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A "'-'P"'m?5 I it W: 1.-fm. , ,iii , 1-mgfl-,-j7'I JJ' . -'S-'pLiu,.:Qz,922ifA N af '72 1' ,nVg3w4H: ij 'fel ff? s.'-yew' " Q 5015-,sgimfl 1 "' r ' 53 ,5 gi 1: fy, .:fwgg.'-1 Rwa'1ir-iff' .V-5: -if . '-.vQ-Zwiagf , V -.1ff'L2Q,i.:',v .. .,. .Juv : 1v:..c'a1'F A 1 ,- , .ef-:L . lm- Vw- -, 1 f3'Ee?T' A - - k N ' ltnwzf f 3? 31, '-11-52123532 1 P 1 qilgfqf'-,I : Y. . . 'wr ' . -UL.B"m , ,,N -' .urn .--L fpuzfm' . 'A-573' .-1 ln LVM Ljf1:'1"'f- Pi'1?4x4f ' in fqwaelif ff 1 'HJ . F- I Z4 " ' , '4 z' '11 1 ,' , if ...IJ . 1'7" ', c , , I .V 5,1 ' ' rhmfr' ' ' 155353 .. -rwafgi --CLI, fl-fif ,, Vkltxrrhecb.. 4 .,,+g15, . --:uf if-7',1'hQ,-V, W- '. Q-fii""!E'j1 " , f1"4f'x4 ' 5 ,pw gqaiv I lu gp., ,Q -1 :rv-in :' ig. U 5 , 71133: u lf., ' :L?- if fr 'Art' ' vii 914'-,': ' Hg, At? .":f'A' V +25 lite? qi' 'rgfii f -iii? g , .Agfa-'f M9317 .. 1 , .f.'E15q.Qgr- , -2' ' n..,r ' . . ' 1 . ,J :rl - 1 2+ , f., X ' ?'AGx'7QW.5 571' ua 'fir :.' 'w , af- ' r 'KF ' ' 'N' ',.' 14, , yr .3 P ' W Y , lay-f fu" , ,i L 'fn ' I Q . -ga X A 'Q ,vw ' , 9-A ' -A .. 0 , ' .-E ', 7 T1'71.j Q , -'fr' ,.. ,, Y' . . O , 1 w 1. '1, h' .,.1.s - 3 .' fx . .f:. ' ' iff" 'W . ,, 5 f f . '.BN,l!.. -'if' . ,K-4 AE: i ' ' 'lx . . -.1 f-A ', 1' , ' - - 'v .- , vw. .Jain L N , ,.-.N ta 5 W, . w .lu 'A . -,, W mf' 44' k--1. -ix' ' . is 'n1"":H 1:5 .A ' v A ,MJ -.541 iii .mg A -. F 'ffl- X-:fs "'v af-:W " ,W N 1, 3.3.1 ' 1 .",, Q.. , ...Hu -.1 . -, ,,l4.,.- M . ,. A ' " L.., fa-4 y- -I ' V 1-.:. ra 'f 's ,, J L .lx d,.,.,x . V , Am-.9 ff 'r v- N g I. Y 1 ' -"hw . g .I mu, 4. -I-'-. 1 ilf .nf L. 1 A.. ix T id? ,pw ,. C -in . -5, 14-ai, " -x ..,1, , ,hu 1 13, . 15' E QQ". 1 ,QB ,-w,, ,X-p V , ,EM gg.,- 'g,..-.7 Hur. ,J1 ',-. 1. U 14.4 74-1 3 . 5, Q 321: -an -. .YI fx K 1?-' Q.. ff' r , . .,,- , f. rc, 4. gp NN 'F-cqxfl L' X ff-N f 'R ,Aff X 1 N'-T-Mb! 7 x --n-1.-... , X , 1 Ki-KYETQTS '!'f' ... f fu' hw! Xxx fd:-' - I 'pf . f-' 1 -VX ' GEQWQMNX WQH SCHOOL Q'3vJEd's'ffon -'BQYQQS "' V157 X j5 , 5.17 fa Q! I 3f9fXBov e,8'5, Thi N01 'Hn Wfnck New Xu X s OWN, Come. Hom The No'r'fhK3.Yxd CHINA of TCQ and Snow, STY8-YXQQY7 I wamiev naw- WQ-XC owne. me To YOUxT WFJQTU Befvomevxd me 'iyxhw Youth, Nowrxik We Thai' I EWU, To YYX3hho0Asa0J xfec-QYWNQ 9"N5HY?nQ.A A loY3X Sow of 'Bxhgkam High-.3 Dcdimf Im fl? PRINCIPAL JOHN HALL in appreciation of all that he has done to make our school days valuable and enjoyable, the Staff dedi- cates this twenty-third edition of the Boreas. Copy Editor - - Assistant - - - Art Editor ---- Exchange Editor - Assistant ----- Boys Sports Editor Assistant ----- Girls Sports Editor Alumni Editor - - Photo Editor - - Assistant - - - Music Editor - - l6'vr as Si ff - - - Phebe White - - Charlene Waugh - - - Robert Bossie - - Betty Atwood - - Dorothy Smith - - - -Franklin Woodard - - - - - - -Paul Corbin - - - Mavis McLaughlin - - - - - - Nancy Cahill - - - - Kay Kennedy - - - - - - Barton Hill Jacqueline Michaud Humor Editor ---------- Jean Bemis Advisor ------ Business Manager ----- Advertising Manager Frances Durgin - Theressa Lagasse Assistants ------ - - Nancy Belanger Subscriptions - - - Special Reporters - - - Mrs. l-lannay The Boreas Staff wishes to thank Mrs. Hi r d Fuller, the Commercial Department, our adver- tisers for their tronage, and all othe ho have helped in the production of this book. W Q: g' Q1 x ,X " N Q Sffjsvqhyxkj i iswqghsynwbiffygx X 7,,2X3',yy 'jr nl Wy If Pi. la Assisi i 1 i W 'x A I, N l Afxfuvw 7 lfxg 5NWQfVHN4fWHFSl Janice Laweryson Joan Morris Kenneth Laweryson Keith Davis Priscilla Bridges - - Betty Bigelow - - - -Jean Bemis Donna Bennett Blanche Levasseur Wayne Quint Aurelien Roy ?acuIfy JOHN H. HALL, Principal: A. B.: Review Mathematics: Plane Geometry: Algebra 2: Solid Geometry. MRS, EVELYN ATWOOD, A.B.: Problems of Democracy: World History: American History: Algebra 1: Social Problems. MRS, HILDRED FULLER, B. S.: Typing: Shorthand: Office Practice: Bookkeeping: General Business. MRS, GERALDINE HANNAY, A.B.: Latin,1,2: English 2, 3: Librarian. E, HUGH MATHESON, B. A.: English 1,4: French 2: General Mathematics: Business Law: Civics. HAROLD SMITH, A,B.: Physics: General Science: Senior Science: Applied Science: Biology: Laboratory. EDWARD DINGLEY, B, S.: Driver Training: Physical Education: Athletics. MRS. MARION KNIGHT, B,M.: Music: Band: Chorus. 1 ANITA BEAUDOIN "Anita" "Memory is the receptacle and sheath of all knowledge." Honor Roll 1, 2, 3,43 Student Council 23 Activities Association 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Paper 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4g Composite Chorus 3g KV Chorus 3, 43 Dramatics 13 Usher at Senior Plays 2, 33 Typing Club 23 Basketball 33 Softball 13 Intramural Softball 23 Bazaar 1, 23 Magazine Campaign 4. AVIS BELANGER "Avis" "A laugh is worth a hundred groans in any market." Honor Roll 1, 2, 3,43 Student Council 43 Activities Association 1, 2, 3,43 Class Officer 23 Senior Paper 43 Chorus 1. 2, 3,43 Compos- ite Chorus 33 Homemaking Club 33 Typing Club 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 43 Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Softball 13 Intramu- ral Softball 23 Cheerleading 3,42 Winter Sports 2,33 CQueen 21 Bazaar 1, 2. JEAN BEMIS "Ieanie" 'Absence in love is like water upon fire3 a little quenches, but much extinguishes it. " Student Council 43 Activities Association 1, 2, 3, 43 Class Officer 1, 2, 33 Senior Paper 43 Music 1, 2, 3,42 KV Chorus 2, 3,42 All State Chorus 2, 33 NE Chorus 23 East Maine Music Festival 1, 3,42 Composite Chorus 3,43 Dramatics Club 1, 3,43 Play 1, 3,43 Typ- ing Club 23 Journalism Club 2, 3, 43 Boreas Staff 2, 3,43 Art Club 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 43 Cheerleading 1, 2, 3, 43 Softball 1, 23 In- tramural Sports 1, 23 Winter Carnival 1, 2,3,43 Bazaar 1,23 Usher at Graduation 33 Prize Speaking 23 Magazine Campaign 1, 2, 3,4. DONNA BENNETT "Dee" "Defer no time: delays have dangerous ends." Honor Roll 1, 2, 33 Activities Association 1, 23 Senior Paper 43 Cho rus 2, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 43 Commercial Club 23 Boreas Staff 43 Outing Club 33 Art Club. ' --rv-mu BETTY BIGELOW 'Betty' 'Oh