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mga, , Mlm:-4iu A I i i s if 2 l Q 1 a V i 3 E 2 4 Q G 5 cb fy!! f wl- f 1 W hx, an x ik? fx ,J s 1 . ,fi if .1 f 9 ma. , , H.f,x:.RL..f., ., ' 1 ,YL M .-114-'-.'.w' W 1 .' iii. ,XXQ 6 ': , .Y ,,,. ,W JU, -L ka , im-gm. Q, Q39 ' 5-L , H., 1 X Jiia, ,,.: g -H' ,,, :.- ,X M, , Am 1. , 1 t . qv. W 1 J - wwf wh N- 5- . M, N .4 1' , K, . gy .VU ,r V M. . If , , , Q K5 K ., 1.3 ' M195 f- "1" ' A ,Sf .T T "" 131 ', 1 V ' V-fri? 3,221 Ag hw: .ff -R .Q-J V, . -K A h 1' . 1 If ,K .4 V '. . g ,NV N , ,N . , , Q f - . - , f Q . v , . . .gr - g 1 L X ' '- 'f-,v v,'l" "TQ, r ' 'i--1 . wk 1. g ,R,v:4- . . ,- 'ML -. . A ku: 7 ,,,,, -. , 'J 'T K ' 5, U 3 . , X 'fr' ff m iq : ., W .fy fwiw- H , . ak -A 4 , , ,X ', 'LX 'f ' 4 X tw, A . X 4 fx . ff,k3w.', - .F V, 117. K ' A '.-'- "jg ' 'lp , ,.. X ..,., N , ' Rf M, . 3. ,MK , ,L '5fQff.?LQl ':-fri? Y a,?gvfqwyf-' i, .. .-11, . ml-'jfs-4 -A ., ,..- A 4,,,4e,.. :v.i??..v -1: ,V - N -, ,T ': . V Y V VV ,ww . V f M, 4, sf " W , ,J ff... W ,. , hm., . yu,--n M15 f Q uf 3' .. ,,,,,,'. V, x -'L 'M is if ji 4, ,ii-552.15 ,S 51 uv 2834? wr. -' A A f ., fJ..fK,, . 'f Q , H, 19. ., , . , fL'! v . T , may q Q-Qty ' V., 4, - 5 1 M' ' ' 'a lm '- , X I -. -Ag.. 1' A , X, g -N W, 'L , , bfi, .P fgff' E 1 , K a,-.144 f,. V, M .qw .,-. 01- 4 --f, J, fu -N .f 1. a -5,95 z-r:.,f. -. o 'Y I -1 'j' . I, AN. A , v. Lili? 'Li5Afw ,rdf-w Q4 JT. D. .Qi Wa, ,Vu LE .gif x rf fz 1 'mfg . ii, Jia, :I f M 5 111-lfig gg gi sg. . 'gm , ,, f?3.Q, K Q 4g:-ggi? W f' If 4 ,igiw W.-'fl 1 VH, ., , ,, 'Q' ' , if ,,.,,e,- in f' , ,'fz,y,jg,'1 I1 1 U H , f 'z fe' 5 N - wh w yfw. , inf f'f1f',, 'f? H415 ' 321.1 ., fgiflzufr " Swept 1-, ,,,, f 4 0-19 5 1 Sl Nl Nl Nl X! Nl Nl Nl FOREWORD STroll Through iT slowly-in quieT enioymenT allow The year To pass in sweeT reTrospecT. Memoirs oT college life lived To iTs uTmosT -classes in Tall-parTies in The winTer- picnics in The spring. Recall each one Ten- derly, The Tun, The Trials, The successes and Tailures. All your personal preparaTion To meeT changing world concliTions. ThaT you may never TorgeT Tond memories-we pre- senT you This book so you may, in The un- cerTain TuTure, come baclc To This year ancl in soTT remembrance-sTroll Through iT slowly. 1' s 9 I - Nl Xl xl Nl X! Nl Xl X! DEDICATION TO PRESIDENT VIVIAN T. SMITH ln apprecialion ol... A liberal Jrlwinlcer . . . An elllicienl adminislralor . . . fkllworouglw scholar and educalor . . . A friend 'ro slu- clenls and facully . . . We inscribe THE I94l PEACOCK 1 v ""lu-f O 9 BOOK ONE adminis+ra+ion classes honorary o ga a+ on , 1 f 2 1 3 . -nl 1 p 'W w "F w ,, 1 in . 'f w 1 ff' T wg, 1 ' .,, ' . 1 r '47, I :Q ,- , -.fa 'a , Q Y . 5 . Q ,4 , M. , - ' A s Q: if tjlxifj ' - :Ah J 21 , , , J 1 SH :rf- x V4 4 Aw g.,1ff . - 1, w .,,4 V 4x11 ' A , sag, ' Qfff' Q' ' '- ff: xi" ' . wfif V , -, . , ' ' z' .X- ' - , -qs uf fr 'Fig f :, . -1 ' N f ,rs -' V , , ,hx V , will H K G,-,L j1.HS.V,k, ,,7t,.,x PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE The confused and bewildered condiTion in The world Today, wiTh maTerialism and mechanism ev- erywhere challenging TruTh, beauTy, and goodness, demands more Than ever ThaT we re-dedicaTe our- selves To The Task oT preparing young people Tor inTelligenT and benevolenT service To mankind. IT is imporTanT ThaT we imparT accuraTe inTormaTion and masTerTul skills, buT iT is imperaTive ThaT we engender alTruisTic aTTiTudes so ThaT These skills will be used unselfishly. The clear mission of The small page II VIVIAN T. SMITH Preside'nT liberal arTs college is more Than ever To imparT ChrisTian culTure. Wi+h Tull confidence in The principles oT dem- ocracy and wiTh hope Tor The deTense oT our dem- ocraTic insTiTuTions we musT conTinue To prepare our youTh Tor useful service in Times oT peace. ThereTore, while we pledge our supporT To The NaTional Defense Program in every way possible, we shall conTinue wiTh our TradiTional liberal arTs curriculum and underTake To place even greaTer emphasis on The moral and religious elemenTs oT our college program. ad minisfrafive MRS. J. W. DICKMAN, B.M., M.L. Treasurer of Upper lowa, presidenf of fhe La- dies Professorship Associafion and manager of fhe boolcsfore, Mrs. Diclcman is loved and respecfed by Upper lowans everywhere . . . a sfriking ex- ample of vifalify and characfer. a life of beaufy and influence. WILLIAM C. MONGOLD, A.M.. I..L.D. A fhorough scholar and an able adminisfrafor, Dr. Mongold discharges fhe offices of Dean, Pro- fessor of Psychology and Educafion and direcfor of fhe placemenf bureau. l-lis is a mind of numer- ous and varied capabilifies, profound and illumin- afing. RAYMOND M. DEMINC5 B.C.E., Iv1.S., SCD. Respecled by sludenls as a supreme example of honesfy and fairness, Dr. Deming holds an enviable repufalion as Professor of Malhemalics and As+ronomy. l-lis office of Regislrrar has made him a friend and adviser of every slrudenl. commi+'rc-ze page I3 Q VIRGIL C. WELCH, B.D., AM., DD. Only a human dynamo could efleclively dis- charge Jrhe responsibililies on Dr. Welch's shoulders, buf he does il. A lireless worker wilh an abun- dance of enlrhusiasm, he is Professor of Bible and Religious Educalion, Direclor of Sfudenl Employ- menl, Field Secrefary and Publicify Direclror. faculfy w,.wvv..w,.,..,..-.,..,..... .H X .,V. . .VV, ... "1"""1-'i"' 1' CLARENCE JAY BLACK, A.M., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Chernisfry and Physics BEATRICE BOCKHAUS, R.N. College Nurse IVADELL FRANCES BRAUSE, A.M. Professor of Lafin GRACE BUHLMAN BURDICK, A.B. lnsfrucfor in Commercial Subiecfs DORA FRANCES CARTER, A.B. Lilorarian ZILPHA EMMA CHANDLER, Ph.D. Professor of English JOHN PEET CLYDE, A.M., D.D. Professor of Polifical and Social Science MRS. MARY B. CLYDE College Secrefary GEORGE MAYNARD DOBRY, A.B., M.S. Assisfanf Professor of Journalism CATHERINE DOLCH, B.S., A.M. Assisfanf Professor of Speech JOHN EDWARD DORMAN, B.S., D.D.S. Afhlefic Coach WALTER EVERETT HENDRICKS, A.B., M.M Assisfanf Professor of Voice and Insfrumenfal Technique page I4 of GEORGE WILLIAM KIBBIE, A.M. Supervisor of Pracfice Teaching AUGUST JAMES LUKES. A.M. Professor of Business Adrninisfrafion CRYSTAL LOREE LYONS, M.S. Professor of I-Ionne Economics LEONIDAS J. LYONS, M.S., Sc.D. Professor of Biology LOUIS W. MOLLOY Insfrucfor in VioIin and Direcfor of Orchesfra ARCHIE SYLVESTER MORSE, A.M. Supervisor of Pracfice Teaching MARVIN T. NODLAND, A.M. Supervisor of Pracfice Teaching HARRIET ALMA RANNEY, A.M. Assisfanf Professor of Educefion and Psychology ' i'ii . I irif f pgeI5 in acfion sf, more 'rufors KIIDLJ WAYNE A. SPALDING, A.M., M.M. Professor of Piano and Music Theory WILLIS HARRY WALKER, A.M., Ph.D. Professor of I-Iisfory GEORGE WELLS, A.M., Ph.D. Assisfanf Professor of Physical Eclucafion GLADYS HARSHAW WELLS, A.B. Insfrucfor of Physical Educafion www- if Mrs. Clyde, Mrs, Wells, Ranney, Mo e le, Wells, Dorman, Burdick. page I6 5 T livgf' fv,7'M2f2f-'5- '- wr-V2f1N,32I'1???Vil f'R1.q.:4IW ' , wi ' ,.- 'eyf i-gf-'www 'T ii .Mw::1V:i5f"imaQ 'usa-L-Q Y-.w--mis, -w w ' Nw - ' .- ul'- . f-A af. -- WN -W T. is f. - WWF. Ts - -Tw i i , ff' ' 4 fh'if.,fw:i3c:Fi2+frfa1afs M351 T:'v1wf'1 , s vw Th ff ii 1 . . and whosoever shall be seen wiThouT his or her cap shall have such punishmenT meTed ouT To him as may be deemed iusT by The Councilf' The "wearing oT The greenl'--The regulaTion oT which is iusT one oT The varied duTies oT The STuA denT Council. Governing The sTudenTs and sponsoring all-col lege acTiviTies are The paramounT duTies oT These elecTed represenTaTives. Under The guidance OT Dean lvlongold This body endeavors To sTril4e an even balance beTween The sTudenTs and The "pow- ers ThaT be." Early in The Tall The Council direcTed a l'geT- TogeTher" bonTire-parTy and a liTTle laTer a mid- aTTernoon waTermelon "Teed." The Class Scrap lwhaT happened To The rope?l, The Tall and spring campus "clean-ups," and The rushing oT The show were supervised by The Council. sfucleni' council LEFT TO RIGHT: Eleanor Maier Paul DeLong KeiTh BuTson George Caswell, pres. Joseph Harkins VincenT CrawTord KaThryn Grace Dale Schermerhorn Carol CarTer NOT IN PICTURE: KaThryn l-loTzel page I7 DARRELL EUGENE ARTHUR Maynard Major: Biological Science Foolball I, 21 Baseball I, 2, 3, 41 Inlra- murals1 Alpha Della Alpha 3, 4. ROBERT ALLEN BELLIS Randalia Major: Business Adminislralion Rho Sigma Chi I, 2, 3, 4j Debale 2, 3j Slage Crew "The Lale Chrislopher Bean" lj Slage Crew "The lmporlance ol Being Earnesl" I. JAMES BLAINE BUELL Cenlerville Major: Social and Polilical Science Track I, 21 Foolball I, 2, 3, Caplain 4j Baskelball 41 Baseball I, 2, 3,41 HUI I, 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl 41 Norlh Coop. House Manager 4. DOROTHY ANDERSON BURNS Pillsburgh, Pa. Major: I-Iome Economics Lenox College I, 21 Yell Leader 31 Band Majorelle 41 Kappa Ela Bela 3, Vice-Presi- denl 41 Dormilory Council, Junior Repre- senlaliye 3, Presidenl 4j House Manager "Double Door" 31 Collegian Slall 31 Acliv- ily Edilor PEACOCK 31 Class Secrelary- Treasurer 41 Sigma Tau Della 3, Vice-Presi- clenl' 41 Who's Who 4. ROBERT BRUCE CARTER Fayelle Major: Malhemalics1 Business Adminislralion Eoolball lj Baseball lj lnlramurals1 Lile Guard 2, 31 Alhlelic Manager 2, 3, 41 Alpha Della Alpha I, 2, 3, 41 Forum Vice- Presidenl 21 Class Secrelary-Treasurer lj Alpha Chi Phi I, 2, Vice-Presidenl 31 Pi Rho Zela 3, 41 Who's Who 3, 4. RUSSELL EARL CASTOR Fairbank Major: Music, English Baseball I, 2, 3, 41 A Cappella Choir 3, 4j Band I, 2, 3,41 Pep Band 2, 31 Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 41 Soloisl I, 2, 3, 41 Ensemble I, 3, 41 Rho Sigma Chi I, 2, Vice-Presidenl 3 81 'lj "The Lale Chrislopher Bean" I1 "The lm- porlance ol Being Earneslu lj "The Tam- ing ol lhe Shrewii lj Alhlelic Eclilor PEA- COCK 31 Class Vice-Presidenl 41 Alpha Psi Omega Prcinpler 4j Sigma Tau Della 3, 4j Uniyersily Players I, 2, 3, 4. seniors HARVARD CLINTON BARR Fayelle Major: Biological Science Track 3j Eoolball I, 21 Canlo Chorus 3. JOSEPH MICHAEL BRADY Aurora Major: I-lislory Track I1 Foolball I, 2, 3, 41 Baskelball I1 Baseball I, 2, 3, 41 Alpha Della Alpha I, 2, 3, Presiclenl 41 Debale 31 Exlempore Speak- ing 3: Assislanl Manager Collegian 21 PEACOCK, Assislanl Edilor 2, Business Manager 31 Forum Treasurer 41 Sludenl Council 31 Class Presidenl 21 Class Vice- Presidenl 31 Pi Kappa Della 3, 41 Presidenl FTUI 41 Pi Rho Zela 41 WhoIs Who 4. ROBERT LINN BURDICK Fayelle Major: Biological Science Yell Leader I1 A Cappella Choir lj Band I, 21 Pep Band l1Orcheslra I, 21 "Rip Van WinkIe" I1 "Our Town" 31 Double Door" 31 "Whislling in lhe Dark" 41 "Everyman" 41 "The Terrible Meek" 41 Class Secrelary- Treasurer lj Universily Players 4. KEITH DARIAN BUTSON I-lamplon Major: Malhemalics Baseball 21 Pep Club 31 Rho Sigma Chi 2, 3, Secrelary-Treasurer 41 Pholography Edilor PEACOCK 31 Sludenl Council 4. FOSTER WILLIAM CASS Fayelle Major: Malhen"alics1 Commerce Foolball I, 21 Baskelball I1 Canlo Chorus 31 A Cappella Choir 2, 3, 41 Pi Rho Zela 3, 4. DEWITT CLINTON Iowa Falls Major: Music A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3, 'lj Band I, 41 I Orcheslra li Menls Quarlelle I, 21 Calle- gian 2. page I8 HAROLD EDWARD CLOUGH Fayelfe Maior: I-lislory Track 3: Baseball I: Inlramurals: A Cap- pella Choir I: Rho Sigma Chi I, 2, 3, 4. KATHRYN JEAN GRACE Bennefl Maior: I-Iome Economics Canlo Chorus I: Sigma Nu Sigma I, 2, 3, Presidenl 4: "The Imporlance of Being EarnesI" I: "Broken Dishes" 2: "Arms and Ihe Man" 2: "Our Town" 3: "Double Door" 3: "WhisIling in lhe Darkl' 4: "OverIones" 4: "The Terrible Meek" 4: Forum Presidenl 3: Sludenl' Council 3, 4: Alpha Chi Phi I, 2: Alpha Psi Omega 2, Presidenl 3, 4: Sigma Tau Delia 2, Vice-Presidenf 3, 4: Universily Players 2, 3, 4: Whols Who 4, RICHARD DALE HAMNQUIST Des Moines Maior: Malhemalics: Business Adminislralion Track 2: Fooiball I: Baskeiball I, 2, 3, Cap- Iain 4: Inlramural Commillee 3, 4: Rho Sigma Chi I, 2, 3, Presidenf 4: PEACOCK, Edilor 3, Assislanl Edilor 4: Class Presidenl 3: Pi Rho Zela 4: Sigma Tau Della 3, 4: Who's Who 4. ERNESTINE MAE HOLZER Elgin Major: Business Adminislralion Canlo Chorus 3: Bancl I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4: Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Kappa Ela Bela 3, 4: Pi Rho Zela 2, SecreIary-Treas- urer 3, 4. HAROLD ETTER KAMM Wesf Union Maior: Biological Science: Phys. Ed. Iowa Slafe Teacherls College I: Menls Union I: Foofball I, 2, 3, 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3: Baseball 4: Inlramurals: A Cappella Choir 4: Orchesfra 2: I-IUI 2, 3, 4: "Whis- Iling in The Dark" 4. THELMA MAY MARTIN Oelwein Maior: English N A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Alpha Chi Omicron I, 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Properlies "The Tragedy of Nan" I: "The Imporfance of Being Eames?" I: Coslumes "The Taming of The Shrew" I: Slage Crew "Arms and Ihe Man" 2: Properlies "Broken Dishes" 2: Prompler "Our Town" 3: Coslumes "Double Door" 3: Assisfanl Direclor "Everyman" 4: Collegian, Assislanl' Ediior 3, Edilor 4: PEACOCK Assislani' Edilor 3: Forum Cabi- nel 3: Sludenl Council 2: Alpha Psi Omega 2, Treasurer 3, Presidenl 4: Gamma Della Kappa 2, Secrelary-Treasurer 3, Presidenl 4: Sigma Tau Della 2, 3, 4: Uniyersily Players I, 2, Vice-Presidenl 3, 4: Who's Who 3, 4. page I9 LILAH ELIZABETH FREDERICK Arlinglon Maior: Music: English Canlo Chorus I, 2: A Cappella Choir 4: Orchesira I, 4: Woodwind Ensemble 2: Sigma Nu Sigma I, 2, 3, 4: Gospel Team 3: Sigma Tau Della 4. JOHN WILLIAM GRANT Independence Maior: Biological Science Track I, 2, 3, 4: Foolball I, 2, 3, 4: Infra- murals I, 2: Life Guard I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2: I-IUI I, 2, 3, Presidenl 4: I-Iumor Edilor PEACOCK 3. KATHRYN JEAN HETZEL Arlinglon Maior: Music: English Canlo Chorus 2, 3: A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3: Pep Clulo Secrelary-Treasurer 4: Band 2, 3: Orcheslra I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Band 3: Soloisl I, 2, 3, 4: Ensemble I, 2, 3, 4: Sexlelle Ac- companisl 2: Kappa Efa Bela 2, 3, Presidenl 4: Secrelary Dormilory Council 3: "Our Town" 3: "Double Door" Cosfumes 3: Cole Iegian Siahc 3: Circulalion Edilor PEACOCK 3: Forum Vice-Presidenl 4: Sluclenl Council 4: 4-I-I Secrerary-Treasurer 4: Sigma Tau Della 2, 3: Secrelary-Treasurer 4: Whois Who 4. BEVERLY JUNE IVERSON Manly Major: Business Adminislralion Band I: Crchesfral: Adyerlising "The Trag- edy oi Nanl' I: Collegian I: Iowa Slale Teacher's College 2, 3: Pi Rho Zela 4: Sigma Tau Della 4. RUTH AGNES KAPPMEYER Oelwein Major: Business Adminislralion Band I, 2, 3, 4: Pep Bancl 3: Orchesira I, 2, 3, 4: Gamma Della Kappa Secrelary-Treasf urer 4: Pi Rho Zela I, 2, 3, 4. MARGARET EMMA MEYER Eilzen, Minn. Maior: English Pep Club 3: Sigma Nu Sigma I, 2, Vice! Presidenl 3, Secrelary-Treasurer 4: Dormi- Iory Council, Vice-Presidenl 4: Properlies "The Imporlance of Being Earnesh' I: Cos- Iumes "Broken Dishes" 2: Coslumes "Our Town" 3: CosIumes "Double Door" 3: Cos- Iumes "WhisIling in Ihe Darkll 4: Fealure Edilor PEACOCK 3: Alpha Chi Phi I, 2: Gamma Della Kappa 2, 3, Vice-Presidenl 3 81 4: Sigma Tau Della 2, 3, Presidenl 4: Universily Players 4: Herz Scholarship 2. seniors l l CAROL EUGENIA MOE Frernonl, Nebr. HELEN MAXINE MORGAN Sldflley Major: Bible and Religious Educalion MGIOFZ I'IOm9 Economics Midland College I: Nalional Training Canlo Chorus lg Alpha Chi Ornicron 2, 3, School I, 2, 3, A Cappella Choir 43 Presidenl 4: "The Lale Chrislopher Bean" "Eyefyman" 4, I, Properlies "The Imporlance ol Being Earneslu I: "Broken Dishes" 2: "Our Town" I 3: "Double Door" 33 "Whislling in lhe l Dark" 41 "Operalion al One" 4: Class Edilor PEACOCK 37 Forum Secrelary 2, 3: EVELYN EALQABELH NIIEMAN 'CS Sumner Qlpha 55? gnyegag 34 BUSIAHSSS-+MaPrFager T GIOV? Uma CONOW' Igma au ela , g nIyersI y ayers , Canlo Chorus I3 Alpha Chi Omicron l, 2, 2, Vice-Presldenl 3, Presidenl 41 Who's Who W 3, 41 Slage Crew "The lmporlance ol Being 4, Earneslw l. l LYLE JOHN PATTERSON Lakola Melon Mayhemayics HAROLD MAX NIORTHRUVP Fairbank Track I, 2, 3, 47 Poolball l, 2, 3, 4: Rho Malorl MUSIC Sigma Chi I, 2, 3, 47 Assislanl Business A Cappella Choir I. 2. 