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Upper Sandusky High School - Indian Village Yearbook (Upper Sandusky, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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In f 1 Page Two """"!'nuq to- 8 Q a.'W-M M .4 "1--...... xx' K ' S N ' 3 . 1 p . , -in .1,. Q .,n 3 I H Q. A 1 4-. ! Q.: ' Jvzgfzv. ,,, 1 X! ,',' I -L L , . 4 lf ',, 2' ,, -X x :mf , J: i' 1' t' 'fl' ., ff. 5 -Q . ,1 qw ly, J, U my X I ,jf A ,A my , .-.i . Z?" "7 gig' ae A ikrff' V r-3 ., 'll 'ie . I ,, Q M1 m V - 1 aff mg . Q" D . Q , ., . 1 - - ' ' 39 3 . 9 -,., Wql ' W4 , m M M , 1 M' Wf'--Www ' Q, ' ",, in , 'A ' hung ma 'K 'WMKJF , Vh . 1 N' ', 'V o ' N 'W ,gfqzrzw-Q-4-'g'x'g'f"""f"" -Y W k I M ,, ' f f 'M 1' 5 .41-', ., . ' i 3966.661 fiom Her 4 he s wceShen z Shn rf' 6 GGIT' G26 TIES' J P K It IS wlth aenume pleasure that We the araduatma class of IQ 8 dedlcate our year book to our teachers Nha have C19d1CGT9dTh9lT1lV9STO edueatlan O E: Mms f' ' , :fr zzeraer, Mrs. Ei: aieth FL-ey Tir, fumes 1' we Lezqer, flzss fea , ,LQ ll .Lfa1fe.:rt. fx 2: fir. F: ae:.:k Fl .Cn Liz. Hazgla Clie fits. ...ary '.'.'a.t:,rz ..f:. Ifhfl 5:7111 fits. f I n, Lfrs. Q Caves. ' 3: Hr. GfG'!CEH Snyder I-fr. fgftixi f-fcf-fahin figs Hgh Spes, I-f1ss E'.'e.3'rt Nesmezse lat rme fackez, I.f1ss Lacy Hetze. .,f:-s fean Kazaa: f.fr. fumes C ngzf ve, 4: Tir, Aasas' Y aer f.f:. F 3 211' fine! f.f1. Rahul.: 1.3: ffr, Eiga: Fgsle: ..f7. nh' , Mr, Ftriezi Eaiiuay, Hr, XTYQIEILCQ Kiemg f-fr. ff-ri' IT , ' fs aa , Y M, 1 Olfl, fglflf iff OVQ LUOP' It rs wrth much prlde thot my staff cmd I present the 1958 INDIAN VIL LAGE ANNUAL Ee11ow seruors 1t1s our hope thot rn the future th1s book w111 brmq C111 of us much hoppmess through fond memorles of every mo ment of every doy from September of 1954 through Iune of 1958 Dove Deqler EDITOR FACULTY PAGE 7 CLASSES PAGE 15 ACTIVITIES PAGE 45 ATHLETICS PAGE 65 Pg? , I J W- A . '41 Z . I, 1 , ' I . . . A , G V, I . V v V .-091'-f 'Pu QF Seven Mr Harold Cope Superintendent ORP 0 6 llfllflllll Mr Mason is new to the board this year He replaces Mr Russel Lyon vtio re signed in 1950 Mr Gerlo r oined the h ard in lanuary attcr h ing left d to to ow Bow tir d rom l far l Ac!n0,z71fLi5 fra firm Seniors: You have arrived at that important milestone in lite where important decisions must be made. Continue your education. The next titty years will see the most amazing technological progress oi all history. lt you hope to partici- pate in this progress and to in- terpret its marvelous develop' ments rightly you must ot necessity continue as far with your education as possible l extend to you my best Wishes l-larold Cope rilfacayoa Seniors: Each one cf you has so much future in his mind, heart, and soul. Expectancy gives each one of your lives spirit, meaning, and power. A part of that future will soon be realized for you with the receipt of your high school diploma. Each one of you glorifies some vision in his mind and enthrones some ideal in his heart. You now face far wider horizons and you will build your lives by your visions and your ideals. May you find power equal to your tasks, and may you always be a credit to your school, your church, and your home. Congratulations and best wishes to all of you. W Mr. Robert W. Barclay Without our secretaries, our school would run like a car without lubrication. So, many thanks to Miss Grace Slemmer and Mrs. Lois Congrove for keeping our school offices running smoothly. As we seniors leave school, we reminisce about some of the people who have helped us. Two of the people every senior will remember and will want to thank are our deans, Miss Iean Golling and Mr. Fenton Wolfe. Besides issuing excuses, these two have given us seniors helpful advice and counsel. Miss Golling and Mr. Wolfe, we seniors give you our thanks, and hope that you may continue to help students for many years. Miss lean Golling Dean nf Girls Miss Grace Slemmer Mrs. Lois Congrove Mr. Fenton Wolfe Dean of Boys Graydon Snyder: Ohio State Univer- sity, B. S.: lndustrial Arts. Elizabeth Riley: Ohio State University, B. Sc. in Home Economics: Vocational Home Economics: F.H.A. Sponsor. Frederick Koenig: Heidelberg College, A.B.: Tittin University, B.S.C.: Book- keeping: General Business: Economics- Law: General Mathematics' Annual Advisor: Visual Ed. Advisor. Iohn Borton: Ohio State University, B. S. Ed.: Agriculture: F.F.A. Sponsor. Ioyce Schoenberger: Ohio University, B.F.A.: Ohio State University, BS. Ed.: High School Art. 266661 Ellen Matteson: Ohio Northern Uni- verszty, AB.: Western Fteserve Uni- versity, B. L. Sc.: School l.ihrar1an. Emestine Borlon: Bowling Green University, B. S. Ed.: World Geogra- pny: Social Development. Richard Lab: Findlay College, B.S.: 8th Grade Ohio History: 8th Grade American History: Orange CS Black Advisor. Clifton McMahon: Ohio University, B. S. Ed., M. Ed.: Government: So- ciology: American History: Co-Track Coach: Ass't Football Coach: Be- serve Coach. Iames Congrove: Capital University, B. S. Ed.: World History: 7th Grade Geography: 7th QS 8th Grade Health: Physical Education: Co-Track Coach: lr. High Football Coach: Freshmen Basketball Coach. August Yoder: Bluftton College, B. S. M.: Senior Bands: lnstrumental Music: Cadet Band: Dance Band: Pep Band. Ruth Spies: Northwestern University, B. M. Ed.: Senior Choir: Instrumental ln- struction: Girls' Glee Club: 8th Grade Chorus: Freshmen Chorus: Dramatics Director: 7th Grade Music. Fenton Wolfe: Heidelberg College, B.S., Dean ot Boys, Algebra l, Plane Geometry, Varsity Football Coach, Athletic Director: 7th CS 8th Grade Basketball Coach. Hazel Caves: Bowling Green, B.S. Ed., 7th 6 8th Grade Mathematics, E.T.A. Sponsor. Charles Hood: lndiana State Teachers College, B.S., Ohio State University, M.S., Biology, Graduation Advisor. Iames Schoenberger: Ohio State University, B.S. Ed., General Science, 7th Grade Science, Hi-Y Sponsor, Faculty Manager. Frederick Fleeman: Antioch College, A.B., Chem- istry, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, Algebra ll. lean Golling: Findlay College, A.B., Bliss College, B.S.C., Dean of Girls, Stenography l and ll, Busi- ness English lV, l-li-Teens' Sponsor. Frederic Criner: University of Toledo, A.B., English Composition lV, Practical English IV, Latin l and ll, English ll. Mary Walton: Antioch College, A.B., American Literature lll, English ll. CLCL-l Edgar Fisher: lflusklngurr. College, A.B.- Driver Eduoatgonf P?.'jS1CC1l Eauoaxori: Var- sity Basketball Coach, Ass1sta:it Football Coach. lean Karns: Otterbem College B.S. Ea., Phys- :oal Education, Health, Sr. G.A.A. Sponsor, ,r. G.A,A. Sponsor. rf f ' n 5 Evelyn Neumeister: Asbury College, A.B., Ohio State University, M.A., 8th Grade Language Arts. Katherine Tucker: Denison University, A.B., Span- ish l and ll, English l and ll. Lucy Hetzel: l-leidelberg College, A.B., Ohio State University, M.A., 7th Grade Language Arts. DIETITIANS Mrs George Denman M s Mrltcn Hccver Mrs harcld Phu is Mrs Everett Rorev and Mrs Frederick Young CUSTODIANS Mr Eur ene Swartz Mr Altcn Arnold Mr Vtrarl Kina and Mr F lert K tterman IHIPI5 h a smile these ir n greeted tne sleeny students in tte morning and again t night Tl err resnonsrbrlrty was great but they shouldered it willingly and carried it safely E JP! 5b1'ef1'llz'a11J smell that toodl These are the women who tantalized the students every third and fourth period with smells of 'wholesome toad. Our thanks go to them tor making our cafe- teria a cheerful and healthful place in which to eat. I Clfjfockaliza Our school would have died an early death it rt werent for these men who nurtured and cleaned t We congratulate them tor their excellent work i. 2 . X , Y.. . Q , , ' 'iris , . I , , V ' , t . 1.1, It . l v " V 1 - i- y -- , '--- .l.,u, r 1 I f 'x Hu - 1 Wit . . ze 1, J 4, . , ., M 'x , , , a , N V FIS WFIYEFS: fft. ?"'1f-If K"'e:m3R lit. l.cwrf'nce Srnrh Lfr. f hr: ','."zQ. f':. 1 Srrfi f." P' :f':' Feefg' :ni fwfr. l. tenor S':ni'1'i :Q if' e ' J . V, . Ti T .. Frodo-rro Crime-r, Mr. Robert Borrolory, Mr.Ho1rold U.Cope r.. okiorrles Hood and Mr. Frederick .ass o oe orzoerwoerqer reeiiin, . r. oi cr Fzsier and r. r our . ,Gnd rrs. August .ode Qruzidltsorr ffir. Fenton Wolfe Page Thrrreen Classes . 54... . '3., ,1 4 f f ,WA -..4..-- , Y. ., ., .Kw- 5. - 'Y'-vu ' 1271 Pc N- LL, . l V. . ng pg 5-LQ S ' P. ""Vw- ,A n , X llx A QLD iD E rrec m n teen zz ee a e J -A n ic Tr ia e +4 ns 2 .sa Sr eniom Conqratulations ao to tzie senior class oiiicers for doinq sucn an efficient Job ol aoverninq the class in this, its rnost important year. Their responsibility was great, and they discharged their duties conscientiously. OFFICERS Secretary Shirley Brown Vice President ludy Stubbs Treasurer Tanya Kuenzli President Norrnan Truesdell lOHN BEGFS G ee c Findlay l 7 Marseilles 3 Chcir D a Ht r' P1 Y 4 Tri Ma a ie 4 resc Je hee eaae ians Oian e not Bc R ail PueSx -f""" XZ' 5 ff' L lD.' Eg G Fic. c gg Qi 7 V :sity Cho Ile a r 2,',47 .'.n ual Cr .Q- .axign Stcif 47 i-l.' sqm 2,30 H1-T66 . ,Aff , G.A.f'.. 2,3,:xf cz P95 Clif' 2,33 l fill, 2,37 ,.7 l 7 ' Ilay ay T: ck .'tte.':.f:nt 2- 47 f'i- 7 - shi , 7 The. FT..-2. jj Y. ,i-Z' , 'f 2 Il A Y lg g , -Q7 ig Q ' 1 ff St fr, G.A.,l-.. Y. -1. . '7 Tv. 5: eb - 7 ,I t t 7 '7- s . , ' 1 AIX ' ' 1 'nv' f k V r' "Q31fSIIJfA .l,llDF2'.',S f.l.f.fi2 FEASTQN 'IIQLET EQEII rii..-1. 34- Sz. 1',.l...l., : iz, ffjl. 134 ?.f'..l.. Qftpei 4- is-gf Ei.T+:1g f-fer.: '14, .... ig. Sur: '- g.f:x1'-h1:'g E in: IF. . 'Q ' n,-ei' Ein: -4- Dxn-G liar.: F-g 317.1 fl E7 lf.-'Y' 2 5 -Q 'lt ,: 54- f.:Z:.f'i Ss. l,',n'ffL' 4 ..1.-er. IOEL CASTANIEN Student Councrl 4 Annual Busmess Staff 4 H1 Y FEA l234 FFA Presrde-nt4 F Parlramentary Procedure l 2 3 4 F F A Lrvest ck Iudqrnq Contest 3 Baseball 23 Track 4 Class Play 3 Varslty U 34 Natronal FFA Con ventrfn 3 State EF A Conventron 3 IAMES CAVANAUGH Vlarchmq Band 1 2 3 4 Concert Band Chorr 4 LARRY CHENEY F F A l 2 3 4 Darlxamentary Procedure l 2 3 4 FF A Treasurer 4 Class Play 3 WILLIAM COLE 1234 ETA 1234 Varsrty U 234 l-l1Y 34 Football l 2 3 4 Basketball l 2 Track l 2 4 Base all l 2 3 Class Play 3 Annual Busrness S aff 4 Bcwlma 4 Chorr 3 MARlLYN CONSTIEN H1 Teens 7 3 4 Choxr 3 4 Marchmq Band l 2 3 4 Concert Band l 2 34 Dance Band 3 4 Sr G A A 23 4 Pep Band 34 Solo and Ensemble Con'est 134 Chau Ensemble 4 lr Band 1 Ir GAA l FRED COOK F ot all 1234 Student Councrl 4 Varsrty U 234 HrY 4 Track 123 Basecall 2 Presrdent Varsrty U 4 Bcwlmq 4 BEVERLY BREWER Sr GAA 234 cl1Teens34 Ir GAA l VERNON BRINSON IAMES BROWN I-l1Y 34 Class Play 3 Baseball 2 Scholarshlp Team 3 SHIRLEY BROWN Scholarshrp Team 123 Annual Crrculauon Staff 4 Sr GAA 234 l-l1Teens 34 Offrce W rk 34 Class Offrcer 2 4 Pep Club 2 Ir G A A l 'V 5,1 Paqe Seventeen "'L DAVlD DEGLEB Annual Editor 45 Student Council 45 Buckeye Boys' State 35 Tri- Masque 2,3,45 Thespians 45 Hi-Y 23,45 l-li-Y Officer 3,45 Class Play 35 Choir 3,45 Orange and Black 2,3,45 "Digging with Deg" 3,45 Thespians' Officer 4. FRED CORBIN Football l,2,3,45 Varsity U 2,3,45 Tri-Masque 2,3,45 Annual Busi- ness Staff 45 Track 2,35 Basket- ball 1,25 Class Play 35 Bowling 45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Choir 3. eniom Two of the many senior pro- jects were selling shoe polish and Christmas cards. These projects not only helped them earn money for their trip, but also gave them experience in salesrnanship. CHARLES ELEY EEA. l,2,3,45 EEA., Vice Presi- dent 45 Parliamentary Procedure Team l,2,3,45 Track 4. ANNE DILLEB Alliance, Ohio l5 l-li-Teens 2,3,45 Hi-Teens' President 45 Sr. G.A.A. 2,345 Tri-Masque 3,45 Thespians 45 Thespians' Officer 45 Student Council 45 Student Council Of- ficer 45 Choir 4, Student Director5 Class Play 35 Concert Band 3,45 Annual Staff 45 Orange and Black 3,45 Philharmonic Music Camp 35 Track Attendant 35 Re- gional and District Orchestra 45 District Solo Contest 3,45 State Solo Contest 35 Pep Club 2,3. HELEN ANN ELLIS Annual Business Manager 45 Student Council 45 Sr. G.A.A. 2,3,45 Chcir 2,3,45 Choir Officer 45 Tri-Masque 2,3,45 I-li-Teens 2,3,45 F.T.A. l,2,3,45 Marching Band l,2,3,45 Concert Band 1,2,3, 45 Orange and Black 2,3,45 Bowl- ing Team 45 Class Play 35 Class Officer 35 National The-spians 45 District Solo and Ensemble Con- test l,2,45 State Sola and En- semble Contest 15 Pep Club 2,35 Pep Band l,Z,35 lr. G.A.A. 15 Glee Club 1. 1' 'YE , 43' EDNA FBEY ANTHONY HALL ANN HENDEICKS tit-Teens 45 Oifgce '.'.' rk 45 St, E tzall 12 345 Baskev all 123: T11-Lfasque 23,45 Sr. CLA..-H. 33 G.A.A. 23,45 Peg flu 25 Ir. 'fra-'A l3y 'x'a:s1'y 'J 2345 lr. 45 llazchzng Band 12245 'rt- G.A.A. l, hand l. fer: Band l,2,3 45 hand Vzce Fres- .ic-n' 45 Dance Burxi 234: Per Hand 2,3 45 Annual Eusness L.YjSEI',:4L.I, G., LF: U S'a:t. 45 Chcpr 45 lit-Te--ns 2 3,45 F F L: ,, '7 34. . if 7244 LAHHY HANNUH Bcwung Team 45 Sol and En- 'U99 EWMQGU fi .v",f'JAJ M, C V' Org: ge and Black Stuff 45 Bowl- semile Ccntest l 3 4: Reserve H 'A A' .Lug Team 45 Beskefrsii 12,35 Cheerleader if S-lien' cunt-ti Fcctrail l,35 Track l. l, FTA. l,2. fin If TANYA KUENZLI Sr GAA H1Teens 234 FTA I Trr Masque 2 3 4 Concert Band 2 3 4 Marchrnq Trr Masque Offtcer 4 Homecommq Attendant 4 Bowlrnq Team 4 Annual Ctrculatron Statt 4 Scholarshrp Team 2 Ir G A A l HELEN LAMBRITE H Teens 34 FHA 4 Ir GAA I AMARYLLIS LAWRENCE Marchmq Band I 2 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 Pep Band 3 Sr GAA 234 Pep Club 2 H1 Teens 2 3 4 H1 Teens Offrcer 4 F T A I 2 3 4 Oranqe and Black 4 Tn Masque 2 3 4 The-sptans 4 Bowl mq Team 4 Annual Staff 4 Scholarslup Team G A A ANNLEIGHTEY S GAA 234 H1Teens 234 er GAA DONNA LESLIE Annual Treasurer 4 Ma orette 3 4 H1 Teens 2 3 4 Sr G A A 2 3 4 Marchrnq Band 2 Concert Band 2 3 4 Drstrtct Solo and Ensemble 2 Pep Band 4 I G A GILES LOGSDON Annual Staff 4 Football 3 Oranae a 23 Scholarshrp l23 T' Club 2 nd Black IACIE HERALD LIrTeens 234 Sr GAA 234 Pep Club 23 Reserve Cheerlead r 23 Grrls Glee Clu I GAA ALICE HOGAN P1 Teens 4 FHA 234 Bowlrnq 4 Grrls Glee C ul' 3 Ir G A A l LARRY KARG Football I 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track l 2 3 4 Varslty U 2 3 4 H1Y 4 Class Play 3 PATRICIA KLEIN Marchrno Band I 2 3 4 Concert Band l 2 34 Band Prestdent 4 H1 Teens 2 3 4 Sr G A A 2 3 4 Trt Masque 2 34 Clas Play 3 Dxstrtct Solo and Ensemble Ccntest I2 34 FTA 12 Pep Band I 2 3 4 Page Nxneteen ' Ir. . . . l. H 'I A I-..g .2 A i ,Y i ' 0 ", ' I - ...f Vlll 'M' I I I' . . . . 