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Upper Sandusky High School - Indian Village Yearbook (Upper Sandusky, OH) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Cover

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M Y ,Y N -- - 7 3- - fgg-grff - -- M- -Q.-.::l5,,Ji,51 1 V1 .,L15rr1r:j,r'1' , g?5997Jwgi!'V-"Ty 1 '-'F "M TKT, Q . -. ., ,. . ga. ' - ,,. S w .fa-.-ps: f"'+"f J JE ' . A 5,4364 Q , . if - - lx Llbrh ' ' , . f'if1,,,- ,. V. .4, ,.u . 3 I v Q v . y ' 4 1. . 1 ' , , ' C f. K X I , V . 'Q Q Q v- "U V K - 1 3" t ," ni 1 . 5 I 'Y , 'A , ! .B .-. J D V QA, 4 v ' a Q -ef 1 1 A, xv v H . if 1 ,. A 1, -1 . 1 .N 4 1 , ! A -1.7 'sv' x ' 4 . . ' - ' I 9 Q I ' 1. .1 1. 'I r ,u .1 vs . , ' , . . . L, K, 'Vik o 1 . ' - -4 L ', I 1 , x L4 -' f w xhx q r . I 4 I L W Q, 71, 1 Q X L4 any , jA,.:,A. 'IM 1 1 , ' . v x . I I N 'f in . , 5 I 4- v x' ' - 111 f 1 I !.:r ug -I ' fsf, . "ffm - ' xl .. ., LM..-.,-Q.., ' x .w .fp f.-21 S: -if V". J ,,, nf 'LQ - "M " N. .- li ,t X , ' '- M ', 1' 2, ' X A V ' . L,,,3,.m'- . , , z- xi N G N PrQsQntnn Reels Dlreiq, Y: Jr- SV1: -11 ?'ne'1.-mf L wvwl PLM fvw 1 fwlfzuzml M1 1 E541 rpm", TX5 ffm-uf ,Q ?"QL,?lfl Sfjixff 5 3i1Ufv, filf-.., v 1' iv X Q,f'-www w U4 nf' 5395" 'vi 1 vi w Q ,HHN L..LC'5.l"z'T""f 'ff1"wDf-"riff-'-'Q X1-":f'Z11' ' '-,-: 4' ' ,F A , . , 5' -'vzi-Iliff?-f' ---v."v.?'-'syn-P fyfwzfw- -,QA fn., .4.4.,w I' . ,N-.,, ,,.,-.A,. . .. Q g 'f-ffgfafia,:mw.,w,,,-,. 1 Aw.- i'.Qf's:'riE -1462-, 9.453 "' -1. Etffliii ,fn-igfrt' . L 4 .- , "'f1j31" . , , ,p1'.1., , ' 'i . 5 .tv . .ii--:yx AQ: .5 1 , V . rf,-p'Wf"g'ff' "5 '- N ""ia"4'gi'j' S . . 1- . ' U ' 'g ' .,3'h,,. I ' My A -1111-2' ',, -' .X .. , . K, s- . - al. fa v :v's+f"-c V.'.".'- A 1 'P. YL. ' I 8 A 4, '7 99' ' f, - xv? N .FJ-, nil-' 1, ,, ,:.-T. Ly, gvlv' ,.. '. 4 4' J- L. X 8 1 . wx ' s '32 X" ' ' 7.-1 1 P xl J ,..'.n'-f'1:Y' H.-Fiw , 'UTY Hr Tllml: 11936 ff X X X 'X 'X X X X X 'S 3X sf P iiiiisiieal A Reel of High School Life .... To present to you and preserve for spent in Upper Sandusky High School, them in your memory. 1 21 I ' f l ' fYVlOLA TEMPLE ROBERT FREY X in Editor-in-Chief Business Manager The Siruifif Editorial Staff-N Assistant Editor .......,...... .,.... ...... J z inet Osborn Photography Editor .,........................ Rebecca Ayers Music Editor ....,..... Colleen Bauer, Pauline Balduf Sports Editor ...., ..,............., G irls-Frances Clark Boys-Marion Shambaugh Class Prophecy .....,.,... .................. M artha Bowman Class Will ..........., Dorothy Gatehell, Miriam Moser Calendar ...... ........ A lice Schlup, Helen Koehler Art Editor .....,.,, .,.,,.,................. I 'anl Hannnni Business Staff-- Treasurer ....,...,.......,.. ....... J ohn Spellerberg Advertising Manager .... ........., l lobert Miller Circulation Manager ..,.. ..... B etty Lou Leser Advertising Solicitors ...................... Kenneth Berg, Florence Strasser, Paul Martin, Thomas Norton, Donald Pagnard, and Glenn Hotelling Circulation Assistants .................,,. Mary Elizabeth Bardon, Samuel Walton, Eugene Long, Paul Guthrie, Joseph Clark, and Eileen Stover Faculty Advisor ..... ...... lv liss Helen Pease The Senior Class of vou the scenes of happy days that vou mav alwavs keep zmwii GZPVQ me K Y H II CG H Grim FC In Memmrium VVO x,vl1,M to Iufmom' Hao IWWCIWCWH ff Pmm,l1 HLIFfVY1LlIW, our c.ili5l'Q,L,yI1ldtff, WIIO lofi Liil M1 Augusl 25, IQ33. Dedicated to itlhe Mothers of ititiicdlceinritsm , f , Z f I , ,flfi . , , fi ,-,,,a"' lf, H is-we-fue l , , afrfaj .-"7"l I ' l , :nom wuusurnd ooavnmr OF uns -iMYOTgEn- DICDICATION Let us puuse for Z1 moment as the curtain of time slowly descends, reminding' us that we are rapidly nearing' the end of our high school career. llefore these scenes ure entirely hidden from view, let us focus our attention carefully upon one central hgure who has been the great- est inspiration to us in all of our school days. lt could be none other than "MOTl'llfIll", the personage who forms the foundation for the un- iverse, who has stood by when all Otll61'S seemed to fail us, who has guided our footsteps and watched with pride our progress. We cannot pay high enough tribute to her who made our school days possible by her self sncrihce, so we shall just say, "Mother, we thank you." IECUISTI, Union nncdl Snnith Buildings ' 1 F Ju .Q .wk if I I kc K A 4 ffm " iz. 62 ,Q if X fl N Union Buildin X Y Page 10 591 In 1882 the Union School Building was bu1lt at a cost of S40,000. This building is located on West Walker Street. The building which has four stories, is a brick structure, heated by steam. There is a large open space on the fourth floor which has been used for entertainmentsg the third floor has five recitation rooms, one assembly or study hall and rest roomy on the second floor are six recitation rooms, a rest room, and the ofliceg the basement is made up of six rooms, and the furnace room. We have at present five hundred and seventy-five pupils in this building, grades from one to nine inclusive, and sixteen teachers. This edifice has served its day and generation well. Though its bell will never sound again it Will ring in the memories of the hundreds of boys and girls who have passed through its halls. 9 New Building The new school building is under construction at the present time. The present Senior building and the present Union building are being salvaged and repaired, and with a new addition will make one large modern plant. The cost of this new plant is S115,000g the cost to our local community, 363250, the remainder being paid by the U. S. Gov- ernment. The basement of the new plant is made up of eight recitation and grade rooms, sewing rooms, two furnaces, two coal pits, chemistry laboratory, physics laboratory, cooking room, dining room fcafeteriaj, dining room Clunch roomj, manual training and agricultural room, store rooms, closets, lockers, and showers. The first floor is composed of twelve recitation or grade rooms, library, Senior Principal's office, auditorium, book room, Board of Edu- cation room, Junior High Principal's oflice, gymnaisium, Superinten- dent's otlice, store rooms, closets, cloak rooms, and lockers. The second floor is composed of a typing room, bookkeeping room, senior study hall, eight recitation and grade rooms, study hall, picture booth, cloak rooms, closets, rest rooms, and lockers. f Q W , ,,g. . ,' awf,j'm. 1 : -M ,l if 3 ,,,, 2 Ig ,kkk iii! EEE g un., any by .f 5 A ,Hi ggs A . l ' J ,fzifiz bl!" "'3i'i' i l"i"?"f f fir- 'hifamgfsifgi-,lies RFE? misss asain: Q 5 , QQ' ' T . -i ':"" . 4. - A ., ., "'-: 1' .... .Q 1 ' . ' ii . 5 ' -iw -'I . 5 ' mfg A 4. - . 1 3 ' -my 1 ,Q Ni "Y mm. Wi", ggi" 2"?15'4 'gigiwf ellis! ' 'f 34232, if 1-ji A ...f.: ..a.,u1W:L A- - w... .w . . ..,. 3.2 f g gfcfff ., -si ,W . -- Wu af 4. V . ..., , 'I 5 - ' " H ."'n"' "i' "'i'i"'Tl'i7"M""" 1' fffww-.z f- f f - - -Jil i I X. . . .. f . -,W 'aM.. --,W.,, , Y, ' ,,Y77. "' l Page 11 f r 1 . X 'til . 1 ' Haj. . .. X, rw - 'i , 'fill We ,X S X, , N so gt. large IZ xi T l Board of llicciluicolltiioiiil The Board of Education is composed of J. ll. Witzel, President, T. M. Bowman, Vice President and Purchasing Agentg P. W. Ayers, Clerk- T1'621SLll'6l' and committee on text books and course of study, C. li. Frederick, committee on grounds and buildingg W. P. Osborn, committee on teachers and salariesg and W. O. Moore, Superintendent. This g1'oup is made up of highly respected and honored citizens of the district. This board has quite an extensive and const1'uctive build- ing program in process of construction. The duties of a Board of Education require much time, effort, and energy which the membe1's gladly and willingly give for the best in- terests of the boys and girls. The board members 1'eceive no financial compensation for their efforts. Smuipeaminlten ent W. O. MOORE A. B. Muskingum M. A. Wittenberg f We wish to introduce to you our director, Superintendent W. O. Moore. He is always ready to give an encouraging word to those in the cast and to take an active part in order to see that "the show goes on." Mr. Moore became our director in 1923, coming here from Mt. Gilead where he had served them successfully for several years. The new school building is the second building program that he has been instrumental in getting for us and we take this opportunity to thank him for all that he has done for us during our twelve years in the cast in U. S. H. S. V . Page 13 Page 1 4 Klum umm Directors Q HAROLD corn KATHERINE ARTZ V B. S. M. fupitul University Bi-0?l'E2z?nwh'm Green State MW' M. A.Q Ohiu sm? 1r..ix-Q.-my Mathematics Biology LURLENE BEATTY 'lv whwfw ROBERT DER ICKS mmmmwmf xmmmgmww l'hysivz1l Iirluczxtiun DORTHY BERG FREDERICK FLEEMAN B. S., Miami University A B Antimwh Cnllvffc Art ' 'f ' Chemistry Sllluxtituiv Tran-her l.a'nvn' nf Ahsvllcx' M0ll'3l'll HiR!0l'y 1110 Boss The Slliifoiuu ,rf r - I .Xi X X N ,,,. MARTHA GREGG LUCY HETZEL A. B., Ohio Wesleyan llniver- A. B., Hvirlelhvrg College sity English English Urthugrziphy Latin L. H. HOUPT B. S., Ohio Northern Univer- sity M. A., Ohio State University Principal of Senior High History Economies JEAN GOLLING HOMER HUFFMAN ' B' V' S" Bliss Buslmlss Cullpml B. S., Ohio Wesleyan llnivcr- B- 5- M-. 0Tl0l'lJ"3iH A. B. Finrllaiy fnllege my Nlusgc G'-PF! Slmmlmml M. A.. Michigan University Timm: V hlntlienizitivs Physivs Bookkeeping ff .. 'I I M , f N is LP. -1233 f Page 15 Page 16 nd Point The Wag l fi . 4 G. ERNEST LITTLE 'I B. S.. Wittenberg College NELSON RALL Manual Training aiqEil1vF'ndlay Gvnc-ral Science Pliysicul Education EVELYN M. Applg NEUMEISTER sci-IOENBERGER fx- A5bul'y College llnlclvlberg Collvqv lznullilm Aritllnwlic Urtliuurzipliy HELEN L. PEASE E Ph. B.. Dvnison University Spanish English Worlll History RMA L. STEARNS A. B., Bluffton College Latin An:-lent History for The Cost to Go MAMIE STEARNS A. O. SUBER A. B., Bluffton College Domestic Science B. S., Ohio Northern Uni- versity FRANKLIN J. GOTTFRIED B. S., Bowling Green State Commercial Geography Principal of Junior High Nonflal English Substitute Teacher fel GEORGE STING JR. CLYDE R. SEEBACH74 B, S., Ohig State University B. AI'Cl'l., Ohio State University Geugraphy M. A., Columbia University Coach Art Mechanical Drawing IRVIN D. TSCHANTZ B. S., Capital University Debate Public Speaking Agriculture History I':ig'e 17 1250 'I 8 Cusitodlnifulns of the Set GRACE L MM LEROY "TIP" S E ER STEVENS Svcrc-t:xx'y to Snpvrintcmlcnt - I Union Building Custodian CARL HANNUM LOTTIE HANNUM Senior Building f'ntmliun 50'1i0I' Bllildilll CUYOIUHII ?3?i'k P23 gi ,r.- R ff f S L ggi. ' N A U1 AJ R . 3, iii J ,,. w at v if M . is If-9 ' gsgfi? Q- P55 'if 1 3 D. . , . Srl 'H W , . I .r ff Q an 'giuv 1 5 I K' .10ll""" Muff -X. X 'E SvT RS k Q ,qi ' f-is ', 4 X Q .. ,X I 5 9 l k v j " - A! I Y 1 5 K ' 41 Ak f 'rf S4 5 11 I! 'f o . ,f ' QM, M1 WW Page 20 Presenting T e CLASS OFFICERS SENIOR YEAR '35-'36 President ...... Marion Shambaugh Vice-President ........ Eugene Long Secretary .............. Pauline Balduf Treasurer .............. Colleen Bauer JUNIOR YEAR '34-'35 President .................. Robert Frey Vice-President ........ Joseph Clark Secretary .......... Betty Lou Leser Treasurer ............,. Rebecca Ayers SOPHOMORE YEAR '33-'34 President .........,.... Samuel Walton Vice-President ........ Janet Osborn Sec'y-Treas. ............ Miriam Moser FRESHMAN YEAR ' 32-'3 3 President ...... Marion Shambaugh Vice-President ...... Rebecca Ayers Sec'y-Treas. ................ Neva Neate SENIOR CLASS HISTORY In 1932 a verdant group of young actors opened the door to the set up- on which they were to begin their careers. They chose as their director Marion Shambaugh, with Neva Neatc and Rebecca Ayers as his assistants. As "Extras" they pushed their way upward from the first step of the ladder of fame, and as a reward for their efforts, had their first big show, "A Hard Time Party." The following year, as "Stand Ins," Samuel Walton was their director and had as his assistants Janet Osborn and Miriam Moser. That year a "Kid Party" was their big show. The next step up the ladder of fame was as "Featured Players." I Stars of '36 SENIOR CLASS HISTORY Here they elected Robert Frey, Bet- ty Lou Leser, Rebecca Ayers, and Joseph Clark to direct their show. This year their big feature was a "Halloween Party" and as a farewell to "Stars" before them, they gave a "Junior-Senior Banquet." Finally their ambitions were re- alized. They had reached the top rung of the ladder of fame. They were to begin their work as "Stars." Shakespeare said, "All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players. They have their ex- its and entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages." We have embodied this thought in the pages of this book. CLASS SONG Here's to the Upper High School And to the many daysg Spent in the old school building, Pride of our High School days - Rah! Rah! Rah! We boast of our traditions: We'll uphold them or die: Long live our alma mater, I-Iere's to the Upper High! R? 17 Nl 4 4' fff f gf 334 , X TEV - "A Y ,lf , Page 21 - ,X f' P , .N .Wu 1 3 . fill f X lE1n11ter11n ce tugs REBECCA XYERS fr 1 li 1' X . Page 22 Glen Club, 3, 43 Chorus, 23 Basketball, 1, 2, 3 4: Class Ofllcer, 1, 35 Annual Staff, 43 Scholar- ship, 33 G. R., 2, 3, 43 Latin Club, 3: Spanish Club, 3, 43 Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra, 1.2, 4: Opflretta, 3, 43 Orange and Black Staff, 3, 4. Sl- 'i Pl' PAULINE BALDUIW " ' Glow Club. 3, 4: Baskvtball Mgr., 4, P. W. C. 1, 2, 4, Class Officer, 4, Annual Staff, 43 G. R. . 2, 3, 4. Ik lk l ELIZABETH BARDON Chorus, 13 Annual Staff, 4, G. R., 2, 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 35 Orange and Black Staff, 1. Sk 'if :lf ROBERT BARTHOLOMEW Football, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y, 2, 3, 41 Stage Mgr., 3 lk Sk 'lr COLLEEN BAUER Basketball, 2, 3. 