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Upper Sandusky High School - Indian Village Yearbook (Upper Sandusky, OH) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Cover

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, 'E f ww - " - sy 'Qi Wd fn N - ' Q -2,-.nH'aQ5:,.: A JU -e Q-:-e-N-If .. -'5"'.2fg"'?-G'-- .. f- ., -- -.1 .V wvANoor ELNEcrnr c conPANv ELECTRIC HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCES Easy Washers Eureka Vacuum Cleaners Philco Electric Radios Westinghouse Irons and Ranges L01 9. Sandusky Avenue Upper Sandusky, Oh' ' '. " - 2 nd V Q " . lj 'S lln Engli: 1 . f Y. Y - .. ,v,,..',,.v 1' ' H 1 .' '. '- ' , ...H 3: f- '. 2 .5 , . 11, it was .1 reqrnabt number. and the predicament. Baked Goods Ice Cream Candies Eatmor Bread NEUMEISTER'S I':lu-A Nlrrr-ly-Iwi, yy., ag , I I QL! ' E l-ee1ig,e1EQP?2f--,- . gg, . " f n I I . . V I , fn "" 1 "' hx" ,D 0 -7' 'AX - "" I J' "' Q, ,- ... N You Can Get Pistons, Pins. Rings. Valves, Gaskets A Square Deal The Upper Auto Parts C o m p a n y Boring, Honing, Machine Work and Welding Dr. Frederick Kenan Eye Ear Throat Nose X-Ray Service Eyes Treated for Service South Sandusky Avenue Upper Sandusky, Ohio Phone 1-IM llrzn' url' 1'nm::l1'rvi:lI linrl Iclrt Swartz. c'u.'tcm -ri "I :htulrl lil" ti trj that trtel' n in th- win- lin Stl lid SOIIX Xltdtm hut th II int in nt will not tllmx thtt Xhonld j mu care to try it cn III ur 1l'1V'llt' t'1t- tin:-ro ml " Nlothr XIII tit what in th uolld '11 won I drns the lnahg X at tor Mar at t 'llf'NllII2lI'Hf "Ho swallow ed my dim 'ind Im trying to raise th dough." Indian Motor Car Co. HUDSON ' ' V g Storage - Accessories Goodyear Tires CHANDLER SERVICE J. C. Mclleth William Gregg Xt Sons Crain, Seed and Feed Upper Sandusky, Ohio Frrtchre Xt Company Style Leadership Men's and Boys' Clothing and Furnishings l':r"4- X t ll 'WC ly., If-gvbfwy --..-11'f""3'-,..1."-1Y9i-75- '2r-'-'--.,, . ,A ,- BYILT 0F YYYAND01' SAIIGUKS 1, If if , 3 QQ., U, . if ., ,T - x , ,..,.W..v:1- vi. 3 ,,f"C77 1 ' 1--ff .,gz'3SP s -f . 117 va 4 , ,M -K .Mg ,sq--1+-7 Q, .1 ,- I V' ,xr 5 yi' 1: . ,ww 1, 1 - -' 1 fy gffm X- ff . ff ' M" S - go' ' 1 .M 5 4".7f3 -' S :1:a:1: me ,-1 ff-' 1:1 . 'fiQQQ:, fff 15 ,121-1-25 Q E, 521-1 X It '- 1 , ,N ' .:Z:Z, -.' ' . -- ,f"' 1, s 4 f 1' 1 ....1 1:1-' 2 .om - 1 -L., y -,et ,1g1 ...1-1r:13r11:' w 4 't ,L-1 '1' ' -Z-I ..'1'I'Z-I-2-1-I1.'1:' Y W 1, '- A . 'v. llgf' 1-Sz.-1-11E2E1ErE2E2Wvf '12- . 3 -X-11 : ge ' , 5' , 51515151221-"'3 3E":1 5 1,732 .24 ,:3:yf:3:5:5:1 .--' - 4: 1 - - -1' -11. -' .1::E . , .51 ..,.,.,1g5:5:515:ES f1 f2:5?S3515:515151g:E:E'L -"1E:. - ""'f7 5 :'2s5'?Q.3-, .- 1:2 11-1-1.111rE23E21r:1:11511131515:- 1 j' - ?Frs'5g5131515151g1g13i11f-1- -,Y .1 4 .012212-:I:5:7:1H' -' -" ':11:1 ,2'E:". " .-:I:E:5:1:E:E:2:Q:i:E:E1E1i1:1E1:I'C": 415' ., " :6S:5'1:5:1:5, f-2-'12 , if -2- '-fiitiisisiaief12z2eis2122E155E251Ef' ar 5 -' . fix 51:1-1 -' ',-I-.j.-'2:E:5:g:11pI:l:-'. ,:::I :5' 1: 'I--i f :' "I:E:2:E:2:f:E:Q:2:5:E:51:i'. 1- gt ', ,,, '-2:2135 5- -" 5:1 1 .-:IES 21 1 -2-f- :ef ' ,1g151515:2:5:E:i:i:EgZ:11.s-- 5 A5141 -, -A.. ' A53 f 5251 :f..f'4 'f', 4-'515E51555E5E5:5:3:2:5:5:EE:5rE:E11 ,. 51, 3: j1315:5:3:5:5:1:55Egiginf5 142 r' ,, -15-1 ' . 3425 1, . .- 313gs:r15:31515151515:ErE:f- ' " +- , ,.2:E1ErErE1E1Er3E11r15g:ig :1 12191 e f -' digg. g1.j:-23.1-. -, . ' . ....- .,,,Q,'.i525:1:1:5:1:I:1:1:1" '131:CEf-Iii.-.3 '. 3: 1I'.-.-,-:f'grz1:-:2:5:1:1:1:7:1:15:212:5:E:g11Z11-1-2:f:1:f2:E:?:g: 515' -'11-:Er " 313-2 -1-rhs1:i:'.'1Z2f'r, -151E12if11151'-'-5131515:1:ErE:ErEr1" 9, 1 ""i'.-.2221 :1" '1513-'-511:-, 1.E:E:E:ErE1E5532515151:-51515:9Q:3:'-'x:1gri3g1g - , 11515 5:- ': .-123551311 2,:..l.gi3, H'lflf:FE?E525E5EE5E2E5E5E5E5E Zi- L5"'E3Ei' ,E525235325212E53E5E5E555E5Erir' "1I- .i.1','1E-1:12 Q1 HE .1-P 1, 13 Affff Y1 -.3 .1-gff1,g,,.1f1g,:1 11,54 1515151312155 ,ZS-:Q 5:1 -1:15,19151g151g151513151g1g1g1g1-f I. ,- -- -j 11. 13 3: 1,1 if 1- 151131 11. - ,-2Yb'7?f'-'SW -1z':-:5:-zT:1:1:-:-:-:-t- ---:-: : 1 - f:!:I:12E:E:E2E1f" -zliz-:-2f1E2E1Eff1E?:5:5:1:51112115527255 -E5 ff ' f:' f I5 12 iz"-.eff :Z 7 :E ' . 2555 5E5E5E5rE1Eri1' ' f 1532?E132EfifE3E5E3EEE3EE5E5E5E5E5E:ErE1: K5E55'15:-- 2 E1 - 2- -E E? 12 Er,-2:51 12 gi: J: -'f"4"- :1.- -:':,:Q:f:2.Q.f'f',4' .-:CEI 5:5:f:1:2:2:' ' ':Ef2tf'- ..-.-:'z1:-:i:7"'ff'-4'ZE22222525:2:Z:2:1:2:2:Q:E:2:E:2:' " --I--:f I: ' ' 1 ', 1-' 2- ,:Q:Q,2:2 .gr .1:22a22i12s222e2122:e:1:1:e- 5551 .. 1. ggasiaeaieizizizia:1:a:sf1:25Eg2- ??i7:'T' ?5'E? -' ' 'Z' 22:2 :1:1:!.-:1:E:Q:5::.5:2, If 'Jr'-Inf-'tif' ,.::::g:121ZgI:i:2ii:1:2:1:' ."-.f:T'-:1.:3:: -,,g.g2-':' 15 :-'511212:I:2:I:1:E:Q:E:E:2:::3: ,..:,:b.1 5 M - 2:Q:E.1.g, ':':'5':':2:f15:55:3. '.'.':Z:1:5:5:2:Q:Q:f:2:2:f:1:f:Q:215 1' ': 1-:f-15'g." !,--1:-:? -4, ' ,, 3:Ei5:21Q:E:::::g:g2g1gI:f.-.-.1.' -.- 1'- -.- 1- - -.--.-.1., .,. ,,- - A " ' : 23:31:25:- 'E-5 -5-gs 1 i2EE3E5E5?E5. 'Z3E2 r - 12533E5E3E5E3E5E5E5E3ErEr111' 'Q TEZE-H' 1-' 1 . 1-1 ' 1- 2251E2E1E1E1EE5E5E5EE5E5E3 '4 32512 21 1 gi . .WEE ..-.e1:1:1:a:a.. 1:2- 1 2-1 2 2 -512:23-' '1-Wersi' 2121222121iz:a:1-5:2:2fe12- 1-.,1:1. - ,ae 35 . 12-531:11 J,- 5, , QEE525E?E5E5E3E5E5?E5E5E5E, 1" '12 , 21- - 1 ' ,Sn 1125253555 lzirlrfrirfri' ' '.f:-.1- -" '--:1:1:2:'--'-' F152 11:-:I-.V -S5F:f:12.I 5' 1:1:1:f1E:151frE2E2E1E1E2E2 51-uk. -.1:E:1.'.1:-: .- 1 -: -3321 1 . U .2:E:E:E2E?S2:1f12i:111512:-ig..1.'517123IE??I2E5:""'-2. - - ..-,'2:5:-.-'-:1:5:1'5 '9 .1 ,i, f 1'Q. .ff'f ,. . .143q,::: 2:-:1:g:- ,v , A .5 - y . .... 1 V Q- T- ..., ..,.A . .. -1-.'-V , I,-. . Q' QQ , Manufactured hy The Wyandot Clay Products Co., Upper Sandusky,0. Dry Goods Ready-to-Wear Floor Coverings Always the Best at ARTZ BROS. National Steam Pump Company MHHllf'HCtlll'91'S of , Steam Xt Power 1 Punrrruo 1 Mnonrnfnv Kim-tx'-l'u111' rry by THE CITIZENS SAVINGS BANK THE HOME OF GOOD EANIIING L Safe Sound Sure I I':I:- XII:-'15 -flu- r'-Q5 -ffs d"'l I ffir f 9 1 - I X- I 'w F -4' . . , "'.Qf,"i -fi,-. ,, ,-- . , - 4 HOW much d'ye suppose THIS space cost us? YOU'D be surprised! WHETHER it's worth it OR not. of course DEPENDS on you- IN other words, if YOU don't drop around OUR way in a day or two AND say you saw our AD in the ANNUAL we'll just FIGURE that the money WE spent here was a TOTAL loss! 'Get lt, at Berg's" The question was asked in an Eng- lish test: "VVl1o wrote' "Hoosie'r SCllfJOllll3StPI'?" Tlmmas lhwif-kleslJye's llllIhPl'I "VVl1n's your SCll00lllltlSfPI'H was written by Alf-stonf' llid. note -Original Henry W. Fleck "Style Headquarters" Upper Sandusky. Ohio CLOTHES DADM and L Things You Can't Imagin Herman liinley toe dancing. Fretll-rick Hill flirting. Luella C2ll'IH'l1lP1' without Bernie Luthy. Bertha Knenzli a blond. With Best Wishes for the success in life of the stu- dents comprising this graduating Class of 1930 The Gray 81 White Co. Poultry Eggs Cream EQUIPMENT COMPANY Electric Washers and Ironers, Parlor Furnaces, Hot Air Furnaces. Home Water Systems. A complete line of Quality Power and Horse Drawn Farming Equip- ment. Fencing, Posts, Tanks, Trough. etc. l N I . '- 1 'Fi I , I K, X . --4 A. - 3 'I , 5 ' -4- V- , J . ---1f-rf"Q--..:-e- -I-f...-'jfT1',Z,.,..-. ,,,.g T h e Fir t ational a n k Established 1863 Capital and Surplus 5210000.00 W. P. Reile, Pres. James Walker, Vice Pres. Thomas A. Reber, Vice Pres. C. E. Frederick, Cashier lnnmnnnuunnulun Directors James Walker Thomas Reber D. E. Maxwell B. F. Main C. B. Hare J. E. Maxwell Dr. J. Craig Bowman E. M. Uncapher W. P. Reile l 27" P iQff4ff" 1 1 Securit First Fire, Tornado. Automobile Insurance Marguerat Insurance Agency Helen F. Stecher. Mgr. Surety Bonds Integrity Service r.G.en11NpTaoa. ry Goods otions Wash Goods Wash resses Best For Less Miss Meyers: "Harry, C011 ct this senteiice-'Our teacher am i11 1 ht Harry Day: "Our teaehei 'illl a sight." laul St 1l1H1'I llll th biibei Cllllll VX 11x 1 that dog 1101111 it 111 '111 111 lllll B'11ht-r: "He lllllll I 1111 ht cut put oi your ear off lOl 111111. LOUIS FLECK Leading Hardware and Sporting Goods Store I 1. e Y11l"l5 "Leave Nothing to Chance-- Protect In Advance" Fire, Tornado. Personnal effects. Automobile coverages. and Bonds. All Insurance Written i11 Stock Companies y e r s " Insurance Agency ..-11111 f'-sie H-ee 7' 4' 'n PLAY OLF A Game You Will Like The Whole Family Can Enjoy It Family Membership 330. Golf Clubs for rent- Reasonable Green Fee Evergreen Golf Club Dale Ulrich, Manager ZVZ miles east of Upper Sandusky. Ohio On Lincoln Highway Kod k Highland Linen Stationery Parker Fountain Pens Whitman's Candy You will like our Fountain Service BOWMAN 81 BUIRLEY Drug Store First Happy Hannurnz "Yep. I made the football team!" Helen Gatchell: "Honestly'? VVhat part did you play?" Happy: "I did the aerial work." Helen: "Aerial work'?. VVl1at's that?" Happy: "VVhy, I blew up the foot- balls." Stuckey 8. Benton Hardware Builders' Supplies Paints Oils Glass Fence Steel Posts Bale Ties Stoves and Furnaces Harness Gas Engines and Washing Machines Farm Implements, Tractors and Trucks Well Drilling Pumps Wind Pumps. Tanks and Supplies Upper Sandusky, Ohio Miss Stearns lln Latinl: 'Tlysses was a great traveler. He never was Content to settle down in one place." Grace Castanien: "He wouldn't make a very good husband, would he?" lEd. note-Originall Compliments of The Chief Dairy Co. Upper Sandusky, Ohio Butter Egg l':rp.:'t- Nine-ty i'fa4ra ce l fl E- ,:.5g'jAQ--J , ,, , CG -.,. '-- ' -- - if ".,,fg--.- E-1'f -'HQ' -r??',-,1-- .-4. ,' 'I .' For Better Chicks EAGLE NEST HATCHERY H. Little and Sons, Proprietors Upper Sandusky. Ohio American Restaurant A Good Place To Eat Short Orders a Specialty Try us First for Lunch and Pies Xian I our Oiian "If tlri i in ill uool ru ull 1 it lib ll clc It in Sal man To tr l th moth Gus Lianos, Proprietor Herman Dimmu lx I1 x 1 Q ll such Cllwzlllly' ily Louise Halln-tl l Xiu x ll x 1 ti ed o late be lor ALBERT .IUSEPH CUNFEGTIUNER You Buy the Best in Dry Goods Rugs and Special Welcome for the Graduate and the Whole School in General ' If YOU Buy Ht WALKER'S l llllrrillw-rl E , ff A", Q W W: ws W: . X .. Q Q W w x v x v x Q 2 A, X. X. N X, X, X. S X. S X. S X. N X. Q X. ms Q X. X. X. 59 A , C LL d T c 1 9 s L M L i0L FA OCA LD G E NB I u Q ' I sa 1' e o .9 XC x x x 95 Q. Q, wx wb- .S Q-- vm wx ,N Nw SA X9 N, ,N .N Q v X . Q. w Q. NN Y, v W YS - Q1 WS qw . mx v Q1 Q9 X QA Q Q, QNX . wh gm Q QS - Q. vm Q, . W W' hilt I 4 .ali I A. ll.- I1 11' Il NIJ 4 rx' -lg I-. TV 'givin F M L! ' ffvg, e i W DEDICATION To one who throughout our high school career has guided us in all our work, our studies and other class activitiesg to one who has always cheer- fully offered a helping handg to one who has in our Senior year, more than any other person, helped us and advised us in publishing our Annualg and to one who, by her happy companionship with us, has become one of us, we, the Class of 1930, as a token of our deepest gratitude to her, dedicate this Annual to Miss Jean Golling. Page 'Fill'l'l4 fr i , 4. o fs THE LATEST CREATIONS IN Style - Fit - Quality - Service Hosiery In All the New Shades In T: . Vogel 6' Co. my Opposite Court House Kenneth McDaniel, a rising young lawyer pleading his first Case, had been retained by a farmer to prosecute a claim against a railroad for killing 24 pigs. He wanted to impress the jury with the magnitude of the damage. "Twenty-four hogs, gentlemen, twenty- four! Twice the number of you there in the jury box!" Ruehle Culver: "Leo, who does the niost goodfHenry Ford or Billy Sun- day?" Leo Hahl: "Thats easy! Henry Ford!" Huehle Culver: "How's that?" Leo Bahl: "Henry has shaken the devil out of more people than Billy Sunday even can!" oNutt Brothers ills Roller King Flour and All Kinds of Feed If lt's Good It's McNutt's Roller King McNUTT BROTHERS, PROPRIETORS Page nm- llllndx-mi and two P , I , I fx, S ' Y ., .XJCQA J! ,J fi - .- -i b 52rg"f:?4-1,--. ,. ,. - - , Cadillac Invalid Service J. T. Lucas W. A. Bender BEN DER 8x LUCAS Office Phone 245W Lady Assistant Residence Phone 245R FUNERAL lllllEl'TOBS illld ENIBALBIERS Prompt Ambulance Service 205 S. Sandusky Avenue NI' P I ll Che111ict1"b' 'A d Thou " St' " l'u1 1 t ' t t d tl t l t expands tl d school any 11101 . ld t t them. Can ai Herbert VValbe1'1'y: "VVhy not' 11 oftl1is'?" Thomas Stra "I cant 1 I b tl ttl "Yes sil Tl 1 anything. T1 t lers k p l 1 g the l yd C 0 M P L I M E N T S H. C. CHERFF FUR IT RE COMPANY cherff's ervice atisfles l H id dl 1 R. G. I-letzel Shipper of Hay, Strawg Wool Phone 45 325 W. Wyandot Ave. RUSSELL HARE Plumbing and Heating Duro Pumps and Water Softeners Phone 482.1 R E A D The Daily Union All the News Frankly Told Menningen 8 olz GROCERY The sweet young thing had broken her glasses. She took the remains to the doctor. Mildred Troup: "I've broken my glasses: do I have to be examined all over again?" The doctor sighed: "No, just your eyes. Carl Hetzel: "Won't you marry me Milly dear?" Milly Smith: "Oh, Carl, you could- n't keep me in the shoes I've been ac- customed to." Carl: "Well, of course I'd expect you to cut out walking back after we were married." COMPLIMENTS OF L. M. Bowers Attorney-at-Law Upper Sandusky, Ohio WYANDUT LUNCHEUN C r, B Professional Men For Community Good Mrs. Mary Brooks BEAUTY HOP 220 South Fifth Street Only our best efforts are good enough The usy Bee H. L. Williams, Prop. Gas and Service Station Soda Fountain Service Groceries Meats l':lg'n- J ll lllll'l'fi :nmi Your iffy. , F , I f O H -- --1- . --i '- Q -1, . , ,. l COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. James B. McNamara VETERINARY Phone 111 Office 1 COMPLIMENTS OF udge Earl B. Carter COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. W. E. Miner COMPLIMENTS OF L. H. Whetstone Dry Cleaner Ped Qebenoler: Darling' I've nwtr lowed but thee IIIS QIGIH Then ne must p'ut no amateurs for ID 3 COMPLIMENTS OF Dr. B. Q. Ayres DENTIST 'tour Guarantee" and "Mother Shipton's Prophecy" are reliable F. E. WEI D AYV Hay CUAL YV00d Phones: Office 6-19 Res. 435 338 Henderson Ave , Upper Sandusky Kencil Good was Qtexnx what shape is a h1SS Iris bt 111 Just ne me one and we-'ll call It squale. Keep Informed All The News Every Day in The Daily Chief NORTH CENTRAL OHIO Co-Operative Dairy Sales Assn. A Good Place to Market Your Cream 109 W. Walker St. Upper Sandusky Clarence C. Kail, Manager Page mlm- I-11111.11-Q-d :md five 'L-57 f ,-1,, to 1 - HUNGRY? EAT AT THE OAK C. A. GRETER, Proprietor Phone 261 Upper Sandusky, O. GENERAL INSURANCE SURETY BONDS OUR SPECIALITY M. S. 8 E. G. Newell Dot C0ll1i1d X111 1 111111d 111 ot Ili 111111 a 11 11 I 1111 l llll Poth P can I 1111 0 1 t l lllfl llllifllltlll 1 d Dt No b can 1011 11111 111 :il-l'." N UPHULSTERING Special Attention Given to Living Room Suites, Made to Order G. A. Ritter KLEINLEIN 8 SON .IEYVELEHS Diamonds Watches Silverware WE SELL FOR LESS .lllLl,Vfit'f '31eedi11g eh? How 11111111' times I111' 'ou b-an before nie?" Sadr XIcC01111 ll "Never 10111 ' 1 t d tr ' von on th Hflllfil. 1 ll 1 I 1 5 , road 11110 Ol t111c but 1111 bu 11111 do only fifty-fi1' Highest Quality - Priced Right South End Grocery Phone 620 Candy - School Supplies - Cigars JOHN T. ROGERS TRUVVBBIDGE S T U D I O Photographs Live Forever Upper Sandusky, Ohio rade "A" Limestone All sizes of Mate1'ial to Meet Your Requirements Kuenzli Quarries Company Phone 313W Upper Sandusky L. I-I. I-lull Dealer in HAY gl STRAW I' ll I l ' l "1 y 'A Candies Tobaccos Bow8.ArrowTavern Illarbeeue Lunehj Ice Cream Soft Drinks Congratulations TO THE CLASS or 19:10 John Thiel FOX-STUBBS RADIO and ELECTRIC COMPANY Atwater-Kent and Majestic Radios Electric Refrigerators 115 W. Wyandot Ave. Phone 202 Patronize SNYDER'S Sf.l',,'LS - Everything for less - Charles Jeuit: 1At th door! Is If 'rn at ll0lllt'.7" Mr- 'smith No h iut Chailes J not But I 111 h 1 it the XXIIICIOYW 'ls I mme 111 Mis. smith Too b id but sh 111 you too." L. W. McDaniel Willys-Knight and Whippet Fine Motor Cars Phone 24 siivi Qu-ii sgrm-Y I at the REXALL DRUG STORE Opposite the Court House Registered Pharmacists in Charge A. BILLHARDT. Jr. l':lH1- 1? -H 1111111-111 Joe Thiel: "How can I t '1'h a ,irl to swim?" Harold Miller: "Take h 1 to th beach, lead her i11 lut NOIII 'lllll around h 1-" Joe: But h . 1115 .1 tei Harold: 4' Xu, th Il pu h hu i.1 When In Need oi Good CLOTHING See Armstrong's Cash Clothing Better for less Yours for Service plus Quality J. C. ARMSTRONG F. 12. PHILBRICKX1 soN Cash and Cary Grocery A Home Store for Home People 131 West Wyandot Avenue l '111rl sm-11-11 '.4.r , 'E .f--" Rig Our Best Wishes to th Class of 1930 STEPHAN LUMBER 00. I-Idwin Clark: "I Call my girl appen- Miss Stearns. after laboring six diy" weeks to instruct a class on Julius Hob Johnson: "VVhy'?" Caesar, asked: '4Wliat book have we I-Edwin Clark: "It vosts so niuoh to been studyingg'?" take lier out!" David Smith: "Julius Sliakespealw BBINGMAN 8L GUMPANY FUNERAL DIHEUTUHS HOME FOR FUNERALS 226 E. Wyandot Ave. AMBULANCE SERVICE LADY ASSISTANT Office Phone 197 Residence Phone 66 I 1. Urn- lllllI'ill'4i I lt 41- !"v-W 1""G A W- 1- , . HUNTER 81 HITCHCUCK For Dinnerware. Glassware. Pottery, Lamps, and Gifts. Greeting cards for all Occasions. COMPLIMENTS OF The lcleal Barber Shop Carl B. Adams, Manager 126 N. Sandusky Ave. Your Patronage is Appreciatecl Dr. 0. C. STUTZ Upper Sandusky, Ohio X-RAY WORK Phone Res. 1 Office 222 36 YEARS UF SERVICE R E I S E R' S GRUCERY and MEATMARKET Nlnry l.. Hunt 1 1111 1 I1 111 11 1 1 1101-I: "Do ou lllllll I 4111 1 1 clr 111ytl1i11g with 111 XOIK Mr. Hlll-lrlllilllf VK ll. 11 Illlj P0111 i11 liaudy i11 case if fir-." Xlim Nl lv -r" 1 iv, 111 1 a11 -K1 l1'lll'1' ll0ll ot llll llllltillillilll Illall Fduud I t 1 X 1 1111111 1 tl1 I11 11 tl11t lou 1111111 th 1 rl an -xcl'1111'1tir11 point i. 'Ill '1ccid111t. klllfl il period is Z1 l'l11IllI9I'.H THE DELLINGER 8: SONS CO. HAY---Wllll' 'rscnANEN ART GALLERY 114 West Johnson Street l': li ll Stanshery and Steck M E A T S Quality -:- Service Phone 137 Quality - Right Prices - Service Landversicht and Thiel Fancy K1 Staple Groceries Corner Grocery Phone 9 il :1114l 111111- ' 'fiiffff 1 :.5ge:A1,--:.., , ., , Inch, ..1- .-i'-,....H'1i 1-.:-f-1-.. . ,A , - STUWLE MOTlJR SALES vars 2- Vio v Trucks Upper Sandusky Carey ALLEN M. WALTON M.D. General Medicine, Surgery Eyes Properly Tested and Fitted Upper Sandusky. Ohio Dr. R. M. Rossel DENTIST X-RAY DIAGNOSIS Phone 323 Upper Sandusky, Ohio Spencer Shoe Repairing 225 North Main Street After We Repair Them You Can Wear Them Nlith 1" "I s'1w th- 111ilk111'111 l'is' 011 tl11 111o1111n Ill tal tl1 1111lk 111 111w lt att 1 llll Nl 1th'1 Luton lt uont do aux :lol IIlOlll'l" l1'1 11'o111is tl not to l'iss 'iIlj'lJOtly -xc'1t 111e." I u"s -ll I oth' I spent the last l1ou1 OII tl1 h'1cl1 with the 1919011 I lou best 111 all the wo1ld Dft B 1 Dont you ex 1 t11e of being alon' Lincoln Hi-Way Dairy P11re Whole Tuberculin Tested ILK A. G. VIETH Soft Drinks and Lunch A. R. HALL Well Drilling Pumps and Pump Repairs Phone 508W 442 N. 7th Street Quality Groceries At Satisfactory Prices THE0.B01.1SH 1 Ideal Grocery l"" ' ll lllll' l illlfl lvll ul ' KRT?-S , ,gl- ,f4flo'f ' , 1 if ' O TIRES TUBES BATTERIES SERVICE AT IT'S BEST w E I M E up is Tire and Battery Service 112 E. Wyandot Ave. Phone 444 COMPLIMENTS OF' Woods' lluick Lunch 24 Hour Service 1 Dr. J. A. Propst Osteopathic Physician and Surgeon 127 W. Wyandot Ave. Upper Sandusky, Ohio Dr. A. E. Bixler 4 VETERINARIAN A 213 N. Sandusky, Ave. Phone 580 W. Bill I'll'l1 ri 'D"1r, I will l'1y rirj fortnnf' 'rt y Jur fl-I." . 1. A, . trac litiiin Uh uni lirrl lx ot im ni ri i it ill uxlii 1 im 1 Bill f .: lNo, lm! it will lo l' '1 I 1'- tun- lm -:id .i tlroiifl tiny 1'-it rt' g urs." ith 111 :li 'lcv pled l1i1i1.r U. S. ELECTRIC Co. For Reliable Footwear FRANK'S Fruits-Candy-Ice Cream LANDVERISCHT'S l':r- Il COMPLIMENTS or is IIA ll B li ll 4 y S ll 0 I' Ladies' Haircutting a Speciality r Pasteurized MILK and CREAM Koehler 8. Tschantz l -rl :rrirl --lr-x-'ll f ,U-' KJ-' P yn ! Y 1 : I - 0 - ' mia' XI ' cz.. W- , . .. .- ni .- ANNUAL STAFF I-Iflitm'-111-Clxiflf ..... ..., D orothy Berg Assistant Editor .... ...., ,,..,....... I i vucil Good Hl.1SiIl4'SS Manauf-r ....,,..,.. ...,,.......,.......,...... . ., VVi1liam Garner Asst. Uusim-ss Nlanagors ..... Mary Lwona Orians, Edwin Clark Circulation Blanuw-r .,..,...,, ...................,,.,,... I louise Halbodel Asst, fjirrmlatirm llmnxgelr ,, ,....,.,.,,, Paul Roth T1'f1asv11'fA1' ,,......,.................. ......... I 'IVV11 Smith Who? Who ,,A.. Mary Lou Huutwr HISfYJI'ifAF ,, ,,,,,,, .. ..,....... ...,.,.,... I da Swartz Claws I'ropI'wr-y ....,..,.........,...,........ Mildrwd Troup Nlusir- , , ,, , ,, ..,. L+-o Dahl, AI21I'Q,2lI't-'I Mc-Nanlara rxrhlhvir-5 .,......r.I..,... ,....,.,.. R obe-rt, K1'f1IJS Srmpflmrf , ,,.r....,.............., Dorothy Collrtadv .lub-s , Iris SH-rn, II2,lj'll10Ild HFIIIIIIIIII fam-mlwr ,...............,..... Gram- CZISUIIIIVII ,Ml Wuxi: , .... ...... I Dorothy Burg ,xlwmni ,, , .... Cklfhfllilll-' Ii:-iz Ifzwwlllj ,Xflvlsur .... .. Miss .If-an Golliug Vngg. I"4nlA fhvis sv- COMPLIMENTS OF H' B' KELLER High Class Barbering Reamsnyder8fHottman I Your Patronage is Appreciated Monumental Dealer Upper Sandusky and Carey Carl Binau, Local Representative LINCOLN HIGHWAY ELECTRIC SHOP S ,T- F o o ? I Dr. Il. Walter Naus ' if Isyfellllflss ""'7f-' --5""" Chronic Diseases : El i lluaminsc Asuzmm. A Specialty I hnnc 575 J. S. NVQ-Her, I'r0lv. .2l Sandusky ,Ku-. l ppc-r Sandusky, 0. We again present to our friends in Upper San- dusky and vicinity, our printing of the Upper Sandusky "Indian Village" High School Annual. It is a pleasure to submit for the approval of our friends for the fourth time the product of our printing plant. J. HQPLEY c-Q., BUCYRUS, OHIO II. 7 II ll Ill 'A y , 1 ' Qaiffw Q ' A 'lk I 7 -f ' " ' Q ' ,gcfva . b V, -1-2-k1r:i'T V '.fj':, 4-.,, , 1. . A U TOGRAPHS WW ' Jai. awww o ff ' I ! . .rw ,ff My f X. XWAJJML ,J '74, fx fig, fl, MAY Xl., ,QL Q1!M ,,i, QD Of 4,76 7. ilam.-Q! -- X Qi' Q- ' - wu 'fm."9Sl in ' . I 1 , 1 . 15 -'45, .- ff' , .M- .,., r , f..-il .uhh I 'L 1 x 1 .lx 3 qqffn Q I 41I.. I I I 4' . :lt O04 Ii- 3 L O ,.fLi'g. I3 ul in L I A Q , ' Q Q P.-' .-f' ..: I ' I - - Ju nf' H--:I f 'if. ' f :-.."..i - H - f 3- Pr-rf' -I -F' ' -I' lf' i gi 5-I-E ii ' I ' I J' Q HI 'I 5 5 I , 1-Q-I I I ' ' Q 4- "'7 '--LII. , ' 1.- 0 tl .I ,. X.. , V 'Ni V N I o QI I I V -q ,lq l I I Lit ki q V IM-'I In 414. I -a- w"'ii'Tg..l' A " . 