2,345 '- ,,7 . . . ,2,3,45 Band 2,3,4g Stuclent Council 45 Class' Officer 45 i- ,g . . . 7 . . . . . 2, tr. . . f1. ' N r. . . . ,.: - ,rr P r X : Ir. . . .l, 3 QQ . .A.1. ' QVLLOIQ5 DAVID METZGER Student Counc1l 4 Student Counctl Pres1dent 4 Football 134 T11 Masque 234 The-sp1an 4 Thesp1ans Pres1dent 4 Marchma Band I2 Con cert Band I 2 3 4 Band Othcer 4 H1 Y 2 3 4 H1 Y OIIICGI 3 4 Vars1ty U 4 Class Play 3 Pep Band 2 3 Basketball I Baseball Manager I WAYNE MICK LINDA MILLER Annual CITCUIOIIOH Staff 4 Cheerleader 2 3 4 FTIMOSQUG 234 FTA 1234 H1Teens 234 Sr GAA 234 PepClub23 Ir GAA I JAMES MILLIGAN H1 Y 2 3 4 H1 Y Othcer 3 H1 Y Pres1dent 4 FT A 3 4 FT A Prestdent 4 Buckeye Boys State Tn Masque 4 Thesptans 4 Staqe Manaqer Class Play 3 Football I 34 Track I 2 34 Varstty U 4 Class Presldent I Class Otttcer 3 Basketball I Annual Staff 4 Page Twenty IUDY LOOMAN S1 GAA 234 H1Teens 234 SUE ANN LOVEBICH S1 GAA 234 H1Teens 4 Pep ulo G A .A I Bancl I CAT1-IRYN MASON H1 Teens 2 3 4 H1 Teens Offtcer 4 Marchma Band 234 Concert B nd I234 FTA I234 anqe and Black 4 Annual CIICUIGIICH Staff 4 T11 Masque 2 3 4 Sr G A A 2 3 4 Bowlmq Team 4 Scholarslup Team 2 Ir GA A I ION MCCONNELL Marchtnq Band I 2 3 4 Concert Band I 2 3 4 Pep Band 2 3 4 STEPHEN MCCOBD Football 234 Student Councll 3 Va1s1ty U 34 H1Y 4 Class Play 3 Bowlmq Team 4 Bas ketball 2 IOSEPH MEEKER 4 Class Play 3 H1Y 234 MUSIC Festwal 3 Football 12 O Qu 4 Q '. , , . . , , 7 1 - , , . ' -4 . , . . ,,g '- 3 CI I 25 lr. l,,,p 'A' C1 ,,,j:..,,,IOY- I W 5 'I Choir l,2,3,4g Choir President 45 Student Council - 1 .' m I .:f'.At 1' 'A":aQ A ., I-I- .. , ...snr-1 md- ,X ,cz ,. K, - A Cx "X 'fir 'I' ' We pe' me varies Marching Band 1.23.47 Cxncer' Band l,2,3,47 lclcmeccming Af- fendant 47 Office 'Work 47 Tri- Masque 2,3,47 Hi-Teens 2,3,47 Sr. G.A.A. 2.3.47 ETA. 2,3,4: FTA. Officer 47 Dance Band 3,47 Pep Band 37 Pep Club 27 Girls' Glee Club 17 Ir. G.A,A. lj An' nual Business S'aff. NANCY MOSES Student Council 47 Orange and Black Staff 47 Office Work 47 Hi- Teens 2.3.47 Sr. GAA. 2,3,47 Sr. 3.A.A. Officer 47 F.T.A. 3,47 F, TA. Officer 47 Tri-Masque 2,347 Pep Club 2 37 lr. GAA, 1, 'FEED .0 ff:-' ,.-- Deg vt fi Ott 'J 3 elf . -..ff 1 4' - 7k14,,4-uwa.4p. 4 A 1 - . 1 ., 4 v 4 . 2 This was the first class to build a house. A project instigated by the Neiderkohr Construction Com- pany, it afforded much experience to those who helped build it. With everyone so busy, it was often difficult to find workers for the house. But the seniors were able to complete it, and realized a very nice profit as a result. ALBERT YXYEPS THOMAS RACHETER Football 1,2,37 Basketball 1,27 Track 1,2,3,47 Class Play 37 Hi-Y 2,3,47 Varsity U 2,3,47 Bowling Team 4. FRANK MYERS Football 1,2,3,47 Track 1,2,3,47 Basketball 1,22 Baseball 1.2,37 Varsity U 2,347 Hi-Y 3,47 Hi-Y Officer 47 Concert Band 1.,2,3,47 Band Officer 47 Bswling Team 47 Annual Business Staff. 132' stay , 'QSQ :+C IOHN RADWECPC CAROL RIESER RUBY ROBERTS P,,1r.c11 12- Bzskefagii 17 Ch Lf 234, H1472-ens 2.2 47 E514 HLAT-eens 2.3.47 Sf- G-A-A 21314: 2,37 Class Pav 3. Te-ns Offgcer 47 E.'T.P.. 1,2 3,47 3.4: lf. GP-.A. 1 A T21-f.f:-q,:e 23,47 Glass Pay 37 PATRICK RILEY Orange and Black 47 Sr. GAA. Hi-Y 2,3,4j Hi-Y Officer 3,47 Ecot- QNQ 47 De? C135 27 Ir, G,A,A, lj ball 1,47 Basketball 1,27 Track Schflarshzrr Team 1. l,2,4Q Varsity U 47 Band An- IALZES RHQDEN ncuncer 37 Orange and Black Fcftball 1.23. 2.37 PT-A. 1- Page Twenty-One HELEII S.l.T.f. .lnhufil T.1L?IY1f'?F Sif: 4: H.-Teeris 2 E S.. 4: If-.T..L.. 4: uf: ffl: Glf-Q "3 ':. 'S ' 1 1 ZCITZ . Ll-ef 1... ... 3 . ...... fi'f:I' - C, . -,.. M:'." A" C"""1f -.-JJ K, .-.. ' :CHF gl-1' i.'.Gf'T1 ,Ill .5'r:eTir:1:': .iff-tit: 4- Q..-..r.. 3 -Q' fit.. .. 3 4' Q. .,J ..., J.. .... -, .. L JA. .,"l'L ,,.....,,, F.:-:Al-2 A.. , , - ,. . 'X ,rnc ,UWM , -1, ..,.h .. ha, , M,.,. .,, .,,. ,,.,,1 S i J....... ,,,.. "fr'r S' "fn ' :Q . .,.- T .4 J mf L Q S' ' -xsarnz .L . "V ' 3 2 .. E: . -N A3 -V A ' f- , - -ef YES ,HIL ' I. -,.'-'..:-1, ,..f?Qf.SC'I.Gf . ..-,,. ,---.-..- s s X-.X---H - . ,.,.v,, ,- 'XN ..,-.nm A Y' .J 'FC L :4 .CW-. .. A..,, ...MMA Q-1' .,.-.-,'l-'fI,l"? 4 . H - A.. A A - " 'haf J' XJTCITE ZTYI -1, CCHS LJII, "Plc 3: FTA. 34: Chi: 234- , -:..,.-.,,- rcnm 3. .IFS r.'JV J, ,y ......4 .,-... . ' ' mf 12. W.,.-,, . Sthxcrshg .h..... .,, HJ-.. . ' 3 ' ". ' 'T T '. W. .Y ..f,,,... ., 4,1 .f.S. . r. ,. A . ,, . M 5 S. C34 Lnfx-2r:i:.Q -mer , -1. .Y ...HUM C :A -..,.. .,.......,. ,,, f- ,-. . -,., il-.9-225 .L J -1' bf. J..-1..-1. 4 J -1' ' "L . 1 ' 'I .. H . -F V, -. ,, C DA: ,....-. . ......,-f-. f4..A ...r- -. -fv' "'-ff-- 'fw--f-K S-f-il . TCW "' fr. G.:5.,.l.. 1. av' f N ivvv -- ' v-4'-7 .4 is S 592 E:- IAMES STANSBERY IUDY STL Esc 1-1-A 3 1' v'A FOEERT SLIMMLT F.F..5a. 1,2,3,4: PPA, Offl Mcxrchmq Bond 1,2,3,4: Ccnceri Sz. G.A,A. 2,3 4: S.. G,.5..A.?1ef- 7 , ,, H H I Q Q- 4, , B.-md I,2,3,4p PPA. 2,3,4, PEA. .qw 4, Chair 23, Tmfgsqug 2 Qcjifcjl 311 4' 'GAm'C"1 12 Officer 2. 3,45 Tn-Masque Cff1CQI 3: S'11- A " MARY STUNMETZ inn' Cixncl 4: Stden' C-11nr:f 'T-I1'Tv'IGSQ'JC' 234: Trz-Mosque Cffr-ez 4: H'ITlf'f'YTl1YI'Q' .fwfr P1es1dent4:Thosg'1cns 4: March- ant 4: BJCLCQYP 'jgls' S1310 ECSE f.f.5.FY SUELETT Ln? Blind 1234: C'ncer' Baud :2RI'2'JGl Eusznais Scif 4: C1CIFS 55399179 234' SY- G--ILA. 2342? :Q 34, Fog: Bcni 234, swam- Flay 3, r.fmf:m1 Band 1,234 31295 Pivy 3' Tim. 2.3: Tfuncl 45 Ch' 1: 2,3 4: Phzlhuz- T mg: Bxnii 1234- E",-,vim E .'11Sh15' 'TP'1m?: Ir. GAA. 1. m mc Muszc Comp: 3: Ch" 11 AS- Toqm 47 Qggs Cff:-of 1,47 Sph' S1SiCIUf 5111119111 DIIQCVI 4: Ch' 11 qmhif, Tggm 1,73 Pep Cigff Ensemi in 4: SY- G-AA. 7.34: HL- DISIYLF' S 2' unfi Znspmi le ffm Teens 2,345 Ozfmrp ani Blwk 4.51 1734, QM... jg: 3, gf.. 2345 Hnntazl S":2f 4: Sth 311' "'h'ngQQ1if. ' fihli 'ff-im 125- P'.'f..5., 174: D.:':1f" imi S . 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Cer 4 if IANETWELLS FHA 1234 Sr GAA 234 l'l1Teens234 Ir GAA 1 MERVIN WILL Nlarchmq Band 1 2 3 4 Concert Band 1 2 3 4 l-l1Y 34 Pep Band 34 FTA 4 Chotr 4 Pep Club 2 3 Reserve Basketball Manager 2 PHILLIP WOOTEN Foo ball l2 34 Varsrty U 4 l-l1Y 34 RAYMOND SWARTZ Football 1234 Varsrty U 34 Basketball 23 Track Manaqer 1234 l-l1Y 34 I-l1Y Oftrcer 4 FTA 2 I Bandl ROBERT SWARTZ H1 Y 2 3 4 H1 Y Otfrcer 3 4 Vars1ty U 2 3 4 Foot ball 1 2 3 4 Basketball 1 2 3 4 Track l 2 3 Or anqe and Black Staff 3 4 Tn Masque 2 3 4 Class Play 3 Schclarshrp Buckeye Boys State 3 An nual Bus1ness Staff ELIZABETH SWIHART Marchmq Band 12 34 Concert Band 1234 Pep Band 3 4 Dance Band Solorst 4 Dlstnct Solo and Ensemble Contest l2 State Solo and Ensemble Contest 1 Chou' 34 Chou Offrcer 4 FTA 12 34 FTA Ofhcer 4 Sr GAA 234 H1Teens 234 Tr1 Masque 234 Cholr Ensemble 4 An nual Staff 4 Pep Club 2 Thespxans 4 Bowlrnq Team 4 NORMAN TRUESDELL Tr1 Masque 234 Class Presldent 4 Class Play Student Councrl 4 F F A 3 Page Twenty Three W I 1 I : I I 7 7 ' I 1 4 ' 3, H1-Y 3,4,'195O1bq11 l,2,3,4p varsity U 2,3,4: P - ' - 'F ' U H F A' un M . X, . 1 X - . .I .E x A ' Dunng the Wyandot County Farr the sen Cmderella comes down the palace starrs rors sponsored a watermelon stand tc the Prom of 1957 Upper Sandusky Hlgh School Upper Sandusky Chro May 27 1958 Dear World Tomorrow 1S Graduat1on Day Tomght as we look back on our h1gh school years our expenences resemble a passrng parade of events We attended sports events dances meetrngs We took part 1n many extra cur r1cular act1v1t1es Upon hrst attamrng thls posltron for wh1ch we had always had hlgh esteem we d1SCOV9fed that SGHIOTS were not so b1g and lmoortant as we had always thought they were Because we had always thought that sen1ors were the best we felt a httle rnadequate durlng our lrrst months as sen1ors However 1ust before the end of the frrst semester we began to reallze how close graduatlon really was Subsequently we Page Twenty Fcur notrced a change of att1tude among our tel low sen1ors Often our conversatlons were of a more serrous nature We talked of our future of college or Jobs and 1n some cases of natronal and world problems Ot course World graduatton rsnt the only thmg that was promptlng our mlnds to thxnk beyond our h1gh school days and of the problems you wrll present to us as adults For 1t was durmg our senror year that the flrst earth satell1te was laun hed usherlng us rn to a new era Thrs advancement wrll not only brrng new demands upon us ln the held of scxence but wrll also make a specral demand upon those of us who w1ll be enter mg the txelds of educatlon t I . 1 1 1 A . 1 1 1 . , , 1 - , , . 1 1 . ' ' 1 1 I . . A . . . . K' 1 , . - 1 1 1 . . , . Although a little dubious at ti'nes we are sure tnat we slnall be able to cope with your problems because of the Wonderful teachers whom we have had in high school and who have been both friends and instructors. As we go on we shall certainly not have a lack of fond memories of our teachers our school and our activities. As students of U.S.H.S. our activities have boen many. Although we have had disagreements at times we have also received much joy working to- gether on class projects. Among these pro- jects we shall remember our Iunior Class play Our Town our Senior Class play The Man Who Came to Dinner our Ir Sr IGS Initiating a new idea we had a money chart to insure a fairer and more business- like way of raising money for our wonderful class trip to New York. By using this chart each of us was responsible for earning SSO. Our biggest project was that of building a house which was a completely new idea and we benefited by it two-fold: First we gained valuable experience by working on the house- second we received a profit from the sale of the house. So World tomorrow when we walk down the aisle to graduation We will be filled with mixed emotions reluctance to leave our school teachers and old friends eager Hopefully yours The Class of l958 Hee we see Cmderellas coach waitin Sen r h merccm whe much cf the sen while she danced with he Prince Charm r us n ss was c nducted ing Page Twenty Five A V I Y , , 2 , , , , I ' , ' ' ' A A Prom, "Fantasyland"g and many class par- ness to go on to see what our future holds for t' . us. . 1 ' ' . " g 1: c , re - ' r ' - io F 1 e c . Page T enty Snr CAM W!! V1rg1n1a Andrew will my decorative glasses to Marva Rall Linda Baldridge will the Homecoming crown to next years Homecoming queen Iames Beaston will my position in the dance band to Darwin Giles Iohn Beggs will my love for lite to anyone who doesn t have the will to live Violet Born w1ll my last name to the Stork Club Beverly Brewer w1ll my Business English book to someone who can write letters Vernon Brinson w1ll my watch to my brother Bernard Iames Brown will my last name to some poor white cow Shirley Brown will my Job in the office to anyone who can make as many mistakes in the announcements as I did Ioel Castanien will my gavel to next year s F F A president Kenny Miller Iames Cavanaugh will my taxi service to Iay Traxler Larry Cheney w1ll some ot my wild streaks to Allen Walton We W1ll1am Noble Cole and Patrick Noble Riley will our noble name Noble to the two most noble nobles 1n the Iunior Class Noble Nedra Bae Stimpfle and Noble William Martin Marilyn Constien will my watch to next year s dance band Fred Cook will my basketball ability to William Sam Martin Fred Corbln will my N O L football team nomination to Ed Schoenberger David Degler will my love tor speech and Journalism to Allen Walton the cake Charles Eley will my Ford to some unfortunate Chevy owner Helen Ann Ellis will my Job as Annual Business Manager to anyone in the Iunior Class who likes to count money Edna Frey will my art ot playing tricks to anyone who has the nerve to try them Rosemary Grllen will my handwriting and study hall seat to Roy Hostetter Anthony Hall will all my luck and charm to Tom Myers Larry Hannum w1ll my ability to talk in circles to W1ll1am Martin Ann Hendricks will my position in dance band to anyone who would rather play for the dances than dance Iacte Herald will my Job at Koehler s Drug Store to anyone who doesn t like football games I do Allce Hogan will my good tlmes in high school to my slster Barbara Larry Karg will my speed to Tom Butch Fox Patricla Klein will my French Horn to anyone who can play it Tanya Kuenzli will my Job as Senror Class treasurer to anybody who can keep books straight Helen Lambrite will my ability to skate to Karen Beidelschies Amaryllis Lawrence w1ll my name Amaryllis back to the flowers Ann Leightey w1ll my love for school to my sr ter Rita Donna Leslie w1ll my maiorette unttorm to anyone who w1ll love being ma Jorette as much as I did Giles Logsdon w1ll my nickname Goose to Martin Ball Iudy Looman will my shorthand book to Beva Brown I Sue Ann Loverxch will my ab1l1ty to get caugl'1 at anythmg I try to do to any one who llkes excltement K A L I, ' , I I . IV I , . . . I, ' , ' , . I, , ' ' . I, , ' ' ' . I, f , ' ' . I, Anne Diller, will my nickname "Cooky" to my sister Amy, who really takes I, , ' . L I . . . I, , ' . I' .1 , . . I, ' , ' 's ' . I, , ' y . QVLLOP' 6!6Lf55 