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I ! Inviting You To A Treasury of Golden MEMORIES " Wisdom is the Right Use of Knowledge' ' NAME g ADDREE? W A, We Present the NDIAN 'VLLLAGL ANNUAL Published by the Senior Class of Upper Sandusky High School as as ik EDITOR IN CHIEF MURRAY WITHROW BUSINESS MANAGEP RICHARD SWOVERLAND Knowledge Is Power and Happiness 0 2 -0 se Education" Despi ho W 'It is Only the Ignoraut I -1 i oreword Yesterday it happened. Today We remember it. But tomorrow-? So that we might not forget the precious memories of our high school days, We the class of nineteen hundred and forty-one, present this year book. It records our scholastic, social, and athletic activities, and if in future years this book helps us to recall vividly these happy days, we shall have achieved our aim. Rosemary Spcllerberg. -cf o-XIX-Q Q CLASS FLOWER - AMERICAN BEAUTY RosE CLASS COLORS ---- BLUE AND SILVER CLASS MOTTO - FIND A WAY OR MAKE ONE Q4-0 ,. on tents ADMINISTRATION Dedication, Superintendent, Princi- pal, Board of Education, Faculty CLASSES Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, Fresh- men, Underclassmen, Junior College PERSONALITIES ORGANIZATIONS Girls Reserves, Hi-Y, Annual Staff, Latin Club, Spanish Club, Senior Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Girls' Glee Band, Junior Band, Orchestra, Senior Club, Junior Chorus, Pep Band, Swing Band, Vocational Agriculture, Phonetic Writers' Club. ATHLETICS Football, Basketball, Bowling, Boys' Physical Education, Girls' Physical Education. ALUMNI SENIOR WEEK ADVERTISEMENTS -o- 5 -o- Dedication Twelve years ago Harold Cope came to our school as a teacher of biology and mathematics. His knowledge of these subjects and his patient teaching have helped to broaden these fields of study and have been a guid- ing influence to those whom he taught. During this time he has served as faculty adviser to the staff of the "Orange and Black", and for the last five years as director of the athletic board. His work in the less publicized and seemingly small details of ath- letics, and his untiring effort to make the games a success have been a great factor in the maintenance of competitive sports. Three years ago Mr. Cope compiled his notes into a work-book, "Biology For Life," and this book, having been accepted by the publishing company, is now serving schools in every state of the Union. This winter the edition was revised and is one of the finest work-books of its kind. In grateful acknowledgement of his beneficial service, both in the class- room and on the athletic board, we dedicate this annual to Harold Cope, with sincerest appreciation of his progressive interest. Sarah Jane Osborn. o- 6 Q f A D i JI N ll S T R A T JI O , N W. P. OSBORN T. M. BOWMAN President Committee on Textbooks and Course of Study 08+ Board of Education J. H. WITZEL Conn-nittee on Grounds and C3. Buildings Clerk, Treasurer Vice-President 1 W. O. MOORE Superintendent B. A. MUSKINGUM COLLEGE M. A. WITTENBERG COLLEGE Superintendent W. 0. Moore ' 1923-1941 Professor W. O. Moore began his academic record as a teacher in Guernsey County in 1896. Wittenberg College, Springfield, is proud to claim him as a graduate and former teacher. It was there that he received his Master's Degree. Mr. Moore came to Upper Sandusky from Mt. Gilead in 1923. At that time the high school had outgrown school facilities and was being con- ducted on half day programs. The next year, 1924, the Senior High School Building was erected at a cost of S150,000, and stands as a tribute to the Board of Education and to Mr. Moore. The building was thought to be ample for Upper Sandusky's educational needs for some time, but in 1930, the surrounding community petitioned admission to the Upper Sandusky school system. Rather than erect an additional school plant outside the corporation, Upper Sandusky added twelve one-room districts, comprising all the schools of Crane township and portions of adjacent districts. This gave Upper Sandusky an educational system of city proportions and in 1936 the old Union Building was remodeled and a new grade building was added. The present Upper Sandusky school plant is commanding in appear- ance and adequate for the needs of pupils in all its details. Mr. Moore has seen the Upper Sandusky High School double in size. His first graduating class, in 1924, was composed of forty-two members. This year he will see a class of eighty-five graduates. While his school duties were always his foremost concern, he was active in civic affairs as well. For some years he was President of the Cihalmger of Commerce, ever seeking to give the entire community the best he a . 1 This year Mr. Moore tendered his resignation to the Board of Educa- tion. His eighteen years at Upper Sandusky High School have been genu- inely successful. Many of this yearis graduating class were born in 1923, the year Mr. Moore came here, and are graduating in 1941, the year of his resignation. We are proud to have 'tgrown up" with Mr. Moore. Q90 L. H. HOUPT Principal B. S. OHIO NORTHERN UNIVERSITY M. A. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY To the Class of 1941 Seniors: Service, in these troublesome times, Erases the selfishness of msnkindg Nor forgets the needs in other climes Induced by greed for gain. ' On our ears freedOm's chimes Reverberate the call of humankind Seeking those who serve without gain. L. H. HOUPT. o 1 B.S ANNE ALBAN CLARENCE ASSENHEIMER . Ohio State University B. S. Ohio State University English, Civics Music lFu1 :cult H G. L. GEIGER FREDERICK FLEEMAN B. B. A. Antioch College Chemistry, Fine Arts, Geography :V kQ,w,'x:.f A -j-,Vi--... . ,... ...H . 2, e S. Ohio State University M. A. Ohio State University Vocational Agriculture, Engineering, Farm Shop a M B. HAROLD COPE B. S. Bowling Green University . A. Ohio State University Biology, Mathematics JEAN GOLLING B. A. Findlay College C. S. Bliss Business College Gregg Shorthand, Typing, Bookkeeping 1 Q si FRANKLIN GOTTFRIED B. S. Bowling Green University M. A. Ohio State University Mathematics, History, Psychology VIRGINIA KUENZLI B. S. Capital University Music, Junior Chorus DAVID HENDERSON B. A. Wooster College Geography, Physical Education faculty ELLEN MATTESON B. A. Ohio Northern University School Librarian LUCY HETIZEL B. A. Heidelberg Colle e M. A. Ohio State University English, Latin College English EVEL-YN NEUMEISTER B. A. Asbury Colle e English, History J le .. Y .. r,,,.,,,.i.. ,-,, -,, . . .-,.. . ADDIE SCHOENBERGER Arithmetic, Geography MAMIE STEARNS B. A. Bluffton College Home Economics, Hygiene .SF ESTHER SCHULTZ B. A. Baldwin Wallace College English, Physical Education, Orthography, Physiology llinlcullltg IRVIN TSCHANTZ B. S. Capital University Senior Science, General Science, Physics ERMA STEARNS B. A. Bluffton College American Literature, Latin KATHERINE TUCKER B. A. Denison University World History, English, Spanish RUSSELL WOLFE GRACE SLEMMER B. A. Heidelberg College Secretary to Superintendent Manual Training, Algebra . and Assistant Clerk-Treasurer of CAKE nz-XNN UM "TIP" STEVENS Board of Education llfoicullitg Q55-Q Ciulsitcocdliiruins 52 .41 :gj'S,'Qff:' -V . gf'?', ' axes-4.--:.:- :s - . ,Z lgyg. -- . -' , , -1 'tt , -:- " E: 'iv x W X M S. HAN N U M MRS. STEVENS C IL A S S IE S MIAURICE LOGSDON President RICHARD SCHOENBERGER Vice-President SARAH JANE OSBORN Secretary VIRGINIA HOLLANSHEAD Tveasurer R Miss ERMA STEARNS Adviser HAROLD BARDON HUBERT BARTH VIRGINIA BERG Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 3, 43 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. G. R. 2, 3, 43 P. W. Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Operetta 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 3, 4, Commercial Team 3. Seniors I HELEN BINAU G. R. 45 Chorus 1, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, P. W. C. 4. WALTER BINAU Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. DALE BLAIR C. 4. E 2 E Q i JOSEPH BOES Glee Club 1, 25 Hi-Y 4. MARGARET BROWN G. R. 3, 45 P. VV. C. 4. MARIAN BOWEN G. R. 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 35 An- nual Staff 45 Operetta 3, 4. eniors JEAN BURKS G. R. 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. CRAIG BOWMAN Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 3, 45 Foot- ball 1, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Gleen Club 2, 35 Chorus 35 Annual Staff 45 Phys. Ed. 1, 25 Bowling 3. VERNON BURKS F. F. A. 1, 2 ,3, 4. If ALICE CAMPBELL G. R. 2. JESSIE CORNISH G. R. 2, 3, 4. F ROSEMARY CLABAUGH G. R. 3, 45 P. VV. C. 4. Seniors DALE COURTAD .E.A.1,2,:-1,45 Hi-Y 2, 3 -Sf 5 Ll PATRICIA CORNELY G. R, 2, 3, 43 Band 3, 43 Annual Staf 4, P. W. C. 43 Scholarship Team 3, 45 Salutatorian. RUTH COURTAD , 4. G, R. 3, 45 Phys. Ed. 1, 3, 4. YVONNE CULVER BARBARA DILLON lWARY JEAN E MICK G. R. 2, 3, 45 P. W. C. 4. Latin Club 3, 45 G. R. 2, 3, 45 G. R. 2, 3, 4. Annual Staff 4. ' 0200 Seniors lWARY LOUISE GAMBER G. R. 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3g Chorus 3g Phys. Ed. 1. MONNIE GARBER MILDRED LOUISE GEIGER Lakeville High School-lg Big Prairie High School 25 Orchestra 3, 43 P. W. C. 4g G. R. 3, 45 An- nual Stafi' 45 Scholarship Team 3, 49 Valedictorian. -QM VE ZILPHA GIBSON G. R. 45 P. W. C. 4. RICHARD HEHR F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. LEROY GOTTFRIED Hi-Y 2, 3, 49 Band 2, 3, 4, Pep Band 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Swing Band 3, 45 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3, 4. eniors VIRGINIA HOLLANSHEAD Annual Staff 4, Class Officer 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, G. R. 2, 3, 45 Oificer 45 Latin Club 3, 4, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. MAXINE HANNUM P. W. C. 4. FLOY JANE HOUSER G. R. 2, 3, 4. ANN HUDSON Glee Club 25 Phys. Ed. 1, 25 P. W. C. 4. LINDA LARICK G. R. 25 Basketball 1, 2. ELIZABETH IRVIN G. R. 2, 3, 4, P. W. C. 4. Seniors lWAXINE LAY Spanish Club 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 45 G. R. 2, 3, 45 Chorus 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 P. XV. C. 4. di. PAUL FREDERICK KROCK Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3 45 Operetta 1, 2, 3, 45 Chorus 1 2, 3, 45 Swing Band 3, 45 Hi-Y, 2, 3, 45 P. W. C. 35 Spanish Club 45 Bowling 3, 4. BETTY LAYMAN C. R. 2, 4, C169 Club 2. BETTY LEVIN Columbus High School 1, 2, 35 Up- per: G. R. 3, 45 Glee Club 45 Annual Staff 4. MAURICE LOGSDON Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 F. F. A. 1, 2, 35 Offi- cer 35 Class President 45 Annual Staf 45 Scholarship Team 3. GEoRG1A LIANOS G. R. 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 4. Seniors MAXINE LYON Chorus 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 G. R. 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 4. fm RUTH LININGER Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 2, 35 G. R. 2, 3, 4. BIARGARET ANN lWAFFETT G. R. 2, 3, 45 Jr. Chorus 1. 1,1 RICHARD BTCCLAIN Football 15 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. ANN MOLONEY G. R. 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 25 Band 1, Annual Staff 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. CAROL MILLER G. R. 2, 3, 45 Annual Staff 43 Latin Club 43 Phys. Ed. 43 Scholarship Team 3, 4. Seniors JAMES MOON Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Swing' Band 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 4g Chorus 45 Latin Club 3, 45 Annual Staff 45 Schol- arship Team 3, 4. WILLIAM MILUM Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club Bowling 3, 4. GERTRUDE MYERS G. R. 2, 3, 4g Basketba 3, ll 2 .63-Bn. REBECCA MYERS G. R. 2, 3, 45 Basketball 25 Class G Officer 33 Glee Club 2, 3. SARAH JANE OsBoRN . R. 2, 3, 43 Officer 45 Jr. Chorus lg Spanish Club 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 P. W. C. 43 Chorus 3, 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Class Officer 43 Annual Staff 4. 1 s,? ' ,... if f , .sas , , .W PAUL NEWCOMER Seniors ELIZABETH REAMSNYDER G. R. 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4. JANET ORIANS Glee Club 1, 2, 39 G. R. 2, 3, 4. Q25 BETTY ROBEY Band 3, 43 Glee Club 25 G. R. 3, Jr. Chorus 13 P. W. C. 4. 5 A yr. -O- 4 FRANKLIN ROBEY Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 45 Officer 4 Class Ofhcer 1, Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, An nual Staff 4, Phys. Ed. 1, 2, 3. ALICE SHAFER G. R. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, Annual Staff 4. 1. ofllsl RICHARD SCHOENBERGER Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Officer 2, 4, Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4, Chorus 1, 4, Swing Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Operetta 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff 4, Class Ohicer 2, 4, Pep Band 2, Phys. Ed. 1. Seniors BETTY IRENE SHAMBAUGH Jr. Chorus 1. , DONNA SCHWABEL P. W. C. 4, Jr. Chorus 1, G. R. 2,3,4, Basketballl, Class Officer 1. DONNA SHAMBAUGH G. R. 2, 3, 4, Officer 4, P. W. C. 4, Q Jr. Chorus 1, Spanish Club 3, 4, Annual StaH 4. MARJORIE SMITH G. R. 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 3. EDWARD STRASSER Football 1, 2, 4, Hi-Y 3, 4, Bowl- ing' 3, 45 Latin Club 3, 4, Chorus 4, Glee Club 3, 4g Class Officer 2, 3, Annual Staff 4, Scholarship Team 3. BYRON SNYDER Hi-Y 3. eniors CAROL STRUB Band 1, 2, 3, 4, G. R. 2, 3, 4, Or- chestra 3, 4, Spanish Club 3, 4, Annual Staff 4. ROSEMARY SPELLERBERG Spanish Club 3, 4, President 4, G. R. 2, 3, 45 Officer 45 Annual Staff 4, Chorus 2, 3, 4, Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Operetta 3, 45 Orchestra 1, 2, Basketball 1, 25 Cheerleader 2 5 Commercial Team 35 Scholar- ship Team 4. RUSSELL SWINEHART F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4. RICHARD SWOVERLAND Latin Club 3, 45 President 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Business Manager of An- nual 45 Chorus 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Swing Band 3, 45 Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Basketball 1, 2, 35 Football 1, 2, 3, 45 Bowling 3, 4. EUGENE TIVENAN FREDERICK TAYLOR MAURICE THIEL Hi-Y 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. Hi-Y 3, 4. eniors PATRICIA VIVIAN G. R. 2, 3, 45 Officer 45 Latin Club 3, 45 Officer 35 Associate Editor of Annual 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Chor- us 2, 3, 45 Basketball 15 Phys. Ed. 45 Cheerleader 25 Operetta 3, 45 Scholarship Team 3, 45 Orator. VELMA TRACHSEL G. R. 2, 3, 45 Chorus 45 Glee Club 3, 4. W ,,,.v,,, ,..-,.. -1 -,, ,. .-..-ww RICHARD VOLZ Football 25 Hi-Y 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. BTIRIAM WALTON G. R. 