4: 1'. W, C., 43 Class Officer, 4 Annual Staff, 4: G. H.. 2, 3, 49 Spanish Club 3, 4, Orchestra, 2, 3, 4. ilw Sk 32 ALICE BEAR Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 43 P. W. C., 43 Operetta, 2, 3, 4 KENNETH BERG Ulf life To P. W. C., 45 Annual Staff, 43 Glee Club, 43 Chorus, 45 Hi-Y, 43 Oporotta, 4. 3' ik Pk GLENN BOOKMYER U. S. H. S.-3, 4. Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, 1, 23 Hi-Y, 13 Optlretta, 1, 2, 3, 43 Entered, 2. i' i Pk MARTHA BOWMAN Spanish Club, 3, 43 Chorus, 1, 2, 35 Public Spvaking, 2, 3, Glee- Club, 35 Scholarship, 13 Debate. 3, 45 Annual Staff, 43 G. R., 2, 3, 45 Opewttzi, 2, 3. lk 'l' 4 X FRANCES CLARK- dV"'f"f ' ,f Bauid, 1, 2, 3, 4, Or hestra, 1, 3, 4, Scholar- ship, 1, 2, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 43 G. R., 2, 3, 4, Latin Club, 3, 4, Annual Staff, 4. JOSEPH CLARK rl llaskeftball, 35 Football, 3. ELLEN DURER Fl- Sk Latin Club, 35 P. W. C., 4. fi' ' 1 . Ax . I ll., ' rv "ul E ' X JK 0 jk? Mix 6535 'I' .5 J . fy il . Z V A A 1 , Y 'Y Page 23 X732 5.5 'R R - YS. f Wx, , f . Z 27' ' X X ,fgfffn X: mon lllts Joys 2' ' ' . , I 1 'T ARIAEU ENDERS L Chorus, 13 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 43 P. W. C., 4. Y 1 . b I l f 1 wk HL lk 1 EMERY FINK ' 1' 1- 1 W ' Debate, 4: Basketball, 1, 2, 33 Football, 1, 2, 35 Hi-Y, 2, P. W. C., 3, Operetta, 3. E 2 P, 1 1 A . , CATHERINE FREY ' 1 Basketball, 1, 2, 4, P. W. C., 4. 4 H 1: as s- l , l i l ROBERT FHEY P. W. C., 43 Class Officer, 3, Annual Staff, 43 Scholarship, 1. :lf ft ik l , l B A DOROTHY GATCHELL X Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 4, P. W. C., 4: Annual Staff , 4, Operetta, 2, 35 Spanish Club, 4. H bk PL Pk l . .. X l l L, ,J MERVIN GETZ - Pale 24 1 An orrcomuus Too of PAUL GUTHRIE , Glve Club, 3, 43 Hi-Y, 2, 3, 42 AHHU81 Staff, 41 Spanish Club, 43 Band, 1, 2, 3. 42 ODPFGUH, 3. 4- 3 7 'ON ..f ,,j W' If fu . . fi , uw '55, ak wk 4: V PAUL HANNUM - lf Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Annual staff, 4. SL wk 'lf DOROTHY HEHR G. R., 2, 3, 4, Chorus, l, 3, Operetta, 3, P. W. C., 4. Sl- 'F P14 GLENN HOTELLING Spanish Club, 43 Football, 3, 4. If Pk 81 MARGARET HUNTSBERRY U. S. H. S.-4. G. R., 15 C0lllI'1l9l'CiHl Club, 1, 2, 3. Pk Pl' :If x HELEN JOHNS ' E ' Glee Club, 2, 35 Chorus, 1, 2, 33 P. W. C., 4, Band, 1, 2, 3, Operetta, 2, 33 Pianist, 3. Page 25 Page 26 Now Whi me Polssin MARY KLEINM , P. W. C., 4: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. 'K Pk 'li HAROLD KOEHLER Operetta, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 43 Chorus, 3, 4, Football, 3. Pk flf 'lv HELEN KOEHLER f-Kiel!!! Chorus, 1, 3, 45 P. W. C., 43 Annual Staff. 4: Operotta, 3, 4. It fl- GLENN KOTTERMAN Football, 3, 43 P. W. C., 4. bl- 'lf 'lf DOLORES KRVSE ll. S. H. S.v4. G. R., lg Latin Club, 1, 2, 33 Glue Club, 1, 2. if 1 'fig q V Sk ak 'lf E BETTY LOU LESER - nj R- ,Q Glev club, 2, 3, 4, Cum-us, 1, 2, Basketball, 2, " ' , 3, 45 P. W. C., 45 Class Officer, 3, Annual Staff, 43 Scholarship 1, 2, 3, 45 G. R. 2, 3, 4g Spanish 5 Club, 3, 43 Orchestra, 3, 4, Orange and Black, 'l 3, 4, Salutatoriang Operetta, 2, 3, 45 Pianist, 1. In llculslt Review EUGENE LONG ' W Glee club, 4, Chorus, 4, P W. c., 4, Class Officer, 43 Annual Staff, 43 Orchestra, 2, 3, 43 Operetta, 4. HELEN LOVERICH G. R., 2, 3, 43 Stage Manager, 4, Operetta, 2, 33 Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 43 Public Speaking, 45 Chorus, 253. GERALD MANN Scholarship Team, 3. PAUL MARTIN ' ' Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff, 45 Hi-Y, 2, 3. ROBERT MILLER P. W. C., 43 Annual Staff, 4. MIRIAM MOSER G. R., 2, 3, 4, Operetta, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club, 3, 45 Glee Club, 3, 45 Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 45 P. W. C., 43 Annual Staff, 4. Ll- 6 1 I XT llf If 1 IW ,J Page 27 .-- Paire 28 We lemme ehind CZMAQJ NEVA NEATE ' Clwt-r Leader, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer, 1. if all :lr DARYS NEWMAN Basketball, 2, 3, 41 Football, 2, 4, Hi-Y, 1, 21 P. W. C., 4. 4- as ik THOMAS NORTON Debate, 45 Hi-Y, 43 P. W. C., 4: Annual Staff, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 4. ill lk ik JANET OSBORN Glee Club, 2, 3, 43 Chorus, 2. 3, 4: Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 45 Captain, 4: P. W. C., 43 Class Officer, 45 Scholarship, 1, 2, 3, 4: G. R., 2, 3, 43 Latin Club, 3: Spanish Club, 3, 4: Orange and Black Staff, 3, 45 Operetta, 2, 3, 43 Valedictorian. if 11 ik DONALD PAGNARD Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Football, Manager, 33 Hi-Y, 4, P. W, C., 43 Annual Staff, 4. li ak rl HELEN PARISH ' Mwfffmff 11. W. C., 4. As A Memor ALICE SCHLUP -1-Q-fi '41 Chorus, 1, 43 Operetta, 43 Public Speaking, 33 P. W. C., 45 Annual Staff, 43 Class Orator. 14 lk PF EVELYN SCHOENBERGER Operetta, 2, 3, 43 Chorus, 1, 2, 3, 45 Glee Club 3, 4. lk lk Sk EVELYN SEARLES Operetta, 43 Chorus, 1, 43 P. W. C., 4, Public Speaking, 4. lk lk wk MARION SHAMBAUGH Debate, 45 Basketball, 2, 3, 43 Football, 1, 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y, 2, 3, 43 Class Oflicer, 1, 43 Annual 1 Staff, 4, Spanish Club, 3, 45 Stage Manager, 3, " 43 Orange and Black Staff, 4, State Scholar- ship, 2, 3. .1 1 1 JOHN SPELLERBERG 1 Football, 1, 2, 3, Hi-Y, 1, 23 Annual Staff. 4, - P. W. C., 4. ik if Ik 1 1 JACK STALTER i 54 J 1 ' I P. W. C., 4. v. ml P01112 30 I f I Q Z I I . I , no You STANLEY STI-1uNi4:n - . ' Glue Club, 3, 4: Chorus, 3, 43 Football, 1 Opvwttzx, 3, 45 Band, 3, 4. ik I I li I LIC HN STOV E R "' Glen Club, 3, 4, Chorus. 3. 4: Basketball, 1, 'P 3, 4: l'. W. C., 45 Annual Staff, 43 G. Il., 2, 2 43 Opvretta, 3, 4. il- ii' Sk FHORENCE STRASSER Debate, 3, Public Speaking, 2, 33 P. W. C., G. R., 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff, 4: Orange a Black Staff, 4. 3 r' rl JOSEPH STRASSER Football, 1, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 2. lk IL ik VIOLA TEMPLE II. S. H. S'-3. 4. Glev Club. 3 4: Chorus. 3. 4: Debate, 3. 4 Opervttil. 3. 4: Annual Staff. 4: G. R., 3. 4 Spanish Club, 43 Orange and Black Staff, 3. 'K all RICHARD THIEL II. S. H. S.13, 4. 5 I Our Annum A f UIQTTY THOMAS - 97la!V'v41-4, Witlldrawn Lutin Club, 33 Glee Club, 3, 4. ix I KAIL TRACHSEL Chorus, 43 Glow Club, 43 Ope-1'9tta, 43 Football, 43 Hi-Y, 3, 43 Public Spvaking, 4. S ii- fl SAMUEL WALTON Class Ofiicer, 23 Scholarship, 1, 4. rl- Pr Pl EARL YOUNG '. W. C., 4. Hi- l- lk LULU ZELLERS G. R., 33 Basketball, 3: Latin Club, 33 U. S. H. S., 3: Transfe-rred to Tiffin. Q 3 f lip f fl I'z11:e 31 'Pai-re 32 Graduation Exercises SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM Tuesday, May 19th, 1936 at 8 P. M. Superintendent W. O. Moore, Presiding Processional-Soldiers' Chorus-From "Faust" .,.......................... Gounod School Orchestra, Director, H. E. Huffman x Invocation .......,.,.,..,.,...............,...,.......,................... Rev. S. V. Sydenstricker Presbyterian Church Caliph of Bagdad-Overture-Boieldieu ...... ............... O rchestra "Memories" ..,,..., ...,..................,..........,.......,. ...., B e tty Lou Leser Salutatory Oration-"Youths' Challenge" ,..................... Marion Francis Shambaugh President of the Senior Class Oration-"Character As the Foundation of Our Social Structure" Alice Marguerite Schlup, Class Orator Waltz-From "The Sleeping Beauty"-Tschaikowsky ......i...,.., Orchestra Annual Commencement Address .................................... Rev. John J. Vogel Instructor at Mary Manse College, Toledo, Ohio Ballet Music-From "Rosamunde"-Schubert .......................... Orchestra "Pan Americanism, a Solution To World Peace" .... Janet Susann Osborn Valedictory Presentation of Class to the Board of Education ............ Mr. L. H. Houpt Principal of the Senior High School Address and Presentation of Diplomas .........,,.......,,,...,.., Mr. J . H. Witzel President of the Board of Education. Assisted by Mr. T. M. Bowman, Vice President, Mr. Paul W. Ayers, Clerk-Treasurer and Mr. W. P. Osborn. Presentation of D. A. R. Prize to .......,.,. ..,.,, M artha Louise Bowman Presentation of Public Speaking Prizes Benediction ....................................................., Rev. Frederick W. Hoffman Commencement S eolsers Ren. Jolnn J. Vogel Pla. D.. lnstrnetor ot Mary Monse College, Tolealo, Oluio Marion Shambaugh Janet Osborn Betty Lou Leser Alice Schlup President V2llUdiCtOI'i1111 Salututorian Class Orator Zlgt' Baccalaureate Services "Onward Christian Soldiers" ...... Reading of Scripture ..e... KC H Trees .,.......eee,e.i...... ..............,.,..........,...,,..,.. SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM May 17, 1936 at 8 P. M. Upper Sandusky, Ohio W. O. Moore, Superintendent, Presiding By Audience Rev. Coleman Rasbach Girls' Glee Club Invocation ........ ..,.....,..................,,.. e.,I....., R e v. C. F. Betz Song ,,.,C.. ....,.,. J unior Girls' Chorus Sermon .,,.C.C........,...,.,,,.v.,...... ...,. R ev. M. J. Temple "Day is Dying in the West" .... Benediction Senior Chorus I. Seim Rev. J. Music Directed by Mr. Huffman and Miss Artz Senior class in charge of Prin. L. H. Houpt 5 . r If Q I r X' 'nge 36 X! N X UIJUIIIUJFS Ist limx 2 nd Row-- SHUI -ith 5th filh R. B.u'1Iun, T. Bxmlnll, D. Bustrl, M. Bvnnvtt, Y. Bk'llllK"l, H. Billhnrsli. H Binau, N. Buvhm, E. M. Bolynrfl. M. f'Il'iIZlIliPH, K. CI'lIlflWil'k. G. Uorfm lhmfl. 1'r.un, M. Ilumit, A. Iflnplaluv. F. l"nilm', I.. I-'anilmg W, Gutlfris-nl. Row- Rvw- Huw' N II'n'r', M. llnrtlv, M. J. llvhr, R. llvnry, B. llllv, C. lllll. I' llins-5, V. Ilm-lmvr. IL Horn, H. M. linusvlmIxh'r, G. llousvr, A, Ilurlsnn. I'. .l0nnt, A, KLlI'l'lH'l', M. Kurg, J. Kvrr. Juniors lst :Kill 3rd 4th 5th 6th Row- R 1 nw Row-D Row Row-R R 0 w -G. Kerr, L. Kinlcy, H. Kraus, M. J. Luwry, R. Lowrey, E. Lyon. Marlin, J. Mc'K'lzxil1, R. Nl'VK'll0I'l0l', B. Milum, D. Minvr, M. Nlyers. . Neumcistur, K. Neumeister, R. Pfeifer, K. Proclmure, L. Railing, G. Rlclmrds RlllPl'5lllll'll, ll. Rulmy, M. Ss'llivl'1'r, M. Scvuy. M, Smith, A. Stullvr. . Stansberry, R, Siephan, C. Sweigard, E. Ulrich, C. Walton, l.. J. Walton. Wheeler, F. White, lVl. Withrow. 1 ' llnluul .-mill! l .1 Page 37 Page 37' Junior Cllcoiss History In 1936 a group of "Featured Players" entered the set at U. S. H. S. They chose Joseph Kerr as their director and selected Henry Martin, Robert Binau, and David Bastel for his assistants. Under the able guidance of this group varied activities increased box office returns un- til the Junior-Senior Banquet, a farewell to the "Stars", was amply provided for. They also featured a t'St. Patrick's Day" party on March 24th. ll: Pk Heights by great mon waclieml and lu-pt Were not attained by suddru Ilight, Hut they while their companions slept Were climbing upward through the night. 1 v B I u I n I I I L Diana . ,A 'ff in - , .-AI"- ' m-Yfr.?Pn14M52-W1Siazxw'1afVH fa A -ff ,.1-s11m'!.l'1aw"h'm2!xv gf vzwrwz.-7Hf'x"wxfwfxi Nwlili. 14,11-'-'wvuxml Page 40 lst Row- E. Amcrt, M. J. Balduf, W. Bauvr, K. Bciclelsrhies, R. Beiflelschies, E. Bennett 2nd Rowifi. Bnlyard, B. Book, V. Castzmicn, M. E. Chadwick, V. Claybaugh, E. Clinger. 3rd Row 4th Ruwf -J. Cornelvy, D. Cuwgill, B. Crum, M. J. Eaxthvrtun, Z. Emptagc, J. Fevly. W. FUFIIIZIII, M. Frzmk, K. Gntlfrivcl, ll. Grullum, S. Haro, R. Hvnry. Sth Rnw-fll. IIm'l1m-V, M. Holdcrnft, J. Ilurn, D. Ilcs, IL Jure-y, V. Krrr. fith Rmv-J. Kiulc-y, R. Kinn. OP OIIIUIUJITCBS 1 St Row Zfnal Rim' R. Kirby, G. Koehler, J. Koehler, L. B. Lawrence, M. Lawson, H. Leightey. -J. Long, M. Lung, F. Moser, R. Perri, W. Rife, J. Ruopp. f 3rd Row-E. Rush, R. Sammet, EQ, Schincllgf, K. Smith, N. Smith, E. Snyder. -lth Row 5th Row I.. Snyder, M. SnyiIer,"D. SGTell'efhcrQ, A. L. Spitlvr, D. Str-pliun, R. Stcwm-i'. M. J. Sweigurd, R. 'I'rzu'lisPl, J. Voelker, R. Wulberry, J. Walton, J. Walton 6th Row-E. Williams, K. Witzel, J. Youngf - v .2 hx, . 7 . ,129 4, ff ,X f Page 41 ire 42 Sophomore Clloss History In September, 1934 a happy group of "Extras", numbering seventy- eight, entered the Union Building eager to begin its high school career. They chose John Fritchie as their director. His assistants were Mary Janet Sweigard and Laurel Jane Wolfe, whose place was later filled by Geraldine Koehler. The year was a successful one and one to be happily remembered by this group. In the fall, 1935 this same group proudly entered the Senior High. They soon became accustomed to their new surroundings and fitted smoothly into their new school life. This year Edward Snyder was chosen to direct the group. His, assistants were David Stephan, Jane Kinley and Laura Belle Lawrence. The Sophomore Class is well represented in all school activities. Ik ik Dk For the structure that we raise, Time is with materials filled: Our todays and yesterday Are the blocks with which we build. , gg ,ggigzIK4w.wgW",5K.i3fgrsg f' K W ' Qfzkmfip- s fi :x,f-11,393 ??p':':N,f,f,1 :J gr ff' X ,uv -iw' 1: OXHQQYHH, X f lr .wwe-+.sf A, JW-Y?3722fIiQi.fx EWPYQ ' 'a iff Lf. if-,fx :.fg27figs31,Litf' .,:L.,:,xf,1,yx1.af,ffm. 5 Lf Q - A bfi f,gixf" fn f ,' V 2' iff 1-25vf,ff -is :Qu K" ffvgic-' . v H . , x, ,J , f '.-SQQTL6' 2-5 i" ' ,n"": , ,PVP ' wp ,J , Y wwf-A 1 MT, 4. ..2..1I3, Mg, i 5 ,, J, I . Q . Awww w,,N,,,,,,,,m ,Mb ' g a' 1 4 .1-.-yr.,-.7-mwfemfga W- b ,r 'wh -i - E' . F . Q 4 ii - 14. slr " W ff' ' , 2' H' fi . . .L f, wrmrsawmwwuwfzvmwicw' Page 44 1 f l-'llESllMAN Ol-'FIl'I-IRS Prvslwlc-nt ,.............. Paul Quuil Viva' l'rc-slllent .,.... Mzulvlun 0'Brivu 5 s-1" y'l'l'vus. .. .,.. Janet l'Vlosr'r lst llnw!