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HTHE LEOLETTE,' Published by Pupils of Upper Leacock High School Editor-in-Chief .... Elizabeth Lowery Literary Editor .......... Art Editor ...... Sports Editor --- Feature Editor ...... Circulation Editor --- STAFF ---- Eleanor Spangler Associate Editors Arlene Sensenig ----- Anne Moorehouse ------- Ann Locher ----- Dale Keener --- Russell Hillegass -- .... Richard Bouder Assistants to Circulation Editor Marjorie Witman .lean Spatz Business Manager .......... ........ R oseoe Miller Assistants to Business Manager James Hillegass Vera Mellinger Nancy Ranck Evelyn Crahill Typist --- Miss Kendig Paul Hunseoker Reporters Mary Ruoss Dorothy Graybill C erald Reidenbaugh ------ --- Dorothy Esbenshade Advisers . Mr. Ressel A OFFICERS President ..... ..... R oscoe Miller Vice-President ..... ..... R ussell Hillegass Secretary ..... .... D orothy Esbenshade Treasurer - .... Eleanor Spangler COLORS Royal Blue and Steel Gray FLOWER Iris MOTTO Finished g yet beginning I 2 1 Cl M ZZ, -"2" 4 r X' 1 M ,i Q w' T 'Xa "'-'X , i' - fXNf L31 EVALINE ALEXANDER Nickname-"Ecu Address-Bareville, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Her giggles. Favorite expression-"That,s your businessw. Favorite pastime+Coing to the movies. Ambition-To travel. Prized possession+Driver's license Weakness-Dark wavy hair. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.--To chaperon Polly and "1vie". Activities-Artisan Club f11P, Junior Play. "Eff has efficiency plus brains, As well as a lovely complexiong Shoulrlnit these be enough for anyone To gain for herself our affection? ALLAN BEWLEY Nickname-'gBewley" Address-'Bird-in-Hand, R. D. 1, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Silence. Favorite expression-'fWhy sure. What do you think?" Favorite pastime-Driving to ???'??? Ambition-President of U. S. A. for something elsel. Prized possession-Driver's license. Weakness-Speeding. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-Ride on Dave's high-powered bus. ActiviliesgTyping Club 410-111, Science Club Q9-121, Manager of Basketball Team f12l. Morgan was quite richer, Shakespeare had more fame, But, in common greatness, Allan gets acclaim. l41 skating. BETTY LOU DUSSINGER Niclcnam e-ulietty Lou Address--Brownstown, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-4Red hair Favorite expression-"Jeepers". Favorite pastime-Tooting the clarinet and ice Ambition-Nurse. Prizecl possession-Cold locket. Weakness-Cray Ford. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To increase knowledge. Activities-Senior Glee Club 1121 Orchestra - 1123, Basketball Team 1121. Crimson silk upon her heaflg A crown upon ll queen, Betty Louis a picture Of beauty rarely seen. DOROTHY ESBENSHADE Ni cknam eg'4C hickv Address--Bird-in-Hand, 'Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Red hair and freckles. Favorite expression--'4Ohl my goshv. Favorite pastime-Swimming and ice-skating. Ambition-Dental assistant. Prized possession--Vase collection. Weakness-Vanilla ice cream. Reason for attending U. L. H. 5.vTo talk to Eleanor. Activities-Basketball team 110, 11, 121, School Patrol 111, 121, Junior Play and Senior Play, Dramatic Club 1101, Arts and Crafts Club 1121, Customs and Manners Club 1119, Class Secretary 1123, Staff 111, 123. Quiet and modest, "Chick's,' briefly flefinefl, With beauty and brains uniquely combined: For such II companion or such a friend We fain. would wall: to journey's emi. ' I 5 1 LEROY EVANS Nickname-"Buck', Address-Bareville, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Sbortness. Favorite expression-"Hey l '7 Favorite pastime-Sports. Ambition-A baseball player. Prized possession-A certain girl's picture. Weakness-Blondes. