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enior Class 0 196 NORWESTER uf-, 3? Fl: X pgL'N UN pP W WW U , WJQM Upper Arlington High School ..'2"'r'-42.1-'r fi" 'Ll' T 4 2. .. 1 . x ',' kr, gf, l . ' '5!" !.'5'f 'w.u.'Ef7 il.. f 'T"v,'f 2.2 ,N 'f' ,. L It Adlhinislralion. . . Seniors. . ' 1 . .N 1 ,, , X 'W' 1. 1 Underclassmen. . School Life. . Clubs. . Sports. . Advertisements. . . .32 . 80 112 128 160 l,, 'A !llfLUMM .1 A L I j mix .f Q31 fn! M 5.141111 ' V' '."' "fi' Vf 'ff!'I51 - fm' 3 +f .un-.f f" if 4 SMI .. I E 'X-ldv' , whi- sp? 1 .A 1 i x 3a A , V I u I Q .f .1 T" J f-f"WF 52 Z.- 1' -,-. , i sf . f ff ff, is 1-.sk .ff fy 4 . V il K rf , .4 L N 5 gif. N 1 ' , , .. ' ff- 1 I I 'QL--" a "h, 6 Y ml ' V V1: Y il .L VA , ,J ' 127' if f V , .2 lag: .- , 1 . - '.:2f.' . ' at ,mf Q ,v . it 1. 1325 'f-ff , X. xdl. -, .f,.,l!.' FI TEH! . ,IV if:-1 .P-v"" E H1 - ' f I j 'S-.BW ?! , 35--:IL llfflk 'b:is:Qf 'Q ....,.f"' 5 I Uh I V I h I M ' 'ev ,sw 1 1,1 1 I 11 F 1 .ff-H Vff X' .1 I 1 l--.-.x,, , K, 1 fs' I .T,.. ..,...,x.... 1- hr 1 1 11 1 11 I1 f" ' 1" 'A' 1 -ff 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1' f 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 f ' 1 N I 1 1 ' 1 1 11 1 1l1! 1 1 j 1 1 W 1 1 iff, 'J1 ,1'l .- lf, 11,11 1111. -', 1,:5.'1l' 1 ' I . J 1 1 1 4 1 1 - Y 1 1 T TJ 1 ! 1 1 11 1 1 X111 1 .V I I' 1 1 1 11 f N111 'Y 1 1 1 .. 11 1 711, 1 1 1, , , W ' 1 K f xffn 1 11 -.Nix 1-fl: 1'1':i, - ,V ,Y 1--jiv J' L- ,- V ,K 1 ' 11' 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 1 1. , -. -. ,.,. . , 11 1 , ..-AZT., -,,- K ,-.AlT.- ,H V ,,, 1 K ,,, 1, , , 41- ..-, --Y-,J.,l---:"-'41,-g. " 1 '1 tif .Y -1:5 1 1 W' , '1 ,ffff X 1 1' "W 1- Nix,-A-H fkAL,:,:,-1, - --,-L,5f:-V ,.4' 1- ' J' ' M1 , -' W x A-1, ." , 1 y. A.-' - 1,5 gf, 1. 1, ,fv ,M-xx .Xi J, , ,k,, K Ng., 1 - '11 11 .1 Ex ,igff 53, 11 1 112:',j nl, Q -24 'f'X1' 'S N VET 7573 I A1 ,I I fi, 1- f' X-.XT 2'-3 I IX, II ,II I If Nu' XIII II P III I I I I I II If III X K J u X-.xx I I I ,I II 'f Aj NI I it IQ ,A Qhg 11 IL,.j T: . f' I, II It ,II fm I fxc I3 I I ,- - -.I I ffpsf- ,eff , ,I I 4, 1 f ff- . f ' I I ra, V Yi I-RTX f' If T XX I I I II! I If I I I I' II I' N ' I . I I 'II I II I II Il I I I N , I-- I 'I gh I I my Ny I 'xy xl I s ' f- . f -Y ,M ,.. .fukin I N.,-Nl, I I II I I I -wir -wiv --m---,?,-....Y..,-II ' a I.r I Im I 'I 1 I I I I 1 Our school is in the midst of a large I plan of construction. The older sections QI of our school serve merely as the 'I , foundation for the future, while further TI I III construction is planned for the coming " i I- I years. More important than the phys- 4 IQIIIXIISIX I 1 ical building of Upper Arlington High I IIIIVI ' IIII I- I II School is the character building of the I II I I III student. Here the student achieves a I XXX I I I I Blueprint of Knowledge which he will "xref I I I I I expand in the following years, long I if-X I I W I after leaving the familiar hallways of IQ ,I I,f"X-null' .I If I Upper Arlington. The blueprint provides BA. I I Il, r I I only a basis for bettler -opportunities If VI I gifjsg, ,If-I I I' throughout the student s life. The struc- I III f7'j I ,III II I ture of a student is largely determined III X' I I .Qfi1ifT1if,III If I by the different building materials of I' 'PTffTT'ilf33"1'ijf'-"'iIIg-Q I school life such as researching in the 'jd 'I I I I If F library, performing experiments in the IQ I I 1 ,QI I lab, joining clubs, participating in II II I III I sports and entering various other "N I I activities. The blueprint is widely di- I I I I versified, for it offers many advantages HQ? f I and unlimited opportunities for future I ' I growth. II I' I XI If I K I I I I I I , I , 2' he I I I Ittfllfzeii I I 2 J ,it . ,5,,I'I I ,nfsqjx I. If::,f,Iw6 ' ff ?'7I'IQ7IIfISEIfJ ff 1T,.f'U' 'I - I WI 4' We 'I " tfiifl , I yn I -NX I XI-, U5 ,fl I I '15f5I5i'1-1 tk 3 E6 ef fit,-. I I' II ,, :CWI 5165?--233, ,X ,II - ,II IIIIIIII II I I I " I I III IIIIIII III' I I IIIIII It I ' I II III -I I It I ff II I I I 'Q nfs. ee I I ' 4 -W III1I' II 'I IIIIQEX Ilia A I III p p' II I'.TQ?' I II 'Tian XXX I VIII I I I I ' I' I KI' I xx I mil I X I W I II ' I I, W... ,... , . , I 131 III I I , I It Nr? if 5 I awww-1'f. K ,, A fiyw W u ff' f 'N' ,, ,,.,. ,, , .mf 1 -u ,lu -,. 5,3 1 g"'Sj.gfE'ffsi' , ,f is W' 1 ' I wif Lrffj. fu w Our rchilecls and W 11-3 1:11-,V e 1 U X f t..4w.., A. V, ,. b I ,,.. U.. V: I V LJ.. A ' V ' 4 la" dp, mewi-1-MQW' , f' 1:4 ' X A ' ,. :A ww- f A ,Q ,iww ': gf safli W f f 1 N , 1 V. ' ,:- 2 'f ' V w -1:-::.,,. , , ,- 4.,,.-wwf, ,, Uf...f " .5 - anlhm fe' ' 4"'+ ,,,5,5m,,. ,,,.,,,, ..,.,.--V 4.4. . ...... , A-, A- Aire - ' ,vm-Wm W,-,nn rr4dWMl05"' 'l"""" L ,Y ,. -..:.w:g41f?i ggi' f . . P diiiiifll ?h?:4w:5..':f,f L 1' I .52 'J '.SiiQ.1I. 1115. .. .c 2 T -1 N fzliw , ' 'filjf .5 ig- -.: 3. ' -fir '5 -'EW Ei' ' ,g , gg rw v.,..,'.-f ,, v 'Wi- ,. ,, L, ,V Contractors Overlook Construction i pr. l Superintendent Walter B. I-ieischrnan Assistant Superintendent David M. Jones - Principal Joseph A. Dorff Assistant rincipal David W. Shelby Board of Education ' l ',f', Front Rowz' Mrs. Margaret B. Postle. Mr. Edgar E. Barnett, Mr. Iohn H. Gardiner. Mr. Herbert G. Hays. Back Row: Mr. George C. Mc Connaughey, Ir., Mr. David Iones, Mr. Walter B. Heischman, Mr. Herschel Wilson. P.T.A. Mr. Victor Ketchum, Mrs. Dan Dupler, Mr. Paul Gatsch, Mr. Ioseph Dorff, Mrs. D. S. Cowles, Mr. Lance Shreiiler. Absent, Mr. Nick Connell. MRS MARION HALL. MRS IEAN METCALF, MRS IEAN FEASEL e receive special attention "I want to change my schedule!" "Where do I sign up for the College Boards?" "When will the Miami University representative be here?" The guidance counselors answered questions such as these during the school year. The Guidance Office aided seniors and underclassmen in the selection of a college by providing a file of college catalogues and by arranging meetings with college representa- tives. The PSAT, SAT, ACT and various testing pro- grams were offered through the Guidance Office. While the guidance staff scheduled classes, the office staff typed and recorded grades. The three office secretaries efficiently managed the school secretarial work. Students suffering from illnesses or simple head- aches were secure in knowing that the school nurse would know what to do. The nurse administered sight and hearing tests to the sophomores and the tuberculin test to the juniors. H 4 H JAMES MAHAN MRS. ANITA PETTIT MHS IUDITH ZOLINIAK Coordinator Nurse I-1b1'U1'Y Clerk Office Secretaries MR. PAUL GATSCH MR LANCE SHRBFFLER MRS BEITY SWANSON Guidance Counselors MRS GRACE MAY Secretary Kseatedl -.JA-wma? MRS. MARTHA BULLOCK is ,L 4.15 MRS. ANNE RISMILLER English X English X MRS. VIVIAN SCHMIDT MR. IOHN NEFF English X. XI English X 1 SI MR. ELLIS LUTZ MISS G. ELLEN MANN English XI English XI acquire a foundation EW MRS. HELEN T1-INNER English X ,A MISS ANNETTE IACKSON English X, Notehand I n i 7 MR. WILLIAM PALLAT English xr of grammar and literature Senior English is a study of contemporary literature as well as a study of composition skills needed in college. This year a new program of summer reading was introduced in the English curriculum. The books provided a basis for class discussions, themes and tests. Seniors read Arrowsmith, Of Human Bondage and Gone with the Wind. The juniors' studies, including both ancient and modern literature, spanned the centuries. Classes discussed Beowulf and Canterbury Tales, as well as the summer reading books, Silas Marner, David Copperfield, lane Eyre and The Mayor of Casterbridge. American literatureg from the pioneers to the astronauts, formed the base of sophomore English. Ethan Frome, Life on the Mississippi and Main- Traveled Roads were the selections for summer reading. MRS. MARILIYN SMITH English XI as . 'X A 4 fgp 1 "5 ,x-ff E ' l I 1 'Nu Miss NANCY GREEN MES. JEAN GUDDAT Mas. JOAN MANN English XII English XII English X, X11 f' 1' ll! ,,,.....-sau-4' all MISS VERA K. RANDALL MR. CHARLES WILL MISS IEANNE FELTS English XII English XII English XII, Journalism II e learn the arts The arts of speaking, writing and singing are perfected in speech, jour- nalism cmd music courses. The fundamentals of public speaking and oral interpretation are taught in Speech I and II. Debate students learn to develop a sound argument and to present it in a logical manner, as well as to discover flaws in others' argu- ments. Technique acting and Stanislav- sky's method acting are used by drama students in acting out the scenes from various plays. Students taking Journalism I learn how to write leads, headlines and news items. They become acquainted with the basic processes of publishing a newspaper. Iournalism II students gain practical experience by working on the Arlingtonian or Norwester. Glee club, band, orchestra, music theory and Senior Concert Choir give students the opportunity to demonstrate and develop their musical talents. Pro- grams presented by these groups are highlights of the school year. The library is an integral part of all courses, for it provides supplementary material for a wide variety of subjects. Students use the many reference books and pamphlets for term papers, reports and research projects. to value ,',,,.- -. '15 3 It I f t'I.Sf'?ffX- . . MRS. IOYCE RICKETTS Iournalism I, II, English XI MRS. IUDITH BUNTE Debate, Speech I, II MR. TONY SAMMONS MISS BERNICE REA Speech I. II, Drama School Librarian Gin' 1 I ' X , My I -if ws" vw l . 9 Q if ' lf. V Tug, A . Q A Eff, ft . V it MR. MERVYN FARRI-XR Orchestra 18 MH. ROBERT GINTHER MR. HERBERT YENSER Band, Music Theory Choir, Glee Club P-'f-x -lI 1 nam:-an The Arlingtonicm playground. N. x S1.60 for a paperback book? N. . X :Fi I' M x x J A ll ' -5 Rx ,rnkt-M47 A Juli, . ll 4 Everyone aims for the space marked ccxi. 1 , , ,. -M ' ' 7' , .3""'Ap',f.P"1i-'lift '- 'g n -f 4 'fr T' 4' "' l, A f Ejff -V13 " fa, 'I' fl , 1 M 57,2-I 14- Vgmivui-Y i 'Alt ' lin ' , -.gr , 163 .5 A ' "K TN Sq., -.swag , - ::f :'4-.:-'T if 'Z' - - ' ' ' . R L21 'N X ' '11 ' ' " ,H ,,.i,M,Lr V y Q l t ' PHL, . V 5. 1f.',!:f1'.lf e '41-'G' 'Pr -'Q.5,,gggLg..f ' , , e , l - y 'Mfr-,"-yt if ' - F , . - V -4 . "UI Y 'tfgggjfwni Why I ever tried out for this position on the Norwester, ffa:-,:.4v.2ff,i-4.,wf1 111' :Jew to - 112 V11 never know. ' I 4 ' . ' A-P figs. I Jtvll-v'f:,:W V . N L. .,-f:,gj,.:,i.T1t:fij.'f,gQ'ffj.tl34:'mV During football, Bandies march every day first period. X 1 LXA1- Q ' f.. Q I , MHS. SYLVIA BURNEY MISS NANCY DAVIDSON FIGIICII H French I. II fa ,,.,,a- MRS. MARGIE HALE MRS. ELLA MAE MILLER French II. III French III, IV MISS MILDRED WAGNER MRS. SHIRLEY WOOTTON Latin III, IV Russian I, II. III. IV an MISS LORITA EWING French IV, V e learn QV . s A iff! Il 'if '- .f 'Ll AI MRS. ANN DICKERSON Latin I, II MR. RICHARD BEERY Spanish III, IV MRS. KATHERINE FULTON MRS. SALLY HOVVE Spanish II, III Spanish I 1 l l Ag Y S, MISS SARA RIDGWAY Spanish I, II to broaden our outlook American History emphasized the application of knowledge of past events to present and future events. The same principle was employed in World History, in which students used dates and maps of the past in their study. A basic understanding of the complexities of our state and national government was the goal of senior American Government. To gain actual experience and participation, the seniors participated in Youth-In- Government Day. French students worked not only with vocabulaire, but also with a background of the French people. Oral Russian, grammar and a study of the Russian people occupied Russian students. Spanish scholars studied the history of Spain and its colorful people. Mythology and Virgil's The Aeneid comprised the basic Latin studies. sig Qt MR. IAMES BURKE American History at M1 'harp I' I , 1 MR. WILLIAM GRANT MRS. MARILYN HOWELLS MR. IAMES MILLER American History, American American History American History Government MR. PAUL COREY American Government A history student takes time out to look at an historical poster R.-QQ' MR. MARTIN JENKINS MR. STEPHEN PRITCHETT MRS. CAROL ALLEN American Government American Government American Government, Economics, Sociology Y .'5 A - ,N MR. FREDERICK BUNTE MR. RICHARD LARKIN Economics, Sociology World History QQ . iff' 1, 1 s- an ," I c 49- It's all Greek to me. Which way to the bisiros? A-' '27 , is-"I '-,. .ge 'Q xii, y L4,, We . e A I Come in Tokyo Rose. Y -11:7-+a:1'i"-" 'iregg ' , J .LQs,:.,., .V-Av ,255 - f .,: '. '. aim, i. 1' X31-oy JC -'El' Z' "i"i'Y .EH , ' i : Q Of course I'll vote for my friends. I guess !hey're qualified H, . .-L 'ln-1 'U-If Gee. you're cute. x 95 MR. WILLIAM CARPENTER Biology 1 'st' N J' J. nfl' MR. F. JAMES LAMBOURNE Biology v ,- X MR. ROBERT SNOUFFER Chemistry :MQW 2 Z MISS CAROL COLUCCI MR. WILLIAM DUDROW Biology Bi010gy e explore and E L Q! 1-K MRS. IOEL ZIEGLER MR. ROBERT CAVINS Biology Chemistry -A 1.3 fx MR. VAUGHN WARE MR. WALTER CORBETT Chemistry Chemistry, Physics 'J Ali MR LEON BOWMAN MR. CHARLES RAY MISS IOBY RENICK Physics Algebra I, Plane Geometry Algebra I, Plane Geometry probe complex ideas Sophomore biology students focused attention on zoology and botany. In addition to regular classes, two experimental study groups, named by colors. were formed. The blue group studied on the molecular level, while the yellow concentrated on the cellular level. I The goal of chemistry classes was to give students a foundation and preparation for college. The curricu- lum included a study of atomic structure and the Periodic Chart. Freedom in the lab gave physics students the oppor- tunity to develop initiative and imagination. Field trips and actual participation in experiments increased the students' understanding. Algebra I and Plane Geometry students received a general math background. Applying this background, Algebra Il students used a new text which presented set theory. Trigonometry stressed the application of identities and functions, while Analytic Geometry emphasized new applications of Algebra. Math V students concentrated on series and limits. 'l Jiri, fl MR WILLIAM SCHNEIDER MR. RONALD CREE MRS. XIE IACKMAN Algebra II Plane Geometry Plane Geometry Plane Geometry 3' .4- MRS. CAROL OPPENHEIMER Plane Geometry '-. vi, These teachers live more than one-half mile from school. l1",Lf' MR. ROBERT MOTZNIK MR. TACK PRISER Solid Geometry, Algebra II, Solid Geometry, Trigonometry, 1 Trigonometry, Math V Analytic Geometry Algebra II students will remember square roots a long time? Stay and finish? But the bell .... Concentration in trig gets harder and harder as eighth period progresses. fri? ' V... '-ii, ,Li . 25' ' qw - . , ,4., , r tgllafi Wee beasties! Y' Come on, blow a fuse. 3 'Q 'QQ How big cn fire can you start with a Bunsen burner? What did I do wrong now? J! ff MISS CAROL FLICK Typing I, II Q 6 es" Mas. LORETTA FERDI MR. NOEL DENTNER Typing I, Personal Typing TYPIHQ L B00kk99Pin9 We gain practical experience Ml. - if .f, , MISS KATHERINE GLICK Shorthand I, II, Typing I rw-' MRS. VIRGINIA MCKIBBIN Clerical Practice. Consumer Economics, Typing I Mechanical skills were taught in the driver training and business education classes. Driver training stu- dents learned the laws and the mechanics of driving a car and the proper driving attitude. Students drove the driver education cars to gain practical experience. Typing I students achieved accuracy and speed by typing daily exercises to music. The students typed a manual to display what they had learned. The Typ- ing II classes helped the office and teachers by typing various school forms. How to make a stencil, how to file, and how to use a dictaphone were also taught in the course. The aim of the notehand course was to teach stu- dents to take better class notes and to develop more efficient study habits. Speed and accuracy were stressed in the reading and writing ot shorthand. Stu- dents prepared for careers by learning practical busi- ness skills. MR. MARVIN MOOREHEAD Driver Education MR. GERALD ASHTON Driver Education I 1 . I M W v ' A f 'i I A 1 A A ,-lrfk I Dx is 5 V x., ., I: V Qps XG E ' at A A I l fly? 1 I S' .tiff-"vf'-"'3 f.: - 4 - 1? x, - X ' W 1 K A 'is' '- ' it 'X If 'ff 3 f , ' - iff Q ., tl! L I I ir. 0 i 4 .' I ,. 2 'I t MR. RICHARD FOLEY MRS. ALICIA HOLMAN MR. DAVID GOSS Art II, Personal Art Art I, Personal Art Industrial Arts I, II We improve our abilities r so p for everyday living I Manual skills as well as thought processes are basic requirements in the training of an educated student. Fine Arts, Home ,Economics and Industrial Arts strive to develop these abilities. Fine Arts I teaches the fundamentals, while Fine Arts II stresses more detail and work on commercial art. The student profits by more freedom in choosing his field in Personal Art, where crafts are emphasized as part of the wide curriculum. ' Home Economics provides girls with practical knowl- edge of home management. Classes study cooking, sewing and child care. The course also offers some instruction in refinishing furniture and interior design. In Industrial Arts the student is introduced to the fundamentals of woodworking and the intricate details of furniture design. Mechanical Drawing students MR- RICHARD HOSKINS achieve a background in drafting and a preparation Mechanical Dmwing I' H for future studies in this field. we GV in I MRS. ANN REAM MRS. RUTH WOOLPERT Sewing, Home Economics II Sewing, Home Economics I MR. IOI-IN BRUCE Boys' Physical Education lie' MR. MARVIN CROSTEN Boys' Physical Education MRS. CHRISTINE SALMON Girls' Physical Education e perfect our skills MRS. MARGARET SAMUELS Girls' Physical Education Physical education classes, which met twice a week, presented a wide range of sports. The boys practiced football and developed their softball skills. Basketball, gymnastics, volleyball, tennis and track formed part of the curriculum. The boys anxiously awaited that endless lap around the field. On the girls' side of the gym folk dancing, playing bridge, shooting for baskets and tumbling were among the activities. Weather permitting, the girls played tennis, hockey, speedball, and archery. The girls looked forward to an opening session of vigorous exercises. If the girls were out of condition, legs and muscles ached until the next gym day. Although the gym classes were large and the locker rooms seemed small, the students enjoyed ,the change of pace provided by the physical education program. Arlington girls are so coordinated. A A nn 1 .H Why pose with this one? It came from Lazarus. Mr. Bruce's class trains for tilt with Mr. Shelby, undefeated volleyball champ. ww 1, 5 vw' A A4 in T". A Make cx dress in woodworking? Never! But furniture in home ec-yes! Critics look on as cm artist shows his work. ' -a , Q41 . :l. dl. U. Future typists of America in the making. 'I va lg- 1,5 w ' H . ll 3 - 1' 4 Fl' X i m F. ,R ASJQVQ V. - Q A w - ' ' Q f'3"'51-.'-2 1. uf' , 'f Q ..,QQ,, , -f.. E 5 .4 , if -'iw f-'fy' f 4557-9 ,gin E , rr a W! z. . 1 s ,W 4. I Lx f ..- '12, . V1-'J-ghd '- E I 2 .f 'Gt I ff, PE 1 T 1 ,wifi 1, W '- ..rzg.,:.- iv. 4 , ,. '-sf ' 1-,Q as 1: -J 5 'jpg -f314.Xf,gffi::? w 1' 1, - jjj' :". ,., . '2?:fw?4- W 1' .Q W W' .'f-.WF . 1 ,, -' 7 -11-, " :"' , - ,.pZl'1', 'MI' , 1233 ,. ff LQ, ,ff 1IM1i"" Vf'-'iii' - ' ,,g1jQ,j:,j Q if-uA'.g's.: a 1. '15'l""JS'Mfi,1:2:f1:2' - T' l.f5,1fj" ' A .l ,,g,f,'.iz'- A ff I :ff -.,' , il 9f,:iff :?-2 A f G,-,F r , , 1' V 5. J, AI: L vu N f. ' Q - Q A, .kfgg .J . ,.m,-..f,. 1 ,I g:,. , 2:,q:.1:,.6,4 A P .. . ., L JN f 'f-ny:-,gf , ' 11" fy FS 4' H P 5 , ,-A I f in A f .1 2 , - . If , , uf. .iw , , -' V I H-. 1 ,X -- AK 1 Il g- ' - 1' I " -1' L an ,, w , -, ' ' ' H, . ff' ' - ' fx "1 uf If'-'.,ji '-vc ' X - H .Jr f ' QW-g!" x - hx V . J , Xu "' -.. ' , . . I -Aw I . 'L -X -- 'iv "gif xx - I . '-wi, ' ,LEM ' ,My 5 4 ' .1 Jia f Q 'A 1 . 'ff -"LN, s I M 1 + f . in J V Q " , ,, Aff ' ,N 'Y 1 ' X c . , ,bg ' -.1 5- 1 W, 1. 5+ 5' ,..---"' v-L f ' L. Q ' ,nd I9 F. x X 1 , be 1 W If ? lf ll Y . -ff 7 w-.-A' X .' 11 I fxw Aiggriilfll V ' - .55..f.7.f'Tv'Qg,,:::'v ' .- --,':'2f"1E5fa,'f1 gvf , I 1, ' 'QI' fp, 52:2 if":',-gTM'l 1 ,Egg ' ,J 1-71" .' . 1 ' 11 173'-M , , .V-J: Y-ml, -.-rl, - :- . " .f:.u,-o. -A :- F. . L. -Elgiif'5's41:1,x:-i':.f1T.''Tw '- " Lv!-I .-""51?z'-'J-F if ' ,. 52-T 1 '13 - . -, ll-H15-s',fa.x1.:q ' '- T'fi1'i1ff!f4' 5 1 .1 1-1- Q--lu-LZ '5'Jv12jr'c'l 3-Ct, lsafrbfo ""'5'f'9Ej-I.. 'E' ' -, . ..:2 . :Q " -vue '-' -Pfa11"'2-W... f-' -'- ' 'A 'if' A .E+-A li?f,:gzgJwi.kfQ,M4e??f'f ' V W , L ' ,Hi .. ,,.:'j.,v-,,,':1:: ' - 'Es' f' 4 ,'-.,f-::.fsg.,,-f,,z6+' 1,,::T'3F-w .W-.l:g.'5-:v.1.!' ' H 4'45J!t'fi::g,fa1.?' eyxfiz-:fsoAq5: ,:1L 'Q -. ,1qLiyAT,,,Ha- 5glm,3q 55.gW2fb. -.W -g,',,.w ,I 1 ,5 A 135 " 3.5554 ,f2f',1,'. 2-fe -79--. ,M W L , - 1 1 fix f'f, 5 17""J 'f'1-"U:f.-fm-i5""A''T "', if , V4 7 ,"?'1n-v -f.-. . If .f ,ld Y 54, F, . is NWNJ -Y H- T Product Completed after Three Years ol Development 42' 'Ihe Senior class officers. Ioelyn von Haam, treasurer, Steve Kolodzik. vice president, Dan Sayers. president, cmd Sue Furste secre tary plan the last year for seniors at Upper Arlington. eniors The senior class officers led the class of '65 through cr very exciting year. We visualized the transition of music during the Homecoming festivities and learned the organization of city government during the Youth-in-Government activities. The Senior4Scho1arship Fund was again available and various open houses were sponsored for support. When Spring came we were invited to a beautiful and unique Iunior- Senior Prom which was constructed by the Iuniors. Then came the events for which we had waited twelve years. Baccalaureate, Corn- mencement and the Senior Party highlighted the final days at Arlington. Nancy Sue Adams Nanny Patricia lane Adams Patty Iames Bryan Amato Kathleen Esther Anderson Kathy Charles Ellis Aplin Buz lim Wendy Morgan Anderson Grundy Iacquelyn Marie Armitage Iackie Gary -William Allen William Harold Allen Gary Bill ! ,f I Barbara Iean Bobbi I Amos Lynne Louise Anderholm Lynne IQA If William Austin Anderson Icne Elizabeih Andes Bill L iz P. X. Pamela Ruth Armstrong Pam Ann Louise Austin Ann Byron Neal Bachman Byron Fu - - V N if -.., - 9. -fa r 9 Andris Eductrcls Auzins Andy lr Ianice Marie Ianice Sandra Lynn Baldock David Wayne Balser Sandee Big Daddy Baker Iames Lewis Bames Tim W Iulie Kay Baber Iulie Marilyn Ioyce Baker Marilyn Linda Lou Barnes Linda 'Yan- Iay Elliott Bamhill Ronald Alan Barrett Vcmcine Leigh Bqnlegon 36 - ICIY Bon Vanc W . X l nm Ross Delno Bartschy Boss I im Iames Lyle Battles 21 Sally Io Beck Sally Karyl Karyl Lynn Bergquist xii Gary Edward Bishop GUYY Teena Linda Christine Louise Bloom Linda Lee Boder . 1 Mark Edward Bean Bean Brian Keith Birtcher ' Brian Iudith Anne Boehm Iudy Paul Alan Boqenriei William Foam Bohannan Dqvid Lee Bgnifield Paul Bill Dave , Catherine Dick Booher Ccrihy In-jg5KP' A' ' ' ' ' ' "if qShary Ann Bowers Big HL., Y Cynthia Diane Bradley Cindy Pamela Bratton 38 Pam 5 Nancy Lou Bornheim Alice Louise Botkin Iennifer Ward Booton Ienny Mouse Alice Nancy lean Boyce Nancy Gayle Gayle Marie Boyd A Iudith Iane Brancles Carol lean Branscomb Joanne Bradley Io Iudy Carol iw:-ff' -- 511- , Fi Andrew Lloyd Brewster Ion Stanley Bridgman Margare! lean Brissenden Andy Ion Iefm , V l 5. Icmes Chester Brin Barry Hober! Brown Iane Donnelle Brown Mqrgqfeg Louise Browne chem Bob Tune Peggy Y-7"V Nadine Marie Brula Donald Brunton Nancy Louise Brush Nadine Don Nancy Rebecca Io Bryant Walter Mike Buchanan Sharon Lee Buck Alexander William Budden Becky Mike Sherbi Alec Thomas Edward Buell Nancy Lee Bullock Dennis Marion Burkey Susan Diane Bumside Chessycat Nancy Den Susie 39 Iames Michael Burlch David Dominic Calderone Bwana Dave Q' Barbara Ann Caldwell Barb 'nd ,l 757 Frank Hiller Caldwell Kathie Louise Call Thomas Cqrl Cameron Buck Kathie Tom Sharyn Lea Campbell Sheri Richard Allred Capuano Dick I Sharon Ann Capuano Cap A l Thomas Lloyd Carey Stretch Stanley Earl Carlin Victor Edmond Carlin James Louis Carollo Stan ViC Tank Errelt LaRue Carpenter, III Thomas St. Richard Iames Carr Fred Tomas Nanci Elizabeth Caton Wiuium Lee Cecil N anc Bill Geoffrey Thane Chilton Thane Elizabeth Kaye Chrisman Betsy V 6a Karen Sue Clark MiCl1C16l Dean Clark Karen Mike 'ix Iudith Ann Cassell Iudy Penelope Ioyce Chapin Penny :iii ' -v .aj Richard L99 Christie Elizabeth Ann Clqfk DiCk Betsy F Karen Engle Classon Kaci I I De 42 ?r"11'3' X, Q: ' 4 A Kathleen Elizabeth Clawson Kfllhi George George Richard Clellan 6--' Andrew Reno Collier Iqy Muffin Collins Andy Tay A-fc. f'.fll""' ' 'T' Y, 4 U' 'l' ll ' sis: f -re an ,V n F Frank Dean Combs Steven Frederick Conn Deano Steve nnis Owen Cook Edward Iohn Cordts Doc Ed v, Q... Lynda Lee Cochran Buddha '1ETi77h"f"1' " " ' N W 5 3, ,-.eh V. ,ir- Q, bl- 'H , . I - , ' F yi'- ,-f' Laureli Elaine Collins Lauri Majel Lynn Conover Lynn Y -H re Barbara Ann Corn Barb 3 Patricia Ann Com Pat i. Marden Ioy Cornell Maritza Lucila Coronel Mardi Maritza 5 sr" Kay Ellen Cottingham Kay w , , lf , l its ' ' J 41. Greg Brock Cowman Ieffrey Martin Cox Kink Ieif Leslie lean Cox Leslie Dennis Bruce Crabill Wynona Marie Craft Dennis Nonie Sue Ann Crego Susan Lynn Paul Dailey Sarah lane Daugherty Leon . Sully Christine Ann Davis Chris Daphne Octavia Davis Daffy Judith Q Ann Davis Iudy I Thomas Ladd Decker Philip Edward Deis Patricia Anne Deishley Mel Phil Patti Iohn Edwin Denti Cathy Lynn Denton Iohn Cathy Rene Adrian DeVos Reenie Linda Elizabeth DePetro Linda i Barbara Dewey Bcrbs Richard 'tt Pamela Emery Detwiler Rick Sue Dewhurst Dewey Iames Vincent DlCola Robert Wells Dill David Donald Dilley lim Bob Pickle Ann Evans Dilworth Robert Edward Dixon Harold Allen Doersam Dill Bob Hal his Iohn Ioseph Doherly John Patrick Downing Riffhufd PQf1'iCk DOYIB Iames Thomas Duffy Iohn-john Pat RICH Slug Charlotie Lovelace Dunbar Daniel Mark Dunson Dan Michael Dupler Char Dan Dupes :L Iacqueline Elaine DuVall Iackie r -,5f.,-+:ff'fr.m,- 4 Mary Moulton Eckler Molly B012 Robert Iames Eibling Larry Stephen Elliott Robert Albert Elliott Larry Hondo Rich Richard Lloyd Engelman X Richard Munroe Epps Susan Margaret Erb Dennis Carl Erwin David Bruce Evans Dick Suxe Denny Dave S.: X ..,, Thomcts Nagel Ewing Lindd Lew EYSIIY HUUY Eugene H2811 46 Tom Linda TOPPY Dennis Charles Fabyan Fabe Iim lames Roger Fahrbach Don Steven Farber Leslie Kathleen Farr Steve I-es Mary Elizabeth Mary Mark Thompson Mark Fancher K' A Farrell Reber! Allin Felirler Glenn Robert Ferraro Steven Lynn Fidler Maria Christina Fxnellr Owl Glenn Steve Christy David Lee Fischer Richard Hayes Fishel Linda Carol Fisher Dave I-'ish Linder Steve William Fisher Daniel Arthur Fitting Steve 1,1 'b- , f. L r, Qs, Shaylah Ann Fletcher Sharon Lee Fletcher Dan Sharon Shay Jeannette Louise Flick Ieannette I ' , z Patricia Lee Fosrxess Pat Gum- Susari Deanne Furste Sue 48 Sharon Kay Fogg Ieffrey Tice Folkerth Sharon Ieff Iaynee Lynn Foust Susan Lee Fox Michael Monroe Freda Iane Susie Mike '7" ' ' William Allen Gardner Io Ellen Gegenheirner Bill I0 Iudith Lynn Gerwig Carol Iudith Gillespie Judy Carol Peggy Sue Ann Glaze Peg Philip Andrew Gockenbach Iili Louise Gooding Phil Iill Michael Kent Gire Mike V 1 f ig-V A V A T, 'fg1?.:f!4,Il Kenneth Walter Girves Ken Iohn Howard Glenn Iohn Dixie Ann Goodwin Dix David Carl Gobel Gobe I udith Gordon Iudy Richard Lee Gordon Iames Richard Gorry Beryl Kae Gosnell Rick Iim Beryl 49 f w " , yum Y. lack Richard Graf Harrison Howard Green Iames Nathaniel Green Icy Howie Iim Phyllis Kaye Phyl Robert Benton Griffith, Ir. Butch , -:lt LH FEW' U E-me " ' 'tp Greene Mark Robert Gridley Maude Marie Griffith Mark Mczudie F. Stephen Michael Grinch Diana Kay Grosvenor Karen Elizabeth Gulcher Steve Di Karen Ian Ellen Gustafson Lawrence Edwin Hackenberq. Ir. Sievell David Hale Iannie G. Laurie Sieve E . W ,H , , 1, Carolyn Sue H611 Linda Lee Hall Paul Roberts Hamwi Carolyn Linda Paul ' lffwp-evra 4 Carol Lee Hannaway Gail Edith Hanner Linda Lee Hanover Carol Gail Linda 19.1 Ieffrey Wayne Hansen Deborah Keith Harding Gene Felda Hardymon Hal Michael Hare Ieif Debbi Felda Halvin I0hnABrayt0n Harlow W. Ioseph Harper Martha Louise Hfxrpham Iohn Ioe Martha SHE ,+L 1' Jw. Linley Iane Harrison ' Nancy Lee Hart Thomas George Hartman Lin Nanc Hart Helen lane Hatcher Robert Michael Hathaway Sally Ann Hatten Helen Mikeole Sal Robert Michael Hauber! Iohn Herbert Hays Michael Hayward Mike 101111 Don I-'rank Heap Iames Richard Heap Howard David Bradshaw Heaih Don Iim Howie -l William Thompson Heath Mike E Karl Heimberger Mary Maureen Heekin M0 Charly Linda Elaine Linda Heaton Betsy Ann Heckman Betsy Robert Michael Hendershot Bob " C-1" Ierry Thomas Henry Iames Frederick Herbst Ierry sf" Mike Boyleston Herzog Lawrence Olen Hilditch Zog Rose Flash Constance Suzanne Herd Susie t V 1. Howard Colby Hillman - Colby 53 1,q,, Michael D. Hinclall Alma L96 HiX01'1 Ada Annalee Linda Lee Hobbs Linda Holly Ellyn Hooge Dennis Charles Hooker Holly Hook Steven Taylor Holmes Steve Elizabeth Flora Horsley Doe X' in R 'Q Leslie Irene Howe Les Thomas Conner Howell Tom Eff' V Mary Ellen Hoadley Mary Ellen Ionathan Lee Holzaepfel Iot iii, Alex Otto Hostettler Alex 'Q- Iohn Iefirey Huddy Hud Margaret Lynn Hughes Marg 'IL' Ann Reynolds Huhta Ann LIP' Iames Robert Hulls lim '34 Margery Annette Huntwork Brooks Harding Hurd Dulcy Irwin Margie Brooks Dulcy Daniel Garner Iackson Dan Ma George Nicky I ucobson George Mai Gunvor Iumstrom Thomas Ioseph Iedinok j TJ. Willidm Iacoby Iudith Carol Iqnz Iudy' Barbara Iean Iohnson Barb ' Bruce Iames Iohnson Brew 1'- 1 f Marjorie May Johnston Marjie va Constance Kay Iohnson Steven James Johnson Connie Steve 1 J Carolyn Edith Iones Judith Lorraine Iones Carolyn Iudy nn' it it Katie Sue Iones Katie Pete Paul Stan Kaiser Robert Reginald Kaithern Paul Bobby Ioe Peter Clinton Iones Betty Hudson Iustice B. Penny Ann Pen Kamin Linda Kay Kabealo Linda Gregory Lubomir Katynski Greg Mmicmne Kqyes Sharon Lee Keating Thomas Miller Kelsey Mm- Keats Torn Karel Lynn Kelsik Karel John Herb Karen Spears Knepper Christine Ann Koemer Berg Chris Iohn Rollin King Herbert Brightman Kinney Iane Louise Icme fr ME Kern Pamela Marie Kindig Katherine Lee Kitchen Kathy 5 n Pam Raymond Harold Klemlein Ray ,f.- Martha Anne Annie Kohr 313--'ef-1-3-fTe,, A nf--if -4 eewim? i -if r. Rody Susan Konneker Stephen Ned Kolodzik Steve Rody :N 1.