Upper Merion High School - Pioneer Yearbook (King of Prussia, PA)

 - Class of 1937

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Upper Merion High School - Pioneer Yearbook (King of Prussia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1937 volume:

Q 1.3 WU' 7 -u ,es-'Y' Q41 1 5 A 'X 'L lr fr 3 '-' 54 W , xi' 5: qi If 'f 1'0" 'WV-xr r ,rn SS,- ' 4'-6 -.X fi tif 4 -'85-' Q 1 'vw 4- x ,A lm, ra ,if f.,f ,Y -1 YJ .1 "lil 1 4. v 'A mi' ni ax P .1 yukfa u ' 'W u '1 ww .- 1 " ,,. 3 .- ' J 1 nv? '7 I 1 ' n. 7 5 4,w4-4 , 4 I 1 -fx kj:-g,:,.. -vT': 4' , 1' ,, ,. ., .. , K, . V.-pw, .., ., ,Q , ,li .Ap-HA ,, , ,vvyi 1 .' if ' 411' , ,, ' ug J rf' . ,g- .1-fvfy-fy , . ., ,I Q - f . , , ' 7 qw N .lf V: N ' ' rt . X .1 Y ' , . . , ,v f 7.1 ,1- ,. ,f-P4 YF ,nQ,u Hu N ?,.,.,,,,,.,, vga-5 -v yv' - , ' -, L' f RVN: -. Hn Hx " I. I . , - . -, H q , . . , 5' , 15- 1,f,"', mg? :I-.,. f . 1 nr, swf. -, , ,, -mf. . g. "J-' 1-Tru y T' 11+ , K A, V 1 , , . , ' 1 ,:f1f-f- g gg W1 V3 i .1 :ff ' 5 1. Q Q , fl . . . ,, 5 A. .,... .. 'I if ., 0 ., j, H-J' v Qef.fw,.' Al! ,.,. W -. , ,G ...A ,, fn M - -' '1f,.-f...,.,f.,, .- V . 42.41 ,A N" , B-: 4 ,,j 5 f A!-'f?6f.'f'w -- 1,--44: 'u'w','!a . ., 1, 'Lt , . ?,, frwfut Q: L jf- 1 'fy' 'K ' ', ' n L nat., ,A ,,,. ,,,-f,' - z42M"-5 , . '- 3 Qr, :f ' Wa- , .. , 1 .ww .Tfcz 1 ,, .F f '-3441, ',-.". ' fly, .71-Q .Q - ',g'f'ffl,'1- , fs. "- QQ,-T4'w.i 1z--' 1. ' 'ff 1 f ',C.:l'i... 3 ','5Lf4g-73, if-5'-ff."-,L ,f-ff..,vfmQ1,.,g'.' jg-f?,Lr".". 4,-1"-L' pflfi "' ' " J' N 4 1-V f f Q v "-.76 -X ' is v V' --1 1 '1 I ' '.5.'gg.3nfiqgy . f ' Q" x-' "TF" ' - "2 fn, 'fix' . ' . .41 In . 3': -,Y-:M F1 1- 3255?-11'Q--'.2'if,e4'435 Q3 ,U pt iff' gg? K ,1ff?g:b+V'1'1-sgfxhjlfsvq-.'g:-'fggg-3.-P?33ia . ,, M' A . . -, K , .,,- '- .a K 4- - 1 .we4'3, :-ftg'sV"3'va:-ffiiih-2-f:?1'rz"fS47"--Ali-IZ' fi .MV -sfviffwf-fi-ff-4i'.3 -'r!'! 5 ' f-wg nfl!-'rpg-Q T,-',. K-'k"'V'.f' --f v ',- ,g..,ffl-l'7.,-fif.1,- 11- 'S .y' XY-y ':"fS'f ." 'Xu 5 .-AIU' KK -yxfiif-K'-,uff,'2ff.1-1..-,wV,,.K-1 v:..a,- -rf. mf ...wqK,f--,K,- an sw .g,v,'v,.-5423.-.,,,'a.:,,-, - -'fwffh-'l'.g-.w-.4f' 'fl-'-'fa -V' -' 'r-i'--+i'v'.."13'f"fn -1" W'-' 14'-3-f':'f'fYiv4f.Sm-'L-f"vi-'ltihss U5 - Y -:"Qy'j'9g'iP.f,5,l'4 T55 -- Wye- ..-K-7 -Q-fu. Q ,:,'-,vu Nga., fum: , 113, -'V-'54 575-P -f- : -f, -gf. .' K. .15-pr, 'rff-If" if Ku-Eu R.. Qi- .44 :ag 4 . . nv '- .- '-Kr. ,., Q., .ww N., 2.yV,,-,,q,'!U',,..,-QQ x "r1',4 V pg .' ,-9,51 .QQAZQQ - "'wI""i.k5:9-2 IQ'-A-i'f"Y" Y-s9."1'1' ' --""'v'?R,'l'5I'7'v- - "?" 'YP' fm"-'H-"2 'Sf 1" 111 ' '5- '1-i?""?"1.' "2'1'-"""' 'A' - ' V, - 1 f 1. 'S-1-. ,1wP'P..1,-.-- 1.5 F- V ' ,H . -,.f..---f -'-,fa - 1 .YK - .:.-,Kt,-2--'v!f:1- ,F , --.KK,.:sE'7?-f2vig9z,.5.-zip,52-za'-:.qf.'-7'f--i.--iffffiiy.-'z1'x-5:3-f2i,T1:"'315545-.iVSL::f1?+,g - 131' . '- -' fr -ff,-'I-wf? ',Kf'f.,?f.wK1S"k'fg'1-" ".' K,Kj- '..f"'I'..?f,f .5 d'+"'.I' T-"Ilya Y-'-1.-'-visible. 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V .. 1 .W msg.-.fx -7 .T l .-.,.-.Ll I Y. ,S .,.5,3,', REV, wi, ewan--V- 3, K. , ..... ...rw . . -. -i,.. 5V,g.g-.y , ' .IR Q- K... -tj ?-L .1 .x --' ,- "J zlmffy s 1. .-gg. -A Q ... K J 5.1 ,QR - ,ij K-LRKLKK., gg-133. 4. rf.-J? - , a,.:-iglfgs ,Ar 4, 2 ' 'Q ..' fl"i A JW Q' A.f"'?- ' -'M , K ' - .fr K mg-,. .f 5:11-f-" r A 4 ,, 1 4 A . 4 I . -4 .K .. Q','s'4,,V,rv:', ,l .4 -' .- tu.. ? '-Yil"- "fig, 5 2-Wfffmiirgdibf 'H 1 mafia -L' .-na.-k E3 f. 1, if E F 4, 3 I E x: Lx ,-. 5 2 E S 15 ii 5 5. E J 'X 3, F. fl E -2 if f. 5 2 5 53 gn 5 ff: Q1 ff fe A -2 E Wu-E 1 EDITOR-IN-CI-IIEE MARTHA JANE EVANS FEATURE EDITOR BARBARA PRICE I PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR' JOSEPH REI LLEY ART EDITOR ANNA' IVIUNSHOQNER TYPINC EDITOR MARY JANE BURD BUSINESS EDITOR WILLIS ORNER -1, -I' .A-',iv"p w ,n ' O' ill? I A I4 THE RH NEETT T937 Published by the " SENIOR CLASS I OF Upper Marion I-ligh School GULPH AND HENDERSON ROADS . BRIDGEPORT' MONTGOMERY COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA - Contents Administration and Faculty Classes Activities Features Advertisements Foreword ' We, the fourth class to graduate from Upper Merion High School, desire in these pages to ree create scenes from our high school life. Now we are pioneers entering a newer, more complicated phase of our livesg whether it be science, mechanics, or any other modern work, Upper Merion has prepared us for the vocations which we have chosen. We hope this, our issue of the Pioneer, to be worthy of preservation by our classmates. May it be an aid to them in keeping alive happy memories of Upper Merion. i WW, , Y , , MR. FRANK F. RATHMELL ' To one of our senior class advisers who has assisted in making this last year a memorable one for us, and to an instructor who has helped to guide our Student Council and athletic teams during the current yearg we, the Seniors, dedicate this yearbook to Mr. Frank F. Rath- men. ' MR. HERBERT L. HENSINGER ' To the business sponsor of our yearbook, and to our other class adviser whp has shown his active interest in untiring efforts on our behalfg we, the class of 1937, wish to express our sincere appreciation by dedicating this volume of the Pioneer to Mr. Herbert L. Hen- singer. I arf ' ,Lf . c, if ' Maw-get -1 -1 l A hr, fi,'A it L7 11' gy X L. ,AM 15- 51- Y, PI lv" IJ 3, Q EE r n, , I1 Q, SE gl fn f' 21:- fi F A . 1. 5. L11 , .. .Dm 5 is : 1- ., ul 1' EE Q Q. L 4 W- 5 ,nA nv 1. 5 qv.: ' ei A Q A 5,11 5' 5 Q E I f. Z.. 1 ?93 7 -1 351.5 I 2 , jx, N - I f-v.i,+,, GUI? ALMA MATER ,uppm mmm XXV ADMINISTIQATICDIXI AND FACULTY jim -193 7 Plbmm Left to right: Wilton, McHale. Myers, Hill, Pechin. Rinehart, Kutz and Moll BOARD OF EDUCATION ANN W. PECHIN, President Bridgeport, R. D. I, Pa. A, HAYES HILL, Vice-President Port Kennedy, Pa. MARION D. MYERS, Secretary Bridgeport, R, D. I, Pa. J. LESTER RINEHART, Treasurer Conshohocken, R. D. I, Pa. EARL KUTZ Bridgeport, R. D, I, Pa. HENRY WI LTON Swedeland, Pa. THOMAS MCHALE Conshohocken, R. D. I, Pa. E101 'MPPQIL i TlElE NEED FOR SERVICE ' ln the history of our schools another class is ready to be graduated. Al- though the world has been more perplexed during your high sc-hool career than ever before in the history of the world, yet your superintendent and teachers have tried to prepare you to take your place in a new and changing world. The goal for which you have striven through your years of application has at last been reached. Whether you move forward to continue your education in the field of experience or in a technical school, get all the knowledge and culture that you possibly can that you may be able to meet the demands made of you and to carry high the ideals of this great democracy. This new world infto which you go has as its watchword "Service". You must now help to create thisi world of which you have dreamed: for which you have prayed. We have talked much of peace and justice, of equal opportunity, of development and achievement for every one. We can have these things and more but we will gain them only through persistent efforts, and we can only claim them truly when we are able to pay their full and difficult price. x May God's richest blessing follow each one of you. Ann W. Pechin, President E ll J Jluv, 7937 Jhbzuwz, Mr. Strine and Mr. Moll MR. LLOYD A. MOLL Superintendent of Schools Franklin and Marshall, A.B. University of Pennsylvania, lVl.A. MR. ROBERT R. STRINE Principal of the Junior-Senior High School Ursinus, A.B. Bucknell, M.S. Wm A CALL TO YOUTH' ' You who represent Upper Merion's contribution to the large group of high school graduates from this nation, may well consider yourselves a fortunate group. Good fortune has attended you in a variety of ways. In none is she more impressive than in that the world today shows a need for you as she has not shown it to the several classes immediately preceding you. Because of a division of labor you may often be assigned to tasks that in themselves are quite simple. More and more do you need to see the relationships of simple tasks to life as a whole. Relationships of man to man, singly or in groups, con cern us as they have not done heretofore. l trust that you may immediately become active and helpful agents in your community, and hope that your high school training may be of help to you in your ventures TO THE CLASS OF I937 ' As you leave Upper Merion to become good citizens and home-makers take these fine qualities of character that have resulted from your training here, and use them in a manner that will bring you happiness and success This is the wish l give to each one of you, and, in so doing, l express the sentiments of the entire High Sc-hool Faculty Robert R Strine U31 Lloyd A. Moll jlm, 1937 Pzbmm FAC U LTY Standing: Hensmger M t H lff h , al' IFI, 9 BHC , Wartena, Miller, King, flaw ,gg ,f i if X 27 WW fu' Cf f' Diehl, Messick, Rathme Witman, Shine, Marwood R b G dJ - ,LQ ,, IMI- NAME Verna l. Brooks Ethel Diehl Marjorie B. Foley Pauline E. Grove Owen H. Helfferich Herbert L. Hensinger Howard E. James Charles P. King Charles L. Kinter Marie Martin Sara C. Marwood George G. Messick Mildred B. Miller Ralph Mitterling Frank F. Rathmell Norman E. Raub Lambertus Wartena Marjorie E. Witman Paul Zuck Www FAC U LTY SUBJ ECT Commercial English Social Studies Physical Educat English, Latin English, French Business ion Latin, Chemistry Mathematics Physics Mathematics Art English Social Studies Home Visitor Music Geography English, Biology History Industrial Arts Physical Educat Social Studies ion Household Arts Social Studies E151 COLLEGE DEGREE Susquehanna University B.A Keystone State Teachers College University of Pennsylvania M.S Ursinus College B.A Gettysburg College B.S Franklin and Marshall B.S Gettysburg College B.S University of Pennsylvania M.S Edinboro State Teachers College B.S Elmira College B.A West Chester State Teachers College Temple University B.S New York University M.A Pennsylvania State College M.E Temple University B.S University of Pennsylvania M.A Cedar Crest College B.S Temple University M.E University of Pennsylvania B.S. jim .1937 Jhbnmuz, Xu-Sf' . Sill x . , N ': ' S if , 3 , h - 1 f.fL,m:if"1-155 1 Q ., 2:44, ., W' if TR , 1 1 o ' 1 , , - l iii, 21. '- Clockwise-Beginning at left bottom: lll Not Too Serious! 125 Just a Conference! 131 Retreat-After Lunch! 141 The Big 5! 151 What A Quartette! 163 What Form! 171 At Work! 183 Content- ment! 191 Our Hockey Coach! llnserts Top to Bottom! 1AJ Remember Mr. Nelson? 1Bl Here We Are Folks! 1CJ A Jovial Three! E161 'umm mmm i SS XQ5' 6 if K CLASSES U71 , V, x x X Jim 1937 Pzbnem. Bennett, Paul Berger, Albert Bobbay, Elizabeth Bowe, Edward Brennen, Francis Brownlie, Ethel Burd, Mary Jane Burd, Robert Byus, Andrew Chambers, Marie Collick, Frances Collins, Grace Conner, Clara Costello, Theresa Crawford, Audrey Croft, Betsy Davis, Edward Eastwood, John Eckman, Woodrow Evans, Martha Jane Ferenz, George Foy, Ina Harubin, Anthony THE SENIOR CLASS Horsfall, Frances Horsfall, Marian Humay, Aloysius Jones, Reba Kaminski, Louise Kelly, Richard Kerr, John Levering, Walter Loughin, Helen Loughin, Margaret Michener, William Miller, Allan Mingo, Joseph Mitchell, John Moser, Jacob Mowrer, George Munshower, Anna Murphy, Feloneise Orner, Willis Peay, Lena Pratkiewicz, Nellie Price, Barbara Prostack, Joseph E181 Reilley, Joseph Robb, Ethel ' Ross. Susan Rotay, Laura Ryan, Mary Schniepp, Ronald Simko, Helen Sitasz, John Smith, Doris Spragg, George Spragg, Kenneth Stanley, John Storti, John Storti, Minnie Tassoni, Anna Tomkins, Richard Travers, Marie Van Roden, Betty Westwood, Elsie Wood. Nadine Woodside, Horace Yarosinski, Jean Yurick, Martin 31 Ylppm, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS President Richard Kelly Vice President Albert Berger Secretary Treasurer Clara Conner PARTINC MESSAGE ' Like all other good things our high school career has come to an end. To some of us it seems like the greatest thing that could happen, but to the great majority it brings a pang of regret. We will long remember our high school days at Upper lvleriong the times when we were happy, sad, confident and optimistic will come back to us from the pages of The Pioneer. Although sometimes these memories that we now cherish may fade w-hen we face life's great adventures. l somehow feel that we can never fully forget those happy moments we so thoroughly enjoyed while in high school. As we leave school we wish to thank the faculty for their kindnesses and consideration and to wish the entire student body all the luck and happiness in the world Richard Kelly President SENIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to rght: Bennett Peay Conner Kelly Horsfall Berger and Orner E191 1 w v v . u I I 1 - 1 1 - jim. 7937 Plbneeli, PAUL ?FlNlNETT Commercial , Wayne, R. D. l "He's a good fenow and wise withal." Mandolin Club,2 -Football Manager 4g Basketball 2, 43 Pioneer Associate ditor 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 Executive Committee 43 Home Room Vice-President 43 Senior Play 4g'Bend 2, Drum Major 3. l ALBERT RAYMOND BERGER Academic It King of Prussia "To be a successful fool,,one must be wise." Camera Club 23 Football Manager 45 Basketball 43 Wrestlintg 23 May Day 23 Executive Committee 43 Class Vice-President 43 Annual Play 43 Senior Play 4. ELIZABI IH MARIE BOBBAY Business l. 