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P .I 'Avg' :sz f '1 , 3 -. i "9 7 .1 fl .3 .. 54: .-n. ,f 1, 52 S?f3fl5! g',w,:i,'g ' - . 1, fi. 1, ' ,. sir - :- lik ff' 'vs f ,Q ., ,L if ' IJ, 53:-.3 if-.-3? 5951 ' t., '-:Eff . . fi 52 31 , X' 'faiffad' 'JEAE' '4 . .- i 'QW ,F an 5 2, ,ff 4 3 A . ,iff iff? 'QA avr, 'X Q ,fd . , my V 'IQSJ . . ff-'1 ifih' 'LQ v 'j,4. 5, ' 1,1 'f ifkf Qin., i"' 13222 :. ' fix a 1 N , Fir" 1 I 245. I l?- il -, li! 1' " iffiyit f " bv, if k -A x,, V' S32 - 5 1 .1. R ..,'-hw, '1 if: ., .. . Q.. Lf : 35: ' A f , .qi 5 X f ,. 1 ' . 3-7, - f 'sais -' . - 1 ' if W - ' gifjgi' -5, f ivfxsw . . sg ' f"2Jlf1 , , 1-Tig ':'Qx? V 3 ' k , I v :af ' - F. Z - . J ff' ,J g4.', g!15?Ef'i5,f-.M , 4jg5g5g5H5Q-1,,,:5gfg4-Q.3 , ' -1 ' .23 fa. .uf L'fq',:":.f,: api- 5 x ,.e.rf'-1 114.91 rt'-4 z'aw3?fQ'l-ann wmv-fr -2' is Q, The Leolette Volume 28 1955 Pbl hdbyPpl ofUpperLeacokHgh9hl Yearbook taff 1Uvditors-in-Chicf , A.,.....,,..,,..v.,,, Evelyn Burkxxallw. Hvtty Ha-rl' uviale- lfdilurs , ,W ,luyc-c Hawthorne. Mary Margarvt Ove-rly. julia- Slauifcr. Marianne Slultzfus. l'c'ggy funk Ml Ifmlimrs ,W ,, ,M -M lflaim' Krvidvr. Marian ROSOIll1Pl'l'X. .lunv Huzjalwk I'lmtngrnpI1y Ifdilors ,, ,,,,,f,-.,.,Y,, ..,, A ,lavk Ii0UYt'I'. Carl Sllldlllllfidgll' Igll4ilH'SS Nlilll1lgl'l' ,, ,,,.,., ,,,,f ,V ,, Rm Hillzlrd X-Qislunl llllsim-ss Wlanaggcrs , , H Cillwrt Marlin. f:1'HI'Q1' X'Y0z1x1'1' lxpisl , , , Phyllis AlUI1lQ10IIll'I'f I ll'llllf Aclvisol' , , ,A Miva' H. lxvndig Dedication , up few--f W ' "i N"' MR. GILBERT GOTTSHALL To Mr. Cottshall, who as our class adviser, has shown a friendly interest in our welfare, we, the class of nineteen hundred and fifty-five, in grateful appreciation, dedicate this volume of the Lcolette. Board of Education Mama! AL623, !7Jx0' MR. WILL E. GLASMIRE MR- J- ROYER MILLER Treasurer S9Cf9i3fY MR. LESTER R. KURTZ 'President MRS. JOHN RANCK MR. WILLIS HARBAUGH Vice-President ai ,1,,g.u-vu 3. fffz The Facul MR. ll'XRRY M. BOOK MR. HAROLD F. EMMITT Bloomsburg State Teachers College, B.S. General science, chemistry, physics, and plane fVl.A. Art. EUUUWTTY- Millersville State Teachers Col- lege, Pennsylvania Stale Univer- sily. A.B. Columbia University, t MRS. VIVIAN GROFT West Chester State Teachers College, B.S. Vocal music. MR. GILBERT GOTTSHALL Elizalmetlitnwn College B.S. Commercial. f -Q P MRS. ARLENE HUNSECKER MR. CHARLES J. JOSEPH Texnple University, B.S. Home Albright College, A.B. Penn- Economics. sylvania State University, M.E. English and French. MR. HAROLD E. CAMRER Millersville State Teachers Col- lege, B.S. English, history, geography, and mathematics. MR. PARK A. HESS Millersville State Normal School, Pennsylvania State Uni- versity, B.S. Columbia Univer- sity, M.A. Supervising Principal. MISS ALICE ll. KENDIC Millersville Stat c Noruzal School. Muhlenberg College, A.B. University of Pennsylvania, MA. English and Latin. - .f,,3, W7 The acull' MRS. LAURA K. LANDIS NIR. ALFRED C. MOFFATT 511111-rsvlllv Nah' rl Q-avlu-rs Col- lvgr. 13.5. ljhralian, rm-uxling and grllimlalmw. X . Dire-clor of Inslrlllnmlal Music' 1 MISS CONSTANCE M. ROOT mas. DOROTHY STKLDPF 'Nlillm'rniHe- Slilll' Tl'Zll'Il1'I4S Col- ' clpplc- Inivvrgly, BS. Eng:- lvgxv. BS. Mzllhvlnulivs and Us and' 511 sival eduvalion. gf-ogrraphy. ! -ff 1 MR. ROBERT ZINK MRS. MIRIAM RITEAU West Chr-stvr Stale Teachers School Nurse Collvgv. BS. Temple' University, MS. History, mathvmalics, and allllc-livs. MR. ROBERT A. NICHOLS 'Niille-rswillv Stale Tm-acln-rw Col lvgo. BS. lnllmtrial Arts am math:-matics. i r .5 .UQ XTR. ROBERT TIIOTXIPHON T.:-lllgrh I HIVVIASIIY. Rb. lllslorw aml biology. MISS 'P mv .5 QW , X . .. fr 1 i Xb QP' Ei if T Name-AMOS LLOYD BEWLEY Nickname-Beasley Address-Bird-in-Hand, R.D.aH, Pa. Birthday-August 27, 1935 Outstanding characteristic-Facial expressions Weakness-Plaid colors Favorite expression-"1 say, old boy" Favorite pastime-Talking to girls Prized possession-My Chevrolet Place most often seen-Nowhere in particular Ambition-To get rich 11, 12g Science Club 10, 113 Dramatics Club 12: Basketball mana 12: Track 10, 12: District Chorus 12. Name-MARY EVELYN BUCKWALTER N ll'lillHlllt'--EIFICC Address-Barevillc, Pa. Biitlulay-August 21, 1937 Outstanding characteristic--Wavy hair Wcsakness-Barbectles Favorite expressitin-V-"llorrors, children" Favorite pastime-Sleeping Prized possession-Driveris license Place most often ss-en-Wlu-rover Laverne is. Ambition-To do something worthwhile Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, ll. 123 Student Council 10. 11, 123 Patrol 10. ll. 12: Staff 12: Track 10, 11, 123 Travel Club 10g Maga- zine Drive Manager ll. 12: Yearbook Staff 12. Name-JOHN EDWIN HART Nickname-Hart Address-Churchtown, Pa. Birthday-April 5, 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Bright blue eyes Weakness-Women Favorite expression-Censored! I Favorite pastime-Playing cards Prized possession-Baseball glove Place most often seen-A certain home in Morgantown Ambition-To be a major league ball player Activities-Baseball 10, 11, 12g Basketball 123 Soccer 11, 12g Student Council 12: Science Club 11. 12. Eight Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 125 Boys' Chorus ll, l2: County Chorus ger 10, ll, 12g Baseball manager 11. 123 Senior play: Patrol IU. ll. Name-VIRGINIA JO-YCE HAWTHORNE Nickname-Joy Address-Bird-in-Hand, R.D.aif1, Pa. Birthday-March 22. 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Blue eyes Weakness--Tall men Favorite expression-"You're right" Favorite pastime-Reading Prized possession-Class ring Place most often seen-Rocky Springs Skating Rink Ambition-To go to college Activities-Student CouncilFSecretary 11, 123 Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 123 Patrol-'First Lieutenant 123 Cheerleader 10, 11, 123 Senior playg Drill Team 123 Class Secretary 10, 11, 12Q Travel Club 103 Track 10. 11, 12: Staff 11. 12: Yearbook Staff 12. Name-BETTY JANE HERR Nickname-Liz Address-Leacock, Pa. Birthday-September 18, 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Wavy hair Weakness--Black wavy hair Favorite expression-"Yumpin' Yimminy" A Favorite pastime-Running around Prized possession-Driver's license Place most often seen-War Memorial Ambition-A "Spar,' in the U.S. Marines Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12? Travel Club 10, 113 Nurs:-s' Club 123 Handicraft Club 123 Patrol 10, 11, 123 Junior playg Manager of Senior play3 Staff 123 Track 12g Drill Team 123 Yearbook Staff 12. Name-MIRIAM M. HESS Nickname-Mim Address-Bird-in-Hand, Pa. Birthday-January 29, 1938 Outstanding characteristic-Smile Weakness-Brown eyes Favorite expression-"That's beside the point" Favorite pastime-Reading and embroidering Prized possession-Watch Place most often seen-Room 9 Ambition-To be a nurse Activities-Mixed Chorus 121 Track 11, 12Q Travel Club 113 Knitting l Club 123 Nursing Club 123 Handicraft Club 12. Nine Name-JACK RQGER HOOVER Nickname-Kiss Address-Talmage, Pa. Birthday-July 7, 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Freckles Weakness-Lorna Favorite expression-"I don't care" Favorite pastime-Arguing with Mr. Zink Prized possession--'52 Ford Place most often seen-Home of Mr. and Ambition-To own a new sports car Activities-Yearbook Staff 12g Sports Club 11g Travel Club 123 Soccer 12: Basketball ll. 12: Baseball 11. 