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, s 4? 1 . M 4, r 1 s 1 ' , f,A my Hi"1QE5'dfwiff5wl F E l i V r k P Q 5 r E E i i E E E E E s X 6Q07 ZPf-471125 H 4 1 4 4 1 1 .. , ......J PEACUCK 1949 DEDICATIO DR. W. C. MONGOLD To Dr. W. C. Mongold, whose untiring efforts have made Upper Iowa University one of the outstanding colleges oi' Northeast Iowa, we the Staff of the N49 PEACOCK sincerely dedicate this book. Page Tlzrve L+ , N P V X L. NW. 4- , -M Page Four X, H :-.i:.R.D PRESIDE T A DR. V. T. SMITH, Ph.D. ,4. f, A ff J.. reaivlenf 2 Wedaage There is always a feeling of loss when a fine graduating class leaves the College and we wonder how we will be able to con- tinue without them. This year we are especially conscious of this feeling because we have the largest graduating class in the history of the school. Every department of the college will lose some of its best students and our athletics, social life and religious life will especially miss their personalities. However, we are cheered with the thought that other young men and women will develop into the positions thus left vacant and the College will carry on as it has in other years. During the past year many worthy things have been achieved on our campus. Our Library has been expanded, redecorated, and equipped with additional fixtures and books. Every other department on the campus has been improved. Our faculty has been strengthened, our curriculum has been enriched, and a gen- eral spirit of progress has been in evidence. We look ahead with high hopes to the year that lies ahead hoping that it will be one of the great years in the history of Upper Iowa University. V. T. SMITH, President Page F ive ADMI ISTR llll DEAN OF WOMEN Page Six MISS GRACE MEYER PROFESSOR RICHARDS Professor W. A. Richards has served very nobly as the Dean of Men. All men of Upper Iowa seek many times the advise of Professor Richards on school problems, as well as on personal matters. He has become a close friend to all who know and admire him. MISS GRACE MEYER Dean Grace Meyer is Upper lowa's number one woman by virtue of real service to the college and genuine gra- ciousness and charm. Dean Meyer this year added some more friends to her list upon the enrollment of new women at Upper Iowa. The Dean takes an active part in most of the college func- tions: her counsel and assistance are in- valuable and deeply appreciated. Her work with the young ladies of Upper Iowa has brought her the admiration of parents and administrators alike. DEAN OF MEN MR, W. A. RICHARDS ADMI ISTR H0 DEAN DR. W. C. MONGOLD W. C. GILL W. C. Gill, one of Upper Iowa's most congenial men, has become noted for his genuinely sincere smile and words of greeting. Busy as he is in the capa- city of Registrar and Social Science pro- fessor, he can always take time to stop for a friendly chat or word. For a willing counselor, advisor, and friend, we heartily recommend him. DR. W. C. MONGOLD Dr. W. C. Mongold has served Up- per Iowa since 1916 as Dean of the College. He holds the admiration of the student body, those who are not in the field of education as well as those who plan to teach. The Dean can name many prominent teachers who received their basic training in his classroom. REGISTRAR l MR. W. C. GILL Page Seven l l LT DMI ISIR lI0 BURSAR KENNETH F. MARTIN MISS FLORENCE I-IOTCI-IKIN GORDON TEICI-IMANN BURSAR KENNTH F. MARTIN Amiable and efficient best describes Kenneth F. Martin, Upper lowals Bursar. Swamped with administra- tion and student money matters, he is indispensable to the college. He may give the impression of being "hard- boiled," but in reality he is kind-hearted and understanding. Even though his position as Bursar occupies a great amount of time, Mr. Martin pursues his hobby of stamp collecting. ln the few months that Mr. Martin has been at Upper Iowa, he has commanded the respect and admiration of all who know him. MISS FLORENCE HOTCHKIN Miss Florence Hotchkin is Director of Public Relations for Upper Iowa University. This is an office newlyl created by the Board of Trustees in accordance with the recommendation of Marts 84 Lundy, Financial Advisor to the college. Miss Hotchkin has for her work the improvement of all types of publicity and promotion activi-1 ties on and off the campus in preparation for our program of expansion during the next decade. A GORDON TE ICHMANN To Mr. Gordon Teichmann, Director of Admissions, falls the task of interviewing prospective students who are interested in attending Upper Iowa University. I Page Eight FACULTY 'KF' iliuqip i MWX A wif" mi. 'QM .4-0' XP JOYCE AYDELOTTE, AB., B.S., A.M. Piano MARCELLA BLATZHEIM, A.B., BS. Librarian L. BOWERSOX, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Polili al and Social Science IVADELL BRAUSE, A.B., A.M. English, Speech, Drama M. S. BUFFUNI, A.M., B.Ph. Librarian DORA CARTER, B.A. Alumni Executive M. CHANNER, A.B., AB., A.M. Chemistry, Admissions G. CHUMBLEY House lllother, Girls' Dormitory FRED CLARK, A.B., MS. Biology R. M. DEMING, B.C.E,, NLS., Sc.D. Mathematics MAUDE FELTER, A.B., A.M. Education J. FORTUNATO, B.S. Assistant Football Coach MILDRED HAEFELE, B.Ed., M.S. Home Economics H. J. KANADY, B.M., M.M., B.S., Ph.D Music LOUIS MALLOY Music FAC HY Nm M mg gauge? Mix 'Nw- WC' HELEN MONSERUD, A.B., B.S., A.M. Sofiology ROBERT J. MCLEAN, B.S., A.M. Sp.-adv, journalism JOSEPH F. MURPHY, A.B., A.M. Business Administration HELEN POI-ILE, A.B., A,M., Ph.D. German, Spanish, French HARRIET RANNEY, A.B., A.M. Eduralion MARTHA WILLIAMS, AB., A.M. Speech ANDY ZEBERL, B.S., M.S. Physical Education MARTIN ZOBER, AB., Litt,M. Business Adminislration MARDELLE DOUDNEY Secretary to the Registrar ROBERTA HARVEY Secretary to the Dean of the College CELIA D. MORE, B.A. Secretary fo the President ARTALEE SCHROYER Bookkeeper BETH STEFFENS Serretary to the Bursar BEVERLY MOON School Nurse PHYLLIS REED Secretary to lbe Office of Admissions Those not pictured are: Mrs, Marcella M Clark, Nlusic: R. Morgan, Pbysifs. 431515-7- -QQ hh , MZ' . Q. XM, , wb- M., N if QE x A 1: Q, . Q , X' 1 7 A sk" ,. ag I J Sa Qt ,n SENIURS SE l0RS ' ROBERT O. ANDREWS Oaklawn, Illinois Major: Political and Social Science Minors: History and English Bachelor of Arts Degree VVALTER BECKER Clermont Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and History Bachelor of Science Degree K EDVVIN G. BEHRENS Preston Major: Business Administration Minors: Political and Social Science and Physical Education Bachelor of Science Degree LA VERNE BE LDING VVaucoma Major: Biology Minors: Chemistry and History Bachelor ot Science Degree M. J. BERSE Elkader Major: History Minors: Business Administration and Chemistry Bachelor of Arts Degree ARNOLD BLECH Oelwein Major: Business Administration Minors: Political and Social Science and Education - Page Fourteen Bachelor of Science Degree SE IURS JOHN H. BRANDT, Jr. Olivia, Minnesota Major: Business Administration Minors: Political and Social Science Bachelor of Science Degree ROBERTA R. BROOKS McGregor Major: Business Administration Minors: History and Philosophy Bachelor of Science Degree MERRILLB. BUTTS f. 1 ' Crystal Lake, Illinois Major: Business Administration Minors: History and English Bachelor of Science Degree FLORIAN F. CASSUTT Elkader Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and History Bachelor of Science Degree ROBERT A. M. CLARK Fayette Major: Music Q Minors: Music and Philosophy Bachelor of Arts Degree ZEIDA BROCKMEYER CLARK Linic Springs Major: Music Minors: Music and English Bachelor of Arts Degree and Music 1 1, 1 1 Page Fifteen , 7 , i Page Sixteen SIE IURS ROBERT H. COOBS McGregor Major: Business Administration Religion Bachelor of Science Degree DEAN COHSON Rockwell City Major: Physical Education Bachelor of Science Degree LOREN COURT Maynard Major: Math Business Administration Bachelor of Science Degree ALICE URNESS DAILY New Hampton Major: Math Minors: Physical Education and E Bachelor of Science Degree RICI IARD M. DANIELS Garner Major: Physical Education, History Minor: Biology Bachelor of Science Degree DEAN R. DCSART Clermont Major: Political and Social Science Minom: History and English Bachelor of Arts Degrcc Minors: Political and Social Science and M inors: Biology and Political and Social Science Minors: Physical Education and History, nglish SE l0RS Gy 'Num- MJ' ROLIN DILLE Moravia Major: Business Administration Minors: History and Math Bachelor of Science Degree BUD FAIRVVEATHER Edgewood Major: History Minors: Political and Social Science and Commercial Bachelor of Arts Degree GEORGE FENCHEL Strawberry Point Major: Business Administration Minors: History and Science Bachelor of Science Degree DALE FOCLE jefferson Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and Philosophy Bachelor of Science Degree DALE H. FRY Vinton Major: Business Administration M inors: Political and Social Science and English Bachelor of Science Degree DARWVIN S. FRY LaCrosse, VVisconsin Major: History Minors: Political and Social Science and Science Bachelor of Arts Degree Page Seventeen i SE IORS Page Eighteen EUGENE M. GALLIGAN Flushing, Long Island, N. 1. Major: English Minors: Speech and Philosophy Bachelor of Arts Degree DONALD VV. GARDNER Oelwein Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and History Bachelor of Science Degree HELEN CLASENER Cedar Falls Major: Biology Minors: Physical Education an Administration Bachelor of Science Degree DAVID GREEN, Jr. Brooklyn, N. Y. Major: Biology M inors: Agriculture and Busines Bachelor of Science Degree BERT GRUVER, Jr. Rockford Major: Math Minors: Science and History Bachelor of Science Degree RICHARD HAARS Center Point Major: Business Administration