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Upper Perkiomen High School - Walum Olum Yearbook (Pennsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1965 Edition, Cover

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1 rw fu.. ,N of x - - 1' x 1 y N - IU I A- Z Neff In is 'xr N V'v 4 I wiYl47Q:i,'??fi' l L"i'y': , 1 I .MA M ,I A ln.. W F 4 ,Nqr 'Q I f -If 3? 77 r Q' -sf' A' Xu' ' ' ' Y 1 fx L . IJ, : ' O U n I .. ,ta H P fl A. -4 , if X , :all gfyillns -I I K' ,vii ,r , ,f r ., I ' , Q, " .., - , , ,tr jjj. I -Ffh., ' SLK? S- K. A .- ' ' , 1 h . qv ' 1 I ' f. m" - ' 9 'Wi' "5'F'?'Qf 'E , -1. fl .,.f' A-,L AJSJ1, 1 U1 X - v fa, .w 1 - x x , af 2-, 1 'A 1 I a . r 1 ,,. , y 1,4 xr 102.154 x 5 ..v 1. . '-, S 1, X 71- h '--Q 'i X ' nfs ' .'-,ff .378 'I' .' , ", f'fL1'.4f ' ' r 9+ f ' ' . , f ' 'f :f v ,. f . , N fm' , D, - , -f-V f' - "'- sy .c 5. "'i'.l" ' ' f-', 1 .w , X. , H2 , 4 1 , 1 ', v I' . ' x ff ' 49 ' , ' .af 1 ' ' I Q' A W -fJ qA:Y 1 77' I l R' Q yr' It z' N 24, 1'-Kx:.ll, 14 4. ,- Q: n 'KJ I 1 ,W Ty, b. K. I . T 'K ,qi Axv , AL ,A . ' , 5' Vxgf X". ' K " "HN, J ' ,j f. 1 1 4. . a, R f . 4 a , " ' I Q ' I ' 5-X,"". I s , ' 'U .Lf I, ..?'.- in A D I 1"'I ff? ' ' . '9g2z I ,M Q' . X J .hi g.,. '-r. A gh H . . -. f V I N lf' L -,,.-:Ly , . Q -," Q, , wr, Q lf' ', KJ, "'fx',,.,'r-'ti 1 ' 'A 1. I 1' C.. If A: fi' ' , 4 I, lv A .yur -4:1 I: - S - ' A' ,M of ' 1 , , . Q'1,fZ:'H3?' 1 I, x' - in ' t ,I' I "k'gf'gfwf'a,i9' ' In 2 . ,I ' , -fra' 'ij' . f hfugrw . I Z' . . gvf :it H ' . . I . V I fuk "-ri, , '.g K-fy al I X1 'il' ' iff 3 ,W ' " y 471 fr F F ' . , -. Z , . . , , A I 4 4' K 5 x X 1,4 J' - 1 .1 - in 2.4, 3' Y ,VH 1 , - 'W f, . I ,, 'Y , , ,ff ul ' ' , I r ' I 1 . , 4- , mf? X ' if Vs- .1 4 I . -M, AL 'pl 1 If--,ANL 4 'x x i N , . , ll xlfzkv' E' . K ! ' - A fs. tv A .1 I ' ' b, ,X 'q , fl Q. 'V I M Q Xl' 111' k 'i Q7 YK. gf. .rl fi ,i 2' ' ' x , . -ff ' . f 1 X jx X x' I' A t .14 'vu-:lg N fy x i' ' X113 v ', " 'nz C N' X ' H - - t ' . 1 .: yxwa .tw ' I N n ' x fl! 7 i!"' NE' V 'N Cf ,. 7 K 4 " 5 R' f kr' 41 'V I -1 -g'i J . R I , .X , I t , w A , if , , ' s ' i Iv, P 0 . '. JN'-L ff "Ms 1 M - - -gf' J' 4 1 ' ' a L Y . , . . J s W 4' ' , Y R H XML i jx! Y ' " 'X ' ' . -" , ' O r A , A .NV 1 N -fb -. -v X l 1 Y AUTGGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS IK v We, the class of 1965, have now completed twelve years of preparation for our future. However, our efforts toward reaching our life goals are unending, as we are constantly "Press- ing Onward." Q w QQQQ M.N,N,NN ,J W"N"N! df! 'wg N 1 ,V 'ff R wav 3 K. ww lu V X XXX-N X 011.1 UPPER PERKIGMEN HIGH SCHOCJL EAST GREENVILLE, Dedication. . . Administration Seniors ..... Sports . . . Activities .... Special Services Table of Contents and Faculty 5 6 18 Underclassmen .... . . . 60 80 . 106 124 the broader the view. Class Colors: Red and White Class Flower: Red Rose Class Motto: The higher the climb, About 1000 AD a famous tribe of Indians known as the Leni Lenape invaded eastern Pennsylvania These original people settled in our area and inscribed their history ln a book Olum was the Hrst primitive eastern Indian record which can properly be called a book Since the Lenl Lenape were proml nent in our area and called their history the Walum Olum we the class of 1965 should like to record the history of our class in our Walum Olum made of birch bark plate. This "book,". called the "Walum 4- DEDICATION We all realize that our teachers have a great influence on us, but how do we measure this influence? It can be measured by the knowledge they impart to us, the freely-given friendship, the advice offered when needed, and the time devoted to their work of teaching and molding us, the students. There is one man, who, more than others, has influenced our class in these ways. Not only has he made a lasting impression on our class as a biology instructor and pep club advisor, but also in the post of Faculty Director of Athletics. Certainly this man has had a great effect on the school as a whole. The man, to whom we, the class of 1965, dedicate this edition of the "Wa1um Olum" is MR. NORMAN SNYDER. 5 IIITV 4... "Delightful task! To rear the tender thought To teach the young idea How to shootf' - James Thomson Kenneth Kleinbachg Otto Kochg Albert Orthausg Dr. George Baver, Presidentg Curtis Kuhnsg R. Winfield Smithg Harold Fox. Dr. George A. Baver Palph W. Engle Harold L. Fox Stanley S. Fox Robert H.iGaugler Heinz A. Herrmann Richard D. Johnson East Greenville Borough Richard H. Kressley Curtis D. Kuhns Carl E. Moyer Marvin Moyer Robert H. Shaner Upper Perkiomen School District Edward Kleinbach Kenneth Kleinbach Otto A. Koch C. Donald Lechner Meryl W. Markley Albert F. Orthaus Stanley Rauch 8 P. Alton Rieg John Scholl Harvey A. Schwoyer R. Winfield Smith John H. Swope Robert B. Walker Harold Xander Floyd W. Boyer, Supervising Principal The conclusion of your formal public education is at hand. You have been in- ducted into an adult society the most marked characteristic of which is its speed of change, and this speed of change is constantly being increased. It is hoped that each one of you has been sufficiently challenged so that you will have developed an intellectual curiosity which will compel you to continue to seek knowledge. In a dynamic society, it is the continued seeking of knowledge which enables one to open new and untried avenues of controlling and improving man's environment. May each one of you have a full measure of success and happiness in the years that lie ahead. 9 No era in history has recorded such rapidly changing conditions thruout the world as the present one. These changes are bringing about a challenging pace of change in education. It is hoped that you, the members of the largest class to graduate from the Upper Perkiomen High School, are prepared to face the many problems created by these changes. After graduation some of you will seek employment while others will continue their formal education. Whatever your decision may be, it is hoped that all of you will be "Pressing Onwardf, ever seeking to find the good, the desirable, and the valuable for all concerned. Best wishes! C. A. Roth Principal 10 Warren C. Schlegel, Assistant Principal To the Class of 1965: ministration and Formal education is a tool for fashioning success. We, the ad faculty of Upper Perkiomen, have tried to help you acquire and sharpen that tool. Now, as you leave us, you will realize that self-education is an even better instrument. May you learn to use it effectively and constantly while you are "pressing onward." Good luck and success in making your own happiness. 1 1 CARL J. ARNER B.S. Jr. High Guidance, Jr High Student Council Kutztown State, Bucknell PAULINE M. CASSEL B.A. English, French, F.T.A., Ursin us. RONALD P. HEN DRICKS A.B. Mathematics, Jr. High Math Club, Elizabethtown, Penn State, Ursinus, Kent State. 1 VINCENT P. BERCHER B.S., M.Ed. Instrumental Music, Jr. High Band, Sr. High Band, Dance Band, West Chester State, Pennsylvan- ia State U. MICHAEL DUKA B.S. Phys. Ed., Health, Ass't. Varsity Football, Ass't Varsity Basketball, Univer- sity of Arkansas, Gettys- burg. .ma ll. ANNETTE S. BISHOP B.S., M.A. Phys. Ed., Health, Girls' Basketball, Ass't. Hockey Coach, Temple. DONALD E. EVANS B.A. Voc. Agriculture, F.F.A., Jr, Agriculture Club, Penn State. CLARENCE F. HORN B,S., M.A. DONALD J. HAG1-:NAUER B.S., M.A. General Science, Student Council, Millersville State, Lehigh. NORA M. JACOBS B.S. General Music, junior Chorus, Senior Chorus, Concert Choir, Madrigal Singers, Temple, Berkshire Music Center. Guidance Counselor, N.H.S., Temple, N.Y.U. KATHLEEN J. UTZ B. S. Health and Physical Edu- cation, Hockey and Soft- ball Coach, Cheerleaders, East Stroudsberg State College. PHILIP G. JONES Driver Education, Consum- er Ed., Junior High Foot- ball, East Stroudsberg State. HOWARD L. KRIEBEL B.S., B.D. Jr. High Industrial Arts, Craft Club, Millersville, Franklin 8: Marshall, Temple, Drexel Institute of Technology. BETTY M. MENSCH B.S. A551 Librarian, Kutztown State. ROBERT S. MATZO B.S. Arts and Crafts, Art Club, Kutztown State. ALFRED S. MERTZ B.A., B.D. Latin English Hobb WILLIAM L. KEENY B.S., M.A. English, Problems of De- mocracy, Football, Base- ball, Muhlenberg, Lehigh. CATHERINE G. MELLOTI' JAMES H. Mcourk U BA- English, Beaver College, Economics, General Busi- Michigan UmVe'S1tY' ness, Penn State University, Temple. ELVA K. MEYER A.B. Algebra II, General Math, Plane Geometry, Business Arithmetic, Hood College, Muhlenburg. , , Y Club, Maravian, N.Y.U., Lancaster Seminary. . QE, :,W fgsfg fb,-, . s , I S ff' ffm, I 1. . 3.: :.' ' 5 F ..,A 3 - " v '5 -.", . N . ffifmgw , fir. . SARAH MOSER Typing Taylor Business School OLIVE G. NEWCOMER B.S. Home Economics, Sewing Club Kutztown State, Drexel, West Virginia Wesleyan FRANCIS J. OTTO B.S., M.A. American History LAWRENCE W. NASE B.S. Problems of Democracy, N.H.S. Sponsor, Social Studies Dept. Head East Stroudsburg State, Penn State University GEORGE NOVOTNY, JR. A.B., M.A. Spanish, World History, Junior Class Advisor Waynesburg, Lehigh ALBERT NEIMAN A.B., M.A. Mathematics, Algebra, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, Math Dept. Head, Administrative Ass't. Sr. Class Advisor Muhlenberg, Lehigh THOMAS O'CONNOR B.S. English, Nimrod Club St. Joseph's College Moravian, Muhlenberg, FRANCIS M- Lehigh PETRUNY A.B. JOHN J. OLSON B.A. Special Class, Junior High Football, Junior High Bas- ketball, Intramural Sports Moravian, Kutztown State ROBERT J. PLARR B.S. Business Education University of Kentucky, Monmouth College History Moravian, Lehi gh, Temple ARLENE REINFORD l 4 EDNA M. POWELL B.S. Bookkeeping I,II, Record Keeping, Typing I Bloomsburg State, Buck- nell University B.A. Home Economics, jr. High F.H.A. Goshen College WARREN C. SCHLEGEL B.A., M.A. Assistant Principal, Head, English Department Muhlenberg College, Le- high University JOSEPH T. PROCAK B.S. Math, World History, Eco- nomics, Problems of De- mocracy, Projection Club, Assit. Track Coach Ursinus, Temple, Penn State ANNE K. RAYMOND A.B. English, Dramatics Bucknell University, Cor- nell University FRANCIS RONCACE B.S. Algebra I, Math Ursinus College, Franklin gl Marshall, Temple Uni- versity STEPHEN P. RUBY B.S. RAY L. Algebra, General Math, ROTHENBERGER Athletic Director, Head A.B., M.A. Basketball, Track Coach U-5, History West Virginia University Albright College, Lehigh University FREDERICK E. SCHLICHER German, World History, N.H.S., Yearbook Advisor Muhlenberg College, Kutz- town State College, Uni- WALTER G. SCHMIDT, JR. B.S. Health and Physical Edu- cation, Assistant Football Baseball Coach University of Kansas versity of Wisconsin, Tem- ple University ROBERT JOHN SCHNELLER B.A. English, Franklin 8: Mar- shall College, Wake Forest Kutztown State College, Lehigh University. 1 ROBERT C. SHARE B.S., M.S. Pa. History, Civics, N.H.S., Mansfield State College, Bucknell University. BARRY E. SLEMMER B.S. General Math, Geometry, Jr. High Football, East Stroudsburg State, Temple University. JAMES H. SLOTTER A.B. English, Muhlenberg Col- lege, Drexel Institute of Technology, Kutztown State College. WILLIAM TRUMAN, III B.S. Chemistry, Senior Science, General Science, Science Club, Sophomore Class Advisor, Clarion State Col- lege. MARGARET N. SMITH A.B. Librarian, Drexel Institute of Technology, Byrn Mawr College. NORMAN J. SNYDER B.S. Biology, Faculty Mgr. of Athletics, West Chester State College, Muhlenberg College, Penn State Uni- versity, Temple University. FREDERICK F. WAVREK B.S. Mechanical Drawing, In- dustrial Arts, Senior Class Advisor, Muhlenberg Col- lege, Millersville State Col- ALICE M. TARONE . B.S. Shorthand, Typing, Con- sumer Economics, Perk-O- Later, Bloomsburg State College, Temple Univer- sity. GRETCHEN R. TUCHINSKY A.B. English, Chestnut Hill Col- lege, Cedar Crest College. lege, Kutztown State Col- lege. 31 . .,,,,,,5,w. ns, . ., on ,-fy: Vff- fi f, J,-ig.. ,K ag , ,., i5,q,5gf,1,,, skim I tw, :.w, . . yi . 1.3, Q -gn my wifi .fix.,-3595-ff:,'f1"1714': A-:iw Qi W? ui 1 iiiliiis-z'iiiii?4iVit M 6255 , 522355 1 ,Ars same' " - ,waz I . .. 2 5 522 ' gilEliigifiilipiiiiliiiiliiiiiiii s W - . 1, .L . 1.,,,i iawrf-7, 'el pasfwz' f ' 2 i.,.f,5e,H , we -my in sw ,H w iv L QW "" i. r.,' - Wi z, ' A k iw i? fl ax Legg , all Y ant ,A f - iiili 3519? fir-si,'2 'i nf 5.590552 ff-we I 5135 K' . e2is1':".1 ,'-.VFW is 4 if arr ives We I ILS? ir K.fv s f.-1 ' L. 'fright ,sz ,-:- , y, ,Q ,,.L f RICHARD WERKHEISER A.B., M.Ed. Science, Biology, Head Jr. High Basketball Coach, Ass't Football Coach, Muhlenberg, Temple, U. of S. California. JAMES E. YENSER B.S., M.Ed. Business Law, Office Prac- tice, Moravian, Lehigh. MYRTLE WILKINS R.N. Frankford School of Nurs- ing. MARGARET S. YODER B.S. Vocational Homemaking, General Homemaking, Sci- ence and English, Future Homemakers of America, Drexel Institute, University of Pennsylvania, Albright College. 17 ROBERT D. WILLIAMS B.S. Geography, Geography Club, Kutztown State, Penn State. JOHN ZOSHAK B.S., M.S. Physics, Earth and Space Science, Kutztown State, Muhlenberg, U of New Mexico, U. of Colorado, U. of Washington, New York University. L'l'Kllf'Nl'1C ...lg 'There is a tide in the affairs of men Which taken at the Hood leads on to fortune 5 Omitted, all the voyage of their life ls bound in shallows and in miseries. On such a full sea are we now afloat, And we must take the current when it serves, Or lose our ventures." Shakespeare 19 :fr 2 ,,.. , 5. t . - ig SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Janet Ruth-Secretary, Denny Hunsberger-Vice-President, Jane Graber-President, Stan Graber-Treasurer. CLASS HI TORY - 196 As our last year of high school ends, we, the class of 1965, look back on the pre- ceding years with mixed feelings. We are again feeling the awe and fright we felt as we entered the school as freshmen. As we leave we take with us a valuable edu- cation and many priceless memories. In 1961 we encountered one of the greatest challenges of our gradually maturing lives-our freshman year at Upper Perkiomen High School. All of us began to feel the enthusiasm of participation. We sponsored our first dance, 'Teppermint Fan- tasy", in one of the winter months of our first exciting year. Our freshman class officers were: Jane Graber, president, Kurt Weiss, vice-president, Bruce Schantz, secretary g and David Eckhart, treasurer. As sophomores, we proudly wore our red and white class hats and ordered our coveted class rings. Jane Graber led the class as president, Stan Graber as vice- president, Pat Styer as secretary, and Ronald Kolb as treasurer. Our class motto, "The higher the climb, the broader the view", was chosen, as were our class colors, red and white, and our class Hower, the red rose. "Twilight Timeu, our sophomore dance, climaxed the year's activities. Our junior year was Hlled with numerous events-student council elections, the class play, prom committees, and the prom itself. Talented members of the class performed in the comedy, "Curtain Going Up", which was produced and directed by Mrs. Raymond. January 29 was the date of our junior prom, "Camelot", which was a huge success. Jane Graber again held the highest class office supported by Ronald Kolb, vice-president, Janet Ruth, secretary, and Bruce Schantz, treas- urer. Finally we reached the climax of our high school days when we entered school in September, 1964. Now we, the seniors, were looked upon as the student leaders of our educational institution. We again voted Jane Graber president of the class. The office of vice-president was filled by Dennis Hunsberger. The class secretary was Janet Ruth and the treasurer was Stan Graber. "Pure as the Driven Snown or HA Working Girlls Secret", our senior class play, was presented by our energetic thespians. On May 23, 1965, we danced to the romantic refrains of the Norristown Band at our prom, "Plain and Fancy". The New York Worldis Fair was selected as the site for our class trip, which was our last chance to be together as a class. On June 9, 1965 we left behind our happy school days to press onward into the more serious world of adults. 20 LYNN RUTH ACKERMAN Green Lane Academic Lynn thinks Mr. Schlegel is a won- derful teacher . . . Enjoys winter sports, ice skating and skiing in par- ticular Will enter the medical secretarial profession. Junior Playg Senior Playg Walum Olum. HERBERT BALLEW Sumneytown Academic Herb lists girls as his main interest . . . Plans to enlist in the Air Force . . . Likes Mr. Schneller. Football lg Student Council 4. SUSAN EILEEN ALBERS Pennsburg Academic Susie has a great interest in horses Will 0 e se Q.!Likes Mr. Sch i . Chorus t r f ML'E,lC YJ C M' J ' u WALTER APPOLD East Greenville Commercial Walt likes to go bowling to get his exercise . . . Enjoys typing classes with Mrs. Moser . . . Will enter the business field. SENEORS RICHARD JOHN BARTHOLOMEW East Greenville Commercial Bart considers girls to be his main interest . .. Likes Mr. Yenser . . . Will attend a school to learn mechani- cal engineering. JOHN S. BATYSKI Pennsburg Academic John rates Mr. Schneller highly . .t Is undecided about his future . . . Likes going hunting. Band l,2,3,4. DOUGLAS JOHN BAUER N East Greenville Academic Doug enjoys Mr. Schneller's Eng- lish classes greatly . . . Is rather ath- W X letic Has an undecided future. Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball 2,3,4. GAIL DIANE BENNER East Greenville Academic Gail is an energetic tennis player . . . Talks very rapidly . .. Will at- tend college. Basketball 3,45 Perk-O-Lator 4. CAROL LEE BAUMAN East Greenville Academic One of the chorus' leading sopranos, "Bucky" is a great asset to the musi- cal program Also enjoys swim- ming . . . College activities will claim her attention next fall. Chorus l,2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4g Madrigal Singers 4g Band 2,3,4g Stu- dent Council lg Walum Olumg Jun- ior Playg S 1aygl,Perk-O-Lator. A A K x L C'-'VU JANE ELIZABETH BAVER Pennsburg Academic "Cookie" will become a physical education teacher . . . Is a mischievous lass Is always driving her blue station wagon. Chorus 1,2,3,45 Perk-O-Lator 2,3,4g Walum Olumg Junior Playg Senior Play, J.V. Cheerleader 35 Student Council 25 Basketball 2,3,4-5 Hockey l,2,3,45 Softball 1,2,3,4. X SENIORS G l i M if 0jM7ol7'7' BEVERLY ANN BERGER M194 Pennsburg Academic LINDA LEE BENNER Red Hill Academic Linda gets satisfaction from help- ing small children Will conse- quently become an elementary school teacher . . . Enjoys Spanish class. Chorus 2,3,4g Basketball Mgr. 2,3,4g Perk-O-Lator 3,45 Walum Olumg FTA 4. Bev is learning to play her guitar . . . Will major in elementary educa- tion at a state college . . . Likes Mr. Neiman. Chorus 2,3,4g Concert Choir 3,45 Bas- ketball 2,3,45 FTA 45 Perk-O-Lator 4. CHRISTINE LOUISE BITTING East Greenville Academic This petite cheerleader enjoys ski- ing . . . Mrs. Raymond is her favorite teacher . . . College figures prominent- ly in her future. Hockey Manager 2,3,45 J.V. Cheer- leader 35 Cheerleader 45 Junior Playg Senior Playg Walum Olum. RAYMOND EDWARD BOWLIN Sumneytown Vocational The nickname "Tiny" certainly does not describe this senior . . . Likes Mr. Ruby's teaching methods . . . Will en- ter the labor market. Football 1,2,3,4g FFA 1,2,3,45 Junior Playg Track 3. GEORGE W. BOCKIUS Pennsburg General This tall blonde enjoys Mr. Zoshak's science classes . . . Enjoys hunting and trapping . . . Is College bound. Football lg Track 3,45 Monitor 43 Senior Play. JOHN BROOKS BOLDEN Pennsburg General A happy-go-lucky guy, Johnny likes to hunt Has an undecided future . .. Thinks Mr. Keeny is the greatest. Football 1,2. I 965 BARRY FLOYD BOYER East Greenville General Barry is one of the quieter mem- bers of our class . . . Is very friendly if you get to know him . .. Plans to be a photographer. fm ROBERT FRANCIS BRAND Pennsburg Academic Bob has an intense interest in the Olympic games . .. Finds PAD class fascinating Wishes Mr. Reeves would return to the area. Track 1,2,3,4g FTA 4. Q k, . Q.. ..s. . ,,.. -I ,, ,, +I' Y it f3f3"iV "' fe 1 I .. gr ' Q 'EK-:,f,g,:.2j:5' "' U iaiiitieswifgi I . I 1 Q . ..LV g ,fs ' v ' , I sl e- 'Y-fr 145- U X 5x51 gc 1 ef .35 hge. CAROL DIANE BREYER Green Lane Commercial This blonde enjoys dancing and listening to popular music . .. Rates Mr. Neiman's math classes tops Has not decided upon a career. Band 1,23 Basketball 4. 'wi ii? . Q. I M Wi- L -in f l,'1 ei-I ' if ss rg RICHARD CARL BRINCKMAN Pennsburg Commercial This talented musician is active in both the school bands and Bux-Mont band . .. Enjoys PAD class and Mr. Nace . .. Plans to become a member of the state police. Band 1,2,3,4g Bug-Mont Band 2,3. SEN IORS LARRY JAMES BRITTON East Greenville General Larry is very interested in cars and motorcycles . . . Can usually be found uptown . . . Will soon be seen wear- ing Navy blue. 3 'Wx LINDA MAE BRITTON East Greenville Commercial This cheerful girl likes to dance . . . Will hear wedding bells ring after graduation Enjoys Mr. Yenser's office practice classes. Band 1,2,3,4-3 Concert Band l,2,3,4. 'V' 24- CAROL BRINGHURST Pennsburg Commercial Carol is an athletic senior . . . Loves to go camping and bowling . . . Seeks a career in the armed forces. Softball 1,2,3,4-. RANDALL DENNIS .CHRISTMAN Pennsburg Commercial Randy enjoys the rigors of gym class . . . Likes to go hunting . . . May enlist in the army. Football l,2. MK' twuunlqgr wi? DOUGLAS LESTER CLEMMER Pennsburg Commercial Clem is a good-looking fellow with a friendly smile Possesses an in- terest in hunting, fishing, and archery Thinks Mr. Neiman is a good teacher. l RUSSELL H. CRESSMAN Sumneytown General Russ enjoys hunting Plans to enter a branch of the armed forces . . . Can usually be found somewhere near Sumneytown. HAROLD ROY CLEMMER Palm Academic Harold is planning to become a civil engineer Is challenged by PSSC Physics Is musically in- clined. Band l,2,3,4g Dance Band 2,3,4g Bux- Mont Band 2,3,4. CLAUDIA ANNETTE COURTRIGHT Green Lane Commercial "Clyde" likes singing to the music on the radio Enjoys bookkeeping Will enter the field of business. Chorus 2,3,4g Concert Choir 3,45 Mad- rigal Singers 4g Perk-O-Lator 43 Walum Olumg Senior Play. Quai' Qvmlw. Osl'GJw-QOL ' U5 i l 965. Lat JB W2 f,.,.9lf22fMl JW' I . il I A ' I bj,l0Ul?lT?ELAINE ERUM JAMES RUSSELL DeLONG Barto Acade Sumneytown General Judy is a staunch Phillies' fan . . . Says "you're kidding' when asked about her favorite teacher . .. Plans to become a teacher. Chorus l,2,3,4g Concert Choir 3,4-g Perk-O-Lator 3,4. 25 Jim is famous for his shortness Appreciates Mr. Schnelleris teaching talents . . . Enjoys swimming and fishing. Football 1,3,4g Baseball 1,35 Track 35 Basketball 2. ROBERT MERRILL DeLONG Sumneytown Commercial An active chap, Bob plans to join the Marines . . . Finds Mr. Neiman's math classes interesting Is the possessor of a fine sense of humor. Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 'l,2,3,4g Bas- ketball l. b JOHN WILLIAM DERR Chapel Vocational John is an active FFA member . .. Enjoys teasing his female classmates His interests include fishing and sports. FFA l,2,3,4g Ag. Basketball 2,35 Stu- dent Council 4. SENIORS BARBARA JOAN DRESCHER Pennsburg Commercial Barb arrived at Upper Perk from Quakertown last year Will be- come a hairdresser . .. Reads many books. Debating 35 Chorus 45 Perk-O-La- tor 4. BRIAN A. DUKA East Greenville Academic Our fun-loving Brian can be found either sleeping or working on cars . . . Mr. Schneller conducts his favorite class His future includes college. SANDRA CARRIE DERR Pennsburg Academic This wacky senior is famous for her ridiculous antics "Huey" prefers outdoor activities .. . Plans a nursing career. Chorus 2,3,4g Concert Choir 45 Band 3,45 junior Playg Senior Play. , www Bwglpfa' GALEN LEE DULIN East Greenville Academic This swift halfback is usually seen with a certain Green Lane lass Enjoys playing football and hunting Thinks Mr. Schneller's English classes are interesting. Baseball 15 Football l,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4g Student Council 3. DAVID LON ECHARDT Commercial East Greenville Eggyls name invariably is mentioned in conversations concerning popular dancing . .. This ever-smiling lad plans to travel across the country to California Mr. Neiman is his favorite teacher. Football lg Class Treasurer 1. JOSEPH E. FAUST, JR. Sumneytown Academic Joe rates physics class very highly . .. Enjoys riding bicycle . . . Plans to be employed by Firestone. LOIS CAROL EICHEL Pennsburg Commercial "Ike" is waiting anxiously for her forthcoming marriage . . . Likes PAD class and Mr. Keeny Makes a habit of eating. Chorus l,2,3,45 Concert Choir 3,43 Madrigal Singers 45 Junior Playg Walum Olum. vid PN T x.J - 4 L-J Q 'L Q7 CARL ERNEST KENNETH ESSIG Pennsburg Commercial Carl enjoys business law classes . . . Hopes to obtain a job in the business field . .. Enjoys listening to classical music. Band 1,2,3,45 Concert Band 1,2,3,4. l965 BARRY ALAN FERKETICH Green Lane Commercial An enthusiastic athlete, 'tRollo" particularly enjoys football . . . Rates Mr. Rothenberger highly Is un- decided concerning future plans. Football l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2. Hereford Academic This tall senior is sometimes called "Moune" . . . Would like to own a horse Plans to become an en- gineer. Band 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,4g Dance Band 2,3,45 Bux-Mont Band 3,45 Concert Choir 3. ROBERT C. FETTERMAN 1 5 SS WILLARD DONALD FIGHTER Barto General Willy, as he is sometimes called, could eat all day long . .. Is uncer- tain concerning his future plans . .. Attends every football game he can. 'Sf f MT'Mi-SW-ETVK-I.-337155.54 fvg'wg1x?fSiii-5 ' ' sf "1g'lf3S - A A '93 W A A gt., -gay J . . I 5 Tria d ? 2 C ., 'TTQN' '. ps f as-H, i f -1 ,i 1 M 14' V if ,i H1 ig. - A it , - ,it if A DENNIS PAUL FINK Pennsburg Commercial Denny dislikes being kidded about his last name . .. Lists girls, cars, and money as his main interests His future plans include making a million 4- A FRANK JOHN FOGEL Sumneytown Commercial "Bink" would like all his classes to T k l2,3,4-. . me l 31285311 1 2 3 be study halls . . . Enjoys playing bil- ' " liards Likes Mr. Nace's PAD classes. Football 1, Senior Play. A iri " 4 4 7 t www A A A J AN FO V01 JANE ANN FOGEL Palm - emic Pennsburg Academic This talk m s of three "Birdie" is an enthusiastic sports usually seen gether , Likes Out- fan . . . Enjoys swimming and camp- ing . . . Her smile will brighten a col- lege campus soon. Chorus 1,2,3,4-5 Band 3,43 Basketball 1. door activities such as swimming and camping College is foremost in her future. Chorus 3,45 Junior Play. 28 LUCILLE ANN FRANKENFIELD Green Lane - Academic This blonde senior will someday be found teaching home economics . .. "Luci" enjoys sports such as swim- ming and tennis . . . Does a great deal 'of cooking and sewing. Chorus 1,2,3,4. RICHARD E. GAENZLE, JR. Hereford Academic Rick will enter Uncle Sam's Air Force . .. Likes only Mr. Schneller,s study halls . .. Drives a leaky red convertible. RENEE J. GENDEBIEN Barto Academic Renee makes a very dependable wing on our hockey team . . . Has an avid interest in skiing Plans a nursing career. Chorus 1,3,4g Concert Choir 3,45 Mad- rigal Singers 45 Hockey l,2,3,4g Soft- ball Manager 2g Student Council 45 Junior Play. GREGORY JOHN GEBERT Pennsburg Commercial "Gep" likes to participate in sports of all types Spends much time admiring cars Thinks Mr. O'Connor is great. Football l,2,3,4g Basketball lg Track 2,3,43 Junior Play Monitor 4. HAZEL JANE GEBERT Red Hill Commercial This peppy cheerleader enjoys just having a good time Is undecided concerning her future . .. Bookkeep- ing class is her favorite. Basketball 1,2,3,4g Perk-o-Lator 2g Chorus 45 Junior Playg Senior Playg Cheerleader 4. dl 65 QW A 5 Mllfltm HENRY GENOWA East Greenville Academic Hank is yet another new member of our class Enjoys participating in sports . . . Has not decided upon a career. Football 4. W MARY LINDA GENSZLER East Greenville Commercial A sense of humor identifies this affable senior . .. She is musically inclined . . . Plans a career as a medi- cal secretary. Chorus 1,2,4g Concert Choir 45 Mad- rigal Singers 4g Cheerleader 3,45 Stu- dent Council 45 Senior Playg Monitor 45 J.V. Cheerleader 2. 29 R. GERMES is a quiet member of the sen- ior class . . . Enjoys all types of sports Plans to become a history teacher. Football lg Baseball 2. BARBARA GERY Lane Commercial East Greenville General Barb always enjoys a good joke . . . Rates dancing and bowling high . . . Her future plans are undecided. gy EV 9 X ..gE . Egg 5550 3 JANE MARIE GRABER Pennsbufg Academic STANFORD A. GRABER Jane participates in all sports Possesses the unique ability to remain calm in any situation Will at- tend West Chester State College. Hockey 2,3,4g Basketball l,2,3,4g Soft- ball Manager 3g Cheerleader 3,4 5 Stu- dent Council 1,2,33 NHS 2,3,4g Class President 1,2,3,43 Monitor 1,3,4g jun- ior Playg Senior Playg Perk-O-Lator 4. East Greenville Academic Thiss capable quarterback is gen- erally quiet Stan enjoys PAD classes with Mr. Nace Will grace a college football field in the future. Football 1,2,3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Class Vice-President lg Class Treasurer 2,43 Perk-O-Lator 45 Monitor 4. df'-if RONALD LEE GODSHALL East Greenville General This fun-filled guy likes his PAD classes . . . Enjoys most outdoor sports . . . Will enlist in the Marines. Football 1,2 5 Basketball l,2,3,4g Track l,2. FAY LOUISE GREIGER East Greenville Commercial "Chickie" often visits in Quaker- town Likes listening to her rec- ords . .. Has an undetermined future. Chorus 35 Perk-O-Lator 4. l I f H- W e --" 1 "'X 1 1- 1 is?52e.5tEiqj7ig5f - sg 5,2-'-,pil 'V X, Wszgfi l s w'iw.2rw11v.w e- -ff ' '--' f w t tmszti qstst 35,5 sit,a5?.s52g9?g2e1ifff9 4 h GW twaifis,f2af,.i35EQEs., EQ fgfH1'fla.2s1Q2? .2551 is sfrfvgw g A I . . , - sg, w . 'Q Mgt? gzsgg Ijitgim- A .- . ' . 5 . . eg., y f - iz, ' sis' . . 1 7 5 Y . K Ii, L 2 ' :' se . Q .. , , .V ,.x,, .,,.,,5 ELAINE JANET GREISS I I I H6I'6f0I'Cl Commercial "Lainie" likes to ride horses almost as much as she likes to eat En- joys her office Practice classes . ' . PATRICIA ALL GRIMM A MARY LOU HACKER . will become a secretary. East Greenv1lle Commercial East Greenville Academic Pat enjoys dancing to popular mu- This pleasant girl has been of great sic . . . Plans to enter the Allentown service to her class . . . Considers Mr. School of Cosmetology . .. Thinks Schlicher to be a. good German teach- each class period should be a study. 'er Wishes to be a medical secre- GAR WILLIAM HAFLER Red Hill Commercial "Butch" may be small, but he is a mighty football player Likes to discuss the Phillies with Mr. Rothen- berger . . . Has an undecided future. Football 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4. Band l,2. tary. Chorus 1,2 g Perk-O-Lator 4. M55 CHALMERS H. HALLMAN Pennsburg "Skip" is of the senior future plans hunting and Track 3,4-. Commercial a good-looking member class . . . Has no definite . . . His interests include fishing. Football 1,2,3,4g THOMAS WRIGHT HALLMAN East Greenville Commercial Tom enjoys all types of sports Rates Mrs. Moserls typing class highly . . . Awaits Uncle Sam's call. Baseball 2,3,45 Band 1,2,3. GERALD HARPEL if' .Q JOHN WINFIELD East Greenville Vocational HARTENSTINE This friendly guy often sleeps in Pennsburg General class . . . Is better known as Jerry . . . "Winnie'l is mechanically inclined Has not yet determined his career. . . . Enjoys his math classes . . . Has ROBERT C- HEFFENTRAGER an undetermined future. SENIORS BEVERLY ANN HEIMBACH East Greenville Academic Bev's musical interests include sing- ing and playing the piano She plans to attend college Enjoys trig classes with Mr. Neiman. Chorus l,2,3,4g Concert Choir 45 Band 45 Junior Playg Walum Olum. MARY ANN HEIMBACH Pennsburg Commercial "Bauchie" likes traveling and bowl- ing . . . Thinks office practice classes are enjoyable Plans a secretarial career. V V. .,,gw1f 5 1 ' ., fl ' - "W 2 g. WW Q' K K A fix mfs. " A . ' Lf ' f- me 1 East Greenville General Bobby is a talkative fellow . . . En- joys customizing cars . . . Is Aundecided about his future. ulklywfl 'UL' Glam MONIKA MARIANNE FRIDEL HENNIG Green Lane Academic Monika is our cheerful exchange student from Germany . . . Is fond of 32 ice skating .. . Will return home and perhaps attend a university. SARA JANE HENRY East Greenville Commercial Considered nice by all . . . Likes to eat and bowl . . . Mr. Neiman and PAD class rank high on her list . . . Plans to enter business school. DAVID RO' HIMMELBERGER Mecungie Academic This friendly guy likes cars, sports, and hunting . . . A Mr. Schneller fan DELORES HERBERT Pennsburg Commercial "Dee-Dee" enjoys Mr. Nace's PAD classes . . . Energetic helper in the re- freshment stand at football games . . . Will be a secretary or a practical nurse . . . Reads all available books. LINDA GAIL HERSH Red Hill Commercial "Wilt," a basketball enthusiast, has decided to run an IBM machine in the future . . . In school Mr. Nace and PAD are her favorites . . . A Sen- ior Class helper. Basketball 1,2,3,4. 