12. Name-RAY LEONARD HILLARD Nickname-Hillard Address-Bareville, Pa. Birthday-November 27, 1937 Outstanding characteristic--Manner of walking Weakness-Women Favorite expression-Censored! ! Favorite pastime--Hunting Prized possession-Car keys Place most often seen-In his Ford Ambition-To be an engineer 9 Basketball 12, Soccer 11, 123 Patrol Council 10, 11 iPresident 1233 Junior 123 Science Club 10g Yearbook Staff 12. Activities-Baseball 10, 11, 12 10, 11-Captain 12: Student and Senior plays, Stall 10, 11, Mrs. Henry Name-NANCY LOUISE JACOBS Nickname-Jake Address-Blue Ball, Pa. Birthday-.luly 29, 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Size Weakness-Clothing Favorite expression-"Dig that" Favorite pastime-Sleeping Prized possession-Class ring Place most often seen-School Ambition-To be a registered nurse Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 12: Home Economics Club 10: Dra- matics Club 11, 12g Senior playg Future Nurses' Club 12: Band 11, 12. Ten -nw. x "1f'a"'t'f " 'fvarwwvm-1'-v.' ' 1' ' 'mr 'vw ' " ' Name-MARY ELAINE KREIDER Nickname-Peanut Address-Box 18. Leacock. Pa. Birthday-.luly 17, 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Freckles Weakness-Tall, blue-eyed men Favorite expression-"Imagine that" Favorite pastime-Being with Howdy Prized nossession--A certain picture Place most often seen-In a Mercury Ambition-To be a secretary Activities-Mixed chorus 10, 11, 123 Patrol 10, 11, 125 Drill Team 125 Senior play: Travel Club 115 Future Nurses' Club 123 Library Club 14', 113 Track 10, 11, 12: Staff 12g Yearbook Staff 12. Name-ROBERT H. LEAMAN Nickname-Bob Address-Bird-in-Hand, R. D. -fl, Pa. Birthday-March 14, 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Smile Weakness-? ? ? Favorite expression-"That's the way it oughta be" Favorite pastime-Sleeping and buzzing around Prized possession-'52 Mercury Place most often seen--At school Ambition-To amount to something Activities-Mixed Chorus 12: Patrol 10, 11, 125 Junior playg Science Club 10, 113 Travel Club 123 Track 10, 11, 12. Name-WAYNE M. LAP? ' Nickname-Dink Address-Leola, Pa. , Birthday-August 17, 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Shortness Weakness-Females Favorite expression-"I give up" Favorite pastime-Sleeping Prized possession-'51 Ford Place most often seen-Brownstown Ambition--Join the Air Force Activities-Sports Club 10, 11g Travel Club 12g Patrol 11, 123 Basketball manager 10, 11, 129 Senior playg Band 11, 12. Eleven Name-GLENN EDWIN MENTZER Nickname-Mentzer Address-Bareville, R.D.ai41, Pa. Birthday-August 16, 1938 Outstanding characteristic-Quietness WJ Weakness-Cherry cokes Favorite expression-"How are you fixed for blades?" Favorite pastime-Eating Prized possession-Scooter Place most often seen-Home Ambition-To become a member of the U.S. Marine Band Activities-Junior and Senior plays, Band 10, 11, 12, Patrol 10, 11, 12: Baseball 10, 12g Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12, Science Club 10, Model Club 11: Travel Club 12. Name--GILBERT S. MARTIN Nickname-Martin Address-Bareville, R.D.alf1, Pa. Birthday-July 30, 1938 Outstanding characteristics-Lack of height Weakness-Cokes Favorite expression-"You don't know, do you?" Favorite pastime-Driving Prized possession-Driver's license Place most often seen-Riehl's Store Ambition-Chemist Activities-Science Club 10, 115 Dramatics Club 12, Mixed Chorus 123 .lunior play: Boys' Chorus 12g Track 10, ll, 123 Vive-President 123 Yearbook Staff 12. Name-PHYLLIS JEAN MONTGOMERY Nickname-Phil Address-542 East Main St., New Holland, Pa. Birthday-November 5, 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Size Weakness-Black hair and brown eyes Favorite expression-"Co get em', Favorite pastime-Running around in an Olds Convertible Prized possession-School ring and driver's license Place most often seen-War Memorial Ambition-To be a nurse Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 123 'Patrol 10, 11, 12g Drill Team 123 Senior playg Typing Club 10, Dramatics Club 113 Future Nurses' Club -President 123 Handicraft Club-President 123 Cheerleading 10, 11, 12, Track 10, 11, 123 Yearbook Staff 12, County Chorus 11, 12: Student Council 11g District Chorus 12. Twelve Name-MARY MARGARET OVERLY Nickname-Mimi Address-Bareville, Pa. Birthday-May 9, 1938 Outstanding characteristic-Tall and lanky Weakness-Pontiacs Favorite expression-"Oh, heavens" Favorite pastime-Playing Cupid Prized possession-"Who's Who in High School" pin Place most often seen-Witli the kids Ambition-To attend college Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 123 Student Council 10, 123 Cheer- leading 10, 113 Drill Team 11, 122 Patrol IO, 11, 122 Library Club 10, 11, 123 Latin Club 112 Dramatics Club 103 Junior and Senior playsg Staff 10, 11, tCo-editor 1213 Track 10, 11, 123 Yearbook Stall 12: County Chorus 10. t Name-RUTH MARLENE RISSLER Nickname-Ruthie Address4138 W. Main Sl.. lreacock, Pa. 3 Birthday-.Iuly 29, 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Smile Weakness-Food Favorite expression-"Oh, my gosh" Favorite pastime-Driving Prized possession-Commercial awards Place most often seen-Kurtz's Store Ambition-To become a secretary Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12g Staff 11, 123 Travel Club 10, ll Handicraft Club 12: Future Nurses, Club 12. Name-MARIAN VIRGINIA ROSENBERRY Nickname-Rosie Address-Route 42. New Holland. Pa. Birthday-March 31, 1938 Outstanding characteristic-Blonde wavy hair Weakness-Black hair and brown eyes Favorite expression-"Check that" Favorite pastime-Sleeping Prized possession-Red Dodge Place most often seen-Wherever Nancy is Ambition-To attend a hair dressing school Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 123 Patrol 10, 11, 122 Band 11, 123 Senior playg Track 11, 123 Yearbook Stall I2Q Typing Club 10: Dramatics Club 11. 12. i Thirteen Name-CARL COLDREN SELDOMRIDGE Nickname-Carl Address-Blue Ball, Pa. Birthday-December 30. 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Dark hair and eyes Weakness-Food Favorite expression-"Oh, I don't know" Favorite pastime-Driving mom's car Prized possession-Portable radio Place most often seen--School Ambition-To be an architect or interior decorator Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12: Junior and Senior playsg Model Club 10, 114 Dramatics Club 125 Track 10, 11, 12g Yearbook Staff 12g Boy's Chorus 11, 12. Name-JUNE ANN ROZJABEK Nickname-Roz Address-Box 73. Peacock. Pa. Birthday-March 20, 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Sense of humor Weakness-Men! Favorite expression-"You can't hardly get that kind no more" Favorite pastime--Drawing Prized possession-Fluffy Place most often seen-On the phone, talking to Julie Ambition-To be a school teacher Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12g Patrol 10, 11, 125 Typing Club 10 Dramatics Club 11g Student Council 12g Junior and Senior plays Staff 11. 12: Yearbook Staff 12: Class President 11. 12. Name-ALVIN DOUGLAS STAUFFER Nickname-Doug Address-Coodville, Pa. Birthday-January 26. 1938 Outstanding characteristic-Black hair and dark eyes Weakness-Blondes Favorite expression-"Un huhl' Favorite pastime-Hunting Prized possession-'49 Pontiac Place most often seen-In his green Pontiac Ambition-To become an engineer Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 12g Senior Playg Boys' Chorus 11 Science Club 10. 