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XR- ., 0 . 1 U V -1 N ' - , t 1: 5 Q 1 . . . '. V 3 I T a . . " 4 ez af-. -b - .ti ' 'AY -o Q ' . " il. ' nl E 1 iQ" 4- A: , N ' Hx v I - ,n . -.ul 'ps 1 X 'R pi'-1' ' sa- A' Y' 'ii ,a 15 'L '.'3-.f',"1-".-.1 . ' ' 'I".l"7'4lL1' . Q 1:l9gg'f1bq-1-gl. 4 " , n Q.. ., 1, 'V -ui U Q0 .-, ll..,' V' i 1 1 5 . r "X--NJ' " ,A---p. 1 X P f '..- -1 '1-A . 4 - -. . .. .-.Q 4-if - ' k .- af, xl ..' A ,. .ix - - dv , , 'x 1 1 "' ' -'hw '-LA. .- -1. L' F . , ,N r H -..F N I YJ - 1 Y " - - --v '- . - -'f' - , 4 -- -L --J. f , , -A f 4 'QA I . , , "' ,t - 1- .ni 43. isvhx ', W-, - v.-.' ,Q ' gb .M M... Je. 'lf I I U ff' W' r W' s 'Vi A-: , N Pl ,- anti -,A ,,.-. V, -.1 ,ln 'N--sk 1412, .gb Lf. --.,i K., 1 -L '. O--ao -L. - wikxygi' fu , he W , " - , -"H, YW' . J- x ,w. ' , 1 5, as x1- " T-xfl "' rf Q-.. . .N wr' . M , . 1 ,g iff im. 1 'Y-NA ' , X -. -rf J' -'ff' W-. ,, 'Q Q xt: .l ax K' " sf' 1 , , A - .xxx , K' .Qs ,- . we-ni 1 X, 3? ' y-,IT ,Q '1 Q L ,. Y , ' ' 'v. .. Ky' H' 'N ?' ,J Su ' 5: l . A - ' . B", T? .L I 6" x fy 'F-"v " -an lb 4 . ....w i .H if . 5..- le, ,- 16 -PC 1 M. .Jw .f Wu , -. ,.. 3 A w w Q 'f W' V1 -.-m,....-' k , , 'x' L., J ,---4' ' 'W' ,'- ' . ggi--v. WQQ-Q.. . A - l-- is' l, .l di. , - u - .4 , - X ' ,' A-,. , 3 J- -i . "',-Q-Q43 ' -Ear Q U f""V"" E i , L' ., .-,,, 'WJ - Y' ' ' ,L -f-1' - 3 , -? -,,-., Q- ' - '1 .. H qi"-r , .- A , A 1 "1- - . , 2- ,1 Il I Qi , - .., , "N , . Ny 45.1K ,ga A x 'W inf" 'PH 'I -- .. I , . , . -. -s Q . K- I .-. L,- 1,-,.Q.' 1 "5 f YN. .' . '51, J' ' -iv' 10 . - Xxx? --vc 7 . T' 5 .4 'AQ' N' ' 'K,s.'9"1- gun. Ii'-,,, x-a.' 1- x " " if my-sl. X865 , vang If ' , A' A. , Ju, ,., 4.91, -3--.5-ug, , , ' ".' Y ' F "'f'3wb-.. i'5r'Ff 2 1' . . , A br 'ii'-fxl rs ,L T' X Y Q '-fx fi ,, qfq- k ":Q,9:4.,'-4, 'M , L M . -.. - ,. - .P-In-qv st' 1 -ms., .. - ' x"r vw ,LQR ,-- sd- " -.s ,, m- f-SF . 'A ,J -J .-s 1 N M23 221 ff JH ,IME cf QM Z5 if M WM gow? I fi Q ifwifigggjfj 'Q fwff My WW W ffwf 1 74 MM WZ WW MWWW My W ff 3170! 5Q4M if iwf aff! 266, ' M Vgyjg 6 N The Senior Class Cf Upper Arlington High School Columbus, Ohio Presents The I96l NORWESTER I-f-vb - . ,f Convention Hall Wa., , . --7 -ln -,.,:Y3L?12?-. -- - eiim- .-.mi -- ---- ,.- - -- 'n liiii Upper Arlington Senior High School B quid' sm" ,8..18+f.M-Q C .R - 043 rnnzvlrn above +L' X - Gif" Up! vo TE 24 H4 E If HORSE SE1vs.e 'TH N d , md vsp cliff alfa? ' E E X V 7 1 0' M ? Q Q 2 'WOFWAAJI is 4 ' X X f'iw" 4 xx? 1 f V H l DATHE RR CA"D'bAl:EE i DONT Vorf Fore 4 F C0404- 0 If 5' f 7-L ww ffvfgfffgofsy Mlm 'Ulf PEOPE3 PA R LS, 195735 YK Uppf ARLIN6T0f1f " Foreword The band has stopped playing. The ballots are counted The primary is won. We are candidates for a high office in a great campaign. We must thank the V. I.P.'s and party workers who have helped us through the years of late hour lobbying and rallies. Now the junkets are over and the red tape is cut, so let us look once more at our souvenirs and relics before we set out in a bigger election, a tougher campaign. GRDER OF if v.l.P.' .... W S 49' rl' Caucuses .... . Q Temporary Recess V dd gi E h gg eads ..... W O mm Campaign Trail ..... 0 Bmw 0 0 Delegates ....... ' A fs ck . . u . ' 0 SKEVDA 1 54 ' BA ' 36 5-QQTBA 1.1- O 1 U ff' sq C if Ms Candidates ...... pn g 'X f 2 f' K ' -- K' fix U Party Funds ..... . Jr 8 P ,W l BUSINESS Administration ' A 1 4 U ' Page 11 I , 0 Activities , WW Page 29 I 7 W' X ' i lg' School Life ' Page 55 H - - , if ' X 5417! Scholastlcs f' 41, Q ' 1 P 77 f W ' , fa Cge ' 'A' Sports i ,7 Og g is 1, Page 83 ' D P 9? A 0 4' ill A .Underdassmen X 4 1 , .Seniors JW! f is 3 I Advertisement K X ze'-1' f iii ,f' f i .IW Page 127 W Lu fi W L? Page 173 at 'L ,Nw ' ff f .- 4' J F J 13 we ii E H5 555, f Q 5' 4 ig- : I1 ,Sgr c V V 4 . fl, 1, , 3 iQ A' ,A f rt-jf? 1 , Q12 4' 2 P1 F' yr' -wa' : .M ng Y S7 gw L, ,4 Q ap' L' E Vilma- I gif:-Aa ' , '5 L 1 N. 1 4.11 5. 66.2 . M. -.R-A . :ln ,gg w'9 ' I X A ., I-.L . .Q .' -ns iff -3:1 -ei. 'bar 941 4 .1 .4 , 'EMMA , 'RQ ,Q - A . ' :Ei f l?:Q:lf'5'L 7' " f I ' 1' qiiim www 1 -. Q. . ,. W, 5 Q., 122.-QLEl':?57' ?1T'TT7ET':'V FW' 'TJ' J w Ar ' ' ' r,v.1 , .,. 'iw -.A A-'+- lr 1 '1f.','xi'Q, Q, 31-:!'31 1""'- - . Q 5 5 . '-'w.1'H',,, ff.. Wlfx-'93 4, A ,ffgsgjES"" -jnwg. , .I 'VI--lrufwz, wx 4- Yi gl' f' mwfy' ' Lnhm 1-" 1-' -"Lf, : 'il .' Rl, fc" .J I . PM -wx ' W ' E 2 Y-kr Ln! W .YT W l ' 1 , ,ik IN. X ,li . - .N 1 A- , 1 w. , . V , W ,rx E , , X "- J ' V, " - 'nf t sf frm, '- . , Z,- , v .M X. , . 4.5, v " ' X JLGIE 1 v 1:73552 ' H- 4' W"', ."d ,, w '1?Jg:i- 21' - ',.',kL ,N-ww ,fl -,if 35,1-. r ,':l..n :I ..Q"' .4 J -r QW Tv ' + -tbgfwfifff lnw- S .--3:9-f WW51 V V' I.. 5 :?5fv -- 'ii' I um-N. I vu-sux ,,... 1..- r-1-3 'wf,., , . lm I iw' ,L 31 fi 9. 'WY-ff , sri' "H U-'H' rflfxiilrwllx -. fl S- Y-,-ns..w l 9--1 5 uw s 5' ' 'H nf J . , . .,, , M'.,.,WH gs ' , K K. 5: Q ' i 4, TU mg, ' 'M H -' X , 3 63 ff 1, Standard Bearer Superintendent Walter B. Heischman Party Boss Principal Joseph A. Dorff Party Boss .4-1l Assistant Principal David M. Jones WALTER B. HEISCHMAN fi , , I JOSEPH A. DORFF DAVID M. IONES E ' Z s 'M -as - 11-yi. IC 3 3 I so It .gg L YES 1 X ? Sl X I J . - . K . .IS 'l , : 'xl N . 'AE' f- s. ' ' s - ,X , .X M Q X N , I . e so . X, X x .N G. it . ,Q LEFT to RIGHT: Miss Susie Yoss, assistant secretary: Lester L. Iackson. treasurer in charge of activity funds: Mrs. Marion L. Hall, secretary to the principal. Tj' -af' f 1 7.1.--""" a 'L I i IK: 'f Mrs. Anita Pettit , 'g-,g""' School Nurse -3113 LEFT to RIGHT: Miss Carole Brown, receptionist: Mrs. Ruth Veigel. secretary to the superintendent. s V A l H. M. Wilson, Ir. LEFT to RIGHT: Mrs. Marie Smith, bookkeeper - Board of Education: clerk-treasurer Mrs. Nancy Hamer, secretary to the clerk-treasurer - Board ot Board oi Education Education: Mrs. Anne McCartney. secretary. Board of Education ROW ONE: Ben K. Williams, Mrs. Iames Niple, Clair E. Fultz fpzesidentl. ROW TWO: Waller B. Heischmon Csuperintendent of schoolsl Ed Barnett. Dr. Iohn A. Prior fvice-presidenll, Herschel Wilson fclerk-treosurerl. P.T. . .ns-, "'T.?' 9 4 5 ROW ONE: Mrs. Stanley Watson, Mrs. George Evans. HOW TWO: Ioseph Dori! iprincipoll, Moyne Morgan Cpresidenil. Kline Roberts lvice- presidentl. Lance Shreiller lfaculty representotivel. LY, F . V! i W .1V!i'fF' 14 5 aii lakh , W , . t. an A I A I I , As a matter of fact we peak MISS VERA K. RANDALL. English "If there is one thing that I can't tolerate, it's shiitlessnessf' 'rig tr ,, Y I 'fe-ul , CHARLES WU-L' Enghsh H Miss G. ELLEN MANN. English "You never can tell with Heftalumps. -1 I ' ' to the nth degxeeyf 5 MRS. ANNE CHRISTY, English ELLIS D. LUTZ, English "TTY to do ii." "Let us have peace in the classroom." Engli h better than the Russiansl? MRS. HELEN TANNER, English "I-Ii!" I lf? ' -""' ff' Qi If Ellis? ljf Il- it Q N 9 ' 2-- 'WW' . MRS. IOYCE RICKETTS, English, journalism IOHN NEFF, English "People, I cannot talk over you." "I don't use any trick questions." 5- s, 1 I, Tk M -+ 0- s - L' X I -rr., '. rv I S, , ' 5 B fe- MISS BERNICE REA, librarian MRS. BETSY BURKE, English "Now, people!" "Is a philcmthropist generally altruistic?" A MISS MARGRETT SCHULTZ, Latin "Let's see what Mr. Bennett says." 'A Q ,Uf F r' . N, n in l. MRS. GLORIA ECKER. Spanish "Escuche!" RICHARD BEERY, Spanish "Knowledge is power." 1 MISS LORITA EWING, French "Comment-allez-vous?" MRS. ELIZABETH CLIFFORD, French "Oni ou non?" Our platform for MRS. MARYLN DUDROW. Latin. English "Let's go to the board." Riff'- ,QQ-Q MISS ANNETTE IACKSON, business education. English "Hands in position, eyes on copy, type!" ' ima world understanding MISS KATHERINE GLXCK, business education "GO! STOP! FREEZE!" -' ll! i '21-'Q MISS IANICE STEWART, business education "Keep your eyes on your copy." MISS CHARLOTTE KELLY, speech, debate "Now, say it this way." ROBERT CAVINS, chemistry "The scale ol observation creates the phenomenon." if' bl LEON BOWMAN. physics "We1l boys, not so good." ROBERT SNOUFFER. chemistry "Theoretical knowledge is much more important than . . ." JERRY HOOPER, biology "One. two! One, two!" 1 Mill YAMES LAMBOUBNE, biology "Wel1, it looks like you didn't study very much." ID'?'?.. WILLIAM DUDROW, biology "The girls are squeamish at first, but they get over it." They teach us LESTER IACKSON, geometxy ' "'-00"' Please!" WILLIAM GULDEN. algebra n "It must be the chalk." RAY MOYER, advanced math "A milkshake says you are wrong," Mas. xn: IACKMAN. geometry "ru buy mm." NICK MOORE, geometry, algebra I "You know what I mean?" 3 I 3 n C Q t h Q b U d g Q t , YiiimlfflifiTg,,Si?eb'a I PAUL COREY. American problems "You filthy capitalist!" IOHN REES, American problems "Now lake Toe Smutz for example. FRED BUNTE "Wonderful!" n Qy ' xl X W LANCE SHREFFLER. guidance counselor "Good Day" They rall our X 'fu W 1401 If I! -1 I. Q K fa zw 2,- pf W fc f f.-if fb 4 5 .55 'cf T ' 3,"'iu 62 ,-gl og: eg P5 3 " A' fygre rg x Y qu 9-97-A ELF fdawozpyy W A 's+5a5.?:faEL 'S -M e ' wLf ll 1 f S5 responsibilities as citizens d:g-f-- ' fire ,ee IAMES MILLER. American history "Ii you don't have the right firt a MRS. MARILYN HOWELLS. American history "THE original copy" RICHARD LARKIN, world history "Now. get ihis now!" f .1 1 W., e i W.-..i ' , ,- i f i , ., ii v i- .A , r , ,ir dj 1: .Y i fy, L' -,lllnl-i , r 1, , ,Y , v . . , i y. - iw ,.' ',.3,w. IIM BURKE, American history Y clowns!" 2 5 MRS. IANE WILSON, physical education "Hi there!" I A ,y : Maas Zfvac-iff: y 'Zvi' DAVE SHELBY, physical education "Come on. you athletes." MARVIN MOOREHEAD, driver training "You've got to dig!" FRED EICKELBERGER "Hold it up. folks!" Their junkets W u fl Q1 5:-mf? ROBERT GINTHER, instxumemml music "Keep those drums quiet!" HERBEBTbYENSER, vocal music "C Wor B " are far-reaching. Wm lx. MRS, BETTY WOOLPERT. home economics "...cmd she sews her own too." HUGH STUMBO. cxrt "Go get you . . ." RICHARD HOSKINS. mechanical drawing "Come now, children." ri -if Q I 'VJ ', 4' I ".3aiL'r ,. ff fwfr' ,fix f vT3,fr: I' 1. H' Z' . Q ,ll ,A '-up fn. , .1 -1 .A-J g F. 4 hu-1 u., ' uf 1 Mfg 1 1 Q E k , , 7 ,-mn' I m 5 Q, xr-... ,.n S 1-11- + 0, .x , , k if w gwf.J4n,vy f'1 If a 1 3 .14 AQ 1 .if 4 w,,n ,, Qt 'sf "Ni-H Rua 9, Q rv Q , il., f.: .J-W ' 'W :Qi , im. - rx 1 :iii ...-.,--- + 5. eaders' Club LEFT to RIGHT: Emerson Berry, Betsy Dawson, Debbie Short, Iudy Denti, Miss Margrett Schultz ladviserl, Sarah Hays. K.E.Y. OFFICERS: President, Debbie Munger: Vice-President, Carol Lee Stephens: Secretary, Betsy Dawson: Treasurer, Marcia Manning: Social Chairman. Carolyn McCarty: Service Chair- man, Sharon Sullivan: Publicity Chairman, Mary lane Vance: Adviser, Mrs. Betsy Burke. PURPOSE: to perform service to the community and to provide social activities for K. E. Y. members. Last Thanksgiving was made a time of happiness for some underprivileged family be- cause K.E.Y. supplied them with Thanksgiving dinner. Serving a dinner at the adult civic center, Kinder Key caroling and an Easter pro- ject were also three of K.E.Y.'s worthwhile ser- vice projects. "Crysta1 Christmas," the annual holiday formal sponsored by K.E.Y. and W.H.Y., was again a high spot of the year. After three years as a major organization, K.E.Y. celebrated at the end of the year with a victory banquet for all club members. 30 OFFICERS: President. Sarah Hays: First Vice-President, Ann Morral: Second Vice-President, Iudy Denti: Third Vice- President, Betsy Dawson: Secretary, Debbie Short: Treasurer, Emerson Berry: Adviser, Miss Margrett Schultz. PURPOSE: to train potential leaders through service to the school and community by the promotion of world friendship. To begin the program of Leaders' Club last August, members participated in an eye-check of pre-school children and also checked the eyes of kindergarten children. Two parties were held for Settlement House children and another was held at an Old Folks' Horne. In addition to sponsoring three underprivileged families, Leaders' Club held its annual Canned Foods Drive, collecting a record number of 8532 cans. As a main money-making project Leaders' Club sold Christmas wrappings and cashew nuts during the holidays. An annual event was again held by Leaders Club for the new offi- cers of all clubs. LEFT to RIGHT: Mrs. Betsy Burke ladviserl, Mary lane Vance, Sharon Sullivan, Debbie Munger, Marcia Manning, Betsy Dawson, Sarah Hays. Carolyn McCarty. Carol Lee Stephens. N D 9 I aug' OFFICERS: President, Lynne Shreiner: Vice-President. Theresa Brown: Secretary, Barb Brown: Treasurer, Mary Reuweeg Representative to Leaders' Club, Iudy Hanna: Adviser, Mrs. Elizabeth Clifford. PURPOSE: to enrich friendships not only through social activities but also through service. Beginning a wonderful junior year, the members of W.H.Y. sponsored a very enjoyable dance at Holiday Hill near Delaware. The an- nual Christmas dance held jointly by K.E.Y. and W.H.Y. was "A Crystal Christmas" and a Miss W.H.Y. and her court were announced. In addition to several service projects, W.H.Y. sponsored a Chinese orphan, Huang Lee Chung, and received several letters from him. Rounding out the year with a Father- Daughter Banquet, the members of W.H.Y. com- pleted a well-organized program of activities. W.H.Y LEFT to RIGHT: Mrs. Elizabeth Clifford fadviserl, Barb Brown, Mary Reuwee, Lynne Shreiner, Theresa Brown. oIoMo 5 LEFT to RIGHT: lane Kerkering, Susi Guthrie, Anne Lynn, Anita Folkerth, Mrs. Anne Christy tadviserl. OFFICERS: President, Anita Folkerth: Vice-President, Susi Guthrie: Secretary, Anne Lynn: Treasurer, lane Kerkering: Adviser, Mrs. Anne Christy. PURPOSE: to increase friendship and respon- sibility through service to the community. Following the example of previous classes, the sophomore girls organized a club and "aiming" for the sky, named their club A.I.M. Bake sales, as always, led the list of fund-raising projects. A spring dance was held in addition to a spread after a basketball game. A.I.M. members also sponsored a unique "girl auc- tion," which was very popular. A.I.M. concluded a very successful year with a banquet, new oificers, and great plans for the girls in the black sweat-shirts. 31 Y-Tee LEFT to RIGHT: Carol Sain, Mrs. Marilyn Howells tadviserl, Lynn Houston, Debbie Page, Marcia Manning. SE: V V OFFICERS: President, Bob Selie: Vice-President. Dick Borel: Secretary, Curt Roettig: Treasurer, Fred Waltz: Sergeant-at- Arms. Tom Specht: Representative to Leaders' Club, Dick Dreiman: Mascots. lack Newlon and Bill Berwanger: Ad- viser. William Dudrow. PURPOSE: to provide clean sportsmanship and fellowship for all junior and senior boys. Hi-Y first caught the public eye this year when its members hurried up and down the stadium bleachers selling football programs they had compiled and printed. The winter program was scored by the entrance of two teams in the Columbus Hi-Y Basketball League and participation in the Columbus Hi-Y Youth in Government Day. With spring came the eagerly awaited faculty-Hi-Y basketball game. Active in school affairs, Hi-Y and Y-Teens spon- sored both the Thanksgiving and the Easter assemblies. Hi-Y ended the year with a hiqhly success- ful fund-raising drive tor the Polio Foundation. 32 Hi-Y Ile' u I1 an... 1l 'Sitka' V OFFICERS: President. Debbie Page: Vice-President, Claudia Gidcomb: Secretary, Marcia Manning: Treasurer, Carol Sain: Member at Large to Y.W.C.A., Lynn Houston: Representative to Leaders' Club, Ann Kreiger: Program Chairman, Peggy Erbp Social Chairman, Iudy Dentip Service Chairman, Betsy Dawsong Publicity Chairman, Peggy Streeter: Worship Chairman, Sue Haque: World Fellowship Chairman, Mimi Lowery: Links Chairman, Pris Daugherty: Ways and Means Chairman, Sally Russel: Adviser, Mrs. Marilyn Howells. PURPOSE: to provide service to the community and to the country in co-operation with the Y.W.C.A. The best trophy of all, according to most Y-Teen members, is the one which the club won for having the best attendance for three con- secutive years at "Fall Fantasy," the annual city-wide dance at Valley Dale. Y-Teens began the year with a rally tor sophomore girls at Holiday Hill where every "hillbilly" had an evening full of fun and food. The coalition oi Hi-Y and Y-Teens spon- sored the traditional Thanksgiving and Easter assemblies and "Shipwreck Shindig." One of the highlights of the year was a joint meeting of the two clubs where boy-girl relations were discussed. Through its many service projects and its contributions to worthwhile organizations, Y- Teens showed that their goal is service. V l LEFT to RIGHT: Dick Borel. Tom Specht, Fred Waltz, William Dudrow tadviserl, Bob Selle. Curt Roettig. 7 I B ff" OFFICERS: President, Sarah Apling Vice-President, Sarah Hays: Secretary, Kay Baker: Treasurer, Debbie Munger: Business Manager, Mary Lee Eigensee: Advisers, Mrs. Helen Tanner and Richard Hoskins. PURPOSE: to learn about the opportunity in teaching, to cultivate the qualities essential to a good teacher, to study the lives of great teachers, and to foster the development of student leadership. One-hundred-ten F.T.A. members spent one period a week observing and participating in the activities of the elementary and junior high school classes by taking advantage of the cadet teaching program. Teaching the blind, deaf, physically handi- capped, and mentally handicapped were some of the areas of special education which were emphasized in regular meetings. A special field trip gave members an opportunity to observe how one group of handicapped children is taught. Apples and candy bars were presented to the high school faculty during American Edu- cation Week and corsages were given to the supervising teachers in May. The year's activities were climaxed by the traditional Rose Breakfast on May 14. LEFT to RIGHT: Iudy Graziani, Susie Loving, Ioan Gray, lane Lewis, Nancy Furste, Mrs. L. S. Pettit tadviserl. Carol Lee Stephens. jf? LEFT to RIGHT: Sarah Aplin, Mrs. Helen Tanner tadviserl, Mary Lee Eigensee, Kay Baker. Sarah Hays, Debbie Munger. OFFICERS: President. Susie Loving: Vice-President, Nancy Furste: Corresponding Secretary, Iane Lewis: Recording Secretary, Carol Lee Stephens: Treasurer, Iudy Graziani: Representative to Leaders' Club, Ioan Gray: Adviser, Mrs. L. S. Pettit. PURPOSE: to interest girls in health and in a career in nursing or some other phase of medicine. Giving parties for various groups and filling Christmas boxes for the mental patients at the Columbus State Hospital were the major service projects of F.N.A. Each monthly meeting includ- ed a speaker on some field of medicine to inform the girls about the many facets of medical work. The girls took two field trips this year, including one to the Cerebral Palsy Clinic. Although F.N.A. is primarily an educational group. it sponsored a very successful dance and had a mother-daughter tea this past year. 33 Inter os I LEFT to RIGHT: Miss Margrett Schultz tadviserl, Mary Reuwee, Dick Kinney, Bob Holdsworth, Debbie Short, Fred McGavran, Steve Goscin. OFFICERS: President, Fred McGavran: Vice-President, Dick Kinney: Secretary, Mary Reuwee: Treasurer, Steve Goscin: Representative to Leaders' Club, Debbie Short: Adviser, Miss Margrett Schultz. PURPOSE: to stimulate interest in the classical civilization of Greece and Rome: to maintain a scholarship program for a young man studying to be a Latin teacher: and to provide out-of-class activities for third and fourth year Latin students. As the name of the club indicates, Inter Nos is a tightly knit group. All third and fourth year Latin students are members of Inter Nos. This club meets monthly either in a member's home or at the school. The year's program in- cluded a breakfast meeting, a pot-luck supper enlivened by a visit by the Muse of Prophecy. and an open meeting at which Dr. Harold Yo- chum, President of Capital University, was the speaker. At Christmas the members exchanged Latin Christmas cards and sang Latin Christmas carols. A candy sale was held and a movie was shown during the winter to raise money. The year ended with the annual sophomore party at which underclassmen were invited to continue with Latin and to join Inter Nos. Cercle Francai OFFICERS: President, Lucy Anderson: First Vice-President, Peggy Erb: Second Vice-President, Mike Bumett: Third Vice- President, Paul Drake: Secretary, Iudy Denti: Treasurer, Sarah Aplin: Representative to Leaders' Club. Ralph Bresler: Editor-in-Chief, Marjorie Watson: Advisers, Mlle Larita Ewing and Mme Elizabeth Clifford. PURPOSE: to provide an additional opportunity for interested French students to become better acquainted with French people and their culture. The next best thing to Paris? Le cercle francais, mais oui! The agenda for each month- ly meeting often includes slides of France, guest speakers, or games. At "Noel" the club enter- tained their parents with a special program of skits and carols. Banquets are a favorite of the club. Each year a French Banquet is held at the Ohio Student Union and is open to all French students: in addition, French Club has its own banquet with typical French food! This ambi- tious club also boasted a newspaper, Le Demier Cri. 34 LEFT to RIGHT: Iudy Denti, Miss Lorita Ewing fadviserl, Mrs. Elizabeth Clifford tadviserl, Lucy Anderson, Mike Burnett, Peggy Erb, Marjorie Watson, Sarah Aplin. ,r lub EI Dorado jirrg-353 OFFICERS: President, Carol Stephens: VicePresident, Mary lane Powell: Secretary, Louesa Callahan: Treasurer, Carol Liebermann: Advisers, Mrs. Gloria Ecker and Richard Beery. PURPOSE: to create a better understanding of the Spanish speaking people by making their language and customs more familiar. "One, two, cha-cha-cha" might have been heard coming from any Spanish Club meeting. As a part of their study of Spanish customs this year, Spanish Club members learned the cha- cha, the mambo, and the samba. Publishing a Spanish handbook also helped the members gain a better understanding of the Spanish people themselves. The U. A. branch of the Spanish Relations Department sponsored a Spanish child. To fi- nance this project, the senoritas in the club baked and sold Thanksgiving pies! This project taught the girls that pie dough stuck on the ceiling can't be sold at a profit. ' ix,- LEFT to RIGHT: Louesa Callahan, Richard Beery tadviserl, Carol Lee Stephens, Mrs. Gloria Eclrer tadviserl. Mary lane Powell. Carol Liebermann. Library Club LEFT to RIGHT: Mary Davis, Iulie Iohnson. Miss Bernice Rea Cadviserl, Susie Iohnson, Guy Van Bloem. OFFICERS: President, Mary Davis: Vice-President, Susie Iohnson: Secretary. Patty Lintner: Treasurer, Iulie Johnson: Adviser, Miss Bernice Rea. PURPOSE: to give service to the high school library. Ever wonder how books get back on shelves? Who writes those dreaded over-due slips? Library Club pleads guilty! Each period will find members of Library Club working at the desk, checking out books or collecting fines. Many times meetings provide learning experi- ences. For example, there are questions and answer sessions supplemented by food and chatter. From what members learn about the library at those meetings, it becomes possible for them to help their fellow students. Library Club has had several money-raising projects. one a very novel idea -- a record sale! For February a dance is being planned. 35 Pub lub fn LEFT to RIGHT: Phyllis Knoderer, Pris Daugherty, Sandy Hughes, Sherry Fishel, Sue Nelson, Lynne Lowery, Hugh Stumho tadviserl. OFFICERS: President. Pam Parris: Vice-President, Molly Maidlow: Secretary. Sue Nelson: Treasurer, Lynne Lowery: Adviser, Hugh Stumbo. PURPOSE: to exhibit art and encourage its appreciation throughout the school. Expressing their enormous enthusiasm for the world of art, Pesto sponsored several art exhibits. Among these was the Amateur Art Exhibit at Lane Avenue Shopping Center during the summer. In the spring the Pesto members displayed their own talents at the annual spring exhibit. Pesto was also responsible for the art displays in the showcases. During the Christmas holiday, Pesto out-did itself when it came to decorations around the school. The center hall mural and the windows inside were no less unique than the imaginative Christmas tree outside. 36 OFFICERS: President, Sandy Hughes: Vice-President, Phyllis Knoderer: Secretary, Sue Nelson: Treasurer, Sherry Pishel: Social Chairman, Lynn Lowery: Representative to Leaders' Club, Priscilla Daugherty: Adviser, Hugh Stumbo. PURPOSE: to promote school spirit by making badges and posters for each game. As a vital part of our school's activities, Pub Club provided all the badges and posters for the games. These badges were made at meetings held on Thursday evenings. Although the meetings were somewhat riotous, the badges were clever and well made. As fund-raising functions, the club spon- sored two dances following games and had several bake sales. Ending the year with a picnic, Pub Club brought to a close a very successful year. Festo LEFT to RIGHT: Lynne Lowery. Sue Nelson. Hugh Stumbo tadviserl Pam Farris, Molly Maidlow. Newcomers Club OFFICERS: President, Marcia Manning: Vice-President, Debbie Munger: Secretary, Iudy Denti: Treasurer, Bob Selie: Adviser, Mrs. Maryln Dudrow. PURPOSE: to welcome all new Arlington stu- dents and to help and advise these students at all times. This year, as in the past, each member of Newcomers acted as the "big brother" or "big sister" of a bewildered new high school student. All club activities were directed toward those students. The club started the year with a Luau for ALL students. Direction posters were made to help orient new Cand some oldl students. At a special meeting for the newcomers, the presi- dents of all the various clubs discussed the club's purpose and program. As a service to the ninth graders, four members spoke at the junior high school on senior high activities. Iiateli' on in the year a dance was planned for Dr . LEFT to RIGHT: Carol von Haam, Bob Selle, Mrs. Maryln Dudrow tadviserl, Marcia Manning. Iudy Denti, Debbie Munqer. harm lub OFFICERS: President, Karen Thorne: Vice-President, Claudia Gidcomb: Secretary, Carol Swanson: Treasurer, Gwyn Baker: Representative to Leaders' Club, Donna Thomas: Adviser. Mrs. Woolpert. PURPOSE: to prepare the girls for the future through experiences in homemaking, social activities and service. Open to any present or past home eco- nomics student, Charm Club presents a widely varied program ranging from the annual field trip to the Columbus State School to a Boys' Pie-Baking Contest. The highlight of the year was the annual Golddiggers' Dance when kings were chosen and prizes were awarded to the girls who constructed the cleverest corsages for their dates. Two smorgasbords were held this year, the first as a dinner meeting in October and the second a dessert after the style show given by the sewing classes in May. In the final analysis, it may well be stated that the many activities of Charm Club provided the girls with a good background for home- making. LEFT to RIGHT: Donna Thomas. Carol Swanson, Gwyn Baker, Mrs. Betty Woolpert Kadviserl, Karen Thome. H0 QQ Scienc Club LEFT to RIGHT: Robert H. Cavins tadviserl, Nick Krier, Iim Moor. Brian O'Riordan. HDI. OFFICERS: President, Nick Krierg First Vice-President, Brian O'Riordan: Second Vice-President. Iohn Neer: Secretary. George Evans: Treasurer, Iim Moor: Advisers, Robert H. Cavins and members of the science department. PURPOSE: to arouse and advance scientific interests in the high school. The Science Club program consists of a series of guest speakers -- each speaker rep- resenting his own particular field of science. A good example is the October meeting at which Richard Goldthwaite, a physiologist, spoke and showed slides of the Antarctic. Throughout the year other speakers and even field trips were in the offing. A highlight of the year was a ioint meeting with other high school science clubs. Z avi? 1 l i l y 0 3 1 oo ul 0 ' Q' 1,1 OFFICERS: President, William Stacy: Vice-President, Michael if "nn Izzie: Secretary-Treasurer, Richard Fusek: Adviser, Leon '- "" 'I . -3 ' V 'W Bowman. PURPOSE: to assist students in getting started in amateur radio as a hobby and to encourage them to increase their technical knowledge of electronics and help them to improve their op- erating techniques while on the air. Radio Club meets every two weeks in the physics laboratory. The formal meetings con- sist of technical discussions by members, de- monstrations of equipment and instruction in operating procedures. A code class for begin- ners is conducted each fall which enables them to prepare for the taking of the Federal Com- munications Commission's examination for an operator's license. A complete amateur radio station is main- tained by the club where licensed members may communicate by code or by voice with other amateurs all over the world. 38 SMIUV LEFT to RIGHT: William Stacy, Richard Fusek, Michael Izzie. Leon Bowman tadviserl. Bu in ss Education lub OFFICERS: President, Maureen Lukemire: Vice-President, Karen Hobbs: Secretary, Nancy Jones: Treasurer, Linda Holdren: Advisers, Miss Katherine Glick, Miss Annette Iackson and Miss Ianice Stewart. PURPOSE: to develop competent business lead- ership: to create more interest in the choice of business occupations: to participate in service projects for the school and community: and to develop character and citizenship through club participation. The members of Business Education Club bravely manned their typewriters and typed through sheaves of forms and materials for the high school clubs, faculty and the community. As prospective office workers, especially secre- taries, these members learned invaluable tips on office technique, diplomacy, and ethics through an educational but enjoyable program of films, speakers, and field trips. Members of Business Education Club have also learned many ideas about applying for those precious summer jobs -- any jobs for that matter! new Quai ' ,f2+""xDf5fZ1Q ,dw Z1-Q ,2:-'friftd KM ' 9 sjjlnbz "M l"'H'G'6'LJ LEFT to RIGHT: Nancy Iones, Karen Hobbs, Maureen Lukemire. Carolyn McCarty, Mig 9 34124, 15,1474 ' Miss Katherine Glick ladviserl. Linda Holdren. -. X I' J 9 -rl, Jvtfyssiiiffgf ffwG:fQ,'171- -E594 f4flc'7.:4.4+C ff! . " fig' " ' lcq',-:ffF,.',f:fv .:'- .atfm 1.32 -' -'zfzifi-ne..f1'L01, ,fifcTxf'f"c'a .,.QiZ.CMi'f-but 'i"'4-A ll j,.ff'-7- ' S , . . A ,.,, 6 . , , .ff'f1,s.fiQ,fffE9 .ff-l'?i"f'U 'f'T J f"""lg,:lr"'L"'2"'rb'fEP- . ' X L! g Q-Tis? ff. J' N .V Y W N - .s-,p,.u'-'- ss- A, , ' 1 DI CUSSIOI1 lub R :af .Wit is 5.9 sl, G LEFT to RIGHT: Karl Schaffer, Brian O'Riordan. OFFICERS: President. Brian O'Riordan: Vice-President- Secretary, Karl Schaffer: Adviser, I. Fred Bunte. PURPOSE: to provide an organization and a meeting place for students to discuss any phase of any subject of their choice. Discussion Club rolled verbally forward on the brink of the recent Presidential election. Words flew when the threat of Communism was brought up and a discussion of famous short stories aided many seniors frantically preparing their short story reviews. Insecurity was a choice subject and members prowled among their tensions and frustrations as the armchair orators talked their way through a highly suc- cessful year. 39 Dramatics Club LEFT to RIGHT: Tom Specht. Sandy Downs, Miss Charlotte Kelly Cadviserl, Mary lane Vance, Debby Berry, Phil Kuehl. arsit .J x.X OFFICERS: President. Phil Kuehlg Vice-President, Tom Chown: Secretary, Bill Berwanger: Treasurer, Bob Miller: Sergeant-at-Arms, Ierry Truster: Advisers, Iames Burke, Pete Corey, Frederick Eickelberger, Ierry Hooper, Marv Moorehead. PURPOSE: to help other clubs with their pro- jects and provide a letterman's club for the athletes of the school. Varsity A is one of the fastest growing, fastest moving clubs in the school. Primarily a service organization, this club lends its man- power to other clubs to aid them with their projects. The lettermen helped with Co-Rec Night, provided transportation for the collection of canned foods by Leaders' Club, and furnished parade marshals for the Homecoming parade. Varsity A held its own dance during the winter to raise money for its service projects. 40 A OFFICERS: President, Tom Specht: Vice-President, Mary lane Vance: Secretary, Debby Berry: Treasurer, Phil Kuehl: Publicity Chairman. Sandy Downs: Adviser, Miss Charlotte Kelly. PURPOSE: to increase interest in the theatre by giving students the opportunity to utilize their dramatic talents and skills, whether off stage or on. In Dramatics Club most attention is focused on the two plays to be presented each fall and spring. During November of 1960 a classic but hilarious comedy, YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU, by Kaufman and Hart was selected -- a very successful play that ran two nights with Tibbie Pearson and Dana Gire in the leading roles. Sandy Downs and Frank Booth were memorable in the character roles they played. In the spring the club produced a play. which was not selected at the time that the NORWESTER went to press. When Dramatics Club was not in rehearsal the club met to hear guest speakers. LEFT to RIGHT: Tom Chown, Ierry Truster, Bob Miller. Phil Kuehl. Bill Berwanger. Student Coun il OFFICERS: President, George Wolte: Vice-President. lack Newlon: Secretary. Susie Sharer: Treasurer. Pete Tomasulo: Adviser, Nick Moore. PURPOSE: to give the students of the school a chance to have a say in the activities of the school by having a fair, representative student government. Under the guidance of Nick Moore Student Council met twice a month to discuss and plan various school func- tions. In this capacity Student Council could act as a mediator between faculty and the student body. The Council was also responsible for the supply shop where snacks and supplies could be purchased. This year, as previously, a school directory was compiled and sold to the student body. At the end of a successful year new Student Council officers were selected amidst great enthusiasm and friendly rivalry. LEFT to RIGHT: Susie Shafer, George Wolfe, Jack Newlon, Pete Tomasulo ROW ONE: Karen Rosenbury. Mike Patton, Kenny Wears, Dick Dreiman. ROW TWO: Ann Krieger, David Harris, Ralph Bressler. Ierry Truster. Doug Gudenkaul. 'ga' x, ROW ONE: lean Burr, Linda Loving, Mary Sullivan, Barb Shoop, lean Carson. ROW TWO: Bill Nuhter. Denis Trover, Chuck Durrant, Susie Sharer, Steve Walker. Shari Lewis, Iefi Schofield, Kline Roberts. eet th mmm nsnewnrm may Smmg BOB MILLER ' sxcnmce mmm fx, . A MARCIA FARR , ,,,,.U.... LLJSST ADWYP SPORTSEDITOR X, NWSEDHOR j,,-1 M RAY Roop 'f t l ,,. gh EDITOR-IN'CHIEF V, A r -lg 4 4 1-?1.,.' --ac ' . I-, , 1 Would Anyone like to donate a postage meter to the Arlingtonian staff? This question might be asked by any of the staff members who helped stamp, fold, and address six hundred Arlingtonians over Christmas vaca- tion. When they could not distribute the papers because a snow storm closed the high school, the valiant staff hurriedly mailed them to subscribers. The imaginative staff's Christmas present to the school was a special photo page in the holiday issue. Other new ideas in the paper this year were a different page layout, a special feature column, and "Fenton's Footnotes," written by Bob Miller. The Thanksgiving issue paid tri- bute to the honored Turkey King and his court, who were treated to a full-course turkey dinner with all the trimmings. The final and biggest issue of the year was dedicated to 2 the senior class. Written and edited by the senior staff members, this edition is one the class of 1961 will always remember. In an effort to keep the students informed of the politi- cal scene, the alert reporters covered the Columbus rally for Nixon during the compaign. Other Arlington "firsts" included the first place trophies won by Dana Gire and Bob Brown at the Central Ohio High School Press Club and the play directed by Bob Brown and Marcia Farr, which was presented before the Iournalism Association of Ohio Schools. After struggling with an old, wornout typewriter, the staff invested the paper's hard-earned money in a new typewriter, which quickly became Mrs. Ioyce Ricketts' its 51. Press T r rtlt , WV te. A:-,-f ,L Q , 1 Z Z X 4 ,v ,Y I ,.q:i,E4,,-in , V , ilu ' -- ' v ' 2 V 5 ' ' l' H ' 'ti . et , sf! V ,- . , F . ff' 1 ,I l ' it I Hui! Zu- it 1 . I X MH A A V . ly 1 .J 4 , A ' ' V . ' - H f 'J l X , " T W r I w l , U n " Q V " , ff n 1 ,- 1 an A , ' V N -- A 'Engl pf: jf.. ,Q . . 1. D ns . 'TT .L5nl45'i35g"'ff,f,,g'f,y:' xlxfl- v,L,., . ,, , ' T, t ' .,-,Q-jlticxv 'sim T v Q 4 "lf T .- ' a x 'fp w 1 T -.'-v1fww- QA . .tl A V -, V 5 - ', at ,E Y,p1H'! ix' 1 I . t 1 HSS' . ff-1-"v:-"if f ,' ' 'Fl -QT' ff" 'ln' lt li it '- ' x T VE" M" ini ' tv, ' 'll M ',!'llllQQlllll.l.'lllll'il flfl E EE E 5 JOYCE my gf' ti "Mi f r 'f , ' ,mtRcrA rvwurna ' JIM PATTERSON , UAV L L DAM fl! T '--.AQCIA SMITH 4, --A N DUE tibttf -1 ,E FIATURL EDUOR ,DVS-R,,qINn Munn: Pnorocnnwfn ,, torrent . . ' g' L 1 ef-V Two forma 3, MGE Ulm IDI -'L ' ' " ' V ,- H f-Awnctrr, EDM-P e e 1 y l pride and joy. Near catastrophe occurred when Hay Hoop inadvertently dropped the prized possession on the floor. The comment from the journalism class who heard the crash? "You just bought a new UD typewriter?" The copy desk has not only proved useful but also dangerous since it falls apart quite easily. Many people who mistook it for a bench have suddenly found them- selves on the floor. Several good staff members were almost lost in this way! The business problems of the paper were handled by Ellis Lutz and his business staff, who continually strove to add a little black ink to the red in the ledger. To recruit subscriptions, a free paper was given to the whole student body in September. The climax to the drive was the tradi- tional Axlingtonian assembly where Harland Randolph entertained the school with his interpretations of poetry set to music. This year's staff have discovered many of the pitfalls in newspaper work. But in spite of meetings which even the editor admits were "notoriously hecticf the Arling- tonian, under the leadership of Mrs. Ioyce Ricketts, the editorial adviser, was presented to the students on schedule all year. During the political campaign, Uppey Arlington is- sued a formal protest to the Arlingtonian for its failure to cover his campaign in full. Uppey later dropped the charge, stating that the Arlingtonian in its quest for an impartial press had devoted equal space to all candidates. 43 at Th tins.: Above is the status quo of the Norwester staff after a year of brow-heating and knockout fights victored by "Ingo" Will and "Champ" Randall. During the summer, editor-in-chief Alice Carson brought the two natively opposing forces -- staff and advisers -- together in numerous primaries to nominate a theme. Casting sentimentality aside, the staff joined forces behind a political theme and Uppey was born. Many non-peaceful all-out altercations took place in room 116 on Wednesday afternoon during the fiscal f?l year 1960-61. Factions "pro" and "con" parleyed long and hotly concerning "big wigs" and "v. i. p.'s," two versus LEFT to RIGHT: Alice Carson teditor-in-chiefl, Claudia Grd comb fassociate editor-in-chiefl. Peggy Erb tphotography edi torl, Demi Badger tliterary staffl. Sarah Aplin tliterary sta ffl, Tim Wilder tcirculation managerl. Fred McGavran tliter ary staffl, Arm Morrcxl tliterary editorl, Karen Thorne tcasu als editorl, Ralph Bresler tbusiness managerl, lane Mills Pressure Group three colored pictures. and whether or not we should in- clude sayings for teachers and a class history. Finally, the die-hards deserted their party and a truce was declared - - the flag of surrender went up. Editor-in-chief Alice Carson and associate editor-in- chief Claudia Gidcomb kept the staff working almost at the pace required by the pressure group so that no fatal casualties resulted. Many of the staff members are suf- fering some serious ailments, however. For example, Mary Lee Eigensee became accustomed to insomnia and hands without fingers! Press tliterary stalfl, Charles Will tbusiness adviserl, Betsy Daw son tgirls' sports editorl, lack Newlon fboys' sports editorl, Mary Lee Eigensee tpage editorl. Ken Wears ladvertising managerl, Sandy Hughes tart editorl, Miss Vera K. Randall tadviserl, Debbie Page tmake-up editorl. Stomps Staff To photography editor, Peggy Erb. a whole new world of blackmail, cajolery, and chicanery came into focus. She became a full-fledged politician during her apprenticeship in the photography world. Ably assisting Peggy was Karen Thorne, whose pinking shears saw active duty in the casual department. Leading the abstract department were Debbie Page and Sandy Hughes. Ingenious Debbie arranged and shifted squares: artistic Sandy turned out Uppey's by the dozen. The literary corps, headed by Editor Ann Morral -- Sarah Aplin, Demi Badger, Iane Mills, and Fred McGavran -- have developed a violent distaste for writing articles . . . too many of 'em you know. In the field of economics Ralph Bresler, Ken Wears and Tim Wilder wielded the stick! Betsy Dawson and Iack Newlon headed girls' and boys' sports respectively. The members of the Norwester Staff beg the fore- bearance of their readers. Uppey and his political party were created in a spirit of whimsey - - no offense intended. P. S. The Norwester staff hereby nominates Miss Randall as Yearbook Adviser and Outspoken Authority on Political Satire of the year. We salute you! 45 The Marching Band of Upp t ' Q-4:4 ,. - , r -, ef L.: Li-gif: fl rlington Senior High School Robert Ginther , Director H I -4-Ll ROW ONE: A. Macaluso, V. Houser. C. Coddington, A. Venzke. K. Wyatt, B. Rehl, A. Brula, B. Recob, I. Muth, M. Dotts. ROW TWO: I. Wills, N. Sohner, P. Taylor, T. Martin. I. Lewis, D. Leech, K. Dean. I. Marsh, M. Storm, B. Iones, B. Vaughn, G. Kirkpatrick, B. Huck, B. Stacy, I. McGuire, M. Caldwell, G. Bonnet. ROW THREE: G. Evans, I. Davis, D. Hoch. D. Gillogly, R. Iohnson, I. Reichert, P. Hoage, I. Weisheit, D. Younger. C. Ewart, T. Marx, I. Humphreys, C. Beucler, D. Heitshue, E. Bolz, W. Osqood. ROW FOUR: D. Schubert, G, Minnich, C. Leininger. N. Evans, B. Vandemark, S. Bolles. G. Iohnson, M. Hague, C. Oakwood, M. Brown, M. Clellan, C. Vselkel, L. Reese, G. Henry, P. Knight. ROW FIVE: N. Iones, B. Cuhnert, L. Gilmore, C. Fargo, R. Branscomb. L. Heitger. B. Schmidt, D. Lintzenich, I. Browning, I. Simonson, C. Irwin, D. Elliot. HOW SIX: M. Halligan, B. Mathis, T. Waldo, F. McGavran, B. Archer, H. Iacobson, Robert Ginther Cdirectorl. d Bob Rehl, Kirby Wyatt. ROW ONE: Celeste Coddington, Marilyn Dotts. ROW TWO Vicki Houser, Ann Venzke. Adrienne Brula. Barb Recob ABSENT: Anita Macaluso, Iudy Muth. , HE : I" lx if 7 i ll t . , 1 " M' W-'tis ROW ONE: lack Edwards, Mike Hague, Dave Schubert, Dave Lintzenich, Tom Martin. ROW TWO: Robert Ginther idirectorl. Bill Schmidt, Donn Younger, Ieff Marsh, Iim Weisheit Cdrummerl, Bill Huck, Bill Vaughn, Harry Iacobson, Terry Waldo lpianistl. ABSENT: Bob Archer, Phil Curtis, Craig Ewart, Iim Reichert. The band stepped off into a spectacular fall season with a week of practice and marching at band camp. Every school moming saw the marchers rehearse the week's show from 8:00 to 9:30. The tempo of pep rallies and the Homecoming parade was increased by the band, and led by Drum Majors Kirby Wyatt and Bob Rehl, the instrumentalists played at every home and away foot- ball game. The band added to its list of guest appearances by marching in the Circleville Pmnpkin Show, playing for a Columbus Colts' and a charity football game, both at let Stadium, and performing at the premier of Cinerama in downtown Columbus. The band filled its coffers by selling six-thousand bars of chocolate in a record-breaking two weeks. Looking back on the performance-packed fall program, Director Robert Ginther and the bandsmen agreed that it was their most thrilling and spectacular season. The concert band is the marching band demobilized. It played at the Christmas concert and at many assemblies and school functions. The instrumentalists put on their own show in the spring and a major trip was planned to write finis to a highly successful year. The Bear-A-Tones, our dance band, is an organization for boys who like to play popular and progressive music. The dance band took part in the talent show, the spring band show, and played at school dances and parties throughout the Columbus area. -CTJ ,G fx - 1 , f .34 I, ! 