1965 MARGARET LOUISE HINTON East Greenville Commercial .."Peggy" ranks Mr. Neiman and PAD class high . . . Enjoys bowling and playing tennis . . . Will make her contribution to the secretarial field. Band 3,4. who likes English classes . . . Unde- cided as to the future. Band 1,2,3g Track 2. i'iN'w 33 ALFRED JAMES HOCH Palm General "Fred" thinks a lot of Mr. Zoshak . . . Is seen often with a certain girl . . . Is a future mechanic. CLYDE DENNIS HONCI-I Pennsburg General Rather quiet, "Hochie" can be seen with Kathy . . . Enjoys hunting and racing . . . Undecided concerning a career. Football 1. NORMAN R. HOFFMAN Macungie General A fishing and hunting enthusiast, "Norm:' lists Science as his favorite class . . . Has a great sense of humor . . . Is a future service man. SENIORS JULIA ANN HUNSBERGER Green Lane Academic Fond of dancing and beatle music, Julie plans to be a beautician . . . One of the cutest girls in the class . . . Likes Mr. Jones and Driver Training class. Student Council lgjunior Play. MARY B. HUNSBERGER Green Lane Commercial "Beazle" enjoys food and nice clothes . . . May attend modeling school after graduation . . . Prefers study halls to classes. Band 1,2,3,45 Bux-Mont Band 2,3,4g Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Dance Band 3, 45 Chorus l,2. DENNIS TERRY HUNSBERGER Green Lane Commercial This athletic lad likes all kinds of sports . . . "Hum" wishes all his classes were study halls . . . His fu- ture iis hazy. Football l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4g Bas- ketball lp Student Council 2,35 Moni- tor 4g Class Vice President 4-. RAYMOND JANUARY JASZEZAK Pennsburg Commercial Business school is the goal of "Rat," a talkative member of our class . . . Is attracted by hunting, camping, and bowling . . . Mr. O'Connor's English classes rate highly with him. Chorus fl-. KEITH KENNETH JETT Sumneytown General Keith will go to trade school . . . Is interested in mechanics . . . Likes Mr. Ruby and shop class. Football 1,45 Monitor 4. LINDA KEYSER East Greenville Commercial Linda is a definite asset to our girl's varsity teams . . . Enjoys physical education classes . . . Will enter the business world. Hockey 1,2.3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Softball 1,2,3,43 Monitor 4. ABNER KARVER, JR. Green Lane Vocational Agriculture A winner of livestock awards, Jun- ior plans to make farming a career . . . Also enjoys baseball and cars . . . Mr. Evans has influenced him greatly. FFA l,2,3,4g Agriculture Basketball Manager 2,3. gilt? nliiwlwy H DENNIS KENNETH KLIENBACH Green Lane Academic "Denny," a good all-around athlete, is noted for his pass receiving . . . Thinks Mr. Nace's PAD classes are great . . . Will be found on a college campus. Football l,2,3,4-5 Basketball l,2,3,4g Baseball l,2,3,4. JOHN E. KEMMERER Green Lane Aca e ic Enjoys basketball and golf . . "Reds" is undecide as to hi uture . . . Likes M neller study halls. M2965 DONNA MARIE KLINGER East Greenville Academic Donna is a very friendly lass . . . Likes reading and painting . . . Is college bound. Softball 23 Basketball 3,43 Senior Chorus 2,3,4g Concert Choir 23 Perk- O-Lator 4. ., RONALD ROGER KOLB Pennsburg Academic A sports enthusiast, "Bait" also likes to play his drums and write . . . Plans to study journalism in college . . . All forms of math attract him. Bux-Mont Band 3,45 NHS 2,3 V.P. 45 Band 15253, Band President 45 Dance Band 3,45 Student Council 45 Class Vice President 35 Monitor 3,45 Bas- ketball Mgr. 2,3545 Baseball Mgr. 2,3,45 Perkolator 45 Walum Olumg Junior Playg Senior Play. CYNTHIA ANNE KRAUSE East Greenville General "Cindy" is a petite majorette . . . Enjoys Mr. Keeny's PAD classes . . . Is an avid sports fan. Majorette 2,3,4. SENIORS MARTIN LEE KRIEBEL Palm Commercial Known as either "Marty" or "Gremlin" . . . Is an animal lover . . . Plans to attend business school in the future. Band 2,3,45 Concert Band 2,3,4. - F5 yt LARRY LEROY KRIEBEL Hereford Commercial Popeye would like to travel some- day . . . Likes Mr. Hendricks' math classes , . . Plans to get a job in a big business concern. Mi of L . N X FP N GAIL LES Y K P ' Green Lanek Q Acade This quiet gi e ice skatin and swimming . r. Neiman is HOWARD LEROY KULP her favorite teach . . . Plans to at- tend nursing school after graduation. 'Ti 36 Pennsburg Commercial This pleasant senior is partial to driver training class . . Likes sports and cars . . . Is bound for trade school. Football 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,25 Track 354. JACQUELINE MAE KULP Red Hill Commercial Dancing is Jackie's favorite activity . . . A friendly girl . . . Will attend Allentown School of Cosmetology. LINDA JOY LAFOLLETTE Pennsburg Commercial This cute, peppy senior is interested in sports . . . Likes Mr. Keeny's PAD classes . . . Plans to become a secre- tary. LUCILLE FAY KURTZ Pennsburg Commercial Rather shy, Lucy participates ac- tively in Girl Scouts . . . Enjoys camping and canoeing . . . Plans to be a beautician. CLAUDIA FAY LACHMAN Red Hill Commercial "Claud" is our peppy captain of the band . . . Enjoys the company of that certain classmate . . . Will be a beautician. Hockey 1,25 Band 1,2,3,4g Junior Playg Senior Play. V965 JEAN ANN LAKE East Greenville Commercial "Jeannie" enjoys reading and sew- ing very much . . . A newcomer to the-class of 1965 . . . Will enter the secretarial field. Walum Olum 4. Junior Playg SeniorAPlayg Chorus 43 Concert Choir 45 Band 45 Monitor 4g Walum Olum 4. 37 WILLIAM JAMES LANDIS East Greenville Academic "Jim" is a very talkative member of our class . . . Enjoys toying with all types of cars . . . Mechanical En- gineering is his chosen field of work. Junior Play: Senior Playg Perk-O- Lam' Vw Qt -12. ii.. sgli it 35 FLORENCE RAE LEIBENSPERGER Hereford Academic "Flossie" is an industrious gal who plans a career in teaching . . . Can always be counted on for a sly remark . . . English class and Mr. Schlegel rate highly with her. Chorus l,2,3,45 Concert Choir 3,45 Madrigal Singers 43 Walum Olumg Perk-O-Latorg Junior Playg Senior Play. .-'til BARBARA ANN LEISTER East Greenville General A certain fellow is the main inter- est of our "Barb," a talented typist . . . She is rather small . . . Mr. Keeny is her favorite teacher. LARRY DAVID LEISTER Palm ' Academic "Joe" is a future engineer . . . Really enjoys P.S.S.C. Physics and Mr. Zoshak . . . Likes hunting, olfing, and playing tennis. Baseball l,2,3,4. ' semoias ,Wm WM MARILYN RUTH LEISTER East Greenville Commercial Next to eating, this senior enjoys camping most . . . Mrs. Cassel's Eng- lish classes have been beneficial to her . . . She has an undecided future. Chorus 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4g Madrigal Singers 45 Basketball 2,3,45 Softball 2,3,4. RONALD ARLAN LONG Macungie Academic "Ronnie,' is our class math whiz LAWRENCE RALPH MACK Red Hill Academic Larry, better known as "The Bat- man," likes football, track, and camp- ing . . . The Army and college com- prise his future . . . Mr. Zoshakis jokes always brighten his day. Football l,2,3,4g Track l,2,3,45 Moni- tor 4g Concert Choir 4. . . . Is noted for his quietness . . . Likes to eat. FTA 3,4. .. X ROBERT MARVIN MARKS East Greenville Academic Bob can eat lobster tail any time of the day . . . Likes P.A.D. class best . . . Is undecided oncer ing his fut- ure. Y it xx f ' f f XO S MARGARET PATRICIA MAYER East Greenville Commercial Peggy, an exceptionally talented singer, can be seen driving her VW . . . Future plans include the Music Conservatory . . . American History and Mr. Rothenberger are her favor- ites. Chorus 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4g Madrigal Singers 45 Softball 2. MARY ANN MARTIN Hereford Commercial "Little Wabbitu attends every foot- ball game possible . . . Will be an executive secretary . . . Is fond of Oflicc Practice class. Chorus 2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4g Madrigal Singers 45 Walum Olum. KENNETH MARTIN MAYER East Greenville General Ken is usually seen riding his motor cycle . . . Other than girls, his main interest is his cycle . . . He is bound for the Air Force. Track 2. 1965 Q BARBARA ANN McKINLAY 'S'Pennsburg Commercial l Barb is one of our class artists . . . Can be found either working or comb- ing her hair . . . Plans to enter a busi- ness school. Softball 1,25 Chorus 1. MARY JANE MEDVETZ Pennsburg Commercial Wedding bells figure prominently in her future . . . Jane would like to travel . . . P.A.D. is a favorite class. BARRY E. MENSCH East Greenville Academic "SpiderH is an enthusiastic Phillies fan . . . Will enter the service and then college . . . Thoroughly enjoys Physics class. Track 3. JAMES IRVIN METZ Pennsburg Academic "Irvie" is a fast-talking' "P.S.S.C. Boy" . . . Likes to swim . . . Will grace some college campus in the near future. Track 3,45 Student Council 4s Walum Olum'ff ' K 'w . , ' if gr E J ,fy :fly 1 jx 'A N y in .-,- ' gil . ., V' V rl' f l SENIORS DOREEN MIKLOS Palm Academic Doreen likes to listen to records and go to races . . . Enjoys Mr. Nace's P.A.D classes . . Has an undecided future. Pep club 3, Perk-O-Lator. BONITA LIN MILLER Red Hill Commercial Bonnie is one of our wonderful ma- jorettes . . . Wishes to take a jet to Arizona . . . Plans a future in the sec- retarial field. Chorus 1,2,3,43 Band l,2,3,4. 40 GAIL LESLIE MEYERS East Greenville Academic An athletic girl, Gail especially likes hockey and tennis . . . Mr. Schlegel ranks at the top of her list . . . Trig class is her favorite. Chorus l,2,3,4g Band 3,45 Hockey 2,3, 45 Softball 25 NHS 3,45 Junior Playg Senior Playg Walum Olumg Perk-O-Latoir 3,4. JUDITH ANN MILLER Red Hill Commercial fluffy" is a true sports enthusiast . . . Likes Mr. Rothenberger best of all' teachers . . . Her future is undecided. MARIANNE MILLER East Greenville Academic This sports-minded senior plans to be a. nurse . . . Does a lot of smiling . . . Likes . eiman's trig classes. Basketb l 26,45 Softball l,2,3,4-3 SHEILA KAY MINNICH Macungie Commercial Sheila has a great interest in music . . . Is a real horse lover . . . Unde- cided is her future. Chorus 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 3,4-g Madrigal Singers 45 Perk-O-Lator 3, 4. MARILYNN ANNE MOHLER Palm Academic Talking is one of Marilynn's favor- ite pastimes . . . She has an undeter- mined future . . . Mr. Nace and PAD class rate highly with her. Student Council l,2,3,45 Softball 1,25 Junior Playg Perk-O-Lator 4-g Walum' Olum. Hock gn 45 NHS 3,43 Junior Playgl al Olum. tf N -,f . I W 1965 x I O-jd gfftiiyfwllliry E v RONALD STANLEY MOLL Red Hill General Friendly "Beaver" plans to be a workingman . . . Likes tinkering with cars . . . PAD class is interesting to him. LARRY DANIEL MOSER East Greenville Commercial Girls and cars are this cheery lad's hobbies . . . Six study halls a school day would suit him . . . He plans to be a worker. 41 MARYANN MOYER Pennsburg Commercial Our very musical "Slugger" will at- tend business school . . . Likes Mr. Novotny . . Could dance all day and night. Chorus l,2g Band 1,2,3,4. BARRY NACE Red Hill Commercial "Butch', likes to listen to Mr. O'Connor's wise remarks . . . Enjoys rigorous physical education classes . . . Hunting provides recreation for him. 'fs ' fri' rlf 5 'W' . WA "'f1 5 is FERN FAY PETERSON Green Lane Vocational This pleasant senior is known for her blonde hair . . . Wishes to be a model . . . Makes many of the clothes she wears. Band 1,2,3,4-5 FHA 1,2,3,4. ADAM DALE NOVICKI Pennsburg Commercial "No-Vicki, enjoys tinkering with cars . . . Can usually be seen smiling . . . Will soon enter the ranks of the employed. Football l,2,3,4g Track 2,3,4. :Y Ei' '31 , PAUL ALAN PIEPZOWSKI Green Lane Commercial Paul is very interested in cars . . . Has an undecided future . . . Likes PAD class very much. Football l,2,35 Baseball l. 'x QU' PAMELA C. NOWACKI Hereford Commercial Pam takes great interest in her wear- ing apparel . . . Likes both Mrs. Moser and Mr. Nace . . . Is unde- cided about her future. Junior Playg Perk-O-Lator 4. VICKI LOU JULIANNA PIRNIK East Greenville Academic "View is our talented head major- ette . . . Will be a good nurse . . . Enjoys Mr. Schlegel's puns. Band 1,2,3,4-g Perk-O-Lator 43 Wal- um Olum. were .J-ai-Q BERNARD FRANCIS RECK Commercial Pennsburg "Bernie" thinks Mr. Nace's PAD classes are very interesting . . . Plans to attend a business school . . . xii KATHEEN MARY REHAK Loves to swim and hunt. Green Lane Commerclal Football 1. JOHN WILLIAM REINWALD Sumneytown General John thinks stock cars are the great- est . . . Would like to own a Corvette . . . Math is his best-liked class. Kathy could eat steak forever . . . Will be a secretary . . . Mrs. Tarone is her favorite teacher. Chorus 1,2,3g Band 1,2,3,4g Perk-O- Lator 4. FAYE LANETTE REICHERT Barto Commercial Faye enjoys watching both baseball and football games . . . Wishes to be a nurse .... Likes all her classes. 33555 DELORES MAE RENNINGER Pennsburg Commercial "Dee-Dee" likes to play miniature golf . . . Wishes to travel . . . PAD ranks first on her list of classes. junior Playg Senior Play. LAVENE CARL RENNINGER Barto Vocational "Rench is a sports fan . . . Lists Mr. Truman as his favorite teacher . . . Has an undecided future. FFA 1,2,3,4g Ag. basketball 1,2,3g Baseball. ROBERTA ANN RENNINGER Pcnnsburg Commercial "Bert" is a very quiet lass . . . En- joys playing miniature golf and bowl- ing. . . Plans to be a secretary. Perk-O-Lator 4, ROBIN LEE RENNINGER Pennsburg Commercial "Rob" plans his future in the field of music . . . Is partial to Mr. Bercher . . . Likes to play his tenor saxophone. Band l,2,3,4-5 Dance Band l,2,3,4g Bux-Mont Band 2,3,4-5 District Band 3,4-. SENIORS CLYDE S. RICHARD Red Hill Academic Clyde finds great pleasure in hunt- ing . . . Thinks Mr. Schneller is great . . . Will be a serviceman soon. I of SUSAN ELAINE ROBERSON Green Lane Academic Sue would like to return to her na- tive Florida to attend college . . . En- joys swimming and listening to records . . . is quiet until you get to know her. Perk-O-Lator 3. 44- ANN B. RICHARD Red Hill .Academic Our cheerful Ann is a skiing en- thusiast . . . Will grace a college cam- pus in the future . . . Is quite capri- cious. Chorus 15 Hockey 1,25 Band 3,4g Jun- ior Playg Senior Playg Walum Olum. if L0 x ' T ni ff M fir- E f Q ,, .K law F CU!! my 0421165 fugx, fic, NANCY ANNE ROBERTS Pennsburg Commercial "Huntley" is a good typist . . . Likes to dance and draw . . . Plans to be a secretary. Chorus 43 Concert Choir 4g Madrigal Singers 4 3 Perk-O-Lator 4. CAROL RUBINSON Pennsburg Academic Reading and swimming are Carol's favorite activities . . . She is a very giggly girl . . . Will attend college. Chorus 3,4-. WWE ezsgw A K' ul, -,,f 199 N BRUCE SCHANTZ East Greenville Commercial "Jeckel" likes to go hunting . . . Feels Mr. Nacels PAD classes are beneficial . . . Has an undecided fu- ture. JANET A. RUTH Barto Commercial This domestic loves to cook and sew . . . Expects to enter the field of nursing . . . Has a great deal of inter- est in history. Chorus 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 3,45 Class Secretary 3,4-. EUGENE SCHAFFER Sumneytown Vocational Agriculture Gene can almost always be found playing pool . . . Plans to find a job after graduation . . .'Likes Mr. Tru- man best of all his teachers. Agriculture Basketball 1,2,3g Football 1,2,3g Baseball 1. wot W tfwft ,yfdg 1955 ff .air Wjfttff SUSAN JANE SCHANTZ East Greenville Academic This active "Tyger" is sure to be a success as a math or chemistry teacher . . . Enjoys a good swimming meet . . . Is a very good piano player. Chorus 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir l,2,3, 43 Madrigal Singers 43 Band 2,3,43 Perk-O-Lator 3,45 Junior Playg Senior Playg Walum Olum Editor-in-Chiefg NHS 2,3,4. Football l,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,4g Monitor 1,45 Class Secretary 15 Class Treasurer 3. 