-, L , . .fi ., Linda Lee Kutschbach Charles Ienner Kuipers Charlie Linda Iohn Lathrop Eleanor Linton Leech Iohn Nora Cynthia Ann Lewis Syndi Q William Howard Kraft Iudith Kay Krier Nate Judy if-G" Tv" ' ' Larry Icy Larrimer Larry Kathleen Ann Lenander Kath al?" IU5' Iames William Lewis Lonie Allyson Lewis Al Linda lane Lewis Iames Wilcox Lichtenberg Linda Ann Lloyd Michael Fredrick Logan Linda Iim Lulu Clyde Lynn Alyson Lombard Lynn Noel Allen Long Marilyn Loscocco Noel Mimi -4 Ieanne Marie Lynch Bruce Greiner Lynn, Ir. Marilyn Bernice Mack Sandra Lee Macomber Ieannie B.G. Marilyn Sandy u ' I Silly' Y V. If ll - E54 if -1 1 " . ' X R -W-1. li il-X V 5 H Iames Arthur Magnuson Ioyce A1111 MGQHUSOH I. Mags Ioyce Carla Bahr Manning Carlo: wmv ' L I Shirley Ann Martone Shirl Barbara Lynn McCormick Mqrihg K Lynn Lawzen Ann McKenzie Lawren Ronald Allen Markel Ron Esther Dale McCarter Dale V 1 athleen McCormick Ross Loiry McCray Martha Bosco v"'M"A'i in n Ianice Elaine Marshall lanice Iudith Anne McClintock Iudy Thomas Michael McGuire Magoo Dale Edgar McLean TBYYY CUY1 McQueen Dale Terr Y J Richard Harper Meeks Thomas George Meeks Ianet Lee Meistedt Dick Tom Ianet V .. .-- - - Patricia Ruth Melvin Pat Bob 103111 Earl Millious Ieffrey Lyn Miner Margaret Ruth Mink Iohn P. Fireplug Peggy H0593 Vi!1C9I1i MGYGI Melahna Marie Miller Lani x Sandra lane Minor Sandy Michael Lawrence Moone Prank Robert Moore Timothy Harold Morgan Mike Moose FUZZY I Patricia Elene Moriarty Patty ella Merilyndle Kaithren Mummert Kali Donna Rae Nelson Donna x' jf., l Cheryl Kay Nielsen Cheryl .122 'r Tjvl Y: L . Nancy lane Mozingo Mo A , .s' An, Linda Eileen Nicola Lynda Thomas Iohn Mueller Mule Gary Taylor Nack Robert Michael Negri Gary B. Negs t ,X 'ay Gloria lean Nichols Gloria lvw.' Dane Edward Nowels Herbert Roy Olsen Dane Herb Lois Marie Orlando Patricia Ann O'Rourke Tod lay Ortlip Lois Pat Toe Terry George Oslerstock ...rn , A E45 Karen lane Pease Karen Diane Lynn Pettegrew Diane Penelope Madeline Parker Terry Duane Parsons Penny Ponci Ponce ,f,fxf-f,e:,,-1g-- - V ifzjfivef' fr ar- ., N1 ,.- I . dw 1 eww 11,4 . 'mar f "'.--QQ--.,' M , il' -J'm-,ff-'-1 ,wil HRT: vv 4 vu 1 ' Marcia Pfeiffer Pfife fl---A -- ni Timber Sue Pentz Timi Christine Lanore Periman Chris James Glenn Phillips Iim tween 1 Lucy Gray Pilcher Lucy -.gf Nancy Kay Popa Poper Ward Eugene Putterbcxugh M.O.B. Thomas George J. if -' Tom Linda Powell Obie n v William Scott Radcliffe Cliff Cheryl Jeanne Raith Cheri I l Nancy Ann Rasche V NUHCY BUY Nancy NUUCY Pillilant, III Thomas Charles Pinqel Tom Philip Hanger Powers Phil Iohn Linville Ralston Iohn Mark Harvey Reckling. Harv Dorsel William Reese Sieve Archer Reilly Iill A1111 Reiser Bill Steve l ill ymxxffi- 7" t Linda Ioy Renting Root Laura Ioan Richards Karen Sue Richards Corinthian LGI-IIC -weave-1.61 Denise Lynn Riviera lennifer Lou Robe Denise Ienny Carleton Dodge Revell DOH Louie Rhoads Bounce Don :--A--- - Y r-,ew .. V D Craig MacCary Richter Donald Gene Ritchie Craig Don Xi Kelsey Robinson Kelsey . . ,..L,.W.,..., - , few -:jf 1 Y I ff' - . y' Kendra lean R0binS0n Roxanne Lee Robinson Kqyhy Sandra Rochon KR Sandy Roach -wy- x rl NCmCi M0116 Rogers Iames Lee Romas James Michael Roof Nance jim Jim 'Hil- John Edwin Ross Lynn Marie Rudolph Robert Anthony Rudolph Robert O. Rupp Iohn Rudi Rudy Robin Andrea Lynn Russell Stephen Iohn Taxcisius Ryan Ted Curiis Rytel Andrea Steve Ted ll' an Susan lane Saller Susie Mary Angela Savko Angie 53' Elizabeth lean Salzgaber I William Paul Savage Elizabeth Bill Beverly Ann Sayers Daniel Garvin Sayers Bev Boomer QQ' Philip Wesley Schmid' . Charles Iohn schodoff Phil Robert Charles Scott Bob Chas 5.7 V J William Craig Schools Frederick Terrel Schuman Bill Terry 1 .' Donald Alfred Seaqer Elizabeth Anne Seidel Don Betsy Suzanne Mafee Sem' Lindff Shflfel' Karen Alice Shaffer Robert Roland Sharer suz Linda Karen Uncle Bob Carole lane Shar? Rimes Dennis Shaw Mary Elisabeth Shearer CGIOIG Jim Mary Beth 1 , .15 fl L J I y Dawn Christine Sheriff Frank Daniel Sherman Sherrill Ann Sherman Edwin Emmitt Sherwood Chris Dan Sherry Ed FT""' fi ' M "fc ' Y . F' ' Edward McKinley Shields Margaret Ann Shook David Leslie Shultz Eddie Margi Dave X 3 i' 's Robert Ernest Shumaker, Ir. Elizabeth Ann Sillins Tony Liz Heidi Sims Lewis Rice Skelton Heidi Rice 'Ein f' ,nj Donald Michael Smith Mike Linda Eileen Smith Sheryl Jean Smith Linda Shary Steven Trenberth Smith Steve n Gwyneth Spaltord Gwyn if .f Theresa Ieanne Snavely Terry Brian Frederick Snell Ierry Wesley Snyder MGH Snides Charles Curtis Sparks Iohn Ioseph Spittler Curt Yamo 4.-: Susan Lee Springston Iohn Michael Stanley Charles Matthew Steger Susie Steamer Charlie Christie Dulaney Stephenson Allen Robert Sterner, Ir. Nancy Littlepage Stewart Chris Allen Nance Y D r 3 'x Carol Marie Stiles Elsa Sue Stillwaqon Iudith Lee Stine Susan Kay Stofiel Carol Green Giant Iudy Sue David Lee Stone Elizabeth Louise Stone John Theodore Straub Dave Betsy Iohn 70 Sally Ann Strebel Sally ,Nod Mary Magdalene Supp Mares Ieffrey Michael Sylvesler Ann Tarbutton I Jeff Anya Patricia Ann Stridsberg Pat . A., I 5 E--:fry s f' S - ' A ' .I " ' '21, ,X A- A I A x Michael Fred Sussman Mike Mary Io Tarini Mimi 'ZA Mary Lane Stross Mary Sandra Lynne Swan Sandy Carol Lee Taylor Carol Jeffrey Cassman Taylor Sandra Ann Tessier Steven Ioseph Testa IGH Sandy Ioe Karen Louise Teiirick Karen Susie Ioan Scott Throop Ioanie Linda Sue Thomas 'ln Terri Lee Thompson Terri L? Darrel Ann Timmons 1111 Eleanor Tipton Darrel Iill Daniel Lee Tobin Dennis Leigh Tom Dan Iimmy let k ,. NN ,. Mary Aiane Tompkin Mary Sue Anne Toms 72 Sue I F Susan Lynne Tracy Larry Edwin Trover Tracy LGYIY Brian Donald Turner Timothy Tuttle Ronald Franice Verhoff Brian Tim Ron Toree Victoria Vessells Toree Ioelyn von Haum Van Ham Iames William Von Holten lim Linda Sue Wadley Michael Curtiss Waggener John Clinton Waggener Linda Gerry Lee Wagner Ger Iohn Vickie Mae Walcutt Stilts Frederick Kent Walker V 73 ' Y " " K: Y -? 1-W - - -,WW-.-t., Ianis Lee Walker Randy Lee Walker Ann Banks Waltz Ian ,fl-r' fl? Patricia Kay Warden P.K. Carl loseph Watkins Gerald Allan Weaver Carl ferry Iohn Hedlund Wegman Wedge 6? Rdndy Banks ,1 Charlotte Warner Candice Lucelle Watkins Charlotte Candy Richard Mark Weaver Carolyn Sue Weber Dick Moose Russell Alban Weidner Michael Craig Welch Russ Mike F ,We , Richard Charles Wesley Gayle Ann West Donald Robert Whetzel Dick Gayle Don Susan Lee Whipple David Armstrong White Paul Frederick White Susie Big David A Rick Tl ' W Sandra Lynn Whilmel' Clark Wingett Wideman Barbara Louise Wiler Ann Leslie Wilhelmy Sandy Chip Barb Am "7 g v-J Patricia Dee Wilke Iohn Bemard Wilkens Iames Regan Williams Pal I. B. Jim 75 gf 2' Iudith Fern Williams Iudy Diane Sue Wilmeth Diane Roger Bruce Wilson Hog I, z l William Iames Willis Bill Donna Grace Wilson Dee Dee Luther Williams. Ir. Lou Deborah Lee Wilson Debbie ,.Y7Y1-1-f---- -- t - Carol Ann Winebezg Carol Barbara Sue Wright Susan lem? Wfighf Barb Susie J i Patricia Iohns Wuichet I Pat :Sv I Bonnie Westbrook Young Aileen Llfenen Yung Bonnie Alleen Ierry Wayne Zimmer Stanley Iay Zimmerman Ieryy Stan We try harder. Who said it was siufied? Tme love? Spot "And it's no! Miss Hardymonf' Quick, hide the bills and tell him everything was donated Shots E. K igggxa 7 I . ' LP' ., -X--1, J I N I A i W n - , 9, " ' ' 1 ' ' 1: I -. 5 nr, b hx f-' .gi ,gl ' ' - "" V -' - ' -"fi A , , ' ' E :ff my -" H" . .7 Special precautions were taken for the safety of gp, ,,,,f f ' n 355 It - v .r aw-, 1, ' flies the pedestrian. Meet me on Sawmill at Midnight. ' x On the count of three let's rush him. Q 4... --- . 'V .nm 7-L: 'S ,.JmfieE .gg .1 bf gg-3' RQ Gee, Mr. Crosten, do we have to leam modern dance? ugh! .JA .- -:Q 21 Underc assmen Are th X is i 1934. -'-,5 J. ff.:--N ff., l'ww"' ff, f.1,:,':55 gJ1-,f- . .ufrruhv-ff Raw Material in the Process of Development Juniors br? Fcxnner, Vice President. The junior class of 1964-65 started the year's activities with the collection of class dues. Then, as is the custom at Upper Arlington, members of the class worked in the concession stands during the football and basketball seasons. Homecoming found the juniors toiling over their float with the theme of "High Hopes." Iuniors also worked hard to organize open houses after football and basketball games. The Ir.-Sr. chairmen, Anne Farmer and Chip Neale, organized the various committees to plan the dance. After Thanksgiving vacation, the eager juniors began construction on the biggest dance of the year. It was a great suc- cess, as was their junior year. - . I -., -1 ,,- -, ' 1' ., 'fx 4 ' Q-, 1- "1 'T' " 'N I ' 'Q-if' 1' , M ':: f,'FsWi at 6 A .3 A '-' A Vi? 'WWI Front Row: Ken Andrus, Larry Abbott, Bruce Babbitt, Aubrey Adams, Iohn Alberty, Mike Auld, Bob Atwell. Back Row: Norene Armstrong, Bethel Andrews, Dana Alexander. Marian Arnold, Nancy Armstrong, Sally Am-tel, Chris Baldwin, Bev Asmos. .K an f . P ' -- :. ' A 4 ff ' gf ' . ia." ' Y , Y V ' W: K: ' yy ' J X .f . K x F I . N- X - Q I , 8 Q Q I Q, " .- ,. ' G, - "Z -Z 'V A -J 31- vw Front How: Steve Beard, Phil Beckwith, Eric Bishop, Dave Barnitz, Matt Beucler, Frank Beck, Butch Barr, Randy Bee. Bow Zz, Wendy Beck, Sharon Anderholm, Sandy Bassett. Teri Bennett, Nancy Bare, Penny Banks, Barb Bazler, Carol Beardsly. Last Row: Fred Altenberq, Terry Barnhill, Steve Bartell, Wes Bates. Ron'Allen, Brent Anderson, Steve Becker. Ierry Bird. if V f.k.,,-fed" V M , N I J . 13. . I A X Q ,, B' QQU. . Wfi 4-G New I I-'ront Row: Pam Blake, Stuart Boulton, Tim Browning, Dan Bohl, Scott Boulton, Mike Boehm, Pat Bryant. Row 2: Mary Brison, Linda Bachman, Claudette Bovine, Linda Brewer, Iulia Brown, Barb Bresler, Debbie Booth. Last Row: Barb Bradley, Connie Brodish, Mitzi Brown, Lee Bracken, Pam Brown, Temp Brewster. Diane Bower. " ' ' " 'if -"ff T..,-j-,-- ,,, ,..,..- 1.4:-eefrz 1 A-Y ' 551 in Q wr " ' Front Row: Bob Buelow, Mike Cardi, Dave Chakeres. lack Bunch, Steve Carstens, Dave Carrol. Row 2: Carmen Benitez, Pat Caudy, Diane Cosanta, Marlene Carnes, Ann Cameron, Leslie Boyer. Last Row: Craig Cheetham, Iohn Byerly, Bob Button, Don Carlstrom, Tom Call. - -Q in ., li- 'U - as . Q-,,...a-...Q-,- J V x-'ii -- -3' r ,,, ,,, f as ' 'aaa KW? el , . . 'Q' ll ., a , i., " , D is -- :D 'K Front Row: Tom Cole, Chris Conn, Steve Collins Counts, Ieti Cowgill, Phil Compton. Row 2: Cathy Collins, Ioyce Cooper, Deborah Clark. Carol Cole, Sue Clingman, Cindy Cool. Last Row: Sue Cleater, Ian Corbally, Jerry Climer, Rick Coe. Phyllis Condit, Cindy Cook. -- - - Y --H ff'Q-rgfzsfsjiifgw ,, ---gg-" rr fair r"4.-Jeb l -ini 'QI' 'S , F Q ,S 1 4, 'FA ' front Row: Stacy Culter, Tom Denune, Guy DeVictor, Scott Duebner, Kenneth Davis, Iohn DeVere, Guthery Crim. How 2: Chris Crotty, Karen Crabill, Iolynn Davidson, Susan Denney, Sharon Cook. Mary Curnow. Last Row: Mary Io Deishly, Susan Dewey, Karen Cozart, Betsy Dean, Cela Dennis a 4.4" ' , of L ui , rf E 1 f -1 its .ff- 19 ' ,U ' ez: K H' V,.. " 'N' Front Row: Paul Doucher, Bill Elliot, Bill Douglas. Brad Dupont, Craig Evans. Ierry Dill, Pete Dorpalen, Phil Evans. Row 2: Phoebe Doyle. Mary Donaldson, Ioanne Drewsen, Paula Eib, Dellita Duncan, Sharon Dewherst, Nancy Dickens, Patsy Dickens, Mary Downing. Last Row: Nancy Sue Deisem, George Ann Dixon, Randy Earnest, Ion De Witt, Steve Doherty, Dan Enyart, Dave Ezzell, Donna Dobbs, Carol Ann Dones. .air-' w ' ' 'NN f .-in-1 :I , - , 'ME , ,, A: P 5 ,.. , -zum!!! ' , LQ GL? Front Row: Henry Fmelli, Gregg Gullmgton, Bill DeMott, Fred Foreman, Steve Franc1s,Iohn Freeman. How u Fuller, Dailey, Nancy Fosness, Carin Finch, Nancy Esterline, Carol Fisher. Last Row: Nancy Catena, Walter Frear, Tony Finelli. Dick Fra1o1a, Dove Margze Fouse. .- .- 'I we sf , 'N ,.. 5 I f'l 4 fl 4 , I-'rout Row: Dave Garman, Scott Gantt. Mike Gallagher. Mark Gettinger. Dave Gill, Greg Georgia. Row 2: Pam Fumey, Cheryl Anderholm, Pam Glavin, Nancy Gooch. lean Girves, Kathy Gooch. Iosie Gockenbach. Last Row: Kathy Gardiner, Mary Ann Gable, Cindy'Fon'eat, Susan Gardes. Dianne Gantt, Chris Gidcomb. 1 70 X.,-4, Front Row: Gregg Hill, Steve Greene, Kenny Green, Mike Haire, Donna Houchard, Doris Halverson, Barb Hale, Shirley Ann Ha Hales, Herb Graves, lean Hanna, Barb Grinstead, Sue Grigsby. -R 6 nn. Last Row: Sue Gregg, Iudy Pat Graber, Barb Cherie Graessle, Tony Griffin, Tom Y' K ., v' Front Row: Ie!! Harris, lim Hayward. Dean Hard, Rich Hall, Steve Heischman, Iohn Henry. Row 2: Cathy Hess, Susan Hefieliinger, Sherrill Frew, Mary Iane Heaton, Philann Hilligoss, Susan Hill, Sharon Lynn Hinder. Last Row: lack Holt, lim Harris, Ron Hodge, Kent Hay, Bill Howell. Tom Hahn. gap. 'S' 3' V l Y Cf? v 'Q Of' 1 'ltg n Q' 2 Front Row: Byron Iohnson, Ioe Hurst, Skeet Hopkins, Phil Ieiiers, Gill Howard, Iim Iennings. Row 2: Marsha Huffman, Carol Iarves, Sue Isabel, Sally Hood, Debbie Ieager, Susie Hubbard. Last Row: Buck lednak, Chris Hunt, Iohn Kahn. Mike Kendall, Bob Iohnson, lim Howison. Gorden Kime, Iohn Kaiser. ,,,,g,.,4brY--. 77 .-,..,.w-3' n ' ,gy Lf BRI' - . Engng, Q -. n i"'.1- " -il - ' .. he. .av 'F L Front Row: Paul Kemerer, Larry Keener, Rick Ketcham. Roger Jones, Bill Kingcade, Ted Kanatas. Row 2: Iane Kingsborro. Carol Com, Deb Iaeger. Karen Ann Kight, Nancy Kienzle. Last Row: Ken Heslin, Ann Jordan, Diane Heimcmn, Patty Iones, Tad Iordan. li 1-1? 'AL 1 l 1 I I Front Row: Duke Leonard. Tom Riggs, Dan Leggett, Gregg Fil, Steve Carl Kiplinger. Row 2: Donna Lingafelter, Nancy Littlefield, Sharon Kitsos, Jenny Lewis, Mary Ford. Meredith Kruger, Lendra Locke. Last Row: Nelson Lancione. Iudy Iordan, Diane Livingston, Pat Iames. Bonnie Knepper. Diane Lakin, Dan Iones. . , ' Y ' , , I N Y sf- x B 0 4 . Front Row: Terry McAfee. Ed Loechler, Bill Loving. Scott Lambert, Doug Mack. Mike McNeal. Mark Malloy. Row 2: Kathy Maher, Sue McCartney, Susan Luchsinger, Peggy McKee, Ann Kolodzik, Kristine Lortz, lean LeBe1. Myra Lustrcxuer, Lynn Leslie. Last Row: Iill McAllister, Kay Massman. Theresea Loomis, David McBride, Tom Marsicano, Pete Mason, Molly MacGregor, Maryann Mansiield, Linda Carol Loula. - "ffm, V , -A fe. -v ..,r,,g,,1,.-23,- v . sig: -V A-Lk 1 f -'.,25. -A I W i 4 F X' QE I...-, , sv, 1 get-in-4 Y :G l 4 1:-in 1 gn vw -'41 !ti Front Row: George Marshall, Iim McKenzie, Dick Merrick, David McLeod, Olin Melaragno, Ted McQueen. Steve Moeckel. Row 2: Pat Murthcr. Betty Mathis, Linda Meese, Molly McHenry. Kathy McC1ave, Pam Nall. Last Row: Steve Miller, Hank Markwood, Chip Neale, Iohn Maxheld, Iim Nichols, George Heyman, Mike Malloy. 1'-ang-4 .LL Front Row: Iim Mosier, Scott Myers, Chip Mills, Iohn Murphy, Chuck Morrow, Rod Mercer, lim Murray. Row 2: Kathy Orr. Lyn Noterman, Debbie Park, Linda Ninde, Mary O'Niel, Nancy Nowland, Cindi Parker. Last Row: Nathan Nietz, Steve Metcalf, Ted Ohls, Iim Norris, Terry Morse, Rick Parker. l 1 ' ..-A Y . - AY'-li I 'N' 4.0 ' X -1 .gg .35 I. a. s'1'Li:'Y"'. 49 Y t Nrcola, Tony Front Row: Bill Parlenchuck, L: lim " s., . I G- UA . P A 1 1" "Jud 4 F' B r 'nl ni ,-,Q , Q f ' g -U . Parson, Phil Ramey. Row 2: Brenda Olson, Kathy I D na La lin. Last Row: Dave Price, Hay Hainsburger, Buddy Polley, Newton, Becky Palmer, Michele Miller, Chris Nuernberg, Kathy O'Too e, a y George Patterson, Paul Phillips, Steve Pence, Rich Patton. I X 1 -wo' 3. .IJ A H 1 iQ? Jf.. -if 1, x ff' 4 xx , Front Row: Frank Ray, Norman Penn, Ben Price, Rick Pheiferle, Keith Paul, Butch Reber, Buddy Ruetting. Row 2: Iudy Roehm, Susan Rank. Sue Piggott, Angie Phillips, Karen Price, Suzanne Purdy. Last Row: Maryanne Rossello, Nanci Priest. Iohn Redick, lack Rapelieck. Rob Reider, Kathy Plahuta, Margaret Petterson. w ' t . - - l i fi ,""- 'Q :W at 5 Front Row: Mike Saunders, Bob Selig, Tom Salt, Dan Ryan, Bruce Sanders, Roger Selie, Mark Schuweiler. Row 2: Ienni Sedwich, Kathy Ritcher, Bonnie Schoonovet, Diane Sell, Carol Robertson, Ginni Schofield, Alicia Robinson. Carole Rosenberry, Linda Reznor. Last Row: Patty Scarbeny. Diana Schwenker, Iohn Scardina, Cliff Sheifield. Tom Rutherford, Dave Schaefer, lane Scott, Debby Schmidt. QQ 5' 1 pi-nq -Q Y h-su-3 2 Front Row: Knowlton Smith, Mike Snyder, Bob Sells. Bill Snider, Bill Slowter, Ron Smith, Parker Shute. Row 2: Rebecca Snoulier, lane Scott, Stephanie Sargent, Debby Schmidt, Bonnie Sharp, Bev Smith, Linda Smith. Last Row: Phyllis Shoberg, Tony Scartz, Bruce Sanders, Mike Saunders. Dan Ryan. Iim Setterlin, Greg Shumaker, Cakhy Setterlin. Y ' l ' YN ' " ff - LA ' Y , 4 w , :Je 5' A tri' t 7 -.le I ' fx lf,l,.,j If - LIL! 5 f .5 , . C-' , : ' ig ' fx' Q L I' f 5 f- f K yu .- - " 1,175 kv lov", 'B C " KB c ft-VtjLli1'C.' , fb' U'A,L1,,. f X i ! Vik" L!! X" ' . 543,26 Ll,j,.L,L- , l I K, C 1: I U. 1 l l ,,, '38 'UQ- QIF' W4 Front Row: Steve Speer. Gary Russ Smith, Larry Richardson, Dale Starr, Iohn Spinelli, Hob St. Clair. Row 2: Janie Spencer, Vicki Sopp. Teresa Spangler, Linda Stertzer, Sue Stinson, Iennie Shoemaker, Barb Southworth. Last Row: Betsy Stith, Annie Stork, Susi Stefiens, Iean Sweeney, Linda Stewart, Carol Spence, Ian Sutermaster, Sue Streng, .5- 1? 11 ri Front Row: Iohn Schall, Doug McGray, Rick Stoner, Pete Susi. Doug Tannahill, Bill Voldrich. Row 2: Iune Stone, Elaine Wheeler, Margie Tyson, Carol Veverka. Debbie Ramsey, Mary Tom, lane Tarbutton. Last Row: Dave Tomick, Don Tewell, Louis Teichmoiller, Iack Taylor, Bob Tullelt, Graham Trainer. f f V - 1 - - - eeemv- - - - - V- - f eerie: , - mm- ww, :mix ,,,,,,,l , irq , U . sa , mm- - V . - W vw-, --. . ov - . .,.w... - .. Front Row: Charles Von Eschen. lim Turley, Greg Wardell, Iesse ...L ll W 'H Q. Si-fm, ".'?f13,. Ierry Sweeney, Mike Wilcox, Ted Tetirick. Row 2: Shary Maloon, Susan McCracken, Marianne Wise, Melanie Ferguson, Marge Hadler, Vick Weisenbach, Iulie Williams, Carol Whiteside, Nancy Vaughn. Las! Row: Larry Abbott, Tom Hales, Bob Gray, Bob Wills, lim Whited, Don Waller, Ed Towers, Ion Wills. Bob Smith. -I VET 4 'T li -Cl' '23 36 , e -X .- ,q i - , y,- .:.:- . , " 91' , r' Front How: Art Wharton. Dave Witt. Iohn Voss, Bob White, Gregg Lediord, Ike Kelley, Iefl Fuller. Row 2: Iodie Wuille, Pat Taylor, Kathy Harper. Nicki Young, Judy Zwilling, Melanie Wolford. Karen Yocrkum, Susan Zimmerman. Last Row: Debbie Young. Lou Rcndcxzzio. Harold Price, Mike Ziegler, Eric Shinn, Steve Zieqenbusch, Beth Worrel, Iudy Young. W .V ,X , V z :J- ,, ...,.g-v bn Frou! Raw: --- 1. -. , .. ...,,-, 3 f 9 , Eme ry, Farmer, Terry ,.- .-Q' , iii Mk N-4.1 ,cf Mary Elifritz. Deana Dorton, Diane Ferguson. Row 2 Caldwell, Edmonson. Gretchen Ewing. Cathy Crunelle, Nancy Elcxm, Linda Corncx. Las! Row: Bonnie Boyce, Brad Frick, Ed Eurfurt. Dove Ickott, Jerry Deon, Marti E VGHB. ophomores 't ll 'll ,X . A , V SU' 8 Sophomore class officers: Vice-President. Tom Morgan: Treasurer, Rich Comfort: President, Ierry Cameron: Secretary. Iulie Farr For the first time at Arlington, the sopho- mores elected their class officers before school opened in the fall. They began immediately to plan the year's activities. Among the activi- ties were the chartering of buses for away basketball games, and the organizing of the sophomore girls' club MAD. Plans were also made for a sophomore boys' Hi-Y. We seek to pay tribute to Iohn Sinclair, an invalu- able member of the sophomore class. We knew him as one who lived life to the fullest: as one who gave himself to life. Whenever he found something worth- while and meaningful, he then dedicated himself to that cause or that ideal with enthusiasm and perse- verance. The challenge of academic pursuit, the joy and beauty of musical performance, the fun and excite- ment of athletic competition and the comradeship he shared with his friends were all very much alive in Iohn Sinclair. . . 11-V., 4 ,.,, "Wt 'xx-. fu, V bignnhnf l ' li-n--. T W l Front Row Mark Balson hm Allen Dick Aumtller Dave Arnold, Don Baker. lim Baker, Dick Aschman. Row 2: Charlotte Anderson, Clare Allen, Shxrley Acker Aleta Anthony Lyn Bachman Carol Anderson, Lynda Anstaett. Last Row: Peggy Andrew. Cherie Andrews, Marcia Baqby. Anna Antomos Marcxa Ayers Connie Ballengee Tanny Baker. H -.fg!f:rrf:? ""5- .fa , N I , Z' grief. or A Ji . , -1 A -' K if F Front Row: Craig Belton, Steve Birkhold, Dave Billmire. Doug Barnitz, Dave Baumer, Steve Barnes, Gary Bennett. Row 2: Linda Beard, Connie Beukema, Susan Bird, Cathy Io Bemath, Louise Blair. Melanie Battling. Last Row: Ieif Biggs, Bryan Blackwell, Dan Bates. Mike Berend, Tim Barry, lim Benham, Stephen Bartlow. -Mrk. l ' 'lk' ' 1. U. .ULN 'V Y , rf' , Q44 I 6 w-I B --e A up 0 9' . D , V4 - I' .1-7, I Q- 1 ., fl." as 'Q' 4. ab NA' P i I Front Row: Roger Boniiield, Don Brison, Doug Brown, Dave Baring, Larry Bramel, Rick Bornheim. Mike Bradley. Row 2: Bonnie Brown, Cathy Boehm, Chris Bohannan, Pat Brewster, Cindy Bowers, Kathy Boles, Linda Bonnie, Last Row: Bev Brown. Cheryl Bogenriei, Mike Born, Doug Botkin, Rick Rowen, Mike Bars, Debbie Bonte, Dianne Boehm. 123' y :-gn. "'-nl... ' WWF, LAI ,W , i 01:1 ' 1-J. kv , ,Q it been A . I B , ,- C C - C Fronl Row: Tim Buell, Sieve Canfield, Bill Carroll, Bernie Brush, Rick Burdett, George Brown, Rick Calvert. Row 2: Sue Campbell, Sue Carson, Tracy Burns. Donna Byrd, Nancy Culderone, Jenni Brown. Last Row: lack Bunce. Ierry Cameron. Mike Browning, Ieif Brown. Bob Burns. 11 wk , . Front Row: Larry Cole, Mike Cassidy. Richey Comfort. Iohn Collins, Doug Christopher, Dale Combs, Russ Clark. Row 22 Rosalie Chapin, Star Chrisiy. Laurie Chastain, Ian Chrisman, Vicki Cooper, Eleanor Chamberslast Row: Ianice Chapin, Cathleen Chapman, Duke Chandler, Bob Clements, Greg Coe. Denny Colier, Sherry Conway, Pat Chorgan. 100 4 of. 5 nz? f n-su-I W 2 a,l E 9' 1 1 , ' Al ls XX-f In Front Row: Bon Desmond, Bruce Curtis, Bill Copeland, Steve Crabil, Robby Crane, Clay Cormany. Ron Counts. Row 2: Linda Coppins, Pam Curry. Pat Dcrwly, Marian Davis. Iucly Denney, Iudy Crunelle. Last Row: Cathy Dean, Cindy Cunningham, Wes Curtis, Iane Delashmutt, Barb Darrow. qs Front Row: Dick Fahlander, Dean Ellenwood, Ion Dadrill, Iohn Farber. Scott Fankhouser, Iohn Duffee, Iohn Disthimer. Row 2: Ienni Droke, Kathy Doyle, Pat DuVall, Nancy Ellis, Brenda Failor, Cindy Doescher, Pat Evans. Last Row: Brenda Duncan, Linda Evans, lack Ebright, Iim Douglass, Mike Dodson, lake Duffy, Nora Eyre. Julie Farr. V -----4a.1,......ni- 7 ' j-W-,B Y- '-G? nf: I N ' ' f L. . ... -'-'again ' is f-is '3' .v' 'Q- M'-qi! Q.Q.f-4 Le. U Front Row: Ken Foster Frank. Fontana, Ixm Feil, Gary Flolo. Row 2: Sandy Finney, 5 L-5 -ui-5-. lu, xx N ,uh K5 Connie Polkerth, Ian Fox. Cynthia Flesch. Marget Filer, Margie Flick. Last Row: Tom Franklin, Tom Foster. Bob Finelli, Sheryle Ferrara. Sue Foster. Sue Fogarty. ,,.,,...., Front Row: Iohn Gamertsfelder Iohn Gardner, Scoit Gettinger Bill French, Chris Fulton Perry Garman, Bill Fullwiler R w 2 Pat Freutel Andy , , , . o : , Fuller, Anne Freeman, Io Ellen Fumey, Ann Gabriel, Mary Garvin. Lcsi How: Iudy Gilbert, Iohn Gardiner, Ioe Geyer, Fred Gilbert. lim Gartin, Doug Gill, Karl Gadnai. Pam Fultz. 101 102 Y -r g Y V " .. i W Y , ,, Y . f -'M-iiba. "" J Y' U " V- 5. , Te. -i.r.fi.': - HE.-ae G if' . - 'J!e355.'fSQ-21 Tv -- , - .1 - V: U, ., .M ' 'lim ig 1 .- 'ff il' 2' "-5? W A ,u ,y 5. Front Row: Kurt Gridley, Chas Cleaves, Tom Goodwin, Ken Graves, lim Goddard, Steve Gordy. Rick Greider. Row 2: Pam Graham, Iulie Glass, Shirley Silling, Mary Lee Glover, Nancy Gorry, Carolyn Graham, Margie Glenn, Sue Griffith. Last Row: Sandy Graves, Carol Graves, Iohn Gilbreath, Mike Graves, Dave Graff, Lee Golden, Debbie Greer, Gretchen Green. , ' J,-4" 5. 5 5 . QQ' as ,vnu Y? 4 11: an-ly i 1. QQ 1 Front How: Dave Hardymon, Ken Gulcher, Greg Grinch, Bruce Hardie, Dave Gutherie. Bill Hall, Scott Haines. Row 2: Sue Guesman, Peggy Grimes. Susanne Hardie, Sally Hankey, Lynne Hamelberg, Ruth Hardesty. Last Row: Patty Griner, Penny Hannaway, Helara Gulbis, Linda Hankey Cathy Guerin, Nancy Haire. l'U .'.'f'- ll 7.. f '- Front Row: Phil Hawley, Dave Hartmann, Darell Heckman, Iim Henderson, Rick Hayes, Ierry Harvey, Dick Heil. Row 2: Cyndy Henney, Cindy Hartley, Nancy Heath, Marilyn Hays, Barb Henry, Nancy Harris, Cathy Hayes, Pat Hari. Last Row: Icmie Haris, Steve Herb, Fred Henry, Carl Hemmeler, Mike Hcxvener, Bill Hartman, Pam Hare. 47 lfv' lu 1' ug-n Fr Front Row: Cam James, Dan Iames, Ieff Iohnson, Iim Irwin, Ierry Iohnson, Mike Iones, Iohn Iohnson. Row 2: lean Ieffers, Nancy Hutchins, Sue Iohn- son, Chris Jackson, Margaret Kaiser, Cheryl lffland, Icmis Ieifers. Last Row: Liz Iacoby, Charlene Kaiser, Ioyce Ielliffe, Iohn Iacobson, Io Hunch- inson, Ann Ioost. Anita Isabel. 103 104 ' W,,ll'7g. ' --1a.u..,...., V v-gi L -u-can - -..-.- C Q . ' - 0 6 l Tj" if ll 2,-az ,tv . Q Shui I 1: m 1 lL ' DL , Q, ,,,L I I ' u Front Row: Chris High, lim Hilditch, Rob High, Terry Hott, Pete Hummel, Steve Hubbard. Row 2: Marsha Hubler, Rosie Herbert, Ioan Hillstrom, Carol Hobbs, Karen Hosey, Ian Holzaepfel, Debbie Hussey. Last Row: Iohn Hostermcm, Chris Holmes, Tom Hogan, Chuck Howard, Dave Hinters- chied. 'P .f . '- ' 'a -1' i ' 'Q' i 5 1' , .. 595 if W sg Front Row: Hob Kraft, Chuck Kempton, Doug Kelsey. Ralph Kennedy. Ted Koerner, Doug Komap, Dick LaBarre. Row 2: Nancy Kersell, Leanne Kuehl, Doranna Kelley, Susan Klie, Iody Keele, Tina Kerr. Last Row: Marsha Hughes, Gale Hull, Brian Kitchen, Kyle Kitchton Glenn Kohl, Kathy Kraves, Barbara Kopriver. -3 S ln. is-.-:IQ Front Row: Chris Linder, Dan Leist, Bill Lathrop LeFevre, Sue Lawry, Linda Lee. Last Row: Rosalie LeCrone, Anne Latham, Lea Larson, Steve Charlene Leonard. Lewis, Edith Loechler, Sally Dick Lee, Pat Lane, Stephanie Lewis, l 'a " 3 -hun: -'st 11-A in -, . f-.I , ?le!u """ , , I Front Row: Ron Molly McCoy, Molly McClelland, Barb McCarley, Ianet Maxlield, Ianis Maby. Dan Love, Bruce McCarmide. Dean Mamas. Mike McCormick. Row 2: Marsha McClintock, Sally MacKlin, How: Wally Luchsinger, Steve Luce, Doug Lynn, Marilyn Schild, Martino, Dan Magnuson, Iohn Lukeman, Larry 105 106 i nil I iil itat. ti 3 : 1 G : ! fi l "1 r' ' fi 1-rg! 31 , , ,443 40- . tt '--.,L.,i..t X' its W 'V' 4- , .tlbyf y M ,ff-xq V... X..s X Front Row: Ioe McCutcheon, Mike Meagher, Ned Millington, Phil Menendion, Tom Morgan, lim McNamara. Row 2: Sue Merwin, Kathy McGuckin, Brigid Moriarty, Phyllis Metz, Iulie Metzger. Last How: Lois McMaster, Iudy Metcalf, Craig Morgan, Scott Miller, Steve McLean, Pam Miller. Nancy Miller. L. WR' 'A il'- rs 21, 'S ' ' - 1 ns' - A6 fo 4 - .. .',.' t ' it 'Sm . ' Front Row: Todd Morris, Iohn Myers, Gary Neidenthal, Mike Montgomery, Terry Moore. Row 2: Lynne Myers, Margaret Nogle. Marilyn Moore. Linda Nack, Iill Morse, Nancy Moore. Last How: Ann Myers, Shirley Neal, Cathy Mueller, Margo Morris, Teri Morris, Betty Motter. . . .-.-ig,-1' - ..,,,,...... Y. LH., hvrepvw. -, ' " . .......-Q" A.. . ei. - r ii. ml. 'h11if3" 47- f- w 55- P Ny-, 1. 1 I P wi i -... I nr' Z 1 'D ,A-9 - I' Q . A 1 A , X A ehrni x Front Row: Dave Pfeiier, Bill Perkins, Larry Payne. Hank Phillips, Iohn Niple, lim Patterson, Ieff Nicols. Row 2: Dianne Phillips, Doug Peck. Lynne Ojalvo, Bonnie Odgers, Malinda Nelson, Debbie Onosko, Marry O'Kane, Carol Oldford, Maryann O'Brien. Last Row: Robert Park. Charles Palmer. Bob Perkins, Chris Pearcy. Grady Poe, Fred Pfening. Torn Nutter, Tom Paoletti. Y if f ll raise? t'f?2?5521T , H : 7 It-f' Front Row: Charles Pratt, Tim Preston. Bob Rapp, Nick Popa, Doug Reiser, Iim Polk, Richard Reitter. Row 2: Ann Powers, Nancy Hehe. lan Reiiz. Agnus Reeds. Sherlyn'Porter. Iudy Prince, Sue Pollock, Karen Polley. La sl Row: Gary Price, Tim Redman, Bruce .Richter, Rhys Riley, Mark Rennie. 107 108 l ' ' lf x J., X, .. ,L 1' Front Row: Bob Schczd, Rick Sale, Dick Rose, Gary Rudolph, Bruce Robe. Mark Rose. Row 2: Ierry Ross, Diane Russell, Iudy Sayers, Peggy Rinehart, Chris Sandell, Margo Boehm, Katie Saller. Last Row: Sally Rossello, Ieanne Saurborn, Steve Savko, Richard Roper, Beth Romire, Iudy Ross. -ff iq by L.. .49 if .. 2 -T-is .......,...lil- S' 33 Q 2? Q lx Q11 Xa- IX e-'IQ fx Front Row: Harley Schlanger. Larry Shaffer, Ed Seidel, Larry Shaffer, Dick Sesler. Dave Seiple.. Don Seidelmann. Row 2:.Mary Lou Schmidl, Sue Shannon, Kathy Schmidt, Shelley Seekins, lean Selfe, Sue Schroeder. Last Row: Karen Sedgwick, Dianne Schodori, Mane Serean, Sue Seaman. Wendy Senn. l.. rg., 1 I. nl Front Row: Carl Sholtes, Iohn Short, Hog Sonnesyn, Mike Slyh, Silbaugh, Susi Schwenker, Susan Smith, Cindi Stanton, Cozy Spittler, Marcia Smith. Last Row: Carol Smith, Bill Schwartz, Richard Smith, Bob Skinner, Donald Smith, Iohn Sigaioo, Ieii Slawson, Ioel Snyder, Sharon Smith. if 'WL Rick Spencer. Row 2: Linda Smith. Sally Sprog, Marcia ,.,.- ' -V Y -Y 1 1 I ' ' A4684 , ' E 4' XS., ,3 1 r 1 . sis I M- -S' N Y tue ' Q9 11" - i , . in-0 t AL-1 an , , 4 Wklf Q Y , Y .-.l p X 4 t "'Y,.Q4.f-.- 1 1.14: it Sys f 'Tiff' Stone. Tom Stewart, lim Steele. Tim Stover, Gary Steger. Row 2: Sherry Taylor. Gayl Stevens, Lillian Stewart, Pam Stark, Lanra Strong, Iean Debbie Taggart. Last Row: Tom Staub, lim Stoney, Iennifer Teachnor, Kathy Stoltz, Missie Teft, Rick Stewart. Bob Suter. Front Row: Rick Talcott, Randy 109 110 ,cg ...RP 1 at s ,lll ' 82' J M inu- J Fu IT 1 ,Q From How: Mike Tharp, Pat Thomas, Tom Trainer, Gary Vickers, Robbie Vajda, Ed Throop, Paul Volles. Row 2: Nancy Van Schoyck. Beverley Thrall, Linda Van Horn, Maureen Tutlle, Marianna Wahl, Cathy Torrence. Last Row: George Tewksbarry, Ioan Traphagan, Shirley Votaw, Ronda Titlow, Lisa Tom, Linda Waggener, Don Thomas. ih- 470 s W,- F01 .- L -if 43 .air d' 2 l ly 5 ic f lu Q ,- 'gl td I-'rout Row: Bob While, Andy Whipple, Dewey Wheeler. Riek Ward, Iohn Westra. Doug Waldo. Row 2: Peggy Willer. Terry Wil'-Ek: MU-TiC!l1lfC Wahl, Laurie White, Carol Weaver, Kathy Walker, Sharon White, Kathy Webb. Las! Row: lim Williams, Sandy Weeks, Manlyn Williams. Susie Whitbeck, Iean Willis, Chris Wilcox, Anne Wheatley, Margie Wilcox. Iohn Williams. - -cru- .-, jfs - .w..,-...V 'fs ..'...,---'-' 1 - -.-,.-.r- ,, A, 5-41" 1 'sh Front Row: Rick Tepsen, Bob Young. Iim Wheel, Dick Zerman, Loren Wilson, Steve Worrell. Row 2: Ioyce Wilson, Cheryl Wynn, Chris Witqzqk, Hilla Zerbst, Pam Zara. Iudy Zellers, Mary Wolford, Molly Zimmerman, Diane Wineberg, Gwen Winters. Last Row: Kathy Zimmerman, Pat Hhoads, Barb Wright, Chris Windrath, Dianne Winderlich, Sherry Wood, Jenny Wilson, Ianice Wolfe, Lynn Wilson. ' 'Y e ' vig 1" '. Q , ,.'.5xB!' F rr-H i '- Y 'aff ' F ,-ga ii, f Ii il? an 49' Front Row: Dave Righter, Mark Coma, Gary Katynski, Steve Sparks.. Dan Barnhart, Charles Fogle, I-'red Schroeder. Row 2: Terry Dennis, Margie Kendall, lane Moss, Cindy Howard, Chris Neasse, Anna Teichmoeller, Jodi Hildreth, Donna Burt, Nancy Dewey. Last Row: Jerry Hard. lack Stevenor. Kris Keener, Sharon Aue. Kathy Minor, Vicki Stewart, Priscilla Nellbeck, Steve Belsheim, Iim Buchannan. 