Cat ryn Mason w1ll all my mt resttng o one calls to my tster Mary Ion McConnell w1ll rn,1n1 kna e Burr ead to D acon Danlel Iones Steven McCord w1ll my book wtth th answers 1n 1t to W1ll1am Martm wno w1ll need rt Ioseph Meeker wtll my b autttul barrtone votce to Ted Kuenzl1 Davtd Metzger w1ll my ab1l1ty to make and lose Irtends to my brother Bruce Wayne Mtck w1ll my broad shoulders to Allen Walton Lmda Mxller w1ll my goofs durmg cheers to Nedra Stlmptl w1th the hope she w1ll do as well as I lam s Mtlltgan w1ll trte seventh and tghth grade basketball team to Mr Wolfe Arlene Mohre wtll my ntckname Molasses to omeone tn dance band who w1ll make the ame use of 1t next year as I dtd thts year Nancy Moses w1ll my abtltty to talk tn seventh p rtod study hall to Pat Hostetter Frank Myers w1ll my punttng toe to Charles Smtth Thomas Racheter w1ll my phystque wh1ch Damel Patchett wtlled to me to lames Worlme lohn Raawtck w1ll my truck dr1v1ng abthty to lames Koehler hoplng h doe n t make the same mrstake I dtd Worltne Carol Rteser w1ll my good mormngs to Kaye Schrenk Ruby Roberts w1ll all my good tlmes tn study hall to Ltnda Packer Helen Sammet will all my smtles to Howard Hostetter and Kenny Mtller W1ll1am Schroer w1ll my love tor Pepsl g1rls and the trombone to Roger Castanren Marla S hultz w1ll my abxllty to play tn dance band to anyone who would l1ke to play 1n tt Susan Shafer w1ll all my htdden talents to anyone who cant fmd the1rs elther Marylou Smtth w1ll my ntckname Bookt to my brother Charles Iames Stansbery w1ll my chalr tn the trombone sectxon of the band to Darwtn Glles Mary Stemmetz w1ll my lxttle p1ccolo to lason Traxler w1th the hope rt w1ll not be too heavy for h1m ludy Stubbs w1ll my bashful ways to any rumor g1rl who needs them We Rose Mary Sublett and Ray Swartz w1ll our tendency to have at least one hght a week to any coupl who gets along Robert Summtt w1ll my abxltty to keep qutet tn study hall to Iames Bennett Robert Swartz w1ll my sacred motto Oh well 1t s my last year to my be loved trrend Ed Schoenberger Eltzabeth Swthart w1ll all my spl1t reeds to the ltcortce stlck sectlon ot the band Norman Truesdell w1ll my grant e onomy slzed bottl of asptrtn to neyt year s Semor Class presldent lanet Wells w1ll my ab1l1ty to keep qulet tn fourth pertod study hall to Mary Benedlct Mervm Wtll w1ll my GD1l1lY to cut out 1n band to Vernon Ortans I Phtlltp Wooten w1ll my ab1l1ty to leave the gtrls alone to next year s lover boy Pa ge T en y Seven O l I, h , I I . I e I s' . I, , I . 1 c I' h " 'I e . 'I I . l, , I I. e I I I I ' , I I, ' , I e I I I I. I, I , I . I, I I , I I I e I . I, e I I , I I o e' . I' I . A , ,, ,, S , I s I I I . I, , I . I I I e I I, , I I I . s ' I I . I, lames Rhoden, will all the Reader's Digests I used in English class to lim I, , I I I , I, c , I I I I I, , ' ' ' ' ' I I e . I, , I I ,C - ' e ' ' . C w t- vmiom President .................. Bonnie Newell Secretary-Treasurer ,....... Nedra Stirnpfle Vice-President ............ Trenton Oelberq FIRST ROW SYlV1C Armstrong Mary B nedrct larnes Bennett Mary Lou Best lunror Bmau Nan cy Brxler Barbara Bnnarran Reva Brown lohn Burns SECOND ROW lane Caldwell ludy Cr eney Mel vtn Coleman Karen Colvrn Mary Cook Rrchard rary Floyd Culver Sandra Drekrnann lean Ann Frlsch THIRD ROW Darl Gerber Darwtn Glles Harry Graham Sandra Green Susan Hale Davtd Heltr lolmn Helwr Dennls Hmes Howard l-lostetter t t I . . f- . . , 9 , O , , , A , , L , ' . 1 - t , Q V I ' f f f - 1 I - V , . - 1 - f ' - - 1 , . N-f I I 1 T'.-:enfy lftjltt Bruce Metzqer Ann M1l1er Kenneth Mlller Bonme Newell R1chard Newell Kath1 Obee Trenton Oelberq Lmda Parsell Ellen Pool Rachel Rall Kathleen Baile Iudy Rlddle Larry Rowland Edwm Schoenberqer Fay Schoolheld Patricia Hostetter Lynn Hunter Betty Iohns Daniel Iones Sandra Karq Shlrley Khlel Helen Km Susan Kllne Elalne Koehler Iamee Koehler Iames Koen1q Ronald Kramer ludy Llnstedt Glorla Luman W1111arn Martm Thomas Mennmqen Page Twenty N1ne l ludith Newell M 4 ' 5' V 3 Phyllis Stephan Catherine Stielel Nedra Stimptle Riley Stover David Strasser Sonie Thiel Larry Thomas Clarice Traxler Iason Traxler Elalne Van Scoit Madelon Vent Irene Voorhels Allen Walton Page Thirty Frances Walton Edward Warfel Glenn Warfel Kay Welton Barry Wines lames Witzel Nor1ta Wolfe Iames Worline Ianlce Yeater Iames Younq Rodney Zehfus Roger Zehlu W Al Q . 4 ,, fa 5: l . S iz l "Uh, ,.,,,g.. WMC. ',.,. -.., ,V .,. .Ln ..,.f, 1 u-.. .fun , us. M: g.vf,., .H ,,....,. f-Hz: f"'f-Lv: Lyrf-1-'-'nz Pfvfv' ..,: Nwf. ,.a-., o...,,..., ,.,,u4.,.- ,J...i. o .HA nf-,V-:fri ,L-Y . an rv f-Af. .ff 'f- nf ,Y 'WL ,-.4 ..,c,.... .,, J HJ, ,.,.g ,ov .J .Ao .., o..- cf ire :usgest ','et:.s ine c..ss '.-JL.. et-fret: ergee. I-.lt:.cug:. fCYCClKlC1f.Q a play : J aging ire :cr.cess1cr. stands, and putting cr. a prom are not new proiecfs for the gunicr dass, txey do require perception organization, and ambition to carry on successfully. Tne tootball concession stand is pic- tured at tlte rigiit, and the junicr home room is at tire bottom. ln addition to tlie three major projects already mentioned, ine juniors success- fully sponsored a movie in the tall. Everyone is expecting great things from tnis group next year. ffrs. Faze' "s 1 Executive Committee Clfifnf' lJ":'f'.'f:.., ggi' ,.. Era, ' Danger. Class ,:f'r1" r ' f ff' ' Netra S'irn: tif- Lynn ' inn .Je ,.n.s Elnes Ei '.'."::fc-E .:. lfennr. :en S ge Fixx- Ei :zzy ,Ls ,. .r ,. ,,, wie ,, Sponsors and Advisors "LQ ,. , . . . T- ff.. e'l1 inej, ,.f..,: far, t "'C "f"'f' n Eiga: Fisher. 3 U . A . .Y , .,,f . ,Li O ZOWQOVQJ - I1 CIQQ l L Q Q Q HQ Vr I V. QC ca cr axe sale In me ful' U acl e Q C C I Im, cr Io G hes CITY 1 ,ICP GW Io K RNTXJGIG X5 f"Q lU1Cl f A ,.. vs as f XX -1 .ggi FIRST RCW PG If f' UQ art uum SECQND RC " L IVY C GIG CH' I rw e e up 9. A .-., Ml uf' THIRD I CW D ,fm X I I my Gem II I L v Mfxry Br' I Curt Q C e WTC 4 'G Irf' I ' Q Q vv V 'T' AVI V I I, N D W y emu R G If ,,,,' - Fug' , ,. .. -V -V , , """ vx . 1 .ge QIUCQLQGIIIIQ Cl -M Ci 'QQ CeIt'::i1',' Legs: rzpfuo - Lrg fi iciie fer :self Tins yezI. Cxe Cf tie l:1qqe-f F classes ever 1: eiier the hell, :f they started - A e3I:,' te pic: ICI Igie1I semcr tI1p. Uicer tfge ei- .- ' A tQ."s13'sz1: Qec:ieIsEi1p of IIS presdem, RQe1eM:f131:i, the :Law I1 ' Qc . ., :Ce an . cz VJCSIR. lil the ep , ft I' ' CI e p t . W1i:i tict k nd , Cf C1i1:1t15r1, eveI' Ie C ., ' Q' , f ' tc seelrtg this :TCSS :five t'.'C more "Ieci ye...Ie at Upfer HI'-IE.. Vxw- F11-.'. If If ..,, ,,..,..,...,., P fwwhlf-4-I1 11.0-' SecX:f,-iI,1:u'-T:-fgzsgez ...............,.. ,JF ' L III YQ 1 ', g ll "', Vf:Sl1f'IR.' ,.... .. .......,,........ If i." .-." TJ. , , 7 , " ' A ' - I 9 4 F?-lj? .Y . .. K , -E .: 4 3 .. 'K A ,I ' Q Q, ' -ffl " E? 9.11 Tig , -1 1 4' f 1 455 i ' , M ' '. J , 1 . ' h V 4' I 'T' .5 Sf 1 X mf ' ' A: f I 1, Ll' ' is 'I 'f'2f'E"If 1 t V V . S . L ' . .5 gh, 'ii -5 Nh ,. , 3, ' .- -3 1' ' 1- . , , , , H I 7 R S Jw I fvf I " M K . - Q R 'R , Q Q ' ' . V A Nw" - ' 4 . f , S " I 4 1 1: -1 75, , . 9 , I 5,3 I, I . W, , 0 Z' K' ' 'V .f 4 'L r l ,' ,fy ,. 3 ,, ' u ,I ' ' Qu, e I I I I 4 3' , 'z D .fflld Adfzrps, A ,lit Azwir-i'.-.'e ,II fe' 3 3 Pgglfzg Y '1f1Ik E' Ps- ' 'Q XLI, 'T-Il' . . . , . , , .V F1 7 ,A :I ,-1. A gtxrz, CUTS. .kr , 1.. R 'vI, lucy :gs If1I1..r,:1, N 1 gl Drew, K'11:..' LQ g 2-It, L . ' ' ' V 'WJW .- -. V GIA . ' 'H Y B I., I 'YQ BHS Ian BC 111, f . Il E my. fL!xlHL:-YY, e. Ekleneuy, YI ,J Hey . I - F.. W- , Smsfzzi BTlI'1'IZI'I.., BC: MII: RL: tis, -'U-Ae CI . fxldx-.fell fzrrill, C"f1I1-t1t.-f ffxssel FC','R.H 3 Rgiert E Gris Sz.-iryl Eyestgzge, Rcyrz. If WI Cm, Be e 11 C:gG.x.'.'1Ck, ..ffTYfQfI.,. ::.C1r::L Pak, PC1511 PQ. Trgzzfrs Fix, Szgrley C1 MCA, Brerifi Qgfmce. Fiery Ffzmgl 'N lt, .dex X e fer Lyziri Gefi. David Koehler Theodore Kuenzli Linda Kuenzll Rita Leiqhtey Sharon Lind Ieanette Loqsdon luanita Long Mary Lonq Sharon Lotz Ioy Lyon Barbara Martiq Leland McClain Paul McClain Rosie McClain Barbara McDermott Ie-rry Gier William Griffith Barbara Halbedel Richard Hamilton sandra Hannum Sandra Hastings Ioseph Hedges Linda Hehr Iohn Hood Sharyn Householder Iames Iohnson Martha Kear Donald Keller Yvonne Keller Sharon Kilgore Sharon Kinley William Kinley Robert Kleinlem Dennis Kline Margaret Kline Paqe Thirty Three Robert Krichbaum Page Thrrty Four Diane Menninqen Helen Messrner Carol Miller Kathle n M1l1er Manlyn Mrller Rlchard Mrller Robert Morr1s PeC5QY Myers Mary Moses Bernard Nerderkohr Suzanne Osborn Iarnes Overrnyer Sharon Parrsh Dorothy Penwell Margaret Pool Rodney Powell Darrel Pryor Leonard Rall Marva Rall Mary Rall Reuben Rall Susan Rhoden Kathleen Rrfe Sarah Rrley Iarnes Rrtterspach Phylhs Rltterspach Carol Ross Ioseph Schlndler Edwrn Schoenberqer Kaye Schrenk Raymond Schroer Shrrley Shearer Robert Sreqel Charles Smrth Fred Srmth Harold Srnrth 9 , Q 2 I Iames Smith Mary Smith Bonnie Stansbery Roberta Stansbery Gary Starling Llnda Stowe Karen Strasser Kenneth Swartz Robert Swartz Larry Swe1gard Sandra Swerleln Gary Ulnch Rosalm Thtel VIIQIUIG Ulnch R1ta Ve1th Iohn Vent Ellen Voorhels Ralph Walters Robert Wh1trnore Rudy W1lk1HSOD Iames Wllson Ronald W1sner Roger Woltrurn Phylhs Wooten Phtlhp Yoakurn Fredenck Young Thomas Young Page Thxrty Ftve V85 IWLQVL beer ar, Trea ur r V1 VICQ Pres1der1t Carol Frank Pre1ae1 Douala St lam FIBST BOW Nancy Archer lack Austm CGIVITI Baker Carol Balau' Dallas Bartl W 1 1 ar Malomew S ararx B ara Karen B91d91 C 1 Pob ert BIISIDQ SECGND BOW Il B r Dawa Bou r D Vld Br1Ckr1er Bernard Br rm Ia Arm Brown T was Page Th1 y SIX Caskey Earl Chadwmk Lmda Cool' lack Feeley THIRD BQW Carol Frank Iud 11 r1'1 C Io Arm u1tBqrGaarar1 Bbrt gy TIOTS Gr H11 B1 ara Fa away Ia T- y 61 an el H lar Q a Q. v rufzw 'neg' V1 ..---.-- ........- xA1'..,4x.4 ' S e .... .... Ich. Lee I 1-K B A V q ' Q' ' v ' QW I A ., ,S ,yd V - Y 4l ' -. a , . J ,Q 1- K ' -v . - Q, 3 'J -- A .17 , 'a 4. Q' N. ' A " 4 'A -! , xr . ' f r -- V IL. ., 3 u. 1' Q j,-.'-,-. . 3? J? X- ' .f" f 4. "' ' fw,ff,f.,..! 1 ., . ...X ? ,. . . Q .4 , 4 ,, I ' 'V . ,- 1 1, ff V: I vi- v 1: -4 T. .. , , . . ' 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 M - , ., 1, 1l1ar1 B - - 11 ' 'Q lr , . 1 ,. , ,. C , , f. A . - ,H -91 S--9-11 Ga, ae a:1,ae rre,:r1a Nl- 1!E1,!CE1'.fEi , :r:es.faa:,D - 2 1. 3 ' Cie , 13 1 e.. . ' rea Fe' 1 v0 , Terrence Herald Barbara Hogan Lynn Horne Mahnda Kara M1chael Karq Mona Kelly Kathryn Koenrq Rxchard Kuenzh Llnda Larcornb Iud1th Lawrence Iohn Lee Iames Lmd Susan Lehman Bernadette Loqsdon Eugene Loverrch Wrlham Markey Frank Markey Patrlcra Markley Thomas MGILIH Sy1v1a McW11hams Barbara Mouser Susan Mlller Goldte Mrnard Rrta Moore Iudy Mouser Iames Needs Vernon Orlans Carolyn Osborn Madalyn Osborn Davrd Patchett Sandra Phrlhps Geraldlne Rall Mart1n Rall Davrd Rlce W11l1am R1tterspach Page Thrrty Se en t Patricia Menninqen t ' - v Barbara Thomas Nancy Tooman Edward Van Scoit David Vogel Etta Voorheis Carol Walton Emogene Wilburn Linda Wines David Wolfe Larry Yeater Page 'Thirty Eigh Patrlcia Young Patricia Runyon Nancy Sebenoler Carmaleda Smith William Smith Marilyn Snyder Cleo Spitzer Iohn Stansbery Betty Swartz Douglas Stephan Clyde Taylor Karen Taylor Iulia Thiel ZZJJA Qu Q HDS HC QS ff- 'ne s Q 'er rn ey Anna L n, D1cre " s n flr l'11e en rack nan rr l G rc Eze ef' S fClvD 're e e J ayne rca ,f Smlh lfa .fn er' D- n en Cf 5 rerger S emme lames e s J Shen Ofhcers Presrdent Wrllrarn Bnnqman V1cePres1dent Donald Kress Secretary Treasurer Terr Kraus rrllDD PO lady Wrsner D nlld Karg lames Newman e J mr en rf' s lar-fre enzr Q h Ja DP a et GFI' aslfey rOU D v11lO'Tl rn n S an r: oe y nr' e an ra lan lc Sl' n H F6 elf-h Sh I ey oe me lan ce Krehl Shu ey Ann Smr h leanne Exams Wrtlr thelr offlcers and sponsors leadmq the way the erqhih grade had two class partres tlns year Therr frrst was rn November and followed Our Prlqrrrn Herrtaae therne Then second party 1n February was a Valen Une s Dance ri! x". HFS 'T H QQ G arr' Q 'nes J fer C fe 1- L fe C a Dr SE OND r .1 J LG HS QQ are r cp.: an :. V L 'ps e h y une .r 'l' 'Wi f.fr,. E' olyn ffea. ,1.i,r, Ralf. I K ls , . 'W .. . VJ: ' ' -, f, F f, -' c ", .o f.::,er's:n Mary Ma-: l C f lSchz. nerger, Sig? S th, Irll H. dr-k, , gl. o Ku- 1, .ut 'J rfel, ' ' Tic: .. , Ke..e'h Por,-er's, .1 r' ' -I.,... Peggy fairer, 1,k P ':h-', C .fl C W . EQ ' EDIT: fa,.-s '3r1'h,S'.'.'- Q- or, . . fffy,r', " ETH PDVI: "'ll . Lu a , as Drown, ' 'f Dre- 'I , D:c'as1n fplzn flpller, Larr' t , . r'1 B .A bert, Cc .1 Kara, S a. .. c , .arc ix, ,lady 12' .e , nott, Pager Casa 1, , Shzrl-' Town, lfrss loyce C Q - rl D a r, 1 , ' Q f , f , 1 5 x l 0 v F 6 ,' 7 1 , . r 9 s . v . ' v ' 1 - ' 3 s , E X 1 4 fu: 1 I 5 I 2 - l ' , T F,C'.'.': fame. Evans missin '.'.'rlQ1 .. DYIYZZ- DEED PCT: fa. - 'Dre . ?a'r1:1 Sz-.'ar'z Elan, lff3"1X f- '-dv Azrlernan Lgniza Lezarxov, Dex Kraas llarv Farrar: Fgfhzras n fajv Hrfs Ffsalra '.'.'elQs Firera F-grey Dana Fwhrraagh Frihara f'arr1.., Phglxg fzzk fzuzan Drler sachel Sprner E-ery -Lire fgiy HY 1 vgvfl ' 3' -.'.Yl.KlKS 'Q' .T EDIT: S:.ara Kng ze Dana" ' ar, Drama P:-eller FDUFTH F.'j'.'.': Chrrs Izh :n Orgve GL1f'Il'I6.l Edu-:ara phyuif X' gghgg 59--if jg-Y-,sw Lfggglg Itfyoro Cari ?- .C Gr D'n Efress farnes Sg,a:'.s Frea Grnen Ligzs E, .S- Lafyf- S'1lQ'.-.'e.. "nr1s'.:e E :ver Kar. K'-ehlr suxret' SLT' f L.: flex-Jrrzizn fay .-Ria..- Fee: ffglrgari, Lis Tayl 5, F13 T rrf -l' , X QUQIQZLA1 QTL 8 fQ ,J- F C 1h V lCh e e Laaeen Sandra Sh em r 1 ha a B Gratm111e1 "1 6 G K1 'TL F I'1GITl'HCTl P1 2 E ey S emmer Sha Bart ara G GI D ar' E 1CkD9 Pa 1ane B1 v V? a Var If Q 1, T1 ChT1y e Ofixcers PreS1dent ICI n Roth V1C9 Pres1dent Murrell R11ey Secretary Treaqurer Kennetn Starhna nn rn e r cn er e nn Song me man 1 I n -mn 1-arrnan eanr e 3.1 ne O 1 Q T XNINGIU K ne S n R th Gary me aym ni h mae Sffllh a At the bottom of the Umon B111ld1nq totem oole are the seventh qraders Perhaps the sev enth araders try the hardeet because they are the newest and younaest members ot t1e Classes They had two Carnes one 1n tne tall nd one 111 t e s1or1na Q jx ... 