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Upper Kennebec Valley High School - Boreas Yearbook (Bingham, ME) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Cover

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,-M Qr -W Nw -A2 IATTTW wwf' k ,wwf W -gwa A 1 :3'1.g,g1:G Q?5I5Tf41"?4"" , 's 12 Dmr:115H'.-:-,g,:'z'S--,- QM "hm 2, ,gV5fJ7if?mua xf7:2.r',1'f2 ' Y -3 u v f. ,UQ vu-Y":'-e QA f '- - , 41, LWf..A-4qQ,'M,ig:r.x-4.1 g filw,y,g.,Q5.,1ggq24-41' ' fx? 'fn J v f' V' Ii' Wi ' .. 1 , . V.-My-,, X, ., - V, ,v ,, ,V I' 7' f Q I LEW H C ' Z ' 1 .a F :or . , W3 . ,ff 'A 1 'KN E FY X " iQ,?f'a-9 ': ,mam 4: Y 'J w X .P an 4 cvlq-'xapv igpgm-.223 afv'-12' AM z3Qzaf.mg mp: zwffwzvpf NELJBUZZN I QOME FROM NIE JVOZETHMZYD CHILD QF ICE AWD sfvow, sT!?A1VQa-iff IWANDER Mow, MR FROM MY NATIVE CLZME. VEZCOME ME TO Yom Mzpgf, BEFHZEND ME IN MY YOUTH, NOZZZQZ-SH MF THAT I MAY GROW T0 MAAZ1fZo0D AND Bfccnzwf EN.SZfZZ?ZN5D A LOYAL SON Of VALMY Zfllczfz, 7 Ze ofcafzbn With sincere appreciation, we would like to extend our gratitude to Mrs. Knight, who, for nineteen years, has given so unselfishly of her time in directing all the musical activi- ties in this area. We, the Class of 1967, wish to dedicate this, the 33rd Edition of the Boreas, to Mr. Sherman, our advisor. His patience and firmness in guiding us through our past four years have earned for him, not only our respect as a teacher, but also our admiration as a friend. This page sponsored by THE SENIOR CLASS I7 17012-D 1 . lf ' S, ,sL,',gi?i? W 1-1?f' H ,Q 5 v' 'K 1,6 M B 1 J, - x . - wi I' JL . , ,is-"' ' A 1 A gs?- sf" , . 5 .N .f, '-gh 'R Qs. .1 , ' "f.5aw.,5 gil Sip " 5? ":,.a3.- .J ,Eu-I WTF' :T 122. X qwafia. 5,5 E9 'f 'Ave -. -R5 535 mv., . ,xg- FACULTY D 1 x , 1 5 1-1 n. f,,1.:9gc4,,,,.f,, h. -. ..-.,,,,,. N Q3'2Si'3s4f1 ,.. 'iliif' qgmflismszaageax fw ,I gg-135 'nv' we-biuai' . -. 594' avg? qi.: ... . -M15 L-,qw .:.. x:. 1-. ' ' E51 ,fi-I 46- 0:59 Hag. -in 'W?m1s ':.-as-. H, M, . J... 530. -9311.1 .mg ...iq -:,.,,.- 1.4 ,., 'sm '-his "lu -.1-T-1 v1-rm-:ff A Qi!" -'ifzfkfi - 1' '25-F11 " 'Un"",":g . -L F, gk " ,' 3 1 'J .-f!z?.Qfi -5w.p,.. - M .- gr' h- dsl.. ,:::.-5f,gw.mQ,5g-gg '32 N 'ggi-gi ' ,JS'f.:F sn, 4"-1 .g.1-:.---- . r -'fin :-EJYIIIS 'mi L,-I5 llvgdmflf-,. vgfvg., vt, '5-.WILS-T 1562, ggv. .oayqa W., . ,- -5:4 1.11, '. - "fr-:V an-1. ,x ig-:gi +.K?g,,.,. "'., 244.5 " '-an Y'iif3' , . MRS. PERKINS Home Ec. F. H. A. MR. BURRILL Phys . Ed . Varsity x i A .. r if J g., Y .4 Q rllfl f' 2 3'-ii-'fi 9155 MRS . A T WOOD Head of History Department MRS . REED French MRS. MOORE Head of Eng. Department MR. I-IELLER History 7858 MR. PADDOCK MRS. KNIGHT Industrial Chorus, Band Arts MR. KELLEY Superintendent MR. HILTON Mathematics Science MRS. LUCAS 1 MRS. BUSHEY Librarian MR. REED Principal Guidance 'Q xr ,Q ,.. 5 MR. DAVIS Mathematics 7858 MRS. STERLING English 78a8 I ' aw . fi Ps . x v--va,-'w MR. BUCKMORE Mathematics N. H. S. MR. SHERMAN Sciences Cross Country MR. WAITE Science 7858 MRS. HOFFMAN Phys. Ed. 85 Health Commercial J.V's MR. HENDERSON English 98510 Winter Sports 'mp' .1 , I ks We, the Editorial Staff of the Boreas, respectfully dedicate this section to the memo- ry of a friend, Eva D. Bachelder, who loyally supported our school in every way over a per- iod of many years. It was her wish that any memorial contri- butions be sent to the Athletic Fund. From the proceeds of this Fund, aplaque and a score- board will be erected in her memory. Zoarof qf Qzfecfors Z' Left to right: Richard Wallingford, Reginald McCollar, Alma Morris, W. A. Kelley QSupt.y, Ed- ward Comber qChairman3, Sterling Pierce, Alice Beane, Irene Harwood, Wilbur Dunphy. Absent: James Cahill, Lillian Adams, Laurel Clark, Everett Thornton. jfs? ygoreas csfafff ROW 1: J. Giberson, W. Thompson, W, Padham, E. Bray ROW 2: Advisor - Mrs. Hoffman, L. Sanipas, J. Hunt, P. Gamache eargoof Uypzkfs ROW 1: L. McLaughlin, P. Sheaff, F. Cates ROW 2: M. Sterling, T. McKay, M. Gordon 'rm 'ii ff N. '-.Aa f ,' LM mv Q l -71 H ' J. -1, H' "Six .bi 4- ,..,.: H ,,.,.. f 1 ff'-'A 'Mai' ,r my-1 .511 ,pi -'Sha if gg 1 "au New 'Lv vii' 1' X' J il:- TK 1' SENICRS . 3 I -- l - 11-Nagle-4 . f ..-1 'i'?n,j:-asf: , .-rfrgxfi Wal'-.fivkf-:I Q-xy .. -ziifl-"Fw Mfr-' ' "-'5"i:3Eq:i's7fLx, mira!-' ea-9. " 'J' agp 155. -fb? 'nh 31:25 uawi 533' .wr-: 'QS 1,81 -.-f Mk. 5.95 ,f-lv '21, .53-H 'sggq-51' A L. 1'5,2?5 wfxisv' 1222: :Hiro '73-Rei 'mt f.1g,:gv.a,Q-,. W e:.,-E S725 wrfxuzus 4 -ML. ,I , ,aft .. rAem,5i-"5 -V . :- .,-:em-S, ,:..-'Q .- . 'K l.'.A le'!,5SQ5,gGf,Q.1 -,QA ' ' " 5525 -... 'LW ' .. . . .. .W rffffi-'Q X F.. -ljkww. .wg M14511, ,5,,.,-W., r 32,3-:Q -.3-l -WYE?" S51 Q-mas. ' " 'W'-' -' -'f-' fm-. 1:--:M ' '- a vw, -y gpm' K xgq. . 4- 313. .:g,",.::2 -ev Flvfgi 221: ' -af. if "4-za 2--A-F - E 9"' - - fr:7'a1'i:a? 'Na ' . --'-1-ff-' -csv-. ' 1 Wifi' 'fiv- 1 'iz-.JA :jun fhfig, ' JM. 'Ew- '-rg, 413 w MICHAEL E. BEAN "Mike" "Commercia1' "Where are we at?" DAVID J. BELANGER "Dave" "Industrial Arts" "My fate is determinedg but I have not yet determined it. " ' Intramurals 1,25 Prom Committee 3,43 NRA 3. EDYTHE A. BRAY "Beaty" "College" "As innocent as a lamb ??'