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Upper Perkiomen High School - Walum Olum Yearbook (Pennsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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A W' N , AM 1' 1 I 1 X. 1H."'U,' - 'wiilx ,Q-gg :lf r u A ,-1 hx 55:55 AAF 'XZ ff'iW5' N rififff, 3139? 2- 19-,"Q2,n Q mf. N: , TVR: 'fi ww, 2, nity -3 311 gl '-f7'afz'f"- I. 315.5 Qjmx xg ,,-1,3 k inf' f .MB 5 .f y. L. x . .I Af ' 1 '.3ergdQQ'l!21?" ?'3' . fn M bw- my - mga. 7.2-wi' 'fg 'a'f:95?- .- Q' A E?-"-5, '-!. I W' . r. .V ,v--5,1 :I gg ng 1:-J 1 -f, .n4L,.,. . , . ' ffagx .-1--.. QQ: Y- L , 653.4 f Q 'P , .,z ..t.-Q . 1' f "3 -'Nl' ns - , +4-. '. - ' ,- S-A , " ,- ,5-4 1.91 f 1 , A . L I drift: S ,Y , I 5, Fl AJHW' is -y Q' U.. !, tv 3 ,. . i'gg"h"N of: .. , ! ' ' " s". ' .,.1j,.. 15,36-::,:5. .2 . a s 1-5'Y?.f.n .. .. A , , ,J - . Huis .., -5 , L' gf: V -' ' - ,i QE! .fi Hg-L as avg: , , 4,'l.' 5 'LL 7. Q. -. h' 7 .. , inf' , 1 ft nj .1 '3-L',,'f, . S ,Ig I V ff' -dm . 1 . " v, , . " 1 IL . .. , A I Y . .Ji a 1' ru ffir x ,J Ns af S '-L' J-" QF! Q, , -1,1 Q-wig!!-3 I A, 'Q vw-- 1 0 A 1 ' dh, a : pil QQ: ' , mfg! A .A , , .JG Q FE, .1 'ff . '- Q -' '44 4 5. .. -74-V -if?-if 'L ' ' riff? '. -' 5.5, ,N ,. . J .-'f1nffki',f Qinih, I .KL ..,s,.4 , , X. . 1 " M' ' , 'J Q1 QA , 1 .. , I, na , .Q E 3 ' A' . 1 N ' f 1 ' 3 - , iw ' 4 ,-f,4r'.? sg Y Q". " s ' Q1 . ' N N' S s IJ EQ . . H A 6" v .1 1 I rfb' -I' ,F Q V P Y . wb, Q' ,Q S, I v au. Q n ,. X I '1 5 Q- 54 TE' ' Pi fi ' 94.0 fic: Q 91 Sv Wig? 'ragga' 'ved :if 1 N - i f 4, '- N .' . I A f ' 1,49 . , - M175 . -, A gg: , -. ,v..'f .5, . 1' J..-1 ' Lv I ' 4., . ,u ' '- n A sv' ,. -.1 J . .ian , . .:,.1. Q-,J I . , "' .- uf I VJ- un' .4 5- " 1 - f- 'Q . I .n j--1'-' f - M" 33? ,,-:Qi v . .5 :VL r- we' , s -1? .1 .' ' LV" . " z, ' 'Z 5 , ? ' 1 2'--I 3 ' 'l.'f':' .Q- L5' N fo N TN 'ja - . ' -, , ? T I W , in 1966 WALUIVI GLUIVI UPPER PERKIOIVIEN HIGH SCHOOL EAST GREENVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA The Class of 1966 presents um.,-. w N , s , , 1 ' .. .,, Q- ' Y, Q ,tal an K f '11 ' 1 , ' In 5 y ,lf A - H- - sw fp , M- .. 0 if-Nfefh: 'WY' " ffsf, f, 'Q f 4 ' f ,' I -f L,wZ,4aQ7 - WJ gi, 9+ . 'g'3.V gfgea,pfef:'w ' 4,-"'?:-are g.,-'M M 4. - , 3 1 sk, yfjqggn- VM J", -pg ' I f ' - L 5 3' - so W, L N,-W.. 'fi ' ' . be 4 '1 Q 4- f f Q 4 N sv V- f. Af .f X , - 7 .4 . f - K M I .VA A V , "" ,- ,, c I af y," K, 1, x X, rf, K, W, 8, . 4 . X fn . w f , uv V can .,.q,3,, A ,. 1 1 ,sf R g. ,A V . Q., , sg , . J , , ' K .' ' . ' H , ,. 4 ,M 1 - 4 X - .fx- 2 HSCHGGL LIFE" Haw. A - Y '11 QL WZW wr, SGZQJQQH 12,5 ka, lwgmiwv gigifgiil' VQPMQ M ., 1 14 G . ,I 4 M nv 34 Q-, f ' X ' ' " ' b , -Q :QM A . -., V x ' ..,, -2 35 ? -. -W M, Am--1-v- -H1 Am ' 5 f' 'J Ee' V. MM W, I. F, - . an " 7 . ,,, ,Q f 'if' i ' " , ,W ' V ,F , Q4 7 M-14-.,,"y f ,, ,megggggg A ' gay g:.,.1g ' A. if ff gf? S i,EQ..,q2i'f'fj,.,3mf'w-fp V ' , , Q! V23 Lmi,,t,, L,A,A ,Y ,.,., 3' ,,.,, . Q Q- i'fw"'5Z'ww3Q4fW34-5251.591424 ., i 2 Y 3 6 6 ational News-1965 I A Wavefor Friendx-Cuban refugees waved to Cuban exiles on shore as their coast guard cutter approached Key West last fall. Such emotional scenes occurred frequently after Castro announced his "open door,' policy, allowing certain groups of Cubans to leave his dictatorship. 2 Pioneer in Space-Astronaut Edward White stepped from his Gemini IV space capsule and into the void of space last June. Majnlames McDivitt, his companion on a ZV2-day orbital i'light,had to coax White back into the capsule after he had traveled 20 minutes sus- pended from Gemini IV. Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad were the next space twins to orbit the earth. They completed their 8-day flight in Gemini V during August. 3 Medicare Bill Signed-President johnson signed the Medicare Bill into law july 30 with former President Truman at his side. VVitness- ing the event that had far-reaching effects on Social Security benefits for the elderly were Cleft to rightj Lady Bird Johnson, Vice President Humphrey and Bess Truman. The ceremony was held in Truman Library in Independence, Mo. 4 Temporagf Mood-Dodgers Manager Walter Alston's mood of de- jection after the Minnesota Twins won the sixth World Series game did not last long. The Dodgers emerged victorious in the 7th game and captured the pennant. 5 Double Spare Spectacular-Astronauts Wally Sehirra and Tom Stafford got this view of the Gemini 7 spaceship December 15 while traveling in their Gemini 6 craft for their historic rendezvous adven- ture. Schirra and Stafford rode their red-hot craft back to earth the following day, but Gemini 7 completed a 14-day mission before its re-entry. Making the longest and most significant voyage in space in Gemini 7 were Frank Borman and James Lovell,Jr. 6 Pleafur Peace-Pope Paul VI stood before the United Nations General Assembly in New York on October 4 to deliver his plea for ,nv-0 world peace, His unprecedented, one-day visit in the U.S. was the culmination of plans by men of all faiths. 7 Ajfer Surgegz-President Johnson was photographed in a reclining chair at Bethesda Naval Hospital the day after his gall bladder op- eration on October 8. He conducted the work of his office from his hospital room and his Texas ranch during his recuperation. 8 Proud Student-Charles Craig, 19-year-old freshman at Iowa uni- versity, demonstrated his criticism of draft-card burning incidents by displaying his draft card on hisjacket with the note: f'I'm a draft card carrying American and proud of itf' Our role in the Vietnamese war sparked the incidents. 9 Blarkou!-The glittering metropolis of New York City was thrust into darkness on November 9 by a massive power failure affecting hundreds of miles along the eastern seaboard. City residents and commuters were stranded in offices, railroad and subway stations for hours before service was restored. The crippling condition was caused by a faulty relay at a Canadian generating station near Niagara Falls. lo New Ambasmdar-Arthur Goldberg was named U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations by the President after the death of Ambassa- dor Adlai Stevenson on july 14 in London. Goldberg was secretary of labor under President Kennedy and a U.S. Supreme Courtjustice when named to the U.N, post. I I Startling Fashions-Bold and contrasting blocks of color were the youthful fashion note of 1965, The eye-catching designs even ex- tended the length of campus stockings worn with the costumes. 12 Rzyfalg on Tour-Princess Margaret and her husband, Lord Snowdon, arrived in New York on November 4 for a whirlwind tour ofthe U.S. During their visit, they took time out for fun-filled activi- ties such as a ride on a cable car in Frisco and gala parties in Holly- wood and the nationfs capital. hi 49 . , ,- X iw gif, ', p,.,.. 3 1 i 1 World News--195 I Humanitarian Dies-Dr. Albert Schweitzer died in September at Lambarene, his primitive hospital at the African jungle outpost of Gabon. The famed physician, who reached his 90th birthday in January, worked most of his life to relieve the suffering of jungle natives. 2 Queen Speaks-Queen Elizabeth II dedicated the John F. Kennedy memorial at Runnymede, England on May 14. Mrs. Kennedy is seated to the left and Prince Philip to the right ofthe queen. Carolyn Kennedy is seated between the queen and her mother, and Sen. Robert Kennedy stands behind Mrs. Kennedy. 3 Miss Universe-The reigning queen of beauty in the universe dur- ing the year was a representative from Thailand. 4 Bosch Returns-Former Dominican Republic President juan Bosch was vehement in his address at a rally September 25, shortly after his return to Santo Domingo. 5 Wim in Run-Of-Charles deGau1le polled 55.2 per cent ofthe vote in a run-off election against Francois Mitterrandon December 19. The vote gave DeGaulle the French presidency for another 7 years, but the strength of the Socialist-Communistic candidate corroded the popularity of the 71-year-old president.. 6 Agrcex to Cease-Fire-Pakistani Foreign Minister Zulfikar Bhutto Qrightj agreed in the U.N. Security Council on September 22 to ac- cept the Council's cease-fire order in the undeclared war between Pakistan and India. Pakistanis announcement came after India had agreed to the order. 7 Abortive Coup Fails-Indonesian President Sukarno was toppled from power for a brief 20 hours last fall. He gestured at a cabinet to meeting on October 6 during his first public appearance after the coup, which seriously shook his one-man rule. 8 Soviet Winner-Russian author Mikhail Sholokhov was vacationing in the Ural region on October 18 when he heard he had been awarded the 1965 Nobel Prize for Literature. The December award ceremony was held in Stockholm. 9 Return to Desolation-Hundreds of families returned to the wreckage of their homes, destroyed by eruption of Taal volcano, south of Ma- nila, on September 28. Volcanic ash covered a six-mile-square area. The death toll was estimated at 500. 'l0P1ice cy' War-The number of casualties increased as the U.S. stepped up its military action in Vietnam. American advisors took part in many helicopter missions, carrying wounded soldiers, both Vietnamese and American, to copters on makeshift litters for evac- uation to Saigon. ll il Reason to Celebrate-Chancellor Ludwig Erhard of West Germany waved to a cheering crowd in Bonn after his Christian Democrats surged to victory in the September 19 parliamentary elections. Mayor Willy Brandtis Social Democrats suffered defeat in the voting. ' 12 Colonia! Rule Shaken-Rhodesian Premier Ian Smith broadcast a proclamation of sovereign independence for Rhodesia on November 11. The split from Britain was made in an attempt to insure a white minority rule of the African colony. It was the First such move against Britain since the American colonies broke away in 1776. Britain re- taliated swiftly and took the problem to the U.N. Security Council, which asked all nations to enforce an oil embargo against the Afri- can colony. ' 'I 2 WALUIVI OLUIVI HISTORY About 1000 A.D. a famous tribe of Indians known as the Leni Lenape invaded eastern Pennsylvania. These "original people" settled in our area and inscribed their history in a "book" made of birch bark plate. This "book," called the "Walum Olum," was the first primitive eastern Indian record which can properly be called a book. Since the Leni Lenape were prominent in our area and called their history the "Walum Olum," we, the class of 1966, should like to record the history of our class in our "Walum Olum." 1 l xx' it TABLE OF CONTENTS Theme - - - Dedication --------' Administration and Faculty - - - - - Senigrg ........... Underclassmen . - Sports ---.-. Activities - - . 8 l Page Page Page Page Page Page Page A 15 1 4 DEDICATION Defending freedom is never an easy task. But to do it in a far off land, against a sly and dangerous enemy is extremely difficult. The United States soldiers are fighting in Viet Nam so that the fighting will not be fought in the United States. His courage and devotion, even in the face of criticism at home and abroad, best exemplifies the American ideal. Victory will not come easily for them, but they will always have a special place in the hearts of every true American. lt is for this reason that we the class of '66 in recognition of their heroic struggle against tyranny dedicate our yearbook to the United States fighting men in Viet Nam. x - E LJ 1 1 4 , OFF ICE a 624-M 9623" f FACU LTY AND ADMINISTRATION JOINT COMMITTEE AND INTERIM OPERATING COMMITTEE: STANDING: Stanley Rauch"', Richard D. Johnson, Ralph W SITTING: Dr. George A. Baver, Pres." Curtis D. Kuhns, V. Engle, Kenneth Kleinbach. Pres."' R. Winfield Smitht, Robert B. Walkert, Otto A. Kocht' 'Members of the Joint Committee. UPPER PERKIOIVIEN SCHOOL DISTRICT Dr. George A. Baver Ralph W. Engle Stanley S. Fox Heinz A. Herrmann Richard D. Johnson . Edward Kleinbach Kenneth Kleinbach Otto A. Koch C. Donald Lechner Meryl W. Markley Earl E. Minnich EAST GREENVILLE BOROUGH John Brunner Richard H. Kressley Curtis D. Kuhns Marvin Moyer Robert H. Shaner, Jr. 12 Stanley Rauch P. Alton Rieg Harvey A. Schwoy R. Winfield Smith John H. Swope Robert B. Walker Sf Floyd W. Boyer Supervising Principal Now that you, the Class of 1966, have completed the first twelve years of your formal education, I sincerely hope that each one of you has gained an apprecia- tion for education and a sincere desire to continue your formal training. You should consider yourself fortunate to be born as citizens of a country which offers unlimited opportunities for success in whatever field you may choose as a vocation.'The only limitation to your contributions is your own po- tential. lt is only by continued training and preparation that one's potential can be increased. Whatever your vocational choice may be for the future, you will be required to continue your education either formally or informally for the remainder of your natural existence. It is my profound hope that you may have gained the skill of seeking know- ledge and sifting out and retaining the desirable fragments and discarding the undesirable. If you have acquired this skill, andif you will use this skill for the benefit of so- ciety, your education has been very profitable to you and to society. Floyd W. Boyer, Supervising Principal. 13 C.A. Roth Principal You are about to shut the door on your "Student Life" as you have lived it at Upper Perkiomen. You will, however, take with you many happy memories you experienced in your academic endeavors, your social functions, your athletic games, and other extracurricular activities. Your participation and performance in all these areas had been commendable. Congratulations! It is hoped that such a well-rounded program has provided you with the know- ledge and judgement to help you solve the problems which each of you will en- counter as you take your place in society. Best wishes for your happiness and success! C. A. Roth, Principal 14 Warren C. Schlegel Assistant Principal "Tis the mind that makes the body rich." It is also the mind that makes the body poor - poor in health, poor in daily living, poor in reaching goals in life. lt is your choice to make. We have tried to help you in developing more realization of self, in making you more adaptable for reeducation in a changing world, in encouraging you to make the right choice between the tawdry and the worthwhile. But, as it was when we were assisting you, so it is now you alone are greatly responsible for the realization of your hopes and endeavors. I wish you all suc- cess in this realization. Let your mind make your body rich. Warren C. Schlegal, Assistant Principal 15 I X" , a CARL ARNER B.S. Guidance Counselor, Jr. high Student Councilg Kutztown State College Bucknell University CONNIE BUTZ F 'rife' as Q .ygjgg 51: I T i Q Buggy 2 1 ... . I Ju LEWIS G. BENNETT Cafeteria Manager Columbia University LINDA FELTON ' . B.S. Health, Physical Education so lf Basketball Coach wr Us 'Gs f A ,. West Chester State College. ts Eff? 'ft - we .Ir -, A ft T e mai - V 'W Yi lg " f . irfgl Q24 ' 'F MICHAEL DUKA A.A. B.S. Latin, English Albright College RONALD P. HENDRICKS A.B. Mathematics Elizabethtown College Penn State University Ursinus College West Chester State College Kent State University Temple University 'Q ' if VD Health, Physical Education, . Asst. Football Coach University of Arkansas ' Gettysburg College West Chester State College CLARENCE F. HORN B.S., Guidance Councelor, Nation- al Honor Society Temple University New York University VINCENT P. BERCHER B.S. Instrumental Music, Jr. High Band, Sr. High Band, Con- cert Band, Dance Band West Chester State College Penn State University DONALD J. HAGENAURER B.S., M.A. General Science Millersville State College Kutztown State College Lehigh University Northeastern University NORA M. JACOBS B.S. General Music, Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers, Se- nior High Chorus, Junior High Chorus Temple University Berkshire Music Center 1?