1 3 ROW 1: I-IIS. E11e-t1ne Ezrtgn I-ZJIEI' 'feater P1:xy1nfn: FCM' E: .l11.enf.fa1'1g E1 KLCFS C'1 1. "1 Ez, Ea1:1:1: Smt , 111 an '.'."11, ' 'fhqas F153 it Pzxssell ',I.11ch S :na Schi 11115431 Ezenia DQ , "ra 11 C1 Fc. 1' 15.11, E'y1 1 1:1 " 1 , Ihr 1 1 Dune Piss, Kaxla A1121 1' 'I , I CVJ I radi ' I. , :fn '.'.'a1",h, partly P',11k F VV 4: ffrei' 't'.'112e1, fhrhael 1f"'e111nj, ' .1 Tf?h1"EY . i 1 , 1 .e 1 1, f11f'1a Thur ,1 if Rh 'Ln fflf, f 11'h'.-:ara Fiezt TLT' n f'h 1 1 , Kaiser, D . YI 1.17 1 Q 115. I.'11f:y ?fe'zef. D"1Ql1:1 f.f1'Che.1, F 1' ' T.f:'nhe,., T ' 11 '. Fiei 1'7. - 1 A I - ' 1 . 11 1 A , 1 1 . A . ,M . ' -,1 ......... 1 1 .A e 1 1. A . 1 -- --- 1- ' , ,-,- :N 3 f 'uh 1 ' ' A.. AY , I I 5 f 1 1 I 1 11 6 : 1 X l 1' 1 N . , I . 3 - 5 5 Q 1 r 1 .2 S1147 1. 11 'L' Pffh' 3' 111- 1. I 11 ff ::'g1. 5-' 3' F.:-.-.-11:1 11 Pf- :.11f '11 S' 11.1111 ' 1111 Prez. zzrif I1-JI 111:11 :1 'A Sm :A S 11 11, 2:1131 S .1 :1 1. I x1 1 KH: jun., '.J3:xm13 -LU. H '3.'Jb. I1 mi L34-11:-: 151111 F:'1'11.:,1 111101. E..:1:1,1:. 21:51 1, N., ' :Lil-A .fy 1- 1 3 QNZ11- Duzggyjgv ffl P- f 7- -'13 9- V74 -1 'J:1.f'11 T332 1 '11 Ifl-'iv' P1 1- 1' .Z- ffrhiff Q: ,.f111 H111 oz X :11.1- 1 S11 11.1 fi II-:ie-11 S 1.f1 1 21:1 ftnug 1.f ::.1 S. 1 YT f..g:- A y t me freshman class party some or ,FQ 'nm-la f-V-' -,An ofa ,wha TFQ ,v ..A.,,4.,f if-. ....,1 ln, dvr. ...o reszrren tonnes .Kerri ,zito ,ohrrrg the Hola-ey Pak-ey." For therr party, "Our Pilgrim Heri- tage," the eighth graders went to a great deal of work lo make a replica of tle Mayflower They called it The Mayflower Vlll The sophomores class party lls the-me was Harvesl Moon ard ev eryorre load a good Ume lumor frgfr study all T 1 IS t e place the seventh e1ghth and mhth graders cud thelr studymg eF yOne 1- . o l . 1 f ' ,.1"' , .. , . ' A I A f lil . h 7 .1 , A, , 'Q ' Q' R 'I l N A . ,E ,. 5, r, l 'K . , ae? agilmfenf The Iumors all made uc and waxtma f r the clay to beam T e band was alway loyal P 11 Clark B Iu 1 r B11 and Dalia Barth nvtilgfgi We burned Carey at tHe armual snake dance W at s so 1rrteres1mq'7 Nedra Sump He Pai Ha 1 tier Barbara Brmqmarm aid lane Caldwell H len Sar t G le Laaeda mustbe rrurrary ...F . A Y , ,V I r 1. , 3 I , 5 I v :",,1' 'jk fs", T ' , e . f 4 f1',,l' 'i lf' 5 .1 Em ' ' ' . - E1 S . ' SQ ' I f Q i V Y e mage :1 ,. , 111 Krmey, me .au, . S I. 1 s - rm ' . lfL6L5 l J-, ...-Q I 'Q FIRST ROW: Mary Steinnietz and Frank Myers, lacie Herald, Arny Lawrence, Elizabeth Swihart, Arlene Mohre and ludy Lawrence, Cathy Mason. SECOND ROW: Alice Hogan, Icznet Wells, Virginia Andrews and Rosemary Gillen, Ed Schoenberqer and Torn Fox. THIRD ROW: Norman Truesdell and friend, Arny Lawrence, Tanya Ku-enzli, Mary Steinrneiz, Linda Miller, Ann Hendricks and Marylou Srnitli, Nancy Moses. Fi rty-Thre . -A , fb W x F1 -xg N NN - ,Q XXAU X- 8 J- ' max i' it NH' A "A fin x .N ' Q' X' :E I ,my Vs .ag 5-V' KQ-so A f 9 wk H W? 1-gwx.,,.A Rm , . fiwps ' U,S,fl.S.'s gxize-winnxng Chris?- mas decorations put ut LY the Student Council. The student lpdy enyoys an us' se-rnbly chosen fpi them :Ly the' Student Council. ugilucfenf Gund One of tne purposes of the Student Council is to promote the general welfare of students in their activities. For this reason, our club of leaders selected interesting and informative as- sernblies. Led by President Dave Metzger, the club this year won first prize for the schools Christmas display, They also sponsored a talent show and planned the Homecoming activities. Besides President Metzger, the other officers were vice-president, lim Milligang secretary, Anne Diller, and treasurer, ludy Stubbs. 'Me tem ff' Q? y-Sgx SEATED: If sefth Meeker, Edwin Schfenberger, David Metzqez Pu- tzicza Klein, ludy Riddle Helen Ann Elfzs, fiel Cdstanten Sue Lehman. STANDING: fi' sie f.f:'flz.r: '.'.'Lll1arn Ergngman Tanya Kuenzn f.: A St'..::'s Fred Young lfary Sem E nnie Newell, iff. F :eff Barclay, Th mos' E-lf'T1!i1I1Q6Y1 Nancy llses, Dlvid Dcwlez, Kdth Oree f lin Ffh E 1-1' Sn-.'J:'Z flrnf-5' Yfll .::n Anne DQR-1, 321- Tri-Masque President Mary Steinmetz's en- thusiasm for dramatics imbued the rest of the members, and the result was one of the busiest years ever for this club. Following the three major constitution, the club put on a banquet, and attended a onic production. The club weekly radio program and points of the club's a production, held professional histri- also sponsored a assumed responsi- bility for several assemblies rncluding the Christmas and World Day of Prayer assem blies The three one act Play Festival was pre sented in February The sophomore members gave One Happy Family the Juniors Lone ly Lady and the seniors No Greater Love blffqflfte These were directed by junior and senior mem- bers ot the club, and by the sponsor, Miss Ruth Spies. ln the spring the club saw a professional dramatic production. As April drew near, all members looked forward to the Tri-Masque banquet. Awards were given to the best actor, and best actress, best supporting actor and best supporting ac- tress The clubs many activities won many dra matic points for its members and thus increased the membership in the high school honorary dramatic society Thespians The club s very capable sponsor is Miss Ruth Spies who as isted them in all their endeavors FIRST ROW Elaine Van Scoit Fred Corbn treasure anya Kuenzli Sec etary Lynn Hunter Vice Presiden Mary Seinmetz President lliss Ruh Sp es Adliscr David Metz er Th spian President David Degle Thespian VicePresiaen' Ann Diller Thespian Secretary Treasurer Kathi Obee SECOND ROW ludy Stubbs Arlene Mohre S san Hale Linda Baldridge He en Ann Ellis Patricia Klein Scme Thiel Barbara Eringman Susan Kline lane Caldwell THIRD POW Linda Parsell Cathryn Mas n Ann rlendricks Linda Mil er Susan Shafer Nancy Moses Carcl Flieser Elizabeth Swihart Amy lawrence ludy Lins edt FOURTH ROW Neara Simplle Daniel lcnes Bruce Me zger lohn Bea s Norman Truesd ll Ro er Swartz William Schroer Sandra Green Phyl s Stephan Ann Miller ENDS Fay Schoclfield Bonnie Newell Page Forty Seven 1 , . . 1 , . 1 - 1 . , . 11 . 11 . . 11 1 . . I I - 11 . 11 11 . . . . ' Q , . , S . , f , ...I f. 1 .V r. ' 1 -.f l . I 1 1 1 ff A 4 1 I I 1 4 .' . Y: 1 , ' 7 iv Y 1 , ' 7 ' 'J , 9 . z I , Q .V K. 9 .. -, - ' , 1' . , , , . , . A A r N4 1 A 1 A 1 r. , ' - ' 'I A . A , S, , , 1 1 4 . . . . b 1 'A 1 1 -4 1 V ' . 'z ' t , ' , ' t , a, e , b 1 1 . 1 1 1 il 1 - Seniors SEATED: Mary Lau Smith, Treasuzerg Anne Diller President: Miss lean Getting, Adxfxsrrg Cathryn lla- s:,n, Vice-Presidentg Carrl RIVISGI, Secretary. FIRST ROW: Linda Miller, Arlene lflshre, lane' Wells, Violet Burn, Rosemary Sulflett, Nancy lflf sn-11, Elizalueth Swihazt, lady Lcnman, Linda Baldrrdfge. SECOND ROW: Susan Shafer, Rrrny Rclerts, Ann Hendricks, Shirley Brown, Iacie Herald, Edna Frey Mary Steinmetz, Iudy Stufil s, Virginia Andrews. THIRD ROW: Helen Ann Ellis, Helen Larnlwrito, Ann Leightey, Tanya Kuenzlr, Patricia Klein, Amy Law- rence, Helen Sarnmet, Beverly Brewer, Sue Ann Lc- verich, Marilyn Ccnstren. I uniors FIRST ROW: Lynn Hunter, Rarlvara Brintzrnfrn, Ila- tricia Hffstettor, Ann Miller, Nedra Strmyfle, Srnre Thiel, Mary Benedict, Iridy Linstecit, Ka'hr Olert, Ianice Yeater, SECOND ROVV: Fay Schccilfield, lane Caldwell, Helen Kin, Reva Brcwn, Linda Parsell, Susan Kline Kay VVeltcn, Rachel Rall, Sandra Kara. THIRD ROW: Bcnnie Newell, Irene Vcerheis, Sandra Green, Phyllis Stephan, Clarrce Traxler, Iridy Rrdflie, Nancy Bixler, Catherine Strefel, Ellen Pifl. FOURTH ROVV: Elaine Kcehier, Karen C,lvin Size Hale, lean Ann Frisch, Elaine Van Scott fridy New- ell, Ncrrfa Wclfe Kathleen Riley. Sophomores FIRST ROW: Rrzalin Thirtl fwfr: Lf-1 :hw-y, Firrrf-lit Austin, Margare' Kline Sha: n L 'Z I.'f'r:y twill l.l4r1y Evans, Ilaztha Kear. SECOND ROW: Shar n Lgnpi, E :f-rf: S'rrr:1:f,-:,' Kathleen Err r ext, San iid lffrs'1n::1, Kfryrl Sllff-Tlli Sarah Riley Virginia U.:if'h ','r rzfi Erlzf-1 Efek-r. Gerfier Sha: ri KL: 1' Ze, Sarrir.: llizrrn grrr 'T " Euqy. THIRD P,O'.'.': F'n:1.f S"1r.f': y F : - f.f': '. 1.13 Yvfnne Keler, Sh:rQf-y Shearer Sheryl Ey-'-5' nf' Marilyn Ilrller flex-n f.ff4s2f1rriff! fi fy E :Ph A . izf-y Andrews ly Ly n I ycf' Schf-:Lie 1 :fir L:r:: If . enzh, Carl Iliff-1, Shxley Frisch. FOURTH IiOK'.': Car , D:fA'.'.' E.I'f1li1'1 IA PI E - If--rr nrngen, Karen Smrsrfrer I-.ra VH-:'h '41 iw Kathleen I-fxllf-I Katy "" J: ,Q Fri: rr I-. Chriswnfr lfaslsf-. Fuzzy Lfyffz: Eur.. Sharyn Hnseh lie: Farrar: lf'-Dr-zrrr : :rr Lfartrg. FIFTH F'.O'.'.'1 Sandra S'.-Je-:.f-Ln Fhy..::' ..1ga'l. Linda Heh: Shaun FJ:.sh Qigixh kgs E':::.1rJ Eurns, liarrare' P Q l.fa:'.'J 'RJQQ f::un,1r L rig Rosemary 'Nelly flary Lf sf-s Sziianrre -fftcrrr Beverly Chadx-Jiri: Sharon Kink-y Shar'n F.r.l:. Z - slew Learning to help others, and learning how to grow into maturity" has been the two-fold program of H1-Teens this year. In coniuriction with tire first part of this program, the club sponsored an orphan girl of the Korean War, seventeeneyear-old Yong Ae Lee. The successful year included the following functions: the annual Christmas dance, "Holiday Splen- dor", the consecration service: initi- ation: and the Easter Chapel, which featured the HifTeen chorus. The officers were President, Anne Diller: Vice-President, Cathy Mason: Secretary, Carol Rieser: first-sernes- ter Treasurer, Marylou Smith: and second-semester Treasurer, Amy Lawrence. lu 'gg 'll hu' 'I IN' I Q4 Q0 :ry lil v - i 1 SEATLD. F.cnk i..ye.s, Sec.e.aiy, Dalid Metzge., Treasurer, Edward Warfel, Vice-President: Iames Mil- ligan, President, Fred Corbin, Sergean'-of-arms, Ray- mond Swartz, Chaplaing Patrick Riley, Repcrier. FIRST ROKV: Gary Starling, Robert Kieiniein, Richard Hamilton, Gary Ulrich, Roger Zehfus, lames Ritters- pach, Ralph Waiters, lames Young, lchn Hehr, Ted Kuenzli, Steven McCord, lason Traxler, lames Brcvxn, lchn Booth, Rodney Zehfus, Ronald Wisner. SECOND ROW: Mr. lames Schcenberger, spcnscry Bruce Metzger, Flnyd Culver, Richard Newell, Dennis Kline, harry Graham, Tom Yang, Tcm Racheter, Larry Karg, Tom Fox, Allen Walton, lames Witzel, lunior Binau, Paul McClain. THIRD RONV: Fred Cook, David Koehler, Lynn Getz Iames Beastcn, William Schroer, Robert Swartz, Icel Castanien, Mervin Will, Phillip Wbcten, Raymond Cat- tran, William Kinley, Raymond Schroer, Larry Caldwell. FOURTH ROVV: William Cole, lcseph Meeker, Edwin Schoenberger, Philip Clark, Dennis Hines Richard Crary Riley Stover, Vvlilliam Griffith, lchn l-locd, 'William Mar- tin, lohn Beggs, David Degler, Norman Truesdell, David Strasser, Dari Gerber. Certainly the Hi-Y was one of the busiest clubs at U.S.l'l.S. last year. Under the direction of its enthusiastic president, lim Milligan, the club completed many successful activities. During the month of October, the members held their initiation and conducted a scrap drive. ln the first week of November the club had a hay- ride, and toward the end of the month held a dance, the theme of which was "Winter Won- derland." ln its usual tradition, the Hi-Y spread Christmas cheer in December by having a White Christmas gift drive. The gifts collected were distributed to fourteen deserving families in the community. Individual members of our Hi-Y also obtained places of honor. David Degler and Robert Swartz held offices of president and chaplain respectively in the District Hi-Y and Tri Hi-Y association. Vice President of the club was Ed Warfelg secretary, Frank Myersg treasurer, Da- vid Metzgerg chaplain, Raymond Swartzy re- porter, Patrick Rileyg and sergeantfat-arms, Fred Corbin. li:-Y's "'Win'e' W cnaer a dance in N veml e i SEATED: Sarah Myers, I-'Iarilyn lffxher, Patricia Yiung I-fpna Kelly, Shirley Frisch, Linda Hehr. STANDING: Patrzcia Mennrnaen, Gzidie Mtnard Margaret Kline, Earzzara Marita. Barbara Chance, Yvcnne Keller, Mary Smith, Indy Cheney, Sylvia Mcl'.'iEQrams, Mary Inna, Janice Yeaier, Cle1 Spitzer, Heien Messmer, Paxrrcza Fcx, Audrey Ancirew. BACK ROYN: Kathleen Rite. Iudxh Earth, Peas? I-fyezs, fzyce Schegdeager, Marva Rall, Shargn Parish, Mary Moses. l is ,- --.. A- ,V 5' I .. 4 V? , , , U I ' , 'Dt A l -, 5 ' Y 1 X I I ' nt. ., . if' '.Q' . s,:i?I FIRST ROW: Carol Baker, Pamela Austin, Rosemary Gillen, Viratnia Andrew, Janet Wells, Alrce Hogan. SECOND ROW: Reva Brown, Mary Cook, Sandra Green, Phyllrs Stephan, Iudy Riddle. Sandra Diekmanri, Indy Linstedt, Catherine Stiefel, Mrs. Elizabeth Riley, advisor. TI-IIRD ROW: Mary Benedict, Malinda Kara, Barbara Hogan, Sharon Beard, Rita Lerahtey, Kaye Schrenk, Kathleen Miller, lc Ann Brown, Patricia Runycn, Karen Strasser, Shirley Shearer. FOURTH ROW: Ruby Roberts, Mary Lou Best, Barbara Mercer, Iill Bortcn, Linda Cock, Clarice Traxler, Barbara Burns, Ellen Pccl, Diane Menninqen, Helen Lambrrte, Officers and advisor on the evening ot the induction services: Sandra Green Secretary: Phyllis Stephan, Treasurer Mrs. Elizabeth Riley, Advisory lucly Riddle, President: Sandra Diekrnann, Vice-Presi dent. e Fitry ,mu A .nd :TEST POI.: ffr. Ithn Eiitgn L.'j'-'l?'ff Charles Eley WUVK ?,7Q'.'.': 'Kayne l.'f.cA ' hn 'wen' Edu-J.n S':h.f-rr Vice-Fresiden'p Larry Cheney, 'freasirezg f el i'asran1en .,,, Pic-hard ff. .-ei, Lazy Zee: ezzy Gary c... . A y, Presrdeny Larry Thprnae, Seczeazyg jrrn Efeizstzn, Fe- Ext' Zehtui., Eugene l. 'ff-:."h. ycrter. PtC'J.': Larry Sz-.'1:':td, David Hey, hhffrzf.