1 Y L ' II Ir l -Q 4- gnu J-'I n I - ' , ' I ,, ..- I . 'I - I Y V lfli ,.I II: II'-J'-'ii 'I I 4 ,,,, ,,.L, ,Ig In -' ,g ,U 1, 'FH' If IF I l I I L Y -4 Q - ' '. 'II r 1' I ' JI , nr . .fn A1 - , L , I-T -yillil-6.4 - 1h jail' il, vp' VW-1 + I Q- ,- ,Ii II, AI- . 1 H vi Q A '11 iv! 1 -F., -. !I,YIYi- l.I J' " -,I 'I 1. 'I'v- IT. gk- ' I, I '."'J Q 1 .1 W i 2 A 1.-l', I. Q fi ' I:-iv' -YL-. V 'El' ' ft I '-' I ,j -' 'I . "I F I+ I I I i :. lr Q I A' - I ,' Y VIV, ' fin. V "'5- A It u.I1 AIA I I '1 1' , . L 4 , A X A Il If X -I .. Q -,I VT, I it 1 "5 t - I G' ' Y l' ' 'ir , ' '. T I , QQ, 1, ,. ,, A 5, I I . I I , I1 .5 -I I , II , 1:31, 45 I I .I Y ' f "' I - ,I -r 4-5, HF-D+. H-H Q' if-I-VA I'--p T Iv- I V2 Q - 1- ' g A +4 hu Q.-' ' ' l,l'I ' I '- "' II'I Q :DQ Q F ...I Z I I ii EH 'W "T 'I 1 'V ", - I- : If xq ' U1 U 1 . 'D-'1 ' - Q if -,lg all ' Q. ILT- - 91 " -' J, Nl. " 11,4 I A , 1 Q if fY+y9f'l'4 P-IG Y - , 1, f n. Q-X 1 4- . W L -If f 1 -- . Q 2 ' in Jf 'X 6 ia. I r.. Q V I 4 eq? P1 w -1 ,1 F1 , -e ' ' wr- b- O rw, , uri ML, i 4 I' ' "'4 -i nn- 'V ,A wr --I. ! '-x K 4 1 1 V i , i V' ,Wi J l 1- . 'F' YL 'I "Y i 'Z 1' IH- A Q " 4 Ii in if ' E B 43 , ' ' Vg! 'Q lqllgl. , fi ' ' I J P- K A I 1 in o d - I - 'T H . 1 ,- 1 , I Y . ! Q I4' f fl I 1 -. I ' ' . I 'L ea 9 J . 6 , ' -A in .l A A ,carl J - F H' THQ ' ' ' lf 'W "T 'I 1 'V ", - I- : If xq ' U1 U 1 . 'D-'1 ' - Q if -,lg all ' Q. ILT- - 91 " -' J, Nl. " 11,4 I A , 1 Q if fY+y9f'l'4 P-IG Y - , 1, f n. Q-X 1 4- . W L -If f 1 -- . Q 2 ' in Jf 'X 6 ia. I r.. Q V I 4 eq? P1 w -1 ,1 F1 , -e ' ' wr- b- O rw, , uri ML, i 4 I' ' "'4 -i nn- 'V ,A wr --I. ! '-x K 4 1 1 V i , i V' ,Wi J l 1- . 'F' YL 'I "Y i 'Z 1' IH- A Q " 4 Ii in if ' E B 43 , ' ' Vg! 'Q lqllgl. , fi ' ' I J P- K A I 1 in o d - I - 'T H . 1 ,- 1 , I Y . ! Q I4' f fl I 1 -. I ' ' . I 'L ea 9 J . 6 , ' -A in .l A A ,carl J - F H' THQ ' ' ' lf H C' . - H I I K J., ,w PA UL W. AYERS Clerk- Treasurer JA MES WALKER BOARD of EDUCATION CHARLES IV. BRINGMAN Vzce President l':l:'v Fivi- I LOVELL HARRIS HULL Presidenf J OHN C. ARMSTRONG oq7 Il . -'I . 45' ,, -.1 A.. -9' C'v,"--- - ,- -zff-Q". -,pg-x"rai5 - 'Q' ":. G, C O N T E N T S I. Faculty IL Classes III. Music IV. Organizations V. Alumni VI. Athletics VII. Advertisements 1 C., ' 'Qi , QQ? . 5' M Wi' ' 1 fgcgif: I 4 x'qr:i5 - 'sf,,""i -f., U -,4?"-E ' f i f H5 l A - 'I : . I if aj I i 1 A -si: ,- '-I - , E E, i - -- ,- ' -1'2" - Q' ,. ' J',,-1 '-- W. O. MOORE, Superintendent Statfd I-Jlpiiwntary Svlmol Lil? Cwtificatw. Stan- High School Life Cwrtificatw, A. II. Dffgrwl Muskinguin. A. M. D'-grw, Wittvnlwrg. I':nIJ1- iiiliht ' 1' ' ,f"' lin tif ? P I I I W iw f .1 9 .,. -1- -- .- i'- .arg-Nfl' .. -- "..'., '- . - . , LAWRENCE H. HOUPT. Principal Graduate Ohio Northern l'nive1'sity. 1914. State Elementary Lifc Certificate. State High School Life Certificate. AIE'I11iJE'l' State School Stirve-y Coinuiission 121121. President XV5'and0t County Tcachcrs' Association, 1022 1930. Menibcr State Educational Council 1924-19232 lhgrv Ninn- I I.,XIH Ii. HOLLAND IMI-III I-I. HI'I"FBIAN SENIOR HIGH FA C ULTY QT ai hV, V HELEN VICASIC MABIIIS STEAIINS HAYDN D. RAABF .IRAN CULLING I I Xl X N'H..XI.N:- I 1. I n MAVD MEYFIHS JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY HTIIVDN M ITTICIlMAIEFC A. O. SYBEH, PRIX. aff? x N 2 sf 1,3 'KT A. O N - 12 - -I 'I' 'K ' Z 3 Q -- " 5,3 5. .. Q gay Ee .Q ' X- 41-Q . . ax , .. . .V .Q Q Q i A B ,api N LVCY HETZEI. HAROLD COPE 1':nggw- ICI1-xwflm , ,3, B --vi I ADDIE SCHOENHICIIGICI NELSON HALL GEILXLDINE HOOVICR .. -1,-, . . 5' '41 fm Y "' V 1 'l , -' WN I 1. -W fi' h b . . vial" 5 I a 1 , , .nv - , v .-, 5,115 ,f 0'e',". f Q. 1,12 yn, ' ' .- . - w- V 1.4-A , -' 71. rj 4.. f. Q.. . 1 - n , 'V' p .. . . , I. -. A . J. . X' 7.5. M' vu! , ' I 1' .V I - 1 U 1.,' I . vi., "' ..,:.,".ir.5'- H. 'N' -" n' if f' 'L - . A . I ,s 1 1 . - V4 A L! . gi' ..,.' 'uw .-1, I -' 1 K M.. ... lx 'file'-.. gc lv: fn. 15? i , 1 , ...V ', ww . I. QQ . 4 1 - -, jg, ' U ,iffl . I V -1 I -fi .4 Hy? M413 L, ,I f:'.pf 3, x5e v . . y ' u 1 ' 1 2. 7 14 f 1 ,Q '.vv I ' ML' i ll , 122,34 KJM 'jf 131 y Ee'-QSE 1-H 4 ' , 1 ' 1 W Lia I - , ,, L. H. Houpt. Prin. .,.......,....,................,,,,,.......,.,,.... , Erma L. Stearns . Clair E. Holland ,.,l Jean Golling ,... Mainiw Stearns ...A H. D. Haabw Maudw H+-yers . Hclvn Pcasv ....... H. E, Huffman .,,.. Gcrnldinv Hoovcr SENIOR HIGH FACULTY Aincrican History, Social Sciknce Latin. Ancient History l'l13'sic:s, Matlwniatics, Manual training BOOK-liPP1.ll11y. Typing. Slwiiograpliy Honic Economics. Hygicn-J, Coninu-frcial Gcograpliy Cl1f1l11ist1'y. llodcrn History, Aariculture, lfoothall and Basket-ball Coach Junior and Senior English Girls' Baslievliall Coach Sophoinor-J English, Spanisli. Hands. Glce Clubs Orclwstra. Grndc Music JUNIOR HIGH FACULTY A. O. Suhr-r, Prin. ........................................,..............,.....,................,......,........ Enulish Nfflson Hall .......,....... Geocrapliy. Public Spcuking .xdrliv SUl'lUF:'Ilb+'-'l'!4-'I' .... ............................ 3 Iathwlnzitics Gllrtruclf- Blittciwnaiwi' .. .,,.. History. Civics Lur-jr H+-tzwl .,..........,.. .,....... I ,atin. English Harold Conv .. ..... Biology, Alucbra, I'wg1-'I'u.Ix- Gf-n+A1'ul Scicncc i'-211514 lr- , ..-1"""" ' -.4 , , 7 . "' -2' ,Log-K :- ' - -' --, .- fi - -..:-e-M I' . - 'jf-."L -'i,. , ,. , A 1 .5 SENIOR lmgw '1'Im1-'-11 5 K.- 4 wifi, fn' f 5 MS' 9 - ' u : ' , iff? X i-'-7 - ,4' ' i r' - H ., -- , ,,,,- -sz, . ,- , , , ,V ...1 , . , FQQB 7' Up Xb' Y W KILNNIQTH M--IDANIEI, ljnlvred Harding' High '26 liiit--r-3d TI. S. H. S. '27 Fully-qc E11ti'anc1g- Scivntifim' L'Ulll's1A I.. LZ. F, '29 Class l'l'f:SlCl!'l1K 'Rn Foullwall '29, Uziptain 'I-HI: Baslcmlwall '28, '21I, 'SHI Hi-Y '28, '2El, I'l'l'F' . ... v ,A .. .. ul-Ani ..Il. liufin-+5 Mg! . Wlzlss 1'1zLy '30, Y f '71 , 'J -Q f 1ll'll.I-IN IVILAXVES H.XflIiN1I.XlEll llnl--V1-rl Lf S. H. S, 'I' Latin-4 4-mnif-infial 1'.,i11'f1' 'll-v Vlul, '27, Girl H17- sl iw.-S '28, '20, 'Jing Vlass fH'l'a.'1', 'Hifi Smlalit-',Q V4-rerlliana 'illli Class l'l:ly VIH. Xl. liliN4'll, rlfnnll Illll,Il""i lf S. H, S. '2lL zmllvgzll ICllll'1llll'iA- S-'i-biitifiv l'41Lll'Sn1 llfllifl '17, '25, '20, 'fllvi la., vim, 'ax "Ho "fu- .., ,.., .i, l'1'a----L11-sur 'QJRQ Ulwywl- va '2f': Hi-Y, '28, '2!l. 'Sw-A l'ulill1- Sp-'rikiiipay '29, 'ljllj Smialitas Yv-I'i:- iliaim "WV: Annual Staff. 'Silt lI1llL'r'l'HY M, lllillll lim'-ia-ll V, S, H. S. 'Lili "fill-up l-liitmri f'f' Vmilw 'l:14.4 Uffir'--l' 'JTZ HIM' "lull '27, '2i, '20, l'i'-As- ifl'-iiv 'fjlli Vullllf' Sywalc- ill: '27 '28, '2f', 'IHI. 'Dill I1f-.---i".- '2i, '29, l'i'-s- gri--nr 'IZ fi Snflfilltzif Yu'- Jillanw 'ICH l'ra f-f' ui:-'fi' 2-w, l'l.l,-- I'laj. 'Sify lffll- lffr-lr'-":il1 l' ,Xlinual 'QUIZ Sldlllgmlfiiziii. llUIi0'1'H Y l,'0l,'H'1'.-KDE 1fllll'l'i'd L'. S. H. S. 'Z243 Noll:-gke Entrancfv- Scilfntific Course Public Speaking '27: Glvv Club '27, '28: Girl R0sQ1'vi-S '28, '29, '30, Sudalitas Vergqilizma 'SUI Basket Ball '30I Class Officer '30, Vlass Play, 'Slljg Annual Staff '3O. I ya , 'ii' ' HARRY E. DAY 7 umm-ed U. S. H. S, '26, l'0llf-ge Entrance- Scientific Course Glu' 'lub '27, '29, 'ling Class ficvl' 'Slug Sudal- itas 'ergiliana '30: Hi- Y "ll, ? ,Xi AIILIJRICLJ TRUL'l' IN, linteiw-d LT. S. H. S. '26 . J"1'nllQg'13 Ellll'2lllUQff'OUl'SQ lluhliu Speaking' '27: Class Qffiuez' '27, Glee- 4'lub '27, '28, '29, 'IZHI 1Ul'l'l'lL'Sll'2l '27, '28, '2fl. . 'ilflg O1'an,a:e and Blayk '27, '28, '25P: 1'1'El1'L'llI'SUl' 'ZS1 Si'lll0l' Gpciwatta '29, 'Zlllg Class Play '3Il: Vir- giliana Sodulitas 'illli Annual Staff '30: Valu- 'uto1'iun. Q ,fl XYILLI.-XM R. GARNICI-i Ente-red U. S. H. S. '26 Pulleffqe Entranvo- Sl-ilfntific Uuursc- Vlass Offir-ei' '27, Font- nnll 8 Q '30, Basket Hall '29, '3Ug Hi-Y '28, 'I ln- Vice Prusidf-nt '30, Sudalitas VG1'LZ'lllJll1Jl 'Slug l'ubli1- Sp:-aking 'Sling Annual Stuff '30, I'ag'v' I"ulIl'l"I'li ' 'a'1'Xf-S fe' 4, 1 iifaffe 7 'L-Y' ' - jlslcqatl! " ' i k -Ar- '.l".,,,.-. -4 V 6 Y EIPXVIN NLAHK lintr-red U, S. ll. S. '20 lfollegwf Entrance- Suiontific Course Uluss Officer '273 L. E, I". '2fl: Glee Club '29. '2lU: Class Play '30. W GRAVE R. 1'ASTANllfl?I I-Inu-red U. S. H. S. '21s Cullege Entrance Coursv rllou Lfluh '27: l'uhlim,- Spouliillg' '271 Uluss Of- t'ic-f-r '28: 011-lu-st1':1 '2!l. 'I-lil: Hirl ltr-sl-1'v9s '28. '29, 'SOC Sodulitus Vorg- ilinnu '3lr: Annual Stuff 'fllii Class Play '3ll. IIUBEHT G. KHEBS Ente-red U. S. H. S. '2li Vulloge Entruncn Voursv Uluss Officer '2fl: Foot- lmll '29, '3llg f'-P100 Club '27, '28, '29, '3l,lg Hi-X' '2!I, '30, Public Speak- inl-Z' 'illli Class l'l:-xy 'Ting Sudfllitns Vvrgiliz-1I1:1 '30Z .Xnnuul Stuff '30, . .Sb 'J Q MARY LOL' HUNTER Entered Lf S. H. S. '26 Uollf-ge Entrzlnce Coursr- Vluss Office-r '27: L. E. F. '29: Gln-e Club '27, '28, '29, '3l.l: Girl Reserva-s '28, '29, 'Bug Annual Stuff '3U. -n-"nil '3' "" -.., I'ug'o Fift-5-Q-n Qjlr 15 W' ff U? .155 IAJLTISIC ll.Xl,I3lCIll'IL lint'-rod U. S, H, S. '2l1 m,'Ur11lm,-1'4'i:1l- Svilflltlfifj l,'ul.1l'S1g lluslu-t Bull '27, '28, '2!0. Villblilill '30, Girl liv- sr-rv1's '27, '28, 4'1:1s:- Ht'fim-1' '2!lg 421.-1' Vluln '271 l'. XV. 4', 'ZSUL :XII- lllml Stuff 'IZlI. J' S Q' 'B l'.Xl'l4 H. RUTH lint'-rm-d L'. S. H. S. '2r5 1'ull--frm' l'Int1':1ncf-Vuursv film- Vluh '27, '28, '20, 'fllli Hi-Y '28, '2!l: Vluss tlffiwn- '27, l4'm,1l,,,11 '27, '23, '29, 'fllbg liusku-t Bull '27, '28, '2!'3 Up--lwllzl '27, '28, '2fI: Annual Stuff. 'Zi4l. J JV MARY 1,1-JUNA UHIANS l':llU'l'l'fl l'. S. H. S. '21i 1'u1n11n-1'fyi:u1-Hum-: l'Ic'ul1nI1lil's 4'uUl'Sn- lllm- Uluh '27, '28, '2!P1 Hirl ll:-sr-1'x'--s '28, '20, '3H: Vlsnss Uffivvr '2Si I'. XY. U. 'llllz lil Virculn 1':1su-llum, '30, Annual Stuff '2lll, rfb 1.1420 XY. LLXHI, I'Il1tf-lwrl l'. S, H. S, '20 1'ulnlne-rn-inl l'uurs-- Gln-11 Vluh '27, '2S1 Build '27, '82, '20, 'Silk 7 CQL- -:-K-qv I " -, ifdffffbd - -- .- . - 5.1- 1 ,'. S'-ii:-1 f A - 1- - .-- -- -4 ll.XYMUNll J. HAXNUM l2lll"I'E'Cl U. S, l-I. S. 'Lili l,'umnw1'vizil Vuursc Fuuthzill Mgr. T303 El Vin-ulo 4,'z1stell:irw 'SWL X IILX SXYAIITZ X lilil--iwfl U. S. H. S, 'Lili 1'ii1'i1r1i-A1-1-inl l'Ulll'Sv' Girl Ilvsc-1'x'--s '28, '2!P. 'IJHQ 'il-Aw Vluli- '27, 'Iii l'. XV. l'. VIH: Annual Stuff 'Il'l. I Ay! J' . - 3 - 5 I J 5. l41IvX'i'.XlLIi l'lCTI'JIiS l'll1Tf'l'l'fl U. S. H. S. '2Ii f'Hllf-aw l':llYl'JIll"lAlllJLll'SI' I-'m.Lb:ill '29, Till. L, IQ. I". 'SHI lli-Y '27, 'ZR' 'IUZ Vlnss l'l:1y 'SHI i Vv x-J 9' ,,,i ,V y F' lIIl.I'l:l-ll' SMITH lflii--l"fl l'. S, H. S. 'Ili 1'-inirii--i'f'i:il - Hum-- Ifrlrilivrllllwi 1'f.ul',4f' 'Qi ---- "lub '30, 'Jiri lil-- -f'i".'1,- '28, '!f'j linske-L lzfrll '37, '32, ':!i, 'fifli ,kiiiiuzil SL:ifl' 'Till mils- Sixlvvli IRIS STERN Entcred U. S. H. S. 'IZIS Commercial-Home Economics Course Glee Club '27, Class Of- fif-er '28: Girl Rc-scrvos '29, '3ll: I', NV. C. '3lI: Alilluul Stuff '30, l"lil5lllGHll.'K HILL Ifh-ntl-red U. H. S, '26 Coninu-1'cizil l,'0l.lI'SL' I. VV 1. .UH . . .. 0. KATHHYN A. FRITVHIE l.'llll.1'l'Ud U. S. H. S. ..2!ii 4'immwrciul-Humc IC'-onmnii-s Pours:- l.. lj. F. '29: Glve Flub '27, '28, ':19: Girl Reserv- vs '28, '29, '31i: Annual Staff '30, VHARLIQS JIGNUT llliltvw.-d U. S, H. S. 'BU Curnim-rcizil Scientific' Coursi- Hlef- Club '28, Till: l'uh- liv Speaking 'Jing Hi-Y '29, 'C-lfl. i .v , hr l M ,. ' ,gcgf . 7 '- " ' 4 ' -,-,f-'21 ,,.,2-s.'1vgE5 - r., F ,. . .2 A 4 H J J' V' 'V 'I if M' J K 3 dh' JA HOXVAHU J. THIEL W HI5IlNIl,'E LUTHY Ente-red U. S. H. S, '26 X ldntt-red U. S. H. S. '25 Coniniorvinl- Scientific Course rllee Club '28, '29, '3U: L. E. F. '2fl: Football Mgr. '30, I 6 fn Su Sw MARY ELIZABETH McCONNEI.L Entered U. S. H. S. '26 Follege Entranve Course- Glee Club '27, '28, '29, '303 Girl Reserves '28, '29, '30: Basket Ball Mgr. '3ll: Annual Staff .., -50. HA YBIONIY HUXVLAND Entered l'. S. H. '26 Conimvrc,-iul Course I'. XY. V. '30 I ' Wfx FERN SMITH nte-red L'. S. H. S. '27 College Ellfl'1l!lI,'F'L'0Ul'S9 Glee Club '27, '28, '29: Band '28, '20, '3U3 Orch- estra '28, '29, '3U: L. E. F. '29: Baskxlt Bull '28, '29, '3l,l: Girl Reserves '29, '3UZ Sodulitus Verg- ilianu '3ll3 Annual Staff 'fill Puiru St-vents-on C'0n1mc-rm-iail-Homu Evonomics Vourss- Orchestra '27, Glee Cluh '27, Girl Rf-sc-rvcs '28, 'Z3f'. '3U: I'. NV. C. '30, J if N DAVID SMITH Entert-d L'. S. H. S. '25 4'0ll9LrP I-Intr:1nCe- Scif-ntifiv Course Band '27, '28, '29, 'Sill Hi Y '28 "W "SW I lj F. '3ll: Annual Staff '2H. XX G if' U, BICRNIIGUIG KUIQNZLI Enters-d L'. S. H. S. '26 K'0Ill!llf'l'I'lZll-HOIIlt IC:-mmniir-s Uoursv Ulic-or l.f.-adv-r '2T: l'uh- lic Spf-asking: '27, '28Z Girl In-seiwe-s '28, '3111 Bziskot Bull 'ZSUZ I', XY. C. '30, Q Y 'A' ,J ROBERT JIHNSON Entered IS, S. H. '26 Colle-pre lf1ntr:ince-l'oursf- L. E. F. '29: Bnskf-t B:-ill '2fl. 'SUI Ftlothzill SNL Class I'l:1y '30, typ J " I fin' .5 ..g,.. , - W i , f - I - +fJ'v U9?9f"o3 PAUL F. STEINER Entered V. S. H. S. '20 Commercial - Scientific Pourse fb 1 N3 ,M J .J A P' ALJ x N I CATHERINE BIA RGARET BETZ Entered L'. S. H. S. '27 l'ollc-ge Entrance s'oui's1- 'Jie-9 Club 228: Girl Re- serves '29, '31I: Bvinrl '2fl: Sc-dzilims Vergriliziiizi 'SUI Annual Stuff '3lJ. HARMAN A. KINLEY I-Zmf,-red U. H. S. '24, Commercial- Scientific- Vourse 'X f MPX JJ X ,L yff RI,'l-JHIJC H. f'L'l,V1'3l: I5Vll4'!"'f1 I'. S, H. S. 'Ili 4'Ul1f'1I" I'Irl!l':1I1rgv- Sfienlifif- Voursr- Hand '27, 'Z8: Hi-Y '28. 293 L. Ii. I". '2f': lil Vi!" fulunu f':1stf-lluiiu '3lv1 filer- Vluh '2T. '28, '291 I"ofiv,h:4lI '27, '28, '29, 'ian 'nl-Tv l'Iiz:ht:-:fn MARGARET J. MCNAMARA Entered U. S. H. S. '27 College Entrance Course Band '28, '29, '30: Sec- retary '30, Orchestra '28, '29, '30: Glee Club '28: Girl Reserves '29, '30, Officer '30: L. E. F. '29: El Circulo Castel- lano '30, Basket Ball '28, '29, '303 Annual Staff '30, JOHN SXVARTZ Entered U. S. H. S, '26 Commercial Course Football '27, '28, '29, 'SOI Basket Ball '28, '29, '30: P. NV. C. '30g Hi-Y '30, MARY LOUISE SNYDER Entered U. S. H. S. '26 Commercial-Home Economics Course Glee Club '27, P. W. C. '30: Girl Reserves '28, '29, '3O: El Circulo Cas- tellano '3UI Annual Staff '30 ROBERT LITTLE Entered U. S. H. S. '26 Commerf-ial Course Football '29, '30. f"v-W f" 4- 1 fQp, 4, WV. . , 1 , A I X, , - JH L: .N rg-2-x1rE'T - ".-'7'I: " - - ,.. , V... , .4 THOMAS H. BHK JCK LESH Y Entered U. S. H. S. "W l'OlI1lTN'l'l,'i1l1 Unursn- L. E. I". 'iff' .ls M N25 CARL J. HETZEL 1':!'lIC'I'4"El V. S. H. S. "Hi ifullxlmfz-rgizal Cuursv lilCiwuluUznstf-ll:4114w"'ln I 1.L'1c1.1..x cull-1f:xT14:1-1 4,'4-r11rm'-rffinI-H1-mfg Ea-uxwlnius 1'uul'S1- HIL-nl Vlub '127: Girl Ill-- scrvws '28, '29, '30. J MARTHA L. LA YT! PN Iintf-l'm-d l'. S. H. S. 'Bti Uumnu-rc-i:1l-Homv Evonomics Cuuxse- lfil'1 Iioservc-s '28, '2!0. 'iilfz 1'. XV. C. '3lI: L. I F. 'llflg Glen- Club '27 28. '2!D. '30. IQIlll'l'1.'d U. S. H. S. "Wi I':1u1- Ninvtf---n f .W HAlIIJl,ll 1IIl.I.I-IH l':llll'l'l'll V. S. H. S. '21 mwllvpn- luntr:-m-.-- Svivlltifil' l'uLll'S1' 431.-1' Vlub "Ho "'u- I 1 . ..., .., 4. F. 'ZEN Alllllliil Staff '30 'lass I'l:4y '3u. WW lil'SSIGl, XV. IUYITH I':l1ll'l'I'fl L'. S. H. S. 'Sn 4'n111-L50 l'Int1':1m-4f- Sri.-ntifiv l'uL1z's.' U1-vI1vQt1'A1 "'T "'S' VIH . - -...., 1' I'luh '27, YN: Vlnss Of fif-1-1' '1ZN: Hi-Y '29 TW: 'I'1w-usxlxw.-r 'ZSIL Ulf 4-1'1'tl:n '30, J, f NILVSSI-11.1. I':l5xY.Xl:l' 1f1:1-zxucmvzc Vmxlrln-1'vi:1l Vuursc ffl--1-llulr 21. I. XMI .0 .,ll, fi J 'I'HHM.XS I-'. STHASSIGII 151111-1'--fi l'. S. H. S. '20 1'1rmn11-1'L-i:1l Vuursm- Iulll--iw-ri V. S. H. S, '24 T ' 7 Us , f And The IN MEMORIAM MARY ELIZABETH ZIMMERMAN 1911 - 1928 then I think of one who in her youthful beauty died, fair meek blossom that grew up and faded by my sideg In the cold moist earth we And Yet So g laid her, when the forest cast th we wept that one so lovely should have a life so briefg not unmeet it was that one like that young friend of ours, entle and so beautiful Should perish with the flowers. lmgrf Twr,-nty e leaf, -Bryant ',Z s Q as ' P 7 APPRE CIA TI ON "All the Wo1'ld's a stage And all the men and women merely players They have their exits and their entrances And one man in his time plays many parts." The time has arrived when the Class of '30 will begin its play of life. We wish to express our gratitude and appreciation to Mr. Moore who was the director of the playg also Mr. Houpt, his assistant, who taught us how our ancestors gave their play of life. Thanks to Miss Erma Stearns who advised us in the parts we should playg Miss Meyers and Miss Pease for coaching us in our dramatics: Mr. Raabe and Mr. Holland for showing us the ways of the world: Miss Mamie Stearns who made it possible to keep physically fit as we present the playg Miss Golling who helped us keep the records of our practice: Miss Slemmer who managed the office, and the Hannums who kept perfect care of the practice stage. Again we thank the teachers of U. S. H. S. and we will show our appreciation as we present the play. -Kenneth Mcllaniel 'SQL Page Tweni n . 114 Jw? F I A I ' . I 1 -1 4 I v r u ik!! . . . .7 - Y K T-N Y ' F. 4 e f-Ti' ' 'zbffi -1-.,..,,- , ,- .5 , SENIOR CLASS HISTORY President ...,........ ..,.,,...,...,........,...,.... .,...,,.....,. . . ,...,,.,..,.,,..... .....,.. I Q enneth McDaniel Vice President ,,.. Dorothy Courtade 7' ' -.---,.. .-.. . . ..VAfV..,VV.YY,V... ..-,........... H D ............,....,.,...............,...,... ,,........,,.... ..... H e len Hggieiiliiaiiii rw... class Motto: Nothing succeeds like success Class Flower: American Beauty llose Class Colors: Scarlet and Grey 'Class of Nineteen Thirty!" Who says Nineteen Thirty? Every- body, of course. For everybody knows that ever since September, 1926, this illustrious class has always been here boosting for U. S. H. S. at every chance. Have we not been as green as the greenest Freshman, as wise as the wisest Sophomore, and as humble as the humblest Junior? And shall we not be as dignified as the most When we started to climb the stairs of early September, not even the wisest of the witted us. After one or two interesting class ized and chose Paul Roth as our captain to harshly criticised Freshman year. Although bring back happy memories to our minds in dignified of Seniors '? success on a hot morning in Sophomores could have out- meetings, we became organ- guide us safely through the this was a hard year, it will days to come. Our Sophomore year passed quickly, but it was filled with just as many interesting events as the first. After considerable trouble, we fin- ally elected Edwin Clark as our capable leader for that year. It was during the summer vacation that one ofour classmates passed out of our lives never to return again. The memory of her will always remain with us. Although the Junior year was the most difficult one, it was probably the happiest. It was with great difficulty that we chose a leader for that year. After comparing the ability of some of the boys, We finally chose Robert Krebs, a very able "man", to lead us through our troubles. lt was at the end of this year that a big event took place. It was the Junior-Senior The long iors. Kenneth Banquet, and we will always cherish fond memories of it. sought for year at last has arrived, and "we" are the Sen- Mcllaniel is playing the part of a good friend by leading us safely through the biggest year of all. lt will not be long until we'll be out in the world choosing a career for ourselves, but we'll never forget the happy days spent in U. S. H. S. S w In N I O R sedate is for Senior so very is for enthusiasm be it ever so late, is for the nice things in store for you, is for the ideals which will carry you through, is for opportunity and optimism, toog is for regions unexplored beyond, Here's every good wish as you nobly respond. l':fgf- 'l'xy4-lily-Inu. -Ida Swartz '30 Qu-Xi!-ik '3f,f",:, 41, , - , V., A ' c - SENIOR CLASS PROPHEC Y I was bo1'ed to say the least. Paris had been kind, but writing novels and plays is tiresome. I was reading when the door-bell startled me from my reverie. My maid admitted a visitor and two dogs. "Kate," I screamed. It was Cath- erine Betz. Catherine was a renowned doctor whose admiration for Boston bulls led her to cultivate them as a hobby. "I thought you were in Prague!" "Don't you know why I've come to Paris," she asked. "In this very town is a classmate of ours who has become the lion of the scientific world. We are going to see him this min- ute. Don't argue!" And so we arrived at the apartment of our famous classmate. A Fillipino ad- mitted us to a sombre room, brightened only by a patch of red. Someone was in the room! The red was his hair! I looked again. "It's Edward Peters!" I cried I sank exhausted into what I thought was a chair. but it wasn't. Kate took matters in hand. "We've come to see your marvelous invention." "Oh yes, I have utilized the principle of mind over matter in the machine," explained the inventor, literally blooming in an orange smock. "Say,-how would you like to see the old gang with this machine," asked Ed. Of course we were overjoyed. Comfortably seated, we waited for something' to happen. Suddenly a huge screen was illumniated. "Hold everything," admonished the inventor. Then-cars, people, aeroplanes, noise, dear old Broadway before our astonished eyes! Hundreds of skyscrapers appeared, and then the "Rendor", 265 stories high, flashed on the screen. The proprietor's elegantly furnished office was shown. At the desk sat Raymond Hannum, grinning at us. Then. soft music and food. The Ballroom! The hostess, attired in gorgeous evening attire, was our own Martha Layton. Someone in the orchestra was crooning a love song--"To Remember You Always." His features became more defined and we recognized Harold Miller, more handsome than ever and much more famous. He was the renowned leader of the "Miller Specials" who were carrying with them on their world tour, the clever black-face team of Charlie .Ienot and Tom Strasser. "To Remember You Always" was the hit of the day. As we thought this, Helen Hagenmaier smiled gaily from the screen. So she had composed the piece! Then the Spanish penthouse that housed the wealthy "Bachelors Club!" The president, sporting a tiny French moustache. was perched on a table. It was Ken- cil Good! Near by a dignified gentleman was studying blue prints. NVell! VVell! VVell! It was the famous architect, Thomas Ilrocklesby. "There's someone else over there," pointed out Kate. It was Bob Krebs, noted divorce lawyer from Reno. Strange to say he was poring over a book entitled "The .Xrt of Courtship." Krebs' secretary, Bernice Luthy, was taking notes in another room. An easel next took form on the screen. .Xn artist in smock and tam was paint- ing a landscape scene. As she turned her head and smiled, we recognized Dorothy Berg. The "Re-ndor" faded to the scene of a boxing match. David Smith, announcer. was exercising his vocal powers as lluehle Culver, heavy-weight champion. and his l':igi- Twentyellnrev ' f as e .