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,A G.'-," ,. +' , 'Uv . u 1 L , ,.-,.': ., . 1 , ,iv . ,V , , '1.:, , '5,'. 1 s .. , -1 .4 , ,s I A H .T , X 0 Q . . V A x AZ' L 5, 53571 w N 4. 2 ':,-,sb ' .- ,J 1 'X- Ffw-E. ,- .' QQEEV fi ,afgfw '? ,, uf., 1 "ix'f,I?"- :- QA .fi -ff , :. .l.?., ,, . . - .fi i"',Qff 'i .aa W-P wr 5 .1 ,ul -V 1 , , 2-1.35, - 1 ,P Ve Mm -N - 'lifrqxff f. 5 , , . Q N . ff' 1', ' , Qs ui ,5,. .,. C" ,.. 1 J: J 'r- 1 . 1- X xglnior Cfaw of MOl98V Agngfon SAOQK Cffzmgzfw, 0650 prwenfj Me wb' N 5 4 iii!" CNS! H S ,kr M E! OVQ WOW V VVe are leaving Upper Arlingf ton in a time of peace. The years behind have been the darkest and most desperate the world has ever known, but ahead is the hope of universal freedom. We can have a share in shaping the destiny of this new-found peace, and we feel the responsibility. During the past four years we have combined carefree fun with many hours of serious thinking and preparation. Now that gradu- ation has come, most of us find it ii little difficult to leave, even though we are eagerly looking for- ward to fulfilling our ambitions. Our sincerest wish is that the training we have received here will enable us to face the exacting demands of the future. As we part from our classmates ind teachers to enter industry or go into further training for our life's work, we must never forget the meaning of this moment. It is our privilege to dedicate ourselves to develop the promises of our na- tion and to do everything possible to achieve the four freedoms around the world. Now as we look toward the fu- ture. you, the reader, will see in the following pages the record of our four years in high school. Page Four M- 1 . .wffrggtegtfiwliffiiyiiffpvfi . ' ' ' V51 5 Tw' f. if ff' .-ffx,-FEPQRHFQ '1 If f' ' , JW,,,,,1, ,kV. . 'lx ' PIOQI' xi? sw 'gs it f f I .5 -at Q at Page Six The biggest accomplishment of the Board of Education this year was the planning for a new school plant. Plans for additions to both the ele- mentary and high school buildings have been drawn up. The high school building was completely equipped with radio facilities this year, including a modern broadcasting studio and a public address system to all rooms. The School Board was instrumental in the expansion of the music, dramatic, arts and crafts, and journalism departments. Through the School Board, the school was opened to community clubs for their own use and a recreation program was operated in co-operation with the city. The theme of the Arlington Parent-Teacher Association this year was to provide opportunity for the community to observe several phases of school work. All business of the P. T. A. was transacted by an executive commit- tee. "The programs were designed to interest parents, to inform the com- munity about school matters, and to give students the experience of partici- pating in the public relations programf stated Herman Tice, president. The Upper Arlington Booster Club was organized last year for the pur- pose of promoting and boosting worthwhile school activities. Early in the fall, the Boosters had lights and a public address system installed on the ath- letic field. With the newly organized high school marching band in need of new uniforms, the Booster Club sponsored a campaign to raise the funds to pay for these uniforms. The Boosters also sponsored the mailing of the first four issues of the Arlingtonian to all homes in Arlington. ..1 'i qt , fffwfx 4 'Q . '51 1' V, M4 R398 4 3 v In M ...-.un ,,..m- , ..,, ..,, 3 QW NN X - .Magi wwf, K X W . W- Qmri' f 11 Y ' W Q! 'WV QRS Q gg M x 9 , ' sig . . Q .y 'Z x ? N . qw "' Q 55 ,Aw r":'m'amRn D v X A . 'f x ' .ga J gt " N A S 1 N X Q " pm, f.. A V I 'Q wiv! A ' ef iw , ,. " , f ' ,u , , 1 I G 1 ..v -Q "' X if W' s , ,::,.,.: 1,, if if Q' XP .N ,fi gQ. Q .., gpsiifigww '--:- ' ' ' ' ' - mm'-"--' wloerinfencfenf Before coming to Arlington in 1943, O. E. Hill was the Superintendent of Schools at Galion, Ohio, for seven years, from 1934 to 1941. ln 1941 he became assistant State Director of Education for Ohio. Mr. llill received his B. A. from Ohio State University and his 1Vl. A. from Columhia where he majored in administration and school Hnancc. Mr. Hill believes that education is as broad as the whole community with all its experiences and it is the duty of the home, the church, and the whole community to provide a constructive program of continuous living for its youth which will develop