-n SECOND Kf-nne'h f.fi.leI, flrnffif Bennet lamer' 3"' lfurz-lin Sues, KV-I1I'lf-'l'i S'.w'aI'7 "Vries: llfrfas Vr S:ans::ery, Lfaziin Rag f :erh Sf'r,.ri':.f-1, Amen '.'.'a,"r. n n -rzins Lfgchaei Ka: 1. hugh '.'.'al'ers 'hazles Srnrh Danni "Wie, ..'.-.":1'1:z f :f-Q---n-1 1. f rr ' '.'.'h.f'h f .fi .n fl fffg ern: et. The Future Farmers of America enaaa- ed in their usual busy schedule this year. Under the leadership of Iael Castanien, the F.F.A. boys had a aocd year. Une ot their many activitres was the pest hunt, which was won by Larry Cheney. At the end of the pest hunt, the annual FPA. banquet was held. This event was ccn- sidered a treniendcus success. This sprina, as usual, the Parliamentary Prc- cedure ccntest was held. Tne bcys kept their ratings cn tcp aaarn anis year. , I J, 'L Edge l'.r'y -'Qftzv Pane F f'v T SEATED: Elizabeth Swihart, historian, William Cole, treasurery larnes Milligan, president: Mrs, Hazel Caves, advisor, Tanya Kuenzli, vice-presidentg Nancy Moses, secretary, Arlene Mchre, librarian. FIRST ROW: Mary Steinmetz, ludy Lawrence, Sharon Lotz, Carol Buoy, Karen Beidelschies, Sandra Hannurn, Kathey Erppert, Barbara Thcmas, Linda Miller, Carcl Drew, Kaye Schrenlc, Mary Evans, Kathi Obee, Patty Menninqen, Betty Swartz, Carol Rieser. SECOND ROW: Rodney Zehtus, Virginia Ulrich, Carol Walton, Bonnie Stansbery, Rita Veith, Kay Carroll, Sharon Kinley, Sarah Riley, Kathleen Miller, Rosie Mc- The Future Teachers of America Club is organized to encouraqe hiqh school stu- dents to become teachers. The students receive first-hand experience by conduct- ing classes themselves. Besides the F.T.A. dance, the members also attended a con- vention in lanuary at Bowling Green. Clain, Linda l.arcom:3, Carol Frank, Linda Wines, Carol Balduf. THlRD ROW: ludith Bils, Kathy Koenig, Rachel Rall Carcl Ross, Scnie Thiel, Nedra Stimpfle, lames Wcrlrne, Lrdy Thiel, Helen Sammet, Lynn Horne, Karen Strasser, lrene Voorheis, Tcm l'-fenningen, Nancy Serenpler, Ba:- t ara Haloedel. FOURTH ROW: Bcnnie Newell, Elaine Koehler, Karen Colvin, Helen Ann Ellis, Amy Lawrence, Mervin Will, William Schrcer, Iames Beaston, Cathryn Lfascn Sue Hale, Ellen Rccl, Susan Eringman, Barbara Barns Bev- erly Chadwick, Susan Lehman. Two F.T.A.'s receive first-hand experience ity teaching this arithmetic class themselves. SEATED: Card Preset, I-.my I.a'.-.'- fence, Helen Ann Elks, ffff, f:,l'fl'ZGf'j Lac, advzszrp Ka'h1 Dbee, earn:- David Dealer, Nancy fffcses, Dah :yn frfaszn 'nne Dall-er flary Sean- rne'z. FIRST RCW: Mary Evans, Shafzn Fink, Mr. Frederic Cxner, prici- readerg Feva Brown, Sznie Thiel, jane Caldwell, Barbara Eringman Fcnald '.'.':sner, Earrpara f.f':De:rn2", Ann Miller, Sandra Hannurn, Kali-ey Eipperi Carcl Drew, Kathleen Maller, SECOND ROW: Daniel lanes, Larry I-lannum, Fay Schecliie-ld, Phyllis Ritterspach, Karen Calvin, Sarah Ri- ley. Kinley, lzyce Schexdegger, Susan Kline, THIRD HOW: Giles Lngsdon, Juan xta Long, Robert Swartz, Barbara Burns, Allen Walton, Rndney Zehtus. Sharyn Householder, 'Jfilhazn Pdflge 3126! N064 This year the Orange and Black initiated a new method of obtaining a better paper. Under Editor Kathi Obee, the staff was divided into two working groups. Each group in turn pub- lished the paper. The element of competition, plus the help of advisor Richard Lab and proof- reader Frederic Criner, tremendously improved the paper. The Upper Sandusky High School journalists have spent much time in fulfilling their assignments. For their fine co-operation and hard work, they deserve our congratula- tions and thanks. Mmtaf 67664661 fiorz Under the supervision of Mr. Koenig, these boys helped to promote the increasing popu- larity of visual education. Sacrificing their time, they showed films for the various classes. Un- der the visual education program, students re- ceive additional opportunities to gain know- ledge, Mr. Frederick Koenig, program di- rectory Donald Keller, Ray Schroer, Gary Ulrich, David Degler, Thomas Fcx, Robert Swartz, Junior Binau. Dennis Kline, Iarnes Koenig, Ken- ! nezh Miller, Allen Walton, Iohn Hehr. Page Fifty Three C. EVSKY T f- -,Q fgfrfvw- -. ,vw ,W-,.,,.. F. -, L Xl.,-,Y -....,,.b V. ...- .,,-...,, Cf. 'HKS ff.-Elf 3Ql9SfS Gif - -,.. Lbalr VG CNQQIQ' ,-Q xrw QW--,AQ v amor .,- -....n ,, .. F ,-.. fx' A-. f. db... .,.. A- ,.-..--.T.. J...Z FL... .., ..., wb .V ...J V -..AU . ,...,1,. -,--+A fhf +nAG Lfifxx '.. ,guru ,, Wir. Mwlf. , . -bf Ju ,.. ,,,. , ., f. ., 5.5-,:. 1' ,. of, 1: ri :.1 Tis. ff' .. LL 1: -I ...iw 5,.f.,.::,..,... A" L. iz Pfrhf-y E15 5 f 12 . JA, ......,4 . J. 1 S nf-fv f-Q PYAQ'C1A"' , N Y H., ,Y ,x.,b. f-ff-Af-1 fr qw, C,....An5 N.. rudy ,f-V fyg M-rA,slfJ.w L.,,., N 5- KD 1-Q - sf---n fi .bb ,M . ,.. .... . 14 -uv , ,. , r. , ,. nful , . .......'a .. .1 V , y, -.?F5-ffifff Dqznf -fftnzrifze v ..,, " , Ln, . .. A-,, '. b,.., ..V. ,Q J. SWF . D CII .,..'IfI f'.l"!U"f S',Z!'.1f1 I1'lYlTl.lff1. ,V 1 ,.,.,I. v,.,q .qw I . 1 ,.' ...Ji ., 2.r N.,- :..,. Mn. ..-:Q ,.....,..,, b-.,.....bb. ,A::.,,-..,,..F'.',..,. ,,,.,.JAn.' r b,...b':f2 .v.., 'JMC :L':,. C.. ':X-':.x:fi. QCD may Stubbs ffTES1d'EIiT7 Nancy Moses V- V""x " 'x"' . N ,-x brwgebtr rcfriczc li.-Eli, secretcryy Susc. :....1-er, tr-Ecsurerq and Home Kc-eller, pcm .. .un ,MCAT Sp, frm. MF? Iffifl Kdris WGS tit-2 Club Super .,,. ,. ., ,,. . .Y ,V .,. . ..., ,,.f , , ,V ,WUQ f ' ' " ' ' fi This L-'ny yy. 5433 ,rffl V yii Snhnizfrzz- - -,.., . ,. . , ,,1,, X, ,. 1, , I.. . ,ILE 5.35, , . ,, . . f"I1'1"l'f'f' .3 DIRJICZ Sz-sf-1. , 1: by 5 ..1r1'1': :x1.ffb?.: .. .fi II .-. 'iff :Fifi ITV-','.'i'. ""'j2TH PQ r ':f1r,',1 ' hzr.-.'."k, I1iLlY1I".1 L r" phyl- - , ,. K Y A Hx"r,:sg'cf'h :rf-nw -hGI'If'f: carzuro rxzm Susan " 'N K " "' Vzrigznxcx 'HL' "HGH, ,321 I'IIf" T I, I",' S"9I'HCfY vv"1..1v' v . ' 'W VJ: :1-'hz Shfiiyri :1 Lgseh rift F'::"" "H tu... 1-vu., . ,JJ ..,. Sh-. .. Ln .. ' : 5 Y r i f . S P --. , 5 I ."', , A I .. 1 4 .. - . I L 0 .. A sf '- I ll I - ' I k ' 4 2 -1 3 1 ! I 1 ' Q I " I - V 4 l I MX EEST P F' .1 FJ.. F 'r. fl :ri ff sf: :fi S':.'1b:1' f,1r.f' .111 S' .: 1 x S .. xr, Sfhiff-I f.:':. .z 551. Q 3' 'Jgjjg I-.z::..': il .lf-'iii S'.z11::,-1 Fun' '7- 33 151' E' V' 7- 4 S kr. .ff-Q: P' w :i.::y' ri P",'f-I-Y PIP".-fffi Sf- .limb ,, gi The primary aim of the Iunior Girls' Athletic Association is to "promote interest in physical education for girls in Iunior High through intra- muralsf' The girls who belong to this club en- joy sports and cultivate good sportsmanship. Under a new system inaugurated this year, the girls receive points of recognition for their activities in the club. FIRST ROW: Anita Long, Norma Long, Norita Stiefel, Patricia Martin, Drane Brown, Mary Mason, Rogette Powell, Linda Leightey, Barbara Gier, Sandra Shireman Susan Evans, Ladeen Thomas, Diane Robertson. SECOND ROW: Miss lean Karns, Stella Smith, Irene Benedict, Geraldine Lear, Diane Brickner, Carolyn Fulk, Rita Karg, Susan Gerber, Ann Harmon, Patricia Church Iudy Rhoden, Karen Huffman, Penny Io Miller, Ieanette Burns, Iudy Wilkinson. The officers responsible for leading the Ir. G.A.A. through this successful year are Presi- dent Susan Lehmanp Vice-President Linda Lar- oomb: Secretary, Iacie Kuenzli, and Treasurer, Betty Swartz. Under the direction of Miss Iean Karns, the club held a semi-formal springtime party. THIRD ROW: Iudy Welch, Kathy Krebs, Bonnie Kress, Barbara Ulrich, Karla Martin, Sandy Zimmerman, Role-en Bay, Sharon Getz, Lucille Stillwell, Iudy Wisner, Sharla Heck, Donna Robertson, Connie Frank, Sharon Walton Ruth Ann Warfel. FOURTH ROW: Sandy Larick, Diane Pfeifer, Diane Ross Connie Day, Betty Moore, Barbara Richardson, Patsy Swartz, Betty Newell, Rosalita Wells, Rachel Steiner, Marcia Myers, Brenda Dunn, Phyllis Voorheis, Donna Schoenberger, Sharon Rice, Shirley Smith. FIRST ROW Shirley Brown Karen Beidelschres Patricia Menningen Mona Kelly Ianis Kiehl Susan B own Bar Young Ieanne Evans Iackie Kuenzli lill Hendricks Emogene Wrlourn SECOND ROW I.xdv If se Christine B wer Shirley Beamer Mary Feeley Susan Mile IAnne Brown Nancy Tooman Mary Newm n Betty Diehert Iudy Ap pleman Sandy Kil re Malinda Karg Patricia Markley THIRD ROW Sylvia McWilliams Sandra Phillips Iudith Lawrence B rbara Thomas Patricia Runyon Linda E a Voorhees Car I Frank Bernadette Logsdon Nancy Archer Irl B rtcn Rita Moore Betty Swartz OURTi-I ROW Carmaleda Smith Goldie Minard Linda Nrnes Iudy Hines Amy Diller Carol Balduf lady Th el I Anne Gault Iudy Frisch Roberta Cattran Nan cy Sebenoler Sue Lehman Olive Gatchel Linda Cook Marilyn Snyder Kathy Koenig age Fifty FIVS 9 "i I I ' s . x X r r 1' ' t ,, ,., - -1 ,V 0 I, , y ' , I r ,W 1 I ,. w 1 , ' K ' ' I ' . 5 QA -- A l ' I' I . g . I . I l 1 - ' ' bara Hogan, Peggy Culver, Sharon Beard, Patricia Larcomb, Karen Koehler, Karen Taylor, Connie Karg, ' ' ' 4 OO n : ' A you r, C ' o , ' F ' . : ' , ' ' , ' 3 . -. amor ma 3 Kami 'D QQTEAKT ,, If fiyl it-. Y 11" "NM:-'N' QIWNI Q45 4.4,-4 wvi at Fl yd Culver Nedra Sxmpte Tcm Mennn en ja nn Traxe E Ace Metz er Fay Scho lfxeld Allen Walt n Lynn Hdn er Barbara B mcman Far y G aham Reva Brown Ann lltller Sue ldale Eenpol Thrs year s lunlor class play was a comedy Deadly Ernest wr1tten by Donald Payton The productlon dlrected by Mrs Mary Walton featured many character roles Bruce Metzger who was the Brooklyn bum Mr Bumpus play ed h1s character wrth an accent as dld Tom Mennmgen 1n h1s portrayal ot Texan Ernre Sap per Clanssa and Ernestme were rellcs of the V1ClOT1GH era and were played by Ellen Pool and Sue Hale Lynn Hunter played Stella a sarcastrc mrddle aged aunt Allen Walton hav1ng the lead was the t1rn1d Henry Gxlcrest woo had a sp cral talent tor gettlng nrmselt 1nto drffrcultles The cast drd a splendrd Job work mg together rn therr trrst productron erexeh 'tn 'n e vEn UI ' Z V I y , . ' 1 E, .-. . , C4 l 1 Q ' ' g " ' .119 g W , J 1 -. 5,1 - L- a ka' " 'Q I 5 . .",, ., 1 el ' -'A 1 ' I -F ' ,- O W ,Q " - 4 + -' , " , 1 -" ," 4 t .N 'P V ,, ' 1 Q 4 .Lv . v- 'Q " " -I -" ." ' -'V ." .r .. -- , ', .. A 4 f-, " ' , . . . ' K ' ' 1 . .. .1 I .., . J , r' , A .1 ' X , ..n j .4 , " ,' ,Q w " 1-, ' 4' v'. x -v ', A ' 14. '- ",.,.'-'A,-.if ,q -.- Qp 1. ., i, , . .sv 0 D . v, A -, - ' , ,.. A wr lx - .Ni ,C . 1 , ,K 5. -5, 4 s D .wi .- Ai- - V H 1- 0 ' - .- - vi - .. ' - . . .. .w . ,, mi, ...w.,. .,,-,Av... O, 4 A ' Q , Q 4? Q ai - A- ' , I , . , Y . . , ' 1 i P . . I -. A . rr , . t' R., , 1: ,' s, Hr, rr g , o' , o, ' t , ' r 4 A r r , , W. , r , il 0. 1 . V - ' , I ' I V - ' I . , , o - Q , . , . o I ' - x' .:'.'e".v: ..p..en'sZr:. th tornedy Deadly 1 est. it-' 5 , t , ' I ,K ,t'C- xl v .. Here we have one of the never-to-be-forqoften Pep: Rai- lies. Spirit was often spurred by the Pep Band. December 19 was the date of the annual Hi-Teens Christ- inas dance. Tne theme for the dance was "Holiday Splendor." Every- one nad a good time. 0lfLCQl"f M116 Seniors: f1::.- s E'-1S'CY1 i111.' .1 .f1'.'2f.iug:'. f'1'. ffclixnell Q 11.1151 ':-it 5111.5 lfyis, '.'.'..1. 111. 111-'I f.fe:'.'1i '.','1l. f...11.Qy':. LQL1 .l.r.rie H ,QQ-'Q Ie: ..xr ...ns Heridzfks F111 31: Kle ri T: 3f"fQ-'fusf-255.51-:Z 512 A '77'S4Q r-35-M' 2 'Jef-5-5"sf.-22215 5. Iuniors: FQ Cl11V'fI f :rw ri iles E'1'III" G1'1E'.:111, 21115 1' 1111.es Hifrixz T11:r1.1s Mertr, 1111- n Eruze f.' :f1 f'1s3n T1 1x1e1, A .'.'1.'i:1 , 111,12 l'f11ZG1, Rrfiri- jr Zeifus '11 A1:.s11i1.1 H1112 .1 . ' "' 311, fdidt-.'f-ff F 1. " 'fee' ,T H 1112 SKF111 K1 11' ?:'I'?.1E:f'. .1 F 1V Sflffzf " .f 1: 11. S711 e W fi Fl" ' If Se' ' 'f 1.11 'ffiife K 13' ' 5 11 Ef 1: 1. t Sophomores: r. Eff? E: fit: T- : ff -H vw -v urwnvr, Frcrn true ULlC111Of1UII1 carrie C1 treznendous burst Ci sound si1ence - and then, harmonious 111us1C e1r1C1nc11ed. Tnxs fi1L1S1C :ndrked tne trctnsi- tien of tzie U.S.H.S. Mcrszixnq Bcnd lnto tfte Con- sert Bend. As CT fefrture this year the bcznd nierti- bers were I'??QU1T'5d to Crudxticn far izteir f2OS111CY1F in edcrt O1 tzie sesucns Cf tie band. Tue CVINCLJ rndde its debut 11115 yectr Crt tue Conte zriuruty 1nsi1tu1e. Prncttcinq IITYCIYTHCYI dnd rE1yt11rn, tfze bind treiribers greg dred fer t2.e Ccntests in the sr r1:.fg. Tzge srrtnig Ct t:.e yefzr dlsc found the bfrnd rresentinq C7 rtcrrze Concert Gnd ecurneyxnq to Be11evue for tzte N. Q. 1., Banc Fest1vd1. Expressing :ns frdrxitmttcn fer t:1e bftnd, Difsfifilf August Yoder stud: "Tye 1957-58 U.S,H.S. bdnd '.'.'11I '11v.'r1u's rergdin "1 r' II'.?YI.CY'.' '1s one of the :g.:st "",:.s"'1f1.f1:11s ' 'irkxg 5riurs11ve ever Qreetffci. 'ft' ,r1c11ii5 '.'.'1t:. .Ls :1Qi1.1:f1':i1. E.f1s been fi F5511 tlffriure. f!1r. Ytder tried tae U,S.H.S. ."f1Q1f'A' 11. 1955 e1.T:," ','-711 s 'jY'Ti'1l'T1IY1Q bdrids- et. fresgyr. ..s :.e 1.75 Leer: 1.-.'5r1c::1' .tl t2,:s .1 111 if 4. ..'Tf?Sf1 i'1.j1....T1.e1r1.i31. ', 1 1 ,C 5 -..,-".4f.:,,.. 4 C-.. Q fm, t, 1 dtiefit '1 ee' iievf-I , . H ,...- f.,.,Q.,,, '.,,,,,Q .ps "5'1. s 2iZ1"xf.s were .'ff5.3'l.,T re1fr1'-1' .,. ft ' v vw . . F, L'-'A -:he ,zz-f-31" 1.41 v HL' 'wr-'-4:4 Xsfrrz-f-ff-1. .,.-... ., ...-.,. . ,... ..-..,...,., L.- ...uv uni. M..- 1 ..,..,. ... N ,M,,,,,.,VC run., .. , r,f., .. ...u M-.. 2--.W 1 I., - 2-4. Q.. eg, : .Q M54 u,...,,.,, 1. .A.1s- ........ ...,A M... x -.,f,. .,. J., b . .1.'t' . fK'1'C"' ' -1..... . sh., ., .-.E 7 ' -' H, f-1' herbs E::r111H11::d-1 F . .H:sZ.:.:. 1 .1 Ke 1' :'31.:.e Kelli 11 iley' .. .. 'Ai1:'. ' 1 -1,1 311112: 1.117 'yiri 1 :'.1,- ..f:.'11. Lf' 52131 E111, Pby11,s F " 'n 11 31:11.-rvzy' Q1:1d" 1 S1::d1'1 Swclf li 'IQ1.C? freshmen: F::eH .- 1. L Er'-1':i'1vrd 12: 1.: 1i1eQ'-H Q.. 1 Z? ! Hllfl' llllf Tye best ztiuslc Cn 1111s side of 1-1eCrve describe very the scnqs C1f'1Y9C1 ' -f-,-Aft mfvfne rv-yn P - td "T be .V..,. ,...t..x,, Mu. , .. . :pe sircup 57152.-'i 'S asf ,. 