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Au ,u. ssl? . .N 3 3,5 1 n fa ,Q M' we H fm? V-is ...rw 1 u I F Kg., -r -V1 "ANI f- w-ya ,g f -, f .wi-.N 32314, . -11 -in 1 l 1.7 L f.. "' 1'?:'fl,'QVi 1 n '- "'f'ZG'-Tf?1YLQf" 'A f L 't' .. i I ,V 1 Q :gg nfw 1 Q -' . 124-mf 4' 5 1. 3 ' .L ..,.-J , 5' '1.'fF"..i -Q 4 fx' x Ls- N 251' ' J 5. v""V'1:. . fkxil, 1 uv: fi ,,Q,x3gx" 1, aj ...-iff?-3, 1 J I . .h 1: I .iw , ,s L, ' K ' fbi Q-If -. -V, -, -A L q1i,gg,,.: - .,-2' . .53 , . -V A ' " 'H' ' z.,.1'H Elfi":f,ffi, - N ff K ' 'A 2? ,-.,.A ,f ,,..-.- ..-',2,- A -A,,,g...., -1 4, 1L-.,Q?,L,,Qn.apfb.:iLf,g."2ig5 "3ff'1+'!ff! 511 f.,a.n,4 .. gi""5:f wif X-nf. 'F V Tyzg ff, .xf , VM. W M45 PEACCCK f 1 If 5 W In f 1 fbgr 'Qiatxiifiszewk-rg.. V Meigs- J Published by the Class of 1946 Upper Iowa University his Peacock is reverently dedicated to those who have given their lives that institutions like Upper Iowa may continue. N JAMES 4.5. HARV WENDELL QEJCK vgth page four Our President's Message Our country has been in World War H tor three and one-halt years and most of our boys are in military service, but in spite oi war conditions the college is going ahead with a full proqrarn. Prospects for an early victory in Europe assure us that We shall continue to maintain our high standards and serve our constituents eitectiveiy, both now and in the post-war days. Aclmanushaxlaon FQCL.LH'q Classes mum s Q42 " 5 .' 6+ I :Ni P x . '-' ' YF page six " alien The Administration is indispensable for the perpetual maintenance of Upper Iowa. The duties of the Administration are many and varied. Deans Meyer and Mongold very efficiently advise students and help them with their difficulties, and have a "thousand and one" other jobs to keep both very busy. Dr. Don P. Hawkins visits schools in Northeast Iowa, is director of promotion and head of U. I. U.'s new Iournalism department. He is one of our busiest professors and is chairman of publicity and of chapel programs. Dr. R. M. Deming, the registrar, arranges the class schedules and gives out grades to the students. His pleasing personality has endeared him to all who know him. Miss Morf, secretary to the President, sees all, hears all, and knows all. Miss Carte-r's wit always adds spice to her conversations. Occasionally an erring student hears her ask for silence in the reading room. Mrs. Clyde capably handles the finances. The Rev. Frank Cass, financial secretary, who secures funds from friends of Upper Iowa, and looks after financial field work in general. 2. Gr ,t...v-1i- Y 1. William C. Mongold, A.M., LL.D. Dean Professor of Psychology and Education ace M. Meyer, A.M. Dean of Women Professor of English 3. Don P. Hawkins, Ph.D.. Liti.D., D.D. W Field Secretary and Professor of Iournalism 4. Raymond M. Deming, B.C.E., M.S.. Sc.D. 5. Ce 6. Do Registrar Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy lia Mori, A.B. Secretary to the President ra F. Carter, A.B. Librarian 7. Mary B. Clyde 8. Th Acting Treasurer e Rev. F. W. Cass Financial Secretary page seven page eight l. Ivadell F. Brause. A.M. Professor of Latin and Speech 2. Eli C. Christoferson, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Political anol Social Science 3. Maude E. Felter. A.M. Supervisor of Practice Teaching Assistant Professor of Business Administration 4. Mildred Haefele, M.S. Assistant Professor of Home Economics 5. Ioseph R. Hart, B.S., M.S. Professor of Chemistry and Physics 6. Carl I. Kuipers. B.S., M.S. Professor of Biology l. Gunvcrr LcxVinn, B.S. lnstructor of Women's Physical Education 2. L. Paul LcrVinn, M.S. Basketball Coach Assistant Professor of Physical Education 3. Louis W. Molloy Instructor in Violin Director of Band and Orchestra 4. Harriet A. Rcmney. A.M. Assistant Professor of Education and Psychology 5. Esther M. Root, A.B. lnstructor of Modern Languages 6. Harold H. Root, M.M. Professor of Voice and Choral Music 7. Dorothy F. Treshansky, M.M. Assistant Professor of Piano and Music Theory 8. Willis H. Walker, I-LM., Ph.D. Assistant Registrar Professor of History page nine page ten endaz 66444 l. Muriel Ouida Andrews 2. Osage, lowa Major: Music Minors: Spanish, Business Administration Activities: Orchestra, Accom- panied Girls Trio, Band, Pepster, Acapella Choir and Choir William Edward Epps Oelwein, lowa Majors: Greek, Bible Minors: English and Social Science Activities: Pastor ot the Bap- tist Church in Oelwein, lowa 3. Mildred Maxine Gernand Volga, lowa Major: Business Administra- tion Minors: History and Spanish Activities: Orchestra, Forum Cabinet, Band, Student Council Member, Gamma Delta Cappa president 4. R. Lorraine Kitch . Sumner, lowa 5.F Major: Home Economics Minors: Biology and Business Administration rancis Iudd Schermerhorn Hazelton, lowa Major: Mathematics Minors: Business Administra- tion, Physics Activities: Student Council Member, Basketball, Choir 6. Karl Richard Schliepsiek Fayette, lowa Major: Bible Minors: Education and His- tory Activities: Basketball, Pastor of the Church ot the Luth- eran Hour l. Audrey Elaine Davis Fayette, Iowa Major: English Minors: Speech, Business Ad- ministration Activities: Chorus, Collegian Staff, "Ring Around