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To get an education. Activities-Electricity Club 1105, Baseball Team f11l. "Bashful Buck", they call him, The reason is quite plain, His character is untarnishedg May it always thus remain. ROBERT GAMBER Nickname-'iBob" Address-Brownstown, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Blushing Favorite expression-"Holy Cats l " Favorite pastime-Swimming and eating. Ambition-to become a Pennsylvania Motor Police. Prized possession-DrivSr's license. Weakness-Blondes, brunettes, and redheads. e Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-For certain qualifications. Activities--Basketball 1125, Typing Club 1121, Senior 'Play 1121. Z Bob's a lad of high esteem Who,s always full of cheer, With joy and jestful jollity, He makes a friend, sincere. 161 DOROTHY GRAYBILL Nickname-"Dottie,, Address-Bareville, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Her slenderness. Favorite expression-"Goody-goody". Favorite pastime--Reading. Ambition-Musician. Prized possession4Piano. WeaknessACraham cracker pies. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.hTo get an edu- cation. Activities-Typing Club 1101, Clee Club 110, 11, 121, Customs and Manners Club 1111, Staff 111-121, Junior Play and Senior Play, Girls, Clee Club 1121 . 1 LEON GRABILL Nickname-"Pass" AddressWBareville, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Wavy hair. Favorite expression-"Cheese and crackers". Favorite pastime-Going to the movies. Ambition-U. S. Postal Service. Prized possession-wDriver's license. Weakness-Automobiles. Reason for attending U. L. H, S.-Pass the time. Activities-Junior Play and Senior Play, Hobby Lobby Club 1111, Baseball Team 111, 121, , Travel Club 1121. "Puss,' is always in the lead Of anything he does, Sa if you're ever in need of help, .lust give old "Puss,, a "buzz',. "Danica has an inquiring mind That seeks zo learn all knowledgeg Besel with jewels of talent, We predict success at college. i E71 IRENE GROFF Nickname-"Irene" Address-Bareville, R. D. 1, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Quietness. Favorite expression-"Skip itil. Favorite pastime-Playing Piano. Ambition-Teacher. Prized possession-Her Latin hook. Weakness-Ice cream. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To gmt an edu- cation. Activities-Clee Club f10, 11, 121, Typing Club f10J, Vice-President 1101, Junior and Senior Plays, Library Club 6125. Gentle, sweet, and kind, Like an angel in this clernense, Glowing with rays of foyg This is our Irene. CLAUDE HESS NicknameTi'Hessie', Address+Lancaster R. D. 5, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Arguing. Favorite expression-None. Favorite pastime-Driving the 'L0lds". Ambition--To join the H4 H Club". Prized possession-Driver's license. Weakness-English. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To "Puss',. Activities--Orchestra lt 10, 11 J . talk to Claude is a student With a scientijic mind. In physics and in chemistry There are no others of his kind. l81 RUSSELL HILLEGASS N ickname-'5Rusty,' Address-Leacock, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Stubborn hair. Favorite expression-"Was sagen Sie?'i Favorite pastime-Reading. Ambition-Mathematician. 'Prized possession-Slide rule. Weakness-Food. