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1 x E n 4 .AE ' FWF -1, W , V . s . n- 'V L , ,, , J . I , . .J ' sw. ,vi-4, ,, x , Y w F -,, f' Q ,, V , il' X I .. Q My , W H :Ar- F U ' lv. 925 u . f J9L13l1Q V ,Mia LK .4-,354-qi., , uw Q76 Gx f WX N 7, ., q " v-sr ,fsf akin I x 93 ,nil w, 01411, Skip, Zfze W. S. ,H XR J . f ,J ' A I Volume 39 Urbana High School Urbana, lllihvis Marilyn Hanasley, adam-in-chief Florence Cadwell, Assistant Editor Students-606 Miss Ruth Rompel, Adviser Faculty-34 Qaaewaarf All aboard for an unforgettable trip on the U. H. Sl Efficient personnel, cheerful passengers, constructive opera- tions, daring maneuvers, and worthwhile public relations -all of these make our journey exciting and memorable. While seeking new and unconquered horizons, those of us for whom the journey has ended will always cherish happy memories. We shall also wish a good journey to those who come after us. ln order to have a pleasant trip, the fol- lowing flight schedule may be of value: Wlzrfhz' sczaaaza The Right Ship Taking Off on for a Better Trip Runway Number Personnel .,,... .. 3 Passengers ..... ., 9 Operations ,.,. . .,,,. 51 Maneuvers ...,,.,... ..r.. 8 l Public Relations. ,.,..ll5 hi.-iil r E ,- ,, 7-15 il, , 'Q , ai f' i-. J, iw 1 in-rf vu RV WOW n ,. 5. F47 -pa w , , r . ,, as Z TTSI wg f X 'A i : -' ' ,.-N, s C,,.,,. , :- I. ,Je ,. in , , 41 - "Mp 2, in,-1 , 9. N , vw. W I ' ,jyt . , - M,H7-'VM . 4.., fNf"r f1 'ff A I3 , .. ,2 W.jdv 2 f -L, , Ffa Is' i:'1?"' :KT H ini? Jw af ' W' , ,rf-Y-,, Q1 ,V ' , nf A 1 f FA, ' " rw N 11 , :P kg, I my- L iw Q FQ - . -wb a,., ww - Lux ,-2 - - 'A Q" 1 N mf. 1, .. 2 2 "ff-.ja .-I V' , I 4 'f 'Nh F e' -J ' .'g'i'f' ' vc"- , Aww- 'Ly-ir-1 Wifi. 'Q 'gf x ,-11 -l, -w 'V ' ., gl 1 Fi '51 -A: , " 5 iss? " i?if"i . P53 ,LEW -vm. -45, ff '4' , i.y.f'- ,- ' , -rg, J., . v -. sg ke, ,s 4 122' xl H ., . J ... .u, A lb..5?k,.. . .ef 9 Y . .1.,,5-. :41',",', , ' .X , 23, - . A Q3 1-rr 1., ' ' 5,4 .. - .f,,i,,:, ., kg . ,, -twig fl? Z' lf.. ., , W L, V' ails, fm. 1' A M, zu, , L 1 f',,' vi A qw,-- 'nn .g m Y .ix J 5-. ,4,gr1L',i, I -. ' .wif QM .. T' '1 -ws, 1 Q?-1 Lf ' V . 1' X , vii , 2 725 :vin 'li -: -., L 3 1 , ' . E:.ff:,f ,. V1 , 1234, Ja U , V A ' . - f- if ri 11,4 MW-QV' 4: ., 2 F Iiaecfaad of Qligfzl' Upefzafiand Mr. Cobb, Director of Flight Dperations, after nineteen years of compe- tent service, has resigned his post as superintendent of Urbana Public Schools, Throughout these years he has consistently won the respect of both crew and passengers with his fairness and good judg- ment, He will be greatly missed next year when another Director assumes the duties which he has so long and faithfully executed. Together with the the members of the Board of Education our Flight Director has developed a well-rounded program of studies and activities for the students of the Ur- bana schools. Since high school is the last of the formal education that the community offers, the Board is especially interested in offering a high school program that will produce responsible and MR, T. H. COBB, Superintendent of Schools well-rounded citizens: consequently, they work long hours investigating, improving, organizing, and operating our school. This year, an extra task was the problem of reorganizing our school districts. The job called for careful work and study, and Mr. Cobb, as well as the Board of Edu- cation, gave their time and support through radio talks, study, discus- sion, and debate in order to inform the community of the existing problem. Indeed, our school has been much more efficient through the efforts of Mr. Cobb and the Board of Education. Committee Chairmen were as follows: Building and Grounds. Mr. Har- mon: Finance, Mr. Milum: Teachers, Mrs. Ek- blaw: Health and Safety, Mrs, Dawson: Athletics. Mr. Wilson: and Development, Mr. Webber. Left to right-Mr. F. R. Steggerda, President: Supt. T. H, Cobbi Mrs. Emma Eckblaw: Mr. C, V. Wilson: Mr. Harley H. Harmon: Mr. V, G. Milum: Mrs. Mildred Dawson. Absent when picture was taken, Judge C, Webber, The 1948 Rosemary I l 3 ' Zi. Af. 5. flzlaz' Mr. M. C. Howd has successfully completed his second year as principal on board the U. H. S. Along with his administrative duties he has listened to various kinds of excuses, heard complaints, disciplined students, planned schedules, and in general, kept things running very smoothly. In every personal contact with a student, Pilot Howd has proved himself a true friend. rf? Throughout the school year Mr. Howd has worked hand in hand with the school's Student Council, the student administrative unit of Urbana High, Together they planned and organized the Freshman Orientation Day in which all new students were invited to become better acquainted with the school. For a time Q63 he served also as faculty sponsor of this group. In addition to his duties as principal, Pilot Howd has acted as Dean of Boys, This became necessary last fall when Henry Bothwell re- signed to assume the duties of principal in Marquette, Michigan. In this capacity, too, Mr. Howd has successfully piloted the "men" of the U. H. S. through another flight. At all times, Pilot Howd has acted as a good-will ambassador of Urbana High. He has spread a feeling of friendship over many parts of the state, even over the nation, through radio talks, speeches, articles, and personal contacts with pilots of other ships. Among other things, he has served this year as Secretary- Treasurer of the Big I2 Conference. Upon analyzing the activities and accomplishments of Mr. Howd, we appreciate more fully his capable guidance and piloting of our great ship. I I" MR. M. Ctimxs Hown, Principal Miss SARAH FISHER, Dean of Girls Zi. all. S. Slewaacfeaa Miss Sarah Fisher, Assistant Principal and Dean of Girls, ably performed her job as stewardess of the U, H. S. during this year's flight. Her main duties included looking after the needs of all passengers aboard, checking passenger lists, keeping the ship's log up to date, managing the Student Ofhce Helpers, taking care of ill passengers, and planning honorary assemblies. In addition to her duties in and around the office. Miss Fisher success- fully sponsored the Social Klub. When Mr. Howd had to be out of town Miss Fisher took over his duties as principal. To girls especially, Stewardess Fisher has proved herself to be a true and loyal friend. When either personal or school problems arose she was always ready with advice and comfort. Every girl in school felt free to talk with her at any time in an effort to gain counsel and guidance. 4. The 1948 Rosemary pi all Secfzelafuf Mrs. Janet Thelander, who served as Mr. Howd's secretary, was a familiar and pleasant Hgure to be seen around the cockpit this year. Her friendliness, her willingness to help students, and her efficiency made her a favorite among the passengers on board. Mrs. "T" is originally from Columbia, Missourig however, she attended the Normal Community High School in Normal, Illinois, and received her bachelors degree from Illinois Wesleyan University. Here she majored in art and speech. After graduating from university, Mrs. "T" was employed in an advertising agency in Chicago for one year. While living in Chicago, she also attended the Chicago Art Institute. Our pilot keeps his secretary busy with various assignments. These include taking dictation, typing letters, athletic eligibility lists, announcements, and stencils, making out transcripts, writing receipts, filing, and doing special stenographic work for projects such as music contests, plays, exams, and Parent-Teachers Associa- tion correspondence The Student Oflice Helpers, under the direction of Miss Fisher and Mrs. Thelander, help make the oHice run more smoothly and efficiently, Their main job is to take care of the attendance records, however, they also run errands, answer the telephone, act as receptionists, type, and run the ditto and mimeograph machines. Not only do these girls serve Urbana High School, but they also gain valuable experience as office workers and receptionists. Certainly, Mrs. Thelander and the Student Office Helpers render a great service to the directors of flight operation as well as the passengers and the co-pilots. MRS. JANET THELANDER Sz'ttz'ng-Wilson, McReynolds, Douglas, Cadwell, Bailey, Mosier, Grady, Hull, Dyson, Marriott. Standing-Merritt, Mur- dock, Lindstrom. The 1948 Rosemary 5 Zf. Jf. S. Ga-P11014 English Teachers MIRS. INV! BRADSIIAW A .I5. MIQS. IETIIIII, HAMILTON IVI.A. MIQS. IVIARIEN SEWARD B.A.. M.A. 6 " 'QE T English Teachers Mlss RUTH Romvu. A.B.. IVLA. MISS CLARA BULLOCK BE., IVI.A. MR. STANLEY R. HYNES B.S., MS. MISS VIOLA DUERINQLR B.A., MA. Science Teachers MR. ALLEN LEE PEEK B.S. MR. E. G. STEVENS B.E., IVI.S. MISS LOLA MCCLURG ANI., IVI.A. MRS. THUSENELDA GROS MARTIN AB., IVI.A. The 1948 Rosemary History Teachers MR. WOODROW VISEUR B. of Ed., M.A. MR. FRANK CROWELL B.S. MISS MILDRED LAWSON BS., M.A. Miscellaneous Teachers MRS. HAZEL HASTY BS., M.S, MR. ADAM BENNETT B.S., M.S. MRS. KATHARINE HENWOOD B.A. MR. WALTER DUDA B.E. MRS. LENNA SCHWABE A.B.. M.S.. B.S. The 194 8 Rosemary afwayd deaf? fa fzelfz Mathematics Teachers MRS. LINNA I. HULET B.A. MISS AGNES NELSON A.B., M.A. MR. STANLEY HADDEN BS., M.A. 7 Commercial Teachers MR. JACK MCNIEVIN B.S., M.A. MISS RUTH CADE B,S. MISS SARAH FISHER A.M,, M.A. -9 8 Language Teachers MISS ETHELYN KIRK A.B., M.A. MRS. BERNELLE Moor B.A., M.A. MISS DICIE ANN MOORE A.B., M.A. MISS MARIE I.. BAUER A.B., M.A. Physical Education Teachers MRS. DORA ESCORCIA B.A, Mlss BEDE PIERCY B,S. MR. GENE ARMER B.E., M.S. MR. WILLIAM SENN B.S., M.S, The 1948 Rosemary fi ,,..i- -i .....---- it- -11-ts --- - 4' liil ...-1 ' ,,.-- Y - ' - ,lcv g ,-4 , .11 f , , i v -If" -f ii V , f -- --1 H ..i. A f if -d .l 3 , ....-. ,... 5- , V A i ,,....-i. A - ' 7 5... ,.,.- 1 ?- - 'll' -f-" ll 7 1 - , ,1,.i. ...--- 9 4 ,,,- - 1,1-fi f Y .1 , - Y , Y ,... --1 f Y , " .,. ...-- L Y J T . 1 1 - Lf- I ga- 1 f I . 5 "" 5 5 " ,..... g L- " 12 Y Q ...i- ,,1- if -, '- ..4-1- 1.. '4- ' 1 3 - Q ' T -il Q - 7 T-l, . , - : .:Q1 Y K ' S SN g Q Q, 5 X - Vi S X i " -li - + x '-.iv S .. j...- - E -2 ' it - ll i,--- L- l 1 Q Iapitkoff Al Q." -,-, 7 , -5? f iii?-' 'ZZ 'Q W, 'MZ I iw ,. K ,, 3: '- ' V. Tk, f x 1, v 1 1, 4 . ,., ,J 4 hx , M ww, vu 1 331 ,Ao n ,pm L , .,, . 5 , 1 T A Emp, 1 X li ls- f ' Q - S. "lr , 1 . v s if' . Zin Mvnxnriam Emmett Prueti' l"Doc"l Kelley Born April 24, 1930 Died September 3, 1947 Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2, 33 Vice-President 45 Alpha l: Lambda President Z Chorus 1: Football 1, 2, Most Valuable Player 33 Basketball l, 2, 3: Track l, 2 The 19 4 8 Rosemary UH Club 2, 35 Voted The Most Outstanding Athlete of the Year 3, 40:41 61644 P gem . . . 7fze Seniaaa mm? 7420, Wagga Wie, the first-class passengers of the U. H, S., are making our smooth landing in the spring of 1948. Recorded in our bulging logbook are the joys and sorrows, the successes and failures, and the fun and hardships of our four-year Hight that will always be a memorable part of our lives. These traveling years have brought out in each senior student the very best he had to give. Some of us will leave this plane and step out into the world to hold important positions, know- ing that our pilot and co-pilots have striven to furnish us with an unusually good background that thoroughly prepared us for any or all future jobs. Others of us will begin still another long plane trip, seeking higher knowledge. This, we know, is undertaking a large task, but no matter which course we take, we will always remember that on the U. H. S. we built up our hopes, goals. and knowledge to carry us on our separate journeys throughout life, A On the lighter and gayer side of our visit on this Race Street Plane, we have left to the remaining and future passengers little memories that can be found in the hidden corners of the halls, the class- rooms. and the locker rooms, to remind them of the class of '48, Of course. any Ingrid Bergman or Gregory Peck that has had the fun of an acting 10 Senior Class Officers CHARLILE POLLARD Sccretary JOYCE UTTERBACK Treasurer HADLEY DAVIS President JEAN ANN CARR V1'ce'Pres1'dent NIEDRA AMERMAN Rosemary Representative career aboard the ship has left his autograph in large red or green splotches at the back of the stage, or in the "sheep chutef' We have also left foot- prints on the diving board, worn-out stairs to the tower, and probably a few broken lockers in the dressing rooms. Many of the old familiar desks will be found decorated with our own initials, or those of our latest loves, much to the vexation of the pilot and co-pilots. In extracurricular activities, our seniors were tops. There was usually a senior at the head of any important school event or organization. The assemblies on board this year featured the seniors many times. During our last year on the U. H. S., the seniors were interviewed in pairs by the Echo, on their likes and dislikes, favorites, Cgoopleslj and their life history, including their most embarrassing moments. Never let it be said that we didn't have a fine group of athletes. Of course, they had their bad times as well as good times, but, whichever it was, they took their knocks with a smile and their wins with a grin. This can be said of the whole class in any situation. And now, as we say, "Farewell, pleasant jour- ney," we leave just one thought-that high school days are the best and happiest years of life. We, the class of 1948, certainly found this to be true during our brief flight on the U. H. S. The 1948 Rosemary Alpha Psi Omega Row one-Williams, Hindsley, McReyno1ds, Reuss, Shroyer, Brown, Winklepleck. Row two-Mosier, Kimpel, Bailey, Hull, Simpson, Becker, Cadwell. Row three-Dickman, Clullette, Cordon, Lauchner, Ivens, Wilson, Gotshalk. Scfzaladlic amf 14cl'iuiZ'y Jfonaaaaied Sagamore NEDRA AMERMAN PAUL HURSEY MARY BAILEY BETH IVENS KAY BEAN JEAN JACKSON BEVERLY BECKER EDNA KIMPEL ROSA MARIE BOYD ROBERT LAUCHNER ISABEL BROWN ALICE MCREYNOLDS FLORENCE CADWELL NORMA MOSIER JEAN ANN CARR JOAN PIDCOCK SHIRLEY DOUGLAS PATRICIA REUSS LORRAINE DYSON TOM SCHRADER ROBERT EINEROCK ANN SIMPSON CHARLES GORDON BETTY TAET RICHARD GOTSHALK RICHARD WILLIAMS DAVID GULLETTE NANCY WILSON MARILYN HINDSLEY BARBARA WINKLEPLECK BARBARA HULL The 1948 Rosemary 11 HADLEY DAVIS Senior Class President NANCY XVILSON Student Council President JOAN PIDCOCK Spanish Club President BOB LAUCHNER Phi Kappa Kappa President Football Captain Qmu'-Gian Pafuemyeaa DON WEBER Thespian President BETI-I IVENS Delta Sigma President MARILYN I-IINDSLEY Rosemary Editor Band President MARY BAILEY Echo Editor The I9 4 8 Rosemary HARRIET LOUTHAN Library Club President BARBARA HULL Girl Scout President ANN SIMPSON S. K. President JOAN MARRIOTT F. H. A. President I . .feacfead in rqcliaified JIM CONERTY Wrestlz'ng Captain NORMA WILSON G. A. A. President JAKE PEACOCK Basketball Captain JACK MAY "U" Club President PI-IYLLIS KENNEY Terrapin President The 1948 Rosemary Uyjyfffcjf IYZLLILU. 1lu4.4.x,1z,g,c.u U.HuL Dimuioag f2 Fnedenick Rd' , Paffafoid, 11.9. 14534 NEDKRAMERMAN 7f6'566'3685 Lagamoru: Echo 3, -I: Rosvnmry 4: Sliirlcnr Lmincil Ali. 3, 4: Isl 3: Ili-:spian 43 Spanish Club 3, Sec. 4: G. A. A. 3. 4: S. K. 3, Y. Prw. 4: Girl Scouxx 4: Dclra Sigma 3. -l: Roscnlarq Rep. 4: Junior Ring Rcp. 33 Prom Ciunini. 3: "Two Can PLIYH 3: "Take A Lcttcr" 4: "Thr Big Blowiiyf' 3: Band 3, -I: Pan Ami-rican 8 I A s'm 3: Springfield High School: Choir Z: Les Balls Club I, 2. JAMESD.BAUB 30x 3063 f-Jfmw Pifflbuig, 140. German Ciub 3. 417-652-4436 505 gackaon Champaign, IL 6162! FOTE BACKY 2x7-352-f237 XVrestIing 4. DONALD E. BABBS "Don" lx o f5??? ???2?3?????????? many Bailey 4K0 Delawane Unbana, fl. 6f50l 2f7-337-6f55 MARY VIRGINIA BAILEY Alpha Psi Omega: Co-Valcdictorian: Sagamore: lfcho I, 2, 3. l5diior-in-chief -l: Alpha I: Lambda 2: Psi 3: Phi Epsilon I, 2: G. A. A. 1.2. 3. 4: S. K. I, Z. 3, 4: Girl Scouts l, 2, Trcas. 3. 4: S. O. II. 3. 4: Junior Prom. Comm. 3: Junior Play Comm. 3: Iirushman-Sophomore Play Night I, 2: Delta Sigma 3, 4: Champaign County Senior Scuots 2, 3, Pres. 4. EVELYN BARNES Tramfcrrcd to Bloomington, Illinois , H ld 6. 3 t LDWARD BATEMAN Qfgg jw !O3idi??? "Lover" iliraulx 3: XYrrsiling 2. 3: Band 3. 4: Soloisti -I f-L' 305-221-1246 1014 KATI-IRYN ANN BEAN "Bi'ani'e" Saiganwiv. Alpha I: Phi Iipiilvn I. I G. A. A. l, 1. 3. -I. S. Ii, I. Z. 3, 4: liirl Scuulx 3. Sui. -I: Kiln-N XYill lvmm. -I' Junior Prom L.OD1l'Fl.i32 "I'IcartS Anil lluwvr-" l: "'I'aki- A Irlicr' -l. Balvn Twirlrrx 2, 3 Dvlla Sigma 3, -I, 'lihiwpiam -I. mna. Hugo Ganfnen 6 Heanando Un. 1.1, CAeR0kee,7ljii'ga9'e" The 1948 Rosemary mna. Bevealy Scott 916 Beveal? 0n. Wheeling, 1. 60090 BEVERLY JEAN BECKER 7 - Alpha Psi Omega: Sagamorcx Lambda Z: Psi 'Sq Spanish Club 2, 3. 45 S. K. l 2. 3, 4: Junior Red Cross 3. 4: Junior Prom Comm. 3: Play Comm. 4: Pan American Assm: Spanish Club Assn. mna. David Hanahbangen ISABEL BROWWJ 1503 Rutledge Dn. "Izzy" Unbana 11. 61601 I ifyxiiiwxaizxt 2f7-367-7707 3 Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2. 3. German 3. G. A. A. 1. Z, 3, 4, Terrapin 3 Sec.-Trcas. 4: S. lx. l, 2, 3. 4: Girl Scouts 3. 4: S. O. H. 4: Class Histor 4 B dl 2 3 Courr of Honor 4 NANCY BROWN mna. Deane Caamen 1547 Weafvale DR. RmUm,m0.6KD6 314-937-6990 G.A.A.4:SlipN'Trip4SK1234H E12 3: Library 4. BARBARA ANN BOYD Phi Epsilon 3. 4: Spanish 2: "Good News" 4: Ch l 2 3 4 S l't 2 3 4 OIUS . 1 I i ganbaaa Paoaiae 15am1 P03 1568 avmvrzze, my 62636 307-234-6271 1469 County Rd.-1600e 0a6anag 11.661601 21 - 2 -1 0 7 3 3 Chanlotti The 194 8 Rosemary l ROBERT CHANCY BURNETT "Bee" i JANELLE BISCHOFF "Nell" 1 Phi Epsilon l: Library 4: Football 4: C. A. P. 3: Talent I Assembly 4. . i : Thcspian 41 S. K. 3, 4: Class Sec. 2: V. Pres. l: "Take A Letter" 4: "Bcggar On Horseback" 4 G d Nl 4 D lt Sg 4, Granite City High mna. ivan Nance 7339 meadow 0ak4 Un. 061166, 7X. 75230 214-369-0839 JOCELYN YVONNE BROWN G Ch 3. Phi Kappa Kappa 2, 3. 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: S. K. 4: orus ROSA MARIE BOYD Sagamore: Home Ec, 2, 3, Songlcaclur 4. mna. WLl1and gnewen 1616 Fddnlawn Da. Uabana, 11. 61601 217-344-0157 A ceadfff 15 1 1.,4 4. c,1u...c. z.m.cln.1LvlL. l2'14'1zdr:zbne Da. T . I 7 I Q . ILg5ENC4'CADWllL mcnneapolca, MN. 55422 - ossy .- Alpha Psi Omega: S.1ll1t:irur1.1n 5.1-qnmnrr iuuncll l, 2, Alpha l' l.1mbr.l.1 I luv . , .,... .. ...Emu -. v, Qui. Khr. 4, Phi lipsllon l. I Ki. A. A. l. 1, 3, Y, Prce, 4 Ping Pong Algr. 2: 4 Tcrrnpxn 4: Slip X' Nlrxp 1, Y 4 S ii. l. 1. 3 4. llomc EC l. 1. Lxbmri' l: S, O. ll. 4. Claw l-lulurv Lion-im. 4. Junior Plnx' Ciomnw, 3. 'XYhodunit": "No- bodx' Slrcpf' 'llwggir On l'lorwbnck': Lhr. ljlny lomm. 4. 'Good Ncwsui x , ll.1y lunch 4, Junior Nlwwn Xlccllng, Svc. l, Z. Lourr of Honor 2, Relay Court 4, JEAN ANN CARR Sngnmwrv l'r'hr1 1, RvQ.'n7i1rL1 2. Studcnt Council 2, Src. 3, 4: Thcspinn 2. 3, 4: Phi lfpsilon l. 1, Phi Kappa Knppg 1. 4, G. A. A, l. 1. 5. 4, Slip N' Trip l. 3, 5. K. l. 1, 3, 4 Junior Rad Krcss l. Z, 3. 4. Rmcrmirrf Rep. 2: Y. Frm 3, 4. Junior li'rom Comm. 3: Pro hccx' Vomm. 4: "Frank P And lirmnu: "LirnndmJ'5 Chrisrninsmi 'XYlmdunll4': Noboclx' Slccpiwl "Big lilowupw: "Our Hearn Xklrrc Xoung And Gsiyl: Hlqrsggmr On l'lOfSUlJAClxllC I'I.w Director 4: Dan-5: Director -l. Hand l, 1, 3, 4: Chorus 2, Src, 4: I-nmumblcs l. 4: Junior Town Nlrclxng l, 1. 3. 4, ACIIYIIV Comm. 3: Dfllrl Sigma Z, 3, 4. -9 QQ Ceawfffj .IUANITA MARTHA MAE COCI-IRAN lANDERSONl .IOANN CARRINGTON "Ju" " ,- ,, , Qui, '.m. ,-. . 2, . . ,-. X '4 , M ,- . rx rw .1 x , .., , 1- in lin lou il r. , I'l. V Ulf' r "1-'wwf ll " lm.uk": lJx'll.l Nlgnm 4, li, A. A. Swuuliilng Mgr. T' maxi. 4 2 5 Cf.W6 3204 Rineg Ridge Rd. 5Qe,,,,e573a97305 Luduggton, fill. 49431 503-585-9170 616- 113-6931 onen Andenaon maxi. gcmepfz fllucfra ,,,5,.,,., fsfsfsfsfsfsfsfxf-v-sfsfsfxfsfsf-s 5 'fm 16 JAMES HUDSON CONERTY "Josh" "U" Club 3, 4: Spanieh Club 2, 3. 4: Junior Red Cross vl. 2. 3. 4: Basketball l, Z: Track l, 2, 3: Wrcstling 3, Captain 4L Prophecy Comm. 4: Ulicggnr On llorscb:1ck" 4. WII-LIAM COOK 4'Cookie" 322525531 1032 flock Ave- Drcss Suit" 2 Waupun, wie , 414 324-5278 1 mac X "- - 1-ff ' f lf Lf if ' if JAMES JOHN CONLEY 302116 Zig, Ng 071,03 20' 33 '!546fBanba1za B.1nCll,2.3.4:Pcp B:1ndl,2,3.- Oombn HADLEY DWIGHT DAVIS HBurIc'y" lrhu l, Z: Rosuwvuru 3, 4, 'U' Club 3, 4: Phi Kappa Kappa 2: Junior Red Cross l, 2. 3, 4: Camera Club 4: lfoolbnll l, 2, 3. 4: Track 2: Wrcnlnng l, Z. 3, 4. Llnsx Pres. 4, Y. Pros. of Camera Club: Dance Comm.: flood Num" 4: Band l, Z. S. Enscmbles 3: Tigcrs Den Council 2, 4: llvlin Sigma 4: Tlwipmns 4. "Shining Hour" 4. 2527 Canal Way Q. Daytona geach, fl. 2!!3 . The 1948 Rosemary Q Y 1-'17.L4f'C JOAN MARILYN DICKMAN 6 HJC., Alpha Psi Omega: Student Council Alt. 3: Lambda 2: Psi 3: Spanish Club l, 2: girl Reserves 1: Danville High School 1: Champaign Junior High School 1: horus l. JOHN DIU-EY 500 W. Fainview Ave. Junior Red Cross 3, 4. Unbanaj . 217 367-3737 Belznacfine SHIRLEY LOUISE DOUGLAS i'Shirl" Sagamore: Echo 3, 4: Rosemary 3, 4: Alpha 1: Thespian 4: Phi Epsilon 1, 2: G, A. A. l, 2, 3: Slip N' Trip 1: S. K. 1. 2, 3, 4: Home Ee. 1, Z: S. O. I-1.4: Junior Red Cross 1. Z, 3, 4: Junior Prom Comm. 3: Class Will Comm. 4: Rosemary Rep. 3: "Beggar On Horseback" 4: "Grandma's Christmas" Z: Play Comm. 4: 'Two Can Play" 3: Jr.-Sr. Play Comm. 33 Band 1. 2: Chorus 3: Soloists 3: Relay Ct. 3: Delta Sigma 4: Tigers Den Council 4: Rosemary Assembly. BETTY JEAN DYSON "Bubbles" man. gonn Velma Man. john Alnop RR 2, Box 225 905 Bellepank 011. Clinton, 11. 61727 Cnampaggn, 11. 61521 217 735-3032 217 35 -4057 ?'S????????f5??? ?1??? ???? man. Loanaine Milla 125 DLLQQA 0n. 11cunp'1L0n, 144.23666 5011 766-0189 LORRAINE E. DYSON Sagamore: Alpha l: Phi Epsilon 1, 2: S. K. 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. 2, 3, 4: S. O. H. 4: Junior Red Cross 3: Horseback Riding Club 4: Junior Prom Comm. 3: Junior Play Comm. 3. JAMES NELSON EMPSON "Monk" "U" Club 3, 41 Junior Red Cross 2, 3, 4: Football 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1: Track 1, 2, 3: Wrestling 2, 3, 4: Prophecy Comm. 4. 2 11 sf. iillaiiiili W 49424 616 396-4551 ,111155 JIM FEELY "Whz'stIer" Junior Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 4: Football 2: Basketball 1: Track 1 XVrestling 3, 4: Junior Town Meeting 1. ROBERT WILLIAM EINFROCK "Bob" Sagamore: Student Council 1: I-'si 3: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: Junior Re Cross 1, Z, 3, 4: Camera Club 4: Track 3: Wrestling 3, 4: Spanish Club Trcas. 3: Band 1, 2, 3: Pep Band 3: Ensembles 3. The 1948 Rosemary 406 lake jf' 100213 C0l01lCLd0 Unymna, ji 6f50f Urcbana, fl. 61301 2,7 367-5flf6 217 367-1021 ya C WG!-ri! mna. Geon e HewhLn RR 1, 1665 County Rd. 4 4 5. 01 ' Rd- . f1:2a,.a 114727251 CAYLORO PREOERKHQ 217 643-7258 fbevenlyj Gay, Goose Libray 4 J 4 l r' : unior Red Cross Z. 3. 4: lfootball 4: Play Comm. 4: Talent Assembly on Q' as e ball Game ' i ne lah School l' Track l: Basketball :DkyB.k 3.4.sayHt . 2 3 4 CHARLOTTE MAE OODDARD "Shorty" i,Ja 5 A , mna. Chanloiie Vannen Ph hpp Ixvp 1,2,. 6, Unhana, fl. 61501 217 337-1524 I7 GLENNA JO FREEMAN "Schnozz" Phi Kappa Kappa l. 2: G, A. A. 1: S. K. l, 2, 4: Home Ec. , Y I J . 33 Librar 2 unior Red Cross . 3. 4. RICHARD ALLAN . 1'lr.lC . V. , i "Dick," "Captain" Alpha Psi Omega Pres.: Co Z, 3. 4: Baton Twirlers l, 2, GOTSHALK -Valemlictorian: Sagamore: "U" l: Lambda 2: Psi 3: Junior C.lub Sec.-'I reas. 4: Alpha Red Cfruax l, 2, 3, 4: liootball l, Z, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2, 3 4 I k l Z 3 4 Cl H t 4 B O P ass is or : " cggar n Y llnrselaaclxf' -19- 2700 faat ogaen, 11. 61559 217 562-2636 . fx,-Nz-sf-so fxfxfxfxfxfsfsfxfxfsfxfxfxfsfsfx 121 W. Watea 51. aPf- Habana, ll 61501 217 364-6441 CHARLES WIl.LIAM GORDON "Chuck" Alpha Psi Omega: Sagamore: Student Council 4: Alpha l: Lambda Z: Psi 3: Phi Kappa Kappa 2. 3: Junior Red Cross 3 4' Band Oflicer' "lfrank And Erma" l: Band 1, 2. 3, 41 JAMES ADEN COSSETT 4: Pep Band 1, Z, 31Solo1sLs 3, 4. 1401 gachaon Rd. Unoana, IL 6150! 2f7 367-4673 DELMAR FRENCH "Frem'hy" Rifle Club 41Golf3, -l. 6 PHYLLIS JEAN CRADY H6-ki-ppyv, Iffho Z, 3, 4: German Cslub l. Sec. I. G. A. A. l, Z 3, 4: Badminton Mgr.: Ping Pong Mgr.: Slip N' Trip 4 S. K. l. 1, 3. -lc O. H. 3, 4: XX'ill Comm. 4: Daisy Mae 3: Home Room Olhcer l. 2. Baron Twirleri II, 3. 1 The I9 4 8 Rosemary Milli. 976217224 RW 51 30X DOLORES HADFIELD "Deen Spanish Club 3. 4: S. K. 3, 4. MARION GREEN Greeme Pan American Assembly. 717 61i1z Ave. lewifnfon, ID 33501 203 7413-0557 fllktncy ROBERT LYLE HOWSER Home Room Pres.: Band l, Z, 3, 4: Pan American Assembly 3 4: Donkey Basketball Game 4. MELVIN GULLEY Football 4: Band Treas. 4: "Good News" 4: Band 3, 4 Chorus 3. 7872 1, lfox 127 Czlftco IL 61330 217 639-2f45'fCan01! Spanish Club 4: Football l. 2. 3. 4: Basketball l, 3: Track 3: Hendeaaonville, WC 23772 704 635-7533 46.4 Cz. 1 343 Hemlock Cin. lincoln, MA 01773 617 259-1531 .S mna. john Hagnde 115 dlan:H-Dale Cin. Denton, 1X 76201 517 362-3349 DAVID A. GULLETTE "Dave" Alpha Psi Omega: Sagamore: Echo l. 2, 3: "U" Club 3, 4: Student Council l. 2: Alpha l: Lambda 2: Psi 3: Phi Kappa I Kappa 2, 3, 4: Football Mgr. 1. Z. 3, 4: Basketball Mgr. l, 2. 3: Track Mgr. l, 3: Prom Comm. 3: Band l, 2, 3, 4: En- sembles 2. 3, 4: Journalism Club 3. MARILYN LOUISE HINDSLEY "Michey" Alpha Psi Omega: Co-Valcdictorian: Sagamore: D. A. R, Award 4: Rosemary 2, Lit. Ed. 3, Ed.-infChicf 4: Stu- dent Council l, 3: Lambda 2: Psi 3: Thespian 3, 4: Spanish Club Pres: 2, Mus. 3: G. A. A. 2, 3. 4: Terrapin 3. 4: S. K. 2. 3. 4: Delta Sigma 2. Treas. 3, V. Pres. 4: Class Pres. 3: Ring Comm. 3: Invitation Comm. 4: Prophecy Comm. 4: "A Certain Just Man" 2: "Nobody Sleeps" 3: "Our Hearts XVere Young And Gay" 3: Band l, 2, 3, 4: Soloists 2. 3. 4: Rosemary Queen Att. 4. Relay Court 3. 4: Student Body Pres. l: Cadet Sponsor l: McLean High School. Fort XVorth. Texas l: Youth Center Co-Chr. 3. DAVID HARBIN 'I Transferred to Dallas. Texas. BARBARA LOUISE HULL Alpha Psi Omega: Sagamore: Girls' State 3: Echo l, 2. 3, Ass't Ed. 4: Student Council 2: Alpha l: Lambda 2: Psi Pres. 3: Phi Epsilon l, 2: German 3: G. A. A. l, 2. 3. 4: S. K. I, Z. Junior Rep. 3. Senior Rep. 4: Girl Scouts 3, Pres. 4: Library l: S. O. H. 3. 4- Junior Prom Comm. 33 NVill Comm. 4: "NVhodunit" 2: .IuniorfSenior Play Night 3: Court of Honor 3: Delta Sigma 3. Ass't Sec. 4: Thespians -l. Kenneth mcgnath 703 97 White Heath, 11. 61354 milli- The 1948 Rosemary 2!7 19 1102 W. CAunQA Unoana, I1 61601 217 367-5590 GEORGE S. HURSEY Library 4, Basketball Z: Christmas Assumbly. PAUL STANLEY HURSEY bly 1. DAVID LEON HUTTON "Dave" Sagamorc: "U" Club 3, 4: Student Council 1: Alpha l: Phi Epsilon l. 2: Phi Kappa Kappa 4: lfootball 1, 2, 3, 4: Basketball l, 2. 3, 4: Tru , Z, 3: V. Pres. l: Junior Play Comm. 3: JuniorfScnior Talent Asscmb y 1 Rosvmary Assembly 4: Scholarship Exam 4: Junior Town Meeting Assem- 707 5. maifia CA ' 2!7f1ggg-Z?-Z8 11 .61521 Phi Epsilon l: Football l, Z, 3: Track l, 'ag XVrcstling 2 Band 1, 2, 3: Junior Town Mcuting l: Pan Amcriczn Assem- bly. ELIZABETH HOPE IVENS Hlivllf' 11.1 P." Omct. V. 't's.1 .. 'amo cl "it 's lil Z,'5.4. lil 'l'h Algl si gi l r Sty, i lr Sluclrnt Council l, 4: Alpha l: lauihila Z: plan 2, Src. l, 4, lllil lxt gi lx Ha l, Z, X. l 'S 4 ii. A. A. l. Z, 3. 4. S. K l 5 4, Invitation Koruni 4 Junior Prom 4.otutu. 3: l rrxhmau Sopliomorc Play N phi l 2: Junior Sruior lllay Night 5: .luutor Play 'S llit-spain Play 3: "Macht'll1" 3: "lit-gg.ir On llurschac "Shining llour" i f'Nf'xf'Nf5 .S mn. k 4 'lili ll Z,'5,-l plan Play Comm. 1: Play Dirrctor 4: llzaut l7nst'n1hlt'x 2, 3: llatclit-I Oiator 3. 4: .luuior 'lown M l ing l 4' lit-lti 'Sigma l Axft Svc. Z, 3 Prus E. Obs -0-5 5016 7anfan Da. mefaiaie. LA 70003 504 456-1365 100ffg1 mna. Beth Mclean 1215 glackfhonn pl. Deenfield, I1 60015 7061945-6976 5 ?f'NfN??!5??f5?f'Nf5f'5f5f'Nf5 20 Y V Mna. Lloyd Helpen M03 W' hai? 61801 Champaggn, - JEAN JACKSON 217 35 -5051 Sagamore: S. K. 3, 4: Girl Scouts 3, 4: Announcement Comm. 4: Will Comm. 4: Danville High School l, 2. MYRTLE LOUISE KEELER "Josephine" Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2: Slip N' Trip 2: S. K. 4: Junior Red Cross 4: Chorus l, 2: Monticello High School 3: Dramatics Club 3: "Make Room For Rodney" 3: Year- book 3. KEITH B. JOACHIM "Krupa" - '34 Track l, 2, 3. 