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Upper Sandusky High School - Indian Village Yearbook (Upper Sandusky, OH) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Cover

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XJ gt Q I ' ff , . X X ,i ' li . x ' X -Q t 5 k X X X 5AAi x5 x.s V-b gf l 1' I X ' h ' X 9 K 1 , x ' ' t 'R J EJ N 5 h , .EA N , ' X T , I 'N 1 K, - ID3 :wa l ...WHO'S WHO.. ,.f ' 1 X5 BAPTIZED AS WE CALL 'EM YOU'LL NOTICE INITIALS STAND FOR AMBITION 'N Robert Armstrong Ben His roadster Run About College l ' Marion Bair Bair His flirting Marvelous Boy Bug driver David Castanien Davie That instrument Dandy Comrade Farmer ! , Milton Chadwick Red His red wavy hair Mighty Colorful Uratnr 1 Lawrence Chadwick Larry His quietness Lucky Chap Architect Elmore Clark Ellie His hats Ever COUFIIIIQ To work Emil Gel iiii irig Fishy Reserve Easy Going Get some place , Garvin Getz Getz That walk Go Getter President of LI. S. ll David Hale Davie His tinkering Diligent Helper Electrician X Carl Halberlel Deacon His importance Certainly Humorous Stage manager Dean Harmon Dean His grin "Dear" Hunter Ge rich quick Justin Hollanshead Justin His blush .lust-in Harmony Fiddler l Horace Hetzel Harpo His height Happy Harpo Musician lt Clayt rili Hook Bud Great ideas Clever Hoocilum Dance tutor N , Clovis .lurey Clovis His intelligence Country Jake Chemist Edward Landversicht Dugan That hair groom Extravagant Lad Gigolo l Arlo Lawrence Arlo Never in a hurry Always Loafing C tili gressman Homer Lininger Jake His voice How Lonely Get 3 date i Eugene Lawrence Gene His dubbing around Ever Learning Get some sleep l Robert Logsdon Bob Rosy cheeks Rural Lad Poet ,l Harry Miller Tuslty His gas chariot Handy Man Racer Gale Neiderhouser Amos Those broad shoulders Great Numerator tin scoresll-'ootball coach John Newcomer lohnnie His nonchalance Jolly Newsboy lnnrnalist l Neal Osborn Ussey Chewing gum Never On-time Ball player Maurice Philbrick Mick His absence Mighty Prominent Lecturer Frederick Rife Fritz His avoirdupois Farm Relief Get thin Dwight Sams Soaps His indifference Day Sleeper A vacation Il tiii Sc-henoler Don His girl craziness Doesn't Study Get a wife Calvin Seckel Cal His girl friend Competent Singer Grand Opera Dale Shi iiii baugh Shammy Musical ability Dutiful Son Band leader pfj Edward Sleminer Rosy His flaming hair Easy Sailing Be famous Luther Still Still Silence in Civics Lad tot' thel Soil Preacher Karl Strasser Karl His notebooks Keen Student Golf pro Ralph Swi rnff hait Ralph Willingness to iielp Rare Stuff Mail carrier KK George Thatcher Duck His sleeping Girl Teaser Run a filling station I Ralph Stover Ralph His running around Rural Swain Supt. of Schools Frrinklin Tilt fiii Frankie His long shots F: iiiiwi us Talker To sleep w Bnrt rini Zi itiiiir f rnim Bert His quietness Bel fnty ' Zero To awaken Nl f- 'l " . ,IX . 'tl QWQQMO 900 , A ,X I 5 X r . X "V . i . F gy M 9 iq f f I f 7 l if 'C li K T V f 'fr' F 'R , S- llll ' '- 4 ' cg. I " I I iz I. - V ll. " Awb! ! '-'5 BAPTIZED AS Harry Zimmerman Ruth Armstrong Dorothy Beidlcschies Martha .lane Bringman Helen Brooks Barbara Cowgill Evelyn Culver Florence Enders Mary Border Peggy Frederick Mildred Fox Mildred Frey Janet Garwood Thelma Hoover Katherine Jarrell Viola Keeler Kathryn Krock Ruth Etta Lehman Dorothy Miller Margaret Miner -lane Mol arii ey Mary E. Neumeister Naomi Neate Gladys Pfeiler Irene Ross Florence Smith Martha Steiner Mary Taylor Eleanor Trachscl Mildred Wagner Margaret Walter Garnette Wood Beulah Eley lllah Karcher Cecil Snyder Ethel Snyder Gladys Newman Dorothy Trautman ...WI-lO'S WHO... WE CALL Dutch Ruthie Dort lanie Brooksie Barb Evie Flo Nlary Peg Steve Frey Janet Thelm Kate Viola Kate Ruth Etta Dot Margie latte Ake Babe Gladys lrene Florence Mart Doc Eleanor Milly Margie Garnie Tootie lllah Ethel Cecil Sue Dorothy 'EM YOU'LL NOTIVE His height Her friend, Garnette That laugh That figure Lack of makeup Her giggle Her sweet smile Her curls Her tardiness Her skipping school Her wit Interest in B. B. Her boy friend That vocabulary That hair Her coronet Her silence Her ring Her shortness Them there eyes Her tiredness Athletic ability Her boy friend Petite size Her noon rides Home economics That stride Her poise Her looks Her nhispering Loquaciousness Her disposition Stick-to-iteiveness Her novels Her twin Her twin Her friendliness Her poems INITIALS STAND FUR How Zealous 175 Ready Always Dashing Brunette Many Brains How Boyish Brilliant Chemist Ever Coy Friend Ever Movie Brunette Plenty Friends Much Fun Many Friends Jolly Girl Tenacious Holder Keen land! Jolly Yery Kind K-lK-KJ-Katy Rather Lucky Deserves Much Modern Miss Joyful Maiden M-E-N Nt iiii erous Notions Great Personality Idle Rich Fancy Seamstress Mighty Senior Much Talent Ever Thinking Measles Wanted 131 Mieltty Winning Grass Widow Blue Eyes l'm Keen Cheerful Student Ever Serious Gracious Nymph Diligent Toilet' AMBITION Truant officer Keep house Marathon Dancer Designer Matrimony Spanish teacher Live in a city Farmer! nite Artist Model Beantician Fall in love Prima Donna Teacher Get married Dehater Pianist Milliner To talk Grow taller Get some sleep B, B. coach Nurse Do something Stenographer Travel A new laugh Run the world Artist's model Be quiet Grow up Kate Smith II English teacher Novelist Have curls liuu a restaurant Movie actress P ire' tt-se I U l l ill tt li K 'fi . i l l Q Ott .f its My Q Xtlr L ' I X Q ZA ,Q A H I R Ax Q A ix X -As -Q ff xl ifi I t ii ef' ' -' J N. X3 L H x t . X X ',gJl,.1 -5 ' X -- pl Nb -it S l 1 Q I g-- . . . Calendar . . SEPTEMBER-1932 School begins. Sophmnores heyyilderingly hunt for lockers and rooms. -Sophomores try to make the upper clussmen be- lieve they unclerstcmd the schedule. -No school. llliti tor thc county fair. lti-Still no school-:mother "fair" day. ' 150-Srhool ufuin. G. li. meeting at Iudiuu Mill. I 233-Pep nicotine Mr. Fleemzin informs chemistrb' students that chemistry class is not .1 "lub" ses- sion. ,i"t'I 2-1-Seve-r.il students have their seats chunucd in chem- ' istry. Who?-three uucssesl l If!-First physicul educzttion r-lusses oreunilvd. ! OCTOBER-1932 l . 1-We won, we wonfl Bent Bucyrus, Ill to 12. o -J I 4 7 -Miss Stulter Ends it convenient to uiyt' unother Euulish test. .t-We p.u'ude through town to see President Hoover. r S-Another foothull victory over Crestlincf 14 to ll. 12-Class officers eleetetl. Columbus Day. School us usuul. N l-1--Toledo Woodward sxune, Rumor has it that Toledo won, hut rumor did not report the score. 19-Spanish cluh meetin: with election of oilicers. Z!-.lust :another loss-Fostoria beat Upper in the st-mnul home game. I4-G. ll. Gypsy Hike. 27-Junior class party, HN 25-Teachers eo to Tuhdo. We hope they enjoyed the holiday as much us we. Z9-F fiii tlnnll Lune .it Tiflin Culvert. The score was 515 lo lil. I K 31-fiirls' hasketbull pi'1u'tit'e hegins. toil ij, Q 'xx to 92 O 1 -1 4 7 S 11 15 16 IT 7.3 .,4 f, - I fltl 1 -'J .1 1 5 S Ill 13 16 lf! 20 21 io 'lil--Everyone guards Lieuinst NOVEMBER-1932 -Thirty days hath November! First issue of Orange and Black. -Oh, those grade cards! -Magician program, benefit junior class. -G. R. meeting. -Cicero club meeting :tt Bznrhura Coweills. -Armistice Day. Thanks to the persons who do- nated the :afternoon off. -Second issue of Oranee and Blzirk. Spanish vluh at Margaret Miner's. -The seniors endure another English test. -Only one more week until Thankseivinef -Carey eame. Scoreless tie. Plenty of school spirit and exen more rain. Would it were tomorrow! --Thanksgiving. No school, -The day after! -And so Nov.-inber passes, DEFEMBEH-1932 -Letters to Suntu Claus :Appear in Orunae und Black. -Senior party. -Band concert. -Sophomore eirls taken into G. H. -Band concert. --Bucyrus boys here for first grime. Weli rather not mention who won! -Theater rnzuiugfer plays host to girls' husketbull squad. --Nut the thirteenth but unlucky :-nywny. Boys lose to Titlin Columbian. -Blue Monday. -"Mick" Philhriek arrives on time. Who says the day ol mirucles is past? -Many pupils absent. "Flu" seems to be the main topic of discussion. -Health commissioner says that schc :t.t l shall be Clnsetl. Anyone sorry? the "flu". Alumni gzunes cancelled. Q f X I - I N - . i Ara -- - f- ."fL'Z"' r .1 f N fr .- ' ' 4 ' ' J" . It i X l 1 .IL W 9 li' -f 'Z X 7 I fi F i i i 2 1 1 -iff, ll 4 ft li JANUARY-19321 2-'4Flu" still prevzilentg tiierwt'orv, suliool :loss not start. li-Carey game postponed. 9-See December 19. School hvqins again. ll--New clothes seein to be quite the Lol. Santan Cluus must lime henrel about the zlepression. 1.3-St. Paul hoys :mtl N11-f'titcliciix'ille uirls pl.iy herv. Boys lose unfl lirls win. l-l-No sclinol. "fins onl 'Iii-Tvucliciw inform pupil away. y zu tlrcxnn. s th.it exnnis 'are not fur lil-Glilllfl rush for knowlwlgef 20-Crestline hots :intl rirls. lwre. Boys lose .mtl girls win. II!--Exnnis basin. 2-l-More ex.ims gtntl still .,- l - --Thus enmls the tiist so .N there :ure :now to follow. lllQ5ll'l'. -.-Curvy :nine he-re. Boys and girls llulll win. Rv- memht-r that hoys' uxnnc? Silt-f'iceru vluh nteetine. Second semester htzins. Ill-Dwight Sums :ues to sleep in seventh pc-riotl Zissemlily. FEBRV.-XRY-1532131 fl-Calvert boys :mtl Fremont sirls, livrv. l'ppvr captures two YllTl0l'lCS. 6-Miss Stearns presents her pupils ll Ltlllll tvst. hlirahile tlictul T-Senior Cluss selerts Lolors .intl motto. 9-Debates culletl ull. lll-Cuey boys and girls, tlicrv. Boys win :intl Iirls wish they haul. 1.3-Joe Bringmwn tvziflivs i-1-Miss Stulter tries in cluss helieve that the I fb AIIIQFICJII history rl.nss. nmlie lust periotl Enilish world is still tlntf 'lT-Wharton boys :intl Elfli, here. Two more Vit" tories. 211-Seniors may ho sC'0lt proofs. Z1-Group pictures taken proually rlisplziyinu pirtnrv for gmnunl. Miss BL,-INF' has party for basketball girls, 24--licntnn hoys, here. T hey win. -u MARFH-1 9713! ..f-'l'ourn.nment. l'ppn'-r heats Yun Wert. 4-l'pper tlefezttexl lit' Limu Vilntrall. ll-Poor lessons, gi usu.tl Nlontlny tll'1'Lll'52llL'l. -Uperettai przivtiee. fl-liliss Liolling gives her sliorthunsl ulgtsses .1 vnu.: tion -opf-rolta practice. lil-Senior operettu, "Pirkles". l.:-Work on unnuul prouressini. li-Seniors limw: rligipel. lf!-G. ll. churcll service. 20 Il ,.. ,.w .1 134 ,,- -I Ill 1 4 7 14 :i A-4 QS ,rrp .J -I.. 15 fl .', ., 2-I IH h-Fmnklin Lev --B.iu1l goes to -Bunil goes In -lun you bent this for rruelty'f filiss Btmtty sp.inks at little boy on her own lvirlluliiy. -Bwsketlugtll girls scent to he .i littlv sleepy. Merely the result ol' .1 party for liliss Bi-titty. front Sllllll!lI.Il. Vhinu, speaks in fltaipvl. Tue rluy for sophomore English classes. Girls try out for senior rluss play. --Boys try out for senior vl.tss plgty, Signs nf sprlne--Mr. Houpt heromus pot-:ir in .-Kiiivritzm history class. --More play try outs. -lnterrlgiss l1.iskc'tb.ill tuurnuinent ln-ffins -Post 2I'LlllllLlli'S hllvrf Clizipvl. APRIL-193233 -Uh, what lools up gill glrg-I -Annual lllllklfill. Kenton for festival, -N111 school. Lim.i. -follego fluy for seniors. -Pliysitntl ecluvtition miomonstrntion. -Bnntl festival. MAY-102223 -fGr.nle oporvttu. -Senior ox.nns begin. -l,Ltst senior c-xanis. -B.4cvgtI.tureute services. -Finish exams. -.lunior'SQnior li:.intpic't. lC0llllllCIlCQlllPIll PXO.'I'L'lS9S. s Wig l I I l N M fn t l i l l tl VIN ,fX 'X X' X X 5 1 5 - ' rvlla A , J. L X , X A I! V x X X X - ' X A f N X ? N xx K , -' YR I D 4 fl ff I r 1 N A fu u F5 f- 4,4 X mx I a -my Eh: fp' iafr l . ,A 9? wwe? -V ji-115.52241-:,. I ef , T 4-mt Ji. We . .1 in nv, Hfff,-QQ: X, ' f 2 W? X , , j:YCY2f' R 3301! E ,ff :'? , ,, 'Jos' 1 ,Z , .. ., ff: Mefs 1.-. ,- NSN N ., ,,. ...... 43111, ANQGSQ- Xb 2 xc 'N Wxxx FSB' Wx-I-N c?Q9h,. , .mam K- .. ,. qs ...ALUMNI... 5 J fi ,,ff'j., l? Z,,,,f ! i gl' I .l 9.1 Qytfffef ' u I F' I I O .F ' s d. I 2 Q Il I 9 IE , I 0 7 X W I I I Qe1i- 4 Q . ,f 'I I v95+ . ' Ax W Lf , -f f ' sa "" f " 4 ifl x .ID S' Q- -' ' ' ii.-i S as Xi 5 X -Q, S 'fflla E l l u ..fXhlH1Hi.. President ..... .,....,. . . ..... Nelson Rall NJ Vice-President . . , . , Mrs, L. H. Hull I' llecorcling Secretary . . , . . . Mrs. Geo. Fleck t'o1respo11ding Secretary ..........,...,. .....,. .,.... 5 I iss Colleen Guurl , 9 The class of 1933 wishes to call to your attention some information which, we hope. will be of interest to the alumni. VVe shall not attempt to mention all who have made a name for our school, but we will give the outstanding persons in each class for the past ten years. X Vp to this year. including the class 1932, there has been 1,295 graduates from lf. S. H. S. Although these people have graduated from our school, and part ot' them have left town they have not forgotten their school days which, we are proud to recall, were spent in Ypper Sandusky. W ' Jane Moloney el 1923 I Vale-dit-torian Margaret Rowland Arcanum M Salutatorian Martha tStalterl Tignor Elkins Park, Pa. Wt President Eugene Weaver Vpper Sandusky Editor Joseph Peters Sheboygan. Wis. X Business Manager Leroy Veith Philadelphia, Pa. f I 1924 ' Vztledictorian Louis Logsdon Cleveland ' Salutatorian Mabel tLaytonl King l'pper Sandusky K r President Fred Milligan Columbus X Editor VVilliam Haynes Toledo 'l N Business Managel Merl Eiserling Toledo 1 lx 1925 4 Yaletlictorian Harriet Stalter Upper Sandusky , Salutatorian Anna K. tFOllClltl Meeker Middletown President Edwin Zimmerman Barberton W Editor Harriet Stalter lfpper Sandusky Business Manage-r .tuna K. tlfouchtl Meeker Middletown NN Valf-dietorian Salutatorian l'rf1siflent Iffillljl' liusinf-ss Manager 1026 June Il, O'I3rien Mildred tGrundtischl Whit Irvin Tschantz William Hunter Clarenet- Uinau Detroit, Mich, tington Springfi Columbus Carey Deceased eld lf, x f U -i'f'Nf f ' , ,ff X Ill ia " 'X f '4 -fs p W L mfg K I: Xin! 4 ' fi f f ff o f I I tr 4 i i 33? 7- 5 T? I li' , f I " . 6- 4. X'LllPdiCt0l'i3ll Szilutatorian Vrvsident Editor Business Managvr Valcdictorian Sulutatorian President Editor Business Managi-r Yalcdictorian Salutatorian President Editor Vppvr Sandusky Va ledictorian Silutatorian Prvsident Editor Business Managvr Vail-dictoriaii Salutatorian Orator Prvsident Editor Business Manage-r Valk-dictorian Salutatorian Orator President Editor Business Managcr 1927 Ucatrix Goodman Hwlcn Hill Thomas Tschautz livatrix Goodman llonald Stansbi-ry 1028 Freda Steincr Glcnn Larick llichard Kneislvy liatliei-iiw Artz I'lrich Ilcilc 1029 Marsari-t Huopp Martha Gregg Marion Good Cathcrin+- English Iivriiarcl Fritchie 192211 Mildred Troup Dorothy Borg Keunvth McDaniel Dorothy Borg William Garncr 10:11 Cathcrinf- Good Holman Stwphan Ifilflllvvll Moloney Primal Ulrich Cathcrinc Good Richard Harmon 0. lfml Mary J. Garcr Hcnrictta Martin Margarvt Ncwconier Hvrnian Staltcr Margaret Nwwcoiucr Vance Da llfO1'd -297 E Ann Harbor, Mich. Columbus Columbus Ann Harbor, Mich Marion IQIIIWI' Sandusky Vppcr Sandusky Toledo Vppcr Sandusky Vppcr Sandusky Vppvr Sandusky Dolawarc Tiffin Business Manaccr Vpper Sandusky Titfin Oxford Columbus Oxford Columbus Obcrlin Naiuwrillv, Ill. Delaware' Vppci' Sandusky Oberlin Granvillf- Findlay Springfield I'ppvr Sandusky Elkins Park. Pa. Vppvr Sandusky Cincinnati Cf i ii i it it Vi it 'di FH gffii. X 1 X X C4 X hx xof SAX . Q, L ' '- x i . T. i - ' JJ '1 - -' '- iikt X X N --1 e-in-n ...WHAT'S NEW THIS YEAR... X ...League of Six Nations... Q This was the first year for the newly organized "League of Six Nations". This league includes Carey, Crestline, Calvert, St. Wendelin, St. Paul, and Uppei San- dusliy. t Calvert won the trophy with live straight victories, and l'pper finished with two victories, one loss, and one tie. The seniors of this year's squad are wishing members of future squads luck in bringing the trophy to the Oneida camp. Calvin Seckel X .. . Post Graduate Class. . . O By the addition of four college subjects to the curriculum, the board of education made it possible for approximately thirty graduates to return to school for another 'ml years preparation for college in English, trigononietry, business administration. and U commercial law. The members of this class have made the board of education feel that its efforts have been appreciated. Besides preparing themselves for college life the post grad- ill uates started again the publication of a school paper. l I i ... Orange and Black... 0 Early in the year the post graduate class undertook to publish a school paper j and to make it even more successful than the one formerly published by the high W school had been. As the result of a contest, which included both junior and senior high school students. the name, "Orange and Black", was again used to symbolize I the colors and spirit of the school. The paper contained news which was of in- terest to everyone in the community. This project was indeed a success and it is hoped that the post graduate classes in the future will continue the publication of such a paper, . . . Oneida Peppers . . . OThe school undertook a unique project this year in the way of providing the cheering section at games, that is, a pep club. Cheering at basketball games has not always been highly successful because those who were cheering were scattered over the balcony. An attempt was made to remedy this by the organization of a pep club. It was named the Oneida Peppers. The Oneida Peppers received emblems. which were crange and black, with the opposite colored letters. Each member was required to wear this badge in order to enter the coveted first four rows. Every- one who owns an emblem is proud of it. X L N Ffh The cheerleaders were Jean Fleck, Mary Neumeisler. and Margaret Miner. l 4 L UPPE R s ND USKY HIGH SC H C E EE I 12 fw 75 . m E 5' 5 27123: - 3.5 ...DEQ F3 G -- ..- Eg -I -Egg: -6 .E3w.9 '- .3 , C., A5 ... -5-2 cw-: -.3010 . C5 Z .2 - - gs " 3 15 - L ., . 'J Q-2 . Z -Z S :Ch 'UTULC ESE E, -532.2 W N ,L cv - ...+-' an .22 Jig Egf' 2 15 53 I E ESE N Egg - 2 'MEX U ci Z m gf E 5:3 gvm z veg-1 15 B 5,40 mm vu P- Lum O :- L7 o M CCE 'C -ua" I ? -2 ,.:. hm cg, ,N ...so mga: .