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lf V imap'-T-' va 1,-"4" Q, ,fwfr W W. 3' KK! ., H ,ff r 1 t Vg fy- -ff U ..:,m::,j:?: ' 5 ,, f- 5, 1. 4 H t f, 1g'f',N'.I:1S?Q 5, Y?" '-.VHA - ., ' v. A , ,,.,f,I,'51,,,5"- gf' ff' ,f-fffyf X Q, V A A . , X , 1 ...Eff S, A A Q J Q, 6 I .. , A gm, Asqm ,A 2. Af- 1 ., . ,--f,-mal- 'wa y ' P- '--. 'Q I . . . ...H "::1-w w 3- .. .QA 1-,qw A - . , K 41, - - s -4,14 1--. .wi rr,w.-.u,'w--.,-- , - wa----: ' '.q,, ,N 9, vm, , 1,v,. - - .I i I i 3, , . .QL-.3f.f45?'f,.L,:14C .-2'p.':2s'f' . q'-, 4,1 , 1. 1 ' i' K, ' -- iwz, " f :WN 1f, S."rr' ' .,. nl' - ' ,. ' , fm-.--.-,Al 1, 1--.1 -. ,pg 1 - , , ugyE5vAga3YZm5:. in , . J' .--,' ' 1 ' It ,af -'Y' -.'1?ri:1?-'W W ' Y .vi , ,L 3 . ., ' - -' --Hr . wr-A f. , -' 3 w:wffm.' . -, ' 2 ,:'-N. ' Lg"-' 5 595! Tf"F-. " - - ' x f 'f' .' 'gs'.,, ' W ' hifi' " ' ve K' ' ,. ' 1 W ' Li 1 x ffffi -1" .: j L , J -Q' 4 , , . D . , . L , V if v ' , I L . , is I , A -'Q f gi W ' i X 6 -v 4 it ,.'w, ,Q Nuff!" M l . ,HJR kj, ..,. , T' , .. 1- ' ",Egf,x, ,- ,A ,,1.f'V."2' ,. M H,-,w'1'M "Sym " J ""' 'W' Vif, .ti ,Y , "-15,52 5,3 - 5-,L ffl, Iiim e'-so --.- X. vf.5"-"wv- an ' ' Ta r , vi ii .fn-Uf?4:'f . 19i51"", .1 1 ,Q VS fs 2 Li .xg .W 5 Ti Aw 'K Qi fi wi .-Q X4 Yi 3 1 L4 4 ,N s 4 .1 I 1 1 N fa 3 l 1. E i A J U P 55 2 J l K jf' 1 The Peacock Staff of 1953 proudly dedicate this yearbook to you, Dr. Garbee, our president and friend, who has dedicated a part of 'your life to'the betterment of Upper Iowa University. We set apart this book as a tribute to you because the scenes depicted from college life on the following pages are as much a part of your life as ours. 2 TIRE? Pres. and Mrs. Carbee A XXX , Bud and Sis Carbee . "Chef" Garbee 3 , MMM 159' Ni J Ns 'sz l' pi' wi If 48 .QM 1 5 '31 mumwq-munwnmfmw g-fuwxwmavnusxsnpufa k' HW: D' 1 '35, 'Q' 'ez WW 6 gag I YJ 2 l f 6 XX Q! , iff' I x ' 1 j I ff X! 5. 4 ,LQ x xi ,IU ,I A, NX NX up A 3 fl ,Q 1 1 . Q 1 f -Q, w J XX . S b Tia ' A vb vy . 7 Q 1 X 1 X .gf I ff X ,'i? ' q ,ff K9 ' f f Eb 4 ' , ' 94? '-, f X X f74f'?F- an "f0PPnzng-4... Y V 5 l Upper lowa Librarian Marcella Blatzheim l l Q : X Grace Meyer Dean of Women and English Professor ,, So. Hall House Mother 3 t lt ii-" i aft :tiki ifig at . xii ,. tm " ' MW 2 X 2: . peg? fr" ia: Q 1 ltllwlf ivs :Q K. 352' 136 Q ee' r f Htl .iii il' " gait iii . M ff , Q " JJ ., i M fi af 5 , 1 s r irtif J 42553 it t it 4 sz, , ww A gig 1 'V' M55 2 ,rlg5?f,iL x in 5 : 301 up if :il it ?l+ X in A WWW ' WI: r 4 5 a 3, 1 'L A, y , 251 V I? if' Xl, ' W Q fe Q 4, -A 'S 195 li A E l i -.-:Wx Q0 if l Mew' it xc v Kg? ig lr tl Y x a ll gl Qi! mi The Assistant Bursar V. C. Crofton Admissions, Director and Chem. Professor Mrs. M. I. Charmer ' 2 4' ' vu. ,f f 1,5 Dr. fohn Dorman V 'El 3 ' 5 Football and Baseball ' b Coach "" ' 'vw V 1 illlllitr ., . A N 'mf ll f 1 7,21-WA, 125, . is , . 15 "giggle ,N l Music Instructor Mm A 4 egr ep p' ' 2 e f0yC6 ycl'6I0lle Y gsfgQ-,1r:-:1lz,- f L 5 i1. w ag552s l li L - w w i' 1 Wflwh. V 46'-551. 