4: Orchestra 4. LAURA MAE JAMES "Lofty" Phi Epsilon l: Home Ec. 1: Chorus l, 2, 3: Dramatics 4: Stagfcraft 4. mna. fylvan Phillipa 1721 Bniancliff Unbana, 11 61501 217 357-7079 The 1948 Rosemary I'N?f5??fNfNf'Nf52f'Nf'Nf5 f0!4f fftlliop 011. fllolmifion, fl 61270 c9f5 772-7554 ffiicmyf CHARLES WILLIAM LINDSAY "Chuck" "U" Club 4: German 1, 2: Football 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 1, 2: Ensembles 3, 4: Home Room Officer 4: St. Patrick's Assembly 3: Donkey Basketball Game 4: Campaign Assembly. PATRICIA LEWIS Upatff Spanish Club 3, 4: S. K. 2, 4: Dayton High School 1: es 1 P" ' filrul. Pai ffampton 2206 Conceruf Cc., 7178 f view., 11:4 22150 703 257-397f ROBERT CAROL LAUCHNER NACE, Alpha Psi Omega: Co-Valedictorian: Sagamore: Rosemary 4: "U" Club 2, 3, Student Council 1: Alpha 1: Lambda 2: Psi 3: Thespian 4: Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2, Sergeant-at-Arms 3. Pres. 4: Delta Sigma 4: Football 1, 2, 3, Captain Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 1. 2. 3, 4: Treas. 1, 3: Prom Comm. 3: Annou ment Comm. 4: Youth Center Council 2, 3: "Bcggar On Horseback" 4: Ju Play Assembly 3: Rosemary Assembly 3, 4: Junior-Senior Talent Assembly King of Hearts Att: 4. LOUISE LARSON Newton High School 1, 2: Girls' Glee Club 2: Chorus 2, 3, 4. NLE 2300 lfalzrcow 771. og mtdzoffltan, V14 23113 ffircfi. Pfztgllbl fllcgclnley 43 Clayton five. PI-IYLLIS ANNE KENNEY Con-tlalndl Uphylln 607 756-2667 Echo 3. 4: Thespian 4: G. A. A. 1, 2. 3, 4: Terrapin 3, Pres. 4: Slip N' Trip 3. 4: S. K. 3, 4: Girl Scouts 1, 2. 3, 4: Library 3: Junior Red Cross 3. 4: Horse- back Riding Mgr. 3, 4: Archery Mgr. 3, 4: Prophecy Comm, 4: Prom Comm. 3: 'Beggar On Horseback" 4: "Big Blowup" 3: Play Comm. 2, 4: Delta Sigma 42 Bishop England High School 1, 2: Ivlissilany 1, 2: Student Council l: Girls' Basketball l, 2: "January Thaw" 2: Chorus 1, 2. Ee:gfg:,5.2MPEL fi... worm fi...:f.:,, Alpha Psi Omega: Sagamore: Echf Kufqzqua-6' :f:S52i:S::3C:.z.2i,f32P':i Ucewmde, G4 92054 Sec. 3: Prom Comm.H3: Junior Beggar On Horseback 4. Asst l Relay Court l: Delta Sigma 4: Youth Center Council 1, 2. JOSEPH KINNEY III fx' Poorbaii 3, 4: HU" Club 4. '57 EILEEN ANN KUNZA Phi Epsilon 2: G. A. A. 2, 4: Slip N' Trip 4: S. K. 2. 3, 4: Junior Red Cross 2: Pep Assembly Comm.: "Amateur Hamlet": Delta Sigma 2, 3, 4: Valentine Assembly 2: St. Mary's High School 1: May Queen 1: "What Next" 1: Editor of "Bugle" 1. fliful. cfzlleen icuii 1547 fgcamorre Rd. Homewood, IL 60420 Nj ,.,.Mi948M,.,. 4: nce- nior 4: The 1948 Rosemary 21 fi? Nfi . mna. goanna Andhnaon 95 WW Wattuta Gfteafl , 07? 97030 JOAJENA MARRIOTT 503 6211-1711 f.4ftfA0ft! Homo Ec. 2, Par. 3, Pres. 4: S. O, H. 4: S. K. l, Z. 3, 4: llorxcbacl-t Riding 4 Jr. Prom Comm.: Sr. Commencement Comm. 3: Sr. Play Titkct Comm. CLYDE "Hot" MARTIN Delta Sigma 4: Thcspians 4: "U" Club 3. 4: Gorman Club l, 2, 3 Z, 3, 47 Basketball l, 2: Track l, Z, 3, 4: XVrcstling Z, 3 Horseback" 4: Comm. Jr.-Sr. Play Night. 203 Gtoven ft. Unbana, It 61501 217 367-5130 geanntne JOYCE MARRIOTT Football l, "Beggar on Home EC. 2, 3, XVclfarc Comm. 4: Library 4: Jr. Red Cross -l S. K. 2, 3. 4. HARRIETT LOU LOUTHAN Library 3, Pres. 4: Girls' Sport Club 1: Social Dancing l Library Trvas. 2: Girl Scouts l, Z: Projectors Club Z Champaign lligh School. 4 -I 5 MAA. Robent Scott , 1110 W. Buae utzmf., It 61501 217 367-3771 f 0 2222 f'N?fNf5f'NfN2?fRf5f'NfRf5fNfNf'N ,iwvilj MARILYN ROBERTA MARTIN .QA "ShorIy" S. K. 1.2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: Prog. Comm. Er,-Soph. Play Night. CHARLES MILLER Graduated First Semester. 706 mcgee Rd. Unbana, It 61301 217 367-1421 JACK A. MAY "Blackie" "U" Club 3, Pres. 4: Jr. Red Cross 4: Delta Sigma 4: Thespians 4: German iub3: bll 14-r..-,,v.ff -' Ll ,4.Ft 3,4:Bktblll,Z. '-'- . 3L...IZi:g.i.'?fS.ilOi?'fiiff65:55:60:H0'S:bllf10 W. wlttfe 5f. NORMA RUTH MOSIER Alpha Psi Omega: Sagamore: Echo l, Z. 3, Feature Ed. 4: Rosum Literary lid. 4: Student Council l. Z, 4, Phi Kappa Kappa l. -. 3. 4: Alpha li Lambda Src. Z. Pai 3: G. A. A. l, 2, Softball Nlgr. 3, 4: Journ, Club Prvs. '53 Delta Sigma 3. 4: S. O. H. -lc Slip N' Trip S. K, l. Z. 3. -lx Girl Scouts lt Library 1: Lhorus 1: Kfhccrlcadcrs Z, 3, Jr. Town Meeting l: Court of Honor Z: 'Storm Picture Sunset" 3: "Th Big Blow Llp" 3: Jr.-Sr. Prom Rrfrfsbmcnt Comm. Chr. 3: Excha c scmblucs Chr. 4, Chr, Jr,fSr. Talent Aascmblv 4, MAA. Don Pittman P i S' CA ' , IL 61521 amPaL?g046 1Ban0aaa1 22 Ocala: The 1948 Rosemary 217 386-2261 . ,, ' ' Y 15,1 'lfoysze Vg! LZ4 7ff 5. Gaove Ull6Cl.fZQ, IL 6fc90l 217 367-2f7l 5 THOMAS W. MCDONOUGH "McDuffy" NUM . Club 4: Spanish Club l, 2: Track l Z, 3, 4: Wrestli g 1 Z 3 4 IONA MCINTYRE Graduated Pifsf Semester. fllfui. fona may Gannett K5 gunzlpen Cficampai , IL 6f520 2K7 35632425 5 KATHRYNE IRENE MCINTYRE .fKinyf, Library 4: Art Club 3. DOROTHY MAE MCINTOSH "Dot" Home EC. 1, 2, 3, 4: S. K. 1, 2: Spanish 1 B d l 2 3, 4: Ensemble l. 1-dpciadiff gem' WMA. Kazffmyne fu. fl! W. Ercairule .Scldne , I1 61577 217 653-2093 fGu I wiiwed 1-sf'xz'xf'xf'xf'xf'xf'xf'xf'xf-xf'Nf'x f'Nf'Nl'Nf'Ni7' EJ44gK1!iif-xf'Nf'Nf'N The 1948 Rosemary "U" Clu GLENN MCLAUGHLIN ZLC-'2ff2'4'z'K4 Band 3, 4. ALICE MCREYNOLDS Al 11 Ps' o A - n ' Qfffifgisijrjflgl fllrui. Alice milieu ia 2h3Cf iloligr 'I' C 3ThNvb1dli5le KQfLl'LCLlZd, 409 655-2605 f506 5. Gnove ff. Mfljf QPQLKA umm, IL mm GC le' Gy Phi Epsilon 13 Library lg Wrestling 1, JESSE CHARLES PEACOCK Quota :mc ,zaseta ,atain, f996 Q-Ullllll Ave. MempAL4, rw 35ff4 901 276-5516 23 -Q- JEANNE CAROL MURDCCK K5 7 7 Echo 2: Phi Kappa Kappa I. 2: G. A. A. I. 1. 3, 4: Slip N' Trip Z. 3: S. K l ' 1 2. 3, 4: Girl Scouts 4: Home Er. l. Z. S. O. H. 2. 3. 4: Band . 2. Dclta Sigma 4: "The Big Blow Up" Comm.. Comm. Fr.-Soph, Play Night. LOIS LORENE MURRAH "Sherlock" Echo 4: Ph1Knppa Kappa Z. 3. 4: Spanish ?,V.Prcs.-1: SR. 1, Z, Home EC. I, Z, Sec. 3, Parl. 4: S. O. H. 4: Jr. Prom Comm. MH4- gdmen C. Wane? 909 Centennial Da. Ciampaign, IL 6!52! 2f7 359-5993 BETTY MCCARTNEY ..MaCh,, Library 4. RUTH JOY MOXVRY ihffgb s ' 'J unit: ' Tir rsrrus ns In mild. g0Al7. g, mgen4 915 joutnmoon I, Danville, Il 6!532 2X7 443-6400 .::' l AQ Q' f5 ?f5f5FN??f5f5?f'Nf5f'5?f5?f'N man. Anfdn Bnoakn I A I RR I pence 9 Williwmpont, M 47993 3K7 986-2ff9 ALICE DOLORES PEARSON BARBARA JOAN PIDCOCK HJC.. Sagamore: PhivEpsilon 1: Spanish 2, Sec. 3, Pres. 4: Miss Pan-American 3: S. K. 1, Z, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 3. f+69f man. Anden KLn6g 705 C. Onegon Unbana, IL 6!50l 217 367-2936 BARBARA PHILLIPS PETE J. PELAFOS Delta Sigma 2, Sgt. of Arms 3, 4: Thespian 3, V. Pres. 4: Jr. Red Cross 3. 4: Jr, Town Meeting 1, 2, -+L Jr. Sr. Prom Comm.: "The Big Blow Upn: 'Bcggar On Horscbackn: "Our Hearts Vfcre Young and Gaywg Jr.fSr. Play Night: Fr.-Soph. Play Night 2: Class .Announcement Comm. 24 The 1948 Rosemary 1503 Honegauckle Ln Champaign, IL 61621 217 352-4034 11uel1a1 maa. Cnanlile manning 713 Waienwgod yeacepmf, 1X 7833? CHARLui3PoLLARD 512 729-4657 fleueef 'Shy' ,1g, , jj widowed Lf-:"L"'T'S' -1 Erhu 3, 4: Della Sigma 3, 4: Student Council 4: fPhi 3: Thespian 4: Phi Epsilon l: German 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Terrapin 3, Vice Pres. 4: S, K. 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec, 1, 2: Library 1: Secretary 4: Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3: "Beggar On Horseback" 4: Ass't Dir. "A Vv'cdding": Chorus 4: Baton Twirlers 1, 2, 3: Rosemary Assembly 4: Pep Assembly Comm. 4: Donkey Basketball 3: Ping Pong Mgr, 3. BARBARA POOR Phi Kappa Kappa 1, Z: G. A, A, l, 2: S. K. l, 2, 3: Baton Twlrlers 2, 3. iliac -If-Afcfi ROBERT EUGENE PRICE "Bulldog" Delta Sigma 3, Sgt. of Arms 4: Thespian 3, 4: "Macbeth" 47 German 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA POWERS "Ginny" Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2, 3: Band 3, 4. 11307 fiwiffitdge Wockfond, Z1 61107 615 399-0873 1.16101 WALTER REINHOLD PATRICIA IQLOUISE REUSS Alpha Psi Omega Sec.: Sagamore: Student Council 1, 2: Psi 3: Thespian 3, 4: Delta Sigma 3, Prog, Chr. 42 Class Treas. 2: Phi Kappa Kappa 1, Z, 3, Ass't Sec. 4: G. A. A. 1, 2, 42 S. K. 1, 2, 3, 4: Echo 3, 4: Band 1, 2, 3: Jr. Town Meeting 1: Court of Honor 4: Rosemary Assembly 3: Att. to Queen of Hearts 4: Comm. Chr. Jr.- Sr, Prom: Dec. Chr. Snow Ball 4: Chr. Cmirl Riders Donkey Basketball 3: Pub. Chr. Sadie Hawkins 3: Nat'l Ed. XVeek Assembly: Dec. Chr. Freshman Frolic: "Frank and Erma +HiQbQE mea. Whnaen jummena I 110111 11. wenaw. 1:11. Cnampaipn, 11i616Q1 217 359-2448 WAYNE ROBERTSON Sonny 105 6 50 121. 11 V a Ll Ven Jr, Red Cross 3: Football 1, 4: "Wit , Gneenvelle, JL 62246 618 664-4669 1ilean0n1 .IEANNINE RONEY Delta Sigma 4: Home Ec. 1, 2, 3: G, A. A. 1, 3, 4: S. K. 1, Z, 3, 4, S. O. H, 3, 4: "Beggar On Horseback" 4: Dir, "New School of Wives" 4' Usher Jr. Play 2. Mna. Clyde Wantin 205 Gloven Ave. Unbana, 11 61601 The 1948 Rosemary 25 ig' GS! gg l5f5?f'N ??????f5????f5?f'Nf'N? William G. jcoff 1900 Counfy Rd. 1900 6 Unoana, I1 6f50! BuJ.sCoTi' 217 469'2657 f10i4f "Apple Blossom" Library 4: Football 4: Basketball l, 3, 4 T k l Z 3 4 lnlr.1mur.il teams l. ANN SIMPSON Alpha Psi Omega. Co-Vnledicto Council 1. 2. 3, Trens.l4: Alph Echo 3, Asst Ed. 4: Phi Epsilon V. Pres, l, 21 G. A. A. ,f'..,e.:..,,, Co, V. Pres. 4: Court o orxor : ic et Comm. Jr. Play: Jr,-Sr. Play Night 3: Rosemary Queen 4 S Cl History Chr. 4. LUCILLE JANE SAATHOFF "Lucy" maa. lucille Zangen f!653 Jfamfoad Woanen, MI 43059 0K0 757-2230 Jr. Red Cross 4: German l, 2: Slip N' Trip 4: Band 1: Chorus 3. 4. PAUL M. SCOTT Library 3: Head Usher 4. 26 Liicieouieqdf mna. Zdchand Fnancid 'f fiifipaigff IL 61521 217 356-3450 MARY HAZEL SADLER Jr. Red Cross 4: G. A. A. 3, 4: Chorus 3, 4. THOMAS CARROLL SCI-IRADER Sagamore: Student Council 3: Thespinn 3, 4: Delta Sigma 2, 3, 4: lflec- lrician l, 2. 3, 4: German l, Z, 3, 4, Track l, 2. 3, 4, XVreslling l, l, 3, 4: Jr. Town Meeting l, 4. I KI658 RO0LH Hood Da. Dubu ue, IA 5200! 319 552-5790 fmaafhaf f7f3 County Rd.1650 N. , Unoana, IL 6150! WED 95 MTH 217 3.25-26611 ffiaffiacea Tex , 5 "Big Blow Up," JO ANN SHROYER "Frc'nchic" ..'N . mild.. gl? 7417-fl 2!f5 Wonfonia Ave. n.m0,m5yw Q Lrg, FZ 33045 3f3 324-2957 MAA. Delmen munphg The 1948 Rosemary WALTER A, SPRACKLEN M07 M41 W1 174' German Club 3. 4: Swimming 4. ELIZABETH TAET "Berry" Sagamoreg Student Council l: Phi I' ' 3, Treas. 4 Ch rus 45 Terrapin Ifb 1 Cl R4 C . 1 ' 'J 42 Tgith C C iircilognx. jp s mlm' gag fnatfl 327 C-K lane 2.11 Duaango, C0. 31201 259-2665 JOFN QQSTEER 714 5. Bnoadba Om' Habana I1 61 01 . A j Eggifgiilllffiigliiall' 131g3?'?Slf 217 367-4344 19aanLta! JAMES SANFORD "Walker" Spanish Club 3, 4: Eootball 4: Track Z3 '1Beggar On H b k" 4 JC . 8709 Foaezlf 11:11 011. Baton Rouge, LA 70809 504 924- 6643 1AddLe1 The 194 8 Rosemary fini' 5226 fomahawk Tn. ff. Wayne, 14 46604 f l BQ? TATNER 219 432-5415 ,Q , Shark "Taz" ARLEN TEPPER Graduated First Semester. PATRICIA TOWNER "Patsy" 5 Phi Kappa Kappa 3: Football Mgr. 4: Track Mgr. 35 B d l, Z 3 4 P p B d 1 2 Trombone Quartet 2, 3, 4. CHARLES EDWARD TAYLOR U Cl bl 2, 3, 45 Football 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 31 W 1 gl 3 4 904 5. Univeaaifg Unbana, IL 61601 217 384-5072 f 6547 5w l16tA az. Un, miami, FZ. 33173 305 270-1225 1Qoan1 Spanish Z: G, A. A. 3, 4: Sllp N' Trip 3, 4: Terrapin 3, 47 Baton T l 3 4 S T S g B k bll 3 4 Wlrers , 3 tate Ourn, Wlmmlh . BS CIE , . 172114. Yjainicda Davixl agaen, 11 61359 217 552-2560 27 LORENE JOYCE UTTERBACK mna. fanl fandoeno 605 ivan neen Cf. uflzma, 31 61201 217 326-1939 Erho 3, 41 Dulta Sigma 4 flass Trcas. 4. Youth kuntcr Chair. 4: Phi Epsilon l Pres, 2: G. A. A. l, 2, 3. 4. Slip N' Trip 2: S. K. l, 2, 3, 4: Band 1, 25 Class XVill Comm, 4, Jr.-Sr, Prom Comm. 31 Rosun1uri1 Assembly 33 Don Basketball 3, "T.iku A l,t'ttcr" 3 . 'Good Ncws" 4. BARBARA ANN WALKER UBCZFIJU Class Prcs. 2: Phi Kappa Kappa MAA. Bill Enafhen key E. Trcas. Delta Sigma 4: 'Bcgga 5, CZ'tt0fI,LUOOd Rd. Mystery 4 ' Uabana, IL 6!50! 217 334-0640 HERMHH.EDWARD WARD Hgadyy Phi Kappa Kappa 4: ffamvra Club 43 Band l, 2, 3, 41 Mgr. of Band Propg Pcp Band 2, 3, 43 linsvmblcs 3. 4. NATHAN JOE WALLICK, JR. "Num" w Ldowecf liuolbiill Y, 3, l5.iskulb.ill Z, 33 'l'r.1rk l, 3 4 13312 0,61 jf. f2ff jylman, CW 91342 Unbanam ll 6f50f ,.,,.,,.,,-, 1-sf-xf-sf-sf-xr-xx-xr-xf-sf-sf-sf-sf-sf-xr-xf-x S . 515 367 4552 flaunzlef 2f7 367-1691 ff77a,lLndaf 41? 28 HELEN WARNER 4'DuIch" S. K. I. 2. 3, 4: Hvmf Chorus 3, 4. PAUL WERTS A'Shz'nney" Ec. 4, Jr. Red Cross l, 2, 3, 4: "U" Club 3, V. Pres. 4: Gcrman 2: Library l, 4: Foot- balll 2 3 4 Trackl 2 3 4 Wrestlingl 2 3 4 "U" Club Dance Comm. 31 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm, 32 "Big Blow Up" 3: Library Dance Comm. 4: Ros:-mary As- sembly 3. DONALD EUGENE WEBER UDOUU 9 01. ,W Delta Sigma l, Sgt. of Arms 2, Ass't Soc. 3, 4: Thespian l, 2, 3, Pres. 4: Echo Z Phi Epsilon l. 4, German 2: Horseback Riding Pres. 3, 4: Pep Band 33 d Swan" lg "Frank and Erma" l: Phantom Gentleman" 2: "Big Blow Un" ur Hearts XVcrc Young and Gay" 3: "Beggar on Horseback" 43 "Good Nr'-vs" 41 "Grandma's Christmas" 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Town Meeting 4: Swimming 23 Xklrcstling l: Library 1, 2, 45 Dir. "Valiant" 45 "Puss and Boots" 7 "Shining Hour" 4. MARGUERITE WHITE HKz'tty" S. K. 3. Curl S out Z3 .c s , .1 Basketball l, 3. The 1948 Rosemary H- ,. v--d-.L.--..-4 .L :WMV DICK WILLIAMS HAngusH A C, Alpha Psi Omega: Sagamore: "U" Club 3, 4: Alpha 1: Lambda 2: Rifle Club 4: Wrestling 4: Track Mgr. 3: Basketball Mgr. 2, 3: Chair. Prog. Comm. Jr.-Sr. Prom 3. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH WILSON "Bette" Delta Sigma 3, 4: Thespian 3, 4: Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, 2. 3, 4: S. K. 1, 2, 3, 4 Treas.: Library 1: S. O. H. 4: Echo 2, 3, 41 Terrapin 4: Tri High Queen 4: Rosemary Queen Att. 4: Band 1: Baton Twirlers Z. 3: Drum Major 4: Class Sec. 2: Jr. Prom Comm. 3: "The Big Blow Up" 3: "Beggar On Horseback" 4: "Storm Before Sunset" 3: Dir. "New School of Wives" 4: Fr.-Soph. Play Night 2: Court of Honor 1: Relay Court 3, 4: Class Ring Comm. 3. MILDRED LOUISE WILSON "Millie" S K 3 4' Home Ec. 1, Z, 3, Sec. 4. NANCY SUE WILSON ,.Nan1, Alpha Psi Omega: Sagamore: Class Pres. 1: Student Coun- cil l, 2, 3, Pres. 4: Alpha 1: Lambda 2: Psi 3: Phi Kappa Kappa 1, 2. Sec. 3, 4: G. A. A. 1, Z, Basketball A Mgr. 3, 4: Slip N' Trip Pres. 1, 2, 3, 4: S. K. 1, 2. 3, 4: Girl Scouts 3. 4: Treas. I. A. S. C. 4: Jr. Prom , Comm. 3: Fr. Rep. to P. T. A. Council: Chorus 1, 2, 3,7 Sec.-Treas. 3, 4: Cheerleaders 2, 3: Jr. Town Meeting 1: Court of Honor 1: Jr. Play Comm. er NORMA JEAN WILSON 71706 1 "Norm" ,? Delta Sigma 4: Thespian 4: G. A. A. 2, 3, Pres. 4: S. K. 3, 4: Slip N' Trip 3, 4: Girl Reserves 1, 2: Jr. Red Cross 1, 2, 3, 4: "Beggar On Horseback" 4: "Blackout Mystery" 4: "Good News" 4: Champaign G. A. A. 2: S. O. H. Z: Girls' Basketf ball1,2. 3.4. BARBARA ELLEN WINKLEPLECK "Bobbie" Alpha Psi Omega: Sagamore: Student Council 1, 2: Al- pha 1: Lambda 2: Psi 3: Phi Kappa Kappa 1, Z, 3: G. A. A. 1, 2: S. K. 1, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Red Cross 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Solo Accomp. 2, 3, 4: Prop. Comm. Jr, Play. Seniors Whose Pictures Are Nol' Shown PLANIGAM, DONALD GRAHAM, MORGAN N7-Onyn Spanish 2, 4: Library Club 2, 3. ROSE. CARL Library Club Z, 3: electrician. SANFORD, CHESTER Hcheslf Spanish 3: Jr. Red Cross 3: Basketball rl: Track 1: "YVild Swan," Christmas plays Qtwoj. SHELMADINE, ROY Jr. Red Cross: Basketball mgr. 1. Jif WILLIAMSON. BOBBIE "U" club 3: Foorbaii 3. The I 94 8 Rosemary KENDRIC C. WINTERS "Jamal" "U" Club 4: Phi Kappa Kappa Z. 3: Football 4: Track Mgr. 2. 29 Mr. Peek's Chemistry Class says, "Men at work. Do not disturb." Should we believe it? 30 ,fs ,f Mrs. Seward's Rhetoric Class Can the seniors forget rhetoric class? Mr. Crowell's History Class Don't look so 'Linterestedf' Paul. Remember, this is American History class. The 1948 Rosemary V. Girls, are you stringing us along? Joyce Utterback and Bette Wilson have the washday blues . . . Step-sunning -Reuss, McReynolds, Kimpel, Douglas, Cadwell, Utterback, and Wilson . . . Happy trio-Joyce Utterback, Pat Reuss, and Barbara Hull . . . Study in smiles-Kenney, Murdock, Amerman, Brown, Pollard . . . The Three Musketeers- Fote Backy, Hot Martin, and Paul Werts . . . Phyllis Kenney does her exercises in assembly while Charles Cordon waits his turn . . . Chester Sanford and Rover . . . Ten highlights on the stairs-Going up--Brown, BischoH', Simp- son, Jackson, Grady, Amerman, Cadwell, Bean, Kenney, and Pidcock . . . That's our Skippy . . . Memories of the Sadie Hawkins Dance-Bob Lustig, Pat Towner, and Bob Fryer. The I 94 8 Rosemary 31 Secancf-flaw paddengead . . . 7f1-e P61014 af '7omaaaaw Looking forward to our senior year with great anticipation and looking back on our junior year with true satisfaction, we, the class of l949, "fly on. At the first of our junior year, we teamed up with the class of 1948 to present the Junior-Senior Dramatics Night. We held our class elections in which we elected the slate to represent our class. Highly populated with members of our class were all athletic contests and extra-curricular organiza- tions of our fine ship. Later on we faithfully backed our cage-team, wrestling team, and two-year-old swimming team. l E Row one-Hill, Prather, X Herzog. Saathoff, Palmer Locke, Barlow. Junior Class Officers DOROTHY MATLOCK, Vice-President JERRY MIEBACH, Treasurer GENE SNIDER, Rosemary Representative DAVE CRANE, President PHIL WILSON, Secretary In the mid-winter play, "Beggar on Horseback," and in "Good News," members of our class played several leading roles. With spring came track and our class rings. Near the end of the year we were all proud of our class members who were honored for their scholas- tic and athletic achievements. The Prom, held in the Urbana Lincoln Hotel ballroom, was the last honor given our seniors. Since we have only one year left aboard the U. H. S., we realize that we must take over the controls of this great ship. With these responsibil- ities in mind, we hereby resolve to do our best! Row two - Gotshalk Parks. Wimer, Huntington. 'X Janice Belyea, Janet Belyea. Row three-Nugent, Pro- 3 X 'V' ' 2 X dan. White, Rice. Martin. W 1 if Q Q 6 Row four-King, Ander ig 5 5 5 son, Smith, Linsley, Gossard. S Clinard. "' Absent when picture was taken - Kenneth Emer- son and Nancy XVaxler. 32 . The 1948 Rosemary 5, ' X I Mrs. Marl'in's Room Row one - King, Hibler Good, Frederick, Gouchenour, Emmons, Johnson. Row two - Gordon, Free man, Goddard, Hinton, Huff, G. Gossard, R, Gossard, Had Held, Haessley, Fryer. Row three - Hollaway, Ful ton, Hinton, Fritzen, Kimbrell Huntington, Heater, Herzog, B Hill, Gotshalk, Mrs. Martin. Miss Cade's Room Row one-Mclnnes, Maher Miss Cade, Bruner, G. Barlow Row two - Bebout, P Brown, Janice Belyea, Prodan Barcus, Janet Belyea, Belleff Birt, D. Boland, Row three--Bogan, Baker Cain, Angel, Arrington, Arie Y W. Bateman, Barnes, Slayman, Emerson, Anderson, Carr, Bus- boom. aniaa aqame Raamd, Row one-T. Smith, Cruse, Spanglo, Saathoff, L. Smith, Starkey, Shepherd, G. Saat- hoff, Rush. Row Iwo-Mrs. Seward, Ryan, Snider, H. Spracklen, Stephens, Ross, Root. Row three+E. Smith, Schreiber, Davis, Steffy, Roughton. The 1948 Rosemary Mrs. Seward's Room 33 Mr. Viseur's Room 34 Miss Lawson's Room Boys. Iefl to right-Schwciker, Crane. Mad- den, Clinard, Coad, Corson, Goldsby, Clifford. Cramer. Girls, left to right-Miss Lawson, Dodd. Cuskadcn, Raasch, Nance, Eskcw, Erickson. Duncan, Bischoff, Edwards. anim Jfame Room!! Boys, left lo righlvMr. Viscur, Peacock, Pritchard, Powers, J, Prather, McMunn. Girls, left lo right-lsitlingj Peters, M. Powers, Palmer, Scolly fslandingj Nally, Mc- Intyre, M. Prather, Strandlcr, Reed, Pcttyjohn, Parks. The 1948 Rosemary l , Mr. Peek's Room Boys, left to right-Mathews, Moorehead. Martin. Mr. Peek, Lincicome, Leonard, Mullins, Maddox, Linsley, Collier. Girls, left to right-Morrow, McBride, More- land, Minyard, Lynn, Miebach, Matlock, Mur- phy, Merritt. uniaa aqame Roamd Girls, sitting-Miss Piercy, Wikoff, Vanatta, Tipton. Girls, standing-Summers, Wimer, M. White, Waxler, Botterbusch, Whalin, Wirth. Boys, row one-Wingler, Whitmore, D. White. Row Iwo-Warren, J. White, Thomas. Row three-Wilson. Row four-Tabaka, Thuney, Taylor. The 1948 Rosemary Miss Piercy's Room 35 Mr. Peek's Physics Class Are you lonesome, Barbara? 36 Mr. Viseur's Civics Class Eileen seems to be up-to-date about her forms of government. Mrs. Escorcia's and Miss Piercy's P. E. Class P. E. also teaches girls 'Aleg art." The 1948 Rosemary Mrs. Moot's Spanish Class Comprende Vd. Espanole? These students can answer, "Si, si!" ,iq ,lil 232 fs f f Miss Rompel's English Literature Class English Lit. students are always intrigued by the interesting bulletin board displays in 218. The 1948 Rosemary Miss Cade's Typing Class Remember a-s-d-f-j-k-1-3 37 ,,, is 3 I 'X-v 5' Q15 I '7fzi'zcf- eladft paddengeaet . . . 72a Sapfzamafzed pdfali fn 7aaining. Sophomore Class Officers BARBARA SPERRY Secretary BARBARA WEBBER Rosemary Representative MARILYN WEBBER Treasurer JANET GREEN Vice-Presid ent RICHARD LINSLEY President 2 After finishing our first year as travelers on the good ole' U. H. S., we returned to the hangar in September to take up our second year of flight training. We had been looking forward to this all through our summer grounding, and came back feeling much more at home than we had in our freshman year. We zoomed off on our conducted flights, wobbly but more skilled, looking forward to encountering and conquering the many air- pockets, known as traditional sophomore hazards, but at the same time having our share of fun along the way. At the beginning of the trip we nominated our class officers, made our campaign posters, and gave our campaign speeches. In November we soared aloft with the freshmen to produce a sensational Freshmen-Sophomore Dramatics Night. Then. too, we braved one of the most dreaded air-pockets and mounted the steps to the tower, in traditional form, singing in our hearts, HWing and a Prayer." However, this experience turned out to be much less frightening than we had anticipated. Although our Hrst real crash came when we dis- sected frogs, we came back from that trip badly shaken, but feeling we knew much more about the you-know-what, We were still somewhat hazy after we hit the conjugation of Spanish, German, French, and Latin verbs. On our journey we flew The 194 8 Rosemary over the strange land of s, a. s. and a. s. a., whose Held rules and regulations we finally absorbed. Even though we had our difliculties, some of our members earned the badge of Lambda, which is a great distinction. All through our second year's training we served on committees, participated in Student Council, G. A. A., S. K. fa great favoritel, and did our share of backing the football, swimming, wrestling, and track teams, both at games in and out of town. We also did our share of backing the school dances, play, and other functions. Upperclassmen may say we have rocked the ship with our noise and pep, but then we still have two years in which to settle down smoothly, Coming back from our Christmas vacation, we realized our time as sophomores was quickly tick- ing away. The barometer said fair weather, so we took another flight with the freshmen, this time in a freshmen-sophomore talent assembly, which we hope will be long remembered for its laughs and real talent. In the spring, when 'iGood News" was presented, we could boast that the cast consisted of many from our class, Now that we have at last begun to 'ffeel the air." we can say that even though it has been fun and a lot of work, we have enjoyed our second year's flight immensely. x 39 7 x at we g H" Y fi Lambda Row one 4 Springer Cioodwinc, Prodan. Mowry, Frank, McClure. Row twoivifebber. Bell. Mautz, Cook, Bills, l.ind- strom, Ward. Row three - Munson. Linsley, Steggerda, Locklin, Stavroulakis, Larson, Schil- ling. fgaphamaae .Jlame Raamft Miss Moore's Room Row onefwl. Xvcbbcr, B Vifcliluer, Vwfascher, J. Wcai'er. Willard, Prodan, No rthern XVood. Row Iwo-Townsend, Strav- roulakis, Thompson, Louthan XVarrcn, Ward, Egger, Brown- field, Sanford, Miss Warren. Row three-Vifirth, Hauers- pcrger, YVright, Cravens, Vsfil- kinson, Valentine, P. Weax'er Graham. 40 Miss McClurg's Room Row one--Eskew, Ewing Prank, Cook, Mugs, Mcoonl ough, Moreland, McCrea, Ellis. Row lwoinfapman, Dela- ney, P. Collins, D. Collins, Da- vidson, Dalton, J. Collins, Hensley, Miss McClurg. Row lhree- Henning, Eitz- gerald, Eoltz, Elam, Cloyd, Dawson, Miller, Eears. The 1948 Rosemary Miss NeIson's Room Row one-Oldfield, Larson, Cooper, Shaw, Steggerda, E. Smith, Page, Schilling, Linsley, Brownfield, Stutes. Row two -- Schrader, Shel- madine, Taylor, Robinson, Ret- zolk, Locklin, Timbrood, Miss Nelson. Row three - Mankc, M. Smith, Sperry. Silver, Lind- strom, Lewis, Springer. Row four-Leonard, Slade, Peters, Snilorus, Peterson. Mrs. Bradshaw's Room Row one -'Beedle, Morgan Mattlin, Clemons, Blanton, Bu sey, Bohlen, Bloemker, Burt. Row two-HBoley, Booe, Mc- Clure, Cain, McWard, Bolinger White, Bohman, Emmons. Row three-Motherway, Bell Bishop, Clark, S. Barnes Brown, Ross, B. Barnes, Bills Mrs. Bradshaw. S 0f1!L0l4'Z0-'le 040046 RGGIMJ Row one-Goodwine, Hinton, Humes, Johnson. Row two-Mowry, Green, Poore, Johnson, Jeans, Jackson, Mautz, Hall, Hibler, Huck, Fulton, Row three-Jones, Munson, Slade, Harshbarger, Garrett, Brunk, Malloch, Ingram, Mr. Stevens, Mr. Stevens' Room l The 1948 Rosemary 41 Miss McClurg's Biology Class Bill, the meal shortage isn'L that bad! 4.2 Miss Moore's French Class Are you reading in French, Joan? Miss Nelson's Geometry Class Geometry demands deep concentration. The 1948 Rosemary Miss Lawson's History Class Bob shows the history class just Where it happened. Mrs. HamiIton's Speech Class Sophomores will always have fond memories speech class. The 194 8 Rosemary Mrs. Escorcia's and Miss Piercy's Swimming Class It's a race to the Hnishl 43 Q twat? 1 1- , 5 U . N V 'i 'Z A - Eel W I t J if 'lf X km- P H l, l I it 5 F . We Yve see you, girls!-Ruth Mautz and Janet Green . . . New dance step? Barbara and Marilyn Webber . . . Look at those smiles-Ruth fllaulz. Jeanette Huck. Joan Weaver . . . Sittin, pretty! Janet Manke . . . "The Voicev-Linna Springer . . . Reading up-The Shadow. Patsy Hinton, and Janet Manke . . . A portrait of cameras and grins-Mark lyn anfl Barbara NYebber . . . "XYe three"-Barbara Bell, Ruth Mautz, and Marilyn Nvebber . . . Another bicycle rirler-Johnny Morgan .... 4 t the llllIlTCt'lll' Snider, Marilyn Webber, Johnny Nvilkinson, Janet Green, Bill Pritch- urtl, and Gail Mendel . . . l'urty shirt!-Jay Larson. 44 The 1948 Rosemary awmllfz-efau paddengead . . . 446460460 7'LQil't? 7fzeia Wingd Freshman Class Officers MAXINE WILSON Vice-President JOAN PERGREM Secretary JULIUS HURSEY President SUE ANDERSON Rosemary Representarzue EMILY BROWN Treasurer 4 I made the approach for the landing very neatly, turned left into the pattern at six hundred feet, cut the motor and dropped in effortlessly, then taxied up to the hangar. When I was getting out of the plane my logbook fell to the ground, and as I picked it up, I saw that it had opened to Flight 1951. How well do I remember the flight day, September 3, 1947, when we arrived at Urbana High Airport. We were an eager young group of would-be eaglets, 156 members strong, most of us from Thornburn, and all of us with a common goal-recognition by the upperclassmen who had earned their student certincates and were well on their way to the private pilot's license, and with many hours of air time on their logs. We explored the ship and met our instructors, and tried to appear as inconspicuous as possible, especially to the seniors, the first-class passengers. We elected our class oflicers and our representatives to the Student Council, then settled down to the serious business of dual instruction which would help us to learn to "solo" and make our contribution to the tradi- tions of Urbana High. All of our trainees were active in some way or other. Some were stars in the Freshman.