--Q cv 5 QQE - '-700 I-'E mot :C .n LD - I- by -u me s g E 1 2 U I gd -m 23- M Na: w 2 UQ "'c5'22 E22 .W N S z doa .cg l- E-2 is gmt mm o-,UE m J: .cdr ,N 4 u- o N Q-1.9 N ,, , Umo 'S ,, -vE"'E wigs z it E'- E 3 Zn.. 3. -o X Q mgh 'Sing Z I-I. E:-cada I.. 4252, 2 Uma E O X N 1.ngNfE L iss f 'I 2 M S 5 N 3-: 5-95. 1 Ps C A 'EQE 3 '12 .w N :UE N Evl' " 4 0 E E.-1 '- Q PN N Wm -'5 :No o2qE I o '- 1-- . cc fu U, D com 3 mc, - 3 ln U Q .f.mE N Eu-V2 .nv Z' 49 - N mu: Z E 0 5 N Wm '22 -E N E ,. 8 Q cog o ua '-mc in '-' E .ls EI 3 In Eng .E N 2 E m E43 'D -no 5 N gg ,, L49 5 N com E dm -- --4E Q O ,A as 345 pq 2 8 Bm gms 3- no lj g E N 'Nm z I: Q -ca 'IN Ex N wa: gag g 3 '-'Ng 5 Q ' . U 5.5 3 ,j Q 5, N z J: ,N 3, -C r-E .., N ooo z "1mE - 40 .B ago I:-:N I U' E x. 0 .Q N : -:cg Elf N if-Jo 'img E E14 'UUE NN mo Z 3 Ln Ld Q iso E cr Q Z' 20 N 'N gn I Us if O Q 9 N -s 43 lg 38 DE z E mg Q 'CUE 3: 'C E cc EI 3 E2 'fm 'tooo .6 O 2 31, 433: C 'I K-14 : Us E -C -- '- g :fs . '15 2 ,.,"'- TGS Q 'foo E3 X UN: gg 3 EN -'cz Ji Q L: -Q :ig I z SE fr :mg CDN :l: :lx C W, wo M Dba an -5 mm :fo Q 1 .SE I of 30 ,S 'I EE T60 QS H - 0-N Z QQ .lo C E.- .5 EO ,, M Q: Ure: L I . E 0 15 1 S' m gov.. .-A fr Qu. 0 4- 1 Nr - .g Iv .: -C. Z z '-' N -2-Dc, ,Nm O- g' gl U' 632: J: mga U- we ,N N 5::QE ,,. rr EE f-1 ci -U N A EES : ,gg Sh 5'-E N r- . z I gc., ma: 3:3 4: WI - Z 'I O mm 'Lg EET, .Q I .E Q ,, gg, I5 Tm P-4 I 'S 2 'U 3-3 ' N 4: 1: 3: N V' '-C C ... ,.-X wo mg 3 gf N mi' ,, .15 ai Uv f-4 m0 N gf U- N .ZS m-22 .U- L5-' N N " ng Z ,EH M 3 -'SEQ 'aw "' 1: 8 .c I . .go Env wo if :: N -C Z wg a: .... E5 E: Gm M W 3 U13 ,-4 oi' I : 5 N ,C 4 1'- Q5 Ci U- -4 ug N .2 ai S- N 'U 42: SH N C... N in NT C X ff zz., "' Q5 E 3- N 5 I . gi .-2 -e EE Q 5 U' ci E N '-5 I SE E S: Z 1 11" N 5 Eg EK 3' ua EN R' ua ni .E h nf E ef Q H ci 2-S' .-4 5' 2 In U 5 N 3 DE 2 . gg N A: . .1-EE 'N' . 'G S 3 an Q2 1 " : ' cr :N . ci ,., Ego tt, 1 z E-5 2: N 5 1.1 oc Q N D. Emu, Q Ld .5- .cm M I,-4 o--c,,., C . .. V11 tu Uuu 9, nt 51 1-4 cf o ' 'D '-'7 ' " N N v- :E 2 5 . z '-4 'I 2 ,,, U.-4 'gag Eb. wr E I D: 3 N I ,-fu Dv O v-I L 3 EMG 'EE wx .SAE "" H" Z 5 'U 'U ln U' ,, 1-f 51 YI' W th 5 :Af rn Z i ...U - ,,., Q ,H , -- 41 1 ,,, -gc Q -1: 25.2 ac 2 ng N N f-'x - "LH w uw N rn .J v-pI n: z,.,Nqf ua 4- U rf! :X - Z 'DMEM . . a. En- II O 454, z, m 5 3 v ff E2 'G Q A nf S- N C I .3 C 42 ww 2 rv- 57, PW '5 u: N I . Q 3- O I E '-3 0 'EZ' ff :: N mf M E' ni o .Q Q E3 ca ' 5:2 M If .5 O A 5 'G ... 44-L' N E ci Z z- m w . 1 12 . 2 C g '- . 1 fr , la-J ln oc Q., :I N Z 3 nc ac, C, ,-4 w-, aj.: -2,-. N 3.2 m .-1 '--, x.s- u H1 - 4- 7" adm ci E2 o C N ,, gf '52 C, Us ... gm .3 N . -U .cm M ,qv-c ... QIN n: 3: ffx 4.n 645 - ,,, -'af Z 'S .vw M 'Ez I ff I r-4 ,-10 8 0 I - -23 f --Q W2 D: Q., M SAI -- C, Z '5 5. gi' M '- H E Q2 ogg 41 I E 5 UI- Q ,5 M .-4:44 5 m V' .n O 5 u 'W ,, "' 'Sf Y-D S N px .-4 Y ti E-5 , f-1 N Lh O - ' .-4 -go N 5 994, '-J P Sm 33351 MH 3 'So --o ... N-. ... VN P Om QQ : H, -. ... N P -.1 x -2? ' ' f f? 'fn' - F - - ' 4 K ? smxg ,41- Y f ' X I :D A fx E 1 I ' !'lxf?"'L1-4Zr :f'j ' v ii' , f i f Z i ll 13: ', x ' , , ff," A ' ' 1,4 1 X J f- 1 1 4 5 fx eeervl- jf '11 I--J, .1 -, L '-1 reef I Enter This Buildin: und Sf-ek, Tlw Way of Honor. Thv Liuht of Truth. :ind tlw Will 10 XVorlt for Mwn. . . . The Union Building . . . I Thw l'nion Svhool Building, locutt-d on XVe4st YVZIHQPI' Street. was huilt during the years 01' IHS? und IRN3. lts ll1bllI'0XllIlHtP Cost, including tlw grounds, was ?li5'P.000.1'l0. Tlw building contains twu stori--s. 'l'lifA1'v arw thirtwn rooms, The Curricula for lhv first nine- years of school nrt' taught herw and then the pupils go to the Senior High S:-lmol. Thv --nrollinent for this ye-:ir of 19222-223 numbers liwf liundtw--d sen-11' ty-six. This pre-svnt principal of this school is Mr. A. O. S-uber. The teaclielfz of Ihr primary gruclvs are Miss Greag, Miss Grlincitisch. and Miss Millvrg teacliers of tht- illf6'l'I1l1.'dl11ll' grades. Mr. Dvrrickson. Mr, Rall. Miss Mitterlnziivr, Miss Ve-ith, and Miss Arnistronai tf-ucliers ni' ilw junior high, Mr. Copt-, Miss He-tzvl, Miss Svhovn- br-rg-?l', Miss Neilliwister. Mr. Ul1llVl'll101'F'. Mr. Little, Mr. Barack, and Mr. Suber. Irene Ross i . il l X l l lil it N, l lx- l I l rw lg VIN 0,4 f x 0 ' NK C4 Sw, ix , J, Y Q A R N,..,Q . P' F X, X xx KS ' , ll X X X , , sm . ' ,f , :I 55 F! A L 1 ' Q ' P V f . f 995-X' "' Q '2 1 f 1 'H ' :Hd 3 J-745 ! 2-J, 3 5w WH is 35 NSN 'L -N-1V I . - IS 11:' Q A J 553 y M "X q',.1 ' ix fi A',:, A , ' U f A i f M UC 1 f fda AA - L ofx X 3, 3 - , , Q ll iq 0 I fy J ak' d , , pf A ! 1 Ighil ' fi N l f K J S i A , m s on X f fx ,Q ig 5 J Q Q: XXX . W ? T I Lg K 5 Q9 wk , wk NT rx I M 0 E DA WARR ORS ,. 4 ff ,Ng 100 WSW f A ,P I . A , I 3 lf: y - W - sm! Q I4 1 ' ' 'fs P . 3 X A 1 !Q?1 L r.. .x r ' , ' ' 1 4 up W 4 ff - xl " ,I 5' M ' f I k ..u' ' Y f I ! 1 .Q-LE-5 g - 'F -S i-WN-I 512-252 0365 --Q., 1 f 92' 21143 i f,- ff. f Eff? . 3 :f.z7iQ' f '34 '1 . f 5 I -:fa-F J' J 1 fziflfi i -0ff!,:.,2---53,9 735' N f ,,, 2' 2 EZ ,, gggzi LQ 5 4' xl - : .2 i , ZE':?x'?ii ' Q 2 ,-,xt 7:1 2.21.1-,N 2:15 S, 3 f 5' 1l:L' 12 ,k T5 -235-.5-272255 : ' 2 f5Z12 '5i 5 3.x,E. F Jig - is ' j "Jaxx - 'ffigu Lf f f5'r fu. J A7311 ,fx 'N ry X Qi kui' M , '-gill.: ' 'L Qlx IL0 , 1. 1 N A ' I I I Ti Dr ? - -3 ifx :I I ' x ' N I 1? 1 Y y 'I - 'QQ fn I . iv ." ' y -. f ...U -'-- Q I - ., D, .,,,7f..-. .A -ff- - A --'- -:' -x 4 .. .--If .Q-17' A ' ' I " :'- . .n- . , 22:-.:,,H' '. ' , I, . . 1:-.: , ..M. gf .-.--,fri . I I ' if .. 5" 1 hf:53 " N---1 I If' " ' 4 '15w23'h1-:Q 5 " -' -'ggi -Q .I I 'X ' A wg-- -V . A . ' , I N , , A 1-Z: 'insaffw Y.,-1 5 .F ,S - -f'fI-'V' ff' " " SW , T+L ' El Q . 'Q .....x, ..,.-, It ,Z ' 4-gm' N -fx-' Ivan Q, ,- -fl 1 ' ,L M U X, I xg - N 3 5 , .N , -. 'J I !!i,.". 5'1I - ..1,,'-' ' I ah I U' ' ' 77 2111.1 .v ., af' ' . I'-.3 vigil " I 1' 1 . . 12 ,, .- . .4- I if lm- .-A .- . , I X Jig.. ,K I 4 I YM I HISTORICAL VIEWS if Akai! Q W Q 0102-Q dx I - -,111 Q SX X N NMKAFX W. qv. QW, .,x,.u ??-045' . . Q. ADVERTISEMENTS . . . JOKES 'A .7 ff" ,gag if 3 f 741494 , 'cpu 1 ,Xu 'N X' S'-g AQ Aj F? ' W Ml X xg H ,y J X2 x E , 1 iw MJ I 7 I 4 X Q CLAS K 1tA,f'MI 4 .. mix WW 'Woxgbk-M' J'-- QA' Liam" X L' .-si!-E'1 vsx 2 IX, 1-'41, ft" Q", , me X4 X X 54. rf' -. Xi X i A .ii ' NQ. A , J- C , X- if ix , --- .V.. A l mfg ' - ga Mfg ' l ET fi sr yi l bl 1' ll f FN I i I From year to year we lwave been privileged to do tlwe meelianical part ol building tlwe Upper Sandusky An- nual. We lwave been glad ol tlie opportunity ol co-operating vyitli tlie Annual stall, and are glad pl tlie Con- tinued lriendslwip. Being neiglwbprs on tlie HlVlain Streetn ol tlie Nation we lil4e to lielp in all tlwings tliat are lor tl'ie good ol us all. We do a general printing business and try to malce eaeli job rellect quality and Cliaracter. .W HOPLEY CO. GHZ! Kinds of ' Job Printing BUCYRUS . OHIO lkfllx 4 I if 104 A A Q IW It l ' .Z ., ff ,, ,N - f 1 K X , ' f 42? , ,I f X f ' f IX s 'X 1 . im - I '- I , 5 cg. ef f , I I X Z7 Q W' 'Q - f ij I , A X ,A E "' ' ' LKIV5- ' Q- I W. W F 1 STAR THEA FRE If They'1'e Good, they'll be at the Star f POPULAR PICTURES AND PRICES x - I Greetings to Class of 1933 If V UPPER AUTO PARTS CO. IX A Complete Line of Pistons. Pins, Rings, Bushings, Valves, Gaskets, Dells, Hosl. Lie. XX Boring, Honing, Machine IYo1'k. and Gas and Are XX'elding X I , I I' Good Work and a Square Deal I x I David Hale: "IVIiy do they put so many holes in Swiss CIN-+-se xvh-In it's I,II1IDIlI'- In Y Y V ' . . .,,. I, gel' that needs the ventilation. lx Hob Logsdon, who had been in Arkansas. came back and told some 01' his ex- periences. This is what he said: "I went down to Frisco for 11 vhange and to rest. V ' The street car got the Change and the hotel got, the rest. WVhen I got to the hotel. ' ' the clerk sent nie Io a room. As I got into hed I had a CI't'+'IIIlIQ sensation COIIIP ig X over ine. I got up and told the clerk that the bed was buggy. He said that if V' I had a nightniare, I should hifch the mare to the buggy and drive oI't"'. , I . E . BRINGMAN 8: COMPANY FUNERAL DIRECTORS Home for Funerals 226 East Wyandot Avenue - AMBULANCE SERVICE - LADY ASSISTANT Office Phone 197 Residence Phone 66 I T X I I I FYI g I M . QI! A il f A X 14. 5 -. N ,X XX X in-i , X' Sb s.M " ' ' ' X , - A A A ' A-' x .53 D 'xr-I-,-iq!-I un J IS QQ? 655. X X -:vlf-I l X I f-' 5 yr THE COMMERCIAL SAVINGS BANK N5 Not how Big but How sTRoNG I We solicit your deposits l DIRECTORS O. C. Berg Alton E. Gregg Earl B. Carter R. G. Hetzel Charles M. Cress Harry S. Rieser W. A. Fox E. F. Stephan in C. D. Stubbs ' Mr. Fleck: "VVhat do you me-an by bringing llly daughter in at this hour'7' John Garner: "Well I gotta be at work by seven " Mr. Houpt: "Margaret, what is a balcony?" STANSBERY Sz STECK FANCY AND sTAPLE GIIOCERII-JS QUALITY HOME KILLED MEATS PHONE 137 NORTH CENTRAL OHIO CO-OPERATIVE DAIRY A good place to Market your cream 109 W. Walker St. Vpper Sandusky James E. Troup, Manager f Margaret Miner: "A front porch upstairs." 4 .l ly . , N C0llIjlllHI1'IIf-S of THE f CHIEF DAIRY CO. N l pw-r Sandusky, Ohio BUTTER - EGGS 'O DR. R. M. ROSSEL Dentist x X-RAY DIAGNOSIS I l'hone """' Vpper Sandusky, Ohio N mv fl R fl fl -C, -'N '-fxf. ' A I -f 106 X Eb 0 I ff a it A A , to I n f f 4 , I , r e f f f ' ill! - '- ""n-Nf- 2,4 : f m I ,Q ff 7-f.-L: ' T I-Wh' if f. l FOR GOD AND COUNTRY and the Success of Our Community Wyandot Post 225 AMERICAN LEGION Your education is not complete un- less you are a daily reader of I THE DAILY UNION i T 1 , DR. J. SOFT DRINKS Y OPTOMETRIST l A SOUP AND LVNCHES Practice limited to the examination and 5 X straiglitenina of Eyes 1 THEO. BOLISH lil Phone 0116-For appointment Horace Hetzel: "A man wants to we ou Huffman: "Tell him I'm not here." Horace: "I did, but he- won't ao." Huffmzin: lI'lQl'V0l1Slyl "Send him in, lll tell him myself," X ' il l Mary Border: "Why don't they have ineane nsylums in Arabia?" l Darothy Ileidlechies: "Cziusf there all noniud' people ther.-", , A Con1pIIn1f'nl'S RAY A. LANDVERSICHT Candidate for l Z i l 1 l of MARSHAL ly JoHN H. NEATE xl Democratic- Ticket l C0H111I1.lHl'l1fN fo CompIin1r'11z',w O1 THE CLASS OF '33 of THE PAGE DAIRY CO. fu Robert Bolish, Agent IDEAL K ' t Nl fx. 'N ff 107 -if W X 5 IDX 'VJ'- ,9 Ax QXL0 X RSX .-f" A x I l 5 -:vis ESS? O 1 if 1' l I l l 1 l 1 1 X1 NT Hg fx Ng 1, f's I J S ' ll I IDX . fx -.1 ""' ' R h 1 A- 1 Up to Date in YOUR KROOER MANAGER STYLES and MATERIAL cxtcnds to the Graduating Class his Everything in Dry Goods Sincfarcst Wishes for your Success REMEMBER THIS, there 2llII'I, no Santa Clausv. l HI-SPEED LEE TIRES CVOHQITIlLHlClllI'0lI-S To THE CLASS OF '33 E. J, ULRICH Clerk Of Courts WYANDOT OIL SALES PAUL JOHNSON Opvn all night 1'Or yOlll com Ill ncc Eddie' La11clvcrsicl1t was saying his praycrs i11 lOw voice His 111Otl1c1' WlllS1J6'I'F'dZ "I cz1n't hcar you, dear." Eddic: "WVz1s11't talking to you." Bliss Grilling: "VVl1z1t is a df-btOr'?" David Ebersolvz "A man wl1O Owcs 111O11e-y Miss Grilling: "What is El crcditOr'!" David: "A 1111111 who thinks l1w's going to gct it back." MENNINGEN Sz VOLZ ff'-if ll"'-1M GROCERY-PHONE 91 ECONOMY MARKET-PHONE 99 TO THE CLASS OF '33 U Quality and Service Always TSCHAN EN CU'llllIll.'IIH'llfH of -- STUDIO - STANDARD OIL CO. H412 Wcsl Jflllllsflll Hll'Pl'l SOHIO PRODUCTS Q ,-N f 'I f7'i " f1fff ff' ,Y I . f 7 H X ' ' f ' Q2f2"l,4 f ' -i' aj l f aififn X .., 1 Y 1 i A153 ' ,-X-'T-x..,. ' if X' I Q 1. V .. ' f I i1 , . X -v A ' bxwh ' ii, HARPSTER BANK W UIIIlICO1'DO1'D.tGCi K1 In Harpstei' - Ohio ig N CAPITAL, SURPLUS AND IINDIVIDED PROFITS f fDz5o,ooo.co I Deposits Giiaimiteed 135' Iintire Liability of Owners R iv-mini ii Giuxco Slviiiiiivi' lziiiswiwiiig phoiieiz "You say Dwight Sums f'ziii't bv in sf-hool ho- 3 cziiiso ho has a had Cold? Who is this s1wukiiig'?" Q Voice fwilh ussuiiivd homsiivsslz "This is my llillin-V." I -'i Mrs. Ililkfz "l"iwl. if you out any nioiwi Callco you'll burst." JN Ifiw-dz "XVe-ll, pass thi- va-ko and ge-t outzi Iiif xvziyx' ,N D I ' C'im1pIiii1r'i1f.w of i THE DELLINGER AND i I QONS COMPANY L' J' RAKEL 'D K I DRY CLEANING f - 1 L , HAI WOO Phono - - 202 I I Brxvf U'1'slif'.v !f'W1 TO THE SENIORS OF '33 TROVVBRIDGE STUDI0 Photographs Live Forever LECTIA L. HOUPT I'1i11+-1' Suiidiislcy, Ohio Pianoforte Iustructoi' I i of X X A1414- X ' XX Rx A W ' it xi- x - X - Y Q V TQ: 1 x V H H Cx , x v x A t ,123 . -' 'ht qs? , S -X x- 5 I K W,x - S- '- All .4 2 ti X5 ,z i t I ill in f td I ii it Xi N i ip X rfh ,K I My Ni' 'l " 'fs fl 4 . . . The South Building . . . 0The South School Building is located on the corner of South Eighth Street and Henrlf-rsou Avenue. It was built during the year 1896 and remodeled in 1919. Miss Garwood was the first principal and teacher in this building. Thf- South Building Contains two stories. On the lirst iloor are two rooms, a large hull: on the st-cond iioor are two rooms, at large hall, and the office. The building is Sl1i'1'0llIlfii'd by a beautiful rpueious lawn. All pupils living south of the I'PIl1lSXlYZ1lllIl railroad attend the first, second, third, and fourth grades that are taught here. Sineo the consolidation of outside town- ships with the lfpper Szintlusky school district some of the children of these town- ships att'-ntl here. Iil'f'f1llS" of luck of room in this building some pupils coming in on the busses at- tend tht- Vnion Builrling. Thr- prinr'ipzil :it prwsrint is Miss I-It-lf-11 Reynolds. The teachers are: First grade, Miss Helen Iifeyuoldsg sf-t-oml ururh-, Miss Evelyn Tiltong third grade. Miss Mildred Hmithg fourth Zl'2lflf', Miss .losepliiue Kuenzli. The totzil fnrfnllmw-nt this year in ont- huutlrf-d thirty-nine. Kathryn Krock .91 A W' 5 I 9 X 3 . ' X X S -x -gn, it 0 x A X N X 'S if Q ' I X Xl, . ,, K X XR fp . , 'L ,,,-P'-'5' -- .' J I , K X N , 'tv ' . X '.gJl,.a N X -- 5 ir SECURITY I-'IRST , I AUTOMOBILE, FIRE, TORNADO Q HALBI EQUIPMENT HEALTH and ACCIDENT l Life Insurance, Surety Bonds F ,F n E . HELEN F. STECHER 01 mm qulpment' Citizens Bank Building , Nfotol' Trucks INTEGRITY SERVICE Water Systems, Fll1'l1?lC6S, R. G . HETZEL Circulating Heaters, Shipper of Washing Machines, HAY, STRAW AND WOOL Paints and Varnishes Phone 45 '-J 325 West Wyandot Avenue , l Mr. Houpt: "This makes the fifth time I've punished you this week. XV!Iat have ' you to say?" FI Gale Niederhause: "Vin glad it's Friday." I Mr. Holland lin Geometryl "Franklin, what's a pol-y-gon? g Frankie Tilton lafter some hesitation! "A dead parrot." I Congratulations and Best Wishes l DR. J. CRAIG BOWMAN AND ASSOCIATES rm William A. Bender J. T. Lucas G. M. Lucas Phone 245 Lady Assistant BENDER. LUCAS 8z SON ,N Funeral Home 1 Prompt Ambulance Service 476 South Sandusky Ave. fl 4 ! X I . X I rl A I . '7 M T I ' "F 4-4 f2 f 4. -4 7-f Z U I I 1.1 - '- Y - - h gg: ' ,A -T-,,N,, X7 .f ' I ' Z... . . 1' , .wh- 2. D uf? C0"1l1l1"H"'fN Of F. E. PHILBRICK 8z SON CASH and CARRY GROCERY SHERIFF A Home Store for Home People ' HARRY XVEATHERHOLTZ 1231 YVest Wyandot Avenue W J. L. FOUCHT QUARRY Conzplfnzwzts of l GRADE "A" LIMESTONE 520 South Eighth St1'eet A Upper Sandusky, Ohio xvm' JI' lt Residence Phone 76 office Phone County 23.14 CLASS OF 1913 fl Mr. Houpt lin history to Clayton Hook! "Have you heard of John Paul Jones? Clayton: "Yes sir." Mr. Houpt: "Well, what do you think Jones would be doing if he wer1-aliVetoday'?" ,, Clayton: 1lllOlllt'l1l'S thought! "Living on the old age pension' X l l ns COHl1III.'lllf'lZfS of 4 CONQI'flfII1flll1.0lIN And Bmt IfV1.wl1c'.w HART-SNYDER ' JEWELERS fo th' Viwel' Salldusky. Ohio MEMBERS OF THE CLASS 1 C'0nzplimm1f.w of SPENCER SHOE SHOP Upper Sandusky, Ohio OF 1933 STEPHAN LUMBER COMPANY l frm Q- 111 it f xlhf A - 1 1 X X XX , Mu-eisf " ' U j X 'rf' 7' X N Nt ? . ." J if X - N x H' , -' hx 54114 D A '- Sgt, N HOBIE SWEET COHI11II'Hli'lZf8 of x. - HOMES - l FOX Z6 KUENZLI K BEN. C. HARMAN GARAGE l REALTOR Service on all Cars l'hou1- lil-.J 102 So. Eighth St. Vppcr Sandusky. Ohio l l" 'r Mick Vhilbrick when four years old Ci-lllll? houw from Sunday School and repeated ' l Ill'-lll0l'Y vwsv. "Th1- Lord is my Chaulfwur. I shall not walk." A l Holland: "OI'l'ic:f-r, ou cau't bluff uw. l'lll an A. B. and an A. M." 4 Ohicw: "Gooch now will uivw you a third de-grew." FRITCHIE 81 COMPANY C"wf111f'H1f'11fw of J STYLE LEADERSHIP Men S and boy 5 C,lr,tl11h5, Where Good Food and GO0d and Furnisllillgs People lweet 1 llxfm NICNUTT BROTHERS CYUIIQICIILHICIILIIOIIN to ' V TO THE CLASS OF was ROLLER KING FLOLTR 3 N l-'efrfrl and Coal of all Kinds l ry la from DR. K . M. DAVIS I H A , 3 X it I I I A 1 F j I ' 'I X f L '.,, AX ' , R , Af, f , - I'1 M' Q , ii I When III Need of Good CLOTHING See Al'IllStl'OII2'S Cash Clothing BETTER FOR LESS Yours for Service Plus Quality J. C. ARMSTRONG COH!1Jl1'Hlf'I1fN of 'ln' I For Dependable Drug Store Service "GET IT AT BERGS" DRUGS, TOILETRIES, STATION- L ERY, WALL PAPER AND PAINT MARILEA FARM DAIRY ll I GOLDEN GUICRNSEY RALPH BROEDE MILK AND CREAM 1, COUNTY SLIPERINTENDANT 4.562 Butte-rfat or more Lvl Phone - - 27J2 i :Ji Eli Barack: "VVhat are the seasons in the l'nitecl States?" Harry Miller: "Football and basketball." J Mother: "VVhy did yon strike Etht-l I , Cecil: "VVell, we were playing Adam and Eve and instead of U'lllllllllQ lllv with 1 X the apple she ate it herself." Al ' I A Il IF YOU WANT- H. STRASSER R SON l ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS Construction and Repairing FINGER WAVINQ: sHAMPooINt: 4 n.xncEI,INu HAIR CVTTING Call - ELECTRICAL FIXTURES FERN'S BEAUTY SHOPPE I Phone - 4833-W Snpplit-SAAppliances-IXlotors+Radios Refrigeratioii. etc. Read all the news while it is news Phone - 346 t ' Ill 139 North Main Street X W Vpper Sandusky. Ohio f VIN NJg!"X'x N' mam M , Q Al NJ' Lf - ' '- X, K . XX MNC ,Q X X . E X X his , wsu-gs" " ' - X' -E X ':Q J: '-'x.r-5:5-'!.' 