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 - Class of 1947

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Upper Arlington High School - Norwester Yearbook (Upper Arlington, OH) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Cover

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I 1 1 'v. ' 1 , QA- Q wW:. N H UW, 1' -'11-U, 1 .A nf. hh. 1 ,A . , , v .1 - 1. Q - . Q 2 . wi: if ' . - '- ' V' .., , '1' ' ,-'- Q' K rr x A " u:.- vrflf in: Y, 4- . J'1' . 4 I ' : ,, N - ' V- '24 'r 'i' , 4: . . 1, . .. ,I IP" 4- ' ' '15 '. ' ' 'L,!",.'- 1' ,3 ' H X f' , ' fl: .fvif V "X V1 1'gV,.1,L',f , vt I N,-'- ,I f- fi' ff: A l ,lx Q ' - . 1 .. W ,AI .mn v,- i 5 AP ' A gf. if jj if " ' V1- .agj A 4 :Ur P PM ,,J-2551362 -Q, QAM- , Li ,B . V 3-' iw ' M1534 f I --n' , ' . 'I 4 ' - . ' ' "' ' f ' .I-In 1. n ,Av W- ,, - ,K I F ,HQ I. Wm.. , f . '47, ,. . H , 1 L f -4 Mn. - 1 , , f W . 5 J, . ng , N- -1' 5 H A ' I w - '-- -Qi . ul ' 451' f ' ""'. '-,?r..'.. , , Q, ' , , ' 'uf I 7 I . , -1' 1 1 v 1 .1 ,uf -r 1' ' Y 1.1 . 'Sf' - y' L , f Y -. A ' X n ' -' . , -- , 3 1 - . w P, 'Y -at .A . x ' - X, , -.. M 1 : 4 4 . V , , H f K . 1 1 ' x I, N , ,' t 1' 1. ' X- , , -vm' f- Q I, , 1 V ' 4 ' 'J ' H ' 31A'Vf'I ., , . J ,I '7 " ' ' 'A A 'gf' ,. :ri ,I A Q. 1 ' ' Q . -Milf? J' ' . . A A tl I A ' ' ' ' 1 , ' , A . 3' f ' . "' - - ' r ' ,' w V . V ' Y, V I- 5 ' f I . X U 3 ,, . I. v B 4vx.,,'L. Y . ' ' - ' f ,. 4 W " 3 , " i' v... ..., . ,wr ,- M, , K , . , an . 3 . mi , I I Q .Rn F U-,L .,l,.1 , Y ll -,unix ,QLV mi, K - n -1-,-xl-, 1. -5 X 1 . v X 1 ' 4' V ' I. ' . , ,- '- fy N + -: , 1, , ,, -' , f A .., ,. , V- I 1 : '-." Q. '. , V 5. - I A f, ' ' 2 f . ' N . H" .'1,, . 5-. 11... X .,- -ph-41, 4 ' ' , . wif- , ' , . f .. , - : . , 3 . J, . . . , , ,iv n .J ,H 1 . . - , . ,,, Q.: ...E .", ,,. Q ,W N .,.. Lf ., 6 . f,.. 1 ' FIM' - ""' "A . ' A , -4-H 'wash 1' ' , gy- W . 1: fs- ,Iv - f .L v rm- ,. . ml- , xl p Q , . ml- ,M X- ,mx 4 ' " 1 ', . ,.: .' . . I ' 'Q : ' , H5 f , H,f.- 'M , q Jig. , ,- , , 1. . y . 5 1 , ' ,r.f., Q1 ,ITL Q. 14 .N x. V' ' , . ,' , ' ' H. , ' ,X ' 1. F',f I, ' ,rf xl 'w , l I -' ., V -1 L Y: '- I,-, Y . F xl ' , ' W , I' t 'ir mx. N f".L's"'L' '- x 'v X N ' -' Wu' , .M ' .A , . ,V ' Y ,N .' W.,-4'w,1.. ' , ' . ' ' 1.7 - - Vg -4-wp' .' '-If .- - W' . v I -Q --L' .0 ' 1- ., 1. milf.-L'-, " 0 ' 1 -1 - 'N ' I mi J - 'Ulm - V" "..' , X g 1 . v " W. , 3 frm." '- ' I, ' , V , ' iff. -' 11' Vg: 51. W. . - , 5 - f E ., vw - L "i!,.5!"1!'-.5 -' xi ., ,. ' .- 5'-' ' f.- fl .,f' . 'f K .f"f.evL - ' X " ' .. :fi 'ff " ' if' I. lvdvf. ' ' - . h , far, ' .8-Q 'W"n'!-1- g - . ' , . , X HX. ., ,. .WI I . v V A - ' ,. " , 4 4 , I- Q " A ' A .A y . '- '. - , ' 1 31. '1"'.'- r ' , ' , , -., ' . '- 3 ' " ' ,.-aff' .fl-P., - . H ' ' ' .-. ..-" ni S .. P g.- I 1' V 1 1 .- V Smk, . .V , ,I I, V 1 , -,:,'.! -' ',. I , V , V , -' 'fr . X 1 I V "Auf, f. X1 lj. '. ' 'rl' .I , L 1 5 A ., W WN- 9 Ya, ., ...mv-,,g.,.g-1.1 '- -1 , ,--.,1.,:- f ' 1- ,. V. ,I I5 - "1 ' 4 v 2, .Ar r . '. I ,1. - ' V , ,I . Y 1, . I , .+I -,Aw . I .nrJ. AL, A ,N g . A 4, .1 .unlink ,IW .aw N ,C W1 ' . A Y ., Ji, -. -' f.',f 4- . :'f'1L-r J ,' 41' fjfffu--"wa . 4-wiv .Q xr, -'K A wx A 12 fs uvN'y.,wg '4g,jw.aq ,' 4- . w jf ,fp ' . 'Q " Af ,, 3. A ' " 'xl' '- ' 'xp-' 5 --wg-Q, g .Q .,,j..!F Ag I, w -, .. 4, I .. 1 K -1,1 .n w .-5' . ' H ' f . , .r V V V' . L- w ' Y- , . ,JI :,-sgzu .1-:PY . .. 'SX 1 A . f ' S. . ' , ,A 111+ 'V :-' Ji.-1 M f aww-1 ,V Lf 'f'1W'Wmr.--w-M'v I v' .f.-V , ' I. HE Q., pug' .qfd MIVNI' c 5'-.y.', v gku V -- f , 53: -' L .5 . -4 ,4 . .. ,' in-, ' 1 V-U, ,N V K I W M-A , ,YV . ki qw H, 1 ,, '5. .i.1.i, V, I-gil. NIL I I , , M .,j. ' , f ' bv ,'--.li-ww. .-fy gf-N - ., 1 ' 'A - ' . X. w , Q qw Q, fv -r -1 -,.5'i5'57" a4.i M4 - W-- Q., ',f," L :Q -,-Q r. ' L-4,1 "" 'L ,iw X' 1 ' -T ?f" V V" ,w-' 1" "' 'af . mfqar -y.4 ' 1:-" - f ' n . Q -I V , , . ,VWJ W, -- - j AF :vs Q1 ,. f '-.ff ,R-W r- . 4, 'f .Nl 4 ff- - f- . A- -. N 1..,... s . '- -, .1 ' . -. -, ,1,. , .41 14 ,, , , .4-f.-" - 'au -N v 5 w U .,,!,!f 7. "Q xi 3g.,.,5!'xi. VM, H C ,, - Al", "WM vm, - ' . lr -.f 11.51-5,-'I' U -V':aglJI'-V 'J md 2" -1' " V. flgbj' 4 V ,- .,. , H ri-'D J-P Q ' 1. Q- -5 .:,,A- f , U4 , , ,V 'P-Qu-'ICI ,7'. 'Xrx ,X fJj,f,s'. K 7' ' '-A 1 " '4 .W5J:if+m1"1 nf EW? 1 T' 'S."L'.-'iw'v'i.' 1' ' I'.,"', PU- .JV.F,'?1-' .. 7 JL ' 'J , I ' , ,K Y W L-. .M . t. I- .- ' V 5 in 'V '. . IE- ' , K ' '.' Q, 4,9-,I fail-.I-'Cin "-' ' I nu - wk". u 1- ip" li-M 1 ' -i 3vf4J1:'hfa'E in - 11 w ,w 4 .' f -'AQ ' ."-- '. 1 , .3 ,:.,:. 1' V- J I -' .' ., 1. 1 . I smlnlur..u1n231i'.Q!iL""'shfufiyfbflgvffy, f ' '.sqv'..T.f: f.:x'l..n . .Lam ni1.Zi1'.l!l. ,uwfa ' Jw ....5.f'." J- T . ,n JLG ire. .'..'u-1.'L.i:41JhA.nJ We dedicafe fhis yearbook +o fhe fulure of our class and To all graduares of Arlinglon, fhose in years pasf and 'Those in Hme 'ro come. Il is our sincere hope fhal' These pages will call forlh memories as enioyable as fhe years spenf here. V SWG , Q i ug' L , S17 7 ,I Y -Va' wifi 1 - Yljwl Q-. , ?x1g5'Hsws:? , migsgmqg -Q wi Q41 .QL 'ffgxy , 5: S,4g wf1gac:aS 4 1 45 H 4, O 1947 If Page Four We 'have been in Upper ArlingTon High School for Tour years-years Tilled wiTh wonderful educa- Tional experiences, fine Teachers, many acTiviTies, and True Triends. We have had The beneTiT of The TinesT in educaTional opporTuniTies, and The besT has always been ours. Our mosT sincere wish is ThaT we mighT have The wisdom To recognize our many blessings and The abiIiTy To puT Them To use. For now we are leaving. From This momenT on each of us musT go his separaTe way inTo a world where we can begin To make our 'higher ambiTions and dreams come True. We musT now puT To use The educaTion we have been acquiring Tor Twelve years. BuT as we move on To new and diTlerenT Tields, we shall always carry wiTh us The pleasanT memories ThaT have accompanied our high school days. Al- Though our minds are in The TuTure, our hearTs are in The pasT. On The pages of This yearbook we have re- corded in parT a Tew experiences high school life which have given us in The pasT Tour years so many pleasanT memories. .hm Page Five zfaloerinfencfenf ri1fLcL706L Peg S Side Qfmm af ffm flm ,fy Russell Glass and l-lerber+ Burns, manual arfs and social sludies .r Lenore Zlmmerman and Barbara Ofsfol, secre Marqrefl Sclwulfz and Callwerine l-lennessey, languages l l Waller l-leisclwman and Roberf Cavins, sciences Louise Banqhann, Home econ J. Bailey Bush and J. W. Jones, seience and maflwemalics A Lowell Guesman and Lesfer Jackson, malhemalics a Beelman, Anile Crisi, arf, and Karherine Glick, commercial arls Juclifh Whifney, Spanish Perry, Morris Taylor, Doris Mandel, physical educafion Arlhur McCullough and Richard Larlcin, social sfudies Harrie? Granf, nurse Jesse Freeman, inslrumenfal music Irene Brown and Wilma Sproull, mafhernalics Leon Bowman, science and visual educalion Bernice Rea, librarian ,- 5 I i Joyce Donley, home economics ps.. I '! Franlc Jalces, English, speech, and dramahcs Vera K. Randall, Gerfrude Mann, and Marfha Morgan, English BOARD OF EDUCATION Mr. Waller l-leischman, Mr. 0. E. l-lill, superinlendenf, and Mr. William Gulden. Wlien Mr. l. W. Davis lell on May l, Mr. Gulden fool: over his dulies as principal of 'rhe high school. Mr. l-leischman, physics leacher and loaslcelball coach, will assume The dulies ol The elemenfary prin- cipal on Augusl I. We wish lhe besf of luck To fhese men in lhe fufure. Page Eleven 5 E Q Q 9 ya 1 1 fi i . .nb X' V - ww , . R Q X . 511 X. . if an I f -... 5 . 5 K K 1 4 ,e. Q 1 3 . Q i K 1 s 4 5 f 2 W A Q- , u ,H fi :lb A: M .A . v i W-- 3 A K Q ,Sw .5 im.. . if A 2. , ' 'is ,. gggvus M? . Q www ss W? xv. 0 Q PM . N 4 g'5iQ'i" "5 M: 'Q' " K ' .,T,,.if.. ...X..,T..f K... f. Q ,,,.,Mkf W-Mwmww... ww2w-mw:em1smmxx- S' ww, ne..-., r K. Q 1. ,.x. , .. .. .,k. ..,liMk ., .i ...A vkkk X ,. .h..., I .- , .SW . ., J. waggg, . ' Q., WML x I ASW.. A N A A .XX-xliikgm .EQM . k ww-.,:1G4 wg.-:gr-gggrglmg M .S .Xu ,, , V ,W .. A 7 M -' ' A " -'rw' 'S-Hirffwfiwkflif"3""y1f?i-Q ,QQ M:-hm4.1f..R1kmw. 'MAZQQ A kl:':'.m5ff'flJf'7M f"T"fY2'?V'1"'1'?1f,g5'ff'f"j1" ' A "i""'::f 'MYVQB M, .f -, , - ' Q 'f'?fTi. . . '.Kw,pgQsMwM,,,,,,.... N. ,X J ' Q," . ' ' " 1' 'K f M W '1'xN'x KWSWNWKN ' - vw' www- W ff' f . . K ,Q Q ,, Wx... wi.. W, MM. t . x. Nj... wmwww1g'4fwQawffNxwwwx :if Sffwmuiwixwkfk-,wif f f . iw-15 ., 41-wwk -,W N ,,.xX,-.,,gF',,,..,A kI.g.um:.A X R Q K g Xk,h M v w..,-ii.,-ixwifwni ,. -, 4 SW. .. Q ,. , W Ny A T55 W d15,...qw.,m3.,- . H- f fx k zfsswwmia . . X iswiiifA'fXlJ.,iiQQlL'.f'XfQy,.lE'S3A31,eis-M.'i'l... S 'MM .. , fluikxiibzim-Q W ,.-N -rg, . A - IE :iff .,,,,12. ' W ' HS' f . , . 'NW 'W +R ww- M-vi f Q .6 -Q, Q sw. M,w?w'wvaQmsuw u x ,,NfQ'gw. ,V J Q . .u,S,fy pwfw-fm? xfnqzww ,wgflgw X W wvgwx- sf x ww.. NQ,,,,,,M.a. we Nggwvfmv. ,www My .W 1. ,,,. -.x N . , ww K, ,L . i VbMMMMwW :,, X M .fmfavwwihkissx .Qu -fffwxivwwwwwxvum-fvxxxfwf 'qisxm'm.f. m..+1gf rKgw,vM.Q-M. ' . Q... ,, .M WX, M..- .. -Q X x,XN,g.1f - . .Q W X 1 . 2 M Www ff 'ww - - fwx- .. W 5.112 ' ?'M"'L -ff"'fus.fQiw-W -. A - .2.1gwk?,Qg,ew svswww- Y Y W Q ' - ' - A X16 L .ssif.wNvHS5!rSNQXifSAsERf,ww.. em.. v '.X- A. aww-V4-M i.m,.fxwAA . 'i g gn '7'fxw,xx2v'.mx',zwwf-1. Mfiffkfvjw ' - ..--- k WSWS ' . ' fishesfgagswwf. . Qs N1 vw.. -mvrfaklavwsfiiww - X x ..a..f.vwmptvxw swat Z- H K 9 X x 5 . K K A N, .. 1. pix .Q-ww. ggxy--uwf1ffg:f gw i4immgWmvr..h--Mmm sw ...mmm .wif Q .S .- 'XyNfW.fM. mwkxsxgga in W' ,... -gf:--Q ..-51:1 A -..f-f:4:s5:Q: , :g-.R jjiqijk 'W ,kkifyfx f ' x 04-NW' f- 5 as , JOHN WALTER BARR Il-JGCRII Full of mischief-molor-bike kid. Baskefball, 3 IManagerl: Ar- linglonian, I: Tennis, 4. Bowling Green Slale Universily MARILYN LOU ATKINSON IlMaI'YiI Oh, Ihose orchidsl Blonde halo, cure nose. Old Trail School for Girls, Akron, Ohio, I: Laurel School for Girls, Cleveland, Ohio, 2, 3: Class Officer, I ITreasurerI: Glee Club, I, 2. 3: G. A. A.. 2: Y-Teens, 4: Sludenl Coun- ril, 3: Torch, 4: Norwesfer, 4. Ohio Slale Universify JOHN R. BEHRENS "Doclor" Thespian enlhusiasl-serious! inlelleclual. Oasis Slalil, 2, 3 ITreasurerl. 4 IManaqerI: Sr. Class Play. 2, 3 IS+aTTl, 4 ICasl and SlafTI: Jr. Class Play, 3, 4 ISfalII: Minslrel Show, 3 ISlalll: Nalional Thespian So- ciefy, 3, 4 ITreasurerI: Thes- pian Play, 3, 4 ISlalTI: Radio Club, 3. 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4. Ohio Slale Universify CAROL LOUIS BAILEY "Oarol" I Km' ' erylhing. "Who's driving?" G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4: Assislanls' League, 4: G. R., 2, 3: Y- Teens, 4: Torch, 2, 3, 4: Jr. Class Play, 3 ICas+l: Arling- lonian. 4 ICircuIaIion Man- agerl: Quill and Scroll, 4: S. A. J. Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Sr, Scholarship Team, 4: Norwes- Ter, 4. Ohio Slale Uniyersily RICHARD HARRY BRIGHT "Dick" Never hurries. Explorer, Iriendly. I-li-Y, 2, 3, 4: Eoolball, 2: Track, 4: Baskelball, 2: Min- slrel Show, 3 ICaslI: Oasis Slalli, 4: Sigma Rho Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4, Ohio Slale Universify BARBARA LOU AUSTIN "Barb" Big brown eyes, pleasaril personality, loads of lun. G. A. A., I, 2. 3: G. R., I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Jr. Class Play, 3 IS+ahIl: Glee Club, 3: Minslrel Show, 3 ICaslII Torch, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Sfafe Universily THOMAS WARREN BRANNON ':Tom" Slage manager mild and fwiM.xw..4.9Qed. Jr. Class Play, l, 2, 3, 4 ISIah'l: Sr. Class Play, I, 2, 3. 4 IS'raI'II: Minslrel Show, l, 2, 3 IS+aIII: Track, 2: Hi-Y, 3, 4: Narional Thespian Sociefy, 3, 4: Thespian Play, 3, 4 ISfaI'II: Radio Club, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Slale Universily DARETH AXENE "Dare1h" "Lel's really yell, now!" lnilialive plus. Class Oflicer, I IVice-presi denl'I: G. A. , l, 2, 3 ITreasurerl, '4 Presidenll: G. R., I, 2, 3: den? Coun- cil, I, 2: Ml rel Show, l, 2, 3 IC I r ks Pla 3 I eaders' lass, ,4: T rc 3, 4: Qlweerle er, 3, 4: aliona on r S ciely, 3, 4: P ' ' Club, , 4: Charm Board, . V2. P3 4: T. A. C. ClubI,l, 2,'i ice-presidenfl, 4 IPresid6r1I'I'I Sr, Scholarship Team, 4: Norwesler, 4 IAs- sociale Edilorl. Ohio Slafe Universily RICHARD DEAN CARR "Dick" lnduslriousI?l-Hillbilly songs, Iokesfer. Roosevell Junior High School. Columbus, Ohio, I: Eoolball, 2, 3, 4: Track, 3, 4: Varsily 3, 4: Class Oilricer, 4 IVice-presidenll: L e a d e r s' Class, 3: Torch. 3, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team. 4: Sludenl Council, 2, 3, 4: Assembly Commillee, 3, 47 Sr. Class Execuliye Commillee. 4: Base- ball, 2: Norwesler, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely, 4. Ohio Slale Universily VIRGINIA LEE BRUSH "Ginny" Jolly-induslrious worker. "My, mylu G. A. A., l, 2, 3, 42 . R., I. 2, 3: Y-Teens, s4: J Class Play, 3 ICasiI: Sr Qlass Play. 4 ICasl'l: Torc , 3, 4: Ar- lingfonianll 3.. Page Ediforli Hom in Courl, 4: Min- ' ro , , 4 Se re- fary Nafional Thespian S- ciely, 3, 4: Thespian Play. 3, 4 ICasll: S. A. J. Club, I, 2. 3, 4 IPresiden+I: Radio Club, 3, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Norwesler, 4 IAdverlisinq Edi1orI: Nafional Honor So- ciely, 4. Cornell Universify s1rel" I, 2, 3, ICasll: Quin a d Sc ll 3 I c I o I I I I J?-?:?i CARTER ROWELL GILBERT "GarIer Cilberlu That laugh-"Road To Mandalay." Creslview Junior High School, Columbus, I: Norlh High School, Columbus, 2: Foolball, 3, 4 lManagerl: Varsily "A", 4: French Club, 3, 4: Drac Club, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Slale Universily MARILYN RUTH BROWN "Marilyn" Busy Iillle bee, cashmere girl, beaulilul hair. Jr. Class Play, 3 lSIalll: Sr. Class Play, 4 lSIalll: Glee Club, I, 3: G. A. A., I lCab- inefl, 2, 3, 4 lCabinellI G. R., I, 2, 3 lVice-presi- denlli Y-Teens, 4: Arlinglon- ian, 3, 4 lCirculalion Man' agerl: Minslrel Show, 3 lCasll: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: Publicily Club, 3: T. A. C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4 lliusiness Managerl, Monlicello College JOHN RICHARD CROUT "Dick" Ambilious--enlhusiaslic, ready wilh a smile. Class Ollicer, 3 lTreasurerl: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: Eoolball, 2, 3, 4: Varsily 3, 4: Jr. Class Play, 2 lCas'rl: Sr. Class Play, 4 lCasI'l: Leaders' Class, 3 lVice4presidenIl, 4: Torch, I, 2, 3, 4: Baslielball, 2: Arling- Ionian, 3 lAdverlising Man- aqerl, 4 lBusiness Managerl: Sludenl Council, I, 2, 3 lVice- presidenll, 4 lPresidenIl: Nalional Honor Sociely, 3, 4: Minslrel Show, 3 lCasll: Base- ball, 3, 4: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: French Club, 3, 4 lVice- presidenll: Debale Team, 2: Sr. Class Execulive Commil- lee, 4: Sigma Rho Club, I, 2, 3, 47 Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Nalional Thespian Sociely, 4: Thespian Play, 4: Norwes- Ier, 4: Valediclorian, 4. Oberlin College IRIS ELAINE BRADLEY "Iris" Where is Iris? Imaginalive, pleasanl. Washinglon Senior High, Ponliac, Michigan, I, 2: Ponliac Senior High, Ponliac, Michigan, 3: Sludenl Council, I: Ari Club, I. Ohio Slale Universily RICHARD PAGE DeVERE "Scull" Romeo-good-naIured- poeI'l?l Foolball, 2, 3: Traclc, I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3: Minslrel Show, 3 lCasIl: Inlerclub Council, 2, 3, 4: Oasis Slafl, 4: Sr. Class Execulive Commil- lee, 4: Sigma Rho Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Traclr, 4: Norwesler, 4, Ohio Sfale Universily CAROLYN CAMPBELL "Carolyn" "FaIher has lhe good car." Pleasanl disposilion. Jr. Class Play, 3 lSlalll: Glee Club, 3: G. A. A., I, 2 lSecre- Iaryl, 3 lCabineIl, 4: G. R., I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Leaders' Class, 3: Publicily Club, 3, 4: Torch, I, 2, 3, 4: Arlingf Ionian, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Library Slall, 2: Minslrcl Show, I, 2, 3 lCas'fl: Inler- Club Council, 2, 3, 4: S. A. J. Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Scholar- ship Team, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 lSIalll: Norwesler, 4: Na- Iional Honor Sociely, 4. Ohio Slale University DONN EDWARD CORN "Curly" Ouldoor-man-home-room menace. "LoIs ol lime!" Eoolball, I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily 2, 3, 4: Sr, Class Play, 4 lCasIl: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Draw Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4, Ohio Slale Uniyersily ELEANOR JO COX ,,JO,, Knil p rl Ilivo 'I w Doll' Jr, Ia , a I: Glee Club, 3, 4: 6. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4: G. R., I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Torch, I, 2, 3, 4: Minsfrel Show, 3 lCasll: Publicily Club, 3, 4 lSecrelaryl: Sr. Class Execulive Commillee, 4: Assislanls' League, 4: T, A. C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Sr, Scholar- ship Team, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 lSIalll: Library Slall, 4: Norwesfer, 4. lvliami Universily JAMES HOWARD DAVIS "Joe" Cadillac experl, whisller. "Oops, lillI" Jr. Class Play, 3 lSIalIl: Min, slrel Show, 3 lCasIl: Assembly Comrnillee, 2: Sigma Rho Club, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Slale Uniyersily JULIETTE CAROLINE CLARK "Judy" Happy-go-luclry, ellervescenl. Jr, Class Play, 3 liSlalll: Si, Class Play, 4 lCasIl: Glee Club, I, 2: G. A. A., I, 2, 3. 