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.vTo pester girls. Activities-Class President 1101, Vice-President 111, 121, Basketball Team 110, 11, 121, Or- chestra 110, 11, 121, Clee Club 110, 11, 121, Baseball 1111, Staff 111, 121, Typing Club 110, 111, Band 1121, Current Events Club 1121. Like Barrymore and Burgess, Clint Frank and Roosevelt, Actor, poet, and leader, Russelfs worth has been felt. BETTY HOOVER Nickname-"Betty" Address--Brownstown, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Blue eyes. Favorite expression-"Gee Whiz". Favorite pastime---Listening to radio. Ambition--Nurse. Prized possession-A certain jewelry set. Weakness-Dixie cups and dark hair. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-fReceive diploma. Activities--Girls' Clee Club 1121, Senior Glee Club 1121, Senior Play. Thereis comfort in her presence, There,s cheer in every smileg The senior class salutes you, A nurse whoill be worthwhile. 191 Az. . J ' DALE KEENER Nickname-"A ce" Addressvlleacock, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-His laugh. Favorite expression-"Yo-how. Favorite pastime--Eating. Ambition--Physical-education teacher. Prized possession-Driveris license. Q W eakness-Chile con carne. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To put in time. Activities-Orchestra 110, 11, 121, Basketball 110, 11, 121, Glee Club 110, 11, 121, Typing Club 110, 111, Staff 111, 121, Band 1121, Baseball 111, 121, Patrol 1121, Junior and Senior Plays, Travel Club 1121. Dale is a jolly lazl, Who excels in all forms of recreation With keenness and frivolity, He wins our admiration.. BENJAMIN KROUSE N ickname-"Benny" Address-Leola, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Never on time. 1 Favorite expression--"Who wants to hear a joke?', Favorite pastime-Drawing. Ambition-Artist, poet, and playwright. Prized possession-Mechanical drawing set. Weakness-Puss's sister. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-Therffs no way out of it. Activities-Typing Club 111, 121, Cartoonistis Club 1101, Football Team 1101. Ifmlaunted by calamities, Abstroctefl not by woes, W e predict success with swift progress, As on through life Ben goes. 1101 L . VERA MELLINGER Nickname-'Ween Address-Bird-in-Hand, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Shortness. Favorite expression- "Watcha call it?" Favorite pastime-Reading. Ambition-Nurse. Prized possession-Certain memories? ? ? ? ? Weakness-Blue Dodge. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.wTo associate with fellow students. Activities-Glee Club 110, 11, 121, Typing Club 1101, Customs and Manners Club 1111, Junior and Senior Plays, Staff 111, 121, Patrol 111, ' 121, Girls' Glee Club 1121. Verals so small, and so petite, With a smile so friendly, and so sweet, If you should search the whole world through, You'll never find a friend so true. CLAIR ROSCOE MILLER ' I N icknamew"Ross,' l Address-Bird-in-H and, R. D. 1, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Pleasant smile. Favorite expression--"Oh Goshi' Favorite pastime--Reading new books. Ambition-Post-otiice clerk. Prized possession-Portable typewriter. Weakness-Vanilla milksliakes. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-There's no way out of it. Activities-Staff 1121, Hobby Lobby Club 1101, Customs and Manners Club 1111, Travel Club 1121, Class President 111, 121, Junior and Senior Plays, Patrol 110, 11, 121, Captain of Patrol 111, 121. f HRoss" is the male 'gStenog,, of the class We hope he'll succeed With his foot on. the gas. llll JOHN PARMER Nickname-Hfackw Address-Leacock, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristicw-Long hair. Favorite expression-'gAsk me a question Favorite pastime-Eating. Ambition-To be a reporter. Prized possession-Comb. 9: Weakness-The fair sex. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To play bas- ketball. Activities-Glee Club 1101, Hobby-Lobby Club f111, Basketball K11, 121, Baseball fll, 121, Junior and Senior Plays, Current Events Club C121. "facial, Parmer's the gay Whom the girls think divineg Good looks and clothes, And boy, what a line! MARY RUOSS Nickname-"Shorty7' Address-Bareville, R. D. 1, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Her smallness. Favorite expression-'4You ain't kiddin'?H Favorite pastime--Playing a piano. Ambition-Beautician. Prized possession-Her comb Weakness--New Holland. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To talk to Pauline. Activities-Typing Club f101, Orchestra 1101, Junior Play, Cheerleader f121, Arts and Crafts Club 1121, Staff 1121, Glee Club f10, 11, 121. Mary Ruoss is never vain., Neither is she stapidg Many a swain has Mary slain With the aid of Cupid. i121 L .A AMOS SANDS Nickname-"Sandey" schools. Favorite expression-"All rightn. Favorite pastime--Drawing. Prized possession-Driver's license. Weakness-A certain girl. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To school bus. Activities-Carving Club 1121. Amos is quite a lad W ho came to us this year, Illany and many a school, he's triea' And fortunately enrlerl here. Ambition-To make something of life. Address-Bird-in-Hand, 'Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Always changing ride on the PAULINE SNADER ' Nickname-S'Panline Snaderi' AddressfBarevi11e, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic--Laugh. Favorite expression-"My Gosh". Favorite pastime-Going to movies. Ambition-Commercial work. Prized possession-A certain bracelet. Weakness-Chocolate candy. Reason for attending U. 1.. H. S.-To talk to Mary. Activities-'Hobby Lobby 1101, Artisan Club 1111, Arts and Crafts 1121, .lunior and Senior Plays, Class Basketball Team 110, 11, 121. . A twinkle in her eyes, A sparkling smile, serene, Dark brown hair, complexion fair, Combined in sweet Pauline. 1131 ELEANOR VIRGINIA SPANGLER Nickname-'LEleanor" Addresswleancaster R. D. 5, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Sunny disposition. Favorite expression-'fleepers I " Favorite pastime-Swimming and dancing. Ambition-Laboratory technician. Prized possession-Scrapbook. Weakness-lack. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To talk to Chick. Activities-Customs and Manners Club 1111, Junior and Senior Plays, Basketball Team 111, 121, Stall 111, 121, Clee Club 1121, Girls' Glee Club 1121, Class Treasurer 1121, 'Patrol 1121. Slow to resent, quick to amend, Loyal to duty, classmate, and friend, Steadfast and true, traits many more, That is our own dear Eleanor. .1 EANN E SPATZ ' N icknam e-"SpuIzie', Address-Brownst own, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Her height. Favorite expression-"Do you know what 1 mean?', Favorite pastime-Writing letters. Ambition-To become a secretary. Prized possession-A 'certain ring. Weakness--Chocolate pie. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To keep Mar- gie company. Activities-Class Secretary 1101, Hobby Lobby Club 1101, Basketball Team 110, 11, 121, Class Treasurer 1111, Mathematics Club 1111, Staff 111, 121, Patrol 1121, Glee Club 1121, Arts and Crafts Club 1121. : A jolly laugh, Personality toog That's our Jean, Through and through. i141 .?.. 7 HAROLD WENGER Nickname-"Weng,' ' Address-Bareville, Pennsylvania Distinguishing charaeteristic-Shortness. Favorite expression-c'Go0d goshlw , Favorite pastime-Sports of all kinds. Ambition-To draw. Prized possession-Driver's license Weakness--Movies. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To get an edu- cation. ActivitiesfChef Club 1105, Hobby-Lobby Club . 