'H J st Qi is ' A M. R - u sf- J' . With Best Wishes 4 Couzplzments of for flu' szcccess of the Y? DURAIN E. WALTER CLASS OF 1933 N Comm. RECORDEP THE GRAY sf winfrn co. 1 Poultry - Eggs - Cream STATIONERY Cofnzplimeizfi of W FOUNTAIN PENS. DIARIES, KODAKS You will like our fountain service B' E' COUNTY AUDITOR 1 BOWMAN 8a BUIRLEY l I TTY Our Drug' Store First 30575 WMW3 fo" ,33 yi ll l 6 Janeh Moloney Qunobservvd watched her father te-sting lungs and heart -11' a pat- ient! Suddenly she spokv: "Gf"tting any stations daddy?" ul 4 VW: advise Miss Pensw to have her eyes exainined. In reading a sentence to her 1 l English class she got two smlntences confused and readg "l' have a new dog and it 1 is double breasted," l X SHOES FOR THE Compliments NN of The WHOLE FAMILY . l l WYANDOT A VAULT VOGELS SHOE STORE COMPANY Ffh WALK OVER BOOT SHOP rx, An Upper Sandusky Industry Nl' fl fl 4 T M Q 'O 114 - Y I A. ' 'u-4Z fZ , QLK7 f X Z , fff M ' '4 . f -' 5 - I' B Alva- ll l C0"1If11'?'2f"1?f-9 0f C0l7ljlIl'Hll"lIfS , SIPLES HARNESS of SHOP FRED STUCKEY ,l i HOME MADE CANDIES W AND ICE CREAM lf l it Luther Jarrell: "Did you ever take cl1lorofor1n'?' Fred Mitch: "No, who teaches it?" X 1 I Margaret YValters: "There are Several things I can always Count on.' 7 K, Dorothy Miller: "YYhat are they?" A' l , Margaretz "My fingers." A A C0llgl'ClllIlIflfl'0llN to THE CITIZENS 5 SAVINGS BANK C0. L A THE CLASS OF '33 General banking in all departlnents X l Safety Deposit Boxes for rent ' l k frwl' NEUMEISTERS A X We will appreciate L A - BAKERY - V I u A 'K X 50111 pationage 4 AM ,vlx- , ,Xxx-' '5- 'b115Q ' x E' I X X XZ, I7 E -5. All! N ,xr-fa-Q-' , - QQ, 111- il f 7 Q.: t .. 'X ' X T X ? s45 O ' X T . i 'L K 5- B 'EYEJ PRIVATE INSTRUCTIONS ON BAND AND ORCHESTRA 1NsTRt'MENTs Compliments of KLEINLEIN JEWELRY 1 STORE Summer Months 1933 129 West Wyandot Ave. Upper Sandusky, Ohio COIl11JI1.HlPHll8 Phone 69-W 514 W. Johnson i of FLOWERS X CULVER RESTAURANT at i SAMMETS f C. L. CULVER THE FLORIST I Miss Erma Stearns: "In Latin 'amo means love. VVhatf is the opposite of it?" ' Iierneda Hoes: "Reno". ' Miss Pease lin English! "I want you to write fl brief autobiography for tonioriou H Joe Strasse:-1 "Who about?" l, l I HEY I LOOKIE! N ONE OF THOSE JUMBO Milk Shakes , N Complznzwzts VOR ONLY 100 , 'I'wir-l- its hi: ns any lnilk shake in town Yl'M! YITM! of The hiagest und best bowl of chile you HN ew-r had for only One Dime BOY! O! BOY! The Depression is over at H, 5 W o o D i s COME AND SEI-1 un, X I a ' " I S ' Z ft W 5 A .., , ff f I f f ,-. 'f g A .. 1 - ' ' - . ll-f' F 1 x . flll l' '-' fcg, T f 4 Q' Q' I X 1? f ll Zi- - . xl I' Ally:-f if I. YEARS - 20 -- YEARS ' Compumwlts We have Been Selling ' "QUALITY TIRES" Cf of To the Cai' Owners Ot' VVvandOt FOI BENTZ 5 AND 10 CENT STORES Vppei' Saiidusky, Ohio h , Inty I home of Our Tires sold I0 Years ago in I'se. "Ql'ALITY COUNTS" still "GENERAL and PENNSYLVANIA TIRES" IS.-XS'l'l+IL ISIIOTHERS 215' S. Main St. Vppei' Sandusk5'- OHIO AI'TO FIRE I I I LIFE INSIIRANCE If I HUDSON BROS. I I. . . . I I R' W' BOTH, Mandgel sI'I:I:TY IIONDs TOIINADO V4 I , Curl Hudson: 'WVIIIII started the Graiid C2lIlXOIl?" Louise BIN-'IllPyHl'Z 'ZX SOOICIIIIIIIII lost El penny iII :I ditch." W I Mrs. Carey: "Is my boy Iwlully trying?" Miss Stalter: "VeI'y." 5. Calvin Seekel: "I got a real kick out Ol' kissing: June last night," ,A A Eddie- SI6'IllIl1t'l'I "Any lll0l'P than I1SllZlI?" .' I Calvin: "Yes, the Old man caught Illt'." I I I 1 L THE U. S. I ll I CONSTRUCTION COMPANY I I I Extends tO each and every menihei' Of the Class Of 1933 its wish for Health, Happi- FY' ness and PI'OspeI'ity. ' w W. E. MARTIN, Owner M. W. MARTIN, Gen'I Mgr. 1 IC ,II I I I I MW ,fx-K 'S' Q-11 X 1 5? I Mx XXXL ff , . 1 N X Ax - 14' 9 N 1 A r X , - XA A ix - K' " YA A A I X. .,5,-It h- - -. .XX xy 1 3 i 'I , 'AI 4 3 - SN p 5? iw CALL 39 CALL 39 N ' I 1? -FOR- I I ff COAL AND ,V I BUILDING MATERIAL i I 1 'I W1 George . Fleck Upper Sandusky, Ohio ff FQ ge CALL 39 CALL 39 rxrxffxb f- 4 " 118 I I I X Y a- X 1 ly A I I , x- - ' f i ,, ,, ,M f af 'f 'gif-'u,4 fZ I ,. f f! Z .. 1 '-' ' - . 'liz' F 1 S x . llll L ' '-X""x-v- 2.4 1' ll , K X V I-1.1. . v i-I - ' LXWF-I 2- in .je "SAVE WITH SAFETY" AT ALVA SMITH O TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE BILLHART'S DRUG H 128 East Wyandot Avenue SIORE I KEEP COOL and REFRESIIED It See Your Dentist and Doctor CONIjJII'?IlIll1fN of i I at Least Twice a Year X U. s. BEVERAGE AND tx ICE PLANT l DB. L. W. NAUS up LAWRENCE FRIEMAN, Prop. X lklirtha Hagenniaier: "Did you give Harold Roth any opportunities to propose? M Dorothy Myers: "Yes, but I c'ouldn't tell hiui they were opportunities. could I?" it David Castanien: "IlrolIen on' your engaueuient to Annabel?" ll! Bob Troup: "She Ivouldn't have ine." ii David: "Tell her about your rich uncle." ' Bob: "I did: now she's going to be my aunt." ' A Lady lto Roscoe Kuenzlih "A line little hoy. Do you help iuauiiui .I if Roscoe: "Yes, I'll count the spoons when you have had tea." Q W . l' 1 . .' 3 YOU BUY THE BEST LQUIS FLECK It the :V IN , ' Leading' DRY GOODS . RUGS AND Haidvsaie U CURTAINS and ,M IF You BUY AT Spomllg' Goods WALKER'S sm 1 B IX .5 x. Q V 119 I 7 , ll W L x ,wx 's su' ' 17-f ,, K f I A I ly l 1 l H F, S fi 1 I 4 f 61? gf' .tiff Z Q 1:15 o r , I i ' - llll if U ' '-' I T7 4 1' . W . 'Aw'-i', -2' - -.- . Q , ,. ' 9' ' ,,, ...... L, .... -4 - ., . ,. . . """'1" ' ' ., ... - . . . The East Building . . . Q In a quiet and beautiful spot on the corner of Bigelow and Third Streets of l'pper Sandusky stands the East School Building, the newest grade building in our city. having been erected in 1909. WYhen the structure was built Mr. Il. J. Kiefer was superintendent of schools. Members of the school board were G. O. Maslif-y. presi- dent, Elza Carter, Robert Kerr, Austin Brown, and XY. P. llowland. clerk. who is the only surviving lll91Ubt'1'. After the decision was made that a school building was needed to accomodate the sinall children in the northeast part ot town. the site was selected and bought for the sum of sixteen hundred dollars. Contracts were awarded and the total cost of the building was about ten thousand dollars, The building has two large class rooms, also a small room upstairs used for an extra music room and at noon as a lunch room for pupils who come on the busses. The building is heated with a hot air furnace and lighted by electricity. We are told that one reason for selecting this particular site the fact that on the ground are two large oak trees which now supply an abundance ot' shade. The branches of one tree give it a circuinference of about three hundred feet. The other around the grounds were planted by Jacob Schwabel, wno was known by all the pupils as "grandpa"l ?i He has been the eificient janitor of the school for twenty-four years. Two of the maple trees at the west have won the admiration of all. In the fall nature tuins the leaves of the soft maple to a bright scarlet red and those of its near neighbor. a hard maple, to a golden yellow. The present enrollment of the first grade. taught by Miss Margaret Ruopp, is thirty-three: of the second and third grades, taught by Miss Murchie Castanien. prin- cipal: tliirty-three. Beulah El-ry l i l. dk iz l 'Q ll li, l el l .S ' i ll Nl .X t ,M Ifxt fi. y . ,Q X, .X -:Jill RSF Cl -Qi Ax SJ' L! A 1, X ix E g A ' X f l X X 1-' ., XS- . Y X A i s ,x,.,-:if f x l 3 u "' x N 1 Ng M N I F . i ,, D I X5 The Old Reliable FIRST NATIONAL BANK i'l Upper Sandusky, Ohio ESTABLISHED 1863 Members of the Federal Reserve System X l l i i Miss Mamie- Stearns: "How inany bones have you 111 your body?" l , Peggy Frederick: "Nine hundred." ll Miss Stearns: "How's that?" l I Peggy: "Had sardines for dinner." I Janet: "Elmore, do you love me still?" i Elmore: "Yes, better than any other wiv ll E l l 1 l wAsHED sAND and GRAVEL I , HAH The L'11iVqg1'gaI Cal' THE ELLIS - MARTIN rn AUTHORIZED T T 1 Lum GRAVEL SALES SERVICE ,N COMPANY , Upper Sandusky, Ohio mix if, I Q ff fl 1' 27,21 f f 1:-,H f X E4 CK pf I V il 1 , f I . 1 A 7.52.-" , "' X T - I li r Il - I V- Q-T-FF. . 1" Q , lf Q' Z gl I ,QQ-,E I-ruYb"' .5 Conzplimmzts to THE CLASS OF 1933 RUSSELL BAHL n For an enjoyable evening' Drop in at THE HAMLET 1 l BILLIARDS LIGHT LUNCH DRY CLEANING and PRESSING C. EV. KOEHLER L, H, HULL GENERAL INSURANCE AND 1 a SURETY BONDS I Dealer in l I Our Specialty . l, HAY and STRAW M. S. 8L E. G. NEWELL Vi W Mrs. Fox: "I saw the milliman kiss you this morning, Mildred. I'll take the milk in myself after this." Mildred: "VVOu't do you no good. He promised not to kiss nobody: but mf-." ll Miss Pease: "What is the plural of Hipp0potamus?" it Coxriue Bastel: "Hi-p-0-p, oh, well, wh0'd want more than 011+-, amxx'1ys'?" il Miss Stalter: "Repeat in your own words, 'I see the cow, The cow can lun. The l cow is pretty'." 5 George Thatcher: "Lamp de cow. Aiu't she a beaut? An sav baby, she sure P can step." F O I ,lt THE AIM OF THE l L Conzplimcizts I-II-Y 4 of E . I I , l 2 Create, mamtaiu and extend tlizoughout , the School and Community high standards of CHRISTIAN CHARACTER 3: DHW out to Conzplinzcrzfs fm HOUSER'S SOUTHEN D Of FILLING STATION fl. FOR REAL SERVICE B. A. MOLONEY, M. D. ' 01210 v fs f'X- FS' XX Z- X ? ,W-J - .. I Q9 A ,X I wi L ' I X X X Ne i w.-E " 5 K A l R 6 1 5 x ' I-4 la. ' K D- 4 ,gli as ' ll GROCERIES MEATS 1 UNION STOCK YARDS N5 BUSY BEE ' HIGHEST CASH PRICES FOR Fountain Serifice ALL LIVE STOCK , , I Service Stnton Daily Market Courteous T1'eatn1ent At All Times ly 1 40 Rlld Phone 262 June. 23 Sz 30 Ifppei' Sandusky, Ohio Y , t gn! Ipper Sandusky, Ohio I1 il Marion Bair: "You are so heautifiill I long to hold you III l1lX 111115 Ciress you, ri whisper, 'I love you'." Sue Newman: "XVell, I dare Say it can be a1'1'a11ged." , Alice Ayeisz "I do11't see how football player ever get Clean." ! Fred Belzner: "Silly, wl1a't you suppose the scrub teams are for?" il I LITE-STAR OIL PRODUCTS 'AA QUART A DAY" ' COMPANY The Doctors Say D1sTn1131'ToI1s oil' CLOVER LEAF DAIRY DEWEY FAILOR WHITE ROSE GASOLINE PD AND MILK, CREAM and ENARCO MOTOR OIL COTTAGE CHEESE Retail Phone 312 F Wholesale Phone 335 Phone County bug I1 Nl 44 fs ,Ns X 1',f 1 ' .Of ,, I I S04 1 f - X M rj- fi A I7 'nl - X 'ig' C I X Y J "0 U I ld S.-TFTP 5, 5 E -, ' I LXW1' v If You Buy Anything' We Sell, It Will Pay You To Get Our Prices COAL - FEED - GRAIN and BUILDING MATERIAL Vitamized MolaSSeS Feeds Melrose Flour THE U. S. COMMISSION COMPANY Ml 1, OSCAR J. WEIKER, Manager A PHONE - - 206 X "WE SERVE TO SELL AGAIN" A Vi June Bringmant "XVell. how'S everthin: gon ince I last Saw on I Curl Detwiler: "Everytliiug'S one." I Crt-ditor: "Look here. I cun't come here every day for my money." Don Sebenoler: "Say, I'll tell you what. com every other VVedneSday oi 0 ' ,i 2 xii, CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Cmnplfnzwzts of V 2 BUSINESS MEN 'i KIMMEL CLEANERS Insurance iS the Rock of Security ON VVHICH INDVSTRY BI'ILDS Fire, Torando, Rent, Automobile Surety Bonds are Sold by THE AYERS INSURANCE AGENCY PROFESSIONAL MEN I FOR COMMUNITY GOOD l'l'1'l'11 Best U'1'sllr'.w for the Future of rw THE CLASS .T KARL H. HALE, P. M. ' S M. 12:3 N5 A XJ' i , , -N A i, i . X X Xi-A sf s-.5512 xp 5 H S 51 .? -N1-"':"' -' '-' x sf is X 'X -Q, -fill.. H ' X i l BUD'S BLUE N l l 1-X l 4 l fl il HN wi Elk., Compliments of A. K. HALL AND H. L. MASON ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW Grace Neate-Mildred G. Hall Assistants Upper Sandusky, Ohio SUNOCO STATION For Premium Motor Fuel - Cheerful, Efficient Service - V. A. MENNINGEN, Prop. EAGLE NEST CHICKS PURE BREED HIGH EGG PRODUCERS Phone - 263-W H. LITTLE SL SONS, Props. Clair Holland: "Has your baby learned to talk yet?" Mr. Little: "Oh my, yes, we're teaching her to keep quiet now." Virginia May: "Sometimes I yearn for peace and comfort of inarried life." Fri-d Scherry: "Yon have nothing on ine." Mr. Cook: "My son has so niany original ideas." Mr. Holland: "Who, Paul? Oh yes, especially in geometry." WARFEL PRODUCE Highest cash prices paid for POULTRY and EGGS Phone 587-R 325 N. Sandusky wi- .lm .l-fA f-iam-A yf iiii - patronage PHONE 143-R HERMAN A. STEPHAN For all Kinds of Radio and Electrical Service WE AIM TO PLEASE THE LOOKEM UP DETECTIVE AGENCY owxicn .nm OPEIIATED BY "HARDY" HOOK 'rms oI,p s1.icI'TH "DANG" - "BANG" ZEPPELIN ING AND PORCHCLIMBING SPECIAL LESSONS "DUGAN" LANDVERSICHT Phone - - 6666666 777 5 f A t I '- E lf, X .,,, , if J? .fy h IIII L 4 Y 1 A X ff k I fl M 3 A7 , f f V! ii K I' qu. 2, tl 5 my J , iff Xb if if E5 IA XM jp ' Q Q Ik N gi? ? A E-Q Q c,7M,lOZ2Wj7 E R 4 W ni is K g-12 Sk C. ,Q QQ mfg 3 ,fig ., , Xi 2 iifi X H QQ QE: QQ 52 ix D0 P SE X 5 pq Q24 f ei? wi if-AQ?-Q M1 QQ, Iwi X . xqygiia XR Q X' is oi? ,N R qw 5 S A QWQZMS 2352? ,353 Nil? T TX 3 M Q3 13, 1 A QW , 'NN ' YL .J -xxx X S Mff fykwfw ilk RQ A ' Q1 N72 5357? 'CWA Q3 ! if 2, 32 f x 6 XR - 1 j"i!,'r-LSCSQ lk Aix! A0 6 9 ' A W Ja wif, if ,A 5 LP!!! I ik X1 Six 'EX Q? FYI 0 ,fl .,fTf',,6fm5g QNX S 179 Exif Q 5 g ix 'AW WW mm fn,.,u.Q. 5 , 7' Xl ,pm xg A: N' 1 X Z,- H 5 X, A, J.L A 1 5 QS 'N xx Sm . ' :Vila I TECH "1'sessm' AEGIS' IUT Q 'TECHNIQIQE' W GJ-I 'DAND ORA , G MAEIY ECHO' I IMC-Vigkf I UHGF I., IMQYQPEGLYUKE LLAWLRAHH I 7 i3QiTQNQ1'FI1CRQ'Zf03NI'i 1 will A en one shaft ther Elm wlrzvu II rulllm I- ,uu- A , I I I K I I1 C Inu" rx juIIunnI Hu I I I3 Iy I1uuIIm! X umI mmlfnv' lfrllll IIN' I I Il um- Ilunuru rf-.vml nf mlvnzmm' I II I I :mmf "lqnmI rllur'kv1munI'1 ' D1'fnlIx nj II wmwufnl ffnuluu plan II tqI.nII3 In' .xg u'1IImuI nfflfyalmu In ,my ,-bmmfl I-.I1Inr, nr nnilnrlqvr, zrlm If iuIz'n'vlnI. woo-woo X, THE CAN ,gmgm GEAVING QI AND ELECT I COMPANY E C A H10 rx gig Mu I 3 - ---- I P A, 4 INXS f xx f I. , L Cjf ' ff", 1541" ff 'f' S I h - ,ff .A f X 1, A A A I ' ' f f f 11 1122.-u,4 ' .4 ,. Z I fm 1' 1 1' yi ,ff f M 11 K I I ' -11: e , '1 J, . . 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SQ W11.11'1 N1111 T1111 Y1',11' 515 .11111111r C'11111'111 ,,... 511 W1111'1 W1111 A , ,. 1. W- U1 1 .11111111r 11111 l1111111'y .. I!-1 1Y11l . -- NN 31' ,-2 I I 11111 YNIX X 'S A N' L I , , 3 f'N fi- fy X ' I F? -' " J N W, X. V N s -Q, X -,nn ' - N ' ? J N5 I I 'N YN A . . wif. Mm., N LN P I P1 W H . N 5 + I' "The end of a perfect year" l Y N X fm X A 4,,xxifSCfqfq,, Cfx'::r'Mf':':zf'Z'j Me be '?69sg ssocwNQXx f 2 x' fx N A 4 Z' ' I i -f 128 ef WEQSHO , M' if 1 I gi . .-PL' 11 ' U1 , . ,I -,J ltr' f 'X "".!'5 r " ,V , ' ifffz- Q aj fl-VV , .',H.lKJx4S. hx,v:',l' , ' ,,lvf,:V:-,ig j-V AA , .. h iq. ,,.wk,j. -,.u.4fQIfk4.y .H H,-,, --gp? , 4 ak: ' 'L W -"."'.l1'-ui 'NJ '11 X I , J' Q UR 'A' . 2 ,k.:l,,f,JJvI..-'fini 7- 'A 'kliifi ' nwfkfxlv v V - 1 . '.'.IV.. -VXEVE-.61 ,bw I, ' ...gg me-fx ' Air."3L5,g'fhf ,-i'?.":":gi'v l -C -.7-'V x' :T , '.'f-S - . - - ..,. 1. W. Y X ,Q ff..,?.,' .,,, ' fu. 'QA ,A 'gr' 'nv , Q3 , ,-,YH I 9 -, ' .. 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HQUPT... B. S, Ohio Northern University M. f'X,, Qnio State University AMERICAN HISTORY, ECONOMICS -ef L1-I i ii' , l 1 H ex if f T: Q Wy, Xfix i ,, - .g RQ- f ., M ' fl Q. .. ,- - f N ' QM' 'W Q f f 6R' 1 ,. Z X Z K A .. ,, I '- ' W ' f i W, 'gig El '. , ' i 5 ,t A. fr, ,. N , A I f' , 4, ., x - f 1' .. , X ii ' ' A allvx' " 4 -Q "' f 4' l l I l gl I l .-2 ' 1 W .' Y v n - l ,i . . l ...The East Building . .. k I I ln a quiet and beautiful spot on the corner of Bigelow and Third Streets of Upper Sandusky Stands the East School Building, the newest grade building in our city, 4 . having been erected in 1909. VVhen the structure was built Mr, R, J, Kiefer was ' I superintendent of schools. Members of the school board were G. O. Masltey, presi-- N dent, Elza Carter, Robert Kerr, Austin Brown, and VV. P. Rowland, clerk, who is the Q.. only surviving member. 1 , After the decision was made that a school building was needed to accomodate the i small children in the northeast part of town, the site was selected and bought for the sum of sixteen hundred dollars. Contracts were awarded and the total cost of the building was about ten thousand dollars. '. The building has two large class rooms, also a small room upstairs used for an 5 extra music room and at noon as a lunch room for pupils who come on the busses. l The building is heated with a hot air furnace and lighted by electricity. We are told that one reason for selecting this particular site is the fact that on the ground are two large oak trees which now supply an abundance of shade. The branches of one tree give it a circumference of about three hundred feet. The other ' fy, around the grounds were planted by Jacob Schwabel, who was known by all the pupils as "grandpa" t '?l He has been the efficient janitor ot' the school for twenty-four years. Two of the maple trees at the west have won the admiration of all. In the fall nature tuins the leaves of the soft maple to a bright scarlet red and those of its near neighbor, a hard maple, to a golden yellow. I .The present enrollment of the first grade, taught by Miss Margaret Ruopp, is 2 thirty-threeg of the second and third grades, taught by Miss Murchie Castanieu. prin- 1 c1pal: thirty-three. Beulah El-ay 9 Ii b IN - ,.,x' N .- :Q m. P2-A ,f. s U.- ' 1 ,.z . ,.,. .Vw ,M . W - 1 1-- I 1 1-am. N' f I 41-il.. :' . P' 5' L. 9 1 'V 1 4' ' ' Q H, -fy-'ffm -,ui - " Iv 'fff6.'.515 Jfih' 1. ' -5. 4.9-nw, 1.-: - A., -. ,. , 1. ,, - -IIC -'n5v'rQ:".J,' -I 9 ' 'g - M.. ' . v . . ' Q .Hy " "U . ,f -. LN - V j, ' ' "- a .- ..r' v . 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I I I 'lil Ill'5l lnllr:u'i:lns wwf- Bliss Maury Kirby and Miss I-If-lvn Snlullvy. 'I'llf- lll'l'Sl'lll , l 1 llmrwirrrl if Xlieeff-V11 Ii-nam, with Misa Mary Ii'-lly us ll"I' alssislnnl. D K 'VII lllllzlvv IIUI-'f fwlliauilns wi' llllillfilllll Iumlis. rxrl ' 3 Nammi Nvzltv K fl 0 j'u IN N .. 5, ' Y k X if f I fx .Q Q ? , H 2 5 X 1-1 'i "n ff--- : ju. Li 'E . Q gf , 6 n gif.: S . 1 3 Q 11 x 'L -f"N,i- x Xt' X A R X g X . X X f , 4 X ' ' X A X ' . X 5 X I V N 8 l W N f Y ' .HBOARDM .HOFU EDUCAUGN A sw ff I 1 cb mvl-31.1. H. HVLL YL: .- I'rL--illwm I 1 fa mx N N, H N lk x f, X 0 X- I,xr.113sW U H N k D Nd 91 106-. Q4 png ,44 fx 12 'QA 'TJ' CHARLES W. BHINGMAN l'rvsimlvnt 0 PA UL YV, A YE RS Clerk-Trunsurer JOHN ARMSTRONG 74' ...,--- ,.,-v-QSX 1 , ,Q-.,aq,':t W.. .qyx"iQf QQgsx:f7'x q- X ' . .wa-w- j' 2 -, .