111 at pr, U -.A -ff-sf, A Yr-5Q4QE5?3 1 fu. ff, -M S , V, A, A :- ij , P fl ' or x 6 ,J 5 W 3 pf, -vig, , - J v4 If w , , 1 U 7, ' T N -N ' I 3' Q ' , x , ., , V., ' Avi Q 'x . ,l .Nth N . A .hail V. YQ51' 4 'I '....':1S 'IW' ' f 3' 2. " "1 a . 7 f. '- 'M , A ' 7'-P: " QQ' mv! ' Ffa ,,':v:'f N " QQ., . 1 '- i 2.1 2 . - J' if., -Q flwif' tg : 4' . ' fvr, :lx 'xwf":Q , ig 19,41- f :1 ,VJ . "MMM ?f'1:+?f' " " -ffm L 1'.-:'i:'f.-r'- -1- "1IQ:'Z -'fm Q, 5'?V?U .. 1.11 ,- ,. , 2 gf?-1".ll,:2Y X I fjzt, ' 71' 7-,ay , , ,W . ,. - gr: Mm K in ,fa W I .A I 1 x Q 5 f" , A -,-- ' ' Through Individual Experience mm f 4 , 's-use ,, , eeee , e J 113 . .,.,,, -gf-gHELxLi5HLmkiafh1'-foe. ,a 1 - .- , ,Qi fi' f ff" Q: ,' QL. x AFS member Betsy Clark bought a bond from exchange student Karl Heimberger. AFS Assembly . I ..,.f 1 1"l Moderator Hal Doerscm led the assembly 114 I , iff, The guest speakers were introduced to the student body. Luis .Puchem Iudy Stine, Karl Heim- berger, Mai Icunstrom and Yuriko Ko- iimcr spoke at the AFS assembly. The gym was transformed into an Inferno. r ,wwf 'Y ? ,A 1 .,. A dead forest, created by Sherry Sherman, adomed one comer of the floor. The gym was also made into a Paradise. ' Longer Than Forever -lin --lg l' lf .i 4.4 x-VAL4 K V' The king and queen reigned on a magnificently decorated throne. The hall was an eerie passage edged by a cemetery and old tree trunks. 115 ,of 'S Youth In Government Day Patterned after the national conventions, Youth-In- Government gave students a chance to experience government in action. Comments such as "Homeroom section 12-4 casts its ten ballots for its favorite son . . ." rang through the gym as the convention began with the Gold and Black party Caucuses. After each party nominated seven candidates for city council, the parties launched vigorous campaigns. Registered seniors used voting machines to vote for councilmen and members of the Board of Education. The elected councilmen then met to appoint the rest of the Youth-In-Government officials. After a month of attending meetings, the appointed and elected officials took office on December 2. Following the mock council meeting, the participants attended a luncheon at Scioto Country Club. Mayor Bob Negri spoke at the luncheon at Scioto Country Club. new um il nur-um cu LM End. lj -menu omnmsnr ur msuwnv sri . menu us mmm vzmcizs VSTIYE unnsfwll umm A4 - W? - ..-L lg ."".-Ef"" l . B ,. ...N i up 1 X ll' 'rr '- g 'l"Fff0T1 L liA ,guna ummm: nhl 'A' INB : 'Z MOUNf -A vsummz H...-... ...mn -M- t . 1 . I. l Rob Rudolph and Kathie Call studied the safety display at the Reed Road Fire House. Members of the Board oi Education included Nancy Stewart, John Millious, Mary Beth Shearer lim Green, Ann Tarbutton, Iim Barnes. and Karen Richards. r 4- ' - 99. 2-1 'fir 4-1- N 1 i 1 .1 1 , , , , r' 25' 1 HE-Z-Att 3 Iim Green expressed his opinions at the city council meeting held at the Reed Road Fire House. Q93 ,gl 66 City Council members included Iim Fahrbach. Betsy Stone, Steve Kolodzik, Shary Smith, Glenn Ferraro, Mai Iarnstrom, and Charlie Heimberger. You Can'l Take It With You Moss Hart's rollicking play You Can't Take It With You was the Drama Club's fall presentation. This exuberant play con- cerns a few days in the lite of one happy eccentric family and one miserable wealthy family. The conflict begins when the daughter and son of the two families fall in love. To present this fast-moving play, the cast practiced every night for a month before opening night. Their efforts were rewarded by the large audiences for the two performances. The cast celebrated their success with a cast party following the final performance. Ann Dilworth, Iohn Lathrop and Steve Holmes practiced their lines on stage. , - 4 4 ' t w The leading lady, Katie Iones, made her entrance. , W I tlllgj z H ti.., 118 Boy, wcxit 'til I tell Dad we're learning the Russian National Anthem. 4 i -L hun- .-...44L, .ui - " W' Faster than cx speeding bullet. More powerful than cx locomotive. Able to leap tall buildings in cx single bound. Guidance, anyone? ,gnu-.un-at i. 'd imka-j Do you know what this is? It's ci pencil. You got that? A pencil. gf H' ' L '. ','5".4 Stop the machine, I want to get off. .l Come on now. gang. Let's show'em that we can beat IBM machines. For today's matinee we'll have "ML Magoo Plays Hamlet." ff ' w me s ,.....--:-al W 1 This has got to be a worId's record - it's the 67th straight day 1've spent in the library. School - Bah, humbug! -dl - 'fl' 1 . I-.J , ,,. X X2 4- Aaron Burr If Mary Poppins Z 119 120 Cigars. cigarettes. Tiparillos? ,.,..J:, .7 V 1 E.-, V V 'I 'ski - .3 lvkfl if Y Could you direct me to the Grandview stadium? ,,,. "O that this too too solid llesh would melt." Finesse your pcmner's ace? Fa-fa' l Y omni? Orange drink and lasagna, ugh! am than mm hdrds alwww Pwr W Nc' 'Whm NNN, How can a guy have any fun when Pooh's always there? Whatever happened to the Blackbottom? "Who, Pooh? Why what did he do?" Well. this is better than the Bunny -Hop anyway. Actually, I never was very interested in geography. 121 rf- H '-:,, .- -gi. 1 e I1 I O I' S The winning float: "They're Getting Buried in the Morning" omecoming Floats I J u n I o rs "We've Got High Hopes" ,J ALJ- k in fuse. 1' :QU-w -gui '3P,,'. 1 -E:",frIs1' 1. .Q . E.. -,,.,.,i,gm , 4, 4 I - - -f!'f-Vg, 1, 1, - 'gag'gf'2Ef-QA Af--.-'INQJ1' V ,. , " m ast:-i,Q,21-Q4 S o p h o m o r e s "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" HIGH How can you smile when your shoes are killing you? Go West, young mam P' My dear, you look utlerly beastly. - .X Picasso, who is he? .Um pah pah - blot! 124 uowy. HMY footy' 1-U-ghln And to think she's going to graduate. "Ouch!" "You're stepping on me." "Thud." "Help!" All systems go. Mmus ten and counting. Look, Mom. no hands. 'iii wr., ' 1 A :Uv 1. One. iwo, three on Mr. Shelby behind ihe boxes! 0140? 90119: fake five- .in I.: V-7 - '-1 1 --1 - 1 L--if Let's water it down and see if we can sell it to the cafeteria. 1 . x . ' t 0 x we 7 a , t , , . ,1-3 ' , A . ,sf f ' 2 ,fi , . , , V :usa 1 12. - -iii Children! You forgot your smocks. -1 fe, : "'7' .Q 1 -in 1 .Q I XL L This is the third pair of white levis that we've had to sew up this week. P1948 ' J, -HPF 'He No wonder you get away with skipping all the time, Pam, you work in the attendance oifice. What do you mean I owe S25? i V E? 1 A I Watch your step, Denny. you might smash one of the cafeteria's pet cockroaches! 125 Ns, Nothing can distract the attention of U.A. students. The Senior Slump lim takes pride in stuffing the homecoming ballot box. Mike speaks with exuberance to his unusually attentive audience. Aw, go ahead and give him your blouse size, Mark: Whoops! You say all the lights in the hall went we only get measured for caps and gowns once. out? 126 Ick! I mean, ah, what an interesting specimen! :"i?F"-E if 1 'A we , ' 'J 72:53 252 .W 4:61:- '33 L17 Ili! :: rg 3, 4-' Sir, is this score out of 25 or 100? Are yeu reudyiorqhe coup d'etcxts, i-Qviri' J 'b31bQ?"Wi ' Think we can pass this off as cz dollar bill? -'-'A -f--f -'Y - . -127 Activities Strengthen flxnzcrig, e' Fiji, I Wimmq REQPUEMQAI 'lu Vw SG YVIC N-...I all fn rf, IMA!! 1 Qfflllfgu ......f....,... ,W Our Structure by Forming Special Interests .AQx9..1'.. A.1r.o.ul...nrn.lu:A4uw,. ..A 130 SKI secrecy prevails w :X ....f"?'d Secretar Karen Richards Vice President Nanc Stewart A V1 L-N 7' Y I - ' Y . d 'ser Mrs. Oppenheimer, President Annalee Hixon, and Treasurer Iudy Ianz planned the Christmas formal. The senior girls kept the secret meaning of SKI all through high school. On the day before school started, SKI members enjoyed seeing all their friends again at a breakfast at the Reed Road Shelter House. The bridge fanatics of the club met to play an enjoyable two hours of trumping, doubling and finessing. A Halloween party for the State School children and a Christmas party for the Hannaneil Mission Home were some of the club's serv- ice projects. The Christmas formal was one of the highlights of SKI's busy year. Working with the junior girls' club, SKI-ers labored long and hard on the Wizard of Oz and the Emerald City. WAIVI says bye to seniors WAM, the junior girls' club, initiated the year with the traditional tea for the incoming sophomores. The club supported itself by Weekly bake sales and other money making projects. At one meeting a few lucky mem- bers won free facials and beauty analyses from the speaker, a beauty consultant. The club presented the Christmas formal in conjunction with SKI, the senior girls' club. The two clubs transformed the gym into the land of the Wizard of Oz. W1-XM also gave a going-ailvay party for the seniors in the spring. For the much-publicized Mt. Vernon game, WAM sponsored a bus filled with scream- ing, laughing girls. The club also held sev- eral open houses after the football and basketball games. Adviser Mrs. Miller, Secretary Sue McCartney, Treasurer Barb Bresler, President Nancy Gooch and Vice-President Sally Caldwell arranged the tea for the sophomores. X Y1"HH! ff' n a ,L Sophomore girls choose the name MAD 'if -X -0 W t Adviser Mrs. Bullock, Secretary Kathy Kraus, Adviser Mrs. Guddat, Vice-President Sharon Aue, and President Ienni Brown planned the record hop. After much deliberation, the sopho- more girls chose the name MAD for their girls' club. The name's two meanings will, of course, remain a secret during the girls' high school years. With the choice of a name accomp- lished, the club sponsored several bake sales and held an open house after a basketball game. In addition to the open house, MAD members put on a record hop. Their service projects included a clothes drive and the adoption of a needy family. "Touche!"say the fencers Newly-formed Fencing Club was open to boys interested in learning about the art and Front Row: Harold Price, Don Seeger, Scott Hinger, Ed Eriurt, John Buddy, Bob Shumaker. Row 2: Dave White, Philip Deis, Dave Shultz, Doug Kelsey, Bob Meyer, Mark Gettinger, Adviser Mr. Schneider. Last Row: Frank Beck, Joe McCutcheon, Brooks Hurd, lim Hulls, Vic Carlin, Ierry Zimmer. technique of fencing. The fencers partici- 1 ri 'V pated in a match with a Dayton school on January 22. The next day the two teams watched a match at Ohio State. In April the l State fencing tournament occupied the mem- ,-. ' ' - bers' attention. ,, ,,-. .ay .Q-. V was ..., -Y . .. . ...s ..-. - 1... Les Francais host World's Fair vnu, Vice-President Sally Beck, President Bob Negri, Secretary Helen Hatcher, Adviser Miss Davidson, Second Vice-President Marianne Kayes, Treasurer Bill Kraft, Third Vice-President Mary Io Deishley, and Adviser Mrs. Miller planned the World's Fair Pavilion. Members of French Club expanded their French-speaking ability. The club sponsored a French hootenanny for Halloween. In No- vember the four language clubs presented a World's Fair at which each club had a pavilion. Francais students enjoyed two dinners-a pot-luck dinner and an Interna- tional Dinner at the Ohio State Union. The cold weather did not daunt the mem- bers, who went caroling at Christmas time. With a play by the French students and a College Bowl game between the French II students, French Club members had a busy and enjoyable year. Ur., .. . .- , 1'-'Y ef.. - ' ' ' "k2a' .4- IE.: I A E "g,,.:.c?l. - 1 QNX. fa-f . f '- An :P r.apr15 .vit 3 it-'H it .-.., - ferr .- ., 7 .f r. - -'3lf7l'92.. ly Iii- I. I, ll . D- lhywyfq. ' Xfttllll Val M ' , ' if 1 n-Jn Spanish Club students read "The Three Bears" to the Bob White and Cindy Parker watched over the Spanish Club display at audience at the World's Fair Pavilion. the World's Fair Pavilion. "0Ie!"excIaim Spanish Club members A Cuban refugee named Tomas Delgado was the speaker at Spanish Club's firstmeet- ing. Later the club participated in the World's Fair at Upper Arlington. Pinatas and posters adorned Spanish Club's colorful pavilion. The Majestics also played Spanish music at the Fair. Members put on a Christmas party, spon- sored a drive for a needy family and went Christmas caroling with Kinder Key. In the spring the club held the traditional picnic at Mrs. Fulton's house. Vice-President Ed Shields, President lim Lewis, Treasurer Kathy Kitchen, and Advisers Mrs. Fulton, Mr. Berry, Mrs. Howe, and Miss Ridgeway planned the 3 -A J Pycckuu students sample Russian food Russian Club members held many inter- esting meetings during the year. One speaker demonstrated a device called a teaching machine. The students saw a movie about the use of propaganda and the Red Cell, and part of a movie about the life of a Russian writer, Maxim Gorky. After Christ- mas, Russian students brought their own Russian dishes to a pot-luck dinner. Russian students were particularly fortu- nate this year to have the opportunity to share the experiences of Mrs. Wootton, who visited Russia in the summer. At one of the meetings, Mrs. Wootton showed some of her slides and lectured on her trip. The club exhibited a pavilion in the World's F air, sponsored by the school's language clubs. The year's activities ended with a spring picnic. Russian Club members dis la ed Russian culture at the World's Fair P Y Pavilion. LllfQl.'i'tllIlitq.,'3"t'11 umm, Treasurer Marjie Iohnston, Secretary Patti Deishley, Sergeant at Arms Vic Carlin Adviser Mrs. Wooton, Vice-President Bob Scott and President Mike Welch planned many interesting meetings. ,vt - - - 15? , . orous skit at the World's Fair. Toga-clad Romans present sklt Inter Nos initiated a busy year with an induction of the new spohomores and a reception. The club sponsored a festive pa- vilion at the language clubs' World's Fair. Inter Nos members also presented a humor- ous skit about Jupiter and his constituents for the Fair. Members braved the cold to attend a pot- luck supper followed by caroling. Another winter activity which attracted many club members was a Roman banquet in Febru- ary. The Latin scholars also attended a Latin convention at Ohio State on March ll. Another induction, this time that of the officers, ended the year for Latin Club. Vice-President Ann Tarbutton. Secretary Sue Furste, Treasurer Rick Coe and President Fred Walker wear the traditional Roman togas The audience laughed as Latin students presented cr hum Hi-Y members reorganize club Affiliated with the YMCA, I-Ii-Y's members are junior and senior boys. The club was kept busy with a com- plete reorganization this year. Hi-Y basketball, ping-pong and swimming also occupied the members' time. The members also participated in Hi-Y Youth-In-Government. ,I .-,. - :gg -rl... ... fa-- The Hi-Y Executive Committee members Larry Elliott, Phil Powers, Bill Allen, Rob St. Clair, Dan Sayers. Roger Iones and Tim Browning reorganized the club this year. Y-Teel'IS Staff yeal' with bafbeclle Treasurer Sandy Tessier, President Charlotte Dunbar, Vice-President Darrel Timmons, Advisers Mrs. Rismiller, Mrs. Howells and Mrs. Allen and Secretary Molly Eckler participated in the city-wide service projects. Members started the year with a barbecue at Westgate Park. During the year the club had some especially interesting meetings, including a speaker on self-defense. At a Christmas workshop a speaker demon- strated the making of decora- tions and gifts. UA students enjoyed the post- game open houses Y-Teens held. Other activities included participation in a city-wide service project through Links. The girls worked in places such as hospitals, recreation centers and offices. With service pro- jects such as the adoption of a family, a party for the children at the Blind School and Lily Day, the club served the com- munity well. FTA Iinances scholarship award 1 l V 'i 'l Ingl- Secretary Marianne Kayes, Treasurer Iudy Gerwig. Adviser Mrs. Tanner, Vice-President Iudy Brcmdes, and President Sue Saller initiated the point system. FTA is an organization for stu- dents interested in obtaining ex- perience and background in teach- ing. Cadet teaching at the various elementary a n d junior high schools provided an excellent op- portunity for practical experience. A point system was initiated, with attendance at meetings and assis- tance to teachers as requirements to receive the FTA pin. The club helped to finance a scholarship award for Northwestern's summer term to an outstanding junior. The club also named an outstanding senior. This year the emphasis in meet- ings was on movies rather than just on speakers. FTA members served as guides for the parents at the PTA open house and treat- ed each teacher to an apple for National Education Week. FNC supports Korean orphanage Treasurer Lynn Conover, Leaders' Club Representative Marcia Pfeiffer. President Ieannette Flick, Vice-President Nancy Gooch, and Secretary Ianice Marshall planned club field trips. " Future Nurses Club is composed of girls in- terested in health careers such as physical ther- apy, dental hygiene, medical dietetics or nurs- j ing. The girls learn more about the health pro- Q. fessions, and some of them work in the nurse's office for one period during the school day. The club sponsored an open house after a basketball game. The girls also went on field trips to Franklin Village and Childrens' Hos- pital, A Christmas party for approximately thirty youngsters at the' State School was another interesting and enjoyable activity. PNC sent another contribution to Hong Ah Won Orphanage in Kyongnam, Korea-an orphan- age which they have helped in different ways for several years. NURSE s Charlie and Mai represent AFS Exchange Student Maj Iamstrom. Hostess Iudy Stine, Adviser Mr. Will, Vice-President Peggy Glaze. Secretary Sally Beck, Treasurer Don Rhoades, President Hal Doerson and Exchange Student Charlie Heimberger planned the AFS assembly. To further their goal of earning money to bring foreign students to Arlington, AFS sponsored a bond sale in the winter. The bond sale was part of AFS Week. During the week an assembly was held at which foreign students from other Columbus schools discussed their coun- tries and their year in America. In the Little Theatre the club displayed the flags given to the school by former exchange students. These students were honored with plaques bearing their names. This year the school was fortunate enough to have two AFS exchange stu- dents attending Upper Arlington. Newcomers'Club sponsors Iuau A welcoming luau for new stu- dents is an annual event to help the newcomers in our school feel more at home. For the benefit of the new students, the club sold half-price tickets for the December basketball game against Delaware. The newcomers received special assistance from the club member stationed in the new guidance office every period. U? Secretary Alicia Robinson. Adviser Mrs. Ferdi, Vice-President Marlene Carnes and President Phyllis Greene planned special services for the newcomers in the new guidance oiiice. Young Republicans support Goldwater QC 1 I 5 The Young Republicans Club was very active this year as a re- sult of the presidential election. They assisted the Youth for Gold- water-Miller group and canvassed Arlington for funds to support the Republican Party. They also put bumper stickers on cars. The club upholds the rights of the individual and tries to encour- age this ideal by supporting can- didates. They also support func- tions such as the Youth Anti-Com- munism Crusade held in Colum- bus in Ianuary. Q- ..- Treasurer-Secretary Bonnie Schoonover, Adviser Mr. Corbett, Acting Chairman Dave Stone, and Vice-Chairman Sandy Macomber canvassed Arlington for funds. Young Democrats back Johnson Since it was an election year, the Young Democrats Club had a par- ticularly busy and exciting year. The club as a whole polled an entire precinct for the election. They later evaluated the resulting information. By different money-making projects, the members raised money for a contribution to the local or national party. Political speakers, who dis- cussed various arties and how they P work, also added to the Young Demo- crats' year. President Jim Carollo, Vice-President left Folkerth, Treasurer Hal Doersam. and Adviser Mr. Larkin campaigned during the presidential election. ,. I l ft 137 Student Council peak 138 Iim Fahrbach. Felda Hardymon, and Ed Shields have a private conversation about council matters. President Felda Hardymon directs the council. Secretary Sally Daugherty takes the roll call during a student council meeting. Homeroom representatives debate and add suggestions to council projects during meetings. for th Student Body The Council worked hard at better communication W i t h students and administration. Felda Hardymon and Dan Sayers wrote a report on stu- dent conditions to the Board of Education. On the student level, council tried to give the students a voice in making decisions. This year students voted on their preference for division by grades of the new cafeteria. The final decision was to place juniors and sen- iors in the new cafeteria and sophomores in the old. Other council activities included dis- tribution of the Arlingtonian, formation of new rules for Homecoming and sponsoring a special assembly. Officers of the council encouraged members to attend a week's summer workshop sponsored by the Ohio Association ot Student Councils. Student Council is composed of a representative elected from each homeroom to repre- sent the student body in school government. Members of the council work in con- junction with the administra- tion. The school store was opened during the third six weeks' period. This council-supported service was delayed because of reservations on the part of last year's dietition. Some of the stock was changed and a student clean-up crew was formed. The store is a student service rather than a money- making project. Student directories came out the same day that the store opened and were made avail- able to the students through the store. The directories are an annual service sponsored by Student Council. if S E 391 ,Q 5 4 "4 :Lt i NN , t .: ta . P Leading the Student Council were President Felda Hardymon, Vice-President lim Fahrbach, Treasurer Ed Shields, Secretary Sally Daugherty, Sergeant-at-Arms Dave Calderone, and Parliamentarian Dan Sayers. 'lowl- 5- i, ferr ,dy Q V I-'rout Row: Ed Shields, Bill Radcliffe, Bob Negri, Iohn Millious, lim Fahrbach, lim Lichtenberg, Bruce Lynn, lim Magnuson. Ieff Folkerth, Iohn Lathrop, Dave Calderone, Dan Sayers, and Glenn Ferrara. Row 2: Ienny Lewis. Sue McCartney, Sue Stinson, Karen Wheeler, Sue Streng, Mary Io Deishly, Nancy Priest, Iane Tarbutton, Linda Heaton, Sally Str-ebel, Maj Iarnstrom, Iudy Gerwig, and Laureli Collins. Row 3: Ioan Hillstrom, Star Christy, Sherlyn Porter, Iudy Metcalf, Mariana Wall, Pat Evans, Susie Hinder. Nancy Elam, Alicia Robinson, Ann Tarbutton, Sally Amit-:L Sally Daugherty, Dave Baumer. and Kathy Kitchen. Row 4: Sherry Wood, Mary Garvin, Dave Suple, Tom Hogan, Frank Ray, Mike McCormick, Richie Comfort, Dick Sesler, Rob St. Clair, Roger Seite, and Terry Morse. Last Row: Tom Granklin, Ierry Cameron. Chris High, Rob Vajda, Iimmy McKenzie, Rick Talcott, Larry Mayer, Gary Bennett, Phil Beckwith, and Felda Hardymon. 140 The ARLINGTONIAN ff 7 -'piggy' . , 1 l-f-ri - t--A 'lt' H iffy' y L p .A it w,-:Q Q ,-,,, L 'f O . n ' l i MARK BEAN IUDY BRANDES BILL WILLIS co-Editor co-Editor Business-Manager Idea Research Editor Lynne Anderholm gives ideas to writers Karen Pease and Mike Clark. Phil Gockenbach, Carol Gillespie and Sue Erb sell ads and manage the bookkeeping. ' fi This year the Arlingtonian staff endeavored to pub- lish a newspaper that would have a more widespread appeal to the student body. A new plan for a weekly paper was initiated in the fall, but due to a lack of support, the paper was forced to return to its former bi-weekly status. Letters to the Editor, cartoons, more pictures, and better features were part of the "new look" for the Arlingtonian. By publicizing various projects in the paper, the staff hoped that students would become more interested in their school. The annual Turkey King Contest, which was held in November, has been sponsored by the newspaper for several years. Two conventions, the Iournalism Association of Ohio Schools and the Central Ohio Press Club, were the highlights of the year for most of the journalism students. Iudy Brandes, co-editor of the Arlingtonian, won a first place trophy at each convention, while other staff members and Iournalism I students received 2nd's, 3rd's, and honorable mentions. The president of the Central Ohio Press Club this year was Mark Bean, co-editor of the Arlingtonian, who made the arrangements for the convention and pre- sided over the annual meeting. Feature Editors Carol Veverka and Iudy Gerwig wnte interesting and witty feature items. goes to press PU 1 ,fn . W. 4-1 X . LV - 'I 1. i -- -. Y A I 'i',' 4 V - - H31 X J -h iv-A ww, . . . " 'JTYitU. . is- 5 " if : Photographer Candy Watkins and Artist lim Lewis are Linda Messe. Karen Tetirick, and Karen Cozart read. kept busy taking and drawing pictures. check and rewrite copy. Scouting the halls for news are Bill Willis, Nancy Stewart, Sue Erb, and Karen Pease. vi- Ig, V PAT WUICHET FRANK RAY MRS. RICKETTS News Feflfufe Sports Editor Adviser 141 142 'xx '--s. Jif- ui' IUDY WILLIAMS PATTIE WARDEN KATIE IONES Assistant Editor Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor NORWESTER records Business stat! Don Rhoades, Betsy Seidel, Angie Savko and Dan Tobin sold ads for the 1965 NORWESTEH. The publication of the 1965 NORWESTER began with summer staff work, journalism classes at Ohio University and workshops. Staff members spent many hours discussing various ideas for appropriate themes before choosing one which would form a unified and attractive book. Hundreds of time-consuming jobs, not to mention the planning and organization neces- sary to produce a yearbook, kept each staff member busy. Deciding the order and length of the sections in the book was merely the initial task which occupied the staff. Many hours of scheduling appointments and making the detailed preparations lay ahead before the NORWESTER was to appear in final form. It was a major achievement to design and prepare each page of the book, as well as to coordinate all of the sections. After the staff members completed the preliminary ladder for each page, they drew the .temporary lay-out sheets for each individual section. Almost everyone shared the responsibility for re- writing copy blocks and identifying pho- tographs so that each page could be ar- ranged and finished with satisfaction. Taking into consideration suggestions of the student body, the staff tried to create an enjoyable NORWESTER for 1965. BOB NEGR1 BARB CORN JEFF FOLKERTH 3u,ine,,,Munage, Literary Editor Photography Editor -F 'iii' , 5 1 SANDY MINOR DAN FITTING Typist Boys' Sports Editor MARIIE IOHNSTON Girls' Sports Editor the year's events is Let's really pitch in and work. We'll make at least one deadline. X X MISS FELTS Adviser SHERRY SHERMAN MR. PALLAT Art Editor Business Adviser 'PSA ..--3 MARY BE.'I'H SHEARER Copyreader 143 144 Debate Club hosts tournament 'fli p J i 6 A .V ' .fir Adviser Mrs. Bunte, Leader's Club Representative Betty Mathis, President Rick Parker, Secretary Bernie Brush. Vice-President Robin Rupp, and Treasurer Dave McBride participated in debates. fri Isl Once every two or three weeks the members of Debate Club met to debate teams from different schools. The club members anxious- ly anticipated the state tournament where they placed third in the state. Twelve teams from various schools also attended a tournament here sponsored by Debate Club. Lights, curtain, action! Drama Club's presentation was the hilarious play, You Can't Take It With You. In the spring the club presented the comedy, Take Her, She's Mine. Later Drama Club members entered a one-act play and oral interpretations in the state drama contest. Throughout the year mem- bers enjoyed seeing plays at the Hartman. V This year a Thespian Society was ini- F tiated for drama enthusiasts. Thespians is H an honorary society for students who have accumulated ten points by taking part in drama productions. The induction for the members was in February. The charter members are as follows: Bobbie Amos, lay Barnhill, Paul Bogenrief, Linda Cochran, Ann Dilworth, Ieff Folkerth, Cathy Hess, Steve Holmes, Katie Iones, Iudy Krier, Iohn Lathrop, Mike Moone, Robin Rupp. Dan Ryan, Ann Sayers, Bill Willis, and Susie Wright. Vice-President Robin Rupp, President Ann Dilworth, Adviser Mr. Sammons. Secretary Ioan Throop, and Treasurer Bill Willis initiated Thespians. Festo adds holiday spirit ,,.f-ff In """-A I . A u L V and A ' 'U as : -1' Adviser Mr. Foley, President Nancy Caton, Secretary Betsy Clark, Vice-President lime Kem and Treasurer Sandy Minor kept the halls jumping with color. It was Festo's pleasant task to keep the halls of the school deco- rated for the various holidays dur- ing the year. Colorful and appro- priate decorations lined the halls. The members even painted the win- dows for Christmas. The club took a field trip to a crayon factory. Speakers from the Art School at Ohio State and movies highlighted some of the meetings. Several members went to the Colum- bus Art Gallery to select a picture purchased by the PTA for the school library. In the spring the club displayed some of their art work in an art exhibit in the hall. Bake sales and other fund-raising projects helped finance the one hundred dollar art scholarship given by the club. "CoIor'en1 beatenusays Pub Club President Betsy Clark, Secretary Sally Daugherty, Adviser Mrs. Holman, Treasurer Marianne Kayes and Vice-President Anne Famer publicized the school activities. With the new members coming in from H the fall try-outs, Pub Club was ready to begin a busy year. Pub Club has the E awesome responsibility of publicizing the school's upcoming events. For football games students wore badges made week- ly by Pub Club. The badges bore such phrases as "Powder their wigs," and "Color 'em beaten." Pub Club's members Xu frantically produced approximately one thousand badges a week. In addition to badges, the members made publicity posters. This year the club tried to emphasize all sports, including tennis and swimming, with their posters. To raise money, Pub Club offered to make posters for other clubs at fifteen cents a poster. Bake sales also helped to increase their funds. 