5 , f i l f .A IQ f l T l Debbie Page LEFT to RIGHT: Bill Schmidt Ctreasurerl, Fred McGavran tvice-presidentl Robert Ginther fdirectorj, Don Younger Cpresidentl, Sue Bolles tsecretaryl LEFT to RIGHT Susan Dobbins, Robin Bishop, Theresa Brown taccompamstsl. T S nior In ROW ONE: S. Fitzgerald, L. Shreiner. M. Reuwee, C. Farbach, I. Mills. K. Cosens, C. Kime, I. Read, G. Werkhaven, N. Berend, I. Caldwell T. Adams, L. Loving, B. Mayharx, S. Aplin, M. Manning, C. Nichols, S. Cole, M. Borel, H. Yenser Cdirectorl. L. Grinstead, B. Curtis, D. Page I. Price. V. Houser, A. Neasse, A. Kirch. I. McKean, D. Berry. B. Berend, S. Henney, P. Taylor, I. Guesman, A. Krieger, I. Wills. I. Booker M. Dorff, I. Agee. K. Fraher. ROW TWO: L. Callahan, C. Gidcomb, C. Sain, S. Guthrie, I. Stone, M. Spittler, G. Iones, L. Andregg, C. Gease C. St. Clair. N. Pratt, S. Fletcher, R. Iameson, D. Kassian, B. Burtnett. K. Anderson, C. Hazzard, A. Lynn, P. McKee, D. Short, P. Sweetman M. Cravens, E. Hostettler, K. Fultz, I. Denti, C. Magnuson, M. Watson, I. Young, S. Russel, S. Downs, D. Webster, I. Gray, G. Hall, C Healy, G. Snyder, A. Schick, B. Brush, A. Armstrong, L. Anderson. ROW THREE: P. Bower, L. King. B. Iencks. I. Grimes, S. Edmondson. A. Christman, I. Sprinkle, P. Gerould, S. Lowther, N. McClelland, S. Holcomb. P. Daugherty, I. Millious, R. Turner, M. Lowery, A. Carson, I Kraft, C. von Haam, R. Asmus. B. Brown, T. Brown, R. Bishop. S. Dobbins, I. Iohnson, M. Clellcm, M. Browning, C. Sigafoos, L. Musgrave Recognized today as the largest and one of the finest high school choirs in the state of Ohio, the 1960-61, 212 voice Senior Concert Choir has enjoyed another out- standing year. This marks the tenth year for the Concert Choir since its beginning under the direction of its founder and present director, Herbert S. Yenser. In one of its busiest years the Choir presented over twenty-five programs including outside guest and tele- vision appearances -- starting the year with an appear- ance at Veterans' Memorial for the Ohio Food Show and ending the year with the annual opening of the swimming pool at Scioto Country Club. Other appearances included the First Fall Festival of Song, the annual Christmas Yule- tide Festival, and three Candlelight dinner engagements at the Scioto Country Club. Downtown engagements in- cluded singing at the Neil House for the Columbus Bar Association and the Warren-Teed Christmas Dinner. The Choir also appeared at the Deshler Hilton Hotel for the State Convention of County Commissioners. The Choir sang at the State Capitol building during the Christmas season and for the lirst time sang for the servicemen at Lockbourne Air Base. In Ianuary the Choir sponsored Fred Waring's piano- duo team of Hornibrook and Webb. The Ohio Chamber 1 1 1 1 Concert Choir if 5. if? fi QV? 1 L' H-jf A gl. 935 55' R. Grooms, L. Specht, M. Nicklaus, L. Iacoby, F. Reider. S. Schultz, S. Mueller, E. Duncan, A. Anderson, G. Wollam, S. Sharer, C. Farmer, M. Graves, S. Battles, S. Trotter. ROW FOUR: B. Powers, S. Parker, S. Bettes, T. Winters, M. Crispin, V. Cardi, T. Adams, T. Baldock. F. Gatzke, T. Fax, D. I-licks, I. Sylvester, N. Tumer, L. Filer, B. Kuhnert, D. Hartman, R. Evans, K. Shaffer, D. Hay, K. Callihan, M. Anderson, D. O'Brien, W. Osgood, P. Smith, I. Truster, D. Borel, C. Roettig, T. Specht. B. Zerman, I. Laylin, M. Fergus, K. Vaughn, B. Iones, D. Hatten, G. Shoop, T. McHenry, I. Fodor, I. Anthony. D. Main, D. Rupp, M. Baldwin, B. Spence, I. Maguire, G. Colbum, T. Baker ROW FIVE: T. Tibbals, M. Phillips, C. Rapp, M. Moss, B. Durrant, B. Nicola, B. Anthony, M. Patton, G. Wolfe, B. O'Riordan, T. Iohnston, S. Smith, K. Nichols, D. Spies, B. Henderson, B. Miller. D. Allen, D. Greegor, D. McKee, I. Iohnson, D. Springer, B. Brunner, B. McKnight, D. Burroughs, D. Cole, M. Storm, I. Stegrniller. T. Leslie, I. Kingcaid, T. Deishley. S. Walker, I. Baas, I. Schofield, I. l-leiss, D. Bailey, S. Erickson, P. Kuehn, I. Dobbs, C. Durrant, D. Kinney, D. Cummins, E. Berry, B. Bazler, S. Cheek, R. Smith, T. Mills, of Commerce honored the organization by inviting it to sing for a special dinner -- an event of February -- to which all the state legislators and their wives were in- vited. The Choir also presented a program to the down- town Lions Club during this month. In March the choir played a major role in the annual talent production which played to four capacity houses. This year the Concert Choir made its fourth appearance for the Knights Templar Easter Sunrise Service held at the Palace Th-eater. Also during April it entertained the Rotary Club at the Deshler Hilton Hotel. The highlight of the year for the Choir was the tenth annual Spring Choral Festival given in May to capacity houses. At the time of the printing of the N-orwester, the Choir was exploring the possibilities of an exchange program with another school or of a choir trip in the spring com- parable to the last choir trip, which included the Kentucky Derby. Eighty-two seniors, with the commencement singing, bade farewell to Senior Choir. May the Choi.r's motto, "What thou keepest is lost, What thou givest is forever thine" serve them well in the years ahead. L. Mann. LEFT to RIGHT: Iane Mills lgirls' treasurerl. Ioy Price lsecretaryl, Bill Anthony tboys' social chairmanl, Herbert Yenser ldirectorl, Iohn Stegmiller fpresidenti, Curt Roettig lboys' treasurerl, Dick Borel tvice-presidentl, Carol Sain lgirls' social chairmanl. J H ,tu . f-'Wm 51 rl x "1 Y-5-'y "Can Con" and "Pal Ioey" IKM "Ha, Ha, Ha. Ha" Photos by Bruce G. Lynn l ii L N, A ' - . J ? 1,15 P ,: E I A xx, M 1s' g 52 X 1 we . '! , . I ,lr ' ff .-,JF Q , V! s KU! ' I .fm 'fifvif L qfiltk 1 I ' ,' Sql? Z 1 I H fl if Q V' - H I I, ,A . V 1 I .' A X ws g'l'. ' A . ' .ffl QE.: ',':' 1, i N4 fi 4 , t, 5 we fi: J ,' , 9,113 P 1 -'izizibsw E 4 vc, wig' 51 P. "I f ' af " 'fggffif' N 5 -. iris? N Q:'f1.Tim sf jgEQF2:5q Q . 1 . P'V , 4-lan, aug L Summer Recreation Officers for the first summer recreation program were Iack Newlon. Alice Carson, George Wolfe, Claudia Gidcomb. Bob Selfe. Sally Russel, and Pris Daugherty. Wi.. ,J ful 12' "'C' Supervisors Barbara and Dick Turner look on as the officers correct the juke-box for the evening's session. 56 The Upper Arlington High School Recreation Center's first summer in existence was a great suc- cess. Membership exceeded seven hundred at the end of August. The committee tried to plan interest- ing and varied programs. Tuesday was movie night, and on Thursday the gym was open for co- recreation. The cafeteria was open at all times with art work, games, and a juke-box for entertainment. Saturday night's programs ranged from a semi-formal dance to a trip to Zoo Park. Marvin Moorehead was the faculty adviser and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Turner were supervisors each night throughout the summer. I N-ii, A luau held for new students was one of the big events of the summer. W 'SWE' ' 'ii - . l- is '+ ' + c un -'-Li , u-1. Q f ' Ti 131225. 5 ...L i ':-.::' tligiggg fi-"-f-si,-'i"-.1 ,lf . 2 -1 -l l.JL', 1 "You forgot eye of newt." Leone Vaughn, Iaclcie Dailey, Ann Boehm, Linda Martin. Y awe ,NND 411' - ,f - I've never seen one of these before myself." Ienni Hildreth and Instructor Dudrow. "ik , l I 1 1 I , 1 These boys know a cute cheerleader when they see one. Bruce Larson, Dave Peck, Bill Beebe, Iohn Pitcher and Mrs. Iane Wilson. Q .51 , t N Charles Will: "If I can not play first string, then l will not play at all." 'K U ll, 6 Iudy Aqee and Bob McKnight ". . . and that's the long and the short of it." 'Lf'-1 ,QL- f...- ,. .. . -1 - 2 'A' . gl - . ay A Coach Marvin Moorehead speaks at one of the football pep rallies. fl i 5- Nancy Pratt cmd Rita Asmus seem unperturbed. Shifty him-Selle meets the fate he deserves at the hands of Marty Fergus. Brian O'Riordan, Mike Phillips and lack Newlon. S 'S Q , X . -- '2.f3f:"'-fx It I , XL, '6 7 es' " 1' J X u Q' X' I, , X I.' 'xl X. G . ,'- ,Er NL-.1 1 1,4 t M1 M ' KX , 55 Gwyn Baker. Steve Solis, and Karen Wears "Have you The girls demonstrate diversionary tactics. ,.. got change for The band plays on. 'XE' ' 1 .X uf- "'-1 .I ' , " 5 ' -.xr - - l f 11. Charm Club -- before Metrecal. ., H B Y: f 'HT' x-'L Harland Randolph and his jazz group presented their interpretations oi poetry at the annual Arlingtonian assembly. ' l I J K I -I Ierry Iohnson Qries "goal pos! sitting" as other members ol the senior class decorate lor Homecoming. The school's top ten candidates for Homecoming Queen: Carol Swanson, Bonnie Henry, Karen Hobbs, Iulie Kraft, Iudi Young, lane! West. Debbie Berry, Sally Russel, Nancy Berend. and Bev Maylmn. a, 3 ' "How much can I get lor a nickel?" Q ., ...- .. lack Newlon as Bearella will long be remembered as queen of the senior bcys' pep rally. 60 sw, "lack Newlon be nimble, Iack Newlon he quick, Jack Newlon jump over the candlestickf' The court looked beautiful despite the cold at the Thursday night parade. ,-2 Iunior Class prize-winning float. ill H S 'iii' I fuss 'i Iubilant sophomores beside their float. Senior float . . . better late than never. Coach Marv Moorehead heaves Urbana into the bonfire. Sf E? At last the queen! Bench warming or bench breaking? Gentlemen prefer blondes. Once in cr lifetime! You're out! Iudi Young and Kirby Wyatt. More flowers for the queen. 1 1 1 1 1 1 lt only hurts when I laugh. Memories are made of this! "Ooooo -- it tickles! ni- - Sandy Downs, Sarah Hays, Ann Boehm made the deadline! The Arllnqionian went to press on time." e old and the new. "We i A star is born making favors for the Christmas formal Marilyn Dotts and Anita Macaluso -- "Help, Marilyn! I'm stuck!!" 64 "Your three minutes are up" -- the noon telephone line. T H E HINKINI l Q, FO IX NON GTS -I J 'JD H I N Sh V gl. 4 ' 2. XA ' - Ierry Hooper. Bill Bazler, Steve Walker, lack The campaign rally -- Mrs. Marilyn Howells' history class Newlon -- All the King's Men: The Turkey Kings at the Arlingtonian luncheon. Kids for a day f nf fx 'F ,J-11' ij M . gg' Happy Birthday, Kirby! Plank Na:5 Pony Corps 'fo L P F P0177 ofe CQCQ. . Two-minute haie in Miss Randal1's English class. A mask really improves Bob Walker's looks. Pris Daugherty and Karen Thome seem pleased. The hockey team must have won. X W lg, ,i ggi?- , . --.All iggggygughes Gnd Sue Nelson eniov a snnw Senior girls at the Fall Sports Banquet. genre Y' 4" The night at the round table. 66 You get to eat in Home Ec! Silence Duane Tice addresses the student body at the American Legion Assembly. Laughing it up in the Little Theater. Benny Nicola and the morning announcements. -L Coach Truster encourages the K.E.Y. team at halftime. 67 ,.f- P.T.A. College Night Bill Anthony and Ray Boop receive autographed books from Iohn Noble Nudcx Stojcmovskl and her American sister Lucy Anderson I Boxing? . . . Basketball? ,',f 4 ' f X 1 W, qty : .,f4r A iff m f- f..7j"'-if vvwig 165.1 I xv, I e...'.. Y, . , AxXj,:. vl 1 swmwmze-am -t f eww --on -A N 1 , 3 w-s vngvr' rv 1 f - , .L "f W-ery t . :vm W fgfllil E ..f- -:.- 5 , , '. 5: z.. ' vyY W 73- ,1 1 - " . r of lt. .f igwgpqlafesii .L V o - vii XS. -' f n - - ff.-ser--T-.Fe fe ' -V-e-1 . e 499 ' t r ,?3'fffiw!'-1554-P:f " 1' L . M n , 1 A' .l i- Q P ,-G L sux Y I x Q ti Y .-,Q- L . l lhw 999 '- .- - fra- A-uf-ff-'s:?1'4':sa-:ai r - P M-w . . . . , " 'r J .lle:"!,-'+iE'7?"' 'FV 1 9 1 '- 92 . - EE v-ft 9z'fi,f3,pn5v?fxwn2.-5-5tJ'zf" ,r - 15 . n . .W 2 8 ni -'?'4c"9S73?"LR" t "' 018 QQ: G ghhxa tw , 1 s. Hu. U, ,f -1 It ' I-' -1 .tmtV 'W's H , yy. I One more time . . . "Cheese." Captain Larry Seigtried and Coach Iim Burke talk shop. We realize that the campaign is almost over as Mike Patton gets measured for cap and gown. Spike it! Captain Larry Seigiried addresses the pep rally before the Urbana game. 1 ms L :say X ,, is 5 Sharon Sullivan shops lor shrunken heads at the Norwesler White Elephant Sale. . . and the walls come a tumhlin down!" when the new wing is opened. Gimme a spoon malt. -- HT., ---V ff - ,-1 .W A-.1 l . x ,. , -L. if X., -ff This unidentified player fiii 7 H seems to be having trouble finding the volleyball. Director Herbert Yenser eyes suspiciously his too-happy choir members. ,Q f, I l 'n MWW' ' Nt I" King Bob Lowery and Ron Rudolph, Bill Keating and Bill Brown at Golddiggers. Trumped at lunch. The bridge addicts are at it again -- lay Pollack. Ray Hoop, Brian tPuckl O'Riordan, Nick Krier. Fun in the language laboratory. Instructor Robert Snouiier supervises his future scientists. 71 ,.f- Mr. Skeeles, a favorite substitute teacher. - 1 S 1 x ,,.-19 Vess Iones, are you stymied? Ps "I don't care it you do have a meeting at twelve o'clock. You must produce your hall pass." ,au "Hey Bo Diddley!" by Ioe Kimhro and company at Bermuda Ball. 6 X 'mi t 1' Q' ax ' 'R Z ,"'N.'k: 2, fa, at f ' 6 If gf"""' 6 4 PI 4eN.6:Tf-1 ef- as fi 9 . The Robes Gallery Term paper time - - Caxol von Haam and Sandy Hughes have had it. Whoa!! lim Baas, axen't you a little conlused? I li 1' -- 1 . . ,- f 'ki ' .J 1 11'- ' 1, .. ' 'V , - Y .' ul -iz - .14 -- 'w'--f . ' 4,l.r V . 4. Quill and Scroll initiation ceremony before the student body 64551 ." .... !- L.- pg , J 5 Q 1 i ' . I . , V , ?i- Nm-.i' D 1 1 ' ,. ,"- 'Il-.Il Q' 'ln , H - 'L Susie Loving, Teri Adams, Linda Loving and Ginny Mclntire -- "Plec1se mke us with you!" ,,- Bill Berwanger, Carolyn McCarty and Bill Beebe -- "you're not serious?" The Home Ec Task Foxce. Iean Emery, Kathy Frost. Pam Farris, and Marge Ems. Leaders' Club committee meeting. Sophomore Hall plus two juniors Il ,. H so ' v . X. V sf A - -"L, ' . N ' ..,,-gf: ' ,L fl ' V Iunior-Senior co-chairmen Paul Drake cmd Noelle Lewis scale the heights. Miss Vera K. Randall. "Teacher is very cross today! N gl. ii 421 . - .5eeh?J" Va r Sf: x xg F M' . 5 if 'H Vi! Q4 I q, 1,1 - ff'-'--:J A- W :,n,fT1?5q-jm- i 'JH vm- .Eh in ,' Um' Mm ,V Q f 01 4, .,1,M,TV "H v , .wi Q F id' 5 lr Vi- 3 ii, '21-T .V r " -.r 4 YH L Y Y, ,r K. -..- l ' t J J' 'W .Q W 2-7 :-- fr -fu ,,, ,. ,,., m1.'4llf"' pmmai -.gy - f ' J'V ' Ji"1T 2 'WT1 4 ,, M Y 1.-LQ,-Q f-1ww".'f Af- QW ,l -1 --Af: "L1.f5, ?1TQii155-gig'3f.agQil3iE'l"f'-f " ' 'I 'e 2 s . LQ- aw . ,f . W ,f , V' -' '53 f Q :N '- ' is L1f, 3j'f'v ' 'I .-,Q -2'Ti1Lifgg:'. A V '- fqlif-: ff 74, f. '. 'l"1'1Q'L - ,sv K A mf-1:-f-,A .1 ' ' ID 1 ,ag .5 Xl ,Q 4. , 5 . , , ,dy-Mi, 'if ' x ff' - ww, as in :xg 1'-'.-S.. , ,4,,,'M 4 ,r itil, 'I A Honor Ny" Stu d ents ' ft I f C 1 ff? X y I 7? A ,,.. riZNmtlI7:l1,,.mff, ,'Q,1.Z7es:fsi J ffklgic-EGQQIASES JCI. i X KT The senior who maintained the high- est scholastic average during high school was Nick Krier, 3.973. Iudy Graziani followed Nick closely with a point average of 3.968. In the order of their point average and class rank are these students: Nick Krier, Iudy Graziani, Mary Lou Cravens, Alice Carson, Pete Tomasulo, Hay Boop, Sarah Aplin, Marty Fergus, lim Moor, lay Pollack, Peggy Erb, Ann Mortal, lane Mills, Carolyn Fargo, and Dick Kinney. Congratulations to these, our honor students! V ,fu . mr' an sa-:e.4g:.,,, NICK KRIER ll" - 4 '-.' -?. , --Q lUDY GRAZIANI v I , it r fl ll - If A... Senior Scholar hip Team .J ,J 1.- r EEL! ROW ONE: Carolyn Fargo, Fred McGovern, Bob Walker, Peggy Erb, Mary Lee Eigensee. lay Pollack, Nick Krier, Brian O'Riordan. Iody Borkenhagen, Carol Liebermann, Iudy Graziani, Gail Williams, Esther Hostettler. ROW TWO: Karen Fultz. Debbie Hansen. Karen Rosenberry, Iudy Grigsby, Io Ann Helwig, Marcia Smith, Bobbie Boes, Carla Iagsh, Mary Lou Cravens, Carolyn Nichols, Barbara Stevens, Sharon Anderson, Susie Loving. ROW THREE: Bob Selle, Mike Phillips, Betsy Dawson, Becky Rannells. Ierry Schroer, Claudia Gidcomb, Alice Carson, Patty Knight, Sue Bolles, David Lintzenich, lim Moor, Ralph Bresler. ROW FOUR: Lynn Sanders, Martha Wright, Susan Long, Carol Baker, Sarah Aplin, lane Mills, Frank Godbey, Ron Kock, Marty Fergus. Gary Shoop, Mark Kuhner, Dick Chechile. ROW FIVE: Carol von Haam, Suzy Burr, Iohn Stegmiller, Bill Beebe, Carol Swanson, Marcia Manning, Karl Shatter, Rick Iackson, Bill Smith, Brent Ferguson. Ralph Orlando. ROW SIX: lim McMaster, Russ Morgan, Ray rg- ' if Y ' g f . . 5.? 3' 9 S' . Y : l"4 1' F Rogers, Bob Stone, Chet Rapp, Mike Mandt. Ioe Shulmistras. Ray Roop. Bob Cowman. The results of the Senior Scholarship Test show that this year's graduating class won honors on state, district, and county levels. The scholarship team, composed of the top forty percent of the senior class, took this test in January as an indication of their achievement in five areas: English, history, science, mathematics, and reading comprehension. Nick Krier led the team, receiving honorable mention in the state and placing second in the district and first in the county. Sharon Anderson received honorable mention in the state, was fourth in the girls' district divisional and ninth in the county: lay Pollack also received honorable mention in the state, placing ninth in the district and second in the county. Mark Kuhner received honorable mention in the state and county and placed twenty-second in the district. Seven persons received honorable mention in the state, district and county: Mary Lou Cravens, Marty Fergus, James McMaster, Brian O'Riordan, Ray Hoop, Robert Walker and Frank Godbey. Fourteen received honorable mention in the district and county: thirteen received honorable mention in the county. Ranking In The State ROW ONE: Bob Walker, Ray Boop, Mary Lou Cravens, Sharon Anderson. ROW TWO: lim McMaster, lay Pollack, Brian O'Riordcm, Frank Godbey, Nick Krier, Marty Fergus, Mark Kuhner. g Quill and Scroll L.l l 4 LEFT to RIGHT: Sue Bolles lsecretaryl, Peggy Streeter Cpresidentl. Ray Roop ttreasurerl. Miss G. Ellen Mann Cadviserl, Marcia Smith. Marcia Farr Qvice-presidentl. 'Marcia Manning. Receiving highest individual scores in Senior Scholarship Test 'fc' Because Quill and Scroll is primarily an international society to honor student journalists, meetings are rather limited but important. They include a joint meeting with the Arlinqtonian Staff and the journalism class and a very im- pressive and significant initiation ceremony. Qualifications are rigid: the prospective candidate must have had a speci- fied amout of work in the field of journalism: he must be in the upper third of his class: he must be certified by Miss G. Ellen Mann. As evidence of their scholastic ability, seniors Nick Krier and lane Mills received certificates of merit as finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Test. They were among the one-sixteenth of one percent of all high school seniors who competed in the test. The awards are made in the form of four-year scholarships of one hundred and fifteen hundred dollars presented by National Merit Scholarship Corporation. This test was available March of 1960 to all juniors. Iane Mills and Nick Krier National Honor Societ ROW ONE: lim Moor, Iay Pollack, Hon Kock lpresidentl, Mark Kuhner, Ralph Bresler. ROW TWO: Sarah Aplin, Carol Baker. Nancy Furste lsecretary-treasurerl, Alice Carson lvice-presidentl, Sue Bolles, Iill Zeisler, Carol von Haam, Anita Graham, Mary Lee Eigensee, Peggy Erb, Claudia Gidcomb, Ellis Lutz tadviserl. ABSENT: Bob Walker. Each spring the new members of National Honor Society are chosen on the basis of their scholarship, character,. leadership and service. The upper twenty percent of the senior class and the upper ten percent of the junior class are eligible for membership. From this number ten percent of the senior class and five percent of the junior class are installed in the Upper Arlington chapter of the national organization. In May. the formal induction ceremony was pre- sented, for the second year, in an assembly for the whole student body. The primary project of the club is the operation of the book store, a great service to the school. Receiving Honors in the National Merit Scholarship Test Nick Krier, Sharon Anderson, Iay Pollack. -v y' ' " , rf uf . V' 'KIQM ...f -sg'i-'...'r .Q-Q. , . , . . . z ' . . , - ' A r 3- - , ' . , Q 4. gi, A-35, ,Jifk 1 -- -p , ' 1 U , N, .U - . ,.,,,g x, 4- --. , , , n f .-""' ' ' ' - I mfwf. ,P X 7 A' li- , V 4 , 1 XJ M- ,A an ff, gs .1 .,,' . V, , v , ww ' 4+ L .Aim-. 5. .n "' -4' f' v ' i f ,-W . .,..-s. - , f.,,Y. m-,1.. Q N.. Vx ' 1 JA Algf, ,-5-P-41, L Q - ' fag- n Z sg f'- f Q , A wx' ' V, ' Q-21: WE . BL , ' V , ' QQ- - gf? -. x ' ' ,, Y . - ,L -, . 4,L,L.,f.--4- assi--"-" 'T ...fo , .- . J- ' on an " . -fp, ,Ag 5 -.Q .- A+.. xy: za UN Hu as gm fm . jf'-fs I .1 L - Q 9 K ' , 4 ' Sept. X t I L t . Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Co-captain Bill Anthony, Head Coach Marv Moorehead, Co-captain Jerry Truster. arsit Sept. Sept. Nov. Nov. 9 16 23 23 7 14 21 28 4 11 Foot U. A. 20 U. A. 36 U. A. 22 U. A. 44 U. A. 23 U. A. 14 U. A. 7 U. A. 14 U. A. 34 U. A. 7 QQ? 3, 1 EBQM424 9 B5 31 4132 ROW ONE: Steve Mirick lmanagerl, Dennis McKee, Curt Roettig, Ron Clawson, Bob Selle, Marty Fergus, Phil Keuhl. Mike Mandt. Tom Specht. Tom Chown, Brian Jennings, Bob Caesar. ROW TWO: Iohn Miller, Iohn Neer. Fred Waltz, Scott Condit, Dave Worton. Bill Anthony tco-captainl. Ierry Truster ico-captainl. lim Hannahs, Ray Rogers, Ken Clark, Bill Beebe, Keith Nichols, Bob Nickles tmanagerl. ROW THREE: Ierry Hooper fcoachl, Pete Cory tcoachl, Bob Cool, Steve Erickson, Ioe Hay, Bill Bazler, Doug Daily, Dick Springer, Geoff Kabealo. let! Coffey. Iim Cannell, Marv Moorehead Chead coachl. Fred Eickelberger tcoachl. ROW FOUR: Rich Iackson tmanagerh, Iim Baas, Dick Cummins, Mike Burnett, Keith Chrisenger, Dave Stewart, Bill Robb, Carl Iustice. Doug Gudenkaul, Pete Talbot tmanagerl. 3 Lancaster South At Newark Delaware At Bexley At Worthington Urbana At Grandview Whitehall At Mt. Vernon 7 7 20 0 0 8 12 0 14 12 af 2 Z X in-1 ff 412 fy u1'J:X.E ffl rf ff f ,04,4,M,y6 I Increase 4491 ,ea-oayfmn 502 ff, Q46 'wg gn ' 5262, xg yr , 1 A,f,f'7'f',Ky' , f fl t . fy, l ft,f4,f um,- xy If 1 fillydl f fl' ,I . 1 N5 rr 5 - 5 . Z' 1 . .,. ,, .. . .. ..w..v.-1 . , F2231 Ierry Truster Bill Anthony Bill Beebe Head coach Marv Moorehead and a hot August sun greeted ninety-nine ,eager 7 Ray Rogers Curt Roettig -rf 'wr '- 'fezsszsri - may in-1 .i ' 'f'74',- 1 ' , .4 P r Y l Mike Mandt WMWW prospective football players on their first day of practice Smce the annual preview was discontinued this year the Bears had only three weeks to prepare for the opening game The pre season practices cost U A heavily as Co Captain Ierry Truster broke his wrist m a scrimmage against North. Arlington's ability to capitalize on l.ancaster's errors provided the Bears with their irst victory. Interceptions by Mike Mandi and Scott Condit, a recovered fumble by Bob Selfe, plus fine offensive performances by Ron Clawson, Bill Anthony, and Phil Kuehl allowed U. A. to outplay completely the Golden Gales to the tune of 20-7. The South High Bulldogs provided the next opposition for the fast-rising Bears. Although they were behind for a short time C7-6 early in the second quarterl Arlington's powerful line and the bull-like runs oi Bill Anthony gave U. A. an easy 36-7 victory. A 21-yard aerial from Bill Beebe to Phil Kuehl supplied the Bears with the necessary margin. Three South fumbles and a blocked field goal were also instrumental in this win. A story-book ending gave Arlington fans and players their biggest thrill of the year -- a 22-20 victory at Newark. The Wildcats. usually among the top teams in the were thought to be one of U. A.'s toughest opponents -- this assumption proved correct. Bill Beebe and Curt Ftoettig combined to score fourteen points in the first quarters, while the Ross-Applegate duo produced twenty points for Newark in the period of time. With only moments remaining the Bears began their 45-yard A few plays later the ball rested on the 18-yard line and only 10 seconds remained state, to be three same drive. in the game. Sophomore quarterback Bill Robb faded back to pass and hit Ron Clawson for the touchdown. Roettig battered over tackle for the winning two points. Unfortunately. the victory did not come without a heavy price. Senior end Tom Specht received a serious head injury and was lost to the team for the rest of the season. Arlington appeared somewhat stale and dull during the first half at Bexley. The Bears exchanged punts with the Lions during much of the first two quarters. With eleven seconds remaining in the half, Keith Nichols kicked a 15-yard field goal, giving the Bears a 3-0 lead. U. A. seemed a completely different team as they began the third quarter. They recovered a fumble on the Lions' seven-yard line and Anthony scored two plays later. Ron Clawson added two more touchdowns in the final period, giving the Bears a 23-0 win. All of the action was not confined to the gridiron as Bexley and Arlington students engaged in a slight "rumble" during the game. The Bears downed their next opponent, Worthington, by a score of 14-8. Curt Boettig and Bill Anthony provided the touchdowns. The latter's came as the climax to an 85-yard drive in the closing minutes of the game. Both teams displayed outstanding defensive units. which made for an extremely hard-fought contest. This marked by a remarkable show of enthusiasm from the Arlington fans, cheering the team out of the huddle on the final drive. With five straight victories tucked away, the Bears faced Urbana in what proved to be the C.B.L. title game. A standing-room only crowd witnessed the 12-7 Homecoming loss. Although the Hillclimbers had a host of fine offensive backs, it was their clutch game was Dennis McKee Phil Kuehl Bob Caesar Tom Chown Ken Clark defensive perfonnance that spelled doom for the Bears. Arlington's offensive machine was bogged down within the 15-yard line three times. Early in the first quarter a vicious tackle caused an Arlington fumble on their 18-yard line. This unfortunate break allowed Urbana to score its first touchdown several plays later. The third quarter again brought the Hillclirnbers across U. A.'s goal. Geoff Kabealo's one-yard plunge gave Arlington fans one of their few moments of joy. The Bears made a desperate attempt to score in the closing moments. but it was cut short by another fumble. The Bears, playing their second game in five days, rebounded remarkably from their initial loss by downing Delaware 44-0. U. A. scored on the second play from scrimmage on a Burnett to Waltz aerial covering 55 yards. From this point on there was no stopping the fired-up Bears. Curt Roettig and Ron Clawson each scored two touchdowns and Bill Anthony added the final one. Ray Rogers, U. A.'s dynamic center. surprised fans and coaches alike by snagging a Delaware kickoff and retumed it ten yards. Arlington's defensive unit, spearheaded by Geoff Kabealo, Dick Springer, and Dennie McKee. played the major role in the 14-0 win over arch-rival Grandview. The Bears were able to sustain two 51-yard drives, one in the first quarter and the other in the last, for their two touchdowns. Geoff Kabealo's booming punts continually pulled U. A. out of tight situations. A big first half lead of 27-6 aided the Bears in their victory over last year's champion, Whitehall. A Dad's night crowd witnessed a fine offensive showing, featuring fine runs by Phil Kuehl and Ron Clawson. A sight never to be forgotten was Bob "Lightning" Caesar picking up a fumble and racing 30 yards to paydirt. As the final gun sounded. the Bears totaled 34, Whitehall 14. All-C.B.l.. halfback Dick Nethers proved to be the thom in Arlington's side as Mt. Vemon pinned a 12-7 loss ta very unlucky score -- note Urbanal on the Bears. Arlington, staying on the ground this very cold night, could not get its offense moving against the fine Yellow Iackets. The season's activities were brought to a climax at the annual Fall Sports Banquet. Dick Springer and Geoff Kabealo were named to succeed Co-Captains Jerry Truster and Bill Anthony. Outstanding player awards were given to Mike Mandt, Geoff Kabealo, Bill Anthony, and Ray Rogers. Tom Specht received the Tri-Village Most Valuable Team Member Award. The Bears placed an almost unbelievable number of six members on the All-C.B.L. squad. Bob Caesar, Ray Rogers. Bill Anthony, Ron Clawson, Ierry Truster, and Geoff Kabealo were selected for this honor. Guard Bob Caesar was further honored by being named to the first unit of the U.P.l., All-Ohio team. He also received an invitation to participate, along with other all-state players, in an annual charity game next August in Canton. On behalf of the NORWESTER staff and the student body, we would like to con- gratulate the players and coaches of this year's team for the exciting moments they gave us and the fine record which they compiled. Hon Clawson Scott Condit f AY Y F , Y Y-,,P,,,l,-, Y-T 9121,-1--fpfg?1:v-. ,H ., , ,-.,,-.t't-f11:t':,J,q-ff". 1. 4 M' ., - 31 9ll2'q4't'tfff'f 4, V B pl Brian Iennings lim HGHIIUTIS MUHY Fergus 87 Bob Selfe Tom Spechl Fred Waltz ,lg .- wggriu 'x ff. 71 .2 'EC' ,. I ,5- ' 1 . FIX V." ' 5 4 , X ,qv , , V - , V , .v . 1. -,. .1 .- . I.. .div .W-i. - , ...J " A V. .Q.'.." . 1 :FM ' V -" u"f'i ' n 88 .JM- , ,. ,. W. . . .IMN . .I . ' , ,N : w . f 4 x . - 1 f n E . ,Wy .1 Kim - ggi, 1 3 gxxiix v .W w W H 5 Dave Worton eserve Schedule Sept 19 U. A. 46 At South Sept. 24 U. A. 30 Newark Oct. 1 U. A. 28 At Marion Oct. 10 U. A. 30 Lancaster Oct. 15 U. A. 28 West Oct. 20 U. A. 22 Worthington Oct. 29 U. A. 28 Aquinas Arlington's reserve football, under the leadership of coach Iim Burke, compiled an undefeated record of 7-0. These seven victories coupled with ten straight from the previous two seasons, gave the reserve gridders an ad- mirable string of seventeen in a row. This year's highlight occurred in the game with Worth- ington. Although the score would not necessarily indicate it, the Bears faced their most formidable opponent. Arling- ton, trailing 8-0 as the fourth quarter began, managed to score a touchdown plus a 2-point conversion to beat the . , 1 "5 Q fri' LEFT to RIGHT: Ierry Hooper. Don Cockerell, Iim Burke, Marv Moorehead lhead coachl. Fred Eickelberger, Pete Corey. Cardinals while two minutes had elapsed. The Bears con- nected on a 65-yard pass play to the 2-yard line with fifty seconds remaining in the game. Dave Stewart crashed over for the winning margin. Worthington took to the air in a vain effort to regain their lead, but Dan Rupp inter- cepted a pass and returned it 50 yards for the final tally, giving the "Rubes" a hard-earned 22-8 win. Congratulations to the coach and team for a very fine season. Reserves ' 1 1 Q U. 1, -0 ' -. r 1. I ' 1. ' 'ig x :Gif W, ROW ONE: Kline Roberts, Mike Temple, Bob Milligan. Corky Liber, Kiel Mandt, George Horvath, Ron Bolley, Dan Rubb. ROW TWO: Don Cockerell lcoachl, Steve Bates. Bill Deck, Larry Calihan, Paul Smith, Bruce Larson. Bill Robb, Dave Stewart, Keith Chrissinger, Carl Iustice. Dick Dixon, Bob Henderson. ROW THREE: Iim Burke Kcoachl, Iim Walker, Bob Cool, Doug Gudenkauf, Mike Wilson. Mike Baldwin, Tom Pace, Lewis Gordon, Iohn McPhearson, Dave Cole, Bob Nichols lmanagerl. ROW FOUR: Iim Baas. Dick Main, Paul Kuehn, Phil Macaluso. Steve Parker, Steve Hayes, Dave Sherman, Ie!! Heuss, Stan Young, Arch Schultz. 89 'f r :,,.,..-:,..-TQ . , , - V Alice Carson , 1 L w t . Q hrs ,W ' all Yi 90 Renee Jameson Karen Thome . V- with'-' - - f If I l I r Rita Asmus , , NYY- .W --.fr I A Carol von Haam 4 H l 1 1 Sherry Fletcher Queen Iudi Young Q, f. A' . Debbie Berry Sally Russel ii Homecomin Nancy Berend MW Basketball . Schedule x., Dec. X into Dec. X , Dec. .... I ' M, .l Dec. will Dec. I Ian. .... 3 9 10 16 21 30 .,.. 6 7 13 20 27 3 Feb. .... Feb. .... 10 Feb. 11 .... 17 24 Feb. .... COACH 11M BURKE an. .... ....... . Ian. .... ..... . l96O-6l Nov. 27 .... ........ A t Gahanna Dec. 2 .,,, ..,..,.... A t Bexley Dec. .... .........,.. H ILLIARDS . At Worthin ton 9 At West URBANA At Grandview DELAWARE WHITEHALL SHAKER HTS. At Mt. Vernon Iqn, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,.,,,..,,.,,. B EXLEY Ian. .... ....... W ORTHINGTON Feb, ,,,, ,,,,..,,,. G RANDVIEW At Whitehall MT. VERNON At Delaware At Urbana CAPTAIN I ACK NEWLON ROW ONE: Bill Beebe. Bob Selle, Bob McKnight, lack Newlon. Tom Chown. Bill Berwcmger, Coach Iim Burke. BOW TWO: Phil Schaffer. Gary Acker, Emerson Berry, Tom Mattingly, Dave Peck, Hon Rudolph. Bob Snyder. At the basketball banquet at the end of '59-69 season, Iack Newlon was named captain of the 1960-61 basketball team. The new cap- tain received the Walter B. Heischman trophy as the most valuable player. He was also named to the all-C.B.L. team. Actual preparation for the season got un- der way at the first practice on November 1. After the final cuts were made, the team set- tled down to work. The curtain fell heavily on the February 25 premier at Gahanna. The Lions had one game already under their belts and used the experience to squeak past the Golden Bears by three points. Big lim Schaffer dumped in 30 points to lead his team to the narrow 57 to 54 victory. lack Newlon previewed his offensive prow- ess with Z0 points in the losing effort. The starting lineup at the beginning of the season were seniors lack Newlon and Tom Chown, along with juniors Dave Peck, Emerson Berry, and Ron Rudolph. On the following week the Bears started their winning streak. The game at Bexley was tied at 38 all with only four minutes left. Coach lim Burke made some defensive alterations that stopped the Lions in their tracks. Newlon collected six straight points to put the Bears out of their opponent's reach. They went on to a 44 to 40 win in the first League encounter. On the following night Arlington played host to Hilliards. The visitors made a real go of it and held the lead through the first three periods. Arlington managed to take a one- point lead 40 to 39 at the start of the final quarter. It was anybody's ball game through the last eight minutes until Newlon put in a layup to win the game with less than a minute to go. It was Iack's 21st point of the evening and was enough to give his team a 51 to 49 victory. The West High Cowboys were the next victim, being roped and tied to the tune of 75 to 57. Newlon found the range for 33 more points, giving him 66 for the weekend. With a 29-point lead in the third quarter, Arlington fans got their first look at the second string. Arlington's next two games were with Urbana and Grandview, with whom they shared the top berth in the C.B.L. Urbana, thinking three was a crowd, disposed of Arling- ton 55 to 49. Newlon put in 22 points while holding All-Stater Gail Evans to only 9. Then. Arlington, lonesome for company in second place beat Grandview 54 to 44. The Golden Bears ended the year on a golden tone with an 86 to Z6 victory over winless Delaware on December 30. In this game Newlon hit for 29, three more points than the entire Delaware team. The new year started off with a home game against Whitehall. Arlington took the lead and held on to the finish. Bill Beebe and Newlon had 18 points apiece for high honors as the Bears won 60 to 42. Shaker Heights carne to Arlington on the next night only to go back home with a de- feat. lt was a see-saw battle all the way. but the gold and black carne out on top 41 to 39. Mt. Vernon was next to suffer Arlington's blow. The Yellow Iackets were stung 67 to 41. Hon Rudolph turned in his best total of the season with 21 points. As the season moved into the second round, it looked like a title race between Arlington and Urbana. The Hillclimbers were undefeated and Arlington had only one loss, that to Urbana. Grandview was out of the picture in third place. Bexley took a 59 to 37 lashing but held Newlon to only 8 points. Dave Peck picked up the slack with 19. The key to Arlington's success was the ability of any one of the starters to bacl' ap the efforts of another. Chown, Peck, Berry, Selfe, Rudolph, Berwanger, or Beebe could always be depended upon when the pressure was high. Worthington took their second tum and failed as Arlington stretched its win streak to seven on a 58 to 49 victory. Then Dave Peck injured his shoulder in this game and was lost to the team for the remainder of the season. Then came another match with rival Grandview, who never goes down easi- ly. The Bobcats came from behind in the first quarter to take a half-time lead of 25 to 18. Ioe and Iohn Argenbright played havoc with Arlington's defense, but the Bears came back to tie it up 36-all at the start of the final period. It was nip and tuck all the way, but the "Tewksbury Terror" dropped in a jump shot with four seconds left to give his team the 54-52 margin. After this big hurdle the Bears coasted to the finish line for a showdown with Urbana. Arlington got past Whitehall 57 to 50, and downed Mt. Vernon 75 to 49 on the next night. Then there was a chance to catch their breath at Delaware 71 to 46 before the final judg- ment at Urbana. Newlon got 30 more points against the. Panthers to keep a firm grip on the C.B.L. scoring lead. Most of the seats were gone by six o'clock in the Urbana gymnasium. A tum- away crowd was on hand to witness the showdown. Arlington needed a victory to share the crown with the Hillclimbers. If Urbana won, they were sole owners. The Bears launched a 16 to 8 first quarter lead, but Urbana quickly unraveled it and ended the half with ct 34 to 26 lead. They scored 26 points in the second quarter and Arlington trailed behind ten points throughout the last half. The game ended in a 72 to 54 disaster with Gail Evans and Don Harkins supplying the one-two punch for the Hill- climbers with 22 and 23 points. Newlon had 24 for Arlington and Beebe hit 13. At the end of the regular season the team had compiled the best record for an Arlington team since 1949, when the squad had a 15-3 slate compared to this year's 17-4. lack Newlon was named to the all-C.B.L. team for the second year and again received the Heischman trophy. lack set cz new C.B.L. scoring record with 332 points and Bill Beebe made the C.B.L. second team. Attention then turned to the Fairgrounds Coliseum for the District Tournament. In the first game Arlington got a big surprise from a determined Delaware team. In the third meet- ing of the two schools the Panthers wanted the charm. The score, going into the last quarter, was 37 to 36. The lead had changed hands 18 times, but with only four minutes left Emerson Berry put the Bears on top to stay. Ron Rudolph was high-point man with 14. A 61 to 51 win over Aquinas set the stage for the crucial third meeting with Grand- view. The gifted Grandview gang scored easily as they slipped past Arlington 52 to 51 in a real hat chewer. Arlington was on top 51 to 47 with a minute to go but the Bobcats' two tArganl bright stars closed the gap and Dave Fink put in the clincher with a foul shot. The first mention of the 1961-62 season was made at the banquet on February 16. Dave Peck and Emerson Berry were an- nounced as co-captains. Peck, Berry, and Rudolph will be back to claim their starting positions next year. Bob Snyder and Torn Mattingly will also be returning from the varsity squad. 93 luck N ewlon Yi' ' Bill Beebe Bill Berwcmger Q F Tom Chown A A'-.. ' A Bob Selle Bob McKnight eserve Basketball G lt. JY Ji r LEFT to RIGHT: Coach Fred Eickelberger, Iohn Pitcher, Tom Mansfield, Iohn Ashby, Phil Williams. Bill Robb. First year coach Fred Eickelberger led his reserve basketball squad to a very respectable 10-7 finish. The Bears finished fourth in the C.B.L. standings behind Urbana, Worthington, and Whitehall. Arlington tallied a 7-7 record in this competition, splitting with all of their opponents except Grandview whom they beat twice, and Urbana, to whom they lost twice. Although their games are generally regarded as mere- ly an added attraction of the varsity games, the reserves managed to provide some exciting entertainment of their own. The second Grandview game, which was played at Arlington on February 3, saw the Bears spill the Bobcats in a double-overtime sudden-death thriller. Iohn Ashby dropped the winning point Ca free throwl and received a free ride to the locker room, via his teammates' shoulders. Tom Mansfield ended up the season as the Bears' leading scorer, but was closely followed by Iohn Ashby, Phil Williams, and Bill Robb. ROW ONE: Coach Fred Eickelberger, Ted Rose, Bill Robb, Tom Mansfield, Iohn Pitcher, Steve Hardyman, Craig Cottingham. ROW TWO: Ieff Schofield, Dan Spies, Phill Williams, Iohn Ashby, Keith Chrissinger, Carl Iustice, Al Carden. , s. t 3 If ff Co captain Les Heitger, Coach Richard Larkin. Co-captain Bob Miller. Under the leadership of Coach Richard Larkin and Co- Captains Les Heitger and Bob Miller, the Cross Country team compiled an admirable record of nine wins and three losses. In addition to the dual meets the Harriers made an excellent showing at the annual Bowling Green Relays. This event has always been marked by some of the toughest competition the state has to offer. One of the most memorable happenings of the Bears' season was their fine third-place finish at the District Meet. Ron Kock, 12th: Bob Miller. 