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OIHO 6N0.L9NI-IHV 2:IEIcIclf1 u Q 2 3-. 'lo go rf vu r 3 :IO MJD -Mlf. fwfr? .5 f Q 'A 1. A 1. F E W Q in f -li! J 1 . UIT-1 5E X 5. lla! I -- ffl, I, N I 'S r J I QF' UL K I 'J :DJ I I X L I 4 3 5 . I -mjg ,. I x E L. FF-YIIWKVJZ ' if'-V FL JI. ,I ' Il,1fLl- ' ,1 JJ' ..1..--- 54 VD. .JI ,YW Q I Ix 5 I E! E1 mmm' E L U' W ma WH S' I nailz I B I I if n 'lf .lnlb ,,. ., .-,.-, ,. .,.. .,..-. .,. .,...-.-...-.l...L....- tg.. 1 ,1 1 1 1 1 lp rw, 1 1: 1 1. I 11 I 1? A 1 11' 1 1 ' tl' 4 kb x. 1 -v -1 ,J 15 41 si-11 1 J' J- 3:21 Y ' -H pair" ' ' A S' ' - .1 1 il Nf l 1 g - . - 1 1 -11 .j.:igf1.m-' V W 1.. 'T "1 jk' Q 41 W 'f "VE P 5' Ai ' 1 1' 52: L1 1 'S 1 , ' ' . 1 11' ' ' 1 . ' W 3 ' ,, 151 ff 1 - 1 lf 'V K 1 1 ' 1 1.1 , 1 ' 1' ' 1 1 6 1 1 ' N U 159 E. 1. 1 1 39 ,i I 3 i 11- iQ 'aw 1 E 1 gg M1 1 the 1956 D X W .J V Presented bg The Senior Class oF Upper Arlington High School Columbus, Ohio We, the class of 1956, dedicate this Norwester with gratitude, homage, and affection to that which has been the symbol of our education for so many years-our high school building. si 'l fm av ,L .,, 7 , I f, , 1 " 4 4 , .,, ', 1. E M if 1 ,1 .. , f Q 532 p , 'fi J, 4 fue Zff 1 ' 2, 2 Q 1 Q ,L 4 . W 'oz Z 1 K. W :f , 'gfigff , , 4 ' fvfwwan if 1 f iw , 2 ' 4 Y ' 442' A symbol is a representation which does not aim at being a reproduction - a visible sign of something invisible. Longfellow once said, ' "All things are symbols: the exter- nal shows of Nature have their image in the mind." As books are the symbol of education, as the cross is the symbol of Christianity, as the lion is the symbol of courage, so may this, our Norwester, be the symbol of our lives during these few years at Upper Arlington High School. f QQ' D' ' 1 Q s- 2 L ,v J -f 'Tiff' fy ff f w ' 1 I W ,sin I '1 I x l X 35 fl, fy W' l Page Fw , , y ,J ,' S--. " 2210- 'ifl iff-Eiiif 3932 fi, J ' , ' li-2' fi 11,5941 L'- ff ' 1f'1:'f'5?i? ig.:-E-QL" 'T' -Q.: W f - -f"'-:.'v- -f-X-:fr V- , Y-,.-f, ,.-.H V .- -V - V ., f-ff. v-1.-'ff 2- :M Qqlfgz: 1531 Q..-f '::l:f::':f:i5124fe,gpg-ag::'5:.:1E,i:,E,g,5::-3- 4 f 1 f ,F A ' ' - - -?:5'L2L' 11:4-.iff-if 1ewe 12f,?iifa:f:f:i'l2 I , Y, Y YV ?rg,-f5f:zf:-g,,3gggliilg 1 3 rj I Q lI1Il1lS l'll IOII . Clge A cl ' ' I I ' P ll . I 6 . emors . . . . . . Page I . K III. undef! KISS ell . Pilge 42 I1 I 'I . 6 0 IV. c o as les . . . Page 0 fflvl IBS 0 0 0 0 0 ug A ' ' I ' P 6 4 I1 I . I 8 6 VI. AI Iles . . . . . Page . VII. A ver lslng . . . Page I' ' I 120 I , i ' V ' ,'-Y , I T 1- ' -L Qgifya '-fi? 5 f- - --::.2a:1 iff?.2-f . 'iff 1Q7t':'?'l" Q" -" - X AQUumimisE1m1EHiQun X! f S ? 4 - I I CSTV my A F . my QLJQQQJUQMQUUQJQQUM Page Eight MR. WALTER B. HEISCHMAN EQFEEUGEQJQJU Mn. Josm-1 A. nonrr Qolrfol Qi? EQUQJGQJEHEQUQ Q 3 in - Seafed llefi' fo righllz Mrs. Mary Lou Niple, Dr. Ralph S. Sfancling: Mr. Waller B. Heischman, superinfenclenl' of schools, Liclclider, presiclenfg Mrs. Bernice Lund, Mr. J. S. Collins, clerlr- Mr. Ben K. Williams, Mr. Thomas J.. Lasley, school business freasurer. manager- Absenf: Mr. W. W. Williams, vice-presidenf. QQ Q A Q -1 QW' Seafed ileff fo righil: Mrs. Reginald Tesfamenl, Mrs. Gusfave S+anding: Mr. A. L. Guesman, Mr. Myron Bishop, Dr. Charles Poesch, Mr. Joseph A. Dorff, Mrs. Marshall Fonfana, Mrs. John Deishley, Mr. Dale Miller. DF- C- R- Mdl'lKWO0d. Mr- Lance Sform- Shreffler. Page N ine Fclullly Mr. Marvin Moorehead, driver +rainingg Mr. Michael Kish, mechanical clrawingg Mr. Roberl' E. Lewis, inclusirial arfs. Page Ten if fm' ', s ,-,A ' ' " . " , . l i, duff , Q? -Q ' " W -- 5 Mr. David Shelby, physical educa+iong Miss Shirley Chick, physical educafion. 15 m e in X , Miss AnneHe Jackson, business educa+ion Miss Kalherine Glick, business ecluca'l'ion BeHy Guriey, French, English: Joan Jones, French. Z W' if , If Mrs. Donna Turner, arf: Mrs. BeHy Woolperf, home economics, and sewing. Mr. Herberr Yenser, vocal music: Mrs. Lois Alien, vocai and insirumeniai music: Mr. Roberf Giniher, insirumenfai music. Page Eleven S Miss Bernice Rea, librarian: Miss Vera K. Randall, English, Miss G. Ellen Mann, English, journalism. Mr. Ray Moyer. maflwemaiicsg Mr. Darrel Rumsey, mailiemaiics, l'leal+l1 science, Mr. Lowell Guesman, maihemaficsg Mr. L. L.Jaclcson, ma'I'l'1ema'l'ics. Page Twelve FGJGLUJUE M , E Kaaoevis Nebster FQ: inside. New c..,f1 N0-l lrlov-lcl as ff' L-"-9: 5 oaaamiy ,D 1' 0 i , ani if :-'-..T.."- Mr. James Llpham, biology, general science, Mr. F. James Lambourne, biology: Mr. N Mick- on ei-.or as F l . Q ' uv. 1 1 , 3 Tl.- Mr. James B. Miller, American hisforyg Mr. Richard Larkin, world hisfory and social science: Mr. A. J. McCullough, social siudies. X oberi' H. Cavlns, chemlsfryg lr. Leon F. Bowman, physics, chemisfry. Nj' D 5 1 l .EU W: i "x 4 Mr. Ellis Luiz, English, Mrs. Marilyn Howells, American hisfory and English: Mrs. Helen P. Tanner, English. Page Thirteen Faculty Miss Margrelf C. Schullz, La'I'ing Miss Mildred Wagner, Lalin and Spanish: Miss Judilh E. Whilney, Spanish. Business Manager Mr. Thomas Lasley Page Fourteen Mr. Lance Shreffler, speech, debale, dramalics and social slucliesg Mr. Charles G. Will, English. I Mrs. Mildred Koch School Nurse Mr. J. Bailey Bush, alfendance and 1'ex'l'loooks. Mr. Les'rer L. Jackson, manager of acfivify accounfs l l bfffff , . H L l .::. L' M ,a a f a a a , el'-if M Q W '- 1-- ef- '1 iv.. Mrs. Alma Payne Beck, secrefary io business manager: Mrs. Marie Smifh, School Board Bookkeeper: Mrs. Eleanor Cappel, secrefary io superinfendenl. V1 Mrs. Marion Hall, secrefary 'lo high school principal, Mrs. -Joyce Cox, assis+an+ secrefary. Page Fifteen Semieoifs Senior Class Officers Left to Right: Bob McWilliams . . . President Sy Sherman . . . Secretary A John Joseph . . . Vice-President Steve Williams . . . Treasurer The Class of 1956 found that hard work and diligent leadership must accompany the fun and the prestige which make the senior year such a memorable one. Bob McWilliams, president, John Joseph, vice-president, Sy Sherman, secretary, and Steve Williams, treasurer led the class in their many fund-raising projects to finance the Norwester. These projects proved to be as time-consuming as the Junior-Senior had been. Tri-Village Studios was the photographer for the Nor- wester, which was headed by Larry Grubbs, editor-in-chief, and Miss Vera K. Randall, adviser. Pigskin Preview, the dance after the Preview game, marked the beginning of the seniors' efforts to get their financial affairs off to a promising start. During the year various projects were undertaken, such as paper drives, sale of Golden Bear stationery, canvassing Arlington for Booster Club memberships, and selling concessions at basketball games. Sales tax stamps became tickets to Miss Page Eighteen f jf 4 Randall's English classes as the seniors lived up to the motto, 'Till your container once every two weeks." What underclassman could ever forget those philanthropic bake sales at 3230? Homecoming highlighted the fall's activities when Judy Smith was chosen 195575 queen and Rachel Colby, Joan Albin, Lucy Pugh, and Mickey McSwain reigned with her at the game and homecoming dance. Term papers caused the traditional headaches, but when December 9 rolled around all the seniors had. miraculously created works of literary genius. After the term papers the seniors and their parents settled down to a week of complete relaxation. The class combined their final efforts to produce the senior class play late in the spring. Senior Day, the class picnic, graduation parties, baccalaureate, and iinally com- mencement exercises climaxed the many unforgettable ex- periences which are a part of every senior year. Joan Albin Joan Richard Williams Argo Dick Carolyn Marie Baker Bake M, jim V ' i Donna Sue Baker Donna Joseph Manley Berwanger Joe Joseph Vincen+ Bliss Vince 4 Paul Arlhur Eliza befh Norvell Baker Belly Eliza befh Be+sy Aschinger Belsy Richard Arfhur Bearse Dick Jon Richard Blylh Jon Page Nineteen Mary Ka+hryn Bol+on Mary Kay X 4 , 1 i, 2 X 4 ffm X ze Helen Marie Buchanan Helen Alfred Sfillman Cochran Tim Page Twenty Philip James Boswell Phil "V V s. , M 144 jf, fy 1 ff if Adelaide Beckman Breen Becky Philip Thomas Carfer Phil Eleanor Anne Bruce Ellie Karen Chris+ensen K.C. Thomas Carson Byall Tom Rachel Ann Colby Rachel Charles Frederick Collins Chuck Sandra June Conrey Sandy Roberi' Ray Cummins Bob Jean Pafricia Corcoran Pai Edward James Couglnlin Jeg is Vfrzvv' Kina.-f Clyde William Dawson, Jr. BH Frank Williamson Denzel Bill Karen Elaine Cowles Kacey Kenne+l'1 lvlerlyn Deeds Ken I James Richard Dennis Jim Yvonne Nancy Devroude Dewe Page Twenty-one ff Pafricia Ann Dooley Pal Lewis Charles Dulin Lew Linda Lou Dorff , ,V Marfha Helen Eclcelberry Mariy w Z Daniel Merri++ Duncan Dunc ,y 41, ,.f-, Q . , ' 2' 7 ,Q I f f , , ' if f ,..,, ,L F L I .14 Hf -"" ' Y' ' ', Zz' 1 , f f 15 Rosser Brophy Ed wards Alberia Virginia Edwards Berlie an Richard Leroy Eisenman Page Twenty-two Rick Sarah Eliza beih Edwards Sally David Harris Fi'Hing Dave WMV Jean Fleming Jean Margo Fodor Mawo bf 42:5 Howard Benlamln Freeland Howdy YTD! xwgpf John Lewis Frysinger Jack 101- , 4 Q if David Fuenies Dadd wa-67 Paul Reynolds Gilmore, Jr. Pad Bonnie Marie Fulks Bonme Nina Jean Griffiflw Nina Naomi Jean Fullcs Jean Sherry Jeanne Gilberl' Sherry Larry Taylor Grublos Larry Page Twenty-three William Caddoclc Hadley Bill Glen Bowers Hardymon Glen Ma rgaref Ann Henry Peg Page Twenty-four James Francis Hamil+on Jim Wyman Malcolm Haskins Wyman Richard Edward Hardy Dick Ronald DeWiH Hamilion Ronnie Jane Ann Hedges Jane Suzanne Eleanor Hays Suzy Charles Hancock Hiflson Chuck William Herran Bill Jane Eliza be+h Hollenbeclr Jane William George Howe Bill Mary Kaihleen Hoocl Kafhy James Richard Hoplnns Jim Oliver Charles Hoslerman Chuck Peier Loring Hunzilcer David Lynn Jones Dave Pele f.,L .1 John Richard Jones Diclc Larry Melion Johns Larry fr Nancy Ellen Johnson Nancy Thomas Alban Jones T.J. Page Twenty-five John Bradford Joseph John Peggy Wally Kerschensleiner Peg Pe+er Reinhard? Laylin Pele Page Twenty-Jix Berge Allen Juslcalian Berge Suzanne Koch Sude if an f 13 1 4- .1 - 41 li x-l-, A J if M 131 7 1 4- xx -K, A Eiitx i E324 .g A ig 1 MEYW' iz Barbara Jane Kaiser Barb Esrher Joanna La Rosa Joey Richard William Lee Rich William Frederick Kern lll WH Pa'l'riclc An+hony La Rosa Pal Mary Quinlan Lesfe Quh Roberf Knipe Lesfe Bob Z ITT E. D. FU 5- T:- 0'1- cn 4 cu :1 VI 0 :x NNX xxx f ,f Nancy Jane Lloyd Nancy David Arfhur Mason Dave Sherwyn Gail Long Sherwyn William Eugene Mas+ers, Jr. Bill Diane Raynora Libera+i Dae Edward Clark Loyer as Ann Eliza befh Lloyd Ann Judifh Ann Magly Judy William Michael McCar'l'y Mike Page Twenty-Jeven Thomas Duncan McConnell Tom Donald Frank Meeder Don Bruce Allen Nelson Wally Page Twenty-eight Joan McCullough Joan James Eugene Miller Jim Loris Lee McSwain Mickey James Paul Miller Jim Susan Cryslal Newman Sue Roberl' Benning McWilliams Bob Samuel Louis Moffeh' Sam Carol Lee Obersl' Obie Terry Hugh O'Donnell Terry Carole Anne Payne Carole Ro ben' Gilberf Pfla um Bob Rachel Louise Owens Rachel Nancy Jane Parlcer Nancy Deanna Pella Deanna James Joseph Peppe Jim William Powers Phillips Bill Lynn Pa rleH'e Lynn Polly Anne Pefers Pony Jon Gustave Poesch Jon Page Twenty-nine -fi Lucy Susanna Pugh Lucy Juris Primanis Alan Lee Prasuhn AI George Lona Marie Powers Lona Allan ScoH Quigley James Norris Rankin Jim Susanne Rardon Susie Roger Belden Ra+'l'an Roger Page Thirty A.Q. Roberf John Richards Bob Charlene Francis Riefz Charlene Carolyn Robbins Carolyn Susan Anne Rodgers Sue Jerry Lee Rose Jerry ,, I I .,,,,,. , Charles Alber+ Rowe Charlie Anna Jane Rudolph Jane James Schofield Seeger Scho John Loren Safko John Mark Harrison Sam Mark Sally Ann SchniHke Sally Carol Rose Scruggs Carol X. ,V ns... Lim I u .. S+ewar+ Dale Sanders Slew Richard Charles Sebasfian Dick Page Thirty-one Harry Edwin Secresf Hal Ronald Joseph Shonlcwiler Ron Spencer Kelly Smi'l'l1 Spence Page Thirty-two David Baxler Selby Sam Lawrence Roderick Sl1irey Larry Sylvia Ann Sherman Sv Evelyn Eugenia Sllbernagel Ronald Eugene Smilh Ron Judilln Kay Smi'l'l1 Judy If I ,eww Z? , , gi ' Elizabefh Jane Sprmgsleen Jane Gail Ann Sniff Gail g1L- ' -'QL-' .611 Jane Ellen Sfansbury Jane Carol Ann Sfewarf Carol Marhn Jeffrey Sl'uar'l Boris Belly Joe Sweefman Belly Judilh Lynn Swingler Judy Archie Ford Tharp Archie Clinfon BenneH Teegardin Clinl James Charles Thomas Jim Beverly Ann Terry Bev Mona Marie Tewlrsbary Mona Chloe Winifred Thompson Chloe Page Thirty-Ibree Carolyn Sue Tilron Susie Beryl Edward Turvey, Jr. Ed Richard Clarke Tinsley Dick Sally Anne Tyler Sal Ann Shelley Towers Ann Donna Lee Ves+ Donna Paul Langden Tuclrer Paul Richard Nicholas Vlasich Dick Richard Henry Wagner Diclc Page Thirty-four Barrell' Richard Wear Barry Carolyn Whipps Carolyn Sfewarl Bowman Whi+ney, III Slew Karen Frances Woodward Woody Dan Raymond Williams Dan James Edward Wraiflw Jim S'repl1en Jeffers Williams Gus Theodore Harry Yaple Ted und' Charles Howard Winlrle, Jr. Winlc Kenneflw Adams Yarnell Ken Page Thirty-five luv-.giiff F5653 f, A NX 'Q ,-,,- , li ri tx 'Qi N Q Judy Slllifll, -llldyl Maarly, CiiI'0lYll Billifill Joan The Man VVho Came To Dinner gets finishing MCCUll0l1glL SUSIE' Tll'f0lL 111111 -121116 HOllC11lJ6Ck HFS touehes in one of the final senior class plav rehearsals. up in the air over "Can Can." ' '30 rf' me Miss M-rnn stuclents 'mtl parents My B I - - . 1 '11 ' . J: lM'. 4 v fi gltlifrffg ':Ggi'f'Fh.l1j6IQtS utter the annual to inakellgnlili-y" ui L Cro initiation, happiness at the faculty pep rally lyefol-6 Mascots, Betty Baker and Donna the Bexley basketball game. V Baker, the cheerleaders, the homecom- ing queen ancl her court, and the escorts talce time out from the excitement of the .Al'llI1,CIfOll-Gl'HllClX'l6XX' game. , W 9 N 5 f , f ' ? i ' 4 -aff! ff, f, at , 1 , f 2. , 5 ? 4 if ,ff cf f l , ,, Sfuiliims Dan Duncan, Charlie Rowe. and -lufls' Memhers of Miss Rzrnclalls homeroom relax while SWfll!IlPl' Wlil m21'ff'1'l21l l0I' TIN' 4ll'f'2l1l6fl 'fffm PHDCV5 l'6'2lIllll'Q'tl19ll'Al'llIlQ'fOl1lHI1S hefore the morning Classes while Clmelc Hittsun ainlntlonsly searches for more. lwgm. Page Thirty-fix 1. yl. ,4,i , I ' 1 va Tliffv Sf'l1.i01' C0UPl?S- B64'l4C'3f illlfl Kell- R?lCl1f'l and The seniors are working diligently at what they hope Boh, ancl Nina anal Jim, take time out to pose at the will be their last emmg, Preview Game clanee. l'VVho Me?" exelaims Judy Smith Dean Durzgfer, Ohio State All- as she is crowned U. Afs homecoming Anieriean, listens for :i vheer from the queen forl955 hy senior class president, fans at the pep rally hefore the ll. A.- Boh McVVilliams. Mt. Vernon foothall game. ,.. . - ,fame - A --'.i 11 f.1'v .f A ..,, gmt.. rw, ' Qlbyllll'lfl,1 me NSXVJWZ K .2 f tba d PH.- lk ff fr, vf--4.1 ' v4 .5 GL 1 : llilktxli Q - L41 The perennial ancl always dreaded day finally arrives C?LfTf'lfgfllll'ISmlglY with efmfl Bfll' Mf'llillll2lfNS for the seniors. You guessed it! -term papers. Qllgwf mu tm ' lm ' twgepll hal kmfl 'fl VNV IQ fllilf- Page Thirty-Jeven X, e LA .1 r Betellzi fn 1 4 . 'P i N 1 we 'Seniors' Dave Mason. Pat LaRosa, Stew Whitney, fliuch Lee defends Grandview' accused bv Arlington :lim VVra1th, and Dick .Ionesseem to enjoy theirlabor- O Hlmpisonatmga Champion at the fmal foqtbanfep mug M task at the homecoming dance. ra y. o one will ever forget who the unidentified judge was - our coach. It just couldn't be done - not even l'Little Caesar" could 1 'kforcew a sad look on Shreff's countenance. .Joe 'The Egyptianl' Berwanger and Scottish lafl, Dick I-larcly, and lassie, Dick i'Tiny" Sebastian present the Lucy Pugh, display their colorful cos- trarlitional football to Queen .lucly tumes at the Masquerade Ball. Smith. T U if ECON goto 4 NN 'fplvofesseul-" Jones and Nancy Llosrd Uparlei' tO- Jane Springsteen, Jane Rudolph, and Susie Rardon, ,qether while other interested students in the advanced MODS' Wlfli two FT6HCl1I126Y1, H5 they Hppeafed In the French C1355 look On- Arlingtonian s Can Can. Page Thirty-eight l Office assistants, Steve Williams and Jane Hollenbecli, Seniors examine 'their graduation announcements at work with Mr. Bush during the first period. the distributing point - Miss Randall s homeroom. ,,l. . l x, i.. P- 2 if E C, 'N '3 e ff 0 X :tween-Mkqwxw -arm , ,' iiiiiiiiiil-irmisizineewfg Helen Buchanan shows MY- Lutz "Touchee" rings through the Senior the books OH fllSDlHY by Nallomll English classes as scenes from Hamlet Honor Society. are re-enaetecl. Rx 3 -Xxx. l l QQ Xl ,lla lf' .iff ll l il m2Qf2 Ophelia 1' SUZY HHYS 9-Pd Bill Phillips Pl'0UdlY Dolflt Out the I The never-ending daily line in the office begins form- f3-Ct that HWY VC read m01'e bO0kS than HDV Othef ing early as Mr. Bush looks over the excuses, English students. LICII L3- Llcll LO- LICII L3- Page Thirty-nine ZAKTN, , X bf' ? Z ,,. .f'HW au. 3 Underclassmen WBWWFQW 'L . i XLR if Junior Class Officers Left to Right: Mike Fitzgerald . . . President . Susie Burt . . . Secretary . Frank Dunbar . . . Vice-President .j "' Dave Peterson . . . Treasurer A ,f -", - i The main project of the class of '57 was the same as that of every other year-the planning and financing of the Junior-Senior. Early in the school year the class chose Susie Burt and Rick von Haam as co-chairmen of the dance. Other committee heads were Harry von Ulmer and Frank Dunbar, construction, Eric Spilker, invitationsg Martin Gear and Nancy Erb, general decorations, Ann Edmondson and Judy Daugherty, refreshments, Dave Peterson, iinancingg and Marilee Bachman and Ann Arm- strong, invitations. Of course the seniors were left completely in the dark about all plans until May 5th the long-awaited day. The Juniors had many means of making money. They earned 3340 by selling concessions at the football games. They also sold Christmas cards, collected paper and scraps, and won 3550 in the P. T. A. subscription campaign. Page Forty-four fAs1lf,,,:J , . 