Eliz.", Dramatics, Choir, Sigma Tau President, University Players President, Editor ot the Peacock, Forum Cabi- net, Pepster, Student Coun- cil Member, junior Class Vice-President 2. Maurice Milton F revert 3.H Rockford, lowa Major: History Minors: Mathematics, Social Science, English Activities: Orchestra, Band, Choir, Chorus, "Whole Towns Talking", "George Washington Slept Here", "Ring Around Eliz.", Stu- dent Council Member, For- um Cabinet President, Dra- matics, H. U. l. President, University Players, Presi- dent oi junior Class, Foren- sic Oratory Contest, Busi- ness Manager ot the Pea- cock. elen Iosephine Hinsenbrock West Union, lowa Majors: English, Business Ad- ministration Minors: Spanish and Mathe- matics Activities: Choir, Chorus, Phi Beta Phi Vice-President, University Players Secre- tary and Treasurer 4. Barbara Iean Rankin Kanawha, Iowa Major: Music Minors: History, English Activities: H o in e c o min g Queen, Alpha Chi Omi- corn, Forum Cabinet Mem- ber, Sigma Tau Delta, Gamma Delta Kappa 5. I William Walter Goldsmith West Union, lowa Major: Bible Minors: English and Business Administration Activities: Pastor oi the Wes- leyan Methodist Church in West Union page eleven 7m em page twelve Beverly Iune Beare ....... Oelwein, Iowa Activities: Choir, Chorus, Band, Collegian Cofeditor, Sigma Nu Sigma Lois lean Feller .... . Elgin, Iowa Activity: Collegian Stall Ruth Caroline Ganske ...... Sumner, Iowa Activities: Collegian Staff, Kappa Eta Beta Velma Hill ......... Stanley, Iowa Activities: Band, Brass Sextette, Orchestra, Sigma Nu Sigma Dorothy Humbert ....... Dunkerton, Iowa Activities: Chorus, Band, Sigma Nu Sigma Norma Kimpston ....... West Union, Iowa Activities: Sigma Nu Sigma Isabell Leitch ..... . West Union, Iowa Activities: Band, Orchestra Dorothy Elaine Lund ....... Fayette, Iowa Pepster, Yell Leader, Kappa Eta Beta Donna Evelyn Rummel ...... Maynard, Iowa Activities: Band, Orchestra, Brass Sextette, Sigma Nu Sigma lean Thompson ..... . Cedar Rapids, Iowa Activity: Kappa Eta Beta V .....ln.lm First Row: Lois Feller, Lavon Martin, Opal Underbalclce, Dorothy Humhert, Norma Kimpston, Veva Hahn. Second Row: Jean Thompson, Dorothy Lund, Ruth Ganslce, Beverly Beare, Doris Steege, Shirley Shaffer, Velma Hill, Donna Rummel. Third Row: Louis Raether, Robert Anclreae, Marshall Mccunniff. page thirteen 61 First Row: Eleanor Day, Gladys Hillman, Alice Sniffln, Roberta Lockwood, Ruth Rilcs, Annabelle Loftsgard. Mary Gildner, Lois Sorge. Second Row: Doris Pagels, Connie Erion, Wilma Morgan, Patricia Candee, Betty Follett, Betty Johnson, Marga- rct Lamm, Kay Dumermuth, Donna Koebel, Gertrude Schneider. Third Row: Vcrnc Dclncs, Arvid Stock, Sam Dauenbaugli, Paul Kuhns, Edgar Fralzkc, Richard Smith, Robert Clark, Doyle Butts, John Rechkemmer. page fourteen 4 Offiam Seniors President . . . . . LORRAINE KITOH Vice-President . . . . MURIEL ANDREWS Secretary-Treasurer . . FRANCIS SCHERMERHORN Iuniors President . . . . MAURICE FREVERT Vice-President . . . . . AUDREY DAVIS Secretary-Treasurer . HELEN HINSENBROCK Sophomores President . . . LOUIS RAETHER Vice-President . . . . DOROTHY LUND Secretary-Treasurer . IEAN THOMPSON Freshmen President . . . ..... RUTH RIKS Vice-President . . . PHILIP COLE, not in picture Secretary-Treasurer . . ROBERTA LOOKWOOD page fifteen First Row: Lorraine Kitch, Maurice Frevert, Francis Schermerhorn, Lavon Martin, Dean Mongold. Second Row: Audrey Davis, Doris Pagels, Robert Andrea-ie, Muriel Andrews. mm: dwwal The Student Council is an organization of students that cooperates with the administrative department in aovernina the student body. Each year the council provides for the class scrap, clean-up day, Watermelon feed, punishment tor "green cap" thefts. The Council has qeneral jurisdiction over the Recreation Room. The Council is composed ot ten members chosen from the tour classes and elected by the stu- dents. There are tour senior representatives, three juniors, two sophomores, and one fresh- man. OFFICERS President .... . FRANCIS SCHERMERHORN Vice-President .... . . MAURICE FREVERT Secretary and Treasurer . . LAVON MARTIN page sixteen Q7 1C7 s A v' Q?.'EfSfOx5Q QWQH fx 'DA ' Q3'VD"m X Honorant Orqc1mza+uons er - 9-0 94? Q55 x'.U?v56, Q, S 2 8 x U We .Q QqeyS page eighteen These organizations are not functioning this year due to circumstances be yond the control of the college: PI KAPPA DELTA, forensic fraternity ALPHA PSI OMEGA, dramatic fraternity PI RHO ZETA, commercial fraternity GAMMA DELTA KAPPA, honorary scholastic sorority ALPHA CHI PHI, science fraternity Mildred Gernand, Lorraine Kitch, Barbara Rankin Wh: 'a 7040 Three Upper lowa students gained national recognition and honor by being selected for "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges." Only Iuniors and Seniors may be included in this compilation of biographies of outstanding students. This junior "Who's Who" serves as a cross section ot the most outstanding personalities in Amer- ica's undergraduate college lite today. Character, scholarship, leadership in extra curricular activities, and the possibility of future usefulness to business and society are the qualities required. page nineteen 