1:11 1-13 ...:.c1 Hue? Y ..fTLTff1.r1 ' R . .ss B211 P 1f . Ry: Vex Ly:.11f He " ' F vc- rr C0u1d by our :nqn Stcrdustersf' Gs Orqdntzed by Mr. P-.uqust Yoder X1 1955, Gnd 1958 found tnern re-orqdruzrnq. Un- der tfiezr new forrn of Operdtxcn, time band 1161s CI Sf',lQ9flf dlrectcr, Bruce Metzqer, Gnd CI business tgfrrfzger Fsdyey Z"f1.f1Q" Mr. 'Heder s...l serves ds t:.e1r sicnscr. .A.fj'?f'IT1ITQ t1.1s yemr 111 striking red 121"1f'1C Gnd 'NLQITG 1e1f1td bifrzrers Corndete w1t:g red nes Gnd "'.1f1.::.erbu1ids t:.:s 11gus1Cfr1 Crigdtitzrztwrr f1'1yed :Cf I'."1I1Y' '.'f1r1ed "'ef1s1C11s :tif-11131113 ire "C11e::e ffub Qdiie Tge Llcns' 1V111.sfre1 s31.s..,1 r'11r1ys, did tgdtig' 3'.Lt-iff" 'i"'es. Ani, ,,,,.,,g,.,,..,, 7. 3 .,-,IL ,:..3:f.,r+e1,. A,-we ' 1 .. . 3. .JH t.. .1 1 ,. ,, 1,14 .s... ,.,....G rf-311' r. . ine fun .. durinq -4, fn -A lrgff fyttfl X-EIT.,-.TN fu-,nt f. CjllA'f gl!!! , ,..,.,.,, ,V-,V V. wwf..-3 IQQS 31115 fw nvwfw I1f-Iy. .A 1. -. MVN.. ...t.-.. ....,,- . A ,V,. AMPA, ,...,x e-1,-. V- e.e.5 fn f f-gfgg Y.,-Av -V f xg,---Y .-fe,-fu A, .1 ,. ..., ,,v,1,., f-W-fy -. ef-fn . .bt ..,.. .,.:. ...u .fev 'W111 .J A .L QTI. TCIYT ev im-ved .1 ,.,... .V 1 . 'rs tiey v 6LlfLC8 gif!!! FIRST ROW: Heaney Zehius, Arlene flihre Marla Schglz Lfamlyn C:ns'e1n, Ann Eenarrcks. SECCND ROVJ: Elame Van Sczzf, fame Caldwell, Hiya Culver, Harry Graham, 'ffxllzcxm Schrzer Eames Beastnn. Piamst, Barbara Brmamanq Vzcahs' Ehzaneth Swzhart Bass, Iasrn Traxle-ry Duma, Bare Meiqez. Cimfgf Em FIRST ROW: Sandra Sh1remCm,Kathy Krebs Amy Dgller, Siuthward, Etnrue Kzess 'farzlyn Falk Dina: Scheen- Reherfa Cattran, Susan Gerber, fackxe Kuenzlz. berzjer .Allen Oires ?hylQ1s Y.-iZfhE1S Lfary flaszn, Izhn SECOND RCW: fudy W1sner, Betty Newell, Czrtrxe Say '3rafri1..er PTIEYT '.'.'zQfe lane Erzckner. Mary Ann Feeley, Vfxllzarri Brznqman, Lfarcga flyers FCUPTH F.C'.'f: Karen Kieher faay Hmes Shirt: Free Sharin X'-'alt:r1, Barsara Ulrrch fzhn Rzik Ctrirtge Kari flark Everett, Shrrley Erzwrx Dzaxe Erzwn Eevy Dze- Rerert Kmley Dcnald Karq,F1chard Carrjl, Davzd Lear :eri lane Erss 'fernirm CTIZHS Data Ffhrraagh THIRD PUNT: T111 Hendricks, Cermge Frank Earrazz Dania f.f1.,er Gary Kagser David Garner, Fay Hamman, Rmhardszn, Sharla Heck, Iudy Apgzleman, Barriara Gzez Eirert Tzlvn, Fixer fasranen Farhel Selmer. Iames Grafmlller, Du-nah! G1l,s'n, Oils Rvgney T.f'n'e Trme F1f'y-Nme Patty Menninfgen, Nancy Archer, Derma Lf-5.10 Drum Maw: Ezj Kmley, Fay Sch '.i:ef'i Sharyn llf.lJSf-l'1 :xr-1 nrie Keller. mlm afar Jglfac! W0L!breLlLLe5 Leading the two Eiorizorital lines of bandsrnen down the athletic iiela last fall were the drurrg rriaior, Bill Kinley, a soph- czrpcre, and six efficient rna'orA ettes: Donna Leslze, a senior: Fay Schoolfield, a junicry Yvonne Keller, and Snaryn Householder, sophomores, and Patty Menningen and Nancy Archer, freshmen. One oi the most outstanding and niernorable features of the band performances was the professional quality with which our drum rnaior and rnajorettes twirled blazing batons through their routine, "Batons by Twi- light." Their precision twirling and showrnanship added much sparkle to the highlights of the hali-time shows. 6Llf'C!Ll:lfL Seniors Iuniors '...,, ..1 ' v 'lf' 'wr' . 4 -.L Z. Arai l... 5' ,Q 1:1 'r .. f . 1, i.31:SfEf-:,QI.Q 11.61 JXUY lY..2, .ZL.LU.. S91- e Q957-59 Iffvrcrgrg 3215.5 gperfcrrzed ..,.,,..- ,,n,.,n.f, ,,,.,,., .,,. c.,,,.-W. , ,,...,1,47 :,.:'-.:,,,.. ...A.- .,... -5. r,,.,.....-5 .rig pre-eeieer. 323.153 L: 15.33351 t:,e ltirfi rizcicei '1eegdQe',e1',f t:.r:3g:.2gt me Sensei. W4 ,WT Mfg-ALYL4 ML ,: .pa ,,,Q. ,.., M, .. ,e -,.re.,,.,.. ,.., ,. Mr- ...--, N. .W ., 'H .M ft: .M , fx. .,f,..- :tune me ..,r,r.-rr.. ,Me Lei.,,e. f-,,f,r,. UWC .ez pnnq :, .pg Ly,,.L"LV. ee., ,... . - .....A , We .,,.., .,. ..r- ,.,-.,-... 'J .--'ef f-Lf-- YF- Jef- f-1-'-Y fs.-f-5 7 V- Y A ifl- IKAC..-,....: :,.,f'f:, U.: D,..1 ,...t. J...Z.. :C1..,. CQtstcr.d1r.g ir. 311 facets ef t2pe1r perferrzi- uxce, tire zrcxxge-Cid-Llcfk-fled Li:r.:ief1.e:, drsglcyed twc tzrirrqs 3.611 Ccugzpt tie eyes Lf 'ill ff.91I fine t:.e sfrf:1g2.tr.eSs if ig er tures Gnd tr.e1r precsxerr :'rr3verier1ts." , . Tzrxs yefzr, rgxeteei seniors 71111 depart wgtz. perrscnt zzrericrges cf t:.e lzrrg prac- t1f:cs. Sorrretrrrres in the rnorrtirtq 1',IfICiiC9S m tqe ffzii trfgre WGS still dew Qtr t:.e QVISS. Oz., tm.: wet feet fxrtd Gcitrrtq rztuswlesf Not to be fzrqotte-rt Ure the ncrey, Crrcwtic bus rides to :ut-of-town qcrrrresg the f,CIICIdGSf and last but not least, the party qiverr in the bC1r1d's honor by Director cmd Mrs. Yoder. m0Llf'C!LL.lfL Ez 4- . 'A 'I Cywir FFST l1ff'.A.': Sheila 2.10.1-' ne Shu: If fri Shlfey' K1-er.. :Zire I-1C1l.jGfQ' klein Shurirz Lgiz: D.1e:'.1 T-:ISS Fprh S5 e5 ,h1.5'.r. f'.1:5e. ' ' fu ' 2.1221-'Ei 'EPC F.C'.'.': fyie SShG1Ci'?'Q'QGI 511.-ex Y-A.vC."Il Ply: "5::' .l.r.:i fpe.-1 ' Ififl 1. " ' Qitiixiiz ':4':f1:'. fri: I . E'l"r1QIIQ1 firm! fi 7. 'i .f.1,'.'ft T , ip' L1Vl.W'l', F .1 111' .5'.::1:' V 13' I.ff:1,.j.'r1 ff. Szfi f rg: P4 fi fgxrrraf' '.'Q1'.'2.: rr, .'.'r...gr111 Sf? ."f111 f.ff.11y Sf'-.ri11'.f ':' r Eng. ' :V V.1II,'x'I if-us" TI .... 1111 Kzrrry, DQVJ1 .f f-hy-1 Tfrxrry H31 rh 1 Stir.,-1 I ry 'r'hf:1r.f SZ- if . ' wr if r1Z.1.' D,1'.'1i ri:rf'L:n4-1, SEQQTID f4lQ'.'.': 1 1.r.- E. -f.fI - .111 Stix' 5 .'..T11'Iff E1k.Q'.'.: The 1 If- K.1enzf1 Lynn if ine, rf1f'I'JL!l Tile' 631.1 Ftxik QQ' ..f 1.-er N... u fl Sxnizix Qizeer. ..hf1 Ei L1 f,5eg h f.fef.1kf11 fghri Yen' IQZYUES Kienrg ','.1 rr SY-fhifi ?1.1v'LE F-.1t'e155 'fhzei Shar: Srxtfrh Th'm:5 Hx E1,:e Metzger F 33.6 '.'.'151ie: D 3I1:.ej: Effie. FZ.. Lit." Parse.. :Z 1 r"'5 Suzanne C5- S'eyirxen5 F.:yrn:rt: SCh1'e1 'fh:rnc5 f. fvnien Frei' E' Tie 51Xry-5eveh v31Ce sermcr Clcir 1-.rcs hailed February. Keeping up their bu5y schedule, by SCIH6 C15 bexplg cite of t:.e 11.351 1:ipre551ve Ckorr Jcurrreyed to Hopewell-Loudoru for CI1Q1r5 Upper :QPI5 ever :fr 115 15, for Dzstrrct Music Vorrtest, cmd to Norwalk for the 11.6151 grxrf, 'liifliklifffi to TII.Zl 5 new di- 'iflflllfii NCL, SLIIIIQ CUCIY PGSUVCII. 'e:tQr, M155 Ruiz. EQKIFS. I-1153 S:T1e5 YLTICQS AI1 grgf1:.1zf1f1Qrr 'V-11121111 Ve rxoir '.'.ffr5 r :1.u::. e1:1rl.C1515 ,1. j','1iC1.':1125 1:13 under Her :Lair e1i5e:1..Q1e tint 5Gr1g eg 51 ziurrrber af jzregtzn ' e ":.::r 5 Tfilflf-C 111u51c'f11 ':r151:,:.5. It QA iiurzrycsed ei twelve chcrr rr f 1531.3 rf-r5 g rf1"t1f'f4d izrdeg f-rrierrrly cf the Q r f 1. v-rt 'z' Vt Hn F 1 '11 ' uf- ff.1F 'wfrr iff i'f.f1r :fr ite' yzvr- : E-Y, 'V 5 iurir., S'f'.'li'eI.f im. frzrd TTI. Q5 5":1.t 5tud-.-11 " 1.2455 ii ' 1 ' gf Priy' r .'t',r. if A :J-fre Azure D115-' 'iid Mfzry S " Q1 E". 5 1 5: ren-. I re5p'e't1vely. Tye ' .QIT f,ff1Cf'IS 'J r f'4f"Tf 1 1 " r -. ' v1S'f'Q :. Tvfeeki-r' 'J--Pre51:if-1.2 H ' ,ff "e ,. , "gy, T" Q QM'-ygfff Q--y,',y L '- 'rv .,'!,A nu: .'..ff pf..- 451 ru --I .. MM. R. ,,, , ,...-., 4..v4 llr.. ...,,,. L1 A ..,... LfIf'f57 Le 'H 'z .F . ..fZ.K...Q -,f- Y-A. ...-: SECCKC HI 447.4 .,. . ,MQ A., ' A ef Upper Hxqr.. ff.T'LU""A ,-A .-, Av, xeeacy, cr ruse F Marg ,. ,M VL ..,A....,,...,,..- "l"'1" 'f CCQII 1-v ff :sv-fr fu-rfvw-1 -g.. .,.,....,. ,ef-4 ,4.4....-5 1,fnf.f.f..1, fjfn A . ..,..,,A 'IJ' fyrd HTH- ,LHI V5 ,Uv ,.. -ju. .., VJHQ tvfexly-s,x Sperm tue GMES' Glee Clue Cf sor,:.c::f,res fx: C1 jL..1. Y ':':' 1...,g.. . .,,,,,. .4 M- ve-W T' -Q .,.,--. - e-HQ G -M 5,15 ZQCES fIA'I , v A Wvf- 4.1, V1 ,M , . . 1 'I'Ij,'IIL1"3 Qxrecxzr, QI fm... the crqcmzcucrg IS d ESfJf.:U fc v 1 , w I. flu, W, -I, Cv ay ff 5. F' . byxes, H1654 tue needs of Trpse qlrle wyo emcy qet- UHQ TOQGULQT to SETIQ. THE QHIS 'NQTIY Ccxrolmq Gt TLIXSIIIKTS mme, performed LIL G Y1'l UQV' QQUVUL CIVIC SVQDI me vmole year Q1 lqmq f vcrled fro qram or Qorqe fhrwtfme Ccssel Gmc oyce Scwe oeqqer w I t crffo ran ste for t e cfomf The Guls Glee Clue 'CIC done cm GQ mrcrble ,ob V115 year and we are look ng forward 'O Qeemq rr amy of them m I9 SGTIICI C OH S0719 GUY . P ' .s gf we Lv, lv? x q 1' Y 4' O ,Q :- Q.: RX 11119 'th Sp'.qM--P-- ', .',- ' X, X, ., If 1 W Ax ' I lei' , ' e e he W YHA, .- thz- ' A . A , ' . fi J ' I' 5 'f' v ?""' I' ff ""J ' c.,"' Q T' 8 4 gl 5 ,YL ,nu 'rl-.. .'.' ' - 'v "-" .-'- '1"Q'1' M' ' vi? l .Ji ' Hag' Riff' I' .. - f V- - 1 1 L . 9 I e- - 1 A4 .. -, ' .:r - q if ' , - A f, + 7 'K Y- AJ IN A i u C t K . V 4, f .. ,NGQPJ e 3 1- '+ . , . V W J. 1 Q ' W I ' X if I Q . V I . U ST PCT.: 542:13 32,5 re Efrhy Ezzrez' Fair.: F 14 Shzxryri F :eh fier ?,S'?I'Y2jIY 'Helly ilu: Fgie Qjrh EMS Efzzen Sfzsser Efzye Sihzenk gig 3L:eg',: flgss Fyh Sp.-ef. T312 P,Q'.'f: fyee Sfhenelgef FJ: Qe.'5h'ey Szijzz Hzxixxi fxxy Eizrh Ext: :tx Egn. e . lfessriei Scijzx QL.: Q1:i: S'i'.'.'e 533:13 T-iIf'.j. FED PCI: Hxtheex fl...-ez S?.1:.ey Frei ffxhey Enix-: f.f:z:'::e' F . Qmn Heh! f y Ly n Zigi Thr-. f.f':fj: I. 4 Fee' : 11" Q.. fy-WI: Athletics I , , A I czrrwilfy joofgaf jam 37 14 l7lRST ROW: Roaer Vtfcltrrim, Calvin Baker, B. li lflfiris Curtis TlllRD ROW: Darl Gerier, Bill Martin, Pat Riley, Bill Ci,lO Baker, Paul McClain, Ted Kuerizli Ed SChoei'ii,er'ier, Fharles Fred Czrriri, Ray Swartz, Norman Truesdell, Bal, Summit Smith, Tom Fax, Dick Newell. Denny lslrnes, lvfr. lames Ccrigrove. SECOND ROVV: Mr. Clifton Mcl.1ah:.ri, lim Lfzllxzgari, Phillzp FCURTH ROVY: Mr. Fentbri Tfolfe, Tim Young, Tom Young 'Wooten Larry Kara, Bob Swartz, Fred Cook Frank flyers Ed Schaerirgerojer Bill Griffith Phillip Clark Dick Miller, Ee: Steve f.4cCird, David Metzger, Tiny Hall. :Jia Nezaerkohr lim v.Avvf!l1l":G fflr, Edgar Fisher. Tlie industrious Ram coaoiiiria staff cori- sisted of Feritori Wolle, lieacl football arid severitlfi-and-eiqlitb qrade basketball coacliy Edgar Fisher, bead basketball arid Reserve tootball coach: Clifton Mclvlartori, so-track, assistarit football, arid Reserve basketball Coaotig Iazzies Coiiarove, so-track, lr. Rial. tootball, arid Freslirnari basketball coacli. Vtfe Coriqratulate trie Coacliiriq stall for its successful ettorts iii t1.e l9S7-l958 seasori. L F ,W-,L All-,,.e1q f .xiy .,.:': UPPER 19 MANSFIELD MADISON 13 The Rams opened the l957 grid season at Mansfield Madison. Al- though both teams played almost on even terms statistically, the strong-spirited Rams could not be stopped in the clutch. Coach Wolfe's boys led at half-time 12 to O. Madison bounced back to rally two scores, but halfback Fred Cook and Company couldn't be halted. In the closing minutes, the stalwart Upper defense sty- mied their opponents and chalked up victory number one. Upper Rams are all fired up with their winning spirit before the game begins UPPER 51 BUCYRUS 6 Three and one-half inches of rain had fallen before game time as Upper traveled to Bucyrus to play on mud-soaked Lane Field. But mud or rain or Ftedmen could not hold the Ram football machine. The Ramsmen comfortably led 32 to 6 at the half. The alert Upper defense must be given much praise as they pounced on six Bucy- rus fumbles, and pressed the weary Reclmen continuously throughout the game. UPPER 14 TIFFIN 6 The twice victorious Rams played host to favored Tiffin Columbian in a thriller. The Tor- nadoes' much-feared air attack never got going as five foot ten-inch Larry Karg played havoc with Tiffin's two six foot four-inch pass re- ceivers. Wolfe's Warriors led 7 to 6 at the half. The Upper offense and defense played good, hard, fundamental football. This second N. O. L. League victory opened the eyes of many people, for it proved that the Rams were to be reckoned with. UPPER 50 NORWALK 6 On October 4 the Russians' Sputnik went up, and the Norwalk Truckers came down at Up- per Sandusky. "Band Night" was observed. The Rams' defense was below par in most of the first half as the Truckers moved the ball frequently although they couldn't score. After leading at half-time 20 to U, the fired-up Rams really shifted into high gear. McCord and Clark unleashed their passing arms as they threw for four touchdowns. Offensively, Up- per's sharp and powerful blocking, mixed with the running and passing attack, was unstop- pable. UPPER 18 GALION 19 Upper journeyed to unbeaten Galion for a game which proved to be a heart breaker. The determined Rams moved the ball slowly but surely as they led twelve to nothing at the half. The terrible Tigers played the third quarter as if possessed, and the dazed Rams' pass defense was like a sieve as Galion scored three times in seven minutes. The only bright spot was Cook's sensational eighty-yard kick-off run. The Rams tried to rally, but the Tigers defense stiffened and Upper suffered its first loss. UPPER 48 WILLI-XRD 18 The Ftams proved that they had recovered from the Galion loss as they traveled to Willard in high hopes of spoiling the winless Flashes' "Parents' Night." The outclassed Willard elev- en played the Ram Reserves most of the game, as Upper repeated the massacre of the pre- vious year. Upper held Willard to a minus 52 yards at half-time, and led 41 to O. Although Willard recovered seven Ram fumbles, no dam- age was done as the Ramsmen smothered the dim Flashes. UPPER 18 SHELBY 40 With both teams needing a victory to stay in contention for the league championship, Upper played host to the undefeated Shelby power- house. For the first time this year, the Rams trailed at half time l3 to 12, after a wild second quarter. But the third quarter was even wilder as every move Upper made was a wrong one. When the smoke cleared at the end of the third quarter, the Whippets had scored 27 points. The Rams never gave up, but the high-geared Shelby offense packed too great a punch. Page Sixty Seven UPPER 14 CAREY 13 A ccid, snow-swept Carey field was the scene of the traditional Barn-Blue Devil grid clash. Throughout the first half, the stubborn Carey eleven held and pushed the bewildered Rams, Carey leading thirteen to seven. The do-or-die Wolfemen couldn't be denied as they recovered a Carey fumble and scored early in the third quarter. Climaxing a fiercely fought, scoreless fourth quarter, the Rams came out on top for victory number six. Upper gained re- venge for the seven-to-nothing Carey triumph in the preview game. UPPER 13 BELLEVUE 0 After being postponed because of a flu epi- demic, Upper Homecoming Game with Belle- vue was played on Saturday. Bam scouts said the Bedmen could be tough and they proved to be. Neither team could produce any sizeable gains. There was no score at half time, but the roof fell in on the Ftedmen in the fourth quarter as the Rams caught fire and scored twice. Fifteen Seniors played their last football Qame as Rams. The coaches selected the cap- tains for each game. At the end of the season, the team voted Buzz Corbin and Bill Cole honorary co- captains. Bamsmen placed on the N.O.L. First Team selected by the league coaches were Fred Cook, Larry Karg, and Buzz Corbin. Bill Cole, lim Milligan, and Darl Ger- ber received honorable mention. This l957 Rams' team is not only a credit to our school, but is also a symbol of good sportsman- ship. "Of all the teams I have ever coached, this team rates the high- est in desire to win," said Coach Wolfe. F ONT PCIV, tel' right Cams Baker, Bch lJl'YZl?, hm Y' Any, Ed Scnen: efger, 'Qh'::.e:' Smfh Haut McCain, Ted Kuenzli, Dick Hamiltzn, Tom Yfxzng. --A...