1513 Wil-' 1 L 1.1. , i S -. LJ , S English, Speech and Dramatics Ivadell Brause Education. Harrzet Ranney Dr. Harvey Charles Head of Education .MMP Dean of the College Dr W C Mon old Dr. L. K. Bowersox . . . g Head of the History and Social Science department 'wt 'WX- Helen Monserud xv al is Political and Social Sciences tmqek Head of the Science Department Dr. Ernst Navlor Q6 4, N ,Q Louise Tasche Secretarial Science . I 1 gecrfiiafy egxstY'1rSC lbertsvn dna 'L Mrs-E 5 Brmlon Prez Q Instructor of Physical l Education and Asst. 1 Coach Business Administration Prof. Colby J. C. Brown Dean of Men English and Speech Dr. Raymond Deming Prof. of Mathematics Dr. Eugene Beck of Phvsical Education Dr. William A. Richards Plxilisophy and Religion Alumni Executive Dora F. Carter Celia Morf Secretary to President William Deskin Prof. of Chemistry and Physics Wilson Gill Registrar Prof. of History and P. S. Herschel Hendrix Director of Public Relations Head of Music Department Prof. fohn Lindsay Henning -nf , uv ri, i ff 1 E351 1 'Q 558262 t. . 3 Cafeteria: Mrs. Alberts, Man- Irl f ff ei . ager. Cooks: Mrs. Bright and Mrs. Welch Mrs. Pat Fields Secretary to the Director of u Janitors: Hank Stevens, Del Public Relations Stevens. Pop Beighle not pictured h ' L'll' n Rodabaug Mlsllezinlg Secretafv Bookstore: Mrs. Stella Paul Mrs. Io Borchert Dean's Secretary Mrs Dm-ken 10 Darlene Patterson O 83658363 Q fidw B B fl Q f , Q Z S 5 4 f If f WN, l I yi P4 Eli tl 4 W ' FR fCDCi94-W 4' 5 a 5 PAUL R. BABOR EARL L. DE BRUYN President of Senior Class Oelwein, Iowa 407 6th SL S-Wx Major: Bus. Adm.: Minors Cedaf.R3PidS, Iowa Religion, P. Kc S. S., History 833202123 M. N. CHOBANIAN 1501 Superior St. Racine, Wise. Major: Historyg Minors Bus. Adm., English SYLVESTER G BLANK Major Math Mmors: Bus Adm History Biology F ws 3 111152. HW!! i t ,r..H.,,: X mfg? S Sr' , ML + if .- if WJ! rg 3 .' .i t asia-,Ef '.5 K I wi ' ' 1. A3693 3 "gig , na . 1 ff , , , , .2 N il . I ARTHUR C. BOAT DONALD D BRATTE1 Maynard, Iowa Story Clty Iowa Major: Bus. Adm.: Minors: Major Bus Adm Min History, Accounting P 62 S S Phy Educ JOHN DI MODUGNO F. L. DOERRING D. D. ENGELHARDT 66 Northfield Ave. Luana, Iowa Monona, Iowa Ferry New York Majors: History Major: Biology: Minors: Major: Phys. Educ. Minors: P. :S'c S. S., Chem. Business Adm., Phys. Educ. inors: P. :fc S. S., Speech ROY E. HACKETT Fayette, Iowa Major: Math., Minors: Physics, History, P. 62 S. S. A. F. LUGANER 280 West Grove VICTOR F. OLSEN K. E. OSTRANDER Caledonia, Minn. Fayette, Iowa Fayette, Iowa Major: History, Minors: Major: Biology, Minors: Major: Bus. Adm, Minors Phys. Educ., P. :Q S. S. P. :Q S. S., Econ. History History, Speech NOLAN REED JAMES W. TAYLOR 'ML Auburn, Iowa Fayette, Iowa Malofi Bw10g9'5 Mmof Major: Chem.: Minors: B. A., P. Kc S. S. Biology, Hisfory I ii 5 I i DALE P. WALLIGORSKI P DALE A. SARGENT Vice-President Senior Class Edgewood, Iowa Major: Bus. Adm., Minors Fairbank, Iowa Major: Biology, Minors: Phys. Educ., P. 8: S. S., Math, Hislory History LESLIE E. WILBUR RQGER WILSON Secretary-Treasurer Hopkintona Ioxva Q Randalia, Iowa Major: Music: Minors Majors: Bus. Adm., Math., Music, P. re S. 5. P- 62 S- S- , 5 A MII NW? ,A ,ju A ,j xyax A .it A A vxjjjjwjimi-' AI M A if A xi .4 A , , i j jj 9 .M ,A QQ' E I A ' '7 5 JUNIOR S. SCOTT Winthrop, Iowa Major: Chemistry Minors: Biology. Erzglis EARL D. JOHNSON WALDO S. WALKER West Union, Iowa Fayette, Iowa Majors: History, P. 62 S. S.g Major: Biology: Minors: Minor: Phys. Educ. Chem-, History, P- C93 S- S- D. D. THOMPSON, JR. MAX DARNALL Fayette, Iowa West Union, Iowa Major: History? Minor: Major: Bus. Adm, Minors: P, Q S., Speech tg S., HiSl0fy, Malh., Science JACOB D. KENYON CLAUDE SMITH, JR. 15 34-th Ave. N. E. Fayette, Iowa