1115, Basketball 111, 125, Baseball 111, 125. For Harold, wepre sure There's a future aheadg Weare proud of his efforts, What more need be said? MARJORIE WITMAN 'N ' ' A Nickname-"Margie', Address-Leola, Pennsylvania Distinguishing characteristic-Brains. Favorite expression-"Where's Jeanfll' Favorite pastime-Driving the "Ford". Ambition-Air Hostess. Prized possession-A Gruen Watch. Weakness-The other sex. Reason for attending U. L. H. S.-To pester Mr. Byrne. . Activities-Typing Club 1105, Patrol 1125, Library Club 1125, Junior and Senior Plays, Secretary of Class 1115, Staff 1125, - Q Margie has been well supplied With. talents enough for two. Take care of yourself, class prodigy, W e expect big things from you. 1151 'pi uperfafives Best all-round student lfGirlJ Eleanor Spangler Best all-round student f Boyj Russell Hillegass. Most dependable fGirlJ Irene Groff. Most dependable liBoyl Roscoe Miller. Most bashful QGirll Betty Hoover. Most bashful fBoyJ Allan Bewley. Most pleasing personality CGirl,l Dorothy Esbenshade Most pleasing personality fBoyl Roscoe Miller Best musician fGirlJ Mary Ruoss. Best musician fBoyl Dale Keener. Most Beautiful fCirlJ Betty Lou Dussinger. Most handsome fBoyfl John Parmer. Best dressed CGirlj Dorothy Graybill. Best dressed fBoyJ John Parmer. Most likely to succeed fGirlfl lrene Groff. Most likely to succeed lBoyJ -Russell Hillegass. Most athletic fGirlj Mary Ruoss. Most athletic LBoyID Russell Hillegass. Most popular fGirlfl Eleanor Spangler. Most popular fBoyl Russell Hillegass. Class Juliet, Pauline Snader. Class Romeo, Russell Hillegass. Best entertainer fGirlfI Marjorie Wiitman Best entertainer liBoyJ Benjamin Krouse ll6l Glass gfiiiory ln the autumn of 1938, thirty-five pupils enrolled for their fresh- man year at Upper Leacock High School. They took delight in going to school for the first day, because they were attending school in a new school building which had just been erected. Several new teachers had also been appointed. At the end of the year they discovered that Erma Horst, Emerson Hogentogler, Dorothy Bailey, Harold Kreider, Evelyn Saner, Amos Sands, Ruth Martin, Walter Herman, Leon Buck- walter, Betty Weaver, and John Fierick decided to continue their work elsewhere. K September 1939 found twenty-six pupils ready to continue their education in the tenth grade. One outstanding event of the Sophomore year was a Hallowe'en party with the juniors and seniors. In May the sophomores discovered that Robert Buch, Violet Kurtz, Ivan Landis, Norma Musser, Miriam Myers, Morris Sauder, Franklin Waid, and Elmer Weitkamp had left their ranks. September 1940 found twenty-two juniors on the doorstep of Up- per Leacock High School. During this year we presented the play 4'Sulphur and Molassesi' and entertained the seniors at a banquet. At the end of this semester the juniors were sorry to lose Jane Eitnier and Betty Lafferty. After a longer than expected vacation, we entered U. L. as seniors. We were glad to welcome into our class Betty Lou Dussinger, Betty Hoover, Robert Gamber and Amos Sands. On November 15, 1941 the seniors presented the play HHere's That Ghost Againw. On March 17, 1942, we enjoyed a trip to Philadelphia where we visited places of historic interest. On April 17 we took another educational tour, visit- ing Gettysburg and Harrisburg. At Gettysburg we were taken over the battlefield, and at Harrisburg we visited the capitol, museum, and edu- cation building. Later in the season we were entertained by the juniors. Baccalaureate Services were held on May 24, and commencement ex- ercises on May 28, 1942. Thus ended the school days of the class of '42. l 17 il 8 ww 33 'Pm QUIK? 9 Gfass Qyrop lzecy Now I am reclining in my comfortable chair and recalling the scenes projected last night from our new slide machine clown at the