14th: and Les Heitger, 18th paced U. A. as they finished behind Worthington and 0 1 J xl, W I 1914-JlliYe Z4 ' 25 455: 15 VW: I f ' cf, W. Vllw ,f Hill yfdl-It QV! Nw, wig' V rj, . w jf? .. ,- . ., mild Linden. Les Heitger, in a meet against Gahanna-Lincoln, set a new all-Arlington record on the Northam Park course with a time of 10 minutes and 18 seconds. The Fall Sports Banquet, held at the Ohio Union, brouqht the announcement of next year's Co-Captains -- Ron White and Ieff Laylin. Bob Miller received the Most Outstanding Runner Award and Les Heitqer was given the Iohnnv Hornet Award for finishing first the greatest num- ber of times. Congratulations to "Larks" and all the members of the squad for their fine performances. Cross-Countr ROW ONE: Skip Throop. Alan Palo. George Miller, Ierry Iahnson. I. Donald Tompkin, Bob Cowman. Aj Jones, Ron Kock, Les Heitger Cco-captainl, Bob Miller Cco-captainl, Mark Rienhart, Bob Stone, Bob Reed, Paul Ehert, Richard Larkin tcoachl. ROW TWO: Ierry Anthony, Bob Merritt, Rick Cullman, Mark Anderson, lim Graham, Jim Ross, Dave Wells, Bill Scott, Steve Walker, Bob Holcisworth. left Laylin, Ron White, Iim Dobbs, Tim Flanagan. Steve Goscin, Major Crispin, Bob Peltier. Lloyd Filer. Swimmin .muunruu Captain Russ Morgan, Coach Dick Russell, Captain Fred Heer. The state swimming meet brought a fifth place finish to Arlington and all-American honors to Russ Morgan, Rick Smith, Lytle lohnson, and Doug Welch trnembers of the record-breaking free-style relay teaml. The annual banquet was held at Presutti's Villa where Lytle Iohnson and Doug Welch were named as next year's co-captains. Here, also, Athletic Director Marv Moorehead described the squad as "the best swimming team in the state, without a pool of their own!" The sight of red-eyed swimmers Cnon-goggle ownersl walking through the halls at school will probably be one of the lasting images held by many Arlington students. The 1960-Bl swimming team, under the leadership of Coach Dick Russell and his able assistant George Patton, completed one of its most successful seasons. Co-Captains Russ Morgan and Fred Heer led pros- pective team members in a vigorous weight-training pro- gram during the fall, all in preparation for the first meet -- the Kent State Relays. Although the Bears were not in top condition and did not fare so well, a very interesting time was experienced by all on the over-night trip! The tankers finished with a 10-4 dual meet record, including a narrow loss to soon-to-be-state-champion Canton-McKinley. All championships did not escape from U.A.'s clutches, however, as for the sixth straight year they swam off with the first place trophies in the City Relays and Central District Meet. X MMI llg ROW ONE: Tom Deischly, Russ Morgan, Fred Heer, Frank Booth. ROW TWO: Coach Dick Russell, lim Patterson, Dave Hoch, Bill Keating, Mike Patton, Bob Stone, Rick Iackson. i fr" ff-' ,H J, '- 1 .M .. I 4, fr 3 , li-ia ' Aa Q . Q .. ,L , -e:i::'f' ' in g . . l rl. lr A' me-. if - , t f "L " - 1-' ' YL' -ul . , .,g " 1' lk. liwfitl 'l- F... tw. , .vp " V L I ' ?J'Tf1 ' Fiat " Q g 'V 3514-ll -in in . ,X 1 rt mn mf Y 1 Hi I I iii I lCt ROW ONE: Rich Tomasulo, Chuck Schwenker, Mark Anderson, Steve Parker, Bill Mueller, Bob Chambers, lohn Sylvester, George Miller, Corky Liber, Steve Bettis, Bill Lowary. ROW TWO: Bill Keim, Bill Howe, Lytle Iohnson, Doug Welsh, Bill Bruner, Rick Smith, Steve Erickson, Bill Iones, George lgel, Steve Mtrick. ROW THREE: Rick Iackson, Iim Patterson, Dave Hoch, Tom Deishley, Russ Morgan, Fred Heer, Mike Patton, Bill Keating, Bob Stone, Frank Booth, Coach Dick Russell. Wrestling November 21, 1980, found seventy-seven mem- bers of wrestling squad huffing and puffing their way through Coach Ierry Hooper's conditioning ex- ercises. These daily workouts, which included run- ning laps around the school block tabout one milel, soon reduced the team's numbers to thirty-seven. The grapplers, who played one of the roughest schedules an Arlington team has ever faced, com- piled an admirable 5-6 won-lost record in dual meets. In the tournaments, consistency was the keynote, as the Bears placed fourth in all they entered. The Worthington Invitational twith eight teams competingl, the Western Section ttwelve teamsl, and the Central District Meet Ctwenty-one teamsl all ended with Arling- ton on the fourth rung of the ladder. .'f,-if Coach Ierry Hooper, Captain Dave Greegor, and Captain Dennis McKee. The season was highlighted by the first place finishes of Dennis McKee and Doug Hartman in the District, which entitled them to participate in the State Meet. The year's wrestling activities were brought to a close at the Grandview Inn on March 6, when co- captains Dennis McKee and Dave Greegor an- us nounced Doug Hartman and Bob Holdsworth as their successors. Dennis McKee, for the 105 points he 4 scored in his matches, received the D. O. Iones ' Trophy for being the top scorer. Bill Cool, who never ROW ONEI Ralph Oflcndo' Che' RUPP. Bob Walker, Dave Greeqorf missed a practice session during the four-month long Bill Cool. ROW TWO: Coach Ierry Hooper. Bill Yardley. Dennis season received the Outstanding Team Member McKee, Ierry Wehr, Ierry Truster. Dave Hall. Award' , .mr -1- si if pg-.ist ...L . 'W'-as T. - 1 1' -'iii-'N '. az-Q.. Y - ' J"!.'i32L4 n-. .. -N J 1557-Y :lj ,g ft .- " . ,-wma'--Qvrr ,gt -5. .. -.n.. .. '- --- 4 -. .. - ' 'fog , A rm ROW ONE: Coach Ierry Hooper, Ioe Fodor, Bill Yardley, Paul Hooker, Ralph Orlando, Chet Rapp, Ierry Wehr, Bob Walker, Dave Greegor, Dennis McKee, Ierry Truster, Bill Cool, Dave Hall. ROW TWO: Ron White, Skip Throop, Bob Holdsworth, Mike Izzie, Major Crispin, Mike Leonard, Steve Smith, Bill Mitchel, Iohn Robb, Ricky Cullman, Doug Hartman, Rusty Gosnel. ROW THREE: Iim Tomcik. Gary Kottman, Dave Cole, Dave Sherman, Iohn MacGregor, Rick Henderson, Scott Henney. Phil Macaluso, Dave Stewart, Bob Gerbig, Steve Walker. Mike Johnson. an Q' ' 42111160.- tgg' fs. 1 ln. 1 Betsy Dawson vice-president Alice Carson Claudia Gidcomb secreicry Pfesidenf w .I IC' ' Icxne Wilson 100 soci cxl chairman adviser Q x . Carol Sain publicity chairman 'E-5Qfc' .52 ri 't , l G.A.A. OFFICERS: President, Claudia Gidcomb: Vice-President. Betsy Dawson: Secre- tary, Alice Carson: Treasurer, Carol von Haarn: Social Chairman, Karen Thorne: Publicity Chairman. Carol Sain: Adviser, Mrs. lane Wilson. PURPOSE: to further physical well-being through organization of sports and recreational activities which develop leadership and iriendship. Members of G. A. A. have interests and activities other than sports. This was the second year G. A. A. sponsored Co-Rec Night and like last year's, this year's was a big success. The annual "Bermuda Ba11" was given in March. To end the year G. A. A. held a banquet in May to honor those girls who were active in the club and to announce next year's officers. A ,X 4 ,,,..7'rln- Sports Chairman SHERRY I-'ISHEL O B o wl I n NOELLE LEWIS Archery 102 SANDY FITZGERALD This year the position of sports chairman was ably iilled by Sherry Fishel. She made sure that the sport heads carried out their jobs. She also attended cabinet meetings and helped with the social functions of the club. The G.A.A. sports season began with hockey, one of the two major sports of the year, This year's hockey head. Gayle Beard. was responsible for obtaining officials for interscholastic games. and it was she who made up the schedule of the games. Under the direction of sporthead. Noelle Lewis, girls interested in bowling iormed teams and bowled once a week at Fiesta. The team with the highest average and the individual with the highest game were given plaques at the end of the year. It was hoped that swimming could be continued this year, but even though sporthead Anne Lynn tried hard to find some place to swim. her etiorts were oi no avail. Archery. which is always a sign oi spring sports, was headed by Sandy Fitzgerald. Instruction was given after school to those who were interested. Some ot them became very good shots, but it was a great eiiort for a lot oi them to shoot the arrow so that it came close to the target. Hockey GAYLE BEARD Swimming i ANNE LYNN Volleyball IENNI GRIMES O T e n n I SUSIE SHARER G.A.A. basketball. headed by Bonnie Henry, created a lot of enthusiasm again this year. Intramurals, held after school, pro- vided iun and experience for those participating. This year volleyball enthusiasts formed teams and played ardently une der the supervision of Ienni Grimes. When it was all over, the juniors won. Softball, one ol the spring sports, was under the leadership of Judy Denti. Teams were lormed and games were scheduled for alter school. Quite a few girls participated in this fun- lilled activity. This spring tennis sporthead. Susie Sharer, arranged for matches to be held with other schools. Practices were held after school. A definite ladder was posted this year so that the girls could tell exactly how high or how low they were on the team. There was more enthusiasm for goli this year. Sporthead, Pat Taylor, organized a golf team and scheduled interscholastic games. Basketball l BONNIE HENRY Softball l IUDY DENTI Golf PAT TAYLOR 103 Hockey Varsit 1 1 ROW ONE: Alice Carson, Karen Hobbs, Barb Brown. Susie Sharer, Carol von Haam, Peggy Erb. ROW TWO: Betsy Patterson Kmanagerl, Lynn Shreiner, Kathy Frost' Mary Lee Eigensee, Marcia Manning. Sherry Fishel, Bev Mayhan, Sandy Fitzgerald lmanagerl. Hockey, the first major sport of the year in G. A. A., began in September. Twenty-four girls were chosen to play on the varsity and reserve teams. The reserves proved to be more powerful by winning all of their games, while the varsity won three, lost two, and tied one. The season began on October 6 when the teams met St. Marys on the home field. Both teams started the year off right. The varsity won 2-0 and the reserves won 3-1. A week later the Arlington teams beat Bexley on their own field. The varsity out-scored the Bexley varsity 3-2 and the reserves won 2-1. After two straight victories and with their hopes up for another one, the teams ventured to Grandview. The varsity wasn't quite so lucky this time and the game ended in a 1-1 tie. But the reserves triumphed once again by winning 3-1. The week of October 27 proved disastrous to the varsity when they met Worthington on their field and lost 2-1. The reserves kept up their unscarred record by win- ning 2-1. When the teams met University they were all fired up and really played to win. The varsity won 4-1 to break their streak of bad luck, and the reserves won 3-1 and kept up their winning streak. The season ended in a loss for the varsity and another victory for the reserves when they met Columbus School for Girls on our own field. The varsity lost 2-l, and the reserves reversed the score and won 2-1. Even though the varsity tried hard it cou1dn't beat the spotless record of the reserves. Reserves HOW ONE: Anne Lynn, Sherry Chrissinger. Sara Lowther, Anita Anthony. Linda Martin. Lynn Smith. lane Stone. lean Burr, Debbie Page. ROW TWO: Gayle Beard, Betsy Talbot, lean Carson. Kim Ertley, Pam Heitger, Ann Kirch, Barb 104 Berend. Teri Adams, Ann Krieger, ludy Agee. l Basketball Varsity ROW ONE: Sandy Fitzgerald lmanagerl, Pat Taylor, Mary Lee Eigensee. Kathy Frost, Bonnie Henry, Bev Mayhan, Diane Kassian, Debbie Page, Sherry Chrisinger lrnanagerl. ROW TWO: Alice Carson lmanagerl, Marcia Manning, Karen Hobbs, Carol von Haam, Iulie Kraft, Karen Thome, Claudia Gidcomb, Sue Nelson. Iunior and senior girls flocked to basketball try-outs last December. Fifteen girls from each class were chosen to form the varsity and junior varsity team. The season opened with a 21-15 victory over Bexley: the junior varsity suffered an inauspicious 30-18 defeat. Next, the varsity snapped off an overwhelming victory over Eastmoor 34-6. West overpowered the varsity 30-20, but the junior varsity retaliated by defeating their op- ponents 19-16. The traditional rival Grandview was upset twice when the varsity beat them 16-10 and the junior varsity won out by a score of 19-7. Although the varsity fought hard against Linden, they lost 18-16 in an overtime. The junior varsity, however, again retaliated by winning 30-0. Worthington handed the varsity another loss by de- feating them 17-9, but the junior varsity capped Worthing- ton's junior team 19-8. In their last games of the season both the varsity and the junior varsity lost to North 20-9 and 22-9 respectively. The year ended with three wins and four losses for the varsity and four wins and two losses for the junior varsity. High scorers for the varsity were Sue Nelson and Karen "Meadowlark" Hobbs. "Scoring giants" for the junior varsity were Lynn Musgrave and Sharon Stark. Guards of both teams are to be commended also. Official scorer was Pris Daugherty and official timer was Ann Kreiger. Both girls traveled with the teams to all games. A banquet honoring the teams was held at the Ohio Union March 14 to climax and end the season. Junior Varsit ROW ONE: Renee Iameson, Iill Anderson. Vicki Walker, Lynne Shreiner, Lynn Musgrave, Sharon Stark, Evie McCoy, Sherry Fishel.. ROW TWO: Pam Heitger, Lynne Smith, Linda Martin, Susie Sharer, Barb Brown, Gloria Werkhaven, Kim Ertley. 105 Reserves ROW ONE: Marilyn White, Viki Gosnell. Elaine Prichard Anita Folkerth, Teanie Carson, Anne Lynn. Carol Baker, Nancy Passuu ROW TWO: Cynthia van Fossen, Susan Bryant, Triena Decker, lean Burr, Iennie Grimes. Sara Lowther, Betsy Talbot The fifteen sophomore girls who finally composed the reserve basketball team had to work tdribblel their way through a ditiicult tryout. The girls were divided into team "A" and team "B" when they played their games with University, North and Worthington. Although at the end of most of their games the scoreboard read in favor of the opponent, the friendship and experience gained made it all worth while. These girls are all looking forward to playing on the junior varsity team next year. All three teams were greatly indebted to Pris Daugherty and Ann Krieger for ably keeping track of the points, the fouls, and the time. 106 fi 'Y L' 1 w X '. W QW? Pris Daugherty lscorerl, Ann Krieger ttirnerj. 'fllmllll I if ,nl , f MA . A ' I , 1, f I ip Zh it ' "B4sufm.4LL Rules "- JUMP BALL G m Assistants 'J Q ROW ONE: Emma Sue Duncan, Karen Thome, Pat Taylor, Chris Anderson, Kathy Frost, Ianet West, Karen Hobbs, Carol Swanson, Sally Russel, Bev Mayhan. Sally Vincent. Helen Wheeler. ROW TWO: Helen Berkstresser, Carol Taylor. Molly Maidlow, Becky Rannells, Louesa Callahan, Sarah Aplin, Sally Lakin, Connie Johnston, Sharon Walcutt, Barb Patten, Chris St. Clair. ROW THREE: Bonnie Henry, Triena Decker, Viki Gosnell, Marqie Ems. Mary Condit, Ma ry Shaffer, Sandy Fitzgerald. Beth Evans, Cynthia van Fossen. Jeanie Carson. Anita Folkerth. ABSENT: Sharon Holcomb, Sherry Fletcher, Sue Nelson, Evie McCoy, Betsy Talbot, Valerie Merrick, Marilyn White, Pam Heitger. 107 5 . 4 w.,' -17.21 I L " 4 ' -ff-' f . 3 . , , ,, , 1 A v,n:,,s1 V .,.,.,'Z,,i, af" , A', "Y .f . -- 11 - s 5..',,.,. 3, rj l Q' , ,N-w5.,.f11+"w'--4-1. ,- -5. . .:,.ffg,-,- A fl-Z?" 5 nmfp' .. 'L y ' , -, f.1 . V.. ,Q , Q, . ,,"jr:1.--, 4 , I ' .P -.h5:',,1: 59" , V Y ., " f' v .1 ,.7 , ,' iffx 1: 3 ' -H,-",'-.-. . M' ,, 1 V. ' 3 A ' fu ,. x, g A ' U. ' 'nv , r .-- psf .1 V, ,K l .-2 l.JL.,,'?5, - .I ., N' ,3 L ' fi-'C-2-iflv C' Y n. x'. ', fJ'Q. I,,' v ,fy I, vof- ,434-..,'1, , v. 1 - A: , 5.5-, 4,4 nfs.- ff 1 ' 5 - -v?":-,IZIJGC kfr-f' - Q. I Q ..-,-.,..,-,l,Ai4vj.:,s .gina 1 -A ' ' -' g..-.Af-. Mm, n -1 za .., . .- . Q, uv' :-1 rf " - .,v ,wx ff' Y ur' x i,,, I .p w5+.iAi,' f ,-,qi ' " "'. ' . -Y --5.14.1-"'.f IEZQ A F-,gi,n.,!J3,fgffI4' .. .u- "., 1" r i x . e If 4 1 ,A 1 Q 4 f - - S , r -, ' fs v - 5 ,4 ,mf f 5 F . 'EU 5. ,5: 58 L I. N N 1 lx i 'Vi X N T N N LEFT to RIGHT: Steve Walker. Carolyn Pahrbach, Bill Robb. lean Burr. Last fall found the new delegates to this convention new and untried, but full of enthusiasm and fresh ideas for the new frontier. Under the capable leadership of such committee chairmen as class president, Bill Robb: vice- president, Steve Walker: secretary, lean Burr: treasurer, Carolvn Fahrbach, the class engaged in many projects. The delegates selected twelve committeemen to represent them on the Student Council: lean Burr, Iean Carson, Chuck Durrant, Iohn Grout, Linda Loving, Phil Macaluso, Bill Nuhfer, Ieff Schofield, Barb Shoop, Mary Sullivan, Denis Trover, Steve Walker. Understanding the importance of party finance, the 110 Sophomores RIENCE I'N5fPE ,ul " f V' P 'Sizzix ll 22751. ,,,, wf, ffl , ,f fif ff l' ,JW f L cg P lg 'gig f-' '44 I 1 5 , :U delegates captured second prize in the P.T.A. contest and organized several of the classic bake sales. Ever alert to the new, the delegates convened and came forth with a spring-cleaning service for the community. During party recess the delegates found time for sports, activities, and clubs. The feminine contingent formed its own club and appropriately christened it A.I.M. The masculine. members of the delegation soon found it necessary to form Tigris Chows. True to tradition the delegates expressed their best to the candidates by decorating Senior Hall - hopeful that they, themselves, would someday be candidates. X rig! 1 jf. X15 N -'x 'af X Q wg BOW ONE: Ann Beason, Iulie Aschinger, Susie Boehm, Carol Baker, Barb Berend, Teri Adams, Iudy Agee, Cherryl Bibler, Lynda Anderegg. ROW TWO: Beth Barnett, Laird Blackwell, Tyler Baldock, Iohn Ashby, Iim Baas. Mark Anderson, Steve Bettes, Anita Anthony. BOW THREE: lack Anderson, Ierry Anthony, Gary Acker, Byran Arledge, Myran Arledge, Craig Allen, Iames Bitonte. ABSENT: Bob Aikin, Patricia Armstrong. 3' ' N iii' Sv C7 C7 ROW ONE: Cheryl Beucler, lean Carson, Barb Brown, Karen Bornheim, Gloria Boldman, Connie Campbell, Susan Bunce, Marianne Borel. Iudy Caldwell. ROW TWO: Mike Caldwell, Doug Brownfield, Phyllis Bruner, Bev Brush, Martha Browning, Susan Bryant, Iean Burr. Harry Butler, Gary Bonnette. ROW THREE: Eric Bolz, Ron Boley, Chuch Bowers, Allen Carden, Bill Brown, Mike Casto, Mike Brickey, Ray Brown. ABSENT: Ioy Bullock. Noll Butcher. 111 Q-'V ffl Q 5 Qnrf ROW ONE: Sue Coleman. Martha Christensen, Marty Clelland, Louise Clark, Karen Cosens, Sharon Dawley, Karen Dahle, Beth Curtis. ROW TWO: Martha Conway. Sally Daly, Dave Cole, Kleth Chrissinqer, Bob Chambers, Ian Crawford, Gail Chem, Iudy Collison. ROW THREE: Craig Cottingham. lim Davis, Phil Curtis, Bill Deck, George Colburn, lim Conn, Tom Collins, Quick Coddington. ABSENT: Billie Sue Chandler, Tom Culp. ROW ONE: Iennifer Dingledine, Prue Dewey, Ann Duffy, Mary Ellen Dorll, Triena Decker, Pam Ertley, Carol Dolby, Mary Lynn Dixon, Shelly Evans ROW TWO: Nan Evans, Alice Erb, Tom Etzel. Iim Dobbs, Chuck Dunant, Beth Evans, Carolyn Dickerson, Sharon Downs. ROW THREE: Fred Duncan, Chip Elliott, Gary Doherty, Stuart Eagleson, David Erickson, Gary Ebright, Dave Dunant, George Evans. ABSENT: Bill Donovan. 112 5 ROW ONE: Carolyn Gease, Cheryl Gombash. Sherry Gasaway, Carol Guerin, Viki Gosnell, Carolyn Fahrbach, Barb Fitzsimmons. Betty Gardner. ROW TWO: lohn Grout, Sandy Finsland, Susie Guthrie, Jenni Grimes, Marcia Graves, Linda Gralmiller, Anita Folkerth, Rosemary Grooms, Lloyd Filer. ROW THREE: Colin Fink, Ioe Fodor, Lewis Gordon, Bob Gerbig. lim Grubb. Tom Fox. Fred Gatzke. Bob Fichter. ABSENT: lim Franches. C? 2 ROW ONE: Susie Henney, Ienni Hildreth, Pam Henderson, Sharon Holcomb. Linda Heilin, Ginny Hall, Alice Hall. ROW TWO: Vicki Hittle,Iulie Hostetter, Bo Hindall, lim Hauser, Ieif Heuss, Carol Healey, Susie Heckman. ROW THREE: George l-Iorvath, Doug Hicks, Steve Hayes, Dan Holstein, lack Harvey, Steve Hardyman, Scott I-Ienney, Don Heap, Ricky Henderson. ABSENT: Iohn Hickman. 113 M34 ' ROW ONE: Mamet Karper, Kathy Kern, Connie Iohnston. Nancy Kackley. Ellen Kincaid. Carole Kime, Donna Kasch, Karen Iohnson. ROW TWO: Betty Iencks. Lois King, Iulie Harter, Gail Iones. Bev Irwin, Vicki Iagsch. Cheryl Irwin, Lynda Kazienko, lane Kerkering. ROW THREE: Gary H h ' ug es, Ilm Kessler, Bob Karr, Randy Ketchum, Gregg Hughes, Art Kempel, Mike Iohnson, Iohn Iohnson. ABSENT: Carl Iustice, Phil Isabel, Skip Kepke. lohn Humphrey. 'Q 1- cf 9 3 VJ T7 esxk " YE" ROW ONE: Christine Leininger, Iudy Knowles, Cathy Lephart, Linda Loving, Frankie Leibermann, Susan Lowmiller, Pat Lintner, Peggy Lang. ROW T , . . . WO. Sharon Knight, Lou Lawrence. Helen Legg, Ruth Legg. Diane Leis. Sally Lemley, Iackie Lodge. ROW THREE: Karen Knight, Pat Lawless, Gary Kirkpatrick. Corky Liber, Paul Kuehn, Ted Leakas, Bruce Kuhnert, Iulie Long, ABSENT: Karen Leggett. 114 'QW Q . I., 5 E? ROW ONE: Carroll McCune, Pam McCormack, Anne Lynn, Mary Mae Mattson, Marianne Mayo, Karen McClintock. Sandy Marshall, Gretchin Luidens, Iane McCormack. ROW TWO: Kiel Mandt, Phil Macaluso, Nancy McClelland, Sara Lowther, Ellen McCray, Carol Martin, Tim McHenry, Ted Kohr, Dave Kirch. ROW THREE: Tom Martin, Dick Main, Ie!! Manecke, Ted Marx, Bill Lowary, Tom Mansfield, lack Maguire, Dick Lundquist, Bob Mathis. ABSENT: Iohn MacGregor, Mike McClain. 5 1 TT 'r- ROW ONE: Pam Melragon, Vicki Morelock, Pam McKee, Ginny Mclntire, Pat Millay, Carol Oakwood, Diane McVey, Valerie Merrick. ROW TWO: Bill Meredith, Iohn McPherson, Ianie Moench, Angela Neasse, Donna Myers. Mary Meyer, lim McCloud, Iohn Norton. ROW THREE: Bill Mueller, Mike Moss, Nick Nichols, Benny Nicola, George Miller. Bill Nuhfer, Ron McLean, Bob Merritt, Bob Milligan. ABSENT: Kenny Overholt. 115 ve 3 Q ROW ONE Ioyce Rowland, Nancy Passini, Barb Patten, Elaine Prichard, Christie Rose, Mimi Rosso, Carole Paul, Susan Ronson. ROW TWO: ' ' ' R'd li , B'll Robb. ROW THREE: Tim Revell, Bob Steve Parker, Don Reed, Patty Rudolph, Barb Pfeiffer, Libby Robertson, Kathy Roberts, Iim i o o 1 Phillips, Ielf Rlx. Roy Robertson, Charles Ream, Mike Riebel, Iefi Ridgeway, Niels Perkins. ABSENT: Iohn Parsley, Ted Rose. I ROW ONE: Clare Sholtes, Iudi Susi, Genie Snyder, Barb Shoop, Chris St. Claire, Sandee Seibert, Candy Schallner, Arlene Schick. ROW TWO: Don Stone, Iudy Schiemann, Sara Sharpe, Iudy Simons, Susie Shultz, Marty Sullivan, Valerie Stocklin, Iohn Sylvester. ROW THREE: Arch Schultz, Dave Sherman, Dave Stewart, Danny Spies, Steve Salis, Paul Smith, George Smoot, Iefi Schofield, Charles Schwenker. ABSENT: Bard Schofield, Mary Sullivan. 1 16 . , 'ff' dy, fp Wfiv' Q Q Tf LJ wav E ROW ONE: Penny Varga, Cindy Van Fosen, Pam Taylor. Melanie Thctrp. Ljane Wahl, Betsy Talbot, Karol Tompson, Mary Shoberg. ROW TWO: Richard Tomasulo, Barb Vandemark, Ann Venske, Sue Thomas, Barb Walker, Suzanne Trotter, Nick Turner, Steve Walker. ROW THREE. Dick b' T T'bb l . ABSENT: Charles Volk, Denis Trover, Ken Vaughn. Bob Vance, Steve Walker, Ron Thompson, Terry Waldo. Mike Temple, Tom To in, om 1 a s Terry, Guy VanBloem, G-9 i 'B its C4 Q V' 'lb Y 3 .Vg - I fi! r. HOW TWO: ROW ONE: Sandy Ward, Linda Wilson, Mimi Williams, Muriel Wilson. Linda Whittier, Kathy Watters. Barb Worth, Virginia Webste b I ' W ll lo ce Weisber Cathy Wilson Sidney Wheeler Bonnie Waltz Marilyn White, Gail Whited, Pam Whited, Ianet Dana We ster. ante e s, y g, , , . Whitbeck. ROW THREE: Bob Zerman, Iim Whitt, Tom Winters, Phil Williams, Bill West, Larry White, Bob Thompson, Iim Wheeler. 117 f Juniors LEFT to RIGHT: Noelle Lewis, Emerson Berry, Iim Walker, and Gayle Beard. This year the members of the junior class were the party workers who supported the school with their spirit and worked to prepare for their nomination as seniors. Led by their officers and campaign managers, Emerson Berry, president: lim Walker, vice-president: Gayle Beard, secretary: and Noelle Lewis, treasurer, the class proved their loyalty by winning first prize for the best float in the homecoming parade and as always they sold the conces- 118 it Xd, , u so 7' 4-' f 'rf l f I Q , ,' GZ 2 rv. . 1 ig QE' , 9,4 64 l W -ul sions at the football games. Their Christmas bake sale was a big success and each homeroom had a bake sale the second semester. The juniors' big project of the year was the Ir.-Sr. headed by co-chairmen Noelle Lewis and Paul Drake. The junior delegates during the school year of 1960- 1961 gave every evidence of becoming worthy candidates for graduation in 1962. W" ,Q ' ww- -f E vf so il BA .mmm ROW ONE: Georgia Bell. lane Baker, lean Arnold, Chris Anderson. Karen Anderson, Sue Battles, lill Anderson, Phyllis Bennington. ROW TWO: Mike Baldwin, Bob Apel, Anne Anderson, Linda Baldwin, Chris Alspach, Lynn Allen, Gayle Beard, Dave Berry. Larry Addison. ROW THREE: Tom Baker, Dave Armogida, Bob Archer, Iack Adams, Bill Bazler, Ralph Bernard, Dan Armel, Iohn Aue. ABSENT: Rita Asmus, Bev Bell, Steve Bates. X V L 'Q 1 Y l b self , ' A I 1 1 I I - .r in P' 4, v-4 fm 4.1 . k B th Brenner Nancy Bradley Mary Lee Brown ROW ROW ONE: Barb Brown. Anne Boehm, Sarah Burroughs, Bonnie Burtnett, Iudy Boo er, e . . - TWO: Iohn Burns, Bucky Byrne, Theresa Brown, Robin Bishop, Lynette Brissey. Barbara Boyd, lim Browning, Bob Bracken. ROW THREE: Emerson ' B h B'll Bruner, Dick Buelow, Dave Brown. ABSENT: Louis Branscomb. Berry. Mike Bumett, Dave Bowerman, Don urroug s, 1 1 19 n - .5 O 'z.- -r al-N 2 17 ' fr rf, 5 R I L Y, vtkx-95 S C I Iackie Daile Ioy Daniels Ann Chapman ROW TWO- Charles ROW ONE: Carol Catanzaro, Ann Carter, Cissy Condit, lane Cooper, ue oe. y, , . . Caslel, Ie!! Coffey, Iim Cannell, Ann Christman, Sue Cirak, Carol Casper, Bob Chambers. George Cumow, Bob Cool. ROW THREE: Mike Chem. Dick Colley, Larry Calihan. Ricky Cullman. Doug Dailey, Dick Cummins, Major Crispin. Sonny Cheek, Vic Cardi. ABSENT: Sherry Chrissinger, ,C . , , F , C7 17 Y, CW L' d D l' Mar Davis Linda Deckard Susie Dewey Ann Donaldson. ROW TWO: ROW ONE: Iean Emery, Ianice Eyerman, Mary Fabyan, in a um. y . . . Roy Evans. Marjie Ems, Iudy Denti, Pris Daugheriy, Emma Sue Duncan. Ray Davis. ROW THREE: Paul Drake. Jeff Eibling. Dick Dixon. Steve Erickson, Dave Eeles, Kelly Dean. Paul Ehret, Chuck Echerl. ABSENT: Susie Edmondson. 120 G T ,. 'rv Q7 V 1 Z'--. F k ll Kell Fraher Kay Felty Pam Gerould Dotty Garvin. Sandy Fitzgerald. ROW TWO: Dave ROW ONE: Jackie Gallick, Donna Fouse, Carol ic e , y . . . Fontana, Sharon Glandon, Sherry Fletcher, Sherry Fishel, Patty Folkerth, Carol Farmer, Pam Farris. Al Farrar. ROW THREE: Iim Fleig. Rich ' ' ' ' R t Gosnell. ABSENT: Pam Gilles, Linda Gilmore. Flanagan, Colin Fordyce. Steve Goscrn. Dick Fusek, Bill Freutel. lim Gee, usy '7 15 ,6- C7 C7 """ 532' A G e or Ioan Gray Lois Grinstead ROW TWO: Steve HOW ONE: Iudy Hanna, Carole Grundy, Cheryl Gullett, Pam Heitger, Karen Greene, nne re g , , . Harrington, Rod Hart, Ian Hanna, Melinda Hamberg, Ioell Harrison, Donna Heitchue. lean Guesman, Dave Day, Don Hardy. ROW THREE: Dave ' ' G , Dave Harris, Dave Grim, Larry Green, Doug Gudenkaul, Doug Hartman. Hatten, Iun Graham, Dave Hell. Bob Henderson, Bruce rummer ABSENT: Steve Harrington. 121 'P' , ' T7 Jn- ROW ONE: Janice Irwin, Judy Hood, Anne Hughes, Vicki Houser, Chris Johnson. Gayle Howard, Julie Johnson, Renee Jameson. ROW TWO Jerry Johnson, Mike Izzie, Dave James, Judy Jaye, Lynne Husion. Paul Hooge. Bill Huck, Paul Hooker. ROW THREE: Mike Hileman, Bob Holdsworih Chuck Hill, Lytle Johnson, Bill Jones, George Igel, Bill Howe. ABSENT: Harry Jocobson, Sue Johnson. ROW ONE: Sharon Kagy, Pam Lane, Martina Kenny, Virginia Kemerer, Ann Kirch. Ann Krieger, Ann Kaltenbach. Sue Johnson. ROW TWO: Bill Keichum, Geoff Kobealo, Sherry Lawrence. Diane Jones, Karen Keller, Doroihy Koenig, Karen Kelly, Ie!! Laylin, Bill Keim. ROW THREE: Craig Kirkpatrick. Mike Leonard, Bruce Larson, Nelson Kraus, Dennis Kitts, Gary Leeka. David Leech, Gary Kottman. ABSENT: John Lane. 122 1 l fix Q 'fri ' , i ..m.lL..n, ROW ONE: Pam. Lowe, Shari Lewis, Evie McCoy, Sally Lockwood, loan McKenzie, Sue Lowery, Mary Lichtenberg, Patti Macklin. ROW TWO: Leah Mees, Mzxmr Lowery, Noelle Lewis, Linda Martin, Doris May, Cynthia Magnuson, Sandy Markel. Iudy McKean. ROW THREE: Tim Massazo, Bob McLaughlin, Larry Leste, Bruce Littlegreen, Ion Marshall, Bob Miller, Tim Lynch, Tom Mattingly, Iohn Miller. ROW ONE: Ioan Millions, Lynne Musgrave, Mary Ellen Morqcm, Marcia Miller, Linda Murphy, Carol O'Brien, Betsy Patterson. ROW TWO: Bob Peltier, Wilson Mitchell, Steve Miller, Sherry Nuessle, Eleanor Pepi, Steve Mirick, Tom Pace, Ron Pettit. ROW THREE: Bill Mumm, Alan Palo, Iohn Neer, Dave Peck, Keith Nichols, Tim Mills, lohn Pitcher. ABSENT: Ioe Moore, Sandy Newmarker. 123 l"?77"' ,-.'Jrf?"?5 ,, . HOW ONE: Suzanne Price, Iodi Boyer. Nan Hoettig, Mary Reuwee, Iean Read, Sherrie Rockwell, Nancy Pratt. Barb Recob. ROW TWO: Dan Rupp, Bob Powers, Dave Schubert, Bob Rehl, Iane Sayers, Ioe Romas, Charles Rohr, Rusty Rarey, Iohn Robb. ROW THREE: Iohn Rotondo, Art Scott, Bill Scott, Ioe Ray, Dick Roberts, Iim Reichert, Phil Schaeffer, Kline Roberts, Tom Rietz. of r'- . ROW ONE: Laurie Sillins, Susie Shepard, Nancy Sohner. Diane Sergent. Lynne Shreiner, Sue Shumaker, Peggy Sherman, Mary Iane Spittler. ROW TWO: Suzie Sharer, Mary Shaiier, Ioy Seidel, Merrilynn Smith, Linda Specht, Debbie Short, Iulia Sprinkle, Sue Spencer. ROW THREE: Bob Snyder, Bob Sinqell, Art Scott, Rick Smith, Scott Siville, Dick Springer. Steve Smith, Bill Stacy. ABSENT: Bonnie Smith. 124 1' Q7 3 ROW ONE: Kim Ertly. Carole Thomas, Sue Stillinger, Mary Thomas, Kathy V:-n Eschen, Donna Thomas, Barb Streng, Patty Sweetman, Tonda Tatem. ROW TWO: Ty Taylor, Connie Stecker, Leone Vaughan. Mary Iane Powell, Sharon Stark, Carole Tullett, Carol Voelkel, Ginny Vance, Margaret Nicklie, Mike Stuts. ROW THREE: lim Sturgeon, Bill Thomas, Dan Morse. Kent Underwood. Bill Vaughan, Dick Van Meter, Guy Van Bloom. George Throop, Iohn Teichmoeller, Pete Talbot, Ed Van Clef. ABSENT: lane Stone, Mike Thompson, lim Tomcik, Dave Tuller, Ruth Turner. 3 . s-I ROW ONE: Carole Wolford, Ian Ziegenbusch. Gretchen Wollam, lane Wills, Mary White, Sandy Woods, Ginny Zimmer, Janet Young. ROW TWO: Bob Kromer, Vicki Walker, Shari Wagner, Gloria Werkhaven, Iudy Zeisler, Adrienne Brula, Linda Murphy, Stephanie Smith, Susie Warren Shirley Wandel. Toni Weber, Paul Iuskalian. HOW THREE: Bud Zenker, Stan Young, Ronnie Rudolph, Tom Leslie, Dave Wells, Dick Wells. Iim Weishert. Doug Welch, Ron White, Jim Walker, Dick Southworth, Iohn Wherry. ABSENT: Mike Wilson. 125 ...I-.,., 2.5 , ,s - if lu' is 7 3 ? ' L X Ji A , .A ' 1 5, sq 539' '- ' il 17.1. ---Eg-4,4 5 .5 E: , 9 LS if :fn . V QE -NY In ' ff F 'I A pw 2 :mu V ' ' " wx 1 rr "af TH 1 . ,'l:4'1c'qi-T15--V 1 .. -, A 1 .W L- 1 . D I, im 5, A . . S 6 ,, ig 'Q' ' 'WSI ' X gg . ., , had L 5 , -fiifr , LN, ai,-i,g'?.. ki I uw' 1, I ,-.5 l Y w gs w A I' 3 . i .. l -'Q . 2: 1 . , N. Y gm., 1 ,V .gf ' I . :XX -L. ., L.W, T ,. -S. o .fgi -Q J in f . 1.2 ,N Afgi Q . o ' J-' A 'A , - .. ' ,,' ,, M'-llfzg "4 2 ,Q-r, ,.7 -N 1, 'Ii' 1-A! - .. W , .- f ,. .51 . ' , ,- X ' i' Ii N k , , K ,, ff SQ" ?' . , I 1 J YN JUST or fh RECCRD... rp, 4 I H -s.,.' r E 2 . At ' QS., He... Zz.: Bon WALKER T ' fii"'1. -51. R Twelfth Grade President e B ' ' am Taugixixdent mb and EIfi'e-:NTHONY H SE Giode th Gfffde Presid em Nggth RAY HOOP GEORGE WOLFE 128 Iunior High Student Council Pxesident Senior High Student Council President 'first Gmde luke K' on Second grade was a great year for the mathematical genii of our class -- we learned to add and subtract. We even played a form of baseball with those ubiquitous ilash cards. Third-grade art classes were something to be remembered -- we made clay ashtrays for our parents, paper chains for Christmas and all sorts of drawings. I 0 X ol -.Os fr?" dull, I I It was cr bright September day in 1948 that the members of the class of 1961 first came as kindergarteners to Barrington Road School. At that time there were three classes, two in the morning and one in the afternoon. As always, it snowed that winter. Our teachers were plagued with bunglesome snowsuits and those boots we never could get on by ourselves. By the time we were first-graders we had pro- gressed a bit -- now we had desks and school supplies! Sharing period was the most fun -- next to recess, of course. After recess we took naps on rugs -- it seemed as if we'd never get away from naps! '- .2-Nxreik. ex-as "-if-J.: . . , . - v .?,,,----.4 I L., L t is U B K! . N v X vows Curt Roettig- Sona Third Grade 129 Ohio was 150 years old when we were fourth graders so naturally we had to get into the celebration. We had a pageant with cos- tumes and dances along with our study of Ohio history. In the fifth grade a new choir was organized for fifth and sixth graders. We had tryouts and some of our better musicians joined this group. When we were sixth graders, the choir's Christmas production was "The littlest Angel" with Alice Carson in the starring role. While the students at Barrington sang in the choir, the fad at Tremont was tumbling. Both boys and girls learned the finer points of this sport. F2 as just Q ff . lapel 0 r Ne- Fifth Grade scott Befwqnger Girl Scouts When students from both Barrington and Tre- mont converged at the high school, we had grown from three to seven sections. It seemed pretty special to be part of the high school. Study halls in the auditorium were terrible, and we often had to sit in for an hour in the senior classrooms if the upper classes were having an assembly. Exams plagued us for the first time. We studied and felt our way through the first of a long series of examinations. f .fffff in "" D5 ..-: 2 wi . s? ef s f- EIGHTH GRADE CITIZENSHIP AWARDS: ROW ONE: Kay Baker, Carol von Haam, Demi Badger. Alice Carson, Ann Morral. ROW TWO: Frank Booth, Ray Hoop, Ierry Truster. Curt Roettig, Marty Fergus. me. Cold Karen The EHAMPJ i U B von Baum' ev Mdtlhdn' Eighth grade was a special year be- cause it was our first at a real junior high. Science projects - - leaf and insect collections for most of us -- occupied a great deal of our time. The Cub Reporter came into existence that year with many of our students on its staff. Late that spring we held Student Coun- cil elections with Ray Roop victorious over Marty Fergus and lane Mills to lead the student body for the next year. Our football team, headed by captains Kenny Wears and Bill Anthony, our basketball team, captained by Bill Beebe and lack Newlon, and our track team with different captains each meet, had a good following led by our cheer- leaders Carol von Haam, Bev Mayhan and Karen Thorne. .gnc QM 'Refwrte J ,..., ,, ev .fa iq a ffl? 0 ' 2 Football Team 1 3 ' Ninth Grade Choir At Christmas time we had the annual Snow Princess Prom with Princess Debbie Berry and her court Anita Macaluso, Iudi Young, Debbie Page and Bonnie Henry. Toward the end of the year all the freshmen took a trip to the high school to see our "home" for the next three years. The climax of junior high school was a recognition assembly where our ninth grade choir sang and many were recognized for their service and achievements. 'V-F5 "f1'v?w'W?'?dZ-f'T-P' ET? H ,V .W M ,, , '. lm, t 1 R- 4- -L, -A, - nl i,g.'.'1 V ' v"-'i . l,., W . 1 -V 1 32 Basketball Team Judi y NE? Debbie Row O oung, Que Page, Amt en Debbie Beirffflgalugou ROW TW . onnie Hem 0: Y. N i 1 x Zn .JI SONNIE . X I I X 1 A J l X -st The beginning of high school brought many new experiences including our Homecoming float - - "Bowl 'em Over." K.E.Y. and Y.E.K. came into existence complete with sweatshirts and pins. Our service to Columbus during the Ianuary flood brought us a citation which was presented at the honors assembly. Our booth at the carnival that year was by far the rnost popular and our boys became famous for their modeling of such "lovely" clothes. Tryouts for cheer- leaders produced Carol von Haam, Alice Carson, and Karen Thorne to lead us for the next two years. X X w I K.E.Y.-Y.E.K. The beginning of our junior year found us selling coke, candy, hot dogs, and popcorn at the football games and working on our prize-winning float "Bat- ter Bexley." The chairmen elected for Y 5015 .- V 1 Y 'W i ' ,rg V, ,f use Vu 'L ml fi' ' T l.-TX',ng'i-f?ir. Iunior-Senior: Mike Patton, Sarah Hayes. .I , fe 5 afldloxx mo" the Iunior-Senior were Mike Patton and Sarah Hays, who worked throughout the year for the memorable Teahouse of the August Moon. South Pacific took a great deal of time that year, and we will always remember the performances of Debbie Page and Fifi Reider as "Nellie." Near the end of the school year student council elections were held with George Wolfe winning over Mike Patton, Nick Krier, and Bob Walker. Student Council Elections: George Wolfe. Bob Walker, Mike Patton, Nick Krier. 133 TOP 15 STUDENTS: lane Mills, Peggy Erb, Iudy Gruziomi, Ann Morral, Surah Aplin, Mary Lou Crcxvens, Alice Carson, Pete Tomcsulo, Marty Fergus, Dick Kinney. Hoy Boop, Nick Krier, Iuy Pollack, Jim Moor. ABSENT: Carolyn Fargo. 050315 N2 U. HOMECOMING COURT: Sally Russel, Nancy Berend, Queen Iudi Young, Debbie Berry, Bonnie Henry. FSAKWY Ther QHEERLE ne' A ADE . hce Carson, RS' Cam-,1 von Hag m' Karen '1 , if - f f,, HL .um L1 Senior Lettermen EESR WJ LEFT to RIGHT: Mike Patton lvice-presidentl, Sarah Hays. tsecretaryl, lack Newton ttreasurerl, Bob Walker fpresidentl. We began our senior year on the right foot, headed by our officers Bob Walker, president: Mike Patton, vice- president: Sarah Hays, secretary: and lack Newlon, treas- urer. Homecoming played a big part in our senior year as we built our memorable float, "Stomp the Heel out of 'Em," and planned and decorated for the Homecoming Dance. P Our senior class certainly had its share of beauty, brains, and brawn. The "beauties" were our Homecoming Queen ludi Young, and her court Debbie Berrv, Sally Russel, Nancy Berend, and Bonnie Henry. Our "brains" were valedictorian Nick Krier and salutatorian Iudv Graziani. The "brawn" of this year were our football captains, Ierry Truster and Bill Anthony: Cross Country We have presented the record. On the basis of past l Q Seniors E, K P 1-4 I " T25 M g jf! L, M f 1 W Q Q51 K ' a N 540 s 95511 ' gngg-1.4 2 fi J captains, Bob Miller and Les Heitger: swimming captains, Fred Heer and Russ Morgan: basketball captain, lack Newlon: wrestling captains, Denny McKee and Dave Greegor: track captain, Ron Clawson: baseball captains, Bill Beebe and Paul Durrant: tennis captain, Mark Reinhart: and golf captains, Bill Snyder and Bill Durrant. We had many memorable events -- our senior party at Rathbone Ranch and of course the Bar None. It was a "Lost City," which was carefully planned and executed by Marcia Manning and Nick Waits. There are memories of more than just dances however. Those horrible term papers for instance -- not one, but two. After thirteen years of work and play together, the class of 1961 followed Uppey down the final stretch. our administrators and teachers, find us worthy of re- performance, we request that our candidacy for gradua- ceiving diplomas. tion be given careful and wise consideration. May you, 135 SHARON DIANE ACKERMAN Sheri CLARENCE IOSEPH ADAMS II Ierxy 'Z' GARY NOONAN ADLER CATHERINE LIND AMOS Gary Cathy SHARON MARIE ANDERSON Andy LUCY IO ANDERSON Lucy 4 I TODD MORTON ADAMS Toad LINDA E. ADAMS Linder Preamble: Herein is presented an anonymous article WILLIAM PHILLIP IOHN ANTHONY Horse SARAH ROWLAND APLIN Sarah DONNA ANN ARMSTRONG Ann GENE PEER BADGER Demi JAMES GILBERT ARNOLD CAROL LYNN ASCHINGER Iim for the candidacy of the entire Senior Class, Carol CAROL FRANCES BAKER GWYN MARY BAKER Carol Gwyn JOAN BECKEMEYER WILLIAM LYNN BEEBE Bone KATHRYN ANN BAKER Kay Beebs NANCY ANN BEREND Nance HELEN LOUISE Bnaxsrmzsssn THAN 1?ggqnBLOCK Helen FRANCES DEBORAH BERRY WILLIAM L. BERWANGER Debbie Hatch H whi h is running for the office of graduation. , WW CAROL MARY BLOOM ROBERTA TEAN BOES Blondie Bobbie SUSAN ALICE BOLLES FRANK WEAVER BOOTH Sue John Wilkes MARY ANN BOLDMAN RICHARD WILSON BOREL Mary Ann Lex fo wtf . , IO ANN BORKENHAGEN LEWIS CAPERS BRANSCOMB Jody Lewie wifi PATSY JEAN BOWER SANDRA LEE BRACKNEY Patsy Suns The group under consideration, being burdened with many activities, ' , Slash Ralph RALPH STAFFORD BRANSCOMB RALPH EDWIN BRESLER fQWTf'?f'f"1' 'f +'-ir:-if:-Elm I mfg. ,.7Y-.f W, or .?,7.. MARGARET ANN BROWN ROBERT NELSON BROWN Peg Bob CAROL JEAN BROOKS SHARON ANN BROWN Carol Shari H S-pf TIPTON ALVIN BROWN Tip l SUSAN CORNELL BURR Burr WILLIAM EDWAHD BROWN IAMES LEWIS BROWNE Bill lim and thus unable to i campaign actively ROBERT F. CAESAR LOUESA TREAT CALLAHAN Bob Louie F I 1' 'v Q I , ,. , . , . , bu' 1 '45 1 P J' ' . 75 ALICE LACY CARSON Alice Fe F TERRY LEE CASSELL LINDA ANN CECILL Ierry Linda EDWIN DAVID CHAMBERS Dave RICHARD ANTHONY CHECHILE Rich THOMAS ALBERT CHARLES CHOWN II Tom chooses to stand on its record Hong pla J WILLIAM WRIGHT COOL Bill S-1: ,fa KENNETH ALLEN CLARK Clark Bar n v, IOHNENA IANE COCI-IRAN Iohnnie l 1-D MICHAEL ROBERT COOPER Z :S c i RONALD PAUL CLAWSON Claw CELESTE ELAINE CODDINGT f tvbf' HARRISON scoT'r CONDIT ROBERT GREEK COWMAN Scott Bob MARY LOUISE CRAVENS ELIZABETH PLATT DEEG Mary 'V . Betsy IUDY MAE DAVIS ELIZABETH ANN DAWSON Ichoodie Betsy A and let that speak for its master's voice 'QBOMAS LARRY ROY DeLONG gl' Oink 6, Q0 1 ' w ' 9115 l ALM Lblfu - -fp U he -,ff g,CU,.ju wif? A ,,, IOHN IOSEPH DiCENZO DILLON John Deacon DAVID LEE DiCENZO PAUL ALBERT DiPAOLO Dave Louie the Dip H52 SUSAN LYNN DOBBINS SANDRA SUE DOWNS Sumey Sandy IAMES EDWARD DOHERTY MARILYN ELAINE DOTTS lim Marilyn O Recent aelilevements on the home front: JEFF LYNN DRAKE RIC R IOHN DREIMAN Chcxus ick MMI PAUL WII-FRED DURRANT WILLIAM EUGENE DUHRANT. IR. Slugger Bill SUSAN KEVIN DUDLEY BARBARA IOAN EBERLY Cmdley Bobbme , N I . , ' A ' "N H , A .. -E. W. -gl.. y r - . . 'L . I I ,T ..,.,T.- W.. yi-, : -i ,. - , , 'rv.- ., , A A ' rw 'J 1 ' ,fi M' M , F JI E21-fi i H :Ui MARY LEE EIGENSEL: IP-MES D5-VID ETZEI- Mczry Lee Jim RICHARD CHARLES ELLIOTT MARGARET ELIZABETH ERB Dick Peggy ..f,-Y --'-f-- -- -1- to combat the population boom fcf. parking lot and the new wing on the CRAIG KIMBALL EWART IULIE ANNE FARBER Craig Tillie MARCIA ELIZABETH FARR MARTIN CARL FERGUS - Marcia Marty CAHOLYN JEAN FARGO ANNE CATHERINE FERGUSON Carolyn -Annie fN,r'f'Qf'0 ' If THOMAS BRENT FERGUSON Brent sehooljour candidates offer themselves X to graduation WW 'Ulu- TIMOTHY EWING FLESCH Tim Stevie WILLIAM STEPHEN FORDER KAREN LYNN FULTZ Karen M' NWT rv-T frm., W," -we BETTY LOU GETREU Gertie ja" . 