7-- i - W- -' First Row: Doris Steege, Audrey Davis, Veva Hahn, Lavon Martin. Second Row: Dean Mongolcl, Barbara Rankin, Miss Meyer. ' aaDeZz'cz The Tau Alpha Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, professional English fraternity, initiated three new members this year: Doris Steege, Lavon Martin, and Veva Hahn. The ceremony was conducted by Miss Grace Meyer, Dean W. C. Mongold, Miss lvadell Brause, Audrey Davis, and Barbara lean Rankin. Dr. Don P. lfawlcins of the faculty is a member of another chapter. Ten other students who excel in English have been asked to be associate members. The organization holds its meetings once a month. The members have been studying the novel and biography as Well as presenting original material. The officers are: President . . AUDREY DAVIS Secretary . . . . VEVA HAHN Sponsor . MlSS GRACE MEYER i page twenty First Row: Kay Dumermuth, Arvicl Stock, Helen Hinsenbrock, Audrey Davis, Miss Brause, Roberta Lockwood. Second Row: Eleanor Day, Robert Clark, Shirley Shaffer, Sam Dauenbaugh, Connie Erion, Lavon Martin, Maurice Frevert, Mary Gildner, Lois Sarge. Zfmhmccft plczqua The local dramatic fraternity, The University Players, promotes dramatic ability and provides fellowship for those interested in the Work. This group takes an active part in the production of all the college plays under the direction of Professor lvadell Brause. The Y homecoming play, "George Washington Slept Here," was a great success. Several oneract plays have been produced for chapel programs. The organization meets once a month for business and program. President .... . . AUDREY DAVIS Vice-President . . . . . ARVID STOCK Secretary and Treasurer . . HELEN HINSENBROCK page twenty-one First Row: Gladys Hillman, Muriel Andrews, Lois Feller, Norma Kimpston, Jean Thompson, Dorothy Lund. Second Row: Donna Rummel, Dorothy Humbert, Audrey Davis, Lorraine Kitch, Mary Gildner, Lois Surge, Margaret Lamm. Third Row: Wilma Morgan, Velma Hill, Betty Follett, Patricia Candee, K. Richard Schliepsielc, Betty johnson, Beverly Beare, Ruth Ganslce. antwze of 7awcz This organization consists of two chapters, the Alpha chapter, with membership open to lun- iors and Seniors, and the Beta chapter with membership open to Freshmen and Sopho- mores enrolled in the two-year normal course. The Alpha chapter is sponsored by Miss Felter, while Miss Ranney is sponsor ot the Beta chapter. Qne of the main educational ieatures made available to the club was a talk on narcotic education by Miss Grimmette, a representative from the State Board ot Narcotic Education. page twenty-two v 1 Dr. W. H. Walker, Muriel Andrews, Maurice Frevert, Beverly Beare, Doris Steege, Audrey Davis. Ziaiatimz aafzam The U.l.U. Christian Forum under the leadership of Maurice Frevert presented programs ot spiritual and intellectual interest throughout the year. The goal Which the Forum Cabinet strived to attain was to present a worth-while program that no student could afford to miss. During registration week, the Forum sponsored the Formal Reception to acquaint the new students, the old students, and the faculty With each other. lt had charge of one day's pro- gram during Religious Firiphasis Week. The Forum also sponsored the Christmas party. The Forum combines the Y.M.C.A. and the Y.W.C,A. on the campus in order to torm a more unified religious club. page twenty-three First Row: Kay Dumermuth, Miss Mildred Haefele, Miss Grace Meyer, Doris Pagels. Second Row: Ruth Riks, Audrey Davis, Lois Kaser, Roberta Lockwood. 71,6402 '7awa qfame ' 4 Qu! The Upper Iowa Home Economics Club is a new organization on the campus this year The aim of the qroup is to stimulate interest in Good home making. The club is affiliated with the Staie and National Home Economics Association. Two biq events were the initiation banquet and the State Day at Iowa State College. The officers of the club are: President . . . , Vice-President . . Secretary-Treasurer . . Sponsor . . Club Mother . . Honorary Member . . page twenty-four . KAY DUMERMUTII ROBERTA LOCKWCOD . . DORIS PAGELS . . MISS HAEFELE . MRS. V. T. SMITH . . MISS MEYER E xlrra - Qnurrneuhr Adivifies .m J TN ' if Q 5 It 'Y N Q0 QM wwf f,,,j.,5..5f., IX ,5 1 x , ' fl g f . Wx: -6 First Row: Doris Steegc, Muriel Andrews, Ruth Riks, Roberta Lockwood, Kay Dumermuth, Doris Pagels. Second Row: Prof. Louis Molloy, Dr. Don P. Hawkins, Arvid Stock, Shirley Shaffer, Annabelle Loftsgard. . . fm The field trip groups visit schools in northeast Iowa. They present musical and dramatic programs, the object being to secure future students for Upper Iowa. The groups are accorn- panied by Dr. Don P. Hawkins, Promotion Director, or Mrs. Hawkins, his assistant in the work. page twenty-six First Row: Doris Pagels, Accompanistg Prof. H. H, Root, Director. Scccnd Row: Betty Cass, Eleanor Day, Muriel Andrews, Jean Thompson, Lavon Martin, Roberta Lockwood, Au- drey Davis, Lois Sorge. Third Row: Donna Koebel, Doris Steege, Helen Hinsenbroclc, Betty Follett, Connie Erion, Kay Dumermuth, Dorothy Lund, Mary Gildner, Annabelle Loftsgard, Shirley Shaffer, Veva Hahn. Fourth Row: Louis Raether, Arvid Stock, Marshall McCunniFf, Francis Schermerhorn, Robert