- Q V-v-.sw V' PHILIP G. JONES B.S. Driver Education, Consumer Ed., Junior High Football. East Stroudsburg State College HELEN KERSHNER Secretary to Guidance Counsellor MAE KREAM ER Office Secretary ELVA K. MEYER A.B. General Math, Plane Geome- try, Algebra II, Business Arithmetic. Hood College, Muhlenberg HOWARD L. KRIEBEL B.S., B.D. Jr. High Industrial Arts, Craft Club. Millersville, Franklin 84 Mar- shall College, Temple Uni- versity, Drexel lnstitute of Technology. I ROBERT S. MATZO B.S. Arts and Crafts, Art Club. Kutztown State College ROGER MICH ELONE B.S. Voc. Agriculture. Wisconsin State University WILLIAM L. KEENY A.B., M.A. English, Problems of De- mocracy, Football, Baseball Coach. Muhlenberg College, Lehigh University JAMES H. MCGURK B.S. Economics, General Busi ness Penn State University Temple University SARAH MOSER Typing. Taylor Business School F-,,,----' B.A. LAWRENCE W. NASE, JR. B.S. Problems of Democracy, So- cial Studies Dept. Head, N.H.S. Advisor. East Stroudsburg State Col- lege, Pennsylvania State Uni- versity THOMAS O'CONNOR B.S. English, Sr. Class Sponsor, Asst. Director of Plays. St. Joseph's College, Temple University. MRS. OLIVE NEWCOMER B.S. Home Economics, Sewing Club. W. Va. Wesleyan College, Drexel Institute of Tech- nology, Kutztown State Col- lege GEORGE NOVOTNY, JR. A.B., M.A. World History, Spanish. Waynesburg College, Lehigh University, Junior Class Ad- visor. FRANCIS OTTO B.S., M.A. American History. Moravian College, Lehigh Uni- versity, Muhlenberg College JOHN J. OLSON Special Education, Jr. High Football, Jr. High Basket- ball, Jr. High Track, Int. Sports Club. Moravian College, Kutztown State College. ROBERT J. PLARR EDNA M. POWELL B.S. 55, Business Education, Career Bookkeeping I, ll, Record Advisor. Keeping, Typing I. University of Kentucky, Le- Bloomsburg State College, high UNIVSVSITY Bucknell University. FRANCIS M. PETRUNY B.A., M.S. History MoravianColIege,Lehigh Uni- versity, Temple University JOSEPH T. PROCAK B.S. Math, World History, Eco- nomics, Head Coach Cross- Country, Asst. Track Coach. Ursinus College, Penn State University, Temple Uni- versity, University of Pennsylvania. BARTON PROGER A.B. Algebra Ill, Trigonometry, Commercial Math. Lehigh University RAY L. ROTHENBERGER B.A. 81 M.A. U.S. History. Albright College, Lehigh University FREDERICK E. SCHLICHER A.B. German, World History, N.H.S. Advisor, Walum Olum Advisor. Muhlenberg College, Temple University, Kutztown State College, University of Wis- consin STEPHEN P. RUBY ANNE K. RAYMOND A.B. English, Dramatics. Bucknell University, Cornell University GRACE SCHANTZ Office Secretary Algebra 81 Mathematics, Athletic Director, Head Bas- ketball Coach. West Virginia University, Lehigh University WALTER G. SCHMIDT, JR. B.S. Health and Physical Educa- tion, Asst. Football, Baseball coach. University of Kansas, West Chester State College, FRANCIS RONCACE B.S. Math. Ursinus College, Temple University, Franklin 81 Mar- shall College CHRISTINA SCHLENKER A.B. Algebra Ill, Trigonometry, Commercial Math. Muhlenberg College, Lehigh University ROBERT J. SCHNELLER B.A. English Franklin 81 Marshall College Wake Forest Law School Lehigh University HUBERT SEEMAN M.Ed. Freising Teachers College, University of Kentucky, Temple University BARRY E. SLEMMER B.S. Mathematics,.. Football, In- tramurals Jr. High. East Stroudsburg State Col- lege, Temple University NORMAN J. SNYDER B.S. Biology, Faculty Mgr. West Chester State College, Penn State University, Tem- ple University MISS NAN SELLERS A.B. French I, II, III, English 11, 12. Muhlenberg College ROBERT C. SHARE B.S., M.S. Pa. History, Civics, Student Council Advisor. Mansfield State College, Bucknell University S ARLENE SLOTTER B.A. Home Economics, Jr. FHA. Goshen College JAMES H. SLOTTER A.B. English Muhlenberg College, Kutz- town State College, Drexel Institute of Technology MARGARET N. SMITH A.B. Librarian, Library Club. Bryn Mawr College, Drexel Institute of Technology I I ALICE M. TARONE B.S., M.Ed. Shorthand, Typing, Con- sumer Economics, Perk-O- Later. Bloomsburg State College, Rider College, Temple Uni- versity MONICA R. TISIKER B.A. English. Immaculate College, Lehigh University gf. A: fzzg iT'k:Jr7tjE?Jif. I I 2 . A ,g..g ig . srl -Mssaae I '--' ,I 'ffiG:'fzQjw .524 icif et" . i .1 'c Qt 'z I . " I m tpzggrrtr gays .,., ,,.g,..,., 9' in ' ' Wx- N . , I f K- 1- Q . WILLIAM TRUMAN, Ill B.S. Senior Science, Chemistry, General Science, Science Club, Jr. High Asst. Track Coach. Clarion State College FREDERICK F. J. WAVREK B.S. Mechanical Drawing, Indus- trial Arts, Senior Class Advi- sor, Photo Club. Muhlenberg College, Millers- GRETCHEN R. TUCHINSKY A.B. English, Majorette Club. Chestnut Hill, Cedar Crest College, Kutztown State Col- lege RICHARD WERKHEISER em I 1 iq F' A.B., M.Ed. Science, Basketball Coach, I ville State College, Kutztown State College, Penn State College JAMES E. YENSER B.S.,M.Ed. Office Practice, Business Law. Moravian College, Lehigh University Ass't. Football Coach. Muhlenberg College, Temple University ,-.gn-uf-It A - R.N. Nursing MARGARET S. YODER B.S. Vocational Homemaking, General Homemaking, Fu- ture Homemakers of America- Drexel lnstitute, Albright College, Univ. of Pennsyl- vania, Albright College ' Lf. fix if .1 ' . .. V . t ff it fx., 5 si "" 'Z' I MYRTLE WILKINS Frankford Hospital School of KATHLEEN J. UTZ B.S. Health, Physical Education, Cheerleaders, Hockey and Softball Coach. East Stroudsburg State Col- lege e ROBERT D. WILLIAMS B.S. Geography, Math, Social Studies. Kutztown State College, Penn. State University JOHN ZOSHAK B.S., M.S. Physics, Earth and Space Science. Kutztown State College, Muhlenberg College, Uni- versity of Colorado, Uni- versity of Washington, High- land University CANDIDS ,. f 22 OUR FACULTY AS WE SEE IT MW ' J -6 1 W P ff--2 lx fr 0. X "x I Q 'X f MY- Mr. O'C Onno r A f x n fury Mr Zoshak ,Z4VJ5!X'1 699' W 0 X g " Q I Q7 E U 1 v i N Mr. Schlegel C --'f""-'n A l'. u A W i " " Mae , Mr. Krea ' Ruby Mr. Hendrirks 91 :milf 9a'fv99N'XJ ULU Z vi bfi? ,M N ck I A --.- . Q--2 ui 1 V V' ff-,lrlif ,mn 'k 0 x, K SENIORS CLASS OF 1966 Class Officers James Young - Vice-President, Warren Long - Trea- surer Sharon Miller - Secretary, Carl Graber - President. OUR CLASS HISTORY In the fall of 1960, we. the Class of 1966. entered the halls of Upper Per- kiomen High School for the first time as lowly seventh graders. We must have been an odd sight to upnerclassmen . . . lanky girls and uncoordinated boys . . . very few looking at all sophisticated. By the time we returned to school for our eighth grade year, we had developed more poise. We remember that year especially as the year the U.P. football team won its first victory in 28 games. In 1962 we began our high school days in earnest as freshmen. We sponsored our first dance, "Rhythm of the Rain," selected our class colors, light blue and navy, and purchased class jackets. That was the year that U.P. welcomed its first two exchange students. Then came our sophomore year. Who could forget that year? U.P. took the Bux-Mont football co-championship. Our sophomore dance, "Scheherazade," was a big success. Our junior year was busy and rewarding. In spring our ambitious thespians ex- perienced their first case of stage fright as they presented the Junior Play, "The Ghoul Friend." In September 1965, we again entered the familiar halls of Upper Perk. Only five years had elapsed since our first entrance, but what a change had taken place! We were poised and much more sophisticated. Our class play, "Time Out for Ginger," evoked many chuckles from the audiences, and the concerted efforts of all committees made the Senior Prom, "Arrivederci Roma," a delight- ful experience and fond remembrance. The class trip and commencement cli- maxed a full and hectic high school career. 26 .,.,,,,.,. ' :W ,W -M ,K L,,k, .. , ,L 4, K' .fs A f 'fz,Qgiw,, ,I M, , , - VUWmWMWmg5 , aw W 5 J fp gg if X 593,36 'Z .f 1?fWi-'55 , L 'Mm-Q J, -f,. lg: , .. .. , ,wvjfif fzw,-A H W" ggntg Q 7'. If cf 1,25 Izaf Sang 49 ui W sf W if 35565255 gf .MM M 51- ilS:"1YXxs, viz- to x is Ia3Z's9xfQXg x 0, " ' L1-'T Po" ':'n?'i Jan 6 ' 'Q Y 1 6 use V ll' 'iv 'fi senile, ' ".'o.'lfl ' Isuwnfixi 2' , if 5,':gq.,iuEugt a 0 uv ' 4 u a SUSAN MARY ASHMAN Academic Pennsburg Avid Beatle fan . . . "Sue" hopes to enter college. . . artistically inclined . . . finds chemistry classes interest- ing. Activities: Perk-O-Lator 3,43 Walum Olum. JAN BAAS Academic Red Hill Friendly visitor from Holland . . . tall . . . reads a great deal . . . PAD discussions keep him thinking . . . college bound. 'G' RONALD L. ANDERSON General Red Hill "Andy" enjoys hunting . . .hopes to join the Marines after graudation . . . Mr. Nase and PAD class rate highly with him. DEMITRIOUS JAMES APESSOS General Pennsburg Can usually be found with a certain someone . . . likes Mr. Procak's teaching techniques . . . future plans undecided. KATHLEEN LOUISE BADMAN Clerical East Greenville A sports enthusiast . . . future cosmetologist . . . "Chatty" naturally likes to talk . . . has many favorite teachers. Activities: Basketball 1: Softball 1,2,3,4. ELIZABETH ANN MARY BARTHOLOMEW Academic Pennsburg "Winkie" takes a fancy to popular dances . . . consid- ers Mr. O'Connor's English classes tops . . . will enter business school. Activities: Walum Olum. GARY DALE BATZEL Academic East Greenville This guy derives a certain pleasure from driving his motorcycle . . . indefinite future plans . . . likes Mr. O'- Connor. Activities: Football 1: Track 1,25 Musical Comedy 3: Junior Play. JAMES BARRY BAUMAN General Pennsburg "Jim" ranks hunting, fishing, and archery as his fa- vorite pastimes .. . enjoys science classes is unsure of future plans. JACK BOWLIN Vocational Sumneytown "Jackie" enjoys hunting and F.F.A. . . . A big tackle on the football squad . . . future undecided. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4g Track 2,3. BARRY EARL BOYER Academic Red Hill Reading, music, and drawing interest this quiet boy . . . enjoys Mr. Zoshak, Spanish, and watching T.V. . . . future plans include teaching. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4. 'WY JULIA JUNE BOEHNER Academic East Greenyille "Julie" would like to become a legal secretary . . . participates in sports . . . reads in her spare time. . . is very congenial. Activities: Softball 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Monitor 43 Perk-O-Lator 4. ERNEST C. BOLDEN Bookkeeping Pennsburg "Ernie" is interested in girls . . . enjoys Consumer Ed. classes . . . frequently visits the pool hall . . . has an undecided future. HERTHA BRAUCHLER Academic Pennsburg Quiet, blond . . . lists P.A.D. and Mr. Nase among her favorites . . . will study nursing after graduation. KENNETH L. BRENDLINGER Academic Green Lane "Hawk" enjoys riding around with the gang or playing the drums . . . rates Miss Schlenker and English class highly . . . plans to enter college. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 35 Senior Chorus 3,45 Walum Olum. sv'- PATRICIA BROWN Bookkeeping Green Lane . Horseback riding and swimming rate with Patty . . . enjoys Mrs. Tarone and history . . . future business school student. Activities: Perk-O-Lator 4. SHEREL LEE BURKS . Clerical Red Hill Called "Butch" by close friends . . . likes to watch drag races . . .lists history as his favorite class. w- CARL DAVID BRENSINGER General Macungle Friendly guy . . . hobbies include hunting and cars . . . scholastic favorites include Mr. Procak and con- sumer ed. classes. ELAINE ANNA BRENSINGER Secretarial East Greenville Finds pleasure in dancing and outdoor sports . . . sleeping is a favorite pastime . . . hopes to enter the secretarial field. CAROL INA CROLL General East Greenville Carol can be seen with that certain someone . . . likes Mr. Nase's PAD classes and going to football games . . . plans to travel after graduation. CHRISTINE ANN CUSTER Secretarial Pennsburg Can be found working at Woodson's . . . nicknamed "General" . . . rates Mrs. Tarone's shorthand classes highly. Activities: Chorus 2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4g Madrigal 43 Musical Comedy 3. LINDA SUSAN BUZBY Academic Red Hill Petite blond with freckles . . . enjoys Mr. Zoshak and PAD . . . future elementary teacher. JUDITH LYNN CARLS Academic Pennsburg Ex-California girl . . . interests range from music to horseback riding . . . Judi takes a lively part in discus- sions with Mr. Nase in PAD class. Activities: Chorus 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 1,2,3,4g Madri- gal Singers 49 Senior Play, F.T.A. 1,2,3,4. MARCIA DAMOISEAU Bookkeeping East Greenville Nicknamed "Mimi" . . . is interested in boys with Stingrays or motorcycles . . . will succeed as a beauti- cian . . . likes to listen to top records . . . rates Mr. Schneller highly. RUTH ELAINE DETWILER General Red Hill Sometimes called "Rufus" . . . likes Home Economics with Mrs. Newcomer . . . lists sewing and reading as her main interests. CHARLES PAUL DUKLIS, JR. General Pennsburg Enjoys customizing cars and racing . . . replies to the nickname "Duke"' . . . likes P.A.D. classes with Mr. Nase . . . will enter the armed forces after graduation. BARBARA ANN DVORAK Academic East Greenville Rates Mrs. Raymond highly . . . takes a keen interest in sports . . . likes to travel . . . will be seen on a col- lege campus in the fall. Activities: Hockey 33 Chorus 3,42 Concert Choir 43 Perk- O-Lator 3,43 Walum Olum. DIANE LINDA DIETERLEY Academic Pennsburg Enthusiastic football and basketball game spectator . . . lVlr. Zoshak is her favorite teacher . . . follows P.A.D. classes closely . . . plans a nursing career. CHARLENE MARIE DIXON Clerical Pennsburg "Jeenie" favors Mr. O'Connor over most teachers . . . can usually be seen with Kenny . . . likes horseback rid- ing . . . would like to become a beautician. Activities: Softball 2,3,4. GILBERT ALLEN EBRIGHT Bookkeeping East Greenville "Eby" will enter the Navy or Coast Guard . . . is friendly to all . . . a Studebaker fan . . . lists study as his favorite class. Activities: Track 43 Band 1,2,3,4Q Concert Band 1,2,3,4Q Dance Band 1,2,3,4. JOHN WESTLY EHINGER Academic Green Lane Better known as "Big Red" . . . possesses a singular personality . . . regular participant in P.A.D. discussions . . . hopes to become a history teacher. Activities: Senior Play3 Perk-O-Later 4. RUSSELL E. ENGLE Bookkeeping East Greenville Called "Rusty" by everyone . . . a great athletic en- thusiast . . . eventually plans to become a basketball coach. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4: Baseball 1,25 Captain of Monitors 4. SANDRA JEAN FAUST Bookkeeping Sumneytown "Sandie" spends her spare time listening to the radio . . . enjoys office practice . . . hopes to become a secre- tary upon graduation. MARY ANN FREY Academic Hereford Often called "Maf" or "Maffy" . . . refreshment stand organizer . . . plans to attend college and become a Ger- man teacher. Activities: Chorus 2,3,4g N.H.S. 3,45 F.T.A. 2, President 3,- 43 Perk-O-Later 45 Walum Olum. RICHARD FRYE General Palm A future tech. school pupil . . .enjoys hunting . . . prefers P.A.D. over most other classes . . . is fond of playing guitar. THOMAS JOSEPH Fl0RITO Academic East Greenville Usually called "Flo" by his friends . . . enjoys history classes with Mr. Novotny . . . has his eye on money and girls. Activities: Student Council 1,4. LORETTA MARIE FOGEL Clerical Pennsburg A quiet gal . . . can be found with a certain someone cian. likes listening to the radio . . . plans to be a beauti KENNETH RICHARD GABEL Academic Pennsburg Favors Mr. Nase's teaching methods . . . a great sports enthusiast . . . likes trig . . . future career in the engineering field. Activities: Track 43 Cross-Country 43 Basketball 1,2,3,4j Band 13 Pqk-O-Lator 2. SAMUEL RICHARD GERHARD Vocational Bally "Sam" likes to work on cars . . . plans to become a mechanic . . . likes to be with a certain someone. CARL JOSEPH GRABER Academic Pennsburg Efficient class president . . . enjoys sports . . . good math student . . . will be found on a college campus next fall. Activities: Football 1.2.3,43 Track 13 Baseball 3,42 Stu- dent Council Vice-President 43 Class Vice President 1,21 Class President 3,41 Monitor 43 Jr. Play3 Sr. Play. DONNA S. GREGOR Clerical Pennsburg Neat dresser . . . enjoys P.A.D. class with Mr. Nase . . . refreshment stand helper . . . special interest in Air Force. DAWN KATHRYN GILBERT Academic East Greenville Very sociable . . . likes to go bowling . . . spends much time writing to a special someone in Ohio . . . un- decided about future plans. Activities: Band 13233343 Concert Band 1,2,3,43 Chorus 4. BERTHA ANN GOODMAN Vocational Macungie Outdoor sports enthusiast . . . enjoys horseback rid- ing .. . rates all teachers highly . .. future plans indefinite. Activities: Chorus 2,33 F.H.A. 2, 2nd Vice-President 3, Secretary 4. RAY IRA HAAS Vocational Pennsburg Nicknamed "Bunny" . . . enjoys hunting and fishing . . . goes for Mr. Keeny and English class . . .will enter the service after graduation. ELAINE ESTHER HAGENBUCH Secretarial East Greenville Peppy cheerleader captain . . . favorite pastimes in- clude playing tennis and swimming . . . shorthand en- thusiast . . . future plans include business school. Activities: Cheerleader 1,2,3, Captain 4: Perk-O-Lator 4: Walum Olum. JERRY WALTER GRESSLEY Vocational Pennsburg Spends much time hunting and fishing . . . has no fa- vorite class or teacher . . . enjoys working on cars . . . indefinite plans after graduation. BARRY LEE GRIM General Red Hill Likes to sleep in his spare time . . . rates Mr. Rothen- berger tops . . . interested in cars . . . plans to enter the armed forces. -..,f"i HOMER DAVID HAGENBUCH Academic East Greenville Enthusiastic football fan . . . good musician . . . likes PAD discussions . . . plans a career in the Navy. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4: Bux-Mont Band 2,3,4: Dance Band 3,-4. JANE ANN HAGENBUCH Secretarial East Greenville Bears the nickname "Chip" since kindergarten . . . likes to water ski . . . friendly personality . . . will enter business school after graduation. Activities: Color Guard 4: Perk-O-Lator 4: Walum Olum. 153' ' GALEN LEE HARPEL Vocational East Greenville Ford fan . . . enjoys sleeping in English class . . . in- terested in hunting and fishing . . . indefinite future plans. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4. REBECCA ANN HARTENSTINE Bookkeeping Pennsburg Better known as "Becky" . . . enjoys dancing . . . lists office practice as her favorite class . . . will attend business school after graduation. KAREN SUE HAMM Academic Green Lane Interests range from reading to sports . . . fine alto voice . . . enjoys P.A.D. discussions . . . college bound. Activities: Hockey 3,43 District Chorus 33 Chorus 233,43 Musical Comedy 33 Jr. PIay3 Sr. PIay3 N.H.S. 2,3,4, Vice- President 43 Perk-O-Lator 43 Walum Olum. WILLIAM JOSEPH HARLEY, III Academic Pennsburg Can be found playing billiards . . . great sense of humor . . . fond of mathematics . . . will enter college next fall. Activities: Football 1,21 Track 1. KATRINA ANN HARTMAN Academic Hereford "Tina" spends much time reading and camping . . . enjoys history with Mr. Rothenberger . . . friendly smile . . . will study for a nursing career. Activities: Chorus 3,41 Perk-O-Later 233,43 Walum Olum. LARRY ROGER HARTZELL Clerical Pennsburg Interested in cars . . . enjoys sleegping . . . lists Mr. Nase as favorite teacher . . . looks toward the Air Force BS 8 Cafeef. CONSTANCE YVONNE HAYDT Secretarial Palm Connie enjoys watching sports . . . high-stepping ma- jorette . . . helpful on prom committees . . . future plans are vague. Activities: Majorette 43 Perk-O-Lator 43 Walum Olum. WILLIAM DAVID HEFFENTRAGER General East Greenville Enjoys hunting . . . spends much time at local service station . . . lists study hall as his favorite class . . . fu- ture remains undecided. FRANCIS EDWARD HENRY General Pennsburg Enjoys hunting and bowling . . . commonly called "Fritz" . . . favors English class . . . may enlist in ser- vice after graduation. THOMAS SCOTT HENRY Academic Red Hill Well known on the gridiron . . . "Tommy" enjoys hunting and camping . . . class leader . . . undecided future plans. Activities: Football 1,3,43 Track 1,21 Class President 1,23 Class Vice-President 33 Student Council 2,33 President 43 Monitor 43 Walum Olum. SANDRA MARIE HEIMBACH Academic Palm Math enthusiast . . . talented musician . . . prefers being called "Sandy" . . . future undecided. Activities: Basketball manager 1,2,3,4: Band 1,2,3,43 Concert Band 1,2,3,4j Dance Band 1,2,3,4j Bux-Mont Band 2,32 District Band 2,31 Chorus 23 N.H.S. 2,33 Secre- tary 4. ANDREW MARK HENRY Vocational East Greenville Called "Andy" by close friends . . . rates Mr. Keeny tops . . . likes cars and P.A.D. class . . .future mechanic. JOYCE ANN HERDLE Secretarial Pennsburg A friendly redhead . . . good commerical student . . . future plans are undecided. DENNIS ROY HILLEGASS General E Red Hill Nicknamed "Denny" . . . has a great interest in hunt- ing and fishing . . . likes Mr. O'Connor . . .future plans include trade school. Activities: Football 1,2,3: Track 2. BONNIE SUE JOHNSON Academic Pennsburg Enthusiastic and friendly . . . enjoys camping and other outdoor activities . . . rates Mr. Schlegel highly . . . plans to enter field of elementary teaching. Activities: Hockey 1,2,3,4: Color Guard 4: Chorus 1,2,3,4: Concert Choir 2,3,4: Madrigal 4: Student Council 1,2,4: Jr. Play: Musical Comedy 3: Sr. Play: Monitor 4: Perk-O- Lator 4: Walum Olum. CAROL LOUISE KARVER Clerical Pennsburg Very loquacious . . . takes interest in P.A.D. classes . . . enjoys swimming . . . plans to attend business school after graduation. Activities: Perk-O-Lator: Walum Olum. ik X ILS px? ff X DALE EUGENE HOFFMAN General Barto Enjoys P.A.D. classes with Mr. Nase . . . enthusiastic guitarist . . . is a member of a combo . . . nicknamed "Hoff," X Activities: Track 2: Band 1,2,3,4. GLENETTA MARIE HOSIER Vocational Macungie Interested in Home Ec . . . enjoys all outdoor sports . . . likes all her teachers . . . among her future plans is being a housewife. Activities: Chorus 2,3,4: F.H.A. 1,2,3, Secretary 3. KEITH KARL KLEINBACH Academic East Greenville "Kabong"'is well-known to all avid sports fans . . . likes to drive around . . . enjoys PAD classes . . . plans to further his education. Activities: Football 1,2,3,43 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4. PAULA J. KOLB Academic Green Lane Our efficient color guard captain is very friendly . . . great sense of humor . . . loves sketching and designing . . . plans a.future in fashion advertising. Activities: Basketball: Color Guard 3, Captain 4: Jr. Play: Sr. Play: Class Secretary 1: Perk-O-Lator 3,43 Walum Olum. DANA CHARLES KARVER Academic East Greenville Familiar face on the football field . . . favorite teacher is Mr. Zoshak . . . usually seen driving his motorscooter . . . enjoys stimulating PAD discussions. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4: Track l,2,3,4g Jr. Play. ROBERT JAMES KELLER General East Greenville Very interested in auto racing . . . favorite music is that of English singers . . . Mr. Roncace rates highly with "Kelly" . . . plans future in U.S. Marines. Activities: Football Manager 1: Basketball 2,3. LINDA JEAN KOONS Bookkeeping Pennsburg "Little Linda" twirls up a storm . . . likes to sew. . . enjoys winter sports and music . . . will enter a business school. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4g Head Majorette 43 Concert Band 1,2,3,4: Dance Band 2,3,4: Bux-Mont Band 2,3,4g Chorus 2.3.45 Concert Choir 3,43 Madrigal 4: Perk-O-Lator 43 Walum Olum. ERNEST WAYNE KRAUSE Bookkeeping East Greenville "Ernie" likes to goof off . . . a well-known clown . . . lists eating as a favorite pastime . . . plans to go to business college. Activities: Basketball Manager 2,3,4g Monitor 43 Perk-O- Latorg Walum Olum. DAVID WILLIAM LAYMAN Academic Pennsburg R.D. Avidly follows classes with Mr. Zoshak . . . also likes trig . . . interested in cars and sports . . . hopes to at- tend college. MARY ELIZABETH LEIBY Secretarial Pennsburg R.D. "Blondy" spends a lot of time with the Souderton kids . . . enjoys dancing and swimming . . . will be a success at the Patricia Stevens Modeling School. DAVID ROY KULP Academic Red Hill Mrs. Jacobs rates highly with this senior . . . enjoys hunting, fishing, and camping . . . interested in the ministry. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 3,45 Chorus 3,43 Walum Olum. ROBERT KENNETH KURTZ General Palm A mischievous guy . . . likes to go to the drag races . . . enjoys PAD classes with Mr. Nase. BROCK THOMAS LEISTER General Red Hill A fan of Mr. Nase and PAD class. . .plays a swinging guitar . . . enjoys his TR-4 . . . plans to be a masonry contractor. DIANA KAY LEISTER Academic Red Hill Very lively cheerleader . . . thinks Johnny Callison is the greatest . . . enjoys good times . . . future plans in- clude becoming an elementary school teacher. Activities: Student Council 1,45 Monitor 1,43 Cheerleader 1,2,3,4: Concert Choir 4: Chorus 45 Junior Play, Senior Play: Walum Olum. ,Mtn DONALD RUSSEL LEISTER Academic East Greenville Hard worker at the refreshment stand . . . collects rocks and minerals . . . favors Mr. O'Connor's teaching techniques . . . can be seen riding his red motor scoot- er. Activities: Band 1,23 Basketball Manager 2,3,4. JAMES CHARLES LESHER Vocational Palm "Jim" is one of our best "Ag" students. . .his many interests include fishing and hunting . . . known for his portrayal of "Big Daddy Corpus" . . . plans to enlist in the Army. Activities: FFA 1,2,3,4g Jr. Play: Sr. Play. WARREN EDWIN LONG General Green Lane An outdoorsman . . . enjoys hunting, fishing, and trapping . . . takes an interest in PAD with Mr. Nase . . . plans to join the armed forces. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4g Track 2: Monitor 4. PAULETTE ANN LONGACRE Academic Bally Active senior . . . sports-minded . . . avidly follows PAD classes with Mr. Nase . . . hopes to enter the nurs- ing profession. Activities: Basketball 1,23 Softball 2,3,4: Band 1,2,3,4g Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Dance Band l,2,3,4: Chorus 43 Concert Choir 4. g RICHARD LITZENBERGER Bookkeeping Hereford One of the quieter members of our class . . . favorite classes include PAD and bookkeeping . . . likes cars . . . will enter the business field. KAREN LOUISE LONG Secretarial 'VlaCUf18ie Can be found reading in her spare time . . . enjoys swimming, dancing, and skating . . . rates PAD with Mr. Keeny highly . . . a future secretaw. Activities: Walum Olum. ELSIE IRMGARD LUTZ Academic Barto Pleasant smile . . . enjoys the out-of-doors . . .thinks highly of Mr. Nase and P.A.D. . . . will enter a school of nursing. Activities: Chorus 3,4: Concert Choir 3.4: Madrigal 4. BONADEEN MARKS Clerical East Greenville Peppy cheerleader . . . likes to go to the movies . . . finds history classes interesting . . . plans a military career. Activities: Hockey 2,3,4: Cheerleader 2,3,4: Monitor 4. .gndh""' DEANNA GAIL McNAUGHTON Academic East Greenville Nicknamed "Baby" . . . well-known senior . . . can usually be found with her gang . . . rates Mrs. Jacobs highly . . . plans a nursing career. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4: Concert Band 1,2,3,4: Chorus 2,- 3,4: Concert Choir 2,3,4: Madrigal 4: Junior Play: Walum Olum, LINDA AMY MECHLER Clerical East Greenville Linda has a definite love for horses . . . spends much time at horse shows . . . is interested in her P.A.D. classes . . . plans a future as an airline hostess. Activities: Color Guard 4. DONNA MARIE MARKS Academic Palm A high-stepping majorettek. . . artistically inclined . . . lists hiking as a favorite pastime . . . rates Mrs. Ray- mond highly . . . plans to become a beautician. Activities: Basketball 2: Softball 1,2,3: Majorette 1,2,3,4: Chorus 1,2,3: Class Secretary 2: Monitor 3,4: Student Council 4: Junior Play. LARRY GENE MARKS General Green Lane "Marksy" likes to hunt and fish . . . passes his time by working on cars . . . career in the construction field. JOHN MEYERS Commercial I Pennsburg A newcomer to Upper Perk from Neshaminy H.S. . . . enjoys hunting and playing pool . . . lists bookkeeping as his favorite class . .. plans to attend business school. JOHN RONALD MIKLOS General Palm "Ronnie" is interested in mechanics . . . enjoys his P.A.D. class with Mr. Nase . . . future plans include at- tending training school. E DENNIS MENSCH Clerical Pennsburg Hobbies include chess and sports . . . favors Mr. O'Connor as a teacher . . . enjoys P.A.D. classes . . . hopes to go to business school. I Activities: Football 1,2,3,43 Track 2,3,43 Perk-O-Lator 4. SUSAN ELIZABETH MENSCH Academic East Greenville Ambitious . . . avid reader . . . sports enthusiast . . . likes Mr. Neiman . . . will major in psychology at Muhlenberg. Activities: Hockey 3, Manager 23 Basketball 1,2,3,43 Soft- ball 1,2,3,43 Band 1,2,3,43 Concert Band 1,2,3,4j Dance Band 1,2,3,43 Bux-Mont Band 2,3j Chorus 2,43 Concert Choir 43 Madrigal 43 Quartet 43 NHS 2,3,43 Perk O-Lator 3, Editor 43 Walum Olum. SHARON FAYE MILLER Academic East Greenville A real go-getter . . . this active senior enjoys hockey and hunting. . . "Carrot" is an enthusiastic cheerleader . . . plans to be a medical secretary. Activities: Hockey 1,2,3,43 Softball 1,2,3,43 Cheerleader 43 Student Council 3, Secretary 43 Class Secretary 3,43 Perk-O-Later 43 Walum Olum. RICHARD MARTIN MOHLER Bookkeeping Palm "Rich" lists water skiing and golfing as his interests . . . is an enthusiast of stock car races . . . Mr. Yenser and office practice rate high on his list . . . future plans undecided. Activities: Football 1,2,3,4j Track 1,2Q Monitor 4. DANIEL THOMAS MOSER Academic Pennsburg Our class thespian is an avid Phillie's fan. . . is well- equipped in public speaking . . . "Dan" enjoys just tak- ing it easy . . . will surely be a success as a lawyer. Activities: Football 15 Chorus 3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 NHS 2,3, Treasurer 45 Student Council 45 Class Treasurer 35 Jr. Play5 Sr. Play5 Musical Comedy 35 Perk-O-Lator 3,45 Walum Olum Editor-in-Chief. LINDA ANN MOYER Secretarial Green Lane Has her fill of troubles with her car . . . likes horse- back riding and dancing . . . rates English class highly . . . plans to work in the secretarial field. DONNA MARIE MOLL Clerical Pennsburg An efficient worker in the refreshment stand . . . at- tends all football and basketball games . . . enjoys going to the races and talking on the telephone . . , would like to become a secretary or beautician. Activities: Hockey 1,2,3,4. JOHN RALPH MOLL General Macungie Lists his main interests as girls and cars . . . Mr. Schneller rates highly with John . . . Math is his favorite class . . . intends to be a mechanic. RONALD MARVIN MOYER Academic East Greenville "M" is a familiar face to all basketball fans . . .this friendly senior loves water skiing . . . is usually heard heckling Jim Roth . . . plans to enter college and take up chemistry. Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,45 Cross-Country 45 Monitor 1,- 45 Jr. Play5 Sr. Play5 Walum Olum. CYNTHIA ANN MYERS Secretarial Palm Cindy lists painting, reading, and horseback riding as her interests . . . likes Mr. Keeny and P.A.D. class . . . favorite pastime is going to football and basketball games . . . would like to attend business school. Activities: Chorus 1,2,3,45 Concert Choir 2,3,45 Madrigal Singers 45 Quartette 4. DELORES DIANE NACE Bookkeeping Perkiomenville Collects popular records . . . likes P.A.D. and Mrs. Ta- rone . . . watches TV in her spare time . . . has an unde- cided future. MARVIN MORRIS 0'CONNER Academic Palm "Marv" rates Mr. Werkheiser as tops . . . enjoys driv- ing and most sports . . . likes P.A.D. . . . will enter the Marines. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4g Concert Band 1,2,3,4p Dance Band 1,2,3,4. .lo-ORE BEVERLY C. PEPPER Clerical Pennsburg Often kidded about her last name . . . friendly to all . . . loves to eat . . . hopes to enter college in the fall. EUGENE PRESS General Pennsburg Has an undecided future. WILLIAM ALBERT ORTHAUS General Palm Sometimes called "Turtle" . . .follows P.A.D. with Mr. Nase closely . . . hobbies include cars, diving, and bear hunting . . undecided future plans. WALTER PEART Clerical Red Hill "Bugs" can be seen with a certain girl . . . well-known football player . . . likes Mr. Yenser's teaching methods . . . undecided future. Activities: Football 4: Track 35 Monitor 4. ROBERT PRINZ Clerical Pennsburg Likes hunting, fishing, and girls . . . enjoys P.A.D. classes with Mr. Nase . . . future plans are indefinite. CAROLE ANN RAMSEY Clerical Red Hill Derives a certain pleasure from listening to music in her spare time . . . future plans include career school and wedding bells. ROBERT KENNETH REMICK, JR. General East Greenville Enjoys working on cars . . . lists math as his favorite class. . . his favorite pastime is eating . . . plans to at- tend trade school. Activities: Basketball 1,2,3,4. CAROL ANN RENNINGER Clerical Green Lane Nicknamed "Rabbit" . . . enjoys attending horse shows . . . has an interest in PAD classes with Mr. Nase . . . will become an airline stewardess. Activities: Cheerleader 4. LYNDA F. RAUCH Clerical Macungie Often seen with Doug . . . prefers Mr. Nase's PAD classes over most others . . . will succeed as a beauti- cian after graduation. Activities: Chorus 3,45 Walum Olum. ROBERT RECK General Pennsburg Plays the bongos as a pastime. . . PAD with Mr. Nase rates highly with this guy . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . plans to become a bricklayer. -SWR LARRY RICHARD Clerical Red Hill Larry lists his favorite pastime as watching TV . . . rates Mr. Nase highly . . . plans to enter the field of hairdressing or barbering. GLORIA JEAN ROEDER Vocational East Greenville Has an avid interest in her home economics courses . . . is a loyal Beatle fan . . . likes all her teachers . . . plans a career as a practical nurse. Activities: Chorus 1,2,3,43 FHA 1,2, President 3,41 State lst Vice-President 43 FHA State Chorus 3. DONNA LYN RENNINGER Bookkeeping Pennsburg Bowling is this senior's favorite hobby . . .enjoys PAD classes with Mr. Keeny . . . usually seen with a certain classmate . . . hopes to become a secretary. Activities: Cheerleader 33 Student Council 33 Perk-O-Lator 43 Walum Olum. ALAN RICHARD Clerical Red Hill A seemingly quiet guy till you get to know him . . . rates hunting and fishing very highly . . . can be seen working at a local gas station . . . future plans unde- cided. BARBARA ANN ROMEIKE Secretarial Pennsburg ls very style conscious . . . possesses great curiosity . . . usually heard talking about a certain someone . . . will succeed as a secretary. Activities: Hockey 1, Manager 2,3,4Q Chorus 1,2,3,43 Con- cert Choir 2,3,4Q Madrigal 3,43 Student Council 1,22 FTA 13 Musical Comedy 33 Jr. Play3 Sr. Playg Monitor 43 Perk- O-Lator 43 Walum Olum. MARY ANN ROMEO Secretarial Red Hill One of the shortest members of our class . . . lists swimming as a hobby . . . PAD class rates highly with her . . . her future lies in a secretarial career. Activities: Walum Olum. JULIA JEAN ROTHERMEL Secretarial Nlacungje Dark-haired, rather short . . . enjoys swimming, skat- ing, and dancing . . . finds Mr. Keeny's P.A.D. classes interesting . . . future in the secretarial field. Activities: Chorus 2,3,4: Walum Olum. LEONARD ROZANSKI Clerical Red Hill "Lennie" takes an interest in many sports . . . spends much time shooting pool . . . also interested in sports . . . will enter the Naval branch of the service. ww-7, MARK STEVEN RONCACE Clerical East Greenville Plays a swinging guitar. . . participates in a local com- bo . . . a real joker . . .six study halls a day would suit him. Activites: Football 1, Basketball 1,2,4. JAMES ROCKWELL ROTH Academic East Greenville "Thor" is a real great guy . . . has definite artistic ability. . . is interested in all sports. . .future plans in- clude college. Activities: Football 1, Manager 2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,4: Cross-Country 4: Student Council 4: Jr. Play: Perk O-Later 3,45 Walum Olum: Sports Editor: Sr. Play. ROBERT RUSSELL, JR. Clerical Pennsburg Usually called "Russ . . . favors Mr. Roncace over most teachers . . . enjoys P.A.D. classes . . . service bound upon graduation. PATRICIA ANN SAMES Clerical East Greenville "Patsy" would like to visit her brother in France . . . lists Mrs. Tarone as her favorite teacher . . . enthusi- astic golfer and dancer. LESLIE DEAN SCHOFER Academic East Greenville Photography expert of the class . . . "Shlopper" . . . rates Mr. Schneller highly . . . plans a career in photo- graphy. Activities: Football 3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Concert Band 1,25 Dance Band 25 Walum Olum. ALMA CAROL SCHULTZ Secretarial East Greenville Answers to the nickname "Amy" . . . industrious wai- tress at Longacre's Dairy . . . enjoys P.A.D. classes with Mr. Keeny . . . indefinite future plans. Activities: Concert Band 1,2,3,45 Marching Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 25 Concert Choir 25 Walum Olum5 F.T.A. BONNIE ANN SETZLER Bookkeeping Green Lane Watching T.V. occupies this girl's spare time . . . en- joys swimming and skating . . . favorite class is office practice upon graduation hopes to become a secre- ar TERRY LEE SHANER General Barto Usually seen with another member of our class . . . interested mostly in cars . . . future plans are unde- cided -. -.r c .. 5 f i 5 " N' 9 X t y. ELAINE REBECCA SCHULTZ Academic East Greenville "Ellie" is musically inclined . . . reads in her spare time . . . liked Mr. Neiman's teaching techniques . . . plans a nursing career. Activities: Chorus 1,2,3,45 Concert Choir 2,3,45 Madrigal 45 Quartet 45 Musical Comedy 35 Softball Manager 1,2,3,- 45 Walum Olum. JEFFREY RICHARD SCHULTZ General Hereford "Jeff" finds pleasure in driving around . . . hunting and fishing enthusiast . . . likes P.A.D. classes with Mr. Nase . . . has no definite future plans. RICHARD DONALD SHEWELL General Pennsburg "Rich" considers friends important . . . likes to hunt and to drive around . . . enjoys math classes . . . rates Mr. Nase highly. Activities: Track 2. ROSEMARY CAROLYN SHUHLER Academic Palm Often called "Rosie" . . . lists Mr. O'Connor as her fa- vorite teacher . . . enjoys chemistry . . . plays the organ in her spare time . . . a future nurse. Activities: Band 2,3,45 Dance Band 3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 N.H.S. 2,35 President 45 Student Council 45 Jr. Play5 Perk-O-Lator 45 Walum Olum. air.. SUZANNE F. SONNTAG Academic Perkiomenville "Sonnie" enjoys buying clothes . . . loves pizza . . . sports enthusiast . . . finds PAD classes with Mr. Nase interesting. LYNN HENRY STAUFFER Academic East Greenville Called "Linus" by his friends . . . favors Mr. Zoshak's teaching techniques . . . follows PAD closely . . . enjoys hunting and golfing . . . will enter the Navy. JOHN SHUPE Ill Clerical Red Hill Hard working bus boy at Trainers . . . sports enthusi- ast . . . favors PAD with Mr. Nase . . . plans to enter business school. Activities: Football 2,35 Track 2. BRIAN LEE SNYDER Clerical East Greenville Interests include sports and playing the sax . . . likes Mr. Rothenberger's history classes . . . will enter the Navy after graduation. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4. ARTHUR M. STONEBACK Academic Red Hill Sometimes called "Yoney" . . . lists hobbies as sports and eating . . . enjoys English classes with Mr. O'- Connor . . . indefinite future plans. Activities: Basketball 3,45 Cross Country 4. ROBERT WILLIAM STONG Academic East Greenville Answers to the nickname "Stinger" . . . enjoys math classes . . . electronics nut . . . will enter college in the fall. Activities: Band 1,2,3,4: Dance Band 3,45 Bux Mont Band 3,43 Concert Choir 3,45 Chorus 3,43 N.H.S. 3,45 Walum Olumg Jr. Play: Musical Comedy. SHIRLEY DORIS STELTZ Secretarial Pennsburg Favorite pastimes include dancing and listening to British records . . . rates Mr. Keeny and P.A.D. highly . . . undecided about future plans. KATHLENE ANN STITT Bookkeeping East Greenville "Kathy" finds P.A.D. classes interesting . . . enjoys swimming . . . future plans include business school and marriage. DARLENE DIANE STOUDT Clerical Red Hill Avid bowling fan . . . enjoys driving around with a cer- tain someone . . . likes English and Mrs. Tuchinsky . . .plans to be a telephone operator. MARGARET MARY STOUDT Academic Palm Would rather be called "Peggy" or "Werb" sports-minded . . . enjoys trig with Miss Schlenker . . . will attend business school. Activities: Hockey 2,3,4: Basketball 1,2,3,4: Softball 1,2,3,4. COLLETTE JEAN TERCHA Bookkeeping East Greenville Can be seen with a certain '65 grad . . . avid football fan . . . finds PAD interesting . . . plans to enter the Ia- bor market. Activities: Cheerleader 2,4. ARTHUR RICHARD TRAUGER Clel'iCal Red Hill Fun-loving senior . . . lists Mrs. Tarone as his favorite teacher . . . likes typing classes . . . will enter the labor market after graduation. ROBERT FRANKLIN STOUDT Clerical Red Hill Always ready with a smile . . . derives pleasure from bowling and swimming . . . rates Mr. Procak highly . . . will probably enter a junior college. Activities: Band 3,45 Concert Band 3.4: Walum Olum. LARRY G. TAGLIEBER General Pennsburg Outdoor sports enthusiast . . . likes to hunt and fish . . . favors PAD classes with Mr. Nase . . . would like to enter a trade school. JEFFREY LAVERNE TREICHLER Vocational Zionsville Enioys working on cars . . . can be seen driving a Model A Ford around town . . . rates Mr. Keeny highly . . . undecided future plans. Activities: FFA Secretary 1,2: Treasurer 3: Vice-Presi- dent 4. CHARLES WAGNER Vocational Green Lane "Chuck" lists every teacher as a favorite . . . enjoys working around engines and painting . . . future plans are indefinite. Activities: Football 1. BRUCE ROBERT WAHL Academic East Greenville "Moon" enjoys the company of the opposite sex . . . rates lVlr. Nase highly . . . finds PAD interesting . . plans to become a teacher. Activities: Cross-Country 45 Basketball 3,45 Track 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Concert Band 1,2,3,4. HAROLD CARL WEBER Vocational East Greenville interested in coin collecting . . . enjoys summers at the pool . . . a fast runner . . . undecided future plans. Activities: Cross-Country 45 Track 2. ANNE MARIE WEIKEL Secretarial East Greenville Nicknamed "Annie" . . . known for her loquacious- ness. . . loves to have fun . . . plans to work in the secretarial field or be a Wave. Activities: Chorus 1,2,3,45 Concert Choir 35 Walum Olum. RICHARD THOMAS WEIKEL Academic Pennsburg A real go-getter on the football field . . . "Rich" lists history and English as his favorite classes . . . an active class leader . . . will be a success in college. Activities: Football 1,2,3,45 Track 1,2,3,45 Student Coun- cil Treasurer 45 NHS 3,45 Jr. Play5 Musical Comedy 35 Perkolator 3,45 Walum Olum. M. SCOTT WEHR Academic Red Hill This athletic Senior lists his interests as girls, cars, and sports . . . a familiar face on the football field . . . a great sense of humor . . . rates Mr. Schneller highly. Activities: Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Jr. Play: Walum Olum. ROBERT MARK WEIDNER General Pennsburg "Rob" is interested in hunting, fishing, and cars . . . rates Mr. Nase and PAD highly . . . a real joker . . . fu- ture plans include trade school. Activities: Football 3,4. -5 MARGIE ANN WETZEL Academic East Greenville Very talented piano player . . . nicknamed "Maggie" . . . favorite pastime is dancing or swimming . . . plans to attend a conservatory. Activities: Hockey 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Concert Choir 2,35 Dance Band 2,3,45 Student Council 15 Musical Comedy 35 Perk-O-Later 3,45 Walum Olum. RANDALL BRUCE WILSON Clerical Palm Called "Randy" for obvious reasons . . . can frequent- ly be seen at the drag races . . . lists cars as a main in- terest . . . future undecided. viii' vnlf' BONNIE JANE YODER Academic Green Lane A dependable wing on the hockey team . . . rates Mr. Neiman highly . . . a math whiz . . . plans to attend col- lege to become a math teacher. Activities: Hockey 1,2,3,45 Chorus 2,3,45 'Concert Choir 2,- 3,45 Madrigal 45 Quartet 45 Student Council 253,45 FTA 1,- 2,3, Vice-President 45 Class Treasurer 15 Walum Olum. JAMES RONALD YOUNG Academic Red Hill Familiar face on the basketball court . . . rates Mr. Schlegel highly . . . great sense of humor . . . plans to further his education after graduation. Activities: Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Track 3,45 Cross-Country 45 Class Vice-President 4. ALTON ALTHOUSE WIMMER Clerical Palm Answers to the nickname "Wims" . . . enjoys building cars and models . . . lists Mr. Roncace as his favorite teacher . . . plans to enter the Air Force after gradua- tion. DAVID MAHLON WOLF Academic Pennsburg Can usually be found working at a local supermarket . . . admires Mr. Schneller . . . enjoys stock car races . . . will enter the field of engineering. Activities: Baseball 1. CHARLES DAVID YOUNGER Academic Macungie Avid sports fan . . . enjoys PSSC classes . . . a rather quiet member of our class . . . future plans are uncer- tain. RITA MARIE YURICK Clerical East Greenville Likes to dance and listen to popular music . . . lists Mr. Keeny as her favorite teacher . . . will attend business school. Activities: Chorus 1,2. JOSEPH FRANK WINDISH General Barto Spends much time working on cars . . . has no favor- ite class or teacher . . . prefers being called "Joe" . . . undecided future. ALMA MATER Hail to thee dear Alma Mater, Colors blue and gold, We will always stand behind you, Everywhere we go. Glory, honor, adoration, Offer we to thee, True and loyal to our high school, We will ever be. Solemnly we stand before thee, Singing praises clear, Of thee our dear Alma Mater, Throughout every year. When the time comes for our parting, Sad we all shall be, We will always love and cherish, All our memories. 55 -.J Most Likely to Succeed: Dan Moser, Cutest: Connie Haydt, Rusty Engle. Rosemary Shuhler. QWN mi Most Popular: Tom Henry, Sharon Miller. SENIOR Most Flirtateous: Mary Leiby, Keith Kleinbach ., Nlost Talkativez Ron Moyer, Deanna Mc- Naughton. l aaa Friendliest: Diana Leister, Scott Wehr. VT, , l Most Athletic: Keith Kleinbach, Peggy Stoudt. Class Clowns: Dennis Mensch, Deanna McNaughton. SU PERLATIVES Quietest: Barry Boyer, Loretta Fogel. Most Musical: Marvin O'Conner, Sandra Heimbach. Most Mischievous: Ernest Krause, Dean- na McNaughton. ci.Ass wiu. at TESTAMENT We, the class of 1966, being of sound mind and body, do hereby be- queath the following items to the faculty members and students of Upper Perkiomen High School: Ronald Moyer bequeaths his ability to "bagaak" like a chicken to Mr. O'Con- nor. Anne Weikel leaves her beach towel to Mr. Schneller. Marv O'Conner wills his musical ability to Dennis Trone. John Meyers bequeaths his all girl class to any boy who is willing to take it. Leslie Schofer wills the Coke machine in the teachers' room to the entire student body. The senior academics leave the Pequod to Mr. Schneller. Carl Brensinger wills his gym clothes to anyone in need. Karen Hamm bequeaths her knee socks to any junior with runners in her stockings. Tom Henry leaves his monitor post to Mr. Rothenberger. Scott Wehr wills his sense of humor to Mae Kreamer. Bonnie Yoder bequeaths her ability to "piddle" to Ellen Graber. Harold Weber wills a pair of stilts to Mr. Ruby. Carl Graber leaves his quiet way to Jackie Shewell. Dennis Mensch bequeaths his acumen and physical prowess to Mike Rick- ert. Gary Batzel bequeaths to the junior class as much success with the milk ma- chine as the senior class had. Jim Young leaves Mrs. Meyers to any deserving underclassman. Mark Roncace wills his bottle of peroxide to Doug Behney. Dawn Gilbert leaves her twelve studies to any overworked junior. The Head Hunters will their ability to hit and roll to Mr. Schmidt. Dennis Hillegass bequeaths his hair tonic to Mr. Nase. Collette Tercha wills her locker door to Mr. Schlegel. Elaine Hagenbuch leaves her shorthand speed to Leslie Brode. Ernie Krause ain't willin' nothin' to nobody. David Kulp bequeaths his cooking ability to Mr. Bennett. John Ehinger leaves Ebersole and Shalomar Van Clyneck to Mr. Schneller. Richard Weikel wills his athletic ability to Richard Leister. Bertha Goodman bequeaths her ability to laugh to Mrs. Yoder. Alan Richard wills his electric shaver to Mr. Procak. Galen Harpel leaves his skateboard to Mr. Schlegel so he can make better time through the halls. Bev Pepper wills her shortness to Pam Fries. Elaine Schultz bequeaths all her nicknames to any nameless underclass- man. Richard Trauger leaves his ability to be funny to Mrs. Powell. Sandy Heimbach wills her music clip Cstolen from Indiana Statel to the tuba section of the U.P. Band. -17 41- E-7 fil- 11 Many varied fashion fads were with us in our high school career. Throughout the years people were seen sporting madras clothing, loafers, textured stockings and kneeboots, mohair sweaters, bench warmers, shoulder bags, and pin striped shirts. For the girls, pierced ears be- came very popular. The London look popular- ized the collarless sport coat for boys and in- Best Dressed: Barbara Romeike, Tom Henry. The dances of our high school days changed even more than we did. We went from the twist, the pony, and the mashed potato of our junior high days to the frug, the jerk, the 81, and the sloopy of our more recent years. The dis- cotheque, a record dance at a night club, grew greatly in popularity. Did the Most for the Class: Mary Ann Frey, Carl Graber. spired the Mod Look for girls. Best Dancers: Bonnie Marks, Bill Or thaus. 59 Our class, like every other class, engaged in many activities. Many students spent their spare time decorating for the proms, selling food at the refreshment stand, serving on such committees as planning for the class trip, act- ing either in the plays or as the stage crew, or participating in activities to raise money or bet- ter the class. To these people we owe our suc- cessful years. f I lllfwiimf . .1 S-GL-my-v.