- 'J SUPERINTENDENT W 7 x I in - I 7' I I I I ra' I el . I I U I ll I P .x , , I Cl . X al- ,I I I h I e ef K Mkt S + Mx ' -f f' 9' fl FUXE Ny 1 ., O. MOORE... B. A. Muskingum M. A. Wittenberg o-130 L I'- Ii If W i K '-'l I III, wi- e an' n L... 3 U gm SENIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL 1 ., f lk, 9 QQ 4: .1 'V v spitv-.. . ii' , N ...L. H. HCDUPT... B, S. Chic Northern University M, A., Qhio State University AMERICAN HISTORY, ECONOMICS 'fll-2 3 53' ' in JUNIOR HIGH PRINCIPAL - V. I x If u-'Wif' 'Q' if iii... 1 X L W ' 1 I Ml' 'U- Q : can I an A 5 'Qf Q fx QQ 1.1. J X : Nw: ...X-X. O. SUBER... B. S., ENGLISH O-150 Ohio Northern Unive FS . I . AN Ng I' l . ' NN- I. 1 N A , Q Q x X g Q -N--:X- -at .fs--,W . - X X' X X .ka fl I I X .1 A , Q ,. - Q - . - T Hx 2 x' XX A 5 X . x , X '-gvllfq si ' K v ' , ' , LOT ISE FREDERICK ' ARMSTRONG FLEEMAN B. 5. IIN 1111111.11 B. A., Antiodx Crxllegf fuk vrxxly Chemistry Alum- Mmlern Histuxy Q 0 L, 1Ai'I1IJI-fN1j JEAN GOLLING U1L.X'f'1'Y B. C. S., Blws Busi B. 5.. Hmxlilu' Grvvn WW5 CU1ll9i"' , ,V H., 'fHllA,,,., Gregg 5hOl'thLlIlfI. I'lixNv--,ml 141.l.1...n.... 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U 0 Q W HOHACE r DAVID H.-XLE IRENE ROSS MARGARET l A m HETLEL YIi'EfPIlESIDEl'NlT sEr'RET,xRx' MINER ll illETIE1E5,T,, 4 t Blfml ll, 2' 3' 'UZ Public Slikkllillll IZ, Il, TREASURER W i,:f,11Qflrgl 't'li"3.'iM F .,.. null li. 1. ri, up M, ales vlllb lcz, 4,4 nnkelllllll lu, 3, mi l ,rpg-rprrgl lllg f'll.,s OlhL'liQllA 43, 4lg l,1ltin Churm HM Ulmrmw fr- H' 13, 3, Hill Lllllll I Trc.lsll.l:Ql"'l l lg Bnslfvt Clul, 43. .gli Basket, .J I ' llulm A2115 Sl!lllllSll Club , i'.'fflli,'f:', "i,l',Qrhfffl" lull Nm. lllg Clam l"' ll' P' ll' F' HM 155. ffl: Qrllnse fnnl :null Blnrk ll-lil: Vilas Yll'9'PWrl'l0llt VUE Ummm xml Bllulk quill ll-lull,"all2:J'l'l'n"lQY IlI'CNl1ll'llf 147. 511129 Nl.vll:.l':vr 13, -Hg flaw fig-Q1-Mg.,-y 443, mwl. 14,-' V K M l l ll l l ll l l 5 l N XXVI, llw Class Sponsor: Miss Ernui Stllarns. Assistant Sponsor: Miss Hnrrie-I Slallsflr. Class Motto: "Truth is the higliflst Ol'll211ll1-'llt of youth". Class Colors: Green and VVllitt1' Class I-'lowvrt Lily-of-tlie-valllfy. . . . Class Poem . . . Swuiors of ll1i1't!"Ili1w-1'-. Thr last tWf'lV9 YPUTS Vl'f'l'P fI'llitfl1l yvurs As ww tulif- this lust IJ2ll'llIl2 glance, X 1 H I ' i , l 1. . , .. . 1 .I NK'ond+-r wha! our lortunv will IHA in W bod up HJ wqched it last V ' V 1 U Wu llopl- to nmlw the future years ln tln- lug wulls- wmlrl ol f'llz1IlI'l'. lG'+1n I1l0I'P fruitful than the past. NN XX l , VX! Xl l fx , I fl 4 l ,N 1,5 XL VVQ cannot stop: ww must prowved To fulfill our dutivs of lifl-. liy Pl'I'ort and toil wl- will Sl1Cf'l'Ik'd, For slime-ss is tllv crown of strifv. llobvrt I"ranf-is Ilogsrlon l I I . ' th. Z ,? , ZZ Z ,V - 11, ff? Y 1 -,7 X ,H KY III 1 A -.Qi XY ,1,, 0. CN V X I ,N I '4 " ' 1,3 :AWN ' - n ARMSTRONG ROBERT Anmml SIAII 1-ll. Q RVTH ELIZAIBETH ,XIIRIS'I'IlON1I B.m1l 11 I g f'lx1:r11Q 1ll3 fwlw Klulu 1115 lllTCI'l'll.l 1111 B.1xl11-tlmll 1! by 12. R, 11. 32, -lb. I MARION XV, ILXIII B.m1l 11. I. ZZ. 41, 111.-1' 1'lul1 1l, I, ll, ll: 1'l1--ru 11, iYrg1lImr1'r1.1 13, 'lr F....1l..1ll 1flI. I DOROTHY BEIDELSCHII-IS lllvc flulv 11. JI3 B.lNlx1'I Imll ll, Il: 1lp1'1'E'1l.1 121g ll. If. 11. Cl, Jlg Il. IV 11141. qw 5,..,'L, 4 vs .Q x X... '7N ,.4 Q, X . ' 1 -WU' 73 MARTHA JANE BRINGAIAN ff Glcv Flub 1115 Up:-rang, 11 'C flaw Il'D.l4lIlf'l' 1215 I Bgmrl 11, ZZ, ZS. -I ig GA R, 11. fl. 41: Bpkori-all 132, 4 P: Latin fluh nil, -lr. Splilllill Club 1.3, 4lg 1'1Jnu1- :md Blmk 1-lip .-Klunlml Staff 1-lr, ! l I HELIAIN I. ISIQOOKS llmrux 1lIg Iimlwrllgnll 12, Ill: 12. R, 12, 'L 413 Pull 1 ll1' N-nxnlxltli 1-lv, l', Ill. 1' 1. 14u, l I , 1 I KIAIIY HOIIDIQH 1'l111r11x ll P' Glu Vlwl- 1 ' Il. -ll: 1lp1'r1'tT:1 11. Z. il. -li-1irrl11-Xtra ll " I1 432 11. ill, 13, 1: 1, s,f...ff-11'1-1-11, ' 11:1 1 . FYI DAVID C.XS'I'.XNIl::N 51'l111l.1xwl1lp mvllts'-I ll ig - .. .1 - lhuru- 11, .., .., -llg 1-lvr Vlul, 12. il. -llg 1lpvr0tt.1 1I.2,il,-llgB.1111l123,-Ng . 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M, M 4 0 Cr,, xx'ToN D'-VVITT HOOK 'X Vlnfi vicofprrwiflvxlt QSM Spgnuxlm Club 44M f'm'hnl.ur- Qllip vnlmtcst bllg ,xlllllllll 5l.lff 145. V xx M 4 + wf Xfxfi X QQ gil sl f , x . 1 N -N W Qt, ., N - X X X - Ms"e35-' Y ' ' . X X ' - I E I X ':.'5 Te N .I r ""A 1' Qyl 3 .D - - ' f EN x , x t N - Q Aka ' N N5 f"" X5 JVSTIN H. V HoLL.xxsH14:.xD V THELBIA Nl. PIOUYEH Clem' flub ll 21 ' U HCl'k'lltl , . . .,. ..4 , ..1 1 P N-lml.lrNlx1p umtext 41, -. 1 if, -Hg Urgmur :mul Blzwk Arg Anmml nm 14u: 1 G?-t -fs as TN ...y , VD WS.. 1 1 gg , ta ,iii w ' lx N" It 1,Axv1N1.x KAXTH' HHINIC J.XllIlICI,I. Ulf-r Vlub Hug lr,.1mr.l lla, IL R 13. IL, 41, I, ll ff ill, N v Q0 r XX Z f NRL, 'lla Q0- t V 4 pr?- , 40" 5- Q ILL.XH JANE KARCHER CllllI'll5 ll, 2, Sl: Public Spmnkiug t-ll. I VIOLA KEELER Glen Club 1215 ClmruQ QZHL Delmtu 1-UQ P. W. C. Hb 3 Sdn-l.1rSl1ip contest 1-ll. 9 KATHHYN MA HIE KROCK Glu' Clulr Il, 2, Il, -lip 1...-.J ' Ilmltlsl-1.-ll,l.ll.C. 1-ll. I ICDXVAIID l'. LANDVEIISICHT Vllu vim- prwl-Ivnl 4233 Nlnmixlx Vlulr 4471 l'. YY. V, 1-Hg lilINllICNN rl:-Ill-'HPI' llb, .lj 'K I 1 . ' 1 -NQX ft f 4 f.,, ,,, ,,,,, X ' ' f , , L f Z A 1 ..,, 1 A - . pq , I S ij. . ,, -s ' "H - W- 2' f , 1 , It Y ' y ,',.f. '-- - I I-xxYjA" 2- -.5, 4 O ARLO L. LANVIIENCIC L Gln-P Club 431g fhf-rua 1-Hg UIIPFCZILA 42. 31, -U Pululir Spnmklll! 141. I EVGENIC THOMAS LAYVILENCE I"4mll1.1ll ln.ulL1:E'l' 1-III Sing? lngumuel' lil, -ll. O IIVTH ETTA LEHMAN I HOBIICH J. LININGEII OP' Q- 8. av- , 'VVX IIOBICHT FRANCIS LOGSDON This presiflf-nt llg Latin flux, 1141: ' Annual SMH 1-ll. 1-' W N nv- DOHOTHY IRICNIS MILLER i 'VW W M E A V, H HAHIQY MILLER WN I 1' , i x I L JANE MOLONICY ' rw Q-f M Ng, :XM X , . W, w 2 okgew ' Q xx!! L vi Ax , 4 x f I x X 33,5 ki- H X 4 X X A - if ' y Q X N5 f X X "'- , 1" j ifvx ' .D 1 . 'N'-""" - 'Egg .M mi. ' x x -7 3 5- . 3 -gill. .- -I GTQ' 'r W .3 5- ' 0 QQ 0 GL.-XDYS M. , XAOMI ARABILLL NEWVMAN 'N NEATE Glce Club 1215 Operetla Chorus mx. Qu. B..n-I 13. fl za, P. W. C. mr. -ll: G. H. 111. IT. -ll: P. W. C. I-H. I K GALE Q K NEIDIQRHOVSEIL , . 7. N !J,9 BJ-shall tll: Class presl- 1 .1 - , -w dgm 4-13 Fmrrmll 1-. -il. 1 f . . ff MARY E1 1z.x1.15TH fe NLIMEISTEI: 4 xx 'y N .f-?.,., , -, X' , 4-lv' flun IIVI Bun! lil. " -Lv, G. Il. 11. U, 41.1.5- N X. I-r-'tu II. -lb: Ch:-vr lfmlm S .4f.I1.xx1r1 14.3 'vs .,1N',.!1 I-in V 1. EX x X y v X XI JUHTJ fxI.kNI"UI1IJ 1 NEXK'l'fJXII'II1 ' H,fi'1 122.411, ' 'mm-r ffm 141. 1f....v,,Jll , -W X r 'gfr 141. 4rg,.fr.rv.1 sg l R i V I IXXJRXTXRL f fx-,K X BWI 8 Q NEAL S. USISOHX l3.1Qw1lf.1ll 4-li. O GLADYS PAIIOL- INE PFEII-'EH f'lmruQ 41, 2. llbg G. R. 4:,:3rgP.W.F.1-11. . MAVHICE STEVV- ART PHILBHICK H.m1l ll. I. IT, -H, flxvln'-xtrxn IZ, 3. -lug Latin "lull III. -ll. Z-.. X 1 , ,, ff' ' fffk- f? 7 X if 42' f ff -ff 7 QQ! Wx O 1"REDICI'lI1fK D. IIIFL Bqml 11, :rp 1'l1'-HH 'TU Spanish Vlulv 121, .111 1'. 11 fl. 1-11Q CIW' lqlulu 1-ll. . DXVIGHT If. 5.11114 B.1Skcl11.nll 111. 411 F1,.nl..1Il 1-1 1. 0 DON SI5I3I+INUl.ISIl Glce flulw 11. 2. ZZ. 413 flu-rux 111, -113 11511-1111.1 13,-11,l'.1Y,1'.1-11, Alnlnlml 51.111 1-11, Q CALVIN SECKIJI. flprrvihs 11. Z, Il, -HI Spuniall flulw 13113 1111-- flub 131, 413 fhnrus 121. -llg Fmxtlmll lf. fl, 412 -Knnu.nl buff 1-l I. nf- of-A , ,, 'S 14 'Y , . f 7 1 f' o DALE ELTON SHAMB.-XIYGH 'gvvrvttu 1113 Banff 11, lj, - -f. -U: Hrchwtrn 1. lf. II. "J 415 Bgukvthull 11. I, IZ, K, 413 5114111511 flul. 1Z., 413 X 1 Fmntbiall 1-11, .Xnnaml 41.11 " 1 1 'a f 1 SLEMMEII Ulf-0 f'1nlv 11 ig L'lwrus 11 Pj llpvrcttn 1113 .k1mu.11 nm 141. ' O EIJVKHXIID J. 1 0 , 1 1f1.o1:14:NcE 1 1 ., MARIE sx11TH 1 R, flmrui 11, 2, 31. o CECIL VERSE SNYDEH fwl f1"1'1Il'N1l".' 11. Jig Glu' Vlulr 11, 213 U'wr--It.: 11, 215 Churlxs 1ZI1g P. W, if 1411. a 1 j vi gui f"X' ' M Q W -9 Q' 5 f N. X 1 A A . '-41114 A A J. I xx X I n NX -i KN im at F V n AN x A K X N N ., g xuegzf' " ' , -L , 'f i' - " - ' ,x X Q ' 1 1 gl O ETHEL MAE SNYDER Operetta 11. fig Glee Club 11, Ill, Clmrus 1315 P. W. C. 1-ll. x5 1 ,r N ,1 lf Q MARTHA ELEA- NOR STEINER 1 Uppcrettzl 1113 CllUl'llS 11, ' 3, 435 Spanish Club 13, 1 413 Dvhuie 1-ll, Orange 'Nl :xml Black 1-U2 Annuul Stull 1-l l. -e""" mu.,- xl- .sr 5. Vx 0 KARL H. STRASSER RALPH F. SWINEHART Bauul 12, Ill: fflmrus 1415 Operetta 14lg Publiv Speaking 1-ll. TAYLOR l l . , L, l ' ' H WI' QTILL V- ' 4 Ll T PJ L ' L MARY LFCILLE Glve flulw 12, -ll, Operettan 1 3. zz, A '1 g 4 . I l -H' L mms l l Glce Club 1llg Operettu , 111, G. R. 1253 Class l treasurer 1335 Sclmlurslllp l Contest 12, il. -Up P. W. C. 1-Hg Ellitol'-in-chief 1431 flfiltfll' 1-ll. F C HH , , , Y . , lL.'XLl H H. hTOX lull . GEORGE E. flub 11, 2, Zlig Hpervttzn THAXTCHEI2 Spzmislm Club 131. fx ' I X fl 4 f f I-N . . NG -' If l , I ' A X .- 1, . rp- - ,L-77 -' - - , 4Z , ,, ' f . C M' I, , rl ' ,S Q FRANKLIN TILTON Basketball lfl. 432 P- W- F. C-U. ELEANOR E. THACHSEL flnse secretary 1-il: Glec f'lulx CII, 3, -ll: Hpvrvltu 12, Sl, -U1 Clmrus 13, -ll: P. W. C. 1455 Annual 5taFf I-ll. O DOROTHY EVE- LYN TR.XI'TMAN Sz-lmlgarslmip mummy 12 lg Latin Club til, -U5 P, XY. f'. I-llg Pulnlir S17t'lll'ilIl! 147. I MILDRED T. W.-XGNER Chorus 11, Zllg Glen Flulm 13. ZH. G. R. IQ. :Hg 0. crctta ll, 12, ill, P. NV. I. 1-U. Q INIARGARET ELEANOR VVALTEYI Chorus IZ, 2535 Glee Club 12, Illl Upcrctla lf, 333 Pulwlic Speaking 1-Hg P. XV. C. 4-lip Annual Stuff l-ll. O GARNETTE M. VVOOD fhnrus ll. El: G. R. lil, -ll. BERTON DRALEY ZIMME RMAN Bznnfl 127. HARRY D. ZIMMERMAN Fnulbzlll 1-l I. KN 4+ X Q. '4 4.2! -Nw: 2 3? Xl ' l lr .lf l I. lx l , r 4 rw fu. X ll 7 . lg, 2 1 X 5' R f- Qi . . XJ , Qx X Q . EA X FA XM if ' i s "Q N ., X ? - f I Ili Y "' A X P 'gb X '5vlf.x ? . I 3 A' 1 'X-' ' J kx if 'Y rx t. ? --' 1- Q L. A x - nw' jgylg ft Hefen BTO k X hum 0 S jam A' ,A X x it if . ,R NY Lv F -. , . IN l Janie flariavef 4 MI Pe? 77 ' J,,5f,5,, v ff -FF , I -f -P ', 1 1 ' 1 Q. 5 I 'F , , 1 FA ., 1 ' ' I V s , wOu:r'D1es B b , 4 -Lixj... 0 5 ,. '-m" -. -P HOOK f f- 1 " ' I! MAF f X if-L3 . ' ggi.'1'E.g Qg V, -f"'5:!""'x 7 5 m 1 A gain-Pffxii I X 4 - MQ.. -x 5 K, , Y gg 4 -VF . A-N , j rimms , Q M ' St Y , "pg, y'Y "of G..-i' mmm, T em S ,S A if 'i 1" ,JJ V F A - ' , H1 -F ff. ff ghamnm 7 T5-Hfof Hofanq rl 4 , 0 W M 73' Enders Pluck 47 .. " Whx F ' W. . xwx.. Mn . .akv ugr .l ,. T "t 1 ,UNDER CLASSMEN.. 16 Q, W MQW ix L 6 . UW-2 5 41N 'Z ' , 652: X6 1 ,, - 334' wh Xi 4 l saw LX I X ' 4' x Q K ! ,H t X- 'X - - i xg in it , ' s 0 lv x L K X ESS xi ' A I X X X X ' ' r I -2 , X ' -I 1 fr, ,Z lx X N x u 1 X X ld B X gf 'dl I fi I 1 4 I l lv N NRL! J! ,,X-,..ra1":' Q A , 5 5-1- . . . Junior Class History . . PRESIDENT ..,.. ...........,... ........,....., . . HAROLD RUTH YIFE PRESIDENT ,.. ..,,....... ELSIE ILES SECRETARY .... . . . liA'I'HEfIINE BOWMAN TREASURER .... .. MARC.-XIIET FREIINIANN CI.,-XSS SPONSOR .... .. FIIEDEYTICK FLEENIAN ASSET.-XNT SPONSOR .. ., ........,,.............. M155 HELEN PEASE Crln the fall of 1930 one hundred two shy and verdant boys and girls entered the Ifpper Sandusky High School as Freshmen. In a few months the first class meeting was held and the following officers were elected' President, Charles Marting vice- president, Frederick Belzner: secretary. Louise XYitzelg treasurer, Alice Ayers. Dur- ing this year two parties were enjoyed. At the beginning ol' our Sophomori year we were rather awed by the Senior Building, but we soon learned our way about the rooms. Our number had dimin- ished somewhat. but we were still going strong. The following members were our Sophomore ollicerst President, Paul Cook: vice-president. Louise YVitzelg secretary, Nelda Veith, treasurer, Jane Flock. The Sophomores were prominent in zzlfriirs of all kinds. The main social event of the year was the Sophomore party which was held at the Senior High in March. XVlien we again assembled we were Juniors, the traditional hard working class of the school. Harold Roth piloted the ship: his assistants, Elsie Iles. Katherine Bowman, and Margaret lfreimuiin held the offices of vicefpresideiit, secretary, and treasurer, respectively. In order to obtain money for the Junior-Senior banquet the class sponsored the Novelty Entertainers and sold czimly at basketball and foot- ball games. In October we had a Hallowtfen party. Next year, as Seniors, we hope to graduate, worthy representatives of good old l'. S. H. S. Elsie Evelyn Iles . X I I Q , . x ' . . I ' U 'v -'-iff X A if- ' f ,Lg nf -len I f:::- 2? . ffm A' I'-Q 5.4 3 , 4 y ,Z Q- i'U T uMh:' K -1 1. cf A. ALSPACH A. AYERS M. BALDUF F. BELZNER I. BERG D. BOES G. BULISH H. BOWER K. BOWMAN T. CAREY P. COOK R, COONS T. COURTAD W. DAY C. DETWILER G. DETWILER V. DISBENNETT G. EATHERTON F. EMICK M. FILLIATER J. FLECK M. FLECK J. I-'LOCK D. FOX M. FREIMIYNN W. FREY N. FRISCH W. J. G, E. R. M. H. R. H. V. E. R. L. M T. F. R. U . J. R M M C. W Y. . Juniors FRISFH GARNER GIER GRAHAM GRAHAM IIAGENMAIER HALBEDEL IIETZEL HILL HORN HUDSON ILES INGLES JARRELL JENOT KLEIN KRAUS KUENZLI KUHN LAWRENCE' LESLIE LONG LOYERICH MARTIN MASTERS MAY NL MAYS I I I I I NHTSCH U MYERS I MYERS I N13w121.L MILUM NORRIS It PAUL PERR1 PHILLIPPI ' .I RAYMOND f RITTERSPACH ROBEY I Rom N ' ROTH SCHMIDT SCHOENBERGER SEEBACH sl-IUMAKITR FN SNYDER SWARTZ SWARTZ swE1G,xRD SWEIGARD . ULRICH W YEITH ' WITZEL woon vp- X 'E Ax W ' LZ A Q ' X X V. X XX - p L - I K Z X I XX XT, Xn A if 1 ' X ' - X s ' , X e-" -" 4 E ' " 1, 'L K 'L-' ' " 'E Rx 3 'X Q. P 3 x x -., I K ' x ' -gllfa 1 . . . Sophomore Class History . . . PRESIDENT ...,......,..,............................. DARIAN SMITH VICE-PRESIDENT ...,.... ,. KATHRYN HALBEDEL SECRETARYFTREASUREII .. .... MARGARET LYNN I CLASS SPONSOR .,.... MISS JEAN GOLLING ASSISTANT SPONSOR ,..,. ...............,... lv IISS MAMIE STEARNS Q As freshmen, back in '31 and '32, there were about eighty of us. The following l were freshmen officers: President, Russell Iiartholoniewg Vice-president, Robert Bol- ishg secretary, Margaret Lynn: and treasurer, Rachel Moloney. l NVQ thoroughly enjoyed our last year in the junior building, although we eagerly looked forward to the time when we too would be included in the Senior Building. Our first lreshniun party was held early in the winter and n Hll21l'fl-lllllvl' party was arranged in the spring. Now we are enrolled us sonhoniores. At our Iirsl meeting we elected Darinn L, Sniith as presidentg Kathryn Halbedel, vice-president: nnd Al2lI'2H1't'l Lynn, secre- tary-treasurer. ' The sophomores are very proud of the fact that niany of the nienibers of the class ,l are very active in athletics. The class is also represented in the various IIIIISIC de- liztrtnients and other organizations. cept "Ol' Man Depression!" XVe hope to hnve better luck in our junior year. ! Margaret Lynn l l l l l HT ll 44 f' ,Ns Although we have not been able to zwrtuige it party, we are blzuning no one ex- Q ' f sfx I Q W A Il' A . 4 f A , H ' 5- -V, 1- Y 4 ' Y! K ' fi'1I44W .3 , . 42 g? I 1571 ! Z . , I nf? ' '- W K ' , C lf, I I I I I suvg' .5- Y 1 I I F . A I I l .1-, . . 1 -ii fr in-E TR VY T I zu-I-I W - 95 I j-.- . 7- Z ggjl. ' -4 - 'f : 5, - TT f -- .3 In ' Elf: J I .4 bv I IU? Sig' J I . I-41 :LS I ' f .:.i4 :E Q,Ni,J ' "E ' ,I 4 V , .v5"' I C f' 1' 1- 1 vp. kiwi -- W- 5 . l . AAF. ,Q . . -4 u n Q .. . I I . ii I xx .-xL1'uAu5E M BALEXFINE R. BARTHOLOMEW cz BASTEL .u. Bsrwox L. BETZ B. Boss ca. Bousn 1.. 301.1511 xx. sammy: 12 unowx H cuxuun M russian D. EBERSOLE P. mucx E. PINK E. GARNER 11. usmuuu E. oorrnusn K. HALBEDEL H.'HALL C. HEHR H. HEHR M HITCHCOCK T. HOTELLING Sophomores K. HULL K. IRWIN W. JOHNSON A. KARG R. KARG F. KLEIN R. KOEHLER P. KUENZLI E. KITHN 11, LARICK P. LININGER 31. LYNN J. LYON H. MCCLEARY D. MILLIGAN R. MOLONEY C. MUELLER R. NEWELL I. NUTTER J. PAC-NARD K. PAGNARD M. PAGNARD R. PHILBRICK C. RIESER N. RIFE A, SCHECK SCHERRY SCHERRY SECKEL SHEFKLEII SHIFFLER SLEMNIER SMITH SNYDER SPITLER STEINBAVGH STERN ER STEPHAN STRASSER SWINEHART THOMAS TROUP TROUTMAN IQLHICH FLRICH WALTON WALTON WALTON WEAVER WILLIAMS YOUNG ZIMNIERMAN I. I I I I 5. 1 n FW .I Nkfxs -N. HEI!-. if Q , ' x X ' A - wb N T 'ffl-4 ,.-f I f Ass X ' ff qt . X E -giil X tx E? I' X I -, X A - - A if -- I It ' S N QF w S 1 I 5? QI fi I I fx Rx I'-x xl 1: Yr I ,V xv ' l I ' 4 A I I IN X I NN EKXA, 34 I-N S AYEHS BALDLF BARDUN BARTH BARTHULONIEW BAUER BE.-XR BEI-IG BUWSIAN VLARK f'1lL'RT.XD DETWILEH IJETWILER DLNIIT DURER ENDER5 EVANS I-'ERGVSON FHRTNEY I-AUIITNEY FOX FI-KEY FREY G.-XTVHELL GETZ GILLILAND GH I 'N I1'I'ISf'H A . . . Ninth Grade . . . Class Sponsor: Miss Lucy Hetzel GUTHRIE HANNLM HEHR HILE HOEHNER HUTELLING HLFI-'MAN JAMES JGHNS KARCHER KLEIN KOEHLER KUTTERNIAN I.ANDX'EI'iSlCHT LESER LUGSDON LONG LONG LUYERICH INIANN MARTIN MQCONNELL MILLER MUSER MYERS NEATE NEWNTAN 380 NORTON OSBORN PARISH RICHARDSON SANBORN SCHLUP SHOENBERGER SCHRENK SCHIQLER SEAHLE5 SHANIBAIQGH SOUTHWARD SPELLERBERG STALTER STOYER STRASSER SWIHART THOMAS THOMPSON TRACHSEL VENT WALTON WALTON WAHI-'EL WIESCIIEH YOUNG KUEHLER I-V X if ll 4 ' 1 X 1 I W f 1 K. . I, I' X E A k ! .'1'2f:'!Q.J, TTT - "5 ' L.- R , TXT - - ' ZR 15:25 C Y-L - I V -4 I 7 ff '-' rc. f , u y Q C' - ' ' dx . "-- -WS. +-5 R. BARDON T. BARDON Y. BARTH B. BAILEY Y. BENNETT R. BILLHARDT R. BIN EAU N. BOEHM B. BOLYARD D. BOWER L. BYRD W. CARR M. CASTANIEN F. CHERRIE G. CORFMAN C. COURTAD G. CRAM L. EMICK A. EMPTAGE F. FAILOR L. FAILOR M. FREDERICK A. GOTTFRIED W. GOTTFRIED Y. HARE M. HARTEL . . . Eighth Grade . . . Class Sponsor: Miss Addie SCIIOt'IIIJ91'gE'I' H HEI-'FELFINGER M MYERS M HEHR D NEUMEISTER R HENRY K NEUMEISTER C. HILL R PFEIFI-IR M HOLDCRAFT L. RAILING D HORN M. REAMSNYDER H. HOUSEHOLD!-IR D. RICHARDSON G. HOUSER G. RICHARDSON N. JONES G. RIESER M KARG D. RITTERSPACH J. KERR R. SAMPLEY I.. KINLEY M SMITH D. KUHN A. STALTER L. LARRICK R. STANSBERRY D. LARRICK R. STERNER Ll. LEAR A. SPITLER H. LEIGHTY P. SWARTZ NI LOWRY C. SWEIGARD R. LOWRY J. THOMAS Ii. LYON C. WALTON H. MARTIN L. WALTON .L MCCLAIN R. WALKER R. MEWHORTER I. IVERTMAN B. MILUM .I. WHEELER D- NINER M. WITHROW C. YOUNG L 'Av f I SI U I I ji I nr' I I A1 I , I I FYI 1 1 JC QM I xgwm: N -" .infos Q3. '-9 "' , . 