them spiritually, socially, physically, cmotionf ally, and mentally. Page High! vinci lxgin VV. Davis is at graitltmte ol' Ohio State University where he mujoretl in tlre lielcl ol' secondary ecluczition. Nr. Davis has heen ut Arlington for twenty one years, serving as elementary teacher, elementary principal, high school teacher, :tml high school principal. lihc clalss ol' '46 haul their lirst contact with hir. lltwis in thc seventh griitle when he was their history teacher. The next year, 1941, he was ele4 vutctl to the position ol' high school principal. Mr. Davis helieves that through the experience gained here. students entering Upper Arlington lligh School will grow in lxnowleclge, wistlom. and untlcrstaintling. Students leaving, hecziuse ol' the experiences they halve haul, will he hetter zthle to serve their fellowtnen, their country. and their Coal. Pi :ge Niue E 4 , 5 " 2 may ,gg -35: x agp. . "Ip, ,Af ,. 'ESQ ,ww 1 . 4 Q su - AW' XA, 'i wan- 'W .Mi ,xx 6 C.. 6LClfL I IIIIIAIIY INIJIISIIIIAI, AIIISL IJI-,l',fXlI'l'Ml"N'l' xx' .',. ARI IJIiI'AII'I'MIf,N'I' IIUMIQ IKTUNONIICS I I IJIfPAII'l'MllN'l' Iivrnicc Rm. 'I IIUIIIIAI IIccInmn, Anim Crist. Inuisc II.mgI1.un. -It by LX' I 51 IIIICX . III! III flux, IImlI1rl Ilurnx .-XIIIJIOYISII.-XI IDI-'I'AII'I'NlIfN'I PIIYSIL AI CUMMVIICIAI AIIIS IJIfI'AII'I'MIiN'I' XIIISIC' lDI5I',-XII'I'Ml7N'I' AND IIIUXI III IDI' PAIII 'Ml-'NI Dull- llibsnn, IQJIIIICFIIIL' f1IicI4. I mv1'II Ixilcx. SI fX'I'I-Ill: Ilurrivt i.r.mI, Nlflljl-ll'L'I Yuung. S'I',fXNIJINC.: Dm! Pm-rrx, Artlmr I 'V"'L"N Pngc Ii'I4'1'c11 l, i eniom 'ie future is not in the 110111115 of Fate, but in ours." zzles Izzssermzd if v A 4' 1 1' , ,g ' g V ' "1" "W -- . P3 5 , , lr,-,,. ',' .. ,--. I N ,+,M,.m..',,, , , -' ... A N."a-Miz AW' - VQH L- ' .1-W , " Ffa 'T' gx -13, 5 Q r:1 ',.ri.4,3 K4 3 ,f ,.g:M q L .- w 1 HHN ibn? 4 , 24. ' I .53 Y . , f,Qq,.f-1 ' QF K -1? ids - 1 R JACK Hllbbhl.. 1'UblLb "Prostie," tall, dark, and hand- some. Basketball, 2, 3: Track. l, 2, 3, 4 CCaptainD: Football, 2, 3, 4: Varsity "A," 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Oflicer, 1 CVice-presi- dentD, 4 CPresidentD: Leaders' Class, 4: Torch, 3, 4: Student Council, 4: lnter-Club Council. 4 QChairman3: Senior Scholar- ship Team, 4: Senior Class Ex- ecutive Committee, 4: Sigma Rho Club, l, 2, 3. 4 iiPresi- dent3: Norwester, 4. Kenyon College MARY ANN LUMMIS "Mal," a second Sarah Bern- hardt, reliable. Class Olhcer, 4 CSQ-cretaryj: C. R., 2, 3 LCabif netj, 4 QCabinetD: C. A. A., l QCabinetD, 2 L'Cabinet3, 3. 4 LCabinet3: Library Staff, 1: junior Class Play, 3 QCastl. 4 QStaiiD: Senior Class Play. 4 CCastD: Thespian Play, 4 CCast3: Minstrel, 1, 2, 3. 4 QCastD: National Thespian So- ciety, 3, 4: Torch, 1, 2, 3, 4: Senior Scholarship Team. 4: Na- tional lionor Society, 4: Or' chestra, 1: Senior Class Exec- utive Comrnittee, 4: S. A. Club, l, 2, 3, 4 QVice-presi- dentD: Norwester, 4 QMake-up Coveditorj. Denison University VVILLIAM C. JAEGER "Bill," Arlington's hole-in-one man. Coll, l, 2, 3, 4 tCap- tainD: Basketball, 2: Varsity "A," l, 2, 3, 4: Ili-Y, 3, 4 QBusiness Managerlc Class Oliicer, 2 CTreasurerD, 3 CTreasurerj, 4 QTreasurerD: junior Class Play. 3 QStaifD: Senior Class Play, 4 QStalfU: Senior Class Executive Committee, 4: llrae Club, I, 2, 3. 4 CTreasurer3: Norwester. 4 Qliinaneial Managerl Purdue JUDITH ANN VlCKERS "Judy," enthusiastic. initiative plus. Charm Board, 4: G. R.. 2, 3, 4: C. A. A., l. 2, 3, 4: junior Class Play, 3 CStafi'j: Minstrel. l, 2, 3, 4 QCastD: Senior Class Play, 4 QStafiD: Torch. l. 2. 3. 4: Senior Scholarship Team. 4: National Honor Society, 3. 4: Leaders' Class, 4: Publicity Club. 3. 4: T. A. C. Club, l, 2. 3. 4 QSecretaryD: Norwester, 4 f'Associate Editorl. Ohio State University GEORGE RICHARD BARE "George," that jaunty air. slow drawl. Football, 2. 3, 4: Track. l, 2. 3, 4: Varsity 2, 3, 4: Student Council. 3, 4 CQPresi- dentj: Minstrel. 3. 4 ifCastj: Thespian Play, 4 lCastD: Sen- ior Class Play, 4 LCastj: Lead- ers' Class. 4: Torch, 3: Drac Club, l, 2, 3, 4: Norwester, 4. Ohio State University DOROTHY ALDEN VVILC, "lJody," gracious manner. I call of the Mid-west. Studs Council, 2, 3, 4: Publicity Clt 3, 4: G. R., 2, 3, 4: C. A. i I, 2, 3, 4 CiPresidentD: Cha Board, 3, 4 CChairrnanD: 1 sembly Committee, 4: Minstr l, 2, 3, 4 CCastj: Leaders' Cla 3, 4: Torch, l, 2, 3, 4: Sen Scholarship Team, 4: Natior ilonor Society, 3, 4: Sen Class Executive Committee, T. A. C. Club. l, 2, 3 fVi presidentl, 4: Norwester, 4. Ohio State University THOMAS JAMES SOURS "ll. C.," photogenic, bashl "Silence is golden!" Bexl liigh, Columbus, ll Football, 3, 4: Varsity "A," 3, 4: Athle Board. 