1 Mary Beth Lutz and Dick Hoffman had the leads in the junior class play, The Late Christopher Bean, which was presented on December 10. Others displayed their acting ability in English class when they presented scenes from Macbeth. Phrases like uDouble, double, toil and troublen were heard in the halls for days While juniors were busily practicing their lines. ln their first year as upperclassmen the juniors took on many new responsibilities and activities in the school, thus getting an idea of what their busy senior year would be like. The juniors were led through this successful year by Mike Fitzgerald, presidentg Frank Dunbar, vice-presidentg Susie Burt, secretary, and Dave Peterson, treasurer. Mr. James B. Miller was their adviser. -WW ww wwf W M,-,ffagf off, f ff M J, f, izfwf Cyf ff, ,,y,.4 g ,pgyyf yygor ffg,f:, ff fhjrfi, f ,fp f h ff ' f' 7' W' " Xz??7?f0'MZ' KO f2ii.4'fZfan7 wifi f ,. , , afw, ',', 3 'fZZ22nfr2f' M141 g ,wfff ff,,f 31 9, , ,e yy f,," David ! X N wfw Sue ff ,f f f f ? ,f MM! I f if M ' f Adams ,,,V 5,,,,f,f,L , f I 1 0,5 f, - -,lf , 5 uf 7 Baber John Bieber 2, r w,-7, J 5 ,'," e V. Q 5 "Ja, I Harry Brown Pal Anderson Marilee Bachman Sonnie Bishop ' 3 , r 5 Q- 0 2 'V' f ' 1 iv .fm .f 'Q , iff, g, Hi" V, 'f"'V" if .. .TL S - r hi A Jack Brown or ,iff 2'lf5,, f ' 2'L1fiw,5ip2 GQ 73Z.ffj 7,5 1:35595 Dick Anderson JI-lClY Barber Denny Burns X ,A ' x, ' 1' X .lr 'B 4 oror A o' Judy Callahan Judy Campbell Dick Carson S lf ' - ..- B ,J rr: 'ZLTZ' j y f .li 62 .xi I .',V up ,M Q 0 Q-ees, fk. gr' grfgv, I ,cox yylyyl t y yyrr Y W X I wwf' ,gf , Ronnie Clark Carol Clouse Sue Ellen Colburn cum ,- Vs. ,I -wwf j .6372 6,-25 Shirley Androff Ann Arms+rong W Anne Beck Sally Bell ScoH Bolz M 4. X f f ' "S uf, 9 I f fl 'ZSMQ7 gp' - ,f A ' . V 1 ,f fi Susie Burl Sherry Burl-neH A ,V,,, , ,,,,L!,, 'l 5 WZ? ' f ff ,H S V 'gf' V4 Ma"Y Cecil' Dick Chapman f -f, 2: '. , rg 39' an AV? f',,, -. H in A A f 13 r V ef r wt? I. 1 J, 2 ggi A 1 L r r ll f, r E, ,,,,,.,,,, of ,W A 1 Bill Cook Doris Cooper Y l . 4 Johanna Aschinger 'Q?Q,,'Ax .L -Q ' is If 1 ' , . ,, V Kay Bernard K ,H 1,54 I ek l f m Y . .B I , , . 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"The VVillows" from West entertain during the Dick Gaupp Anne Beck, and Todd Tibbals ponder iI1'f9l'ml55l0n of the dance followmg the Arlington- over a problem in Mr. Moyeris advanced algebra class. VV est football game. ,Q V af? 91,- l 1 ev Gln -14.7 ll. X 0 t il. s 5 Under the watchful eyes of Miss Jackson, members cf:-if Bob Fltzslmlmom Dick Cumn IHIICRR ll Sgldlll of the typing class "dig, dig, clign for more speed and Conrex and lXancx lohnson natch as onnle 'ir accuracy' describes 1 sltv juice still Roger "Curly" Rattan tells Aunt Ellen' "Oh VVhat a Beautiful lVlornin" it is. "Dog Saegff' .lack Nicklis, and .lucly Callaghan put the finishing touches on Mrss Rea's annual Christmas "sh1'uh.,' f!477,y f5,, Undel. the direction of Miss Schultz, Virgil lives ln the pleasant atmosphere ot the tiLltlltO1'lUl'H ex erw again in the third-year Latin class. both lil Qutlles had Sophomore Class Officers Left to Right: Katie Deeg . . . Treasurer Dale Wade . . . Vice-President Ned Crockett . . . President Diane Miller . . . Secretary This year advanced languages, ,lulius Caesar, corollaries, and theorems again found their Ways into the lives of the members of the sophomore class. As usual, biology proved to be one of the sophomores, most enjoyable classes as soon as the boys discovered that for some reason the girls did not like to dissect. Before school opened the sophomores were well on their way to building up their funds for the future. paper drive, a rag drive, and numerous bake sales were held during the summer. ln late August a very successful style show was sponsored by the sophomore girls. This energetic class started a long-needed coat check at the basketball Page Fifty-four games, and also took advantage of the successful after- school bake sales. Several dances held throughout the year contributed to the treasury. The first dance was held after the West football game. The theme chosen was Fantasia and modern decorations and favors were placed around the gym. Ably leading the sophomore class through 1955-1956 were Ned Crockett, presidentg Dale Wade, vice president, Diane Miller, secretaryg and Katie Deeg, treasurer. Mr. William Gulden served as the class adviser. It is easy to see that this class has its eyes on the future and will continue to work hard to obtain its goals. Row I-Judy Claugus, Carolyn Coolr, Caroline Cheelr, Row 3-Jim Bell, John Arnold, Dave Bell, Dave Arlhurs, Sandra Blum, Jill Chapman, Sabra Carmaclr, Carol Codding- Roger Buclr, Jon Berry, Wes Brinlrman, John Allard, Kraig lon, Nancy Bernard, Carol Anderson, Joann Burroughs. Adler, Charles Bernier. Row 2-HanlrArbaugl'1, Lawrence Anlhony, Marcia Bower, Absenl-Russel Barnharl, Lorraine Bales. ,Cynlhia Callandar, Jane Cellio, Sue Beclremeyer, Charles Boulanger, Jerry Ballard. Row I-Sandra Eberly, Joan Cummings, Linda Foelfinger, Row 3-Ben Carey, Pierce Denman, Bill Chrislensen, David Peggy Corcoran, Jane Ealrer, Joyce Elsasser, Kalie Deeg, Cox, Bill Cummins, Willard Campbell, Yale Campbell, Russell Belsy Eeles, Nancy Duff, Carol Dulin. Cain, Ned Croclrell. Row 2-David Frear, Bob Dolls, Arlie Cullman, Karen Absenl-Lynne Dawson, Julie Gehring, Brenda Erwin. Dielz, Sue Ellen Creaner, Lowell Caldwell, Qiclr Endsley, Jc'f- 'ff , 1 f V yi X, V ,Q , ri 7--1 Row I-Virginia Griffing, Rosalie Gwinnuf, Riia Hife, Row 3-Sieve Gufhrie, Lee Hanna John Humphreys Judy Grubbs, Jaxie Greene, Tracy Hari, Beverly Hayes, Johnny Johnsfon, John Jenkins, Don Hall Mike Jones Jack Vickie Gefreu, Kris-Hn Hock. Gerould, Don Kauer, Ron Jones. Row 2-Danny Frye, Dave Holsfein, Chloe Ann Gusweiler, Absenf-Jacqueline Grueser, Angie Hayes Linda Green, Francine Hazard, Kay Hardy, Arfhur Hoover, Jamie Jameson, Thomas Gire. f v ',"' Row I-Barbara Kremer, Sue James, Donnelle Keenan, Mary Ann Lighffoof, Midge Lorig, Connie Kouns, Charlene lrwin, Sondra Knighf, Leah Kirkpafrick. Row 2-Walfer Menendian, Sfeven Keeney, Grace Man- ning, Norma Kiraly, Merry Maidlow, Gloria Kissinger, Ann Leafherland, Harrier Hull, Jim McNamee. Dave Morris. Page Fifty-fix Row 3-Jerry McCoy, Rick Laylin, Bill Millholland, Jay McClelland, Bob McCullough, Doug Morris, Larry Massie, George King, Bill Muench, Mike Miller. Abseni'-Roy Kohlhausen. Row I-Karen Paich, Vicki Miller, Sandra Palmer, Char- Row 3-Lew Nelson, Phil Oliver, Ted Ongaro, Paul Mullin loffe McConnell, Judy Poppenburg, Nancy Miller, Judy OH, Lewis Sandel, Lyle PeHi+, Tom Scaffaloni, Tom Renslxaw. Pegg Mclvlasiers, Es+her MoHer, Linda Powell. Abseni'-Judy Nicklis, Bob Pausch, Barry Reber. Row 2--Frank Rie'rz, Allen Prebus, Judy Marsh, Linda Neubeck, Sue Perry, Diane Miller, Phil Pafferson, Charles Rapp. ' an V7 Enehfl in ,Jef , fi Row I-Nancy Ruhl, Jane Reuwee, Joyce Richardson, Row 3-Donn Smifh, Ben Tobin, Sieve Smifh, Harold Marfy Ronk, Befh Reed, Ann Sellery, Ann Shaffer, Suzanne Swinehard, Dave Sfevens, Larry Smifh, Ernesl' Sfell, Bill Read, Linda Prior, Turner, Doug Smifh, Brooke Van Fossen. Row 2-Phillip Tucker, Dale Smifh, Sandy Reed, Carolyn Absenf-Vernon Vagnier. Reidy, Jane Schmidf, Pai' Repperf, Judy Sharer, Lynne Ronson. Garv Slwreiner, Jerrv Swigluar. I ' J J I: "ii P1102 Fiftauro my 'f.' ' '+-w Row I: Mary Sfurr, Judy Sfevenson, Mary Unckrich, Jo Wagner, Norma Zimmer, Marcia Sione, Lou WaHers, BeHy Sfansbury, Palfy Wren, Mary Lou Wlnipps, Linda Thomas. Row 2: Dave Will, Heaih Williams, Diane Walfers, BeHy Throclrmorion, Nancy Wood, Emily SiHerley, Kay Tyler, Bobby Tarbox, Carol Seivers, Mike Wells. Row 3: Craig Wl1iHalrer, Phil Wilcox, Arfie Wolfe, Bruce Winfers, John Wilder, Hank Waifs, Dave Younlrin, Dale Wade, Andy Wahll, Phil Whife, Dave Olsen. Pane Fiftaf-eiah! jar vf N ee e efffrfets . 'V Wa ff" 'lllklx NN X lxlgiklhsiigfs fd' X KN if xd,,f722rr-' F5 Fiji "Q525 F lx, "X- fl 't X ,f 7 f f 411 ki E! i5iif132gXti, e, Wil H l'll5Q Smigazn 2 PRESENTS A 1 A ll!! 1MwanU4 Dick Hardy and Joyce Richardson observe another Q7 of Shlreffs famous productions, Musa Ruth., katie Deeg calms. the patient, who looks all but lg, S5535 Yifpo ella af' .9 X ffxif f N lift l ff El happy, while Tom Qlre, Dave Holstein, and Sue Ellen Kramer check to see just what makes a frog tick. fcroakl 5 Q f-2? Sophomore girls prepare for their style show, "F'rocks - AI'OU11Cl the Clockfl lnclustrious sophomore boys, l,ew1e Sanclel, Roger Buck, Phil Patterson, and .lim Marr-minw work on one of their many money-raising projects. , Qiixfl A i W7ill starts to give Gertie one ofvthe famous "Okla- Jrrply Shzrrer. Sue Beckemever. l,x'mie- Drmwon. -mfl homu lwllrfxf' lint tlwv'll mon he ll1l'PV"!.1Ul'9'fl hv one Carol Koogle work on their projer-ts in zrrt f,'lH.NY. 'Adi' r ig, ,Q V 5-f Ai-7'g'r'f.Q-Q' F511 too MII ' ' - L' ' K Scholuslics fu 2 'fd W 'H First row: Jon Blyth, Alan Prasuhn, Chuclr Collins, Bob McWilliams, Bill Hadley, Jim Thomas, Tom Jones, John Joseph, Tom McConnell, Steve Williams, Richard Lee. Second row: Sue Newman, Karen Christensen, Jane Hollenbeclr, Jane Springsteen, Judy Swingler, Polly Peters, Sally Tyler, Judy Smith, Lucy Pugh, Carolyn Whipps, Esther LaRosa, Susie Rardon, Carolyn Robbins. Senior Scholarship Team The Senior Scholarship Team, composed of seventy- eight students, represented Upper Arlington in the Senior Scholarship Test given at North High School on ,lanuary 20, 1956. Fourteen students scored in the upper live per cent of the state, twenty-seven placed in the upper ten per cent of the Ohio State University district, and thirty-six ranked in the upper twenty-five per cent of Franklin County. The three seniors who placed in the county ratings are ,lim Hopkins, fifth, with a score of 230 out of a possible 300, Bruce Nelson, eighth, scoring 228, and John Safko, tenth, with a score of 223. The others in the top ten per cent of the OSU district are Ron Smith, Bill Hadley, Dave Jones, Ed Turvey, ,ion Blyth, Alan Prasuhn, Bill Anderson, ,lim Saeger, ,lane Springsteen, Chuck Collins, Tom Tones, Larry Cruhbs, Bob McWilliams, Bill Kern, Mark Sain, Chuck Hittson, Rich Lee, Carolyn Baker, Dave Fitting, ,lim E. Miller, Eleanor Bruce, Dan Duncan, Sy Sherman and Dan Williams. Page Sixty-two Third row: Larry Grubbs, Joan Albin, Quinnie Leste, Jane Hedges, Rachel Owens, Sy Sherman, Joan McCullough, Lona Powers, Judy Magly, Rachel Colby, Carolyn Baker, Eleanor Bruce. Fourth row: Jim Hopkins, John Saflro, Nina Griffith, Sally Edwards, Nancy Devroude, Enid Levenson, Nancy Lloyd, Ann Lloyd, Helen Buchanan, Chuclr Hittson, Dave Fitting. Fifth row: Jim Peppe, Bill Anderson, Bruce Nelson, Dial: Bearse, Clint Teegardin, Allan Quigley, Dan Williams, Larry Shirey, Dave Jones, Ron Smith, Ed Turvey. Volediciorion --ar 'i Tm-f1w,, I r I . f f , .gf ,J ff V, A' , C V 1 , , ,gt J Eleanor Bruce it if Soluloiorion Charles Collins narJi5U at mama esfaetEW li 7' l X 4, si' ffl First row: Evie Silbernagel, Jane Hollenbeck, Molly Kay Reynolds, Sue Newman, Pat Anderson, Carolyn Fergus, Sally Edwards, Jane Springsteen, Susie Rardon, Nancy Devroude, Helen Buchanan, Carolyn Baker, Eleanor Bruce. Second row: Steve Williams, James E. Miller, Chuck Hittson, Sy Sherman, Rachel Owens, Nancy KD Erb, Joan McCullough, Judy Magly, Dick Bearse, Bruce Nelson, Bob McWilliams. A my Third row: Mr. Ellis Lutz lAdviserl, John L. Satko, Chuck Collins, Ed Turvey, Dave Peterson, Ron Q LJ 1 O Smith, Bill Hadley, Jon Blyth, Mike Fitzgerald, Bill Cook, Jim Hopkins. Being chosen for National Honor Society is the greatest honor that can come to a high school student. Each year five per cent of the junior class and ten per cent of the senior class are chosen for membership. On April 18, 28 new members were admitted to the National Honor Society at the induction ceremony held at Tremont Elementary School. The society was headed this year by Helen Buchanan, president and Judy Magly, vice-president with Mr. Ellis Lutz as the faculty adviser. Carolyn Baker, Eleanor Bruce, Helen Buchanan, Nancy Devroude, Judy Magly, Bob McWilliams, Jim E. Miller, Sy Sherman, and Bon Smith were admitted during their junior year. CT? Standing llett to rightl: Karen Christensen, Judy Heimlich, Linda Dortt, Paula Mauro, Marlene Yochem, Mary Pat Anderson, Barbara Kiraly, Jane Rudolph, Ted Yaple, Ronnie Clark, Don Gehlback, Jean Simpson, Susie Tilton, Anne Wear, Carolyn Robbins, Sally Lund, Carolyn Fergus, Judy Callahan. Seated llett to rightj: Poflly Peters, Richard Lee, Tim Cochran, Sue Newman, Judy Magly, Miss G. Ellen Mann, Dan Williams, Susie Rardon, Jim Peppe, Jane Hollenbeck, Jane Springsteen, Allan Quig ley, Steve Williams. Q fr Q QUUUUH EDGFQDQHU Quill and Scroll is an international honorary journalism society organized to honor and award outstanding students of high school journalism. Those eligible for membership must be in the upper-third of their class and have a specified number of column inches of their writing printed in the Arlingtorzian, or have done an equivalent amount of work in another phrase of journalism. A candidate may then join Quill and Scroll with the approval of the adviser, Miaf 4 .X ya Nineteen new members were initiated into Quill and Scroll, in addition to one who received a special award at the annual candlelight induction service held on March 26 in the high school auditorium. Dr. l. Keith Tyler, director ol the Institute for Education by Radio and Television at Ohio State University, was the guest speaker. Following the initiation, refreshments were served. Page Sixzj three lttiffs l Ll' Qftktta MMKQ3 f ff' ds Q , , J XE Am s ei s U Aefifiviilfices X .' 4,741 y O 1' X iffy, ,V.f, , -,k. M .5 J X N O 5 Z . Q . , ' V -,,.,.., ,'r, y Mr. Charles G. Will Ed T Business Adviser urvey Aclveriising Manager Dick Hardy Circulaiion Manager ?"'h.' fi RS Q . 61.1 4 1 1 f J CL N Q-2 ff -elf 79? Tim Cochran Business Manager Lff Z3 ll i - I '. .X C Wil f 'Z - in G .VVV -in ,,y y y f ' Sy Sherman ll " Make-up Edi+or Jucly Magly Girls' Sporis Ediior Q f M -an S H: lllny 'HIV' V ' f ff ,lf AW. ,M if si, 5.14" 5-1 . A x is Q , f 4 - Dick Beane Joan Allam Boys' Spforls Edilor Casuals Edntor Page Sixty-fix e Carolyn Baker A' Associafe Edifor Vera K. Randall Adviser Larry Grubbs Edifor-in-Chief K Sue Newman Phofography Edifor :ai , X X X Judy smnh 6 ' Li+erary Edifor fx x T Linda Dorff I Ari' Edifor - I in rp gf' Jane Hollenbeck Donna Vesi- Casuals Ediior Aff Edgfor Pane Sixm- reven Th A1' A 55 v 3 xs 9 'Roi A Qrfaila- X 6 A Ps QQBZ C C Q ZQQG do 60 ON ca' N53 ago We owailo eUdBl'SIlip nfefesf -vs' B W S W :X o3"'ay,e . g X M015 Nigga O ' ROOTS? 0013 0 0 d W' W9 x Q 6 Q Roi aft s - y,eY1 609 60 SQEQVXYQOQ Y, . 560' wet' Qi 6 We GO QQ3 Pres: efigiz axle 0 - vi- agiixhqxooxa The school year 1955-1956 heralded our Alma Materls thirty-ninth year of history- making and yfourj beloved bi-weekly's thirteenth. But this year's ARLINGTONIAN staff roved an un-superstitious lot and plunged into the hazardous sea of deadlines with P enthusiasm rivaling VVilliam Allen VVhite,s. They had their share of the annual Hdisastersu QChristmas issue erroneously printed on White stock instead of the ordered powder blue the loss of photographs which had to be retaken hurriedly, botched engravings, ad ini nitum and ad nauseafmfl but came out from under fourteen issues with The Gallup fi Award, and First Class in National Scholastic Press Association competition. August of 755 found this year's Editor-in-Chief Rich Lee, associate editor Judy Magly d 'L a e editor Jane Hollenbeck along with adviser Miss G. Ellen Mann, in Chicago an . p g , , attending the National Scholastic Press Association Convention. They heard professional ' urnalists speak sat in on workshops, went sightseeing, saw a stage and ice Show and 3 JO Q generally made Chicago take notice of THE ARLINGTONIAN! This stage show Cl Porter's Cam-Cain, provided the theme for the subscription drive assembly. The o e speaker, theater critic Norman Nadel, live French poodles, and uauthenticl' Can-Can dancers entertained the student body with a not-to-be-forgotten-soon program, or subscribers netted over a thousand and placed THE AR- The September search f LINGTONIAN in the hands of more readers than at any year since its initial publication in 1943. The trap was baited with prizes-free ballpoint pens for the members of WNW' UraCY W0 so , ehabilffy orthlness Youn NEWS is oun NEws-n-mm GALLUP AWARD IN QUHLQAN rmsr CLASS AWARD-NATION11! UPPER ARLINGTON HIGTQ l rUil1- onegw. 5 N "Put it so they will they will ber ig . I The Arlingtonian "Brass" editor Judy Maglyi Miss editor-in-chief Richard I nf, , S70 ez .ap 1 "7 ? ' ,ff e ffezfzffwe., zf' 4 - riwivx I felfi i , 6, " '33, ifyiiifw I f 'AR AND EYE OF ARLINGTON HIGH lND SCROLL CRITICAL SERVICE i SCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION ESCHOOL, COLUMBUS, OHIO ' i i- nlightenment i Peff ,veg f ArAi9i,,:f'5 jim' .1 W fd '7e an S A s e 11. Rudoiobfpifbgsfe I exe! 9 muff' asv e,,Q, S Gr Sc N y 1 'te 5,23 eg, ff All . Times ffowofs A , 't ii, - inilhvi We of Pow N 1' I iii. 