?" Honor Roll 1,2,3,4g NHS 3,4g President 45 Gymnastics Club 1 2g Basketball 1,2,3,4g Captain 3,43 Winter Sports 1,2g Ski Club 49 Secretary 4g Intramurals lg 2,3,4g Class President 45 3,4g Debating Team lg Librarian 43 Junior Prom Attendant 3g DAR Candidate 4g Poetry Award 4. FRANCES L. CATES "Fran" "Commercial" "Silence is the temple of purest thoughts. " Honor Roll 1,2,3g Prom Committee 3,45 Yearbook Typist 45 Junior Play, Chorus 1,25 FHA 15 Secretary 1. Prom Committee 3,4g Boreas Staff 4g Junior Playg Chorus 1,2, ROBERT U. CATES "Fish" "Industrial Arts" "Keep silent and people will think you a philosopher. " Cross Country 1,4. PATRICK G. CHASSE "Pat" "Industrial Arts" " When children stand quiet they have done something ill. " Honor Roll 2,33 Gymnastics 3, Basketball 1,2,3g Winter Sports 1,25 Cross Country lg Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Baseball 1,2,3,4g Prom Committee 3,49 Junior Playg Rocket Club 2, Cycle Club 45 NRA 25 Dramatics 4. L PAMELA A. COOL "Pam" "Commercial "Because is a woman's reason. " Basketball 1,2,3g Student Council 3,4, President 4g Prom Committee 3,4g Majorettes lg Chorus 1,2,3g Gymnastics 1,2 CLARENCE D. DUPLESSIS "Dupe" "College" "Happiness makes up in height for what it lacks in length. " Cross Country 4g Prom Committee 45 Band 1,2. LARRY A. DWYER "Larry" "College" "Every man has his devilish moments. " Honor Roll 1,25 Winter Sports 45 Cross Country 2,45 Intra- murals 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,45 Class Vice-President 15 Prom Committee 45 Debating Club 15 Ski Club 4. AUTHUR P. GAMACHE "Paul" "College "Keep your eyes on him5 he'll make the world talk of him someday. " Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Winter Sports 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 1, 25 Intramurals 15 Class Vice-President 3, Class President 45 Prom Committee 3,45 Junior Prom King5 Boreas Staff 45 NHS 3,4, Vice-President 45 Public Speaking 25 Ski Club 4, Presi- dent 45 NRA 25 Boys State. "Even an ant casts a shadow. " Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,25 Winter Sports 1,25 Cheer leader 3,45 Class Secretary 25 Prom Committee 3,45 Boreas Staff 45 Dramatics 35 Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 KV 1, 2,3,45 Allstate 35 Eastern States Chorus 45 Librarian 3,4. MARY E. GORDON "Mary" "Commercial" "A light heart lives long. " Honor Roll 25 Winter Sports 1,2,3,45 Class Secretary 45 Prom Committee 3,45 Yearbook Typist 45 FHA 1, President 15 Junior Playg Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 KV 2,3,45 Ski Club 45 Junior Prom Attendant 3. JEAN L. GIBERSON "Jeannie" "College" DONALD M. I-IOVEY "Don" "Industrial Arts "Happy am I5 from care I'm free! Why aren't they all con- tented like me?" Gymnastics Club 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,35 Intramurals 1,2, A 3,45 Baseball 3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,35 Cycle Club 4. FRANK D. HUNNEWELL IR. "Tiger" "College" 'The more discussion the better. " Honor Roll 15 Basketball Manager 1,2,3,45 Winter Sports 1,25 Prom Committee 3,45 Junior Playg Rocket Club 15 Cycle Club JEAN HUNT "Jeannie" "College "A blush is beautiful, but often inconvenient." Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 NHS 3,4, Secretary 45 Basketball Man- ager 2,35 Winter Sports 1,25 Prom Committee 3,45 Boreas Staff 45 Junior Play5 Chorus 1,2,3,45 KV 3,45 Debating club 1,2, President 1,25 Ski Club 45 Girls Stateg Poetry Award 4. BRIAN F. MALLOY HGOITIPH "College" "There is no love sincerer than the love of food." Honor Roll 1,25 NHS 45 Student Council 2,3,45 Prom Com- mittee 3,45 Junior Play5 Debating Club 1,2. V "Live as if you expect to live a hundred years, but might die tomorrow." ALIETA M. MCCOLLAR "Lee" "College" 'Singers are merry and free from sorrow and care. " Honor Roll 1,25 Gymnastics 1,25 Basketball 1,2,3,4g Captain 35 Intramurals 1,2,3,4g Prom Committee 3,45 Dramatics 3g Band 1,2,3,4g Chorus 1,2,3,4g KV Band 1,2,3,4g Allstate 25 Poetry Award 4. sq TERRY A. MCKAY "Terry" "Commercial" "Every form of human life is romantic. " Honor Roll l,2,4g Cheerleader 1,2,3,4g Student Council 1,2, 3,4, Secretary 2,3,4g Prom Committee 3,4g Boreas Staff 35 Yearbook Typist 45 Good Citizenship Award 1,2g Majorette 1, Chorus'l,2g FHA 1,23 Librarian 1,2,3,4. LINDA R. MCLAUGHLIN "Pussycat" "Commercial" "Beauty and folly are often companions." Prom Committee 3,4g Yearbook Typist 45 Chorus 1,2g FHA 1. DENNIS E. MARTIN "Den" 'Industrial Arts" EDMUND C. MELCHER "Snowball" "General "Life is a game of chance." Gymnastics 4g Winter Sports 4g Intramurals 3,4. IAYNE A. O'BRlEN "Foolish" "College" "Do not bite the bait of pleasure till you know there is no hook beneath it" Gymnastics 1,25 Prom Committee 3,4g Junior Play: Chorus 1, 2,3,4g KV 2,3,4, Debating Club 1,2g NRA 2g Junior Prom Attendant. "Think all you speak, but speak not all you think. " Basketball lg Baseball 1,2,3,4g Prom Committee 3,4g Chorus lg Cycle Club 4. RANDI S. REED "Rudd" "College "The surest way not to fail is to determine to succeed. " Transferred from Farmington High, Junior Year, Honor Roll 3, 4, Basketball 3,4, Co- Captain 45 Intramurals 3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Chorus 3,45 Math Club 3,4g French Club 4, President 4, NHS 43 Girls Stateg Poetry Award 4. RICHARD T. REDMOND "Rich" "College" MALCOLM W. ROLLINS "Mickey" "General" "There is nothing like fun, is there?" I Honor Roll 1,45 Basketball 1,2,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Base- ball 3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Chorus 1. MARGARET L. SANIPAS "Still waters run deep. " Prom Committee 3,45 Boreas Staff 45 Junior Playg Chorus 1,2, 3,45 KV 45 FHA 1,2,45 Debating Club 35 Art Club 4. "Laura" "Commercial" GAYLE C. ROLLINS "S1ob" "College" "Beware the anger of the dove. " Honor Roll 15 Gymnastics 1,25 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Majorette 1,2,3,45 Chorus l,2,3,45 KV 2,3,45 Debating 15 NRA 25 Poetry Award 2. CLAYTON E. SABINE "Governor" "College" "Logic is logic. That's all I say. " Intramurals 45 Band 45 Chorus 4. Transferred from Skowhean High School. PATRICIA M. SHEAFF "Pat" "Commercial" "A maid's best dress is bashfulness. " A Honor Roll 1,2,35 Intramural lg Yearbook Typist 45 Prom Committee 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3. STEPHEN C. SMALL "Steve" "College" "To live long it is necessary to live slowly. " Winter Sports 1,2,3,45 Cross Country 15 Baseball 15 Class Sec.- Treas. 