-Sophm The 1948 Rosemary more Play Night and made Delta Sigma, many of the boys made a place for themselves in athletics and showed great promise for future varsity com- petition: a number of the girls were initiated into G. A. A., and worked hard to make enough points for their freshmen emblem. We had representa- tives in all of the school activities such as band, the Rosemary, the Echo, the various language clubs, dramatics, the Library Club, and many others. Several of our members were very active on the council of our youth center, the Tiger's Den, of which we were all proud. We had troubles solving ZX -1- BX, and learning the first person singular. Those weeks that we spent floundering along after Alexander were really tough, but most of us sur- vived and quite a few won the much cherished membership in Alpha. Almost nine months have passed now, and we know that the hardest part of our training is over. We feel that we know the ship quite well, and we have enjoyed our instructors as well as the other students a great deal. With such a good start, and with a few more hours of air time, we'll certainly be able to write in our log book on the day we solo-"Flight 1951, Perfect three point landing." 45 Alpha Row one - Litherland, Pratt, Cuskaden, Appcrson, Hall, Wilkinson. Row Iwo-Maher, Hart. Pergrem, Snyder, Brown, Row three - Robinson, Paris, Bean, Anderson, Kim- pel, Oliver, Row four-Ekblaw, Mi- lum, Humes, Campbell, Bart lett. qaedfzman Jfame Roamfi Mrs. Escorcio's Room Row one - Brooks, D. Brown, Bryant, Akers, Burnett. Barthelemy, Cook. Arie, Bart lett, Austin. Row two - R. Clark. B Brown, P, Clark, Adams. An krum, E. Brown, Anderson Bean, Bauman. Beckett. Rott' three - Mrs. Escorcia Collins, Apperson, Boyer, Backv Canaday, Beck, Bailey, Cafin Cline. 46 lt Mr. CroweII's Room Row one - Newman, C. Smith. Robinson, Rosetto, Per- rine, Spracklen, Seth. Row Iwo-Ruyle, R. Smith, Peacock, Percival, Redding, Place, Pettyjohn, Ward. Row three 4 Rush, Pergrem, Pratt, Riney, Phillips, Snider, Peck, Scott, Mr. Crowell. The 1948 Rosemary 1 Mr. Hynes' Room Row one-Hursey, Hodson, Hansen, Hubert, Ingold. Row two-Ketchum, Keister, Hay, Jasper- son, Kinney. Row three-Hendricks, Holt, Walters, Hoag, Johnson. Row four--Hunter, Hartsfield, Hinton, Judd Row five-Johnson, Hanners, Kimpel, Kelly Mr. Hynes. 442466460 0410016 R0-0014 The 1948 Rosemary Mr. Bennett's Room Boys, left to right--B. Taylor, Teaters, Mc- Cartney, Veach, Waters, Bob Wilson, Stanner Weeks. Girls, sitting-P. Taylor, B. Wilson, Wink- ler. L, Wingler, Valentine, Talbert, Wylie, Yaw F. Wingler: standing - Waldron, L. Wilson Wilkinson, M. Wilson, White, J. Wingler Stout, Thomas. 47 l . Qfzedfzmczn Jfome Raamd 1 Boys-Davidson, Dalby, Current, Haines Fcely, Ekblaw, Farnum. Miss Bauer's Room Girls, row one--Miss Bauer, Dyer, Hart, Good Dodge, Pabert, Dunn, Edwards: row two- French, Hacker, Gordon, Gossard, Hall, Duncan. Mrs. Moot's Room Row one - Kuykendall, Oliver, McDonald, Minyard. Row Iwo--Litherland, Maier, McHenry, Mc- Clellan, Leonard. Row lhree-Louthan, Paris, Maher, Mock, Mattlin, Miebach, Row four-McCloud. Maxwell, C. Mohr, Milum, A. Mohr. Row Hue-Moot, Moorehead, Orr, Mathews, McDonough. 48 The 1948 Rosemary Miss Dueringer's English Class Miss Dueringer helps the Freshmen with their English. Miss Kirk's Latin Class Latin students learn about Roman dress and customs. The 194 8 Rosemary r sr ,. ,ws Mr. Hadden's Algebra Class Sue shows the algebra class just how the problem is solved. ' ,f X 49 G Y - it: ' xml' - , -3 f 4: : - if gi - - v 1 - ' -" ' '-Qf' - - ' -4 ,ix J- 3 .- ,.........-1 i - Y i .. f ' '1 N 'Z ...- Q- 5 , ,, ., " - 4 ' , .... f"""- 4 -, . . A ? A v - R a. 1' T. -,f."-ff ' 7 .-f- , Y -3.- - li T 1'--f-:. , .. 1.x ' ,, F Q ' 'kx -9- 1 - L ...T ...--"""' ' . "E X-L ii! 5- - 4' ...-"l--- 3.1 - 1'7" :.' , -- ,.-. -.- - - -. lf .- .- Tl 'lj ..- ' gg. L- .- , - .2 .- , - fl- 14... - - .-- -, -- -. .- ,,,..-- - -.f ..- .- . .- ' '-:si f 1 - ---' - .- .- - .- ,..f- 7 .. .- .- .. - -.. ..- ..:o, -..-... XE - if W Q- S' 59 -1' .1 -, 9 " B ,,, ,. .' 1"J . Nr mn 1- 1 1 "- 1 11 ' I F , 5- K ' 1 -f--r' 1 2 iii F 3 ik.. . . 55.4""T .1 .1i:,:4L. ci f 1, ., ..,q. , 1,'hf'4SE.dJ1i: ' v1,.g4,,14. , ,if !' we-P4 1 ,f x I, 4. . R 1 ,5 --wg-g., .1 Q1 h X! E-in 51' fa aw QM '1"i"'M1'ia- an .W N 41" g -1 , ,ggi ,U v V' , A Mi- Mg ia.: k,31"'g 5 1 111. ii 'fi' ' ,H :.-,gzggfe .1 'ff ,1 " Eff? ' Wi: 1. 4-c liff", 'ft , W 1,..11w 1 1, L 5:-, 3'.f?'i'1' 413,551- ,Shing 'Q S' . '- 1 1 1114 - -1 J? ' 'ima-3-24 'fi sw . 1 g Q4'3'1.:Q1r1 :W 1 , -1 I if .. 1 q w? "ff fP 111 1 ig QT. ' .M 1 1 f E-13? Y - , ,1y,,,.f- .. 11- ,-1-Q ,. 'z..'7W '1 'M x A 411, ,ass -. L 1171-31 3. p ,qv JSM1, 1 ,gi . 4 ,11 . - 155- ,341 .1 H , V 5155? A I 1 , Q " 1 -4 . ,'f1Q1., 1 0 - 5 any 111 1 '- 11 111' . wsw J 1-MQ' 'fz' 'R F" 'T' 5 x K xtlvhgikmigug 51 ,a7'h'W , A 1..,5 mv .7 'L ' ? 'qi ' iff? . f ' ' ' ' ' - 1 1. xg. off . 5' ., Ef1,zf4ji-"A, 41324 .xv 1155, 1' 5' 4- 4 .'11"11wi112'-1.111 , 11 1, -1- L. 1 I ' ,5..1j1 ig, Q 4 1 R , , 1 1w,T-. T53 ' 1: , "C, I. fs ' ,, 'V 11 . , ' -5 "fi ,A 1 1 5 ' wr in 1,1 ' 1 . - 4.4 ,, Q A T- 1 1 ,- 1 K. i 1 i Q " :AX I 93" A , 1 . , . Q Q ,Q . , v , E! " 'FE - '4 A , Y Y I x. , ,F Q. , V ' 483115 - 15 .. S. 1 -i - 42: JN? iii! 5:14. '9 014 game! Meet your Student Council, the government of the student, by the student, and for the student of Urbana High School. Each year this organization sponsors a large number of activities which are enjoyed by all the passengers. As a "take off," an Orientation day was held for freshmen and new students on board, The Freshman Prolic, too, helped these newcomers to become better acquainted. The annual Sadie Haw- kins Dance gave the "fellas" a chance to save their money while spending an evening in Dogpatch Left to right-Bill Clinard, Sec- retary, Ann Simpson, Treasurer: Nancy Wilson, President: Janice Belyea, Parliarnentarian: Miss Nel- son, Adviser: Isabel Brown, Vice- President, being courted by their gals, Tradition prevailed as the Student Councils of Uni-High, Champaign High, and Urbana High, sponsored the Tri-High Dance. Our class elections and pep assemblies have long been important school activities, and are held each year by Student Council. Lighter entertainment was provided during the second semester when the Council sponsored the Donkey Basketball Game. This year something new was added to our activi- ties, the Tri-High Student Council's exchange as- sembly plan. Bottom row-Mautz, McReynolds, Herzog, M. Webber, N. Wilson, Springer, Cotshalk, E. Brown, Maher, I. Brown. Second row-Kimpel, Mosier, Cook, B. Webber, Wimer, Starkey, Locke, Janice Belyea, Amerman, Janet Belyea, ' l Litherland. Third row-L, Wilson, Carr, Pollard, Huck, P. Davidson, Bills, Ivens, Pergrem, M. Wilson, Simpson, Bean. Fourth row-B. Davidson, Ketchum, Ekblaw, Schwalbe, Crane, Prather, Clinard, King, Bothwell. Fifth row-Smith, Campbell, Busey, Harshbarger, Steggerda, P. Wilson, Powers, R. Linsley, J. Linsley. The 194 8 Rosemary 51 l pcifidfzofzl '70 luemafzievi te' .,.1i.l.g--niiiiilw, l.auchner, Cadwell, Rompel, Hindsley, Mosier, Davis. Slunrlzng-B. Vlebber, M. Welalaer, Hull, Wilscnn, E. Brown, Anderson, A. Kimpel, Snider, Clinard, Amerman, Douglas, l.ocke, Miller, Tipton, Huntington, Miebach, Bell, flbsvnl-ll. Kimpel, l. Brown. Room 218 was the stamping ground for this hard-working crew. From before school in the morning until live o'clock in the evening, you could always Gnd part of this group performing its various tasks, all for the benefit of the 1948 Rose- mary. Every third hour found Mickey, Elossy, and Shirley bending over the dummy or type- writer. Once in a while Norma would pop in with a few more literary write-ups, or Izzy would rush in with another fifty dollars Worth of ads. Every time any business arose, Edna would be there to collect the money! Everett and Bob often argued over who should write up the C.-U. football game: Hadley may still be trying to succeed in taking a picture not on an angle. QOne that is straight, ,, W, , l 5 l Rosemary callers hard at workl? Left to r1'ghtiMosier, ' Q Cadwell, Douglas. Kimpel, Hindsley, Davis, Lauchner. ,a.....4L,, , ...- ., ,..s,.. 52 that islj Although he was not an oflicial member of the staff crew, one of the busiest persons this year was Dick Hunt, QRosemary '42 staff photogra- pherj our professional photographer from Pilon's. The guiding light of the whole staff was our sponsor, adviser, and what-would-we-do-without- her, Miss Rompel. We are indebted to the art classes, who, under the able direction of Mrs. I-Ienwood, furnished us with all the drawings. Many thanks to these students and their wonderful contribution to this yearbook. So here it is, the 1948 Rosemary-we had fun learning the airplane lingo, and hope you'll enjoy yourselves as passengers. The 194 8 Rosemary Q 0 f p 5 X3 O m l 'W lpd apea tag Sjwgygjggw Mary Bailey ,..........,.,....,......... .....,.,. E ditor-in-Chief Nllglyy , Ann Simpson, Barbara Hull ........,..,......,, .....,..,.......,. Assistant Editors ,lR",sft,,l fx Elizabeth Palmer i...i....i.... .,....,.4.....,4.......,ii..ii...44..,..,,.......,.i.,., N ews Editor truly X5 ,af ,f Nancy Waxler, Margery White, Shirley Locke, Mary Ciotshalk, UN q,. H A, Judith Lindstrom ,.....,,........,,....., .,....,.,....,.,.,,....,.....,,.. N ews Reporters X X 1 Norma Mosier ,.........,.....,......,..............,,,,......,,,,...,........,.,..... Feature Editor X' B Diane McClure, Emily Brown, Isabel Brown ..... ..,... E eature Writers I Gene Snider ............,,..........,.,.,,..,,.....,.....,....,. ..,.. S ports Editor XQAO . i A Joe Prather ........,........ ..,,.......,........,...........,.,...,...,.......,....... S ports Writer SA Margery White .....,..,.....,.......,,.. ...,,,,,....,........,.,,.,..,..........,.,.,,, C opy Editor - . ' q Alice McReynolds, Edna Kimpel, Shirley Douglas, Charlile Pollard, , A-ix Qs X Nancy Wilson, Lois Murrah, Joyce Utterback ...,..,......,..,,.......... Typists l N Mr. Stanley Hynes ..,.........,........,,.........,,,...............,..,....... Editorial Adviser V Ruth Huntington ..,........,...., .,,.,., ..,..,..,.,,..,.,.....,.,.... A d vertising Manager ' Nancy Waxler ...,.... ,,..... C irculation Manager Everett Smith ......, .....,.. B usiness Manager ' Mr. E. G. Stevens ...........,. ,..,... B usiness Adviser News is never lacking on board a ship like ours, and all of these important events are recorded by the Echo, the bi-weekly newspaper edited by a hard-working staff of U. H. S. journalists. In addition to merely reporting the news, the Echo strives to please the majority of readers. A survey was conducted in homerooms to determine what type of articles the students preferred, to receive criticisms of the paper, and to learn of possible improvements, One of the results of this survey was the decision by the Staff to once again deliver the papers to the lockers, a plan which had been successfully carried out in past years. This plan was more convenient for the subscribers and greatly reduced the after-school confusion for the salesmen. Anyone on the Echo staff can tell you that pre- paring a paper for publication takes many long hours of hard work, But they will also admit that there is a great deal of satisfaction when their work is well done. Mr. Hynes and Mr. Stevens have devoted a great deal of time and interest to the Echo. Their cooperation and the fine work put forth by the staff have made the Echo one of the Hnest school activities. Row one-l. Brown, Locke, E. Brown, B. Wilson, Saathoff, Pergrem, Anderson, Grady, Amerman, Cook, McReynolds, Hinton, Herzog. Row two--Gotshalk, Prather, Reuss, Barnes, Murrah, B. Webber, McClure, Palmer, Kimpel, Utterback, Kenney, Douglas, Willard, Weaver, M. Webber. Row three-Nugent, Snyder, Smith, Vanetta, Pollard, Mosier, McDonough, Miles, Davidson, Matlock, Bailey, Waxler, N. Wilson, Ivens, Silvers. Row four-Mr. Hynes, Hull, Simpson, Mitchem, Huntington, Wimer, Wascher, Dalton, Strandler, Bills, Parks, Huck, Lindstrom, Bell, White, The 194 8 Rosemary 53 O ,kb Q l fx I f JClf"""'lkon "Delta Sigs Always Dig" . . . that's their motto, and it seems to be true, for each year their organization grows and produces many fine activi- ties. This club is dedicated to those of our ship who are interested in speech and dramatics and who are willing to work and learn. Membership is awarded to those who have earned a certain number of points by being in plays, working on committees, or selling play tickets. One of the nrst activities of the year was the chili supper given by Delta Sigma and her sister dramatics club, Thespians. This enjoyable supper was prepared by the social chairmen of Delta Sigma. Each year Delta Sigma presents several tra- ditional affairs which are well remembered by everyone. Again this fall came the Freshman- Sophomore and Junior-Senior play nights. These were held on separate nights and featured several one-act plays. The Snow Ball, better known as 7fzeAe President-Beth lvens Vice-President--Marilyn Hindsley Second Vice-President-Bill Clinard Secretary-Elizabeth Palmer Assistant Secretary--Barbara Hull Treasurer-Bob Locklin Social Chairmen-Mary Louise Rice, Flossie Cadwell Program Chairman-Pat Reuss Sergeants-at-Arms-Bob Price, Bob Cravens Sponsor-Mrs. Bradshaw the Christmas Dance, was presented during the holiday season and was one of the most attractive dances ever given. A dessert supper and initiation were held by the club in the cafeteria preceding the dance. Another annual dance presented in the spring was the Blue Moon Dance. According to custom, the Delta Sigmas had a farewell picnic before this dance, at which time the will and prophecy were read and new members initiated. Delta Sigma members this year went by train to Chicago where they saw the well-known stage production "Annie Get Your Gun." The rest of the day included a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry, the Merchandise Mart. a movie, shopping, lunch at Marshall Field, and supper at the Forum, Chicago's largest cafeteria. Such trips continue to be one of the club's most enjoyable activities. It is not hard, then, to understand why Delta Sigma has continued to grow and to become one of our most popular activities. Row one-Wilson, Reuss, Palmer, Locke, Kunza, Carrington, Roney, McReynolds, Hindsley. Row Iwo-Mrs. Bradshaw. lvens, Bischoff, Utterback, Bailey, Rice, Carr, Amerman. Murdock, Douglas, Cuskaden. Row three-Taylor. Pollard, Walker, Webber. McClure. Bean, Hull. Kimpel, Springer, Cireen, Goodwine, Cadwell. Row four-Clinard. Schrader. Martin, May, Pelafos, Weber. Lauchner, l.ocklin, Sanford, Cravens, Tenbrook, Price. ' Magi' "Nw,,.... , ' .. . ,- .,,. ., - s to 1 x x Q Ji. ' 1 54 The 194 8 Rosemary ZA Q41 . S. pauenqead Row one-Wilson, Reuss, Carrington, Douglas, Hindsley, McReynolds, Locke, Mrs. Bradshaw. Row two-Palmer, Cuskaden, Bischoff, Pollard, Rice, Cadwell, Carr, Amerman, lvens. Row three-Clinard, Martin, May, Sanford, Pelafos, Locklin, Tenbrook, Cravens, Price, Schrader. With a new flight instructor, Thespians, the national dra- matics honorary, again flew through a successful year. Members of this group must have reached a certain peak in dramatic accomplishments. Their active year included a number of events which provided pleasant times for all. To begin the year, and to acquaint Mrs. Bradshaw with her new flight friends, a waffle supper was held at the home of the president. The ever-popular annual chili supper, was held in the late fall by the members of Delta Sigma and Thespian. Several new members were initiated at the dessert supper, held with the Delta Sigmas, pre- ceding the Christmas Dance. Urbana, this spring, was host to Champaign and Tuscola when the chapters met to get acquainted and to exchange new ideas. In addition to the pot- luck supper, an initiation ceremony was held by the Urbana chapter, followed by a variety of entertainment. Finally, the annual Thespian play "Shining Hour," was presented in the spring. ' A pleasing personality as well as an understanding of young people and dramatics . . . these are only a few of the fine qualities that can be attributed to Mrs. Inez Paine Bradshaw, the new sponsor of Delta Sigma and Thespians. A native of Granite City, Illinois, Mrs. Bradshaw graduated from St. Louis University with a major in speech. She taught English and Speech in Granite City before coming to Urbana. Speech and dramatics have always interested Mrs. Bradshaw, who has won both state and national honors. In addition to sponsoring our two dramatic clubs, Mrs. Bradshaw has a full time job as dramatics instructor. Among the plays that she directed this year were the Preshman-Sopho- more and Junior-Senior plays, assisted by student directorsg the Mid-winter play, the all-school play, and the Thespian play. The 1948 Rosemary President-Don Weber Vice-President--Pete Pelafos Secretary-Shirley Locke Treasurer-Arlen Tepper Usher--Jean Ann Carr Sponsor-Mrs. Inez Bradshaw Mrs. Inez Bradshaw 55 Mag 1402 7!t6ifL Wiewd . . . Row one-Morgan, Vriner, Wilscun, Schrader, Pelafos, Cond, Busey, R. I.indsley, J. I,indsley, l.ocklin, Larson. Row two--l,indstrom, Locke, lirank, Mowry, Raasch, Proden, Springer, Goodwine, Mrs. Hamilton, lvens, Cuskaden, I,I'L'S!'L1t'I7l1-Sllll'lCY Locke For the passengers aboard our ship who like to discuss and debate, Junior Town Meeting offered a splendid opportunity. Under the capable direc- tion of Mrs. Hamilton, the organization carried on active discussions concerning current school, local, national, and international problems, Some of these topics were, "Are the Schools Meeting Their Obligation to the American Youth?," "True Patriotism," "Is Our City Government What It Should Be?" "Extracurricular Activities for the High School Student," "Should the Champaign and Urbana School Systems Be Combined?" and "Lowering the Voting Age." At one meeting the members were entertained by two speakers who Secretary-l.inna Springer spoke on "Arts" and "A Trip to the Moon." The club's twenty-two members held the majority of its meetings on Tuesday evenings in the homes of the members. In an assembly program for the whole school, a debate was presented on the subject, "ls Urbana High School a Good School?" Debaters gave views for both sides and quoted statistics, after which the student body was invited to ask questions. Prizes were awarded for the best questions. Among the social events of the year was a Christ- mas party. Junior Town Meeting was organized only a few years ago and has since proved to be one of the most progressive clubs in the school. Stagecraft students busy at work. ls this a statement or a question? 56 The 194 8 Rosemary feelin .fined ancf Quad Freshman-Sophomore Play Night Junior-Senior Play Night "A WeClCliI1g" "Take A Letter" Bob .,..... J .... V,,..t... ,.,..A B i ll Sanford Betty Allen JJ JJ J ,,........,.,.,,., Nedra Amerman Qrchie ""' '-"-- B eb Cfavens Mary Jones V,.. .,......t.,.,... K ay Bean me 'A"""' """' l Janet Green Sara White .,,a ...,,,a...,. L ois Reed Ted ""A' ,AP""""' C kms Tenbfook William Watson .....la .......l J anelle Bischoff Mrs. Tisdale e..,.,l .,,,,,,A P ar Pulrrm Mr. Grayson .'q.bA Andrew Ekblaw Virginia Moorse ....,.i .l....,.. J oyce Utterback Miss Grayson llbllbl qlhqlnll P at Taylor Violet Bond J .,.. .i,l...l..,...., P at Reuss Director, ,,,,t,,e,,,,, ,Jean Ann Carr Director V,,...,.l,,. ..,.,.., P lorence Cadwell Assistant Director ,.,, ....l S hy Pollard Assistant Director ..,,. ,...., J anelle Bischoff Tech. Director "Tri u m ph Clara Dexter ,....,..,..... Judith Andrew ........ Kay Hammond ...,.. Vic Wayne .,......l Dr. Parker ...,... Edith .,,..,...,.. Director ,...,..,,.,.,...,.,. Assistant Director ..l... Tech. Director "New School of John Dunlap l,.,,.. Meriam Dunlap JJ Ellen Dunlap ...,l.. Roberta Vance .,.. Cecile Pendeton JJ Harriett Schofield Laura Morgan V.., Warren Price ..... Director .......,.....,. JJJJJClyde Martin in Ashes" JJJJAnna Kimpel JJ...J.,Sylvia Prodan JJJJJJJJDiane McClure JJJJJJJJJJ,Dan Elam JJJ.JJJ.Bob Locklin JJJJJJBarbara Bell JJJJJJJJBeth Ivens .J ,...,.. Edna Kimpel JJJJJJJJ.Jack May Wives" Hodson Betty Matthews ........ Barbara Sperry JJ ......c Ciail Mendel JJJJ.JJJJoan Waldron Linna Springer JJJJJPat Edwards JJJJJJJJJerry Hay JJJ.Betty Wilson Assistant Director .......l ,.,... J eannine Roney Tech. Director ...., The 1948 Rosemary J Norma Wilson Tech. Director l.,...,.. JJJJJJJJJPete Pelafos V40 "The Valiant" Warden J ,l..l.,.,.,,.. ,.i.i J J J .,.,l JJ Bill Clinard Jailer ...,....... Josephine .i.,....,.i,... ....,... Joe, alias i'Dike" Priest .l.,., ...ile, Director ll.,li... JJ J Assistant Director Tech, Director JJJJJJ JJ J. J Don Weber .Marilyn Cuskaden J J JJJJJJJJJJ Pete Pelafos J JJJJ Arlen Tepper Don Weber Alice McReynolds JJJJJJ,JJPete Pelafos 57 Eeqqcafz Un Jfafuiedack 7 Tenhrook, Sanford, l.auchner, Gotshalk, Conerty, Martin, McReynolds, Weber, May, Kimpel, lelafos, Carr Cast Dr. Albert Rice ..,,. ....,,.. Cynthia Mason Neil McRae ,,A.,,, Mr. Fred Cady Mrs. Fred Cady Gladys Cady Homer Cady .,.. A Trainman Jerry . .....r.. . Miss Hey . . Miss You . Miss Canoo . . Miss Meloo .. Mr. Deloo . . Mr. Beloo .. Cigarette girl . Check room girl ..,......Don Weber ........Edna Kimpel .......,..Jack May .......Clyde Martin Jean Ann Carr Alice McReynolds ............Pete Pelafos Bob Lauchner .........Jim Sanford ............Beth Ivens .Florence Cadwell ...Janelle Bischoff -..Phyllis Kenney .Claris Timbrook Bob Lauchner .. Shirley Douglas . .Jeannine Roney Ushers, Reporters. Business Men, Jurors. Dancing teachers: Bob Lauchner. Claris Timbrook, Dick Gotshalk, Jim Conerty, and Jim Sanford. Maids, NVaitresses, Jurors, Dancing teachers: Janelle Bischoff, Jo Ann Carrington. Shirley Douglas, Phyllis Kenney, Char- lile Pollard, Jeannine Roney. Barbara Walker, Betty Wilson, Norma XVilson, Pat Reuss. Florence Cadwell, and Beth lvens. 58 'Beggar On Horseback," a gay fantastic comedy in two parts, was presented by the dramatic classes on December 5 and 6 under the direc- tion of Mrs. Inez Bradshaw. The play was chiefly concerned with the unusual dream of the hero, Neil Mc- Rae, who imagined the life he would encounter when married to the flighty, snobbish, wealthy socialite, Gladys Cady. This dream caused him to turn his fancies to the sweet, re- served, home-loving Cynthia Mason. To make the dream seem more realistic, copies of an actual news- paper were distributed to the audi- ence. Since the play was a fantasy, it featured suggested scenery rather than ordinary properties. Such an arrange- ment created many stagecraft difficul- ties, and quite often the scenery was changed during the play. 'Beggar On Horseback" was truly an out- standing performance. The 1948 Rosemary '45, i ' i I ' 1 n . I "Just Imagine" "Lucky in Love" "The Best Things in Life Are Free" Marilyn Cuskadcn, Hadley Davis. and Linna Springer Qaacf On April second of this year, the ship's passengers and crew were entertained on board with a presentation of the fast-moving musical comedy, "Good News." An attractive background of scenery prepared by the stagecraft class made this play even more enjoyable. Mrs. Bradshaw, Director, was greatly helped by Beth lvens, Assistant Director, and Jean Ann Carr, Dance Direc- tor. Everett Smith accompanied the singers and dancers, executing his job well. The story of "Good News" centered around a love tri- angle consisting of Tom, Pat, the campus queen, and her cousin Connie, the campus nobody. Tom, the football star and hero in every loyal Tait coed's heart, almost wasn't able to play in the major game of the year, but through the as- sistance of Connie, his scholastic eligibility was upheld, and he helped win the game for good old Tait. Another interest- ing triangle centered around Beef, a rather large and tough character, Bobby, only a substitute, and Babe, the man-chaser. The cast also included a large singing and dancing chorus, consisting of many of the ship's passengers. These girls gave a sparkling version of the "Varsity Drag" and a peppy one of "Today's the Day." As the passengers left the auditorium to return to their seats and settle down for another comfortable night aboard the U. H. S., snatches of such memorable tunes as "Lucky in Love," "Girls of the Pi Beta Phi," "Just Imagine," "He's a Ladies' Man," and the title song "Good News" ran through their heads and stayed with them for the remainder of their journey. The dancing chorus and the "Varsity Drag". 60 The 194 8 Rosemary Tom Marlow .,A.,.. Beef Saunders ..A.. Bobby Randall .... Bill Johnson ....... "Pooch" Kearney Afewd ......Hadley Davis .......Everett Smith .........,.Jim Busey ........Bil1 Clinard .......Cliff Nugent Professor Kenyon ........ ........... D on Weber Patricia Bingham .....,. ...........,. L inna Springer Connie Lane ....,. .....,. M arilyn Cuskaden Babe O'Day ,..,,...i .,..,.....,... A vis Raasch Sylvester ,.,...... ...,.. J ohn Hodson Windy i.....,.. ...,...,.,. B ob Cravens Slats ......,, Millie .....,. Flo ....... Janet ........ Ellen a......, Peggy .,.t,.. George ,..... Jim ...... Ben ,t.t...... Pete. ,.,..,......,..,. . The Dog ..................,...,....,,, t,.........,... Members of the ,...,..Melvin Gulley .Mary Louise Rice Lea Goodwine ...,...Barbara Boyd ..-Gladys Saathoff . Patricia Taylor ..-Melvin Parsons ...Claris Tenbrook .George Townsend ....,..Richard Smith ..........,.,.....ShatZie singing and dancing chorus-Shirley Valentine, Florence Cadwell, Lois Reed, Delores Adams, Elizabeth Palmer, Barbara Brown, Mary Louise Frank, Shirley Barnes, Barbara Barnes, Janelle Bischoff, Joyce Utterback, Sylvia Prodan, Barbara Sperry, Anna Kim- pel, Joyce Cuskaden, Barbara Hull, and Judy Lind- SfI'OIT1. "Baby, What?" "In the Meantzme Jim Busey, Avis Raasch and Everett Smith A group of Tail' coeds before the song "On the Campus". The 194 8 Rosemary fm! 6204 ada Nm! President-Ann Simpson Sept. ll-Big-Little Sister Party Vice President-Nedra Amerman NOV' 7"'H0P fpeofla Mafluall Secretary--Alice McReynolds Jan' 9-Hop Cclmtonb Treasurer-Betty Wilson Senior Representative-Barbara Hull Feb. 20-Hop CDanvillej March 2-Girls' Assembly CNursing as a Professionj March 17-Saint Patrick's Tea Junior Representative-Jerry Mieback May 20-Senior Breakfast The Social Klub, better known as S. K., this year did much to promote good times for pas- sengers on our ship. Under the supervision of Stewardess Sarah Fisher, the club, which was open to all girls in the school, entertained throughout the year. To begin with, S. K. sponsored the annual Big- l-ittle sister party which was held as a mixer for the new girls at Urbana High. During the after- noon the girls enjoyed dancing, entertainment. and refreshments. During the football and bas- ketball season the main activity of S. K. was to sponsor hops after games. Qther schools' teams were also invited to enjoy the worthwhile enter- tainment, attractive programs, and original deco- rations which had been planned. Some of the crew organized a knitting club where they knitted for their own enjoyment as well as for the Red Cross. An impressive Nursing Assembly was sponsored by S. K. in March with Mrs. Biladean and a group of nurses as guest speakers. They chose as their topic, "Nursing as a Profession," Many of the girls of Urbana High School enjoyed an afternoon of entertainment and refreshments pertaining to Saint Patrick's Day. To climax the year's activities, the new officers held at breakfast in May for the senior girls. Yes, S. K. certainly had a successful and profitable year in 1947-48! Our apologies to the girls who weren't called for the original picture. Row one--Frank, Erikson, Prather, Spanglo, Locke. Row two--Collins, Belleff, Gouchenour, Brown, Saathoff, Huck, Miller, Maher. Row three-Barcus, Reagan, Valentine. Waxler. 62 l The 194 8 Rosemary ,waz an dm - - - vzmza 5. K. Row one-J. Brown, Hibler, B. Brown, Herzog, Carrington, L. Hinton, N, Bischoff, Cirady, E. Brown, l. Brown, Ewing, Gotshalk, B. Eskew, Goddard, Fabert, Ankrum, P. Edwards. Row two-Keeler, E. Barnes, D. Johnson, Bishop, Good. J. Cuskaden, J. Belyea, Ereeman, Amerman, Carr, D. Edwards, Eritzen, Cline, Hoag, Fulton. Row three-Kenney, Divine, Lynn. N. Brown, Hill, Bruner, J. Belyea, M. Cuskaden, Hart, Dunn, Clark, Dyer, lvens, Collins, Gordon. Row four-Hindsley, Davis, Booe, P, Hinton, Heater, Eredericks, Bailey, Bells, S. Barnes, Cadwell, Anderson, Litherland, Kunza, B. Cook. Row Hue-J. Jackson, J. Eskew, P. Jackson, Lewis, L. Dyson, Adams, Davidson, Goodwine, Lindstrom, Louthan, E. Kimpel. Douglas, Egger, Green. Row six-Bean, Hadfleld, L. Lewis, J. Bischoff, A. Kirnpel, Becker, Hull, Huntington, Dalton, N. Bean, Gossard, B. Dyson, Bell. affzmwbie fanawn ad Scala! 