4: G. R., I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: French Club, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Slale Qlniversily yi jwoc I-IARRY ROBERT DODGE "Touqhie" Sporls fan de luxe-friendly. I'-li-Y, 2, 3, 4: Foofball, 2: Traclr, 3, 4: Baseball, 2: Ar- Iingfonian, 4: Ouill and Scroll, 4: Golf, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 lSfaffl: Varsify "A", 4: Nor- wesfer, 4. Ohio Sfafe Universify DORIS JEAN ARD "Jean" O , fhose bl . Always u 'n. Q Yx ie School, Co- Imb , 2, 3: Cleveland I-Ieiq s l-Iiqh School, Cleve- land, Ohio, 3: Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader, 3: Sr. Class Play, 4 lCasI'l: Gr. A. A., 42 Y-Teens. 4: Minslrel Show, I, 2, 3 lCasfl: T. A. C. Club, 4: Norwesfer, 4, Ohio Sfafe Universify BOB ELLSWORTI-I FORNEY "Bob" Kilowafl lcid-sofl-spolcen. Radio Club, 3, 4: Thespian Play, 3, 4 lSfaffl: I-Ii-Y, 2, 3. 4: Jr. Class Play. 3, 4 lSfaFll: Sr. Class Play, 3, 4 lSfaffl: Minsfrel Show, 3, 4 lSlaffl: Nalional Thespian Sociefy, 3. 4: Norwesfer, 4. Ohio Sfafe Uriiversify JOANN DAWSON HJO.. "I don'f know!" Efficienl, cooperafive. Sr. Class Play, 4 lSlaffl: G. A. A., 2 lCabinefl: G. R., I. 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4 lCabineflC Leaders' Class. 3, 4: Torch, I, 2, 3, 4: Nafional Honor So- ciely, 3, 4: Office Sfaff, I, 2, 3, 4: Nafional Thespian So- ciely, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Thespian Play, 4 lSIaffl: Norvvesfer, 4. Sainf Maryls Colleqe DONALD ALLAN GERBER "Guylon" Ga renf." Mr. sr'nan's eiqhf. Foofball, 2, 3, 4: Traclc, 3, 4: Varsily 3, 4 Illresidenfl: Baslmelball, 2, 3, 4: Minslrel Show, 2, 3 lCasIl: Baseball, 2: French Club, 3, 4: Sr, Scholar- ship Team, 4: Sludenf Council, 4: Norvvesfer, 4: Drac Club, I, 2, 3, 4. Miami Universily RUTH ELLEN DAVIS "Rulhie" "Anyway?" Auburn-haired. "Oh, I feel so good!" G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4: G, R.: I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: French Club, 3, 4: Norwesfer, 4. Ohio Sfafe Universify DAVID ROBIN DODD "Dave" "I have a fheoryf' Bea? us lo college. I-li-Y, 3: Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Min- sfrel Show, I lSfaffl, 3 lCasfl: Tennis, 3, 4: Orches- fra, I, 2, 3, 4: Debafe Team, 3. Ohio Sfafe Universify MARILYN BEASLEY EGEL "Marilyn" Pleasanf pcrsonalify, infriguinrg laugh, preffy eyes. Sr. Class Play, 4 lSIaffl: Glee Club, 3, 4: 6. A. A., I, 2, 3. 4: G. R,, I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Arlinqfonian. 4: lvlinslrel Show, 3 lCasll: French Club, 3, 4: Office Sfaff, 3, 4: L. D. A. Club, I, 2: Torch, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Nafional Thespian Sociefy, 4: Thespian Play, 4 lSfaffl: Norwesler, 4. Miami Universify THOMAS ROBERT FRYE "Tom" Dependable-enerqefic. "I'rn all for il," Class Officer, 3, 4 lSecre- faryl: I-Ii-Y, 3, 4 lSecrelaryl: Foofball, I: Track, I, 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Class, 3, 4 lPresi- denfl: Torch, l, 2, 3, 4: Sfu- denf Council, 2, 3, 4 lVice- presidenfl: Nalional Honor Sociefy, 3, 4: Publicify Club, 3. 4: Assembly Commiffee, 3: Sr. Class Execufive Comrnif- fee, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 ISlaffl: Siqrna Rho Club, I, 2, 3, 4 lVice-presidenfl: Norwesfer, 4 lBoys' Sporls Ediforl. Ohio Sfale Universify PAULA CREES EDWARDS "Polly" 5 ms ' Y ures. Efficiency plus. FI. Lauderdale I-liqh School, FT. Lauderdale, Florida, 2: Class Officer, I lTreasurerl: Jr. Class Play, 3 lCasfl: O. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4 lCabinefl: G. R., I, 2, 3: Publicify Club, 3 4' Assembly Comrniffee, 4: Sr. Class Execufive Cornmif- fee, 4: Charm Board, 4: T. A, C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Norvves- fer, 4 lMalce-up Ediforl: Na- fional I-Ionor Sociely, 4. Bradford Junior College F"h - 2 si THOMAS M. GILES "Jazbo" A pun for everyone. Slow bul sure. Foolball, 2: Golf, 3, 4: Varsily 4, Minslrel Show, 3 lCasIl: Baseball, 2: Sigma Rho Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Nor- wesler, 4. Ohio Slafe Universily PATRICIA HELFNE DWYER "Pal" Beauliiul red hair, amiable, new and nice Io know. Broad Ripple High School, Indianapolis, Indiana, I, 2, 32 Debale Club, 2: Spanish Club. 2: Lalin Club, I: Drarnalics Club, I: Tri-"C", 2 lVlce- preside-nfl. Hiram Colleqe THOMAS LEHNE HAWK "Halchel" Future qemoloqisf cheerful fx i i I ian Foo a , , 3 Track, 2, 3, 47 Jr. Class Play, 2 ICasIl: Lead- ers' Class, 3, 4: Arlinqlonian. 3, 4: Band, I, 2, 3, 4: Minslrel Show, 2, 3, ICasllZ Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 lTreasurerl: Or- Cheslra, I, 2, 3, 4: Dance Band, 2, 3, 4: Varsiiy 4: Drac Club, I, 2, 3, 4 ISecre- Iarvli Norweslcr, 4. Ohio Slale Uniyersily MARTHA LOU FBRIGHT "Mar'ry Loul' "Are Ihe cashmeres in?" Full of vim, viqor, and yilalily. Jr, Class Play, 3 lCasI'l: Sr. Class Play, 4 lCasl and Slakllp G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 41 G. R., 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Li- brary Slafl, 4: Minslrel Show, I, 2, 3 lCasIl: Publicily Club, 3, 4: Assislanls' Leaque, 4? Office Slahf. 2: T. A. C. Club. I, 2, 3, 4, Norwesler, 4. Ohio Slale Universily ELLIS BOWEN HARRISON "Skip" Dark and handsome. Talenfed pencil. Hi-Y, 4: Foolball, 2, 3, 4: Varsily 4: Baskelball 2. 3, 4: Minslrel Show, 3 lCasII: Baseball. 2, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4. Cornell Universily ANN FALCONER "Falc" "I wouldnll say Ihalfi Friendly, alhlelic whiz. G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 42 G, R., 2. 3 lService Chairrnanl: Y- Teens, 4 IVice-presidenll: Band, I, 3: Orcheslra, I, 3: Torch, I, 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Class, 4: Assislanls' Leaque, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Nor- wesler, 4 IGirls' Sporls Edi- Iorl: Nalional Honor Sociely, 4. Ohio Slale Uriiyersily PAUL JOHN GERWIN "Spike" Our caplain-"Word Weallhu -Nalural alhlele. Class Olficer, I lSecreIaryl, 2, 3 lVice-presidenil: Fool- ball, I, 2, 3, 4: Varsily I. 2, 3, 4: Torch, I, 2, 3, 4? Baskelball, I, 2, 3 ICo-cap- Iainl, 4 ICapIainI: Sludeni Council, 4: Baseball, I, 2, 3 ICapIainI, 4: Drac Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4: Naiional Honor Sociely, 4. Cornell Uniyersily GLORIA ANN GALL "Gloria" Fxuberanl, Ialkalive. Prelly hair. Mackenzie High School, De- Iroil, Michigan, I, 2: Cooley High School, Delroil, 3: Y- Teens, 4, Office Slall, 3: G. A. A., 4: French Club, 41 L. D. A. Club, 4. Ohio Slale Universily HUGH S. HARRISON "Mike" Fascinalinq srnile-dynamic liflle caqer. Hi-Y, 4: Baskelball, 4 IMan- aqerl: Arlinglonian, 4 IBusi- nessl: Baseball, 3, 4: Varsily 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Sfale Universily MARILYN MARGARET FOLK "Marilyn" Dry hurncr-Tall, dark, and poised. Jr. Class Play, 3 lSIaill: Sr. Class Play, 4 ICasIl: G. A. A., I, 2, 3: G, R., I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Minslrel Show, 3 lCas'il: French Club, 3, 4: Nalional Thespian Sociely, 4: Radio Club, 4: Thespian Play, 4 ICGSIIZ S. A. J. Club, I, 2, 3. 4 IHis'rorianl: Norwesler 4. Ohio Slale Universily , , me Bffflnii i f ws igwfgii WILLIAM D OXLER I-IENRY - N od" Always s 'Inq "To ihe omdoclcslw Hora ix?-Junior Hiqli Q , L, ood, Ohio, I: Jl:ewood,fLTHiqh School, 2: IY, 2Tf3, 4 lVice-presidenll: P I, 3, 4: Traclm, 2, 3, 4: V 1 ily 4: Sr. Class Play, lSlalll: Siqma Rho Club. 3, i Ohio Slare Universiry MIRIAM LOUISE GANTZ "Miriam" Cooperaiive, amiable. Pianis? supreme. Jr. Class Play, 3 ICasIl, 4 lSIaT'Il: G. A. A., I, 2, 3,41 G. R., l, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Na- fional Thespian Sociely, 41 French Club, 3, 4: Assembly Commillee, 3, 4: Radio Club, 4: Oasis Slall, 2, 3: Office SIal'I, 3: L. D. A, Club, I, 2: Norwesler, 4. Weslern Colleqe EARL AU ST HEBDEN . i Earl" Tou u , oh, so qenlle. St bilious. i son ugh School, Hunfinq- on, pghqinia, I: Class IC r Presrdenll Foot baihm 2, 3, 4: Varsily "A", 3 IS: aseball, 3: Sigma Rho Cilub, 2, 3, 4: Norwesfer, 4. Ohio Slale University LOUISE WINKLER FALLON "Lou" A friendly word for everyone. Fluslered. Jr. Class Play, 3 ICas+l: G, A. A., I, 2, 3, 4: G. R., I, 2. 3: Y-Teens, 4: Leaders' Class, 3, 4: Torch, I, 2, 3, 4: Cheer- leader, 3, 4: Minslrel Show, I, 2, 3 lCasIlZ Publicily Club, 3, 4: Homecoming Courl, 4: Charm Board, 2, 3, 4: Cale- Ieria Slali, 4: S. A. J. Club. I, 2, 3, 4 lVice-presidenllg Sr. Scholarship Team 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 lSIaT'Fl: Nor- wesler, 4: Nalional Honor So- ciely, 4. Ohio Slafe Universily JAMES H. JOHNSON "Jim" Capable and cooperative. Hi-Y enlhusiasl. Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4 lTreasurerlZ Varsity 2, 3, 4: Baslcel- ball, 2, 3 lManaqerl: Arlinq- Ionian, 3, 4 lSporIs Edilorl: Ouill and Scroll, 3, 4: Oasis Slall, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 ISIalil: Norwesler, 4, Ohio Wesleyan Universily SALLY LEE G,-RIFFITI-I "Sally" Tyorchy voice: slyli h. 6, Af . 1, 2, 3, 4: Assisi- anls' , , . Class Play, 3 lSlal:ll: Sr. Class Play. 4 lCasIl: Cv. R., 2. 3: Y-Teens 4: Torch I, 2, 3, 41 Nalional Thespian Sociely, 3, 4 lPresif denllg Minslrel Show, I lS+ah'l: Thespian Play, 3, 4 lCasIl: Radio Club, 3, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: T. A. C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Norwesrer, 4. Ohio Slale Universily ROBERT STANLEY HOAG "Rogue" Afhlelic, "The Chieill. "Here i1 is-'I Foolball, 2, 3, 4: Varsily 2, 3, 4: Baslcefball, 2, 3, 4: Golf, 4: Swimming, 3, 4' Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4: Siqma Rho Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4. Darlmoufh Colleqe JO ANN GREINER HJC., Allaclcs ol qiqqles. Polite and ready with a smile. Jr. Class Play, 3 IS-Iafll: Glee Club, 3, 4: 6. A. A., I, 2: G. R., I, 2, 3: YATeens. 4: Minslrel Show, 3 lCaslli Charm Board, 4: L. D. A. Club, I, 2, 3, 4 lRushina Chairmanl: Norwesler, 4. Monlicello Colleqe EDWARD I-IEBDEN g "Eddie" ,Ki On uwwwyxw blue, Carefree-silenf. Vinson High School, Hunlinq- Ion, Wesl Virginia, I, 2, 3: Eoolball, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 3, 4: Sigma Rho Club, 4: Nor- wesler, 4. Ohio Stale Universify I-IENRIETTA JANE C-RAMLICH "Janie" lnclividualisi, 'IW , Honey?" Jr. Class Pla i,SlaTll: Sr. Class FICO ll: G. A. A., IW abinef, 2, 3, 4? G. R., ' -Teens, 47 Ailinqlonia , 4, insirel Show, 2. 3 ics5+,1JPubiaC:+y Club. 2, 3, 4: Assislanfs' League, 3, 4: Oflice Slafi, 4: Nafional Thespian Sociely, 4: Torch ,4' The-:pian Play, 4 lSlaill: T. A, C. Club, I, 2, 3, 42 Nor- wesfer, 4. Miami Universily JOHN RICHARD LARKIN "Larks" Small buf rugged. "I cIon'I know." Appreciafes humor. Ili-Y, 2, 3, 4: Foolball, 2, 3. fp Track, 2, 3, 4: Varsily "AU- 4-3 Sigma Rho Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Iforwesler, 4. Wilminqlon College HARRIETT LOUISE HOBART "HarrieH" Long, golden Iresses, giggle girl. "Scares me!" Jr. Class Play. 3 lSIaIlIZ G- A. A,, I, 2, 3, 4: Assislanls' League, 4: G. R., I, 2, 31 Y- Teens. 4: Torch, I, 2, 3: Oflice Stall, 3: S. A. J. Club, I, 2. 3, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Sr. Class Play 4 lSIafII: Nor- wesler, 4. Miami Universily JACK STANLEY JONES "S+ones" Fleagle capfain, Hi-Y Prexy, iocular, Hi-Y, J, 4 lPresiden+I: Fool- ball, I, 2: Track, I, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 3: Sludenl Coun- cil, 4: Minslrel Show, 3 lCasfI: Publiciiy Club, 3, 42 Sigma Rho Club. I, 2, 3, 4' Sr. Class Play, 4 lSI'affI: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Torch, I, 2: Norwesler, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely, 4. Ohio Sfale Uniyersily VIRGINIA BETH H MMEL "Deedee'Q Sweely and Io a 1"Wha+'lI Jr CI PI ywyl 'ISlaIlI: l. , 2. Y- eens, 4: G. . A., , : Arlinglonian, 3, 4 age diforl: Minslrel Show: I, , 3 lCasII: As- sislanls' League, 4: Office Sfafl, 3: Sr. Class Play, 4 lSIaTl'I: Library Slahf, 4: Ouill and Scroll, 4: T. A. C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4. Miami Universily THOMAS M. MAGRUDER "Tom" Radio Iechnician-bass voice. winning smile. Varsity 4: Jr. Class Play, 3. 4 lSIah'l: Sr. Class Play, 3. 4 lSIallI: Baskelball, 3, 4 lManagerI: Nafional Thespian Sociely, 3, 4: Minsirel Show. 3 lSIahII3 French Club, 2, 3 lTreasurerI: Radio Club. 3, 4: Thespian Play, 3, 4 lSIafll: Norwesler, 4. College of Woosler BETTE ANN GRAGNON HBSIISII Personaliiy plus. 'il like lhem casual." Jr. Class Play, 3 lCasIl: Sr. Class Play, 4 lCas'rI: G, A. A., I, 2, 3, 4: G. R., 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Arlinglonian, 4: Homecoming Courl, 4: Min- slrel Show, I, 2, 3 lCasII: Ouill and Scroll, 4: French Club, 3, 4 lPresidenII: Charm Board, 4: Nalional Thespian Sociefy, 4: T, A. C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Siale Universiiy PHILIP L. JOHNSON "Phil" Organizer. Takes care of everyihing. Sr. Class Play, 4 lSIaFll: Track, 3, 4 llvlanagerl: Var- sily "A", 4: Thespian Play, 4 lSIahfI: Nalional Thespian So' ciefy, 4: Norwesfer, 4. Miami Universily NANCY CAMILLE HANE "Nancy" Congenial, always smiling. "Oh, how nice!" Jr. Class Play, 3 lCasII: Sr. Class Play. 4 ICasII: Glee Club. 3: G. A, A., I. 2: G. R.. I, 2, 3: Ivlinslrel Show, 3 lCasI and Slaihll: French Club, 3: Cafeleria Sfali, 4: Nalional Thespian Sociely, 3, 4: Nor- wesler, 4. Ohio Slale Universily ROBERT GLENN, EHMAN "M ro efroil gang af fipread c ar. c , H' h QM A Mic ig 31 , Hi-Y 2, 3: S , d e f I o Defroil wim ' 4' Siu enl Council, , rac Club, 4: Varsily " : Track, 4: Nor' wesler, 4. Ohio Sfafe Universily NANCY JOSEPHINE HOWARD "Penny" Twinkling eyes, friendly smile, good-nafured. Universily High School, Co Iumbus, I: Debale Team, 3: Nalional Thespian Sociefy. 3. 4: Minslrel Show, 2, 3, 4 lCas+ and Slalfl: Jr. Class Play, 3 lCasIII Glee Club, I, 2: G. A. A., I, 2, 3: G, R., 2, 33 Torch, 3, 4: Arlinglonian, 3, 4: Ouill and Scroll, 3, 43 Inler-Club Council, 2, 3, 4: French Club, 2, 3: Radio Club, 3: Sr. Schol- arship Team, 4: Cale-Ieria Slal-I, 4: L. D. A. Club, 2, 3 lRushing Chairmanl, 4 lPresi- denII. Slanlord Universify Ms WILLIAM A, MILLI-ION "Bill"-"Hulk" f Amia is osill n, rious. r Y ' e. Eoolball, I, 2, 3, 4: Track, I, 2, 3, I4: Baskelball, , 3. 4: Varsily ' , , 4: LY, I: Norw Ter, 4 lCircuIalion Manaqerl: Sigma Rho Club, I, 2, 3, 4 lTreasurerl. Ohio Wesleyan Universily MARILYN JANE MILLER "Marilyn" Generous, qood-nalured. always a lriendly word. G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4: G. R., I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: L. D. A. Club, I: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Slale Universily ROBERT BOWEN MUNDAY HBO.. Romeo. "Music, Maeslrolu Band, I, 2, 3, 4 lLine Ser- qeanll: Minslrel Show, 2, 3, 4 lCasll: Orcheslra. 3, 4: Dance Band, 2, 3, 47 Track, 2, 3, 4: Varsily "A", 2, 3, 41 Swimming, 3: I-Ii-Y, 3, 4: Drac Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4: Foolball, I, 2, Ohio Universily Tl-IERESA ANN HANNAI-I "Terriel' I-ler Iauqhler rocks lhe halls, lrue iokiesler. Sr. Class RLiyI"4 lSIaFll: G. . UJVQI 3, 4, 6. R., i, 2, 3 FT. ens, 4: Arlinqlonian, 4: : mei show, 3 lCasll: A5- sislanls' League. 4: Office Slall, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Slale Uniyersily DONN BIDDLE MILLER "Kang" IO second man--parlicular ways-class prexy. Class Ollicer, 2 lliresidenll, 3 lpresidenll, 4 lpresidenllg Foolball, I, 2, 3, 4: Track, I, 2, 3, 4 ICO-caplainlp Varsily I, 2, 3 lSecrelary-Treas- urerl, 4: Leaders' Class, 4: Torch, 4: Baskelball, I, 2, 3, 4: Sludenl Council, 2, 3 lTreas- urerl, 4: Publicily Club, 4: Sr. Class Execulive Commillee, 4: Drac Club, I, 2, 3, 4 lVice- presiclenll: Radio Club 3, 4: Alhlelic Board, 3, 4 lSegre- Iaryl: Arlinqlonian, 4: Nor- wesler, 4: Nalional Honor So- ciely, 4. Ohio Wesleyan Universily MARY CATHERINE LAWLER "Silenl Yocumn lmpersonalor-arlislic- friendly smile. Sacred I-Iearl Academy, Eq- qerlsville, N. Y., I: Amhersl Cenlral I-liqh School, Snyder. N. Y., 2, 3: Glee Club, I. I-Ierron Arl Inslilule JUDSON S. MILLI-'ION I'Jud"-"Ear" Poinls-never serious, speedy? I-li-Y, 2, 3. 4: Eoolball, 2. 3, 4: Baskelball, 2, 3, 4: Base- ball, 2, 3, 4, vmiiy "A", 3. 4: Golf, 4: Sludenl Council. 4: Sigma Rho Club, I, 2, 3, 4 lSecreIaryl: Sr. Class Execu- Iive Cornmillee, 4: Arlinqfon- ian, 3 lfiusinessl: Assembly Commillee, 4: Norwesler, 4 lCircuIa1ion Manaqerl. Ohio Wesleyan Uniyersily JANET I-IOOVER LENZ "JaneI"' "Oh, you guys!" Ready wilh lhe gags. G. A. A., I, 2, 3. 4: G. R., I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Jr. Class Play. 3 lSlalll: Sr. Class Play, 4 Islallil: Library Slall, 4: Min- slrel Show, I, 2, 3 lcaslli T, A. C. Club, l, 2, 3, 4: A54 sislanls' Leaque, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Slale Universily ROBERT SHERMAN MEEDER "Bob" Sally-loolball' sl r mens fna . Class Ol-ficer, lTr asurerly I-Ii-Y, 3' I r surer , 4: Fool- Tra I , arsily "A", I, , 2 . ass Play, lCasI: .X Class Play, 2 IC sl ' a kelball, I. 2, 3, 4: Scif, 2: rlinqlonian, 3 lBusi- nessl: Sludenl Council, 4: Na- lional Thespian Sociely, 4: Minslrel Show, I, 2, 3 lCas'rlZ Inler-Club Council, 2: Pub- licily Cub, 2, 3, 4 lPresidenIl7 Sigma Rho Club, I, 2, 3 lTreasurerl, 4 lpresidenll: Radio Club, 3, 4: Norwesler. 4. ba 3. lCaplainl: 2 3 4 CI 4 Norlhweslern Universily MARJORIE JANE LIVEZEY "Jane" Voquish clolhes, capable, vacalionisl. 6. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4: G. R., I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Publicily Club, 3, 4: T. A. C. Club, I, 2 3 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 Isiarii. Slephens College JAMES MYRON PRICE "SIreIch" "RaceI" Merman-never a dull mornenf. I-Ii-Y, 2, 3, 4, lAIhleIic Di- recforl: Foolball, 2, 3, 4: Track I. 2 llvianagerl: Golf. 4: Swimming, 3, 4 lCapIainlZ Baseball, 3, 4: Varsily 2, 3, 4: Jr. Class Play, 3 lCasIl? Sr, Class Play, 4 lCasIl: Glee Club, 3: Arlinqlonian, 3: Minslrel Show, 2, 3, 4 lCasIl: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: Pub- licily Club, 4: Drac Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Radio Club, 4: Thes- pian Play, 3, 4 lCasIlZ Na- lional Thespian Sociely, 4: Norwesler, 4, WoosIer Colleqe MARY ANGELIQE MILLISOR Mr' ' seri s, reliable. eng: i Junior I-Iiqh, arion, io. I: Glee Club, I: G. R.. I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Cv. A. A., 2, 3, 4: Torch, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: T. A. C. Club, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 lSIahfl: Nafional Thes- pian Sociefy, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Slale Universily if , ARD S. ORTI-I l "Nu Nu" arp dresser-man aboul' Iown. nd, I: Orchesfra, I: Fool- ball, 2, 3, 4: Varsify 4: Minsfrel Show, 3 lCasIl: Drac Club, I. 2, 3, 4: Norwesfer, 4. Ohio SIaI'e Universify PAYE EVELYN NELSON "Faye" Vivacious-wiIIy remarks. "Oh, rnellol Jusf mellol" 6. A. A., I, 2, 3. 41 G. R., I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: French Club, 3, 4: Jr. Class Play, 3 lSIahll: Sr. Class Play, 4 lCasIl: Thespian Play, 4 lCasIl: Na- Iional Thespian Sociely, 4: Norwesler, 4. Capiial Universify DALE LESLIE RHODES "Dale" Soofhing sax. Quiel and friendly. Roosevelf Junior High School, Columbus. I: SouI'h I-Iiqh School, Columbus, 2, 3: Dance Band, 2, 3: Kennel Club, 2, 3: I-Ii-Y, I, 4: Track, 4: Golf, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Band, I, 2, 3. 4: Library Slalf, I: Science Club. I: Orcheslra, l, 2, 3, 4. Purdue Universily MARY ELLEN LARGE "Mary" Carfoonisl-sense of humor- versalile. Glee Club. 3: G. A. A., I, 4: G. R., I, 2, 3 lCabineIl: Y- Teens, 4 lCabineIl: Torch, 2, 3. 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Minsfrel Show, 3 lCasIl: French Club, 3, 4: Sr. Class Execurive Commiffee, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 lSIahCl: Nor- wesler, 4. O'hio Slale Universily RICHARD SCOTT NORRIS "ScoII" C.B.L, guard-hapyggd l ' 'ni if Li+chfiel6c:VX? 'S'Chool. Lilchfielcl Park, Arizona, I: Foofball, I, 2, 3, 4: Basker- ball, I: Track, 3, 4: Varsily "A", 3, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 lCas+l: Minslrel Show, 2, 3 lCas'rl: Glee Club. 3: Sigma Rho Club, 2, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Universily VIVIAN ELAINE MUENCI-I "Viv" Excifable-dimples de luxe- life of Ihe parIy. Franklin Jr. High, Columbus, I: Pierian Honor Sociely, I: Cafeleria Slalll, I: G. R,, I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: G. A. A., 2, 3 lCabineIl, 4 lCabineIl: Jr. Class Play, 3 lSIaf'll: Sr. Class Play, 4 lCas+l: Cvlee Club, 3. 4: Arlinqlonian, 3, 4 lPaqe Edilorl: Minsfrel Show, 3 lCasIl: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 lPresidenll: French Club, 3, 4: Torch, 4: T. A. C. Club, 3, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Sfale Universily DANIEL GORDON RANSOM "Duke" Edilor-winged IeeI-genIle- man. Track, I, 2, 3, 4 ICO-caplainl: Fooiball, 2, 3: Varsify "A", I, 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Class, 3, 4: Arlinqlonian, 3, 4 lEdifor-in- chiefl: Sludenl Council, 4: Minsfrel Show, 3, 4 lCasIl: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4: Pub- licily Club, 4: Radio Club, 4: Drac Club, I, 2, 3. 4: Nor- wesfer, 4. Ohio Wesleyan Universily NANCY ANN NOWE "Nancy" Peppy cheerleader. Gayly she speeds lhrough Ihe halls. G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4 lCabineIlt G. R., I, 2, 3: Minslrel Show, I, 2, 3 lCasIl: Publicily Club. 2, 3, 4: Jr. Class Play, 3 lCasIl: Sr. Class Play, 4 lCasIl: Arlinqfonian, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Cheerleader, 3, 4: Assisranfs' League, 4: Office Slaif, 4: T. A. C. Club, I, 2. 3, 4: Norwesfer, 4. Ohio Sfale Uniyersiiy hi WAYNE LEE ROELOF "Honest Wayne" "Flying Dutchman"-triendly- intelligent. East Rocktord High School, Rocktord, Illinois, I, 2: Track, 3: Leaders' Class, 4: Sr. Class Executive Committee, 4: Nor- wester, 4. Utah State Agricultural College NORMA LEE RICHARDSON "Norm" Deep in thought. Tall, blonde. and independent. G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4: G. R., I. 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Minstrel Show, 2, 3 lCastI: S. A. J. Club, I, 2, 3: Norwester, 4. Monticello College AVERY HARVEY ROBBINS HA.. Casanova-gaqs galore-one ol Miss Randall's boys. Football, 2, 3, 4: Varsity "A", 3, 4 lSecretary-Treasurerl: Sr, Class Play, 2 ICastl: Basket- ball, I, 2, 3, 4: Arlingtonian, 43 Minstrel Show, 2 lCastl: Baseball, 2, 3, 4 ICaptainI: lnterclub Council, 2, 3: Pub- licity Club, 4: Drac Club, I, 2. 3, 4 IPresidentl: Norwester, 4: Ouill and Scroll, 4. Miami University PATRICIA DELL REDMAN "Pat" "We've really gcgto work." i- di Q e. Clajsrllblllicls-SS ITS' lPresidentl: G, A A, I, 2,13 lvgbjgyg. denkllslr-llfbg'tftte'tl: . R., I, 2: Leaders' Class. 3 ISecre- tary-Treasurerl, 4: Torch, 4: Student Council, I: Oasis Stahl, 2, 3 IDecoration Headl: National Honor Society, 3, 4: Interclub Council, 2, 3, 4 IVice-presidentl: French Club, 4: Publicity Club, I, 2, 3 ISec- retaryl, 4: Charm Board, 3, 4 lChairmanl: T. A. C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4 lSecretaryl: Norwester, 4 lEditor-in-chietl. Cornell University FRED HERBERT SPRIGGS "Figs" Intramural hotshol-- easy-going. Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: Track, 2, 3. 4: Sigma Rho Club, 2, 3, 4: Var- sitv 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastl: Swimming, 4: Radio Club, 4: National Thespian So- ciety, 4: Norwester, 4. Ohio State University MARCIA JANE PRAY "Marcia I Unique qiqqle-beaming smile-capable. G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 42 6. R., I. 2, Y-Teens, 4 lCabinetl: French Club, 3, 4 lSecretaryl: Orchestra, I: Crlee Club, 3: Minstrel Show, 3 ICastl: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Torch, I. 2, 3, 4: L, D, A. Club, I. 2 ISecretaryl, 3 lVice-presi- dentl, 4 lPIedge Adviserl: National Honor Society, 4. Ohio State University ROBERT ERWIN SETZER "Bob" Orchid grower-trackster, triendly. Track, I, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: Varsity 3, 4: Sigma Rho Club. 3, 4 ITreasurerI: Sr. Class Play, 4 IStattI. Ohio State University JAN-ANNE RUTLEDGE "Jan" .Muow--1 "Oueenie"-ambitious, meticulous. CI! XgtTicer,'2 I ecretaryl: Jie? soalqy astl: Sr. Class Pay, 4 ICastl: G. A, A., I, 2, 3, 4 lCabinetl: G. R., 3: Y-Teens, 4: Leaders' Class, 4: Torch, I, 2, 3, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Arling- tonian, 3, 4 IAssociate Editor, Page Editorl: Minstrel Show, I, 2, 3 lCastl: Homecoming Oueen, 4: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 lVice-presidentl: French Club, 3, 4 lTreasurerl: Pub- licity Club, 2, 3, 4: Charm Board, 4: T. A. C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4: National Thespian So- ciety, 3, 4 ISecretaryI: Thes- pian Play, 3 IBusiness Man- agerl, 4 lCastI: Norwester, 4 ILiterary Editorl: National Honor Society, 4. Northwestern University DAVID GEORGE STEPHAN "Dave'l Busine, Y ous-win- in STUIL? :JL Torch, F423 3334: Hi?Y, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, 3: Oasis Statt, 4 lSecretary - Treasurerl: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Nor- wester, 4. Ohio Stale University BARBARA JEAN ROOK "Barb" Never a dull moment. "Love it, simply love itll' Jr. Class Play, 3SlC tl: Sr. Class Play, 4 IC , Stattli 6.A.A.,1,2, :G. R., I, 2. 31, .Tee . y'7SPuI:-Iicity Club, 'ZZ73 : Qlilespian Play, 4 lSta :I National Thespian Society, 4: T. A. C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Norwester, 4. Oihio State University JOHN CLEMENT WALKER "Walcher" Dry humor-quiel-reserved. Baseball, 2, 3 lManaqerl: I-li-Y, 2, 3, 4: Varsily 3, 4: Arlinqlonian, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 lSTafTl. Ohio Slale Universify AVICE ANN RODERICK ,,5ny4,y,, Eaf , uqh. x mi . A QV Cass a aslli Sr. lass Plak 'l Z G. A. A.. I. 2, 3, 4. . .. I, 2, 3.: Y. T ens, ' orch, I, 2, 3: Ar- lin 'an, 4: Ouill and Scroll, 4: rench Club. 4: Publicily Club, 3, 4: Office Slaff, 4: National Thespian Sociely, 4: S, A. J. Club. I. 2, 3, 4 lTreasurerl: Norwesler, 4. Miami Universily WALLACE PETER WILLIAMS "Pele" erous Eo no ens. ' ancier. Torch, , 2, 3, :Dr Club, l, 2,3,4lTf ' 2,3 :Msn f 1 Varsm"A", 2, 3. 4: Leaders' Class, , 4 lVice- presiclenll: Nalional Honor Sociely, 3, 4: Minslrel Show, 3 lCasll: lnler-Club Council, 3, 4: Class Ohlicer, 4 lTreasurerl: Sr. Class Play, 4 lCasIl: Sr. Scholarship Team, 43 Assembly Commillee. 4 lCI'iairrnar1l: Sludenl Council, 4: Norwes- ler, 4. Cornell Universily CAROLYN PATRICIA SEARLE "Carol" Cule-reserved-worry-warl. Shawnee Mission I-lig'h School, Kansas Cily, Mo., I, 2: Ruperls Land Girls' School, Winnipeg, Maniloba, Canada, 3: Class Officer, l lSecrelaryl: Lalin Club, I, 2: Sludenl Council, 2: Ari Club, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Thela, 2. Ohio Slale Universily FREDERICK PAUL WADLEY "Ferd" Linquisl de luxe-louch of debonairfSophomore's delighl. Traclc, I, 2: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4: Sigma Rho Club, 2, 3: Torch, 3: Nalional Thespian Sociely, 3. 4: Jr. Class Play, 3 lCasll: Leaders' Class. 4: Oasis Slalf, 4 lPresiden+l: Norwesler, 4. Oberlin College MARCIA LOUISE STEWART "Slew" Always smiling. Sweel and lhouqhliul. Columbus School for Girls, II 6. A. A., l, 2, 3, 42 6. R., l. 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: T. A. C. Club, 2. 3, 4: Jr. Class Play, 3 lS'fal:Tl: Sr, Class Play, 4 lSIaTTl: Torch, 4: Norwesler, 4. Bradford Junior Colleqe JAMES OWENS Sl-IUTT "Jim" Sharp clolhes porls n, br d 5 ile. lr 3 4 l-li- , 4 rac . , . lMa I V S' "A," 4I Sr. ass Pl , 4 lSIafllI Arlinglo ' , 4 lSpor+s Co- edil r , uill and Scroll, 4: Slq a Rho Club, l, 2, 3, 4: Norwesier, 4. Miami Uniyersily MYRTLE MAKEY me , yt., a+b,,14EfM qi. "oh, Roc sleri" O r La y of Viclory, Colum- bus, ' '. A. A., 2, 3: G. R., 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Junior Class Play. 3 lSlaT'll: Charm Board. 3, 4: Nafional Honor Sociely, 4, Cornell Universily LEWIS RUSSELL TREMBLY '1L.R:f, I Typical red-head. "I'rn aqains I" Movie ic.. , 3, 4' ac Club. . 4' ggi all, 2, 3, 42 ins+r S ow, 3 asll: Fool- ball, I, 2, 3, 4: Golf, 4: Nor- wesler, 4, Ohio Slale Universily CYNTHIA J T UVELLE I' 'rhie W "l' mga e."XDe endable. Tor bil ,2, al .6 A. A., I. 2, 4 l neil: T, A. C. Cm , If 2, , 4: Minslrel Show, I, 2, 3X asll: G. R., 3: Y- Teens, 4: Assislanls' League, 3, 4: Office Siaif, 4: Sr, Class Play, 4 lCas+l: Arlinqlonian, 4: Nalional Thespian Sociely, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Public- ily Club, 3, 4: Sr, Scholarship Team, 4: Thespian Play, 4 lSlal5ll: Norwesler, 4 lPhoIoq- raphy Edilorl. Ohio Slale Universily JEANNE JOANNE SUTTON "Jeannie" Pelile-genial. "Touche," G. R., I, 2, 3: Y-Teens, 4: Torch, I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A., I, 2, 3 ICabineII: Glee Club, I: Jr. Class Play, 3: ArIingIonian, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Ouill and Scroll, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 ISlaPII: Office Slaff, 4: Norwesler, 4: Nalional Honor Sociely, 4. Slephens College FRED MAC CAMPBELL "Mac" Ouiei and reserved-always a genlleman. Sudlow Inlermediale School, Davenporl, Iowa, I: Davena porl High School, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club. 3, 4: Lalin Club, 2: Band, I: Wreslling, 3: Della Thela Sigma, I, 2, 3, 4. Ohio Siale Universily JEANNE ELEANOR SUTI-IERLA D ."SuI'hie",,l SluxM,IC6feI'1seIo d gay. C. A., , 2, g3, 4: Glee CIub!ivIl,2,a5N6.-Rdll, 2, 3. Y-Teens, 4: Minslrel Show, I, 2, 3 ICasll: Jr. Class Play, 3 ISlaI:II: Sr. Class Play, 4 ICasII: Library Slall, 4: AS- sislanls' League, 4: S. A. J. Club, I, 2, 3. 4 ISecre+aryI: Norwesler, 4. Miami Universify RICHARD L. EDWARDS "Dick" Camera-man-friendly. "When I counl fhree, smile!" Foolball, 2: Sr. Class Play, 3 ISIaIII: Arlinglonian, 3, 4: Sigma Rho Club, 3, 4: Nor- wesler, 4. Miami Universily LUCILLE S. VRADELIS "Lucille" Y-Teen 'prexy, friendly, elli' I. G. A. , , 3, 4: G. R., I, bineIl: Y-Teens, 4 I r i nfl: Jr. Class Play, 3 I I I: Arlinglonian, 3: Min- srel Show, 3 ICaslI: Cale- Ieria Slafi, 3, 4: French Club. 3, 4: S. A. J. Club, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 ISIaIII: Charm Board, 4: Thespian Play, 4 ISIaI'II: Norwesler, 4. Universily of Vermonl SARAH SUSAN KUSTER "SiaII I Pe+H'fVId ic ' smile. SI. Jo I C m Ium- bus, I: ur La ol Viclory, Columbus, 2: Jr. Class Play, 3 ICasll: Sr. Class Play, 4 ICasII: Glee Club, 3: G. R., 3: Y-Teens, 4 ISecreIaryI: Minslrel Show, 3 ICas+I: French Club. 3, 4: Caleieria Slalcl, 4: S. A. J. Club, 3, 43 G. A. A., 3: Nalional Thes- pian Sociely, 4: Thespian Play, 4 IS+aI'lI: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Slale Universily PATRICIA ANN VERCELLINO "'Pa " MITW r I-big brown eyes. " haI'd e swell!" Bens Sc aha, Nebraslna, I, 2: Class Officer, I ISecreIaryI: Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4: G. A. A., I ITreas- urerl, 2 ITreasurerI, 3, 4: G. R., I, 3: Y-Teens, 4 ICabine'rlI Sludenl Council, I, 2: Home- coming Courl, I: Cheerleader, I, 2: Minslrel Show, I, 2, 3 ICasII: Torch, I, 2, 4: Jr. Class Play, I, 3 ICas+I: Dra- malics Club, 2: S. A. J. Club, 3, 4: French Club, 3, 4: Sr. Class Play, 4 ICasI'I: Charm Board, 4: Norwesler, 4. Ohio Slale Universily DAVID JEREMY NESBITT "Dave" Physics whiz. Oh, lhal carl Weslern Reserve Academy, Hudson, Ohio, I, 2, 3, 4: Track, I, 2, 3, 4: Band, IZ Tennis, I: Science Club, I, 2. 3. 4: Varsily R Club, I, 2. 3 IVice-presidenfl, 4 IPresi- denllg Swimming, I, 2, 3, 4 ICapIainI: Pholography Club, 2, 3, 4: Navigalion Club, 4: Chemislry Honors, 4: Nor- wesler, 4. Ohio Slale Universily ANNE ELIZABETH ZELLER "Zeke" The Iillle woman. "I Iusl don'I approve." T. A. C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4 ITreasurerI: G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4 ICabineII: G. R., I, 2, 3: Publicily Club, I, 2, 3 ITreas- urerl, 4: French Club, 3, 4: Charm Board, 3, 4 IAssisIan'r Chairman I : Homecoming Courl, 4: Norwesler, 4 IArI EdiIorI: Nafional Honor So- ciely, 4. Slephens College NANCY C. YONTZ "Nancy" Induslrious, arlisli ,XJergen's hangs. x G, A. A., I,2, :G. R., I, 2, 3:, -T , 4: Jr. Class Pla ,' IS I: Sr. Class Play. 3, Ialfl: Arlinglonian, 3, 4: Quill nd Scroll, 4: Nalional Thespian Sociely, 4: Nor- wesler, 4. Ohio Slale Universily JEAN IRENE HOUGHTON "Jean" Cincinna+i's loss, our gain. "Oh, qollyf' Wifhrow High School, Cincin- nati, Ohio, I, 2, 3: G. A. A., 3: Y-Teens, 4: Riding Club, I 2: Home Economics Club, 2: 3: Alpha Y, I, 2: Tower Y, 3 Tennis Club I: Minslrel Showl, 2, 3 lCas+l: Al+ruis+, 2, 3: S A. J. Club, 4, Weslern College Page Twenfy-five QM ::'.5f , X V Q 4 Q, , 1 'g Q S BY V .Q ,Q g I 'L 1' , r 4 'Q 5 " ' - fl. ' 'iv I f- , 641,65 ,Md for? ln Tho Tall oT I935, we began our educaTion in The liTile wooden building souTh oT The swimming pool, and our lives became less careTree and more resTricTed, excepT Tor recess. TwenTy-eighT mem- bers oT our senior class enTered TirsT grade here. They were DareTh Axene, Carol Bailey, Virginia Brush, Carolyn Campbell. Jo Cox, Jim Davis, Dave Dodd, Marilyn Egel, Marilyn Folk, Tom Frye, Spike Gerwin, Tom Giles, Jane Gramlich, JoAnn Greiner, Bob l-loag, T'larrieTT l-lobarT, Jim Johnson, ST Jones, Bill and Jud Millhon, Nancy Nowe, Howard OrTh, Jim Price, PaT Redman, Bob SeTzer, Sai-2 STephan, CynThia TouVelle, and PeTe Williams. When we enTered second grade we considered ourselves pracTically grown-up and reveled in shouTing derision aT The unTorTunaTe creaTures in The class below us. We all awaiTed eagerly The ar- rival oT Red Fox. ln Third grade we really began To seTTle down, worrying abouT The inTricacies oT geography and mulTiplicaTion. AT recess we played Tag on The whiTe lines oT The Tennis courT. And remember The lndian parTy which Miss Lawyer's room gave? As TourTh grade pupils, we learned The Tine arT oT block prinTing, made Travel scrapbooks, and visiTed a maTTre-ss TacTory. We gave skiTs abouT Tamous Americans. Remember how one group chanTed "FulTon's Folly" in perTecT unison, while a wagon wiTh a paper side-wheel was rolled across The sTage, The means oT locomoTion crawling underneaTh? Relay races were The Tad in TiTTh grade, and we made our TirsT aTTempTs aT wriTing poeTry lmaybe we should say versesl. Our TirsT dramaTic producTion was a series of scene-s depicTing colonial liTe, as we picTured iT-and whaT a picTurel Our knees wobbled when we saw our Tond parenTs and Triends beyond The TooTlighTs. The nexT year we became The "big shoTs" oT The elemenTary secTion and sTarTed To Take more inTeresT in The change bells and noise oT The high school classes. Oh, how envious we were when They passed our windows on examinaTion days! LiTTle did we know! Then came The TascinaTing liTe wiTh seven diTTerenT Teachers leighT, counTing home-roomll. Those wiTh waTches were boThered consTanTly during The lasT Ten minuTes oT a period lAren'T They sTill?l. The aTTack on Pearl Harbor was a Terrible and exciTing surprise To mosT oT us, and we sTarTed To col- lecT insignia. Our creaTive genius began To make iTselT known in The Torm oT dirndle skirTs or plasTic rings. ln The eighTh grade many oT our Teachers leTT To go inTo The armed services. The girls began To wear lipsTick, and The drarnaTics club presenTed ThaT super-colossal producTion, compleTe wiTh be- wiTc'hing dancing girls, The Bad Boy of Bagdad, wiTh Avery Robbins in The TiTle role. ln SepTember, I943, we realized an ambiTion oT several years. We were in high school and now looked Torward