35 Student Council 45 Prom Committee 3,45 Junior Play5 Band 1,2,3,45 Chess Club 25 Ski Club 4, Vice-President 45 Junior Prom Attendant. MARION E. STERLING "Skinny" "Commercial" "Variety is the spice of life that gives all its flavor." Gymnastics 1,25 Basketball 15 Intramurals 15 Prom Committee 3,45 Junior Prom Queen5 Yearbook Typist 45 Junior P1ay5 Majorette 15 Chorus 1,2,3,45 NRA 2. SUSAN R. STEVENS "Sue" "College" "Nothing is sillier than silly laughter. " Honor Roll 2,3,45 Basketball 35 Intramural 35 Prom Commit- tee 3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 Debating 1,2, President 25 French Club 45 Future Homemaker of the Year 45 Poetry Award 4. WILLIAM A. THOMPSON "Bill" "College" "They are able because they think they are able. " Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 Winter Sports Manager 1,2,35 Cross Country 15 Intramurals 25 Baseball 15 Class President 25 Prom Committee 3,45 Boreas Staff 45 Editor-in-Chiefg Band 1,2,3 45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 K.V. 2,3,45 Debating Club 15 N.R.A. 25 y Junior Prom Attendant 35 N.H.S. 45 Boys Stateg Poetry Award 2,43 BRUCE A. WOODWARD "Bruce" 'Industrial Arts" "Silence seldom hurts. Intramurals 1 , 25 ROY G. ST. PETER "Krout" "Industrial Arts" "He who wishes to do mischief is never without a reason. " Honor Roll 1,25 Gymnastics 1,2,3,45 Basketball 1,2,35 Cross Country 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Band 1,25 Cycle Club 4: RICHARD L. WALLINGFORD, JR. "Dick" "College" "The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct, or the hand to execute. " Honor Roll 1,2,3,45 N.H.S. 45 Gymnastics 1,2,35 Basketball 1,2,3,45 Co-captain 45 Cross Country 1,2,3,45 Intramurals 1,2,3,45 Baseball 1,2,3,45 Prom Committee 3,45 Junior P1ay5 Public Speaking 1,25 Band 1,2,3,45 Chorus 1,2,3,45 KV 2,35 Debating 15 Ski Club 45 Junior Prom Attendant 15 Boys State Alternate 35 enzbr gaoorzfes 'inns-177 nw. . ..............- ,Qu 'fi' z. i . ,. Q L5 Q, K 2 5 F K , . A m csezzzbr csfablsfzcs NAME PET PEEVE PROBABLE CAUSE OF DEATH HANG OUT FAVORITE PASTIME BEAN Math Drowning Principal's office Swimming BELANGER Nothing Ulcers Thompson's Restaurant Having Fun BRAY Homework Breaking Susan's records Anywhere Making records CATES Viet Nam Lack of sleep Typing room Sleeping CATES Parents V. C. bullets Nowhere Hunting CHASSE Beans and chocolate milk Wheelstands Living room Eating COOL Ludger Smoking Gayle's studying DW'YER History class Skiing Enchanted Mountains Skiing DUPLESSIS Everything Honda Anywhere Driving around GAMACHE Narrow-mind people Cathy Pleasant Pond Skiing GIBERSON Quizzes Physics Anyplace Dubbing around GORDON A. O. tests Waiting for Shawn Small's Watching the late show HOVEY History class Madison Pool Hall Riding my motorcycle HUNNEWELL English teachers '58 Buick Iackman Going to Jackman HUNT Barbie Time Home Doihg nothing MALLOY Eating Eating Living room Watching TV MARTIN Mike Curtis Starvation Donna 's It ain't work MCCOLLAR People singing off key Basketball Mitchell's store Driving McKAY Drinking Skiing Home Thinking MCLAUGHLIN Service men Carbon-monoxide poisoning Home Parking MELCHER Not getting' my own way Car accident Theresa's house Getting in trouble O'BRlEN My car Strangled Embden Pond Driving around REDMOND English Motorcycle Embden Pond Honda riding REED Parents for teachers Sprained fingers Anywhere Moscow street dances ROLLINS Edythe Bray Broken bones Home Sitting around ROLLINS English class Drowning Main Street Hunting and fishing SABINE People who don't care Speeding car P. Ridge Sports SANIPAS Waiting Eating Nowhere TV SHEAFF Army Snow-traveling Davis 's Writing letters SMALL History World War III Enchanted Mountains Sports ST. PETER Krout My girlfriend's father A parked car Spending money STERLING School David Atwood Pam's house Driving Buelah STEVENS Noisy study halls Breaking records High school Making records THOMPSON Everything Studying Jean's house Arguing with everybody WALLINGFORD Being bossed around College Everywhere Girls WOODARD Gym Studying Home Basketball NAME BEAN BELANGER BRAY C ATES CATES C HA SSE COOL DWYER DUPLESSIS G AMAC HE GIBERSON GORDON HOVEY HUNNEWELL HUNT MALLOY MARTIN MCCOLLAR MCKAY MCLAUGHLIN MELC HER O'BRIEN REDMOND REED ROLLINS . ROLLINS SABINE SANIPAS SHEAFF SMALL ST . PETER . STERLING STEVENS . THOMPSON WALLINGFORD WOODARD csenzbr csfablsfzcs FAVORITE SAYING Well, ain't that sickening! Cut it out! Oh dear! Would you believe? This can't be for real? Cool it, baby. Don't contradict me! Cool it. What? Don't worry about it. Oh sugar! Huh? Gee! Come on, Fred. Oh crud! Good grief! Just never mind I'm going to quit swearing. Yahoo! Gee-h Should I cry? If we don't make it, she'll be close. Boss with the hot sauce. Oh really? ' No! I don't know. You've got to be kidding! That all? What a farmer Honest Mrs. Atwood, I read my assignment. Sickening! If we don't make it, she'll be close. Heavens! This is true. This is bad news. Get Outta here! REASON FOR COMING TO SCHOOL To look at the girls To keep warm Have to My mother makes me To avoid the draft Have to To watch time go by To get out of the Forks Have to To get out of the house Something to do Nothing better to do Have to Cheap room and board lt's the thing to do Don't like daytime T.V. See Donna To get out of the sticks First things first Don't Know Any Better To get an education To waste time Have to Habit To learn To play basketball Better education Education Take up time To improve my mind Natural instinct Have to My job To argue with Mr. Sherman Beats work Basketball IDENTIFIC A TI ON Straggly hair Haircut Size Height History book Motorcycle History books Ford Car Green Scout Shortest Figure Eyes Boots Crooked collar Cracking knuckles Leather jacket Height Singing Short skirts Well known Alphie Clothes Height Giggle Crew cut Old car Tardiness Elephant pin Curly hair False teeth Buelah Red hair Brief case Chevy Blue eyes gqfzmnz' David Atwood - Wing's Saw Mill Craig Barnaby - Post Graduate Lyndon Barron - Maine Maritime Acad. Patricia Belanger - Mrs. Allen Faloon Gary Bigelow - Post Graduate Vinal Bridges - U.S. Army George Brochu - University of Maine Fredrick Cates - Quimby Veneer Co. Leonard Chase - Post Graduate Helen Collins - Mrs. Paul Morency Leland Cool - University of Maine Gale Cuddy - U.S. Navy Randall Faloon - North Anson Reel