--l". AIIIPTY, fl. Anulc-s, M. Hvrxf V. liinuu, W. Binuu, A. Bixlvr. Burl lluw -ll. Vlzxrk, ll. tlllIlLfl'l', M. Colv- nrm P I'uurtzul, .l. Day, M. llllrvr. flrnl llnw-Il. lluinvs, E. Hull, M. I.. llurv, li. 1lK'l1f', If llvhr, Il. llvhr. .V . .WI ,if 4th Row-C. Mrflain, M. J. Kail, M. Karcher, E. Karg, E. Kimble, A. L. Koehler, B, Kottcrman7 A if ff, X . I LfglU,iTpfV'?i1ll1 llnw+.l.H-Mtflalllx, J. Musvr, E. 'X f N" 4 0i9lllll'QZC'I', B. Nvufv, H. Now- r. lltlx llowfil. Plxillippl, M. L. Pool, P. Quail, ll, l'l'mllnol's', M. Rl1'l1au'ds0ll, D. l'lnlml'y. 'itll llow-E. Smully, l. Stulnslwrry, W. Ste-plus-ns, R. Struh, E. Swine-l1:u't, T. Ulrich. Sth Row--D. Wuvshclxer, E. Young, R. Yuunq. rceshmcen reslhimen lst 2nfl 3rd 4!li 5 li Blh Till Sth lx 58' 4 W ff! vtf ylr-XX I V .1 ' -"' ' 'N . ,ff J J Row-C. Bfmes, A. Bolyarrl, E. Bow en, M. L. Bower, E. Bragg, E. Breniyer. llnw-J. Fecley, A. Fox, R. Fox. J. Fritchie, V. Getz, P. Gillilanrl. Huw-K. I-Iehr, R. Hill, A. Huqzin, M. J. Holclcruft, W. Horn, W. Ilotclling. Rowfli. Larick, 0. Lzirick, D. Law- rence, O. Lawrence, . Lodge R. Loverich. , M? How-A. Newman, . ut!er, . i . O'Bricn, Orians, H. Pagnard .hiliuffvww Perri. How-D. Robey, L. Rucker, H. Rush, M. Russel, F. Schlup, J. Snyder. Row-V. Wagner, I. M. Walton, J. Welker, I. Williams, J. Withrow, B. Worth. Row--A. Zimmerman, L. Zimmer- man, W. Zimmerman. args Page 45 S X7 'GA Semueumith Grade Y Ji ' X -xx 1 Eighth Grfnlfdle KT gil Semuent rude N GIRLS B. J. Alspach, V. Berg, H. Binau, M. Bowen, J. Burks, M. Brown, M. Carr, R D. Detwiler, B. Dillon Clabaugh, J. Cornish, P. Cornish, R. Courtad, Y. Culver, M. J. Emick, Z. M. Gibson, M. Hannum, M. Holdcraft, F. J. Houser, B. Hudson Lininger, M. Lyon, M A. Huntsberry, L. Larick, M. Lay, B. Levin, G. Lianos, R. A. Maffett, G. Mei-rihew, A. Moloney, G. Myers, R. Myers, V. Newell, D. Oney, J Orians, S. J. Osborn, A. M. Pfeifer, K. L. Rashen, E. Reamsnyder, B. L. Roth, D. Schwabel, D. Shambaugh, R. Spellerberg, C. Strub, B. Stury, V. Trachsel, P Vivian, M. Walton, A. J. Weiker, A. R. Worth, M. Wuescher, J. L. Young. BOYS H. Bardon, H. Barth, T. Beinbrech, M. Binau, D. Blair, C. Bowman, V. Burks B. Clabaugh, D. Courtad, L. Gottfried, R. Graham, H. Heffelfinger, F. Hill, D Hehr, T. Hill, R. Huffman, R. Krabill, P. Krock, A. Larick, W. Lear, S. Leser D. McClain, G. McClain, B. Milum, J. Moon, R. Myers, P. Newcomer, I. Richardson F. Robey, G. Roby, D. Schoenberger, B. Snyder, S. Southward, R. Steinbaugh, H Swartz, R. Swinehart, D. Swoverland, E. Tivinen, L. Trautman, - M Withrow, W. Wood, D. Young, R. Young. Eighth Grade GIRLS B. Barth, E. Barth, M. L. Blair, P. Bower, H. Brewer, M. J. Bricely, M. Brown, V. Taylor, M. Clements, H. Harp, M. Frederick, L. Gee, L. B. Gier, J. L. Haines, L. B. Hall, V. Hin-es, J. Kerr, J. Kuenzli, M. A. Lucas, D. McCumber, G. Myers, D. M. Prednlore, H. L. Rangeler, J. M. Russell, M. Sanborn, M. J. Stans- berry, G. Thompson, L. Ulrich, B. J. Walton, E. Welker, M. Will, M. Woerner, A. M. Young. BOYS G. Barick, J. Barth, R. Breinbreck, F. Binau, H. Book, R. Book, B. Boucher, E. Bower, T. Bowman, J. Cornish, M. Courtad, L. Frater, M. Gillispie, R. Heffel- finger, R. Hehr, T. Hoehr, F. Hetzel,'P. Hildebrand, D. Hotelling, V. Hudson, J. Iles, R. Johns, D. Karg, B. Lay, B. McClain, J. Myers, C. Pagnard, P. Pagnard, G. Pfeifer, D. Reynolds, E. J. Scheck, C. Schwabel, C. Shambaugh, H. Smith, G. Smith, P. Sinythe, J. Snyder, H. Spellerberg, D. Swartz, M. Swihart, E. Steinbaugh, K. Walton, L. Weatherholtz, V. Weatherholtz, A. Wheeler. l. R',,.4fZjf Q . , W jf .1 Page 47 fx QW X K ,lf is Tj X iuiiniiior' College y , is Imlle 48 lst Row+AliCc Ayers, Corrinne Bzxstel. Lois Betz, Helen Blnscr, iX'lnurire flinflvr, Edith G.1rnf'r. 2nd Row-Kathryn Hnlbodel, Kntliurine llull, Kathryn lrwin, Virginian Kueuzli, Margaret Lynn, Hazel Mrf l'i'Ill'j.'. Ilrml Row-flVlaxrtli:i Stephan. Rohr-rl SVVllll'llill'l, Rolws-rt Troup. There are twenty members in the Junior College class which is organized as follows: Pr'esident, Maurice Clingerg Vice P1'esident, Edith Garnerg Secretary, Lois Betzg and Treasurer, Robert Troup. Several regular college subjects are offered to the students. This class edits the school paper, Orange and Black, and in this way helps to create more school spirit. This experience gives a good foundation for those who are interested in Journalism. The Junior College students take part in many organizations. f REEL if fy-I ke , X f . I dj, ,,.x, ,,, i We . is ,i T X l':ip.:'4- Sn Giir'llReser'1ues CABINET OFFICERS lst lhmffiliss Gregg, Pauline Bulrluf, liilevii Stover, Frznires K'l.u'k. ifllli llowf-fullceli Banner, M:u'Ili.1 l3lHVIllElll, JLIIIPI OSINWII, Miriam Moser. Ilrrl Row- -lflizzxlwtli Buiwloii, Bs-tty Lou Leser, Florenrc Strnssvr, Rvliecrzi Ayers, Viola Ruth Temple. The Girl Reserves of 1935-1936 were guided through a very suc- cessful year by their sponsors Miss Gregg, and Miss Veith. The officers for the year were: Frances Clark, Presidentg Miriam Moser, Vice Presi- dentg Janet Osborn, Secretaryg Betty Lou Leser, Treasurerg and Colleen Bauer, Reporter. Shortly after Christmas three one-act plays were given, namely: "In Doubt About Daisy", "Thanks Awfully", and "Luncheon for Six". They We1'6 very successfully done. A Christmas party for the poor children was also held and another successful event was the Colonial Tea held for their mothers. The membership consists of about seventy girls. The slogan for the Girl Reserves is "to face life squarely" and the purpose is "to ind and to give the best". Each girl tries to make her life symbolic of this purpose and also tries to live up to the Girl Re- serves code and aim. fl. HZ, Ha y , 'f Our purpose is to create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character. Our aims are clean speech, clean athletics, clean living, and clean scholarship. Our program was made up of many fine discussions, and many in- teresting social functions. Among them were the annual Hi-Y and Football bean feed, the Hi-Y and G. R. party, and the party for the needy children. Much of the fine fellowship which was developed in our club was due to Mr. G. Ernest Little who voluntarily met with us and aided us at each meeting. The oflicers elected this year were: Marion Shambaugh, President, Paul Guthrie, Vice President, Lowell Railing, Treasurerg and Kail Tra- chsel, Secretary. CABINET OFFICERS lst Row-Kail Trachsel, Marion Shambaugh, Thomas Norton, Lowell Railing. 2nd Row--Robert Bartholomew, Henry Martin, Paul Guthrie, Paul Hannum. l ? f' .X N 'iff A A , . M2 2. i -rl , Lf 'S 14,-W' l":i1:s' JI X KX 7 ,Q X' lEll Ciirculo Castellano Q. S ar ff Q, I .iii . Pu!-Te 52 R. Ayers, C. Bauer, M. Bowman, M. Castanien, K. Chadwick, P. Guthrie, M. Hartle, C. Hoehner, G. llotelling, M. Houser, L. Kinley, B. L. Leser, B. Milum, D. Miner, M. Moser, T. Norton, J. Osborn, L. Railing, D. Ritterspach, R. Robey, M. Schiefer, M. Shanibaugh, R. Stephan, C. Sweigard, V. Temple, G. Wheeler, M. Withruw, Miss Pease. The purpose of this club is to help us to become better acquainted with the customs of the Spanish people, to create an international view- point, and to comprehend Spanish with considerable ease for pleasure and vocational purposes. In March, 1936, the yearly induction of the Juniors was held. Some of the members have started a correspondence with South American students who are studying the English language. This has proved to be quite interesting and helpful. Under the splendid leadership of "la professora" and the enthusiasm of every member, the club has had a very successful year. The following served as oflicers: Thomas Norton, President, Re- becca Ayers, Vice Presidentg Betty Lou Leser, Secretary: and Paul Guthrie, Treasurer. Sotilcnilliiitois lLo1Itiino1 Because of the heavy schedules and many duties of its members, the Sodalitas Latina decided at the beginning of the year to hold no meetings outside the regular class period. XFive sessions during the year were set aside to take the place of the evening programs, and four form- er members were asked to speak. In September Miss Mildred Troup, now a Latin teacher at Wads- worth, Ohio, spoke on the subject, "Vergil's Life and Works." The topic "Roman Life and Customs" was discussed by Miss Thelma Hoover, a junior at Ohio State University. A Christmas program consisted of Latin Christmas songs, a discussion of the Roman festival, Saturnalia, and Latin contests. Miss Katherine Bowman, Western College for Women, and Miss Janet Berg, Wooster College, have been asked to speak at a later date. A picnic is being planned to complete the year's activities. LATIN CLUB Left to Right-Hilda May Householder, Rita Stephen, Lulu Zellers, Miss E. Stearns, Dorothy Horn, Betty Thomas, Francis Clark. Pai'-fe 53 Page 54 Debate Once again the camera started clicking and Room Twenty-One buzzed wiith the friendly rivalry between the two opposing factions of Upper High debating squads. The question for debate was: Resolved that the several states should enact legislation providing for a system of complete medical service available to all people at public expense. The affirmative team consisted of Viola Temple, Captain and first speakerg Emery Kink, second speakerg and Thomas Norton, third speaker. The Negative was composed of Martha Bowman, Captain and first speakerg Marion Shambaugh, second speakerg and Do1'othy Horn, third speaker. The first and only debate was with Marion Harding on February 28. It was a non-decision meet. The team was under the direction of Mr. Tschantz. WSU wit' fm mwel- H 62,51 1 W we sw.-.41 M - 'l ll. jail' X 6:9 gat ix lpn we Co i ' P. Balduf, A. Bear, K. Berg, C. Bauer, J. Clark, E. Durer, A. Enders, C. Frey, R. Frey, D. Gzitchell, C. Hoehner, K. Halbeilel, D. l-lelir, H. Johns, H. Koehler, M. Klein, G. Kotterlnan, B. L. Leser, E. Long, R. Miller, M. Moser, D. Newman, T. Norton, J. Osborn, D. Pagnard, H. Parish, M. Stephan, F. Strasser E. Stover, J. Spellerberg, A. Schlup, E. Searles, E. Young, L, Betz, M. Lynn, Miss Golling. P. W. C. The Phonetic Writers' Club was organized by the Senior Shorthand Class of 1922, for the purpose of bringing to its members new and broader views of business life and to impress upon their minds more strongly the requirements for successful, efficient stenographer book- keeper, and secretary. Filmed reviews of the fourteen clubs were run off in the project- ion room for the club of 1936, and we found that many of the members have made places for themselves in business and are holding their posi- tions most successfully. As the record of each successive club came upon the screen, the keystones upon which our clubs have built flashed into view: Smiles, Hard work, Obedience, Regularity, Thoroughness, Honesty, Ambition, Neatness, Dependability. Taken together they spell Shorthand and we feel sure that our close adherence to these principles, under the guiding hand of Miss Golling, will insure equally successful reviews of the club of 1936. Page 55 P880 ll Public Speaking Mary Bennett, Dorothy Horn, John Kerr, Helen Loverich, Evelyn Searles, Kail Trachsel, Mr. Tachantz. PUBLIC SPEAKING The Public Speaking Class, is composed, this year, of six members -Mary Bennett, Dorothy Horn, John Kerr, Helen Loverich, Evelyn Searles, and Kail Trachsel. In addition to several selections, we have learned the fundamental principles of both giving and preparing the different types of speeches. The goal for which we are striving this year is to be able to speak more fluently and to express our thoughts more clearly. Under the careful and beneficial leadership of our instructor, Mr. Tschantz, we are meeting this goal. We, the Public Speaking Class of 1935 and 1936, wish to thank Mr. Tschantz for his guidance. May the future classes gain as much as we have this year. ran ce and Block Stuff In every cinema organization the script writers play a most import- ant part. So it is in our school. The Orange and Black staff publishes the school script biweekly, having issued fifteen editions this year. The editors of our biweekly script news assemble the material, and arrange the setup for the four pages of the Orange and Black. Mr. Cope, the able adviser, is always ready to assist and lend a helping hand. The different members of the news staff have separate assignments which they cover for each paper. This gives them a variety of ex- periences. A. Ayers, L. Betz, K. Beidelschies, C. Bastel, H. Bluser, M. Clinger, B. Cram, A. Fox, E. Garner, S. Hare, M. Hurtlc, K. Hull, K. Halbedel, K. Irwin, J. Kinley, V. Kuenzli, B. L. Leser, M. Lynn, J. Osborn, L. Railing, R. Swinehurt, M. Shambuugh, M. Stephan, F. Strasser, R. Troup, M. Withrow, Mr. Cope. r e .Tl W 2? Page 57 l'u1.': irls Glee Club SUl'RANUS:--ll. Ayers, K. Bcizlclsr-liivs, ll. Blusvr, M. C2l5lZllll9ll, M. E. vl1illlN'lK'li, B. Crain. ll. Gralium, S. Hare, .l. Kinley, E, Lyon, ll. McK'rcury, B. Milum, ll. Samnnet, E. Stover, E. Williams, M. Withrow, K. Witzi-l, F, Moser. ALTUS:-l.. Butz, J. lfeeley, K. Gottfried, ll. M. Huusclioliler, A. Karcher, M. Moser, J. Osborn, K. Predmore, li. Sclioeiilrcrgcr, M. J. Sweigarrl, Y. Temple, P, Thomas, V. Castzmien. Eighteen Sopranos and twelve Altos composed the Girls' Glee Club assisted at the piano by Miss Pauline Balduf. Their success was due to their great effort and diligent study of music under the direction of Mr. Huffman. As it was the delight of the girls to appear before an audience, they entered a Festival which was held at Sycamore, March 20, and sang the beautiful number, "Trees" by Resbach. Rehearsals were held every Tuesday and Thursday the seventh period. With the prompt attendance at these rehearsals and the aid of the Boys' Glee Club and Chorus, the Operetta, "Sylvia", was presented on November 26. The Girls wish to thank those who have helped to make this club a success during the year 1935-36 and hope that this success may con- tinue in the future. .4- ,1 p by Lk 'f ,Z kf oigjs' llee lu 7 f f ID. Bust:-l, K. Bl-rg, ll. Bolynrml, G. Bonkmyvr, M. Clingcr, J. f'urnr'ly, P. Guthrie, C Hoehner. .l. Kerr, ll. Kin. H. Kon-hlvr. J. Koehler, H. Leightey, E. Long, R. Mewllorter, R. Holley, E. Schenk, S. Stvrner. K. 