let the steps of youth be cautious how they advance into a dangerous world. " Honor Roll 3,43 Activities Association 1, 2, 3,43 Chorus 2, 3, 43 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3, 43 Three-Act Play 3,43 Typing Club 23 Boreas staff 43 Outing Club 33 Intramural Sports 1, 23 Softball 13 Intramural Softball 1, 23 Winter Sports 1, 2, 3,42 Captain 3. NANCY CAI-IILL 'Live as if you expected to live a hundred years, but might die tomorrow." Journalism Club 1,43 Boreas Staff 1,42 Band 1, 2, 3,43 Dramatics 1, 3,43 Chorus 1, 2, 3,43 Winter Sports 1, 2, 3,43 Cheerleader 1, 2, 3,43 Softball 1, 23 Basketball 1, 2, 3,42 Class Officer 1, 33 AA Member 1, 2, 3,43 Intramural Sports 1, 23 Bazaar 1, 23 Magazine Campaign 1, 2, 3.4, Manager 13 Honor Roll 3, 43 Student Council 33 All State Chorus 2, 3,42 KV Chorus 2,3,43 East Maine Music Festival 1, 2, 3,43 Composite Chorus 33 Governor's Youth Hi-Way Safety Conference 43 Senior Paper 43 Three-Act Play 3,4. INA CONNORS "Ina" "I have never been hurt by anything I didn't say. " Senior Paper 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3, 43 Typing Club 43 Hunters' Break- fast 43 Commercial Department, Assistant in charge of Dittoing. LORETTA FRANCES DURGIN "Frances" 'There are strange contradictions in human character." Honor Roll 1, 2, 3,43 Activities Association 1, 2, 3, 43 Chorus 1, 2, 33 Dramatics Club 3,43 Three -Act Play 3, 43 Journalism Club 3, 43 Boreas Staff 3,41 Art Editor 33 Business Manager 43 Art Club 1, 23 Photography Club 1,22 Basketball 1,2, 3,43 Softball 13 In- tramural Softball 23 Intramural Basketball 1, 23 Graduation Usher 1 DONNA ELLIS "T00ts" 'Looks are more expressive and reliable than words. " Transferred from Unity her Senior year. Basketball 1, 2: Badminton 1, 2: Softball 1: French Club 2: Glee Club. KAY KENNEDY 'Kay' 'Stolen kisses are always sweetest. " Activities Association 1, 3: Class Officer 3: Senior Paper 4: Cho- rus 1, 3, 4: Outing Club 3: Boreas Staff 4: Magazine Campaign 1, 3, 4. KENNETH LAWERYSON "Kenny "Have something to say, say it, and stop when you're done. " Activities Association 1, 2, 3,4: Senior Paper 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3,4: KV Chorus 2, 3,4: East Maine Music Festival 2,3,4: Composite Chorus 3, 4: Dramatics Club 4: Outing Club 2, 3: Arts and Crafts 2: Journalism Club 4: Boreas Staff 4: IV Basketball 1, 2, 3: Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3, 4: Winter Sports 3: Bazaar 1, 2: Magazine Campaign 1, 2, 3: Band 2. FREDERICK MCCLINTICK 'Freddie " "Ready money is like Aladdin's 1amp." Honor Roll 1, 3,4: Class Officer 1,4: Senior Paper 4: Art Club 2: Outing Club 2: Intramural Sports 1: Bazaar 1, 2: Magazine Cam- paign 4: Chorus 1. This page is sponsored by the ALLEN QUIMBY VENEER COMPANY Bingham, Maine MAVIS McLAUGHLlN "Mavis" 'Man delights me not. " Honor Roll 1, 2, 3,4: Activities Association 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 3,4: Senior Paper 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3,4: Typing Club 2: Homemaking Club 3: Journalism Club 3, 4: Boreas Staff 3,4: Basketball 1, 3,4, Manager 3, 4: Softball 1: Intramural Sports 1: Bazaar 1, 2: Usher at Graduation 3: Magazine Campaign 4. IACQUELINE MICHAUD "Iackie" "It is in learning music that many youthful hearts learn to love." Honor Roll 3: Activities Association 1, 2, 3: Senior Paper 4: Music 1, 2, 3, 4: KV Chorus 2, 3,4: All State Chorus 2: New England Cho- rus 2: Band 1,2, 3, 4: KV Band 1: Journalism Club 4: Senior Play 3, 4: Boreas Staff 4: Basketball 1: Intramural Basketball 1, 2: Softball 1: Intramural Softball 2: Bazaar 1, 2: Magazine Campaigi 4. WAYNE QUINT "Rudy" "Never do today what you can put off until tomorrow. Delay may give clearer light as to what is best to be done." Student Council 3, 4: Activities Association 1, 2, 3,4: Class Officer 2: Senior Paper 4: Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4: KV Band 2, 3, 4: All State 3: Band 1, 2, 3,4: Dramatics 1, 2, 3,4: Boreas Staff 4: Basketball 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 1,2, 3: Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, Manager 1: Graduation Marshal 3. DON ROBERTSON "Don" "I see the devil's hook and yet I cannot help nibbling at his bait. " Activities Association 2, 3, 4: Class Officer 4: Student Council 2: Senior Paper 4: Chorus 3,4: East Maine Music Festival 2, 3,4: Dramatics Club 3, 4: Three-Act Play 3, 4: Outing Club 2: Journal- ism Club 4: Art Club 2: Boreas Staff 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Intra- mural Sports 2, 3: Baseball 2, 3: Cross Country 4: Bazaar 2: Maga- zine Campaign 2, 3. yn AURELIEN ROY "Ra "Last night at twelve I felt immense, but now I feel like thirty cents. " Activities Association 43 Chorus 3,42 Journalism Club 43 Outing Club 33 Boreas Staff 43 KV Chorus 4. PHEBE WHITE "Phebe" "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers. " Honor Roll 1, 2, 3,42 Student Council 43 Activities Association 1, 3,42 Senior Paper 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3,43 Art Club 23 Future Nurses' Club 23 Homemaking Club 33 Journalism Club 43 Boreas Staff 43 Basketball 1, 3,43 Softball 13 Intramural Softball 23 Intramural Basketball 13 Bazaar 1. FRANKLIN WOODARD "Frank" "When angry, count to ten before you Speak: if very angry, a hundred. " Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, 43 Student Council 1, 2, 33 Activities Associa- tion 1, 2, 3,43 Class OfHcer 1, 2, 3, 43 Senior Paper 43 Chorus 1, 2, 3,43 KV Band 1, 2, 33 All State Chorus 3, 43 Band 1, 2, 3,43 Com- posite Chorus 33 Dramatics Club 1, 2, 3,42 Three-Act-Play 1, 3, 4 Boreas Staff 43 Basketball 1, 2, 3,43 Baseball 1, 2, 3,42 Winter Sports 1, 2, 3,43 Cross Country 43 Bazaar 1, 23 Prize Speaking 33 East Maine Music Festival 1, 2, 3,4. CLASS MOTTO: "Finis omnis scientiae in factis bonis sit" 'Let the end of all knowledge be in virtuous action." CLASS COLORS: Blue and White FIDWER: Carnation MARS!