10144 Row onefStout, Manke, Winklepleck, Wikoff, l. Scott, B. Wilson, Reuss, Simpson, J. Maher, Roney, Merritt, Matthews, C. Saathoff, J. Marriott. M. Scott, Shepherd. Row two-Taft, Tipton, Pergrem, Pratt, Puckett, McReynolds, L. Smith, Wil- lard. Martin, Starkey, Orr, Murrah, Summers, Wirth, Sadorus. Row three-Marlin, Neal, Snyder, Miles, B. Webber, Mautz, Mendel, Matlock, C. McDonough, Murphy, Mclnnes, J. Marriot, Sperry. Row four-Parris, McBride, Parks, McClure, Mur- dock, Pollard, Mosier, Root, Morrow, B. McDonough, W. Miebach, Ward, Warner, Phillips, Vanatta. Row Hue-Moorehead, Walker, Riney, Waldron, L. Wilson, Rice, Palmer, Utterback, Reed, Pettyjohn, M. Smith, Wilkinson, M. Webber, Weaver, J, Miebach. Row six-Miss Fisher, C, Mowry, Moreland, Nance, M. Wilson, N. Wilson, Raasch, J, Mowry, N. Wilson, Silvers. Strandler, Wimer, XVascher. Mitchem. The 1948 Rosemary 63 President ................A,.. ,,,,,q J im Lmsley Secretary-Treasurer .....,. ....,, B etty Cook Program Chairman ..... ,,,,,, G me Sreffy Sponsor .. ....,,.,.......,..r.,,,,.... ........,..................., M iss Kirk +1 A new system of holding meetings in class periods was tried this year by Phi Epsilon the Latin honorary club. At these meetings, " club members gave talks on various subjects of interest to Latin students. One topic discussed was the history of the calendar and the changes made in it during Roman times. Professions of the Romans were also discussed, including training and type of work done by the legal, medical, and other professions of the day. Still another topic ' studied by the club was the Roman holidays, the most important of , which was the Saturnalia. At other meetings, members led the singing ' E qczzfw of Latinlsongs and the playing of games, one of the mostupopular games being a variation of 'AP1t," which substituted declensions and t -. conjugations for the usual corn and wheat. All business meetings were held after school, ln the fall the members of Phi Epsilon took their turn working in the concession stands at football games to make money for the club and to earn points toward their pins. At Christmas, instead of the usual Saturnalia celebration, the club took part in the International Christmas party. The president told of the Saturnalia customs, and food was served according to the old Roman custom. The party was reigned over by the King of the Saturnalia, who, according to Roman tradition, was a slave who ruled the household during this celebration. Early in April all non-members who were interested in joining the club were initiated into Phi Epsilon at a pot-luck supper. ln the informal initiation which took place during the supper, the pledges went through ridiculous antics, much to the amusement of the old members. Following the supper there was a very lovely formal initiation, after which the pledges were full-fledged members of Phi Epsilon. In observance of Latin week, in April, the club planned its biggest event of the year-a trip to Chicago. There they were taken on a conducted tour of the Art Institute, the Field Museum, and the Adler Plane- tarium. In May a picnic and treasure hunt concluded the year's activities. 'Q' - . . 9 0 I Row one-McDonough, Barnes, Boyd, Ross, Heater, Proden, Mowry, Cline, Anderson, Webber, Miss Kirk. Row Iwo-Cook, Lindstrom, Bishop, Mendel, Bills, Bell, Bean, Hall, Litherland, Johnson. Rott' lhree-Vriner, Neblock, R. Linsley, Davis, Steggerda, J. Linsley, Steffy. 64 The 1948 Rosemary n Spain Nncf Hume, Row one-Brown, D. Fulton, Mathews, Clark, Cuskaden, P. Fulton, Louthan, Hart, Davis, Snider, Mrs. Moot. Row two-Shott, Tatman, Apperson, Phillips, Paris, Amerman, Mautz, Poor, Mock, Lewis, M. Johnson, Janet Belyea. Row three--M, Graham, Wilson, Wilkinson, Pidcock, Cruse, Becker, Webber, Collins, Goodwine, Hadfield, Miller, Janice Belyea. Row four-Smith, Clinard, Backy, H. Graham, Bogan, Barnes, J. Johnson, Howser, Locklin, Conerty, Pinfrock, Oliver, This year the members of El Pasatiempo, the Spanish Club, helped the U. H. S. to establish friendly relations with our good neighbors to the South. Under the capable direction of Mrs. Bernelle Moot, the club was a very busy part of our ship. The first meeting was spent in the organization of the year's committees. In October new members were initiated into the club and one told of her trip to Mexico during the previous summer. In November a scavenger hunt was held followed by a light supper. One of the highlights of the International Christmas party was the breaking of the Spanish pinata. Two meetings featured guest speakers who had lived in Guatemala and Peru. A Pan-American assembly was given in April, while in May a fare- well picnic honored the seniors. Spanish Club Initiation Sitting-Mrs. Moot, Fin frock, Murrah, Clinard, Am erman. Standing -- Collins, Web ber, Breneman, B o u d re a u Viden, Becker, Miller, Paris, Howser. The 1948 Rosemary 65 Q' ,4aance... 1.t'f1 Io flitlhl--l'l.lI'Nlll3Jl'Q2,Ul', Crane, l..1rson, l.uslig. About thirty members comprised the crew of "Der Deutsche Verein," the club for German- speaking students. One of the smaller and newer clubs at U. H. S., the German Club nevertheless carried on a number of interesting activities during the school year, under its new sponsor, Miss Bauer. ln the fall a CARE package was sent by the mem- bers to a family in Germany-very appropriate. Also, early in the year a number of members worked in the concession stands at football games in order to make money for the club. At Christmas, the club, together with the three other language clubs at U. H. S., celebrated with JAY LARsoN-President DAVE HARSHBARGER-Vice President Bots LUSTIG-Secretary DAVE CRANE-Treasurer MISS BAUER-Sponsor an International Christmas party. There they acquainted all the non-German-speaking students with German carols and customs concerning the Yuletide season, and in turn learned the French, Spanish, and Roman Christmas customs and carols. The fifteenth of March was a red-letter day in the life of every student of beginning German, for it was on that day that they were initiated into the German club. The second Monday of every month was the date set for the regular business meetings of "Der Deutsche Vereinf' when there was sometimes a short program in addition to the business. GIRLS: Sitting-l-lueing, Mattlin, McBride, Pollard. Standing-Miss Bauer, Egger, Valentine, Minyard, Waldron, Kimpel. Bois: Row one-Townsend, Milum, Taylor, Hoy. Row two-Cramer. Shilling, Smith, Larson, Beedle. Row three- Prather, Anderson, I-larshbarger, Nugent, Crane, Maddox. 66 The 1948 Rosemary 7fzen 404 Jfame .7 I Row one-Ciotshalk, Prather, Manke, Stout, Reuss, B. Wilson, Merritt, B. Eskew, Hinton, Fabert, Ankrum, P. Edwards, Frank, Tipton, Thomas. Row two-Summers, Murrah, Wimer, Collins, Starkey, Kimbrell, Whalin, Parks, Motherway, Micks, L. Smith, Saathoff, Wikoff, Wilson, Pratt, Belleff, Miss Moore. Row three-Springer, Carr, Mosier, Hinton, McCrea, F. Brown, Cuskaden, Huck, Weaver, B, Brown, B. Wilson, J. Eskew, Sperry, Ward, Slade, Reed, Reagan. Row four-Taft, N. Wilson, Mitchem, Huntington, Pergrem, M. Smith, Raasch, Barcus, Divine, Davidson, Miles, Clard, Barnes, Leonard, Silvers, White. Row time--Hursey, Tabaka, Powers, Snider, Arrington, Ward, Cullette, Martin, Parsons, Lauchner, Busey, Francisco, Bartlett, Birt, Davidson, C. Smith, Foltz, Hunter, Ketchem. "Alouette, gentille Allouette . . , " those familiar words bring fond memories to the members of Phi Kappa Kappa, the French Club of U. H. S. This group, sponsored by Miss Dicie Ann Moore, was or- ganized fifteen years ago. The year started off with the annual picnic at Hessel Park, at which time new members were initiated. Several thousand football, basketball, and track pencils were sold by the club this year. In place of the usual Christmas party held by the club, Miss Moore suggested an international Christ- mas party in which the Latin, Ger- man, and Spanish clubs would also take Part' The fascinating Program Dave Gullette pleads his case to Judge John Martin. Lynn Tabaka just iI1Cll1dCCl 1f6pOfKS of the Cll1'iStt1'1aS CHS- sneers.-Phi Kappa Kappa Initiation. toms in these four countries. Com- pleting the evening were gift ex- changes and refreshments, served by each club in accordance with the cus- tom of its country. As their annual project, members of Phi Kappa Kappa designed tray covers which were distributed by the Red Cross to the hospitals to be used Christmas Day. The passengers on our ship gained a greater knowledge and a sincere appreciation for our French friends through the activities of Phi Kappa Kappa. ls he or is he not guilty? Bob Lauchner stands peacefully while Lawyer President-Bots LAUCHNER Vice-President-In memory of EMMETT KELLEY Secretary-SUE WIMER Assistant Secretary-PAT REUss , Treasurer-BARBARA SAATHOPP , l The 1948 Rosemary 67 ii . I ' A l ' I '7!mQi Mama If L if, a cc as PJ. 55 w C? . w E f. I -' gQ 5 A 'Q-fbiwi Few schools can boast of a finer band than we have on our ship, or a Hner music director than Mr. Walter B. Duda. Not only does the band con- tribute to the musical education of its members but its performances add interest to the life of the school and community. Concerts given during the year included a Christmas concert, a P. T. A. performance, and Assembly program, and a spring concert given on the school steps. According to tradition, the U. H. S. band took part in the Armistice Day program held at the community building and Memorial Day observance. Of course the marching band gave its usual unique performances at the home football games. This year they traveled to Decatur to play at the Urbana-Decatur game, only to have a heavy rain cut short their performance. The Pep Band was active at the basketball games and pep assemblies. The band members were very active in special events during the year's flight. In April, Urbana High was host to the District solo and ensemble contest. At that time U. H. S. Won twenty-one first prizes, eight seconds, and one third. Several members also appeared on a pro- gram presented over radio station WILL by the University of Illinois in observance of National Education Week in November. For the first time, a point system was used by the band, and major and minor music letters were awarded to those who had earned a required num- ber of points. The successful year was concluded by a landing in Crystal Lake Park, Where the an- nual picnic for the group was given by the Music Parents. 68 The 1948 Rosemary Oboe Everett Smith Flute Marilyn Hindsley Janet Belyea Janice Belyea Robert Locklin Judith Lindstrom Nancy Heater Dorothy Mclntosh Richard Ingram Clarinets Shirley Locke Benny King Barry Wyman Beth Ivens George Townsend Margery White Emily Brown Margaret Humes Norma Bean Janice Wylie Cornets Dick Schwabe Don Lincicome Edward Ward n Nia Dean Hunter Howard Current George Miluin Bill Fears Trumpets Melvin Parsons Kenneth Blanton Charlie Wright Bill Earnham Bass Clarinet Lea Goodwine Bassoon James Slayman Alto Sax James Gossett Gene Steffy Joan Willard Tenor Sax Bob Hadiield French Horns Jay Larson Ruth Merritt i 1 Baritone David Gullette Trombones Jim Conley Bob Tanner Jean Ann Carr Bill Davis Bob Eryer Bob Howser Raymond Cook John Morgan John Hodson Bass Charles Lindsay Don Beedle Bob Bolinger Melvin Gulley John Martin String Bass Ed Bateman Glenn McLaughlin Snare Drum Charles Gordon Don Corson Everett Dalbey Jack Munson do Mr. Walter B. Duda Bass Drum and Cymbal Hale Bartlett Wanda Hanners Tympani Nedra Amerman Marimba Jeanne Murdock Barbara Winklepleck The 1948 Rosemary 69 Mixed Clarinet Quartet Emily Brown George Townsend Margery White Lea Goodwine Woodwind Quintet Everett Smith Bob I-ladfield Jim Slayman Judy Lindstrom Ruth Merritt 70 Clarinet Trio Barry Wyman Shirley Locke Benny King Cornet Quartet Edward Ward Melvin Parsons Don Lincicorne Dick Sthwalbe The 1948 Rosemary Flute Trio Janet Belyea Bob Locklin Janice Belyea Cornet Trio George Milum Dean Hunter Howard Current The 1948 Rosemary B-flat Clarinet Quartet Benny King George Townsend Margery White Emily Brown Brass Sextel- Charles Lindsay Dave Gullette Jay Larson John Morgan Kenneth Blanton Melvin Parsons 71 Brass Quartet Kenneth Blanton .lim Conley John I-lodson Dean Hunter Special peafaamead Trombone Quartet Jean Ann Carr Jim Conley Bob Tanner Bob Fryer Left Io right-Judy Miller, Rita Spanglo, Shirley Valentine, drum major-Bette Wilson, Patsy "l'owner, Dorothy litlf Wards, Glenna lirccman. 72 lf' The 1948 Rosemary n Zlfingd 50449 S Row one-L. Saathoff, W. Miebach, Johnson, S. Valentine, B. Brown, D. Smith, Hadneld, Dalbey, Davis, Dyer, Hibler, Brown, P. Wingler, Holloway, Peters. Row two-G. Saathoff, Boyd, Taylor, Orr, Bell, M. Hibler, Wirth, Starr, Yaw, B. Wingler, Warner, Shott, Paris, James. Row three-Bohlen, E, White, Goodwine, Adams, M. Wilson, Louthan, Canaday, Blanton, Coad, Cravens, Collins, Litherland, Cuskaden, Good, B. Apperson, Cline, Maher. Row four-Hart, Jeans, Locke, Taft, M. Cuskaden, Barcus, Sadler, Steggerda, Linsley, Busey, N. Wilson, Springer, Pritzen, Edwards, Fulton, L. Peters, Mc- Donough, Moorehead. A popular section of the Music Department dur- ing our flight was the Chorus, which, under the direction of Mr. Duda, has grown both in mem- bership and in musical accomplishment. Its first public performance was for the Thanksgiving as- semblyg P. T. A. also enjoyed a special program in the fall. Before Christmas vacation carols were sung in the hall, and at the Easter Assembly several numbers added to the program. ln the spring the annual concert was presented for the public, The chorus participated in the Big 12 Festival held this spring at the University of Illinois. Directing this group of over one thousand voices was Don Craig, a member of Fred Waring's chorus. Soloists were entered in the District solo and en- semble contest, some of whom went on to the State. This talented group completed a successful as well as enjoyable year with their performance at the baccalaureate exercises. BAND OFFICERS: Sitting-Locke, Secretary: Hindsley. President: Dalbey. Custodian. Standing-Gullette, Vice-President, Culley, Treas- urerz Gordon, Property Manager, Lindstrom, Librarian. BAND SOLOISTS: Sillmg-Hindsley, King, Locke. Hodson, Mor- gan, Hunter. Standing-Wyman, Bolinger, Smith, Beedle, Lincicome, Bateman, Schwalbe, Hadfield, Milum, Townsend. Bartlett. The 1948 Rosemary 73 We Sefwe 7fze Jfame. . . yi Among the busiest of the service clubs on board the U. l-l. S. this year was the Future l-lomemakers of America, the home economics club. This club was composed of about twenty-six girls who were taking or had taken a course in home economics. The requirements for membership were high, and a prospective member was put on probation for one semester before she was initiated. The year's activities. which were set up by the state, featured self-improvement, leadership, and service. Some of the service projects included the adoption of a Dutch family, assistance given to a student at the University of Illinois, the prepara- tion of a Christmas basket for a needy family, Installation of F. H. A. Officers Scott, Treasurer, Wirth, Vice- President: Boyd, Song Leader: Bean. Retiring President: Wil- son, Secretaryg Marriott, Presi- dent: Murrah, Parliamentariang Booe, Recorder: Hart, Reporter. making tray favors and nut-Cups for the ladies at Garwood Home, a breakfast honoring the seniors, and a school-betterment program. The theme for this year was 'Lamplighters of Tomorrow" and some phase of this theme was brought out at the meetings. A great deal of time was spent in making a publicity book, which was to be entered in a contest. In the spring, new oflicers were elected and the delegate to the Leadership Training Conference at East Bay, Bloomington, was chosen. The Mothers' Day Tea in May brought to a close a busy and suc- cessful school year for the Future Homemakers of America. Rott' one-Marriott. E. Scott, Waters, Valentine, J. Marriott, Bishop, Sadorus. M. Scott. Row Iwo-Neal, Wirth, Dodd, Summers, Humes. Booe, Tipton, Hart, Mrs. l-lasty. Row lhree-Warner, Dyson, Wilson, Boyd, Winkler, Mclntosh, Good, Beck. 74 l i l The 1948 Rosemary rqmf Jfuman fveecfd, Row one-M. Scott, Gotshalk, Prather, E. Scott, Jeans, Hill, Barlow, Martin, Merritt, Winklepleck, Miss Dueringer Row two -- Paris, Cline, Warner, Egger, Cook, Miles, Lindstrom, Duncan, Phillips, Waldron, Orr, Eabert. Row three- Springer, Reagan, Adams, M. Wilson, Sadler, Waxler, White, L. Wilson, Minyard, Miller, Collins, Tipton. Row four- Slayman, Vriner, Morgan, May, Coad, Ciordon, Busey, Steggerda, Smith, Martin, Pelafos, Hanes, Tenbrook. President ..,,........ ..,....,., R uth Merritt Assistant Secretary ....,.,...., Barbara Hill Vice President ....... ,.,... C harlotte Barlow Treasurer ..,,,.....,.,.... .. .,... John Martin Secretary ...,.,...... ..,.,. .... L i nna Springer Sponsor .,... ..... ,... M i ss Dueringer Lots of work and lots of fun-that's the Junior Kina Gnd Queen Of Hearts ship of Miss Dueringer, has been one of the outstanding were packed to be sent to Europe. A large scrapbook containing pictures and information about the United States was also compiled to be sent to a school in Norway On Valentines Day, the club sponsored a vice- versa dance, at which the King and Queen of Hearts, elected by the entire student body, were crowned. The proceeds of the dance were turned over to the National A. . W Red Cross. This organization, under the able sponsor- J'-'Ck MUY and Alice MCReY"0'dS chapters in the county. Early in the year, gift boxes ,V A 2 fi fa, J is Children's Fund, ln the spring the members of J. R. C. planned a nutrition drive, At the monthly meetings, the group aided by other clubs in the school, made such things as carnival caps and tray favors, which were sent to veterans as well as local hospitals on special occasions. Larger county projects were planned at the monthly county counril meetings. This year the biggest county project was making possible a happy Christmas for forty-eight boys and girls at the Lincoln State School for Handicapped Children. Not only was a great deal accomplished dur- ing the school year, but, as any member of Junior Red Cross will tell you, it was fun, too. The 1948 Rosemary x I 9 VIZ? f X 75 .faofz Nfiea Basket . . . President Secretary-Treasurer ' HARRIET LOUTHAN JEANNINE MCCREA iff Vice President Social Chairman N5 , CHARLOTTE BARLOW JUNE MAHER l Our ship's Library Club, whose purposes are to better and to -, N mana e the librar , and to increase the interest of students in read- r D f g - - Y - . f , W in , had a bi Job on its hands in takin care of 6,371 books. The l 1 g . g . g . . Z - 2. f club s preamble states that the aim of the society is to promote A interest in library science in U. H. S. and to further interest of Z , L' others in books and libraries. Y- N, One must, in order to be a member of EX Libris, have a satis- NXX- factory scholastic standing, be a willing worker, and devote at , , y fa , least three periods a week to the library. ' f 705 ff" . . . . . . J . , EX Libris is an extremely important club in its work toward ,1 awk, ff the smooth functionin ofthe shi , for it would be an im ossibility , to manage and operate the library without the help of student " " 'Q librarians. I 1 fc Gold and silver medals are awarded each year for outstanding service in this club. Also, every member of Ex Libris is entitled to wear a library pin. Something new beginning this year was the presentation of U's to members meeting the requirements set up by the club's oflicers and the librarian Mrs. Lenna Schwabe, the able sponsor of this club. ln the fall, an informal initiation was held in the form of a combination wiener-roast and hayrack ride. The formal initiation was held at a pot-luck supper, which included an impressive candlelight service. Then, around Christmastime a holiday party was given, which included dancing, amusing games, and delicious eats. In April, the club sponsored the April Showers Dance, which was held in the library, The "Dreamers" furnished the music for this function. A picnic in the spring was given to climax the year's social events. Ex Libris was certainly an outstanding service club aboard ship this year! QNX- Row one--Mrs, Schwabe, Maher, N. Brown, Hanners, V. Mclntyre, K. Mclntyre, Holloway, Barlow, McCrea, Dyer. Roto l'LL'O1B. Good, B. Phillips, Jasperson, M. Wilson, M. Fredericks, Stowe, Lewis, Louthan, Schrader, McCartney, Marriott. Row Ihree--Vv'eaver, XVerl's, H, liredericks, G. Predericks, O'Polka, Hursey, Burnett, Fitzgerald, Hadneld, B. Sanford, Austin. 76 The 1948 Rosemary ,aaa :za gmt .maart l Row one--Davis, Paris, Cline, Hill, Palmer, Murdock, Taft. Row two-Cuskaden, Moorehead, Miles. Reagan, Bills, Bailey, Bean, Amerman. Row three-Wilson, Jackson, Gossard, Waxler, White, Simpson, Hull. On Monday evenings, the Girl Scouts of Troop 56 held their informal meetings at the home of one of its members, Where business was discussed and service projects were undertaken. Some of these projects included Work for the Junior Red Cross and the preparation of clothing boxes to be sent to Girl Scouts in Europe. Early in the year there was a troop for the freshmen and sophomores, but this troop was later dissolved, the remainder of the mem- bers joining the Junior-Senior group. Once a month, the county meetings were held for Senior Scout troops all over the county. Actively partici- pating in these meetings were girls from Champaign High, University High, and Urbana High. Three of the county oflicers were from the U. H. S. troop. Truly, our Girl Scouts furthered greatly the friendly relations aboard ship! President-BARBARA HULL Vice-President-PHYLLIS KENNEY Secretary-KAY BEAN Treasurer-MARGERY WHITE The I9 48 Rosemary The Girl Scouts rule the city for a day. Left to right-Barbara Barnes, Phyllis Kenney, Mayor Hurd, Acting Mayor Barbara Hull, Nedra Amerman, Jeanne Murdock. 77 '7he Raaemafuf Pwnc! ff 0ae4en,Z4 NN SIMP 0 M644 Rademaay of 1948 Ann was chosen by the vote of the students on the basis of her "poise, personality, and popularity." Her attend- ants were Bette Wilson and Marilyn Hindsley. Trainbenrer Judy Lauchner, Attendant Marilyn Hindsley, Queen Ann Simpson, Attendant Bette XVilson, Trainbearer Joel Lauchner. WH-, - ,-alexa.-. 'af ' .,', , The 1948 Rosemary ,f The 19 4 8 Rosemary M, S W ,, Cafeteria and Janitor Helpers Row one-Scott, Bogan lilam, Ingold, Crane, Smith I.auclmer, Redding. Row Iwo - Mclnnes Cochrun, Prodan, Wirth, S. Prodian, Bohlen, Keeler. 80 Tigers' Den Council Row one-Saathoff. l.. Smith, S. Anderson, Cline. Pergrem, Carrington. Row two-Douglas, Taft, Wimer, Utterback, Bell, Green, B. Webber. Row three-Larson, Pra- ther. D. Anderson, Davis, Busey, Canadav, Davidson. Camera Club Row one-Fryer, Smith Ward, Davis, Merritt, Mc- Clure. Cook. Row Iwo-Mr. Peek, Nu- gent, Parsons, Prather, Tan- ner, Nlinyard. Starkey. The 1948 Rosemary , ,, I , -lg -:ff Y if 1 1--,. Q. .- it -....- 1-,-1 5 .-if - -' -5' i 1 -! Eff: A - if 1 A ....--1: - - 7 A' - -f 4 , -.,..- 2' ,. ...- A 551 , f... : 3 Y ' J l V ,iff ing -' Y in ' 3 -3 f' Y -Y' , -, J f 7 A' f : 3 - li' Y -, --' 1- --- : T Y ,,, - Jr tiff' ' i Y L ' Y I 1 ...-I9 i E i A: - T ,Q :-r 'E' f , Y fr ' ,-1 - 4' A V V Y A !" , f W f ff V - 'jf - " .ti ...jr .:,"-:- -- 4' -fff f : , ..--0 - u",g-- f - ' 1"' L ,,.::: if "2'Aff Y Y Y ...E 4'4" f ' -A 4 7 ' ....-:-" ' --..-5' - 2, Y. ' In g,..f ...dv -, YV 1 V , , i - Q-4 ,4':L',-1.1 I ' , -:' A v A 3f:" ff V 1 , A ' . -3-5 55' :Ti 1 7 ji l A bf, - ggfl- ' """i,,X' ... ....- 1 Q. , - --,..-1 j A - - --.12 ,g , "' , VF- 1 - - " SE.. ,gg ' i -1 1, -Y 4, -1-Q - A: ,.....a-n 4: Y T...-i""' .. ,if-P' ZA f""..'f.-"--':'-"'-- ' 5 ' ...-cvs A a -:fs -v'-ff l.4.-n-1 4 -1 41 -' gun ,.. .,- 1 ,..-"" ,...- -...--3 ,-ar .....1- ...--5 ,...- .4-1 +1.4- iii T...- ,.....-- ..--.-..-4 4 .... 7 Z I 5 Y? 'ati ---4 3 iii-. 1 3 fl-1 i ' I , 51 rl- 1 A' Q5 1.4 1 :f-LA fA vi A - - if 3- f Ai--3, , S' i' -..,y- ff 'ff' YQ? Aer- ,: 5 f ' " K. ff - ' 21.7 A H 'lg ss'-"' , V W -QT W .- .4-lr I . '--an Y - .,-si"-' - i :Q ' IAA 7 y i y - za ...- " i 51 -ll - l l -, -zu ?- 2. '-"1 ,-. '- 4 SQ' "li - r li i v. ..-X n , , S , ef ,F .f 7' -1" if 1. .I lk rx wt k A 4, A 1 R w , fly: J! ,JL ,dl r ,P P ' I -1. l . , V . T. 5' . 1. Q, ,-. 3. f. . . 11.1 U 1 Q in ii, ' 1 V, , . , ., ,, . ,. ,, ,L . , 4 , ,,. J, Mya ,,,, ,., L22 :vie A A Ai up .yr NX, gel Q ,w,.sf,g' 1:-' 1:-,N 13,35 . -.N-av I , , 3.14, in-wa Fu ,4 4 Haj' -H 4'w '- Ami-, f ., ' I: f ,: V .Q f- Q ,R 'img- vf . vii' . W nk nm. -,gan - ,RN v A L. . ,- 4,,,1 .- ' L "' ..:': -N J- ffl- dr.-If-Q' 'H we ,V s ,E fr, , Q- a-- a g- Vx ,w -K w , V, 14, . '. .,. 4, ., ' 1 nf . ,Q I Q, r, f 1 1 , 's r F . if f, .,f-K '- M w fur ,. . -:sw A ', L 5. r .sf ,4 P A 1. vf'h. ,.-1' . GS' 'ff v ,M P .W 45' f -- iw , .2"f.9' , . , .wy- .. ..,-Q ff' 1 Il, M 4,- , A' f .I ,af p 35 :nw 'V-an ,fr ya . AW.. N-JP , fn J.. A ' " 111, ,'. "iq, flu? 'W' V- nf lin 4. famxm 'EWU' 'W ' h Ga-piled in 14 hleiicvi ln our coaching staff at Urbana, we have four men who capably guided our teams during the year's flight. ln fact, more popular and capable men could not be found. Gene Armer, our di- rector of athletics, came to Urbana in 1946 and immedi- ately coached the wrestling team to second place in the state. Since then Gene has branched out and is now head basketball and track coach, plus being an assistant in football. Gene's personality, skill, and determination have won the respect and coopera- tion of all U. H. S. athletes. He has shown himself a capa- ble leader, and under his guidance, Urbana can look forward to happy days in athletics. A newcomer to our coach- ing staff this year is William Senn, better known as Bill. Mr. Senn is head football and wrestling coach and assists in track. Through his splendid spirit and friendly attitude, Bill has befome a favorite with the boys, and as an All-American selection at Knox University as well as a standout in professional football, he has a wealth of knowledge to give to his charges. We wish you all our good luck. Bill. MR. BILL SENN The 1948 Rosemary MR. GENE ARMER Another new addition to our staff is Woodrow CWoodyD Viseur, assistant coach in football, basketball, and track. A swell fellow, Woody has won the admira- tion of all the Tiger athletes, both big and small. As coach of the plebe teams, Woody has the important job of pre- paring the younger Bengals for varsity competition. After seeing him operate this past year, we feel certain that Ur- bana's Tiger Cubs are in understanding and capable hands. The fourth member on the staff is a man whom all per- sons in the high school know and respect. Prank Crowell, head swimming and golfing coach is almost a newcomer himself, but we at Urbana feel that we have known him for years. Like all the other coaches, Frank is as friendly as one can desire and is certainly a worthy instruc- tor of athletes. He, like the other coaches, is a good judge of boys and possesses a thorough knowledge of sports. Mr. Crowell has announced his resig- nation for next year, and although we shall miss him, we would like to congratulate Prank for a job well done and to wish him the best luck in the world. MR. WOODROW VISEUR MR. FRANK CROWELL 81 We Imfwalwe JACK MAY Bois LAUCHNER Most Valuable Player Football Captain PAUL WERTS Outstanding Lineman The 1948 Rosemary VARSITY SQUAD: Row one-Managers: Tanner, Cullette, Cook. Row Iwo-May, Winters, Lindsay, Taylor, Werts, Lauchner, Davis, Lincicome, Steffy, Fryer. Row three-Coach Armer, Carr, Peacock, Snider, Linsley, Powers, Starr, Collier, Schreiber, Wilson, Head Coach Senn, Row four-Prather, Gotslaalk, Wilkinson, Anderson, Kinney, Pritchard. Martin, Coad, W Um Qzghlmq 74844 AWARD WINNERS ELKS' FOOTBALL BANQUET. Lefl lo righ!