Co. Linda Gehrke - Mrs. David Conoran Catherine Guay - University of Maine Bonnie Harris - Waitress, Grants Wtvl. Lawerence Harwood - Bowdoin College Robert Hatfield - U.S. Army John McAfee - U.S. Army David McAllister - U.S. Navy Jack McCollar - C.M.V.T.l. Kenneth Mclntyre - Post Graduate Stephen Nichols - Quimby Veneer Co. Mary Pierce - Quimby Veneer Co. Ernestine Richards - Washington State John Ricker - U.S. Army Daniel Robinson - Kennebec Mill Linda Roux - Home Marie Theresa Roy - Mrs. Phil Webber Linda Shaffer - Beal Business School Merleen Stevens - Lab Tech. Thayer Hos. Diane Steward - Mrs. Patrick Reed Patricia Trahan - Mrs, William Shaw Daniel Tremblay - Maine Maritime Acad. Dean Williams - Bos. Broadcasting Sch. Ernest Wooster - U.S. Army Anita Young - University of Maine Donald Atwood - Knowles Elec. Co. Gloriajean Beane - Mrs. Richard Brochu Jon Beane - University of Maine Kathy Belanger - Sec. to Sen. Smith David Berry - Quimby Veneer Co. James Bossie - U.S. Air Force Leslie Bray - Farmington State College John Brochu - University of Maine Jacqueline Corbin - Mrs. Dana LaFrance Ruth Cool - Thomas College John Dube - U.S. Army Gerald Giberson - U.S. Navy Nancy Hamlin - Mrs. Peter Davis Essie Hunnewell - Sec. to Judge Ames Albert Lagasse - University of Maine Georgette Lagasse - Mrs. Wallace Barron William McKay - Farmington State College Carlene McLaughlin - Mrs. Ray Rickards Gloria Pellitier - Mrs. Adolf Dube Jr. Pauline Rollins - Una's Beauty Acad, Eldon Spaulding - Janitor, Caratunk Ross Steward - U.S. Army Linda Wallingford - Mrs. James West Neil Woodard - Wing's Saw Mill Linda Moore - Mrs. Robert Shoppman 1, 'L .- A .' 5 . . -, -,,. - v .I 3: ST: "cm, , 1 tif B . 27432-.1 , ln. ' P'.',1 . gf! Ev Him. ., ff, 455- . ,-1 ue- QP1': ..,. if 2274 vky JUNIORS ' """'!?Si'f?3g.i-:cg-4,-.fix -.f...'.-My-vva, vvfiiz Qibfriffun- . .. ..'515"' ffl. f'-En'-.F'::f::-1551? Q:-Gifgf v Sfw' Ly Mr Aww-sGuz?.rv4.q, .. .nw Q z 45,4351 4- 5A -fr--59, -fvqvjf' 'ag' ' Th, .., - - -15,:,,.a, 19.1" n. -4 'CNE :ff "1 .-"4" '31 Y . 31. fri. 'ii-v.. 'Qi . J' 'Inf-4:-T725 v5N"4-'J .r- -- . 'jruizi -'be w"::'-.-r' -az -AAG-fi" '- 'e"'f115'r: . -My H :'- ' gm '!5Wf"'132:s'S1-21 4:51 . .. W , ..,,,.,. 'uk . -,IN Q: ' --. . .-:sau ' nifffif Tama 'g-9,-24 ,,, -zfe"'.,5 , fag 1-1:-'k'ib'-'amvqgs qv,-apr' '- ' iff- ' vias? Q " Eg. Hifi?" "P5!Qe. Fifi. , '9.1'f5, 1 . 5 9111, 535. ' ik "Drk I Liga, 'it-'41 9 'lift 4' f- r' Q. -A -. 5. 3 u-Q ff Ei s X ROW 1: B. Beane, B. Stuart, W. Padham, J. Steward, K. Smith, B. Adams, J. Baker, J. Richard, M. Malloy, J. White, B. Steward, D. Wallingford, P. Mazerolle, A. Cates, M. Robinson. ROW 2: Advisor Mrs. Hoffman, V. West, L. Walker, J. McDonald, W. Morrill, J. Roy, R. Martin, D. Vaillancourt, M. Robinson, M. Melcher, T. Livingston, H. Mihovan, N. Merrill, M. Austin, C. Barnaby, B. Carl, Advisor Mrs. Moore. ROW 3: J. Giroux, V. McAllister, W. Wooster, H. Spalding, A. Lagasse, A. Beane, J. Ricker, J. Hunnewell, L. Savage, J. Davis, R. Belanger, L. Gervais, W. Spauld- ing, C. Ingersoll. Absent from photo: L. Bigelow. CLASS OFFICERS The Junior Class officers of 1966-67 are as follows: President, Albert Beane: Vice-President, Wanda Padham: Secretary-Treasurer, Cheryl Barnaby. The King, Queen, and Attendants of the Junior Prom were as follows: King, Ludger Gervais: Queen, Holly Mihovang Attendants: Ronald Belanger and Pam Mazerolle: Gary Ricker and Wanda Padham: Larry Savage and Violet West. The following from the Junior Class are members of the National Honor Society: Jo Baker, Barbette Beane, Diane Wallingford, Julie Richard, Violet West, and Albert Beane The Junior Class will be putting on the Senior Prom this Spring. C. Barnaby, A. Beane, W. Padham Sponsored by the JUNIOR CLASS Ln, .1 1335 -T. F x E-z x J "MM ,. -sew. . A "iw - fp 5452. ..g 1:- 2+ 4 J .. 2- ' 1:5 e.-.- I I, sg P' ian . Y 51:1 rx., g' fx ' s "Q ., -. Beg ,asf '- .v -SE ' -' Flag ' if SCPHOMORES - ,-:..:frs'S- R+ wh' tif fi-:Z"' ' v .4 -2- 455 5 4.5" ,W .v.-. , 5" '41-xg:-?I lm Q, K.. . .,.,,h,3g. WE: 23 in-1 :H Qwvii' 5522- 'QBELE' 'iii--'zzz -x ' :-31.- 'u.-Vrx '1 !:??pa" EX'-31.1'1r-?x:'1fj55 . ...V I .-' I ,..,'2i?"' ' .I gi? 'Si-fa . ' ' .. . . -www?-r""i.a5--.lx - .ffzf-'sam-4-"-..z4:l?.c ' "2" - P-we-sr1vnz.::s: g . ,g.,. Q. .,. .,-. 1. ., .,, pg. ,- f 'P'-425 '51 135-1-' .2451 '-.. E 4535. mn-5. fa:-mg 951333255 n' UPL Q-3.:i.' -'Sw :L-iw' 'i:.3',,g: H312 - fru- "r-. 'N Ein . ,sl 9 N . . - Q. wma "Q:-. Eh-"1 ' '+ u ROW 1: Advisor Mrs. Perkins, T. Gervais, P. Mathiew, D. Steward, S. Beane, C. Roy, P. Pullen, K. Roy, J. Freil, C. Young, J. Tibbetts, J. Cates, Advisor Mr. Buck- 1'1'lOI'6. ROW 2: D. Washburn, D. Pratt, D. Kennedy, S. Phillips, P. Barnaby, G. Bigelow, D. Williams, B. Hunt, M. Austin, E. Walker, S. Merrill, B. Hines, S. Miller. ROW 3: M. Stevens, D. Smith, E. Moore, M. Dwyer, G. McLaughlin, L. Kjenstad, G. Laweryson, R. Golden, M. Richard, S. Laweryson, D. Vaillancourt, Absent from photo: R. Beane, P. Bigelow. C LA SS OFFICERS Sec. -Treas. S. Merrill, Pres. D. Williams, V. P. T. Gervais. SOPHOMORE C LA SS So far this year our class hasn 't been too active. Among our few activities were decorating our room for Christmas, trying to raise money for an ad in the Boreas, and organizing a soccer team earlier in the year. Two of our members made All-State this year: Dale Williams and Mike Richard. 1 ROW 1: Advisor Mrs. Reed, G. Wyman, B. Hunnewell, S. LaRochell, A. Collins, C. Lucas, C. Morris, G. Flanders, D. Vaillancourt, R. Laweryson, A. York, B. Cates, H. Orr, R. Vaillancourt, A. Roderick, Advisor Mrs. Atwood. ROW 2: Advisor Mr. Henderson, L. Giroux, M. Chase, J. Sterling, A. Cates, G. Rollins, J. Morris, L. Mclntyre, D. Moore, M. Baker, J. Brochu, G. Cates, C. Bristol, D. Bigelow, J. Moulton, Advisor Mr. I-lilton. ROW 3: E. Jennesse, P. Gilbert, I. Spencer, B. Carter, D. McCollar, R. Walker, L. Berry, G. Hovey, W. York, R. Morrill, M. Beane, M. Curtis, C. Carter, K. For- sythe, J. Wallingford. ROW 4: D. Davis, L. Barrett, D. Fencik, J. Kennedy, N. Stevens, J. VanDeets, H. Davis, T. Webb, R. Ingersoll, M. Miller, J. Wooster, Bg Morris, R. Spalding, D. Gordon . Absent from photo: D. Morris. CLASS OFFICERS Pres. C. Morrisg Sec. -Treas. G. Rollins, V. P. D. Morris. THE FRESHMAN CLASS NEWS The Freshmen Class of 1967 has chosen its offi cers as follows: Pres. Cathy Morrisg Vice Pres. Donna Morrisg Sec. -Treas. Gloree Rollins. We expect to sponsor some future activities, but do not have immediate plans. Klalden yu..