-, ,, SECOND UTDJJ: Mr, ',fif'f.r1 hfclffahdn, rox f,'Jl'J1I'1 farce: Uicx ' er, EH. Jf.Zf1'R, .J'Ii .-.cams nard Niederkdhr, Fred Yzung, Mr, Ea Fisher. RAM RESERVES Lack of experience proved no stumbling block as the reserve football team had another successful grid season, 5-l-l. Strong spirit and heart earmarked their campaign. The experi- ence gained should be a valuable asset to the future Barn Varsity. RAM IUNIOR HIGH This year's Iunior High football team found the road rocky. Their record, 4 losses and l win, doesn't tell the Whole story as nothing has been said of the young green tearn or of its spirit. We are sure these young Rams will learn winning ways, for experience is the best teacher. Lee U acre r.r DD I' C 'Tl YI Page Sixty Nine 0WLQC0l0fLl.lfLK ,, ,X.,.,, .,.,x...:,, -..W Ae. J. .. ,...... Af.-W. f-HA.-,.-ff ff., ,-yn,-, Cyn- ':,r.3Tf , V.. Juv. -Ju Steiff triey sim' tzpirt '.'.'i1t1r.Sj had beer: Wirth whtle its the regfzl rrcjessnri Qzxgrrieyeii S1f,'fJ1'y' ftrzurfi ttf trrrik, The '-':'.'frlf"rde "f,flF1Sf's'Ci ef hte' rzpdfll "cr.v',-rtirel--s, sgcprttm irrg tru-4 queen fwrtd 'gcurt frt- tmred Lr. dfzrlc w:i,f,l spefrth dresses. Hrrvzrzq '5c1:r.e te the sept-Jr cnt the tteld, tzte grrtsf were Us ffrted to trterr rcyzt fefrtf' try iinillfif tootkwfrtt Ietterrrw'-r.. Amid ttze rrtfrzri at tlfrslt tgutbs, eur Student Couzifrf Presrderrt, Dmve Metzger, rrlizced Gtr exquisite riecrl Crowrt upon Queen Llrrdcrs head. By wirtrrirtq the Belte- vue qmrrge 13-U, ttte Rrrrrrs rcrtd special tribute to the 1957 Upper Sfrridusky Hargre- vftgrstrrttg Quvvrr, Qrrtnift Brigi- rtdige. M . Arr' 1rt"'1 zz' h 1: r'Jf-:w'f1'1:'3T,1: A tgg 131 rr f 'Ai' 3 Ix..f51'X2,l 1 rr' 'f Q Y. ,. ,,..,,,v- Q 41 liilnlllf f7 K Am 'I I'llC!"l xv- G. A H ,B Ari extztea Crowd, a blastlna bard, five sue Seven aelaelc was here, and i:.e xrst basker- perb Cgeerleaders - lxese were ide feistiu- mall aarie af the evemrrq was Leairiima. Ces- eits ef tie szialce dance. liallau-flag t' e iarad' tumea :rr wfzile crew-necx sweaters ana black 3: tzge e.us1ve srzaxe, armast tue garzderzgcixqzr, al vlqeraus followers, our arcrr rival, Mr. Carey Bluedevrl, was burned in efflqy, One el trze rgast lrrzpartarrt fL'r1:f:',:gs , pre year te aur varsity cheerleaders fllIS aripa spake t:.e last one fir liridd Exfrld- rldfgff 'md l.1r1da Mrller. Vfrtll am 'Ire' Juruar "fl!'nTlQfICl9FS, Katlir Ol39fl, Barmi' YJ'-'ffl-ll aria Neiirfx Sflryplle, tqese five qrrls dlfffr f-'1'!'1f3"3 Lf. rrarzy ever '!"flVlllf'? Ta er':f'eL'7f"'3'- .'f":p,, 1r.r. 'jlflif deserve llillfll "rf'Ei' lar 'fzvyz 'za smrwp a f111"f'esfslul yf-ar. sklrts, our five reserve Cheerleaders teak rite float to support the reserve basketball team Vlllh therr cheers al encauraaerrierv. Three vez- erans, Barb MCDerrr.aTt, ludv Lwsfedt, and Sarah Riley, returned this year and mitlated two new qrrls, Pat l-lastetter and Betty Swartz. Time experience tlrese girls qaxred may help Mem te become varsltyebeurzd. Tgxarmlcs, qrrls, fer helg ma to mamfam srartsgzfzxrltxp, and lar ermceuraalrrq the reserve sauafi '.":,etE1er it was wxrmrmq ar lasxna. XX l'.1l'l'lfl' 1170 ' PHC 1'l'. ' Sfi'.'6HTY'ON FS ui 'b Denny "ln S R ben n a h l-lehr Larry K d Sm th 1m el Phlf' a lim? Emlefla ff The Ram varsrty cagers closed the basket ball season wrth a o 12 record After the hrst three games tl e opposrtron strifened and the vrctory road became l ard to hnd Coach Frsher sard The tea 1 worked hard d a o good rob and lrved ur to 'ny expectahons T younger players ca n through and play d good ball N xt year look out' VARSITY BASKETBALL SCORES Marlon Can- e .... . Upper ........ Uppo ........ Kenton ............. ,po ,.... ... Bucyrus . .....,.. . .. H , ,,...... , Man-f1l,ld Madxson U,pe ........ . - ......... Upper Upoer Upper Upper Uppe J per Upper Upper U per Upper ........ U, per ......., .Il , k, H olfday Tournarri fr. Trffm Marron Cathohc Delaware Wrlhs Norwalk Galron Bucyrus Man held Madrson Carey Sl elby Cr s T..r. ou... ra , Wrlllrd .......... Monoheld Hrglr .. L J ri . Mfg Ma 1"".'LY' ,.,.,,,r .... Upper .... Upper .... v-rg Upper .... Upper ..,, Upper .... Upper .... Upper .... 11fI'f.:f V--Je .... Upper .... Upper .... QJQVUQ 7? 55 1ff21r1:r.f'3't:1el . 41 Keren ..... ., 46 Bueyrus ......... 47 1fff:r.sf1e1d Mcdisex 5C Crestline ........ 27 Tiff, Ce1u::1p1f:r: . 48 Lrrrif: Slcwrree .. 53 Keriicrr .......... 35 N5rwf111c .. ,. 48 G'I11Cf1 , . , . 51 Bucyrus ......... Upper .... 33 1V1CI1'iS1191d Mcdrsprr Upper .... 71 Carey .......... Upper .... 46 Srre1py . .. Upper .... 32 Crestlme .... . . Upper .... 45 Be11evue ........ Upper .... 31 Trffin CO1umb1c1r1 . Upper .... 43 Wi11Grd ......... 1Nirr 11 Lees 7 Q FL.-.HI . rqrf-nzq 1.3, ,.:i"n 1.ff'f.fun'n Dy'-L: Hump' r Xpjpmfp rrpf :1.. 3f1:11'h,W::e': rfwgna Der21?yp311l'gr1 DLT! ffzllfrz 31136 f 'z' Snr: if-mtv 1, me Yfpzrru ran' rv.cC.z1n, rrrz Srruth, F-eeren :1::.. g1.f,4pf4f1ff By errdmq the secxsern '.'.'11E1 11 xvrrrs frgmist 7 defects, Due Rcrrzr Re- serves shew-fed prergs- Lrrq Srqrzs fer next years X fx ' virrsiy squccx. peers: Mehfcierr eeztgtietifed, "The racy? were kee:'1y 'Y'Qv,,Q',:'Q --A -www Avg, .,e,,,.,, ...,,fr5. , rx erpf frrid eqcwed qpefi ffI.!P11'1Vf7' Sr'1'1T." Deadly shooting and a stiff defense ear- rnarked the freshrnan basketball campaign as they rolled up 8 wins against 4 losses. We hope these boys will carry their spirit and winning ways into reserve and varsity Cornpetition. X l"l7,fAH1l1II Mufvfga ff Ffllll REST Ff'.'.'. frm Needs, Bernard ffrins n fave 'Sf' ite Dave Erzckner, Dave ll' :ffl Mike Karl, frm Hayden, Dirk lfuf-nrlz. SEVOND l?O'.N': lflr. farmer: fffn' grve, l.'1rry Yeatrjr Drive Bwirher, 'Nilliarn Norkey, Frahl-1 Markey, Davr- ltrfe fl'Il'l1N Firker lhn Lee, T' m Crrffth. Witli only three veterans returning, the young Rarns found the going rough as they wound up with a 3 and 10 record. Almost always at a great height disadvantage, they rnust be com- :nended for the determination and spirit they displayed. d 011011146 unc! ff: K7 9 r"..r QAM gnu CLI g1,5L11f6z1 jfzzffi llluaify U GC' ' -Hx.-1 'Gfl .JV-EELS f1.l"tf'5' ,HTL The Varsity U is comprised ot any boy who earned a varsity award duririg his high school years. Fred Cook was elected president ot t club. Ori days of Varsity games each member was required to wear his letter sweater. At bas ketball games, the members riot on trie team helped usher. lri the sprxrig, the armual Varsity U banquet was held, arid proved to be :iigiilight of the year. The Ram tii iclads oberied t is years track seasori OF Ar ril 7 wit' Galic e team was O 'irsarative ,f iey er er e ohly severi letterrrien returried Duriisg A r arid May t ey competed iri time meets iriciud ng the Uooer Night Relays arid the League Meet at Tittm Uh er C a Maaoris d Coach Cod graves gwdcri e this year s ra lcsters haa a successful se sfri VCLC A. 1 eniozf' 8 ff8I"IflfLQlfL These are the boys who do or die for Upper High. May they reflect the same clean sportsmanship and initiative in the future that they have shown at U.S. H.S. for the last four years. DAVE METZGER Football 4 A 1 f HM MILLIGAN Track 3,4 Football 4 ,sf 4 f. .N FRANK MYERS Football 2,34 Baseball 3 Track l,2,3,4 V.-Ty' . C-J Q. , il' l t't . Af., ,g in -, lg? 5, kg' f IOEI. CASTANIEN Baseball 2,3 Track 4 BILL COLE Football 2,3 4 Baseball 2 3 Track 4 TOM RACHETER Football 3 Track 4 PAT RILEY Football 4 Track 4 if-" 1 , , Lb -r H I O f. rm-:D coox Fuse: 1. Q I w I . ey g , fl . L Q' 5' - - FRED CORBIN TONY HALL LARRY XARG STEVE MCCORD : 31.454 F '11, 14 FQJ: :MEA F 'z fi-1 iizzez Lx.. Q Z'l.,K5-'1.'l.. 2 4 BOB SUMMIT RAY SWARTZ BOB SWARTZ NORMAN TRUESDELL PHIL WOOTEN , .,,l .M , Mr: .A ,f..,,h. :,-.,, .5 -uf f Y -. 1QI"K ...lY1'l'I-if J F1556-'IiI.. J if E35 Jul. 4 Tflif, Z 1 X , 1 I Sylifkdlfl XSQCW 1.z1Df-,A-. .. .,,..........,,.. ...F . fIi3I'f. rf f. "IQ: .... .. ,.v CIRCULATION STAFF nil: I-Ili!-I Shgzky Et 1.3.- 1 E31 ifzixge Sgssn Shnfei Jthiyn H ri Hczryl tx Smtn , fv- v th ugh rt '5 'gif-3. ,zrpyi 5. Jif 4 1 Q 1.41 K' 1 EDITORIAL STAFF I' I qi f, BUSINESS STAFF ggitam Law Dear Frlends You have Just flnrslned readtng t prtntary rart of me 1958 INDIAN VIL LAGE I hope you found rt to your l1k1ng I on e read t at an annual has two prmctpal purposes It ts f1rst a mennory book and second the nrstory of a smgle school year We have trted to follow tn se two ldeas tn the productton of thxs yearbook Of course there are many memones of our sc ool years that cannot be 1n cluded 1n our book good t1mes whtch belong to eacw of us moments of dates laughter talk pr1vate partles to mentlon but a few Although we cannot 1n clude these personal experxences wh1ch are an 1nev1table part of a htgn school career 1t IS our srncere hope that 1n the years to come thrs book w1ll serve to recall them to our frlends and classmates Ive heard some people say I never read the copy tn a yearbook I Just look at the ptctures I hope that w1ll not be the case w1th our annual Our staff has worked many hours to supply l1vely and mterestlng copy to complete the U S I'I S story I should llke to take thrs opportumty to thank all of you who worked so asslduously to help w1th the annual After n1ne months of work Mr Fredenck Koemg our annual advisor deserves a very warm and hearty Thank you Mr Koenlg was always ready to help w1th my problems and to glve me adv1ce Although we sell these annuals for only S3 therr cost actually exceeds th1s amount The dxfference between our produc1ng prrce and sell1ng prrce IS made up by c1v1c mlnded 1nd1v1duals and bustness men to whom we are very grate fu As you look through the next part of the book notlce the names of the mer chants who helped to brxng th1s book to you and the next ttme you see one of them thank hrm for puttmg an advertlsement rn the 1958 INDIAN VILLAGE ANNUAL Thanks aga1n to everyone who has helped us I am convrnced that produc 1ng an annual could never be a one man operatton and I am s1ncerely grateful to all who asslsted Cordlally EDITOR Ifaue Se Jenty Nme . 7 , . I . ne . , . - I I F A . . c c .. . I , - , I . , 1 . . , - . e . , , H - f . c . , , I I I ' - . I I . . , . , , , . , I . . , . A V , Compliments of KARG'S ROLLER ARENA FUN FOR ALL OPEN EVERY EVENING G KARG CONTRACTORS COMMERCIAL 6. RESIDENTIAL BUILDING CCDNGRATULATTQNS THE CLASS OF THE DAILY CHIEF UNION XV E MARTIN P PAUL CRI1GLh ,1 1 TQ '58 . . Q AE reslclem NELSQN I. HALL IVIc1r1Gg111q Eciitftr T 'R Efxlki Compliments I :muon HE IF uni of UNIVERSAL MOLDING fi. f X . , Y is lLo. "' JEIUELLY QMPHNY fx':l,1x'!r! .'i.Y llc W CENYEH SY !lAP'ON CHIC COMPANY. INC. 120-128 W. Center St. Phone 2-2530 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1958 C H LEWIS Phone No 2161 Harpster Ohm Congratulatxons To The Class of 1958 WHETSTONE S Dry Cleanlng 6 Laundry Upper Sandusky Ohxo Best Wishes The Class of 1958 irom CROW MOTOR SALES P E h O ir O O nk to 115 N. Sandusky Ave. I aqe iq ty- COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF L. 6. I. PURE OIL RICE'S FOODLINER East on Lincoln Highway Ict. of 30N 61 182 COMPLIMENTS OF WALTON GRAIN C0 Dealers m Gram G Seed Upper Sandusky Ohxo COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS ph11CO Appllances Hardware TRUCKING EXCAVATING F cS W Electnc Water Systems BLACKTOP PAVING Complete Pump Serv1ce EahyT PHONE 212 Phone 386 Upper Sandusky Ohm PF ar PFEIFER HARDWARE HOMER F. SAMMET me svuosm Q sromom lun - S . JOSTEN CLASS RINGS CQMPSQIENTS . . the potl'ght ' SI M 'T' A ' FO' GERALD W. PFEIFER I Hay-Straw I AIA II IIIISIS v,'.9ST-EN-,1L?IJ.DBOEI: COG1 5' Gram I 715 IQASI and s 1 rex eals QA 0 o nu om wnshno gold E5 I Excluuvo eng no dougl 'v x I Every rung boavhlv ly engraved ' e Doop dimension die-wed Deglef in O Thick found .Donn 'HE SMAR' ,MIMO plul a hos! of hclur In V' I I o uh I q Ivy LIAII lr 11-I 1 NH-LAL wld Bex 29 E y Oh THE CHIEF DAIRY PRODUCTS COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS THE OLD RELIABLE Always xn the Market for Mxlk and Cream Phone 257 Upper Sandusky Ohio COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS KINLEY S DAIRY MIDWAY RESTAURANT Ohxo Upper Sandusky Ohlo Q E hyTh OF OF Upper Sandusky 106 N. Sandusky Ave. I Pa e xq t - COMPLIMENTS KLEINLEIN IEWELERS QF TREASUREU-WD MOTORISTS MUTUAL Diarnond Rinqs INSURANCE I-Iarnilton-Elgin RAYMOND YOUNG Watches 413 N. Seventh St. Phone 789-W Upper Sandusky, Ohio COMPLIMENTS OF The Commercial Savings Bank The Bank of Complete Servrce Wxth Dnve In Wmdow DEPOSITS INSURED WITH FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP Upper Sandusky Ohio CONGRATULATIONS CGNGRATULATIONS To The Class of 1958 t th Class 03958 ZIMMERMAN s GREENHOUSE AND FLOWER SHOP BALDRIDGE Phone 69 514 W Iohnson St Upper Sandusky Ohio E h It Pleases Us To Please You Tire and Battery Store H ' H q ty-Faux DIBLE S MENSWEAR Arnerlca s Best Known Brands Upper Sandusky Oh1o See us for your new and complete turnlture needs We carry your account No tlnance company BLUE FURNITURE STORE Phone 50 B E Blue Compllrnents STEPHAN ELECTRIC STORE Electncal Contractlnq Pnqrdalre Electrlcal Appllances Compllrnents and Best Wrshes to the Class of 1958 DAY S NEWS 6. GIFTS on the square Statlonery Greetlnq Cards Maaazlnes Photo F1n1sh1nq Cornphments ot MOORE S STORE 1 17 West 'Wyandot Ave Auto Accessories-Toys DELAPLANE 61 LAWRENCE 108 N Sandusky Ave Upper Sandusky Ohlo Phone 808 GENERAL ELECTRIC Apphance Dealer Cornphrnents ot LYON FOOD CENTER INC UPPER SANDUSKY S Flnest Food Center RUSSELL LYON Pres CLAYTON SHULL Vrce Pres I W LYON Treas Conqratulahons and Best Wlshes to the Class of 1958 THOROCLEAN CLEANERS Phone 1177 Upper Sandusky Oh1o P Q E myr 1 I If . 