-Coach Bill Senng Jack May, Most Valuable Player, Rob- ert King, End Coach at U. of l.: Al Richards, Herman Ward, Exalted Ruler: and Paul Werts, outstanding lineman and ref ceiver of the Dick Pittman Memorial Award. The 1948 Rosemary 83 gavage H me aw . 44 ' 2.1 ' ' ' 9 1 A small, light, slow, , ., ,.... , ,,., by I V and inexperienced Ur- N bana football team " J Aulvl opened the 1947 grid- ff-'C ,-ff: iron season against the J -'V' P.,-5 Trojans from Charles- ton and lost to the southern invaders l9-O. This loss was the first in a string of nine straight defeats for the Bengals. Against a team which had a letterman at every position and which outweighed the Tigers fifteen pounds per man, the Urbana attack was held at a standstill. Undoubtedly, Charleston had a good team, allowing Urbana in- side their 20 yard line only once, yet the Tigers, through their fumbling and poor defense, were practically their own enemies. Both teams were Charleston 19 - Urbana 0 scoreless during the first quarter, and continued so until late in the first half when Charleston scored on a 30 yard pass from Day to May. The half ended with Charleston leading 6-O. ln the closing two frames, weight and experience began to tell as Charleston racked up two more touchdowns and an extra point to make the final score l9-O. Urbana threatened only once in the game, going to the Trojan 7 yard line as a result of Paul Hur- sey's 53 yard sprint, but there the attack backfired, and Charleston took over on their own l9. The inability to hold the visitors' offense plus poor ball handling on the part of the Tigers were the main causes for defeat. Among the few bright spots for the Bengals were l-lursey's long run, the punting and passing of J. Carr, and several well-done defensive plays. CHUCK TAYl.OR BOB COl.LlER l'lADl.liY DAVIS 'l'rnffr le Tackle Tuck le 84 The 1948 Rosemary X X SML? ' DON LINCICOME JOE PRATHER JOHN WILKINSON Right End Fullbach Quarterback Georgetown 13 - Urbana 12 In the second game of the year, a greatly im- proved ball club took the field at Georgetown only to lose a heart-breaker, 13 to 12. The Tigers out- fought the Buffaloes completely in the Hrst half, only to have their defense slacken in the second frame and lose by one point. Jim Carr spear- headed the first half attack, scoring one touchdown and tossing to Bob Lauchner for the second counter. Jake Peacock and Fote Backy set up these touch- downs with brilliant runs, In the second half, Captain Smith of Georgetown was the main cog in ripping Urbana's defense and bringing his team victory. Coach Bill Senn, highly pleased with the improvement of the team over the defeat at the hands of Charleston, remarked after the game that a few simple mistakes had cost the Tigers' victory. With only seconds left in the game, Urbana had the ball on the Georgetown l2 yard line, but the Bengal's passes didn't click and the ball changed hands to end the game. Chuck Taylor, Paul Wert? Backy, and Lauchner were the defensive bulwark for Urbana. The 1948 Rosemary Danville 13 - Urbana 6 It was too much speed which wrecked Urbana in their third try for victory against Danville. The Tigers fell l3 to 6 to the Maroons in perhaps the best played game of the year for the losers. If Ur- bana had had eleven Chuck Taylors against Dan- ville, there would have been no doubt as to the outcome of the game, for his vicious tackling and offensive playing were outstanding. The game was Urbana's third defeat of the season and second heart-breaker. Danville literally ran Urbana into the ground. Even without Dwight George the Maroons had speed to burn, plus a beefy front wall, The passing attack was the main cog for Urbana. Jack May, Fote Backy, and Bob Lauch- ner snared Jim Carr's heaves, Lauchner grabbed a 23 yards pass in the fourth quarter for the Tiger's only score. Little sophomore Bob Niebel set up the back-breaking touchdown for Danville with a great 62 yard kickoff return in the fourth frame. Previous to this run, the score was tied, 6 to 6. In the backfield Backy and Jake Peacock were out- standing, while the line play of Urbana was led by Taylor, Paul Werts, and ends, May and Lauchner. 85 f i -Vi. .19 3' 5 J af BILL MATHEWS JAKE PEACOCK CHARLES LINDSAY Guard fullback Guard Mattoon 27 - Urbana 0 In their second Big l2 game and their fourth contest of the season, Urbana met up with the Mattoon Green Wave and too much Bill Tate: as a result, they went down to defeat 27-O. Thoroughly outclassed by the Mattooners, the Bengals were allowed only two first downs and a total of 31 yards rushing, while the Wave, paced by Tate, rang up l2 first downs and 264 yards rushing. Displaying a fighting determination, Urbana held the more powerful home team to one touch- down the first half, and came through with one or two nice plays of their own. However, the second half was an entirely different story, Urbana simply could not cope with the driving of Tate and was plowed under by a total of Z1 Mattoon points. The Tiger hopes took a fall when Chuck Taylor, Paul l-lursey, Fote Backy, and Jim Carr all suffered injuries, with Taylor's bad shoulder expected to keep him out for the next game. Again it was the passing attack which stood out as the only Urbana offensive weapon. Six Tiger passes for total of 56 yards provided the limited Urbana punch. Cn defense, Joe Prather, Paul XVerts, Taylor, and the two ends were outstanding. 86 Gerstmeyer 24 - Urbana 6 Gerstmeyer of Terre Haute, Indiana, provided the opposition at McKinley Field for the fifth Tiger defeat in as many games. A churning fullback and two scat halfbacks led Gerstmeyer in collecting 6 points a quarter to total 24 markers to Urbana's 6. Charley Miller was the only consistent ground gainer for Urbana and scored the Tiger's only touchdown in the first quarter, after Bob Lauchner had snagged a pass from Johnny Wilkinson to place the ball on Gerstmeyer's two yard stripe. Several breaks, which if they had turned in Ur- bana's favor, might have made a different score of the tussle. Pour costly fumbles, one Cwith only seconds left in the halfj, by Carr on the one-foot line, two pass interceptions, and a quick kick, might have made the difference between a close game and the resulting lop-sided score. Wilkinson played a fine game at quarterback despite his small stature, and he teamed up with Jim Carr and Miller to heave some good passes to Lauchner, Jack May, Dean Anderson, Jake Pea- cock, and Bill Pritchard. On defense, Paul Werts and Billy Mathews turned in stellar performances. Taz Taylor, due to an injured shoulder, played only on offense. The 1948 Rosemary Decatur 28 - Urbana 6 When it rains, it pours. Urbana got soaked in more Ways than one as they lost 28 to 6 to the immense Decatur Reds in a cloudburst of rain and touchdowns on the Decatur field. Roger Williams, Decatur fullback, scored 25 points to drown any hopes of an Urbana victory, and even though the Tigers fought hard, they went down to their sixth straight defeat. Again it was a case of just too much weight and speed as the big Reds gained at will. A drenching rain, beginning at the start of the second period, ended whatever chance Urbana had for a passing attack, although 6 Tiger passes were completed, and since the Bengal running game ended up with a minus l5 yards, the outcome of the contest was never in doubt. Decatur racked up 14 points in the Hrst quarter and from then on, coasted in. Urbana's lone score came in the final quarter when Jack May caught a pass from Carr for 6 points. Lanphier 7 - Urbana 0 Following the defeat at the hands of Decatur, the Tigers tried again at Lanphier of Springfield only to let up on one play and thus lose 7 to 0. The Bengals out-gained, out-passed, and at times out- fought the Lions, but nevertheless took it on the chin again. On the first play of the second quarter, Sallee, Lanphier halfback, hit off tackle and ran 48 yards for the only score of the game, Although the Tigers threatened several times, going once to the 1 yard line, the extra punch couldn't be found. Unfortunately for the Bengals, both Jim Carr and John Wilkinson, first and second team quarter- backs, were injured, a fact which greatly handi- capped the Urbana passing attack. In addition, a soggy field caused a large share of fumbling and slow ball carrying. However, as a whole, the Tiger team was perhaps not too good and should have won, but poor tackling and slippery ball handling eclipsed any Urbana intentions. For the Tigers, the entire line played about equally, and in the backlield, Eote Backy and Jake Peacock were the standouts, DEAN ANDERSON GENE SNIDER JIM CARR Fullback Guard Quarterback ...fl yi, Q7 fr 'f 'PWM Q W . ,Q The I9 4 8 Rosemary 87 Champaign 48 - Urbana 6 In the most lop-sided game in twin-city history, Champaign won their fifth straight game over their arch-rival, 48 to 6. Before 5,000 fans, Champaign out-sped, out-charged, and out-fought the Tigers. The Maroons scored the first time they got their hands on the ball, and from then on there was no doubt as to the outcome of the contest. The game was highlighted, from Champaign's standpoint, by a terrific l02 yard jaunt through the entire Urbana team on an intercepted pass by Zeke Bryant, during the second quarter. The Tigers came back on to the field the second half and were outscored by Champaign by only one point. Dur- ing a driving rain, which sent spectators scurrying, Jake Peacock pounded the Champaign line: and midway in the third period, Jim Carr scored Ur- bana's Hrst score against Champaign since l942. According to Senn, Peacock, Carr, and Jack May were outstanding for the Tiger cause. Mickey Edwards, Rod Fletcher, and Zeke Bryant gave fine performances for Champaign. During halftime the Urbana and Champaign bands gave an outstanding performance of marching and playing. Peoria Manual 24 - Urbana 'I9 As a finale to a disastrous football season, Ur- bana took on the Peoria Manual Rams at Urbana McKinley field and were defeated in the last 37 seconds of play, 24-19. The Tigers started out like a house on fire by scoring all of their 19 points in the first quarter, only to see victory snatched away in the final half minute. For the Tigers, a blocked punt set up the first touchdown. as J. Carr passed to J. May for the initial score. Seconds later, another 'Manual kick was blocked and the Bengals scored on the next play via a pass from Carr to B. Lauchner. The extra point was accounted for in the same manner. To complete their first quar- ter spree, the Urbana team scored again on a pass to Lauchner from Carr, good for 59 yards and a touchdown. There the fun ended as Manual came back to block two of Urbana's punts and thus score 12 points of their own. Another second half touchdown plus the last minute score doused the Tiger's hopes for a final game victory, and left the season win column still a goose-egg. Outstanding for the Bengals were Hadley Davis, Bob Lauchner, Jake Peacock, and Kendric Winters. JIM l,lNSl.liY PAUI. HURSIEY DICK GOTSHALK Cenlcr llalfbach Hulfbuck 188 The 1948 Rosemary KENDRIC WINTERS JOE KINNEY Tackle Guard aeacfq la 'Yale-0 " Row one-Jack May, Right End: Chuck Taylor, Right Tackle: Paul Werts, Right Guard, Jim Starr, Center, Chuck Lindsay, Left Guard: Hadley Davis, Left Tackle: Bob Lauchner, Left End, Row Iwo-Dean Anderson, Right Half: Jim Carr, Quarterbackp Joe Prather, Fullback: Paul Hurscy, Left Half. The 1948 Rosemary 89 anim- Wafmliq Gaew f Row one-I-lowser, lfryer, Hibler, Gulley, Kehm. Steffy. Lincicome, Johnson, 'White Row Iwo-Coach Senn, lioltz, Graham, Starr, Gordon. Pritchard, Slade, lVlclVlunn, Stevens, Ryan, Mgr, Maddox. A new football team was organized this year to enable more boys to take part in this important sport. The team was composed of juniors, seniors, and some sophomores. The J. V. squad played only two games, losing both times to Bloomington by wide margins. Bloom- ington and Urbana are the only two schools in the Big 12 that have Jay Vee Teams, and since the Raiders have been organized for a longer time, the Urbana losses can thus be accounted for. Head Football Coach Bill Senn and Athletic Director 'A Gene I-Xrmer directed this team through the season. Perhaps the prime factor in gathering to- gether a Junior Varsity team is that they can provide formidable y opposition to the varsity squad in their long autumn evening scrimmages. These J. V. boys took a beat- . "x , if .gi Xt ' ing from our fighting Tigers. 1, but this valuable experience Q' should give Urbana needed vic- . tories in future years. X'-A' Look out! Here we come! .,, . .,,y , H . .4 Left-Dean Anderson, Joe Prather. 3 . W - -- Right-Paul Hursey, .lim Carr. 1- 'i 90 The 1948 Rosemary gaedfamcm-Sapfnamaae efzew Reserve Football Schedule Urbana 7-Danville 13 Urbana 13-Decatur Z8 Urbana O-Danville l3 Urbana 6-Cieorgetown 7 Urbana 13-Rantoul 12 Urbana 7-Georgetown 13 Playing against boys one and two years older, th-e little Tigers made up of freshmen and sopho- mores ran up against a stiff schedule that netted them only one win in six games. Their losses can be attributed somewhat to the fact that their op- ponents gradually wore the Cubs to bits in the second half. ln several games the Urbana team led at the half only to be thwarted in their quest for victory by a poor Hnal stanza. Under the leadership of Coach Woodrow Viseur, the football reserves were trained primarily not to win the freshman-sophomore games, even though the "will to win" is always instilled in the Tigers of U, H. S., but to learn the proper football tactics necessary to win varsity games in the future. These freshmen and sophomores will be expected to carry the mail for the Bengals in the 1948, 1949, and 1950 seasons under the able coaching of our new mentor, Bill Senn. Row one-Gregerson, Higgins, 'Wright Robinson, Kehm, Busey, I-larshbarger, Valentine, Malloch, lngram. Row Iwo- Andes, Vanderwater, McCloud, Foltz, Percival, Retzolk, Graham, McWard. Shaw, Mgr. Akers, Coaches Viseur and Crowell. Row three!-Smith, Mel-lenry, Backy, Barthelemy, Judd, Maxwell, Haines, Davidson. .4 As. 4- The 1948 Rosemary 91 620015421 in alien Whoosh! Dean Ander- son takes a blow to the stomach as he and Jack May spill a Charleston ball-carrier in the opening game of the season. Hug me again! Chuck Taylor embraces No. 48 of Charleston in the season opener while Bob Lauchner and Jack May close in to join the fun. The 194 8 Rosemary Touchdown! Somewhere in that pileup Jim Carr has just crossed the goal line to give Urbana six points in the Champaign game. Leggol Jack May hugs the ball and grits his teeth as he attempts to shake off a shoe- string tackler in the Danville game. 93 n 7fze Gaudi' l Srllfng-D. Anderson, J. Ciossell, J. May, D. Golshalk, P. lrlursey, Strmdfng-J. Carr, J. Peacock, B. l.auchner, C. Slefly, Mr, Armcr. Basketball Managers DICK NEWMAN AND BILL COOK At first glance the 1947-l948 Urbana basket- ball season would seem to be one with very little success. The team won only eight games While losing sixteen and finished last in the Big 12 con- ference. Yet the record is not indicative of the team's ability. Of the sixteen losses, l2 of these defeats came from a total of 8 schools, all of whom were regional champions. Eleven of the losses were by 10 or less pointsg and five defeats by less than 5 points, Consequently, although the team record was not oustanding, the statistics point out that the Tigers were better than average. In the first game of the season, Urbana took on the Newman Redskins and got scalped 53-45. After taking a good lead, the Tigers lost their de- fense and went down to the first of sixteen defeats. Peacock and Lauchner were high scorers with 21 and l8 points respectively. The next game started the Tigers on the victory trail as they Walloped Rantoul 55-33. Prom the beginning of the game the Bengals were entirely the better team and proved it by the score. For Ur- The I9 4 8 Rosemary bana, Lauchner scored 19 points followed by Peacock's l l. Paxton, Urbana's next opponent, went down to defeat as the Tigers proved to be the better of the two teams. The score of 37-31, Urbana, is good proof of the cold night which both teams had at the hoop. Lauchner led Urbana scoring with 13 points while Peacock had 10. The Tigers ran their winning streak to three by edging the Danville Maroons 46-45 on the Danville floor. Playing some of their best ball of the season, the Urbana boys came from behind and won in the last 25 seconds on a free throw by Dean Anderson. High man for Urbana was Lauchner with 19 points. In their second Big 12 game, the Tigers suffered a relapse from Danville and lost to the Peoria Manual Rams 43-38. The team just could not seem to click on offense, and since their defense was left at home, the Rams finally won in the last quarter after a see-saw battle. Top scorers for the Tigers were Lauchner with 17 and Peacock with 9. Possessing a record of 3 wins and 2 losses, the f' x f 'Q FX i v E t 4-FTTT 'mv 8310" fel oy D 0' . of 3' T, 'ii 5 W4 c ?e?? - 'Cm-rivfqi on T -L Bengals went into the Clinton Holiday Tourna- ment over the Christmas vacation, There they played the Carlinville Cavaliers in the first game and defeated them 40-29. For Urbana, Lauchner scored 26 and Jack May 10. As a result of def-eating Carlinville, the Tigers advanced to the second round of the tournament where they met Clinton and lost 50-37. During the third quarter the host team shot cool .900 from the Held. Jake Peacock paced Urbana scoring with 15 points. GOSSETT, Guard MAY, Forward PEACOCK, Forward The 194 8 Rosemary 95 ANDERSON, Guard LAUCHNER, Forward CARR, Forward The next week, in a thriller at the Decatur gym, the Reds scooted by the Urbana five in a double overtime, 44-42. After trailing through most of the game, the small Urbana five tied it up in the last l5 seconds. In the first overtime, May and Paul Hursey dropped in baskets to give Urbana a four point lead, only to see Decatur push in 2 them- selves and tie it up again. Then in the "sudden death" overtime, Decatur counted first and the Tigers lost a heartbreaker. Peacock and Lauchner shared scoring honors with l3 apiece. Three days later, the Tigers gained revenge for a former defeat. In the Urbana gym, the same Clinton five which had trounced the Tigers a week earlier, lost to Urbana in an overtime game, 39-37. The home team threw away a small lead in the last minutes of regular play, but managed to stay ahead in the extra period and thus chalk up their fifth victory. Lauchner and Peacock topped the scoring with ll and l0 points. Hoopeston was the next opponent for the Ur- bana team and the Cornjerkers won their thirteenth straight game by defeating the Tigers 39-36. Lauchner took the scoring honors with l2 points. In a game which was supposed to be close, the Champaign Maroons clipped the Tigers, 52-32. Rod Fletcher, who held Lauchner to l point while 96 scoring l8 himself, was ably assisted by his team- mates in the one-sided game. May, I-Iursey, and Peacock led Urbana scoring with 6 points apiece. After a week the Tigers took on the Mattoon Green Wave. However, the Bengals were drowned again as the lvlattooners ground out a 46-36 vic- tory. Eleven points by Lauchner and 8 by Pea- cock were high for the home team. In the return game at Urbana's gym, the Decatur Reds bounced the Tigers by a margin of ten points 40-30. Height was the difference between the two teams as the elongated Reds controlled both bank- boards. Por Urbana, Lauchner contributed ll points and Peacock IO. The Tigers lost their fifth straight game to the Cathedral Cyclones 43-42. After leading most of the game, the Bengals blew a 5 point lead in the fourth quarter while Cathedral was picking up an extra 6. Peacock and May were high scorers for the Tigers with lO and 9 points respectively. Urbana's next game was with an inspired West- ville five who provided the Bengal team with a 45-35 setback. The absence of Peacock, looking ahead to the Champaign game, and Westville's de- termination hurt the playing of the Tigers con- siderably. Carr and Lauchner shared scoring honors with 8 apiece. The 1948 Rosemary For the first time in 14 years, Urbana played Champaign in the Urbana gym, but even the new surroundings couldn't help as the Tigers lost again 48-39. ln a tight game, a lot closer than the score indicates, the Champaign height was the telling factor. Champaign did win, but they got a good scare. In the scoring column Lauchner had 21 points and Peacock 9. Finally, after 7 straight defeats, the Tigers got back on the winning trail by plastering Georgetown 55-39. ln one of those games when everything goes right, passing, shooting, and rebounding were all superb. Lauchner hit for 20 points followed by Jim Carr with 14. The Urbana winning streak was short-lived. however, when the Green Wave from Mattoon again downed the Tigers by a score of 57-33. The defeat can be explained in just 7 words: in one half, Urbana scored 4 points. Up until the fourth quar- ter the game was close, but in that fourth frame the Bengals scored 2 points to Mattoon's 20. Top scorers were Lauchner with 15 and Peacock with 8. ln the rubber match of the series, Clinton step- ped on the Urbana five to the tune of 51-40 in the Clinton gym. Speed, ball-handling, and shooting again plagued the Tigers, as the Maroons who took an early lead were never in danger. Peacock with 10 and Lauchner with 12 led Urbana scoring. Danville, Urbana's last Big 12 opponent, had a field day in the second half of a game in the Ur- HURSEY, Guard bana gym and took home a 72-49 victory over the Tigers. Behind only 2 points at the half, the Bengal defense fell apart to allow the visitors to score 39 points in only 16 minutes. Peacock and May sparked Urbana by scoring 16 and 13 points respectively. A highly touted West Aurora team just squeezed by a determined Urbana five, 45-36. After taking a big lead in the first half, the Aurorans saw their advantage gradually decrease until the final four minutes when they rallied to settle the margin. May and Peacock tied for high scoring honors with ll apiece. ln the final scheduled game of the season, the Tigers knocked off the Charleston Trojans 45-38. Again the Urbana quintet played fine ball as they fast broke and out-rebounded the home team, to bag their 7th victory. For the Tigers, Lauchner had 12 points, while Anderson and Cmossett had 8 apiece. Urbana entered the regional tournament at Pax- ton and defeated the Paxton live 57-50 in their first game. A nip and tuck battle all the way, the Tigers finally pulled ahead in the closing minutes. Lauchner collected 13, May ll. Two days later, the Urbana team was elimi- nated by the Onarga Military School 60-55. High scorers for the Tigers were Carr with 16 and May with 15. GOTSHALK, Guard The 19 4 8 Rosemary 97 ' we 1 get P t X , 1 Y -,N 7 v 5 1 is M . E Eadkelidaf F9 Basketball ballet! Bob Lauchner and two Paxton players do a pirouette while the ball hangs in mid-air. Well, shut my mouth! Dean Anderson and Jim Gossett each take a deep breath in the Rantoul I .944 14 ian 98 lt's minel The Rantoul team and Paul Hursey engage in a tug-of-war. lt ended in a jump ball. Unhand me, you villain! Players abandon hands-oft policy in Hoopeston game as Jake Peacock holds and is held while Bob Lauchner grabs the ball. The 1948 Rosemary h I Reaewe Gaew l Front row--D. Lincicome, B. Pritchard, B. Goddard, D. Busboom, L. Tabaka, J, Hinton, D. Crane, Back row-J. Wilkinson, W. Spracklen, J. Fitzgerald, F. Steggerda, C. Cloyd, D. Harshbarger, C. Wright, G. Mallock, Mr. Viseur. RESERVE BASKETBALL SCHEDULE The future champions of Urbana High started Urbana ,.....,.....,.,,..,. 26 Urbana ..,..,. ..,.... 3 6 Urbana ,...,. ,,,..., 4 O Urbana ....,. ,...... 3 5 Urbana ...,., ,...,.. 3 l Urbana ...,.. ,...,.. 4 3 Urbana ...,... ,...... 4 9 Urbana ...... ,....,. 3 5 Urbana .,...,. .,..... 4 7 Urbana ,,...,. .,.... 3 l Urbana ...,.. .,..... 3 2 Urbana ....... ,,...., 3 6 Urbana ....... .,..,,. 3 l Urbana ....,.. ....., 4 O Urbana ,.,.... .....,, 4 O Urbana ...,.., ,...,.. 3 5 Urbana .,.,... .,.,.,,... 4 3 Urbana .,.....,,,......,... 4l Won 10 The 1948 Rosemary Newman ...... ...,.,.,..., Rantoul ....., . ....... . Paxton ..... Danville ...... ..,..,.. Decatur ..,..,, . ......, . Clinton ..,.... ......,. Hoopeston ,,,........... Champaign Mattoon ,,.,.,.......,... Decatur ....... , ......, . Cathedral .,.. ..........,. Westville ....,...,......, Champaign.. ....,..... .. Georgetown Mattoon ....,,........,.. Clinton .,.,., . ....... . Danville ...,.. ......,, Charleston... .,..,,.. Lost 8. their basketball games at 6:30 P. M. on the cold wintry nights of December, January, and February. Even so, the reserve ball players packed the fans in to the Tiger gym just as well as the varsity boys. Sometimes even better games were displayed by the "Little Tigers" than by the big cats. The reserves had their ups and downs just like the varsity and any other team in the state, but they always played good ball against the tougher reserve teams, such as Champaign, Danville, Decatur. and Mattoon. Coach Woodrow Viseur molded together a tall, aggressive team that should capably aid the varsity next year. Showing Hne talent and determination were the following boys: Fred Steggerda, Gene Steffy, Chuck Cloyd, Harry Garrett, Lynn "Nit" Tabaka, Johnny Wilkinson, and Don Lincicome. Also displaying plenty of hustle were David Crane, George Nlalloch, Jim Fitzgerald, and Don Bus- boom, Steggerda was the high scorer for the season. The eighteen game schedule had few if any soft spots, and in several games the difference between victory and defeat was determined by less than three points. These potential victors promise a great future in basketball for U. H. S. 99 13 if alfa 18551155 Un 7!Le Mal The U, H. S. wrestlers completed a very successful season under ,H the efficient direction of Coach Bill Senn. The team won six dual Q5 meets, conquering Catlin twice, Pekin twice, and Danville twice: U13 however, they lost twice to Champaign, who seemed to be overly blessed with talent. The matmen also placed second in the Big 12 and Sectional meets, qualifying seven for the state. Throughout most of the season the team lined up for the referee's call of A'Wrestle" as follows: 103 Pounds-Benny King, junior, had a good season, winning every dual meet but two, and winning the Big 12 Championship at 1 95 pounds. 1 12 Pounds-Honorary Captain Jim Conerty, senior, held down this position throughout the season, displaying ine wrestling ability. He also qualified for the state. 120 Pounds-Deane Cramer, a junior, was perhaps the outstand- ing wrestler for the Tigers. He won the Big 12 Championship and DA went to the state. 1 127 Pounds-Jim "Monk" Empson, senior, didn't lose a dual meet, placed second in the Big 12, and was the only Tiger to go to the quarter finals of the state. 133 Pounds-dliote Backy and Tom Schrader, both seniors, both wrestled at this weight and took nothing from their opponents. 138 Pounds--Ray Foltz, only a sophomore, qualined for the state and took runnerup spot in the Big 12. 145 Pounds-Clyde "Hot" Martin, senior, led at this weight and pulled one of the upsets of the year in the section, defeating Paul Riggens of Champaign. 154 Pounds-Paul Werts, senior, was a top man at this weight throughout the Big 12. He was also sectional champ over Michaels of Cham- paign. 165 Pounds-Hadley Davis, senior, wrestled here and likewise gave a good account of himself. He placed third in the Big 12 and sectional contests. Heavyweight-Chuck Taylor ended four years as a wrestler by winning the Big 12 and going to the state. Row orvcf-Wiiikleiiiaiin, Austin, King, Williams. Row Iwo--lioltl, Martin, McDonough, Taylor, Clifford, Davis, Werts, Johnson, Schrader. Row three'-Ryan, Cramer, B. Backy, 17. Backy, McMunn, Weeks, Conerty, liinfrock, Mathews, Empson, Kehm, McHenry, Coach Senn. 100 l 1 The 19 4 8 Rosemary December l2 December 20 in 7lze Pool -Onarga Military Academy -Danville January 16-Bloomington January 23-Danville January 30-Bloomington February 21- February 27- Trier February 7-Peoria Central February 14-Big l2 at Peoria Central February 20-Peoria Central Onarga Military Academy 28-State Swimming Meet at New Judges and timers ready? Swimmers, take your mark! Go! At the crack of the pistol, a splash followed and four boys sailed through the water attempting to garner points for their team. The U. H. S. swimmers completed their second season under the direction of Coach Frank Crowell. The team didn't win a single meet, but this can be attributed somewhat to the fact that it faced teams that have been organized for many years. Since only one boy is lost through graduation, a few wins are expected for the swimmers next year. The Tigers faced four teams throughout the season - Onarga Military Academy, Danville, Bloomington, and Peoria Central. Several mem- bers of these teams competed in the state meet at Row one-Milum, Clinard, J. Linsley. New Trier, proving that the tankmen ran into stiff competition. The boys who carried the load this year were as follows: . 