'ffm . -Q". 0 f . ...19 W 33... .THE INDIAN VILLAGE ANNUAL I X I 1. 1 7 - I l .- f A - X Y , Ei:-5 .fm E L ' ,X I 'IW A it X 'lx 571 N X I , I :af X igiglglunil' XK1 1 3? f Q51!iff A Q A 'gf ? Q ', D x-. l Qljrfffi 7 ' I , 4 , nh X .2-..-If f', 5 I .l k K0 ".. - ffa f 'If Q I 'i ' me fy hs , - fi b"'-545' . wi, 'A , 5 . ' X104 I ,, W Q ,' 0:0 2 : ' 1 -'if - I ' Qazfgzizj- ...SENIOR CLASS 1 EDITED AND PUBLISHED BY THE ...UPPER SANDUSKY,... OHIO ' ll C OF UPPER SANDUSKY HIGH SCHOOL Q1 W f S X e QQ - - .P N Q, Q uh! . X - -- - - I , XX' - D D Wx' I . if I D.: i -, I X X X .bb . :vii J xl! I I I I II 'I I I I I I I II I II MNH A I Ang. I4 'N 'f x MR Seventh Grade Class Sponsor: Miss Evelyn .XLSPAVH S. HARE BI-IIDELSIHIES R. HARVEY BEIDELSVIIIES R. HENRY BHLYARD K. HILE BHIIK H. HOEHNER VASTANIEN M. HOLDVRAFT f'I.ABAI'GH A. HUUYER HIRBIN D, ILES l'RAl.IiY IC. JONICH VRANI D, .IUREY DAY .l. KINIJQY Ill-IIC!! R. KIRBY lPliTWII,IiI! G. KHICHIMII Dl'RI-IR .l. RHI-II-Il.lili I-IATHEIITI IN IZXI PTAGIZ Iflil-1I.EY Fl-1Iil,I-IY I-'uHEN1AX VIC,-'INK IQIIIIIMAN ilH'I'l4I"I!Il'1Il ILRAHAXI Hl'I,l. ll, KIIENZLI I,. LAWRIZNVE fl. LAWHENI E .l. LONG J. MILLER R. NEWBULD M, RIVIIARDSUN W. RIFE D. RUBEY R. SAMMI-IT Neumeister Il. E. Ii. E. L. M D. B. E D E. M. D. II. ll. D. D. IZ. K B Il W SAMS SFHINDLER 5MITH SNYDER SNYDER SNYDER SPI-Il,I,ERBEI'lL SPENCER STEINBAIIGH STEPHAN SWAYZE SWICIGARD THOM PM DN TRACHSI-lL WALBERRY WHETSTUNE WILLIAMS WILLIAMS WITZEL WORTH YOUNG ZIMMER MAN ZIMMERMAN Q7 , fffff' 1554'- , L Z llll 1' 4 4 A. Xxvs 4'- . 6 V r In . . - 1' X A if i7'NgQ' ,-fif' T o - P ,.. s Z Z , X jpg - 'I -,f 1 4 1-uavxv-xszvrui I, . . 'zgxur o.: -r " ' M443 V P ' EE!" Y am 1 ..- PRESIDENT ... VICE PRESIDENT ,. SECRETARY ,.. TREASURER . . ., CLASS SPONSOR ., K. ALTI'IAI'SER J. BARDON R. BARE M. BREMEYER .I. BRINGINIAN G. BRITTINGIIABI O. CARPENTER C. COTTRELL E. EATIIERTON Q This is the first post-gradualw The following freshmen Colle-gal commercial law, principles in df-inocracy, ll'I20I'lOIllf-'ll'5', and business administration. Many of the students hopv to usv thvsw 1-xdvanced credits Ik1l9I' in some collvge. The class published the school paper. I'ndP1' the guidance- of Mr. Cope ln I V I l is Post Graduates . . . JOHN IIARMON MARTHA JANE BARDON I ...,.. KATHRYN GAYER I l ., KARL ALTHAUSER ... HAROLD COPE " lf a P. I-'ILLIATOR C. NIITSCH . I 5 Ii. PINK W. MOORE i E. GARNER D. MOSER 'W li. GAYER M. NEWCONIER E .l. HARMON F. VOELKER i I-I. HILDERBRAND G. WALCUTT 'X Nl. HILL BI. WALL q R. HULL L. WEAVER I M. LYNN P. WEAVER f nw class that has ever been organized in the school. subjocts were offvredz English, Advanr-ed typing, - "Orange and Black", which prow-d to be a success. the class has accoinplishod fine- work. Q Mary Hill 5 Ng' 'A K N QJ :rx Q " '55, SV .. W. x n 1 rr Xu, AX X f , , X X xx - N. x x NX I . X ' f X A -1 . ff' 4 'S' ' " ' X x X N . ,J F K X 3 Q42 2 Q , ? I 1 I 4 aw NNN N rxfgi i-.. ei A f' gf F9 , ,., ,w u y TniF1,P W Hr ..l-J.. X W , x e-:fQf25W's:Q4-H " g , g --af px- ,ww-....,,, Qxxxvx - 1 f X1 'I I 5 T ,J N l O O V .,,.,-f--- My -ff' -,... ,Q Q w ,,,,.f 1 :E 5 Q. W .Af ' mfg .A 'KM -nw? ,Z,,2!Q al 015232 - QI. Qeg' 164 -H9132 1 ' V7 - f ' f 1 i 0 O fr' , A ' Ay- 5 fi - 4 xY .23 fy,5-S" ,Q , , 4. 'KSQ-Vi . 'WX .. li . .sl A 4? v . RW- " 1 9 M I - ' ,2.:a' L' L -4 Milf ' Q I" , 5 . ' ',s x, S , .E- C ' - - ' X W. Fi' 1 L? x ,, X Q., rf' 0.130 .V Z ' - je X 1 X S A a n ' - 'rf'-I ,--' H X ' - vt A ,X J L , X X i ,cl si. l - , ig - l L rg p Q ,, igixiss- 2: wah I X X I Cx A x ' 1 x x X X I "' l 4 . 1 t l - -at x ' ' 5 .. 1 , - - 1 l N t r l i I l f 'l M5 EM ff If music be the food of love, play 0lli'Sil1li'iCS17E3I'E ...The Senior Band.. . Q The band started its school year by electing the following officers and assistants: Paul Cook, presidentg Kathryn Gaver, secreta,ry: Maurice Philbrick, librariang Joseph llringinan, drum major: and Charles Martin, flag carrier. The band accompanied the football team to nearly all the games. It also played for a great number of public occasions and gave a concert on December 9, 1932. The fourth annual band festival was held in this city on April 29, 1933. The usual bands participated in the festival and two new bands were added: namely, Point Place ot Toledo, and Kenton. The parade was held in the afternoon and the massed bands played "Victory", "Washington Post", and ''Indepeiidentiau. ln the evening each band played "King .Nlydas" and other numbers of its own choice. The critic was Prof. Eugene Vkleigle, from Ohio State lfniversity. VVe. the stnior band 1'llQlllbPl'S, wish to evprc-ss our appreciation to Mr. Huffman tor his efforts put forth to make the band a success. 'We also wish to thank the board of f-flurzation for the use of the busses. The departing seniors extend their best wishes to the band for continued success in the future. Naomi Neate ff-5. 'if 9444, A ll "L I fl K hi' ' f - - X, ,,, f 4 7 l lff Z 7 A '33 n " I - X h I ., - llll ' A "' :' cs' " I 1 W -- xl ,. I? f x fv L... P Wk' 4' 1 SENIOR ' .BAND r Rf X ff Q . v 5 N r Lwft to 1'i:'l1t: Run' 1' Nl. .-XIIIHIIINC. H. .Xyrra NI. lhsir. J. Brillunmlu. C. XI.nrtiu, Mr. Hllf-iAIll.lI1. Ron Il: E, Bqrwlulu, F. Hvlzxxvr, I.. Bvtz. H. Bulhh. J. Brilnulngaln. IT. lla-Izmir-n. F. l'l:x1'k, F, flak. R0-.V 3. P. funk, B. ifmxzill. J, Ihfy, W. 11.13. Y. Dixi-null:-,-ll. NI. Fox. Nl, Fl'.llll'i. If. G.xrnvr. 'Y Ron' 41 K. GAYBF, G. G-'12, P. Gllthlzv. ll. ll.n1lv-zlvl, NI. ll.ulvl. U. ll.1l--, II. Hvlkwl. ll. Hull. Run' 5: A. Kar! H. K.:1's, J. Kvrr. N. 1iliIk!i'I'. Il. K-ml1lvx'. H. Iillfflllli. R. I.mxr3. Nl. Lylnn. I Run' fi: N, Nealte. ll. NPlllllUi510l'. J, Nc'um,1x1i'x'. F. N-,rri-, .l, I'.xa1x.ml, Nl. Fhlllfrifk, H. Plnllnrick, I.. Railing. Row T: D. Shambaugh. J. bhcckler. H. ShiHivr. D. Spvllvrherg, H. Stuvcr. R. Trrvup, G. Wdlcutt, Il. Ywun V fx A ,.,x 'N .xl X I 3 f'X Z- E X -QQ N -Si 5' .- 'ffm Avo '3 L 1 X X . . L 5 n 1 'x A ' X ' b, X, X x- XU X ' I W ' X 5 X' X 2 . , X 1 xx x L xx X sy X -9 I N' N I V N -lx l I f lf M 4 K l N l I N K' l MLN 34 . . Junior Orchestra . . . o. ANGLE5 L. HEHH E. Mosssnuoosn B. BAHTH A. HOGAN M. SMITH li BEXNETT .L HINLEY D. SPELLERBURG gl- SAETQITXIEN D. KUHN A. STALTEH SJELiQ1Ni:,ER gi 13555 3 3253-y H. EATHERTOX '- ' A' ENDER5 H. LEIGHTY n. w1THr:ow H. GRAHAM B- L' LE5ER Ii. WITZEL 0 This Junior Orclwstra of 192325 has 21 proud lllllllbvl' of twenty-six boys and girls. Tho best kiiowlpdgc of music can be learned while the person lcarning. it is in his youth. These boys and girls have- taken advantage of the opportunity thc school has Liven thvin. To he-ar Thom play and not see thorn. one would be rcady to guess tlwm as oldm' boys and girls. The-y arf- progressing splendidly undvr the ablo direction of Mr. HUHRIIIHII. As soon as tho studcnts dovclop suilicient ability on' thvir particular instrunwnts, they urv nrlvunced to tho Senior Orchostra. Eleanor Trachsel fn ,btw ff 46 ff X ifwf f' "llM?f f 27.3,-X 1 fl 41 6. 1 ' Qp ' . t i f ,M AJ' ,- ,' .,' ,4 f, , 1-2- ,, .-- ff? ..,, I X ' ' '4 '- 4, . Z l '31 ' d - X, ' Q i-E Xwu-' . . . The Senior Orchestra . . :af i al l ,X Q 4' r lx , l l .X. .XYICIIS Nl. FUX F. NIITSCII ll. .XYICII4 If, 4iH.Xll.UI F, NORRIS l ll, BXIII-I ll. IIAIBFDILI. J. l'AtjN.-XRIJ I Nl, Btlllltlill I,, HFIIR R, l'I-'EIFER ,' Il. t'.XNT.XX1l-QN ll. HETXI-il, Nl. I'IiII.HlIlK Ii X li. l'l..XllIi .l, ll1lI,I.,XNIlblIIi.Xll ll. l1HILHRlt'li - lf. t'l,.XllK ll, IlIll'Sl-IIltlI.lll-Il! Ili 5lIAfXlB.Xl'Gli lI.t'1nIXS ll. Kill-Illl.I-QI! Il. 'l'Htll'l' Y. lllslll-NNI-Ql"I' lu. lil'HX Xl. WITIHI-lW , W I'. l-'ll.l.l.X'l'lblC Nl, l.4IK'l-fllIl'll ll, YHVNG l I Thi 0l'f'lIlaIl'2l, lllltivl' tht- ve-ry uhh- lliiw-ctimi :intl lv-till--iwliip nt' Mr. Hiillllmiu. has ztflvztm-1-cl iwtif-1-allvly in thi- pats! lv-w ye-urs. It is playing some- ot' thi- llltDI'l- ditticiilt iiiiiimi-rs ami should ht- f'0lllIllilll4'Ilitlfi rm its splwndirl work. Mr. 1-liitliimii :ilinnld i ulso hi- c-uliiillimi-litt-d mi thf- untill- nf lllllSif' which hi- si-lf-cts, I'y playing this hiuli- --1' grutlt- ut' musit' the- imlixillulai will uiif-misc-iuiisly furiii at liking for tht- bl-ttl-1' claw nl' iiiusic. FYI Thu Ol'l"lltbll'll Nut the- It-llmvin: thru- lllvlllih-l'S to thi- ull stats- 0i'Cl1t-stint, whivl' ivlsiyt-tl for th-- tt-:tf'l1t'i'Q :lit-1-tnllu all Tull-dn: Mary Ii0I'tik'l'. Nlutiricf- Y'liillmi'it'k, and lfaili- Sil2llllil2'l'!il. lt also sr-lit tht- following I'-'lll' 1111-iiiln-iw to f'nl1i':.l1i1s tu 11l'iv in the all stuti- 1-icl-1-strai tl-Q-iw: Maury I3m'tli1'. Iifltslliillti l'hilhi'ic'la, Nlz1lil'ic'e- l'hilh1'icli and Kiilcliw-tl I-Nix. - W Thi- 1-iuht 0lll20il1Q grzidiiutr-s wish to 1-xt.-lid thi-ii' he--Qt wislif-S lm' tht- sum---ss of -v this oiuainiivzutioii in thi- fllllllilk - Dull- Sliululmaugll W ,. i lllfi V IX XX- 'S' g iv- k - - - 17 C If l f x. - l ',..i,. QW Ax ix ' If ' xx- x A I X N- f-X Qt . . ? -x Q-Q , - QQ? fx " 5' '- I I - , . . 1, X s X , . 1 .22 1 - ' wx N x N X ' ' N Q -, 'fffl-I X Z SN I ll I i'p I if I Boys' Glee Club , l x1,B.x1R H. IQLENZLI STILL ' I. BRIXGNLXN H. LESLIE SCI-IEHHY l IJ. FASTANIEN F. IIIITSCI-I FECKEL ' Y. DISBENNETT W. MASTERS SWEIGARD L IJ. FOX F. MARTIN SEBENULER I ll. IIALBEDEI. F. NORRIS TROIIP N V. ,ILIIEY I, PAGNAHIJ WEAYEII L. .l.XlIIlEl.l, F. RIFE WALCUTT I Q ln Swlntf-11lln1', 1022, u :ronp of IXTGIIIX-flrlll' boys was organized under the able l'llI'i'l"l.IOll of A111 Hlll'l,II1?lll ns thi- Boys' Glw Club. ,Xltlnmgli wvwyolul was not able m !r'zif'tir'f1 at the SZIIIII' tinn-, ww had :1 successful yn-ar. 1 In r-Imp'-1'z.fio11 with the Girls' Glw Club ww vvelw ublw to prnlsviit the senior high rfpwffirn. "l'ir'klvs". Thi- Club also anvil varimis sl-lections at public apprJai'ancQs. l MN I fl 4 Ali: I-Iniflnnn was lhf- unf- who In-lln-fl ns OYUI' thosw rough spots which w'e1'9 so '1Y"AI1 lflvw-nt, C2llll2ll'lIll' AIllSf'll rn' Al2ll'Qkll'Ul ISIN-'IIIIZIIIII wwre always proseint giving ilu- mlvli znnfl playin" thi 'lf'f"'lIlIlillIllll1'lll. wi-viii sfnirirs ll'lIXlII, thi club Huis yvzu' wish 101' ii .1 lHl'l1lfllIt'llI and high plaCQ in th-A Hf'llfvUl ur-tiviti'-s.. fn ,hi 1 is-f David Castanien .SQC1 1 I I1 It , . v-fl-7 . llll - 9 ' ,Z X J' X if A -- ff - -1- p-- -- ,e1' Y I if I Wil all ' f 255' 1 ,. Zff 77 Z AI I I xl Y ff Y ,YA 3 12:5 px F I I-C L, 4' ' , 1' I I , U -' , 1- ., ,Lg X J? f . a.XIv5-'f ,3- 1. ,. 1 I I 1 1 I I i ff- " 1 4 1 1 i I1 It . . . Girls' Glee Club . . NI. li.-XIIININ lf. GR.-XI-IANI NI, I.. LYNN . II. BORDER E. IIILDERBRAND H, NIIIJJNI S Ii. BRHWN K- 111'LL II. 1111.1.111,1N 1 Il- BRI3I'Iil'5H 1.. HEHR 11, 1'.11zx111111 1 II, 11h11x I. ww n ' ' A N. ITVH ' 'I' G. IUITII I 11. t',111111ixT1g11 H ,, lm X H mmm H, I '11 m1'11T.11m I'-' H-L5 ' " ' ' fl' M- FLEVK H. INGLICS I. SIII-Qt'Iil.lzI! ll. frLf.1'K NI. .IENOT E. il'II1lIIJ'I' .I, FLOVK Ii, KROCK IQ. 'l'l!.Xl'II5IiI, III. FRIEIIIQKXN NI, LUNG NI. WNLI. .l. llAI2W1111Ib III. I,tIYIfHIt'II Nl. I., IYITZEL I I IIN, thw Gi1'l's Glu- Fluh nt' 19333. aw tl1i1'ty-sew-11 i11 IllIIlllN"l'. XIV. H11t'I'1111111, 11111' K i11st1'11Ct01', Certainly has the ability to pull us through some of tht- dil'l'i011lti1-5 that ' ww c'011t'1'011t. We I1111'v I1Ja1'111f'cI 11 grmit mziny new points to bv st1'1'ss1-tl in music, ' rm 111111 have dom- our best to abide by them. It is Olll' de-light to sing bwfore public gz1tI1v1Ai11gs. Siuuing has ln.-c-o111v il 11lwz1s111'v to us, Iwcullsv ww a1'v allways p1'm'ifI+'-d with tht' Iwst of 11111si1'. :111fl tllll' vhivli 111111 is to :vt th1- best out of it. fd- Th1- girls' G11-e Club of 102223 wislws the- school success in o1'g:111izi11g ll 20041 glee 1 club for the COIIIIII wear. ' El1'z111o1' T1'a1c'l1s1-I ljyl, v IN - jfv 0491, QM' . V21 I IL ...EDITORIAL... c. ,.,L...., g 'lm Ill 'I' I-IE INDIAN VILLAGE AN- NUAL made its First appear- ance in IQI4. Since that time it has been the custom oi each sen- ior class to publish a similar boolc. The object oi these boolcs is to give the people an insight into our school life and to disclose to them the activities ol various school organizations. ln pursuance ol the usual custom vve give this boolc to the public as a remembrance ol the class ol I933 Nlary Taylor lfclitor Y 'X lyk N?- ,..,..,,,,,..., 15154-. I Z7 4'g,,,... Q 'X A XZ' ,L vt' ,594 A ' N S -e f ii f'N ,5- .5 ,Xxx i ,. '-" Q. gif X X X I g X - -QQ -is -- .- Y ' R X if-N x K v 7 -, iSsS, SSQSEQ I I 'S X x S I "" X '-40.4 l i1?GL'..x fi- .Y ' liIA BN?4B.X'w92. lv wi hunt , linmlsa L..g-eu. ... 111810 !!e.:a.yvZr2.am- 'emu -sin urea S Lffffk-W" l'ff9"L?'if '...a' r xy'1--1- 1 V I rX if i ly r l .H V 54 I r I l l N io A fFl'!:' fl V' il, X ' 1.- Junior Chorus ,x. BEAR ii. 1-nLE SAMMET xi Bl-fXXE'l"l' D. nom SCHINDLER ll. BINALY ll, JOHNS A. SCHLUP F, CHEHITIL M, KARG SCHONBERGEI E' Eliiiffiii it t'Z5E5'Ei5m NBER .1. FEELISY B. LIESER ?'flTLExR, im, oA'rr'1iE1,L 11. 1,ox'Er:1CH . ?1ALTUl II Gff1"l'l-'IIIED M. xlosuz SWAVB SWIHAHT ll. HEHII W. RIFE - I The Junior Chorus ot 19233 numbers twenty-nine boys and girls. These boys and :irls can sing: well and they show it by their readiness to sing at chapel or before public' zatherines. They are full of pep and willing to undertake Illally serious pro- blems in llllli-iC'. They are climbing to the top step by step under the leadership of their instructress, Miss Arnistrong. It is the Imjfs' and girls' di-sire that when they reach. the Senior Building, they may pzlrticipaltf- in the Hf'Ill0l' chorus and glee clubs. If they keep up the good worn: they halve been doing it will be an 4'-asy task for tllF'l11 to gain admittance In ilu- senior oruunizntions. Eleanor Traclisel ffg U ff- I 1 . ' In I I 'Q I , C , - f . ,. . ,- - mmf f 1' f -f 4 'Zs , , ff X Z 1 73' ', .- ' , f - 1 af' H : ,Q , I X X IZ. E 11 ,. fp K I I' ' LXW1' K , I. .L B.-Xl!I111N Ii. B.II'1I'f I.. B,-XRIC B. HUES KI. BRI-INII-lYICI1 IC. IiI111IYN 11. 1',XI1I'IiX'I'IQI1 11. t'.XN'I'.INIIIX T. 1'11l'I1T XI1 Y. IlI5I"II'1NXI'.T'I. I-'. ICXIJI-1115 NI. I-'ILLI 111111 .L I"I.IiC'Ii NI. I-'I.El'K .I. IfL1lt'Ii II. FOX NI. FRIENLXNN ...Senior Cho IQILXIIJUI IIII.11IiI11i1l.-IND IlI'1'1'IIU1l'Ii lI1lI1N II11'l'IiI.i.ING IIl'LL ILIQS IXIQLES IIIWIN .lI'IiY KLEIN IQI1111'Ii lil'IiNZLI IAWIII-.N LI' SLIP. LUNG 1.1 WICI 1 1 Il II ,VF PHS . . LYNX NIANTEIIS NLXY NI1'i'I,IC.XIQX lIILI.Il2.IN NIILLNI I-'. NHIQHIS I'.IllX.XIII1 l'.XllX.Xl1II 1'M'I, P1111.1.11'I'i 1111-'li 111155 1141T11 SVIIIQIIIIY 5I'HNIIIl'I' 51114 IICX IIICIQIII-fl! O Wu the S+-11i01' C11o1'us 01' 111322, I1Ll111IJ1'l' sixty-Hig111. You may SI-IISI-fXHI.I-.II bIfl'IiI-21. XIII-Q1'IiI.IQII SIII ,1l.IIxI,l. 5-I1I'IIxI'iII Vl'ICI'II'1N STILL NIYIZIIS XIII! FIYEIILXIID SWIXICILXIIT SXYIIICII 'I'II.Xl'IINIEI l'LIiI1'II II'.XI.l'l'TI IY.II.I. XI ICU PIII WIT! If I, 111- 111' 1111- 11 11 I 1 1,1 Il 1, - 11 .11 11 11 1 1 1 '1 I 11 1 I 1 I . F51 1111111111 111111 so lllkxlly vuicvs CZIIIIIOI 111111111 102111111-1' and Sing f'I1'il1'Iy 1-111111u11 111 bf- 1Il1fIl"l'A fmoai, You 111-1111 Illll 111411' our 01101115 sin: 111 1111 f'r111vi111'--11 IIIilI 1111 111--sv vuiw-S 1111 1111-nd and do sin: Cl1111'1y. 111. I-I11f1'111a11 IIZIS guidvcl us 111 IIIIII 1121111 w11--111 we can 01111: togwtlwr and has 111.-111 us ' Ill 11. VV11 1111v1J the d1"sil'1- plus 11111 ability to sing 1111111111 :111 11111111-11c'e. W11 1111v1e had 11 , IUIISOIII1' y1J111', but we- do 1101 I'l"2l't'f it, t1111111cs 111 11111' i11s11'11c'1111' in 11111si1', XIV, HIIIII.A 1111111. who has 11+-Hn pntivnt with us. I 11 llllll' '1'1'11c-11s11l I I '11 X XfNf4- 1 A 'N-"'5"'Tv -- L' ' :fx W I 'K ' V ' 1 U X f n... X . . 21. J X X 4' x Ffa X "' 5 a ll u i mar:- . K. em JW X i i 'i U i i in i If HUKIEH E. HLI"F3l.XN I Bnml Muster f L 1 H , N I ink lf, L ,EXE-f . . Junior Band. . . G. ANGLE5 H. HOEHNER M. MYERS R. BEINBRECH H. JOHNS M. SMITH L. BETZ E. KARG E. SNYDER R. BILLHARDT M. KLEIN B. SPENCER B. COOK J. KEHR R. STANSBERRY Y. CASTANIEN J. LAWRENCE D. STEPHAN Ill. CLINGER H. LEIGHIY G. WALCUTT B. CUWGILL R. MQCLAIN J. WEIKER J. GILLAND E. MOSSBRUGGER L. ZIIVINIERMAN 'The Junior Band of 19333 numbers twenty-seven boys and girls who by hard work and steadiness have attained a remarkable knowledge of instruuients. They have a wonderful beginning which each of them should be willing, even anxious, to follow upward. By cooperation and, study they have reached the point of receiving commeudation from their instructor, Mr, Huiufnian. By keeping a Junior Band each year our school is always sure to have a good Senior Band. for these pupils are well trained and step easily into the positions that are vacated hy the sr-niors who graduate from the school. Let us boost the Junior Band and help to keep our school band the- best. Eleanor Trachsel 'W ef 52 ff l,l,f if! I fl' f Q ffnwf'z'2" if , ,, ,X 1 I ' i Iliff? 4 ' , n ii J X Z . A, X ' f .. ,, , ,,- ,,,, -- f - , f A : , ' ,41 f , ..,, 1 '-' ' ' X ' ' ' I If ' I f ,111 - 5 , l " 1 ' I ,, 4, Q Q X - A ' ' K Q- f'upulu Klnslxi, clwlcl' -If D011-1-tin! Burmu I-f Yiwxllnx . ,l. .lcnluwxl .lnmw .mul .nlxwtlxlnu uxlwrt . "In Old Vienna" .. Iltmx AIMU-, 5-1w,n1:1'n'tu1' --1 lMln'ln-lpmvtrx' lm: ,. M-rn-'11 lllxl-L-lam-lt ' ' ' Nl.nr5 Ncnlnvlflcl' Lnlllr-.n, .1 xnulrew . .. .. , ...,, . ....., .., ll.lYll lx.lNI.xlll1'll l'r--ll--rn-'lx XlllN4'll Burnalnl .,..... .,.,,...,. , , . . l'lllIllNl'xll lXl1V5l'ilN llnllllllll Slvullu . . l.lIll10'I' .l.11'rc-ll A ' . 'xl.n'n-n BMI' -lim-, x ZXIWQ kin: ,..,,. . . . lfllxm N--lv-I lllvlm, :Hwy Qirl .. . . Nl wry li-lr-I-'1 Arllnur Vrvl-ml, I 5 ---ll1 Q ,X llfn' rl r'.ux: .1l'lINl . ., ll .1xg41 l1I ll.nllw-lvl ,I nlxx c l':nnln:t-un, .en Al nvs- rl :'.nx1 In-irvw ....,, , ,. lil 1-.n:xf11' Tmrlxwl .lmms ll. llelmiuxi-ln, pr.,pl'wtvl1' ul "l'1-Iv: PIIICI' l'nlxl.w ' ' l...Iu-II I..-Nln' Mm. l.'ul-1' XX nzwl lunly Yixinn l7el.xm'5. Ln a'l1.u'milug lfnulixlm -.ml-fu , 1 N.-ln 1l.nm'u'l' . , . . . llutll 1l.n.x' llrglw M-cm115v.mlsl ,. .,. ,. . l.1tl1.nr1'nc Nlltsclx Qndrtvt .. fvlnry l.1-niw With-l. Klnry B1-nl-ir, lim.