45 JOHN NEVIN SCHELLENBERGER East Greenville General Our well-known John hopes to at- tend an electronics school . . . Prefers history to any other subject . . . Loves to tix radios. Football l. DAVID RONALD SCHOTT Hereford Commercial Dave has an interest in mechanics . . . Intends to join the armed forces . . . Likes to go hunting. Football 1,2,3,4g Track 2,4g Monitor 4. JOANN L. SCHULTZ Red Hill Academic "Jose" is very active in her church youth group . . . Is a very peppy cap- tain of the colorguard . . . Wishes to attend a junior college. Chorus l,2,3,4g Concert Choir 3,45 Band 2,3,4g Basketball 15 Hockey 15 Junior Playg Walum Olum. CRAIG ROBERT SCHUSTER Pennsburg Academic This friendly fellow watches televi- sion all the time . . . Will enter a school of technology . . . Likes Mr. Neiman. Basketball Manager 2,3,4g Football l. My fr , .W .. J 1 'JV 1 smroas wait Mgt V fy fvJ LINDA SUE SCHWOYER Pennsburg R.D. Academic FRANCIS H. SCHWENK Red Hill Commercial Franny is interested in everything, particularly in a certain fair damsel . . . Is very athletic . . . Has an un- decided future. Football 1,2,3,45 Basketball Ig Base- ball 1,25 Track 3,45 Student Council 4. DAVID SCHWOYER Pennsburg R.D. Vocational An active FFA member, David plans to be a farmer . . , Is rather shy and quiet . . . Has a great in- terest in cars. FFA l,2,3,4. A junior college is where "Harvey" is bound after graduation . . . Swim- ming and sewing are her favorite ways to while away spare time . . . She has beautiful naturally curly hair. Chorus 1,2g Cheerleader l,2,3,4-5 NHS 2,3,45 FTA 33 Walum Olum. dl' JOAN ANNE SEASHOLTZ Green Lane Commercial Joanie is the industrious waitress at 'I'ony's . . . Plans to be a secretary . . . Likes her English classes. Chorus l,2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4. LARRY ROY SHUPE Red Hill General Larry enthusiastically follows hap- penings at local stock car races . . . Is undecided concerning the future . . . Likes science classes better than any other class he has. KAREN LYNN SHUP Red Hill Commercial Karen's plans for the future include attending IBM school . . . She likes Mr. Kceny's PAD classes . . Could read and listen to good music all day long. JACK H. SHUPE Green Lane General Hunting and tinkering with cars provide much enjoyment for 'fJack- soni' . . . He intends to remain at his present place of employment . . . Has no favorite class - he likes them all. ww M 2 it ,N i f 4--22555 me, LINDA MARIE SHUPE Red Hill Commercial "Speedy" gets her spending cash from babysitting . . . Has set her goal at being a good secretary . . . Enjoys Mr. Keeny's PAD classes. Perk-O-Lator 4-5 Walum Olum. 3 4.',- I . ' W Q' fr , . ' ' nj ' -J, the SASHA SIEMEL Green Lane Ac emic This ever-laughing senior is fond of easy living . . . Goes under the name of "Siemel', . . , Is our distinguished Student Council president. Track lg Junior Playg Senior Playg Student Council 45 Walum Olum. a rf is 0 DENNIS ROBERT SINE ROBERT RAYMOND SMITH Green Lane Academic Hereford Commercial Dennis is an avid football fan . . Is known for his penmansllip . . Thinks PAD classes are great. Football 15 Football Manager 2,3,4-5 Basketball Manager lg Junior Playg Senior Play. Bob 'is a future student of Beth- lehem Business School . . . Is fond of stock cars . . . Loves to dance. Xb SENIORS B LOUIS H. SOLT Zionsville R.D. Vocational Lou intends to attend trade school . . . Enjoys senior science class . . . Cars interest him greatly. We . it swf ETTA SUE STEINMAN East Greenville Academic Etta is an energetic dancer . . . Is seen often with a certain someone . . . Hopes to attend business school. Hockey 3,4g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Soft- ball 1,2,3,45 Cheerleader 45 J.V. Cheerleader 35 junior Playg Senior Play. PAMELA LYNN STEVENS Green Lane Commercial Pam is fond of babysitting . . . Likes PAD classes with Mr. Keeny . . . Will be a secretary. Perk-O-Lator 4g Walum Olum. DANIEL STIZENKO East Greenville General Dan is a mischievous person . . . 48 Enjoys popular music . . . Can be seen working at Mohr's garage. . ..w,,-- ' A . ""'M M, , ' ' ""',1.. , df'- W ,a t file? tf.41-'ffrwrw J.--tw ,-ifwf.mfwassgi,,.t,t-V .. t,1'.iti1w-gi,-3,.f .5 1,-yi .f1he-1,,2zgjifQ1zz'J,-H312tg,.4,g'.yi5s1g.w'-My , . -ff: jew' "Mg gg A . A ' if Ars , sf. ,,wigt1i2t? 'ig I l"fi5ffi:si4?iQix QQWM' J '. 'f -'f - NEW' ' ,3?"e5L 7 R 5 i,:Q.,5? Eg "anis , ' . ' o btw- W-wwf as P so A .T - jg A 15.15 -Q' C - :1ETi .'... ' 1 M4521 F if f . ggzffg-rv , - 'im J 2 ,I f P1 " 1 ,tw g?' f',1P1,n.,sifSfg? x 52,54 in f-,mg ,, we y ' Qi sig lil? 31.25,- . ,....56 -- A ft fr is Q waz. : xgsgtii DONALD LEE STOFFLET Pennsburg Academic Don gets his exercise by riding a bicycle . .. Wishes to enter the field of construction Likes Mr. Nace's PAD classes. Junior Playg Senior Play. MW YM' EDWARD SWIERZEWSKI Pennsburg Academic "Swerz" is a collecter of coins . . . Plans to become a college man Enjoys Mr. Zoshak's jokes. Track 1,2,3,4. . E w ,- t . - Nw" K fi T w . r lguiiliii . TERRY LEE STOUDT East Greenville Commercial "Stoudie" thinks the "Sage" is a great teacher . . . Likes his study halls better than his other classes Has not yet decided upon a career. - . .!:.::" -' iq .ty -if 4 an :sa ,Q My t . V -.l1 wj " '4H' L fi ' .. ,f J a PATRICIA JEAN STYER Red Hill Academic Pat is a tall, rather quiet lass Enjoys bowling and dancing . . . Will enter a junior college to prepare for a career as a medical secretary. Student Council l,2,3,45 junior Playg Senior Playg NHS 2,3,4g Class Secre- tary 2 5 Perk-O-Lator 4. N53 wwe owfwt at STEPHEN SZEGDA Green Lane Academic A dependable linebacker, Steve likes all types of sports . . . Rates PSSC class tops . . . Will enter college next fall. Football 2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,43 Junior Playg Senior Playg Perk-O-Lator 4. 49 5 M Qfw MARY ANN TARA AS Green Lane Academic This quiet lass has remained a faithful band member for four years Enjoys Mr. Neiman's trig classes . . . Plans a nursing career. Band l,2,3,4g Concert Band 1,2,3,4g Perk-O-Lator 4s Walum Olum. kv JEFFREY ALAN THOMAS Red Hill Academic Jeff is a talented tuba player Enjoys all forms of mathematics Will enter a technical school. Band 1,2,3,4. TATJANA TONKONOH Sumneytown Commercial A talkative lass, "Tot" can usually be seen with her certain someone . . . Likes to read Is undecided about her future. SENIU S ge , " Q5 , Ofvfg, or 1 . P' f W l 4' if i DONNA LORRAINE MARGARET MAE TROXEL TROLLINGER East Greenville Academic Harlem COmm6!'Cial Maggie is a dependable goalie for the hockey team . .. Likes Mr. Nei- man's teaching techniques . . . Will someday be a teacher. Hockey 1,2,3,4-g Basketball 2. This friendly senior likes to play badminton Will be a secretary Lists Mrs. Moser as her favorite teacher. CAROL JEAN TREICHLER Hereford Commercial Carol plans to hear wedding bells after graduation . . . Rates Mrs. Moser highly Enjoys horseback riding. SANDRA LEE TRUMBAUER Pennsburg General Sandi likes both PAD and senior science classes . . . Enjoys playing base- ball Will join the Women's Air Force. - Softball 1,2,3,4g Hockey lg Chorus 35 Band 3,4. DENNIS RICHARD URFFER East Greenville Commercial This suave fellow can often be seen combing his hair . . . Denny likes outdoor activities, especially camping Has decided to attend business school. Football 1. PAULETTE KAY WALKER Red Hill Commercial This petite miss is an excellent dancer . .. Likes Mrs. Moser as a teacher . . . Has not decided upon her future. LINDA DIANE WAHL East Greenville 'Commercial "Horsey" prefers Italian foods to all other kinds Will go to business school Can often be seen driving around. Chorus 4, junior Playg Senior Play. ANN LOUISE WALKER Red Hill Academic Ann can be counted on to meet the Perk-O-Lator deadlines .. . Will at- tend West Virginia University . . . Her interests include skiing, swimming, and singing. Chorus 1,2,3,4g Concert Choir 2,3,4g Madrigal Singers 4 5 Monitor 4 g Perk- O-Lator 3,45 J.V. Cheerleader 25 Band 3,43 F.T.A. 2g Walum Olum. Nye. E965 will EDWARD MAX WEISS Palm Academic Max, an enthusiastic hunter bagged his deer this year Is known to have a witty response for all questions . . . Plans to be a teacher of psycholo- SY- Football 1,2,3g Track 2,3,4g Junior Play 5 Senior Play 5 Perk-O-Lator 4, Walum Olum. KATHLEEN LIZBETH WEISS East Greenville Academic A capable captain of the cheering squad, Kathy can be seen running Mr. Ruby's errands .. . Enjoys water ski- ing and dancing . .. Will eventually enter the field of elementary educa- tion. Cheerleader 2,3,4g Student Council 2,3,4g Walum Olumg Junior Playg Senior Play, Monitor 4. -is. ze' we-E Welt - M ' :?,i:ffa:Z'5' 1 I v n S is ff- 2 25371 fsifhrit fillsftulvi Yi tim, sw fa , f wiki WV v me stile: Hg J' ' 1 'Q so " ' . fl' t t 1. flillq l is xl ' in ' A365 eil, S 5 KURTIS STEPHEN WEISS Sumneytown Academic "Heckel" plays his position of de- fensive half back with determination . . . Plans to further his education . . . Enjoys hunting in the local area. Football 1,2,3,4g Track 1,2,3,45 Bas- ketball l,2. NANCY LYNN WESTWOOD Pennsburg Commercial This vivacious girl is the eflicient waitress at Woodson's Thinks Mrs. Bishop is great Has an un- decided future. Chorus 3,45 Perk-O-Lator 45 Walum Olurng Junior Playg Senior Play. S NI S KEITH E. WINSCH East Greenville General This good-natured guy can usually be seen with "Tot" . . . Likes to work on cars . .. His future is as yet un- determined. .amp ROBERT J. WRIGHT Green Lane Commercial "Duddie" likes only those classes which do not require homework . .. Is often seen driving his Ford .. Feels eating is a good pastime. 52 DWAYNE LEE WILSON Palm E Academic This blonde fellow is often seen playing basketball Willie enjoys tinkering with cars . . . His future plans are indefinite. Basketball 1,2,3,4-3 Perk-O-Lator 4. PAUL WRUSCHKA Green Lane General Paul can always be seen with that "certain someone" is an avid hunting fan particularly enjoys cars. . fy-lj If zgf'i,y,ti. 6 .PQ , ..j ' - ., Nr ft ' " ' is f , N 12 f si X, JSP 1 ' fa fl' , FS -t srl" K L '- v, " if ,Q I 1. 'Sis -'s1l?1sf.2cs!gmggsw,f, "Z x 1352, 4, - 9 X2 2 ,f i K , , ,,,y5,g3mQQvgmz,3wl-.f ,E ., We at -H f f, 1 .fs:,,:fs??5,N - .Q if N 'Q 3 ,gmzgfg.gfxsgkggx-f, ,Q ' , , f 9561 PAUL B. YOACHIM Zionsville Vocational An active FFA member, "Yog" plans to make famiing a career .. . Considers Mr. Zoshak's science classes fun . . . Enjoys working on cars. FFA 1,2,3,4g Ag. Basketball 1,2,3. PATRICIA JOYCE ASTON Green Lane Academic Pat returned to Upper Perk ,after 2 years at Boyertown Is quite artistic Possesses an undecided future. ELEANOR JEAN YOUNG TOM ZGURA Pennsburg Commercial Sumneytown General El wishes to travel far and wide Tom is an outdoorsman Is very . .. Likes going to the movies . .. En- interested in cars undecided con- joys her sales classes. cerning future plans. M5553 MOST MUSICAL , X .am V L -, . BEST DRESSED Lynn Ackerman Greg Gebert MOST ATHLETIC Stan Graber Linda Keyser Robm Renmnger Mary Ann Moyer DID MOST FOR THE SCHOOL Sasha Siemel Jane Graber MOST ARTISTIC Barbara McKi'nlay Max Weiss 541 VE FRIENDLIEST Dennis Hunsberger Mary Genzler A MOST LOQUACIOUS James Landis Flossie Leibensperger MOST FLIRTATIOUS V Greg Gebert Linda Lafollette Io MOST MICHIEVOUS James Landis jane Baver ' gl 3,5 L: ,L I ' Z ' 2' -fix 'His , -Q11 W Y i ,Q ,, any , 5 i f f? L as f MOST POPULAR Jane Graber Stan Graber Q 'K i 1 r , , ., .. h 1 55 , iii , Y xi ,m.,.,. 112 . f 1m...mw- Qfwff, L 55:53 n,f,ff?e, 1 , . F F A Q ik N 1 w ,Q I , gn M N X f-' 'XX-gzvx-J'-3 Q-7.' -5 1.-xt ,,,..Q" ' -W A.. 5 X I 'N-J Q Y ,..... CUTEST Julie Hunsberger David Schott T1 MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Susie Schantz Stan Graber 2 'Ly-' M i if , 1 . . .fr gt W3 1 f ' Q W . .v'A H ROW 1: J. Graber A. Richard S. Schantz C. Bauman C. Leibensperger B. Heimbach B. Fox D. Renninger C. 1 J 3 3 Lachmang ROW 2: S. Derr, J. Hunsberger, E. Steinman, L. Ackerman, K. Weiss, L. LaFolletteg ROW 3: J. Baver, R. Gendebien, H. Gebert, L. Eichel, Mrs. Raymond, F. 1 7 7 9 Bittingg ROW 4: S. Szegda, R. Bowlin, S. Siemel, E. Weiss, R. Kolb, J. Metz, J. Landis, J. Schultz. JU IOR PLAY In April, 1964, we presented our Junior Play "Cur- tain Going Up", a comedy dealing with the pro- duction of a high school play. Miss Burgess, played by Susie Schantz, found herself faced with many obstacles hindering the production of her first play. Among these were: a grouchy janitor, Steve Szeg- da 5 the disappearance of the playbooks, a stage-struck heroine, Jane Graber , her bewildered boyfriend, Max Weiss, a ham actor, Sasha Siemel, an athlete, uneasy on stage, Ray Bowling a banker's daughter driven to theft by her fatheris ambition, Ann Richard 5 and a romantic partner for Miss Burgess herself, Ronald Kolb. Because of Mrs. Anne Raymond's capable di- rection, the cast was able to give a brilliant per- formance. The senior class put forth their last dramatic effort as a class on November 20 and 21, 1964, when they presented "Pure as the Driven Snow" or "A Working Girl's Secretw, a satire on old-time melodramas. It was complete with an inno- cent young heroine Uane Graberj, a dashing hero Uim Landisj, and a black- mustached villain CSasha Siemelj. The heroine, although she loved her hero, re- fused to marry him, claiming her secret compelled her to remain single. When the secret was disclosed and shown to be insignihcant, the two finally married. Steve Szegda, as owner of Uland Inn, provided humor throughout the play with his zany puns. Not only did these energetic thespians display great acting talent, they proved they had singing ability as well. Old-fashioned songs such as 'gDaisy, Daisy", 'gThe Man on the Flying Trapezef' and "Bird in a Gilded Cage" were sung. The atmosphere in the auditorium was made authentic by the smell of the hot pop- corn which was sold. The entire cast, the stage crew, and particularly the in- defatigable Mrs. Raymond combined their talents to produce a truly excellent production. E IOR PLAY SENIOR PLAY CAST! FIRST ROW-' C- Bifiing, S- SZCS- ber, F. Leibensperger. THIRD ROW: E. Weiss, G. Bockius Cla, S- S0113-Htl, S- Siemel, J- FOgCl. SECOND ROW: L- R. Kolb, J. Metz, C. Lachman, D, Sine, C. Courtright, J Ackerman, A. Richard, K. Weiss, C. Bauman, H. Gebert, Landis, D. St0fHet. E. Steinman, B. Fox, C. Rubinson, N. Westwood, J. Gra- A ii 57 S MUSICAL COMEDY CAST? FIRST ROW: P. Way, R. Gendebien, E. Schultz. THIRD ROW: F. Leibensperger, J. Roth, S. Schantz, G. Batzell, P. Mayer. SECOND ROW: D. Moser, A. Walker, R. Weikel, B. Johnson, L. Mack, C. B. Romeike, S. Derr, E. Weiss, D. McNaughton, D. Sine, Bauman. MUSICAL CGMEDY The year 1965 saw something new being done at Upper Perkiomen. Amateur thes- pians from the entire senior high combined their talents with those of the chorus to stage a riotous and memorable production of the popular musical comedy, "Our Miss Brooksw. Connie Brooks, a well-liked high school English teacher portrayed by Susie Schantz, wistfully wished to acquire the handsome athletic coach CMax Weissj as her lifetime partner. Her efforts to snare him are thwarted when Mr. Wadsworth fDennis Sinej, the principal, demands that she direct the school play. This means that she and Hugo, the coach, will be in constant disagreement over the use of the gymnasium for rehearsals. Her efforts to produce a good play are hindered by a romantic triangle between Jane, a charming co-ed portrayed by Carol Bauman, Ted, the high school athletic hero QRichard Weikeljg and Rhonda, an attractive and sophisticated student played by Ann Walker. Miss Audobon fPeggy Mayerj, a fellow faculty member, and Mrs. Allen, Rhonda's mother and president of the school board, also contribute to Miss Brooks' miseries. But all ends well as Connie and the coach and Jane and Ted all find their long-awaited happiness. Mrs. Anne Raymond, Mr. Tom O'Connor, and Mrs. Nora Jacobs molded the cast, the crew, and the accompanists into the team which presented this uproarious revue. 58 GLASS WILL AND TESTAMENT This, the class of 1965, being of sound mind, bequeaths, the following: Nancy Roberts wills her typewriter to Robert Russell. Ronald Long wills his quietness to Ronald Moyer. Julie Hunsberger wills her driveris license to Mr. Jones. Jane Graber wills her ability to whisper to Diane Hallman. Larry Mack wills his football powers to Dennis Mensch. Pam Stevens wills her naturally curly hair to Mrs. Powell. Vicki Pirnik wills her twirling coordination to Barbara Romeike. Max Weiss wills his ambulance to Mrs. Wilkins. Gail Meyers wills her hockey stick to Donna "Termite" Seasholtz. Frank Fogel wills his talent for making trouble to Kenny Brendlinger. Florence Leibensperger wills her ability to get along with teachers to Karen Hamm. Butch Hafler wills his Phillies, badges to Mr. Rothenberger. Dennis Hunsberger wills his shortness to Jack Bowlin. The class of 12C-1 wills "The Sage" to next year's senior English classes. Marilynn Mohler wills her crunched fenders to Cindy Meyers. Claudia Lackman wills her band leadership to Mr. Bercher. George Bockius wills his beard to Mr. Procak. Elaine Greiss wills her naturally blonde hair to Mark Roncace. Keith Winsch wills his faculty of sleeping in class to any wide awake junior. Janet Ruth wills her long hair to Mrs. Tarone. Steve Szegda wills his janitorial skills to Leon Long. Dennis Sine wills his Spanish vocabulary to Steve Reeder. Bernie Reck wills his curly hair to Mr. Nace. Jim Landis wills his "pen" to Carl Sandburg. Linda Britton wills her height to Dawn Gilbert. Bonnie Miller wills a deck of Old Maid Cards to the bachelors of Upper Perk's faculty. Rick Gaenzle wills his leaky red convertible to Bill Orthaus. Tot Tonkonoh is not willing. John Schellenberger wills his good driving habits to Daniel Moser. The senior class wills its initiative to the junior class! Josie Schultz wills a whole new colorguard to an unfortunate junior. Donna Trollinger wills her glasses to the blindest of bats. Russell Cressman wills his shirt tails to Mr. Schlegel. Kathy Weiss wills her monitor post to anyone who can keep a secret from Mr. Rothenberger. Norman Hoffman wills his sense of humor to Mr. Wavrek. Sandy Derr wills her duck-like walk to Deanna McNaughton. Robin Renninger wills his broken tenor sax reeds to a deserving junior band mem- ber. Robert Brand wills the last lap of the mile to Ralph Roberts. Dennis Kleinbach wills his pass-catching ability to Warren Long. Marilyn Leister wills her willpower when on a diet to Louise Kraft. Kathy Rehak wills her black hair to Darlene Stoudt. Harold Clemmer wills the old baritone sax to someone with plenty of rubber bands. Delores Herbert wills a wonderful last year of high school to all juniors. 