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 45 Chorus 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Class Ollicer 25 P. W. C. 45 Operetta 45 Annual Staff 4. LEONARD WAGNER Football 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y 3, 45 Spanish Club 4. S e n io rs ADDA JANE WEIKER Latin Club 3, 45 Officer 45 Phys. Ed. 45 G. R. 2, 3, 45 President 45 Glee Club 2 ,3, 45 Chorus 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, 45 Basketball 1, 25 Annual Staff 45 Cheerleader 25 Coinrnercial Team 3. JUSTIN VVALTON Band 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 35 Hi-Y 2, 35 Latin Club 3, 4. MURRAY WITHROW Band 1, 2, 3, 45 Officer 45 Orches- tra 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 2, 3, 45 Swing Band 3, 45 Operetta 45 Latin Club 3, 45 Officer 45 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Football 15 Basketball 1, 35 Editor of Annual 45 Bowling 3, 45 Phys. Ed. 1, 3. JEAN WOLFRUM W ILLIAM WOOD -3 G. R. 2, 3, 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Bas- ketball 1, 25 Hi-Y 2, 3, 45 Class Officer 1, 23 Bowling 3, 4. O A- -c- 3 30 9 ll l 0 TS DONALD YOUNG Glee Club 35 Bowling 3, 49 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. RAY YOUNG MIRIAM HAMMOND 'iiwu A-:ki-.A lllARGARET WUESCHER Senior Class History May 1, 1937. Dear Diary: As we have completed our first step in our upward climb toward that door marked Commencement, let us review our first successful year: The officers were elected early in the fall at one of the well-attended meet- ings. Franklin Robey was chosen as President and his assistants were: Vice- President, William Wood, and Secre- tary-Treasurer, Donna Schwabel. For the first time a check room was operated by classmen at all activities. This was our means of keeping out of the red. The highlight of this year was our Freshman Party held on April first, which was well attended and truly quite a thrill. The Freshman Class. i May 1, 1938. Dear Diary: Having successfully surmounted the step of "Hope" as Freshmen, and now ascended to the top of the one called "Courage," let us catch a glimpse of the past year. At the first meeting of the year, ofli- cers were elected to guide us. We chose: Richard Schoenberger, President: Ed- ward Strasser, Vice-President: Miriam Walton, Secretary: and Bill Wood, Treasurer. Being sophomores we were given the privilege of joining the organizations, Hi-Y and G. R. We enjoyed the meet- ings and social events of these clubs. As a class we participated in the pleasure of our two parties, the first, a dress party and the second, a hard- time party held in December and April, respectively. We are enthusiastically looking for- ward to being upper classmen next year. The Sophomore Class. i May 1, 1939. Dear Diary: N ow we have mounted the step known as "Confidence" We have learned: "Friends are like keepsakes Growing more dear, more precious, More cherished, year after year." For our cabinet, we selected the fol- lowing: President, Edward Strasserg Vice-President, Dale Blair: Secretary, Rebecca Myers: and Treasurer, Marian Bowen. , We started at once with plans for making money as we were responsible for entertaining the Seniors. Among our ventures in this field were sponsor- ing a movie, selling candy, and our check room. We had a grand time at our class par- ty held in December. We danced to the music of the Swing Band. We also had a theater party. The show starred Deanna Durbin in "It's a Date," and we did have dates, didn't we? The class of '41 has done it again! We are having a prom instead of the usual banquet for the Seniors. It is to be held the sixteenth of this month with Lee Russel's orchestra playing for dancing. Punch is to be served during the evening around the tepee campfire. As we bring to a close this year, it is our desire to thank Mr. Gottfried, our able sponsor, for his co-operation in the past three years. The Junior Class. 4 May 1, 1940. Dear Diary: We have reached the last and final step before opening the door, Com- mencement. This one we shall call "De- termination." Maurice Logsdon was chosen Presi- dent, because of his personality and ability. Richard Schoenberger, one of our star athletes, was picked for the Vice-Presidency, and the Xylophone ar- tist, Sarah Jane Osborn, was nominated as Secretary. The able pianist, Virginia Hollanshead was appointed Treasurer. Miss Erma Stearns, our sponsor, was always ready to give her valuable time in helping us with the small and some- times very important problems that ac- company being a Senior. Early in the fall we selected as our class fiower, the American Beauty Rose, colors, blue and silver, and motto, "Find a way or make one." Looking back over the past four years, we see that we have been well represented. We have reached exten- sively in all fields of activity and are proud of our scholastic position. Olur history is not yet completed as we look forward to the most important of milestones, our graduation later this month. Class meetings will be quite numerous as we discuss: the class play, annual sales, baccalaureate, and com- mencement. Now as we open this door, "Com- mencement," we do not know what it shall hold for us individually. We each shall follow different trails and know we shall "Find a way, or make one." The Senior Class. Barbara Dillon. Miss JEAN GoLL1NG Adviser Post Graduates Upper Sandusky High School proudly offers to all pupils desirous of furthering their knowledge, a course in post-graduate work. This year the group consisting of six girls, is centered in the commercial course. It is to them we owe cur Orange and Black News, published weekly in the local newspaper. Anna Myrtle Ellis is editor-in-chief and Helen Bils fills the po- sition of typist. Their column contains the honor roll, social activities of different organizations and class room highlights. By this the people of our community are constantly informed of how we spend our hours at Union School. This group besides the hours spent working on shorthand, typing, and bookkeeping, unceasingly take preparation tests for Civil Service examina- tions. Under this course the girls are recommended for positions and often fill one before their course is finished. Some substitute periods for teachers by which they receive valuable experience. They help the teachers in vari- ous other ways by grading papers, running errands, and checking absent lists. Virginia Castanien, an alumnus of U. S. H. S., besides her commercial course, has joined the seniors in their headaches over chemistry. Maxine Clements graduated from here last spring, but came back to resume her quest for knowledge. - Anna Myrtle Ellis, after four years spent at Eden High School, is now enrolled in this class. Eloise Pool, having completed four years' work at Mt. Zion, came here this year and is an active post-graduate. Madelon Shumaker graduated from Salem last year and to further her education came here this year. Kathryn Taylor, another alumnus of Salem, is enjoying this course. Ruby Williams was welcomed back after her completion of four years of high school work. Jessie Withrow attended college after her graduation from Upper, but came back this year for special work. Helen Bils, another graduate of last year's class of Upper, is also prom- inent in post-graduate activities. ' These girls deserve extra merit for continuing their education. The senior class wishes continuous success to all future post-grads. Bccrbufu Dillon. 0 4? -nf? VIRGINIA CASTANIEN TIIADELON SHUMAKER NIAXINE CLEMENTS ANNA 1WYRTLE ELLIS ELOISE POOL! rf Post Graduates 9330 KATHRYN TAYLOR RUBY YVILLIAMS JESSE- WITHROW I PAUL CRUM President RUSSELL WOLFE, JR. Vice-President SUSAN MATTHEW Secretary ROBERT BILS Treasurer R RUSSELL WOLFE A dvis er Juniors 1 3 . sg A M W Q E 5 'A , L In I A . . V5 if 11: 2 , A 0 L 3 5 KI 1 K -, K , K Lkk .5 ikr l H il et, . Q . I I, A ,i g -.5 ,,: A V w Q , - , K is - , 49 I I V I I V A551 ' L Q A NY if , Q f f 'f u , A .. ii in , L. 'A .i .Lf " g ,I ::l - 5- - L. is I . VK K' I O' ' :,- I X. A 1 A A fl A , A E + 1 1 s , K A 'H , A A gy '. S I qi E- . - : ' A 'A P" . fi - ESA' ...f, Bef 7 Xi, 5 ,A V: , .h kk.L :A sig.: 5 I A, A gg q. : I I A ' A mf A , 3111, A 41 F' 'g l ' :,, : .1f, '. J' 5. A k k ., . 1 b imW Z A L . M 2 ? ' I zz' L A ,A ' A w, A A A D A A A 1, ' A 1 A': , , - f. + L g K A A , .Ati I ., , , , 4 Row I Row 2 : Row 3 ROW 4 LOUIS BARZACCHINI HARRY BEIDELSCHIES, THOMAS BEINBRECH, ROBERT GRACE BUTCHER, MAXINE CARR, DONALD CASTANIEN, PHILLIP CLINGER, CORNISH, DON COTTRELL. DANIEL CRATES, MARVIN CRATES, PAUL CRUM, JANE DANNENHAUER, KAT LLOYD ERATER, GERALD FRUTH, RICHARD GAVER, JEAN GILLESPIE, JAMES HART. V . ' L 4- J. .. BILS, HELEN BINAU, WALTER BRAGG, ETHEL BROWN. ELIZABETH CORNELY, GEORGE CORNISH, ROBERT E. HLEEN DENMAN, PAUL DILLON, CARL FISHER, PAUL FOX. GRAHAM, RICHARD GUENTHER, DWIGHT HARE, WILLIAM i 2 1 A 4 Juniors Iv--V- V,Y Row 1: JOAN HEHR, MARILYN JANE HENRY, MARY LOUISE HENRY, EDWARD HESSLEY, CATHERINE HORN, BETTY HOTTMAN, DOROTHY HOTTMAN, MARTHA JEAN HOWARD. Row 2: LAWSON ILES, HAROLD KAUBLE, JAMES KAUBLE, MARY KAYE, THOMAS KELLY, JEAN KINLEY, LEO LARICK, DOROTHY JEAN LARCOMB. Row 3: JEAN LAUCHER, EDWIN LAWRENCE, WAYNE LEIGHTEY, FRANCIS LENHART, LOUISE LOWRY, STARK LESER, DICK LUCAS, JACK LUST. Row 4: SUSAN MATTHEW, ROSEMARY McCARTHY, LEEFEALICE MCCLAIN, DAVID MILLER, RICHARD MINER, CREIGHTON MOON, ANN MYERS, HAROLD MYERS. 036 Q 1 'I ' of VVA. i A I f ff Q2 5"h' , ,.,, Row I: Row 2: Row 4: 49,5 ,I I .P Juniors f in. 4 fi- .1 I 1 Q . I Ark I tw X ! -a A my, E SSL Y- , ks I - - . t ,. LL fs ,.,k .. In Qfl, - 'I I DANIEL PAGNARD, LOUISE PHILLIPS, IRVIN RANGELER, ANNA LOUISE ROBEY, JEAN SCHNELKER, ROY ROSSEL, CHARLES RUSSEL, MINOR SHAFER. CHARLES SLEMMER, RICHARD STEPHAN, RALPH STONEBURNER, HELEN STRASSER, DARREL SWINEHART, IDELLA THIEL, DONALD ULRICH, ROBERT VIVIAN. EUGENE VOGEL, JUSTIN VOLZ, LEO WALTERHOUSE, MAXINE WHITAKER, MILDRED WHITAKER, RUSSELL WOLFE. 037-0- J umnior Glass History Listen! Listen! Peanuts, pop, candy, hot dogs, pop corn, here comes the Junior Class. Ever since the opening football game last fall, this has been the continual chant heard at all games. The Junior Class is under the able leadership of the following officers: President, Paul Crum, director of the Swing Band, Vice-president, Russell Wolfe, known for his ability on grid-iron and hardwood, Secretary, Susan Matthew, that popular red-haired lass, and Treasurer, Robert Bils, one of our outstanding F. F. A. boys. Mr. Wolfe is their class adviser. Two events mark their social calendar this year. First was the class party held at the Union School on the twenty-seventh of March. Dancing and games were enjoyed in the auditorium, followed by refreshments in the cafeteria. Second is the Junior-Senior Prom which they are planning to hold the latter part of May as a pleasing courtesy to the departing Senior Class. You can't miss or overlook a Junior. They are seen in the limelight of all school activities whether it be musical, scholastic, social, or sports. Next year when they hold the honored position as Seniors, we know they will progress with the same determination that has been theirs since they entered high school as Freshmen in the fall of '38. Barbara Dillon. Sophomore Class History The Sophomores, now at the closing of their second year of high school, have been well represented in all school activities and their future as upper classmen looks very promising. The important social event was the class party, held on November the twenty-ninth. The class co-operated in making this party a great success. The class officers are: President, Delbert Barth and Vice-President, Leon Stephan, both promising future football stars at U. S. H. S.g Secre- tary, Phyllis Miller, known about school for her pleasant smile and person- alityg and Treasurer, Alice Bowman, whom you remember for her perform- ance in the operetta this year. The class appreciates the assistance of Miss Neumeister, their adviser. Each individual is looking forward to the thrills which accompany their Junior year. It is then that their first formal affair occurs after a year of heavy responsibilities. More power to you, Class of '43. Barbara Dillon. T -A DELBERT BARTH President LEON STEPHAN Vice-President PHYLLIS MILLER Secretary ALICE BOWMAN C Tfreasuo er h , IL OA S ES Miss NEUMHISTER A dvis ev' ophomores AA 5 9 - Q , QR . ' 6 A ,Iv 1 ,Ml if A , , I I ,, ' - , sg - in 1 K ff HT AHF 3 ' -9 - . f- I ar 'fl' - I , ,K ' I Q- M M , f : 'I if ' f I , f B I , 1 yd 'xi f ' .ll .f H Row Row Row R ow J 2 fi. 0. 4 : CALVIN ARMSTRONG, MARION BARDON, BETTY BARTH, DELBERT BARTH, LOUISE BEAMER, CLYDE BENNETT. JOHN BIANCHI, JAMES BICKHAM, CHRISTINE BILLHARDT, IDA BILLINGS, GERALD BINAU, ELMA BOWEN, ALICE BOWMAN, BOWMAN. BARBARA BONNIE CAMPBELL, OWEN CARR, JEANNE CASTANIEN, RICHARD CASTANIEN, MARION CI-IADWICK, MARGARET CLARK, ROBERT CLEMENTS, ALICE CLINGER. ROBERT CLINGER, JUANITA CONN, PEGGY COONS, CALVIN CRATES, CATHERINE CRIST, JEANNE CRUM, JOHN DARDINGER, FRANCIS DIEBERT. F ophomores .V-, '2 Y L,L a 'g r - . ' . 'fa - 5 Aigm I , . A 2. - "' F w I I ' I MI I V A in If .il S I W ,. if R E I W .. ' V I , Q ' Im MD Q' 'S' i f '- ' ii' 'A -'W I A .. :, A :A-2 K A Q I Q , " ' "' f - ij mfh51 -' I B 3- A 1 , I 1 C, A l A 1 ' 1 J ' I BF, I 1 1 , .f ' , ' w Q, A A '-., Q 3 I . ix I ' S L' 1 C, p ,C B A Af A -'A I l I A A S :A A , I 1 A , ag 3 ,L j ' iv we I RRCC RRR ' , ., A I nf , W t . Wy i K Q L X. Y , X- 2 ' ' H Q: ' l1-Q A I I I " fi ' , .f 3 I , I -..Hg , , ' ---M W- , .. K , , 7 .. , L.m....,.-4,,.,...-..,-,, Row Row Row Row DORIS DUFFIELD, MIRIAM GOHL, JEANNE GOTTFRIED, VIRGIA HARBOUR, CHARLES I-IARMAN, ROBERT HECKER, ROSALIE HEHR, MARJORIE HENRY. DOROTHY HESSLEY, JOYCE HETZEL, JEAN HOUSER, EMMA IRVIN, JOHN KAIL, DWIGHT KOEHLER, MARILYN KRAUS, MARY 4 LAWRENCE. FRANK LEVIN, RICHARD LININGER, GENE LUCAS, REBECCA MCCARTHY, LAURA MCCLAIN, PHYLLIS MILLER, RICHARD MILLER, RICHARD MOON. LETHA MORRIS, RONALD MYERS, HELEN NORRIS, VIRGINIA PATCHETT, ESTHER MAY POOL, BERNARD RALL, DOROTHY RALL, ARDEN ROGERS. 'f 4. f, Sophomo res 3. ? L f , , A , 2, ,S Jw F v ta a .gf ff , f A M 'ww , V, 2 :Ei .. i :K , 1.. E. Q.. K 2 '55 ffl H ,,,., T E ' ,' ffl E I 5 E H sm, . Q Q A ::'2 9 Q in - A ' HMWJW A NNN EE if Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 L, . - ,. BETTY SALES, IRENE SCHNELKER, IRENE SCHUSTER, JOHN SCHWABEL, PATRICIA SCHWILK, FRANKLIN SMYTHE, JAMES SOUTHWARD, FRANCES STANSBERRY. ROBERT STANSBERY, LEON STEPHAN, ROBERT STERNER, VERNON STOKER, THOMAS STRASSER, JOYCE SWARTZ, PAUL SWARTZ, EILEEN TAYLOR. 6' DONALD THIEL, LORETTA THIEL, VERA JEAN THIEL, ANN WALTON, ROBERT WALL, DALE WALTON, JAMES WALTON, BERNADETTE WELLY. MIRIAM WILSON, RUTH WITHROW, HELEN WITZEL, KENNETH WOERNER. 0430 JAMES GOHL President JACK GILLESPIE Vice-President HELEN STUBBS Secretary ELEANOR STEINBAUGH H Treasurer JN, C Miss ESTIIER. SCHULTZ Adviser r .i " ,,L V . 0 -Q ,fx :17 ,L ,V 'k f .ig Freshmen ,,,, i J, 9 . I W1 L , .. -KC A.: jp E , ,J -was . ' r I QW. I - "' , ,' - ff' . ' Q' ' 4. 5 K R E' A Cabs -x A, Q A K. Q 'S ":. " ' 'Wi' 11 S- , Q , , Y lf I E, " A ' XL ' .1 .iik O me , Vyyi fi , 5 6.525 e ev' vm 'Kvvx my H" '- AQNP' Row Row Row Row JEAN BARTH, MARGARET BARTH, THELMA BEAMER, JOHN BENNETT, JAMES BLASER, MARY BOES, MILTON BOUCHER, ESTHER BOWEN. GLENN BOWER, ROBERT BOWMAN, WILLIAM BRICELY, WILLIAM BRITTINGHAM, RICHARD BROOKS, BETTY BURKEY, ROBERT CASEY, JOHN CLARK. ALFRED CORNISH, MARILYN COURTAD, RICHARD COURTAD, LOUISE CRAM, MARY CRATES, RICHARD DARDINGER, THOMAS DENMAN, NORMA DUMM. MABEL EHRHART, ANN FISHER, LEWIS FREY, JEANNETTE FRUTH, MARTHA GABRIEL, JACK GILLESPIE, HAROLD GILLILAND, JAMES GOHL. 0-450 Freshmen 5 QR ' 1 i, -U ag ! B :4, 'UKYQ jk if R' if- 5 Q 'S S.. fr I if 2 P' gr 4 ,I If X Row Row Row Row 1: 2. 3. 