-U A CHCDUS ox Li!-'IC YN TXUQ VV rw nvwux' ufxvnv wa 1 U x., X 1 X X x X yu ,Yx 4 -., Es' , , ma fn J. ' ' "J rw' . " 5 .41 a.. ,'- :L My . "His gf: F --5. 'J an ff 'vw .us-r zl! 'X '-4' -1 FNB 11- 4 -.., .--- ue- Hay " r.-gh ,r: as, 1 uma, I - 2' ka JUNIOR HIGH - ..:.p1.,1, 6.2.31 ' ' " 112:-am . , x-- -m. - mf. qw, vJ1.":: LU15 Q.. . . 55133955 5'afe-""'h21SE1.42x3,- X, 4-1:1-"ma fy,-zf -1-'-as :Gm -5- . ff 2-- 2-1- lgi .1 .,.,W25hg.? 'H ml' "1 '12-fn, ff-I Q Z ,gif 5133 M 1, ,fin 'iw 'L Sikh ME fi? ' -:P 'b"- ?', I ig. 2:1- ':3"'C'29':f WN' -- .. . """ ' 9 7Q3SiyJg'q5ciggQg,i5g5,'5g1,.may NI - 'em ' f -1-w?ie,,p4f,.,ggg:eg, .abc " ' "M' G:f? 'mg 55.2- -L-15, S 7,-ff? " A -YQ. gui!-Q' .-,'2ii"' - .4-.. . . , fu ffm! Q-. -:QWIYHQ5 nf :'-"affix 'yr-'g,a.hv--. ,., , 5:--. f ":'., 'jx'-f',!f-- '-'.' JL'--an 19,5 933351: , QQ ' 3:5 -, 015. ' ' NS ' --iw. 65.551 1. 'ilfffyv wx: VW' ' 1-xx ' jx 533 . ,., . v.-25 -4,3 ww mv.. am. ' ska' gifs. ' W- VU'-' ' . 4' ,J Ng X 1' . ,rj . 4:96 wi.. .hw .-if ,Y ROW 1: Mr. Waite, R. York, L. Ingersoll, B. Barrett, J. Pooler, P. Dube, S. Shaw, J. Beane, D. Beane, J. Steward, D. Davis, J. Cool, P. Dube, Mrs. Sterling. ROW 2: D. Collins, M. Cates, B. Bigelow, R. Hartwell, D. Vaillancourt, E. Pratt, D. Rollins, R. Foster, J. Strickland, D. Phillips, J. Richards, M. Laweryson, J. St. Peter, R. Belanger. ROW 3: F. York, S. Stevens, C. Orr, C. Padham, K. Beane, R. Grenier, J. Miller, D. Dwyer, R. Harwood, R. Belanger, G. Orcutt, P. Rollins, W. Judd, S. Robinson. ROW 4: S. Gordon, R. Northrup, S. Tremblay, B. Morrill, M. McCartney, P. Kjenstad, C. Austin, A. Sterling, R. Belanger, J. McAllister, B. Adams, B. Beane, D. McDon- ald, B. Beane. Absent from photo: A. Austin, G. Mclntyre, E. Howes. - ROW 1: B. Roy, C. McDonald, J. Hunnewell, G. Roderik, J. Morris, D. Wyman, R. Vaillancourt, M. Gamache, E. York, C. Andrews. ROW 2: Mr. Davis, G. Hunnewell, C. McDonald, J. Richard, M. Golden, J. Orr, B. Cates, D. Short, R. Mathiew, Mr. Heller. ROW 3: H. Bigelow, E. Cates, W. Butler, K. Campbell, B. Hartwell, S. Hill, S. Mel- cher, D. Cool, C. Fortin. ROW 4: K. Beane, M. Foster, P. Kjenstad, B. Northrup, T. Savage, S. Chase, J. Chase, O. French, V. Belanger, M. Bailey. s -A C' 'S 1 -gwx' SX,z J . ,- r N999 1. 'T' r'-.ay - .. 'Q' -if 4. -". .Y- ".-- ., . ,111 A.: , H235 gi: img.. -7. .4 -:Q-'54 nf E A -If-.:, 9,9 gg "ra , -g ,liq- .fgf ifiag .va 1.-J.. .,- ue. .-5 .. D, ,L ,J PP: ms, Q: Q? --.- ' '11, M ,..-. '-33 .fum P: mix, D " ha, 'M Ts ff E wx 1 51,1 f . L 1. . ' Jai-4' ...ef - fr" 563 " x 1 . if T ORGANIZATIQNS ...-.gnefwvm X x - - H332 .1ia1i9Yffa. ff1afSfsfzy4?:5:n vm'-' 595. W '1'5??:Z5.' dvr- :-SYS" Wh sg?-, -.-,: Iggy Wiz -25:15 'h 1. :-:wp gif? N 55.1. - 1'- .-Pg f-'f' :lf 1212- 'MME2' ima 'sii Hari 'wif 12. F-7.-av.. --.-.-f -. wg.-f -:mg iw- ,.- . .. "ff - W. Sy., - . .1 'f . "z - .f:m1'.v. fn- --c , - .- - 1 .-Tfsg ,w .r-5 f.. .W ve,-. ,-rv--7 W , mana- ,-It w.,:,A. -1-w . , . f:-ep: fr-Q. -u?- Q' .-Yiwu! 4, 411-A -7.-.uw - . we -r-.rl- 4925 ' ' ' ' -353' Hsu fm. mi., M59 , , 'J' Q --1: -531 , -' 5 235, :Mfr .by flag.. SSE. r -- Y '23, Zjanof ROW 1: E. York, C. McDonald, R. York, H. Orr,' M. Golden, J. Beane ' J Grber son, W. Padham. ROW 2: W. Butler, S. Melcher, A. York, S. Gordon, F. York, S. Beane " S Merrill J. Pooler, M. Chase," C. Orr,' B. Steward. ROW 3: S. Tremblay, G. Hovey,' S. Robinson, M. Gordon, R. Wallingford W York R. Harwood, J. Strickland, D. Davis, C. Bristol." ROW 4: M. Austin, A. McCollar,"' W. Thompson, L. Savage," A. Sterling ' L Kjenstad, S. Small, R. Golden,"J. McDonald, C. Austin ' These people were in KV Band. Wajbreffes ROW 1: ROW 2 ROW 3: ROW 4: Barnaby. H Steward, P. Mazerolle. Wallingford, B. Hunt, G. Rollins. Beane, B. Stewart, V. West, P. Barnaby Csenzbr orus ROW 1: L. Sanipas, B. Steward, E. Walker, G. Rollins, J. Steward., B. Beane, J. Baker, D. Wallingford, J. Giberson. ROW 2: W. Padham, C. Barnaby, J. Hunt, M. Austin, M. Gordon, P. Barnaby, V. West, B. Stuart. ROW 3: J. O'Brien, B. Hunt, R. Wallingford, W. Thompson, L. Kjenstad, M. Richard,' D. Williams,' S. Stevens, L. Walker. 'All-State Chorus uzzzbr Gforus ROW 1: A. York, S. Beane, I. Freil, D. Washburn, D. Kennedy, S. Merrill, D. Morris, D. Pratt, P. Pullen, D. Steward, J. Tibbetts. ROW 2: D. McCo1lar, S. Phillips, D. Williams, J. Wallingford, C. Bristol, D. Davis, R. Walker, G. Hovey, E. Walker, Mrs. Knight. ROW 3: P. Barnaby, J. VanDeets, R. Golden, L. Kjenstad, M. Richard, B. Hunt, W. York. I Gforus ROW 1: C. Barnaby, J. Giberson, E. Bray, J. Baker, G. Rollins, B. Beane, J. Steward, D. Wallingford, B. Steward, L. Sanipas, M. Sterling. ROW 2: B. Hunt, S. Stevens, E. Walker, I. Hunt, W. Padham, V. West, L. Walker, B. Stuart, M. Austin, M. Gordon, J. O'Brien, P. Barnaby. ROW 3: Mrs. Knight, R. Wallingford, W. Thompson, L. Kjenstad, C. Sabine, M. Richard, D. Williams. QSXUQQUZ' Gounczf ROW 1: J. Baker, B. Stuart, B. Beane, P. Cool, T. McKay, D. McCollar, P. Kjenstad. ROW 2: T. Savage, R. Golden, B. Malloy, S. Small, M. Richard, Mr. Reed. At the beginning of this year the mem- bers of the National Honor Society were E. Bray, President, P. Gamache, Vice- President, and J. Hunt, Secretary. On December 22, eleven new members were initiated. This was the largest group ever initiated in our school and brings the total members up to thirteen. We initiated our new members in the evening with a "trial by jury" and served refreshments after. The new members are