4 C,SecretaryD: Class O cer, 4 fQVice-presidentl: Le: ers' Class, 3: Torch, 2, 3, Senior Scholarship Team, Student Council, 3, 4: Sen Class Executive Commtitee, Drac Club, 2, 3, 4: Norwest 4. llartmouth SALLY CHARLTON "Sally," indispensable, versati Class Olhcer, l CSecretaryD: R., 2, 3, 4: C. A. A.. l. 2. French Club, 3, 4: Asseml Committee, 3: Inter-Club Cot cil. 4 Qviceachairrnanfz 'lun Class Play, 3 QCastD: Sen Class Play, 4 fStafl'D: Torch, 4: Student Council, 2, 4 QS retaryjz Senior Class Execut. Committee, 4: T. A. C. Club, 2, 3, 4 L'Presidentj: Norwest 4 ' Editorfin-chicfj. Ohio State University IOHN GILMORE lNlUNSEl. "jack," man about town, Wa er's best cashmere custom Track, 2, 3, 4 CManager3: V sity "A," 2, 3, 4 Cvice-pre dentl: Class Oilicer, 2 CSec taryj, 3 QSecretaryD: Asseml Committee, 4 QChairmanD: It ior Class Play, 3 CCastD: M strel, 3. 4 CCast3: StudentCou eil, 4: Drac Club, l, 2, 3, gSecretaryD: Norwester, 4. Ohio State University ANNE CILCREST SCHNE "Pinky," sway the Schnee wt "I don't blush!" 'Class Ollie: 2 ifVice-presidentlz C. A. X l, 2 QSecretaryj, 3 CPresident 4: Torch. l, 2: hlinstrel, l, 3. 4 CCastD: Library Staili. Student Council, l, 2. Leaders' Class, 3, 4: inter-Cll Council, 3, 4: junior Cl: Play, 3 4QiStalij: Senior Cl: Play, 4 eStaiiD: S. A. Clu l, 2. 3, 4 tiPresidentJ: Nt ivester. 4. Cornell University xii' I fg,:if"N ,J , V fat., -. '- MAIIION HSIIILR "Mer," tliat Voguisli look. clreamy. junior Class Play. 3 l,StalIll: C. Il., 3, 4: C. A. A.. I, 2, 3. 4: Minstrel, 3, 4 tCast and Stalllg 'Iliespian Play, 4 QCast and Stalllz Arlingtoimian, 3, 4, rl. A, L. Llub. 1, 2, 3. 4, Norwester, 4 tArt lltlitorl I.alie Erie College for XVUIIICII MILTON RICIIARD XVETI Iljlllllilf "XVeIIs," politician, prexy, per- sonality plus. illracli, I. 2, 3, 4: Varsity I, 2. 3. 4: Class Olliccr, 3 QVice - presiclentlz Ili-Y. 2, 3, 4: Stutlent Council, I, 2, 3, 4: Publicity Club, 2, 3, 4 tPresitlentH: Inter-Club Coun- cil, 3, 4: junior Class Play, 3, 4 lCastl: Senior Class Play, 3 tCastH: Tliespian Play, 4 tCastU: Minstrel. 3, 4 QCastD: National Tliespian Society, 3 tVice-presidentl, 4 QPresitIenO: Ilrac Club, I. 2. 3. 4 QPresi- tlentl. Kenyon College MARY NOVVLAN CARTEIR "Nowlan," "I.ct's give 'em a cheer!" Clit-erleadt-r, 3. 4: Class Ollicer. I glrcasurerlz C. Il., 2, 3, 41 C. A. A., I, 2, 3. 4: Minstrel, I, 2, 3, 4 QCastl: Pub- licity Club, 3, 4: T. A. C. Club. I, 2, 3, 4: Norwester. 4. Ollio State University CIIARLIES HAROLD IIAMIIIVON uclI1LICIi.u atlilete, llresliman itlol. Football, 2, 3, 4 QCaptainD: Ilasltetball, 2, 3, 4 LCoAeap- tainlg Track, 2, 3, 4: Varsity "A," 2, 3, 4: Class Ollicer. l LPresitlenO, 2 Lpresitlentj, 3 QPresia.lentD: Assembly Commit- tee, 4: Torch. I, 2, 3. 4: Senior Scliolarsliip Team, 4: National Ilonor Society, 3. 4: Leaders' Class, 3. 4 iPresitIentD: Student Council 3. 4: Senior Class Ex- ecutive Committee, 4: Nor- wester, 4. . Ohio State University llAIlllAIlA LOU CEYER "Harb," everybocIy's pal, Iiur- rietl, songs by Geyer. Charm Iloarcl, 4: Arlingtonian, 3, 4: Quill anal Scroll, 4: Senior Class Play, 4 LCastl: G. R., 2, 3. 4: C. A. A.. l. 2. 3, 4: Minstrel, I, 2, 3, 4 tCastD: Publicity Club, 4: Student Council, 4: T. A. C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Nor- .westcr, 4. Vllestern College for Wiotnen JAMES LEE YEAGER "Jim," technicolor blushes, beau- tiful hunk of man. Western High S c h o ol , Washington, D. C., I, 2, 3, Football, I, 2, 4, Track, I, 2, "W" Club, 2, Var- sity "A," 4, Student Council, 4 CVice-presidentlg Kappa Phi Omega, 4 CPresidentD, Nor- yvester, 4 CPrinting and Engrav- mgj. Ohio State University GLORIA MAE HAMMOND "Glo" steno ra her attacks E 1 g ' P 1 0 the giggles. Linden McKinley, Columbus, I, C. A. A., 4, Arl- ingtonian, 3, 4, Thespian Plav, 4 CCHSUQ Radio Club, 4, ivuii- Sfrel. 4 CCasrD, L. D. A. Club 2, 3. 45 Norwester, 4. Franklin University r PAUL B. YATES "Mote," reserved, intellectual. Football, 3, 4 QlVIanagerJ, Var- sity "A,'l 4, French Club, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Torch, 3, 4, Senior Scholarship Team, 4, Arlington- ian, 4 CPage EditorD, Quill and Scroll, 4: Publicity Club, 4, Thespian Play, 4 CCast and Statfj, Senior Class Play, 4 QCastD, Sigma Rho Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Norwester, 4. Ohio State University MARJORIE JOYCE LOVE "Joyce," petite, those big brown eyes. Arlingtonian, 4, C. R., 2, 3, 4: G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Minstrel, 2. 