Oelwein, Iowa Major: Phys. Educ., Minors Ma'or: Bus. Admu Minors: P. Xe S. S., English J , History, English 15 EUGENE F. CORKERY DONALD E. CULBERTSON A. LLOYD DICKEN Fayette, Iowa Fayette, Iowa DYSHTL IOWH Major: Bus. Adm., Minors' Major: P. Q S. S.: Minors: Major: B- A-, ECOHOUUCS P. Q S. S., Biology History, Bus. Adm. Minors: History, P. Q S Q Phil., Religion KENNETH E. BRYANT RICHARD D. KIMPSTON Wright Patterson A.F.B. Hawkeye, Iowa Major: Biology, Minors: Major: Phys. Educ. Phys. Educ., Educ. Minors: Biology, History KEITH CULBERTSON Fairbank, Iowa Majors: P. Q S. S., Hislory Minors: English, Speech, Bus. Adm., Educ. ROBERT P. HICKMAN 1816 11th St. NW. Cedar Rapids, Iowa Majors: History, P. Q S. S.: Minors: Phys. Educ. 16 PAUL ZHISS 1510 Webster South Bend, Ind. Major: History: Minorsg Phys. Educ., P. Q S. S. 'gliggyn af 7155 -1- fs 3 "Sarge,' Kimp ufakea' "The Wisconsin Kid" Hlyaiieyv f I E '4 , , W-mm.. ,,,,p.,,. 'N QV A Earl MBob" CW ,v W Waldo Baker Iunior :'Sc0tty', ' IN alan Lloyd The f. P. -, Left to Right: D. Liabo, Reporterg C. Warrington, President, S. lack, Vice President, M. Tresemer, Secretary and Treasurer. Front Row: H. Cline, R. Kappmeyer, M. Tresenzer, D. Liabo, C. Warrington, C. Willard. Rack Row: R. French, D Kreimeyer, G. Snarior, R. Peiper, H. Treloar, f. Deal. 19 Left to Right: B. Werntz, Presidentg D. Stalker, Secre- tary-Treasurerg I. Corkery, R Vice-President Left to right, Front Row: f. Corkery, f. Corkery, D. Stalker, R. Kocher, K. Krzimm, B. Lantz, A. Stockfielcl, M. lensont Row 2: E. Wagner, C. Wirth, C. Kjar, C. Baugous, J. Cordes, L. Klingmarz, L. Langerman, G. Gehring, C. Hendricksont Row 3: K. Chambers, I. Edie, R. Schroeder, K. Allenstein, B. Gaffney, D. Johnson, G. Nissen, N. Heise, R. Everett. Row 41 M. Becker, A. Breitbach, B. Minor, B. Werntz, G. Schichtl, S. Carrol, J. Haberkamp 9 R. Golelsmitlz, Secv.-Treas., R. Harvey, Pres., P. Shaffer. Vice-Pres. Left lu right: First Row: ff. flmlersen, B. Caballero, R. HHf'l7l'j". I. Burns, M. lz'r1gullmr1ll, C. Wiley, 13. Huyeneclce, R. liorwrz. ll. Urnzslvy. Svvoml How: R. Weaver, P. McFaflclen, f. Woofl. K. Hansmz, R. lirerlen, L. Slzmlle, D. Hoon, L. .yl.IIIS. S. Slzfzffer, l.. SllIlllf"Y. Third Row: W. Kerns, f. Wehrlv. li. Fields, H. l.'l1,r1.w, R. Kolllmeyw. D. Wenfllaml, I. lVul4jY. f. ffrnig, D. ffnllirzs. Buck Row: L. Mvfvr. W. Shreve. C. ll0l,'IISlI'0Ill., D. Woolley, K. Tennis, H. Carrlow, B. Cusick, f. llnullffy. R. 7'Ul.lSClll'lvfl, I. Cross. Row 1: I. Ash, D. Reeser, I. Doty, H. Ziegler, D. Arndt, R. Kimball, H. Kirby, C. Kelly, N. Brandt. Row 2: B. Kuehns P. Schlesselmun, M. Moore, D. Moody, f. Worden, L. Phillips, D. Geraghty, L. Barnstein, N. De Long, f. Gallager, D Neale. Row 3: S. Page, V. Van Tassile, I. Cordes, R. Troester, D. Clark, F. Davis, P. Shaffer, J. Smith, R. Goldsmith f. Cook, M. Anderson. Row 44: K. Troendle, R. Caballero, D. Grasso, M. Vargason, R. North, T. Heyer, F. Kelly, K Moe, M. Brown, B. Crowe, D. Scott, M. Rathert. f . N w. -F X- ' 1' A A Q51 , , vi - if, . ...I gs. I gg., M, -X H ' o in fgiglffu W' 4 a Z, , U... .f,.r,1. ,.. 1'1Zn'i,Z1:.'Q1,,, -L J ,...:n,,utVM Q "'..-a.+,,. 1 Q ' .w':4a sv Q 1:-59,4 aan u F in ,Aa use 1 wx, ,Q w v H E 22 3 x H, iv 1 A , M jf? H 'M 5 , M f ff ' ' M' " lt i ai Y , - mi? XF? '5 .ce-H - . K Q Xx vbzug, vi X yy" 1- , ' , km - 5 . E E Story R W az? Om W660 ' . . U. 7" 1-1 eyw' JJ" is Hy' fr' , W, Vi' , xv' ., ' W . !f' f1W gh o 5 , G1 'fu' X :gi-Q it n r!!.'f,,:. .sy , I 1 t 11tHy,gwa,2e I ' 'MQ ' 2 , , e . Y 1 ! 