4. GENE GOTTFRIED, MARY GREGORY, JAMES HALE, ELMER HALL. MARY HARMAN, CARL HARRIS, GERALD HICKS, CLAIR HILE. STUART HOLLANSHEAD, RAUL HOTELLING, MELVIN ILES, BETTY KIMBLE, GERVASE KIN, MARY LOU KUENZLI, LOREN KUENZLI, MARY LONG. VIRGINIA LOWRY, ARTHUR MARTIN, FRANKLIN MCCLAIN, KENNETH McKEE, SUZANNE MILLER, GEORGE MOLL, BETTY MORRIS, ALICE NEWELL. HOWARD PAGNARD, HELENA PARRISH, DOROTHY PHILLIPS, ALFRED POOL, ALBERT REBER, SALLY RIESER, PHYLLIS ROSSEL, DORIS ROWLAND. Freshmen "1 L.- , ,........,,,,, I S I f Q Q., , W fs, X 1 1, I 1 1 4 Q, L1 L I! HHLL 1 5 A A 1 ML A Q ' , 13: i An- A , is, sq 1 53' A -A A 'A O A HL S ubnq A f ,.. L ZR il I r f K SVVIAVVAZ . . X . f i .. , A T 4 Y E VV V, an IEZI , V V , , M I n K , b H I I A , . 5. .,:- . , A f V U N ' Q- ' .Q .if 9' ' :I b N , i i :-::. , L I ,, H nlzi, 'H 1 . N - kkin - I 7 if V A '2E- , f H . A 4 4 A H 4 74 -Q Y ,'k7 . Row 1' Row 2: Row 3: Row 4: EUGENE SCHECK, SUZANNE SCHINDLER, PAUL SEILER, JOHN SEIM, BETTY SHAMBAUGH, PAULINE SMALLEY, MILDRED SNYDER, ROBERT SNYDER. THOMAS SNYDER, THOMAS SPELLERBERG, MARION STALTER, BETTY STANSBERY, DAVID STANSBERY, MARY CATHERINE STANSBERY, ELEANOR STEINBAUGH, HOWARD STEINBAUGH. PAUL STRUB, HELEN STUBBS, ZELDA STUHY, HAROLD SWARTZ, MELFORD SWINEHART, MARTHA THIEL, RICHARD THIEL, CHARLES WALTON. DOROTHY WARFEL, ROBERT WARNER. Q-470 i freshman Class History Entering at the very beginning of the adventurous road called high school, we see the Freshmen. It is their ultimate aim to graduate in four years, and the spirit With which they have started the journey shall surely carry them to their goal. They enjoyed a clever patriotic party held on January twenty-fourth. Robert Bowman and Arthur Martin acted as masters of ceremonies with derbies and canes suitable for the occasion. They conducted a quiz which was followed by dancing to the music of the record player. They are planning another party to be held late in the spring. Freshman class officers are: President, James Gohlg Vice-President, Jack Gillespie, Secretary, Eleanor Steinbaughg Treasurer, Helen Stubbs. Miss Esther Schultz has filled Well her position as class sponsor. The offi- cers have proved Worthy of the honor bestowed upon them when chosen to lead their classmates. Bcwbaoca Dillon. 0 4a g . , ,W Eighth Grade MARGIE ALTVATER NEVA ALSPACH BEATRICE ARNOLD HELEN BARICK JUNE BARTH EDWARD BEARD ROSEMARY BILLINGS DOROTHY BOWMAN MARJORIE BRICELY DE JON BUTCHER NORMAN CARPENTER ANN CASTANIEN DONALD CLABAUGH RICHARD COONS IRENE CORNISH RICHARD COURTAD LLOYD EATHERTON AUDREY ENDERS MIRIAM ENDERS ANNABELL FEELEY EDWARD GAMBER ROSALEE HAMM GLADYS HEFFELFINGER KENNETH HENRY HELEN HOGAN JO ANN HUDSON JACK KAUBLE JOYCE KEMMERLEY PAUL KOEHLER BARBARA LARCOMB CALVIN LAY BETTY LEAR JOHN LENHART JACK MQELDOWNEY GERALD MOORE LILLIAN MYERS MINNIE ONEY JO ANN PATCHETT THOMAS REBER BYRON RICHARDSON ESTHER RICHARDSON ROBERT RICHARDSON DONALD RIFE PAUL ROBEY RUBY RUSSEL JAMES SCHULTZ JACK SCHWILK JAMES SEIM HELEN 'MARIE SHAFER IDA SMYTHE V GENE STANSBER' LOLA MAY SWARTZ RUTHANNA SWARTZ MIRIAM SWINEHART PHYLLIS SWOVERLAND MARTHA TSCHANEN JACK ULRICH JOAN ULRICH PHYLLIS WAGNER GEORGE WALTON ROBERT WOERNER FREDERICK ZELLER Seventh Grade DORIS BARDON DAVID BARTH REVA BARTH SHIRLEY BLASER EVERETT BOLES PAUL BINAU CARL BOLYARD AUDREY BOWEN CHARLES BREWER CHARLES BUTCHER PAUL CALMES JOHN CONN ROY COURTAD FREDERICK DIEBERT BETTY DREW DONNA DUFFIELD VIRGINIA DUMM WILLARD DURER JERRY ENDERS JOHN FOSTER MARION FRAZIER DOROTHY GABRIEL ELLEN GARVER RICHARD GILLEN EDWIN GOHL NEVA JEAN GRAHAM NANCY HAGENMAIER ALICE HALE .ROSELLA HALL IRANKLIN HARMAN JAMES HEHR BETTY HOGAN JACK HOUSER JAMES HOUSER .JAMES JOHNS CATHERINE JONES PHILLIP KARG JOAN KINLEY DONALD KRAMER JACQUELINE KRAUS BETTY LAHR EDRA JEAN KUENZLI DOROTHY LININGER JANE MCBETH JUNE MCKEEHAN STELLA MECK LESTER MILLER BETTY MYERS JANIS MYERS WILLIAM NUTTER KARL PAGNARD BETTY OSTERMEYER MARTHA PAGNARD JACK PATCHETT MARY LOU PERRI PAUL PFEIFER ROBERT REAMSNYDER MARTHA LEE REBER MILDRED RUSSELL VIRGINIA RUSSELL LAILA SEILER ALICE JEAN SMALLEY MIRIAM SMALLEY RAYMOND SMALLEY DONNA SNYDER ERVIN SOUTHWARD CHARLES STANSBERY CLARA STANSBERY, KEITH STANSBERY MARIETTA STANSBERY ROBERT STANSBERY LEROY STIEF RITA STIEF ANNETTA STOKER MELVIE STONE HAROLD SWARTZ DONALD SWEIGARD GERALD THIEL MARY LOU WALL DRENNAJEAN WARD JOAN WEIKER CHARLES WETTLIN' ROBERT WOLFF JOAN WOLFRUM MONROE WORST JEAN ZELLER P 1E R S COD N A lL JI T I JE S l PATRICIA VIVIAN We, of th e Annual staff are proud to salute "Teed', Vivian who is one of us, because she holds the position of associate editor. Patricia seems to possess a Hair for Writing, for in addition to being as sistant editor, she is sec Girl Reser retary OI the ves. She admits that English is her fa- vorite subject. In fact, she plans to attend college in the Education course. Designing proves to be her favorite pastime. Patricia's favorite ming. y sport is swim- She declare s that she can eat al- most ANYTHING so long as potato chips is not connected with it in an Way. P Y atricia just LOVES dogs, but has none, for as she puts it, "They all die." lVIURRAY W ITHROW For editor-in-chief of one of the largest undertakings of our school life, the Annual, We chose smiling, seventeen-year-old Murray Withrow. When Murray vvasnlt different appointing people for certain jobs hav- ing to do with the Annual he was usually playing his cornet which he will tell you is his "pride and joy." Upon graduation, Murray plans to enter college in a Liberal Arts course. In his spare time, Murray may be found bowling or playing golf. When asked his favorite food he admitted it was anything connected with-of all things-olives. Next to olives, his f -more avorite foor is olives I PATRICIA CORNELY ho for the This charming senior, W past two years has handled the posi- tion of drum maj orette so beautifully and well, is Patricia "Pat" Cornely. Aside from her duties as drum ma- jorette she ranks at the top of the grade list and is the school's leading accordionist. t one of her Pat will tell you tha ' her dog "Topsy." best pals is O When she graduates, Pat plans to enter a business college. Pat has no hobby, but enjoys sit- ting through features. Pat says that contrary to every rule, her favorite food is spinach. DICK SWOVERLAND Richard "Dick" Swoverland came into the limelight recently When he was elected president of the Sodali- tas Latina. He also holds the posi- tion of business manager of the Annual. Dick's favorite subject is chemis- try. When he graduates from Upper he plans to enter Ohio State and study medicine. In his spare time Dick likes to col- lect souvenirs and play with his dog "Dopey.,' Ping-pong is among his many sport interests. ' t eating, pork When it comes 0 ' 1 "one grand chops is Dicks idea foi meal." .A if JAMES MOON Genial "Jim" Moon received the honor and responsibility of being elected president of the Hi-Y. This seventeen-year-old Chorus and Glee Club member modestly told us of his hobby, also connected with music, that of playing his clarinet. Jim says that where he is going to college and what he will take is still a "mystery'9 but he is looking forward to a higher education. Our guess is that it will be some- thing along the line of chemistry be- cause chemistry is J im's favorite sub- ject. Jim's chief sport interest lies in tennis. ,Y ADDA JANE WEIKER To the satisfaction of the Girl Re- serves, Adda Jane Weiker was chosen president. She has filled thispoflice faithfully and competently for the past year. Adda was prominent in all girls' sports during her high school career, and was captain of the volley ball team in her senior year. Not only for her achievements is Adda well known but also for her ex- ceedingly likeable personality. Addals favorite sports are tennis, swimming, volley ball, and basketball. Adda likes noodles better than any other food. This well-known girl has many friends and acquaintances. Adda spends much of her time in summer playing with her dog called ciBOy.79 ,.....mi " .... Ro SE MARY S PELLERBERG Perhaps one of the most energetic seniors can be found here in the per- son of Rosemary Spellerberg, known to her many friends as "Spell," Although Rosemary is president of the Spanish Club and treasurer of the Girl Reserves, she still finds time to type many of the absentee lists, An- nual write-ups, and other miscellane- ous articles pertaining to school ac- tivities. Rosemary is planning to attend Miami University and enroll in the Journalism course. Rosemary says she has no particu- larly favorite food, but we notice she thrives on vanilla cokes. Her favorite sports are swimming and tennis. MAURICE LOGSDON With our class meeting at the be- jinning of our most important school year, Maurice Logsdon, better known as "Morry," came into prominence around "these here parts" by being elected president of our senior class by an overwhelming majority. The entire senior class should be congratulated for its wise and thoughtful choice, for this is an office Maurice richly deserves. Maurice intends to enter The John Carroll University in Cleveland in the Administration course. When he isn't appointing commit- tees for this and committees for that, one may find Maurice 'ftinkering withv or driving his "V-S." When asked about his hobbies Maurice proceeded in naming several including: football, baseball, basket- ball, tennis, and swimming. Mauricets chief school interest is physics. Personality Write-ups by BETTY LEVI N Honor Walk These students have a ninety or higher average for four years of high school. We are proud to congratulate them on their high achievement. May they continue their fine Work after graduation. MARIAN BOWEN ---- Congenial and dependable PATRICIA CORNELY The eyjicient drum-majoress BARBARA DILLON - A friend to everyone MARY JEAN EMICK Quiet and unassuming MILDRED GEIGER - - A joy to her teachers VIRGINIA HOLLANSHEAD - The musician of the class ELIZABETH IRVIN - - - Miss Slemmer's able assistant MAURICE LOGSDON - The capable president of the class CAROL MILLER - The dark-haired girl with the ready smile ANN MOLONEY - Loyal and dependable to friend and teacher JAMES MOON ----- The star chemist SARAH JANE OSBORN - The trustworthy secretary of the class ROSEMARY SPELLERBERG - - - A charming senorita PATRICIA VIVIAN - Personality-plus associate editor of the Annual MIRIAM WALTON ---- Always ready to serve ADDA JANE WEIKER - - - Friendly and fun-loving MURRAY WITHROW - A talented cornetist and editor of the Annual D. A. R. CITIZENSHIP TEST The Daughters of the American Revolution conducted a general citi- zenship test on February 1, 1941, at the Court House in Upper Sandusky. Participating were the following schools: Marseilles, Nevada, Carey, and Upper Sandusky. Patricia Cornely, representing U. S. H. S. ranked second in the county. SENIOR STATE SCHOLARSHIP TESTS On March 29, 1941, the General Scholarship Test for Wyandot County was held in the Upper Sandusky High School building. The high ranking "Upper Sanduskiansu Were: James Moon, third place in the county, Mildred Geiger, tied for tenth place in the county, Carol Miller, Patricia Cornely, and Rosemary Spellerberg, honorable mention in the county. Honor Walk 19 Bowling Green State Scholarship Team 41 Bowling Green Contestants: Biology Jeanne Gottfried ---- John Clark Chemistry James Moon ---- Carol Miller General Science Thomas Spellerberg - - - Charles Harmon Physics Edwin Lawrence - - Russell Wolfe Algebra I Louise Cram - Robert Casey Plane Geometry Delbert Barth - - Joyce Swartz American History Rosemary Spellerberg - - Patricia Cornely World History Frank Levin ---- Susan Matthew Latin I Bernard Rall - Irene Schnelker - James Blaser Marjorie Henry - Jeanne Gillespie - Mildred Geiger - Latin II English 9 English 10 English 11 English 12 Betty Stansbery Mary Louise Henry Mary Lou Kuenzli Barbara Bowman Mildred Whitaker Patricia Vivian i S N A P S H 0 T S O R G A N ll Z A T ll COD N S e. isiii f s ss .. A .. . . a ' 1 ' .ktk L - .,f- , :wif Q fi ., m 5 My SAK, 'W me IQ -i Q 4 QS- , ji Q W 'E I ie- s ar- -Q6 I ef . ,hi F If ? I v I , A , , r': In E E igg, ,V. , ig 1 'XLVi 4 K 'VT 14.. . 15 C I I Row 1: BARBARA BOWMAN, CRAIG BOWMAN, BARBARA DILLON, CARL FISHER, VIRGINIA HOLLANSHEAD, MARTHA JEAN HOWARD CAROL MILLER, JAMES MOON. Row2: IRVIN RANGELER, EDWARD STRASSER, RICHARD SWOVERLAND, PATRICIA VIVIAN, JUSTIN VOLZ, JUSTIN WALTON ADDA JANE WEIKER, MURRAY WITHROW. ERMA STEARNS Adviser odalitas Latina The smell of frying hamburgers marked the picnic beginning the ac- tivities of the Cicero Club for this year. Because of the heavy schedules and many duties of its members, the club could not hold as many meeting' as were planned. The meetings we had were held at the homes of the members and were spent by short talks on Cicero, games, and contests. The group also enjoyed the singing of Latin songs. The special event of the year was the birthday cake which the class bought to celebrate Miss Stearns' birthday. Much to our surprise We found that We had picked the Wrong day, but we celebrated it anyway. Sixteen members composed the Cicero class With the following officers: Richard Swoverland, President, Murray Withrow, Vice-President, and Adda Jane Weiker, Secretary-Treasurer. The class is exceedingly grateful for the able leadership and assistance of the instructor, Miss Stearns, and We hope that next year's class may enjoy and appreciate this organization and leader as much as we have. Adda J time Weiker. O 60 at g g e7? f I , g I . y I , ., Vil A -E Q, I V l . .,, , 't 4 'Yi I is 'A ',pw-wr y 14.4 i l - - " , . M I . N, i n - Y A. A 1 1 t SSW Q 'I S1 rg w L fs 3 Y if ,ax , 6 Rowlz JEAN BURKS, PAUL KROCK, JEAN LAUCHER, MAXINE LAY, MAXINE LYON, MARGARET MAFFETT, WILLIAM MILUM. K a ,,,, , V.. H .. i s . ',.., , . Q Q A ,,A ,,.., 1 ,, ,, 6 if .. , 4: 2 5 . I in " Q I S f f 5 - 1,, T y o I if L of XAA4 5 5 ' :1'L' ' . VVVV ," . . VV . . A gf' fo K f' f lim V 4 :Twp 'Q 7 ml ' . A A AAAA ' Q , L .6 'zi ' 5 ' W KE ,z 5 E V mf' es Ezu . ,,,l ., Ht I 1 , qw- , ! , . ,,f E' 5 :vv I , Q I , S? . ,., ir Row 2: ANN MOLONEY, SARAH OSBORN, ELIZABETH REAMSNYDER, FRANK ROBEY, RICHARD SCHOENBERGER, DONNA SHAMBAUGH, ROSEMARY SPELLERBERG. Row3: CAROL STRUB. FREDERICK TAYLOR, RICHARD VOLZ, LEONARD WAGNER, MIRIAM WALTON. El Circulo Castellano de Cortez The Spanish Club was under a new sponsor this year, Mrs. Kather- ine Tucker. Omcers for the year Were: Rosemary Spellerberg, Presidentg Miriam Walton, Vice-Presidentg Franklin Robey, Secretaryg and William Milum, Treasurer. Fourteen new members were initiated into the club at the High School during the month of March. Meetings Were held every two Weeks at the homes of different members. The members corresponded with students from South American countries, and they learned many things of interest through this. KATHERINE TUCKER . Ad ' Frcmklm Robey. WSW 1 Q 61 4. bi . y L, ....... , E Ioii - f - S ' ' . if V -fvv Gift ' ' " A 7 .cg tt, . y J r - , f w fa af - f , J -'AA- J g ., as . , M. A .. e J , ,. .. was s ,,.. ,. . t, . ., .. ,, .. . ... ,, . , ,, , . s , f . , .,-L Q ,gt w f QW fav :. :' ffslill v- " f air ' . i ri. 