146 Lellermen ioin VarsityA A club for boys reaching high athletic achievement, Varsity A is primarily a service club. The club serves the community and helps other school clubs with their activi- ties. In conjunction with Leaders' Club, the boys worked on the annual canned foods drive. ll 1 f xx I ll ' - u ' a':,1jw.f2 1 t:i2ZIAld'7 Iim Fahrbach, Randy Walker tpresidentl, Dan Dupler, Bill Kraft, Dick Fishel, Carl Watkins and Greg Cowman helped Leader's Club in the canned foods drive. Charm Club comes out in style Treasurer Bobbi Amos, Secretary Ioanne Drewsen, President Nancy Boyce, Advisers Mrs. Woolpert and Mrs. Ream, Vice-President Carol Taylor and Leaders' Club representative Kendra Robinson sponsored the Halloween Open House. -vs. ' LJ' - .ix 'fading F V. u ,..-vu ..l Girls taking a home economics course were eligible to join Charm Club. The club's first meeting, at which a model discussed etiquette and exer- cises, drew many girls. A Halloween open house was one of the club's larg- est projects, and the halls were filled with the posters made bythe girls to advertise the event. At the open house, club members judged pies baked for the boys' pie-baking contest. Club members brought their own food to the club's smorgasbord. Enter- taining the patients at Childrens' Hos- pital and sponsoring a clothes drive were two of the club's service projects. Golddiggers' Dance, the annual girl- ask-boy dance, was the main project of the club. The girls worked diligently on the beautiful decorations. The finish- ing touch to the charm club members' year was the spring style show at which the girls modeled their own creations. i Photographers gain experience Photography Club members studied the fundamentals of press camera by using the club's huge camera. They also learned how to use a darkroom. The goal of the club was to give students the chance for more ex- perience in the field of photography. an ,ss-A ex xo ,ggi , Secretary-Treasurer Greg Grinch, Adviser Mr. Bowman, Vice-President Fred Fore- man and President Dave McBride learned how to use the club's press camera. Radio Club tunes Kenya ,ju fa. Vice-President Steve Hale. President Dick Hail, Adviser Mr. Bowman and Sec- retary-Treasurer Bob Schnad communicate with amateur radio operators. Now we know who makes the morning announcements! Members of Radio Club have the opportunity to communicate with other amateur radio operators from such places as Cape Town, South Africa, Kenya, Roumanian Peoples' Republic. Peoples' Republic of Bulgaria, Moscow, Russia, Algeria, Cuba, Island of Aruba and Portugal. The club records many of the countries contacted by use of ASL cards posted above the radio. For members who wish to do more than listen. classes of instruction in code and theory are held to help mem- bers obtain their licenses. Several members this year obtained their novice license. 147 Leaders' Club sells golden bears Primarily a service club, Lead- ers' Club sponsored the tradi- tional canned foods drive in No- vember. The club also held a Christmas party for the children at Godman Guild and gave food and support to four needy fam- ilies. The sale of small golden bears and Christmas wrapping paper provided a source of income for the club. Later in the year a college assembly for juniors and seniors and a clothes drive were held. Another major event was the club's International Dinner. The initiation and induction of the new members and officers ended the year. Third Vice-President Nancy Armstrong, President Sue Furste, Adviser Mrs. Dickerson. First Vice-President Ann Tarbutton, Second Vice-President Sue McCartney, Secretary Barb Bresler and Treasurer Fred Walker planned the traditional canned foods drive. Coin Club holds show Lf..-:gk , . - - "' ... ' A 5. 148 Rick Ketchum. Mr. Crosten, Bob Clemets, Brent Anderson. Bruce Bobbi! and lim Allen opened Arlington's first coin show. On December 22 Coin Club held a coin show which was open to anyone wishing to at- tend. A coin dealer and an editor of a coin magazine were speak- ers at two of the club's meetings. The club attended auctions and subscribed to several coin papers. The club's purpose is to allow students interested in coins to show their collections and to give them an opportunity to trade or sell their coins. Orchestra and Bear-A-Tones perform if Members of the orchestra included Ianice Baker, Harley Schlanger, Iudy Zwilling, Malinda Nelson, conductor Mr. Farrar, Iane Larimer, Donna Nelson. Tad Iordan, and Kathy Newton. The Upper Arlington High School Orchestra members studied the Baroque era in class this year. This particular era specialized in the Baroque en- semble, which is a small string ensemble composed of five vio- lins, a cello, a viola, and a bass. The orchestra performed with the band in the spring concert. The Bear-A-Tones, Upper Arlington High School's dance band, played for various activities this year including a Whetstone High School dance, a Newcomers' dance at the Ohio State University Faculty Club, an Ohio State student dance at the student union, the Christmas For- mal, and a Hastings Iunior High School P.T.A. program. In the spring the band participated in the Central Ohio High School Dance Band Clinic. A special social event was the band's performance for the high school band parents and guests at a dance held at Covenant Presby- terian Church. SAXOPHONES: Cliff Sheffield, Denny Crabill, Steve Francis, Ion Wills, lim Phillips. TROMBONES: Dave Gobel, Iim Green, Iohn Henry, Iim Battles. PERCUSSION: Ralph Kennedy, Flo Horsley, Herb Kinney. John Byerly, Ed Shields, and absent Tom Pingel. TRUMPETS: Brent Anderson, Dave Balser, Dave Price, and Don Brison. 149 The Upper Arlington High School Marching Band had a full schedule this year. They marched at all of the Arlington football games. At the begin- ning of the year, the band played for the Central Ohio Teachers' Association meeting and for a Guidance Counselors' Conference. They also played for the PTA's Christmas meet- ing and for a special meeting for band parents. Later in the year, a Fairport Harbor band visited them to return the Ar- lington band's previous visit. jilfi 1 . . ,.....1 U 1 A ,wr g Upper Arlington 150 Gwyn Spafiord, Iudy Ross. Gaye Stevens. Sally Hatten. Dulcy Irwin, Martha McCormick, Drum Major Denny Erwin, Q Toree Vessells and Sue Cleaior lead the band. '..,r.., Secretary Flo Horsley, Treasurer Ann Kolodzik, Vice-President Steve Kolodzik and President lim Green planned the band's spreads before football games. Hugh School Band Front Row: Gwyn Spatford, Dulcy Irwin, Sue Cleator, Toree Vessels. Denny Irwin, Martha McCormick, Iudy Ross, Gaye Stevens. Sally Hatten. Row 2: Craig Belton, Dave Hartman, Ken Gulcher, Dave Gurherie. Iim Green, Iim Battles, Herb Kinney, Dave Gobel, Iohn Henry, Jim. Birch, Denny Crabill. Don Seidleman, Steve Grinch, Steve McC1ean, Iim Phillips. Row 3: Iudy Moss, Pat Lane, Brent Anderson, Ralph Kennedy, Gary Vickers, Chris Peterson, Mike Hallain, Tom Pingel, Paul Valles, Bob Sharer, Dave Balser, Mark Gettinger, Dave Price, Don Bri- son, Dave Fischer. Row 4: Carol Whiteside, Betty Mathis, Sue Cling- man, Claudia Liston, Mary Ann Kessello, Karen Gulcher, Bev Sayers, Susan Tracy, Ray Rainsberger. Ann Kolodzik, Barb French, Lee Anderson. Flo Horsley, Dean Ellenwood, Pai Melvin, Ieanne Sourborne. Row 5: Pat Evans, Donna Peck, Mary Lou Schmidt, Ruth Hardesty, Sharon Anderholm, Angie Phillips, Steve Francis, Steve Belsheim, Dan Baker, Ian Dodrill, lack Ridenour, Ian Wills, Barb Wright, Cathy Denton, Sharon Fogg, Iennie Schofield. Row 6: Dave Smith, lim Henderson, Philann Hiligoss, Gary Vickers, Mike Gallagher, Bob Skinner, Ierry Hard, Aileen Yung, Bill DeMott, Cliff Schetiield, Phil Evans, Iim Nor- ris, Roger Wilson, Kenny Davis, Anne Gooste, Sue Guesman, Linda Nack. Last Row: Greg Grinch, Al Feltner, Bill Cecil, Andy Smith, Byron Iohn- son, Iohn Byerly, Mike Bome, Iohn Sinclair, Steve Bartell, Eddie Shields, Scott Gettinger, Jeff Cox, Denny Cook. wi ' ' 1 Mr Ginther directs the band during first period. 151 ' ""' ,.i.:?"1'3I""'Z -" 'f.T-1 FL ' :- ada. M.,-5-ft: H- .nw .f J.. ., ,..-, -adv, 152 Glee Club Girls' Glee Club members include: Carol Anderson, Linda Anstaett, Aleta Anthony, Bev Asmo, Sharon Aue, Sandee Baldock, Connie Ballengee, Linda Barnes, Carol Beardsley, Karyl Bergquist, Louise Blair, Deanne Boehm, Debby Bonte. Iennifer Booton, Leslie Boyer, Iudy Brandes, Deb Carey, Marlene Carnes, Nancy Catena, Cathleen Chapman, Karen Clark, Karen Clark, Karen Classon, Cindy Cook, Ioyce Cooper, Lynn Conover, Lee Le Crone, Chris Crotty, Sue Die- sem, George Ann Dixon, Mary Downing, Brenda Duncan, Deuila Duncan, Nancy Ellis, Linda Evans, Marjie Pause, Dianna Ferguson. Carol Fisher, Sue Fogarty, Marilyn Fran- cis,-Pat Freutel, Ianet Frusek, Iulie Glass, Becky Gilchrist, Iudy Gordon, Carol Graves, Maudie Griffith, Helara Gulbes. Parry Hackenberg, Barb Haire, Ann Hall, Lynne Hame- berg, Nancy Heath, Mary lane Heaton, Betsy Heckman, Barb Henry, Phil Ann' Hilligross, Susie Hinder, Linda Hobbs, Ian Holzaphfel, Sally Hook, Ann Huhta, Sue Isabel, Sue Isald, Kris Iackson, Carole Iarvis, Iudy Iordon, Marji Kendall, Pam Kindig, Kathy Kraus, Linda Kutscbach. Dianne Lakin. Sherry Larson. Linda Lee, Charlene Leonard, Marinda Li. Kris Lortz. Kathy Masuckin, Iudy McClintock, Marsha McClintock, Phyl Metz, Brigid Moriarity. Geri Morris, Kati Mummert, Ann Myers, Lynne Myers. Nancy Nowland, Linda Ninde, Carol Oldford, Marge Oldford, Mary O'Neil, Margaret Peterson, Diane Pettegrew, Maggie Petterson, Ann Powers, Diane Reeves, Nancy Rehe, Linda Reuting, Peggy Rinehart, Iennifer Robe, Alicia Robinson, Carole Rosen- berry, Andrea Russell, Dianne Russell, Shelley Seekins, Betsy Seidel, Marcia Selbaugh, lean Selfe, Cheryl Sefiland, Liz Sillins, Linda Smith, Linda Smith, Teresa Spangler. Cozy Spittler, Susie Springston, Pam Stark, Iane Stone, Sallie Strebel, Laura Strong, Sandy Swan, Carol Taylor, Sue Teaman, Lisa Tom, Mary Tompkin. Susan Tracy, -Ann Trocisdale, Nancy Van Schoyck, Mary Vawning, Toree Vessells, Gerry Wagner, Susie Whipple, Iudy Williams, Iulie Williams, Chris Windrath, Chris Wilcox, Mary Wol- ford, lemma Wise, Barb Wright, Kathy Zimmerman and Molly Zimmerman. Accompanists: Ianice Baker and Pat O'Rourke. , 'l P. 4.- ...,l-.,,-,- I r I Although the Boys' and Girls' Glee Clubs met at different times, they both participated in many of the same events. The two clubs appeared in the talent show and the Spring Choral Festival. At Christmas time the glee clubs went caro- ling. In addition to singing, members of the Girls' Glee Club ushered at most public performances put on by the choir and glee clubs. 31' sz, 9 it twirl it ,sy P7 . 5, f"A.' Boys' Glee Club members include: lack Bunce. Tom Call, Bob Dill, Ierry Dill, Pat Downing, Allen Feltner, Tony Finelli, Steve Fisher, Mike Freda. Iohn Gamerstelder. Mark Gettinger, Jim Goddard, Ieft Harris, Mike Havener. Steve Heischman. Iim Hilditch. Ron Hodges, Steve Hubbard, Jim Hulls, lim Irwin, Dan Jones, Iohn Johnston, Phil Menedian, Larry Payne, Charlie Pratt, Gene Putterbaugh, Phil Ramey, Larry Richardson, David Righter, Rhys Riley, Don Ritchie, Bruce Robe, Bob Schad, Terry Schuman, Ron Smith, Tom Stewart, Randy Stith, Mike Snyder, lim Von Holten, and Richard Weaver. Accompanists: Janice Baker and Patricia O'Rourke. 153 enior -5 Concert Choir f lf-rf at - - . T.. t i 1 1-J 'v 11 Ct FIRST SOPRANOS: Claire Allen. Nancy Armstrong, Marilyn Baker, Debbie Booth, Dunbar, Drenda Failor, Ianet Fusek, Mary Lee Grover, Holly Hooge, Debbie Hussy, Pam Armstrong, Penny Banks. Sandy Bassett, Debora Close, Nancy Dickens, Patsy Knepper, Stephanie Lewis, Theresa Loomis, Malinda Nelson, Chris Nuremberg, Dianne Nancy Van Schoyck, Linda Wadley, Terry Wick. FIRST ALTOS: Mary Brison, Bev Huffman, Gale Hull, Dulcy Irwin, Ioyce Ielliiiee, Barb Kopriver, Sally Leter, Ianet Zwilling. SECOND ALTOS: Sue Campbell, Pat Chorgan, Ian Corbally, Sally Daugherty, Peggy McKee, Michele Miller, Marcia Pfeiffer, Karen Richards, Mary Lou Schmidt, Franklin, Steve Grinch, Roger Iones, Tom Marsicano, George Patterson, Phil Powers, Dave Chakeres, Phil Compton, Jerry Dean, Dean Ellenwood, Allen Feltner, Mike Queen, Steve Metcalf, Chip Neale, Bill Perkins, Craig Richter, Rob Rudolph, Tom Iay Graft, lack Hott, Dan Iackson, Cam James, John Lathrop, Doug Lynn, Tom Meeks, Mike Buchanan, Tom Denune, Bill Elliott, Ed Erlurt, Carl Gadnai, Mark Gettinger, Dick Meeks, Iim Miller, Iim Nippert, Terry Osterstock, Rich Patton, Bill Radcliffe, Schroeder, Terry Schuman, Andy Smith, Mike Stanley, Bill Snider, Larry Trover, 154 The Upper Arlington High School Senior Concert Choir began a successful year with two fall engagements. Early in the fall, the choir sang for 13,000 teachers at the Central Ohio Teachers Association meeting held in St. Iohn's Arena. In November the choir presented the traditional Fall Festival. The Christmas season was a busy one for the concert choir. The most challenging work performed was Handel's Messiah, which-the choir presented for the Columbus Bar Asso- ciation at the Deshler Cole Hotel, the four annual candlelight dinners at the Scioto Country Club, the December PTA program, and the high school's Christmas assembly. The choir sang for a Christmas program at Iones Iunior High School. IN. V J l l 4-Quan-13--gg gg. F p-. Linda Brewer, Sherry Browning, Karen Cozart, Pam Curry, Barb Darrow, Terri Dennis, Mary Jo Dieshley, Patty Dieshley, Charlotte Marianne Kayes. Dana Laylin, Mimi Loscocco, Judy Metcalf, Sue McCartney, Jane Moss. SECOND SOPRANOS: Kathy Anderson. Dickens. Molly Eckler, Nancy Elam, Cynthia Flesch, Susie Fox. Pam Fultz, Barb Grinstead, Sharon Keating, Karel Kelsik, Karen Phillips, Sherlyn Porter, Sandy Robinson, Judy Roehm, Patty Scarberry. Carol Smith, Terry Snavely, Betsy Stith, Kathy Stoltz, Brown. Sally Caldwell, Starr Christy, Jacky DuVall, Margie Flick, Jan Fox, Judy Hague, Susan Heffeltinger, Joan Hillstrom, Marcia Maxiield, Molly McHenry. Karen Pease, Judy Sayers. Sue Shannon. Elaine Weiser, Jean Willis, Pam Zara, Judy Zellers, Judy Marianne Davis, Mary Elliiritz, Julie Farr, Mary Ford, Josie Gockenback, Barb Johnson. Patty Jones, Susan Klie, Jill McAllister, Shary Smith, Ann Tarbutton, Jane Tarbutton, Darrel Timmons, Vicky Walcut. FIRST TENORS: Dave Ezzell, Steve Fidler, Tom Bill Reese, Tony Schumaker, Don Seidehiman, Dave Seiple, Dave Shultz, Rich Vepsen. SECOND TENORS: Bill Allen, Dick Aurniller, Groves, Darrel Heckman, Mike Herzog, Pete Hummel, Byron Johnson, Jim Lichtenberg, Doug McCray, Dave McLeod, Ted Mc- Stewart, Randy Stith, Dave Stone, Tim Stover, Don Walter. BARITONES: Terry Barnhill, Guthery Crim, Jack Ebright, Scott Gettinger, John Millious, John Murphy, Bob Scott, Rob St. Clair, Jeff Sylvester, Dave White. BASS: Gary Allen, Mike Barend, Tim Browning, John Glenn, Dave Guthrie, Ralph Kennedy, Carl Kiplinger, Steve Kolodzik, Bill Lathrop, Ed Loechler, Bruce Lynn, Hank Markwood, Phil Ramey, Bruce Richter, John Redick, Bob Rieder, Lloyd Riley, Don Ritchie, John Ross, Robin Rupp, Dave Schaefer, Fred Robbie Vajda. In February, the music department spon- sored the Friars from the University of Michigan. The choir later sang at Asbury . College near Lexington, Kentucky. 'nh The vocal music department played a major role in sponsoring the 1965 Upper Arlington talent production in March. The choir also sang at a dinner meeting, held for the state legislature, of the Ohio Chamber of Commerce. Spring brought two traditional perfor- mances for the choir: the Easter Sunrise Service, sponsored by the Knight's Templer, and the Spring Choral Festival. The Upper Arlington Senior Concert Choir ended a rewarding year by singing at Commencement. Throughout the year the choir members strove to uphold their motto, "What thou keepest is lost: what thou givest ,l?4'f o Planning the choir social activities were: ,Boys' Social Chairman Mike Stanley, Girls' Treasurer Barb Johnson, Pianist Janice Baker, Lighting and Stage Director Dave Shultz, Pianist- Bill Griffith, Secretary Pat O'Rourke, Publicity Director Karen Pease, President John Lathrop, Boys' Treasurer Alan Feltner, Assistant Secretary is forever thine." Betsy Stith, and Girls' Social Chairman Sandy Robinson. 155 156 NHSinitiates members Front Row: Barb Caldwell, Kathy Gulch, ludy Krier, Sally Beck, Barb Wiler, Nancy Hasche, ludy Brandes, Mary Beth Shearer, Nancy Brush. Row 2: Bev Sayers, Iudy Stine, Gayle Boyd, Marjie Johnston, Helen Hatcher, Sue Furste, Char Dunbar, Betsy Clark, Ann Tarbutton, Sue Saller. Last Row: Adviser Mr. Dentner, Dan Iackson, Tom Pingel, Don Rhoades, Jim Green. Glen Ferraro. V.. National Honor Society held their induction service in the spring this year. New members of the group were chosen by teachers who knew them and felt qualified to vote. They were required to be in the top 52 of their class if they were jun- iors and the top 102 if they were sen1ors. Journalists ioin Quill and Scroll An honorary society, Quill and Scroll opens its member- ship to all qualified Iournalism students. To be admitted, stu- dents must be in the upper third of their class from the ninth grade to the current year. They must have done outstanding work in journalism and be recommended by the adviser. National officers must approve applications of candidates. I The members attended a pot- luck in the tall at the home of President Iudy Gerwig. Quill and Scroll also encouraged at- tendance at the various journa- lism workshops. New members were chosen and a formal in- itiation was held in the spring. Secretary Don Rhoades, Treasurer Frank Ray, Adviser Miss Mann, President Iudy Gerwig, and Vice-President Karen Tetirick planned Quill and Scroll's spring initiation. French Honor Society initiates members 49 .Nx- xx., en, -Kass"--.. Advisers Mrs. Hale and Miss Ewing, Treasurer Charlotte Dunbar, President Marilyn Baker, Secretary Betsy Clark, and Vice-President Iudy Krier visited a restaurant serving French food. '1 The formal initiation of the new members of La Societe Honoraire de Francais was one of the highlights gf the French Honor Society's year. Because of the rigid requirements for membership, the initiates felt privileged to join the best Francais students as members of the club. l While practicing oral French, les eleves went to a restaurant serving French food. Several speakers and movies at the meetings contributed to the members' ability to hear and understand French. The French pavilion at the World's Fair, sponsored by the language clubs, was a big success. Spanish Honor Society helps migrants Spanish Honor Society is a club interested in expand- ing the students' knowledge of Spanish-speaking countries and their customs. The club en- courages the student to attain a fuller knowledge of Spanish outside the classroom. Membership is open to inter- ested students with above ave- rage grades, especially in Spanish. This year the society helped Spanish-speaking mi- grants in Northern Ohio. The migrants, who came from Mexi- co, were in Ohio to help with the crops. 'F if-. '-"-Q-gi.. President Iudy Stine, Treasurer Gayle Boyd. Secretary Barb Cladwell, Vice-President Dave White, Advisers Mr. Berry and Mrs. Fulton and Corresponding Secretary Paul Bogenrief furthered their knowledge of Spain by attending club meetings. 157 158 Top Twenty Seniors Valedictorian and four - point scholar SHERRY SHERMAN will attend Oberlin College, where she will major in mathematics. Sherry al- so has an aptitude for art, but considers art on- ly a sideline. . aa e1 it NT Also a tour-point stu- dent, Valedictorian HM GREEN intends science to be his major at Ober- lin College. Since music is his avocation, he has participated in Band. Bear-A-Tones and a group known as "The Establishment." Valedictorian TOM PINGEL. a four-point stu- dent, plans to study ad- vanced mathematics in college, although math is only one of his in- terests. He also enjoys music and plays the guitar, French horn, trumpet and piano. Salutatorian SUE SALLER, with a near- straight "A" average 13.983, desires to major in mathematics. Both scholarship and citizen- ship have dominated her school life. At Middlebury Col- lege, IUDY STINE will prepare for Foreign Ser- vice work, with lan- guage and political science her majors. ludy spent last summer in Uruguay as an Amer- ican Field Service ex- SUE FURSTE will be- come a language ma- jor, with hopes of be- coming an interpreter after college. She has participated in numer- ous and varied activi- ties throughout high school. change student. Languages and mathematics combine to form the major interests oi NANCY RASCHE. Nancy was a National Merit Finalist. DULCY IRWIN will at- tend Wooster College. She enjoys being both a mathematician and a majorette. Considered a splen- did actress by her fel- low students, IUDY KRIER also likes singing and writing. She will study languages in col lege. As MARIIE lOl-IN STON enjoys her study of the Russian and French languages, she plans to major in lan- guages at Ohio Univer- sity. She would like to spend a year in study abroad. A future educator, BEV SAYERS will attend Manchester College in Indiana. Although a student for only two years at Upper Arling- ton, she has partici- pated in many activ- At Ohio State Univer- sity, LINDA HEATON plans to continue her study of economics and government. She would like to become a profes- sor after college grad- uation. ities. STEVE CONN will use his science and mathematics as a basis for a pre-medicine ma- jor at Ohio State Uni- versity. KAREN SHAFFEB is interested in English and American Govern- ment. She plans to rna- jor in political science at college. SHARY SMITH is considering psychology or art for a career after college. She also enjoys BETSY CLARK is in- terested in art, English. and French., She hopes to work in commercial art after her art educa- tion at DePauw Univer- sity. 52,5 ' 1 .' ..'l, A l J ' 1 Z'-.2 ' '. . - N .lip L-:.f" - - - t ns... r-t -,- 'LTL'-1--uv ummm 'iii 't",qnwu.w!l 'Nurse windy ggglwlkliii . in-gl!!!-. Eng DAN IACKSON, an avid sports fan as well as participant, will at- tend Miami University to study pre-medicine. Mathematics and sci- ence have been espe- cially interesting to him in high school. CATHY BOOHER will continue her studies of French and Latin at the University of N o rth hockey, cheerleading and music. Carolina. GAYLE BOYD will study science, especial- ly physics, in which she hopes to have a career. She will attend either Kent State University or William :Sf Mary Col- lege. Hopefully an English major in college, MARI- LYN BAKER will attend Miami University. She would enjoy missionary work after her studies. With projected majors in either psychology or sociology, PAM KINDIG will go to Miami Univer- sity. Reading, baseball and writing are some of her other interests. 159 Sportsmanship and School 2-.iv :,- t j f G- Fa, Products . 1" W, . X, . l r?N,,,..?, , , , V , - . A ff-1 .j, ' , 1 " V if 'ff I i t -- Q. I y 4 af A' V2 1 f W 4. ' " '-"als-se-efaf:-zfa.-Af , .M A S -, 1- :-L,.,.M ,Z 7 - wx' .T ,, 1.141 Q, "xx 1 .. L., 1,,.-- i -.Q- 161 5 W ' There's blocking! Bear haliback Dick Fishel was never in such good position as half ol his teammates formed interference for this power sweep. Left to right for the Bears are Fishel 1243, Gus Crim 1323, Bill Bohannan 1863, Mike Stanley 1763, Steve Kolodzik 1643, and Dan Dupler 1213. F00lbaII "Decisive Action" was the Golden Bears' motto as the powerful Bruins marched over nine opponents to regain the CBL Title lost the previous year to Mt. Vernon. Arlington scored easily and often during the season. running up high scores against almost every team. The Bears went on a rampage against Urbana, crush- ing the Hillclimbers 72-0. The high point of the season was the Mt. Vernon tangle. Arlington edged the Yellow Iackets 14-12 by driving 96 yards for a touchdown the last minute and a half. The Bears' perfect record of 9-O was responsible for the highest state ranking Arlington has ever enjoyed. The Bruins finished the year in sixth place, reaching that plateau after the final game. Randy Walker, Dan Dupler, Mike Stanley, Terry Osterstock, Bill Iacoby, and Dick Christie were selected for the All-CBL team from Arlington. Co-captains Terry Ostorstock. and Dick Fxshel led the Bears to an unbeaten season under head coach Marvin Moorehead. Upper Arlington 24 Lancaster 7 Upper Arlington South Upper Arlington Worthington Upper Arlington Urbana Upper Arlington Grandview Upper Arlington Whitehall Upper Arlington Mt. Vernon Upper Arlington Delaware Upper Arlington Bexley 163 fl 164 Front Row: Mike McGuire, Tod Ortlip, Dan Dupler, Iohn Ralston, Steve Smith, Dick Christie, Mike Stanley, Ion Holzaepfel, Fred Walker, Gary Nack, Dan Jackson, and Steve Kolodzik. Second Row: Mike Hayward, Bill Iacoby, Randy Walker, Glen Ferrara, Curt Sparks, Dan Sayers, Terry Osterstock, Dick Fishel, Russ Weidner, Bill Bohannan, Mike Heath, Steve Ryan. Third Row: Backiield coach Pete Corey, Head coach Marv Moorhead, Lloyd Riley, Rick Stoner, Skeet Hopkins, Steve Knowlton, Mike Auld, Mike Wilcox- Chip Neal, Iim McKenzie, Henry Finelli, Ted Tetirick, Bob Tullett, Manager Mike Ianton, and Line coach Bill Carpenter. Back Row: Reserve coach Iim Burke, Duke Leonard. Mike Saunders, Gus Crim, Duke Chandler, Steve Moeckel, lack Rapelje, Jim Mosier, Iesse Watson, Steve Metcalf, Dick Zerman, and Trainer Iohn Bruce. alhe Highlighls Lancaster's Golden Gales provided the opposition for the Bears' season opener. Behind Mike Stanley's hard running and pinpoint passing, the Bruins pulled a 24-7 victory before a packed home crowd. Dick Fishel scored twice for Arlington' on a six-yard burst and a 43-yard aerial from Stanley. Bill Iacoby gave the crowd a thrill with a twisting 66-yard TD romp for the Bears' third score. Tod Ortlip booted a field goal and three extra points. The Golden Bears next met the defending City League Champion, South Bulldogs. The Bears scored a 33-6 triumph, headed by fullback Gus Crim's 175 yards rushing. Crim scored on runs of one and nine yards, while Mike Stanley and Bill Iacoby each added a touchdown. Linebacker Rick Stoner tallied the last Bear six-pointer by running 15 yards with an inter- cepted pass. Arlington opened its Central Buckeye League season by journeying to Worthington to hand the Cardinals a stunning 41-6 setback. The Bears struck early, scoring twice in the first six minutes of play and adding two more touchdowns later for a 28-6 halftime lead. The Bruins scored in each of the last two quarters to win going away. Arlington displayed a very potent attack, gaining 630 total yards. Bill Iacoby led the Bears with three TDs and Gus, Crirn scored twice. Urbana's Hillclimbers ran into the aroused Bears' ambush. When the dust cleared, the Bears had run over and around the Climbers for 616 yards and eleven touchdowns enroute to a smashing 72-0 whitewash. Dick Zerman's three last-period touchdowns lead the way. Iacoby and Fishel each cracked the end zone twice, and Glenn Ferraro, Mike Stanley, Randy Walker and Terry Osterstock all scored once. P fm, 1 p , -..... -J, Q 'it5"' .X x ." uit "l 72- W C9 t i ,,. L ' 145 086.165 The ability and devotion of the varsity coaches and re- serve coach lim Burke helped develop the sportsmanship and skill of the championship 1964 Golden Bear football team. Left to right are Reserve Coach lim Burke, Trainer Iohn Bruce, Line Coach Bill Carpenter, Head Coach Marv Moorehead and Backfield Coach Pete Corey. Grandview fared only slightly better against the Bruin's on- slaught. Behind Bill Iacoby's darting rushes, the Bears scored their second straight shutout, 38-0. Rick Stoner, playing fullback for the first time as a starter, punched across for Arlington's first two touchdowns on four and one-yard plunges. lacoby added two more scores to his mounting total on runs of three and five yards. He also caught a beautiful 47-yard toss from Mike Stanley, who scored on a quarterback sneak and a 20- yard rollout. Whitehall was the Bear's Homecoming challenge, but Ar- lington rose to the occasion and pounded out a methodical 31-7 win over the hard-charging Rams. The Bears hit the score- board early when Bill lacoby dazzled the capacity crowd with his 37-yard TD dash. The Bruins moved farther in front on Tod Ortlip's 35-yard field goal and a three-yard blast by Iacoby. Whitehall narrowed the gap to 17-7 at the half, but the Bears added two more touchdowns later while strong defensive work kept the Rams under control. Mt. Vernon's Yellow Iackets grappled with the Bears in what could be the most thrill-packed game in Arlington's history. The Iacket's big threat, Iim Byrd, set the mood of the game by taking the kickoff and sprinting by the Bears for a touchdown. But the Bruins came back with a steady ground game which paid off when Gus Crim piled in from the one. Mt. Vernon moved back in front in the fourth quarter on a pass to Byrd which gave the Iackets a 12-7 lead. With only a minute and a half left, Mike Stanley engineered a 96-yard drive against the clock for the winning touchdown. Mike scored from the one-foot line on the last play of the game, and the Bears had pulled out an "impossible" victory. Arlington clinched a tie for the CBL crown by outstepping the Delaware 'Pacers 31-6. After falling behind early, the Bears finally crossed the goal' line on Gus Crim's 16-yard gallop for a 10-6 halftime margin. The scrappy Pacers made the going tough, but Bill Iacoby broke free for a 20-yard TD scamper, and Glenn Ferraro gathered in a 16-yard aerial from Stanley to boost the Bruin's lead to 24-6. Crim scored his second touch- down of the night in the fourth quarter to close out the scoring. The Bear's final hurdle of the season was the upset-minded Bexley Lions. The Bruins wiped out an early Lion lead and took to the airways in the second quarter. Quarterback Mike Stanley found Terry Osterstock a fine target, and hit him with three touchdown passes to give the Bears a big halftime advan- tage. Dick Fishel and Randy Walker each pushed across a touchdown, and Bill Iacoby added two more in the Bears' 48-19 season closeout. '3 cs 165 T'-'V' id ,JK I The Queen and her Court reign at the Homecoming Dance, Emerald City. ,-J -oc . - - A by 1 I - fs- "ff sg W -, g f ' fl The team helps destroy the Whitehall dummy at the pep rally before the game. omecoming The cheerleaders. Queen and Court, and their escorts. take time out from the game. At lett Queen Sandy Robinson cmd her Court of Barb iohnson' Sue Funnel J-oelyn von Hqum' A couple of Arlington rooters "clown" it up during the and Iill Tipton reigned over all Homecoming game' festivities. Queen Sandy arrives at the game in style. w , S -H f Q 1 x I I ' ReSel'Ve FO0'lb II C9 if J" 1 f XE, D 4.. New Front Row: Rick Greider, Tim Browning, Ieif Biggs, lack Burtch, Rhys Riley, Steve Savko, Dave Arnold, Tom Paoletti, and Keith Wideman. Second Row: Ice Geyer, Ted McQueen, Bog Sonnesyn, Steve Gordy, Mike Ziegler, Duke Chandler, Bill Hartman, Dan Bates, Mike Tharp, Iefi Brown, Tim Stover, lim Steele, and Curt Gridley. Third Row: Coach Mike Murphy, Bob Finelli. Bill Kingcade, Brian Kitchen, Iim Wuille, Tom Morgan, Fred Gilbert, Mark Coma, Iohn Fickell, Mark Balsom, Iohn Fisher, Steve Caniield, Tom Franklin, and Coach lim Burke. Last Row: lim Setterlin, Phil Lipetz, Steve Knowlton, Steve Metcalf, Bob Tullet, lack Rapelje, Bill Elliott, Mike Auld, Iay Stoney, Henry Finelli, and Iohn 955 C5 Q '- . IJHJY iff! '-L ilfireeman. M4 W x The Golden Bears of the future, the reserve football team, appears to be ready to hold Arlington's tra- dition in fine style. The reserves, Arlington Newark under head coach lim Burke and . assistant coach Mike Murphy, Afhnglon WUYTGYSOT1 walked over eight opponents this Arlington Hilliard year, giving up only twelve points during thlve entire season. In com- Arlington Marion parison,t e Bears ran u 152 oints - ' in just the last three games? The Arhngton Lancaster Arlington reserves have a string of Arlington Whetstone 24 i straight victories. , h, Quarterback Hog Sonnesyn was Arlmgton Wcrt mgton at the controls of the Bears' ma- Arlingfon Bexley chine, with Ieff Biggs as his main running threat. Cross Country 35, 6 ' X ,.. , .. ,V 4 -J-'51, ,qi 'fgfggtllgk' t "- x Ut.. 