2, gp emi! 'w E iv JL' +f'5f"Wf : nf mt ?'u' 1 15 Jah: , 'UN tv X, r 'Mir tzttfte, X - -e t Jff mi ' ,ef Y ' 12, 1 x ' 1, H 3 55:4 I ,L auf f-, ,Y I IW . f ' ,,l"Iv. , ,,u . ,,, f i rf M -xv 1' f ' V! Av ,N ' ,M ,,1. gmt ' M 1 f , , .X fi 7.',,f L X L X HI 1 - . M' r xx ht I' M t X 1 'up , "VI, Mr' he The new character appearing 5 K' ., f g Mg, throughout this book was created 3, -N , , 'fs ,X Affhf 77 Q 'Y' and drawn by ROLLIE KAPP- H - ' MEYER. junior, from Maynard. 4 V , 4- ' I, . ..ff ' h -K X , Xrxg 'H V!VYY 1 X Qxk I- . ,N W 24- 524. uw' f'N.f6ix M - K! Q gg? Xxx lgfgf "ivy 4 Q m Va, R Af' , un..- W B 'Es' W' u ' U 1 CD CD 0 J K S ff 422 K If Qi' SXA-X X "'-'J ff NT s f my 1.0 LA ,ft J ll, Q V ' ,f -4 xw-ja' i 15- --s. N I 4 I Q . ! 5 w 9 if ii . ? ! 4 5' Q 4 3 2 fi S s i F E XX N A 2 91 we U 9 N E e- 4 I A E PP . 00001 6' 612' 01'l4r0qQ! z Q66w mi me ww v has wma MC Dm Tess 0 H 56 e 56,1706 Brattebo hangs up his shoes for the last time 3: Understand Bougous P U.I U.I U.I U.I U.I U.I Go 29 FOOTBALL SCHEDULE U. 19 ......,,...,.......,.........,.... James Millikin . U. 7 ,.........,..,....,..,............ Wartburg U. 0 ..,,.. Luther U. 19 .,..., Buena Vista . U. 27 ...... Parsons U. 6 ...,,. Dubuque get eflcoc ks "Butch', gains five yards OL ff K ff? W, x M mn, N " , , X' 5X3 'f-ffxf ' K- is ,E ii f ,fr ' vxuv: if 5315 ,lf 0 5 Wm 5 if E+ N X KM X NX W 8 'fix K 6 . L if wg. 4 JW 1 J" 6253 He ye 1, my EA, F 1004 X X V WN X W W -X X XXXXX' XXX N 'XXXXX XXX, W W XXM X X N XX W P 'WIDQNXX X XXXXX K Mm J X 5 AFX - WWE, 1 ' - X-X135 'WRX 'X-WXXXX '- XXXXNXMM' NW X .WX XXQXX Wm XXIXXXXXXMQM XX w w X XX: W XX. xi H WMQWQW X N in W P W 2 if xt Q ? J, xx., V- ' W f 4 5 fs - 11 KSZQ1' 9- aw 'S' ., M EW C'Ah! Gee!', Chris scores Other basket Chris It's like this Chris Pretty basket Iipper Iipper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Iipper Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa University University University University University University University University University University University niversity Iniversity niyersity Ifniversity University V I, University University Iiniversity William Penn Simpson Coe Dubuque Iowa Wesley'an Wartlaurg Wisconsin Mines Westmar Eau Claire Loras Williaiii Penn Luther Wartliurg Buena Vista Buena Vista Westiiiar Loras Luther Dubuque BAS I EB ALI. LBH to I bers- ROW 3.1 R- Mino 7 Smith' f""it'3" n D. Johns If 0,-501119 7 GC I Burns, R'TIf3,lIo, I-'Fong' Ga My . G, Schicvtlzfgigtonrptiy D. COW KW .NHGLSQ MIC- 'I H F. G To new ' w I dwg kffla ' ' BASEBALL 'B ,iw Y,oN4 S. , lcttefmenl K C,112mill,flffi'1'9'0n ,S Tenn-fully lohmogclunwl .- . DOC llgfO'E.1UnHR' .wlol 1 'll . 1.91 WR- X. ,N . - Yxgvl k .go X ek K0 '??cllo , S' loc T gl.. 11- 1953 BASEBALL SCHEDULE April 11 Westlnar ., Here April 14 Loras .. ...Here April 18 Platteville State K2-games, Teachers College . ..,. .Here April 25 Warthurg . .... Away May 1 Buena Vista tdbl. hdr.l Away May 2 Westmar .,.,. ..,. .,.,. A W ay May 5 Warthurg lHigh School Senior Dayl ..,. , Here May 8 Luther . ,. Here May 9 Loras , .. . .,A,. Away May 14 Luther , . . . . . . . .Away Ma' 16 Coe , .. . Here Y May 18-23 Conference Playoffs Left to right, Front Row: E. Wagner, C. Kelly, H. Kirby, B. Lantz. Second Row: C. Henzlriclrson, M. Ralllert, D. Wiley. Top: ll. Kulzezzs 36 ffffm QE? ff' XX C W M W ,113 XJ 5 I 'if ' ' fmjo O20-X-...f ipal' 37 - Dr. John R. Dorman 'clnangurafion Day was a memorable event for '5Doc'?, also. The Degree of Doctor of Science was conferred upon him flaring the ceremoniesf' 38 INAUGURATICN DAY .3213 6462110811 llnnnic Lou Lanlz jqww ffr11'rf1f.s" upatsy Shaffer The Peacock Beautiesn ueen, Betty Urmsby fo Haberkamp 83293373 Betty Mae Kuhens Mary Rathert Q, 0 6'The Freshmen were the Scrap-Day victors this year, at least that is what the Freshmen tell usf, L. 'QQ .J , M49 b ., , ,. ..m.,, X Ffa' .- -.1 ., Gladys dreams in lhe eyes The cream of the crop from 101171, uWC0lf Eye? King of Cork Dogpatch 0 keeps one eye on Golrly Your must pay Ihe rent! The Sheriff nd the other on her watch Sadie Hawkins f Day Dance F mga!! 12' ,-I xxx ,rams :4Y0ur I'L'0fl-US are showing, Gracey' A v ww HLOUL' nl 1110 l3ir1Iie" '71 povfs ffOlIlZ.Il!3C?I'l.IIg m'es.'7' 29 Grin and Bear It 5 Gag., Jf ALNIIIU isrft lhis a cozy lilllc zlealf, '4King and Queen of Hearlsu 5 , f x 95, , . . Neal any hclp' Casey' '6Su'eef, selllerl, anal saf1sfzed?,' HCf1sey, the card shark, myslifies his audicncefw ulggny displays her mhmlml ' U A mesa: '5Miss Mcyeris punch connoisscursu HA South Hall Girl and her halloonn Arlington flash Howys this for a charzge?': MDL Beck and his heartj' 'tHe played poker with Pocahontz while john Smith was awayu I 1 l Bev and Gladys Oh yes! The blanlrel, Donna Rilfl, Joyce, Darlene Shelly ge Annual Style Show lu' our South Hall Queens 5 For it was Mary Two for Tea Five Foot Two Marilyn Betty Gail 5 3 Marlene anfl Carol B,-Own and Moodj I Gracious .7 .7 E wg, ' x QI sf R r- 9' V M gi , fa Carrol and his harem Big Rock Braces' downfall Y M l Left to Right: R. Troester, I. Ash, B. Crowe, I. Haberlcamp, C. Hendrickson, M. Jenson, M. Tresmer, B. Weaver, M Q Engelharflt. Semen 69? df ed- M' me 439,06 49 I' Left to right: M. Brown, accompanistg F. Doer ring, 1. Ash, L. Stanley, R. Wilson Left to right, Front row: D. Brfzltebo, f. Wooll, f. Wehrle, L. Nims, R. Schroeder, L. Langerman. Back row: D. Wenfllanrl, R. Harvey, F. Doerring, R. Teitsclzeicl, Prof. Henning, R. Wilson, L. Sharlle, D. Hoon Left to right: L. Nims, R. Teitscheid, L. Scha flle, D. Hoon 5 vi i E 2 5 Q E 2 2 if 2 S S E ii 1 Lett to Right: B. Kuehens, E. Wagner, K. Hanson, D. Neale. P. Shaffer, D. Wiley, M Brown, accompanist. Left to right, Row 1: B. Kuhens, M. Anderson, M. Moore, D. Neale, S. Shaffer, L. Meier, B. Weaver, J. Cordes, N. Brandt, L. Stanley. Row 2: Prof. Henning, E. Wagner, f. Ash, D. Liabo, C. Wirth, M. Engelhardt, K. Hanson, C. An- derson, M. Brown, P. Shaffer, B. Urmsby, C. Holmstrom. Row 3: D. Braitebo, L. Nims, I. Wehrle, I. Wood, D. Wend- land-, F. Doerring, R. Harvey, R. Teitscheid. R. Wilson, L. Shadle. D. Hoon. L. Lanaerrnan.. R. Schroeder. ,L 00 Q O -J' 'Tlzotographer Bryanf' ' , 2 ' Wg' f 'lf 5,-gufv' X X gif? ff rfwg . x - ,ff , J . 5'-ff" Y ,. 6 . fc, ,, , k ,x , i 1 -N " f, vin ' 5 ' ' se " f J , E 2 Y fn f,5,' W Wim, ii, ,v 'i , ,nf ,V ' If K A .L it vu M w.,,f to it X ' 4 "'k'iAx N'm-xi? " WMM 'J-"' N N - ' "' x ' - 4 h us F' if r 1 faslafm' V La-fl ln Right: C. Wiley, Secretaryg R. Kappnzcycr, Art Edito rg f. llnberlfanzp, Assistant Editorg M. Engelharrlt, Feature lifliturg E. Johnson, Eriitorg 13. Werntz, Sports Editor. Selling procedure of our esteemed business manager, Wally,' 52 . 