11. 12. Fourteen Name-JULIE FRANCES STAUFFER Nickname-Julie Address-New Holland R.D.al41. Pa. Birthday-September 1. 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Blonde hair and blue eyes Weakness-Fords Favorite expression-"Oh, Heavens" Favorite pastime-Talking on the phone Prized possession-Poslam Place most often seen-On the ph Ambition-To be a medical secretary or airline hostess Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, 11, 125 Patrol 10, ll, 123 Band 11. 12g Home Economics Club 103 Dramatics Club 11, 123 Junior and Senior playsg Track 10, 11, 123 Future one, talking to .lune Nurses' Club 12g Yearbook Staff 12. Name-MARIANNE ELIZABETH STOLTZFUS Nickname-Stoltz Address-316 S. State St.. Talmage. Pa. Birthday-April 5. 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Dark sparkling eyes Weakness-Pizza pie Favorite expression-"You're crazy" Favorite pastime-Buzzin' around with the kids Prized possession-Key to my Dad's Cadillac Place most often seen-? ? ? Ambition-To become a Medical Technologist Activities-Mixed Chorus 10, ll, 123 Track 10, 11, 12g Band 11, 12: Patrol 10, 11, 129 Student Council 105 Junior playg Home Economics Club 10: Travel Club 11: Library Club 10, 11g Dramatics Club 12: Future Nurses' Club 12: Yearbook Staff 12. Name-GEORGE M. WEAVER J NicknamwGeorge Address-New Holland. Route 42. Birthday-.luly 5. 1938 Outstanding characteristic-Brains Weakness-F ood Favorite expression-"That's tricky" Favorite pastime-Playing ball Prized possession-Shotgun Place most often seen-At U.L.H.S. Ambition-To make a lot of money Activities-Baseball 10, 11, 123 Socc Club 10. 11. 12: Stall 12: Yearbook Staff 12. Pa. er 11, 123 Track 10, 11, 125 Science Fifteen President ...... Vice President Secretary ..... Treasurer - - - Today Name-MARGARET ANN ZOOK Nickname-Peggy Address-Bareville, Pa. Birthday-October 23, 1937 Outstanding characteristic-Slim waistline Weakness-Soldiers Favorite expression-"What's your major maladjustmentn Favorite pastime-Attending Girl Scout meetings Prized possession-Nellybelle Place most often seen-Rocky Springs with Joyce Ambition-To be a librarian Activities-Mixed Chorus 10. 11. 12: Track 11. 12: Library Club 10 11, 12: Drill Team 12: Staff 10, 11 iCo-editor 121: Junior and Senior plays: Dramatics Club 10: Junior Classical League 11: Typing Club 12: Yearbook Staff 12. 'I' 'J' OFFICERS MOTTO we follow: tomorrow w F L O W E R White carnation COLORS Navy blue and white Sixteen e lead. --- June Rozjabek --- Gilbert Martin Joyce Hawthorne ------ John Hart fb' h Li his of Hi' h chool Da s Sep t. 3--The great institution has reopened. Now, at last, we're in Senior High. Sept. 16--We selected our class ofiicers. President ...................... .-- .... Ray Hillard Vice President .... ....... J ohn Hart Secretary ....... ......... ..... - - --- Joyce Hawthorne Treasurer ....... .. ................ .- ................ -.-.... ..... George Weaver Oct. 17-Our class hayride, which led us to Rocky Springs Skating Rink. fNo casualties lb Nov. 14f-Received our first report cards of the year. fNeed I say more?J Nov. 26-30-At last, our first vacation. tEveryone, including the turkey, got stuffedi. Dec. 2--Today someone conceived a brilliant idea for an assembly program. Dec. 18-Our Christmas Cantata, directed by Mrs. Lilley. Dec. 23-Jan. 5-Christmas vacation. K.Not ling enoughi. jan. 14-Our Minstrel Show was put on for Assembly. fwhat a show! 5 Jan. J an. Feb May 19-22-Mid-year finals. fwhat we didn't cram into our thick skullsi . 28--Report cards. tljoor pay for our crammingi. 28-Our first real band concert. tLittle did we know of the outcome at this timei . 2-"Meet Arizonan KA wonderful perfirmancei. l Seventeen unit May he f-Mr. Thompson kindly land bravely! accepted the challenge of taking us to the Wyo missing lVluseun1. May Sfflrack Meet. lvllhen will we get a Ch ance to win?l May 25-127-f-Finals. llVlany casualtiesl. May 29-At lastg now wc can breathe mrs 53. 54- Sept. 9-rfvlfe reported to Room 9. Sept. 2Lltf Vlfe selected our class ofhcers. President ,..,, Vice President , A freely. 401' can we??t -, June Hozjabek james Dissinger Secretar ' -,-.. . . ,lo 'ee Hawthorne 5 3 Treasurer , , V- -- - ,A A-- . . . - Georffe Weaver D Oct. 29-30ff'l'eache1"s lnstitute. llglcss the man who thought of itll Nov 5- Picked colors, flower, and motto. We also picked our rings and jackets. Nov. l9f4l7irst report cards of our ,lunior year. lUgh!J Nov. 20 -- 'We had planned a class skating party, but only seven came. lSoniehody goofedl Nov 20-29-fffhanksgiving vacation. lAnd we do need itll Dec. 2l'Cllt'lSllll3S Carol Service. Dec 23-Jan. 4f -Christmas vacation. lNow the juniors could play with their new toysl. Jan. llfWhat's this? No school? ll should think they would have let us tunnel our way to school on such a nice day.l Q l'elr 5-H-Report cards. ll'eriodieal reminderl Mar. 5-elfirst student-faculty basketball gnne. lwie should give the teachers a medal for hraveryl. Mar. 27---Junior play "Just Uuckyu. HX grea' successg in fact, it was just duekyl. l Eighteen April 18--A certain junior will never go roller skating again. lGadl What a nightll lVlay 7+Track Meet. May 8-First semi-formal, "Spring Fantasyv. llVlade no money, but we had funl. May 27-Juniors excel as T.V. stars. llt was only an Assembly program. But we can dream cnn't we?J . ...N June 4'AWc have now heen given the honor of lining culled Hfeniorsw. Seniors 54, 55 Sept. 9-We report once again to Room 9. Sept. 21- Upper Leacock Band marches in its first parade. Oct. 6--Reading Clinic. lLet,s have more of tliesel. Oct. l2fWc all smiled and said '6Checze,'. lCot our pictures tal-aenl. N ineteen Oct. 28-29f'l'eaeher's lnstitute. tWe'1'e having the luck of the lrish with all of these vacationsl Nov. I3-'fSeniors tossed 'SA Lucky Pennyw. tUur last play was a success it. Nov Nov. Dec. llec. Dec. ll m-t' . D t'c'. Dec. ll e-t'. Dec. Jan. Feb. 20- - 25- 4-- Our class took a trip to Temple University. 4Strictly business, no pleasure, Ahemlj 20'-Thanksgiving vacation. lFinally,l. Band Concert. tive made the community, band consciousl. 8-The junior and senior boys engaged in mortal combat. tSeniors were victorsl. 8-Christmas Carol Service. tAs good as everl. 20.-- Four of our senior girls appeared on W.C.A.L., T.V. tCollege of the Airl. 22--Student Council Christmas party. tfWe had a group of fifty-five presentl. 23-Class Christmas party. 1We had lo.1ds of fun back at Rosieisl. 23-Jan. :Sf-Christmas vacation. 31-New Yearis Eve party at MlIYll,S. 4S.1w the new year intl. 26N-Student Council Convention. t'We played host to 105 representativesl. 11-New Holland basketball game. lWell. do we ever win?VJ. April 8-11-Easter vacation. April 13, 14, 15-Vlfashington trip. May May May May Mav fr -Jfrack Meet. l4--ffjunior-Senior Prom. 223 tThat poor city still doesnit know what hit ill. Baccalaureate Service. lThe end is drawing nearl. 25-Class Day. tVVe exchanged our little presentsl. 31-- Commencement. tCoodhy to the school, but not to our memoriesl. Twenty S S B E 'Cf L 3 Q ilk 3 W Q arf w f ' 34,394 Aki-Q29 Na X gi mx 31- r. 