--' kilik -Q, second, Harman Kinley, sat calmly in one corner of the ring. In the press box, Rus- sell Roth was pounding' the old typewriter and Bob Johnson was telling the radio world of Culver's victory. Thenfa deafening roar as a plane glided upon Roosevelt Field. Out hopped Ida Swartz, returned from her triumphant flight to Peking, Her mechanic, Luella Carpenter, took charge as an air mail between San Francisco and New York swoop- ed down. The pilot, begoggled but debonair, was Howard Thiel. We saw them all enter a restaurant. We learned that Frederick Hill was the efficient manager. Wie-ll! YVell! At this point the Filipino brought refreshments. Kate remarked: "I must order some dresses from the Eileen Salon. They have imported a new designer. Guess who!" Of course I couldn't. "Fern Smith! And Katy Fritchie is a manne- quin in the establishment, too." Kate told 1119. Fern had just designed a trousseau for Mary E. McConnell who had had the disturbing experience of falling in love with her leading man in a musical comedy production. Too bad! The screen was again illuminated. Palms! Oceans blue! Daytona Beach! .X silver bullet sped by! Or was it a bullet? No, it was a racer with Kenneth Mc- Daniel at the wheel. Kenny had just established a record of 432.54 miles an hour. Rather fast for Kenny. The machine was driven to its box where the me- chanics, Russell Frederick and Raymond Howland, took charge. Suddenly it dawned upon me! We were witnessing the VVorld display of ath- letic and scientific skill at Daytona. A boat race was next on the list. A green monster piloted by Bill Garner flew over the waves at 200 miles an hour to win. How good it was to see Hill's smile again. Immediately we thought of Grace Cas- tanien. She instantly appeared writing her cooking chat for the Cleveland News. Grace led a busy life. When not writing, she was dietitian at a clinic. Again we returned to Daytona. In the grandstand we saw familiar figures. There was Dorothy Courtade, who had won so many honors for the U. S. in the Olympic Games. Mary Lou Hunter, queenly as ever, was with her. Mary Lou had just inherited a fortune from a would-be lover and had bought a seat on the exchange. Needless to say, she was startling the old timers with her skill and suc cess. Vve also found Paul Roth with his shadow, Edwin Clark. Paul lived in Eng'- land and owned a stable of thoroughbred horses trained by John Swartz and Robert Little. Eddie Clark, natty as ever, was the newly crowned golf champion ol' the i'. S. and Great Britain. VVe just missed seeing him play in a match at Daytona. ln another section we found Margaret McNamara, internationally famous interpreta- tiw- dancer. She now had a theater in Atlantic City named in her honor. "Did you know Ilerniece Kuenzli has won renown as a beauty specialist to artists? Margaret just made me think of the subject," Kate ventured. I hadn't heard it, so it was good news, On the screen the famous "Paradise on the Potomac" appeared. This is al colony founded by an energetic group ot women pledged to a life of unwedded bliss and service. The president, Louise Halbedel, was shown in her magnificent suite. Iris Stern, newly appointed ambassador to Albania, was departing for her new work there. We learned that Mildred Smith had just offered her resignation to the colony as she was engaged to Carl Hetzel, big engineer about to superintend the construction of a super-highway in the air from Chicago to San Francisco. We Imgt- 'l'wenIy-I'our Pr ii! i 7'9"i !" ' - i'- ,-:-e-N4Ij,,. - '2fg"r, 4-.,,.,,, . ,V -, also Saw L00 Dahl, cowboy from Mi1111f1s01a, llli'kil1Q about thw dXX'4'l1iI1Q. llwcfmtly Harry Day, prohibition agent near 3Iil1ll9l0ll and St. I'i01'1'+1. was so--11 walking dmvn a shady path with a 111'o111i11Q11t IIIPIIIIJPI' of thw 00101152 To cap the Climax, Mary Louise Snydflr, tha tl'F'2lSllI'9l', l'E'ID0l'U-ld a delticit ut' SNT5 111 tht! Il'Pi1Slll'Y, Vmir "Pa1'adis11 OI1 thv POtOI1lZ1C!H Tha colony ra11isi1e-ci. A htlillltiflll brick building a111,1ez11'v1i. How st1'a11g1-ly falllilial' it sQP111ed! Oh! It was the old Sw11if1r High! Thw officw 01111111 tu thf- S011-H11, Theerv at the typewriter sat Mary Lvuua O1'ia11s. Shv had 1'e111ai111-d faithful to dear old Vlllltil' while the rest of us had gouw II'21iDSi1l2 to the- wiids of thfa 1-arth. "Turn it off before I start crying," he-gged Kate: Thv dwar familiar sights vanish- ed. VVith fu1111y lumps 111 our throats. ww were sitting again i11 thv Paris a11a1't111+f111t. Pativutly we waitad for Edward to brvak thv slwll with 01114 of his b1'i1li:111t I'PIlll1l'kS. -Mildlwad T1111111 THU. l':1:1- 'l'1x'1-11iy'-1'ix'1'- yd see fs- T2fi4f: ff CLA SS WILL We. the Seniors of 1930, in a charitable frame of mind, do hereby bequeath the following: I, Mary E. McConnell, will 1ny very important position as basket ball manager to Kathleen Moloney. I, Paul Roth, bequeath my natural wave to Wilbur Lawrence funless he prefers the ironl. I, XVilliam Garner. bequeath my extra two inches to Friel I'lrich. I. Louise Halbedel. will my love for a Junior boy to Charlotte Altenberger. I, Kenneth McDaniel, will my presiding ability to next year's Senior President. I, Ruehle Culver, will my ability as a fancy dancer to Cloyce Trautwein. I, Martha Layton. bequeath my innocent expression to Ruth Ritterspach. I. Harmon Kinley. will my quiet disposition to Vernon Sebenoler. I. Thomas Strasser. bequeath my daily nap to James Neumeister, tproviding he does- n't need it.l ' I, Grace Castanien, will my daily diet to Regina Joseph. 'We, Raymond Hannum and Howard Thiel, will our ability as Foot Ball Managers to next year's managers. I, Dorothy Courtade, will my popularity to Alice Kraus. We. Helen Hagenmaier and Mary Leona Orians, will some of our boy friends to Mary Elizabeth Peters. I, Margaret McNamara. will my standing position with the faculty to Helen Stephan. I, Mildred Troup, will my ability to always know my lessons to Bert Leslie, provid-- ed hemakes use of it. I. Edward Peters, bequeath my title of "Tireless Pest," to Wallace Bringman. I. Leo Bahl, bequeath my musical talent to YVilliam Switzer. I, Thomas Brocklesby, bequeath my bashfulness to Richard Harman. I, Iris Stern, will my trials and tribulations with men to Margaret Fox. I, Edwin Clark, bequeath my power to rule to Lucille Scherry. I, Harry Day, bequeath my slender form to Karl Frederick. I, Russell Frederick, bequeath my popular title as "Ladies Man," to Robert Belzner. I, Kencil Good, bequeath my powder puff to VVils0n French. I, Mary Louise Snyder, bequeath my ability as an accurate typist to Vaye Carpenter. I. Carl Hetzel, bequeath my proverb, "Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise," to Orval Horn, ' I. lfrecierick Hill, bequeath my black locks to Russell Rogers. I, Charles Jenot, bequeath my ability to jerk sodas to Mary Lee Moore. I, Iiobert Johnson, bequeath my speed in basketball to Homer VVoessner. I, Itobert Krebs, bequeath my wise cracks and funny faces to Mervin Krock. I, Ilobert Little, bequeath my "putty-put-put," to Stephan Cornish. I. Harold Miller, bequeath my title, "Shiek" to Monroe Stevenson. I, Ilussell Roth, bequeath my appointment with the beauty shop to Howard Swartz. I, Raymond Rowland, bequeath my love for curly headed girls to Byron VVarfel. I, David Smith, bequeath my queer actions to Pearl Dawson. I, I'aul Steiner, bequeath my ability to rob the cradle to Martha lllrich. I, John Swartz, bequeath my slick hair and polished nails to John VVhetstone. I. Dorothy Hera, bequeath my title, "Johnny on the job," to Mary E. Cromer. We, I.u+-lla Carpenter and Catherine Iletz, bequeath our school girl complexions to H'-len Gatffluf-ll. I, Mary Lou Hunter. will my ability as a G. H. Pianist to Martha Bremyer. I, I Iiernier-e Kuenzli, will my ability as a cheer leader to Thelma Krock. I, Iiernice Luthy, will my pleasant smile to Catherine Good. Wf, Iferr. Smith and Milly Smith, bequeath our abilities as foul makers to "Tuffy" Garner. I, Ida Swartz. bequeath my chucklina laugh to Jane Neumeister. I, Kathryn I"ritf'hie, bequeath my success at making this will a failure to next year's yiftilii. ---Kathryn Fritchie 'I40. l':l uv- 'I'yyenty-six XANIFI la-fr llahl ICNOXYX AQ Hvssiv Thumas lllwn-lcli-slay llrui-lc Edwin Vlarlc lid liuvhlt- 1'ulvr-r I-tal-liar-l Harry llay llallu Russ--ll Fix-di-1'i-'lc Russ XX'illiam Harm-r Bill K+-in-il Gmini Ki-nr' l2:iylimiimil Ilannum llappy Uarl H:-tzvl Jak:- F1'i-tln-rivl: Hill Fritz Vharll-s Ji-nut Vliuvk Ruhr-rt .lulinsuii Ram Harman Kinlvy Harman lilllH'l't lf1'f+bS Hub HulN'l'l lilltlif Tuild Ki-mi:-th Mvllanii-l Swvclo Harald Mille-r Hans 1QdXX'Ill'd IH-tx-rs Ehb l'aul Roth lliitfsh llussi-ll Ht-th Russ liayniimfl linxrl:iml Ray lravid Smith lrave-5' l':iul Stvlllvl' llud '1'lu-mas Strassvr Tum .Iulm Swartz .Xpplv Huward 'Phil-l .Ill lmrntliy lil-r,:A Imt l'atlie-rinv llc-tz Kali:- lan-lla 4'arpt-ntl-r Lou llraw- Uastanit-n Tiny llmmtliy lmurtadr- Vat K:illll'yl1 l"rift'hiv l-fzltw H--li-ii HllH,'1,'lllll!ll4"l' Sally lauuisn- Hallwdi-l Hobby' Mary Lou Huiitr-r Rt-d l-If-i-xiii'-1-v Km-nzli .I+-rry Martha Laytnm Marty lil-l'lii-w Luthy Lutliy Mary IC. Mi-l't-lim-ll Sadie- Marg'arn-t AI4'N3lIllfll'Il1IJll' Mary la-uiia Orians Urians lf--rn Smith Smitty Milflrwd Smith Milly Mary Louise- Siiyflw1'bli:il1s:i:'.- li-is Ste-rn llce ltla Swartz ldv Milllrf-cl 'I'ruup Nludgv -.4-.f 1,-xi' JJ. -sq-, - , .1 , ' I WHO'S WHO Y1ll"I.I. NHTINIG llip: llrilwn l-ly--s Fl-ar ill' XX'tmiu-ii Vcwliu- ,Xliility Huskim-ss I1!ll'kXX'!ll'tilll'SS Html and Palm H4-iafht llainty I"vlltlll'l"S His Sww-t Smili- limiiaii XVays lllushing' Nnisi- Hn- Blake-s mlirlish Fariii Flirting I'IfI'ivil-In-y Him Sluilyiiig .Xthlvtirt,Xl1iliiy 1:1111 N050 His lflaminpx' Hail llluffingt Sinr-1-1'ity Thirst- Lady lf'ri+-mls His liitimr-ly XX1t l-lis Grin lliu' liars In---amy I-151-s llucl--'s Ulm-tliinu' Busy Iliff- Hasliful XV:iys.. Hi-r l"lfll'Ll .X .1 liifliiviiw- iw'-r llaa .Xffiliity ful' vlailiivd M Hi-r lluy Fri--nd liuyisliiie-ss Hifi lil' llah Hauuhty Airs Ability tu Frlllll Qui.-in--ss Hi-r Smilt- H1-r lrrivinp: lir--rytliiii2' lluml llislmsitimi Vultu- Tlit- Hair Put 1-'arm--r's lmuutli Jn-:ilmisy XX'i-Q-ki-mls That Ym':ilrl1l:ll'3' l'a:1- 'Fw- -i lk' l'I INITI.-XLS S'l'.XNll Littlf- llally Talks lla--li l-Ig-ltistii-al Vhilll llaisl-s Valxw-s Hard llizzgiliu' lit-ally Thinlcs'.' XVimiiii: Hirls Kind 19--ntl--man Ill-al H1-lpful Nallinu' Hugs lnlllt' llllSll:lll4l Vutf- Kandi .Il-lly ll'-:ll .IHZZX l-larmlly Krmwii llusliin: Kali.- lflwl Ll!-Tilt lxlvk lui' lxlssl Ml- Haiidsuiiii- Man ldx-.-1'ylmcly's I'--st l'--sitivi-lx' llilliwiilll R--al llitzy Iliilt- lthl-J link-- lv:ifl's Sniiliy Vuslagl- Stamp T--asv S0111--lmlly Just li., Hard 'l'liiiiIu-r lm li.-tt--r i'uLllitl'A' lliitti-r liittli- Flipp--I' Himml- Nash llarm-il 1'ut.- Km-lil--r's l-'lamp HUL H1-le-ll la-viii: Hi-rmzin My' Lust ll!ll'IllZlII TL- lflllfi M--rrp' Lark lil-ing' Lazy Bly I-last--i'll Mail Mall Malin:-ss Marvliiiiu' Ull Fat lannll Sassy Milly's Sl-iltvli BIUIN' Silllm- I'm Stuvktip lrrl-slstilulv Sari-asni My 'l'al1-nts llY 41'Yt'll I"HlL .XMIIITIHX ,X S--iw-iifl "Miz Hnix1it" lluilml Skys--rap'-rs llun Thi- XX'4l1'lll Vat l'uli1'1-lllclll .X If--tw-1-tivv lSli--i'lm-lil l'llkIltrXX'll Gain law- Man- F....1 Tw Sin: Snpram. lX'ill :i llam- .Xiiythiiiu Milly XX'alits lil- S:---ll, Nut H--aril .X l'lll'IlllSt fMayho-l Til Ili-nu' Up Hari- :i Girl l'l'ul':-ssul' T11 lil' ,-X l'iia4'li lil' l'l'1-siclvlll uf I' Q Quit MA-kv XX'limlp.-.- l'l'lIlklllQ' ,X Tlig Gun K1---p ,X Girl Hain li--l-1-sliitiilii lie---p I-Iuusv Fur Mania lliuh--2' .Xnilsitiim Tu lll':i1llI:iii- l.a4lie-s Man .X Shiv-k Til II.-st Easy lla-ill: Sal.-sw-nii:iii Taxi llrivw-r fil'UXV Ili: l'I--:iuty lixp--rt Tu Ki-1-in Hnusl- lflllp l'flllt'!lk4'S 11.-t in Early mmm- Tu Ill-fltlvv XIulul'1'y1'llSt Til l,iv-- in Harlnsrt-r ln 1,1-t Marru-tl To l':iti'l1 ,X F14-:l lil- .X l'rufi-ssl-mal Yflll l'l'Ulvl'i1'Iwl' uf :n 5 N ll' Vali-rli-'tm'i:iii l3'ai'm--r's XYif.- .X Stl,-ri4.g1':i1-li--1' lin XX'iIh I'IX'i-ry' Mali Matrimony' lla in l":illl-- SNAP SHOTS ' . .f 4. 1 11 ,!'f: x . ., ' ., U ,I N ,1 '. ,D 'I A - .,. as Y 'L 1 1 vb" Y Bari: . , , .37 Q' .UN . . W fm' J- a f f . . I J ' 'Lyy' ' pf' fy L" S . --br Q mn' In 1 ' , . ' ' H '1"'!??lE ' S G Rf- . .-- . S., r , :IV . , L, 'Sn' U , MBC A, A Q- -'ff S 'QA as 'w hy .lf 1: ',, xxlxf 'I gif ' , Sud kie' , 4. S . sv Us X- Q1 xxx.: I uf! , o E , A , wg Y "q?'5' X , V v S ,S H -S'S H V ,A H E - . A 'L 1?4.e1eu t ""l E+ ' L W 1 15' " wa' S f 1 77' i, S - if , 5 A QL ' ffq f- "" "" f "Ffa ie" ,,'. 3,1485 " Il 'A gl -f ,-14, ,,Zf,7,,,-fy S W- yr L.-5.1 ,4f.ff..' JN 'L .4 , +1211 E us :U '-:gm-mum x. 9 -Q 4 .- K , . ' S-fST'7'.N-.l'-'.' . -M3 . le , aw inf 'QI V: .I 'A X. ' SST? Q 6 x L ei. . .1 6 , 15. Lv: 1 'wif - 1 Q 1- 124 ' r ' ..,, 2 4 ,. 2:0 'f--15.2, Rss,-12555: 1-, - -..w'if-4 5 -4 www--, .h , F. -- M -, A 1- X A ' ' wf-:S , ,. ff, , .A-Tir' K-1 , 9 U .Q V , ,L 3.335 X, SPACE ' ,,., ' . ffl! fh fig, DM... :wi :..':?.p ::,1f.?,.-qi A Pngr- Twvnty-v'ia:hL an - F., If vi? ' nw 5, ... 16465 13 'arg""i -:,.,- , , ,- LX g. Jim LU' 'Dena '3 0 T r l' ' , , . J . gl a ' X, - H :5-cgl",' , - ---.1--fy-.. '.---,"-..f- .-2--4 .afff 1p.g1,.jf- -4- " .., KIOIISPI' gf'll4'lIl1 Htwvwms SWHHZ. Switzm-V, W'ill llum-rs. Vlrir-lm, XVZIQIIPI XVQIIIM-I' Witzf-l, XN'm-ssn .I I 'Nlfbl .Xll"IllJf'l'ZJ4'I', fTl1111'lnt1:1 If-ll Armsnw llurllu, lirittinullum, fimrw- KUl,U'l'lll2ill, Iwzlll .Ivan lirur-rllv f7Hl'jl4'lIl -shy, ICIIH-I Kraus, Alive 1 . , .., -R, ',.,, '2'1 : 1-1. wb, . Larir-k, Bvulah Malonely, Katlllve-11 Mennillge-11, Angela Miller, Ike-na NtNllIll9lSt9l', Jane Ve-twrs, Mary li. Roth, Mildred Sch:-rry, Lucillw Schlup, VVanda Schwilli, Dorothy Smith, Roma SllPllCt'l', Velma its-phan, Helen Stephan, Kathryn l'lric'l1, Martha v 4 'J J?- n n I 'f , ' - f-.--:- .Ji A JIT-"-5 -'Q' . 4 1- 3+ , 4 JU IOR CLASS HISTORY Everyone has begun something, surely, at some time or other, VVell then, everybody ought at least partially to understand how we, inexperienced Freshmen, felt as we took upon our shoulders the seemingly great task of making a success of our High School career. Our emotions wavered between pride-for were we not Freshmen, the all important members of the .Innior High--and timidityfbe- cause it was all so new even though the surroundings were familiar to most of us: between hope-we were thrilled to think of the happy days before us-and fear, because misgivings of coming' examinations and other testing times were bound to creep in. Just the same we were glad to be there and were eager to begin. The first month of school in the fall of 1927 was saddened by the sudden death of our teacher, Miss Ruth Gregg, who was truly admired and respected by those who had previously come under her guidance. That year we chose as our president, Richard Harman, a leader in the true sense of the word. Soon we were no longer happy-go-lucky, carefree Freshmen. but took upon ourselves the much desired title of Sophomores, We, like the proverbial Sophoniores. believed that "there were no more worlds to conquer". As time went on, we realiz- ed our mistaken notion more and more: for now we were the members of the low- est class in the Senior High School and the upper class-men apparently liked to make us aware of the fact. We elected Robert Manning our small but capable president. Now we as Juniors are still looking forward expectantly to our Senior year, but far more humbly than we did as Freshmen. Led by our president, Monroe Steven- son, we are doing our best to keep the school colors flying high. When next year we assume the role ol' Seniors, we shall try our best to live up to the traditions of old U. S. H. S. Mary Iilizabeth Cromer, 731-- lmgt- Thirty -UIIC .M 77 JM in XM.,- . qt ,, ...-x.,,Q Y I V -Q - . .Q , ia RIS ' g""l . L ' ' I M25 I .Xi ha . Y i .I ,, H, L, I - ' ll " TR 0143 -,LL 10118 . . T741 1 ali. T' 1 'f z e J e s" SNAP SHOTS , ,Q P65 J I I R Ji O E "I ff 3 ' 'U A 'QL 'eb 7 oif' Cf -EASK I I I I 1 W1 'L if 5 5 o P bs l':mu-' 'l'ini1l5 -1111-4-v ' . I , ' U -11" ' W , - I,4'AL?A , . T30 ,-P f , 45" f fQ" 1 1 r-vi-2-Sei:-2.-1E+z+3 ,1 :Sfi.1'A-'S --S W 1 - ""- E'gE+I+Z-5Ei'EEEI?E-is., ' M5515 1 1 :r.::.::-411:-.::::.f.:::':-V ::'.'-1 I ' " .1 - 1 53-ggggal:-:gi-41.-.:a3.z:'..!-1--1-31 . J ' ff T'.LT'1T-':'LTL'f..L':'L'?3""j K' V "jf 1- +1 9155:-fa :3Z.:?.-:za-1:1:..':::': f f-T" ' 1 L.:.L,-5.5.-::.-.-:-.1-::::.1av--fn V - - . .. - .. - ...-:zz-.Lua-:av " -....---.-.N-..-.-:L A , Vw., :Hx 4 ,E ALR ,. ..?-f...-.-. ..vb 1 SOPHOMORE CLASS HISTORY 111 111ff 11111 111' 'ZX 1111-A 111111111141 boys and girls, 112111111-d togwtlwr by 21 00111111011 411111. 141111-1'1-11 11111111 11114 l'U111' j"'ZlI' cruisw 1111011211 H1211 School. Early i11 llw lPl'l11 NYG f1is1'111'f-1'1-11 111111 flxw-11' s11i11 11111s1 1111w il Oalvtain, so sw wiswly appoi11t11d Cliarlws X1i11i:1111 as 1111- f'z1111z1i11, His ussistzmnts wwre H1JI1l'iHIIH Blartiu. Mary Louise Ly1111 111111 3111111-111114 121-11s11. 1Y1111 511011 111'fic111's to amide us 211111 Z1 Capable faculty to z1f11.'if1- 118, ww M1011 111-1-1111111 11111+1 SP211114'11. T1111s -111115 1111- first year of our cruisv. T111'sw1111r1yf111'. 111151111 lflss 1-xc-itluu 1115111 the first. Eilhlj'-llilll' 11+Jcz1111+1 Sf1111111111f11'1-s, 111111 Wv :111f115 l111f10'1'1f1I11i 11111' 11+Aw 1+s11o11Sibilitie-S. VY1- 11111011-ci 1Zy1'011 W:11'111. Y1111f-+- IJ11111'r11'f1. 111111 311111 .Inu-1 Gzivm' to l'9I112lC'i-' lust YPZIIUS ofiic-v1's. T11f- Sf11111f1111r11'--s 111'-A wf-11 1'v111'1-s+f111+1fl 111 1111 sc-11001 11ctivi1i1--S, WM 111-1 111111 11114 r-lass of "IZ, will 111111141 21 11111119 for itswlf 1111f01'1J 11111 last two j.1+11'- '11 I1111' f'1'111S1 111+ 1111111111111-11 - Evvlyli I'2utl11J1't011 '32 IWW- '1'111111-111:11 f' P 1 J qw? f W I .ANR J ,.--f- .,2..Q1r Q' 'f J -f I 'HX fn ff , 1 I f! .A- 1111: 4.3 I, F . I . X .. , Q 'Alf' 2 l 1: 7 mvJlll!nm' V Af: , i ' + I V .vl P rw F W1-4 Z J3 Tu Ein? TH 7 r - Y I rr, . 4- .Z 1 Lf! , o -, ,- ,J 'Ssf'fo"-l,-if .- A .. --.:. -.2-xi: 'f 1' -..- FRESHMAN HISTORY On tho niornin: ot' Svlptviiilwi' 23. 1929, viglity-l'ix'w :iris zinrl hoys 2lSS4:lll1bl9d in Yin' .Junior Hiuh School liuilclinu to lm known in tho following school yvai' as the lfi'--sliinaii Class, Blix Harold Coll-A f-zillflrl ai iiiwtiiiu of this class on lfriflziy. Octolwi' 19. for the wirposw of omanizinu. The- r-lass 1-lwtvcl Hohvrt Logsdon as piwlsiclviit. Janie Moloney as S'Af'l"'I2il'Y, and Horuf-+- Hwtxvl as tI'f-'H5lll'lJI', knowing that this group would effi- i+-nrly zivcoinplisll thf- work SP1 lwforv the-in. Tlw r-lass +'llAl0j'4'fl zi ilziily in tho Senior Hiuh School ,Xmlitoriuni on lfriday, No- 'f-inhbi' X. and was xwll c'l1z11n-Voiiflcl hy U'flCllUI'S, who criolwiuitvcl with tlw class to llllilil- rhl- party 21 sur-rw-ss. Thf' wlziss is will i'+-yiiwswiitf-ll in Iiand, O1'cli+-stra. and G11-11 Cluh and is con- idk-ni f1I'sf1f'i1i'i1'l: Iuturw 1-roiniii-liir-11 in zxlhlwtics. VKU aw lUfJlfflIlL Im'wzirrl to ubtziininu ai placid in Lhv Svnim' High School. ---Mary L. Taylor. '53 l'w4f 'l'llli'!5-.-IN fr S E f 1 !"' X 0 -5.19 ,"' ..f' 4'-.',.:-e-Sit ,- - 2?.":-'a,-. -, . A ,V - , .c sz, f SEVENTH AND EIGHTH GRADES The seventh and eighth grades are the first units of Junior High and their training is important as a basis for their entrance into the regular Senior High School. Their days schedule is divided into periods the saute as the Sf-nior High School schedule. so that the pupils are acquainted with Hiah School methods when they reach the l-'reshtnan year. The present eighth grade has been very well rep1'es-Atitetl on the honor roll in hoth 1928 and 1029. The staff of the Junior High is composed of the following teachers: Principal. A. O. Suber. Mr. Nelson Rall, Miss Gertrude Mittertnaif-r. Mr, Harold Colle, Miss Lucy Hetzel, Miss .Xdtlie Schoenb-rger. Miss Geraldine Hoover. and Mr. Horner Huff- tnan. Of this number, Miss Schoenberger. Mr. Cope. Mr. Rall. and Miss Hetzel are alutnni of If S. H. S. At the present time the enrollment of the seventh grade is fifty-four pupils and of the eighth grade is fifty-three pupils. --Alice May Ayers '33-1 Ymgw- Thirty-seven J?" A , W , , z " ,A BD -I , 1' --, grf:-N1 - '2fg"tt.,.c:,- . 1- ,. - -a .. - Chemistry Laboratory QP! . 5 nu f-AF' Physics Laboratory l': IIIIIYY- Int ,HL , 1 -'JWQQ f W ,ff 3 J. fxif'-:lf ...W -1 Library A Typing Room l':1:+- 'I'l1i1'ly-nilw XJ? . J' , 1 4' ' 0,1-I Cafeteria Li ,,l lj .Wan ual Training T I 'T f in if-iffeff 1: .- , ii -,..:-:vS1lj ,. :ritz :-.,.,. J?" , 1 1 ' f w - . , LJ Dorothy Berg, by her excel- lent earned her place as Saluta- toriang not only as a stu- dent, but by her work in other class and school activ- ities. i 'OZ .-ff B-ll ' Dorothy Berg CLA SS ORA T ORS Salutatorian work. has certainly Kenneth McDaniel President Kenneth Mc-Daniel. on" faithful Presid--nr. has Cup- tained the last year of our cruise and Stwerecl the ship of '30 into the linrlmr of Graduation. PLL QW? F1Il'TX-4'Ii.,- lnstic' llljlllfjf has truly Mildred Troup Yaledictorian 'The lWl'S01l who worke hound to Sl1C'C'f-ed." Nlildrl-d Troup. bf: h-Ar S1 ited the nzinie nf Vnledili' ian of the "Flaws ot' 'iltl' Ill I r ' Jf'Q , . A - '- Al- l ILI V - 'J ' X' It iz HA? ,N ' " -, xv' -- s x. xx Hn- rg " 1 r , .. f , 4 ix KAI E vi WI? A 0. 531 y " J rl 1 v- N A4 5,hJI.'x', E' D V F ' L ' u I ll Fl' x .N x V 1 v L 6 , V I u ' QI f ' I 1 A . -' .1 ,' H ,Aly , ,n, 1 1 'J V ' gf 4 1 V .I yr, 9 no ' K 'F' 5 T,W' jfhp 'J 'Y V 4 A .aa mafia iff M g,ifR HE 1 ll Pv If IE Erma ouch 1 ,I , 47 II5 E 5 U 1 I 'z Q.-Q, S' S Helen SNAP SHOTS ,',Q' N fg-L21 If A iff l my , 'l. l J Daily Jeasn , nv ,, 1 , , 5113- 1 mf , f"LS1LS W O, 3" 'f f' .,.L Q 'ICJ 'iz f 335324 . S 1 ' -1 A X P "-'. K .1 ,. S 317: ' Coach V, -41' ., i 4 T ASM , S S ANmmg A ,SSA Qjygi ff Mqmfw I lltxt T' f l f 5 i 12313: D K- N' 5 g 4,7 I , E . . 