1' 7 V f' . fig' ' 51 ,. , DARSIE EARLENE GETTINGER CLP-UDIA MARIE GIDCOMB Durs Clcxud KATHLEEN MARY FROST Frizzle N 'Y'--'N -, . - n 1 GP qlllf NANCY DIANNE FURSTE Nan LLOYD DOUGLAS GILLOGLY Doug U 'Q' X "'-N 1-9 LESLIE ANN GILMORE 4' FRANKLIN Leslie MOA 0 JW J ij KX . fp X Q1 , 1 ,W Nfjifgl Q J f 1 ' 0 DANA ARTHUR GIRE MARCIA ELIZABETH GLEAVES fb JW Dano: Murcia I W to help alleviate the situation fpure self-abnegationj. I 1 x MIRIAM ANITA GRAHAM PAUL A. GRAHAM Anita P0111 DAVID H. GREEGOH IUDITH DEANE GRIGSBY 1 Greeg Fuzzy IUDITH ANN GRAZIANI MICHAEL CHARLES HAGUE Iudy Mike internal consumption SUSAN HAGUE MARTHA HALLIGAN Sue Marty CHRIS LEE HALL fy DAVID ARTHUR HALL Chris A 0 Dave Af I 1' Jfc ff of 7 M ZVM46 4,'V l ' ,, QV f fad! WM rf W' W CV' .4 fy WUI To o iff!! f A ff 'WL AI h J 7:0 fl 0 n g W I t fy!! 'ga W XMVW Q K the people lnCroa se, oo l Qcafeteriaj IAMES ROGER HANNAHS DEBORAH ANN HANSEN lim Debbie 4 i Yi' LQ.,.,. J- .L A LOIS ANN HAUEISEN SARAH MASTERS HAYS Lois Sarah " KATHHYN PHAR HARPHAM CHRISTOPHER WEDVIK HAZARD Kaihy Chris CYNTHIA ANNE HAZZARD Cinders IANET MAUREEN HENNESSEY Gigi GARY CARL HENRY Gary V'-'Ter 1 ' .. , u 1 .:-:- - f R - i'?""' ' .Rf Y 'QT' "2 Tl -yall-E ' sw ' if 11 if E ig? thi IOANNE MARY HELWIG Iocxnne FREDERICK WILLIAM HEER Fred Les LESTER EDWARD HEITGER BONNIE LOU HENRY Bon-Bon LARRY STEWART HINDER KAREN SUE HOBBS Larry Karen DAVID STUART HOCH Dave is up--a healthful i n 5 WM. . 1 -. J Flin 1 LYNDA LEA HOLDREN YF' STEPHEN PARKER HUDDY Lynda Steve IAYNEE MAY HORVATH ESTHER MARIA HOSTETTLER Icxynee Esther The institution of the New Heel Program fef. Homecoming floatj. . 'Wil' 5' f GARY L. IACOBSON LYNNE MICHELE IACOBY Gary Lynne IAY RICHARD JACKSON CARLA JEAN IAGSCH Rick Carla PATRICIA ANN JAMES IEROME EARL IOHNSON Patty Z Ierry CAROL SUE IOHNSON CHRISTOPHER LEE IOHNSON Susie Chris motto: x A New Heel Grinds -QQ ua- lean, has indicated TUDITH ANNE IOHNSON MALCOLM JOEL IOHNSON Yudy Mac N-1 """' 1 W w W T ELDRED WAYNE IOHNSTON III AI IONES Terry Aj RONALD VIRGIL IOHNSON FRANK NEWTQN IQNES, IR' Ron Nay Nay 'ltr-sr 'Ky IOE VESS IONES Vess NANCY ELLEN JONES DIANE MAE KASSIAN Nancy Di WILLIAM HILL KEATING Bugs many steps to be taken in the near L L future. IOSEPH RUSHTON KIMBRO Ioe RICHARD HANKIN KINNEY, IH, MAURIA CARLYLE KIRKPATRICK Dick Cookie JAMES REED KINGCADE lim . ' ,:- - '1 1- - .gi V I fl' ' ' , - " ap M. .W DELAINE ANN KINER Dee RONALD TERRY KITCHTON Ron v PHYLLIS CAROLINE KNODEIRER SARALEE KOCH Fliss Sully Our internal security due to the heretofor annual horrlur du bomb l . AQ' 69 :C ' hw Mm? Mm BASSE? KUHNER . SALLY B. LAKIN Sally is now such a would rival the FBI. 501 j ct" BRUCE IAN LARRIMER CARI- FREDERICK I-AUER Bruce Spike MARIE ELAINE LAWLESS Cheesy LINDA SUE LEACH Lecchie DAVID MICHAEL LEONARD Dave JANE LOUISE LEWIS IACK RICHARD LEY Icme luck i .1- 'Y ' 4 ' 'L 'V' ' fx '.u 1"' , I IOHN LOREN LEHMAN John K I AEI' BARBARA CAROL LIEBERMANN Carol sh DAVE EDWARD LINTZENICI-I Dave ROBERT DALE LOWERY Andre X X.. CAROLYN MCCARTY Swinger Y, 41 SUSAN IEANNE LONG SUSAN LOOMIS LOVING Susie Susie Majiggffiiw F , LYNN MARIE LOWERY Yolanda jifWThe creation of a term paper MAUREEN LUKEMIRE Squeaky occasioned an intimacy Xi 3' ROBERT MAURICE McCLEERY DAVE McCORMICK Bob Dave FREDERICK IAEGER McGAVRAN Fred -ns, Q SI-IE!LA JEAN MCILHATH Carry DENNIS EMMETT McKEE Meatballs with the value of making copies, ROBERT ALLEN MCKNIGHT Bob K if Afl- IAMES ALBERT MCMASTER lim Agni JOHN ARCHIBALD MCLEAN, IR. MW M Wm QM- if ANITA MARGARET MACALUSO Mac ' P Y 'CJ MIKKEL GORDON MANDT Mike auf ho' LYNN DALE MANN Lynn it was ii OWN '47 MOLLY AILENE MAIDLOW MARCiA MAY MANNING MOHY Percy R W ,' . l JEFFREY PHILIP MARSH ,hamkwwmm M3 Mw-40 Aa fn-+L 4-1 Q11-4-N, J 4 +4-0-Nui LM.: wvwJ'-nf-dl . ff V' q ' 1 V' Q W 00145 LffL,fw','. JMU? W r M jgffil ,595 Wav W ,1- M LW IANE ANN MASTERS Janie rafw , wi w-wk-J 5 ,KM-il f nomar mm MARTIN lar-ms EDWARD Massm '3""""" . I Bob lim S U as n.s.w.-n. I MZ Q If ' x BEVERI-EE TEAN MAYHAN MARTHA FRANCES MENENDIAN Bev N Mth -- --1 a bureaucratic habit every office-seeker should have. DON ROBERT MILLER Don I av- -ef ROBERT PEN TON MILLER Dusiy CHARLES ROLAND MBSSICK JANE BRODIE MILLS Rollie Janie E - f. --. if Q LJ .:',,.f' R" -'ff L Ev, if DAVID EDWARD MINOR DUV9 ANN INGEBORG MORRAL Inqy IAMES HALLER MOOR RUSSELL MOYNE MORGAN Jim Ollie The Junior-Senior graphicall illustrated some of VICKY ANN MORRIS SUSAN IANE MUELLER Rabbit Susie .W J ' V-L :,X.'xAEH I ',,Js.'.L 'K " B .nl IUDITH ANN MARIE MUTH SUSAN NELSON Iudy Sue DEBORAH BLAIR MUNGER KEITH IACKSON NEWLON Mumbles Jack " ,V Y L, Qs. ,fhji CAROLYN LEE NICHOLS Carolyn BEVERLY KAY OLIVER Bev life- ,E s . V ,, up k", f ,I Maw. in 1 1-9- . x -? RICHARD NORMAN O'BRIEN Dick MARILYN ANNE NICKLAUS MARY BROWNING NORTON Marilyn Mary the positive advantages of socialized fun, an up-and-coming plan BRIAN KEY O'RIORDAN Bork IV WARREN STANTON OSGOOD SUSAN MARGARET O'TOOLE Ozzie Susie RALPH ATDO ORLANDO MARY FRANCES PADRRRG Ralph Paddy DEBOSSJIEQDAGE TABITHA TEALL PEARSON Tibbie JAMES ALLAN PATTERSON MICHAEL IAMESON PATTON Jim Mike The poles QNX taken on the ll IW of December showed that IUDSON WESLEY PERKINS GARY CHARLES PETRIE Iud Peaches -- -v-7, r--'-4: -ru., vrvf . W W ., . vv , .. , . G' MICHAEL DEAN PHILLIPS NANCY BETH PHILLIPS Mike Nance LOUIS KEITH PETTIT TAY ROBERT POLLACK Louie Jacques IOY LAURENE PRICE IOY I AW 'ax WERE' ROBERT IAMES REED Bob REBECCA LOUISE RANNELLS CHESTER ALLEN RAPP Becky LETI-IA MARIE REESE AURELIA BEASLEY REIDER Lee Fifi Chet our candidates would win in a snow-slide, Poge IOHN MARC RINEHART Marc HOWARD WILLIAM RITCHIE. IR. DONALD ROBERTS Don IAMES THOMAS ROBERTS Tom 3 HARHIETT ROBE T RAYMOND MERVIN BOOP, IR. f jyfardett, ' l llll alll D 1, N X CURTIS l..OUIS BOETTIG RAY BIEHLER ROGERS BJ Curl Ray ld Q yy! 'WN . . and authorities were so iubilant l they cancelled school A O fo I' t l'l 3 t Cl 3 K ' KAREN MARIE ROSENBERRY SARAH SINCLAIR RUSSEL Rosie Sully Us in 1 LYNNE BENNIE SANDERS IANET ELAINE SAVAGE CAROL ANN SAIN IOANNE MARIE SCATTOLONI Sainy I JAMES JOSEPH SCHALL I im JEROME ROBERT SCHROER Jerry buff 3,979 M WILLIAM KNIGHT SCHMIDT SUE ELLEN SCHNITTKE , q""',C' Bill Sue -'A-GQB -auf ROBERT WALTER SELFE, IR. KARL SI-IAFFER Shifty Karl CYNTHIA ANN SHAWAN Cindy Achievements on the foreign scene U L if Il IUDITI-I GAYLE SHELTON Gayle DAVID MICHAEL SHARP CAROLE JEAN SHERIFF Dave Carole '1' BLAKE ALLAN SHEWMAKER Blake ? GARY ROBERT SHOOP IOSEPH A. SHULMISTRAS, IR. Gary A vast improvement ha beenlnade in the quality Ioe CONSTANCE LEE SMITH Connie Marcia MARCIA SUE SMITH WILLIAM WARREN SMITH Bill I I f, l f . .-:Q I ' . 'MFI 1' I-,. I I an CAROLL ANN SIGAFOOS Ccxroll hug' 'hui GERALD DUANE SMITH Jerry I I I I I LINDA CHRISTINE SMITH WILLIAM THURMAN SNYDER Smitty B111 f 1 A ...,. TI-IOMAS A. SPECHT Tom EDWARD BRENT SPENCE 5 IEAN STANTON Ieannie Dave DAVID LOUIS STEFFY CAROL LEE STEPHENS Carol IOI-IN RICHARD STEGMILLER Beaver X fwfn ff . ,I 1 .,,4,,-.L, b I . - " ff ' Ziff 4:-Q0 11- UGS! " , ,K . S ,, ,ffm A4 -, Nfl 5jZ,LA1.L 'J 1,1 Li, 7Xj,,Q,D?i?ffL Q4 L.a,gf 10 fi 1' .. ',q.F -, 5. I, Z,kij,.f,. !7 Qftxfaijrf baggy? 91:5 LVN? U., +445 . l , .. . J' ff , ,. bfi -: ' '7 , ,Q Lwf0UJ'w9gwffNQqUpK7M4 LCGKZQKL L-Lf-!17fQ7 , xg? if V ,, C ' Y B' K , f Xgffav 27 .1 U 6,.-,,,, ROBERT BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Bruce 3 SHARON ANN SPENCER Sharon of the diploma-tic corps, and in foreign relations Qrelations with foreignersj BARBARA KAREN STEVENS Barb NADA STOIANOVSKI Nadi ROBERT DAVIES STONE M - Stoney A ycfxx X my - qv' An ' Lpu A , . J yxgzg' PJ Wadi- dr Q: QXLSV4 K fp "AQQQwyC'5L ofww ,W JN SXJ5JbJIJ v-' C? ' MICHAEL RICHARD STREBEL Megcxle during the fiscal year ending June 7. 'QP' PATRICIA ABLENE TAYLOR Put CAROLE IEAN TAYLOR Cccrole MARGARET ANN STHEETER Peggy SHARON ANN SULLIVAN Shcxron TIMOTHY WADE TERRY Tim PAUL WILLIAM STRICKER Paul CAROL LOIS SWANSON Carol KAREN LOUISE THORNE Thomey WILLIAM EDWARD TITTEL Bill JERRY TRUSTER Moose I. DONALD TOMPKIN I. Donald ERROL RICHARD TOM PETER ALBERT IOSEPH TOMASULO IW Exrol Pete Q Q , Ajit" """3" 'f' M L In the final analysis, the candidates for graduation, CHARLES ROGER VAGNIER Rover MARY IANE VANCE Mouse CECELIA ANNE VAUGHAN SALLY TO VINCENT Kiki Vince CAROL VON HAAM vcm hcxm .' li. ' -4. M ' ,N fr , nga rr I KAHEN IO WP-HL ROBERT LEWIS. WALKER: ln. Karen Bob VN Vx I ri , ,j . l.f I L I D I WALTER NICHOLAS wmrs SHARON R053 WALCUTT I f ' Nick Sharon ,, 1' W 1' r X, . wa: as shown b their exemplar record, have demonstrated their capabilit EVERETT GARRISON WALTERS FREDERICK MARK WALTZ Garry Fred -1.-.-V. Fptmlf, ',,...Y-- IAMES NORMAN WATTERS KAREN ANN WEARS lim Karen MARIORIE ALICE WATSON KENNETH ALLEN WEARS Margie Casper KAREN KAY WEBER JAMES LEE WERY Karen Iim CHARLES HENRY WEGMAN IERRY ALAN WEHR Chuck Flash IST?" 'i A - ,- g. 1,- 'CF' and I ubmit that they, if elected WILL move ahead in the sixtie . IANET LEE WEST JOHN WILLIAM WHALEY Chester Whales STEVEN WHITEKER TIMOTHY ARTHUR WILDER Steve Tim 4 HELEN AVETTE WHEELER ABIGAIL ANNE WILLIAMS Wheels .Abby IACK G. WILLIAMS Icxck O O O Working and voters unite! T? DAVID MANN WORTON ,l..r"'f' 3 WILLIAM JAMES wmmas Jim MARILYN MARGARET WILLIS Marilyn IERRY SPENCE WILSON Jerry tolling GEORGE I-IUFPMAN WOLFE GEOFFREY LEE WOOD Poxky Woody KIRBY KENNEDY WYATT II Kirby MARTHA ELLEN WRIGHT 0 WILLIAM CLARENCE YARDLEY Marti M nomo J, 0 O- 5 031-Q1 PinkY IUDITH LYN YOUNG JILL ZEISLER Iudi Iill Get the candidates out of U.A.H.S.! CZ 1 5 :- 1 W ., W . .1 I I 1J LJ Je' if f Q, -1 ' l ' 1 -Y N x""i'4y ? X 443 UF? PHP ff.. H 1 1 ,gf 1- C F IZ wwf? I 5 5 f +31 if sl 1 -W. fr ' ' ' M x-T'.-QM ' f- --Jw , Q jliivg, - fH':-aff " .c fl V .. 'A ' 4 11, X 42- " I-15393, ,fi-J -Am .41 ' 1" Elm ., ,.,.u 5: .I -avg -.i ,--1' -'1 if ff! S 5, fs-an . qc ,I 5 4ggQ3J 4, , -'gm ' "nf 1 , Z xl QT kv .. y s 1 V V - 3 . i 3, Y .vp ,. -14 ., . msd, .,,- 1, . ' 1' , - ' 7537. Y'-IA J ' 3 ' -3,5351 ' EA j gr .' i 'FC' ' N ,aw Ji Qwiixgfk. .' : V f 4' .s . vw BEST OF LUCK TO SENIORS FROM HI-Y 8k VARSITY VA Compliments of Good Luck From Eagle's Candies Star-lane Gulf Service North Star an: Lane Avenue ' HU 8-0233 Home Store 1941 W. 5th Ave. Dick Simmers, Prop. HU 8-2531 V LKSWAG E N WORLD LEADER in ENGINEERING ECONOMY and DESIGN MIDWESTERN ERVICE and SALES S 1855 Northwest Blvd., HU 6-0614 Cardosi Child life Shoes HU 6-4477 2108 Tremont Center Columbus 21, Ohio Stew Harrison's 29th Year Serving tasty and well-seasoned Lunches and Dinners HU 8-0129 yes -- for a vacation of real fun -- CONGRATULATIONS Let's bowl at Scioto lanes to the Seniors I 1400 Dublin Road HU 6-5291 . Yes! It's completely air-conditioned Ql. Congratulations to the Best in termite control Class of '61 i-Q..-. 2121 Riverside Drive The Fishel Company HU 6-5218 CLINTONVILLE LUMBER CO. 640 Oakland Park AM 2-1112 1--O-- Pat Jones, Mgr. Small work -- a specialty Friendly Personal Service As Close As Your Phone Bvllrr I lnmrv rf Gurzlnn' Aluminum Windows 81 Doors The John W. Hayward C0 Storm Windows Screens - Storm Doors 1374 King Ave. Columbus 21, Ohio Admiration Beauty Salon elf HU 8-6767 1527 N. W. Blvd. Columbus 21, Ohio The Upper Arlington Co. FRlSCH'S BIG BOY Kmg -lh0ml350n 84 Co- raso Northwest Blvd. HU 6-4378 2160 Tremont Center HU 8-0643 ,W ,Y., - -+751 -.3-Tf-- , YTWAQ, , , , . Upper Arlington A Compliments of Fifth Avenue Floral 1877 Kenney Rd. HU 8-1106 Best wishes to Congratulations Class of 1961 ' 1 lambert-Jones lumber Company RlFF'S MARKET Durrants Furniture W. Fifth and Grandview Ave. for contemporary living H - 151 U 8 7 2104 Tremont Center Your Friendly Market Columbus 21, Ohio HU 6-5245 LOMBARDS Furniture, Floor Coverings, Fabrics, Interior Decorating 1725 West Lane Avenue HU 6-9591 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1961 McKinley Lane Drugs Tremont Pharmacy Kingsdale Pharmacy and Scioto View Pharmacy Blll 0WEN'S APPLIANCES 1375 W. Lane Ave. HU 6-4351 Best Wishes to the Class of 1961 THE GENERAl ClAY PRODUCTS CO. 445 W. Goodale Blvd. FACE BRIC THE PLACE TO SAVE FOR A COLLEGE EDUCATION Dollar Federal Savings 177 Olenfangy River Rd. CA 3.535 C g 1 h Gd I f 96 ak GEORGE PATTON, JR. Best Wishes to the Seniors Congratulations to the Class of 1961 Paul Hughes 84 Company Textile Cleaning Service Correct Professional Cleaning of Your Rugs and Furniture REALTORS 1003 Concord St. AX 45371 Flowers By U. A. H. S. Students Enivv Slwppins af Al'lllIgl0l1 HOI'iIl 1966 N. Mallway HU 8 6363 Columbus 21, Ohio Bernice J. Hall Kempefs Pharmacy 2064 Arlington Ave. HU 8-2644 Compliments of . , Arlington Arms Motel 8 100 Ultra-Modern Rooms ' 1335 Dublin Road 2447 North Starr Rd. HU 8-2364 Columbus 21, Ohio HU 6-0211 Roberta Fashion lane Mary Fay Whipple's Distinctive fashions for girls, TOWN 81 COUNTRY SHOP teens, iuniors, and misses 2132 Arlington Ave 1689-91 West Lane Ave. . . . Distinctive apparel and accessories Columbus 21, Ohio HU 8-2649 Multiple listing service Residential Compliments of investment Cgggiigifl EMIl'S BARBER SHOP North Arlington Realty Company 1286 West Lane Ave., Columbus, Ohio HUdson 6-9543 ' 9 C e n CI s x.. u la Long famous for their Italian and American food U R 3 L 0 Fishinger Sz Riverside Drive 1773 W. 5th Ave. HU 8-3713 HU 5.0903 GfillldVl9W 0fflC9 SUPIJIY Arlington Rambler O O School supplies -- Office supplies 1626 W. Fifth Ave. Mimeographing -- Rubber stamps Columbus 12, Ohio 1221 Grandview Avenue HU 6-4574 Phone HU 8-1101 CAN YOU TELL THE DIFFERENCE? . is-4 A . -2.1 ""'fT"T7TiE7":'K-ETL?" 'MP J- flhr 353, - ' 1 Wai? in i -xiii as Tri-Village Photo Brand X If so , Al.- go to Tri-Village Studio Z5 4, Q and get the best. og! ZZ 7404 Q ACCEPT NO SUBSTITUTES! 72 EVERYONE IS TALKING ABOUT A Second line Not iust an extension .. . but another telephone line if listed in your own name gf in your favorite color :E in your own room To Order You rs CALL THE GHICD BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY DeSantis Florist Compliments of The Marble Cliff Quarries Co. Always the finest in floral arrangements 1875 Henderson AM 2-1197 2100 Tremont Center Everybody's Listening to WBNS Radio One-stop shopping for the entire family G. C. Murphy Company Lane Ave. Shopping Center EASTQ Slum wens For The Best In Entertainment Sz Information GRACELAND KINGSDALE on Your Sh pp: 9 c 1 FM - 97.1 - AM - 1460 C l' t f 4 4 ' Omp 'men S 0 Borcher's Carpet Cleaning Co. Tremont Hardware Quality cleaning of rugs, carpets, and 2143 Tremont Center upholstered furniture since 1897 HU 8-7457 1133 S. Front Sf. HI 4-'l'l9'I 4 Wiseman's Hardware Compliments of E. C. Wollam Co. Congratulations to the Class of "61" Realtors O A half century of integrity Lane Shopping Center I 2460 Northwest Blvd. HU 8-1138 INVESTMENT AND FINANCIAL SERVICE Since 'I922 VERCOE 84 C0. Huntington Bank Building Columbus 16 Mansfield - Portsmouth Members of New York Stock Exchange Compliments of Buckeye Telephone and Supply Company Compliments of I Harry l. Rook, Inc. Exclusive Agency for Oxford Clothes and Society Brand Clothes Romeo's Pizza Since 1950 "The Year Columbus Discovered Pizza" C At 1576 W. 5th Ave. Kingswood lumber Co. 942 W. Third Avenue And Rear of 278 W. Lane Ave. AX 4-3723 Columbus 8' Ohio Compliments Compliments of FUCK l.G.A. MARKET of 2080 Arlington Ave. Super Duper Compliments of Al Mills Tremont Cleaners School Supplies - Office Supplies Aflinefows M-ef Modem Cl eene fs Van Sickle Office Supply Cu. 2106 Tremont Center 1241 Grandview Ave. HU 84523 HU 8-3584 Best Wishes From AXminster 9-1103 Grandview Cycle Shop Bolin 84 Henry Bicycle Lawnmower INCORPORATED Sales 81 Service Sales 8. Service Painting Contractors 1655-57 W. First Ave. HU 8-1471 1020 West Goodale Columbus 8, Ohio 6 Compliments of Week Days Saturdays 10:00 A.M.-8:00 P.M. 8:00 A.M. -6:00 P.M. 7 Allen dre s , ' Alfred s Barber Sho .... Q 1. "Custom designed cakes , . and pastry of distinction" 1785 Kmgsdale Center 5 Barbers 1795 Kingsdale Center HU 6-2226 Alfred Campuano HU 8-5432 Redwood 84 Ross College Clothes 1920 No. High Columbus, Ohio Sehorr-Ketner and lane 1720 Zollinger Road Columbus 21, Ohio Fine Furniture HU 8-1169 Compliments of 0lEN1ANGY INN 214 Open 6 A. M. to Midnight 1299 Olentangy AX 4-5211 Compliments of 914 Shaffer Music Co. 849 North High Arlington Health Club Inc. 2400 Wellesley Lane HU 6-2646 Now under local ownership and management Women: Mon.-Wed.-Fri. - 9 A.M. to 9 P.M. Men: Tuesday-Thursday - 10 A.M. to 10 P.M. Saturday - 10 A.M. to 8 P.M. Columbus' Oldest Ford Dealer With W I D E SELECTION vis Gager Kelm Inc. als OPEN BREAKFAST 'TILL BEDTIME HI 3-6521 888 S. Parsons Ave. Congratulations to the class of "61" Compliments of lecnifax Corp. 1. Q -..- I P r e S u t I: i 7 S A complete line of Teaching aids 1292 West Third Ave. HU 8-2444 Best Wishes from Congratulations From ll 0 l l 9 l l 5 " ll AAA Carpet Cleaning Co. 818 E. Mound St. Exclusive Private Party Plan W. Third Ave. Sz Northwest Blvd. SHARON DIANE ACKERMAN--West High School 1.2.3: Business Club 4. CLARENCE JERE ADAMS Il--Port Naches Junior High School 1: Hi-Y 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. LINDA E. ADAMS-- Rivers High School 1: Charm Club 2,3: F.N.A. 3.4: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. 2.3.4:K.E.Y. 2 ttreasurerl 3.4: Y-Teens 2.3.4: Track Court 3. TODD MORTON ADAMS-Football 2: Track Spanish Club 3: Hi-Y 4: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 2. GARY NOONAN ADLER--Goli 1.2.3,4: Hi-Y 4: Varsity A 4. CATHERINE LIND AMOS--Charm Club 4: French Club 3.4: F.N.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4: Y-Teens LUCY JO ANDERSON--Executive Council 2: French Club 2.3.4 tpresidentl: G.A.A. K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 3.4: Science Club 3: South Pacilic 3: Variety Show 1.2.4: Student Council 4: Y-Teens 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. SHARON MARIE ANDERSON-- Discussion Club 4: Dramatics Club 2: Festo Club 4: Spanish Club 3: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 4: Junior Red Cross 2: K.E.Y. 4: South Pacific 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. WILLIAM PHILIP JOHN ANTHONY--Basketball 1.2: Football tco-captainl: Track l,Z.3,4: Boys' State 3: Class President 2.3: Executive Council 2.3.4: I-li-Y 3.4: Leaders' Club 3.4: South Pacitic 3: Student Council 1,2.3.4: Variety Show 1.4: Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. SARAH ROWLAND APLIN-- Crestview Junior High School 1: French Club 3.4 ttreasurerl: Latin Club 3: F.T.A. 3.4 tpresidentl: G.A.A. 3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 3.4 tworld service committee chairmanl: National Honor Society 3.4: Newcomers' Club 3: Norwester Staff 4 tliterary staill: South Pacific 3: Student Council 1,4: Variety Show 4: Y-Teens Senior Scholarship Team 4. DONNA ANN ARMSTRONG--Zanesville High School 1.2.3: Charm Club 4: French Club 4: F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. 4: K.E.Y. 4: Variety Show 4: Y-Teens 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JAMES GILBERT ARNOLD--Science Club 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. CAROL LYNN ASCHINGERH Dramatics Club 4: Spanish Club 3: K.E.Y. 2.3: Leaders' Club 3: Library Club 3: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens 3. GENE PEER BADGER-- Charm Club 3: K.E.Y. 2: Norwester Staii 4 tliterary stattl: Y-Teens 1.2: Senior Scholarship Team 4. CAROL FRANCES BAKER-- Plymouth High School 1: F.N.A. 1.2.3 tsecretaryl. 4: G.A.A. 3.4: Leaders' Club 4: National Honor Society 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. GWYN MARY BAKER-Charm Club 3.4: Dramatics Club 2.3.4: Spanish Club 3.4: G.A.A. 1,2.3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 4: South Pacitic 3: Variety Show 1.2: Y-Teens 3.4. KAI-ITRYN ANN BAKER--French Club 3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. l,Z.3,4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Student Council 2 talternatel: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JOAN BECKEMEYER-Business Club 3: Spanish Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: K.E.Y. l,Z.3,4: Variety Show 1.2: Y-Teens 1. WILLIAM LYNN BEEBE-Baseball tco-captainl: Basketball l.2.3.4: Foot- ball 1.3,4: Student Council 2 talternatel: Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. NANCY ANN BEREND--F.N.A. 3: F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. 1.2.3: K.E.Y. 2.3,4: Homecoming Court 4: South Pacitic 3: Variety Show 1.2,4: Y-Teens 1.2.4. HELEN LOUISE BERKSTRESSER- Newton High School 1.2: French Club 3: G.A.A. 3: K.E.Y. 3.4: Y-Teens 3. FRANCES DEBORAH BERRY--Dramatics Club 3,4 lsecretaryl: French Club 2: Spanish Club 3.4: F.N.A. 3.4: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. 1 Cbowling headJ.2.3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Snow Princess Queen 1: Homecoming Court 4: South Pacilic 3: Variety Show l,4: Y-Teens l.2.3,4. WILLIAM L. BERWANGER--Baseball 1.4: Basket- ball 1.2,3.4: Football 1: Track 2.3: Dramatics Club 3: Spanish Club 2.3: Hi-Y 3.4: Newcomers' Club 3.4: Student Council 4 talternatel: Varsity A 3.4 tsecretaryl. JEAN ANN BLOCK--Business Club 3.4: Charm Club 2.3.4: G.A.A. 1. CAROL MARY BLOOM--Roosevelt High School 1.2,3: Charm Club 4: F.N.A. 4: G.A.A. 4: K.E.Y. 4: Y-Teens 4. ROBERTA JEAN BOES--Charm Club 4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 1.2.3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MARY ANN BOLDMAN--Business Club 4: Charm Club 2.4: Spanish Club 3: F.N.A. 2.3.4: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. 1: Junior Red Cross 1.2: K.E.Y. 2.4: Y-Teens 1. SUSAN ALICE BOLLES-Glenbard High School I: Arlingtonian Staff 3.4 t3rd page editorl: Spanish Club 2.3.4: G.A.A. 2: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 4: Marching Band 2,3.4 tsecretaryl: National Honor Society 3.4: Quill and Scroll 3.4 tsecretaryl: South Pacilic 3: Y-Teens 2: Senior Scholarship Team 4. FRANK WEAVER BOOTH-- Swimming 2.3.4: Track 1: Dramatics 4: You Can't Take It With You 1: Executive Council 2: Latin Club 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. RICHARD WILSON BOREL--Football 1.2: Track 1.2.3: Hi-Y 3.4 tvice-presidentl: Junior-Senior Entertainment Committee Chairman 3: South Pacitic 3: Variety Show l,2.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JO ANN BORKENHAGEN-Mary D. Bradford High School 1.2.3: French Club 4: K.E.Y 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. PATSY JEAN BOWER--Charm Club 4: F.N.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 1.2: K.E.Y. 3.4: South Pacitic 3: Y-Teens 1.2. SANDRA LEE BRACKNEY--Business Club 4: Junior Red Cross 3: K.E.Y. 4: Marching Band l,2.3: South Pacllic 3: Variety Show 1.2. LEWIS BRANSCOMB--Radio Club 1: Science Club 3. RALPH STAFFORD BRANSCOMB--French Club 3: Marching Band Science Club 2.3, RALPH EDWIN BRESLER--Executive Council 4 tdelegatel: Leaders' Club 4: National Honor Society 3.4: Norwester Stat! 4 tbusiness managerl: Student Council 4 tdelegatel: Senior Scholarship Team 4. CAROL JEAN BROOKS-Charm Club 4: Dramatics Club 2: Spanish Club 3.4: F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. l,Z.3,4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Y-Teens 1,3. MARGARET ANN BROWN--Classical High School 1.2: F.T.A. 3: South Paclllc 3. ROBERT NELSON BROWN--Classical High School 1.2.3: Dramatics Club 4. SHARON ANN BROWN-Business Club 4: Charm Club 4: Spanish Club 2: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. 1: K.E.Y. 4: Y-Teens 1.2.3. TIPTON ALVIN BROWN-Track 3: Junior Red Cross 3: Leaders' Club 3: Library Club 3: Radio Club 4: South Paclllc 3. WILLIAM EDWARD BROWN--Classical High School 1.2: Dramatics Club 3.4: "Tender Trap" 3. JAMES LEWIS BROWNE--French Club 2: Senior Scholarship Team 4. SUSAN CORNELL BURR-Dramatics Club 2.4: French Club 3.4: F.N.A. 2.3 tcorresponding secretaryl. 4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 1: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Newcomers' Club 3: Pub Club 4: Science Club 1.3: Y-Teens 1,2.3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. ROBERT F. CAESAR--Roger Ludlow High School 1: North Hagers- town High School 2.3: Football 4: Varsity A 4. LOUESA TREAT CALLAHAN--Charm Club 4: Dramatics Club 3: Spanish Club tsecretaryl: Junior Red Cross 2: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Library Club 1: South Pacific 3: Variety Show l.2.4: Y-Teens 1.2.3. ALICE LACY CARSON--Cheerleader 3.4: Class Secretary 1.2.3: Executive Council I Csecretaryl. 2 tsecretaryl. 3 tsecretaryl: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. 3,4 tsecretaryl: Girls' State 3 tdelegatel: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 4: National Honor Society 3.4 tvice-presidentl: Norwester Stat! 4 teditor-in-chieib: Pub Club 3.4: South Pacllic 3: Student Council l tsecretaryl. 2 tsecretaryl. 4: Variety Show 1.4: Senior Scholar- ship Team 4. JERRY LEE CASSELL--Grandview High School 1. LINDA ANN CECILL-. EDWIN DAVID CHAMBERS--Track 1.2: Wrestling 2.3.4: Hi-Y 2.3: Science Club 2.3. RICHARY ANTHONY CHECHILE--Agawam High School 1.2: Track 3.4: Science Club 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. THOMAS ALBERT CHARLES CHOWN II--Basketball l,2.3.4: Football 1.2.4: Track l.2.3.4: Class Treasurer 1: Latin Club 3: Newcomers' Club 4: Gold-diggers King 2: Student Council 1 trepresentativel. 2 talternatel. 3 taltematel. 4 taltematel: Variety Show 1: Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. KENNETH ALLEN CLARK-Football l.3,4: Track Spanish Club 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Varsity A 4. RONALD PAUL CLAWSON-Cross Country 2: Football l.3,4: Track ico- captainl: Executive Council 2: Hi-Y 3.4: Science Club 2: Student Council 1: Variety Show 1.4: Varsity A 3.4. JOHNENA JANE COCHRAN--Charm Club 4: French Club 4: G.A.A. 2: Junior Red Cross 3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Y-Teens 1.2.3. CELESTE ELAINE CODDINGTON-Business Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Major- ette 3.4: Variety Show 1: Senior Scholarship Team 4. HARRISON SCOTT CONDIT--Football l.2.3.4: Track 2.3: Variety Show 4: Varsity A 4. WILLIAM WRIGHT COOL--Ohio State School for the Blind l,2: Wrestling 3: French Club 3.4: Science Club 3: Varsity A 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MICHAEL ROBERT COOPER--Baseball l.2.3.4: Football 1.2.3: Wrestling 2: Spanish Club 1.2.3: Hi-Y 3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Science Club 3: Student,Council 2: Varsity A 4. ROBERT GREER COWMAN-- Cross Country 2.3.4: Track l,2,3.4: Hi-Y 4: Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MARY LOUISE CRAVENS--Latin Club 3: F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. 1.2: K.E.Y. 2.3,4: Leaders' Club 3: South Pacific 3: Student Council 2: Variety Show 1.2.4: Y-Teens 1.2.3: Senior Scholarship Tebm 4. JUDY MAE DAVIS--Business Club 3.4: Spanish Club I: F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. l,Z.3,4: Junior Red Cross 2: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Miss K.E.Y. Court 3: Variety Show l: Y-Teens 1.3. ELIZABETH ANN DAWSON--Charm Club 4: French Club 3.4: F.N.A. 3.4: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. 1 tsports chairmanl. 2 Ivolleyball headl, 3 tarchery headl. 4 tvice-presidentl: Junior-Senior 3 treireshments committee chainnanl: K.E.Y. 2 tvice-presidentl. 3.4 tsecretaryl: Leaders' Club 4 t3rd vice-presidentl: Norwester Stal! 4 Cgirls' sports editorl: Miss K.E.Y. Court 3: Y-Teens l.2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. ELIZABETH PLATT DEEG--Spanish Club 4: F.N.A. 3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Y-Teens 1.2.3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. CHARLES THOMAS DEISHLEY--Football l.2,3: Swimming 2.3.4: Track 2: Dramatics Club 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Science Club 2.3: South Pacilic 3: Varsity A 4. LARRY ROY DeLONG-Track 2: Junior Red Cross 2: Marching Band l: Science Club 3. DAVID LEE DiCENZO--. JOHN JOSEPH DiCENZO--Football 1.2: Track l.2.3.4: Spanish Club 3. WAYNE ROBERT DILLON--Hi-Y 3.4. PAUL ALBERT DiPAOLO--Basketball 1: Football 2.3: Track 2: Hi-Y 3.4. SUSAN LYNN DOBBINS--French Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2: K.E.Y. 3.4: Science Club 3: South Pacific 3: Student Council 1: Variety Show 1.2.4: Y-Teens 1.2.3. JAMES EDWARD DOHERTY--Archbishop Stepinai High School 1.2.3: Radio Club 4. MARILYN ELAINE DOTTS--Business Club 3: Charm Club 4: Festa 4: Spanish Club 1.2: G.A.A. K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Majorette 4. SANDRA SUE DOWNS-Charm Club 2: Dramatics Club 4: You Can't Take It With You 4: Executive Council 2 Kaltematel: French Club 4: F.N.A. 3: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. l,Z.3,4: South Pacillc 3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Variety Show 1.2.4: Y-Teens 1.2.3: Senior-Scholar- ship Team 4. IEFF LYNN DRAKE--Baseball l,2.3: Hi-Y 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. RICHARD JOHN DREIMAN--Track l,Z.3,4: Executive Council 4: Spanish Club 1.2.3: Hi-Y 3.4: Leaders' Club 189 l9O 4: Public Address Announcer l: Science Club 1.3: Student Council 1.4. SUSAN KEVIN DUDLEY--French Club 3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. l.2.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Variety Show 4: Y-Teens 3.4. PAUL WILFRED DURRANT--Calumet High School I: Baseball 2.3,4 ico-captainl: Hi-Y 4: Varsity A 4. WILLIAM EUGENE DURRANT. IR.--Basketball 1.2: Football 1: Golf l.2.3.4: Discussion Club 3: Spanish Club 3: Iunior Red Cross 1.2.3: Public Address An- nouncer 4: South Paci'ic 3: Variety Show l.2.4: Varsity A 3.4, BARBARA IOAN EBERLY--Business Club 4: G.A.A. 1: K.E.Y. 4. MARY LEE EIGENSEE--F.T.A. 3.4 lbusiness managerl: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3: Leaders' Club 3.4 lschool service committee chairmanl: National Honor Society 3,4: Newcomers' Club 4: Norwester Staff 4 tlpage editorl: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens 1.3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. RICHARD CHARLES ELLIOTT--Marching Band 3.4. MARGARET ELIZABETH ERB--French Club 2.3 ttreasurerl. 4 tvice-presidentl: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: National Honor Society 3.4: Norwester Staff 4 tphotography editorl: Variety Show I: Y-Teens 1.2.3 ltreasurerl. 4 iprogram chairmanl: Senior Scholar- ship Team 4. IAMES DAVID ETZEL--. CRAIG KIMBALL EWART-- Barrington High School 1.2.3: Marching Band 4. IULIE ANNE FARBER--North High School 1: French Club 3: F.T.A. 2,3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: K.E.Y. 3.4: Y-Teens 2.3.4. CAROLYN IEAN FARGO-- Latin Club 3.4: F.N.A. 2.3.4: GA.A. 4: Marching Band l.2.3.4: Science Club 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MARCIA ELIZABETH FARR--Arlingtonian Stalf 3,4 tnews editorl: Dramatics Club 3.4: French Club 3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2 tsecretaryl. 3.4: Leaders' Club 4: Newcomers' Club 4: Public Address Announcer 4: News Reporter 4: Quill and Scroll 3.4 Cvice-presidentl: Variety Show I: Y-Teens l.2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MARTIN CARL FERGUS--Class Vice-President 1: Science Club 4: South Pacific 3: Student Council 3: Variety Show 2.4: Varsity A 4: Senior Scholar- ship Team 4: Football l.2.3.4: Track 3. ANNE CATHERINE FERGUSON--DeVilbiss High School I: Spanish Club 3.4: G.A.A. 3: K.E.Y. 4: Y-Teens 4. THOMAS BRENT FERGUSON--Marietta High School 1.2: Spanish Club 3: Science Club 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. TIMOTHY EWING FLESCH-- Track 2,3.4: Spanish Club 2.4: Science Club 3.4. WILLIAM STEPHEN FORDER--Linden-McKinley High School 1.2: Wrestling 4: Hi-Y 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. KATHLEEN MARY FROST-- Business Club 3: Charm Club 3.4: Dramatics Club 1: Executive Council 2: French Club 2: F.N.A. 3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Y-Teens l.2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. KAREN LYNN FULTZ--Spanish Club l.2.3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Pub Club 3.4: South Pacific 3: Variety Show l,2,4: Y-Teens 1,3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. NANCY DIANNE FURSTE-- Dramatics Club 2.3: Latin Club 3 lsocial chairmanl. 4 lpublicity chairmanl: F.N.A. 2.3.4 lvice-presidentl: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 3,4: National Honor Society 3.4 tsecretary-treasurerl: Newcomers' Club 3: Science Club 2.3.4: Student Council 3 talternatel, 4 lalternatel: Y-Teens l.2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. BETTY LOU GETREU--Festo I: Spanish Club 3.4: G.A.A. 1.2: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Variety Show l: Y-Teens 1. DARSIE EARLENE GETTINGER--Charm Club 2.3.4: Spanish Club 3.4: F.N.A. 2: K.E.Y. 2.3,4: Library Club 3.4: Y-Teens 2. CLAUDIA MARIE GIDCOMB--Hillsboro High School 1.2: Charm Club 3.4 tvice-presidentl: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 3.4 tpresidentl: Girls' State 3 ldelegatel: K.E.Y. 3.4: Leaders' Club 4: National Honor Society 3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Norwester Stal! 4 lassociate editorl: Track Court 3: South Paclflc 3: Student Council 4: Variety Show 4: Y-Teens 3.4 fvice-presidentl: Senior Scholarship Team 4. LLOYD DOUGLAS GILLOGLY--Coshocton High School 1: Baseball 2.3: Marching Band 2.3.4. LESLIE ANN GILMORE--Business Club 3.4: Discussion Club 4: F.N.A. 4: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. 2.3: Iunior Red Cross 2.3: K.E.Y. 3: Marching Band l.2.3.4: Variety Show I. DANA ARTHUR GIRE--Arllnqtonian Staff 3.4 lmanaging editorl: Cross Country 3: Tennis 3.4: Dramatics Club 3.4: French Club 2: Marching Band 1.2.3: Newcomers' Club 3: Science Club 2: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 2: News Reporter 4. MARCIA ELIZABETH GLEAVES--Charm Club 3.4: Dramatics Club 4: F.T.A. 3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Science Club 3: Y-Teens 3. FRANKLIN I. GODBEY-- Senior Scholarship Team 4. MIRIAM ANITA GRAHAM--West High School 1.2: French Club 4: K.E.Y. 3.4: National Honor Society 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. PAUL A. GRAHAM--Cross Country 3: Spanish Club 2. JUDITH ANN GRAZIANI--French Club 3.4: F.N.A. 2.3.4 ttreasurerl: F.T.A. 3,4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3: Leaders' Club 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. DAVID H. GREEGOR--Football 2.3: Track 1: Wrestling 2.3.4: Latin Club 3: South Pacific 3: Variety Show l.2.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. IUDITH DEANE GRIGSBY--Charm Club 2.4: French Club 3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 1.2.3: K.E.Y. 3.4: Library Club 2: Variety Show 4: Y-Teens 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MICHAEL CHARLES HAGUE--Spanish Club 1.2: Marching Band l.2.3.4: Variety Show 2. SUSAN HAGUE--Charm Club 4: Dra- matics Club l: French Club 3,4: F.T.A. 3.4: Iunior Red Cross 1.2.3: G.A.A. 1.4: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens I.2.3.4. CHRIS LEE HALL-- Spanish Club 4. DAVID ARTHUR HALL--Tennis 2.3.4: Wrestling 4: Dramatics Club 4: Library Club 2: Science Club 2.3.4. MARTHA HALLIGAN--G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 4: Marching Band 4 lmanagerl: Science Club 2.3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. IAMES ROGER HANNAHS--Baseball 1.2: Football l.2.3.4: Track 3,47 Hi-Y 4: Varsity A 4. DEBORAH ANN HANSEN--Fairview High School 1: Charm Club 2: Spanish Club 3.4: F.N.A. 2.3.4: F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3: Y-Teens 1.2.3: Senior Scholar- ship Team 4. KATHRYN PAAR HARPHAM--Myers Park High School 1.2.3: Business Club 4: G.A.A. 4: K.E.Y. 4: Variety Show 4: Y-Teens 4. LOIS ANN HAUEISEN-Business Club 3.4: Spanish Club 2.3: K.E.Y. 3.4. SARAH MASTERS HAYS--Class Secretary 4: Executive Council 4: French Club 2.3: F.T.A. 3.4 lvice-presidentl: G.A.A. 1.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 3 ftreasurerl, 4 tpresi- dentl: Student Council 4: Variety Show I: Y-Teens 1: Senior Scholarship Team 4. CHRISTOPHER WEDVIK HAZARD--Dominion Iunior High School I: Tennis 2: Track 3: Hi-Y 3: Science Club 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. CYNTHIA ANNE HAZZARD--Leelanau High School I: Charm Club 3.4: Discussion Club 2.3: Dramatics Club 2.3.4: Festo 3: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. 3.4: K.E.Y. 3.4. FREDERICK WILLIAM HEER--Swimming 2.3.4 tco-captainl: Hi-Y 3.4: Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. LESTER EDWARD HEITGER--Cross Country 2.3.4: Track 1.2,3,4: Dramatics Club 1: Executive Council 2: French Club 2: Marching Band 2.3.4: Varsity A 4. IOANNE MARY HELWIG--Football 4: Business Club 3: Charm Club 4: Spanish Club l.2.3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 1.2.41 K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Y-Teens 2: Senior Scholarship Team 4. IANET MAUREEN HENNESSEY--Festo 3.4: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. l.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Pub Club 2.3 tvice-presidentl. 4: Variety Show l: Y-Teens 2.3.4. BONNIE LOU HENRY--Charm Club 3.4: Spanish Club 2: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. I tpresidentl. 2.3.4 ibasketball headl: Iunior Red Cross 1.2: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Snow Princess Court 1: Homecoming Court 4: Track Queen 1: Student Council I: Variety Show 1,2: Y-Teens 1.2.4. GARY CARL HENRY--Marching Band l.2.3.4. LARRY STEWART HINDER-Cross Country 1.2.3: Track 1.3: Spanish Club 3: Hi-Y 4. KAREN SUE HOBBS--Business Club 3.4 tvice-presidentl: Dramatics Club 1: Latin Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2.3 lsoftball headl. 4: K.E.Y. 1.2.3 lvice-presidentl, 4: Variety Show l.2.4: Y-Teens 1.2.3. DAVID STUART HOCH--Swimming 2.3.4: Dramatics Club 3.4: Stage Door 3: You Can't Take It With You 4: Spanish Club 2.3: Marching Band 4: Science Club l.2.3.4: South Pacilic 3: Variety Show l.2.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. LYNDA LEA HOLDREN--Business Club 3.4 ttreasurerl: K.E.Y. 4: Y-Teens 2.3. IAYNEE MAY HORVATH-Bexley High School 1.2: Spanish Club 3: G.A.A. 3: Newcomers' Club 3. ESTHER MARIA HOSTETTLER--Dramatics Club 2,3.4: Spanish Club 3.4: F.N.A. 4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 1.3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Science Club 2.3: South Paciiic 3: Student Council 1: Y-Teens 1.2: Senior Scholarship Team 4. STEPHEN PARKER HUDDY--Cross Country 2.3: Track I.3.4: Wrestling 2.4: Spanish Club 4: Hi-Y 3.4: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 1.2.4. SANDRA LEE HUGHES--I-'esto 3.4: French Club 1: G.A.A. 1.2.3,4: Iunior-Senior Invitation Committee Chair- man 3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 4: Newcomers' Club 2: Norwester Staff 4 tart editorl: Pub Club 2.3.4 tpresidentl: Student Council 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MICHAEL CARMEN IANNELLI--Library Club 4. IAY RICHARD IACKSON--Football Manager l.2.3.4: Swimming Manager l.2.3.4: Track Manager 1: Discussion Club 2: Spanish Club 4: Radio Club 4: Science Club 1.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. GARY L. IACOBSON--Spanish Club 3: Hi-Y 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. LYNNE MICHELE IACOBY--Dramatics Club 4: Executive Council 4: French Club 3: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 1,2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.4: Science Club 2: Student Council 4: Y-Teens CARLA IEAN IAGSCH-- Business Club 4: French Club 3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.4: Y-Teens 2.3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. PATRICIA ANN lAMES-- Charm Club 4: G.A.A. I lireasurerl. 2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2 tpresidentl. 3.4: Newcomers' Club 2: Student Council 2: Variety Show 1.2: Y-Teens l.2,3.4. BRIAN BASI-I IENNINGS- Football l.2.4: Hi-Y 3.4: Varsity A 4. CAROL SUE IOHNSON--French Club 2.3.4: F.N.A. 2.3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Y-Teens CHRISTOPHER LEE IOHNSON--Dramatics Club 1: French Club 3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Public Address Announcer 1: Radio Club 3: Science Club 2.3.4. ERIC IRWIN IOHNSON--Strong Vincent High School l,2,3. IEROME EARL JOHNSON--Cross Country 3.4: Track 3.4: Hi-Y 3.4: South Pacilic 3: Variety Show 2: Varsity A 3.4. IUDITH ANNE IOHNSON--Business Club 3: French Club 2.3: F.N.A. 2: G.A.A. 3: Iunior Red Cross 2.3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Science Club 2.3: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens 1.2. MALCOLM IOEL IOHNSON--. RONALD VIRGIL IOHNSON--Hi-Y 3: French Club 3.4: Marching Band l.2.3.4: Science Club 3: South Pacific 3: Variety Show I. WILLIAM ROBERT IOHNSON--Golf 4. ELDRED WAYNE IOHNSTON III--Football 1: Swimming 2,3.4: Tennis l.2.3.4: Dra- matics Club 1.2: Spanish Club 2: Hi-Y 3.4: Public Address An- nouncer 2: Science Club 3: South Paciiic 3: Variety Show 2: Varsity A 3.4. AL JONES--Cross Country 3.4: Track 3.4: Hi-Y 4: Library Club 2.3. FRANK NEWTON IONES. IR.--Track 2.3: Wrest- ling 2.3: Spanish Club 4: Iunior Red Cross 2.3. IOE VESS JONES-- Football 1.2. NANCY ELLEN JONES-Bay Village High School 1.2: Business Club 3.4 tsecretaryl: Marching Band 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. DIANE MAE KASSIAN--North High School 1.2: Arllnqtonlan Staff 4: Business Club 3: Festo 3: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 3.4: K.E.Y. 3.4: Newcomers' Club 3: South Pacific 3: Y-Teens 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. WILLIAM HILL KEATING--Swimming 2.3.4: Track 1: Executive Council 2: F.T.A. 3.4: Hi-Y 3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Varsity A 3.4. JOSEPH RUSHTON KIMBRO--Wrestling 2: Spanish Club 1: Hi-Y l.2.4: Science Club 3.4. DELAINE ANN KINER--Charm Club 4: Spanish Club l.2.4: F.T.A. 2.3: G.A.A. 1.2.3: Junior Red Cross 3: K.E.Y. 2.3,4: Y-Teens 1.2.3: Senior Scholar- ship Team 4. JAMES REED KINGCADE--Spanish Club 1.2: Hi-Y 4: Marching Band 1.2: Radio Club 1.2.3: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 2. RICHARD RANKIN KINNEY. JR.--Tennis 3.4: Dramatics Club I: Latin Club 3 Itreasurerl. 