-lALg Dale Miller High Points in High School 1953-57 It was almost four years ago that the now learned Class of 1957 began its gradual metamorphosis. Thirty-three strong, that first year, it stumbled through such money- making propositions as dances, food sales, and School Bazaar projects. It contributed, also, a few budding "Bob Cousys" and "Ted Williamses. " It tried its inexperienced hand at parliamentary procedure, thus selecting its president, Frank Woodard: vice president, Leroy Kennedy: secretary, Jean Bemis: treasurer, Nancy Cahill, with Frank Woodard, Beverly Paige, and Joe Daggett as representatives to Student Council. Unfortunately, owing to a serious school bus accident in March, six of our class- mates from "up river" did not return to a second year at B. H. S. That following year, the executive committee performed an encore to some extent with F. Woodard again as head man. He was supported by Vice President, W. Quintg Secretary, J. Bemis and Treasurer, N. Cahill. Frank, Don Robertson, and Anita Beau- doin were the Sophomores' contribution to the Student Council. Financially, the outfit in 1954-55 was quite successful. Proceeds from various and sundry dances plus dime-a-week dues fand a not-too-wallet-fattening food salej brought in nearly S100 before June. As Juniors, we started off our third year in September of '55 with fewer than 20 members. Later, Aurelien Roy came down from Aroostook, but the roll was still losing its battle. F. Woodard repeated his role as President with his Vice Resident, J. Bemis: Secretary, M. McLaughlin: Treasurer, K. Kennedy, and Student Council members were Frank, Wayne and Nancy. Last year, in working toward our goal - Washington - we did very well. One pro- ject, though it gave us quite a bit of money, was not notable in its financial sense. It was Bingham High's first "official" record hop. Radio Station, WGHM, in Skowhegan seemed happy to oblige. And of course we were tendered the usual Prom, for which we exchanged the Graduation Ball with the Seniors. That year, too, Bingham High welcomed her new Principal, Mr. John Hall, now presiding. September, '56, started its brand new Seniors off with 17 members. Drring the first semester, the population did a bit of quick footwork fminus one, Phebe White: plus one, Donna Ellisj. So the books balance. This has been a busy year, as most Senior years are. Activities began with class portraits and will continue through our Washington trip to Graduation. Those are the big projects, very common to Seniors everywhere. Class parts have been awarded as follows: Valedictory, Frances Durgin: Salutatory, Franklin Woodard: First Honor Essay, Avis Belangerg second, Anita Beaudoin: Third, Mavis McLaughlin. Frederick McClintick and Jacqueline Michaud have gifts, Donna Bennett, History: Jean Bemis, Prophecy: and Nancy Cahill, Will. Almost all the Seniors are planning to go to Washington. Accompanied by Mr. and Mrs. Philip Knight, we anticipate a fitting climax to our four years at B. H. S. Wayne Quint, '57 -Owugw S 300: aq BOE HBCU H F58 H :E E .322 :OP .gm OE H3 .Om Emu DOH E-E 255 bww?-Om :wma -no -80 :E SQA -no 0 . do SQA 2:0 :L -OE BBW EEIETH E03 Ewi- mrm .Q :Ogg 'Q EOE-OU .H :EMU .Z 320mg Um :gsm .Q spam .H awszm .Q 5250! .M EOESQ iq Bwgam iq 25:32 A Ewan .L 532302 .2 QE-Om A msg-EDU was V103 :mga 22:50 300 320 Simi KOM- xzm MO 20:3 E wsu-N029-Q EgOOa xv-Em Hggw E5 :W .D 25 mais TAB 8823935 WED :USE Ewg ages 5 MWENASW 285033 QSM mag? Eg :Eg 52 niggaz Fagan m-PHE BME Ego .3 KVEEUUE im HJEIUUE .nm 829033 .vm COQFOES .M Em .4 GOWDMES .M GOEBOM .Q MOM .Q VAOUEMOOE .L E383 .L EOE2-OM 'Q VMOUEHUOE im 2059035 .M ENVOSS .L :askin MOHZMG: SEE: Quia S0857 margin :MF Q xbggo: OO-Ezw E MEEOEQQ MEAEOOL :CNSOFYIF-51: M522 EOC:-WE 0:-cw m-Q :Q -:NI w wg-S26 2006 wdgmgm :wa-H 5202! :wig xmas wgamm ZOHFSQOEHHZMEH misss SN RQ UB-wOEEmOw H82 Sw OEOAEO MO 2033 SSEO H8502 3053032 502 H3502 H32 055325 US :Og Sham Ham BEG HWUZEOM-E E303 8 A-gg :OE OEEE H32 2335 Hgm wDOEEw 502 wH-EOS Hug HBEHOL H32 -UNEDDEU: weanw-5 .miz E02 MHEOEOE SO m-EBU H235 NEED :N :Em Emu HW E EE :EEN wigs! EOE HOE2 E EE MWEE5 EEEO2 EE 5: wdgm-dm aOEwE OH wgfgl 5:2 MW he miss? 2OHmwEQ :mv-O: DEE Us U2 5 is OH wing :mv-Oz ODE E wig-NH Egg-gsm m.wME0m Zmmm F93 EEO? .L H55 .3 EEEDONH .Q Kg .Q V-0:5602 .m 5:52302 .E 95:32 .H EOHEOU .H Ewan .nm 5050! .M 323 lm mga .Q S2-gm .Q 50325 .Q 306mg im :END .Z Swain .Q GOQA-533 .M 253 A E212 I I 1 I 1 1 1 1 First row: Dorothy Smith, Lorrina Roy, Sylviana Pelletier, Theressa Lagasse, Nancy Belanger, Janice Quint, Beverly Paige, Marie Pullen, Priscilla O'Neal, Barbara Woodard. Second row: Mrs. Atwood, James Carl, Allen Cates, Cecil Beane, Merle McCollor, Wallace Bossie, Rodney Kershner, Keith Davis, Paul Corbin, Kenneth Atwood, Betty Atwood. Third row: Robert Bossie, Clyne Bigelow, Francis Austin, Norman Michaud, Peter Davis, Stanley Frith. James Demlto, Barton Hill, Dale Miller, Stanley Atwood. ll . ' ,f ff flllllfil' 611155 t A J l I .ie , f 1 ,. if ,' 1 ' J i L During but Freshman and Sophomore years we lost W. Hunter, M. Cook, and L. Gleason. We were fairly quiet and ended with 371. 02 in our treasury. Now in our Junior year with that ever big Senior year right around the corner we are really starting to roll - financially! From the popular Lone Pine show we cleared 597. 00 and with class dues and dances we hope to end this year in a grand manner. Opening day found us with thirty-five members, but since then we have lost B. Martin, P. Cates, B. Harris, A. McLaughlin, and C. Hill. Officers elected at our first meeting were President, P. Corbin: Vice President, D. Millerg Secretary, B. Paigeg Treasurer, B. Hillg Stu- dent Council Representatives, B. Atwood, N. Belanger, and K. Davis. Our thanks go to Mrs. Atwood, class advisor, for her advice and patience during our class meetings. 