Minors: Math and History Bachelor of Science Degree d Business s Administration SE IORS ROBERT HALL Dugger, Indiana Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and Business Administration Bachelor of Science Degree JOHN HALSTEAD Independence Major: Business Administration Minors: History and English Bachelor of Science Degree KENNETH HARNACK Elkader Major: History Minors: Business Administration Education Bachelor of Arts Degree GERALD HEEFNER Center Point Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and History Bachelor of Science Degree ROBERT G. HEISERMAN NVest Union Major: Business Administration Minors: Political and Social Sci English Bachelor of Science Degree MARSMALL HENSE Allmrnette Major: Math Minors: Chemistry and Business Bachelor of Science Degree and Physical ence and Administration Page Nineteen I , SE l0RS Page Twenty S KEITH HOPKINS Dysart Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and Political and Social Sciences Bachelor of Science Degree ROZILLA HALL HOTH Maynard Major: Business Aministration M inors: Political and Social Science and English Bachelor of Science Degree VICTOR IIOTII Maynard Major: Ilistory Minors: Business Administration and Physical Education Bachelor of Arts Degree ARTHUR HUGHES Castana Major: Biology Minors: Chemistry and English Bachelor of Science Degree l l KENNETH HUTZEL Burt Major: Business Administration Minors: Political and Social Science and Physical Education Bachelor of Science Degree l CLARKE JAMES Stanley Major: Math Minors: Science and Business Administration Bachelor of Arts Degree , SIE IURS GEORGE JONES Marion Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and Political and Social Science Bachelor of Science Degree RICHARD R. KNOWLES Oclwein Major: Business Administration Minors: Political and Social Science and Math Bachelor of Science Degree WALTER E. LADLEY Howell, Michigan Major: English Minors: Philosophy and Religion Bachelor of Arts Degree DONALD LIVINGSTON Wadena Major: History Minors: Business Administration and Physical Education Bachelor of Arts Degree ROBERT LIVINCSTONE VVaterloo Major: Political and Social Science Minors: History and Physical Education Bachclor of Arts Degree ARTHUR LOFTSCARD West Union Major: Music Minors: Music and English Bachelor of Arts Degree Page Twenty-one SIE l0RS Page Twenty-two BILL lNlCGREGOlJk XVcst Union Major: Music Minors: Music and History Bachelor of Arts Degree GEORGE VV. NEXVMAN Brooklyn, New York Major: English Minors: Speech and Philosophy Bachelor of Arts Degree MELVIN MILLER Denison Major: History Minors: Political and Social Science and Physical Education Bachelor of Arts Degree JOHN MILLHAM johnson City, New York Major: Cheinistry Minors: Math and Business Administration Bachelor of Science Degree MYRON J. MOORE Fayette Major: Physical Education Minors: Math and History Bachelor of Science Degree ROBERT L. MOORE Burt Major: Business Administration Minors: Political and Social Science Physical Education Bachelor of Science Degree il I'1 SE Ions ROBERT M. MURPHY Atlantic Major: History Minors: Political and Social Science and Physical Education Bachelor of Arts Degree NVILLIAM MURPHY Dunlap Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and Political and Social Science Bachelor of Science Degree EDVVARD A. PBEUSS Strawberry Point Major: Business Administration-Political and Social Science Minor: Physical Education Bachelor of Arts Degree DAVID POTTER Fayette Major: History Minors: Political and Social Science and Science Bachelor of Arts Degree ROBERT DUANE POPENHAGEN VVadena Major: Physical Education Minors: Math and History Bachelor of Science Degree STANLEY PAUL Fayette Major: Math Minors: Physical Education and Music Bachelor of Science Degree Page Twenty-three SE IURS Page T wenty-four KENNETH L. RADERS Strawberry Point Major: Physical Education Minors: Math and Political and Bachelor of Science Degree MERLIN RAYMOND Garrison Major: English Minors: Speech and Philosophy Bachelor of Arts Degree HARLAN VV. HEIMER Elkader Major: Business Administration Minors: Speech Bachelor of Science Degree VVALTER A. RIXEN Harlan Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and Business A Bachelor of Science Degree MERLE SHARP Manchester Major: History Social Science dministration Minors: Political and Social Science and Physical Education Bachelor of Arts Degree DONALD A. SCHAEFER Forrest City Major: Math Minors: Physics and Philosophy Bachelor of Science Degree SE IURS LOUIS SCHRADER Luana Major: Physical Education M inors: Biology and Political and Bachelor of Science Degree WILLIAM SCHUPBACH Elgin Major: Math Minors: Physical Education and Social Science Bachelor of Science Degree VVAYNE M. SHAFFER Guttenberg Major: Business Administration Minors: Political and Social Scien Bachelor of Science Degree FRED SMITH West Union Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and History Bachelor of Science Degree JOHN H. SOLOMON Fayette Major: Business Administration Social Science Political and ce and English Minors: Political and Social Science and English Bachelor of Science Degree DAVID SPARKS Moville Major: Math Minors: Chemistry and Political Science Bachelor of Science Degree Fu and Social ge Twenty-five SE IURS Page T wenty-six ROBERT SPENCER Dunlap Major: Physical Education Minors: Math and Spanish Bachelor of Science Degree AUGUST STEFFENS San Diego, California Major: Business Administration Minors: Political and Social Science and Philosophy Bachelor of Science Degree VERDEN E. TARBOX Strawberry Point Major: History Minors: Business Administration and Spanish Bachelor of Arts Degree l ROBERT THEIN Oelwein Major: History Minors: Political and Social Science and Spanish Bachelor of Arts Degree ROBERT TRAURIC Manitowoc, WVisconsin Major: English-History Minors: Speech Bachelor of Arts l VAUGIIN L. TUTTLE Sac City Major: Physical Education Minors: Biology and journalism X Bachelor of Science Degree l SIE IORS GAROLD B. WEASMER Preston Major: History Minors: Political and Social Science and Speech Bachelor of Arts Degree DONALD D. WEBB Sioux Falls, South Dakota Major: Math Minors: Science and History Bachelor of Science Degree CLYDE C. WENGER Volga City Major: Biology Minors: Math and History. Bachelor of Science Degree ROLAND BILLINGS WVILLARD Hopkinton Major: Biology Minors: Chemistry and Political and Science Social Bachelor of Science Degree ROBERT YOUNG Independence Major: Political and Social Science Minors: History and English Bachelor of Arts Degree Page Twenty-seven fb CLASS UFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS CHARLES BEUSCI-I President CONNIE WATSON Vice President GERMAINE CI-IUMBLEY Secretary and Treasurer SOPHOMORE CLASS REX BRUNER Presirlent GEORGE RICHARDS Vice President .IEANNE MARTIN Secretary TERESSA ERION Treasurer FRESHMAN CLASS PAUL JOHN President DONALD DAWSON Vi:e President MARY FOOT Sefrelcry and Treasurer Page Twenty mne JUNIURS UNIUR CLASS First Row-A. Schram, E. King, A. Bauer, C. Watson, vl. Paige, G. Chumbley, J. Stark- weather, D. Curtis, R. Bartlett, W. Kelly. Second Row-D, Stansbury, R. Bitterman, M. Crooks, R. J. Watson, F. Gunderson, C. Beusch, Zwiclcy, K. O'Com1ell, F. Robinson, M. Cardinale. Third RowgE. Wenger, W. Miller, P. Matteson, R. A. Knapp M. Krohn, S. Jones, Mayhew, M. Parlcerton, H. Reimer D. Kelly. Fourth Row-E. Sperow D. Froehle, W. Herzberg, C. Teufel, G. Maynard, D. Runyon, J. Smittlcamp, A. Beck, C. Whitehill. The Junior Class, consisting of approximately seventy members, elected its class officers soon after school started. Dr. Deming was an unanimous choice for class advisor. Charles Beusch, of Golden Gloves fame, was elected president. Connie CFinlaysonJ Watson was the choice for Vice-President. Secretary- Treasurer for the Junior Class was Germaine Chumbley. The class scrap-book, an innovation this year, was intrusted to Roberta Brooks. The Juniors are entitled to four seats on the Student Council. Elected to this body were: Jeanette Paige, Bud Fairweather, Bob Clark, and Kenneth Raders. The first all-college activity in which the Junior Class took part was Campus Clean-up. Class mem- bers, rakes in hand, braved smoke and blistered hands for an hour or two in the morning. Then, while their section of the campus gleamed neatly in the sun, they spent the remainder of the day enjoying the novel combination of perfect weather and a vacation from classes. The Juniors took an active part in the Homecoming celebration. The morning parade included a float entered by the Junior Class. It featured a Viking ship representing the Luther Norsemen which was going down under a dive bombing attack from the Upper Iowa Peacock. The many Juniors on the foot- ball team helped make this prediction come true that afternoon and we defeated Luther 28-6. The Junior Class number was the hit of the student assembly held in January. Tom Edwards, Art Johnston, and Bob Teidemann fsmuggled from the Sophomoresl harmonized on several numbers and brought down the house. The Spring formal dance, held in May, and eo-sponsored by the Junior and Sophomore classes, is always one of the most important social events of the year. Page Thirty-two SUPHUMURES SUPHUMHRE CLASS Fin! RowfCurtis Tresemer, Teresa Erion, Wilma Rummel, Bertha Cordes, Jeanne Mar- tin, Mary Smith, Yvonne Wander, Marilyn Rieck Delores Eggleston, Keith Stott. Second Row-.John Hippen, Karl Lovin, Don Helmers, Garrett Rickman, Don Wertjes, Vernon Seeger, Norbert Duffy, Robert 'xVelch, joseph Nlorales, Pasquale Gazzara, Dean Niedert. Third Row-Chas. Rosenquist, Ralph Koester, Frank Avalon, Donald Holmstrom, L. Hul- linger, Carol Reynolds, Ralph Delozier, Rex Salisberry, Cecil Kelly, John