4 tvice-presidentl: Newcomers' Club 4: Radio Club 2: South Pacific 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MAURIA CARLYLE KIRKPATRICK--K.E.Y. 2.3.4. RONALD TERRY KITCHTON--Baseball I.2,3.4: Cross Country 3: Football 1: Spanish Club 3.4: Hi-Y 3.4: Varsity A 3.4. KAREN ELLEN KLUG--French Club 2: G.A.A. I: K.E.Y. 2,3. PATRICIA DIANE KNIGHT--Latin Club 3: F.N.A. 4: G.A.A. 1: Junior Red Cross 2.3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 3: Marching Band I.2,3.4: Y-Teens 1: Senior Scholarship Team 4. PHYLLIS CAROLINE KNODERER--Chann Club I: Dramatics Club 2: Festo 1: French Club 4: F.N.A. 2: G.A.A. 2: Junior Red Cross 1: K.E.Y. 3: Pub Club 3 tvice-presidentl: Y-Teens 3. SARALEE KOCH--Spanish Club 2: GA.A. 1.2.3: K.E.Y. 2: South Pacific 3. RONALD WAYNE KOCK-Cross Country 2.3 tco-captainl. 4: Track I.2,3.4: Class Vice-President 2.3: Executive Council 2.3: Hi-Y 3.4: Leaders' Club 4: National Honor Society 3,4 tpresidentl: Student Council 3.4: Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. ION RICHARD KONNEKER--Linden McKinley High School 1.2: Football 3: Tennis 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JULIANA KRAFT--French Club 3.4: F.N.A. 2.3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. I.2,3.4: South Pacific 3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Student Council 1.2: Variety Show 2.4: Y-Teens l.2.3,4. NICHOLAS KARL KRIER--Tennis I.2,3.4: Boys' State Alternate 3: French Club 3.4: Leaders Club 4: Radio Club 2: Science Club 2.3.4 tpresidentl: Student Council 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JAMES BARTON KRUMLAUF--. PHILIP GEORGE KUEHL-- Arling- tonlan Staff 4: Baseball 1: Basketball 1.4: Football I.2,3.4: Tennis 1: Track 3: Dramatics Club 3,4 ttreasurerl: Executive Council 4: Hi-Y 4: Public Address Announcer I: Student Council 4: Varsity A 4 tpresidentl. MARK BARRETT KUHNER--National Honor Society 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. SALLY B. LAKIN--Charm Club 4: French Club 2: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. I.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4. BRUCE IAN LARRIMER- CARL FREDERICK LAUER--Marching Band 2. MARIE ELAINE LAWLESS--Ursuline Academy 3: Dramatics Club 2: Executive Council 2: F.N.A. 4: G.A.A. l.2.4: K.E.Y. 2.4: Y-Teens 1.2: Senior Scholarship Team 4. LINDA SUE LEACH--North High School 1.2. JOHN LOREN LEHMAN--. DAVID MICHAEL LEONARD--. JANE LOUISE LEWIS--Mira Costa High School 2: F.N.A. 3.4 tsecretaryl: G.A.A. 1.3.4: Marching Band 1,3.4: Variety Show I. JACK RICHARD LEY--Basketball I: Cross Country 2: Track I.2,3.4: Hi-Y 3.4: Varsity A 3.4. BARBARA CAROL LIEBERMANN--Executive Council 2: Spanish Club 1.2.3 tsecretaryl. 4 ttreasurerl: G.A.A. I.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Newcomers' Club 3.4: Pub Club 3.4: Student Council 3: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens 2.3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. DAVE EDWARD LINTZENICH--St. Charles High School 1: Marching Band 2.3.4: Science Club 2.3.4: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 2.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. SUSAN JEANNE LONG--Spanish Club 2: F.N.A. 1: G.A.A. I: Science Club 1: Senior Scholarship Team 4. SUSAN LOOMIS LOVING--Charm Club 4: Spanish Club 3.4: F.N.A. 2.3.4 tpresidentl: F.T.A. 4: K.E.Y. 2.3: Leaders' Club 4: Student Council 4: Y-Teens I.2,3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. LYNN MARIE LOWERY--Charm Club 4: Festo 4 ttreasurerl: Spanish Club 3: F.N.A.3: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A.Z.3: Pub Club3.4: VarietyShow 2: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Y-Teens 2.3. ROBERT DALE LOWERY--Football 1.2: Track 2: Wrestling 2.3: Hi-Y 3.4. MAUREEN LUKEMIRE--Business Club 3.4 tpresidentl: Dramatics Club 1: Spanish Club 2.3: G.A.A. I.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 4: Library Club 1: Public Address Announcer 1: Student Council 4: Y-Teens 2.3. CAROLYN MCCARTY-Business Club 3.4 tsergeant-at-armsl: Dramatics Club 3: French Club 3.4: G.A.A. I.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 2 tsergeant-at-armsl. 3 tpresidentl. 4: Leaders' Culb 3: Newcomers' Club 4: Miss K.E.Y. Court 3: Student Council 2.3: Variety Show 1,2: Y-Teens I.2,3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. BOB McCLEERY--Spanish Club 1.2: Hi-Y. FREDERICK JAEGER McGAVRAN-Latin Club 3.4 tpresi- dentl: Wrestling 2: Leaders' Club 4: Marching Band tvice- presidentl: Norwester Staff 4: Science Club 3.4: Student Council 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. SHEILA JEAN MCILRATH--Dramatics 2: K.E.Y. 4: Radio Club 4. DENNIS EMMETT McKEE--Football I.2,3.4: Track 1.2: Wrestling tco-captainl: South Pacific 3: Varsity A 3.4. ROBERT ALLEN MCKNIGHT--Basketball I.2,3.4: Track I.2,3.4: Executive Council 3: Hi-Y 3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Science Club 3: South Paclllc 3: Student Council 1.3: Variety Show l.2.4: Varsity A 4. JOHN ARCHIBALD MCLEAN. IR.--Golf 2.4: Track 1. JAMES ALBERT MCMASTER--Track I: Senior Scholarship Team 4. ANITA MAR- GARET MACALUSO--Dramatics Club 4: French Club 1.2: F.N.A. l: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. I.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Majorette 4: Snow Princess Court l: Track Court I: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 2.4: Y-Teens l.2,3.4. MOLLY AILENE MAIDLOW--Business Club 4: Charm Club 4: Festo 3.4 tvice-presidentl: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. I.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Pub Club 2.3.4: Student Council 4: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens l.2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MIKKEL GORDON MANDT--Lake Shore Junior High School 1: Football 2.3.4: Swimming 2.3: Track 4: Hi-Y 4: Varsity A 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. LYNN DALE MANN--Basketball I: Track 1,3.4: I-li-Y 3.4: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 1.2.4. MARCIA MAY MANNING--Arlinqtonian Staff 4 tfeature editorl: Girls' State Alternate 3: Dramatics Club 1.2: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. I.2,3.4: Junior-Senior Favors Committee Chairman 3: K.E.Y. 2.3 ttreasurerl. 4 ttreasurerl: Leaders' Club 4: Newcomers' Club 3.4 tpresidentl: Quill and Scroll 3.4: South Pacific 3: Student Council 1.3: Variety Show l.2.4: Y-Teens tsecretaryl: American Field Service Exchange Student 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JEFFREY PHILIP MARSH--Track 1.2: Hi-Y 2,3.4: Marching Band I.2,3.4: Variety Show 1.2.4. ROBERT KEITH MARTIN--French Club 3. JAMES EDWARD MASSIE--Baseball 1. JANE ANN MASTERS-- G.A.A. I.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: South Pacific 3: Y-Teens 1.3.4. BEVERLEE IEAN IVIAYHAN--Charm Club 3.4: Cheerleader l: Spanish Club 1.2: F.N.A. 3: F.T.A. 2.3.4: G.A.A. I.2,3.4: Junior- Senior Clean-Up Committee Chairman 3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Library Club 1.2: South Pacific 3: Student Council 1: Variety Show 1.3.4: Y-Teens l,2.3.4. MARTHA FRANCES MENINDIAN--Arlingtonian Staff 3.4 tmailinq and exchange eclitorl: Dramatics Club 1.4: F.N.A. 2.3.4: K.E.Y. 3.4. CHARLES ROLAND MESSICK--North High School 1.2.3. DON ROBERT MIl.LER--Cross Country 2: Football 1.2: Track: Hi-Y 3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Student Council 1.2: Senior Scholar- ship Team 4. ROBERT FENTON MILLER--Arltnqtonian Staff 4 tsports editorl: Basketball 1.2: Cross Country 2.3.4 tco-captainl: Track I.2,3.4: Executive Council 1.2: F.T.A. 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Junior Red Cross 3: Junior-Senior Favors Committee Chairman 3: New- comers' Club 4: Quill and Scroll 4: South Pacific 3: Varsity A 3.4 ftreasurerl. JANE BRODIE MILLS--Executive Council 2: French Club 3.4: Latin Club 3: F.T.A. 3.45 G.A.A. 1.2,3,4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 4: Norwester Staff tliterary staffl: South Pacific 3 tpublicity directorl: Variety Show l.2.4: Y-Teens I.2,3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. DAVID EDWARD MINOR--Football Z: Track 1.2: Wrestling 2.3.4: Library Club 2.3. JAMES HALLER MOOR-- French Club 3.4: National Honor Society 3.4: Radio Club 2: Science Club 1,2,3.4 ttreasurerl: Senior Scholarship Team 4. RUSSELL MOYNE MORGAN--Swimming 2.3.4 fco-captainl: Spanish Club 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. ANN INGEBORG MORRAL--Dramatics Club 3.4: French Club 3.4: F.N.A. 4: G.A.A. I: Girls' State Alternate 3: Leaders' Club 3.4 tfirst vice-presidentl: Majorette 1: Norwester Staff tliterary editorl: Science Club 2.3 tfirst vice-presidentl: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens 1.3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. VICKY ANN MORRIS--Beavercreek High School 1.2: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 3: K.E.Y. 3.4. SUSAN JANE MUELLER--French Club 3.4: F.N.A. 3: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. I.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Public Address Announcer 4: South Paclflc 3: Student Council 4: Variety Show l.2.4: Y-Teens 1.2: News Reporter 4. DEBORAH BLAIR MUNGER-- Charm Club 4: French Club l.2.4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. I.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4 tpresidentl: Newcomers' Club 3.4 tvice-presidentl: Miss K.E.Y. 3: Miss K.E.Y. Court 4: Student Council 4: Y-Teens 2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JUDITH ANN MARIE MUTH-- Charm Club 4: Dramatics Club 2: F.N.A. 2.4: G.A.A. 1: Junior Red Cross 3: K.E.Y. 2,3.4: Majorette 4: Y-Teens 1.2. SUSAN NELSON--Dover High School 1.2: Arllnqtonlan Staff 4: Charm Club 4: Festo 3.4 tsecretaryl: G.A.A. 3.4: K.E.Y. 3.4: Pub Club 3.4 tsecretaryl: Y-Teens 4. KEITH JACKSON NEWLON--Basketball tco-captainl: Track I.2,3.4: Class Treasurer 3.4: Executive Council 3: Spanish Club 1: Hi-Y 3.4: Junior-Senior Construction Committee Chairman 3: Norwester Staff tboys' sports editorl. 4: Student Council 2.4 tvice-presidentl: Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholar- ship Team 4. CAROLYN LEE NICHOLS--French Club 3,4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 2.3.4: K.E.Y. 4: Library Club 2: South Pacific 3: Y-Teens 2.3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MARILYN ANNE NICKLAUS--K.E.Y. 2. MARY BROWNING NORTON--Cardinal Mooney High School 1.2: Dramatics Club 3: French Club 3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 4: K.E.Y. 4: Y-Teens 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. RICHARD NORMAN O'BRlEN--Marching Band 4: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 4. BEVERLY KAY OLIVER--. BRIAN KEY O'RlOR- DAN--Football l: Tennis I.2,3.4: Wrestling 3: Discussion Club 2.3.4 tpresidentl: Dramatics Club 1.2: Spanish Club 2: Radio Club 2: Science Club 2.3.4: South Pacific 3: Student Council 4: Variety Show 1.2,4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. RALPH ALDO ORLANDO-Baseball 1.2: Wrestling 2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 191 192 4. WARREN STANTON OSGOODeBusiness Club 3.4: Dramatics Club 3.4: Hi-Y 3.4: Library Club 2.3: Marching Band 3.4: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 2.4. SUSAN MARGARET O'TOOLE- Reitz Memorial High School 1.2: Charm Club 4: F.N.A. 4: G.A.A. 3.4: K.E.Y. 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MARY FRANCES PADBERG--Latin Club 3: Science Club 2: Student Council 3. DEBORAH PAGE--Executive Council 3: Spanish Club l.2.3: G.A.A. 1.2,3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 4: Norwester Staff lmake-up editorl. 4: Snow Princess Court 1: South Pacific 3: Student Council 1.2.3,4: Variety Show 1.2.4: Y-Teens 2.3. fpresidentl: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JAMES ALLAN PATTERSON--Arllngtonlan Stalf tadvertising mana- ger: 4: Swimming 3.4: Discussion Club 2: Spanish Club 4: Hi-Y 3.4: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 2.4: Varsity A 4. MICHAEL JAMESON PATTON-Football 1.2: Swimming 2.3.4: Track 1.2,3.4: Class Vice-President 4: Dramatics Club 3.4: Spanish Club 1.2: Junior-Senior Chairman 3: South Pacific 3: Student Council 3.4: Variety Show 2.4: Varsity A 3.4. TABITHA TEALL PEARSON-- Barstow School For Girls l.2.3: Dramatics Club 4: You Can't Take It With You 4: F.T.A. 4: K.E.Y. 4. JUDSON WESLEY PERKINS-- Spanish Club 1: Hi-Y 3.4. GARY CHARLES PETRIE--Baseball 1,27 Football l,2. LOUIS KEITH PETTIT-. MICHAEL DEAN PHILLIPS-- Football 2: Track 2: Wrestling 3: Hi-Y 3.4: South Pacilic 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. NANCY BETH PHILLIPS--F.T.A. 3.4: Library Club 1.2.3 lsecretaryl. 4: Y-Teens JAY ROBERT POLLACK--Tennis 2.3: French Club 2.3.4: Junior Red Cross 2: National Honor Society 3.4: Science Club 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JOY LAURENE PRICE--Dramatics Club 4: Spanish Club 2.3: F.N.A. 3.4: G.A.A. K.E.Y. 2,3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Science Club 2.3: South Paclflc 3: Variety Show 1.2.4: Y-Teens l.2.3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. REBECCA LOUISE RANNELLS--Dramatics Club 1: Spanish Club G.A.A. K.E.Y. 2,3,4: Newcomers' Club 4: Science Club 3: Student Council 2: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens Senior Scholarship Team 4. CHESTER ALLEN RAPP--Football 3: Track 2.3: Wrestling 2.3.4: Hi-Y 4: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 1.2.42 Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. ROBERT JAMES REED-- Cross Country 3.4: Track 3.4: Hi-Y 4. LETHA MARIE REESE-- Ashland High School 1: Business Club 4: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. 3.4: K.E.Y. 4: Library Club 3: Marching Band 2.3.4: Y-Teens 3. AURELIA BEASLEY REIDER--Dramatics Club 4: F.T.A. 3.4: Junior- Senior Entertainment Committee Chairman 3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Public Address Announcer 3: Science Club 3: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 2.4. JOHN MARC RINEHART-Cross Country 2.3.4: Tennis 2.3.4 ico-captainl: Spanish Club 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Newcomers' Club 3: Varsity A 3.4. HOWARD WILLIAM RITCHIE. JR.--Hi-Y 4. DONALD ROBERTS- Track 1: Wrestling 2: Hi-Y 4. JAMES THOMAS ROBERTS-- Grand- view High School I: Baseball 2: Variety Show 4: Senior Scholar- ship Team 4. HARRIETT ROBERTSON--Business Club 3: Festo 4: Spanish Club l.2.3: F.N.A. 2.3: G.A.A. 1.2: K.E.Y. 2.3: Library Club 2: Y-Teens 2.3. CURTIS LOUIS ROETTIG-Football l.2.3,4: Track Hi-Y 3.4 tsecretaryl: Student Council 1.2: Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. RAY BIEHLER ROGERS-- Rittman High School 1: Football 2.3.4: Track 2.3: Wrestling 2: Hi-Y 3.4: Student Council 3: Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. RAYMOND MERVIN ROOP. IR.-Arllnqtonlan Stat! 4 feditor-in-chiefl: Boys' State Delegate 3: Discussion Club 4: Executive Council 2: Leaders' Club 3.4 Clocal service committee chairmanl: Quill and Scroll 3.4: Radio Club 2.3 lsecretary-treasurerl. 4: Science Club 4: Variety Show 1.2: News Reporter 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. KAREN MARIE ROSENBERRY--French Club 2,3: F.N.A. 2.3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. Newcomers Club 4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Student Council 4: Y-Teens 1: Senior Scholarship Team 4. SARAH SINCLAIR RUSSEL--Charm Club 3.4: Dramatics Club 3: Executive Council 3: F.N.A. 3.4: G.A.A. Junior Red Cross 1: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Homecoming Court 4: Science Club 2.3: South Pacific 3: Student Council 1.4: Variety Show 2: Y-Teens CAROL ANN SAIN--French Club 4: G.A.A. K.E.Y. 2,3.4: Leaders' Club 3.4: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 3.4: Y-Teens Senior Scholarship Team 4. LYNNE RENNIE SANDERS--Classical High School 1.2: Charm Club 4: Spanish Club 4: G.A.A. 3: K.E.Y. 3.4: Y-Teens 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JANET ELAINE SAVAGE--K.E.Y 2: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JOANNE MARIE SCATTOLONI-Charm Club 2: Spanish Club 2: G.A.A. 1.2: K.E.Y. 2: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JAMES JOSEPH SCHALL-Football l: Track 1. WILLIAM KNIGHT SCI-IMIDT--French Club 3.4: Marching Band ttreasurerlz Science Club 3.4: Variety Show 1.Z,4: Senior Scholar- ship Team 4. SUE ELLEN SCI-INITTKE--F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens 1.2. JERRY ROBERT SCHROER--Dramatics Club 1: Marching Band l.2.3: Hi-Y 3.4: South Pacllfc 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. ROBERT WALTER SELFE. JR.--Baseball Basketball I,2.4: Football Executive Council 3: Latin Club 3.4: Hi-Y 3.4 lpresidentl: Junior-Senior Refreshment Committee Chairman 3: Leaders' Club 4: Marching Band 1: Newcomers' Club 3.4 Ctreasurerl: Public Address Announcer l: Science Club 3.4: Student Council Varsity A 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. KARL SHAFFERH Discussion Club 2.4 fvice-presidentl: Science Club 2.4: South Pacific 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. DAVID MICHAEL SHARP-. CYNTHIA ANN SHAWAN--Grandview High School 1.2.31 F.T.A. 4: K.E.Y. 4: Y-Teens 4. JUDITH GAYLE SHELTON--Charm Club 2: Festa 1: Spanish Club l: Junior Red Cross 1: K.E.Y. 3. CAROLE JEAN SHERIFF--Our Lady of Victory High School 1.2: Business Club 4: Charm Club 4: Dramatics Club 4: French Club 4: K.E.Y. 4. BLAKE ALLAN SHEWMAKER--North High School 1.2: Arlingtonian Staff 4 tbusiness managerl: Hi-Y 3: Quill and Scroll 4. GARY ROBERT SI-IOOP--South Paciiic 3: Variety Show 1.2.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. JOSEPH A. SHULMISTRAS. JR.-Tennis 1.2: Business Club 4: Discussion Club 4: French Club Hi-Y 4: Radio Club 2: Science Club Senior Scholarship Team 4. CAROLL ANN SIGAFOOS--Dramatics 4: French Club 3.4: Spanish Club 2: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. K.E.Y. 2.3.4: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 1.2.4: Y-Teens 1.2.4. CONSTANCE LEE SMITH--Latin Club 3: F.N.A. 4: G.A.A. 1.2: K.E.Y. 2: Y-Teens 1: Senior Scholarship Team 4. GERALD DUANE SMITH- Football 1: Executive Council 1: French Club 1.2: Hi-Y 4: Science Club 2. LINDA CHRISTINE SMITH-G.A.A. 2. MARCIA SUE SMITH--Arllnqtonian Staff 3.4 tsecond page editorl: Charm Club 4: French Club 3: F.N.A. 3: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. Quill and Scroll 3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Y-Teens l: Senior Scholarship Team 4. WILLIAM WARREN SMITH-Spanish Club 2.3: Senior Scholar- ship Team 4. WILLIAM THURMAN SNYDEReGolf 1.2,3.4 lco-captainl: Hi-Y 4: Varsity A 4. THOMAS A. SPECHT--Glenbrook High School 1.2: Football 3.4: Track 3: Dramatics Club 3,4 tpresidentl: Hi-Y 3,4 tsergeant-at-armsl: Leaders' Club 4: Student Council 4: Varsity A 4. EDWARD BRENT SPENCE--Bucyrus High School 1: South Pacific 3: Variety Show 2.4. SHARON ANN SPENCER--Amherst High School 1.2: Spanish Club 3.4: F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. 3.4: K.E.Y. 4: Marching Band 2.3: Variety Show 2: Y-Teens 3.4. ROBERT BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN--Baseball 1: Golf 3.4: Swimming 2: French Club 2: Science Club 3. JEAN STANTON--Charm Club 2.3.4: French Club 3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3,4: Y-Teens DAVID LOUIS STEFFY--F.T.A. 3: Football 1.2: Track 1.2: Hi-Y 3.4. JOHN RICHARD STEGMILLER-Baseball Basketball 1.2: Wrestling 3: Hi-Y 3.4: South Pacific 3: Student Council 4: Varsity A 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. CAROL LEE STEPHENS-Charm Club 4: Spanish Club 1 tpresidentl. 2.3.4 Cpresidentl: F.N.A. 3,4 lsecretaryl: F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. 2.3: K.E.Y. 2.3,4 Cvice-presidentl: Leaders' Club 4: Newcomers' Club 3.4: Student Council 2.3.4: Y-Teens Senior Scholarship Team 4. BARBARA KAREN STEVENS-Latin Club 3: F.N.A. 2.4: G.A.A. K.E.Y. 2: Y-Teens 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. NADA STOIANOVSKI--The American Community High School 1.2.35 G.A.A. 4: Leaders' Club 4. ROBERT DAVIES STONE--Baseball 1.2: Cross Country 4: Swimming 2.3.4: Track 3,4: Dramatics Club 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Varsity A 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MICHAEL RICHARD STREBEL--. MARGARET ANN STREETER-Arlinqtonian Staff 4 Kassistant-to-the-adviser:: Charm Club 2: Dramatics Club 4: French Club F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. l.2.4: Y-Teens 1 tpresidentl. 2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 4: Newcomers' Club 3.4: Quill and Scroll 3,4 tpresidentl: Student Council 1.4. PAUL WILLIAM STRICKER--. SHARON ANN SULLI- VAN--Chann Club 4: Spanish Club 3,4: F.N.A. 3.4: G.A.A. K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Y-Teens 1. CAROL LOIS SWANSON--Business Club 3: Charm Club 3,4 isecretaryl: French Club 1.2: F.N.A. 3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Newcomers' Club 3.4: Student Council 1: Variety Show 1.2: Y-Teens Senior Scholarship Team 4. PATRICIA ARLENE TAYLOR--Spanish Club 1: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Marching Band 2.3.4. TIMOTHY WADE TERRY--Senior Scholarship Team 4: Track 1. KAREN LOUISE THORNE--Charm Club 4 Cpresidentl: Cheerleader l.3.4: Class Treas- urer 2: Executive Council 2.3: French Club 1.2: G.A.A. 1 tsecretaryl. 2.3.4: Junior-Senior Photos Committee Chairman 3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Leaders' Club 4: Newcomers' Club 2.3.4: Norwester Staff 4 Cphotography editorl: Pub Club 3.4: Track Court 2: Student Council l.2.3: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens 1.2.3,4. WILLIAM EDWARD TITTEL--Basketball 1.2: Football 1.2: Executive Council Z: Hi-Y 3. PETER ALBERT TOMASULO-Roosevelt High School 1.2: Student Council 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. J. DONALD TOMPKIN- Cross Country 4: Golf JERRY TRUSTER-Baseball Football tco-captainl: Class President 1: Executive Council 3,4: Hi-Y 3.4: Varsity A 3.4 lsergeant-at-armsl: Senior Scholar- ship Team 4. CHARLES ROGER VAGNIER--. MARY JANE VANCE--Dramatics Club 3.4: Spanish Club 4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. Junior- Senior Decorations Committee Chairman 3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens CECELIA ANNE VAUGHAN--Charm Club 4: Dramatics Club 3.4: Stage Door 3: G.A.A. l.2.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Variety Show 1: Senior Scholarship Team 4. SALLY IO VINCENTwSpanish Club 3.4: F.N.A. 3,4: F.T.A. 3: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Pub Club 4: Science Club 3.4: Student Council 1: Variety Show l.2.4: Y-Teens l.2.3.4. CAROL VON HAAM-- Cheerleader 1.3.4: Executive Council 2: French Club 3.4: F.N.A. 3: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 1.2 Cswimming sport headl. 3 isports chair- manl. 4 Ctreasurerl: Iunior-Senior Publicity Committee Chaimian 3: Leaders' Club 4: K.E.Y. 2,3,4: National Honor Society 3.4: Newcomers' Club 4: Pub Club 3.4: South Pacific 3: Student Council 3.4: Variety Show l.2.4: Y-Teens 2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. KAREN IO WAHL-Watterson High School l: French Club 3: F.T.A. 3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4. WALTER NICHOLAS WAITS--North Central High School 3: Football 2: Track 2: Hi-Y 3. SHARON ROSE WALCUTT--Starling Central Iunior High 1.2: Dramatics 3.4: G.A.A. 3.4: K.E.Y. 3.4: Y-Teens 3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. ROBERT LEWIS WALKER. IR.--Wrestling 2.3,4: Boys' State Alter- nate 3: Class President 4: Executive Council 4: Latin Club 3,4: Leaders' Club 3 Csecretaryl. 4 ichildren's parties committee chairmanl: National Honor Society 3.4: Student Council 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. EVERETT GARRISON WALTERS-- Arltnqtonian Staff 2.3: Cross Country 3'4: Swimming 2,3,4: Tennis 3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. FREDERICK MARK WALTZ-- Football. Baseball l: Track 2.3: Hi-Y 3.4 ftreasurerli Iunior Red Cross 1.2.3: Varsity A 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MARIORIE ALICE WATSON--Maine Township High School 1.2: French Club 3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. 3.4: K.E.Y. 3,4: Newcomers' Club 4: South Pacilic 3: Variety Show 4: Y-Teens 3.4. IAMES NORMAN WATTERS--. KAREN ANN WEARS--Fairfax Hall 1.2: Spanish Club 3: G.A.A. 3.4: K.E.Y. 3.4: Y-Teens 3. KENNETH ALLEN WEARS--Football 1.2: Track l.2.3.4: Executive Council 3.4: Hi-Y 3.4: Norwester Staii 4 iadvertising managerl: Student Council 3.4: Varsity A 3.4. KAREN KAY WEBER--Charm Club 3: G.A.A. 1.2,3: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Y-Teens CHARLES HENRY WEGMAN--Football 1: Swimming 4: Hi-Y 4: Marching Band 3. IERRY ALAN WEHR--Football 1: Track 2,3,4: Wrestling 3.4: Dramatics Club 4: Spanish Club 2: Hi-Y 3.4: Library Club 1: Science Club 2. IAMES LEE WERY--Wrestling 2: Marching Band l: Track 1. IANET LEE WEST--Business Club 4: Charm Club 4: Dramatics Club 3: Spanish Club 2: F.N.A. 3: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Variety Show l.2.4: Y-Teens l.2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. IOHN WILLIAM WHALEY--Columbus Academy 1,2.3: Wrestling 4. HELEN AVETTE WHEELER--Dramatics 4: Spanish Club 4: F.T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3,4: Y-Teens 3. STEVEN WHITEKER--Wilmington High School 1.2: Cross Country 3: Dramatics Club 3: Hi-Y 4. TIMOTHY ARTHUR WILDER--Tennis l.2.3.4: Discussion Club 3.4: French Club 4: Hi-Y 3.4: Norweater Staff 4 Ccirculation managerl: Science Club l.2.3,4. ABIGAIL ANNE WILLIAMS--Dramatics Club 2: French Club 3.4: E.N.A. 2,3.4: F.T.A. 3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Public Address Announcer 1: Variety Show l: Senior Scholarship Team 4. IACK G. WILLIAMS--Spanish Club 2: Hi-Y 4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. MARILYN MARGARET WILLIS--Charm Club 3: F.T.A. 4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.4: Y-Teens 2.3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. IERRY SPENCE WILSON--Wrestling 4. GEORGE HUFFMAN WOLFE--Football l: Swimming 2.3: Track 2: Executive Council 2.3: F.T.A. 3: Hi-Y 3.4: Leaders' Club 4: South Pacltic 3: Student Council 3.4 ipresidentl: Senior Scholarship Team 4. GEOFFREY LEE WOOD--Golf 3: Varsity A 2. MARTHA ELLEN WRIGHT-- Charm Club 4: Spanish Club 4: K.E.Y. 4: Variety Show 1: Y-Teens 2.3: Senior Scholarship Team 4. KIRBY KENNEDY WYATT 11--Dramatics Club 4: You Can't Take lt With You 4: Marching Band 1.2.3 idrum majorl. 4 idrum majorl: South Pacilic 3: Variety Show 4. WILLIAM CLARENCE YARDLEY--Track 3.4: Wrestling 4: Pesto 4: Spanish Club 2.3,4: Library Club 4. IUDITH LYNN YOUNG-- Spanish Club 2.3: I".T.A. 3.4: G.A.A. l.2.3.4: K.E.Y. 2.3.47 New- comers' Club 3.4: Snow Princess Court 1: Homecoming Queen 4: South Pacific 3: Student Council l ivice-presidentl: Variety Show l.2.4: Y-Teens l.2.3.4: Senior Scholarship Team 4. DONN RICHARD YOUNGER--Spanish Club 4: Marching Band 1.2.3,4 Qpresidentl: South Pacillc 3: Variety Show 1.2. IILL ZEISLER--Discussion Club 3: French Club 1.2.3: K.E.Y. 2.3: Library Club 2: Science Club 2.3: Y-Teens 1.2.3: G.A.A. l.2.3: National Honor Society 3.4: American Field Service Exchange Student 4. 193 U I , J 'I' ,Q , l,i 140, E K N U15 IV'xw11ff?if U 339. ,' sf. f ,fn ,, f I ' Finca ,god Q, . N I jr IIA Y I N Ag 1970 X '7 '12, JVIHV L U I D - V W L J! . L ,Ll-u-rage, ,W 1 'QJ I, In Wnwxjltyrlhv V J . N wifi? J5L ffW f "iigi5:,,., 9 f ,jdf7"0 I ,v'V5,QUv'0'Lgkjflnf 2 QQ .17 fVl?LU1M'A WlfUNi KW' g 1 SEQ-14, EMU N ggwfilf . 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Q fr ' ' 2 ' AL qi' gifts: F2 -, ' v ,gf if -,p,1,,-2 QM . - If f' - f 4 X z .KK A: l Y x -4 ga is Q' in fi , Jw V , A ' . , " A " ' Qu? sy 4 . JN, pl c K az. Q -X x,du K , 1 , ' 1 v LV, - W P' .- ,I I. . A - I I 5 ,." '.. 4 715:12-I ' Sb. ...P M' 'Y k Ji mf. , .Q lk ...3 , l U V 5 'f Z Q "' ' 'il' I ms- ,J ." I ' U A - L. f V . U W f . , ' 1 f ' A J 1 ,- . A I 1. ' s J if 1, ' T558 4 I .aff- 5 . Q X E fu 'V Ai mu 4 ,Q L, Q, ,, U! A2 :Jkt 1" 4, ,iw W 4 ' Q Q MN' x Q 'L an ' .L CAM - nv UV 'V r ff." v . 0, 511 W . . 1 N f I . A F fi , J++-if fl K, ,jurf sf is "'-.- 'QL , Q if 5 , 1 1 Q, K A New Campaign has begun Mfg A . , ggi. Y . 4-x .X . The Norwesler staff bzds ns readers farewell 0h no, X they're back! X x Upper Arlington High School Class of '61-10 Year Reunion Upper Arlington High School Class of Bl-ID Year Reunion Scol's Inn, July 3, l97I CLASS REUNION COMMITTEE t Committee Biographies Biographies Forward Statistics Statistics President Sandy Downs Colby Bookle Vice President Karen Hobbs O'Brien Secretary Patty James Heintselman Treasurer Bob McKnight Program Committee Janet West Zimmer, chainman Awards Ron Johnson Band Paul DiPaulo Addres Decorations Co m. Debbie Barry Houser, chairman Susan Dudley Kaufman Carol Brooks Woodard s Committee ,. . .i . , ,L-17.7 - - ,. A- we s - f 5.-,, y wrap , f.-,, Bob McKnight , chairman Jerry Schroer Marty Wright Johnson Ken Clark Tom Chown Todd Adams Bill Tittle, chairman Nancy Barend Spohn Carol Sain Harrison Q. 1' ' x-.x ' . .. I... - . 1 . s . ,-. ' - ' mg 1. - l W ,l Tl, l 1 ' , 'I dz. ., ,. , , I . rv .,r " ll 'T C :Ad xl 5 .5 , . ,Nr . 1 V- I E ll . I I ' 1, ,' YH:-, N' ' V ,l Q. x 'n I n - ' 'I Forward 4-1E 5g?SQ ooking back some ten years we ask ourselves, HIS it really true, q,5'2sE y could the time have passed so quickly do I look like a person 1? ,iid nudging 309W Sure the clothes are different and the hair styles much. The ann- KAQ P'Ng3g ouncement of a reunion a ten year reunion jogs us. The wonderment lingers as we blow the dust off the yearbooks and clear the cobwebs from our memories. Leafing back to the senior pictures, the truth comes to us like a bolt of lightening as that picture erases ten years from the face we see each morning in the mirror. It is true! Ten years have escaped us. gf Nuir'v2",v.f1JL33g ' have changed, but we haven't really changed that .5 l i' -- -- 4 Q- A ' Scanning the pictures and reading the notes from friends, it all starts to come back to us, whether we were at Arlington for only one year or for all twelve. we search our memories for the thoughts and events so important to us then. What were we thinking: Hwhat's the score?n . . . nDo I look cool?H . . . HIS she watching me?n . . . UDid he get the note I left in his locker?H . . . nwill she let me kiss her?n . . . or, nShould I let him?H . . . nNuts! Bears.n . . . nC.B.L.H Each picture brings back memories -- some bad, most good, and all fond. Some thoughts go back 22 years to the jungle-gym and slides, the excitement of a new bicycle, photo-electric football game or doll house. There was the trauma of taking the first npublicn shower after gym class, and the horror of seeing the principal pull out the biggest paddle ever made. Our words still echo through the hall: NTattle taleln . . . HI didn't push himln . . . NShe called me fatln . . . UHe said I was uglyln . . . HI'l1 never pass another note again, I promiseln Today, these same phrases of denial are coming from our own children, and we wonder where they ever picked up those traits. Some of the events most memorable of elementary school would include our gala Halloween parties and the costumes we wore to schoolg the sesquicentennial celebration of Ohio's statehood when we dressed up like indians and pioneers and paraded on Andover Roady the play we put on depicting Ohio's history, and our production of nThe Littlest Ange1.H There was the thrill of choir practice in the high school and the big football game between the Arlington and Grand- view Senior Highs on a Thursday afternoon -- a game rivaled for excitement only by the Barrington-Tremont game. Junior High meant letter grades and the new adventure of switching classes. we put in our time as the paper airplanes soared toward the stage during study halls in the Auditorium. X' My It was a time when friends of the same sex began to lose some 'KI of their attraction and scandalous Npost officen and Wcollege s fb , degreen parties began popping up on weekend nights. Then came str the ninth grade, starting off with an undefeated, untied foot- ball team wearing jerseys with Q-l, E-2 or C-3 instead of num- I bers. Then came the wonderful nSnow Princess Prom,U an event 'vw Cz' aggravatingly remembered as the first time it became a ,ii M4223 V, Y social necessity to get a date -- any date! After a giiix- X X i, 33fX4'fxi winter filled with basketball, Latin, Algebra and Sci- fg, .,,' T A ence, Spring finally came, and we dotted the stadium R during lunch to "soak up the rays." The big event was if Zl"l'H the baseball team against the track team in their res- 'H 55' pective sports. Summer brought on the motor scooter craze and we scooted from one pool to another in our last gasp at being nmighty-mighty ninth gradersn before entering the High School as Ulowly-lowly sophomores.N At the beginning of the Tojo Era, the Seniors provided the entertainment. HThe flag of the Rising Sunn and graves on the school lawn met us numerous mornings that year, and then there were the nMidnight Scholarsn whose names will go down in history for their famous exam-stealing plot. The Junior WBombersH got us out of school as the announcement interrupted fifth period: NPlease walk to your lockers, get your coats and file out of the building and off the school premises.H Many of us made a bee-line for our old haunts on the Mallway, and we nearly incapacitated Jones Junior High School. Finally it was our turn: KEY was inverted and YEK was born. Members were put through fascist-like interrogations about this fraternity of evil, and the teachers decided it had to stand for nYoung Educ- ational Knuckleheads.n The Junior year started with cars filling the parking lot f'r instead of scooters. The year was packed with excitement. Th- ,-f'bg, ere were floats, dances, cheerleaders and sports captains being ' Afj named at the end of each season. There were open houses, slum- ,rggat , ber parties, party parties, and through it all, Johnny Mathis J reigned as king. As Spring came close, the thought of being 'wV'v' Xly Seniors engulfed us, and many entered into the Hollywood-like W ' production of HSouth Pacific.n Later, the warm nights were spent painting back- drops, stealing lumber, building the bridge, dying the Wtea housen canopy and admiring one another under the eyes of the dragon, as we constructed the best Junior-Senior Dance the school had ever seen. We spent our last morning as Juniors at the Scioto River, followed by a car caravan which wound its way to Senior Assembly. Finally, we were Seniors, untouchables -- so old and wise that it was almost pointless to go to class, above the petty concerns of lesser mortals. The queen and her court reigned over our annual loss to Urbana, and our bas- ketball team, though compiling a good record, established a tradition of med- . iocrity which still prevails today. At Bar None we kissed M--',:wgff--7-,N our way into the home stretch, and some discovered that our ,. ','aW:?iNgffEfQy Ninth Grade hostesses were growing up. Colleges were being Nfww, ,gl picked and romances grew stronger as warm weather wiped out jwgggyggiifsjgl the last vestiges of study habits. There was Rathbone, the A "f.". MgJiifJQ?jl? Junior-Senior Prom, Senior Dinner, Baccalaureate, Commence- H-lim mls-2524ffs9s1?:ament and the Senior Party. All of us have our own memories of those last days of carefree life never again to be regained. As we read through some of the events of our own history, our memories uncover so many wonderful times. we plug in our own ad ventures -- probably embellished and exaggerated by the telling -- but wonderful none the less. When you see another class member, let yourself go back to that carefree spirit. Ask him: WDo you remember when .... H Ken Clark 'E Y Where Are We Now? IN OHIO - 166 Columbus 65 Upper Arl. 52 7 Worthington Grove City 5 Cincinnati L Hilliard 3 Reynoldsburg 2 Cambridge 2 Tipp City 2 OUT OF OHIO - 147 ' 1 fm. . , Pataskala Kenton Sandusky Bexley Youngstown Galion Powell Toledo Aurora Gahanna Middlefield Delaware Kettering Cleveland North Canton Hudson ,niaiix A llllllll III-llll llllllll Ill--Ill , V ' I--ll lei 'TZ'-"' ' 'I II 'I' lllllll r ill? nt llllll lllll' ' I ..4!.. 'f . 'I ll51lllllL 'lllll I' znllllll ull fl NIIIIUIMII Inf: Y!!5E?!E!2 'WW"' EVE!!! EEE! Hopewell Fremont Troy Lima Westerville Marion Dayton Shadyside 'ff ,Ag UNIT ED STATES ti. TH ' V 'X ' . 1 -A . . . l 'nfj "1 gin., A X ' g X-1'fiiw1"Q'-NNX 1 V - . 7, ' Que w"""'I'?:-.gb-.. f - , , 11,. e..,.L ' 2 'sl' xh - --- .lil---h .vs Im' X lwlmmurn Eizlzeulv .ni. X.e ' 1'- - 'I-. "'-.fw,,Tg -4'1'- l 1 'Ws -I. 1 We rf V1 X - K 'ftrsf--' :+ ,. R il 'ivfsii-e'f.+:e ' 7 t"w-1r's.", f ' 1 ' I - -.. 7-T511 N - 1 L- 'f 'N ,f ' it e-4 5f--w7-- y zo ,,.. r for -- U- 1 My C vase-'seffeeq-Q -,. -.,.,,, .-M. V -. I I xr VCX X In-Ng? irzx.- M A f 6 M:--as gee- i V J.. I V ffm. of v 3 f W- H--W 94-- x M., "- is --A P' 1 X f xx? f i 5 "! 1 UMW- iii? its -'- i 1 "1 W In 2 J- ' fx. f -ua """"'FV"""'-""""xL KM-191 Q" l.-.4 X, X NHX .IQ :I--9-m ODA- T .ll R M.'-x11F'llyf'Ff:f'7.lTi""i:!"'- M. -2. ' ,, . ' ' 1 1 A X W X f,,Mg - -A 1 I 1 jeg-C n -IA .X fn- n--,x M ? QdJ"?!ff1kg. , lwfix ' J '7' --- . YT- 's-Annu. H i Q15 kr X -. X W. f 'X "", F . . J . 3 . M rr H J xi., Q 1 X f?"":. ANI J1.57x"Q2.QQLf"' .. ln-9 ee... - f"73"1J ' "-'I , "'sf',' 1-x '-mg-Q. .- B55 M...-.., ' . ---cy " I ,liz f .- ' x' -if , , . . Q' N ,lf if I - 'f ' ' fx ' 1- 1 , ' E n,,f M izby - fl H . , , . A 49 I Ahexico I N1 WC 'QE -e x' A, mf,-Ax x 65554 ,.:i"' . ll I What Hove We Been Doing? Total Could not Did not Responded, Included Class Deceased Locate Respond in Figures Below Total 3l+8 3 35 97 213 Boys l8l 3 18 59 161 Girls 167 o 17 38 112 naw:- ,,'. Married.. .....l8O ,Q Boys 78 -Q Girls 102 Xl e.1fd g? "f'l """ 'y 'W' ' a o u o o n 0 ' ' e " Boys 23 " Girls 10 Children of class members . . . . . . . 196 Boys 8h flfyfrx Girls fa? gqxf I X ?Djj'fx, if,-,',!X if x Wifi, Attended college . . . . . . . . 200 Boys 98 , Girls 102 e 65 1 Gifs Ffiiggeg Graduated . . . . . . . 151 Boys 76 a , Girls 75 ,zfgiii Q1 4 AJ TL Xghm' Obtained Masters Degrees . . . . . . . . 32 :Tl - 0 Boys 23 Girls 9 Obtained PhD Degrees . . . . . . . 8 9 4, 4 . Boys v 3, ver: gjfxff . fa Girls 1 w,,'f"3 ' WTA Graduated in Medicine . . . . . 5 1 11 J 'wr it :ly W , ' ll Q Graduated in Dentistry . . l AJMAIFAI I N31 ' xx' Graduated in Law . . . 3 Total years in college . . . . . . 912 Boys 527 Girls Number of classmates who are or have been members of the armed forces - - - - - - - ' 'x K? f -T4-'T' N X 36 ,f L ,' dwwxs Teachers Of the L9 teachers and staff on board in 1961, 20 were still active in the Arlington system in 1971, though two had announced their retirements. Those still active include: Richard Beery Leon Bo man Pete Corey Robert Ginther Katherine Glick Richard Hoskins Marilyn Howells Xie Jackman Annette Jackson James Lambourne James Miller John Neff David Shelby Robert Snouffer Helen Tanner Charles Will Betty Wbolpert Superintendent Walter B. Heischman and Chemistry teacher Robert Cavins ann ounced their retirement effective this year, and, at this writing, the status of Music Director Herbert Yenser was pending with the Arlington Board of Education. Those teachers who are no longer in the Arlington system include: Fred Bunte Betsy Burke James Burke Anne Christy Elizabeth Clifford Joseph A. Dorff Marylyn Dudrow Gloria Ecker Fred Eickelberger Lorita Ewing William Gulden Jerry Hooper Lester Jackson David M. Jones Charlotte Kelly Richard Larkins Ellis Lutz G. Ellen Mann Virginia Meyer Nick Moore Marvin Morehead Ray Moyer Vera K. Randall Bernice Rea John Rees Joyce Ricketts Margaret Schultz Lance Shreffler Janice Stewart Hugh Stumbo Jane Wilson Resigned, 1965, current position unknown. Resigned to become housewife in Bexley. Earned PhD, currently teaches at Capital University. Resigned, Resigned, 1961, current position unknown. 196L, current position unknown. Retired, 1969, works at Ohio Dominican College. Resigned to become housewife. Deceased. Resigned, 1963, current position unknown. Married Richard Beery, resigned soon thereafter. Retired, 1963. Resigned, works at Columbia Gas of Ohio. Deceased. Resigned, Asst. Superintendent of Schools, Pearl Rive Resigned, current position unknown. Resigned, 1961, 1963, l96A, 1967 .... Resigned, currently teaches in Beverly Hills, Calif. Retired, 1966, substitutes occasionally at UA. Retired, 1961. Resigned, teaches math at OSU. Wife teaches at UA. Resigned, 1970, works at Mutual Benefit Life Ins. Co. Retired, 1961. Resigned, teaches at Ohio Dominican College. Resigned, works at Ohio Dominican College. Resigned, 1962, currently teaches in Guam. Resigned to become housewife. Retired, 1962. Resigned, Resigned, Resigned, Resigned, is Asst. Dir. of University College, OSU. present position unknown. is Director of Art, University of Georgia. 1962, living in Alberquerque, New Mexico. 1' 9 Interesting Facts Enrollment: 1261 1271 Students 1208 2200 Teachers L9 104 Administration 1 principal 1 principal 2 asst. principals Guidance 1 counselor 5 counselors Administration, 1971: Superintendent Walter B. Heischman, retiring, no successor named. Assistant Supers. Emil Vavrik Ray Silver High School Princip. A. L. Guesman Assistant Principals Charles Gilbert Charles M. Wilson Jones' Principal David Shelby Hastings' Principal Mr. Lewis Expansion of Physical Plant: 4 Addition of A2 new classrooms since 1961. 4 New Natatorium built in 1965. 4 New Auditorium built in 1966. Y New Cafeteria to double as multi-purpose area for dances, etc. N New addition to Library. 4 New Guidance Department, conference rooms, 9 air conditioned offices. 4 New Learning Center, latest in audio-visual aids. 4 New Stadium, 5500 seats, projected to 8500 capacity. Organizations: In 1961, there were 31 organizations in the High School. Now there are L5. The two major organizations remain: 4 The Senior Concert Choir - 216 members. In the Spring of 1968, the choir presented a new 9-foot concert grand piano to the school for the new aud- itorium. Since 1961, the choir has presented: 1962 - King and I 1968 - Sound of Music l96L - Music Man 1970 - Oklahoma 1966 - My Fair Lady 4 The Senior Marching Band - 96 members. The band, as always, has reaped a large harvest of awards from music competition held in all parts of the state. Assorted Facts: N Graduation has been held at 0SU's Mershon Auditorium for six of the last seven years. In 1970, it was held at UA because of riots at the University. 4 Since 1961, a separate Administration Building has been built near Jones Junior High Cthe old High Schoolj for use by the entire system. 4 The Upper Arlington School System is currently made up of the High School, two Junior High Schools and seven elementaries CBarrington, Tremont, Fish- inger, Wickliffe, Windermere, Greensview and Burbankl. SPORT Football Cross Country Basketball Swimming wrestling Track Baseball Golf Tennis Sports 1261 RECORDS 8-2-O 2nd in CBL 9-3 3rd in District 19-5 lO-A in dual meets lst in District 5th in State 5-6 in dual meets Lth in District 7-O in dual meets 2nd in CBL 17-7 lst in CBL lst in District 17-O-1 lst in City lst in District hth in State 15-O-O District Champs, doubles .UR f.,,,....