Anclreae, Richard Smith, Maurice Frevert, Sam Dauenbaugh, Edgar Fratzlce, Robert Clark. This year the University Choir has found it possible to change from a Womens organiza- tion to a mixed group. The choir has sung at chapel and at the Vesper service, in addition to malainq lield trips and qivinq other special programs. The choir has been very success- tul because ot the loyalty and cooperation ot its members and because of Professor Harold Roots patience and skillful direction. page twenty-seven Clczrinets Betty Follett Lorraine Kitch Gertrude Schneider Louis Raether Valveless Trombone Kay Dunimermuth French Horn Dorothy Hunibert Comets Gladys Hillman Beverly Beare Shirley Shaffer Marshall McCunniff Donna Hummel Bass Horn Robert Clark Velma Hill Director Prof. Louis Molloy Zane! Trombones Doris Steeqe Robert Andreae Maurice Frevert Saxophone Donna Koebel Drums Muriel Andrews Connie Erion The Upper Iowa concert band has carried on in a fine way despite decreased membership lts performances at homecoming, chapel, public concerts, and on other special occasions have been excellent. Professor Louis Molloy deserves rnuch credit for his splendid direc tion of this organization. page twenty-eight Violins Clarinets Bass Hom Prof. Louis Molloy Betty Follett Velma Hill Muriel Andrews Lorraine Kitch T b Marqaret Lamm Comets M 'Qin 01:16 t aurice rever French Hom Marshall McCunniff D Dorothy l-lumbert Donna Hummel rum P- Connie Erion icxno Ruth Riks 0 The U.l.U. orchestra has made qood progress under the direction of Professor Louis Molloy. lts performances at plays, chapel, and on other occasions have been outstanding. page twenty-nine i """" ww' L Y i Zuma extelte The brass sextette is a new group which has been formed this year. Their selections at the studio recitais were areatiy enjoyed by those who heard thern. Their success is due to a cornbination of talent and hard Work. IJUKLIL' thirty page rhirry-one First Row: Maurice Frevert, Audrey Davis, Dr. W. H. Wfalker, Helen Hinsenlarock. Second Row: Bob Clark, Opal Underbakke, Sam Dauen baugh, Jean Thompson, Arvid Stock, Ruth Ganskc Con nie E1-ion. peacack Staff FACULTY ADVISORS Dr. W. H. Walker Dr. Don P. Hawkins ARTIST Arvid Stock CLASS EDITOR Helen Hlnsenbrock TYPI ST Connie Erion gglytw EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Audrey Davis ADVERTISING STAFF Maurice Freverl, Bus. Bob Clark Sam Dauenbauqh Opal Underbakke MUSIC EDITOR Veva Hahn SOCIAL EDITORS Ruth Ganske lean Thompson Mgr First Row: Edgar Fratzlcc, Beverly Bcarc, Louis Racrher, Lavon Nlartin, Robert Andreae. Second Row: Audrey Davis, Mary Gildncr, Vcva Hahn, Alice Snifhn, Ruth Ganslce, Kay Dumermuth, Connie Erion, Eleanor Day. Third Row: Arvid Stock, Robert Clark, Nlarshall lVlcCunniff, Maurice Frevert. 'Me ' The CQLLEGIAN, Upper lowds Student newspoper, hos been under the orble supervision oi our new Iourndlism professor, Dr. Don P. Howkins, this yeor. The CGLLEGIAN stoti wos heoded by cofeditors, Lctvon Mortin ond Beverly Becrre. When Don Ulrich leit lor the ormy, his position os business monoqer Wcts token over by Ed Frotzke. Another very importont member of the stoti was the circuiotion mcrnoqer, Louis Roether, who supervised the wrop- pinq ond oddressinq oi opproximoteiy 600 COLLEGIANS to service men, prospective stu- dents, ond subscribers. page thirty-thee l ming The day began with the band marching through the little metrop- olis. Then all repaired to the gym for the coronation of the Home- coming Queen, lean Thompson, who had been chosen by the stu- dent body. She was crowned by Francis Schermerhorn, president of the Student Council. The class stunts followed the coronation cer- emony. The Seniors presented boy meets girl with the modern version. The luniors imitated prom- inent faculty members. The Soph- omores presented the Homecom- ing Tavern. The Freshmen played a new type of basketball game. During the aiternoon the Roll Call of Upper Iowa servicemen was read. Following this, the audience honored the Gold Star servicemen. The events of the evening began with the Annual Banquet. The main event of the evening was the annual Homecoming Play, "George Washington Slept Here." This delightful corn- edy, directed by Miss lvadell Brause, ended the day. Convocation was at tho Methodist Church on Sunday morning. page thirty-four P gl' ff' 'V ifff vff , 1 L .U f, page thirty-five First Row: Sam Dauenlmugh, Marshall lVlcCunniff, Francis Schcrmerhorn, K. Richard Schliepsick, Robert An dreae. Second Row: Coach Paul La Vinh, John Rechlcemmer, Robert Clark, Edgar Fratzlce, Nlanagcr Louis Racthcr. Z Wiili one oi the sincillesi hdslieibdll squads in the Upper lowo Conlerence, Couch Puul Ld Vinn's loom onded ihe seoson with ci good conlerence ruling. Only one nieinlwer oi the leoin hud hud previous experience in college boskeiboll. None ol the oiher men on ihe iedni hud niuch previous experience. Both the plolyers ond ihe cooch hod ihe will lo ploy cleczn ond win. Four members of the teorn were inducted into service durinq the seoson. The Peo- cocks Won six qomes ond lost nine. cr l,hi1'ly-six Dean Nlarchnnt, David Clubinc, Don Holloway Knot in panel, Don Ulrichl. 