3, 4: Band I. 2. 3. Manager PEACOCK 3: Class Presidenl 41 47 PEP BGVICI I. 2. 3. 4:Orcl1eslra I. 2. 3. 41 Pi Rho Zela 3, Presidenl 4. ina? Cgufirlexf 2. 3. 4: Men! Quarlelle 2: p a ela pha 3, 4. l THORNTON DELANO ROBERTS Arlinglon Maior: Music l . I Track ly A Cappella Choir I, 2, 3, 4: Band B R - I I, 2, 3, 4, Pep Band I, 2, 3, 4, Orcheslra I, VANCE URNELL. IMMER Delh' I 2, 3, 4: Brass Quarlelle I, 2, 3, 47 Men's MGIOI' Commerce Quarlelle 33 Rho Sigma Chi I, 2, 3, 41 Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 47 "The Taming ol lhe Shrew" I. I-IU' I. 2. 3- 4- l GAYLE LEROY SMITH rsyene I Melon Malhemalm RONALD WILLIAM sci-IEULER Alburnell Foolball 4: Baskelball I, 2, 3, 4: Baseball I, M . U C 2, 47 Inlrarnurals, Band I, 2, 3, Pep Band 33 alor' Ommerce Y Qychesha II 2' 3: HU' II Q1 31 Secreiyary, Baskelball I, 27 Baseball l, 2, 3, 4: Alpha y Treasurer 4: Business Manager Collegian 37 Delifa AIPIIR3 Zi 3' SeC"5+aW'T'e55UfeV 4- , Vice-Presidenl Forum 4. MAYNARD EMERY TAYLOR Haylield JULIA MAE SMI-I-H Fayefye Maior: Business Adminislrallong M. - H E . I U A ayor. ome conomics Soclal and Polmcal Sclence Kansas Wesleyan Universily I: A Cappella Waldorl Business College I, Waldorl Jun- Choir 2, 3, 43 Band 2, 3, 45 Pep Band 2, 3, ior College Ig Foolball I, 2, 3: Baskelball Ig 4: Qrchesfra 2' 3' 4: Sigma Nu Sigma Q! 3' Baseball II 2. 3? lnlrarnufals 2- 3. 4? A CGD' Vice-Presidenl 41 Properlies "Broken Dishes" pella Choir I, 3, 47 I-IUI 2, 3, 41 "Double 2: Alpha Ch, ph, 2- Door" 3, "Silver Rope" 3: "WhislIing in lhe Dark" 41 "The Valianlll 47 "Operalion al One" 4, "Everyman" 4: Collegian 3, Alpha Psi Omega 4: Pi Rho Zela 3, 45 Universily Pl 4. Gym LOEL CLAYTON TIMM Fayelfe Major: Malhemalics GEORGE ROBERT CASWEEE EEYEIIS BZilZll1i'I'I,IL' 5l3BR1EbillI.Q..?g..2 7llIQ"TIi Malor: I-lisloryq Business Adminislralion poffance of gggmg Elamesf' I7 54596 Crew Baseball I, 2, 3, 4: Assislanl Alhlelic Mane "The Taming ol lhe Shrew" Ig Slage Crew ager 21 Alpha Della Alpha 2, 3, 4: Debale "Arms and lhe Man" 27 Slaqe Manager 2, 3, 4: Exlempore Speaking 37 Peace Con- "Broken Dishes" 2: Slage Crew "Double 'Iesl 4, McNeyin Oralor, Second I, Pirsl 2: DOOR' 3. CIGSS PFeSld9fII II lnlramurals 3. Allernale Radio Anngunger 23 "Broken 43 Uniyersily Players 3, Vice-Presidenl 4. Dishes" 2, "Our Town" 31 "Everyman" 4: "The Terrible Meek" 4: Collegian Assislanl Edilor 2, Edilor 3, Sporls Edilor 41 PEA- COCK Adverlising 2, Acliyily Edilor 3: Sludenl Council, ViceEPresidenl 3, Presidenl 47 Class Vice-Presidenl 23 Chapel Commil- RICHARD LLQYD TREMAINE Sumner lee 41 Pi Kappa Della 2, Presidenl 3 81 4: Melon M5TIlemaT'C5 Pi Rho Zela 2, 3, 4: Sigma Tau Della 4, Foolball I, 2, 45 Baseball I, 2: Rho Sigma Presidenl 37 Uniyersily Players 4, Who's Chi l,2, 3,4. Wh 3, 4. O Nol picwed. OLIVE soumss PGIO , page 20 SGYIIOFS 'I .eir.:,1.egzf-e.:t'1'f'ffI:g1:1i.2i,,fi.-vs'Ima.,-.512 f '-III, A II .I.,- fl ..-. ..I... .,..... ...-,. ..,., LYS52 Pngkaf I " If , via! .-.-I-F-IQ.,.,.....,I,,f.:e1v?f-lf.,- f-:..'f.:. ,.fd-eu':'IyiRS..v.w.xfR.'1fE5":''Lsff:.2'Qe13'fli-5.1:Iif-Q'L3-,Iwi . 1 ' 3 ' ' -xi E- -' 'I 'I I...315IfI we Iwl.-.I-Izlwfmwearex -Iw,l:2fl:.:R'II zfv .I wi will 51351 -'IGi.Exalsfxlsf'I.E!---.luv -Il-lslrlii'1' I9llIEkaf.,5f5'iilQ2fiifR If-QQ Illia .fu we .Ma . L .all 1S?'?r51!"'9.PCi1-'- 'WQXJPI'-'f-l'-if-4,1r.- w -.-. -V ,-,is-w .,--.-.."- ' 1 - . .. . .. A. .4 .-i.. represenTaTive seniors w+ KATHRYN HETZEL "HeTz" and her violin. Here is one key To her amazing populariTy-buT noT The only one. Her umcailing cheerTulness and helpTulness have helped To draw KaThryn inTo counTless acTiviTies and or- ganizaTions and given her places oT responsibiliTy. Truly a represenTaTive senior. DALE HAMNQUIST An amazing paradox-a Triple-ThreaT man wiTh boTh girls and boys. CompeTenT, personable. smooTh . . . eve-ryThing he does he does well and he's done plenTy, Trom ediTing The T940 PEACOCK To capTaining This year's baskeTball Team. He com- mands respecT and admiraTion Trom everyone. HELEN MORGAN The busiesT girl on The campus: member oT a hosT oT organizaTions and an ofriicer in mosT-be- sides being a superior s+uden+, Good naTured, TacTTul and dependable, Helen is recognized as a leader by all who know her. She was chosen l94O Homecoming queen and l94I candidaTe Tor The Drake Relays queen. page 2I T JAMES BUELL CapTain Jimmie Buell, brillianT aThleTe and "swell" Tellow. FooTball was his TirsT love and he Trained hard To aTTain his successes. He'll always be Training hard-and making successes. Upper Iowa will miss him when he's gone . . . Good luck To you, Jimmie! THELMA MARTIN AnoTher girl wiTh a long lisT oT acTiviTies and Tale-nT. A disTincTive, inTeresTing, Tresh personaliTy. Probably her TirsT love is liTeraTure7 wiTh dramaTics and journalism holding an imporTanT place in her college liTe. She was ediTor oT The Collegian This year. A delighTTul girl. JOSEPH BRADY Blessed wiTh a wealTh oT abiliTy, Joe's cheerTul willingness To help made him a TargeT Tor Those who wanTed Things done. He has been ouTsTanding in aThleTics, yeT always managed To Tind Time To acT on commiTTees, be presidenT oT his TraTerniTy, de- baTe . . . in general puT his TalenTs To good use. iuniors In fhe fall of I938, l4O green freshmen poured fhrough fhe halls of Upper Iowa. If was a record- brealcing class and if comprised nearly half fhe populafion of fhe school. I94I seemed a long way off fhen, buf fhe weelqs filed sfeadily pasf unfil fhree years had gone by. The fhird year found fhe class reduced buf sfill proudly numbering forfy- 'rwo Juniors. Among fheir number, fhe Juniors like fo include Presidenf Smifh, since he firsf came fo 6?emen2" ' FRIMML-Soc. and Pol. Sc. RUTH GANTENBEIN-I-lorne Economics DONALD GOSCH-Commerce: Soc. and Pol. Sc. LAVERNE GREMMELS-Commerce ALBERT HADER-Physical Educafion JOSEPH HARKINS--Biological Science IRENE ALDERSON-Music LEONARD DALE ALDERSON-Phys. Ed.: Soc. arid Pol. Sc. RUSSELL BAKER-English EDWARD BARNES-Bus. Ad.: Soc. and Pol. Sc. DORA LEE BELDING-Music FRANCES BERG-I-Iome Economics CAROL CARTER-Home Economics MARION DAVIS-I-Iome Economics REED J. ELWOOD-Chemisfryy Biol. Sc. Upper Iowa when fhese Juniors were freshmen. Also in fheir number fhe Juniors counf a member of fhe varsify debafe feam, a winning orafor, and sfar players in baslcefball, foofball, and baseball. Every member in fhe class has done somefhing fo express his personalify in social acfivifies. Whefher in afhlefics, drarnafics, or music fhe Class of I942 has always been well represenfed. Bofh as freshmen and as soph- omores, lhe presenl Junior Class won The Class Scrap. As Juniors They sponsored a successful car- nival in January for +he purpose of financing work on lhe annual. The PEACOCK is +he major proi- ec'r of every iunior class and ulil- izes lhe capabililies of all The class. Colleclively, lhe Juniors have maiors in Ten dirferenf oleparf- menls. They are aclive in all of +he honorary socielies and have shown Jrheir abilily +o do excellenr worlc. Many of lhem also worlc for +he college as ianilors, slenogra- phers, and assis+an+s. Bul never have lhey been loo busy working, sluclying, or playing To keep up +he college spirir making lheir leadership nalurally accepled by The underclassmen. ELWOOD MABON-Biol. Sc.: Phys. Ed. ARDEN MELCHER-Biological Science BURTON MITCHELL-Ma'rh.: Bus. Ad. KENNETH MONGOLD-Chemisfryg Mafhemalics CHARLES MORGAN-Soc. and Pol. Sc.: Phys. Ed. JUDSON DALE PATTERSON-Biol. Science JUNE PIERCE-Bus. Ad.: Home Ec. DALE SCHERMERHORN-Malhemalics CAMERON SELF-Biol. Sc.: Malhemalics THOMAS SHERREN-Chemislryg Malhemalics QUENTINE WAGNER-Music: Commerce CLAUDE WELCH-l-lislory CONNIE HENNAGER JR.-Hislory GERALD JONES-Hislory LLOYD KIEFER-Hislory RALPH KUEHL-Business Adminislrafion RAYMOND KUEHL-Business Adminislrafion RUTH Noi in CHARLES LOVIN-Soc. and Pol. Sc. O O lumors ILENE WOOLDRIDGE-Music: English piclures: ROBERT ALLYN-l-lislory GEORGE BRAY-Hislory WILLIAM CONKLIN-Biological Science EUGENE JOHNSON-Social and Polilical Science ROLAND MILLER-Commerce ERWIN POTRATZ-Biol. Sc.: Hislory CARROLL RlMMER-Commerce GEORGE ROBERTS-Malhemafics +wo-year graduales Al lhe conclusion ol lheir second year in college, lhe lwo year normal sludenls can loolc baclq upon an enviable record ol achievemenl and good limes. Allhough lhey lalqe many courses noi required ol low year graduales, lhey have noi segre- qaled rhernselves. These prospeclive leachers have amply shown lheir abilily lo conlribule lo lhe aclivilies and enlhusi- asms ol Upper Iowa. Kalhryn Berschman Marlin Boeckenhouer Norma Bruner Berriiece Campbell Lorraine Frye Lois Gingrich Leland Grilzner Virginia l-lahn Phyllis Holm Elinor Kaye Neva Kayser Elhelyn Liilell Virginia Logan Evelyn Maclc l-lazel Mach Eihel lvlarlens Frances Morgan Opal Nelzqer Edna Olmsled lvlyrrl Mae Paul Anila Peckham Jeanne Mae Phelps Grace Robinson Rulh Rurnmel Viola Schmidl Eloise Turner Dolores Voss Eileen Winn Georgia Grimes Lois Kiel Virginia Woesle Nor in panel: Vivian Wells page 24 class officers Seniors: Russell CasTor, vice-pres. DoroThy Burns, sec'y-Treas. Lyle PaTTerson, pres. Juniors: LaVerne Gremmels, sec'y-Treas. RuTh GanTeribein, pres. Ray Kuehl, vice-pres. Sophomores: James TilloTson, pres. VeniTa Chumbly, vice-pres. Sidney Crowe, sec'y-Treas. Freshmen: Joseph Burns, pres. Barbara VVrighT, vice-pres. WalTer PraTT, sec'y-Treas. Upon The capable shoulders oT The class oTTicers Talls The responsibiliTy Tor The acTiviTies oT The re- specTive classes. There are, oT course, cerTain rouTine duTies To which every presiclenT and secre- Tary Talls due. These may consisT of sending con- graTulaTions or regreTs, or oT hounding someone Tor dues To pay a phoTographer or phonograph operaTor. BuT each class also has a disTincTive proiecT during The school year. WiTh The Fresh- men and Sophomores This proie-cT was The Tradi- page 25 Tional class scrap. The oTTicers helped To selecT The conTesTanTs Tor The various evenTs. The Junior class produced a carnival Tor The purpose oT ob- Taining Tuncls Tor use on The annual. Besides The carnival, The Junior class was occupied wiTh The organizaTion oT This Peacock iTselT, making iTs oTTi- cers doubly acTive. Meanwhile, The Seniors were preparing Tor The Senior class play in The spring. The process oT graduaTing was Their lasT acTiviTy as a class. sophomores This year, an even lOO Sophomores filled lhe halls and classrooms ol UIU for lhe lirsl lime in ils hislory. And lhe preceding year, lhis class held a record enrollmenl of I47. Meanwhile, lhe Sophomores have accepled lhe responsibililies and leadership in upholding slandards of scholarship and cooperalion. They have consolidaled lheir posilions in sporls as well as in honorary organizalions. These sporls include loolball, baslcelball, baseball, and lraclc. Some loolc parl in The choir, lhe band, and lhe or- cheslra. A few Sophomores debaled or were vocal or inslrumenlal soloisls. Many engaged in college plays and reporled for Jrhe Collegian. The Sopho- mores also counl lwo-year normal sludenls in lheir number. The Class ol I943 has made many friends: and lriends are a reliable indicalion oi success. Firsi Row: E, Wells, Glass, H. Maclc, Fall, Woesle. Jones, Kayser, Tillolson, Peclcharn, l-lannah, Phelps. Second Row: Thompson, E. Mack, Kaye, Olrnsied, Diedrich, A. Wells, Rowland, F. Morgan, Voss, Swales Third Row: Schupbach, Grifzner, Ferris, Lacour, Ponsar, R. Wooldridge, Sfeward, Scholl. Firsf Row: Holm, Mellon, Wol+ers, Gingrich, Felzer, Paul, Crawford, Pickle, Crowe, Halverson, Timm. Second Row: Pelerson, Arlhur, O. Nefzgar, Miller, Glass, Campbell, Muclcler, Grimes, Corlcery, Marlens. Third Row: Schmidl, Whiicher, Boeclcenheuer, Rummel, Lind, D, Jones, Marsden, Clay, Hahn, Chumbley. ln keeping wilh lhe recenl qrowlh oi Freshman classes al " Upper lowa, lhe Class of l944 Jrolaled I36 slrudenls. And Treshrnen This class has qualily as well as quanliry. Freshmen ranked well in bolh scholarship and exrrafcurricular aclivilies. Their energy and inlelligence gave new life To alhlelics, rnusic, and dramalics. The Freshmen rriumphed in lhe Class Scrap and payed oil al 75 ro 28. For lhem and lor lhe school, I94I will be remembered as a signiiicanl year. Firsl' Row: W, Johnson. Donahue, cl, Miller Burns, B. Wrighl, Rrafl, F. Moroan, l-leilman, Dew, S. Miller Marlin. Second Row: Cummings, clacobia, Qlson, McGrew, Billings. Robinson, Lava, Luse, Kinfg, Odekirk, l-leller, Shanks. Third Row: Milchell, Fosler, Qchs, Sievens Silka McMinifnee, Gardner, Gelfle, Norlhrop, Hanson. Fourfh Row: Fl'iol Granger Kernislon, Shoemaker Meri, Rlumnfer Levnplwier, Quirk, Mason, Aliyn. Firsi' Row: W. Jones, E. Slephens, Armslronq, Scales, Briar, Kishman, Caslor, Robinson, Moore, Kennedy, Lewis. Second Row: Sewell, Richardson, Underwood, Lund. Sloan Milchell Gibson, Slockman, Crablrefe, Parkinson Reardon Eenner,lhune, McSweeney Third Row: B. King, Schori, Alcorn, l.oban. W. l-lall, l-lense, Schrader, Runyan, Arlhur, Wirbcr. K, Ralferson, Davis. Firsf Row: Farnurn, Abborr, Taylor, Weslordorl M. Webb, Nilrrs, M. Gardner, Ferguson l-l. Sraiirh, Caswell, Waciner Second Row: Sharp. Andrews, Schrader, ln-'iels Colcscn Clark M. l-la l, Mfaitr, FY:klf1,Alon,Ar'hur. Third Row: Webb, Wimmer, Koenoke, G, Davis, Rilqrirn, Fleller, l-lencierson, Gelllc, Krohn, Winlerink, Gleason. Fourfh Row: Robinson, F-laas Brewer, Frey, Neizoar, Bellamy, I-lein, R. Johnson, Denny, Duke. page 27 SOD , Morgan, brace, kvremmels, Second Row: Marlin B'uner Wherels Claude? 