B. Malloy, R. Reed, S. Stevens, W. Thompson, R. Wallingford, I. Baker, A. Beane, B. Beane, I. Richard, D. Wallingford, and V. West. Brenda Stuart, Mike Richard, Terry McKay, and Pam Cool attended the State Student Council Convention that was held at Waterville High School on November 18 and 19. The Student Council started the doughnut sale which has been a great success for the Senior Class. The Student Council served as guides at Valley High for the Parent-Teacher Night in November. The Student Council worked under the guidance of Mr. Leary to make it possible for students to attend the New Year's Eve party at Enchanted Mountain. Qfafzbn afj7Q12 or C30 czezy ROW 1: J. Hunt, E. Bray, ROW 2: P. Gamache, Mr. Buckmore, Advisor. Q3 cyan om Omg Ween C1163 ROW 1: J. Baker, B. Beane, L. Walker, J. McDonald, J. Richard, D. Wallingford. ROW 2: Mrs. Reed, M. Austin, N. Merrill, R. Reeu, S. Stevens, P. Barnaby. SA' C116 ROW 1: D. Wallingford, J. Morris, G. Rollins, C. Lucas. ROW 2: K. Morris, I. Giroux, D. Hovey, R. Redmond, Mr. Paddock, C. Barnaby, F. Hunnewell, P. Chasse. 59912 of C116 ROW 1: C. Andrews, G. Roderick, A. York, I. St. Peter, M Laweryson, C. Lucas, G. Hunnewell, M. Gamache. ROW 2: I. Hunt, G. Hovey, E. Melcher, M. Baker, R. Wallingford, H. Forsythe, J. Wallingford, M. Gordon, M. Melcher P. Gamache, E. Bray, Mr. Henderson. ROW 3: D. Wallingford, D. Gordon, R. Golden, S. Small, G. Bigelow, L. Dwyer, H. Spalding, T. Webb, B. Hunt fbramabbs ROW 1: J. Baker, B. Stuart, B. Beane, L. Walker, W. Padham, B. Adams, J. Richard, D. Wallingford . ROW 2: B. Hunt, V. McAllister, H. Spalding, P. Chasse, N. Merrill, Mrs. Atwood. Ziff! ROW 1: G. Wyman, L. Sanipas, B. Carl, L. Bigelow, S. Miller, B. Hunnewell, M. Robinson. ROW 2: J. Friel, P. Gilbert, D. Morris, P. Pullen, K. Roy. D. Washburn, Mrs. Perkins ROW 3: D. Fencik, L. Barrett, I. Kennedy, N. Stevens, J. McDonald. CQFS President - J. Friel Vice-President - K. Roy Secretary - P. Pullen Treasurer - D. Washburn Reporter - N. Stevens Parliamentarian - D. Morris Historian - I. Kennedy Song Leader - L. Bigelow F. H.A. was organized to develop fam- ily and community life, in the present and future. Our girls work in the kitchen at basket- ball Agames selling refreshments. In the near future we will be putting on a dance. I L bjzgrarzdfzs ROW 1: J. Giberson, F. Cates, E. Bray, D. Wallingford, J. Richard, ROW 2: T. McKay, B. Beane, B. Stuart, W. Padham, Mrs. Bushey, N. Merrill, S Merrill, L. Walker, J. Baker, S. Stevens. Boys' csfafe ancf 306' cgfafe ROW 1:'J. Hunt, R. Reed, S. Stevens. ROW 2: P. Gamache, W. Thompson, R. Wallingford. i'V'Nwx f 4 CSQDHN' xggiun 1966 ' -high-1 .iff ' 21-1 'QL 1' x-Z .-L., A ,,.,.- ' 'g..f.1' ra'- mi . 2:6 zgcxggyv 4 Q r.:' ' Jw., 'gi 4"Qa1,,- , fag Q: fa, 'my 5' .J v- -4 --43. ,-, Q.- .LEL 'ff-ef. af 1-z 5., 'v,':..4 .31-' vi' 4.14. A. ' fm. ,xy iyxx if 1925, e , x 7 ,xv N41 1 -. ,v,K ' 1 ,.," , if 1: 'I -. . .1 1, ,r 1 if 4 S ATHLETIC 1, ...:q4'baIgQ,g5g:k-LZ lc, Pg. im ' "11:22..wf-5,'2 551 rn'-'lb '-,. . 'siiirfi Qnffiifzifffw.. fel-' ignlfqf-:,w:is5-QM:-334K.,, '-YC. Ma '-'P '1-ar bGF:f.Gi::q,1 , . Hee' "Ln, - - fw'F':.EW- iwvz- hw: Q19 mai '-P-14:31. :ww " 5. 1.03: :'. ' ' my ' 1455 .GW Qin. 't 'lf IQ-S - 553 .Fw rgkifer' '-sg: .:-4.13 "tsl,- :'- f.-r,.--.-.- . Lp.. -. sg.-N-411.5 QTXIJQI,-'..-11.1. Q., , 'nog' wr, fa?iii2-we133:-241::.uf1wi:a-sar:,f1zw5fp12-, Ee: , . .Qs Ms, -L-f:5-:-Ag.gy5h.g53i?E:Q,5- ,,-Qiii, f.. -:-vii'-I X 5. . szw- -rpg. 'L'-'..1w-A. fu-ef 5: -.-. - 2 -. -:IDN -r-. -,aw-w.JRf,5 9, , ,-7.-,MN-X My .An-.N f-, w12:f9'fw,w4!'iMJ:2fimraaff Qik -rm' lf'-.. ,,x,,.,ly.... x.. . ...-1.- uw.. .- ..1. - -,Fc A.,-.,.. 132,- siliif- k 552 -S059 '91, 'Q 54. .- :-. ,.-rg:-sr' - Q. 5':'jQi:1q4 :gif ai:-'-9 -'hp ' E41-5 'mir -when . wif. 'qu 2 5,221 'bm , SA GLU., '-eww -1419, A 14.51-,, W- Tia 173 0 ya Uarszg ROW 1: I. Roy, R. Wallingford, "A, Beane, "R, Belanger, S. Laweryson M Rollins ROW 2: Mr. Burrill, L. Savage, G. Laweryson, G. Ricker, I. Hunnewell J Davis Ass t Mgr. M. Baker, Mgr. F. Hunnewell. 'Co-Captain 262 15.4 Won 'Jackman E. Corinth 'Corrina 'Hartland Jackman 'E . Corinth "'NewPort 'Howland Hartland 130 7.6 4' 187 11 163 9 6 GAMES Lost Newport 'Higgins "Anson Acad. Corrina Anson Acad. 'Brownville Ict Higgins Brownville Ict Home Games 9106 Uarszg ROW 1: K. Morris, L. McIntyre. M. Chase, D. McCo1lar, G. Rollins, E. Bray, S. Beane B. I-lunnewell. ROW 2: Mrs. Lucas, I. Richard, G. Rollins, B. Hunt, R. Reed, A. McCo11ar, V. West, I. Baker, Mgr. B. Beane. GAMES Won Lost 'Jackman Newport 'Solon Hinkley 'Hartland 'Newport ' Anson Farmington Jackman Solon Anson 'Harmony 'Hinkley Forward Harmony Guard Hartland 'Denotes Home Games . The home game with Farmington ended with a tie score. Guard Guard Forward Coach Mrs. Lucas 8: Captains Forward ,7 U Boys ROW l: Ass't. Mgr. H. Forsythe, Mr. Waite, Mgr. H. Orr. ROW 2: R. Laweryson, W. Morrill, R. Morrill, D. fMoore, M. Mill- er, R. Golden, D. Gordon, J. Wallingford, M. Baker, D. Smith. Cfeefkakfs ROW l: T. Gervais, T. McKay, P. Mazerolle, J. Giberson. ROW 2: B. Stuart, C. Barnaby, Head Cheerleader D. Washburn, P. Barnaby, D. Wallingford, Mrs. Paddock. x Q. s sm X .4 : 5 .:- r .2541 ...:. v1,,, 1a.