'ig f J! -g X N ess W7 to 3' ff A X Q 1 X Q ' in N 'XXX X S mpurhullty X ffl' f fl l X ff I"IISTI'y Graeme I. r. I-pf them briefly Xl 6uifi17eSiee07f3fVSfe,e ,M it, clearly so XX l l 0 vi f S "1en,Qgg - Emkiglgms lE?T.tHl'ld PIC- i y - ' Lufzildverflkl, -so they will remem- N cuff? 1,Z5n'va,,dg Y'ab'ove all, accurately M l eff :wig 0e,, W. will be guided by its , and gem, rn goumalisfs Creed i We 77lfo':7" l , i li W' I ll iffy 1 uk i X .ill ll ill I , 1 T i -emi-a W? K1 . ..,,,: H V e commencement issue. Associate B',v1ann, faculty editorial adviser, and ily? it Chard every 100922 homeroom and free basketball tickets in addition, if the room was the first in either the junior or senior high sections. VVith capital exacted from subscribers and advertisers fthe angelsli the presses rolled out issue after issue submerging the readers in a Hood of prizes and contests -contests of every description to please every subscriber. Even the crossword puzzle fans had their own section in the ARLINGTON-O-GRAMS. The celebrity interview became a looked-for feature as THE ARLINGTONIAN recorded its chats with Larry Parks, Danny Kaye, Ted Lewis, Bobby Hackett, Vic Janowicz, Fred Waring, Governor Frank J. Lausehe, Nat "King" Cole, Captain Rich- ard McCutcheon, and several other famous personalities. Many departments of THE ARLINGTONIAN were innovated to accommodate the growing enrollment. The traditional senior personality sketches were enlarged to reach more students. The front page make-up, as well as each page's make-up, was made more Hexible to cover major news events like Homecoming, OKLAHOLIAL and commencement. ltletallic gold and silver decorated the Christmas, Easter, and Com- mencement issues. Assisting Miss Mann as faculty business adviser was Mr. Ellis Lutz. Page Sixty-nine Seated left to right: Sue Newman, Jane Rudolph, Linda Dorff, Sy Standing left to right: Grace Manning, Betsy Eeles, Sue Perry, Heath Sherman, Helen Buchanan, Bill Cook, Joan Albin, Sam Moffett, Ann Williams, Marty Ronk, Margo Fodor, John Satko, Hank Arbaugh, Ned AFYUSTFOHQ. Rachel Colby. Bev Terry, Ann Towers, Dan Williams, John Crockett, Jim Nicklaus, Ed Shatter, Rick Von Haam, Mike Fitzgerald, J059Pl"- -lim Ranlilfl- Joyce Richardson, Kay Kauer, Ed Turvey, Richard Lee, Bob McWilliams, Jim Hopkins, Steve Williams. Sttsaeicettitft Gfoa1tneiU For the first time in the history of the school, Upper Arlington had Aja, a girl for president of the Student Council. The officers were Joan Albin, ,V president, Sam Moffett, vice-president, Ann Armstrong, secretary, and Bill . Cook, treasurer. Mr. Arthur J. McCullough was the councilis adviser. it K ' 73 The Student Council tackled several unusual projects this year. Among these were the sale of basketball season tickets, the organization of Student Council campaigns in the junior high, the installation of a car safety check for the students, and the reorganization of honor study hall. The Columbus Jaycees sponsored a youth traffic council in which our Council participated. U.A.'s Student Council also attended a state-wide convention held in Cleveland. Mr. Arthur J. McCullough and Joan Albin. Seated: Jim Hopkins. Lett to right: Row I: Jane Hollenbeck, Joan Albin, Sue Perry, Craig Whittaker. Row 2: Bob McWilliams, Mike Fitzgerald, Frank Dunbar. SDUJQUGJCEEUS CSGDQDEFHQ The main purpose of the Student Court is not to act as a police force, but to pro- mote better relationships among the mem- bers of our high school. ,lim Hopkins was the chief justice for the year 1955-56 and Jane Hollenbeck was secretary. The main project of the Student Court this year was the promotion of a youth-in- government day which Was sponsored by the Upper Arlington Civic Association. For this project members of the senior class took over the various jobs of our city officials. The students elected a mayor and the four other members of the com- mission. These commissioners then ap- pointed seniors to the various departments. The Student Court hopes to make youth- in-government day an annual event. Page Seventy As an auxiliary branch of the Student Council, the Assembly Committee is re- sponsible for selecting appropriate pro- grams for open assembly dates and to complete details for assemblies sponsored by outside groups. The Assembly Com- mittee is composed of ten faculty members appointed by the principal and nineteen students chosen from those who had ex- pressed interest in membership. A majority of the students on the com- mittee voted to have the Chapel Service on December 6. Plans for other assemblies involved selecting from a variety of ad- vertisements, programs which would be educational and entertaining as well as available for the particular dates. For the iirst time the committee was divided into groups, each being responsible for details of the American Legion assemblies. The student response is considered in arranging the programs and all Assembly Committee members have worked to find a variety of worth-while entertainment which appeals to the majority of students. Miss G. Ellen Mann, as chairman, has supervised the planning. "Operation Service" was put into action by the twelve juniors and twenty-two sen- iors of Leaders, Class, selected for quali- ties of sincerity, friendliness, initiative, dependability, tolerance and service. Ways and means were provided by the sale of Christmas paper, pecans and basketball programs. Led by President Steve Williams, Vice- President Bob McWilliams, Secretary Judy Smith, Treasurer Mike Fitzgerald, and Miss Margrett C. Schultz, faculty adviser, the committees worked separately and to- gether to carry out school, community and world service. World Service Com- mittee, headed by Sue Newman, sent Care packages to Korea and American Indians. Planning the annual Leadership Training Conference was the project of School Service under Chairman Judy Magly. Local Service, under Sy Sherman, directed the canned foods, drive and helped an adopted family. With ,lim Miller's direction, Newcomeris Committee assisted new students and gave get-acquainted mix- ers. Childrenis Parties Committee, with Eleanor Bruce as chairman, gave parties for underprivileged children and elderly people. ,loan McCullough,s Publicity Com- mittee provided programs and publicity. The accomplishments of the year added to the Leaders, Class reputation for getting things done. r- ,fx will - 1 i f ' -.ff A l li-1, , f-fx f--s,- ,- L-LsDEJavbuu-yaQs il ,l-,.aa-,-,,, L 5 It l j Louie Wilcox, Mary Pai' Anderson, Richard Lee, Howdy Freeland, Miss G. Ellen Mann. ,-.fx Le-ci ll , 'lgf'-33, 2 A ll PTZWWNS, iWQll11i.,l Nz. f XJ Standing: Bob McWilliams, Mary Pat Anderson, Judy Smith, Sy Sherman, Jim E Miller, Miss Margrett Schultz, Steve Williams. Page Seventy-one f YETQ WS Seated: Miss Mildred Wagner, Beth Lakin, Carol Sievers, Mary Pai Anderson. Standing: Marty Ronlc, Margo Fodor, Eleanor Bruce. w--ij i MEET? Standing: Mr. Dave Shelby, Joe Berwanger, Bob Phlaum, Ron Smith, Mr. James Lipham, Dick Tinsley. Seated: John Joseph, Tom Jones. Page Seventy-two The Upper Arlington Y-Teens, a branch of the fY.W.C.A., was organized to train members for leadership and to help others. Any girl may belong to Y-Teens regardless of race, creed, or religion. These principles were carried out this year under the leader- ship of Margo Fodor, president, and un- der the sponsorship of Miss Mildred Wagner and Mrs. Jean Guddat. As in the past years, two of Y-Teens, important projects were presenting, in co- operation with the Hi-Y, the Thanksgiv- ing and Easter assemblies. Their many ac- tivities also included a donation to United Appeals, participation in city-wide Links projects, making St. Patrick's day favors for Childrenis Hospital, and the installa- tion of Junior Y-Teen officers in a rec- ognition service. To secure additional funds to finance their projects, Y-Teens sold pencils and candy. They also had bake sales, and they sponsored a dance after one of the basket- ball games. At the annual banquet held in the spring, the officers for the next school year were announced. Once again as in years past the Hi-Y Club provided valuable experience along with good fun for its ninety-five members. Through the motto, "Clean living, clean speech, clean sportsmanship, and clean scholarshipfi the boys succeeded in up- holding the fine records set by the Hi-Y Clubs of previous years. Working with the Y.M.C.A., the mem- bers set up two basketball teams and de- fended the championship won by last year's teams against other Hi-Y teams in the city. Practice sessions were held after the regular business meetings. Among its school activities the club sold programs at all the home football games, sponsored a dance after the Crand- view basketball game, and once again participated in the annual Hi-Y Faculty basketball game. The Hi-Y Club, in conjunction with Y-Teens, sponsored the Thanksgiving chapel with Dr. Roy A. Burkhart as guest speaker. In their first year as advisers, Mr. Dave Shelby and Mr. James Lipham helped the boys in completing a variety of projects. The officers were president, John Joseph, vice-president, Tom Jones, and treasurer, Ron Smith. The French Club oifers all French stu- dents an opportunity to use the language which they are learning and to discover the exciting customs and traditions of France. This year there were two French Clubs. One consisted of second, third and fourth- year students under the able leadership of Ronald Smith, president, Charles Shimp, vice-president, Esther LaRosa, secretary, Mark Sain, treasurer, and Miss Joan Jones, faculty adviser. The other group was made up of first-year students under the guidance of the new French teacher, Miss Bette Curley. This group was organized at the beginning of the second semester. The highlight of the year was the second annual Christmas program, F ete de Noel, in which over one hundred students pre- sented a skit on the historical customs of Christmas in France, sang French Christ- mas carols, and danced some gay, pro- vincial folk dances. Other events of the year included Les Compagnons de la Chanson at Memorial Hallg the Greater Columbus French party at the Ohio Union, the French Club dance, Gaite Parisienne, after the semester finals in January, and the Fete du. Printemps, the final meeting. Spanish Club is open to any student taking second, third, or fourth year Span- ish. Its purpose is to help its members learn more about the customs of the Spanish-speaking peoples and to carry on various service projects for them. This year for the first time Spanish Club members selected a Program Com- mittee to plan interesting and enjoyable meetings. At one of the first meetings of the year Mary Ann and Harold von Ulmer told of some of the teen-age customs in Colombia and also performed a Spanish dance. Later in the year a presidentis gavel and castanets from Cuba were pre- sented to the club. In the spring, Mrs. Laetitia Villaria from Monterey, Mexico, spoke on the topic, "Life in Monterey? One of the highlights of the year was the traditional Christmas Party. After a pot-luck supper, the breaking of the Pinata and other Spanish customs were observed. With Miss Judith Whitney as adviser, the 1956 oihcers were Kay Kauer, presi- dent, Mickey McSwain, vice-president, Maryann von Ulmer, secretary, and Janet Thomas, treasurer. le CQerfsU Frfoitaeciiis fN.,f' Seated: Charles Shimp, Mark Sain, Esther LaRosa, Miss Joan Jones. Standing: Ron Smith, Johnny Jenkins, Bill Anderson, Dave Peterson, Dale Wade. ... , 4UQtefa f H DQ R nv , X E- gb lg ,. S' , Mickey Mcswain, Janet Thomas, Mary Ann von Ulmer, Kay Kauer, Miss Judith E. Whitney. Page 5eve1zty-lb fee f 1 y Q l l 2 GhmemiBQmud ggi 54-PF, Standing: Rachel Colby. Seated: Sonnie Bishop, Joan Albin, Jucly Smith, Susie Rardon, Sy Sherman, Mrs. Betty Woolpert, Diane Miller, Sue Perry. sea f-lf .1 , r 1 WWE Fwhiwwb i' ru if aG 'X Af., ?J Rachel Colby, Nancy Erb, Sy Sherman, Nancy Parlrer, Carolyn Fergus, Jane Rudolph. Mrs. Donna Turner. Page Seventy-four Charm Board, whose members are se- lected for their outstanding character, cooperation, sincerity, maturity, and ini- tiative, had a varied program this year. 1n the fall members presented uTips for Teens," a show consisting of skits, modeling of accessories, and a panel dis- cussion for members of the newly formed ,lunior High Home Economics Club. On February 25 Charm Board spon- sored the annual 'iGold Digger's Promf, Another important event of February was the valentine party for the residents of Home Echo, a home for the aged. "Spring Special," a style show spon- sored by Montaldois, which was held late in March, was the highlight of Charm Boardis activities for the year. Each girl modeled a sports outfit and a formal. A new afiiliation of Charm Board is the Women's ,luvenile Service Board. Mem- bers of Charm Board collected clothes and completed service projects for members of this board, who hope to establish a juvenile adjustment home of their own. Mrs. Betty Woolpert served as adviser of the club. The officers were Sy Sherman, president, ,loan Albin, vice-president, Di- ane Miller, secretary, and Sue Perry, treas- urer. The purpose of Publicity Club is to promote school spirit through the pub- licizing of the school's major athletic events. ln the fall of 1955, Pub Club, under the sponsorship of Mrs. Donna Turner, admitted fifteen new members, making a total membership of thirty-five. The of- ficers for the year were ,lane Rudolph, president, Nancy Parker, secretary, and Sy Sherman, treasurer. The yearis activities included making posters and badges for the football and basketball games, signs for the fathers of the boys of the football team on the annual 4'Dad's Nightv on November 24, and the decorating of the goal posts and the athletic field for the Homecoming game. Pub Club concluded its year of success- ful activities with a picnic in June, at which time the club announced the officers for 1956-1957. The purpose of Future Teachers of America is to interest high school students in a teaching career and acquaint them with some of its different phases. One of the most important projects of the year was cadet teaching. Forty-four girls participated in this activity whereby members visit elementary classes and help the teachers for the purpose of learning classrooms methods. These girls each took one study hall a week to go to the Barring- ton, Tremont, F ishinger, or Devon Road schools. Some of the club's special meetings in- cluded a panel discussion by four of the elementary teachers on the questions, "Why choose teaching?'7 and "What is expected from the cadet teacher?" and a talk by Dr. Collins Burnett from the Education Department of Ohio State University. During American Education Week F. T. A. gave a tea for the high school faculty members. Although this was a new idea this year, it was very successful. One special program featured three O. S. U. graduating teachers who told about the teacher in college and after graduation. The traditional Rose Break- fast culminated the 1955-56 year. President Bev Terry led F. T. A. through the yearls activities with the aid of Mrs. Helen Tanner as adviser. Other officers were Judy Smith, vice-president, Polly Peters, secretary, and Evelyn Silbernagel, treasurer. Under the guidance of Mrs. Mildred Koch, the school nurse, and Helen Buchanan, the president, the Future Nurses of America has again fulfilled its purpose of promoting an interest in nursing. The activities of the group were varied. On November 21, the members, along with the Future Nurses of Worthington, took a field trip to Nightingale Cottage. The Worthington group acted as hostesses at dinner that evening. The group also visited the Medical Department of North Ameri- can Aviation. In the spring the girls helped in the Lily Parade. The members of the group enjoy learn- ing the different phases of nursing. Dr. Peter Sayer spoke on neurological sur- gery, Kay Wallace, a senior nurse at Ohio State, along with three other nurses told of her experiences during nurses' training. At the close of the year the officers were elected and were announced at the an- nual picnic. The year provided enjoyable social functions and rewarding work for the members of F. N. A. T li Fo ll o Liao .-A J, Z Nw ,511 X? -L-Qi, flfllf' ,yi ,Q X R ' ir -1-x NJ V ' iw I , 1 .3 l ii . H" ,,, . Nl if ,BK-, y , M .5 ,V , . if vit .J Q-1 '-5 Lp' V' Mrs. Helen Tanner, Bev Terry, Judy Smith, Polly Peters, Evie Silbernagel. Fo AQ tl y mfr, f 4 NW Standing: Jane Hedges, Susie Koch, Bev Terry, Helen Buchanan, Rachel Colby. Seated: Sally Tyler, Mrs. Mildred Koch. Parfe Seventy-five 6735? 