-f I F f 1221 RECORDS lO-O-O lst in 2nd in 8-3 lst in lst in COL CCentral Ohio State COL District 9th in State 10-9 Undefeated in dual meets lst in COL lst in District 2nd in State 9-l in dual meets 2nd in District lst in COL ll-2 in dual meets lst in COL 23-6 lst in COL Undefeated in dual meets lst in COL 2nd in District 2nd in State Undefeated in dual meets lst in COL lst in District lst in State , vF'f'1y , if 57 1 'fi '42 'Def , 'MR5 Ven? 4TY 7g2FQ Ml - ' at ji U N ' twin., lxh' ttQ2 , t vffiix D Q. AH! A 1' ' , -. ill Leagueb Class Biographies SHARON ACKERMAN Could not locate. JERRY ADAMS Could not locate. LINDA ADAMS Mrs. Harry Hamer, 1121 Springwell Road, Columbia, South Carolina 29210 Did not respond. TODD ADAMS Mr. 8z Mrs. Todd M. Adams, 2444 Andover Road, Colum- bus, Ohio 43221 Married to the former Linda Shafer, an Arlington grad, Todd has attended Bowling Green and Ohio Dominican College, and is currently an insurance salesman for Connect- icut General Life Insurance Company. Linda executes orders on the country's major stock exchanges for Paine, Weber, Jackson and Curtis. A member of the Army Re- serves, Todd was awarded a trophy as the outstanding Army Trainee in 1963, and has won other trophies as Bowling Green Intramural Archery Champion and as Connecticut General's outstanding Columbus golfer. Todd has skied in Colorado, traveled in Canada and plans to leave for a European holiday July 23. GARY ADLER Gary Adler, 3083 Wareham Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Gary served in the United States Marine Corps Reserve taking his training at Camp Le Jeune. He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration from Franklin University in Columbus, and works in real estate investment with Columbia Securities. LUCY ANDERSON Mr. Sz Mrs. Don Lightfoot, Jr., 1204 Homecrest Ave., Kalamazoo, Michigan 49001 Lucy attended Wittenberg University and Michigan State, where she received a BA in Psychology. Lucy is a house- wife now and keeps very busy with her twins, a boy and a girl. She is married to Don Lightfoot, Jr., an Employment Specialist with the Michigan Department of Social Services. SHARON ANDERSON Could not locate. BILL ANTHONY Dr. 8: Mrs. William P. Anthony, 318 Talwood Dr., Tallahasee, Fla. 32306 Bill is a professor at Florida State Universityis Business Department. He moved there from Ohio Dominican College in Columbus where he was awarded the Conley Award as the Outstanding Professor. Bill attended Ohio U. and Ohio State where he earned the Bachelors, Masters, and Ph. D. degrees in Business fManpower Sz Industrial Relationsl. His wife, Roselyn is an elementary school teacher and, when they wrote us, they were expecting their first child in March, 1971. KATHY AMOS Miss Kathy Amos, 2139 Braeburn Pkwy., Indianapolis, Indiana 46219 Did not respond. SARAH APLIN Miss Sarah Aplin, Baumholder High School, N. Y. APO 09034 Sarah attended Ohio Wesleyan and Ohio State Universities, where she received an MA in school psychology. She has traveled throughout Europe, North Africa and Russia, and she is now working for the Army Dependent Schools in Germany as a School Psychologist. ANN ARMSTRONG Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Bruce Littlegreen, 5253 Hazelwood Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43229 Ann attended Muskingum and Ohio State University for 214 years. She is now a homemaker and the mother of a 3-year-old boy and a new baby girl. She is married to Bruce Littlegreen, who is associated with American Busi- ness Forms Company in sales and forms design. JIM ARNOLD Could not locate. CAROL ASCHINGER Mr. 81 Mrs. Howard E. Koopman, Box 2197, Columbia City, Oregon 97018 Carol attended Ohio University for one year. She is a housewife and the mother of two children. She is married to Howard Koopman, an associate of the U.S. Post Office. DEMI BADGER Mr. K: Mrs. William Casto, Jr., 520 Easthill S.E., North Canton, Ohio 44720 Demi attended Ohio State where she received a Bachelor of Science in Education. Demi is now a homemaker and mother of two children. Her husband, Bill is a minister and college administrator. CAROL BAKER Dr. and Mrs. William H. Oehlert, 1905 Taylor Drive, Iowa City, Iowa 52240 Carol is the holder of a B.S. in nursing from O.S.U. and an M.S. in Nursing from the University of Michigan. She is now a Clinical Nursing Specialist in Renal Disease at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics. She is married to Dr. William Oehlert, a physician and Fellow in Cardiology. GWEN BAKER Mrs. Rusty Mackey, 433 East 51st Street, Apt. E, New York, New York 10022 Did not respond. KAY BAKER Mr. and Mrs. Dan G. Russell, 4524 Ducrest Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43220 Kay attended Ohio State for three continuous years, re- ceiving a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. She is now a housewife and mother of one child and is a former teacher. Her husband, Dan, is an Administrator at the Huffman-Wolfe Company. JOAN BECKEMEYER Mr. 8: Mrs. Gammon, 118 Avenida Del Sol, San Antonio, Texas 78232 Joan worked for Central Airlines as a stewardess covering Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Colorado. She is now a housewife and mother of two children. Her avocation is raising and breeding Miniature Schnauzers. Joan's husband is an Accounting Personnel Supervisor with the Southwestern Bell Telephone Company. BILL BEEBE Mr. Sz Mrs. William L. Beebe, 1180 Chambers Rd., Colum- bus, Ohio 43212 Bill attended Miami and Ohio State Universities receiving the B.S. degree in Business Administration. He is now Director of Personnel for MI? Inc. which takes him throughout the U.S. recruiting. He and his wife, Judith Vick, who works for Chemical Abstracts, have traveled to Nassau and Bermuda. Bill coaches Arlington Youth foot- ball and baseball and plays himself in the City Industrial baseball and softball leagues. NANCY BEREND Mr. Sz Mrs. Douglas Spohn, 854 Mission Hills Lane, Worthington, Ohio 43085 Nancy attended Ohio University and graduated from O.S.U. with a Bachelor of Science in Fashion Merchandising. She was Assistant Manager of The Limited for 2 years and is now a homemaker and mother of two girls, Cathleen, age 4g and Angela, age 2. Doug is a Vice President and Regional Manager of Ryan Homes. Nancy and Doug have traveled to the Virgin Islands, Bermuda and Puerto Rico. HELEN BERKSTRESSER Could not locate. DEBBIE BERRY Mr. Sz Mrs. Douglas Houser, 2655 Vassar Place, Columbus, 'ohio 43221 Debbie attended Ohio State where she received a Bachelor of Science in Education. She is now a housewife and mother of two children, Debby and Bobby. Her husband, Doug, also a UA graduate, is the Medical Administrator for Ohio's Public Welfare Department. Debbie and Doug have traveled extensively in Europe, Africa, Mexico, Canada, and the Caribbean. BILL BERWANGER Mr. Sz Mrs. William Berwanger, 550 Sheridan Rd., Evanston, Ill. 60202 Bill is a unit sales manager for Proctor Sz Gamble. His wife, Lois Ann Bender, occupies her time with their two children. Bill was awarded the B.S. degree in Business Administration from the University of Cincinnati. JEAN BLOCK Mrs. Robert Martin, 117 Maynard Drive, Tipp City, Ohio 45371 Did not respond. CAROL BLOOM Mr. Sz Mrs. David Pearson, 7582 Sugar Bush Trail, Hudson, Ohio 44236 Carol attended Ohio State University and graduated from the Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing. She is now a housewife and mother of 4-year-old Jennifer. Her husband, David, is President of Pultrusions Corporation in Kent, Ohio. ROBERTA BOES Mr. Sz Mrs. Thomas Scholl, 3840 Pegg Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43214 Bobbie attended Ohio State where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics Education. She is now a home maker and the mother of three children. Her husband, Thomas, is a teacher. MARYANN BOLDMAN Could not locate. SUSAN BOLLES Mr. Sz Mrs. Richard N. DeWitt, 239 S. Union Street, Galion, Ohio 44833 Sue writes that she and her husband, Dick,a photographer for the North Electric Company, are avid stamp and coin collectors, and even more avid boaters. Owners of their third cabin cruiser, they have done most of their traveling on the Great Lakes and into Canada. Sue attended Ohio State University, and, at present, is employed by the Col- umbia Gas Company of Ohio. FRANK BOOTH Dr. Frank Booth, 2530 Harry Worzbach 13N, San Antonio, Texas 78209 Frank is working in research at the Brooks Air Force Base School of Aerospace Medicine. He brings to the job a Ph. D. in Exercise Physiology which he earned at Iowa U. After high school, he attended Denison University for his B.S. While at Iowa, Frank worked under a National De- fense Act Fellowship and then received a National Research Council Postdoctorate Fellowship from the National Acad- emy of Sciences. PATSY BOWER Mr. Sz Mrs. Harold Gene Slone, Box 67, Route 1, Hopewell, Ohio 43726 Until 2 years ago, Patsy was a secretary at the College of Medicine at the Ohio State University. She is currently a housewife and mother to Marcia Ann, age two. Her hus- band, Harold, is an assembler at the Roper Corporation in Newark, Ohio. DICK BOREL Mr. Sz Mrs. Richard Borel, 175 Glendale Road, Scarsdale, New York 10583 Holder of a BS from Ohio State and an MBA from the Uni- versity of Pennsylvania, Dick is in the fascinating field of finance, dealing principally with mergers and acquisitions. Dick and his wife Kathy, a teacher, have traveled in Europe and across the USA. JOANN BORKHAGEN Mrs. William R. Miller, 1466 North Ninth, Laramie, Wyoming 82070 Did not respond. SANDRA BRACKNEY Mr. Sz Mrs. Lyle A. Klein, 406 S. Main St. Apt. 8, Rochelle, Illinois 61068 Sandy attended Ohio State for IW years. She was an airline stewardess for United Airlines where she "had an opportun- ity to' see much of our country". She writes, "After I married, I traveled with my husband and was in every state in the East, Midwest and the Pacific coast. Her husband, Lyle, is a Personnel Scout for the Dallas Cowboys Football Club. Sandy is now a housewife and mother of one boy, age 2'A. LEWIS BRANSCOMB Mr. Lewis Branscomb, 3790 Overdale Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. RALPH BRANSCOMB Mr. Ralph Branscomb, 1325 Goshem, Apt. C, San Diego, California 92110 Did not respond. RALPH BRESLER Mr. 8: Mrs, Ralph Edwin Bresler, 3831 Hillview Dr., Col- umbus, Ohio 43221 Ralph is a Foreign Service Officer and his current address is: R.B., Fort Lamy, Department of State, Washington, D.C. 20521 where he and his wife, Barbara Leah Drake, will be till February, 1973. His last assignment was Belgium, where the couple lived for two years. Ralph earned his B.S. in Business Administration from Miami University and his Law degree from Virginia Law School, He took the summerbetween the two schools to tour Europe. CAROL BROOKS Mr. Kz Mrs. James W. Woodard, 2239 Ridgeview Road, Col- umbus, Ohio 43221 Carol attended Heidelberg College for 2'A years. She is now a housewife. She and Jim have one son, Jeff, age 414 and they are expecting a baby in July. Jim is a Computer Pro- grammer for Gates, McDonald and Company. JIM BROWNE Mr. Sz Mrs. James Browne, 1125 George Urban Blvd., Cheektowaga, N. Y. 14225 Jim received his B.S. in Education, majoring in Mathe- matics, from Kent State and has 25 Semester hours toward his Masters at the State University of New York at Buffalo. He is a math teacher and Math Department Chairman in his local high school. His wife, Jane Baker, works as a Reg- istered Nurse. MARGARET BROWN Could not locate. ROBERT BROWN Could not locate. SHARON BROWN Mrs. Sharon Leister, 2582 Fishinger Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. TIPTON BROWN Mr. 8: Mrs. Tipton Brown, 1551 College Hill, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. WILLIAM BROWN Could not locate. SUSAN BURR Mr. Sz Mrs. Larry Frederick Zimmerman, 2943 Brandon Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Susan attended Ohio State where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. She is presently a teacher at Brookside Elementary School in Worthington, and is working on her Masters degree. Her husband, Larry, is a student at Ohio State. BOB CAESAR Could not locate. LOUESA CALLAHAN Mr. 8: Mrs, Richard W. Foster, 1970 Oakdell Drive, Menlo Park, California 94025 Louesa is married to former Arlingtonian Dick Foster, who is in the investment business in California. She is the holder of a BS from Ohio State and teaches kindergarten near her home. During the summer of 1970, Louesa and Dick traveled throughout the Pacific, visiting Japan, Tai- wan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore and the Phillippines. ALICE CARSON Mr. Sz Mrs. William P. Allman, 2140 Beechwood Ave., Wilmette, Illinois 60091 Alice received a Bachelor of Science in Education cum laude from Miami University. Her college honors included selection to Phi Beta Kappa and Mortar Board. She was also associated with Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi fEducationj and Pi Mu Epsilon fMathematicsj honoraries. She was elected Outstanding Sophomore Woman at Miami in 1963, and Outstanding Senior Woman in 1965. She served as President of Women's Government in '64-'65. After graduate school fMichigan State Universityj, Alice worked for the I.B.M. Corporation for nearly two years as a systems engineer in the "frequently chaotic, but al- ways challenging" Chicago City Hall. Alice is now a home- maker and mother of two children. Her husband is Assist- ant Vice President of the Chicago and North Western Rail- way Co. JERRY CASSELL Mr. Sz Mrs. Jerry L. Cassell, 198 Woodlawn Ave.,' Grove City, Ohio 43123 Jerry served in the U.S. Army and was stationed in Ger- many. He took advantage of the situation by touring all over Europe. He is now working as an Engineering Techni- cian, and his wife, Carolyn Jones, works as a Sales Hostess. LINDA CECILL Miss Linda Cecill, 1512 N. W. Blvd., Apt. D, Columbus, Ohio 43212 Did not respond. DAVID CHAMBERS Could not locate. RICH CHECHILE Mr. Sz Mrs. Richard A. Chechile, 5629 Homestead Rd., Pittsburgh, Penn. 15127 Holder of a Bachelors and Masters degrees in Physics from the University of Pittsburgh, Rich is a research assistant at the University while he completes work on his Ph. D. in Phychology. He and his wife, a teacher, have no children. TOM CHOWN Mr. Sz Mrs. Thomas A. Chown, 5947 Sedgwick Rd., Col- umbus, Ohio 43085 Tom received his B.A. degree from Ohio State University, where he majored in English Literature. While Tom works as a life insurance agent, his wife, the former Barbara Ann Bain, keeps busy with their two children. Whenever they get a chance, they pack up the family and travel around the U.S., or to their "retreat" in Southern Ohio. Tom is active in the Big Brothers Assoc., and Kiwanis. KEN CLARK Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth A. Clark, 940 Afton Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Following a tour of Ohio's University system fMiami, O.U. and Ohio Statej, Ken entered the R. E. Harrington actuarial firm, where he serves as an account manager. In college, he was elected a freshman student counselor and held several offices in his fraternity. Before entering the actuarial profession, he had served as the youngest manager in history of a national clothing chain. In his spare time, Ken serves as head 'coach of the Arlington Bobcats, Hastings Junior High's 14-year-old football team, and as Secretary-Treasurer oi' the Midwest Youth Football League. He and his wife, the former Paula Perduyn, a teacher in the Worthington School System, have traveled to Nantucket, Bermuda, Washington D.C. and the 1968 Rose Bowl. RON CLAWSON Mr. Sz Mrs. Ronald P. Clawson, 3425 Custer, Cincinnati, Ohio 45208 Ron married classmate Bev Mayhan whose sole occupation now is their first child. Ron is working for Proctor Sz Gamble in the sales department. He received his B.S. in Business from Ohio University and served in the U.S. Army at Ft. Campbell, Ky. and Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo. JOHNENA COCHRAN Miss Johnena Cochran, 1075 Secrest, Columbus. Ohio 43207 Did not respond. CELESTE CODDINGTON Mrs. Thomas Hansberger, 1045 Folkestone Road, Apt. B, Columbus, Ohio 43220 Did not respond. SCOTT CONDIT Mr. Sz Mrs. Scott Condit, 1862 Ashland Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43212 Did not respond. BILL COOL Mr. Bill Cool, 35 West Duncan, Columbus, Ohio 43202 Did not respond. MIKE COOPER Mr. 8: Mrs. Michael R. Cooper, RR 1, Box 383A, Zions- ville, Ind. 46077 Mike has just taken on the directorship of a new marketing department of the Dow Chemical Co. in Indianapolis. Holder of a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Ohio State, Mike is also working on his Masters at Butler University, When his wife, Sharon Peters, can get time away from their son, Mike Jr., she works as a Registered Nurse in their local hospital. Weekends will usually find Mike, Sharon and Mikey at a Sports Car Race Track where Mike has managed to win many trophies. BOB COWMAN Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert G. Cowman, 2720 Montcalm Rd., Col- umbus, Ohio 43221 Bob received his B.A. in Economics from Ohio Wesleyan Univ., and is currently working as an Auditor forthe Ohio National Bank Trust Department. His wife, the former Nancy Schnittke, spends most of her time with their two children. MARY CRAVENS Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert H. Jackson, 456 Clay Road, Apt. D, Rochester, N. Y. 14623 Mary Lou attended Ohio University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree and was awarded membership in Alpha Lambda Delta and Phi Beta Kappa. She received her Masters degree in biology from the University of Rochester and is now a Research Technician in Genetics. Her husband is an Electronic Design Engineer. Mary Lou traveled in Europe, mainly Germany, in the summer of 1965, where she worked as a dishwasher-housekeeper in a German hos- pital for 6 weeks. Mary Lou and her husband have an unusual hobby: Working part-time for Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. supply of books and selling them at college student con- ferences around New York state at no profit. She writes that their apartment looks like a miniature book store! She and her husband are also building their own stereo equipment since they are both music lovers. This involves maintaining a large TOM CULP Mr. 8: Mrs. Thomas Culp, 78 C Parklawn Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43213 Did not respond. JUDY DAVIS Mrs. James Van Bibber, 863 Harrison Ave., Apt. D, Col- umbus, Ohio 43215 Did not respond. BETSY DAWSON Mr. Sz Mrs. Mitchell A. Russ, 1421 Irving St., Winston- Salem, North Carolina 27103 Betsy attended Ohio Wesleyan and Ohio State, where she received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education. Betsy worked as a Public Health Nurse in St. Louis for 4 years. She retired in June of 1970 to be a full time house- wife. She writes that she and her husband are expecting their first child in March of this year. Her husband is a Radiology Resident at Bowman Grey School of Medicine at Wake Forest University. BETSY DEEG Miss Betsy Deeg, clo parents: 1392 Candlewood Drive, Worthington, Ohio Did not respond. TOM DEISHLEY Mr. 8: Mrs. C. Thomas Deishley, 28 Fidlers Walk, Wargrave, Berkshire, England Tom is an independent photographer with a studio in Lon- don. His wife, Sharon Arlene Dames, was a model, but now spends most of her time with their son, Sean. They where he received his B.A. LARRY DE LONG Could not locate. DAVE DI CENZO Mr. David Di Cenzo, 1340 Thornwood Place, Columbus, Ohio 43212 Did not respond. BOB DILLON Mr. Robert Dillon, fpermanent addressj 3931 Woodbridge Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 The "deacon" is single and the father of an unknown num- ber of children. A graduate Doctor of Medicine from the National University of Mexico, he has been in that country since 1964. PAUL DIPAOLO Mr. Sz Mrs. Paul A. Dipaolo, 1425 Ridgeview Road, Col- umbus, Ohio 43221 Paul and his wife, the former Cathy Phillips, are expecting their first child this year. Paul studied at Ohio State Uni- versity before entering the sales field with the Westing- house Corporation. A member of the Air National Guard, he was activated and sent to Korea following the Pueblo crisis. SUSAN DOBBINS Could not locate. JIM DOHERTY Dr. 8: Mrs. James Doherty, Little Stannard Beach, West- brook, Conn. 06498 Jim earned both the B.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Case through Europe and Scandinavia, Senior in Ohio State's Depart- Scientist in Connecticut. His wife, Sandra Somerville, works in Child Development. MARILYN DOTTS Mr. Sz Mrs. Paul M. Brenner, 217 Camaro Drive, Henderson, Kentucky 42420 Marilyn and her husband, Paul a drilling supervisor for a coal company in Indiana, are expecting their first child in October. She holds a B.S. in elementary education from the University of Houston, where she was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha and was sweetheart of Sigma Nu Fraternity. The couple has traveled to Acapulco and the Bahamas. SANDY DOWNS Mr. Sz Mrs. Steven Colby, 6124 Sedgewick Road, Worthing- ton, Ohio 43085 Sandy, boss-lady of the Reunion Committee, is married to Steve Colby fU.A. Class of '59J, and has three children: Kristin, 6, John, 3, and Drew, 1. She studied at Ohio State and worked at City National Bank before marriage. Steve is an accountant with Ernst 8: Ernst, and was recently awarded his C.P.A. Sandy is treasurer of her Twig, a social- fund raising organization for Children's Hospital, and lists reading, bridge and going to parties as her hobbies. JEFF DRA KE Mr. 8z lVIrs. Jeff Drake, 2656 Juniper Dr., Toledo, Ohio 43614 Jeff is the Director of Hospital and Health Facility Planning with the Health Planning Association of Northwestern Ohio. He qualified for this position by earning a B.S. in Education and a M.A. in Public Health from Ohio State. His wife is the former Marilyn White. DICK DREIMAN Mr. Dick Dreiman, 975 Norway Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43220 Did not respond. SUE DUDLEY Mr. 8: Mrs. Larry Kaufman, 2635 Mt. Holyoke Road, Col- Western Reserve University, and now works as a Physical UIT1bUS, Ohio 43221 Sue and her husband, Larry a pharmacist at Grant Medical Pharmacy, have two children, Alisa, 3, and Mike, 1. Sue attended Ohio State University for two years and worked at City National Bank for two more before entering the homemaking profession. The couple enjoys playing tennis and bridge. BILL DURRANT Mr. Bill Durrant, 781 Indiana Avenue, Marion, Ohio Did not respond. PAUL DURRANT Could not locate. BARBARA EBERLY Mr. Sz Mrs. Raymond L. Davis, 855 West Cambridge Ave., Fresno, California 93705 Barb attended Bliss College for 1112 years and now works as a nurse technician and mother to two children. Her hus- band is in the retail grocery business. MARY LEE EIGENSEE Mr. Sz Mrs. Richard N. Blue, 1909 Malvern Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Mary Lee attended Ohio Wesleyan and Ohio State, where she received a Bachelor of Science in Education. She is pre- sently a teacher of Health Education at U.A.H.S. At the time of publication, Mary Lee and her husband are expect- ing their first child. Richard is Assistant Treasurer for Borcher's Carpet Cleaning Company. DICK ELLIOT Mr. Richard Elliot, 222 North High Street, Kenton, Ohio Did not respond. PEGGY ERB Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert A. Day, 1301 Bradshire Drive, Colum- bus, Ohio 43220 Peggy and her U.A. grad husband, Bob Day, are the parents of one child. She graduated with a B.A. in French and English from the University of Iowa and taught school for four years before the baby came ant with Ernst Sz Ernst and the couple Alaska while he completed his service JIM ETZEL Mr. James Etzel, 1455 Harlton Court, Columbus, 43221 Holder of a BS in Accounting from Ohio State University, Jim boasts no occupation other than Air Force, in which he serves at Robins Air Force Base, Georgia. Thus far unmarried, Jim enjoys golf and flying and is the recipient of the Air Force Commendation Medal. He has traveled, courtesy of Uncle Sam, to Vietnam, Thailand, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Panama. CRAIG EWART Mr. Craig Ewart, 413 Grand Street, Apt. F 1094, New York, New York 10002 Did not respond. JULIE FARBER Mr. Sz Mrs. Tom Strausbaugh, 4400 Reed Road, Columbus, Ohio 43220 Julie attended Ohio State for 2 years. She is now a house- wife and mother of one son. Her husband, Tom, is a Homi- cide Detective with the Columbus Police Department. CAROLYN FARGO Mr. Sz Mrs. James W. Azbell, 3608 Tillbury Ave., Col- umbus, Ohio 43220 Carolyn attended O.S.U. where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She is now an inactive nurse, a homemaker, and mother of two children. Her hobbies in- clude reading, embroidery, knitting, sewing, crocheting, piano and the church choir. Her husband is an Electronics Design Consultant. MARCIA FARR Mr. Sz Mrs. David L. Whiteman, 125 Duddington Place S.E., Washington D. C. 20003 Marcia attended Ohio Wesleyan, where she received a Bach- elor of Arts degree in English. She received a Master of Arts degree in Linguistics from the American University in Ohio State. He is married to Sally Woodruff and they have one boy. CINDI HAZZARD Dr. 8z Mrs. James Rothe, 491 Anadale, Columbus, Ohio 43214 , Cindi attended Ohio State for three years. She is now a homemaker and mother of two children. Her husband is a Physician in Residency. FRED HEER Mr. 8: Mrs. Fred Heer, 3509 Kirkham Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Holder of a BS in Business Administration from Miami University, Fred has the impressive job of Manager of the main store of Lombard Interiors. His wife, the former Judy Salser, works at Cordage of Columbus Paper Com- pany. Thus far, the couple has no children. LES HEITGER Mr. Sz Mrs. Lester Heitger, 1303 C University Village, East Lansing, Michigan 48823 Les married Rozella Grubbs who teaches elementary school while Les is teaching Accounting and working toward his Ph.D. at Michigan State. Les also attended Ohio State and the U. of Denver where he received his B.S. and M.S. de- grees in Business Administration. While at Ohio State, Les won the Presidentis Scholarship Award and was a member of the Scholarship-Athlete Team. He is a member of Omicron Delta Kappa and Beta Alpha Psi Honaries and has written an accounting satire article which has been published in 10 periodicals in 6 countries. . JOANNE HELWIG Mr. Sz Mrs. Donald Jarvis, 2088 Birchview Road, Reynolds- burg, Ohio 43068 Married and expecting a baby in November, Joanne writes happily that she will be retiring from the teaching pro- She is the holder of a BS in Education fession this June. from Ohio State Q3 yearsj, serves as vice president of the Leawood Garden Club and listed'playing bridge, collecting antiques and camping as her favorite past times. Her hus- band, a builder, recently completed building their new home. JANET HENNESSEE Mrs. Robert L. Dilenschneider, 444 E. 82nd Street, Apt. 26-G, New York, New York 10028 Did not respond. BONNIE HENRY Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert W. Selfe, Jr., 445 East 68th Street, New York, New York 10021 Married to classmate Bob Selfe, a resident physician in New York, the couple has one child, a son. Bonnie graduated from Southern Seminary Junior College and serves as Assistant to the Fine Jewelry Buyer for Cartier, Inc. GARY HENRY Mr. Gary Henry, clo parents: 509 E. David Road, Ketter- ing, Ohio Did not respond. LARRY HINDER Mr. 8: Mrs. Larry S. Hinder, 5086 Godown Road, Colum- bus, Ohio 43220 Larry attended Otterbein College and Xavier University, earning a BS in Education, and is currently completing work on his Masters. Larry teaches in the Columbus School Systems, Woodward Park School, where he also serves as assistant track coach, and his wife, Marilynn, is a teacher at Grandview High School. The couple traveled to Hawaii in the summer of 1969. DAVE HOCH Mr. David S. Hoch, 2124 14th, Boulderl Colorado 80302 Dave was stationed in Klamoth Falls, Ore. with the Air Force, after which he attended the University of Colorado. He earned a B.S. in Marketing Sz Psychology and now owns and operates an organic bakery in Boulder. LYNDA HOLDREN Mr. 81 Mrs. William A. Slyh, 340 South 'Roys Avenue, Col- umbus, Ohio 43204 Lynda is a Federal Government Secretary for the R.O.T.C. Department at Ohio State University. Her husband, Bill, is a Design Draftsman for Ranco. Sue attended Ohio University, and Ohio State where she re- ceived a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Educa- tion. She is a former teacher and is now busy as a housewife and mother of two boys, aged 3 and 4. Her husband is an engineer. CHRIS HALL Could not locate. DAVID HALL Mr. David A. Hall, 4607 Connecticut Ave., Washington D.C. 20008 Dave holds Associate and Bachelors degrees in business ad- ministration from Ohio State and Franklin Univ. and is working for the Interstate Commerce Commission. In his spare time, Dave is taking courses in a wide variety of sub- jects, and has traveled to Bermuda. MARTHA HALLIGAN ' Miss Martha Halligan, 2981-D Addison Place, N., Grove City, Ohio 43123 Another of our classmates who has successfully avoided matrimony, Marty is a teacher. She attended Kent State and Ohio Universities, completing her BS in Education and one year toward her MA. JIM HANNAHS Mr. Sz Mrs. James R. Hannahs, 258 S. Dorset Rd., Troy, Ohio 45373 Holder of a B.S. in Welding Engineering from Ohio State, Jim is a Registered Engineer in Ohio. He has published several papers in technical magazines, co-authored a chapter in the Welding Handbook and has written a book on weld- ing methods. He travels throughout the U.S. and Canada speaking at technical society meetings. While in school, Jim won numerous Weightlifting championships in Ohio and placed third in the National Collegiate Championships, 19653 he was an officer in the OSU Weightlifting Club, the Student Society of AWS, and of Theta Tau fraternity. Jim married Mary E. Hemmert, and they have one daughter, Tricia Lynn. DEBBIE HANSEN Mr. Sz Mrs. George E. Lucus, 673 Olde Towne, Columbus, Ohio 43214 Debbie attended Purdue University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics. She was a Home Economist "Betty Newton" for the utility com- pany for 414 years. Debbie is back to Columbus after 4M years in St. Louis, Missouri. Her special hobby is decora- tive painting sold on special order and for her own home. Her husband is in Construction Sales, and they are the parents of a 114 year old daughter. Debbie has traveled in Europe for three months, touring 21 countries. KATHY HARPHAM Mr. 8: Mrs. Carl D. Hopkins, 404 East 65th St., New York, New York 10021 Kathy is a Secretary in a hospital for Special Surgery. She writes that she moved to New York in 1966 after having spent 4 months in California. Carl is a Graduate Fellow at Rockefeller University. Carl and Kathy were in South Am- erica last year for five months and returned to the interior of Guyana in April of this year. They will remain there for 2 to 4 months while Carl finishes his thesis research. LOIS HAUEISEN Capt. 8z Mrs. Donald E. Russ, A.F. Element, JROC CB, APO New York 09742 Lois is a housewife and mother of two boys, Robbie age 214 and Steven, age 6 months. Her husband is an Air Force Captain and they are stationed in West Berlin, Germany. They have traveled extensively in Europe including Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, England, Spain, France and Germany. SARAH HAYS Mr. Sz Mrs. Eric Hendrickson, 4532 Croftshire Drive, Day- ton, Ohio 45440 Sarah attended Miami University and received a Bachelor of Science in Education specializing in Speech Sz Hearing Therapy. She is now a Speech Sz Hearing Therapist. Her husband is a Technical Writer. CHRIS HAZARD Capt. 8: Mrs. Christopher W. Hazard, 927 S. Newark St., Aurora, Colo. 80010 ' Chris is the Avionics Officer at Lowry AFB, Denver. He has been through Europe, Central and South America, Jap- an, China, and Thailand, where he received the Bronze Star and was selected as Outstanding Jr. Officer of the Year. Chris earned the B.A. degree in International Studies from 7, , J DOUG GILLOGLY Mr. Doug Gillogly, 2217 Swansea Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. LESLIE GILMORE Mr. Sz Mrs. Ronald Carter, 41 Quaboag Rd., Acton, Mass- achusetts 01720 Leslie attended O.S.U. and Harbor College in Los Angeles, Calif. for a total of 314 years. She is a former United Air- lines stewardess and has visited Europe and nearly every state in the Union. Since graduation, she has lived in New York City for 2 years and Los Angeles for 4 years. She is now a housewife and,mother.of one child, Her husband is a Marketing Specialist. The Carters are contemplating a trip to Europe this summer. DANA GIRE Mr. Sz Mrs. Dana Gire, 19331 Gaynon Road, Fraser, Mich- igan 48026 Did not respond. MARCIA GLEAVES Miss Marcia Gleaves, 1960 North Howe, Chicago, Illinois 60614 Did not respond. FRANK GODBEY Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank Godbey, 1740 Waverland Drive, Macon, Georgia 31201 Holder of a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from Ohio State, Frank is married to the former Marty Rowland. Apparently culturally minded, Frank lists his occupation as musician, and that of his wife as writer. ANITA GRAHAM Mr. Sz Mrs. Dennis Rustad, 8131 Pennington Dr., Hunting- ton Beach, California 92646 Anita attended Ohio State where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature. She is now a housewife and mother of two children. Her husband is a salesman. PAUL GRAHAM Mr. Paul Graham Jr., 1580 Pemberton Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. JUDY GRAZIANI Mrs. Alan Courtney, 3407 49th Court, Meridian, Mississippi 39301 Did not respond. DAVE GREEGOR Mr. David H. Greegor, Biology Dept., Univ. of Arizona, Tuscon, Ariz. 85721 Dave attended Miami and Ohio State, where he received the A.B. and M.S. degrees, and is now a Ph.D. candidate in Ecology at the Univ. of Arizona. He traveled through Europe in 1961 and 1964 and has been on expeditions to the Galapagos Islands, Antartica fwhere he received a medal for servicej, New Zealand, and Mexico. Dave is also inter- ested in mountaineering and has worked forthe U.S. Forest Service as a wilderness Ranger. JUDITH GRIGSBY Mr. Sz Mrs. William B. Bentz, 3379 Braidwood Drive, Col- umbus, Ohio 43220 Judy attended O.S.U. where she received a Bachelor of Science in Education. She taught third grade for three years and is now a housewife and mother of two children. Her husband is associated with the Standard Oil Company. MIKE HAG UE Mr. Sz Mrs. Michael C. Hague, 801 E. Cole Rd., Fremont, Ohio 43420 Mike and his wife, Bonnie J. Kelly, have one son 2 years old and, when we heard from them, were expecting their second child at the time of the reunion. Mike attended Bowling Green and Toledo and is currently a police officer in Fremont. SUE HAGUE .Mr. Sz Mrs. Tom Henthorn, 6225 Cherry Hill Dr., Columbus, Ohio 4321 3 Washington D.C. and is now working on her Ph.D. in Sociolinguistics at Georgetown University. Her husband is an Economist and Speechwriter for Congressional Research Service. Marcia traveled through Western Europe for 10 weeks in the summer of 1965. MARTIN FERGUS Mr. Kr Mrs. Martin C. Fergus, 139 Madison Ave., Water- town, Mass 02172 Holder of an A.B. in Government from Miami University, Marty is now a teaching fellow and Ph.D. candidate in Government at Harvard. His wife, Dorothy Koenig, and their two children fill up his time away from school. ANNE FERGUSON Mr. Xz Mrs. Carl A. Walter, 4848 Dublin Road, Delaware, Ohio 43015 Holder of a BA in Anthropology from Ohio State, Anne works as a bank teller in Central Ohio. Her major interest is archeology, and she has pursued this interest throughout Ohio and in Mexico. She and her husband, Carl, a sales engineer, as yet have no children. BRENT FERGUSON Mr. Brent Ferguson, 815 City Park, Columbus, Ohio 43206 Did not respond. TIM FLESCH Mr. 81 Mrs. Timothy E. Flesch, 3791 Darbyshire Dr., Col- umbus. Ohio 43220 Tim is married to the former Jan Ziegenbusch QUA Class of '62l and the couple has three children. He has attended Ohio State University and currently attends Franklin Uni- versity in pursuit of his degree. Tim serves as a manager at Columbus, Grandview Inn. STEVE FORDER Mr. 8: Mrs. William S. Forder, 2809 Devin Road, Grove City, Ohio 43123 Married to the former Barbara Gill, Steve is the proud father of two children. He has attended Ohio State and Franklin Universities and expects to get his degree in in- dustrial management next year. Steve works as an account- ant while his wife is a homemaker and mother. KATHY FROST Could not locate. KAREN FULTZ Miss Karen Fultz, 1230 S. Bellair Street, Apt. 511, Denver, Colorado 80222 Did not respond. NANCY FURSTE Dr. Sz Mrs. Ben Willwerth, 3386 East Scarborough Rd., Cleveland, Ohio 44118 Nancy attended Duke University for five years. She re- ceived a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She is now a Registered Nurse and mother of two children. Her hus- band, Ben, is a Resident Physician in Surgery at Case Univer- sity, where Nancy serves as President of the- Resident's Wives Association. BETTY LOU GETREU Mrs. Doug Ballard, 5126 Edgeview Road, Columbus, Ohio 43207 Did not respond. DARSIE GETTINGER lVIiss Darsie E. Gettinger, 35 Broadmeadows, Apt. 1-A, Col- umbus, Ohio 43214 Darsie attended Rio Grande College and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. In college she was presi- dent of her sorority, secretary of the Kayette Club for two years and an area representative for the Student Education Association. She is now a fifth grade teacher in Johnstown, Ohio and Vice-President of the Johnstown Education Association. She is also a member of Eastern Star Chapter Number 488. CLAUDIA GIDCOMB Mr. Sz Mrs. Nick Waits, 156 Shewill, Ave., Doylestown Pennsylvania 18901 Claudia attended O.S.U. where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education. A former teacher, she is now a housewife and mother of one child. Claudia is married to elassmate, Nick Waits, who is a dentist. 7 KAREN HOBBS Mr. Sz Mrs. C. William O,Brien, 2397 Sherwood Road, Col- umbus, Ohio 43209 Karen and her husband, Bill, a businessman and real estate investor, have two daughters, Holly and Kelly. Karen is the whip-cracking vice president of our Reunion Committee. She graduated with a Certificate of Dental Hygiene from Ohio State University before joining the housewife set. Karen and Bill travel to Canada each summer where they vacation on an island owned by Billis parents. JANIE HORVATH Could not locate. ESTHER HOSTETTLER Mr. Xt Mrs. William Haywood Azbell, 152 Orchard Dr., Butler, Pennsylvania 160014 Esther attended O.S.U. where she received a Bachelor of Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in the College of Education. She is a former teacher and now the mother of two childreng William Alexander, age 314g and Eric Christopher, age 1. Esther is married to Arlington grad C593 Bill Azbell, who is a Spectro-Chemist for Armco Steel Corporation. Esther has traveled extensive- ly throughout the European Continent. STEVE HUDDY Mr. Steve Huddy, 1407 North Star Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212 Did not respond. SANDY HUGHES Mrs. Sandy Aska, 88 West Northwood Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43201 Sandy has studied for three years at Ohio State and the Col- umbus College of Art and Design and currently serves as a recreation assistant in the Columbus Park System. She has traveled throughout the U.S.A., Canada and Europe. MIKE IANNELLI Mr. Mike Iannelli, 5136 E. Hilliard-Cemetary Road, Hilliard, Ohio 43026 Did not respond. lf RICK JACKSON Mr. 8: Mrs. Jay Richard Jackson, 1053 Brice Rd., Reynolds- burg, Ohio 43068 Rick is presently working toward his M.S. at Ohio State while working as a computer programmerlanalyst for West- ern Electric. He received his B.S. at Bowling Green, where he helped re-charter the Alpha Sigma Phi chapter there. Rick spent 2W years with the Army in Germany and while there toured Europe. His wife, Jacqueline Ann Paulin, is a substitute teacher and mother of three children. GARY JACOBSON Mr. Gary Jacobson, 3127 Ruhl Avenue, Apt. 3, Columbus, Ohio 43209 Did not respond. LYNN E JACOBY Mrs. Ralph Amiet, 1913 Blair Blvd., Wooster, Ohio 44691 Did not respond. CARLA JAGSCH Dr. 8: Mrs. John R. Mehaffey, R.C. 2, Cambridge, Ohio 43725 Carla attended Ohio State for 31A years. Her husband is a veterinarian and she is his Assistant as well as a housewife. Carla writes, "John and I breed, raise, train and show our own Registered Quarter Horses. In the past several years, we have shown extensively, placing well in major shows. We have trained and own four American Quarter Horse Association Register of Merit qualifiers and several halter champions. At present we own fand have to buy feed forj ten head, with more colts on the way." PATTI JAMES Miss Patti James, 2430 Brandon Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 By the time this book is read, Patti will be Mrs. Jon Heintzelman, wife of a salesman for the John Deere Farm Equipment Company. Patti is a graduate of Ohio State with a dual major of Home Economics and Elementary Education, and is a fourth grade teacher at Arlingtonis Windermere Elementary. During her years of bacherlor- -hood, she traveled to Europe and the West Coast. BRIAN JENNINGS Mr. Sz Mrs. Brian B. Jennings, 429 James Ct., Grove City, 111 Q Ohio 43123 children. Brian also has two little brothers through the Big Brothers Association with whom he shares his hobbies of camping and canoeing. He is also a registered official with the Ohio High School Athletic Association which keeps him busy officiating both football and basketball games in many parts of Ohio. Brian attended Ohio State and is now Assist- ant to the Clerk-Treasurer, Southwestern City Board of Education. BOB JOHNSON Mr. Sz Mrs. Wm. Robert Johnson, 1864 Langham Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Bob and his wife, Beverly Ann Irwin, are the proud par- ents of one daughter, Heidi-Ann. Bob attended Ohio State and is now an Assistant Manager with Ohio National Bank. His wife works as a secretary whenever she can get away from her duties at home. CHRIS JOHNSON Mr. Chris Johnson, 2244 Woodstock Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. ERIC I. JOHNSON Mr. Sz Mrs. Eric I. Johnson, 10999 N. Williamsburg Rd., Savannah, Ga. 31406 Eric stayed on in Savannah after he was released from the Army there in 1969. He served his two years at Hunter Army Air Field and then went to work for WXLM Radio where he is now General Manager. His wife, the former Nancy Louise Roof, also works in Savannah as a Key Punch Supervisor. JERRY JOHNSON Mr. Sz Mrs. Jerry Johnson, R.D. 5, Hillview Addition, Cam- bridge, Ohio 43725 Jerry attended Ohio Northern University in Ada, Ohio where he was granted a B.S. in Business Administration. He is currently working as a sales representative. His wife, Dee Stevenson, keeps busy with their two children. JUDY JOHNSON Mr. Sz Mrs. Norm Christley, 179 Greenbriar Dr., Aurora, Ohio 44202 Brian married Brenda L. Patterson and they now have twof, Judy attended O.S.U. and received a Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She is now a Market Support Representa- tive for I.B.M. Her husband is an Attorney. MALCOLM JOHNSON Mr. Malcolm Johnson, 331 Gaymon Drive, Hilliard, Ohio Did not respond. RON JOHNSON lVIr. Sz Mrs. Ronald V. Johnson, 2249 Edington Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Holder of a BA in History and Constitutional Law from Ohio State, Ron works as an Administrator of Negotiated Settlements for property purchased by the Ohio Highway Department. He and his wife, the former Judy Heaton, a legal secretary, have two children, Debbie, 9, and Ronnie, 2. The couple has traveled in Canada and the Far West, Mexico and the Bahamas. SUSIE JOHNSON Mr. Sz Mrs. John H. Sandusky, 142 Granville St., Gahanna, Ohio 43230 Susie is now a housewife and mother of two children. Her husband is Manager of Sandusky Builders Supply. TERRY JOHNSTON Mr. Terry Johnston, cfo Holiday Inn, San Rafael, San Francisco, California Did not respond. A J JONES Could not locate. FRANK JONES Mr. Sz Mrs. Frank N. Jones, Jr., 2652 Andover Rd., Col- umbus, Ohio 43221 Frank earned his B.A. in Speech and Business from Ohio State and is currently active in real estate as Vice-President of Ohio Equities, Inc. He has traveled throughout Europe and Mexico. Frank married the former Lynda Zimmerman who occupies her time with their three children. NANCY JONES Mr. 8: Mrs. Charles B. White, Box 32, Middlefield, Ohio 44062 Nancy attended Kent State University and earned a two- year Secretarial Science degree. She and lter husband own a new beverage store, a gas station where convenient foods are sold, and will shortly be purchasing a small department store with men's and ladies' apparel and gifts. In the travel department, Nancy writes, "For the first year we were married, Chuck was stationed in Stuttgart, West Germany, and we tried to see as much of Europe as possible on our limited leave time. After Chuck's release from active duty fReserve Officerj we purchased a twenty-two foot self-con- tained travel trailer and have been trying to see as much of the United States as possible." VESS JONES Deceased. DIANE KASSIAN Could not locate. BILL KEATING Mr. William Keating, 286 Olentangy Street, Columbus, Ohio Did not respond. JOE KIMBRO Mr. Joe Kimbro, 498 Van Buren Street, Monterey, Calif- ornia 93940 Did not respond. JIM KINCADE Could not locate. DELAINE KINER Could not locate. RICHARD KINNEY Mr. Richard Kinney, 715 Cohasset Ct., San Diego, Calif. 