'V ' V -fEf.Q,V- ""' .. ' lfflf" i -' fix'-" -: ,.: 2 , wif' ',22":2'i1'F'ii an f- ff ' S :ie N V " ' V -- . - I V . , , - - 1 Am-' f A- ' V ,m'- .. .. i' V R V ' .. , , l , fggj , i sa s sw as Q as K ' or era i' ' - s ' ,,, 5 , ' .. ' . . ' f . . . V- - V H was ff 'Q Vs ,g Y ' n. 1. , If P Q W5 ff"5 J ""' it viii: 1- 'Z "" ' . ff - . -- 1 . "" D s:":::'55's VI? k k' ' ' V 31" ,J I 1' Q 1 kk r , 5 'lui -'Fi i ir .1 ' ' '5 WI' .' ' . V , 1 K V- ' V .... ' 4 In , Lmh, V -- ' V V "-' , . I ,, , . v , so H --... " 1 , ' V ' ' ' . ' : ' . , 1 . s sa , J . T .3 sa ' o r ' M s . V--- -V gg K ,, v: . f- . Q.. S ' -- 35. ,'i3iig'f .' . l fi V - .,g,, l i -1 , 2 .. i. " ' VLVV. .V . VV,VV ' V. r t 1 i -' 1 .. VV. r issii V V V " . V - , V .. . s ' , " , " " i . ' f ssEl'1g , :. 'Q QRQ Sli -H Q 'l' - . - -,35 , . IQQ. -, , ' , " Ti g at f - . Row 1: Harold Bardon, French horn, Thomas Beinbrech, drum, Clyde Bennet, bass, Robert Bowman, cornet, Paul Calmes, trombone, Junior Carr, trombone, Richard Castanien, bass, Marion Chadwick, Cornet, Richard Coons, clarinet, Richard Courtad, baritone. R0w2: Paul Crum, bass, Jane Dannenhauer, French horn, Kathleen Denman, piccolo, Thomas Denman, drum, Leroy Gottfried, baritone: Richard Guenther, Cornet, James Hale, clarinet, Edward Hessley, alto, Joyce Hetzel, clarinet, Stuart Hollanshead, cornet. Row3: Betty Hottman, flute, John Kail, baritone, Th omas Kelly, bass, Dwight Koehler, trombone, Marilyn Krause, bass clarinet, Paul Krock, clarinet, Ruth Lininger, clarinet, Richard Lucas, Cornet., Jack Lust, trombone, Rebecca McCarthy, alto clarinet. Marching With Music Fifty-eight boys and girls make up the personnel of the 'Upper Sandusky High School Band. Special emphasis is MR, ASSENHHMER placed on both marching and concert Work. The past year the i band appeared at all home football games, at the more import- ant out of town games, and at civic affairs. They also partici- pated in the band festival held at Crestline. The band is grad- ually becoming an inseparable part of school and community life. Mr . Assenheimer has been at the Upper Sandusky High School for the past five years. He has built up the musical or- I ganizations, both vocal and instrumental. The class of Forty- one wishes to congratulate Mr. Assenheimer on the fine prog- ress he is making and wishes him continued success. Richard Schoenbcrger. Q 0 Drum Majoress Patricia Cornely has been the band's drum majoress for the past two years. She has proved herself very successful in this position and brightened the appearance of the High School Band. The Class of Forty-one is proud to have Patricia among the graduates. Richard Scixocnbergerr. -4: - :page-EQ Q The band, in their snappy orange and black uniforms, added a spirit of zest to the night ball games, and under the lights the formations were very colorful. Oflicers included: President, Dick Schoenberger, Vice- President, Dick Guenther, Secretary, Murray Withrow , Treas- urer, Dick Swoverland. PATRICIA CORNELY With the curtain slowly descending upon our high school days, We, the senior members of the band, linger for a moment to reminisce and to ofer a token of gratitude to Mr. Assen- heimer for his unselfish and untiring efforts in our behalf. May our under classmen march on to greater achievements under the capable direction of Mr. Assenheimer. Patricia Cornely. ROW1: Arthur Martin, alto, Susan Matthew, clarinet, Richard Miner, Cornet, Creighton Moon, clarinet, Jim Moon, clarinet, Richard Moon, drum, Howard Pagnard, drum, Irvin Rangeler, drum, Albert Reber, Cornet, Thomas Reber, clarinet. Row2: Sally Reber, oboe, Betty Robey, alto sax, Roy Rossell, cox-net, Eugene Scheck, clarinet, Suzanne Schindler, clarinet, Richard Schoenberger, tenor sax, James Schultz, trombone, Betty Shambaugh, Cornet, Franklin Smylhe, Cornet, Annetta Stoker, alto. ROW3: Vernon Stoker, trombone, Carol Strub, clarinet, Darrel Swinchart, alto sax, Richurrl Swoverland, cornet, Robert Vivian Cornet, Justin Walton, drum, Murray Withrow, Cornet, Mr. Assenheimer, director. ft.- P it - 1 K if I V, I t iii ii' . , i'i.. i E' 1' X , T - r g f u i' ' 7 Z2. ' "A, A caae c f' r a .A - Q F I ' ..,., i K 1 A t r V, QW ,,, , ,,, v et 4 1 4 .ri i ' Y 4 ,erf rggg lj ' it i i S i , . , Q , . ,. 44 ,Q ' , W , r f , S A. ' ,J , li r't l 63 L Q .Q , ,. 52, , . 5-ab . Q V, A Lvpl Q Q S K 0- 0 V , 1 ,v , i N V ,,,- 4' If - .K ,L I l i 'ti-r 5 7 ':.'-r X 1 .. wing Band The Swing Band of U. S. H. S. has become one of the chief sources of enjoyment for the students and many other people. This band, under the capable direction of Paul Crum, meets twice a week and is efficiently as- sisted by Mr. Assenheimer. This year the band has twelve members. In March, the Swing Band made its radio debut over WMRN, Marion, Ohio. Long may this musical organization continue to drive dull care away by its lilting melodies! M ildred Geiger. SWING BAND-CREIGHTON MOON, Piano, PAUL KROCK, RICHARD SCHOENBERGER, JAMES MOON, Saxophonesg MURRAY WITHROW, ROBERT VIVIAN, RICHARD LUCAS, Cornets, RICHARD SWOVER- LAND, Drums, VERNON STOKER, DWIGHT KOEHLER, Trombonesg PAUL CRUM, Director. Q Ragga Q Pep Band "Let's make music-sound the trumpetg beat the drums." This active organization was selected from the Senior Band to supply that spirit of vim, vigor and vitality, which helped the boys march on to victory. The music of the Pep Band tended to strengthen the morale of the team and its ardent followers. Three cheers for our Pep Band-the best in the land. Patricia Cornely. PEP BAND-JAMES MOON, PAUL KROCK, Clarinets, IRVIN RANGELER, THOMAS DENMAN, Drums, HAROLD BARDON, French Horn, CLYDE BENNETT, Bass, LEROY GOTTFRIED, Baritone, JACK LUST, Trombone, ROBERT VIVIAN, RICHARD LUCAS, MURRAY WITHROW, Comets. Q Q Junior Band Junior Band is the preliminary training by which boys and girls inter- ested in music are given an opportunity to prove themselves eligible for entrance into Senior Band. Mr. Assenheimer has made great progress in beating music into these individual aspirants, who are endeavoring to find the key to musical joy. The old idea of the three "r's" being the main rudiments in education is rapidly vanishingg as music has been aptly termed an important essential to a well rounded and happy life. Patricia Corriely. JUNIOR BAND-DAVID BUSICK, GENE LUCAS, Trombonesg MARILYN COURTAD, CALVIN LAY, saxo- phones 5 FREDERICK FLEEMAN, Jr., GENE STANSBERY, Drums, JOYCE HETZEL, JACQUELINE KRAUS, JOAN WEIKER,' PI-IYLLIS WAGNER, PHYLLIS SWOVERLAND, Clarinets, ANETTA STOKER, Alto, CHARLES McCLAIN, ANN WALTON, Flutes 5 ALBERT REBER, MELFORD SWINEHART, Comets., I 'I ,f Q ggjygfxa, , it ,www J ir? . ft ,Z sf r, gg K Egg nf 6 i Senior Orchestra KATHLEEN DENMAN, BARBARA BOWMAN, PEGGY COONS, JEANNE GOTTFRIED, CHRISTINE BILLHARDT, MARTHA JEAN HOWARD, ALICE BOWMAN, ALICE CLINGER, RICHARD MOON, JAMES SEIM, JOHN SEIM, Violins, VIRGINIA HOLLANSHEAD, MILDRED GEIGER, Piano, HAR- OLD BARDON, JANE DANNENHAUER, French Horn, LAURA MCCLAIN, Viola, CREIGHTON MOON, HELEN WITZEL, Cello, BETTY HOTTMAN, Flute, SALLY REISER, Oboe, JAMES MOON, DICK SCHOENBERGER, Clarinet, MURRAY WITHROW, RICHARD MINER, Cornet, DWIGHT KOEHLER, VERNON STOKER, Trombone, LEROY GOTTFRIED, Bass Fiddle, TOM DENMAN, Drums. Music is the first, the simplest, the most effective of all instruments of moral instruction. It plays an important part in the curriculum of the Upper Sandusky High School. All high school students, regardless of whether or not they are preparing for the attainment of artistry and schol- arship in music, should be encouraged to grow in an appreciation of musi- cal art. This organization meets the eighth period every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Throughout the year, the orchestra appeared at school func- tions. They also furnished the music for the operetta, "The Chimes of Nor- mandy." We can justly boast of our fine high school orchestra, directed by Mr. Assenheimer. The officers elected Were: President, Leroy Gottfried, Vice-President, Kathleen Denman, Secretary, Carol Strub, Treasurer, Dick Miner. Pa't1"ic'icL Cornely. f Senior Chorus S3 i ii J 'fd A C A we ' if I L if it --A ,if X., " R I sf , , 5 , l V l E ij fi 0 E i. A a ff.. r i Mi 6 O I E R is ' 1 J I M Y , K.. as zA A S 55 x,. . Q 5 A A ,I b A, L Q! rn, -W i ,A ,V ' ..E,. it 2 I M i t Q :-: 'Q'1 , . fi - E 5' ' ga: 3 , ' me . , , ,Q . Qbu V ..,, L5 ,. I 'J X A' - , 3- 11 A, , ,,, A .IAA i E, .A ' it ' i ..- " , i M 1 - ' fat si" 1 A W: I . ,,.., i V L A A I -in ...- S T i xiii i vs , S E O, V.. M A r E I ' - , s A J I ia H H is I Row l Row 2 Ron mv u Row 4 Row 5 MR. ASSENHEIMER, Director: HAROLD BARDON, Tenor, HELEN BINAU, Soprano, MARIAN BOWEN, Soprano, ALICE BOWMAN, Soprano, ROB- ERT BOWMAN, Tenor, GRACE BUTCHER, Soprano, JUNIOR CARR, Bass, JEANNE CASTANIEN, Alto, PEGGY COONS, Soprano. IEANNE CRUM, Alto, PAUL CRUM, Tenor, JANE DANNENHAUER, Soprano, KATHLEEN DENMAN, Soprano, LEROY GOTTFRIED, Bass, RICHARD GUENTHER, Bass, VIRGINIA HOLLANSTEAD, Soprano, CATHERINE HORN, Soprano, JEAN HOUSER, Soprano, MARTHA HOWARD, Soprano. MARY KAYE, Soprano, PAUL KROCK, Bass, DOROTHY LARCOMB, Soprano, MAXINE LAY, Alto, GENE LUCAS, Bass, RICHARD LUCAS, Bass, MAXINE LYON, Alto, ARTHUR MARTIN, Tenor, SUSAN MATTHEW, Soprano, LAURA MCCLAIN, Soprano, IEEFEALICE MCCLAIN, Alto, PHYLLIS MILLER, Soprano, CREIGHTON MOON, Tenor, JIM MOON, Bass, SARAH JANE OSBORN, Soprano, DANIEL PAGNARD, Bass, RICHARD SCHOENBERGER, Bass, PATRICIA SCHWILK, Soprano, JAMES SEIM, Tenor, JOHN SEIM, Tenor. MADELON SHUMAKER, Soprano, ROSEMARY SPELLERBERG, Soprano, EDWARD STRASSER, Bass, RICHARD SWOVERLAND, Bass, VELMA TRACHSEL, Soprano, PATRICIA VIYIAN, Soprano, MIRIAM WALTON, Alto, ADDA JANE WEIKER, Soprano, RUTH WITHROW, Alto, HELEN WITZEL, Soprano. Out of the glee clubs of the high sclflool are selected the singers who will make up the chorus. This year there are thirty-one girls and eighteen boys. It is directed by Mr. Assenheimer and accompanied by Virginia Hol- lanshead and Helen Binau. On March eleventh of this year the chorus presented the operetta "Chimes of Normandy," a two-act musical drama. In April the chorus sang six selections over WMRN, the Marion Broad- casting station. This was the first performance over the radio for the ma- jority of the members. Miriam Walton. Q67-0 Girls ' Glee Club .. sfii1:211fT.f1fu,,- 5, 4'1 " ff 'lf 'fstfsi f f: .W 1 ' ' ,s 4 V If -' siiiffliii 9-5"f.f 7:55 - I" 1 fe T u ' :- g gj.i'.,w-isff -livai. 'p::g,gg, 5 ' fu 11, ' 1 -4, g - fi, 5.1, vii 2 R :. if Iliff", ff' gg gjifi i .iijf - iff ' f.5f,s--,,- 5 'I545 ' Tffi. ' -- .. I, ' . . s f l . A i ' w ' ' H H , , lf .... I a L f I ' - I ' "'5 75- K I fl !5i11Si2'l' ' "f'f7 . im a:-'1 . 2 V flgigjf J A . E . , EN. . ,..,,.. .. . ,L figs, ,S,.bV . wig, ' x i - , ,szfiff . - ,...,,, . as - , ..,, K , A M ' ., - .,. . A ii- gif, .qjgj -LE S 2 ' ,l ,,fk..f, . , . K . . . Isl k R "" i - :"i:I'Cf.il . gfeiililffriiiwiiififf m ' :: '::f:5Ti if-QIS5' . V,,.. . ' fiffgiiifi f ' 'QF' 'l"',i:i' 2 ':Ifii'Lf,i" ..:" :-ul!!-5E1.5?'.liiQlfs5Ei ' i 'v mfkj QS LF! fflfi' I F577 A "5 'fx' 'W ,. A51 f W,,,... , - ' ' ' f..gs , f- Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4 2 L , m . ...A 1 - I . , . JI.. s 'ins l - K . afaasa, ..., .. k-:, ., ,.,, ,.?:: E kk . . ,ke-:E MR. ASSENHEIMER, Director, HELEN BINAU, Soprano, MARIAN BOWEN, Soprano, ALICE BOWMAN, Soprano, GRACE BUTCHER, Soprano, JEANNE CASTANIEN, Alto, PEGGY LEE COONS, Soprano, JEANNE CRUM, Alto, JANE DANNENHAUER, Alto. KATHLEEN DENMAN, Soprano, JEANNE GOTTFRIED, Alto, VIRGINIA HOLLANSHEAD, Soprano, CATHERINE HORN, Soprano, JEAN HOUSER, Soprano, MARTHA HOWARD, Soprano, MARY KAYE, Soprano, DOROTHY LARCOMB, Soprano, MAXINE LAY, Alto. BETTY LEVIN, Soprano, MAXINE LYON, Alto, LAURA MCCLAIN, Soprano, LEEFEALICE MCCLAIN, Alto, SUSAN MATTHEW, Soprano, PHYL- LIS MILLER, Soprano, SARAH JANE OSBORN, Soprano, PATRICIA SCHWILK, Soprano, MADELON SHUMAKER, Soprano. ROSEMARY SPELLERBERG, Soprano, VELMA TRACHSEL, Soprano PATRICIA VIVIAN, Soprano, MIRIAM WALTON, Alto, ADDA JANE WEIKER, Soprano, RUTH WITHROW, Alto, HELEN WITZEL, Soprano. The Girls' Glee Club is made up of all girls in the sophomore, junior, and senior years Who are interested in vocal accomplishments. This year's membership includes thirty-three girls, eager for the benefits provided by the club. It meets once everyxweek under the direction of Mr. Assenheimer, and is accompanied by Helen Binau. The glee club is made up of three sections-soprano, second soprano, and alto. The girls have been called upon several times to take part in chapel programs. They appeared for the iirst time on the radio this spring. Who knows, maybe that was opportunity knocking. M irionm Walton. Boy 'S Glee Club , L " .,,, 'U K p A 14 1 .N ' T Lia ii at J- R 1- A f 'i 'i I A X ' Q 4....ggi,fll 51 p' I 1 t Y -49,4 A I VL - 533 VV K W 4 f 1 3,3 -, Y ,jy A ...s 1 me zv- i A 'Q I Ai . .7 V -A V. 'E -m 2. Sw A J' ir A: V if w"7 Q L V i? Y -V Z . f 'WV N I f ...A ' I A - ' ' . X S Q. L ,Q :,,, V, .Kb , Row Row Row Row 1: -J 3 4: mp-r' 1,-of i I , J 1 i A le ' I I 4 A i J M l ,E, 2 . .- 2 A .S f A , - fxyf - A 3 A X in 3 . I "Q,, 1 . A -I "'1 4 m: . 1 g p . 5 C aa . an A i . LMT, ...H ,,... ... . ..,.,,,........i ...WM . ..,,,,...,. ,. g1.,,..h.g,.J -.- ..'. . ,, z.. VW. . ', . . ,. . .S ,, , ..-,.-.m..e...,,....