5444055466 These boys, who served on the basketball squad, were inducted into the service of their country during the school year. They are typical ol the many who have left school to enter service. pugc thiltyfscvcn Fi.-. W H V First Row: -lean Mitchell, Dorothy Lund, Jean Thompson, Second Row: Maurice Frcvcrr, Lorraine Kitch, Audrey Davis, Ruth Ganslcc, Lois Kascr, Francis Schermcrhorn I.ouis Raether. Third Row: Edgar Fratzlce, K. Richard Schliepsielc, John Rechlcemmer, Robert Anclrcac, Marshall Mcffunniff, Sam Dauenhaugh, Robert Clark. Q2 The purpose ot this orfgciuizutiou is to promote pep cmd Cm ardent Upper iowa spirit. The choorfleuders: leuii Thorupsou, Dorothy Lurid, cmd leon Mitchell, are to he congratulated on their excellent leadership oi Upper IOWC1 yells. Although the enrollment is smaller than usual, the loyalty el the students is qreczt. C tl1i1'l5'f1'iggl1t, v Social Life Feo.+ u re s ,592 G X 2 If fa T4 Q' , W' W, 1 Q M page forty Doris Steege, Patricia Canclee, Alice Sniflin, Lois Kaser. 142644 ' Ummm The Alpha Chi Cmicron sorority, one ol the oldest on the Cdrnpus, was tounded in l922. This orqdnizortion is ever striving to promote its purpose oi promoting friendship omonq its meni- bers dnd dll Upper loworns. The rush season storted with or teol held in the Student Lounge ond continued With various porrties held out the home ot their club mother, Mrs. Pdul Lo Vinn. A combination pdrty ond dance was dttended by the A.C.C.'s, H.U.l.'s, ond their guests. Alpha Chi Oniicron strives to help its members derive ds much pleasure ond enjoyment Us possible irom college lite. President . . . DORIS STEEGE Secretory . . . . PEGGY SNIFFIN Tredsurer . .... . . . LOIS KASER Club mother ond ddvisor . . MRS. PAUL LA VINN 1 1 I First Row: Roberta Lockwood, Jean Thompson, Miss Haefele, Dorothy Lund, Kay Dumermuth. Second Row: Ruth Ganske, jean Mitchell, Donna Kocbel. Em? The Kappa Eta Beta sorority was iounded February 18, 1919, and is the oidest sorority on the campus. 1ts purpose was to stimu1ate c1ean, wholesome activity and create a we11- round character. The membership is iimited to eiqht this year. Miss Miidred 1-1ae1e1e was seiected as c1ub sponsor and Mrs. Ciara Smith, c1ub mother. The rush tea was he1d at the Smith home. Between oiied hair and some thirty-two piqtai1s during 1-1e11 Week, the Kappa piedqes were a "mess" Each qir1 proved that she cou1d take it. President . . . . DORQTHY LUND Vice-President . . . . IEAN THQMPSON Secretary . . . ROBERTA LOCKWOOD Treasurer . . KAY DUMERMUTH page forty-one , WV Lavon Martixx, Ruth Riks, Helen Hinsenbrock, Mrs. Clyde, Connie Erion, Shirley Shaffer, Mrs. Sperry, Doris Pagels. 7745 ' Phi Beta Phi wus erqtctitized iii 1917 cts the W.S. W. chih mid was reerqctiiized iii 1928 LIS the Phi Betcr Phi Sorority, The sorority strives te exemphty such high idecr1s cts womctriliriess, spertsirictriship, sincerity, cmd wisdeiu. hi C111 C,lSSOC1Cl11OI1l5 the society strives ter hm, hctr- riieriy, cmd helptuhiess. Rushees were enterteriried dt ct festive 1'1e111eweer1 pczrty iri the heme of the tctCu1ty sponsor, Mrs. 1. P. C1yde. On Vct1eritirie's Dcty the qir1s were quests et CI party in the home ot Mrs. Arhe Sperry, the C1ub mother. This yectr's p1edqes wi11 1enq remember brushing their teeth in trerit oi Co11eqe 1-1C111, count- irtft the seqiriertts iri crrifile werrus, wcdkiriq upstairs beckwcrrds, the 1eriq cO1d treks te the cemetery, the sen-J iests dt every irieetiriq, ctrid the delicious feed they cite so etteri. This yeer's rtteitttfersiiip was hriiited te ZQSGVGI1 girls. President ......... , . LAVON MfXRT1N Vice-President .... HIQLEN 1-HNSENBROCK Secretary cmd Treusurer . . CONNIE ERION ful'ty-two First Row: Betty Follett, Beverly Beare, Velma Hill, Donna Rummel, Dorothy Humbe1't, Annabelle Loftsgarcl. Second Row: Norma Kimpston, Muriel Andrews, Mrs. Treshansky, Wilma Morgan. . We . Sigma Nu Sigma is the largest sorority on the Upper lowa campus this year. lt has not al- ways been the largest girls' organization, but it has a line record of high moral standards. The Sigma Nu Sigma sorority is one oi the oldest on the campus, being organized in the tall of l924. lts main objective has been to promote social grace through informal parties, out- door picnics, hikes, and college activities. During Hell Week, five new pledges often wondered it being a member of the sorority was worth the agony of obeying the actives. But after that one rugged week of initiation and the impressive, candlelight formal initiation, they realized how much the sorority would mean to them. The many parties and the tun that the Sigmas have had together gives them many pleasant memories oi college days. President ..... . DOROTHY HUMBERT Vice-President . . DONNA RUMMEL Secretary . . ..... VELMA HILL Treasurer . ..... BEVERLY BEARE , . S MRS. HAROLD ROOT Sponsor ' '1 MRS. DOROTHY TRESHANSKY page fm tx thi ee Louis Racther, Francis Schermcrhorn, Robert Andreae, Prof. Joe Hart. 6g4cz2eZz'a cz The goal of the Alpha Delta Alpha fraternity is to promote deep and lastinq friendship among its fellowmen, to maintain a spirit of friendship with other social clubs, and to pro- vide entertainment for its members. Until its organization in l93l, Alpha Delta Alpha was the Delta Chi Upsilon fraternity. At present, it is the only social club at U.l.U. which is a Chapter of a national fraternity. Prof. R. M. Deming is the club's honorary sponsor, and Prof. loe Hart is the active sponsor. President . . . FRANCIS SCHERMERHORN Vice-President .... . . ROBERT ANDREAE Secretary and Treasurer . . LOUIS RAETHER page forty-four 1 Arvid Stock, Robert Clark, Sam Dauenbaugh, Prof. Carl Kuipers, Maurice Frevert, Marshall lVlcCunniff. Absent: Don Ulrich, Don Holloway fin servicej, Phil Cole freporting for physicalj. 