0 llnibtreltry GUQU ,, , ,A Sondra Knight, Linda Lawrence, Francine Hazard, Rachel Owens, Miss Bernice Rea, Jane Rudolph, Dick Millisor. Ee e Standing: Dick Hardy, Mr. Lance Jim Hopkins Enid Levenson, Judy Claugus. Seated: Nancy Woods, Nora Browning, Sabre Carmack, Dianne Miller, Carol ffm-lrlinnion. Dana .Q2'll81'll'U-JZX Among the important contributions made to the school by members of the Library Club is the educational program in which the aim is to acquaint the student body with the library and its facilities. During the year, members of the club assist junior high school students in using ma- terials from the library and help them learn the Dewey Decimal Classification System. In addition, each member of the Library Club is responsible for one dis- play which stands in the hall outside the library. This year the club has started a project to select one hundred books for the library. The club members are reading reviews and questioning individuals throughout the school in order to obtain a select choice of books. Miss Bernice Rea, librarian, served as faculty adviser. The officers for the year were: president, Rachel Owens, vice- president, Francine Hazard, and secretary, Sondra Knight. Amidst cries of '4They canit change our topic in the middle of the year 'Shreff'!', and " . . . be on the way to Port Clinton by 534-5 a.m.?', the 1955- 1956 debate team worked toward complet- ing another successful year. The debated topic was governmental fi- nancial aid to higher education. The Ar- lington team competed in Columbus, Port Clinton, Springfield, Marysville, Dayton, and at the District Debate Contests. The long trips throughout the state were highlighted by many unforeseen en- joyable incidents which became associated with various members of the team. Some of them were Nora Browningis references to "firstly, secondly, and thirdlyng .lim Hopkins, overwhelming facts from For- tune, Bill Hadleyis "snowball", Dick Hardy's being judged as polite, kind, and courteous, Nancy Wood's dronesn, Becky Breenis basketball career, Judy Claugus' changing cases and colleagues, Carol Cod- dingtonis cramming the night before a debate, Sabra Carmack's quotes from the president of the National Forensic So- ciety, Hank Arbaugh's insistence on cor- rect English, Dick Anderson's switching notes for the new topic, and Enid Leven- son's partner flashing "talk slower" signs. The members of the 1955-56 Thespian Society were initiated in May of 1955. Because of the fact that there are only six members in the club, every newly initiated senior was also elected to an office. The officers are Linda Dorff, presidentg Rich- ard Lee, vice-presidentg Jane Rudolph, secretaryg and Pat Zimmerman, treasurer. Thespians is a national society and its members are chosen and admitted on a nationally devised basis. Prospective mem- bers must have a minimum of ten points which are derived from the amount and quality of work that they have done in dramatic productions. Thus the number of points that a student receives for each production depends wholly on his interest in dramatics. Each prospective student's points are compiled at the end of every school year. In the spring, an impressive induction ceremony is held. Dramatics Club, under the sponsorship of Mr. Lance Shreffler, is open to all students in grades nine through twelve. To discover acting talent is one of the primary purposes of the club. Those students who do outstanding work in the Dramatics Club play have the opportunity of participating in the major dramatic productions presented throughout the year. Traditionally, the club sponsors an an- nual dance. On December 12 of this past year the Dramatics Club presented the highly successful "Masquerade Ballf, The officers for the past year were Linda Dorff, presidentg Rich Lee, vice-presidentg Jane Rudolph, secretaryg and Pat Dooley, treasurer. Thespicms Seafed: Tom McConnell, Linda Dorff, Richard Lee. Standing: Jane Rudolph, Mr. Lance Shreffler, Pat Dooley. Dramaiics if v Qs 4 ASV 'C7 Seated: Pete Laylin, Anne Beclc, Mary Beth Lutz, Nancy Lloyd, Nancy Johnson. Standing: Wyman Haskins, John Saflro, Dick Tinsley. Page Seventy-reign , X 1 . S ll I 5, greg l , Lx x1f,1ff? Q 'W 'fn or ,fu ta, ,iv .- , .Q l f' I X. Siamese Shale Standing: Phil Tucker, Cris Feuchter, Todd Tibbals, Tom McConnell, Mr. Robert Cavins. Seated: John Saflro, Alan Prasuhn. sedan, X X F ee .Qs it ca ll Seated: Jean Fleming, Donna Vest, Miclcey McSwain, Sue Beclremeyer. Standing: Judy Sharer Meg Russel, Ann Towers, Mrs. Donna Turner. Dann Qpwnm tafffrlfit The school year 1955-56 has witnessed the birth of Arli'ngton's newest activity, the Knights of Chess. Under the guidance of Mr. Robert H. Cavins, instructor in chemistry, and John Loren Safko, presi- dent, the Knights have grown from an original membership of eight to the pres- ent of twenty-three. The Knights of Chess, through organized intra- and inter-club competition, has aided greatly in the birth and development of the true spirit of the ancient sport. President John Safko, along with his other oiiicers, vice-president Alan Prasuhn and secretary-treasurer Dave Fitting, has planned and supervised the activities of the Knights of Chess this year. The of- ficers have arranged tournament contests with Westerville and North high schools. There will be a trophy awarded to the win- ner of the Westerville-Arlington matches. The club operates on the accepted club ladder system in rating its members. The top live compose the tournament team. Through the sale of address labels, the Knights have provided new chess equip- ment not only to their members but also to the student body for use during the noon hour. The Festo Club, which is sponsored by Mrs. Donna Turner, was organized in 19541 by a group of students interested in art. In the few months of the clubis existence, its members have done many interesting things. In February of 1955 Mrs. Turner, along with the members of her two high school art classes and the art club, took a bus to Toledo Art Gallery where they saw an exhibit of paintings from the Dutch 17th Century period. 'In May of 1955 Festo Club sponsored an art exhibit held in the gymnasium of the school. All the art classes were represented and there was a large variety of work displayed. Among the many interesting things com- pleted during the past school year were the Valentine Dance, co-sponsored with Pub Club, and the trip to Cleveland in February to see a photography exhibit. The most ambitious project of all was the printing and painting of posters for plays and programs given by the various other clubs and organizations in the school. Under the leadership of Ann Towers, president, Jean Fleming, vice-president, Donna Vest, secretaryg and Carolyn Whipps, treasurer, the club enjoyed a suc- cessful year. " . . . to seek the truth concerning beverage alcohol and the best way of life in relation to this problem." With this idea in mind the Upper Arlington Chapter of Allied Youth began its second year of activity. Inspired by the success of North High School's Allied Youth Organization, Up- per Arlington students decided to form their own A. Y. group. After many months of hard work, Allied Youth had its char- tering ceremony in I une, 1955. Under the leadership of Ed Turvey, president, Dee Jennings, vice-presidentg Ginnie Roop, secretary, Richard Lee, treasurer, and advisers Miss Annette Jack- son and Mrs. Marilyn Howells, Allied Youth has had a profitable and fun-filled year. To prove that you can have fun without alcohol, Allied Youth sponsored a hayride, dance, Wiener roast, and other activities. With the aid of religious and medical speakers and movies, Allied Youth members have learned more about alcohol and its relation to social activities. ZQ.UUieeU Yeiwafih 1 X ,I 1 f , r I' f 'J I . l LTZAJ ,lx l kt. if i, . Row I: Miss Annette Jackson, Linda Lawrence, Dee Jennings, Richard Lee, Ginny Roop, Shirley Smith. Row 2. Mrs. Marilyn Howells. OTE FOR G "1CH'?lDIDHT Q1 UR J, R Z .ZGERALD swam COUKIL Pape .fezxevzrm wif P Dramaiics The Late Christopher Bean On December 10 the junior class presented The Late Christopher Bean, directed by Mrs. Wilma Cary. Abbey fMary Beth Lutzl the maid, who was in love with Christopher Bean, a deceased painter, had quite a time proving to Mr. and Mrs. Haggett fBichard Hoffman and Hazel Neisserl that the paintings were hers. The play was climaxed when Abbey revealed that she was Mr. Beanas widow. The Man Who Came to Dinner Mr. Shreffler, assisted by student directors Betty Baker and Enid Levenson, directed the senior class presentation, The Man Who Came To Dinner, on April 13. Sheridan Whiteside QBich Leej , a well-known lecturer and radio personality, is confined to the home of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley QTim Cochran and Carolyn Whippsj when he supposedly suf- fers a broken hip. Whiteside immediately takes over the house- hold, inviting several Hollywood friends to the house. Banjo fDick Hardyj, a slapstick come- dian, and Lorraine Sheldon, fNancy Lloydj, a glamorous star, are only two of the many stars who invade the Stanley household. The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners The Remarkable Incident at Carson Corners, presented by the Dramatics Club, was under the direction of Mr. Lance Shreffler and student director, Donna Baker. The high school students of Carson Corners call an assembly to indict the janitor fKenny Deeds! of the murder of a classmate who fell from a fire escape. As the trial proceeds it comes to light that not only is the janitor guilty, but also the parents. The doctor Cliog Battanj did not report to the hospital immediately to see the patientg the businessman fAllan Quigleyj spent money to beautify the town rather than make repairs on the schoolg and the building inspector lDave Stcvensj failed to check the fire escape. Row I: Eclzelberry, Wahll, Macaluso, Sievers, Lutz, Lloyd, Burt, Kauer, Dooley, King, Popp, Huclr, Pugh, Dortt, Mr. Yenser, Neubeclr, Lund, Reynolds, Albin, Hollenbeclr, Payne, Springsteen, Bell, Daugherty, Wilson, Armstrong, Tyler, Peters, Anderson. Row 2: Neisser, Buchanan, Oberst, Callahan, Whipps, Magly, Asmus, Simpson, Devroude, Tyler, Thomas, Edwards, Silbernagel, Knight, Koch, Sharer, Rudolph, McCullough, Ward, Powers, Ronlr, Miller, Cooper, Reidy, Dahle, Bachman, Edwards, Sellery, Robbins. Row 3: Whipps, Eberly, Wren, Newman, Lauer, Fleming, Bruce, Lloyd, Fodor, Fish, Leatherland, Elsasser, Trott, Lakin, Miller. Deeg, Kerschen- ,A Steiner, Rodgers, Sherman, Rediclr, Eaker, Leste. Fontana, Haymore, Stewart, Jennings, DeVos, Terry, Lloyd, Perry. Raw 4: Leary, Tinsley, Hosterman, Thomas, Rieber, Fitzsimmons, Sellery Fitting, Selby, Jones, Smith, Muench, Lee, Campbell, Laylin, Croclreit McNamee, Bolz, Long, Peterson, Pratt, Hoplcins, Rapp, Wilcox, Wade Sanders. Row 5: Olson, Hunzilrer, Endres, Gilmore, McCullough, Lape, Ongaro, Brown, Jenlrins, Blyth, Mason, Turvey, Hadley, Gerould, Adams, Freeland, Laylin, Sharer, Dennis, Stevens. Sandel, Reber, Miller, Wilder, Rattan, Jameson. Absent: Gilles, Johnson, Joseph, Mcswain. Weed Mewsie So young-and yet so justly proud, so tireless-and yet so sought-after, so changing-and yet so full of tradi- tion: that is Upper Arlington High Schoolis Senior Concert Choir, under the inspired leadership of Herbert S. Yenser. Now completing its fifth year, it has become not only a treasured school institution, but a community favorite. It has, of necessity, been limited to 145 voices, but it has been more than indirectly the inspiration for the new Fresh- man Choir of 88 members, and of the two glee clubs which will come into being when facilities in the new high school are available. In addition, the 538 .lunior High Choraleers become its proudest understudies. For untiring assistance in this vocal work, much credit goes to Mrs. Lois Allen, and to the accompanists, Helen Buchanan and Hazel Neisser for the Senior Choir, and Pat Brown for the Freshman Choir. Beyond the halls of Upper Arlington High School, the Senior Concert Choir has this year appeared before the Retired Teachers at Ohio State University last October, and the Columbus Lions, Club this spring. The Freshman Choir gave a concert at Trinity Methodist Church during Lent. Seated: Margo Fodor, sec'yg Roger Rattan, pres. Standing lleft to rightl: Howdy Freeland, social co-chairman, Peggy Kerschensteiner, girls' treas- urerg Ed Turvey, boys' treasurer, John Joseph, I ,'l 1 I B I I I , ' I I ' For many to whom Christmas is never complete without carolling, the Senior Concert Choir sang in the community on a cold December night, meeting together afterward for their own party. The Freshman Choir carolled the same week, and had a party. To the student body, the choir gave the traditional Christ- mas assembly on Dec. 213 the unforgettable Easter chapel on March 28, and eternally important for those who had the privilege, the graduation music on ,lune 5. For the ever-appreciative community-of students, par- ents, teachers and other friends-there were the Junior High Karnival Kapers in November, the Yuletide Festival of all three choral groups in December, the completely magnificent aOklahoma" during the entire week of March 12, and the Spring Choral Festival on May 11 and 12. The Senior Concert Choir has established its place through its contribution in song, in its sincerity of purpose, by its loyalty to challenging leadership, with its response to train- ing and technique, and always because of its unalloyed love of music. Hazel Neisser and Helen Buchanan, accompanists: yr Mrs. Lois Allen, assistant director. -'X ,N .1 , V7 ,,. ' "'7 I l . xxx f x X 'X ff' AV R, Q ' Q X Ax L' 'mv' fi, Q J Q 1, f L' ,.ff:,.'4,p if l, ,g fem, , fm ,m,A W . J UW E , V 1 if . 1 fm ff X. V H w X X Z w X f 'xx X N w N l l l , N N W W 1 , , N X Y 2 , 1 X K W x W X x J 1 ' X N N w x X fx X W w l f " fa xg f If , ,N l . ' X , L, ' ll l l ,f With its most ambitious undertaking in its brief five- year history, the Senior Concert Choir gave a memorable "Oklah0ma.'U to the community during the week of March 12. Under the enthusiastic leadership of Herbert S. Yenser, to whom "0klahomaf" became a challenge more than two years ago while the music of 'cBrigaa'00n,' was still fresh and gay, the Senior Concert Choir, and the Concert Orchestra, which was directed by Robert Ginther, gave its most unforgettable performance. "0klahoma!" which is not just a wonderful Broadway musical, but destined to become a part of the permanent literary and musical heritage of America, played and sung before two matinee audiences, and for four evenings to more than 5,000 friends in the community and beyond. It was most professional in its entire presentation, for which not only Mr. Yenser and Mr. Ginther receive due credit, but also Mr. Lance Shrefller, Mrs. Lois Allen and Miss Shirley Chick of the faculty, Margo Fodor and John Joseph, student directors. No small credit must also go to Hazel Neisser and Helen Buchanana for their work as ac- companists throughout the show. Somewhat unprecedented was the use of a large number of students for the seven leading roles- 19 in all playing the leads during the six performances: for Laurey, Peg Kerschensteiner, ,lane Rudolph and Kay Kauerg for Curly, Roger Rattan, Bob Fitzsimmons, Tom Selleryg for Ado Annie, Joan McCullough, Linda Dorff, ,lane Hollenbeckg for Will Parker, Dave Stevens, Howdy Freeland, Dave Olson, for Aunt Eller, Susie Koch and Hazel Neisserg for ,lud Fry, Ed Turvey, .lon Blyth, Bill Hadley, and for Ali Hakim, Ron Smith and Dick Tinsley. if awww' Maioreffes lleff fo righfl: Bonnie Huck, Jane Cellio, Dianne Miller, Brenda Erwin, Befsy Eeles, Linda Snashall, Rifa Hife. Row I: Drum Maior Bill Cook, Conni Mirick, Kenf Morgan, Randy Presfon, Pefe Laylin, John Bieber, Sfeve Sfrobel, Dick Walker, Eurelfa Dixon, Dave Olson, Sarah Besf, Mike Wells, Tom Gire. Row 2: Barbara Barron, Sandra Eberly, Anne Halligan, Jane Sfansbury, Ted Yaple, Hal Secresf, Beffy Ann Lindahl, Ron Sfone, Randy Lane, Paf Brown. Sondra Knighf, John Tuffle. Row 3: Buzz Cain, Judy Schofield, Siegfried Sforz, Sue Perry, Dick Hoffman, Bob Vickers, Jerry Rose, Roy Kohlhausen, Emily Carson, Sally Grimes, Larry DeLong. Row 4: Carol Obersf, Jim Bieber, Sonia Wahll, Judy Marsh, Harrieff Hull, Richard Bernard, Myron Recob, Joan Ball, Charloffe McConnell, Ron Owren, Mark Gruebmeyer, Sheila Long. Row 5: Ron Jones, Arf Bolz, John Dolby, Barb Kremer, Dick Gaupp, Dave Jones, Jim Shelfon, Jay McClelland, Jim Miller, Lew Nelson, Scoff Bolz, Ralph Lewis. Nof Presenfz Shirley Androff, Sandra Blum, Mary Cecill, Kafhy Cronin, Richard Durham, Mike Royer, Fred McGavran. ' ..,, tip X Q-"Y??'i' . ?I Page Eighty-four UrastFtfQ3rQoeamie3U Ushering in the nineteen fifty-five season with the annual Band Camp at Hilliards, the Upper Arlington Marching Band prepared itself for its halftime shows at all the football games. For the first season in many years, the band performed at all the away games. The marching season was culminated with a clever portrayal of Home- coming Queen Judy Smith's life done in the style of the television show, "This ls Your Life? Paced by Drum Major Bill Cook, this yearis drum majorettes - Bonnie Huck, Diane Miller, Rita Hite, Linda Snashall, ,lane Cellio, Brenda Irwin, and Betsy Eeles -- added much sparkle to the band7s performances. After the last football game, the band prepared for the Christmas season and presented "Christmas Suitef' "White Christmasf, and Leroy Anderson's :Sleigh Ride" at the Christmas programs. During the concert season, the group sight read such numbers as HCrand Canyon Suitea' and "Night Beatf, Highlighting their yearis work under the inspiring leadership of Director Robert Ginther, the band presented a highly entertaining program at the annual Spring Concert, proving itself to be an organization of which we all may be justly proud. Using only two periods a week for preparation, the high school orchestra has presented many fine programs this year. The group accompanied the senior choir for the first time in the annual Christmas production, 'Song of Christmasf, The orchestra added to their acclaim later in the year as they combined their talents with the members of the senior choir to produce the musical, '4OklahomaI" Aihl tics 1 4 f ff ww fm fr W 'Y 5, S ,SP 1 . W In N , Rf!! Q ,X-nv My 1' we . XQYW .. . ,. .-QM ,.,,,w.,,, , ,.,,,N,,., gf? M, 5 ,X 2 7 u.W.h. ,ww A ' " 1,4294 ' , , . , -1 1 ' 5 f U myf .. .7 I . 7 ,. f ' f ' ' SE V- . ' , k ,1 V My Ag O . XIX' 1 iw" ' , ffffj ,sf , V., ,,., , , -A , v,tf ,,.. ,f.,,WQf 1 P if ff f. , f f , 4 ,, , ',,..f t 1 ,ww , ,ws - 3 ,www , H ff X 'f ,cv , f ZH .V E 1 W' K Q' ' V ,. M:,f,, , . 