'l'1':wlisvl, R. Troup. Early last September twenty boys met to form the Boys Glee Club. Under the direction of Mr. Huffman they have made splendid progress. Miriam Shiefer was accompainist. With the cooperation of the Girls Glee Club and the Chorus they were able to present a very charming' operetta "Sylvia", They sang at a festival as Sycamore on March 20. The required number was "How Beautiful Art Thou." Hehearsels are held every Wednesday and each boy works diligently to do his part in the Glee Club in order to make it a success. 1. TA I . - l l V 292 A 1 :H-Tv 511 Sk ,ff f PIII' W- 1 if V ll! ' ' N.. Aff' I Aw Y! .4 14 Pale 60 Senior C forms The Senior Chorus which consisted of 64 members met twice a week. The members made splendid progress under the direction of Mr. Huffman. The Chorus successfully attempted the huge task of pre- senting the Operetta, "Sylvia". The accompanist for the Senior Chorus was Virginia Kuenzli. The Chorus took part in the festival which was held at Sycamore, March 20. They sang an arrangement of "All Through the Night". The following are the members: M. Clinger, K. Trachsel, J. Kerr, R. Bolyard, S. Sterner, R. Robey, G. Bookmyer, R. Kinn, R. Mewhorter, J. Curnely, H. Leightey, H. Koehler, K. Berg, C. Hoehner, R. Troup, J. Koehler, E. Long, B. Thomas, E. Lyons, F. Jenot, V. Castanien, A. Karcher, V. Bennett, B. Milum, E. Bennett, H. McCreary. M. J. Sweigard, K. Beidelschies, W. Rife, H. Graham, K. Witzel, V. Temple, E. Schoeuberger, J. Kinley, S. Hare, K. Gottfried, M. E. Chadwick, L. Betz, V. Kuenzli, M. Castanien, H. Blaser, E. Stover, E. Williams, J. Feeley, M. Moser, K. Predmore, H. M. Householder, B. Cram, R. Sammet, E. M. Bolyard, H. Koehler, A. Bear, E. Putman, A. Spittler, M. Snyder, E. Searles, F. Moser, A. Schlup, M. J. Secoy, C. Hill, M. J. Lowry, K. Neumeister, D. Ritterspach, J. 0sborn,A. Karcher. S loin, Senior High Upeareitito THE CAST Sir Bertram De Lacey-The Court Poet ...,....... Prince Tobbytum-A Man of Consequence .... William-An honest farmer ....................... Robin-A country lad ...... Sylvia-Betrothed to de Lacey ........... Betty-Betrothed to William ................ Arabelle-A lady in waiting at Court .... Araminta-Her sister ...... Polly-- Farmers' daughters Molly- Friends of Betty Dolly- Farm Lad ..... Farm Girl .... Marjories Castanien Katherine Beidelschies Sally Hare Virginia Castanieu Violet Bennett Ellen Williams Alma Karcher Hazel McCreary Mary Janet Sweigard Katherine Gottfried Mary Evelyn Chadwick Maurice Clinger Kail Trachsel John Kerr Richard Bolyard Stanley Sterner Glen Bookmyer Robert Troup Robert Billhardt Robert Robey Harold Koehler Muriel Withrow Betty Lou Leser ,. Rebecca Ayers Miriam Moser Janet Osborn .. Eileen Stover Beulah Milurn John Kerr Alice Bear FARMERS' DAUGHTERS Lois Betz Viola Temple Evelyn Schoenberger Katherine Predmore Betty Cram HAYMAKERS Helen Blaser Jane Feeley Etta Mae Bolyard Anna Spitler Martha Snyder Evelyn Searles FA R M ER LADS Richard Henry Richard Kinn Russell Mewhorter James Cornely Howard Leightey Paul Guthrie Ruth Sammet Helen Koehler Betty Thomas Evelyn Lyon Alice Bear Frances Moser Alice Schlup Florence Jenot Eileen Bennett Dorthy Ritterspach Katherine Neumeister Kenneth Berg John Koehler Charles Hoehner Eugene Long Harold Koehler Page 61 Senior Bnlmifdl Under the direction of Mr. Huffman the band has made much progress. No time was lost in organizing at the beginning of the year and each member of the group enthusiastically entered into his work. Each member has faithfully played at the football games to aid in pepping up the team. This group meets every morning for practice. The main event of the year is the Annual Band Festival held in the spring. Our band has always rated high in this contest. This year's Festival will be held on April 17. Clarinets:-R. Ayers, D. Spellerberg, M. Clinger, M. Hartle, A. Moloney, J. Moon, M. J. Kail, M. Klein, R. Mewhorter, M. J. Stansb-erry, M. Getz, L. Betz. C0rnets:+L. Railing, Presidentg M. Lynn, E. Snyder, P. Guthrie, B. Book, E. Karg, M. Myers, W. Withrow, P. Hildebrand, R. Swoverland, P. Hines. Trombones:-R. Troup, D. Stephan, C. Sweigard, J. Weiker, H. Spellerberg, E.. Mossbrugger. Baritone:-C. Hoehner, Secretaryg C. Schweibel. Drun1s:- L. Ziminerlnzin. Hass:--ell. llobey, J. Day, Il. Stansberry, R. Lovericli. Alto Clarinet.:-O. Larick. Bass Clarinet:-G. Angles. Alto Saxaplione:4S. Sterner, E. Breniyer. Tenor Saxaphone:!D. Schoenberger. Hornszflfi Clark, M. Frank. V. Castanien, R. McClain. Piccolo:-f-K. Hehr. Bassoon:--A. L. Koehler. Oboe:-W. Stephan. Flute:-K. Smith, E. Iflrich. LlhI'ZlI'l2lIlI-fR0bl-'Fl Dinan. Drum Major:-Ilobr--rt Billliurdt. is .Qin 4.- T. Bowman, H. Hoehner, M. Smith, J. Kerr, J. Walton, R. Lowrey, Senior' Urchestrci 4' The Senior Orchestra under the direction of Mr. Huffman is one of the successful organizations in the school. It is always relied upon to play at entertainments. This year the orchestra accompanied the Operetta. There is a larger instrumental section than in most High School orchestras. On March 27 it entered the festival at Crestline. The required number was "The Calif of Bagdad". Six other schools were in the contest. On January 4th, it broadcast from WOSU. lNl9lllb6I'SI- R. Ayers, C. Bauer, K. Beirlelsehies, M. fastanien, Y. fnstunien, F. Clark, M. Coleman, M. J. Ealhcrton, A. Enders, 1Libruriun1, A. Fox, H. Graham tPrincip:il ind violinj, M. Hartle, M. J. Hehr, A. Hogan, H. M. Householder, J. Kinlcy, A. L. Koehler, J. Koehler. B. L. Leser, E. Long, H. Lnverich L. Railing 1Secre!aryj, E. Snyder, D. Spellerberg, A. Stalter, W. Stephen, D. Stephan, M. J. Swrigarsl. L. J. Walton lLll'H'2ll'l2lIll, J. Walton, M. Withrow, K. Witzel. I vi i X e , 1 , Q A -1 f X x Z ,aff Page PM-re 64 Girls Reserve Plugs IN DOUBT ABOUT DAISY Dad Turner ................... ,...........,....................... .........,.... Mother Turner ,...,............ Honor C their daughter J ..... Katherine Berry ................. Mac fson of the Turner'sl .... Hcrb Kempton ................... ............. ..,.....,...,............ THANKS AWFULLY Richard Montague ...... ..,.................................... Dorothy Montague .... Marion Gatewood .... Ann Marsh ............. Carol Barton ...... Edith Crane ..... Mrs. Dodd ..... Mrs. Smythe ....... Enid Housten .......... Nanette Carrington .... Mrs. Hemingway ........ Mrs. James Gower ...,.. Carolyn Barton ......., Jane Van Sickle ...... LUNCHEON FOR SIX Jim Osborn fthe father! ............................................... . Dolly Osborn fthe motherl ........ Lois Osborn ttheir daughterj .... Edgar Barton ........................... Mary Wilcox ....,... George Stewart ..... Dorotha Hehr Evelyn Lyon Muriel Withrow Martha Hartle Jane Hehr Miriam Moser . ................. Viola Temple Katherine Beidelschies Sally Hare . ..,..... Beulah Milum Eileen Stover Colleen Bauer Martha Bowman Laura Belle Lawrence Martha Secoy .. Dorothy Ritterspach Miriam Schiefer Joan Voelker Rita Stephen Virginia Hare Janet Osborn Rebecca Ayers Jane Kinley Betty Lou Leser Dorotha. Miner Elizabeth Bardon Behind he Scenes X ISI Row- It's zigzzuinst the rulesg Look piezlszintg Contemplutimig Gene :xml his vhumg Mifiiin school in 1930. 2nd Row+H. Johnsg tall hoysg Three debziters. Ziril Rnwflfl Circular Custellzniog Garden purtyg 1.0t's play tennis -ith RUXV'I.ii5I'Ill"i2lllS. 5th Row-Sun tain, Eil0Qn'!g Tuo nf ll kinclg On the bezwhg Now, bluwg Svlloul days. Nth Row-'East Enrlvrsg IS it "Yz1llic"?g Iiuw firm Ll fuumlailiung Lizg The lung :incl short of the Senior Clase. 4.4, X 1 X i Sn fr. if ji K is .X l':ii.yn- G5 Athletic Board. With the close of this year the Athletic Board completed its second year of successful work. This group is composed of Miss Lurlene Beatty, Girl's Coachg George Sting, Boy's Coach, Paul W. Ayers, the Clerk of the Board of Education, Principal L. H. Houpt, and the following teachers: Harold Cope and Robert Derrickson. To this Board is attributed much of the success of the Athletic season, for through its management, games were scheduled, equipment purchased, awards given to the players, and the opportunity given to the rural girls and boys who wished to participate in athletics. Many other problems were also discussed and solved. Under the able leadership of Robert Derrickson, the president, regular meetings were held and business transacted. Mr. Derrickson also served efliciently as Athletic Manager this year. We wish to express our appreciation to this Board for helping make our school year a success and we pledge our cooperation in the future. Sitonte Scholarship Team On May 4, 1935, thirty boys and girls competed in the state scholar- ship tests at Bowling Green. Upper Sandusky High School has established a fine record in pre- vious years, both in the state and in the district. The team placed second in thc district and fifth in the state in 19303 fourth in the district in 19313 first in the district and fifth in state in 1932, fourth in the district and ninth in the state in 1933, second in district and tenth in state in 1934, and first in district in 1935. The students participated in the following subjects: Chemistry, General Science, Physics, Algebra, Plane Geometry, American History, World History, Latin I, II, Spanish I, II, and English I, II, III, and IV. These students are to be complimented on their successful scholar- ship. ll. Ayers, R. Bartholomew, C. Bearclsley, K. Beidelscliies, H. Bolish, E. Cllnger, C. Close, P. Cowgill M. J. Eatherton, M. Frank, D. Horn, D. Kuhn, M. Lyn, J. Osborn. J. Pagnard, G. Richardson, A Schenk, M. Shzunbaugh, D. Spellerberg, R. Stephan, A. L. Spitler, M. J. Sweigzxrcl, M. Withrow. 1 l 'vt 2' , X f" .N ' . f' X .. ,V v - Rv .gif f . . if I if l., l.. Vu ge 67 cehind ae Scenes IQ! .Iml lrll -llll ith Ulll Row-l 'ulsg Avtion, Czunvrxxg Ari, and Lzxling Ouvinlzw, lightlg Pnvlmlmntns?g Svnurita Bowman. liuwfljl :mul llllckivg Svnior irlunglvg Nlzxjm' Rolwyg F0314-lx :mtl an Snowy mlnyg Yip Giggling girls limv--Ilmvn hy thx- Olul Mill Strvznmg Bvvki-' auul hzmtyg Litllc' Lural Faumllcroy Hzumum, lim hya- lluww- llmx Rum' lmlwyg Fox uml lluosc. GlllllllllIl0llQ lilllnlvs. --l'l1ys. lxml. m Svplvxnlwrg llvlvng fl1lII'Q Squznl s fl'll'llllQ lllnllwr? f-lust Bnysp Un thc' rurksg lhwvssg A Slllllj' in Ol'!1lllIllC. lFoo1tlbo1llll GEORGE SUNG Coach GLENN KOTTERMAN Captain Our coach, Mr. Sting, has been with us only two years but each year he has put out a better team. This year he turned out our best team in years, and next year he should do even better. Coach has given the fellows confidence in themselves and brought back some of the fighting spirit, which has been lacking in our school. Our Honorary Captain for this year is Glenn Kotterman who really deserved the honor. Though he had only two years experience "Bid" played his fullback position as it should have been played. Managers for the year were Paul Martin, Wayne Gottfried, and Harry Smith. They proved themselves very capable and were there rain or shine. ' r A I X J , Ji girl ' I 523' Page 69 6 M PQI? fr' f fi i lflootlicill X Jim! Years Position Letters Page 72 Wilber Zimmerman . Paul Hannum .ii.,.... Donald Hehr .,.,.,, Kail Trachsel ..... Lloyd Failor ,.,.... Richard Henry ,...... William Bauer ....... Cletus Sweigard .....,. Robert Bartholomew William Kraus ............ Jack McClain .,,,ee...el Kenneth Chadwick . Darys Newman ,........ . Donald Iles ............ Glenn Kotterman ..... Robert Henry ,..,ie... Donald Robey ...,,., Glenn Hotelling ..,....,.. John Feeley ,e......,.. David Bastel .,,i. Robert Sterner .,e.e,. Byron Hxle ...... ..,.,..,, Floyd Failor ..,............. Marion Shambaugh .... Orin Lawrence .....,... Experience guard end fullback end guard end end, Q. B. tackle guard halfback center end end center fullback end halfback end center guard fullback tackle tackle qua1'terback tackle Class Freshman Senior Freshman Senior Junior Junior Soph. Junior Senior J unior Junior Junior Senior Soph. J Senior Soph. Soph. Senior Freshman Junior Soph. Junior Junior Senior Soph. football This year the Orange and Black clad worriors had the most success- ful season in years, turning in three victories and as many defeats, with a brace of ties thrown in for good measure. The Oneida warriors held mock battle with the future Oneida braves as their opponents. Then our hunting grounds were invaded by Arcadia. The Orange went forth to meet the foe but the fight was a deadlock. Neither side could get a scalp and the game ended 0-0. At the next battle the Senecas went on a rampage, Tiffin Calvert defeating the Oneidas by the score of 25-0. After their defeat by the Senecas the Upper warriors started on their road trips, going to Norwalk where they met St. Paul. Here the Orange collected their first scalp, but were defeated by the Saints 19-7. Still out on the trail the Oneidas journeyed to Sandusky, where they met a strong St. Marys team. Here again the warriors were defeated 37-0. The Orange clad braves came home to their old stamping ground to repell the invading warriors of Crestline. With three defeats against them, the Onieda warriors went out to meet a strong Crestline combine. The invading tribe was lucky to get away with a 6-6 tie. The next week the Upper warriors donned their war paint more carefully and went out to trample over the Mohawks from Fostoria St. Wendelin 19-0. The Orange added another scalp to their belt when they overpower- ed a stubborn Forest team 6-0. The Oneida warriors took to the trail again and invaded Carey. This was our most desirable scalp and great pains were taken to see that the Orange clad braves secured it. The Upper tribe did, 7-0, though not until after a very hard struggle in which Carey put up a great fight. Page 73 Page 7 4 Cheer llrceolfrilers "All right, gang, the divided U. S. H. S. yell, and let's hear you. One, two, three." Immediately the atmosphere is filled with the eager cries of the cheering section, ably led by Dorotha Miner, Katherine Hull, David Stephens, and Edward Snyder. With peppy yells, snappy songs, and clever motions this quartet kept the crowds' interest aroused to a high pitch of excitement in an effort to spur the teams on to victory. Whether the team was winning or losing, whether the player was a veteran or a newcomer, equally hard, and equally well they cheered them on. Through victories and loses alike they stood behind their team always doing their work well. "ED" and "STEVE", our first boy cheerleaders for many seasons, served their first year, and served it well. Dorotha, who has been out for two years will be back again. Katz has led her last game. We appreciate our cheerleaders. Girls, Bolslseitlmoill LVIILENE BEATTY JANET OSBORN Coach Captain Although starting late in the season the 'Upper Sandusky maidens again came out on top. They opened their season on January 4, 1936, on the home floor, with Dunkirk. When the final Whistle blew it was found that the girls had come out on the long end of a 29-21 score. On January 10, they met Wharton. After four hard quarters the maid- ens added another victory to their record to the tune of 31-27. With another week of good hard practice the girls were fully prepared to meet their greatest rival, the undefeated team from Waldo. This proved to be the most interesting game of the season, the girls winning by one point 29-28. The next team which the maidens met was Ma1'ion Busi- ness College, with the forwards hitting the hoop from every angle, they managed to come out with a 35-27 score. Then came the last and hard- est game of the season, the McCutchenville game. The credit of Win- ning this game went to neither team for it ended in a tie 20-20. Al- though several of their games were postponed, the girls feel that their short season was very much of a success. Pate 76 Osborn .... Frey ..... L. Leser ..... Hare ..... Stover ...... Dumit ..... Clark .......... Neumeister Ayers .......... Bauer ..... Girlsg Busllsetllmull Forward Guard Guard Forward Guard Guard Forward Center Guard Guard Girls' Basket all REBECCA AYERS-Guard Senior. 3 letters KATHRYN NEUMEISTER-Center Junior. 2 letters CATHERINE FREY-Guard Senior. 1 letter FRANCES CLARK-Forward Senior. 1 letter VIRGINIA I-IARE-Forward Junior. 1 letter EILEEN STOVER-Guard Senior. 1 letter COLLEEN BAUER-Guard Senior. 1 letter BETTY LOU LESER-Guard Senior. 1 letter MARTHA LOU HARE-Guard Freshman. 1 letter JANET OSBORN-Forward Senior. 3 letters ' MARY DUMIT-Guard Junior Par-fe 77 x '55 . Q six , 9 FN Girls cescermue Team lst Row' .Ivan Snydx-V. Murim-I VVith1'0w, Rllll' :nn-1 Aly:-rs. Rnvhvl Pvrri. End How Chzxrlottv Hvhr, Dorothy Rittvx'spuc'h Mzxrthzx Lou Haro, Bvtty Hvhr, Mary Dnmit IVla1u1g:vrs-- Plllllillt' Uzxlduf, GPI'illllill1' Knvhlvr. 'X rssf X" 9 i . Boys Basketball X MARION SHAMBAUGH DARYS NEWMAN Co-Captains GEORGE STING, JR. Coach Mr. Sting began his second year of coaching basketball at Upper with only one letterman, Darys Newman, returning. Around him our team had to be built. The team was composed of fellows who had not had enough experience nor the height to develop into a good team, though as the season progressed the boys tried to make up in speed what they lacked in height. At the end of our regularly scheduled season the team had not won half the games, they won seven and lost twelve. This year the team will be left practically intact by graduation. After our regular season we entered the Class A. Tournament at Bucyrus. The first game with St. Marys we won 35-33, in the last forty-five seconds of the game. 5.523 X I i by mba gif, ,-3751? 1 Ifzxpge 79 Page 80 MARTIN .... ILES ...,. BASTEL .... NEWMAN .,... RAILING ..... KERR ..... SWEIGARD .... SHA M BAUGH ROBEY ...... BAUER ...,.. ULRICH .... Boys' Basketball Forward Guard Guard Center Forward Guard Forward Guard Guard Forward Forward 095' usketlbul Dec Dec Dec Dec. Dec. Dec Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Ian. Jan. Jan. Feb Feb. Feb Feb. Feb Feb. Mar. Mar. Up. Op. Marion 1 8 , Harding Sycamore 1 7 I-Iarpster 2 9 St. Wendelin 42 St. Paul 20 Sycamore 2 6 Carey 2 5 St. Marys 9 Wharton 3 4 I-Iarpster 2 6 Calvert 1 7 Crestline 2 2 Calvert 2 3 Marion Busi- 26 ness College St. Paul 24 St. Wendelin 15 St. Marys 23 Carey 25 Crestline 10 St. Marys 35 Lima Central 16 Page 81 X fain Y X vii-- wf' NP 0. L. Y . l':1p.Em- 82 M Z1 130959 Reserve Team L. ltuiliug, li. Chadwick, J. Day, W. Kraus, C. Hoehner, T. Uluc l"lf'Il'll'd, J. Kerr, D. Jurev nugers:-L. Failor, McClain, H. Smith. 15 20 24 7 20 40 27 12 22 16 20 Sycamore Harpster St. Weudelin Sycamore St. Paul Carrey Harpster Calvert Norwalk Carey Crestline w s i a . i 2 x E l E i 1 ir.: . f. wt' I ffiifayuw. AfvIw:a1wfW"x,'.u.-wumx 1 .ffwn 1 .v um yzcfxsahswvx ,eff wx,-:Q .Mer gf A 1 va Wit' f .3v1xs"-Qffxzwwdnw .vf fix-1, awww: -f""::w-' gsm tau erm ...Jlxw , HNF Q if lu ,, l, lizqiqfil 1 Page 84 .fl M x Class Will We, Thomas Norton and Glenn Hotelling, bequeath our bashful ways to Dutch Bastel and Robert Robey. I, Darys Neuman, will my excess heighth fany over six and one-half feetj to Lowell Railing. I, Janet Osborn, bequeath my ability to know my lessons to the Bardon twins. I, Marion Shambaugh, will my presiding ability to next year's Senior President l, Helen Loverich, will my hilarious giggle to Helen Graham. We, Emery Fink and Glenn Kotterman, will our ability to play football to the Failor twins. I, Mervin Getz, will my black wavy hair to Maurice Smith. I, Margaret Huntsberry, bequeath my love of a Junior boy to a Junior girl. I, Robert Bartholomew, bequeath my title "Owl" to any one who wants it. We, Colleen Bauer and Pauline Balduf, will our musical talent to Mary Bennett. I, Paul Guthrie, will all of my knowledge of Spanish to Robert Billhardt. I, Viola Temple, will my oflice of Editor-in-Chief to next years' victim. I, Joseph Strasser, bequeath my "snoozing" period to any one who needs it. We, Betty Lou Leser and Elizabeth Bardon, will our extra two inches to any one who needs them. We, Paul Martin and Robert Miller, will our great ideas to Robert Binau and John Cram. I, Ellen Durer, bequeath my quiet disposition to Mary Evelyn Chadwick. We, Alice Schulp and Helen Koehler, will our smiles to Cherrie Hill and Beulah Milum. We, Robert Frey and Jack Stalter, will our love for music to Henry Martin Cletus Sweigard. We, Alice Bear and Arlieu Enders, will our friendships to Pauline Hines Arabel Hudson. I, Stanley Sterner, will my habit of sleeping in assemblies to my brother. I, Dorothy Hehr, will my love for History to any Junior. We, Joseph Clark and Gerald Mann, will our quiet ways to Jack McClain Russel Mewhorter. We, Dolores Kruse and Evelyn Searles, will our talkativeness to Muriel Withrow and Evelyn Lyon. I, Paul Hannum, will my ability to draw to Robert Pfeifer. I, Helen Johns, will my quietness to Margaret Karg. We, John Spellerberg and Harold Koehler, will our excess height to Joe Kerr and Evon Ulrich. We, Betty Thomas and Martha Bowman, will our studiousness to Glenna Corfman and Margaret Jean Lowry. I, Eugene Long, will my ability to blush to Kenneth Chadwick. We, Catherine Frey and Mary Dumit, will our promptness to Hilda Mae Householder and Dorothy Horn. We, Richard Thiel and Earl Young, will our bashfulness to Howard Leightey. We, Rebecca Ayers and Eileen Stover, will our ability to play basketball to Dorothy Ritterspach and Virginia Hare. I, Samuel Walton, will my love for Chemistry to John Kerr. I, Mary Klein, will my giggle to Martha Hartle. We, Donald Pagnard, Kenneth Berg and Glenn Bookmyer, will our vocabu- lary to David Neumeister and William Kraus. I, Florence Strasser, will my curly locks to Jane Hehr. I, Kail Trachsel, will my knowledge of English to Russel Stansberry. I, Helen Parish, will my love for school to Florence Jenot. I, Evelyn Schoenberger, will my smile to Gretchen Houser. We, Dorothy Gatchell and Miriam Moser, do will our ability of writing class wills to next year's victim. Witnessed and Signed this fifteenth day of January. D. GATCHELL AND M. MOSER Attorneys for Class of '36 and and and Senior Plug Cast for "New Fires" Lucinda Andrews, a widow of fifty ,..,.,.............,.... Suzanne Toler, a Spinster of thirty-five ....... Sid Sperry, a farm hand of forty ...,............. Jerry, Sid's son .....,.........,......,..........,........,......, Stephen Santry, an author of forty-eight ........ Billy, his son of fifteen ....,.....,.......,.,..,.......,.,,., Phyllis, his daughter of sixteen ...... Anne, his wife of forty-five .......,,. Olive, his daughter of twenty ..... Eve, his daughter-in-law C215 ..... Dorothy Hehr Eileen Stover Mervin Getz Kail Trachsel Thomas Norton Donald Pagnard Frances Clark Rebecca Ayers Viola Temple Colleen Bauer Dick, his son C225 .,..,,..,.....,,.,...,. ,..... R obert Frey Dr. Lynn Gray 1281 .,..........,o.....,.. ....o.. E ugene Long Mary Marshall, a neighbor C155 ....i. ...o.... P auline Balduf Mrs. Marshall, Mary's mother ..... .,..i... M artha Bowman Angie Sperry, Sid's wife ..,.............. ....., F lorence Strasser Directed by Miss Martha Gregg Presented on May 7th, 1936. New Fires Stephen Santry, an author, inherits 'a farm in the Missouri Ozarks. Mr. Santry who does not know what to do with his extravagant family, has them visit the farm. The family think it is merely a pleasure jaunt but soon discover they are to make it their home for awhile. Scarlet Fever breaks out and the family is forced to remain. One of the daughters after developing heart trouble, falls in love with Doctor Gray. The son of the family marries without the consent of the father, who clings to the old fashioned idea that the man should be able to support a family before he marries. In the end, all difficulties are settled. Dick and Eve are given the homestead, Anne and Stephen finally go back to Chicago taking with them the thought that they will return occasionally for seasons of in- spiration in the environment of "The Simple Life." I age 85 ilk X 'X l ! XX Class Prophecy .B 4 ix ,, Pate 86 Dear Friend :- I know you will be greatly interested to hear the news. The other day I attended the premiere of a new showg along with the show was a stage show and all the proceeds were to go to charity. When we entered, we checked our coats and were very much sur- prised to find Helen Parish was the young lady in charge. As we entered the lobby a very charming young lady called us by name and asked us for our tickets. We were, naturally, surprised to find that it was Mary Klein. Mary informed us that Alice Baer and Catherine Frey were working under her. She also informed us that her superiors were Kenneth Berg and Robert Miller. We had a boxfor which We were very glad because it gave us an op- portunity to see every one enter. Notables from every walk of life were coming in. First came Pauline Balduf, famous pianist, with Irish Colleen Bauer, famous star of stage and screen. A few minutes later whom did we see but Betty Lou Leser, with Glenn Hotelling. Of course, you know that Miss Leser is one of the world's leading Opera Singers while Mr. Hotelling is none other than her manager. We also learned that Helen Koehler was Betty Lou's private secretary. Usually when you see Betty Lou you also see Janet Osborn, and, sure enough, there was Janet with Glenn Kotterman, world's outstanding football star. It has been rumored that Janet is to be created Poet Laureate of the United States. Of course, other stars always attend the premiere. Among some of the noted ones we saw Robert Bartholomew and Harold Koehler. It is said that their comedy not yet released is the greatest comedy ever produced. We also saw Glenn Bookmyer and Mary Elizabeth Bardon. Glenn races autos while Elizabeth is one of the best liked comedy stars. She is now co-starring with Darys Newman fmodern Slim Summervillel. When the lights flashed on the screen we said that unless we were very much mistaken, it was Dorothy Gatchell and Richard Thiel. When the two that were co-starring in the production flashed on the screen they were none other than Rebecca Ayers and Mervin Getz. Oh, my, these people who are famous are too much for me! Before the stage show we decided to wander backstage. It was surprising how many people we knew. Ellen Durer was working on costumes while Earl Young was stage manager. Paul Hannum had be- come the foremost expert in this country on scenery and setting. I have always wanted to see the mechanism which gives us the Class Prophecy movies. We obtained permission to view this. Who do you suppose was running the camera? None other than Joe Strasser. Since some peo- ple are always inquisitive, we asked who managed this theatre. The managers were none other than Gerald Mann and Robert Frey. They certainly have made a success of life. Upon reente1'ing the lobby again we saw some late comers, whose faces seemed familiar. One couple was Joseph Clark and Margaret Huntsberry. Margaret is doing the research work for the new film that Joseph is making. He is playing the part of Mala. The other couple was Neva Neate and Emery Fink. Neva is now one of the leading movie stars while Emery is a lawyer for Twentieth Century Pictures. Well, can you imagine who followed us in and occupied the opposite box? Four men whom we had always envied: Marion