'A A nv.. --gf N aid! xg Q f ,, Q ,. . ' Q ff 'Q wizsbgfxq K 7 3 A v , F . W x fa' 3, ...qt A WV W f SX' x wx X A' N 'Q nil' s MY Class Will We. the members of the Class of 1955, of Upper Leacock High School, being of sound mind and body, do hereby declare the following to be our last will and testament. Article I We herein bequeath the followingzg Lloyd Bewley's ability to be manager of the basketball team to Fred Landis. Evelyn Buckwalter's love of sports to Marianne Miller. John Hart's dilapidated baseball glove to Warren Skiles. Joyce Hawthorne's ability to make friends to anyone who needs it. Betty Herr's high marks to Jim Dissinger. Miriam Hess' seat on the school bus to Robert Dunn. Ray Hillard's ability to produce explosions in chemistry class to any lucky junior. ,lack H0over's seat in the auditorium with Lorna to Bobby Cooper and .lune Steller. Nancy ,lacob's skeleton to Mr. Zink's health class. Elaine Kreider's noon-time seat in the War Memorial to Naomi Groff. Wayne Lapp's score-keeping book to David Poff. Robert Leaman's absentee excuses to Virgil Wynne. Gilbert Martin's numerous study halls to Mary Ann Stauffer. Glenn Mentzer's love for "Good and Plentyi' candy to Mary Ann Hunsecker, Sandy Stauiier, and Jane Welsh. Phyllis Montgomeryls cheerleading outfit to Shirley Palmer. Mary Margaret Overly's Latin book to Faye Witman. Ruth Rissleris position as staff typist to Theda Poli. Marian Rosenberry,s taxi service to Ronald Freeman. June R0zjabek's sense of humor to anyone who needs it. Carl Seldomridgels voice to anyone who can live with it. Douglas Stauffer's seat in English class to Douglas Wolf. Julie Stauffer's cymbals to Betsy Good. Marianne Stoltzfusis band uniform to anyone who is willing to march in parades. George Weaver's English marks to Donald Weaver. Peggy Zook's gift of gab to Delores Steinman. Article II We bequeath to the next fortunate class the use of Room 9, a room which we have joyfully occupied for two years. To the juniors we leave our patience, our philosophy, our obedience, and our ability to keep quiet. ? ? ? ? 17 We bequeath our ability to produce good assembly programs to the junior class. the use of the large booth in the War Memorial to the sophomore class, and our girls' outstanding volleyball ability to the freshmen. In witness whereof we affix our seal this thirty-first day of May in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and fifty-five. Signed, The Senior Class Twenty-four ,f 0 ri fgzjwi, 44 MS -af '+ N12il'Jll1Jlilf'CklI'0l Landis BAND D1'11111s-fRim'l1ar1l Ymlvr, J. ljiSFJIlgVl', W. Lupp, D. Xvulf, M Waltm N .moms lIy111lmIs-- M. Rus1-11111-1'1'y, J. 51111151-r. 'l'1'41111lm111-Q-WU. Hinklvy. S. P off, K. Ruuss. J. lJISSlllg!.4'l'. llIo1'k1f11spie-ls lluwll, M. Slullzfus. Bass l1111'11s--C. All'IlIZL'l', J. Runvk. Clarins-is--V. Bi11klvy, J. Kurtz, M. lI1111s1-vlwr. M. Go'1Ii11. J H1101 S Slllll ar I ll l"l11I1-S--U. B111'kw:1ll1-r, B. Male-1'1'. M. Harsh. Sz1xa1pl1u111-s- D. Puff, J. F14-ll1-r, N. Irvin, J. Dl'ilJ1l'F, R. Bill 'Isl'llllllll'IS 11. xVt'l'Ilt'T, R. lf1mp1'1'. R. Iiaby, R. Stnltzflw. N KYFIKLI St r R C11 l'il't'Ill'll l1111'11---M. P11-rw, NI. Lum 'I'11lmsYfJ. Uraybill. Dil'Q'1'I0I'7hlI'. Moffatt. Bal1111 'l'v1i1'l1'1' - F. Wilmun. lis, J. W1-Ish. J. RIIUSS. Twenty-six MIXED CHORUS Iwrsl rms Im-Il to l'lglIlI Nlrs. Lrofl. 1III'Q'l'Il'1'SSf, N. l,.uII. Ia. Xxvrl. .I. XNVIIQIVI. .. Inlm.-1. N. .Izu'nlvs. In. IXll'IIIl'l fa 1-r. I'. xIIlllIQlllIlIl'I'y, II. 1,1-mis. B. Smilh. II. I,K'2lIllllIl. .I, 511-llvr. NI. llws-. lf. NIIISN-r. I'. funk. N. Ilvuvlx I RIIIIIII I Rxl H -au-r. I". XYIIIIIZIII. NI. Sluuifvr. .I. Sh-IIm'r. II. I'Il'K'l'IllLiII. Sl'l'lDlIlI rms II. Risslvr. ,I. IIllXXIIl0l'llI', If. IIl':l4II4y. ,I. Wvlsll. II. IIlIllS1't'Iil'I'. N. ZIlllllll'l'lllilll. .I. Wu-uwr. I nlmlwr. .l. ICuluy. .I. Iglll'Il. NI. NI. Un-rly, I.. IIl'1'llIll'lll21!!. NI. CroII'. NI. X. IIilI'SIl. NI. II:-ws. I.. IIZIXIIT. I'. fm-ilnvl , I IlrunIu'n. II. IgllIIxI1'y. I. Ilalglv. 'I'Inir1l rum 'If I'uiI. .I. Dim-. NI. filnlncrlnan. I', King. N. K4-ylur. I.. II:-nry. NI. S!uIUIus. NI. R1D5l'llIll'l'l'5'. .I IllxSIllQl'l4. X. Svll. I.. B.-ull-y. ,I. Dunn, II. Ilvrr, If. BllL'IiXILlIIf'I'. D. B1'llllt'l'. R. Ilumlc-r. ,I. XV1'2Hl'l'. II. I'xl'I'K'lllLlll. A I I,4-Inman. I"Ulll'IIl nm Ii. I.4'iilIl2lll. II. Puff. IJ. SIZIIIII-O'I', R. lIiII1l:'1I. II. Walton. U. NILlIt'L'l'. H. IIlNll7l'I'. .I. IlruyIriII. IJ. XIII Izl. If. I.1llllIIS. H. Marlin. .I. Wnlgm-nlulll. H. Xml:-r. IJ. Wulf. C. 'Ilr-nlm-r. R. ICZIIIY, Ii. Wcrm-1: P. Kl'll4Illg1'l'. I 4Imnri4Ign'. II. Wm-uw-r. U. Nlarlill. GIRLS' CHORUS I"ir-I rms In-Il In riglll NI. I!lIl'IiIlllI4Il'l', IS. SIN'lH'4', NI. IIIIXSIIIZIII. D. Ilism-. .I, Iluigh. Y. Ifivlmlingx. I'. IIUNIIIIIII I Ilursl. .I. I.:-Ilmam. B. In-ylur. ,l. Iimxnmn. N. Izln-rly. XI. Stump. II. II!'lIl'I'. S1-1-mul rms NI. llvimlvllmugrll. .l. IIUIISYIIIILIII, VXI. II:-nm-r. P. llillmun. D. N151-rs. W. IILIYIHIIIQLII. l'. Iiyf-rf. -I 1-nh-r. ,l. XIIIIl'l'. .I. 5I1lllII.L'I'. It. I.1-Iunun. II. IAHIIIIIZIIII. R, III-pnwr. 'I'I1ir4I nm Mrs. llrnfl. N. Shirlx. I.. ICNVII. I'. Spullx. III. l.un1Iis, ,l. Kurll, Il. I"l'I'Q,lISUIl. P. Snaulvr. III. Wylrlm Ix IYIilI1'l'l'. .l. Dll'IIll'l'. II. Ixamffmun. M. lmlulm-n, N. IIlnIxIn-y. .-N. Ilursl. I"uurIlr rms NI. Iiivlvr. N. Irvin. II. IxIilIt'1'l'. III. IYIIIIT. B. 'IIarlin. IT. IIz'w. R. Slulllfui. I'. Slzulffvr. Il. Itsvx I 'Nlnmrn-. II. Ilmul. II. lfuullm-r. N. IYl11'Ixxx:1Ilvl'. IC. IIIIUIII. R. Rinklvy. .I. NUIll1llllIlllI'IU'l'. Twen ty--svvvn BOYS'CHORUS I'l1'-I mn Ir'I-I lu IIQLIII Vik. hrufl. .I. Ilunn. .I. Rank. .I. IAl'2lllILlll. II, ILIHII. K. IQruII. Il, Ifurlmx. Il, llvillql I IIILIII. XX. Ixurlf. II. Itxuux. Sl'4'4lll1I nm X. Iivllmx. N. Kr:-inlvr, II. I.4'zlm:1n. ,I. IIl'lHll'l'. I.. XIIIVIIII. I,. Iimwwly. X, 41-II. ,I. XXUIQPIIIIIIII. Ii uwr. I.. Sluirk. . . . . . , . - . - IIlIl'lI nm Il. III-1-L. NI. XMIIIUH. li. xI2ll'IIH. l,, Sl'IlIUlllI'IlIQll', Il, IMII. I'. I.1uuI1s. Im. Izlvy. I7. NNHII. I., Wvrn Ix Ilcmk. Ifilll nm If-It In riglll I.. Ilmwly. .I. Rum- PATROL . , , . Q . , IX. .I. Inl'1ljIPlII. lx. IIIIIllI4II. .I. IILIXXIIIHIIIV. I'. IIl'l'NI14'f. Il. Xlnlle-r, F1-vmnl rem W. I.upp. II, IA'ilI1lilll. I'. IYIIlIlIQ1UlIH'l'y. If. KI'l'IKIl'l'., .I. 5IuuII':'r. XI. NI. Uurlx. XI, Rtlx1'llIbl'l4l'j. XI NI IIIIII5. IC. Ii111'Iuxz1Ilvl'. II. IIs-rr. I". WIIIIIILIII. NI. 5lzu1II4'l'. .I. WI-nge-r. IIm'4I rms Ur. Nlvkvlf. I. I'II'lIllIx4'Il. .I. XM'uu-r. ,l. I,ll'IIlI'I', Il. IxI2lII'l'I'. I3. I..-ma NI. Ilan-lu. ,I, IM-I-In, NI. IIun ukvr. ,. Nl:-II4-r. .I. I3ux'IxImImIs-r. I Iffnmll. rms ,l, Iigmn-IX. XI, II:-5-. K. IIlllIlIll'. ID. I3f'nnc'r. ll. I"r4-1-nmn. N. Ka-yIm'. I"iIIIl nm Ii. llnml. Il, NI:-nln-r. H, MuI1'l'. Il. I'uII. II. IIiIILu'rI. II, We-lug:-l'. .I. III-nm-r. Ii. llrnff. Tu'enty-eight STUDENT COUNCIL Ifirxl rms Im'I'I lu riglml Y. Irxin. IC. I'III1'IxIXllIIl'I'. I. IIAINIIIUIIIP. II. IIiIIul'1I. NI. X. 5I1llII'Il'l, I Ile: Inx I llu-1. III. NI. Un-l'Ix. S1-nwnul rmx XX. IIIIIAIIRIIIQII. I'. FIQIHIII-V. I.. Krunvll. NI. QI. Ilun-I-s'Iwr. ,I. Sl:-II1-r. NI. I. IILIISII. I.. III mx I YM! mln .I. III-nn:-1'. IQ. llmII. .I. Iiunvlx. II. I.i1Il1IIS. I h I'I1il4I run NIV. III-QQ. NI, Flump. .I- IIII-xln-. I5. VMIII. IT. I'uII. .I. Iiam-IX. .I. 5ILllIIIl'I'. Ix. Hum- II Imllllul :In 1-nl XKIIPII picturv um Izlka-III. LEOLETTE STAFF I"irs1 rmx In-Il lu right NI. II:ll'wIl. II. IIiIIu1'mI. I'. funk. NI. NI. Un-rIy. NI. IIIIlIS1'l'Ial'l'. I.. III-lxlux I7 I'uII Y FI-mnnl rmx If. I.:1mIis. X. I"im-Inlillg. I3. I"1'l'gLlI41lIl. IC. Ifl'l'IlI4'l'. S. Iulmn-1'. NIV. .Ilwl'ILIl. .I. 