92109 Dick received his B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan and his J.D. from Ohio State and now works as a Trust Officer with the Southern California First National Bank in La Jolla. He took time off in the summer of 1968 to travel in Europe. Dick spends his spare time ocean fishing, camping, and sailing, and he is also active in the American Bar Association. MAURIA KIRKPATRICK Miss Mauria Kirkpatrick, cjo parents: 2675 Henthorn Road Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. RON KITCHTON Mr. 8z Mrs. Ronald T. Kitchton, 2 Benton Circle, Fairport, New York 14450 Ron and his wife, Donna Daye, and son, Daniel, have lived in Florida, California, Ohio, New York, and Michigan while following Ron in Graduate School, as he played Profession- al Baseball, and through job transfers. Ron is now a Branch Manager with Xerox in Detroit and they hope to stay there a while. Ron received his B.S. in Physical Education from Ohio State, where he played on the NCAA Runner-Up Baseball Team, and attended graduate school at Bowling Green and the Univ. of Miami. KAREN KLUG Mr. 8: Mrs. Arthur Koch, 160 South Liberty, Powell, Ohio 43065 Karen holds a BA in Psychology from Ohio State, a degree she used to great advantage in landing the challenging posi- tion of teacher of the deaf. Retired now, and the mother of four children, she is married to Arthur Koch, a chemis- try professor. PATTY KNIGHT Miss Patricia D. Knight, 1233 California Street No. 106, San Francisco, California 94109 Patty attended Ohio State where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She received her Masters degree in Nursing at the University of California, and is now an instructor at the University of San Francisco. PHYLLIS KNODERER Mrs. F. J. Rerko, 6681 Ridgeville Street, Pittsburgh, Pa. 15217 Did not respond. SALLY KOCH Mrs. Walter Moore, 906 Palmer Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212 Did not respond. RON KOCK Mr. 8z Mrs. Ronald Kock, 1854 Greenpine Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio 45231 Ron and his wife both work for Proctor Sz Gambleg Ron as a Prime Technical Engineer, and Nancy as a Laboratory Technician. They lived for a year in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England on a temporary company transfer, and are present- ly stationed in Jackson, Tennessee. Ron received his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Georgia Tech. where he was elected to Phi Eta Sigma and Pi Tau Sigma Engineering Honararies and Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. He was on Tech.'s track team for three years. RICK KONNEKER Mr. Richard Konneker, 4375 LeMarie Place, Columbus, Ohio 43229 Did not respond. JULIE KRAFT Dr. Sz Mrs. David B. Olin, 1101 Elm St., Denver, Colorado 80220 Julie attended Marjorie Webster Jr. College for one year and completed work for her Bachelor of Science degree in Education at the Ohio State University. She taught first grade for four years, and is now a housewife. She is married to Arlington grad, Dave Olin, who is a physician and Fellow in Renal Disease at the University of Colorado Medical Center. They are expecting their first child in August. NICK KRIER Dr. Xz Mrs. Nicholas Krier, 10-D Colonial Apartments, Dur- ham, North Carolina 27707 Married to the former Margaret Harrison, the couple has two children, Kara, 2, and Robert, 1 month. Nick is the holder of a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Ohio State Uni- versity and currently serves as Assistant Professor of Math at the University of North Carolina. Nick and Margaret have traveled in the U.S. and Canada, including Alaska and the Yukon Territory. BARRY KRUMLAUF Mr. Barry Krumlauf, 3317 Colchester Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. PHIL KUEHL Dr. 8z Mrs. Philip G. Kuehl, No. 33 1706 Mt. Pisgah Lane, Silver Springs, Maryland 20901 Phil married classmate Carol von Haam and they now have one child. Phil attended Miami University where he re- ceived his B.B.S. He continued his education at Ohio State where he was granted an MBA and Ph.D. in Busi- ness Administration specializing in the field of Marketing Research. Phil and Carol took a break from school to travel through Europe in the Summer of 1967. The University of Maryland now lists Phil as Assistant Pro- fessor of Marketing. MARK KUHN ER Mr. Mark Kuhner, 2376 North Star Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. SALLY LAKIN Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald Risser, 1919 Willow Creek Dr. Apt 108, Austin, Texas 78741 Sally attended Bowling Green State University where she received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She taught first grade at Wickliffe Elementary for a few years before marrying Don, and is now a housewife and mother of one daughter, Paige Ann. Since February, 1969, Sally and Don have been. "on the movei'. Don is a Naviga- tor in the RF-4 in the Air Force. They have been stationed in Sacramento, California for 9 months, Mountain Home AFB, Idaho for 6 months and Misawa Air Base in Misawa, Japan for 8 months. Since March, they have been stationed at Bergstrom AFB in Austin, Texas. BRUCE LARRIMER Mr. Bruce Larrimer, 5400 North Sheridan Road, Apt. 308, Chicago, Illinois 60640 Not only is Bruce single, but he served a hitch in the Army stationed in, of all places, Hawaii. When he wasn't busy with other pursuits, he earned a Bachelors and a Masters in History from Ohio State University. He currently serves with the Federal Government's Commodity Exchange Authority in Chicago. KARL LAUER Could not locate. MARIE LAWLESS Miss Marie Lawless, clo parents: 1816 Upper Chelsea, Col- umbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. LINDA LEACH Mrs. Linda Craig, 2870 Barclay Square, Columbus, Ohio Did not respond. JOHN LEHMAN lVIr. John Lehman, 1608 Roxbury Road, Columbus, Ohio 43212 Did not respond. DAVE LEONARD Could not locate. JANE LEWIS The Committee could not locate Jane, but did discover that she is a nurse with the U.S. Army, and is stationed in New Mexico. JACK LEY Mr. Kr Mrs. Jack R. Ley, 3160 Northwest Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Married to the former Ellen Batt, a registered nurse, the couple has two children. Jack attended Ohio State and Franklin Universities and currently is an insurance agent with, of course, the Jack Ley Insurance Agency. As owner of the Agency, he has won membership in the Kemper Insurance Company's President's Club and the Safeco In- surance Company's Prospector's Club, and has won sales contests which wrought a vacation in Palm Springs, Calif., and a cruise from New York to the Bahama Islands. CAROL LIEBERMANN Dr. Sz Mrs. Leonard Ellman, 1,2313 Village Square Terrace, Rockville, Maryland 20852 Carol attended Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Spanish Literature and Education. She was a high school teacher for 3 years, and is now a housewife and mother of two children. She and her husband, a physician, have traveled to South America and Europe. They will be moving to St. Louis in June. DAVID E. LINTZENINCH Mr. David E. Lintzenich, 1560 North Sandburg Terrace, Chicago, Illinois 60610 Holder of a BS and an MBA in marketing from Ohio State, Dave is Market Research Manager for Helene Curtis Indus- tries, Inc., in Chicago. One of the more fortunate members of the class, Dave has avoided both military service and the bonds of matrimony. SUSAN LONG Could not locate. SUSIE LOVING Miss Susie Loving, clo parents: 2455 Sherwin Road, Col- umbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. BOB LOWERY Mr. Robert Lowery, 5762 Ravenspur Drive, Apt. 507, Ralos Verdes Penninsula, California 90274 Did not respond. LYNN LOWERY Mr. 8: Mrs. Donald W. Unkerfer, 4815 Devonshire St., Boulder, Colorado 80301 Lynn attended Ohio State where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Art History. She is now a housewife and mother of a son, Andy, age llh. In the travel depart- ment, Lynn said she has been everywhere: Switzerland in 1961, Around the World in 1964 and Australia in 1968. Lynn writes, "Hello to everyone. Hope you have a great reunion." MAUREEN LUKEMIRE Mrs. Maureen Lukemire Shields, 4335 Westport Road, Col- umbus, Ohio 43228 One of the busiest travelers in the class, Maureen has been throughout the United States, with the exception of the West Coast, to Canada and Mexico and will depart for London on Oct. 9 of this year. She is active in water skiing and camping and serves as Secretary for her bowl- ing league. In addition to her secretarial duties at Westing- house, she is a member of the National Secretaries' Associ- ation, a member of the Merchandising Board of "Madem- oiselle" Magazine and of the Consumer Panel for "Seven- teen" Magazine. ANITA MACALUSO Mrs. Marty Davis, 273 McClain Court, Grove City, Ohio Did not respond. CAROLYN McCARTY Mr. 8: Mrs. Edward Parrish, 4271 Golfers Circle East, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida 33403 Carolyn attended Ohio State where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Welfare. She has completed 1 year of graduate work in Sociology at the California State College and is now a homemaker and mother of one daugh- ter. Her husband is a Mechanical Engineer. She and Ed have traveled to Europe twice, 3 months duration each. BOB MCCLEERY Mr. Robert M. McCleery, 10101 Highway 55, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55441 Hearing of our difficulty in finding him, Bob explained that in the last four years his job as Supervisor of Products and Projects for General Mills Incorporated has taken him from Ohio to Minnesota to California and back to Minne- sota, to Illinois and then back to Minnesota again. Holder of a BS in Food Technology from Ohio State, Bob is a bachelor whose time is filled with fishing, hunting, canoe- ing, softball, tennis, and skiing. DAVE MCCORMACK Mr. David McCormack, 5 Brookwood Place, Normal, Ill- nois 61761 Did not respond. FRED MCGAVRAN Mr. Fred McGavran, 3075 Leeds Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. SHEILA MCILRATH Mr. Sz Mrs. Mark Edwin John Heilman IV, Box 2 USNAS, Atsugi, Japan, FPO Seattle 98767 Sheila attended Ohio State where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education. She is now a homemaker, mother of one child and an English Conversation Teacher in a Japanese Jr. High School. Her husband is a Dental fProstheticsj Officer in the U.S. Navy. They have traveled in the Southeast United States and the Far East. DENNIS McKEE Mr. Sz Mrs. Dennis McKee, 2966 Indianola Avenue, Col- umbus, Ohio 43202 Denny attended Ohio State University for nine or ten years and is currently in the teaching profession. He and his wife, the former Christine Arnold, a professional secretary, as yet have no children. BOB McKNIGH'I' Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert A. McKnight, 2187 Arlington Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43221 A former chairman of Governor Rhodes' Committee on Teenage Drinking, Bob has served for the last two years as Research and Public Relations Director for Ohio Republi- can Headquarters. An honor graduate of Ohio State, he holds a BA in Journalism and an MA in Public Relations. While in school, Bob was elected to KAT, journalism honor- aryg represented Student Senate on the Office of Univers- ity Relationsg won national writing honors and was named one of the top six public relations students in the nation by the Public Relations Society of America. He and his wife, Jackee, a former Bexleyite who now works for the Arlington City Manager, have traveled in Hawaii and parts of mainland America, and are planning a trip to Europe July 23. Recently, Bob was honored with a vote for inclusion in "Who's Who in American Politics." JOHN MCLEAN Mr. 8: Mrs. John A. McLean, Jr., 5540 Roche Dr., Col- umbus, Ohio 43229 John and his wife, Jude Harris, have traveled through Canada and were able to spend time in Hawaii visiting friends. John attended Ohio State University and Colum- bus Technical Institute where he received his Associate Degree in Computer Sciences. He is making use of that degree working as a programmer while Jude works as a cashier. JIM MCMASTER Mr. 8: Mrs. James McMaster, 284 West Shore Trail, Sparta, New Jersey 07071 Did not respond. MOLLY MAIDLOW Molly Maidlow Frantz, 4930 Battery Lane, Apt. 6, Bethes- da, Maryland 20014 A graduate microbiologist from Ohio State, Molly is a technician for Mobile Medical, Inc., a free clinic in Mary- land. In addition, she serves as chairman of the Pi Beta Phi Advisory Committee of her state, and has traveled through the southern states. MIKE MANDT Mr. 81 Mrs. Mikkel G. Mandt, 1559 Bruce St., Neenah Wisc. 54956 Mike married Janet Haught and they now have two children. He received his B.S. and M.S. degrees in Civil and Sanitary Engineering from Ohio State ,where he was active in Beta Theta Pi and was a member of the Varsity Lacrosse team. Mike was also elected to several honorary fraternities and worked under a National Science Foundation Fellow- ship in Graduate School. He is currently working for Kimberly-Clark Corp., as a Research and Environmental Engineer. He has traveled through most of the world courtesy of the Navy and' as a result of his jobs with the Institute of Polar Studies, Radiological Defense Lab and Battelle Memorial Institute. LYNN MANN Mr. 8: Mrs. Lynn Mann, 3120 N. High Street, Columbus, Ohio 43202 Married to the former Christine A. Lombard and the father of two children, Lynn earned a BS in Education from Ohio State. Under occupation, Lynn lists ownership of Scarlet and Gray Realtors and Dynamic International Enter- prises Agency, Inc., a management consulting firm. He has traveled throughout the United States and Mexico. but lists his hobby as "work". MARCIA MANNING Mr. Sz Mrs. Larry W. Lee, 10 Hawthorne St., Bronxville, New York 10708 Marcia attended Miami, Fletcher School of Law and Diplo- macy and Tufts University. She holds a BA and an MA in Political Science, and is an Instructor at Rutgers Uni- versity while working on her Ph.D. Her husband is a banker at the First National City Bank. Marcia traveled to Europe in 1966, and she and Larry traveled to Japan, Southeast Asia, India and Turkey in 1969. BOB MARTIN Mr. Robert Martin, 117 Maynard Drive, Tipp City 45371 Did not respond. JEFF MARSH Mr. Kr Mrs. Jeffrey P. Marsh, 4486 Folkstone Ct. North, Columbus, Ohio 43220 A graduate of Ohio State with a BA in Speech Communica- tions, Jeff works with Operations Administration at City National Bank 81 Trust Co. His wife, the former Nancy Lynn Chapman QUA Class of 'GOJ is a registered nurse and the mother of the couple's one daughter, Julie. Jeff served in the Air Force for four years, including stations in Texas, North Dakota and Thailand. TIM MASSARO Mr. 8: Mrs. Timothy Massaro, 2544 Swansea Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Tim served in the U.S. Air Force, stationed in Texas and Mississippi. He married the former Tammy Kester and they are the parents of two children -- a boy two years old, and a girl six. Tim is now working as a wholesale salesman for several carpet lines. JIM MASSIE Mr. James Massie, 4914 Sullivant Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43228 Did not respond. JANE MASTERS Mr. Sz Mrs. R. William Lusk, 2707 Nottingham Rd., Col- umbus, Ohio 43221 Jane is a former bank teller and medical secretary who hopes to attend college when her duties around home per- mit. Married to former Grandviewite Bill Lusk, who works in the marketing department of Federal Glass, they are the parents of one daughter. BEV MAYHAN Mr. 8: Mrs. Ronald P. Clawson, 3425 Custer Road, Cin- cinnati, Ohio 45208 Another of our inter-class marriages, Bev is married to Ron Clawson, a member of the sales department of Proctor 8: Gamble. Bev attended Ohio and Ohio State Universities before settling down to take care of Ron and their small child. MARTHA MENEDIAN Miss Martha Menedian, 1450 West Rich Street, Apt. 14, Columbus, Ohio 43223 Martha attended Rio Grande College where she received a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education degree. She is now a teacher for the Columbus Public Schools, at Avondale Elementary. She was President of a local sorority during her senior year at Rio Grande. ROLLIE MESSICK Deceased. BOB MILLER Rev. Robert Miller, cfo parentsg 2442 Kensington Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. DON MILLER Dr. Sz Mrs. Don R. Miller, Kentucky St., Travis AFB, California 94535 Don spent the first eight years out of high school at Ohio State University getting his B.A. and then his Doctor of Dental Surgery. The Air Force got him then and he has spent the last two years at Travis AFB. He did take enough time to marry Cynthia fToppyj Thomas, a teacher, and to- gether they have traveled around the Western U.S. JANE MILLS Dr. 8: Mrs. John H. Glick, 100 St. Washington Ave. 6E, New York City, N. Y. 10032 Jane attended Randolph-Macon Women's Collage and Col- umbia University. She holds an A.B. in Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Biochemistry. Jane's awards and honors include Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi and a National Science Founda- tion Pre-doctoral Fellowship. Jane writes that during college she was a trainee of the Atomic Energy Commission and with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory Biology Division. She became an associate of Columbia's Depart- ment of Biochemistry in September of 1965, where she is attempting to isolate and characterize a new antibiotic. Of Columbia, Jane says, "It has been an exciting place to be despite the bad publicityf' This month fJuly, 19711 Jane and her husband, a Physician of Internal Medicine, go to the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Mary- land. Both will be working in the National Cancer Insti- tute. Jane has traveled throughout Europe and lists hobbies of cooking, sewing, theater and music. DAVE MINOR Mr. David Minor, 379 Oak Street, Apt. B5, Columbus, Ohio 43215 Did not respond. JIM MOOR Mr. Sz Mrs. Jim Moor, 2106 E. 2nd St., Apt. 6, Blooming- ton, Ind. 47401 Jim is completing his Ph.D. program in History and the Philosophy of Science at Indiana University while his wife, Marty Wolfe, helps out by teaching school. Pre- viously Jim attended Ohio State for his B.S. and the Uni- versity of Chicago for his M.A. He also spent time travel- ing and studying in Europe. ANN MORAL Mr. 8z Mrs. J. Matthew Sandor, 16305 S. Westland Dr., Gaithersburg, Maryland 20760 Ann attended Ohio State where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy and a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology. She is now a housewife, mother of one daughter and a Clinical Psychologist. Her husband is a Metallurgist with COMSAT, and a concert pianist. The Sandors enjoy chamber music parties, and have traveled through southern Europe with their baby in a VW camper for 4 months. RUSS MORGAN Mr. 8: Mrs. Russell Morgan, 1507 Cardiff Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Russ and his wife, Charlene Evans, now have one child. Russ received his B.S. from Miami University in Business Administration and is in Life Insurance Sales. He is in the Army Reserve and took his training in San Antonio, Texas. After high school Russ traveled through Europe. VICKY MORRIS Could not locate. SUSIE MUELLER Mr. 8: Mrs. George Sladoje, 5650 N. Sheridan, Chicago, Illinois 60626 Holder of a BS in Home Economics, Susie served in the exciting position of Men's Fashion Coordinator for Carson Pirie Scott and Company, a job which provided extensive travel and allowed her to work with such persons as Oleg Cassini, Hardy Amies, John Weitz and Robert L. Greene of Playboy Magazine. She is married to George Sladoje, an accountant, and has one son, born, March 15, 1970. DEBBIE MUNGER Could not locate. JUDY MUTH Mr. 8: Mrs. David Armogida, 1829 Elmwood Avenue, Col- umbus, Ohio 43212 Married to former classmate Dave Armogida, District Sales Manager for the Robert Besch Company, Judy is the mother of one child. She has attended the Riverside School of Nursing, and currently is at Ohio State, where she is finishing her work on a BS degree. A member of Sigma Alpha, a social and philanthropic sorority, she lists her hobbies as sewing and oil painting. During the Spring of 1970, she and Dave enjoyed vacationing in England, France and Italy. SUSAN NELSON Miss Susan Nelson, 4304 Braunton Road, Columbus, Ohio 43220 Did not respond. MARILYN NICKLAUS Mrs. Howard Hutchinson, 2668 Berwyn Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. JACK NEWLON Dr. 8: Mrs. Keith J. Newlon, 91 Greenacre Avenue, Long- meadow, Massachusetts 01106 Jack and his wife, Martha, are living in Massachusetts, where Jack teaches at Western New England College. Hold- er of Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D. degrees in History, Jack was a member of Sigma Chi at Ohio University and taught at the University's Lancaster Branch while he finished graduate work. CAROLYN NICHOLS Mr. 8: Mrs. Jerome E. Lape, Apt. 5-A Cumberland Hall, Carigdell Gardens, New Kensington, Pennsylvania 15068 Carolyn attended Ohio State where she received a bachelor of Science in Elementary Education. She is now a house- wife and mother of one daughter, Rebecca Anne, born March 9, 1970. Her husband is a Systems Analyst for Allegheny Ludlum Steel Corporation. MARY NORTON Capt. Sz Mrs. David C. White, 6419 Rushmore Drive, Sacra- mento, California 95842 Holder of a BS in Elementary Education from Ohio State, Mary is the mother of one child, and a happy housewife. Her husband, Dave, is a Captain in the Air Force, special- izing in Systems Analysis. The couple has traveled in Canada, the Western United States and along the Gulf Coast. DICK OIBRIEN Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard N. O'Brien, Jr., 3904 Donair Drive, Sandusky, Ohio 44870 A graduate of Bowling Green with a BS in Sales, Dick is a route manager for the Coca Cola Company. He and his wife, the former Betsey Lawrence, have one daughter. BEVERLY OLIVER Mrs. Beverly Carlson, 3900 Rushmore Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43220 Did not respond. SUSIE O,TOOLE Miss Susie O'Toole, 304 West 81st Street, New York, New York 10024 Did not respond. BRIAN O'RIORDAN Mr. Brian O'Riordan, 53 Rockledge, Bronksville, New York 10708 Did not respond. RALPH ORLANDO Mr. Ralph Orlando, 4111 Batamia Station Road, Apt. P, Winston-Salem, North Carolina Did not respond. WARREN OSGOOD Could not locate. MARY PADBERG Mr. Kr Mrs. Richard J. Terrill, 1602 Cedar Ave., Wichita Falls, Texas 76309 Mary attended Ohio State and Wichita State University where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in German. She is a housewife, student and mother of two children. Her husband is a Captain in the Air Force. From June to September, 1964, Mary traveled through Germany, The Netherlands, Greece, Paris, London and Copenhagen. DEBBIE PAGE Mr. Sz Mrs. W. Paul Scott, Jr., 1705 Elton Lane, Austin, Texas 78703 Debbie attended Ohio State and received a Bachelor of Science in Music Education. She is now a housewife, mother of one child and a Secondary Music Teacher. Her husband is completing his Doctorate in Psychology at the University of Texas. JIM PATTERSON Mr. Sz Mrs. James A. Patterson, 1114 N. Duck St., Still- water, Okla 74074 Jim married Nancy Suzanne Horton and they are the parents of a baby boy, Winfield Allan. Jim received his B.S. in Education from Ohio U. and an M.S. from U. of Colorado. Oklahoma State University now lists Jim as an Instructor in their Dept. of Health, and as Assistant Swimming Coach. MIKE PATTON Mr. Michael Patton, 3841 18th Street, San Francisco, California 94114 After two years at Miami University, Mike traveled to New York City where he became involved in a series of theatrical productions and did some modeling for national magazine and television advertising. After some extensive travel, Mike settled in San Francisco, where he lives in a commune with 11 other people with whom he will soon open a health food restaurant. Meanwhile, Mike is working as a janitor in a health club. TIBBIE PEARSON Mr. Kr Mrs. Jorge Ricardo Ford-Borda, 759 Basin Street No. 18, Tallahassee, Florida 32304 Tibbie attended Harcum Jr. College at Bryn Mawr, Pa., and the Pasadena College of Theatre Arts where she re- ceived a BFA in theatre. She is currently a secretary in the Theatre Department at Florida State University where her husband, Jorge, is a student. She traveled in Europe for three months in 1963 and since marriage has traveled many times to Mexico. JUD PERKINS Mr. Sz Mrs. Jud Perkins, 6322 Castlewood Rd., Orlando, Florida 32808 Holder of a BS from Ohio State and two MBA's from the University of Southern California, Jud has the impres- sive title of Manager of Construction Budget Control at Walt Disney World. Married to the former Jeanne Cramer, he has a 10-year-old daughter. GARY PETRIE Mr. Sz Mrs. Gary C. Petrie, 86 Lazelle Rd., Worthington, Ohio 43085 Gary served in the Air Force, stationed in England, where he met and married his wife, Janet Hughes. They were then transferred to Washington D.C. to serve out his enlist- ment. Gary now is a Department Manager for Lazarus. Janet keeps busy with their three girls and with her dog grooming business. Gary and Janet both raise and show Irish Wolfhounds. LOUIS PETTIT Mr. Sz Mrs. Louis K. Pettit, 1416 Northwest Blvd., Col- umbus, Ohio 43212 Louis received his B.S. and M.B.A. from Ohio State and is working as a Research Analyst for Huntington Bancshares Corp. He married Nancy A. Westan who spends her time taking care of their first child. MIKE PHILLIPS Dr. 8: Mrs. Michael D. Phillips, 1856 Emma Lee Lane, Hanford, Calif. 93230 Mike received his M.D. from Ohio State and his B.A. from Ohio Wesleyan. He just finished training for Flight Surgeon in the Navy and will soon deploy aboard the Aircraft Carrier U.S.S. Constellation to the Far East. His wife, Sharon Frew is a former Registered Nurse and now takes care of their little girl. They are expecting another child about the time of this reunion. She and Mike traveled over Mexico and the U.S. whenever Mike could get away from Los Angeles County General Hospital where he Interned. NANCY PHILLIPS Miss Nancy Phillips, 2625 Northwest Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. JAY POLLACK Dr. Jay Pollack, 172 Nassau St., Apt. 12, Princeton, N. J. 08540 Jay received his A.B. cum laude from Columbia University and his Ph.D. in Biochemistry from the University of Calif- ornia at Berkeley, after-which he was awarded a National Institutes of Health Post-Doctoral Fellowship. He is now working as a BiochemistjMicrobiologist, and lists his hob- bies as backpacking, canoeing, and skiing. JOY PRICE Mrs. Craig Roush, 616 Holly Drive, R. R. 2, Medford, New Jersey Did not respond. BECKY RANNELLS Mr. Sz Mrs. David G. Neeley, 5922 Parklawn Ave., Youngs- town, Ohio 44512 Active in civic life, Becky has served as a social group worker for the Marion, Ohio YMCA and as program director for the Youngstown YWCA, where she serves on the Board of Directors. Married and the mother of two boys, she lists golf and sewing as her hobbies, as well as the presidency of the Youngstown Delta Gammaalumnae. Following graduation from Ohio Wesleyan, she and class- mate Marcia Farr spent two months traveling in Europe. Her husband, Dave, is a marketing representative for IBM data processing equipment. CHET RAPP Mr. Chester Rapp, 3802 Beulah Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43224 Did not respond. BOB REED Mr. Robert Reed, 18018 Armitage Court, Homewood, Illinois 10430 Did not respond. LETHA REESE Mr. Sz Mrs. Edward Cormier, 401 Knob Hill East, Colum- bus, Ohio 43228 Letha is married to Ed Cormier, an electrical engineer. She specialized in housewife duties, and tending her two children. AURELIA REIDER Mr. Sz Mrs. Joseph M. Davis, Jr., 110 Wilcox Avenue, Paw- tucket, Rhode Island 02860 "Fifi'i attended Ohio University where she received a BFA degree in Theatre and Speech. She is now a retired teacher and mother of two boysg Joseph "Skipper" III, age 3, and Christian Huntington, age 2. She is also a Radio and TV- Commercial Model. Her husband is the Owner and Skipper of the "Bill of Rights", a 125 foot commercial schooner which was launched from South Bristol, Maine, in April. MARC RINEHART Capt. and Mrs. Marc J. Rinehart, 215-C Cedar Ave., Grand Forks AFB, N. Dakota 58201 Marc has been to Thailand, Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Spain while on Temporary Duty with the Air Force, for whom he flys KC-1235's and UH-1F helicopters. Marc received his B.S. in Business from Bowling Green and married Peggy Barr who is a speech therapist and mother of their two boys. BILL RITCHIE Mr. Sz Mrs. Howard W. Ritchie, Jr., 528 Prospect, Lima, Ohio 45804 Howard married the former June Locker and they are the parents of two little girls. Howard is currently in an ap- prenticeship program for structural ironworker. DON ROBERTS Deceased. TOM ROBERTS Mr. Thomas Roberts, 1950 Korbel Avenue, No. 66, Col- umbus, Ohio 43211 Tom has recently completed a lengthy hitch with the U.S. Navy in San Francisco and is completing work on his Bachelor's Degree at Ohio State University. He is another of the class's many eligible unmarrieds. HARRIETT ROBERTSON Mrs. Ronald 'Hammel, 8 Elizabeth Court, Florissant, Mo. 83031 Did not respond. CURT ROETTIG Mr. Sz Mrs. Curtis L. Roettig, 2434 Branden Berry Court, Arlington Heights, Illinois 60004 Curt is married to the former Judy Kempel and is the father of two boys. A graduate of Colgate University with a major in History, he is a National Accounts Executive for Central Soya, Inc. Curt lived in Las Vegas, California, Florida, Washington D.C. and New York before going to Illinois. He lists tennis as his favorite spare time activity. RAY ROGERS Mr. Raymond Rogers, 2245 Madison Street, Hollywood, Florida 33020 Did not respond. RAY ROOP Mr. Sz Mrs. Ray Roop, 901 W. Springfield, No. 8, Urbana, Illinois 61801 Ray is currently a graduate student at the University of Illinois where he is working toward his Ph.D. He is also working as a research assistant in the Physics Department. Ray received his B.S. from Ohio State and his M.S. from Illinois, both in Physics. His wife, Arlene Schick, is a high school biology teacher. KAREN ROSENBERRY Miss Karen Rosenberry, 4438 Mobile Drive, Columbus, Ohio 43220 Did not respond. SALLY RUSSELL Mr. 8: Mrs. Robert Robinson, 17405 Bernardo Oaks Dr., San Diego, California 92128 Sally attended the University of Florida and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She is now a house- wife and mother of two daughters, one 5 years old and the other almost 6 months. She is also a Registered Nurse and Director of an unusual Preschool. As Sally writes: "For the past year I have been director of a preschool for handi- capped children, most having Cerebral Palsy. This age group ranges from 18 months to 4 years. It is an extremely interesting and rewarding job. This preschool is the most progressive of its kind in the country and involves the combined efforts of doctors, R.N.'s, Physical and Occupa- tional Therapists and special education teachersf' Sally's husband is a Probation Officer. CAROL SAIN Mr. 8: Mrs. Don Harrison, 1462 Elmwood Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43212 Carol attended Ohio State University where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education. She is a retired teacher but often substitutes, and also does occasional modeling. She is a housewife and mother of one daughter, Beth, age 2. Carol's husband, Don, is a Sales Representative for Smith Corona Marchant Corpora- tion. LYNN SANDERS Dr. 8: Mrs. Timothy Goslee, 224 Santa Fe, Oceanside, Calif- ornia 92054 Lynn attended Hiram College where she received aBache- lor of Arts degree in Home Economics. She taught school in St. Louis, Missouri for three years, and is now a house- wife and mother of two daughters, Jill, age 2, and Amy, almost 6 months. Lynn has traveled to Hawaii and the western United States. Her husband is a physician. JANET SAVAGE Mr. 8: Mrs. Ronald Greider, 1473 Rayne Lane, Columbus, Ohio 43220 Janet attended Columbus Business University for one year. She is now a homemaker and mother of one child. though she is expecting another baby in July. Her husband is Vice President of Marketing for Buckeye Communications Com- pany. JOANNE SCATTOLONI Mr. 8: Mrs. Keith Jones, 5732 Pintree West, Apt. K, Col- umbus, Ohio 43229 Joanne attended Ohio State University where she received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. She is a part- time social worker, as well as a housewife and mother of two children. Her husband, Keith, is a Landscape Archi- tect. JIM SCHALL Mr. James Schall, 329 Wakefoeld Drive, Hilliard, Ohio Did not respond. BILL SCHMIDT Mr. William Schmidt, 1506 Grenoble Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. SUE SCHNITTKE Mr. 8: Mrs. David Maxwell, 210 E. North St., Bethlehem, Pennsylvania 18018 Sue attended Ohio State for one year. A former Bank Teller, she is now a homemaker and mother of one daugh- ter. Her husband is a Branch Manager of the First Valley Bank. BOB SELFE Dr. 8: Mrs. Robert Selfe, Jr., 445 E. 68th St.,New York, New York 10021 Bob married classmate, Bonnie Henry, who is working as an assistant to the Fine Jewelry Buyer for Cartier while Bob is completing his Residency at the New York Hospital at Cor- nell. Bob received his B.A. from Muskingham College and his M.D. from Ohio State. Bob and Bonnie have one boy. KARL SHAFFER lVIr. 8: Mrs. Karl R. Shaffer, 12614 N. E. 31st St., Van- couver, Washington 98662 Married to the former Janice Sue Kohler, the couple has a two-year-old son, Alex. Karl received a Bachelor of Elec- trical Engineering and a Master of Computer and Infor- mational Sciences from Ohio State, and currently is a staff member with the Western Electric Company's Information Systems Division. He is a member of Eta Kappa Nu and has traveled to 29 states, Canada, Mexico and the Bahamas. DAVE SHARP Mr. David Sharp, 1791 Fishinger Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. CYNTHIA SHAWAN Mr. Sz Mrs. William G. Choate, 9107 Willowcreek Drive, Irving, Texas 75061 Married for five and a half years, Cynthia and her hus- band, Bill, are the parents of two children. She attended Ohio University for two years before marriage and the establishment of a Tupperware dealership. Her husband is the lot manager of a Mobile Home sales area. Before marriage, Cynthia studied for a year in Cologne, Germany, and during that time, traveled through most of Europe. GAYLE SHELTON Mr. Sz Mrs. Steve Lotte, 2802 Clifton Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Judy attended All Saints Jr. College for one year. She is now a housewife and mother of one child. Her husband is a Salesman. CAROL SHERIFF Mr. 8z Mrs. Richard A. Bavetz, 1932 Stonesgate St., West- lake Village, California 91361 Carol attended Ohio State for 114 years. She is now a homemaker, mother of two children and one year away from completion of studies to be an Interior Decorator. Her husband is an Airline Pilot for Continental Airlines. BLAKE SHEWMAKER Mr. Blake Shewmaker, 2076 Fountas Drive, Columbus, Ohio Did not respond. JOE SHULMISTRAS Mr. Joe Shulmistras, Jr., 24292 Spartan St., Mission Viejo, California 92675 Joe-attended Ohio State and Syracuse University and is working toward his degree in Computer Programming and Statistics at California State College at Fullerton. Prior to California, Joe was in the Air Force where he traveled to Germany, Japan, New York and Texas. GARY SHOOP Mr. 8: Mrs. Gary R. Shoop, 5780 N. High St., Worthington, Ohio 43085 Gary is working as a supervisor in ice cream production while completing his B.S. in Dairy Technology at Ohio State. Gary toured the U.S. and Southeast Asia courtesy of the U.S. Army. He married Betty Carol Evans and they have one child. CAROL SIGAFOOS Miss Carol Sigafoos, 1826 North Star Road, Columbus, .Ohio 43221 Did not respond. BILL SMITH Mr. William W. Smith, East 1204 Heroy, Spokane, Washing- ton Did not respond. CONNIE SMITH Mrs. Larry France, 231 Abbot, Worthington, Ohio 43085 Did not respond. JERRY SMITH Mr, Jerry Smith, 6477 Atlantic Ave., No. 218, Long Beach, California 90805 Jerry received his B.S. in Business from Ohio State special- izing in Marketing, and is currently working as a Sales Rep- resentative for Lord Baltimore Press. He served in the Army Signal Corps and was stationed in Georgia, Oklahoma and Massachusetts as well as Vietnam. LINDA SMITH Could not locate. MARCIA SMITH Mr. 81: Mrs. Jack M. English, 6020 Four Lakes Ave. Apt. IL, Lisle, Illinois 60532 Marcia attended Ohio State where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics. She is now a house- wife and mother of one child. Her husband, Jack is Assist- ant Merchandise Manager for Sears Roebuck. BILL SN YDER Mr. Sz Mrs. William Snyder, 2097 Springhill Road, Colum- bus, Ohio 43221 Bill is married to Arlington-grad Carol Albin and the couple has two children. He received a BS in the Arts from Ohio State University and went on to become Vice President in charge of sales for Mid-Continent Telephone Company. TOM SPECHT Mr. Tom Specht, 1550 N. Verdugo Rd., Glendale, Calif- ornia 91208 Tom is the Regional Contract Sales Manager for Continent- al Carpet Mill in California and has taken advantage of his location to travel the western U.S. and Mexico. He received his B.S. in Business Law from California State Univ. in Los Angeles. BRENT SPENCE Mr. Brent Spence, 425 Ena Rd., Apt. 701-C, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815 Brent lives in Hawaii, which is impressive enough in its own right, but also has the impressive title of Branch Mana- ger of the Honolulu office of McGraw Edison Co. He was granted an Associate Degree in Electronics from Ohio Technical College, and looks like a.shoo-in for a reunion award for traveling the greatest distance to attend. SHARON SPENCER Could not locate. BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert Bruce Springsteen, 1880 Greenwood Dr., Atlanta, Ga. 30071 Bruce attended Ohio State and is currently working as a Sales Representative for a steel mill. He is also serving in the U.S. Army Reserve in Atlanta. His, wife, the former Karen Oliver, occupies her time with their two children. JEAN STANTON Mrs. Carl E. Seymour, 5067 Roberts Road, Columbus, Ohio Did not respond. DAVE STEFFY Mr. David L. Steffy, 616 Strand, Manhattan Beach, Calif- ornia 90266 Dave is the holder of a BS from Ohio State and a Master of Hospital Administration from the University of Southern California. Unmarried, he works in the hospital adminis- tration field and is a member of the Army Reserve. JOHN STEGMILLER Lt. jg Sz Mrs. John R. Stegmiller, 4720 Haygood Rd., Virginia Beach, Va. 23453 Holder of the Navy Achievement Medal for Service in Vietnam, John is currently a Staff