'To ard Irom I-loelnne, Hall Meyer Buroiclc. Chapel," "Wanled: replacemenls on a Third Row: DeLong, Caslor, Al- boardf' 'Teach' bilos inlo one." lyn,Tayloi1 honorary UNIVERSITY PLAYERS The local dramalic lralernily, The Universily Players, promoles dramalic abilily and provides a fellowship Tor Those inleresled in The worlc. This group lalqes an aclive parl in produclion ol The college plays. l'Whislling In The Dark," The Homecoming play, and "The Summoning oi Everyman" were The plays sponsored by The Iralernily. Several one acr plays have been produced by The Players lor chapel prof grams and oul of lown groups. Meelings are held once a monlh al which limo some phase ol lhealrical produclion is discussed. Miss Calherine Dolch is sponsor oT The organiza- lion. Qllicers are: I-Iolon Morgan, pres., Loel Timm, vice-ores., and Eugene Johnson, secly-lreas. ALPHA PSI OMEGA Upper lowa's Bela Kappa Casl ol Alpha Psi Omega, nalional dramalic Iralernily, was granled ils charler in I929. The aim of The organizalion is lo promole The developmenl ol dramalic lalenl al Upper Iowa. To become eligible lor membership in The Ira- Iernily, sludenls musl do special acling or slage crew worlc on Three plays. The club colors, moon- lighl blue and amber are lhose mosl ollen used in slage lighling. A+ commencemenl lime each year, The Bela Kappa Casl holds a dinner lo which alumni of The lralernily are inviled. Officers are Thelma M. Marlin, direclor, I-Ielen Morgan, slage manager, and Eugene Johnson, business manager. page 28 -'A f'-:, - iw" T '. , 2-Jff9:,1:- I ' 1' 4, ,rv : r"ffr'H:1f::f mf iifsiv,-y:,,, 'Wa T . M ,- any r",'1-W--f-ri' ' - aff' :H -'uyfvvv w-m1,fg'g:,. 'r amy: Jfffwa- "wa w. we'sv ' ffl + TTT I Th fi f wif 5 'I 1 4 r 1 ' T I +0 SIGMA TAU DELTA Sigma Tau Delra, INlaTional l'lonorary English FraTerniTy, is organized To encourage creaTive wriTing and TurTher The appreciaTion oT good liTf eraTure. The chapTer aT Upper Iowa is known as Tau Alpha. Dr. Chandler is iTs sponser. AT The monThly meeTings The various Types oT liTeraTure were sTudied: ouTsTanding examples oT each Type were ready and original selecTions were wriTTen by The members. The club also enioyed such social meeTings as a picnic aT Klock's Island, The ChrisTmas dinner, and The annual breakTasT held during CommencemenT week. The oTTicers are: MargareT Meyer, pres., Dororhy Burns, vice-pres., and KaThryn I-IeTzel, sec'y-Treas. FirsT Row: Dr. Chandler, KaThryn I-IeTzel, MargareT Mey- er, DoroThy Burns, George Caswell, Lilah Frederick. Second Row: Marion Davis, l-Ielen Morgan, RuTh Gan- Tenbein, Beverly Iverson, Ruby I-Iall, Third Row: Charles Morgan, Russell CasTor, KaThryn Grace, Thelma M. MarTin, Cameron Self. PI KAPPA DELTA Pi Kappa DelTa, lNlaTional Flonorary Forensic TraTerniTy, is organized To promoTe progress and sTimulaTe inTeresT in inTercollegiaTe debaTe, oral Tory, and speech insTrucTion. Pi Kappa DelTa members are permiTTed To ada vance To higher ranks wiThin The FraTerniTy. An exTensive program has permiTTed Lorraine Walker To advance To The Degree oT FraTerniTy in boTh GraTory and DebaTe7 Fred LeuTwyler and Leo Ponsar To The Degree oT I3roTiciency in DebaTe' Claude Welch To The Degree oT Special DisTinc- Tion in DebaTe7 and George Caswell To The Degree oT Special DisTincTion in boTh DebaTe and OraTory, Special DisTincTion is The highesT possible rank wiThin Pi Kappa DelTa. Fugene Johnson won The annual FawceTT Gra- Torical conTesT and represenTed Upper Iowa aT The sTaTe meeT in Cedar Rapids, Thus becoming eligible Tor membership. -FirsT Row: Claude Welch, Lorraine Walker, George Caswell. Second Row: Fred LeuTwyler, Cameron SeIT, Leo Ponsar. honorary CAMPUS 4-H CLUB The Upper lowa Campus field club was organized in 1938. ll was The iirsl 4fH club io be organized in a Liberal Aris College. The purpose oi This organizaiion is io keep alive ihe ioaals and experiences The members have had in iheir previous 4-l-l workt lo inslill in rhem a deeper apprecialion oi ihe beneiils derived irom 4-H work' lo give lhern a broader view poinl rowaro liie' io remind ihem oi lhe signiiicance oi lhe 4eH and The vilaliiy oi ils meaning. Each year ihe campus 4-l-l club sponsors ihe Norlh basl Iowa Couniy 4fl'l Baskeiball Tourna- menl and awards a iraveling lrophy lo ihe winner, Pl RHO ZETA The lowa Alpha chapier oi Pi Rho Zela, Naiional Honorary Commercial hralernily. is ihe newesl honorary iralernily oi ihe campus, receiving ils charier in IQ37. Membership is dependenl upon scholaslic record and ihe complelion oi a reouired number oi Business Adminisiraiion courses. The iraierniiy. in developing a higher apprecia- lion oi berler business merhods, holds regular Firsl Row: Jean Miller, l-lolon Lava, Rulh Rurnmell, LaVerne Gremmels, Floy Morgan, Vivian Wells. Second Rowz- Oroha Allen, Ruth lnges Marian Swales, Eoih Mi'cneli Adelaide Wells. Third Row: Edna Olrrsled, Doro- lhy Schaeller, Viola Schmidi. Firsl' Row: lverson, Taylor, Goscn, L. Parlerscn, l-lolzer, Casror, Mrs, Buroick. Second Row: Kappmeyer, Benner, l-lall, Mrs. Alderson. M. Arlhur, Raipn Kuiafl B. Carier Jones, Third Row: Pierce, l-lamrguisf Casweli Ray Kueri, Gremmels, Marsden Crowe, l-le-in. monrhly meelings ai which some phase oi business aciiviiy is discussed. Leading men in various busi- ness Tields are ireguenlly inviied lo speak ai The meeiings. ln addilion, a Trip is made io leading induslrial concerns in surrounding ciiies. Pi Rho Zeia sponsors rho Mock Trial, an annual iealure ai Upper lowa. This iraiernily is under ihe spiriled leadership oi Mrs. Grace Burdick and Broiessor A. J. Lukes. page 30 F. T. U. I. The purpose oT The T3uTure Teachers oT Upper Towa club is To provide a cenTraT organizaTion Ter gaining a clearer insighT and a beTTer undersTand- ing oT The Teaching proTession. TTs aim is To assisT each member in maTTers perTaining To The Teaching proTession which are noT covered in class work. The club was organized January 7, T94T. TT consisTs oT Two chapTers: The Alpha chapTer Tor Juniors and Seniors, and The BeTa chapTer Tor Freshmen and Sophomores enrolled in The Two- Year Normal Course. ApplicaTion Tor membership is noT necessary, buT one musT have aTTained The sTaTus oT a Junior Tor membership in The Alpha chapTer and an acTive inTeresT in Teaching Tor eiTher chapTer. Firsf Row: June Pierce, KaThryn Bferseh'rian, ETne MarTers, Jean Mae Phelps, Georgia Grimes, Second Row: Clraifes Morgan Ray Kuenl, QuenTine Wagnefi hlarvard Basr. FirsT Row: Edra Ol'nsTecl RLTT' Kappmeyer, Miss CarTer, Thelma M, MarTin, MargareT Meyer. Second Row: VeniTa Chumbley, EThel MarTens. Georgia Grimes, Mary Jones. Third Row: KaThryn Berschnnan, June Pierce, R. Tlene Weeid- ridge, Jean Mae Phelps. GAMMA DELTA KAPPA The purpose OT The Gamma DelTa Kappa hon- orary sororiTy, organized in T9T5, is To promoTe a high schoTasTic sTanding among women on The U. T. U. campus. The membership oT The club is resTricTeo To Twelve girls, inviTaTions being exTended To Those page 3l wiTh superior scholarship. based on Their Treshman average. When TirsT organized, The club was primarily a debaTing socieTy Tor girls. However, Tor a num- ber oT years The regular monThly meeTings have been purely oT a social and enTerTaining naTure. Miss Dora CarTer sponsors The Gamma DelT Girls. GTTicers are Thelma MarTin, pres., MargareT Meyer. vicefpres., and RuTh Kappmeyer, secTyfTreas, organizaT'ions who's who The membership roll oT "Who's Who Among STuclenTs in American Colleges and UniversiTies" Tor l94O-4I claimed eleven sTuclenTs on The Upper Iowa campus. The eiqhT new members were chosen by Pres. V. T. SmiTh, Dean W. C. lvlongold, and Thelma MarTin, Bruce CarTer and George Caswell. These Three sTudenTs were members chosen Tor lasT year's "Who's Who." The number chosen is limiTed by The size oT The school: The basis oT selecTion being characTer, scholarship, leadership in exTrafcurricular acTiviTies, and poTenTialiTies Tor Tumre usehilness To business ' gif fr V . do 0? 5540 iffwffy' . , ..,A ' k I 'V v tvfful V' .f Thi! ii U " ' 'f ' T X, Q 1 s weigh ,KTM fr, If A if T 'mzixqif and socieTy. OT The eighT new members only Two were iimiors, LaVerne Gremmels and Claude Welch. Firsf Row: Joseph Brady, Thelma lvl. MarTin, l-lelen Morgan, Dale l-lamnquisT Second Row: Claude Welch, KaThryn Hates, Dovo'hy Burns, Kalhryn Grace, Third Row: George Caswell, LaVerne Gromnnels Bruce Carlcr. page 32 0 142' 9 BOOK TWO fe-a+ures speech m T T' b G 6 u 1' Y Miss BARBARA WRIGHT If hasn'+ laken las? +alking or supersales- manship To convince us of Barbaras worlhz her' good looks and personalily have laken care of 'rha+. Barbara is one ol Those freshmen who make a good impression for lhe res+ of lhe school. A four-year slu- denl, she is a member ol Jrhe Upper lowa Singers and of Kappa Ela Bela sororily. page 35 This young lady is one of ihose Tall bruneiies who aHrac+ adnniraiion where- ever ihey go. l-ler Charming personaliiy keeps pace wifh her lovely fealures io make her one of The loesi liked siudenfs on Io G 6 u 'r Y MISS LOIS KIEL lhe campus. Much To our sorrow, Lois 'Finishes her +wo-year course ihis spring. She is a member of +he Alpha Chi Omi- oron sororiiy and one of ihe Upper Iowa Singers. page 36 b G 6 u 'I' Y Miss EUNICE Kisi-MAN Anolher freshman, Eunice comes +o us from Farmersburg, bringing a rare, capli- valing smile and a quiel, unassuming alli- Jrude. A Jrwo-year sludenl, she also is a member of +he Upper Iowa Singers. A "Dorm girl," Eunice was a candidale in +he Homecoming queen eleclion. She is a member of Alpha Chi Omicron sororily. page 37 1 K ,wi-:,i sgigdss iii. 'maria in I Ng homecoming "A Typical and one oT The mosT successTul Home- coming celebraTions ever held on The campus," was The resuIT oT many hours oT work by Upper Iowa sTudenTs and TaculTy in advance preparaTion oT The big evenT, OcTober I I, I2, and I3. The TesTiviTies Tormally began Friday evening wiTh The presenTaTion OT The play, "WhisTIing in The Dark," a mysTery-comedy, under The direcTion Business houses were a major parT in The TesTiviTies. Ribbons were awarded The Three besT houses in each division, enTries being judged on originaIiTy, neaTness and appearance. ResuITs oT The TraTerniTy secTion were, R.S.C. TirsT, I'I.U.I. second, and A.D.A. Third. The A.C.O. girls won TirsT place in The sororiTy division, Kappas second, and Phi BeTas Third. oT Miss CaTherine Dolch. An appreciable Home- coming crowd aTTended. As a new procedure oT amusemenT and en- TerTainmenT, each class conTribuTed a "sTunT" which emphasized The Upper Iowa homecoming spiriT. DecoraTions oT The FraTerniTy, SororiTy, and 135,7 4 - A W w1QE?5s,, SouTh I-Iall, SouTh co-op, and The CenTral co-op placed in The order named in The DorimTory divi- sion. Joe's caTe won TirsT in The business division wiTh KoebeI's Bakery and The Sugar Bowl ranking second and Third. page 38 , ,, , i i2f?if:? ? Z5'YY5 i ' I ' W, ,,,, ,, ,,,,, i Y. SaTurday aTTernoon Tound The Home- comers busily engaged in The Upper lowa vs. Buena VisTa TooTball game-The Tinal score being Beavers 6, Peacoclcs O. Miss Helen Morgan, a senior Trom STanley, was announced Homecoming Queen. ATTer The game, The annual college din- ner was served in The gymnasium, Tol- lowed by a second appearance oT "WhisT- ling ln The Dark." The Homecoming program ended Sun- day morning wiTh a ConvocaTion service in The MeThodisT church. "The Law oT CompensaTion" was The Theme oT The im- pressive convocaTion address delivered by Rev. Charles H. Van MeTre oT Marshall- Town. queen On a warm November aTTernoon in I94O, scream- ing sirens and cheering voices hailed HELEN MORGAN as Upper lowa's Homecoming gueen. Carried up The Tield in a blue and whiTe carriage drawn by Tour members oT The TooTball squad, she was preceded by her Tive aTTendanTs. ElecTed by voTe oT Upper lowa's sTudenTs, Helen righTly deserves The honor conTerred upon her. PreTTy, popular and capable, she is a girl oT many acTiviTies, being an oTTicer in Alpha Chi Omicron. UniversiTy Players, Alpha Psi Omega, and The ChrisTian Forum. "JusT a couple of pals," "No one reads iT anyway," "PaT and Casey," 'll.ook me over, Folks," "Wallace comes To Town," "A love rnafch-in Tennis," "Now l'd do iT This way," "SuggesTive, eh?" THOUGHTS WHILE STROLLING By Casey Aha, here we are again-sneaked up on you, eh, whaT?-Thus has The beginning begun-always mosT depressin' beginning-fallacy of human make- up-much easier To emulaTe our eminenT profs sTarT aT The middle and work Toward no where!! Feel a biT ouT of place in This hisTorical anThology of The years cominls and goings buT shall sTagger on and hope The censors are in a lenienT mood-if you like This record Thank C. Welch, puT in a loT of work, if you don'T-blame Eloise-she wouldn'T leT him puT in any more-Been Toddlin' abouf all year pursuanT of such choice morsels oT sinisTer accomplishmenTs as would make readable copy wherewiTh To regale your avaricious naTures-mosT melancholy-posiTive dearTh of slanderous news, ThaT is, prinTable-any numbers of The oTher Type -This corner now goes on record wiTh iTs lisT of The year's mosTs and besTs: mosT aTTracTive eyes -McGrew7 besT smile-Kishman7 nicesT hair- 7 besT figure- 7 smooThesT complexion - 7 besT dresser- 7 smooThesT Talker - 7 smarTesT conversaTionalisT- 7 besT dancer- 7 -you Till in The blanks-l refuse To sTick ouT my neck-oTher Than This far-This cor- ner hails lvl. lvl. Paul as having The greaTesT num- ber of "mosTs and besTs" Tyou're enTirely welcome, ladyl-The gals can figure ouT Their own raTings for The males-Asfoundin' discovery-usual sources of scandalous news have been good lor as good as can be expecTedl all year-Hader runnin' under wraps all season-GranT back wiTh The same charmin' person-Webb being pracTically SmoTh- er-ed all year-Lovin dividing his Time beTween Two-"LiTTle Poinsonw BuTson sTill resisTing all ad- vances-Even Crawford shunned all enfanglin' alliances This season-Couple young couples had leakage of The hearTery's To The exTenT of geTTing hiTched-congraT's and good Times for long Times -Any number of campus luminaries whose anTics once made good copy were omiTTed from men- Tion The greaTer parT of The year, Too Thin skinned, couldnlf Take iTl-so we lefT 'em ouT-and They griped abouf ThaTll-Numerous freshman gals doTTed The campus This annum adding muchly To The scenic loeauTy-Tall, dark and beauTiTul Kish- "Edward, dear," "Ivories," "Jerry and Ralph," "Can you name 'emf7" "Chain gang," "SpiT seeds To lefT, please," "AbouT face." T 'T . ' wf2ws "'E'i13-ni2EiU5L"" man: "Blondie" Olson: T. MarTin: beauTy queen B. WrighT: smooTh looking Miss ArmsTrong: shy Verona Dow: F. Maier: eTc.