'PJ wedesburg, Bridgeport, R. D. l "Littl si is soonest mended." Hikin ' ay Day . JOHN EDWARD BOWE Business Swedeland "l'm little, but so is a stick of dynamite." A 1: .. ' ' ' Mandolin Club Zyfootbfall Manager 3g May Day 2. '14 I I I f . fm '. l201 5' . 7fflam4cy,0 5 4 FRANCIS JOSEPH BRENNEN Business King Manor, Bridgeport, R. D. l "Silence is a true friend that betrays no one." Science Club 25 Biology Club 2, Student Council 43 Student Safety Society 4. ' ETHEL MAE BROWNLIE , Commercial Abrams, Bridgll t, R. D. l "Retain your knowledge and you ourage and you will grol, ' Hiking Club 2: Hockey 2, l3, ptain 43 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Pioneer Photography ff, 4, May Day 2, 33 Home Room Secretary 4. . . , , J ' V 7' . L. I , A P- V . MARY JANE BURD Commercial Plymouth Rd., Conshohocken "Her worth wins hearts and her constancy keeps them." Knitting Club 2: Glee Club 2, 3, 4: Basketball 21 Operetta 2, 33 Pioneer Typing Chairman 45 May Day 2, 3. ROBERT JEROME BURD Academic Plymouth Rd., Conshohocken "A willin smi , the desire to please And a i ns 'ing both of these " Ca qgm 2, 35 Football 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 33 ' lteer Fe ture Writer 4g May Day 2: Christmas Play 2x?'Annual Play 3: Senior Play 4. l2lJ WM jim.. 7 93 7 p1bI1.Q2lL ANDREW JQUHN BYUS Business X-., vs!! Swedeland "The greatest h' deranc Wfgkbility is idlenessf' X " 41" 7 X Bawgyvdkfgj .Hall 2, 3, 4, Stagecraft 2, 3, 4. at ANNA ARIE A BERS Commercial H ' Br eport, R. D. l "Be gone dul are. and l shall never agree." Knitting Club 2, Hockey 2, 3, 41 Tennis 23 Basketball 2, 35 Captain 45 Pioneer Typing Staff 43 May Day 2, 33 Cheer Leader 3, 4. s MARY FRANCES COLLICK Academic Rebel Hill, Conshohocken R. D. l "Children should be seen and not heard." Hiking Club 2, Glee Club 2, 3, 43 May Day 2. GRACE LORETTA COLLINS Commercial Bridgeport, R. D. I " 'll ter runs deep." Hiking Cl , Glee Club 2, 4, Operetta 2, 43 May Day 3. E221 iii CLARA MAE CONNER Commercial Swedeland V "Happy as the day is long." ' 1 JDJ Hi 'ng Club 23 Hockey 3, 43 Basketball Assistant Man- ! .XV-J' age g Tennis 2, Pioneer Business Staff 43 Junior Prom V A ,X v mittee 33 Cheer Leader 3, 43 Executive Committee 45 " J." Class Secretary and Treasurer 4, Senior Play 43 May Day 2, 35 Queen's Court 4. THE lE MARIE COSTELLO Acade ic 5 Gulph Mills, Bridgeport, R. D. l "T kno er is to love her, and everybody knows K f her." X r N x ,fy HikinXQ'jClub 23 Hockey 2, 3, 4, Pioneer Feature Writer j X' 43 May Day 2, 35 Librarian 4. .gl 3 . WRxw AUDREY JANE CRAWFORD if-K ' 'Vp Business Culph Mills, Conshohocken, R. D. I J "Laughter and chatter are my concern." Mandolin Club 2, C-lee Club 2, 3: Hockey 2, 3. 43 Basketball 23 Operetta 2, 33 Orchestra 2, 35 Band 2, 3, 45 Pioneer Sports Writer 45 Senior Play 4. X ELIZABET ANKS CRGFT Business Port Kennedy "The gloomy si e ot life is missed by this l'i s e optimist." f Q Dramatic in.: 3 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Hockey 2, Tennis 23 Operetta ' , 45 Pioneer Feature Writer 43 Junior Prom Committee : ay Day 3, Queen's Court 2, 43 Librarian 4. E231 Www Jhic 7937 pam , EDWARD JOHN DAVIS ' Q Business F Kingvlaclapor, Bridgeport, R. D. l "Much flparn,inglyvi'lllJmake thee mad." D nf 40.1.3 Gym Club'2g Biology Club 2g Football 2, 3, Captain 43 Basketball 43 Wrestling 2, 35 May Day 2. Academic Swedeland Jo EWdLLl E ST O D "What sh ld a man do but be merry?" Gym Club 2g Hiking Club 2g Glee Club 45 Wrestling 2, 33 Operetta 45 Pioneer Sports Writer 45 Junior Prom Com- mittee 33 May Day 2. A HARRY OO CQECKMAN Academic Bridgeport, R. D. l "The on 0 have a friend is to be one." Dra nc lub 23 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3: I , 43 May Day 2. MARTHA JANE EVANS Academic King Bridgeport, R. D. l "A noble aimijsfajnoble deed." Mandolin Club 23 HoolQy 2, 3, Junior Varsity Captain 4: Operetta 2g Orchestral 23 Band Sponsor 43 Pioneer Editor- in-chief 43 JunioY'C::m Committee 3g May Day 2, Queen's Court 3,515-Qldss sident 35 Home Room Secretary 4. ,-Jarrow E241 J- , ,. 64 GEORGE JO F Business rt Kennedy "l am as I an s l l be." Science Club 25 F all 3, 1 e all 25 May Day 25 Christmas Play 45 udent Safe y ociety 4. " INDEPENDEIEBHTARIE Foy Commercial A Re I-Hilf Conshohocken, R. D. l "For shevvya jlllskthe quiet kind." Hiking Club ANTHONY H HARUBIN Business edesburg, Bridgeport, R. D. I "We vlant him any longer, He is ngg enough already." Science Cl 3 tb ll 3, 45 Basketball 3, 4, Wrestling 4, Sta c , Z8 ls x ,' XJ L V K FRANCE?-'R fl'H HORSFALL Commercial :Rf Conshohocken, R. D. 2 "A merry heartgriaketh a cheerful countenance." Y I Knitting Club 23 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 3, 43 May Day, Qu6en's'Court 2, 3, 45 Librarian 3, 4. R I E251 WM ill Jim .193 7.0 il ff.,-...,,., .L MARIAN vioLA HOR Au. Academic Swedeland "lt's nice to be natural when you're naturally nice." . V. '7 .bug Hockey Assistant Manager 2, Manager 3, 4: Basketball Assistant Manager 2, Manager 3, 4, Pioneer Associate Editor 4, May Day 2, Queen's Court 33 Executive Committee 4: Student Safety Society 4: Class Vice-President 3: Home Room Vice-President 45 Senior Play 4. ALOYSI US ANTHONY HUMAY Business Swedeland "A skillful master of his art." Art Club 2, Football 3, 43 Basketball 43 Stagecraft 2, 3, 4: Pioneer Art Staff 3, 4. REBA JANE JONES Commercial King Manor, Bridgeport, R. D. l "And she will talk--ye gods how she will talk!" Gym Club 29 Clee Club 3, 4: District Chorus 4, Hockey 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, 4, Pioneer Business Staff 43 Junior Prom Committee 3, May Day 2, 3, Cheer Leader 3, 43 Christmas Play 33 Senior Play 4. aw-Bert' LOUISE BARBARA KAMINSKI Commercial Swedesburg, Bridgeport, R. D. l ' "l hasten to laugh at everything." Hiking Club 23 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 4, May Day 23 Student Safety Society Secretary 45 Senior Play 4: Student Coungl Secretary 4, Pioneer Sports -Ch 'igman 4. E261 RICHARD WlLLlPtlVl'w3KELLY commercial Ki y 1 giexmri, R. D. 1 "The first ele nt f s ll s ' . determina- , ion o succe d." . f N . . Pioneer riter 43 Student Council 43 Executive Committee lass President 4: Home Room Vice-Presi- dent 33 Student Safety Society 4. JOHN LAWRENCE KERR Commercial King of Prussia "Silence is the gr' it art of conversation." Reflector Stat- 2. J' WALTER CUTLER LEVERI NC- Academic D Bridgeport, R. D. l "All great men are dead,,6a'ngl l'm, not feeling ' well! i .. , l "' ' Dramatic Cllpib 243 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 District Chorus 4: Wrestling 33 Operetta 2, 33 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Pioneer Associate Editor 43 May Day 23 Annual Play 3, 43 Senior Play 4. HELEN ELIZABETH LOUGl"ll N Commercial Bridgeport, R. D. l "Look for beauty and gladness in everything." Art Club 43 Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 43 Pioneer Typing Staff 43 Cheer Leader Captain 43 Senior Play 43 May Day 3, Queen's Court 4. l27J WM Jim +193 7 Jhbnnm 'fat WL 6- 'ii' " MAR ARET ELLEN LOUCHIN Academic Port Kennedy "Happy am I, from care I am free! Why aren't others content like me?" Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Operetta 2, 3, 4g May Day 33 Cheer Leader 4, Student Safety Society 43 Senior Play 4. WILLIAMH T N Business Norristown M ER . K til " a s with you Be I and ill talks a one Tal B , I I 1 I 'DI Norristow High School 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 4. A . ILLER Commercial ebel Hill, Conshohocken, R. D. I "I have f gretted my speech, never my silence." Scien Club 23 Senior Play 4. A I M 1 ' 3 JOSEPH I GO Business SMU: urg, Bridgeport, R. D. I "Aiwa dleing, never done, Bei i chief, work or fun." Hiking Club 25 G ee Club 2, 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Wrest- ling 3, 4, eretta 2, 3, 43 Pioneer Sports Writer 43 Junior Prom Co ittebg May Day 23 Christmas Play 2, 3. O IQ 28 I ri' I I s " , I Q , , "i 4.,4f.4- Iliff .:-:., ' df ,I JOHN MITCHELL Commercial - Bridgeport, R. D. I "Life is too short to worry." Hiking Club 23 Wrestling Club 2, 3. 'is , 4041, 3 . JACOB DANIEL MOSER Commercial Culph Mills, Conshohocken, R. D. "The word impossible is not in my dictionaryf Hiking Club 2, Mandolin Club 25 Glee Club 3, 43 Foot- ball 2, 3, Captain 4, Wrestling 2, 3, Captain 4g Operetta 3, 4, Pioneer Business Staff 4: Student Council Vice-Presi- dent 4, May Day 23 Christmas Play 3, 43 Home Room President, 4. GEORGE ALBERT MOWRER Academic King Manor, Bridgeport, R. D "He'll find a wayl Biology Club 25 Wrestling 2, 3. QW... ANNA MARY MU NSHOWER Commercial Rebel Hill, Conshohocken R. D "One who kneels before the shrine of art Art Club 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 4, District Chorus 43 Operetta 2, 3, 43 Pioneer Feature Writer 3, Art Chairman 43 Junior Prom Committee 35 Annual Play 2, 3, 43 May Day 3 Queen's Court 4. E291 WM I5 is jim 793707 a FELONEISE MURPHY Commercial Gulph Mills, Conshohocken, R. D. I "A late comer, but she has made up for lost time." Williamson High School, West Virginia 2, 3, 4. WILLIS SCHNIEPP ORNER Academic King Manor, Bridgeport, R. D. I "I only regret that I ve but one heart to give e ladies." l xx Dramatic CILBQ, one Club 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Man- ager Zg ESQ-vtbabtfi? 3, 43 Orchestra 2, 35 Pioneer Feature WrRBqN1, Business Btaff 3, Chairman 43 Junior Prom Com- mittee 3g May Day.2g Executive Committee 43 Class Presi- dent 2. LQQJJAACIXXRVILLE PEAY Commercial , Abrams, Bridgeport, R. D. I "Her oi was ever soft, gentle, and low, an excellent thing in woman." Antioch High School, Antioch, Tennessee, 2: Hockey 45 Basketball 3, 43 Pioneer Associate Editor 43 Executive Com- mittee 4g Senior Play 4. NELLIE MARIE PRATKIEWICZ Business Swedesburg, Bridgeport, R, D. I "Quiet paths are mine." Gym Club 25 Glee Club 33 May Day 2. .1 jhliihir f77afcoi C159 AI H01 BARBARA NEEL. PRICE Academic ff J! Y. 