-3-.at-1,-.a..aw,.e, . ., ,, .. ., , .. .,M,caM-uMMatW4.Www.f-wmmpmwwmmmi STANDING: Bob Stong, Dana Karver, Rosemary Shuhler, Bar- TING: Ron Moyer, Diana Leister, Bonnie Johnson, Cheryl Ro- bara Romeike, James Lesher, Sharon Miller, Rich Weikel, meike, Dan Moser, Karen Hamm, Scott Wehr, Paula Kolb. Donna Marks, Vicki Leister, Julia Boehner, Gary Batzel. SIT- KNEELING: Jim Roth, Carl Graber, Deanna McNaughton. JUNIOR PLAY On the nights of April 9 and 10, 1965, the Class of '66 presented the mystery-comedy, "The Ghoul Friend." Dan Merrick CDan Moserb and his sister Lolly CKaren Hamm? contrived a scheme to boost the business of Green Willow Lodge, owned by Mrs. Merrick CJulie Boehnerj. Stories of a lake monster were publicized, and many people came to see the monster. Bongo CRon Moyerj, a friend of the Merricks, was to appear as the monster. But af- ter a few strange coincidences and the appear- ance of Marina CBonnie Johnsonj, the phantom daughter of Mad Devlin CGary Batzely, mystery was added to the play. The antics of Daphne CDI- ana Leisterj, a superstitious maid, provided a comic relief in the suspense-filled scenes. As usu- al, the villian of the play, Professor Gaines Uim Rothj, was foiled in his scheme to exploit the dis- coveries of Mad Devlin for his own advancement. Through the work of our behind-the-scenes crews and the great patience of our capable di- rectors, Mrs. Anne Raymond, and Mr. Tom O'- Connor, our first dramatic performance was a monumental achievement. ROW 1: Connie Haydt, Susan Sonntag, Dawn Gilbert, Barbara Dvorak. ROW 2: Donna Marks, Carol Karver, Ernest Krause, Susan Ashman, Kathy Badman. s, fig ,fr1r,4f5,3isw4,r,,, , , W s. ,s,,, m a xi Z Q :Fl nr "You got poor Rollo, but you can't have Dan!" 61 STANDING: John Ehinger, Karen Hamm, Julia Boehner, Di- er, Barbara Romeike, Paula Kolb, Ron Moyer, Sharon Miller ana Leister, Jim Lesher. SITTING: Bonnie Johnson, Dan Mos- KNEELING: Judy Carls, Carl Graber. SENIOR PLAY "Mother, Did I tell you how our daughter won the game?" 62 What-a-Game! What A Game! I . . . I . . . Hate Violence. "TIME OUT FOR GINGER" "R-r-ronald will you please stop making those chicken noises!"g "John you must talk sIower!"g "Dennis, get off the stage." "Barbara, stand like a lady." These memorable words of the directors Mrs. Anne Raymond and Mr. Tom O'Connor echoed through the auditorium as the seniors pre- pared for their final dramatic production. The comedy, "Time Out For Ginger," was presented on November 19 and 20, 1965. The plot began to unfold after Mr. Carol C D. Moserj had given a speech in which he stated that everyone should be allowed to do what he wants to do. On the following day Ginger Carol CDiana Leisterj practiced what her father had preached, she reported for the high school foot- ball team. Her mother CBarbara Romeikeb and her sisters Uudi Carls and Paula Kolbb shared mixed emotions concerning the actions of this fourteen-year-old tomboy. Because lVlr. Carol re- fused to retract his statement, he was faced with the loss of his job and the indignation of the school authorities. Through the efforts of her boy- friend CJohn Ehingerj, Ginger was finally con- vinced that she enjoyed being a girl. The actions of the maid Uulie Boehner and Karen Hammj, the bank president's CRon Nloyerj song and dance routine, and Eddie's CCarl Graberj rendition of "Hang on Sloopy" will never be forgotten. The entire cast, the stage crew and the direc- tors are to be congratulated for a job well done. JUNIOR PROM 64 Pagodas set against snow covered peaks, rickshaws garlanded with pink carnations, and Japanese gardens watched over by an oriental beauty greeted the guests as they passed through the dragon guarded entranceway at our Junior Prom. The auditorium was turned into a true "Oriental Fantasy" for our first big social event. Who will forget the beauty of the room softly lig- hted by oriental lanterns, or the lovely music sup- plied by "The Serenaders"? The time passed all too quickly. A party held at the Green Lane Fire Hall helped stretch out the pleasant evening. All the girls were lovely, the boys handsome, and the night was one to remember. Sr. Prom Committee Paula Kolb, Harold Weber, Gilbert Ebright, Dan Moser, Dana Karver, Bill Orthaus, Donna Marks. Each year many seniors contribute their time and energy for the benefit of the class as workers in the refreshment stands, announcers at foot- ball games, prompters and stagehands for the plays, and members of the various prom commit- tees. SENIOR Among those who worked to make the prom's notable events were the members of the decorat- ing committee, the entertainment committee, and the refreshment committee. They are to be con- gratulated for their magnificent accomplishments. Jr. Prom Committee 1st: Connie Haydt, Christine Custer, Paula Kolb, Dawn Gil- bert, Elaine Schultz, Susie Mensch, Kathy Badman. 2nd: Er- nest Krause, Bob Reck, Bob Keller, Dennis Mensch, Warren Long, Larry Marks, Demitrious Apessos, Richard Shewell, Jeffrey Schultz. 3rd: Dale Hoffman, Larry Taglieber, Joe Win- dish, Gilbert Ebright, Terry Shaner, Brock Leister, Ronald Mik los, Bill Orthaus. " 'F' .ATI i 'Lh-, 3 . 5 . lst: Paula Kolb, Donna Marks, Barbara Romeike, Barbara Dvorak, Katrina Hartman, Deanna McNaughton, Karen Hamm, Dawn Gilbert, Bonnie Johnson, Susan Ashman, Conn- ie Haytdt. 2nd: Elaine Hagenbuch, Carol Karver, Diana Leist- SERVICES The most lucrative of the above-mentioned en- terprises is the refreshment stand. All of the money which is taken in is put into the senior class treasury. Many thanks go to Mary Ann Frey who was in charge of the stand at the football games and to John Ehinger who ran the stand at the basketball games. Upper Perk's football fans are well-acquainted with the voices of Dan Moser and Ron Moyer who er, Peggy Stoudt, Gilbert Ebright, Homer Hagenbuch, Susan Sonntag, Sharon Miller, Kathy Badman, Carol Renninger. 3rd: Ken Brendlinger, Dana Karver, Dan Moser. Harold Weber, Er- nest Krause, Bill Orthaus. covered the play-by-play action and half-time ac- tivities. What would a dramatic production be like with- out a stage-crew and prompters? The seniors who filled these capacities were indispensable. Thanks to them our Junior and Senior Plays were highly successful. Sincere thanks go to all the seniors who have rendered their services to the class. lst: Mary Ann Romeo, Ann Weikel, Connie Haydt, Gloria Roe- der, Mary Ann Frey, Shirley Steltz, Julie Boehner, Peggy Stoudt, Barbara Dvorak. 2nd: Bonnie Marks, Kathy Badman, Donna Moll, Charlene Dixon, Donald Leister, Lynn Stauffer, Mark Roncace, Susan Sonntag, Susan Ashman, Carol Karver, 3rd: Scott Wehr, Charles Duklis, Bruce Wahl, John Ehinger, Jan Baas, Marvin O'Conner, David Layman, Ron Moyer, Brock Leister, Ernest Bolden. i-- u i rf?-ia! ,V -xg, ki 1 Vi UNDERCLASSIVIEN 4.4, Officers: Steve Reeder, Vice-President: Margie Beck, Secretary: Pete Reigner, President. lf- CLASS OF 1967 11A ROW 1: Patty Way, Valerie Stottlemire, Marie Leider- man, Pam Fries, Tina Levengood, Linda Schultz, Linda Esch- bach, Mary Stevens, Doris White. ROW 2: Roxana Gebert, Linda Herrmann, Tamara Fry, Ellen Stock, Karen Hewett, Bet- ty Diehl, Diane Hallman. ROW 3: Larry Melcher, Pete Reigner, Bob Hand,Dennis Boyer, Bill Gebert, Mike Rickert, Brian Fox, Richard Brand. ROW 4: Brian Bitting, Richard Kahler, Jim Derr, Willard Kershner, Val Bertoia, Rich Butterweck, Robert Minner, Ralph Roberts, Lewis Ballew. Q L , 11A1 ROW 1: Donna Seasholtz, Linda Hinton, Audrey Reeves, hurst, Steve Reeder, Steve Kemmerer, Dave Underwood, Bruce Linda Schmeltzle, Eva Derr, Sandy Leister. ROW 2: Ray Bring- Cook, Frank Ruth, John Morris, Michael Martin. L , ,. l 4. .. 11S ROW 1: Julie Steltz, Linda Yerger, Carol Gilbert, Anna Alt- house, Walli Tonkonoh, Judy Morris, Sandy Smeltz, Barbara Erb, Linda Harpel, Brenda Heil. ROW 2: Linda Brown, Dawn Metz, Judy Nace, Ellen Graber, Dolores Reinhard,Leslie Brode, Joyce McLean, Diane Krauss, Gail Solivan, Sandy Wolf. ROW 3: Margie Beck, Linda Mamatuck, Nancy Whitcomb, Marion Lagler, Martha Benner, Christine Kline, Linda Heffentrager, Louise Myers, Joan Conway, Linda Henry, Chris Reed, Carol Wampole. 71 F5 A - 11C ROW 1: Mary Ann Cressman, Patti Steltz, Mary Jane Schell. ROW 2: Rich Christman, Eric Jett, David Stoneback Bauman, Janis Hoffman, Diane Kriebel, Connie Duklis, Holly Bruce Green, Neal Hunsberger, Terry Hersh, Larry Hoch, - Q 4 Q A Q 1 4 11K ROW 1: Chris Shewell, Kris Warren, James Meitzler, NBCG, Henry Cal-ISGY, Thomas Vil'U5- Bruce Wardle. David Glenn Hipszer, Dave Treffinger, Clarence Dierolf, Ray Peart, Urffer. ROW 3: Daniel Kile, Robert Dyas, Ed Slack, David Diane Mensch, Carol Smith, Sharon Schmoyer. ROW 2: Greg Schuler, John Balmer, David Christman, Eddie Zgura, Jay Kolb, Ronald Rodenberger, Bruce Marks, Dale Miller, Jim Rerlninger. Edward GreiSS. 72 m lv' 11CBD ROW 1: Kathy Derr, Mary Ann Cressman, Patti Cressman, Donald Kriebel, Rich Slonaker, Neal Hunsberger, Steltz, Mary Jane Bauman, Janis H0ffrnan. Diane Kriebel, Terry Hersh, Harlan Faust, Dave Buck. ROW 4: Kenny Krause, Connie Duklis, Holly Schell, Linda Windish, Joann Fichter. Ray Bartholomew, Terry Stauffer, Paul Schwoyer, Pete ROW 2: Doris Moyer, Cindy Frank, Rich Christman, David Greene, Herman Albitz, Bob Drescher, Barry Stofflet, Melvin Stoneback, Bruce Greene, Eric Jett, Larry Hoch, Mary Press, Christman, Robert Hasker, Donald Devine. Susan Higgins. ROW 3: Ronald Lesher, Dale Bardman, Rich f .. .wth 11 BD ROW 1: Kathy Derr, Susan Higgins, Doris Moyer, Terry Drescher, Harlan Faust, Dave Buck. ROW 3: Kenny Krause, Stauffer, Barry Stofflet, Cindy Frank, Mary Press, Linda Ray Bartholomew, Paul Schwoyer, Peter Greene, Herman Al- Windish, Joann Fichter. ROW 2: Ronald Lesher, Dale Bard- bitz, Melvin Christman, Robert Hasker, Donald Devine. man, Rich Cressman, Donald Kriebel, Rich Slonaker, Bob 73 Officers: Paul Hoh, Treasurer, Charlene Krause, Secre- tary, Steve Moyer, President: Harry Hunsberger, Vice- President. A , I , CLASS OF 1968 ii A , 10A ROW 1: Robin Roncace, Nadine Owens, Kate deAngeli, Sally Dennis, Dana Bernd, Mary Stahl, Linda Gaugler, Lesa Spacek, Christine Crum, Linda Mohler. ROW 2: Linda Roth, Peggy Schlicher, Janice Gery, Clyde Beswick, Brian Schultz, Henry Geisinger, Steve Moyer, Donald Miller, Loretta Fen- stermaker, Barbara Smith. ROW 3: Alan Breyer, Brandon Reed, Dennis Trone, Steven Boyer, William Young, Jim Bau- man, Kyle Reigner, Paul Hoh, Scott Thompson, Arthur Swen- son, Bruce Benner. 10 A1 ROW 1: Beverly Stahl, Jackie Shewell, Frances O'Con- Marks, Chester Roberson, Clark Hamman, Barbara Sherman, nor, .Judy Fox, Pat Roth, Jean Derr, Kathy Mogyorossy, Karen Wieand. ROW 3: Dennis Laslo, Richard Leister, Steve Debbie Freed, Bonnie Stoudt. ROW 2: Virginia Hinton, Ro- Pimer, Harry Hunsberger, Robert Varricchio, Robert Witman, maine Leister, Jerry Schwenk, Dennis Rothenberger, Brian Doug Behney, Terry Aston, David Ferkins, James Landis. 10 C ROW 1: Pat Miller, Helen Walters, Charlene Krause, Kar- ger, Bruce Kulp, Donna White. ROW 3: Richard Bartholomew, en Engle, Karen Young, Pat Buzby, Diane Fels, Debbie Metz, George Apessos, Roger Schott, Donald Burks, Dane Badman, Kathy Windish. ROW 2: Peggy Kulp, Bill Kile, Dana Gabel, Rudy Leister, Larry Roeder, Jay Fegely. George Higgins, Dennis Harpel. Nelson Koehler, Scott Ber- 75 ' . - l .. - 10 C1 ROW 1: Dolores Bucci, Alice Kraft, Deborah Richard, Valerie Serfass, Maxine Reinhart, Sandy O'Domski, Carol Hewett, Gail Stoudt, Sandy Anderson. ROW 2: Georgette Din- Iocker, Linda Miller, Tim Croissette, Larry Gery, Roy Bauman, Q Q Arthur Berger, John Gilbert, Stanley Schaffer, Karen Kolb, Betty Wimmer. ROW 3: Leslie Stahl, Allen Kulp, Willard Ja- cobs, Charles Henry, Michael Erb, Larry Bender, Ronnie Din- locker, Fred Mensch. ' . ' 'S if 1 .iff ii, - - l 10 C2BD ROW 1: Betty Marks, Janice Krause, Mary Jane Breyer, Julia Eubank, Mary Lou Shupe, Marilyn Bowlin, Louise Kraft, Shirley Ferkins, Rochelle Tanner, Julie Schantz, Darlene Kulp. ROW 2: Donna Yerk, Tommy Thompkins, Chris Weikel, Jerome Treichler, Ivan Stizenko, Marv Crossley, Tony Bono, Stewart Schwenk, Carol Weidner, ROW 3: Dane Houck, Philip Wilde, Larry Kline, Roger Heil, Greg Rickert, Gary Miller, Jerome Miller. ROW 4: Mitchell Gery, Grant Schlegel, David Gerhard, Dennis Gaul, Sumter Herbert, Dale Bauman, Chester Smith, Jeffrey Bieber. CLASS 1969 Officers: Mike Moyer, Treasurer: Bobbi Smith, Secre- tary: Perry Lesher, Vice-President: Richard Witcomb, President. AH 4 S 9A ROW 1: Sarah DeAngeli, Shirley Reinhard, Peg Clark, James Bardman, Cheryl Rickert, Dorothy Dornsife, Susan Sharon Solt, Debra Mensch, Cathy Schultz, Martha Kuhns, Carls. ROW 3: Bruce Heimbach, Randy Kahler, Barry Leather- Darlene Kulp, Teresa Renninger. ROW 2: Sandy Mack, Gail man, Dennis Shelly, Henry Fisher, Glenn Gilbert, David Renn, Sheiry, Bev Smith, Elaine Dworna k, Curt Gronert, Terry Smith, Gary Cleaver, Perry Lesher, Mike Moyer, Davis Northnagel. 77 f'!1, ,,. 5 5 . g, ,,, 9. 5 , L few 9A1 ROW 1: Betty Trexler, Donna Browne, Eileen Stoudt, Ka- thy Kriebel, Mary Lou Troxell, Linda Slack, Karen Kacicek, Bev- erly Mensch, Lois Swartz, Vicki Ferketich, Mary Scholl. ROW 2: Debra Layman, Mark Heimbach, Gary Fox, Greg Kratzer, Mi- chael Moll, Dominique Tomme, Leon Novicki, Sophie Roush. ROW 3: Leroy Rothenberger, Kenneth Hertzel, Jim Fiorito, John Kabinski, Michael Turner, Richard Whitcomb, Steve Hess, Brian Beard, Dan Centurione. 9A2 ROW 1: Susan Bartman, Karen Sadorf, Sally Buzby, Sus- an Bauman, Janet Peterson, Arlene Stofflet, Karen Mack, Don na Pursel, Debbie Heckler, Susan Henry. ROW 2: Barbara Diehl, Ellen Sell, Glenn Hoffman, Daniel Smoll, Randy Schoen- ly, Dale Cathers, William Schultz, Tom Swierzewski, Mike Ob- erholtzer, Linda Bauman, Sue Henry. ROW 3: Paul Gaskill, Os- car Ballew, Bill Weikel, Jay Wetzel, Mark Germes, Robert Endy, Tim Schofer, Robert Saeger, Dennis Underwood, Wayne Hewett. vs , 'ii Skef' 9C ROW 1: Lila Moyer, Carolyn Greiss, Gail Breiner, Pauline gass, Donna Benner, Renee Jett, Barbara Bauman. ROW 3: Carmean, Donna Thomas, Marian Ebright, Barbara Reinewald, Fred Zwoyer. Jeffefl' Slack. William Reiflheft. Gafy ASTON, Sharon Conrad. ROW 2: Nancy Romeo, Gail Gery, Carol Francis Stauffer, Kenneth Godshall. Piepszowski, David Rothermel, Ronnie Stevens, Jane Hille- 1 9C1 ROW 1: Beverly Long, Doreen Gebert, April Stauffer, Pau- Styer, Linda Hinkle, Betty Brand, Janet Szczybeck, Sharon Iette Dersa, Joyce Flick, Florence May, Mary Alice Russell, Adams. ROW 3: Donald Greiss, Richard Gery, Glenn Stitt, For- Joyce Morris, Eleonora Moskalenko. ROW 2: Tana Bittenben- rest Breyer, Neil Schwoyer, Richard Kulp, Anthony Stoudt, Da- der, Nancy Reck, Kathy O'Conner, Kathy Katrinak, Bonnie vid Wolf, Kim Jacobs, Philip Luber. 79 I .4 M' 4 A A 9C2 ROW 1: Beverly Renninger, Bonnie Trumbauer, Catherine Schwenk, Bruce Stoneback, David Fegley, Lorraine Baus. Brown, Dianna Heffentrager, Helen Smeltz, Sheila Frederick, ROW 32 Richafd Mififiefi -ieffy BGCK, Mike Nlamatuck, Gene Bonnie Nace, Bobbi Smith, Rosina Onicenko. ROW 2: Carol Kline, ROY Gfubbi Gafy Kiifie. John Waiter, Bruce Bl'enSii'igeI'. Moyer, Wayne Kreamer, William Causey, Terry Badman, Kurt Biii Conway- 9C3 ROW 1: Elizabeth Brensinger, Rachel Meitzler, Rosemarie Kulp, Robert Young, Huber Remick. ROW 3: Kery Sadorf, Moyer, Joyce Batzel, Dawn Kolb, Rosemary Slonaker, Pat George Moser, Bill Novicki, Barry Mcllvee, Ernest Cressman, Zgura,Sherry Masemore. ROW 2: Steven Hersh, Millard Gery, William Bartholomew, Charles Brensinger, Keith Schott, Mi- Jerry Hunsberger, Eugene Carmean, John Mallon, Leonard chael Sherman. l 80 - - Q Class of 1970: Homeroom 101. ROW 1: Deborah Benner, Ka- thy Anderson, Sandra Covington, Penny Bauman, Wendy Bernd, Karen Brendlinger, Gail Dierolf, Joy Beswick, Gail Brinckman, Lois Culhane. ROW 2: Bonnie Beard, Linda Barndt, Lorraine Dawson, Roxann Breyer, Frank Berghold, Charles Dierolf, Allen Boyer, Delores Crossley, Brenda Bau- man, Donna Brinckman, ROW 3: Richard Dierolf, William Connell, LaMont Bender, Larry Buck, James Baver, James Bossert, Paul Brensinger, Eugene Crotzer, Franklin Bartho- lomew. ROW 4: Michael Bartholomew, Joseph Drescher, Ron- ald Boyer, Michael Brendlinger, Myron Bowlin, Bruce Butt- erweck, Craig Bonenberger, Herman Boyer. Homeroom 102. ROW 1: Linda Fox, Nina Fry, Pennie Simp- son, Judy Frankenfield, Ann Hunsberger, Gail Jones, Rachel Gehman, Fay Gruber, Joanna Hatter. ROW 2: Christine Hille- gass, Sharon Haas, Janine Jett, Susie Geissinger, Audrey Hea- cock, Lanette Hilbert, Dianne Geissinger, Betty Eck, Susan Hoffman, Karen Epler. ROW 3: Robin Hinton, David Hoffman, Robert Hunsberger, Randy Huber, Bruce Fretz, Richard Faust, David Duka, Arnold Godshall, Rich Jabs, Dale Hass. ROW 4: Brian Keck, Carl Hagenbuch, Charles Ebright, Grant Hill, Ricky Fegley, Paul Eshbach, David Haas, Clinton Haney, Rich- ard Ferketich, Barry Gery. Q - 4 ,. l-- L - l Homeroom 103. ROW 1: Vicki Moll, Alison Mutter, Mary Meyers, Penny Kline, Anne Moyer, Karen Kramer, Linda Nicho- las, Mary Lou Kleinbach, Kathy Lagler. ROW 2: Dolores Koons, Sandra Litzenberger, Lorraine Peterson, Scott Moser, David Meitzler, Phillip Medvetz, Evelyn Moser, Mary Ann Kulp. ROW 3: John Mensch, Neil Myers, Joseph Mogyorossy, Kenneth .2 ,-Q.,-w l I5 A Landis, Dennis Nace, Rodney Miller, Richard Kolb, Bryan Moyer, Martin Kulp, Mark Oelschlager. ROW 4: David Plum, Robert MacAlpine, Michael Kulp, David Nace, Dale Kriebel, Raymond Mest, Glenn Miller, William Nace, Richard Lechner, Robert McNaughton, Fred Moyer. . 