-They were all grabbed immediaTe-good poem To Think oT when laborin' over one oT The Dean's lucid TesTs: The Tog comes On liTTle caT TeeT AbouT The Time oT semesTer TesTs And siTs On silenT haunches T-lovering over every desk And Then moves on- Only someTimes iT doesn'Tll Couple highlighTs: marchin' band Thanks To l-lendrick's skill and drive: varied chapel programs: Junior Carnival: new movie machine: Upper Iowa- l.uTher TooTball game: unique decoraTions aT club dances: choir ChrisTmas concerT: "Everyman" which sTarnped Gene J. as Tops: Miss Dolch's V-8 and The Trip To ST. Paul-as Ponsar puT iT, "Follow us Tor used Ford parTs": any number oTher nice Things Tor everyone To 'member, should maybe oughT To leave a space here Tor you To wriTe 'em in, buT won'T-This whole space is blank as Tar as ThoughT goes-CasT your mind TiT anyi back over The pasT Tew monThs-whaT did you like mosT-classes, or "All college parTy," "Alumnus," "Glam- our girl5l?T" "AlburneTTe's pride and icy," "Look ouT, Chuck-iT'll blow up," "Five o'clock whisTle didn'T blow." did The monoTony gripe you-dances and parTners, or did The wrong person go wiTh The wrong person -games, or didn'T your b.T. do so well-exTra- curricular work, or didn'T you receive The amounT oT crediT due you-or did campusTry and The Tair sex la misnomer Tor 98fk oT Themi enTice you wiTh vain longings and dreams To The deTrimenT oT all else-Amazin' deTerminaTion T. MarTin lelderl re- mainin' True To schoolATeaching b.T.-mosT OT The resT oT such wenT The way ThaT Things go when Time and disTance have Their say-Hamm.-T-Tall: Burns-LyTord To menTion iusT a couple-Thumbnail skeTchesfE. LiTTelle-beTTer lookin'-giggle un- diminished-F. Richardson-nice buT Too "sTeady" -Ponsar-"l'm aTraid OT girlsl'-big PaT-iovial and smarT-Barnes-sTill has whaT iT Takes- nineTy-eight per cenT oT The girls hereabouTs, Too darn silly and TlippanT-Gene J. nice iob wiTh radio, should make iT a business, probably will- Same dolorous siTuaTion prevalenT This annum, "she looked him up in BradsTreeT and now he's Dunn!" "Who 'knees' whose legs They are?l' "STephens Tries To hide," "WaTermelon Teed," "Three monThs' growTh," "The winnahf' "Back To classes," "From hand To mouTh.l' "l-lansell's child," "Mar- ried men," "Tin Pan Al- ley," "Anofher romance 'rhar wenr on ihe rocks," "Junior carnival," "Sru- dious Halverson." -ofherwise ro be worded, no money, no dares- rhey all like ro be carred someplace-lors of fel- lows had ro find ir our Jrhe hard way-Mosr arrrac- rive couple on campus, Tie 'rwixr Taylor-Kishman and Hamm-Paul-busiesr gal on campus, G. Grimes, kepi four guys goin' a+ one rime, rhen suddenly Jrhere wasn'+ any, iusr re+ribu+ion?M-Song of Jrhe year, "I Hear a Rhapsody" walked off wi+h lop honors-in spring a young man's fancy lighlly 'rurns To whar a girl's been rhinking abour all win- ler llhal from Haderl-or else-Jrhoughls lighlly iurn io rhe firsi lhing Thai walks by-"l'he presenl war has made The world chafe wirh au+ocracy"-- did you know +ha+-breezin' along +he same rrails -"l-lisrorical Reminders"-alrenfion Prof: 1775-The Briiish are coming I9I7-The Yanks are coming l94O-The Tanks are coming I94I-The Yanks are no+ coming "Double harness row. Those who arenhl already, probably soon will be." Y Eighlr Thousand marriage licenses issued lasr yr weren'+ used-seems rhar love ar firsr sighl' fool second look-Amusing scene-warch a +rying- be-sophisficared U. I. co-ed ear a hamburger wi our disrurbing her lipsrick-same gal would pr: ably smear ir all over a guy's face-per peeve couples who pur on a "necking" parry af Jrhe lo cinema-whar S. Hall gal reads berween The li of lefrers and consequenrly makes some poor gi. well-meanr inrenrions go haywire-lousy remarl "every fiffh columnisr has a sense of rumor"-1 from Prof. Hendricks-ll rea leaves would Thai g coffee grounds for divorce?-And E. lviarrens c Tell you whalr one skiri said lo ihe olher-her a rhoughr-wrire if +o Jrhe guy Jrhar you yearn af' buf who you haven? yer gorz You pressed my hand said goodnighr And walked away wirh laughierq You've never known +ha+ as you lefr My hearl wenl' lrailing af+er.-- a lirrle +hough+ like rhar mighr bring abour so nice Jrhings-guys somerimes would like To hav bir of encouragemen+-remember rharli-T 'rhere's +he guy who, when asked whar rhe ruins Rome were nolred for, cracked "Fallen Arches' V. Chumbley served nolice of her abilily as ediTor, "poured iT on" Burdick Tor Tailure To meeT deadlines-nice going-Modern gals prayer, "Dear Lord, I don'T ask anyThing Tor myselT buT please give my moTher a son-in-lawl'-Now Then, hang on Tor a bi+ oT Tiguring: a man asked The prices oT Pullman berThs. He hears: "There's a diTTerence oT 5Oc. The lower is higher Than The upper. The higher price is Tor The lower. IT you wanT iT lower you'll have To go higher. We sell The upper lower Than The lower. ln oTher words The higher, The lower. MOST people don'T like The upper alThough iT's lower on accounT oT being higher. When you occupy an upper you have To geT up To go To bed and geT down To geT up. You can have The lower if you go higher. The upper is lower Than The lower because iT is higher"-Then Therels a liTTle maTTer OT: "A railroad Train had a crew oT Three and Three passengers Traveling beTween New York and Chi- cago. The Train crew is made up oT a Tireman, an engineer, and a guard. Their names are SmiTh, Jones, and Robinson, Though noT necessarily in ThaT order. The passengers are SmiTh, Jones and Rob- inson and will be reTerred To as Mr. SmiTh, Mr. Jones, and Mr. Robinson. Mr. Robinson lives in New York. Mr. Jones' annual salary is 55000. The guard lives halTway beTween New York and Chi- Ye Olde rock cuT," "Peggy Tries To hide," "Main oTTice," "Number, please," "Two iumpersl' cago and his namesake among The passengers lives in Chicago. The guards closesT neighbor is one oT The passengers and his salary is Three Times ThaT oT The guard. SmiTh beaT The Tireman aT billiards. WhaT is The name oT The engineer?"-iT can be Tigured ouT-Comes now The end-depressin' spec- Tacle-hunTin' ouT an end-l Think To end welll iusT "STroll On"-lookin' back now and Then aT The Tun, The Troubles and worries, giving a ThoughT now and Then To The many you've known and who know you-and reTlecT ThaT college has been more Than a Tour year inTermission beTween high school and unemploymenT-so on we sTroll To new Things-new places and people, buT bear in mind This parTin' pearl oT wisdom Trom your ancienT scribe-very ugly or very beauTiTul women should be TlaTTered on Their undersTanding-mediocre ones on Their beauTy. ThoughT Tor The year-A smarT man is one who hasn'T leT a woman pin anyThing on him since he was a baby-So long. "Pals," "Mabon hunTs one up," "This should be across The page," "WanTed: rabbiTs," "Gremrnels wriTes a receipT," "Peacock money geTTers," "Ye ediTor's besT lmalel Triendf' - , F. f forensics The year I94O-4-I broughl one ol lhe mosl suc- cesslul lorensic seasons in lhe hislory ol Upper Iowa. Varsily clebalers George Caswell and Claude Welch eslablished a remarkable record ol Eliioll won all lour ol lheir debales lo ranlc as one ol lhe lop 3 leams. Early in December lour leams debaled in a no-decision lournamenl al Sl. Peler, Minnesola. Lell' lo righl: Welch, Caswell 20 viclories and only 3 losses in lournamenl debal- ing, winning one lourney and placing second in anolher. The lorensic season opened early in November when debalers Arlhur Sensor, John Ellioll, Leo Ponsar, and Fred Leulwyler compeled in lhe Iowa Cily Freshman-Sophomore lournarnenl. Sensor and Conwndevs for the February 6, 7, 8, lwo leams enlered a lourna- menl al Concordial College, lvloorehead, Minn. in compelilion wilh 7l olher leams. Welch and Caswell were undelealed lhrough lhe six prelimin- ary roundsy delealed Chadron lNebr.l in lhe guar- lerlinals, Guslayus Adolphus llvlinn.l in lhe semi- linals, and losl lo lhe brillianl Sl. Olal llVlinn.l learn page 44 in The Tinals. Claude was ranked The Third besT individual debaTer oT The Tourney. Leo Ponsar and KenneTh lvlongold, The oTher Upper Iowa Team. won Tour of Their six debaTes. debaTers won The debaTe championship aT The STaTe Forensic lv1eeT in Cedar Rapids. The Team won all six debaTes, wiTh Welch earning The highesT individual average in The Tourney. , ...avi so ,WM-Q - teamiiver-my 01 W"" 'T f is slisis . i"" ' 've debate . gm ier lowafs megan' it and Arthm' uve te T osedi 'bi fohlli Emo DebaTe squad, l.euTwyler, Johnson The Tollowing SaTurday Two Teams debaTed a ToTal OT 8 debaTes aT WarTburg. March 3, 4, and 5. saw The debaTers aT The NorThwesT Tourney, ST. Paul, Minn., where Caswell and Welch won six ouT oT eighT debaTes. The climax oT The season came when The varsiTy 'Forensics page 45 Eugene Johnson won The annual FawceTT Ora- Torical conTesT and represenTed Upper Iowa aT The STaTe meeT. There he earned a raTing oT excellenT. Claude Welch was second in The home conTesT. In The Tall George Caswell spoke aT The STaTe Peace OraTorical conTesT held aT Oslcaloosa. drama+ics A myslery-comedy, "WhisIIing in Ihe Dark", was Ihe Iirsl' presenlralion of The year for The Universily Players. I+ was given on Oclrober Il and I2 as a parr of Ihe Homecoming celebralion. There was much laughler and gayely as "Wally" and his Tian- cee, "Toby", excellenily porfrayed by Lorraine Walker, happened accidenlrally upon a band of no- Iorious criminals. The problem arises when Wally is forced +o de- vise a perlecl' murder, knowing 'rhal' his plan will be carried ou'r. If if fails, he dies. Bealrice Hoehne did an excellenf bil of work in her charac- 'lerizalion of Hilda, Ihe hall-wil ol six+y. " ' ' m!!ze.Y5aak" HOMECOMING194O CAST Hilda . . . . BEATRICE HOEHNE Joe . . . ROBERT BURDICK Slim . . LAVERNE GREMIVIELS Herman . GENE JOHNSON Charles . LOUIS ALLYN Dillon . . BOB ALLYN Cossaclc . . . LEO HOLTHAUS Benny . . . . HERBERT HAAS Wally . . MARTIN BOECKENHEUER Toby . . . . LORRAINE WALKER Cap O'RorIce . . HAROLD KAMM Sergeanf . . GAIL PLUMMER Police . ...... DALE FOSTER PRODUCTION STAFF Assislanr Direclors . HELEN MORGAN ' Q BEATRICE HOEHNE Sfage Manager . . GENE JOHNSON Business Manager ..... ED DOLCH Adyerlising Manager . . . KAY GRACE, Chairman GEORGE CASWELL, RUSSELL CASTOR Properly Crew ..... RUBY HALL, Chairman MARGARET MEYER, BERNEAL ODEKIRK JEAN STOCKMAN, ESTHER SCHRADER RUTH UNDERWOOD Makeup ........ THELMA MARTIN Sfage Crew . . . MAYNARD TAYLOR, Chairman GEORGIA LOU GRIMES, LEO HOLTHAUS ,-.paw vf -fnvwe-ff:mv'-f'vzrf1:5?y-.os-. Hs if , .Y 'W L s ., if fkyh fr "75'ff5'7 4,-,. I, iv, T i I , . -'fm 5.2. gagfifiis A " gjzgg,-L V ' . I ,.,,ff1esx7ri 4 ff "The Summoning of Everyman", presenled on February 28, marked an experimenf in symbolism for The Upper Iowa Jrheafer. The play was a Tif- Ieenlh cen+ury moralify play. The selling was dramalicaiiy simpleeslark blaclc currains, s+eps and plahcorm building up To a cenlral poinr. Medieval coslumes, Golhic in Their lines, garbed The aclors. Grofesque maslcs, iIIus+ra+ing vices and virrues, were worn by all of The casl excepl Every- man. The fine porfrayal of The Vices and Virfues by The group of sixleen sludenls was impressive. However, 'ro Those who allended The play, The su- perb characferizalion of Everyman by Eugene John- son will nof be Torgollren. 1, ,-If w.,,,,.,ff--1. M ,I -.1 --,,.f,,w ',1 .si W' akamai-gc.,' wee. .N ,.i.-. ,I ,isii--,qsg-fjxf'-jij.nil ff''i1'1v,'1,j-:ETH'iafla-,. CS , .I , .uiua.:'x., in , f 1' ws-:.4a?,e.i,-,1L,:,:,5m,,C drama+ics CAST Messenger . . GEORGE CASWELL Voice of Gad . MAYNARD TAYLOR Dealh .... PAUL DELONG Deceif . MARTIN BOECKENHEUER Cowardice . Fellow . Everyman Conscience Kindred . Cousin . Eailh . Malice . Evil . . Conceir . Goods . Knowledge Good Deeds Confession Five Wils Discrefion Sfrenqfh . Beaufy . . . HERBERT HAAS . . MAX ARTHUR EUGENE JOHNSON . JEAN STOCKMAN . GAIL PLUMMER GEORGE CASWELL . . CAROL MOE . HERBERT HAAS . ROBERT BURDICK . . DALE FOSTER . . DALE FOSTER KENNETH MONGOLD GERALDINE SEWELL BEATRICE HOEHNE . . CAROL MOE . JEAN STOCKMAN . ROBERT ALLYN BEATRICE HOEHNE PRODUCTION STAFF Assislanl' Direcfor . TI-IELMA MARTIN Sfage Manager . EUGENE JOHNSON Sfage Elecfrician MAYNARD TAYLOR Assisfanfslage Elecfrician ROBERT MASON Cosfume Commiifee RUTH GANTENBEIN, Chm. HELEN MORGAN, KATHRYN GRACE ADELAIDE WELLS, CAROL MOE MARGARET MEYER, RUBY HALL Properly Commif+ee LAVERNE GREMMELS, Chm. CHARLES LOVIN Business Manager LORRAINE WALKER ST Row: MelTon, Heilman, QlmsTed, IVlarTin, W'righT, Frederick, Rhines, Moe, C. Miller. PeTerson, Luce. Belding, Ivlchflinimee. Bru e Holm Second Row: Kiel, J. SrniTh, Thune, Lund, STockman, Allen, Turner, McGrew, Qlson, Murphy, Heller, B. NorThrop, Halverson, Kishman Third Row: ClinTon, Haas, H, STevens, D. Jones, H. SmiTh, Crowe, Timm W. STevens, W. Jones, FourTl1 Row: Mason, Taylor, Rowland, Duke, lXlorThrop, RoperTs, ArThu' Ferguson, Ransom SUIT, NOT in PicTure: Welch, Hoehne, CasTor, Cass. The Upper Iowa Singers is a choral group oT long sTanding aT Upper Iowa. YeT This year iT is new-in name, in achievemenTs and-direcTor. ProTessor EvereTT Hendricks has broughT The choir To new heighTs by sTressing blend and group Teel- ing, using his own eTTecTive "psychology oT choir direcTing." AT ChrisTmas Time, The Singers, aided by The chorus, verse speaking choir, madrigal singers, and liTTle symphonic orchesTra, presenTed "The Shepe herd's ChrisTmas" by lvlorTen J. Luvaas and EvereTT Hendricks in an impressive and beauTiTul candle! lighT service. UPPER IOWA This spring The group made iTs much worked-Tor spring Tour. The Singers leTT Friday morning, The TourTeenTh oT March, and made Their TirsT sTop aT RockTord, Illinois, ThaT nighT. There They were enTerTained aT dinner and laTer sang Their TirsT Tour concerT. ATTer spending The nighT aT privaTe homes in RockTord They wenT on To Sycamore, home oT ProTessor Hendricks' parenTs. They were enTer- Tained by The Hendricks aT a lunch, aTTer which They sang a shorT concerT. The Singers' nexT sTop was Chicago. On SaTurA day nighT They sang Tor and in Turn were enTer- Tained aT dinner by The Chicago Alumni Club. page 48 "All seT To go," "Skipper Tracy," "QuiT makin' Tacesf' "AlerT people, aren'T They?" "Horne OT chewing gum," "JusT a loT ol baggage." SINGERS "Looking Tor sorneThing, Herman?" Hendricks and parenTs," "Nicel" incoln's Tomb," "ST, Louis caTeTeria." Sunday proved To be a Tull day, lngleside Church in The morning, The Towers Club, where The group sTayed, in The aTTernoon, and The Chicago Sunday Evening Club aT OrchesTra l-lall in The evening. This probably was The highlighT oT The enTire week's Tour. From Chicago The group headed souTh Through Illinois, sTopping aT Galesburg, DecaTur, and ST. Louis where They sang concerTs and re- laxed in The sunshine. All places OT inTeresT in ST. Louis were visiTed, among Them The ouTdoor muni- cipal opera sTage. The lasT concerT oT The Tour was given in Hills- boro on Wednesday nighT. AlThough There was liTTle spare Time in which To "run around" The Sing- ers had a grand Tirne. lncidenTally, The Singers esTablished an excellenT repuTaTion Tor Themselves