59 UNDFRCI AQQM FN 9 N V "O Youth, whose hope is high, Who dost to Truth aspire, Whether thou live or die, O look not back nor tire." -Robert Bridges CLASS OF 1966 CLASS OFFICERS: Treasurer--Dan Moser, Secretary-Sharon Miller, President -Carl Graber, Not Shown, Vice-President-Tom Henry. 11A FIRST ROW: S. Ashman, P. Kolb, D. Leister, K. J. Boehner, K. Hamm, M. A. Frey, R. Shuhler, E. Schultz. Brendlinger, L. Stauffer, D. Leister, M. Wetzel. SECOND FOURTH ROW: D. Kulp, D. Wolf, R. Stoudt, H. Hagen- ROW: G. Batzel, S. Wehr, R. Stong, T. Henry, J. Roth, B. buch, W. Harley, C. Younger, B. Boyer. Wahl, J. Young. THIRD ROW: K. Hartman, B. Dvorak, 62 11 A1 FIRST ROW: P. Longacre, E. Bartholomew, L. Buz- D- MCNZUSMOU, S- Somltagf D' Gilbert, B- J0hT150n, P- by, H. Brauchler, S. Mensch, S. Heimbach. SECOND Stoudt, E. Lutz. TOP ROW: A. Stoneback, D. Moser, D. ROWI D. Dieterly, K. Gabel, C. Graber, R. Moyer, T, Karver, K. Kleinbach, R. Weikel, L. Schofer, M. O'Con- Fiorito, K. Schmoyer, S. Miller. THIRD ROW: D. Marks, HOT. 11 CS FIRST ROW: M. Romeo, M. Damoiseau, C. Moser, Weikel, R. Yurick, J. Herdle, M. Leiby, C. Karver, C. Haydt. P. Sames, E. Brensinger, B. Pepper. SECOND ROW: C. FOURTH ROW: K. Long, B. Romeike, J. Hagenbuch, Custer, L. Koons, D. Gregor, D. Nace, D. Renninger, E. S. Steltz,L. Moyer, C. Tercha, A. Schultz. Hagenbach, J. Rothermel. THIRD ROW: C. Myers, A. 63 11-CK FIRST ROW: C. Renninger, R. Hartenstine, M. R. Mohler, W. Peart, D. Hillegass, C. Duklis, J. Shupe, K Roncace, R. Kurtz, L. Rozanski, B. Prinz, B. Marks. SEC- Stitt. FOURTH ROW: E. Krause, L. Marks, D. Mensch, OND ROW.' E. Bolden, D. Moll, C. Dixon, P. Brown, B. W, Long, R. Engle, B. Grim, G. Ebright. Setzler, N. Flick, R. Litzenberger. THIRD ROW: S. Moll, 11-CR FIRST ROW: R. Russell, K. Badman, B. Sny- ROW: A. Wimmer, L. Richard, L. Hartzell, E. Press, R. der, L. Fogel, C. Ramsey. SECOND ROW: L. Mechler, Wilson, R. Trauger. V. Leister, A. Richard, L. Rauch, D. Stoudt. THIRD 64 11B FIRST ROW: C. Croll, W. Heffentrager, B. Orthaus, R. Anderson, D. Hoffman, S. Heym. SECOND ROW: D. Schaffer, T. Shaner, F. Henry, L. Taglicber, B. Reck, B. Leister, F. Hamm. THIRD ROW: E. Grossman, R. Shewell, M. Frank, E. Casper, R. Keller, R. Fry, J. Bauman, R. Detweiler FOURTH ROW.' Windish, R. Weidner, C. Brensinger, R. Remmick, A. Wiessner, D. Jordan, J. Schultz, G. Apessos. 11 D FIRST ROW: J. Smith, J. Moyer, B. Moser, L. Hosicr. ley, B. Goodman. THIRD ROW: H. Weber, J. Treich- SECOND ROW: G. Roeder, R. Hass, C. Wagner, J. Gress- ler, J. Bowlin, G. Harpel, S. Gerhard, J. Lesher. 65 CLASS GF 196 CLASS OFFICERS, SEATED: Secretary, Joelle Roncace. STANDING: Neil Hunsberger, Treasurer, Pete Reigner, President, Martin Bauer, Vice-President. 10A FIRST ROW: C. Schuster, J. Derr, L. Eschbach, L. bert, P. Way, R. Kahler, L. Schmetzle, S. Kemmerer, L Herrmann, B. Bitting, D. White, D. Hallman. SECOND Hinton, D. Seasholtz. FOURTH ROW: M. Leiderman, L ROW: J. Roncace, E. Stock, V. Stottlemire, D. Underwood, S0111-llfz, M- Rickeft, B- Gebeft, P- Reignef, C- LeVBHS'00'd R. Hand, B. Fox, J. Morris, E. Derr. THIRD ROW: R. Ge- A- Reeves. 66 I ffm 10-A-1 FIRST ROW: R. Minner, S. Reeder, W. Kerschner, K. Hewett. THIRD ROW: S. Leister, J. Cleaver, M. L. Melcher, A. Paone, V. Bertola. SECOND ROW: T. Fry, Martin, P. Fries, D. Boyer, R. Brandt, S. Gaskill. L. Ballew, F. Ruth, P. Hoffman, R, Roberts, R. Butterweck, .L E . 10-C FIRST ROW: J. Meitzler, J. Nace, M. Lagler, D. Reinhard. FOURTH ROW: L. Brode, J. Nace, W. Tonko- Kile, R. Peart. SECOND ROW: S. Schmoyer, S. Wolfe, N. nah, A. Althouse, D. Krauss, J. Morris. FIFTH ROW: J. Whitcomb, J. Roush, M. Benner, L. Harpel. THIRD ROW: Renninger, D. Urffer, P. Greene, Nace, G. Kolb, G. La- M. L. Marks, L. Myers, E. Graber, C. Kline, G. Stoudt, D. Follette, E. Greiss. 67 10-G1 FIRST ROW: G. Hipszer, Balmer, R. Dyas, T. Vi rus, T. Staufler, D. Treffinger. SECOND ROW: G. Wam- pole, C. Shewell, J. Steltz, G. Solivan, L. Hcffentrager, C. Reed. THIRD ROW: L. Henry, J. Conway, B. Heil, Mc- Lean, C. Gilbert, S. Smeltz, B. Erb, D. Menseh, L. Brown FOURTH ROW: D. Sehuler, D. Christman, E. Slack, R Schantz, H. Causey, D. Miller, D. Schwoycr, C. Dierolf. Q. lO-C2 FIRST ROW: L. Hoch, E. Jett, E. Zgura, G. Moyer, T. Hersh, R. Christman. SECOND ROW: G. Flick, E. Sny- der, M. Press, R. Hasker, C. Smith, M. A. Cressman, H. Schell. THIRD ROIV: L. Yerger, D. Kriebel, Hoffman, P. Steltz, D. Meltz, M. J. Bauman. FOURTH ROW: N. Hunsberger, B. Greene, R. Rodcnberger, R. Slonaker, B. Marks, B. Warclle, B. Cook. 10-BD FIRST ROW.' D. Miller, K. Krause, L. Weidner, D. Phillips, P. Schwoyer, B. Stofflet, J. Fichter. SECOND ROW: S. Higgins, K. Warren, M. Bauer, R. Cressman, D. Bardman, E. Kline, K. Derr. THIRD ROW.' C. Dobrowol- sky, L. Windish, R. Dresher, M. Berger, R. Bartholomew, M. Rensen, D. Devine. FOURTH ROW.' C. Frank, S. Noth- stein, J. Morman, D. Kriebel, R. Lesher, H. Albitz, D. Moyer. OL SS OF 1968 CLASS OFFICERS: Secretary, Nadine Owens, Vice-President, Harry Hunsbergerg President, Henry Geissinger, Treasurer, Roger Schott. 9-A FIRST ROW: B. Benner, D. Laslo, A. Breyer, C. Ham- Roth, L. Slotter, M. Stahl. FOURTH ROW: K. Reigner, S. man, D. Behney, D. Miller. SECOND ROW: M. Shaner, L. Moyer, H. Geissinger, J. Bauman, S. Boyer, H. Hunsberger, Roth, B. Smith, D. Fink, P. Schhcher, B. Stoudt. THIRD P, Hgh.- ROW: C. Crum, N. Owens, K. DeAnge1i, D. Bernd, P. 70 VWJ' 9A1 FIRST ROW: D. Bucci, J. Shewell, S. Pimer, D. Fer- Spacek, J. Roncace, L. Mohler. FOURTH ROW: W. kins, D. Freed, K. Wieand. SECOND ROW: T. Aston, J. Young, C. Beswick, S. Thomas, B. Schultz, B. Marks, A. Schwenk, B. Reed, C. Roberson, D. Trone,' G. Miller. Swenson. THIRD ROW: L. Fenstermacher, D. Metz, L. Gaugler, L. 9-A2 FIRST ROW: G. Schlegel, B. Stahl, V. Hinton, J. ter, D. Rothenberger, R. Witman, R. Schott, T. Bono, L. Landis, L. Stull. SECOND ROW: B. Sherman, R. Leister, J. Bender, T. Friedman. Fox, F. O'Connor, J. Derr, J. Gery. THIRD ROW: R. Leis- 71 9-C FIRST ROW: B. Kile, B. Kulp, L. Roeder, D. Burks, G Miller, C. Krause, H. Walter. FOURTH ROW: D. Gabel, Apessos, J. Fegley. SECOND ROW: K. Jarrett, P. Kulp, D. R. Morgan, D. Harpel, R. Heil, G. Higgins, F. Sickel, J. Gil- Badman, R. Leister, F. McClintock, D. White, K. Windish. bert. THIRD ROW: P. Buzby, D. Fels, K. Young, K. Engle, B. 9-C1 FIRST ROW: R. Bartholomew, R. Dinlocker, D. M. Reinhard, D. Kidd, D. Richard, S. O,Domski, A. Kraft. Gaul, D. Gerhard, F. Mensch, M. Gery. SECOND ROW: B. FOURTH ROW: T. Croissette, A. Berger, P. Junis, L. Wimmer, G. Dinlocker, G. Stoudt, L. Kraft, L. Miller, K. Gery, M. Erb, D. Bauman. Kolb, S. Anderson. THIRD ROW: V. Serfass, C. Hewett, 72 QC2-D FIRST ROW-' J. Krause, J- Biebef, W- Jacobs, A- Shupe, J. Schantz, B. Marks. FOURTH ROW.' M. Crossley Kulp, A. Raezer. SECOND ROW: R. Kulp, S. Schaffer, G. S. Schwenk, C. Henry, R. Bauman, I. Stezenko, J. Treichler Rickert, C. Weikel, S. Herbert, D. Houck, C. Smith. THIRD T, Thompkins. ROW.' M. J. Breyer, S. Ferkins, D. Kulp, M. Bowlin, M. L. 73 ! l 2 E elif Q si., , , I . ,5 l I is i FIRST ROW: M. Bittenbender, S. Adams, D. Brown, ger, W. Conway. FOURTH ROW.' S. Bauman, S. de E. Brensinger, B. Brand, B. Bauman, B. Diehl. SEC- Angeli, B. Breiner, C. Blevins, J. Batzel, P. Dirsa, D. OND ROW: C. Brown, S. Bardman, P. Carmean, L. Dornsife, E. Divornak. FIFTH ROW: J. Bardman, O. Baus, S. Conrad, S. Buzby, P. Clark, D. Benner. Ballew, D. Cathers, J. Batzel, H. Carmean, E. Car- THIRD ROW: B. Brensinger, F. Breyer, T. Bardman, mean, G. Cleaver, B. Beard. J. Bolden, E. Cressman, W. Bartholomew, C. Brensin- FIRST ROW: K. Godshall, R. Gery, B. Heirnbach, K. Hert- Heimbach, K. Jacobs, M. Gery. FOURTH ROW.' S. Fran- zel, P. Gaskill, S. Hersh, W. Hewett, D. Greiss. SECOND cella, V. Ferketich, J. Flick, K. Geunes, S. Frederick, D. ROW: G. Gery, S. Henry, C. Greiss, Friedman, R. Jett, Hegentrager, M. Elright. FIFTH ROW: R. Green, R. Endy, Hillegass, L. Hinkle, D. Fredericks. THIRD ROW.' G. R. Grubb, H. Fisher, G. Gilbert, M. Germes, J. Fiorito, D. Hoffman, G. Fox, C. Gronert, S. Hess, J. Hunsberger, M. Fegley. 74 FIRST ROPV: M. Moyer, S. Masemore, R. Meitzler,,L. Moyer, B. Long, B. Nace, M. Mamatuck. SECOND ROW. E. Moskalenko, C. O,Connor, S. Mack, K. Mack, B. Mensch, F. May, R. Moyer, R. Onicenkto. THIRD ROW: P. Lu ber, D. Northnagel, M. Moll, R. Morris, W. Kramer, R. Kahler, G. Moser, M. Oberholtzer. FOURTH ROW.' L Miller, J. Marks, K. Kriebel, K. Kacicek, D. Mensch, D Kolb, M. Kuhns, S. Kidd. FIFTH ROW: G. Kline, P Lesher, B. Leatherman, L. Kulp, R. Kulp, I. Luszczynaki, G Kratzer. FIRST ROW: M. Peart, A. Schmoyer, G. Schiery, S. Roush B. Renninger, E. Sell, K. Schott. SECOND ROW: N. Reck B. Smith, D. Pursel, S. Reinhard, B. Reinwald, R. Slonaker, M. Scholl, K. Sadorf. THIRD ROW: H. Remick, R Schultz, L. Rothenberger, N. Schmoyer, T. Schofer, R. Sae- ger, D. Renn, K. Sadorf. FOURTH ROW: C. Rickert, T Renninger, C. Piepszowski, H. Smeltz, L. Slack, G. Schultz E. Schellenberger, Peterson. FIFTH ROW.' D. Shelly, C Schultz, K. Schwenk, W. Reichert, M. Phillips, J. Slack, D Rothermel, R. Schoenly, .Ag 1 Rm. 105 FIRST ROW: B. Styer, B. Trumbauer, M. Weid- Stauffer, A. Stofiiet, S. Solt, D. Thomas, M. Troxel ner, R. Stevens, B. Trexler, B. Smith. SECOND ROW.' D. FOURTH ROW: D. Smoll, W. Weikel, B. Stoneback, R Underwood, J. Smith, J. Walter, F. Stauffer, B. Stitt, R. Whitcomb,J'.Wetzc1, D. Wolf, T. Smith. Young, F. Zwoyer. THIRD ROW: P. Zgura., L. Swartz, A. 76 lv. ,i 5 W. .M , . .. 201 FIRST ROW: C. Bonenberger, R. Dierolf, L. Bender, B. Bauman, B. Beard, E. Crotzer, J. Baver, F. Bartholomew. SECOND ROW: L. Culhane, L. Barndt, R. Breyer, L. Dawson, D. Brinkman, D. Ben- ner, D. Crossley, D. Berghola. THIRD ROW: B. Boyer, H. Boyer, P. Brensinger. FOURTH ROW: J nolinger, P. Bauman, S. Covington. FIFTH ROW F. Berghola, R. Boyer, C. Dierolf, M. Bowlin, G Bower, M. Brendlinger, B. Buttcrweck. Connell, J. Bossert, L. Buck, M. Bartholomew, A. 202 FIRST ROPV: R. Hinton, C. Hillegass, R. Hunsberger, J. Hatter, R. Faust, K. Eppler, R. Ferketich. SECOND ROW: B. Gery, R. Huber, D. Duka, D. Haas, A. Goclshall, D. Hoffman, D. Haas. THIRD ROW: N. Fry, D. Houser, S. Haus, J. Frankcnficld, F. Gruber, S. Geisinger, S. Hoffman, FOURTH ROW: D. Geisinger, A. Heacock, R. Gehman, C. Hughes, L. Fox, A. Hunsbergcr, L. Hilbert. FIFTH ROW: C. Hagenbuch, C. Ebright, C. Haney, C. Hill, R. Fegley, P. Eschbach, B. Fretz. A Beswick, G. Brinkman, G. Dierolf, W. Bernd, K. Bre- Rm. 203 FIRST ROW: J. Mensch, B. Moyer, P. Medvetz, Keck, R. McNa.ughton. FOURTH ROW: M. Kleinbach, A. V. Moll, J. Jett, M. Kulp, D. Meitzler, P. Kolb. SECOND Moyer, M. Meyers, K. Kramer, R. Lagler, G. Jones, P. Kline, ROW: M. Kulp, E. Moser, P. Miller, S. Litzenberger, L. FIFTH ROW: S. Moser, D. Nace, K. Landis, D. Kriebel, R. Nicholas, A. Mutter, D. Koons, R. Jabs. THIRD ROW: F. Mest, D. Nace, M. Kulp, R. Lechner. Moyer, R. MacAlpine, D. Nace, R. Miller, G. Miller, B. Rm. 204 FIRST ROW: R. Schantz, W. Schoenagel, G. Rohrbach, A. Roeder, D. Plum, D. Piccirilli, D. Pursel, M. Reigner, M. Rensin, D. Schmoyer, T. Sanders, R. Schmoyer, Oelschlager. FOURTH ROW: A. Schultz, L. Schaffer, D. R. Russel. SECOND ROW: C. Roth, B. Schlupp, B. Shoe- Reigner, F. Reed, H. Renninger, T. Ruth. beck, C. Rhodes, E. Peterson, D. Renn. THIRD ROW: T. 78 Rm. 206 FIRST ROW: D. Seasholtz, L. Smeltz, B. D. Thomas, B. Smith, B. A. Thomas, S. Young, C. Walter, C. Walter. SECOND ROW: J. Stauffer, C. Trumbauer, C. Solt, M. Xander, R. Walker, M. Weaver, M. Younger, L. Wieand. THIRD ROW: J. Smith, C. Zumbach, D. Stauffer, l M. Tercha, S. Sell, J. Stock, J. Stoudt, W. Thomas. FOURTH ROW: C. Urffer, H. Tonkonah, J. Wade, D. Weldner, S. Stottlemire, A. Stauffer, D. Wagner, J. Shupe. FIFTH ROW: M. Styer, R. Yocum, J. Zepp, A. Snyder, S. Stizenko, D. Way, W. Swenson, K. Shenberger. 79 ATI II l'TIf'P ll i i Up the court, Down the court, Go! Go! Go! Is anyone going No! No! No! to beat us? 81 FIRST ROW' D. Novicki, L. Mack, F. Schwenk, D. Kleinbach B. Schantz, K. Weiss, R. Bowlin, S. Szegda, S. Graber, G. Du lin, D. Bauer, D. Schott. SECOND ROW' H. Kulp, J. DeLong G. Hafler, C. Hallman, G. Gebert, B. Ferketich, E. Schaffer, H Genowa, D. Hunsbergcr, R. DeLong, D. Karver. THIRD ROW: R. Weidner, J. Shupe, Bowlin, S. Wehr, R. Weikel, T. Henry, W. Long, W. Peart, R. Mohler, D. Hillegass, L. Melcher. 7 a ' ' ' 0 9 o FOURTH ROW' B. Marks, K. Kleinbach, B. Fox, Nace, D. Mensch, M. Rickert, R. Engle, C. Graber, S. Reeder, M. Bauer N. Nunsberger, R. Hand. FIFTH ROW: R. Kahler, P. Reigner, P. Hoffman, Cleaver, W. Gebert, D. Kile, R. Butterweck, E Jett, L. Shofer, R. Rodenberger, L. Balew, Roth. TOP ROW' Coaches, P. Jones, Olson, W. Schmidt, W. Keeny, M. Duka R. Werkheiser, B. Slemmer. ROW 1: Mr. Jones, Mr. Keeny, Mr. Slemmer. ROW 2: Mr. Werkheiser, Mr. Duka, Mr. Schmidt, Mr. Olson. s Returning from a championship season to do better than the previous gridiron team is an extra-difficult task. Although failing to fulfill pre- season supremacy predictions, Coach William Keenyis fighting Indians accomplished their third straight winning season, compiling a respectable 9-2 overall log. Among these outstanding pigskin performers on the squad to appear on the Bux Mont all-league first team were: Seniors Stan Graber, Denny Kleinbach, Kurt Weiss, Fran Schwenk, and Steve Szegda. Second Team and honorable men- tion included Keith Kleinbach, Dennis Hunsber- ger, Dale Novicki, Warren Long, Larry Mack, Dave Schott, Greg Gebert, and Rich Weikel. A salute to the players and coaches for another tremendous season of football thrills, providing the greatest enthusiasm ever for an Upper Per- kiomen team. 82 Upper Perk,s tacklers bringing them down - good and hard! UPPER PERK RANKS THIRD IN BUXMONT GGMPETITION F ifty-six boys had their hopes high in preparing for the Hrst scholastic battle with Boyertown on Sep- tember 19th. The non-league contest provided many pre-season thrills in producing a well-earned Upper Perkiomen 18-7 victory. Senior Fran Schwenk received major glory, gaining 122 yards, and scoring one touchdown. Bux-Mont league activity began a week later, Upper Perk having to fight hard to secure a 25-0 win at Upper Moreland. Stan Graber fired two touchdown throws to Greg Gebert, one for 55 yards, while Kurt Weiss and Galen Dulin handled the ground game scoring. Early heartbreak came the ensuing weekend when, after leading for three periods by a touchdown, the Indians suffered a final quarter let-down, losing in a valiant struggle to Pennridge, 19-6. Schwenk managed the only touchdown of the game for Up- per Perk, and Danny I-Iunsberger displayed fine tal- ents at his ofensive safety position in a losing cause. 83 Central Bucks was victim of an Upper Perk resur- geance, 33-12. Junior halfback Tom Henry under the lights, gaining 135 yards and scoring once. Stan Graber threw three of his league-record 17 touch- down passes, two to favorite target Denny Klein- bach, while defensive ace Steve Szegda sparked the secondary. Three games of power followed, the Keenymen keeping themselves in the race with a few easy vic- tories. Stan Graber, displaying his greatest efforts of a two year scholastic career at quarterback, con- nected for three more touchdowns and scored one himself, leading his team to a 36-12 rout over Springfield. Bruce Schantz's running power, Denny Kleinbachis two touchdown receptions from Graber, and Stan's three passes and touchdown were all that was needed for a handy 46-14 trouncing of Hatboro. Finally, Wissahickon felt the brunt of the Indians attack, falling victim to a 33-O score. S A 3 M, ez Q 4- ab wig' Ni DY COUNTER CLOCKWISE I 5 Greg Gebert Larry Mack Den! nis Kleinbach Stan Graber. E Schaffer J. DeLong D. Huns berger H. Genowa C. Hallman H. Kulp D. Novicki. "af lljxagg gs I . L M352 - -J-Mr:.,.,. .Q 'N-A I Q i CLOCKWISE: K. Weiss, D. Schott, G. Hafler, D. Bauer, B. Ferketich, S. Szegda, R. DeLong F. Schwenk, G. Dulin, B. Schantz R. Bowlin. .,.... 4 X QQ. -Q. sean Q gi YQ S 6 lg . mx , . 