-.., ,fa HAROLD BARDON, Tenor, ROBERT BOWMAN, Tenor, RICHARD BROOKS, Tenor, JUNIOR CARR, Bass, RICHARD COONS, Tenor, RICHARD COURTAD, Tenor, PAUL CRUM, Tenor, LLOYD EATHERTON, Tenor. LEROY GOTTFRIED, Bass, RICHARD GUENTHER, Bass, JAMES HEHR, Tenor, STUART HOLLANSHEAD, Tenor, JAMES JOHNS, Tenor, PAUL KOEHLER, Tenor, PAUL KROCK, Bass, GENE LUCAS, Buss. RICHARD LUCAS, Bass, ARTHUR MARTIN, Tenor, CREIGHTON MOON, Tenor, JIM MOON, Bass, DANIEL PAGNARD, Bass, PAUL PFEIFER, Tenor, RICHARD SCHOENBERGER, Bass, JACK SCHWILK, Tenor. JAMES SEIM, Tenor, JOHN SEIM, Tenor, EDWARD STRASSER, Bass, RICHARD SWOVERLAND, Tenor, DALE WALTON, Tenor, MURRAY WITHROW, Bass. Twenty-nine boys comprise the Boys' Glee Club, which meets the sev- enth period every Thursday under the leadership of Mr. Assenheimer. This group was ably accompanied on the piano by Kathleen Denman. Their vocal selections were diversified and pleasing to the listener, and their songs in our hearts we bore, long after they were heard no more. Patricia Cornely. Junior Chorus A I ' -.... Row 1 Row2: Row 3: Row 4: VIRGINIA KUENZLI MARTHA PAGNARD, MILDRED RUSSELL, ELLEN GARBER, IRENE CORNISH, NEVA GRAHAM, REVA BARTH, HELEN BARICK, ANN CAS- TANIEN, AUDREY ENDERS, PHYLLIS WAGNER, JACQUELINE KRAUS, MIRIAM ENDERS, MARTHA GABRIEL, JOYCE KEMMERLEY, BETTY BURKEY. ROSALIE HEHR, EMMA IRVIN, JO ANN PATCIIETT, KATHERINE JONES, RITA STIEF, BEATRICE ARNOLD, BARBARA LARCOMB, NEVA JEAN ALSPACH, ALICE NEWELL, MARY BOES, GERVASE KIN, LOLA SWARTZ, HELEN SHAFER, ROSALIE HAMM, DE JON BUTCHER, DOROTHY WARFEL. BETTY LAHR, NANCY HAGENMAIER, MARY LOU PERRI, ALICE SMALLEY, ANNABEL FEELEY, RUBY RUSSEL, JUNE BARTH, ZELDA STURY, PAULINE SMALLEY, THELMA BEAMER, MARY LOUISE LONG, MILDRED SNYDER, MIRIAM SWINEHART. DOROTHY GABRIEL, SHIRLEY BLASER, ANNETTA STOKER, AUDREY BOWEN, JANE MCBETH, HELENA PERRI, BETTY KIMBLE, DORO- THY PHILLIPS, ALICE HALE, VIRGINIA DUMM, ANN FISHER, JOAN WOLFRUM, JOAN KINLEY, NORMA DUMM, PHYLLIS ROSSEL, PHYLLIS SWOVERLAND, DOROTHY BOWMAN. C Junior Chorus consists of sixty-three members under the excellent direction of Miss Virginia Kuenzli. This is one of the most promising musical groups of our school. The chorus L3 divided into two sections. Each section meets twice a Week. At Christmas, the junior chorus presented the operetta, "A Story of Christmas," with Audrey Enders as soloist. Martha Gabriel was the ac- companist for the operetta. Ditecffw In order to give the students poise and experience in appearing before I itti A ' ' an audience, each student is required to perform individually once each ,. semester. Long may this group continue to develop their musical talent. i Mildred Geiger. I I 1 :': - i .o" A 5 'O 70 Q' - ' . I Hi-Y A f, A, 1' "w ,,5 :xlib vu? ,.. Row l 1 0. Rok - , Row 3 : Row 4 : RICHARD VOLZ, DALE BLAIR, CARL FISHER, PAUL DILLON, CLYDE BENNETT, THOMAS BEINBRECH, IRYIN RANGELER, JUSTIN YOLZ, JEAN LAUCHER, DWIGHT KOEI-ILER, KENNETH WOERNER, ROBERT SOUTHWARD, MINOR SHAFER. CALVIN CRATES, DANIEL CRATES, JAMES BICKHAM. RICHARD MOON, CRAIG BOWMAN, MAURICE LOGSDON, WILLIAM MILUM, FRANKLIN SMYTHE, VERNON STOKER, RICHARD STEPHAN, DALE COURTAD, WILLIAM HART, WAYNE LEIGHTY. IRVIN D. TSCHANTZ, Sponsor, DWIGHT HARE, WILLIAM WOOD, HAROLD KAUBLE, THOMAS KELLY, DONALD YOUNG, RUSSELL WOLFE, MAURICE THIEL, JOSEPH BOES, DONALD COTTRELL, MARION CHADWICK, ROBERT CORNISH, CALVIN ARMSTRONG, DELBERT BARTH. ROY ROSSEL, EUGENE TIVENAN, FREDERICK TAYLOR, HAROLD BEIDELSCHIES, RICHARD MINER, FRANKLIN ROBEY, ROBERT HECKER, JOHN KAIL, ROBERT STERNER, THOMAS STRASSER, JOHN SCHWABEL, ROBERT WALL, MARVIN CRATES. The Hi-Y is an outgrowth of the Y. M. C. A. It is a club for high school boys intended to develop the high standards of Christian charac- ter, clean living, clean speech, clean scholarship, and clean sportsmanship. The Hi-Y is almost entirely independent of all other organizations and is managed by the boys themselves with the aid of an adviser or sponsor. There is a relatively large number of boys belonging to the Hi-Y. This makes possible meetings and parties which the boys would miss otherwise. The Kiddies, Christmas Party in conjunction with the Girl Reserves gives the boys the feeling of being useful to the community. The G. R. furnish candy and oranges and Hi-Y donate rejuvenated toys. The Party is held on the last school day before Christmas. Then there is the annual G. R.-Hi-Y Rabbit Banquet which is really a banquet With a party thrown in for good measure. The Hi-Y, under the leadership of Mr. Tschantz, the sponsor, has been successful in all its undertakings. The officers are: President, Jim Moong Vice-President, Richard Schoenbergerg Secretary, Dale Blairg and Treasurer, Paul Crum. We Wish the Hi-Y success in every way in years to come. H J comes M oon. IRVIN TSCHANTZ Adviser J 4 Row Row Row Row Row 1. 2. 3 4. 5: vi X, ,S sg w. Q- Q,.,. nf - -,ref ss Girl Reserves "A Castle of Dreams" was the theme of the Girl Reserves this year. Each meeting was held in an imaginary room of our castle. Addresses on various subjects aided each girl "to find and give the best" and "to face life squarely." We were very capably advised by Miss Alban and assisted by Mrs. Tucker. Our officers were: Adda Jane Weiker, President, Virginia Hollanshead, Vice-President, Patricia Vivian, Secretary, and Rosemary Spellerberg, Treasurer. VIRGINIA BERG, HELEN BINAU, HELEN BINAU, CHRISTINE BILLHARDT, ELMA BOWEN, MARIAN BOWEN, ALICE BOWMAN, BARBARA BOWMAN, MARGARET BROWN, JEAN BURKS. GRACE BUTCHER, ALYCE CAMPBELL, BONNIE CAMPBELL, JEANNE CASTANIEN, ROSEMARY CLABAUGH, MARGARET CLARK, MAXINE CLEMENTS, PEGGY LEE COONS, PATRICIA CORNELY, JESSIE CORNISH. JEANNE CRUM, YVONNE CULVER, JANE DANNENHAUER, KATHLEEN DENMAN, BARBARA DILLON, DORIS DUFFIELD, MARY JEAN EMICK, MARY LOUISE GAMBER, MILDRED GEIGER, ZILPHA GIBSON. JEAN GILLESPIE, JEANNE GOTTFRIED, JOAN HEHR, ROSALIE HEHR, MARILYN HENRY, MARJORIE HENRY, MARY LOUISE HENRY, JOYCE HETZEL. VIRGINIA HOLLANSHEAD, FLOY JANE HOUSER. JEAN HOUSER, MARTHA JEAN HOUSER, ELIZABETH IRVIN, EMMA IRVIN, MARY KAYE, MARILYN KRAUS, DOROTHY LARCOMB, MARY LAWRENCE, MAXINE LAY, BETTY LAYMAN. 1 fi Ewa: Ii' I - J 1 gg 'f 'Q 'LE S A im' E .V ii ' . 45' - 2 A Ti at . . s, w, X A 1 - X x A , . A .. 55 591 v it 5: - 4 'J 'ii it 7' l" D3 Mi Q :res if . Q 1 gg, 12 ' s s gg. A fi. ff, A +V ji .,,,. -I I ' iiii , " '. I' Y' ffl ..sssfi,.f X. 1 2" - Sz D - Q N t , m . 3 i K .. . in X I . V K I ' K in 1 Eg H' K 4 . ,, ggi.. we A I ei-i A ' A as f A q J Erie .1 A H . 5 8 . , N . X A , . I 5, A , , i i i is IINAK g gi, , .. y , . ., ,V .. , . L. X 'X , . , . I .. g Y nf' H :I "'- ,L ,G J' .V K X I ' T ! . in Xl A "'i - I , . - u' '1 . V "V,1 f I , ,,... .. ' 1. . . Q.. . f,' in if 7 ' :.,:f A 9 ' , U , V' z ' F' if , U L .. y 'f i b E:,: p .. " ,EA I , Q , -:.- ZA' A , ,A"' ii L I I yyyy , yyyy , L U , I f . . , , .W, . , ' :" ' . iff! N zi- V an Q: Q In -K K , My .I K I E : M V: m. ,gm gg as , K I N nf: , - 5 Virkk 1 Q , , H ,,:, E W -- Vx : .E ,. - 6' 4 -- , .f I. E , , n , ., . ,A A , Vlv, ,, l K ,W A ,,. kl: 7 , K 2 .L ,k..,, , , ,I ik,, 1 A Q. iv' -.Gm if QQ! if I VA I it t s S is , I -ff an Q me is new I i . s , l . w , i , " 'V -A , A ' , :t -I , ' 4 f ,- 1, I ,gkf I .- ,,A, K . 3 K JV ,,,,AAA A A -5 ' si I - C, I ,, if U A A N ' ' ,m '1 ' I M ' HT' A ' :ir f s o A-1 t If , .. if S gp . f ,ig-ff' Row 1 Row 2 Row 3 Row 4: How 5 , , AW: - x 2221 j ik I 'M U . 1 , BETTY LEVIN, GEORGIA LIANOS, RUTH LININGER, LOUISE LOWRY, MAXINE LYON, MARGARET ANN MAFFETT, SUSAN MATTHEW, ROSEMARY MCCARTHY, LAURA MCCLAIN, LEEFEALICE MCCLAIN. CAROL MILLER, PHYLLIS MILLER, ANN MOLONEY, ANN MYERS, GERTRUDE MYERS, REBECCA MYERS, JANET ORIANS, SARAH JANE OSBORN, LOUISE PHILLIPS, ELIZABETH REAMSNYDER. BETTY ROBEY, IRENE SCHNELKER, .IEAN SCHNELKER, DONNA SCHWABEL, PATRICIA SCHWILK, ALICE SHAFER, DONNA SHAMBAUGH, MARJORIE SMITH, ROSEMARY SPELLERBERG, HELEN STRASSER. CAROL STRUB, JOYCE SWARTZ, EILEEN TAYLOR, VERA JEAN THIEL, VELMA TRACHSEL, PATRICIA VIVIAN, ANN WALTON, MIRIAM WALTON, ADDA JANE WEIKER, RUBY WILLIAMS. MIRIAM WILSON, RUTH WITHROW, HELEN WITZEL, JEAN WOLFRUM, MISS ANNE ALBAN. Girl Reserves A few of the high spots of the year were: our annual Gypsy Hike when we crossed the threshold into the castleg our Christmas Party in the nur- sery where we entertained needy ohildren of our communityg the Mother- Daughter Tea in the dining roomg and on May 19, at our Senior Farewell, we lowered the portcullis concluding a very successful year. The graduat- ing members hope that the Girl Reserves will enjoy even greater member- ship in the coming years, and be endowed with the same spirit we have enjoyed. Virginica H ollcmshectd. K.. F1P1fL - . . ? ,.. 1. p ,A k..... 5, . , .. , K ... . , A I F it S 'i h i i.ss LQA . , M.. ,. k . , 'H+ 3,4 fi' .A i . I, M A A li K AIQLA 19 5 .I if A I if "" tts iA : J i Q . . iiii A. i . A ' 5 A N -l-x. : WE A lie. a2i . Sw. ' . sei g,-f 54? be. s. , .. , . V qugk , uuz - kLA:L Zy l rA,f i A i i s . E ' i' 3 A . A A . 1 js it , ,Q 9- ' .I Q 'Q . -gi ' t f ' i ea i t s fQ .. . ' e ,1 , A .-.asf ,'r-" i . L.. sir . . .,,, g In ., ' g K A, ... L kfk' : if f .- i Row 1: Row 2 : 1 Row 3: Row 4 2 l G. L. GEIGER Adviser ,T 4 is ' 'NX HUBERT BARTH, JOHN BENNETT, ROBERT BILS, GLEN BOWER, WALTER BRAGG, VERNON BURKS, DONALD CASTANIEN, RICHARD CASTANIEN, ROBERT CLINGER. DALE COURTAD, RICHARD COURTAD, PAUL FOX, HAROLD GILLILAND, CARL HARRIS, RICHARD HEHR, JEAN KINLEY, WAYNE LEIGHTY, RICHARD LININGER. FRANKLIN MCCLAIN, RICHARD MQCLAIN, GEORGE MOLL, HAROLD MYERS, ALFRED POOL, BERNARD RALL, EUGENE SCHECK, MARION STALTER, RALPH STONEBURNER. HAROLD SWARTZ, DARREL SWINEHART, MELFORD SWINEHART, RUSSELL SWINEHART, RICHARD THIEL, DONALD ULRICH, CHARLES WALTON, DALE WALTON. F. F. A., which consists of all the Agriculture students, is an organiza- tion to teach boys, on the level of high school instruction, the modern prac- tice in farming so that future work by them Will be more eflicient. Some of the outstanding accomplishments for the year are as follows: Eleven teams participated in a judging contest at Ohio State Univer- sity, June 1, 1940. Three boys placed high in this contest. They Won first place in a display at the County Fair, second place in live stock, and fourth place in the county corn husking contest. by the instructor, have been used throughout the and Farm Crops. members to Washington, D. C., and the World's Work books, Written year in both Engineering I A trip taken by the . Fair proved both interesting and instructive. l The motto for the year was: "More and better projects." Alice Shafer. L Y.., 1 . - 5 Phonetic Writers Club Rowl: ELIZABETH IRYIN, ANN HUDSON, HELEN BINAU, MARY JEAN EMICK, DONNA SHAMBAUGH, MARGARET BROWN, MAX- INE HANNUM, PATRICIA CORNELY, VIRGINIA BERG, RUBY WILLIAMS, FLOY JANE HOUSER, ALICE SHAFER, YVONNE CULYER, MILDRED GEIGER. Rowi: SARAH JANE OSBORN, BETTY ROBEY, DONNA SCHWABEL, VELMA TRACHSEL, JEAN WOLFRUM, ROSEMARY CLABAUGH, ZILPHA GIBSON, MAXINE LAY, MIRIAM WALTON. Tlhe Phonetic Writers Club is an organization for Senior Shorthand students. It was organized in 1922 and has been continuous in its activi- ties since its origin. The purpose of the club is to acquaint the members with the qualifica- tions beyond a mere technical knowledge Which are necessary to success- fully obtain and hold stenographic positions. Talks by the members, and also by out-of-town speakers have been given at the meetings, which were held every month. This year's officers Were: Betty Irvin, President, Mary Jean Emick, Vice-President, and Maxine Lay, Secretary-Treasurer. Alice Shafer. J EAN GOLLING Adviser Annual Staff EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief ------ Murray Withrow Associate Editor Patricia, Vivian Photography Editor - ---- Craig Bowman MLlSiC Editor - - ---- Patricia Cornely Sports Editors Frank Robey, Virginia Hollanshead Snapshots - ---- Ann Moloney Historian - - - - - Barbara Dillon Faculty Adviser ---- - Mr. Fleeman BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager ------ Richard Swoverland Assistant Business Manager ----- Marian Bowen Treasurer - - - ---- Edward Strasser Typists ----- Mildred Geiger, Rosemary Spellerberg Advertising Manager ------ Adda Jane Weiker Advertising Solicitors-Sarah Osborn, Leroy Gottfried, Maurice Logsdon, Edward Strasser, Ann Moloney, Georgia Lianos, Richard Swoverland, Donna Shambaugh, Alice Shafer. Circulation Manager ------- Carol Miller Salesmen-Miriam Walton, Betty Levin, Carol Strub, Richard Schoenberger, Rosemary Spellerberg, James Moon, Maxine Lay, William Wood, William Milum, Dale Blair. A bigger, better Indian Village !-something different-can it be done? -why not ?-"select staff" thirty strong-"How can I shrink this article to two pages"-Craig resorting to emptying study halls to get those pic- tures-girls rushing around the studio combing their hair-"10:15? that only gives me 45 minutes to put on my lipstick"--the male element miser- able sporting ties-what price beauty ?-check room nets 50 dollars-Ann with that eternal, not too infernal, candid camera-Schoenie, Swovie, Adda, Murray and all of us learning how to Win ads and influence local merchants -Ed lying awake nights trying to balance the budget-covers discussed and rediscussed and at long last ordered-copy finally off to the printer- "Is it really all right, Mr. Fleeman? 'Cause if you say so"-take it from us, dear Reader, there couldn't have been a more patient, more considerate, more-more-Words can't express the way the stai feels about Mr. Flee- man. Working . . . hoping . . . planning-now it is finished! Carol M iller. r' .FW I mm "leavin K Q S' :J 'FET Q A R ow Row Row Row mf-ff' , .. mg: Annual Stal? .5 I I , I f i ".: I - ,, , H I i :-,,,,. : X gl I N I In I UM I , I 4 : ' I. f th, A , , ssgn' ,.,. I-A I A : A A, W-A ' y.,!,,f'R - I: A Qlfw-fm -LVV , . ' Nw sr I I-. I ,,,: xp! , . 4- . ' . . I ,if : . : y i ' All-, W- I 1 . ,,?- I 1: DALE BLAIR, MARIAN BOWEN, CRAIG BOWMAN, PATRICIA CORNELY, BARBARA DILLON, MILDRED GEIGER, LEROY GOTTFRIED, VIRGINIA HOLLANSHEAD. 2: MAXINE LAY, BETTY LEVIN, GEORGIA LIANOS, MAURICE LOGSDON, CAROL MILLER, WILLIAM MILUM, ANN MOLONEY, JIM MOON. 3: SARAH JANE OSBORN, FRANKLIN ROBEY, RICHARD SCHOENBERGER, ALICE SHAFER, DONNA SHAMBAUGH, ROSEMARY SPELLER- BERG, EDWARD STRASSER, RICHARD SWOYERLAND. 4: PATRICIA VIVIAN, MIRIAM WALTON, ADDA JANE WEIKER, MURRAY WITHROW, WILLIAM WOOD, MR. FLEEMAN. f Dedicatory Address W. O. MOORE, Superintendent of Schools, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, in accept- ing the school athletic field at the dedicatory exercises, Oct. 18, 1940, at 7 230 p. m.: More than twenty-five years ago the members of the board of educa- tion considered purchasing this entire block for school purposes. Since that time much has been done to realize this end. The east side of this field was purchased by the board of education and paid for from tuition received from an adjoining school district. The west side of this field was purchased by the board of education, and mostly paid for by the high school athletic association. This athletic field was very low in certain parts which required much filling in of earth. The work was done by the state highway department, the county surveyor's office, the trustees of' the different townships in our district, and the city administration working with the board of education. Hazel street on the east side of the field was built and paid for by the diferent governmental units working with the board of education. In the same manner Walker street on the south side of the field was built. War- pole street on the west side of the field was widened about eighteen feet as a result of board of education and governmental units working together. By the same cooperation the north boundary line on Findlay street was established. The fence around this field was installed and paid for by 206 generous subscribers in our community. The scoreboard was built and paid for by two of our loyal citizens. The flag and flag pole were donated by the ever patriotic organization, the American Legion. The bleachers on the west side of the field were built and the lights installed, and donated by the combined efforts of the local citizens, headed by the members of the Booster Club. The graduating class of 1940 of the local school has given to the board of education this public address system which we are now using tonight for the first time. And now as the executive ofiicer of the board of education I accept this lighted athletic field with all the good will which prompted the good citizens of this community to make this occasion possible. IL IE T II C S ootball Row Row Row Row Row 1 2 3 4 5 COACH HENDERSON, EDWARD STRASSER, CRAIG BOWMAN, FRANKLIN ROBEY, WILLIAM WOOD, RICHARD SCHOENBERGER, RICHARD SWOVERLAND. CHARLES SLEMMER, LAWSON ILES, HAROLD BEIDELSCHIES, RUSSELL WOLFE, CHARLES RUSSEL, .RICHARD MINER, DANIEL CRATES. MINOR SHAFER, JOHN DARDINGER, LEON STEPHAN, CREIGHTON MOON, DELBERT BARTH, MILTON BOUCHER, ROY ROSSEL. ROBERT HECKER, CALVIN CRATES, CLAIR HILE, ROBERT BOWMAN, THOMAS SNYDER, JAMES HALE. HAROLD KAUBLE, GERALD HICKS, JAMES KAUBLE. Football The Rams reported to practice this year under a new coach, Dave Henderson. After two weeks of hard practice, We were led