1 .f ' lb W 5 ' 'MG K? I 4 , , N f Y 1' 41" 6 ' Q . ' ' Q - , , 5 if? , 5 K P' 'LW L 1 W In ni ,jffffw sen' .- . fy X . ,. 21' -Mmfyv ' ff is 2-2-fp - ' 4 w P f ww - ff, 54 ' rf 41 f ' .3 My I4 1 f ' Z , .. n -.xxx '2- Q 4 n 'V K? if! 6 S. -'S ? ,. 9 ..a. 39 Q f 44751 ,A A W 'M' W' ' 5 ' W----M - -W 'Q-M.-..-.,,.......Q .-....-., - EXW rw i .. , Q W-.V 'F' 4 Q , X , X X5 ,L A x shall rl X-A-aw , X Q , , YF NMA N L xx X f X Xi f .,fv X X . X X Q. , X X x Q X A N L, 3 . 5 N ,, U 1? X Q fx M 1 z f -- -. A if X A v Y Em .f,-' Q: ' 'gp . Q-5 Y M ff : rv X Q , A ' ,- ,', N 1 X I NN 1 a . i t. 'E Q 1 X , . f X w, Y -5 X - NS' A N J M X' ? 3' i . Q' . ' , ,. 5 1 N 3 5 is ' . 'fx' , V 5 1 Q , N ,V ' A I' U' H311 3 ,. -1 F2 Q , wk ,X Q 4 f Q , V "N' S-f EQ? 3,56 ' i ' ' 1 X Q , ' N ,A ' Q , j, 5 X 1 53 . . X ' E , "Try, F 315' S1 if 4, , . Q,,, It - -V 4 4, 4 X. ,, I, ,,NV 5 K 'Aff gqw t I -I pfiin. I 1 , ,Sn X . E , YQ. Qi, E M f t x W - i ll 1 1 , in MZ ,W f ,, 4 I 7 ' 7, ,i f 1 - . W -Q .om 6 , Q signals Dan Duncan Dave Selby E, ,,,K .,q, 5? Lew Dulin Rick Eisenman Chuck Collins -Q 21 Lynn Parlette Dick Sebastian Phil Boswell Bill Masters An, Tom Jones Bruce Nelson Bob Pflaum .lohn Joseph 91? t'l....l, u:n..-... .Ioe Berwunger 4735 .luck Frysinger 54 Terry 0'Donnell H: H efcky kv, -- .U Q06 Shirey Jim Dennis - ln .sf Dick Valasich .lim Rankin 'i . Bill Phillips - X .QQ Don Meeder Phil Carter 4 ,Q Bill Howe 1 . Ken Yameu A Bull Hadley I It was a tired group of football players who left the practice field on August 20, 1955. That was the day of Arlington's first football practice of the '55 season. The Bears were under the leadership of three new varsity football coaches, Mar- vin Moorehead, head coach, Pete Corey, line coach, and Bob Meeder, backfield coach. The team and coaches had to work very hard in order to instigate the new regime. On September 9 the annual Preview with North, West, and Grandview was held on Arlington's field. Arlington and West bowed to the co-winners, North and Grandview. The following Friday, Arlington traveled to South where the Bears were upset 12-7. South, capitalizing on Arlington's mistakes, scored in the second and fourth quarters. Lew Dulin scored the lone Arlington touchdown in the fourth quarter. On September 23 Upper Arlington was host to the West High Cowboys. Chuck Hittson, Arlington's fine fullback, scored the only touchdown of the evening, giving Arlington a 6-0 win over West. On the following Friday, Arlington traveled to Bexley for its first C.B.L. game. There the Bears dealt the Lions a 34-0 defeat. Chuck Hittson, Phil Boswell, and Lew Dulin all hit pay dirt. Chuck Collins and Jim Rankin scored on passes thrown by quarterback Dave Locey. The conversions were made by Dan Duncan. The Arlington-Urbana game of October 7 was postponed, and so the Bears were without action that night. They were, however, to see much action in the following five weeks. On October 111- the Bears jolted the Yellowjackets of Mt. Vernon 32-13. Chuck Hittson scored three of the five touch- downs, and Lew Dulin the other two. Dan Duncan put two conversions through the uprights that night. Delaware was the next team to meet defeat as the Bears ruined the Panthers, homecoming by beating their highly spirited team 27-12. The following Thursday a tough St. Charles was downed by only two points. Dave Locey, Tom Schooley, and Lew Dulin scored the all-important touchdowns for Arlington, and the educated toe of Dan Duncan supplied the winning margin. TI . - A KT Then on the following Tuesday, November 1, the Bears got their chance to play the Urbana Hill Climbers. The fired-up Arlington team swamped Urbana 48-6. Dave Locey, Jim Rankin, Lew Dulin, John Johnson, and Larry Shirey all rated in the Bears' scoring column. Dan Duncan added six extra points to the score. All in a dayls work, the Bears met Grove City three days after the Urbana game. This non-league game was not much of a test for Mr. Moorehead's Golden Bears, as Arlington easily won 47-6. Dave Selby scored two touch- downs, and Jim Rankin and John Johnson each scored a touchdown. Dan Duncan scored three touchdowns and made five conversions. The C.B.L. championship game between Arlington and Grandview was played on Veterans Day. Judy Smith and her court reigned over a capacity crowd at Arlington stadium. The Bears were stunned by Grandviewfs A to Z fAnderson to ZuharsJ offensive combination, and against Grandview's tough defensive team were allowed only 102 yards all after- noon. The game ended with a 12-0 victory for the Bobcats of Grandview. Twenty-six seniors received their last high school football award at the annual Booster Club football and cross country banquet, held at Ohio State's Student Union. Doyt Perry, former Arlington and Ohio State coach and now head coach at Bowling Green University, was the guest speaker. The banquet was climaxed by the announcement of the co- captains for the 1956 Golden Bears' football team. The new co-captains are end Ed Shaffer and quarterback Dave Locey. X. Us ll' A . A ge Nizzew-flare lla, I'-Ir! few X-f' -A 73 xx Z X sf f ws ff 42' ff, X w -xxx I , ,N BF -13, uf X 1 YQ? ' 1 a 1 n 'w v 'V M11 l A 1 x A ' -sw, Payne af, y I X + if Q gk. .Xb X f X' ' + 4'-:uv . 1 ' 13 -1 7- X5 " ' 41. J. Zim V ' ef . - 4W7f,..1n ,.,wff-!fW- .A ,A,., Z ,,.. '..VA, i Y. My 4, K- fmy. af- , gy f L V if ' xx.: - I, r-k, 3 k f -Lzgicqik I 7 if , K ,jf 5 .f f , xjg 1, W 4, , 5 5 Q EL? 3 4 ' ' Q K j ,. f 4- -J! L' Judy Daugherfy fix f J ,s W . f' Q f',' J , ff 1 fv!',f,f22 'f-, .ZUYJVL .yin ,azz 'wtf my -f ' WW f f 1 WZ L XX Q f f" X if X KX-. U NN ma Sibbie Seville Howdy Freeland ,. , 111 , ,fy 4' f,,, . ,, ' MM 7,7 1, ' f if ' f 3 , 1, 'X i i A , .M 5 a n K - , yu. - 1 V , NJ f m: Ili' ..ff, ,-972, ' ii i: , . A-"Sw, sal: -,F " 1' f- egg . I X . vi' ,i t yi-:X Aw gk, - fm 15 .f ' -,Q SELL, Charlie Rowe L , ,, ., . V, fm-wi-z :sir 4. fv 1 3 ',f, l j, f X X . f f f: e-ee V , ,,,V 70. ,V , in e-an iffixiij rr el I ' Joe Berwanger Bob McWilliams Yi 2 4 'W' , 2 f ,W 5 if A f ,f c g I Jf f f ?f f f ' 1 X fi he f ? 1 X I 1 f K j 2 f z ,' hr- 11-:QN V ., , . Ji' k ' Qi!! 7 7 ,X f f 1 of ' ff if ff 59 1 ' 4 iff y ff! 5 1 if I L33 e xx 5 1 f 'si way. ', . . , , . i xxx , '11 ,fi 5 55.1 i--.55 is X A,eoeoFo A X oe,eoee 'Z Cifilfiif Q-fig 1 Ye x X , X Y ff eeQ '1 1 X j A A . a 1 eeoo nolser Edwards f 1 X Q 54' Q 5 f Jim Dennis Row I lleft to rightl: Jon Poesch, Howdy Freeland, Rosser Edwards, Charlie Rowe, Bob McWilliams lcaptainl, Dave Locey, Brian Hill, Jim Gordon lmanagerl, Coach Mike Kish. CCU52S5iF'y7 Row 2: Dick Slater, Jim Dennis, Bill Cook, Joe Berwanger, Bob Butler, Ted Ongaro, Jack Nicklaus, Dana Pratt, Steve Williams lmanagerl. Upper Arlington cage squad tryouts began on November 7 with Captain Bob McWilliams and Coach Mike Kish leading the Golden Bears toward their seventeen-game regular season schedule and tlie district tournament. Seniors included on the squad were Captain Bob Mc- Williams, Howdy Freeland, Joe Berwanger, Charlie Rowe, Bosser Edwards, and Jim Dennis. Junior members were Jim Shafer, ,lack Nicklaus, Dave Locey, Bill Cook, Dana Pratt, Bob Butler, Dick Slater, and Brian Hill, who along with sophomore Ted Ongaro, comprised the underclassmen roundballers. The season's opener at North High, Nov. 29, was a close conquest as the Bears bowed 66-67. On the rebound the Bruins defeated Linden in the home court opener by a score of, 66-60. Mount Vernon established itself as the team to beat as it outclassed U. A. in a game in which both teams were in contention until the final buzzer. The iinal tally was 73-85. 'vG5 eie' EZ QA 7' aa V Z Z . -,ig J - 4 'df E, 23' ,a.,a,fg--,fs V 1 I U' 1 lqfff 'U ,- T ' if . 2 f I ' gi f f,, I , , K- X ff, ., 'Aff VV f VV, 'xii C1 I if C . A 1 f' 1 TH KE K , 2 -New ,, Row I lleft to rightl: Coach Bob Meeder, Jim Eigensee, Don Kauer, ROW 2? Ron Af1Cl9"S0f'l. Dale Wide. Bill DOSFF. l-Yle Pefflf. -l0l1l'1 Bob Pausch, Jim Nicklaus, Ned Crockett, Phil Wilcox, Bob Jenclrs. -l0hFlSf0H. Bob V-in SCl10YClK. -l0l1f1 -lefIlilf1S- The Bears greatly improved their record in two succes- sive nights as they defeated Delaware 71-41 on December 16 and Huntington in a wild scoring battle, 91-82, on the follow- ing Saturday. - C. B. L. hopes were seriously dampered by an inspired, injury-ridden Bexley Hve as Arlington found itself on the short end of a 68-71 score on January 13. Led by high scoring Bill Cook, the Kish-men conquered four teams in a three-week period of rousing victories. Urbana fell 51-49, Mount Vernon, then rated sixth in the state, was upset 67-59 on January 27, Delaware, with John Tally, succumbed 67-51 on February 3, and the following night a new visitor, Cincinnati Wyoming, was humbled 87-73. Two C. B. L. foes, Grandview and Bexley, bowed to the Golden Bears by scores of 75-58 and 68-66 on successive weekends. In the final league and regular season game Arlington was upset at Urbana by a score of 67-69. The Bears' district championship hopes were kept alive by their 63-57 victory over Hilliards at the Coliseum and then dashed by Columbus South as the bulldogs triumphed 79-64- on March 2. Game Score Game Score NOVHW -------------------- 6567 Delaware? .... 67-5 I ,,,,,,,,,.,..,...... Cincinnafi- Mount Vernon" .... 73-85 ' Wyoming 87-73 Delaware' ............ 7 l -4l Worthington 57-6 I 'Huntington .......,,... 9l-82 Grandview? .......... 75-58 Grandview' .......,,. 76-47 Bexley? .....,............ 68-66 Bexley' ,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,,,, 68-7l Saint Charles 58-76 Urbana' .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 5 I -49 Urbanaf ,...... 67-69 Mount Vernont .... 67-59 District Games Hilliard ..,...,...,...... - 63-57 Der Columbus South ,,,. 79-64 RESERVES Hail the Champs! The Colden Cubs took possession of the C.B.L. Reserve Championship and established a season record of ten wins and two losses. The Cubs dropped their first contest by but one point to North, beat Linden 4-1-23 seven days later, traveled to Mount Vernon only to bow 34-39 and from that time on refused defeat from anyone. Most impressive was the important Bexley contest of January 13 in which Arlington triumphed 63-52 with a very effective fast break featuring Lyle Petitis 27 points. Under the leadership of Coach Bob Meeder, the boys had a very successful season, scoring 527 points to their opponents' 4-46-point total. Page Ninety-revefz First row ileft to rightlz Teegardin, Haskins, Moffett, Yamell, Nelson, Masters, Dulin, Hiitson, Carter, Sebastian, Eisenman, Edwards, Joseph, Dawson, Ulrich. Second row: Fitzgerald, Boll, Shaffer, Schooley, Givens, Durham, Glenn, Wilcox, Nitschke, Vance, Jenclrs, Kincaid, Stone, Brown, Coach Richard Larlrin. Tijfegicllc Humphreys, Wilder, Rapp, Anthony, Stall, Vickers, Gaupp, Coach Marvin Moorehead. Fourth row: Lane, Prior, Cuppy, Collins, Jameson, Millholland, Holstein Von Haam, Burns, O'Morrow, McCoy, Scattaloni, May, Stritmatter. As in past years, on March 1, Coach Richard Larkin called the first practice session of the oncoming season. Of the nine returning lettermen led by Captain Lew Dulin, all excelled in competition last year. ln the 100-yard dash, Dulin and Chuck Collins returned for their third year of Varsity competition. The 220 also featured returning lettermen Bruce Nelson and Collins. Dan Duncan and Phil Carter again had the 440 under control. Wyman Haskins was the only returning letterman in the 880 and mile runs, but Bill Dawson, Don Smith, and Ronnie Stone, all experienced runners, gave these events a promising outlook. Pete Nitschke, a letterman, Ed Shaffer and Tom Schooley were the big men in the hurdle events. ln the shot put and discus Dick Sebastian dominated the blue ribbons but was followed closely by Mike Fitzgerald and Harry Brown. The pole vault boasted a complete line-up of veterans in Rick Eisenman, Bill Masters, John Joseph and Rosser Edwards. Chuck Hittson and Masters, both lettermen, starred again this year in the high jump. Completing the field events, the broad jump was handled by Captain Dulin. Only the 880 and mile relays suffered loss of personnel, Dulin, Nelson and Collins were back for their third year in 880 relay but needed a new fourth man as did the mile relay. Duncan, Carter and Ken Yarnell held down the other three posts. The schedule this year was packed with formidable opponents, but Arlington still expected to take its second straight C. B. L. title and seventh crown in the last eight years. Third row: Adams, Gerould, Wandell, Van Schoychlr, Campbell, Wolfe, ,f Bill M f iyfli Mq--,, C Q7we ' 5 'I 7 ngnfg 5 Q 2, , M' E l 4 no , 1 H Kelllly Yqwrn-alll 9 ! 7 4 i 'i Dan Duncan n ' Wyman Haskins IlS'l6l'S f fm ri , 44 l, ,i ff? Chuck Collins n A V f ofa Q 5 J: 22 g xi 1 I Dave Selby 'Q' xx I 3 1 Sam Moffett Phil Carter , 2 i X la.- VV,. i Us it i ' z 4 ' fx Chuck Hittson ' f Clint Teegarclin Ya . -'Q ff I u 'J V, xv,-A " ,, Rosser Etl wards -E- if' 2 X, 'I' Q L Q bf , if Q 2 , ' rw.. My . 2 1 'X M ii C. lew Dulin i Bill Dawson J 4 ft, ,final I 'X X ,W 1 4 ui: N Rick Eisenman X fx f C C 1 X, ,N i .ii ' X - f K 'xk,,.-J ' .W Dick Sebastian Y fi is 3,3 Coach Bob Meeder, Terry O'Donnell, Ted Ongaro, Jim Nicklaus, Don Rankin, Dick Bearse, Chuck Hosierman, Darrell Hull, Jim P. Miller, Kauer, Bill Howe, Johnny Johnston, Dick Argo, Dick Hardy, Bob Dave Locey, Steve Williams. Butler, Phil Boswell, Dan Williams, Bill Cook, Bob McWilliams, Jim '73 1:5-6' 47 km fd 'J iw J, M i, ' ff N J X tl x.! 'V ' if , yy f, ,I ri, ag 4 , . rf' fx QW f f l l Iii, Ag: l gy Q W 2 fyf ' 0 I 'L Ulf, r ff 1 1 P? if 7, f i 5 ' f f a 1 I A f c' l 1 Q Q A ff ' M 1 ,Z M AQZ 4' vp' in 6 1 Sense-9-ll9Qi1llU In early March approximately eighty candidates for the 1956 baseball team turned out for the first practice under Coach Bob Meeder, at his first year at the Golden Bear reins. One month later, April 3, the varsity took the field at West for the first of twenty-one games. Led by Co-captains Dan Williams and Phil Boswell, eight lettermen returned from last yearis squad. The eight included Dick Bearse, Bob McWilliams, Chuck Hosterman, J im Thomas, Steve Williams, Ted Ongaro, Phil Boswell, and Dan Williams. This nucleus, plus several promising juniors, set the achievements of last year's honor winning team as a goal. The 1955 Bears tied for the C.B.L. championship with Bexley and Delaware and defeated defending champion St. Charles for the Central District crown. Even though this yearls squad may have been a little short of experience, their excellent spirit and hustle more than made up for their lack of know-how. Under Coach Paul Corey the reserve team was made up of juniors and sopho- mores. The freshmen had a team of their own. The experience that these boys received will prove invaluable in later years when they make up the varsity team. A . f f X - X Q " ffI'2Qf?f-, " -A 5, ,gf 3 . - 1 1, bfwfff , .V -51 Y 'ff ' Wiifx, 1-1 ,L f,, ,ff ,M .V - 1 lim Rankin Vi! w 1.1 ' fu l k....a, ISJKQI 31, E Q k 'Q Wim A hm Thomas 1 i 1 l A I I W ,, 1 1 is A., .- u ll l l H x ' Aff 'l ' fl ,,, ., fi ,S 7 gi ,", I 115,41 gg ' K-' . big, -.M f Dan Williams Jim Miller o i , 'X vi' 'iii , , h 6 A , 5' ' J Af X 'P ,lf f L If 1 5 l fi yr 2 ,. Dick Hardy Terry 0'Donnell A 3,3.' l Y V ff Af f A ! I Q, , l C Q X' i ,. 1 I 1 "T - ,gif A l . ' 'Q .-,,:',gl ' 'fl 11, Bill Howe h Q' Steve Williams -F' Dick Bea rse , ' -Q fi fe U CQMT7- 13' - , .A , . L - r ,,V:mV,Yi h A Il' X xx rfb -,K-A if ,. f I 17 " f Z' lf' k 1 K 52, Anil, 3 , ., I s,-,, 3 Q34 ,, J ly,-.ggi ff,, - g, : K, s "-" . -192 ' 7, I 'Q 5 -f ,fyjlbk if W - f ' ' " 4 . A :is , r , ,. 1415 .i :-2, - .- r - k .. magma - N. Plnl Boswell Q, ' I , -, QQ 7 len lo fsgm: Co-caplains Pm: 1 'fm ' . ' ' Boswell, Dan Williams and Coach Bob Meecler. ' Y Chuck Hosterman . X. ,x ., ,cl If QMS K , -35.4 ' ' x El Bob McWilliams 'f All if V . 