'Q' 5 , Front Row: Manager Kenny Green, Chris Hunt, Iirn Murray, Ken Andus. Mike Kendall, Steve Becker. Bruce Lynn, Steve Conn. Tom Howell. Iohn Glenn, Roh St. Clair, Rick Burdette. Row 2: Manager Steve Heischman, Bernie Brush, Scott Myers. Rod Mercer, Bnxce Richter, Dave McLeod, Roh Rupp, Alex Hostettler. Iim Magnuson. Tom Hartman, Pat Downing. Row 3: Manager Steve Linsey. Gerry Bird, lack Taylor. Dave Hardy- mon. Dick Roper, lim Hayward, Dave Taylor Ken Gulcher, Darrell Heckman, Bill DeMott, Iohn Murphy, Ed Throop. Last Row: Iack Hott, Rick Parker, Dan Iones. Bruce Curtis, Bill Perkins, Don Carlstrom, George Brown, Andy Whipple, Coach Marv Crosten. " ,xaf,LE ff: fw- 'a Pull i.11-ni The Golden Bear Cross Country team, under the leadership of coach Marvin Crosten and cap- tains Pat Downing and lim Magnuson, was a very successful squad. The high points of the season included the Bears' capture of the first Cross Country trophy in Ar1ington's history at the Worthington Relays. The Bears became the champions of the Central Buckeye League and tied for first in the Central District Meet, thus qualifying for the State Meet. The Bruins posted a record of 5-1 in dual, trian- gular and quaclrangular meets. Arlington also finished 9th of 30 teams at the Euclid Relays, 6th of 28 squads at Dayton Chaminade, and 26th of 34 teams at the state meet. Pat Downing was chosen the team's most valu- able runner at the post-season banquet which closed Arlington's successful Cross Country season. Iim Magnuson and Pat Downing were the Bear co-captains -who led coach Marv Crosten's squad throughout the season. 'Q- 169 I-2-EW! Font row: Tom Ewing, Ierry Snyder, Terry Schuman, Bill Radcliffe, Bill Kraft. Glenn Ferraro, coach Iim Burke. Back row: Mike Ianton, lim Mc- Kenzie. Chip Neale, Gus Crim, Iesse Watson, Tom Spies, Rick Pfeiferle, Ken Green. Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Arlington 43 Arlington 59 Arlington 65 Arlington 41 Arlington 72 Arlington 54 Arlington 64 Arlington 41 Arlington 66 Arlington 52 Arlington 58 Arlington 61 Arlington 49 Arlington 83 Arlington 60 Arlington 44 Arlington 78 Arlington 48 Arlington 43 askelball Gahanna Grove City Eastmoor Whitehall Mt. Vernon Delaware Bexley Worthington Springfield North Urbana Grandview Whitehall Mt. Vernon Delaware Bexley Worthington Urbana Grandview South A Co-captains Bill Kraft and Bill Radcliffe discuss possible strategy during a time out with coach Iim Burke. 171 ame Highlights The Golden Bears opened their season with a comeback victory over Gahanna Lincoln. Two foul shots by Gus Crim to openthe fourth quarter game gave the Bears a 31-39 lead which never relin- quished in the 43-33 victory. Arlington played their first road game by whipping Grove City's Greyhounds 59-44. The Bniins trailed 15-6 at the one- quarter mark, but came back, outscoring Grove City 14-3 in the final period. Scoreboard failure marked the Bears' CBL opener with Whitehall. The Bears led 41-38 with one minute to go when the scoreboard blacked out, and in the re- sulting confusion the Rams missed a last- second shot, giving Arlington a 41-40 triumph. Eastmoor slapped the Bruins with a 77-65 verdict for Arlington's first loss of the season. The Bears led 34-30 at half- time, but the Warriors enjoyed a hot second half to overcome an 1B-point per- formance by Bill Kraft. Mt. Vemon edged the Bears in a thrill- packed battle 73-72. Arlington outscored the Yellow Iackets 15-2 to open the fourth quarter and take a 61-60 lead, but the Iackets. recovered to make a 73-70 lead hold up with eleven seconds left. The Bears rebounded against the Dela- ware Pacers, winning by 54-43. The Bruins held a slim 26-22 halftime lead, and steadily pulled away by utilizing a balanced attack. Bill Kraft singlehandedly led the Golden Bears over Bexley's Lions with his fine all-around play. Kraft grabbed 24 re- bounds and popped in 19 points in the Bear's 64-54 victory. Arlington raised its CBL record to 4-1 by nicking the Worthington Cardinals 41- 40 in a defensive struggle. The Bears were never behind in the game, and took a 24-15 lead at halftime. Gus Crim and Bill Kraft led the Bruins with twelve points each. Clutch-shooting by guard Chip Neale led to the Bears' 66-65 overtime victory over non-league Springfield North. Neale sent the game into overtime with a clutch field goal and won it with two free throws with twelve seconds left. The Bruins almost upset perennial league champion Urbana before losing out 55-52. Arlington held a 28-27 half- time margin, but a cold third period allowed the Hillclimbers to build up a lead which the Bruins couldn't over- take. Grandview's Bobcats clawed the Bears 59-58 despite a 21-point performance by Bill Kraft. The Bruins held a six-point lead as the result of a ten-point stretch in the third quarter, but the Cats fought back to win. Whitehall avenged its early-season loss to the Bears by nicking the Bruins 62-61 in overtime. The Rams and the Bruins played evenly throughout the game, with Terry Schuman leading Arlington with 18 tallies. The Bears' losing streak stretched to four games when Mt. Vernon hit the Bears with a 63-49 shiner. The Iackets led 8-0 before the Bruins even got a shot away. Arlington closed the gap to 27-24 at halftime, but the Iackets pulled away in the second half. 172 Bill Radcliffe and Bill Kraft combined for 44 points as the Bears chopped off their losing streak by outgunning Delaware 83-66. This winning score was Arlington's high for the season. Arlington played one of its best games when they trounced Bexley for the second time, 60-32. A sticky Bear defense allowed Bexley few good shots while harassing the Lions into many favors. The Bruins recovered from a shaky start to post a 44-36 victory over Worthington. The Bears fell behind 6-0 and never led until the second half. The Bruins outscored Worthington 13-2 during the third and fourth quarters on the way to the victory. Urbana pinned another loss on the Bears thanks to a flurry of baskets in the third quarter. The Hillclimbers hit on ten straight field goals and coasted to a 93-78 triumph over the Golden Bears. Arlington finished the regular season with a 10-8 record as Grandview dumped the Bears 56-48 in the CBL finale. The Bruins suffered their coldest night of the season from the field as they hit on only 22'X: of their shots. The Bears' tournament hopes were smashed early as City League champ South whipped the Bears 64-43. The Bruins led only at 3-2, but finished the season fighting all the way to win for Arlington. , ,.,,,.......--. . -., . .. t-H .J-.ir ,- ' f .591 f ' " . ,Y -.,1rt... .c ,w ', . is -. ,. . -..1.,, .4-vttgi ...,.. -1-1' i lv-7 0 5, I , at -7 I U . 'W S-U Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper Upper i Front row: T. I. Riggs, Bob Button, Brad DuPont, Eric Bishop, Dan Love, Bill Stemen. Back row: Iohn Short, Jerry Sweeney. Brian Kitchen, Bob Suter, Iohn Fickell, Jim Wuille, Iohn Collins, Tod Morris. ReSel'Ve BaSkefbalI Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington y Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington Arlington 35 34 39 30 26 43 34 49 31 39 39 60 64 36 44 38 44 33 Gahanna Grove City Whitehall Eastmoor Mt. Vernon Delaware Bexley Worthington Urbana Springfield North Grandview Whitehall Mt. Vernon Delaware Bexley Worthington Urbana Grandview The Golden Bear reserves served notice that they would need to be reckoned with in the coming years as members of Bruin varsity. The reserves, under new head coach Bill Stemen, compiled an enviable record of 15-3 overall and 12-2 in the CBL. The Bears showed continual. steady improve- ment throughout the season. After winning their first three games, the Bruins went into a slump, losing two in a row to Eastmoor and Mt. Vernon before righting themselves. .But then the reserves won twelve straight before losing the season finals to Grandview 36-33. One of Arlington's strong points was its tall, high-scoring front line. Big Brad DuPont held down the center position along with Iim Wuille. Bob Button poured in a steady rain of baskets from his right forward spot with Dan Love and Eric Bishop operating at left forward. Brian Kitchen and Iohn Collins handled the right guard spot, with T. I. Riggs and Ierry Sweeney firing up the ball from left guard. Under Mr. Stemen, the team developed sportsmanship as well as basketball skill - two qualities characteristic of a winning team. 173 . ' 'r W' '- fr A 111, 11 F 174 ilu.: 'z- shi .f I Al' .1 1 Fon! row: Tom Trainer, Nelson Lancione, Dick Sesler, Chuck Palmer, Rob St. Clair, Roger Jones, Greg Georgia, Tom Hales, Hank Phillips Rick Ward, coach Iohn Bruce. Second row: Bill Copeland, Ierry Henry, Bill Howard, Doug Resier, Chuck Howard, Greg Cowman, Bill Allen: lim Baker, Iohn Spittler. Craig Belton. Back row: Gary Price, Ben Price, Mike Iones, Kyle Kitchton, Chris Conn, Todd Wise. Rick Detwiler, Iohn Millions, Dave Gill, lim Burtch. S w i rn m i n g The Golden Bears' powerful swimming team lived up to its reputation by continuing to dom- inate Central Ohio swimming by defending their league and district championships suc- cessfully. The Bruin tankers ran up a 13-3 mark during the season against the cream of the state's tank teams. The Bears captured the Central Ohio Swim League title undefeated by whipping Academy 57-38. Roger lones won the butterfly and the 200 freestyle and the Bruins took first and sec- ond in diving and the 50 free. Arlington travelled to Cleveland to take on the defending state champs, Fairview Park, but lost a tough battle 53-42. Iohn Spittler and Craig Belton took the first two places in diving for the Bears, and the freestyle relay unit beat Fairview's crack squad. After a record-shattering performance in winning the District meet, Arlington went into . gga fbf' the State Tournament at OSU. The Bears scored f ir' ST' fi' in six of the eleven events in the qualifiers, led 1' lf. L .,, V by the freestyle relay's third-place finish. The y y free and medley relays came in fourth and , ' -- i- I " . 'V 1 1 fifth, while Roger lones placed fifth in the but- terfly. The Bears finished off the season in fourth place in the state meet. Coach Iohn Bruce and Captain Greg Cowmon look at the foundation for the new natatorium being built. sd Q 1-1-1 :C ,V ...4 l ' , . fa Vw- 2 sz' i ' T: fr' -1- 7- f ' . . .Ha - . gm J W I .. 4 - ,E I , . .1 , . v,.H,,, Front Row: Assistant Coach Dick Butler, Tom Hartman, Nathan Nietz, left Biggs, Bill Hartman, Tom Cole, Iim Fahrbach, left Miner, Mike Saunders, Thane Chilton, Duke Chandler, Tom Kahn. Row 2: Manager Tony Olbrich, Tim Buell, Pete Mason, Pete Hummel, Konrad Schiefer, lack Burtch, Bill Howell, Ted Tetirick. Steve Sparks, Wes Bates, Gary Niedenthal, Coach Bill Carpenter. Last Row: Walt Frear, Dave Tomcik, Parker Shute, Larry Mayer, Bernie Brush, Mark Rennie, Dave Barnitz. Chuck Aplin, Dennis Fabyan, Buddy Reuting, Ion DeWitt, Iay 'Collins. Wrestling Upper Arlington's wrestling team continued to be a Central District power this -year under ? ' ' - '1 -'fp -- - the direction of new head coach Bill Carpenter. The Bears' leadership came from co-captains Tom Hartman and lim Fahrbctch. - Coach Carpenter initiated a program of vig- orous preparation for the season. Weight-lifting and rope-climbing were among the exercises used to strengthen the Bears for the season opener. Although the Bears only had a 1-3 season mark in dual meets, the Bruins did better in tournaments. The Bears' leading scorers were Tom Hartman, Nathan Neitz. Iett Biggs, Bill Hartman, lim Fahrbach, Terry Barnhill, Tom Cole, Ieff Miner, Mike Saunders, Thane Chilton and Tom Kahn. Four Golden Bear matmen won in the sec- tional tournament and thus qualified for the District meet. Tom Hartman won at 103 lbs., Nathan Neits at 112 lbs. and Bill Hartman at 127 lbs. Mike Saunders captured the sectional title at 154 lbs. Saunders won three straight matches in the District to become the Central District 154 lbs. champ, and went on to the state tournament. In his first match he was paired against the eventual champion and was decisioned 7-2. finishing a successful season for the Bruin matmen. -l lg ' ,Q , ' iff'-i' -W Q lj, ' s an-lil r' A '- u -"" 41 ' ---,sf ll "-i--Q., V-" Yf'e .I . -a- Y S4517 W. t, S Cx Pc' . 103-1: ,4- 2, Coach Bill Carpenter and Co-captains lim Fahrbach and Tom Hartman watch the Bruins loosen up for a match. 175 Front Row: Larry Hilditch, Gary Nack, Iohn Knox, Iohn Spinelli, lim McKenzie, Glenn Ferraro, Tom Buell, Terry Osterstock, Tom Hartman. Jeff Hansen. Row 2: Kenny Green, Iim Howison, Chip Neale. Kent Hay, Steve Miller, Mike 'Logan, Iack Stevener, Pat Grady, lim Iennings, Iohn Staral, Bill Howell, Steve Savko, Scott Boulton. Row 3: Ielf Cowgill, Coach Butler, Dan Tewell, lim Nichols, Bruce Babbitt, Iohn Spittler, Bernie Brush, Bob Suter, lim Duffee, Tim Buell, Iohn Voss, Dan Love, Coach Corey. Row 4: Bricrn Kitchton, Bog Sonnesyn, Dan Iames, lim Williams, Dick Sesler, Ieff Biggs, Iohn Fickell, Perry Cannon, lim Polk, lim Allen. Last Row: Rick Greider, Bill Lathrop, Bob Burns, Dave Baumer, Tom Morgeur, Steve Gordy, Devey Wheeler, Mike Tharp, Randy Harris, Robert Kraft, Rob Vadja, Bill Perkins. aSeb Il 'l'l1el965 G0ldenBeq1-baseballsquad Baseball tri-captains Tom Buell, Mike Stahley and Glenn Ferraro drill for the had experience and depth throughout season's competition with Coach Corey. the team. Coach Pete Corey had eight 1 f ' , returning lettermen, including double- letterwinner Mike Stanley, to defend , the CBL title won last year. e l The team got the most out of their ff lettermen. Coach Corey fielded a team ' fgj'f,-I with lettermen at every position except ,- catcher. The Bears had a choice of ten pitchers, led by Gary Nack and . Gus Crim. The squad's strong point Q A L ,q was the outfield, where heavy-hitting :LQ 45 , Mike Stanley and Tom Buell teamed M " with speedy lim McKenzie for a versa- Q tile unit. Seniors Terry Osterstock, Tom Hartman and Glenn Ferraro, and lun- ior Iohn Knox formed a smooth infield. Tom Buell, Glenn Ferraro and Mike Stanley were the Bears' tri-c tains for the '65 season. up 1 76 1 X A M -, - T- A I.,--.L K, v ,rv 'figghl -. .-- - , ,, -,- - ' - ' ' ' '--sr" . Alf-- A-' Front Row: Craig Richter, Steve Smith, Tod Ortlip, Dan Dupler, Bill Iacoby, Dick Fishel, Andy Brewster, Randy Walker, Carl Watkins. lim Amato, Bill Gardner, Bill Anderson, lack Wilce, Steve Ryan, Pat Downing, Coach Larkin. Row 2: Iirn DiCola, Bill DeMott, Phil Beckwith, Ken Davis, Skeet Hopkins, Scott Deubner, Dick Zerrnan. Iim Lichtenberg, Mike Welch, Bruce Lynn, Thane Chilton, Torn Spies, Steve Becker, Iohn Kahn, lim Magnuson, Tom Howell, Mr. Crosten. Row 3: Dave Bonitield, lack Rapelje, Bruce Sanders, Greg Ledlord, Paul Phillips, Dug Geren, Herb Graves, Steve Carstens, Bill Elliott, Bob Tullett, Parker Shule, Iohn Murphy, Mike Kendall, George Neyman. Row 4: Ierry Cameron, Iohn Freeman, Steve Knowlton, Rick Parker, Iim Wuille, Ron Desmond, Cam Iames, Iirn Irwin. Tom Oswald, Phil Evans, Steve Bartlow, Ion Dodrill, Larry Kenner, Charlie Gleaves, Steve Becker, Steve Heischman. Row 5: Scott Myers, Dave Taylor, Rich Hall, Jim McNamara, Dan Blairs, Tom Trainer, Steve Sparks, Rob High, Doug Braun, Don Smith, Iack Bunce, Phil Lipetz, Bryan Blackwell, Dan Iones. Bruce Curtis, Iack Taylor, Iett Fuller. Row 8: Dave McLeod, Jim Hayward, Eric Bishop, Butch Barr, Tom Call, Mike Iones, lake Egbright, Chris Hy, Ieti Lint, Rick Burdett, Dave Sybert. Tim Stover, Bruce Frank, Ed Throop, Bruce Richter, Iim Mosier. Last Row: Den Andrus, Chuck Palmer, Mike Bradly, Ieif Iohnsqn, Ierry Iohnson, Greg Prorock, Andy Whipple, Phil Martino, Chris Percy, Glenn Cohl, Gary Katynski, Steve Conn, Duke Chandler, Dubby Kahn, Wes Battes. Track Co-captains Randy Walker and Carl Watkins and Coach Larkin lead the track team in practices. Under coach Richard Larkin, Arlington en- joyed one of its strongest track teams with the 1965 edition of the thinclads. A powerful as- . i a sortment of junior and seniorlettermen formed the core of the team and led to many victories during the season. :sem One of the Bear's strongest performances came in winning the Central District Indoor Meet. The Bruins won four events, setting three new records and totaling 36 points to 27 for runnerup Brookhaven. The meet included all A and AA teams who wished to enter in Cen- tral Ohio. Dan Iones, Skeet Hopkins, Craig Richter and Ken Davis formed the 880 relay team which set a new mark with a time of 1:34. Dick Fishel, Hopkins, Richter and Randy Walker established a record in the mile relay and Carl Watkins lept 13' SM" in the pole vault for another new standard. Randy Walker and Carl Watkins were the Golden Bears' co-captains. 1 was . if-'--T, i tl 177 1 F I 'FF U . Q 3.3,-. V W Q? f X Front Row: Coach Mr. Thomas, Ed Loechler, Matt Beucler, Ross Bartschy, Bob Rudolph, Tom Carey, Gary ' ' ll L Shaffer, Nick Popa, Doug Christopher. Bishop, T. I. Higgs. Back Row: Ohn Melaragno. Pete Humme , arry Steve Metcalf, George Patterson, Dan Enyart, Tom Franklin, Ned Millington. Iack Hott, Iohn Gilbreth. Golf Coach Mr. Thomas and co-captains Ross Bartschy GOI! and Bob Rudolph examine official golf shirt. 178 Ilf Arlington's perennially powerful goli squad continued to be the team to beat in the Central District this year. The linksmen of last year gave the Bears something to shoot for, winning the District Championship and placing in a tie for fourth in the state meet. A talented senior lineup and strong support from the junior and sophomore members were the keys to the Bears' success. The Bruins were led by hard- hitting senior Ross Bartschy, one of Ohio's top amateur golfers. Other high scorers for the Bears were Tom Carey, Rob Rudolph, Larry Elliott and Gary Bishop. The Bears were under veteran coach William Thomas. xg -,fi 1 u, 1-UZ' I , 4 L . . 'ff-F fx M' 'fi g L E x :.g- ' ' y L11 .iz Front Row: Coach Richard Klitch, Lee Adams, Ion Bridgman, Brian Snell, Ron Allen. Back Row: Richie Com- fort, Rick Bowen, Dave Boring, Rich Patten, Greg Stone. e n n is Tennis Captain Fred Carpenter and Coach Klitch look over the tennis schedule. Experience was the strong point of the 1965 Golden Bear tennis squad. coached by Richard Klitch. Returning lettermen Lee Adams, Brian Snell, Ron Allen, Ion Bridgman and Captain Fred Carpenter formed the core of the net- men. Sophomore Greg Stone was Ar- lington's most promising sophomore netter. Iunior Lee Adams was the District defending singles champion. Arling- ton's strength in the doubles came from the proven team of Ion Bridgman and Fred Carpenter. The team's goal was to regain the Central Buckeye League championship from Worthington, who edged the Bears 3-2 for the title last year. 179 uilders of Team Spirit l. Y 1 ' ..------and I 3, , fx., Y, . I 'Nil X I .. . ."r,g. - -f XX x x X : N P e y X Y ff e , I, 3,5 - i fl u 5 .- V ' N. .1 X.: Q , e 3 ' ' e' ' ' NJ .Q -e -, 4 V y 3 5 1' Q ., k,w,,N :X I, 1 f , ,f I ' I ! , 0 Q l l' V M QL " -nun-Q., ,F -- Y Y 'Y YV VI Front row: Helen Hczicher. Shcxry Smith, Betsy Stone. Back row: Pat Graber, Cathy Gardner, Debbie Iaeger. 180 Who says I can't punch my way out of cx pcxper bag? Yea Team! Hi ,r GAA Officers and Sportsheads 4 'fy C' EN , AMW -, M., ,yt 1 4 1 lHITEHAll afxuv ' X , g.,.-.. 'YY V Y, -V ,.,. l-.R K M-, V I ' ff ITTXZI, -- --N x I -v, f it-V 'kff . J -1" V..,j-Y' " '-L 'Rf 4-xl t 1,f - H EA- - T" --f-f l, , I4 ' f 5 ' i 416 I , VT, eyggi A? ewemfriiV'wf4mwV MQ . 1 .Ati I if 1. A F-'VV X l -i lx ,, if rf., .- ., w ' - H' Z-'Sgt A '-L ' ,. I Xi C'-'1J A4 Lge f .... V 4 xi. M V it 1 . 1 K 4 L, xy it ty , 5 Q- , r- e 1 -' A ,Q , f 1, H ' ...i ,. .vi can . ' - f r .4 7, ' -Z! .', 2 X' I A L ' ' - Q , C n B , 'x JJ' I, 4-44- f' E E' .F fi L - 74 :. -Y .L . f ,ij-1: " A "' -A , -- 'N , -V ' ..,,. . -Yi N 'S Al Q BYE 'Li' iii: we-, ,... , PM Front Row: Publicity Chairman Ioelyn von Haam, Secretary Sue Furste. Treasurer Iudy Stine. Vice-President Marjie Iohnston. Back Row: Track Chairman Barb Bazler, Hockey Chairman Helen Hatcher, Basketball Chairman Shary Smith, Recreation Chairman Star Christy. Soitball Chairman Iean Selie, Sports Head Ann Kolodzik, Golf Chairman Teri Estell. Tennis Chairman Sherry Sherman, Bowling Chairman lean Sweeney, Archery Chairman Anne Farmer. 181 t it 'r 182 1 arsity ockey Tryouts for the interscholastic hockey team were held at the end of September, and thirty- six girls were chosen from all three grades. Practices under captains Marjie Iohnston and Betty Iustice began at the end of September and were con- tinued in both hot and cold weather. The practices proved to be good preparation, for most of the Bexley game was played in the rain. During the first two weeks, Coach Mrs. Christine Salmon and Hockey Head Helen Hatcher stressed drills, but as the season pro- gressed the team began to play rather than drill. ' The team attended a clinic, sponsored by members of the Dayton Federation, at Worth- ington High School. Federation members coached the teams in matched games and played an exhibition game with Ohio Wesleyan. After the final game of the season against St. Mary's, the team celebrated by going to Romeo's for a pizza dinner, but the "nervousness" of two cus- tomers necessitated the change to Tommy's. Instant energy at the games was provided by managers Annalee Hixon and Angie Sav- ko, who supplied oranges and candy apples for the team. They were also responsible for attendance, equipment, and at the end of the season, the ban- quet at Gus's. At the banquet Marjie lohnston and "Ped" Bazler presented the team with another mascot, Vomit's Sister "Varmit." 5 'tis fig f U ' -- t"' f- V- ., .:t ' ' l " " ' L fi -' 4"'ls- 'A -3 ' 1 fl' 1 4-P". if Q' 'Q ,J-1,L'jj i. i ' ,iii I 6- 4 1 I x ' ,Q 1 A . 1 Y. '35, ' ' I' 1' f if 75 Ki- -'E API., UT , on A I '4"' 1 f ' Qi- 'F"',fH-n U 02, 1 -aff bi-. .1 'il' w. A , P g ' J-4, I L ,xx I ,lr , .- sg!-zen... .2 . A-+L-,, v fs- P -- f 'f5,iT-, , .-Eeqi.'.+I12e,n -, -we 'W-.W J -.:,g:sff-'- v - ' l - V - f':'iE- - -f k.r.,,'-fffif -"at-vcr. . . -735 - ' Y is , 4, vu 4013 s yn. , ul .- , b ,N cf -a. ft! 1, '11 if 3 W, , if-5. s ...N Q. - R f 'V' x r L M tif, y 4 H f. l ' + 'Z,. J' t 1. f. aYK 4 " ' ' ' rf 4 1' 5. 5:13-,"'L 'mf -Q Q., .. ... . fnpnr ,Ag fr WJ-,. - M-. -2 ., 2 U g Q " 4 -., .cw r U 151' 0 . t ,Q 1- 195, 'a , , 4 .1 t , ., V sg 5. 1 A , .. QT... - jiri :qw In , if. - -. . . ,,f. A. , 9 .. -.I .. .1 , Af., 4 , ,, ., -aw 'L' ff ' ,. ' , A 3235- 1 '--' , 'Mft ' 1- LHP:-.-..,'--'r . - s ' L' 14 ..1i 'f -16'-J.-ll' - -A' ' Ytl! I...v -11 ' .' if.: -" 1 '5' "- - -fs A tmislmatched game at the clinic: UA 2-1 Upper Arlington 2 Bexley Upper Arlington l Worthington Upper Arlington l CSG Upper Arlington 3 Grandview Upper Arlington 3 University Upper Arlington 3 St. Mary's 1 1 U 0 U 0 t .. m N. el? JS -SQ .Front Row: Manager Anna Lee Hixon, Nancy Popa. lean Sweeney. Karen Knepper, Captain Marjie Iohnston, Carla Manning, Molly Eckler, Manager Angie Savko. Back Row: Wendy Anderson. Kathy Gooch, Pat Bryant, Ann Kolodzik, Shary Smith, Teri Estell, Helen Hatcher, Sharon Keating. HW Reserve ockey A busy comer tshortj of UAHS property. Upper Arlington 1 Bexley l Upper Arlington 2 Worthington l Upper Arlington 0 CSG 1 Upper Arlington 3 Grandview 0 Upper Arlington 3 University O Upper Arlington 3 St. Mary's' 0 Gee Hea Bea! And ihe game is on! Rl --.4 K ' 1 'A 4 " "'YVi - '4 l fu- .x.., A U ri ' 'S r. I 1 ' X "e1t -1 I - --4.4, Front Row: Anne Wheatley, Deb Booth. Icme Scott, Captain Betty Iustice. Cherie Graesale. Sue Stoffel, Sherry Sherman. Back Row: Carol Weaver, Chris Koemer, Linda Bonnie. Ann Gabriel. Pat Graber. Barb Bazler. Cherie Andrews. Annie Kohr, Pat Hart. 183 arsily Volleyball .1 -itz,-iv. , 4. th, 1. .-...- .5 ' t.. ,., , v,,... -.. - Y . X H- 'f--" ' -',,. 'mx' , - rj - t' " . , f , . if ,',.'4, K L ,- 3, . , , -sg. f--- - ,. 1 - v ,, . , Mgr. , ., ,, - . L.. ,. - . 4- . . .11 -. . -- ...... , 11...- ,, - L 13.5, - I ....-..--. . , , '-". "" 'iff W'--'-1 5 , ' 'Er L' ' T-' .y -- . '15 Q 'fd-9 M wi Ii '-Ltifgj h -. ' ,,4.' S.. , . . -.. - -. ,J ' L ' A--gs'-n.s:d1-q .- 'img nb- png. l, 4' tfe' Front Row: Terri Estell, Pat Bryant, Maj Iamstrom, Shaylah Fletcher, Marjie Iohnston, Lawren McKenzie, lean Sweeney- Back Row: Coach Mrs. Samuels, Carin Finch, Michelle Miller, Lee Bracken, Ioelyn von Haam, Darrel Timmons, Carol, Iarvis. After a 1964 season in which all of the dual meets were won, the 1985 GAA track team enthusiastically began practices early in March. At first all of the girls on the team ran to get into condition. Later in the season they began to work on their specialties. Coach Mrs. Margaret Samuels directed practices and helped the team arrange the second annual Upper Arlington Invitational Track Meet held on the first of May. This invitational track meet isp unique in that it is run by the varsity boys' track team. This year's team hoped to place as well or better than the 1964 team's second place finish, which brought the first girls' track trophy to Upper Arlington. The girls' team also participates yearly in the City Relays which are held on the day of the Ir.-Sr. Prom. 184 This was only the second year for the Upper Arlington girls' volleyball -team, yet it compiled a very good record. The Varsity 'was undefeated in five matches, and the Reserves lost only one out of their five. Upper Arlington was host to a tri-school meet in February. Both the Varsity and Reserve teams were victorious over each of the other two schools. Mrs. Margaret Samuels was the coach of varsity volleyball this year, and Gloria Nichols was the referee at most of the games. At the end of the season the team decided to have a party celebrating a fine season. arsily Trac Front Row: Marjie Iohnston, Sue Erb, Coach Mrs. Samuels, Ann Kolodzik, lean Sweeney. Back Row: lean LeBel. Pat Bryant, Barb Basler, Leslie Howe, Wendy Anderson. al-sity asketball Anyone who saw girls wear- ing rollers in their hair and odd combinations of clothes at 7:00 A.M. some mornings probably thought that a slumber party had taken place the night be- fore. Actually it was merely the GAA basketball team in action. Coaches Mrs. Christine Salmon and Miss Iobyann R e n i c k found that the team woke up much faster when records such as "The Beatles" and "On Top of Spaghetti" were played. The team's reputation spread quickly after a 52-2 win over University. Its reputation con- tinued to grow as the Varsity won seven games, losing only to North, and the Reserves won all eight of their games. It's a bird, it's a plane . . . no. stupid, it's a basketball! -...gi-u-1 l. I 1-Ju-v V 9 L 85 ,Q-sf' 1. 5 '3-C 'Ef'f' 52. ' f -9 t l .qi t -tr' 1' A an 5 5 'o ' ' x ' . ,fi I ' '- . I-'n Nl X 5 7? fy uf V 1-1. J l . V, ..,: vu f is 'N . - -1 Q H V , 5, egg ,lg I' " I 1 " ,, Q' . F ' I r 143. -- ,,., f, . A N fi g V tfjJf:.,"-' - V' xx- . 1 . lk. 'iff l ,, i, ' W. ...xg t I - , Z - ' il N-V V' A is . Front row: Kathy Gooch, Sue Guesman, Leslie Howe, Karen Pease. Karen Knepper, Marjie Iohnston. Lawren McKenzie, Nancy Catena. Second row: Mangger Nancy Gooch, Brenda Duncan, Terry Estell, lane Scott, Barb Bazler, Pat Bryant, Manager Chris Koerner. Back row: Coach MIB. Salmon, Lee Bracken. Carin Finch, Cherie Graessle. Debbie Schmidy, lean Sweeney, Ian Holzaepiel. 185 4,1 lgbbgnbion ' Q, ,,' e nwlm 1-f' 3- Interscholastic Bowlinq Team: Sandy Swan, Iean Sweeney, Carol Taylor and Terry Estell. had , XISXI ' , ' Q if! ll Intramural Tennis Champs: Nancy Boyce. Sherry Sherman, Lee Bracken, Mary Ann Mansfield and Ian Gustafson. Recreation Champs: Karen Shaffer, Foul Shooting: Marjie Iohnston, i Intramural Volleyball Champs: Barb Iohnson, Iudy Gerwiq, Karen Pease, Karen Richards, Beryl Gosnell, Kay Cottingham, Ioan Throop and Diane Wilmeth. Then General Rommel sent his anzer division around P the right. 7" 4n5U'!"'1 -- -1. . Badminton: Sue Guesman, Ping Pong. I might have gotten that ball if it hadn't been for this stupid penny. l i I r mp' F 'H Sm kw'AEQ'ji'r' , 1- - ?35ZQ:iT'W P?ggg: f . f'r 1 .111 dig!!! "1 iff. za V ,mg . n"-- 95. 1.1:33?f1f 5 1' fr- 45 1 Q1 we ,H , 'e' 'S 1 :af J A X692 im? ti -J :TY mf" Q' ll N '?w,-,X -..-I-..., Yay? ,igQ ua w ' 5 .2 'Q t .-,. .Q-ar -. , 'a fi, 3 M, V 'ff 1 xi' X .- , , , I 1 . . ., , . B " ' I W dx 'Hd , i fl A!