'J' Bridgeport, R. D. l "Merilljw,ill,aLQ1ays find its level." ,. k"U' Kn5aful1FgQtl'Bib 2, ciee Club 3, 4, operefia 2, 3, 4, Pioneer-.eature Chairman 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 May Day 35 Librarian 4. JOSEPH FR CIS, R ACK Academic , we r, ridgeport, R. D. l "Blessed is 4 M o knows what his special genius is." bl 35 Basketball 2, 35 Stagecraft 2, 3, 4. JOSEPH FR NC LEY Academic 5 I Port Kennedy "Still acmevin ,fstil pur ing." Dramatic CI f . Clee Club 25 Operetta 25 Pioneer Featur Wr' 4, otography Chairman 45 Home Room Presiden ' , Senior y 4. K ETHEL ELl ETH ROBB I Commercial ng axlclr, Bridgeport, R. D. I "There is not in so Ill ly as kindness, and no h n so royal as truth." Art 45 Glee Club 2, 3, 45 Reflector Staff 25 Operett , 45 Orchestra 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 45 Pioneer Art Sta May Day 2, 35 Librarian 3. E3lfl jlmff 937 Pzbnem SUSAN ANNA ROSS Commercial Bridgeport, R. D. l l "A faithful friend is better than gold." . Sl Cilee Club Z., 45 Hiking Club 25 Operetta 2, 45 Junior Prom Committee 35 May Day 2, 35 Christmas Play 4. LAURA THERESA TAY Academic Sv? ur ridgeport, R. D. l "Neither tcgareless, nor too sad, Not too dious, nor too glad." Knitti I 5 C-lee Club 2, 3, 45 Hockey 35 Basket- ball 25 Op 25 Junior Prom Committee 35 May Day 25 Christmas y 4. MARY RYAN Academic Swedeland "Why take life seriously? You will never come out of it alive!" , Mandolin Club 25 Operetta 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 35 Band :X 2, 35 Pioneer Associate Editor 45 May Day 2, 35 Annual Q5 Play 3, 45 Christmas Play 25 Student Safety Society 45 3 Senior Play 4. . - X- RONALD sci-INIEPP ,it Business "ft l Swedeland "None but himself is hisfdarallelf' 4 Camera Club 25x Football 35 Pionfeer Feature Writer 45 May Day 25 Sttzdent Safety Society President 4. l 4 E321 HELEN PAULINE SIIMKO Academic I wedeland "Never hurried, never flurried, Never excited, never worried." Hiking Club 23 May Day 2: Student Council 4. JOHN MARTIN SITASZ Business Swedesburg, Bridgeport, R. D. I "A good steady workerg traits found in few." Science 2g Football 2, 3, 43 Stagecraft 2, 3, 45 Pioneer Feature Writer 45 May Day 2. J 3 ll DORIS EVE H Academic .S edeland, Bridgeport, R. D. I "I will stu repare myself, and some day Q my chance will come." Hiking Club 2g Glee Club 2, 3, 43 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Operetta 3, May Day 2g Senior Play Business Manager 4. GEORGE SPRAC-G Business Gulph Mills, Conshohocken, R. D. I "Not too serious, not too gay, but a rare good fellow." , I Arr Club 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, 4. W I If lllitfl PM, Jim, 7937 Mbna 4: KENNETH VINCENWSQRA c Commercial Q Rc-Jael lm, Corls iilllocken, R. D. l "Never troubleZlrougle1,i'till trouble troubles ,, ,J , as 4 1 U. Hikwfwg Football 49 May Day 25 Senior Play 4. JOHN THOMAS STANLES7 Business Gulph Mills, hohocken, R. D. l "Some think him q ' e n't know him e l. ' Art Clu 3 l ub 2, 3, 45 District Chorus 45 Operetta 2, 3, Band I 3 May Day 2. JOHN ANTHONY STORTI Business Swedesburg, Bridgeport, R. D. l "God bless the man who invente sleep." Biology Club 23 Clee Club 2, 3, 43 a 41 Christmas Play 4, Senior Play 4 ff' - 1 LV f FLORENCE, INNIE STORTI Commercial ! Swedesburg, Bridgeport, R. D. l "Quiet and unas ing, but efficient for all of - that." Hiking C b Q Glee Club 2, 33 Operetta 25 Junior Prom Committe ay Day, Queen's Court 2, 3, 4, May Queen 4. ,I I E341 Mfr ANNA LENA TASSONI Academic Port Kennedy "A merry heart doeth good like a medicine." Cilee Club 45 Hockey 3, 43 May Day 2, 3. JOHN RICHKXQD TOMKlNS Business Gul i s, Conshohocken, R. D. l "Yo es but once!" Gle lr2, 3 iking Club 23 Football 3, 43 Operetta 2, ,4: M :Junior Prom Committee 33 Senior Play 4. MARIE ooLoREs TRAVE Commercial Swedesb , eport, R. D. I "Blondes are fickle, that e, but Marie- that's different--sh true blue." Glee Club 2, 3, Ope 2: Hiking Club 23 May Day 2, 3: Queen's Court HELEN ELIZAB VAN RODEN Academic Qu h Mills, Bridgeport, R. D. l .. 'l . ,, A good boo QM an excellent companion. Knitting Club 3 Gee Club 2, 3, 4g Operetta 2, 35 Pio- neer Feature Q May Day 2, 33 Annual Play 45 Christmas l . ' E351 Yflppm, ar' Jlm,.tl937 Pzbneafz, ELSIE MARIE WESTWOOD Commercial Rebel Hill, Conshohocken, R. D. l "Content to let the world go by." Art Club 23 Glee Club Z, 33 Hockey 2, 33 Operetta 3: May Day 2, 33 Librarian 3, 43 Cheer Leader 33 Reflector Staff 2. NADINE ELIZABETH WOOD Academic X King of Prussia "A jajnyfd friendly lass is she." U Knitting Cl b 23 Rifle Club 3, 43 Operetta 23 Junior Prom Cenyvilf, tee 33 May Day 2, 3. ., ,,,r l"' HORACE CLYDE WOODSID Business Swedeland "He's not a chipfo the old I 3 he's the old 3 ock hi .' b 3 Wrestling ,ll 3 Junior Prom Committee 33 S f 2, 3, 4. 5 I l JEAN MARIE AROSINSKI Academic 'Sw esburg, Bridgeport, R. D. l "The merry jest, the requent smile, Makes her friend p well worth while." Gym Club 23 Glee , , 43 Hockey 2, 3, 43 Basket- balI,2, 3, 43 Operetta 33 tu t Council 43 Junior Prom Committee 33 May D 23 ior lay 4. E351 Wim ,qiffffv if jluf?lfli'37 A lVlARTlN JOSEPH YURICK Academic Swedeland Hldever study, never vvorry, Take life easy, what's the hurry?" Glee Club 2, 35 Hiking Club 2, Football 3, 43 Golf 3, 43 Pioneer Sports Writer 45 Baseball 2, Basketball 2, 3, 43 Junior Prom Committee 35 May Day 2, Stagecraft 2, 3, 4. CLASS HISTORY I The extracurricular program of Upper Merion offers an opportunity for all students to par- ticipate in activities outside the classroom. As Sophomores, we realized and appreciated this opportunity and became active in all the school organizations. Four of our members had leads in the operetta, "Bon Voyage" and two in the annual play, "Smanthy". Several of our classmates have been members of the band and orchestra since they were students in the Junior High School. Placing the varsity athletic teams as their aim, many Sophomores became members of the hockey, basketball, football, tennis, wrestling, rifle and baseball squads. June came and we left for the summer vacation, no longer "Sophs" but Juniors. ln the role of "Jolly Juniors" our interest in social activities increased. We gave a. Hallowe'en Dance and it was a decided success. Again the members of our class took part in the dramatic life of our school. Six 'had principal parts in the annual play, "Seven Keys to Baldpate", two had leading roles in the operetta "Pickles", and we were also represented. by leads in the Christmas Pflay. We had classmates on both the varsity and iunior varsity teams of all the sports. ln addition to these activities, one of our members was chosen to lead the band. The outstanding social event of the year, the Junior Prom, took place in May. The theme of the picturesque decorations was centered around a Southern Plantation. Our senior year was our third and most enjoyable of all. We immediately organized as a class and elected officers who were to guide us through this, our last year at Upper Merion. Choosing the name "Spartans" to'represent Upper Merion, participating in all sports, sponsoring a Hallowe'en and a Subscription dance, and organizing the Student Safety Society and Student Council are examples of the varied activities of our class during its senior year. The annual play and the operetta were given with nine seniors portraying leading roles. The senior play was performed on two successive nights with two casts. The Class of i937 leaves Upper Merion with mingled emotions, enthusiasm and regret: enthusiasm to enter a newer and more complicated field of work, regret to feel that we must leave the school where we spent many happy years and were provided with a founda- tion for our future life. E371 jim 7937 PIDIZZM, Batchelder, Ethel Beatty, Dorothy Beck, Betty Biddy, Jewel Buler, Marian Cassel, Lauren Chanko, John Chanko, Sophie Collins, Hazel Cook, Dorothy DiCamillo, Henry DiMartino, Sara Duncan, Sara . Durn, Robert Drzymalski, Stanley Eckman, Eleanor Ellis, Betty Fencik, Susan Ferenchak, - Michael Flack, Agnes Gellespie, Helen Glass, Alexander Hansen, Fred Holland, Anna Horning, Charles Horning, Harriet Horsfall, Catherine THE JUNIOR CLASS Jeager, Scott Kaminski, Teddy Kelly, Mary Kenney, Howard Kopacz, Stanley Kunda, Theodore Lewandoski, Wanda Lightfoot, Mary Malinoski, Josephine Mantell, Leonard Martella, Levan McCreary, Evelyn McDermott, Alice McDermott, George Mclntyre, Brooke Michener, Charlotte Mitchell, Susan Moody, David Mosman, Mary Neckowicz, John Neckowicz, Teddy Novitski, Francis Ogryzek, Mary O'Hara, Katherine O'Hara, Marie Osinski, Edward Porostosky, George i331 Price, Anna Price, Gladys Punyko, Veronica Rhoads, Virginia Salkowitz, Jean Salter, Ethel Searfoss, Verna Schultz, Marian Shoffner, Brooke Shubert, Helen Small, Edmund Smith, Doris Stanley, Marie Thomas, Mary Tucker, Wilson Wack, George Wack, Lewis Walker, Richard Ward, Robert White, Sara Wodenka, Walter Wolozyn, Wanda Yarosinski, Michael Zadroga, Stanley Zielinski, Alfred Zugay, Benny JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Presidents Lauren Cassel and Marian Schultz Vice-Presidents Edward Osinski and Walter Wodenka Secretaries Susan Fencik and Evelyn McCreary Class Advisers .Miss Martin and Mr. Wartena ' Today the modern student is anxious to take part in the various school activities which will make him more fit to face the problems. of life after his educational career is terminated. We Juniors have taken advantage of the opportunihes afforded us His yean and have been very acHve in extracur- ricular activities and have achieved increased interest in school social affairs. The Junior Prom will soon take place, and we hope that the Seniors will enjoy it as much as we will enjoy having them as our guests. Next year, we realize, will be our most important oneg and so we' look forward to the time when we, too, shall be Seniors. JUNIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to right: McCreary, Osinski, Schultz, Cassel, Wodenka, Fencik. E391 Jim, 7937 Jhbzmafz, THE SOPHOMORE CLASS Ackerman, Philip Anderson, Helen Ashton, Julius Beck, Ruth Bengen, Benny Bilhartz, John Bishop, Michael Bloom, Elizabeth Bowe, Catherine Brittain, William Brown, Albert Budzilowicz, Jennie Collins, Charlotte Conti, Helen Conti, Pete Cook, George Cotton, Ben Coyle, Edward Damata, Anna Daub, Harrison Davis, Hannah DeHaven, Virginia Ewanick, Anna Ferenchak, John Filone, Nicholas Fogarty, Richard Forth, Myrl Forth, William Gellespie, Dorothy George, Angelo Gilbert, Virginia Hammill, John Hansen, Gerd Hengel, Edith James. Ruth Jamison, Victor Kelly, Gertrude Kerr, Richard Kowalski, Jean Kunda, Walter Kusy, Walter Kutz, Eleanor Lester, Catherine Light, David Lonchar, Mildred Loughin, Gladys Magee, Margaret Martello, Oriente Massino, Frank Matazzo, Joseph McCurdy, Betty Mclntyre, William Michener, Paul Milice, Joseph E401 Miller, Betty Moley, Albert Moyer, Willard Petrick, Frances Podeldworny, Charles Prostack, George Pruskowski, Henry Punyko, Eleanor Roland, Anne Ross, Edna Ross, Nancy Salkowitz, George Shaffer, Harry Shane, Anna Shively, William Spinder, Jean Syester, William Tomkins, Bertha Walker, Howard Westwood, Thomas Wilfong, Helen Yakscoe, John Zaborowski, Teddy Zadroga, Laura Zielinski, lrene Zimmerman, Beatrice SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Presidents Howard Walker and.Victor Jamison Vice-Presidents Julius Ashton and Joseph Matazzo Secretaries Ruth Beck and Irene Munshower Class Advisers Miss Foley and Mr. Raub Dear Seniors, ' Since you are about to be graduated, we were sure you would like to know in what good hands you are leaving your Alma Mater. Many members of our class have been active in athletics. We hope you will return next year to see us carry on for the honor of the school. We have been well represented in various organizations, and some of our classmates were in the operetta and annual play. We Sophomores have enjoyed working with you Seniors this year, and wish to extend our congratulations to everyone of you. Affectionately, The Sophs SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to right: Beck, Ashton, Walker, Jamison, Matazzo and Munshower. I E411 I jim, 1937 091bnwi, THE JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Teacher President . Vice-President Secretary 7A Mrs. Miller John Hartshaw Eleanor Wills Jean Eckman B Mrs, Marwood Charles Mowrer Edward Smith Lola Beatty C Mr. James William Noonan Betty Mclntyre Joe Heleniak 8A Miss Grove Dominic Bontempo Garland Shifflet Jane Glenn B Mr. Mitterling Stella Smith Nicholas Urbano Sophie Dralley C Miss Brooks John Shaffer Stanley Zaborowski Catherine Weldie 9A Mrs. Diehl Harold Hartshaw Joseph Butera Anna Barr B Mr. King Betty Henning Betty Lewis Dorothy Law C Mr. Zuck John Smith Muriel Rinehart Catherine Palmer ' The Junior High School has taken a more active part in the activities of the school this year than ever before. The president of each home room is a member of the Student Council. One of the ninth grade boys is Vice- President of the Student Safety Society. The boys' basketball team,'with Mr. Rathmell as its coach, demonstrated the athletic ability of the Junior High School boys. In addition to athletics and student council activities, they have a Bee Club with enthusiastic members. Mr. Davis is the leader of the club. Tlhey study the life of the bees and experiment with them. In order to acquire money for new bee hives, the club sponsored a movie. This new idea of ai benefit was immediately successful and was followed by other school organi- zations. . 