'Xlmm ':lm'I1. .I. Sll'II1'l'. I.. Nxvalwr. IIN 'I'Ilil'1I rmx I". XYIIIIIIIII. .I. 5Il'II1'l'. NI. VI':1Ilun..I. Ilissillgv-1'. II. IXILIFIIII. N. R4-ylur. I'. Ihlgllv. I IEIHIIIN I 1-nigl. II. Iiiwln-r. I"nurlIl rms ll. wt'1lXl'l'. II. lfmspn-lx .I. IIIUIII. .I. IIL1xxlImr11u-. I". BlI4'IxIKllII4'I'. II. Ilvrr. I"iIlI1 mu ,I. W1-Ign-uluill, IT. Wulf, H. Xmlvr. N. Irvin. II. IIinIxIn-3. N. I3m'InxuIIn-r. I'. SlauIIm Twvnty-wzinv 69W , 446164 H 1004 , 510,41 JYZALK. in Cyrlidyf Zffjxlf ,I -Alahu, f fb rv' Mffff' xovwfw, ' A! -, J. . LIBRARY CLUBS The Library Clubs are composed of students who are interested in books and our school library. Seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students have organized a junior high school club, while senior high school students are members of the senior club. Oflicers of the Senior Library Club are: President ..... --- - Anna Lois Lehman Vice-president --. WL-, Lorna Henry Secretary ---. -,. ...A. Theda Poll Treasurer .7,........ . .... ,L .,... ,. ,... ,,-,, ,, . Geraldine Freeman Oflicers of the Junior Library Club are: President ---. A , , .,,, ,-,, ,,., W- -,-.. -- ,- Dorothy Eckert Vice-president -, H Gloria Burkholder Secretary ..,, -.,- Carole Bender Treasurer - ffvf.. .L L.. Francis Morgan A Library Council consisting of representatives of both organizations operates on the same bar ir' principles as our Student Council. Members of the Library Council are: Mary Margaret Overly, presidentg Peggy Zook, vice-presi- dentg Nancy ,lo Buckwalter, secretaryg Betty Lewis, Linda Kranch, Dorothy Eckert, Phoebe Dillman. Junc Stellcr, and Miriam Groff. Members of the Senior Club include: Mary Margaret Overly, Peggy Zook, Lorna Henry, June Steller, Geraldine Freeman, Betty Lewis, Theda Poff, Anna Lois Lehman, and Miriam Groll. Members of the Junior Club include: Frances Morgan, Nancy Buckwaltcr, Carole Bender, Linda lirancli, ,ludy Allen. Gloria Buckwalter. Dorothy Eckert, Phoebe Dillman, Joyce Sbaub. Larry Shirk. lliana Lcxsis, .lane Lehman, Mary Landis, Doris Cammauf, Marlene Heidelbaugh. Both clubs under the direction of Mrs. Landis have rendered a very line service to thc school. Thirty-two ' V: " 'r 1 ' 9' '25 o fn. 9" r9,Q'XofQ'.'. ioo6:44:O,m9:o:o::f: :fir O"l00IQ'f 'N'- 4f,2,f,j.3Wf4Q9,:.:Ija, ' f 1 1 O '7 1 o o o 0 a 1 I -. ,' . 1- .' -. ' 03,39 0, 0 v, 490, .Q-4, f - ww Q 'Gall ,'. 1" + 03 oQo. ff 9 ala! 3 Y 'O o'o'9'f. 3 I " 69 0 ' Q at '. Q Q", 0, ,499 "p '.'s'f', X. , 8, '11, 4 1 , . Q Q o n 4 af ',,1.', 4 Qi, .v.v,0.o' 071, f O Q Q . , v, 94, 'f ,xxx 1 " I ' 3,35 ,593 0 4.10 'O O . Q . ,Q Q -Q .14 Q vw .-in rv, , . - ,I 3 . -. 0, . b . Q Q Q . . A , Q .fp Q Q . . 6, ..- J ','Q: ..r,. -1 4 , QQ -' "'Q' 'QQ 5 , . -' - Q- .- '. fo' 'fill 'QQA Q, Q ' an viii I s 1 Q:-Q,.o,.oh .. -.'..e.-.'. -4: ",-e. ,'v,'.'Q'Q','.-. ..Q 5 wtf, Q, 5. ' Q'.'6'-QR' 5- ' N 'o,'4 '.'.3eSq.S 5,6 .- .Qo 'Q' - .Q 'Q' 0.5. g"."s V Wfx fee .WI Q 1 'g if 0:5 5 WJSQCQ 0 ' ' o' 'CQ-x5Sf':5 'off gs ,wear ' 150: Q6'Qg 1.33. n Q ' subff yt 1' 'Q s x I o 1 , ' , 0 ' ' . U Q 4 ' 'o Q Q' Q' :"' Q ' , " :' V. Q 0 ' 05 Q, ' Q Q , .'Qg Q , If , Q . Q 'Q Q N Q Q 45 Z, , x Q .. . . , 5-,' v, Q,'Q,?9 xQ1Q',SQf'. , 3 ' fx 5 s Q' 'l qc i. zu. QQQ Q' '0"Q 3 " a 0 QQ 0 r 0 QQ Q ' "Q '. "Sf Qi o uPPe LEA c ack H.5. 57? -55' VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM From mwfrle-fl tu right-V-1.. 111-wley. W. Lapp, manags-rs. Slandingf- Wir. link, mzxvlng 13. Matvvr, J. Ranuk, J. lluowr. .1. Craybill. 1. Hurt. .1. Rzmvk. R. 1"ur1uw, K 11111a1'11. 11. Wolf. R. 1'flm-ry. Team Record U.l.. Opp. N1an1u'im ff:-nIra1 .. 21 112 Mumni . ,..,..,.. --- '18 72 'N1zm1uim f11'll1I'2l1 .- -W 25 45 Solanum x----- V H , 38 51 1.llHlIll'1l'F-S1l'ilS1!lIl'fL .. 35 '19 Will'NK11'k ....., --.. 24 fl-7 Pamnlisa- .... , 37 65 Nvw 1101131141 -.- - 39 57 Haw! 1.znnpf-lvl' .... H-- 40 55 110m-y 11ru01i ...... A-- 62 50 1,illlllN'1!'l'-Sll'llS1HII'g .- -H 31 77 I'111l2l1lQ'11110Wl1 ..,. , - 31 57 Wyaruivk -.-- --- 35 45 1'111Zil1H'11llllWIl ., --- 4.6 73 Parumli-er' -. .... ,-- 22 57 Nm-xx llnllzuul --- .. 32 54 Ifawl Lamp:-Ivr --- - 43 60 Favlllty ....,. .. - 55 44 'I'lr1f1'fy-four Individual Record ff. 1lf. :Mun ,lavk 114mv4-x' -- .., 18 1.7 JHIIIUS R2iYll'1x M.- .W 16 6.3 Ray llillurnl .- - 15 5.2 17nnglaQ Wulf -W M- 17 4.7 Tvrry Trupe- ..,, ,W 11 4.1 Iain:-2+ Crayhill --..- -- 18 3.5 Ruhr-rl Furluw V -..- 15 2.5 Ray Enwry --- --- 15 1.7 john Ranvk --- -..- 14 1.6 Dun:-1111 Millar --- .-- 12 1.3 Warrc-n Skihls - - 2 1.0 .1u1m Groff -N - 2 1.0 '114'illll Y- 36.6 IUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM l'irl r an In-fl lu l'i4'lll D Puff ln'u1'wm" I Crulf X XXLYIIII, Nl. xxvillllill, R. Nmlm-r. V. llm-r-In-y, li. lluml . N4 ,. . ..L,.... .. U lll lll'l"1'l' S1-mnul nm 17. Hlll'IIlN'l'Qll'I'. U. Nlillvr. H. ffunps-1'. NIV. 'l'hmnps1m. ruuvlxg 'l'. 'l'l'UlII1l', H. l'il'L'l'Ill1lll. W. Skill IUNIOR HIGH BASKETBALL TEAM li lnnll I Dunn Y lxlnnlel lfilxl IYIH Inf! lu riglll Xl, I'i1'1'4'm'. .I. RIIWTIIQ, JK. Nvllm-xx. H. King, W. Kurtz. . lg . , . lx Hum-Q, X. N-ll. ,l. linux-. S1-wnul run -.l. Nalxlvk. IT. llc-imlvllulllgll, R. Slollzfus. .l. RLlllI4lDUllUlIl, B. Yvrgn-l', li. llansllnwm-. ll. Hunk, P. UH Il llzlrv. .l. Pull. U. l'lIl'llNN. H. U1-wk. Vlwllilll run I". lmnlis. IIl2lllilglt'l'1 R, N1ul1lgm1wl'y, 'l'. R:1l11slmlhnn. U. Uvllllmzux. P. Kl'IlXillg11'l'. J. Qlulnffnr, ,I Y nw-r. N. llillaml. U. Hl'ixl'l1. I. XyPllQll'l'. Mr. llalnlwr. l'Ull1'll. Thirty-,Eve llul Rf. I x . I 6 L I nv Ii . XI .XX 5' I f , ' I I 1 I ,. If ' I I Y., I ., - , Q , A V,k, ..V. , nf-,,.. .W NMM,,,u,,, .V.,,.,,.,..M,.. M- MM,. I 1vM- - N-M --WM MW! " ' . 1 2 I, ' I" X 4. .Q IN - XI SOCCER TEAM I"Irsl lll!W Ivfl tu rigIlI '11, Ig1lII1IN'I'p,1'l', U. Wulf. R. I'wlII'IUM. R. IIiIIul'lI. .I. II11rl. ,I. IIum'a'r. ll, Www ull. I'. II:-rfllvy. ,I. UIQ-llljI4'I'. mzumgn-r. II lx Illlllllll I Hunk Ix Imfrx F4-unuI rms -Y. Wynn. R. YmI4'r. W. Skilvs. 'I', 'I'1'm1I,w, IJ, Mill.-r, IJ, NIM,---A I 4 4 - - '- NII. 'I'Iunnpsnn. 4'um'I1. BASEBALL TEAM ,, . , ,, . , . . , 1xlxXnIlI I'n'-I run Ir'II lu rlg1I1l I.. III-ull-y, lllllllLlQ,l'IAI IJ, WHII, lx. lI1lluuI.,I. IIiIl'I. ,I. II1mwx', l,. Van , -I I IIIIIIN. lIlilIl11gll'I'. -- .. - , . v V, V. , , II Iullnm I KIIWIIIII IJ Nlllul III IIIIIIIII muh I IINIII I Ixxnel In In S.-v.,mI1-fm w,5IxlI1'S. . ' A fzj . ,. 1 4. 1: ':' 1 . 1 v. ,. 1 w. . Illlll. IT. Ilfu-u1Iu-1-gn-u'. Th iffy-six IUNIOR HIGH CHEERLEADERS lulfvl. li. lfuullvr. ,l. llraulln-5. .l. lhmnmun. DRILL TEAM Iffl In II Ill ll ni nm Hr. Nlullul, l.. l.r4uIl1-x. l'. Hugh-, I- llvnry. N, lxwylur, N-:mul nm 1, lvumm I llmlll Ill! lx limnlmr Nl. XI. Hu-rly lluml nm N. HIll'lxNLllll'l'. H. IXZIIIHQIIHIII. l,. Hn-lim-lumix. .l. 5h I xx I lx: IIIOI H lun . 