and Upper Iowa. 3 'Sires-22 ' luA... Q- bancl PERSONNEL TRUMPETS NORTI-TROP, ROBERTS,TlTvlTv1, JONES, WAS-NER, ANDREWS BARITONES MQMINIMEE, BELDINC5 SAXOPHONES PAUL, FERRIS, l-TELLER TROMBONES ROBINSON, RANSOM, CROWE, PETERSON CLARINETS CASTOR, THOMPSON, LUCE, T-TOLZER, T-lEILlv1AN,MILLER.RUMMEL BASSOON WOOLDRTDGE BASSES CASTOR, LAMPI-TTER PERCUSSION DUKE, GIBSON, STEWARD The regular College band serves in Two Capaci- Ties, as a concerT band and as a pep band. The concerT band has regular rehearsals once a weelc and gives a spring conCerT oT marches, overTures and lighl operaTiC numbers. The pep band is ac- Tive during The TooTball, baslceTball and baseball seasons. This year The laTTer's sTunTs, marching and drills made iT well-lcnown To neighboring Colleges as well as Upper lowa. l.asT TaTl The group made a Trip To Dubuque and perTormed aT The halT oT The TooTball game beTween Loras and Upper Iowa. BoTh concerT and pep band are direCTed by ProT, EvereTT l-lendricks. l-lis unTiring eTTorTs and new ideas have given College band a new place in The liTe oT Upper Iowa. page 50 The Upper Iowa UniversiTy symphony orchesTra is open To all sTudenTs oT musical abiliTy. IT has been making greaT sTrides This year under ProT. Molloy's direcTion, wiTh a reperToire consisTing oT numbers by Haydn, Tschailqowslcy, iVlozarT, STrauss, Owcfenbach and oTher greaT classical composers. The orchesTra gives a spring concerT and has broadCasT several Times during The year. IT also provides music: Tor plays and commencement The orchesTra loses several excellenT members by graduaTion This spring. Miss KaThryn l-leTzel and Russell CasTor, violinisTs, and Miss Julia SmiTh, TluTisT, are among The graduaTing Class, Mr. Molloy, direcTor and a violin soloisT in his own righT, has also been lcind enough To inTeresT s+uden+s Trom Oelwein in The orchesTra. Their regular aTTendance has added maTerially To The eTTecTivene-ss oT The organizaTion. PERSONNEL VIOLINS HETZEL, R, CASTOR, WOOLDRIDGE, ALDERSON, MONG-OLD, DUKE, WEST THUNE, WAG-NER VIOLA SPALDING CELLO B. NORTHROP FLUTES MAIER, SMTTH SAXOPHONE PAUL FRENCH HORN TAYLOR, CLING-MAN CLARINETS V. CASTOR, FICKLE, HOLZER TRUMPETS lvl. NORTHROP, ROBERTS, ANDREWS MELTON, JONES BARITONES Tv1clv1INlMEE,BEI.DlNG TROMBONES CROWE, PETERSON OBOE DOLCT-I BASS VIOL WACHTEL orchesTra page SI field frippers Cerlainlv nol lo be omilled from The lisl ol mu- sical organizalions al Upper lowa are lhe brass guarfelle, slring ensemble and a number ol solo- isls. These musicians have provided programs lor high schools and civic organizalions Throughoul norlheaslern lowa. They are in conslanl demand lor dinners and club meelings. ln addilion lo be- ing successful as "field-Trip" organizalions, lhe groups are unlailing sources of enlerlainmenl lor campus programs. page 52 I ,A ' 19. , . "'1T' ,- '. 7 2m,gj5f,: 'fi 'f11':Li- 'sg-Q.-Q"1uj,1., 'iisfizm hmwgy'-jx ,f5L,w.1.'-3, ig,gj'f,jgfj.'J-f.--ye I-f:4f,f5.f -lg ii, -u.-ff5,3i5i- ,335 1 imfrh if lrwwar wr refer f wi H W al- lsr i F U5 fl Seri sm re QW weve wEfwi,i2w isxfmir ' W..LSl'31'hf r wk: L lr ' 'W -if 1- fe S,ifseXg4s-.xQ1,-Qgfijfisf fs.-P1 me we,-f-5 Msgs . ws., A. i f .1 iw sg r- u 5 ,, T 1 ii .5 4 4, is , T , ,i -'W 'u'f'Wtwa'.i.:s ., !,,,,,fEglsfif,,gfi,-.j, Egger Awe :mx-T, 'asqgrkixigisfem-5 Pk-aflawiivywieffmfwvisgw MWQH Q A gk sg,-sim 4 or-ll' Masks- fiery?-gsksiifzr f A-fs-vmsvueiiiiqf: .Q5-f12iggeef.1fw!1.mf3+mr-' manger-ss? in s- M wise' Q Q ,wus-.fr-aa : f 1 ski , .-A L f. mg, mfgyfmfw X225-Zi puff- Z'3.E.ff'V'1- J? i , .,3fe?re-M5331 gh DQ' The ideals of The Upper lowa Chrislian Forum are lriendship, reverence and lrulh. The weekly meelings lreal vilal issues ol lhe day from a re- ligious slandpoinlr. lvlelhods used include sludenl discussion, panel groups, music and well known and sponsors an all college mixer and lormal re- ceplrion. This year ir sponsored also a Halloween parly. The Forums is in charge ol Religious lile week and is responsible for all addilional religious aclivi- lies during lhal week. speakers. The Forum aids Treshrwcn in becoming orienled OFFICERS Firsf row: l HELEN MORGAN Secrelary cmviekou sELr T Presidenl GFRALDINF SEWELL Freshman Represenlalive Second row: JOSEPH BRADY Treasurer KATHRYN HETZEL 2nd Vice-Fresidenl GAYLE SlVllTl'l Vice-Fresidenl O I' U rn Forum parlyz "Sassy and Russ," "Fac- ull'yl?l meelingf' "Allyn goes down." page 53 7 The Collegian is Upper lowais voice oi siudeni opinion and a bi-weelcly record of acliviiies. In addiiion ro giving sludenls iournalisiic experience, flue Collegian gives an unbiased accouni oi cam- pus occurrences To Jrlrie sludenl body and friends, alumni, oilwer colleges and over one liundred filly liigli sclwools. Tbe reporiers, members oi ine iournalism class, vvorlf under ilie slqilliul direciion oi Ediior Tlwelma Marlin and oi laculiy adviser George Dobry. ln addilion lo ine members oi ine iournalisrn class, lnere are several specially wrilers. Sea+ed: D. Jones, M. Arlliur, H. Mor- gan, Wallcer, Grernmols, MarTin, Clnum- blov Mover. Slandingz DeLong, Diedriclw, Balmer, M. M. Paul, Caswell, Warren Jones. Ponsar, Norilirop, Burdiclc, Dobry. Individuals: Grernmels, Dobry, Marlin. THELMA MARTIN Ediior VENITA Cl-l UMBLEY Assislanl Ediior LAVERNE GREMMELS Business Manager VVARREN JQNES Assislanr Business Manager 7 1 RHF .i Page EDTTOR-lN-CHTEE Claude Welch ASSTSTANT EDTTORS George Caswell Dale T-lamngi,'sT LTTERARY EEJTTOR Cameron SQTT CLASS EDTTOR lfenneTh Mongold EEATURE EDTTOR Ralph Kuehl ACTTVTTY ELNTORS Dora Lee Belding, Charles Morgan, Cmel Cai-Tor ADVERTTSTNG STAFF LaVerne Gremmels, Bus. Mgr. Elonad Gofvn, Cnqsl es Lovin Edward Barnes Ouenfine Wagner ATT-ll ETTC EDTTOR Rfiyrrord lfuwnl SOCIAL EDlTOR Da f- Schf-l 'nellnom l-TUMOR EDITOR Charles Lovir Pl-TOTOGRAPH EDITOR l?el5erT Allyn CIRCULATTON MANAGER RMT' Oarwenpein FirsT Row: Caver Pickle Welch Oremnnels Eeloinfz, Oar'- enliein, Second Row: Morcmd Mclean Levin Oosch Qai, Kuelni Wagne'. Third Row: Ralph Kuehl, Riddle, Sfhermerhorn, Allyn SelT. Solemn conclaves in seguesTered noolcs-mysTerif ous happenings behind loclced doors-whispered proposals OT nebulous ideas. Was a Radical revo- luTion a-larewin? Nope, guess again. Was a ploT afTooT To shove College l-lall inTo Main STreeT come The darlq ol The moon? Nope, youlre geTTing colder. ll-lopeTullyl Could iT be someone was gof ing To murder all The proTs? lgadlyl Darn iT, nol Give up? Ol4ay4'Tvvas The PEACQCK sTaTTl EidgeTin' an' TreTTin' an' Tlounderin' an' Tixin'- how much space would Oremmels need7f- how To chose The BeauTy Oueens?fvvhen have Those pic- Tures Tal4en7 So They planned and discarded, sorTed and labeled and Thus worlced ouT a general scheme oT Things To come. Then They wenT To vvorlcfhard, unremiTTing, somelimes Thanlcless worlc. And The 'lgeneral scheme oT Thing To come' has comefTo This. lWisTTullyl We hope you like iT, HJohnson announcesf' ULukes lurns lhe dials," "Music on The air," "Dobry inlere views Earl Hall al press conference." broadcasl Upper lowa's Jrhird year of broadcasls over sia- lion WOI broughl Eugene Johnson +o Jrhe micro- phone as announcer and found Irene Alderson and Prof. A. J. Lul4es al lheir respeclive posls ol: pian- isl and operalor. A varied program ol enlerlainmenl included musical groups llhe Upper Iowa Singers, concerl band, lhe orchesrra, brass quarielle, siring ensem- ble, and soloisisl, discussions, inlerviews and Jrallqs. Reporis of campus aclivilies were given by Upper lowa's roving radio reporler, Prof. l-lendriclcs. Par- Jricipanls in broadcasls included guesls from nearby high schools, Upper Iowa alumni, sludenls and face ully members. The broadcasls were under lhe supervision of Jrhe radio commillee, headed by Dr. Welch. page 56 OP-I9 BOOK v. ,T - r . 1 T Q 1 ' .1 an , TA ,.x3 3,, 4 il1ig'gf.r ,253 . fi, 1' Q wma.gleam.,i,,aMfm.w,fiwaM.,.,w'.iiimuieixmiaaemwamirkeiff .siirsaimrf M' fmllh-V A Mum Firsf Row: Arlene McMini- mee, Eloise Turner, JaneTTe Koebel, Frances Morgan, Thelma V. MarTin, Mrs. J. E. Dorman, ChrysTol Mile ler. Second Row: Evelyn Nie- man, Geraldine Sewell, T-lelen Morgan, Norma Bruner, Eunice Kishman, Lois Kiel, Doris Briar, Mar- gareT T-Tall, Lorraine Walk- er, Thelma M. Marfin. alpha chi omicron The Alpha Chi Omicron sororiTy boasTs oT six- Teen acTive members, wiTh Mrs. John Dorman, wiTe oT Upper Iowa's long celebraTed coach as club moTher and Dr. Zilpha E. Chandler, TaculTy advisor. Founded in I922, The organizaTion is ever sTriv- ing To TurTher iTs purpose oT promoTing Triendly companionship among iTs members and all Upper lowans. The girls were winners oT The annual Home- coming prize Tor house decoraTions. This year The A.C.O. acTives abolished The evening oT TradiTional inTormal iniTiaTion or "hell nighT." The Alpha Chi Omicron sororiTy enTerTained Their Tea guesTs aT The Dorman residence. Yellow and whiTe chrysanThemums declced The candle-liT Tea Table. MiniaTure Tlower baslceTs and A.C.O. cubes were given The guesTs. The A.C.O.-l-l.U.I. "PlanTaTion Swing," opening The club dance season Took The rushees To a SouTh- ern mansion where They danced under The sTars on The planTaTion lawn To The music oT a colored orchesTra. OTTicers are l-lelen Morgan, pres., Thelma Mar- Tin, vice-pres., ChrysTol Miller, sec'y-Treas. Firsf Row: Myrrl Mae Paul, Carol Carler, Jane? Olson, Barbara Wrighl, Beryl Mori. Second Row: Kalhryn Her- Zel, Mrs. lrene Alderson, Dorolhy Burns, Elhyl l-lal- VEVSOVW. Third Row: Mary MCG-few, Ruih Ficlcle, Ernesline Hal- zer, Mrs. Paul Shafer. kappa e+a befa The Kappa Era Bela sororiiy, fhe oldesr on +he campus, was founded February I8, I9I9 lo creafe clean wholesome ac+ivi+y and sfimulale well-rounded characrer. The membership is limifed ro Jrwelve. This year Miss Cafherine Dolch was selecied as club sponsor and Mrs. Paul Shafer, club molher. The rush lea was served al fhe Shafer home wiih Mrs. Karl Fox assisring in rhe pouring. Favors were gold candle holders and red candles lied wirh a Kappa plaque. In December +he sororiry collaboraled wi+h The Rho Sigma Chi irarernily in a Chrislmas rush dance. The gymnasium was banlced wifh ever- greens elaborafely lighied, lhe club's insignia being iearured overhead in everchanging holiday colors. Snowy brillianls, sleigh bells, and Chrisfmas cheer ushered Sanra among lhe guesls ro heighlen fes- livily. The Kappa scarlel signifies love, wisdom and loyallyy The Kappa gold symbolizes ihe sun, good- ness of God and failhfulness. Firsf Row: Geraldine WrighT, Margaref PeTer- sen, Elinor Kaye, Julia SrniTh, MargareT ArThur. Second Row: DoroThy Parkinson, Shirley Reardon, lv1argareT Meyer, R. Ilene Wooldridge, Lilah Freder- ick, KaThryn Grace, Mrs. L. J. Lyons, Marion Davis. sigma nu sigma The Sigma Nu Sigma social sororiTy sTrives To TurTher and uphold The spiriT OT Triendship and co- operaTion on The Upper Iowa campus. ln The candle-liT dining room oT Mrs. L. J. Lyons. club moTher, The Sigma Nu's enTerTained Their guesTs aT a Tall Tea. The cenTerpiece oT red roses and silver candles carried ouT The club colors oT rose and silver. Each guesT received a wrisTband OT silver wiTh a small pink rose on iT. The Sigmas and Their guesTs Turned Eskimo in "The Land oT The Midnighl' Sun" Tor Their annual rush dance. In an aTmosphere which was cheery in spiTe oT The seTTing oT icebergs, glaciers, igloos, and polar bears, The Sigma guesTs danced The Eskimo Pie Dance, The Penguin T-lunT, The Harpoon Dance, and The Snowball Dance. Cherry punch and marshmallow snowballs reTreshed The dancers during The evening. WE MH - - 1 . ALA-'.2 T- 33,5 ., 4.2,.Q.ffQ.g,f,Q..g.J.fjj,V:, x,,, . 'mg Ur, 4 lezffrf-W 11 srfifffflifr-T T frm - w w - W 13 9 TQ Jr' ,wi-eiiizffram-z:af:.4wer 1-:dei-w:wr.f'w-MSb:sfifrlrylrfwwbfxwf-..fi'iRgq, if 41, MMTW ' wk 'A ww -i f '-' . .-vb -aw e? ,. Ar e.i'w" Te 'ffffw r f J 73551 ,. ..-..Y. y-.. . ., . M..- L.C...,P 5, Av ' .f..1-.L Q -QM 'V 511 'vw' ..' "Y w.x-Qgfw-rainy Shanding: RuTh GanTen- bein, BeaTrice Hoehne. Seafed: BeaTrice Baclc- haus, Irma STone, Peggy WesT, Mrs. D. C. Sperry, BeTTy NorThrup. On Floor: Mariellyn Thune, Berniece Campbell. phi bc-:Ta phi Phi BeTa Phi was organized in I9I7 as The VV. S. NV. Club, and was re-organized in I928 as The Phi BeTa Phi SororiTy. Phi BeTa Phi sTrives To bring abouT a close Teel- ing ol Triendliness and comradeship among iTs nnem- bers. A True sense oT womanliness and Tairplay and Those gualiTies which make Tor sTrengTh oT charac- Ter are developed. Through regular club meeTings and special TuncTions, social Training is promoTed. OuTsTanding evenTs oT The currenT year were a Tea in The Tall, To which all Treshmen girls were in- viTedg The rush dance held in OcTober, and The mid-winTer Tormal. Mrs. D. C. Sperry is club paTroness, and Mrs. John P. Clyde is TaculTy sponsor. OTFicers oT The club are Berniece Campbell, pres., BeaTrice Hoehne, vice pres., Peggy WesT, sec'y-Treas., and Irma STone, reporTer. ' ' 5 RighT To leTT. FirsT Row: BoniTa Lund, Jean STockman, Frances Berg. SeaTed: Eleanor Maier, Mrs, Burdick, KaThryn Berschman, Virginia Ben- ner, VioleT CasTor, Dora Lee Belding, EThel Mar- Tens. STanding: Floy Morgan, AniTa Peckham, KaThleen ArmsTrong, Lois Gingrich, Mrs. Dobry, Mary Elaine Jones. alpha ioTa upsilon The Alpha IoTa Upsilon sororiTy sTrives Tor The developmenT OT a well-rounded personaliTy Through inTormaliTy aT social meeTings and TorrnaliTy aT busi- ness meeTings. Friendly compeTiTion is enjoyed in planning social meeTings under The leadership OT Mrs. Grace Burdick, sponsor and club moTher, and Mrs. George Dobry, paTroness. To climax The so- cial season, The winners are enTerTained by The losers. The Alpha loTa Upsilon rush Tea was served by candlelighT aT The home oT Mrs. Dickman, wiTh Mrs. Burdick pouring. Each guesT received a Tlower aTTached To a miniaTure club placgue and was Then ushered inTo an aTrnosphere OT yellow and blue. The rush dance was builT around a circus Theme, wiTh rushees enjoying pink lemonade and animal crackers. GuesTs deparTed in a shower oT con- TeTTi. each one bearing an elephanT, zebra, monkey or Tiger balloon . X Firsi' Row: Felzer, Morgan, Frimml, D. Pallerson, Crowe, W. Timm, Aloboll, Gardner, l-lardrnan, Pnlz. Second Row: Gosch, L. Timm, Ransom, Auer, Ochs, Carler, Caswell, Sillca, Billings, Cooper. Third Row: Arlhur, Lind, Kiefer, l-lense, Allyn, Pralf, Schermerhorn, Crawford, Schueler, Ferguson. Fourfh Row: Wimmer, l'-lader, Johnson, l-l. Daily, W. Sieyens, Davis, l-lall, Bray. alpha della alpha The presenr Alpha Delia Alpha Club was origie nally organized as lhe D.C.U.'s. ln l93I lhe D.C.U. ioined The nalional A.D.A. lralernily, and during 'rhe following four years The Upper Iowa chapler of Jrhe A.D.A. mainiained irs sranding wirh rhe narional organiza+ion. ln I934 rhe A.D.A. clubs had The choice ol merging wirh Jrhe Nalional Alpha Kappa Pi lrarerniiy or remaining local. The Iowa chaplers all elecled 'ro remain local and remain so loday. The aim oi lhe lralernily is lo promole deep and lasling friendships among ils members. Professor R. lvl. Deming is The cluos honorary sponsor and Professor Wayne Spalding is The aclive sponsor. Joe Brady is presidenlr ol lhe club: Vincenl Craw- ford, vice-president and Ronald Schueler, secre lary-lreasurer. 