Cazanas. Fourth Row-H. Spaulding, Geo. Richards, Rudolph Beneke, Paul Gazzara, Dell Aquila, Joseph Rickman, Richard Shimeall, Robert Christiansen, Thomas Champion, Richard Cray, Graden Blount. The Sophomore Class, one of the largest on the campus, has ll5 members. Of this number 20 are girls. At the first meeting for the year the following of- ficers were elected: President, Rex Bruner, Vice-President, George Richards, Secretary, Jeanne Martin, Treasurer, Teresa Eriong Class Sponsor, Gordon Teich- mann. At the same meeting Earl Mason and Wayne Schichtl were elected to student council and Phyllis Reed was appointed to the council. John Farringer and Jackie Rowland were elected to keep the class scrapbook. Page Thirty-five SOPHOMORli Cl SS A ... A A M Firxt Rauf-Patricia Webb, Anna Gallo, Betty Lou Pust, Ruth Anderson, Jacquelyn Rowland, Mary Swale, Alice Payne, Clarice Clough, Phyllis Reed, Elaine Gottschallc. Second Row-Roberta Moulton, Dorothy Channer, Earl Carrothers, Reece Gibbs, Edward Daniels, Rex Bruner, John Farringer, Donald Nuzum, Earl Mason, Velda Streeter, Vera Oelrich. Third Row-Thomas Dell Aquilla, Dallas Moon, Seymour Mally, James Berhow, Robert Rich- ards, Nels Lind, Galen Griffen, William Hiller, Rickman. Fourth Row-Andy Tompos, Jerome Hogarty, Eliot Wilkings, Tom Fulton, Ted Runyan, Gene Holtorf, Earl Thompson, James Barger, Leonard Gittler, Arnold Faltinson. One of the biggest events of the year is class scrap day. The Sophomores won all of the events but two and so gained an easy victory. th The Sophomores were co-sponsors of the Spring formal. This formal was e outstanding social event of the Spring season. A large percentage of the talent on campus comes from the Sophomore Class. They are active in speech, athletics, music. and educational groups. Page Thirty-six FRESHMEN 1 Y I FRESHMAN Cl SS Firxt Row-E. Pranskunas, J. McMillan, M. Bird, F. Hood, I. Griffin, B. Reed, B. Old- father, A. French, D. Grimm, Sargent, G. Cox, M. Foot, C. Gates. Second Row-M. Severson, R. Yearous, L. Langerman, A. Langerman, R. Sill, Felix, D. Clark, C, Setzer, H. Wendler, W. Van Derveer, F. Smith, M. Guior, Third Row-W. Lawrence, M. Buhr, R. Ellefson V, Olson, D. Dawson, G. Stewart, P, A Johnson, L. Dill, R. Hackett, R. Clemens, R. Blech. Fourth Row-C. Palmer, D, Lau, C. Wright, G. Geilenfeld P. Buennelce, D. Rhines, B. McKibben, G. Doughty, M. Wertjes, M. Berggren, D. Humeston, R. Oldfather, C. Fox. As you can see by this picture, the freshmen girls are definitely out-numbered nearly 6 to I, there being only 26 girls in our class of 143. Even though there is a lack of woman-power. we freshmen have prided ourselves in our many achieve- ments. The first hectic days of the class of '53 were spent writing tests, organizing, and getting acquainted. After the preliminaries, came registration and the all- important "scrap-dayf, Up to this time, Freshmen were required to wear the conventional "blue-hats", and this day was to determine whether or not the cov- erings could be shed. Well-needless to say the only events the Freshmen won were the girls relays and footrace. in the tug-0-war across the wear the hats, although the them until Homecoming. We did, however, get quite a few sophomores wet Volga. Being a strong willed class, we refused to seniors and the student council ordered us to wear Page Thirty-nine , M J FRESHM lil SS Page Forty First Row-R. Smith, Wf Struclthoff, Riley, A. Borlaug, M. Mead, E. Hughes, D. Pat- terson, J. Cordes, S. Whittenbaugh, S. Cardinale, N. Knapp, Walton, W. Frese. Second RonffG. Manhart, B. Heiserman, J. Kelly, Scott, G. Willard, D. Chinburg, A. Zeberl, F. Baldwin, H. Carley, P. Ford, C. Mahoney, W. Pierce, W. Iorio. Third Row-N. Di Modugno, L. Kuennen, R. Heldt, D. Scherf, P. Strand, B. Rewoldt, L. Whitford, Olsen, H. Laffoon, S. Vaghy, Klinoff, A. Seabroolce. Fourth Rowf-I. Blending, M. Lantz, W. Ebert, R. Johann, K. Culbertson, L. Lantz, Stae- bell, R. Wendler, L. Whitver, Laschinski, Barron, Shaffer, L. Knapp. In the preparation for Homecoming, we Freshmen buzzed with activity. Given the duty of decorating the downtown district we really did a great job, put up displays in each business house, draped the lamp posts with U.I.U.'s colors, and put up signs across the street. Our float for the parade depicted a western theme and was fairly good despite the terrific time we had getting it done. The Christmas Formal sponsored by our class was another outstanding achievement. The gym was decorated with balloons, paper snow flakes and streamers. The students danced to the music of "Basie Givens and His Or- chestraf' Last but not least on the list of the class of ,53's great achievements, I might mention a certain assembly program. Here Schmidt's boys and Johnson's boys out did themselves in a parody on a "gab session" in the girl,s dorm. I E31 Www QQ522 , xf3'3L?lf ,Qs- I i K+ CAMPUS URGANIZATIDNS 4. ALPHA CHAPTER-Flll RIE TEACHERS Bark Row-Donald Schaefer, Bert Gruver, Florian Cassatt, Marion Dauenbaugh, Walter Becker, Edwin Behrens, Dale Fry, Robert Coobs. Third Row+Stanley jones, Marvin Berse, Keith O'Connell, Wm. Schupbach, Arthur Lofts- gard, David Potter, Edward Preuss, M. Moore. Sewnd Row-Stanley Paul, Arthur Hughes, Wilfred Kelly, Duane Popenhagen, Dale Fogle, John Solomon, Robert Clark, Floyd Gunderson. First Rowfllichard Daniels, Louis Schrader, Robert Hall, Jerry Haefner, Alice Daily, Keith Hopkins, Kenneth Hutzel, Clarke James, Merle Sharp. The Alpha Chapter of Iowa Future Teachers was re-organized on the U.I.U. campus last year with a membership of about forty-five. The organization is to promote a professional attitude among those going into teachingg to acquaint them with the laws and standards of public high schools, and to create a greater in- terest in education itself. This year the chapter organized with about seventy- five members, many of whom were doing their student teaching when the picture was taken. They have sent a large delegation to Mason City to the sectional meet- ing and also to the state meeting at Des Moines. The following officers were elected: President, Fred Smithg Vice-President, Alice Dailyg Secretary-Treasurer. George Fenchelg Sponsor, Maude Felter. Page Forty-four ALUMNI ASSIIIII IIII President, Dora F. Carter '36g Treasurer, Mrs. Helen II-Iumphreyl Stranahan '32g Vice- President, Carl B. Christian 'ZZQ Recording Secretary, Mrs. Emily fAIIynI Swartz ,285 Coresponding Secretary, Celia D. Morf '26, The first mention of the Alumni Association appears in the 6'Catalogue of the Upper Iowa University for the Academic Year, 1873-74." The first of- ficers were: President. J. C. Magee, class of '73, Vice-President, Mrs. C. W. Burgess, class of '69g Secretary, Mrs. Lucretia Warner, class of '72, and Treasurer J. L. Paine, class of '62. The Association is incorporated under the laws of the State of Iowa. Its constitution and by-laws have been slightly revised during the years, the latest revision having been adopted in May, 1941, at the annual business meeting of the Association. According to Article I, Section 2, of the Constitution, 'lThe objects of this Association shall be tal to perpetuate and deepen our sense of loyalty to our College, and tbl to maintain a professorship in Upper Iowa University." As in- dicated in the current catalogue, the Alumni Association contributes toward the salary of the "Alumni Professor of Biology." The present officers are: President, Dora F. Carter, '36, Treasurer, Mrs. Helen CHumphreyJ Stranahan, '32g Vice-President, Carl B. Christian, '22, Re- cording Secretary, Mrs. Emily tAIlynJ Swartz, '28g Corresponding Secretary, Celia D. Morf, '26. Pug: lnrtu fu e Page F orty-six MPH SI UMEGA 49' W'-f.. Standing-Mary Foot, Germaine Chumbley. Seated-Paul Johnson, George Newman, Eugene King. U. I. Ufs local Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Psi Omega, the national dramatic fraternity, was founded in 1929. Since that time, this organization has promoted the drama at Upper Iowa by staging and acting in campus productions. Besides the major productions and one-act plays during the year, the cast holds an annual dinner at each commencement. This dinner, to which all alumni members are invited, is followed by the formal initiation of new members. To be eligible for membership, a student must have had one major role or minor role in several plays. BETA CH PTER- EUTURE TEACHERS Bark RowfAnna Borlaug, Marilyn Reiclc, Delores Eggleston, Edith Pranslcunas, lnabel Griffin, Frances Hood, Myrna Bird, Wilma Rumrnel. Serena' Row-Donna Grimm, Arlene French, jean Cordes, Jean Sargent, Betty Oldfather, Betty Reed, Alice Payne, Betty Pust, Ruth Anderson, Vera Oelrich. Scatea'-Mary Smith, Roberta Moulton, Clarice Clough, Anna Mary Gallo, Mary Swale, Phyllis Reed, Jacqueline Rowland, Velda Streeter, Patricia Webb, Elaine Gottschallc. The Beta Chapter of the Future Teachers is a two-year normal training organization sponsored by Miss Ranney. The officers are: President, Phyllis Reed, Vice-President. Jacqueline Rowland, Secretary-Treasurer, Mary Swale, and Program Chairman, Velda Streeter. Three members who were absent when this picture was taken are Marvin Buhr, Gordon Willard, and Robert Welch. The purposes of our chapter are manifold, some of them being to hold social gatherings or get-to-gethers for all the girls on the campus, promote leadership, hold discussions in which everyday problems are discussed and to promote school spirit on the Upper Iowa campus. The past year we have had a get-acquainted party for the Freshmen girls, have held several discussion groups, helped to sponsor a movie, sponsored a dance, and have had several outside speakers. During the third quarter, fifteen girls will do student teaching in our three branch schools: Fayette, Maynard and West Union. The girls who graduate this year are Ruth Anderson, Watervilleg Delores Eggleston, Aurora, Roberta Moulton. Hopkintonp Vera Oelrieh, Lamont, Alice Payne. West Union: Phyllis Reed, Stanley, Jacquelyn Rowland, Fayette, Mary Smith, Lamont, Velda Streeter. Maynard, Mary Swale, West Union. Page Forty-seven 0 MP S WIVES AA., I! 