into battle against Mt. Cory by Captain Bill Wood. Upper scored twice in the first half and converted once to win, 13-0. The next week the Rams had a job on their hands, as they were travel- ing to Bellevue. After a gallant goal-line stand during the second quarter, Upper came out full of fire at the half and in seven minutes had scored and converted. The Redmen scored in the fourth quarter, but failed to make that all-important extra point, Upper 7, Bellevue 6. The following Friday the Rams were shellaced by Bucyrus to the tune of 28-0. Upper threatened only once during the game, but failed to score. This was the first time the two teams had met in football for seven years. We hope they continue the friendly relations. Tiflin Calvert, one of our rivals, tripped us the following week, 21-13. The Rams were a little over-anxious or they would have won. October 18 will be remembered for a long time to come. On that night was dedicated the newly lighted football field. Marysville proved to be an unlucky opponent of the Rams as we beat them 21-6. Fostoria St. Wendelin provided quite an upset when they held the home team to a 13-13 tie. Ada was Upper's next victim and they were defeated by an inspired home team 14-0. The next game was the all-important one with Carey, our friendly enemy. Before a crowd of 2700 people, Upper and Carey splashed around on a very muddy field. Because of bad weather, neither team could get started, and so the game ended 0-0. The team of '40 was the iirst team in Upper's history to have an un- defeated schedule at home. Four wins and two ties. Upper retained the Eagles trophy which they had won the year before. Of the seniors graduating this year, there were six. Captain Bill Wood, tackle. Bill was big and tough and always gave the best he had. He was a hard man to get around, and was always in the opponents' way. Frank Robey, center. Frank was the punter on the team. Switched from halfback to center this year, he did fine work in the middle of the line. Craig Bowman, quarterback. Craig had tough luck. He broke his wrist early in the season, but came back to start where he had been stopped. Ed Strasser, fullback. This was only Ed's second year on the varsity but he played like a veteran. Don Young, guard. Donny was small but plenty tough. He was al- ways in there giving the best he had. Dick Schoenberger, halfback. Dick was our blocking back and always did a good job. Late in the season he showed plenty of power and decep- tion as a runner. Q Frcmklm Robcy. M. Senw rs WILLIAM WOOD DONALD YOUNG Boys Basketball The basketball team of "40" and "41', gave the future Upper teams something to shoot at. Of the eight home games the Rams played, they won 7 and lost one. Bluffton spoiled the home record by winning the last game of the season. Away from home the Rams couldn't seem to play as well as at home, winning only two games and losing six. The team looked good even in defeat. They lost two games by four points, and two games by three points. Bluffton beat Upper by ten points for the worst defeat of the year. There were only three seniors on the team: Richard Schoenberger, Frank Robey, and Craig Bowman. Schoney, a forward, and Robey, center, were the leading scorers on the team. UPPERYS RECORD Upper-40 ..,.......,.....,..,.......,.. Kenton- 34 fUpper-35 ...,,.... ......., F ostoria- 36 Upper-37 ....,,... ........ A lumni- 28 Upper-28 ........ Crestline- 37 Upper-28 ,....... Marysville- 32 Upper-36 ...,,.... ..,..... C arey- 26 Upper-38 ......... ........ W harton- 36 Upper-45 ........ Tiflin Calvert- 20 Upper-30 ......... .,...... W illard- 33 Upper-36 ....,.... ........ C lyde- 39 Upper-49 i...,s.., ........ S ycamore- 23 Upper-40 ......... f..,.... A da- 31 Upper-49 ......., Carey- 29 Upper-50 ...,..,.. ...,,... C restline- 37 Upper-41 .......,. ........ F ostoria St. Wendelin-45 Upper-34 ......... ........ B luffton- 44 Upper-27 ..,..... St. Marys- 35 Totals-643 565 It-gl-git D Basketball RICHARD GUENTHER CHARLES SLEMMER DAVE HENDERSON CRAIG BOWMAN RICHARD GAVER RUSSELL WOLFE DWIGHT KOEHLER FRANKLIN ROBEY CREIGHTON MOON LAWSON ILES RUss WOLFE, a junior, an aggressive player and reliable defense man, was the fastest player on the floor. DICK GUENTHER, a junior, has shown a flashy style both on the scoring angle and in defense work. His excellent ball handling kept the other team "on the j ump." CHUCK SLEMMER, another junior, was not a regular starter, but he showed us that he has what it takes to develop into a dependable basketball player. DICK GAVER, also a junior, may be the smallest man on the team, but he showed us that he was not the least in skill and sportsmanship. CREIGHTON MOON, also a junior, was always quiet, but showed his spirit by his excellent playing. LAWSON ILES, another important junior, scored few points himself, but helped many others to score with his accurate passing. DWIGHT KOEHLER, our youngest player, a sophomore, whose height was a great asset, was center and helped in the scoring division. Basketball Seniors DICK SCHOENBERGER, a senior, was our high point man for the season. His snappy defense Work and cheerful spirit will be greatly missed next year. FRANK ROBEY, anothersenior, was our center. He was one of the leading scorers and his brilliant defense Work and ability to recover the ball from the bankboard, were results of his four years' experience. CRAIG BOWMAN, our other senior, was an important guard in addition to being our longshot artist. He was always in there fighting with a determination that Wins our utmost respect. Bowling ANNUAL STAFF As the name of this team implies, it was made up of Annual Staff members. The members of this team from left to right: Murray Withrow, captain, "Dick" Swoverland, "Bill" Milum, "Eddie" Strasser and "Bill" Wood. This team had the best averages, between 145 and 155, and there- fore proved to be one of the leading contenders in the pennant race. All the boys on this team have had two or more years experience and some of the highest games of the year were rolled up by them. None of these boys will be back next year so we bid adieu to these five seniors. RECREATION PIN BOYS This team was made up of pin setters from the Recreation Bowling Alley. The members are from left to right: Tommy Beinbrech, captain, Marion Bardon, Melvin Iles, Harold Bardon and Leroy Gottfried. Harold Bardon, and Leroy Gottfried are both seniors and were the "big guns" on this team. Leroy Gottfried was the proud possessor of the highest average of any bowler in the High School League, averaging 167. MAPLE KINGS Always in the midst of a good tough battle, this team was regarded as "competition" The members from left to right are Paul Krock, Tom Kelly, Bob Vivian, Stark "Blinky" Leser, and Don Young, captain. Paul Krock and Don Young are the only seniors and the other three will give hardy competition to next year's teams. This team won a close game this year when they defeated the annual staff team after a tie game. The teams bowled an extra frame and were still tied. On the next frame, Captain Young struck out to win for his team. PIN CRUSHERS Though this team was rather inexperienced, they showed a fighting spirit and the will to win that proved to be a constant threat to the other teams. This team had a special way of winning over the league leaders whoever they might be. The bowlers are from left to right: Frank Smythe, Eugene "Huey,' Vogel, Minor "Bud" Shafer, Paul "Dewey" Dillon, and Captain Tom Strasser. None of these boys are seniors and they will prove to be one of next year's leading teams. 'Q I Q Q, 1 .zggt iq ' Q Q1 Q I 4-870 Boys' Physical Education The Physical Education classes include boys from the seventh to the twelfth grades, inclusive. During the winter months, they hold classes in the gymnasium. They play basketball, volley ball, and have boxing and tumbling. In the Warmer months, they hold classes outside where they play football and baseball. The Boys' Physical Education Classes are under the direction of Coach Dave Henderson. Richard Schocnbergcr. -a 88 -9 Girls, Physical Education The Girls' Physical Education classes consist of both junior-high and senior-high girls. During September, October, and November the girls participated in out-of-door games playing baseball and soccer baseball. The major Winter sports were: volley ball, basketball, tumbling and folk dancing. In connection with the games, a health class was held once a Week during the year. In this class Miss Schultz taught the girls many helpful things and she deserves much credit for her supervision. Some of the members of the classes gave a demonstration of their work between halves at several basketball games this year. Altogether, the girls enjoyed these classes very much and Wish con- tinued success to future physical education classes. Acida J fmc W eikcr. Cheerleaders Four Peppy Kids YP x, 1, 0 lu, .5 V X PAUL CRUM BARBARA BOWMAN RUTH WITHROW DICK GUENTHER Baseball The Rams elected Frank Robey and Craig Bowman as co-captains to lead the first baseball team for Upper in several years. The Rams opened against Marseilles and gained a 7 to 5 victory behind the pitching of Bob Vivian. Upper then dropped a 5-inning game to Mc- Cutchensville despite the 3-hit pitching of Eugene Vogel. The lineup was as follows: catcher, Frank Robeyg 1st base, Dick Schoenbergerg 2nd base, Murray Withrow, 3rd base, Craig Bowmang short- stop, Dick Guentherg left field, Dick Gaverg center field, Franny Lenhardtg right field, Jim Walton or Dick Lucas Q pitchers, Bob Vivian, Eugene Vogel and Paul Crum. Two seniors led the batting, Withrow and Robey, around 350. The other two seniors, Bowman and Schoenberger, along with With- row and Robey showed fine team spirit besides playing a heads-up ball game. UlPPER7S RECORD Upper 7 ,,,,,,,,,..,,, Marseilles 5 Upper 7 .............. Sycamore 8 Upper 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, McClutchenville 3 Upper 0 ...........,.. Harpster 5 Upper 7 ,,,.....,,..., Kenton 12 Upper 2 .............. Sycamore 6 Upper 11 .,,,.......... Marseilles 9 Upper 9 .............. McCutchenvi1le 2 Season not yet completed. W A IL U M N II W i College Students CLASS OF 1933 Calvin Seckel has enrolled at Bowling Green University where he is major- ing in Physical Education. CLASS OF 1934 Harold Halbedel is attending Western Reserve University where he is working on his Ph.D. degree in Chemistry. Harold Roth is studying Law at Ohio State University. CLASS OF 1935 Robert Troup is a junior this year at Heidelberg University, where he is en- rolled as a pre-medical student. CLASS OF 1936 Russell Bartholomew is attending Ohio State University. Marian Shambaugh started this fall as a junior at Capital University. Thomas Norton is a senior at Bowling Green University. Martha Bowman is a senior in Education at Wooster University. CLASS OF 1937 David Bastel has enrolled at Dayton University. Joseph Kerr is attending International College, Fort Wayne, where he is taking a business course. Robert Billhardt is attending Fenn University, in Cleveland. Robert Binau has enrolled as a student on the campus of Bowling Green University. CLASS OF 1938 David Spellerberg has entered the junior class at Miami University, at Oxford, where he is in Business Administration. Daniel Cowgill is a student on the campus at Harvard University at Cam- bridge, Massachusetts. Jane Kinley has chosen Ohio Wesleyan University for her collegiate educa, tion. Sally Hare has enrolled in the College of Education, at Denison University. David Stephan is attending Denison University where he is studying in the Education Department. Mervin Frank has enrolled in the University of Cincinnati. CLASS OF 1939 Edward Bremyer is studying pharmacy at Ohio Northern University. Mary Jane Kail is a student at Capital University in Columbus. Madelon O'Brien, a sophomore, is studying at Ohio University in Athens. Dorothy Ann Routson is attending Miami University. Mildred Coleman has chosen Ohio Wesleyan University for her collegiate education. James Weiker is a sophomore attending Heidelberg University. Rebecca Hill is pursuing a business course at Tiflin University. Janet Moser is attending Tiffin University where she is pursuing a business course. CLASS OF 1940 Paul Smythe is a freshman at Bowling Green University, in the business administration division. Robert McClain has registered as a freshman at Miami University. Theodore Blaser has chosen Kent University, at Kent, Ohio. Edwin Clinger is attending Ohio State University. Jane Kerr entered the freshman list at Ohio University this fall, but she is now studying at International College, a business school in Fort Wayne. Rita Ann Dannenhauer has transferred from Ohio University during her freshman year to Office Business Training in Columbus. M-ary Jane Bricely has chosen Ohio Wesleyan University for her collegiate education. Edwina Dunn has chosen the profession of nursing at a Cincinnati hospital. Ruth Dumm has gone to Cincinnati along with her twin sister where she is also studying to be a nurse. Mary Louise Blair is taking a secretarial course at Wittenberg. Barbara Fritchie is at St. Mary of the Spring University in Columbus, a girls' school. Hazel Craycraft is following a business course at Tiflin University. Herman Spellerberg is attending Parks School of Aeronautics in West St. Louis, Missouri. Agatha Frey is attending Tiflin University where she is taking a business course. Anita Walton has chosen Tiffin University where she is pursuing a business course. Ann Miller has enrolled at Davis Business School in Toledo. Helen Rangeler has chosen nursing as her profession and is studying in Toledo Hospital. SEZ? Egbdm NSOHEOEGPDP Qgapdq :dm mag. P52 M525 55,62 EOPEE? 6:52 QDEOW 3:4 Mzvmiwdm Q3-H Qdibgm .HH UEEEJWVH H0735 .Cds t3EOO?0Z Hgumwamz 505202 QQOEUEVH 52:00 EBSFH 20:55 M52 SEQ M302 BDE' EMEOU BENQ EWEEOO S226 Egg SOA gsm Egg HOHNMMNE EE? A 3:02 :MMEEO ggggwm Eid? dggeamqm EEQBW ASEE ,awww 62232 'swag agua Em QOUQDOMH ,SMEHO 223 ggagm SSM Fanmo ECE. 