3, 4 CCastD, T. A. C. Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Nor- wcster, 4. Ohio State University RICHARD V. VVILLIT "Dick," Chubby Jackson pro- tege. Raseball, 2 Chlanagerjg Varsity "Af 3, 4, Junior Class Play, 3 CCastD, Senior Class Play, 4 CCastD, Thespian Play, 4 CCast and Staiil, Minstrel, 3, 4 CCastD, National Thespian So- ciety, 4, Dance Band, 4, Stu- dent Council, 3, 4, Arlington- ian, 3, 4 CEditor-in-chiefD, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Leaders' Class, 4, Orchestra, 4, Torch, 3: Band, I, Debate Team, 3, Publicity Club, 4, Drac Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Norwester, 4. Otterbein College VIRGINIA MARCEAU RITZER "Cinnie," energetic. equestria Junior Class Play, 2, 3 CStaiI Senior Class Play, 4 CCasl Radio Club, 4, Minstrel. CCastJ, 2. 3 CStai'fD, 4 CCast C. R., 4: Library Staff, C. A. A., I, 2. 3. 4, Cafetei Staff, 4, S. A. Club, I, 2, 4: Norwester, 4. Ohio VVesleyan University JOHNSTON li. AIEANS "Bobo," quiet toward femal Torch, 3. 4, Senior Scholarsl Team, 4: Thespian Play, QCastD, Boy Scouts, I. 2: Ni wester, 4. Ohio State University PAULINE JOYCE VVHEELI "Pauly,l' energetic. amiable, ct tagious giggle. Junior Class Pl: 3, 4 CStalID: Thespian Play, CCastD, Senior Class Play, C Statflz National Thespian T ciety, 4, Arlingtonian, 3, 4 CI erary Editorjg Quill and Scri 3, 4 CVice-presidentj, G. R., 3 CTreasurerD,4 CTreasurerD, A. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Torch, 3: 1 chestra, I, Library Stali, I, Minstrel. 2 CStafIJ, 3, 4 CCas A. Club, I, 2, 3, 4 CTre urerj: Norwester, 4 CMake- Co-eciitorD. Denison University PREDERICK VVHITE KIR' "Muncie," journalistic style. ti nis whiz. Arlingtonian, 3. CSports Eclitorlz Quill a Scroll, 3, 4, Tennis, 2, 3, Varsity "Af 2, 3, 4, Oasis St: 4, Thespian Play, 4 CCastj, I Scouts, I, 2, Senior Class EN utive Committee, 4: Drac Cl' I, 2. 3. 4: Norwester, 4. Ohio State University JOAN PERREE "Jo,'l budding opera star, ch table, friendly. French Club 4 QPresidentj: C. R., 4: C. A., I, 2, 3, 4: Library Staff, 4, Cafeteria Staff, 3, 4, Ser Class Play, 4 CCastD: Minst I, 3, 4 CCastD, Radio Club, Norwester,4. Ohio State University ERMA ,IEAN LOVE "Erma," "l-et's really yell now!" Queenie. Cheerleader. 3. 4: G. li.. 2. 3. 4: G. A. A.. l, 2. 3 QCabinetU. 4 CCabineO: Pub Iicity Club, 3. 4: Minstrel. 2. 3. 4 CCastD: T. A. C. Cluh, I. 2. 3, 4, Norwester, 4. Ohio State University j. A. XleliN'l'liE jll. "Meri," laconic. the grin with a cliniple. fliennis. 4: Hi-Y, 3, 4: Minstrel. 3 QCastU: Drac Club, l, 2, 5, 4: Norwester, 4 CCirculation Managerl. XVooster College MARY Allflf. SHANK "Polly" peaches and cream coin' plexion. vivacious. Charm Hoarcl. 4: Student Council. l: C. R.. 3. 4: C. A. A., I. 2, 3. 4: Cafete- ria Staff. 2, 3. 4: Library Stall, l. 2, 3. 4: Minstrel. I. 5 LCastD: Orchestra, I: S. A. j. Club. I, 2, 3, 4: Norwester, 4. Ohio State University llfllilfllili lllfli MOVVERY "Mouse," short hut clvnamie. good-will nian. Crestvieui junior lligh, Columbus. l: Baseball. 2, 3. 4: Swimming. 2 QManagerU, 3 QManagerU, 4: Varsity "A," 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y. 3, 4 QSccreIaryU: Boy Scouts. I. 2: Publicity Club, 4: Thespian Play. 4 QCasr4: Senior Class Play. 4 gStal'l'D: Minstrel. 3. 4 LCastU: Sigma Rho Club, 2, 3, 4 CVice-presi- dentl: Norwester. 4. Ohio State University JEAN MERRIMAN "Jeannie," larinerette, sweet dis- position. Minstrel. 3, 4 LCast4: C. R., 2, 5, 4, C. A. A., l, 2, 5, 4: Cafeteria Stall, 4: S. A. Club, l, 2, 3, 4: Norwester. 4. Monticello College JOHN IEVAN DAVIS A'YontL." the strong, silent type. Football, 3, 4: Track, 2, 3. 4: Swimming. 2, 4: Basketball. 3 QlN'lanagerU: Varsity "A," 3, 4: Arlingtonian, 31 Senior Class Play, 4 l,CastD: Sigma Rho Club, 2, 3. 4: Norwester, 4. University ol' Arizona LOIS jEAN OVERBECK "Loc-y," wasp waistline. initi- ative plus. Minstrel, 3, 4 QCast5: C. R.. 2. 3: G. A. A.. l744:SAjClbl'7 ,..,., ...u, ,-. 3, 4: Norwester, 4 QAdvertising Managed. Ohio State University JAMES RUSSELL THOMAS "jim," eflieieney in person, ex- ecutive type. Football, 3, 4 CManagerD: Coll, 4: Varsity "A," 4: HiAY, 3, 4 QPresidentJ: Torch. l, 2. 3. 