'N 'W' Pugv l'1Ul'fU-l'f,LIf1f ll MP S WIVES was 1 fl lilwg TOP PICTURE-OPPOSITE PAGE Stamling-Lucille Gorlcow, Mary Teichmann, Grace Miller, Mary Ann Lind, Beth Sreffens, Barbara Kelly. Sealed-Betty Fortunato, Helen Bitterman, Jean Murphy, Norma Moore, Stella Morgan, Lavon Becker. On Floor-Ella Marie Paul, Marge Belding, Zeida Clark, Connie Watson. LOWER PICTUR E-OPPOSITE PAGE Standing-Gladys Daniels, Lorraine Livingston, Doris Halstead, Patricia Hutzel, Colleen Hopkins. Sealed-Clarice Clough, Gwen Young, Mildred Robinson, Helen Leonhart. On I"loorfRae Andrews, joan Hiller. PICTURE ABOVE Standing-Iva jean Coobs, Dorothy jones, Betty Haas, Florence Stout, Wanda Whitehill. SeatedfMartha Williams, Alice Daily, Marjorie Dauenbaugh, Gertrude Brandt, Betty Shaf- fer, Virginia Haars. On Fluor-Artalee Schroyer, Georgeen Scliupbach, Mildred Housholder, Carmie Galligan. Absent Members-Muriel Berbow, Bernie Brown, Helen Kelly, June Newman, Betty Spencer. The Campus Wives were organized in the fall of 1946. This group consists of all the wives of students and all married women on the campus. There are three offices in this organization: Presi- dent, Vice-President and Secretary-Treasurer, namzly Jean Murphy, Beth Steffens and Gwen Young. The purpose of the club is mainly social, howeyer, the club has undertaken some projects. This fall the organization canvassed the town for donations for the Iowa Childrenls Home Society. They had a float in the Homecoming Parade. In the spring they intend collecting clothes for the needy. Page Forty-nine CHRISTIA HDR M Standing-Walter Laclley, Inabel Griffen. Seated-Prof. Richards, Vera Oelrich, Tom Edwards, Connie Watson The Christian Forum provides non-sectarian religious life for all students who wish to attend or participate. The purpose of the activities of the Forum is to supplement and promote religious life on the campus. The Forum meets once a Week to hold an open forum on topics of interest which are discussed by student and faculty members. In addition to the open forum, the committee shows religious films and holds devotional services. One of the main events on the campus is Religious Emphasis Week. Every year one week is set aside for stressing religion. During this week some repre- sentative of a religious faith is invited to speak to the student body. This year Upper Iowa was addressed by representatives of three faithsg Rev. J. Richard Wagner of the lst Congregational Church in Cedar Rapidsg Father Nicholas Steffen of St. Cecelia Parish in Amesg and Rabbi Phillip Garelich of Beth El Jacob Synogogue in Des Moines. The three speakers displayed the interrelation- ship of faith and the necessity of fellowship. Page Fifty C0lllEliIAN STAFF Back Row-Richard Moore, Anthony Loizzo, Wm. Moore, Milford Parlcerton, Wm. Hiller, Ted Runyan, -Iaclc Klinoff. Middle Row-Sy Mally, Mary Foot, john Cazanas, Herb Claus, Merrill Button, Dallas Moon. Front Row-Anna Borlaug, Ralph Muscattell, Thomas Champion, John Millham, Richard Clark, Elliott Wilkins, Al Seabrooke. Pride of the whole student body and particularly of the editors, John Mill- ham and his successor William Bock, is the college newspaper, the COL- LEGIAN, recognized as one of the leading college papers in northeast Iowa. Entirely student operated, financed by student subscriptions, local and na- tional advertising, the COLLEGIAN has proved a worthy activity for the editors and staff members. impartiality in news coverage and variety were the key- notes of the years' activities of the COLLEGIAN, featured by a number of widely read columns. The real value of the paper lies in the fact that it acts as a training ground for student writers and as a general clearing house for student opinion and comment. Page Fifty-one I Y Y i w L l w 4, A Fif 11 LC1 GD 1 - I-I-. 2 CID CID QE il L5 UR BEWILDERING OFF SPRING" UO E STER SJ IJENT GRUUP EASTERN BOYS: Bark Row-Wm. Hiller, Milford Parkerton, Eugene Galligan, George Newman, Maurice Carclinale, Tom Edwards. Second Row-Elliott Wilkins, Jerome Hogarty, Jack Sengstack, Murray Shantzis, Thomas Dell Aquila, Paul Gazzara. First Rowfhflartin Guior, Ralph Muscatell, Roger Newman, David Green, Jr., Seymour Mally, Alfred Yates, Tom Fulton. The above picture represents a portion of the Easterners enrolled here at Upper Iowa University. These boys represent the states of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Given now is a diversified listing of a few of the boys' campus activities. Mr. George Newman, Brooklyn, New York, has excelled in the field of English and dramatics. He is at present president of Sigma Tau Delta. Receives his degree during the summer. Mr. John Millham, Johnson City, New York, came to U.I.U. in the fall of '47, John has worked on the school paper and is now editor of the Collegian. He will receive his degree in June. Mr. Alfred Yates, Brooklyn, New York has played a tremendous role in the Biology field. Al has done exceptionally fine work in this field and has held the biology assistants position for the last two years. Mr. Eugene Galligan, Flushing, L. I., New York, has played a major role in debate and speech. Gene during the winter quarter won first place at the Wisconsin State Teachers College Annual Speech Meet, Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He brought home with him the traveling oratory trophy won by Rippon College last year. Gene is a senior and will receive his degree this year. David Green, Jr., Brooklyn, New York came to Upper Iowa from Alfred University in the fall of '47. Dave reported for the Collegian last year. He will receive his degree in June. Sey Mally, Bronx, New York, has been very active in several fields. Sey is former sports editor for the Collegian. In basketball last year he played with the HB" squad. At present he is business manager of this year's PEACOCK. Sey intends remaining here for his bachelor's degree. Page F ifty-three HIRE SIIIS GRO PS TOP PICTURE: BOTTOM PICTURE Back Row-Jalan Cazanas, Bob Parmcnter, Earl Thomp- Bark Rowiulohn Cazanns Bob Parmenter Earl Thomp Son, Gene Galllgan' Don Wertjes, Bill Bock' son, Bill Bock, Gene Galligan, Richard Schimeull Serond Rowfjames Barron, Richard Scliimeall, Earl Barbara Kelly, Jack T, Kelly' Mason, Barbara Kelly, jack T. Kelly, Martin Guior. FYON ROW-B05 AflCl1'9WS, PFOF- WilliU1US, Bob LiVil1g- From Row-Bob Andrews, Prof. Williams, Bob Living Stone. stone. Page Fifty-four HIRE SIIIS Bob Livingstone, Earl Mason, William Bock, Earl Thompson, Gene Galligan, Prof. Williams. Facts, figures, speeches-time cards, reference cards, practice debates-ideas, revisions, criticisms, rewrites -- orations - work, trips, work, awards - That's the speech squad which won second place among Iowa Colleges and Universities in March, yielding only to Coe College by two points. Leading the squad to victory were the two state oratorical winners, Mrs. John T. Kelly and Mr. Eugene Galligan. These two orators will represent the state of Iowa and Upper Iowa University at the Inter-State Oratorical Contest in late April. Galligan had previously won the local Fawcett contest, in which Mrs. Kelly took second place, and the Eau Claire State Teacher's travelling oratory trophy. Georgianna Cox won first in women's ex- temp. at the state tourney and excellent in debate to add to the ratings already received by the squad dur- ing the year. As a result of participation in the tournaments at Bradley University, Iowa State Teacher's College, Eau Claire Teacher's College and the state tourney held on the Drake campus, William Bock re- ceived "excellents" in discussion, debate and extemp. speaking. John T. Kelly, Martin Guior, and Robert Andrews uexcellentsl' in discussion, Earl Thompson Hexcellentl' in debate and Don Klein 'fexcellentv in poetry reading. In addition to '6Superiors" in oratory, Galligan received Hexcellentw in debate and after-din- ner speaking. As the PEACOCK goes to press the squad is preparing for the National Pi Kappa Delta tournament at Peoria, Illinois. Election to this national honorary speech fraternity has been a coveted campus honor by those upper- classmen participating in intercollegiate speech events. During this season, the following have been elected as pledges: William Bock, Chicago, Illinois, Robert Andrews, Midlathian, Illinois, Robert Livingstone, Fay- ette, Iowa, Robert Parmenter, Huntington, Long Island, New York, and Earl Thompson, Wadena, Iowa. Honorary members on the campus are, Dr. V. T. Smith, Miss Grace Meyer, and Dean Mongold. Miss Florence Hotchkin and Mrs. Martha Williams are members from student days. Mrs. Margaret Jayne Col- lett, charter member of Iowa Eta, has assisted with the initiations. Page Fifty-fine GERMAN Cl B Page Fifty-six Slanding-J. L. Sengstaclc, Murray Shantsis, Walter Frese, Robert Parmenter, Charles Rosen- quist, Ralph Koester. Sealed-Raymond Knapp, Prof. Helen Pohle, Gerald Hurwitz. The purposes of the German Club are Social, Cultural, and Educational. It provides an informal meeting of lst and 2nd year German students, it promotes a more lively appreciation for vital aspects of German culture not considered in the classroom, it augments class work by providing opportunities for language practice. The group gathers twice