129115315 fx I y 4 - af 4 'T I ' f I 4-.:.. , . f 3,417,1- N ' 1 , t, r F ,- I I. x f 35115 Of- 12-Pg: , A Q--1 '1 ,.? i., lf' , l":, 'HA-'.1'-V .. '7"' " f.'- ., . - x,":, fa,--,,, . , ' H SENIOR GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Thc Senior Girls' Glcc Club comprising thirty-six incinbl-rs organized in Sop- tcinhcr. 10254, undwr tho direction of Profcssor Honivr E. Huffman. Two officers iwlrc sclcctcrl: Mary Elizabeth Cronicr, sccretary. and Lcali Jean Kottcrnian. Librar- inn. Thc Girls' 4111+ Club has llllldv ss-vcral public appcziluliccs. 'Flw first was at thc Nllfthorlist I-Ipiscopal Church at which timc the pastor was df-livering u special scrics of swruions. .Xt thc Christmas Chapel prograin in thc High School, thc Club 0ffcr4 Ml two S+-lf-r-tions. Hiuh School niaht at thc livangclistic iiwctiiigs, we wmv honore-ml in being ask- cfl to participulc in thc sc1'vic-cs. In Ihfl Scnior High Opcrw-Ita, "l'cQgy and thc Piratcu, thi- Club nicnilwrs took important parts. VSV- wish to thank Mr. Huffnian for his tllllll and untiring efforts in niulcing the Girls' G1 fAfA Club thv happy, acconiplishcd organization that it is. Much crcdit is duv to our G-ffir-i+'nr pianist, Nlildrml Troup. fMary E. McConnell '30 Vnul- Forty-fonlr E 1-.--ami'-" A A r- , ,J M-,-,pl , ,dj-I . 554 V 14:12 J. B0 YS' GLEE CLUB Tlu- Boys' Glu' Club. llllilvl' tlui fziitliful guiflziucv of Prof, I'Illfflll2lll. luis i111 provefl itsvlf IW-'lll2ll'li2llJly this 11d -Jffort of vacli lll611llN'l', it l1 tlu- scliool. scliool your. Tlirougli tliv uuitfed c-oo1w1'Q11io11 21 its p1'ovwu itswlf one of tliv 0lllSt21lldlIlQ 0l'Q2lI1lZZlT.i0IlS 0 Tlw Glwt- Club has sung O11 se-ve-1'al ovcasioiis du1'i11g the ywai' for srliool activ itivs. M12 Huffuiziu is tlwsH1'1'i11g ot' 11111011 2ldllli1'HIlOl1 for liis patifelicv and clet+f1'111i11z1 tiou to iuakt- our Glw- Club a success. XVI who aw lvziviug this yt 111' will always Clwrisli tliw 111911101195 of the old Glw Club. To those who l'vlll'1iI1. we liav be-ttvi' tl1a11 eve11 1 v the respoiisibility to uiake tliv club bigger and -Harry E. Day '30 l':1gn,- I'wlll'lj-flXL' 45 Q1 f JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL GLEE CLUB Thh Junior Hiuh School HIM- Club oruzxniyf-d about two xwelcs llfU1l' thf- school wrm hf-can, und'-1' thv uhh dixwlc-tion ol' Prof. H, E. Hufl-IIIZII1. New books were o1'r1f-rf-fl and whwn thf-3' zu'rix'+d wf- trie-d in warrlfdsf t9 learn the new songs. VVQI fan: El ff-w of thwsff at muh of nur CIIZIIHVI 111e+Qti11us, Iwfh. T. th+- whuh- C'h0I'1lS :mv an Oll+1'f'tt1l 4-ntithfd. "l'o1isl1+-ri Peblml-ls". This p1'mwf41 To hp- !llUl'v fn' lwss of a sllccvss. VV11 must not fr-rgwt to thunk Tllflllllll Krock tm' h'-1' II2iTiPllf'l' in pluyiuu for us. Wh shuulfi thank I'1'oI'. H. Id. H111f111a11 fm' Illilkilly, thv Chorus what it is. and uhh Bliss fl4'I'TI'l1f11,' Mitt'-1'1n.1i-'1' who plannwd and helpw-1,1 us with our COSILIIIIUS for mn' uptmf-rrzu. -Mz11'Qz11'+-t BIPN2lIllHl'2l, 'Z!0. I':v:-- l"w1lj, .-1 5-., . , , H I X, - H Y Q iff- - -- -,fe-M - ,tr,"":,c,. , ,. Q , , gf SENIOR HIGH ORCHESTRA :itil will Stil mi, uh "Ship tit' If S H, 5.1" Fut't1'wi'ztitti I'zii'tli' i' hats th-A ship rt I . 5, H. 5, with ti cw'--v.' iiutrh- up ut tit'cntt-N111 iiifuihf-Vs Lind Miss 1.-ittldititt Hum-ti :is gt wig' c'1:,ntltlff c-Ltttttaiti. wilt tl tum tht- 'wig' 1-tichuiiliiiu Sf-at 1-tgll-fd Kliisits. XXV- iitiw' ht- it iitiitiwwiii: and mmiiuiiiu thosw hlztiwld and XlI1ii2l!'IlllIIiiHlIS t,'lllY1'l1 iiitu mutt-t tm-lmllrwtis mths by 1Pl'L1C'IiCiIi1 etwiq' Tl14'St'iilj' and Tiitiisritty imtriiiitus tm uni- limit: XX'-I liutw- inudt- swf'-intl public gittt-m1t'ai1c'ws this 5--zu' at r-Iitiiw'-live, wpfi'-ttttts. xiii wtliv-i' sflitmi viii-itttiiiiii-'iit:1, XXII also :avi :iii PX'f'liiI1LAS fwwiiv-1t't WWII I'-1hi't1u1'y QN XXW wlrh In thunk Bliss Flfmxw 1' fmt' livin: sn patiwttt and tw-le-miit with ull ul' u XXX- wish ztlsu In thgtiiii th-J svhmil fur itiztkiiiu it possihlv for its tw ptirclitis- swwixtl bt-:tt1tiI'.i1 st-lt-4-tinits of iiiusif' and smith- ii--w itiswtitii-viits. XXU- liaiw' svY+'i'1tl tiieiiihfis uixtdtizttiiiu this 3'4zti1XX't' wztiil tu thunk th-'iii nit' wish th-'iii :til things hwqttitifttl and 5X14f'f'P'5SI'lll iii tht- ttittit'-1. -f-Blziiuziiwt lit'-Nzttiiaitut M' I' 14' 1-U-i th--.M x- It 'M-, - P' ' MV ff x9:gL If 'f ...,. . 1 , ,- if-' A f Q - . -4-1 I .: A-. - ,. A '.' A- - --. rg.,-.,"f ' v. I 1- - rf ." -- ..- -'- ."" - 4 JUNIOR OR CIIES TRA I wt wiiilfil' ii Jliiiim' Hi'c'lwsl1'a wus 0l'QlllliZ1'll to train lllPl1lbP1'S for tho Sf?1llOl lnfh- lm zinfl io uiw lwziiiiiws im b'Zll'li4'l' opporliinity for vnse-niblv playing. out wiulili-1111 hnys :xml girls l'l'lllll the Sl-nior High School, Junior High School :ml iulws joinfwl. ll'-limiisals liuw- hwii hi-'lil mich Monday and VVvd11e-sday aftei rhmil Thi, QI'llllfl has cluiw ui-ll c-onsirlf-riiig tlw short time tlwy have- been prac llflll ,mil rhf-ii' liurfl work has iiiziclw possible' lhf-ii' first public appvaiuiicv in the Xlii ll ilu .Xpril ll, :iwii hy th-1 miislwul organiziilioiis ol' tlw High Svhool. I':iLU I"nl ly-vigil! f'l'l't9 i ,g a ,rl . L . ---f' 'fifzxirg ff +' -., .a 1 f a .Q 536 L 49 42. , w - ill. -li SENIOR BAND I'IlI'll'1' tli+- lmxfl+'1'slii1i ul' Mr. Hiilliiian, the Blind ul' l'p1n,-i' Siimliisliy Hiah Sclionl has flaw-lolivcl into a fiiiv musical Uryaiiizzitioii. During thv football se-asnii wi- playf-d at all of thi! liriiiiv gain'-s. This was oui hit iii hoosliuu for thi! tvalii. Thv iiwiiilui-rs wviw- always willing to play w'li+'-iivwii' th., n1qmi'l11iii1y r-anw ihi-ii way, During soiiif- ul' the- haslu-tliall QQIIIIPS. ww wviw- at Illll' post fiiiiiisliiiic thi vxiiic-Iwi viitiwtaiiiiiiviit livlkiiw- and hi-twveii :allies During this past Sllllllllvl' wi- gaxw our bflst to thi- coiiiiiiuiiity with outcloui' conf This yvai' Ili'-1-11 arm- sow-ii iiiviiil,wi's leavin: at gradiialiuii. Thily all wish thi. lmanrl I.l1l'lll"I' siiccwss iii thi- yvars to coiiiv. -Iwo Iiahl 'Stu l':u:w ll"-115 -in lip JA- , -3' ,., -4--1 ffl?-1 ' H K g-1-S.. ...H Tax. sxfz.. - -., YN., Q. .1 ,V ,QN-Y ,,-2 , ', y r i i , 'M aiiifbf .4--""' -S-Xi! '3' "" -sf ..- . A -All I, Z, J M T! wi UPPER g,,24!'U5KY 0H!9 JUNIOR BAND Thw Juiiim' Hand. uiidvi' thin diiwctioii of Professrmi' Houim' Huffuiau, has made C'fI11Fif1PI'2iblP 11l'1JLI'+'SS this year. Thfi Hand was 0!'2HHiZPd zx Vai' uno in Di-c-P1iih191'. and is now cmiiposwd of forty- I'1'iiCtilf'45' is hwld on Moiiday and XYed11+isday Il101'I1iI12S of each week. cimiim- to hw iii Lhfi ziiidiloriuiii on ODP of these iiioriiings. you would wrmrlffi' an rhfl lIilTi+'IN1P of our dii'rec'tm'. wh" imiiiihf-i's. If :VUT1 should 13+-:iim+-is :mi zicidwd to th-J Rand from time to tiiiiv, whih- 0Il1P1'S are bving ad- Yaiicf-fi in rhv- Swiiiui' Hariri. The Ilzmrl has mach sflwwal public- H1lI'H"2ll'HllCPS and hopes to make iiiany uiorw. Thy fir-sr piihlif' 2iIPIHAEi1'2lllf'P this yvzii' was at ai Baskeit hall gamw hotweflii Ada and Vppi-r Sziiifiiisky. IJ'Jf'P1l1b+'l' 13. WW i.-.' ish rn thunk Mi: Hiifiiimii Im' h?s I!1lIif'I1C+A and uiitirin: Hfforts in leading 'if mi rhfi vfajf In siir-miss. --Hvriiian I'li'ich '32 I':a::f- lflftjf F K. 6 N-1. X 1 9, f ifmlf f ' 5! 5 'X X .I 1 I an N xg xx ff b Xff 7 A W a M. , M KX Q? SCT A fi 5? 5- '-Ekigo wx ?' r ' Jf'Q , . A - '- Al- l ILI V - 'J ' X' It iz HA? ,N ' " -, xv' -- s x. xx Hn- rg " 1 r , .. f , 4 ix KAI E vi WI? A 0. 531 y " J rl 1 v- N A4 5,hJI.'x', E' D V F ' L ' u I ll Fl' x .N x V 1 v L 6 , V I u ' QI f ' I 1 A . -' .1 ,' H ,Aly , ,n, 1 1 'J V ' gf 4 1 V .I yr, 9 no ' K 'F' 5 T,W' jfhp 'J 'Y V 4 A .aa mafia V- ' , , W pg, fr F .. - 2 .-- e T'-fffififf 1 -A ,.:-e-N-If ,- sr- .,Ai.,-M., , , A , '. S ODALI TA S VER GILIANA Although the day was dark and dreary and the rain was pouring about the walls and windows of the school house, the inside of the Virgil rooni was entirely different. Twenty-three Virgil students were rejoicing over the fact that they were allowed to organize a club. Certain conditions were enumerated to them: that they should not neglect their other studies, that only Virgil students attend the meetings, and that early hours should be kept, With solemn yeas and nods of heads the or- Qanizers proceeded. Bob Krebs became the President. His co-workers became Mary Elizabeth Cromer as Secretary-Treasurer, Mildred Troup as the Chairnian of the Entertainment Committee, the twenty other energetic students, and last but not lf-ast, our instructor, Miss Erma Stearns, to whoin we are greatly indebted. Much honor is due her for the clubs success. During class hours she helped us through the l"'!il'JH of the Cyclops and other difficult passages of Aeneas' Wanderings. Our club has beconie- known as the Sodalitas Vergiliaua. .Xt our meetings, which haw' hf'F'll hf-ld once r-very month, we often became the characters of Ve-rgil's Af-nflifl, if not in looks at least in spirit. -,Grace Castanien '30 l':fPA1- lflfiy-lXNl'1 fr ' f H e ,5- f -- .-1- . si A.:-e-with .. - 2Jf.-"'-I-Y-Tie-. , . - , ' - ' Q 7 ,J" T'-Tffiee if X T ' ' - , - EL CIR CULO CASTELLANO On December 18. 1929. Miss Pease announced that we might organize a Spanish Club. The classes were very interested and immediately held a meeting to choose officers for the organization. They elected as President. Catherine Gillen: Vice President, Mary Elizabeth Peters: Secretary, Gladys lams: Treasurer, Mary Leona Orians. VVe decided to name our Club. "El Circulo Castellano." The object ot' our organization is to learn more about the customs and people of Spain. The meetings are held every month with a committee of six serving each time. and other members offering entertainment. Headings. songs. stories. etc., are pre- sented in a very pleasing and efficient manner. Each member has a part in mak- ing these meetings entertaining as well as educational. Miss Pease. our Spanish instructor, is very capable and efficient and we ap- preciate her patience and everlasting efforts in teaching us to read and write Spanish. This year is the first time that the direct method has been used in our school in teaching any foreign language and we are doing our best to make it a success. The members of this organization wish every success to the future members of "El Circulo Castellano." -Gladys Iams '31 T'n 2'-1 Fifty-thrr-e '. f ood 'i - Y , 4:,. - . ::'-,-,ne-N-liiffv''U:'?.:-Q-.,--.,., . - P. W. C. On my way to Shortlmntl Class one day in November, I overheurcl a conversa- tion whivh interested me very much, lor it was about organizing our Senior Short- hand Club, the I'. VV. C. Miss Grilling, our vvry efficient and capable teacher, was being appealed to and inter, during our Class period, she discussed its possibilities with the enthusias- rir- rlztss, So it ll2lllIN'llFfl that on November 263, 1920, our P. W. C. was organized with Blnry l.+f-onzi Oriuns us Vresiclent, and Ifln Swartz as Secretary-Treasnrer. fiontrary to popular opinion, l'. W. C. does not mean Pigs Want Clover, but thf- l'llUIl4'Ilf' XV1'ite1':+' Club. The object of our club is to form a fzuniliar acquaint- zuimf with c-orr:-r-t business procedure and various business practices. Uwih: to the fzwt that the c-lu:-is is small, meetings are held but once a month. We surely lmpe the future P. VV. Cfs will enjoy their Club as much as we have ours. --Ida Swartz '30 Pill.:-' Fifty-i'o111' s-I ! ,g P vf MJ. GIRL RESER VE S Shortly after school commenced the VIJIJPI' Sandusky Girl Reserves Club began its activities for the year of 1921.1-lflllfl with a "Gypsy Hike". At this time the girls interested in joining our group were our guests. The advisors for the year were: Mrs. M. A. Mitchell. Chief Advisor: Mrs. F. B. Main and Miss Erma Stearns, assistants. The officers were: President, Dorothy Bergg Vice President, Margaret McNamara: Secretary, Catherine Good: Treasurer, Jane Neumeister. The program for the year, built around the theme of "God's Great Outdoors". consisted of many discussion meetings. during which everyone gave her opinion on the subject under discussion. The Girl Reserves sponsored a number of social activities. among them a Val- entine Musicale for our mothers, and we also enjoyed a "Backward Party" with the Hi-Y. We gave a Christmas pageant and sponsored a Chapel at the School featuring a G. R. Ceremonial. The Girl Reserves are endeavoring to raise the morals and standards among the girls. The slogan which we stand by to our utmost is. "To face life squarely" and our purpose is "To find and give the best." --Martha Layton '30 Page Fiftyefive 1 ll 1- ff 1 1 H- n ' Ab' ,I ' X QQ' - .' 'if , 1, ,- 'wif , - F I l . 1-,.1-..-1-1-.. '.--f ---'-- 41" -1-Silf 'J' "" -sf III- Y A CTI VI TIES 1-'oll11wi11g 1111- 1r11di1io11:1l c11s1o111 of fOl'111P1' YPZIVS, 11 group of 1J1111111sias1ic hoy s1111111111s 13-arly i11 S111111111111111' 21SSPl11bl4"d 111 11111 park NVl11"l'P fl I11YStVl'X 1111J111i11g 111.111 11111111 lllilllllkd. .X1 111is 111111e1i11g va1'io11s coiiimittees w11r1J 11ppoi11111d, 111111 Hfiifl' sonw 11is1'11ssio11, i1 w11s 11111-idwd 111 hold 21 Ytlglllill' 111144-1i115:, vvhry NV1Jd11esd11y ev1411i11g 111 1111- Y. M. C. A. T1111 first 11111111 i11 OC10b1f-1' 11114 local group 91116-1'111i111Jd 1119 1111-1lllbt'l'S of the foot- I111ll s1111:111 0111' 11v1111i11g af111r 21 1111rd workoiit. The 111111111 co11sis111d of ll 1191111 fehd. .Xf111r l'1'l'l'+ASll11l4'l11S w11r14- s1Q1'1'1s11. Mr. B?1I'I't'1t. Z1 ll1t'I11b9l' of the 1391801191 of the O11io Oil 1'11111p1111y 111' 1"i111ll11y. Ohio, was lI11l'0dl1CPd and g111'11 1111 iuspiriiig 11d1'1'ess, Choos- inu 111: his 2-11111j1f'f'Tfl1+1 1'iv1J C's: courtesy, COIIVHE9. COOIlE'1'Z11iUl1, co1101111t1'atio11, 111111 ff11Zil'21f'T11l'. T1111 21fl1ll'1-'SS 111111 wi111 1111iv11rs11l 11pprov11l. 111 21 licllvl' 1111111, 1'iv11 local Hi-Y 11114111111-'l'S jo11r111Jy11d 10 Tiffin wliere 1h11y 111- 11111111-11 11111 215111 .XllIll121l COIIIIPIWJIICP 01' 11114 Northwest District. Af11f1r this Y9l1t1l1'b' 111111 1-'.11111i11:11i1111s 11v1f1', 11111 loc-111 group 11440111911 10 sponsor Z1 VVya11do1 County C011- 1'+11'11111-11. This 1i1111l'111'1111C1,- w11s hoiiored by 1111- p1'11s1f-11011 of Statv S1-'C1'6'121l'X' of 11114 Hi-Y, Air, Y. li, ID111111111s1111, who is also 11ir1Ac111r of Cilllllr Nvlson Dodd. Mr. Do11111d- F1111 ::1x'11 ll V1-ry 1I114'l'4'S11llH, 21fll1l'1'SS. 11 XVZLS 111s11 1111 Ihis 1111111 111111 11111 1111-111 group held 0111111111 i11 11111 local High S1-1111111 ,X111111111'i11111. 1'111og1-111111' 11111 1110111 :roup has 111111 11119 of the 111051 succvssfiil y1111rs 111' 11111 4JI'Zi1ll1Z1l1l11I1, 3111011 c-1-111111 is 111111 to P1'11si11P111 K11111111111 M1:D1111i141 for his 1-1'1'111'1s i11 11l'l121ll' 111' his 1'111l11w ll11'l1111t'l'S. T1111 1Ll'21flll11111l! ll11'11l1I1'1'S hope- 111111 1111! P11111 will 1111j11y 1-lvk-'ll Q.L1'f'H19l' 111911113912 ship i11 11141 0111111113 y11111's, 111111 111- 11111l11w1e11 with 11111 S1111111 spirit wo 1111v1- e11joy11d. ---C1111r111s J1111111 '2111 img.. 11'1f11-six Q' v if ' , ,-., , . - J : T aw ' I, I . f' Hon. Freeman T. Eagleson Former Speaker. House of Represellltativefs C0ll11H9l1CGl11G11t Speaker ' :HIP Fifty-sex 1 n ' Wd ?2fi4fef . I' I . iflll. X . . M 5gLc7Q sf , .M . Jgtjtl -fa,--. AF, .-. , , nl Processional, Invocation . Music .....,,.,. Salutatory . Oration ..,.. M usic ......,.. GRA D UA TI ON EX ER CISES Senior High School Auditorium Tuesday, May 20th, 1930, at 8:15 P. M. Superintendent W. O. Moore, Presiding' School Orchestra, ........ .,......... ......., D i rector, Miss Geraldine Hoover Rev. Norman Sweat, M. IC. Church Kenneth A. McDaniel, I Orchestra Dorothy M. Berg 'resident ol' Class Orchestra Annual Coininencenient Address .......,..........,.,...,......,.,.. Hon. l'NI'l'PlllHl1 T, Eagleson, Ex-Speaker, House ot' Ileiwesentatives, Columbus, Ohio Music ...i,. .....,,,..,,.....,,.....,..................,.....,,...........,.......,..tttt.,.....,,....,....t..... O rchestru Valedictory ..........,., ..,......,..,....,............,..,,..... . ..,. IX Iildred Lenore Troup I'resentation of Class to Board of Education ......,.....,,..,......,........ Prof. L. H. Houpt Priiicipal Senior High School Presentation of Diplomas ....,........,.....,....,............................ .... I ,ovell H. Hull, President School Iloard Presentation of D. A. Il. Prize .......,................ ,..................................... h Ir. Kari Berg Iienf-cliction .,........ ........ . ........ ...., I I ev. IG. M. Potts. English Lutheran Church l':12l4- l'vli'iy-vifilll ' fri " ,.,f S I Q I I . SENIOR CLASS PLA Y Thursday and Friday, May 8 and 9, 1930, at 8:00 P. M. Senior High School Auditorium HSKIDDINGU A Comedy in three Acts by Aurania Rouveral CAST OF CHARACTERS Mildred Troup Aunt Milly ............,... ....,,..........,......... , Andy ......... ..,. P Idward Peters Mrs. Hardy ..,.,....,..,... A,.... D orothy Berg Judge James Hardy ,,.. Edwin Clark Grandpa Hardy ..............,, ,....... R obert Krebs Estelle Hardy Campbell ,,.... Grace Castanien Marion Hardy .................. ..... D orothy Courtade Wayne Trenton III ...,. ..,.....,,. H arold Miller Mr. Stubbins ,.,......... ......... I lobert Johnson Myra Hardy VVilcox .... Act I Act II Act III The living rooln at Judge and Mrs. James A. Hurdy's. 94 Maple Avenue. in a certain town in Idaho. Early Slll1llllPl', shortly after dinner. The sanie. The following morning. The SZIIIIP. The afternoon of the Convention. three weeks later. l'2l,'i'e Fifty-nm Helen Hagenniaier , J S 'S JUNIOR- SENIOR BAN Q UE T On May 15th thv Junior Class baiiqiwttvcl the de-partiiig Swniors. It is an event looking forward with niuch E'2l519l'l1HSS for it is tlw one social event that is different froni all otlwrs. It is always a fitting farewvll: and thv Seniors appreciate it. Class Presidwnt ,,.... ..,.........,.......................,.......... ...,,.............,........A. D I onroe Stevenson Class Swcrvtary .. ........,.......,,.... Mary Elizabeth Cromer Coniinittiws Manu CoInl11ittwJ+Tl1el111a Krock, Kathlw-n Rlolonffiy, Mary Elizabeth Cronior, Kath- ryn Carer. EI'lfPI'IE1lIllllF'Ilt COIllllllttPP'LllCillt' Sclierry, Friwl lflrich, Richard Harman, Kath- ryn Stephan. Dvcorating Coininitte-Q-Charlotta Altl4lllJF'I'S,PI', Kathryn Stvphan, Ve-llna Spencer, Bwulah Larick. Edith Barth, Franlclin Byrd, Roma Smith, Lucille Gi'w911e, Mvrvin Krocli, Grace llrittinghani, Rvrtrani Leslie, Ver- non S4-he-iimmlw, Floyd Culw-r. ALUMNI BANQ UET Alunini Officwrs l'r+fsirlPnt ,,....,,.i ,,...,,..,.i,,....i.....ti,,, ..,......,.,.. R 0 llin Caldwell ViC'P-l'l'PSlillf'Ilf ..... ,.,,..,.......,..,,....,, I '. K. Stutz Trflasiiiw-1' ...i.,, ,,.. I Cathryn McClain Propst S+'Cl'f'I2il'j' ,,,,,,,,..i,.,.....,..,,,,,..,.,,.,,...,,,,.,,,., ,.,,.,,,.....,..........,...............,...,,.. D ora Stecher Thw ,Xluinni .Xssuciatimi of I'. S. H. S. is planning again this year a banquet to D+- hi-lfl May Zliirfl. All arp vaxwrly looking forward to a happy rvnvwal of old I'rivnrlslii1is of l'0l'lllt'l' days. I1,,, if YI, Sept Sept Sept Sept. Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov. No. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. 3 4 12 13 16 18 19 20 21 23 24 25 26 27 28 1 2 n -J 4 5 7 8 9 10 14 16 17 19 22 23 H 28 29 30 31 1 5 S 11 12 13 15 20 21 2 28 2 4 10 11 CALENDAR-1 929- 30 U. S. H. S. again becomes a place of interest. The Sophs have been initiated to their class rooms. School parade. Was it hot?? Friday the thirteenth!! At least, we were lucky enough to get out of physical torture! G. R. Gypsy Hike. First pep meeting. Tommy Fleck paces stage and declares, "You should- n't go to Europe as you'll probably have to make a speech!" Fair-no school. Hurrah! Still out! The annual Findlay game and I'pper's annual loss! A civil war in the Senior class over rings. Ruby, amethyst, or emerald? "Daddy" Houpt uses a potato bug to illustrate consumption. In Economics class. Woody Wagner advises starving people to appeal to the Ladies Aid. There's a solution! We learn that the Freshmen have organized. They're not so slow after all. G. R. Discussion. Upper beats Crestline. Fire! Fire! State Inspector around. hence a fire drill. Hi-Y gives foot-ball fellows a bean feed. First grade cards. Oh-?! Dorothy C. refuses to reveal her weight which is necessary for the solu- tion of a problem in Chemistry. Now Dorothy! Raabe tells us what he thinks of us in pep meeting. This appears on the board, "The pep meeting takes on pepper. Beat Shelby!" Yes, of course, Shelby won. Jr. High is made to march back up the walk because of their unruliness. Mr. Houpt informs Mildred Troup and Catherine Betz to stop their gossip- ing. Nuff said! This time Mr. Houpt tells Carl Hetzel the goblins will get him. The usual punishment. Another pep meeting. G. R. gym meeting and code interpretation. Mr. Raabe explains some Chemistry which is as clear as mud to his stu- dents. Hi-Y Induction services. Upper defeated by Junior Order! Chemistry students initiated the laboratory room. Dismissed! Teachers go to Toledo. David Smith officiates as assistant librarian. Perhaps there was order?? Ring measurements at last. Oh! Those grade cards! VVhat did you get in-ietcl? It was heard that Mr. Huffman informed the Jr. Band that if they, while playing, should lose the place to keep right on anyhow! G. R. formal initiation. Miss Stearns locks herself out of the assembly. Armistice Day. Chapel. Dismissed at noon. Seniors complete an intelligence test. Rain! Rain! Go Away! North High game postponed. G. R.-Hi-Y backward party. Dr. Brown addresses us in chapel. Senior Class party. Thanksgiving. We thankfully and cheerfully take our books and go home. Miss Erma Stearns to her Latin Class, "Are you all there?" "Oh, I wonder where they were?" Mary E. Cromer hangs Dido's eyes on Cupid. State tests again. Rev. Sweat speaks in chapel. The first season tickets for B. D. games are sold. Humorist appears on Lecture Course. lmg.: 3':1t,'-oi ,, ?f.f1 Dec Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan, Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb. Feb Reb. Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb. Fe v Fe b Febi Mar Mar. Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Mar Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr. Apr, Apr. :X IIT. May May May May May May May May May May May 1 lo 1 7 9 n 16 18 29 23 24 25 0 0 7 0 7 S fl 0 0 1 S .20 21 Z6 DT 294 10 Another Friday the thirteenth! Things happened--too exciting to tell! Mrs. Anneshansley speaks for the State Fire Marshal's Department. Mr. Raabe informs us that we should be good as Santa Claus is coming soon-so soon? G. R. Christmas Dl'OgI'8l1l. B. B. Game at Delaware. Girls tied. Boys lost 20 to 18. Latin Party. The day after the night before. We attend classes in body but not in spirit. Christmas vacation begins. First classes of the new year. The scenery is brightened considerably by our new scarfs, ties, dresses, and socks. College students home on vacation visit old U. S. H. S. Grade Cards! Kencil Good translating Latin, "At once the courage of the dead victims returned." Miss Meyers advises us to recite poetry when angry: for example she started out, "When in the course of human events, etc." Poetry!! I'd call it prose! We travel under falling branches and over fallen ones. No phones, no lights, no heat! We are dismissed. l'ppervSidney B. B. game. Nothing but exams and universal agony. Hi-Y chapel. Mildred Troup cuts her curls. Bill Garner reading Latin, "The women are embracing the door knobs." Strongheart. a full blooded Indian, gives a lecture. Tom Strasser innocently says that Longfellow was a descendant of the Mayflower. Since when could a ship produce such a famous 1113.l1?? Chemistry kids try a cold cure! Ask Margaret McN. how it worked. In History, Mary E. Cromer comes to the conclusion that Raabe is a Democrat. P. W. C. pins have 3.1'I'lVPd. Raabe and Holland parade to the tune of Lohengrin's Wedding March, played by the orchestra. 'Twas a sight to see! Jim Neuineister startles everyone by his loud snoring in the afternoon assembly. Alas, Miss Pease cuts her long locks. Mr. Houpt lost the questions given to the morning History class and all the afternoon students flunked the test as he gave them a new set. How they'll all study now. Spring is here and how! Ellen Garner and Helen Wilcox went swimming, while Jane Neumeister ran around the school house barefooted! Ask Coach Meyers. B. B. game with Vanlue. Grade Cards! Mary is a bright man! Sr. English classes Orchestra Concert. This time Jr. High Everyone seems to English. E. Cromer has come to another decision: Mr. Raabe celebrate Longfellow's birthday. Ask 'em how?? is dismissed. Cold building. be quarantined. Oh! Oh! Oh! Just for the use of bad Inter class tournament is on. . 7 9 1 5 8 S l .J 0 0 2 10 ti T 54 20 'J 2 ., G. R. Chapel. Operetta practice. Sr. High Operetta. A hectic day in Chemistry including shoes, catalyzers, test papers, and everything. Dr. Robinson, representing Miami l'niversity, speaks in chapel. Senior Class Play Cast Chosen. The usual blue Monday. All Fools day. Plenty of 19111. Our educators go to the Columbus Convention. Marshal appears at school. Some one has broken in! Band, Orchestra, and Glee Clubs Musicale. Athletic Banquet. Pictures. Kindergarten Operetta. Sr. examinations begin. Freshman party. Sr. Class Play. Sr. Class Play. Northwest Oratorical Contest. Exams begin. Jr.-Sr. Banquet. School closes. liand Festival. Baccalaureate Services. The Class of '30 becomes alumni. -Grace Castanien '30 Commencement. Alumni Banquet. l':lg:- Sixty-two J' K6 46395 n A , - , . , . I . M ' - .,. -.4 '- I . 1 - 2 + "-1--'f',-f"?"" Uff- 'sf,"r1-zz..-,. X. .-' ...I . ... 1 ff J e f ' 1 x0 G3 f , -1 ' Xa, "' fa x X, ,f If ff! Cb if H ma' Ce C9 '7o'7 I 6 N --3-1--:pf A I1 f f , 2 1 ' Z 7 ,ff 21 sf 1'-J rr Q!! I . 2.. my f C0 -5 -5 ' ' ' ' 1' , X , , , I J E. Y, 1 ' f bf 4 0 4:12, -'cj' j " . - a H W- --. ,... .- si ...M-., , 1 .4 ALUMN Addil' .Xilliiri l,XL12ll'lISi '71, 1111,-1,1s--1,l. Rilllirirrlt. Imlpli '10, LIDIIQI' Sandusky, O. Adams .X11ll'S Adam' 14, Ia-1-1,-Iisvci, Ilillhai-fit. 1-I1-len f'1'I1UI1I2lSJ '11, 130017-:1spd, Aclains I-lclw.11'd '28, I'p1w1' SIllll'1llFkj', Olin. I7llh'I1'Clt. Idfl '5l1. UIIIWI' SHNdUFkY. 01110. Adains, Idrxingwn- .luhnsnn '10, 111-111111, Hillllrwflt. RI?ll'g'lIf'l'Itt' B, '10, U, Sandusky. .xiI2illlF, Zura 1I?l'1llIIil '90, Laws A112011-fn, I'7fHllfU'df-1-7f1f'Pll"S'3- DVCPHSQG. ' Iqllilill, l'12ll'L'll'TV' '26, Ada. Ohio. , :X2l'l'Il'l', .Xll'1'-N1lYl'SC'- '91, l,'lt"x'l'I5Il1C1, O.l1in 1 Xlill IH'I"1"'f11l '79 llmu 1 .fl Iilack, c'o1'1'i111- KPIJIIIIIQ '27, Uppm-1' Sandusky A2'1:l'l3', , 'A 1 ., .xuwifa-. Tvll '77 nuff. 10110, Vflflfflf- l'01'0Iln' '2S. Lvlillfjl' Sandusky. Align, Ihwm-ln-1"Mi11ist:-1' '87, l'ittsl1u1'L1'l1, l':i, Il'lH3"l'- -fl"-"' 1B'i""',"5 "fi Adfi- Ohlfh , Allen, I:Q'I'II1II hh, 1,11-m-:1s1-ml, 'E"'S""' 1'fth"', f""N"-'99 Un- I'lf1UH-UhlU- -UFINCI1, Gladys ISl1:1w:1k1-1'I '05, l'I11In1n':nv '3"'f""' I' 1'-'fl up ,"H'Ff'Sf'd' , . Alspavh, Lula IRM-dl-1'l '01, IW.-1-1-:1s1-r,l. B"'h"" H0m"1' 15- I"""0klQ'n- 5' '- Alspaf-li. Alte11h111'2'1-1', .I Altelllbvruf-1' RI, 114211111-1'sI '15, If Sanrliisky, Altl1:1us1- ' Althausn- '. Althwus-4 I"l111'v11f-1' 1lI:1ll11-U 10, F1f1n, 0. XVa11rl:1 lIIlas1-1'I '16, Alcron, 1111111 uv '77, f'lI:1':l, 11 IIl'l141i S , I .S, 1, I,n1,1v,n lf.11nIn1 21.1. ,w'11fl1'sl:x'. 1 Hay '26, L'1'11w1' HJIIIHIISIQY, Uliiu, " Bliss, Iiliss Iilasi-1', Mary Ifl1l161'l1llII1 '20, 1', Sandusky l3l:1s01', Ruth II'asta11if-111 '18, II. Sandusky Vllasvr, XY:1y11ni- '16, Canton. Ohio. lilasw-V, xvflllflil f:XlSllilC1I, '18, Canton, Ohio. 141111 lSI,'lILlIi4?l'1l '93 Bucyrus, Ohio. 1121111-1' '91, Baton Rouge-, La, 7 .XIIIIUIISUL V1-1':1 Il1f1url11111-1-7 '19 I-I:11'n'11'1'. Afvplvgvtt, RIEIYIIIII IIOXYUII '16, I'i11u:1, 11. 'I A1'111st1'011m', l'l:11'a-Stuclf,-111 '29, l'o1n111I1ns, ,-Xl'll1SI1'l,lII2'. 1QI'IlK,'l' liail '98 1'Ul1IIl1'111?l. 11. A1'111st1'011:'. I.. '20, 1':1pit:1i 1'. 1'IlIliIII17US 11, .XI'1L'I', I, Sclinf-11h1-1'g1-1' '11, I-lun! 111311111 i'lz. :XI'Il1LlI'. If1'1f-da BllI'l'II?lI'C11 '15, Kansas Vaty Artz, Ifll1lIl'l'lII"- stu. '28, Vapital L', Vol, U. Ayers. He'len Jaw-11:11 '09, L'p111-1- Sa11flusk1.'. Rl0sso111, l'ly1-lyn XVilIou,zl1by '23, Tiffin, 0. Izlllllillililll, I"1':1ncf-s 1110136410 '21, V-'11tu1'a, Bm'-lnn, Elsix: IBUQ-tteli '18, Imml' Island. Em1h1n. Iistlwi' '29, Tiffin. Ohio. Rmgrircl, Adv-linv '28, Swanton, Ohio, Bnlish, Aluysius '29, LVDIHWI' Sandusky, Hulish, I'm1'0Ll1y Ifppi-I' Sandusky, 0. Ifnlisli, I'ldwa1'cI '26, I'pp1-1' Sandusky, O. IX111'11i1-1', I3411':4K. l"lUl'f'l11'-1- Ifilllw-y '06, .XllbUl'I1. N. Y. IS11n,:'l1tn11, XY:1lla1?1- '09, IH'-Q0:1s-c-d. Ayers, B. Q.-IW--11t1s1 '80, L'p1w1' S:111dusky. .-X3'Ql's, t'a1'l C. '79, lHi'I'4'IlSUd. I, ,, Ayers, XVaIt1-1' '70 lim-1::1s1-rl. I-I"","" I7!af:l1ma11, C:1tl1v1'n-- '25, 3I:11'iun, f'1l'1i0. """"" Bac-lnnan, Mary tW:11'f--ll 'Z-1, 1'. b1:111cIusk". Bavht. Ruth IHa1'tz--lj '11-3, Sli'-Ihy, Oliin, IZ1-nw11, 121111 vll, I 1 xx w , I'n,11'0tI1y '29, L'IbI1l'l' Sandusky. 0. H1-11,-n iI1lVlll2'S1Oll, '11, A1'ling'Lon. Malwl '19, 4'I1'1Vela11d, Ohio, M:11'tl1:1 rApplfegettJ '16, Piqua. O. Ota INi:gl1j '86, Ili'-cwzlsvd. IZl:1nvl1 1SVx'?lI'tZl '20, L', Sandusky. 1I11n1'I:1:1 '24, Upper Sandusky, 01110, 1'a1'l '29, t'l1iva:'L1, Illinois. .Iun1,- 1II01111+ett1 '12, IlUSf'04l'. X. Y. 1IIlI'liIlI '19, l'l'lIH"1' Sandusky, Ul1in. l4lflw:11'vl '16, 4'l1ilIi1-utlw, Uhiu. I'31m'1-rs, 1IHI'gL'ill'l"l K1-1'1' I1e1fe:1s11fi, , Marx' fi:11'g'1-1' '19, Br-llvillfx Hhio. Iiahl. Virrinia '28, l'1'1l1f-1' SEIINILISIQY, 1,ll1in, IJ' ,"',' I-1:11--I1Iy, I'aul 4'I1:1111101' '09, Vliif-11:11, Ill. Tf"",'f',' Bak:-1-, I-I:11'1'5' '26, c'nin1nI1us, Ninn, I1"",'.',' rank.-I-, Julia '25, H111-par.,-1-, 111110. I31"',',',- Ilalfluf. IHlI'lIIllX' 1'pp1-1- Saiiduslcy, H, If"',',',', Ilalrluf, I-Irina ITIIIIITIILSF 4,':11'vy, 011111, """ '7 Ilallivt, I"l1i11'w111-e i,'Xl1IllIllS4?l 'IR. 'l'iI'I'in, U, 1, ,. I3a1'11tl1-vusef, 3Iv1'wy11, '13, I'alifn1'nia, I1"","7 I.ia1'1', Illanfflie '14, 4'l1im1uw,1, Illinois. IQ"",':'f"" I7'711l'l', l1w'-11e- Uliwrsskoplxj '19, I'l1i1-akin. lll. I1"","'Q"" ,- , Tl:11'1', Mahlnn '02, Svattl-1, xXYJiS1IIIIg,'1Ull. I,I"","'f"" ' ' Ii:11'1', S2'lVlI1ll?lII '15, I'l1i1,':1g'o, Illinois, 1. ,'-,- , ,- ,- , 1 - --11: - . ' ' - I.f1TIl4l-x, llaljnllr 11 llsnlxl -.., gxlxltbll, U. Ituwluunv I!:11'1l1ul0111r-W, 117111111111 '26, I'. Sandusky, H1111-r, In-nald '29, Ijppvi- Sandusky, U. ,fs , 1' I.au1-1', Iiuh111't '27, t'11lu1nhus, Uliiu. I+1 tun IILIOII Lmnlui 'I 11111- P:mv111:111, I!uw1n:111, .. . . - , I' - , 1 Illtlllalwi HHW,,,,,,v , Fwila v11t'l' Sandusky, 0. Fhfllf- '70, LII B1-1'n'1'+- '07, Upprfi' Sandusky, U. I ll1 ll munnnj '78, U. Sandusky. I.1,1L1i::r- T. '11, Vppm' Sandusky. M. fIYilll1:11'dU '10, If Sandusky, H, fl'l1ysi1,-iailb '12, Lus :'Lll,C.Yt'IE'S. Suv 1'1':1i,s' '77, Upper' Sandusky, ys ,' : 04, 1. b-a11duslQ ll III1 1111111 ,uwsln-1', Bvssin- fHarp1-rl '95 1'lex'el:1nri, U, D H1-ckel' '2Z., Dayton, Uhiu. ri R, '95, Summit, N. J. .-Xlicv IZIHSGI' '07, Ada, Ohio, l'l?lI'?l '90, Upper Sandusky, 0. 130111 ILUWL-ry! '97, U. Sandusky. Ilvvk, Karl H'-1'hfAl't '08, 1'l1ina, I., Q , , IKM-ks-1'111an, Anna V. '02, IC, 1,fI'2lll1J.fl'. N, .I. g,f:,fm,i""" Md" III-11, XYill '77, lim-mlsn-fl. ISIAUUQ Ill-vI'j-', ICH. I.. '79, Ilmw-:Isl-d. lflfiung' Il.-1A1'5'. .Fiilllllv 1H7ll'If' '77, IM-t1'ni1, Mich, IQVINHQQ' J I,f+1'5 lfvrst-11' '77, New l,11mrl1,111, Ohio. I..-la '20, Iluf-yrus, 111115. Lwffw IRI:-4'r11111+-llr '73, l'. SHIICIIISICX llvifl--lsvliivs, Inla '28, l'pp1-1' Sanflusky, H. IZ'-1-ry Il-7.A1'y, I'!1w:111y1 l'11'1fwe1' I'!1'fAw1-1' I'!1'ewP1' .I1-alwttv 1Rigp:'s1 '95, lbos Cabf-zns. '1', Alim- Yng-1-1 '09, L'DDf'l' Sandusky Ifllizabm-fl1 flllasf-nj '29, IT. Sandusky I H0111e1"'2-1, VIIIIGI' SancIusky, Ohin. , XXYSIIIQNI' '21, IXIHYIOII. Ohio, 'f"l""'f""',"5-, 151913115 'gnu "'l'l""' S""duSk"" I7l'll1,LZ'I'IlJll1, I-Inrte-nse N1-idig '08, Lf Sandusky 'f'A""'A',' """"",", Tj'-1 ' """',g,"',4""i ,lm 1 I!1'i11k1al'l111ff. H1-ssifi: I'. '02, New Vastle. l':1, IM-ifllvl, I'l141I11.1h -l,' 11111:-1 . .1111 lIhx5. rl. Ul,ink,,I,hUff- GHUVT, '97, Upper Sandusky' U- l"'!'I"1"'f'l1. '-'41-11-1111-A '02, 1111011- N-11fIUf1UA I7l'll'lICt,'l'IlUff, 11:11-v '22, L'1uw' Siil1f11lSkV. cm. l2"!',""""'l',','f"1"",,l-' ,"'ff'f"5'A"' 4 1 Il1'i11k1-1'l1uff, Y, flstc-upatlm '03-I, Tolf-du, Uhin. """""' ',"',"' "',"""", '32, """""f""' IIri11kw11'huff XY. V. '80, Ijl'l'1'i1S1'd, II'-istlf-, 41n'1ll:1 fxllllllllllll ll, I-lun! nutwn, 13l.i,lk,.1-huff Z111-h '00 Dallas T1-was 111711, 1:11.10-1... wav.-ii., '01, Tai.-f1.,, 111110. r,,,m,,1 ,.h,jS,,,',, .IU E1,,,,i,,. Qmiui ' - f 1 lb-nfl'-1', I1l:111vl'I+1 H:IIl"l' '10, Aki-1111. llhin, 1, 1'-11Ilv'1', l5y1'1111 10, .Xlx11111, Illini. ' 1, .Iunw Imn' 1 '1" Ima.-11 Y Y Iflva I-Ivhi' '0,I. ICly1'i:1, Uhin. Ilrisfnl, IlI'411'ICl1 1-1'if'k, Nm-a Mao flood '01, Voluznlwus, -slay, Edith '27, LIIIPPI' Sandusky Anna I'e-tors '03, Sprirmgfielci, O. Main-I '07, lim-l1estr:1', Minn, Marin Kail '12, B1'idp:,'r-DOH, XV. Va. I-11-bi-1'-1-:1 1VOI'II1If'X '74, IJP1-4-:lsr-d, Vi1'iIini:1 lMr:t'l:1inl '22, U. Sandusky Il1'a1-f- Ul1'issf-llvj '82, Tiffin, Ohio. 'I 11: Sullivan '26, Tiffin, Ohio. .ur-l1l1s:it, Agimvs Vogr-l 705. Tole-d0, Ohio. llllx Irl 1 mrotiy '23, In-trait. Mir-lmipgan arrlt. Iirlwai-d '18, Volurnbus, Ohio. l1:11'1'lt, F. 1.Xl'1IIlll'J '15, Kansas f-ity, nLIl'llF, I-Iazi-l Braun '06, Ft, XYayn4-. Ind. I I I I I I:Ul'lil'liIll'l, XVanda Q'I'm111e7 '11, 111-0911 Ilivs-1' Iuikli 1rIt I l ' I I I I tusiwk, I4'11.1'c-111-11 M. Iiowm- '27, Ul1ic:1g:,'u. I1"IllI"l . if -, , , - .. . J. I1"llIIl'l, Ilulu 1511.11--1'J '20, l'111w1' S1lIl1'IlIFlif.' I1f'I1I11-H, ilr'l:1YvI14- '27, 4'l1'X'v-lilllfl, Ullio. Bl.U,iVn' llf-111011, IZ'-11114-.1 qSi1:1l1m'J '12, 'l'l,Ill'dlr, IJ. Illmwn' IZ--111011, Xiaiy I':11'k4-y- '09 In-111-:1::1-cl, gruwn' I:4'l'1l, Aunws Sh'-1-lc '02, lfpyn-1' !4:111rlnsky. :,.,,Wn' I1f'1':, ,Xl'ilIllI' '02, I'py11'1' Sunflusky, Uliiu, :,,,,m,,f li'-lu. XVIII WIZZ, lP"r-1-as'-fl. 1 il-'1'1J'11'. Iirlwiri '02, Z1-ix:l01', Illinuis. 5 .Y IZ'-11'j.', Imuisfl 'HN 1'11l11111hu:1, frhw. ' li--ssiiiuf-1, H1'lf'11 18111911-rp '21, :X77ll'iUll, H. Z . H. ' Izfyvz. .law-,I1 '26, llvtlnii, A714'1l1jJJIlI. Zurkh liilllmi-dv, .Xrlnlylli .I1'. '79, 111111-1' :4:1i1cl11slcf.'. gurk l21lIh:11'flI, Il. Il"1'azifA1-3 '06, Imp Avigwli-s, 1 lilllhfalvli, llylmn '11, I,'1,f ,XIlL1fIf'r', l':1lI1'. I'au'1 Sixty-fnui' Bush. Butler. E Gordon '10. Milwaukee, NViseonsin, velyn '29, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Byers, Helen Uvorleyl '11, Toledo, Ohio. Byers. Pyron. Homaine l1VetniirhtJ '17, Toledo, O. Carrie Stockton 590, llet-eased. Byron, Geornre '77, Ileveased. Byron, M 1 yrtle tliloppf-nhurg'J '82, Boyds. 'aldyve-ll, Alive Ser-oy '26, Ft. Wayne, lnd. Caldwell, Caldwell. Caldwell. Caldwell. Caldwell. Caldwell, Caldwell, Caldwell, Gail Ft. XVayne, Indiana. Glenn '22, Los Angeles, Calif. Henry '29, Upper Sandusky. J. 1Hottmani '22, Ft. XYayne, Marion '21, Ft, XVayne, lnd. Mildred Denver, Columbus. Osear '24, Findlay, Ohio. Rollin '16, Upper Sandusky, O. Cammarn, Harper '21, Columhus, Ohio. Canimarn, Margaret iXVeav1-rl '22, Col, O, Cammarg, Mary Harper '96, Columhus, O. 1 1 Carhin. 2 '-ss'e 4CastanieuJ '18, Toledo, O. Carey, Alice '97, In-L-eased, 1,'areY. Alive Stevenson '95, Upper Sandusky Carey, Bessie '95, Deceased. Carey. Frieda '26, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Carey, Maggie iHartmani '02, lleveased. Carpenter, Eva tHarmonl '08, U, Sandusky, Carpenter. Harriet '12, Upper Sandusky. Carpenter, Karl '07 Whellinpg, W. Va, l':11'l', Eff Ca rte r. Judge Earl B. '03, U. Sandusky, O. Carter, Id ie King '88, Junction City, Kan. a liemarest '95, Stanton, IV, Va. Carter, Mae '97, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Carter, M artha tl-Iullj '05, U, Sandusky, O, t'a1'tel', Robert '00, lleeeased. Cassel, Frederiek '28, Tiffin, Ohio, Castanien Castanien Castanien astanien Castanien Castanien Castanien 4 VR Bessie ifiarbinj '18, Toledo, O. . Charlotte '25, Columbus, Ohio. Clarenee '25, Upper Sandusky. . Dorothy '26, Heidleburg U., Tiffin , Florenee '18, Cleveland ,Ohio. , Helen 1Hilhishl '15, Painsville. ibel il-Iilhish ' Akion M: , J 20, 1 -- VO, Castanien, MarthaAfMeFlethl '18, U, Sandusky Castanien Castanien Castanien Castanien Castanien Chadwick Chadwiek 1'har'liviek Chadwick Nluitliie 18. Lppei Sindusky . Paul '18, Upper Sandusky, O. . Robert '22, Cliif-ago, Illinois. . Ruth ifilaserl '18, U. Sandusky . Ruth 1StearnsJ '14, Bluffton, O. , Elsie tRiterJ Tiffin, Ohio. , George '29, Carey, Ohio. . Goldie '20, Kendalville, lnd. , Nina '28, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Chamberlain, Flora XY. '77, MeCutehenville. Chandler, Clahaugh, Clahaugh, 1Villis '15, Indianapolis, Indiana George '15, Mansfield, Ohio. Leefe '09, Lima, Ohio. ilark Frances 1TrautweinJ '11, Ileeeased. Clark, Lela fStarr7 '25, Columbus, Ohio. Clark, Maud '91, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. laik s N ii if: ", .'. 'ff, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Class, Hernive iliaill '17, Upper Sandusky. I Clayton. Clayton. Clayton. Clin-Ter 'larenee 1.. '68, Kentueky. Cora '99, Chieago, Illinois. Gertrude '90, Chicago, lllinois, , Agnes Quail '22, Upper Sandusky n A . Clinger Clinger, , Berl Von Blon '08, lvetroit, Mich. Ella il-laelitoni '90, Deceased. Clinger, Hazel '13, New York City, N. Y. Close. A. lfieekermani '02, E. Orange N. J. f'lose, Ch Close, Close, Im Close, L. Cokel Colmery, Colmery, Colmery. Colmery, arles '00, Cleveland, Ohio. Helen Hare '01, Cleveland. Ohio. ogen iPoolJ '03, Upper Sandusky. iSpurgeonl '09, New York City. l, Lida Gump '73, Denver, Colorado. Emma '78, Dec-eased. Isabelle tMartingJ '05, Dallas, Louise 1Taylori '82, Columbus, O. Mary Louise '08, Upper Sandusky. Conley. Cecil '25, Canton, Ohio. Constein. Ag Cook. Cook, E11 Norman '25, Mishawaka, lnd. nes '29, Upper Sandusky. Ohio. , ura J. 1NicholsJ '20, Hartford, Ky. Cook. Iiomaine '29, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Coon, Edna '08, Cleveland, Ohio, Cope, Harold-Teaeher '18, Upper Sandusky. Cordray, George '14, Upper Sandusky, O. Cornley. Corfman. Edward G, '29, Kirby, Ohio. Bernice L. Schindler '20, Sycamore 1'ap:'e ' '., l, 'L all 4 , .., 'fi' 19-Rl 3' -Q, , . 1 . , 4-,-,1 -,,-if .,,. ...., .. Six lforfman, Cora Haas '17, Syeaniore, Ohio. Cosgrove, Ella Riley '90, Toledo, Ohio. Courtad, Bernadine '26, Upper Sandusky. Courtad, Clarence '28, Tiffin, Ohio. Courtad, Earl '23, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Courtad, E. iHc-idlingw-r '27, U. Sandusky Courtade, Frances '19, llellefontaini-, Ohio. Courtad, Grave '18, Cleveland. Ohio. 7 Pourtad, Helen '2.1, Columbus, Ohio. Courtad, Madeline '20, Columbus, Ohio. Courtad, Pauline '28, Upper Sandusky Vourtad, Vincent '18, Columbus, Ohio. Courtad, XVayne '26, Upper Sandusky, O. Craig, G, Reubendale Wilkinshurg, l'a. Craig, Sue ifioyvmani '77, Upper Sandusky Crall, Dorothy Cross '19, lin-troit, Mic-h. Cramer, Margaret iltohertsl '90, Cl:-vi-land. Creelman. Frieda Lowry '0R, Lexington. ress, Meryin '19, Ilallas, Texas, trise, Donna iMyersi '10, Marion, Ohio. Cromer, Frederiek '28, Marysville, Tenn. Cross, ' ' ' " 7 ' ' ' 'ky tw w Bernice 2i, Lpper Sandus ,. V1-Ogg, Dorothy iCralll '19, Iii-troit, Mivh. Ninabelle Upper Sandusky. Sylvia '24, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. XYaIde '18, Cleveland, Ohio, Cross, 1 ross. Cross, ,- rouse, A, iSaundersl '07, Palm I-leaf-h, lfla. Crum, Helen iI..ashJ '13, lies-eased. Crum, Ruth ilinudeni '15, Japan. Culver, Eunice iStag'gsi '1R, In-troit. Mivh. Culver, Glenn '27, Tiffin, Ohio. Culyer, Hazel 4Reedl '14, Chile, S. Ameriea Culver, Helen '29, Upper Sandusky, O, Ronald '19, Upper Sandusky, O, Ruth lStansherryl '27, U. Sandusky Culver. Culver. Culver, Violet '29, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Culver, Yola Llohnsonb '18, U. Sandusky Cuneo. Leefa X'Vidman '92, Alameda, Cal. Currie, Martha Kerr '17, Spi'ing'fii-ld, Ohio, Marjorie Barriek '23, Ak'oi. Ohio Lusiek, 1 i Tim-9, Effie lVVorthl '74, Toledo, Ohio. llaughmer, Vera Althouse '19, HHl'llSif'l'- U Daunnehauer, Mary I., '19, Coluinhus, O. Dayis, Arthur '83, Ile:-eased, Davis, Flora B. '92, Toledo, Ohio, i llavis, Ora C. lMulhollandl '92, In-fizim-e, O Day, Anna Louise '22, Columhus, Ohio. De-bolt, Perle iKarvl1nn-rl '19, l', Sandusky Uelaplane Kenneth '27, Columbus, Ohio. Ile Lisle, M. Mi'-Nurney '72, ilainsyille, Ark Demarest Ida U'arterl '95 XX'i-stoyer. Md. Tlerr, Ruth Mease '21, Mansfield, Ohio. lie-Yoe, Esther Blast-r '09, Piqua, Ohio. l'leXValt, Minnie '01, llem-eased. Diemer, Russel '15, In-i-4-:ised. liippery, Lula ifiradyj '15, Columhus, O. Dome, Nellie '28, Upper Sandusky, O. Iiruekmiller, Mary la-ague '91, U. Sandusky Drum, Ella qTsehan1-ni '85, U. Sandusky Drum, India lliraineri '85, Marion, Ohio. lluddleson, Rose il.efleri '80, la-ewised. Dumit, Frederiek '29, Upper Sandusky. O Tlumm, Cer-ilia XVentz '91, Marion. Ohio, Dumm, Ella Rowman '78, U. Sandusky. O Ilumm, Margaret Itigprs '96, Pasadena, Cal Iiye, Cloyd, '07, Chieago, Illinois. Ilye, Edith 1Kirehner5 '08, Seattle, XVash, Earp, Maud Edith '25, Toledo, Ohio. Eggleston. Irma '97, Ilec-eased. Ehrheart, Harry XV. '25, Upper Sandusky Eiserlinsq, Merle '24, Toledo, Ohio. Hasset. Marietta tElyJ '03, Ft. XVayne, Ind Ellis, Frederiek R. '20, Howell, Mivh. Ellis, Mary Gregg' '06, St, Louis, Mo. Ellis, Ralph '18, Iienver, Colorado, Ellsworth, Ida XVillit Kail '92, Ili-vezisrd. Ely, Marietta Hassett '03, Ft, NVayne, Ind Enders, M. Altenberger '15, U, Sandusky Enders, Paul IW. '20, Ft, lVayne, lnd. Enders, Ruth Halm '20, Upper Sandusky. Englernan, Ada Frane-es Isaacs '08, Iletroit English. Catherine '29, Upper Sandusky. Enos, Olive Noll '74, lleeeased. Ernsherger H. iXYalkr-rl '05 Neuark N. J Etehen, Louise Fink '15, Toledo, Ohio. Everhart, lVilliam '28, Upper Sandusky, O Failor. Clara iManninLri '07, Elkins. XV. Ya Failor, Mahelle ll"rt-nc-lil '22, U. Sandusky ty-fiyc 'h , , A-'. ! JN Sf? s.1,.fs ,, - L Farber, Barbara '16, Columbus, Ohio. Feiehter. Charles '11, Harpster, Ohio. Felton, Susie '97, Magnolia, Ohio. Fennant, G. Reubendale '00, Greenville, 1'a. Fenner. Hattie '77, Louisville, Kentuvky. Fink, Glentie 1Steneili '18, Toledo, Ohio. Fink, Louise llitchenj '15, Toledo, Ohio, Finklf-. Herbert Columbus, Ohio. Ray 11. '08, Upper Sandusky, O. Finkle, Kathryn QStecherJ?'23, U. Sandusky Finkle. Fisher Fish.-rf Fish er. Flevk Mildred-Teaeher '24, Findlay, O. Ethel '20, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Fannie Stevenson '88, Los Angeles. Leah Li.-benthal '00, Sandusky, O. l-'annie O'Erien '90, Upper Sandusky l ik Florenee lSnyderl '20, U. Sandusky. F rf ' -, Flevk, Gertrude '28, Upper Sandusky, O. Fleek, Helen '25, Deceased. Fler-k. Fla-ek, l7'le4'l-C. Flex-k. Katherine '23, Cleveland, Ohio. Mae Smith '05, Upper Sandusky Nina Seligman '04, Los Angeles, O. T. M. '27, Annapolis Naval Academy 1-'lv-eman, Thelma Haas lvelphos, Ohio. Floek. Fon-,-ht. Earl '20, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Kathryn '25, 1'l1i1ieothe, Ohio. Fouvht, Marie iThomas7 '12, Creston. Ohio. Fowler, Cora 1XVoodJ '80, lleeeased, l"owler, Nora ll'orterJ '77, llenyer, Colo. Fox, Barbara XVard '19, Upper Sandusky. Fra n k, Frank. 1+'l'. Fra ter. Fra Irene '29, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Zora Adams '90, Mansfield. Ohio. Charles, '20, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. George '18, Columbus, Ohio. Frazier, E-ernir-e Bilhardt '06, Los Angeles, Frazied. Fred '04, Los Angeles, California, Frazier, Myrtle Kirk '00, Toledo, Ohio. Frazier. Freder iwk, Florence Gear '01, lronton, O. ', 1: ' ' - las '04, l'1ei-eased. " ', Ha ' -y 'f 5, 'onton. Ohio. "', fa 1: '2., Tiffin. Ohio, , , a 1+-1 Failor '22, L'. Sandusky 17l'+'dl'I'li,'l'x 4 ill Vlhcn J Frederivk ii H li F1'vflv1'lf'li, Lr:SIn-1' '19, Goldsbfiro, N. V. l"redf-rifl-1 'N tl in 9 lifn-h XI l 11 i P .' ,,.I Ch. .oss '17, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Fri-y, Angela '22, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. 