'The Junior High School has also provided entertainment in some as- sembly programs. The ninth grade boys presented an original minstrel show. Poems, music, dances, and jokes were all included in the program. A magazine campaign, arranged as a contest among the home rooms, was zealously supported by the Junior High School. This was done in the interest of their extracurricular activities. THE FRIENDSHIP CLUB " The Ninth Grade Club was organized in September. It is composed of IIS members and the purpose is to combine the ninth grade sections into a class organization. The President, Vice-President, critic and program committee are elected every eight weeks. The changing of officers and arrangement of the programs provides an opportunity for every student to participate in the club's activities. The club members have their own Friendship pin and their colors are brown and gold. The class advisers arid the club members feel that this organization is a step forward in the activity of the Junior High School. E421 Zlppm, Wlafzisn, I I X -1-1-I-'-'1""f--1-v-m EEE ACTIVITIES Jim, 7937 Jhbnem, BAND ' The Band, under the direction of Mr. Zuck, is one of Upper Merion s most active and most appreciated organizations. lt played at football games in the assembly programs, the Senior Play, May Day, and is to give a concert in June. The following students are the band members: Cornets: Clarinets: Harold Hartshaw Howard Walker James Magee Hazle Eckman Eleanor Wills Jane Walker Frank Frankenfield James Gaynor Saxaphones: Howard Kenney George McDermott Flugel : David Moody Doris Smith Ethel Robb Eleanor Kutz Jean Raeburn George Beck Veronica Punyko Helen Conti Eleanor Noblet Joseph Butera Piccolo: Harry McCurdy Drums: Woodrow Eckman Trombones: Brooke Shoffner Lauren Cassel Baritones: Audrey Crawford Daniel Sinclair Ruth James Alto Horns: Joseph Croft Irene Munshower Earl Miller Bass Horns: Clayton Richards Robert Rath John Smith John Stanley Charles Horning Drum Major Eleanor Eckman Assistant Drum Major Mary Thomas Sponsor Martha Jane Evans Managers Myrl Forth and Scott Jaeger E441 ORCHESTRA 'Llpm ' This year the school provided violins for those pupils interested in joining the orchestra. This opportunity was greatly appreciated by the members The orchestra played at the Annual Play, at the Commencement exer cises and gave a concert at the Parent-Teachers' Association meeting in April Mr. Messick is the director of the orchestra, and the following students are members: Violins: Harry Shaeffer Ruth James Edward Mathis Simone Maillet William Ross Eleanor Campbell Walter Levering Myrl Forth Gerd Hansen Flugels: David Moody Walter Stepaniak Alto Horns: Joseph Croft Irene Munshower a Baritone: Daniel Sinclair Trombone: Brooke Shoffner Bass Horn: Clayton Richards Piano: Doris E. Smith Wanda Wolozyn Flute: Harry McCurdy Clarinets: Doris M. Smith Ethel Robb Helen Conti Eleanor Kutz Saxaphone: George McDermott Cornets: Howard Walker Harold Hartshaw James Gaynor Hazle Eckman Managers--Roy Love and Garland Shifflet E451 Jim. 79.37J9' Sixth row: E. Ross, A. Munshower, I. Munshower, Hengel, Robb, Macombs, Schultz, Fencik, Searfoss, Salter, Burd, V, Punyko, Batchelder and Biddy. Fifth row: O'Hara, C. Collins, DeHaven, Tomkins, Lonchar, H. Collins, Rhodes, Yarosinski, Rotay, H. Loughin, M. Loughin, F. Horsfall, Price and Croft. Fourth row: James, Smith, Kutz, Lewandoski, Conti, Smith, Tassoni, Ogryzek, C. Horsfall, White, G. Loughin, E. Punvko and Gellespie. Third row: Magee, Miller, Ewanick, S. Ross, G. Collins. Jones. Collick, Zimmerman, Wilfong, Mosman, Mitchell and Moser. Second row: Daub, Moody. Glass, Stanley, Shotfner. Eckman, Cassel, Kenney, Wodenka, Tomkins and Mingo. First row: Walker, McDermott, M. Forth, Hansen, Matazzo, Moyer, Kunda, Ferenchak and Storti. THE C-LEE CLUB ' The Glee Club has been more active this year than in previous years. Sev- eral members took part in the Christmas program and the Club presented the operetta, "Miss Cherryblossom". The Japanese theme, scenery and danc- ing produced a picturesque effect. ln addition to the activities at school, Upper Merion is represented by four C-lee Club members in the South Eastern District Chorus. Anna Mun- shower, Reba Jones, Walter Levering and John Stanley are their repre- sentatives. fi The Clee Club will also provide the singing at the graduation exercises this June. It has gained its reputation not so much by size, as by the talent displayed. 1461 'Llppim THE MERIQNITES President Verna Seartoss Vice President Ethel Salter Secretary Marian Schultz ' Mrs. Diehl organized the Sophomore Girls' Glee Club in l935. The mem bers are now Juniors and are known os "The Merionites Their first appearance was in May 1936 at a recital given by Mr Duddy, in Norristown. The success of the chorus has continued since that first performance The Merionites proved their value to the school when they participated in the graduation exercises in l936. They presented a Christmas Cantata entitled "The Nativity In April I937 they gave a recital for the Parent Teachers Association Mr. Helzner, pianist, was their honor guest The Merionites will continue their Glee Club next year when they will be Seniors Third row: Eckman Michener Salter Schultz Kelly, A. Price, M. 0'Hara, G. Price, K. O'Hara, C-ellespie and Duncan. Second row: Mrs. Diehl Macombs, Lewandoski, Ogryzek, Salkowitz, Thomas, DeStefano Searfoss Fencik, Batchelder, Horsfall Cook, Holland, Smith and Biddy. First' row: Mosman, White Ellis Beck McDermott McCreary Mitchell Punyko Rhoads Malinoski Shubert Beatty and Collins E471 rn , . 1 r - n 1 - . 1 . . 1 D - ' 1 r 1 1 1 v t in I h . r n v 1 1 1 - 1 - - Jima 1937 pam Standing: Loughin, Kiel, Cvgal, Sitasz, Mr. Strine, Ferenz. Cox and Rvan. Seated: Rinehart, Miller, Lester, Kelly, Kaminski, Schniepp. Smith, Horsfall, Brennen and O'Hara. STUDENT SAFETY SOCIETY President Ronald Schniepp 'Vice-President John Smith Secretary Louise Kaminski Faculty Adviser Mr. Strine ' ln December of l936, Upper Merion High School Students realized the necessity for having a safety committee to regulate the loading and unload- ing of pupils on the school busses. Under the direction and supervision of Mr. Strine, a Student Safety Society known as "The Triple S" was organized. There are seventeen members in the society, and each member is a patrol- man on his bus. Because of the co-operation of the student body and the patrol mem- bers, the Student Satety Society has been considered a great success. Its powers have now been extended from the regulation of bus conditions to any safety conditions necessary in the school. E481 'llppnfc STUDENT COUNCIL President Joseph Reilley Vice-President Jacob Moser Secretary-Treasurer Louise Kaminski Sergent-at-arms Francis Brennen Faculty Adviser Mr. Rathmell ' The Student Council has just recently been re-organized and sponsored by the Senior Class of 1937. A committee of six seniors was appointed to set up the principles and purposes of this organization. The four principal aims of the Student Council are: to obtain' student participation in the control of school affairs: to encourage co-operation among the pupilsg to establish better relationship between the faculty and student bodyg and to promote the worthwhile qualities of initiative, leader- ship and responsibility in the pupils. The presidents of the home rooms in the Junior and Senior High School and the two Vice-Presidents of the Junior Class are members of the Student Council. The original committee, Mr. Strine and Mr. Rathmell are also members. A committee of council members is now drawing up a constitution, and the first project which the council is now undertaking, is to improve the sanitation of our school. The pupils and faculty feel that this new organization, with its high ideals, will be of great value in training the students of Upper Merion to be better citizens in the community. The Council Members Are: IZA Paul Bennett IIA Lauren Cassel 8A Dominic Bontempo l2A Francis Brennen llB Marian Shultz SB Stella Smith l2A Louise Kaminski lOA Howard Walker 8C John Shaffer IZB Joseph Reilley lOB Victor Jamison 9A Harold Hartshaw l2B Helen Simko 7A John Hartshaw 9B Betty Henning l2B Jean Yarosinski 7B Charles Mowrer 9C John Smith 7C William Noonan E491 jim 7937 Pionwz, THE SCARAB CLUB President lrene Munshower Vice-President Theodore Kunda Secretary Ruth James ' The Art Club, organized this year under the name "Scarab Club" is under the able direction of Mr. Charles Kinter. Painting murals in oil, book binding and the designing of personal book plates have been introduced into the club. A mural which depicts the development of writing is being made for the library. Upper Merion has always been proud of its fine art work, and appreciates the contribution made by the Scarab Club to the new library. Scarab Club Members are: John Chanko Winfield Horning Irene Munshower Michael Ferenchak Ruth James Francis Novitski William Forth Theodore Kunda Ethel Robb James Gaynor Helen Loughin Howard Walker Harold Hartshaw Betty Miller Beatrice Zimmerman Edith Hengel Anna Munshower ' E501 , PIONEER STAFF Editor-in-chief Paul Bennett, '37 Walter Levering, '37 Barbara Price, '37, Chairman Theresa Costello, '37 Joseph Reilley, '37 Willis Orner, '37, Chairman Clara Conner, '37 Louise Kaminski, '37, Chairman Joseph Mingo, '37 Mary Jane Burd, '37, Chairman Marie Chambers, '37 Miss Foley Anna Munshower, '37, Chairman Aloysius Humay, '37 Joseph Reilley, '37, Chairman ASSOCIATES Marian Horsfall, '37 Lena Peay, '37 Mary Ryan, '37 FEATURE STAFF Betsy Croft, '37 Betty 'Van Roden, '37 Robert Burd, '37 John Sitasz, '37 BUSINESS STAFF Reba Jones, '37 Jacob Moser, '37 Josephine Malinoski, '38 SPORTS STAFF Audrey Crawford, '37 Jack Eastwood, '37 Martin Yurick, '37 TYPINC STAFF Helen Loughin, '37 Susan Ross, '37 FACULTY ADVISERS Mr. Kinter ART STAFF Ethel Robb, '37 PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Ethel Brownlie. '37 David Moody, '38 JUNIOR FEATURE WRITERS Susan Fencik Fred Hansen SOPHOMORE FEATURE WRITERS Ben Cotton Eizabeth Bloom Irene Munshower JUNIOR HIGH FEATURE WRITER Betty Henning 'MPPM Martha Jane Evans, '37 Mary Ogryzek, '38 Howard Walker, '39 Doris Smith, '37 Ronald Schniepp, '37 Richard Kelly, '37 Theodore Kunda, '38 Harrison Daub, '39 Julius Ashton, '39 Harold Hartshaw, '40 Richard Kelly, '37 Evelyn McCreary, '38 Mr. Hensinger John Chanko, '38 Francis Novitski, '38 Betty McCurdy, '39 Marian Schultz Pete Conti ISIJ Jim 7937 .Pbmm Left to right: Ackerman, Ryan, Henning, Bontempo, Berger, Cassel, Small, Munshower, Van Roden and Levering AN N UAL PLAY ' Due to the untiring efforts of Miss Martin, the director, and the co-opera- tion of the cast, the annual play "The Chinese Chest" was highly successful. The story is mainly concerned with Margaret, whose socially ambitious mother wants her to marry Herbert Wolcott, a prominent lawyer. As a token of his love, Mr. Wolcott presents Margaret with a beautiful Chinese Chest. The exciting story unfolds and reveals that Wolcott, with the assistance of some Chinese, has been importing dope. The conspiracy is cleverly un- covered and Margaret and O'Neil, the policeman, become engaged. Mrs. Leaf . . . . . Mary Ryan Ferdinand Leaf isonl . . Albert Berger Margaret Leaf idaughterl . Anna Munshower Judge Leaf ..... . Philip Ackerman Herbert Wolcott ian Attorney? . . Walter Levering Hong Lee iChinese servantl . . . .Lauren Cassel Jimmie Hong iHong's sonl . Dominic Bontempo Ah Fah iChinese girll . . Betty Henning Margaret ia maidl . . Betty Van Roden O'Neil lthe Policemanl . . Edmund Small E521 'MPPM THE cuaistmgs PROGRAM THE Nl-li?lVlTY ' An interesting feature of the Christmas program was "The Nativity", a sacred cantata presented by the Merionites and other high school students. Songs, based on old French carols, pantomimes and readings of the scripture story made up the choral composition. Well-known scenes shown were those ofthe inn and stable in Bethlehem. Mrs. Diehl and Mr. Messick directed the music and Miss Martin coached the pantomimes. THE MAGIC NUTCRACKER ' An operetta, woven about the music of the Nutcracker Suite, was of humorous character and completed the program. Junior high school pupils played the parts of the fairy tale characters which were life-sized dolls and toys around a Christmas tree. Mr. Messick directed the music, Miss Foley the dances, Miss Grove the costumes and Mr. Kinter and Mr. Rathmell took charge of the scenery. E533 jim 7937 Pham THE OPERETTA ' Each year the Glee Club, under the direction ot' Mr. George Messick, pro- duces an operetta. "Miss Cherryblossomn the choice this year, was a story of a wealthy American