-'irfi ,. L B Our Finances I H 4 a 9 if .Y re Concrete v , , ,, '1 .Ala f.. x A 'G U Ml, 189 Robert L. Rupp - C. L. U. 2 1 10 Arlington Ave. HU 6-5100 Columbus, Ohio 43221 CuIter's Fifth Avenue Congratulations Seniors 1464 W. Fifth Avenue Sportswear for Men 8: Women JEWELRY - COSMETICS - GIFTS Bill Cwens Appliances Complete Line TV's, Stereos RCA, Admiral, GE, Zenith 1375 W. LANE HU 6-4351 Congratulations Compliments of to the Class ,,,..65. E. C. wanam s. oo. Wiseman's Hardware Lane Shopping Center 2460 No REALTORS A half century of integrity rthwest Blvd. HU 8-1138 Durrant Furniture for Contemporary Living 1325 W. Lane Ave. HU 6-5245 190' Lane Avenue SUPER DUPER one of Ohio's finest independent super markets 1681 W. Lane Avenue OZLWQACLVCXC1 fine furniture . . . interiors Consult Our A.I.D. Designers and Interior Decorators 1725 W. LANE AVE. HU 6-9591 FCX 81 TREMBLY Realtors 1818 WEST LANE AVENUE - Telephone 486-7185 Congratulations Seniors from Randy's Su perm arket 3544 Riverside Dr. HU 6-4480 Compliments of Milce's Real Estate G. G. Miklashek Madalyn Miklashek Frank Orr Shirlee Trafford Lou Thomas Herb Wolfe Ruth Young Hazel Anderson Martha Clay Betty Howe Port Johnston Sandy Mesi vWl7,'Ol,ll'tQ.S' WHERE YOU FIND O FAIR PRICES 0 THE LATEST STYLES 0 QUICK and EFFICIENT SERVICE I ALL SIZES in the Lane Ave. Center 486 - 5985 Compliments of Buckeye Telephone and Supply Company 'I250 Kinnear Road Phone 488 - 0655 ARLINGTCN TRAVEL SERVICE Complete Travel Service AIR, SHIP, RAIL, HOTELS TOURS: Around-the-World, Europe, United States, Mexico, West Indies, South America, Orient. NO CHARGE FOR OUR SERVICES 2460 Brandon Rd. Telephone 486 - 2955 Bill Botlcin Records 2432 Chester Lane In the Lane Shopping Center HU 8 - 8866 "Upper Arlingtonls Exclusive Record Dealer" 191 100 TOP VALUE STAMPS with purchase of W.L. Heckman, C.iPl.,C.Ut ,3 OR MOR. h W. L. HECKMAN CO., INSURANCE 1375 W. Lone Aye.,Columbus 2l,O. - Phone HU 6-2623 -af- WiIson's P U RE Sewice 1811 W. Lone Ave. 488 - 0214 "Good Luck" Columbus, Ohio SEILER'S SERVICE FROM Dealer in SINCLAIR Products 206OArIington Hu. a-0144 1349 W. Lane 4.33.0601 Tune - Up and Brake Service E.'veryone's Getting You can see the Volkswagen people have had lots of practice. From the beginning, they've put all their time and effort into the one basic model. They learned to make every part fit every other part so well, the VW is practically air-tight. The engine is so carefully machined and assembled, you gan drive a new VW at top speed all ay. Volkswagen doesn't change the car to make it look different, only to make it work better. When a change is made, Volkswagen goes out of the way to make the new part fit older 192' Volkswagens, too. Result: We can re- pair and service any year Volks- wagen, even the earliest. CWhy one? They use mostly inter- changeable partslj In 1964, more Americans than ever bought themselves new Volkswagens. Why? One reason: Unlike most conven- tional cars, the VW doesn't go out of style every year or two. CTO dis- cover other reasons, we suggest you come in and take the '65 Volkswagen for a drive! the BUG" MIDWESTERN Service 8. Sales, Inc 1855 Northwest Blvd 486-0614, AIfred's Barber Shop ARLINGTON RAMBLER S ' 5 BARBER FOR QUICKER SERVICE Phone HU 8-'I101 "YOUR HEAD IS OUR BUSINESS" 1626 W- Fifth Ave. HOURS: WEEK DAYS - I0 AM. - 7:30 P.M. Columbus 12, Ohio SATURDAYS - 8 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. 1785 Kingsdale Center - Next to Big Bear - HU 8-5432 ,s Sub ARLINGTGN PURE OIL 3291 Northwest Blvd. GOOD LUCK from gagleg Gancfies phone HU 645426 ' HU 8-0145 Home Store 1941 W. Sth Ave. Oil Change 8: Lub. HU 8-2531 Tune Up - Brake Service Front End Alignment Fresh Dairy Products for Good Health fy X Count me in too I" Says ' a Zjordmxe 165 N. Washington Ave. Elsie 193 Peg Stevens - Flowers "Flowers Designed Especially For Youv 4171 Kenny Road Columbus 21, Ohio 451 -4244 g6QH1p8fS LQll,C1I'4'I'ldCy 2064 Arlington Ave. 486-0446 Good Luck from Agricultural Laboratories, Inc. 1 145 Chesapeake Avenue 488 - 9721 Congratulations to the Class ol 1965 The FISHEL COMPANY 194 IQZEWF X 32 Brunswick Automatic Lanes SNACK BAR - COCKTAIL LOUNGE Dining Room - Kiddies' Circus Room 1400 Dublin Rd. Columbus 12,. Ohio HU 6-5291 Admiration Bneauuuty Salon HU. 8-6767 1527 N.W. Blvd. Columbus 21, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of '65 from Hobson, Ward 81 -Krumm, Inc. REALTORS 1920 Northwest Blvd. 486-2423 L. D. HENRY INCORPORATED PAINTING CONTRACTORS AX. 9-1103 1020 West Goodole Columbus 8, Ohio, INDIAN HILLS Magnificent home sites in a planned, prestige community Sales Office: 5524 Linworth Road, Worthington, Ohio, Phone 885-5345 Developed by: Alan Ortlip, Jack Antrim and Robert P. King COMPLIMENTS Your Friendly PURE DIL DEALER To Buy - Sell - Trade HU. 8-1551 ll . . . PER Arlington and Grandview Upholsterlng custom made furniture by master craftsmen E. A CG. ALFRED GEORGE WELLS 2068 Arlingto A Columbus 21, Ohio MLS Realtor 486 - 9667 'Congratulations Compliments of to the Flick IGA Market Class of '65 Atlas Construction Co. 196 zoao A r gf A cn .Q 'U 3 -l- an CD ow .Lf 5 I ': I- King Thompson 5 Co. Compliments of Founders and Developers of Upper Arlington 2160 Tremont Center HU 8-064-3 Tremont Barber Shop Bailey Adair Bill Lewis David Gooding Paul Shepard John Murphy Stanley Frost George S. Frost Griff Breese John H. Pace, Pres. TREMONT CENTER Flowers By 1 Rush Moto-r Sales Inc. ARLINGTON FLORAL 'I966 N. Mollway Columbus 21, Ohio Come 198 1827 CLEVELAND AVE 488 - 6363 t - Mercury - Lincoln Continental Bernice J. Hall Qest Wishes to the class of E5 McKinley lane Ave, Drugs Lane Ave. Shopping Center Scioto View Pharmacy Riverside Drive 8: Fishinger Rd. Kingsdale Pharmacy Kingsdale Shopping Center Tremont Pharmacy Tremont Center Your Registered Pharmacist ge- if ls , ann! BETTER' LS N Ng D 1 J B ,L 'ggggggg At the g f he 'Whirling Satellite .I Tmrm ?QxxN 'P +f 0 - Q ?' 4 v .SS1 bf' I Tremont Cleaners Complete Cleaning Service DRAPERIES - STORAGE - SHIRTS Now Two Convenient Locations 2106 TREMONT CENTER and in THE GOLDEN BEAR CENTER Ikiverside Drive at Fishingeri Congratulations 8: Successful Future Savko Excavating Co. 683 E. Lincoln Ave. Columbus, Ohio I 488 - 2270 Res. 451- 2119 Tommy Pioiata Interiors TU 5 - 4445 HU 8 - 8919 AM 3 - 9353 MICHELEIS ' furniture BEAUTY SALON ' etc- 28 Years Looking Forward 200 -4'-.. Q 9 PRIME BEEF Best Wishes to the CLASS OF 1965 IM Q RIFE'S MARKET 27 E. STATE W. Fifth Sc Grandview Ave. The Shoe Place of Columbus HU 8-7151 RUME 018' PIZZA DeSantis Florist "The Year Columbus Discovered Pizza" two ,Motions ALWAYS THE FINEST IN 1576 W. Sth Ave. HU. 6-1643 And rear of 278 W. Lane Ave. AX. 1-7216 carry out only at Lone Ave. FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS WAlBERT SHOES COLLEY PHARMACY complete Zine men's - women's - chiIdren's shoes and keds ' LANE SHOPPING CENTER at Arlington Ave. and Guilford Rd. 1875 Henderson 451-4414 438-6221 Compliments of I Charles Hayhurst .gvenue Cgyoral and Associates 1877 Kenny Road HU 3-1106 ' Rwhms 1857 Northwest Blvd. 486-0237 8 The 1965 Norwester Staff Leave , Wishes the 1966 Staff 6 2 Hirsch wlmsvinsur H 8-9711 Q u CQZLQ Qest of QELLCA! 201 202 Mr. and Mrs. Mr Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr F. Edward Adams and Mrs. William H. Allen and Mrs. Howard W. Amos and Mrs. Frank O. Anderson and Mrs. Homer A. Anderson Iames B. Arnold and Mrs. E. Wayne Balser Dr. and Mrs. Morris T. Battles Frank C. Beck, D.D.S. Dr. Karl W. Becker Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Bogenrief Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence A. Booker Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Brandes Mr. and Mrs. William H. Browne Mr. and Mrs. Wilbur E. Buell Mr. and Mrs. Iohn S. Burnside Dr. and Mrs. Iames I. Conn Mrs. Carol C. Conover Mr. and Mrs. Heber Corn Mr. and Mrs. Thayer M. Cowman Dr. and Mrs. E. M. Cox Mr. and Mrs. Glen M. Craft Mr and Mrs. Paul I. Daugherty Mr Mr. and Mrs. Robert T. Davis and Mrs. Frank Dunbar Mr. and Mrs. Iohn Eckler Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Farrell Robert E. Feltner Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Flick Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Iack W. Folkerth E. V. Frecker Wesley Furste Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Gegenheimer Mr. and Mrs. Richard K. Gobel Dr. and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Gordon Nathaniel B. Green Philip B. Hardymon Herbert G. Hayes Iohn W. Hayward Lowell Henry F. R. Herd Olen E. Hilditch Howard S. Hillman Iohn Holzaepfel Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Hostettler Mrs. Merle B. Howe Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Fred I. Iones William I. Kelsik Mr. and Mrs. Ioseph King Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kinney Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. cmd Mrs. Calvin B. Kitchen Charles I. Koenig Alvin Lathrop Lenander Dennis L. Lombard Raymond Mack Robert H. Magnuson George K. Manning Iames F. Mason, M.D. Lee E. McDonald, D.D.S. Mr. and Mrs. lack N. Meeks Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Meistedt Dr. and Mrs. O. C. Miller Mr. and Mrs. O. W. "Bud" Minor Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Moore Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph G. Negri Alan Ortlip G. W. Osterstock Conrad Ottelin A. Pfeiffer Melvin Raith Iames E. Reese Archer E. Reilly, Ir. Tom W. Revell George D. Richards Mr. Dr. Dr. Mr. Dr. Mr Dr. Mr Mr Mr. Mr Mr Dr. Mr Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. Bruce Robe and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Rush Robinson, lr. S. N. Robinson Ralph G. Roof Martin Peter Sayers Robert L. Schodorf and Mrs. Gerhard Shearer David W. Shelby Robert F. Snyder and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mrs. Mondo Dr. Mr. Dr. Mr Mr Mr Dr. Dr. Mr and Mrs. Iohn P. Stanley William H. Stewart Richard W. Stillwagon George T. Stine D. E. Sussman . Robert U. Swan Tarini Carl E. Tetirich and Mrs. Richard Tom and Mrs. Emmerich von Haam and Mrs. Wilbur Von Holten and Mrs. James T. Walker, Sr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Edwin K. Zartman Iames V. Walker L. Clair Warden C. M. Welch Clifford W. Yung 203 enior Activities A NANCY SUE ADAMS GAA Intramurals l fSecretary-Treasurerl, 2,3,4: French Club, l,2: Spanish Club 3,45 Student Council 4. PATRICIA IANE ADAMS GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: French Honor Society 3,4: FTA 3,4: Talent Show l. GARY WILLIAM ALLEN French Club 3,4: Choir l,2,3,4: Music Man 3: Talent Show 4. WII.LIAM HAROLD ALLEN Swimming 3,4: Leaders' Club 4: Student Council 4: Youth-in-Government 4: Hi-Y 3,4: Choir l,2,3,4: Execu- tive Council 4. IAMES BRYAN AMATO Brush High School l,2,3: Boys' Intramurals 4. BARBARA IEAN AMOS GAA Intramurals l,2: Charm Club 2,3,4 tTreasurerl5 Drama Club 2,3 CTreasurerl, 4: Thespians 4: Festo 2,3: SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4: Pub Cub 2,3 CVice-Presi- dentl, 4: Arlingtonian 4: Talent Show 2. LYNNE LOUISE ANDERHOLM GAA Intramurals l,3,4: Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3,4: FTA 3,4: SKI 2,-3,4: French Club l,2,3: Spanish Club 4: Arlingtonian 4: Youth-in-Government 4: Y-Teens l,2,3: AFS 3,45 Band l,2,3: Glee Club 1: Orchestra l,2,3: Talent Show l,2. KATHLEEN ESTHER ANDERSON GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: SKI 2 tTreasurerl, 3,4: French Club l,2,3,4: Student Council 2,3: Choir l,2,3,4: Glee Club 3: Talent Show 2,4: Executive Council 3,4 : Business Club 4. WENDY MORGAN ANDERSON GAA Interscholastics 3,4: GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: FNC 2: FTA 4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2,3,4: Y-Teens 2,3,4. WILLIAM AUSTIN ANDERSON Track 2,3,4: Latin Club 2,3,4: Band l,2,3. IANE ELIZABETH ANDES SKI 3,45 Glee Club l,2: Talent Show l. CHARLES ELLIS APLIN Football 15 Tennis l,2: Wrestling 2,3,4: Boys' Intra- murals l,2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4: Hi-Y 3,4: Choir l: Skiing Club l,2. IACQUELYN MARIE ARMITAGE Dominion Iunior High School l: GAA Intramurals 2,3,4: Latin Club 3: Arlingtonian 4: Business Club 3,4. PAMELA RUTH ARMSTRONG GAA Intramurals l,2,3: Charm Club 2: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 4: Y-Teens l,2,3,4: Choir l,2,3,4: Music Man 3: Talent Show l,2,4. ANN LOUISE AUSTIN West High School l: GAA Intramurals 2: SKI 2,3,4: Business Club 2,3. ANDRIS EDUARDS AUZINS Track 1: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Industrial Arts Club 4: Choir l. B IULIE KAY BABER GAA Intramurals l,2,3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 3: Choir l,2,3,4: Music Man 3: Talent Show l,2,4.' BYRON NEAL BACHMAN Football 2,3,4: Wrestling 3: Baseball 2: French Club 3: Spanish Club l,2: Talent Show l. IANICE MARIE BAKER Lawrence Iunior High School l: FTA 3,4: SKI 2,3 fTreasurerl, 4: Latin Club 3: Choir 2,3 CHead Accom- panistl, 4 CHeacl Accompanistl: Glee Club tHead Ac- companistl 2,3,4: Music Man 3: Orchestra 2,3,4: Talent Show 2,4. O4 MARILYN IOYCE BAKER GAA Intramurals l,2: National Honor Society 3,4: French Honor Society 2,3,4 lPresidentl: FTA 3: SKI 2: French Club l,2: Choir l,2,3,4: Glee Club 25 Music Man 3: Talent Show 2,4. SANDRA LYNN BALDOCK Grove City High School 1: GAA Intramurals 2: Charm Club 2: Drama Club 4: Festo 2,3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2: Spanish Club 3,4: Y-Teens 4: Choir 3,4: Talent Show 2,4. DAVID WAYNE BALSER Basketball l: Boys' Intramurals 2,3,4: Spanish Club 2: Band l,2,3,4: Choir l,2,3: Orchestra 3: Talent Show 2: Dance Band 2,3,4. IAIVIES LEWIS BARNES Tennis 1: Wrestling 2,3: Boys' Intramurals l,3,4: French Club 3,4: Student Council 2: Youth-in-Government 4 CBoard of Educationl: Glee Club l: Executive Council 4. LINDA LOU BARNES GAA Intramurals l,2: Charm Club 2: Drama Club 2,3: FTA 4: SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4: Business Club 4: Y-Teens 4: Glee. Club- 2,3,4. IAY ELLIOTT BARNI-IILL Basketball l: Football l: Boys' Intramurals l: Drama Club 2,3,4: Thespians 4: French Club 4. RONALD ALAN BARRETT Spanish Club l,2,3: Radio Club 2,3 tSecretary-Treas- urerl 4. VANCINE LEIGH BARTLESON Kirkwood High School 1.2: FTA 3,4: SKI 3,4: Y-Teens 4. ROSS DELNO BARTSCHY Basketball l,2,3: Golf l,2,3,4 tCo-Captainl: Track 1: Varsity A 4: Spanish Club 2,3. IAMES LYLE BATTLES Swimming 2,3,4: Track l: Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4: Varsity 3: Spanish Club 2,3,4: Arlingtonian 2: Band l,2,3,4: Orchestra l,3.4: Talent Show l. MARK EDWARD BEAN Swimming 2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3,4: Latin Club 2,3,4 CSergeant- at-Armsl: Leaders' Club 4: Cub Courier 1: Arlinqtonian 3 tManaging Editorl, 4' tCo-Editor-in-Chietl: Student Council l: AFS 2,3,4: Band 1,25 Orchestra l: Talent Show l. SALLY IO BECK GAA Intramurals l: National Honor Society 3,4: FNC 2: FTA 3,4: SKI 2,45 French Club 2,3,4 CVice-Presidentl: Cub Reporter l: Youth-in-Government 4 tCity Clerkli AFS 2,3,4 tSecretaryJ: Talent Show 2: National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4. KARYL LYNN BERGQUIST GAA Intramurals l,2,3: SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club l,2,37 Business Club 4: Y-Teens 4: Glee Club l,2,3,4: Talent Show l,2. BRIAN KEITH BIRTCHER GARY EDWARD BISHOP Basketball l: Golf l,2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals 2,3: French Club l,2,3,4: Business Club 4. CHRISTINE LOUISE BLOOM GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 2: SKI 2,3,4: Young Democrats 4: French Club l,2,3,4: Y-Teens 2: Band l: Talent Show l: Chemistry Club 3. LINDA LEE BODER GAA Intramurals l: Drama Club 2,3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2: Spanish Club 3: Cub Reporter l: KAssistant News Editorl: Y-Teens 4: Band 2,3. IUDITH ANNE BOEI-IM Bishop Watterson High School l,2: GAA Intramurals 4: Charm Club 4: SKI 4: Spanish Club 4. PAUL ALAN BOGENRIEF Douglas Southall Freeman High School 2: Boys Intra- murals 4: Spanish Honor Society 3,4 lSecretaryl: Drama Club 3,4: Thespians 4: Spanish Club 3,4: Band 3,4: Orchestra 3. WILLIAM FEARN BOHANNAN Football l,2,3,4: Youth-in-Government, 4. DAVID LEE BONIFIELD French Club 1: Chemistry Club 3. CATHERINE DICK BOOHER GAA Intramurals l,2: French Honor Society 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2,3,4: Latin Club 3,4: AFS 3,4. IENNIFER WARD BOOTON GAA Interscholastics 3: GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Festo 3: FNC 4: SKI 2,3,4: Young Democrats 4: French Club l,2,3: AFS 4: Biology Club 3: Glee Club 2,3,4: Skiing Club 4. NANCY LOU BORNHEIM GAA Intramurals l,2: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2: Spanish Club 3: Glee Club 2,3: Talent Show l. ALICE LOUISE BOTKIN FTA 3,4: French Club 2: Choir l: Glee Club 2. SHARY ANN BOWERS GAA Intramurals l,2: Drama Club 3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2: Spanish Club 3: Y-Teens l,2: Glee Club 2. NANCY IEAN BOYCE Bishop Watterson High School 1: GAA Intramurals 3,4: National Honor Society 3,4: Charm Club 3,4 lPresidentJ: Festo 3: SKI 3,4: French Club 2. GAYLE MARIE BOYD National Honor Society 3,4: Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4 CTreasurerJ: SKI 2,3,4: Young Democrats 4: Span- ish Club 2,4: Cub Reporter 1: Student Council 3: AFS 4: Talent Show 1: National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4: PTA Spanish Award 2. CYNTHIA DIANE BRADLEY GAA Intramurals l,2,3: Charm Club 4: Drama Club 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2,3: Glee Club 2,3. IOANNE BRADLEY GAA Intramurals 1.2: Charm Club l: FNC 2,3: FTA 4: SKI 2,3,4: Glee Club l,2. IUDITH IANE BRANDES GAA Intramurals l,2: National Honor Society 3,4: French Honor Society 3,4: Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3,4: FTA 3,4 Wice-Presidentl: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2,3,4: Arlingtonian 4 tCo-Editor-in-Chiefl: Glee Club l,2,3,4: Talent Show l,2. CAROL IEAN BRANSCOMB FTA 3: French Club l,2,3,4: AFS 4: Glee Club 2. PAMELA BRATTON Drama Club 2.4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2: Y-Teens 4. ANDREW LLOYD BREWSTER Cross Country 3: Track l,2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3: French Club l,2,3: Band l,2: Skiing Club 4. ION STANLEY BRIDGMAN Tennis l,2,3,4: Wrestling l,2,3: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Varsity A 2,3,4: Spanish Club l,2: Choir 1: Glee Club 1: Skiing Club 4. MARGARET IEAN BRISSENDEN GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 2: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2: Y-Teens 4: Glee Club l: Talent Show l. IAMES CHESTER BRITT Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Drama Club 3,4: French Club 172: Russian Club 3,4. BARRY ROBERT BROWN IANE DONNELLE BROWN Waverly High School l,2,3. MARGARET LOUISE BROWNE GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 3,4: FNC 3: French Club l,2: Business Club 4: Y-Teens 3,4: SKI 2,3,4. NADINE MARIE BRULA SKI 2: Business Club 4: Band Majorette 3. DONALD BRUNTON NANCY LOUISE BRUSH GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: National Honor Society 3,4: FNC 2: SKI 2,3 CSocial Chairmanl, 4: French Club 4: Latin Club 2,3 CSecretaryJ, 4: Leaders' Club 4: Youth- in-Government 4: AFS 2,3,4: Band l,2,3,4: Music Man 3: Orchestra l,2,3,4: Talent Show l,2. REBECCA IO BRYANT Grove City High School 1: Charm Club 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club 2,3: Y-Teens 2,3,4. WALTER MIKE BUCHANAN Basketball 1: Cross Country 2,3: Track l,2: Boys' Intra- murals l,2,3,4: French Club l,2: Spanish Club 3,4: Cub Reporter l: Student Council l: Choir 4: Glee Club l,3: Music Man 3: Talent Show 4. SHARON LEE BUCK GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 4: FTA 3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2,3,4: Student Council l,2: Choir l, Glee Club l,3: Talent Show 1. ALEXANDER WILLIAM BUDDEN Fairmont West High School 2,3: French Club 4: New- comers' Club 4. THOMAS EDWARD BUELL Baseball l,2,3,4: CTri-Captainl: Football 1: Boys' Intra- murals l,2,3,4: Varsity A 4: Spanish Club l,2. NANCY LEE BULLOCK' GAA Intramurals l,2: Drama Club 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: Span- ish Club 3: Student Council l: Y-Teens l,2: AFS 2,3: Glee Club l,2: Talent Show l. DENNIS MARION BURKEY St. Charles High School l,2: Spanish Club 3,4: Chem- istry Club 3. SUSAN DIANE BURNSIDE GAA Intramurals l,2: FNC 3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2,3,4: Y-Teens 2,3,4: Glee Club l,2: Talent Show l,2. IAMES MICHAEL BURTCH Swimming 3,4: Hockey 4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Young Republicans 2,3,4: French Club l,2: Radio Club 2,3,4: Biology Club 4: Band l,2,3,4: Orchestra l. C DAVID DOMINIC CALDERONE Boys' Intramurals 3: Student Council 4: Hi-Y 2. BARBARA ANN CALDWELL GAA Intramurals l,2: National Honor Society 3,4: French Honor Society 3,4: Spanish Honor Society 4 CSecretaryJ: Charm Club 2: FNC 2: FTA 3,4: SKI 2,3 CVice-Presidentl, 4: French Club 2,3,4: Spanish Club 2,3: Leaders' Club 4. FRANK HILLER CALDWELL East Peoria Community High School l: High Point High School 2. KATHIE LOUISE CALL GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: FTA 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2,3,4: Russian Club 2,3,4: Student Council 1 CTreasurerJ, 2: Youth-in-Government 4: Y-Teens l: Or- chestra l. THOMAS CARL CAMERON Football l,2: Track l,2,3: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Spanish Club l,2,3: AFS 3. SI-IARYN LEA CAMPBELL GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 4: Business Club 4: Choirl: Talent Show 1. RICHARD ALFRED CAPUANO Boys' Intramurals l: Drama Club 4: French Club 3,4: Newcomers' Club 4: Executive Council 3,4. SHARON ANN CAPUANO GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Drama Club 2: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 4: Business Club 3,4: Student Council 1 tSecretaryl: Y-Teens 2: Talent Show l,2. THOMAS LLOYD CAREY Basketball l: Golf l,2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals 2,3,4: Var- sity A 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4: Student Council l,2: Hi-Y 3,4: Executive Council 3. 205 STANLEY EARL CARLIN Tennis l,2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals l,2: Spanish Club 2,3: Radio Club 2: Cub Courier 1: Talent Show l,2: Execu- tive Council 3. VICTOR EDMOND CARLIN Fencing 4: Football 1: Tennis l,2,3: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Russian Club 2,3,4 lSergeant-at-Armsl: Hi-Y 3. IAMES LOUIS CAROLLO Track 2: Wrestling 2,3: Debate Club 2: Drama Club 2: Young Democrats 2,3 CPresidentD, 4 lPresidentD: Cub Courier l: Student Council l fVice-Presidentl, 3,4: Youth-in-Government 4: Hi-Y 3: AFS 2: Choir 1.3: Glee Club 2: Music Man 3: Talent Show 2. ERRETT LaRUE CARPENTER, III Tennis 2,3,4 lCo-Captainl: Debate Club 2: French Club 4. THOMAS ST. RICHARD IAMES CARR Bloomfield Hills High School 2: Drama Club 3: Leaders' Club 3: Newcomers' Club 3. IUDITH ANN CASSELL FNC 2: FTA 3,4: French Club 2,3: Latin Club 3,4: AFS 3: Glee Club 2. NANCI ELIZABETH CATON GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Festo 2,3,4 CPresidentJ: French Club 1.2: Leaders' Club 4: Pub Club 3,4: Talent Show 1. WILLIAM LEE CECIL Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Radio Club l,2,3: Band 4. PENELOPE IOYCE CHAPIN FNC l,2,3,4: SKI 2,3,4: Young Republicans 2: Spanish Club l,2,3,4. GEOFFREY THANE CHILTON Cross Country 3, Football l,2: Track l,2,3,4: Wrestling 2,3,4. ELIZABETH KAYE CHRISMAN West High School 2: FTA 4: Latin Club 3,4. RICHARD LEE CHRISTIE Football l,2,3,4: Tennis 2: Track 1: Wrestling 4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Varsity A 3,4: Russian Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Glee Club 2. ELIZABETH ANN CLARK GAA Intramurals l,2: National Honor Society 3,4: French Honor Society 3,4 CSecretaryl: Festo 2 CSecre- taryl, 3 lSecretaryJ, 4 lSecretaryl: FTA 3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 1 lSecretaryJ, 2,3,4: Leaders' Club 4: Pub Club 2,3,4 lPresidentJ: Cub Reporter 1: Youth-in-Gov- ernment 4: AFS 3,4: PTA Biology Award 2. KAREN SUE CLARK GAA Intramurals l,2: Charm Club 4: SKI 2,3,4: Young Republicans 2,3,4 fSecretaryJ. MICHAEL DEAN CLARK Spanish Club 2,3,4: Arlingtonian 4: Hi-Y 3: Choir 1: Talent Show 1. KAREN ENGLE CLASSON GAA Intramurals l,2: Debate Club 4: Drama Club 2.4: SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4: Cub Reporter 1: Glee Club l,2,3,4: Talent Show 2. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH CLAWSON GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 2,3,4: FTA 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: Glee Club l,2: Skiing Club 4. GEORGE RICHARD CLELI.AN Football 2: Track 1: Boys' Intramurals l,2: French Club l,2. LYNDA LEE COCHRAN Drama Club 3,4: Thespians 4: FNC 2: FTA 4: SKI 2,3,4: Young Republicans 4: Spanish Club 3,4: Y-Teens 4: Skiing Club 4. ANDREW RENO COLLIER Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Drama Club 4: Young Re- publicans 4: French Club 1,2: Biology Club 3. IAY MARTIN COLLINS Wrestling 2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Spanish Hon- or Society 2,3: Spanish Club l,2,3: Hi-Y 2,3,4. 206 LAURELI EI.AINE COLLINS GAA Intramurals 1 lSocial Chairmanl, 2: SKI 2.3: Stu- dent Council 1,2,4: Choir l,2,3: Glee Club 1: Music Man 3: Talent Show l,2,4: English Discussion Club 1: Executive Council 3: Cheerleader 1: Booster Drive 1 lChairrnanD: Citizenship Award 1. FRANK DEAN COMBS Boys' Intramurals l,3,4: Industrial Arts Club 4. STEVEN FREDERICK CONN Cross Country 3,4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: French Honor Society 3,4. MAIEL LYNN CONOVER GAA Intramurals 2,3,4: FNC 2,3,4 CTreasurerl: SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4: Glee Club l,2,4. DENNIS OWEN COOK Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Debate Club 3: Drama Club 2: Biology Club 2: Band 3,4. EDWARD IOHN CORDTS BARBARA ANN CORN GAA Intramurals 2: Festo 3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2,4: Russian Club 3,4: Norwester 4 lLiterary Editorb: Quill and Scroll, 4. PATRICIA ANN CORN GAA Intramurals 2,3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2,4: Russian Club 3,4: Glee Club 1. MARDEN IOY CORNELL MARITZA LUCILA CORONEL Spanish Club 4: Newcomers' Club: Business Club 4: Student Council 4. KAY ELLEN COTTINGHAM GAA Intramurals 1 tBowling Sportsheadl, 2,3,4: Charm Club 2,4: SKI 2,3 lPresidentD, 4: French Club 2,3: Choir 1: Orchestra 1.2: Talent Show 4. GREG BROCK COWMAN Swimming 2,3,4 lCaptainD: Varsity A 3,4: Russian Club 2,3 lVice-Presidentl: Talent Show 1. IEFFREY MARTIN COX Boys' Intramurals 1,2,3 : French Club 4: Band 3,4. LESLIE IEAN COX Eastmoor High School 1: Charm Club 4: Drama Club 3: FTA 4: SKI 2,4: Spanish Club 4. DENNIS BRUCE CRABILL Fairview Park High School 1: Spanish Club 4: Band 2,3,4. WYNONA MARIE CRAFT SKI 1: Young Republicans 2: Spanish Club 3,4: Band 1: Glee Club 3: Talent Show 2. SUE ANN CREGO French Club 2: Business Club 4. D LYNN PAUL DAILEY Tennis l,2: Spanish Honor Society 3.4: Spanish Club 2,3,4. SARAH IANE DAUGHERTY Charm Club 4: SKI 2,3 CSecretaryD: French Club 1: Leaders' Club 3,4 CSchool Service Chairmanl: Pub Cub 2,3,4 fSecretaryD: Student Council l,2,3,4 CSecretaryl: Youth-in-Government 4: Choir l KS-ecretaryl, 2,3,4: Talent Show 1.2.4. CHRISTINE ANN DAVIS GAA Intramurals l,2,3: Drama Club 2: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 1: Glee Club l,2,3,4: Y-Teens 1: Talent Show l,2. DAPHNE OCTAVIA DAVIS GAA Intramurals l,2,3: SKI 2,3,4: Young Republicans 2: Russian Club 2,3,4: Y-Teens 1.4: Biology Club 2: Glee Club l,2. IUDITH ANN DAVIS GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 4: FNC 2,3: SKI 2: Young Democrats 3: French Club l,2,3: Leaders' Club 3,4: Pub Club 3: Business Club 4: Y-Teens l,2: Glee Club 4: Talent Show l,2: Skiing Club 4. THOMAS LADD DECKER Track 2: Boys' Intramurals l,2: Spanish Club 1: Cub Reporter 1: Glee Club 2. PHILIP EDWARD DEIS Fencing 4: French Club 1.2.3. PATRICIA ANNE DEISHLEY GAA Intramurals French Honor Society 3,4: FNC 2: SKI 2,3,4: French Club Russian Club 2.3.4 tSecretaryJ: Leaders' Club 3,4: Y-Teens 4: AFS 3,4: Choir Music Man 3: Talent Show 2.4. IOHN EDWIN DENTI Spanish Club 4: Biology Club 3. CATHY LYNN DENTON FNC 4: SKI 2,3,4: Band LINDA ELIZABETH De-PETRO Bishop Hartley High School l,2.3: Charm Club 4: Span- ish Club 4: Newcomers' Club 4: Y-Teens 4. RICHARD EIVIERY DETWILER Cross Country 2: Swimming 3,4: Track 2: Boys' Intra- murals l.2.3,4: Varsity A 3.4: French Club 1: Spanish Club 3.4: Hi-Y 3.4. RENE ADRIAN DeVOS BARBARA DEWEY GAA Intramurals 1.2: Charm Club 3: FNC 2,3,4: FTA 4: Young Democrats 4: French Club 1.2: Choir 1: Glee Club 3. PAMELA SUE DEWHURST GAA Intramurals Drama Club 2: FNC 1: Span- ish Club l: Glee Club l,2.3: Orchestra 1. IAMES VINCENT DiCOLA Track 1.4: Boys' Intramurals Spanish Club 3.4: Latin Club 1: Talent Show' 1.4: Skiing Club 4. ROBERT WELLS DILL Track 1.2: Boys' Intramurals French Club 1.2: Radio Club Glee Club 4: Talent Show 1.2.4. DAVID DONALD DILLEY Walt Whitman High School l: Boys' Intramurals 3.4: Executive Council 4. ANN EVANS DILWORTH Crestview Iunior High School 1: GAA Interscholastics 4: GAA Intramurals 2,3,4: French Honor Society 3,4: Drama Club 2.3.4 tPresidentl: Thespians 4 fPresidentl: FNC 3: FTA 2,3,4: French Club 2,3,4: Arlingtonian 4: Choir 2: Talent Show 4: Youth-in-Government 4. ROBERT EDWARD DIXON Radio Club 2,3,4: French Club 1. HAROLD ALLEN DOERSAM French Honor Society 4: Spanish Honor Society 4: Young Democrats 2.3.4 CTreasurerl: French Club Spanish Club 2,3,4: Cub Reporter 1: Youth-in-Govern- ment-4 tZoning Boardl: AFS 3,4 fPresidentl. IOHN IOSEPH DOHERTY Spanish Club 3,4. IOHN PATRICK DOWNING Cross Country 3,4: Track 2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4: Glee Club 4. RICHARD PATRICK DOYLE Track 1: Spanish Club 3.4: Skiing Club 4. IAMES THOMAS DUFFY Bishop Watterson High School 1.2: Boys' Intramurals 3: Spanish Club 3,4: Executive Council 3. CHARLOTTE LOVELACE DUNBAR GAA Intramurals National Honor Society 3.4: French Honor Society 3,4 fTreasurerl: Debate Club 2: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 1.2: Y-Teens 2.3.4 fPresidentl: Choir 4: Glee Club 3: Talent Show 1. DANIEL MARK DUNSON Boys' Intramurals Spanish Honor Society 2.3: French Club 1: Spanish Club 1.2.3. DAN MICHAEL DUPLER Basketball 1.2: Football Track Boys' In- tramurals l.2.3,4: Debate Club 1: Varsity A 2.3.4 CVice- Presidentl: Industrial Arts Club 4: Young Republicans 1.2: French Club 1.2: Cub Reporter 1:,Hi-Y 2.3: Choir 1.2: Iunior Red Cross 2. IACQUELINE ELAINE DuVALL GAA Intramurals Charm Club 4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2.3: Student Council 1: Youth-in-Govern- ment 4: Choir Talent Show l,2.4: Executive Council 3.4. E MARY MOULTON ECKLER GAA Interscholastics 2,3,4: .GAA Intramurals Festo 3: SKI 2: Latin Club 3.4: Leaders' Club 4: Pub Club 3.4: Student Council 1: Y-Teens 2.3 CPublicity Chairmanl. 