1 H I 1 H H 1 I . . , I , . I ' I I . - , - cx e x, - COMPLIMENTS OF KROGER COMPANY PAUL R. ULRICI-I Manager COMPLIMENTS from Dr. K. K. Solacoff Dr. H. A. Rhodes Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 SCHOENBERGER PRODUCE EGGS POULTRY CREAM Congratulations To the Class ot l958 from SWARTZ'S TEXACO STATION CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes MAHAFFEY SERVICE H D ZIMMERMAN Best Wishes to the Class of l958 FLOYD H MCCLAIN Painting 6. Decorating Contractor Compliments ot NEWELL IOHNSON INSURANCE AGENCY llOE Wyandot E it s Compliments WILSON S Tire and Battery Service ulcanizing cS Becapping of INSURANCE AND BONDS I I . X, - - - COMPLIMENTS BEST WISHES QP TO THE NEWMAN'S CLASS OF 1958 Pontiac 6. Vauxhall Dealer UPPER SANDUSKY 212 W. Wyandot Ave. DAIRY Phone Il3O Upper Sandusky, Ohio FIRST CITIZENS NIITIUNIII. BIINK The Old Rehable On The Square Members of Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporauon and THE FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM COMPLIMENTS BEST WISP-IES TO THE CLASS OF 1958 SCHULTZ HARDWARE WILLIAM NAUS Posr 2842 Plumblnq 6- I-Ieatmq Supphes You CAN DO rr YQURSELP OR WE CAN DO IT FOR You UPPef3CmdUSkY 01110 P E hyS U Q OF Veterans of Foreign Wars age 1, - COMPLIMENTS OF MAXINE'S APPAREL SHOP lO4 N. Sandusky Ave. Upper Sandusky, Ohio Louis C. Lehman Phone 935 Congratulations to The Class of l958 LEE'S Sc to 51.00 STORE Corner Main and Walker Upper Sandusky, Ohio KOEHLER DRUG STORE FIRST IN DRUGS Your Kodak Dealer Complete L1ne Of Cameras And Photo F1n1sh1nq Suppl1es KOEHLER PAINT STORE OFFICE SUPPLIES PAINT and WALLPAPER Compllmerlts Of Comphmems ot HART S GRUNDTISCH MOTOR SALES I ewelry Store l l4 N Sandusky Ave 125 S SCmdUSl4Y A-V9 Upper Sandusky Ohlo 135 E l:'a1rv1ew Ave H M HART W K HART I F HART FORD G MERCURY I Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class ot l958 DR. PAUL E. EIPPERT VETERINARIAN N Warpole St. Phone l9U EAST SIDE RESTAURANT Open 24 Hours-7 Days A Week On State Route 30N East ot Washington Bridge Upper Sandusky, Ohio Phone 285-I Compliments of DR. N. B. KEAR Dentist West Walker Street Compliments of SAMS ELECTRIC Electric Wiring Service Electric Supplies Lighting Fixtures lohn T Sams Phon 9 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of l958 ELISE HARE REAL ESTATE BROKER e Compliments ot HOPKINS MOTEL Air Conditioned AAA Recommended Compliments of EMERAL D PFEIFER AUTHORIZED SALES CS SERVICE DEALER OE lnternational Trucks CONGRATULATIONS from SOHIO DISTRIBUTORS Upper Sandusky Ohio E h y N . 67 W. F. WELLS C. l. COURTAD DEAN'S BARBER SHOP 211 N. Sandusky Ave. Phone 1057 Open week days from 8 A.M. to 6 P.M. Sat BAM to9 30PM Closed on Wednesday Appomtments 11 deslred DAIRY ISLE One Stop Ice Cream and Frozen Dessert Service WE APPRECIATE YOUR PATRON AGE lct U S 30 QS- 23 Upper Sandusky Ohlo Conqratulatlons G Best Wlshes To the Class of 1958 R M ROSSEL and ROY M ROSSEL Ir Dentlsts 216 S Sandusky Ave Cornphments KUENZLI QUARRIES CO NC Upper Sandusky Oh1o Phone OIIICG 673W Gravel Plant 692W2 I L FOUCHT QUARRY Phone 628 M 4 Upper Sandusky Ohlo Cornphments of Coal Feed and Supply Co We Make Warm Prlends Wlth Quahty Kentucky and West V1rq1n1a Coals Comphments BUD S SUNOCO STATION 401 N Sandusky Ave Phone 99 Upper Sandusky Oh1o P N y Cornphrnents BARTH S CITIES SERVICE STATION OWNED AND OPEBATED BY Dlck B111 G Don Phone 6 B Upper Sandusky Oh1o of ' ' .. I . . . Ph. 323 CRAYCRAFT R. R. l - - ' I - of of , Congratulations To The Class ot l958 Compliments of PRODUCER'S LIVESTOCK STANSBERRY G STECK ASSOCIATION Upper Sandusky, Chro FOOD MARKET Phone 286-R Congratulations and Best Wrshes To The Class of 1958 LUCAS FUNERAL HOME Upper Sandusky Morral BENDER 8. LUCAS Nevada Complrments EVERGREEN S MOTEL lot of 23 cS- 30N Phone 5lU Upper Sandusky Chlo Conqratulatrons Best Wrshes to the Class ot 1958 I ACK ONEY Compliments Compliments of ot WYANDOT LANES LINCOLN HILLS BoWL ' SNACK BAR GOLF COURSE Automatic Pinspotters Und Air Conditioning TOURIST CQURT Compliments and Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 KIMMEL CLEANERS QUALITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING SERVICE Phone 22 Conqrotulotions Compliments ond Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 STARLING s Gnocznv BON TON RESTAURANT Lucille Smh MQ, WE sPEoiALizi3 IN U s D A S 3CfT1ClUSkY AVG CHClCE GOV T GRADED MEATS A of I i . C ym.-f R?chlhan B R OTl'l E F2 S Suits-Topcoats-Sportswear AXTHELM-TURNER INC. l8U South Main Manon Oh1o Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of l958 BEIDLER S HARDWARE WARFEL COAL CO HEATING ci AIR CONDITIONIN SALES SERVICE AND INSTALLATION Phone 278 229 South E1fth Street Dependable Footwear for The Ent1re Farruly VOGEL S SHOE STORE Cornpllments MIKE S MARKET Meat Frsh and Poultry not a s1del1nel Conqratulatlons and Best WISNSS To the Class of 1958 ROSEBUD CAFE Conaratulatlons to the Class of 1958 BUSY BEE Self Serve Market Upper Sandusky Oh1o Best Wlshes to the Class of l958 STECHER INSURANCE Upper Sandusky Ohlo P N Y I I I G I of I I . I "Our meat is a specialty, I G1-T9 LD Compliments of C B SCHOOLFIELD Compliments of RICHARDSON'S FLOWER SHOP l l4 N. Warpole Street Upper Sandusky Oh1o Conqratulauons to The Class of l958 RIESER S FRUIT FARM MARKET 6 Mlles South on U S Route 30 APPLES ARE OUR BUSINESS Phone Harpster 2511 Best Wrshes from RAINBOW MOTEL Approved TV QS A1r Cond1t1on1nq Paul Mtller Compllments SWARTZ REFRIGERATION Upper Sandusky Ohro Conqratulatrons and The Best of Luck to the Class ot l958 HAMLET BILLIARD PARLOR Upper Sandusky Oh1o Complrments THOMAS AND FRANZ FURNITURE STORE Upper Sandusky Oh1o N F Conqratulauons to the Class of 1958 BRINGMAN 6 CO Phone l97 Upper Sandusky Ohlo O C I I U of 304 S. 7th St.-Phone 793 of ASI-I'I'ON'S Compliments Sc to 31.00 store of GLAMOUR 47 Self-Serve Mary Slernrner Williams A Ben Franklin Store Phone 4l4 U. S. Construction Company Extends to Each and Every Member of the CLASS OF 1958 Its Best Wishes For Health Happmess and Prosperity Comphmems Congratulations to the ARTHUR BEAN s CMS Of 1958 MUSIC HOUSE ARMSTRONG s cLorH1NG 147 East Perry St U Q cl k of Phone l434 Tiffin, Qhio ppm MGH Us Y P N Olgio He mety- we Congratulations to the Class ot 1958 PAUL'S SHOE STORE X RAY SHOE FITTING Paul Hilderbrand Owner cS- Manager Compliments of THE LITE STAR OIL COMPANY Distributors Fleet Wing Products Gasoline Motor Oils Fuel Oils Kerosene WALTER l FREY Phone 335 Upper Sandusky Ohio Compliments THE CLAYCRAF T COMPANY WYANDOT PLANT WILLARDH TEFFT Resident Mar N S Compliments and Best Wishes to the Class of 1958 WYANDOT POST 225 THE AMERICAN LEGION I of , .u5:,,A V Quai? ,I 'L Ak '31 f A is i 'foto' Compliments ot ROGER'S JEWELRY Diamonds-Watches Silverware Franciscan Ware 6. Fine China Syracuse Carefree Fine China Upper Sandusky Ohio Compliments from the KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS Council 2050 to the Class of l958 Compliments ot WYANDOT COUNTY IMPLEMENT DEALERS ASSOCIATION Creaqer Implement Co Carey Implement Store Wharton Hardware Schmidt Machine Shop E Bowen Implement Store Wyandot Tractor 6 Implement Vent Implement Company Compliments of CARLON PRODUCTS CORPORATION Central Division Water Where and When You Want It Upper Farm Service Incorporated Wyandot Co Farm Bur Co op Ass n Upper Tractor Sales ci Service Sycamore Implement Store Upper Sandusky Ohio 6. M. . U. S. Implement Company The Plastic Pipe With The Stripe PQN yS Congratulations Congratulations tothe to the Class of 1958 Class of l958 from ARTZ DEPT. STORE MELF ORD BINAU R.R. No. 4 Upper Sandusky DRY GOODS DRAPERIES Phone 615-ll READY TO WEAR CHILDREN S WEAR Your OCCO FEED DEALER Complunents STUCK FARM Best Wlshes to the INSURANCE AGENCY Class Qf1Q58 BREEDERS OE PUREBRED HEREFORD CATTLE DEPENDABLE INSURANCE SPOTTED POLAND CHINA HOGS SOUTHDOWN SHEEP Phone 180 Mr and Mrs Pranklm Le1ahty P N y E L of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Leiahty Comphments NEUMEISTER S BAKERY ENRICHED EATMOR BREAD ConaratuIat1or1s to the Class of 1958 WYANDOT 11m B1ckham Upper Sandusky Comphments and Best W1shes to the Class of 1958 STEPHAN LUMBER COMPANY Cxreetmqs To The 1958 Graduatmq Class LEO T JONES Operatmq The NEW STAR THEATRE Upper Sandusky Oh1o NEW CAREY THEATRE Carey Oh1o FOREST THEATRE Forest Ohio INDIAN TRAIL DRIVE-IN THEATRE Page N y N of METAL PRODUCTS Home Of CORPORATION Conqratulatrons and Best Wlshes to the Class of l958 DON E YOUNG HEATING PLUMBING AIR CONDITIONING EVERGREEN S RESTAURANT Approved Dmners :S Llquors Catennq to Famrly Groups Weekdays 7 A M 2 30 A M Sunday7 OOAM 8 OOPM N Warpole St and lot of 23 :S 30 Upper Sandusky Olno Conqratulatlons and Best Wlshes to the Class of 1958 STUBB S BROS INC Upper Sandusky, Ch1o Fun 'rel Conaratulatlons to the Class of l958 EVANS FLORAL CO ORCHIDS A SPECIALTY All Cur Floral SGTVICGS A1 Reasonable Prrces 3 M1les Easton 8ON Phone 583 Upper Sandusky, Olno ' I Call for Reservations Phone 262 I I . ll U Conaratulatlons and Best W1shes The Class of 95 Campllments of McCORD CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Concrete Gram Elevators IOO V2 N Sandusky Ave lO78 W 25 Upper Sandusky Chlo Conaratulatlons tothe Class of l958 STOLL CASKET COMPANY Upper Sandusky, Chia Comphments and Best W1shes to the Class of 1958 U S CONCRETE PRODUCTS Clarence W. Koehler Page Cne Hx d 1 8 l MILLS COMPARTMENT yphonem co. , T I Compliments ot THE HARPSTER BANK Member ot Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation DAYBROOK HYDRAULIC DIVISION L. A. YOUNG SPRING 8: WIRE CORPORATION Upper Sandusky, Ohio Comphrnents INDIAN SPRINGS POULTRY Dressed Turkeys CS- Ducks Phone 630 W Upper Sandusky Oh1o Comphments ot MAPLE SHADE FARM Breeders of Purebred Cornedale G Southdown Sheep Mr and Mrs D E Wolfe Nonta and Dav1d 5 M1195 Southeast of Upper Sandusky ot RR. :Z , ' Page FY'15II'L!'1'IY, Conaratulauons and Makes 3 ga .lagzad P ant fo' 'al Best Wlshes to the Class of 1958 THE MORRAL SUPPLY COMPANY IAMES TRUESDELL UPPER SANDUSKY OHIO Morral Ohlo Comphments Conqratulatlons to the Graduatma Class of 1958 STRASSER 8: SUN ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS AtUSHS MENS AND BOYS 132 N Sandusky Ave Upper Sandusky, Ohlo FINE CLOTHING FIXTURES REPAIRING I REPRIGERATORS AND S RADIOS SERVICE APPLIANCES ELECTRICAL MOTORS SUPPLIES Marlon, Ohlo Paqe On H ci I. I find -,grf-7 7010014 'ff DEL Of Compliments Congratulations of KIESS MILLINGTON MFG. PAINT 6. APPLIANCE COMPANY Wallpaper Records Extrusion and Iniection RCA ViCf0l'-TV-MCIYIUQ Molders oi Plastics Paint Gifts Upper Sandusky, Qhio Upper Sandusky Carey, Ohio U. S. COMMISSION COMPANY "We Aim To Serve To Sell Again" McCutchenv1lle Ohlo Upper Sandusky Ohxo Phone 2312 Phone 206 Comphrnents May Success Be Yours NEIDERKOHR BROS C""""c""s KREBS FLooR COVERING cornrnercral rndustnal H H res1dent1a1 Cots wa S Upper Sandusky Ohxo l . I . I . of . tile P C e Hundred-Faux carpet rugs Wyandot County Auto Club Dale's Gulf Station H ld? Ann's Lunch East Side Garage Dr. Bauer Dr. R. W.'Warner Building 6. Loan Assoc. I-'lox's Dept. Store Bartholomew's Home Carry Out Guthrie Produce Bolish's Restaurant Gier TV Sales 6 Service Art Callari Hay Co. Wilson Goodman Constein's Photography Harper's Alteration The Dairy Store The Isaly vm, Vinton Kuenzli Slemmer's Tavern Kinley's Grocery Snyder's Dept. Store Link's Monuments Steinbaugh's Garage Miller's Restaurant Swann's China Shop Mrdwest Ohio Tool Town 6. Country Beauty Salon Mrller s Drug Store Upper Auto Parts Iohn H Neate U S Cold Storage B111 Ptelter V1rg1n1a s Beauty Shop Primrose Beauty Salon Wood's Coffee Shop F C Hundred-Sxx dgnlfm,-Q Photographers for the 958 INDIAN VILLAGE ANNUAL PORTRAIT AND ILLUSTRATIVE PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS T1II11'1 Oh1o The Gray Prmtmg Company jO5t0l'L6L A 1 Cgmlfogmenfj 0 ' , O ,io ' ' 2- ,zwg "' ig 1, 6159 fi :9 f - Off I ' 2 ff ' 'V ' flrf , mg X f W' .Q f ' if , I X X if 7 W f X42 y f f I ff f f K f fn ff , 1 ffl, ffm! , fl I 'fill' W I pfff if ff! f f If 5 f X X! 1 -. 4 , W, ' '- ' Q ' Q ,wg wg, 1 ,A 1135! Z A 1. . , 3 , ..1 'l 1 X i ' f Q ' :kv P W fl A ' f' xl '4 , , ' Z 's 1 E fy 5, 7 1 Qwwimb ouk , X commm SERVICE wu.L sow: WM YOUR YsARsooK Pnosums fwduciimu fngfnavvngm MQW awww TIIE CANTON ENGRAVING 8 ELECTROTYPE COMPANY dm 0,41 410 3RD. STREET S.E., CANTON, OHIO

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