girl who was born in Japan, and unaware of heir identity, was raised by Kokemo as a Geisha girl. Her father's secretary, whos had abandoned her upon the death of her parents, returned to Japan with a party of American friends. The action is then centered about the love affair of Cherryblossom and Jack, an American, who tried to prevent her marriage to Togo, a wealthy politician. The leads were taken by Anna Munshower, Willis Orner, Betsy Croft, Jack Eastwood, Lauren Cassel, Brooke Shoffner, Ben Cotton and Theodore Kunda. Miss Foley and Miss Martin assisted in coaching, and' the costumes and scenery were under the supervision of Miss Grove, Mr. Kinter and Mr. Rathmell. THE SENIOR PLAY ' "Paula Goes Modern", a light comedy, was given by the Senior Class on April 28 and 29. The proceeds were used to help finance the class trip. Be- cause there were many Seniors desirous of taking part, Mr. Wartena directed two separate casts. The play was a success both nights due to the ability and co-operation of the pupils and the director. The casts included: Paula Westbrook, the wife, Mary Ryan and Marian Horsfallg Sydney Howard, her friend, Reba Jones and Clara Connery Mrs. Harper, a neighbor, Louise Kaminski and Lena Peayg Gertie Fay, the secre- tary, Audrey Crawford and Margaret Loughing Leonard Westbrook, the hus- band, Joseph Reilley and William Michener: Stanley Saunders, his friend, Albert Berger and Walter Leveringg Jim, a salesman, Robert Burd and Paul Bennett, Oswald, the boarder, Kenneth Spragg and Richard Tomkins: Gor- don Stark, Paula's secretary, John Storti and Allan Miller. , MAY DAY ' The fifth annual May Day Festival was held on May 20, l937. Each year the township schools have combined to give a program celebrating the crown- ing of the May Queen. The Queen, a Senior, is chosen by the vote of high school pupils, and her identity is kept a secret until she is crowned. This year an elaborate spectacle of an old English May Day was presented. The Queen, Minnie Storti, was crowned by Marie Noblet, May Queen in I936. The Court consisted of: Seniors, Clara Conner, Betsy Croft, Martha Jane Evans, Frances Horsfall, Anna Munshower and Marie Travers, Juniors, Evelyn McCreary, Ethel Salter, Mary Thomas and Wanda,Wolozyng Sopho- mores, Elizabeth Bloom, Mildred Lonchar, lrene Munshower and Bertha Tomkins. E541 PDL RIFLE CLUB ' The Rifle Club, under the direction of Mr. Rathmell, has progressed con siderably during the past year. The club belongs to the National Rifle Asso ciation and many of the members have acquired medals offered by this Association. The properties of the club were increased by the addition of new equip ment and the enlargement of the indoor range. Upper Darby Lower lvlerion Company K. ll Infantry ' Lower lvlerion Manheim Georgetown Preparatory South High Lititz Upper Darby Kings Park Dunbar SCHEDULE U 420 455 85 l 462 462 469 469 461 465 464 459 .M. Opponents 468 465 860 459 473 429 484 483 490 473 22l Standing: G. Hansen, Mr. Rathmell, Jeager, F. Hansen, Cotton, R. Fogarty, Britfain, Walker, W Fo th and M. Forth. Seated: M. Fogarty, Light, Smith, Wood, Daub tcaptainl, Kiel, Ashton, Frankenfield an G T551 jim, 7937 p1bI1.QQlL V.-. , nm... .-. .--,,ic...,,..i. -., ...LS U E., Top row: Miller. Punvko, McCrearv. Hengel, Bloom, Ross. Munshower, Flack, Wilfong. Kutz, B. Beck, R. Beck, Conti. Middle row: Jones, Miss Foley, D. Smith, Cook, Peay, Costello, Spinder, Kaminski, Chambers, McCurdv, Bowe. Chanko. D. Gellespie, Lewis Zimmerman. Seated: H. Gellespie, Macombs, Eckman. Smith. Evans, Brownlie, Shubert, Crawford, Conner, Yarosinski. HOCKEY ' Hockey was first introduced in Upper Merion six years ago by the coach, Miss Foley. The team has worked hard all these years, under her faithful coaching, to attain the goal which they achieved this fall by having an un- defeated season. Captain Ethel Brownlie was a big asset to the successful team. Thirteen members of the squad will graduate, but it is hoped that next yea.r's varsity will be another undefeated one. The Seniors wish the best of luck next fall to captain-elect Helen Shubert and her teammates.. Schedule Upper Merion Opponents Ellis College 3 l Berwyn 2 O Lower lvlerion l l Jenkintown l l Phoenixville l l Springfield 2 O Collegeville l O Upper Darby 2 l Captain--Ethel Brownlie Manager.fMarion Horsfall Coach-Marjorie Foley E561 . FOOTBALL ' Football, the first varsity sport to be started at Upper Merion under Coach Norman Raub, continues to be one of the most popular of our athletic teams. A large squad practiced regularly all fall, and many Junior and Sophomore boys are ready to undertake the building of another team next year. The pleasures and benefits which our boys derive from their practices and games, makes us appreciate the importance of football as an extracur- ricular activity. The squad eicpresses its appreciation to Mr. Raub, who has worked untiringly to help our boys gain the best values from participation in football. Schedule Upper Merion Opponents Jenkintown O O Spring City O I2 Berwyn O 26 Roxborough O 3 Bridgeport O 26 Royersford O 6 Valley Forge Military Academy O I3 Conshohocken O l 3 Captains-Edward Davis and Jacob Moser Managers-Paul Bennett and Albert Berger Coach-Norman E. Raub The Squad: Davis, Moser, Mingo, Byus, Harubiri, Orner, Burd, Humay, Ferenz, Stitasz, Drzysmalski. Soltis, Zielinski, Ward, Tucker, Richards, Kunda, Johnson, MclQermott, Glass, Ashton, Fogarty and Manchor. E571 Jim-1937 Pzbmen, Standing: Eckman, Yarosinski, Macombs, Kaminski, Peay and Miss Foley. Seated at Table: Horsfall and Conner. Seated on floor: Smith, Chambers and Brownlie. Cil RLS' BASKETBALL ' Upper Merion girls opened their seventh basketball season in January I937. This was the first year in which they played two division basketball, the new style of court competition which is rapidly' replacing the old method of playing. The girls, although inexperienced, adapted themselves very quickly, and played some closely contested games. The junior varsity, winning five of the eight games on their schedule, showed promise of developing into a well-balanced team for next year. Captain Mickey Chambers, and her five senior teammates, will graduate in June. Eleanor Eckman has been chosen captain of the i938 varsity. Schedule Upper Merion Opponents Ellis College 36 i3 Abington 7 7 Upper Darby 22 27 Conshohocken l l 30 Alumni 32 23 Spring City I7 44 Norristown I 8 37 Phoenixville I8 2l Ellis College 18 I4 Berwyn 22 23 Phoenixville 22 25 Captain-Marie Chambers Managers-Marion Horsfall and Clara Conner Coach-Mariorie B. Foley E581 'UPPM l l BOYS BASKETBALL ' Seven seniors have played their last basketball game for Upper Merion. An unusually large number of experienced players will be back next season, and the prospects for a successful i938 court team are excellent. With the addition of some fine new material from the Junior High School, Mr. Raub will have a selective group for the first time in a number ofl years. 'Upper Merion has always upheld the policy that the success of a sport season cannot be measured by the number of wins and losses. Consequently we feel that the boys' basketball team has had a good season, and that they can be congratulated on their fine sportsmanship and team co-operation. Schedule Upper Merion Opponents West Conshohocken 24 26 Conshohocken 22 24 Spring City 20 35 Bridgeport 24 22 Phoenixville 25 27 Alumni 32 20 Spring City 20 35 Conshohocken l 5 26 Bridgeport Z0 26 West Conshohocken 29 33 Phoenixville I4 39 Valley Forge Military Academy 31 33 Captain-Willis Orner Manager-Edward Mathis Coach-Norman E. Raub Standing: Martella, Shaffer, Bishop, Coyle, Kamiski, Harubin, Bennett, Zugay, Eckman, Massino, Syester. and Nlr. Raub. Seated: Kopacz, Bengen, Yarojiniki, Yurick, Orner, Sitasz, Berger, Soltis, Drzymalski an ielinski. E591 jim, 7.93 7 plblllffb Left to right: Toth. Mr. Rathmell, Sitasz, Brodowski, Vargo, J. Ostrowski, Manchor, S. Ostrowski, Newhouse. Davis and Hartshaw. JUNIOR HIC-H SCHOOL BASKETBALL " Captain Joe lvlanchor, the only player remaining from last year's squad, and his teammates had an average record for the l937 season. lvlr. Rathmell had a difficult task this winter in molding a team from a group of junior boys who had no previous training in the fundamentals of basketball. Tahe improvement which these boys made throughout the season was due to his successful coaching. Many of the team members wil join the senior high school squad next year, and they will be a welcome addition because of the experience and training they have received. - Schedule Upper Merion Opponents Radnor 27 25 West Chester 22 25 Bridgeport l 5 38 Phoenixville l3 20 - Phoenixville Zl l9 Rittenhouse l 9 28 Upper Darby l8 l4 West Chester 37 28 V Bridgeport - 16 I4 ' Stewart 33 17 Lower Merion I2 43 Radnor 12 5 Captain-Joe. Manchor Manager-John Ostrowski Coach-Frank F. Rathmell E601 Tlppm ' wREsTi.i No ' Once again Upper Merion wrestlers have completed another impressive record on the mats. As competition was much stronger this year than in the past, Mr. Moll had his boys practicing before the Christmas holidays. A com plete team was entered in the Philadelphia Suburban League Tournament at Haverford, which finished in third place Captain Moser was the winner in the l45-pound class. Wilson Tucker George McDermott and Andrew Novitski won second place honors in their weights. Wilson Tucker will captain the i938 matmen, among which there will be seven experienced members. Upper Merion is proud of the unusually fine records made by the wrestling teams in the past few years Schedule Upper Menon Opponents Lansdowne Upper Darby Lower Merion Abington Radnor Cheltenham 2 25V2 Haverford l l 2, lz Captain Jacob Moser Manager-John Hammill Coach Lloyd A Moll Standing: Jamison, Tucker, Kenney, Fogarty, Mingo, McDermott, Moser, Osinski and Novitski. Kneeling Hammill, Beato, Mr. Moll, Zadroga, Manteli, Podedworny, Ashton, Mclntyre, Massino and Moley Wrestling hold: Kunda and Class E611 28 5 9 25 l9 20 32 5 41 O 9V f Y 32 ,f' Jim, 1937 09' BASEBALL ' After a lapse of one year, baseball has again taken its place as one of our spring sports. At the request of the boys, meetings were held under the supervision of Mr. Strine to decide whether or not the sport would be reinstated. The decision was a favorable one, and the boys sponsored a "Bring BackiBaseball'i campaign. They gave a movie benefit in school which was wholeheartedly supported by the pupils. The proceeds obtained enabled them to buy the necessary equipment for their team. A large squad has turned out for practices, and games are being scheduled with nearby schools. The return of baseball has been received with much enthusiasm in the high school. The student body hopes that the boys and their coach, Mr. Strine, will have an enjoyable season. GOLF ' The third season for a golf team has again started in Upper Merion. Last year's squad had an impressive record, winning the Section Two of the Subur- ban C-olf League. Frank Katrina, a i936 senior, qualified in the Philadelphia District lnterscholastic C-olf Tournament. ln the Pennsylvania lnterscholastic Athletic Association Tournament at State College, Paul Vasily was selected as a member of the Philadelphia Suburban Team and Mr. Raub was appointed coach. The golf team is again playing in the Suburban League this spring, and their schedule includes matches with the following schools: Glen Nor, Darby, Chester, Nether Providence, Clifton and Sharon Hill. The team has won its first two matches, which indicates that the boys are on their way to another successful season. Matches with two non-league opponents, Phoenixville and Bridgeport, have also been arranged. - Mr. Raub is again the coach of the i937 golf team and the players are: Dennis Coltart, Pete Conti, Leonard Mantell, Edward Coyle, Martin Yurick, Walter Wodenka, Robert Newhouse and Jack Eastwood. n TENNIS ' Although tennis has been one of the activities of our Physical Education program for several years, it was not until two years ago that it became a varsity sport. As many of the team members were just learning the game, only a few matches were scheduled with other schools. The boys improved rapidly throughout the seasons, and won several of these matches with their neigh- boring rivals. Stanley Kopacz, Edward Osinski and Willis Orner are the players re- maining from last.year's squad. The other candidates again are inexperi- enced players. Matches are to be scheduled for later in the season, and it is hoped that tennis will continue to become more popular as a spring sport in Upper Merion. E623 X O uppm mmm N XXX X XQ X , ', ef 1 g W Z -.1515 Zfen z,7E,'Z'!? l K I .5 4 ' J! M ". hh V. '. L1 '4 'A '42 C E. FEATURES i. 4 ii if 2. I 14' 4 Q 21 We--T fi Q-if +2 Fifi! if Q ,. 