To The day when we would be seniors. ATTer The TirsT exciTemenT oT comparing schedule cards wiTh our friends, we Threw ourselves, hearT and soul, inTo all The acTiviTies we could. and conscienTiously wenT To cheer aT all The games. Romances began To bud and There was The Thrill of TirsT Tormals. Some days The Treshman hall would be less noisy Than usual, and The person walking Through would hear muTTerings oT LaTin verbs or Types oT planT liTe. Bob Meeder. who became capTain Three years laTer, received his TooTball leTTer. This year The school wenT all ouT selling War Bonds. Our oTTicers were PaT Redman, presidenT: DareTh Axene, vice-presidenT1 Spike Gerwin, secreTary: and Polly Edwards, Treasurer. As sophomores we seTTled down, recovered Trom The newness of The preceding year, buT wiThouT The responsibiliTies of upperclassme-n. The Oasis became a going concern. ThaT year The TradiTion oT Track queens was begun, wiTh Louise Fallon as our reigning beauTy. Oh, Tor Those carefree lThough we didn'T Think so Tlienl sophomore days. Leading us Through our second year oT high school were Donn Miller, presidenT: Spike Gerwin, vice-president Jan-Anne RuTledge, secreTary: and Bob Meeder. Treasurer. Like all iuniors, we were very busy The nexT year. Our ThoughTs were oTTen cenTered on our Ti- nancial siTuaTion. We ran hiTher and ThiTher, driving Teachers To disTracTion. However, along wiTh our gay liTe There was disappoinTmenT. Who will TorgeT The broken hearTs aT ThaT Grandview game. ln chemisTry class we managed To produce ghasTly Tumes as well as or beTTer Than our predecessors. The husTle-busTle oT our Third year was expressed in The TiTle oT our class play, Whai' a Life. Then came The preparaTions Tor our Junior-Senior. Among oTher Things we had sold hoT dogs and sponsored The Columbus Boys' Choir To raise money Tor The even'T. Juniors were dragged Trom Their desks inTo The deepesT recesses 'oT The school, where crepe paper was rolled and sTapled in Trenzied hasTe. Our eTTorTs were well rewarded ThaT nighT in "our blue heaven." The class oTTicers This Trying year were Donn Miller, presidenT: Spike Gerwin, vice-president Tom Frye, secreTary: and Dick CrouT, Treasurer. lmbued wiTh responsibiliTy, we began ThaT long-awaiTed year. No one ever TorgeTs his days as a senior, buT ours are especially wonderTul To remember. There was more Treedorn oT expression in classes, closer Ties beTween sTudenTs and Teachers, and Those wonderTul Teams. Homecoming, The senior class play, selling cokes aT games-all helped To make our lasT year exciTing and inTeresTing. We hope ThaT The years To come will be as Tull oT pleasure as These aT ArlingTon have been. Class oTTicers our senior year were Donn Miller, presidenT7 Dick Carr, vice-presidenT: Tom Frye, secreTaryg and PeTe Vililliams. Treasurer. -.3 I i m , 2 sq S , num x. M, . . f, ,,,,. K 35: asf N wig? -1 'gz I A 4... K if 'ff Lg le 'sl U A S. W x ff -Q.. K . Q 1 ,x X .., f -,X f,,x, x in W ka iw I w , f - , Th g . v Q. , 'Wa xt .Iv yr . ' ' Q4 ' L, , ,M ' . ' : , .- .,., M, " " 'N ---" E ., -V , "1 ' .. ' 'f' ' " .ii-11-f If ' A . af4'.:5. V. 3 1, 1, , , . - 1' 33,5 4.5. " A ' ' 'Q W ' Fw W 'x ' : .Pia 620,515 Marilyn Miller besTows placidiTy and generosiTy On al classes To come. To ward off animosiTy. Dick CrouT's versaTiliTy remains wiTh Gay Belcher And also his smile. from an all 'round good Telllchler. His knowledge of pasT and presenT sporls daTa Bob Dodge wills nexT year's ArlingTonian sporTs wriTa. To any MilqueToasT There may be in The Io+ ls commiTTed hereby Bob Meeder's bouncy TroT. All gags 'bouT Zel:e's heighT go To Elwood Guernsey: "JusT To bear up l have had To learnsey." Jud finally decided on Eddie Fields To besTow His TleeTness afooT and his geT-up-and-go. Howard OrTh bequealhs To Murray Goodwin His Tive o'cloclc shadow which shows up aT one. Ann Falconer's leaving is a loss liT will be seenl BuT she leaves her perseverance To The- members Bob Seher relucTanTly leaves, To Arnold Lande, His facile smile and orchids, lboTh handyl. Back To The Indians, The naTive American race, Go Jean Chard's blushes and TrequenT red face. Tom Frye's vocabulary. "a pearl of greaT price,' He besTows on sophomore Richard C. Tice. To Wayne Ireland does Wayne Roelof deign To will his TiTle of "HonesT Wayne." Dave Sherman is The luclcy recipienT OT Judy Clarlr's volaTile manner and benT. To "Mac" McCullough. we Teel we musT say. Jim Johnson wills his friendly way. ol Y-Teen To "A" Rvbbins' beneficiary noThing else will maTTer Since he has, noT a "line," buT a "glib flow oi chaTTer Jo Greiner's legacy malces Tom BuTler happy: You know whaT-ThaT old Buiclc ialappy. John Wail:er's Old World courTesy He leaves as "STag" WaTers' legacy. When iT comes To energy Jo Cox's no miser. To DoTTie Dis+Ier goes her fame as organizer. Mary Lawler's quieT iolces cause unTold mayhem: She wills Them To Hildegarde land oh, how she need To iunior Jean GriTliTh, wiTh The hope ThaT she'll lasT, Goes Jean Su'l"l'on's seaT in Third period physics clasT. lConTinued on Page l l3l s 'ern Q YW4 ,,,.,... , 5... X wav -I 'bi' Ln. 41. 5,4 gf 4 5" 0"""'! N N 3: . Wx, ff xv T59 L N -LJ?-2 x 5, .,... W - M F f M ' X f , A ja A ...A ,KA 3 saga.: rss gif!! X V Hllunnnx N - L ,. -....... 5 mg! , ,,-,M---t L g ' V, Eafvfij! 'R YL : W 4 ' W M , V Z' A A F L 1 ' " "LJ ' 2 h Q i fw i qybf y. , HA My ,H 'Q - r -J 4 , .yn 2 J 'W fxwl if ..AQh , - 1 a V' U. . ... fx' A . , . A ..,. -1- . " X- .eww-4 'ks ,J j S. NX' x 4 in vi if 7' 'aww sg . d .fig , ,V--,V -. .::,.' fw.,.f-W L ' . Y .11 .as awe X k....J J 1 x , feb ...-P 3? 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M g N .:4."' 1' rw, ' 'N WST POWQ Cray Tiwrrvfrs, UQ-arw Dumrap AWB Bfxrcrrfr. Jearrrw Sirrfrair Mariymfrw Kirwrf New, WLM-", Nmrqy O Grady, llwrrrirryr Sporrmqfel. lCONf? ROW: Mfarliyn Adams. Ann Lcrwrmarr, Pmfa Wirrrfxms, Maricrrcf Sc-fif-r Marx Lmr J6'Vx'L1f"V Barham CN-4:11 Cfnrrrlyn lmnrmbaucqrr, Parsy Gfryfrarr. THIRD POW: Urn Vf,l'z, Bcrb Llzqcrrrrr, BRN Sufrur Abi- Bassuk bowl Srrwrwlr Ecu rwrrrw Farr' CML. ' IR G'rUflhl'r. AESEWT: Armf-M Ciprinrrc, Tcrrf Fu'M1r. Rcrrarid Mcris, DRL Rfryfc-, Nrarwm AI Verve' WST ROVV: Jnrlre- Z1-WMP, Carr! ,lafL's.f'r, Marrrwa Warkf,rr, Nfmfy Son:-r, He-Tw SWR" Jfvw' Vvw fr'1'rr Srnurlrrrfr-r, HM-lrwwr Maynard. QFQONIW PCJW: Jfaclf Ymmqquisi, Barbara Lex-.is Emrry Eplr,-!berry Mary Mfys-4, lcyifl OW:-Q-4' Cm, ' Prrrmy Gvyf-r Arrrw Hfxrrrirrrwrr, Parr Rr-is BW Ewinq, THIRD FYCXJW: Crmrk Fyr-rwrw, Pau! Srrrrrrr. Umm Quirricmm, Birl Clapp Rirrpr 'v'y'R'Xlr.r r " BLM.-V XM-V f ,rm IW! 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THIRD POW: Trary Hager, Auron Jones, Ronnie Green, Howie Waqenlwals George DeLong, led Vvadellu Clviu Nfflffm. ABSENT: Bill Lewis. C' i SU FIRST RGW3 CMMVH GW:-rw Simrnwn Rub, D-wvofhy Disfxcl, Pefqqy VVHHVNQU, M-11110 CQp'fL1u,w Cwrmlvf Hvv :umm Van Dewwwwl Shivhfy Adwvvs. HCOND RQW: Swrwvwy AMN!-5wv1 Aww S.1vHi:v,JmyQu Smdbu Nina NNN-pf! Uwsirw FfaW'vv' VWWHI, Vw AH: Bow-rly Wifxfwf-y M.vHyn Cwfmw Pk-rmy Chmvns, BIN O'NeH. WHIRIU RCW: Dawn SMU,-' Dil 92,115 G"DV'Al9 THHOVV, H+-fb--r' H-vm .Um RVHS UIC 1"47U:V"1N'i1 naw- 11 '51- X 1 1U ' ,,1'v-Illviufwl x1w ...asmsmmr .m W me Ln. 'X w Q 0-,wbgkmx 4,-.Mm ? 3?-.gg 4 afms4Wf sg Nvfx .Q 4 Y 45f2'::t:e.::s:fR:z..x.ss - ' .s.:'5::: it 5"f': Trigg. slew i ,,:. ,.g.:.g2:.f-.. ,. M.. . if A k -:gdb 21, 7 1 dffxff 'mm X N stsalnmlnivull OQLVL 01, Z . 7If!L of If 5' Atiiietics, pep, ami plenty of scizooi spirit . . . i'U7e'ii ifzoifi our 01111 111 any ic'ag14c'i 5 E ,f.,.-g.-1 Mb. ' ,Jw - Q' Qmat. aw,,,.f - Av M ' ' 5:5::ff:S4i1'f?5"?K ' ' . 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JEMQQX ' 15? vi x E , Y Sv' , f' ? 5 if MQMQS' Q .,, M, . x N, an H M vi., . w Lil' m 5 .s A-, x wa Y wi QA Q gl," 9 M fu , 3 s ow , 4 Q' 'fx H rddi Q Q ? Walfzfolfwa fckbnor cggciefy The NaTional Honor SocieTy was organized in I92I To recognize academic success and characTer in high school sTudenTs. The Upper ArlingTon chapTer was esfablished in The spring oT l925. Members of The TaculTy raTe The sTudenTs on The basis oT scholarship, leadership, characTer, and service. The Top TiTTeen percenT oT each class are awarded member- ship in The socieTy. Five percenT oT The number may be chosen in Their iunior year: The remaining Ten pere cenT are selecTed aT The end oT Their senior year. Members oT The class OT I947 chosen in Their iunior year were Dick CrouT, DareTh Axene, Tom Frye, Joann Dawson, PeTe Williams, and PaTTy Redman. Those awarded membership in Their senior year are Virginia Brush, Carolyn Campbell, Dick Carr, Polly Ecl- wards, Ann Falconer, Louise Fallon, Spike Gerwin, STanley Jones, Donn Miller, Marcia Pray, MyrTle RuTTing, Jan-Anne RuTledge, Jeanne SuTTon, and Anne Zeller. Page Sindy Those given recogniTion as honor sTudenTs This year were Dick CrouT and Joann Dawson. Dick had a Tour' poinT average Tor The Tour years, while Joann had a 3.97. These Two seniors were also speakers aT com- mencement The welcoming speech was given by Joann, and Dick delivered an address. endow XSQAOZQVJALVO flame The Senior Scholarship Team, composed oT The TwenTyeseven seniors wiTh The highesT grade averages, Took The sTaTe scholarship examinaTions aT CenTral T-ligh School on March 7. Those who Took The TesT were Dick CrouT, Dick Carr, John Behrens, David STephan, Fred Wadleyf, Tom Frye, Mary Ellen Large, Don Gerber, Jeanne SuTTon, PeTe Williams, STanley Jones, Marcia Pray, Jo Cox, Dale Rhodes, T'larieTT l-lobarT, Ann Fal- coner, Joann Dawson, Sally CrriTTiTh, DareTh Axene, Carolyn Campbell, Carol Bailey, Polly Edwards, Vir- ginia Brush, CynThia TouVelle, Louise Fallon, Angie Millisor, and Janfxnne RuTledge. Quill and Scroll, an inTernaTional honorary socieTy, was Tounded To recognize and reward worThy high school iournaIisTs. This year, Tor The TirsT Time, The Quill and Scroll oT ArIingTon became an acTive organizaTion. MeeTings are held every monTh aT The homes oT The members. The oT'Ticers This year were Vivian Muench, presidenTg Jan-Anne RuTledge, vice-president Virginia Brush, secreTary: and Tom Hawk, Treasurer. TwenTy new members were Taken in This year aT Tormal iniTiaTion on March I3. Mr. Ray Evans, Jr. was The guesT speaker. Quai! unc! im! i"s s'sT ' cc ' " " r:-,i .-1- Q "-:-:-,. wi T i Ts i T - f 5 f J, ccs ., CTWA CM The French Club has been guiTe acTive This year. lT has had many enioyable meeTings which have helped To pro- moTe inTeresT and undersTanding in The language, culTure, and cusToms of The French people. Among The ouTsTanding men who spolce To The group were W. S, Hendrix and R. E. Monroe, boTh Trom Ohio STaTe UniversiTy. The main evenT of The year was The ciTy-wide French Club BanqueT held aT The SouThern l-loTel on March Il. Nine schools were rep- cjler fine M6014 R.. J' i T resenTed, including ArlingTon. W. E. Meiden was T speaker oT The evening. Any sTudenT of French is eligible Tor membership in T club. MeeTinqs are held once a monTh aT The home oT so member. The club's adviser is Miss CaTherine l-lennesse' The officers This year were BeTTe Gragnon, preside Diclc CrouT, vice-presidenT7 Marcia Pray, secreTary7 a Jan-Anne RuTledge, Treasurer. ln order To receive a Torch aT Upper ArlingTon l-ligh School, a pupil musT be on The honor roll Two Times during a SemesTer. The following seniors received Torches: Richard Carr, Richard CrouT, Donn Miller, Barbara AusTin, DareTh Axene, Jo Cox, Jan-Anne RuTledge, PaT Vercellino, David STephan, Carol Bailey, Joann Dawson, Marilyn Egel, Marcia Pray, PaTTy Redman, CynThia TouVolle, Ann Falconer. Louise Fallon, Jane Gramlich, Sally GriTTiTh, Marcia STewarT, PeTe Williams, Nancy l-Toward, Tom Frye, Paul Gerwin, Mary ATlcinson, Virginia Brush, Carolyn Campbell, Mary Ellen Large, Angie Millisor, Vivian Muench, and Jean SuTTon, The Tollowing iuniors: received Torches: Dave Sherman, Deane Dunlap, Ann Lowman, DoroThy SpeTnagle, Paula Williams, Don Kinnan, Gay Belcher, Eleanor DeLong, Polly l-leier. Mary RuTh Weigel, Mary Mackey, Jo Anne Beclc- man, and Diane King. The Tollowing sophomores received Torches: Murray Goodwin, Cheryl Cammarn, GreTchen Krause, Freda Magee, MargareT Nelson, NaTalie OrTh, Anne ReinharT, Sonya Bloser, Anne Powell. The Tollowing Treshmen received Torches: Don Maloney, Richard Young, FlizabeTh Blauser, MarTha de Mey, Beverly l-liTTson, Nina Krause, Joan Tyler, George DeLong, Mariana Gosnell, DoroThy MonTgomery, Anne Saville, Sharon Ruh, and David Hall. page SixTy-Two Q : X N' xx X X NWN-+ X 2 ,,.., 1 Nl x EX 1421 ws? , -X X NX X vimwmr- Y mfg-' : X -. ' C' - .Q W?,:',",:-mx SEE? ,F ' '4 gf' , Q, '. -5, sig J-, . ,Lf fx., M 61- 9 ,. a wi' N .- ff, F, sg,- ' yn vs J- W L' .-!. 4.53, .4 .5 L . , hu'-3 .A',,ga:!'ia 4,34 . '.fi1j'? ,y 1 . H55 , .1 11 QW? ' Y 255 .15 1' f ., "ffl: xg.. u", M X -V1 5: ' p -1 . ,A :H--, ,5 rf f p Q w 'n 1 F' J-'F H 5 n. ' J' L HF. '. I gf, A -f - 3 . V 1 . - -,RQ ' 5' 1 ,QJFQJUF , Y -rn., v K my x , . f . .a 1, ' .' 'A. 1 A rx-.U ' V7-,4 , Z. - .- -6fi"'A .f 5. .Jw 1' , ,ff f --1 - F 'fr-, il. Y I , 'QL ,, , - .. 'f 7., iff--.- , sn gf . :fi '71 .. , ' fi 1 'f x, 1- ' ef ' 4 ' ' - "" ,, ' ' . , i-if 4 4' '7 pil' , - ' , 'I . , . - , I- ,.-'N S ,,-f-Q 1 : ' - , i ' 4 1 ' .' ' 7 '- , ,t , . ' s-l',A5"Qg fag' . . . , , ,H 1 . ' 1 ':' I 1 ,. Q 1 , . . . 1 W f t , H. "' V t ' . ' h - V : ' H. . H -1, , 1- .V 4 .V 5 . xg-A5 11 -V ' , X, in , . . . ' M . 3. - U .Nl -Q - . ' ' " h " 5 I iii. Y Q V , 1. . . - . .r h .gm A-1 ,:'1'.-A 5 ' . " - ' ' . . . 4- ,, " A . ' Wy' f A .A ..r,-.U . . , , 5 V . ,.. - . 2 U V ' , 4- - ,,,.r ' me' Y f fs V as U 5 f sa? . x EN iw, , sp-M . N N gg., ygwy' ,fw Liv we X 1' Ne K ! wg' ,ww ,.- ww , 1 X 'Wu my A . 4 .. X L' v 'sf'B?'2 , 9 ' W? Xie S2 . W? 35 5 - ifl. v 1 E ff J 'J Af A J ff x 1 3 . . N in T fp, x be s x X , is k u X sx x dawn ff " 5' wi H I QQ" ,J , m.x cgzfwfenf Gmac! The Sludenl Council is an elec- live organizalion whose purpose is ro enacr and pu? inlo ellecr legis- lalion which will benelil lhe slu- denl body as a whole. Under 'rhe capable guidance ol Mr. Arlhur McCullough, lacully adviser, The Sludenl Council leels 'rhar il has accomplished ils purpose lhis year by sponsoring a number ol worlh- while proiecls. During lhe Tall lhe scholarship drive lor incoming lreshmen, lhe l-lallowelen parly, and lhe Uniled Charilies drive were carried our. The Council also assisled in lhe prinling ol programs lor all home games during The baske-lball sea' son. Cn lvlarch I8 lhe Council spon- sored ils lirsl annual Srudenl Ad- minislralion Day in which all ad- minislralive, leaching, and secre- larial posifions were laken over by sludenls. This proved lo be cne ol lhe highlighls ol lhe year. The climax ol rhe years aclivf ily, however, was undoubledly llwe beaulihcalion of lhe inner courf over Easler vacalion. Wilh :ne help of Richard Vlfallon, Su- perinlendenl ol Buildings and Grounds, lilly-live yards ol dirr were moved info The courl by elu- denls ol The high school and grass was planled. Officers lor lhe year were as follows: Dick Croul, presidenl: Tom Frye, vice-presidenly Merry Mackey and Peg Geyer, secre- laries: and Spike Gerwin, lrease urer. ll 1 k 3 . . Qi -3 w..'ia:fgxz:g:f:Qz,,ga:i9,q..,xv ' . Q 1 f W , g I .wi x . ' vga. i W ' 1 'W' N 21 if if 'Wfxkfm M. wa . I A 5 I Xx-' 5"lllr"v-'f-P' z a,e.g xx -, . lair--W PM J is 'PWA mv? 'C' -1' 91 QF A S P -E 5 R lx sar- X'-mm. 2 x if 2' 3 S Q 'QE S S - s gx Q . X. Q. ,M-w..w-Q l U"U" xi -gl 2 s P' if wg if i 1 X BL , x E- 5 2 5 . is dl k 1-M.. x "- ' 2 P K I . Q 1 31 . K ng f,,i"f"T .gij s W 'x 'W W ,,. .N S ,ww ' . . K. Yi. X ! Q Q -s W7 5,35 K S' 3 A ,M ,,,.,, .N X . ' 5 SK Fi. I mm Q s 5 n R 5 W bln' iZ5runfL0Lfic5 yqf' 2 Q., 3133 X :ff -3 M. .., ue 2- .w .: ":, Ii i m il g gg, ,Q 1 'lg' e Qi 'L qw 'Slim 114 un-nu CACLVWQ ZZJCILI' Charm Board was originaTed by The home eco- 'omics classes in T94-4. lT is composed oT a repree 'rnTaTive Trom each high school home economics class, a represenTaTive Trom each high school grade, and Trom G. A. A., Y-Teens, Leaders' Class, Pub- liciTy Club, and The social clubs, The purpose oT Tlne organizaTion is To add To The physical, social, and rnenTal developmenT oT ArlingTon girls. Board meeTings were held once a weelc and open rneeTings once a monTh. The highlighT oT The year was The ChrisTmas sTyle show in which members of We board modeled. The oTher meeTings, such as The care and design oT corsages, boy-girl relaTions, The design oT cloThing, and correcT posTure, were also presenTed by The board. Miss Louise Bangham sponsors The organizaTion. F'aTTy Redman served as chairman and Anne Zeller T vice-chairman. paalio The Radio Club was Tormed lasT year under The direcTion oT Mr. Dale Gibson. lT was a working organizaTion. This year The Radio Club, wiThouT Mr. Gibsonis direcTion, became an honorary group. lTs mem- bership is lirniTed To conTrol room operaTors and announcers. Many people were given a chance To do announcing This year under speech class supervision. This organizaTion has no oTTicers because iT has no deTiniTe acTiviTies. Mr. Frank Jalces has Taken over The sponsorship. lT is our hope ThaT noxT year The club will be able To puT on radio plays Tor The high school and open iTs membership To all Those wha will vvorlc and are inTeresTed. Page Se-venTy a.s i 1' Y JA- A more acTive program was The aim oT The I-li-Y This year. AT The TirsT meeTing The oTTicers were chosen To direcT The clubs acTiviTies ThroughouT The year, They were STan Jones, presidenip Bill T-Tenry, vice-presidenTg Jim Johnson, Treasurer: and Tom Frye, secreTary. Bob Fidler Tools over Mr. Cavins' duTies as adviser when aTTer many years oT service he was Torced To resign because oT pressure of oTher ouTside acTiviTies. The TirsT maior acTiviTy was The sale oT TooTball pro- grams. When TooTball season ended, inTeresT was Trans- Terred To The Hi-Y BaslceTball League and wiTh Jim Price serving as aThleTic chairman, ArlingTon's Team finished close To The Top. The Hi-Y was also acTive on CiTy Day, sending Tive members To Talce over posiTions in ciTy governmenT. ln addiTion To aTTending ciTy-wide meeTings The club had Time To sponsor The "Pool Ball," an original dance held in The swimming pool, which proved To be a greaT success. I ' 8811 The Y-Teens organizaTion was very acTive This year. Cn Their program was an impressive recogniTion serv- ice. The Y-Teens presenTed The Thanksgiving assembly and Two chapel services. Speakers aT meeTings in- cluded a nurse, an experT on lndian lore, a minisTer, an AusTralian war-bride, 'and Two sTudenTs represenTing Y-Teens Trom oTher schools. AT service meeTings valen- Tines and Tray Tavors were made. The ouTsTanding parT oT The program This year was The raising oT money Tor The world-wide ReconsTrucTion Fund. For This purpose a Penny Day was sponsored and over ThirTy dollars was raised. The oTTicers This year were Lucille Vradelis, presidenT3 Ann Falconer, vice-president Sally KusTer, secreTaryg and Freda Muench, Treasurer. OTher cabineT members were Alice Hill, BeTTy KnighT, Joann Dawson, Carolyn Longabaugh, BeTh BenneTT, Gay Belrher, Marcia Pray, Marcia STewarT, PaT Vercellino, and Mary Ellen Large. Miss Wilma Sproull acTed as adviser. Page SevenTy-one 3 ' , , X " z Q Y R vi 1 XI f f 5 'egg 5 X. S Bias Nm s s' Q ' " - . , .V ', .:::-fi:E55-'i2If:1Q :::,1::..,:,.:g..,:gs -:,:,55:5L3E: ::.:,::,,::-IM., ,-.