- , ,, . , Q, ' f-r' f -1f'-f1: f .Q 1,. . ..,.. re W W ' lg .772 QM ROW 1: G. Rollins, C. Morris, M. Chase, B. Hunnewell. ROW 2: Mrs. Lucas, J. Morris, B. Hunt, H. Davis, D. McCollar, L- Mclnryre, Mgr. D. Steward. Gross G0 unfzy R. St, Peter, J. Wallingford, J, Hunnewell, C. Duplessis, Mr. Sherman, L. Dwyer, A. Beane, R, Wallingford, S, Laweryson. - L ZUU2 fer C510 offs ROW lg M. Baker, M. Laweryson, M. G0rdOH, M. Melcher, J. St. Peter, J. Wallingford. ROW 2: Mr. Henderson, E. Melcher, S. Small, L. Dwyer, H, Spald- ing, R. Golden, D, Gordon, G. Bigelow, CSOCCGI' 79010 ROW 1: P. Dube, D. Davis, R, Belanger, J. St. Peter, G Atwood, J. Pooler, L. Inger soll, J. Collins. ROW 2: G. Bigelow, M, Laweryson, M. Melcher, C. Carter, R. Be- langer, P. Bigelow, D, Smith, Mr. Paddock, ROW 3: P. Chasse, W. Wooster, J. Wooster, R. Beane, R, Belanger, R. St, Peter, R. Harwood. gjoefzy The following poems were accepted for publication in the New England Anthology of High School Poetry. The City Day Gone By The city is noisy The morning was still With it's honking of horns And quiet. And masses of people The new day was upon us Moving about. And then-- Then, The silence was broken. It's quiet. Birds were singing, Where's the noise, People were bustling, The honking horns, But the day soon grew old, The bustling people? And the birds stopped singing, They're gone! And the people stopped bustling, Where? And silence-- To sleep-- Was upon us once again. A dream world of Peace, Happiness, and EAQA7 Quietness. Lost 2415 772 554 Lf I'm lost, lost amongst the evergreens. But its nice to be lost Because here I find a deep kind of peace. A peace I can't find in any town And a feeling made by no man. I'm glad to be lost for I can stand it no longer-- Man against man, promise against threat, Falseness, suspicion against truth and beauty. I shall stay lost. Hope-less-ness Hopelessness An empty feeling That rides on hope and Knows that it won't come true. Hopeless A word everyone knows, And yet, tries to remedy By trying harder and almost succeeding. Hope Something no one can do without, Because if there were none, Where would all of us be? w , u A fs A AJMfrWAf ZX!! J Ajxgc iii asasfsfx ,ll Winter 's Coming The colorful season of fall has passed. The ground is moist and brown and Mother Nature is preparing to spread her First coat of white paint. She slaps it on lightly at first, Building it up to a fine white coat Until it finally covers everything. Then she sits back and watches the Marvelous wonders she has created. Toefry 4' X- WI The trees are bare and the leaves have blown away. 5' , ar 'lk if if ,fi- 'JP al' WQAQALL QQLKQ K XXX! Q W wi N X if!!! ,Z , X ,1- gll 37, 'Wi Death in the Spring Spring dawned this year in all its glory.. Young fresh flowers decked a mossy carpet. The trees garbed themselves in velvety green. And danced gently in the breeze-- All but one. This tall, magnificent maple refused to live. With all the world 's problems on its mighty limbs, It heaved a sigh and died. Now it stands so proud and lonely, A shell of what once was. f' The Inner Man Poetry is the Soul's creeping through our masks of unreality Each one of us May wear a covering mask But our verse - Cleaves -'LE From that which is noti ----Like separating chaff from wheat---- The shallowness of falsehood leaves the real, And allows the hidden to show itself. WJLQWQ' .ff if 7'- v9 img. mm if , 1 , K X'-Q Q'-'LX Mickey ,. ggimifw' 'VP ' .I,1F.-2752235 Larry IZ, A. Terry MHFIOII D all ww. Q55 XM. , uw. -N. ,xQ vm. "kill, -.. f-mg. , " 'Ev' .1r .4 . .A Wm .5 ' 1 ... r,-. .., 41-41... ,F . .Q 3 I- .-1. . . mm? ,M 1+ .M if gr. iyliff ' . :if- , W ,X Ax! r ff: ADVERTISERS - 4.:f471,.ynqg-.gn , .. iv, ' """1S"fia-4-fcaw..-PS6 ffm "" ' ,:ii3?M35g5 Swwrzmc-i . vw fi-- ru-:p.r"w -.:-5: 'ax -L..-., :.- '- ' 1- 5fE5f5M""5Y11f Y, , 445593 ,Q 4 - h- -'F-:gn ih9.4,?R 1455 -L may 4.2, 451' :Kg 1. ,am 1.3 . if 1 if 'Ala wg? QQ-QUT: 'Q-1: 'Egan 582751 'avi , :5i'f'Rtfr.:.-.5-L my ,, ., ,.. . QZT1' Jig.: 'Q 'r-Mb? -HYA?'E'!1l".5 1: fl'-326':!a w'K"?5' 5- ' :aw YH-+3 5" Blix-19.1 - gg, '7-"3 .3152 E 1: , K 'Fe-ha, 'L"'.-"' fi?" fi- -' f:5i"':h'?3h"'W'n.52'49 51:9 'k as-"4. .'-7" UF. .-5:31-21' ' ' "1- igig, ggpgg' - QM' in ' gk 'ME-, DP: -Q-ss,-, "Q- Lsfzzk . ,ni '- IP" Congratulations to the Graduates. rl Your official s 'r E v E. N s D I o s iijafafca af fem i A complete photographic service to schools and colleges ' 34 Central Street 5 Bangor, Maine e i . Compliments of ERVIN W. MOORE 81 SON D ruggists Bingham Maine HARRY KNOWLES, Pres. KERMIT KNOWLES, Treas. KNOWLES ELECTRIC C0., INC. Residential - Commercial - Industrial Wiring Bingham, Maine Telephone Z-3339 DORE'S MARINE SERVICE Snow Machines Cat - gator Boats - Johnson and Homelite Motors Skowhegan Maine HUSSON COLLEGE Maine's Largest School of Business Training Offering Four Year Degree Programs Two Year Associate and Business Science Degrees One Year Diploma Courses Accredited Nationally by The Accrediting Commission for Business Schools C atalog Upon Re que st C. H. I-IUSSON, President Bangor Maine Compliments of CITIZEN BAND RADIO STATION KMA-1940 Pleasant Ridge, Maine Compliments of BARNABY'S ESSO The Finest in Heating Washing and Lubrication Bingham, Maine Compliment s of C omplim ent s of CECIL LAWERYSON CENTRAL MAINE POWER CO Lumber Contractor "Live Better Electrically' BEANE'S LUNCH STAND Moscow Maine C ompliment s of GILMAN'S SHOE STORE Boots and Shoes for Men Women and Children Owens Street Bingham , Maine C ornpliments of GLEN WING'S SAW MILL Maine Bingham X ,1:11lCQg!,1l.11":.'lR.: N -.-hllII""' X ,r My Nu. Q '-.ull XII, ,,,pf ,lg I E VZ ,Q ix NN .QQ if 7 N fl I ,I 'rx ss R f' ' I .x 'NN A NZ Compliment s of RIVERSIDE LODGE BISSON AND soN I - C , - I H 1' i Ford Sales and Service ,eiri S f' I r Tel. 672-3215 Jackman Station Maine Bingham Maine Compliments of STANLEY BEANE POST 451199 American Legion Bingham, Maine Compliments oi RUSSAKOFF-JEWELERS Skowhegan, Maine Diamonds - Watches - Jewelry Typewriters CROSS HARDWARE CO. Housewares and Gifts Sporting Goods Metered Gas Plllmiblllg Devoe Paints Tcl. GR 4-9611 Skowhegan, Maiiie ROLLINS DISTRIBUTORS Goodyear Tires Shell Gasoline Willard Batteries Bingham, Maine Compliments of DR. E. DARVEAU Madison, Maine Tel. OW 6-4681 HAI NES PHARMACY Skovvhegan 474-2202 or 474-3734 Complete Pharmacy Service Cosmetics Russell Stover Candies LEA'S FAMILY SHOP Men - Women - Children's Clothing Baby Gifts Tel. 668-5231 Box 39 Jackman Station Maine ANDREW REDMOND INC America's Leading Supplier of Birch Gunstock Blanks North Anson, Maine Compliments of ALLEN QUIMBY VENEER COMPANY Tel 672 5505 Bingham, Maine A 5 x 1 gx Wq" ' 5 'h Y " A UM nf 5 MBE!! Xgii I. .:.,.4lf'5f" " ' ' v 1 QCP as - N- -- -.... 