5 , J . , L ' ' Beverly Paige, Secretary I Front row: Betty Durgin, jo Shaw, Kathy Fournier, Blanche Levasseur, Ellen Moore, Mary Wing, Joan McCollor. Second row: Mrs. Hannay, Janice Laweryson, Roberta Smith, Dorothy Cates, Marie Wing, Charlene Waugh, Pauline Fortin, Pauline Foster. Third row: Loren Miller, Douglas Cahill, Cedric Strout, Lionel Clark, Dale Laweryson, Lester Atwood, Sam White, Colby York. Members absent: Joan Morris, Rose Mazerolle, Harvey Pinkham. Saphvmare 611155 The ways in which the class of '55 earned money were the Harvest Dance, at which we made a fair amount of money, and the Night Club Dance, which was quite successful. We also had a pencil machine which helped increase our funds. This year the Sophomore Class has earned money by a food sale, the pencil machine, and cutting Christmas trees. We hope to have other activities later to earn more money. At the beginning of the year the president of the class was Lester Beale. When he moved away, the Vice President, Pauline Forrin, became president. Marie Wing was elected Vice President in place of Pauline. The remaining officers are as follows: Secretary, ,loan McCollorg Treasurer, Janice Lawerysong and Student Council Representatives, Charlene Waugh and Lionel Clark. Joan McCollor. Secretary Q-Www Mtv we First row: Yvette Roy, Joyce Lagasse, Linda Chasse, Carol Atwood, Judith Mathews, Carolyn Hovey, Una Cyr, Ethel Leavitt. Second row: Norma Robinson, Eugene Hunnewell, Norwood Steward. James McLaughlin, Richard Rollins, Leslie Beane, Donald Bossie, Nancy Bumpus, Mr. Matheson. Third rows? Horace Davis, Gary Tibbets, George Stephenson, Michael Read, Lowell , E 'FlandersJ Vlfyaynlf Adams, Craig Hamlin, Ronald Kershner. Member absent: Rena Pelletier. V? N. fo W' 1 si. t .P 1 1 I - J ra ' 1 ,F A tt- , at 7 .E 1 greshman 6111.95 JM! The class of '60 started the year with 28 members, but due to the loss of Geneva McClin- 3" f . tick and Betty Roy we now have only 26. Our class officers are: President, Richard Rollins: I . f 1 0 gf' tj' Vice President, Lowell Flanders: Secretary, Nancy Bumpus: Treasurer, Una Cyrg Student Coun- L cil, Gary Tibbetts. On October 11, the Seniors began Freshman Initiation. For two days at school we were requested to dress as ladies and gentlemen. On the 12 in the evening at the official Freshman Reception we dressed in outlandish costumes and reported to the Gym to be accepted to Bingham High by the Seniors. Even though we had been ladies and gentlemen for two days, initiated on Friday night in our outlandish costumes, we can really say we had as much fun as the Seniors. On December 14, we held our annual Freshman dance. It was a Barn Dance effect with tables around the floor to represent a night club. We had a floor show with the following par- ticipants: Jena Bemis, Frank Woodard, Joan McGollor, Mary Wing, Rena Pelletier, Una Cyr, and Michael Read. Our door prize was a large cake. A jitterbug contest and a waltz contest were held, with bracelets for the girls and pens for the boys who were winners. Music was furnished by the school orchestra. We made a profit of 840. We hope to have other activities later in the year. We should like to express thanks to Mr. Matheson who has helped us a great deal this year. Nancy Bum pus, Secretary I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I - - - - - ---f -- -f --H - H- -- - --W - -'W --Y' -f------ - --- - ------ -------- -----'---'----- --------f- --v---I-- --------vw - -- ----un--nw.:--...-.nm-nu..-Iu.,.'unp-..luf.4-u. tudmf Zouncil Front row: A. Beaudoin, A. Belanger, W. Quint, B. Atwood, N. Belanger. Second row: Mr. Hall, G. Tibbetts, L. Clark, J. Bemis, K. Davis. Hand Front row: L. Bray, D. Begin, C. Fosythe, C. Sl1'out, G. Tibbets, I. Carl, M. Hill, J. West, W. Shaw, S. Sterling, R. Steward, J. Guay. Second row: J. Shaw, G. Kimball, L. Miller, J. McCollor, R. Kershner, R. Rollins, D. Miller, J. Mathews, J. Michaud, N. Bushey, N. Michaud, N. Cahill, B. Lavasseur, Mrs. Knight. Third row: R. Austin, C. Beane, B. Bushey, F. Woodard, R. Kershner, W. Quint, S. Frith, D. Laweryson, L. Malloy, P. Corbin, C. Waugh MUSIC in BINGHAM HIGH SCHOOL This year there are 84 in our choir, which holds rehearsals each Thursday afternoon. Our band has 39 members. For the first time officers were elected. They are: President, Dale Miller: Vice President, Franklin Woodard: Secretary, Wayne Quintg and Reporter, Io Ann Shaw. Dale Miller, clarinetist, represented Bingham in the Kennebec Valley concerts at Skowhegan and Waterville. The outstanding event of the year was the Eastern Maine Music Festival, held May 5 It was a distinct honor for our school and town to serve as hosts. Sponsored by the Lions Club, with the assistance of practically every other organi- zation in town, the Festival was a great success. For one day the population of the town was doubled, with 2000 musicians and 1000 friends as guests. After the 58 auditions for vocal groups and soloists in the forenoon, Qin which our school placed well in its three selections, "Moonlight Bay, " Stout-hearted Men," and "Bless This House"J, 25 band units, marshalled by Mr. Steven Shaw, paraded from Mos- cow Elementary School past the Judges' Stand in Bingham. There were bands from An- son, Augusta, Albion, Bingham, Belgrade, China, Dexter, Dover -Foxcroft, Fairfield, Farmington, Freedom, Gardiner, Athens, Harmony, Guilford, Hartland, Madison, North New Portland, Oakland, Waterville, Winslow, Greenville, Unity, Phillips, Skowhegan, Solon, and Charleston. We were proud almost to tears to see our little Bingham Band, led by its snappy Ma jorettes, swinging bravely along at the head of the colorful parade, followed by much larger bands in elaborate uniforms. ln the evening a composite chorus of 167 voices, under the baton of guest conduc- tor, Dr. Pichierri, gave a concert at the Quimby School Auditorium. Students from our school included in the chorus were: Nancy Cahill Anita Beaudoin Kenneth Laweryson Jean Bemis Theressa Lagasse Aurelien Roy Janice Quint Douglas Cahill Merle McCollor Jacqueline Michaud Dale Laweryson Keith Davis Michael Read David Read was featured as trumpet soloist. This was a day we shall never forget, an event which happens once in a lifetime. We wish to express sincere thanks to our director, Mrs. Marion Knight, for all she has done for music in our schools. Jacqueline Michaud '57 Wzarus Front row: D. Miller, C. Bigelow, M. Read, J. Demko, S. Frith, D. Robertson, W. Quint, N. Michaud, L. Clark, F. Austin, D. Laweryson. Second row: Mrs. Knight, N. Bushey, L. Roy, B. Bigelow, C. Hovey, B. Durgin, M. Wing, J. Shaw, P. O'Neal, T. Lagasse, I. Connors, S. Pelletier, L. Chasse, J. McCollor. Third row: P. Foster, J. Lagasse, B. Atwood, J. Laweryson, D. Cates, R. Smith, U. Cyr, B. Woodard, C. Waugh, D. Smith, P. Fortin, D. Ellis, E. Leavitt N. Bumpus, N. Robinson. Fourth row: K. Fournier, N. Cahill, M. Wing, M. Pullen, N. Bel- anger, E. Moore, D. Bennett, J. Quint, M. McLaughlin, B. Levasseur, A. Beaudoin, A. Bel- anger, J. Michaud, J. Bemis, J. Mathews. Fifth row: H. Davis, E. Hunnewell, A. Cates, R. Rollins, K. Laweryson, R. Kershner, F. Woodard, R. Bossie, M. McCollor, D. Cahill, A. Roy, K. Davis, G. Tibbetts, D. Bossie, R. Kershner. juli is' Front row: C. Hamlin, W. Adams, S. Frith, M. Read, J. McLaughlin, R. Rollins. Second row: R. Kershner, H. Pinkham, E. Hunnewell, G. Stephenson, G. Tibbetts, N. Steward, D. Bossie, Mr. Dingley. 