5 P f - I l ' nf , , Homeroom 104. Row 1: Gail Reigner, Jayne Shupe, Betty Ann Schlupp, Connie Rhoads, Carla Solt, Barbara Schwenk, Au- drey Stauffer, Sylvia Stottlemire, Emma Russell, Donna Renn. ROW 2: Linda Smeltz, Donna Schmoyer, Keith Shenberger, Peter Snyder, Derek Reigner, Leslie Schoffer, Joyce Stauffer, Mary Rensen, Bonnie Smith. ROW 3: Ronald Schantz, Wayne Schoenagel, Charles Roth, Dennis Stauffer, Dennis Seasholtz, Ted Reed, Tyrone Silva, Tom Rohrbach, Arthur Roeder, Ray- mond Schmoyer, Ronald Russell. ROW 4: James Smith, David Rile, Stephen Sell, Stephen Stezenk, Frank Reed, Herbert Ren- ninger, Tim Ruth, John Stock, Alvin Schultz, David Pursel. 5 l l S MX Tercha, Monica Xander, Cindy Trumbauer, Susie Young. ROW 3: Clark Walter, Warren Swenson, Donald Way, Steve Mont- gomery, Michael Styer, Richard Yocum, Wayne Thomas, Claude Walter. Q L 3 Keith Cleaver. ROW 3: Randy Brinckman, William H. Bartho- Iomew, Dennis Bieler, Ernest Carl, Ricki Bower, Joseph Conte, Keith Beller, Les Brown, Ricki Buck. ROW 4: William A. Bartho- lomew, Lee Brensinger, Ronald Boyer, Stanley Bitting, Billy Beilstein, Ray Brinckman, Douglas Bricker, Craig Barndt. Homeroom 202, ROW 1: Donna Dinlocker, Alice Eschbach, Donna Guldin, Becky Herrmann, Sheila Fegley, Betty Jean Fisher, Linda Eardley, Linda Diehl, Linda Fisher, Sarah Derr. ROW 2: Antoinette Dornsife, Joann Diehl, Linda Dornblaser, Melvin Godshall, James Gaul, William Giuliano, Lucille Dietz, Janet Gressley, Christine Haas. ROW 3: Demas Frederick, Da- vid Godshall, Curtis Devine, Nelson Doremus, Dana Gery, Ray- mond Erb, Scotty Fried, Steven Gebert, Robin Fegley. ROW 4: Louis Herdle, John Gehman, Richard Gilbert, Deith Gerhart, David Eck. Homeroom 203. ROW 1: Barbara Johnson, Donna Kline, Cynthia Mann, Margaret Lutz, Yvonne Kulp, Davette Mat- thews, Donna Markle, Jeanne Hewett, Susie Hinkle, Patty Leister. ROW 2: Robert Hosier, Donald L. Landis, Donald Kulp, Thomas Hess, Donald Longacre, Thomas Holiday, Terry Hoch, Curt Kuhns, Stanley Kreider, Blaine Masemore. ROW 3: Rich- ard Hoh, Craig Koffel, David Mamatuck, Michael Levengood, Evan Marks, John Longwell, David Leiderman, Keith Marks, Keith Hersh, Michael Kershner. E 1 .. k 1 L Homeroom 204. ROW 1: Patty Saeger, Bonnie Pfleiger, Mar- garet Mogyorossy, Janice Reinwald, Bonnie Reed, Nancy Schlegel, Joann Renninger, Jean Reinwald, Lois Schantz, Kris Osterberg, Rachel McLane. ROW 2: Judy Oelschlager, Gilbert Rock, Robert Rensen, Richard Rodenberger, John McClintock, Q - Thomas Mensch, John Rabe, Pat Roeder. ROW 3: Frank Reichert, Paul Moser, Claude Moser, Scott Moyer, Barry Schlmetzle, Wayne Miller, Norman Mohn, Steve Miller, Randy Reinhart. J- J Q i f l Homeroom 206. ROW 1: Susie Schoefer, Linda Schmoyer, Connie Smith, Peggy Treffinger, Charlene Wilson, Mary Wun- der, Norine Shewell, Denise Tanner, Vicki Weikel. ROW 2: Lori Wampole, Denise Wentling, Donna Stoneback, Sharon Sea- christ, Robert Smith, Norman Schwoyer, Betty Sterner, Peggy, Szczybek, Kathleen Wunder, Carol Shaner. ROW 3: Thomas Stoudt, Larry Sheafer, Gary Smith, John Moll, Gregory Walker, Gary Schuler, Mark Schoenagel, Steven Steltz, Alan Schwager. ROW 4: Keith Tornetta, Kevin Sell, Roy Schultz, Rick Walker, Michael Wetzel, James Slack, Russell Swann. T Ll I 1. Z. 'wff A 1 ! x K f s If Qx Q 6 . QRS SPG RTS 1 ' 7 V 1 A. if W, lb 1. A 4 M39 -Q93 A 0, l 4 1 l in l ROW 1: Rich Mohler, Dennis Mensch, Dana Karver, Tom Hen- ry, Scott Wehr, Keith Kleinbach, Jack Bowlin, Rich Weikel, Carl Graber, Warren Long, Leslie Schofer, Rusty Engle. ROW 2: Frank Mc Clintock, Brian Schultz, Danny Kile, Jim Nace, Eric Jett, Bob Weidner, Walt Peart, Neil Hunsberger, Brian Fox, Bill Gebert, Mike Rickert, Tim Croisette, ROW 3: Ron Din- locker, Tony Bono, Rich Butterweck, Terry Hersh, Lewis Bal- .jst me 691 4 65534935 T r ii BE: .ll Nil "M 14 2 lew, Ron Rodenberger, Bob Hand, Pete Reigner, Steve Reeder, Marty Bauer, Dana Gabel, Bob Witman, ROW 4: Jim Bauman, Roger Schott, Rich Leister, Nelson Keller, Kyle Reigner, Steve Moyer, Harry Hunsberger, Dennis Rothenberger, Chris Weikel, Tom Thompkins, Dale Bauman, Henry Geissinger, lvon Stezenko. ROW 4: Mr. Slemmer, Mr. Jones, Nlr. Schmidt, Mr. Keeny, Mr. Werkheiser, Mr. Duka, Nlr. Olson. VARSITY FOOTBALL STANDING: Mr. Werkheiser, Mr. Duka, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Olson. FOOTBALL 1965 Boyertown -.--------.- 20 U . P .... 13 Hatboro ----- ---- 7 U.P .... 20 Wissahickon -- --.- O U.P. . . . 6 Central Bucks - - - - - -21 U.P. . . . 12 Springfield ------ --'- O U.P .... 21 Upper Moreland . - ---- 6 U.P .... 34 Pennridge ------ ---- O U.P .... 33 North Penn - - -.-- 6 U.P. . . . 7 Quakertown- - - - - -19 U.P. . . . 6 Souderton - -. ---25 U.P. . . . 0 Football once again dominated the fall sports scene. Few football mentors predicated a high finish for the Indian team, but a talented group of sophmores and juniors combined with deter- mined senior veterans carried the warriors above all preseason predictions. Only a lack of depth and unfortunate injuries to key players prevented the Keenymen from going all the way. It took a disappointing preseason loss to Boyertown to jell the unit. The next game, howev- er, proved the lesson of Boyertown had been well learned. A tough Hatboro team proved no match. Local fans were already calling Tom Henry one of the top backs in a league full of hard running, talented ball carriers. The strength of the Indian defense was proven against a team which shocked all preseason predictions. Wissahickon, said to have no chance in the football standings, led by a new coach, Nlangers: Jim Roth, Larry Roeder, Dennis Underwood l A Leslie Schofer Keith Kleinbach 'XM 1' Walter Peart Carl Graber Rusty Engle 2 Tom Henry Dennis Mensch 90 wwf' M ' 2 v J of A, cf Scott Wehr Jack Bowlin Rich Mohler Bob Weidner Dana Karver Rich Weikel Warren Long 91 routed many fine teams. But our defense, led by Keith Kleinbach smothered Wissahickon as the offense managed a touchdown in the closing sec- onds to win the game. Henry however joined the growing list of casualties before the Central Bucks game. With the better part of our running attack gone, the team gave the Bucks a grudging victory. Springfield proved no match and were routed in fine style. Upper Moreland was smoth- ered. Keith Kleinbach's brilliant defensive perfor- mance was largely responsible. He demonstrated the form which earned him a berth on the sec- ond team all state and nomination to play in the big thirty-three game. Unfortunately, star offensive and defensive senior tackle, Richard Weikel, was injured ealry in the game and missed the next two games. Weikel, all Buxmont both offensivly and defensively, was the key to the for- ward wall which featured seniors: Rusty Engle, Dana Karver, Rich Mohler, Scott Wehr, and War- ren Long. These men picked up the slack and ripped apart defending champion Pennridge, probably the highlight of the season. Henry sparked the offensive while Rob Weidner led the defense. North Penn perennial football power- house fell for the fifth straight year to the Indians by a 7-6 squeaker. Senior Jack Bowlin and all Buxmont sophomore Jim Bauman sparked an aroused Upper Perkiomen defensive line to throw back repeated North Penn thrust at our goal. Quakertown, the class of the league, faced rid- den lndian squad and overpowered us in an ex- citing game. The Indian team, weakened still more by the rough Quakertown game, failed to move the ball against rival Souderton. Momentary defensive lapses gave the highpowered visitors a Thanks- giving victory. ROW 1: Co-Captains - Peg Stoudt, Sharon Miller ROW 2: der, Donna Seasholtz, Bonnie Johnson, Karen Hamm, Ellen Diane Hallman, Roxie Gebert, Robin Roncace,Margie Wetzel, Graber, Mary Sttevens, Donna Moll. Christine Reed, Bonnie Marks, Mrs. Utz ROW 3: Bonnie Yo- VARSITY HOCKEY The UP Squaws found themselves in a very highly competitive league with five very talented teams finishing in first place. Pre-season training at hockey camp enlightened the girls to the basic fundamentals of hockey. With these acquired skills and true Indian spirit the squad was prepared to meet any opponent. Though the team was never disheartened, they met some drawbacks as their record was O-4-3 in the league competition. 93 Coaches: Head Coach, Mrs. Felton, Assistant, Mrs. Utz ' '33 ' ' ' I 'Q :I i ins. -ir 9 14'-5 v?L"'f t 1 41 vig. Q' 5 nf ' 3' - ' Q, Q , 4 in W , 'Q ?'+'f, 54 Vi 5' ' si-iw 1--1 - eww W ' ' 9 J' ' fi A K' if A ' we K, 1 us Y 'fi , , 4. ,r W , W i ww W, ,.i,,f1 Q ow, . , 0 L 4 if sf 1 4 1 i G 4' I gf-fig 5 1,i1,x,M7 ,gl K 'V :V f X K W' A 2-ffm, , ,. i an ' " ew, '- , A In V Q Karen Hamm Bonnie Johnson Bonnie Marks Sharon Miller , W mi f e i W fri i six , 415. 5- : ,, ,, . ::v,y .. -' was s:':f:1a: g-5 Donna Moll Peggy Stoudt Margie Wetzel Bonnie Yoder SEN IO RS .B x I 94 ROW 1: Mary Ann Scholl, Sandy Anderson, Susan Henry, Su- Sandy Mack, Linda Mohler, Susie Bauman, Mrs. Felton, ROW san Bardman, Ellen Sell, Pat Buzby, Karen Kolb ROW 2: 3: Betty Diehl, Peg Clark, Francis O'Conner, Dana Bernd, Ka- Linda Bauman, Gail Schiery, Dorothy Dornsife, Linda Hinkle, ren Engle, Marie Leiderman, Tina Levengood. JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY Varsity Scheduie 1965 - OPP UP glgcrlgejyyelrlanagersz Nadine Owens, Barbara Romeike, Sharon Sept 16 Boyertown 5 1 17 Emmaus 2 3 22 Upper Morland 5 1 29 North Penn 3 2 Oct 13 Pennridge 3 3 19 Wissahickon 2 0 X f ,r,, 4 S 21 Quakertown 2 0 ' 27 Central Bucks 1 1 la- 4'li W Nov 2 Souderton 4 1 10 Hatboro 1 1 95 KNEELING COACHES: Steve Ruby, Mike Duka, Rich Butter- Kleinbach, Jim Nace, Rusty Engle, Jim Roth, Ron Moyer Steve weck, Jim Young, Bruce Marks, Bill Gebert, Pete Reigner, Keith Moyer, Steve Reeder. VARSITY BASKETBALL Coaches: Mike Duka, Steve Ruby. 1965 Dec 3 10 14 17 21 28 Jan. 4 7 11 14 21 25 28 Feb 4 8 11 15 18 22 96 Varsity UP-OP Boyertown Upper Moreland Pennridge Wissahickon Central Bucks Springfield North Penn Souderton Hatboro Quakertown Upper Moreland Pennridge Wissahickon Springfield North Penn Souderton Hatboro Quakertown Central Bucks 39-35 55-45 54-46 39-61 40-50 56-75 45-55 57-41 46-62 67-46 71-53 66-50 57-71 58-62 53-93 80-41 Jr. Varsity UP-OP 38-43 39-25 34-24' 45-22 43-67 34-29 48-19 37-28 47-26 56-44 53-33 42-44 41-39 35-34 25- 14 Dale Bauman, John Balmer, Bob Witman, Jim Bauman, Coach Duka, Brian Schultz, Chester Rober- son, Doug Behney, Brian Bitting. JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL This year's Junior Varsity was gifted with great height, talent, and agility. Victories were outstanding and the A losses were heart breakers. Smashing the boards throughout the season were sophmores Brian Schultz and Jim Bauman and junior Bruce Marks. The latter two and Steve Moyer led the scoring throughout their triumpahnt season. The guidance of their coach and their already highly developed potential should be a definite asset to the 1966-67 Varsity team. 99 ,QW-A.. KNEELING: Karen Hamm, Wally Tonkonah, Julie Boehner, STANDING: Diane Hallman, Sharon Miller, Susie Mensch, Mrs. Felton, Peg Stoudt, Sandy Leister, Donna Seasholtz. GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL Coaches: Head Coach, Mrs. Felton, Assist. Coach, Mrs. Utz. 100 4 1 s. rree or 5 . .GA Q I A . Q f Q ' ' f I "Iwi ' ' 4 . . - I .., 'g I, U ' I UP A ' 5' Up up P . 1 U' . ee we w--? wx in . 5 U .1 an N Q . U ' .' 5 f ' up ,,... . It up V I - UP UP "" up S I wh I if L J A ' -if I A 11' I ' -A', ' I A ' Pdf. - ,QW ' ',-, P v ""' up 9 uP P u 'I I I ' ?illll'I 5' I I I' """"""' ? f E19 I if i SE S ROW 1: Vicki Ferketich, Donna White, Sandy Mack, Linda Pat Miller, Linda Schmeltzle, Linda Schultz, Sarah de Angeli. Bauman, Mary Ann Scholl, Gail Scheiry, Sue Henry, Margie ROW 3: Karen Engle, Karen Young, Robin Roncace, Linda Beck. ROW 2: Elaine Dvorak, Martha Kuhns, Helen Walters, Slotter, Debbie Mensch, Susan Bauman, Joan Conway. GIRLS' JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL Basketball Managers: Sandy Heimbach, Karen Kolb, Leslie Brode, Diane Krauss. I Jan. 7 Souderton A 12 Hatboro H 18 Bye 25 Ambler A Feb, 2 Upper Moreland H 9 Pennridge H 15 Central Bucks A 22 North Penn A Mar. 2 Quakertown H 102 L Rusty Engle Keith Kleinbach Ron Moyer Jim Roth Experienced coach Steve Ruby began a new concept of the game he thought possibly ap- propriate for the players. This concept, based on depth, would permit Upper Perk to have two units of basically the same strength. The results of preseason scrimmages forced Coach Ruby to abandon this concept and, due to the loss of two key scorers CStan Graber and Denny Kleinbachj, to work on the potentials of his only partially ex- perienced squad. The lndian's basic problem seemed to be unification of their efforts. Examples of this l Jim Young would be Pete Reigner's scoring spree in the first quarter of Wissahickon's game, Rusty EngIe's 22 Point exhibition at Pennridge, and Jim Young's Upper Moreland attempt. Because of this the ln- dian's shooting percentage was seldom very high. Though Coach Ruby's concept had failed, he mant times found refuge in a competent bench. Senior Ron Moyer, and juniors .lim Nace, Rich Butterwick, and Pete Reigner scoring needed points and providing necessary board strength to suit the occasions. The season provided good experience and loss of five seniors Ruby will have to start from should make next years team a very strong one. the beginning, but the earlier mentioned string, Though this year was not highly successful, bench, and a brilliant J.V. squad should make sparks of progress dominated the season. With a victorious flow freely next year. Mangers: Donald Leister, Bruce Benner, Clyde Beswick, Ken Gabel, David Treffinger. U.P. roundballers battle for rebounds. 98 NO MAGIC FORMULA Good basketball players don't "just happen." It takes time and plain hard work to develop un- skilled material into game-winning players. There is no magic formula. Since neither science nor alchemy has pro- duced anything resembling that formula, coaches still must take the untrained, often awkward, adolescent girl and work toward developing her into a part of a smooth, closely knit unit - the team. Before any player enters into the special training required to become a basketball player, she should consider two aspects not involved in her technical training for the game, but which are equally essential if she wishes to become an out- standing athlete. These two essentials are C13 desire to win, or the "will to win," and C21 physi- cal condition. The desire to win is the most important factor in becoming a basketball player. Without it, play- ers seldom pay the price to get in top physical condition. lt is almost impossible for a team to win, although it may display superior technical skill, if players do not possess more of this "will to win" quality than their opponents. Though the Indian squaws strived to achieve these basic mental concepts, victories were scarce. The girls basketball team had an exciting sea- son. While victories were hard to come by, re- turning seniors Peggy Stoudt, Julie Boehner, and Susan Mensch led the team to victories over Boyertown and Pennridge. Injuries to co-captain Susie Mensch and juniors Leslie Brode and Don- na Seasholtz hurt the team's chances. Peggy Stoudt was the high scorer of the season averag- ing 10 points a game. Sharon Miller and Karen Hamm rounded out the senior members of the squad with underclassmen, Wally Tonkonh, Diane Hallman, and Sandy Leister contributing valuably during the course of the season. The girls, while thirsty for victories enjoyed the season under the direction of new coach, Mrs. Felton. The seniors will have many pleasant memories to look back on, and the underclassmen gained valuable experience for next year. ROW 1: Carl Graber, Richard Butterweck, Dana Gabel, Paul Steve Moyer, Pete Reigner, Robert Hand, Steve Boyer Scott Hoh, Rich Kahler, Ed Greiss. ROW 2: Brian Fox, Steve Reeder, Wehr. Coach William Keeny. VARSITY BASEBALL BASEBALL 1966 Coach Bill Keeny does not look forward to a more progressive team than any other year. It seems every year some phase of play is lacking making it impossible to have a tremendously successful team. This year a very important part of the team, the pitching staff, is lacking neces- sary depth and experience due to the loss of two definite pitching assests. Because only three seniors are listed on this years squad, experience will be acquired for an uplooking team for 1967. 