Shambaugh, Thomas Norton, John Spellerberg, and Samuel Walton. Marion is a big business man with more millions than I would care to count. Tommy is a big movie magnate. John and Sammy are now co-worker scientists. If it had not been for those two it would be doubtful if we would have all the luxuries to which we are accustomed in this modern age. When the orchestra appeared we thought we saw several familiar faces. Eugene Long was the leader of the orchestra while some of the players were Helen Loverich, Dolores Kruse, and Helen Johns. In looking over the crowd again, we saw Frances Clark and Viola Temple. Frances is a very well known dietician. Viola writes most of the scenarios for the big productions. In the stage show we encountered Miriam Moser, Alice Schlup, Dorothy Hehr, and Evelyn Searles. These girls will more than likely make a success before many more years. We got to talking over old times with Florence Strasser and Don Pagnard. Don invited us to visit his cafe. When we arrived at the cafe we were surprised to find that Stanley Sterner and his famous orchestra were guest performers for that night. Eileen Stover was the star of the program while Arlieu Enders supplied the leading violin part. Jack Stalter was head waiter. Also featured on the program was Paul Guthrie, a singing waiter. I forgot to tell you that Paul Martin was co-owner of the cafe, also that Evelyn Schoenberger was the popular young hostess. I hope you enjoy hearing about all of our classmates again. Yours truly, Martha Bowman Pale 88 1 . A Callenfdlnlr .. .SEPTEMBER.. Tues., Sept. 3-School begins. All happy again. Fri., Sat., Sept. 6-Jr. meeting. Have to get used to selling candy, Juniors. Sept. 14-Arcadia foot-ball game. Tues., Sept. 17-First Hi-Y meeting. Thurs., Sept. 19-A v-ery FAIR day. Fri., Sept. 20-Another FAIR day. Mon., Sept. 23--School commences after FAIR days. Sat., Sept. 28-St. Marys foot-ball game. . . . OCTOBER . . Tues., Oct. 1--First G. R. meeting. Wed., Fri., 110116. Sat., Sat., Mon. Tues. Oct. 2-First Chapel. Hi-Y meeting. Oct. 4--Teachers meeting. That's O. K. 45 minutes earlier is better than Oct. 5-Calvert Hi foot-ball game. Oct. 12-St. Paul boys here. Oct. 14-P. G. class very busy. Want a subscription???? , Oct. 15-First Orange and Black. Wed., Oct. 16-Must be a game. Hi-Y and G. R. the same night. Fri., Sat., Oct. 18-Hear us yell???? Yes, it was a Pep meeting. Oct. 19--Crestline game. Mon., Oct. 22-First typing to be handed in. Hope there are no strike overs. Tues., Oct. 23-Hi-Y meeting. Wed Fri., Sat., ., Oct. 24-Tryouts for Senior Operetta.. Oct. 25-Swell! Another Teachers meeting, and NO SCHOOL. Oct. 26-St. Wendlin game. Mon., Oct. 28-Band and Orchestra Hamburg Fry. Such fun. Tues ., Oct. 29-G. R. had a Halloween party. AND HOW! Wed., Oct. 30-Annual drive starts and behold! Our grade cards Thurs., Oct. 31-Everyone going up town. Why? To break Mr. Trowbridge's camera? Fri., . . . NOVEMBER . . Nov. 1-Forest and Upper foot-ball game. Tues., Nov. 5-Chapel with pictures on safety. Good way to get out 'of class. Wed., Nov. 6-Seniors choose colors, flower, and motto. Thurs., Nov. 7-Hurry up. Minstrels are parading at noon. Fri., Nov. 8-Oh!! A History test. Mon., Nov. 11-A red letter day. Carey game, Armistice Day, Chapel, and school out at 11 o'clock. Tues., Nov. 12-Senior meeting, G. R. meeting. Wed., Nov. 13-Seniors pick rings. Orange and Black came out. Hi-Y had a meeting. Thurs., Nov. 14-Bring old papers for Old Paper Campaign. Fri., Nov. 15-Safety parade at 3. Jr. chapel. A. Thurs., Nov. 21-State Patrol speaks in chapel. First snow of season at 10:00 M. Fri., Nov. 22-Exempted Villages Supts. meeting. Mon., Nov. 25-Matinee of Senior Operetta. Tues., Nov. 26-Operetta. given, Another Orange and Black. Wed., Nov. 27-No school in A. M. for Seniors, just state tests!! Thurs., Nov. 28-Thanksgiving vacation starts. Cullen our ...DECEMBER . .. Mon., Dec. 2-Start month right by taking Grade Cards home. Bids for new building let out. Wed., Dec. 4-Hi-Y bean feed. Beans! Beans! Fri., Dec. 6-Marion Harding Hi B. B. game. Sat., Dec. 7-Sycamore B. B. game. Mon., Dec. 9-State test in History. Tues., Dec. 10-G1-ee Clubs and Chorus pictures taken. Wed., Dec. 11--Hi-Y meeting. Fri., Dec. 13-Harpster B. B. game. Tues., Dec. 17-Mr. Houpt springs History test on seniors. Thurs., Dec. 19-Eighth grade party. Fri., Dec. 20-St. Wendlin here. Closed for Christmas Vacation. Sat., Dec. 21-Sycamore Hi B. B. game. Fri., Dec. 27-Norwalk-St. Paul B. B. game. Mon., Dec. 30--School begins again for second semester. . . . JANUARY.. . Wed., Jan. 1-Grade cards given out. Plenty of New Years resolutions in the air. Why so many vacant seats!! Thurs., Jan. 2-Basket ball players are the lucky ones. Get out for their pictures to be taken. Fri., Jan. 3-Carey Basket ball game. Sat., Jan. 4-Marion-St. Marys game. Mon., Jan. 6-Buzz! Buzz! Oh, just spelling test and no English lesson. Tues., Jan. 7-Come on, Seniors, hand in those book reports!!! Wed., Jan. 8-Why all the noise? Just a Junior meeting. Thurs., Jan. 9-The G. R. Girls made good looking boys. Fri., Jan. 10--Wharton High Basketball. Everyone happy. Yes, school out at 3:00 for show. 11-Harpster High game. Jan. 14-Seniors enthused! Why? Senior party. 13-Hurrah! Our new Building is started. Jan. 1 5-Hi-Y meeting. 17-Calvert Hi game. 18-Waldo girls game. 20-Icy roads and NO EXAMS!!!! Sat., Jan. Tues., Mon., Jan. Wed., Fri., Jan. Sat., Jan. Mon., Jan. Tues., Jan . 21-G. R. meeting. Just some more exams. Wed., Jan. 22-Did you hear that sigh???? Yes, exams are ov-er. Thurs., Jan. 23-Good old vacation. Fri., Jan. 2 4-More vacation. Mon., Jan. 27-Beginning of second semester. Seniors are sporting their !'1DgS. Wed., Jan. 29-Grade cards. Boys celebrate by having Hi-Y. Thurs., Jan. 30-President's Ball. Fri., Jan. 31-Calvert League night at Fostoria. Why the rush???? Just excuses for the Institute. . . . FEBRUARY . . . Sun., Feb. 2-Ground Hog saw his shadow. Just six more weeks of cold wint-er weather. Tues., Feb. 4-Orange and Black. G. R. meeting. Page 89 Page 90 Calendar Wed., Feb. 5-Mr. Moore gave talk to Seniors. Mr. Houpt favors Seniors with another of those grand old History tests. Fri., Feb. 7-Another Junior meeting. Sat., Feb. 8-Norwalk-St. Paul B. B. game. Mon., Feb. 10-Chapel. Tues., Feb. 11-The Operetta "Feast of the Little Lanternsf Wed., Feb. 12-Hi-Y meeting. Thurs., Feb. 13-Junior meeting. Fri., Feb. 14-Junior College enjoys a Valentine Party. Sat., Feb. 15-Fostoria-St. Wendelton game. Mon., Feb. 17--Ice! Ice! No busses. Tues , Feb. 18s-Mr. Houpt talks in chapel. Wed., Feb. 19--Orchestra renders music at M. E. Church. Fri., Feb. 21--St. Marys Basketball bame. Sat., Feb. 22-Washington's Birthday. Mon. Feb. 24--10th period full tonight. All busses stay to make up work. Tues, Feb. 25-First lesson in Civil Government for Seniors. Wed., Feb. 26-Hi-Y meeting. Fri., Feb. 28-Crestline Basketball game. Sat., Feb. 29YAnother four years swing around to leap year day. . . . MARCH . . . Tues., March 3--G. R. Tues., March 10--Come on Band! ! l ! ! ! !! It's your concert. Wed., March 11-Hi-Y meeting. Tues., March 17-What a bustle. Oh yes, a Junior party. Wed., March 18-G. R. meeting. Junior's are still speeding around in a sort of a sleep. It must be the party. Water main burst. No school. Fri., March 20-Instrumental festival at Crestline. Mon., March 23-Chapel. Wed., March 25-More Hi-Y. Fri., March 27--Where you all goin'? Just over to Sycamore for our Glee Club festival. Tues., March 31-G. R. meeting. ...APRIL... Wed., April 1-Seniors, here is your chance. Tryout for class play. Fri., April 3--Annual Musical. Wed., April 8-Hi-Y. Tues., April 14-G. R. meeting. Fri., April 17-Big day for all. Band festival. Mon., April 20-Going to col1ege???? Oh sure!!! It's college day. Wed., April 22-Boys are going again, but just to Hi-Y. Fri., April 24-Ruth Ingles gave fine program. Tues., April 28-Time is short but let's go to G. R. ...MAY... Fri., May 1-Last day for Seniors. Annuals are given out. Wed., May 6-Hi-Y meeting. Thurs., May 7-Dress rehearsal for class play. Fri., May 8-Senior class play. Tues., May 12-Last G. R. meeting. Fri., May 15-Vacation at last. Sun., May 17-Baccalaureate Services. Tues., May 19-Commencement Exercises. I' 1 X. ' L . A' x 5 X .-A. K. fx ZA llumnni 4 X L ff, gcf! 0 if I t Qi is ,ff CLASS or 1930 Kenneth McDaniel, Ashland, Ky., Chem- ical Engineer. Dorothy Courtad, Columbus, Beauty Op- erator Helen Francis Hagenmaier, Upper San- dusky, Stenographer Harry Day, Upper Sandusky, Surveyor M. Kencil Good, Bellevue Mildred Troup, Wadsworth, O., Teacher Dorothy Berg, Upper Sandusky, Teacher William Garner, Philadelphia, Penn., Engineer Edwin Clark, Upper Sandusky, Sales- man Grace Castanien, Cleveland, Nurse Paul Roth, Upper Sandusky, Dry Clean- ing Robert Krebs, Upper Sandusky, Re- porter Mary Louise Dick lOriansJ, Kenton Mary Lou Hunt-er, Tiffin, Secretary Leo Bahl, Wooster, Clerk Raymond Hannum, Upper Sandusky, Gulf Gas truck driver Iris Stearn, Cleveland Ida Clark fSwartzl, Upper Sandusky Frederick Hill, Upper Sandusky, Con- crete mixer Edward Peters, Cleveland Kathryn Koehler fFritchieJ, Norwalk Mildred Hetzel fSmithJ, Upper San- dusky CLASS Friel Ulrich, Upper Sandusky Mervin Krock, Upper Sandusky, Sales- man Kathryn Stephan, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Edith Bahl fBarthl, Upper Sandusky Kathleen Maloney, Upper Sandusky, Student Catherine Good, Leesville, Teacher Monroe Stevenson, Pittsburgh, Pa., Stu- dent Richard Harman, Akron, Firestone Co. Dorothy Culver tSchwilkJ, Upper San- dusky Helen Stephan, Elida, Teacher Fraklin Byrd, California Gordon Scheidegger, Upper Sandusky, Freimann's Charles Jenot, Deceased Howard Thiel, Upper Sandusky, Sales- man Bernice Huffard fLuthyJ, Upper San- dusky Mary E. Morris fMcConne11J, Columbus David Smith, Detroit, Engineering Raymond Rowland, Upper Sandusky, Farming Robert Johnson, Columbus, Tracy-Wells Company Paul Steiner, Upper Sandusky Margaret McNamara, Columbus, Student Catherine Fisher fBetzJ, Columbus John Swartz, Upper Sandusky Harman Kinley, Upper Sandusky, Farm- er Mary Louise Zink tSnyderJ Kenton Ruehle Culver, Toledo Robert Little, Indianapolis, U. S. Army Thomas Brocklesby, Upper Sandusky, Carpent-er Harold Miller, Upper Sandusky Carl Hetzel, Upper Sandusky, Farmer Russel Roth, Shelby, Store manager Luella Caldwell fCarpenterJ Upper San- dusky Russel Frederick, Upper Sandusky, Fill- ing Station Attendant Martha Layton, Upper Sandusky Thomas Strasser, Upper Sandusky OF 1931 William Swartz, Upper Sandusky, Frei- mann's Leah Jean Kellog fKottermanJ, Nevada Mary E. Peters, Upper Sandusky, Teach- er Helen Cook, Upper Sandusky, Stenog- rapher Kathryn Gaver, Findlay, Student Wilbur Lawrence, Chicago, Ill., Stud-ent Pearl Dawson, Washington D. C., Govt. Service Allan Witzel, Columbus, Student Bertram Leslie, Upper Sandusky, Sales- man Imogene Keller fDerrJ, Carey Beaulah Larick, Cleveland, Nurse Harvey Jurey, Upper Sandusky Frederick Scheck, Upper Sandusky E 1 Page 91 X KX XX 'V 'ax kj' Xt :,' , XX . .uf , :ki Pate 92 X Alumni Roma Stevenson lSmithl, Cleveland Lucille Owen iScherryJ, Grand Rapids Wanda Ulrich CSchlupJ, Upper San- dusky Charlotte Altenberger, Upper Sandusky, Student Arthur Loverich, Ft. Wyane, Ind., Stu- dent Homer Woessner, Upper Sandusky Vance Mouser, Upper Sandusky, Filling Station Attendant Noble Earp, Upper Sandusky, Filling Station Attendant Velma Spencer, California Helen Gatchell, Upper Sandusky Jan-e Neurneister, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Howard Swartz, Upper Sandusky, Frei- man's Herman Drown, Norwalk Martha Ulrich, Upper Sandusky Alice Kraus, Upper Sandusky Margaret Fox, Columbus, Stenographer Naomi Frey, Upper Sandusky, Stoll Casket Co. Helen McDaniel, Chicago, Ill., Student Grace Brittingham, Upper Sandusky Angela Mennlngen, fDeceasedJ Regina Joseph, Upper Sandusky Thelma Krock, Upper Sandusky Alice Schmidt, Upper Sandusky Gladys Iams, Upper Sandusky Catherine Gillen, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Colleen Hutchison, Carey Evelyn Jenot, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Lucille fGreenl Shurr, Upp-er Sandusky Ethel Stebbans tBrocklesbyl, Upper Sandusky CLASS Annabel Mott iAlspachJ, Upper San- dusky Karl Althouser, Fostoria, Bursted Elec- tric Co. Martha Jane Bardon, Upper Sandusky, Stenographer Robert Belzner, Fort Worth, Texas, Student Alice Berg, McCutchenville, Teacher Catherine Bolish, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Madeline Bolish, Columbus, Nurse Martha Bremyer, Columbus, Stenog- Waldo Merrick, Toledo, Strong Electric Co. Edmund Wagner, Baltimore, Md., Penna. Railroad Co. Mildred Traxler fFee1eyJ, Upper San- dusky Dorothy Gottfried iFeeleyJ, Upper San- dusky Vaye Carpenter, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Grace Lawrence, Upper Sandusky Ikena Grady iMi1lerJ, Upper Sandusky Wilson French, Upper Sandusky, Baker Ruth Cook tRltterspachJ, Upper San- dusky Leona Roth, Columbus, Student Kathryn Jacoby fSchindlerJ, Carey Donna Sheckler, Wyandot Elmer Rall, Upper Sandusky Florence Shumaker, Upper Sandusky Loretta Shumaker, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Charles Siples, Marion Herman Stalter, Philadelphia, Pa., Stu- dent Lela Stephan, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Loyal Trachsel, Upper Sandusky Herman Ulrich, Indianapolis, Ind., Chiropractor Gladys Veith, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Florence Voelker, Upper Sandusky, Stenographer Lillian Hecker CWilliamsJ, Marion Margaret Miller fWalt-ersl, Upper San- dusky Bryon Warfel, Upper Sandusky Paul Weaver, Upper Sandusky, Farmer Helen Wilcox, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Margaret Wall, Upper Sandusky OF 1932 rapher Joseph