1 I I W w 1 I I I v I I D r w w l Kheerlcaders Seated, left to right: J. Laweryson, T. Lagasse, N. Belanger, I. Bemis, N. Cahill, A. Belanger, N. Bumpus. Lflfampiaus Hays' Basketball Front row: Mr. Dingley, R. Rollins, L. Miller, W. Bossie, B. Hill, J. Demko, W. Quint, D. Robertson, D. Miller, L. Clark, M. McCo1lor, R. Bossie, F. Woodard, P Corbin, G. Tibbetts. -3 , V.-nf V tml-ww BOYS' BASKETBALL A 17 win - 2 loss season drove the 1956-57 edition of the Bingham High School Cavaliers to the school's first basketball championship. Winning all of our fourteen league games, we fattened our win column with a hard fought victory over Pennell Institute and an all-important win over Freedom in our first State Tournament battle. Losing only to a powerful UKVL All-Stars quintet and to Winthrop, we compiled a most satisfying record. On November 19, Coach Dingley called out the squad for the first practice. As usual, interest was sky-high and the gym was invaded by one of the best turnouts in many years. After a week of looking over all prospects, Coach Dingley cut the squad down twelve and began the long, hard road to victory. Scores of games were as follows: OPPONENT SCORE BINGHAM SCORE OPPONENT SCORE BINGHAM SCORE Athens 40 60 Athens 45 62 Anson 46 59 Harmony 30 89 Jackman 35 50 Solon 55 61 Monson 33 98 Monson 31 84 Central 46 67 Central 56 68 Alumni 53 61 Anson 48 56 Permell Inst. 48 63 Solon 45 61 Harmony 49 67 Freedom 29 48 Jackman 38 42 Winthrop 60 42 UKVL All-Stars 55 53 Total score 842 1, 191 Average score per game 44. 32 62.69 The Cavaliers employed a zone defense throughout most of our games. Using a "two-one- two" most of the time, we alternated with a "one-three-one, " a "three-two, " a "two-three, " and a "flatiron. " Although our closest final score was that of the All-Star game. 55-53, our tightest game was at Jackman. Our highest score for one game was compiled against Monson - 98 points. Our lowest score came as a result of the Jackman game - 42 points. The team elected Frank Woodard captain for the eventful year. Bartie Hill represented us at the regional foul-shooting tournament at Farmington. Losing only three men via graduation, Coach Dingley anticipates a great '57-'58 season. The '56-'57 Cavaliers thank Coach Ed Dingley for all the time and work that he has put in with us. We also thank managers Gary Tibetts and Dick Rollins for their fine job. Frank Woodard ' 57 6irLv' Basketball Front row: J. Laweryson, J. Bemis, N. Cahill, A. Belanger, N. Belanger, F. Durgin, J. Quint. Second row: Mr. Hall. Mavis McLaughlin, Managerg T. Lagasse, J. Shaw, M. Wing, M. Wing, D. Smith, L. Chasse, C. Atwood, J. McCollor, C. Waugh, N. Robinson. lfliufcr Sparta Front row: S. Frith, B. Hill, P. Corbin, D. Laweryson, E. Hunnewell, C. Bigelow, F. Woodard Second row: B. Durgin, J. Bemis, D. Bennett, B. Levasseur, N. Cahill, F. Durgin, B. Bigelow, P. Fortin. Third row: Mr. Matheson, C. Hamlin, M. Read, W. Adams. GIRLS' BASKETBALL 1956-1957 The girls' basketball team of 1956-1957 had a fairly successful year. They won eleven out of fifteen games. One game that we won was a real victory. We beat North Anson by '7 points which was their first defeat in two years. Our talented guards held them off while our forwards showed their skill at rebounding, passing, and quick shooting, bewildering the North Anson girls. Avis Belanger was captain of the team and Mavis McLaughlin served as Manager. The team chose Avis Belanger and Frances Durgin to represent Bingham in the All-Star game held at North Anson. The All-Stars put up a good fight but lost by a wide margin. The girls' basketball team wishes to express its thanks and appreciation to Mr. Hall for the patience and time he gave in coaching them this year. Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Bingham Athens North Anson Jackman Monson North New Portland Jackman Alumnae Harmony Athens Harmony Solon Monson North New Portland North Anson Solon Mavis McLaughlin, '57 Manager WINTER SPORTS Bingham North Anson Bingham Bingham Bingham Jackman Bingham Harmony Athens Bingham Bingham Monson North New Portland Bingham Solon Our winter sports team looks very successful this year. We have most of our veterans back. Among them are Barton Hill '58, Paul Corbin '58, Keith Davis '58, Jean Bemis '57, Nancy Ca- hill '5'7, Clyne Bigelow '58, Frank Woodard '57, and Betty Bigelow '57, Our new additions are Betty Atwood '58, Joyce Lagasse '60, Michael Read '60, Eugene Hunnewell '60, We participated in a Ski Meet at Guilford, Saturday, February 23. We showed up very well in this meet collecting 14 points as follows: Keith Davis '58, first Downhill: Paul Corbin '58, second Jump and Frank Woodard '57, first Jump and third Slalom. We hope to better this record in future meets, especially in Cross Country. We still have a meet with Monson. We shall be host at our Winter Carnival on March 9. Mr. Matheson is again our coach. He has stood by us through victory and defeat and has never given up. Interest in winter sports could be better and we wish more students would come out for this activity. Paul Corbin '58 Krvss Hvunfry Zfezzm Front row: F. Woodard, M. Read, W. Quint, D. Robertson, R. Bossie, B. Hill, W. Bossie, Second row: P. Corbin, R. Kershner, S. Frith, N. Steward, L. Miller, Mr Dingley. ns aswimmr lamina WMM a l5'zzscluzlI Kneeling: W. Bossie, K. Roberts, D. Rollins, D. Read, F. Woodard, R. Williams, L. Atwood. Standing: S. Frith, L. Miller, P. Corbin, R. Bossie, D. Miller, B. Hill, M McCollor, Mr. Dingley. CROSS -COUNTRY Bingham had a new addition to its sports activities this year. Cross-Country was offered for the first time in ten years. Most of the boys