1 ' 'S QT. Dick Argo ROW li lleff to fl9l'I'fl Jerry ROSS. Jim MCGHVFGH. Bill Zelg. Tom TQFFY. Row 3: Diclr Carson, Bill Cuppy, Don Harrison, George Collins, Riclr Pai PBHOU. TONY Norman. Dave Cox. Von Haam, Bill Reiber, Doug Morris, Ron Jones, Artie Wolfe, Steve Row 2: Bob Kincaid, Jack Saeger, Bob Young, Marty Stuart, Co-cept. Guthrie. C0-3Cl1 Cl1eS Mcphee- Dave Jones, Co-capt. Allan Quigley, Jeg Coughlin, Tom Byall, Bill Hadley. Swirrnriaimcgj fi Coach Ches lVIcPhee's tankers completed their 1956 season with an excellent record. The Bears tallied their second straight undefeated season of dual meet competition and, in doing so, won the Greater Columbus Swimming Champion- ship. The team also downed Grandview and Fremont in a triangular meet at Fremont, Ohio. For the second straight time the Bears captured the City Relay Championships by taking six firsts, two seconds and setting six new records for that meet. The next big task for the mermen was the district meet. The team met this challenge and came through with Hying colors by capturing six iirst places and setting two new district records. From the district meet, fifteen Upper Arlington swimmers advanced into the state preliminaries and four individuals, Page One Hundred Two Coach Ches McPhee and Co-captains Dave Jones and Allan Quigley along with two relay teams, were able to reach the finals. These swimmers were able to compile a total of 23 points, which earned the team the third-place berth in the Ohio High School Swimming Championships. The 1956 Arlington swimming squad broke all previous U.A.H.S. swimming records. The Golden Bears also claimed ownership of six City Relay records as well as two district records. The 1956 swimming team has gone down in the books as the most powerful swimming team in Upper Arlingtonis history. With 13 returning lettermen on the roster, Coach Ches McPhee hopes for an even more powerful team next year. 1z:M - ,- Row I llefl' to righil: Bill Denzel, Bill Dawson, Barry Wear, Wyman Haskins lcaphi, Bob Lesie, Kenny Deeds, Jim Miller, Stewart Sanders. Row 2: Dave Smith lmgr.l, Bob Wanclel, Jim Sharer, Jim Gordon, Dick Gaupp, Seigfried Storiz. Row 3: Richard Larkin lcoachl, Chuck Rapp, Terry McCoy, Dale Wade, Don Smith, Dave Stevens. Geese Ci wrnirfy Coach Richard Larkin and Capiain Wy- man Haskins. The Upper Arlington Cross Country team received one first place and six second places, which contributed to a profitable season. The Bears placed fourth in the District Cross Country Meet, with Wyman Haskins and Don Smith placing ninth and nineteenth respectively. Coach Richard Larkin's team consisted of seniors Wyman Haskins fcaptainj, Jim Miller, Kenny Deeds, Bill Dawson, Bob Leste, Barry Wear, Bill Denzel, Stewart Sanders, juniors Bob Wandel, Jim Sharer, Jim Gordon, Dick Gaupp, Seigfried Stortz, Ronnie Stone, sophomores Don Smith, Chuck Rapp, Dale Wade, Terry McCoy, Dave Stephens, and freshmen Mike Cummings, Dave Smith Cmanagerj. At Newark the team lost its opener, but later racing the Wildcats on their home court, the Bears settled their score x is . ,. -.QP ' ,. wr. fl f' , A Q , with them and won. Wyman Haskins finished first, followed by Don Smith and Bill Dawson. East bested the harriers in a meet at Northam Park, however, the thinclads placed second in a triangular meet with West and Worthington. Making the annual trip to Springfield, the Bears received a second by defeating Lima Shawnee in a triangular meet, which Springfield won. Marion defeated the Bears but Wyman Haskins and Don Smith placed iirst and second for the losers. In the next meet Lima Shawnee was followed by Arling- ton and South. Wyman Haskins won the race with Don Smith and Jim Miller placing second and third respectively. At the fall sports banquet Bob Wandel was elected captain for the 1956 cross country season. Page One Hundred Three A good year was predicted for the Arlington golfers as they opened their initial practice sessions on the Scioto links in early March. All the lettermen of last yearis squad who won the C.B.L. crown and linished third in district competition, returned. These members were Roger Holstein, Bill Kern, and co-captains ,lack Nicklaus and Jon Blyth. Other promising candidates for this yearns team included .li-m Dennis, Tim Cochran, Dan Stone, .lim Hopkins and ,lack Saeger. The linksmen, coached by Mr. Bill Thomas, are chosen for their position on the teamr by the ladder system. The first four men compete in the events and can he challenged for their positions by inter-squad matches. Besides regular C.B.L. matches, the Bears played in city, district and state competition. They also competed in two invita- tional tournaments at Hamilton and Sandusky, Ohio. Slat Golf Champ 'V "Lim, i ' 'Q , mg-,Q Sgr. ji if-I . -ffl' ia? i -'my w W' , 1 My I , , Q , K , Mr, ',., ' K r X .. 'Vi 1 'ffiffif W i I 1 it 97 1 5 'X l .em l Y' .4 l , X . .Z I 9 i my Q-W Jon Blyth .hm Hopkins Co-captain Jon Blyth, Coach Bill Thomas, and Co-captain Jack Nicklaus Row I: llefi' to rightl Jim Dennis, Roger Holstein, Jon Blyth, Jack Nick- laus, Bill Kern, Tim Cochran. Row 2: Trent' Lamb, Bob Dotts, David Frear, Dan Stone, Jaclr Saeger, Dave Will. 11- Under t-he new coaching of Mr. Dave Shelby, the tennis team was looking forward to a highly successful season in 1956. All intentions of regaining the C.B.L. crown, last won in 19511-, were held by last year's returning lettermen: Captain Charlie Rowe, Dave Peterson, Tom Wessels, Bill Hadley and ,lim Sharer. "Big things" were expected of two new boys, Tom Sellery and Harold Von Ulmer, both of whom undoubtedly helped' in keeping the team's spirit high. Other prospective team players included Ronnie McHam, Dale Wade, Richard Hoffman, John Kelly, Don Gehlbach, Jay Lang, and Ed Turvey. With a twenty-game schedule the tennis team was kept very active with two and three matches a week. Captain Charlie Rowe and Coach Dave Shelby. Bill Hadley w 'li' Clldrlle Rowe Left 'lo right: Jim Sharer, Bill Hadley, Ronnie McHam, Ecl Tur- vey, Charlie Rowe lCap'lainl, Dave Peterson, Todd Tibbals, Har- old von Ulmer, Tom Wessels, Tom Sellery, Dale Wade, Dick Hoff- man, John 'Kelly, Coach Dave Shelby. Page One Hzznflreci Five Wtfesiillitncgj Row l: lleft tp rightl Bob Vickers, George Banning, Ed Loyer-Capt., Hardy, Ricky Eckler, Scott Bolz. Mme Jones' D'Ck Wagner' John Kellv- Row 3: John Bieber, Bill Workman, Jerry Rose, Paul Mullin, John Brown Row 2: Jim Bell, David Fuentes, Mari: Sain, Whalen Woodward, Dick Jeff Shaw, Tom Steckel. Starting the year ill-equipped and inexperienced, the Bears' first varsity wrestling squad went on to a fairly successful season. Last year Coach Dale Rose and senior Ralph Kuenning conceived the idea of having a wrestling team. They felt a need for a sport in which any individual could excel. This year, with increased enthusiasm for the sport on the part of the student body, wrestling became a varsity team under the leadership of Coaches Ray Moyer and Lee Williams. Because of the crowded conditions of the school, the matmen were forced to hold practices in the cold, cramped field house. The Bruins made impressive victories in the city-wide meet at Ohio State University in which Arlington placed third. When they met tougher, more experienced opponents in the district if meet at Worthington, however, the matmen didn't do so well. Dick Hardy was Arlington's top man in this match. Arlington succeeded in sending Hardy, a powerful, one-hundred-three-pound senior to the regional tourna- ment at Findlay, where he placed third. Although the team loses its seniors, a strong group of underclassmen are standing by to take over and lead the team to even greater victories in the years to come. Page One Hundred Six Captain Ed Loyer and Coach Ray Moyer. X no Fm, A QT Qpwrme GQJWUQGUQ Sealed lleff fo righlla Mr. Richard Larlrin, Miss Shirley Chick, Mr. Michael Kish, Mr. Marvin Moore- head, Mr. F. James Lambourne. Sfancling: Mr. W. E. Thomas, Mr. Joseph A. Dorff, Mr. Roberi Meeder, Mr. Dave Shelby, Mr. Raymond Moyer, Mr. Chesfer McFee, Mr. Richard McLaughlin, Mr. Paul Corey. G3 EF O Emil U - S U U if? Row I: Wyman Haskins, Lew Dulin, Dan Williams, Phil Boswell, Bob McWilliams. Row 2: Allan Quigley, Dick Sebaslian, Joe Berwanger, Chuck Rowe, Dave Jones. Page One Hundred Seven vw la.. I . . , . 9 -Q...-'sg LM, V, . ,f f f ' 5 V c e G. A. A., the Girls, Athletic Association, under the direction of Miss Shirley Chick, has as its primary purpose that of encouraging girls to participate in extra-curricular sports. Girls in grades nine through twelve are eligible for membership. G. A. A. provides not only an intramural pro- gram but also arranges for games with other schools. The sports offered are hockey, basketball, swimming, bowling, tennis, golf, softball, volleyball and archery. The officers for the past year were Sue Newman, president, Judy Magly, vice-president, ,loan McCullough, secretary, and Sy Sherman, treasurer. Jean Fleming served as publicity chair- man and Susie Tilton, social chairman. On May 17 the G. A. A. had a banquet at the Barrington School Cafeteria. At this banquet girls who had made outstanding contributions to sports received awards. Miss Aida Cerda from Chile was the guest speaker. At the conclusion of the affair next year's officers were announced. --o 5 0 ,. ' . Page One Hundred Nine Becky Breen, Hockey Bev Popp, Basirefbali Q r 1 Bonnie Brinkman, Sporis Chairman Lona Powers, Golf Heaih Williams, Swimming Wie gfl iwgiiff, V.V, MZ M , . , , , , if . gf,fxf.,ff4-,fy 4- ,f I 1 f,,,fgey,1v,, 9, , Qi7'fQig Z5 f f ,ff ,ff , S7"'v,,, . B ' 25? f Carol Sievers, Tennis Mary Ben' Luh' Bowling Page One Hundred Ten B Bi B KES -Q f sq' my in ' G r-1 P f 5.1 V-W QQ SSUSUCEEUUUSQ Q7 El Q7 t. -'V iv X' ff. Firsr row: Beisy Eeles, Kay Bernard, Bev Popp, Anne Wear, Marcia Sfouffer, Carolyn Baker. Second row: Joyce Elsasser, Charlene lrwin, Beclry Breen, Sally Edwards, Jane Hollenbeclr, Sue Newman, Beffy Throckmorion, Bonnie Brinkman. T' Page One Hundred Eleven 0 Ao Ao Vclrsily I ,'k- A ' Zyl ff.-. ff . I ' 1 1 x ' '75 ri' uf' j 5 I , 1 i 4 Hr 3 T ,, nl X ,X . . . I G LV .Q First row: Sue Newman, Befty Throckmorton, Jane Hollenbeck, Carolyn Baker, Joan McCullough, Sy Sherman, Judy Ballard. Second row: Bev Popp, Bonnie Brinkman, Sally Edwards, Nancy Devroude, Joan Albin, Becky Breen. G.A.A. opened its 1955-56 season with hockey, one of its two major sports. Try-outs were held again this year for the team, and the competition was very stiff. The team, composed of twenty-eight girls, was finally announced. This group was later subdivided into a Varsity and a Reserve team. The hockey team had a full schedule this year. The first game on the schedule was at Bexley. The Varsity was defeated 1-0, but the Reserves came out with a 4-0 victory. In the next two games the teams proved to be evenly matched as the Varsity tied St. Maryis 0-0 and University 1-1. The Reserves ended both games with 0-0 scores. The Varsity again was defeated by a strong Grandview team, 0-2. The Reserves lost 0-1. The Varsity came back to finish the season with a victory over C.S.G. by a score of 1-0. The game ended scoreless for the Reserves. BSBYVB K if 'fii'a917-i- .. 6 I -if 4 1 I is 1 if cf l 1 -1 H1 f g, 'z ,ka , s. sw. , - ' i W , mf 1 ' - I , First row: Paffi Albin, Carole lsenagle, Bertie Edwards, Sally Redick, Ann Lloyd, Rachel Colby, Linda Lawrence, Corifa Hiffson. Second row: Debbie Hoskins, Midge Lorig, Marilee Bachman, Susie Tilfon, Heath Williams, Dianne Miller, Betsy Eeles. V V M A Page One Hwzdred Twelve 1 1 . . or 9 G. A. A. Basketball Varsity J, y . J J y N67 y V, y 1 A lil in J 1 ,rX'1 0, Y, 'vw-912 292521 'f'?FiiM, -,SuHf'2. J - t.,fiis.A.A.' J 1 ' i VA' 1 ,Q if ir ' ,, A ,V , VV,V I 'V ,VVL I A jjiig V of V ""' 'hff 5 , V L "af" fgw f.,., ,.,,, , ,HW ' "Lid, ip . L gg QM. sim Alkfyw L,-3'EMa ,QgraAAfg r , 2 y ,,,.,, ,, . . .g V First row: Anne Wear, Betty Throclxmorton, Beclcy Breen, Sue James, Sue Newman. Second row: Sandy Reed, Mary Pat Anderson, Midge Lorig, Carolyn Baker, Doris Cooper, Susie Tilton. Basketball for the G.A.A. girls opened its season after Christmas vacation. There was a varsity team which consisted of 15 girls and a reserve team of 15 players. On January 21 the Gold and Black played Linden-McKinley and emerged victorious in this first game of the season by a score of 18 to 7. The next game ' ' ' ' b score of was held on January 31 with Bexley, the opposing team, winning y a 15 to 12 The following games included foes, such as University, Worthington, North, arid Grandview, with the girls putting up a hard fight against all of them. Traditional "Intramural Night" was held on March 22 with the class teams dressed in costumes. The seniors wore the garb of cowgirls, complete with 10-gallon h t and holsters. They took the song "Pore Jud is Daidw from OKLAHOMA! and a s rewrote the lyrics to read '4Poor Junior Class is Deadf' as it was the juniors they ' ' - 42 7. played in the finals. The seniors were the victors of this play off by a score of to 1, 'cg First row- Judy Grubbs, Marlene Yochem, Betsy Eeles, Sally Edwards, Bev Popp, Vickie Miller. M W d. Second row: Sibbie Siville, Marilee Bachman, Jane Schmidt, Judy Sharer, Marcia Siouffer, ary ar Page One Hundred Tbzrieen "LE" X ll, Cowboys and f.a1'n1e1'syu'ere planning to give Curley M! fayEil1Sl?glgkggClfjtgntl?1rlln1E' fcl?ealBrg:cflg?IgiJ.r?1feOne of k ancl Lznrrey a clnvoree t1l Aunt Eller appeared. ' ' ' . . " .. M ' d H ld Bob Hoag, Ol'l,QlllZltOl' of the Count Ulrlrggglzlemgazigllge aan Step igrrim ZZ!! to Twenty Yell, spezrks to the student of the mam, South American dances luocly before the Zlll-ITTIDOTUIIIJE Bexley they learned While living in Bolivia. game. 1 A A X For aflclefl school spirit, Arlington had a Block "A" thCflf1Cl:c.M00'leif3dCEg2tS tg'fS1fandV'e't'lflU131mV!' ylin, gt 1 t -l 5 t'on. lf it If e on 1re as ' ax e pep ra y e mg S uc en L Wumg SBC I before the homecommg game. l ?-filo ""'kf.,-.JE I 1 ev w, 1. r Si X with v, ri ld L Q ,ohh r,l 4? 25- T if Z I mf .J , , ,. ,f , f, , , ,,, ,fc ' ,, I, ' , -1.5, C1 V2 Q' f' .wiv Ia ' ,V I . 1 f 4 " I if-frjeffy, , i- 'f-,nw, 'iff f' 4 r 1. V ' y 'ff 4 ' Jn .Q , fiiyrn ,gf 4 7 51,4 ,hgh x A Y 5 A 4 1 , 4 i 1 L 4 f ,, 1 1 ,ff 1 a 1 A . rg i 4 i ""l I "" l' ' 4" lin' .55 "l , ,1 4' L ,V Mini W f X" U- ,K of f f ' ' ' TF?-1' f I X l yr V Z 'f -s f ikfig X liz ewj fl Ig XLQHXX 3-4 Dr" ,UVM fy',n ,4" I . ,Z ., ' 0' 7 Vw Jr X H V 772 4111-ff,,-fyqrik u , ,I v.E:, , ,. if. V--,, ,, fe M-Mm, s i , is i .s . f ffffew-. ..: 4I,.,,g,.v!"'e .C ' Wg' 2, 'V "'if'y -., ' if Q '- X I' ,. V ffe2'1, 'f' f. 1 A X- XGAQ ifgfaljr 5, W ,r - 1: , l "- 5 qi alley 2 VR s l s ae V i e i e . fi.. f., . , I. ,VW - 'Q ffffff f , K, ,,,,.,-,. ,W , ,., QT' ,,, H ' 4 f . .- .,... , ,, s if - A " fr 77 f ,,... - W, 4 , " ,, E . 'H ' "' ,V -f 1- ,, ' J f M '--,efffv gum . , f w Mazza: P w-ww-1-1 -1 sgfwfyaffrf-fff:5',4y-eff .fr ,y.,,'.'Ly, I it ,gi K xxx ,f X 'X AYL41' Q 'M ,H 4' . iw 1 X A Z ,af 1 0 X 7, 4 N. f , 1 2 rt 0 1 7 f If ! ff Jeff X sf f ff O f ' 1 'ff 1 4 ' fff X X' I X I X 'V ff , X 4 'U' I Y I "A Pretty Girlf' played by Arlington's marching band, couldnlt be more appropriate as Queen Judy is presented with ai beautiful corsage. Sophomores seem to 'be taking advantage of the l It looks as if one of these industrious students is a precious and sometimes infrequent sturly periods, little "weary" from a test. ,1 N' ,- UP qs il X Mal?-R li t UM' i L , fi X lla U lx K ll u i X .Nl ll lil .Q X 5' I J shot in the last minutes of the game. LF f slffill ul fl wfljigy l ,Qll fi' fx by yslll ,N V ff gli :lags lf 2 Xml 'li il gli, A Bexley player tries desperately to block "Cookies" - Ml. WWW A yy., M if 5 Q xt 'm,,,,M 47,1 W' l V, -.4 I A 4 3 , , fb , 'Q . ' N Ali I-Iakim tells tlfe cowboys and farmers how he Sy Sherman crowns Lewis Dnlin ltingoftlie Annual has been g'Trapped, tricked, amluushed, hooblinkedf' Golclfliggers Prom. sponsored lwy Clmrin Boarrl. King byy Ado Annie. Lewis was eseortecl luy Queen .lnilyx if' ,i 5 Senior Activities JOAN ALBIN-Pep Club: G.A.A., lfennis headl: Y-Teens, lco-chairman social commiffeel: F.T.A.: Charm Board lvice- pres.l: Leaders' Class: Norwesfer, lcasuals ecliforl: Sfudenf Council, Ipresl: Sfudenf Courf: Allied Youfh: Class Officer, lvice-pres., freshman classl: Girls' Sfafe lalfernafel: French Club: Junior Class Play lchairman of fickefsl: Jr.-Sr., Ichair- man fable decorafionsl: Homecoming lcourfl: Track Oueen. WILLIAM ANDERSON-Norfh High School, Columbus, Ohio: Sfudenf Council, lSergeanf af Armsl: Chess Club: French Club: Lafin Club. RICHARD ARGO-Hi-Y: Band: Krazy Kapers Casf: Foofball: Baseball. PAUL ARTHUR- Wesf High School, Columbus, Ohio: Spanish Club: Allied Youfh: Arlingfonian lcirculafion managerl: Baseball. BETSY ASCHINGER-G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Allied Youfh: Spanish Club. CAROLYN BAKER-G.A.A., Isporfs chairmanl: Y-Teens, lprogram chairman, links chairman, ways and means chairmanl: F.T.A.: Publicify Club: Norwesfer, lassisfanf edi- forl: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Torch: French Club: Jr.-Sr., lchairman refreshmenfsl: Charm Board. Pep Club: Assisf- anfs' League. DONNA SUE BAKER-Y-Teens: Spanish Club: Junior Class Play: Thespian Play Casf. ELIZABETH NORVELL BAKER-Perrysville High School, Perrysville, Ohio: Galion High School, Galion, Ohio: G.A.A.: F.T.A.: Norwesfer: Allied Youfh: Assisfanfs' League: Junior Class Play: Thespian Play Casf: F.H.A. RICHARD BEARSE- Hi-Y: Norwesfer, lboy's sporfs ediforl: Torch: Varsify "A": Baseball: Inframural Council, lvice- pres.l. JOSEPH MANLEY BERWANGER-Grandview High School, Columbus, Ohio: Hi-Y: Allied Youfh: Krazy Kapers Casf: Jr.