1 iwhfft v, Fi ig?-'C 1 Fw i A V. K , f- .Q ' 'qi Q. he ". 11 .- 55 ii P .i " 'Q is ' 1 5 ia i' " L i i VL1 vi . - 51-. .Ii - 4 E , . .5 , 1 xi in 1 Ag' ii . ., .4 -1 Y' .-'fe 1 i if-.WM a -i 7 93 7 plb!Z,Q,QfL Clockwise-Beginning at left lboffomlz IH Remember 9A! 123 Just Palsy-Walsy! i31 Our Love-Birds! l4l 7A Cooks! 455 Our Chaffeurs! 461 HB Picnic! Q73 1936-37 May Queens! i87 Lunch Time! 193 Some Of Us! HOD 125 History! HH Where's Mr. Strine? ll2J Sweet SA! H33 l1's Retired! lCircle7 Our Editor! -5 E641 Best all around Most attractive girl Best looking boy Most popular girl Most popular boy Best worker Most business like Most likely to succeed Class Class Most Most Most Most Most Most ladies' man bachelor optimistic pessimistic cultured courteous sophisticated dignified Best natured Neatest boy Jolliest Cleverest Most studious Best girl athlete Best boy athlete Best girl dancer Best boy dancer Quietest Noisiest Most Class bashtul politician Nicest blush Biggest flirt Sleepiest Biggest clown Biggest eater Biggest bragger Biggest pest Biggest bluffer Best drag Class Class wit nit-wit 'Harm WHO'S WHO IN UPPER MERION SENIORS Betsy Croft Ronald Schniepp Clara Conner Jacob Moser Richard Kelly Marie Travers Richard Kelly Willis Orner ' Jack Eastwood Francis Brennen Lena Peay Richard Kelly Martha Jane Evans "The Burds" Anna Munshower Martha Jane Evans Lena Peay Albert Berger Andrew Byus Walter Levering Martha Jane Evans Ethel Brownlie Jacob Moser Minnie Storti John Storti Ina Foy Andrew Byus 1 Anthony Harubin Joseph Reilley Paul Bennett Clara Conner John Mitchell Andrew Byus . Joseph Mingo Bill Michener Horace Woodside Bill Michener Anna Munshower Bill Michener Horace Woodside JUNIORS Eleanor Eckman Edmund Small Evelyn McCreary Edmund Small Charlotte Michener Howard Kenney Susan Fencik Eleanor Eckman Walter Wodenka David Moody Gladys Price George Soltis Susan Fencik Lauren Cassel Wanda Woloszyn Lauren Cassel' Anna Holland John Chanko Anna Holland Edward Osinski Charlotte Michener Helen Shubert Alfred Zielinski Wanda Woloszyn Stanley Drzymalski Mary Lightfoot Dorothy Macombs Francis Novitski Alexander Glass Ethel Salter Dorothy Macombs Wilson Tucker Robert Ward Wilson Tucker Charles Horning Clayton Richards Michael Ferenchak Evelyn McCreary Louis Wack Charles Horning E551 SOPHOMORES Bertha Tomkins Michael Bishop Irene Munshower Howard Walker Emma Bontempo Philip Ackerman Julius Ashton Howard Walker Ben Cotton Howard Walker Irene Munshower Harrison Daub Virginia DeHaven Beatrice Zimmerman Irene Munshower Gertrude Kelly Howard Walker Victor Jamison Edna Ross William Forth Emma Bontempo Edna Ross Pete Conti Bertha Tomkins Michael Bishop Gertrude Kelly Oriente Martello Gerd Hansen Michael Bishop Gerd Hansen Irene Munshower Oriente Martello John Hammill Richard Fogarty John DeLee Betty Miller John DeLee Ben Cotton Michael Bishop John Hammill Jim. 7937 091bn.wz. H IC-HLICHTS OF I 936-37 THE "SPARTANS" CHOSEN ' Upper Merion felt the need for a name to which our athletic teams could be referred. The Junior-Senior high school pupils selected the title of "Spar- tans" because of the significance of the valor and sportsmanship of that ancient Greek people. I HOCKEY TEAM UNDEFEATED ' For the first time in the six years of hockey at Upper Merion, the girls finished their schedule without being defeatedg winning six games and tieing three. FOOTBALL RALLIES AND DANCES BEC-UN ' To show our enthusiasm and support of the athletic teams, rallies and dances were held the night before some of the big games with our opponents as invited guests. THE STUDENT SAFETY SOCIETY ORC-ANIZED ' Upper Merion pupils again took the initiative this year in organizing a society known as "The Triple S"g which has proven its value to the school in caring for the safety of our students. STUDENT COUNCIL REORC-ANIZED ' At the request of the Seniors, a Student Council was again started in the Junior-Senior High School, and as evidenced by the success of its first project on sanitation, is going to be a vital factor in our school government from now on. - ' THE HOME ROOM PLAN DEVELOPED ' Realizing the values to be obtained by a well organized home room, definite plans were made by the faculty each week for a beneficial guidance program. The students have co-operated, and home rooms are increasing in importance in our school. E PIONEER ADVANCES ' A much improved year book can be credited to an active Senior Class which deserves congratulations for a very accurate and attractive school record. FACULTY CHANGES ' To Mr. Helfferich, Mrs. Miller, Miss Witman and Mr. Messick, Upper Merion's faculty and pupils bid a fond farewell, and extend sincere good wishes for their future happiness. To Mr. Mitterling-C-reetings-and we hope that you are as glad to be with us as we are to have you. E661 Wm OUR MOTHER GOOSE RHYMES Elizabeth Bobbay-Just An Old Fashioned Girl. Jack Eastwood-l'll Sing You A Song. Mr. Strine-When l Was A Bachelor. Doris Smith-What Are Girls and Boys Made Of? Edward Bowe-A Little Boy . V Mary and Audrey-lf All The World Was Apple Pie. Mr. King-There Was A Little Man. Jacob Moser-A Farmer Went Trotting. Elsie Westwood-The Busy Bee. Pud-When I Was A Little Boy. Horace Woodside-Me And My Shadow. Mary Jane and Bobby-There Are Two Birds. Mr. Hensinger-As l Was Going To Sell My Eggs. Betsy Croft-Oh Mother, l Shall Be Married. George Spragg-Georgie Porgie. Mr. Moll-A Man Of Words. Richard Tomkins-A Dillar, A Dollar, A Ten O'Clock Scholar. A Bill Michener-Blow Wind Blow! Mr. Rathmell-Oh, Where, Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? THE INQU l Rl NG REPORTER What would you have been if you weren't a teacher? Mr. Raub replied "a ditch digger"g when told it was for the year book, he quickly changed to "business man." The nursing profession would have claimed Mrs. Marwood, Mrs. Diehl, and Mrs. Miller. Who knows, perhaps we may have had a Florence Nightingale! Mr. Moll would now be pleading cases in a law court, and wouldn't we hate to be on the wrong side of the fence. Miss Foley said that she aspired to be a keeper in a zoo. Well, she didn't miss it by much! "ln the business world", was Mr. Strine's emphatic reply, but we cer- tainly are glad that his choice was otherwise. We have one in our midst who would have been a circus barker-Miss Martin. Well, we are surprised! Poor Mr. James' ambition to be a hobo was wrecked when his wife made him go to work. Oh, my, we have two teachers who at one time had ambitions to be physicians-Mr. Wartena and Mr. Hensinger. They certainly would have had more pains in the neck to take care of then! Teaching school saved Mr. Messick from becoming a beggar or thief. We wonder what his answer would have been if he hadn't been in his usual hurry? , E671 jim- 793 7 '6,1bl'l.Q.0!L THE U. . TATLER Vol. 14 1947 Alumni Issue No. 14 17th Annual Faculty-Director 50 OOO Attend Dedication of Upper 7 . , , Banquet a, Hugh Success Menon s New S675,000 Stadium yew Fnsulfv Statistics Given The ua-iv SQi75,0llll stzuliiuu uf Upper Meriou llipzll St-haul was dvflicatetl by ini- prosslve C0l'Q'Ill0llll'S pr-on-edixig the Au- nuul Home Comiul: Day Baseball Gauu: with Bridgeport High School. A Crowd estiulated at 50.0ll0. consist- iux largely of friends, uluuuii, and oth- ciuls of the sulioul iilli-ll tlu- new edition- nuupletely. It was :x gala clay in Upper Me-riuu's History. Flags hearing the svlmol 1-olurs and those of the nation wt-rv llyiup: merrily from tlu-ir lofty poles along: tlu- upper tiers of the line stadium. Blue skies und u 'lirlsk air :nude the spirit nl' the day Il lzaln one. The formalities of the occasion were begun hy the nuircliinlr of Upper Mer- ion's 150-piece student hand: their natty uuiforuis und liigzhly-polished instruments brought rounds of upplause from the Iuuzv tlirougz, Tlu-n. standing in formation. the baud pluyc-sl "The Star Slmmrled Banner". liuuivdintely following this, the invoca- tion was asked by the Rev. Dr. Alun Mil- ler. pastor of Gulph Christian Uluu'ch. Andrew J. liyus, President ot the llnard of Education, delivered a short stirrinlr. tittim: lledicatory address iu wliivli he stressed the acliieveiuc-nt of what had been his sa-luml day auihitiouz uauui-ly. to play more and better athletic iruuu-s in at large stadium at Upper lleriun. Slllll'l'lllfElldt'llt of svliools, Lloyd A. Moll, in an short talk. euiphasizod the fact that the loyalty of Upper Morlou's 5,000 Alumni had made possible this new physical addition to Upper Merion's grow- ing: township. The initial :mine to he played was opened with great suvcess. Bridgeport bowed to Fpper Mei-iou's Team by the score of 17-0. Couch Strlue-'s heroes. led by Captain David Kennedy. '47, were uudnuuted in their territtic ouslaupzht, and so tledimitefl the tlne staduixu in an nupropriate manner. 513 Students in Graduation Class Largest Group in Schools History Makes Elaborate Plans Under the vapahle direction of Miss Mario Martini and Miss Mary Jane Burd of the Hnglisli dt-pnrtiueut, plans are rapidly progresslnfz for the fourteenth high school couimeuceuient. The largest L-lass in the history ot' Upper Slerion, consisting of 513 students, will present an elaborate pageant on two successive nights. At the foruml program, the guest speaker will he I1 former alumnus of the sc-honl who has distiuguislied himself as an inventor in the lield of S1'lL'l1l'0. Dr. l-'mm-is live-iuivn, known fur and wide for his eloquent umtarlval addresses, will speak to the students ou "How 1 Muda- Good". Dr. llrc-uuen ilrst beculue famous for liis invention of u perpetual motion nm- eliim- lVllil'll has been running now for n period of ten years, lie obtained the idea for this invention on the senior class trip up tlu- Hudson in 1937 xvliere he observed tlu- avtlun of the enizinos an the S. S. Ruliort Fulton. The prim-iple of the machine has since been adopted by the General Motors Cor- poration of which Mr. XVOodrow Eeknmn is President. Cars are now in prndnvtiou whim-li ueod no fuel or outside energy to keen tlieui operating. Pl'0lllll'ii0ll lms been sfiglitly delayed recently hy the stand- up strike, which svozus to have heroine n current fud. Production lllllllfigixf. Nor- man A, Raulv, estimates that within a yu-nr every Auierir-nu family will own at least tive of those vars. Mr. Breuneu will receive n :old plaque at a testi- umulul dinner given to him hy former classmates before the progruiu. Mr. George Mowrer is ln l'llIll'l!0 of the diu- uei' mul will make the presentation to his old Sl'll00llllllN'. To Ask Bids For Additional Zeppelin Expected to Decrease Time of Transportation- By 15 Minutes The entire student population ut' the township is now being transported to school in only txvo zeppellns, and it is felt that n nu-sv one is needed, The uddl- tiou of another aircraft would devreclse the time of transportation from hnlf nn hour to tlftes-u minutes. Bids. no doubt. ivi'1 soon he given consideration by the avhool hoard. The zeppelius now land on the roof of the new senior high school and the landing crew of "l'ud", "Walt", and "Ikon" is still giving efficient service. After the disaster of the Hindenburp: in May, 1937. it was difficult to get lueu to lu-lp ground zeppvllus, and these men will soon he rewarded for their faithful- ness. Mr. Martin Yurlrk has applied for the position of pilot on the llerinuito ZR-1 und Miss Franc-1-s llorsfall. n host- ess. is expects-wi to resign when she gets married in June. Tha hum trpstul ballroom of the ree uiomlefed Valley Forge Hotel, Norristown, WHS tho su-ue of a very enjoyable eve- uinkt, spent in an amusing wuy. Frank Juuuski. Upper M1-rion Iligli School Atlilt-tie Director, served us Toust- uuistvr. The vouuulttee in 1-lmrprc con- sisted of Annu llunsliower, Typing ln- etruclori l'4-ggy Thomas, l'livsic-al Edu- rutiou lustrus-tor of Girlsg and Miss Paul- ine Gruvv. De-au of Girls. Prayer was lead by the Right Rev. Riehard Kelly of Washington, D. C. Dl- rortor