1 it 1,,5,. 5 3 -Lx . N 6 QDBQQCDZB W?7WliMilllllfllllllllllvlflvflfMllllflfffMWWWl 7lfflFll?l!llWWlIWlM1lIffYI0Wmu1Ill!fllllllflllflllhlllillflfbilillflIWW I 1 X 5 1 l Row l : C. lfvfly, 13. Urmsby, D. Moody, H. K irby, B. Wvrnlz. f. IIIIIICTATIIIIIJ. Row 2: S. ffnrrof. F. lxvwlfv. Huw 23: I. Cook. P. ,llcfaride n, R. lfrcrlen, K. Hansen, C.Snn11or, C.S1nith, 1. Corkcry, 13. Gaffney, f. Corlfery. + 33.931 . Left to Right: B. Wernlz, Presi- dentg K. Hanson, Secretary. Q L .1 Left to right, Row 1: M. Anderson, G. Wiley, M. Brown, L. Meier. Row 2 fseatedj : C Holmstrom, M. Engelharrlt, P. Shaffer. Row 3: D. Braltebo, M. Moore, D. Neale, R. Koe her, I. Ash. H. Zeigler, Dr. Richards. o , . J 933 , Y X Y K Left to right: M. Anderson, Secretaryg ' i V d 3. R. Kocher, President L A V , ' " E .-...M -za , M A ,. N N ld J M .W Mmm X A ,. , " n ' ' W, , H! - A, Left to Right: D. Stalker, Vice-Presidentg R. Wildman, Presidentg M. Becker, Re- porter. One of the achievements of the social life committee this year was the weekly Wed- nesday night dance. W i' IW X , Left lu right. from rmx: S. Page, C. Holnzslrom, H. Ziegler, D. Waligorslfi. D. fllfwfly, R. Trmfsler. I. Aslz. Row 2: M. Ratlzerl, C. Gelzring, D. Stalker, C. Wirth, E. Wagner, D. Kimpston, H. Kohlmeyer, P. Shaffer, C. Anderson.. Row 3: f. Halwrlfrzmp, M. lfeerlrcr, C. Kelly, 13. Lantz, M. fenson, M. Tresrner, K. Hanson., I. Cordes, B. Ormsby. Back row: C. Hl'IIl!fI'I'L'.YlIlI. L. Meier, M. Brown. D. Scoll, f. Wood, D. Lia bo, M. Engelharcll, H. Crowe, S. Carrol. S. Shaffer QGQ O Left to right: D. Walagorski, Secretary-Treasurerg D. Kimpston, President P. Shaffer. Recorder Row 1: P. Shaffer, C. Hendrickson, J. Haberkamp. Row 2: P. McFadden, M. Rather! B. Lantz. Row 3: L. Stanley, Mrs. Templeman, D. Patterson, K. Hanson, M. Jensen, M. Tresemer, I. Ash 7 Left to right: D. Patterson, Historian, I. Haberkamp, Vice Pres., B. Lantz, Pres., M Jensen, Treasurer, M. Tresemer, Secretary. SCUTH HALL Left to right: P. McFarlrlen, Secretary-Treasurerg M. Engelhardl, President, f. Halaerkamp, Vice President Our Housemother, Miss Meyer Left to right fseatedll : C. Homstrom, G. Wiley. Row 2: B. Orrnsby, S. Carrol, M. Rathert, M. Brown, C. Anderson, B. Crowe, I. Haberkamp, R. Troester, I. Cordes, D. Liabo. Row 3: D. Neale, M. Moore, P. Maclfazlrlen, M. Vessluis, L. Meier, M. Anderson, H. Ziegler, G. Kelly, D. Moody, M. Engellifzrrlt, H. Clmse. . mi QW ,,...........-niet aw: -Q B S Q 5 Q S ff 5 Q A A 6293123 Left to right: K. Ostrancler, M. Treserner, G. Gehring, H. Baker 9.923323 629322- Row 1: M. Brown, G. Wiley, J. Cook, M. fensen, L. Meier. Row 2: B. Kukens, M. Becker, I. Haberkarnp, C. Hendrick- son. Row 3: M. Treserner, B. Bowersox, H. Zeigler, L. Die kens, H. Baker, C. Gekring, R. Schroeder, P. Shaffer 2 va F Q T 5? R n 1 ck WW R'E.Wf1g'1 rifgwfoa , Evefell' Brown K. 0m k Pr0l' Mood? Claf 9 er. amid' B' Yr 5099 Bower Oni 'Dwi Xl?-RIflcfllverS0W R . 4 e t EE e ,M B. Bowersox V ,A K. Bryant , t at Moody L Everett D. Neale We, the staff, on behalf of the student body, extend our congratulations to Dick Clark who won the state oratorical contest and represented Iowa in the National Faw- cett Oratorical Contest. 