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Upggmdm HEB- Qdabgm QQENSEM kOTSH 5,52 5550352 UQEWENE HVOOU 05,5560 mam KEQOLHOQ sims EEES N24 QHEUEGM EWEUOOU ibgm 'Saddam ENEZNS ,Saddam gtkmm mgadm EAEE5 magma lm EEWOH. Il EEZ .m Ekem gncgm Nga NASAWNE .RH EOQOMH Uwpmgnim EDEHQ Oz Eimznim E234 OZ mvmimgpim EDHE4 OZ Elwgm M5535 Scggow Egan EGMHOZ :wmmzm HBSUIEJ-Oggm :AZ 02: ix: XMQH EMIS TWG! 6336 VMQH M316 NMEH 6325 OMG? GNQE WNQW PNQE QNQH R366 WNQH MN16 NNQH H336 QNGH 3635 X636 P626 ERIE REQ? 6636 Superintendent W. T. Frey - Allen Smalley A. L. Albright Robert Cary E. A. Galbraith - D. D. Clayton - Walter E. Dennison J. N. Barnes - W. A. Baker F. W. Wenner T. W. Shimp R. J. Keifer E. L. Porter E. H. Brown W. O. Moore - 4: 021:20 Q Principal Mary McFadden - Ella Mott McGruoler Ione Black - W. F. Pool - E. A. Galbraith - William Butler G. O. Maskey William Hoover - Charles S. Lewis - Kittie M. Smith - Harriet E. McCutchen - T. L. McKean - C. S. Color - - F. E. Brooke - - H. W. Mulholland - G. C. True - - E. L. Wolff - L. M. Newcomer - C. E. Johnson L. M. Newcomer - O. L. Brodrick - - Willis Neuensehwander C. E. Stahl - - L. H. Iloupt - 1871-1872 1872-1873 1873-1874 1874-1876 1876-1877 1877-1878 1878-1879 1879-1880 1880-1891 1891-1898 1898-1903 1903-1914 1914-1918 1918-1923 1923-1941 1871-1872 1872-1873 1873-1874 1874-1875 1875-1876 1876-1878 1878-1880 1880-1881 1881-1882 1882-1888 1888-1893 1893-1897 1897-1898 1898-1902 1902-1907 1907-1908 1908-1911 1911-1912 1912-1913 1913-1916 1916-1917 1917-1918 1918-1919 1919- Pvt Pvt Pvt Pvt. Pvt Pvt . . Enlisted Men in the Army Thomas J. Carey, First School Squadron, Barracks 246, Chanute Field, Ill. Paul Swartz, 36th School Squadron, Flight A, Chanute Field, Ill. Joseph Perri, Co. B, 11th Infantry, 21st St. 3rd Platoon, Fort Custer, Mich. Gilbert Koehler, 420 Richards road, Kansas City, Mo. John P. Quail, Fifth School Squadron, Barracks 445, Chanute Field, Ill. Harold Koehler, 63rd Squadron, Kelley Field, Texas. P. F. C. Noble Earp, Normoyle Q. M. Depot, student detachment, San Antonio, Texas. Sergeant Major Paul fllillj McClain, 2nd Bn. Hqs., R. R. C., Camp Grant, Ill. Pvt. Jack McClain, 87th Qm. Bn., Fort Joseph T. Robinson, Little Rock, Ark. Pvt. John R. Day, 4th School Squadron, Building 130, Chanute Field, Ill. Pvt. James NValton, 77th Pursuit sqd., Hamilton Field, Calif. P. F. C. John W. Walton, Co. B, 11th Inf., Fort Custer, Mich. Sergeant Don Sebonoler, Co. A, 21st Infantry, Schofield barracks, territory of Hawaii Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Myron Troup Ellis, 31st school squadron, Casual Co. No.. 7, Jefferson Barracks Missouri. Robert E. Binau, 18th Signal Service Co., Fort Hayes, Ohio. Frederick M. Mitsch, 7th school squadron, Hight B, barracks 377, Chanute Field Illinois. K. E. Chadwick, H. Q. T. S. 2, 5 A. M. F. Guantanamo Bay Cuba, care of postmaster Pvt. Pvt Pvt Pvt. Miami, Fla. . Charles I. Carson, Fourth School Squadron, Barracks 135, Chanute Field, Illinois Russell Fox, Fifth School Squadron, Barracks 441, Chanute Field, Illinois. LaVerne Xveatherholtz, 83rd School Squadron, Maxwell Field, Ala. Clarence L. Walton, Class 28, Recruit Attachment, Chanute Field, Illinois. Pvt. Charles Hoehner, Headquarters Company, Building 64, Fort Hayes, Ohio. Sergeant Glen R. Hudson, 112th Obs. Sqd., Pope Field, Fort Bragg, N. C. Pvt. Carl F. Hudson, Hd. Qts., Co. D. E. M. L., R. A. C., Fort Thomas, Ky. Pvt. Paul J. Gilliland, 52nd School Squadron, Randolph Field, Texas. Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Glenn W. Shuman, Flight 1, 31st School Squadron, Jefferson Barracks, Mo. Merril Eugene Thompson, New School Squadron, Las Vegas, New Mexico. Cleo Seabert Grossman, New School Squadron, Las Vegas, New Mexico. Major John Gamber, Fort Amador, Panama Canal Zone. Lieutenant Colonel D. R. Smith, 166th Infantry, A. P. O. 37, Camp Shelby, Miss. Pvt. Neville J. Kennedy, Battery C, 15 C. A. C., Fort Hamehameha, Territory of Hawii P. F. C. Robert Edward Stout, Co. E, 34th Infantry, Camp Jackson, South Carolina. Pvt. Richard F. Kirby, 76 School Squadron, Building 73, Kelly Field, Texas. Sergeant Stanley Lanker, Battery E, 6th C. A. C., Fort Scott, San Francisco. Corporal Richard E. Shaffer, Battery C, 68th C. A. KA. AJ, Camp Edwards, Mass. Q 05,314 Q Enlisted Men in the Navy Harry I-Ieffelfinger, 11th division, U. S. S. Saratoga, care of postmaster, Puget Sound Washington. Edward Karg, F. Division, U. S. S. Northampton, care of postmaster, Mare Island, California. Paul G. Traxler, U. S. S. Utah, Main Division, care of postmaster, Long Beach, Calif. Robert Eugene Huffman, U. S. Naval Air Station, Squadron Two, Pensacola, Florida. Richard Eugene Graham, U. S. S. Palmer, care of postmaster, New York, N. Y. Thomas E. McClain, U. S. S. Hilary P. Jones, care of postmaster, New York, N. Y. Byron Earl Boucher, 11th Div. U. S. S. Whitney, Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, T. H. Harold E. Book, U. S. Naval Training Station, Unit J, Norfolk, Va. Richard Book, U. S. S. Wasp, care of postmaster, New York, N. Y. Kenneth E. Barth, U. S. S. Idaho, Division Number 3, care of postmaster, Long Beach California. 1 L. James Gwinner, U. S. S. Dewey, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Lieutenant T. M. Fleck, U. S. S. Lea, care of postmaster, New York City. Harold E. Book, U. S. S. Tuscaloosa, care of postmaster, New York, N. Y. , Seaman 12nd classy J. V. Thomas, Radio Division, U. S. S. Argonne, Pearl Harbor Territory of Hawaii. Delson Eugene Horn, U. S. S. Minneapolis, care postmaster, San Diego, California. Franklin Horn, Jr., U. S. Naval Training Station, Great Lakes, Ill. Robert Johns, U. S. Naval Training Station, Company 67, Great Lakes, Ill. George Pfeifer, United States Naval Training Station, Co. 67, Great Lakes, Ill. Seaman 11st classy Russell I .Karg, Annapolis, Md. Navy Yards. Pvt. Pvt Pvt Pvt Pvt. Pvt. Pvt Pvt. Edward Hablitzel, Troop Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Norman F. Passet, Troop Pvt Pvt Pvt Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Pvt Pvt Pvt Pvt Pvt Pvt Pvt Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Pvt. Draftees Upper Sandusky Harry Franklin Barth, Troop A, 7th Training Squadron, Cavalry Replacement Center, Fort Riley, Kansas. Glenn M. Hotelling, Co. E, 2nd Bn., 7th Q. M. Training Regt., Camp Lee, Virginia. Myron Messmer, Troop B, lst Training Squadron, Replacement, Fort Riley, Kansas. i Ray G. Everhart, Co. K, 3rd Bn., 8th Q. M. Triining Regt., Camp Lee, Virginia. Louis Emick, Troop B, 5th Training Squadron, C. R. C., Fort Riley, Kansas. Foster Stief, 37 M. P. Co., A. P. O. 357, Camp Shelby, Miss. Earl R.ennpa,sre, Troop B, 5th Training Squadron, C. R. C., Fort Riley, Kansas. B, lst Training Squadron, Replacement Center, Fort Riley, Kansas. , ,,. Ray Boucher, I9 Co. 7th Bn., 15 D Armored Div., 2nd section, Replacement Cen- ter, Fort Knox, Ky. Charles H. Kloepfer, Co. E, Gth Infantry, Fort Knox, Ky. B, lst Training Squadron, Replacement Center, Fort Riley, Kansas. Eugene 0. Bower, Co. E, l48th Infantry, A. P. O. 37, Camp Shelby, Miss. Claude E. Schindler, 36th School Squadron, Flight C, Chanute Field, Illinois. Russell F. Stansbery, Troop B, Fifth Squadron, Cavalry Replacement Center, Fort Riley, Kansas. Clyde Boles, Troop B, Fifth Squadron, Cavalry Replacement Center, Fort Riley, Kansas. William A. Kraus, Troop B, Fifth Squadron, Cavalry Replacement Center, Fort Riley, Kansas. Wayne C. Kear, Co. B, First B. Signal Corps, Replacement Center, Fort Mon- mouth, N. J. V Vincent Brown, Battery C, 18th C. A. C., Fort Stevens, Oregon. ' ' Edward I-Iessley, Co. D, 4th Medical Training Battalion, Medical Department Re- placement Center, Camp Lee, Virginia. I David Thomas, Service Company, 148th Infantry, A. P. O. Camp Shelby, Miss. Robert XV. Miller, Co. A, 4th Medical Battalion, Medical Department Replacement Center, Camp Lee, Virginia. Clarence H. Lucius, Co. B, 4th Medical Training Battalion, Camp Lee, Virginia. Carl Lawrence, Armored Force Replacement Center, Company C, 5th Battalion, Fort Knox, Ky. Joseph HA. Clark, Co. D, 6th Battalion, Armored Force Replacement Center, Fort Knox, Ky. Donald R. Rinehart, Co. D, 59th Training Battalion, Camp Wolters, Texas. Wayne Alspach, Troop B, 5th Squadron, Cavalry Replacement Center, Fort Riley, Kansas. Gerald H. Mann, Co. C, 5th Battalion, Armored Force Replacement Center, Fort Knox, Ky. VVi1bur Murray, Co. M, 366 Infantry, Fort Huachuca, Ariz. C. H. Jury, 3rd Platoon, Troop B, lst Training Squadron, Replacement Center, Fort Riley, Kansas. Willis Bower, Headquarters and Headquarters Co., 59th Signal Battalion, Fort Knox, Ky. E. R. Carpenter, Co. C, l92nd Tank Battalion, Fort Knox, Ky. S IE N I OW R112 JE K Baccalaureate Seracies UNION SCHOOL AUDITORIUM MAY 25, 1941 AT 8 :00 P. M. UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO W. O. MOORE, Superintenclent-Presiding Song .... .... .... J U NIOR CHORUS Reading of Scriptures .................... REV. FREDERICK W. HOFFMAN Emanuel Evangelical ancl Reformed Church Song .... .... B OYS, GLEE CLUB Invocation ..... ............................. R EV. M. J. TEMPLE Trinity Evangelical Church Announcements Song ..... .... G IRLS' GLEE CLUB Sermon .... ............................... R EV. R. B. COLEMAN Methodist Episcopal Church Song .... . ...MIXED CHORUS Benediction ........... A .................... REV. J. IQ SEIM Bethany and North Salem Lutheran Churches O 100 0 Graduation Exercises UNION SCHOOL AUDITORIUM THURSDAY MAY 29, 1941 AT 8 :00 P.M. W. 0. MOORE, Superintendent-Presiding Processional Invocation .... ............................ First Presbyterian Chiireh Music ..... Salutatory .... Oration. . . President Senior Class Oration . . . Class Orator Annual Commencement Address ............... President, Ohio Northern University, Music ..... ............ . ........... Valedictory ............ MILDRED LOUISE GEIGER Presentation of Class to the Board of Education L. H. HOUPT ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'biilgiiti '0k'fii5i'sLi55i Presentation of Diplomas ......... W. P. OSBORN President of the Board of Education Presentation of D. A. R. Prize ............ Presentation of the W. E. Martin Prizes ........ Benediction ............. REV. J. H. WEISSROCK English Lutheran Chiirch Music. . . ............ . .... ORCHESTRA Q 101 0 .....................-...... ..REv. R. C. BOWMAN ORCHESTRA . . .PATRICIA ANN CORNELY MAURICE F. LOGSDON PATRICIA ANN VIVIAN DR. ROBERT WILLIAMS Ada, Ohio ORCHESTRA DR. ROBERT WILLIAMS Senior Class Play CHARACTERS Dr. Walter Kimball ...... ................... . Ella Kimball ...... Shirley Kimball. . . Jeff Sterling ...... Rosemary Lee. . . Cuthbert Lee ..... Chuck Malloy ....... Kate Malloy ...... Dr. Melville Stubbs Lillian Stubbs ..... Gladys Miller ..... Florence Ward .... . . . . .MAURICE LOGSDON . . . . . . SARAH JANE OSBORN . . . . . .BARBARA DILLON . . . . ...RICHARD MCCLAIN ROSEMARY SPELLERBERG . RICHARD SWOVERLAND . . . . . .FRANKLIN ROBEY . . . . .ELIZABETH IRVIN . . . . . . .JAMES MooN . . . . .MIRIAM WALTON .. . . . .BETTY LEVIN . . . . . .LINDA LARICK THE PLOT IN BRIEF J eff Sterling, student football manager, is anxious to have Chuck Mal- loy, who is a whiz at football, but a dud at Ancient History, admitted to Dartford College. Jeff, Shirley, Rosemary, and Gladys conceive a plan to persuade Prof. Stubs to give Chuck another history test. After Jeff has been sent to bring Chuck, Rosemary remembers her intelligent cousin, Cuthbert, who arrived too late to take the examination. She and Shirley persuade Cuthbert that he will be the biggest hero on the campus if he will take the examination for Chuck and thus get Chuck into Dartford. When it is all over, then, Dr. Stubbs, impressed with Cuthbert's knowledge of history, will want him to enter without further ado-thus "killing two birds with one examination." When Cuthbert has taken the test and impressed Prof. Stubs very much, J eff arrives with Chuck-results-they seemingly have ruined Chuck's chance for another history test, have Cuthbert in such a jam that they won't let him register, and have Prof. Stubbs fired. Another plan follows-that of revealing to Dr. Kimball, who wants a new library for the college, that Chuck's Aunt Kate has millions. Not knowing whether Aunt Kate is interested in a college library, by all cooper- ating, each brings in an "Aunt Katei' of his own who is quite willing to endow the college with a new library. Finally, to the relief of everyone, Aunt Kate arrives on the scene, and proves to be a sensible, likeable person who, in the end, sees that everyone gets his just dues, including Chuck, Cuthbert, Dr. Stubbs, and the College. Junior-Senior Prom The J unior-Senior Prom was held in the auditorium on Friday, May 23, in honor of the graduating seniors. The enjoyable evening justified the time and energy spent by the juniors. The unusual decorations added greatly to the pleasure of the dancing juniors and seniors. Alumni Banquet The Alumni Banquet was held in the auditorium, Saturday, May 31. Cut flowers were inegeniously displayed to similate a garden. All who at- tended enjoyed the evening immensely. The senior class wishes to thank the Alumni Association for this excellent reception. 'O O I + A D V lE R T ll S :IE M E N T S 03 BY HE PEOPLE-WITH THE PEOPLE-AND FOR THE PEO' E 0 UPPER SANDUSKY AND WYANDOT COUNTY ALWAYS WYANDGT VAULT CUMPANY The Chief of Them All" ogg-Q Q TELRGS CU UC R0 Quality Metal Burial Vaults in the World UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO D t S y VAULT Say WYANDOT' 01040 U. S. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY EACH AND EV HE LASS OF 194 I S ISHES HEALTH HAPPINESS AND PROSPERITY 105 C0 LIM AND WISHES T0 THE GRADUATING CLAss OF 1941 Midway Restaurant THE U. S. COMMISSION CO. Melrose Food Products CO-OP GASOLINE KEROSVENE OILS COAL FEED SEEDS RED BRAND FENCING MATERIAL Uwe Serve to sen Agmff UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO 01050 THE CHIEF DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. Manufacturers of BUTTER DRIED SKIM MILK DRIIED BUTTEIRMILK "THE OLD RELIABLE" SINCE 1914 UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO L .I SPELLERBERG MGR HARPSTER BANK UNINCORPORATED HARPSTER, OHIO DEPOSITS GUARANTEED BY ENTIRE LIABLIILTY OF OWNERS 0 107 O C' pliments of CITIZEN'S SAVING BANK COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK FIRST NATIONAL BANK 'RAL DE O C pliments of "THE HAMBURGER SHOP" SOUPS SANDWICHES MILK SHAKES ICE CREAM CLEAN, COURTEOUS, PROMPT SERVICE Upper Sandusky Kenton 01080 Compliments f CONGRATULATIONS 0 TO THE FRED STUCKEY WHO SELLS ANYTHING TO MAKE LIFE A PLEASURE ON THE FARM CLASS OF 1941 Complaz'-ments BENDER-LUCAS Of 81 SON GEO. M. FLECK Coal and Builders Supply Compliments of Compliments and N . , Best Wishes S to the Graduating Class of 1941 Bakery HOME OF Ward Walton EATMOR BREAD 01090 C mplime t and Best Wishes to The Class of 1941 WM. GREGG AND SONS WYANDOT SAND MDLDS BRI K WITH ND 1 THE WYAN DOT CLAY PRODUCTS CO. C .pliments 0 f the Daily Chief-Union C mpliments Of Bentz Sz Swoverland 5c and 10c to 31.00 Store W. M. SW OVERLAND, Mgr. 'V 110 Q Dry Goods DRESSES COATS You Always Do Well to Buy at ARTZ BROS. THES.E ARE FACTS: By the Use of iA2,'l'iCllltlIl'?ll Limestone- 1. Good crops of CLOVER and ALFALFA may be grown. 1. Livestock may be more economically fed. ' lu ... All crop yields are increased. 4. Soil fertility is improved and may be more economically maintained. 