0 Z I The H. U. l. traternity, oldest on the campus, strives to build physical, mental, and social character and to uphold the spirit and tradition ot Upper lowa. lt was originally organized as an athletic cluh but now encourages all campus activities. The name, l-l.U.l., has a secret meaning known only to club members. The annual pheasant hunt and pheasant dinner be- gan a well-rounded season ot social activity this college year. The l-l.U.l.'s have named Miss Ruth Ganske their ideal girl because ot her attractiveness and sincere friendly manner. President ............ MAURlCE FREVERT Vice-President . . MARICN DAUENBAUGH Secretary . . . . . ARVID STOCK Treasurer . . . ROBERT CLARK Sponsor . . PROF. CARL I. KUIPERS page forty-five - First Row: Eleanor Day, Gladys Hillman, Lois Fcller, Alice Sniffin, Opal Undubakke, Lavon Martin. Second Row: Muriel Andrews, Annabelle Loftsgard, Mrs, Chumbley, Doris Pagcls, jean Thompson, Ruth Riks. Third Row: Doris Steege, Lois Kaser, Ruth Ganske, Patricia Cai-iclee, Arvid Stock, Maurice Frevert, Francis Schermerhorn, Betty Follett, Lorraine Kitch, Betty Johnson. Things which characterized South Ha11 during '44-45: 1 13 . Tooth brush bristles in Pear1's bed. . Pear1's shower. 2. Thumb tacks in Lottsqards and Fo11et's 14. Day's diamond. bed. 15. False teeth in the water. 3. Candees sheets sewed together. 16. Riks and Paae1s share and share alike 4. Stray cat in bed with Ganske and Can' as far as Cole is concerned. dee. 17. Cut-throat, loud card games. 5. 1ohnson's broken bed. 18. The "quiet" be11. 6. The tricks We tried to p1ay on Steeae. 19. Who benefited from the indiana wine? 7. Peanut butter in the batlirooni. QU. U.1.U.'s best "The Snow man." 8 '1'hunipinf.g noises in the attic. 21. Siiiitiifs iridian "W'anipuni." U. Stacking everyones roonis. ZZ. UDCI1'-S 1Jifl11dQ1y party. 10. Snake in Snifieifs and Fe11er's bod. 23. S19iQ11'T1d9 TO FGUGTIS biTl11dUY IJUTTY- 11. Muriei and her niidniqht snacks! 24. Mas "Uddf1ot" box. 12. Display oi Ganske's P.P.'s in Cjolloqo Ha11. page forty-six l W The freshmen thought the World was coming to an end-no classes. Upper classmen knew when they heard the clamor of the bell at 7:30, it meant campus clean up. ln spite of the tact that some had to wander to the "Nook', for the usual "coke," several broken rakes, and leat tights, the Upper lowa Campus was finally tree of leaves. A Weary student body put up rakes and retained in memory a spot for the fun and hilarity of the day. page forty-seven Upper Iowa has tour hundred fifty former men students now in service. A small traction of these men's pictures have been secured and are published herein. As this Peacock goes to the publisher, sixteen Women are in service, twenty-three men have been honorably discharged, two men are missing in action, and eight men formerly on the faculty are now in service. page forty-eight Firsi Row: Richard Kennedy. U.S. Army: Derryl Dumennuth. U.S. Mdrine Corps: William Hall. Ir., U.S. Morrine Corps. Second Row: Harold Iamison, U.S. Ndvyp Gene Wooldridge, Army Air Corpsg Robert Woold- ridge. U.S. Navy. Third Row: Don Buenneke, U.S. Armyp Charles Billings, U.S. Mdririe Corps, transferred io U.S. Navy: Gayle Farnum. Army Air Corps. page forty-nine page fifty First Row: Keith Knos, Army Air Corpsf Duane Knos, Army Air Corps: Wayne Hurmence, U.S. Army. Second Row: F. B. Claxton, Ir., Army Air Corps, Darwin Hopkins, Army Air Corpsp Theodore Iohnson, U.S. Army. Third Row: Warren Iohnson, U.S. Marine Corps: Eugene Iohnson, US. Army, Howard Iohn- son, U.S. Army. ' . '5 y 1' i -hQ"""""""" , 5 E First Row: Donald Frevert, U.S. Navy: Lowell Corkery, Army Air Corps: Wallace Gallaher, U.S. Army: Bill Andres, U.S. Army. Second Row: Donald Gosch, U.S. Ncrvy: Basil Rowland, U.S. Army: Warren Ransom, Army Air Corps: Leonard Wood, US. Army. Third Row: Grant Peterson, U.S. Navy: Leo Ponsar cmd Edwin Pilmer. U.S. Navy: M. K. Sperry, U.S. Navy. page fifty-one pugc fifty 2Fr Dori llollaway and lcau rl'liorrip5orr. Lwuis llaeiher arid Dorothy Lund. Mr. arid Mrs. Verne Debes. aiicisa 5c:lrQrrm,:rlimrli and Lois Kaiser. Arvid Stock and Shirley Shaffer Marshall MCCUI1I1iil and Donna Dick Smith and Barbara Rankin. Ed Fratzke and Betty Iohnson. Koe-bel Winter is here. We edt ted. The tdshion pdrode. Our dischdrqed servicemen. Rdudoiid qiqqiers. The Long oind the Short ot it. Ruthie. The Red Hdts. OfiiCiUiS ot Music Festivdi. At Miss Meyer's ted. The Lonely Hedrts Club. It's over there. Bull session. In the ldb. For Georqe Woshinqton. 