-' ,wg-H-53:5-3-I--,,:.:.-fy: ..., , .. .2 5 iq- ,WW ,- -' I-. ::,., If ,gag , i 3 gi , Q fm?" ..,,. AT? ' A 2 Q , ., f- f:.- " - gi., '- f:-':s- .Sis-Fe':-:s-2,::::--:a:::2:eE?'f .,.MQ.1:F5fsiewgwi-, -:f .s SI" 53: :E 152,-:I 2: f ' 3 " .... " v ' A f -2 ::: ffw-E . W awx lii .:: 555 ,.::.: 5, ,, .yiggik fig . 3 N 4 35:--:::-::sgga:' x 5? Q ,Q ' A s ' ,fm Ami gk 5 A A uvieniwkwf-fw Q2 25333- if , ,....,. , ,,,.. . - ..,1,,'1. -,,. , ,., ,:,., Q .,,: 1 .... .. -----' f K .... H x V 1- ' f W4 1' - I ,V 'N "-w' ,. ' -if' if I - :-I" W .,... ' 'A .:,, 5 , "" A ""- I - ' f'::5'5 ' 4 Q - 2 .,.giiE:1"' :5E2: - -b F f 4: fx -- , Q - , - I-151: .1.. : : The Arlingionian, xmd-fv Wh- 1Ufd11V7'," sf 'Vim-. Cwv1vr1-"lv Mawr md UVM. LHHV1 Bww 'ww wus wdrff-H by Um P34115-Nm Was yvfxv. A VVUHI' ,1 Qurl !1f,s'J'Yvfwy :www suhsfvvp 'L 'w, '- The Arlingfonian me gum-S fmm.,-d Nw --gm-vxir'.1 wi Vw- ,L1bwrfg'-7I.:1v .ampfxfxlry .-.HMM Hlsfvfi Ifwv zw- v ,v-. -X WNV' 1 112315 wf U.,-1 f ur immivmi mlm Tiff-vw. INV- J- um Mvvw Chaz ' fmsisMr1-3 wf fmiy xvupilu. Mmln ww-' Wm' vwxmfmqurvwrvf and .-,vifiwx wwf 'Pm pupuv, Mxllf- Ufm Qmfvwduu-ci .1 P1-vs 'Y umm TM- Milf uv Smmlrs. The Arlinqionian was .1 'm-dlwd with sw' V-vu! nwffxp M141-up--1.5 'mg W-,yr fzwuy' nf v,f1u-M wmv- wwf Jqvrws Uunw Cwnrad NaqWr:, Cjmrliv Spvmi, and Mx bm-N U SM-1. Th,- Jfmvrmllsm CM,-5 Myl HTH-mdffd Huh --Main wlrfar Jm1vqf15'YN K, xvw--rwfwm PM-ld Hi-uv m CMN 'Nw umbus. mr-minus J Wm- van Arm- 515 follows: llfm Rnrwwwrw Edlfmj Vwvlprvm Brush, Flrsf Pa xv Va 1.- H4l'WVW Hiiwr' J mfArwrw1 Rmlred-112. Swjnnd Ldufwrj Vivian Muwu- H 'md Vlrqinia H' Thivri Pww Eldimrsj Jlww Jwhnsom AlYVi lI'rw SMJH 5 vuvfh Pm-1 EdI'mm. E? ,.., M ,.,,-. O Arlingtonicm IQ Q 5 QBEC1 ' c' 'I X x aw 1:1253 19,5 EWS S gm ., ., R ef Y' :Q MQ, M-Jw ,. A. n ,Q , -x zRv5f,:,,'-fix w5ff2.Qv2"A,.2 :fgrxig 'x wgjvxy me . gg , ,Q 6, 'Q 3 Z -- f A 5 --1- ' SWK meg,t,Qvff-wwf." - ,.ui,,,:s-WX' . Q. ,Sir-F1z,ff .3 H ww HW ww, -X N:-ws. -. Y ,, 1 MM' ' X59-ws X' - wx 95322 'A xi? .25 , ,W , ,, 9 X 3 x , .. y X-""54YQk.' ,,4a:9XvbxkQQfQXQ1gQ,v -,ws-vs?'f37' .X ' . Wi ' . ffg1?g'5f?Tr,:?gf . v A V2 -1 - fs? 5g3,'gff3?gQgq5s 5532. - x 'ziff-2ix'?f2A-Qwlgwr ,f x Q - gr - w 9 f4,?g,:ss'w v 1,53 Y 5,1 'Ns -fs X W A Y - A-, f'-33, v Q . ,E ' f?v'?f X ,. , ws W ' 1 V -ev V wa x - ' 1 I Q35 +, ff -- , N5 V 1' ' -iffy ' W, Q lx' X M -1, i I 4 QQ N 551, '1 ,N 5:-' 5 , gm 5 sf 5 4? gp K 1 ' MIQ353 3, ' 8 A f- . W . " ' 142 - us' X2 - - I 9' - 'fwkx ' W any Ai 4"-fs? , i ' I -- Nw - will igff W5 - 5- 3 W if f -fa fi? :fr 35 f Q ' ' ' , I ,5 65, Q 5 Z Y 1 Q- X 1 2.1,-4 in , 55. ff' eff 4. W 1 If -"-' we is 1- ' f , ff 5 ,,. "" V -f , fi Q N ' , - ,z gi Y N J A ir J X , 'Y ,--, . -- ..-.-.... . --. x .. .. - - . 5 . J , Q ' , , J' 2. ' ---- ,.,, 1 1 :S , - M- X Q --1 ' g K T - 1 f ' ,f 4 '- , ' -21 .. -Q Q, 2 YS , -.sw A P x A lf- I ' ' -K '-I-1-1 ---,-- fa: I: ':, Y 'If' - Q' 3 4:-"E" 'E-::": f A 5 ..,. as , f Wi ' ' A 5 X , J 5- , A an S .-i i N .f f , .55- ,ig ix U : N P il , ix? I 1 , xi' , im A ff E Ji. - 1 w . ,Z ,. iii: ...,., i Q 5 V GH? 5 ,:::,: :l-,-,,: ., I. , 'big' y Q 5 , ft ix fy K N , - - -'- 5' -- .,..,., S - ' ' ' ' " V . , 4 -as N ' ' A A , ' 0 'g X- , i - f 'T an I 5' ' A ""x'3FNw. - -f f" ' " 'X-fi, f x X fi XS 5 X - iii 'K Mx , ' ' f, .4 ww, x,x' . , ' H D M19 - " ' .., f x '- ,-Q K 3 ,XXX s an 5-5,, 5.q13 , ' , X , b.. x f f i. 1 if Q ff -4 f-TW' Q n ' X, f N M Yi- ,Vg I az- , . r"'? , N .wx 3353 qs 1' Q Q 0 fx. wf i ,ff N N S ' 1 if Y.-Q 5 5 A - -v y K S t X, - -WJ -xi fgffi ,QQ 519'-1Qy"! I v 'W 'Q U -5 mix W 4 ' 'imy .ws , QM in N A ww , 1, 5 S Q' M . , fig? k J ,Mf 4 f . 3 Q U 1 4' X . Q ,nu The STar Spangled Banner played on a recording machine Tor The Tlag raising ceremonies aT TooTball games, pep rallies wiThouT a band, and plays wiThouT an orchesTra-This was The siTuaTion in Upper ArlingTon I-Iigh School Two years ago. Beginning AugusT I, I945, and exTending Through The nexT year, insTrumenTal music classes were organized by Mr. Jesse B. Freeman, The new insTrumen- Tal music supervisor. These classes worked hard during ThaT year and The summer oT I946, and early This Tall The Upper ArlingTon Marching Band made iTs TirsT appearance. OuTTiTTed wiTh new black and gold uniTorms, purchased by The BoosTers Club, and led by Tour sTruTTing maioreTTes and a drum maior, They Thrilled The au- dience wiTh Their pre-game and halT- Time shows aT The home TooTball games. AT The close oT The TooTball season The band Turned To concerT music and aTTer compeTing in The CenTral DisTricT Band ConTesT aT CapiTal Uni- versiTy on April IS, iT gave The TirsT Tormal band concerT in many years in The Upper ArlingTon audiTorium on May 9. On May 22 The band played Tor a proTessional baseball game aT Red Bird STadium. On May 30 The band iourneyed To ChillicoThe and played a well-received concerT aT The VeTerans I-lospiTal. The orchesTra has played Tor many mic school TuncTions during The year, in- cluding plays, chapel services and graduaTion. The orchesTra was The TeaTured group in The Spring Music FesTival given by The compleTe insTru- menTal music cleparTmenT on May I9. Several small ensembles were or- ganized This year Trom members of The band and orchesTra. The saxo- phone quarTeT, composed oT Dale Rhodes, Paul Shepherd, Nancy Bow- erman, and Murray Goodwin, com- peTed in The CenTral DisTricT Music ConTesT aT Denison UniversiTy on March I4, receiving a superior raT- ing, a TacT which enTiTled Them To parTicipaTe in The sTaTe Tinals aT Ohio STaTe UniversiTy on May IO. The sTring Trio, composed oT Diana Sims, Murray Goodwin and Ann ReinharT, accompanied by Nancy Myler, also received a superior raTing. OThers compeTing in The DisTricT ConTesT were Bowen Munday, who played a TrumpeT solo, "Carnival OT Venice," and Tom I-Tawlc, who played a Trom- bone solo, "The VolunTeer." The sTring quarTeT composed oT Diana Sims, Murray Goodwin, Arnold Lande, and Nancy Myler, played Tor many civic groups. Several oT The band and orchesTra members were chosen To play in The FesTival Band and OrchesTra aT Dela- ware early in March and Tor The Co- lumbus All-CiTy I-ligh School Band on April I I. L X We N0!f'!1!0ql ff ri fr Q X. W A-""4' I,'J Xxx is iq I 5 XYQX 'K ' ...,: .:., ' ig' fl K s as ii ,il X 5 5 Pal Recl- X Q gs gf man, Edilor - in - ',,,- in ,Q - 5 clwie-it Darein Pxxene is '.,. ia. L f fm Z . . . ,,"' 5 - '---f1" 'if ii 9 ' Associale Edilarr Miss Vera , M 5 3 f lf. Randall, Adviser! Jan-Anne Rui- '.': , s , fi ledge, Lilerary Edilor: Marilyn Brown, "-" I r 3 zz. 'Q si M5 5,3 Business Manager: Virginia Brusli, Adverlis- .A -,,-:- V, T: .,: Q' ing Manager: Jud and Bill Milllnon, Circulalion 5 ,.,, ., .,.,..,.. x I Managers: Tom Frye and Ann Falconer, Sporls Edilorsi i , fax Cynlliia TouVelle, Plwoloqraplmy Ediior: Polly Edwards, Malcefup Ediior: Anne Zeller, Ari lfdilort and Miss Tlwelrna Beelman, Adviser. :sure in Much preliminary planning was necessary belore our boolc could go lo press. The credil for llwis plannniq goes lo our Norwesler slall and lo llweir commillees. Tlwere were piclures lo be laken, arlicles lo be wrillen, ad- verlisemenls 'ro be soliciled, pages lo be planned, and endless Copy fo be read. To our bard-worlcinq siall and 'flue able Commillees as well as our aclvisers, we give our T lr a n lc s . ,A 0 X04 7 mm 1n pnggcifg Qajiafor Pub Club has been very acTive year as of previous years. Origins in l942 The acTiviTies ol This orgar Tion have increased wifh age. year Pub Club has sponsored exTen publiciTy Tor TooTball games played an acTive parT in The l-lo coming and Dads' Day acTiviT BaslceTball season was quiTe a Taslc Pub Club. There were TwenTy-Tl games which needed a greaT deal publiciTy, and had iT noT been Tor enThusiasTic and cooperaTive sTuc body, Pub Clubls eiiorls would h been in vain. April I8 was The daTe seT aside The Spring Carnival, anoTher one Pub Club's proiecTs. This carnival received so well ThaT every orgar Tion ThaT parTicipaTed in The prog made a good financial proTiT. Because ol The capable leader of Mr. DoyT Perry, adviser, and Meeder, presidenT, and because of greaT enThusiasm The members of Club assumed Tor each of The T which lay before Them, The acTivl oi The organizaTion were successli. every deTail. These Tine yauThs are The officers one oi The largesT and rnosT inacl organizaTions in The school. Appo menT is soughT by many eager as anTs: however, membership can obTained only by public acclamaTi We wish To saluTe These jolly gc fellows who have Tullilled Their c Tinies so nobly. jnfer- Gzfufzci The lnTer-Club Council This year under The guidance oT Their sponsors, Mr. Gulden and Mr. T-leischman, wenT a long way Toward Their goal of making The social clubs more democraTic. Dick De- Vere, chairman, and PaT Redman, vice-chairman, were The oT'Ticers Tor The year. The l. C. C. busied Themselves wiTh several proiecTs This year. The Council meeTs on Tuesday evenings, and aT The beginning of school iT worked wiTh The clubs To sTraighTen ouT rushing diTTicul- Ties. Following The suggesTions of lnTer-Club Council, The social clubs had a very successTul rushing season. ln order To raise money Tor Their annual Treshman parTy, The Council held a dance in NorTh l-lall on January I7 aTTer The Acad- emy baskeTbaiI game. Anofher money-raising proiecT Taken on by l. C. C. was a booTh aT The Pub Club carnival. The freshman parTy was held on May 2 in The audiTorium and in NorTh Hall Trom 8 o'clock Till I2 o'clock. AT 8 o'clock everybody gaThered in The audiTorium and each club presenTed a skiT Tor The guesTs. ATTer The skiTs all high school sTudenTs were inviTed To NorTh l-lall Tor reTreshmenTs and dancing. The lnTer-Club Council makes This parTy an annual evenT To acguainT The Treshmen wiTh The high school social clubs. The Council will remain acTive during The summer Tor The pur- pose oT drawing up regulaTions Tor rushing nexT Tall. The lnTer-Club Council, a relaTively new organizaTion, is now geTTing iTs TeeTh seT in someThing new and valuable To The school. The members have compleTed a successTul year and iT is Their sincere hope ThaT This organizaTion will keep gaThering momenTum over The years and be a beneTiT To The school. JQZBA For The L. D. Afs The happy evenTs oT lasT year were culminaTed in The FourTh of July TloaT, which re- ceived The special award prize. The club commenced The school year oT 1946 wiTln The rushing season, high- lighTed by The annual "Colne-Tail" parTy. By ChrisTmas Time and The semi-Tormal dance, The pledges had been Tormally iniTiaTed and many good Times were happy memories, noTably The "Halloween T-lop." ln l947 L. D. A. conTinued iTs many acTiviTies in ArlingTon wiTh The selling oT Civic AssociaTion subscrip- Tions, aiding STudenT Council wiTh The inner-courT proiecT and helping TurTher The plans oT The InTer-Club Council. WiTh spring came The annual MoTher's Day Tea and in June The year oT l947 was ended wiTh a msc long" Trom all L. D. Afs aT The "Farewell Luncheon" Tor seniors. Page EighTy l"0LC The DRAC Club of IQ46-IQ47 experienced one of iTs besf years by sponsoring many acfivifies and ini- Tiafing a large pledge class of sevenieen members. To sTarT The season, The DRACS held Two rushing parfies followed by six weeks of pledging and iniTiaTion. Two dances affer foofball and baslcefball games were sponsored by The DRACS along wiTh a Monday morning chapel service. To ring ouf I946, The DRACS held Their annual holiday formal wifh The Phi Alpha Chi's of Bexley. They also senf a Chrisfmas food baslcef To a poor family. As a final evenT of The season and a "farewell" To The senior members who graduafe, There was a "Brawl" in May for The seniors and members. This year's club was led by Avery Robbins, presidenfg Donn Miller, vice-presidenfg Pefe Williams, Treasa urerp and Tom l-lawlc, secre-Tary. We, The graduaTing DRAC's, in our four years of membership have experienced much fun and comrade- ship Thaf we will never forgef. To The fufure members of The DRAC Club we wish The besT of luclcl Page Eighfy-one Sly S E 2 ! E 7 5 4" I ' ' "Ju.s..cm-aw 'Q ' 1 Looking back on I946-2947 lhe S. A. Jfs will have many happy aclivilies of Their club lo remember. Lasl summer lhe S. A. J. Floal received lirsl prize in lhe Fourlh ol July celebralion. During rushing lime They held a Molher-Daughier Tea for lhe L. A. L. Sororily of Grandview and lalei lhe L. A. Lfs enlerlained +he S. A. Jfs al a spread. The club held ils annual Chrislmas Formal al The Valley Dale, wilh Earl l-lood s orcheslra and allefwardf gave an openhouse-an unlorgellable evening for all. The inifiafion of 'rhe new members look place in November and The Alumnae Tea was given during Chrisl mas vacalion. lln addilion The club held a spring dance and lhe underclassmen gave lhe annual banquel fo lhe seniors.l The officers lhis year were Virginia Brush, president Louise Fallon, vice-presidenlt Jeanne Sufheriand, sec refary: and Avice Roderick, rreasurer. Page Eighly-lwo ignfm M0 4 Bw . f. 'Alb 'rkffi I The Sigma Rho's oT T947 can loolc upon The pasT season as a mOsT successTul one. Mosl' oT The Tall acTiv- iTies cenTered around iniTiaTion, during which Time ThirTeen new members were Taken in. The Two big social evenTs oT The year were The semi-Tormal "AuTumn Passeu and The annual spring Tormal. OTher acTiviTies included The FaTher and Son Bowling TournamenT lincidenTally, Diclc Tice and his dad emerged as The new championsl, The Tamily picnic, and The giving oT The annual ChrisTmas baslceTs. OTTicers Tor The pasT year were Bob Meeder, president Tom Frye, vice-president Jud Millhon and Dick Tice, secreTariesg Bill Millhon and Bob SeTzer, Treasurers: and Earl l-lebden and Jud Millhon, sergeanTs-aT-arms. The Sigma Rho Club wishes The besT oT luclc To iTs graduaTing members. Page EighTy-Three g. od . The members oT The T. A. C. Club may look back on a year oT Tun and good Tellowship as This I946-1947 school year draws To a close. The seniors leave knowing ThaT Their lives have been enriched by The many Triendships which They have acquired Through The acTiviTies oT The club. Amid holly wreaThs and silver bells The T. A. C.'s celebraTed The Yule season wiTh a closed sporTs dance on December 28, aT The Columbus Riding Club. Then oT course There was ThaT never-Torbe-TorgoTTen annual "SweeThearT Formal" aT UniversiTy Club on April 3, wiTh Jimmy Joyce's OrchesTra. A chapel service, dances in NorTh Hall, and spreads were planned by The girls and enjoyed by all. This year's oTTicers were DareTh Axene, presidenT: Deane Dunlap, vice-president PaT Redman, secreTaryq and Anne Zeller, Treasurer. Page EighTy-Tour 1 Nw 555 f . X Y- g X M. fi wwf XX Y gg "f X,3s?1 g'-S Q8 if Xin ., 555555 ' H: p 1-- , SY K f ,L -1?-:::5:: xsm x g-wgfwlg , -N V, M jx .wx II11g1, x.wg .w Nifxs ' :::. g5g:: :.::-:.. ...1.s-is5.:a'g:sa5f:-s:x:s:.-.-Q: ..:1:-:::2s2':2:2 K fw 'wx Xb - X55 Q W , ,..,,. E ...x.. ., , ..... .,.. , .. ,W . ., .,.. .. ,.,., . .X fx ' A . :.1f.-a:E:j..5. ,la m 5:,,,wkK K x ,--. xx .mem New. x " QWIIWI: 'f f - 51:1 12.1. --r1:S',:91.-::.' " A 1. . 'M-5.. .,,. x Q"-w w. S::1,::.N::-.S W 5, ' 33 , 1- 15. ,kr xl g,.g,:,5NE: X x Q wx X .... -S Q " . . me X .,.4,., W N -X '...,...,. 5 . N VN N xx X SN N R 1 X X px N s xxx 9 Q x X S: NR N X X SNA 4, S s X X , . K X X X O X QX X X' X N R E 1 x .,.. XX X X X Q -, Q, N :Il l .f x is Q- M S - x XNs.xxN, . ,m x ww N, x K x NAM XXX X, X K. . .., , ww I5 1 sex 'B W XTXQNEX Q - N ' X ,xx x X Q "f:,,E::: x K.-xQ,..Q.xM, Q X0 - 1 X w x :: X b M , X, , , X x QL Q wk -5 ,... - N N fe X + x sg ' F95 if, Q g U ,. W 3' X 1169, 'fE'I'..ffE2:-1. X .f ' Q ' :.. X f9NkX - kiwi X X X x X x ,L -. ., www' SX - x . ..X, . v MW-IM I5. : ix -.57-Qjf, xg I4-, -1. . .QQ ,Q - : X .S X::iQ'QEQE::' 1' W 2. 