4 CSecretaryJ: Choir 2,3,4: Talent Show l,2.4: Track Queen 3. ROBERT IAMES EIBLING Tennis 2: Boys' Intramurals l,2.3: Spanish Club Talent Show 1. LARRY STEPHEN ELLIOT Football 1.2: Golf 2,3,4: Track l: Boys' Intramurals Varsity A 3.4: Latin Club 2,3,4: Hi-Y 3,4. ROBERT ALBERT ELLIOT Boys' Intramurals French Club 1.2. RICHARD LLOYD ENGELMAN Basketball 1. RICHARD MUNROE EPPS Wellesley Senior High School 1: Boys' Intramurals 3.47 Latin Club 3.4: Biology Club 3: PTA American History Award 3. SUSAN MARGARET ERB GAA Interscholastics 2,3,4: GAA Intramurals Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3.4: SKI 2,3,4: Young Democrats 4: French Club Arlingtonian 3.4 CCo-Circulation and Advertising Managerl: Y-Teens 233: AFS 2: Glee Club 3: Talent Show 1.2: Skiing Club 4. DENNIS CARL ERWIN Fencing 4: Football 1: Spanish Club 1: Youth-in-Govern- ment 4: Band CDrum Majorl 2.3.4. DAVID BRUCE EVANS Basketball l,2.3: Baseball 1.2.32 Football 1.2.3. THOMAS NAGEL EVVING Basketball fManagerl 2,3,4: Drama Club 4: French Club 3.4. LINDA LEW EYERLY Mansfield Senior High School l,2.3: SKI 4: Camera Club 4. HARRY EUGENE EZEI.L Basketball 1: Baseball 1.2: Football 1: Boys' Intra- murals l,2.3.4: French Club l,2.3: Hi-Y 3. DENNIS CHARLES FABYAN Track 3: Wrestling 2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals 1: Business Club 4: Glee Club 1. F IAMES ROGER FAHRBACH Track 1: Wrestling 2.3.4 tCaptainD: Boys' Intramurals National Honor Society 3.4: Varsity A 3.4 CSec- retaryl: French Club 2: Student Council 1.3.4 lVice- Presidentl: Youth-in-Government 4 CCity Councill: Hi- Y 3.4: Choir l,2.3: Talent Show 2. MARY ELIZABETH FANCHER GAA Intramurals 2: SKI 4: French Club 1.2: AFS 4: Glee Club 1.2: Chemistry Club 3. DON STEVEN FARBER Boys' Intramurals Spanish Club 3.4: Skiing Club 4: Hockey 4. LESLIE KATHLEEN FARR GAA Intramurals l,2.3: FNC 3.4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2.3: Business Club 4: Y-Teens 3.4: AFS 3: Skiing Club 4: Executive Council 3. MARK THOMPSON FARRELL Football 2: Boys' Intramurals 3,4: Spanisht 3,4: Latin 3,4. ROBERT ALAN I-'ELTNER Track 1.2: Band Choir CTreasurerJ: Glee Club 3.4: Music Man 3: Orchestra 3: Talent Show 2.4. 207 GLENN ROBERT FERRARO Basketball l,2,3,45 Baseball 1.2.35 Football l,2,3,45 Boys' Intramurals 35 National Honor Society 3.45 Spanish Honor Society 2.3.45 Varsity A 3.45 Spanish Club 3.45 Leaders' Club 3.45 Student Council 1.3.45 Youth-in- Government 4 CVice-Mayorl5 Choir 15 Class President 1.3. STEVEN LYNN FIDLER Boys' Intramurals 1.25 Spanish Club 1.35 Choir 3.45 Music Man 3. MARIA CHRISTINA FINEI.LI Bishop Ready High School 15 GAA Intramurals 25 Drama Club 45 SKI 2.3.45 Spanish Club 3.45 Latin Club 1,25 Biology Club 35 Glee Club 1.2.3. DAVID LEE FISCHER Boys' Intramurals Band RICHARD HAYES FISHEL Basketball 15 Football ICO-Captainli Swimming 25 Track Boys' Intramurals Varsity A 45 French Club 15 Youth-in-Government 45 Choir 15 Talent Show 1. LINDA CAROL FISHER GAA Intramurals 15 French Honor Society 3,45 SKI 2.3.45 French Club 1.25 AFS 3.45 Choir 15 Talent Show 1.2. STEVE WILLIAM FISHER Basketball 15 Track 2.3.45 Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,45 Var- sity A 45 Spanish Club 3.45 Latin Club 15 Business Club 35 Hi-Y 45 Glee Club 45 Skiing Club 4. DANIEL ARTHUR FITTING Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,45 French Club 1.25 Arlingtonian 35 Norweste-r'4 tBoys' Sports Editorl. SHARON LEE FLETCHER Whetstone High School 45 GAA Intramurals 2,35 FTA 35 SKI 2.35 Spanish Club 2,35 Student Council 1,25 Y- Teens 2.3: Glee Club 1.2.35 Talent Show 2. SHAYLAH ANN FLETCHER GAA Interscholastics 2.3.45 GAA Intramurals 1 tVolley- ball Sportsheadl, 2.3.45 French Club 25 Y-Teens 1.25 Choir 2.35 Glee Club 15 Talent Show 1.25 SKI 2.3.4. IEANNETTE LOUISE FLICK GAA Intramurals Spanish Honor Society 2.3.45 FNC 3,4 lPresidentl. SHARON KAY FOGG GAA Intramurals 1.25 SKI 2.3.45 Spanish Club 1.25 Y- Teens 25 Band Choir 1. IEFFREY TICE F OLKERTH Baseball 25 Drama Club-3.45 Thespians 45 Young Demo- crats 2,3 CVice-Presidentl, 4 CVice-Presidentl5 Spanish Club 3,45 Russian Club 2.3.45 Cub Reporter 1 CTri-Editorl5 Norwester 4 lPhotographv EditorJ5 Student Council 3,45 Youth-in-Government 45 Glee Club 1. PATRICIA LEE FOSNESS GAA Intramurals 15 SKI 2.3.45 Spanish Club 45 Skiing Club 4. IAYNEE LYNN FOUST GAA Intramurals 2.3.45 Charm Club 3.45 Festo 3,45'FNC 3,45 FTA 2.3.45 French Club 3.45 Y-Teens 3.4. SUSAN LEE FOX GAA Intramurals l,2,3,45 -FTA 3.45 SKI 2.3.45'French Club 1,25 Russian Club 3,45 Student Council 1,35 AFS 35 Choir Music Man 35 Talent Show 1.2.4. MICHAEL MONROE FREDA Boys' Intramurals French Club 1.2.35 Business Club 3. SUSAN DEANNE FURSTE GAA Interscholastics 25 GAA Intramurals tTreas- urerl5 National Honor Society 3.45 French Honor Society 2.3.45 Charm Club 25 SKI 2.3.45 French Club 1,25 .Latin Club 3,4 tSecretaryl5 Leaders' Club 3 fSecretaryl, 4 lPresidentJ5 Student Council 1 tTreasurerl5 Y-Teens 25 AFS 25 Talent Show 15 Snow Princess Court 15 SKI Court-35 Track Queen 35 Homecoming Court 4. 208' G WILLIAM ALLEN GARDNER Tennis 15 Track 2.3.45 Boys' Intramurals 15 Russian Club 3.45 Hi-Y 35 Biology Club 3. IO ELLEN GEGENHEIIVIER GAA Intramurals 1.35 French Honor Society 2.3.45 FNC 35 FTA 45 SKI 2.3.45 French Club l,2,3,45 Y-Teens 45 AFS 35 Choir Music Man 35 Talent Show 1.2.4. IUDITH LYNN GERWIG GAA Intramurals 1 lSottbal1 Sportsheadl. 2.3.45 Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3.4.tPresidentJ5 Charm Club 25 FTA 3.4 tTreasurerl5 SKI 2 CPresidentl. 3.45 French Club 2.3.45 Spanish Club 3.45 Leaders' Club 45 Arling- tonian 3.45 Class Secretary 15 Girls' State 4. CAROL IUDITH GILLESPIE GAA Intramurals l,2,3,45 Drama Club 25 FTA 3,45 SKI French Club 1.2.35 Arlingtonian 4. MICHAEL KENT GIRE Track 15 Boys Intramurals l,2,3,45 French Club 1.25 Stu- dent Council l lPresidentl5 Choir 15 Talent Show 1. KENNETH WALTER GIRVES Firestone High School 1.25 Chemistry Club 3. PEGGY SUE ANN GLAZE GAA Intramurals 1.25 Spanish Honor Society 2.3.45 Charm Club 25 SKI 2.3.45 Spanish Club l,2,3,45 Student Council 2.3.45 Youth-in-Government 45 Y-Teens 25 AFS 2.3 tTreasurerl. 4 CVice-Presidentl5 Glee Club 2. IOI-IN HOWARD GLENN Cross Country 2.3.45 Track 1,25 Young Republicans 2.3.45 French Club 1.25 Spanish Club 3,45 Hi-Y 2.3.45 Choir l,2,3,45 Music Man 35 Talent Show 25 Skiing Club 4. DAVID CARL GOBEL Spanish Honor Society 2.3.45 Spanish Club 2.3.45 Band l,2,3,45 Dance Band 2.3.4. PHILIP ANDREW GOCKENBACH Wrestling 25 Boys' Intramurals 1.2.35 Quill and Scroll Honor Society 45 Debate 25 Drama Club 2.3.45 Young Republicans 2.3.45 Spanish Club 25 Arlingtonian 3 lBookkeeping Managerl, 4 tAdvertising Managerl5 Student Council 15 Choir 1. IILL LOUISE GOODING GAA Intramurals Festo 2.3.45 FNC 2.3.45 FTA 35 SKI 2.3.45 French Club 1.2.35 Business Club 3.45 Glee Club 1.2: Talent Show 1. DIXIE ANN GOODWIN GAA Intramurals 1.2.45 Charm Club 2.3.45 FNC 3.45 SKI 2.3.45 French Club 1.25 Y-Teens 3.45 Talent Show 1. IUDITH GORDON Upper Darby High School 1.25 GAA Intramurals 35 French Club 3.45 Spanish Club 35 Choir 4. RICHARD LEE GORDON Cross Country 25 Tennis 1.25 Spanish Club 2.3.45 Choir 15 Talent Show 2. IAMES RICHARD GORRY Tennis 15 Track 1: Boys' Intramurals French Club 1.2. BERYL KAE GOSNELL GAA Interscholastics 25 GAA Intramurals 1.2.3 lGolf Sportsheadl, 45 Spanish Club 1.2.35 Choir 15 Glee Club 15 Talent Show 1.2. IACK RICHARD GRAF Tennis 1,25 Drama Club 45 Young Republicans Chemistry Club 35 Youth-in-Government 4 lCity En- gineerl5 Choir Glee Club 2. HARRISON HOWARD GREEN Basketball 15 Track 15 Hockey 45 Boys' Intramurals IAMES NATHANIEL GREEN National Honor Society 3,45 Latin Club 3.45 Youth-in- Government 45 AFS 2.3.45 Band tPresidentl5 Music Man 35 Orchestra Dance Band 2.3.45 National Conference on the Aton 4. PHYLLIS KAYE GREENE Hillwood High School l,2: Newcomers' Club 3,4: Skiing Club 4. MARK ROBERT GRIDLEY Boys' Intramurals 1: French Club 3,4: Latin Club l,2. DIANNE ELIZABETH GRIF F ITH MAUDE MARIE GRIFFITH SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2: Russian Club 3: Y-Teens 3: Glee Club 2,3,4. ROBERT BENTON GRIFFITH. IH. Fencing 4: Boys' Intramurals l,2: French Club 3: Choir 1. STEPHEN MICHAEL GRINCH Boys' Intramurals 1,4: Spanish Club 2: Radio Club 2,3,4: Band l,2,3,4: Glee Club 1.4: Orchestra l. DIANA KAY GROSVENOR GAA Intramurals l,2: Charm Club 2: SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4: Y-Teens 3: Glee Club 2. KAREN ELIZABETH GULCHER Bryan High School l: Angola High School 2,3: National Honor Society 4: FTA 4: SKI 4. IAN ELLEN GUSTAFSON GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4: Festo 2,3,4: FTA 2,3,4: Spanish l,2,3,4: Newcomers' Club 4: Pub Club 4: Executive Council 3. H LAWRENCE EDWIN HACKENBERG, IR. Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: French Club l,2,3. STEVEN DAVID HALE Spanish Club 2: Radio Club 2,3,4 tVice-Presidentl. CAROLYN SUE HALL Charm Club 2,3,4: SKI 2,3,4: Glee Club l,2: Talent Show l,2. LINDA LEE HALL GAA Intramurals l,2,3: Charm Club 2: FTA 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 4: Latin Club 3,4: Y-Teens 2,3,4. PAUL ROBERTS HAMWI Football l: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3: Industrial Arts Club l,2: French Club l,2,3: Talent Show l: Skiing Club 4. CAROL LEE HANNAWAY GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: FTA 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2,3,4: Business Club 4: Student Council 2: Youth- in-Government 4: Talent Show 4: Executive Council 4. GAIL EDITH HANNER GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2,3: Business Club 2,3,4: Student Council l,2: Glee Club l: Talent Show l,2,4. LINDA LEE HANOVER JEFFREY WAYNE HANSEN Fairview High School 1.2: Baseball tManagerJ 3,4: Spanish Club 3.4. DEBORAH KEITH HARDING Brandywine High School l,2: GAA Intramurals 3,4: Debate Club 3: Drama Club 4: FTA 4: Spanish Club 4: National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4. GENE FELDA HARDYMON Baseball l: Cross Country 2: Football 1: Wrestling 2: French Club 1: Student Council 3,4 tPresidentl: Youth- in-Government 4. HAL MICHAEL HARE Football l,2: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Radio Club l: Camera Club l,2. IOHN BRAYTON HARLOW Laketield Prep School l,2: Boys' Intramurals 3,4. W. IOSEPH HARPER Dayton Chaminade High School l,2,3: Golf 4: Boys Intramurals 4: Hi-Y 4: Skiing Club 4. MARTHA LOUISE HARPHAM GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Festo 2,3 tTreasurerl, 4: SKI 2,3,4: Leaders' Club 3,4: Student Council 3: Youth-in- Government 4: Y-Teens 2: Glee Club 2: Executive Coun- cil 2,4. LINLEY IANE HARRISON Drama Club 2,3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l. 1 NANCY LEE HART GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Spanish Honor Society 2,3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2,3: Spanish Club 2,3,4: Student Council l,2: Youth-in-Government 4: Choir 1: Glee Club l,2: Talent Show l,2,4. THOMAS GEORGE HARTMAN Baseball l,2,3,4: Cross Country 2,3,4: Fencing 1: Golf l: Wrestling 2,3,4: Spanish Honor Society 2: Varsity A 2,3,4: Spanish Club 2: Student Council l,2,3,4: Hi-Y 3,4. HELEN IANE HATCHER GAA Interscholastics 2,3,4: GAA Intramurals l tBas- ketball Sportsheadl, 2,3,4 tHockey Sportsheadl: Na- tional Honor Society 3,4: French Honor Society 3,4: Charm Club 4: SKI 2 tVice-Presiclentl, 3,4: French Club l,2,3 Wice-Presidentl, 4 tSecretaryJ: Cheerleader l,3,4. ROBERT MICHAEL HATHAWAY Baseball 1: Debate Club 2 tSecretary-Treasurerl. 3 lSec- retary-Treasurerl: Drama Club l,2,3: French Club l,2: Talent Show l. SALLY ANN HATTEN GAA Interscholastics 2: GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 2: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2: Y-Teens 2: Band tMajorette7 2,3,4: Glee Club l,2,3: Orchestra l: Talent Show l,2. ROBERT MICHAEL HAUBERT Baseball 2: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4. IOHN HERBERT HAYS Cross Country 2,3: Tennis l,3: Track 2: Boys' Intramur- als l,2,3,4: Drama Club l: Spanish Club 3,4: Hi-Y 4. MICHAEL HAYWARD Baseball l,2: Fencing 4: Football 2,3,4: Golf l,2,3,4: Var- sity A 4: Young Republicans 3,4: French Club l,2: Student Council l: Camera Club 4. DON FRANK HEAP Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Debate Club l,2,3: Drama Club l,2,3: Business Club 2,3: Hi-Y l,2,3,4. IAMES RICHARD HEAP Basketball l: Baseball l: Football l: Swimming 2,3,4: French Club 2. HOWARD DAVID BRADSHAW HEATH High School in Canada l,2,3: Boys' Intramurals 4. WILLIAM THOMPSON HEATH Football 2,3,4: Track 2,3: Varsity A 4: Latin Club 3,4: Youth-in-Government 4: Glee Club 2,3: Executive Coun- cil 3,4. LINDA ELAINE HEATON GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 2: SKI- 2,3,4: Young Democrats 4: Latin Club 4: Student Council 4: Youth-in-Government 4: Glee Club 1: Executive Council 2,3: Sons of the American Revolution Citizenship Award l. BETSY ANN HECKMAN GAA Intramurals l,2,3: Charm Club 2,3,4: SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club l,2: Business Club 4: Y-Teens 3,4: Glee Club l,2,3,4: Talent Show 2. MARY MAUREEN HEEKIN Withrow High School l,2,3: GAA Intramurals 4: SKI 4: Spanish Club 4. KARL HEIMBERGER High School in Austria l',2,3: Fencing 4: Leaders' Club 4: Youth-in-Government 4: AFS 4. ROBERT MICHAEL HENDERSHOT Football 2: Track 2. JERRY THOMAS HENRY Golf 1: Swimming 2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3: Stu- dent Council l,2,3. IAMES FREDERICK HERBST Baseball l,2: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Hi-Y 2,3: Skiing Club 4. CONSTANCE SUZANNE HERD GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4: Festo 2,3,4: FTA 4: SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club l,2,3,4: Glee Club l: Talent Show l,2. MIKE BOYLESTON HERZOG Boys' Intramurals 3.4: Choir 2.3.4: Glee Club 1.2: Talent Show 2.4. LAWRENCE OLEN HILDITCH Baseball 3.4: Tennis 2: Wrestling 2.3: Boys' Intramurals Hi-Y 3.4: AFS 2: Glee Club 1: Skiing Club 4. HOWARD COLBY HII.LMAN Basketball 1: Track l.2.3: Boys' Intramurals French Club 1.2: Student Council 1: Business Club 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Talent Show l. IVIICHAEL D. HINDALL Track 1: Wrestling 3. ANNA LEE HIXON GAA Intramurals SKI 2,3 fService Chairmanb. 4 tPresidentD: Latin Club 2.3: Russian Club 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 3.4: AFS 2.3: Talent Show 2: SKI Queen 3. MARY ELLEN HOADLEY GAA Interscholastics 2: GAA Intramurals Festo 2.3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club LINDA LEE HOBBS GAA Intramurals Charm Club 2.3.4: FNC 3: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 1.3: Y-Teens 3.4: Glee Club 2.3.4: Skiing Club 4. STEVEN TAYLOR HOLIVIES Drama Club Thespians 4: Latin Club 2.3.4. IONATHAN LEE HOLZAEPFEL Football Golf Track 2: French Club Youth-in-Government 4: Hi-Y 4: Skiing Club 4 Wice-Presidenth: Chemistry Club 3. HOLLY ELLYN HOOGE GAA Intramurals 1.2: Charm Club 4: Drama Club 3.4: FTA 4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club l.3.4: Choir Music Man 3: Talent Show 2.4: Skiing Club 4. DENNIS CHARLES HOOKER Basketball 1.2: Boys' Intramurals Russian Club 4: Student Council l: Chemistry Club 3. ELIZABETH FLORA HORSLEY GAA Intramurals 1: FTA 4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 3: Bus. Club 4: AFS 3: Band fSec.D: Orchestra 1.2.3. ALEX OTTO HOSTETTLER Cross Country 2.3.4: Golf 1: Track 2.3: Boys' Intra- murals l.2,3.4: Spanish Club LESLIE IRENE HOWE GAA Interscholastics 2.3.4: GAA Intramurals Spanish Honor Society 2: SKI 2.3.4: Young Republi- cans 2: Spanish Club 2.4: AFS 3.4: Glee Club 3. THOMAS CONNER HOWELL Cross Country 4: Track French Club 1.2. IOHN IEFFREY HUDDY Fencing 4: French Club 3.4: Student Council 2: Glee Club 1. MARGARET LYNN HUGHES GAA Intramurals 1.2.37 Charm Club 2.3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 1.2: Business Club 4: Y-Teens 3.4: Glee Club 1.2: Skiing Club 4. ANN REYNOLDS HUHTA GAA Intramurals FTA 4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 1.2: Russian Club 2: Y-Teens 2: Choir 1: Glee Club 2.3.4: Talent Show 1.2. IAMES ROBERT HULLS Fencing 4: Track 4: Russian Club Glee Club 2.3.4. MARGERY ANNETTE HUNTWORK GAA Intramurals l.2.3: FNC 2.3: SKI 3: French Club 1.2: Russian Club 4: Y-Teens Glee Club 2.3. BROOKS HARDING HURD Fencing 4: French Club 1: Spanish Club 3.4: Skiing Club 4. I DULCY IRWIN Rumson Fairhaven Regional High School 1.2: GAA In- tramurals 3,4: French Honor Society 4: SKI 3.4: French Club 3.4: Y-Teens 4: Band CMajorette7 4: Choir 3.4: Music Man 3: Talent Show 4. 210 J DANIEL GARDNER IACKSON Football Track 2: Boys' Intramurals 1.2: Na- tional Honor Society 3.4: Spanish Club 3: Youth-in- Government 4 tCity ManagerJ: AFS 4: Band 1: Choir 2.3.4 CVice-Presidentb: Music Man 3: Orchestra 1. GEORGE NICKY IACOBSON Track 1.2: Business Club 4. VVILLIAM ARNOLD IACOBY Basketball l: Football Track Boy's In- tramurals l.2.3.4: Varsity A 2.3.4. MICHAEL MORRIS IANTON Basketball CManagerJ 2.3.4: Football CManagerJ 2.3.4. IUDITH CAROL IANZ George Mason High School 1: SKI 2.3.4 CTreasurerJ: Y-Teens 3. MAI GUNVOR IARNSTROM High School in Helsinki. Finland l.2.3: GAA Interscho- lastics 4: Leaders' Club 4: Newcomers' Club 4: Student Council 4: Youth-in-Government 4: AFS 4. THOMAS IOSEPH IEDINAK Boys' Intramurals Young Democrats 4: Talent Show l. BARBARA IEAN IOHNSON GAA Intramurals 1 tSocial Chairmani. 2.3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club l.2.3: Leaders' Club 3.4: Student Council 2: Youth-in-Government 4 tChairman, Traffic Com- missionli Y-Teens 2: AFS 2: Choir fGirls' Treas- urerl: Glee Club 1: Music Man 3: Talent Show 2.4: Executive Council 4: Homecoming Court 4. BRUCE IAMES IOHNSON Wrestling 2: Varsity A 2.3.4. CONSTANCE KAY IOHNSON GAA Intramurals Charm Club 3.4: SKI 2.3.4: Spanish Club 4: Choir 1.2: Talent Show 1.2. STEVEN IAMES IOHNSON Boys' Intramurals 4. MARIORIE MAY IOHNSTON GAA Interscholastics 2.3.4: GAA Intramurals 1 tBow- ling Sportsheadb, 2,3 CTrack Sportsheadl. 4 tVice-Presi- dentl: National Honor Society 3.4: French Honor So- ciety 2.3.4: FNC 2. 3. 4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club Russian Club 1.2.3 tSecretaryJ. 4 CTreasurerJ: Norwester 4 lGirls' Sports Editorl: Glee Club l: Talent Show 1: Chemistry Club 3: Student Council 3: Youth-in-Govern- ment 4 tSecretary. Fire Pension Boardb: Skiing Club 4: PTA Russian III Award 3: National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4: Quill and Scroll 4. CAROLYN EDITH IONES Shaker Heights High School 3: GAA Intramurals 1.2.47 Festo 2.4: SKI 2.4: Pub Club 2.4: Cub Reporter l: Youth- in-Government 4 CPlanning Comrnissionb: Glee Club l: Skiing Club 4. IUDITH LORRAINE JONES r GAA Intramurals 1: French Honor Society 3.4: Festo 2.3.4: FTA 2.3.4: French Club Cub Reporter 1: Biology Club 3.4. KATIE SUE IONES I GAA Intramurals l.2.3: Drama Club 2.3.4: Thsipians 4: Festo 3: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 4: Arlingtonian Norwester 4 CAssistant Editorl: Youth-in-Government 4: Choir 1: Glee Club 1: Talent Show 1: Executive Coun- cil 4: Quill and Scroll 4. PETER CLINTON IONES 5 Basketball 1.2: Football 1: Track Boys' Intra- murals 3.4: Varsity A 4: French Club 1.2: Hi-Y 4. . BETTY HUDSON IUSTICE I GAA Interscholastics 3.4: GAA Intramurals 1 Wice- Presidentl. 2 tSoitba1l Sportsheadl. 3 CBowling Sports- headl. 4: SKI 2: French Club 2.4: Russian Club 3: Leaders' Club 3 tSecond Vice-Presidentl, 4: Business Club 4: Student Council 1.2: Y-Teens 3.4: Talent Show 1: Executive Council 3.4: Class Treasurer 3. ' K LINDA KAY KABEALO GAA Intramurals 1 tSoftball Sportsheadl, 2.3.4: Festo 2: FTA 2.3.4: Young Democrats 2. PAUL 'STAN KAISER Track 1.2: French Club 4: SPEAS 2.3.4 CPresidentl: Spanish Club l,2,3: Choir 1: Glee Club 1. ROBERT REGINALD KAITHERN Boys' Intramurals French Club 2: Business Club 4: Hi-Y 4: Chemistry Club 3. PENNY ANN KAIVIIN GAA Intramurals 1.2: Drama Club 3: SKI 2.3.4: French Club l,2,4: Y-Teens 3.4: Glee Club l,2,3: Talent Show 1.2. ' GREGORY LUBOIVIIR KATYNSKI Swimming 2.3: Track 1: Spanish Club 4. MARIANNE KAYES GAA Intramurals French Honor Society 3.4: Charm' Club 4: Festo 3 fTreasurerl: FNC 2: FTA 3.4 CSecretaryl: French Club 2,3,4: Pub Cub 3.4: Cub He- porter 1: Y-Teens 2,3,4: Choir Music Man 3: Executive Council 2.4: PTA English Award 2: PTA His- tory Award 3. SHARON LEE KEATING GAA Interscholastics 2.3.4: GAA Intramurals SKI 2.3.4: French Club 2.3.4: Student Council 2: Youth- in-Government 4: Y-Teens 3: Choir Music Man 3: Talent Show l,2,4: Executive Council 2. THOMAS MILLER KELSEY Ready High School 1: Tennis 2: Young Republicans 2,3,4: Latin Club 2: Hi-Y 2.3.4. KABZ1- LYNN KELSIK GAA Intramurals 1 Wolleyball Sportsheadl, 2.3.4: SKI 2.3.4: Russian Club Leaders' Club 3.4: Y-Teens 4: Choir Music Man 3. IANE LOUISE KERN GAA Intramurals Charm Club 4: FTA 4: French Club 1.2: Pub Club 3.4: Festo 2,3,4: tVice-Presidentl: Skiing Club 4. PAMELA MARIE KINDIG Shaler High School 1: French Honor Society 4: SKI 2.3.4: Young.Democrats 4: French Club 2.3.4: Russian Club 4: Glee Club 2.3.4. IOHN ROLLIN KING Spanish Club 1: Radio Club 4: Business Club 4: Camera Club 4. HERBERT BRIGHTMAN KINNEY Football tManagerJ 1: Track tManagerl 1: National Honor Society 3.4: French Club 2.3.4: Cub Reporter 1: Student Council 1.2: Band Choir 2.3: Music Marr 3: Orchestra 1.2: Talent Show 1.2: Dance Band 2.3.4: Class Vice-President 2. KATHERINE LEE KITCHEN GAA Interscholastics 2: GAA Intramurals Span- ish Honor Society 2.3.4: Charm Club 4: FTA 3: SKI 2.3: Spanish Club tSecretaryl: Leaders' Club 4: Stu- dent Council 2.3.4: Talent Show 1.2: Executive Council 2.3.4. RAYMOND HAROLD KLEINLEIN Baseball 1: Cross Country 2: Fencing 4: Industrial Arts Club 4: French Club 4: Spanish Club l,2,3: Glee Club 3. KAREN SPEARS KNEPPER GAA Interscholastics 3,4: GAA Intramurals SKI 2.3.4: French Club Spanish Club 4: Choir Music Man 3: Talent Show 1.2. CHRISTINE ANN KOERNER GAA Interscholastics -2.4: GAA Intramurals Charm Club 2: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 2.3: Business Club 4 fPresidenfJ. MARTHA ANNE KOHR GAA lnterscholastics 4: GAA Intramurals FTA 3: SKI 2.3.4: French Club Student Council 1: Choir 1: Talent Show 1: Skiing Club 4. STEPHEN NED KOLODZIK Football Track 1: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3: Span- ishgHonor Society 2.3: Spanish Club Youth-in- Government 4: Band lVice-Presidentl: Choir Music Man 3: Orchestra 1: Talent Show l,2,4: Class President 1.2: Class Vice-President 3.4: Boys' State 4. ' RODY SUSAN KONNEKER Spanish Honor Society 4: SKI 2: French Club 2: Y-Teens 3. WILLIAM HOWARD KRAFT Basketball tCo-Captainl: Football 1: Tennis 2: Varsity A 3.4 CTreasurerl: French Club tTreasurerl: Student Council 2.3.4: Youth-in-Government 4: Choir 3,4: Music Man 3: Executive Council 4: Boys' State 3. IUDITH KAY KRIER National Honor Society 3.4: French Honor Society 2.3.4 tVice-Presidentl: Drama Club 2.3.4: Thespians 4: FTA 3.4: French Club l,2,3: Russian Club 2.3.4: Talent Show 1: PTA French Award 2. CHARLES IENNER KUIPERS Football 1: Intramurals 1.4: Tennis 2.3. LINDA LEE KUTSCHBACH GAA Intramurals French Honor Society 3.4: Charm Club 2: FTA 3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 1: Glee Club 2.3.4. L LARRY IAY LARRIMER Cross Country 2: Track 2: Boys' Intramurals 4: Spanish Club 3.4. IOHN LATHROP Basketball 1: Swimming 2.3.4: Boys' Intramurals 1: Drama Club 2.4: Thespians 4: Varsity A 2.3.4: Spanish Club 2.3: Band 1: Choir 2.3.4 CPresidentl: Music Man 3. ELEANOR LINTON LEECH GAA Intramurals 1.2: Drama Club 2: French Club 2: Talent Show. KATHLEEN ANN LENANDER GAA Intramurals FTA 3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club Student Council 2.3: Talent Show 1.2: Executive Council 2. ALLYSON LEWIS National Honor Society 3.4: French Honor Society 3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club Latin Club 3.4: Y-Teens 4: AFS 3: Glee Club 1. ' CYNTHIA ANN LEWIS Charm Club 2.3.4: SKI 2,3,4: Student Council 1.2: Glee Club 1: Talent Show 1.2. IAMES WILLIAM LEWIS Boys' Intramurals 1.2: Track 1: Wrestling 2: Spanish Honor Society 3.4: Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3.4: Debate Club 2.3: Drama Club 2.3: Spanish Club CPresidentJ: Arlingtonian 2.3.4: Student Council 1: AFS 2.-3. LINDA IANE LEWIS GAA Intramurals FTA 3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club Y-Teens 2.3.4: AFS 2: Choir l,2,3: Glee Club 1: Music Man 3: Talent Show 1.2. IAMES WIXCOX LICHTENBERG Tennis 1: Track 3: Spanish Honor Society 3: Spanish Club 2.3:, Student Council 1.4: Youth-in-Government 4: Choir 1.4: Glee Club 2: Talent Show 2: Executive Coun- cil 3. SUSAN REIDS LICHTY Charm Club 2: FTA 3: Band 2. LINDA ANN LLOYD GAA Intramurals Festo 2.3.4: FTA 3.4: French Club Russian Club 3.4: Student Council 2: Y-Teens 3.4: Talent Show 2: Executive Council 3. MICHAEL FREDRICK LOGAN Baseball Football 1.2: Boys' Intramurals 1.2: Spanish Club 3: Latin Club 1.2:'Choir 1. 211 ,LYNN ALYSON LOMBARD GAA Intramurals l,2,3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2,3: Spanish Club 4: Choir 1. NOEL ALLEN LONG MARILYN LOSCOCCO GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Drama Club 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 3,4: Choir l,2,3,4. IEANNE MARIE LYNCH St. Mary of the Springs High School 1: Charm Club 4: FTA 3,4: French Club 3. BRUCE GREINER LYNN. IR. Baseball 1: Cross Country 3,4: Football 2: Golf 1: Track 2,3,4: French Club 1,2: Student Council 3,4: Youth-in- Government 4: Choir l,2,3,4: Talent Show l,2,4: Music Man 3. M MARILYN BERNICE MACK GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 2,3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2: Spanish Club 3. SANDRA LEE MACOIVIBER Young Republicans 2 CSecretaryJ, 3 tPresidentJ, 4 CVice- Chairmanl. IAIVIES ARTHUR MAGNUSON Cross Country 2,3,4 CCo-Captainl: Track l,2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Varsity A 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4: Latin Club 2: Student Council 2,4: Hi-Y 4: Chemistry Club 3. IOYCE ANN MAGNUSON GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: FTA 4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 4: Y-Teens 2: Choir 1: Glee Club 2,3,4: Talent Show l,2. CARLA BAHR MANNING- GAA Interscholastics 2,4: GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 3: FTA 3,4: French Club 1.2: Youth-in- Government 4. RONALD ALLEN MARKEL IANICE ELAINE MARSHALL GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Drama Club 2,3: Festo 2.3: FNC 3,4 fSecretaryJ: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 3,4: Busi- ness Club 4. SHIRLEY ANN MARTONE Lexington Catholic High School l,2: SKI 3,4: French Club 3. ESTHER DALE MCCARTER GAA Intramurals l,2,4: FNC 3,4: FTA 2,3,4: French Club 2: Spanish Club 3: Choir 1: Glee Club 3: Orches- tra l,3. IUDITH ANNE MCCLINTOCK GAA Intramurals 1,4: Charm Club 4: SKI 2,3,4: Young Republicans 2,3,4: French Club l,2,3: Glee Club l,2,3,4: Talent Show l,2,4. BARBARA LYNN MCCORMICK GAA Intramurals l,2,3: Charm Club 4: Festo 2: SKI 2,3,4: Young Republicans 2: Spanish Club 3: Latin Club 1: Y-Teens 1: Choir 1: Glee Club 2. MARTHA KATHLEEN MCCORMICK GAA Intramurals l,2,3: Chann Club 4: FNC 3,4: SKI 2: Spanish Club 3: Talent Show 1.2: Skiing Club 4: Band CMajoretteJ 2,3,4. ROSS LOIRY MCCRAY Choir l. THOMAS MICHAEL MCGUIRE Football 2,3,4: Tennis 2,3,4: Track 1: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Festo 3: Varsity A 4: Industrial Arts Club 2: Hi-Y 3,4: Glee Club l,3: Skiing Club 4 tPresidentl. LAWREN ANN MCKENZIE Cuyahoga Falls High School l,2: Weston High School 3: GAA Interscholastics 4: GAA Intramurals 4. DALE EDGAR MCLEAN Boys' Intramurals 1: Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4: Span- ish Club 2,3,4. TERRY CARL MCQUEEN Cross Country 3: Track 2: Boys' Intramurals 2.3. 