9 fifty-th The moiorcycle boys Home Ecers. Panels cmd Pearl p BUYS iuveuiion. Watch out. In ihe libe. Poqels cmd Cole sweet music, Basil Rowland, home on fu louqh. Merchant cmd iriend Bert Luce House Boys. Yeo! Lockwood. 13 Ready to qo. 14 Roselle. page fifty-five pugc fifty-six page Iiftyfsevcn page fifty-eight if f Miz? at Y if-, lxj 11. page fifty-nine sy? 52 ,Q M -s i,ixf'i'i:L: 't , page sixty 'W W "Wi 1. T2 Ti , uf' UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY FAYETTE. IOWA FOUNDED 1857 ACCREDITED Approved for Veteran Trclining A Complete College Program of Coeducational Opportunities SPECIAL TRAINING FOR GIRLS IN TEACHING, BUSINESS. HOME ECONOMICS. MUSIC, AND OTHER SUBIECTS A BACHELOR'S DEGREE IN THREE YEARS FOR CAPABLE STUDENTS UPPER IOKVA GRADUATES ARE IN DEMAND In Seleciing Your College Consider: THE SUCCESS OF ITS GRADUATES THE QUALIFICATIONS OF ITS FACULTY THE ATMOSPHERE ON THE CAMPUS THE EXTRA-CURRICULAR OPPORTUNITIES THE TRADITIONS THAT SERVE WE HAVE NO LABORATORY FEES . , . PREPARE TO TAKE YOUR PLACE IN THE WORLD OF TOMORROW Upper Iowa Graduates "Make Good." J 0512515012 is QUALITY Ilfj CHEKD eficious gee Gream IOHNSTON ICE CREAM CO. WEST UNION, IOWA THE NORTHVJESTERN MUTUAL LGF-I-Us RESTAURANT LIFE INS. CO. M. Phillips, Dist. Agent WEST UNION All the Time Sincc 1909 WEST UNION WEST UNION OIL AND PARTS A. W. HAUSLADENiProprieLor Everything for Your Car, Truck, or Tractor THE FAYETTE COUNTY UNION Your home town newspaper WEST UN ION , IOWA for smarf Jressers. .. HYDE PARK CLOTHES ARROW SHIRTS FREEMAN SHOES When in Need of Clothes Come to SCHATZ Z5 SCHATZ WEST UNION AVALON THEATRE WEST UNION QCA of flze picfures 'www- QSSS555S55SSSSSSS5S5S5555SS555555S55555555555S5555SSSSSSSSSSS5555515555S9555SSSSSS5S5SSSSSSS5SSSSSSSSSSifSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS5555555555555SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS555555SSMSSS955555595SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSQ S S5 5555 SSS5S5SSSSSSSWSSSSSSSSSSSSSZSSSSSSSS5 I , s ls E gi E a 'S 5 I S -'4 4 U new fi I RRRRRIRI R2 IRR 'A nv -A. A4 .-A.. Z -f-',.' av .- v-".' Z v- Z v- -.f -A -sf vs -A L" 3 nv v- ,L Z -sf 555555SSSSSSS555SiS5SSSSSSiSSS5SSSSSSSiSiSifSSSifSiSSSSiSSSSSifSiSifS5MSSSSSSSiSiSSSSSSSSS5SSSSSSSSSSS55SSSSS5SS5S5SS555SS5S5SS5ifSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS5SSSSSSSS5SSSSSSiSSSS5S5SSSSSSS55SSS5SSSSSSSSSSSSSSRIIIRIRIIIRIRE B 8: W Sandwich Shop SIBBINGS JEWELRY Oasted Sandwiches, Beefburgers, Hamburgers On the Comer OELWEIN OELWEIN GUTHRIE DRUG STORE Mab1e'S CuPb0afd OELWEIN QELWEIN MIKE'S GROCERY Humphry Hardware WEST UNION OELWEIN Graham 6- Schenck Lumber Co. Coast to Coast WEST UNION Stores Harry Jacobs Owner Established 1883 Phone 1 OELWEIN Compliments Of City Laundering Company Serwng the Community with Cleanliness for 38 Years Jamison Celwein Distinctive Apparel . fnf Lumber Co. Bottling Works L. J. and E. E' Hm Women and Girls OELWEIN Carbonated Dnnks ' oi A11 Kinds I ROSS CO. Building Highest Quality Material and Bweragfrs OELWEIN Coal Oelwein Roller Rink HENRY FAY open-Tnnrs.. Fn., sin., snn. Real Estate and 11011113 Private Pariies-Mon., Tues., Wed. OELWEIN CROSS PRINTERIE l2 First Ave. N. E. FLORIDA FRUIT CO. OELWEIN Phone 181 Oelwein NEW HOME CHFE Oelwein Livestock Exchange Sale Every Wednesday OELWEIN Ear1W. Moore BUTLER QUAL QU, FASHION CLE ANERS . OELWEIN QELWEIN . For the Very Best in Cleaning . Building Material Ponizac Send to FASHION CLEANERS 0 Paints - Vifallpaper pqyene Agent, Sales - Service IO1'1NSON'S CAFE TO OUR FIGHTING MEN ON LAND - ON THE SEA -IN THE AIR Last year we said i'Greetings and Good Luck" This year may we add the hope that we may be greeting you back on the campus ere long. STATE BANK OF FAYETTE E. H. CARLEY Tj 9 Plumbing and Heating HATHAWAY 8' COLE Printers and Stationers FAYETTE' IOWA FAYETTE, IOWA M. J. SCHNEIDER H- I- ROBINSON D-X Service Optometrist FAYETTE FAYETTE 8: RUSSELL R. ERION The WATKINS Dealer FAYETTE FAYETTE F. B. MHURER COUSINS Shoe Service Cities Service Station FAYETTE FAYETTE IOWH BUILDERS SUPPLY COMPANY See Us For Materials That Last Lowe Bros. Paint Iohns-Manville Roofing American Fence Sahara and Maple Ash Coal FAYETTE, IOWA IT'S ALL-OUT WAR in the feedlot Too! Allfoui war isn'i limiied io ilie iields ol Europev---the burninq sends ol Alrico the stemming jiiriqlos ol Buriuci ille fglisloiliwj bouclles ol ille South Pdcilic: lzglouds. Q11 every flilroriodii. luinl, every lklllllfjf who IOC1l1LZUL5 his irfqigloii- sibilily is woqinq dll--oui VVLIY' fxqriinst wwsie ol lime, ol food. Sniort leeders dre feeding Oceo Mineral Supplement, und Que dependinq upon ihe Occo Service Mon for oble ossisloince in solving feeding problems. Col in ioucli with the one neor you' NQWI l M PDU N D AL C0 for IN Livestock and Poultry ' M made by 1 OELWEIN CHEMICAL COMPANY - Oelwein, Iowa C0 Our glqhfiizq 612 ON LAND -ON THE SEA -IN THE AIR Good Luck to You All the Way MIDLAND MHNUFHCTURING CO. DECORAH OELWEIN KNIGI-ITS HARDWARE BAK-ERS COMP!