-I1 lQll0IlZll. .xml l'l.Arnl-l llnllvcwlul 0 l,I'PSlJllU'd March 10th, by tlw hiuh sc-lmul :IW clubs and chorus under the- dire-ction nf Hlblllvl' E. Hllflllllllll. l'l'1'll 4'L.XIl1 IXGLE4 54,1-,1 D.mcur ul? l F51 HN I 9 I 2 If l l l lx rl 2 J gnf. ,.fX if Q l WL 0 4 A X f-R Z" Ax 1 A l I X X p v QA b s.5"3iif" ' w ' H X .-' V .h - ,N I fx-X L t ,jp - . ' ' 'Eg W . ' F P, 'al V X x I ,S 2 .. . ,.,-1 1 Xi N I N, fm 1 1 l X5 l ,r ll! l ll 4 H 1 . . . The Piamsts . . . , C Tlwsp four girls, Margaret Freliniann, Alicv Ayvrs, Betty Lou Lester, and Catlwriinl 4' l Mitsch, plziyvd tlw k1CC0l111J2lIllIll6-'Tlf for the various musical organizations and dwserve , to he C0lll1l1l1lll-lIltF'd upon their spl-Jndid work. VVH fwel that they have played un S important part in contributing to tlw success of the music dvpartnient. 1 ...ANNVAL MVSICAL PROGRAM . .. HIVPII April 4, 15133. undwr th-A dire-ctioii of Honwr Huffman and Louise Armstrong. lx BUYS GLEIC i'l,l'B JUNIOR BAND X We- Nli-ei ,Xunin Tonight . ,V Vvvllllrflwl' l'I1kH"W'l Allllliiil-I1 fUVFl'l'flll'Cl ..,...,..,.. .. Bennett Wh-, Will lfwr the liunnx . Pmnwel Dawn KRevvriej .... .. Bennett H,.,1,,,,i,, IAM-9 sung ,,.,.,,,.., .. Pinxuti Vollrzr' Buy tNl.nrcl1D ..-....,, .. B0nnQtt ,ILNIUH f'l'lUlll'5 .IUNIOH 0Ilf'HES'l'l'lA Thr- liliriw lnnri- .,.... ......,. l rixh Air FI'5llY1ll Hlvc-rturvl ...........,.,..... Taylor 1-AU,,,,,,! 5.,,,g ,.4..,.. Glurk The Muyprrlc fwilltzl ,......... .. Wurfl figp-x I.1fv . ,. ,,,.. . Flvnxilt Fulk Suns Thi' Wiznrvl ixlllltllf ........, .. Duzzctt f-IX GIRLS, Glnlil-Z 411.8 Yovul Quartet, bolvrtlun lnnw Whvrr' Ihr' Llhrw Bl 1n4r nn ....,,. 'lliulilpwmi SENIOR URCIIESTICA Him-r, Hn-1-r , . , I'hilv.nn lmlk Swnu Pair flluirl of Pvrth fUNClAllll'C'f Wiflrlvl '-l,q,l.vr1l Krfpl Sli:-vp .. ..,,.....,. 'I'hinn.nn Tliulvnr'-fl'ulu1 Piurm Sunnis: in A Mozart Kllvurfv Synuplimly Nu. 111 ....... Mozart fx SENIOR f'IlUHl'b I ln: vlr- Willis- Nlj, I.vi'.v L14-x lirlnelnini ., l7+wl4'r SENIOR BAND I lnllllliz . .. ,, ..,.., .... I 3l'.llllIlN l':ilmrgnn1l Hlvvrlurcj ...........,.. Bnrnhouwc N,l.,l,,11y.i , 4, ,,,,,,,,.,... ltuli.-n Sung Sun :xml Strunuvr , .. Nlcnrlc-lssohn X Hrn- Q-1.lrt+-1, Swl:-4-ti-in lui Clnpltnn ffllnrrlij .. ,,,, 51,1153 Ng' 34 Z" , ,X ww -1 Wx x'X N , . ,. ...-.,, , :fx xg- -grw.f:..x1? ...X yxfxlf QXNF-N ' w lxi-L qrfgf. ,. i. 1 1 f ...PHYSICAL EDUCATION I If 7 J J flu gg? CHEER LEADERS in Xie fy '49 ' W N4 - X X1 W I 33 Wt, X 5x S XX X X, ' lx N X , . '-541.4 S. A C fl lf I E X t , ' N- . -X 5 i - is-k as H I x L 1 ,. 1 X K if :Ax X ,- T, -Q5 '- I g...t.3g " - ,t .-,' t- ' w s X x -5. I ?l li Q l 1 'P il ' l lx .I 4 'll il HN 1 lxfix Q I -fx-xx X' . . Football. . Il. IHIITIIHIHNIITW D. HARMON G. NEIDERHAUSER I-I ISELZNER C. HUDSON T, RITTERSPACH t'L,XIlIi L, JARRELL E. ROBEY P. Ctmuli R. KAHG fi SECKEL E. FINK C. MARTIN D, SHAMBAUGH J. GAIQNIQIJ W. MASTERS M, 51-IAMBAUGH E. GHT'l'Fl3lLQD M. MAY5 H, SNYDER ll. HAI.l3lTl1PLI. H. MILLER .I. STHASSER D. ll.-XLE F. MITSCH ll. ZIMMEIKMAN B At the first call for football over thirty boys reported to Coach Buttermore for practice. Everything went along' fine and it looked as if We were due for a fairly successful season until a flock of injuries hit the Upper camp. We lost our first two games to strong Findlay and Tiffin elevens. The next two games were victories over Bucyrus and Crestline in hard fought battles. We lost a niidseason game to the powerful VVOOtlXY2ll'Ll eleven. At this time the jinx that had been wrecking the Upper camp with injuries play- s-cl his worst trick. Coach Buttermore was forced to leave us on account of sick- ness-This hit the team hard. VVe were fortunate in securing E, M. Van Scoyk as our new coach. The fellows showed their determination by defeating St. VVendelin. We lost the next two games to Shelby and Calvert, and battled Carey, our ancient rival, to a scoreless tie in the final game of the season. The members of the squad wish to thank the band, teachers, and pupils for theil' whole-hearted support. VVe also Wish to express our appreciation to the athletic managers, Mr. Holland, Mr. Houpt, and Mr. Derrickson, and the student managers, Halbedel, Lawrence. Newcomer, and Bartholomew. Gale Neiderhauser ffsese -L- ,.f T ,...L I I I.I,f SN! ff E 7 , , A I4 y W A I, I .I U V -n . ' rd . 4 fix 'I C5571 In 2 - f 42471 , ,. I ff j EI F' ' - S 3 ' 011' " 1 1 ,I Y If X, 1 xl.: . ' ' ' ' 1 Nm ', 1' V I".11rIlu5', . , Tifliu COIUIHIJILIII III1I'Yl'II'i 10 n, .... ,.., Cl'v:4IIIllv, Il IYIHHIXI ard, T I ..... St. XVPIIZIPIIII, 133 Culvert, 51 ..AA She-Iby. 32 Carwy. 0 .,,, Opponents. 265 . Footbixll Schedule . . . I I I i I I I I I, I lllltl ppm lllH'l' lapel' ppl-'l v.4I.1 . U ,,,,,,, ,,,,,. I lxl , ly ,Y,, ,,,,,A H 6'll f,. lil? 1'.1fI ,AA,,,, AIll'I'l ,Il ,....., .... I IIl'1' , U v,,, Y .... IIEVII 125 ....., HVIW 'lb1lE1', 131 .,A. ,,,., T Ill'1'l IIJIJET, 133 .,,, ..,,, ' Flu- rl 111191. 0 ..,.A., ,...,. H we ppvr, UU ..,,,,, .,,..... T Olkllrv I I I I nt MI I I In I I fi I nw II FE. M IXJXI f'N- AN 4, J7 W I . ff I 1 X f'N ,ff W X -L I A XSS , it 4-s w.Q it Q' Xxhj xx X D: X 1 'ffl-4 X X E . ' ' x , ,. . . 4 X " ' ' lift x ' ' 5 x 'N . 'W-gf. ink, N. Osborn, ll. Roth, R. Barilinloini-n', J, Strassor. R, Bullsli, H. Hallnrtlcl 1 A . . . Boys' Basketball . . i Q XVlnfn Nlr. Derrickson issuod the will for basketball, tw+11ity-five eagor boys rs- l spoiirlf-rl. .Xttvr a we-+-lc of niild practice our now Coach, Eli Barack, arriw-tl and ,N took cliaruff. Bfavatlst- ot this tiialllf' and the now systwin that Mr. llgiratli introductld tht- boys wt-rv slow in gsltting startod and lost tho first four ganios. This. IIXLPI. llllllll- lioxwvnr, did not discourage- the team or the coach and ww chalk- MA1 Hd up our tirst victory against Carey. This victory gave the team A l Contidw-nco and ww won tlirwa out of tho remaining tive gainos. X In our tirst gaino in thi- Class A tournaniont held at Ada, we df'lvF'21tf'ti tho strong Van VV+1rt twain hut wort- Qliniinatvd in tho finals by losing to Linia Cvntral. Thi- invinlifis ot' tht- squad want to thank Coach Eli Barack for his siiicvrel and untirina Pfforts with the team and thv two , nnanags-rs for tlwir faithful work during the year. in VVH also 1-xtvnd our siiicvrv thanks to Clair Holland, athlvtic dirt-r'tor: Ilobfart Derrivkson, assistant dirwtorg and Mr. Houpt, N tr'-asnrwrg tor tlwir loyalty throughout thv swason. 'l'hf- fl4'll2ll'TlllQ sf-niors, Horam- H+-tzw-l, Franklin Tilton, Dale- f Shainhangh, Nt-al Osborn, and lCln1orv Clark wish tho :rt-ate-st snr-r-4-ss for future! tt-anis. V! Iilnioro Clark M' l fro fx-s Mail 58-1- . , A 'fff Q ' . f fp it 'fx K 7 l - f , 42? , , ff Z S -. ,, V 1 '-' ' ' ' ' , y 0 " f - X ,, A. llll " "' W, : Qs- ' l 1 X L7 Q g ' f ll , LXW: lf ' Q' " Wvl.. Iilfv- ' V fb ! ,, l T..-.. 3 .z,-, ,.... - ,M ll. llvtzvl, lu. Cl lk l C xrnl I5 Nlllllllllll lx l'. 'l1lIun. ll. .lu-lmwn P lvmlx l Il lxxllx ,..n.1,...,. . . Boys' Basketball Schedule . . . Bl1Cyl'llS. 211 ,,.,. Tiffin Columbian, Si. lkxnl, 233 Crestline. 12 Carey, fl ..., St. XYe-ndelin, Zin Culvert, 11 ,,,, Carey. 16 Wharton. fl ,,,.. Kenton, 21 ,l,. Van NVQ-rt , 2 O ..,,,, Lilna Central, 3g Opponents. 25 S l'ppPl', "5 lvll1lF'1 I ppm' lvlillfll' I'ppe1', lvllllt-'I' I paper, lv1lIIt'1'. lqlblbt-11' Vppel lppel' LVIIDPI' Vppel' 'T :Ili fc lil fb l 0 Ill 2 li 2 T ij fi 20 24 10 44 Hen, HQJV1' He-l'+1 H1'1'+' Hvlw' Tlll'l'0' HHIW1 'l'I1n-rw' H,,.,f,. Hvlw' Adu Ada Totals 'E lQI,l B.Xl1Vlx I 1 0.1 ll 0 V l fl ll l l ll lv 1 jx ff .1 l Q l .Q l f all l l 1 l x A , ll VIN 1-'X FN' - ' - -.--'--:xg - X 'I ...CONTENTS... I I x I I1 A 5 I INTQQDUUIQN in ADMINISTRATICN . III SEIXHQRS 5 uv UNDEQCLASSNAEN V Music D vu PHYSICAL Homo-WGN Q vnu QQGANIZMIQN 1 vm SENIQR ACTIVITIES IX ALUMNI x ADVERTISEMENTS 0 O 0 W Wt M A ix' !':5v'K,Q if i f I E X x 1 swf ix 9' ' 1 f s N , , il'. I ,L D lb I I an 0 xl ll' E l .9 g 5 , il 4 S H W It IX J 0 I I I , I A "'- X i ' X N i Q ' - ww , ll A x X . - wil- - V f , -. X x fx A XX - X .X S xx x, . X Y - X X I-iffy N 'L' - X X F . X si-lx X X Q -X ' ' 'bg x ,, X X Q - "1 K i' ' --Tx--.-,.-4 - fn: . Avg- -ni. - -v-ff , -f'---L-T ,--'---'---------- .-..3n..f......-.-.w.W, .,,..i..,N.. ,. ...M 3 -N l IT. 1kl.inl-X. .l, ll-lmrn, if. Htl-xwiy V. BJ-lvl, ff lfwy, ll. SXXVIN. Xl. Lynn. If. Guin-x', .l, Sill--1 llli-I' l ' n 7 ' : . . . G11 ls Baslietlmll . . . 1 l I Tiw c-mr-li 01' thv :un at thw XYll211'1lOIl guinea 0105+-d ai most succvssfiil swiasrm for Ihw uirls' lmskf-llizxll twain this yvar. fi l-'-my :ills aiisxwlred the Call for basketball in Novwiiilwix Aftvi' two ww-ks 1ll'ilC4 Iirw-, ihv 4-iuliiwii girls wwe cliosmi by Couch Beatty . X Ily lizird Ill'LlC'liCH. strif-t training, and thw lUZldPl'SlliIl of Miss X ,Xl,lI"Ii AYLVS 1 , I A XIIMIU lwzitty. th? girls woeiw alilv to go through the svasou with only H 'uw defeat. Tlwrw www- flight Qlllll-IS scliediilell fm' llw girls this 5-var. Of Ilwse- tlw l"i'+-moiit Qfllllv wus the iiioft outstaiicliiiy. Oiw cuulrln't ask for lwtt+-1' passing, sliooting. iii' lvu1iiwo1'lc than the girls alis- lvliiywcl in this Laaiiie-. With f-x'ei'yo1w Pxpecting l'iI'Hl110lll In win, our uirls we-nt into thw :amv and fought hard. fair. and Si1ll2lI'P. NJN ziiil nloublwl the scmw of thi-ii' oppmwnts. X X x . . . X 1 Wil hopf- our vapablfi iiiziyizigw, Alive- Ayvrs, will l'k-'COYPI' lrom ilizziiiess fmni lll2ll'lClIlU, x's, 2's, and 0's vavh night ut 1ll'Zlf'll1'f'1lI1d all ull QZIIIIPS. f I I The l1l'1P2ll'llIl2 sf-iiiors, Mary Nfiiiiiflistw, June Bringuiaii. 5 T114-llllfl Hrmwr, Mildiw-rl lfi-1-y, and Klziiuziiwt Miiwr, wish tlw ,fifx lmiiiv hzislu-ilmll tunnis ul' lhv l'. H. H. S. tlw vc-ry be-1-at hll4"f'l'SS. 5 ' Mzirpaurwt :lllll"l' fl fl N f , Q' I 'f' If f t A Q , , X 1 I X 1 4 1 X f v .7 H ,,. .f2L , V ,,... ,- ,5- ? ' ' f , , f , ,, ff I I I , f N' , I L 'M r " I , I ffl' " f I I LI xl ,. ' fu Q?" - - , 1--i fu' f I-TA ' :E .. "Az If ,.,. . 2 W KW: W Z fl Q 4 I ' I. III I 1 fx II II KI. I'l'I'N .I, I4l'llI1lu.1lx. XI. II.I:-'ln..nlIl', .I. IIMII-III, II. X In I1 I l. I I XI III!-I1-.HIM Nl, Klum-xy l, II.IlI---I-'I Girls' Basketball Schedule 3If'CllIC'I1I'IIVIII4', lvl ,..., I'1v1v+-V, 114 Cr- stlin--, 15 , .... I'1v1n-1', 213 I"m'1-st, Il ....,, ..,,.. ,.A, I ' IlIIf'l'. QS 1If'L'11tr'I1v11YiIlI-, III ,, ,.,, I'Il1N'l', 22 Culwly, I5 ., ,, I'p1w1'. 20 I'Il'1'IIl0IlI, ZH .,,.. .... I '1v1Iv1', lil ,,,, ,. L'z1l'vy. S20 ,,,,, ..,.. I 'lllwly -s XNIIIZIVUIII, 14 ,,., ,,,,. I IIlIll'I', 2211 Oppulmvlxts. 1217 . ,, ,, I'p1w V. 2' 1 61 H+' H-' Tllv Th' HI HI TIM' HI Tn! ll N, II I I II I.I'lII.l-IN!-Q IlIf.X'I'l'Y IIIJIII , I I FW 1 f 1 Iq- XF I i..-,, 1,4 . VI AIM. : "P X X lr V, I Q f X X FN C4 X iixxi. N H x , Wi All .4 gm . 'L f i x N-.. 5 4, - X X i 5 i- d :X '- N A ,- X L. s ' X I Q ,--4-1 i I I 7, , . . . Boys' Physical Education . . . V Q "1'l1ysiCail Ed", thuL 11-llow who invaded lf S, H. S. thrw- ye-urs ago, hns Qziinod ' ai lax-no followinu. Tbwre aw about sixty two boys who lnw-t tluw--v tinivs a wevk for ix ai poliod of play. This group is dividvd into two clussf-s, onv I.I'0ll1 junior high and W the other froni senior hiuh. Vndvr tho nblw sup:-rvision of Mr. Littlw tho boys box, wi'-Jstlw, build 1Ul'21ll1idS. play 2111116-N, do cnlistlxf-liics, lwurn inarching. fornintions, and tumbling. Tho boys have lHi1'11+'c1 that iw-uiilzirity of habits and clwililiiiilss of IIPVSOII and action pay. Thfsw boys b+-liw-vv in physical d+-xwlolmwiit ns wvll us nn-ntnl clexwlfmlviiiwllt. Calvin Sockcfll ,K I I. II, III. IX, NX' 5 A 4 ? l'IiUliIiA3I GIYEN BY BOSS UN APIZII. LIN, 192152 NI.mb1n:. Y. l'Lu'.1ll--l I-.uxi cl I I .V 11. Follow thx' lmuler: "hi "XMIM 1. Skin cut hurling in b.u-kw.n'rl roll. 1. HI ' 1 2. I7oru.u'sl roll. 1. .N ., V V LL IM-div HI HH' VHA -1. Svllulllllu al.unI. .V 4. lmlvr :uul ovvr. b. lim h fnufl pull tuui u nl - , . lr, Xuull lnux. 1. Khin:-W null, ,. '- hm' 1 il l, Q", ' V, W:."Zx':rd rnllx Ia. Vyrgunixlx on Inu-All:-l bars. ' " y R ., , , ii- iiiilnliinixiill' rfilllli-alarm Xl. i'x1'.nn14Ix irulu lluur: . 1 K! I X 1 '. 1 U , 4 ,L I,I,',,,U for il4'lUiIY. zu. l'1vv high il'I.lIlQ!Il.Il pyrnrnuls, ff. liwui xr.u.fI muh roll fluun. lf- TW' 'fl-"'Ulll1lI' I'3'l-IIIIMN 1"vI1I11'4'!lInu. 1. u.....1 ...Wi -,-.im .nm .-un .1..m., iw lfw-M11 I-111.5 lb ul ,und f-uw .xrln Nluml .md roll lilmll fi. l"""" N,"-"""lN ii. Wdlklviu on lmnflk ullil roll rlmxlu. "- 'II'-'IW fill-1103 V L pull ihruuuhx I, I-mn! pymluml. ff 62 ff li, 'I'yw 1-omlnq In xhoulrlvr xtgmcl fi-ct to- if? 'win 'cf' f 6 1 f i 04' 4 Q..i ,. l t 1 I5 ' ' " . 4 f lu -,E 'fn .1 . X Q' 4-,+A --" A ,sd-f E ', I xi . ' , K ,f X - . ,V p -Wa. 4' , 1 I l V l'1 lt l1 l . . . Girls' Physical Education . . . .1 I .Xlilvr sclmol had sturtt-cl ll r':1ll was isstwd for pliysical wdticatinn vlussvs. Twwuty- X lin- girls r11po1't1-cl. WW- Ol'S2llllZtf'fl into four LLVOIIDS with a Captain in clmrgv of mach. I lil l During: th1- 3+-nr ww IDl2ly+'tl v1mll11yflJz1ll, bz1sk1'thull, and baseball. XXV- took up tumh' 1:3 llXl'llllllfl lillllllllll. folk 1l11111'iu:, and Calistlwllics. llvt-1'y1m1f has 1-11j0y1'1l tI11- 11l1ysi1'z1l 1-dtlvutlml pv1'1111lS and lll'0lllPfl trum IlI1'lIl l1l'l- flwr tI1.- siiptfwisioii Ut' Miss l.lll'lt'Ilt-' llvuttw l ll. ill. 1 Mary N1-111111-istvl' I l'lItltlll.Ul GIYICN BY hllxlh UN ."1l'llll. ZX, lliilll l flaw F111111.1ll11l1 .1, R-Ill 1'.1ll. lv. xl.ll't'lllll!. 1'. f'.1liNIl11'l1l1N. 5t11111N1 .1. 5lxlIl tlw srmlw. V I1, V1-11tip1-1l1i rrznxl. ll 1. lulllli' 1105 131110. 1l. Klvrry uo'r11un1I. 1-. li.1l1:.1l1m l'.11'1'. . WI11-rll1.1rr1nx 1'.111 U. t'ri1'k11t x1.1lk. ll, El0llll.lllt u.1lk. l. l,1'1l1N!.1ls, i. W.1lk111q 1'l1.1lr. f R ., . vvlllllf lllllllllllll. .1. l"ur1x.1rrl lull. lv, B.11'ltu.1r1l rnll. C. l"111'1x.111l roll mn-1' l11.1I11-N, Y 1l. ll11t1l1l1- rnll. 0, H1'.11I Xlilllllllli. l'. 5t1r111.11'l1 l1.1l1x111'1 S. Fllp-Ilnp. ll. Ihvc lliruuuh .mn i gllllllll' roll. i. H1-ll nvvr lw:11-ks. lx. ll11lX'p0l5'. ' l, f'.tl'f 11'l1r'clS. 1 Folk llilllfllll. :1. Jr. .11i1l Sr. lliuh Pvxpili. M l. Slum-111.1lwr-1' 1l.1u1'1- 1IJ.llllSlli. 1 I. KI111mt11i11 Illllffll tX11r1x1'ui:111D. Il. 'l'Jil11rS' 11.11160 tgwmliahl. 4. K1111111r1m tB1nl11:111l.1nl. nw lv. Jr. lliuh pupils 1, T:1r.111t1rlln flflllllllll. V 2. 0x1l.111ir-11 t5u1wlixl1l. r. Sr. Hiuh pupilx 1. CMIYIIPN fllllllll-lfllllll. 2. Hiuhlaml lflinu t51'1.yt-hi, Z Pyrnrnirlx. g Twmity llj'I'IlIlllIlS will lic f11rme1l ll'1lllE from i l llll twu tu forty Qirli, climnxinc with Et "1:r.1n1 , tumlxlv 1l1mn" .1n1l fam pyrfui' S. K , . 53 .,, , Vg X 'N L X 218 .22 -- X- ..X,,--' . -.Q QL ? 'ffl A N J I X -g WXQ . xnqq A X 5 X X XX- Nu-ggi' 4 ' X Q Q? ff- - x X A x I F , x 53 4 ' " f H 4, - , ' IF A I ii A . N aid' f 'ii-Fi Xi WY ai ? ,tw 'Q 2 ES ,Aki L ,ff - .fy H. bb if All , I I . 4 ' i! A I - ' Lyn M X X f' s , X MA 34 ' 'fx can -f ' L If . f MORGANIZATIONS... I X 5 :- if J J ,,, ,fn " 5 I Q 'NNW 5 nr! u 0 g 1 W V '-,,,-- X If ,NV QE I eh L C- '40 Q QX W9 L XX X! 9 il- l 1fi.t Q! - n -'v gg, V ' -' if I-' iff 3" V, X a xl fx ' Q4- sf N WI 0 sEQ AX A A . 1 l 1 , X X AX 4' X X 1 X f -g -, ik - ,L-1 . x 11 . 5. 3 Q ' ' ' X X X , Ex o we . ' 1 I -. ' Y '-"" X V.- . X X A , . f 'X X 1 l N Qt 49 K N . 1 '- A '.5vllf4 . ' iv' ll Sf sg ...f T. llO1,rX'ER B. COWLQILL M. TAYLOR M. MIXER .. . Honored Seniors . . . , H 0 XX'e feel that the above four girls, Tl1eln1a Hoover, Barbara Cowgill, Mary Taylor, A and Margaret Miner, deserve llOl1Ol'Llbl9 I1l9l1tlOl1 for the creditable work they have 1 done durine high school, Their grade averages for the past four years have been 'I ninety per cent 01' lllUl'E. Besides their regular high school work each of the girls W has taken an active part i11 extra Currictilar activities. Much credit is also due ll their teachers who have guided them and encouraged them to do their best. . . . State Scholarship Contest . .. i 0 The persons whose pictures appear 011 tllil' opposite page l'6'1Jl'9S9l1tPd Olll' school W in the scholarship tests held at Bowling Green on May 6, 1933. Tests were taken fx by students in the following order: ' V114-niist1'3'7t'lox'is Jurey, Mary Taylor General SL'ie11re-Huis-ell Newell, Robert Fwy Pliysies-Hxirolfl Hllllll'1lG'l, Furl Iiallreflel l Aluehra-I,ois Betz, Sillllllffl Walton N Plane G9llIIlCfFj"'f1L1l'l Eniirk, Elsie Iles Al11eriC1111 iii'-tory'7YioIa Keeler, C'l11yton Hook lvrullrl Flistory-.I:111s't Berg, Katherilic B0xv111a111 l..1ti11 I-f'l1.11'les Hieser, FI'1lll4'l5 Clark Latin ll'AIlIIiIiPEllU Sz'he4'k, Esther Kuhn lfnulishil-.I.1net tlslmrn, Betty Lou Leser l'1vuulisl1 lil-Nlnruaret Lynn, Janis Bc-111011 HN, linullsh llfNr-l1l.1 Y.-ith, Gweiulnlyln Ealthertoix I2IllllNl1l2-BIlI'II1ll'11 Fmxuill, Thelma lloovei In 1511141 the tw-am plaverl seeond in the Howling GI'l'4'Il State College distriet and 1 Ii--rl fifth in the slate. , , 1 In 111111 the 11111111 plzrwfrl foiirth in the district. l,:1ft ywfr, 19312, our 1111111 won iirst plum- i11 the diftrivt and Iil'lh gvlaef' in the I X star.-. Nik 14 westin! if! lu. F ' 1 1 .' -7 --I 'As ,H ,-' , .I - ' auf .. U 3 4? X r . . VI. A X ' ' f ,X 4 , 1' A H 1 T-Ls 'fn - ?x- ' K Z "f4.fzf'f"2" '22 , X f If F f.. i , , :' QQ, S ff W 1 M X J I, . r X' S ,A if 1.-E STATE SCHOLARSHIP ...GROUP... 4 v V 'W Ns . 5, QE 2 x P X 'F f 2 .rg K I fl In ri-fht'4 D1 .mx I lf Jurvy. Nl. T.sylnr. hm J li. N4-u--ll, H. Pu-5. Il. lhllwnln-l. 1, ll.alIn-41.-l. I.. B I . 5. XX I1 hm 4, lulnlrk, fc.. Il.-X, N, lx1'vlv1', I. Hunk, J. HHS, lx Bmxxun. -hm 4 4. Rlt'N4'l', P. ll.nk, .-K. N-In-rlx, Ia. Ixulm. J. thxlmxu, B. I.--X. imx 3, Nl. Lynn. J, Brut-vnu, N. YA-ith. G. l-lullx-'x'!-nn, li. Vlmgmll. T. Il 67-- 'W . ,M wff Xi C4- X S gl D , Alla .91 ,X A s' f l I. Ni -- N T, .Q ., X ' X K ' t Se x ism ' X " 1 N ' -' 'R J INN . x'x x ' 5 X X , I ' - K V l n l l in 4 ,l 1 l I l NT ,N I NX fs ft 4 -INN ' 'c'N, +105 ,. 