3 e is ew K 1 5 211' AQ... , AA AJ .. .. we X ft 'fi Linz ' 2'k ' - Q I .,. g ymk m I t 2 . -H K V. LQ.. ' Nj S JH. ' - kL.,, 3 .,5g,f,,.,,3,1-ff. A... Wtw --QL sm, ...1f. I mf. .M Wt' t,Qgqi.i7s,fsi-,tri-,ssl w'5m.Mgt'Pn 2 MQ N im, X M W W M U, I , f .yi M lug A 1 wi ,H ffsv, A l.:,,ux4 'H.?:733HJ"' ifigm' 3 in lzafifff,--fizifwuigifmire ffeLftffqf11't?r-esrlraww MW mail asmam'fwgyiaitiFr1fffH'1ir.,, ,frgi-tfwemiif, 7 get www my .Ly an , ,wg is mnffifwlwi-::.tfQ ., .. pg atsffm'ffy1a1if9sffm1:sfwif--,ie sa rrrfmivgtrrmafr at . 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M., , .T T.. ,WX ,af QR-fx fm. I, it f-.fmfzw-,. as-y3::'.:SifsJw -1-use North Penn led at the half, but Rusty Engleis extra point conversion eventually decided an Upper Perk 20-14 victory. Fans at the important battle saw Bruce Schantz reach his peak running form of the season, while Kurt Weiss displayed all-league form on defense. The latter was lost for the remainder of the season because of an injury in this game, which could have been a decisive loss. Offensive guard Dave Schott threw a key block for Graber to score the winning touchdown that afternoon. For the first time since Bill Keeny has been at Upper Perkiomen, his understudies defeated rival Quakertown, 26-18. Schwenk and Schantz headed a torrid ground game, while Graber and Kleinbach handled the air ways. Finally, in the runner-up battle on Thanksgiving Day, the traditional trophy went to Souderton as the Red In- dians defeated the Blue and Gold, 27-12. Larry Mack was outstanding defensively for Upper Perk, and Denny Kleinbach gathered in his tenth touchdown pass of the season, with but a few seconds left in the game. This was the climax of another great year at Upper Per- kiomen High School in Varsity Football. Stan Graber went into Bux-Mont league record books for total season and career touchdown passes. And the game will go down in Upper Perk record books for being one of the greatest of all time, living in our hearts for years to come. ' .. 5326 Miifi .. Wiixf 1 ,igigfies W. K , ' f' , '22 ' 1. ,QE-F 86 AR ITY HOCKEY 1964 AN my aww' Q' A yawn X "Www we W .h ,Marv Wifi? new Www? WW mai if cf A' I at aww Egg ki 1 Q A gmt My 3, bw ff--'vs 9+ f www qgswtffylwfi I1-all-if ww wwmi i iiifwpivff 'aw is av-Hs, if if W A www f W ws w if wide aa 9' '53 ww Alai 5' m'g"5-,flat W W Qian , idwlf' if f MQW afffffx 'iii WW 3156 rw 9i agijf 'JF 'gi' Aw, amalgam if wa Jiwwww WM,f1Ww"Q, if iw rg 4' JW' Wah' '53, M W, if will 'SN ik .e x X iff. If 'i G ,f , -ffm , ww wwvaw- - fu ' ,.fl,,,if.w, .,,, ,i fm ii'-'fi'i:.f,W. . -iw, f:'."f..f.'r.,:f1 ,, Q f' L' f . " 'ffl' , , 'Q wgw3fw'w""v,' ,.. we .riff , -' ' 'gt' 4' i',',w1:,.-i ft -V-nf.-is-,'.15J.f14' :wget '.i:f':f,:, , A- :Mm M ,A V V i k-'55-i . A 'DL i' 7 'f - ,, f ' ' '-"Sinkffm-iqgi'z'Lixb 5 ff i2.lk'i1g 'W ' ,sz ' if ii, 1:4 if -f521'2'f-Wi --2 ff W :gif.:r.1"w' ' - I 'L' ' q-'f ' 1 , -, T K . i 6 Q' -5' ' , ,.. rg ' . 'D ' .. ' gi if , ,, - fi ' mq f. - ' , . 4, V fe if , fn ,' li i i' . - .. Y if RTS: , ' N , i i ' ' i- , up. ---, 1 ' , " 1- v,. f ,,. . Q ' J--Si elf. . .- ' 1 FI.,-v.' - ' " f ":: -- , ,q.v,',.f- 1,-,,,,,,H. 1 My 4 ,. i, -,gm ,,.,,,-. , , , wr, ,' M ....g,i4,,.,t,,,,f1'. .M-W 1- A 7, - """ ". 5 .. "fb W ,'5i1"f5IK MCQSV' K? gl"35Q5"-V - ,F H ' Y, 5 '?F- 'Ex "fun 'ea ' ' . -,pg "V H , uf--QS' 'L ?'4?"6f,f'f'bW-9'L"'i V- A - -., . Q. .Q , hr, 7 ,--Y, A .. .-is f 1. 1.f.'riagi,. f if-5-.ww f 7 ' is - ,Q-2-sei ff-f f. e w., in--aim--,f"'i!wi L iz ' 'Of-yr, My ,mm I 1. ' ,f if--:':' "ww Lili! its. nfl?-',f:'L:m iarzzi Ll mfr-k5fif? ,bz"' i'iiwf2f"2 rfJ-:1:J,if1':'f'via-'if,"' 'rf.1,-".'i '- ,, J.f,,y".f31'gK v5gVf:,A wg. w. ,ap-'fvj-'gi 5, F fgw, ', ,yi,i.::.if,IwVflfCQg,.y5 ?fg,,gn4gfmgi,.,,a,.giQ.igh.i,iiM33mggikA53 K K K - . ' - - - .. Q. - fe' 1 a vi, , ,. c. i 'Xi I - - f W. T-gh..--J 4 1 A, -' 'W . b if: M, -- , -..,x'?1fg ,A-w.,1fQ.,-ge 1-1, - , f . , , V V- V . , "" ' fz4" "5'15E5i f' 'f wriqrifw A ' " 'H ' 'gf-iii' .V '-VW v ar y -A 5 ff' 25753-' af? ,, P' fl- ' if' I -'f .gl -wlagfl ,, .. Mi, fn' 1 ,ia-: :. ' A . , f' f -fr: f'-'f wi-if ,ff ' ' - ' T --" Jszam Way E -::..fzf:--'-:Q ,is we , r ims: :L-Seam.- :--fgfv ' .-ggi,--5,, Lf ggfe -' " ' " ff iq .fy 15 3:iv. .v, J., ,Zj:.l?h,k l K W will ' l'-W W ff ,fmix V w!-A 4 if .. , at y W .iw-f. ww, .. , V ,, ., Q fi liw vi. .. - gif: 1- -- 3 ' -' M, ,,.. , zl, H L In , After an inspiring week at hockey camp, the girls re- turned home looking forward to a successful season. Al- though the season was not as successful as the girls had hoped it might be, both the coaches and the players agreed it was the best as far as teamwork was concerned. Their hard work, sportsmanship, determination, and teamwork "doubled their victories and halved their de- feats." 87 Etta Sue Steinman Jane Graber Gail Meyers Margaret Troxel Upper Perk's hockey team opened the season September tenth in their first league game at Boyertown. After a shaky beginning, the Squaws settled down and dominated the 'rest of the game winning it 2-1. Sharon Miller scored in the first half and then pushed the winning goal across in the second half. The girlsfsecond win came in another non-league game at the expense of Em- maus. Completely dominating the game, the Squaws came out on top with a 6-0 score. Renee Gendebein scored-eaflyffin the opening period, and goals were clicked off down the line by Susie Mensch, Diane Hallman, and Sharon Miller by the end of the half. Sharon Miller and Jane Baver, our center half- back, tallied in the second half complet- ing the score. Upper Perkis first Bux-Mont encounter resulted in a 1-0 loss to Hatboro. Al- though the squad improved throughout the game and dominated the second half, they were unable to overcome the Carly goal the Hatters had acquired. The hockey teamis next Bux-Mont en- counter was North Penn. Susie Mensch, our left inner, scored the first goal of the game. But the North Penn lasses re- bounded from the setback to tie the game before the first half had ended. Both teams came back with renewed en- ergy and spirit in the second half De- spite the valiant efforts of our defense and offense, North Penn managed to push another goal, winning the game 2- 1. The girls then traveled to Upper More- land to play a game that had been post- poned three times. The team played an excellent game against the "Bearettes," who hold first place in the league stand- ings, although they lost 2-1. Rene Gendebein Linda Keyser jane Baver 88 The Squaws, next defeat came at Pennridge. The girls held the Rams scoreless during the first half despite their many threats. Pennridge redoubled their attack in the second half to win the game 2-0. On October 15th the girls' hockey team played hostess to Wisshickon. Sharon Miller scored the first goal of the game for Upper Perk. Wissahickon was not to be dauntedg they came back fighting to tally two goals for their side. In about the last ten seconds, our sparky, little center forward, scored on a drive from Jane Baver to tie and end the game at 2-2. The Squaws' next game took them to Quakertown. Neither team was able to score in the Hrst half, although there were many opportunities to do so. After a few strategic changes, the Upper Perk girls came back in the second half to score two goals. The goals were scored by Linda Keyser on set-ups across the cage by Jane Baver. Upper Perk won the game 2-0. The girls' next competition was Central Bucks. Diane Hallman scored the first goal in the game on a determined rush by the forward line. Central Bucks at- tacked with renewed strength and tallied two goals by the end of the first half Although the Squaws tried hard, they were unable to overcome Central Buck's lead. The score by the end of the game remained 2-1. The hockey team met their last oppo- nent at Souderton. Both teams held each other scoreless throughout the first half of the game. Souderton managed to tally one goal during the second half. The Squaws had several chances to score but failed. The game ended in Souderton's favor 1-0. UP L uf' " VARSITY HDCKEY Varsity Hockey: ROW 1: Co-Captains L. Keyser, J. Baver, R. Gendebein. ROW 2: D. Hallman, R. Ge bert, D. Moll, L. Eschbach, G. Meyers, Graber, B. Johnson, E. Steinman, B. Heil, S. Miller, M. Troxel, S. Mensch, B. Yoder, D. Seasholtz. 89 . 3. , K .M . 2 5 is 1 X 4 5 , K t ..f- 1 I 3 f 6 ff all , . . , A - ' UP ' UP K Q.- 3.1 P , BM U W 09 . xi J 4: .Z ,t J.V. Hockey: ROW 1: S. Schmoyer, S. Anderson, Roncace, B. Marks. ROW 2: M. Stoudt, L. Mohler, N. Owens, C. Reed, K. Kolb, B. Smith, M. Liederman, M. Stevens. ROW 3: E. Graber, j. McLean, P. Roth, D. Bernd, K. Hamm, B. Dvorak, L. Brode, F. O'Connor, V. Stottlemire. Managers, SEATED: M, Miller, C. Bit- ting. STANDING: L. Meyers, B. Ro- meike, S. Odomski. 90 Coaches: Mrs. Utz, Mrs. Bishop Big Keith adds a pair. Stan Graber Upper Perk, by edging tough Bux-Mont foe Springfield, 65-62, clinched a title tie. Stan Graber tallied 28 in the thriller. An easy 71- 41 rout of Souderton in the last scheduled game accounted for the first Bux-Mont League Championship for UP in our school's history. On went the Braves into Class A District One PIAA playoffs. Upper Dublin felt the eHiects of the Indians, strength at Cheltenham, 62-52, as each of the "Big Fiven hit double figures. A superior second half accounted for a free ticket to Yardley and advancement in the playoffs. Rusty Engle swished a pressure-jump shot with three seconds to go, giving Upper Perk an almost unbelievable 48-46 upset victory over Springfield of Delaware County. Again four of the starting Hve hit over 10 points, thus earning the right to play in District semi-finals at the University of Pennsylvania Palestra. The dream ended when a talented Chester ball club defeated UP, 70-50, despite stunning efforts by Denny Kleinbach. But the thrill of the memorable year will live forever in the hearts of those who wit- nessed it. DCHHY K1CiIlb2Ch Dwayne Wilson Ron Godshall ,n-nu1- ,ai-,:,,,f-fe .tr -1 at -M- One may look with pride on this year's primarily - sophomore junior Varsity squad, amazingly number- ing seventeen-strong. Coach Mike Duka groomed the Jayvees through a winning season, in hopes of pro- viding experience to prepare them for their future seasons on Varsity. This was a schedule of thrills, with a majority of victories coming to the junior tribe. Winning their first four games, and eight of their first eleven, Upper Perk appeared headed for the topl Bill Gebert, Steve Reeder, Pete Reigner, jim Nace, and Bruce Marks led the high scoring attack, with Rich Butterweck, Mike Rickert, and John Bal- mer all coming on in the late stages. These promis- ing sophomores met some rough going in the latter part of the season, but still finished with well over half their games as victories. Big wins over Quakertown, Central Bucks, and Souderton made up for one-and-two-point losses to North Penn and Springfield. However, the spirited play of these understudies gives our future classes high hopes of many more successful seasons in the Varsity ranks. Letls go Denny! jump it up! ROW I: K. Gabel, R. Remick, M. Rickert, B. Marks. ROW 2: B. Bitting, D. Urffer, B. Fox, Balmer A. Stoneback, R. Kahler. 92 The final league victory led Upper Perk to the Palestra via Upper Dublin and Springfield Delaware County. Following a 62-46 loss at the hands of Boyertown in a non-league contest, Upper Perk triumphed in four straight games. High-light of the series was a 42-38 overtime win over strong Upper Morland, Denny Kleinbach scoring 16 points. Rusty Engle tallied 24 in an easy Hatboro rout. North Penn edged the Braves 63-57, but Upper Perk bounced back with two more key victories, and overtime contest at Wissahickon, 42-40, and a 49-43 win over Pennridge. Stan Graber starred in both battles. Springfield cut the streak by edging the Warriors, 65-61 at home. Six straight victories boosted the morale and the team into first place. The Upper Moreland and North Penn games will be remembered for years, Stan Graber leading the tribe at Upper Moreland with 17 points, and Rusty Engle scoring a season high, 25 against the Knights. Denny Kleinbach hit for 20, almost reaching his best of 22 achieved earlier against Quakertown. Pennridge upset the Blue-and-Gold the following week, despite the 15-point efforts of big Keith Kleinbach. However, it wasn't enough to con- clusively mar the record of the Indians, as they went on to finish the season like champions. Four seniors bow out of a memorable career follow- ing this banner year, while the majority will return next year to try and match these enviable efforts. But whatever occurs in the future, the mind will al- ways reflect to the past to the miraculous work of Steve Ruby, and to the fabulous performance of Upper Perk in the 1964-65 season. WEQRE MANAGERS: D. Christman, D. Leister. ON TGP! E. Krause, R. Kolb, C. Schuster 93 KNEELING: S. Graber, D. Kleinbach. ROW 2: R. Butterweck, Young, R. Moyer, Roth, S, Reeder. ROW 3: D. Wilson, B. Gebert, R. Engle, K. Kleinbach, R. Godshall. Never in the history of Upper Perkiomen High School has anyone seen a more exciting or more successful basketball squad, as this year's club mod- eled by second-year coach Steve Ruby. On the night of February 19, when the Indians trounced Souderton, 71-41, Upper Perk was crowned "Bux- Mont Champions of 1965." With the aid of Mike Duka, Coach Ruby performed the impossible in the span of two short seasons, restoring the enthusiasm of this once-dead sport at UPHS. It was a tremen- dous season for senior co-captains Denny Kleinbach and Stan Graber, plus juniors Rusty Engle, Keith Kleinbach, and Jim Young, and the rest of this top squad. Congratulations on their outstanding achieve- ments, including representing the league in the PIAA State Championship Playoffs. to Upper Perk. after victory. Left: Coach Steve Ruby, whose careful guidance brought a first championship Right: Coach Mike Duka, teaching the junior varsity and X helping the Varsity to victory 94' GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL heartbreakers. The The Upper Perkiomen Indians supplied their fol- d h'lls, but few Wissahickon. lowers with a season of thrills an c 1 The team's coach, Mrs. Bishop, is to be congratu satisf in memories in the winning column. Finish- lated for the fine attitude, play, and excellent sports- Y 8 ing with a 3-5 record, the girls topped Quakertown Central Bucks, and North Penn. They fell to Soud- manship displayed by the team throughout the sea erton, Hatboro, and Upper Moreland by one point and to Pennridge by two points, in last minute , son. The junior Varsity under the guiding hand of Mrs. Utz had a slightly more en- couraging season of 4-4. Their determination and good sportsmanship as JV play- ers this year are bound to lead them onward and upward to victory as varsity players next year. 95 JU 10151 VARSITY ROW 1: Baver, D. Hallman, C. Reed, NR, Gebert. ROW 2: M. Liester, D. Sea- sholtz, S. Leister, G. Benner. ROW 3: L. Schmeltzle, D. Reinhard, E. Graber, W. Tonkonah, M. Hennig, B. Heil, L. Brode, H. Gebert. Coach AR ITY ROW 1: S. Mensch, Co-Capt., L. Keyser Co-Capt., J Graber, M. Miller. ROW 2 Coach A. S. Bishop, P. Stoudt, L. Hersh E. Steinman, Boehner. Annette Bishop Managers Linda Benner and Sandy Heimbach Hazel Gebert E IOR Jane Baver Marianne Miller Etta Steinman F Gail Benner Monika Hennig Marilyn Leister u" Linda Hersh jane Graber Linda Keyser 97 Team Captain: Varsity Baseball, FIRST ROW: G. Hafler, D. Schwenk, D. Kleinbach, K. Kleinbach, S. Graber, S. Wehr, L Hunsberger, S. Reeder, B. DeLong, B. Ferketich, T. Hallman, R. Leister. Missing - D. Bauer. Butterweck, M. Bauer. 2nd ROW' Coach Keeny, B. Schantz, F. AR ITY BA EBALL Optimism was possibly the greatest it has ever been for Upper Perk baseball this season. Coach Bill Keeny and assistant Walter Schmidt sensed greater ability than ever on this 1965 squad. Most of the "Big Bats" returned from a pretty aver- age 1964 season. Among them are senior infielders Stan Graber, Denny Kleinbach and Doug Bauer, and outfielder Denny Hunsberger. All-purpose pitcher- Helder Bruce Schantz, with Larry Leister, Bob De- Long, and Gar Hafler also returned for their last and hopefully best, term. Juniors Keith Kleinbach and Scott Wehr would sup- ply needed power, while former Jayvee hopefuls Steve Reeder, Fran Schwenk, Tom Hallman, and Marty Bauer expected to see action. Therefore there was good reason to expect a spirited battle to the top of the Bux-Mont race. At least it was apparent that there was sure to be improvement in every department with determination so high in pre-season drills. Coach William Keeny 98 Stanford Graber Bruce Schantz Gar Haficr Doug Bauer Bob DeLong DCIHUS HUHSbCI'gCI' Dennis Kleinbach Larry Leister 99 2 ,fer ggi? R , F m e '-:L If gms 1 , ,K B, 3 v iii. X F Q rut ' :armies N s, 'Qi Q ,X PQ ! : -551 L iii z iv ge 3' H 7 L We S .. 2., viifsxr X235 233. 2 .,,, 5336 : 7 ,,- 1 ::- L gn. N S 5 2, s , '73 " 5 M 'Ri , 'gm 5 1 :1Q :.... , ag . if H76 A .1 3 gn- T S 'Tri K f i mai: 'gsm 1 . QW 22' ':-. . 