1-iff, Ti'C'rifiinw, l-larrnguisl Cfsslor L. Rfallersran BD'- lis. Second Row: Rrol. llfend- rifle W. Jones, Sharp Leulwyler. Burns, K. Raf- l lnvson, Salvador. Firsi Row: Bulson, l. Rrvli Third Row: Ralph Kuehl Ray Kuehl. Ponsar, G. Rep- wils, G. Jones. lvlarsden, rho sigma chi The men's social lralernily ol Rho Sigma Chi was founded on lhe Upper Iowa Campus in l9l7. The clulo colors are green and while. The llower is a dark red rose. The purpose of Rho Sigma Chi-"To creale a grealer inleresl in all college acliviliesm-has been carried down lhrough lhe years. ll is lhe aim ol lhe members lo develop lhemselves more Com- plelely in lhe social aspecls ol lilie, lo beller lil lhemselves lor a well rounded and uselul livelihood and lo form a fellowship lhal will be mainlained and cherished lhroughoul lile. Miss Dora Carler is lhe Club molher. Professor Everell l-lendriclcs lills lhe posilion ol sponsor. The club officers are: Dale l-lamnguisl, pres., Russell Caslor, vice-pres., and Keilh Bulson, seoye lreas. Firsf Row: Lovin, Deann, G. Srnilh, Taylor, William Diamond, Mrs. Diamond, Denny, Wollers, Barnes, Fall. Second Row: Fosier, Schori, Krurnrey, Clay, Canlclin, K. Glass, Webb, Wagner, Gowanlock. Third Row: Runyan, Schupbach, Sleward. C. Rirnrner. l-larkins, Larnphier, Elliol. Fourfh Row: Grernrnels, R, Glass, Henderson, V. Rinnimer, l-lannah, Weber, Miller. h. The l-l.U.l. iraiernily, organized in I9l6 as an alhleiic club seelcs lo combine physical, menlal and social acliyilies of campus lile. The H.U,l.'s are proud of Their Trarernily as an organizalion of high slandards and especially proud ol ils members as individuals. They are equally proud of lhe lacr i. lhal Their club is The Tirsl club on The Campus lo do away Wilh unnecessary "hazing" of ils incoming pledges lhroughoul inilialion period. The Fralrerniiy is headed by lvlr. Augusl Lukas, lacully sponsor: Jaclc Grant presidonl' and Mr. and Mrs. Wfilliam Diamond, palron and palroness. 'mf--,..m..,,..M,,,,- Firsl' Row: Kaihrvn l-lelzel, Myrrl Mae Paul, Dororhy Burns, Eunice Kislnman. Mrs, Cohlnnan, Virginia Woesie, Kalhryn Grace, Jean Phelps, Margarel Pelerson. Second Row: Lilah Frederick, Geraldine Wrighl, Rulh Murphy, Mary McGrew, Jane? Olson, Arlene McMinirnee, Frances Morgan, Dolores Voss, Elinor Kaye. Third Row: Shirley Reardon, Elaine Clarlc, Evelyn J. Ficlcle, Lois Gingrich, Emelinc Slephens, Rulh Ficlcle, Beverly Iverson. Dorolhy Parlcinson, Margarel Arlhur, "Black-l27l' seems lo be The general call. And why noi? They have "il," or "oomph," or some- lhing. Soulh l-lallls lhe unofficial cenler ol lhe exlra-curricular aclivilies where a liberal educaiion is dispensed ior ihe price of a show and colces. page 67 sou+h hall Or maybe ils campuslry or aslronomy. 'Tis nol like a dormilory al all, laul a home. Sisler lo sisler you'll iind lhem doing lheir bil. Why? Molher Coffman is The answer. The girls lilce il: ii's iun. Souih Co-op, above. Firsf Row: Casior, Trennaine, Sharm Leuiwvier, Dcich. Moore. Second Row: Mrs. Casior, Paiferson Riddle, Lovin, T. Roberis. Third Row: Grernnweis Pease, King, Hannah, Shoemaker, Eiiioi, G. Roberis, Violef Casfor, Jones, Norin Co-op, below. Firsi' Row: Johnson, Burns, Marsden, Webb. Second Row: Diedrich Ardrews, Ha'nn- quisi, Bueii, Giass, C. Rirnmer. Third Row: Buison, Lind. Crawford, Schernwerhcrn, Kenriision, V. Rinnrner, Harkins, Schrader, Scnoii. 'Buison cu4s one." "Three oi ihe four rorsennenf' "Modern nniracie no. iO." if '31 1.18 men's Under ihe manaqenneni of Fred Leuiwyier, Jimmy Bueli, and Ray Kuehl, Upper lowa's ihree Cooperafive houses have had anofher successful year. Of course we musi noi iorgei ihe abie assisiance oi Mrs. Casior, Mrs. Churnbley and Mrs. Kappei, Cooks respediveiy for ihe Souih, Cenirai and Norih houses. Beiier known as Hoo-ops!! fhese houses serve as page 68 F Ei:-.P we 4 W vttl HMMQEQ-v:I,M,.:M.Y,j .LVV kwI,,g3,,.,G,,.,,,,T.,.. l , .- .. .,,.,, K. lf iq, ,, V K ,k K: ,, raffle' :QMG:fi3,12f4g.sIaP'."'f3Lffaf,:e,x,.,' rig?-'1z2g2sgfA..MJ.52,i2gg4pjJfw',,g2,sf2ig'E:I Lxggleli-'M-. ,, 4,41 jfgqgr g.i4,, g f Y 5, f Lg. .. 1,11-,A-1,3 , f A 'gf gen?-1 '53,fwgyffrmes1:zf.15vse,?,.:-wssgffv. ilifzr-'P'-'f'vfZefzQ: swmy-wrA,3,fe,Ng,ps,L-igf., -g,giq4f's,psw,,g,i.a.,-mp:-.Q,N .51 5, ff:,.'is,,f':sf9. ,J-r.4fis,ufN,f,., f,.i,,4, ,, i 1 1.5, ,. 1. KW2 'QQ was MmmMifunessuuuwmainmiwwe.,m,e,,mS:l,eMa.,,-ev.mM2s2Z,e,,,' N i is f is ,Q recrealion cenlers as well as houses for some fhirfy of Upper Iowa's male populalion. In addilion +o fhe Jrhirly roomers, lhere are abour +hir+y boarders who consider fhernselves "co-op 'ers." These are really cooperalive houses, foo, wilh every man doing his share of rhe worlc, from sweep- ing, mopping and firing lo washing dishes and running errands. The boys like il, Corning back year afrer year To slay in rheir favori+e co-op. 'UP Firsf Row: V. Churnbley, Mrs. Churnbley, C l a y, Wimmer, Fefzer, Ochs, Zellmer. Second Row: Ray Kuehl, G. Chumbley, Wagner, Ralph Kuehl, Daly, Denny, Ferguson, Abboff, Davis, Henderson, Barnes. Third Row: Grant Gard- ner, Auer, Morgan, Muck- ler. "Allyn-fongue in cheek." "Bearded Propher llPT's pridelf' "Some o' lhe .!"'WW" wif 'Q E ,pg 1 QQ 'HQ' Upper lowa's Peacocks wound up The I94O season wiTh a SOQE raTing -3 wins, 3 losses. The boys sTarTed ouT sTrong againsT Penn College, pushing The invaders around aT will alThough They only scored Twice. OcTober l2Th The surprising Buena VisTa Beavers capi- Talized on breaks and played heads- up ball To hand The Peacocks Their TirsT Homecoming deTeaT in many years. Then in rapid succession, Dubuque and her sisTer school, Loras, Trounced The Peacocks. Two weeks laTer, in The mud and rain, The Upper Iowa lads Turned loack Two dangerous LuTher drives and in one lighTning ThrusT, on a pass Trom Alderson To WolTers, rushed up a vicTory over Their Triendly rivals. Thaf alone would make The season a success. In The season's Tinal encounTer. The Pea- cocks downed a hard TighTing WarT- burg eleven. Buell led The Peacocks Team in poinTs scored, racking up Tour Touch- downs Tor 24 poinTs. l-lader was second wiTh Three Touchdowns, wiTh WolTers scoring one. Alderson's pass- ing was responsible Tor Three oT The scores. ' ,mam 3 , ,- ,,., . . page 7I peacocks break even Oct 5 Upperlowa Oct I2 Upperlowa Oci I9 Upperlowa Oct 26 Upperlowa Nov. 9 Upperlowa Nov I5 Upperlowa To+aI 50 Penn Buena Vhra Dubuque Loras Lurher VVarIburg O 6 20 27 O I4 67 Firsi' Row: Alderson, Denny, Kennisfon, L. Pafrerson, Granf, Lind, D. Pafferson, Roberfs Kamrn PraH McKimrn. Second Row: Smifh, Tremaine, EIIioH', Conklin, Farnum, Brady, BueII, I-Iader, WoII'ers Corkery SiIIca Coach "Doc" Dorman, Bruce Carfer ImanagerI. Third Row: Webb, Weber, K. PaHerson, Cooper, I-Iall, Enfz, Johnson. No+ in Picfure: Krumrey, I-Iarkins, Granger, Shoemaker, Burns, Bray, I-I. Daly, Sharp DeLong Lam phier. .naw .. .. la bask:-a+ball Coach Wells and lhe Peacoclcs slarled +he l94O- 4I baslcelball season slowly, losing 5 of 7 pre-con- lerence games. The squad mer some of +he besl leams in Missouri and lllinois. When conference play began, however, lhe Up- per lowans hi+ rheir slride and won 8 oul of I4 games +o rank well in Jrhe upper braclcel ol lhe lowa conference. Included in The four+een games were several of lhe lhrillers which malce baslcelball in+eres+ing: lhe 47 lo 46 viclory over Simpson, 'rhe 50 fo 52 loss lo fhe same leam and lhe 44 ro 38 vic+ory over lhal 'friendly rival, Lulher. Randall Webb led lhe Team in individual scoring wilh I39 poinls in conference play, while Caplain Dale l-lamnguisr played brillianl defensive ball. Firsl' Row: Bernard Schrader, Dale Alderson, Dale l-lamnquisl lcapfainl, Wilbur Kennislon, Merle Sharp. Second Row: Bruce Carler lman- agerl, Warren Johnson, l.aVerne Al- corn, Olan Webb, Gayle Smilh. Third Row: Randall Webb, Vance Rimmer, Marshall l-lense, George Bray. Noi' in Picfurex Carroll Rimmer. page 72 " i f' ' as 3 X f , I 3 I I I I 'D I I , no j in I 1' ! K V af I I I I IIII i 4 I ' 6:22 ff! ,,,, . , .19 I ,ffjj SCHEDULE Upper Iowa . 28 - KirIcsviIIe. Mo. . . Upper Iowa . I2 - MaryviIIe, Mo. . . Upper Iowa . . 39 - Cape Girardeau, Mo Upper Iowa . 38 - Soufnern III. Normal Upper Iowa . 24 - Springfield Teachers Upper Iowa . 40 - Drury .... Upper Iowa . 59 - Carfhage . . . Upper Iowa . 44 - Iowa Wesleyan Upper Iowa . 42 - Kirksville . . Upper Iowa . . 49 - Warlrburg . . Upper Iowa . 39 - Buena Vis+a . Upper Iowa . 28 - Lufher . Upper Iowa . 4I - SI. Ambrose . Upper Iowa . 28 - Dubuque . Upper Iowa . . 35 - S+. Ambrose . Upper Iowa . 57 - War+burg . Upper Iowa . 47 - Simpson . . Upper Iowa . 44 - LuI'I1er . . Upper Iowa . 6I - Wesfern Union . Upper Iowa . . 57 - Wesfern Union . Upper Iowa . . 46 - Buena Vis'ra . Upper Iowa . . 39 - Dubuque . Upper Iowa . . 50 - Simpson . page 73 +4 ei I-V' ' ' I I A . - , V , , -f -1 ', , gag ,V I I , In-.' J,-:, , ,,,i,i , f fri H rw -ii,-my-s1.i,i..--.Q.:-2 if,.1i,.:.fvffwrl--1-,'--, . , 1 - ' r. V v Q rg i . W5 f f fue r?'5f1 NQJHPWAQWQQQQ T 'b'w2?+w md, baseball April April May May May May May May May May May May June SCHEDULE I9 Bradley . . 22 Universily of Iowa 2 Warlburg . . 7 Simpson . 8 Buena Visia . . IO Plalleville Teachers Ilwo gamesl I5 Simpson . . I6 Drake lrenlaiivel 20 Warlburg llenlalive 24 Lufher . . . 30 Lulher . 3I Bradley . 2 Drake . page 74 Jrhere There here here here here There Ihere 'Ihere Ihere here here here R., . 31?-' N31 ' M f. W. - I ,. H, P . , , , f1if'iizi2rfmQfr:irirII+2'+I'i " -1' iw I " 11,J,I'?i3'r '.ffis,.il2"f14'e: ' ',f'-ian me r a 1' '1fsb9E'zr:JL.:IanSm..iiWuM:1s1mgrmim M r if ' ,r-5, il, J we sf conference champs! Five successive conference baseball champion- ships cerlainly conslilulre an enviable record, bu+ Upper lowa's Peacocks sland a beller lhan even chance lo make il a sixlh lowa loop lille lhis year. Qnce again, lhe magic louch ol Doc Dorman is building a "clicking" cornbinalion. Wilh lwelve lellermen and as many reserves al his call las well as a hosl ol newcomersl, Doc can draw upon a Firsf Row: Arfhur, V. Rimmer, Scheuler, Palferson. weallh of malerial. And lhe renowned Peacock lighling spiril is going lo mean plenly ol compeli- lion lor berlhs on lhe firsl squad. A+ lhe beginning ol The season, George Case well, Jrhree-year veleran second baseman, and Rus- sell Caslor, Jrhree-year veleran lirsl baseman, were chosen coecaplains lor l94l. Second Row: l-larkins, Lamphier, Casfor, Ray Kuehl, Conklin, Alderson, Morgan, Scholl, C. Daily, Koeneke. Third Row: Webb, Coach Dorman, Bray, Weber, Ralph Kuehl, L. Timm, l-lense, K. Rimmer, Henderson, l-l. Daily, Burns, Evans, W. Timm, Manager Carfer, Farnurn. Noi in Piciure: Buell, Caswell, Barnes, Miller, Schrader, K. Paflerson, Clay, Sfevens, Frirnml, Kennislon, McKirnm. "4 ff?-if two: Y V 328503 -5 +rac:k A large lurnoul lor lracli lhls spring showed a renewed lnleresl ln lhe sporl, as line spring wealher helped Jrhe boys off lo a good slarl. Whlle only four lellernfwen relurned, Grant Wol- lers, Felzer and Krumrey, lhe new malerlal prorn- ised slrenglh in lhe weigh? and lleld dlvlsions and definlle possibllllies in lhe sprlnls and dislance runs. April I7 Aprll lf? Aprll 2I Aprll 25, 26 hday 2 hAay IO May Io, SCHEDULE Dubuque .... Iowa Slale Teachers Relays Lulher ..... Drake Relays Beloll Relays Invllalional mee? al Lulher There lhere lowa Conference meel al Loras Firsf Row: Ellloll, Billings, Ferguson, Prafl, Davis, Whllcher. Second Row: Fosfer, Und, Kiefer, Felzer, Krum- rey, Glass. Sfanding: Paflerson. Wollers, Grant Ochs Mlfchell. page 76 FINAL Teams Dchs . . I-Iennager Morgan . Cass . Harkins Timm . . Carler . King . Kamm . . page 77 STANDINGS Won Los? . 7 I . 6 I . 5 3 . 3 4 . 3 4 . 3 4 . 2 5 . 2 5 . 2 6 Firsl' Row: Wimmer Ochs Abboll Farnum Second Row: Mclfimm Mason Arlhur inlramurals A new syslem of inlramural baslcelball was in- auguraled This year. Heading The organizalion were Coach George Wells and a commillee ol Tour sludenls, one from each class. This commillee chose The leader and members for each leam and supervised The games. No var- sily leam members were allowed lo play in The inlramurals. The syslem worlcecl well and aller a lolal of lhirly-lhree games spread over Three monlhs lime, The l'eam led by Bill Ochs slood in undispuled Tirsl' place. The winning 'ream is piclured above. p club e P lvluch credilr is due lo lhe Pep Club and cheer leaders lor The line sludenl spiril lhalr has been shown al all arhlelic con- lesls and pep meelings. The Pep club consisls of lwo represenla- lives chosen from each class and has charge of selecling and lrying our cheer leaders and providing enlerlainrnenl al alhlelic conlesls. H also has charge ol lhe candy and chewing gum concessions al rhe games. Doris Briar, Eleanor Maier and Jack Win rerinlc were Jrhe cheer leaders, wilh La Verne Gremmels holding lhe office oi presidenl ol The club. Seafedz Don Sosch, Edward Dolch, Kalliryn Helzel, LaVerne Grremrnels, Wayne Timm Myrrl Mae Paul, Keilh Granger. Sfandingz Eleanor Maier, Jack Winferink, Doris Briar. page A Abbolt Arlhur, Orient 27, 64, 69, 77 Alcorn, Lavern, Wesl' Union, 27, 72 Alderson, Mrs. Irene, Wayne, Nebr., 22, 30, 60 Alderson, Dale, Wayne, Nebr., 22, 7I, 72, 75 Allen, Orpha, Maynard, 27, 30,48 Allyn, Louis, Winfhrop, 27 Allyn, Robert Winlhrop, 23, 28, 55,64 Andrews, James, Cenlral Cily, 27, 68 Armslrong, Kalhleen, Chesler, 27, 63 Arlhu r, Arfhur, Arlhur Arlhur Darrel, Maynard, IB, 64, 75 Dorolhy, Fayelle, 27 Max, Fayelle, 27, 48, 77 Margaret Hamplon, 26, 30, 52, 1 "7 INDEX OF STUDENTS Clay, Robert Rudd, 26, 66, 69, 75 Clinlon, DeWirt Iowa Falls, I8, 48 Clough, Harold Edward, Fayeffe, I9 Coleman, Rollis, Weslgaie Coleson, Erma Jean, Lamont 27 Conklin, Dale, Hawkeye, 23, 66, 7I, 75 Cooper, Robert Reinbeck, 64, 7I Corkery, Lowell, Fayelle, 26, 7I Crabfree, Genevieve, Poslville, 27 Crawford, Vincent Arlingion, I7, 26, 64. 