on the basketball team went out for it to get in con- dition before the season. We did well considering our inexperience and late start. We did not win any meets, but we showed up well against schools that placed high in the state meet. We ran in six meets in all, two with Madison, two with Guilford, and two with Phillips. One was a tri-meet against Phillips and Guilford, held here at Bingham. Mr. Dingley was pleased with the turnout and results of our first year and hopes that next year we shall be better. We hope to see all the veterans turn out next year and also new mem- bers who are swift and interested. Let's have a, good year. Paul Corbin - '58 BASEBALL The 1955-56 baseball team wound up its spring campaign sporting a four-win-five-loss rec- ord. A late spring made it impossible for the team to get in much practice before the first few games, a problem common to all national pastimers throughout Central and Northern Maine. ' Lack of bull-pen depth can also be taken into consideration when examining the won-lost col- umn. The Cavaliers dropped a tough one to Central in an exciting opener 13-12, but bounced back to whip the Monson Slaters 8-5. Baftled by the polished pitching of "Bunky" Davis, we took a 5-0 loss from Solon and continued the slump through the next two games in a non-league contest, and a 14-1 setback at the hands of Somerset Academy. Coming back strong, we dealt North Anson its first defeat of the season in a 10-3 contest. In a series of non-league games, we took a 15-2 trouncing from Skowhegan, but rallied to down that same club 7-6 in an error- less thriller. We proceeded to wind up the season with a satisfying 28-8 beating of the Harmony Huskies. D. Miller Clark 214 B. Hill Bossie 211 F. Woodard Miller 188 K. Roberts McCollar 182 R. Bossie Read 174 D. Rollins Atwood 000 P. Corbin Williams 000 L. Beale The team elected Kenton Roberts captain for the season. We wish to thank CoacH'Dingley for his time and effort and Managers Frith and Cahill for their help and co -operation. First row: N. Cahill, M. Wing, N. Belanger, D. Bennett, B. Lavasseur, J. Michaud, J. Bemis. Second row: Mr. Matheson, B. Atwood, J. McCollor, C. Atwood, J. Shaw, B. Bigelow, F. Durgin, D. Smith. N. Robinson. Third row: P. Corbin, F. Woodard, M. Read, W. Quint, D. Robinson, S. Frith, R. Bossie, K. Laweryson, K. Davis. The Masquers This year the Masquers, under the presidency of Nancy Cahill and the direction of E. H. Matheson, decided to profit by the Western vogue and chose as their three-act play, "Arizona Dude Ranch" by Wilkinson. The choice proved wise, the audience laughing hilariously at the funny parts and duly shivering when suspense and gun-play entered the picture. Jean Bemis and Don Robertson, playing opposite each other as the "love interest, " repeated their triumph of last year in "Old Doc": Robert Bossie and Frank Woodard displayed hitherto hidden talents in comedy parts. Frances Durgin, Nancy Cahill, and Betty Bigelow were their dependable selves in the parts allotted to them, as were Keith Davis and Paul Corbin. It was to be regretted that the script had no parts really worthy of the talents of Wayne Quint, Jacqueline Michaud, and Nancy Belanger, whose performances last year contributed so much to the success of "Old Doc. " Mike Read proved the dark horse of the season, turning in a sparkling performance as Wild Bill Hiccup. Plans are under way for a spring production. So with a growing tradition and plenty of en- thusiasm, the Masquers face a bright future, Sad farewells to all our Seniors, who will not be here to bolster and encourage our club next year. Good luck to you wherever you go. ' literary and flumarous I Never Realized-- I never realized what advantages I have had and do have by being a member of a large family. lt is true that there is a squabble now and then, but with fourteen in a house you can't expect it to be heaven all the time. Many people, especially my schoolmates, say that we must have a very difficult time keeping up on our school subjects, sports and work at home. l have to admit that it isn't what anyone would call a picnic. Growing up in a large family has made us more appreciative of our parents, who try to satisfy everyone at all times gon achievement which is highly impossiblej, and more appreciative of our friends and neighbors, who always help when help is needed. We are better able to adjust ourselves to the simple ways of life. My sister and I, be- ing the oldest children at home, have the responsibility of the younger ones, by no means an easy task. When sickness comes to our home, everyone, aged one to eigh- teen, has some way in which he can help to make everything easier. With the help of God and with the blessing of such wonderful parents we shall al- ways succeed in having a happy home. We may not be rich as far as money is concerned, but we are rich in happiness. Nancy Belanger, '58 How Dead Is Shakespeare? Many people doubt that William Shakespeare ever wrote the plays that are attri- buted to him. They give the credit to Christopher Marlowe, the Earle of Oxford, Sir Francis Bacon, or possibly even a group of these men writing together under the pen name of Shakespeare. Anyway, no matter who wrote them, they are definitely a living and colorful in- fluence on our English language of today. Even so, the plays as plays could have died. Why didn't they? What is there to the work of this man that makes it as popular now, four hundred years after his death, as it was when it was written? For one thing, Shakespeare was a poet and his phrases are so beautiful that some of them are unforgettable: but even more than that, he was a psychologist - he understood people. Even the least of Shakespeare's CHARACTERS is very real and human. Great actors and actresses are proud to play even such small parts as that of the nurse in "Romeo and Juliet' because these parts contain so much opportunity for characterization. Ithink that my brother summed up the answers you would get pretty well, when he said, "Well, fellow cats and teachers, Ithink Shakespeare was a real gone kitty cat. I mean most, real cool, " Well, cats, I'd say Shakespeare is still kicking mighty hard, wouldn't you? Jo