61 ,V 'x Left to right: D. Monahan, Vice Presidentg M. Chobanian, Presidentg V. Margotta, Secretary-Treasurer is Left to right: M. Jensen, G. Sandor, M. Tresemer, M. Bartholomew, M. Chobanian, D Kreimeyer, V. Margotta, R. Halvorson, B. Bowersox, D. Monahan Letlermanfg Club Officers, left to rightlll. Wernfz, Trvus- ,ooh 0 690 urerg D. Brallelm, PI'CSlKlCI1l, S. full., Vue-Preslclent. N G Left to right, Row 1: B. Minor, B. Gaffney, G. Meyer, C. Smith, R. Hickman, K. Chambers. C. Bozigous, S. lack, C. Kjar, B. Wernlz, R. Kocker, D. Brattebo. Row 2: I. Mayberry C. Warrington. Row 3: R. Goldsmith, K. Allenstein, F. Kelly, C. Sandor, R. Harvey E 4 3 2 1? Q 5 Q9 W Left to right, Row 1: R. Peiper, Vice Presi- dent, W. Walker, Presidentg I. Ash, Secre- tary-Treasurer Left to right, Row 1: f. Haberkamp, M. Treselner, E. Wagner, f. Ash. Row 2: R. Peiper, R. Wilclman, L. Dickens, W. Walker, A. Stockfield, D. Culbertson, H. Baker, D. Triolo, C. Warrington Each year, five students are chosen by faculty for recognition in the 'yearly book, "Who7s Who Among Students in American Uni- versities and Colleges." They were selected for the qualifications of scholarship, leadership and pro- fessional potentiality. Members of Who's Who, not pic- tured: Mike Chobanian, Don Brat- tebo, Paul Babor. 'S WH 0 WH 0 Waldo Walker, Les Wilbur 2 f Q QZHHJBRBB 21? "N-... 65 ..--r me Peo Cgck Room Manager Scotty Culbertsong Assistant Man- agers John Corkery and Syl Blank With a steady hand and a steady eye, U. I. U,s 'gNerl Day" rolls another 200. Long hours and hard work go with this managers job. You call that "working," Scotty? 1 'W- THE GREAT nl BIG XML DCJOR STEP THE GREAT BIG DOOR STEP Evvie Crochet A..,.., ,. , , T Glaflys Wiley Topal Crochet . . Marlene Brozvn Mrs. Crochet . Grace Celzring Elna Crochet ,. . , , , Betty Kulzens Fleece Crochet .. , . T ,Josephine Halnerlfamp Arthur Crochet . . A fames Cool' Mr. Tobin Harolrl Baker Commodore Robert Hiclfman Mrs. Dupre DOTOl,Ij' Wiley Tayo Delacroix . . Lloyfl Diclzen s. ,gt Dervey Crochet Eugene Corkery ,, 'N .fp Mrs. Beaumont Crochet Hazel Ziegler 1 - Director kA X M A Tmmmmm-mlm n'lA' "X' lvarlell Brause tl lt titre 4? is 5 Lucentio Baptisto ., Petruchio Gremio ., Hortensio Vincentio .. Tranio ,.,A,,.. Biondello Grumio , Curtis ., Katharania Bianca . . Widow , . Tailor, . The modern touches to Shakespeare PLAY CAST Mike Chobanian .. ,. Don Triolo ., Kieth Ostrander Vincent Margotta . Bruce Bowersox .John Corkery Cary Schichtl ,.,.,......Roger Wilson Dave Monahan Robert North Grace Gehring ,. Marilyn ferzson Marian Treselner .. James Cook lvarlell I .Director xo V03 , O GXXUQ gh' 6 uRighl-He's a nice guy" L We want you!" Ye Gadsn 5 'zls it Marilyn Monroe? ls it Ann Southern? Ifs Chunk Crowe? HIL couldrft be ef GX 5 COOK, ,uxS 39 W 92. fs, my. K beef 'wh 2 ,Mfr ' "--11 Dr. Charles and his fulure lion miners Kocher cleaning his fingers in the lIiSP6'll.flg pan, V0 culs in this 'cclassn 70 Lzmhs lihe an intaresling class, eh John? 'Hn ex-M '51 l Miss Ranneyk "bunnies" making little ones fbunnies, that isj Get him, fimv "Probably the hardest work lliev rlifl all zlayf annul' N I tn X M CJ AAUSEUAA lwyy X Q. , X 3121 ' W, W X hu 1 ggi pq.