7 1-my ', Charlotte '2.5, Upper Sandusky, O. 1-1-ay, Florenm- '29, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Frey Lillian '29, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, l"r+-v: 'aul '28, Springfield, Ohio. I 191-iteliie, liernard '29, Columbus, Ohio. Fritz-hi lfritfhi ritf-hi I. Ga mhe rl, Geraldine '25, Upper Sandusky, O. e, Mary '21, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, .., Robert '27, Ada, Ohio. r. Anna lHeiberj '11, Mansfield, O. ilainlwr, Clara lHoEa11J '18, lretroit, Mir-h. H1'eg'g,', Gregg, Carrie Myers '83. Upper Sandusky Charles '96, Det-eased. Gregifi. F. llVykerJ '09, Frederiektown, O. Gregg, H. fStokleyD '07, Slianghi, China Gi'egg', Helen-Teacher '10, Upper Sandusky Gregg, Martha-Student '29, Delaware, O. Gregg, Mary qEllisJ '00, St, Louis, Mo. Gregg Martha Norton '90, U, Sandusky. T fr:-S 4,1-90-w eos, Gregg, Grisse Richard '24, Toledo, Ohio. f,freg'g: l'1'n-WU, Robert-l"hysician '15, Flint, Mich. Ruth '21, DeCease,-Cl. Xvlllllllll '11, Dei-eased. lle, Grace Bruner '82, New York City Orisselle, J. XV. '79, Columbus, Ohio. ' Grosskoph. lrene Barr '19, Chic-ago, lll. Grove. Martha-Teacher '27, Arlington, O. Grove, Ruth-Teacher, '27, Carey, Ohio. Grund tisch F Music Teaeher '95 U. Sandus f Grundtischl E7-Teacher U. Sandusky Grund Grund tiscll, Glenn '29, Upper Sandusky, O. tisch, Marguerite '05, Columbus, O. Grundtisch, M.-Teacher '25, U. Sandusky, Grundtisch, M,-Teachi.-r '20, U. Sandusky. Hrundtisch, 11. Mclflainj '18, U. Sandusky Gump, Lida CCokellJ '73, llenyer, Colorado. Guthrie, Gladys-Teaelier '23, U. Sandusky Guthrie, Helen-Nurse '28, Columbus, Ohio Guthrie, Jeanette Streby '07, Cleveland. O. Haas, Cora Uforfmani '17, Sycamore, ll. Haas. Lloyd-lVestern Elec. '19, Rosella N. J. Haas, The-Ima lFleemanl '25, lifelphos, O. Hat-hton, Ella Clinger '90, Det-eased, Hagzenmaier, C. lMusgraveJ '20, Forost, O. Hagenmaier, lboller '28, Upper Sandusky Haggerty, Alma Miller '04, Cleveland, O. f..-ar. I'lorernge 1I'1l'PVlf'l'l'I'lil 01, Ironton. O. fiarnlo-r. L. lAlthausf-rj '28, U. Sandusky Harlwr. Mary Bowers-Tv-aVher '19, Bells-yille 'La1'wonr1. Mau':'ie '78, llec'easod, liatvhell, Ruth lStoker1 '23, U. Sandusky. Hear, Haly- '07, lien-eased. 'i"llllll"l'lg. E. lXVhitmoreJ '22, U. Sandusky Gibson, f,?1'a4'o- XYaltv'I' '89, Toledo, Ohio. liilison, liobert Mvlfelly '08, Toledo. Ullio. , . , - . , , Gilliland. l'loyd H.-1'ost Office 1.0, 4 ol., O. Gilliland, 49.-Iraily Chief 'llS, U. Sandusky Hillispie. lillva lioss '28, Upper Sandusky. fiipsop. Ifllanrlil' 1ZanderJ '91, Buffalo, 'Qi ison, Claire '02, U 1 v--r Sandusky, Ohio. l ll Glas'-o. lClizabetl'1 I3i'e-wel' '29, U. Sandusky '9lo,4s+-r, Lauren-Student '24, t'olumhus, O. filossf-r, T. V.-Ostf-opath 'lR, Uhrivhsyillo. floefln-, Katliryll iXVu1'1l1l '12, Seattle-. Halbedel, E,-Probate Court '13, U. Sandusky Halbedel, Ed-,Engineer '23, U. Sandusky Hillbedel, HPlI'l'5'-Salesinan '24, New Orl.,-ans Halbedel, Lillian Sten. '20, Galion, Ohio, Halbedel, M. 4 Hoszmanj '10, U. Sandusky. Halbedel, M. C.-Stu. Nurse '27, Battle Creek H:1llJedE-l, Halbedel, Neil-Student '27, Columbus, Ohio. Robert '09, Los Angeles, Calif. Halbe-del, xx'?ilt+:'1"TE'2il"llf'l' '19, Niles, Ohio, Halderman, Edward '24, lui-troit, Mich. Hale, Alice tSting7 '90, l'n'ageased. Hale. Edna O,-Sten. '20, Upper Sandusky. Hale, Edna. tliramerl '00, Deceased. Hale, lda Lillie Stevenson '12, U. Sandusky Hale, Karl-l'ost Office '09, U. Sandusky Hale, Laura B. '92, Marysville, Tenn, Hale, Leefe Von Blon '98, Tmeeeased. Hale, Minnie-Book-keeper '90, U. Sandusky Hall, Mildred-'I'+-achei' '25, U, Sandusky. Halrn, Corrine Black '27, U. Sandusky, O. Halm, Otho-Ser. Sta. Op. '25, U. Sendusky. Halm, Ruth iEndersJ '20, Upper Sandusky Handel. Charles-Salesman Springzfield. Handel, l'hillip-lVittenherg C. Springfield Hauer, Blanc-he QBQ-nderl '10, Akron, Ohio Haner, Camilla 4ViyianJ '12, U. Sandusky Hannum. Luella A. lStansberyb '27, Marion Harbry, Lloyd '05, St. Louis, Missouri, Hare, Adelaide fSelbyJ '92, l'o1'ts1nouth, O. Hare, Elise-Adv. Mgr. '08, Upper Sandusky Hare, Emma fYoungl '88, Sim,-kton, Calif. Hare, Fannie Beery '77, lietroit, Mit-h. Hare, Hr-len fvlosej '01, 4'leyn,-land, Ohio. Hare, Jane 507, Deef-ased. fifilllvn, Iron "Il, f'l1ir':1l-fo, Illinois. Hood, Anna Sti-Af '95, l'ol11111hl.1s, Ohio. Hoorl, f'ollf-en-4'lf-rk '29, Upper Sandusky 'Lo-al, Marion-Student '29, Tiffin, Ohio. Hood, Nora M, flirorleiii-ky '01, Columbus, Hood, liifharrl-liook-kr-ppl-r 'l7, Columbus. 'Solis f' 'iovvfri 'iovvfii vhavfri rpovvfi-i 'Lovvfri fiovifri 'irarln' 'iran g i flood, l:uhy-Sif-no11rapli7'i- '01, Columbus, O. u li l l n 11111 '54 l , 'Jw' 1: . a 'fu 'L , '. Sandusky. rd, Vhrisrflna '25l, Tiffin, Ohio. , lllll'Hlll"'.XlUrl'lll'l' '07, 4'lf-yvlaiirl .f2i'af-f- li Nw-wffll '22, U. Sandusky -bd, ll. rlnrarrl-Mill:-if '99, Volumlius 1-fl 7-fl 1-fl, N'-lfiv flflarf-3 '98, U. Sandusky. 4-rl, ll.-liookfkf-1-pr-r '23, l'. Sandusky Lula llippvry '13, Volurnhus, Ohio. -r, l"loi'f'nf-e li. '70, lllen Ivalf-, Val. l'ag E' Hare, Jonathan S.-Attorney '08, In-nnison Hare, Mary '09, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Hare, Nettie Gottfried '98, U. Sandusky. Hare, H.-Mgr, XVy. Clay '03, U. Sandusky Hare, S.-Sf-4-'y NVy Clay '97, U. Sandusky Hare, Thaddeus '04, lu-vm-ased, Hare, KW-sley '00, Alu'-i'cl1-eii. XVashiliu'ton Harmon, Cleah lSnyd1-rl '07, Marion, O. Harmon, lflya Cai-pentw-r '08, U. Sandusky Harmon, Henry '10, ln-troit, Mia-h. Harmon, Minnir- Str-eh:-r '00, U. Sandusky Harmon, ltoln-rt-Stud:-nt '29, SIll'lIll-fflllldk Harper, Ii:-ssie Ilowslis-r '95, Lakewood, O. Harper, Mary l4'ammarnl '90, Columbus l1:i1'1'Uff, llyrtle KI, Sm-orrl '20, llarseilles. Hart, Ida 1Sullivanl '02, Globe, Arizona. l-larl, fleoiqgfl '89, St. Louis, Mo, Hartlf-, Hallessa lSmithl '17, f'lf'l'l'N"l', Calif. Ha Sixty-six rtle, Imo tliieserj '19, Upper Sandusky 5 Z x'v.f' f " -a, ' V at I , 7 ., -., at , , ,. , A ,, . Hartlc, Zula XVhite '20, Marion, Ohio. Hartman, Maggie Carey '02. Deceased. Hartman. Robert-Ranchman, '01, Seattle. Hartzel, Ruth Baehr '13, Shelby. Ohio. Hassett, Marietta tE1yp '03, Ft, Xvayne, Haughton, Helen Schaeffer-Nurse, '10, Vol. Hawkins, H.-Chiropodist, '24, Cincinnati, O. Hayes, Hester Juvenal '82, Evanston, Ill, XVanda McNairy '23, Greensburg, O. Hayes, Haynes, Eva Swann '19, Toledo, Ohio, Haynes, Harry-Druggist, '17, Toledo, Ohio. Haynes, Ruth-I'riv. Sec'y, Detroit, Mich, 1Villiim Dru ist '24 Toledo O Haynes, : - ' gg ,, , , , Haynes, VVodena tLordb '19, Detroit, Mich, Haywood, Clara Kramer '89, Deceased. Hecker, Twila tBowyerl '22, Dayton, Ohio. Hedges, Benson '95, Deceased. Hedges, Mary tSearsl '80, Harpster, Ohio. Hehr, Eva tfiristol '09, Elyria, Ohio. Hehr, Helen tlieesel '15, Columbus, Ohio Jonas, Ella tSma1lcyJ '85, Deceased. Jonas. Nettie tManvilleJ '73, Santa Monica Justice, E. tHollandsheadJ '10, U, Sandusky Justus, Blanche-Book-keeper, '28. Toledo Juyenal, Charles D. '74, S, Charleston, O. Juvenal, Helen tAyersJ '09, U, Sandusky. Juyenal, Hester tHayesJ '82, Evanston. lll. Juvenal, H.-Osteopath '07, Glasgow, Scot. Juvenal, K. tlfiosengrantl '77, San Diego Juvenal, Minnie '80, San Diego, Valifornia Kail, Bernice Class '17, Upper Sandusky Kail, Grace tArmstrongl '98, Columbus. Kail, Ida VVillit tEllsworthJ '92, Deceased. Kail, M. tBrownJ '12, Bridgeport, XV. Va. Karcher, Perle DeBold '19. Karnanik, Alice Mealy '22, Akron, Ohio, Kear, I,-Farmer, '21, U. Sandusky, Ohio. Kear, I.-Farmer, '21, Upper Sandusky. Kear, Perry-Farmer, '22, Upper Sandusky Kenan, Earl-Book-keeper. '80, Marion, O, Kenan, Frederick-Student, '29, Springfield Kenan, Joe G. 501, Cleveland, Ohio, Kenan, Myrtle tSmalleyj '83, Dayton, O. Keller, Edith '97, t"olul11bus, Ohio, Keller Eva '01, Delaware, Ohio, Kellert Grace '03, Deceased. Kelley, Florence tBoi-sty '00, Auburn, N. Y- Kerr, Margaret tBowersl '72, Deceased. Kerr, Martha t1'urriel '17, Springfield. O. Kibler, Anna White '70, Deceased, Kiefer, Herbert '14, Detroit, Michigan. King, Charles L, '20, Upper Sandusky. King, Effie tt'arrJ '88, Topeka, Kansas, Lovell-Hay Dealer, '00, U. Sandusky Hehr, R.-Elec, Eng., '21, U. Sandusky, Ohio. Hehr, William-Surveyor, '13, U. Sandusky, Heiber, Anna Gambe--r '14, Mansfield, O. Henige, Leo-Salesman, '18, Toledo, Ohio. Henry, Helen tSa,-:wrt '28, Toledo, Ohio. Henry, Irma tl'aull '14, Sycamore, Ohio. Henry, Theodore-Sales., '11, U, Sandusky Hensel, Fred N. '91, Deceased. Hensel, Horace '00, Deceased. Hensel, Mamie '01, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Hensel, Robert-Pa. lt, R.. '03, Ft, Xvayne. Hetzel, Lucy-Teacher, '23, Upper Sandusky Hetzel, M.-Laundry Prop. Los Angeles, Heuser, A,g,'nes-Teacher. '21, Barbertown. Hickle, Ileota '27, Toledo, Ohio. Hickle, Luella Stephan '03, Columbus, O. Hilbish, Helen Castanien '15, l'ainsyille, Hilbish, Mabel Uastanien '20, Akron, Ohio, Hill, Hannah tLinkl '21, Ft. VVayne, lnd, Hill, Helen Julia-Student, '27, Polumhus. Hill, Robert '27, l'. Sandusky, Ohio. Hitchcock, Uarleton '14, Volumbus, Ohio. Hitchcock, Lottie lMartinl '11, U. Sandusky Hogan, Clara tGamberJ '18, Detroit, Mich. Hoke, Marjorie tXVheatcraftl '24, Galion. Holland, Clair-Teacher, '12, U. Sandusky. Hollandshead, Emma J. '10, U, Sandusky Hollandshead, G.-Farmer, '10, U. Sandusky Holman, Lizzie XVirick tStarrJ '92, Detroit Holmes, Mamie tShanerb '89, Deceased. Horch, Bertie Ragron '80, Columbus, Ohio. Horner, Nina tSefton7 '79, Deceased. Hottman, Jeanette Ualdwell '22, Ft. XVayne Hottman, T. tluewisl-Tel. Op, '20, U. Sand. Houser, Alice tKreisel '18, Upper Sandusky Houser, B, F.-City Loan, '20, U. Sandusky. Houser, l'.-Bank Ex., '10, U. Sandusky Houser, Thelma XVall '21, Upper Sandusky Howey, Helen-Teacher '22, U. Sandusky, O. Howey, Lottie tLundyl '21, Findlay, Ohio. Huffman, C.-Ser, St, Upper Sandusky, O. Huffman, Edna '29, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Huffman, Grace Ser-oy '20, Upper Sandusky gun, Fora '90, Upper Sandusky, Ohio, U . King, Mabel I.,-Teacher, '24, U, Sandusky. Kinley, Edith Smith' 12, Upper Sandusky Kinley, Frederick l..-Teacher, '11, Findlay Kinley, on-ant '03, VPPUI' Sandusky. U, I-Qinley, Grover '04, 1ronton,VOhio. Kinley, lndia M. '08, Upper Sandusky. U. Kinley. Minor-Farmer, '00, U. Sandusky. Kinley. V. tNeidhai-dti '05, 3I211'lUll. 07110. Kinsley, Owen-Farmer '18, U. Sandusky, Kirby, Daisy tStansberyj '23, U. Sanduskl' Kirby, John '80, Deceased. . Kirk. Myrtle tFrazierl '00, Toledo. Ohio. Kirschner, Flarl '05, Seattle, 1YasliinEton, Kirschner, Kirschner, Kirchner. Kirchner. Kirschner, Kirchner, Kleinlein Edith Dye '08, Seattle, 1Vash. Freda-Teacher, '18. Vllfvcllilld Howard '00, Deceased, Karl-Professor, '10, Los .xIlg'l'I4'F Otto '07, Seattle, XVashington Paula tSchmelzerl '12, Hichwood A tNValbornJ '05, U. Sandusky Kleinlein, Cora tl'utnaml '08, U. Sanduekl' Kloppenhurg, Myrtle Byron' '82, Spokane. Ulya tl'rettymanj 14. Marion ,O. Knapp. , Kneisley, Richard '2S. ,'I'OlPd0- 01110. Knuden, Ruth Pruin '1o. Javeli- Koehler, Cleo Swartz '27, U. Sanduskh' Koehler, Elton-Farmer, '20, U. Sandusky, Koehler, Frieda-Nurse. '24. i,'1vYf'1f1nd- UA Koehler, Minor-Farmer. '20, U. Sandusky Koehler, Raymond F. '27, U. Sandusky, O. Kotterman -David '29, Columbus. Ohio. Kotterma n' Florence S. '27, U, Sanduskb' 1 Hull, Martha Carter '05, Upper Sandusky. Hulse, Alfred '15, Lakewood, Ohio, Hunt, Bess Stephanj '04, Deceased. Hunt, Luella Stockton '92, Rialto. Calif. Hunt Nellie thanglevl '82, Norfolk, Ya, Kotterman, Mary tfilaserl 'i.0, U, Sanduskl' Kotterman, XYilda tMcBridel '24, Harpster Kramer, Parrie tMct'rewl '87, Deceased. Kramer, Clara tHaywoodJV '89, Deceased. Kramer, Edna Hale '00, l'Pf'92iSf'd. Oh, Hunter, Creighton-Sales., '24, U. Sandusky Hunter XVm.-Student, '20, Columbus, Ohio. Hussey, Florence '20, Upper Sandusky, O. Hussey, Helen-Clerk, '28, Seattle, XVash, Hutchinson, Mary Ellen '29, U, Sandusky, Hutter, Lottie tMorrieJ '00, Sandusky, O. Ingard, Mamie tNeilsony '05, Pocatella, ld, lrwin, Frederick-Stu, '29, Ada, Ohio. lsaacs, Ada F. tlinfxlemanl '08, Detroit. Jcnot, Ralph '28, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Johnson, .-X. McAfee '74, Russett, Kansas. Johnson, Elizabeth tSteinhachl '10, Detroit Johnson, Emogene tAdamsJ '19, Detroit. Johnson, Mary Lambrite '05, Ft. lVayne. .lohnson, Paul-Stu., '29, Pittshurixh, l'a.V Johnson, Theodore-High. Dept, '23, Vol. O. Johnson, Yola ttfulyerj '18, t'olumbus,YO. Jonas, Evelyn-Nurse, '29, Columbus, O. l'a gc K raus Kraus, Kraus Krebs lndia Drum 85, Marion, lo. Lois-Book-keeper '29, Sidney, VO. ' -.U. S. Fed. lns. '25, Troy, Ohio. lxramer. Kramer, Kraus, lx 4 , Regina-Nurse, '29, Nolumbus, Ohio. Richard '27, Upper Sandusky, O. , Thomas '20, Toledo. Ohio. Ethel-Book-keeper, '22, U. Sandusky Krebs, Russel-Varpenter '20, U. Siilldllskb' Kreisel, Krock, Kuenzli. Kuenzli, Kuenzli, Kuenzli, Kuenzli. Kuenzli. Kuenzli, Alice tl-Iouserl '18, U. Sandusky. F.-Surpgeon, '17, Fort Smith. Ark. Dorothy 1MatherJ '23, t'hicH2'0. . Evelyn-Book-keeper '25, Detroit Gladys tvisnackj '19, Detroit. Fern Morris '07, U. Sandusky. b Florence-Book-keeper '25. Tlctrolf F, tRobbj '09, Uherry Dale Ya. Fred-Ser. St. Op. '21, Los Angeles Kuenkli, Gilbert-Salesman '17, Canton. O. Sixty-seven , .43 Y, W-, rf, ' j L4 ,T ...wgk 1, -- .2 45 W" f' V 3.4.1- .-1 . .,,, ,.. , , ,'.,g, Iiuv-11zIi, 1-1:11'o1d-F111-1111-1-, '21, lf. Szindusky K111-iizli, H1-1011 151,-11111 '10, l'LlIY1131:'1'12Il1d, O. Ii11+-11211, Lo1':111114 '28, L'p111-1- Sandusky, O. 1fl1l'11Z1i, H111'j111'1v-Soq1111st1'1-ss '24, Mzinsfim-Id N111-11211, 1'il111-F2il'I111'1' '14, l'pp12r Siil1d1lS1iX Ilob-f1't '10, U11-vw-I:111d, Ohio. Ku--11211. V K111-11zIi, 1111111-T1-111'111'1' '00, Findlay, Ohio. 1 ll 1: 11111111-, ES111t'l'-Sil1l'S1Ild1''28, U. Suiidusky .:1111Iw1-111-, 1I:11'y lJO11I1SOI11 '05, Ft. xvilylll' I I.:111:'I1-X, N1-IIi1,- Hunt '82, No1'f:1Ik, Vu. I .:111k1'1'. Hulffn 1B+-:istoub '24, U. Sziiidusliy 1.110111-1. 1'Zlll1 T.-Boolc-1:1-oywi' '27, Toln-do. 14Ill'1'OIl1i1, Il. G. '1'i10l1111SOIl, '20, Stt'll1J+3I1V111l,' l..11'1'omh, Iidgwii'-S:1I1.-s111:111 '24, 1'oIum1Jus, I,:11'1'ol11h, F, 11'I1':111:,'v1'1 '70, 111t'l'1dil1l', 1':11, 1.11-11-lc, 111141111-Suldviit '28, Sp1'i11gfi1fIrI, O, I,'11'i1-Ii, 11.-Eooli-lc'-1-poi' '20, 1'. Szindusky I.:1Ilo1-, 1':1sp1:1', '21, l'i111'i1111:1ti, Ohio. I,:1I:o11, I1'm:1 1'oIumI1us, Ohio, I.:1Ilo-1. M:11'g'111'1-1 '10, l'11p1-11' SJiI1dllS1i1'. I.:1sI1. H1-I1-11 l,'1-um '121, In-1'1-:1s1,1d. I1:11x'1'1-111-11. HL11'Il4,'P XY. '27, 1'olum1Jus, Ohio. I,:1u1'1-111-11, S:11':1h Ii. '27, L'pp1-1' S1iIlC1llSkj', I,:1y1o11. M. 1Ki:1,g:j-'l'1-:11'I1 '2-I, L', Szinduslcy 1JI1j'1OI1. Moses '03, 1lII111C11'lIl11, IfI:1ho. l,:1yto11, 1'1'inr'-ess-S11-iio, '23, Akron, Ohio. l.:15'1o11, Iluth-Nursv, '20, IH-11'f,1i1, Mich, 1,:15'lol1, X1':1lt1e1' '00, 111'1'l'IlHI'f1. I,1A:1g111-. AI. fI'lz'11c-111111111110 '01, l'. SIlI1C1LlS1i5' 1,111-, 1511111011 '21, North I1:1I1imo1'1e, Ohio, I.11fl1A1', Ifiosv Ivuddlvsoli 'X0, llw-wise-ci. 1.1-S1-1', I4'Io1-1-n1'Ae 11-1:1111 '08, L'. SilI1C1llS1ij'. I,--slim If1':111k-l'I1:A1'Ic, '20, 1'oI11m1'1us. Ohio. 1.1-sI11-. I"1w-fi-1'I1-rk, '20, l'oIu11111us, Ohio. Iwsli-1, 1.1-1111 1IioI1I1-1-1 '20, 1'o1u111bus, Ohio 1.1-His, Thf-111111 KHIIIIIIIIIIIJ '20, l'. Sunrlusiiy 1.11-I1--1111101 1201111 1FisI11f1-1 '00, Sundusliy, O liouisf- 11131-1'sJ '00, Lf SHl1C11.1S1ij'. 1,i11111, I.111I:, 49:11-111-tt:1 1Sh11111:1k1-1-9 '15, MiIw:111k111 1 1 - - -., 1 - Aillii. 1211111115111 Hill -1, Ift. X1:1y111-, I11r11:111:1 ,111111u1-1', H1-11211 '20, 1111111-1' Suiidusky, O. 111111-, t 1':JIl'1 '24, L'i1p111' f'1iII1C'11lS1iX. .1x'111::s1o1i. H1411-11 Ilowvli '17, A1'1i11,:'1o11, O. .o1Ig'1A, l.11o11:1 11l'1.JlIl2,'1111I1 '27, U. Suiidusky AIlHI1011, 1i1A1':1IrI '20, V1111111' Sniidusky. Iousfi-111. I,:1w1'11111-1- Il1111ss+4I:11J1', N. Y. .o:s1Io11, Lozns-5111111-111 '24, 1'I1Qv11I:111d, O. .o:srIo11, Ilir'I1:11'rI-81111111111 '20, 4i'11'Yt'1Ill1f1 .o11q. 1.1-o11:1 '20, l'111w1' Snnrlusky, 101110. .ou A2111-S-T1-:111111113 'I 31, l'oIumhus, .owiyy VY. ,ou A1'tI1u1' '14, I4'o1-1-st, Ohio. 4OX1'l'Y 'VFX 111x1'1'5, A 1 XY 1' X' H -1'1w1'l I".-'l'1-111111 11' 'L , B1-r1l'o1'4'I, ,oxvrv 31:11'g111-rito-'I'--:11-Iwi' '13, 1'011.11I1i51IS, 011111, I 111111113 .ll1iI5'. R1:11I1I1.', 111112, 421211-11 11111110 1'11v11'1'3' '21, 1"i11111115', Ohio. 31111111 r11'r1Ito111 l'. SJ11lf1llS1ij' BIvrI1'itI1-V1-A1'I1 '20, 'I'o1erIo, Ohio, if All AI:1I1:11'f11y, W1111111--31111111111 '20, l'O1lll1111LlH. 1 1 A12I1II, I'1:1n1cIi11 '1,1, l'11111-1' Sandusky 110111, Ilussu-II '10, l'11111-1' Szilirlusky, OI1io. P11:11:111y, Myroii 1'1'1-s1li111'. Ohio. .1I:111111111, Op:1I '20, A1:11'if111, Ohio. 3111111117121 f'1:11':1 1":1iI111' '07, lilkills, XV, X'il, .11r1l1'.'1I1f', Nwttiv .Ionvs '73, Los Align-11-s, A1:1pI1f, I1I11111i1- r'l'I1:1y1-10 '72, Ft, xV?If1'l1l', X1:11'f'I1:111-I, 1111111111 1X1'd111i:1111s1 '10, 4'14'X'l'12ll1f1 5111l'f11'1ll. MAII111 1511111111 011, 1'JLl4'XI'lIS, O. Klfllfiil, 1'I'111:1 Zseiill '21, 'l'11I1-do, Ohio. .11f1v11u, Iivf-1111 '4:lI1'S1II'1l1 '28, I', Sniicliisky 311111i11, 1611. -51111111111 '28, M:11'ysViII1-, '1'l'I1II. M1111vi11, 1.111110 11111-111-o1-I1 '11, I', Sfll1I1.IS1iL' 31111-1111, 31:1111'i11A '21, l'1111111' Suiiclusliy, O. '11:111II1, 1111111141-Nlllwf-, '23, 114-111111, Niivil. .11?Il1III. AI:111111, V- 'I:111111-f11:11-111 '22, 1'oIu111I111s, O. ,11:111111:, If:1I11'I1 f'ol1111'l'y '0Z1, II:111:1s, T1-x, 3,111-1111113 I-lxw-1111 :11I11I1JII11 '22, .1I1i:1111A1-, O, N111-11112 'Z O,-I'I11fi141:111 '71 I'. S:1111Iusky 11:1-I-11--,', li, 1" -1.1111111411 '20, 1'1l'V4'1Hl1fl. O. NI:1'I14f1, 1111111114 1011111111 'ZfZ,1'l1i1'11g211, III, .I.1:1'II11w-, BI lN1f'4'I:1i111 '05, l', SiII1f1lIS1iy 5-1:11110 511111111 '20, 111111-1 S11111I1151q-y, O, I':1u1' Six! I I I I I I I I I I I.o1wI, XY1,-1,1dH11:1 HJIj'I1l'S '10, IlQt1'oi1, IX1i1'h. 1.o1.'1A, I,:1111':1 fI'os1m:1I '80, Zvist, HoII:1111I. I ' U, I 11111111111-111--St111111111 '21, 1'O11ll11171lS. I I I I I I I I 1711111 I31':11111s '07, l'pp+11' S?l11f'1l1S1iy I"1'i+1f1:1 r4'1'1-1-I111:111J '08, L+-xi11,14'1o11 1 1 4 'll I1 Mary 124:1xto111 '10, il4'X'El1YFl1'P, Ohio. rS11vok111 '07, 4'1PYP1Jll'lf1, O. N-111111 'i'1':111twi111' '02, I'. S:1111I11:41u' M':11.Iwu 1I:1Lh0V1 111111111-xx 1111111- 'S, Xv11'tOl'iil VZII1 B1?ll'tk'I' '83, 1'. Szinrlu 's, V. 177111 M:11't1'-1' '83, U. S:111rI1.1sky 's, Zi111:1h Smith '10, Bu:-yrus, Ohio 1 1 son, 143111-11 '10, L. Sniiduslcy, Ohio. 1 .X1'th111'-Furmm-1' '14, H:11'ps11-1', O. 11111102 ', N111 K W - 111. Jos1-ph '27, S111'1I1Q'f11'1C1, Ohio, 111:1xw1,-II, 11'iIli:1111 '21, HF'I112lI1, I'1-Vu. M1-1'o11111fII, 111-1-1-y '12, I'h1I:1cI1-lph1:1, I':1, M1--ally, -X11 1 I 'I 111-:is . 'f-1- l1fJl'I11I1I11C1 '22, .1111-on, Ohio. 11, 1T1Ol'l'l11'1' 1N:1us1 '22, I11I111'1v:1, O. X11-WISH, 1111131-l'1 '10, 1'11'Y1'1?II'If1, Ohio. 1111-:mf-, 1:11111 11111111 '21, A1JlI1Sl'l1'1f1, Ohio. M1-use, Z':l1:1 fxvOOdI'1II'1iJ '00, Aliroli, Ohio. T111-1-k, AI11':1I1:1111-Att, '04, 11ilY1OI1, Ohio, Mvrli, 1,11-hi'-I'I1y, '01, St, 1't'14'l'S11lI1'Ll'. 111IK,'1l. M111-Iwi-, 1'u1'tis '25, Miclfllrgtowim, Ohio. h1t'1l1l"l"1', l':11'1 '27, l'111'11"1' S:1111111sky, O, 1I1'1'i1'1i14', H1-1011 1111i1l'l' '10, T011-do, U. M1-1'1'i1"Ic, l'III:1-'IH-:11'I11-1' '07, V. Suiirlusiiy. l14'1l'ic'1x, F'1'f'f11'1'11'Ii '23, T1111-do, 1111i11. 111-1'1'iuic, HiIr1:1 '20, l'l'11M'l' SiII11illS1iX. 111111,-r, .X1lI1fl 1I1:1g:u111'ty1 '04, 4'I1-V1-I:111'1, O, Mills-1', .-1111'1'1i:1 -S11-hog. L'. S:1111I11sk5' Milior, 11. 1?111'11i1111i:41 '58, 1b11I:1w:11'w Ok1:1 11111013 1':11I11-1'i11v-N111's1- '14, U11-v1'I:111fI, O. Mill:-r, Vyril '20, L'l11'11-11' Szanrlusliy, Ohio, 011111-1', Ile'-11'l 1l'o1'1l'1'1 '73, 11f'1'1':1s1w'I. MiII111', 1101-othy S11'1111l11'1' '22, M:111s1'1-1111, O. M1111-1-, 111111111 1111111-1's1 '03, U. S:1111I11sky, O. Miller, If1111111:1AS11-11112. '00, 11111111 Sniicliiwky. MiI11'-1', 111111111 '25, Ifmwi' S:111d11::kx'. 1111111112 H:11'1i1-1 flottfrim-d '00, 1'oIu1111111s. 1111111113 H4,'11'l1 1311-l'11,-:111 '10, T11lv11o, Ohio. Mill--1' IfI:1 31.-N1ll'Sl' '22, '1'iI'fi11. OI1io. Mill--13 Iv:1-'I'1-111-111-1', '02, P11111-11 f11Il1111151CI,' Millvr, .1:1m1-S 11. '00, Los A1121-11-S, l':1l f, Mille-1', J:1111--1'I11'k, '20, 111111,-1' S:1111I11:v1ij.' I11l1Ie1', .11-111110 '72, In-1-1-:1s1-rl. Miller, .1os1-1111 28, L'11p111- S1111f111slcy, O. Millohr, K:1t1- Myw-1's, '00, 1.11'i114,'1' S7Il1f11IS1'l0' M1111-11, M:11'11A '20, 1111111113 N1II1'j' 1111Y1'I'H1 '74, Upp1'1' HJlI141l1l1iY Niiller, M:11',x' llolvhilis '71, 151'4'1'llHk'41, 11111012 llilligs ll Miliin- 1'I's1-11:1111-111 '87, I11:11'io11, O, 1, 1".'S111l1l'111 '24 l'. Suiidilsky, O 1 RIiI1i2':111, M. .1.-'l'1-:11-h., '25 Sulyvhui' SIiI'II1P1'5 1111111111 V11-gil '05, L'llI14"l' S:111f111slcy, Ohio. Mit11a1'111:1iv1', A. If,-Iliwifts. '25 F1. 1X':1y111- M1tt121'11111i1-1', 1Ius1:1v1--E11:'. '20 Ft, 1V:1x'111,- Moorv, I.ouis1- N1-W1-I1 '11. Tiffin, Ohio, 11111111-, X1':11l:14'1--'IU-:1v111'1' '24, l1L11'yl'LlS, 0. x1Ol'Q,'ilI1, 3111111-1-11 XY. '13, 1'o1umhus, Ohio. Morris, A1I11'I '11, l'pp1-1' SIIl1I1llSkY- 171110- M1,11'1'1s, F1-V11 11f1l4'l1Z11 '07, V. S:111f111skY l'Io1'1'i:4, Hvlvll '00, Ilefm--:iswf-r'1. h1OI'I'1'4. 1.111110 H11111-1' '00, t1:111c111sIc1', Ohio, 11os111'. E:11'I-1'o11l1':11'to1' '11, 1':11'1-y, Ohio. Mosf-1', Nom t11'1-11111-1'1 '1-I. 1':11'1-y, Ohio. Mos:-1', I':111I-Alito 17t'iQ11'1' '11, Kviiton, O. Mott. I-:11111-1'1-I":11'1111-1' '27, l'. Si1IIl1llS1iX, O, 1111111-1', 1111111 1111-11111111 '20, l'. S:1ndusky, O, Mousm-, I,1-11111- '20 l'pp1-1' Srmiidusky, O. 111-1111l'1'. Fr:-11 '87, 111-1'1ff:1S1-I1. 31011111-1', 111-1'111:111-'IN-I. Op, '00, l'. S1I11f1llSiiX' M111Iho11:11111. O1':1 1'. Irzivis '02, IM-f'i:1111'1-, O. 1N111:41:'1':1v1-, 1'. 1II:1u'1-111111111111 '20, F1111-st, O. MV1-rs, 131-1'11':1111 '08, M:11'io11, Ohio. A111-Vs, 1':11'1'i11 1111-oggj '83, U. Suiiclusky, O, Nx'v1':4, 1141110 '83, II1-1'1-:1s01'1, y1V1'l'S, I1o1111:1 1'1'is1- '10, 111Il1'iOI1, Ohio, N1X1'1"4, I'Ir1it11 1111111-r '03-1, U1,1p111' Sil1111llS1iY, MV--rs, 1'11fi1'1f1Ll'1' '22, l'pp111' SIll1f1US1iy RIV1-rs, fi1'I'11'l141l' -511111. '22, 1'oIu1111111s, O. l1v1f1'.. Q M V1-rs, 1151-1'.. MV1-ix. Mv1f1'.. 4 -4 Q 4 Q Kivors, 1ViVl'I'., Mv1-rs, Mvr-rs, M V4-1 . , 111-Af 11.1. :11K'1'1l'1i1 A11'111'111 311111-1h M1431-111 v-11114111 Howzirfl '03, S1111 1.:11i1- l'i11'. 1.11111 Kato 1311111-1'1 '00, l'p1w1' SJIl1F11lS1Cy I.11111s1- I.i1111- '00, C11111-1' Sunfiiisky 31111-11111 '20, l'11y11-1' Sziiidusky, Ohio. R1:11'y 11:1-0111 '12, M:11'i1111, Ohio. Niillj' -1111111-:-111-1-111-1' '20, U. H!Il1f11lS1iX Mary Millvl' '74, l'11111f1' SIl11l11lS1iJ' ZVI1-1'vil1-If':11'1111-1', '12, U. HJll1f1llS1iX 1'i,Jll'1ll'1 11101111111 '23, T1111-do, 11. 