5. The tilth of the soil is improved. A COMPLETE LINE OF CRUSHED STONE Combined with prompt delivery, is available to you at all times. J. L. Foucht Quarry Residence Phone 76-Office Phone 628-M-4 520 South Eighth St. Upper Sandusky, O. Cofzgmtulations and Best Wishes To the Members of the Class of 1941 STEPHAN LUMBER CO. Compliments Of FREIMANN Beverage and Ice LORENZ FREIMANN Proprietor 111 With All Good Wishes For the Future For Every Member of the 1941 Graduating Class THE PERFECT GRADUATION GIFT Is Always a Dependable Timiepiece or a Brilliant Diamond Select a HAMILTON, BULOVA, or an ELGIN, latest designs, or a perfect DIAMOND, set in a beautiful mounting, for the gift of a. Lifetime. WALKER'S HART-SNYDER DRY GOODS Jewelers Compliments Compliments and Best Wishes of to the Graduating Class DR. J CRAIG BOWMAN of19-41 ' and 9 S ASSOCIATES .mum 20 Compliments A of W 85 W OIL COMPANY CITIES SERVICE PRODUCTS E. W. PEARSON INSURANCE AND BONDS STECHER INSURANCE AGENCY CITIZENS BANK BUILDING THE LINCOLN HIGHWAY Nursery and Greenhouse DELBERT SMITH, Mgr. Two Miles East of Upper Sandusky Route 30-N COMPLIMENTS T0 THE CLASS OF 1941 REMEMBER OUR STORE FOR FINE FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES WHEN HE SAYS "WILL YA?" BLUE-NORGE FURNITURE Co. 116 So. Sandusky Ave. FURNITURE AT LOW COST COMPLIMENTS OF WYANDOT COUNTY OFFICERS AND EMPLOYEES CHARLES REED DOROTHY E. BORDER MARY HILL Mr. QQ Mrs. E-ZRA FAII AURCHER MILLER J. B. WARNER CHARLES CRISE E. W. MOLLHOLLAND A. O. I-IALBEDEL IVALTER DAY KIMMEL CLEANERS For QUALITY LAUNDRY and DRY CLEANING SERVICE Compliments of Compliments Of MENNINGEN'S AYERS' INSURANCE AGENCY ECONOMY MARKET Q11 34x GOOD LUCK Halm M0t0l' COIIlpaI1y WUODS PONTIAC CARS INTERNATIONAL- RESTAURANT TRUCKS AND BUSSES Compliments FOR SMART BEAUTY SERVICE. of PHONE 123 OHIO FUEL GAS CLIP AND CURL BAR COMMERCIAL BANK BLDG. HELLEN GATCHELL, VAYE CARPENTER Coiigritrfgatioiis DEPARTMENT STORE THE BEST ,PLACE T0 TRADE AFTER ALL EVERYTHING FOR LESS Congratulations and Best Wishes B. A. MOLONEY, M. D. Best Wishes DR. R. M. ROSSEL DENTIST 210 S. Main St. UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO PHONE 323 Compliments Of NEWS STAND UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO 01140 PAUL K. STUTZ AMBULANCE SERVICE LADY ATTENDANT Bringman Sz Company Morticians UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO Compliments and Best Wishes UPPER AUTO PARTS DEWEY L. DILLON ALL KINDS OF CARPENTER AND CEMENT WORK ADAM KOEHLER GENERAL CONTRACTOR PHONE 688-W-2 Best Wishes to the Class of 19.41 Stansbery and Steck Grocery and Meat Market H Compliments of SERVICE STATION ' Berg and Koehler WASHING LUBRICATING slmomzme I DRUGGISTS Compliments K1nley's Dalry of Pasteurized MILK AND CREAM CHOCOLATE DAIRY DRINK BUTTERMILK ORANGE DRINK ELECTRICAL SHOP RADIOS, REFRIGERATORS HOME APPLIANCES .9 115 Q IT PAYS to PLAY WE CARRY THE MOST COMPLETE LINE OF SPORTING GOODS IN WYANDOT COUNTY BUD MENNINGEN 403 .N. Main St. Phone 99 UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO Compliments Of WYAN DOT COUNTY AUTO CLUB "IT PAYS TO BELONGU HENRY FAILOR, Secretary GIFTS THAT LAST DIAMONDS - WATCHES JEWELRY Kleinlein Jewelry Store ANNOUNCING An Intensive Training Course This College will guarantee a six to nine months' training which will qualify every ambitious Commercial Graduate of the Upper Sandusky High School for a good salaried position. Special Rates Convenient Terms Write or Phone for Further Details The Marion Business College SEE Compliments of STEPHAN ELECTRIC STORE For CARL F. KARG Xt SON Frigidaire Iiefrigerators, Ranges and IYate1' Heaters, Easy Xvashers, R. C. A. Radios General Contractors MSO UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO ELECTRICAL c'0N'rRAv'rING Phone 5R 102 E. Wyandot Ave. PHGNE 613'J'2 Compliments . Compliments Of Of SAMMET the FLORIST Flowers for All Occasions QUALITY, VALUE, SERVICE A MAHAFFEY'S DINE 8a DANCE I SERVICE STATION A . 1 ATHTHE A MOBILGAS MOBILOIL LUBRICATION wAsHlNc. Q BATTERY SERVICE W. W. MAHAFFEY, Mgr. Compliments Compliments of of RECREATION VOLZ GROCERY BOWLING ALLEY PHONE 91 Bowl Your Way to Health Compliments Of WEAVER'S BONDS OUR SPECIALTY ONE STOP SERVICE FOR BETTER SERVICE M. S. Sz E. G. NEWELL E. Rangeler XL Company Compliment CASH BUYERS OF POULTRY AND EGGS Of SODALITAS LATINA PHONE. 132 01170 Compliments ' Best Wishes of to the Class of 1941 STANSBERY'S FANCY GROCEXRIES AND 116 VV. Johnson Street UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO MILDRE-D FOX, Prop. Phone '78-W QUALITY MEATS 131 W. WYANDOT AVE. UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO UPPER DRUG STORE OPEN EVERY DAY AND ALL DAY SUNDAY DELIMO C. MILILER, Ph. C. Compliments of WYANDOT TRACTOR IMPLEMENT CO. JAMES R. LAY, Manager Compliments Of Book Body Co. Compliments Of SCHERFIWS QUALITY FURNITURE Compliments Of Your Local Kroger Store J. W. LIYON, Mgr. FRANK KRAUS PAUL ULRICH BYRON LAY Assistants WARFEL1 COAL CO. PREMIUM COAL. Phone 278 230 S. Fourth St. 01180 The National Steam Pump Co. NOT INC. UPPER SANDUSKY, OHIO Compliments Manufacturers of - STEAM and POWER PUMPING of MACHINERY -Also- CLARENCE W. KOEHLER HOME AND INDUSTRIAL STOKERS FOR HOT AIR, HOT WATER AND STEAM Compliments ron of FANcY enocsmss EVERGREENS PHONE 47 RESTAURANT See Us For EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL STRASSER 8z SON Electrical Contractors 132 N. SANDUSKY AVE PHONE 346 L. H. HEFFELFINGER BOWMAN 'S GROCERY 8z MEAT MARKET T. M. BOWMAN STAPLE AND FANCY GROCERIES FRESH MEATS AND VEGETABLES Ave DCliX'6l' llhgne 1 2 S BEST WISH ES WELL DRILLING mom DEMING ELECTRIC Ann HUDSON INSURANCE I-:Ann Pumps AGENCY, INC. PHo151E ,Ia 128 W. CHURCH ST. O 119 47 ...Compliments ofl.. Q of-of-Q Q WALTER ALTHOUSER BASTEL BROTHERS DR. D. J. BAUER BILLHARDT'S DRUG STORE BOLISH RESTAURANT BOOKMEYER MARKET SUPERINTENDENT BROEDE BUSY BEE GROCERY R. M. CORNELY DAIRY STORE DR. K. M. DAVIS DON'S HARNESS SHOP EAGLE NEST HATCHERY EDEN GRAVEL COMPANY FLOX DEPARTMENT STORE FRITCHIE CLOTHING COMPANY GIENR RADIO 8: ELECTRIC SERVICE GIRL RESEIRVES HOWARD GUTHRIE RUSSELL HARE HARPSTER GRAIN COMPANY HARTWELL SHOE STORE DR. B. H. HATHAVVAY, D. O. HI-Y MRS. L. H. HOUPT, PIANO FORTE JOE HUSSEFY JANE'S COFFEE SHOP JUSTUS INSURANCE AGENCY DR. FREDERICK M. KENAN, M. D. KINLEY GROCERY KIRBY E-LEVATOR ADOLPH KIRCHNER LESER DRUG STORE LITE-STAR OIL COM MARTHA'S BEAUTY SHOP CHARLES B. MARTIN MILLER DAIRY W. O. MOORE NEVADA FURNITURE STORE DR. J. A. PROPST RAKEL CLEANERS CHARLES V. REED DR. C. E. SCHOOLFIELD, M. D. SMITH TIRE SHOP SPANISH CLUB STANDARD OIL COMPANY STECHER HAT SHOP TRI SIGMA SORORITY E. J. UL-RICH U. S. AUTO WRECKING OSCAR VEITH JOHN WALTERHOUSE H. L. WENNER WYANDOT COUNTY HEALTH DEPT 01200 DEPENDABLE FOOTWEAR FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY VOGEUS Shoe Store I I The U. S. Implement C0 UPPER SANDUSKY Complete Sales and Service for ALLIS-CHAIMERS AND NEW IDEA Complim PII fx Of BON TON Restaurant NOW YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN MAKE A GOO'D START INCLUDE A SAVINGS ACCOUNT IN YO BUDGET AND WATCH IT GROW FIRST BUILDING XL LOAN UR Congratulations cmd Best Wishes to the Class of 1941 Contoura Beauty Salon Compliments Compliments FRECHETTES of HOTPOINT REFRIGERATORS AND WASHERS LOUIS FLECK GENERAL ELECTRIC RADIOS AUTO SUPPLIES HARDWARE 01210 CO-OPERATIVES Are used, owned, are controlled by members. Pay limited interest on capital. Pay Patron- age Dividends on purchases. When you patronize your FHl'll1 Bureau C0- operative you are building for your own future. Wyandot County Farm Bureau Cooperative Association UPPER SANDUSKY CAREY PATRONIZE THE ADVERTISERS J.. W, Hoplegjl Printing Company Bucyrus, Ohio 01220 4 Advertising Index Albert's ........... Althouser, Walter .... Artz Bros. ............... . Auto Club ........ . ........ Ayres' Insurance Agency ..... .. Berg-Koehler Drug Store ..... .. Bastle Bros. ............. . Bauer, Dr. ............ . Bender Ka Lucas ............ Bentz KL Swoverland .......... .... Billhardt's Drug Store .......... .... Blue Norge Furniture Store ..... .... Bolish Restaurant ............ .... BonTon Restaurant ........ Book Body Company . . . . Bookmeyel-'s Market. . . Bow 81 Arrow .............. Bowlin Alle g y ..... u .......... .... Bowman, Dr. J. Craig, M. D. .... Bowman's Grocery ..... . . . Bringman 8z Co. ............... . . . . Broede, Mr., Supt. of Schools .... .... Bud's Blue Sunoco. . . ........ . . . . Busy Bee .................. Canton Engraving ...... Chief Dairy Products .... Clip Sz Curl Bar ......... Contoura Beauty Shop ..... Cornely, R. M. ......... . Daily Chief Union ..... Dairy Store .......... Davis, Dr. K. M. ....... . Don's Hamburger Shop .... Don's Harness Shop ....... Eagle Nest Hatchery ......... .. Eden Gravel Company ........... .. Ernest Hatcheson Music Club .... .. Evergreen Restaurant .......... .. Farm Bureau ................ .... First Building Ka Loan ..... Fleck Coal Company .... Fleck Hardware ...... Flox Dept. Store ..... Freiman's ........ . . Fritchie 8z Company .......... .... Foucht uarr Q y ............... . . Gier Radio Sz Electric Service .... .. Girl Reserves........... Gregg! Wm. Sz Son ........... .. Guthr1e's ...........,.. Halm Nash Company .... Hare, Russell ........... I-Iarman's Station ......... Harpster Bank ............. Harpster Grain Company. .. Hart Kz Snyder ............. Hartwell Shoe Store .......... .. Hathaway, Dr. B. H., D. O.. .. .. Heielfinger, Lawrence ...... H1-Y .................... Hopley, J. W. ........ . Houpt, Mrs. L. H.. . . . Hudson Insurance .... Hussey, Joe ........... Jane's Coffee Shop ......... Justus Insurance ............. .... Karg, Karl F. ................. .. Kenan, Dr. Frederick, M. D. Kimmel Cleaners ............. . . ,Gigg- 112 Kinley Dairy .... 120 Kinley Grocery .... 111 Kirby Elevator ...... 116 Kirchner, Adolph .... 113 Kleinlein Jeweler . . . 115 Koehler, Adam ..... 120 Koehler, Clarence . . . 120 Kroger Grocery .... 109- Latin Club ............... 110 Leser Drug Store ......... 120 Lincoln Highway Nursery. . 113 Lite Star Oil Company .... 120 Mahaffey Service Station.. 121 Marion Business College. .. 118 Martha's Beauty Shop .... 120 Martin, Charles B. ..... . 117 Mennigen's Economy .... 117 Midway Restaurant . . . 112 Miller Dairy ........ 119 Moloney, Dr. M. O.. . .. 115 120 116 120 123 107 114 121 120 110 120 120 108 120 120 120 120 119 122 121 109 121 120 111 120 111 120 120 110 120 114 120 115 107 120 112 120 120 119 120 122 120 119 120 120 120 116 120 113 Moore, W. O. .......... . National Steam Pump ,... Neumeister's Bakery ...... Nevada Furniture Store... Newell Insurance ......... Ohio Fuel Gas Company... Propst, Dr. D. O. ......... . Rakel Cleaners ............ Rangeler Poultry Company Reed, Charles R. ......... . Rieser's Grocery .......... Rossel, Dr. R. M. ...... . Roth Electric Company. .. Sammet's Florist Shop... ScheriFf's Furniture ....... Schoolfleld, Dr. C. B., M. D. Spanish Club ............. Smith Tire Store ........ Snyder's Dept. Store ..... Standard Oil Company... Stansbery Grocery ...... Stansbery KL Steck .... Stecher Hat Shop... Stecher Insurance ........ Stephan Electric .......... Stephan Lumber Company. Strasser Sz Son ........... Stubbs' Bros. ........... . Stuckey, Fred . . . Stutz, Paul K. .... . Thiel Bros. ........ . Tri-Sigma Sorority .... Ulrich, E. J. ........... . Upper Auto Parts ......... Upper Auto Wrecking ..... Upper Sandusky Banks .... U. S. Commission Company .... .. U. S. Construction Company .... . . Upper Drug Store ........ U. S. Implement .......... Veith, Oscar ....... Vogel Shoe Store ...... Vogue Beauty Shop ..... Voltz Grocery ........... W Sz W Oil Company .... Walker's Dry Goods ..... Walton, Ward .......... Walterhouse, John ....... Warfel Coal Company .... 115 120 120 120 116 115 119 118 117 120 113 120 117 116 120 120 113 106 120 114 120 119 109 120 117 114 120 120 117 120 119 114 115 116 118 120 120 120 114 120 118 115 120 113 116 111 119 116 109 114 120 120 115 120 108 106 105 118 121 120 121 118 117 113 112 109 120 118 0 124 O' Advertising Index -Gino.. Weaver Auto Supply... 117 Wyandot County Court House ..... . .. 113- Wenner, H. L. ......... .. . 120 Wyandot County Health Department. . 120 Western Auto Store ...... . .. 121 Wyandot Tractor 8z Implement ....... 118 Wood's Restaurant ......... 114 Wyandot Vault ..................... 104 Wyandot Clay Products ..... . . . 110 -0550- General Index Advertisements ..... ..... 1 03-123 l Contents .... ...... . . . 5 Advertising Index ..,.. ..... 1 24, 125 l Custodians ............... . . . 14 1 Dedication ................. . . . 6 Advisers- l girectohnl of Senior Band ..... 62 Annual Stall-Mn Fleelnan rum ajoress ........... .. 63 Freshman Class-Miss Schultz ...... 44 Elglltll Grade -'-----'--- ------ 4 9 Future Farmers of America-Mr. l Faculty --'---" - ----- 11-14 Geiger .......................... 74 Football "'-"- '--- 8 01 81, 82 Girl Reservesilvllss Alban -'..--.." 73 Forward ................... ........ 4 Hl-Y-Mn Tscllants ....'.. ....,...- 7 1 Freshman Class .............. .... 4 4-48 Junior Class-Mr. Wolfe ............ 34 , Flltule Farmers of Amerlca' ' ' "'- ' ' 74 Latln Club-Mlss Stearns ..-'.'.' l I 60 i Girl Reserlges. ., ............. . . . .72, 73 Phonetic Writers' Club-Miss Golling 75 Glee Club, ' 'OYS ', """"" "" 6 9 Post Graduates-Miss Golling ....... 32 Glee Club, Gllnls --'- -- 68 Senior Class-Miss Stearns ......... 16 Histories- Sophomore Class--Miss Neumeister.. 40 ' Spanish Club-Mrs. Tucker ......... 61 Senior Class ..... .. 31 Junior Class ....... . . 38 Alumni .................... ,.... 9 1 iophlclmore glass ..... .... 3 9 Attending College .... . . .92. 93 res mall ass ' ' ' ' - ' ' ' - 48 Dedication ......... ...94, 95 Honor Walk ------- --'- 5 6, 57 Class President . . . . . .94, 95 'lunlor Class "" ' ' ' '34'37 Editor ........... ...94, 95 Lam Club ---- --'- 60 Associate Editor .... . . .94, 95 Business Manager .... . . .94, 95 OH-icelis Superintendent ..... . . .94, 95 i S6Hl01' Class ..... . . 16 Principal ............... . . .94, 95 K Jumor Class ....... . . 34 Faculty Manager ......... .. .94, 95 l S0l9h01T101'6 Class ----- -. 40 Commencement Speaker . . . . . .94, 95 l F1'6Shm3-H Class. . . . . . 44 Valedictorian ................... 94, 95 ' D D . , Salutatorian .................... 94,95 Olchestlan Semol' """ -'-- 6 6 Orator ......................... 94, 95 Pefsonillltles . - ' - 3 ---'---- -'-- 5 2-55 Superintendents and Principals ...... 96 Phollfitlc Wrlters Club' ', "" "'- 7 5 Army Enlisted Men ................ 97 Physical Educatlollf BQYS "" -"- 8 8 Navv Enlisted Men ......'....- ...' 9 8 Physical Education, Girls' .... ...... 8 9 Draftees .......'.'. .-,. 5 lg Post Graduates ........... .... 3 2, 33 Principal's Page ............ .... 1 0 Annual Staff ,,,,, . , ,7G, 77 nr Scholarship Team-1940 ..... .... 5 7 Athletic Field ,,,, ,,,, 7 3 . Scholarship Team-1941 ..... ...... 5 8 Autographs ,,,, 123 Senior Class .............. .... 1 7-30 Baseball ,,,,,, ,,,, 9 0 Senior Week ............ .... 9 9 Band, Senior ..... . . .62, 63 Alumni Banquet - - - - - - -102 Band, Junior ,,,, , , ,64, 65 Baccalaureate .... .... 1 O0 Band, Pep .,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 6 5 Commencement . . . . . . .101 Band, Swing .......... . ........ 65 Senior Play ----- ---- 1 U2 Basketball ............. .... 8 0, 81,82 Semor Prom ---. ----....... 1 02 Beard ef Education ,,,,, ,,,,,,, 3 Seventh Grade .... ............. 5 0 Bowling ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , ,86, 87 Snapshots .......... . . .16, 34, 40, 44, 58 Cheerleaders ,,,,,,, ,,,, 9 0 X Sophomore Class ...... ........... 4 0-43 Chorus, Senior ,,,,, ,,,, 6 7 Sp3D1Sll Club ........... ........... 6 1 Chorus, Junior ..... .... 7 0 Supefintendeflvs Page, - - - - 9 l l 01250 I' fyalf x,-P' f..-5 A i 'Q nf iw' 'Tr' , ua :fr Q , iff-.fgxQxnX' U , R- ' 'N' "fa-'pay f ,urx '13 'isa fig 42. J f 'X-'3' .za Qs L ,. 'S ' ' rf' N ' L Mn' ,,,,,mlA QWDZQPRQM Autographs I , . I . X Cf-f fC ' Mbffiawiwn Qwix fbwmfffw WW C wikgff FcszQ'LLit, 0126-A W

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