's f -f 4 . K 33 Z A E ,5 K in 5 Q, ff aux. s 4 fs ! I : S , ig f H lf' W g 2, 2 fi W fi ww as gi: QI : JE 5193 ! x fh f s z S 5 l x 5 25 2 Q s SE Q : .--. Fei X 5 ein , ,Fi 5 H 5 Z Q , 5 xl ! ,E :K ' X 3 In K I Ss Q K s S s. a if 5 Q Z3 ' ma., E N gf 5 5 52: 3- 5 5 ,z t m xw if 5 ::f?i:f-:PQEE3 lst M. Zgura, B. Wahl, W. Peart, R. Minner. 2nd ROW? in, D. Mensch. 4th ROW: D. Novicki, G. Bockius, H. Weber, W. Fichter, R. Brand, E. Swierzewski, D. Hoffman, L. Ballew. Metz, R. Weikel, Cleaver, D. Christman. 3rd ROW? D. Karver, R. Brand, L. Melcher, Genowa, J. Bowl- TRACK A D FIELD This year's track team was decidedly outclassed by the majority of their Bux-Mont opponents. But referring back to practice efforts and spirit, the In- dians were never outfought. Coaches Steve Ruby and joseph Procak definitely made a little go far this year. Successful competitors bowing in their senior year in- cluded half-miler Jim Metz, hurdler Larry Mack, and sprinter Ed Swierzewski. Bob Brand at the pole vault and shot-put man Dale Novicki similarly end- ed their careers. Seniors participating in their scho- lastic years were Kurt Weiss, Galen Dulin, Barry Mensch, Fran Schwenk, Willard Fichter, Greg Ge- bert, Steve Szegda, and Henry Genowa. The coaches will work on the underclassmen more this year than ever before. Bright prospects include Rich Weikel in the javelin, Rich Brand in the pole vault, and Ralph Roberts in the distance run. Wins may have been scarce, but pride is instilled in every participant who represented Upper Perk in each meet. 101 James Metz -1, . -v ' N. vw . Ed Swierzewski Barry Mensch Dale Novicki Larry Mack i , Robert Brand Steve Szedga Jim Derr, Glenn Gilbert. 102 OFTB LL C 7 f Sandra Trumbauer Jane Baver Etta Stemman Marianne Miller Linda Keyser Carol Bringhurst 103 RETURNING LETTERMEN: J. Baver, S. Miller, M. Miller, P. Stoudt, L. Key- ser, S. Mensch. COACH ligil gii iiiilii iif l' if gill 5? EE 23 5 . . ings S ' a g, V ,. L,-f1 . H. ' 1? zu . . ig. 52255. lil is 352 sgggia, 5? 2 isle if .35 in f 25? 325 sill E. iw 35. .E EE E 33 lgil E' ,'-QWMKTS' '. .. K w-rif'2."'QfiH55.JL Jah:-.':., "55'f:C'?-1 .rm W .. Q5 K.. 5 wh .. K . .,,...s.v,., Mrs. Utz 104 SOFTBALL TEAM: ROW 1: Baver, D. Hallman, D. Seasholtz, K. Badman, P. Longacre. ROW 2: L. Keyser, D. Marks, S. Miller, C. Bringhurst, S. Leist- er, S. Mensch. ROW 3: L. Brode, P. Stoudt, E. Graber, Boehner, M. Mil- ler, B. Heil. K,v i l . yr. rf .L " ' , W, , .ez .. , , 5 .. me N ...V ' . 'c . '55, -f-f is 1- H, , if'Qfii??'.,,1Qs:ecL45, -uf? -.5 ' mewxfiaiki ' .4 - .azswilgtitfiasmiih- 'mt'ati'1z2Y:e?3w?',-Ami".f1's73fW?4iifYf':i55Z?lE ' V K . f r Wifi-fbavxf, , ,5.f'5 iJf?fi?f ?K i T " '4 ' . V' Q- a at . .. ,f by 1- 3 zgwg. A - ' f"' ' , A. U, -W ' .. e.z.f- s w'w.wfa.fa:q ,I Q W ,. r, iff f 4 3.- ,.. " 5 fafilga, ,SM M, 'Wm m ff rf.. :fp -'gg -Pigz.:n+igff'w.iS:..f"' . 4 1 'tn-W ,ff W W ., I y W N . f mm' CC QFTBALL IN ACTIO U , fa .f s Savill , y Under the guidance of their capable coach, Mrs. Utz, the girls are looking forward to a fairly successful season this year. Although they can- not better last years record by much, they will strive to equal it. The six returning lettermen: Sharon Miller, Peggy Stoudt, Susie Mensch, jane Baver, Linda Keyser, and Marianne Miller, who played intricate parts in achieving the tri-championship last year, will serve as the nucleus for this year's team. We congratulate the team on last year's successful season and hope that this year,s will be just as rewarding. 105 Af'TIXIITII'C ,., "Boast not of what Thou would'st have Butdo whatthen Thou woukfmf, -John h4Hton done Student Council Oflicers: F. Schwenk - Captain of Monitors, K. Weiss - Vice President, S. Sie mel - President, M. Genszler - Secretary, R. Kolb - Treasurer. Progress has been the keynote of this yearls active Student Council. Under the able guidance of its President, Sasha Siemel, and its sponsor, Mr. Don- ald Hagenauer, they have undertaken and success- fully completed several projects of value to the stu- dent body. The Council sparked the school's social calendar by sponsoring a spring dance as well as several dances after home basketball games. The Christmas spirit stimulated by their "Decorate Your Doorw contest brightened the corridors during the holidays. These capable school leaders planned various excellent as- semblies. School jackets, sweatshirts, bookcovers and decals were sold by this ambitious group. The student body extends its sincere gratitude to these hard-working leaders. ROW I: Mr. Amer, F. Schwenk, K. Weiss, S. Siemel, M. ROW 3: D. Renninger, R. Gendebien, Metz, H. Ballew, T. Genszler, R. Kolb, Mr. Hagenauer. ROW 2: B. Yoder, S. Miller, Henry, P. Styer, L. Brode, D. Fink, C. Krause. M. Liederman, G. Stoudt, C. Schuster, M. Mohler, M. Shaner. 108 Walum Olum Editors: ROW 1: fSeatedj S. Seimel, K. Weiss, S. Schantz, F. Liebensperger, R. Kolb. ROW 2: fStandingj L. Schwoyer, Metz, M. Taraskas, Baver. In the last months of our junior year, the editors of From September to April the entire staff, advised the 1965 Walum Olum were chosen. Susie Schantz by Mr. Frederick Schlicher and Mr. Lou Foye Crep- took on the formidable task of Editor-in-Chief, aid- resentative of the American Yearbook Companyf, ed by ihC other editors: Floss LCHUCHSPCFSCY, Liter' worked to compile this history of the class of 1965. aryg Sasha Siemel, Lay-outg Kathy Weiss, Artg The staff sincerely hopes that their efforts will make MHFY Martin, TYPiUg5 Linda SChW0YCl' and M-QTY it possible for each class member to recall many ADH Taraskas, Ph0t0gfaPhY5 Jane B-HVCF, Girls, happy memories of his high school years through- Sportsg Ronald Kolb, Boys' Sports. Jim lvletz be- out his life, came the financial wizard of this enterprise. Walum Olum Staff: ROW 1: j. Metz, K. Weiss, L, Schwoyer, F. wood, C. Courtwright, M. Miller. ROW 3' C. Meyers, V. Pirnik, Leibensperger, s. schamz, s. siemex, J. Baver, M. Martin, R. M. Taraskas, A- Walkenj. Lake, P- Swer, S. Trumbore, L- Ben- Kolb. ROW 2: C. Bitting, L. Ackerman, L. LaFollette, N. West- nel'- 109 1 Editors, KSEA TEDQ M. Taraskas, V. Pirnik, A. Walker,J. Baver, K. Rehak. KSTANDINGQ LI. Landis, Graber, P. Styer, D. Moser. QMissing from picturej S. Graber, M. Weiss. The Perk-O-Lator staff, with the aid of their advi- sor, Mrs. Alice Tarone, published monthly issues for the student body, enabling them to keep in- formed of major developments at Upper Perk dur- ing the school year. Along with editorials and news and sports articles, readers enjoyed original features, such as "Poor Perky's Almanacf' "Coming Events," "Dear Prudencef, and the "Alumni Column." The staff ably headed by Ann Walker as Editor-in- Chief, included Vicki Pirnik, News Editor, Jim Landis and Jane Graber, Feature Co-editors, Jane Baver, Girls' Sports Editorg Daniel Moser, Boys' Sports Editor, and many hard working reporters. ROW 1: E. Weiss, M. Taraskas, K. Rehak, Baver, A. Walker, J. Landis, P. Styer, V. Pirnik, Graber, D. Moser. ROW 2: E. Stock, S. Gaskill, P. Kolb, R. Renninger, M. Mohler, S. Mensch S. Albers, S. Minnich, M. Wetzel. ROW 3: M. Hacker, B. Ber- ger, D. Klinger, G. Benner, Crum, S. Ashman, K. Hartman, 1 B. Dvorak, L. Benner. ROW 4: M. Leister, N. Roberts, L. Shupe, P. Stevens, K. DeAngeli, N. Owens, G. Meyers, Ruth. ROW 5: K. Weiss, F. Schwenk, D. Kleinbach, R. Kolb, H. Geissinger, L. Mack, R. Weikel. 110 NHS Officers: L. Schwoyer - Sec., S. Schantz - Pres., R. Kolb - V. Pres., Graber - Treas. The members of the Upper Perkiomen Chapterof the National Honor Society have been diligently striving to maintain their standards of scholarship, leadership, character, and service throughout this year. They have undertaken the responsibility of helping to sponsor Monika Hennig, our Interna- tional Christian Youth Exchange foreign student, by their successful sale of football badges and mums for the Thanksgiving Day football game. The NHS also continued the policy of a tutoring system open to all students desiring educational aid. Under the guidance of Mr. Lawrence Nase and Mr. Frederick Schlicher, the 1964-1965 officers who led the student society were Susan Schantz, President, Ronald Kolb, Vice-President, Linda Schwoyer, Sec- retary, and jane Graber, Treasurer. At an impressive ceremony held on March 9, 1965, eleven new members were inducted into the society. SEATED: Mr. Lawrence Nase, Advisorg L. Schwoyer, S. Schantz, er, S. Mensch. ROW 3: R. Shuler, K. Hamm, P. Styer, D. Mos R. Kolb, Graber. ROW 2: S. Heimbach, G. Meyers, M. Mill- CF. 111 SENIOR CHEERLEADERS: STANDING: E. Steinman, L. Schwoyer, M. Genszler, H. Gebert. KNEELING: Graber, K. Weiss, C. Bitting. Our nine lively cheerleaders, dressed in their new blue and gold uniforms, cheered our successful basketball and football teams to their numerous victories this year. These hard-working girls instilled the imperative school spirit at the games, pep rallies, and at the Thanksgiving Bonfire. Under the guidance of Mrs. Utz and Captain Kathy Weiss, our cheerleaders introduced popular cheers and new chants, many of which were learned at the American Cheerleading Associa- tion camp they attended last summer. The Jayvee Cheerleaders also displayed vigor and spirit as they did much to boost the morale of the successful junior Varsity Basketball squad. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS: FIRST ROW? M. Genszler, C. Bitting, L. Schwoyer, D. Leister, K. Weiss, captain, H. Gebert, E. Steinman, E. Hagenbach, Graber. 112 C. Tercha, D. Renninger, L. Heffentrager, B. Marks, J. Rorxcace, R. Gebert, L. Herrmann, G. Stoudt. J.V. CHEERLEADER M0 ITOR ROW 1: S. Siemel, F. Schwenk, J. Metz. ROW 2: D. Marks, K. Styer, A. Walker, M. Genszler. ROW 4: K. Jett, L. Mack, G. Ge Weiss, S. Miller, L. Keyser, L. LaFollette, L. Roth. ROW 3: bert, S. Graber, R. Weikel, R. Kolb, G. Bockius. Graber, D. Hunsberger, D. Schott, B. Schantz, S. Moyer, P. 113 SR. MARCHIN G BAND TRUMPETS BLARE! This past year the U.P.H.S. band has been gaining recogni- tion performing at football games, marching in parades, and playing in concerts. Under Mr. Vincent Bercher's excellent supervision, the band gave superb performances at athletic contests. Halloween parades, a Mardi Gras parade, and a trip to the University of Pennsylvania are only a few of the extras in which our band participated. Upper Perk was represented in the Bux-Mont band by 14 musically talented students. The list includes Robin Renning- er, who honored the school by qualifying for the United States of America Band, Sandra Heimbach, Robert Fetter- man, Marvin O'Connor, Frank Ruth, Mary Hunsberger, Lin- da Koons, Ralph Roberts, Ronald Kolb, Harold Clemmer, Susan Mensch, Richard Brinckman, Homer Hagenbuch, and Robert Stongg 114- 5 ,,f,,,,, Robin Renninger, United States of America Band Kathy Rehak Bonnie Miller Ann Walker Cynthia Krause 2 2 2 Sandy Trumbauer Susie Schantz Peggy Hinton Carol Bauman Beverly Heimbach JoAnn Schultz Linda LaFollette Sandy Derr ,lime Fogel Ann Richard Gail Meyers 115 a a '4 Jeff Thomas 111 L vs-.,figl ff f"'5 Harold Clemmer Robin Renninger A 1 MaryAnn Moyer 5+ -Ja-as www Richard Brinkman Ronald Kolb Martin Kriebel Carl Essig john Batyski Ma.ryAnn Taraskas Linda Britton Fern Peterson Robert Fetterman 1 16 Mary Hunsberger Vicki Pirnik Claudia Lachman MAJORETTES: S. Schantz, C. Krause, P. Hinton, B. Miller, C. Lachman, C. Gilbert, V. Pimik, A Walker, S. Trumbauer, D. Marks, K. Rehak. COLOR GUARD: Fogel, P. Kolb, C. Bauman, S. Miller, B. Heimbach, Schultz, L. LaFollette, S. Derr, G. Meyers, A. Richard. 117 Band Ofiicers: R. Renninger, Vice-Presidentg C. Essig, Treasurerg R. Kolb, President, J. Schultz, Secretary. 'RWM 'W'M . ... , 13- , . ez 's QW r ir, -E: 11.3535 4 Mg. ROW 1: R. Renninger, M. O'Connor, R. Fetterman, H. Hagen- Ruth, G. Ebright, R. Roberts, M. Wetzel, R. Schuler. ,ROW 3. buch, L. Kuhns, S. Heimbach, L. Hinton, R. Brinkman, H. D. Morris, S. Mensch, R. Stong, D. Hoffman, C. Hamman. Clemmer. ROW 2: R. Kolb. W. Kyle, B. Green. P. Longacre, F. Mr. V. Bercher, Director. 118 .45 lt - 1 L ..- CONCERT CHOIR: FIRST ROW' C. Shewell, R. Gendebien C. Bauman, N. Roberts, S. Schantz, Ruth, L. LaFollette, M Martin, M. Wetzel, P. Mayer. SECOND ROW' M. Leister, S. Minnich, B. Johnson, B. Romeike, B. Yoder, E. Lutz, C. Meyers, J. Morris, C. Courtright, C. Custer, L. Koons. THIRD ROW' J 7 Crum, B. Heimbach, Schultz, S. Derr, L. Eichcl, M. Genzler, A. Walker, D. Krause, A. Weikel, D. McNaughton. FOURTH ROW' K. Schmoyer, D. Kulp, L. Mack, K. Hamm, E. Stock, E. Schultz, R, Stong, D. Moser, K. Brendlinger, M. Martin. CO CERT CHOIR Carol Bauman, Upper Perkiomen's representative Accompanists: Susan Schantz, Elaine Schultz. STANDING: Mrs. to District Chorus. jacdbs, Many Genszler. 119 Accompanists, SEA TED: Susie Schantz, Elaine Schultz. STANDING: Mrs. Jacobs, Mary Genszler. This year the chorus, under the competent direc- tion of Mrs. Nora Jacobs, proved to be a highly successful organization. The members of theSen- ior Chorus, Junior Chorus, Boys' Chorus, and the newly-formed Madrigal group united to make a success of both the Christmas Concert and the Spring Concert. The Concert Choir also performed at Christmas time in Philadelphia and in local churches during the Sunday morning services. E IOR HIGH CHORU . . 4 . A Senior High Chorus, FIRST ROW' M. Leister, S. Minnich, G. Flick, C. Shewell, C. Smith, K. Jarrett, C. Bauman, R. Gende- bien, C. Custer, N. Roberts, S. Schantz, Ruth, L. LaFollette, E. Schultz, M. Wetzel, D. White. SECOND ROW' C. Schuster, M. Martin, P. Way, M. Stevens, V. Stottlemire, S. Albers, B. Dresher, D. Marks, Baver, B. Romeike, C. Smith, D. Herbert, C. Rubinson, L. Frankeniield, Fogel, Steltz, E. Lutz, D. Krause, H. Gebert. THIRD ROW' A. Reeves, J. Crum, M. Frey, N. Westwood, G. Meyers, L. Koons, E. Stock, D. Metz, Sea- 120 sholtz, L. Eichel, B. Berger, B. Yoder, B. Johnson, L. Rauch, P. Mayer, L. Wahl, B. Fox, L. Benner. FOURTH ROW' B. Heim- bach, A. Althouse, Morris, S. Moll, C. Gilbert, K. Hamm, M Hcnnig, L. Harpel, G. Sullivan, D. Mensch, M. Berger, D Moyer, B. Goodman, Hoffman, M. L. Marks, K. Hartman, A.. Weikel, D. McNaughton. FIFTH ROW' S. Derr, Schultz, S Gaskill, T. Levengood, F. Leibensperger, K. Schmoyer, M. Martin R. Stong, D. Moser, L. Mack, D. Kulp, K. Brendlinger, R. Schuler C. Courtwright, M. Genszler. 9 7 1, .. MADRIGAL CHORUS FIRST ROW: S. Minnich, R. Gende- yer. THIRD Mrs. Jacobs, K. Hamm, F. Leibensperger,-'R bien, S. Schantz, M. Martin, N. Roberts. SECOND ROW: E. Romeike, M. Censzler, A. Walker. Stock, M. Leister, L. Eichel, C. Bauman, C. Courtright, P. Ma- M DRIGAL CHCRUS A new chorus, the Madrigal Chorus, was formed centuries, especially music from old England. Throughout the year, the Madrigal Chorus sang at this year at Upper Perkiomen. This group, consist- meetings of various civic organizations and at the ing of sixteen select voices, presented concerts fea- turing folk songs of the fifteenth and sixteenth annual Christmas and Spring concerts. JR. HIGH GHORU FHA Officers FRONT' B. Goodman, Second Vice Pres., G. Roe- der, First Vice Pres., B. Moser, Pres., L. Hosier, Sec. BACK: C. Rhoades, Vice Pres. fJr.Jg K Derr, Reporter, M. Stofflet, Sec. QJr.jg F. Peterson, Hist.g A. Stauffer, Pres. fJr.jg J. Moyer, Treasurer, L. Smeltz, Treas. CJr.j . FHA The FHA, founded at Upper Perk in 1947, has become a very active group. The club was run- ner-up in the Pennsylvania Young America's Menu Planning Contest. Their prize was an elec- trical appliance. For the second straight year they captured the Red Rose Award of fifty dol- lars. The Senior FHA chose as their president Betty Moser. Other ofiicers elected were Gloria Roeder, first vice president, Bertha Goodman, second vice president, Glenetta Hosier, secretary, Judy Moyer, treasurer, Fern Peterson, historian, and Kathy Derr, reporter. The Junior FHA officers, headed by President April Stauffer, were vice president Connie Rhoades, Secretary Arlene StofHet, and Treasurer Linda Smeltz. Gloria Roeder was nominated for vice president of the state FHA chapter. Fern Peterson received the highest possible state degree in Vocational I-lomemaking. She received a certificate and a pm. We hope that the FHA will continue its good work in the future. ... Stark - pan -., 3 . W Q- Q l ROW 1: D. Berner, K. Derr, D. Moyer, B. Goodman, G. Roedar, gler. ROW 3: Mrs. Yoder, L. Smeltz, M. Weidner, J. Fichter, B B. Moser, G. Hosier, F. Peterson. ROW 2: C. Frank, S. Higgins, Schwenk, M. Rensen, L. Windish, E. Sell, Miss Reinford. A. Stofflet, A. Stauffer, C. Rhoades, M. Berger, P. Zgura K. La- 122 FFA The Upper Perkiomen FFA Chapter had a very successful year. The department received a supe- rior rating from the Agricultural Division of the Pennsylvania Department of Public Instruction. Their exhibit took first prize at the Kutztown Fair and second place at the state contest. Here Abner Karver won the Holstein Grand Champi- onship of Pennsylvania. The chapter won top honors in the overall school competition, the nearest opponent lover. one hundred points be- hind. Also in this competition Gerald Harpel had the grand championship poultry exhibitg Jeff Treichler had the reserve champion poultry exhibit, Paul Yoachim won eleven ribbons and a reserve championship in swine competition, Ken Engleman won the Brown Swiss championship. Both Karver and Engleman won blue ribbons at the Southeastern Dairy Show in Hershey, qual- ifying for the state show in Harrisburg. In state competition both took blue ribbons in their classes, and Karver won the Pennsylvania Junior Grand Championship for Holsteins. His senior yearling Holstein qualified for All-American hon- ors. Abner Karver, Paul Yoachim and John Derr all received the Keystone Farmer Awards at the convention held in Harrisburg. We wish to congratulate the chapter on their fine record of achievements and we hope they will continue to 'be champions. The 1964-65 oflicers were: John Derr, presidentg Ray Bowlin, vice president, James Lesher, secre- taryg Jeff Treichler, treasurer, Paul Yoachim, re- porterg Donald Kriebel, chaplaing Andrew Hen- ry, sentinelg Barry Stofllet, parliamentarian, and Terry Stauffer, Historian. FFA OFFICERS: SEATED: P. Yoachim, Derr, R. Bowlin, Lesher. STANDING: T. Stauffer, B. Stofllet, A. Henry, D. Kreibel J. Treichler, A. Karver. 