Bringman. Upper Sandusky, Mortlcian Wallace Bringrnan, Cincinnati, Student Olive Miller fCarpenterl, Upper San- dusky Evelyn Paulln CCourtadJ, Upper San- dusky Lois Cowglll, Columbus, Clerk Vance Danford, Cincinnati, Student Mary J. Earp, Upper Sandusky Evelyn Eatherton, Findlay, Student Paul Filliater, Upper Sandusky, Farmer Alumni Evelyn Fink, Upper Sandusky, Stenog- rapher Elizabeth Finkle, Upper Sandusky Wayne Fortney, Upper Sandusky Paul Frank, Columbus, Student Karl Frederick, Upper Sandusky Ellen Garner, Columbus, Student Mary Jane Gaver, Findlay, Student Frederick Gottfried, Upper Sandusky M. Luther Gottfried, Upper Sandusky Gladys Curlis fHannuml, Sycamore John Harman, Granville, Student Martha Morehart fHetzelJ, Upper San- dusky Mary Hill, Upper Sandusky Evelyn Hildebrand, Upper Sandusky, Home Ivan Hoover, Upper Sandusky, Farmer Louise Relnsberg fHornl, Cleveland Luella Swartz fHornJ, Upper Sandusky Dorothy Raymond QHotellingJ, Upper Sandusky Richard Hull, Upper Sandusky, Mechan- ic Adda Irwin, Columbus, Student Charles Jonas, Upper Sandusky, Chief Dairy Co. CLASS Robert Armstrong, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Ruth Armstrong, Columbus, Beauty Parlor Operator Marion Bair, Findlay, Student Dorothy Armstrong CBeideschiesl, Up- per Sandusky, Clerk Martha Jane Bringman, Miami U., Ox- ford, Student Helen Brooks, Columbus, Nurses' Train- ing Mary Batton lBorderJ, Delphos David Castanien, Cleveland, Student Lawrence Chadwick, Upper Sandusky, Farmer Milton Chadwick, Upper Sandusky, Farmer Roma Kinley lKarcherl, Upper San- dusky Mildred Kirby, Upper Sandusky, Sten- ographer Win. John Klein, Upper Sandusky, Vergil Kuenzli, Upper Sandusky Bernard Loverich, Upper Sandusky, Farmer Mary Louise Lynn, Upper Sandusky, Bookkeeper Charles Milligan, Columbus, Student Henrietta Martin, Upper Sandusky. Teacher Sheldon McCleary, Toledo, Clerk John Miller, Upper Sandusky Thomas Miller, Upper Sandusky, Truck Driver Chester Malaby, Upper Sandusky, Fill- ing Station Attendant Mary Lee Moore, Upper Sandusky Dorothy Moser, Upper Sandusky Margaret Sara Newcomer, Bowling Green, Student Herbert Parish, W. Virginia, C. C. C. Camp Donald Shumaker, Akron OF 1933 Elmore Clark, Upper Sandusky Barbara Cowgill, Columbus. Student Evelyn Culver fLeslieJ, Upper San- dusky, Stenographer Beaulah Fr-ey, Cadillac, Mich., Teacher Florence Enders, Upper Sandusky, Sec- retary of Wyandot Fair Board Mildred Frey, Upper Sandusky Mildred Fox, Columbus, Beauty Oper- ator Peggy Frederick, Upper Sandusky Mildred Fred, Upper Sandusky Janet Camber fGarwoodJ, Grand Rap- ids, Mich. Emil Gemmrig, Upper Sandusky Garvin Getz, Upper Sandusky, Filling Station Attendant f f ,-', ,,l I . Q x. v' 16 if f K,-52? N Pa EP 93 Page 94 Alumni Carl Halbedel. Columbus, Student Dean Harman, Upper Sandusky, Filling Station Attendant Clayton Hook, Galion, Electric Shop Manager Justin Hollanshead, Columbus, Student Thelma Hoover, Columbus, Student Katherine Trautwein tJarrellJ, Upper Sandusky Clovis Jurey, Upper Sandusky Illah Wells tliarcherl, Upper Sandusky Viola Keeler, Upper Sandusky Kathryn Krock, Upper Sandusky Edward Landversicht, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Arlo Lawrence, Upper Sandusky Eugene Lawrence, Upper Sandusky, Filling Station Attendant Ruth Lawrence fL'ehmanl, Columbus Homer Lininger, Upper Sandusky, Farmer Robert Logsdon, Columbus, Student Dorothy Miller, Upper Sandusky Harry Miller, Upper Sandusky, Filling Station Attendant Jane Moloney, Springfield, Student Naomi Neate, Columbus, Nurse Gale Neiderhouser, Nevada Mary Elizabeth Neumeister, Battle Creek, Mich., Student John Newcomer, Upper Sandusky, Printer Gladys Newman, Upper Sandusky, Chief Dairy Co. Stenographer CLASS Jeanette Perri, New York City, Clerk Marguerite Thorton tPhi1lippiJ, Carey Leona Raymond, Upper Sandusky Thomas Ritterspach, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Everett Robey, Upper Sandusky Gladys Roth, Upper Sandusky Harold Roth, Columbus, Student Charles Scherry, Flint, Mich., Evelyn Schmidt, Upper Sandusky Modest Schoenberg-er, Upper Sandusky Blanche Shumaker, Upper Sandusky Harold Snyder, Upper Sandusky Beulah Swartz, Upper Sandusky Mary Elizabeth Swartz, Upper Sandus- ky, Clerk Neal Osborn, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Gladys Belecz lPfeiferJ, Ashland Maurice Philbrick, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Frederick Rite, Upper Sandusky Dwight Sams, Upper Sandusky, Elec- trlcian Don Sebenoler, Columbus, Army Service Calvin Seckel, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Dal-e Shambaugh, Upper Sandusky, Salesman Edward Slemmer, Mansfield, Westing- house Florence Smith, Upper Sandusky, Book- keeper at Smith's Nurseries Cecil Snyder, Upper Sandusky Ethel Snyder, Upper Sandusky Martha Steiner, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Luther Still, Upper Sandusky Ralph Stover, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Karl Strasser, Upper Sandusky, Sales- man Ralph Swinehart, Upper Sandusky Mary Steiner lTaylorl, Upper Sandusky Horace Hetzel, Columbus, Student George Thatcher, Florida Franklin Tilton, Upper Sandusky Eleanor Ruffner iTrachsell, Columbus Dorothy Trautman, Upper Sandusky Mildred Wagner, Columbus, Bookkeeper Margaret Miller tWalterJ, Upper San- dusky Garnet Wood, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Berton Zimmerman, Upper Sandusky Harry Zimmerman, Upper Sandusky OF 1934 Gerald Sweigard, Upper Sandusky Vernon Sweigard, Upper Sandusky Ruby Ulrich, Upper Sandusky Nelda Velth, Columbus, Student Mary Louise Wltzel, Upper Sandusky, Daily Chief Mary Wood, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Gerald Gier, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Eunice Graham, Upper Sandusky Russel Graham, Upper Sandusky, Stephan Lumber Co. Elizabeth QI-Ietzelj Murray, Wharton Richard Hill, Upper Sandusky, Concrete Mixer Helen Horn, Titiin, Student T. B. U. Carl Hudson, Columbus Elsie Graham tllesb, Upper Sandusky if Alumni R Ruth Clair Ingles, Upper Sandusky. Dancing Teacher Luther Jarrell, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Martha Jenot, Upper Sandusky, Stenog- rapher Teresa Klein, Columbus, Student Frederick Kraus, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Roscoe Kuenzli, Upper Sandusky, Farm- er Opal Kuhn, Wilmore, Ky., Student John Lawrence, Upper Sandusky Robert Leslie, Columbus, Oiiice Work Mary Long, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Mildred Loverich, Upper Sandusky Clerk Charles Martin, Upper Sandusky, Book- keeper 1 Willis Masters, Upper Sandusky Helen Milum, Upper Sandusky Dorothy Myers, Upper Sandusky Jack Myers, Upper Sandusky Richard Myers, Upper Sandusky, Ohio Bell Telephone Co. Floyd Norris, Upper Sandusky Mary Louise Zilumerman fPaulJ, Upper Sandusky Harold Halbedel, Oxford, Student Wilson Frish, Upper Sandusky Gwendolyn Eatherton, Upper Sandusky, Juanita Alspach Mott, Carey CLASS Mildred Althouse, Upper Sandusky Corinne Bastel, Upper Sandusky, Stu- dent Janis Benton, Springfield, Student Berneda Boes, Upper Sandusky, Book- keeper Robert Bolish, Columbus, Student Russel Bartholomew, Upper Sandusky Charles Beardsley, Upper Sandusky, Creamery Lois Betz, Upper Sandusky, Student Gerald Bolish, Upper Sandusky Mary Louise Bremyer, Toledo, Student Henry Clinger, Upper Sandusky Alice Ayers, Champaign, Ill., Stenog- rapher Marilou Balduf, Upper Sandusky Frederick Belzner, Upper Sandusky, Bookkeeper Janet Berg, Wooster, Student Dorothy Boes, Upper Sandusky Geraldine Bolish, Upper Sandusky Louise Bolish, Upper Sandusky Helen Bower, Upper Sandusky Katherine Bowman, Oxford, Student Thomas Carey, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Paul Cook, Columbus, Student Robert Coons, Upper Sandusky Thelma Courtad, Upper Sandusky Blanch Cross, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Walter Day, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Carl Detwiler, Upper Sandusky Mary Alice Filliater, Upper Sandusky Mary Jane Fleck, Upper Sandusky Jean Fleck, Upper Sandusky, Book- keeper Jane Flock, Upper Sandusky Dale Fox, Upper Sandusky Margaret Freimann, Upper Sandusky, Bookkeeper William Frey, Upper Sandusky John Garner, Columbus, Student Helen Frey, Evanston, Ill., Nurse OF 1935 Vernon Disbennett, California, C. C. C. Carl Emick, Upper Sandusky Edith Garner, Upper Sandusky, Student Kathryn Halbedel, Upper Sandusky, Stud-ent Maurice Clinger, Upper Sandusky, Stu- dent Paul Cowgill, Columbus, Sfudent Helen England, Bowling Green, Student Ray Gemmrig, Upper Sandusky Esther Hablitzel, Upper Sandusky Lucile Hehr, Columbus, Student Katherine Hull, Upper Sandusky, Stu- dent q 424 -9 eg . ,,lf 1 ' , SRT 4 jf Page 95 Page 96 umni Anna Karg, Upper Sandusky Frederick Klein, Upper Sandusky Esther Kuhn, Wilmore, Ky., Student Mary Ann Hitchcock, Columbus, Stu- dent Katherine Irwin, Upper Sandusky, Stu- dent Warren Karg, Upper Sandusky Regina Koehler, Upper Sandusky Mary Alice Landversicht, Upper San- dusky Olivene Larick, Upper Sandusky Margaret Lynn, Upper Sandusky, Daily Chief Hazel McCreary, Upper Sandusky, Book- keeper Rachel Moloney, Springfield, Student John Pagnard, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Paul Lininger, Upper Sandusky, Farm- -er Juanita Lyon, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Dorotha Milligan, Upper Sandusky, Chief Dairy Jean Pagnard, Upper Sandusky, Stenog- rapher Mary Pagnard, Upper Sandusky Rosalyn Philbrick, Upper Sandusky Annabelle Scheck, Upper Sandusky Sophia Seckel, Upper Sandusky Mary Slemmer, Upper Sandusky Virginia Snyder, Upper Sandusky Neva Rife, Upper Sandusky Frederick Scherry, Woodville Janis Sheckler, Wyandot Darian Smith, Columbus, Student Laurel Jane Spitler, Upper Sandusky Robert Shifll-er, Upper Sandusky Martha Stephan, Upper Sandusky, Stu- dent Robert Troup, Upper Sandusky, Student Lewis Ulrich, Upper Sandusky Herb-ert Walton, Upper Sandusky Dorothy Steinbaugh, Upper Sandusky, Bookkeeper Robert Swinehart, Upper Sandusky, Stu- dent Adelbert Thomas, Upper Sandusky Paul Ulrich, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Joseph Walton, Upper Sandusky Thomas Walton, Upper Sandusky Margaret Weaver, Upper Sandusky Robert Young, Upper Sandusky David Ebersole, Upper Sandusky, Clerk Charles Hehr, Upper Sandusky Gilbert Zimmerman. Upper Sandusky Ads, Jwkces, Snaps ' N " K ugh-1, 15 . f iw n . W. ., KX M, ww. 'x if Q3 g 5 W 5 5 qi ig Page 98 ...Compliments of. .. Pk Ik wk J. C. ARMSTRONG, CLOTHIER HARRY P. BARDON, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR COUNTY COMMISSION- ER BOLISH RESTAURANT L. M. BOWER, ATTORNEY-AT-LAW MCLEOD BROWN, DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR COUNTY COMMISSIONER EARL B. CARTER CHARLES K. CRISE, CLERK OF COURTS K. M. DAVIS, DENTIST EL CIRCULO CASTELLANO GEORGE M. FLECK M. FLOX AND CO. GIRL RESERVES FOX AND GREEN GEORGE E. FRITCHIE GREGORY BEAUTY SHOP LLOYD HARTWELL J. J. HEHR, DEALER IN FRUITS AND VEGETABLES W. F. HEHR, AUTOMOBILE PAINTING H. A. HUDSON, INSURANCE R. G. HETZEL 8: SON, HAY AND WOOL B. E. HUDSON, COUNTY AUDITOR DR. Wm. J. HUMPHREY, OPTOMETRIST HI-Y KIMMEL CLEANERS KLEINLEIN JEWELERY STORE LOUIS LEVIN, DEALER IN USED CARS MARTHA SELL BEAUTY SHOP A. K. HALL AND H. L. MASON, ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW FLOYD MCCLAIN, RADIOS AND PAINT DR. W. E. MINER, CHIROPRACTOR MONTAGUE'S STUDIO, CAREY, OHIO L. W. NAUS, M. D. JOHN H. NEATE, AUTOMOBILE DEALER E. D. PFEIFER, DEALER IN HAY, STRAW AND COAL PRICE AND PRICE CHARLES V. READ b E. C. RICHMOND, COUNTY TREASURER C. B. SCHOOLFIELD, M. D. ALVA SMITH, TIRES AND BATTERIES JAMES R. SNYDER SNYDER'S COMPARISON STORE STANSBERY, GROCERIES AND MEAT ALLEN M. WALTON, M. D. HARRY WEATHERHOLTZ, SHERIFF WOMEN'S MUSIC CLUB UPPER AUTO PARTS OSCAR F. VEITH, MAYOR DURAIN WALTER, COUNTY RECORDER I1-I H ri STUBBS BROS. I 'E'u"E5'j Compliments of DE SOTO L3 SALES .Q SERVICE H ,.A,.E...............,.....................,..,.,,.,.E.E.EEEEEE...EE,.,.... .......... In I STANSBERY sz STECK Ill Congratulatiovzs and best wishes QUALITY V1 5 HOME KILLED MEATS tv Ulf' C5038 Of 1935 FANCY st STAPLE GIIOCERIES I7 Q FRUITS st VEGETABLES V1 We Deliver Open Evenings II AYERS INSURANCE AGENCY PHONE 137 'I : 134 North Main Strvet -T1 V ' E.:"T.u'T 7umm'ELmu m:l: 4'5u'E Compliments of FRED STUCKEY Compliments of THE KROGER GROCERY 8z BAKING COMPANY FRESH FRUITS Sz VEGETABLES E. D1 Always Live Bettvr for Less 4 5 John Lyon, Mgr. Russel Lyon, Asst. Ti.-1 F' Complimwzlts of CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Compliments of E. M. WITZEL LINC0 SERVICE STATION 1 fl Page 100 Congratulations and best wishes DR. J. CRAIG BOWMAN AND ASSOCIATES Mr. Houpt- "Robert, What important event took place on February 22, 1732?" R. Bartholomew-"I'm sure I don't know. I hadn't been born yet." B. Leser-"What model is your car?" J. Osborn-"It's not a model, it's a horrible example." MEET ME AT ALBERT J 0SEPH'S Compliments and Best Wishes of DAVID CREGER ATTORNEY-AT-LAW Compliments of THE CITIZ.ENS SAVINGS BANK CO. COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ON THE SQUARE Mr. Houpt-"Now, suppose a man work- ing on the river bank suddenly fell in. He couldn't swim and would be in danger of drowning. Picture the scene. The man's fall, his cry for help. His wife knows his peril and hearing his screams, rushes immed- lately to the bank. Why does she rush to the bank?" R. Ayers-"To draw his insurance money." STAR THEATRE Upper Sandusky, Ohio LEO T. JONES, Owner and Manager Catering to Family Trade and Especially School Children -1- THE CLEANEST IN SHOWS -2- M. G. M. - 20th Century - Fox - Warner and Ist National Pictures BEEF - PORK - VEAL QUALITY MEATS Products that satisfy DONELSON PACKING CO. Carey, Ohio I Let Us help you solve your decorating problems. Our particular hobbies are: Fine Wall Paper and Sherwin-Williams' Paints and Varnishes DEPENDABLE DRUG SERVICE F. BERG Sz SON "Get it at Berg's" Compliments of THE EVERGREENS DINE AND DANCE ,, .E-, ff -, - Flowers for All Occasions SA MMET - THE FLORIST - PHONE 69W PRETTY DRESSES BEAUTIFUL COATS ENEWEST STYLES BEST QUALITY ALWAYSAT ARTZ BROS. v Jyyvul Compliments of VOGEUS SHOE STORE WALK-OVER BOOT SHOP FRITCHIE Sz CO. ' A Name Known to all men for their STYLE, LEADERSHIP and QUALITY sf-ww -.