104- AP Ma ril Y BASEBALL 1966 Perkiomen Prep Boyertown Quakertown Wissahickon Pennridge Souderton Central Bucks Hatboro-Horsham Upper Moreland North Penn Pennridge Quakertown Souderton Central Bucks Springfield SENIORS: Carl Graber, Scott Wehr, Keith Kleinbach. home home home home away home away away home away home away away home home The three above seniors will represent a great loss to the batting and fielding part of the team, upon their graduation. This year's infield is talented and experi- enced, and the team as a whole has a good batting average. You can be sure that our team will give a good account of themselves in 1966. ROW 1: Diane Hallman, Kathy Badman, Paulette Longacre, Charlene Dixon, Leslie Brode, Wally Tonkonoh, Julia Boehner Betty Diehl, ROW 2: Donna Marks, Donna Seasholtz, Mrs. Joyce McLean, Dawn Metz, Linda Schultz, Sharon Miller Utz, Linda Heffentrager, Sandy Leister ROW 3: Peg Stoudt, SOFTBALL Coacih Kathleen Utz Under the capable guidance of their coach, Mrs. Utz, the girls are looking forward to a fairly successful season this year. The returning lettermen, who played intricate parts on last years team, should provide a strong nucleus making victories more prevalent. Whatever results will be determined by the strong spirit and hard work of this years squad. May SEN IORS: ROW 1: Paulette Longacre, Kathy Badman, Charlene Dixon ROW 2: Peg Stoudt, Donna Marks, Sharon Miller, Julie Boehner. April 1966 Schedule Boyertown Em maus Wissahickon Upper Moreland Pennridge North Penn Souderton Quakertown RETURNING LETTERMEN: Kathy Badman, Diane Hallman Donna Seasholtz, Sharon Miller, Peg Stoudt, Leslie Brode MANAGERS: Martha Benner, Elaine Schultz, Karen Engle. Julie Boehner, 107 ROW 1: Ralph Roberts, Edward Zgura, Bruce Marks, Ron Din- Leslie Schofer. ROW 3: Richard .Brand, David Urffer, Jlm locker, Alan Breyer. ROW 2: Harold Weber, Gilbert, Ebright, Young, Bruce Wahl, John Balmer, Jim Roth, Harry Hunsber Robert Keller, Jim Bauman, Dana Karver, Richard Weikel, ger. TRACK AND FIELD Coach Richard Werkheiser With Richard Werkheiser taking over the coaching chores this year, Upper Perkiomen hopes to field a greatly improved track team. Seniors contributing to the cause will be Bruce Wahl and Harold Weber in the mile, Leslie Schofer in the broad jump, Jim Roth and Dana Karver in the javelin, Jim Young in the sprints, Jack Bowlin in the discus, and Rich Weikel and Gilbert Ebright in the shot put. Harold Weber, who placed second in the Bux-Mont cross-coun- try meet, should do well in the mile for the ln- dians. Rich Weikel, who placed third last year in Bux-Mont competition, is looking forward to an even more profitable year in the shot put. Dana Karver and Jim Roth show a great deal of prom- ise in the javelin, as does Jim Young in the 220. 108 MQW SENIORS: .lim Young, Jack Bowlin, Leslie Shofer, Harold Weber, Bruce Wahl. 5"'a'n P Rm :eel M ,ff Jim Roth, Gilbert Ebright, Rich Weikel, Dana Karver. 109 W L , 'Fam September October ROW 1: Arthur Stoneback, Bruce Wahl, Ken Gabel, Jim Roth, Ron Moyer, Jim Young. ROW 2: Clyde Beswick, Steve Mogyorossy, Harold Weber, Bruce Cook, Bruce Marks, Richard Brand, Coach Procak CROSS-COUNTRY CROSS COUNTRY 1966 21 24 27 29 5 8 12 15 18 21 ley Wissahickon North Penn Pennridge Hatboro Central Bucks Quakertown Upper Moreland Springfield Souderton Bux-Mont League home away home away home away home away home Championship - lndian Val- Country Club. Coach Joseph Procak Get ready set go Upper Perkiomen reintroduced Cross-Country into its extra currcicular activities schedule. Joseph Pro- cak consented to be the coach of this surprisingly successful squad comprised of 12 talented mem- bers. Among the 12 endurance men were 6 seniors: Harold Weber, James Young, Ron Moyer, Jim Roth, Bruce Wahl, and Art Stoneback. The anxious ln- dians confidently followed the rigorous practice schedules set up by competent Coach Procak and ended up in the number five position inthe league. Outstanding individual efforts from our Alma Mater were present at the All-Buxmont classic as Harold Weber displayed his abilities as an endurance man capturing the second position, and Track sprinter, Jim Young, finished number 18 Cboth Jim's and HaroId's medals are displayed at rightj. If more depth can be acquired to back the already strong underclassmen, U.P. Cross-Country can look for- ward to an even more successful season for 1966. 112 Kenneth Gabel Ron Moyer Jim Roth Arthur Stoneback Jim Young Bruce Wahl Harold Weber SENIORS T1 -TX Q ,TID 0 FXFAL' 1 7 -s s f L1 off I 1 0 ,.- -:WI o ,. N ,. e-xo A !-- x. .A 7 : -- 'F-g, -UI W J-1 3 I LW' 1. 1' 25 KG " - A Al - IA W. 1-mm. I 'Way' 5 ACTIVITIES SEATED: Richard Weikel, Susan Mensch, Rosemary Shuhler, Sandy Heimbach, Karen Hamm, Danny Moser, STANDING: Bob Hand, Mary Stevens, Ellen Graber, Mary Ann Frey, Linda Schultz, Valerie Stottlemire, Robert Stong. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Officers: Daniel Moser, Sandy Heimbach, Karen Hamm, Rosema- ry Shuhler. 116 The National Honor Society has worked dili- gently to maintain its characteristic standards of character, scholarship, leadership, and ser- vice. By adhering to these qualities, the fourteen NHS members set an example to encourage other students to aspire to higher vistas. The tutoring program, only one of various projects sponsored by NHS, offered help to any student having difficulty with his courses. An- other project sponsored by the NHS to support the foreign exchange student, Jan Baas, was the sale of mums for the Thanksgiving Day foot- ball game. Officers leading the NHS through the 1965-66 school year were Rosemary Shualer, President, Karen Hamm, Vice-President, Sandy Heimbach, Secretaryg and Daniel Moser, Treasurer. To end a successful year, a pompous induc- tion ceremony was held March 4. Several new members were received into the Society. SEATED: Donna Marks, Sharon Miller, Carl Graber, Rich Weik- Gwenn Stoudt, Val Bertoria, .Tom Fiorito, Steve Moyer, Karen el, Bonnie Yoder, Bonnie Johnson, Rosemary Shuhler. Engle, Charlene Krause, Marjorie Beck. STANDING: Carol Schuster, Marie Leiderman, Linda Slotter, STUDENT COUNCIL This year under the leadership of Mr. Carl Ar- ner and the new senior high advisor, Mr. Robert Share, the Student Council has been busy plan- ning and executing programs for our school. Among their projects this year were several dances, the annual "Decorate Your Door" con- test, which helped to brighten the halls at Christmas time, various assemblies, and the re- vision of the Student Council Constitution. Representatives traveled to State and District conventions to learn more efficient and effective methods of student government. The Council wishes to thank the student body for its part in making the Student Council's pro- gram a success. Secretary - Sharon Miller, Vice-President - Carl Graber: Presi- dent - Tom Henry, Treasurer - Richard Weikelg Captain of Mon- itors - Rusty Engle. 117 -'A - ' - I ROW 1: Sharon Miller, Alma Schultz, Paula Kolb, Mary Ann Frey, Dan Moser, Karen Hamm, Susie Mensch, Barbara Ro- meike, Bonnie Johnson, Richard Weikel, Jim Roth. ROW 2: Linda Rauch, Susie Ashman, Barbara Dvornak, Jane Hagen- buch, Katrina Hartman, Sandy Heimbach, Rosemary Schuler, Diana Leister, Elaine Schultz, Bonnie Yoder, Karen Long. WALUIVI In the last months of our junior year the year- book editors and the various staffs were chosen so that work could begin as soon as possible in the fall. We received much help from our advisor Mr. Schlicher. A yearbook is truly the product of many different talents. The layout for the entire book ROW 1: Alma Schultz, Typing Editor: Paula Klob, Art Editor: Mary Ann Frey, Literary Co-Editor: Daniel Moser, Editor-in Chief: Susan Mensch, Girls' Sports Co-Editor: Sharon Miller, Girls' Sports Co-Editor: Richard Weikel, Business Manager. ROW 3: Margie Wetzel, Carol Karver, Elaine Hagenbuch, Don- na Reneikger, Connie Haydt, Anne Weikel, Deanna Mc Nau- ghton, Julie Rothermel, Mary Ann Romeo. ROW 4: Ernie Krause, David Kulp, Bob Stoudt, Ken Brendlinger, Bob Stoudt. OLUIVI was drawn up, photographs were taken, write-ups were completed, art work was sketched, and the patron drive was held. It is our hope that all se- niors can find pleasant memories within the pages of this year's Walum Olum. ROW 2: Sandra Heimbach, Layout Co-Editor: Robert Stong, Layout Co-Editor: Leslie Shofer, Photography Co-Editor: Jim Roth, Boys' Sports Editor: Barbara Romeike, Photography Co- Editorg Bonnie Johnson, Photography Co-Editor. FIRST ROW: Sharon Miller, Daniel Moser, Rosemary Shuhler, Paula Kolb, Susan Mensch, Bonnie Johnson, Barbara Romike, Karen Hamm, Pat Brown, Robert Stong SECOND ROW: Bever- ly Stahl, Susan Ashman, Katrina Hartman, John Ehringer, Mary Ann Frey, Richard Weikel, Barbara Dvorak, Suzanne Sonntag, Eva Dorr THIRD ROW: Elaine Hagenbuch, Donna Renninger, Marie Liederman, Jane Hagenbuch, Ernest Krause, Tina Levengood, Henry Geisinger, Linda Koons, Gloria Roeder, Carol Karver FOURTH ROW: Barbara Smith, Delores Bucci, Janis Bigery, Margie Wetzel, Audrey Reeves, James Roth, Suzanne Gaskill, Linda Eschbach, Diane Hallman. PERK-O-LATOR Under the guidance of Alice Tarone, the Perk- O-Later staff published several issues of the newspaper this year. Pupils purchased subscrip- tions and single copies in large numbers. A stea- dy reporting of the happenings that made news at Upper Perk enabled the student body to be well-informed about these major occurences dur- ing the school term. Such features as "Ebersole and Shalomar," "Top Ten Tunes," and "TV Guide" appeared along with news articles, prova- cative editorials, and sports write-ups. Our editors, pictured below are, SEATED: Ka- ren Hamm, Feature, Paula Kolb, Art, Rosemary Shuhler, News, Susan Mensch, Editor-in-chief, Pat Brown, typing, Barbara Romeike, Photogra- phy, Bonnie Johnson, Girl's Sports, STANDING: Richard Weikel, Business Manager, Sharon Miller, Photography Daniel Moser, Boy's Sports, Robert Stong, Feature. 21 I' Y- -H 4. , Mmm, .. if ,of . . . I -v -A-.-...,,M...........A.,.,,,,,,-1-1 Y A, , .- - ROW 1: B. Smith, D. Freed, C. Haydt, D. Marks, L. Koons, C Gilbert, B. Heil, L. Gaugler, P. Way. ROW 2: B. Wahl, M. Kulp T. Badman, G. Gilbert, D. Haas, K. Brendlinger, D. Gaul, C. Ebright, G. Harpel ROW 3: Mr. Bercher, B. Smith, D. Shelly, T. Swierzewski, K. Mack, J. Peterson, S. Mensch, S. Heimbach M. Lelderman, D. Seasholtz ROW 4: L. Eshbach, V. Hinton, J Fox, B. Heimbach, R. Kahler, F. Mensch, J. Landis, B. Kile, P. Longacre, G. Hoffman, D. Trone, R. Leister, ROW 5: A Schultz, C. Krause, M. Stahl, P. Schlicker, K. Wieand, F. Ruth R. Morgan, R. Roberts, M. Kuhns, J. Fegely ROW 6: S. Dennis, K. Kriebel, L. Swartz, S. Reinhard, M. Ebright, D. Hoffman, D. Schultz, B. Snyder, C. Weidner, S. O'Domski, L. Mechler ROW 7: P. Kolb, J. Wetzel, B. Young, B. Leatherman, D. Gilbert, D. McNaughton, J. Nace, M. Denner, L. Hinton, L. Brown, R. Shuhler ROW 8: J. McLean, H. Hagenbuch, M. O'Conner, B. Greene, R. Stoudt, R. Stong, B. Boyer, D. Kolb, R. Heil, G. Ebright, D. Gerhart, P. Roth ROW 9: C. Hamman, P. Eshbach ROW 10: V. Leister Creplacement J. Hagenbuchj, L. Myers. SENIOR IVIARCHING BAND Conductor: Vincent P. Bercher. l The Upper Perkiomen Marching Band again provided excellent entertainment at the football games this past year. Out band also gained recognition by playing at concerts and marching in parades. The marching band, among other honors, received a S50 first prize in the Macungie Halloween Parade. The climax of their marching season came when they placed second in field competition held at Upper Dublin High School. Our lively major- ettes also brought a first place at this "Band Day Event." Mr. Bercher, Marvin O'Conner: President, ROW 1: Mary Stahl, Sandra Heimbach, Linda Koons, Brian Snyder, ROW 2: Den- Sandra Heimbach: Vice-President, Paula nis Trone, Fred Mensch, Marvin O'Conner ROW 3: Frank Ruth, Hommer Hagen- Kolb: Sec. Donna Marks: Treasurer. buch, Clark Hamman, David Kulp, Robert Stong. Barry Boyer Ken Brendlinger Gilbert Ebright Dawn Gilbert Hommer Hagenbuch Jane Hagenbuch Galen Harpel Connie Haydt rs! Sandra Heimbach Bonnie Jonnson Paula Kolb Linda Koons 121 Paulette Longacre Donna Marks Deanna McNaughton Linda Nlechler Marvin O'Conner Alma Schultz Rosemary Shuhlef Brian Snyder Robert Stong In addition to the large marching and concert bands, small groups have also brought fame to Upper Perk. The Brass Choir, Clarinet Choir and Dance Band were heard many times at PTA meetings, socials, and dances. Through compet- itive tryouts, individual members represented our band in various organizations. Twelve of our band members were chosen to play in the Bux- Mont Band's Twentieth Concert. Three members Robert Stoudt Bruce Wahl Sandra Heimbach, Marvin O'Conner, and Clark Hamman participated in the District Band ,Festi- val. Marvin O'Conner, was also selected to play in the Regional band. Recognition should be given to the man who has led the band to all it's glory, Mr. Vincent P. Bercher. Under his capable direc- tion, it has become the best band that U.P.H.S. has ever known. Majorettes Linda Koons CBand Captainj Donna Marks CMajorette Captainj Connie Haydt, Pat Way, Linda Gaugler, Carol Gilbert, Brenda Heil, Bobbi Smith, Debbie Freed. IVIAJORETTES AND COLOR GUARD Color Guard: Eshbach, Paula Kolb CCaptainJ, Louise Myers, Joyce McLean, Pat Roth, Jane Hagen buch, Linda Mechler, Romaine Leister. 123 SENIOR CONCERT BAND DANCE BAND ROW 1: M. O'Conner,B. Leatherman, H. Hagenbuch, D. Kulp, Ruth, G. Ebright, P. Longacre, B. Greene, D. Gaul, R. Shuhler L. Koons, F. Mensch, D. Shelly, L. Hinton, J. Fox ROW 2: F. Mr. Bercher, R..Stong, B. Heimbach, C. Hamman. EI 124 f H , A J ' . ,iii ROW 1: M. Beck, P. Longacre, L. Koons, B. Yoder, E. Lutz, C. Custer, P. Schlicher, N. Owens, D. Metz, J. Schantz ROW 2: D. Lesiter, M. Stahl, E. Schultz, J. Morris, D. Krauss, E. Stock, S. Gaskill, S. Smeltz, L. Slotter ROW 3: Mrs. Jacobs, K. Hamm, CONCERT CHOIR C. Myers, M. Stevens, P. Way, A. Althouse, V. Stottlemire B Romeike, B. Johson ROW 4: C. Beswick, H. Fisher M Martin D. Moser, R. Stong, B. Marks, D. Kulp. Director Nora Jacobs Under the competent direction of Mrs. Nora M. Jacobs, the Concert Choir maintained a rigorous schedule of perfor- mances. This group of selected voices performed at the two annual school concerts as well as at various civic organiza- tions throughout the valley. Area churches also witnessed the performance of the choir at their Youth Sunday services. The vocalists again journeyed to Philadelphia to sing in City Hall Courtyard. Thanks to the hard work of both the director and the singers. The choir has had a very successful year. 125 ROW 1: B. Yoder, N. Owens, C. Myers, D. Metz, C. Custer, M. D. Krauss, S. Smeliz, E- Schultz. E- LUTZ. K- Hamm Absent S- Beck ROW 2: Mrs. Jacobs, M. Stahl, L. Slotter, J. Morris, L. Mensch. Koons, E. Stock, S. Gaskill ROW 3: B. Johnson, B. Romeike, MADRIGAL CHORUS In its second year, the Madrigal Singers have ings, and civic affairs, and perhaps most memo- proved to be a very successful organization. This rable, the Courtyard at City Hall in Philadelphia. group, consisting of about twenty female voices, Our thanks goes to Mrs. Nora M. Jacobs who so sang at the annual school concerts, various meet- ably directed this group. QUARTET Cynthia Myers, Bonnie Yoder, Elaine Schultz, absent - Susan Mensch. The Quartet this year was composed of the following seniors - Bonnie Yoder, first soprano, Elaine Schultz, second soprano, Cindy Myers first alto, and Susie Mensch, second alto. At the Christmas Concert these four girls sang such songs as "White Christmas" and "Let It Snow." During the rest of the year their performances included "Hello Young Lovers" and "Love Walked ln." These girls are to be congratulated for the fine job they have done this past year. eff if ' 1 -Q,-J,-L -Fw y t i f. ' A , A ' ' 6 'Z gy ff. sl H mga ROW 1: Margie Beck, Paulette Longacre, Mary Stevens, Cynthia Myers, Christine Kurm, Peggy Schlicher, Debbie Metz, Janice Krause, Julie Schantz, Carol Schuster, Doris White. ROW 2: Audrey Reeves, Kartrina Hartman, Bonnie Yoder, Diane Mensch, Linda Harpel, Margie Wetzel, Anne Weikel, Linda Koons, Suzanne Gaskill, Kate De Angell, Pat Way. ROW 3: Chris Custer, Judy Morris, Sandy Smeltz, Linda Rauch, Val- erie Stottlemire, Ellen Stock, Nadine Owens, Tina Levengood, Mary Stahl, Linda Slotter, Barbara Romeike, ROW 4: Clyde Bewick, Henry Fishe, Deanna McNaughton, Carol Gilbert, Pam Fries, Karen Hamm, Glenetta Hosier, Bertha Goodman, Gloria Roeder. ROW 5: Michael Martin, Ken Brendlinger, Brian Marks, Bob Stong, Rosemary Shuhler Mary Ann Frey, Elsie Lutz, Dolores Bucci, Beverly Stahl, Elaine Schultz, Diana Leis- ter, Bonnie Johnson. SENIOR HIGH CHORUS The largest ofthe vocal groups at Upper Perk, Concert. Mrs. Nora M. Jacobs is to be congratu the Senior High Chorus, participated in the an- lated for another fine job this year in directing the nual Christmas Concert and the annual Spring organization. h--1 L u-- L 3-6-'B-ist Nai rn -7' -N 1-sr-.EX , 4 4 '-2-'Q' Concert Choir Accompanists: Mary Stahl, Elaine Schultz. 