1V:1y111--l'lf-1-Ii, '20, l1IF11l'l' Slll1f11lH1iB'. , A. 1-11111115011 '7-1, Hussvt, Ii:111s:1:4 , I'h:11'11-5 -Post f1f1'i1'4- '1I'1, l'U11lI'l11J1lS , 11I':11'1- 1X':11'111'1' '07 1i4'1'1-215011, , 31, 11'11s1:111i1-11 '18, L'. HJlI1!1l1S1iY , illl4Sl'11'1'1l1fJf. '14, I3:111i111o1'1-, Md. fr ' V777 'fs 4- 1'-2:1 1 Mcliridv, XV. lKrott:'rinanj '24, Harpstvr, U. Mc'l'ai'ty, Martha l'i-rrino '20, lreoatur, Ga, Ms-l'lain, Floyd-Sal-'sinan '21, Nevada, U, Ma,-Vlaiii, K. 1l'ropsU-'l'1':n-li, '17, l', Sand, 3If'4'lFlill. Lllliw -l'1'od, Mgr. '22, l', Sandusky ML-Vlain, M, Blattlivwsi '05, L', Sandusky BIL'l'lIllll, li. U,?i'L1ialtism'liJ '18, 1'. Sandusky Mv1'lain, V. 4Broyyni '22, l', Sandusky Mrj'i'le:iI'y, E, 1Sp1-ig.1'1-li '23, U, Sandusky. Rlwvoiiin-ll, H.-Svars, Iioo., '12, Elkins l'ark 1li'1'oniivll, L, 1137-oi'yl '73, L'. Sandusky, U. Mcl'onin1ll, I-iobvi-L '11, In-ia-:isi-cl. H:-Vorniivk, M, -l'lvrk '25, I', Sandusky 1 A --i- 5Il'l'l'l'll1'Y, ll, lLaldufJ ,.a, l'pnvi' Sandusky 1l'4'l'l'Q"!ll'A', f,il'1lC'f '29, lvllllvl' Sandusky, H. M1'l'IIi,loyyny, F. lSti-1-liwri '15, L'. Sandusky M4-I'lldou'ny, H. -Drafts., '01, lf. Sandusky Ma-llinnis, Bessie iklilii-rl '98, lfelawziiw' Mc,-4ll'i-xv, 1':xr1'iv 4Ki'aln1-ri '37, llvce-zisvd, lls'Kv1Yy, Ernest '92, Iloi'1':iSi'd. BHK:-lyy, Mary H'9i-yy-rl '05, Fl, 1Vaynv, Mi-Lauglilin, L. 1l.oclp:1--J '27, l'. Sandusky M4'Naii'y, XYanda 41-Iayosi '22-2, 4i1'EE'I1Sb1ll'Q M1-Nainara, llonald-Studi-nl '27, Volunihus 3IwNainara, l'aul-Studi-nl '25, Volumbus, U, My-Nurin-y, Mary 1l'n1l.islvi '72, Gainsyillf- Naus, Pharl:-s-Studoiit '23, Alhffns, Uhio, Naus, I-I,-Su-phan Luniln-r '22, l'. Sandusky Naus, I-Innna lStophansi '98, I', Sandusky Naus, lfloronog- 1111-asi-i '22, Minrrya, ll. Nvatv, Mar:ai'ot-Stlldviit '27, Nain:1'y'ill1-, lll. Nm-idhardt, Villa 1Kinli-yi '05, Marion, U, Noidig, l'.-Vrf-d, M1511 '11, Grand I-lapids Nvidiu, H. lI5rin,L:'niani '09, L'. Sandussky, N.-ilson, Mamie llngardl '05, l'o:,-ati,-lla, ld. Nw-uinr-isty-r, Eyvlyn-Stu, XYilinori-, Ky. Nouiii--isis-1', l'aul-Sal'-s. '97, livtroit, Mivli, Nvuiiwisti-i', Ruth-Stu. '29, XYiliiNw1'f', Ky, Xi-uine-istig-r, XX'ni,-Sale-snian '93-I, Sandusky Ne-uw-ll, Anna 1XYilf-oxi '21, l', Sandusky, H, N--yyoll, li, EI, Ulottfrii-dl '22, lf. Sandusky Now:-ll, John '29, l'1viw-r Sandusky, U. Ni-wi-ll, Louise ldlooiw-J '11, Tiffin, Ohio. N1-we-ll, Mary '29, l7IlIPl'l' Sandusky, U, Nona-ll, Ruth-Sty-n. '2IC. l'ppi-1' Sandusky 1 :Is Nivln Niuh, 4 Novi, N Noll, H Norris, Nortmi, Norton, Norton. Norton, U'lIrie-n, Wllriy-n, lJ'lfIrin-n, U'lZri+-ii. U'lZrin-fn, lJ'lionn H'1,'onn1- Ellura J, lon-ikp '1.0, Hartford, Ky, ha llioyyr-iii 'SIL llvvoasf-d. g lary lBarthi '10, Ninvinnati, Uhio. liyw qfjnusj '74, IM-vozism-d, liinwry '29, l'Il1H'l' Sandusky, U. Gracv lXYalloni '92, L'. Sandusky Hattie- l1'i7i'i'in--1 '01, L1 Sandusky .Ivaiif'-tty:-T--:n-livr, '25, Nevada, U. Martha uh'--ugh '90, If Sandusky Alive 1.120111-lri '79, ln,-ufxisocl. Fanniv llfh-1-ln '90, LT Sandusky June-Nursv '20, lif-troit, Mix,-h. oscar '17, Nina-i' Sandusky. Hobart '78, Volumbus, Ohio. ll, Ii,-I'1-of. '19, N1-wtun, Ctr. Mass, ll, R. ISLaltor1 '19, Neyvloii Fir., Ulpp, Hwlnn lVanliinwi '22, Volumhus, U. ilnilor, X1'inifre-d-llook-km-1-iwr '23, Vol., U. Urians, Hrians, HIT, Ill' '1 Edmond-Mail VI:-rk '23, lfloyf-land Frcderic-k '28, L'plu-r Sandusky. rtrude '88, l'ort Vlinton, Ohio, grin '89, TN-wffisifl. Uii, M. I Ott, Susinf '98, Lim--'1' Sandusky, Ohio, Uwi-ns, Vawsslv Varkor, l'arkvr. l'arkvr, l"ii'l:1f71' Q Emma In-ia-:isvrl. r, Mattiv-Ty-avln-i' '90, Findlay, Ohio, U. 1Brink:-rhof1'J-Ti-aifh, '92, Vol, U. l,'halnu'-rs,-Att, '07, Volumbus, H. Loyd-Rostaurant '12, Columbus, 0. Mary-Tvay-lim,-r '02, Vnlumbus, Ohio, Parker, Mary llivntonl '09, lvof,-easvd, l'aru-0, Beulah 1X1'altonJ '24, V, Sandusky l'ati-livt, Luc-lla '28, l'm,wi' Sandusky, U. l'aul, I-Irina Henry '14, Sy:-ainore, Uhio, l'aulin, Abbie 1'1'ravyi '01, ljiiper Sandusky l'i,-l'1'illf', Bc-1'1il1 '23, Toll-'Clo, Ohio. lk-rrinl-, Hattiv lNol'Ioi1J '01, 1'. Sandusky. l'1'l'l'iI10, Blahvllr- '23, lu-vozlsud. l'v1'1'inv, M. tllcldartyj '20, IM-1"atL1l', Ha. Vvrrinv, Hose lEroyvni '97, ln-1-Qasvcl, l'wtvr., Anna KBrowiii '03, Springfiold, H. Voters, l,'l1a1'le-s-1'ln-rk, '2R, lfppi-1' Sandusky l'et1-rs, Joseph -Stu, '23, Ann Arbor, Mich. l'v2tvl'S, J, lVoorhvvs1 '93, S1-attle, XYasli. Pu ge 4 7 ' 5 Lge X -.-mf: If -v ..., ' , 17 ' -,I X- .- ,J i S -- ' 5'-7 -- - -S' .---. .--A1',--..-',..' ,--".,-,,,. ,Y--4, Six Vfeifer, Charly-s-l7'lvi'k '21, Uppvr Sandusky Pfeifer, XVanda lFridIinvJ '23, Aghlgyndl fl, l'f+3ifer, Viola '23, l'pp+-r Sandusky, Ohio, Vhilbrick, L. fZartinanJ '20, Tiffin, mi, l'hilbrick, Mildrvd-l'lvrk, V. Sandusky. Vhilbrick, Halpli-Gro:-1--r '23, U. Sandusky Pontius, Hosina tlioupywsy '23, Toll-dn, H. l'ool, Clairv '90, l'okin, Illinois, Pool, Harlvy IC, '95, In-4-oasiad, l'oDl, HoW1L1'd '99, Tull'-do, Ohio, l'ool, 1l1'lUg4"Il H'losn-5 '05, lfppe,-r Sandusky I'ool, Russ:-ll-Studs-nl '28, Tiffin, Ohio. l'01'tc1', Tfolla lllillu-VJ '73, Iwi-1-:isoi,i, 1'orT,er, Nora llfowli-1'J '77, llviiyvig Polo, l'ostlna, Laura rlavvsj '89, Zvist, Holland l'oyyell, E.-Sn-ars Ilni-bil-,-k '07, XVinn1-nka, Ill. l'r1,-ttyman, l, tStoinfburnorJ-Uash, '27, L'. Sa l'l'UT.4QXl'l1Ll1l, l'aul '24, Marion, Uhio. Vrettyinan, L'lva tKnappJ '14, Marion, mi. Price, 44, gX.'1"2ll'lllt'I' '22, Uppm-r Sandusky Putman, Nora tlilifinlvin '08, 1', Sandusky uail, Agni-s H'liiiu'1-rj '22, Lf Sandusky. Q llunntamal, 5Iartli:i-Studvnt '28, Tiffin, U. u 1. liagon, Berth- tl-lorvlib '89, K'olunibu,', U. liall, Florefina- Lv-sf-r '05, lf Sandusky, H, Ilall, Q liz li: Hz R: iz s 1 1 4 in-l'ie1', I l l l 1 I lim: . I lleesia iran- '27, Umm-1' Sandusky, Uhio. lil, Lllvillm- '2N, thin-y, Ohio, ill, Nelson J. -Twin-lim' '20, l'. Sandusky ill, Sidney '13, l'pin,'i' Sandusky, Uhin, ingelfr, Vuba rXX':irii1-ri '00, 1'. Sandusky iiiU'e1v1', L, 4Stansln-rryi '22, 1', Sandusky -LlliL't'lU1', Howard '10, Lfpiwi' Sandusky, H, eanisnydvr, 1-lvl'-n S. '20, L'pin-r Sandusky Thonias -l+'arin'-r '17, l', Sandusky 'Li-bf-r, XVay'1- Svlioz-iilwl',:'+A1' '19, L'. Sandusky ieisd, l'll1'1l'lt'S -liditor '05, Kirin-i' Sandusky d HlZllLllXil 14 LLIIN ll 1 : 1- ' , 'un-A Canmuscy .u,d, Mary Myi-rs, '12, Marion, Hhin, Holoii H1-hr '13, Poluinlius, Ohio. HfwdQl', Llllll .Xlslmvh '91, lN'L'+-:isi-ti. Hrridel, 111144114-l 1lB'i'l'S '23, Tolvdn, Ulllu, Ili'-idlingnfr, Edith Vnurtad '1.7, L', Sandusky li-Jil-9, L'li'i1,'l1-I"ariii1-1' '28, l'1'v1wr Sandusky 1 7 il X1 l ky if +A. 'anda '22, Umwi' Sant us','. Iiuinhold, F1'ank-Bliiiislvi' '88, XYariw-ii, U, Iii-ister, Anival '23-1, Lima, Uhio, 111-ubenclalv, H. 1l'i'aiu'7 Uraston, 1'a. lviibviiclall-, H. LF'-inianty '00, 421-4-viiyill.-, ,lp uhondadv, M. lllradshawj '95, Suinniilt ivynnlds, H011-n QTQ-as-h, '17, l'. Sandusky, iiossr, liosver, IIUSLJI' lligrfs. 1 1 1 lliwsifr 1 I I liigyfs, llilvy, 1"l'l'1'll'l'l4'k -Hroc'--i' '18, U. Sandusky II?ll'l'j'-4iI'trf,'vI' '58, Lmn-i' Sandusky lnio Hartlv '18, Uppvsi' Sandusky .Ius+1pl1-47lsT,4-npatll '22, ll1':il'hol'l1, J. Ilrauns '95, Ilos Vain-zos, Ariz. Ma1'u':iiw-I tlfunnni '90, I'asvdi-iia, Ella lt'osg'1'oyy-I '99, Tolm-dn, Uhio, liilvy, Mary r'l'liorntonJ '90, l'e-rrysburu, H, Iiiloy, HOS1' QIXVUXYII4 '97, llc-4'm::lsvCl, liitvr, Ifllsii- 1'hadyyiiyk '25, Tiffin, tihio. Hittvr, lloris ll-lm-db '27, Kvliloll, Ohio. llittor, lilsii- '29, 1'i-Iwi' Sandusky, Hhin. Iiittvr, Vvnns Staggs '10, lrstroil, Mic-h, l'littHrsp:n-li, 15. lStowv3 L'. Sandusky. lliLtv1'spa4-li, l', Martin '23, Uoluinhus, H, llitn-i-sp:n'li, liallih '29, Uppvr Sandusky, l2itt+-rspavli, I-loin-rt -Ai,-4:t, '23, Noluinbus, 1-li-lib, F. Kunnzli '09, XYashinp:ton, li, V. lla-hhins, M, 1Mill+-ry '14, li.-7-wispql, liohn,-rts, R1Ill'Ll'2ll'l'l. 17l'illllC'l' '90, l'li-vvland. Hob'-y, Franw-s lloardinan '21, Yi-iitur:-, Val. Hose, Uaniilla F. 1Stotzy '20, 4',,,1nmhuS, ii, 1-losi-hoi'1'y, Ihr-ria 'I'rar'-hsel '25, l', Sandusky liossn,u'rant, K. .Iuyrnal '77, San Iii--go, Val, I-loss, Hhosa Uiillvspiol '28, C1-lina, Hhio, llnsznian, M. Halhoclol '10, 1', Sandusky, ll, l-losznian, XYaldo li. '24, Cleyvland, Uhio. Iinth, Alma -Hook-kcept-r '28, li Sandusky lfloth, Haryi-y '24, Columbus, Uhin, Roth, Hf'l1'll-Tl'2ll'lll'l' '22, lvlllltl' Sandusky HUUKFIVIS- I10Silia I'ontius '23, Tola-dn, Uliio, Howland, LL-vI'v 1XY:-iss1'or'lU '13, Pandalia Rowland, B761V2-IllI'l'l-Tl'llL'llL'I' '23, Arvanuni lluopn. H, 1V.sMinistf-r '27, X11-layyaiff. O, HUUDIY. Loyina XXX-stl '18, l'olunihus, Ohio. H'-Ullllk Villll.-I'0rol'a1ol' '23, In-lawarv, O. HUUDD, Mari.:'ari-t-Studi-nt '29, Hlwrlin, O. Sagvr. ty-nine He-lvn H1-nry, '28, Tolodo, Hhin. ! j - , J " U fgl tab ' -f L " ' - g ,,1-f-'qi ,TQ-x4i1i5' tr',"'.:. ::,.. H ..-. , A. , ..: Saltsman, H. Teacher '99, U. Sandusky Smith, Hazel Schindler '19, Dayton, Ohio, Sampson, Grace '00, Upper Sandusky, O. Smith, Karl,-Mechanic '02, Battle Creek Saunders, Anna C. '07, Huston, Texas. Smith, Mae tFleckJ '05, Upper Sandusky Saxton, Mary Lowery '16, Delaware. O. Schaffer, Edwa rd '04, Los Angeles, Cal. Schaeffer. Frieda '10, Deceased. V Schaeffer, H. tHoughton1-Nurse '16, Col. Schaub, Lillian-Student '27, Columbus, O. Schell. Helen Young '12, Marion, Ohio. Schell, Karl-Heal Estate '11, Marion, Ohio. Schell, Ronald-Student '27, Columbus, O. Scherry, Ruth-Nurse '28, Columbus, Ohio. Seheufler, Capt. H. '15, Baltimore, Md. Scheunemen. A. Sten. '04, 1Vashington IJ. C. Scheunenman, Charles '13, Deceased. Scheuneman, Edward '03, Ft. 1Vayne, Scheuneman. George '15, Indianapolis, Schindler, B. L. iKorfmanJ '20, Sycamore, Schindler, Don '25, Upper Sandusky. Schmelzer, Paula Kirschner '12, Richyvood. Schmidt, F.-Nurse '22, Upper Sandusky Schmidt, H. fllieamsnyderb '20, U. Sanduskb' A.-Teach. '10, U. Sandusky F.-Clerk '29, U. Sandusky. I tkrtex '11 Huntin ton Ind. Ind. Sehoenberger. Schoenberger. Schoenberegr. . - DJ , A E Schoenberger, R. Eng. '13, Princeton, lll. Schoenberger, XValter '15, U. Sandusky. Schoenberger, XV. tReberj '19, U. Sandusky Sehrorer, Florence '19, I Schukert, Eva Bliss '93, Bucyrus, Ohio. Schuler, Russell '26, Upper Sandusky Schwilk, Evelyn-Sten. '26, Toledo, Ohio. Ss-hwilk, K. -Book-keeper '29, Lima, Ohioi Scott, Helen Kuenzli '26, Cumberland, O. Sears, Mary H, '86, Harpster, Ohio. Sebenoler, Chester '28, Akron, Ohio.. Sebenoler, Milton '25, Columbus, Ohio. Secord, Myrtle II-Iarruffj '20, Marion, 0. Ser-oy, Alice ujaldwellj '26, Ft. XVayne. Sei-oy, Grace IHuffmanJ '26, U. Sandusky Secoy, M.-Book-keeper '29, U. Sandusky See-bar-h, Clyde '1-1, Little Sandusky, O. Seebach, H.-Book-keeper '29, U. Sandusky Si-il.,-r, Ralph, Mail clerk '25, Cleveland. Sefton, Nina Horner '79, Deceased, Selby, Adelaide Hare '92, Portsmouth, O. Seligman, Nina 1Fleck1 '04, Los eXll5'f'1s'S- S+-ttler, Helen Bessinger '24, Marion, Ohio. Sehalow, Bernice Benton '12, Toledo, Ohio. Shaner, Mamie Holmes '89, Deceased. Shaxyaker Gladys Als ach '05, Columbus Shealy, . , P Adam LeRoy '08. Deceased. She-pilyv Grace smith '09, Marion, Ohio. Shealy 1Valter '09, Marion, Ohio. Sneak, Agnes lBergJ '03, U. Sandusky. Sheets, l'aul '08, Lima, Ohio. Shafer Shafer Mary '77, Deceased. n V Mildred XVillis, '13, Bowling Green Shim-ly, Elmo '09, Ft. 1Vayne, Indiana. Shoop, Paul B. Salesman '13, Chicago. Ill. 'silioo , Hay 514, Detroit, Mich. . p Shurnakf-r, Bernard '20, U, SjiIldU'HkY. Shuinaker, llarnetta Link '2:i, Milwaukee Shumaker, Harold '23, Upper Sandusky Shumakv-1, Hazel XVatts '24, Marion, O. snumakf-r, M. Tel. 'zes. Akron. Ohm- Slium HHH' lkir I'uth Iinoty e '28 U Sinduskb' rolotht Ii ery Mansfield 4 ' I ', . - . jp' - . - -1 Simonis, Edmond '25, Toledo. V Uhiv- Sl.. AV, l ' 1 KB 'll '2Il. . sl 1 1 i if St " . emrne Slernrner. -, Lf: ge- -jen, '23, U, Sandusky Helen -Ste-n. '23, U. Sandusky- Slemmo-r. Marjorie '28, Columbus. Ohio. Sli-mmer, Robert '16, Columbus. Ohio. Sli-mmer, ltuth-Clerk '22, Upper Sandusky Small ey Ella Jones '85. lN'f'f'21Sf'd- 5,,,,,i11.y 45, P...-11.4-, '09, llayton, Ohio. Slnall ey, Hf1i'I1 '15, Ilayton, Ohio. Smalley, John lr. '79, Dec-eased. V Smalley, K.-Ch--mist '14, Glenn Brook Conn, Smalley, Myrtle K+-nan '83, Dayton, Ohio. Smalley, 1Va.It+-r M. '70, Dayton, Ohio. Slnall Smith f-y, Xlfilliarn ..77, Upper Sandusky , Dwight '22, Delaware, Ohio. Smith. Morris '16, Upper Sandusky, O. Smith, Ned,-Insurance '17, Jacksonville Fla. Smith, Smith, Smith Smith, Smith. Smoke, Smythe Snyder, Snyder, Nellie Marshall '96, Bucyrus, Ohio, Ray Lb. Professor '14, Delaware, O. R. YV. Forester '20, Omak, XVash. Virginia '29, Upper Sandusky, O. Zilpah tMathewsJ '16, Bucyrus, O. Grace Ludwig '97, Cleveland, Ohio, , G. Insurance '19, New Haven, lnd. Clara '14, Harpster, Ohio, F. Fleck '20, Upper Sandusky Snavely, Frederick '25, Upper Sandusky, O. Snyder, Snyder. Snyder. Snyder, Snyder. Grover '05, Marion, Ohio. Cleah Harmon '07, Marion, Ohio. Huldah '96, Deceased. Karl '28, St. Louis, Mo. Ray-Merchant '13, U. Sandusky Speigel, Edith iMcClearyl '23, U, Sandusky Spellerberg, M. Van Blon '10, l'. Sandusky Spencer, Virginia '29, Upper Sandusky, O. S itler Gladys 4XVeiningerb '22, Sycamore D . Sprague, Dorothy Vifalberry '21, Columbus Spurgeon, Loraine C. '09, New York City Staggs, Staggs, Staggs, Staggs, Eunice lCulverJ '18, Detroit, Glenford '10, Detroit. Michigan Leland '20, Detroit, Michigan. Venus tftitterl '16, Detroit, 1NIir'li, Stalter, Harriet M.-Student '25, YVooster, O. Stalter, Helen '21, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Stalter, Leona '21, Marseilles, Ohio. Stalter, M. l'riv. Sec. '23, 1'rinceton, N. J. Stalter, H. iO'Donnell1 '19, Newton Ctr. Stansberry, Daisy K. '23, Upper Sandusky Stansberry, L. Rangeler '22, U. Sandusky. Stansberry. H. Dep, Sher. '23, U. Sandusky Stansb e ,. Stansberry, Starr. rry Ronald '27, Marion. Ohio. Ruth lCulverJ '27, U. Sandusky Lela Clark, '25, Columbus, Ohio. Stauffer, Elizabeth '27, Upper Sandusky Stearns, Ruth Castanien '14, Bluffton, O. Ste-bbin Stecher, Grace X1'irick, '97, Toledo, O, Day, Att. '21, Toledo. Ohio. F. Stecher. Dora Chief Clerk '04, U. Sandusky Stecher. F. 1McEldowny '15, U. Sandusky Stecher, H. Insurance '12, U. Sandusky, O. Stecher. Stecher. Stecher. Stecher, K. Chief Clerk '06, Columbus, O. Minnie tHarman1 '90, U. Sandusky Oscar '11. Upper Sandusky, O. Ruth-Teacher, '24, Tiffin, Ohio. Steinbauch, E. Johnson '10, U. Sandusky Steiner, Frieda '28, Upper Sandusky, O. Steiner, Rose 1Tschantz1 '25, U. Sandusky Steiret, A.-Book-keeper '24, U. Sandusky. Stencil, Glentie Fink. '18, Toledo, Ohio. Stephan, Bess Hunt '04, Deceased. Slbllhiili, E. tNausD '98, Upper Sandusky Stephan, Ernestine tUlrich1 '24, Marion, O. Stephan, George '89, Cleveland, Ohio. Stephan Stephan Stephey: Sterling, , L, tHickleJ '03, Columbus, Ohio. Paul-Student '26, Athens. Ohio. Roscoe '28, Upper Sandusky, O. Anna '00, Fostoria, Ohio. Smith, liarl '29, Upper Sandusky, Ohio Smith, l-Jdiih 4Kinl+-yi '12, U, Sandusky Smith, I". lliotterrnanj '27, U. Sandusky Smith, f2ra4-+- fSlis-:ilyj '09, Bl2lI'lUl'I, Ulllo, Smith, Helnassa Haitle '17, Gerber, Calif. I'ag'e Stern, Jeannette fJoseph1 '09, U. Sandusky Alive HVeeklyJ '18, Grand Rapids Sterner. Sterner, Irene '15, Deceased. Sterner, Myron '12, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Stevens, Mary '28, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Stevenson, Alice tCarey1 '95, U. Sandusky Stevenson. F. iFisherJ '88, Culver City, Cal. Stevenson, I-I. Mot. Sup, Co, '03, Phoenix, Ida L, iHaleJ '12, U. Sandusky Stevenson. Stevenson, J. M.. Jr. '99, Deceased. Stevenson, Norman '00, Tucson, Ariz. Stevenson, Robert, '06, Ardmore, 1'a. Stief. Anna Uloodl '95, Volumbus, O. Still, Edna -Student '27, Columbus, O. Still, Iiuth,-Student '27, Battle Creek Sting, Alice Hale '96, Deceased. Sting, George -Stlesman '90, Columbus Stockton, Carrie- tflyronb '90, Def-eased. Stockton, Luella tHunt1 '92, Stoker. Ruth Gatchell '22, Upper Sandusky Stoker, Mary '18, Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Stoker, Vvill191'-l"ill'Tl11"l' '18, U. Sandusky Stoker, Stanley-Farm. '18, Upper Sandusky Seventy ,uv Stokoly, H. ll'arke:-llavisl '13, Shanghi, Stone-burner, 1. Vrettyinan '27, L'. Sandusky Stout-burner, Kenneth K. '27, 17. Sandusky Stotz, Camilla ltoso '20, Nolunibus, O, Stowe, G1'ace- Hittorspavh '25, U. Sandusky Stowe-, Myron '20, Upper- Sandusky, Ohio. :-""'. A :-1'-N4!,,. ',r2":,c,,- .,, ,r -- Vogol, E. M.-Court House '20, Lf Sandsuky Vogel, Helena-Sten. Upper Sandusky Vout-l, John-l'ric-st '11, Toledo, Ohio. Von Elon, Be-rl U'liiigerj '08, lbotroit, Von 131011, Lsvfe lH:iIt-J '98, lim-eased, Yon Hlon, M. lSpollorlJf-rgj '10, L'. Sand. Strasse-r, li. -liioolc-kvvper '23, U. Sandusky Yon Elon, Philip-Editor '07, lndianapolis Strassor, Kathryn '20, Volunibus, Uhio. Von Stein, 1'lot-oiitiiiw iILil'UNYllj '78, Iwo. Strasswr, Louis '20, lfnpui' Sandusky, U. Voo Strassor, Robert -Hook-lcevpt-i- '25, Vol, O. Strohy, J. Uluthrivl '07, Plollyyvood, l'al. Strub, lfllizaln-tli Xl'ylio '07, Bu-gyrus, O. Struh , I.msl1-1'-l'lioinisL, '10, St. Louis, Mo. Stubhs, lion-Salt-snian '28, L71'wper Sandusky Stutz, l'aul K, Nt-ws Ik-not '08, 17. Sandusky Sullivan, Edna 1Burkl '20, Tiffin, 0. Sullivan, lda Hart, '02, Globe, Ariz. Sullivan, Vvrna '14, Clovoland, Uhio. S w S w Sw S w ann, Eva iHainusl '10, Tolodo, Uhio. ann. Irono lXVilsonb '10, U. Sandusky artz, Ali ' 7 artz Swartz Sw 1-il '20, Yppor Sandusky, Hhio. , li. Bows-r,-Toavlior '20, l'. Sandusky . l'loo QKovhlorl '27, Lf Sandusky .-Studi-nt '27, Ulvvoland, U. artZ, l'ora I , lilarl '20, l'ppPr Sandusky, Hhio. . liva '2R, Harnstor, Ohio. Swartz, F1-od. 1'. Mod. Stu. '20, Vins-innati, . Harold '23, Ann Arbor, Mia-h. rd, L. '28, Upper- Sandusky, H. Swartz Swartz Swartz Sw 1- i ga Swihart, F. HYolfi-1 L'. Sandusky, O. Swihardt, H, lfllw-. '22, Mansfii-ld, Ohio. Taylor, Louise u'olint-ryl '82, Voluinlvus, O. Thayi-r, Minnio lMaplt-l '73, Ft. XYayno. Thivl, liravo -Tvlo, Up. '20, L'. Sandusky Tliim-lo, XValtor '20, Voluinbus, Ohio. Thie-lo. lYernor-Satlwsnian '22, l'oluinlj1us Thomas, Italo E. -Engzq. '22, i'liivag'o, I.. Thoinas, Edna llialdufj Parr-y, Ohio. Thomas, Gail llfiw-fit-1'i4'lij '0-l, Ile-vt-xisod. Thonias, H. Illillhardtj '11, lim'-wisocl. Thomas ' . M. lkouvhtl '11., Ury-ston, Ohio. Thompson, lv. 4Larf-onibl '20, Stoulwnvillm- Thoinpson, Einnia '00, lhlvozisefl. Thompson, M. lTsf-hant-nl '87, lim.-1-aiseil. Thorton, Mary lliileyl '00, I'k'I'l'j'SiJl.1l'g', U. Evi-lyn -Tsai'-hi-r '25, lf. Sandusky Fordyvo '23, Towledo, Ohio. Tilton, Tilton. Tilton, l'aulino-k'lork 10, I'. Sandusky, IJ. lil-Stoll. '23, Toledo, Ohio. Tilton, Hu Toons-, XV. gllurklianil '14, Grt-vnville, NVy. Tray-hsel, fl, lYoe-unil '12, Fostoria, Ohio. Travhsoi. Iberia lltosoln-rryj '25, Toledo Tran-lit, Mary '87, Upnvr Sandusky, O. Trautwoin, F. i1'larkJ '11, llei'-sasod. Trautwoin. N. 1Martinl '02, V. Sandusky Tribol-1-t. Yint-tta '07, Bakr-r Pity, Orvgoii Troup, Fred '10, t'lovoland, Ohio. , I'Il1ll'ItAS-IHS. '12, Los Angeles , ldlla llvuninil '85, L'. Sandusky , I.. lliowinanj '11, Lf Sandusky , M. iTIlllI1lllStlIli '87, Iioi't-:isod, , M. illlillorl '87, Illarion, Ohio. , 1-luth IYoi-liuinl '11, Ulwrlin, O. Irvin-Stu. '20, Uoluinlnus, H. Il. lStf-ini--rl-'lk-ai.-h. lf Sand. T. li.-Studont '27, I'UIUll1I3l1S, 0. , lmlo-Stiidmit '20, Tiffin, Ohio. Ta sh Tsvh Tsvh: Tst-h: Tsuh: Tsvh: 'I'sr.'h: 'I's1'han 1Il Tsai-ha 1'l rif-h anon anon inn-n inisn inon :non intz, tz, tz, l'lrir'h, I':l'I1L'StII'lPISlt'IlIl2tll1 '24, Marion, O, L'lrii-h, 1"loi'ein,-o-l"lo1'I: V. Sandusky 1'lrit'h, Froda-Ston. '2-1, L'ppe-1' Sandusky 1'lrii:h, NciI'Studr-nt '20, Volunibus, Ulrio. l'lrif-h, Thelma '20, Uniwi' Sanduskyu U, line, H. illlpnl '22, Uolninbus, Ohio, 'Van I Van 1I2ll'U:'l', Leroy J. '77, Toledo, tflhio. Van Martor, V. lMatthvwsj '83, lf, Sand. Vanlirsdall, Il. iYoungl '2-1, lf Sandusky Vi-ith, llorothy-Nurse, '24, Lvllllvl' Sandusky Voith, Elnora-Studvnt '20, Bowling' tlrw-ii Vvith, F,-Y. M. l'. A. '23, South Bond, Ind. Vx-ith, Harold-Journalist '21, Ulevvland, U. Yi.-ith, lloroy-Fliig. '23, Vhiladoliiihia, I'a. Visnai-k, Gladys lKui-nzlil '10, L'. Sandusky Vivian, l'amilla lHanr-rj '12, Y. Sandusky Vox-lkor, Hobs-rt '20, LvDI'l4"l' Sandusky- U. X'oj3,'vI, Apfnvs lBui-lilivitl '05, 'l'oI1-do. Ohio. Vogt-l, Alive ll'ironiyerJ '00, Y. Sandusky Vogvl, Edna-Sw-'y. '00, llakowood, tl, Y Vogel, Edward-1'hysif-ian '14, lit-llvvuv, il Page Sevei rhees, l'. ilk-tersl '03, Svattlo XYash. Hfaddell, Estlior NYalton '23, Mt. V4-rnon, U. xlzigiwiy Ll,-Boolc-live-pei' '20, lf, Sandusky XV: XValhorn, Alina Kloinloin '05, L'. Sandusky alborn, Mary lXVallinu'l '07, U. Sandusky agnor, ltalph-Salt-snian '20, Kirby, ilhio. ilbifrry, IP. iSpraguuJ '21, i'UIllIllI'lLlS, O. XV XYalkr-r, H, .El'I1SIJPl'g't'l' '05, Xt-xvord, N, J, I XV XV alker, Murray-Salesman '21, Ulf-vvland nelina iHous0rl '21, L'. Sandusky all, TI Nlfaltor, lflara Beistlo '70, Iwoezisscl. NVaIter, I'Il'!l4'H fI"iIIJSUl1i 'SEL Tolvdo, Ohio, K. -Strn. '2X, Tiffin, Ohio. NYaltvr, NValter, L. -R Pd Vross St-1-'y '02, Zanesville I Nlfalton, B. ll'artvc-D 'L-l, Uppvr Sandusky XYalton, Nora '28, Uliicago, Illinois. NValton, l".-Hook-kiat-ner '20, l'. Sandusky XValton, 41. Norton '02, Upper Sandusky NValt0n, Mario I,uthy '25, U. Sandusky XValton, Myrtlv Bond '05, Uhioago, lll. Nlfalton, Yan-'l't-aolii-r '12, Van Nuys, t'aI. Xlfard, Barbara llfoxl '10, U. Sandusky. XVarfiel, Mary Havliinan '2-1, L'. Sandusky NVarfol, Lauren '23, Upiwi' Sandusky, U. NYarnnsr, Vuha 1lang'r-lsr '00, L'. Sandusky arnt-r, llraifie lM4:Di:t.liJ '07, Item-t-asvcl, arnor, Lou '88, llwfezised. XY NV NVashhurn, Mildred lMor,:'anj '13, t'ol, O. lYatts, Hazel lShuniakt-rl '24, Marion, H. XY9:1l'Ii'y, Hi'IQ'l1 Byvrs '11, 'I'oIr-do, Ohio. NVQ'-avvr, Alice- lStrawl '27, Tarpstor, U. NVoavier, liingoiio '23, l'. Sandusky, Ohio, lX'o'ivz-r, M, Vaininarin '22, Portsmouth, ll. U'41vIiIy, XYvl1dn'II '20, I"ostoI'ia, Uhio, NVwfkly, A. lStornorl '18, Grand Rapids. Xlklidsnian, Laura '23, East Vluvoland, U. XVI-inandy, Harold l", '27, l'mwr Sandusky XVeiningi-r, Gladys Sivitlor '22, Syn-aniort-, XVt-issrouk, Lsiffy Rowland '18, Springfii-ld Nvifist, L. -Y. YV. l'. A. Sf-n'. '10, I't'IIIlil, Kas. XVt'lll'1i'l', Nora llosvl' '14, l':11't'y, Ohio. XVt-ntz, Uscetlizi ll'lunnnJ '01, Marion, Uhio. XX'ost, Lovina Ruopp '10, Coluinbus, Uhio. XVostcott, Salliv '88, Harrison, Ohio. NVi:tnig'I1t, Honiainrf Byers '17, Ft. XVayn1- Nx'IlC!lI.f"I'Jlft, BI. Hoko '2-I, Gallon, Ohio. NVhinnlr-, Ruth lr:-land '23, Tolf,-do, Uhio. XVhito, Anna tllihlvrj '70, lrvilozisotl. NYhite, John '77, Pittshurgli, l'a. NVhito, Zllill lHartlol '20, Ki-nton, Ohio. XVhitmoro, E, Hoinrnorig '22, lj. Sandusky XVhitnt-y, ltivhard '23, Ann Arbor, Mic,-h. NVhitnt-y, Y. -Ti-acflior Maunioe, il. NVidnian L01-fa ll"uii+AoJ '02, Oakland, Val. XVif-dnian, Maynnl '05, lim-vast-d. NVili.