-Sr., lchairman of consfrucfionl: Varsify "A": Foof- ball, Ico-capfainl: Baskefball: Track. JOSEPH VINCENT BLISS-Sfudenf Council. JON RICHARD BLYTH-Mf. Lebanon High School, Piffsburgh, Pennsylvania: Hi-Y: Span- ish Club: Varsify "A": Baskefball: Golf. MARY KATHRYN BOLTON-G.A.A.: F.T.A.: F.N.A.: Spanish Club: Office Siaff: Y-Teens. PHILIP JAMES BOSWELL-Afhens High School, Ohio: Hi-Y: Chess Club: Spanish Club: Varsify "A": Foofball: Base-ball. ADELAIDE BECKMAN BREEN- Si. Mary of fhe Springs, Columbus, Ohio: G.A.A. lhockey headl: Allied Youfh: French Club: Assisfanfs' League. ELEANOR ANNE BRUCE-Easf Junior High School, Kan- kakee, Illinois: G.A.A.: Y-Teens, Ivice-pres., infer club member al large, program chairmanl: Leaders' Class, lchildren's parfy chairmanl: Norwesfer: Nafional Honor Sociefy: As- sembly Commiffee: Torch: GirI's Sfafe, lalfernafel: French Club: Junior Class Play. HELEN BUCHANAN-Springfield Township School, Mansfield, Ohio: G.A.A.: F.N.A., lpres.I: Sfudenf Council: Nafional Honor Sociefy, lpres.I: Krazy Kapers Casf. TOM BYALL-Varsify "A": Swimming. PHILIP THOMAS CARTER-Hi-Y: French Club: Varsify "A": FOOfI3f3II: TF5Cls- KAREN CHRISTENSEN-G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Spanish Club. ALFRED STILLMAN COCHRAN - Hi-Y: Arlingfoniani Senior Class Play: Norwesfer, lbusiness managerli Ouill and Scroll: Chess Club, lsecrefary-freasurerl: Torch: Golf. RACHEL COLBY-G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: F.N.A., lfreas- urerl: Publicify Club: Charm Board: Sfudenf Council: Allied Youfh: Office Sfaff: Krazy Kapers Casf: Homecoming, lcourfl. CHARLES FREDERICK COLLINS-Hi-Y: Torch: French Club: Varsify "A": Foofball: Track. SANDRA JUNE CONREY-Royal Oak High School, Royal Oak, Michigan: F.N.A.: Norwesfer: Allied Youfh: Office Sfaff: Lafin Club. JEAN PATRICIA CORCORAN -G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.N.A.: Allied Youfh: Spanish Club. EDWARD JAMES COUGHLIN --Aquinas High School, Columbus, Ohio: Hi-Y: Spanish Club: Baseball: Swimming. KAREN ELAINE COWLES- G.A.A.: Y-Teens, F.N.A.: Spanish Club: KVGZY KGPGFS CGSJV- BOB CUMMINS-Hi-Y: Cross Counfry: Bowling. CLYDE WILLIAM DAWSON eeHi-Y: Chess Club: Varsify "A": Foofball: Track: Cross Counfry. KENNETH MERLYN DEEDS -Hi-Y: Junior Class Play: Thespian Play Casf: Cross Counfry. JAMES RICHARD DENNIS-Hi-Y: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Foofball: Baskefball: Golf. FRANK WILLIAMSON DENZEL- Hi-Y: Allied Youfh: Cross Counfry. HELENE JENSON DeVOS-G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Arlingfonian: Norwesfer: Ouill and Scroll: Torch: Spanish Club: Junior Class Play: Thespian Play Sfaff: Krazy Kapers Casf. YVONNE NANCY DEVROUDE-G.A.A. Isporf headl: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Leaders' Class: Norwesfer: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Assembly Commiffee: Torch: French Club: Office Sfaff: Assisfanfs' League: Junior Class Play. PATRICIA ANN DOOLEY-Leaders' Class, Norwesfer: French Club: Nafional Thespian Sociefy lfreasurerl: Junior Class Play: Thespian Play Casf. LINDA LOU DORFF- Arlingfonian Iarf ediforl: Norwesfer larf ediforl: Sfudenf Council: Ouill and Scroll: Assembly Commiffee: Nafional Thespian Sociefy lpresidenfl: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf: Jr.-Sr. Commiffee Chairman linvifafionsl: Fesfo Ifreas- urerl. LEWIS CHARLES DULIN-Hi-Y: Sfudenf Council: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Foofball: Track lcapfainl. DANIEL MERRITT DUNCAN - Mansfield Senior High School, Mansfield, Ohio, Hi-Y Ifreasurerl: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers: Varsify "A": Foofball: Track: Varsify MARTHA HELEN ECKELBERRY-G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: F.N.A.: Arlingfonian: Norwesfer: Spanish Club: Jun- ior Class Play. ALBERTA VIRGINIA EDWARDS-G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: F.N.A.: Publicify Club: Norwesfer: Spanish Club: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf. ROSSER BROPHY EDWARDS -Hi-Y: Spanish Club: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Foofball: Baskefball: Track: Cross Counfry. SARAH ELIZA- BETH EDWARDS-G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Leaders' Class: Allied Youfh: Torch: Assisfanfs' League. RICHARD LEROY EISEN- MAN-Chula Visfa High School, San Diego, California: Sudbury High School, Sudbury, Massachuseffs: Baskefball: Track: Class Officer, lvice-pres., iunior classl: Foofball: Varsify RICHARD FRANCIS ENDRES-Sf. Teresa I-Iigh School, Huron, Soufh Dakofa: Creighfon Prep School, Omaha, Nebraska: Band: Foofball: Baskefball: Sodalify. DAVID HARRIS FITTING- Hi-Y: Chess Club: Spanish CIUID: Thespian Play Casf: Krazy Kapers Casf: Baseball. JEAN FLEMING-Fesfo: G.A.A., lsporfhead and pub- Iicify chairmanl: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Allied Youfh: Spanish Club: Assisfanfs' League: Krazy Kapers Casf, MARGO FODOR-Fesfo: G.A.A., Isporfheadl: Y-Teens, lfreasurer, vice-pres., pres.I: Leaders' Class: Sfudenf Council: Allied Youfh: Spanish Club: Assisfanfs' League: Krazy Kapers Casf: Jr.-Sr., lchairman of invifafionsl. HOWARD BENJA- MIN FREELAND-Hi-Y: Assembly Commiffee: Spanish Club: Krazy Kapers Casf: Jr.-Sr., lco-chairmanl: Varsify A': Baskefball. JOHN LEWIS FRYSINGER-Varsify "A": Foofball: Golf. DAVID FUENTES-Senior High School, Faiardo, Puerfo Ric-o: Allied Youfh: Spanish Club: Band: Baskefball: Baseball: Swimming: Dramafics Club. BONNIE MARIE FULKS-Y- Teens. NAOMI JEAN FULKS - Y-Teens: French Club: F.T.A. SHERRY JEANNE GILBERT-Torch. PAUL REY- NOLDS GILMORE-Haddonfield High School, Haddon- field, New Jersey: Hi-Y: Spanish Club: Band: Junior CI,-355 Play: Track: Tennis: Baskefball. NINA JEAN GRIFFITH- VVesf High School, Columbus, Ohid: G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: leaders' Class: French Club: Office Sfaff: Junior C1555 Play: Fesfo. LARRY TAYLOR GRUBBS-Beavercreek High School, Dayfon, Ohio: Fairmonf High School, Dayfon, Ohio: Norwesfer, lediforl: Sfudenf Council: Chess Club: BOYS' Sfafe. WILLIAM CADDOCK HADLEY- Hi-Y: Allied Senior Aciivnlles . . . Continued Youfh: Torch: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify 'A ': Foofball: Tennis: Swimming. JAMES FRANCIS HAM- ILTON - French Club: Swimming. RONALD DeWITT HAM- ILTON-Linden McKinley High School, Columbus, Ohio: Hi-Y: Arlingfonian. RICHARD EDWARD HARDY-Hi-Y: Arlingfonian: Norwesfer: Sfudenf Council: Spanish Club: Krazy Kapers Casf: Baseball. GLEN BOWERS HARDYMON - Hi-Y: French Club: Foofball: Traclc: Swimming. WYMAN MALCOLM HASKINS-Blume High School, Wapalionefa, Ohio: Hi-Y: Allied Youfh: Junior Class Play: Thespian Play Casf: Varsify "A": Track: Cross Counfry, IcapT.I. SUZANNE ELEANOR HAYS-G.A.A.:Y-Teens:Spanish Club: Library Club: Krazy Kapers Casf. JANE ANN HEDGES- G.A.A.:Y-Teens: F.T.A.: F.N.A., Irefreshmenf cnairmanl: Allied Youfh: French Club: Junior Class Play. MARGARET' ANN HENRY-Garfeld High School, Akron, Ohio: Minford High School, Minford, Ohio: Dramafics Club: Bowling Club: Y-Teens. CHARLES HANCOCK HITTSON-Hi-Y: Nor- wesfer: Allied Youlh: Torch: Varsify "A": Foofball: Baslcef- ball: Traclc: Cross Counfry. JANE ELIZABETH HOLLEN- BECK-G.A.A.: F.T.A.: Publicify Club: Charm Board: Leaders' Class: Arlingfonian, Ifhird page ediforl: Norwesfer: Ouill and Scroll: Assembly Commiffee: French Club Li- brary Club: Office Sfaff: Assisfanfs' Leag-ue: Krazy Kapers Casf: Jr.-Sr., Idecorafion co-chairmanl: Cheerleader: Var- sify "A", MARY KATHLEEN HOOD - French Club. JAMES RICHARD HOPKINS- Hi-Y: Leaders' Class: Sfudenf Coun- cil: Allied Youfh: Torch: Golf. OLIVER CHARLES HOSTER- MAN-Hi-Y: Varsify "A": Baseball: Cross Counfry: Swim- ming. WILLIAM GEORGE HOWE-Hi-Y: French Club: Foofball: Baseball. PETER LORING HUNZIKER-Varsify "A": Baseball: Traclc: Cross Counfry. LARRY MELTON JOHNS-Websfer Groves High School, Websfer Groves, Missouri: Sfudenf Council. NANCY ELLEN JOHNSON- F.N.A.: Allied Youfh: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf. DAVID LYNN JONES-Marion Franlclin High School, Co- lumbus, Ohio: Soufh High School, Columbus, Ohio: Nor- wesfer: Band, Ivice-pres.I: Orchesfra: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Swimming, Ico-capI'.I. JOHN RICHARDS JONES-Hi-Y: Foofball. THOMAS ALBAN JONES- Hi-Y, Ivice-pres.I: Leaders' Class: Norwesfer: Sfudenf Coun- cil: Chess Club: Krazy Kapers Casf: Jr.-Sr., Ichairman of consfrucfionl: Varsify "A": Foofball: Golf: Swimming. JOHN BRADFORD JOSEPH-Hi-Y, Ipresidenfl: Sfudenf Council: Chess Club: Class Officer, IJr. class pres., Sr. class vice-pres.I: Boys' Sfafe, Ialfernafel: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Foofball: Traclc: Swimming. BERGE ALLEN JUSKALIAN- Birchland Parlc Junior High School, Easf Longmeadow, Mass- achuseffs: French Club, Ipres.I: Cross Counfry. BARBARA JANE KAISER-G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: F.N.A.: French Club: Krazy Kapers Casf. WILLIAM FREDERICK KERN- Hi-Y: Torch: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Cross Counfry: Golf. PEG WALLY KERSCHENSTEINER-G.A.A.: Nor- wesfer: Sfudenf Council: French Club: Krazy Kapers-Casf: Dramafics Club. SUZANNE KOCH-G.A.A.: F.N.A.: Pub- Iicify Club: Torch: Krazy Kapers Casf: Fesfo Club. ESTHER JOANNA LA ROSA-F.T.A.: French Club, Isecrefaryl: Office Sfaff. PATRICK A. LA ROSA-Spanish Club. PETER RENHARDT LAYLIN -- Norwesfer: Band: Orchesfra: fional Thespian Sociefy: Junior Class Play: Thespian Play Casf: Krazy Kapers Casf. RICHARD WILLIAM LEE- Hi-Y: Leaders' Class: Arlingfonian, Iedifor-in-chiefl: Sfudenf Coun- cil: Ouill and Scroll: Assembly Commiffee: Allied Youfh, Ifreasurerl: Chess Club: Boys' Sfafe, Ialfernafel: Nafional Thespian Sociefy, Ivice-pres.I: Junior Class Play: Thespian Play Casf: Krazy Kapers Casf. MARY OUINLAN LESTE- Pafaslcala High School, Pafaslcala, Ohio: G.A.A.: Spanish Club: Y-Teens. ROBERT KNIPE LESTE-Pafaslcala High School, Pafaslcala, Ohio: Hi-Y: Class Officer, Ipres.I2 Spanish Club: Foofball: Cross Counfry. ENID RUTH LEVENSON- VVor'rhingfon High School, Worfhingfon, Ohio: F.T.A.: Pub- licify Club: Arlingfonian: Norwesfer: G.A.A.: F.N.A.: Dra- mafics Club: Sfudenf Council: Junior Class Play: Chess Club: Home Economics Club. DIANE RAYNORA LIBERATI- Dramafics Club: F.T.A.: Publicify Club: French Club: Junior Class Play: Fesfo. ANN ELIZABETH LLOYD-Pep Club: G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: F.N.A.: Norwesfer: Allied Youfh: French Club: Office Sfaff: Krazy Kapers Casf. NANCY JANE LLOYD-Hermifage High School, Richmond, Vir- ginia: Dramafics Club: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Allied Youfh: French Club: Nafional Thespian Sociefy: Junior Class Play: Thes- pian Play Casf: Assembly Commiffee. SHERWYN GAIL LONG-Camera Club: Leaders' Class: Allied Youfh: Chess Club: Spanish Club: Krazy Kapers Casf. EDWARD C. LOYER-Belding High School, Belding, Mich- igan: Hi-Y: Spanish Club: Krazy Kapers Casf: Camera Club: Wresfling, Icapfl. JUDITH ANN MAGLY-G.A.A., Ibowl- ing sporf head, vice-pres.I: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Charm Board: Leaders' Class, Ischool service chairmanl.: Arlingfonian, Iassociafe ediforl: Norwesfer, Igirls' sporfs ediforl: Nafional Honor Sociefy, Ivice-pres.I: Ouill and Scroll, Ivice-pres.I: Assembly Commiffee: Allied Youfh: Torch: French Club: Office Sfaff: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf: Jr.-Sr., Ichairman of decorafionsl. DAVID ARTHUR MASON, JR.- W'esf High School, Columbus, Ohio. WILLIAM EUGENE MASTERS-Hi-Y: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Foof- ball: Traclc. WILLIAM MICHAEL McCARTY-Hi-Y: Li- brary Club: Traclc. THOMAS McCONNELL- Camera Club: Chess Club: Sfage Crew: Communicafion Sfaff. JOAN McCULLOUGH- Pep Club: G.A.A., Ibaslcefball sporf head, secrefaryl: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Publicify Club: Charm Board: Leaders' Class, Ipublicify chairmanl: Sfudenf Coun- cil: Allied Youfh: Torch: French Club: Krazy Kapers Casf: Traclc Oueen: Cheerleader: Varsify LORIS LEE Mc- SWAIN-Roosevelf Junior High School, Columbus, Ohio: Arf Club: G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Publicify Club: Spanish Club, Ivice-presidenfl: Senior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf: Homecoming, Icourfl. ROBERT BENNING McWlLLlAMS-Hi-Y: Leaders' Class, Ivice-pres.I: Sfudenf Council: Nafional Honor Sociefy: As- sembly Commiffee: Class Officer, Ipres., freshman and senior years, vice-pres., sophomore and junior yearsl: Torch: Boys' Sfafe: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Baskefball, Icapfainl: Baseball. DONALD FRANK MEEDER-Indianola Junior High School, Columbus, Ohio: Norfh High School, Columbus, Ohio: Allied Youfh: Foofball. JAMES EUGENE MILLER- Loudonville High Scnool, Loudonville, Ohio: Hi-Y: Leaders' Class: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Allied Youfh: Chess Club: Band: Orchesfra: Junior Class Play. JAMES P. MILLER -- Roosevelf Junior High School, Zanesville, Ohio: Hi-Y: Band: Orchesfra: Varsify "A": Foofball: Cross Counfry. SAMUEL LOUIS MOFFETT-Hi-Y: Sfudenf Council, Ivice- pres.I: Spanish Club: Junior Class Play. BRUCE ALLEN NELSON-Hi-Y: Leaders' Class: Class Officer: Varsify "A"I Foofball: Traclc. SUSAN CRYSTAL NEWMAN- Pep Club: G.A.A., lpres.I: Publicify Club: Charm Board: Leaders' Class, Iworld service chairmanl: Norwesfer, Iphofog- raphy ediforl: Ouill and Scroll: Torch: French Club: Assisfanfs' League: Krazy Kapers Casf: Jr.-Sr. Ico-chairmanl. CAROL LEE OBERST- G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.N.A.: Allied Youfh: Span- ish Club: Band, lvice-pres., secrefaryl: Orchesfra. TERRY HUGH O'DONNELL-Libbey High School, Toledo, Ohio: Hi-Y: Varsify "A": Foofball. RACHEL LOUISE OWENS- Napoleon High School, Napoleon, Ohio: G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.N.A.: Allied Youfh: Library Club, Ipres.I. Page One Hundred Seventeen Senior Aclivnhes . . . Conlmued NANCY JANE PARKER-G.A.A.: Allied Youfh: Spanish Club: Dramafics Club: Fesfo. LYNN PARLETTE-Sfudenf Council: Foofball. CAROLE PAYNE-G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Publicify Club: Spanish Club: Krazy Kapers Casf: Cheer- leader: Varsify DEANNE PELLA-Lyons Township, Lagrange, Illinois: Waferfown High School, Waferfown, Soufh Dakofa: Pep Club: Dramafics Club: F.N.A.: Junior Class Play: G.A.A.: Ki-Yi Capers: Debafe Club: Jr.-Sr., Ichairmanl. JAMES JOSEPH PEPPE-Pine Cresf High School, Ff. Lauderdale, Florida: Varsify "C": Hi-Y: Arling- fonian: Norwesfer: Ouill and Scroll: Baseball: Swimming. POLLY ANNE PETERS--G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A., Isecre- faryl: F.N.A.: Arlingfonian, Ipage ediforl: Norwesfer: Ouill and Scroll: Allied Youfh: Spanish Club: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf. ROBERT GILBERT PFLAUM-Maine Township High School, Des Plaines, Illinois: Hi-Y: Varsify "A": Foofball: Baseball. WILLIAM POWERS PHILLIPS- Glenbard High School, Glen Ellyn, Illinois: Hi-Y: Band: Foof- ball. JOHN LYON PIATT-Cenfral High School, Man- chesfer, Tennessee: Lincoln High School, San Diego, Cali- fornia: Newfon High School: Newfonville, Massachuseffs: Miami Edison High School, Miami, Florida: Baskefball. JON GUSTAVE POESCH-Hi-Y: Chess Club: Varsify "A": Baskefball. LONA MARIE POWERS-Pep Club: G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Allied Youfh: Office Sfaff. JURIS PRIMANIS -- Hi-Y. ALAN LEE PRASUHN -Camera Club: Chess Club, Ivice-pres.I: Band: Cross Counfry. LUCY SU- SANNA PUGH--G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Charm Board: Nor- wesfer: French Club: Krazy Kapers Casf: Homecoming, Icourfl. ALAN SCOTT OUIGLEY- Hi-Y: Arlingfonian: Nor- wesfer: Ouill and Scroll: French Club: Nafiornal Thespian Sociefy: Thespian Play Casf: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Foofball: Track: Swimming, Ico-capfainl. JAMES NOR- RIS RANKIN-Shaker Heighfs High School, Cleveland, Ohio: Sfudenf Council: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Foofball: Baseball. SUSANNE RARDON --G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Charm Board: Arlingfonian: Sfudenf Council: Ouill and Scroll, Isecrefaryl: Allied Youfh: Torch. ROGER BELDEN RATTAN-Sfudenf Council: Class Officer, Ipres. sopho- more classl: Spanish Club: Nafional Thespian Sociefy: Thes- pian Play Casf: Krazy Kapers Casf: Foofball: Swimming. ROBERT JOHN RICHARDS-Spanish Club. CHARLENE FRANCES RIETZ-Grossmonf High School, San Diego, California: Newfon High School, Newfonville, Massachuseffs: Lafin Club: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Publicify Club. CAROLYN ROBBINS-G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Publicify Club: Ar- lingfonian, Ipage ediforl: Allied Youfh: Spanish Club: Krazy Kapers Casf. SUSAN ANNE RODGERS-Defiance High School, Defi- ance, Ohio: G.A.A.: Y-Teens, lways and means commiffee chairmanl: F.T.A.: Allied Youfh. JERRY LEE ROSE-Allied Youfh: French Club: Band: Orchesfra: Krazy Kapers Casf: Swimming: Wresfling. CHARLES ALBERT ROWE-Hi-YI Varsify "A": Baseball: Cross Courifry: Tennis. ANNA JANE RUDOLPH-Publicify Club, Ipres.I: Charm Board: Lead- ers' Class: Arlingfonian, Isecond page ediforl: Sfudenf Coun- cil: French Club: Library Club: Nafional Thespian Sociefy: Thespian Play Casf: Krazy Kapers Casf. JAMES SCHOFIELD SAEGER-Kenfucky Milifary Insfifufe, Louisville, Kenfucky: Anvil: Honor Roll: Besf Company: Besf Plafoon: Swimming: Hi-Y: Allied Youfhi Glee Club. JO-HN LOREN SAFKO- New Lexingfon High School, New Lexingfon, Ohio: Hi-Y: Assembly Commiffee: Allied Youfh: Chess Club, Ipres.II Junior Class Play: Thespian Play Casf: Foofball. MARK HARRISON SAIN-Sfudenf Council: Allied Youfhi French Club: Wresfling: Camera Club: Lafin Club. STEWART DALE SANDERS-Hi-Y: Krazy Kapers Casf: Cross Counfry. SALLY ANN SCHNITTKE-Mansfield Senior High School, Mansfield, Ohio: Pep Club. CAROL ROSE SCRUGGS- Norfh High School, Columbus, Ohio: Y-Teens: Office Sfaff: Library Sfaff. RICHARD CHARLES SEBASTIAN-Horace Mann Junior High School, Lakewood, Ohio: Hi-Y: Sfudenf Council: French Club: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Fdofball, Ico-capf.I: Baskefball: Track. HARRY EDWIN SECREST-Band: Or- chesfra. DAVID B. SELBY-Hi-Y: Sfudenf Council: Allied Youfh, Isergeanf af armsl: Krazy Kapers Casf: Varsify "A": Foofball: Track. SYLVIA ANN SHERMAN -G.A.A., Ifreas- urerl: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Publicify Club, Ifreasurerl: Charm Board, Ipres.I: Leaders' Class: Norwesfer: Sfudenf Council: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Class Officer, Isecrefary, freshman, junior, senior classesl: Torch: Girls' Sfafe: French Club: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf. LAWRENCE RO.D- ERICK SHIREY-Hi-Y: Sfudenf Council: Torch: Varsify "A": Foofball: Baskefball: Track. RONALD JOSEPH SHONK- WILER-French Club. EVELYN EUGENIA SILBERNAGEL -G.A.A.: Y-Teens: F.T.A. Ifreasurerl: Norwesfer: Allied Youfh: Torch: French Club: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf. JUDITH KAY SMITH -G.A.A.:Y-Teens: F.T.A., Ivice- pres.I: Charm Board: Leaders' Class, lsecrefaryl: Arling- fonian, Iexchange and mailing ediforl: Norwesfer, Iliferary ediforl: Torch: French Club: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf: Homecoming, IOueenI: Track Oueen. RONALD EUGENE SMITH - Mansfield Senior High School, Mansfield, Ohio: Hi-Y, Ipres., freasurerl: Sfudenf Council: Nafional Honor Sociefy: Allied Youfh: Chess Club, Ivice- pres.I: French Club, Ipres.I: Junior Class Play. SPENCER KELLY SMITH-Camera Club: French Club. GAIL ANN SNIFF-F.N.A.: Spanish Club. ELIZABETH JANE SPRING- STEEN-G.A.A., Iarchery sporf headl: Y-Teens: F.T.A.: Publicify Club: Leaders' Class: Arlingfonian: Norwesfer: Quill and Scroll: Torch: French Club: Junior Class Play, lcommiffeel. JANE ELLEN STANSBURY-F.N.A.: Allied Youfh: Band: Orchesfra: Junior Class Play, Icommiffeel: Krazy Kapers Casf. CAROL ANN STEWART-G.A.A.: Y-Teens, Ipublicify chairmanl: F.T.A.: F.N.A.: Publicify Club: Spanish Club. MARTIN JEFFREY STUART-Hi-Y: Varsify "A": Track: Foofball: Swimming. BETTY JO SWEETMAN- G.A.A.: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf. JUDITH LYNN SWINGLER-G.A.A.: F.T.A.: F.N.A.: Allied Youfh: Spanish Club. CLINTON BENNETT TEEGARDlN-Ash- ville High School, Ashville, Ohio: Class Officer, Ifreasurer, freshman: secrefary, sophomore: Ipres., iuniorl: Junior, Class Play: Varsify "A": Baskefball, Imgr.I. BEVERLY ANN TERRY - G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Arlingfonian: F.T.A., Ipres.I: F.N.A., Ivice-pres.I: Leaders' Class: Sfudenf Council: French Club: Junior Class Play, Imake-up commiffeel: Pep Club: Krazy gjrapers, Icommiffeel: Office Sfaff Inurse's officel: Girls' afe. ARCHIE FORD THARP-Male and Girls' High School. Louisville, Ky.: Track: Hi-Y: Sfudenf Council. JAMES CHARLES THOMAS-Hi-Y: Varsify "A": Foofball: Base- ball: Cross Counfry. CHLOE WINIFRED THOMPSON- G.A.A.: Y-Teens: Spanish Club. CAROLYN SUE TILTON- G.A:A.: lsocial chairmanl: Y-Teens: Arlingfonian: Krazy Kapers Casf. RICHARD CLARK TINSLEY-Hi-Y, Isecre- faryl: Arlingfonian, lheadline ediforl: Junior Class Play: Thes- pian Play Casf: Baseball: Track: Cross Counfry. ANN SHELLEY TOWERS-G.A.A.: Y-Teens? F.T.A.: Publicify Club: Sfudenf Council: Assembly Commiffee: Allied Youfh: Torch: French Club: Junior Class Play Icommiffeelr Krazy Kapers: Fesfo, lpres.I. PAUL LANGDEN TUCKER--Cam- era Club, Ipres.I: Band: Orchesfra. BERYL EDWARD TUR- VEY, JR.