each month. The meetings are conducted, as much as possible, in German, the first half in accordance with formal parliamentary procedure, the second half in playing games, reading stories or singing the German Lieder. HIIME H10 IIMIIIS Cl B QW.. 1 l Bertha Cordes, Marjorie Mead, Yvonne Wander, Prof. I-Iaefele. The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to establish and perpetuate friendship among college women of Iowa, and to promote professional activities and interests in the clubs of the state. The club contributes to the American Home Economics Association Per- manent Headquarter Fund and the International Scholarship Fund. Also it is a member of the National Home Economics Association and of the Iowa College Home Economics Club. Miss Yvonne Wander is vice-president of the Iowa College Home Economics Club at the present time. Betty Schmeltzer and Yvonne Wander represented the Upper Iowa Home Economics Club at the province meeting in Chicago last spring. The members meet twice a month during the dinner hour. A program and business meeting immediately follow the dinner hour. The purpose of this type of meeting is to promote friendship and understanding among the members. In past years the group has sponsored a tea and invited all Upper Iowa girls to attend. The officers for the year were: President, Marjorie Meadg Vice-President, Yvonne Wander, Secretary-Treasurer, Bertha Cordes. The members are: Miss Meyer, Dean of Women, honorary member, Mrs. V. T. Smith. house mother: Miss Mildred Haefele, club sponsor and Yvonne Wander. Helen Glasener, Marjorie Mead. and Bertha Cordes. Pa gc Fifty-.seven KAPP ET BETA 4 5 1 ' f' Standing-Alice Daily, Frances Hood, Myrna Bird, Betty Pust, Inabel Griffin, Stella Whirrenbaugh. Seated'-Velda Srreeter, Mrs. Templeman, Jacqueline Rowland, Mary Swale, Professor Haefele, Phyllis Reed. In Front Seated'-Betty Reed, Ruth Anderson. The Kappa Eta Beta Sorority was founded in 1919 with the purpose of pro- moting wholesome social activity. Emphasis is on making the girl a joy, help and an inspiration. It is at present the only active sorority. Mrs. Paul Templeman is club mother and Miss Mildred Haefele, club sponsor. The Kappa scarlet signifies love, wisdom and loyalty, the Kappa gold sym- bolizes the sun, goodness of God and faithfulness. Officers: President, Mary Swaleg Vice President, Jackie Rowlandg Secretary, Phyllis Reed, Treasurer, Velda Streeter. Page Fifty-eight 7 K PP SIGIVI KAPPA I 3 I ii Standing-Professor Clark, Stuart Foster, De'n De Sart, Tom Edwards, Robert Traurig, Raymond Knapp, Ralph Muscatell, Robert Young, Professor Richards. Seated-Roy Maloney, George Newman, Roger Newman, Robert A. M. Clark, Robert Spencer, Donald Schaefer, Dallas Moon, Rex Bruner. Kappa Sigma Kappa, one of the three oldest fraternities, was founded in September, 1867, at Virginia Military Institute, by four cadets. As a result of the unsettled conditions following the Civil War, growth and expansion were seriously impaired. However, the ritual and tradition of the old society were faithfully preserved by the alumni, until 1935, when these records were placed in the hands of the modern generation of college men to establish chapters and carry on the national expansion of the fraternity. The Iowa Alpha Chapter was founded in April, 1948, by ten Philosophy students at Upper Iowa University. The chapter is recognized by Kappa Sigma Kappa for its significance as a philosophy discussion group. Page Fifty-nine LM LIETTERME S Cl B Page Sixty Bark Row-Herbert Laffoon, Bob McKibben, Keith Hopkins, Sam Dauenbaugh, Gene Holt- orf, Rex Salisbury, Dale Kelly, Andy Tompos, Duane Popenhagen, Richard Shimeall, Dean Niedert. Third Row-M. Moore, jerry Starlcweather, Bob Christensen, Loren Whitver, Charles Beusch, Bill Shupbach, Ralph Delozier, Don Stansbury, Florian Cassutt, William Kelly. Second Row-Prof. Fortunate, jack Laschinski, George Richards, Vernon Seeger, Bill Craw- ford, Eugene King, Keith O'Connell, Robert Richards, Cecil Kelly, John Farringer. Fin! Row-Dean Curtis, Ralph Bartlett, Bob Hall, Marshall I-lense, Louis Schrader, Dean Corson, Kenneth Hutzel, Clarke james, Jerry Haefner, Merle Sharpe, The Upper Iowa University Letterman's Club was founded in 1914 and, with the exception of the war years, has been one of the leading organizations on the campus, The present membership is 56, largest in the history of the club. This organization strives to promote: C11 greater athletic efficiency, C21 bet- ter relations with other schools, C31 courteous service to fans at all athletic events, and C41 sportsmanlike conduct of all members at all times. In the field of greater athletic efficiency, the club purchased and presented to the athletic department a new movie projector for the purpose of filming all home football games. Upper Iowa is the only member of the Iowa Conference to have such an arrangement. The club also sponsors an annual dance for the entire college, The Club officers for the 1948-49 school year are: President, Dean Curtisg Vice-President, Ralph Bartlett, Secretary and Treasurer, Marshall Hense. EWMAN lil B A 1 gg ,s f V Bark Ron-William Struclthoff, jack Riley, Eugene Galligan, Maurice Carclinale, Thomas Dell Aquilln. Sefond Row--Norbert Brazell, Jeanette Paige, Paul Johnson, Paul Gazzara. Fin! Ronfw-Patricia Wfebb, Edith Ptanslzunas, Jeanne Martin, Wilma Rumi-nel, Miss Blatzheim. The Newman Club was organized for the first time on Upper lowa's cam- pus in the fall of 1948, There are approximately 60 members. The following officers were elected: President, Leo Frommeltg Viee-Presi- dent, Jeanne Matting Secretary-Treasurer, Gene Galligan. Th Club meets once a month. Numerous speakers have given talks for the club. The club sponsors are Father Mullin and Miss Blatzheim. Page Sixty-one si Dim COUNCIL Page Sixty-tw Slanding-Wayne Schichtl, Walter Rixen, Alice Daily, Dean De Sart, Jeanette Paige, Eu- gene Lee. Seated-Bud Fairweather, William Murphy, Phyllis Reed, Zeicla Clark, Robert Clark. The campus organization of democratic government is embodied in the Student Council which cooperates with the administrative department in govern- ing the student body. The officers of the Student Council are President, Bill Murphyg Vice-Presi- dent, Bud Fairweatherg Secretary-Treasurer, Phyllis Reed. The Council meets the first and third Tuesdays of every month. The Council has tried to the utmost degree to carry out suggestions made by the stu- dents. This year the Student Council had charge of the class scrap day, clean- up day, and watermelon feed. Members absent when this picture was taken are John Millham, Kenneth Raders and Paul Buenneke. 0 PEACUCK STAFF as :-5:1 1 ,-' UW? TW, Standing-Milford Parkerton, Prof, R. McLean, Richard Clark Seated-Dallas Moon, Elaine Gottschalk, Sy Mally. Another year in the history of Upper Iowa University has been recorded in the 1949 PEACOCK, edited by Dallas Moon and Milford Parkerton. Ad- vertising was handled by Seymour Mally and Richard Clark, and the tedious job of typing and proof reading was delegated to Elaine Gottschalk. Published for both friends and students, the purpose of the PEACOCK is to present a true calendar of the year's events at Upper Iowa. Many new fea- tures have been added and some old stand-bys discarded in an effort to make this book what it should be-a realistic picture of the year 1948-49 as we, the students, saw it. In addition to listing the various organizations, this book also presents some of their history. We have tried hard to bring forth every organization on our campus. It is our hope that we have embodied in this volume of the PEACOCK those things that have meant the most to you during, your year in school here. Page Sixty-th ree S0 TH H ll qs ,N Page Sixty-four -vw 'Hsu 'Sw fx H. WG Q9 8 ' ! CE TR l C0-UPIER TIVE W k ,nf TOP PICTURE-OPPOSITE PAGE Back Row-Marjorie Mead, Anna Mary Gallo, jean Sargent, Jeanette Paige, Betty Pust. Third Row-Roberta Brooks, Myrna Bird, Eleanor Hughes, Ruth Anderson. Serond Row-Mary Foot, Jeanne Martin, Dorothy Channer, Elaine Gottschallc. First ROW--Connie Gates, Germaine Chumbley, Donna Grimm. LOXVER PICTURE-OPPOSITE PAGE Bark Row-Frances Hood, Inalnel Griffin, Mary Swale, Jean Cordes, Edith Pranskunas. Third Row-Vera Oelrirh, Velda Streeter, Darlene Patterson, Arlene French, Yvonne Wander. Second' Row--Phyllis Reed, Marilyn Reiclc, Wilma Rummel, Betty Olclfather. First RowwBetty Reed, Mary Smith, Anna Borlaug. PICTURE ABOVE: Back Raw-Loren I-Iullinger, Jr., joseph Rickman, Robert Benelce, Robert Williams. Firsl RowiDonald Klein, jerry Haefner, Garrett Rickman. Page Sixty-five PHILDDRS CHESS CLUB A Page Sixty-six Q '3'g lg, Standing-Milfred Parlcerton, Don Schaefer, John Sengstaclc, Dean Niedert, Murray Shant- zis, Robert Traurig, Bob Livingstone, Mr. Teichmann. Seated-Sy Mally, David Green, Jr., Richard Schimeall, Roy Maloney, Tom Edwards, D. Ignatius Monahan. The Phildors were founded February 22, 1949, by Richard Shimeall, Roy Maloney and Director of Admissions, Gordon Teichmann. And from that date on, it was received quite enthusiastically by a group of over twenty members. The name of the club was devised from l'Phildor's legacy" or "smothered mate" in which a King is completely surrounded by his own men and check- mated by the opponents Knight. This move was developed by Count Phildor during the 15th century. The officers of the club are Richard Shimcall, Presidentg Roy Maloney, Vice-Presidentg Tom Edwards, Treasurerg and David Green, Jr., Secretary. The chess club stages an annual tournament in which all members com- pete for a trophy. The members that are eliminated in the opening competition are placed in the second flight and then have their own tournament. Future plans for the Phildors include inter-collegiate competition either by correspondence or in person, and membership in a national chess association. RTIST SERIES gg M anon'-""""' j qupgqnulllla mn! 