Andrew livus, gave u toast to the line, new young faculty. A special feature of the evening: was an tap dance by Superintendent Moll and Prim-ipal Sh-ine: they were applauded loudly! Anionsz the interesting items on the statistical report of the fam-nity coni- iuirtueg were these facts: Number of Teachers in distrirt 95, Swedelund Build- ing, 10: Port Kennedy, 15: Junior High School Building, 30: Senior Iligli School, 40. Number of teachers unlrried, 45: num- her of children of faculty lneiubors, 39. The entire School Board, couslstlm: of President Andrew Byus, Vice-President John Raeburn, Secretary Leah Wellnrd. Treisnrer John B'oolu, Dorothy Cnuiphell, Kenneth Getty, Frank Law and Jack Zliumeruian uttemlerl. Superintn-iuieut Moll gave u lengthy spoon-li ou the hm-. physirnl aspects of the revised system, espeviully pointing: out the ndvautcuzes of having: n separate in each room: in the corridors, Also, from the emphasized the making ot' the air-1-ouditlonim: system ultra violet ray lamps and souml-proot' walls. liea'th standpoint, he use the r-liilmlreu were fine new Pulestrn, including the 825,000 Cllflilllvllll plated swimming pool, New Dimple Queen Atlantic City-The judges for the Iu- teruutional Dilhlllii Ponte-st are still in u deadlock over the title of Vain-d States lliinple Que:-u. It sc-vuls that .lf-an Yaro- siuski and Laura Rotary aro the cause of all the iudeeisiou. Who will ivlu no one knows. Mr. Andrew llvus, limvever. re- mains uurivali-cl in the nien's realm. "ANDY" BYUS Phone-Disconnected N. F. Otlicial Registrar Loyal Order of Hoboes Address-Anywhere AUDREY CRAWFORD Instruct:-ess New Svliool for Model VVives Interviews by Appointment ONLY! BURD and LEVERING V I Unexpert Farmers Using Hzu'ubin's Best Fertilizer COLLICK und SMITH FIRE SALE! Candy and Roasted Peanuts 1Slightly Jarredl i681 NORRIS THEATRE "Way Out WVest" Starring Jacob Moser and Feloneise Murphy MOLL and OR-NER Fire Detective Agency VVill Find Cause of Any Fire! X Www ' THEU. .TATLER p 2 1 Editorial Stuff lilllilll'-l1l'1'llll'f Horace Woodside llumox' Editor I-Ilizahctll Bubbay Art Editor ltlchard Tomkins Sports Editor John lierr Advice for the Lovelorn Doris Smith Society Editor George Fvrenz Farm 1-klitor Jacob Moser Fashion Editor Frances Uollick Scandal ldllitor xvillllllll Micln-nor Business Manager Andrew llyus T. .Q 1 Helly Van linden Muni Theresa: Costello Advisers Mr, lVynn, Charlie llum-an Faslliollable WVeddiug School Romance Ends at Altar Valley Forge-A fashionable wedding took place yesterday afternoon at the Valley Forge Memorial Chapel when Miss Betsy Croft and Mr. Willis Orner were nnited in marriage hy the Right Rev. Joseph Rellley. Mrs. 0l'llFl' was attearled by the Misses Barbara Price, Maid of Honor: Marie Chambers, Betty Yan Roden, Nadine Wood, and llelen Loughln, Bridesmaids: Theresa Costello, Fower Girl. and Albert Berger, Riu: Bearer. Mr, Robert liurd was the best man. Mr. and Mrs. Orner left lnnncdlah-ly for South America where Mr. 0:-ner has accepted a position as l'llQ'lllll'1ll lingxineer nf the Oli-So-Peachy Co. Revivals of the Fittest 0ld Timers on Parade Boy Meets Girl ..."Dutch" and Ecky" To Mary With Love ...... Mary Ryan Tarzan 'Est-ape-5 ............. .loc Mingo Banjo On My Knee ..lVomlrow Eckman The Devil ls A Sissle ...Albert Berger More Than A Secretary ..Marle Travers Maid of Salem ....... Marian Horsfall Small Town Girl ....... ' .... Rehn Jones The Thin Man ........... Willis Orner After The Thin Man ...Anna MnnsJiower Private Number ..... Feloneise Murphy Go West Young: Man ..Ronald SL-hniepp Matrimony I'f'd ............ Betsy Croft One ln A Million .. Martha .lane Evans As You Like It ......... Nadine Wood Curly Top ....... ...... A Iarty Yurick Hide Away Glrl ........... Helen Simko The Great Guy ........ Kenneth Sprnizg Little Lord Faantleroy ...Ioseph Reilley Dlmples ................ Frances Collick Big Heart Balm Suit Miss Conner Sues Miss Jones Norristown-A touching: Scene was presented at the Norristown Pourt House yesterday hy the grief stricken Miss Conner who is suing Miss Helm Jones for alienation of atfe-ations. Miss Conner was accompanied by her close frlcnd. Miss Marie Plmmhers, who testitlcd on her behalf. It seems Clara was exmagcrl to :i wealthy broker in New York. and while exhihitlni! him to the people of the town, Miss Jones 'became urquainted and presto, Clara had trouble on her hands. A young lawyer of distinction. Miss Fvloneise Murphy. was the attorncv for Miss Conner, She presented the details of the case in very convincing: tc-rms and soon had thc xpeetators ln tears. After several hours of deliberation. the jury hronnht in a verdict in favor of the plaintiff. Famous Stars on Floor Show Bill in Cafeteria During 2 Hour Period Uno of the recent cafeteria lmpruve- ments, xsuprpzested hy the class of '47, is he-cmnimr more popular each noontime in thc high school. A floor show pn-sented auring: the two hour lunch period was I'l'l'L'lVt'll cntlulsiastically this ws-ok by ilu- stud:-nts, A doulilc lxrother-sister acl hy .lohn and Minnie Storll and George aml llclcn Ski-lly was tho main feature on thc prngrmn. The intricate steps which those famous dancers exe:-ntcal in their tap routines lll'Ull,l-Ill! thunderous applause from the lucky students who were ah'e to get in to soc ilu- pvrfornl- ance, Louise Kamlnski, who gave a vocal impersonation of n pioneer woman being scnlped by an Indian, also received a great ovation. Head waitress, Rosalie Noonan, had great dliilculty in getting seating accom- modations for all the students and no donhr the quick clean-up work of Andy Byus, head 'bus boy, was a great help to her. Anna Tassoni, and her stexft' of cooks, served nn excellent luncheon this week. Filer of Mignon, Chicken a'la liimz, and Ire Cream a'la Mode were some of the choice dishes which cost only 3.05 each. The students were upset, by the new sratc cafeteria law which prevents the sl-rviui: of Slllll'lll'0lll- or garlic in School .uni-h rooms, but the new type menus ure gaining: in popularity. Chief floor nloppcr, llorncc Woodside. was particularly aoticcnhlv among the lilac and gold uniformed cafeteria work- ers, because of the gold mcdnl which he now wears for IU years of faithful serv- ice on the floor. The studentg charge their lnncheons, and accounts are paid at the end of year, Meals, until-r the dircction of Lena Peay, lllet Supervisor. are now lu-im: served to tired teachers in the large lounging room across from the cufetcria. Faculty and students are unan- imous ln their praise ot' this delightful new lunch room. CURRICULUM EXPANDED School Board Approves New Courses Former .Alumni to Join Faculty To nn-et the increasing demands for a broader eurrlculuxn, the High Sehool will add several new courses of study for tlle coming year. At n meeting: of the school hoard last night, approval was uranted to expand the vurriculunx. and slx new teachers were elected to the faculty. Mr. Jack Eastwood will give a prelim- stars, lnary training course for opera Mr. John Stortl will direct the anto-me- Ethel chanlcs department, and Miss Brownlie is the nm w wwlmmlnp: hstrigc- wll ' . 1 tor. A course in airplane designing be given hy Mr, Aloyslns Humay, and prac- Bliss Susan Ross will dlrert the new tice house in modern Child care. Mr. teach George Spragg has 'been selected to the much needed subject of m:nnm:lng thc family budget. and Mr. llornce Wood- side wlll give instruction ln .rxullo broad- castiinr. Upper Morton, in its usual proxzressive way. is the tlrst snhurhan sf-hoo' to intro- duce such courses into the curriculum. Fader such a carefully selected teach- ing staff. they will undoubtedly he very popular with the students. Pratklewicz Ballet Arrives Philadelphia-Iliss Nellie Prntklewicz arrives herc with her emnpany ln a new and thri'llnx: repertoire. Mise 1'rn1-kiewm is thc tlrsxt dancer as well as creator of all fantastic bullets. Miss Anno Munsliowor, tne noted ar- fiit. llvfflfrlicrl the scenery and costumes for this ballet. Many Record Holders Among U. M. Grads Win Honors in Major Sports Conducted Recently Ethel lirownlie, famous hockey star. who was recently elected Captain of the All-American Hockey Team, was at the Madison Square Garden last night. There she saw her old friend, l-Eddie Davis, win the tlnal game for the Ram- blers' Ice Hockey Team. That "crack pitcher," who won the World Series for the A's, George Ferenz, is wintering in Havana. The big wrestling match will be held tomorrow between Rip-Em-Up Mingo and Turk Face Moser. May the best man tie the knots! The new Tiddly-Winks Champion was crowned last night when Ina Foy de- feated all other contestants at Merion Cricket Clubg Bill Michener was runner- np. "Ironman" Bnrd today gained the United States Amateur Tennis Cham- pionship nt Forest Hills, Long Island. He attributes his skill to the beginning Q53-2,2012 in Upper Merlon High School in BERGER and SCHNIEPP Wvholesale Escort Service Day or Night CONNER and Joins Broadcasters No News too New! BOWE and DAVIS VVreckers! All Jobs Done in Time! STRINE and STRINE Auto Wvindow Patchers FORD DO0RS ONLY! EASTWO0D and WESTWOOD Choice Building Lols N0 Restricted Territory E691 REILLEY ART SHOPPE Attractive Models Made to Order jim. 1937 Jhbnem, Extra: "A Grand Faculty Weather Report! With Apologies to H. W. Longfellow l Listen my children and you shall hear Weather news of a faculty dear, 'Twas in the year of '37 That thoughts of this report were given. 2 'Twas one day in March of that grand time When a bad blizzard assailed Bob Strine, All our knowledge went on the wing For we saw threatening-snowstorm King. 3 No hope was there for reaching shelter For next came the whirlwind Hensinger, Blue skies Martin then told us the trick Less noise in music will please Messick. 4 Hurrah 'tis spring and no more winter Welcome indeed is sunny Kinter, Happy we'll be in our new found cove lf we can withhold more storms from Grove. K 5 Now we have made a weather. report You may laugh or cry or just make sport, But we ask you, and our teachers too, Don't you think that it's really quite true? E701 Wim THE HAUNTED BOOK SHELF So Big-Ethel Brownlie Seventeen-John Kerr Vanity Fair-Audrey Crawford The Call of The Wild-Louise Kaminski Glittering Girl-Helen Loughin Amateur Gentleman-Jacob Moser The Rivals-Willis and Bobby Lucky ln Love-Frances Horsfall Mr. Red Pepper-Paul Bennett The Portrait of a Lady-Betty Van Roden Bring 'Em Back Alive--U. M. Football Team Maid in Waiting-Laura Rotay The Man Nobody Knows-Allan Miller Mistress Ann-Anna Tassoni Gay Courage-Grace Collins Forgotten People--l 2B 'Section The Biography of a Grizzly-Joe Mingo Girl Wanted-Minnie Storti Gone With the Wind-The Seniors WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF "Mickey" Chambers went home at two-ten? Anthony Harubin talked as much as Reba Jones? Jack Eastwood didn't rave about Norristown girls? Mr. Raub remembered where he put his brief case? Aloysius Humay fell for a certain senior girl? Walter Winc-hell lMarion Horsfalll didn't know the latest news? Miss Shotfner ever got excited? George Mowrer didn't boast about Temple? Susan Ross acquired Louise Kaminski's giggle? Ronald Schniepp really did go out West? The l2B girls did their own Chemistry experiments? Pud, Walt, and Ben had their sewing circle at 7:00 A. M. instead of 2110? Richard Tomkins gave the sophomore and junior girls a break? Mr. Messick had been a musical comedy lead instead of a- teacher? George Spragg didn't worry about a certain junior? John Stanley's hair grew straight? Mr. Moll had ever excused his physics class on time? Mrs. Hall wasn't the best rooter for the girls' hockey team? The feature editors really had some good ideas? E711 101937 pam ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS D ' The Class of 1937 wishes to express its appreciation to the following people for their co-'operation in editing this volume of The Pmneen Mr. A. Ci. Sharpe of The Pontiac Engraving and Electrotype Company. Mr. Charles H. Esser of The Kutztown Publishing Company. 