-Hi-Y: Norwesfer, ladverfising managerl: Sfu- denf Council: Allied Youfh, Ipres.I: Chess Club, Isecrefary- freasurerl: Torch: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casf. SALLY ANNE TYLER-G.A.A.: Y-Teens, Iworship chair- manl: F.T.A.: F.N.A., lproiecf chairmanl: Leaders' Class: enlor Actlvltles . . . Continued Norwesier: Allied Youih: Torch: Spanish Club: Krazy Kapers Casi, ROBERT SUMMER ULRICH-Hi-Y: Varsiiy "A": Track, lmgnl. DONNA LEE VEST-Souih High School, Co- lumbus, Ohio: Eesio, lsecreiary, pres.l: Y-Teens: Publicify Club: Norweslrer. RICHARD NICHOLAS VLASICH - Hi-Y: Eooiball: Track. RICHARD HENRY WAONER - Wreslrling: Varsiiy "A": Eooiball: Track. BARRY RICHARD WEAR-Hi-Y: Spanish Club: Varsilry "A": Baseball: Cross Counfry. CAROLYN WHIPPS-G.A.A.: Y-Teens: E.T.A.: E.N.A.: Publiciiy Club: Norwesier: Allied Youih: Torch: Spanish Club: Junior Class Play: Krazy Kapers Casi: Dramaiics Club: Eesio. STEWART Council: Ouill and Scroll, lpres.l: Assembly Commiiiee: Junior Class Play: Varsilry "A": Baseball, lmgr.l. STEPHEN JEEEERS WILLIAMS-Hi-Y: Leaders' Class: lpres., ireas- urerl: Arlingionian, ladverlrising managerl: Siudeni Council: Quill and Scroll: Class Officer, llreasurer, freshman, sopho- more, iunior and senior yearsl: Torch: Office Siaff: Krazy Kapers Casi: Varsilry "A": Eooiball, lmgr.l: Baskeiball, lmgr.l: Baseball. CHARLES HOWARD WINKLE-Clay High School, Toledo, Ohio? Hi-Y: Eooiball. KAREN FRANCES WOODWARD-Greensburg High School, Greensburg, Pennsylvania: Y-Teens: Publiciiy Club: French Club: Library Siaff. JAMES EDWARD WRAITH-Grandview High School, Columbus, Ohio: Hi-Y: Allied Youih: Eooiball: Track: Cross Coumiry: Swimming. THEODORE HARRY YAPLE-Ar- BOWMAN WHITNEY, III - Hi-Y: Krazy Kapers Casi: Fool- ball: Track: Swimming. DAN RAYMOND WILLIAMS- Iingionian: Band: Orchesira: Naiional Thespian Socieiy. KEN- Hi-Y: Arlingionian, lmanaging edi'l'orl: Norwesierg Siudeni NETH ADAMS YARNELL-Hi-Y: Allied Youih: Band: Or- chesirag Varsilry "A": Eooiball: Track. The Norwester Staff Wishes to cite the following students who made outstanding contributions to the publication of the year- book. Evie Silbernagel John L. Sakko .lon Poesch Sandra Conrey Betty Baker Bev Terry Eleanor Bruce Ron Smith Rich Lee Nancy Devroude Aclverii ing Tv 4.---:r -W - - if ff!! X X ! r f 1 1 CXNlgF3tU13tiOHS to the Class of 1956 Fr0n1--- TRI-VILLAGE STUDIO ':' 4 G O 0 D Compliments of L U C K " . Nlcklaus Pharmacy W Com Jlimwz S o The Earlywormk I t f 4-Q U W B N S Jack Schmidt Oldsmoblle Inc R a d i o Good Luck From GQRDQN RUQT H af A H THE THREE OF US YOUR HEALTH IS IN OUR HANDS gr We fill your prescriptions with the utmost care- preserving the health of you and your family as Senior Class We "follow the doctor's orders." Of MCKINLEY PHARMACY 1089-91 W. First Ave. 1956 WYANDo'rTE DRUGS 1828 W. Fifth Ave. Wh. TREMONT PHARMACY 2144 Tremont Center Specialists in 7 '4 Child Photography 745444475 YOUR UHILIVS PHUTU if HOME SITTINGS Have Your Baby's Photograph Taken FOUR TO EIGHT PROOFS TO . SELECT FROM by the Largest Baby Specialist in Columbus vi' R. L. PAYNE, Mgr. 'Me LEWIS Swim 7 For Appointment Call . . . Hlckory 4-7228 Hlckory 4-6266 Hlckory 4-8181 EST. 1938 1511 S. HIGH ST. Page One Hzmafrecl Twenty-four .1: - - ---- ,. -- 1351--i Over A Half Century of Service .-J FOR FREE ESTIMATES Page One Hzuzdred Twenty-five Hi Congratulations to The Class of '56 Compliments of Martha Washington Builders, lnc. H0 is your furrier If you have a trusted furrier upon Q ..,.,.,. I whom you can depend for expert advice, honest value, good taste ,1,: f and sincere service, I hope you continue to give him your patron- 2,.ia. age and confidence. If you have not selected your furrier you might -111:-3,15 be very happy to deal here if you appreciate fine things at fair prices without any sales talk. We are now making furs for the grand- children of our original customers. Because good furs are good 5:25-if? 5?2,:::t Hi' investments. INCORPORATED 209 EAST BROAD sr. CA 8-3869 cowmsus, ol-no A NAME You CAN must IN runs CA. 1-46644 HU. 8-6868 Compliments of Ritchey Brothers DAVID DAVIES INC. S H O E S 3 ,, AMfSi5 13741 Grandview Ave. 200 E. State Sl!- Columbus 12, Ohio Columbus, Ohio COLUMBUS, O. ZANESVILLE, O. Compliments of Flick and Johnson I.G.A. 2080 Arlington Ave. Arlington Marathon Service Complete line of TIRES, BATTERIES, and ACCESSORIES VVASHING :Sz LUBRICATION Lane Avenue at Starr Road I-IU. 8-0166 Page One Hundred Twenty-.fix Compliments of TH E TREMGNT STEW HARRISQNS BARBER SHOP 1416 West Fifth Ave. HU. 8-0129 Laaelrzilffiaafr Tremont Shopping Center New Dining Rooms Available for Special Parties Compliments of T yler-Galbraith, Inc. Pile WWWMWWMWWW4 XP CUSTOM TAILORS, IMPORTERS exclusive fashions for men and women 195 E. Broad St. . Arcade Barber Sho Congratulations to the D LANE SHOPPING CENTER Graduating Class of 1956 Cfhigdrm Welcome Virgil Rhodes, Prop. . Closed M0 da - Ope 11-8, D 'I - S t d 8-6 Culter's Flfth Avenue H Y H my a ur ay 1627 VV. Lane HU. 8-6628 Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1956 SHAFFER MUSIC CO. Hi-F i Home Music Systems AX. 4-4614 849 North High St. Page One Hundred Twenty-seven Compliments of FIFTH AVENUE FLORAL 1877 Kenny HU. 8-110-6 Bellis oc Wetherholt SPORTING GOODS A Complete Line of Nfitioizally Aci'z'erfi.se1l Sporting Goods Lane Shopping Center 1603 YV. Lane Phone: HU. 8-0744 "Bowling at its Bestl' Riverview Recreation, lno. 595 VVest Goodale Columbus, Ohio O 30 MODERN BOWLING LANES GOOD FOOD O John F. Dodson, Gen. Mgr. CA. 1-4872 OUTDOORS Everythiizg for the Sportsmaii 7 HU. 8-9701 1025 Dublin Rd. Kempefs Pharmacy 2004 Arlington Avenue HU. 8-2644 John W- H AY WA R D Co. 1329 King Avenue jg- Columbus 12, Ohio !f JOHN W. HAYWARD HUdson 8-0629 Compliments of Risoh's Drug Store "The Free Delivery Store" 'NSE-M' 2136 Arlington Ave. HU. 8-3510 Page One Hzmclrecl Twenty-eight DISCOVER -....-5 ef The EXPLDRERS E RESTAURANT and DRIVEIN -i----.1--..-.......,-.---....--..--...-.-11 lO8O Dublin Rd. al' Grandview Ave. Hu 8'065l COMPLETE TOP ONE VALUE A STOP SERVICE STAMPS Tune-up - Brake Service - TOp Valve Service Lane and Northwest Blvd. Complete Front End Alignment FLEMING PURE OIL Cfmzfplimcuts of CO7I1ijJZfIIlf'llf.S' of H16 Sahino Camera ShOp Del RiO Restaurant 2434 Chester Lane 1276 XV. Fifth Ave. Page One Hznzfired Tzcefzlj Compliments of THE W. W, WILLIAMS CO st, Y aan Columbus - Cleveland - Toledo - Cincinnati flowers Don W. Huck by and Jim Scott I Ill arlington floral on the mallway HU. 8-6363 Page One Hundred Thirty For the BEST BUICK YET BERRYS SPORTING GOODS State Sa I+'ouI'tII Streets CA. 1-6609 DiSfl'l'b'Zl'fOl'S of: SAND 0 SPALDING o RAWLINGS SPOT-BILT SHOES n JANTZEN "Play Irfml The Best" HOUSE Of FASHION DiSC7'i7lLi'7I0ff'I'I?g Styles - IS'a'r1s1'I1ly Pric'c'rY B I I For Junior - Bliss - XXTOHICH K' W 2126 'I'1:IcIxIoN'r CI+:N'rI-:II 1590 W- 3160311 BR' 48463 1950 IVORTH FoUII'rH S'I'I:1I:IaT CoI,UM1sUs 1, IJHIO Congratulations Mr. and IVII's. Otto C. Heinzerling The Harry L. Morgan Company Creators, Dc'sigfr1e1's and I'lamwrs of Office Ffzwrzishings 208 SOUTH HIGH STIIEIQT COLUINIBUS 15, OHIO Seniors eil AS: U.A.H.S. STUDENTS Like to Buy at VOSS JEWELERS 1649 IV. Lane Ave. In Lane Slzopping CIUIIICI' Page One Hznzdrefl Tbirty-0116 Sehorr - Ketner 85 Lane Complete Home Furnishings vvVxAAw THE LANE SHOPPING CENTER Open Eves. HU. 8-1169 Eaton 8: Brookhart, Inc. One of the Oldest General Insurance Agencies in the Tri-Village Area zNAglQ,w 1439 Grandview Ave. HU. 8-9758 "Eggs at their Best, Direct from the Nest" Paul's Poultry Farms ROMEO'S PIZZERIA 1576 VV. 5th Ave. HU. 6-16443 in the LANE SHOPPING CENTER . , , , , , Pzzza to Carry Out Specmlzzzng zn the Fznest Fresh Dressed Poultry WWWWPMMNWWXMAM K HU. 8-0-M7 ROMEO SIRJ JAMES MASSEY YOUR SPORT CORNER Every one has a sport . . . We have the Equipment. SMITH dc LEE, SPORT, INC. 1st Ave. at Grandview HU. 6-5291 Compliments of ARLINGTON MOWER Zia CYCLE SHOP 24117 N. Star Ave. Compliments of Industrial Machinery Co. PAUL KERSCHENSTEINER, Proprietor Dletal S5 lflfoodworlciozg ZVIaclzifnery For Shop and Hobby 357 DUBLIN ROAD CA. 4-3534 Page One Hundrecl Thirty-two Cvmplimmfs of King Sales Company Complete Appliance Sfores 1288 Grandview Ave. HIT. 8-1181 F4963 LANE APPLIANCES Lane Sh0PPing Camel' 1593 W. Lane Ave. HU. 3-5332 Complivniefn-fs of . CARIVIIAUX S N. VV. Blvd. at Star Road AUTO SERVICE Columbus, Ohio Phone: HU. 8-0192 DAN ROHYAN' FORD, INC. 1400 N. HIGH AX. 4-4661 One of Americcfs Finest Automobile Dealerships Page One Hwzrired Thirty-three ai..-...s America's gap top secret The United States Government has a lot of closely-guarded secrets-weapons, strategies, ways to fight communism. But of all of them, there's one that's more jealously guarded than all the rest. And you're the only one who knows what that secret is! One of your rights as an American is the right to a secret ballot. And you alone know how you mark your ballot. No one sees it, no one can influence you. It's your secret. In the Red-dominated countries, your vote-if you get one -is about as secret as a brass band playing in a greenhouse. You usually have only one candidate to vote for. A group of sharp-eyed officials checks your ballot to see that you voted the "right" way. Some people, even in this country, think that that's the way elections should be run. Most Americans don't agree and it's up to every one of us to see that our ballots remain secret. If we let the secret ballot get away from us, we can say goodbye to all our American rights-freedom of speech, free- dom of religion, freedom of press and all the others. How can we preserve these freedoms? By speaking out strongly when we see them endangered. By using our secret ballot every election day to keep America free. Remember, they're your rights, so treat them right. DO YOU KNOW YOUR RIGHTS? As Americans, we have the greatest freedom and the highest standard of living in the world. Help keep it that way by knowing your rights and guarding them well. Some of them are: Freedom of worship Right to secret ballot fRight to know how your union spends your dues Freedom of speech Freedom of the press Right to criticize officials WRigbt to know salaries of your union officers Freedom from search 'without warrant Right to petition government for redress of grievances iVRight to know if your union officers are Communists ,kRight to know how your union is run Right to speedy and public trial by jury Right to help of a lawyer YRight to hear your employerk side of disagreements Right not to appear as a witness against yourself P"Right to refuse to permit the "check-off" of union dues ,f'Right to go direct to your boss with a grievance Right to be presumed innocent until proved guilty Freedom to own property iFRigbt to work despite union jurisdictional disputes Freedom to work in any locality YRigbt to proper supervision of your union welfare funds .Freedom to start and manage a business Freedom to make a profit fkRigbt not to be fired by union leaders WfRight to vote on company's best offer XThese are rights you enjoy under the Taft-Hartley law. dfevfhis is a tight enjoyed by members of United Steel Work- ers, C.I.O. only when the Taft-Hartley law is invoked, THEY'RE YOUR RIGHTS, TREAT THEM RIGHT! The Timken Roller Bearing Company "Tbe right to work shall not be abridged nor made impotent" Page One Hundred Thirty-four SK Successful People Ifnlsurecl Start The Sapingb' savings Habit LOWS 011 Early Homes t 'A' P - ' ' ' 1885 Northwest Blvd. Compliments of Harris Mineral Wells, lne. VVISEMANS HARDWARE lV01'thiU8't01'1v Ohio LANE SHOPPING CENTER FR. 2-5336 Compliments of D A l R Y Q E E 1512 VV. Fifth Avenue CONES - MALTS - SUNDAES Compliments of Apparel and Aeeessorzes W Rusk H. Vvhipps, IHC. Lane Ave. Shopping Center 35 E' Gay St' CA' 4-8320 HU. 8-2613 Rentals and Property Illanagement Page One Hzmdrerl Thirfy Compliments of Roy Sfflllfl' TRI-VILLAGE JEXVELERS Garwick 85 Ross, lnc. D'ifl7I1i07I!Z.9 and Ufatches GENERAL CONTRACTORS 46 E. Broad 1378 Grandview Ave. Columbus 15, Ohio 990 VV. Third Ave. Columbus 8, O. CA. 8-3587 HU. 8-2355 Capitol City Mercury Compliments of HI'I7l1Fl'0 Frieml Zllccles Fricfnrlj' H3f1'y Rook, IHC, Service on all Ford, Mercury, and Lincoln cars T715 ELTCZUWU5 A95'77fC?! fm' . COMPLETE BODY SHOP Oxford glothes an ' SAFE BUY USED CARS Society Brand Clothes 1155 VV. Fifth AX'e. AX. 4-3717 1635 W. LANE AVE. HU. 8-0691 Compliments of - E THE R, ARLINGTO COMPANY Page One Hzfncirecl Thirty-.fix Compliments of DQERSANVS RESTAURANT 13 VV. Broad St. when YOU think Of Fine Meats 55 Groceries M U S IC H A L 7 S 1 Remember... SUMMERS 85 SUN MARKET o Everything Musical A F' D l'o ' WNW fee ei ery o U4 T Blmd qt CA' M541 2116 Arlington Ave. HU. 8-1141 Town SL Countu EX. 34121 PgO Hn'ciThly vgbbl 1 ww A , , MM 1 U Compliments of LAMBERT-JONES LUMBER COMPANY Compliments of A Friend CARPETS, INC. 2155 Riverside Dr. Mary Fay Whippleis TOVVN Sc COUNTRY SHOP Disffivvefive Apparel S Accessories 0 HU. 8-0328 Cnlumbus 21, Ohio 2132 Arlington AVC' HU- 8-26449 Upper Arlington mm-XA , i W' W 519 W A VNU 6 DEDICKATED TO THE CLASS OF ,56 bib W fy iv bu f W . if , YM! N 49 if Lu Q va K l L W -ylii qfiyiffil Wx fy M 'a AW ip, vw if if V gi MMM L' i if '21 MXN ' 'QQ "EQ9hath-me fo W A A M WWiffMM+e wwf' . . fm 3 friend OX '-'x.1x, J Page One Hmzcired Thirty-eight :- H W, ,, , PHYSICIANS and DENTISTS Zdfzeolafzq E. H. BAXTER, M. D. F. C. ISEATTIE, M. D. ILOBERT VV. BOHL, M. D. I H. E. BOUCHER, M. D. DONALD F. BOXVERS, M. D. LEWIS YV. CELLIO, M. D. GEORGE F. COLLINS, M. D. ICENNETH VV. COOK, M. D. D. S. COWLES, M. D. STUART P. CROMER, M. D. RICHARD L. PXULTON, M. D. VVESLEY PJURSTIC, M. D. F. YV. GOSNELL, M. D. VVALTER H. HAMII,'I'0N, M. D P. B. HAR1DX'lVION, M. D. JAMES M. PIARMON, M. D. EBIERSCJN HATCHER, M. D. ROGER HPZERINCQ, M. D. Z. J. R.. HOLLENBEOII, M. D. OLIVER VV. HOSTERBIAN, M. D. JAINIES HLTI.I., D. D. S. V. GUY IIUNTERV, D. D. S. J. H. IQAISER, D. D. S. LUTHER M. IQEITH, M. D. J. R. IQNODERER, D. D. S. IIAXVIUCXCIC A. LARRIMER, D. D RAI.1'H S. IJICKLIDICR, M. D. YVILLIAM F. IJOVRBURY, BI. D J. G. LOYE, D. D. S. RL7B1'IR'l' H. BTAGNUSOX, M. D. T. A. TVIAKLEY, M. D. T. N. BIANOS, M. D. C. R. MARKWOOD, M. D. JEDXVARD YV. BICCAIJ., M. D. YVILLIAM BI. BICSHAXIC, M. D YV. J. BIIILICR, TNI. D. YV. HIYLQH BIISSILDINIC, M. D. ILOBERT J. M URPHY, M. D. IIOBERT D. BIYICRS, M. D. G. I. NELSON, BI. D. LEONARDO PRIRIANIS, M. D. JOHN T. READ, M. D. 'FHODIAS E. JRARDIN, M. D. YVYNNE M. SILBERNAGICI., M. D BYRON STEXVART, D. D. JUDSON YVILSON, M. D. ROBERT E. S. XVOUXG, M. D. Page 0126 Hll7ZfZIl66f Tbnly mm M, , Autographs BX ? A J ff R pw wW gig? MWWWWWKQS QQ ig YS Q 0 JVM , ,miwy Miw6W? W M WWUW Wi W W W VTQWQM if WW , wx WjyfgMwWffgW QSM if C , Mff WFWM 05ZWbWW?5 ggyl L AMQMWWM4 A . Y W W by ff K ix x ' iiwgiggcazif . X Civ, QQ? Nr? gi Q Qij: gil 5VNHSQg?g??52f QQ Fgfff N ' R12 xqj E Autographs ,Q QZWDIQ wbbujfwv, 5? fe 2? f E if Qwyiffjf W mf ,wgiigmsglkfif ZW 7 My My A 07? Q Wa1Q?iQQ2fimf2i X0 W , U Q U if Q GQ- ff f ' .ffl Q W Ssffzgyff ZWWM if L I' C1 'Ei 165' wmv fi! Li Q ' W X?5g?Q?L ' Q 1. x ,X g f Zi w Q 4 - C W . CQ? .1 1721503 G' 4wCQ' , 4 ' K ' KX WL Q Qi HJ Ux X, 5 io f KX 1-S M fs' 1 f ,N Q Y M E H ' fW3 N' X 11 H" R A 5 3 xx xx do fm 5 x A I N ' K JSM, is dem 'Mmm-L, X Q pj wx: 0:4 ww? ma mm 0. 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