-H-M X X UR NEVV fm? Q f' 'V :ff M fy we-.,,ff,a Before A , ? If KV' if H J , , 5 2, 4 . We ,r x ww 'ww , , X ,K-F gi? :Kin VL: MG. w w W ,wx 4 A A X - Xwwf 1 . X Q M wg- YM. N.M,,W.mw,x.,. ' 1 -'Q X5 , X.,.,.,....,,Mww-ww, KW V' " W A We- L N1 '+ ' M ww. we M . ft, X 1 e e ' , A- ww fn' Wg. ga: -,M W ' Q Jew , W mf QA A IR A X M- M Q V WW V W M f I U xx X Wy X mhmffw X K ..,A V. . After 'LMA Nice Guy," Johnny Di Moflugno ust Darn Nice People Helen Kirby and her smile Evervoncfs rierzfl, Raml , "ButchH Harve , Y 9' "Personality Plusv Pat McFadden SPONSORS FAYETTE, IOWA Doc's Barber Shop Fayette Apparel McLeese-Leytze Mullins Sport Shop Dr. H. L. Schrier W. C. Smith, Insurance Agency Thrifty Food Market Ott's Drive-In Maurer's Shoe Service Zabriskie Garage C. E. Smith and Sons Grocery Fayette County Farm Bureau Don Henry Plumbing and Heating Hughes Cafe Baker's 5c to 31.00 Store OELWEIN, IOWA Andy and Ray's Firestone Store Bowers Grimes Men's Clothing Pfeiffer's Drug Store Stevens Jewelry Candy Box Jamison Lumber Company The Streamliner Allaway's Style Shop WEST UNION, IOWA Humphry Hardware Brown and Fay Clothing Store Dessels Furniture Loftus Restaurant Humphry Dairy Schatz and Schatz Clothing Store MAYNARD, IOWA Maynard Savings Bank IOWA MOTOR COMPANY COFFEE NQOK CAEE Mercury ' Ford We Welcome You and Your Friends Ford Tractors and Dearborn Implements OELWEIN, IOWA Phone 65 - Service Phone I85 - Sales FAYETTE - - - IOWA CHICKEN DINNERS A SPECIALTY HOME MADE PIES II4 Firsf Avenue S. E. KENISTON BRDTHERS MEAT PACKING PLANT W. L. I"SwecIe"I KENISTON HARRY J. KENISTON OELWEIN Phone I405 Wholesalers of all the Finest Meats, Poultry, Sea Foods Makers of the Famous Champion Brand Wieners, Bologna, Minced Ham, Summer Sausage, Liver Sausage and many other Sausage Specialties. AIRE FLO AIR CONDITIONING C I R C L E I N N PLUMBING and HEATING F YET E OW E. H. CARLEY A T' ' A COFFEE - LUNCHES - SHORT ORDERS PHONE 77 - - FAYETTE, IOWA Paul and Helen 3? 1, A 5 5 A A . , ..,.A...-- N Fayette Theatre THE FINEST IN MOVIE ENTERTAINMENT VIC DAHL, Manager Fayette . . Iowa Over 50 Years RATHBUN BROTHERS Dr. Louis C. Rathbun Floor Coverings OPTOMETRIST Appliances OELWEIN, IOWA Jewelers ot Northeast Iowa Phone I39 Phone 332 OELWEIN, IOWA - HAP - N - KEN'S Scoop Halvorson Gave Us Some Caption Material, So We Promised to Mention Some Paper He Publishes. . . . SO WE DID. -:- SPORTING GOODS -:- NORTHEAST lOWA'S MOST COMPLETE Oelwein, Iowa Phone 162 IIKCII IIHAPII WHALEN VYVERBERG SERVICE CHEVROLET CO. cr-revnorer SALES AND ssnvrce WRECKER senvlce FAYETTE, lowA BIG GAIN PRODUCTS Quality Feeds For Livestock and Poultry WEST UNION, IOWA MANKATO, MINN Mu' .V :li 9:-E -AP .1 32' W' www r"""i fp X v-www M W X wx NN X WM 'W WW QUALITY PRINTING THE PINE LODGE HICKORY SMOKED Russ Io' CHICKEN Clubs - Businesses - Individuals STEAKS . . SEA FOODS We prmf everyfhmg - excepf money WE FEATURE ONLY SOFT DRINKS FAYETTE COUNTY LEADER FOR MINQRS A Communify Weekly Newspaper OELWEIN - - - - - - IOWA ARGUS, EASTMAN, AND REVERE CAMERAS ROYAL AND CORONA TYPEWRITERS ELGIN AMERICAN COMPACTS PARKER AND SHEAFER PENS ELGIN WATCHES FOOD MARKET Hormel Good Meats Del Monte Foods All Af Ph I0 FAYETTE DAVIS REXALL sToRE FOR SALE AVALON THEATRE One Beat'uP "PICK OF THE PICKTURESH PCHCOCIC Desk MARIE FALLOWS, Manager Editor Thrown In WEST UNION ,,.. - IOWA This Space Confribufed by R A L P H ' S P L A E STATE BANK OF FAYETTE fo' B . . Affernoon and Evening ecause we beIIeve In UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY R E C R E A T I O N Pool - Sandwiches - Refreshmenfs Her SI'uden+s, and Her Fufure FAYETTE. IOWA Thcat's 80 V w 4 1 K 4 v R "fra-v 1 Y I 9 1 1 2 1 9 H W 3 , 7 3 A

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