'lf BI'lIIllxt'll. li. Il:-rr. Huvk mu W. funk. XI, X. 5I:lllff1'l'. ll, ".I't'4'IlI1llI. S I llmll Th irfy-1' igh f Tran Around ' he Word CCLASS PROPHECYJ It was early in the morning when I decided to start out on my tour of the world. I packed my belongings, made my reservations, and took off for Europe via New York City. Before leaving, I found that I had to stop at a nearby Esso station to get some gas. Much to my amazement, I learned that this station was owned by none other than Betty Herr. As luck would have it, she was there, checking over accounts, so we had a nice chat. I asked her where I could get something that I could eat while driving to New York City. Betty referred me to a brand new I.G.A. food store which had just opened. Having said goodby, I proceeded to the food store. In the store, I found Way ne Lapp, the owner of this establishment. He had just finished taking inventory of the produce and was writing his report. I bought some food and proceeded on my way. A few hours later my attention was drawn to a huge crowd standing on the side of the road. It seemed that Gilbert Martin, a well-known dare- devil driver, had hit a horse and buggy. The horse had been injured and a veterinarian was working feverishly over it. To my amazement, I found the veterinarian to be Nancy Jacobs. The horse, fortunately, was saved. I decided that I had better get on my way if I ever intended to tour the world. I reached New York City very early in the morning. Much to my sorrow, my car broke down and no cabs were running because of a strike. I contacted a red scooter chain, headed by Glenn Mentzer, to help me out of my dilemma. Glenn gladly took me to my hotel and I immediately went to take a shower, since my day had been a long one. However, no hot water was available. I called the hotel plumber and found him to be Douglas Staulfer, a great plumbing teacher. He had accompanied his apprentice. Soon the hot water was gushing from the faucet and all was well again. Since I had to stay in New York for a day, I decided to take in a baseball game. The World Series was being played and I was lucky enough to get a ticket. I arrived early to find Ray Hillard and his crew repairing the bleachers for the game. He was the owner of a large carpentry concern and doing very well for himself. Finally the game began. The Indians were at bat and in the pitching box for the Giants was Johnnie Hart, a great ball player. In about the fourth inning, he was struck by a wild pitch and was taken to the shower room. I, being concerned, went down to inquire about him. There, I found Phyllis Montgomery, a nurse, bandaging his head. Thank goodness Johnnie had a competent nurse to take care of him. The next day, since my boat was to sail, I went back to the service station to get my car and went to the boat, The United States, to place my car on board. I then went to have my visa checked and was angered to hear that its validity was questioned. In order to defend my case I called for a lawyer. The competent lawyer was none other than Carl Seldomridge. He brought his secretary, Ruth Rissler with him. Carl arranged matters for me and soon I was on my way. As I went up the gangplank, I met Lloyd Bewley, who was coming down. He was the owner of the flower shop aboard the ship and was seeing that the flowers got on board safely. I stood along the railing looking at all the people who were saying goodby to their loved ones. As I turned around, I came face to face with Miriam Hess, a housewife, who was going to England with her husband. As soon as the boat left the dock, I made my way to -my cabin and as I was opening the door, Julie Stauffer and Mary Margaret Overly came out of the adjoining cabin. I learned that they were now medical secretaries and had been chosen to go to a meeting in Europe. The next day, I heard that Elaine Kreider, who had won the best secretary award, had become sea sick. I went to her cabin and found Evelyn Buckwalter, the ship's doctor, giving her some pills. Elaine soon became well again. Finally, we came to England. Waiting at the dock for Mary Margaret and Julie was Marianne Stoltzfus, a well-known medical technologist. She was escorting them to the meeting. I then went to Norway where I promised George Weaver, famed mathematician, that lld visit him. There, with George, was Jack Hoover, a well-known traveler and good will carrier. Since he was touring the world also, we decided to travel together. IGontinued on page forty-eightl Thirty-nine '-'-em NJ w-avi" -4W " I A xv 4 93' M N , Fi 'gpg-a 'hav K .:., gl ,awk wan, ,, Q , W ' 'Sv -'--new 5382 .'u 1 W ,X 8: X e . dw :A . -W x N N C .o,, K S I, x,........... f was N. YYTTY Class Grade 7-1 President ...... ........... V irginia Fielding Vive President .................. James Dunn 1 Seeretary ................... -- ,Ioyee Bradley talisent when picture was taken! Treasurer ...................... Ned Kreider 1 I i 21 'TQ f , Q 1 . ,N 3 Grade 8-1 President ...... ........... - - John Benner Vice President -M -- Barbara Martin Seeretary ...... .... K enneth Groff Treasurer .... .... D ennis Furlnw Ufficers Forty-two Cra President ...... -- Vice President --- Secretary ...... Treasurer --- dc 7-2 Kenna-Ili Ruoss ----- Dawn Myers --- Carol Landis --- Bonnie Stauffer Grade 8-2 President ...... ............ K enneth Fl:-Her Vice President --- Secretary ...... Treasurer .... ,---- M4-iviu We-rt ,- Virginia Stauffer ------- Jerry Puff Class Ufficers Grade 9 Prc-sidvnt ...... ........ N ancy Jo Buckwalter Vim- President --- .... Robert Montgomery St-cnvtary ..... ..... P eggy Stauffer Treasurer --- --- James Wolgemuth I Grade 11 Prvsidvnt .................. Mary Ann Stauffer Nivl' President - ........... -- Dale Hornherger labsvnt when picture was taken! Secretary .................... -- Lorna Henry 'l'rc-asurer --- -..-- Rolwrt Furlow Forty-three t 1 Prvsidr-nt ...... --, Vice President Secretary ....... Treasurer - - - Grade 10 .. ,-.. -- Dougzas Wolf David Poff Mary Ann Harsh Richard Yoder Presidm-nt .... Vice President Secretary .... .- Treasurer --- Grade 12 ---- June Rozjalwk Gilbs-rt Ma tin Joyce- Hawthorne John Hart 1 SEVENTH GRADE hrs! row' lr-fl In rrghl -I.. Welsh. B. Keylor, J. Wvuger, J. Huigh, D. Dis:-. P. Rinvvr. P. Graff. B. Rn-il:-r. Sm-mni row --f' NI. xVllJQl1'IIlllIJl, C. Lanrlis, M. Hcidelbaugh, B. Stauffer. J. 1.1-hman, D. Lewis. I.. Horst, D. Com- mzmf. Y. l"ic-Ming, V. Marlin. Tlrirfl rum -P. Bnwman. W. Harbaugh, D. Myers. V. Hinkley. M. Landis. J. Bradley. ll. Barry 31. Bumnan. Nl. MJJJLT. Miss Roni. lfnurllr lon Hrs. 5llopf, M. Pimvv. R. Garrutt, R. Knnklo, A. Rvtlvw. J. Dunn. N. Rvilvr. A. Myvr. R. Orr, N. Krwirlr-r. K. Ruuss. J. Blevins. Fifllm rms' --J. Hinn-r1lc'r-r. D. Iranlall, W. Kurtz. B. Andes. R. Evans. W. J'lowfie'l4l. R. Rook. I.. Sllirk. J. Rurklwlclvr. J. Ruoss. EIGHTH GRADE Ifirq ruw-Mlvfl lo right-J. Slliillb, L. Zouk, B. Matevr, A. Krvirlvr. J. Divldrr, D. Buzzard, M. Rurklmlsim-r. l'. Byvrs. Y. SILIIIHKT. M. Stump, M. I.. Wyble, R. Mateer. Sr-wnnl row-Mr. Gambcr, E. Moors-, P. Sports, M. Mnrr. B. Spvnvv, M. Benncr. J. Cunsylrnan. IN. lib:-rly. P. Dillman. Xl. Risslvr, D. Hess, A. I.. Myers, B. Seihlisl, Mr. Joseph. Tlliul rowiB. Marrin, C. Buckwaller, J. Nunnumnochcr. J. Miller. D. Eckert. I"Ulll'lJl ruw-KD. Furlow, E. Armvnt, J. Lcaman. R. Stoltzfus, H. Hare. R. Hawthorne-, R. King. N. Marlin. J. Ramsbulmnr, R. Kurtz, N. Hoover, D. Groff, K. Croif. J. Ranch. Fifth row--J. Us-nner, K. Mentzer, B. Yeager, J. Puff, J. Rincer, R. We-ngvr. R. Coopr-r, T. Ramslmttum, R. Hillard. M. W:-rt, B. Beck, M. Mastle, D. Heidclbangh, B. Lauhc. Forty-fou r NINTH GRADE Itust ron - lvft to I'lgIlI - I.. Ixsvll. IN. Martin. NI. lox. D. 5Ik'lIlIIl3ll, B. Troupv. N. Fvrn. Ii. Hog:-rs. I". Nlurgun N. Irvin. II. II:-pnm'r, H. Spzulglvr. NI. Colmlvn. St-wnnl ron IJ. ICQ:-x. S. Stauffvr. N. Sllirk. A. Horst, I.. Wm-avr-r. D. I'Il'l'QLlISUI1. P. SIlil!Il'l', .I. Kllrll, IC. I.vI1 mam. I.. Krzmrll. .I. Rowman. J. Nlnorr, P. IvIllSSOIlll3ll. 