Consulting Engineer for the Norfolk Naval Base. A graduate architect from Ohio State, John and his wife, the former Carol Anne Pattison, a teacher, are expecting their first child in late summer. In addition to Vietnam, John has traveled through 14 coun- tries in Europe, Jamaica, Hawaii, Alaska, Japan and Canada. CAROL STEPHENS Mr. Xz Mrs. Michael F. Plunkett, 2623 J Barracks Rd., Charlottesville, Virginia 22901 Carol attended Stephens College and Ohio State University, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Social Welfare. She has completed 12 hours of graduate work toward her Master degree in Special Education. She is now a Social Worker, and writes that she has traveled to Europe and around this country. Her husband is an Archivist on the faculty of the University of Virginia. BARBARA STEVENS Mr. gl Mrs. Frederick J. Osgood, 2870 Hillwood Terrace NE, Apt. 6, Atlanta, Georgia 30319 Barbara attended Ohio State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Medical Technology. She is now a housewife and mother of one daughter, age 3. Her husband recently received his Master's degree. He is an Architect and City Planner. NADIA STOJANOVSKI Mr. 8: Mrs. James McGrann, 29th E. 3902-B-12, Bryan, Texas 77801 Our Argentinian exchange student is living in the States again--this time with her husband, James McGrann, a Ph.D. student at Texas A8zM. Nadia herself is also a student, working on her BA, and is expecting her first child in July. She has traveled throughout Europe and South America, as well as mainland America. BOB STONE Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert D. Stone, 1276 Ivanhoe Dr., E. Lansing, Michigan 48823 Bob lists his occupation as College Administration, Teach- ing and Research, while at the same time working to com- plete his Ph.D. at Michigan State University. Holder of a BA from Ohio State and an MA from Michigan State, he is also a member of the Army National Guard. Bob is married to the former Joy Chandler, a speech Therapist, and the couple has one child. They have traveled in Canada, Europe and Jamaica. MIKE STREBEL Mr. Michael Strebel, clo parents: 2593 Westmont Blvd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. PEGGY STREETER Captain Sr Mrs. Richard J. Christensen, 1701 Parkline Dr. No. 18, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15227 Peggy attended Ohio State University where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education, majoring in English and History, and was elected to Mortar Board and Chimes Honoraries. She is now a Substitute Teacher, housewife and mother of a year old daughter. She served as Chairman of the Delta Delta Delta Benefit for retarded children which was held this past spring. SHARON SULLIVAN Mr. Sz Mrs. Martin A. Coyle, 433 E. 21st Street, Apt. 433, New York, New York 10022 A graduate of Ohio State, Sharon works in her specialty, physical therapy, at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City. She and her husband, Marty an attorney with Cravath, Swaine and Moore, are expecting their first child on Labor Day. They have traveled in Europe, Jamaica, Guadaloupe and Puerto Rico and enjoy leaving the big city for weekend camping and skiing trips in their Volkswagen camper. Not violently anti-city, Sharon is happy to take advantage of the many civic and cultural activities in New York. CAROL SWANSON Mr. Sz Mrs. Gerald Wheeler, 5345 Harper, Apt. 108, Chica- go, Illinois 60615 , Carol attended Ohio State and California State College. She holds both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Arts degree in Home Economics, and was elected to Omicron Nu and Pi Lambda Theta honoraries. She is now a Teacher of Home Economics and Cooperative Food Service, and the mother of a daughter. Gerald is a Ph.D. student at the University of Chicago. Carol writes that she has traveled almost everywhere in the United States, Mexico and Canada. She and her husband traveled with their year old daughter through Scandinavia, Europe, England and Scot- land last summer. CAROLE TAYLOR Miss Carole J. Taylor, 510 West Grant Place, Chicago, Ill. 60614 Carole studied at Ohio State University before moving to Chicago to become a Contract Sales Representative for the Standard Oil Company. A busy big-city girl, she plans to open a gift boutique in October of this year. PATTY TAYLOR Could not locate. TIM TERRY Mr. Kr Mrs. Timothy W. Terry, 8590 Makassar Dr., Wester- ville, Ohio 43081 Tirrr and his wife, Mercer, are the parents of two children. Tim received his B.S. in Accounting from Ohio State and is now Director of the Data Processing Section of the Ohio Department of Finance. He served in the Army, spending most of his time at Fort Knox. KAREN THORNE Mr. 8a Mrs. Eric B. Zimmerman, 706 Seneca Rd., Rich- mond, Virginia 23226 Karen holds a degree in merchandising from Ohio State, and worked in the fashion field for Glamour and Vogue Magazines before marriage. A member of Richmond's Junior League, she engages in a host of civic activities and does some part-time modeling. She and her husband, Eric, Manager of the James River Paper Company, have two children. They have traveled in California, Europe, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. BILL TITTEL Mr. Sz Mrs. William Tittel, 2188 Bristol Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Bill spent the first 414 years out of high school in the Marine Corps, traveling all over Europe, the Carribean, and Central America and serving in the crisis in the Dominican Republic. He received an Associate Degree in Electronics after attending East Carolina College and Ohio State. He is working for Eaton Labs as a representative of their Medical Division. Bill married the former Rebecca Young and they now have two children. ERROL TOM Mr. Errol Tom, 348 Old Village, Columbus, Ohio Did not respond. PETER TOMASULO Dr. Peter Tomasulo, 514 N. Bond, Baltimore, Maryland 21205 Peter spent eight years at Johns Hopkins University getting first the B.A. and then the M.D. degrees. He served with the Public Health Service in Bethesda, Md. and is now a physician in Baltimore. J. DONALD TOMPKIN Mr. J. Donald Tompkin 229 Rider, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 Don was in the Air Force spending most of his time in San Antonio and Amarillo, Texas. He attended Otterbein and the University of Wyoming and is currently working as an accountant in Cedar Falls. JERRY TRUSTER Mr. Jerry E. Truster, 18th Medical Brigade, Fort George G. Meade, Maryland 20755 Holder of a B.S. from Ohio State and a J.D. from the Univ. of Tulsa, Jerry is now serving in the Medical Service Corps of the Army at Fort George G. Meade, Maryland. Jerry is single, and living the life of Cassanova with the Washing- ton-area sweethearts. ROGER VAGNIER Mr. 81 Mrs. Charles Roger Vagnier, 1247 Cranwood Sq. S., Columbus, Ohio 43229 Roger attended Ohio State and is now working for Anheu- ser Busch in Columbus. He was in the Army at Fort Knox, Kentucky. His wife, the former Nancy Weaver, spends most of her time with their first child. MARY JANE VANCE Mr. Kr Mrs. Eugene F. Grant, 870 East Camino Real, Boca Raton, Florida 33432 Mary Jane attended Ohio State University and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics in Busi- ness - Clothing and Textiles. She and her husband are expecting their first child. Gene is Manufacturing Repre- sentative for Kingsberry Homes Division of Boise Cascade. CECELIA VAUGHAN Mr. 8: Mrs. John McClelland, 1504 Jewell, Topeka, Kansas "Kiki" attended Ohio State and received a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture, majoring in Retailing, Home Economics, Textiles and Clothing. She is now a home- maker and mother of two childreng Joan, age 3, and Robert, age 1. Her husband, John, is Assistant Plant Mana- ger of Hill's Packing Company, a division of Riviana Foods. SALLY VINCENT Mr. Sz Mrs. Robert W. Blackmore, 433 Collins Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Sally married Worthington grad Bob Blackmore, an attor- ney in Cincinnati. She earned a BS in Elementary Educa- tion from Ohio State, a degree she has put to good use is tutoring children with learning disabilities in reading. She has traveled through Mexico and on an exchange program to Hiesca, Spain. Her current interests center mainly around artistic pursuits, horseback riding, yoga and sewing. CAROL VON HAAM Mr. Sz Mrs. Philip G. Kuehl, No. 33 - 1706 Mt. Pisgah Lane, Silver Springs, Maryland 40901 Married to classmate Phil Kuehl, an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the University of Maryland, Carol is a former Arlington elementary teacher. Holder of a BS in education from Ohio State, she is the mother of a daughter, Kristin. Carol and Phil traveled throughout Europe during the sum- mer of 1967, and have visited many states in mainland America. KAREN WAHL Could not locate. NICK WAITS Mr. K.: Mrs. Nick Waits, 156 Shewell Ave., Doylestown, Pa. 18901 Nick was at Ohio State seven years getting his D.D.S. and now has a Dental practice in Doylestown. He also spent time with the Air Force at McGuire AFB, N.J. Nick mar- ried classmate, Claudia Gidcomb, who taught school until their first child was born. SHARON WALCUTT Could not locate. BOB WALKER Mr. Robert L. Walker, 6433 Doubletree Rd., Scottdale, Ariz. 85253 The President of our Senior Class graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelors and a Masters degree in Archi- tecture. He lived for 114 years in Italy, then went to Asia Minor and India and worked for a year in Northern Thai land. He is currently an Architect-Contractor in Arizona. GARY WALTERS Mr. Sz Mrs. Everett Garrison Walters, clo AmConGen fBucharestj, APO New York 09757 Gary has attended OSU, George Washington U., and Bos- ton U. receiving his B.S. and M.A. in East European His- tory. He is now studying as a Fulbright Scholar in Hungary. He and his Wife, Barbara J. Gesell, are taking advantage of their location to travel over Scandinavia, Europe, Africa, Russia, and Asia Minor. FRED WALTZ Mr. 8a Mrs. Fred M. Waltz, 6-H Glenwood Village, Canton, Conn. 06019 Fred married Joan Montgomery and they have one child. Fred attended Washington Sz Jefferson College receiving his B.A. in Philosophy and is now working in Mutual Fund Administration while attending Graduate School at night. They hope to relocate in Europe within the next year. Fred is also active in tournament tennis in Connecticut. MARJORIE WATSON Mr. 8: Mrs. A. William Fleming, 7340 B Lowell Way, Goleta, California 93017 Margie attended the University of Arizona, the University of Illinois and the Universtiy of Wisconsin, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. She is now a house- wife and mother of one child. Her husband is a Professor. JIM WATTERS Mr. James N. Watters, 2430 N. Fourth Street, Columbus, Ohio 43202 Jim will be married July 24 to Judy Ann Boggs, "a Hilliard girl who has a beautiful little girl fConnie Joi from a pre- vious marriage." Jim attended Ohio State for three years and was in the Marine Corps Reserve until his release last year, attaining the rank of sergeant. He is the Manager- Supervisor of the All-Line Pet Center and runs his own rental properties, and he has built a 1400 sq. ft. home-on- stilts at Gulf Shores, Ala., as a vacation cottage for his parents. He enjoys scuba diving, deep sea fishing and has owned almost every kind of sports car made. KAREN WEARS Miss Karen Wears, 1716 Andover Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. KEN WEARS Mr. 8: Mrs. Ken A. Wears, 5120 Dublin Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43220 Holder of a B.S. in Business, Ken is now a real estate broker dealing in commercial and industrial properties. He married Leslie Seymour and their first child's name is Ty Leland. Ken also has a little brother with the Big Brother Association. Ken served in the Army at Fort Knox. KAREN WEBER Mr. 8: Mrs. Richard Fyock, 3400 Greenfield Avenue, Los Angeles, California 90034 As a stewardess, Karen has had one of the most impressive travel records of any member of the class. She has visited 40 states, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Majorca and six countries in Europe. Her husband, Dick, is Director of Conventions at Los Angeles' Century Plaza Hotel. Before becoming a stewardess, Karen attended Ohio State University. CHUCH WEGMAN Mr. Charles Wegman, 2483 Shrewsbury Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. JERRY WEHR Mr. 8: Mrs. Jerry A. Wehr, 3196 Kenyon Rd., Columbus, Ohio 43221 Jerry received his B.A. in Psychology from Parsons College in Fairfield, Iowa. He is a Credit Administrator for Bor- dens. His wife, Patricia Kurka, was a school teacher before their two children came along. Jerry also serves in the Ohio National Guard. JIM WERY Could not locate. JANET WEST Mr. Sz Mrs. Thomas Zimmer, 632 Providence Ave., Colum- bus, Ohio 43214 Janet attended Ohio State for one year. She was an Air- line Hostess for one year and a Travel Agent for another four years. In these positions, she has had an opportunity to see many parts of the world. She had been almost everywhere in the United States, and has spent time in Europe, Mexico and the Caribbean Islands. Her husband, Thom, is a Systems Engineer. They have a year old son, Eric. JOHN WHALEY Mr. John Whaley, clo parents: 3173 Mt. Holyoke Road, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. HELEN WHEELER Mr. 8: Mrs. Gary Swanson, 8836 W. Grand Ave., River Grove, Illinois 60171 Helen attended Ohio State University for one year before becoming an Airline Stewardess for Eastern Airlines. Naturally, she has traveled all over the United States fevery major cityj, and to Canada, Bermuda, the Bahamas, the Carribean, Mexico, Hawaii, Tokyo, and Hong Kong. She is now a Stewardess Supervisor for Eastern Airlines. She married Gary on February 27th of this year. He is a Stockbroker with Thomas gl McKinnon Auchincloss, Inc. STEVE WHITACRE Could not locate. TIM WILDER Mr. Timothy Wilder, 25 Manchester Place, 2-C, Newark, New Jersey 07104 Did not respond. ABBY WILLIAMS Miss Abigail Williams, clo parents: 8 Canterbury Village, Columbus, Ohio 43221 Did not respond. JACK WILLIAMS Mr. Sz Mrs. Jack Williams, 5424 Bromyard Ct., Burke, Virginia 22312 Jack received his Bachelors Degree in Architecture from Ohio State after attending the General Motors Institute for a year. He lived and worked in San Francisco, Hawaii, the East and West Coast of the U.S. and Southern Canada. As a hobby he makes and sells pen and ink drawings of the places he has lived, including German Village in Columbus. His wife, Linda Hassell, is busy with their "1+', children. MARILYN WILLIS Miss Marilyn Willis, 96 Fifth Avenue, N.Y.C., New York 10011 Marilyn attended Ohio University and Ohio State Univers- ity. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Educa- tion. She is now Head of Print Order for Sports Illustrated Magazine. JERRY WILSON Mr. Jerry Wilson, 950 Stoney Creek, Columbus, Ohio 43085 Did not respond. JIM WINTER Mr. 8a Mrs. James Winter, 143 Fourth Street, Medford, Massachusetts 02155 Did not respond. GEORGE WOLFE Mr. George Wolfe, clo parents: 3055 Glenrich Pkwy., Columbus, Ohio Did not respond. JEFF WOOD Could not locate. DAVE WORTON Mr. Sz Mrs. David M. Worton, 13235 Caldwell, Detroit, Michigan 48212 Dave attended Ohio State and is now General Manager for Burr, Patterson, 8z Auld. He also is an insurance agent and stock broker, having completed a special education fellow- ship from the Life Office Management Assoc. He married Carol Jean Frydrych and they have one son - David. MARTHA WRIGHT Mr. 8: Mrs. Kenneth Duane Johnson, 230 West Pacemont, Columbus, Ohio 43202 Marti attended Otterbein College in Westerville, where she received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Educa- tion. She is now Assistant Director of Public Relations for Swan Cleaners. Her husband, Ken, is a Draftsman for West- ern Electric Supply Sz Technical Training Center. KIRBY WYATT Mr. Kirby Wyatt, 26 Parsons Avenue, Columbus, Ohio Did not respond. BILL YARDLEY Mr. William Yardley, 3801 Grand Avenue, Shadyside, Ohio 43947 Did not respond. JUDI YOUNG Mr. 8z Mrs. Randy Livingston, 1712 Lincoln Road, Belle- vue, Nebraska 68005 Holder of a BS in Education from Ohio State University, Judi is a former teacher who spends her time now as a homemaker and mother to her 16-month-old son, David. Her husband, a graduate attorney, is completing a 4-year tour with the Air Force, and is currently stationed at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha. The couple is expecting a second child in October. DONN YOUNGER Mr. Donn R. Younger, 175-20 Wexford Terrace, Jamaica Estates, New York 11432 Another eligible class bachelor, Donn has done extensive traveling with the Eli Lilly Company, where he served in college recruiting, personnel, financial planning and phar- maceutical sales fields. Holder of a BS in Finance from Toledo University, he has attended Ohio State and Butler Universities part-time in pursuit of an MBA. He is a mem- ber of the Ohio Air National Guard and was activated dur- ing the Pueblo Crisis. JILL ZEISLER Miss Jill Zeisler, cfo parents: 1170 Sunny Hill Drive, Col- umbus, Ohio Did not respond. NEXT1 THE 25TH - Woxmri Qvnoq, SEE YOU IN 1986! ' MQW MJ , 0 iv 0 1, 0 14 06' 0 W v :V 0 ' 4 v a 516' by ' cf bmw? Accent on Youth V H ,S sixlh p genie Mot! g YM' . DOY' keg contrfidgmtetrotion X0 nyc! wdflqei QB Se BN Bets CWSS etlod l . Shar Miss Ron dc1I's Six, er h Period hand at . English clussfaxplicating pesky for On Anderson mes h Administra- Youth-in-Government Day and Senior tion Day gave everyone the opportunity to see U. A. youth in action! Headed by Bob Selfe, the honorable mayor, and Bob Miller, the vice-mayor, about seventy senior candidates took office in the government of their city with big ideas and the experience they had gained by attending city council and committee meetings for a month. Their term of office was one day. The agenda included a tour of the city, city property and buildings, and a mock city council meeting. At this meeting each person had the opportunity to express his opin- ion on the issues before the council. Afterward, a luncheon was served for Upper Arlington's Youth-in- Government at Scioto Country Club where former Ohio Senator Iohn Bricker spoke on our future in politics. On Senior Administration Day all the seniors had ct chance to sit behind those big desks they had been facing for twelve years. Some of them found the op- ' ' ' d'fficult, but all of the portunity exciting, some found it 1 ' A ' ' t d in Senior Administration seniors who participa e ' ' s ect, and under- Day gained a new appreciation, re p standing of their "party bosses," the faculty. P :Owen 1" 4 -as -.. ...ei ' 118. . S31 Pr- e .1 Youth-in-Government Day participants: Row one: Ken Wears fCouncill, Tom Chown tCouncilJ, Alice Carson fCaunciD, Bob Miller lvice-mayorl, Bob Selfe tmayori. Bob Walker tCouncill. Marcia Farr tflouncill, Don Miller lBoard cf Educationl, Ron Clawson fBoardi, Sarah Hays tBoardl, Frank Booth fBoardJ, lack Newlon fSuperin!endentl. Row two: Frank Iones, Scott Condit. Lucy Anderson, Margie Watson, Lynne Sanders, Phil Kuehl, Carolyn McCarty, Carol von Haam, Karen Thorne, Dick Dreiman, Marty Fergus, Chris Hazard. Row three: Ierry Adams, Nick Krier, lane Mills, Mary Lee Eigensee, Debbie Page, Marcia Manning. Carol Sain, Iudi Young, Peggy Erb, Ann Morral, Sarah Aplin. Row four: Fifi Reider, Nick Waits, Claudia Gidcomb, Ioe Shulmistras, Ron Kock. Fred MCGGVIGD, Ray Hoop, Mike Patton, Carol Stephens, Carol Liebermann. Row five: Bill Beebe, Ray Rogers, Dave Steffy, Bill Anthony, Fred Waltz. Bob Stone, Bill Cool, Dennis McKee, Betsy Dawson, Nada Stojanovski, Debbie Munger. Row six: Lynn Mann, Les Heitqer, Iohn Stegmiller, Bill Berwanger, Curt Roettig, Bonnie Henry, George Wolfe, Bill Keating, Mike Mandt, Pete Tomasulo, Ierry Truster. The newly elected members of Qurll and Scroll Row one Mary Lee Exgensee Demi Badger Claudra Grdcomb Karen Thorne Ahce Carson Debbre Page Iane Mxlls Sarah Hays Lynne Smtth Row two Shan Lewxs Mary Lzchtenberg Dlane Iones Eleanor Pepr Margre Ems Ann Morral Sue Nelson Sandy Hughes Sarah Aplm Row three Laurre Sxllms hm Patterson Phxl Kuehl lack Newlon B111 Keatmg Bob Mxller Dana Grre Peggy Erb Row tour Ralph Bresler Paul Drake Mtke Wrlson Dan Morse Don Hardy Ed van Cleef fi' kg ll Y ,fflxll 7 I 6 ff 6 40 , 1 x J Paul Drake lcenterl newly elected presrdent of the Student Councrl for 19611962 pauses wxth candrdates Rusty Rarey tleltl and lrm Walker trrghtl before embarkmg on a busy term of olhce Ll Pt s Peace Corps BN' ngtel 5 wee laltefh n Lewl M ,Y Reuxequle 5 Z Roberts new one ttles kde mm mel etecuonft usle BG Y Gmnciilottcer 169199 and Gulsnsucgiejttl 1 e egalivo Dcalxegdggemev hm 5 15 U me 0 ydsvlof uckelfe ox 0 1 Pt qltefnc Bob Ho L eq MCCOY qtel. ,eqer we rdelecl 1. 9 BGYYY gqtterndle Emerso taiemxtleegi tutteffmm 10 n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -1 31 11 1 M 1 1 - ' 1 Y 1 gi 1-11 1 I-1 V ' nf- x X - :T - - lg- 1 1 'f 'Q yt. lx f 5 ' 1 gc' ' 1, ., 7 . , ,ff - 27 0 J ,x Y lf 1 ,f ' if fn lx I 1 C . 'F jx 0 Z 1 A K -I 1 ff ' ' R I1 X 1 H -'H ' 1 19 - A 1 s 1 1 9 1 , 1 'L 1 1 5- 4 A-. - , . a l- . I . . ' l. ' . I U , - t dt 1' :S , ' . . 1 R B. EJ fel 1 1 KI B 3 1 4 i Ke n en- Wears Joy dQn .' Linda t 'ts assernbiy ai Honor Society a i Boop. Dick Kinney, us Frank Students initiated into on May 9: Bow one: Mary Lee Biii Cooi. Bob Seite. Nick Kiier. Dick Chechiie. Booth. Row two: Cynthia Magnuson. Ann Boehm, Nancy Caroiyn Fargo, Ceceiia Vaughan. Sandy Hughes, Ann Morrai. Kane Miiis, Xuiia Sprinkie. Row three: Ann Krieger, Sudy Hanna. Mary Beuwee, Gayie Beard. Xudy Graziani, Connie Srnith, Mary Cravens. ' Kathy Frost. Bobbie Boes. Lynne Musgrave. Row iourz Lytie iohnson. Harry Xacobson, Kiine Roberts, Biii Vaughan. Rusty Barey. Bob Hoidsworth. Emerson Berry Dave Hay. Xirn Waiicer. Absent: Caroi Lieberrnann. The U I1 ode, mem di bgfg of Cin g at S ado,-ns hlp Wreck Sherly I G' Sh Hldig . USQWQY .LY 111 APHII' Und D e Unis M L-Kee the 'Nation Brown. hay Marty Yerg , Sohner. O feet Ion N Of pqtion 'asia Q' H Ono The pufents O! the new membEf5 of Ndlio nal Honor Sociew wer e Quests G f the ass embly, -r En' R f S on K00Cie' ck. Y Isp SQ! Ph e oct h . Of the Or Qqniz 4. Qfion wrftitviv it "An Evening in Paris" was the theme of the 1961 Iunior-Senior Prom headed by co-chairmen Noelle Lewis and Paul Drake. The dancers entered to find themselves transported to the romantic capital of France with Pari- sian stores, sidewalk cafes, parks, and even the Eiffel Tower. The French atmosphere was completed by a truly French-looking artist who drew chalk portraits of the belles at the ball. Reigning over the festivities were senior king and queen. Don Miller and Carol Bloom, who were chosen by vote from the senior class. For the juniors, the dance brought an end to their long weeks of planning and work. For the seniors, it was a memorable climax to their year as candidates for graduation. O , fl, , I, .uf Qqgiifg R. t ' t . it . 1-M ' t- ,. , "71 f1 'Q J.V.g ,TA . X ii '?1, , , 5? QM' YT-.-3-.Q . -, is n I 'Url' ff -'A lgA 5fif -K . The King and Queen at the prom: Don Miller and Carol Bloom. X. " V ' el , r , W ff W, g I 1 , '-f A JI' 7 . .. 1 Jw , ' 1 Q T f 5 and me 0 I g L.Yf',.', ,,x, Relay Royalty: Emerson Berry, Mary Jane Powell, Doug Gudenkauf. Gayle Beard, Bob Selfe. Linda Adams, Sally Vincent, Ierry Truster, Iim Baas. Val Merrick. the Pdllnqxon 5 iof ld were on mn l W W r i ! it tl W fm H w. i r t. I 0 1 U lr H' ' 7 lghllghts of the first hundred days ,xg-lv, i the Northwest Kiwanis C105 Pfesems me Sharon Anderson, Mark Kuhner. lim McMasters, lay Poiiack, Brian Erb. O'Riordan, Ray Hoop. Ray Rogers, Bob Seite, Rick Konneker I receive recognition ior outstanding achievement on the National Merit Scholarship Test. k n 0 we me ard to PEGGY Lawrence . ciub's schoiarstnp GW ."wf'Ti'5fv3'l'77z'f?V', f ' 'ft .f '-51355-J' v - .4 4 gy- 1-'ffl-l ' ' t t 35- 2 -A A "t t H t tl Y 7 4 w v I P ' H .. 'rs ior ac- , , ii resents certihcates to S8910 , PrincmsagrgxgptgnPhkenggnio? schoiarstnp Test. our to r comp 15 Gu, Pt bfi Welv LUV' e' B ecdnd- fffeilgbsheffi Ch G 1 R osneu YAgee, Sara ow 0 1 . R Lowthellej susi , E n w - Lawrence I Idckm 10 Nrck Kriez. an Presents the Northwest Kiw Unis scholarshi P Gward fenn- 1 . OW Grimes' 220: jeg' Igndc ne L un. Ynn ' L II S-?f V' to tl, V" 14 W ,ff 'A- 1 , f S I Q 7' 11-fs X I , JL, Ju ' I li' gy 117' 1 i .tjQ,l,' Nagy 5: 00 if t , yfjf -N 1' t fff M W' X 7 'Zi 1 X r 1 t off to an unpromising start when they The 1962 Norwester cabinet members ge ' ' 1' fom the 1961 cabinet members. cl in Miss Randalls room for a brie mg r convene ' , Iohn Hildreth, joins the group. Publicity chairman Th - e Senior Concerg Choir I School Audi fcfium on Mg p esemed its Y 26 Qnd 29 Qnnllql Spying FBS , ' UVGI in the Iu Director Ro ert during its annual presentation of "Musicade. nior High b Ginther sees that "the band plays on" M ,o""Y 110 14 Depressed Area We Instructor Nick Moore prociors the unfortunate members of his analytics Class - all of whom had the dubious privilege oi taking iheir exam xx s X 1 4 -X iw, H111 nfzuusj . Per gllg rejives Y rheu f 2 be fomcmli 5 Xabo' ov C days O! Sophomore his was 5. au ew! Widx e faeom 510 9 TT' W' .ll ,131 X ...ll XQ U 1. Q . '11 I i-F, --if ill' 3' 'il ,x v 'i - 1 Iohn Neff. leaving his role as English teacher and assuming the role of bill collector, metes out fines to students who have given their textbooks hard usage. he ma POWQIS ll Q32 5 ld 131153 new xgzigirtmenl du semeslet ' WUIiq denang Gram ioin .semesterent durmgedt 1:29 hisfmy B econd +17 Peggy Erb demonstrates her high-pressure salesmanship in an effort to sell slightly used Norwester pictures to Bill Beebe. Mike Mandt, and Carol von Haam. 10 ,lt ' th 03096 X ec01' Track Row one: Bob Miller, Iack Newlon, Bob Cowman, lack Ley, Les Heitger, Lynn Mann, Ron Kock, Todd Adams, Ron Clawson, tcaptainl, Don Miller, Ierry Wehr, Aj Iones tmanagerl, Bill Anthony, Bob McKnight, Ken Clark, Tom Chown, Phil Kuehl, Dick Dreiman. Row two: Richard Larkin Ccoachl, Jim Hannahs, Jett Laylin, Bob Henderson, Ricky Cullman, Steve Erickson, Paul Ehret, Bill Bazler, Doug Gudenkaut, Dave Bowerman, Iohn Miller, Ron White, Dick Cummins, Major Crispin, Iim Dixon, lim Browning, Keith Nichols, Jeff Ridgeway Cmanagerl. Row three: Marvin Moorehead tcoachl, Iohn Neer, Tom Pace, Kiel Mandi, Dave Wells, Paul Hooge, Mike Casto, Dick Lundquist, Dave Stewart, Steve Walker, Phil Macaluso, Roy Robertson, Dave Grimm Jim Graham, Steve Walker, Ierry Iohnson. Row five: Marvin Croston fcoachi, George Throop, Chuck Ream, Steve Parker, Ierry Anthony, Lewis Gordon, Ted Kohr, Jack Harvey, Dave Cole, Bill Thomas, Dick Main, Paul Kuehn, Paul Smith, Tim Revell, Larry Green. Row five: Iim Davis, Dan Armel, Paul Iuskalian. Bob Merritt, Lloyd Filer, left Ricks, Mike Johnson, Ielf Heuss, Bob Milligan, Louie Dragoo, Bill Deck. Iim Grubb, George Miller. Larry White. The Arlington track team completed a most successful season this spring -- un- defeated in 7 dual meets, second in the C.B.L. relays at Whitehall, and second to Worthington in their own relays at the high school track. The greatest thrill of the year was a Bear victory over Worthington. The Card- inals eventually won the C.B.L. and Upper Arlington relays, but were edged in a duel meet at Arlington. In the Little Three Meet at Grandview, Bexley scored 29V2 points, Grandview 26. but were humbled by Arlington's 89 Vz. The Golden Bears also finished tenth in the Ohio Wesleyan relays, comprising many oi the best teams in the state. The Arlington records were smashed as distance men Ron Kock 14:40.07 milel and Bob Miller Cl:59.6 half-milel set new records. .1 Good luck to next year's captain Bill ' 'Alf Bazler and the rest of the Upper Arlington track team. Richard Larkin lcoachl talks with Ron Clawson Ccaptainl. Marvin Moorehead tcoachl, and Marvin Croston tcoachl. Q i Mike Patton, Bill Anthony, Ron Clcrwson. Man in Space S ' " W Spccemcm Bob McKnight leaves the launching pad as Tom Chown and lack Newlon look on in awe. 12 Ron Kock, Bob Miller, Les Heitger XX XX RX XS Jack Ley, Dick Dreimcm. Ierry Iohnson. 5... W I Gp, . l Q31 ff' UQQH M Jerry Wehr. Mandi, Phil K I ,fy Bill Beebe ico-captainl Ba ball For the second straight year, Upper Arling- ton won the Central District Baseball crown as ace lelty Mike Cooper, going all the way. won his sixth game oi the year. In the Regional opener. the Bears were edged by Reynolds- burg 4-2, as Cooper lost his lirst game of the year. The Golden Bears met Bexley on Memorial Day for the C.B.L. championship. Again it was Mike Cooper going for the Bears. Bexley came up with four runs in the first inning, but Mike settled down and muffled the Lions the rest of the way. Meanwhile, in the sixth and seventh innings. his teammates began blasting the ball. Emerson Berry, Bill Beebe, Iell Drake, and Geolf Kabealo added the score ing punch and victory belonged to Arlington 5-4. Co-captains Paul Durrant 1.3691 and Bill Beebe C23 R.B.l.'sl hit well tor Arlington, but it was junior Emerson Berry's .402 that led the team. He set an Arlington hitting record with 33 base-hits. Cooper had a fine 7-l record for the season, but Tom Mattingly and Ron Kitchton were right behind Mike. Hon was 5-2 for the year and Tom was 4-2, including a brilliant no-hitter against Whitehall. In the C.B.L., Arlington was 10 and 2, and 1747 overall. All-C.B.L. honors went to Bill Beebe tssl, Paul Durrant fcfl, Emerson Berry CZbJ, Ierry Truster tlbl, and Mike Cooper. Mike Burnett. Dave Hay. and Tom Mattingly received honora- f g' ' .19 Paul Durrant ico-captainl ble mention. Pitcher Tom Mattingly will captain Arling- ton next season. Good luck to Coach Pete Corey and the Golden Bears. . 7 'i Ct., Q I, 1 4' . f-1 e- - Qs af. of . -i' . V-X-f ' I .du .f .vu "Q "' W. B ' M P' 5 A ' 5 'SV A 2 - - .5 xx., ' ' I , " T cya t Q' A, aj ew f f 1 M ,, .t... fy . ' ,r i 'aff lf H f A f? I Q f I -- ' A 1 - f . - - A 'H s 1 . .- .---u f ' ' ' I -- Y I -'r -'I A 5 b' 6 V ff l E l w '.-...g 1 vu' "- .X -- -.. 4. , FF. . . , ' levi.. i' V! 1, j 1 X If-t-f . 4 w 51- "ffl df-W9 me 64 ' ' l Ay , f t "T,- aug, .s .- , -' v- it me -' A .nw G2 .1 4 A f B t A .2- f '. f J ,A A . " .Q ' 1 Q ' 1 .. N i k. ,4 . -gsygrgg V J , -, ., ' , 'I N ' .iv f X , 4- 'f i n 6 r..2Wow75 . . g l L V34 if N x '1-VI, A 4.5 4:5 Q X, X 1370? ly - V gif' I Ig gl.. JS-31.2 : I V - A A ' is t - . H lex A B -"W .J .i lil, . . , , Ft We al.-1. 1 ' . M - 1343" milf ' 1. n ' 1 is I 5 i ' .S-., "l l ' rl' 21 ,V , 4 fiihw 4 "I -WAKE . ' er"'f.'-A l".if-..,g1,A.ggt,ifS-Ti':l5'c" ' N' " 2-tflfii' " A ' A ' ' ."Fif'x"'T.1", '. 1 -f'."fY---"""""?- 1 " ' .LA . - 1 1, 'PQ , ' .'-9 :-Q7'Qi 'EYE' ' Q - .- ' . 0-' ' ' i ' v'24fftik5""f:Mp+3'5ff,fJffQpiff'-:WirQQ-'.1 Mill e 'Qiutsfvaif . A -4-lgegj- , Sg t f gg f MQ? ,,,,..,:ig,i 'Kglnl' . t inf.: . h. f.Lf4w?' -.'-" e' 1 -t4, . - . -J' Fi, vig, -fa -". K if, A ...f V ' we-rv - .1 ff - ff: fkee- '- 1 rx,-. -,.f"-,-f L ' .. 5' 421+ 'L ' - '-.ww .fg'.:f. --.f xggiw' f- A "- , "fTy7?' -fi"'3i::'-1?',. 5f"'1-- ' . f C':'..f-8:14 - 'HW 'nth t. ' V . .. rn., -'- -:meg 1 ' - . - "'1?":1'f'fI"A' .-gf..-1 1: 51, ' - -313:42 -:I 'i"1f fo-.-., - '35 -K ,,a7fw,.,Q, "win fynt-rr-:4Q ' U " I 'h . iii ' 'V' A 4 j,1.jiq1,, qliimbg I in LL . 1 if ' 'QQ' ' ' . I - 'rfelbrf lull. l. " -I - f.t,,!s' l- "1 . v 1 i Ts- '-f"T'fu"wli1f' .gl:fNsm5 ns .nr Sewing- -'Ng,:,,,,.l-gas, . . '1 w .1-Jiwvb f-.. . rf. is .. ff-fa. .A 1, " L, "' ' fl' - ' - 1 I-1 .' ,- H 'H , f ' .A J flu- 1 . - . ' f JA- N Q,y42g5L194L . ' 1 -' . "' , - f- -. ,QA3.-E'f?Af-E7Ilaifi!'xllk25'liLG'A'l mi .vi + t .- Row one: Pete Corey lcoachl, Fred Waltz, left Drake, John Stegmiller, Ron Kitchton, Mike Cooper, Ierry Truster. Bill Beebe tco-captainl, Paul Durrant tco-captainl. Row two: Ken Overholt tmanagerl, Larry Addison, Emerson Berry, Tom Mattingly, Mike Bumett, Geoff Kabealo, Bruce Larson. Iohn Pitcher, left Coltey, Dave Hay, Tim McHenry tmanagerl. 14 x rf-lg-, E- Mike Cooper xg V ,Ig Ie!! Drake Q . V Ron Kitchton EM QR? 'F' iz Nislgsr- M Riff Iohn Stegmiller 'amide Fred Waltz T --F . 4. Ai-5 Z 5-'why-...A,K-ul -, ,,3.::,1.i-.A , Jerry Truster 15 . 1 , " '- 127115-' .u Led by senior co-captains Bill Snyder and Bill Durrant, the Upper Arlington golf team blazed their way to another phenomenal season to add to the al- ready glory-laden record of U. A. golf. With Bill Snyder, Bill Durrant, Gary Adler, and Ieif Wood all averaging around 80, they had little trouble in win- ning both the city league and C.B.L. titles. They were undefeated in both leagues, but were tied in one C.B.L. match. Their final record was 17 wins and l tie. The team finished fourth in the state, winning it the year before. Ioe Ray will captain the Golden Bears next year. Bob Snyder, Iohn Grout, Charles Durrant, and Stu Eagleson will be the returning lettermen. Since the golf team was organized, it has played 252 matches - - won 240 and tied 3, a fabulous record to say the least. Next year's swingers will un- doubtedly better this mark. Go If . gs:-55 , ff' -1 19' el fx X l x . l X left Wood, Bill Durrant tco-captainl, Gary Adler, Bill Snyder tco captaml Tenn: The Arlington Tennis Team continued its winning ways throughout the spring schedule as it polished off 15 straight opponents. After edging Academy 3-2, the Bears found little trouble in handling the remainder of the teams they faced. Marc Rinehart, captaininq the racke- teers, was runner-up in this district, while Bucky Byrne and Tom Mansfield Won the doubles. Bucky and Tom went to the state championship and were de- feated by the eventual state champs. The first city tournament was held on the Arlington courts this spring. Arling- ton again came out on top as Tom Mansfield took the second singles championship, Marc Rinehart the third singles and Dan Spies and Don Stone first doubles. Bucky Byrne and lim Walker were elected as next year's co-captains. With Marc Rinehart the only player graduat- ing, Bucky Byrne, Tom Mansfield, Iirn Walker, Tom Baker, Dan Spies, and Don Stone could equal the fine season by the 1961 Golden Bears. ,r - :E ,. L U, 3, Q,-if-.yi 4 ,1 ,H ffl! 1 A " Dave Shelby lcoachl, Tom Baker, Iim Walker Dan Spies Bucky Byrne Tom Mansfield Marc Rinehart Ccaptaml Dan Stone X 17 .A.A. Sprin Sports Tennis Team' Row one: lean Carson, Frankie Liebermann. Peggy Erh. Bonnie Henry, Debbie Page, Pat Taylor, Kathy Frost, Cathy Lephart. Sh lt S sie Sharer, Ann Krieger, Sherry Row two: Barb Patten, Mary Reuwee, Iill Anderson, Mary Lee Brown, Barb Brown, Susie u z, u Fishel, Chris Anderson, Golf Team: Kathy Kern, Patty Lawless, Iody Boyer, Pat Taylor, Sherry Fishel, lean Carson. JAJN Banquet The S c1audiZefg2Zfs' Table. Janet A C ' N' nne Lynn. omb, Betsy Dqwggihkgil Carol von HQ ' 9 - Um If' vf x.tsr 2.1 Q. sled? .a iff "Coach" Wilson and versatile lean Carson hold one oi the many well- 'L ,.-J fry nshez, M,sj gms cqfsonl MIS I E - . Y Shelby, Anil.gIeFCYll:ei?l?' On May 15, GAA. convened for the last time at a banquet in the high school cafeteria, which was decorated to resemble a circus. After the banquet Mrs. lane Wilson, physi- cal education instructor, presented numerous awards. Trophies for having accumulated more than 1300 points were awarded to Mary Lee Eigensee, Karen Hobbs, Pat Taylor, and Carol von Haam. Ieanie Carson was named the out- standing sophomore: Sandy Fitzgerald, the out- standing junior: and Mary Lee Eigensee and Pat Taylor, the outstanding seniors. The officers who will preside at 1961-1962 caucuses and conventions are as follows: Sherry Fishel, president: Sandy Fitzgerald, vice- president: Noelle Lewis, secretary: and Lynn Musgrave, treasurer. ircus WGS 'JOY' deserved awards presented to lean at the banquet. The C 1 S nior morga bord 1541... Iim Kingcade, Sally Russel, Brent Ferguson, cmd Bob Cowman at last reached the front oi the long line at the Senior Smorgasbord. ,.Xv- s 'N 1. C 3 - On April 29 the first of the senior parties 'V V , if '. ' - w began with a smorgasbord, sponsored by the -' ' parents of the seniors, at the junior high school cafeteria. After partaking of the food - - bounte- ous in quantity and delicious in quality - - many ' seniors danced while others played cards. By ten o'c1ock the seniors had re-assembled at Fiesta Lanes for a bowling party. By midnight the tired bowlers were ready to call an end to the evening's fun. ,... iw ff M fx ' 5 "1" 'fi' f '- .1 A-L ?Cf'3.G.' J f 1 I' 1 M t i '13 1 I Wg' v'f:,5,'l"l, 1 I 'mise fi t I, 4 , fr K 52:1 ' F I In rrfffiri .Aj u ! .ff I ' ' fy-'P' Q V 0 t X F ,,' cnrr ,, ff r 104 " '-'- .s,q -'MQ '-' 3 Prospective graduates inspect senior hall, traditionally decorated by the sophomore class. S nior Ass mbl On Friday, Iune 2, at eight-thirty a.m., as Mrs. Iane Wilson played the organ processional, the Class of 1961 filed slowly into the gymnasium for the tradi- tional Senior Day Assembly. Sara Hays gave the invocation and led the Pledge of Allegiance. P.T.A. scholarships to the best students in the various departments were announced by Principal Ioseph Dorff. To climax a year of 'hard work and deadline-dodging, Alice Carson present- ed the Norwester to the school. Mike Patton introduced our Argentinian stu- dent, Nada Stojanovski, and gave her a present from the senior class. Nada be- stowed a flag of Argentina on the school, and Iill Zeisler left us with a French flag as a momento of her six months of study in France. Lance Shreftler conferred the McCul- lough award on Alice Carson, whom the faculty elected as the most outstanding school citizen. Introducing the Class of 1961 was president Bob Walker, and new class president lim Walker signed the role of senior presidents, officially registering his class. Then Carol von Haam and Dick Borel read the class history, recalling occasions and bringing back memories we will never want to forget. Charles Will gave the Class Charge, counseling us to be true to our highest standards and to society. In our last few minutes as seniors, lack Newlon pronounced the benediction and led the singing of the Alma Mater. Rathbone Ranch, Baccalaureate, the long rehearsals and finally Commence- ment itself still lay ahead, but as we left the assembly we could hear the Class of 1962 shouting, "We are seniors, mighty. mighty seniors." The Class of 1961 had departed. The election was over. S R Alice Carson, winner of the McCullough award, receives congratulations from Lance Shrefiler -- look closely, you may see the winner! Mike Pat tl .Xi ton presents a gift to Nada Stojanovski. '27 Nada Stojanovski and Iill Zeisler respectively present the flag ol Argentina and the flag of France to the school. 21 Baccalaureate I-I1 Y To the solemn strains of "God of Our Fathers," 334 seniors iiled slowly into the high school gym- nasium ior the Baccalaureate service of June 5, 1961, at three p.m. The Reverend Arthur Sanders gave the invocation. After a vocal duet by Susan Dobbins and Amelia Reider, Sarah Hays read the scripture. Donn ,L -, 241-llffiigijii Wf 0 tl W ll'-5 jffjlf r at ', ' ' aff Qqp' us' ,f i 'H-ing B ? Younger played a trumpet solo, "Panis Angelicusu: Deborah Page sang "I May Never Pass This Way Again." The Reverend Eldred Johnson oi St. Mark's Episcopal Church spoke on hope in the present world. The Reverend Iohn R. Bear pronounced the benediction. 'J -O , . , 4 NY , 5' Tlx Comm C ment On Iune 7 at eight o'clock in the evening, 334 candidates, robed in the traditional blue and white caps and gowns, marched into the senior high school gymnasium to the strains of "Pomp and Circum- stance" for the 1961 inauguration. After the invocation by Iack Newlon, Superin- tendent Walter B. Heischman made the opening re- marks. Class president Bob Walker's welcoming address was followed by a selection of the band. "Victory at Sea." Iudy Graziani, salutatorian, talked on "Coffee Break in the Ivory Tower." Following Iudy's address, the Upper Arlington Senior Concert Choir sang three favorite numbers: "God of Our Fathers," "Climb Every Mountain," and "You'll Never Walk Alone." After these musical selections, Nick Krier, valedictorian, in his talk "Why Does a Man Sneeze at Noon?" instructed each candidate to sneeze once before midnight. Following Nick's address, Ioseph A. Dorff, high school principal, presented the Class of 1961 to Clair Fultz, president of the Board of Education. The high- light of the inauguration came when the individual candidates were handed their diplomas by Mr. Fultz and were thereby sworn into a lifetime endeavor to fulfill their "Upper Aims." After Mike Patton pronounced the benediction, the candidates retired to the strains of "Pomp and Chiv- alry." The inauguration was over. x.--X .Irs 'PS ', 1 o f f A Nuff My-1" I The lnau ural Ball Sc The last round of inauguration festivi- ties was the party for the graduating seniors at Scioto Country Club. After being checked at the gates by the Secret Service, the Class of 1961 began its final celebration of high school days. A buffet supper, con- sisting of fried chicken, hamburgers, potato salad, tossed salad, relishes, and cake and ice cream, was served before midnight. Following the supper, some of the gradu- ates danced to the music of Ioe Susi and his orchestra, while others played bridge. Autographing Norwesters was another popular activity. At three a.m., after singing the "Alma Mater," "Iingle Bells," and other classics, the youngest alumni of Upper Arlington High School left Scioto Country Club for parts unknown. The inaugural ball was over. ,"g'? " sa ,i 1- , - 4, l .Zio , 7 ef fggftgg 25240 u ' ' Poll' 055.60 A P '70,f,.' . 'ffvffy 7:74-I, ff 405 f,, , -mr 1 .sq , " ,E 2 : 'I - -- 3, W 5 in Q gg 'gil il 4: mini i 'Qui F . f- .2 ' . fn , v :af g f MV-E311 I v ' - f I- AL 11 1 . 'tw 'S AQ lx- - L' - u I 1 . I. Y -, if' if 5 'Gyms ' f"5 ' I? "1" 1 Ne' if AG sq fl Q ' w 'f x' Q6 1. - s 'I f- - ' f V 41 fa!- A , . -7. 4 . 1' . v , ' ' ' s 1 X, N, s Q J 5 J .xi 4- f f . 4 ' -5 . v a -4 ' I, .', 4 1 A n - U I ' ' ,A ,, x r . 4- ' ' -- W W + V - Di W -'v 7 . as , ' 5 5' 1 5 , , ,, 'jm A ' , W 'f , ' i -ru' 1' 'GV' xxx' ' , 51 3,1 ,f , . ' , fs ' . , X ,s. , X 0 3- z T 3 A , ' 'wi 5,4 B2 l U - 'Qui wi! 1 4. R V 5 gs ,fd Q , an A 'sf Q x N 0' 1 5" -49 . 1 . M ,.- --1 1 11 f Q 'I in if Q 5 v ,, i -,ygwf L.. X .9 ,v . s g . s Q if - " , , " Ha, ' 'f 5-3' 1 s na -'xiii . + -g , , f' fe- as " ,Q L ,av CAM I 1 '- 0 1 iv,

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