4: Senior Schol- arship Team, 4: Arlingtonian, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: lX'linstrel, 3, 4 QCastD: Student Council, 4: Drac Club, 2, 3, 4: Nor- wester, 4 QBusiness lN'lanagerD. Ohio State University NANCE NELL VVOLFLEY "Nance," ardent baseball fan, industrious cafeteria cashier. Minstrel, l, 2, 3, 4 CStalYj: G. R., 2. 3: C. A. A., l, 2. 3, 4: Leaders' Class, 3: Cafeteria Staff. 2, 3, 4: Torch, l, 2, 3, 4: Senior Scholarship Team, 4: Na- tional Honor Society, 3, 4: French Club, 3. 4: A. J. Club, 1. 2. 3, 4: Norwester. 4. Milwaukee Downer VVILLIAM A. CONNOLLY "Moe," Navy-bound, the judge. Football, 2, 3, 4: Baseball. I CManagerD: Swimming, 4: rlraclt, 3: Varsity "A," 1, 2. 3, 4: Thespian Play. 4 tCastD: Minstrel, l, 4 QCastD: Sigma Rho Club, l. 2, 3. 4: Norwester. 4. U. S. Navy SARAH RANNELLS CRAF "Sonny," sophisticated, "4 could have carried me out it spoon!" Nelsonville High, lx sonvillc, Ohio, l: junior Cl Play, 3 C,CastJ, 4 CStall'J: Tl pian Play, 4 CCastj: Ser Class Play, 4 ClCastQ: Minst 2. 4 l'CastD: National Thesp Society, 4: Arlingtonian, 2: R., 2. 3, 4: C. A. A., 1, 2, 3. Cafeteria Stall, 2: Radio Cl 4: National Forensic League, Torch, 4: Senior Scholars Team, 4: S. A. tl. Club, 2, 3, Ohio State University VVILLIAM C. CORSON "Core," college boy, big sm Student Council, 4: Ili-Y, 3 QPresidentD: Arlingtonian, Norwester, 4. Ohio State University RUTH EILEEN BLOWER "Ruthie," sunny dispositit "Boy, I feel good today!" Jun Class Play, 3 Cstalfl: Sen Class Play, 4 CStaH7D: Cafcte Staff, 4: Minstrel, 3, 4 CCas C. R., 2, 4: C. A. A., l, 2. Library Staff, l: Norwester, Miami University HUGH WILLARD NELSO "Half," "Sing to me. Half Football, 3, 4: Baseball, 1, 2, Swimming, 2, 3, 4: Varsity "A 3, 4: Hi-Y, 3: Minstrel, 3, CCastD: Torch, 4: Senior Sch' arship Team, 4: Sigma Rl Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: Norwester, Ohio State University JEANENE LEE "jeanene," compatible, blonw beauty. Oakmont High, Pitt burgh, Pennsylvania, 1: Mi strel, 3, 4 QCastD: Senior Cla Play, 4 CStal'fD: G. R., 2, G. A. A., 2, 3, 4: Cafeteria Sta: 2: A. Club, 3, 4: Nr Wester, 4 CAdvertising Ma agerj. Allegheny College RARIJ If.. IIAI.I ig," Iu'.iutiI'uI Imluc uycw. I Ri I Il 7 5 4 CMI' ic ry. tat' ma , ... . 1 v 1. Ili Y, 4: IXIinstrt'I. 5, 4 ast 1: Arlingtnnian. 4: Quill I Scrnll, 4: Varsity "A," -I: irwcxtvr, 4. iii: Statt' lliiivcrxitx' I ANN III3.lTKIiR I," guml naturctl. intriguing 'IasIics. ,Iuniur Class I'Iay, 'I taII'J: Minstrvl, 5, 4 flfastiz II., 2. 4, 4: Ci. A. A.. I, 2. 4. Orclicstra, I: Ratliu Club, 4: isis Stall, fl 'Irvasurcr J: OI'- .- Stall, 2: Nurwvstt-i. 4. rin State Uiiivcrsity IOMAS CRANIIUIINSON car," laughing uycx, Iupsitlctl in. Rain-ImaII, 'I fINIanagt'ri: 'nnix, 4: 'I'racIt, 2, 5: Varsity I," 3, 4, Rantl. I, 2: IIi-Y, 2. 4: Uasis Stall., 4, Orclwstra, Roy Scouts, I: Scniur Clam ay, 4 lStaII'j: Ilrac C'IuIm, I, 5, 41 Nnrwcstvr, 4. nwling Grvcn JIS ANN ZIMMIQRMAN fini." cII'crvvsct-nt. Minstrt-I, 4 IStaII'j: Scninr Class I'Iay, IStaII'J: CI. II., 2:12. A. A., I, 4, 4: I.iI1rary Stall, 4: I. A. . Club, 2, 5, 4: Nnrwt-stcr. 4. . Nlary ul' tht- Springs llillvsgt' IJIIIQRI'IDAVIIJS'I'RIl'IiI,IQR ItricIt," Irroacl sinilc, curly Ixair. Iarullalltuwn I Iigli Sulmul, Iarslralltnwn, Iowa, I, 2, TI1 mtball, 3: IIi Y, 4: Norwt-stcr. nivcriity nl' Coluracln MARILYN MARGARLI MILLER "Dona," pranlastcr. 'AX'cII. Iww- tlic tlunclicln St. Mary til' tliv: Springs, Culuinlnis, I, 2: Rcxlcy IIigIi. Coluinlmus, 3: Minstrcl. SI, 4 tllastbz Suuiur Class Play, 4 t,CastI: C. R., 3: G. A. A.. I. 2: T. A. C. Clulw, 5, 4: Nor- wcstrr. 4. Oliiu Statc University MARIORIIQ l.LlLTII,If. ROSEROUM "Margie," stutlious, niiItIfinan4 ncrctl. 'I'nruIi, I, 2, 3. 4: Suniur Scliularsliip 'Il-ain, 4: Urclrcstra, I. 2. 4: ll. R.. 4: G. A. A., I, 2, 3: L. IJ. A. Club, I, 2 KSec- rctaryI, 3. 4 tSccrctaryI: Nor- wcstur, 4 tI'mnI7rcacIcrU. Ohiti Statc Univcrsity IEANNE MARIE OI ILRACI I "jcannic," ainialmlc, Rnsttm are ccnt. junior Class I'Iuy, 3 tStaII'U: Minstrel, 3, 4 Llfasti: Scnior Class Play, 4 LStaII'D: G. R., 2, 3, 4: G. A. A., 2, 5: Ar- Iingtunian, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: Norwcstcr, 4. clllltl State Univcraity IIAROLIJ LOUIS SCIIENK "IIaroItI," trig tycoon. I7u0tI1aII, 4: Track, 1. 3, 4: Varsity UA." 3, 4: Turcli. I, 2, 5, 4: Senior Scliularslmip Icarn, 4: Sigma Rlm Clulm, I. 2, 5. 4: Nor- wcstcr. 