'I'l1irml run I'. Slzuzfft-tg H. Iiinklc-y. C. Be-mic-r. NI. Buohl, H. F4-rn. E, Su-nfvnig, B. lluml. N. Blll'IiMZlIIt'l'. B KZIIIIIIIIIIH, Ii. IIlbllIIl'I'. II. Ftoltzfus. C. Bunk, Ifmxnlln rms -Hr. II:-ttvw. :L St-II. P. Orr. L. Snader, J. Wolgcmutlt, A. Wvavr-r. lf. Sundt-rs. D. I'fn'Iwrt. R. Hom mam. ,l. St-In-Iist. lf. xvt'l'Ilt'I'. Mr. Tltolnpson. I'lIIII ron -I. I3tl1'kl1oI1It'l'. .I. Xlyvr. D. llvlttnun. I. Martin. I.. Nolt. .l. Stauffvr. U. I,ImxI2vImI. R. Martin. I'. Ixrn V T lug--V. Ix. IYIHIlIQIlDlllt'l'y, NI. IxI2ll'IIll, I. I..f'2illll1ll. T E N T H G R A D E Ifirfl rms lt-ft to right' ,I. XY1'Z1Vl'l', P. King, R. Ymler, IT. Puff, D. Wmwlf, M. A. Harsh. C. Iirurllvy. XI. I"mm' I'. fm-ilm-r. Sm-txml run--N. Groff. E. Wort. N. Zinnm-rnlan. J. 511-Ilvr. L. Brvnnt-man, M. Hvss, J. Dice, 'I'. Brunkon. D. I"I'I'l'lllilIl. lf. Nlussvr. M. Zinnm-rtnan. I.. Weave-r. N. Ibach. Tluirtl row -ff- Mr. link. C. Kurtz, J. Weaver, M. A. Hunsec-ker, J. WPISII, R. Bouder, D. Bonner, S. Rudfft-rs. R Cond. ll. Wt-avvr, II. Martin, M. Groff. P u Fourth row-R. Eaby, V. Wynne, W. Skilvs, C. Bomberger, J. Toth, M. Walton, P. Allison. F. Landis. Forty-.five ELEVENTH GRADE l'lI'Nl rmx In-fl In IAIQLIII ,l. llllvll, In xxlllllilll, 5. l'ullm-r, I.. llvnry. U. Illll'llIH'I:1l'l, Xl. X. Stmnlfvr, li. Ifurllm X fx qlur. X. I.. I.l'lllllllll. N-mxnfl rum ll. lmvsn, .I. lzahy, li, 5IllIlll. l. Puff, P. Duggln-. B. Billklvx, li. I'4I'l'f'lIlZlll. ll. lhrxlnakm-l', ll. lmgmmn I 1-nga-r. 'l'l1ia1I mm N. Nunn, R. xhlllill. J. lQruyluill. li. fluupf-r, I". I'll'l"hl'Q. J. Hum-lx. H. Hum-ry. .l. Sl. In XI i-- lxvm 'QL lwnntlm mu U. Nllllvl. .l. brolf, .l. Runvk. l. lrupv, .I. Dwxlrlggvr. R. Ifrf-1-mm SENIOR CLASS lla:-I mu I1-fl In I'I11Ill .l. lI4mIlmrm'. li. K1-Nl1'I'. U. Nlullliux. lt. klwldn-I'..l.5l:1ll1fu'r. N. .lm-1-In-. Nl. RIN-nlnrrx I Xl:-lllumllv-rx. Xl. llvw. . , . - . . . Nw--11111 mu Nlr,1.ullxI141ll. I.. lnnlx-x. IS. llvrr. lx. Hun-kua1lIr'1'. Xl, funk. Xl. V. Uwllx. 11. xlilfllll. NN. lnpp , , -- , - - - , . . llllnll :mu lx. l.l'LlH11lIl. L, XNPZIXUIQ 4.. N'l1lollll'l1lg1e'. 1. ll:11'I..l. llmm-l'. ll. FllufT4-1. lx. ll1ll:1rmi.4,. Wnlltn-V, 4I In lll.ll!l'lx .IllNl'llI xxlnvn jHl'lliI'l' wan lzxkvlll. Fu rf H-s fm BEWLEY- BUCKWALTER- HART- HAWTHORNE- HERR- HESS- HILLARD- HOOVER- JACOBS- KREIDER- LAPP- LEAMAN- MARTIN- MENTZER- MONTGOMERY- OVERLY- RISSLER- ROSENBERRY- ROZJABEK- Class Roll Lloyd is a lover of flowers and song A musical florist he'll be before long. Her wavy hair she can't subdue For it is of the brightest hue. At night he never has to sleep With eleven study periods a week. Prettv, smart, and loads of fun This lass is loved by every one. Bettyis grades are unsurpassed As a "brain" she may be classed. Practical, helpful, motherly Mim Will keep her home as neat as a pin. President, captain, leader in all "An ideal guy," future grades will recall. lack, always on the beam Did his best for our poor team. To rear a family is Nancyis aim She loves children more than fame. Elaine is a bird with a heart full of zest We hope she can soon settle clown in her nest What this lad lacks in height and girth He makes up in mischievous mirth. Bob is a farmer as everyone knows We wish him success with the seed he sows. At the War Memorial Gil oft is seen Loitering at the pin ball machine. ln basketball he's quite a shooter In spare time Mentzer's on his scooter. Her lilting voice to please your ear Is often heard when Phil is near. Neat, sparkling Mimi is bound to he Our first lady president-just wait and see. Ruthie's friendly, sweet, and shy Her skill in typing runs quite high. Rosey's the gal, as everyone knows Who travels wherever the red Dodge goes. Alune, the president of the class Is really quite an ambitious lass. SELDOMRIDGE- Carlis the fellow with flashy clothes D. STAUFFER- .l. STAUFFER- STOLTZFUS- WEAVER- ZOOK- And horned-rimmed glasses on his nose. This handsome guy with hair coal black Loves to drive his Pontiac. Popular with gals and guys Is this sweet miss with twinkling eyes. Dressed in uniform crisp and white To be a nurse is her delight. In mathematics George is a "brain" From dating girls he does refrain. Writing and poetry is Peggyis bliss Second only, of course, to Chris. Forty-seven Alumni fllemorles By Peggy Zook We saw a red brick building A standing in the sung Its doors thrown wide, entreating Us to ioin in all its fun. For many years we labored there Our stubborn minds to fillg And many others just like us, Are learning 'gainst their will. So many names we called that school When with our classmates true, But how we cheered, with rivals near For good old Gold and Blue! We know that all you students Can understand just why Our thoughts are always turning Back to Upper Leacock High 'I' 'D' My T rm Around The World lContinued from Pag 395 We made our way into Paris, France. There, on a side street we found the studio of June Rozja- bek, renowned impressionistic artist, where she was working on her latest masterpiece. Still in Paris, we decided to look at the new hair styles created by Marian Rosenberry, who had just won the world prize for her exquisite hair style. After seeing Marian in Paris, we went to Germany where we contacted Robert Leaman, who was teaching the German people how to contour plow their fields for better production. From Germany we journeyed to Switzerland where we saw the famed Girl Scout Swiss Chalet. Peggy Zook, world-wide Girl Scout leader was there, engaged in an important conference. We toured the other countries and finally we came to India. Hearing that Joyce Hawthorne, a missionary, was there, we decided to contact her. She had succeeded in making hundreds' of people change their Communistic ways and to live good Christian lives. From India, we proceeded homeward. On the last lap of my journey, I realized that 1 had seen every one of my graduating class of 1955. This indeed had been a profitable trip around the world. 'IFC' I D E N T I F Y I N G OUR YOUNGER SELVES ON PAGES 22 AND 23 Left to right 1. Lloyd Bewley 2. Joyce Hawthorne 3. Julie Stauffer 4. Elaine Kreider 5. John Hart 6. Miriam Hess 7. Douglas Stauffer 8. Ruth Rissler 9. Marianne Stoltzfus 10. Mary Margaret Overly 11. Nancy Jacobs 12. Carl Seldomridge 13. Evelyn Buckwalter 14. Marian Rosenberry 15. Phyllis Montgomery. 'oft to right 16. George Weaver 17. Gilbert Martin 18. Jack Hoover 19. Glenn Mentzer 20. Ray Hillard 21. Betty Herr 22. Robert Leaman 23. Wayne Lapp 24. June Roziabek 25. Peggy Zook. Forty-eight Mr. Emmitt-What is the most outstand- ing product that chemistry has given to the world? Ray-Blondes. 1 i 2 UIC C145 L T : FROZEN POULTRY FRESH POULTR Y- EGGS 0 PROCESSORS O PACKERS O WHOLESALERS Buyers OI Quality Poultry From Local Farms. VICTOR F. WEAVER. INC. NEW HOLLAND. PENNA. "A Loral I12du.stry Growing With The Community" A. R. SENSENIG CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH DEALER NEW HOLLAND. PA. Phone 4-2284 MILLEY'S SERVICE STATION Happy Cooking Metered Gas Service and Ranges PARADISE. PA. LANCASTER BUSINESS SCHOOL Est. 1855 Secretarial. Stenographlc, Business Administration. and Accounting Courses 48 N. Queen St.. Lancaster, Pa. Phone 8818 :xliiii6iTEt51EfEtTE6rJiFEtWm High School and Fraternity Iewelry Felt Goods and Commencement Stationery PALMYRA. PA. P. H. Nissley-Representative L B. HERR 8. SON "The Portable Typewriter Store" Royal Remington Smith-Corona Underwood 46-48 West King Street LANCASTER PA. hir. Emmitt: What is the nitrate of Sodium? June: Half the day rate, I suppose. Science teacher: Whafs the difference between ammonia and pneumonia? 