-ox, Anna Nowvll '21, L'npsr Sandusky XYillianis, Frank '80, lwceasvd. NVillianis, Minniu Mart-hand '10, Ula-voland XVillih, M. lShaft-rj '13, Bowling Grevii NYilloup:'lilJy, Ulifford '17, Marion, llhio. Xl'illoughhy, Evelyn clilossoinj '23, Tiffin NVillou:'1iby, 1-Ionry '1R, Tiffin, Ohio. Nl'ilson, F. llflianibvrlainl Mt-Cutvlivnsvillo XVilson, lrt-no Swann '10, lj. Sandusky NYinifiold, Lew-fa XVorth '77, lh-on-asvd. XVintorhaldt-r, Karl '53, Vpnor Sandusky XVintt-rhalter, Mamie '03, Uppor Sandusky XVitZul, Edwin '20, Lvflpvl' Sandusky, il. XVitz1-1, lialph '28, Upper Sandusky, U. XVi1'ick, Ll. ISU-bbinsl '07, Own-ns, XV. Va. XVirin-k, Lizzie lStarr4Holinanl '02, llvtroit XVolf, Fi-rn Swihart '25, L'. Sandusky, H. NVolf, flraw-0 '10, Di-1-t'-risml. Xlrood, Cora FUWIQI' '80, I',l'k'UilSL'd. oi-k, Zi-lla My-asv '00, Akron, Uhio. o, Hlancliv ilivlll '01, Tolm-do, Ohio. lrownl '7-1, lvwt-:ist-tl. XVUUFIK' XYorv:II NVorinlvy, I:l"bt'CL'Il II XVol'th, Effio Ilaro '7-1, Tolv-do, Uhio. XVorth, Kathryn Got-tlio '12, Svattlo, XYash. NVorth, Irsni- '73, 'I'olisdo, Uhio. 'ity-one XYo1'tl1, 1,1-1-ff' 1XYinific'1dJ '77, Ilvqeusvci. XVy1iH, li. 1SU'l1ll1 '07, BllC,'1'l'US, Ohm, XY5'k+-1: Iflnxvxlc-.A Grvgg '09, F1-vclvrim-ktmmwll Xtiilllhvfl. Kefnno-th, '21, lh-4-vused. Yinfsqling, V. B1-istlw, '72, I-iuntingtun, Incl. Yu luln 4'1"u-1 1'l'I"lI'h4t"l1 '1" 1+'u1'eNt H v1 . 1 1 ' . . ... , , , YM-hunx. Ruth Hwllunen '11, Obvrlin, O. 1 Y1,1L111:', lfllllilli H111-11 '83, S1111-lclulx, ':1l. Ynung, Fxwlnk '11, Suuinzuyv, Mivh, Yvllllpl, H1-Ivn iS:-11.4113 '12, M111-inn, uhm, "1 X . f 1 "L " LZ J' 4 .---f -f-xffiik f"':,.,. , - Young' Mildrvd '28, Fppm' Sandusky, U. Z1u'l1:1rdy, M,-Nurse '26, tmlumbus, Ohio. ZIU'hIlI'dY, 1':1uI E. '20, Lvlllllfl' Sandusky, U Zumivr, Blnnn-llv Hipsun '91, Buffalo, N, Y Zuhm, Edna IM:n'tig3 '21, Toledo, Ohm. Z:11'11n:1n, L. l'hilb1'ick '26, Tiffin, Ohio. Ze-lln-V, Il: Zixnnwrm Zinlrnwrm 1111 AI.-Tmwlxex' '23, 1'inf-innuti, U un, 1':dXVIl,l'd '29, Lppm' Sandusky un, Ifldwllx,-Svwy BIll'tJl'l'ltIl1 7 Zimmf-rmzan. limb--rt '27, l'p1n-1' Sandusky N I4 - I ,. Q g I Xxx:- 4 61 6 Page Seventy-two V xr- -"Gandhi f w ' .---P " L.'?.h'c lf' -..: 'J , . , . '53 V Z K if X L jj as X51 M I 5 ' X 1, Y! ...AZ 3: 1. -:PA X . nl- 'Q n lf I K- 7 y xx A-1 l Q, 1-1 , V ' X T V '1-', : 1 'Vx' . Imp- S1-x'+-l1ry-Il11'-- F1-In Sfpt UCT. Ur-T. Ort. UCI. Nfrx' NUI' Ym' T , - fe l ,N 14' ' " l W 5 CQ. i,. ,.:-2-Sfrj 'xg":, cr.,-A . , lan' v Bottom row KL. to RJ XVZlI'fP1, Roth, K, McDaniel. Tl'2lX1Pl', H. Swartz, G3I'116'l', Miclrllw row IL. to ll.l J. Hzlrnlzxn, l'a1'1'isl1, J. Swartz, lletvrs, Culver. Secliel. Ilriiigiiiuii, Millm: Switzw. H. Hkll'lllil11. Top row lL. to RJ Thiel, KlQin, VVitzvl, Milligan, Stvvensou. C. McDaniel I-'ludlay f,'l"'SlliIl4' Siwlbj' . I'wflI'+'Sl , 'l'il'I'iu Ji Dl'lliXX'LLl'4 ffz1lvm'T , North Hi"l1 C21 ivy ,,,,,.,l, Halfl, lluulw, Slaltl-r. Hariuoii, Krebs, Disbeuuwt, Gott- SCHEDULE 27 7 26 T 27 ti 0 .19 H 13 lmgl- S1-xw-nty-f-mill' 0 Till 26 Hel T Thu -16 Hel 0 Thu 0 H01 26 HM 0 Tlwl 46 Thl 1 V ' "' H w 1 His second year as coach. The fs, team of this year was devel- tl l ef oped forts. V I 1 l l l l COACH R.-XABE " irough iis untiring "- CAPT. lllvDANIEL Swede has played two 5ea1s. His speed and hard training have been a great help to him- self and team. RAYMOND HANN PM Student Mgr. HAROLD HOT'l'3l.-LN Uheer l.e:uler 'Curly" has been our cheer leader for the past two years Xlways there, always peppy. viii, VN HOXVARD THIEL Student Mgr. t'Happy" has proved a very .X good manager, who has done good manager. Popular - effi- his work well and has been cient. popular with the players. l':i::c Sl"Y41IltX'flVP , J 1 ,L I HOWARD SXVARTZ l'entel' 'Gre-0dy" - A big boy with lots if pep and plenty of skill, prov- Ad a valuable man. XVILLI.-UI SXVITZ E li End wld. A great end. KVILLIAM GARNER. Tackle "Shorty" de-sorvos much credit A steady playin and one we ll mios lil' PI H LE f'l'LV ER Tackle "I511tf'll", a rf-al man and Z1 l:0l:El:'I' LI'I"I'LE truly QI'f'21t playf-r. A towwr of G11g1,1'ql strf-nutli to tlw tr-um for tlirer' "Toad" played EL grvat ganw y"'21I'S. Wo hate to losv him. lmue Si-vf-my-six "Hill", a hard, Sl112lShillg' foot- Jall player. Seldom outsmart- 'Y' Xin!" ,4- L , , ,If H I IP - F ,, v BYRON WAHFEI, End Byron. only a Sophomore, and has already proved his metal. We expect much from him. CALVIN SECKEL Guard Cal Dl0XGd lllI1lS9lf a leal football plaver and a true spolt. We hope hell be back. JOHN SXVARTZ End "Apple", whose speed and grit was a pleasure to watch. He, too, will be greatly missed. -i-l- -qq HA ROLD TR.-XX LER HERBI.-KN STAL'l'Ell Guard Halfback "Trax", although little. was a "Herm" shows great promise. constant worry to opponents, He is only a Sophomore. His gameuess was unusual. lunge Seventy-seven rr it f A p 1-vie ref '-"- I I- .., 3, -- - I'Al'I. RUTH IIIVHARD H,-HDI.-KN EDXV.-XRD PETERS Fullbm-k Quarterback Halfback "DutQh". who was a four year "Dick" has the ability, cour- HEb", for two years has been letter man with ability to play age. and speed to become a a reliable man. His ability as a football and who used it. The great player. He will bear pass receiver will always be team will miss him next year. Watching. reineinbered. SYNOPSIS OF FOOTBALL SEASON The season opened with Findlay on their field. Findlay was victorious, but this only made our team more determined to win their next game. The season closed with a victory. having again won the game with Carey. Although the ground was covered with snow. and a cold wind was blowing over the field, both teams play- ed a very good ganie. The team wishes to thank the student body as a Whole, also the band and the teachers, for their support. Nor must we neglect to express our appreciation to the Faculty Manager, Prof. L. H. Houpt, and assistant, Mr. Derrickson. VVe also must remember that much credit is due Coach Raabe for his splendid work with the team. He not only told them what to do, but showed them how to do it by practicing with them every night. l':igt- Ft,-yi nty-vlzilit ff '59 X f 5 -ici? X -""", - '.:?g"":1 -G,--. A .. I V. ' a x Q. , xxk 3455 n 1 - A . ' K 5 T ' 1 V ' A 1837 U ', E ' ' :':b: :":L , , ' . 1 ",x.'1s,? -A xi. Q 6 .fx If .u x V V. .1 1' 1' 1 ' . ::l. 8 U .4 ., ,.'., .': 1, Lg A - -':,-.1: .:.. . 1 "'i""'i S .N 3 fiifsgfgg. i'fw'gef'2 .f - - S A ." '. 1, . -P 9112 Qt! ' 31 . fl"5'5f " i. '?'e4 :ASK -S - .. .. S -' a,:2g-s in 165, 'Z " Q :f "?-1344 5 '3 . . -- S, IS 4 Vq 1, f if Q S '- Q. -' 1. . . 1 1 J is .2221 1. . 1 T . S. . " ' - 3- I , , - Q S , -5 " A - x ' "' . 1 ' 4 ' 11- Q " I , Q . .- .. . ' ' i Q F 'Q ' S 1 Ek-? W. Q '81 ' Q- if . tb' -If . 4. Qs! .. Q 4 ' ' i' iff' i-'1j'Sfii: 1 " - ., - '-4, S - -'f"'. . 5.?3f 'f . 1536 1 . 1-V W - . Qfyi'-Swjfp Mggjgf.. ...H --1 -f 1. . 1 Q ... we ' .. " - ,- 5 - -" - 1' 42.-5" 'L 9 f ...vbz M fb" - xi! 2 qu , -- 3' 'Q 'A-M MQW , ' p ::" -' 'Wt 11 6, . . , .1-1. gg. , rr VAL? . ,,,,.- f f-:4v 4' 5 . , jf : .g- X . . '1 . S : M i a?" . 1 1 ' 258 f f' '+A Q xi-it .1 ' A ' gr, f fiilgiigffix 'iii ' " Nl HI' DI I E In- Z1 Adu ,, D lf, H. H. S. 0 0 -. Here Inav. :Ir In-l:1w:n'w . 120 L'. S. H. S, .,... .. 18 There Jun. fi Vnnluf. . 17 L'. S. H. S. ......, 27 The-re Jun, 11 Buwyrus ,,,.. 117 L'. S. H. S. ....... 121 Here Jun, IT Siflnvy .......... Ili lf, S. I-l, S. ..,,.,. 27 Hvrc Jan. 24 fm:-wy ,.,, ........,. 1 1 U. S. H. S. ....... 323 He-re .Ia 11. 31 Shvlbj. ....... ..,.. Lf T L'. S. H. S. .. ....... 13 HCPC- I"f'fJ. T Vrwstlim' . .......... 111 U. S. H. S, .. ....... 17 TIIOFG' V1-h. 8 "arf-y .... .,.,,.,,,, 1 IZ L'. S. H. .. ....... 29 There I-Vlb. 1 l I"nr'w4st ..... 2141 U. S. H. S. ....... 44.1 Horo lfffh, 12 Vnlvf-1-1 ..... :fs LT. S. H. S. ,. .. 27 Tlwre- Ifflh, 151 xvllllllll' .......... 14 LT. S. H. S, ....... 31 HE-re I'."b. 2: XX'hm'mrn ..... 24 U. S. H. S. .,..... 4U Here Mu r. T Xthurlw r 1 ...... 35 If. S. H. S. ...... 21 Bucyru Page Mighty' WP A '7"" B0 YS ' BASKET BALL Coach Raabe returned to us this year after a year's absence and found thirty- five boys out for the first Basbelball practice. Among this number were Harman, Scheidegger, McDaniel and Garner from last year's team. The season was inaugurated in November by a game with the Ada High cagers, which resulted in our first victory of the season. Much enthusiasum was shown and the team was given good support by the local fans. Although we lost some of our games by a close score we learned to take our losses as good sports should. However, we can still say that U. S. H. S. has never lost to her rival and neighbor, Carey. Our season was not so successful this year, having won 8 and lost 6 games. But we were never outclassed and always did our best. We were beaten by Woodward High of Toledo in the tournament. However, we had them beaten up to the fourth quarter and had we not slowed down at that time the game would have been ours. We wish to give honorable mention to those players who worked so faithfully during the week and then sat on the bench during the game, for where could the team have gotten without them? Also to Wm. Switzer who, as Manager, was able so see us safely through another year. VVe thank the business men and rooters of Upper Sandusky for their support. Especially do we thank our Coach for all the effort he put forth to have a winning team and for all the things he helped us with during the season. -Robert Johnson '30 I'ap:o Eighty-out YEL Fl Pi? EE BK V.-11 ts! l ya. LH' X17 IHA LH! 'il-5" 1. my it-' LUX fa. :1 my vw . 5 V, ,- fy! hifi X . fa H 1.'.-.X in F3 Q3 INA 'H L QTEK Gi H, fbi! ,M F5 IBN E-! E242 'ei Am sy , ,m Fd .Hi 3322. L: -4 .J L 1 E1 V' Ll f-'-X YE' Q '1lni.' LHR 7-Ay Ex Biff TH FV .CQ IF? Bi H -X--T-fffv-E'f f w1--:--4- 'b-7fff'z14'-f-- 1-4 - ff- 211 ' -f :-,1. -.-5-,Q ., ,.f5.4, ,-xl .,,,.-s..ff W. -uf..- . A 4 LW, A V , F, CJUEFE, Um, ESS ,JL lm. :tg 1123, -1:7 EE. fir, 22- an 35. ,125 11.1, '- Lfffgu. 2-2-. If I-I-9 m M m 1: -f 4- J 4 ,Y N -fm Q- -- -K - YV V- ,Y f V .. - ., ,. -., ,.-V-.,--- ,4-,-- -,,-,AA-4,,,q,l-,,,.L,- THE I DIA VILLAGE NN UAL En1T1f11 A N11 PL'B1,1sHEu BY THE SENIOR CLASS UPPER SAIWYDUSKY HIGH SCHOOL I 9 3 0 fbi-. L- .V.- ,,,. V -X-, Y - ., Y' V -.- 7' M K , - 3, wg, 1? iggf wa I5 IFA E, YF,- 'fgfl 14'-X rg' 25511 E, 15, , J 'DD' A. Q- 5 " Ig .Q 4 H25 M 'FV .mia ffm ia' wen nyf! 41.12 NE Fl Ia? . 1 -1-if Lux f '.l G E! 1' .x I1 E 9 Yin!! 1 ' 5 H 5 ,mlm fu ,x .1 'E .1 ,J QAJ' .LHR E F3 'bfi IHA 'Q 'Ig-ff' .flux .J .1 E5 -:fr N re J 511 5 5 'iii r , ' .K H E 'QQI .- 'A H E 'QR 1 'A H 5 BE. YO f.'.K B. 45 A '- ' '-'V' L'-' ' N. ll" " . FF AI . -gy ' L ,-gn 1. ... ,-'- ,-,-, " -F, I 54' I .241 I L,f51i.v,Q7.5r-g,,Q.11L,,gi5vK.,,i5T.LMA-2.5K Jn. is . ,Q E T T I 1 ,xkeuff-, ,,,,1.,,.q,1:rxg,.,I3,. -Q5 Irvra 115 lr-Ac. IU Jan. 3 Jan. 11 .Ia n. Zl Jan. 31 I-'f-h. T Fr-h. 8 Ffh. ll Fvh. 21 F'-b. ZZ! P?- f- ,Xfln ...,,,.,,, IJ1-l:swnl'f' Yu nluo Buf-yrus V1 I'4- X' Nr-x :mfln f'r1'sLlil1f- ',':nI"'B' Ifur-'QV xqilfllllf' U'h:nl'luln SFHEDULE 11 . 5. H.I 5. .... 19 Lf s. H Q 11 LT, S, II 47 U. H. . :az U. S, H 21 U. s. H nz U. s. H iff? U, S, II U ' L' Q 11 . .. H. 5. .. "T L' Q .. . .. H. 5. .. . D LT. S. H I'-lgv Eiullty-i.wo HC'l'c There There HC-re Here Hcru Thore- There Hcrc Here Hero .. . K- . g Q'-"Q-4495? K , -.. , .:-- -if-, , i'2:--f--- .. Je- ' Q Q f :tt f f W l GIRL'S BASKET BALL FOR 1930 The Basket Ilall Squad of l'pper Hi started out with a "Bang". Forty-two girls Came out to practice the first night. Everyone was excited about the new Coach, Miss Meyers. Of course everyone knew by this time how she was as a teaeherfbut no one knew how she was as a Coach. They soon found out. however. that the old adage was true: "A word from the wise is sufficient". In time many dropped out but there were still enough for three teams. The night the coach selected the first team to play in the Ada game, surely was a fatal one. Everyone's heart was beating fast. VVe won orer the Ada girls by three points. Preparations began for the Carey games soon. VVe won by seven points. The pride of all U. S. H. S.!! VVe hope we may win next year, too. This sadly ends the Basket Ball career of four Seniors: Louise Halbedel, Fern Smith, Dorothy Courtade. and Mildred Smith. VVe hope that all the others have as good a time as we have had during our years of Basket Ball. "Louise", who usually acted as Captain, always played her best as forward. VVhen she was too closely guarded she would throw the ball to "Jane or "Kate" who al- most never missed a basket when they shot. "Tuffy" played guard and also jump center. She Could out jump nearly all of her opponents and when she played guard she absolutely could not be beaten. Then comes Dorothy Courtade. Although this was her first year out for Basket Ball, she made the team most of the time. She was always there. no matter where: on the floor.or in the air. "Fern" was one of our best guards. She was usually referred to as being "dirty". But she never went out on fouls. Then I'm next, being just another one of those "dirty" guards. XYe also have many very good subs:-Madeline Bolish, Helen Stephan. Helen VVil- Cox, Mary Neumeister, and Iluth Arnistrong. These girls were always faithful and willing to fight when they were sent into the game. Then here's to our manager, "Sadie", always at hand with her "first aid kit". We want to thank her for mending all our broken bones, as it sure was needed. We, the Seniors of 19330, bequeath all our knowledge of Basket Ball to the team of 1931. XVe hope they may have a winning team and much luck during the year of 1931. -Mildred Smith '30 Vag e liighty -three rs L Q1 VD f J ' I :fwfr -1-f' '12 - -1?-fffiggif-ij 50 -r- -,J-11 ,--- FW 2' 9 1 I ff 'lf X Q ydcgix D :.6F?fL" 1, -2 .., , .. H! W , f'PA5TnoNiz o VERTISERS , 'J'-,CZ -. --- - -- . . -...' ..,..'-37:51 ::-:-.:'F::-:-w'.':--gzgx.. 4.is-if-:Ziz:'s95'1'fiifff2f-f--'' ""'-111'E'21:1:f1:?:I:i5-S'1- if 11111-'N .-'j:g:523:3Zijz:m:f1 --4-zigzlf-1"-W2-1 -.-' -ti.1'E113:E1E1f:' ,-L-.:.f.zy1:5l .-i,gr1,-' "-':",. : 6' -'f ' z'-- ,gf . Hi ll IF' 1 :F . ,,. ... a.--.4::...:.:.jz'AV , wh ....fss5sgfy5:2:fs. ., ., 'fffh -'-'-'gg:g:r1::2-5.-:2:'-jg-.-.ag-2:-In f- Ei. ,'--.rEH2:5:::f. 53.3-.-1 - ""' " .L gc ,,'.?5,3:-1152135113511 .. : 'ua--3: :':--'--.551 . , . . .. 11555 .. .... , .1.:.,g-1,g- " ' ",'g1-'-1.315 -.1iE11Q1222QL:1 'v' .. . . 4.2 -' ..:::::-'---: 3':iilf5iii3'I i'. r:"frffiEf-26'-I-fs''ii-LJ' ' 15' :JW 1-a'.-H5?Z-'lt-:- A . .2 '- "P55:2E52: '-.2 5-E7 I-1507113-'Z'I-E' ' -if I Z:EE?i'113" -31 'N ' 54112152-gzj., .f-4'f,5s351'1z2g-:.,-e:'1HgL5,,. Lf-' f Q -, . ,-:..g.:.4.,,- . -,,:4,- .,,, -,.:...,.: -..-. w I, -qiz.,-3.5.--.31-7151 -. 1:::5-rs.-, 1 ,:-if-3 . :::,:5:1g:52 . ----Ku. imap Q-J " L 'PEEYFH ''.i'-fl-ff,"'.-wif:-3f::"' 5 '55-: . ...iz-: I Lx.. - ,. .. u, -. 3 . . ...M- 1 vu Y Q 1- :-:- ,.-'- ' gf., . :g:.1.?1-' --:z-1 . 2::1?'3lf:r- ' -Y "1" :.'5E'-'E5f:: f'. .::::35.g-,-:I -, ' :,- , :' .,-5 2:55.23 -A '-' U 1. 'Ola 1' I . -' ' I 4 -, 1 1 1 N .' E ,L -4 1 ' ' , N A ., -. I , "., -. .1 K " . .. . . ,. -r":...,,.. ' .. .. . . X. I. Q 4 .. .: z .g::::::1"."-0:3 -..--:aff :'-a'-- ..-:'":::1::'7:f.-32'-':r.:--:'., '-FJ - -1-E111-'.-?.f-eff, tr -ui, r... , F N S. 713: I M..,:Q.n Z IL... 5,1-Jggzwq, -5,Iji35::z21g:1:5g:gg ...L Q: gj:,gm:::5::13z:,3 - ---rua.. Lf' 'f-1- -.1111-1:":-191: ' -"" 'L j ln. M If N 0 J' f l , P,-1 gi' - n . . . x 1 ll at A' N LQVX 5 F 1 Pk Ts? i , '- 'z, ' ':,' ' 'g' ' f A 1, , , Q," I C' 1 4 v' f -I y W ' " -A " H I' -. F' H X? 13, "., S:-, -. , VH- ,XY 1 " ' n X f J kt 1 S x ' lr V J. Xp 4. x,. --g..-, -'H ' 'F ff- V , 'L' ,' 1 A pr , 2 ' .law . , 1 2 'itil I 11: ' " J L x " ' -' T 6 U ' 'sl . 1 . ' I K ' 1 -fx ' r Y ' xi , H .I I -. - .f - -. 'J-'11',: -:':::.-Z-g:- .f.1-- , -,gif-':.-,-:'.1 1,-.1 Q-Ez..-.-5-.1.z11' 1. l , -. -...-11-2-tag,-W :ff '-f F A , ' iQ .-' --.1Zf.1: H U 1" A3 5' , :GR .-: . Ti , , .. 1 H "5-'3?:?'1f3?1 Nb 'F' 1- ' 1--. -g -- ' A ,. gjfj' ffhflfz'-gg - . Q-.'.11:-:5. . N P, -T."-. 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A 1. 1 24.5, , .. -ig-1212:-: :-' T4 . :,:Q..': -1,1-.gigziqrigz 'fu:lQ'f' . .:f:9,-,E 2153.-Eiiz' -I-3 -zzigf. 5iQ.gt1:g::g3.-. . -15134 2f,':: "1-,,1:? :lj ,'-'-"F-'ffhifiim 'Yr-af", "I-55: '35:E1l'- "Ti" .:5':Y:1 327' -W:--5:i1:2:5. ' "Fa 55"-'-4. ' ' 51132. 1:::::z:glig .,f--I-N J-:.--: :--2- Hz 1 .'-f:--'. .r2-F :J"'- . ': 1' , --1:-- T ff-':':2EEE::.z.f 457.11 .. . : -:W-1'5553'2f' ' ' - .5 nd ,A 1z'.f.ET-'-'.f:qJgtl3 ' ':!f V ' - V ii.. 1:'-'1'-'-fvisgz 'lfiffg . 5Z12:iEEig1 13 3: 552.71 flgf. '3'3'?5?iti5,-' ' 'ff' ' .::, 1., 4.1 A I'27'5.''-1':'ii-'.'3I53S?K' if-iv Wh: dvi- .-'-1441 mae. va- . ' . .n-:1.- . B, '- ..-in fqrgggqgffg 1 V 11:::: 1553- I --rf 'Z ' , ...1".1:'S..- 2-17. - ' 'ifif-E-'fs - . , . - P 4?f'Q'fQ52 9- A '5'?E?!:Z X-'Q-fff 1:39 5- 755:54 E:-'..sz?11::f.ie 5 9?f:'r'f?55555j5i2 5555? mm 'fifi . ' ii" ,asa :'Q'5": ':":'f5i15i'rf We rv-1 , 11212E2lX1'1 azz- af-:.-:y ive. -4 Z?" Eiifcfs' :Adi :.':.':.1.5:'gz A L: .'l:,,-5.,.:,: ' . I n "'5:5:5f-- mif --1-j':,Q1jg-V:-Q 1 'g':Zf- g.5.j.-1 .55-: J ' I l .,-G2-2'?E1'-",51l'fL'Z ""f:f2:-LQ' A , -:f , .yzfgzfsss ':::Z1i'J51. .-ifirgzi T4 wfiff-HW f:.-. if-f-" 1' ' '...-11 ' .fa-1.2:-S.. .-115522123 . . .- -"':f:i5!5ff'3 11:-. mf . AA M --.fee 1 +:-we. - --.dw-2:-. .. : . --.., I-.j.'.-:1z':1C-iff., I f RX: ' 'iii v-15, . , t U My N V - I lx I Q , YQ 1-g.g.":,-:gig f . i 1. r " V . , . . Q- ff?-5 ':?9??gT,f 'A -ffm' THE CA T NGIPAVI NG fd El ECTR TYPE CD. E5.'5i:.'2-' ' -5.-'H fsxjjriifa A N T 0 O H O -"-I'Z?1I:2 . gl- 'I fl E 6 AV E I? S 0 F TH I S A N N UA f.'5-'.'.13:ff-1ffg"g,, -" .f,"j',: , .,.,,.:,,h .,,.,. -A, .J -. 1, 4 ., 7.33 ,. 3:53115-ff' 521552. . . - lmgl- I'1ix.:hly-six T I .7 'L , 4 , ' f 'X I 1 . '-I U "'Qf-"".i -:,,. ,.. J, . ,' 4 BENTZ 5 mall HM- STCDRE Upper Sandusky Successor to Smitlfs 3 85 lllc Store With 'Variety 0hl0 Departments Our motto is to please the people of this community. and to give them 22141 best merchandise at all times. at the lowest prices possible. A iew hints as to what you can buy at BENTZ 5 8 I0 TENT STODIIE Vamly Hosiery Tin ware Hzu'1lu'zu'e Stationery Toilet Gmuls lilICllt'llXYill'0 Granitewuro Paint h!'lI5llt", Srllunl supplies Picnic- supplies Stains. lzicuuei-s llzulieas silk zlml 1-115 un umler LLill'lll!'llT' .xlllllllllllill inure t'urt:iil1 nriterizils Lzulies purses :iml .llllllilhilltfs l":1m'y Glass wziv-L' !':iinr emum-I. Xl!l'Ill'll House cleaning supplies l,a4!i1'-' :xml Hens' lim- In-Its l"um'5 :xml linlnn-teal lPlsll1'9 umi Vliinzv ALL SEASONABLE MlCRCl'lll,NDlSE IN SEASON Manager Assistant Manager Robert F. Echelberry Russel Roth Mr. Houpt lln l-listurywi 'tlluss--Il. XII: llollumlt "XYlw is IIII' smart- cau you sive I.iucolu's GI-Ivysliiiru Ml- I-sl imiu lix'iu:'?" dress?" .lwllu SXYLIVIZI HTIIUIIILIS .X. liilisou. llussell l'l1'+'ll4'l'lf'IiI t'H11li'."."."?'? l He iuv-urell ilie iili-viiorwallli ami 111-I clidu't tliiulz they lll1lllIll'l'1'4l liousf-s lu rmlio so people woulml slap up all uiallt them days!" aml use llis+lw'r1'EIi' liclu luillwsf' IF YOU BUY ANYTHIN WE SELL IT WILL PAY YOU TO GET OUR PRICES We Specialize In Coal Feed rain and llildin ' if aterials THE U. S. COMMISSION COMPANY Oscar J. Weiker. Manager Your Patronage Is Solicited We Also Manufacture the Famous "Melrose" Food Products l'.iu.' l-lnuiivx -41-l"Il COMPLIMENTS OF A. K. Hall 8. H. L. Mason Attorneys - At - Law Miss Grace E. Neate, Assistant Upper Sandusky, Ohio Kathryn Betz: "Where-'s your friend, Helen Hagenmaier?" Mary Louise Snyder: "Well, if the ice is as thick as she thinks it is, shes skating. If it's as thin as I think it is, shes swimming." Ellis-Martin Sales - Authorized Service Upper Sandusky. Ohio GIFTS THAT LAST Imlivitluaility - Grace - llefinement - HU' 0 XXL aff- f . KX ag Qc ..:7?""' 'Y ,:'. ' U4 N il S tam l s as 7 his f 5 is tai L L ll 5 ll S, 0 All these are associated with the gifts XVI-I SELL HART - SNYDER .IEXYI-lI.ERS Upper Sandusky, Ohio Mr. Raabe: "Paul, why don't you answer me?" Paul Roth: "I did shake my head." Mr. Raabe: "Did you expect me to hear your brains rattle clear up here?" H. STRASSER 81 SUN Electrical Contractors Construction and Repairing ELECTRICAL FIXTURES Supplies Appliances Motors Radios Refrigerators, Etc. Phone 346 102 East Wyandot Avenue Upper Sandusky, Ohio Pago- I'Ii:.fhty'e-iglul , , -. -1 11... L Cc5.,. ..- .-i' ..,,k4qf- -,,,'..,".,- . A - - N3JF"!'T'9"" 'H T 'Nq ff f w 3 L ft" Q, If Jw Q .- LI ' L' X i ii . r 1. .T f,, , , . . 3 ii QQ f Qi , '5 ,fa I .5 . 3 Perfection May Not Be Obtainable, But I ' 'I Those Go Fiffhefwho Strive For It. cr v rr f, 'A DOCTORS BQWMAN I. N. BOWMAN, M. D. J. CRAIG BOWMAN, B. S., M. D. Ig: 5 . ,, gl. 3 Pl-I ,Q . Y f . i' i ' X-Ray Lois A. Lehman, R. N. i Pathological Laboratory Margaret L. Stayman. R. N. , , Physiotherapy Department Edna G. Hale, Associates .3 fx-bl' - A f lnll U 1' 'fa -,i v :Am-...., i f i f L--- dl- , 1- 7 I 1 i s Q 4 ,: -t , 1 J X f an fn ffqlgf I n X E . - V 'Q' -il l ! I --. , - - ,- .3 , Calmes 81 Mossbrugger PLUMBING and HEATING SERVICE ALWAYS 128 North Sandusky Avenue Call 328 Upper Sandusky. Ohio The American Steam Laundry The Home of Soft Water Upper Sandusky. Ohio Let Us Do Your Washing 207 Main St. Phone 119 - - - -:: -:4:1....5- - .X Phone 69W 5I4 NN.. Johnson St. FLO YY E R S for Every Occasion S A ll RI E T The Florist sai THE STAR THEATRE BEST PRODUCTIONS NI'ss NI.-5 's' "X-Q s - I- I I I I I I I I I I I I . , ,I . II I, . ,E 7 Ii?I'f' . ..Y - RI '. I' "I 2 II II I I III I I II I II I I I II I H I I I I I I 1 I I COIIPLUIENTS OF BALOUF BARBER SHOP South Sandusky Avenue Upper Sandusky. Ohio COAIPLIMENTS OF L. J. Rake! nnv CLEANING Alva Smith TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE 132 East Wyandot Avenue W. C. ROUP LIFE INSURANCE There is a Reason- The fear of living too long. The fear of dying too soon.

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Upper Sandusky High School - Indian Village Yearbook (Upper Sandusky, OH) online yearbook collection, 1933 Edition, Page 1


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