4. Oliin Stats' Univursity IQVALYN ,IIIANNIQ VVIICI IIZY "If.vic," track star. junior Class Play, 5 tStaIII: Minstrel, 4 LCastU: G. R., 4: G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4 Llfalminctjz Torch, I. 4: Scnior Scliolarsltip Team, 4: I'uImIicity Club, 4: Norwcstcr, 4. Ultiu State: llnivcrsity "Bob," those dry comments. Philharmonic oboe star. junior Class Play, 3. 4 KCHSO2 Sfnmf Class Play, 4 CCHSO1 Th'-'5I'i1m Plav, 4 QCastj, Minstrel, I rcgso. 2 csmay, 4 CHEM: National Thespian Society, 3, 4: Band, l, 4, Orchestra, I, 4: Phoa tography Club, I: Oasis Stali, 2. 3, 4, Audio Visual Assistant, 3, 4, Dance Band, 4: Arlingtonian. 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4, Nor- wester, 4 CPhotography Etlitorfb. Ohio State University IOANNE BRADY "-lo," whispery voice. hlinstrel, 2, 3, 4 IXCastD: Library Stall, I, 2, Arlingtonian, 4: G. Pt., 2, 4: C. A. A., I. 2, 3, 4: S. A. Club, I, 2, 3, 41 Norwestcr, 4. hliami University ALVVOOD VVIIITTIEII CITIPPITII "AI," electrician, scouttnaster. Springlieltl Iligh, Springlieltl, II' Iinois, I, 2, junior Class Play, 3. 4 CStalIID, Minstrel, 3, 4 QStatfD: Senior Class Play, 3, 4 QStalI'j: Thespian Play. 4 CCast and Stalfj: Audio Visual Assistant. 3, 4, National Thcspian Society, 3. 4 CTreasurerD, Ilarlio Club, 4: Orchestra. 4, Torch, 3, Boy Scouts, l, 2, 3, 4, Oasis Staff, 3, 4 QIVIanagerj, Band, I, 2, 4. Ohio State University ELEANOI3 ,IANE SIIEIIIXIAN "Non" calm, those D. U. boys! Junior Class Play, 3 CStaII'D1 Senior Class Play, 4 CStalI'j, C. R., 2, 3, 4 f,SecretaryD, G. A. A., I, 2, 3, 4: French Club, 3. 4 CVice-presicIentD: Torch, 4, Senior Scholarship Team, 4, Ra- dio Club, 4: Minstrel, 2, 3 CStafID, 4 fCastIJz Norwester, 4. Duke University JAMES DONALD NELSON "jim," already astonishing State's profs. Thomas ylelrlierson Junior High, Arlington, Vire ginia, I: Arlingtonian, 4: Quill and Scroll, 4, Junior Class Play. 3 CCastD: National Thespian Society, 3, 4. Ohio State University "Kathy," jalces' right-hand ma "Anchors Away." junior Cla Play, 3, 4 CStaflIj: Senior Cla Play, 4 QCastj, Thespian Pla 4 CCastj, Minstrel, 2 CStaII'j, 4 CCastj, National Thespir Society, 3, 4 CVice-president Arlingtonian, 3 LSubscriptit Managerj, 4 QFeature Editor Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 LTrea urerj, C. A. A., I, 2, 3, fCaI netl, 4 CiCabinetD: Oasis Stal 3 CStudent Managerj, OfIi4 Staff, 3, A. j. Club, l, 2, 4 CSecretaryj, Norwester, 4. Ohio State University DAVID LASLEY LEE "Doc," strong base yoicr "Cracker King." junior Cla Play, I, 2, 3, 4 fStalfj, Senit Class Play, I, 2, 3, 4 tStalf Thespian Play, 4 CCastD1 Mit strel, I, 2, 3, 4 CStaH'D: Audi Visual Assistant, I, 2, 3, 4: N: tional Thespian Society, 3, - Oasis StaII', 2, 3, 4: Radio Clul 4, Torch, 3. Ohio State University LUCINDA TIIAIIUE MACRUDEI3 'iCincIy," lvrientlly, precise, th stucient. junior Class Play, I Stalilz Thespian Play, CCastD, Minstrel, I CCastj, fStafID. 3, 4 fCast,D, C. Ii.. I 3. 4 f'CahinetD: C. A. A., I, 2 3 CTreasurerD, 4 Ctiabinetf French Club, 3, 4 fSecretaryQ Charm Board, 4, Torch, 2, 3, - Senior Scholarship Team, 4 Cafeteria Staff, I, 2, 3, 4, I, brary Staff, I, 2: Otlice Staff, 4 S. A. CIIUID, I, 3, 43 N01 WCSICI, 4. XVestern College for VVonien ROGER EDVVARD GAYLORI "Scoreboard," sports writcr Golf, I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity "A," 2 3, 4: Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, junior Clas Play, 3 CCastj, Senior Clas Play, 4 fQCastJ: Boy Scouts, I Publicity Club, 4: Thespiar Play, 4 C'CastD: Arlingtonian, 3 4 CSports Co-eclitoribz Quill ant Scroll, 3, 4: Torch, 2, 4: Senio Scholarship Team, 4: Sigma Rh: Club, I, 2, 3, 4: Norwester, 4 Dartmouth MARILYN BECKNIAN "IIecIcy," artistic touch, whiz a languages. Minstrel, 3, - iCastU, Senior Class Play, L t'xStalfD: French Club, 3, 4: G R., 2, 4: Publicity Club, 4: G A. A., I, 2, 3: Library Staff, 2 Torch, I, 2, 3, 4: Senior Schol arship Team, 4, National Honor Society, 4, Radio Club, 4: A J. Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Norwcster 4 Ohio State University Al ,ICIQ MMXIl1 R.'XliF,l! "Alia-,H calm, cool, collcctcnl. junior Class Play. 3 '.SI-lllll Calctcria Stall.. 4: U. R.. 1. 5. 4: Ci. A. A.. l. 2. fl: iliorch. l. 2. 4: Scnior Scholarship Team. 4: Ullicc Stall. 4: Nlinstrvl. 3. 4 KCTLISYEL S. A. nl. Cluh, l. 2. 5. 4: Norwcstcr, 4. Ulustcrn College for XVUIIICH ANDRIQVV MAIXKHANI SMITH ucil'IlUl1K'I,n happy f go f lucky. Minstrel, 5. 4 xkfastl: Sigma Rho Clulv. l, l. 4. 