40 yard free style-Melvin Parsons and Everett Smith, who swam at this distance most of the season. 100 yard breast stroke--This event was by far the strong point of the team. Bob Clemons and Ken Emerson, co-captain elect for next year, could nearly always be counted on to gather eight points for the tankmen. These men placed third and fourth, respectively, in the Big 12. Clemons went to the state and was rated the 9th best breast- stroker in the state of Illinois. 200 yard free style-Walter Spracklen, a senior, and Jim Linsley, also co-captain for next year, held down this event for the Bengals. 100 yard back stroke-Jim Busey, who showed fine ability at this distance. 100 yard free style-Parsons and Smith repre- sented the Tigers here also. Relays--Rich Linsley, George Milum, and Bill Clinard performed here along with the previously mentioned swimmers. The tankmen will have men back for every event next year, with plenty of experience behind them. Watch those U. H. S. swimmers in the future. Row two-Townsend, Busey, Brunk, R, Linsley, Mr. Crowell, Smith, Spracklen, Emerson, Clemons, Parsons. The 19 4 8 Rosemary 103 Varsity Track Schedule April 2 April 10 April 13 April 16 April 21 April 23 April '50 Urbana Open Paris Relays Rantoul Georgetown Danville Mattoon Relays Urbana Relays May 7-District May 14 and 15-State May 22-Big 12-Peoria PAUL HURSEY, High Jump, Low Hurdles JAKE PEACOCK, Sho! Pu! JIM CARR, Pole Vault, Low Hurdles ' n 04 The 1948 Rosemary S C DICK GOTSHALK, Captain, 880-Yard Run, BOB LAUCHNER, 100-Yard Dash, 440-Yard Dash, 220-Yard Dash, 110-Yard Dash 220-Yard Dash, 440-Yard Dash CLIFF NUGENT JACK MAY, High Jump, Broad Jump 440-Yard Dash, 220-Yard Dash V, ,, I , , If C ' 4, Z' 'fi 3' K , if H is ,A 1 E C, a x J xf wif C The 1948 Rosemary 10 w 5 K MARION lIIBl.IiR, 1U0'Yur1!Dusl7, Zffj-Yt1l'LfDllS17 DEAN ANDERSON, Mile Run, 880-Yard Run 0a '7he Qaeen 601.11 TEAM: From row-Ryan, Stephens, Cain, Tabaka, lVIcMunn, Dawson, Parsons. Bach 1'oLL'-Wyman, French, Hadncld, Humcs, Arie, Daugherty, Williams, Mr. Crowcll. 106 The 1948 Rosemary Golf Schedule Apfll 9-D2111Vill-'2-Here April 28-Champaign-There May 14 and 15-State April 14-Champaign-Here May l-Danville-There May 22-Big l2-Peoria May 7 or 8-District ' '7fzeq Weed. '7fae 01zange'lZl" Like all the other forms of extra curricular activi- ties on the U. H. S,, the athletes of the ship also have their own individual organization. That group is the "U" club, the ultimate goal of all Tiger athletes. Membership in this club, whose only requirement is the winning of a major is the crowning achievement in inter-scholastic participation for Urbana boys. The purpose of the club is to promote better and cleaner athletics, closer fellowship, and a higher standard of health, plus aiding the coaching staff in any way possible. For its activities, the "U" club presents annually the "U" club dance when all new members are formally initiated. This year the dance was held May 8, at the Crystal Lake Ballroom. In addition to the dance, the HU" club sponsored the famous Urbana Relays, highlighted by the crowning of the Relay Queen, on April 30. Then, as a finale to the year's functions, the entire club was presented with an all day trip to Turkey Run State Park in Indiana, where a day of following trails and eating chicken was spent. For the last several years, the trip has been impossible because of prevailing con- ditions, but plans were made to resume the excur- sion this spring. Although an organization which does not meet too frequently, the "U" club is one of the finer groups on board and has taken a dennite place in Urbana High's activities. Coach Gene Armer was the club sponsor. . Front of U-King, Conerty, Lauchner, Coach Armer, May, Peacock, Werts, President ,.,,..,..., ...,. J ack May Gotshalk. Vice-President.. ........... Paul Werts ...,.Dick Ciotshalk Sec. - Treas ....... Left, outside-McDonough, Lincicome, Busey, Spracklen, Baker, Cook, Mar- tin, Mathews. Left, inside-Tanner, Emerson, Schrader, Lindsay, Snider, Foltz, Cramer. Right, inside-Carr, Davis, Taylor, Linsley, Kinney, Wilkinson, Anderson. Right, outside-Winters, Parsons, Clemons, Gossett, Gullette, Nugent, Pra- ther, Empson. New Members Thorlow Baker Jim Busey Bob Clemons Bill Cook Kenneth Emerson Jim Gossett Richard Gotshalk Benny King Joe Kinney Don Lincicome Charles Lindsay Jim Linsley Bill Mathews Tom McDonough Melvin Parsons Jake Peacock Joe Prather Tom Schrader Gene Snider Walter Spracklen Bob Tanner John Wilkinson Kendrick Winters Old Members Dean Anderson Jim Carr Jim Conerty Dean Cramer Hadley Davis Jim Empson Ray Foltz Dave Gullette Paul Hursey Bob Lauchner Clyde Martin Jack May Cliff Nugent John Steer Charles Taylor Paul Werts Dick Williams The I 9 4 8 Rosemary 107 MRS. DORA ESCORCIA 2"-lm'-I 2'6S55'QU-3 i-,r:Ors Z' O,-,"1,.,r: 4:4 ...H f-UQ-.:.aCl3 be .Jw-"vb, Exif:-Q-:-2':'J1'3-"fs rw ,.. .4 -,-, U5-3-f3::'J'-HDS P-'Ugg hh....DCD"D O,-17370:-5'UG:3O"-s4'U HQQ --,"1.-7-jc-51:2 :T 'A 225757 g'Os4 o."lCf'1w 'f gg 'X , In F-'Q-ofa! Cvefncfewia ff".-"1f1 'T-1 C 0 -'2- 5- Her:'L2.cjf+. Uf,,,,,Q,, :-:naw-4: P1-lfwj-HW CO-E"'1.'f.'.:"3 Qfongf' -mg 5-'S-'Q EEQS3 5f'30'w:. g0Qf+:.:. S9573 913' -. Qnggg OGKIEQUS-D S4 O- ""' .-."' ' F.-F? fi' 32 Tq 3-r :no U, of-+C' -' 13" rw O ra W '3r.:O,.',3" Ewa Q N4r:m-vs' O 03' smzo? Ei"f'3ZS?c2 cgobfi' 235350553 092291 Qmacie 2.5522 32322925 541:39 Q:1o.r.iHfs.w ea-fjilald ef aaa' rqlfzfeliavl MISS BEDE PIERCY Bartlett, Texas, and at Highland Park Junior High School in Dallas, where she became Mrs. Escorcia. "Tex," as she is affectionately known by all her students, has been a P. E. teacher at Urbana High for three years. We hope she will be with us many more. Miss Bede Piercy comes from Mt. Vernon, Illi- nois and is a graduate of Mt, Vernon High School. She attended Southern Illinois State Teachers Col- lege at Carbondale, Illinois, for two years and received her bachelor's degree in Education at the University of Illinois. Following her graduation she taught for three years at Mt. Vernon Junior G. A. A. INITIATION: Sitting-Taft, Treas., Cadwell, V. Pres., Wilson, Pres., Simpson, Sec., Amerman. Stcmcling-Saathoff, Miss Piercy, Mrs. Escorcia, Jackson. 5.1541 108 The 1948 Rosemary '7fze4e Jfaae an - - - Row or1eilVliss Piercy, Hindsley, Davis, Gordon, Cuskaden, Hanners, Adams, Holloway, Cline, Faber, Ankrum, P. Ed- wards, Kunza. Row two-Cadwell, Dunn, A. Bell, Gotshalk, Jasperson, A. Kimpel, E. Brown, Herzog, Carrington, Hill. I. Brown. Row three-B. Barnes, Bruner, Barlow, D. Edwards, Hall, Apperson, J. Good, N. Bean, Anderson, Grady, B. Brown, N. Brown, Frank. Row four-Bills, B. Good, Hinton, Divine, F. Jackson, P, Brown, Davidson, Carr, Amerman, Kelly, Green, Huck, Cook, Ewing. Row Hue-Gossard, Heater, Bishop, Lindstrom, Bailey, K. Bean, Hull, Huntington, Dalton, lvens, S. Barnes, Clark, Bell, Litherland, Beck. High School and at present she is working on her master's degree at the University of Illinois. Al- though this was Miss Piercy's first year at U. H. S., her sincere interest in her work and her winning personality have made her a favorite. The busy year of G, A. A. began with the an- nual Buddy Picnic held at Carle Park. At this time the old buddies furnished food for their new buddies. Relays, games, and singing provided fun for all the girls. Every member, old and new alike, looked for- ward to the initiation held in the fall. During the first part of the evening, the impressive initiation was held. Following this, the girls donned their jeans, and the fun began. The new members were blindfolded by the old members and led around the school, being made to go through all sorts of obstacles. The journey finally ended in the cafe- teria where food awaited. Following the Champaign-Urbana game the club sponsored the Punkin' Push, a couple-dance honoring the Champaign students. The fact that this affair was vice-versa gave some of the silent admirers around school a chance to meet the "man of their life." Several "special guests" livened the dancing, for it was surprising and amusing when ghosts, cats, and witches cut in on the couples. The music was on records and everything was very informal. Although G. A. A. had various social functions, The 1948 Rosemary its real aim was to promote athletic recreation through supervised sports. Almost any afternoon you could have seen many of the girls partaking in the after-school activities. When weather per- mitted, they were out-of-doors playing soccer, tennis, softball, or learning the ins and outs of archery. In the winter, or in case of bad weather. the girls had a variety of indoor games, such as basketball, badminton, ping-pong, or bowling at a nearby Halley." The tumblers showed their skill both for P. T. A. and for the Freshman- Sophomore Talent Assembly. Another popular ac- tivity was swimming. Again this year basketball and volleyball tournaments were held between the classes. Urbana participated in several play-days in Dan- ville, Georgetown, and at the University. The University play-day was exclusively for Urbana High, Champaign High, and University High. The events began at 9 a. m. at Bevier Hall, start- ing with basketball. At noon the group went to the Woman's Gym where they satisfied their worked-up appetites. A dessert banquet, which concluded the club activities for 1947-48, was held May 6 in the cafe- teria. At this time awards and pins were received by many of the members. As we review their busy year, it is not hard to understand why G. A. A. has become one of the largest and most popular of the organizations on board the U. H. S. 109 1 4 , 1 'H v-'Ar W al X a Row om'A-Mrs. llscorcia, Manke, Betty Wilson, Reuss, l.. Smith, Palmer, Poore, Willard, S. Prodan, M. Scott, W. Mie- bach, Row Iwo-Valentine, Wascher, Taylor, Saathofl, Weaver, Utterback, Murdock, Martin, Pratt, Sperry, Maier. Row three -fl. Maher, Phillips, Mitchem. Whalin, J. Miebach, M. Webber, Barbara Wilson, Mendel, Mautz. G. Saathoil, Orr, Roney, D. Maher. Row four-Mosier, I.. Wilson, Schrader, Neal, Pergrem, Towner, M. Smith, Silver, Reed, White, B. Webber, S. Valentine. Row five-Mattlin, Taft, Pollard, N. Wilson, Wilkinson, Waldron, Raaseh, Simpson, Waxler, Moorehead, C, Mc- Donough, B. McDonough, MeCrea. - - - Wfzife fjainli rqae Wan SLIP 'N' TRIP: Row one-Gotshalk, Maher, Paris, Cline. llwing, Holloway, N, Brown, Kunza, Ankrum, Herzog, li. Brown, B. Valentine, Willard, Row two-J. Miebach, Huntington, Mitchem, Gordon, Dunn, Apperson, J. Cuskatlen, l., Smith, B. Saathofl, Grady, Anderson, Silver, Davidson. Row three'-Lindslrom, Dalton, Manke, l.itherland, B. Hall, B. Brown, Sperry, Barbara Wilson, Kelly, Gladys Saathoff, Pergrem, Beck, Joan Good, Green. Row four-Bills, Wascher, P. Hinton, S. Valentine, Towner, B. Webber, Weaver, Huck, M. Webber, B. Bell, A. Bell, A. Kimpel, N. Bean, Maher. Row live -McGrea, M. Smith, D. Clark, C. McDonough, B. Barnes, N. Wilson, Ross, Mendel, Mautz, Adams, B, Good, P. Orr, Reed, illips. Ph ' r Q '- K- - -,limnfvyfq -in y ,, , ,K , :-. .. .... .. ,L I 10 The 19 4 8 Rosemary -.., -..... ,..G an- haha... .. Y - ,A TERRAPIN: Back of T-Taft, Kenney, Bills, Petty- john, N. Wilson, Matlock, White, Towner, Holloway. Front to back-Brown, B. Wilson, Gouchenour, Hinds- ley, M. Webber, B. Webber, Jackson, Cadwell, Pollard. Managead, '70a, Bicycling Manager S y....,::N:X Tennis Manager YVONNE GOUCHENOUR Jfaae .fad 70 la V SHIRLEY BARNES ,zg The 1948 Rosemary Gotsholk goes up for a high one in G. A. A. volleyball. Row one-Barlow, Palmer, Waxler, White. Row two-Webber, Gotshalk, Row three--Bell, Weaver, Gouchenour. 111 The Winners! Junior Girls Basketball Team In fron! CC'!7lL'I'--CilOlSl72llli LcflllJr'r'g1l7l-llCI'ZOg, P1lmer Wlmc Wmxlcr Brown Barlow Wirth, Phyllis Shows Them How fo Do It Kr7cc'l1'ng--Santhoff. Slundrnq lrll lo rrqht Webber W1llard Silver, Kenney, Rcvd, Weaver Smith The New Terrapin Members Display Their Tolentl?l Left to r1'ghliCadWell Wilson, Jackson, Holloway Gouchenour, Matlock,XVhi1c Bills, M. Vvfcbbcr, B. XVcb ber, Pettyjohn. 112 P. E. teachers A can play ping-pong, too! Mr. Armer and Miss Piercy Badminton and Ping-Pong Manager Phyllis Grady We fly through the air! Left Flying Angel4Cuskaden, Silver. Cenler-M, Webber, B. Webber, Right Flying Angel-Pabert, Louthan. And in the other corner we have- Mrs. Escorcia and Mr. Senn i L Y,wY, , ,,.,, ,,,, , The 1948 Rosemary 113 Horseback Riding Club Row om' Dyson, Marriott, lluntcr, Prmlan, Jnspcrson, Mothcrway, Appcrson, ll.1ll. Row Iwo M. Smith, Miclxs, l,1'l'S,. Clark, Mi-lloss llmnlx. Weber. Dusty, l:it7,gcr.tld. lflint, Jackson. l., Smith, Sec., Sa.1tliofl', Mrs. Martin, Absent when pic- ture was taken Barry Vlyman. au' 404 '7fze Our Reserve Cheerleaders Judy Miller Fayette Rush Jean Duncan Charlotte Barlow Row one-Mclvlunn, Ryan, Cramer, Williams, Hanson, Tenbrook. Spracklen, Backy, Moorehead, Akers. Row two-Tanner, Miller, Freeman, Clifford, Maddox, Barnes, Warren, Steffy, Fryer, Roughton, Bateman. 114 The 1948 Rosemary r' ' F - A I . v I I A Y ' 7 " V --Y A Q - A A ' T ' 0 0. FV H I: xn Y W i ' 7 - 9 'I A 'I L A , ,-. 155 1-v-L A -hui Qi- - 5.4- -Q., ,,11. Y ,.,-.1--n Q? ..1-""" Y ,-- -Q...,, ,- -his fi, , ' 4? fi- -Q.. ,- ,,...- -- -3 f A V' ' A, E -..vm , ' ' , Y Y -g ,nj V LA, ' A tuii, -13 ' A , 7 -.1 Y ' 'F' 'ii E li- W if 7 ' ' V 'N 51. - A ' A A A , - -' + ",A ,. , - f fl f A, f V Y--- lf :Jig A A gi 5 A 4, Y - A A .1 -in'-l "' ' -5- ' - f- ' iii' 77:12 ,A A, ' Til 'Abi ' " ' A gp " 'A AA - Y' ' Y ir' Y 'YY' H-, A T"'1"' - A Y A 19 -' V ' ' - ,Y Y A A - A :AA - iA .:,-AWA ' A , ' A ,fA- f Yi AA- 4-IAA L, ,, A A - -4 Q A -- 121' 14:1 A l , ll-f 'f'-'IE - ,Q !-Tfrv - fx, , '- '+ L Y 1 P, - li- 'Yi Y" A'f'g A, - f -- ' k '31 V gf Ji, A Y Y - Liga, Q- fl-' ffrwiqn if--1 A 7-V 1 V 4 -AV AW A, ... g, ,.., -- -,, ,.-5 V A, , -1 , iv A AAA A -' , ,YA A EC,-,5 -4'L- A - A f - A - - - AA , A A - L-Q' ,-, - - A 11 - , Y AJ- - A 4A A 1--A' L - -X.. : if ii at -"ff Q? - -A -5, f - , A-A AA-A AIA- :r At 27 A A A -A A AAAAAAA - AAA A A - 0-N i- 'P '5"'.f7A?L if 1 AA - A A AW A1 T f ' - A ... -T' V, A, f EA, A A A, L-.... "'-- WTQTE- j.-"si-7 - 5 J, ' l 2 ff Ji-rf, fi: v , J- Y - if ' 1 'II' , , bc, , , 4 -' . - ' , - f- FQ .: J.CFiRRING I ON ' if - f ' 1 ' l 1 'i - - , :WN :.L1 1? V, ,x , 31:1 'fit c ., QM 1, 11.1 1 ., 'F' 1 .,. 4 1 . H- 1 . 5,3051 . 1 .QT , . 1 . ,ff bu, 1. i' , . . ' Av . Q 11-'.fQ."' f, ' I, ' 5 ,Hx X gif' ,115 ' '11 .11 ,ff LW 41 . . 1 1, ,1 -V -.1 1.5.1, ' H+ 1 . . ff A ' 1-I' 1, ,f ,F-1 -- , I fx 4 1' 151 1-1.: , 'Ti' .-.11' : '5'4' - f , ,H . 'L ' '51 1- 1 '- H ,111 1 J' A , ,1., .WL ,A V Al ' . Q: KW'-., ' .11 1 . 3'-111J' . . H N A . Q .Vex , ,1 15 f M .. , W - , ' I .1 3. Az? . .3, ff' .W ., 11 Q 1 1.1 W. . iw .Mx T.. H .. wqf , we r. x 1 se, ' WMV Y' . in . - 1 1 v WE. 'Wi MMLCEWV' Jesse Prather, President M. C. Howfl, Vice-President 'f We,re for U When youare up, We,re for U When you're down We're backers of Urbana sportsg Welll help! U mow 'em down! U PTOWN TIGERS' CLU B URBANA, ILLINOIS Shug Martin, Secretary-Treasurer Witty .....,, Busy ....I.,. Friendly .,,........, Best Looking ,,..... Peppy .....,.,..I.. Sincere ..,... Quiet ....,tt. Intelligent ...... Neat ....t,,,..., Talented ....,,... Courteous ...... Athletic ,.,......,.,. Absent-minded .....,.. 4....... Happy .,.,........,.. Dependable .,...l.. The 1948 Rosemary Swim C' aaaajicdzana Boy ..,.....Bob Lauchner..,.... ,........DaVe Gulletteaa... Hadley Davis ..l, Jack May ,,...,,,.. .,......Clyde lVlartin....... ...,..,.Jack Tom McDonough .l.... Dick Gotshalk ..,... Keith Joachim ...... Bob Lauchner ,,.. ........Paul Hurseym... Bob Lauchner ..I,.. Kendric Winters... ...,....Paul Werts...,.... ........Dave Gullette....... Girl Jean Ann Carr .......Ann Simpson Alice lVlcReynolds .Bette Wilson .. . .lzzy Brown Edna Kirnpel Barbara Boyd . .Mary Bailey . .Shirley Douglas Jean Ann Carr Alice lVlcReynolds .. .Norma Wilson . . .Barbara Poor ........Pat Reuss and Joyce Utterback ..Nancy Wilson 115 CHAMPAIGN COUNTY SERVICE CO. .feacfd in QUALITY . . . SAVINGS EFFICIENT-ROUTE SYSTEM To Load Service See Your Salesman on the Blue and IVhite Truck LEON AY LWARD 512 EAST MAIN PHONE 7-2815 URBANA, ILLINOIS anim Glad ' Willard Powers 4... . S... . Boy Witty... ,,4, Busy ..,,L.S ..,.. B ill Clinard ,..,.. Friendly. .,... ..A,.., G ene Steffy... Best Looking ,.,.., l..,... W illard Powers .. Peppy .,,., ,4.,..,. ...,,. G e ne Snider ....,.... Sincere .,..., ...... J ohn Martin .i...,. Quiet. .,,.. Intelligent .,.rr. Neat.. . . Talented. .. . Courteous. . Athletic. . Absent-minded Happy . . Dependable 116 ..-John Martin....... . Dean Anderson i...,., . ...Jim Slayman ......Everett Smithn., .lim Slayman .... Dean Anderson.. Bob Bogan .. .. Gene Snider . Bill Clinard . Girl Ruth Huntington .......Elizabeth Palmer Louise Hinton ... .Jerry Miebach ..lVlary Gotshalk .. ...... Elinor Tipton . . .... Ruth Minyard ....Margery White ....,........Lois Reed .......Shirley Locke .......Shirley Locke .....Phyllis Brown Marijean Mitchem .Louise Hinton .. .Nancy Waxler The 1948 Rosemary il Refreshment headquarters 1 SINCE 1365 li CLOT H 1 N G J for if J u Q ye jg nume-E. New .Q Young Men Boys COMPARE - anywhere and y0u'll he aware of the desire to share. Unmatched in 11816 Miles Champaign 'Coca Cola Bottling Co., Inc. I 33-35-37 MAIN STREET CHAMPAIGN, ILL. Witty ,..... Busy ..,,.,e,.. Friendly .,.,.,,,4r.. Best Lookingn Peppy J JJ J J Sincere... J Quiet, J Intelligent .,.. J Neat ,J J JJ Talented ....... Courteous .,... Athletic i.,....,.i...i. Absent-minded ,... Happy, i,,i J Dependable ,..4...... The 1948 Rosemary Sopfaamafze efauificaliand Boy Bob Cravens John Vrinerr Jim Busey .... J Bob Lustigm, ,J Bob Lustig J Jim Buseya Bob Clemons J JJ Fred Steggerda J. J Dave I-Iarshbarger Bob Cravens ..... J John Morgan J JJ John Wilkinson ,,... J J Roger Page .t.,..,.... 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"Class, are you with me?" Class is still not with her. Jean Ann arrives at school. Jean Ann arrives in class. Empson gets his rhet assignment in class. Miss Dueringer, in homeroom, "Phyllis- be quiet!" Rosemary staff busy at work in 218. Elossy reading American Lit. Amo-amas-amat-snorrreeeee. French class is heard singing. CIS that what they're doing?j Starvation prevents concentration. A sophomore leaves biology class on a stretcher. half present. Dramatics class is only CBack stage filled with smoke.j Bell rings-back stage filled with cigarette butts--we alibi. fourth floor Girls rest after reaching Crhetl. "Mrs Seward, may I . . . F" HNOIM The 1948 Rosemary 2 : 2 3 3 3 3 3 5 5 6 6 7 7 7 8 8 9 10 10 ll 12 12 1 2 3 4 5 00 50 00 15 16 20 30 00 45 30 31 00 30 45 00 30 00 00 30 00 00 30 00 00 00 30 00 Mr. Peek, "I find that I was all wrong about the problem I explained all double class period yesterday, so . . . " Ninth hour P. E. girls busy bidding their bridge hands. Mrs. Schwabe kicks out No. 19 for the day. ful-lot" is still on the black list.j Students invade the L-Bo. Couples meet and talk UQ in the halls. The important school activities start. Annual meeting finally gets underway. Conscientious students get home. Mrs. B. sends the play cast home for a ten minute supper. Basketball boys get out of practice-six more towels missing. Sophomore girls leave the building. Warren calls up Pat. Edna is preparing to spend the whole evening studying-telephone rings. Edna at the show with Ed. Freshmen start studying. Sophomores start studying. U. I-I. S. athletes in bedC?j. CThat's what the rules say.j Juniors start studying. Izzy starts to write a rhet theme. Izzy nnishes her theme-and we know darn well she'll get an Warren finally hangs up. U. I-I. S. athletes in bed. QThis time for surej. Seniors start studying. Mr. Crowell finishes grading last month's exams. Joy finishes the sweater. Starts another. 'mlihe end of a perfect day," sighs Hadley as he sneaks in. Nancy Wilson starts to school from "way out there." 127 Compliments vf SEARS, ROEBUCK AND COMPANY "The Friendliest Store in Town" Phone 6-2534 Champaign, Illinois Best Wishes, Class of '48 South Side Service Grocery and Market CORNER RACE AND WASHINGTON Brownie's Shoe Repair 309 North Neil Street Champaign, Ill. ' 9 Your Favorite Store for AHl6flCll,S Finest Apparel Shoes Millinery Visit Our Record and Radio Shop in the Downstairs Store 7 Main St. Champaign 3015 Fremont St. Waste Materials Used Auto Parts Records : Accessories : Music BROWN BROS. Phone 2966 "When you think of good mn, ll think of 702 North Market Champaign LUIS TAYLOR" Congratulations! P- H- Sweafingell W- V- Slnilll SCHREIBER,S BOOK STORE S I N C L A I R MOH the C3mPl1S,' SMITTY'S SUPER SERVICE 711 South Wright Street 6-1226 211 East Green Strcel Champaign, Illinois You Need MAX STARK, C. L. U. 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CHAMPAIGN,S LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Meadow Gold Milk Butter Ice Cream Hudson Dairy Telephone 7-4094 Urbana, Ill. 0 The 1948 R Seniofz. 6 44. JH4 my Instead of being welcomed by a bright, clear, fall day, a thunder storm ushered us, the class of 1948, into U. H. S, The long hike up the front walk and the mountainous steps seemed even longer and more mountainous because of the wet, uncomfortable, dark, noisy day. Although our new cottons were limp and bedraggled, our hair straight and stringy, our spirits were high and our enthusiasm undaunted. We were different! After all, we were Cand arej the class of '48, and so naturally we were different. We didn't approach Urbana High School with trembling steps or hesitation. No, we just became that way after we'd been there a few hours and found out how really lost we were. That year we learned that even though every- body stood up when "On Urbana" was sung, "Orange and Black" was the true loyalty song. We learned all the cheers, and even in '44-'45 we gained the reputation of having pep and spirit. One of the first events of the year was class elec- tions. Our leaders elected that year were Nancy Wilson, president, Paul Hursey, vice president: Lyndall Arend, secretary: Bob Lauchner, treasurer: and Alice McReynolds, Rosemary representative. Soon afterward came the thrill of joining clubs. Because most of the clubs elect officers in the spring of the preceding year, we held only a few club offices. Two Phi Epsilon officers and one Girl Scout officer were from the freshman class. The other clubs were aware of our presence, though, for we worked hard on committees and voiced our opinions. We were active in band, chorus, the Echo-, the Rosemary, S. K., G. A. A., Student Council, language clubs, dramatics, home ec., Girl Scouts, Ex Libris, and athletics. Our studies, including algebra, Latin, French, ancient history, P. E., English, and others, kept us busy. Our studying was not in vain, for twenty- Hve of us were initiated into Alpha, freshman honorary. The pep assemblies which accompanied sports events were a new and thrilling experience for us. We held our own in these assemblies, too. Chuck Taylor was right tackle on the varsity football squad and received a major letter. We made a good showing on the reserve and freshman-sophomore teams. Right along with the team was the band, the baton-twirlers, and the court of honor, which performed before the games and between halves. Shy Pollard twirled for us, and Nancy Wilson, The 194 8 Rosemary Edna Kimpel, and Bette Wilson were elected to represent us on the Big Twelve Court of Honor. The next sport to come along, Cas it does every yearj, was basketball. Doc Kelley gained a varsity squad position, Again we were well-represented on the reserve teams. Five of our boys made the wrestling squad, and Chuck Taylor received a U. The track squad was enlarged by thirteen of us. We were honored to have Edna Kimpel a memba' of the Relay Court. Thus our freshman year we'll never forget. We established ourselves from the very beginning as a peppy, active class, and grew to love good old U. H. S. At the end of this year we were sad to see one whole year of high school gone, but we were, at the same time looking forward to next year as sophomores. Having never really considered ourselves as in- conspicuous and unimportant freshmen, we again entered U. H. S, in l945, this time as sophomores -still owning the school, or so we thought. Later we found out that we owned just half, the other half belonging to the faculty and Mr. Hadden. But we voted the following fellow students to help Mr. Hadden run Urbana High-Barbara Walker, president, Edna Kimpel, vice-presidentg Bette Wil- son, secretary: Pat Reuss, treasurer, and Jean Ann Carr, Rosemary representative. Our class was prominently active in most all organizations, including the Latin and the Spanish clubs, over which two of our own classmates pre- sided, the French and German clubs, Student Coun- cil, S. K., G. A. A., in which we had some sport managers, band, F. H. A., Girl Scouts, Library Club, U-club ffour membersj, and the two school publications, The Echo and The Rosemary. Our class boasted of several officers and leaders in their groups. ln the baton-twirling group, all were sophomores except three. We also had several members in Delta Sigma, and even a few in Thes- pians, as a result of another successful Freshman- Sophomore Dramatics Night. Yes, our sophomore year was an exciting and happy one, to both boys and girls, because the Tiger's Den was opened, and to the girls especially because Mr. Armer was added to the faculty. fMr. Senn hadn't come as yetlj It was this year that our sophomore girls instigated the famous fad of wearing the big-big-hair bows. This fad lasted for two months, then quickly faded away. We were first accused of wearing hats to school, and then Miss Harmison wondered if we were going to fly off the speech platform! 