15551 El.. fi Q 153 . , A...-.,.,,:.:,.- . X :,m,..,..: , ,. -N, Ny. W: 4.:,-EW, V. ,J w1:,u2,- 5.. . 5 -- . 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N ' Q1 f' QW? u:.'LQ, WU I , ff - wvt.. -. 43.11 I . -.::'Q , ff? fi FE ' -' f"'-z - ' - .-.ii ' , ' , -' 'fill Qu z .lu ., 0 Y vi n -IV' l ' - ., V 'I I ,ai ., 'I ' I - ' N L: SV' .F M mf... J. al Wh urn-1 ' -4 X Q, .,.. .A . A . . , , ,Nr , Q rv'-'W f Lrvd I ' . ' ' . ' ' if ' - 'Q , 1' ' 7 'l"- -:::,',. . 1- ,.-Q. 0 .v 5--1., '-7:93, 2' ,-- A Q X F X .. ,' . - "' , A fd-"la -..'.-3 "'-"fi-Qgzwgl "':'f ' A- , ' , f A , ' f f "T,?2""5 1. 'F' iff? yn-L" I J f' , -Z, -. -ft' , - A. wt 'un !:,5g,,w " V . , 1 ,,,.A -.4 , , ,. iffy'-.N -32 ' .' .,.- . -, ,,' . X -,,-..,-. .f 'Ypw , -an ii 4--lf.- ,A ,J ' X, A . . ,,.-r- - 1, y "E, f'-7 . .F E+ .w --. E, q 4 -1 V " ' .f-,X ' y - '-,-.ggi ' 3. 1 -'s wf .J-...',,.,', 1 ,fi -3k,f :?52-rg I HM-5-,,. Q ' - ..-.4 ' A l : f V ::' A' ' 1' - ' 4 ...L, 1' -- - . . 1 A , ,Hg ' - , -. -, K - -' Q '. "'.,. -fi. , . , V. . . -.4 . 4-tn, ,.. V 4 4. ,, 1' 4 RZ. iwkwwawwm i n rw V W ,S Q N , I l ,ai b A wi .,. KG, 'A 1 Q2 N v A ., A x QQ., ,. .fv- Qwivwif :Ck A 2 - '- N J ,Q l NX rx S J, Q W 'X a X, WX 9 PQ MSW Wt, M C ,L CMWKUA if If 21:-:.?,,h "WI .. 5 5 W I g Z. , K . I :.. 'jj-, ' in . K f Zffkfjggg af I X When TiTTy-Tour boys reporTed Tor opening pracTice on AugusT 20, Upper ArlingTon knew ThaT a greaT ToOTball Team was in The making. WiTh CapTain Bob lvleeder and Ten oTher leTTermen back Tor duTy, The l946 Bears were regarded as one oT The sTrongesT squads in cenTral Ohio and TavoriTes Tor The C. B. L. To Mr. DoyT Perry, who had reTurned aTTer serving Two years in The Navy, and his assisTanTs, Paul Selby, PeTe l-lershberger and Paul T-lenning, was given The job of whipping This Team inTo shape. This was no easy job, Tor before The season was Two weeks old, no Tewer Than seven TirsT sTringers and leTTermen were sidelined wiTh injuries. This iinx was To Tollow The Golden Bears all season, and The TacT ThaT They were able To overcome such an obsTacle is prooT oT The will and The spiriT ThaT was characTerisTiC oT The players. On T-riday, SepTember l3, ArlingTon opened iTs season againsT Columbus SouTh, and Tor The Third consecu- Tive year The Bulldogs were deTeaTed, This Time The score being 42-6. DespiTe This overwhelming advanTage, The Bears Tailed To play The kind oT ball oT which They were capable, and They leTT some doubT in The minds oT Their Tollowers as To whaT kind oT ball club They really were. This doubT was prompTly dispelled The Tollowing week as The Gold and Black Turned The Tables on a sTrong WesT squad, I3-O, Thus avenging Two successive previous deTeaTs. ExcepT Tor a liTTIe bad luck, The score would have been higher, Tor one Touchdown was called back and The Tinal gun sounded when ArlingTon was on The Cowboys' sixTeen-yard line. The play oT Spike Gerwin was ouTsTanding in This game, Tor he inTercepTed Tour passes and Turned in a Tine all-around perTormance. When ST. Charles visiTed The CovenTry Road Tield, The home Torces were prepared Tor a baTTle. The week beTore, The Carolians had held a heavily Tavored CenTral ouTTiT To a one-poinT decision and had several leTTer- men reTurning Trom The Team ThaT had Thrown such a scare inTo The Gee Bees The previous year. ATTer a Tairly even TirsT quarTer, ArlingTon really began To roll and when The smoke had Tinally cleared, The score sTood 52-6, in Tavor oT The Golden Bears. IT was homecoming The nexT week and The Bexley Blue Lions were The opposiTion. The game was buT Three plays old when a Meeder To Miller pass gave ArlingTon iTs TirsT Touchdown, and Trom ThaT poinT on There was no doubT as To The ouTcome. Donn scored once more in The TirsT quarTer and CapTain Bob added Three more in The second half To make The score 34-7 and To give The Bears The TirsT oT Tour C. B. L. wins. Wearing Their black ierseys Tor The TirsT Time, and playing wiThouT The services oT Spike Gerwin lwho had re-iniured his shoulderl, Upper ArlingTon Trampled Delaware, 38-O, Tor Their second consecuTive league win. The game sTarTed slowly and halTTime Tound The visiTing Golden Bears wiTh only a I3-O lead. BuT during The second halT, Coach Perry's boys came To liTe and racked up TwenTy-Tive poinTs, nineTeen of These coming in The lasT quarTer. Columbus Academy was unable To halT The ArlingTon sTeamroller and The Vikings were easily deTeaTed, 4040. AlThough we won The game, we losT The badly needed services oT Bob Hoag Tor The resT oT The season. To make .E ,g gg v . H ., A .8 ,fr K av-. maTTers worse, Bob Meeder suTTered a serious leg iniury in pracTice The Tollowing week and The gloom hung heavily over The heads oT The players, coaches, and Tans. By The Time The CenTral game rolled around, There was much speculaTion as To wheTher The PiraTes would be The Team ThaT would snap ArlingTon's six-game-win sTreak. However, juniors Ben l-ladley and Ernie TriTTon Tilled in admirably Tor Their iniured TeammaTes and The Bears, sparked by lv1iller's Tour Touchdowns, marked up a convincing 26-O Triumph. AlThough we won nexT week's game Trom WashingTon C. H., 25-6, The conTesT was much closer Than The score indicaTes: ArlingTon really had To work Tor The vicTory. The Golden Bears scored Twice in The TirsT halT, Thanks To sixTy- and eighTy-yard runs by Avery Robbins, and when The Teams reTurned To Their dressing rooms, Upper ArlingTon held a none Too convincing I3-6 lead. BuT The Bears came back sTrong and scored Two quick Touchdowns in The TourTh period To sew up The game. The baTTle oT The year, or Tor ThaT maTTer many years. was played aT Grandview on November 8. This con- TesT would decide which Team was To go Through The season undeTeaTed and unTied, Tor Grandviews and Upper ArlingTon's records boTh showed eighT wins, no losses, and no Ties. l-lours beTore game Time, people began To assemble aT The gaTes, and when The players came on The Tield more Than 7000 people had been crammed inTo The sTadium, bleachers, and around The Tield. The Bears, greaTly sTrengThened by The reTurn oT boTh Gerwin and Meeder, sTarTed The ball rolling by marching To Grandviews TwenTy-seven yard line. There The drive was sTopped by an unlucky Tumble which The BobcaTs recovered. They immediaTely sTarTed a drive oT Their own ThaT culminaTed in a Touchdown: and when The TirsT Twelve minuTes had Ticked away, Grandview enioyed a 6-O lead. This was The TirsT Time ThaT any Team had been ahead oT The Golden Bears This season and This TacT seemed To give our boys added incenTive. Early in The second quarTer, ArlingTon began ano+her drive ThaT was climaxed when Spike Gerwin scored on a quarTer- back sneak. This was Tollowed a shorT while laTer by Millers TorTy-six yard run Through The cenTer oT Grand- view's line Tor a Touchdown, making The score aT halT-Time Upper ArlingTon I3, Grandview 6. In The second halT The Bears again drove inTo Grandviews TerriTory, buT The BobcaTs, making a valianT goal- line sTand, sTopped The ThreaT on The one-TooT line. l-lowever, our opponenTs were unable To Take advanTage OT Their Temporary Triumph, and Trom ThaT poinT on unTil The end OT The game The Two Teams ToughT biTTerly and sTubbornly, buT were unable To carry The pigskin inTo pay dirT. This hard-earned vicTory gave Upper ArlingTon iTs TirsT undeTeaTed and unTied TooTball season since l937, The Team's success was due, noT so much To The individual abiliTies oT The players. buT more To The indomiTa- ble spiriT and Teamwork oT The squad members. Also a greaT deal oT The crediT musT go To Coach Perry and his eTTicienT sTaTT oT coaches and managers Tor Their Tireless eTTorTs. This game ended The high-school playing careers oT nineTeen seniors. These players are Bob Meeder, Avery Robbins, 5coTT Norris, Earl l-lebden, Don Corn, Bob l-loag, Dick Carr, Paul Gerwin, Jud Millhon, Bill lvlillhon, Donn Miller, Russ Trembly, Bill Henry, Dick CrouT, Howard OrTh, Don Gerber, Ellis l-larrison, Jim Price, and John Larkin. Their Team will long be remembered as one OT The greaTesT TooTball Teams ever To represenT our school. No Tewer Than Tour boys received all-sTaTe honors. Donn Miller was placed on The all-Ohio second Team and Bob lvleeder, Spike Gerwin, and ScoTT Norris were given honorable menTion. These Tour, along wiTh Earl l-lebden, were in addiTion given berfhs on The myThical All-C. B. L. TirsT Team, while nearly all of our TirsT Team received some posiTion on These honorary Teams. On November I6, a banqueT was held in honor oT The gridders and leTTers were awarded To TwenTy-Tive players and To Dave Corner and CarTer GilberT, senior managers. LaTer, gold TooTballs were awarded The leTTer winners in recogniTion oT The C. B. L. championship. The program was climaxed by The announcemenT ThaT Dick Blower would capTain The Bears during The l947 season. onzecfowzirzg Perhaps the mosl memorable evenl in lhe senior-'s high school years is lhe homecoming, willi cur ovely queen, Miss Jan-Pxnmz Rui- edge. Al an earlier pep rally, VliSS Rulledge was crowned vfrh :eremony by Donn Miller, presi- denl ol lhe senior class. Caiimin Bob Meeder fhen presenlecl her fvilh lhe lradilional minialiir: loolball aulographed by lhe inevi bers ol the leam and lhe cheer- rraders. The queen and her cog-', Miss Rulledge lescorled by Tom liflel Nfliss Anne leller lescorlcci by Pele Williamsl, Miss Belle Graci- won lescorled by Dick De'-fcrel, Vliss Louise Fallon lescorleil by Fred Wadleyl, and Miss Virginia Brush lescorled by Jim Davisl, wade an exlremely impressive sighl in lhe darlc green, grey, and kelly green converlibles grae ciously lenl by Mr. George Simeon and sludenls Barbara Rook and David Nesbill, Tl courl, all wearing blacl foals and while scarls and gloves, and lhe queen, wilh a while Coal and blaclc accessories, were sealed wear lhe lield. Miss Rulledge garried eighl large yellow chrys- anlhemums, lwo ol which she laler presenled lo lhe learn caplains. Miss Rulledge and her allend' anls held seals ol honor al lhe womecoming dance, presenled in lhe gymnasium direclly aller lhe game. is N ,.,. , Q- -:a:.:4:ge. 3n-1 512- , Wi X ki 'EXE 'S ,sl A N. AQ '76 . X. x .X f J 5 f 23" ,M 'QT ,M fr.: ,.. N. V 'Www' wpaff 'xi - r . Y f1f.'5m1'fQ. xv, 1-QQ? .: :5: wa-,y. V , P' Q ,f W si v M5 42:55 NNW-Q Mi: gasle fda! To pay Tull TribuTe To This year's baskeTball Team would be an impossible Task. The Golden Bears, who possessed heighT, experience, and a deTerminaTion To win, developed inTo a well-coordinaTed ouTTiT under The able coaching oT Mr. WalTer l-Teischman. CapTained by Paul "Spike" Ger- win, The smooTh-TuncTioning cagers wenT Through The TirsT 22 games oT The season undeTeaTed buT Tinally meT deTeaT aT The hands oT DayTon FairmonT in The STaTe Regionals aT DayTon. 'One oT The Team's TinesT gualiTies was iTs ever presenT sense OT good sporTsmanship and Tair play, which reTlecTed Coach WalTer l-leischman's eTforTs and Tine example. This was The second year oT varsiTy play Tor Ten members OT The Team. Two juniors rounded ouT The rosTer of The varsiTy squad. These boys worked TogeTher and broughT back To ArlingTon The schools second CenTral Buckeye League championship and iTs second CenTral DisTricT Class "A" Trophy. In addiTion To CapTain Gerwin, The Team con- sisTed of Don Gerber, Ellis "Skip" T-larrison. Bob Hoag, Bob Meeder, Donn Miller, Bill lvlillhon, Jud Millhon, Avery Robbins, Dave Sherman, Russ Trembly and Ernie Triffon. The Golden Bears opened The I946-I947 season wiTh a vicTory over Linden McKinley by The score of 44 To 29. They Tollowed This up wiTh a 5l To 26 win over Columbus WesT. WiTh Two wins under Their belTs, ArlingTon nexT en- TerTained LancasTer's Golden Gaels, who were led by ex- Bear coach "Barney" Francis. A hard TighTing, well bal- anced ouTTiT, The Gaels led by Two poinTs wiTh buT TwenTy seconds remaining in The game, buT by virTue of Two Toul shoTs by Bob Hoag. The game was senT inTo an overTime and ArlingTon Then wenT on To win 37 To 32. On The Tollowing SaTurday nighT, The Bears nosed ouT NorTh High 4l To 40, buT They had To sTall oTT a Polar Bear aTTack Tor Two minuTes To do iT. ln our nexT Two games our heighT was The deciding TacTor as we deTeaTed London's Red Raiders 43 To 23 and The WorThingTon Cardinals 44 To 35. WiTh The WorThingTon game, we climaxed The pre-holiday schedule wiTh a six won, none losT record. ReTurning Trom Their ChrisTmas resT, ArlingTon prepared Tor Their C. B. L. opener againsT The Blue Lions of Bexley. Always a Tough Team on Their home Tloor, The Lions came Trom behind in The lasT quarTer To pull To wiThin 3 poinTs of The Bears buT our heighT once again paid oTT as we won 42 To 34. Taking Time off from league compeTiTion, ArlingTon deTeaTed ST. Charles bl To 38 The Tollowing SaTurday. In Their second league game, The Gold and Black wenT To The lair oT Grandview BobcaTs. The CaTs, wiTh heighT under The baskeTs, ToughT The Bears on even Terms up To The Tinal gun and Then Torced The game inTo an overTime. l-lere ArlingTon proved ThaT experience pays by winning 43 To 4l Tor Their ninTh sTraighT decision. Columbus Acad- emy and Delaware Willis Then joined The lisT oT Bear vic- Tims by 5I To 28 and 56 To 33 scores respecTively. Qgljfilrl 526554 , . w-.-assi? , 1, sg .V ni Wa sy , , .X- Ns Q I K L 2 ,. . - A . ' xwvw M 'T'-M .1 5 S 1 ii K S Q + xi i '22 in 2 'vi x . Q. 3 fx T iw f fx ,Q f sf 1 0 I Jv'i ! W W,-nd' vp - ,EV EZ As The league leader, ArlingTon nexT played hosT To Bexley in The second round oT league play. During The TirsT half, boTh Teams appeared "hoT," buT aTTer The halT- Time inTermission, The Bears pulled ahead and wenT on To win 67 To 42. ThaT ArlingTon score equaled The highesT number oT poinTs in a league game ever accumulaTed on our home Tloor. The nexT game was aT ChillicoThe. This was undoubTedly one oT The severesT TesTs QT The season Tor The ArlingTon cagers. The lead changed hands oTTen and never Through- ouT The enTire conTesT did eiTher Team lead by more Than six poinTs. ResorTing To The sTaIl once again, The Bears emerged wiTh a 42 To 38 vicTory. The Golden Bears won number TourTeen by deTeaTing ST. Charles 52 To 3l in Their second meeTing oT The year. The BobcaTs Trom Grandview came To ArlingTon The nexT week and once again maTched poinTs wiTh The locals unTil The Third quarTer when ArlingTon Toolc The lead and were never headed again in earning a 47 To 33 vicTory. ln Their re- maining games The Gold and Blaclc deTeaTed Columbus Academy 63 To 24: Delaware Willis 58 To 33, and ended The regular season undeTeaTed by virTue oT a 63 To 50 win over ChillicoThe. A TY INGTQJ iyzLg'.57'ToQ T T gnrusirgki ' 14 T . T " . , ml Upper ArlingTon enTered The CenTral DisTricT Tourna- QnT as a heavy TavoriTe because oT Their posiTion as ie oT The sTaTe's Two undeTeaTed high school Class "A" ge Teams. They were seeded in The TournamenT along Th Newark, WesT, and EasT, and Tor Their TirsT opponenT, e Bears drew Delaware Willis. As in The season, Arling- n's sharp shooTing was Too much Tor The PanThers and we Jn 64 To 36. On The Tollowing evening iT was ArlingTon id MT. Vernon in The quarTer Tinals. We earned The righT play Grandview in The semi4Tinals by deTeaTing MT. Vere in SI To 34. The game wiTh The BobcaTs represenTed The ird meeTing oT The Two neighbors during The season. De- rmined To make The Third Time The charm, The CaTs ToughT mggedly buT Team play and Tine ball-handling gave Upper 'lingTon a 53 To 34 decision, lT was Newark nexT. For The second Time in Three years, an ArlingTon Team BT a Newark Team in The CenTral DisTricT Class "A" Tinals. iTh parT oT ArlingTon looking on and The oTher ciTizens The suburb lisTening Tensely To Their radios, The Gold and ack came Through To deTeaT The WildcaTs 5I To 4l Tor The Ti 5 ss . K Y , f . s , 1 . RLINGI-GN! E RUNGT0' T T, g A N l LRUNG tml 'IE Q Q T , Q Q, , -,,,g kk DisTricT Crown. This vicTory sTreTched The Bear win sTreak To TwenTy-Two sTraighT games. While Coach T-leischman was drawing DayTon FairmonT Tor The Regional opener, all ArlingTon made plans Tor a mass migraTion To DayTon. WiTh Tive hundred sTudenTs in The sTands, The Bears ToughT hard buT couldn'T Tind Their vicTory pace unTil Too laTe. Overcoming a ThirTeen poinT deTiciT, The Gold and Black pulled To wiThin Two poinTs oT FairmonT, buT aT This poinT The game ended wiTh DayTon The winner by a 29 To 27 score. On March 25, l947, The baskeTball Team, along wiTh The swimmers, was TeaTed aT The ScioTo CounTry Club where leTTers were awarded and where Dave Sherman was re- vealed as capTain-elecT Tor The l947-48 season. This bane gueT broughT To an oTTicial close The baskeTball season: and iT saluTed wiTh TinaliTy one oT The greaTesT cage Teams ever To represenT Upper ArlingTon, one oT which The sTudenT body and communiTy are iusTly oroud. .www 'US "!!"'W"'7 if NNN, Q -Q fx 3-Q Q? Q I ' i1w,4x . k QQ QW Q. 'Q ev wk TSP' If Q' Q. K l 5 , xg, X, UN- rfxulfvxx-f1de"S w"1Kf'f 'rx' fi W-'wx -.IHWN Xlnnp, whidu fm- M v' vfwm 'akvfv fm c1'am,.,1, UMW dk fd, www Wan Um- fyrhmx lwfadifwz rf rm-vm .N wmvw-' Hu mlb This i4 Hvpir ruwmmdlnfz Mmrw w. Th.: fPvm1r1f-ndvrs 'nw "war-lv ff pw "w'Mrw1a .md arf- rvrww :Af WL- rvfpw"l1v'rf mwu mr' Wm- uhm-Y wf xvfvwy1 gpirif, Ancfff-v Huw YQ 'Ma' ff Lkarwvwuvwg Mvw-ff-rvnml ff-Sf'vzWw'. f Mudd rf rw fMHf-'M su LL-ss 5Vvm1Yd lv- Mfvwi-UWJ N- r Www VHULJD fmt runs, WH- nr? qnh Wm- "ww -.1 l'uw+1x -M L-"va:-ri, frm rklfli HH- 'r-fsrfk ru? slwm Vw :vinyl-rs Hmm 5'-lvvx -in Mn xu xvsg, Uwwr 14- Hmm- 'mek M-1-5111144 lncupzx fm THQ frmlxf swdr- whww 'Hxfmg sf-ww Jwsxmyvmnvwz. Lasi fa!! vm vwruzflnlifatlcm was fcwvvvw-if Mr Khf-mlm-,adm-1. fvfm- Schfwls in UW' Cr-Vv'vn! Bmlflvyff lm-m1Liv, IH-We-vlllfwx .umml v hmwxs. dgwm wmwmw W9-W' 5 4 ?maigQ?NzXw J Q, .W ,mis W Sys- gg fag .. M fvzxm AvHm.1fr,vz, Bond-y Uv-Mwnrv and Cwmvwdvnww uw-9 f,-xfbfaruxsy ldmxf. and frmlf- yuh-s curwprrvwwl pm vrm-Mvmqm, 5:54101 spirif, and cmnfflsy fav' lmmm. Wf- ff-Q' Wm? 