4: Nor- wcstcr. 4. Ohio Stare University Mllllllllll l.UlllSli BOONE 'illcrillinif' modest. capable. junior Class Play. 4 rSt.xlfl: Minstrel. 3. 4 QCast3: French Cluh. 3. 4: C. A. A.. l. 2. 5. 4: Oasis Stall, 3: Radio Club. 4: Urulicstra. l. 2. 4: Senior Class Play. 4 QStall'l: L. D. A. Club, I. 2. 5, 4: Norwvstcr. 4. Ohio Stan' University BRYAN BEZLCHER "B," hoistcrous, good-naturccl. famous for haircuts. Swimming. l. 2, 3. 4: Track. 3: Varsity HA." 2, 3, 4: lli-Y. 2: Senior Class Play. 4 LCastU: Norwcstcr, 4. U. S. Navy MADCE Llllf, BROXYN "Pug," that innocent loolx. ilihvspian Play. 4 LStall'W: Ar- lingtonian. 4: Quill and Scroll. 4: Minstrcl, 2. 5 QStall'U: Senior Class Play. 4 LCasO: G. R.. 2. 3. 4: llaclio Cluh. 4: Uflicv Stall. 3: Torch. 4: Senior Schol arship Te-ani. 4: G. A. A.. l. 2. 3, 4: T. A. C. Cluh. l. 2, 3. 4: Norwcstcr. 4. llvnison Univcrsity DOROTHY IRENE BRUSH "Dot," natural wavy hair. Junior Class Play, 3 QStalD, Senior Class Play, 4 CStaffj, Thespian Play, 4 CCast and StatlD, Min- strel, 4 CCastD, G. R., 2, 3, 4: C. A. A., l, 2, 3, Norwester, 4. Purdue MARTHA JEAN TILTON "lN'larty," prospective engineer, genius at trig. Leaders' Class, 4, Oflice Staff, 2, 3, 4, lNlinstrel, 3 CCastD, C. R., 4, C. A. A., l. 2, 3, Torch, 3, Norwester, 4. Ohio State University BETTY JANE AYRES "B. J.," reserved, the traveler, sociable. West High School, Madison, Wisconsin, l, Rock- port High School, Rockport, Massachusetts, 3, Art Club, 3, G. R., 2, C. A. A., l, 2, 4, Prom Chairman, 3, Assemblies, 3, Dance Committee, 3, French Club, 3, 4, Dramatics Club, 3, Norwester, 4. University of Arizona HOWARD VVILLIAM VERWOHLT, JR. "Bill," shy, "Wormhole." VVarf ren Consolidated High, Tiltons- ville, Ohio, 1, 2, Track, 3, Band, 1, HifY, 3, 4, Radio Club, 4, Baseball, 4 CManagerj, Varsity "A," 4, Boy Scouts, l, 2, Thes- pian Play, 4 QCastD, Senior Class Play, 4 CStaHD, Nor- wester, 4. Ohio State University CAROL JEAN LIMBERT "Carol," old faithful reserve of select remarks. Arlingtonian, 3, 4 CAssociatc Editorl, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 CSeeeretaryD, C. A. A., l, 2, 3, 4, Minstrel, l, 2, 4 CCastD, Orchestra, 4, Torch, 1, Radio Club, 4, Thespian Play, 4 QStaffD, Senior Class Play, 4 CStai'YD, Norwester, 4. Miami University MIRIAM SUZANNE MASTERS "Susie," conservative, coop: ative. Minstrel, l, 3, 4 C,Cast C. A. A., l, 2, 3, 4, Cafetel Staff, 3, Norwester, 4. Otterbein College JAMES EDWARD VVIGCIN "Jim," the ping pong champee the "actor," Larry Rega Roosevelt Junior High, Colur bus, l, Tennis, 3, 4, Golf, Basketball, 2, Hi-Y, 4, Arlin tonian, 4, Thespian Play, CCastj. Ohio State University DEBORAH LEE TAYLOR "Debbie," poetic genius, the g with the whip. Junior Cla Play, 3 CStafU, Thespian Pla 4 CStaH3D, Minstrel, 1, 2, QStafTJ, 4 CCastD, Debate Teal 3, 4, G. R., 2, 3, 4, G. A. f l, 2, 3, Library Staff, l, N tional Forensic League, 3, Senior Class Play, 4 CCastD, C lice Staff. 4, S. A. J. Club, l, 3, 4, Norwester, 4. Ohio State University GEORGINE LUCILLE EBERT "George," newcomer, mer eyes. Mount Hebron Juni High, Upper Montclair, Ne Jersey, l, lWontclair Hit School, Upper Montclair, Ne Jersey, 2, Lafayette High, Bu falo, New York, 3, 4, Intern tional Club, 2, Junior R1 Cross, 2, Spanish Club, 2, R dio Club, 4, Mountaineer Sta 2, Triangle Staff, 3, 4, Drama! Club, 3, Nlonitor, 3. Ohio State University JOANNE SHELINE "Jody," quiet, loyal member the band. Minstrel, 3, CCastD, Band, 1, 2, 3, Cafctel Staff, 3, Radio Club, 4, Libra Staff, 4, C. A. A., l, 2, 3, Orchestra, 4, Norwester, 4. Ohio State University iORGIi VV. HOOKER 'an," "l'ni going to Pensaf la," suave. llverett junior h Coluinhus I' 'Worth H t ' -, . A igh, Colunlhus, 2: Track, 59, Sigma Rho Cluh, 3, 43 Nor- 'ster, 4. iio State University YRNA lRliNli l7ORNllY lyrna," the dehator, girl with 'inite ideas. junior Class Play. fstallljz Senior Class Play, 3, CStall'Jg Thespian Play, 4 tallljg Minstrel, 3, 4 Qllast ,l Staflj: Arlingtonian, 4: U. 2, 3: Inter-Club Council, 3, G. A. A., l, 2, 5, 4: Ur- -stra, l, 2, 4: Torch, I: Senior iolarship Team, 4: Radio Jh, 4: National Forensic ngue, 4: L. IJ. A. Club, l, 2, 4 CPresidentj: Norwester, 4. io State University T Q.,-M MARION ROBERTA LOVE "Robby," that smooth Florida tan. Minstrel, 3, 4 LCastD: Thespian Play, 4 QCastU: Senior Class Play. 4 Cfastl: G. R., 2, 3, 4: G. A. A., l, 2, 3, 4: Of- liee Stall, 41 Radio Club, 4: Arlingtonian. 