Upper Leacock Alumni Club. The year is 1955. One slide showed the famed traiiic officer, Robert Gamber, directing automobile traffic on 5th Avenue. fYes, there are still automobiles and tires.J He stood before an ambulance which contained three competent nurses: Betty Lou Dussinger, Betty Hoover, and Vera Mellinger. There was shown a picture of a typical dental hygienist, Dorothy Esbenshade. Other pictures showed Eleanor Spangler as a laboratory technician, and Mar- jorie Witman on board an air liner where she is hostess. The pictures were concluded with a reel of cartoons drawn by the eminent artist and poet, Benjamin Krouse. g In my reminiscence I recall the events that occurred on my jour- ney home from a long journey. In New York I heard a chorus of female voices under the direction of Dorothy Graybill. In the post ofiice of my home town I received my mail from the postal clerk, Leon Grabill. He was assisted by Harold Wenger. Among the staff of efficient secretaries there were Pauline Snader and lean Spatz. On the wall was a poster containing photographs of some of the agricultural plants and fertilizers which evolved from the efforts of the agricultural chemist, Claude Hess. Other pictures of crops raised by Amos Sands were there. When I was ready to leave for a trip to the sunny south, I drove to the railroad station to obtain a ticket, which was sold to me by Roscoe Miller. Here I met lVlary Ruoss, beautician, who informed me that I could no longer receive permanent waves, because of another tin- foil shortage. Evaline Alexander was on board the train to Florida, where she will cross the waters to Cuba, and from there to South America. V Recently John Parmer has risen to a prominent position on the staff of a paramount New York newspaper. Allan Bewley and Leroy Evans are co-managers of a grocery store. Several weeks ago I visited my niece at a new Brooklyn high school. In the gymnasium I noticed their basketball team practicing under the leadership of the coach, Dale Keener. Irene Groff, who is teaching primary work at the school, pointed out the mathematics teacher, Rus- sell Hillegass. I understand he is preparing to leave for a position as mathematician at Yale. Ah, yes! Dear were those days at Upper Leacock. Would that we were back again! ' A T201 T2 HUIZHLIOHS Q ? ' y'1. E Wi uf- f , ,-4.5, .sis iz., x , FMQQSQS? 'W IUJIEIMII lpmix , f f fl' X :::a W? ll s 5555553 ' fiffii W W1 was X Vx AMN C 6'ZQ NX WL L. Ill FACULTY Seated-left to right-Miss Habecker, Mr. H. Book, Miss Kendig, Mr. R. Byrne, Mr. C. Ressel, Miss Anderson, Mrs. Gossling, Mrs. Nystrom. Standing! Nlr. E. Saylor,,Mr. J. Adams, Mr. R. Schrieber. STAFF Seated-left to right-Dorothy Esbenshade, Paul Hunsecker, Ann Locher, Eliza- beth Lowery, Dale Keener, Eleanor Spangler, Roscoe Miller, Arlene Sensenig, Richard Bowler. Standing-left to rightejames Hillegass, Marjorie Witman, Jean Spatz, Mary Ruoss, Miss Kendig, Evelyn Crabill, Russell Hillegass, Vera Mellinger, Anne Moorehouse, Dorothy Graybill, Gerald Reidenbaugh, Nancy Ranck. l22'I ' . SENIOR GLEE CLUB First Row-left to right-J. Keener, J. Spatz, G. Reidenbaugh, D. Craybill, R Hillegass, E. Spangler, L. Anderson. A. Moorehouse, B. Girvin. Second Row-left to right-M. Ruoss, M. Steffy, E. Brubaker, N. Ranck. R. Mus ser, B. Hoover, D. Hillegass, A. Sensenig, M. A. Arndl, I. Croff, H. Dougherty Third Row-left to right-Mr. Saylor, G. Miller, E. Hess, R. Plank, P. Hunsecker R. Plank, D. Spence. V. Mellinger, B. Wenger. Fourth Row-left to right-R. Ruoss, A. Steffy, R. Buckwalter, H. Hillegass, R Bouder, D. Keener, L. Weaver. ORCHESTRA Front Rowe-left to