'iii Left to Right-Gene Galligan, .John Millham, Dallas Moon, Robert St. John, Lou Warren, Editor of the Oelwein Register. Robert St. John, noted war correspondent, was the feature attraction of the Upper lowa Artist Series on January 13th. Mr. St. John, a sound analyst and interpreter of the news, spoke on the subject, "Peace or Chaos," to a capacity crowd. For the greater part of 1947 Robert St. John re-visited a majority of the twenty-nine countries he covered so brilliantly during his career as a war cor- respondent. Mr. St. John made a study of the conditions in Sweden, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Yugoslavia, Greece, and Hungary. Out of this ex- perience came his book, "The Silent People Speak." Page Sixty-seven 1 L SUCI l LIFE CUMMITTEE Stana'ingfEugene King, Murray Shantzis, Richard Shimeall, Teressa Erion, Roberta Brooks, Don Schaefer, Alice Daily, Dallas Moon, Jeanne Martin, Robert Parmenter, Richard Daniels. Sealcdiffonnie Watson, Germaine Chumbley, Jacqueline Rowland, Rex Bruner fchairmanl, Jeanette Paige, Walter Ladley, Ruth Anderson. The Social Life Committee was one of the most active organizations on the campus this year. Charged with the planning and supervision of the program of social events on the campus, they performed the task admirably. At the beginning of the year, under the direction of Miss Meyer, they planned weekly record dances which were held in the Recreation Room in Physics Hall. All events other than the athletic contests on Scrap Day were prompted by this Committee. The same is true of Clean-up Day, when a weiner roast and a hard time dance were enjoyed by the student body. When the band failed to arrive for the Homecoming Dance, a later dance was planned for the students. To this dance all of the Fayette County High School Seniors were invited and the Valentine theme was used. This dance was in every way a success and thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. A special vote of thanks is due this organization by every member of the student body and faculty for the time and effort they have unbegrudgingly spent in trying to make this a more enjoyable year than ever before. Page Sixty-eight SPANISH Cl B QW! Back Row-Jack Felix, Joseph Cardinale, Thomas Del Aquila. Seam!-Stella Whittenbaugh, Ralph Muscatell, Prof. Helen Pohle. El Circulo Espanol is an organization composed of the Spanish students on the campus. The purpose of the Club is to give students of Spanish an opportunity to be- come familiar with the history, the customs.and the ideals of the Spanish people, and to give practice in the use of spoken and written Spanish. Through the vigorous efforts and guidance of Miss Pohle, every gathering is an adventure into the life and customs of the Spanish people. Meetings chal- lenge and stimulate interest in Spanish literature, art, and travel. Each regular program has an informal social touch built around Spanish life. Such social activities as folk dancing, singing, letter writing, movies, games, and refreshments are planned to supplement the work accomplished in regular Spanish classes. A real Spanish Chirstmas party, at Miss Pohle's home, made one of the many delightful gatherings the Club enjoyed. The Pinata for this occasion was a life sized Santa Claus whose bag, when broken, spilled Christmas sweets on the floor. The combined educational and social form of the Castilians program bring the members closer together. It gives them a much broader view and better under- standing of the Spanish language. The officers for the year were: President, Joe Rickmang Vice-President, Tom Dell Aquilag Secretary-Treasurer, Stella Whittenbaughg Program Chairman, Gar- rett Riekman, Program Committee, Leonard Gittler, Ralph Muscatell, Jack Felix, and Paul Strand. P age Sixty-nine h . SIGM TAU DELTA QIII K s sl 427 Standing-Milford Parlcerton, Warren Held, George Newman, Eugene Galligan, Dale Birch. Second RowfStella Whittenbaugh, Raymond Knapp, John Cazanas, Robert Traurig, Robert Andrews Third Row-Anna Borlaug, Alice Daily, Jeanette Paige, Germaine Chumbley. The Sigma Tau Delta is the National English Scholastic Fraternity for stu- dents who have a devoted interest in good literature, and who also enjoy creative writing, both as a vocation or an avocation. In this organization, the members have an opportunity to read and discuss their work at the bi-monthly meetings of the chapter. The QUARTERLY RECTANGLE is the society's magazine in which the selected works of the members appear in print. There is a tre- mendous versatility presented in the form of poetry, short stories, and essays. The pictured group is know as the Tau Alpha Chapter of the Fraternity, or, as Poe would call it, "The Mutual Admiration Groupf, The Tau Alpha Chapter of Upper lowa was founded February 22, 1926 with fifteen students. The present membership includes twelve members and twelve associate members. Periodically, associate members are invited to attend the meetings, and once a year they are initiated into the fraternity. The induction into the Sigma Tau Delta is a National and Scholastic honor and is open to all underclassmen interested in literature and creative writing. Page Seventy UNIVERSIT PLAYERS nv! Bark RowfDallas Moon, John Cazanas, George Newman, Merlin Raymond, john Halstead. Third Row-Grader: Blount, Don Helmers, Paul Johnson, Ree:e Gibbs, Harold Bitterman. Second Row-Dorothy Channer, Robert Traurig, Harlan Reimer, Ralph Koester, Patricia Webb. Front Row-Jeanne Martin, Jeanette Paige, Germaine Chumbley. The University Players, under the capable direction of Professor Ivadell F. Brause, have brought many fine performances before many appreciative audiences. In the past years they have performed such top-notch plays as "Harriet,,' "Arsenic and Old Lace,', "January Thaw," "The Man Who Came to Dinner," and "Dear Ruth." The Players produce two major plays a year and several one act plays, gen- erally taken from the classics. The University Players is a stepping stone into the Alpha Psi Omega drama- tic fraternity. Page Seventy-one , PLAYCAST HIJEAR R IH" On November 23rd the University Players presented the sparkling comedy, "Dear Ruth" written by Norma Krasna, and under the direction of Miss Ivadell Brause, professor of English. The cast of characters were as follows: Dora .............................,......................................,....... Betty Burget Mrs. Edith Wilkins ......................,........,................ Roberta Harvey Miriam Wilkins .............. ........... A nna Borlaug Judge Harry Wilkins ....... ........ G eorge Newman Ruth Wilkins ......,....... .,........... M ary Foot Lt. William Seawright ..... ....... P aul Johnson Albert Kummer ........ ............ J ohn Cazanas Martha Seawright ........ ...,,........ G eorgiana Cox Sgt. Chuck Vincent ............................................ Robert Parmenter Harold Klobbermeyer ........................,...,..........,........ Don Helmers Cn March 30th the University Players presented "The Rivals" written by Richard B. Sheridan and under the direction of Miss Brause. The cast of char- acters were as follows: Sir Anthony ....,........,...............,.....................,............ Dallas Moon Captain Absolute .... ...... L owell Langerman Mrs. Maloprop ....,. ...,.. D orothy Channer Lydia Languish ...... ...........,....... M ary Foot Bob Acres .......... ....... R obert Tiedemann Sir Lucius ......... ............ J ohn Cazanas Lucy ........ ....,......... P atricia Webb Fag ......... ......... R obert Oldfather David .....................................,....................,......... Keith Culbertson Thomas .....................................................,........ Donald Holmstrom i Page Seventy-two Mary Foot, John Cazanas, Paul Johnson, Don Helmers, Betty Burger, Robert Parmenter, Georgiana Cox, George Newman, Roberta Harvey. Seated- Anna Borlaug. cnonus Back Row-Ralph Koester, Dale Rcsenquist, Don Rhines, John Cazanas, Leonard Gittler, Robert Willams, Robert Clark, Howard Gebert, Walter Ladley, Pasquale Gazzarra. Serena' Row-Wilma Rummel, Elaine Gottschalk, Eleanor Hughes, Jean Cordes, Teressa Erion, Reece Gibbs, Clarice Clough, Myrna Bird, Bertha Cordes, Jeanne Martin. Firsl Row-Yvonne Wander, Zeida Clarkhlacquelyn Rowland, Ruth Anderson, Mrs. Clark, Stella Wittenbatlgh, Roberta Moulton, Yvonne McLean, Dorothy Channer. The Upper Iowa Chorus is under the direction of Marcella Menge Clark. The annual Christmas concert 'iThe Feast of Carols," was given Dec. 9, 1948. The program consisted of carols from different countries. Incl dental solos were sung by Bill McGregor, Zeida Clark, Jacquelyn Rowland, Bob Clark, Yvonne McLean, and John Solomon. Professor Louis Molloy, violinist, was guest artist. Billie Richards was candle lighter. Accom panists were Mrs. Wm. McGregor, and Stella Whittenbaugh. The program was as follows: Processional ..... .... C 3, Sanctissima Estrallita ........ .... P once Aue Verum ........ . . . ......,.. Mozart Cauatine ............... . . . . Panis Angelicus. .. ......... Cesar Franck The Oltl Refrain ............... Kreisler 10.5-tis, Iesus, Rest Your Hearl .......... Niles Olr. Louis Molloyj I lV0ntler as I lVanfler ...... ....... N iles The Birrl Carol ................. XVhite-head Mary Harl a Baby ...... ..... l Dawson The Straw Carol. ...... ........ G aul Cheruhim Song No. 7. . . . . .Bortnyansky The Heavens Are Telling. . . . . . . .Haydn The Nightingale ........ . . .Tchaikovsky Recessional, Silent Night ........... Gruber On May 12, 1949, a formal spring concert was given in the gymnasium which was decorated with a spring theme. Three students who have studied conducting under M. M. Clark directed the group. One of the require ments is that they conduct in public at a formal concert. Several waltzes of Victor Herbert and Johann Strauss were featured. The closing number was the ever stirring L'Battle Hymn of the Republic," a Fred Waring arrange ment. The incidental solo was sung by Dorothy Channer. Mr. Molloy, violinist, was guest artist. Accompamsts for the concert were Stella Wittenbaugh and Eleanor Hughes. Page Seventy-three .Ralf l Mn. ., BAD Page Seventy-four Back Row-Arthur Loftsgard, Don Rhines, Arthur Hughes, Howard Gebert, Robert A. M. Clark. Second Row-Prof. Louis Molloy, Teressa Erion, Roberta Brooks, jack Felix, Clare Mahoney, Mary Swale, Harlon Carley, Zeicla Clark. Fin! Row-Wilma Rummel, Ruth Anderson, Jacquelyn Rowland, Velda Streeter, Jeanne Martin, Alice Payne. Professor Louis Molloy and his U. I. U. band took an active part in the Homecoming festivities. The band had a float and in the afternoon played before the football game. Robert A. M. Clark, assistant conductor of the band, directed the band several times during the football season. The band gave a short concert at an assembly and also played at the special pep rally for the Wartburg game. This program was broadcast over KWWL, Wat- erloo. SYMPHO IETIE .44-wg Prof. Louis Molloy, Jacquelyn Rowland, Veldu Streeter, Howard Gebert, Alice Payne, Teressa Erion, Jeanne Martin, Jeanette Paige, Zeicla Clark, Robert Clark. Seated at Piano, Eleanor Hughes. The Symphonette is a picked group of music students, and is under the baton of Prof. Louis Molloy. Its chief function is to play the overtures and entre act music for the plays presented by the Dramatic Club. Page Svifmifgf-five -fl lf. l l 4 . .- IRES i l I Page Severity Roberta Moulton, Dorothy Channer, Teresa Erion, Jeanne Martin, Mardelle Doudney, Jackie Rowland, Dr. Kansdy at the piano. The U. I. Aires, the girl's sextette, was organized in the fall of 1948 under the direction of Dr. Harry Kanady. The following girls were chosen as members: Teddy Erion, Fayetteg Mardelle Doudney, Fayetteg Jeanne Martin, Volgag Doro- thy Channer, Oelweing Jackie Rowland, Fayetteg and Roberta Moulton, Hopkin- ton. The scxtette is one of the outstanding music groups on the campus. They have presented programs at Randalia, Sumner, Waucoma, and Manchester. They also sang for the Lions and the Rotary ,Clubs in Oelwein besides going on num- erous field trips and participating in several assembly programs. This is the first year that such a group has been organized on the campus. -six M. S x ,WM ,K 41 iff , ff lf ffw M V , Zgfwf, 4 . -V ,gf f ,W M 551 ',f'9N ,4,. s , 3 f V V -ai... .Az If 'f.z.f- - 4 A - 4 5, ,E 'W 0,50 M40 , 1 ,- ,,,,,..,..Mw.,m-W-ww-' K' ,gv-f'wngg,u.,v 'ilif A ATHLETICS DEA UF IUWA CUACHES DOCTOR JOHN E. DORMAN I904- ,A Page Eighty-two ATHLETIC SSISTA TS DEAN CURTIS President, Upper Iowa University Lettermen's Club lu DEAN NIEDERT RICHARD SI-IIIVIEALL EUGENE KING Asst. Manager Manager Trainer DICK DANIELS A nnounrer DON SCI-IAEFER DALLAS MOON Plvolographer Publifity Director CHEERIE DERS if I I Eh MARY FOOT EARL MASON PATRICIA WEBB Page Eighty-tlzrce AS s.a an I I I I I me L! LJ NJ AJ 'Diver 'Diver 'Diver 'pper 'Diver 'Diver 'Diver Eighty-four F0013 ll RECURD OWO OWO OWCJ OWO OWCI OWO OWO 1948 Mcicoloster College II4 Simpson .. . O Wisconsin Tech. ..,,,.,, . O Bueno Visio ,. A, O Corlefon College ..ii.i 7 Luther Col lege ....., i,.., O Wo rtburg ....,,.. ....i O FO0TB ll TIE M -- -. L., , - J Q , , A A V , A . ,.-. M kk F L, I Q , : l pw i f 'f M M 31 'S E f A 2 W A'1.',1-. I Q Fi. ,, .. ,. L., .,,..,,,. . 7 V3 Aim , ' , - . . , .,.., 33'-1'--. :Ei . "-, , . ,, ' T "'4" ' "" f ., .'- ' " ARTHUR JOHNSON BOB HALL ROBT. CHRISTIANSEN WALTER RIXEN No. 62 No. 66 Na. 90 Ng, 59 ART LANGERMAN KEN KING DON DAWSON No. 87 No. 85 No. 82 g u lf 27 If 7 1 7 8 I W 2 I "5:" I A V4 KEN HUTZEL DEAN CORSON WM. CRAWFORD J. STARKWEATHER No. 78 No. 58 No. 30 No. 77 Page Eighty-five l , FO0TB ll TE M ..,.,:,"' .". 5 JOHN FARRINGER No. 65 BOB MURPHY, Capt. ROBERT RICHARDS No, 57 No. 50 JACK LASCHINSKI EUGENE LEE MAHLON LANTZ No. 89 No. 86 No. 46 ROBERT MCKIBBIN No. 93 ROBERT TIEDEMANN JACK WALTON LLOYD DILL HERBERT LAFFOON No. 83 No. 88 No. 91 No. 98 Page Eighty-six HIUTB ll TEAM as f ' ---f fy X 5 . 'f':p. :5g,,'2:zfiQf5'ff A ' ' A , .,,. --VV- - D. -1 W Q RALPH BARTLETT RALPH DELOZIER MYRON MOORE DEAN SELKEN No. 70 No. 84 No. 79 Ng, 75 .V,,..,, .,.,::,.:,. F""- iff ' W , 'UQ -as A Q! X W ,swam CECIL KELLY No. 60 JAMES LEMBKA No. 80 -'Q , . I 3 2 , ' guna mm' DALE KELLY No. 21 LOREN WHITVER MELVIN MILLER No. 97 No. 95 WILFRED KELLY ANDY TOMPOS No. 63 No. 64 Page Eighty-seven TAKE ME 0UT T0 THE BALL GAME h BASEB ll SIIUAD 1948 Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Back Raw-Donald Livingston, Doncilcl Buhr, Bill Schuphach, George jones, Eugene King. LaVerne Belcling. fllztfzfft' RoWfVernon Seeger, Kieth Stott, Jerry Eimers, Paul Kiecher, IVI, Moore, Jerry I-Iogarty, Carl Daily. Front KonfAlVIel I-Iarms, Sam Turner, Dean Corson, Fred Smith, Bill Murphy, Louis Shra- ciier, Bill Stout, Ken Smith, Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa lovva Iowa Iowa BASEBAII SCORES FOR 1948 University University University University University University University University University University University University University University ...... ....... l 6 Winona State Teachers .... Gustavus Adolphus .... Gustavus Adolphus .... St. Ambrose .............. Luther College ................ La Crosse State Teachers.. Winona State Teachers .... St. Ambrose College ........ Warthurg College ............ Platteville State Teachers ....... ..... Platteville State Teachers ....,.. La Crosse State Teachers.. Luther College .............. .. Iowa Manufacturing Co... iglzly-nine . INTRA-M RM Bllllllll Stanley Paul, Marion Dauenbaugh, Kenneth Hutzel, Jerome Schieclc. The basketball intramural program began on the night of November 8 in the midle of the Fall quarter and ended on March 17 during the first week of the Spring quarter. It was supervised by members of Professor Ze- berl's courses in Organization and Administration and the Teaching of Health and Physical Education in the Sec- ondary Schools. The Intramural Board which initiated the program was made up of Sam Dauenbaugh, Kenneth Gifford, Kenneth Harnack and Jerome Schieck. At the beginning of the Winter quarter, Harnack and Gilford were replaced by Kenneth Hutzel and Stanley Paul. Details of officiating, equipment care and scheduling were in capable hands. They called and conducted meetings of team captains to iron out difficulties and irregularities in the program. Playing schedules as well as statistics about the teams were posted. To these men belong the credit and praise for the success of the program. Strictly on a voluntary basis, over 150 men participated on 22 different teams over the span of the round robin tournament. Seventeen teams entered the single game elimination tournament to decide the championship. On the first night of play, the first game was won by Popey Moore's Maulers who beat the Cast-Offs with a score of 35 to 25. This team composed of Captain R. L. Moore, C. G. Reynolds, E. Gielenfeld, E. Raders, G. Jones, C. C. Whitehill and G. Eimers went on through the entire season to play and win the last game of the tournament by beating the Rosenquist Boys by the score of 58 to 34. Each of the men received a gold basketball charm in token of their victorious playing and in addition have had their names engraved upon the beautiful in- tramural plaque. The plaque was purchased last year and now hangs in the Library. Their names are below that of the Nutcrackers team, last year's champion, who were one of the leading contenders for first honors again this year. The runner-up team, the Springbocs or Rosenquist's Boys, composed of D. Rosenquist, captain, G. Holtorf, G. Maynard, R. Christiansen, D. Fogle, J. Garrity, N. Lind, and T. Champion, received bronze medals. The program of intramurals has been chiefly instrumental in offering to the entire student body opportunities for recreation. The games were of decided interest to the nightly group of spectators composed of the participants wives and children as well as other fellow students. Valuable playing and officiating experience gained in addition to the beneficial exercise involved are easily recognized factors why these activities are considered such an integral part of an Upper Iowa student's life. Page Ninety L. ,. IRACK-CRUSS CUUNIRY TE M X sei Rf It be Curtis, John Farrmger, Dale Kelly, Don Rhines, Prof. Andy Zeberl. Front Row-Robert Don Nuzum, Robert Richards, Rex Salisbury, Earl Mason, Geo. Richards. CROSS COUNTRY Upper Iowa's first Cross Country Team was formed last Fall. The distance runners who comprised the team were the following strong-hearted harriers: Harlan Carley, Walter Freze, Don Rhines, James Belding and Bob Oldfather. After a period of exploration for a suitable opponent a meet was finally scheduled with Iowa State Teachers College at Cedar Falls. The course of a littleover two miles in the vicinity of the stadium was used. Our group of determined freshmen were no match for Coach Dickensonls veteran squad who won the meet. TRACK AND FIELD With 23 or 24 men answering track call, prospects for the season look very promising. Returning letter- men are: Robert Richards, captain, who won first place in the Iowa Conference last year in the pole vault event at the Simpson College track. Vaughn Tuttle, a graduating senior, took third place in the pole vault. Dean Selken, last year's captain, also graduating this year, has always been a mainstay with his talents in the javelin, discus, high jump, broad jump and relay running. Dean took third in the discus at the conference meet. Cecil Kelly took third in the conference 220 yd. dash and Rex Salisberry, sprinter star, was one of the principals on the 880 yd. relay team that placed third in the meet. lt is hoped that we can at least maintain the fifth place position in the conference that Upper Iowa won last year. So, from among the additional following potential stalwarts, the selections for the squad will be made: Clarence Selken Bob Tiedemann Bob Oldfather Paul Buenneke Eugene Speraw Gene Holtorf Bob Williams Tom Champion Don Nuzum Merrill Button Dean Curtis George Richards Earl Mason Bob McKibben Marvin Kemp John Farringer Roy Hackett John Roche The Tentative Schedule facing us is: April 23 .................................. 