'Q' V THE Nl-1lA'l'IYE T11-XM N, tl. ll.Xl.l. Y. Klil-illill, C'.npt.iin A. NFIILI lx H, Btlll lull ...Debate-... O The Vpper Sandusky High School debating team had a fairly successful season. Although the Attirmatiye lost on the home floor in its first debate, it won the clebate with Ashland. This keeps our record clear on the home floor. Both, teams were seriously handicapped by not having any veteran dehaters on the team. Early in the season Crestline refused to dehate with ns, so we joined the Ohio Debatin: Lezlilll-. The Ohio lleagne question this year was "Resolved, that at least one-half of' all of our State and Local revenues should be derived from sources other than a tax on tanuible property '." Early in December we started our class and the teams, were foon chosen. On the evening ot' January l2, the negative team composed ot' Viola Keeler, cap- tafng Annabelle Sheck: and Helen Bower journeyed to GlbSOI1hlll'L1. The next after- noon the al'I'irmative team composed of Milton Chadwick, captain: Thelma Hoover. and Martha Steiner niet, Ifostoria on our home floor. Vpper Sandusky lost the de- cision in each case. It looked as if we were in for a had Season. Q iwfjwffo If 1 ff ...1-3 I ' gf- 145 ,gk-,4 R " 1 . Y I . A X lg A f ' ' 't A 1 7 H - f I - 'cf -, 'I -1 ff - , '5' f . .,, 1 M' ' ' ' ' "' f V ' - 7 iff? F "4 'c N: . ' l 'X ' , . U ' t I s Y...' TH E .-Xl-'l-'IRNIATIYIC TEAM Nl. t'll.'tlltYlt'li, l'.tpl.iin 'IQ IlH4rYiQl! Nl. STEINICII l.. ll. llHl'l'T . .Debate . . . On Jllllllillj' 26, thv uliI'i1'n1.1tivv tvzini clehatwd ut I'wl'tIll0IlI. and lost thf- ,nd 1 N decision again. On this 6Yl'lllI12 thf lwgutivw te-um did not clvlnaitw lwcutist- lllr' dv- lmtv with Lilwrty Cvnte-1' was t'm't'eit+Jd hy lllvlll. Thinus human to look lwttvr, ut lvast, for the- ne-gutive. On tht- ZtflPl'll00ll nt' lf:-h1'11a1'y 1, the lllylyll'lllilIlYf' tt-ani mt-t thv .tshlnnml iiftuutivw in mu' Svniox' High Svllonl ltuilding, Our al'l'i1'1nutiv-- wun by a nnnmimuns tlwcisimi of the jndgvs. The saint- at'tt-rnoon our 11+-gutixw tlvlmutwcl the .Xshlund 11tfi1'1m1titw- inf thw l'ni0n Building: the Ivlilllll' Sandusky thanx won thw dvcisiun. To close tlw smtsml Wk hvld two nun-dwcision tlfllmtws with Harding H1 h ot Marion. Our I1-tautixw jlllll'Ilt-'j't'd to Marion on the t-vvning ut' I"t'lJl'll2ll'y 15, tu int-et thv Harding: at't'i1'n1:1tivw, whilw our ul't'ir1nz1tivt- nwt thv Harding I1ttgilIlYw 1.11 the lmnie tloor rin thv fulluwing vtvlllllpl. Th--se dwlnates twin- t'111'y intwlw-stin: and c-iw-:tu-cl us much ilitt-rf-st as 'Nur dt-vision tivlmtvs. It is hopvd that our U'illllS may sflmtlwl u c-ltartei in thv Nutifmnul lfmvnsic lfztgtiv which spnlisurs public spwvc-ll. Ily our delmtvs this yvui' our wants lmxwf lwllvt-tl to providv thv cumlitinns vntitling our schoul to il cltartvr The-se tt-aims tvvrv couchf-d hy Mr. L. H. Honpt und Mr N. J. ltull. Tlxtil tx celllvnt coaching nnulw our dwbuting tennis 11 snccwss. +690- Milton Cluitlwiult shtg 4'- , It l , l l llrl 4 l 1 I t l lx. H n l ll V In . XX- fx ll ww is f 11211. is " c .MIN MEMORIAM... We dedicate this page to the memory ol Jacob Schwabel, who lor twenty- lour years was custodian ol the East Building. l-le was allectionately called Hsrandoan by the school children and will always be remembered by his many lriends as a lcind and loving person. ...MICMOHIAL . .. D+-dif'ului'y Sv1'viC4-s In Meinury of Jacob Sc-liwulwl 'l'i1f-inlay, April 25. 10653 ut 2:15 I'. M. East Sc-liool Building Miss Nliiwliit- Vzistailiiiall. l'l'lllf'llJ2ll East Building, Ilwsidiug. Sf-lirml l'z1l'z1di- Music- ..,.,,,,,, .,,,,, , ,.,, .,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,....,.,,,,, A . S cliool llunil Imucaitwii s.,.,,,,, ....,, ,,,,,,, .,..,,...,,,,s l I 4 -V. J I. Swim Iliisii- ,..,,. ....,,,, I first. Svcuiicl, and Tliird Grzulv t-'cimol Cliilclrvn East Building M' innritil ,xdili---ss ,,..,,,,..,,,,..,,,,.,.,,,,,,...,, Mr. Nath.: l'l'r'Ll1'l'il"k Svlllfjl' H'-itll-lbi'I'Q Coll:-ige Son: "Tr wlfl s" , ,,,,,s,s,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,s .,,,,A .,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,, C I iris Glev Club l'i-I-5:-imilimm ol' All-iimrigil ,.,iscc ,,,,,l.,,,,,,,,, A lr. Chas. VV. Bl'lllgXllllI1 1'l'f-siflwiit Slnllhfll lluurd lj"llf'lllf'llUIl G fi- "' ' 7 'H' d i, xc ,4 ' ,, 4 J, 9 A W' L x . A ' ' X' X 3 1 - JV: R X ' ff' i S 'X 1 A vi' X X X A wi ff 5.5--gg' A ' 1, ' ' ' N - -- it f X f - . 1 5 'lb i hx n -D 'XX ix Q , 11 wi x N W l , - I . 1 1411, 1 -t '1 4 1 ,,.. If , , ,A A ll Q-'LK' , ,. 11 X5 , V! 1 1 N , ,Q 1 3 f i ' A .-NU fn Z l 4' '. ', ,,ll.' I 9 ,ix '1 ' , if "5 :Ti I A, fluff. 11 ' 1 V 1 '1 1, 1 E . i .. Public Speaking . .. I D,BUES l.KAHCHER B SWAHTZ V ll, BHLISH .-X. LAWRENVE Fl. SWIH.-KRT I., BULISH H. XMCREAHY ll. TR.-Xl'TfNI.XN r ll. BRl'll'llih Bl, PAUL H. ULRIVII 1 E BROWN L.HAYMUND M.WALTEH . W. I-'HEY V. REISER J. WALTON W lb HEIH2 L ROSS In WTTZEL N V.5CHERRY 0111 thll public Sire-akilig class this XH11' tl1e21'+J xww INVHIIIX-0119 111+111lw1's. Our ai111 has bi-'PII tu obtain thv ability to 0o1111111111i0ate that which ww have acqiiirwd. E1lll'l'- son said. 'iThH lllilll is only hull' ililIlSFifQ the utlwi' half is his 1-'Qill1'PSSiOI1H. Thl- l+-ssmis ww liuve lvariwd liavv not only produceld lioticablw results. but wl- 11l'f c'v1'tz1i11 that thwy will 111z111ife-St tlw111sel1'ffs many ti111vs i11 Olll' livvs i11 tlw t11t111'+J. Hx To Mr, Moore we vxpwss il clwwp-felt gratitudv for his 1111ti1'i11g 4Jt'l'o1'ts in our iJPi'ldii'. May iw PV!-'I' bv a s0111'c-11 ul' illS1Jil'21fl0I1 to vach 111e111bv1' of tl1+- class. "And when thw world shall link your 11211116-'S, With :racious livws and lllt1l1!lPZ'S 6110, ,X Thf- tl-uciwi' shall assvrt his claims, i .Xllll proiidly wl1isi1e1', 'These were 111i110'." Hvlvn llrrmlis IXW fl 4 fi I IN-5 . , 'XX "R A I I X. . - 1' - f .,- fif ' '.if"a,47 4Z , 4'f f X Z uv, I vet , - V FI, I' .i M' - , -gg j . J, I 17 . f A f f X f ,' . - swa- 4- I Qi? QR ,. I 1 I I l fl I ..P.W.C... .ri D. BEIDELSCHIES M HILL G. PFEIFER H. BROOKS J. HOLLANSHEAD RIFE M. CHADWICK K .IARRELL ROSS E. CULYER Y. KEELER SEBENOLER B. ELEY K KRUCK SNYDER K. EMICK E. LANDYIiR5ICHT SNYDER F. ENDERS M LYNN TAYLOR P. FILLIATOR D. MUSER TILTON E. I-'INK J. NIOLONI-LY TRACHSEL P. FREDERICK YN. NEATE TRAUTNIAN M. FREY M NEUMEISTER WAGNER E. HILDERBRAND G. NEWMAN WALTER QAbout the second week of February Miss Golling told our shorthand class we coulri organize a P. W. C. Club. Of course the whole class was very enthused. A few days later we organized with Mary Hill presiding as chairman. The elec- tion ended with Eleanor Trachsel. president: Mary Neumeister, vice-president: Gladys ' Newman. SECI'G't21l'y-t1'PaSl.1I'6l'I and Evelyn Culver, assistant secretary-treasurer. F51 It was decided to hold the meetings every two weeks and we all felt a greater desire to learn shorthand and were more willing to work. P. VV. C., as some may think. does not mean "Pigs VVant Clover." but "Phonetic VVriters' Club." Our object, under the guidance of Miss Golllng. is to become bet- ter acquainted with business conditions and common business practices. VVe will renieniber with pleasure these meetings of the P. W. C. and we wish to thank our dear advisor, Miss Golling, for her kind and loving patience in helping us to be successful shorthand writers. xg Evelyn Cu XXX 1' ' ' was M Y A Ax XJ' L , I X' X 14- ' ' XX X X X1 ' , Xi Ss wif i" A I I .. . .QP . will 4 l l 1 w I l ly f l l N fx I I lull 4 f f-X . . Sodalitas Latina . . A. AYER5 W. DAY il. KUHN .I, BERG E. EATHEHIKIN ll. LOGDSUN G. BoLlsIl G. EATHERTHN Ni. LOYERICII H. BOWEN K. GAYER D. MYERS K. BOWMAN D. HALE Nl. PHILBRICK J. BRINGXIAN H. HETZEL G. ROTH D. FASTANIIQX T., HHUYEH H, RUTH R. HIHN5 M. JENOT G. SWEIGAICD B. f'UW1ilI,l. C. JUREY D. TRAUTNIAN T. KLEIN O In thr rniddlo of October, we, the twenty-siglit. Cicero students, we-rw infornwd by our instructor, Miss Erma Stearns, that we might organizef a Latin Club. With thp usual solemn "Yeats" and nods of heads to the conditions that we should not nwgle-ct our other stndivs, that only Cicvro students attond the meetings, and that :-arly hours be kvpt, we organized our club, thv Sodalitas Latina. Intsrssting IllE+'f.lIl2S we-rw held each month at tho homes of diH'm'v11t lll6'llllJP1'S with tour of our nnrnbvr on a C0l1llllllltF'P. Latin songs. plays, games, and Contvsts iurnislirld tht- entfsrtainnipnt. Tien soniors, lvaving the club this ysar, wish for the Solalitas Latina an intor- f'SI.lTlQ and profilablv fllf.lll'P. To Miss Stearns we extvncl our thanks for her en- CfJllI'2iZPlllf'I'lt and patif-ncu in our behalf. Uni' yvars of association in work and fun will always be a, most pleasant lll1'lll0I'j'. DavidCastanien 4" 720 WSW ev. X t 1 K X Ji! t - .A X. f . fl ' A g f . ' 1 v H -n E K3 - K . 1 .. yfff: .- , ,-A'-H f' ' f aff- , ,, -ff X X y - .. ,, I 1 7 .. u 'JEE P ix 'fs' lm ' ' " 22 . 4 r cg.. 5- " " ' 1 K fi . f " ' ' ' ll .0 f l' E' 'A -Wa' z 1. P. P I l l I rl l X F, l l l Lei "+A ' l. gl . . . El Circulo Castellano . . , al .-X. AYERS E. ILES NEWCOMlili J. BRINGMAX R. INGLE5, R11-'E ll B- COWGILL L, ,JAHRELL il-IAMBALC-H i C. DETWILEH T' KLEIN STEINPQH . 1' FLOCK E L-XYDYERSICHT SWARTZ G' GETZ 'Nl WIAIQER L SYYARTZ I H. HALBEDEL ' ' ' f SWEIGARD C. HOOK D. MX EHS YEITH ' X l Q Following the traditional custom. the Spanish Club was reorganized in Septem- I ber. The following officers were choseng President, Clayton Hook: vice-president, f Dale Shambaughg secretary, Margaret Minerg Treasurer, Garvin Getz. The meetings K, were held the first Tuesday of every month. N The aim of the club was to learn more about the people and customs of the Spanish areas. Spanish reports, songs, games, and plays were presented in a very interesting manner at. the meetings. A correspondence was begun with students in South America who were interested in learning. the English language and the cus- FM toms ot our country. Twelve new members were taken into the club at the February meeting. Under the able guidance and assistance of our instructor, Miss Pease, the club has completed a most successful year. May next years class enjoy and appreciate this organization and its leader as we have. Margaret Miner ll l Q73 GW was QM '- x X ' f - K A . -I .- 5, Q X . Q --E -2 -, ,E b ALQ NN- .. ' X xr I x ss smwir . ' - ' ' 'V' X 'F I5 R , N L X ' Q X ':'lf4 ' 'P c . . . - TT V fur: ii .'fiTff3ri we TE"'.E.l4 . ,. :L-1t'r,:r. f ,Q V,..fe. A Q it R .K - Q ' ILT f I re- -- ,' V U 2274 1. jiff- :- -I . im.- - - :Q 5:1 4.11 I I. T 'T IT " .. 9.5 , I . 1 M 'F F 57-7 I ' 1 ' " 4 --":":' . I V' . x ggnxzugxnnn - ,L l 1 I "PT PU? .,i.l..:1 1 l 'Il . l l . . . Girl Reserves . . F 4 R. ARMSTRONG M. FOX HEHR MUELLER A. AYERS M. FREY HELL MILLIG.-'IN J. BAHDUN P. FREDERN K IXGLES XEATE I D. BEIDELSCHIES J. I-'LECK ILES NEUMEISTER J. BERG M. FLECK IRWIN PHILBRICK D. BUES J. I-'LOCK J.-XRRELL PAGXARD , H. BUWER M. FREIMAXN JENOT RIFE W H. BRuHKr M. I-'ILLIA'llJR LONG ROTH J. BRINGMAN J. GARWOOD LOYERICH SCHECK , B. BOE: E. G.-XRXER LYNN SNYDER ff. BASTEL E. GARNER MILEM STEINBALGH N I.. BETZ E. GRAHAM MYERS STEPHAX L. BREMEX ER M. HAGEXMAIER MIXER SW.-IRTZ ' O. CARPEB TER H. HORN MOLOXEY YEITH G. EATHERTON R. HOOYER MOLOXEY WITZEL B. ELEY E. HILDERBRAXD MOORE WOOD B. CUWGILL M. HITCHCOCK MAY WOOD Mx I The Girl Reserve Club opened its program for the year with a vesper service and campfire meeting held at Indian Mill, September nineteenth. Besides similar out door gatherings the club also held regular meetings at the school twice a month The purpose of the Girl Reserve is to find and give the best: her slogan is to face life squarely. As a Girl Reserve she endeavors, to :he best of hel ability t :R live up to the Girl Rf-serve code and aim. The advisoi for the year was Miss Harriet Stalter. The officers were: presirirnt Thelma Hoovfrg vice-presirlent. Marzaret Miner: secretary, Janet Berg. treasurer X Ruth In':lf-sg ani reporter, Mary Neumeister. X! J Janet Berg A 4 f I IN-M ff 740 X xx X f if I X o f In 04' Q.-5 5 4 4 L XIV: ., I J, f , A , 1 I i V F 1 - 1 ! ' ' 'i2f:'i'a,i7 L fzf I ,. "f7 X f 'D I V X -i.,z , Y - h , '251 gi 'V -N. I J. I X- f 1 I -,I : 7 '1 ' , ' 1 Eflitur-iiifhief , Xlqiinfiiii Editor Heafl Xmis Rv,pur.i News NMI , . Spwrtx E-litur Sp-Jrts buff ,. Girls' Spi,-rts , Feature Filit-'rx 5I1vCl.xl Eclllwl' Social Sim .. Eilitur of Nlurir Juli? Etlllnr ,....,.. . Asshlqlil . , , Poetry Eilimr , .-Xlumiii Editor , Exfrhniisc E-liuir T3 pistx .,,. , EU-lllP'5 Xlaimgel Affifrgnir , Circiilntiuii KI.in.i:.-r ... Circul.itiun Stuff Faculiy Ailvisur , Uqqrlr' . . Orange and Black Staff . . ...EDITORIAL STAFF I i X l l 1 , ll. ff Knliryi, Giver Ulu F3 L Jiri-enter E'-'ely ii Egitlivrtv-ii .. Tlulnii lwuxfr, Nmrrtu bzviiier. Jgmvr Berg, I-l.1r..l-l I.-uri. xxniliryii Hnllieilel. Knlierine Hull. Huy Elimliwlh Bnril-,vii uw' . . . , .,......... .,,. ,,.,..,,. If I .:,ri..r-l Hull ltr-:.riclI 1,1 iiici i, ' -rt B-flwli. .iii-l P.1ul Lmilx . . .. I-Qlleii Lhriicr .irgurel Xeno-filer, lfirlinriiie llirifh Xl.1rtli.1 .l4..Q B.ir-lim -.,nili.1 .i.nn- bi'iiigi.i.ii.. Ni.irg.iiur Nliwer. Hviih lngil-. Irene Rm-, H-'mi-e Herzel .um .. . ..,,., ..,,,,., , . , Nllri I.-viifc Lynn lX,ill.iie Inriiisiinisi HBFSINI-ISS STAI-'F 0750 Lani? Winn I-r . l-vr1ii1.e Bptel , 5l.1r1.1rct J.1llQ Will ' I-'li-re-rice Xlrielker , . Biiry Hill ry' Lie-lil. I'11.l-Q. E'-Clin Ililderliriml Llicrrvr vl-L-viii-h Brizigiiuzi . Xlqrtlu Breriiyvr I. .. , John Hiiriinii , L Ulrrell. John Klein I - A 1 . Xlr, Hxiolil Cgpe KNIN v-'N 'S X1 X Q' A ' hx l ' '. X ,- ,, N X ' is NQQP E-f s.-ue3g.' 1 'X t X X ,M - '22 zz ' -' 1. P x is ,l L X Rx X ik X -s A 3 . ,s "' k . :VU J , . . The Annual Staff . . . l . . EDITORIAL STAl"l" . . hl.ll'y Tllylfll' . . . Holmrt Lugxllol. , .lame Bflllglllllll .. Elf-:mor Tl'.It'llN0l .. C.llYlll Sevkvl ,. .lzlllv llltlllillvj' . Nl.lrlll.l Sl-'llIPl l Ellwlrcl 5lL'IllIlll'I' .. Dnlmlll helm'-lmlrl' Nlllruclret Wzlltcl' , l 'I Nlllrlrvll Fox . In 'l'llwl:ll.l lllmvll l . Ellitfll'-ill-fllil-I' ASSlSl.lIll Erlitur .. Pllvltllglulllly . . . Mufic .. Athletics .,..,.. Alumni . Fr-zlllllles-.lokcx . flies History Flaws Pl'0I7llPCy . . , . f'l.:ss Will .. ll'llo'5 Whll . . lflllillllllli 3' . . IYVSINESS ST.-X FF. l Ellllllfll l.1lllllx'n-l Nirllt . .. ,.........,...,.... . . ,.... BllSllIOss NlJllfIi'0I' lvl-IN Wil ll 'PH' li ---,-- . . Aiblxllllll Bllxlllllxk lllgllluzcr Ilobwt Arlllstlmlg . ,. .,.,....,. ..... .......,.......... . . ..... ...... T l 'GLISLIYPI' f llllv Slmllll u.1l ltll, lllllry Nf'LlIllk'lNll'I', Nl.lI'2.ll'l'l. Allll1'I', l3l"ll.lll lilly . . . . All Sl'llir'liul'i Fl'l'lll2llL'l'i Fl r'4- Illllll . ,,.,.. . .. ..., ..... . .....,, . , l'l.lL'llllj' AflYl4lIl' f Tln' Sunil-l' flux- ... fllcllllllloll N . . . Appreciation . . . DTM? allllllal Stull' feels very fOl'tllllZllQF ill be-ing able to publish this book this yvar, ill Viww of the' fact that a lllllllbfll' of schools llawi not bee-ll ablv to put out lllvil' yval' bor,-ks bvcause of the fillallcial crisis. l WF wish to PXIJIWSS our Sll'ICFl'+' uplllwlc-izltioll to Thw Canton Engraving :Q Elec- K tlwltylw COIIIIJHIIYQ The J. W. Hoplvy Printing Co.: the business 111911 wllo lllzllle tho 1 publication Hllzlllciallly possible: Mr. TSCllP.ll1PIl and M12 Tl'oWbl'idgr4, th? pllotogrzl- plwrs: I1lPllllJPl'S of tho student body wllo pl'epal'ed 1I1HI1llSCl'lIllS1 Miss Gollillg and llvl' HN df'IJ2lI'tlllF'Ill. who typod thv Copy: Mr. Floelllan, Olll' faculty advisor: and zlnyolle P190 who in :llly way ll:-Ipod to 1ll21l'iP Olll' zlnlluzll 21 sllccvss. fx L l NV fl 4 fs ,NR 6 y L Q f'S- X 1 A 'fl A 1? v -, S U X y qi' 1 ' 3 !21,? I- F- ,- . 1, I K .1 - V " X ff I 1--5 1 'Rl rv- ,qw ,-xg, 'li' fb- .......-r' R. ""' loft Row 1 ' How 2' N. 5ll'lIlQI', J, Brllmllmu, I.. .xI'lIl'lI'0l1g. C. beckvl. E. FII-.lclhn-l. Run Rum' 1 , -v. 4,4-an viffvs 0 W eq? . . .The Annual Staff . . tu RIQWIIIT C. Hunk, E. L:1nrlvc1wirl1t, F, Flccmzxn, M. Taylor, R. Lnuwlon. B. I-.IQ-y, M. RIIIICV, J. Klulnnvy, H. Nvllmvlslcr, IT, 5ll.IlHllLlll2ll, -I T. Hmxvur, D. 5vln'noln,r, ll. fox. L. 5lf'llllllQl', N. XN.4lln-V, e Q T7 ff - AA: I4 K ? if ' Wm' " - if Z2 V41 N I X , r I , .3 jx A7104 X Qf-N M X AWXKK 5 2 ? -'N'-""" X b 5 N ! N Ax K r xiii- LZ ' I 'A It x,-X X iv jr - D IA ' .X t ' X rx uv ,X K, ' X . - ' - --H '-'f x ,xxx P 'E - 'I' -' 'A J QSUQKX 4 1. N x ' . X X x '!V,,-I -5 R . V ... N? I . V Y d A .F il X I Q5 fa JN ' I ' W rg , l l M K A ,ii . .SENICR ACTIVITIES. W H' 3 0 I7 5 Z J QT B P7 Q X . k wif WL W Ml 2' fri ll " ll' In N. ?,Zx I l gg 5- K . -Q A g .gwe I ' ' -Q 79 ...Q f EX rs-..ao..:N W---wxx-5?uS5?1f'x .ma-NH ' ., .. Q-' Q lll Dl IIONlll l fx 7 al"'A K I ' A I .. 2 7 5 D xv' 1 .- T.- 9 P F ,, E C' . .. I H X 2'- I 'I I I It lf 9 S ...Mass HELEN pw-xsE.,. ,- , , s 4 L 6 an V DAM , wiht 5 + JN ,, ,. M 549,15 f 2 A S5 A 'X-l' L 3 '1 . rvll .4 1 l x N X, I X I I X X f"'X ,gr X A + ,N,Q S I F ,gr .xskb V.. X. .5 5 5 S PX 4 .till I . L . . ,.. X V - . -1 - - -x 1 l X ' . . Grzrduation Exercises . . SL-uiur High School .Xi:alilo1'i1u11 lr'ri4la3'. Mary 211, 103533 :it 13 l'. M. SlljIll'll1lPlldI Ill XV. O. f.lUUl'll, l'rm-gaicling l'mc1-ssiniigrl. Sflmol O1'c-liristixi ..,. Diwclvql by Mr. H, 15, Huffman 1IlVflC.lliUl1 --,- .,..... .............. ...,...,...... . , llvv. L. C. Hoover 7 Y x 1 I .fi l l N t. x 4 NN ll Erik l ld Music' ..,,, Szilillzituiy fJl'2"fl0ll .... Al usiu ..,,, Ora! ion .... .Xnuuul CUll1Ill4-'llC'l'lI1P1lf Alusifi' .. Val'-fiic-tom' .. I,I"'Sl'Illil'1Ull ut Class .Xlllll'4'SS and l'rvsv-utzrtion ot D1lPlO111LlS .v,A... ...... ...........f,,..,,..A... Evungr-lical Church Orclicsiru Amy Biirhurzr Cowgill Horacv D. Hetzel I,l'PSld9l1I ot the Senior Class Orchestra Mary Lucillv Taylor Class Orator .xdclrvss , ..,...,,..,.........,..,....,.....,.,.,,. .,... D 1: E. B. Bryan President O. U. AlllPllS, O. Orchestra Tlwlma M. Hoover Mr. L. H. Houpt Prinvipal of thv S uior High School ' ' ' Mr. C. VV. Bringiuali I'I'iHld4'IlI ol' thf- Board ol' EClllC'1:ltl0ll, and Mr. J. C. .X1'lllSU'OIl2, nwiuhvr ol' the- llourcl ol' Ecluczrtioli I'l'l'F'AIlf2ltiHll ol' D. .X. II. Prim-s to The hum. M. Hoon-r by Mrs. 0. l'. VVilso11 l'l"'H1'llT'lTlUll of I'+1r""s Public Spvaking Prizvs , 1 r M AY' X A"7TME.f AQNO 1 , w Ili-11:-fl1f'IlfjH H ,,,,,, , ,,., ,,,Y.