Shaw, '59 THE MODERN GIRLS' DILEMMA The average girl of today is being put to a severe test by modern machines. It is a general assumption that a girl sometime during her life is going to be married, the recent fad being more than once. Due to the fact that a man no longer needs to get married in order to have a well-run home life, it is rather difficult landing a husband. l'm making this statement on reports of others as I, personally, have not as yet pursued this sport. A man today can choose a new model "housekeeper" every year at his local hard- ware store or from the yellow pages of his mail-order catalogue. There is even an in- strument fnow being distributed by the Bell Telephone Companyj that will answer all his telephone calls while he's out. Moreover, it will record any message the caller wants to leave and will give the caller whatever recorded message its owner has prepared I am not ready, though, to accept the theory that the housewives should be assigned to the ranks of the technologically unemployed, because after all, there are still some functions at which a flesh-and-blood wife can't be beat: for example: I've yet to hear of a gadget that can change diapers. This subject of new devices was brought to my attention as I was looking through a magazine which pictured many of the newest gadgets. One in particular that caught my eye was the latest cigarette-vending machine. As you feed the coin plunger, a battery- operated record player goes into action, and a metallic, but courteous, voice booms out: "Hello! Don't run short! Better buy two packs while you're here. " Other machines pictured sold everything from milk to life insurance. There is even a device that di- spenses a 10-second whiff of faure oxygen upon receipt of a quarter. This, is said to be a sure-fire cure for a hangover. I add a last suggestion for the girls. When competition from machines seems too threatening, perhaps you ought to reflect upon the recent words of a New England con- gressman. He had been listening for hours to an irate club woman's complaint about the "vicious" influence of television on children. After a particularly forceful outburst against crime, sex, and violence, she would up by demanding that the Congressman tell her exactly what should be done about "these horrible programs" on one of our recent gadgets, TV. "Madam, " he replied blandly, "did you ever think of turning the darned thing off 7 " Beverly Paige, '58 "EST" FAMILY Prettiest - J. Demko, M. McLaughlin Mostest - F. Woodard, J. Bemis Cutest - D. Rollins, B. Atwood Slowest - W. Quint, J. Michard Nicest - D. Miller, A. Beaudoin Fastest - R. Bossie, F. Durgin Silliest - L. Beane, N. Cahill Laziest - M. McCollor, B. Bigelow Funniest - P. Davis, B. Paige Wittiest - Mr. Matheson, N. Cahill Freshest - K. Laweryson, C. Waugh Shyest - L. Miller, I. Connors Walking In the Rain - - Love me Tender ---- - I'll Walk the Line ------- When the Lights go Down Low - - - Graduation Day --------- Standing on the Corner - - Angels in the Sky ---- I'll Be Home - - - Get Rhythm - - - Learning the blues - - - Down by the Riverside - - - Be Bop a Lula ------ Ain't Misbehaving - - - Fever --------- Rip it Up - - - - Dig ----- Transfusion ----- Midnight Gambler - - - Jealous Lover ---- - Chains of Love - ------- - I'll Get Along Without you Now - - - - - Tonight you Belong to me ---- Paralyzed ---------- Too Young ------- - To the Ends of the Earth - - - Crazy for Love ------ My Boy, Elvis - - Poor Boy ---- 16 Ton ------- Ain't that a Shame - - Blueberry Hill ---- GreenDoor-- --- - Money Trees ----- - ----- IDEAL GIRL Hair Mavis McLaughlin Eyes Janice Quint Eyebrows Avis Belanger Lips Polly Foster Teeth Mary Wing Nose Kay Kennedy Ears Sylviana Pelletier Hands Ina Connors Smile Jo Shaw Hips Nancy Cahill Figure Kay Kennedy Personality Frances Durgin Complexion Anita Beaudoin Clothes Jackie Michaud Neatness Anita Beaudoin I SONG TITLES - - - - - - - - - - - -Frances Durgin coming off Heights - - -Paul Corbin to all his girls - - Priscilla to Roger - - -Girls, look out for B. H. S. Boys - - Seniors' Dream come True - - The boys at Robinson's Store - - Jumpers on B. H. S. Ski Team - - B. H. S. Girls upon leaving for dates - - The hep cats of B. H. S. to the "Five Bops" - - -Freshmen during their initiation - - Parking at Wyman Dam - - Theressa Lagasse - - Seniors on Class Trip - - Before exams - - All papers ranked D - or below - - Students before ranks close - - Needed after ranks close - - -Barton Hill - - Dale Laweryson - - Demko's girls Tests - - Mrs. Atwood to detention students - - Mr. Dingley in Driver Training Car - - Freshman girls and boys - - Cross-country trail - - Freshman girls - - Wallace Bossie - - -Don Robertson - - The books we carry home - - Girls' basketball team - 'Old Bluff" - - Girls' Room entrance - - - Seniors' wishful thinking IDEAL BOY James Demko Richard Rollins Francis Austin Don Robertson Mike Read Wayne Quint Sam White Frederick McClintick Michael Read Barton Hill Dale Miller Frank Woodard Wayne Adams Leslie Beane Rodney Kershner ALUMNI CLASS of '56 Maurice Belanger - U.S.A.F., Amarillo, Texas Juanita Cates - Employed by Orlene Bean, Bingham, Maine Ruth Hovey - E. W. Moore and Son, Druggists, Bingham, Maine Nancy Huggins - Quimby Veneer Co. , Bingham, Maine Mildred Lagasse - Quimby Veneer Co. , Bingham, Maine Ellen McKay - McKay's Store, The Forks, Maine Louise Owens -fMrs. Loren Ayerj, Bingham, Maine David Read - U. S. Navy, Washington, D. C. Kenton Roberts - Quimby Veneer Co. , Bingham, Maine Dennis Rollins - At home, Pleasant Ridge, Maine Charles Waugh Ir. - Howes Filling Station, Bingham, Maine Edmund Webb - Employed by Appleton Webb, The Forks, Maine Raymond Willer - Quimby Veneer Co. , Bingham, Maine Anne Williams - Gorham State Teachers College, Gorham, Maine David Woods - Quimby Veneer Co. , Bingham, Maine CLASS of '55 Richard Bigelow - Employed by Clyne Bigelow, Bingham, Maine Roger Bossie - U.S.A.F., Belleville, Illinois Roland Bossie - Pratt and Whitney, Hartford, Connecticut Elizabeth Bumham - QMrs. George Lawrencej, one child, So-uth Portland, Maine Alene Cates - fMrs. Warren Hugginsy, one child, Brunswick, Maine Faylene Clark -QMrs. Roger Woodardj, Moscow, Maine