4 X lf ' Our Best Wishes to the Class of '67 LESSARD'S IGA Skowhe gan, Maine Store of Great Savings and Friendly Folks Also Visit Lessard's Norge Laundry and Dry Cleaning Village Adjacent to Store TAYLOR'S DRUG STORG NE'G"'B0R"'0oD iii mm. QRS DRLiCi3?URE, H 6 i. I ' 'Q s . a Anson, SUPERETTE Meats roce Maine Tel. OW 6-8561 Bingham Maine C omplim ent s of COOLEY7S General Repairing Gun and Ammunition Bingham , Maine BEANE'S GENERAL STORE, ya' iii Mo s c ow Maine BEST WISI-IES TO THE CLASS OF 1967 LIDSTONE'S MARKET E. LIDSTONE, Prop. Bingham, Maine Tel. 672-5575 C ln ts I.. A. AND D. w. 'mp men HOSKINS of l BRISTOL'S HILLTOP CABINS Mo s c: ow Maine , Madis on KENNEBEC RIVER PULP AND PAPER co., INC. PA'NE'5 FILLING STATION Gas - Oil Diesel Fuel Range Oil Madison Maine Lower Main St. Bingham, M Ma Compliments of HILL'S VARIETY Bingham, Maine KEN NEBEC VALLEY HARDWARE Hardware, Houseware, and Sporting Goods Bingham, Maine W. E. 8. E. E. 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Antique Shop Country Clothing Store LA CASSE SHOE REPAIR Ski 5h0P RAYMOND CORRIVEAU, Prop. Telephone 668-3631 Skowhegan Maine Jackman Station, Maine SOLON MFG. CO. Compliments Of We Buy White Birch the Year Round DR. L. Highest Prices Paid Bingham Maine Solon Maine Telephone 672-5503 Good Food Compliments of Well Served DR. C. F. SMITH BEMIS RESTAURANT OPTOMETRIST Blnghaffl, Maine Madison, Maine Compliments of Compliments of BEN FRANKLIN STORE R. H. RENY, INC. Madison Maine Madis on, Maine Compliments J. R. CO. of Hardware - Devoe Paints Johns -Manville ORRIN J HILL Building Material . Sporting Goods Bingham Maine Madison Maine THE BONNIN MUSIC HOUSE Skowhegan, Maine REGINALD B. BONNIN Proprietor 27 Winter Street, Tel. 474-9455 New and Used Instruments and Accessories School Music Supplies Sheet Music a Specialty Compliments of TOZIER'S GULF STATION Bingham Maine C ornp lim ent s of HENRY'S HARDWARE Dutch Boy Paints Builder's Supplies Sales - Service Tel. 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POMERLEAU Lumberman's Supplies Groceries, Grain, Clothing "lf you don't stop, smile on your way by." Jackrnan Maine WARE-BUTLER, INC. Lakewood Road Skowhegan Dial GR 4-9771 Lumber and Building Supplies Hardware - Paints - Insulation 11" GR"'b 9 -ff I ' it Q' M if .,-ga! Compliments of QUIRION'S STORE Main Street Jackman Station, Maine Compliments of SANDY STREAM CAMPGROUND Proprietor George E. Reed Moose River , Maine IIIIIIW QUEEN 5 'nw FOR TASTE A roon ron HEAWR Compliments of THE DAIRY QUEEN Jackman, Maine GADDIS Fifvwwwvb GADABQUT -nwfybwg. C grat lations to the Class of "67" R.V.GADDB B' gh rn Maine z'f I k 4' I , a TQ .1 Q' J: ' -62-vi-1 Q 3.451-Q :sw fury a FRIEND MOTOR SALES 5 :Lexi f 5' zw1,g11:L:.,sa , . ,,,,,. 1.., , ., A g 5,4 , . , lx . ir up M, ,.. ' A X 1, I Af-, ,V . .::' v,5'1,,1 A time J...-A Tel. 474-3334 or 474-3335 Madis-on Avenue BERNARD A. WRIGHT, Prop. Skowhegan, Maine Compliments LOWELL C. 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Box 217 Tel. 668-2.011 Jackman, Maine VERNE AND HENRY DUQUETTE COMFORT MOTEL Telephone 668- 3551 Jackman Station Maine ROSES STORE Groceries, etc. Jackman Station, Maine Phone 668-2101 HILLCREST MOTEL L... 3 5 Jacknian, Maine BAXTER'S GENERAL STORE Meats - Groceries - Frozen Foods Clothing - Footwear MI 3-2522 Solon, Maine C ornplirn ent s of KNOWLES 81 DRESSEL INC. Home of Fine Furniture and Appliances Skowhegan Maine SAY, "PEPSI, PLEASE!" EPSI' ou' HANSEN'S GREENHOUSE Moscow Solon Pleasant Ridge Caratunk The Forks Se rvingt Bingham, Maine Compliments of SANDY'S VILLA Compliments of K 8. H FOSTER, INC General Construction RED-E-MIX, INC. Transit Mix Concrete Madison, Maine Wilton, Maine Compliments of A.J. GOLDSMITH "WE BELIEVE THAT PHYSICAL FITNESS IS AN IIVIPORTANT PART OF EVERY SCI-IOOL'S PROGRAM" A complete store with everything for men and boys: Clothing and Footwear - Uniforms - Formal Wear Rentals Sporting Goods IO North Main Street Old Town THE MAPiEW3oD MOTEL ,L ,, A b - ., A ' f 1 ' ' E , ,, f ,WL " , A . ' f ' Q f .. W"'4t'm- . 16 Luxurious Units T. V. Automatic Heat Carpeti Route U. S. 2.01 Bingham, Maine Tel. 672-5511 "Gateway to the Maine Fo t BEST WISI-IES t THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1967 F In THE FRESHMAN CLASS OF 1970 DALE LAWERYSON TRUC KING FEDERAL TRUST COMPANY W- -, , ,,-sm., ,. f, ,.,. ffl, .- 'hu K mi, ,,,.. K N, We, the Sophomores, would like to thank Mr. Buckrnore for being our friend and advisor for the past two years. We wish him success and happiness in the future. KELLY'S cAsH s. CARRY Compliments of Groceries - Candy SAMPSON SUPERMARKETS, INC. Soda - Cigarette s Bingham Maine Skowhegan Maine Qi X Complime nts oi THE DARK SIDE And Best Wishes to all Appreciators lp of "GOOD MUSIC." U-My 77 5 FRIEND MOTOR SALES gg' A we 'ir' tel. 474-3334 or 474-3335 Madison Avenue BERNARD A, WRIGHT, Prop. Skowhegan, Maine WESTERN AUTO The family store and the catalog order center Headquarters for Sporting Equipment Color and Black and White T. V. 's Portable Radios Auto Accessories Something for everyone Easy terms Main Street Bingham Maine The Forks THE MARSHALL HOTEL 81 CABINS Dining Room and Cocktail Lounge Tel. 663-2271 Maine MQW. E A N -W www- MWWMW 4 ,,,wg- 4 A 5 MA 2. ' W5 ' W vi? X I . 1 'f ifffe f .M ag i iff " ws awp 1. 1 fi1':,,i,1F ,I ', !,:g.Y4"qf ij, Q 1" ' f , 1 ffmq .. 'sm-:w"i.--' ' E'-of .Q Jfgff' ,- ,W f 54, 'ig ,g.'.p .,-fr Y.:--,V vi V -A ,h 1gq7,y..5i1aP H-xg ' , , ,,-'lg-tw' -. X '. an 11 1 1 g --:fr 1-1: ',.. -, if rlWW'Vq'QJ1. L ' ' Wa' , ' .Wx-1 ' ' ti ' f TFHQ fs .f f" Wiqrgsr ig ,L.34:mg-,W-,f.:-vfNWN-'wwtmp ' vw 1 ,sw,f,rf"v-M 1 , f- 'vc as W , ' ,, N' W , A ww, v 3, f X,-'zim X, V' 'WA Wi' A . JM, 11 mi: wmwwpppwl ,,wg,v,,wu'f , 4 ' ' ,mfqwf,,:1fw-wma 1, 1w.mi, fm1v::2,5:'fwW':pfE W, ' W" "1?'E21-'SMH H fwwfmx . ,, M W x A ' 'lwf Abi? 1, .x.wI'in,!f4w'+ ,y u' 5 MCL., .1 an-'H' , H w 2 f , X. X

Suggestions in the Upper Kennebec Valley High School - Boreas Yearbook (Bingham, ME) collection:

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