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....,.......... , ., ILHX. C. l'. I3-etz Sl. I,Ellll'S I,l1lll4'l'ElIl Clllll'f'll Hsu-- A I A IW E A ' 4 ,, ,, ihfxf ff X ,I , "gEZ"4L.4 fz f 6'f 'f X f I mi T V Y Q 'N , W' L ' "' Q-N'N"' 3. cs. S7 fn ' 11 Aix 4 A? Q nvvl-f ik 1 v W THELMA HOOVETI Y:1lcflirln1'i.1n HOIIACIG HIGTZISL COMMENCEMENT SPEAKERS... 6? - 1 x f N K 3 J BARBARA COVVGHJ. KW 5zllul.ltf1ri:u1 'N K ri x N 4: V I WK, W '1 gi g MARY TAYLOR 3 yi ' lxltm' Q I i V R B1 X +S1+ x 1 J7 ' 1 Aa? Ngiff 14. j x N C4 A 1 X 2 - c Q 1 K4 Q - , .. lv., .- I N ., , av .-' N ,NK .Ai - '7 ? "' sw i xg X-'ff , X ' 5 'X X ll N - x , , 5- t . -full.: l X5 1 l ,l W 4 1 li i Music Reading of Music Invocation Music SPl'll10ll .... .. Music ...... llcuefliction Scripture Baccalaureate Services . May 21,1933 8 P. M. Senior High School Auditorium VDDGI' Sandusky, Ohio '""ii2li'iH'5'd'igk''c'i'fiiiEii"' First Presbyterian Church '''H235M55'EEEQ-ii-'ikiklki''oiilh3Eif"" "''ii'hQn'iQii''iQIfiiiEf5if 'oii1113E1X"" Music Directed by Mr. H. E. Huffman Senior Class in Charge of Mr. L. H. Houpt MTA! 82 -ef Song by Audience Rev. Norman Sweat School Choir Rev. S. V. Sydeustrickei' School Choir Rev. Geo. W. Good School Choir Rev. J. Henry wvGiSS1'OCli X if -lfw ,Il iff' 4, f f X Q A ? ,, - V AAWN ..,, , , ft 1, Q. 5 t A ,H 4 f A A A - .L 'y , pf .. , 1 'Ti 'M' M 'Y A . " " 'I ' -, ' 1 . . . The Charm School . . Presented by the Senior Class on May 19, 192121 Under the direction of Miss Harriet Stalter Austin Bevans ...., .... 3 Iarion Bair David MacKenzie ...... ....,.. D avid Hale George Boyd ..... Dale Shambaugh Jim Sinipkins ..,. . ...... Carl Halbedel Tim Simpkins Edward Slemmer Homer Johns ..... .... H orace Hetzel Elise Benedotti Jane Bringman Miss Hays . i,... Thelma Hoover M iss Curtis .. Viola Keeler Sally Boyd ....,... Margaret Miner Muriel Doughty ...,, Gladys Newman Ethel Spelvin .,,. Mildred Fox Alix Mercier .... ..., E. leanor Trachsel Lillian Staflord .... Mary Taylor Madge Kent ...A .... J ane Moloney Charlotte Gray ..... .,......... I relic ROSS Dotsie ..,. Mary Neumeister Synopsis of Scenes Act I Evening. The boys' room on the top tloor of an old fashioned New York house. Act lI The Main Hall of the School. Scene 1 Noon. Scene 2 About two weeks later. Act III Scene 1 Midnight on the Road. Scene 2 The next morning in main hall of the school. 4. lv t Cf x K' W N tr, 1' tl lr I .qu F11 2 i t .M 1-'N-x 'S 2 s 'V l l t 55 Xt!! , ci AX R X X 4 , X A. t l- X X X has N S N M"ei5f I ' X , . 1 i .lxx X X e A X - X '.c"f4 gl . . . Junior-Senior Banquet . . . x5 I The junior-scnior banquct, one of thc gala events of the ycar, was staged in thc , high school auditorium on May 2-1, 1933. Thc room was vcry cleverly dccoratcd to l'Plll'1?S6llt. a Chine-sc garden. A delectable dinner was scrvcd by thc sophomorc girls who we-rc attircd in Chine-sc costumes to complctc the oricntal atniosplwrc. l An interesting prograin of music and impromptu spvcclws followed. The rmnain- ' dar oi thc evening was spcnt in dancing. The- irresistible music of the orchestra tcmptcd many couplcs to display thicr skill in thc tcrpsichorcan art. This hanquct will he chcrished in tht- mcmory of wvvry junior and scnior :ts onc of the liay-pit-st and most dvlightful e-xlnwiteiiccs in his high school cartier. . . . Alumni Banquet . . . , Q In pursuance of the usual custom the alumni association gavc a banquet May 30, 51-,t 19321, for the- graduates ot' Vppcr Sandusky High School. Following the dinner a ' dwlightful program was prcscntcd after which dancing was cnjoycd. Thc altair was l vcry succt-ssful and a pleasant evening was had by all. l q . . . Rabbit Banquet . . . ' I Tha hand and the orchestra have onc big social function each year, this being a rahhit suppcr in thc form of a banquet, which took place this ycar on Dcccnnbcr 3 f at 11:00 I'. AI. It was give-n in the caftatcria of the Senior High School. 1 Paul Cook, tlw prcsidcnt ot thc band, was toast-mastvr. Short spceclics we-rc f ciwii by Kathryn Gavcr, Joscph Bringman, Mr. Hlll:I'Ill2lll, Mr. Houpt, Mr. Moorc, ' t and Miss Armstrong. Tha brass quartcttc playcd scvvral numbcrs. , As is customary thc boys of the band and orchestra killed thc rabbits and the :irls 1bI'tf'llU.l'Pll thcm for thc suppcr. HN , - L mt lf, T P Amwkx 8 w Q f A - I- Z My sg , if f H Z if K ' n 'XX "L , ? ' . . - f A 1 7' H P I v-H 0 F- n 4 .- Z If C . M-, -- -Y ' 1- if ' ' , Y ' , J - ' l ilu? F '-. f 1 V X- l 0 , ' ' c v ! 7' '- I ' sxltg' if . . Class History . . . President .... ,.....,. ..,....., . . Horace Helm-l Vice-President . , . , , David Hale Secretary ,,.,, ...,. I rene Ross Treasurer . . . Margaret Miner O "Contactin "O-Kay!" Above the deafening roar of the numerous engines being warmed for the take-off, we hear these words, as the green and white plane. Oneida number 1933, prepares to leave the airport on her solo flight. The pilot, Robert Logisdon, is confident it will be a success as he can depend upon the help of his co-pilots, Horace Hetzel and .lane Moloney. After a period of smooth progress through the freshman year. the controls are turned over to Gale Neiderhauser, who has as his very efficient helpers, Edward Landversicht and Jane Eringman. Safely through the sophomore year, the ship wings on into the junior year with a new pilot, Carl Halbedel. Clayton Hook, Eleanor Trachsel, and Mary Taylor do their bit in aiding him to keep the plane in the ai1'. At this stage of our journey we are nearing our first important stop, the Junior- Senior Banquet, This affair turning' out to be an acknowledged success, the Oneida again resumes its onward way. Horace Hetzel is again given an opportunity to show his ability, this time in the capacity of chief-pilot, His co-pilots are David Hale. Irene Ross, and Margaret Min- er, who very capably dll their places. The ship has maintained an enviable record up to this point. In honor of this the juniors decided to hold a reception at which they wished the seniors success on their contemplated voyage of life. The public also gathered together to honor these seniors. On graduation night every-one assembled to wish us luck and bid us farewell. WVe are endeavoring to break all world records established previous to this time, Our great ship takes off: the continuance of its ilight and the prevention of a crash depends upon each one ot' ns who have been members of this, the class of '3ZSl. Edward Slemmer 0850 ,FX fifvl ll. l O l l lil A l i l l r nil l l i i J KW1 K 'S R Z, A X XX - if 'wid 1 ,QL P SPIRIT OF ,353 Class P1 ophecy Q In this year 1945 I decided to take a prolon, ed vacation from my duties at the Mu nicipal Ai1'port in I'pper Sandusky. In trying to decide on an objectiye I found myself up against a tougher job than I expected so I decided to get the opinoin of my colleague, Marion Bair who has worked with me at the airport for the last ten years. He suggested that I spend my yacation looking up former schoolmates. That sounded good, so I took his kind advice seriously , and asked him to accompany me. He agreed and the next day we began what turned out to be the most fascinating and colorful two weeks that we have ever spent since we left dear old I'. S. H. S. A Our first visit was to the United States Military Academy at VVest I'oint, where we .f found Franklin Tilton and Gale Niederhauser, the former as a lieutenant-colonel, and Gale as the head football coach. We learned from them that Robert Lagsdon and Ralph Swine ! hart were working at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel. We decided to spend the night at that i hotel, where we found Ralph as a bell hop, and Bob as the chief cook. While we were spending a few hours talking over old times we heard a terrible racket in the adjoining LM apartment. Fearing that something was wrong, we burst in and faced nobody but Dwight i Sams and Eddie Slemmer. They were arguing about which way the Eiffel Tower would fall in the event of an earthquake. They told us that they had just returned from Paris. I where they had been sent as international Prohibition Agents. VVe spent most of the night visiting with each other, and we asked them if they knew any more of our form- lf er classmates who were in New York. They said that Sue Newman and Margaret Miner were operating a very successful beauty shop on Fifth Avenue. The next morning we went over and spent a few hours reviewing by-gone years. As we were preparing to W leave, two young' ladies entered and we immediately recognized them as Mary Taylor and Noaini Neate. On inquiring what profession they were following, we learned that they were sob sisters from a large newspaper. I QQLX T II' 0 , A S QXX x TRN L xr X- xx i , , r:,i . n. . - R iisx ' X s , x X, .I " I 1 ll V 'N Y ' 2 w 1 Later in the day we journeyed to the airport in New York where we chartered a I plane for Pittsburg, As we landed in Pittsburg we found Harry Miller as the field at- tendant, and he told us that Carl Halbedel and Lawrence Chadwick were licensed com- mercial Hyers. As we walked into the hotel in which we intended to stay for the night I happened to get in the same section of a revolving door with a man who was com- ' N ing out. We had quite a mix up before we got out and as I approached the man to make an apology, I recognized the face of Clayton Hook. He told us that he was a tight promoter. From Pittsburg we flew to Chicago, where we decided to do a great deal of telephone , visiting. We obtained a directo1'y and proceeded to locate all the familiar names that we could. We spent most of the afternoon calling different classmates. We learned that David Castanien, Cal Seckel, Ralph Stover, and Luther Still formed a very popular radio quartet. Homer Lininger and Arlo Lawrence were running a very successful dairy. Thel- ma Hoover and Helen Brooks were teaching in a high school in Chicago. And so we spent nearly four hours in conversation with our former schoolmates. VVe found in the telephone directory that Dale Shambaugh was practicing law. INe couldn't get him on the phone, so he must have had an important client. HN That evening we decided to go to the opera, where we were very much surprised to rind Janet Garwood as the leading lady, and Maurice Philbrick as the orchestra leader. We went back stage after the opera to meet our old friends and we found Clovis Jurey as the Stage manager and Barbara Cowgill as the make-up artist. As we were leaving fx , the opera house we niet David Hale and his wife, the former Beulah Eley. David ex- ! Ii plainfd to us that he was head postmaster of Chicago. He informed us that Dean I Ella 4 Harmon was on the police force and was noted for his bravery in fighting the famous Chicago gangsters. A 'LV f l A X. ' X 4 I' -5 K-X ' X ., -.I ff -I V i . K f H7 12 s f Z 1 2 F ' " ' .. .4 1 . ' , W I f ' -ws' 2 --5 The HGH I1l0l'I1iHS we left Chicago feelin? that our time was very well spent-but before we left we went into a fashionable cafe for breakfast. Ifpon entering we dis- covered that Jane Moloney and Mary Neumeister were the proud proprietresses, so we didn't leave Chicago until nearly noon. Marion headed the plane toward St. Louis. It was on this hop that we encountered our first taste of bad luck. About one hundred fifth miles north of St. Louis we were compelled to make a forced landing, but Marion. f being a very able pilot. DFOUSN the plane to a safe landing near a farm house. VVe walked to the house and our knock was answered by none other than Frederick Ilifeg l he invited us in and to dinner, which was prepared by his wife, formerly Florence Smith. About an hour later we departed and landed in St. Louis hoping to lind many more of our classmates here in this mid-western metropolis. While here we learned that John Newcomer and Neal Osborn were a railroad en- gineer and contractor respectively. We also found that Ben Armstrong was a first class barber twe know from experiencel. Mildred Frey and Martha Steiner, were trained nurses in the St. Louis City Hospital. Milton Chadwick was a very promising young preacher. Ma .ha Jane Bringman was a physical education teacher in a well known high school in St. Louis. VVe also met Florence Enders and Peggy Frederick who were act- iw ing as secret service agents for the national government. As we were on our way from St. Louis to San Francisco, I glanced at a newspaper and learned, to my astonishment. that Garvin Getz was appointed ambassador to England and Viola Keeler and Garnet WVood we1'e new representatives to Congress. , We learned over the radio that Horace Hetzel and his Californians were appearing on ll. the roof garden in a fashionable hotel in San Francisco, with Eleanor Trachsel as the vocal soloist. VVe left San Francisco the next day for Hollywood where we knew that Eddie Land- l versicht was known to the movie world as the second Clark Gable. His new pictuie also i starred Dorothy Beidelschies in the leading feminine role. VVe also lea1'ned from Eddie i that Elmore Clark was a moving picture director and that he was an extremely busy l man trying to keep himself in two cities at the same time while Janet was with the , Chicago Opera Company. Cecil Snyder and her sister Ethel were running a l'OOIlllIlg house for movie extras. Justin Hollanshead and his wife. the former Mildred VVag'ner. , were operating a cattle ranch in California. Here in central California we met Harry i t Zimmerman and George Thatcher who wele undertaking an irrigation project. I In Los Angeles we met some more of our old classmates. A very la1'ge style shoppe i l was announcing the arrival ot' Eugene Lawrence, famous designer from Paris. That N evening, the only one in Los Angeles. was spent at a theater and later we visited a night i club, "The New Granda". The hostess, Katherine Jarrell, made herself known immed- iately when she saw us. She called the head waitress, Gladys Pfeifer, and the cashier, , Ruth Etta Lehman. Katherine was becoming as wealthy as she was famous and the I other two girls were contemplating starting a club of their own. VVe were also sur- prised to learn that Karl Strasser was a very prominent banker. On our way home we stopped in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to refuel our ship and we found that Emil Gemmrig had just struck oil and was becoming wealthy fast, but he was in New York at the time receiving' his, "l will's". His bride was formerly Margaret VValter. We learned from a newspaper that Mary Border. famous soprano. was making a tour of the country accompanied by Kathryn Krock as pianist and Mildred Fox who was also gaining much fame from her ability to play the violin. In this same newspaper, The Tulsa Evening Star, Marion points out to me the women's page, and a column entitled "Passing Shows of Society". which was written by Evelyn Culver. In this column she mentioned the fact that Attorney and Mrs. Berton Zimmer- man of New York were spending a few weeks vacation in Tulsa. Mrs. Zimmerman was formerly Dorothy Miller. Our last stop before reaching home was in Columbus, Ohio where we found Irene Hoss and Dorothy Trautman as the proud owners of a filling station in the heart of the city. Besides Marion and myself, Ruth Armstrong and lllah Karcher remained at .iome to brighten the old town. Ruth was becoming famous as an author of detective stories, and lllah was the house matron of a large hotel. Don Sebenoler it BIN fi J! "X: 'X Q ,X Qi Lf , l - - Q -ant A 0 X A X X ena s 3b ' S.'!'r2Q' ' X f - ,.- . 'r x x -ID '1 . M- -5 'E I fy... is x x X N . -5- 'ellie ' l l tl ly . . . Class Will.. . X5 We, the Seniors ot '33, in a sane state of mind and perfect health, on this, the twenty-first day of May, nineteen hundred and thirty-tlaiee, do hereby will and be- lyl queath the following: I, Frederick Rite, will my sympathy to Marguerite Weaver. I, Martha Steiner, will my well-known giggle to Catherine Bowman. l We, Horace Hetzel, David Hale, and Elmore Clark, will our excess height to Martha Jenot, Herbert Walton, and Joe Walton. N I, Marion Blair, will my ability to skip school without being! caught to Maurice Mays. I, Gladys Newman, will my love for a post-graduate to Mildred Loverich. I, Florence Enders, will my naturally curly hair to Treva Hotelling. We, Cecil and Ethel Snyder, will our likeness to Dorothy and llernidia Bots. , I, Katherine Jarrell, will my miniature waistline to Virginia May. W VVe, Dorothy Miller, Gladys Pfeifer, and Mildred Fox. will our blond hair to l Martha Hagenmaier, Helen Horn, and Helen Newell. A I, Garnet VVood, will my well-known earrings to Mary Slemmer. il I. Beulah Eley, will my love for school to Mary Lou Balduf. I, Maurice Philbrick, will my easy-going manner to Fred Scherry. I I, John Newcomer, will my noise and confusion to Charles Martin. ' I, Arlo Lawrence, will my inferiority complex to Jack Myers. W I, Edward Landversicht, will my slick, black hair to John Garner. I I, Eleanor Trachsel, will my daintiness to Mary Jane Fleck. , I, I I, l Dorothy Trautman, will my life-saving ability in Public Speaking to liuby l'lrich. Ralph Swineliart, will my radio-announcers voice to Nelson Frisch. W I, Justin Hollaiishead, will my love for a Sophomore to Harvey Hall. " X I, Clovis Jurey. will my ability to answer Mr. Houpt's Questions to Gerald Sweigard. ' We, Kathryn Krock, and Thelma Hoover, will our quiet ways to Modest Shoen- I l br-rger and Thelma Courtad. W I, Clayton Hook, will my Van Dike to Stanley Sterner. I. Margaret Miner, will my basket ball abilities to Margaret Lynn. I, Jane Moloney, will my pleasant ways to Katherine Hull. l I, Harry Miller, will my ability in American Literature to Fred Belzner. ll I, Neil Osborn, will my book-wormishness to Frederick Klein. I, Calvin Seckel, will my manly airs to "Peewee" Martin. FN I. Ilobert Logsdon, will my feminine attractiveness to anyone having time to both- er with it. We, Viola Keeler and Florence Smith, will our pleasant smiles to Jane Flock and .lean Fleck. f-N I, Jane Eringman, will my slim, neat Iigure to Harold Snyder. l I, Helen Brooks, will my hair cut to Theresa Klein. f I EH 4 fx.,

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