26th Annual Teachers College Relays-Cedar Falls April 26 .................................. Triangular Meet with Luther and Wartburg-Luther April 29-30 ....... ................................................... D rake Relays-Des Moines May 7 .............................................................................. Night Meet-Cedar Falls May..l4 ........................ IIAC North Division Meet-Luther, UIU, Loras, Buena Vista, Westmar-At Decorah May 20 ...,............................,....................... IIAC Final Meet-Loras, Dubuque Page Ninety-one g ,, B SKEIB ll S0 All Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Uppfr Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Page Ninety-hoo Back Row-John Bantz, Don Froehle, jack Walton, Eugene Sperow, Bob Rewoldt, Don Scherf Second Rvw+Niclc Di Modugno, Bill Ebert, Paul Buennelce, Al Seabroolce, Floyd G nclerson Prof. Fortunato. First Raw-George Richards, Cecil Kelly, Curtis Tresemer, Louis Schrader, Kenneth Hut el Marshall I-lense, Dean Curtis. Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa Iowa University ........ ....... University University University University University University University University University University University University University University University University University University University SEASIIN REIIURD State Teachers ...... St. Olaf ................... Wisconsin Tech ....,.. St. Olaf ................ Wartburg ..,.................. .. Buena Vista ,........,.......... Winona State Teachers ...... Penn .................,..........,.., Platteville Tech .............. Luther ........,..............,.... Platteville State Teachers Westmar ..................,.....,. Buena Vista .................,.. Iowa Wesleyan ....... Wartburg .......,.... Luther .........................., Wisconsin Tech .............. Winona State Teachers .... Iowa Wesleyan College .... William Penn .................. 0 R C STUDIA S Rudolph Johnson, Hank Stevens, Carl Mittlestadt, "Pop" Beighle, This is the way we work, of least some Times. Page Ninety-three w , Oelwein Daily Register Carries the Upper Iowa Story Every Day You See - - - YOURS is our FAVORITE College! And ONLY in this Newspaper You Get Day-to-Day-News of LIFE AT U.I.U Sport Classics . . . Scholastic Events . . . Debates . . . Social Activities . . . Fine Artsl IN NO OTHER NEWS- PAPER is Upper Iowa University reported so COM- PLETELYI Are You Graduating? Then youill want to subscribe to the OELWEIN DAILY REGISTER to keep in touch! By carrier or mail! Are You an Under Classman? . . a Faculty Member . . . Parent of a Student? Donit miss a single issue of the Daily Registerh. By carrier in Fayette and other northeast Iowa towns 20c per week. Q25c in Oelweinj. By mail S7 per year. If you're interested in Upper Iowa, youill find the Upper Iowa Story in your . . . Oelwein Daily Register "Since I880i' 'The Daily Newspaper Closest to Upper Iowa Unioersityv Page N inety-fou I. HAIL T0 THE PEACOCKS AND THEIR FINE COACHING STAFF TVe are proud to have outfitted them IOWA SPORTS SUPPLY COMPANY CEDAR FALLS, lowA F eatturing ATHLETIC SUPPLIES AND TEAM EQUIPMENT weoufmm yftht 'Nth f dCtII C H PINKHAM C. W. HOFFMAN Sales Manager Dr. Louis C. Rothbun Frank C. Rothbun Lula A. Rothbun O p to m et r i st Rathbun Brothers JEWELERS OPTOMETRIST Hamilton Elgin Bulova Gruen Boulevard Watches International Heirloom Wallace Sterling English Spode Dinnerware FINE DIAMONDS Optical Department Under the Personal Direction oi DR. LOUIS C. RATHBUN--Optometrist At the Sign of The Street Clock 18 South Frederick Ave., Oelwein, Ia. Since 1909 THE "PICK" OF THE CLASS For Gifts for All Occasions Elgins and Helbros Watches Parker and Sheafier Pens I ewelry Cosmetics Eastman Argus Cameras Garrott's Whitman's Chocolates Hollmork Cards Davis Rexoll Store I FAYETTE. IOWA OELWEIN BOTTLING CLUB 190 COMPANY WORKS Dining ff Dnncing Chickens-Steaks-Spoghetti Carbonated Drinks oi A11 Kinds 3 Miles South of Oelwein On Route 150 Hi hest uolit g Q y Open Every Night Beverages Except Monday OELWEIN, IOWA TEL. 18R1 OELWEIN, IOWA Page Ninety-six I BELL BRAND LARRY S DAIRY CHOCOLATE MILK WHIPPING CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE Fflfm Seeds swEE'r CREAM Custom Seed Cleaning ICEUFIQEQM Freshly Mixed EGGS Master Feeds HOMOGENIZED AND PASTEURIZED Tel 145 I FUYSIISI Iowa Tel White 76 Fayette, Iowa GRlM'S LOCKER SERVICE KENNETH W. STEWART, Manager We Feature the Tops In Quality of . . . Beei Frozen Fish Pork Oysters Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Tel. 64 Fayette Iowa Knights Hardware ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES and SERVICE PAINTS OILS GLASS SHELLS FAYETTE, IOWA Bordens Ice Cream THE COLLEGE STO E NOVELTY sPoR'.rswEAR COLLEGE IEWELRY STATIONARY CANDY BOOKS BASEMENT COLLEGE LIBRARY FAYETTE IOWA TED'S CAFE We Are Small, But Will Take Care ot You Meals, Lunches, Homemade Pie FAYETTE, IOWA BILL'S PLACE Recreation Parlor Sporting Equipment FALETTE, IOWA SCHNEIDER'S ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE STORE FAYETTE, IOWA Page Ninety-seven .,.,..v.-1.-...v.. ...Y , v-,Y YW WY GUNDERSON Uptown Tap and Lounge PLUMBING 8r HEATING CO. HOWGNI Baker, MUHOQGY R. L. RIDIHALGH Shu'jj1j'm'd owne' Your Favorite Brew PHQNE 3Q'l Diagenany A cross from The Colesium 19 Charles sr. oelwearr, Iowa Tel- 37 O'-'flweinf Iowa STAR CLOTHING Home of Shoes Clothes Furnishings for Men and Boys Oelwein, Iowa FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OELWEIN A FRIENDLY BANK IN A FRIENDLY TOWN FOR HINTZ BROTHERS DIS-I-INCTIVE FUNERAL HOME Phone 537 309 lst Ave. Northeast THE ROSS COMPANY FURNITURE-Russ Oelwein, Iowa Phone 139 101 3rd SI JAMISON LUMBER COMPANY Iowa Motor Company OELWEIN, IOWA MERCURY-FORD , Ford Tractors and MUI6-Hlde Roots Dearborn Implements BUIIdIl1g Material OELWEIN, IOWA and P 65 105 S. Fr d k P IN jg! CIRCLE INN FAYETTE THEATRE Always a good show BOB MARGE VIC DAHL, Manager This Space Contributed by LEADER STATE BANK OF FAYETTE GENERAL PRINTING Because we believe in Upper Iowa University her students and her fu- ture' FAYETTE, IOWA AU RE FLO AIR CONDITIONING PLUMBING 6' HEATING E. H. CARLEY Phone 77 Fayette, Iowa JOHNSONS CAFE Courteous Treatment Good Food at the Right Prices BROWNIE GLADYS FAYETTE COUNTY FARM BUREAU "An organization by and for farm people" I. Sponsors the Extension Educational program oi the Land Grant College. II. Services to Members at Cost 1. Auto Insurance 2. Lite Insura c 3. Hail Insuranc CONTRIBUTOR'S LIST DR. DORMAN DR. SCHRIER R B MCCORMICK THRIFTY FOOD MART IVICLEEZE-LEYTZE PAUL'S BARBER SHOP HALL'S D-X STATION MAURER'S SHOE SHOP ED CAMPBELL'S GARAGE CANDY BOX iOeIweinI I X if 9+ 'W - . . f . ,a. . .. v . 4 . - , ' , ., rf- : Zig., 5' 1 . V353 . , ,. ' 's'21'5..5gj- '?.-" 0 - ' 1 4-f 5 "1 ' 'lkl' .. ., . ,I .gn "v 1 ' . I A .V AVQN ' ' j V n -- - ' . Q. -gig", ggvw I, ' N ' ' ,,- ' ,Vu ,ffl .," 'i vi ' , if 3 gm-if .1 V 'Wx ' , ' ,', V' I' ,L -N2 :-aa A ,V -f fit, 'fm J A ' 5- Y . - gk . .. 4 5 . ' Q . v ' 1 V 1 V fVV. WA . . -,,V w V my 1 ' X.. lv r V V. - , 1 frf 5.3 WV x V V V .- VM Vi V an V Vg A ' , , I 4:1 . , I , . P ' Q X, ' ' ' T ' x , Q ' I . Q 41 I . N 9 , 4' ' 1, X' .. I 'V - , ,gg 5 ,rm pfbti f waz fm. 1 ' ' ' ' t. ' ' , I . I V . f ' V" ft. .QV 1,1-'VV V V W, t ' A If 'f 5 f V V V-U? VV. .VVVVI V V ., ,,. 4, , '- l V is VV , 3 . 'f F' . vi ' ,ffm . VW. , .V V .V Q ,- 1 V S K .. . , 3 ', w.,, . . .f: VV . 4,395 H.. . - ' 4. HW? . . . , ,.q, , - if -sr . ' . A A Q b . 'Q . ,f ' ig. 4,2 '31, . iz-1 Q .L wr. L, ,V VV A .,.n..,V ,1 , Vi V 52-Q, 1, .W . f . '. ,' ,, , . , , ' ' . + . A , . - . . A 1, -Q, 1' "'uElfEQl-A X . ,v' :QT 'gi , ., - .. v V VV V: f V V Vg: .V 1 . - ', L 1 4-6 LV I V :A .Vis H - 3' 'QS ' ' ie - xp f 'A h " - 1 ki-70. V ' '. V, x J V. Vgwg. ,V - JVV gag V, x - ' ' i 3. ye' 5514 F L' f A P 'ig' V' garf ' I, v- ' . y 4. . . .2 Vi VV R 1 'gl . .f J Vi! +1 'My-Q ' 'X A' ' " - ' , gh . , 5, . ' 1 N 'X Q gil ' . - , ' Rai., 1-V, -Z" . ,vl M, , . .V - 35- Q 1-1 ' wa, ia.. 'A 1 -fax V 1 .Q Wm V A .gk ' V bt, R r .'3i'Q'." . wi, Pisa fe 5' ' i 'V ' - ., JJ- . -'1?-mn .. , 4' W 1 N . f - ,.w:, , 53' Y' i',"' V Q' mag ' 5 ,Pl L I V , f 4 , ' 'Q ,- X . J' 1.3.3 . " 1: . : ' , . ,NM fw- .. Q ,1,-hw. A -, r.: 'N .4 ,w -.1 1- 31 'M JE., Vu K ,inv-gg If 5, - - fr-f, . a 3 My w., , .,,,..T:: M, s v5:iw,:32"'.m,gz! ,VLF VV , , E. f..5,:,Vffja..V 9 L ' L '--gfvf , ,. yn, ,, K . 5 A- f4,. . , LV. ' 1 I 5' " 9' - um lg ' M ' JFS 1 ' 'W I V - f-.,z W .x'...v.-151.3 kg f X- .. . we , , V N, JAM K, 1' . . V. v, N , V, ,V

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