right4B. Girvin, R. Buckwaller, G. Miller, A. Charles, P. Charles, M. Sleffy, M. L. Ranck, M. Geist, C. Pickel. Second Row-lSittingl--left to rightAN. Andrews, J. Brown, J. Emery, D. Buck- walter, P. Hunsecker, M. A. Arndt, N. Ranck. Third Row-l'StandingJ--left to rigl1t-W. Steller, D. Keener, R. Hillegass, L. Weaver, C. Hillegass. D. Zimmerman, R. Bonder, A. Sensenig, M. Melligan, B. Eidemiller, H. Hillegass, Mr. Saylor 1Maestrol. l23l PATROL First Rowwleft to right-M. Miller, H. Esbenshade, E. Spangler, D. Esbenshade R. Miller, A. Locher, P. Hunsecker. Second Row--left to right-P. Charles, E. Gladfeltrr, V. Kreiser, M. Melligan F. Wenger, D. Spence, V. Mellinger, A. Trimble, D. Sprecher. Third Row-left to right-Mr. Adams, J. Echternach, M. Wilman, B. Lowery, K Coretzke, P. Evans, L. Weaver, D. Buckwalter. Fourth Row-left to right-R. Wentz, R. Plank, J. Spatz, A. Steffy, R. Ruoss, R. Miller, D. Keener, I. Hillegass. CHEERLEADERS Left to right-Nancy Ranck, Anne Moorehouse, Ann Locher, Mary Ruoss, Arlene Sensenig. l24l 1 1 BASKETBALL TEAM 1 First Row-left to right-H. Groff. J. Parmer, l. Landis, R. Hillegass, D. Keener, R. Bouder. Second Row-left to right-Faculty Mgr. Mr. Byrne, Assit Mgr. Roscoe Miller, H. Wenger, Jr., R. Camber, G. Reidcnbaugh, C. Mateer, Mgr. Allan Bewley, Coach-Mr. Schreiber. Mascot-William Kauffman. HQNIOR PLAY CA ST Left to riffht--lrene Croii, Russell Hillegass, Marjorie Witman, Pauline Snader, Eleaniir Spangler, Roscoe Miller, John Parrner, Vera Mellinger, Leon Gra bill, Evaline Alexander, Dorothy Graybill, Dale Keener, Dorothy Eshenshade Mary Ruoss. I' 251 SENIOR PLAY CA ST Seated-left to right-Dorothy Esbenshade, Betty Hoover, Robert Gamber, Dor othy Grayhill, Vera Mellinger, Russell Hillegass, Eleanor Spangler. Standing-left to right--Irene Groff, Leon Crabill, john Parmer. Pauline Snader, Dale Keener. Marjorie Witman. X CLASS OF 1942 I 26 I ' Y , - lass We, the Senior Class of the Upper Leacock High School, do hereby draw up and publish the following will, in this year, nineteen hundred and forty-two. Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : teristics. Item: Item: Item: Item: basketb all Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : Item : To Ann Locher, Dottie Graybillls sophistication. To Pearl Evans, Mary Ruoss's basketball technique. To Arlene Sensenig, Margie Witmanls way with the teachers. To Ivy Landis, his heart's desire, Polly. To Jerry Reidenbaugh, Roscoe Miller's dramatic ability. Eleanor Spanglefs good marks to anybody who wants them. To Henry Croft, ,I ack Parmeris ability to dance. To Raymond Buckwalter, Russell Hillegassis manly charac- To Nancy Ranck, Betty Hoover's "swing and swayn. To Richard Bouder, Claude Hess's ability to argue. To Evelyn Grabill, Betty Lou Dussingerls hair-styles. To Paul Hunsecker, Allan Bewley's ability to manage the team. Buck Evans's ability to take shorthand to his sister, Betty. To Betty Lowery, Irene CroH's retiring manner. To Betsy Girvin, Jean Spatz's surplus height. To Lloyd Hoover, Bob Gamberls Palmer 1 'P I Method. To Ladix Weaver, Puss Crabill's wavy hair. To Harold Hillegass, Ben Krouse's ability to tell jokes. To Jimmy Hillegass, Amos Sands's blufiing technique. To Dick Miller, Dale Keener's pleasant smile. To Allan Steify, Vera Mellinger's German book. - To Kenny Weitkamp, Harold Wenger's basketball ability. To Ellen Buckwalter, Evaline Alexander's giggles. To Claude Mateer, Chick Esbenshadels blushes. l27l ,I B. J. RIFE, JR. COAL Phone: Leola 339-R-3 C. W. M A R T IN DAIRY PRODUCTS BIRD-IN-HAND, PA., R. No. I Phone-Leola 206-R-2 "Jewelry of the Better Sort Since 1893" J. F. APPLE COMPANY MANUFACTURING JEWELERS LANCASTER, PA. Quality Merchandise SERVICE Expert Craftsmanship