'Jus :kdm Img:-rufwrw ls fa EFHGP sf:-p FV' Yivlrvlwwz :sian A- IfULlflflfnfI,LlfLg lliiu ymir llwci Arlinqlon -Xwirnnwinq lcgarn, coached by lvlr. Herborl Burns. vnioycid one ol llw rnoxl siicccsslul seasons in llwe sclwoolf lwislory, br-ino LIf1df?l0Hlt'lCl in llw roqiiiar -.Caron and placing second in llwo Dislricl and Cily lvln-ol. lille loam diirinq llwo soason won lour lrianqiilar novels -ioainal nuclw learns as Aquinas, Norlln, Univorsily, and Wesl, The Qaplain lor llio year was Jinw Price, Jim, Bob l-loaq, and Bob lvlwman arm Iliff only lollurmf-n loxl by qradualion from llwo noxl yoar. llw ollmr lollormon were Cablainfolecl Bill Clapp, Bob Liqqell, Ben lflimdlwyg Bruce Jolwnw., loin Biml, Polo Edwards. In llw lioufslylo doparlnwonl, Bob l-loan, Bob Lolwman, and Bill Claoo nwani lliew lilly yard vprinl: Ben Hadley and Aaron Jones swam llic lOQ1 'and ,lirn Prim: and Tom Biifil swam llwo ZOO. Bruce Jolwns and Bob Liqqell parlifipalod in llio broad sylrolxei Pele Edwards and Jim Roberls Col- le-clrd poinls in llic- back slroke: wlwilc Bob Lehman and Arnold Lando we-ici lliff divwrs, 'llio relay learns consiryled of Buel, Slarr, Sullon, Clapp ,ind Primer in llwc' lrov silylo wlwiffi Edwards, l-loaq and Jolwns wero in llno wifrdlrfy. Ilia- 'VKYXSCYV1 Clf'lC'l6x'Cl willw a banquol al wlwiclw llwo learn members were' ir-vnlr-d willi individual -,ilw-i medals lor llwir iindsiloalod -reason. K 'X is H Q, -x ff? ,i, f f Q gf-lfl O i 3 a l iii Q The Golden Bear frack sfars, defendinc C. B. L. Champions for 'rhe past lwo years 'rook fo lhe cinders 'rhis year wi'fh high hopes of refaining fhe Buckeye Leagui irophy permanenlly. Allhough weakenef by +he loss of several key men, Coach Dic Larkin was sfaunchly backed by co-capfain Donn Miller and Dan Ransom and seve ofher leHermen: Don Gerber, Bob Se+ze1 Dick Carr, Bill Henry, Bo Munday, Bo? Meeder and John Collins: also by vefeu ans Scofl Norris, Sfan Jones, Tom Frye John Larkin, Tom Hawk, Fred Spriggs, Boi Dodge, Wayne Roelof, Dick Blower, Tor Bufler, Jim Liggefl, Dick Bernsdorf ani newcomer Bob Lehman. ln fheir firsi scheduled meef on Apr IO, Arlinglon wilh 64 lfb poinfs was vic 'rorious over Soulh wilh 45 5X6 poinfs ani Linden McKinley wifh 40 poinfs by Takini seven firsfs and quife a few o+her place: , .5 , 3 e Y if - -,:,., sr .. g -T: " . ' "" .i w - . .,, ' ' - - I .. ', ff ""5 Q ..s - .- i::'-: , . W. it N v , W l , " 'Winning Allawi ' MMM The resT of The Thin-clads' schedule Tollowed wiTh a Triangu- ar meeT wiTh WesT l-ligh, defending ciTy champs, and Marion 'larding on April I6. Then They sprinTed To The l-lunTingTon, VesT Virginia Relays on SaTurday, April I9. l-lowever, They feren'T able To sTay Too long in l'lunTingTon Tor They had To be mack home To meeT WorThingTon and UniversiTy on April 23, nd To conTend in The Wesleyan Relays on May 26, and To 1eeT counTry Teams on May l. ln quick succession The Gold ,nd Black wenT To Newark Tor The relays held There on May 3. ind Then To Delaware To deTend Their C. B. l.. crown on May 8, he Team aTTended Miami Relays on The ninTh and TenTh. On flay l3 Coach Larkin and his deTending champs were hosTs To he Second Annual ArlingTon NighT Relays in which Bellefon- aine, Bexley, Delaware, WesTerville, WashingTon CourT l-louse, fircleville, Greenfield, MT. Clair, Upper Sandusky, MT. Vernon ind Grandview compeTed This year. Once again ArlingTon meT wo counTy Teams on May l5, and Then They wenT To Delawarels 'Vesleyan Track Tor The class "A" DisTricT meeT on May I7. lConTinued on Page l2Ol Xl? T" iw sw x we 3 F , 'Swv- "'J 5 .xels,, f 725 S iii A? fr, 6 Rf?" I F761 . 1 YT 1: N-vw fin 'ZH 'fs lg K 1 I Av B j 'H wid - Aging vm , 5 z if ga. . XTR sg - ' wwf 'P 4 rf? I f I I X , X V9' 1 1 2' H, b u huwx .. g,. ' sw- JQ.,-f F ,J A' f as 1 Eiofricf 6260515 1-Zgzaegaf Mr. Taylor had a large TurnouT Tor The 'BM squad. Many underclassmen had a desire To play and came ouT Tor The Team. This squad lilce The varsiTy had uniTorms DT Their own. This TaCTor seems To add To The game and also gives The boys a greaTer incenTive To play. The idea of The "B" Team is To build up The reserves in order ThaT They can be regulars in a Tew years. Many games were scheduled wiTh oTher reserve Teams, and we Teel sure ThaT They will be ready To carry The larunT OT The load in ensuing years. The varsiTy had games scheduled wiTh Bexley, Grandview, and Academy in The C, B. L., Delaware having dropped ouT oT The league in baseball. Also on The sched- uler were games wiTh NorTh, ST. Charles, UniversiTy, and ChillicoThe. Several SaT- urday aTTernoon games were To be played. The Bears also will enTer The TournamenTs in The middle OT May. Bexley is expecTed To be The ToughesT opponenT in The C. B. L., buT you can be sure ThaT our Team will be in Their TighTing wiTh every- Thing iT has. A .sly I"v'1"mmm ..wcsmwmmssgumsmsweBPxmuw m.urslswmvmm,.' sau.-mls .4.,i..m:w1zwwr 'mm or ' -:sw..a- .ss fs 'wx- m w Q 1. SWJZWXT 'KW 52 N Q sw ,4 3 X Q 5? 2 . X . W . Wag. "" +I' """ ' 'I "" " fx ..,, ,.,.,, ' """ ' yu .wb - SNA! ' Q , , ,ff ggi? W- X, WM M vw vw -H K :::-,.:-1-Ps-2:1-, 2 M5 gd? .gx 5 x ef'-1 ' " Sf . gf , 2 A M? A Wm MQ-X1 N- N21 'ax ww rg Ng., Qu Ai ,hw PM sg wwf M. M. in S vs , .N an x SBQRQN Y :LW X5 - .W Q. S' qi 3 X4 Y gg, VARSITY A OFFICERS: Don Gerber, president Dave Sherman, vice-president Avery Robbins, secre Iary and Treasurer. BOOSTER CLUB EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: E. B. I-Iobarf, E. W. BIower, K. J, Hoag IcI1airrnanI, B. E. I-Iadley, A. D.JoI1n5on ...ww 'L .W EAM! ffm cgienw WiThouT a doubT Upper PxrlingTon has enioyed one oT The mosT successTul seasons oT all Times dur- ing The pasT year. BuT in order To have had such a year, many clubs, organizaTions, and individuals conTribuTed and assisTed in every way possible. Long beTore The TirsT whisTle blew, The AThleTic Board, which is composed oT coaches, alumni, Tac- ulTy, and sTudenTs, meT and planned The TorThcom- ing season. ATTer considerable correspondence and deIiberaTion, a compleTe schedule was ar- ranged. The Board also Tackled many oTher prob- lems like Those concerning Tinance, TickeT disTribu- Tion, and oTTicials, buT very Tew people even know OT Their labor. The roles played by The managers Torm a viTai perT oT aThleTics. IT is no small Task ThaT lies upon Their lowly shoulders. The managers are working Trom The TirsT day oT pracTice and long aTTer The regular season is over. While The sTars are ouT wiTh Their daTes aTTer a game, These boys are hang- ing up uniTorms, and sweeping ouT The Tield house unTil laTe hours. Too much crediT cannol be given The managers. Many long hours are spenT by The TaculTv man- ager in arranging Tor The sale oT TickeTs Tor The games. Mr. Guesman, TaculTy manager, along wiTh Mr. Jackson and many oTher Teachers, willingly gives his Time To The selling and Taking oT TickeTs. Very seldom do These men ever see a game Trom sTarT To Tinish, buT insTead are busy wiTh Their own Tinancial game. AnoTher club ThaT deserves a greaT deal oT crediT Tor The work iT has done This year in backing Teams is The PubliciTy Club. lT underTakes The arduous Task oT painTing signs To bolsTer school spiriT Tor each week's game. The resulTs oT The Toil oT The Pub Club is quiTe evidenT in The school spiriT ThaT is wiTnessed aT The games. The programs you read during The baske+baII games were in a large parT due To The eTTorTs OT The VarsiTy "A" organiza- Tion. This club, Tormed only oT leTTermen, Took as iTs duTy The job oT wriTing each visiTing school To Tind The line-up so ThaT iT could appear on The program Tor your convenience. The Typing classes and The STudenT Council also cooperaTed in This proiecT. Besides This, The' VarsiTy "A" has also compleTed many oTher worThy proiecTs. When The season is over, iT is generally known ThaT The BoosTers Club awards gold nuggeTs To championship Teams during iTs annual appreciaTion banqueT. All Through The season, This group oT "sideline" coaches in ArlingTon meeTs and assisTs The Teams, noT only Tinancially buT in every way possible. The BoosTers have added Their conTri- buTion To make The I946 and l947 seasons a success. So as The specTaTors wiTnessed sporT specTacles oT The pasT year, iT was Through The eTTorTs of noT only The boys on The squad wiTh Their coaches, buT also Through The cooperaTion OT Those sTudenTs and men who were behind The scenes. Page One T-lundred Seven Qing 7 .xgflrilfica WiTh The beginning of school in SepTember, girls' sporfs were renewed wiTh vigor. Under The direc- Tion of The physical educafion insTrucTor, Miss Doris Mandel, new meThods were inTroduced, such as Red and Blue League inTramurals To encourage more parTicipaTion from The girls. The clashing of hockey sTicks sounded on The field as The Teams vied for league championship. Nine Teams compefed in The Ten games played. wiTh The freshman C Team of The Blue League com- ing ouT on Top. On hockey inframural nighT The class Teams Took The field, and boTh games, seniors vs. juniors and sophomores vs. freshmen, ended in Ties and were decided by The referees in favor of The juniors and The sophomores. The juniors had a hard Time subcluing The fighTing sophomores, buf The upperclassmen wound up on The long end of a I-O score. The members of The winning Team were Alice Barcroff, JaneT PeTrie, Margie Sefzer, Nancy HeTch, Eleanor DeLong, Beverly Sawyer, Gloria Campbell, Peg Geyer, Ann l-lamilTon, Gay Belcher, Ann Lowman, Barbara SmiTh, Carolyn Longabaugh, Freda Muench, and Nancy O'Grady. While The high school girls were pracTicing hockey, The sevenfh and eighTh graders were play- ing speedball. ln The inTramural Tournamenf The eighTh grade won The honors. When The cold weafher finally drove The girls inside, volleyball Took Their inTeresT. Since good weafher had confinued so long in The fall, The vol- leyball season was shorT buT broughf ouT more par- TicipaTion Than any oTher sporf. AfTer Chrisfmas vacafion baskefball was sTarTed, and The Ked and Blue Leagues were again sef up for inTramural compeTiTion. 'Ihere were Twelve Teams, and ThirTy games were played wiTh The Junior B's of The Red League emerging vicforious. As soon as The league play was complefed, class Teams were chosen. As is The cusfom, boy coaches were chosen To help The various Teams. LasT year's champs, This year's seniors, repeafed Their pre- vious choices, Jud Millhon and Avery Robbins. The Juniors were coached by Bobby Meeder, and The sophomores chose Dave Sherman. The freshmen were aided by Miss Mandel. lnframurals were held on Three days. March 3l The seniors downed The sophomores and The juniors defeafed The freshmen. April I aT 3:30 Theisevenfh and eighTh graders Took The Tloor and The eighTh graders were given a scare by The fighTing underclassmen buT finally gained a lo-I5 vicTory. The nexT nighT The fresh- men scored a surprise vicfory by Trouncing The sophomores in The consolafion mafch. ln The finals The spiriTed junior Team, capTained by JaneT Pefrie, copped Their firsT baskeTball Tifle by downing a deTermined senior aggregafion ZI-I4. The winning Team included JaneT Pefrie, Alice T-lill, Eleanor De- Long, Margie Sefzer, Nancy l-leTch, Mary Rufh Weigel, Emily Eckleberry, Peg Geyer, Barbara Smifh, Gay Belcher, Ann I-lamilfon, and Paula Williams. ln The spring individual sporTs such as archery, Tennis, golf, and modern dance were emphasized in classes wiTh Team parTicipaTion in baseball and Track. AfTer school parTicipaTion and compeTiTion was provided in These acTiviTies Too. The girls This year under The guidance of Miss Mandel had complefed a very successful year by The Time June 4 rolled arouncl. X XX X - XX X . X -XXXSMXXX X Q X X We X - ' 5 . x X xx X A X s. gg-22' Vg- .X iX.,JXf - X XS X ' .. X .X XX L X LV-'X X K X XX X5 X- A X Q N XX 3 XX Xf X i . A X - X1 - X1-M R X X .X ' X Q X x . -X Xf 4 Y,..XX23PiijX'X-.XwZ:is.'11'-.1.g53g - f X X- .X . 5 7 X N X, .. -- XR x A XX ' - XX X XX R K W ' 1 X X., ' r--XX XXXX-QNX.,-i X 'X ' wc X XX X :.,X5:. .:......X: ..k. ..... . . N532-3 f , gg: ,-f vga .g X X X XX - ' XX YY b qs. XX X 'Q ig xfwf' 'nf 'i K X ' N X x W- " KXSX' 59 X v is X - x . N 3 X --" - Y ' A :S X - A Q' if X- gl - XX 2' - A A X 1 ' 'X ..:ZPEQ1fN i" NMS X N, XY N XXXXXXQE Nu X- XX X XgiX1XgX-, i.3.3Xq5X1X Z.. j XX vipwkii QXXXQX Q6 it Q mg ... - xi X. T X- 'iff Q- IX-gi-QQXM wg'-Q Qi-Ni-Q1XfX'gi1XX55 BFS x-Sf-:Hgx-.QY?':X5'-5?'wX.PfxS - k . fi -x -we 'IF N -Nw-A-'A N A Q 1 Y X- X. X if ' hw X-wg, NQYSNQXX' "N-F1 X-:Ji K Xf,.Cf,?+Xyi-1:.yQg .j X-Mg .XXs,fX Q, -- X . . A N X X' . X s FXWXXN by X5 X 'A XXX X .X K X k ' SSN K .- . Ny 1 Xi-XXV X' X X. X X X-X-xXX.9:,: X 5 . vga M -, X. v Ax as 9. '42 3 X A " 5' 3 fx 3. A NW S 3-S253 X55 Xgxf- ' k ' ' ' X, - 1 ' - H 1 i X X x X - . -X S W xX X . XYXXXV ,X XXWXWX VXXX XXX, X, KQKXEQQXXX, .Q X - X Qi 1 X-SNXQJNQEJLNXSQ' N 'IL X1 X XX X 'V'-if N E, X W- KX kk X X X X x XT . .Cx X , Xwce ..1?' X- X X ' R ZX -wk - -X . XS: XX -sf-:X Q-iXX -XX-Xmtsm ' X-W i. W x ---Xg NX- - X ' sums? TY:'m?,.gp XX XX- Www saw 1 SQ- X: . X X A X XX XXX-f - S i JN k : XA XX X E X ,X. X -XX-X 'w:WWXX- fb 2: ms- ,,. -X -X5 gX.X ,JN XX-wi X35 XXXQ - ' Q 5 A X X ,XXX M A 3? FX-X X,-wXqwwm:XXQ1 ' 1 K X- --XXV ' Qi X X f zffgg-JXQEQQFNL " 3 f IWW? -'Q-MX.--+?s-.XXrf1-XXX. wg iiAVrY:- + S 0 - X-lg ' XX:- , Xvggdl -Vw'-L.LQ Xl.-Q S UW X I u . X QQ w .Xue f -3- X1-NX X- 5 . - ' X f ' X P 5-if X' 1" N 5 -SN 2.3-1-X T'fYWf""X A K X X X Q -VK X . -4+ -Q -X 4 ii, ' X f . 5-QX Q 13- ,AQ .1 5 Xi. Q .X s A Q Sk X XX-.X X x 1 ge - 1 XX - Ng Xp 5. Xxx XXQXXS X A if X 3:.., " P .g -XX .XB X X '- . SXXXXXXXB x X X X M X R x W K XX X X fl ' N is X -XXX 1 X X X----XX w M-N"..Xf X X X XX XXX- -X X .XXXXXX X X X-g..gy XXNXX-XX -- WX X X X X X3 QxXXX5SSY .35 XX Q ,X .Q X . SAXLXXX X X-'X 'A X ' X X ' '. if -- "3" ' X- .gwq X' . - X X XXQXX1 XX X x xv X XXXXXQXXXQXXLX- XXXJ- X X :X-X .XX k X - :X -. Q. X 5 . :Gy--X: f X fm. " "XXX-S 1 f f f ' .. Q xx X N, .kg QNX XXX X XX XNQSXXXX .XXXQXXNX .XX X X, X X X ,,X,,, X Xa. ' X -:N --X ,SQXXX -f G M' ff,-X XXXXXXX- X K XN' XX - XXQ -X "-' X -wggdc we X X X' . '- X- - X -X fs X 1 ' XX -- --A x -X Zsf J 5 XQ- N- xifmwffx ' QS 2 'N 4' - ,::Q,Xg , X4g-QNX. YQ x vwixfg ,X gr XQXX- - ' X - rf- sex RSX . ..,sgsg'v-:: . - K -- H . " - I' EI' 3-X-gww-wx X X .t"+iX "- -3XsXX5 q uiX5f "X: vs: ' fi. ...X X X..:fiN':2.. .. -5.XXwXXfwXQ'X :XX X X -in N X, " X X NXX 5' The Girls! Alhlelic Associalion plays an imporlanl parl in promoling inleresl in girls! sporls. A program lor everybody was lhe goal lor lhe year. ln addilion lo running oll lhe inlramural sporls program, il sponf sors associalion meelings lour limes a year lor all members. Al lhe Seplember meeling lhe heads lor each sporl were voled upon. lhe highlighl on November I5 was lhe hockey and speedball inlramural class games. Jimmy l-lull spolce on 'Boys' Baslcelballl' lor lhe December assembly. The inlramural baslcelball games and lhe lamous 'llnlramural Nighlll were lhe leae lures in February and March respecf lively. An orchesis group lrom Qhio Slale presenled a modern dance program in April: Awards were presenled lo lhe girls in lhe May meeling. The mosl imporlanl business during lhe year was lhe adoplion ol a consliluliori and by' laws lor permanenl use. lhe G. A. A. ollicers lhis year were Darelh Axene, presidenl: Ann hlamillon, vice-presidenl: Diann Auld, secrelary: and Gay Belcher, lreasurer. Righl lronl lo baclr, lhe G. A. A. ollicers and execulive board are Anne Zeller, goll head: Grelchen Gerlach, lennis head: Diann Auld. secrelary: Eleanor DeLong, basebai head: Darelh Axene, presidenl' Cyn lhia TouVelle, volleyball head: Jan- Anne Rulledge, publicily: Nalalie Qrlh, lable lennis head: Alice l-lill, hockey head: Mariorie Selzer, bad minlon head: Pally Redman, baslqel ball head: Bobbie Loveless. archery head: Marilyn Brown, poinls and awards: Ann l-lamillon, vice-presi denl: Gay Belcher, lreasurei: Polly Edwards, sporl head: and Miss Dori. Mandel, adviser, Nancy Nowe, lraclr head, and Belle Gragnon, Charm Board represenlalive, were absenl, An Assislanls' League was organ ized lhis year lor senior girls inlerf csled in helping in lhe gym classes. Miss Mandel laughl lhe lundamen lals ol each sporl lo lhese girls, .mo lhey in lurn helped lhe younger girls. The group has done a line job this lirsl year, ll will become a permi neril organizalion in lhe physical edei- calion program. Lell lronl lo baclr, lhe member. are Jeanne Sulherland, Virginia hlarnmel, Ann Falconer, lerrie l-lan nah, hlarriel l-lobarl, Marly Lou Ebrighl, Virginia Brush, Carol Bailey, Jo Cox, and Janel Lenz. Nancy Nowe and Sally Grillilh were abseiil. bm ,J -Qu .D yoloreciafion-l For lhe pasl lwenly-Two years, lvan W, Davis has been associaled wilh lhe Upper Arling- fon school syslem. Since lhe class of I947 enlered sevenlh grade, Mr. Davis has been prin- cipal of our high school. Through his wise counseling and guidance, we sludenfs have grown in wisdom and underslanding and have prepared ourselves lo become befler cilizens of our counrry afler our gradualion. Whenever we had problems lo solve, we could depend