68 Crowe, Sidney, Wesl' Union, 25, 26, 27, 6l, 67 Auer, Nelson, Wrighl Cily, Mo., 64,69 Baker, Russell, Farley, 22, 54 Barnes, Barbara, Osage Barnes, Edward, Sfrawberry Point 22, 66, 69, 75 Barr, Harvard, Fayette, l8, 3I Bass, Louis, Fayeile Behrends, Helen, Lakoia Belding, Dora Lee, Waucoma, 22, 48, 55, 63 Bellamy, Ralph, Edgewood, 27 Bellis, Robert Randalia, IB, 65 Benner, Virginia, Fredericksburg, 27, 30, 63 Berg, Frances, Eldora, 22, 63 Berschman, Kaihryn, Lakola, 24, 3l, 63 Billings, Charles, Fayelle, 27, 64, 76 Bockhaus, Bealrice, Cedar Rapids, 62 Boeckenheuer, Marlin, Hawkeye, 24, 26 Bowers, Robert Sirawberry Poinl' Brady, Joseph, Aurora, I8, 2I, 32, 53, 7I Brandt Lois, Clermonl Bray, George, Waukon, 23, 64, 7I, 72, 75 Brewer, Leo, Fayelle, 27 Briar, Doris, Monona, 27, 59, 78 Broclarnan, Allen, Harlan Bruner, Norma, Sumner, 24, 28, 48, 59 Bryant Kenneih, St Anihony Buell, James, Cenlerville, I8, 2I, 68, 7I, 75 Burdick, Robert Fayelle, IB, 28, 54 Burns, Dorolhy, Pillsburgh, Pa., l8, 25, 29, 32, 60, 67 Burns, Joseph, Pillsburgh, Pa., 25, 27, 68, 7I, 75 Burson, Keilh, Hampron, I7, I8, 65, 68 C Campbell, Berniece, Fayelle, 24, 26, 62 Carley, Maureen, Fayelie Carpenier, Mary, Fayelte Carrer, Carol, Fayeife, I7, 22, 55, 60 Carler, Roberl' Bruce, Fayelle, I8, 30. 32, 64, 7l, 72, 75 Cass, Fosler, Fayelle, I8, 48 Caslor, Russell, Fairbank, I8, 25, 28, 29, 30, 48, 65, 68, 75 Casror, Violelle, Fairbank, 27, 63, 68 Caswell, Allan, Fayeile, 27 Caswell, George, Fayelle, I7, 20, 28, 29, 30, 32, 45, 64, 75 Chumbley, Venila, Fayelie, 25, 26, 3l, 54, 69 Clark, Elaine, Greene, 27, 67 page 79 30, 48, 64 Cummings, Leola, Fairbank, 27 D Daily, Carl, Nora Springs, 75 Daily, 75 Harald, Nora Springs, 64, 69, 7l, Davis, George, Wrighl Cify, Mo., 27, 64, 69 Davis, James, Fayelle, 27 Davis, Marion, Randalia, 22, 29, 6I DeLong, Paul, Charles Cily, I7, 28, 54, 7I Denny, Boyd, Garner, 27, 66, 69, 7I Diedrich, William, Sumner, 26, 54,68 Dolch, Edward, Urbana, Ill., 68, 78 Donahue, Rila, Oelwein, 27 Dow, Verona, Sfrawberry Point 27 Duke, Beryl, Oelwein, 27, 48 E Elliolt John, Arlinglon Elliolt Norman, Des Moines, 27, 66, 68, 76 Elwood, Reed, Elma, 22 Enlz, Joseph, Walerloo, 64, 7I Evans, Edward, Dows, 75 F Fall, Gerald, Lime Springs, 26 Farnum, Gayle, Sumner, 27, 7I, 75, 77 Ferguson, Donald, Allanlic, 27, 48, 64, 69, 76 Ferris, John, Marquelle, 26 Fe+zer, Fickle, Fickle, Finch, Russell, Vicfor, 26, 64, 69, 76 Evelyn, Oelwein, 27, 67 Rul'l1, Oelwein, 26, 55, 60, 67 Howard, Slanley Grace, Kafhryn, Nebbelt I7, I9, 28, 29, 32, 6l, 67 Granger, Keilh, Wesl Union, 27, 7I, 78 Grant John, Independence, I9, 69, 7I, 76 Gremmels, LaVerne, Oelwein, 22, 25, 28, 30, 32, 54, 55, 66, 68, 78 Grimes, Georgia, Elgin, 24, 26, 3l Grilzner, Leland, Plainfield, 24, 26 H Haas, Herbert Rhodes, 27, 48 Hader, Albert Shellburn, Ind., 22, 64, 7l Hahn, Virginia, Aurora, 24, 26 Hall, Margaret Pueblo, Colo., 27, 59 Hall, Margarel L., Gullenberg, 27 Hall, Ruby, Fayelfe, 28, 29, 30 Hall, William, Fayelle, 64, 7I Halverson, Elhel, Wesl Union, 26, 48, 60 Hamnquist Dale, Des Moines, I9, 2l, 30 32, 65, 68, 72 Hannah, Dallas, Hamp+on,26, 66,68 Hansen, Forrest Tironka, 27 Hardman, Joseph, Oelwein, 64 Harkins, Joseph, Crysial Lake, Ill., I7, 22, 66, 68, 7l, 75 Hellman, Eleanor, Fairbank, 27,48 Hein, Wayne, Fairbank, 27, 30 Heller, Frieda, Wesigafe, 27, 30, 48 Henderson, Robert Edgewood, 27, 66, 69, 75 Hennager, Connie, Maynard, 23 Hense, Marshall, Alburnert 27, 64, 72, 75 Helzel, Kalhryn, Arlingion, I7, I9, 2l, 29 32, 53, 60, 67, 78 Howhne, Bealrice, Weslgaie, 28, 48, 62 Holm, Phyllis, Chesler, 24, 26, 48 Holmes, David, Des Moines Hollhaus, Leo, Colesburg Holzer, Ernesline, Elgin, I9, 30,60 Houg, Ronald, Elgin Ingels, Ruih, Randalia, 27, 30 Iverson, Beverly, Manly, I9, 29, 30, 67 J Jacobia, Lorayne, Poslville, 27 Johnson, Eugene, Fayelle, 23, 28, 45 Fosler, Dale, La Porle Cily, 27, 66 Frederick, Lilah, Arlingfon, I9, 29, 48, 6l, 67 Frey, Warren, Wadena Frimml, Clement Norway, 23, 64, 75 Frye, Lorraine, Randall, 24. 26 G Ganlenbein, Rulh, Maynard, 22, 25, 29, 55, 62 Gardner, Maxine, Arlinglon, 27 Gardner, Miles, Hazlefon, 27, 64, 69 Gellle, Howard, Garwin, 27 Gibson, Wilma, Aurora, 27 Gingrich, Lois, Tifonka, 24, 26, 63, 67 Glass, Kennelh, Dundee, 26, 66, 68, 76 Glass, Rex, Edgewood, 26, 66 Gleason, Presfon, Edgewood, 27 Gosch, Donald, Charles Ciiy, 22, 30, 55, 64, 78 Gowanlock, Edward, Oelwein, 66 Johnson, Raymond, Greene, 27. 68 Johnson, Warren, Fayelle, 27, 48, 64, 7l, 72 Jones Delbert Eagle Grove, 26, 48, 72 Jones, Gerald, Chesfer, 23, 30, 65 Jones Mary, Lime Springs, 3I, 63 Jones Jones , Warren, Lime Springs, 26, 54 , William, Lime Springs, 27, 68 K Kamm, Harold, Wesl Union, I9, 7l Kappmeyer, Rufh, Oelwein, I9, 30, 3I Kaye, Elinor, Sheboygan, Wis., 24, 26, 6l, 67 Kayser, Neva, Fayelle, 24, 26 Kenislon, Wilbur, Oelwein, 27, 68, 7I, 72, 75 Kennedy, Richard, Wadena, 27 Kiefer, Lloyd, Sranley, 23, 64, 76 Kiel, Lois, Fayelle, 24, 36, 48, 59 King, Beryl, Hazelfon, 27 King, Earle Jr., Fayeile King, Roberl, Oelwein, 27, 68 Kishman, Eunice, Farmersburg, 27, 37, 48, 59, 67 Koebel, Jeannelle, Fayelle, 59 Koeneke, Alvin, Colesburg, 27, 75 Krohn, Keilh, Marquelle Krumrey, LeRoy, Charles Cily, 66, 7l, 76 Kuehl, Ralph, Elkporl, 23, 30, 55, 65, 69, 75 Kuehl, Raymond, Elkporl, 23, 25, 30, 3l, 55, 65, 69, 75 L Lack, Harold, Orchard Lacour, James, Charles Cily, 26 Lalley, Cornelius, Adair Lamphier, Leonard, Volga Cily, 27, 66, 7l, 75 Lava, Helen, Jesup, 27, 30 Leonard, Lloyd, Elkader Leulwyler, Fred, Renwick, 29, 45, 68 Lewis, Henry, Floyd, 27 Likens, Lyle, Brandon Lind, Huberl, Denison, 26, 64, 68, 7l, 76 Lillell, Elhelyn, Fayelle, 24 Loban, Roberl, Oelwein, 27 Logan, Virginia, Fayelle, 24 Lovin, Charles, Hamplon, 23, 55, 66, 68 Lund, Bonila, Fayelle, 27, 48, 63 Luse, Audrey, Slrawberry Poinl, 27, 48 Lynch, Leighlon, Fayelle M Mabon, Elwood, Randalia, 23 Mack, Evelyn, Vinlon, 24, 26 Mack, Hazel, Vinlon, 24, 26 Mahoney, Mardell, Randalia Maier, Eleanor, Alburnell, I7, 27, 63, 78 Marsden, James, Hendrum, Minn., 26, 30, 65, 68 Marlens, Elhel, Conroy, 24, 26, 3l, 63 Marlin, Thelma, Oelwein, I9, 2l, 28, 29, 3l, 32, 54, 59 Marlin, Thelma, Corso, Mo., 27, 48, 59 Mason, Roberl, Plainlield, 27, 48, 77 Maslin, Rulh, Cedar Rapids McBride, Mary, Pillsburgh, Pa. McGrew, Mary, Hawkeye, 27, 48, 60, 67 McKim, Berl, Deloil, 7l, 75, 77 McMinimee, Arlene, Denison, 27, 48, 59, 67 McSweeney, Helen, Weslgale, 27 Melcher, Arden, Monona, 23 Mellon, Ardis, Palo, 26, 48 Meyer, Margarel, Eilzen, Minn., I9, 28, 29, 3l, 54, 6l Miller, Chryslol, Clermonl, 26, 48, 59 Miller, Jean, Slanley, 27, 30 Miller, Roland, Charles Cily, 23, 66, 75 Miller, Sylvia, Charles Cily, 27 Milchell, Bonnie, Brandon Milchell, Burlon, Hawkeye, 23, 76 Milchell, Edilh, Hawkeye, 27, 30 Milchell, Warren, Bullalo Cenler, 27 Moe, Carol, Fremonl, Nebr., 20, 48 Mongold, Kennelh, Fayelle, 23, 55 Moore, David, Oelwein, 27, 68 Morl, Beryl, Hawkeye, 27, 60 Morgan, Charles, Slanley, 23, 29, 3I, 55 64, 69, 75 Morgan, Floy, Slanley, 30, 63 Morgan, Frances, Aurora, 24, 26, 27, 59, 67 Morgan, Helen, Slanley, 20, 21, 28, 29, 32, 39, 53, 54, 59 Muckler, Slanley, Manchesler, 26, 69 Murphy, Rulh, Sumner, 48, 67 N Nelzger, Dale, Fayelle, 27 Nelzger, Opal, Fayelle, 24, 26 Nieman, Evelyn, Sumner, 20, 59 Niles, Jacqueline, Wesl Union, 27 Norlhrop, Belly, Wesl Union, 27, 48, 62 Norlhrup, Max, Fairbank, 20, 48, 54 O Ochs, William, Garwin, 27, 64, 69, 76, 77 Odekirk, Emma, Randalia, 27 Olmsled, Edna, McGregor, 24, 26, 30, 3 l, 48 Olson, Janel, Clermonl, 27, 48, 60. 67 P Parkinson, Dorolhy, Greeley, 27, 6l, 67 Pallerson, Dale, Elgin, 23, 64, 75 Pallerson, Kennelh, Lakola, 27, 65, 7l, 75 Pallerson, Lyle, Lakola, 20, 25, 30, 68, 7l, 76 Paul, Myrrl, Maynard, 24, 26, 54, 60, 67, 78 Pease, Hugh, Collax, 68 Peckham, Anila, Caslalia, 24, 26, 63 Pelerson, Margarel, Denison, 26, 48, 6I, 67 Phelps, Jeanne, Slrawberry Poinl, 24, 26, 3l, 67 Pierce, June, Fayelle, 23, 30, 3I Pilgrim, Dorolhy, Edgewood, 27 Plummer, Gail, Jesup, 27 Ponsar, Leo, Hazlelon, 26, 29, 54, 65 Polralz, Erwin, Weslgale, 23 Prall, Waller, Wesl Union, 25, 27, 64. 7l, 76 O Ouaas, Roy, Alburnell Ouirk, Lowell, Lawler, 27 R Ransom, Warren, Caledonia, Minn., 48, 64 Reardon, Shirley, Farmersburg, 27, 6l, 67 Rhines, Wanda, Edgewood, 48 Richards, Gerald, Waucoma Richardson, Ferne, Alpha, 27 Riddle, Clarence, Algona, 55, 68 Rimmer, Carroll, Delhi, 23, 66, 68, 72, 75 Rimmer, Vance, Delhi, 20, 66, 68, 75 Roberls, George, Waucoma, 23, 65, 68. 7I Roberls, Thornlon, Arlinglon, 20, 48, 68 Robinson, Grace, Earlville, 24, 26 Robinson, Roberl, Hawkeye, 27 Rowland, Basil, Fayelle, 26, 48 Rummel, Rulh, Fayelle, 24, 26, 30 Runyal, Donald, La Porle Cily, 27, 66 S Scales, June, Fayelle, 27 Scannell, Richard, Randalia Schaller, Dorolhy, Randalia, 27 Schermerhorn, Dale, Hazlelon, I7, 23, 55, 64, 68 Schmidl, Viola, Randalia, 24, 26, 30 Scholl, Roberl, Hawkeye, 26, 68, 75 Schori, Gene, Elgin, 26, 66 Schrader, Bernard, Clermonl, 27, 65, 68, 72, 75 Schrader, Eslher, Norway, 27 Schueler, Ronald, Alburnell, 20, 64, 75 Schupback, William, Elgin, 26, 66 Schweilerl, Doris, Earlville Sell, Cameron, Wasl1inglon,23,29,48, 53, 55 Sensor, Arlhur, Wesl Union Sewell, Geraldine, Fayelle, 27, 53, 59 Shanks, Nelve, Nora Springs, 27 Sharp, Merle, Manchesler, 27, 68, 7l, 72 Sherren, Thomas, Wesl Union, 23 Shoemaker, Ray, Hamplon, 27, 68, 7l Silka, Lynn, Hazlelon, 27, 64, 7l Sloan, Norma, Brandon, 27 Smilh, Gayle, Fayelle, 20, 53, 66, 7l, 72 Smilh, Herman, Hawkeye, 26, 48 Smilh, Julia, Fayelle, 20, 48, 6I Squires, Olive, Palo, 20 Slephens, Emeline, Oelwein, 26, 27 Slevens, Howard, Plainlield, 26, 48, 75 Slevens, Wilbur, Plainlield, 48, 64 Sleward, Leon, Slrawberry Poinl, 26, 66 Slockman, Jean, Cresco, 27, 48, 63 Swales, Marian, Lamonl, 26, 30 T Taylor, Helen, Nora Springs, 20, 27 Taylor, Maynard, Haylield,'28, 30.40, 66 Thompson, Merle, Fayelle, 26 Thompson, Olive, Manchesler Thune, Mariellyn, Cedar Rapids, 27, 48, 62 Tillolson, James, Winlhrop, 25, 26 Timm, Loel, Fayelle, 20, 64, 75 Timm, Wayne, Fayelle, 26, 48, 64, 75, 78 Tremaine, Richard, Sumner, 20, 68, 7l Turner, Eloise, Randalia, 24, 48, 59 U Underwood, Charles, Weslgale Underwood, Rulh, Weslgale, 27 V Voss, Dolores, LuVerne, 24, 26, 67 W Wagner, John, Fayelle, 27 Wagner, Ouenline, Prolivin, 23, 3l, 55, 66, 69 Walker, Lorraine, Fayelle, 28, 29, 54, 59 Warner, Fay, Randalia Webb, Ollen, Nora Springs, 27, 66, 72, 75 Webb, Mildred, Arlinglon, 27 Webb, Randell, Sullivan, Ind., 68, 7l, 72 Weber, Adolph, Wadena, 27, 66, 7l, 75 Welch, Claude, Fayelle, 23, 29, 32, 45, 48, 55 Wells, Adelaide, Randalia, 26, 30 Wells, Vivian, Randalia, 24, 26, 30 Wesl, Margarel, Waseca, Minn., 62 Weslendorl, Viola, Oelwein, 27 Weslerdahl, Roberl, Charles Cily Whilcher, Dale, Hawkeye, 26 Wimmer, Charles, Creslon, 27, 64, 69 Winn, Eileen, Caslalia, 24 Winlerink, John, Charles Cily, 27, 78 Woesle, Virginia, Greeley, 24, 26, 67 Wollers, Norman, Oelwein, 26, 66, 7l, 76 Wooldridge, Roberl, Fayelle, 26 Wooldridge. Rulhe Ilene, Fayelle, 23, 3l, 6I Wrighl, Barbara, Wesl Union, 25, 27, 35, 60 Wrighl, Geraldine, Orchard, 6l, 67 Z Zellmer, Neale, Allanlic, 69 page 80 UPPER IOWA UNIVERSITY FAYETTE, IOWA Founded 1857 THE GROWING COLLEGE PROGRESSIVE HIGH STANDARDS The college with a Strong faculty and a select student body. ln addi- tion to courses designed to train youth for earning a living, Upper Iowa offers a broad cultural traininq. Students enjoy participation in music, drarnatics, athletics and a tine type of social life. Co-educafional Infer-denominafional Accredifed A CAMPUS VIEW PQSI S1BB1NG'S COMPLETE STOCK OF GRADUATION GIFTS CConvenient Credit Temxsl 1 EAST CHARLES OELWEIN, IOWA "ON THE CORNER" 'P L1 3 CONGRATULATIONS FROM ,U 09 CI E HARRY R. HUMPHREY HERBERT D. KLAMMER Q gi Supervisor Clerk of Court -'E IC 2 3 DELL SMITH C. A. MUNsoN 3 5 Supervisor Recorder 3 Q' o ,G FRED W. GREMMELS A. I. KUTSCI-IAT E 'E Supervisor Sheriff Q 3 8 Pg Q T. H. CLINE E. R. SHAW P8 E 5 Auditor Attorney 'E 3 2 W. M. KNoX DAVID R. ROBERTS E Q :Q 2 Treasurer Superintendent of Schools E 0 O E' 3 F '-4-4 CD -o-I -H U1 E at E 'ES T' :gg CD 'Q Q' S336 5 ig? O C1 5 PM o o E -3 5 E Q32 'EE Q E THE COUNTY OFFICERS OF gg 3 Ui ,. Q 5 gi A 2 FAYETTE COUNTY 5 TJ 'S 9 S m N 3 m 'P' D: . - CQ . it P F5 A I O I N I N U Q F E WISHING You succizss 3 9 L cc w 0 E F s T T U S U C N A I F O N E All the Time Since Nineteen Nine M. Hall: "I never let boys kiss me except when the-y"re saying goodnight." E. Barnes: "Goodnight, goodnight, goodnight, goodnight-" FARMERS s. L. sHALEs SAVINGS K. Butson: "A fel- H. s. SHALES low insulted me the other day by offering QQ? CLERMONT. IOWA me beef," g SHALES Pat: "What did Member of Federal You do? Deposit Ins. Corp. ' K. Butson: "Swal- l d th ' lt." Accounts Insured Owe 9 msu SUMNER. IOWA Up to 55,000.00 OELWEIN IMPLEMENT COMPANY McCormick Deering Farm Machinery and International Motor Trucks Q8 83 45? COTTAGE STUDIO OELWEIN, IOWA 9336 B. Moliim: Did you qi your Wife thot little lecture conomy you spoke of? D. Alderson: Yes. B. Mcliim: Any result? D. Alolerson: Yes, l've got t qiv p smoking. BOOK AND ART SHOP OELWEIN. IOWA ELGIN STATE BANK KNIGHTS GROCERY WEST UN1oN, IOWA DR. R. V. BRANT Dentist CLERMON T, IOWA ELGIN, IOWA DR. o. C. MIEHE HERTZ CAFE Dems. OELWEIN, IOWA ARLINGTON, IOWA FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF SUMNER. IOWA MEMBER or FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION C. W. PENNlNGTON, President W. A. HEYER, Cashier "THE BANK OF FRIENDLY SERVICE" L. Gremmels: Yes, l used to be in politics myself. l was clog catcher in my town for two years, but finally lost my job. F. Leutwyler: What Was the matter-change ot mayor? L. Gremmels: Nope, l finally caught the doa. 9 Buechler s Cash Store ROY SHERREN SERVICE STATION Groceries, Meats Shoes. Dry Goods Phone 41 Clermont. Iowa O WEST UNION. IOWA GRASSFIELD SHOE STORE OELWEIN'S QUALITY STORE For Women . . . For Men . . . AIR STEPS FLORSHEIMS NATURALIZERS ROBLEES C. A. Iohnson RITZ CAFE COLERATOR at Son The Air Conditioned WEST UNION IOWA Refrigerator 0 ' Good Food ESTATE OIL AND COAL HEATROLAS Reliable Air Conditioned Fai1'bSin11:s'M01'se - o ers Plumbln-q and H- Torrid Heat-Oil Heatlnq LEWIS EVANS P Burners ' ' mp' YUUIIG CUM. CII. PHONE 121-X SUMNER. IOWA Phone Ten Nine-O CAPPER CHIX B. Denny: Football is just a sideline with Bl'I'CllIE'S CLUTIIING -5996 me. , H Clothmq and "Live-Lqy-Pay" l. Koebel: Yes, l Furnishings notice tl1at's Where M O21 B 3.000.000 Annually Youfre qenerquy Sit- en an CYS "Mea1ey Corner" ELGIN. IOWA OELWEIN. IOWA A Store of Youth THE A St i l' me O CUNY MOTOR ARGO-GAZETTE A Store ot Moderate Price C H DODGE-PLYMOUTH overs DIY Goods . News Fleld Sales and Service Ready-to-Wear of Millinery ' Fayette County M Block East Hotel +W- sl Mea1eY Walter H. Beall WEST UNION, IOWA OELWEIN, IOWA WEST UNION, IOWA P9 "IOWA'S FINEST BALLROOMH lr, CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1941! D. Gosch: That soda clerk is a funny little cuss, isn't he? N. Wolters: l'll say l'1GlS funny. He even made a banana split the other clay. McINTYRE'S D-X SERVICE W. G. WOODWARD C0., INC. Washing , "Everything to Wear" Greasmg Firestone Tires "We Buy and Sell For Cash, Batteries That's Why We Sell For Less" WEST UNION, IOWA OELWEIN. IOWA JOHN FALB 6: SCNS CHEVROLET BUICK OLDSMOBILE Northeast I owa' s Used Car Market ELGIN POSTVILLE 7 THE OELWEIN NURSERY CO. 1857-1941 "GROWING IS OUR BUSINESS" Iowa State College Graduate Landscape Architect at Your Service 1. Aldersoriz Why do you Call your boy irieriol "Pilqrim"? G. Grimes: Because every time he calls he makes a little progress IVIESKEL'S -'- CAFE West Union. Iowa DR' Courteou: Service DENTIST Day and Night O Choice Steaks -"" and the Best of Food CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1941! FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF OELWEIN Member of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation C. B. CHAMBERS, President M. C. HANSON, Cashier ORGANIZED 1899 P988 FOR QUALITY PRINTING TRY COMPLIMENTS OF THE Doctors of West Union HATHAWAY 61 COLE Printers ' And Stationers DR. WRIGHT FAYETTE DR. BUHMAN ' DR. HESS Authorized Agents for Remington Portable Typewriters . D. Tremaine: Did EMPRESS CAFE WEST UNION you lose your Wife? R. Castor: I did. D. Tremaine: It ...FOR... must be hard to lose Those Tasty U Wife' Lunches and To keep a Scotch- man from getting sea- sick, tie his hands and put a quarter be- tween his teeth. R. Castor: It's al- IVIIdI1IqI'1I most impossible. SIIGCIQS . IOWA MOTOR COMPANY ITIERQQRY 105 S. FRED AVE. PHONE 185 OELWEIN, IOWA 9 89 THE STATE BANK OF FAYETTE May We aaain extend our Greetings to all who read this paae. Qur interest in Upper lowa has never been lceener than today, and our Wish is to serve our Col- leae, our students and our faculty to the best ot our ability. KARL MIKE BERTHOUEX Meats, Groceries cmd Fruits GIFTS AND MUSIC Phone 288 6. 