131 The Store Where the Wise Economize G O U L D S 20-22 MAIN STREET CHAMPAIGN, ILL. TEPPER'S General Hardware and Paints Phone 7-1602 119 WEST MAIN URBANA, ILLINOIS FIRESTONE STORES BATTERIES . . . SPARK PLUGS . . . TIRES GUARANTEED BRAKE SERVICE AUTO SUPPLIES Phono 7-4645 Reachfor PURITY BREAD 303 West Main Urbana, Illinois MONA'S Compliments of BLUM'S Everything in Really-to-Wellr for the Mother and Daughter "Because you love nice clothesi' 132 West Main Tel. 7-3701 Urbana, Illinois 124426 N- Neil Street Champaign, Illinois SENIOR CLASS HISTORY lContinuedl We stuffed the ballot box-with the result that Alice McReynolds was elected as queen of the Ur- bana Relays. Among our own classmates, Norma Mosier, Ann Simpson, and Flossy Cadwell were chosen to represent us as Streator, Decatur, and Mattoon on the Big Twelve Court of Honor. Still another honor bestowed upon a fellow "forty- eighter" was that of Most Valuable Football Player, which was presented to Chuck Taylor. Even though we were unoflicially voted as the peppiest class in school and were well-known for our devilish ways, we managed to claim a few intellects, twenty-three in number, that were elected into Lambda, the sophomore scholastic honorary society, At the close of our second year in U. I-l. S., A'Pop" I-Iadden had resigned as principal, and we 132 left the underclass status to become, finally Cbut how did we ever do it?j juniors. A new principal, Mr. Howd, had been added to the school when we came back as juniors. Being upperclassmen, we now expected to initiate those poor little freshmen and sophomores. However, Mr. Howd cracked down and didn't allow us to have our fun. When election day rolled around, we chose the following leaders for our class: Marilyn Hindsley, president, Jean Ann Carr, vice-president, Edna Kimpel, secretaryg Bob Lauchner, treasurer, and Shirley Douglas, Rosemary representative. Our class played a prominent part in nearly all the clubs and activities. Some of the members of our illustrious class were leaders in our two school publications, The Echo and The Rosemary, In The 1948 Rosemary Compliments of White Line Laundry Telephone 4206 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY lCont-inuedl dramatics, after overcoming stage fright and last- minute learning of lines, we presented as our an- nual junior play, "The Big Blowupf' Its success was due to fine acting on the part of everyone, but especially to that of Jean Ann Carr, Beth Ivens, Don Weber, and Pete Pelafos. On the athletic field, our class had the best leaders, Cur teams were led by "Doc" Kelley, who was voted as the outstanding athlete of the year, Bob Lauchner, Jack May, Paul Werts, and Chuck Taylor. In the scholastic field, we could boast of twenty- three members Conly five boysj on Psi, the Junior honorary. Again this year we managed to have representa- tives on the Relay Court in the spring-Marilyn Hindsley, Bette Wilson, and Shirley Douglas. Many memories of our junior year fill our minds, memories of the Court of Honor members, Edna Kimpel, Joyce Utterback, and Barbara Hull, of Senator Claghorn's Jokes, and of the omni- present Kilroy. As an annual gesturt to our depart- ing senior class, we presented the best Prom ever given. Although we had many pleasant days and interesting additions to our school during this junior year, we were all glad when summer vaca- tion relieved us of our burdensome school duties. At last! Our final year was here. After three years of waiting and wishing, we could proudly, and loudly, acclaim ourselves as seniors. From our many prominent politicians we chose the following tive to lead us in our senior year: Hadley Davis, president: Jean Ann Carr, vice-president: 'Shy Pollard, secretary, Joyce Utterback, treasurer, and Nedra Amerman, Rosemary representative. From our royal personages came several queens and a king. Ann Simpson was Rosemary Queen, and Bette Wilson was Urbana's Tri-Hi Queen. Alice Mc- Reynolds and Jack May reigned over the Valen- tine's Dance, Representing the seniors on the Court-of-Honor were Alice McReynolds, Pat Reuss, and Izzy Brown. Although school was fifty minutes longer this year, this didn't reduce our enjoyment of it. Rhetoric students quickly learned that the Terrible The 1948 Rosemary Tower was misnamed. Stagecraft and dramatic classes made seventh and eighth periods a pleasure, and even American history had its brighter mo- ments, Trig students eventually mastered loga- rithms and angular functions, while chemistry students were ever noted for their diligence in studying. We grew amazingly healthy under the guidance of second-semester health classes, and certainly our fair maidens were astonishing in their grace and poise acquired from modern dancing class. In spite of our good times in classes, and our heckling of the practice teachers, twenty-one seniors joined Alpha Psi Omega. As leaders of Urbana High School we capably and enthusiastically participated in activities and athletics. Although our boys starred in all sports, we were especially proud of our five senior wrestlers who went to state. Captaining our teams were Bob Lauchner, football, Jake Peacock, basketball: and Jim Conerty, wrestling. We worked hard on publications, dramatic productions, dances, and assemblies. Surely everyone will agree that our efforts were not in vain. Selected from our class to be on the Relay Court were Marilyn Hindsley, Plossy Cadwell, and Bette Wilson. Things new and different marked our senior year. Several new teachers, a new class schedule, and a number of new activities were initiated to U. H. S. A minor revolution took place in fashions. A sizable part of the fairer sex lengthened their skirts. But with our boys, blue jeans and loud shirts as usual, if you please! One memorable occurrence of l948 was the burning of the Plat- iron Building: as a consequence the Tiger's Den was moved to the high-school gym. Although we have been as happy and peppy this last year as usual, we become a bit more seri- ous as graduation approaches. We realize that our care-free high school days are almost over, yet we know that we take with us a wealth of mem- ories that will last for a long time. We hope that U. H. S. will not soon forget us. At any rate, we of the class of '48 shall always remember Urbana High. 133 Swim 616.44 We, the class of 1948 of Urbana High, being of sound and disposing mind and memory, do make, publish, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament. Kendric Winters wills his share of the smoke in the L-Bo Room to the government to be used for camouflage purposes. Keith Joachim leaves a 'Acooty" to Miss Mc- Clurg, but only if she promises to subscribe to a mail order course in drum lessons. Fote Backy leaves his curly hair to E. G. Stevens who-never mind. Nathan Wallick wills his moustache to any underclass boy who likes to dust his suds before imbibing. Ed Ward leaves his bevy of girls to Pierce Ketchum. Good luck, Pierce. Evelyn Barnes leaves her engagement ring to all underclass girl hopefuls. Harriet Louthan leaves the library to hand out its own detentions, curse it! Barb Walker leaves her ability to hit home runs in P. E. to Emmy Brown, the Freshman Whiz Kid. Dick Williams leaves a locker full of empty bottles to the cafeteria. which can use the deposit. Don Weber leaves Lea Goodwine. Heartbreak- ing, isn't it? Helen Warner leaves her quiet ways to Mrs. Schwabe. Silence reigns. Janelle Bischoff wills her dramatic ability to all those tardy students who try to put on an act for Mr. Howd every morning. Bobbie Williamson leaves a year late, but we all enjoyed his extended company. Lora Mae James leaves with ideas in her head about a certain fella. Nancy Wilson leaves her long skirts to be used for equipping next year's basketball team with new sweat jackets. Jean Ann Carr leaves-still in search of Alan Ladd. Jim Conerty leaves his wrestling ability to Mae Kelly. Hadley Davis leaves his boastfulness and burli- ness to Jeff Austin. Joan Dickman leaves her quiet ways to Sue Wimer. Shirley Douglas leaves her Richard Hudnut Egg Shampoo to the health classes. Betty and Lorraine Dyson leave still trying to convince teachers they are related. Jim Feely leaves his bouncing dance step to Don Beedle. CNot that he needs itYJ Bob Finfrock leaves his new chemistry experi- ments to Mr. Peek. Glenna Freeman leaves her friendliness to Bar- bara Miles. Charles Gordon leaves his manly physique to Ken Blanton, his twin. Dick Gotshalk leaves his musical talent to all the unfortunates. 134 Marion Green leaves still discussing the Hner points of lathing. Phyllis Kenney leaves her tall tales and rattling tongue to M. J. Mitchem. Morgan Graham leaves? Gay Frederick leaves his square dancing ability to anyone interested. Don Flaningam leaves for Hollywood. Jim Gossett leaves his beautiful black Chrysler to Miss Nelson, whose car is in the junk yard. Joyce Utterback leaves to throw another of her many parties. Barbara Boyd wills her polished voice to Nancy Bruner. 'Alzzy" Brown wills her "peppy" personality to Diane Reagan. She also leaves two years ahead of Dave. Jocelyn Brown leaves-still as short as ever. Flossy Cadwell leaves her knowledge of every- one's business to "Shug" Locke, who never knows the gossip. Jim Conley and Melvin Gulley leave in Melvin's "rattletrap." "Skippy" Grady leaves-much to Mrs. Escor- cia's delight. George Hursey just barely leaves. Joy Mowry wills her ability "to make every move count" to anyone that wants it. Bob Burnett leaves in his red convertible. Jack Opolka leaves Joan Willard to the U. H. S. wolves. Louise Larson and Mildred Wilson leave their quiet ways to Betty Mathews. Juanita Cochrun Anderson leaves to be with her husband. Ed Bateman leaves his bass viol to the U. H. S. band. Jim Bales wills his cute grin to Jim Slayman, who already has one of his own. The senior girls leave, taking the senior boys with them. Hope the sophomore girls don't mind. Norma Wilson wills her athletic ability to her sister, Maxine. Kay Bean leaves her peanuts to all the future monkeys at U. H. S. Charlotte Goddard leaves-still as quiet as ever. J. C. Peacock wills his friendly manner to all the Uunfriendliesf' Bill Cook leaves still thinking he is related to Joyce Utterback. Chester Sanford leaves-too bad for the fresh- man and sophomore girls. Jim Sanford leaves his shy manners around girls to Dave Daugherty. Tom Schrader leaves his place as electrician for assemblies and games to the first applicant. CDon't all rush at oncelj Paul Scott wills his work in the cafeteria to Bob Bogan. Bill Scott leaves-he did? Roy Shelmadine wills his skipping excuses to any future paper drives. The 1948 Rosemary Phone Compliments STEER FOR GOOD FOODS 7-1800 of V Champaign-Urbana Steer's Grocery MCGMIY CO' 121 SOUTH RACE STREET WE DELIVER Congratulations, Seniors' Comlllimenls of HarIan's Market URBANA'S MOST COMPLETE LUKERaS BAKERY NEIGHBORHOOD FOOD MARKET 114 West Main Street Ufbanaa Illinois 7-4059 8075 East Green WELCOME TO OUR RESTAURANT H. SZ H. CASIVLCARRY QYour Downtown I. G. A. Storej QUALITY RESTAURANT . . . COMPLETE FOOD MARKET Champaign, Illinois 108 W. Main Street, Urbana Supreme Qualify C0'U'fe0U-9 Service Harry Morris-Props.-Harold Short Phone 73414 GUY W. STANNER CARSON'S GROCERY Fielflseeds Earl Carson Frozen Foods and Meats Washington and Hickory Street 703 South Race Urbana, Illinois Phone 2142 Champaign, Illinois N E W M A N 9 S Compliments of F"S"i"" Gem' FLOYD W. LOCKE, Realtor CLocke and Sonj Real Estate . . . Insurance Smart Apparel Women, Misses, and Junim-5 1112 W. GREEN STREET URBANA, ILL. The 1948 Rosemary 135 SENIOR CLASS WILL fContinuedl Ann Simpson wills her beautiful natural blond hair to all the "bleachers" at U. H. S. Betty Taft leaves still in wild pursuit of Joe. Arlen Tepper leaves his mathematical brains to Mr. Peek to aid him. Joe Kinney wills his plaid shirts Copen at the neck, that isj to Don Lincicome. CThey help, Donj Joanne Shroyer leaves her expressive mannerisms to Mrs. Hamilton. Marguerite White leaves her polished manners to Joyce Cuskaden for future use. Bob Tanner leaves his beautiful trombone play- ing to John Morgan. Dave Ciullette leaves his method of explaining a car coming to a stop to Jim-Carr, of course! Bob Howser leaves still afraid of Eileen Kunza. Barb Hull leaves her purple coat to Mrs. Seward. Dave Hutton leaves "Skippy's Pool Hall" to Mr. McNevin. CIt's lots of fun after you learn howlj Joan Marriott leaves to apply the things she learned in Home Ec. Clyde Martin leaves his husky voice to Victor Stavroulakis. Jack May takes his trail of admirers with him. Alice McReynolds leaves her sweetness and sin- cerity to any freshman who needs them. Chuck Miller leaves his barber shears to Kenneth Emerson with instructions how to use. Jeanne Murdock leaves her song 'iTwo-timing Woman" to anyone who can get away with it. Tom McDonough leaves his quietness to Bar- bara Barnes. Walt Spracklen leaves to take over the Spracklen Radio Service. Barb Poor leaves her "smoker's hack" and lazy ways to Mona Huntington. Paul Hursey leaves his track prowess to his little brother. Eileen Kunza leaves a year ahead of time. Edna Kimpel leaves her flirtatious eyes to Caro- lyn Mock, who seems to be in need of them. Dolores Hadfield and Pat Lewis leave as future sisters-in-law. Lois Murrah leaves taking all the stories told in P. E. of her aches and ills-we hope! Don Babbs leaves on his motorcycle, finally! Jean Jackson leaves her modern ways to future brave souls of U. H. S. Betty McCartney leaves her attendance record to anybody who can break it. Lucille Saathoff leaves the piano in chorus to anyone who can stand it. Hazel Sadler leaves her nook at the L-Bo Room. Bob Lauchner leaves Barbara Webber to some other left-handed blond. John Dilley leaves his ambitious manner to Cal- vin Peacock. Glen McLaughlin leaves his studious habits to Dick Slade. Shy Pollard leaves just a few steps ahead of Jeanne Murdock. 136 Pat Reuss leaves her ingenuity to Janice Dyer. Nedra Amerman leaves her ability to laugh while driving a car filled with 48'ers to anyone able to undertake the ordeal. Mickey Hindsley leaves her duties as Editor of the Rosemary to anyone who can handle the job. Barbara Phillips leaves in a hurry to get away from John Dilley's caresses. June Puckett wills her reducing machine to Bar- bara Winkler. Ered Smith leaves the curbs, surprisingly enough, to Deane Cramer. Beth Ivens can't leave without further Hpolish- ing the apple." Norma Mosier wills her Hnosey ability" to Mary Lois Whalin, who is running a close second. Mary Bailey wills her scholastic achievements to all U. H. S. athletes. Barbara Winklepleck leaves still in a daze over Don Babbs! ll Pete Pelafos leaves to fulfill his dreams of mak- ing John's i'White and Gold" into a nightclub. Rosa Boyd leaves her stature to June Maher. Joan Carrington leaves her hesitating speech to Jay Larson. Maybe it will slow him down. Nancy Brown leaves to join the "Lonely Hearts Club." To Miss Bullock we will every happiness in the world. Bette Wilson wills her trusty little dirt shovel to Barbara Eskew. Paul Werts wills his handy little red truck to Mrs. Bradshaw. Jim Empson leaves his wisecracks to add to those in the gym floor. Joan Pidcock leaves square dancing to all U. H. S. hicks. P. S. That's her opinion. Jeannine Roney wills her neatness to Jean Duncan. Bob Price leaves to become the world's heavy- weight wrestler. Kitty and Iona McIntyre leave their record "There's Dew on the Blue Cirass Tonight" to future Hillbillies. Patsy Towner wills her daring love letters to Joan Starkey. Joyce Marriott leaves to take over the farm. The class leaves taking their many happy memories and good times with them, Now, we, still being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare this document to be our last will and testament, in the year of our Lord, 1948. Signed! Sealed! Wz'tnessed! PHYLLIS GRADY, Chairman Bots LAUCHNER BARBARA HULL KAY BEAN JEAN JACKSON SHIRLEY DOUGLAS JOYCE UTTERBACK The 1948 Rosemary RALPH I-IALBERSTADT gdwzif FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Corsages, Cut Flowers, Plants Phone 7-4335 109 West Elm Street Urbana, Illinois Brush Flower Shop 126 West Main Street Urbana, Illinois BOGGS 81 COGDAL Insurance . . . Real Estate L1-1 122 SOUTH RACE STREET URBANA, ILLINOIS Burton 6' Trelease REAL ESTATE . . g TRAVEL SERVICE GEORGE BARSCH Fine Flowers INSURANCE Phone 4236 113 W. University, Champaign Phone 6-1663 BAKEIS MARATHON SERVICE Wright Street just south of Green Champaign, Illinois Race and Green Urbana, Illinois The 1948 Rosemary 137 BURT-ROVELSTAD COMPANY 03- 4414 RCS' 73495 Real Estate . . . Insurance 117 SOUTH RACE STREET URRANA, ILLINOIS 7 Compliments of THE COFFEE SHOP -l622 209 W1'sl Main Street 2 ARTHUR D. BRUNK Associate Representative Equitable Life Insurance of Iowa NORTH NEIL CHAMPAIGN Compliments of G. A. BAKER COMPANY III Yvest Church, Champaign BUD IIlI,L"S GROCERIES AND MEAT MARKET Fu nry' Fa IH ily ll roreries Phone 6-l0l5 IO4 N. Sixth Street HUNTER LUMBER CO. Urbana, Illinois Phone 7-41077 Phono 7-5355 MeCLAIN SEWING MACHINE CO. SEWING MACHINES, ATTACHMENTS AND SUPPLIES Button Holes, Hemstilching, Buckles and Belts 207 W. Main Street Urbana, Illinois Noonon's Bakery 908 East Main PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE Take A Complete Business Course iati Illinois Commercial College COn the Campusj Phone 7-4966 313 E. Green Street Champaign 138 The 19 4 8 Rosemary BOYD'S GARDEN 'cThe Home Flower Shopv mm. Wlhen in need of flowers, remember we are only as far away as your telephone, but out of the high rent district. Congratulations to the Class of '48 And Best Wishes for Your Successful Future MOONEY COAL CO. Compliments Of ILLINOIS WATER SERVICE COMPANY NOGLE AND BLACK flncorporatedj Fuel Dealers Since 1906 Distributors for STOKERS AND WARM AIR HEATING When you need lumber, 'phone the lumber number- P H O N E 7-1000 Fred A. Smith Lumber Co. 395 North Race Street Urbana CARMON'S DRIVE-IN Tops in Food 415 NORTH NEIL DON HAYES APPLIANCE STORE NATIONALLY KNOWN MAKES Sales with Service EQUIPMENT Phone 6-2523 W14182 321 North Neil Champaign 702 North Neil Champaign, Illinois The 1948 Rosemary 139 CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORS! OUR BEST WISHES GO WITH YOU llHAlVlPAlGN'S LARGEST DEPAR'I'lVlEN'l' STORE PATRONS' PAGE COLLEGIATE CAP AND GOWN CO. PENNEY CO., J. C. 1002 North Market Street 115 West Main Street Champaign, Illinois Urbana, Illinois EISNER GROCERY COMPANY PETTIBON, HARRY 134 West Main Street CULICK, GUY O. Urbana, Illinois 305 South Randolph Champaign, Illinois STIPES, R. A., JR. 40 The 1948 R lj Use Ward's Payment Plan . . . Accounts opened for as little as 311100. C 0 M P L E T E DEPARTMENT STORE MONTGOMERY WARD 6' CO. Urbana, Illinois J. M. BEAN GE Appliances Construction Repairs 24-HOUR SERVICE 103 West Main Urbana, Illinois Best Wishes CHAMPAIGN JUNK COMPANY Congratulations, Seniors! McClellan Electric Store 124 West Main Street Urbana, Illinois Dillavou Brothers OLIVER . . . Farm Machinery . . . CASE G. M. C. TRUCKS WESTINGHOUSE PURINA CHOWS And now for a kind epitaph To the '48 Rosemary staff- May you rest in peace With the yearbook's release And remember your work with a laugh. The 1948 Rosemary 141 Q G44 fjaapfzecq As we travel around the country from city to city in 1968, we finally land in New York. Here we find many old friends and schoolmates from the class of '48. We'll start off with Jean Ann Carr. We heard she has her own band which goes by the name of Rusty Carr's Rolling Rhythm Band. When she's a little short of players, she fills in by plaving two or three instruments at the same time. Df course, the trombone is her best! The champion heavyweight wrestler of the world is none other than Jim Conerty, who wrestles at 297 lbs. Hadley Davis has finally made a name for him- self in athletics. He is with the Bloomer Girls' Football Team and is the star water-boy. We happened to run into Joan Dickman and had a nice chat. She seems to be enjoying married life very much. ln a recent magazine I learned that Shirlev Douglas was just voted the best-dressed woman of l968. While in the Stork Club one day we noticed two cigarette girls who looked very familiar. They were none other than l.orraine Dyson and Char- lotte Goddard. lnstead of cigarettes though, they were selling candy bars and bubble gum. Jim Empson, we are told, is kept quite busv making trips with the Rick-a-Shick-a-Boom Girls' Basketball Team. His cheerleading seems to cause his team to win. Prominent in the news are Jim Feely, Morgan Graham, and Don Flaningam, who are building a rocket ship for their trip to the moon. We were very sad to hear of the death of our good friend. Bob Finfrock. He thought he had cured his color-blindness by a new pair of glasses that enabled him to tell green from blue. But in- stead, they made red appear green, and in the busy downtown section of New York, that spelled disaster for good old Bob. It was recently announced that our famous chemist, Glenna Freeman, has won the Nobel Prize for discovering a spongeless sponge cake. We just happened to run into Charles Gordon, coming out of the headquarters of the N. Y. Phil- harmonic Orchestra. He did such a good iob as property manager of U. H. S.'s band that he moved on to something bigger and better. He now turns the pages for the conductor. While walking down a lonely street we were surprised by a junk dealer who came riding by in his dilapidated wagon drawn by an old horse. It was Dick Gotshalk. The New Yorkers all seem to be talking about the outstanding research being carried on at Yale under the direction of the distinguished Prof. Marion Green. On a billboard we noticed that a water ballet was performing at Madison Square Gardens. 142 Imagine our surprise when we saw that Phyllis Kenney was the show's chief clown. We heard that Norma Wilson had a very seri- ous accident and is expected to be in the hospital for six months. It seems that her pep never left her, and since high school she has been attempting one daring feat after another. She has been known to ride a motorcycle at 60 M.P.H. while standing on her head and also to be the only woman to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. But her luck ran out one day when she was walking down the street and slipped on a banana peel. Gay Frederick has won the title of Champion Square Dancer of the U. S. and is now in Europe defending his title. The New York girls are all talking about that suave man-about-town Jim Gossett, who dis- covered oil on land he won in a crap game. Clyde Martin is now the officer in charge of polishing the sliding pole at the city fire depart- ment. The job was his punishment for causing a false ire alarm. You see he's still wearing red shirts with his red hair. Since Gregory Peck found a grey hair in his head, the movie scouts in New York found only one logical substitute to fit the requirements, This was of course-you guessed it-Jack May. Anybody know him??? A new system of cleaning streets has been started in New York. The inventor is Alice McReynolds. She is sweeping Broadway with her eyelashes. Jeanne Murdock has taken Mr. Anthony's place in the love life world. It seems she has some per- sonal incidents that she tells her clients about. Rhetoric will never be the same, mainly because Tom McDonough is teaching it in high school. The students always like him to read his own com- positions. They find them to be so serious. Or is it Tom that is serious? Barbara Poor has finally advanced to the posi- tion of chief matron at the 'Slap Her Down Again" children's home, ln her spare time, Barbara has a part time job on stage as Peaches LaRue. Paul Hursey is head surgeon at the "Will He llgigfef' goat hospital. He operates on all the little 1 s. Spike Jones has now turned his so-called band over to Edna Kimpel and she has a permanent job at Carnegie Hall. Her Laughing Man is Eileen Kunza. What a gruesome twosomei Dolores Hadfield has broken through the Iron Curtain. She is in New York drawing posters for the Red Cross to send to Russia. Lois Murrah's life is complete. She and Jim Roney are happily married in New York. Don Babbs has won the Marathon races twice now. As you know, this is a walking race. His motorcycle acquired rheumatism in its old age, and when Babbs priced new ones he decided a pair of shoes would be cheaper. He had a little money left fContinued on page l44j The 1948 Rosemary We wish to congratulate you, the Senior Class of 1948, upon your completing a course. We wish you success in other undertakings. URBANA- LINCOLN HOTEL PHUNE 75226 CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATES Urbana-Lincoln Ga rag e R. J. Powers, Proprietor GOOD CITIZENS MAKE GOOD CITIES REPAIRING STORAGE : WASHING : LUBRICATION EXIDE BATTERIES URBANA ASSOCIATION 110 W. Green Street Urbana, Illinois OF COMMERCE The 1948 Rosemary 14 CLASS PROPHECY fConfinuedl fContinued from page 1425 over after paying Mr. Crowell for his current events paper. Jean Jackson has a thriving business, a bridge- teaching school. All students are severely punished when they do not bid on a one-card suit. Joan Marriott is president of the National P. H. A. She attained this title mainly because she invented a lunch capsule containing all vitamins and minerals needed to live. A large radio shop in New York has a very in- teresting method of advertising. Their model, Walter Spracklen, holds the radios up in front of his face while the photographer snaps the picture. Those radios sure do something for Walter. Advancing from U. H. S. Chorus, Lucille Saathoof is now playing the piano for the Zieg- feld Chorus girls with Par Lewis turning pages between numbers. Betty McCarthey is kept quite busy lately as traffic cop at a busy intersection in Time's Square. Joyce Marriott is advertising Pepsodent Tooth Paste for Bob Hope. Miriam retired. Janelle Bischoff is on Broadway, still taking men's parts in big productions. Kay Bean has opened a record shop. Since Petrillo stopped record-making she is selling her own as second hand. She has the largest collection for sale in the U. S. The opera world has enjoyed and will always enjoy the singing of Barbara Boyd. Look where she got her start! Rose Marie Boyd is operating the Magic Curl Beauty Shop for men. Now we know where all those boys get curly hair. Isabel Brown has lived up to her predictions of being an old maid. She is president of the Royal Order of American Spinsters. Cf course, Dave Harshbarger was voted their ideal man. Jocelyn Brown was recently voted the smartest little lady in America. Plossy Cadwell was last seen at tht White House telling the President what to do. Jim Conley is running a used car lot with Jim Bales. Their specialty is old l948 Buick con- vertibles that they guarantee will run at least two years more. Joan Carrington has won the highest praise in a New York art contest for her painting entitled "The Race-Street Prison." She drew this sketch while in U. H. S. The winning team in the nation wide football league was "Tom and his Ten Trojans." These of course all belong to Skippy Grady. She always said she'd have a winning football team. and raising them herself was the easiest way. Melvin Gulley has invented a car-washing ma- chine. Anything to get out of a little workf George Hursey is star singer in a New York night club. It seems he really sends those gals, but the trouble is they never come back. Joy Mowry has written a sequel to Dale Car- negie's book. "How to Win Friends and Influence 144 People." She calls her book, "How to Make Friends and Influence Men!" Bob Burnett and Ed Bateman finally ended up as hen-pecked husbands. Nancy Brown inherited a 2ll acre farm near New York. Of course, she needed someone as a hired man so Paul Werts offered his services. We're sure he's getting a lot of work done around the farm. Jack Opolka has a large shoe factory. His specialty is, of course, saddle shoes. Louise Larson is in a big model agency modeling those new-look swimming suits. Juanita Cochran won a scholarship and is in New York University studying law. Beth lvens now has a monopoly on the apple- polishing business. She received wonderful train- ing in U. H. S. Lora Mae James, Harriett Louthan, Barbara Winklepleck, and Mildred Wilson have a trust in the manufacturing of nylon sweaters with a built- in silhouette. Paul Werts, in his spare time from Nancy's farm, is in a circus. He is the main hula-hula dancer with a group of fifty Harlem girls. Also in the circus we saw Fote Backy, who dived fifty feet into a wet sponge, As we walked off the midway, a side-show barker caught our eye. It was no less than Dick Williams. He finally got to talk where someone would listen to him. Ed Ward was up on the stage at this side show. He was supposed to be a Ubangi, but we know differently. Big headlines in the newspaper said that Bobbie Williamson and Nathan Wallick are football stars on the New York Grizzlies Team. We found Mary Bailey to be the trainer and Kendric Winters to be the boy who rubs the backs of the players when they come in at the half. Helen Warner was once seen driving a tractor around in circles on Times Square singing i'Sun Rise Serenade." Betty Wilson has written a new calendar system by which she maps out for a year everybody else's business. What a surprise to see Nancy Wilson in busi- ness. She is running a Panty-waist Institution for men. Her specialty is turning any mouse into a man. She succeeded in two cases she had in U. H. S. Don Weber has finally received top billing in a play production. He is a little different from most actors. He started on Broadway and ended up in a vaudeville show in Brooklyn. Barbara Walker has become the world's heavy- weight champion. In her spare time she teaches jiu-jutsu to Joe Louis. Keith Joachim has a band of his own. The first section is bass drums, the second is cymbals, and the third is snare drums. Their specialty numbers are lullabies. Hazel Sadler is now the owner of a string of movie theaters and is doing quite well. fContinued on page l5ll The 194 8 Rosemary TILDEN-HALL HOTEL Congratulations, Seniors! Champaign, Illinois Lionel H. Bruce Coal Co. fFormerly Corray Brothersj Caught off guard! ILLINOIS CLEANERS High Quality COHIS 605 East Green Iron Fireman Stokers 9223 7-1286 z M Qfuazp The 1948 Rosemary 14 Compliments Of . Music CHANCY L. FINEROCK GLEN E' CHAPMAN CONN BAND INSTRUMENTS SCOTT . . BRUNSWICK . . RCA RADIOS -1 BALDWIN PIANOS LEEDY DRUMS RECORDS . . ACCESSORIES . . REPAIRS LAWYERS Buy with Confidence at RILEY,S Where Music Is Not a Sideline 9770 On the Campus Swinging like a washer woman! HARSHBARGER IMPLEMENT Buse COMPANY , lf First National ALLIS-CHALMERS PARTS, REPAIRS B k FARM IMPLEMENTS an LOWE IMPROVED HYBRIDS URBANA, ILLINOIS -.