'The Staff of Sarony Studios Miss Marjorie B. Foley, Literary Adviser Mr. Charles L. Kinter, Art Adviser Mr. Herbert L. Hensinger, Business Adviser PATRGNIZE QUR DVERTISERS E721 Www Appreciation ' The producers of this book wish to call to your attention the very fine response from our advertisers: a fact which has made possible this more complete and more expensive volume of "THE PIONEER." This spirit of good will has been ex- pressed in a very co-operative way by the merchants and business people of our surrounding territory. We cordially invite you to Patronize our Advertisers. jim 793 7 Jhbzmm gig...-E-1 .....,..,..-.n1u1I,-.nn-1.1ul1ll1.ni,..-...ip.1nnipu-...LI..-n...p..1nl-.ll-...-.,.. -. -I E ! 1 I I I lnclustrial and Metallurgical Colce Domestic Coke L fa. l IN EGG, STOVE, NUT, and RANGE SIZES l Rainey Wood Coke Co. CONSHOHOCKEN, PENNA. l l . ! Q jg2Q5 l 'Q 'M' 9" E I ""0vaocw'-S 'L l i : BILLETS - BLOOIVIS - SLABS . I SHEARED STEEL PLATES I , BLUE ANNEALED SHEETS ' ROLLED STEEL FLOOR PLATES i Alan Wood Steel Company i T CONSHOHOCKEN, PENNA. i 4- E fl I1:u1111:inIin1lu1al:nnn1un-ln-zum.-1.101.1111pu1.n-qn1uq1..n-.im-.I1 1 -. -. 1 .. -u--u nm1im1u..- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1un1mi1nu1nu1nn1 1 PATRONS OF 1937 MRS. WM. c. WILSON MRS. HENDERSON SUPPLEE H. M. KNABB MAURICE F. FOCARTY JEAN HARKINS 'llpfm PIONEER" I King of Prussia, Pa. Port Kennedy, Pa. Swedeland, Pa. King of Prussia, Pa. The Cottage Dance Studio Phone: 4936J I6 W. Airy Street Norristown, Pa. EARL L. McCOY Musical Instruments-Electrical Appliances Phone: 2323 408 DeKalb Street Norristown, Pa. CHESTER BAKER KI MANE CHEVROLET I Ice Cream-Soda Fountain Bridgeplortf Paf Chevrolet .Agency Sth 6' DeKalb Streets Phone: 3543 Bridgeport, Pa. MARINELLI'S SERVICE STATION Cas - Oils - Tires - Washing Phone: 289l lO64 DeKalb Street Bridgeport, Pa. Compliments of the UPPER, MERION TOWNSHIP PARENT-TEACHERS' ASSOCIATION gl. uu1nu1uu1tin1iiii1au1nii1iin1nu1un..uu1un1u.1uu1ml- .-un1.r.1m1m.1...1.qu 1.m1u,.1lm-41'-ni1u af' E751 Jim S7937 Pxbnaen, glnintnigl-1: ,nj:.1.:i,,.-.lx .- :Y 1 1 : .- E 1 :..:7 1 E Y 11:7 uu1n..- i. ! 1 Compliments Q of , , Compliments L MARTELLA'S TAP , l Room of 1 , Q ' A Friend T 34 Summit Street SWEDELAND ! E l E BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 1937 i VALLEY FORGE NURSERIES l A i WAYNE, PENNSYLVANIA I E Route One i ! I I i E CONGRATULATIONS TO the ! CLASS OF 1937 i ! Summerill Tubing E Co 2 BRIDGEPORT, PA. i 1 ! 'Liu-1un.1l.1 .- .. 1...1..1...1..1nn11.5--u-...nu,un-.uin1nn1u-..uu-.un1uu1u1ln-1-11.1 E763 m.1.u......1qn.-uq-ln- l1un.-uu...q...gn1.u-.g.-,..- ...girl -.p ,iun1m,1uullulu.1nn1n,..uu...nn1uu-.nu-nn-.m,1.1.1m.1...1 -..-n---II-nr--I--ur--u.-E.-Im-In-ur.-.ple I FREE SERVICE B-LASBAND'S FOOD Phone: Norristown 6l I3 WATSON KUNDA BETTER QUALITY FOODS I Wholesale - Retail Phone: Norristown 4295 VALLEY FORCE SPECIAL 48 Stewart Street SUMMIT STREET - For Quick Service I MARKET I i I I I I SWEDESBURC-, PA. SWEDELAND, PA, ELLIS CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. E Incorporated Manufacturers of I I I I I I i CINDER CONCRETE BUILDING BLOCKS BRIDGEPORT, PA. Phone: Norristown 1666 I I I I . I Blue S1-one Quarries Quick and Crane Service W. ELLIS JOHNSON I MACK TRUCK AGENCY E Sales, Parts and Service I T HOWELLVILLE, PA. I I I I I I I I I Bell Phone: Berwyn 400-40l i E771 .1uu.......-U in 1,..-..-m.1q,,1q.-.111 I -1. jim. .1937 a!up-u-In-luiul-nu-lIu-uI-ln1lu:un1-nuI1luI1uI1nInI1lIv-uII-ll-nu-nn-xnuiaw-un-nn-xnninlinu-ali I I I WALKER'S DAIRY Compliments KING OF PRUSSIA I of HIGH GRADE MILK I You cansmmisogur cream T can't beat our milk i l PLEASE return all bottles I l NU! Levengood's Food Store I . i Let S Stop at Free Delivery I BEADI-E'S Phone: 2850 , For STI-I cf DEKALB STREETS I BRIDGEPORT PA. I Those Fine Refreshments ..A Complete Market at Your King Manor's Best! Disposal" I I Phones: Norristown 922R5 I Rittenhouse 9245 I I Building Material C . E For Sale ompliments l I Seymour Construction of I company RUDOLPH'S 2 Demohhon Q 2028 to 36 LOMBARD STREET il: PHILADELPHIA, PA. - 5 W. S. Henning, Jr. I E Comphnwnm I HENRY SABOE of I Fancy Groceries and Meat i MNC MANOR 5 SUMMIT STREET I swEDEI.AND, PA. Slnclal' Gas 7 Light Lunches : Phone: 2028W I Christmas Trees l oiul-lII--IIlI-wn-w-u-lv-l- ----- ll-u-u-u-nI- --un-an-nu-un-nu-nu-nu-u-1-u-.ln-sq E781 ui ..l1iIII1n14Iu1iiu- 1 1 -1.11 1 1 11.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11.11 pill.. -1.11-n.n1uu-nil-1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11.1.1-1n,1nu...uri.-.nun-.nu1uII1un1ul.-uil.1un1nII-np--lg--ml!! Congratulations ANTONI WOLOSZYN NORRISTOWN CROCERI E5 FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS JOHN H. DUDDY, Mus. Bac. 502 STANBRIDGE STREET Vocal and Piano Instruction . SWEDESBURC, PA. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF i937 LLOYD H. DALII3 I HARDWARE l30 WEST FOURTH STREET I06 WEST MAIN STREET BRIDGEPORT NORRISTOWN Phones: 4670 and 462I Phones: 3390 and 3311 An Important Lesson - No lesson is more important than thrift. Open a savings account in this bank and add to it reg- ularly. The regularity, not the amount, is important. Briclgeport National Bank MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSITQINSURANCE CORPORATION E791 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II-suis Jlm4.1937 pmfm 4,111.1-i..1.:7ui::f:: nine :minfll.1q.1l:v::1'g,,u1::H n1...1E: 1.1m--:---gluing-gg.-. II I II I -I- g Bell Phone: Norristown 5993 -W Q AARQN WEISS King of Prussia Inn i L ZND G DEKALB KING OF PRUSSIA, PA. I BRIDGEPORT Lunciheons Dinners A La Carte Service FURNISHINGS Private Dining Rooms 1 FOR THE FAMILY Inn Keeper i w. A. PIERsoN I I I ' ' H. W. Forth's Garage I Compliments . 'I of THE GARAGE FOR SERVICE II 5 I. E. MARcH's SONS DMB ST- PM BRIDGEPORT, PA. and I II HENDERSON ROAD I I I , II 'X I I I MITCHELL 84 NESS I PI'Iiladelphia's Most Modern Sporting Goods Store II i II SPECIALISTS IN EQUIPMENT FOR I SCHOOL AND COLLEGE ATHLETIC SPORTS I Expert Tennis Racket Stringing for Over Forty Years II II II II I MITCHELL cf NESS I 209 ARCH STREET I PHILADELPHIA, PA. , , L. Y- , .. - Y.. L.. ...-uc-or -:liIrf:l1ll1:1uf:: :l- . 1ln1la1al-as-sua, E801 il 1p,.1un.-. 1 114-1..1....1.,.1.,.1,,.1l..1.. IWPPM I 1 1 1 I I I I I I 1 I I 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 I EARL F. ALTHOUSE , Compllments CONSHOHOCKEN l of Dealer ln K0pper'5 Coke CC. General Coal Co's. Coal Incorporated Hauling OAKS, PENNA. Conshohocken l65-M - I65-J LANZ JEWELRY CO., Inc. Jewelers of Quality for 59 Years OFFICIAL SCHOOL JEWELER 29 EAST MAIN STREET In the Montgomery Arcade HEAT - SEAL HOME INSULATION Insures the owner of a house I0 to I5 degrees cooler in Summer than outside temperatures. A house uniformly warmer in Winter and a saving of 25 to 3021 in fuel bills. IElh11re1t Magnesia Mfg. Co.. VALLEY FORGE, PA. WRITE FOR PARTICULARS 11.l1uu ISIJ iugilgimliuq-.,p.Q.ni 1 .gqipgiwigligl I 1 I 1 I 1 I 1 I I I 1 I I I 1 1 I I -'-!' Jim S7937 pam nlu1ln1n1nn1n1nu--uiIIQ1-nl1lp1m11ul1111111-nlinniqn-Quai1114.-H11-pllligni,,...,,1,,,,.-,,,i l l ROBERT YEACER Clarence V. Steffen and QUALITY FLOWERS l A. S. BENNING 3 T A COLEMAN G WONSETLER 4 and 6 EAST MARSHALL STREET i X NORRISTOWN T All Forms of lnsurance I 400 DEKALB STREET De'l"e'Y A"YWhe'e 5 NoRRlsTowN Phone 4099-J l I . . Norrlstown Business Compliments 5 Q College of -T 501 SWEDE STREET U l Phone 2903 Refractory and Engl- F Day and Night School neering Corporation f Sununerand FaH E I 1 i ' o'flTZlf2Zfn2fS5 if,'l'fll"' PORT KENNEDY ! , l ! I E I l l JAMES LEES SCDNS CO 1 84 l 6 hdanufacturers of T l I WORSTED AND WOOLEN YARNS 1 l BRIDGEPORT, PENNA. l l l I l .in-nl-H -v-n- H-lv-'ll'-'H ------ - - E 82 J 1 in1:9-lu:un1lu1ul1nu-.utuuiun-. 1 IMPPM- q1u'1ni,1uii1n..- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1mi-.ln-:ln-uu1nu1 C-ILBERTS l32 WEST MAIN STREET NORRISTOWN, PENNA. Norristown's Largest Store For Men and Boys Shop and Save at BLOCK'S Montgomery County's Largest Family Store NORRISTOWN Compliments of of C07Z5h06,e672 LocAL BRANCH BRYN MAWR 900 Lancaster Avenue SHOP AT SEARS AND SAVE SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 227-23l West Main Street NORRISTOWN FRAN K BATDORF A Floorcovering Specialist CARPETS, RUCS LINOLEUMS 'VENETIAN BLINDS WINDOW SHADES Estimates Furnished Without Obligation 204 DEKALB STREET NORRISTOWN 2 Doors Below Philadelphia Electric Phone: 642 lu..-114.1 1.n1m.1nu-.....1...1uiu1u1,.,.1u.1.i,1 1 Founded teas seveniy-third Year BUSINESS TRAINING Coursesoflferthorough ,,-,a:',g-- - Sv preparation for the q, .4' . af" f' young men and women Q - . who intend to make .QA - business a career. l '51 Summer session of six week b gins July 6. Full term, Sspt. 7. Forinformution address Registrar PEIRCE SCHOOL 58- A - Phila., Pa. l83J 1.m1i..1m1uu1uu1.u1m.1..1qu-pl1gg1n.1 ,.1.,1 Where Does a Truck Engine Belong? "UNDER THE SEAT"-because that is the nearest point to the rear axle that is practicable for loading. Why are Autocars the only trucks with the engine under the seat, where it should be, instead of being in the cab with the driver? Because Autocar's exclusive "Engine-under-the-Seat'' design is covered by broad patents. Does it cost more to put truck engines under the seat? It does, and it's worth it. For in addition to giving all the now commonly accepted Chassis and load advantages that inhere in short-wheelbase handi- ness, putting the engine under the seat makes every possible provision for the driver's comfort and ease of handling. For those who do not yet realize the unquestionable superiority of "Engine-under-theSeat"Autocars, all we ask is to put one alongside any other short-wheelbase truck. This alone will convince them that Autocar is a thing apart. "Follow the Leaders for Tbey Know the Way" AUTUCAR TRUCKS Ardmore, Pa. Branches m Leadzng Cztxes 'Nm .23 lx 'v-...Aj t "M-f-.. -li Q 'Llppm,97ZoAmn, MACK INTERNATICDINIAL MCDTOIQ TRUCK CORPCDRATICDN Q, , .l L.:,' . . I 'kx' I I Compliments E I of I I I " I . ' I I I I . I 2647 EAST YORK STREET ' PHILADELPHIA, PA. , jim 1937 091bn.a.c1z. 4g.1gl1.IIi.I.1 .-..Il.I.-..,I1IIII-.Ili.I,i....-.I,.-.III-..iII...-II.,,.,,1...-.,....IIl-.nI,iII.1..1,,.I1,.1.,,1n.1..I n I I COSTUMES - CAPS and GOWNS I Clean, Cool, Authentic and Sterilized I When going to that Party, Play or Graduation-Consult I I MIULILIER COSTIU MIIEIR I 236 SOUTH IITH STREET PHILADELPHIA, PA. I ' All Caps and' Gownsvfor Graduation, and Costumes in T PIayS furnished by Miller In Q 1 I COMPLIMENTS OF I ' I I I Kutztown PuI:IisI'Iing COIEIPBDY, Inc. I PRINTEIQS and PUBLISHERS I I KUTZTOWN, PENNA PRINTERS OF THE I937 PIONEER I I I ' I SARONY STUDIO I I OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER in of I I I937 PIONEER Q I I IZO6 CHESTNUT STREET PHILADELPHIA 1 ' . I . 4,......-.,.-IIII-II.-I...-...I.....-,..... .. .... - - .. - .. .. .. - - - ... .. -II---...IIII..III-. E861 -mar E371 Jim 7937-pzbmwz, 1 .1 ian-jf-W -, N 'Au112oG,R APHS Lv 1 Printed and Serviced by Kutztown Publishing Co Kutztown, Pa.. aj- KVA 5,,,,,6,i,Q5,.A..5N, - Vi.-lr!"-u 4,1 5 ,LV V, ,E V.,-.., :iff .-.:..,V5. . -' .--rw' ' ,' 1. ..w.- jfq ! ' - If ..,,,.Ag.,g.A..-VV' n- t-L ,f ,, - A ff.: : -5M.,V':V1 j-X.-,AfV. if-, "'V..'-0,2-:.1.:V . -. VV -.J hjn'yg:fIC'lf':f'f, 'Q Q23-H .-.. f x' :Q Z'5gf""1-A Q71 QA ?.1.1,,,,i"'Y'f:T"'?"- -y':JN!LQ?Q." "'13-f.',.f':?gAf.f-1 " 2 ""'1:A.-:A , V' .i Vj,:.a, -uyp.f+,V.-.-"-Vf'. Q: 3. '-.V,.V.,V.L-,-4 .. in 5,495 1- -- AV VVV Q ,V ,-.1 4. :- - ,ff VV: VV, V.A. VVV..:V?:,AA V 1 V I A .. . 3'Z-vein-.-'DW' 1'-Lf'-. ' 'A fffpu .tfrfff-A.."-:A-'f 4,9-sf . "-fin' 1. - 'A LA-A A'-'-Film' , ' - if" Q " AA- ,""Pf" 4511 rr' 'A ww It v-,H Auf Af'-ff ':'E'- -A.11l'J5,Z! 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Suggestions in the Upper Merion High School - Pioneer Yearbook (King of Prussia, PA) collection:

Upper Merion High School - Pioneer Yearbook (King of Prussia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


Upper Merion High School - Pioneer Yearbook (King of Prussia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


Upper Merion High School - Pioneer Yearbook (King of Prussia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


Upper Merion High School - Pioneer Yearbook (King of Prussia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Page 1


Upper Merion High School - Pioneer Yearbook (King of Prussia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1950 Edition, Page 1


Upper Merion High School - Pioneer Yearbook (King of Prussia, PA) online yearbook collection, 1937 Edition, Page 7

1937, pg 7

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