127 - ---' --W ---V -7 ROW 1: Carol Renninger, Elaine Hagenbuch, Charlene Dixon, ROW 2: Roxie Gebert, Bonnie Marks, Joelle Roncace, Linda Herrmann ROW 3: Sharon Miller, Linda Heffentrager, Diana Leister, Ellen Graber. VARSITY CHEERELEADERS Upper Perk's nine lively Varsity Cheerleaders have worked hard throughout the year cheering our teams on to victory. They have done a fine job in promoting the much-needed school spirit at U.P. Their energy was displayed through the numerous posters seen in the halls and the beat signs worn by the students. At games, pep ral- lies, and the Thanksgiving Bonfire they aroused the crowd to cheer for our teams. New cheers and jumps which had been learned at the Ameri- can Cheerleader Association were introduced. Three girls, Elaine Hagenbuch, Diana Leister, and Linda Herrmann attended this camp last sum- mer. SENIORS: Carol Renninger, Bonnie Marks, Diana Leister, Elaine Hagnebuch, Sharon Miller. Charlene Dixon. KNEELING: Sandy Anderson, Robin Roncace, Linda Roth, Jean Derr STANDING: Pat Roth, Jackie Shewell, Linda Slotter, Loretta Fenstermacker, Pegg Schlicher, Karen Engle. J.V. CHEERLEADERS MONITORS ROW 1: B. Marks, P. Kolb, L. Herrmann, D. Leister, B. John- Wehr, J. Young ROW 3: W. Long, T. Henry, R. Moyer, R. En son, J. Boehner, S. Miller, D. Marks, S. Mack ROW 2: W. gle CCaptainJ B. Gebert. Peart, C. Graber, R. Mohler, E. Krause,R. Weikel, R. Edny, S. 129 ROW 1: L. Windish, K. Derr, J. Fichter, D. Moyer ROW 2: Mrs. man, ROW 3: M. Rensen, M. Weidner. Yoder, S. Higgins, G. Hosier, C. Frank, G. Roeder, B. Good- FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA OFFICERS: ROW 1: Linda Windish, Kathy Derr, JoAnn Fichter ROW 2: Doris Moyer, Gloria Roeder, Bertha Goodman. 130 The Future Homemakers of America is an active and ambitious group of girls. Under the guidance of Mrs. Margaret Yoder, the club has again earned an impressive num- ber of honors and awards in both state and local competition. This year's activities included exhibits at the community fair and the State Farm Show, sewing contests, a local fashion show, fund raising projects, and several educational trips. Gloria Roeder served as State first vice- president this past year. A number of girls received their chapter degrees, and both Gloria Roeder and Bertha Goodman received the State Homemaker Degree, the highest award given to an F.H.A. member. Because of their various activities in the classroom and out, these girls will develop into dependable leaders of home and com- munity life. ROW 1: C. Wagner, B. Stofflet, D. Houck, C. Smith, R. Dresch- Krauss, C. Weikel, Mr. Michelone. ROW 3: J. Lesher, D. Bard er, T. Stauffer, P, Schwoyer, D. Devine. ROW 2: J. Gressley, R. man, J. Trechler, J. Bowlin, D. Kriebel, A. Henry, G. Harpel, G Haas, H. Weber, M. Crossley, R. Cressman, J. Triechler, K. Miller. FUTURE FARMERS OF AMERICA The Upper Perkiomen Chapter of the Fu- ture Farmers of America started the 1965- 66 school year by displaying its window ex- hibit at various area fairs. The exhibit, enti- tled "Project 70" dealt with Pennsylvania's program for the development of better rec- reational, business, and industrial sites. In October the parliamentary procedure team won first place in the Bucks-Lehigh- Montgomery area contest. The team also represented the B-L-M area in the regional contest. In November several "Green- hands" were raised to the chapter degree. On January 12 the FFA members took a field trip to the Harrisburg Farm Show. The annual FFA banquet was held in April. ln June, the qualified members will attend the Penn State FFA Summer Convention. FFA OFFlCERS B. Stofflet, J. Treichler, J. Lesher, D. Kriebel ROW 2: A. Henry, G. Har pel, J. Bowling, J. Treichler, T. Stauffer, G. Miller. 131 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. PATRONS John Detwiler Walter Fronheiser Dominick DeFranco Thomas Saeger Merril Christman Homer T. Stahl Mrs. Jeannette Stoneback Anonymous Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith Walter Fries John C. Hunsberger Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank Piepszowski Stella Kulp Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Edna Erb Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Chester Roger Binder Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Brendlinger Lester Marks Norris Aliff Carl Hoffman John Kline John Hagenbuch Michael Slotter Reifinger Marvin Moyer Frank M. Rothenberger Gerhard Martin Linford Diehl Harry Hunsberger Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. James Zepp Paul Barndt Thelma Bardman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Gronert, Jr. Sidney Holloway, Jr. Charles H. Kulp Margaret Rothenberger Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ray N. Kulp Russell M. Freed Charles Zepp, Jr. Ralph Z. Richard 84 Family Arthur K. Trauger The Iron Kettle Restaurant Mr. St Mrs. Thomas P. Henry, Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. John B. Gehman 81 Family Mr. 81 Mrs. Stanford Gerhart Mr. St Mrs. Loren Thomas AND SPONSORS Emma Pfrommer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs A Friend Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Leroy Leister Jerry Hunsberger Wilson Long Erizh Meier Fritz Herrmann Elmer Fleck Ralph Spohn William E. Trumbore William Brendlinger Russell Badman B. and H. Food Market Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Urffer Mr. and Mrs. Harold Bitting Kathleen Badman Dane Badman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Melvin Reiss Fred Schwenk Harold Oberholtzer Harold Gilbert and Family Vincent Rodenberger Stewart Zepp Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kleinbach Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wright Pastor and Mrs. John Karru A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Bauman Mr. and Mrs. Claude Wolford Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Yoder Mr.and Mrs. Jesse Baldwin Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Holloway, Sr. M. B. Godshall, Poultry and Eggs Mr. Robert Bloss Mrs. Mabel Moll Roy Richard Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brendlinger Earl Minnich Linwood J. Fry Mr. 81 Mrs. Ralph Boyer Mr. 8t Mrs. Richard S. Gerhard Mr. 81 Mrs. l-loyd A. Greiss a friend Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Keohler Mr. 81 Mrs. Leroy Marks Sr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Sherwood Long Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Brendlinger Mr. and Mrs. Warren D. Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Heintz Herrmann Mr. 8t Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 8t Mrs Walter Owens Robert Cichocki David H. Croll PATRONS AND SPONSORS John J. Greene Mr. gl Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Allison Miller Elwood Schmoyer Russell Younger Richard Wetzel Walter Shaner Jasper Covington Wilmer and Ruth Lesher Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Mayer Mr. gl Mrs. Kenneth Kurtz Mr. 81 Mrs. Henry Causey Conrad's Esso Service George M. Mayer Mr. 81 Mrs. Frost Weikel Mr. 81 Mrs. Sterling C. Haydt Sr. a friend Mr. 81 Mrs Kenneth Wilson Mr. 81 Mrs Alfred Keller Mr. 81 Mrs Arthur Bolton Mr. 81 Mrs William Keeny Rader's Barber Shop Jane Graber Mr. 81 Mrs. Seasholtz Mr. 81 Mrs. Arthur Bartman Mr. Roger H. Wentling Sr. Mrs. Ernest Stauffer Ruth Herbien Mr. 81 Mrs. John Rothenberger Mr. 81 Mrs. Stanley M. Kurtz Mr. 81 Mrs. Bernard Schiery Mr. 81 Mrs. Irwin Troxell Jimmy and Perry Lesher Mr. gl Mrs. Richard Mohler, Sr Cindy Myers John G. Gualco Kelscl'1's Market Dolores and Harold Mrs. Albert Weikel Mr. 81 Mrs Austin Marks Mr. 81 Mrs Issac Miller a friend Mr. 81 Mrs Franklin Lagler Mr. 81 Mrs. Victor Moyer Mr. 81 Mrs Linwood Bauman Ralph Bieler Family Mrs. Edith Hallman Mr. 81 Mrs. Philip R. Schultz Mr. 81 Mrs. John Rothermel Ritz Yurick Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul C. Graber Mr. 81 Mrs. Theodore Zeigler Mr. gl Mrs. Charles Erb Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Warren Wetzel Lester Myers Mrs. Robert Stoudt Mrs. John Benner Mrs. Jennie Moll Lawrence I. Yerk Stanley Berger Dale Novicki Mr. Harry Lenhart Mr. 81 Mrs. T. H. Benner Lloyd Reinert a friend Dale Hoffman Debra Mensch Mr. 81 Mrs. John Whitenight Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Kramer a friend a friend Clarence Leister Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Oliver L. Cleaver Carol and Demitrious Mrs. Ann Sain Rev. Martha B. Kriebel Mary Stauffer Mr. 81 Mrs. Earl Schlegel Carol Greiss Mr. 81 Mrs. Walter Brensinger Beiler and Reigner Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Romeike Klink's Electric H. C. Strunk Richard Sterner Mrs. Viola Freed Joe Blank Mrs. Margaret Smith Mr. 81 Mrs. Frank Romeo Mr. 81 Mrs. LeRoy Myers Mr. 81 Mrs. Thomas Leister Mr. 81 Mrs. Sylvanus Godshall Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Schwenk Jean M. Styer Mr. 81 Mrs. Ray Hillegass Mr. 81 Mrs. Leon Moll Bill and Barb Mr. 81 Mrs. H. Bardman Franklin Frutchey PATRONS AND SPONSORS Mr. 84 Mrs Ray Schultz Mr. 8t Mrs Robert Buzby Mr. 8t Mrs Ernest Leister Mr. 84 Mrs. David Pebley Mr. 8t Mrs Louis Durco Mr. 81 Mrs. Hersh Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. St Mrs. Carl Zumbach Robert Kuhns John Schwenk Mrs. Ernest Thomas Mrs. Genszler Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Schultz Frederick Schantz Mr. gl Mrs. Ernest Benner Mr. 81 Mrs. David W. Hentz Mr. 8t Mrs. Raymond Eppler Pennsburg Auto Parts Leon's Flower Shop Heimbach and Sweatt Chevrolet Mr. 84 Mrs. Charles Johnson Best Yet Drive-In J. B. Bachmen Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul Kolb N. B. Becker Stephen Szedga Mr. 8t Mrs. Ralph Ackerman Mr. St Mrs. Earl Hess Fred K. Kleinbach Mr. 81 Mrs Charles Zepp Sr. Florence Hunsberger Mrs. Stella M. Smith Robert Walters 81 Family Gerald Snyders Mr. 81 Mrs. Kenneth W. Miller Mr. 81 Mrs. Gerald Bauer Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles B. Weyand Studenroth Jewelers R. L. Chrismer LaFerne Dress Shop Dr. George Baver James W. Undercoffler Marian Stefano Mr. 81 Mrs. Stanley Stevens William H. Diehl Sr. Mr. 8t Mrs. Donald G. Way Sr. Mr. 84 Mrs. Sydney Peart Mr. 81 Mrs Roger Thomas Mr. 84 Mrs James Zepp Mrs. Anna Beavin Mr. 8t Mrs. Lane Gebert Mr. 84 Mrs.Wilford Gaugler Mr. 84 Mrs. Arthur Schaffer Mr. 84 Mrs. C. Yanus Mr. 84 Mrs. Harvey Stoudt Mrs. Carl F. Slonaker Mr. 81 Mrs. Eugene Kulp Mr. 81 Mrs. Willard Long Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Letterhouse Town 81 Country Mr. 81 Mrs. Sands Mr. John Albitz Mr. 81 Mrs. William Jabs Mr. Barry Miller Mr. 8t Mrs. Earl Roth Mr. Charles Gery Dr. 84 Mrs. Harvey W. Scholl Mr. 8t Mrs. Worman Hagenbuch Jean L. Hagenbuch Mr. St Mrs. John Hoffman Markley's Pharmacy Mr. Ronald Hendricks Rev. 84 Mrs. Orville Miller Essig's Donut Shop Mrs. Patricia Hartman Mr. 8t Mrs. James Althouse Mr. 84 Mrs. George Miller George Gilde Green Lane Texaco Station Mr. 84 Mrs. Terry Prutsman Lynn Ackerman Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Schantz Mr. 84 Mrs. Albert Setzler Jill Mr. 84 Mrs. Willard Kershner Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph M. Adams George Wchwenk Mr. 8t Mrs. Andrew C. Kriebel Mr. 8t Mrs. Richard Gerhart Mr. gl Mrs. Franklin Snyder Mr. 84 Mrs. Eugene Cressman Mr. 84 Mrs. Joseph Dulin Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Parestiss Mr. 84 Mrs. Francis Kline Mr. 84 Mrs. Ralph Frutchey Mr. 8t Mrs. Willard Hacker Mr. 81 Mrs. Willard Haas Connie Yurick Mr. gl Mrs. Richard F. Weikel Xxx PATRONS AND SPDNSORS Rev. 81 Mrs. Albert Teske Dale Miller a friend Mr. 81 Mrs. Elias Mensch Mr. 81 Mrs. Lenard Bauman Linda Myrtle 84 Louis Pirnick Mr. 81 Mrs. Carl M. Wahl Mr. 81 Mrs. Gilbert Rock Mr. 84 Mrs. Paul Bitting Robert Kohler Batman gl Robin Mr. 81 Mrs. Mahlon Wolf Mr. 81 Mrs. Henry Mensch Mr. St Mrs. LeRoy Heffentrager Mary Ashman Juliana Pirnik C. Donald Lechner Mr.8t Mrs. Robert Rothrock Mrs. Mamie Nace Mr. 84 Mrs. Russell Krull Mrs. Miriam E. Sampayo Anna Carpentier Mrs. Virginia Gevenes Mr. 84 Mrs. Carl Moyer Mr. 81 Mrs. Norman Snyder Mr. 81 Mrs. Earl Gebert William T. Gregor Sr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Walter W. Shirey Jr James Metz O'Conner Family Mr. 84 Mrs. Harold Smoll Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert Jones Diana and Rich Mr. 81 Mrs. Lawrence W. Nace Jr. Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. James A. Miller and Family Victor Rickert Jr. Abner D. Lachman and Family Mr. 8t Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Robert A. Lafey Milton Hillegass and Jeff Mr. gl Mrs. Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 84 Mrs. Mr. 8t Mrs. Kenneth Mohr Jr. Ronald Oberholtzer Harold Hagenbuch Francis Roncace Mr. Frederick W. Bieler Mr. 84 Mrs. Abner Leister Mr. Donald Roth Mr. 81 Mrs. Leroy Ritz Claude Guagler The Eye and Pie Amelia Heintz Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Alex Duka O. F. Beohner Mr. 84 Mrs. Kenneth Hamman Mr. 81 Mrs. l. Victor Stahl Mr. 84 Mrs. Holmes Stauffer Mr. 81 Mrs. Walter Gressley Mr. 81 Mrs. Gerald Gabel Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Roberts Penn Square Restaurant Hoffman's Groceries Dr. 81 Mrs. W. A. Reese Mr. 84 Mrs. Howard H. Haring Henry Geisinger Mr. 81 Mrs. Gary L. Weber Mr. 81 Mrs. Harold Boyer Mr. 81 Mrs. Earl Brey Mr. 81 Mrs. Woodrow Miller Mr. 81 Mrs. Ronald Sweinhart Mr. 81 Mrs. Joseph Henry Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward Mosheim John Balmer Mrs. W. L. Mr. 84 Mrs. Stanley S. Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 8: Mrs Mr. 84 Mrs Kacicek Paul Boner Fox and Family William Gilbert Leroy R. Leister 84 Bruce H. Melvin Diehl Al Orthaus O. D. Strunk May Ann Martin Nan 84 Stan Bob Witman Bette's Beauty Shop Mr. 8. Mrs. Hugh McNaughton Mr. 81 Mrs. William Klinger Mr. 81 Mrs. James Dawson Mr. St Mrs. Harry Fisher Christine 81 Willard Schoelkopf Mr. 84 Mrs. Harold L. Fox Mr. 8t Mrs. Harry Mumbauer Mr. 8t Mrs. Arthur Plum Dr. Bernd and Family Mr. St Mrs. George Frey Mrs. Lizzie Etta Brensinger Mr. 84 Mrs. Martin K. J. Fisher Mr. 84 Mrs. Kenneth Bower YEARBOGK LAIVIENT 'Twas the day before deadline when all through the halls Each editor was banging his head on the walls. The athletes were all lined up with great care, In hopes that the photographer soon would be there. The write-ups were tucked in the wrong envelopes, While visions of panic drove away all bright hopes, And Nlr. Schlicher in his stress and lVlr. Foye in his strain Had lust settled down to beg and complain. When in room 111 there arose such a clatter, They sprang from their chairs to see what was the matter. When, what to their amazement should they there see, But layouts for pages one through ninety-three. With faithful typists so lively and quick, It took but a moment for the whole room to click. More rapid than wildfire the pages they came, And everyone whistled and shouted acclaim. With the finances balanced and the art work all done, lt seemed that at last the battle was won. We ran to the post office full of delight, And heaved a big sigh as we all said "good night." Another class history has been recorded, Our task was great, our efforts rewarded. 136 Ulf w 3 i I 1 1 1 r 1 . e E . f' Y J

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