212 RICHARD HARPER MEEKS National Honor Society 3,4: Student Council 47 Hi-Y 4: Choir l,2,3,4: Music Man 3: Talent Show 2,4. THOMAS GEORGE MEEKS Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Youth-in-Government 4: Hi-Y 4: Choir l,2,3,4: Talent Show 1,2,4: Music Man 3. IANET LEE MHSTEDT GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 3,4: Festo 2: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2: Y-Teens 3,4: Glee Club 2: Or- chestra'2: Skiing Club 4. PATRICIA RUTH MELVIN SKI 2,4: French Club 2: AFS 3: Biology Club 3,4: Band l,2,3,4: Musicana 2,3,4. ROBERT VINCENT MEYER Q Fencing 4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Young Republi- cans 2: Spanish Club 1,2,3. CAROL LYNN MILLER GAA Intramurals l,2,3: FTA 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: Young Dem- ocrats 4: French Club l,2: Spanish Club 3,4: Business Club 2: Student Council 1: Y-Teens 2,3,4: Glee Club 2: Talent Show l,2,4: Iunior Red Cross 1. MELAHNA MARIE lVIILI.ER GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: FTA 3,4: Spanish Club l,2,3: Glee Club l,2,3. STEVEN MALCOLM MII.LETT French Club 4. IOHN EARL IVIILLIOUS Cross Country 2: Football 1: Swimming 2,3,4: Track 1: Boys' Intramurals l,2: Varsity A 2,3,4: Young Republi- cans 4: Student Council 2,4: Youth-in-Government 4: I-Ii-Y 3,4: Choir l,2,3,4: Glee Club 1: Music Man 3: Tal- ent Show l,2,4. IEFFREY LYN MINER Football l,2: Golf 1: Wrestling 2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3: Spanish Club 3,4: Hi-Y 3: Choir 1. MARGARET RUTH MINK GAA Intramurals 2,3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l. SANDRA IANE MINOR GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Festo 2 tVice-Presidentl, 3 tPresidentD, 4 tTreasurerD: FTA 3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 1.2: Pub Club 3,4: Norwester 4 CTypistD: Y-Teens 4: Glee Club 2: Talent Show l,2: Quill and Scroll 4. MICHAEL LAWRENCE MOONE Drama Club 2,3,4: Thespians 4 CSecretaryl: Cub Cour- ier 1: Arlingtonian 2,3: Choir l. FRANK ROBERT MOORE Golf l: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3: Latin Club l,2,3: Stu- dent Council 3: Hi-Y 2.3. TIMOTHY HAROLD MORGAN Swimming 2,3,4: Spanish Club l,2,3,4: Hi-Y 4. PATRICIA ELENE MORIARTY French Honor Society 3,4: Charm Club 2,4: FTA 4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2,3,4: Latin Club 2: Cub Reporter l: Glee Club 2,4: Talent Show 2,4. NANCY IANE MOZINGO Schwab Iunior High School 1: GAA Interscholastics 3: GAA Intramurals 3,4: French Honor Society 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2,3,4: Youth-in-Government 4: Y- Teens 2,3,4: Talent Show 2,4. THOMAS IOHN MUELLER Golf l,2,3: Student Council 1: Youth-in-Government 4. MERILYNDLE KAITHREN MUMMERT SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2,3: Y-Teens l,2: Glee Club l,2,3,4. N GARY TAYLOR NACK Baseball l,2,3,4: Football l,2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4: Varsity A 4: Talent Show 1. ROBERT MICHAEL NEGRI Bishop Watterson High School 15 Swimming 35 French Honor Society 3,45 Varsity A 3,45 French Club 2,3,4 CPresidentJ5 Norwester 4 tBusiness Managerl5 Student Council 3,45 Youth-in-Government 4 tMayorJ5 Hi-Y 3,45 Talent Show 4. DONNA RAE NELSON GAA Intramurals 1,25 Drama Club 2,3,45 Festo 3,45 SKI 2,3,45 Orchestra 2,3,45 Talent Show l,2. GLORIA IEAN NICHOLS GAA Interscholastics 2,3,45 GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: FTA 3,45 SKI 2,3,45 French Club 2,35 Latin Club 45 Cub Courier 15 Y-Teens 25 Band 15 Choir 15 Glee Club l. LINDA EILEEN NICOLA GAA Intramurals l,2,35 Spanish Honor Society 2,35 Charm Club l,2,35 SKI 2,3,45 Spanish Club l,2,35 Coin Club 25 Y-Teens 25 Glee Club l,2. CHERYL KAY NIELSEN North Central High School 1,25 GAA Intramurals 35 Drama Club 45 Student Council 45 Executive Council 45 Newcomers' Club 4. DANE EDWARD NOWELS Football 25 Spanish Club 2: Choir l. O HERBERT ROY OLSEN Golf 2,35 Talent Show 2. LINDA KAY O'NEIL Bishop Watterson High School l,2,35 SKI 4. LOIS MARIE ORLANDO GAA Intramurals l,2,3,45 Charm Club 45 FTA 35 SKI 2.35 Spanish Club 25 Business Club 45 Talent Show 1. PATRICIA ANN O'ROURKE GAA Intramurals l,2,3,45 FTA 35 SKI 2,3,45 French Club 2,3,45 Latin Club 45 Y-Teens 45 Choir l,2,3,4 tSecretaryl5 Glee Club l,3,45 Music Man 35 Talent Show l,2,4. TOD IAY ORTLIP Basketball 15 Football l,2,3,45 Track l,2,3,45 Boy's Intra- murals l,2,3,45 Varsity A 45 Spanish Club 1.2: Hi-Y 3. TERRY GEORGE OSTERSTOCK Baseball l,2,3,45 Football l,2,3,4 lCo-Captainl: Golf 2,3,45 Varsity A 2,3,45 Choir 3. P PENELOPE MADELINE PARKER GAA Intramurals 1,25 Charm Club 45 SKI 2,3,45 Spanish Club 3,45 Glee Club 1.25 Talent Show 2. TERRY DUANE PARSONS Boys' Intramurals 15 Radio Club 2,3,45 Band l,2,35 Or- chestra l. ALITIA ANNE PATTERSON Grandview High School 25 Worthington High School 35 Lumerton High School 3. KAREN IANE PEASE GSA Interscholastics 2,3,45 GAA Intramurals 1 lTrack Sportsheadl, 2,3,45 FTA 3,45 SKI 2,3,45 French Club l,2,32 Spanish Club 45 Arlingtonian 45 Student Council 1: Youth-in-Government 4 tSecretary, Traffic Commissionlp Y-Teens 2,35 Choir l,2,3,4 fPublicity Managerk Music Man 35 Talent Show l,2,45 Skiing Club 4. TIMBER SUE PENTZ GAA Intramurals l tSecretary-Treasurerl, 2,3,45 Na- tional Honor Society 3,45 Charm Club 3,45 Festo 2,3 Wice-Presidentl, 45 SKI 2,3,45 French Club 2,35 Pub Club 3,45 Y-Teens 3: Glee Club 2,35 Talent Show l,2. CHRISTINE LANORE PERIMAN GAA Intramurals 15 Charm Club 2,35 FTA 35 SKI 2,35 Y-Teens 35 Glee Club l,2. DIANE LYNN PETTEGREW GAA Intramurals 1,25 Charm Club 45 SKI 2,3,45 Span- ish Club l,2,35 Y-Teens 2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3,4. MARCIA PFEIFFER GAA Intramurals 1,25 FNC 3,45 SKI 2,3,45 Leaders' Club 4. IAMES GLENN PHII.LIPS Basketball 15 Football 15 Boys' Intramurals 15 Spanish Honor Society 15 Spanish Club 1,25 Band l,2,3,45 Choir l,2,35 Music Man 3: Orchestra 15 Dance Band 3,4. LUCY GRAY PILCHER Whetstone High School 25 FTA 45 Spanish Club 3,45 Skiing Club 4. THOMAS GEORGE PILLIFANT. IH Ottawa Hills High School 1,25 Boys' Intramurals 3,45 S anish Club 3.4. TFIOMAS CHARLES PINGEL Golf l,2,35 Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,45 National Honor Society 3,45 Russian Club 2,3,45 Cub Reporter 15 Student Council 15 Band 2,3,45 Choir 15 Musicana 2,3,45 Orches- tra 2,3,4: Dance Band 2,3,4. NANCY KAY POPA GAA Interscholastics 2,3,45 GAA Intramurals l CVice- Presidentl, 2,3,4 tPresiclentJ5 SKI 2,3 CSergeant-at-Armsl, 45 French Club 3,45 Spanish Club 45 Student Council 1,35 Youth-in-Government 4 tPolice Pension BoardJ5 Y- Teens 15 Talent Show l. LINDA POWELL GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: SKI 2,45 Glee Club 1. PHILIP HANGER POWERS Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,45 Hi-Y 45 Choir l,2,3,45 Music Man 3. WARD EUGENE PUTTERBAUGH Cross Country 25 Fencing 15 Track 15 Boys' Intramurals 1,25 Cub Courier l. R WILLIAM SCOTT RADCLIFFE Basketball l,2,3,4 CCo-CaptainJ5 Baseball 1,25 Football 15 Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,45 Student Council 1,45 Youth- in-Government 4 CPolice Chiefl5 Hi-Y 3,45 Choir l,2,3,45 Glee Club 35 Executive Council 2,3. CHERYL IEANNE RAITH Charm Club 35 SKI 2,3,45 Glee Club l,2,3. IOHN LINVILLE RALSTON Football l,2,3,45 Track 1,25 Spanish Club l,2,3,45 Hi-Y 2,3,45 Skiing Club 4. NANCY ANN RASCHE GAA Intramurals 1,25 National Honor Society 3.45 French Honor Society 2,3,45 SKI 2,35 French Club 1,25 Russian Club 2,3,45 Leaders' Club 45 AFS 2,3,45 Glee Club 25 PTA French IV Award 35 PTA Chemistry Award 3. NANCY RAY GAA Intramurals l,2,3,45 Spanish Honor Society 3,42 FNC 25 FTA 3: SKI 2,3,45 French Club 1.2: Spanish Club l,2,3,45 Newcomers' Club 45 Y-Teens 3,45 AFS 2,3,4. MARK HARVEY RECKLING Boys' Intramurals 1,35 Spanish Club 3.4. DORSEL WILLIAM REESE Boys' Intramurals 25 Radio Club 25 Business Club 45 Band 2,3,45 Choir l,2,3,45 Glee Club 1,25 Music Man 35 Talent Show l,2,4. STEVE ARCHER REILLY Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,45 Spanish Club l,2,3,4. IU-L ANN REISER GAA Intramurals l,2,3,45 SKI 2,3,45 French Club 2,45 Spanish Club 3,45 Y-Teens 2. LINDA IOY REUTING GAA Intramurals l,2,3,45 FTA 35 SKI 2,3,45 French Club 25 Spanish Club 3,45 Choir 2,3,45 Orchestra 2. CARLETON DODGE' REVEL1. Golf l,2,3,45 Wrestling 35 Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,45 Spanish Honor Society 2,35 Spanish Club l,2,35 Youth- in-Government 45 Hi-Y 3,4. 213 DON LOUIE RHOADS Track 1.2: National Honor Society 3.4 CPresidentl: French Honor Society 3,4: Quill and Scroll Honor So- ciety 3,4 CSecretaryl: Cub Reporter 1: Arlingtonian 2.3 lNews Agency Editorl: Norwester 4 CBusiness Staffl: Youth-in-Government 4: AFS 2.3.4 CTreasurerJ: Citizen- ship Award 1. KAREN SUE RICHARDS GAA Interscholastics 2.3: GAA Intramurals 1 lHockey Headl. 2.3.4: SKI 2.3.4 CSecretaryl: French Club 2: Lea- ders' Club 4: Business Club 4 CVice-Presidentl: Student Council 1.2: Youth-in-Government 4 lBoard of Educa- tionl: Y-Teens 4: Choir 1 tSecretaryl, 2.3.4: Glee Club 1: Music Man 3: Talent Show l.2.4: Executive Council 4: Class Treasurer 1. LAURA IOAN RICHARDS GAA Intramurals l.2.4: Drama Club l,2,3,4: FNC 3: SKI 2.3.4: Russian Club 2.3.4: -AFS 3: Choir l,2,3,4: Music Man 3: Talent Show 1.2.4. CRAIG MacCARY RICHTER Marietta High School 1: Track 2.3.4: Young Republi- cans 4: Latin Club 2.3.4: Youth-in-Government 4: Choir 4: Executive 'Council 4. DONALD GENE RITCHIE Boys' Intramurals 3: Spanish Club 3: Choir l.2,3.4. DENISE LYNN RIVIERE FTA 3.4: SKI 2.3.4: Y-Teens 3. JENNIFER LOU ROBE New Canaan H.S. 2,3: GAA Intramurals 1.4: FTA 4: SKI 4: French Club 4: Newcomers' Club 4: Glee Club 4. DOUGLAS ERWIN ROBERTS French Club 11.2. KELSEY ROBINSON GAA Intramurals 1: Charm Club 4: Festo 4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 1.2: Pub Club 3.4: AFS 3.4. KENDRA IEAN ROBINSON GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 3.4: Russian Club 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 4: Glee Club 2.3. ROXANNE LEE ROBINSON GAA Intramurals 1.2: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 2: Pub Club 4: Choir 2,3,4: Music Man 3: Snow Princess 1: Homecoming Queen 4. KATHY SANDRA ROCHON GAA Intramurals 1.2: SKI 2,3,4: Student Council l,2,3: Y-Teens 1.2.37 Biology Club 4: Glee Club 1: Talent Show 2: Skiing Club 4. HAL EDSON RODDY Football 3: Spanish Club 2: Biology Club 2. NANCI MARIE RODGERS Festo 2.3.4: FTA 3: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 1. IAMES LEE ROMAS Football 2.3: Tennis 2.3: Wrestling 2: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Spanish Club 4: Skiing Club 4. IAMES MICHAEI. ROOF IOHN EDWIN ROSS Russian Club 3: Choir 4: Talent Show 1.2.4. GORDON WII.LIAM ROSENCRANS Boys' Intramurals 4. LYNN MARIE RUDOLPH GAA Intramurals 3.4: FNC 2: SKI 2.3.4: Spanish Club 2: Latin Club 3: Russian 'Club 3: Business Club 4: Choir 1. ROBERT ANTHONY RUDOLPH Basketball l,2,3: Football 1.2: Golf lCaptainl: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Debate Club 3.4: Drama Club l.2.4: Varsity A 2.3.4 lSecond Vice-Presidentl: Industrial Arts Club I: Young Republicans l,2,3,4: French Club 1.2: Newcomers' Club l,2,3,4: Cub Courier 1: Business Club 1.2: Student Council 1.2: Youth-in-Government 4: Hi-Y 2,3: Choir 1.2: Talent Show 1.2: lunior Red Cross I. ROBERT O. RUPP Cross Country 2.3.4: Debate Club 2.3.4 fVice-Presidentl: Drama Club 2.3.4 lVice-Presidentl: Thespians 4: New- comers' Club 3,4 CSecretaryl: Choir 2,3,4: Glee Club 3. 214 ANDREA LYNN RUSSELL GAA Intramurals l.3.4: FTA 4: SKI 2.3.4: Spanish Club l,2,3: Business Club 4: Y-Teens 3: Choir 1: Glee Club l,2,3,4: Talent Show l.2.4: Skiing Club 4. STEPHEN IOHN TARCISIUS RYAN Football 3.4: Track 2.3.4: Drama Club 2.3.4. TED CURTIS RYTELL Basketball 1.2: Football l,2,3: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Spanish Club 4. S SUSAN IANE SALLER GAA Intramurals l,2,3: National Honor Society 3,4: Charm Club 2: FNC 2: FTA 3,4 lPresidentl: SKI 2,3,4: Russian Club 2.3.4: Youth-in-Government 4: Y-Teens 4: Executive Council 3: PTA Trigonometry-Analytic Geo- metry Award 3. ELIZABETH IEAN SALZGABER GAA Intramurals 2.3: Latin Club 3. WILLIAM PAUL SAVAGE Boys' Intramurals 1.2: Spanish 1.3.4. MARY ANGELA SAVKO GAA Intramurals l.2.4: Festo 3: FNC 2: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 1.2: Russian Club 3: Glee Club 1.3: Music Man 3: Norwester 4 lBusiness Staffl. BEVERLY ANN SAYERS Manchester High School 1.2: GAA Intramurals 3: Na- tional Honor Society 3.4: Spanish Honor Society 3.4: FTA 4: Spanish Club 3,4 CTreasurerJ: AFS 3: Band 3.4: Orchestra 3. DANIEL GARVIN SAYERS Football l,2,3,4: Tennis 2.3: Track 1: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Spanish Club 2,3,4: Leaders' Club 4: Business Club 4: Student Council 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Boys' State 4: Class President 4: Executive Council 2: Co-Chairman of lr.- Sr. Prom 3: Turkey King 2.4: National Merit Letter of Commendation 4. PHILIP WESLEY SCI-IMIDT CHARLES IOHN SCHODORF Wrestling 1: Boys' Intramurals 1.2. WILLIAM CRAIG SCHOOLS Golf 2: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Industrial Arts Club 2: Spanish Club 2: Biology Club 3. FREDERICK TERREL SCHUMAN Basketball l.3.4: Drama Club 3: Band 1: Glee Club 3.4: Choir 4: Music Man 3: Varsity A 3.4: Talent Show 2.4. ROBERT CHARLES SCOTT Cross Country 2.3.4: Track 1.2: Russian Club 2.3.4 tVice-Presidentl: Choir 2.3.4: Glee Club 2: Music Man 3. DONALD ALFRED SEAGER Fencing 4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: French Club 4. ELIZABETH ANNE SEIDEL GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 2: Choir 2.3.4: SKI 2.3.4: Executive Council 3.4: Spanish Club 3.4: Norwester 4 CBusiness Staffl. SUZANNE MAREE SENN GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Festo 3: FTA 3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 1.2: Y-Teens 4: Biology Club 3: Choir l,2,3,4: Music Man 3: Talent Show 2. LINDA SHAFER GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 4: Spanish Club 1.2: Business Club 4: Glee Club 1.2.3. KAREN ALICE SHAFFER GAA Interscholastics 2: GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: SKI 2,3: Young Republicans 4: French Club 1.2: Y-Teens 4: Band 1: Choir l,2,3,4: Orchestra 1. ROBERT ROLAND SHARER Tennis 1.2: Wrestling 1: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: In- dustrial Arts Club 1,2: Spanish Club 3.4: Band l,2,3,4: Glee Club 1: Orchestra 1.2: Talent Show 1.2. CAROLE IANE SHARP GAA Intramurals l.2.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 2.3.4: Russian Club 2.3. IAIVIES DENNIS SHAW MARY ELISABETH SHEARER GAA Interscholastics 3: GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Na- tional Honor Society 3,4: French Honor Society 3,4: Drama Club 2,3,4: SKI 2,3: French Club l,2,3 CSecond Vice-Presidentl, 47 Spanish Club 37 Leaders' Club Nor- wester 4 CCopy Readerl: Youth-in-Government 4: Glee Club 1: Talent Show 1,27 Girls' State 3. DAWN CHRISTINE SHERIFF GAA Intramurals l,2,3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 3: Y- Teens 2,3,4. FRANK DANIEL SHERMAN Basketball l,2: Baseball 1: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4. SHERRILL ANN SHERMAN GAA Interscholastics 3,47 GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4 fTennis Sportsheadl: National Honor Society 3,4 fVice- Presidentl: French Honor Society 3,47 Festo 2,3,4: SKI 2,3 CPublicity Chairmanl, 4: French Club 2,3,4: Russian Club 2,3: Pub Club 2,3 CSecretaryl, 4: Norwester 4 CArt Editorl: Student Council 3: Youth-in-Government 4 CDeputy Health Commissionerl: Glee Club 17 Skiing Club 4: Mathletics 3: PTA Russian Award 27 National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4. EDVVIN EMMITT SHERWOOD Baseball 17 Cross Country 2,3: Wrestling 37 Boys' In- tramurals' 17 French Club l,2: Choir 1. EDWARD McKINLEY SHIELDS Spanish Honor Society 3,47 Spanish Club 2,4 CVice- Presidentl7 Student Council 1 CVice-Presidentl, 4 ITrea- surerl7 Youth-in-Government 4: Band 1,2,3 lVice-Presi- dentl, 4: Music Man 37 Orchestra l,2,3,4: Musicana 2,3,4: Dance Band 2,3,4: Class Vice-President 1. MARGARET ANN SHOOK GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: FNC 27 FTA 4: SKI 2,3,4: Young Republicans 2 7 Spanish Club l,2,3,4: Skiing Club 4. DAVID LESLIE SHULTZ Basketball CManager J 1: Fencing 4: Boys' Intramurals 1: Track CManagerl 1: Drama Club 1: French Club 17 Cub Reporter 17 Choir l,2,3,4: Glee Club 1,27 Music Man 3. ROBERT ERNEST SHUMAKER. IR. Fencing 4: Boys' Intramurals 17 Spanish Club l,2,3: Choir l,2,3,4. ELIZABETH ANN SII.LINS GAA Intramurals 1,27 SKI 2,3,4: Young Democrats 4 ISecretaryJ7 French Club 1: Glee Club 2,4. HEIDI SIMS Whetstone High School l,2: GAA Intramurals 3,47 Festo 3,47 Pub Club 3,4: Skiing Club 4. LEWIS RICE SKELTON Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Spanish Honor Society 2,3: Spanish Club 2,3,4: Hi-Y 2,3. DONALD MICHAEL SMITH Spanish Club 4: Band 2. LINDA EILEEN SMITH GAA Intramurals 1.3: Charm Club 4: FNC 3: SKI 2,3,4: Business Club 4 CTreasurerD: Glee Club l,2,3,4. SHERYL IEAN SMITH GAA Interscholastics 2,3,4: GAA Intramurals 1 CPresi- dentl 2,3 lArchery Sportsheadli National Honor Society 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2,3: Latin Club 3 CTreasurerl: Pub Club 3,4: AFS 3: Choir l,2,3,4: Music Man 37 Cheer- leader l,3,4. STEVEN TRENBERTH SMITH Football 2,3,4: Track l,2,3,4: Wrestling 2,37 Spanish Honor -Society 3,47 Spanish Club 2,3,4: Leaders' Club 3,4: Choir 2,3. TI-IERESA IEANNE SNAVEI.Y Charm Club 3: FNC 2,3,4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2,3: Choir l,2,3,4. BRIAN FREDERICK SNELL Fencing 4: Tennis l,2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals 2,3,4: Var- sity A 4: Young Democrats 4 CSergeant-at-Armsli Rus- sian Club 2,3,47 Hi-Y 4: ,Orchestra 1. IERRY' WESLEY SNYDER Basketball Z,3,47 Golf 1: Varsity A 3,47 Hi-Y 2,3,4: Youth-in-Government 4. GWYNETH SPAFFORD GAA Intramurals l,2,3: Charm Club 2: FNC 47 SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club l,2: Camera Club 3,47 Choir 17 Glee Club 17 Band fMajorettel 3,4. CHARLES CURTIS SPARKS Basketball 1: Football l,2,3,4: Track l,2,3: Boys' Intra- murals 1,2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4. IOHN IOSEPH SPITTLER Basketball 1: Football 17 Swimming 2,3,4: Tennis l CCaptainl, 2,3,4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Varsity A 3,4: Young Republicans 3,47 Choir l. SUSAN LEE SPRINGSTON Drama Club 3,42 SKI 3,4: Young Democrats 47 French Club 4: Spanish Club 2,3,4: Cub Reporter 1: AFS 3,4: Choir 1: Glee Club 2,3,4. IOHN MICHAEL STANLEY Basketball 1,27 Baseball l,2,3,4 CCaptainD: Football l,2,3,4: Wrestling 37 Boys' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Varsity A 2,3,4: Young Democrats 4: French Club 3,47 Youth- in-Government 4 KFinance Directorl7 Hi-Y 4: Choir 1,2, 3,4: Music Man 3. CHARLES MATTHEW STEGER CHRISTIE DULANEY STEPHENSON McLean High School 1,27 GAA Intramurals 47 French Honor Society 47 SKI 3,47 AFS 3,4: National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4. ALLEN ROBERT STERNER. IR. Arlingtonian 3. NANCY LITTLEPAGE STEWART GAA Interscholastics 3,47 Girls' Intramurals l,2,3,4: Quill and Scroll Honor Society 4: FTA 2,3,4: French Club 2,3,4: Leaders' Club 4: Arlingtonian 3,47 Student Council 1,21 Youth-in-Government 47 Band 1: Choir 2,3,4: Skiing Club 4. CAROL MARIE STILES Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4: Charm Club 2,3,4: FTA 3,4: SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3 fTreasurerl 47 Cub Re- porter 17 Glee Club 1.2. 1 ELSA SUE STILLWAGON GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Drama Club 2: SKI 2,3,4: Spanish Club 3,4: Business Club 3: Glee Club l. IUDITH LEE STINE GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4 fSecretaryl: National Honor Society 3,47 French Honor Society 2,3,4: Spanish Honor Society 2,3,4 lPresidentl: FNC 2: SKI 2 CSecretaryl, 3.4: French Club l,2,3,4: Spanish Club 2,3 CVice-Presidentl, 47 Youth-in-Government 4: AFS 3,4. SUSAN KAY STOFFEL GAA Interscholastics 4: GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: Charm Club 4: FNC 3: FTA 3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 1,27 Spanish Club 3,47 Leaders' Club 4: Student Coun- cil 1,37 Y-Teens 47 Choir 1: Glee Club 27 Executive Council 3. DAVID LEE STONE Young Republicans 2,3,4 KPresidentl. ELIZABETH LOUISE STONE GAA Interscholastics 37 GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: FTA 2,3,4: Pub Club 3,47 Student Council 3,47 Youth-in-Gov- ernment 4: Y-Teens 2,37 AFS 27 Glee Club 37 Cheer- leader l,3,4: Girls' State 37 Track Queen 1. IOHN THEODORE STRAUB' Aquinas High School 1,27 Boys' Intramurals 3,47 Trdck 3,47 Skiinq Club 4. SALLY ANN 'STREBEL I Bishop Wattersan High School 1: GAA Intramurals 2,3,4: Charm Club 47 SKI 2,3,4: Young Democrats 47 French Club 2,3: Student Council 3,4: Glee Club 2,3,4: Executive Council 4. PATRICIA ANN STRIDSBERG GAA Interscholastics 27 GAA Intramurals l,2,3,4: French Club 3,47 Glee Club 1, 215 MARY LANE STROSS FNC 2,3: SKI 2.3.4: Spanish Club 3.4. MARY MAGDALENESUPP Spanish Honor Society 2.3.4: FNC 2.3: FTA 3.4: SKI 3,4: French Club 4: Spanish Club Cub Reporter 1: Choir 1: Glee Club 1.2. MICHAEL FRED SUSSMAN Youth-in-Government 4 fSuperintendent of Mainten- ancel. SANDRA LYNNE SWAN GAA Intramurals 2.3.4: Charm Club 2.3.4: SKI 2.3.4: Spanish Club 3,4 Business Club 3: Y-Teens 4: Glee Club 2.3.4. IEFFERY MICHAEL SYLVESTER Golf 1.2: Youth-in-Government 4: Choir Music Man 3: Chemistry Club 3: Physics Club 4. T ANN TARBUTTON GAA Intramurals 2: National Honor Society 3.4 CSecre- tary-Treasurerl: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 2: Latin Club 2.3.4 fVice-Presidentl: Leaders' Club 3,4 CVice-Presi- dentl: Student Council 3.4: Youth-in-Government 4 CBoard of Educationl: Y-Teens 3: National Merit Schol- arship Letter of Commendation 4. MARY IO TARINI GAA Intramurals SKI 2.3.4: French Club Business Club 3.4. CAROL LEE TAYLOR GAA Intramurals 1. 2, 3. 4 Wolleyball Sportsheadl: Charm Club 2.3.4 CPresidentJ: SKI 2.3: French Club 1.2: Glee Club IEFFREY COSSMAN TAYLOR York Community High School 1.2.3. SANDRA ANN TESSIER GAA Intramurals Drama Club 2.3: FTA 3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 1 CTreasurerl. 2.3.4: Y-Teens 3.4 CTreasurerl: Choir 1: Glee Club 1: Talent Show 1. STEVEN IOSEPH TESTA Eighlop Watterson High School 1: Boys' Intramurals KAREN LOUISE TETIRICK GAA Intramurals 1.3: French Honor Society 3.4: Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3,4 CVice-Presidentl: Charm Club 2,3: SKI 2.3.4: French Club l,2,3: Arlingtonian 3.4 tlilewrite Editorl: Choir 1. LINDA SUE THOMAS GAA Intramurals SKI 2.3.4: French Club Business Club 4. TERRI LEE THOIVIPSON lsinden McKinley High School 2: Sandusky High School IOAN SCOTT THROOP GAA Intramurals Charm Club 2: Debate Club 2: Drama Club 2.3.4 tSecretaryl: FTA 3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 3.4: Band 1: Choir 1: Talent Show 1.2: Skiing Club 4. DARREL ANN TIMMONS GAA Interscholastics 4: GAA Intramurals FTA 3.4: SKI 2.3: French Club 1.2: Leaders' Club 3.4: Stu- dent Council 2.3: Y-Teens 2.3.4 tVice-Presidentl: Choir Music Man 3: Talent Show 4. III.-L ELEANOR TIPTON GAA Intramurals SKI 2 CSergeant-at-Armsl, 3.4: Spanish Club 1.2: Youth-in-Government 4 CBoard of Healthl: Y-Teens 4: Choir 3: Talent Show 1.2: Skiing Club 4. DANIEL LEE TOBIN Track 1: Wrestling 2: Norwester 4 KBusiness Statfl. DENNIS LEIGH TOM Boys' ,Intramurals 216 MARY ALANE TOMPKIN FNC 2.3.4: SKI 2.3.4: Young Democrats 4: French Club 2,3: AFS 4: Biology Club 3: Glee Club 2.4: Talent Show 4. SUE ANNE TOMS GAA Intramurals French Honor Society 3,47 Charm Club 2.3: SKI 2.3.4: French Club l,2,3: Spanish Club 2.3: PTA Spanish Award 2. SUSAN LYNNE TRACY GAA Intramurals 2: Spanish Honor Society 2.3.4: Span- ish Club 2.4: Band Orchestra 1: SKI 2.3.4. LARRY EDWIN TROVER Debate Club 2.3: Russian Club 2.3.4: Choir Glee Club 1: Music Man 3: PTA Advanced Algebra Award 2: National Merit Scholarship Letter of Commendation 4. BRIAN DONALD TURNER Boys' Intramurals 1: French Club 4: Business Club 4. TIMOTHY TUTTLE Taft Senior High School 1.2: Hockey 4: Newcomers' Club 4. V RONALD FRANICE VERHOI-'F Boys' Intramurals Industrial Arts Club 4: Span- ish 3.4: Glee Club 1. TOREE VICTORIA VES'SELLS Air Academy High School 2: Boulder High School 3: Band tMajoretteJ 4: Glee Club 4. IOELYN VON HAAM GAA lnterscholastics 2.3.4: GAA Intramurals 1 CHockey Sportsheadl. 2.3.4 KPublicity Chairmanl: SKI 2.3.4 fSocia1 Chairmanl: French Club 1.2: Leaders' Club 2.3.4: Pub Club 3.4: Student Council 1.2: Executive Council 3.4: Choir l,2,3: Music Man 3: Talent Show 1.2.4: Skiing Club 4: Class Treasurer 4: Snow Princess Court 1: Homecoming Court 4. lA.MES W1I.LIAM VON HOLTEN Track 1: Boys' Intramurals 1.3: Spanish Club 3: Glee Club 2.3.4: Orchestra 2.3. W LINDA SUE WADLEY GAA Intramurals 1 tBowling Sportsheadl: French Club 3: Latin Club 2: Choir Music Man 3: Talent Show 1.2.4 MICHAEL CURTISS WAGGENER Spanish Club 3,4: Latin Club 1.2: Biology Club 3. IOHN CLINTON WAGGONER Bishop Watterson High School 1.2.3. GERRY LEE WAGNER GAA Intramurals 3: Charm Club 2,3: FNC 3: FTA 3: SKI 3: French Club 2: Glee Club 4: Talent Show 4. VICKIE MAE WALCUTT GAA Intramurals Young Republicans 4: Span- ish Club l,2,3: Student Council 1.2: Y-Teens 1.2.4: AFS 3: Choir Glee Club 1: Music Man 3: Talent Show 1.2.4. FREDERICK KENT WALKER Football Swimming 2.3.4: Boys' Intramurals Varsity A 4: Latin Club 3.4 CPresidentl: Leaders' Club 3.4 tTreasurerl: Youth-in-Government 4: Glee Club 1: Chemistry Club 3. IANIS LEE WALKER Radford School for Girls 2: Monticello College 3: GAA Intramurals 1.4: Charm Club 4: FTA 4: SKI 4: Y-Teens 4: Choir 1.4. RANDY LEE WALKER Basketball 1.2: Track CCo-Captainl: Football Boys' Intramurals Varsity A 2.3.4 fPres- identl: Debate Club 1.2: Drama Club 1.2: Spanish Club Cub Courier 1: Student Council l KVice-Presi- dentl, 2.3: Youth-in-Government 4: Hi-Y 2.3.4: AFS 4: Glee Club 1: Talent Show 1. ANN BANKS WALTZ GAA Intramurals l,2.3,4: SKI 3.4: Pub Club 4: Business Club 4. PATRICIA KAY WARDEN GAA Intramurals 2: SKI 2,3: French Club 1.2.4: Nor- wester 4 tEditor-in-Chief: Student Council 3: Glee Club 3: Quill and Scroll 4. CHARLOTTE WARNER Rocky River High School 1.2: Debate Club 3: SKI 3: Spanish Club 3: AFS 3. CANDICE LUCELLE WATKINS Drama Club 3.4: Festo 3: FTA 2.3.4: Spanish Club l,2,3: Arlingtonian 3.4: Camera Club 4: Glee Club 1.2: Talent Show 2. CARL IOSEPH WATKINS Football 2: Wrestling 2.3: Track tCo-Captainl: Boys' Intramurals l,2.3,4: Varsity A 2.3.4 CSecretaryJ: Industrial Arts Club 2: Russian Club 2.3: Youth-in-Gov- ernment 4: Hi-Y 2.3.4: Skiing Club 4. GERALD ALLAN WEAVER Cedar Cliff High School 2.3: Boys' Intramurals 4. RICHARD MARK WEAVER Cleveland Lutheran West High School 1: Lakewood High School 1.2: Business Club 4: Biology Club 3.4: Glee Club 4. CAROLYN SUE WEBER GAA Intramurals 1 tBasketba11 Sportsheadl, 2,3,4: FNC 2.3: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2.3,4: Student Council 3: Y-Teens 1.2: Glee Club 2: Talent Show 1.2.4. IOHN HEDLUND WEGMAN Track 1: Wrestling l,2.3,4: Boys' Intramurals 1.4: Drama Club 4: Spanish Club 1.2: Talent Show 1. RUSSELL ALBAN WEIDNER Baseball l,2,3: Football l,2.3,4: Boys' Intramurals l,2,3: French Club 1.2. MICHAEL CRAIG WELCH Golf l,2,3: Track l,2.3,4: Russian Club 2,3 CSergeant- at-Armsl, 4 tPresidentJ: Student Council 4: Youth-in- Government 4 tHea1th Commissionerl. RICHARD CHARLES WESLEY Spanish Club 2: Hi-Y 1.2: Band l.2,3,4. GAYLE ANN WEST GAA Intramurals l: SKI 2,3,4: Young Republicans 4: Spanish Club 2: Business Club 4: Y-Teens 2.3. DONALD ROBERT WHETZEL SUSAN LEE WHIPPLE GAA Intramurals l,2.3,4: Charm Club 2,3,4: FTA 4: SKI 2.3.4: Spanish Club 3.4: Student Council 2: Y-Teens l: Glee Club 1.4: Talent Show 1. DAVID ARMSTRONG WHITE Fencing 4: Track 2.3: Spanish Honor Society 4 Wice- Presidentl: Spanish Club 1.2: Choir l,2.3,4: Glee Club 1: Music Man 3: Talent Show 1.2. PAUL FREDERICH WHITE Spanish Club l,2.3,4. SANDRA LYNN WHITMER GAA Intramurals l,2.3,4: Drama Club 2: FTA 2.3.4: Spanish Club 3.4: Glee Club 1.2. CLARK WINGETT WIDEIVIAN Football 1.2: Track 1.2: Boys' Intramurals l,2.3,4: French Club 1.2: Hi-Y 3: Choir 1. IACK WILCE Football 3:'Track l,2,3: Talent Show 2. BARBARA LOUISE WILER Mansfield Senior High School 2: Malabar Senior High School 3: National Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll Honor Society 4. ANN LESLIE WII.HELMY GAA Intramurals l,2.3,4: FTA 3.4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club l,2,3: Biology Club 3.4: Glee Club 2: Talent Show 1. PATRICIA DEE WILKEC Colegio Americano de Quito 3: GAA Intramurals 1: Spanish Honor Society 2.4: SKI 2.4: French Club 2.4: Y-Teens 2. IOHN BERNARD WILKENS Riverside High School 1: Fencing 4: Swimming 2.3: Boys' Intramurals 4: Chemistry Club 3. IAMES REGAN WILLIAMS Cross Country 2,3: Track 2: Boys' Intramurals 1.2: Spanish Honor Society 3: French Club 1: Spanish Club 2: Talent Show 2. IUDITH FERN WILLIAMS GAA Intramurals 1.2: Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3.4: Drama Club 4: FTA 3.4: SKI 2,3,4: French Club 2: Russian Club 3.4: Cub Courier 1 tCo-Editorl: Arlington- ian 3: Norwester 4 fAssistant Editorl: Y-Teens 2: AFS 4: Biology Club 3: Glee Club l,3,4: Talent Show 1.4: Library Club 2. LUTHER WILLIAMS. IR. Basketball 1: Spanish Club 3.4: Business Club 4: Choir 1: Talent Show 1. WILLIAM IAMES WILLIS Tennis 1: Quill and Scroll Honor Society 4: Drama Club 2.3.4 tTreasurerJ: Thespians 4 CTreasurerl: Cub Courier 1: Arlingtonian 4 tBusiness Managerl: Youth-in-Govern- ment 4 tCivil Service Commissionl: AFS 4: Choir 1: Executive Council 3. DIANE SUE WILMETH Whitehall Yearling High School 1.2: Frankfurt Ameri- can High School 3: GAA Intramurals 4: SKI 4: Youth- in-Government 4 tCivi1 Defense Directorl. DEBORAH LEE WILSON Charm Club 2.3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 2,3: Business Club 4 tSecretaryJ: Y-Teens 2.3. DONNA GRACE WILSON GAA Intramurals l,2,3: FNC 2.3.4: SKI 2.3.4: Young Democrats 3: French Club 1.2: Business Club 2,3. ROGER BRUCE WILSON Baseball l,2,3: Industrial Arts" Club 1: Spanish Club 1.2: Cub Reporter 1: Band l,2.3,4: Choir 1: Talent Show 1.2.4. CAROL ANN WINEBERG GAA Intramurals l,2.3,4: French Club l,2,3: Spanish Club 3.4: Y-Teens l,2,3: Glee Club 1.2: Talent Show 2.4. BARBARA SUE WRIGHT l Linden McKinley High School 2: Spanish Club 1: Bus- iness Club 3,4: Band 1.3.4. SUSAN IEAN WRIGHT GAA Intramurals 1.2: Drama Club 2.3.4: Thespians 4: Spanish Club 3: Newcomers' Club 4: Y-Teens 3: Choir 1: Glee Club 1: Talent Show 1. PATRICIA IOHINS WUICHET GAA 'Intramurals 1: French Honor Society 4: Quill and Scroll Honor Society 3.4: FTA 3.4: SKI 2.3.4: French Club 2.3.4: Latin Club 2: Cub Reporter 1: Arlingtonian 3.4: AFS 4: Biology Club 3.4: Band 3: Choir 1 CEn- semblel: Music Man 3: Orchestra 3: Talent Show 1. Y BONNIE WESTBROOK YOUNG Fort Thomas High School 1: GAA Intramurals 2: Charm Club 3: SKI 2,3,4: Latin Club 3. AILEEN LUELLEN' YUNG French Club 1: Band l,2.3,4: Orchestra 1. Z IERRY WAYNE ZIMMER Fencing 4. STANLEY IAY ZHVIMERMAN Basketball 3: Wrestling 3: Spanish, Club 3. 218 Acknowledgements Mr. Iohn Hildreth .... .. . Black and White Photography Mr. Leo Wilhelm ......... ........... C olor Photography Rev. David C. Campbell . .. .... Riverside Methodist Church The NORWESTER Slafl Pattie Warden Katie Iones . . Iudy Williams Barb Corn . . . Ieff Folkerth .... ............ P hotography Editor . . . .... Assistant Editor . . . . . . . , Assistant Editor . . . .... Editor-in-Chief Bob Negri . . . . . . . Literary Editor Mary Beth Shearer .......... ........,........ C opyreader Don Rhoades Angie Savko Dan Tobi.n Betsy Seidel Dan Fitting ...... .... Marjie Iohnston .... .... Sandy Minor .... .............. Sherry 'Sherman ............... Business Manager Boys' Sports Editor Girls' Sports Editor Typist . . . . Art Editor f 8 s - i i - ' llfvf' . ' I I l'.ll I Sl I E ,,..g'g :lit I I n It 'igfg I lg 1 ' illnsge' ' l Vw? 1. 'ng EL ! 1' - N fv,,,,.f X t1r ' tw wr! I A 3 a" ' '5 ,. e aa , g, E l E! I S ill? ' "" I L .- - ? , ' - -gas nga -1 i ff ' r- -ti viii I H J sf 'ef' V, H- ':i,,,.,-lf r .A... T :' 'W - O Arlington, dear Arlington, Welrleax,ggg,Wg,th,AA Qjuf gi t? The thought of you Our hearts will ne'er forget The day,g,uQi,yQ13Q1-. ,ul W And friends so true The correfree Ways Will be no more, Will bring us joys cmd tears. Of high school days But through the coming years, The Gold and Black will bring us back To dear old Arlington. K- , , -Qx , ,gr wh A J H 3 I blk, Qx6,,f.L? , X-Xk, lUJ V u ,1, f qw M w if X 'VLL"V 'V 4' . A :J HC pb , L1 ,J X., 53 -J' - UJ --fx M 1 xjk' 'x YJ 'jx NLS- xfu X X xx f' 3 uf VL '- JK' ' ,M ks x,, I XDJPF A YL' 'lx ' O, A l1fxBL,l!'Qx I Ct, 01 wx- 14 ' 'EJ A Uk' N Lyjadljlnwx j Xxjxi Uv JJ IKX V'B-5 NIL 7 OL AA L ov Y .vw ek x , by X J wbwow U0 WA M F x W5 WWE? I U kffigxlgwwsfvd WW! UWM AW WM A ,Q ia v , J . Q. s 1 X 44 RMTQ

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