289 Oelwein, Iowa OELWEIN. IOWA A man is not drunk until he lies on the around for five minutes and then puts out his hands to stop himself from tallina. KNIGHT'S NEW Smith 6. Smith HARDWARE HCDME CAFE e Philqas 0 Groceries Quality THE HoME I-'on and Hardware Goon Foon Meats A' Rggizgable Lunches and Meals , o FAYETTE. IOWA JAMES E. KNIGHT CARLETON W. KNIGHT OELWEIN. IOWA Phone 7 P59 FOR SMART DRESSERS Hyde Park Clothes Bradley Sweaters D- GOSChr AS U Arrow Shirts Cooper lockey Shorts Sqlggmqnl I C-get only Freeman Shoes Munsing Hosiery two kinds of Orders WHEN lN NEED OF NLOTHING COME TO L E. Barnes: What SCHATZ 6: SCHATZ Gfelhey? Head to Foot Clothiers D. Crosch: Get out and stay out. WEST UNICN, ICWA CS: KUSTER N, E, IOWq'5 Only Lumber Company Daily Newspaper Building Materials and Coal Telephone Number Three-One ELGIN, IOWA Kissing is a silly notion-I love it! Kissing sets the germs in motion-I love it! When kissed by one adorable All kisses are restorable, But kissing is deplorable!-l love itll!! AVALON THEATRE CONNORS INC. WEST UN1oN. IOWA OELWEIN' IOWA IACK FALLOWS, Mgr. . . Ready-to-Wear and "Pick of the Pictures" Dry Goods pg 9l "Lunches that Satisfy" RlCl'lE'S PRODUCT IOHNSON CAFE FARM Excellent Home Made Sausages Fountain Service Oi All Kinds L h unc es Fancy Dressed Poultry M 1 Phone 13-Rl ea S oELwE1N. IOWA SUMNER' IOWA L. Kiefer: l'rn sure l saw a big fish down there under the ice. E. Evans: Nonsense! lt was just your reflection. PALACE PANTORIUM GRAFF SHOE STORE Cleaning and Pressing A LARGE LINE OF Shoe Repairing DRESS SHOES WOLVERTINE WORK SHOES Electro Shine Hat Blocked Shoe, Since 1875 20 lst S.E. PHONE 193 Fine Shoe Repairing OELWEIN OELWEIN, IOWA Ray K.: l just saw two cops chasing a man through a drug store. Frances M.: Did they catch him? Ray K.: No. He stepped on a set of scales and got a Weigh. CANDY BOX SUMNER THEATRE . A. soD1N1. P . I mp BOB WELLS, Mgr. 0 o Sweets that Suit Where Good People ...Tasty Mealsu See Good Shows O O OELWEIN, 1oWA SUMNER' IOWA P992 WHITFORD'S STANDARD SERVICE RED CROWN GAS ATLAS TIRES AND BATTERIES QUAKER STATE AND STANDARD OILS FAYETTE. IOWA Ioe Entz: I-Iow do you get into the theatre for nothing? Bob Cooper: Nothing? I walk in backwards and the manager thinks I'rn coming Out. D. K. a Co. When In Oelwein g Super Service can At Fire Chief Gas THE HOME OF ,, , ,, Goodrich TOUSLEY S MARY MUFFEI, IR. Expert Washing O and Greasing ' Service with REFRESHMENT 12 E CHARLES Satisfaction AND QELWEIN EAYETTE, IOWA RECREATION Weary father Cappearing in parlor doorway at midnightiz My dear sir, I have no Objection to your coming here and Sitting up half the night with my daughter, nor to your standing on the doorstep for three hours saying goodnight. But-in consideration for the rest of the household, who Wish to go to sleepfwill you kindly take your elbow Ott the doorbell? FURNITURE STORE FUNERAL HOME A. I. FOX 6: SON EAYETTE. IOWA SPEED QUEEN WASHERS pg93 MAYNARD SAVINGS BANK MAYNARD, IOWA GODBEY'S REXALL STORE OELWEIN, IOWA COFFEE CUP CAFE THE GRILL OELWEIN, IOWA IOHNSON'S IACK SPRAT GROCERY WEST UNION, IOWA DR. H. I. ROBINSON OPTOMETRIST ELGIN, IOWA FAYETTE, IOWA MCAT-00N'S BENNETT BROS. Dry Goods-Groceries Candy Retailers Ready-to-Wear Phone 100 SUMNER, IOWA OELWEIN' IOWA Flight Instructor: Did you check all the instruments? Buell: Yes, sir, and here's the ticket. I left 'ern Over at the railway station. lt was the nearest check rOOrn l cOuld find. H. O. MOYEII HUMPHREY M. I. SCHNEIDER FARM DAIRY ulnsurance A. FREY, Prop. 0 Counseloru Iunctron I1 and 18 D-X Service 23 West Charles St. OELWEIN, IOWA Freezer Fresh Ice Cream Firestone Tires Cream Cheese O Phone 227 CURB SERVICE Phone 171 Phone 78 WEST UNION FAYETTE, IOWA P59 W 0 O mtmtiqg Qqgty Mgnmartrm An education is ot Wonderful thing. No college should be Without it. Helen M.: "I wont one of those strong, silent men fuii of grit." Iim B.: "What you Wont is ct otectf ond dumb ash mon." CET-WEIN AIRE-FLo BOTTLING WORKS . . . . U Arr Condrtronrnq L. I. cmd L. E. HILL, Propnetors Curbonuled Drinks ' All Kinds Highest Plumbing and Heating Quality Beverages , BOTTLERS OF ORANGE KIST E, H, "Refresh with Bottled Phone 77 Beverages" When loe College Goes To Town lt is a Sure Bet That l-le Will Be Wearing Clothes from ROBERT HOOVER The Store for Men WEST UNION, IOWA Ralph Kuehl to Beryl Mori: "l'll give you a gold ring ii you'll step out with u ITIS. Georgia Lou: "Cheap- skate. Tell him you're a baseball girl and Won't play Without a big dia- mond." RATHBUN BROTHERS J ewelers-Optometrists A Greater lewelry Store, Featuring a Great Stock of Hamilton - Elgin - Bulova and Westfield Watches Brilliant Diamond Rings and Diamond Set and Engraved Wedding Ringsp Complete Stock ot lewelry tor Ladies and Gentlemen Wallace Sterling--Fostoria-English Spode China MODERN OPTICAL DEPARTMENT-LOUIS C. RATHBUN, Opt. Eighteen South Frederick Avenue OELWEIN Dedicated to Miss Dolch V A R I E T Y . "Surely that thing is too Park and Dine small to be a watch dog." S T O R E ' "Oh, no, the latest O Drive ln! 27 N. Frederick Ave. OELWEIN thing, a Wrist Watch dog." F AYETTE. IOWA P 9 ENIOY GOOD FOOD AT COMPLIMENTS OF TI-IE 101575 QAFE DENTISTS ' OF OELWEIN HAMBURGERS ' LUNCH-ES DR. CARNAHAN MEALS DR. C. O. OLSON DR. HARPER GOOD FOOD-LONG LIFE DR. MARNIER Eat at Joe's and FAYETTE MUTUAL Edt Thelma Mat- Harder: h Y reportmq 1S MANUFACTURERS OF bh Hiuch st1rr1n ' 1 ' . d b tf 1 must Wgte IS er- "F S 1 t All d t orGrgcZrg' Kcxmm: "Why not?" Pleases V R mer: "Whc1t Particular H d : "S bd t t 1 to you?" People t 1 H th p FAYETTE. IOWA COMPLIMENTS OF THE ONLY POPULAR PRICE CLOTHING STORE IN OELWEIN STAR CLOTHING CO. FAYETTE CAFE - BAKERY A combination that can't be beat, The best place in town to stop and eat. PHONE 219 Peggy: "l'm so glad you Won that high jump contest. How did you do it?" I. Grant: "l backed into a javelinf' THEEERER? AT EARL w. Moons Sports wear H B W 1 ' COSTUIIIS rqoffifrflirnifgelagii BUICK N . . . Th' S ETQQSSQETTQT PONTIAC leWe1fY Than Ever - - Completely ' Llnqerle Air-Conditioned - All the Good Food, Sales.-Service Rolllns Hose Careful Service . . . PLUS New Comfort!! CThe Ehtire Store ls Air- ' Congltloted ' - - Shop OELWEIN. IOWA WEST UNION, IowA ere rn Comfortl ENTCY A GOGD DANCE HINTZ FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service Phone 537 309 lst Ave. N. E. AT THE , HINTZ BROTHERS Furniture and Ruqs OELWEIN, IOWA New Legion Auditorium SUMNER, IOWA pg 98 HEADQUARTERS OF QUALITY IN FAYETTE SHEAFFER PENS CARA NOME COSMETIC Full Line of Special Gifts for Special People WHITMAN'S AND GARROT'S CHOCOLATES FIESTA CHINA Iohnston's Delicious Ice Cream Served at College Soda Bar DAVIS REXALL STORE Ice Harkins: "My qirl gave back my ring." Chuck Lovin: "You're lucky. Mine got so fat she couldn't get it off her finger." CITY SERVICE OIL COMPANY THOMA STANDARD STATION Phone 38 FAYETTE. IOWA CARL MASTERS ELGIN, IOWA Make friends of your creditors but don't make creditors of your friends. PHONE RED 124 13' For Elavor and MAE'S CLEANERS QWMY--' BEAUTY 21 W. Charles Buy Raw or SHOP Phone 212 Pasteurized Distinctive Styles DIY Cleanlnq Mllk and Service Specialists of North From the East Iowa MI?EptlClcI.Ikl,.I..sIltIS PMCES Arranged F A Y E T T E vVlIl'11I'1REV91,IQYO1'1G S D A I R Y eac Block East of Hotel Send To Us For More Phone 2221 FAYETTE, IOWA Perfect Cleaning T. B. Tested Herd 9 99 , Q Q'ttfQQzf?52i E?SlQHE?2?ElQtfQQ?3t:t?i E E is? E Q Q E . . . Q Q fr? OT? Ol'lSlSqUQI'lCSSll g Every day We play a game with Annual Staffs. 1 Its "Truth or Consequences." Claims of Well printed Annuals delivered when you Want Q them are not enough. lf a printers performance does not Q E+ equal claims the staff must take the consequences-in many 1 instances. That is not true at Clio Press. Our many years J of service to Annual Staffs thruout the Middle- and South West is convincing proof that you do not have any conse quences to take when you entrust your Annual printing and binding to us. E it Q CLI Q DRESS IOWA ctw, 1owA PQ ,,,....,..i,,., f glagggfggggfgiggrigh Eli eiiffrligilfffslgiffgsigrliffgsigdg page :oo COMPLIMENTS OF CITY LAUNDERING COMPANY O "Serving The Community With Cleanliness For 35 Years" Patrons of a restaurant one day noticed this bold warning as they entered: "The umbrella in the stand below belongs to the champion heavyweight tighter of the world. He is coming right back." Five minutes later the umbrella had disappeared. Below the warning was penciled: "Umbrella is now in possession of the champion marathon runner ot the world. He is not coming back." B Y ALL YO R . . . 12' Be Sure Stay Sure U U I N S U R E Hardware THEATRE S . G d WITH THE POYUHSI 00 S T F, Q d I' Shelf Pcigrilware lner oun Oil Stoves Better "Complete Ranges and Proj ection Insurance Heaters Service" ' ALL Kms 5235235 BILL LEEFERS. M . OELWEIN. IOWA gf WEST UNION ln olden days they used to kiss and make up but now the make up comes first. IOWA BUILDERS SUPPLY CO. See Us First For ltlaterials That Last 0 Lowe Bros. Paints Iohns-Manville Roofing American Fence Sahara and Cavalier Coal RAY'S TAXI SERVICE OELWEIN, IOWA PAUL'S BARBER SHOP PAYETTE, IOWA I. B. HENDERSON Insurance OELWEIN, IOWA PFEIFFER'S DRUG STORE OELWEIN, IOWA DOC SPERRY Veterinarian FAYETTE. IOWA GAMBLE STORE LYLE CORBIN, Prop. FAYETTE, IOWA H. HEYING REX HOTEL 1VICC0rmiCk-Deering The Modern Hotel With Implements An Excellent Dining Sales and Service Room FAYETTE, IOWA WEST UNION, IOWA C E N S O R E D M- F. Compliments of the... Plumbing and CAP'S WEST UNION Heating INSURANCE Sheet Metal GASOLINE AGENCIES Work Represented by... Coal Sl0ke1'S 15C Gal. E. M. PHILLIPS Oil Burners OELWEIN, IOWA N. H. MCMASTERS L. B. CRAFT P9 COFFEE DEN CAFE F AYETTE, IOWA O We Welcome You And Your Friends O Phone 8 WOOLDRIDGE BALLARD STUDIO BLACKSMITHING Let Us Make Your Welding and Photographs Key Making O FAYETTE, IOWA "We Will Please You" When a girl is the picture of health, it's just a lot of paint and a nice frame. Student: Do they go in very deep for astronomy in this school? Dr. Welch: Well, the slcy's the limit. A SOUND PROGRAM For every member of every family through the promotion of 4-l-I club work, home project Work, older boys' and girls' Work, improved farm- ing practices, and increased farm income through organization. FAYETTE COUNTY FARM BUREAU OFFICE FAYETTE. IOWA I03 .D JT tp ,f,f HOW 2 CAN e O BANKIRS KIFE COMPANY UNE ll0l.l.All do u TWU DULLAR Job? ONE dollar performs in TWO Ways: Ill buys you a retirement income for later life, and C23 pays your family the income if you don't live to enjoy it yourself. BANKERS LIFE CO. DES MOINES, IOWA District Agent-LLOYD CRAFT WEST UNION THE AMERICAN FEDERATION OF MUSICIANS LOCAL 483 Wishes to Thank U. l. U for lts Patronage During the Past Year HOWARD KAPPES, President LOUIS MOLLOY. Secretary OELWEIN, IOWA A- G- ANDRETS CO- SEWELL'S SERVICE Clover Farm Store STATION I Groceries-Dry Goods Gas-ods-Tues FAYETTE, IOWA D0dCJe-P1Ym011th IN APPRECIATION Want to thank Mr. lohn Tilton and Mr. Norval Tilton of the Leader Engraving Company for their cooperation in producing engrav- ings for the l94l PEACOCKS. They have been generous and unfailing in their assistance in the planning and production of the book. With gratitude . . . LAVERNE GREMMELS, Business Manager CLAUDE WELCH, Editor PEACCCK Staff peg IO4 "rf'5. ms- .H In , t. ,AX . .1 . v . ., 1 r W' , .8 -r . ,sq F ,- ' 'Rf X vt .-f ff?-uf -ff! Z W 45 -5. - ' . V, ' , - 4 . W ' - - '7 . , A -52321331-' ' ' f 1 lj? , - V'-'wi' f V 1 V,' ' x 1 A . V ., V V VV I A V VV . V u V V .1 ' V, . . V V VV . 5 ', -. fixfw , ' ., V V ' ,V K .,V VVV V pf ' . 1 W '. "1 s J" ' I g .3 1 V ,YQ v V'-,4': . , J ' ' , . 1. .gy , QV f . . ' ' . -V453 V "H Y . , ' I " if' KVA ' - '15 2 ' V " ' I 3: "v W 2, ' ' -1 , . .3 3: s-1' ., -I , , , '. ' 'L ' if ,J 'ff F 'V ,Q 4 5 -11' ' " QQ if 'V ' ' Q' -' -4gV 9' mf - .-. f- if - ' N ' M 1, NJ, 11 ' ' . , . ,.u ,Vxi , 'Q ,.., Ar 1. V ...Q-. .V V.V.V 1 E. .V HV . , A r - ' - , 1 V L. ' f V QV Vx VV in. V, ,. ,gf VVV ,ip V V, 1, V V . V V ' FUFW , ff' " ' ' .5 is W' ' f "f :Wi . ' '. T 1 ' f f- 4 , V -. u ' W - vi ' ,N il - 'B' y K 'v J , V, , V , 4 V , , , A '11 - A ' fx if " ' if , - - -, ' -V J 5, ,V ' ,Ve A H ' I ., , k K ,, , Q , V ., , 1+ , ,, ' at-ibm gf H "EV . ' ff' 'nw 9 4. M ' Rv , , V' 'U ,, + , M' VV" if ' V if .VV V V A , V.. V .Q .U i 5 4, V V k ,, .QV V uv' 'f ' :V VV - ' S. '35, - V . Y ., 5 Vf :'x1..Q :- v , .1 cf In , 'V f RVVVK, A VV ' VQVVV ,VVV tw? - ., .V V,5V.VV,,g..VV ,, fg. Vg V . V ,,,V,V.VVVVV,VVVVVVV5,, A V V V V V 'xl' "M , - 2' X . wp 3- !1..' , 'f f' ' vw ' - -ff " 31 '- '-fi'i'?1 L . VV VVVVVVV V11 2- ,nj -VVVV, ' V V MV VV V V f V , ,, VV V :Q V , VVVV 'VVVVAVV V, :VV Ji. X " V5 A ' 1.g,M'fNf'S . ' f N 4 . " 7 .4 ,4V,!d.,V V VV . fs, V ip . fig- - . wg- - , P A . ' V - ,Vg .-A , . f .Q . V, V VV . . V . Y ' x :QVVV ' H M' "15Pqt,,.X .fl A 0611, ' g Y V A 4 . ' -:sm - 'gif ' V ' K V ' ' . 5 V .-Q V V :ii V . VVVV .VV5.V V, VV , . , VV,f,V ' VV V VV 'V 'Li' , -H ,ff 1 " V VV ' 1 A ' . 1' Qi 1 a - P V 1 , .- 'V .ir v. A V V 'wk -Q 4 , ,V V, 4' 'UW ' - F1 .L L 'F-Q' -+5 A ' .1541 'Q 4, if . i ,V-A " ,. VFVVVVVAVVV. V ,,V, . 'i'."l'f 1. I as NU' ui .Q K ,, 9 V . LQ ' VV? -x. f V . V VV- ak, 1 M . ,A . , J . P f Y.. . ,V - - ff-yu-:,V,: J VV VI, J.- 1. gg, ang ",3"r- 1.3 A 1 "'a ,,,V:VQ,-51 ,QQ vw V -29525 fl? Wig, Aw' 1 ' Q if xl .a. 3 iii? ,,. Mm XB . r R

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