FRIENDLY TYDOL SERVICE Stone G' Weaver BARD'S CROSSING, R. D. No. 5 LANCASTER, PA. SPENCER Individually designed corsets, girdles, brassiers, belts, and surgical supports Call or Write MRS. LEAH E. BUSHONG 236-R-3, Leola, Pa. HOSTETTER'S PLAY BARN ROYAL TYPEWRITERS STANDARD and PORTABLE All Makes Rebuilt Typewriters BANcRoH's 44 North Prince St. Dial 64l7 BEAUTY SHOPPE All Work By Appointment MRS. PAULINE LARKIN Phone 204-R-2, Leola, Pa. Compliments of HER MAJESTY UNDERWEAR COMPANY LEOLA, PA. L28J .I. U. NEWHAUSER 8. SONS BIRD-IN-HAND Hardware and Farm Machinery RICHARD A. BARD HARDWARE Leacock, Penna. LEOLA WATER WORKS BA Y M 0 N D PUREWATER FUNERAL HOME Man's Greatest Need Friendly Service LEOLA, PA. Leola Penna EDDIE'S BARBER SHOP Leacock, Pa. For Everything ln Music KIRK JOHNSON 8. CO. I6-I8 West King Street LANCASTER, PA. JACOB E. CARPENTER, JR. FURNITURE Upholstering and Repair Work Phone: Leola 244-R-4 Route I BIRD-IN-HAND, PA. WENGER'S FLOWERS Funeral Work and Bouquets A Specialty Phone: Leola 228-R-31 WILLOW SPRING DAIRY GUERNSEY MILK and CREAM Fresh from Farm to You For Those Who Want the Best Phone: Leola 241-R-ll KURTZ'S STORE LEACOCK, PA. Highest Cash Prices Paid for Eggs and Poultry SHOP AT L. B. HERR 81 SON The Oldest, Largest and Most Reliable School Supply Store in Eastern Pennsylvania Books, Stationery, Printing Remington Portable Typewriters IA portable For Every Pursel 46-48 WEST KING STREET LANCASTER PENNA. UNION EMBLEM COMPANY HIGH SCHOOL JEWELRY FELT GOODS AND COMMENCEMENT STATIONE RY PALMYRA, PENNSYLVANIA P. H. Nissley, Manager Compliments of M A R T ' S I N N M. S. Wolfe, Proprietor l29l Flu. ur AND CHECK UP SPRECHERS SERVICE Compliments of MILLER'S FRUIT and STATION GROCERY MARKET LEACOCK- PA- Pmczs ALwAYs LOWER -A Compliments of L E 0 L A LEOLA RESTAURANT MEALS AT ALL HOURS N AT l 0 N AL B AN K Phone-Leola 247 Leola, Pa. c Pf I 5 so,ooo.oo KENSINGER'S SERVICE S pl S 50,000.00 Lubricating and Car Washing R 5700300.00 Gas - Oil - Accessories LEACOCK, PA. AMERICAN I8-HOLE - GOLF COURSE S' R' MYER Two Miles West of INSURANCE New Hqlland BAREVILLE, PA. Fon YOUR SCHOOL PHOTOGRAPHS THE SI'IELLEY STUDIO I8 West Orange Street Lancaster, Pa. D. L. BURKHOLDER'S GARAGE AND SERVICE STATION Specializing in Fender and- Body Work Phone 229-R-'IZ LEACOCK PENNSYLVANIA C O O P E R ' S BAKERY PRODUCTS LEACOCK PENNSYLVANIA l30T C0""'5""e"'s 0' PAUL L. HUNSECKER E. B. ST E E FY PLUMBING, HEATING and LIGHT LUNCH AND TINNING CONFECTIONERY STOKERS OIL BURNERS LEACQCK, PA. Lancaster, Pa. Leola, Pa I LANCASTER BUSINESS COLLEGE Founded 1855 Secretarial and Accounting Courses For Information Address 48 N. QUEEN ST., LANCASTER, PA. JOHN F. HARSH, IEsIaIeI Wholesale Confectioner Candies of Every Description I46 E. Walnut Street, Lancaster, Pa. L c. ROSCOE MILLER Wall Paper and Paper Hanging LEOLA, PA. Estimates cheerfully given Phone 238-R-ll H. E. HARSH Your Lanco Store BAREVILLE, PA. Phone 319 Leola v - TWIN MAPLE ROAD MARKET F, p , D I X ON Fruit, Vegesbli-as, Pl!ang,dEggs, Dressed TALMAGE, PA. ou try y r er LANCASTER, PA., Route 5 FOR FRUIT and VEGETABLES lhone: Leola 233-R-3 Phone: Leola 3lO-R-2 - We Use and Recommend - METEPSQFE C L' H' TIllglllSEMUSlC RVI E Disfribuged by Established 1881 MILIEY's SERVICE STATION 38-45'55gg'3I,g,'ggSggLEE, PARADISE LANCASTER, PA. I RESSLER'S MILL L. CLYDE SMITH 81 SONS L W. Franklin Ressler Genuine Peacgilaligttom Roofing MASCOT, PA. Yards-Greenfield and Lancaster Phone 2-8015-2-5515 QM, ERISMAN'S WI I D Il H 'I I s Cosl?ume3SllEe:ted G R O F F I S G A R A GE T N I 9 nm B REVILLE, PA. LLLL suwlgu Lancaster, Pa. 'E Phone 7626 31 I

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