-vs v -V' - ' 0 1 YOUR EDUCATION is NOT COMPLETE UNLESS YOU ARE A DAILY READER OF THE DAILY UNION MEN N IN GEN 8z VOLTZ QUALITY AND SERVICE PHONE 91 ECONOMY MARKET PHONE 99 I "THE OLD RELIABLE" T H E Compliments of FIRST NATIONAL BANK U- S- COMMISSION Upper Sandusky, Ohio ESTABLISHED 1863 O' J' WEIKER' Mgr' Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation C. Bauer-"Hey, that wasn't the tooth I R. Frey-"Don't bother me, I'm writing to wanted pulled." my girl." Dentist-"Calm yourself, I'm coming toitf' E- L0I1g-"But Why are you writing so slowly?" G. Bookmyer-"Waiter, it's been half an hour since I ordered that turtle soup." Waiter-"Yes, but you know how turtles are." NORTH CENTRAL-OHIO CO'OP DAIRY SALES JAMES E. TROUP, Mgr. A GOOD PLACE TO MARKET YOUR EGGS AND CREAM Compliments of JOE HUSSEY R. F.-"She can't read very fast!" T. Norton-fat piano recitalj "What is that charming thing he is playing?" P. Guthrie-"A piano, y' dub." LOUIS FLECK THE LEADING HARDWARE AND SPORTING GOODS YOU Can always shop to advantage - AT - THE REXALL STORE A. BILLHAR-DT Jr. DRUGS AND SUNDRIES C A K E S That melt in your mouth EATMOR BREAD NEUMEISTER BAKERY 5.-.1 PLEASING YOU KEEPS US IN BUSINESS E PHONE 216 BON TON RESTAURANT W. P. OSBORN, Prop. LIE' z HARPSTER BANK HARPSTER, OHIO I'uinco1'po1'ated CAPITAL, SURPLUS AND UNDIVIDED PROFITS S250,000.00 DEPOSITS GUARANTEED BY ENTIRE LIABILITY OF OWNERS C0'lZg'7'Cl,f'ILlCltI07Z,S to the class of 1936 , COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK Upper Sandusky, Ohio E MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT . INSURANCE CORPORATION :Emil Page 104 I. Stationery - Fountain Pens - Diaries and Kodaks You will like our Fountain Service BOWMAN 8z BUIRLEY Try OUR Drug Store FIRST NATIONAL STEAM PUMP CO. Upper Sandusky, Ohio -- Manufacturers of - Steam and Power Pumping Machinery - ALSO - Home and Industrial Automatic Coal Stokers for Hot Air, Hot Water and Steam Furnaces Chatty-"Oh, l1e's so romantic. When he addresses me he always calls me 'Fair Lady'." Catty-"Force of habit, my dear, I-Ie's a street-car conductor." Employer-"Can you come to work to- morrow?" D. Pagnard-"No, you see I'm marching ln a parade of the unemployed." -FOR- TEXACO PETROLEUM PRODUCTS - GO TO - B. C. HARMAN 8z SONS Compliments of B. A. MOLON.EY, M. D. r-1 There are no orders Too large to fill, And none too small To be appreciated. FAILOR'S DAIRY PHONE COUNTY 61.13 WYANDOT SAND MOLDS COLORFUL AND BEAUTIFUL The Brick for all building purposes - Manufactured by - THE WYANDOT CLAY PRODUCTS CO. Dorothy was a sweet girl. She was read- ing a book that gave the meaning of names. Her mother was watching lier, and thinking of all the young men who were attracted to her. "Mother," says Ruth, "It says Philip means lover of horses and James means beloved. I wonder what George means." "I hope my dear," said her mother, "that George means business." Compliments of FREIMANN Beverage and Ice LORENZ FREIMANN PROPRIETOR GRAIN AND FEEDS WM. GREGG 8: SONS PHONE 113 Q DR. R. M. ROSSEL DENTIST X-RAY DIAGNOSIS i PHONE 323 Upper Sandusky, Oh io FOR AN ENJOYABLE EVENING+ DROP IN AT THE HAMLET : KUENZLI QUARRI ES COMPANY INC. GRADE "A" LIMESTONE WASHED GRAVEL AND SAND BENDER, LUCAS 8z SON Funeral Directors Lady Assistant 1 476 South Sanldusky Aveluu IIIJIH-'I' Sandusky, Ohio C. W. KOEHLER I PHONE 245 FOX 8L KUENZLI GARAGE SERVICE ON ALL CARS Upper Sandusky, Ohio 1 Compliments of ,,,,U. , , . TSCHAN EN STUDIO Congratulations on such a splendid com- 1l1l'tI-071 of your school wolrlic, and every good 'wish for CL happy and successful future. BENTZ'S 50 TO 31.00 STORE W. M. SWOVERLAND Compliments of THE CHIEF DAIRY co. BUTTER - EGGS - CREAM L. Pane 106 Compliments of MR. and MRS. RUSSEL H. KEAR SPARTON The Only Truly Automatic Defrost REFRIGERATOR - At Prices that will Surprise You - 6 Cu. Ft. SIZE - 8167.50 Other sizes in proportion BASTEL BROS. Teacher-"How many seasons are there?" D. Bastel-"TWo. Baseball and football." H. Koehler--"Do you believe in long en- gagements?" A. Schlup-"Yes, I think young couples ought to be happy as long as possible." Congratulations and best wishes To The Members to the class of 1936 STEPHAN LUMBER CO. WOOD'S QUICK LUNCH WHERE STUDENTS MEET AND EAT 24 HOUR SERVICE Compliments of WYANDOT COUNTY FARM BUREAU TO THE COURAGE LOYALTY AMBITICN STEADFASTNESS SUCCESS OF 1936, OUR WISHES WALKER DRY GOODS 219 South Main st. PHONE 20 New Minister-"What did you think of the sermon last Sunday, Mr. Trachsel'!" Kail T.-"Fin-e! You know, sir, we dldn't really know what sin was until you came. "My daughter is going to play Beethoven to-night." "I hope she wins!" SURETY BONDS AND GENERAL INSURANCE INCLUDING LIFE : - "Losses paid are our stock in Trade" -- Stecher Insurance Agency CITIZENS BANK BUILDING J. L. FOUCHT QUARRY GRADE "A" LIMESTONE 520 South Eighth Street OFFICE PHONE - COUNTY 28J4 THE U. S. CONSTRUCTION COMPANY E'.l7t1"ILd8 to each and every member of the class of 1936 its wrzfslzes for Health. Happiness, and Prosperity. U W. E. MARTIN, Owner M. W. MARTIN, Gen'1 Mgr. r BRINGMAN 8z CO. FUNERAL DIRECTORS 226 East VVyandot Avenue HOME FOR FITNE-RALS AMBULANCE SERVICE LADY ASSISTANT PHONE 197 RESIDENCE PHONE 66 'ilE' Compliments of THE DAILY CHIEF READ ALL THE NEWS WHILE IT IS NEWS n Page 108 LINCOLN HIGHWAY BARBER SHOP JOHN M. SCHMIDT. Prop. - We specialize in - CUTTING, BOBBING and TRIMMING LADIES and CI-IILDREN'S HAIR Compliments of SPRING HILL DAIRY MILK, CREAM, CHOCOLATE MILK AND ORANGEADE COUNTY 34J2 A. J. OMLOR F. Clark-"I know you. You are one of the tramps I gave a pie to last summer." Tramp-"You are right, madaln. You gave it to three of us. I am the sole sur- vivor." V. Temple-"It's going to be a real battle of wits." M. Bowman-"How brave of you to go un- armed." FOR JOHN DEERE I Quality and Service - SEE - WYANDOT TRACTOR 8a IMPLEMENT CO. PHON.E 311 VIRGIL V. HALM 115 West Wyandot Avenue Nash-Lafayette Motor Cars - Federal Trucks and Busses - Thor Washers and Ironers - Fairbanks-Morse Conservador Refrigerators. We handle only quality merchandise The kind it pays to buy. J FOR YOUR CAR THE BEST IN MOTOR FUEL - plus - CHEERFUL, EFFICIENT SERVICE BUD'S BLUE SUNOCO STATION V. A. MENNINGEN, Prop. FOR PERFECT DIAMONDS of Fine Color and Cutting and DEPENDABLE WATCHES that are accurate and have style and beauty -fSEE-- HART-SNYDER JEWELERS Mr. Fleeinan-"What's all this?" E. Bardon-"Those are my Mae West prob- lems." Mr. F.-"Mae West?" E. B.-"Yeah, I done 'ein wrong." Mr. Martin--"Well, son, what happened when you asked the boss for a raise?" Paul-"Why, he was like a lamb." Mr. M.-"What did he say?" Paul-"Baa." Compliments of THE 'IDEAL HATCHERY "Supreme Quality Baby Chicks" Upper Sandusky, Ohio Our flocks bloodtested and culled for quality, high egg production, size and type. DR. FRED VON KAENEL, President F. H. GABRIEL, Sec'y-Treas. We built the present Senior High School building in 1924. We are now building a new building 119363 which will be united with present Senior, as well as present Union Buildings, making a new plant known as the Union School Building CRESS 8z BROCKLESBY GENERAL CONTRACTORS Lincoln Highway NWSQ uv M ,rp v,,s,s'd 2' . -' w ,. s 'N ' A 'M ' E w"W'4V i n Q v""'u Qgae5fLiKSlSQED! as , 1 The Ca-operative Effort.. . . E have been privileged to produce the Indian Village Annual for 1936. Our part has been the printing and binding of the book. The Work of preparing the material has been in the hands of the staff, backed by the admin- istration and faculty of the school. The production was made possible by the busi- ness men of Upper Sandusky and the commun- ity in general. It has been a pleasure to Work with those who are responsible for the Annual and We trust the combined eiort will meet a happy response from the patrons and friends of the school. .W HOPLEY CO. MII Kinds of Job Punting BUCYRUS . OHIO E555 l. l-flY1Il'fl1L3L3 i There are few fields where fhe necessily for progress-lho demand for new ideas, is as pronounced as in +he producfion of School Annuals. 0 Here in Canfon we false pride in no? only lreeping pace, bul in selling 'lhe pace for innovalioni and changes in This highly progressive field. 9 When you worlc wiih Canlon you are hand in hand wi+h experienced people, consianlly on lhe aler+ fo sense fhe wan+s of Annual publishers, and quick fo change from lhe old order, and oHer new and unusual ideas fo progressive edi+ors. me cANroN sNonAvlNG a. mcrnorvns co., cANroN, omo A 11 t o 9 f ,f I. L4QQm,f' ' in Uk-Cu Ln, fQ,A1 ,u"CVU'YVLb NLj 0.4147 4 gg, Q cx'f 2 wffwffLeMM Lv MJ 'ffivyz ff' if r abliwwal 2 -2044-M-. !3M.m,u ff fi X, 'PQ L, I ,wwf WMA I wal I' a P h s 70m65LwQ QZZM 5 f yff' Q Zfzzfm-12' A. W , 7 1 M 'f . . fmdzxazwqd 5i72Qf37 Www afabmf Agway VMCCQCVWK PASO r l p. Qlke A Advertisements ......, Alumni ................ Annual Staff ........... Annual Sponso- Miss Helen Pease ..... Assistant Editor ....... Athletic Board ...... Autographs .............., B Band ......................... Baccalaureate ........ Basket Ball .,........... Board of Education .... Boys Gl-ee Club ......A Boys Basket Ball ....,. Business Staff ......... Business Manager ...... C Calendar ................... Class Editor .......... Cheer Leaders .................. II Il 97 91 4 4 .. 4 66 .,....111 62 34 75 12 59 80 4 4 88 4 74 Chorus ..........................,...... 60 Commencement Exercises Commencement Speakers 32 33 Coach, Boys ......................... 79 Coach, Girls .......... .... 7 5 Coach, Football .... 69 Custodians ............ 18 D Debate ................................. 54 Dedication-Our Mothers E East Building ........... Editor in Chief A .... .. Editorial Staff ......... Eighth Grade ...............,. El Circulo Castellano ...., F Faculty ..................... Faculty Advisor ..... Football ................... Football Managers .... Freshman Class ................ Freshman Class Officers .. G Girls Basketball ................ Girls Basketball Managers Girls Glee Club ................ Girl Reserves .... Y 8 4 4 46 52 14 4 70 69 44 .... .. 44 76 75 .... .. 58 50 dl , B X .. x. Girl Reserves Play .... Girl Reserve Team .... H Honored Seniors ..... Hi-Y Club ................. J Junior Class ...........,....... Junior Class History ..... Junior High Building ...... Junior College ............... L Latin Club .................. I ..sM Music Editor .............. Memorial ................. O Orange and Black Staff ..... Oneretta ......................... Orchestra .....................,. P Phonetic Writers Club ....... Photoplay Editor .............. Principal-A. O. Suber ....... Principal-L. H. Houpt .... Prophesy ........................ Public Speaking ...v . ,,........,. S Secretary to Superintendent Seniors .............................,..... Senior Band ............. Senior Chorus ............ Senior Class History ..... Senior Class Oflicers ..... Senior Orchestra ........ Senior Class Play .............. Senior High Operetta ...... . Seventh Grade ............... ..... Snaps ..................... ..... Sodalitas Latina, ..... ..... Sophomore Class ..... .. South Building ............. Spanish Club .................... State Scholarship Team ......... Superintendent-W. O. Moor-e T Table of Contents ...... Title Page ............... U Union Building .......... . W Will ..... .............. L 7 rj 4 'L 341- 'wg . , ' - 1. -V1 .7- ' 5 ' Y i , ap... , W ' 4!",-- '9.,.- V " .L- l K '- , ' ? , .. .vw - . " .' .fr 4 1 4 x ,. i' ' ' 'iii "Wit: V, 5 . ' I 1' '-" 12 " I , , . ' .rl ' - A . ' , LII , :, , .,. .+ -' "LQ,-,' Z .3 I , ' . ' -. M, ' " ' 2' v- " JW? 1 1 . - . . " ' ' ' ' ,p 1, Lt 'P , - ' V b r ' - . v 1 . 4 -V , 7 , h ,Lf -Jm'.5 ff-L R we - , :' ' ,, - , I X ,, ., ' , H - V ..' A . ': , , , , ,V w 1' ' t' P A J' v . , I . , 1 ,.. .P V- . 34 tiff rf- . 1. , K Q M- 91 1 - 1 J.. , , Y 0 . ' .- 'V " -fm. I 4 .rw .,k'...A ..,1K454 , ' if V... "--. 'uf 3 , .Q I ,LU -415,13 -'gi . . ."S?J"5 ."LV,1 l- U . . .5 -M. ,-1. . em -: 'K ' n r 3' ' . , . --. ', , . -L - V ' ' Iliiif 7' "hu 55 ' '- 2129 ' + -'- , .ffm it.-fl? ' I . y , ' .p , L- X . - if: , t ' f-96' ,J . v I R J. , . . , . -+1 "TJ ' ' ". P J ' SMT. " 1 ,. , -. , 4 , 1 ' N ,-'wfzz rl f - ' Mn A 4, ,- g. l I ' 4 'Wm' P +".Zf""'. ' x f Al-99' .... u. 'i " "7 ' - ,5... , -rv . 4- .v an P . 1-,U--J A fn . v ' , , - j V 1.-1 . ' MM L I hgh -A pw! 1 ,Iv , Diff I' as ' .' P - ' . .QJAQJ 4 , . , , 1 ' . .-gf-ta. -. 12' 'E ' .. 'f'iff"ia-..5 'n , :f...g2L--LA r I 4. -11- m M.- . w w O X i 'iv 1. -.4 4 .,,, .., .If -, f .44-1 v, A , . 1 n n M- liv vu .r' .gm is -v. ' . 'F I' -gn 0' ' 4 s R- r' -1 A I 9 ,' L V' I .X A 'M ','- .. ' ""Y7f ' .., V '--' 'S- 1- ,N . ', x.. 1 I w r L I V v , ,, 1 . X l-.X 1 Q ' .- W ', . -A i 1.. ll kr an ' 'Q lf' I H ,, . V., 1: PT I 1 ' Q ' -.. IIS a "+I 4 , ,N 5 ,qv ' fl" , '1- 'ii A 3. - 1. I r . A .-4 -. ,I I J ',. 1.' . 4,5 - - , X ., . .,., w Q . 1 . A .,- , - . ,- ' v . 4 I , 4 1 , . . . , . -.lk , 'z r , - .. X - 1 5 -. XA- "".-fgifl .l. ' ' Q 'I X - "1'Aw uw I. 'H 7, V.-, ,, K-L-, ', . zz v' ---. ' - - ,- 1- -- - , - f N , . ,Q .gt:'. ,- 1 ' , 'x, 1 gg K. , I 'I ,. - . - . . .- A - 'n ' . - .-. , L '. , - ' 5-,f '1 ' .r-. vw, x .,,1 ' --e ,,'v. ,,, u . H! .. 1 v ' 'S v ,nf fauna" mn ' K if

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