1 FFA FIRST ROW' R. Bowlin, D. Schwoyer, L. Renninger, 'ROW' A. Henry, K. Krauss, T. Stankunas, H. Weber, Bowlin, Derr, E. Schaeffer, A. Karver, P. Yoachim, G. Harpel. SECOND S. Gcrhart, D. Kriebel, S. Treichler, G. Harpel. FOURTH ROW' ROW' P. Schwoyer, D. Bardman, R. Drescher, B. Stolfet, T. Landis, R. Haas, M. Crossley, G. Miller, Treichler, I. Lesher, C. Wagner, T. Stauffer, R. Pool, D. Devine. THIRD Stizenko, K. Strong, C. Weikel, S. Herbert, D. Hauck. 123 4 W v SPECIAL SERVICES Mrs. Myrtle Wilkins, R.N. The students at Upper Perkiomen are so accustomed to a well-run school and efficiently operated cafete- ria, that many fail to keep sight of the conscientious efforts of 'the staff workers who keep us warm during winter and well-fed the year round. The many de- tails they attend to in the course of the day provide us with comfort -and convenience which makes our road of life easier and more complete. We must also appreciate the medical aid and advice of our compe- tent nurse and the efficient work done by our secre- taries. Without them it would be diflicult to main- tain an efficiently run school. We wholeheartedly thank the staff for their unending efforts. Mrs Grace Schantz Mrs. Marlene Marks Miss Mae Kreamer 126 .nsyrh fi . x pr, I ,- V L 5 if-75 .' 3 5, .5 l , ff '-1 5 f-1 fe. 1 'A " ,. - , lg, fi 'H' , was ' in .. ' N' W- . fs? f . 35. sf , ' sf N X ' ff 1 be z s, ff ' 5 9 3 K L i .M e :1 4 s v 1 1 12 . 1 . , .w.., Y l . . ' . la rf M , ,. - . gil' qfh. jr 1,1 x gy .K l' e ff 5 . l lr. 5 T eg , . Q ' sw' CAFETERIA STAFF Cafeteria Staff: Mrs. Verna Gery, Mrs. Mary Christman, Mrs. Mabel Schlicher, Mrs. Evelyn Winsch, Mrs. Eva Relflnger, Mrs. Mary Ashman, Mrs. Lotta Heidler, Mrs. Marian Ebright, Mrs. Elsie Grego- ry, Mrs. Lizzie Graber, Mr. Clarence Barto, Mr. L. Bennett. in. I y at fi'-F M ,....-f SK' ,rv 1 l .yy ASI . .Q Z .4 V' 5 E . M, , ,X 9 , , Q rig. A , X ,K Y Lg Q l J , s D X W lf 3 X N ' 0 JANITORIAL TAFF Janitorial Staff: Albert Bauer, Leon Long, Verna Erdman, Leroy Marks, Jr., Frank Heimbach, Lloyd Patterson. 127 MAINTENANCE L. Renninger, E. Stahl, T. Ziegler. SPONSORS Rose's Luncheonette Town SL Country Frank Berry Mr. K. Fisher Mr. and Mrs. Feninez Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Martin A Friend Yoder Bros. Store Harry D. Blank, Plumbing and Heating Jake Kulp's Garage Kleen Lane Luncheonette Fred K. Kleinbach Sons Inc. Bieler 8: Reigner Department Store Mr. and Mrs. David H. Treicher Breiner's Sunoco Service Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Allebach Sue-Lynn Shop Mr. Lawrence I. Yerk Markley,s Pharmacy Mr. john Keelor Heimbach 8: Sweatt Chevrolet, Inc. Sandi Beller Mrs. Margaret Beller Leon Long Mr. and Mrs. Robert Williams Martin Oppelt Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Marks and Family Frank Bozzelli Clarence Mack Haven E. Smith Charles Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Cashett Harry Leister Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Brey Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Paul Smith Harry Graber jack Rutz Donald Hoffman William Stauffer Stanley Meierhoff Lutherman - Sumneytown John Wentzel john Germes Frank Ruth Stanford Simon PATRCNS Mrs. Alice Barntragger Shirley Moyer and Louise Matthews Mr. and Mrs. Walter Shirey Mr. and Mrs. I. Victor Stahl H. D. Eckhardt Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. The Eye Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Rock Louis Pirnik Jerry Frederick James Dawson Henry Fisher Eugene Cressman George Malcolm Mrs. Perrie Krause Mr. and Mrs. James Hildebrant Mr. and Mrs. Fryer Homer W. Reiter Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Alan Bre er Y Mr. and Mrs. Otto A. Koch Robert Rodenberger Harvey Hauck Rufus Long Edward Hess Mr. and Mrs. John A. Karver Russell S. Godschall Emma Brown Arthur W. Moyer Mrs. Kay Steltz Fern Fay Peterson Mr. and Mrs. James M. Miller and Bonnie Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Scherzer Stanley Stevens Ronnie Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Miller Wilford Gaugler Leon Moll Earl Boyer Arthur Schaeffer Herman Adam Miss Joan Peart Mr. and Mrs. john Hunsberger Mrs. Mildred Novicki Mr. and Mrs. Charles Livingstone Mr. C. F. Parrot Mr. and Mrs. Howard Geissinger Mr. Clarence Freed and Family Mrs. Katherine Goettel Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Kavacky and Family Mrs. Florence Mr. and Mrs. Steltz Eugene Metz Mr. and Mrs. James Hinkle Mary Stahl Mr . Robert Reed Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Wahl Alex Duka Mr. and Mrs. Walter Kolb Linford Cressman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dulin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bieler Fred Zwoyer Edgar W. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mark H. Layser Russell Badman Aaron Stoudt Perry Breyer Frank Walker Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Simon Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Breyer Mr. and Mrs. Russel Weidner Edward Ickinger Meinzer Family Mr. and Mrs. Abner W. Karver Douglas E. Brown John E. Karver Mr. and Mrs. Sam Galluppi Mr. and Mrs. Harry Peterson Jack Parson and Bonnie Miller Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Schwenk Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Mack Mr. and Mrs. Calvin Reed Barry and Gail .Frannie and Sharon Mr. and Mrs. James Zepp Mr. and Mrs. Frank Romeo Mr. and Mrs. Roy Hillegas Mrs. Jean Styer Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Rodenberger Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fluck, Jr. Edward Kaspar Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Miller Mrs. Tina Markley Mr. and Mrs. Arlan Christman Mr. V. Markley Mr. and Mrs. Paul Transue Mr. Harold Freed Mr. P. Alton Rieg Mr. Joseph Kavacky Mrs. Bergey Mr. Stephen Fogel Mr. and Mrs. Tonkonoh and Family Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Martin Mr. and Mrs. Lester Benner Richard Trauger Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Richard Mr. and Mrs. Harold Benner Mr. and Mrs. Russell Freed Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ramsey Mr. and Mrs. Norman Young and Family Kenny Krause and Charlene Dixon Mr. and Mrs. Walter Witman and Family Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sell Mr. and Mrs. Carl Fox Mr. Charles Kurz Mr. and Mrs. Needs Mr. and Mrs. Reed Reverend O. E. Miller Marie Royer Mr. and Mrs. Bean Leon's Flower Shop Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Shelly Mr. and Mrs. Leo Minner Mr. and Mrs. Paul Gerhard Mr. and Mrs. Donald Schmoyer Martin Kriebel Mr. and Mrs. Harold Mensch Mr. and Mrs. Jonas Karver Jo Ann and Louise Renninger Mr. and Mrs. Ray Kriebel and Kathy Mr. and Mrs. Robert Warner Kulp and St-audt, Inc. Doctor and Mrs. H. R. Bernd Mr. and Mrs. Elmer H. Fluck The Dirty Eight Mr. and Mrs. George W. Bockius Gordon H. Baver, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Webster Fetterman Mr. and Mrs. George Melcher Mr. and Mrs. Owen Gerhard C. H. Bauman Plastering 81 Stucco Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Longacre Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Chrismer Weyand's Store Pennsburg Bowl Mr. and Mrs. Wilmer G. Dimmig Kline's Drug Store Sturgis Pretzel Company Trexleris Hardware Mr. and Mrs. Earl W. Benner Mr. and Mrs. Brode and Family Mr. William T. Gregor Mrs. Sophie Simon Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Brendlinger Mr. and Mrs. Lamar Godshall Mr. and Mrs. Roy Richard Mr. and Mrs. Roy Kulp Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hewett Darlene and Eleanor Young Mr. and Mrs. John Hoffman and Family Ronald Freed Mr. and Mrs. Gaskill Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs George Manion Linwood Stoudt . jake Fox Roy Prutsman Russell Mitman, Sr. Bernhard Lamar Mumbauer Essig's Donut Shop Mr. and Mrs. Earl L. Lahr Jeffrey Sell Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Renninger Mr. and .Mrs. "Sadie" Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Lester Bauer james B. Krause Charles O. Leister William G. Brown Beulah and Lewis Raysor Mr. and Mrs. Garwood Kurtz Mr. and Mrs. Homer Bieler Mr. and Mrs. Earl Roth Mrs. Elsie Miller Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koons Mrs. Carrie Thomas Mr. and Mrs. William jabs Mr. and Mrs. Milton Hillegass Mr. and Mrs. Harry Mumbauer Mr. and Mrs. Paul Weaver' Daut Manufacturing Company Irw Gretz Mrs. Edwin Styer Vida W. Kreider Elaine Lachman W. A. Slottlemire Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schmoyer Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Reeder Mr. and Mrs. David Underwood Mr. and Mrs. Mahlon Wolf Dennis and Mary Ann Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. George Endy Edward Dobrzynski Robert Walters Gerald Gabel Ralph Dyas Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gressley David Hettrick Mr. and Mrs. Robert Trone Mr. and Mrs. William Gilbert Paul S. Spaar, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Miller Mr. and Mrs. Claude Croissette Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Renninger Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Shiffert Ralph Garges Mr. and Mrs. Clare Reihman Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mensch Monika Hennig Charles Leister Roger Binder Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schwenk Mr. and Mrs. Morris Renninger Kevin Conrad Edna Erb Mr. and Mrs. Richard Sites Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Brinckman Norman Kulp Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kulp Kenneth S. Kleinbach Terry E. Prutsman jose h Taraskus P George Shewell, Sr. George Shewell, Jr. Ephraim Long Kenneth Schwenk George Gilde Vincent Rodenberger Mr. and Mrs. Harold Oberholtzer Mrs. Chester Reifinger juan Rue Jim Zimmerman Earl Kulp Mr. and Mrs. Walter Fries Mr. and Mrs. Donald Weldner Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Green Charles Gronert, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sine Mr. and Mrs. H. W. Stevens Mr. and Mrs. Charles Reihman Karen and Jim Mr. and Mrs. John Rehak Sallie Dennis Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Marks Mr. and Mrs. F. M. Rothenberger Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Moyer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hess, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Watson W. Wilkins Ral h Ackerman Willpard Kershner Warren Moyer John C. Hunsberger Heinz Herrmann George Thomas Reverend and Mrs. E. L. Angstadt Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Ackerman Ambrose Stauffer Kelschis Market Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dolores H. Stock Harvey Stevens and Family Claude Renninger Linford Nace n Nelson Nace and FZITUIY Mr. and Mrs. Hugh McNaughton Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Bieler Mr. and Mrs. Howard Freed Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mohr, jr. Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Snyder Mr. and Mrs. Willard Gilbert and Family Mr. and Mrs. Victor Conover Mr. and Mrs. John Kulp Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Stoudt Mr. and Mrs. Lavene Anderson Scott Wehr Malcolm Wehr Mr. and Mrs. Linwood Hersch and Famil Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kemmerer Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Sell Mr. and Mrs. james Brey Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nicholas Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bolen Mr. and Mrs. Ray SchaH'er Mrs. Annie Kemp Mr. and Mrs. Willard Kemp Faye and Rocky Mr and Mrs. Earl N. Reichert Mr. and Mrs. Horace K. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Harold F. Spohn Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Masemore Mr. and Mrs. Wm. . Gendebien J Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith A. F. Orthaus Joan Whitenight Mr and Mrs. Jack Whitenight Mr. and Mrs. Russel Lechner Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Hauck Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Lesher Mr. and Mrs. Harold S. Marks Mr. Connie O'Connor William D. Moyer Mrs. Milton Bieler Mr. and Mrs. Le Roy Kriebel Mr. and Mrs. Harold Heil Mr. and Mrs. Paul Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Greiss Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Kulp Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ackerman Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs Richard Gerhard Raymond Brey Charles Kru Mr. . pp Clayton Garage Mr. and Mrs. LeRoy Clemmer Bruce and Carol Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Dwornak Ronald Long Karen Long Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Wetzel Mr. and Mrs. Sherwood Long Faye and Roberta Long Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wetzel Robert R. Younger Mr. and Mrs. john Himmelberger Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Troxell Carol Greiss "64" Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Rauch Edna Millhouse Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs . Elwood Schmoyer Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. . Oscar Reifinger . Earl Schlegel Allison Miller Basil Wolanyk Mr. Joseph Kolenski Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hyra Y Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Theresa Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Terry M. Moyer Stanley S. Fox Harold Smoll Edwin Fox Lowell Schultz Paul Simmons Henry Francis Reck Richard Sweinhart Charles Bolden T. A. Hartenstine Twilight Acres Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Stauffer Mr. and Mrs. Karl Ziegenfuse Mrs. Ruth Herbein Mr. and Mrs. Russel Clemmer Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Yurick Mr. and Mrs. Morris Krause Mr. and Mrs. Warren Wetzel Mabel Herbein Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Graber Lester E. Meyers Paul N. StoHlet Horace Moll Clarence DeLong Mr. John Fogel Mary Lou Weidner Mr. and Mrs. Willing Weidner Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Gardian Mr. Michael Fogel Mrs. Henry Fisher Mrs. Larry Trumbore Mrs. William Fogel Mr. Steve Fogel Mrs. Howard Walker Mr. Carl Rubinson Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Lomme Mr . and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Schell Harry Bertoia Septimus Cressman, Jr Clayton Leister Forrest Leister Charles Brinckman, J Raymond Brinckman Mrs. Stella Smith Mrs. Lois Clemmer Mrs. Fred Hevener Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Elizabeth M. Mr. and Mrs. Chris Houterman I". Victor Moyer, jr., and Brian Millard Renninger Hoffman Alvin A. Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Shupe Mrs. Charles Steinman Lionel Schlesinger Mr. and Mrs. Willard Haas and Family Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Schwoyer Linda and Bob Mr. and Mrs. Henry Bardman Mr. and Mrs. Lester Breuninger Daniel M. Moser, Sr. Mr. and Mrs. T. 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Suggestions in the Upper Perkiomen High School - Walum Olum Yearbook (Pennsburg, PA) collection:

Upper Perkiomen High School - Walum Olum Yearbook (Pennsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


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Upper Perkiomen High School - Walum Olum Yearbook (Pennsburg, PA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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