-- A Loyal Supporter of Urbana Since 1868 219 North Broadway Urbana, Illinois Dial Operator Urbana 7-3055 l.- DEPOSITS GUARANTEED BY DUCKETT PAPER C0- FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION WHOLESALE DISTRIBUTORS Member of Federal Reserve System .l-T1 .U 9 Ill. . Champaign mms Good Luck, Seniors! 146 The 1948 Rosemary ESSENTIALS Good printing need not be costly. lt doesn't necessarily call for expensive pa- pers. But it does call for minute attention to details and to proper choosing of materials. Good taste, excellent judgment, a clear understanding and knowl- edge of printing, all these are essential. The right kind of printing, rightly used, is never an expense. This has been proven. lt is just as much an in- vestment as a United States Government Bond. 19 4 8 Rosemary 14,7 Phone 7-2992 BARCUS LUMBER COMPANY C. NV. Barcus, Nlanager Retail and Wholesale BUILDING MATERIALS LUMBER-MILLWORK 211 N. BROADWAY URBANA, ILLINOIS BROADWAY MARKET T. II. Doty, Owner FRUITS AND VEGETABLES IN SEASON Open Evenings und Sundays 301 E. University Ave. Urbana, Illinois X i 5 ALWAYS FIRST WITH 9 THE LATEST Whether it's rhythmic dance music, or the hits from the latest musical shows or classical, you'll find theln all at Cable's on these labels: Victor . . Columbia . . Decca Capitol . . MGM . . Majestic Mercury . . Sonora uml 10 Others Record Players, Too Portable, Table and Floor Models Priced from 8,519.95 Cable Piano Co. Home of Latest Hits First 310 N. HICKORY ST. CIIAIVIPAICN ZW., CERTIFIED SEED ALWAYS CARRIES THIS TRADEMARK 3? Of the Official Certifying Agency ' A , A,-21' . C0 E' H2131 I 1 . TIT' of Illinois ILLINOIS CROP IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION Urbana-Lincoln Hotel, Urbana 148 The 1948 Rosemary PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY Dr. Ralph Berkson, D.D.S. Dr. C. H. Puterbaugh, Dentist Robeson Building Knowlton-Bennett Building Champaign, Illinois Urbana, Illinois Thomas B. Carson Dr. L. W. Rebman, Dentist Attorney-at-Law, Tax Expert 134 West Main Street Urbana, Illinois Urbana, Illinois Dr. Ralph E. Mattheis, D.D.S. Dr. K. M. Waxler, Dentist 4-12 Robeson Building Knowlton-Bennett Building Champaign, Illinois Urbana, Illinois J. M. Mitchem Charles M. Webber, Attorney-at-Law Attorney-at-Law 102 North Broadway Urbana, Illinois Urbana, Illinois Dr. J. Percy Nelson, Optometrist Dr. G. Calvin Williamson 106 North Walnut Street Bennett Building Champaign, Illinois Urbana, Illinois ,..m.m....7,, , Rosemary Queen, Ann Simpson, and her train bearers, the Lauchner twins. Don't let it drag, Joel! Q Nu-Art, Inc. NEW FURNITURE AT PRICES YOU CAN AFFORD TO PAY 214 West Main Downtown Urbana 'Thp 19483 Rosemaru Compliments 0f CARLE MEMORIAL HOSPITAL COMPLETE BANKING FACILITIES IN A CONVENIENT LOCATION .ii- We Consider It a Privilege to Serve You CHAMPAIGN COUNTY BANK AND TRUST CO. Main at Broadway Across from the Courthouse Urbana C. A. VVEBBER, President FRED C. HARRISON, Vive-Pres. GEORGE I. MAXWELL, Vice-Pres. E. E. LATOW'SKY, Cashier ARLAN McPHERSON, Assistant Cashier SO The 1948 R COUNTY COURT HOUSE PATRONS JOHN J. BRESEE State,s Attorney ERNEST M. HARSHBARGER County Superintendent of Schools JOSEPH T. CLANCY Sheriff of Champaign County HARRY A. LITTLE County Clerk RALPH ROSE County Treasurer GEORGE W. TEMPLE Clerk of the Circuit Court CLASS PROPHECY lContinuedl lContinued from page 1445 Marguerite White is happily married and lives in a penthouse on top of the Stevens Hotel. Iona McIntyre has bought a large ranch-style house and is very prosperous raising cattle and' all her little kiddies. Bob Tanner owns one of the biggest camera and photoraphy shops in New York. He likes to take pictures of-scenery! Dave Gullette has become a gr-eat engineer and has reconstructed the Brooklyn Bridge. Bob Howser and Dave Hutton are partners in a painting business. They already have the contract to paint the next balcony on the White House. Barbara Hull has become a Girl Scout leader. Since she does not permit the girls to play bridge she has taught them blackjack. Joyce Utterback and Bill Cook are happily mar- ried and now own the patent on the 'ACook Candy Capsul Composed of Carbohydrates to Create a Chassie like the one of Clement Attlee. CSon-in- law?j Virginia Powers has joined her uncle John in New York, and is now one of his best models. Speaking of models, Shy Pollard and her hus- band, Dr. Louis I. Manning fthe "I" stands for 'I was only kidding about being a dentist'D are models for Olive Oyl and Wimpy in the Popeye cartoon. Say, have you heard about Bob Price? He's lead- ing a women's symphony in Carnegie Hall. Sev- eral of his old high school mates are in the or- chestra. Dorothy Mclntosh and Alice Pearson take turns playing the tuba. Myrtle Keeler plays the harp and Kitty McIntyre plays the guitar! We saw poor Charles Lindsay in a hearse the other day. Oh, we forgot to tell you, he was driving it, Glenn McLaughlin models men's suits for Esquire Magazine. Pete Pelafos has a good job also. He is Tom McDonough's assistant teacher in rhet. Joan Pidcock and Beverly Becker are, I'll bet The 1948 Rosemary you'd never guess, Ziegfeld Jollies girls. A special act they are in is called "The Five Flitting Fairies." Nedra Amerman has taken over the Steak-n- Shake Drive-in chain. She and her friends spend so much time there, Nedra decided it would be cheaper to buy it. Pat Reuss is spending her 'lSummers" "Warn" ing other girls to stay away from her man. And who would that be, Pat? John Dilley who just graduated from the New York Art Institute has a job in Macy's designing ties that wind and play records at the same time. June Puckett and Barbara Phillips are both backs CBarb's a halfback and June's a fullbackj on the New York Mad Man Mancher's Football Team. The coach is a good friends of ours, Jean- nine Roney. Norma Mosier has taken Eleanor Roosevelt's place in the article, "My Day." Most of her days are naturally spent with Donnie. Bob Lauchner has gone pro. The trouble is we don't know whether it's basketball, football, track, or janitor service. Mickey I-Iindsley has started a large branch of Mendel Riley's Music Shop in New York. Now as we think back over our travels and all the good friends we met, we want them to know that- CTune: The Band Played ony This is the '48 Prophecy and as time goes on, It was all in fun, we intended no puns and As time goes on, We hope you succeed, won't you follow this lead? We put you through a tough test. And as school days end just think where they began, At U. H. S. T! NEDRA AMERMAN, Chairman JEAN ANN CARR PHYLLIS KENNY MARILYN HINDsLEY JIM EMPSON JIM CONERTY 151 URBANA FU RN ITU RE CO. 208 Wfest Main Street, Urbana LEONARD T. HERZOG DALE NV. FAULKNER LENDALFS DRIVE - IN SPRINGFIELD AT PROSPECT . . . CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS Congralulalions, Seniors! MARLENE SAYS: "DROP IN FOR A SNACK ANY TIME." Drug Sundries Dairy Pl'0lilll'IS Lunrlu-onette Mcet Everett Smith, a iun- ior, who did o fine iob accompanying our splendid musical production of "Good News." This young mon will be kept busy next year with his many duties os Editor- in-Chief of the Rosemary. We wish you the best of luck, Everett. Zyfzcal' We Wan! aaa Qaafualion Joe Kinney-She's blonde! Don Babbs-A new motorcycle. Alice McReynolds-A diploma! Nedra Amerman-Golf clubs-I intend to win the Twin City Open. Ha? Joyce Utterback-Luggage- to go to California for a Hollywood contract. Jeannine Roney-A long vacation ending with a visit to Van's house, Johnson, that isf Bill Cook-A flashy convertible and a luscious hunk of feminine pulchritude to go with it. Pat Reuss-One week of nothing but sleep and meals served in bed. For once, some sleep? Beth Ivens-First of all. nice weather-then after that anything one wants to give me. Dick XVilliams+A Gibson guitar. Nancy XVilsonAA Lincoln Continental Cabriolet. Barbara XValkcrePl-uggagceto get away from this town, 152 Mickey Hindsley+A free 1948 Rosemary. fWho am I trying to kid?j Shirley Douglashf-X good-looking doctor. Flossy Cadwellh-The biggest jar of olives that can be bought! Jean Ann Carrhfklan Ladd's autograph. Joan Pidcock-Peter Lawfordf Bette Wilson-A trade in on a '34 Ford for a '49 Suburban Cadillac. Jim's, that is. Kay Bean-A five pound bag of peanuts. Ann Simpson-A free case of beer every month to rinse my hair. Norma Mosier-Something to put in my hope chest. Skippy Grady-Tom and a million bucks. Jo Ann Carringtone-All A's on final exams. Shy Pollard-My man and my ring. fEd.'s note: she's already got themfj The I 9 4 8 Rosemary Fon A M16 WRT 545 .5 5 .......f4-....- i X S S J i l l ...DEPEND UPON A MASTER No matter where they are used-in year- books, literature, or advertising-poorly reproduced illustrations give many readers the same impressions as paintings of a "ham" artist when compared with the works of a master. Thatls why so many schools, colleges, and universities, as well as prominent advertisers, insist upon fine R M555 ggml 6, . ARTISTS ENGRAVERS T16 N. WALNUT ST-. CHAM , The 1948 Rosemary O engravings-as produced by master crafts men at G. R. Grubb 8: Co for true repro ductions of all illustrations For nearly forty years this company has been serving such institutions and business firms in every section of the country and its repu tation has become more enviable every year. You, too, can depend upon AL DANIELS STUDIOS State Honor Winners HSTUDIES IN GLAMOUR AND CHARACTER" Clllllllplligll Hoopeston Watseka HOHl0g6lliZ8d Milk Freshway Orangeade URBANA PURE MILK CO. PASTUERIZED DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 7-1124 DRINK MILK FOR HEALTH 154 The 1948 Rose 51,515 Where's the car? Row one-lVlcReynolds, Reuss, Kinney. Row two-Douglas, Utterback, Kimpel, Wilson. Oh! What six years can do for the senior lasses! Sitting-Pollard. Mosier, Bozarth, Cadwell, B. Schriencr. Kneeling-Colbert. Standing--Taft, Carr, Harmon, Simp- son, Hindsley, Hull, J. Schriener. Row Row Row Row Easy does it! one-Barnes. Bell. J. Johnson, D. Johnson. Iwo--Jackson, Huck, Webber. three-Rush. Brown, four-liiabert. My date was at eight, He arrived at nine, His tie was wrinkled He needed a shine. The movie was boring So we didn't stay late. We stopped to eat, But the food didn't rate. 1" Z Q Bobbing for apples? Left to right-Barnes, Ross, Sperry. We started for home And decided to park, . It sure was romantic Dedicated to Cut there in the dark. the Semor Glrls As he took me home lt was growing late, He kissed me good night, Oh-what a smooth datef The 1948 Rosemary 155 September ffefflfee 2-Today, the new passengers were guests on our ship. We explained to them the functions of our clubs and took them on an inspection tour through the U. H. S. 3-My goodness! The U. H. S. really came to life today! Passengers were filing in and out of class rooms for the first time since last spring. 12-This evening our football team donned the school colors for the first time this year, when we were hosts to Charleston Hi h. Charleston won 19-0 g . 20-My, the gym certainly looked nice to- night. The entire school turned out to entertain the freshmen at the annual Freshman Prolic. 26-The Danville Maroons visited us tonight with revenge in their hearts for the beat- ing we gave them last year. And revenge they got, for they beat us by only one touchdown. 30-From 6 to 8 p. m. the Delta Sigs held their October annual fall picnic. That chili certainly was good! 4-An anxiously awaited event took place tonight when the three local high schools flew together to sponsor the Tri-Hi Dance. l6-The Girls Athletic Association held its Buddy Picnic at Carle Park this evening. l7-Six weeks gone already! It seems as though we've just barely started. Cut team was a guest of the Decatur Reds to- night. Urbana lost, 28 to 6. 31-Halloween! The Champaign - Urbana November game! "The Punkin Push" presented after the game! 4-The Thespians enjoyed a waffle supper at the home of its president. My, but we were full! 7-Again, the girls' Social Klub entertained all passengers aboard with a hop after the Peoria Manual game. l0-The juniors and seniors united forces this evening to present 3 one-act plays at the traditional Junior-Senior Dramatics Night held in the U. H. S. auditorium. l4-The freshmen and sophomores got to- gether in an effort to entertain the pas- sengers and to show up the upper class- men by presenting 3 one-act plays at the traditional Freshmen - Sophomore Dra- matics Night. l5-We all had such a good time at the Sadie Hawkins Dance. Every Daisy Mae and her Lil' Abner felt right at home in Dog- patch four gym. that islj 156 November 27, 28-Thanksgiving vacation and too much to eat. What a perfect way to end our second six weeks of school! 29-The Urbana Cagers started the basketball December season by taking on Newman and a whipping, 53-45. 2-Tonight the cagers showed their power by beating Rantoul 55-33. 5--On-e of the outstanding productions pre- 9.. 12- sented on the U. H. S. stage was given to- night. lt was "Beggar on Horseback." Also, the U. H. S. wrestlers opened their season by meeting Catlin and winning by a large margin. The Paxton cagers traveled to our gym only to take home a 37-31 whipping. Our athletes were really busy today. The cagers downed Danville by one point in the last second of a thrilling game, the swimmers met Onarga Military Academy here, and the grapplers defeated Pekin there by a wide margin. 13-The Delta Sigs presented the annual l8- l9- Christmas Dance, this year called the "Snow Ball," in our gym, with the "Dreamers" making their first appearance. A new function. an International Christ- mas Party attended by the four language clubs, was held this evening in the ship's gymnasium. Our basketball team met the Peoria Manual team at Peoria. while our wrest- ling team faced the Danville team at Danville. 22--The ship will be deserted starting today 30- January while the students enjoy a long Christ- mas vacation. Our cagers traveled to Clinton where they entered the annual Clinton Holiday Tournament. 5-School resumed today, and all the pas- sengers were glad to be back after their long rest. 6-Our cagers were guests of the Decatur Reds this evening and lost in an exciting, breath-taking double overtime game. 9-This afternoon, our wrestlers suffered their first defeat of the season when they lost to Champaign. But we weren't too unhappy because in the evening our busy cagers met Clinton in our gym and won a thrilling game. 13-Another game!! Tonight Hoopeston was our guest. Urbana lost, 39 to 36. 16-This afternoon our swimmers met the Bloomington team in our pool. Tonight, The 1948 Rosemary January 23- SHIP'S LOG fContinuedl our cagers traveled to C. H. S. As to the outcome of the game-no comment. The "Green Wave" washed up from Mattoon tonight and washed our cagers under, 46 to 36. 26-Semester exams started today. 30-Another busy day. The Cathedral bas- February ketball team was here. our wrestlers were at C. H. S., and our swimmers were at Bloomington. 2-Today brought a new semester, and a brand new start for all passengers who didn't get started last semester. 5-The G. A. A. held its annual initiation in the cafeteria. 6-Many students didn't even go home for supper tonight, in an effort to welcome the C. H. S. cagers to our gym for the iirst time in man ears Y Y - lO---The juniors and seniors performed today, presenting a very entertaining talent as- sembly. l3-Eriday the thirteenth was truly an un- lucky day, for our cagers traveled to Mat- toon and were beaten 57 to 33. l4-The Big l2 wrestling and swimming meets were held today at Peoria. Also. the Jr. Red Cross Valentine Dance was held tonight in our gym. Z0-Urbana played Danville at Urbana to- night and lost, 72 to 49. After the game, many students enjoyed an S. K. hop. Zl-Onarga Military Academy was host to our swimmers this afternoon, while we entertained the West Aurora basketball team in the evening. 25-Today, the first of a series of exchange assemblies among the three local high schools was given. The Madrigal Singers of Uni High provided us with delightful and unusual music. 28-The Student Council sponsored the Don- March key Basketball game in our gym tonight. 3-The regional basketball tournament started today at Paxton. Urbana beat Paxton 5l to 50. 5-Urbana was eliminated from the tourna- ment when they were defeated by Onarga Military Academy. l l-Today, C. H. S. brought us its Exchange Assembly in the form of "Midsummer Nights Dream." l7--S. K. presented a St. Patrick's Day Tea for all girls in school. 19-The freshmen and sophomores again tried to outdo the upperclassmen by pre- senting a talent assembly, also. 24-This day was truly different, for the stu- The 1948 Rosemary March 25 April 2 6 7 10 23 27 29 May 6 7 8 21 22 28 29 31 June 2 dents took over the piloting and instruct- ing of our great ship. lt was Student Government Day. no less! -An impressive Easter assembly was a splendid way to begin our Easter vacation. -This afternoon many schools visited Ur- bana while entering the Urbana Open Track Meet. Decatur won, but the U. H. S. Tigers were a close second. Also, tonight an all-school musical com- edy, "Good News" was presented and enjoyed by everyone. -The members of Alpha Psi Omega were honored today in the annual honors day assembly. -The members of the underclassmen scholastic organizations, Alpha, Lambda, and Psi, were likewise honored today. Our trackmen traveled to Paris and en- tered the Paris Relays, winning fourth place. -Another fourth place rating was won by our trackmen in the Mattoon Relays. -Our golfers met the C. H. S. golfers at the Champaign Country Club. A very eagerly awaited event, the Urbana Relays, was held tonight with the tra- ditional Relay Queen and her court reign- ing. Another delightful dessert hour was en- joyed by C1. A. A. members in the cafe- teria. The final awards were given, thus ending a successful year. The District Track Meet was held at Ur- bana today. -The fellas did a wonderful job of enter- taining the girls at the annual "U" Club Dance tonight. -Another dance! The Delta Sigmas pre- sented the Blue Moon Dance on our front steps this evening. -The Big 12 Track Meet was held in Peoria today. Senior Skip Dayl -At last this night came, and then passed all too quickly. The upperclassmen and many underclassmen, too, will cherish the memories of the Junior-Senior Prom. presented in honor of the seniors, at the Urbana Lincoln Hotel. Einal exams started today, causing the ship to become more sparsely populated. As an appropriate ending to exams, Senior Class Night was held in our audi- torium. 4-The seniors bid farewell to their dear U. H. S. 157 Nalamluinq Page Apperson's Plumbing and Heating ., A... 129 Appliance Manufacturing Co. .,i,,, .ii.. 1 130 Association of Commerce 1 1 ,,,ii 11 1111143 Baker Clothing Co. ,..i 11 .,.. 138 Bakes Marathon 1.1.. ...,.i, 1137 Barcus Lumber Co. 1 ..,.. 11 .1,. 11 148 Barsch, George C., Florist 11 ....11. 137 Bean. J. M., Electric Shop 141 Berkson, Dr. Ralph, D.D.S1 1 11 1 1 149 Bigler Coal C0111 1 1 111 Blum's 1 Boggs and Cogdal 1 Boyd's Gardens 1 1 Brash Flower Shop Bresee Cleaners 1 1 1 Bresee, John J. 1 1 1 Broadway Market 11 1 11 Brown Brothers Junk Co. 1 1 11 Brownies Shoe Repair 1 1 11 Bruce Coal Co. 111111 11 1 11 Burt-Rovelstad Co .1111111111 11111 111111 Busey First National Bank 11111 1 1 1 1 Cable Piano Co ...11111111.1111111111 111111 Campbell's Office Supplies 1111111 111111 Carle Memorial Hospital 1111111 111111 Carmon's Drive-In 1111111111 11 1111 11 v Carson s Groceries 1.111111111111111111111111111111 Champaign Champaign Champaign Champaign Champaign Champaign- Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. County Bank and Trust 111111 County Service Co. 11 Junk Co .11111111111111111 1111111111 Plumbing and Heating Co. Urbana Candy Co. 1 11 Clancy, Joseph T111 111111111111111 Coffee Shop. The 1 11111 1 1 1 1 Collegiate Cap and Gown Co. 11 1 1 Commercial Bank of Champaign 1 1 fbiaeclaaq Page Daniels Studio, The A1 111111154 Dillavou Brothers 11111111111 Duckett Paper Co. 111.1 1 Eisner Grocery Co. 11111111 1 11111141 111111146 111111140 Equitable Life of Iowa 111111 111111 1 38 Fallon's Master Cleaners 11111 1 1111 1129 Field's 11111 11111111 1 1 11111 1 1111 111111111 1 1 1128 Finfrock, Chancy L. and Gle Chapman 111111 11111111 111111111111111111 111111 1 4 6 Firestone Stores 1111111111111 1 111111 132 Fletcher Studio, Garland 11111 1 1111 120 Follett's Book Store 11111 1 111111 119 Gould's 11111111111111 11 11111132 Greenman's 111111111 1 11111129 Grubb and Co., G. R. 111 153 Gulick, Guy 0.111 1111111111 111111140 H. and H. Cash and Carry 11111 11135 Halberstadt Florist 1111 11 1 137 Harlan's Market 11 1 1111 135 Harshbarger, Ernest M. 11111 151 Harshbarger Implement C0111 11 1 146 Hayes Appliance Co. 11111111 1139 Hill's Grocery 11.1.111 111. 1 1111 l 38 Huddle, The 111111111111111 124 Hudelson Inc., Dana 111.1 '1 126 Hudson Dairy 1111111111 130 Hunter Lumber Co .11111 1111 1 138 Illinois Cleaners 1111111111111111111 111111 1 45 Illinois Commercial College 111.111111 111111 1 38 Illinois Crop Improvement Ass'n 11111111111 148 Illinois Water Service 11111111111111111 111111 1 39 James Clothier, W. B. 1111 1 Jean's Needlework 111111111 John's and Son 11 11111111 11 Johnston's Sport Shop 111111 Karmelkorn 111111111 11 11111 11 Kaufman's 11111 Kiler, C. A. 11111 1 126 11111118 119 111111121 1121 111111119 111111119 158 The 1948 Rosemary The ADVERTISING DIRECTORY lContinuedI Page Page Knowlton-Bennett ,...... . 123 Root, Mel ....,..,.I.V ....II. .125 Kresge, S. S .V...V....,....,...... ....I.. 1 26 Rose, Ralph ,.....,, ,.,,...,..I .,...... 1 5 l Kuhn and Co., Joseph .I...... .I.,.,. 1 17 Schreiber's Book Store ........ .1...... 1 28 Leavitt Corporation ...,...,. .118 School Music Service ...,.4. ........ l 26 Lendale's Drive ln .4..... ,i..... 1 52 Sears, Roebuck Company i..... i.,...., 1 28 Leonard Funeral Home .,.. ..i.... 1 22 Sholem's Shoe Store ....,..,,..1i,,. 1..... .r..... l 2 l Lewis and Co., W .,..i.... .,i.... l 30 Smith Drug Company ,,......,.,.c,......,,.,..c, 129 Lincoln Store .c..,.1 ,122 Smith Lumber Company, Fred A. ....,.... 139 Little, Harry A ....1.. ,151 Smith Co., The S. K, .....,... ..,...,.....,..,. . 119 Lloyd Piano Co. ,.I,..i.. . .129 Smitty's Super Service , 1.,... 128 Locke and Son, Realtors ,.,.1 135 Spritz Jewelers .,,,...... 124 Longs Garage 1...,,,.1..,,,... 125 South Side Grocery .. ..... ...l28 Luker's Bakery .....,.,...,...... .135 SFZDHQIYS Seeds --.-,-. .-..ttt. 1 35 Martheis, Dr. Ralph E. ,..1. ,,....11 1 49 Stark, Max 11,.,.... .,.V.1.. l 28 McBride's 1..,.1,....., ....,,..... .......,. .,...,i 1 2 2 Sreer's Grocery ...t1t.........1 McClains Sewing Machine Co. ........ 138 Stipes Jr., R, A. ,.i1.1.... McClellan Electric Store ....,... .. 141 SFOIKGI Service Company - Meadow Gold i.11,,..,,. .... . 2130 Taylor Music Shop, Lois Mirchem, J. M .......ii. i.1i 149 Temple, George W. ...... Mona's Dress Shop ,.V,1... ,132 Teppers ---..4r,.--r..r-....... Montgomery Ward Co. Mooney Coal Co. ....11.. . Nelson, Dr. J. P .....1.. Newman s .............. Nogle and Black ,,,. Noonan's Bakery ...,... Nu-Art .....,,.,1.......,. Overgard's ...,,..... Paris Cleaners ,,.....,l, Penney Co., J. C ....,,, . Pettibon, Harry... Pilon Studio ,...,.,.1..4.. Purity Baking Co. ,.,... . Puterbaugh, Dr. C. H ,...l. Quality Restaurant 1,.,., Race Inn ,......,,.....,...., Radio Doctors s......,.... ..,, .,,.....l4l ....,...149 Raymond Developing Co ...... ,..... Reed Jeweler, J. M. ....... . Rebman, Dr. L. W. ...,,... Tilden-Hall Hotel ,....,.. 139 Trelease, Burton and ...,...,........,... . ....., 135 ........l4O ........l29 ........l28 .,......15l ........l32 ........l45 ..........l37 Trevett-Mattis Banking Company .,,....... 121 ,135 Twin City Printing Company ....., 139 Twin-City Real Estate Exchange . 1118 Supply Store, U. of 1 .,...........,....,.. 2149 University Pharmacy .,...., .....,... 1126 Uptown Tigers ,..,.....,,..... ............ 129 Urbana 140 Urbana -140 Urbana .145 Urbana .132 Urbana 149 Urbana 135 Urbana 125 Urbana Court House Directory .... Drug Company ................ Furniture Company .,...... Home Loan Association .... Lincoln Garage ............,.. Lincoln Hotel .,..,....,. Press ............................ Pure Milk Company.. 129 Urbana Sport Shop ........... ..... .130 Waxler, Dr. K. M .,...... 1 18 Webber, Charles M ......, .149 White Line Laundry .,,.,.. 128 Whittaker's Jewelry ....,... 122 Williamson, Dr. G. C... .. .. .146 Willis Store, The G. C. Reliable Furniture Co ...... ....... Renner Funeral Home ,.....,........,.. ...... Riley's Music, Mendel .,...............,......... Robeson Department Store, F. K ...,....... 194 8 Rosemary .140 Wilson lce Cream ....,. .........l47 ..l28 ..........l25 ........l25 ..,.......ll5 ....,.,.,.l5l .,.,......12l ,.........152 ,.........l25 ..........l43 ..,,....l43 ........ll9 ,.......l54 ....,..,l29 ........l49 ........l49 ..l33 ..,.,.,,ll9 149 121 ..,...l25 159 s. 1 1 -f -A b f- K J 4 AQ... ,.,.. Z, I 3 A Y .Ti I , , ' - 4 Ll? 3 , l ' Y 131- 1- in W J - T'4"' ' ----f 'H ' 1 , 'Y " f 41"- Y- - 1 73 rd-gl ' h QA Y: ' Li... V ! , I' , ?f E' fi ' ' !J P 4 Q f A f - ff 1- -in , - ' ' - - '-ll ' ff, Y 4 V 1 1 f?':: , .2 , , i - , -L i- ae J Ll :-,,,. ' Y -,f I ' 4-nu ' " 1, ' -? 7 ' - Y Y . wi 4 , - A 4 in, gi-:J -ug - - ,rr 3 4, Y ,Li - -. -it ' ,' Q' ?-'Z-"' Y --5-fi I., f +'.V f- Aj ' P H' ,, 1 . --i 1 - N ,,, gi ' I : I ,, - 2-.V P ' f ii 1-1, P A i -,,.g' ,f ' 4- 1 ! --1 - -i l M , 1 H- ' ,J !,g: '?- - S ,.,.-- 4, - f-ff 'ig 1' Y -f WA: Y 1-i' -1 -K I A ,V ! 4 Li .J ff' 4 P-Z-5 .--'-A V- Y ,Q , ' .F - Aus , , 'ef-..: gi iz- -,1 -Y .- -"- sr , -JL f if - -.--5 -Q ,-.2-1' , j V -l -1' Al -L' --Y ' Y f-' l ' ! 1 "ii f 3: I v f ' 'Ti - "-5: an f '-11 ,? -2 f.,-TIT.,-d -1-T-" :j-, f 1 .. :L Z !f" 'f ,111 5 ' 7 - . ,Z - - f2- -5.17 -+- , i -,, , ,A 1 , V - f ,.-- f- - df 14 "-,':'T.., ! F , 'iifl 'T' 1, ! gf 1 5... 'f "-fi ,,,-"Ll" W-E 5 --3 Y, .15 .-1 .,.-- 3'- ' T4-1-'T .Z-f' :Q f Zxvg -L Z ' .. , :Ld ,ff-' ' P-. ' ' i i :Z..': ? - H .....: 'lil' - ,fi - , ,, '- - Y ,, -J - : "5',g',.'.- ,11- -ff-'- , if-' -",,-'T-- --- , -7-'Q - -,,.iv' , wif!" - .. 1. "'-'-2,.. , , jr . -f"-' 1' -' f-,:-.lr -ff:-E,,, , -.3--"',.., --ip 73 -fi-a A 1 A 3-fi , l. V 'Y -"T-" - 1' ' gf- --cT"" ? I f if ,-4, 4.-.f ?g, iii, fl, - Qi 'I Y- Z? d 5 e "Lf-N,:.-,-ff gf- ' Z-fl -'- - if 223- 54 ,-5? ' -ZA ig-ll ?"-, - !, - f , f- -5-... 22:-Vgidl' Q-:ii ' , 15.1"-ff' .f , -fi ' W ,T 'ia X223 g if ---- 'T-,-Z3 .Z T ff' -.--' 'ff - .-. JS 1, 1 ,7 iii- mf V I 4,5-,F X , X F If f g Jff QQ X-f Ji fl'-Gy if' Z' ' ' , X Z ff QS' iF' 5 1? f .l -,,- ,L gl gg ,- -H ff' 'L- . f -4: lf -f' Z" ' A i, ,4-las H, xg, N T522-PTT' - -,,.'f1 .... :f"'- 19 42 V ...l- NOEL . -- 441 ' ' ff 4: ' A 5 ' ' ."A f Y ",.' ' ' ' i F22 ' 2 'i , vf- 2 1 Q-'f '- , f- 1 - yf , v ' 'ff-'Z " if f - - F f- f 2 , A . A ,v , rf ff 1 , Q, kr' , A A ' .,,f- ' " - U 1 .1 'f --L-rr , V - ' - 'f - 2.-----., , X , , ,V , , 1--f :X'5 if f gf- V- , Y --fzf -,,fY'f '- " ff ,. , - Q 52" - -f -I - 1- 'Q ' :- Y - L' 511' ,- --f" - f ff 5- :,?-,- Y ' - if ' i,2'lf Q Ai 31' , , V - isa 1. if igi, Tj- 7 ' --, - A 1 I 1 Y -4 f 'W -4,1 - ,, 1 V ' , .55 , f X,-f..-f ' ' X ' V " ef wfwy if wwfgfga .s " J J . 'iw 1 a , v S 5 1 1 .!' .W ' , 1. .gq .V u ' -N' - 1 , :l""",n,'- ' '.- X fu I, 4- , -A ,,v ad, f., , -- H .IA 5 1 , . x 1 . 1 ' , 1 A 'fx 4 ,- L' . , 4 Q Y - 1" "' Y xj ' Axim. Q, , - . ,muff , 11,3 . ,1 , - . . mfipfrgd. -.12 , g-. f if--Qing, X' , - H ' . , "R 1 J 3 wwf 5 137: p u - ww., ' ' 1, YI .,-51, - 1.1, K. ,WI .:algF,k.5 1- - if-u N 4,1 4 LHKIUB 1 1

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