Kenton Conroy - Employed by Cecil Beane, Pleasant Ridge, Maine Terry Durgin - North Anson Reel, North Anson, Maine Carroll Huggins - W. H. Hinman, Brunswick, Maine Madeline Lagasse fMrs. Allen Riggj, Orono, Maine Lanny Newton - Michigan College of Mining and Technology,- Houghton, Michigan Barbara Rollins - Student X-Ray Technician, Thayer Hospital, Waterville, Maine. Earl Thompson - Employed by Freeman Thompson, Madison, Maine Shirley York - Farmington State Teachers' College, Farmington, Maine CLASS of '54 C. Edward Andrews - U.S.A.F., Bangor, Maine Henry Beaudoin Ir. - American Cyanamid Co. , Meriden Connecticut Richard Begin - Husson College, Bangor, Maine Roland Belanger - U.S.A.F., Kessler A.F.B., Mississippi Claire Bemis -QMrs. Wallace Prattj, two children, Bingham, Maine Maxine Brown -fMrs. Lloyd Keatonj, one child, Bingham, Maine Jean Campbell -fMrs. Norman Dionnej, one child, Bingham, Maine Norman Dionne - Quimby Veneer Co., Bingham, Maine Firle Durgin - Quimby Veneer Co. , Bingham, Maine Arthur Fortin - Quimby Veneer Co. , Bingham, Maine Georgianna Foster - QMrs. Kendall Beanj, two children, Bingham, Maine Rosalie Gleason - fMrs. Warren Furryl, Palmerton, Pennsylvania Dorothy Irvine -fMrs. Francis LaFrattaj, Bingham, Maine Meredith Knowles - Florida Light and Power Co. , Jacksonville, Florida Albin Michaud - I-lusson College, Bangor, Maine Norma Moore - Federal Trust Co., Bingham, Maine Germaine Moulton - Laboratory Technician, Rockland Hospital, Rock- land, Maine Lois Owens - Private Secretary at the Good Will School, Hinckley, Maine Jeanette Rollins -fMrs. Robert Jacquesj, one child, Bingham, Maine Gerald Sheaff - U.S. Navy, Mofiit Field, California Norman Smith - U.S.A.F., England Carolee Sterling - Cooley Dickinson Hospital, Northampton, Massa- chusetts Jerry Tainter - Abner Moore s Boat Shop, Bingham, Maine CLA SS of '53 Ramona Bean -fMrs. Ralph McLaughlinJ, one child, Bingham, Maine Merlene Bridges - Quimby Veneer Co. , Bingham, Maine Frances Cahill -fMrs. Ray Greenlawj, two children, Pittsfield, Maine Joyce Cates -QMrs. Fayette Atwoodj, one child, Pleasant Ridge, Maine Lucy Carter - Blue Hill, Maine Edgar Fortin - Quimby Veneer Co. , Bingham, Maine Gloria Hansen - Medical Secretary, Redington Memorial Hospital, Skowhegan, Maine Walter MacDougall - University of Mame, Orono, Maine Sally Martin - QMrs. Everett Thortonl, Skowhegan, Maine Gilbert Owens - U.S. Army, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri Betty Lou Tibbetts - Farmington State Teachers College, Farmington, Maine Judy Whitney - University of Maine, Orono, Maine Lois Wing - Northem Conservatory of Music, Bangor, Maine l I 1 5 V V x 1 W K. llllllflilnllllh !PNI'fl1iIKM!ifilillllllnllIl1lfll!liIEIWIHISIIIILIIZHHH.IIIVIIIIfl'll1llel!u!ISl" 1h!'hlax'l .IEI4 illtlilllll IMI I Iilllll1I. 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Shop VVALLACES f ir at RADIO ai TV E ll WYMAN DAM 'Z STORE 19 Madison Avo. yas - Meats and Groceries Sklgjvll-:egai?01SIe. Wyman Dam, Maine A Good Education Includes Slit Good Nutrition Price L CLOTHING 8 STORE y HAQIQ as Q BAKING CO. Waterville, Me. WILLIAM J. LANEY, Proprietor Skowhegan, Me. Compliments of S KOVVHEGAN DRY CLEANERS Court Str e et Skowhegan, Me. Compliments of CANADIAN! TQAIL Cabins Wyman Dam Bingham , Maine Compliments of S. ID. VVAIQ IQEN C CD. Bingham , Maine Known Up and Down the Kennebec for Three Generations I-IAJNE-EE: DRUG STORE "We're as Near as Your Mailbox 59 Water St. Skowhegan, Maine 4 ,.g 99121, ,.?',eg111,'f ,,- ,- 'ny Twin", . .g11'.,u ., -.4 ..v -Ln ,W ,gl ".1'1'--' ' 1 .-' J' , H? nl' nf -v Ln 3.-' L- a,n'.,n' Q. ,0' -'J -5 .Q .5 . - 1' ITS A PIIASVRE Compliments of KENNEEEC IIXIC. Pg i MM ZQYZ T elephone 3 5 Bingham , Maine Manufacturers of Plywood Bingham, Maine ff ' 155' , M E ATS wif E T, I 5! - Q , at J, 1-JI4i:E5l...i:: AN D ROBINSON? 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EALFCUQ CCDIVIDANV Emblems Trophies Diplomas Name Cards Invitations Be Right Buy at WIGHT'S Congratulations For Your Fine Yearbook - For Your Fine Athletic Teams Wight's Is Proud to Be of Service to Both NIaine's Sports Specialist for Athlete - Boater - Fisherman - Hunter - Camper Complete Sales and Service Visit Us - Write Us - Phone Us We Give S 8: H Green Stamps wwf 51-DQR I SING CACJQTDSS Bangor, lvlaine 54 State St. Tel. Z-0442. 9 C QC? 5,vC,L 40 DQY O is VCLEANE125 0ur Truck Picks up Laundry and Dry Cleaning Every Tues. and Fri. in Bingham We Give S 8: H Green Stamps Tel. 7-8823 Skowhe gan, Maine I-LJ. DUDLEY Meats - Groceries Sporting Goods Tel. 13 0 Moscow, Maine AMERICAN STEAM LAUNDRY Tel. 7-8823 Skowhegan, Maine PCVVE LMS AUTO SALES Quality Used Cars Lombard and Fleetwood Chain Saws Skowhegan, Ivlaine CQQKS DRUG STORE Rexall Drugs Tel. 6-4481 Madison, Maine Zfzcffcfdn Qffga Bangor, Maine Maine's Largest School of Business Training Terrninal Courses-of one and two years duration: Secretarial, Stenographic, General Clerical, Business Administration, Accounting Degree Courses-of four years duration: B.S. in Secretarial Science B.S. in Accounting, B.S. in Business Administration, B.S. in Business Education Note: Husson College is the only school in Maine which offers a degree in Accounting. Free Catalog C. H. HUSSON, President Congratulations to the Senior Class -I-QL! SBI CQMDANV Bingham Waterville Unity the People of the Bingham Area Complete Banking Facilities DO N A LD JICDLSCDIVI PLUMBING 8: HEATING Range Burners Iron Roofing - Plurnbing Fixtures Bingham, Maine ll a bool! Art TAVLOI M

Suggestions in the Upper Kennebec Valley High School - Boreas Yearbook (Bingham, ME) collection:

Upper Kennebec Valley High School - Boreas Yearbook (Bingham, ME) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Page 1


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Upper Kennebec Valley High School - Boreas Yearbook (Bingham, ME) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Upper Kennebec Valley High School - Boreas Yearbook (Bingham, ME) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


Upper Kennebec Valley High School - Boreas Yearbook (Bingham, ME) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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