9th Grade student: Ammonia comes in bottles and pneumonia comes in chests. F. P. Dixon TALMADGE, PA. FOR FRUIT G VEGETABLES Phone: Leola 6-2097 Robert B. Good Plumbing 6 Heating LEACOCK, PA. Phone Leola 6-2672 Landis Garage Auto Repairing 6. Accessories Monterey. Pa. Phone Leola 6-6211 Paul L. Hunsecker Plumbing, Heating Tinning Stokers Oil Burners Lancaster Leola 0 : :: :::::: ::::::: ::::: : ::: FRANK L. STELLER Auctioneer and Real Estate Salesman LEACOCK. PA. Phone-Leola 6-2247 Cooper Baking Co. Leacock, Pa. Telephone Leola: 6-2011 H. E. HARSH GUNS SHELLS HUNTING CLOTHING BAREVILLE. PA. Phone: 6-3191 LEOLA. PA. Television Washers EIDEMILLER'S Phone 6-3119 Ranges Retrigerators L. Henry Hillard Builder 6 Contractor Bareville. Pa. Phone: Leola 6-6191 Mr. Thompson: Whats a buttress, Gil- bert? Gilbert: A female goat. A conference is a meeting at which people talk about what they should be doing. A committee is a group of the unlucky appointed by the unwilling to do the un- necessary. A man entered a drugstore and asked for a dozen two-grain quinine pills. "Do you want them in a box sir?" asked the clerk, as he was counting them out. "Oh no. certainly not," replied the cus- tomer. "I was thinking of rolling them homef, Mr. Zink-Now Bob. if vou put your hand in one pocket and pulled out 7512 then you reached into the other pocket and pulled out 75:3 what would you have? Bob-Somebody else's pants. Mr. Emmitt-Come, come, give me the answer, please. Lloyd-I can't say it, but it's on the tip of my tongue. Nancy-Gracious, don't swallow it-it's arsenic. H. NORMAN KENSINGER Representing the Ohio National Lite Insurance Company I Achenbach s Pastry Shop Phone: Leola 6-6671 Kreider Bros. Millwork Witmer, Pa. Phone: Leola 6-3875 or 6-3873 SHEAFFEIYS BROWNSTOWN. PA. QUALITY FOODS MILAN 6: SON PRECISION 6 PRODUCTION MACHINE WORK R. No. 4. Lancaster, Pa. Phone: Lancaster 3-1386 It You Don't Know Building Know Your Builder H. Maurice Wenger Lancaster 5714 Compliments of MOFFATT'S MUSIC STORE EPHRATA, PA. CAR WASHING ACCESSORIES RAY'S ATLANTIC STATION LEACOCK. PA. Phone: Leola 8-2149 TIRES WHEEL BALANCING BATTERIES LeTever's Garage GENERAL REPAIR Hydra-Matic 6 Automatic Transmission Service Ph. Leola 6-3591 Bareville. Pa. Loht-Hutchinson GOOD GULF DEALERS GULF - FIRESTONE - DUNLOP TIRES Dial 4-2271 NEW HOLLAND. PA. Bard's Hardware HOME 6 FARM SUPPLIES Phone: Leola 6-3531 I. Walter Kreider PAINTING - PAPERHANGING Phone: Lancaster 3-9460 WITMER. PA. SHENK BROS. Everything for Sport 30 WEST KING STREET LANCASTER. PA. JACOB B. ZIMMERMAN Hardware Electrical - Plumbing - Heating Contractor Phone 4-7481 Blue Ball, Pa. Compliments of Frozen Food Service NEW HOLLAND. PA. SNAVEI.YS' FARM SERVICE Farm Equipment Household Appliances SALES and SERVICE --f'3i"fgi'3'iff'l"""' "W SHRUlVI'S ' ' ' U For Choice Gtttl-Good Candy Stationery. Etc. For Men - Good Barbortng Leola Post Office Bld. LEOLA. PA. TRI-TOWN LOCKERS I.G.A. SUPER MARKET EVERYDAY Low PRICES Phone 6-3751 LEOLA. PA. ::,-:::::::::f0:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::- - H. M. Stauffer 8: Sons, Inc. Coal, Lumber, Feed. Fuel Oil Leola, Pa., Witmer, Pa.. Lancaster, Pa., Ronks. Pa. GIRV1N'S FLOWERS Flowers for all Occasions Leola, Pa. Leola: 6-2262 Lanc.: 3-3300 Ephrata: 3-2674 For Your School Photographs THE SHELLEY STUDIO Compliments oi BAREVILLE CONCRETE CO. BAREVILLE. PA. THE NATIONAL STORE SPECIALTY COMPANY Manufacturers oi PENNSYLVANIA SCALES Office and Plant BAREVILLE. PENNA. A-AAJQQOLQQQAQ I. C. Mateer. Ir. PLUMBING - SPOUTING GE AUTOMATIC HEATING SALES 6 SERVICE Phone 6-6241 LEOLA. PA. White Oak Farms Producers G Distributors of Golden Guernsey Milk FARM MAID ICE CREAM TERRE HILL. PA. Phone 5-2511 Dan Furlow DRIVE IN -BAR B-0- Memorial Bldg. Leola FOR EVERYTHING IN MUSIC KIRK JOHNSON 8. CO. 16-18 West King Street LANCASTER, PA. WRIGHT'S Bakers oi Quality Foods For 66 Years Witmer's APPLIANCES. PLUMBING HEATING G WIRING 252 E. Main St. NEW HOLLAND. PA. Phone 4-2232 Tri-Town Electric Co. G.E. Appliances Sales 6 Service ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Call 6-6661 Leola. Pa. C. K. Baymond FUNERAL DIRECTOR LEOLA, PA. Martin's Hardware FARM 6. HOME SUPPLIES Phone: Leola 6-3171 BAREVILLE. PA. Paul L. Andes Dealer in LIVE 6 DRESSED POULTRY BAREVILLE R. D. 9641. PA. Phone: Leola 6-3651 Wenqer's Flowers Flowers For All Occasions Phone--Leola 6-2911 Geo. W. Bard G Son INSURANCE G REAL ESTATE 423 W. Iames St. LANCASTER. PA. Since 1893 0 00 S mls? School Iewelry Rings . . . Trophies LANCASTER. PA. -------- ........ ----------' LANCASTER CHAIN SAWS Henry's Sales 6 Service Phone: Leola 6-2278 Lancaster 9564 Duily's Meat Market MEATS - GROCERIES ICE CREAM W. Main St.. Phone 4-0641 NEW HOLLAND. PA. Hostetter's Atlantic Service WASH. LUBRICATION, ACCESSORIES Phone 4-8741 W. Main St. NEW HOLLAND. PA. LeRoy W. Groii STOVES - BOTTLED GAS 517 W. Main Street NEW HOLLAND, PA. Telephone 4-0681 B. Z. Motors LINCOLN - MERCURY Dealer NEW HOLLAND, PA. "'eL.Qii'Q'iiQ.LEQALl.' U Brubaker Bros.. Inc. BEECHDALE FARMS DUCKS G TURKEYS Phone: Leola 6-2224 C. ROSCOE MILLER Wall Paper and Paper Hanging LEOLA. PA. Estimates Cheerlully Given Phone 6-2384 Stauiier Burner Co. Plumbing-Healing Phone: Terre Hill 5-2631 GOODVILLE. PA. Gotham Hosiery Co.. Inc. School Lane Ave. BROWNSTOWN. PA. Leola 6-3484 Iack 6. Iim Maser. Inc. Complete Service on EXCAVATING - GRADING PAVING Phone: Ephrata 3-4950 or 3-4966 AUTO - LIFE - FIRE - CASUALTY Daniel L. Kreider Representing TOYS - APPLIANCES FARM BUREAU INS. co. NEW HOLLAND' PA. 2011 Old Phila. Pike Lancaster, Pa Res. Oli. 4-7034 B, I. Rife, Ir, Compliments ol SERVICE STATION BAREVILLE. PA. Phone: Leola 6-3542 TW111 KISS CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE Iohn N. Sauder Auto Co. NEW HOLLAND, PA. Serving Your Automotive Need For Over 40 Years Box 116 Brownstown. Pa. Elva H. Weidman BEAUTY AND GIFT SHOPPE LEOLA. PA. Leola 6-6701 Compliments of Leola Restaurant D. L BURKHOI.DER'S GARAGE LEACOCK. PA. Phone-6-2295 Kurtz's Store LEACOCK, PA. For Quality and Service Compliments of Singing Needles Leola Undergarment LEOLA, PA. Leola 6-2751 LEOLA WATER WORKS PURE WATER Man's Greatest Need LEOLA. PA. Kenny Hinerdeer's GARAGE AND SERVICE STATION Specializing lu GULF PRODUCTS LEACOCK, PA. Leola National Bank LEOLA, PA. Capital 550,000 Surplus Sl50,000 Resources Over S2,800.000 Wheel Alignment 6 Balancing C. H. Hess Complete Automotive Service 1 Mile West ot Leacock Leola: 6-2462 THE ANCASTER RIOTUENGRAVING 0. Ebfuazzerig Eflae VT' VV VV IT VV I N. nun mm D. M. Stoltzius 6. Son. Inc. CRUSHED STONE ASPHALT PAVING Phone: Leola 6-2601 TALMADGE. PA. Horst. Lichty :S Frey SPORTING GOODS 161-163 E. KING ST. LANCASTER, PENNA. Telephone 2-7249 www? J 5-DN-nnLm.Qo.. G- 9 f , J ' A , ,l : M M4W M ff W WM ,Jw fzjmfw ff .MV Q' ' V'- ' ,K , gf, ' 1 - ' ' FQ g ' ' W vrfifldmffyi 2' 2 ,QE-.J 'f I 'V ,- T' Li. 3, sf: .- V ag q . E.. N

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