-IMENTS JAMES E. KNIGHT 5c TO Sl STORE of the CARLTON W. KNIGHT . FAYETTE QUALITY HARDWARE WALLPAPER sov BEAN MILL PAINT AT REASONABLE PRICES ' Phone 119 FAYETT E, IOWA FAYETTE FAYETTE, IOWA FAYETTE THEATER Always a Good Show VIC DAHL A Sound Program . . For every member of every family through the promotion of 4-H Work, home project Work, older boy's and gir1's Work, improved farm practices and increased farm income through organization. F AYETTE COUNTY FARM BUREAU OFFICE 5 T A R C L O T U I N G I-Iintz Funeral Home GET TO KNOW ,. 3 N V 4 I , E 3 V Ambulance Service Star Clothing Co. 39 Flrst Ave. N. E. Phone 537 MEN AND BOYS' OUTFITS I-IINTZ BRC?-THI-ERS Quality Clothes A! popular Prices Furniture and Rugs OELWEIN Phone 139 OELWEIN. IOWA NIONUNIENTS -- MARKERS OELWEIN MONUMENT CO. C. W. GRAHAN, Mgr. PHONE 943 708 SO. FRED. AVE OELWEIN IMPLEMENT CO. lVIcCorn1ick-Deering Iidffll Nlachinery International Motor Trucks CLYDES GRASSF-'IELD I-IAMBURGER SHQE SHOP STORE 24 Hour Service OELWEIN, IOWA OELWEIN, IOWA COFFEE NooK CAFE Where the Ciang Always Met FAYETTE, IOWA IOHNSON'S CAFE 1- MILNSRD NQUBPHY FAYETTE 5iJM1xiER. SHAFFER SUPER SERVICE FAYETTE H. H. LEASE GROCERY SUMNER A. C. ANDRES COMPANY Clover Farm Store FAYETTE PAGEL SERVICE STATION Shell Gasoline and Cureasing SUMNER M. O. WEAVER, Inc. Crushed Stone Products FAYETTE, IOWA SHALES PHARMACY SUMNER, IOWA S. L. Shalcs H. L. Shales MURRAY GISSEL John Deere Quality Farm Equipment SUMNER, IOWA SUMNER BAKERY M. Zurbriggen, Prop. SUMNER, IOWA CITY MARKET SUMNER, IOWA RITZ CA FE Just Good Food Cigarettes - Fountain SUMNER, IOWA iSuccess to Upper Iowa University and Its Students MAYNARD SAVINGS BANK LEMME GROCERY Sl-IADLE MEAT MARKET Groceries, Meats. Dry Goods Cold Locker Storage MAYNARD X MAYNARD Maynard Co-operative Commission Co. Dealers in FEED - GRAIN - SEED - COAL WM. PONSAR, Manager GRUVER SHOE STORE Shoes, Rubber Foot Wea1'. and Shoe Repairing WEST UNION, IOWA Empress Cafe MCINTYHES Those Tasty D-X SERVICE A Store oi Youth A Store of Quality A Store of Moderate Prices Lunches Wgshinq DRY GOODS Grecisinq READY-TO-WEAR and Retrecxdinq Tires MILLINERY Midnight Batteries AAA Service Snacks Warner 6- Beolmer WEST UNION WEST UNION WEST UNION NATIONAL sc--loc--251.00 STORES, Inc. OELWEIN, IOWA BOOK AND ART SHOP LINDA'S APPAREL SHOP OELWEIN of:Lwr:1N OELWEIN DAILY REGISTER All the Local News - All the Time FI R E ST Q N E Ritchie's Clothing MAIRE DRUG CO f- WALGRI-:N CHANEN HOME AND CLGTHING AGENCY cmd AUTO SUPPLY FURNISHINGS Norihe-C151 I for Most Modem D q St I r F PZ MEN AND BOYS FOUNTAIN sione ro t if Medley Comer S E R V I C E OELWEIN OELWEIN, IOWA OELWEIN 'A' OELWEIN ak Publiyh er THE I-IOERMANN PRESS School and College Annuals, Year Books Programs, Stationery School Publications Phones: 605 - 606 COR. FIFTH and MAIN STS. DUBUQUE, IOWA You furnish lhe face lVe do the rest SCI-IILLING STUDIO FAYETTE IOWA Dr. I o1'in Dorman DENTIST DAVIS REXALL STORE School Supplies Jewelry Cara Nome Cosmetics . Gifts for Servicemen Superior Fountain Service FAYETTE FAYETTE, IOWA IOWA MOTOR COMPANY MERCURY 3 FORD Ford Ferguson Line of Tractors and Farm Implements 1055 Frederick Ave. Phone 185 OELWEIN, IOWA Gfqricufiumf G?550Cl'6lfi0IZ, .gnc Raymond lleiulc, Plant Manager OELWEIN, IOWA CONNORS INC. CANDY BOX OELWEIN 1 I A'Sweets Flhat Su1t" i Ltznches Tha! Satisfy Tasty Meals Rl ADYfl'OfVJliAR DRY GOODS OELWEIN, IOWA ZUBER'S SUPER SERVICE Distributors of Phillips 66 Products 20 N Frednck Ave. Phone 767 OELWEIN. IOWA OELWEIN NURSERY CO. One Mile East on No. 10 OELWEIN y-- -' v FIRST NATIONAL BANK Members of The Federal Insurance Deposit Corporation" SUMNER IOWA HOTEL CHARLES SUMNER ERKEL'S CHFE SUMNER DOSCHER IMPLEMENT CO. WEST UNION BALLARD STUDIO WESTUNION TI-IORSON TIRE SERVICE WEST UNION Johnson's Jack Spr-at Store WEST UNION F. 8: M. MHRKET L. J. Fencl E. C. Malek WEST UNION BEN FRANKLIN STORE WEST UNION ENIOY HOME COOKING df MA G- PA CAFE New Location Across the Street WEST UNION QUALITY FEEDS For A11 Livestock and Poultry MANUFACTURED BY BIG GAIN PRODUCTS WEST UNION. IOWA DEKALB, ILL. MANKATO, MINN. DAKOTA CITY. IOWA DR. LOUIS C. RATHBUN-FRANK C. RATHBUN LULA A. RATHBUN RATHBUN BROTHERS Jewelers and Optometrists HAMILTON - ELGIN - BULOVA --- WESTFIELD WATCHES Largest Jcwclry Stock in Northeastern Iowa . . . INCLUDING . . . WALLACE STERLING - FOSTORIA GLASSWARE ENGLISH SPODE DINNERWARE FINE DIAMONDS Complete Optical Department Under the Personal Direction of Dr. Louis C. Rathbun, Optician Since 1909 OELWEIN, IOWA Congratulations to thc Class of 1946 FIRST NATIONAL BANK Organized 1899 Mcinbei' of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation C. B. CHAMBERS, Prvsiclcnl M. C. HANSON. Cashier OELWEIN 1' l 4 We 7 Zan! The Peacock statt would like to thank ono and all lor their help in getting material, assembling it, and tor their many helpful suggestions in getting out this year's Peacock. Espe- cially do we wish to thank members ot the taculty, the stu- dent body, our photographers, and Dr. Willis H. Walker and Dr. Don P. Hawkins, who directed the literary and business departments respectively of this year's publication. The stall would also thank the l-loermann Press and its manager, Mr. Bill Voigts, the engravers, and all others who have assisted. AUDREY DAVIS, Editor-in-Chief MAURICE FREVERT, Business Manager

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