upon Mr. Davis lo help us in every way he could, whelher or noi' our parlicular problems were direclly connecled wilh school aclivilies. We owe a debl of grafilude fo our principal, who has performed innu- merable faslcs in order lo prepare us for college and our lufure lives. This year, Mr. Davis leaves Arlinglon lo become assislanl commissioner of The Qhio High School Afhlefic Associalion. To him in his new worlc, lhe class of l947 wishes fhe besf of luclc and success in fhe years lo come. Page One Hundred Eleven Wear Custom Tailored Clothes GRANDVIEW TAILORS Best wishes from the staff of Mary Hahn JOE WEBER "Styles of the hour now on display" W lllfllllll 1251 Grandview Avenue KI 2326 Compliments of MR. 8z MRS. KENNETH B. RANSOM Compliments of MINOR'S SHOES East Broad at Third JE MA KIDDIE SHOP Infants and Children to 6 years 1460 West Fifth Avenue KI 7080 ARLINGTON MOTORS 24 hour service--body rebuilding SAM WILLIAMS 1710-24 West Fifth Avenue KI 1101 COMMUNITY PHARMACY "Just a little better service" 1811 West Fifth Avenue KI 0181 McCLEERY'S ELECTRIC SALES AND SERVICE Guaranteed Appliance Repairing Electrical Supplies of all Kinds ARVIN RADIOS R. "Mac" McCleery 1520 W. First Ave. KI 3506 "OUTDOORS" Everything for the sportsman Grandview and First Avenue Page One Hundred Twelve GRANDVIEW Cycle Shop and Lawn Mower Repairs PARTS AND ACCESSORIES "We feature Schwinn Built Bicycles" 1657 West First Avenue KI 1471 3 . -.s,.f--5 , The school's finest annual goes to posterity From Pat Redman, editor, best known for her sincerity. Jan Rutledge's luscious. smooth. creamy complexion She bequeaths to any boy with a blonde-predilection. To all future Goulds goes a testament plain: The secretarial efficiency of one Nancy Hane. An odd combination Mary Atkinson bestows: Hash-making to her mother, orchids from her beaux. To whom shall Angie will her punctuality Or her friendly nature as a popular gal-ity? The next testament is one for the books: Lucille leaves Bill Mackey her frequent bewildered looks. Marilyn Egel's cherry cashmere and lightly clipped speech She bequeaths to Jo Smart, who therefore is more "reet-ch" Bette's "Cenci" technique lshe's a hep little lassl Goes to "Elmo" DeLong for next year's gym class. Those woo? sweat socks left by Marty Lou Are carrie on by Bev Barker, who wears big ones too. Don Quilligan receives from Fred Spriggs l"Spread"l l-lis unrepressed laugh and shuffling tread. Quiet now reigns through the halls of the schoolg Miss Randall made off with Donn Corn's slide-rule. Sally Griffith's strange garbling over they P. A. Is hereby willed Bobbie Loveless' way. Miss Myrtle Ruffing, at Pauline Trigere's beck. Wills her sewing ability to seventh grade home ec. Pert Nancy Nowe, in a room-to-room race. Wills next year's absence-slip carrier her ever-smiling face. Bequeathed to Beth Bennett, the noted recluse, ls Carolyn Carnpbell's perpetual open-hoose. Skip Harrison wills his permanent tan ' To a friendly blond sophomore, Marion Junkerman. Bob Forney bequeaths with a sad. rueful wail To Mr. A. Guesman, log tables in detail. Donn Miller, as his first post-graduation stop, Leaves his nuggets at Saul Ruben's hock shop. "Stones" Jones ltired of passerby's boshl Leaves the filling station windows for Mr. l-luston to wash. Tom "Jasbo" Giles, 'though he regrets this must be done, Gives to Ralph Winkler his famous skill with the pun. Phyllis Allen will be " 'ow you say? 'entrance' " By Penny Howard's French fluency and love of France. Page Cne Hundred Thirteen Compliments of TRI-VILLAGE CLEANERS Fifth at Grandview Avenue Compliments of MR. and MRS. THOMAS C. WILSON Compliments of THE HOUSE OF PORTRAITS YOUNG AND THOMAS, INC. Photographers-1947-Norwester The Finest in Household Appliances WA North East Broad Street Compliments of THE W. W. WILLIAMS CO. 835 West Goodale Blvd. Grandview and Arlington UPI-IOLSTERY CO. P RICES REFINISHING KI 1551 1803 West Fifth Avenue FAIR KNIGHT PAINT AND WALL PAPER COMPANY Tailors-Cleaners 83 East Spring Street Service--Courtesy-Honesty AD 5024 Columbus Ohio KI 1512 1644 West First Avenue Compliments of PRESUTTVS VILLA Page One Hundred Fourteen The coqueffish speech of Barbara Rook She'd like fo besfow on H. V. Kalfenboolr. To profecf fhe school from musical afrocify Miriam leaves fo Mary Weigel her piano virfuosify. Paf Vercellino's sulfry blues voice ls leff fo Pa? Keafing for iunior girls and boice. Barbara Ausfin's pleasanf and very merry disposifion She leaves fo everyone wifh an unfriendly consfifufion. Rufh Davis leaves her chesfnuf-red fresses To gladden Bill Cofner in all his disfresses. The quesfioning mind. a fraif of John Barr. He wills fo Paul Shepard l"Think l'lI keep my car"l. Billy Hager now possesses a pair of green slacks And friendly Dic Brighfs girl-shyness affacks. To Eddie Fidler wills our edifor l"Handsome"l His fraclc-success and Edgar Guesf. Of course, he's Dan Dave Sfephan, fhe paragon of modern efficiency. Vwlills his financial genius fo Lower Wall Sfreef-chency. Diclr "Scuff" Devere, never in a rush, Wills fo Bob Repine his efernal blush. Wifh her loquacious wif, Cynfhia is "pat" She leaves her fraif fo nexf year's Chif-Chaf. For revolufionary senfimenls and embarrassed franlcness. "L, R." frembly receives "Cen'reri' Ficlces' fhanlcs-ness. An affable smile and lighfly veiled wif Pai Dwyer leaves fo whomever fhey fif. The fechnical iob of sfage managemenf Capable Tom Brannan leaves fo Bob Mochel's benf. Jane Livezey leaves her supersonic kniffing rafe To all of fhe girls in fhe freshman grafe. To Ernie Triffon, "Bobbie" Hoag begs. To leave his 'rifle of "Crazy Legs." Polly leaves fo G. Gerlach from fhis day hence, Her days of wild exuberance. In fhe frue and chivalrous Elizabefhan way, Mac Campbell leaves Jim Barnes his gallanfray. Tom "Hafchef" Hawk finally fears himself away Leaving fhe sophomore girls fo go fheir own way. Exofic black eyes, fasf-breaking wif and puns Are Marilyn Follr's fesfamenf fo Molly Nelsonlsl. Wifh graduafion day so close af hand, Dale Rhodes wills Ann Reinharf his place in fherband. Somefhing for which anyone would wall: a mile, Jean Houghfon wills Merry Mackey her Pepsodenf smile. Ransom. Page One Hundred Fiffeen Compliments of FARRELIJS GIFT SI-IOP Compliments of HI-GRADE ICE CREAM CO. 1850 Northwest Blvd. KI 3339 EAGLES CANDY Quality Candies at Reasonable Prices 1943 West Fifth Avenue KI 2531 Compliments of ARLINGTON BARBER SHOP ANGELO DEPASO TI-IE PAY SHOP 2070 Arlington Avenue 1261 Grandview Avenue Apparel and Accessory Shop for Women and Girls Compliments of CARMlAUX'S SERVICE STATION Compliments of KUNKLER'S DRUG STORE 2064 Arlington Avenue Best Wishes to Class of '47 APEX MARKET FINE FOODS 2116 Arlington Avenue KI 4937 Page One Hundred Sixteen I-lORD'S RADIO CO. Radios, Appliances, Records 1744 West Fifth Avenue KI 4014 1599 North High Street UN 9906 -,--Q-4-v-v--' h. ,,'....-aj V J A I I i l e - J., AL ,Q. , Mary Large's place in "Le Cercle Francais" Goes io anyone wifh +he skill io 'l'Sll "paie" 'From "pays" Terrie gives Roger Buel her armload of iomes And several greaf frunlcfuls of vari-colored combs. "Fashion Pla+e" Kus+er's will is in line: Her wardrobe goes baclc fo Nefiie Rosensiein. "Joe" lCadillacl Davis presenis now his will: "l bequeaih io Hub Brown my mechanical skill." A+ This poini' Sharon Ruh gains linguisiic aid: Of Juan Behrens' suave Spanish. her Iegacy's made. In feminine glances Eddie Hebden's swimming: To Jim Sherrard goes his way wiih ihe "wimming." The dignified speech of a Canadian girl Goes io Bill Ewing from Carolyn Searle. Nexi year all school clubs will be one member less: Daref wills "Pearly" Gales her ubiquiiousness. To graceful Pai Hamilion does Dee Dee ihis day Will away her deep, ihorough knowledge of ballei. Faye Nelson's legacy 'rurned oul' 'ro be a cinch. Her bone-crushing humor goes io subile Freda Muench. To Mary Ruih Weigel goes fhe giggle of Nancy Yonh And her labors in 'rhe ari room lone of her haunisl. To sileni Tom Buel are willed Gloria Gal'l's Filibusiers in "problems" lihey rang ihrough ihe hallsl. "Fron+ sea+ by +he window," Fallon's fond choice, ls lefi' fo Bev Sawyer, also her suliry voice. To sage Tom Fuller is besiowed gladly The exiensive library of Iris Bradley. Mike Harrison's eyelashes and closely cropped curls He besiows quiie willingly on ihe undergrad girls. Wiih a Corporal McGregor and a coniagious laugh Peie Williams will curse his iuiure Beiier Half. Jim Bard receives a legacy anyone would like: l'r's ihe decisive, versaiile manner of our man Spilce. Alihough Tom Magruder's leaving pains him so, He leaves lceys io fhe radio room +o Jim Middaugh. To iunior Anne Lowman, Jo Dawson willingly passes Reserved-seal iiclceis io physics and +rig. classes. Norma Richardson leaves 'ro one Wagner lCyn+hial Her cynical Tolsioi and ofher greai men-fhia. To Abe Bassefi go Dave Dodd's deep discourses On spol'-welding siaiisiics and nucle-ar forces. Marcia Sfewari, exhausied ai 'lhe driver's wheel sifs. Willing back io her moiher ihe "Blue Bendix Bliizf' -, 311.7 ,Sha-,,..: qw-,.,,. Page One Hundred Sevenieen Compliments of RIFE'S MARKET West Fifth Avenue Compliments of ROGERS Corner of Arlington and Guilford PALMER'S VARIETY STORE 1807 West Fifth Avenue Home of 10,000 Items Opposite Arlington Theater At your Service STEW HARRISON'S Fine Hamburgers and Steak Dinners Compliments of HARROP CERAMIC SERVICE CO. GEORGE D. BRUSH AD 3844 35 East Gay Compliments of P. I. BURKI-IART Compliments of MCKINLEY PHARMACY age One Hundred Eighteen C. L. DEYO D. C. THURSTON DEYO FUNERAL SERVICE Ambulance Service KI 2515 1578 West First Avenue Ginnie l"Sage"l Brush, our iriendliesl lass, Bequealhs her amiable ways lo each successive class. A pair ol sloul oars and his number I2 bools Are Phil Johnson's legacy lo sophomore Dicl: Lulz. Bo Munday wills his smoolh-playing combo To Sherman A. Billingsley or lhe Mocambo. For lhe lasl lime and in a parlicular hurry Gerber lakes his blue slip and leaves lhe library. "The Road lo Mandalay" on sheel and on disc "Garler" Gilberl bequealhs wilh a "lul" and a "lisc." Jeanne Sulherland wills back Miss Randall's old clock Which every olher day she used lo abdoclr. To nexl year's loalers Harriel's library seal Is hereby auclioned lanyone may compelel. Johnny Sieberl, now has anolher means lo enlice: ll's lhe "simpalico" personalily of our man Jim Price. Bill Henry's gill lo Diclc Young creales awe: ll's his inleclious irresislible, window-shaking gullaw. "Joe" Lehman's legacy goes really all oul: Oi course you know w al he's leaving lyes, "voul"l. Miss Janel Lenz, her life saved by luck, Beslows her ice-slcaling on hapless Chuclc. Bill "Hulk" Millhon llhis is really a new lwisll, Beslows his gold loolball on Jeannie Youngquisl. Dave Nesbi'H"s leisurely drives 'cross lhe Mallway Go lo slarlled pedeslrians he used lo appall-way. Scoll Norris, praising Arizona wilh fond sighs. Leaves lo Wall Wagenhalls his slurdy Levis. if lhe lair junior damsels are plagued by any ills, They'll have lhe benelil oi Avice's vilamin pills. Marjorie Selzer will nol be neglecled: "She may have my boislerous nalure," Johnny Larliin rellecled. The brillianl arl genius oi one Carol Bailey Will cheer Jo Ann Groves, when she's feeling aily. Dick Carr's Ruslic Humor and love ol Saroyan l-le beslows on any iunior girl or boyan. The coy shorl bangs V. Muench has gol on Are hereby given lo Elizabelh Arden's Salon. Marilyn Brown wills her unlailing chic, To Mrs. America or lhe Woman of lhe Weelc. Jim Shull's rich adieclives on lhe sporls' pages Are his greal legacy lo lulure ages. lConlinued on Page l2Il Page One Hundred Nineleen Compliments of BIG BEAB STOBES COMPANY The Neighborhood Shopping Center ROBBINS 5-IOC STORE Confinued from page IOI As in previous years, Donn Miller and Dan Ransom burned rhe cinders in 'rhe IOO and 220 yard dashes. Backing ihem up and working for berihs on 'rhe 880 relays were John Larkin, Fred Spriggs, Tom Frye, Bob Leh- man and Sian Jones. Bo Munday, Don Gerber were +he 440 men wi+h Dick Carr, Dick Tice and Bob Seizer filling in ihe oiher posiiions on 'rhe mile relay Team. The mile run boys were Dick Bernsdorf and Alfred Yonfz, while while freshman George DeLong seemed fo be "Lark's" hope for a good 880 man. In ihe hurdles Sefzer and Larkin proved fo be poini' gefiers. Wifh 'rhe loss of field evenl pariicipanis in las'r year's graduaiion we ihoughi we would be weak in field evenrs. buf wi+h Bill Henry, Bill lvlillhon, Tom Hawk, Dick Blower and Tom Frye. in The discus: Dick Tice, Millhon, Henry, John Collins and Jim Liggeii in ihe pole vault Larkin, Lehman, Miller and oihers in 'rhe broad jump: and Sco++ Norris, Henry, Liggefi, Jones and Triffon in 'rhe high iump: we ga+hered many points in 'rhese evenis. The whole squad was benefifed by fhe able managers, Jim Shuh' and Paul Shep- herd. Posi' Scripf: When ihis arficle was wriiien lhe season had already begun wiih one friumph and 'fhe possi- biliiies of more depended on wheiher posiiions would be filled in 'rime by The irial error mefhod. Moreover, wifh The high spirir and all around abiliiy of 'rhe squad, we know fha? ihe irack feam enjoyed a very successful season. Page One Hundred Twenfy --v-qfv-- , The infellecfual world is impoverished greally foday. Marcia Pray won"r will her I. O. Eins1ein's way. Janie Gramlich graciously Connie Sullon blesses WiTl'1 l'1er lwarlequin glasses and long flowing lresses Fred Wadley, fhe sophomore girls' man of +l1e year, Will leave luis suave ways +o +l1e pigeons, we hear. His argoflex lenses and cryplic grin Diclr Edwards gives brorlwer Frank 'lo revel in. Compliments of ARLINGTON PASTRY SHOP GENES KI 3814 2076 Arlington Avenue For Fine Food HAMBURGERS SPAGHETTI CHICKEN STEAKS 14Zog1fal6!1s Page One Hundred Twenfy-one 661. LVLCJULI' I Sepfember 9 School begins! I3 Soufh foofball game, 42-6. We couIdn"r hope for a beiler beginning. 20 Wes'r, I3-O. Revenge! 27 S+. Charles, 52-6. Ocfober 4 Homecoming-Bexley foofball game, 34-7. A gala occasion long +o be remembered. I I Delaware, 38-O. I8 Academy. 40-0. 25 Cenfral, 26-O. 3I I'IaIIowe'en-Sludenf Council sponsored 'rhe ceIebra+ion. November I Washingfon Courf House, 25-6. 2 Sigma Rho hayride. 8 Grandview foofball game, I3-6. We showed 'emi 9 Sigma Rho, Della Gamma-Semi-formal. Jimmy Rawlins' Sfudio. I6 Foofball banquef-Congrafulafions Bob Meeder and 'ream of I946-Good luck Dick Blower and Ihe Ieam of I947. 22-23 "Dale Wifh Judy"-Junior Class Play. 27 Linden McKinley, 44-29. Firsf baslcefball game. 27 Thanksgiving vacalion. December 3 Wesl baslcelball game, 5I-26. . 6 Lancasier, 37-34. Oh! +ha+ over+ime. 7 Norfh, 4I-40. Anofher close call! I3 London, 42-23. I8 WorI'hing+on, 44-35. I8 Chrisfmas play-"Tidings of Joy." Vacafion begins. I9 L. D. A. Chris+mas Dance-OH! 'rhaf Misfleroe. 23 S. A. J. formal-Valley Dale. 26 Drac formal--Valley Dale. 28 T. A. C. Chrislmas Sporf Dance, Columbus Riding Club. 3l Bar None-Winfer Wonderland. Ring ouf The old-roll in fhe new! January 6 School again. IO Bexley baslcefball game on 'rheir floor, 42-34. Firsl viclory Ihere since '39! February I Chillicofhe, 42-38. Whaf an exciled crowd! 7 S+. Charles, 5I-32. 7 Triangular swimming mee!-Universi+y, Arlingfon, Wesf-Anofher vicfory for us. 6-8 "S'rardusI"-Senior Class Play. I3 Thespian iniI'iaIion. I4 Grandview, 47-33. I4 Triangular swimming mee!-Norih, Universily, Arlingfon-ArIingIon on lop again. I8 Academy, 63-24. Delaware. 53-33. Chillicofhe, 63-50. 2I 22 B 22 Ciiy and Disfricf swimming mee!-we missed winning by 4If2 pounfs. Page One Hundred TwenIy-Iwo March I 6 8 I3 I4 25 28-29 3l April 2-7 2 3 IO I8 I9 25 May I 2 3 8 I3 I7 June l 2 4 6 Mi. Vernon, 5l-3I. Firs'r dis+ric+ game our of 'rhe way. Grandview, 53-34. Newark, 5l-4I. Class "A" Champs! We cheered-allhough many of us were oufsidel Quill and Scroll inifialion. Da Ion Fairmonl. 27-29. Unhappy regional-oh, 'rhose lasl few minu+esI Baslcefball and swimming banquel af Sciolo. Congrarulalions Dave Sherman and Bill Clappl "Thespian Miniafuresu-somelhing diflerenr in The way of enlerfalnmenf. Thespian ini+ia+ion. Easier Vacalion. I G. A. A. inframural nigh+-Congrafularions, iuniorsl T. A. C. Sweefhearr formal-Universify Club-oh, fhose picruresl Thespian Oscar Awards Banquet Publicily Club Carnival-"Spring Splurge." Hunlinglon Relays. Grandview baseball game. We emerged vicforiousl Bexley Tennis Mafch. Infer-club Council Freshmen Parry. Drac closed dance. C. B. L. Iraclc mee? al' Delaware. Arlingfon Relays. Junior-Senior Prom. We discovered fhe meaning of "Sou+hern I1ospilali1'y." Baccalaureale. Sigma Rho Formal. ' Commencemenl-Goodbye lo a wonderful year. S. A. J. Semi-formal al' The Forf I-layes I-lofel. Page One Hundred Twenry-Ihree 4 f:'hYfQ'f'j,1.'i7" ,mu 1 ,H 'wp I ? 1. rl ' " . , H ,fr . 1.: Ag 4 1 . .A .vj,:' ai' 1 . L A 1, ,v ,. I.. A, I .l,. N I A, gf., '1 .1 .4 1 ' . ., , A m , ,V 1 Y ,,., , . ,'xE'f'.xf -y."7wlJ1 X A ? X 1, V- -, 11- f 43- - f55sL'L" 'Q 1. ru ', '54-I . A3 .il fi- ni'-1. J. Q .,. . ,.:,x,. X , -.1 , . vmffk , I . f " I . ,-, 4 VN A 'K J, .. . ,'. . 4. 1 . ,. ' shi . , , xo I f.. ,7 1 N 'nu 'Q--'hz' . . 1. n . I., mmf, 'QVA 1 -mul' 33' . 1 fa - X J ' . ' N 'ckjK1' X fr 7 I w u 1 M W '. .N- , -ery 2.3 X "ww , M .." '1 I' .V 1 -ky. V. ,Q i A W n X f- .W-' 'lux in ..-1 -A l- v KTM'--475 ff - ' V. " -. f 1- X: . 55. w ' ., 1 , ., , .., V. V, , X ,,. F I.. ' I. 1 .3 Mn V U' 'fn-- , . ' - 'YA '-A W 1 v H ' l -, I ,' 5 jmluu Sl! ri ' .-4 . ' 1 . M w :.,.'.l'h!V'.,':x ll.,..A1J 'J

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