4: Quill and Scroll, 4: S. A. Club, l. 2, 3, 4: Norwester, 4. Florida State College for VVomen JAMES VANCE ECKELBERRY "jim," radio and jazz man, "lkie." junior Class Play, l, 2, 3. 4 QStalfDg Senior Class Play, l, 2, 5, 4 QStalfD: Krazy Ka' pers, 3 QStaffD: Minstrel, 1, 2, 3, 4 CStafUg Band, 45 High Life, I: Arlingtonian, 2, 3, 4: Oasis Staff. 3, 4: National Thes- pian Society, 3, 4: Norwester, 4. Ohio State University Page Twenty-tlzree l 0Ll!Ql.. Dave Young was one of the most popular boys in our senior class. Friendly and straight forward, he won a permanent place in our hearts. Dave liked very much to be free, to call his time his own. and not to be tied down with too many responsibilities. For this reason, his participation was not extensive in manv activi- ties, even when he showed a natural talent for themi Dave possessed athletic abilities far above the average, and although the only varsity sport he engaged in was swimming, he was cl leader and great competitor in intramural sports. As a member of the Drac Club, Dave was one of the enthusi- astic supporters. and he helped to plan many of their activities. He was also a member of the Hi-Y in his junior year. No one doubted that his personality, ability, and aggressive- ness would have carried him far, as he showed great promise for the future. Dave liked Arlington and everyone in it. and Arlington has every reason to be proud of Dave Young. l age ml u'ent'v-fozn' lt is hard to list the actual qualities in a person whom you love, and thus we can't explain what made Dick Carlile himself and no other. l lis spirit was typical of all youth and the symbol of the golden rule. Combined in this spirit were his sense ol' humor which never left him, his deep consideration for the feel- ings of others, and his desire to live life fully. Tennis was Dicks favorite sport, and after playing three years, he was elected captain for his senior year. lle played on the reserve basketball team in his sophomore year. All four years he belonged to Varsity "A," holding the vresidency in the last year. ln his junior year he had a part in tlhe class play and also in the minstrel show. Ile was a member of the llifY, the Arlingtonian stafli, and the Drae Club. As members of his class, we are proud to have had the priv- ilege ol knowing Dick and enriching our lives through our as- sociation with him. Page Twenti f1 e au., ,AMW , 32 ,,,,.,, Q , J 4, wi X, N S 'R 1 E.. K sae, 2 X Y xy 5 yr ' A x xy, 'ig 5 L.: . 5 , -X: Qs i NM sf 1. v". Q85 Xia vs- x-V wk :X QQ-Q....iAs wh:- YSQL 1 ww 'mx f X Y Al sq w K Q x . QQ . 3. Q - kk.. ,Q-eff N NQN 'NW I X X Y I K . 451' Q-.LX if Sun? 'igni- oc-,oy cleaners. gmg. rrackster. Qfw 1 gfawa 5986 .5 I 'Y J., -Y her bv. CfJUfI. bovs. Kaltenborn. C9 'Z CIIUCK l'lA1NIILTON leaves his letter sweaters at the dn ELEANOR SHERINIAN leaves to master the Hart of ntterbuv JOHN' SCHOOLEY leaves the hurdles to another lonulerwec IIEANNE OIlI.BACfi leaves her suddenly shapely eyebrow to john L. Lewis. ANDY SINIITII leaves his wise-cracks in problems class t Dave Sherman. SALLY ClHARL'I'0N leaves this annual for you to remember BILL Ll0NlYOI.LY leaves the iudve's bench to the Su remc . is P N,lILDRED BOONE leaves to study harder than ever in college JIINI ECKELBERRY leaves, undefeated in his lamous jan battles" with Beinhart. llw'lARTHA TILTON leaves the mechanical drawing class to the PAUL YATES wills his analysis of world allairs to H X SALLY WIIALEX' leaves the Academy Award for lngrrd berv mall. jACK POSTLE has already left his track shoe to Sally W ANNE SCHNEE leaves, still blushing and remembered I "Grape luicef' JACK BONAR leaves his title of "Fearless" to Donn B Miller IEANENE LEE leaves her beauty secrets to anyone who yy ants JIM WICCINS leaves poor Miss Randall to struggle on with 1 X them. s l out him. 'i track. f is A 'Q 5 chit. l5,vALYN XAIITCHEY leaves, over the hurdles and down the JOHNSTON BIEANS leaves the vice-presidency of the Con hrmed Bachelors, lnc. to another real woman hater PAULY WHEELER leaves her laugh ringing throuuh the halls Of Arlington. IDICK WETHERBEE leaves, taking the presidency ol the "hams" with him. NO one could take his place BARBARA ClEYER leaves in a gust of wind caused by her per petual running from One meeting to another. DICK SHEAHAN leaves, perfectly happy, and still a btchelor lX'llNC SICKLES leaves her cryptic remarks to Louise Fallon BILL CORSON left, before any of the rest, to go where most CL, of us are going-O. S. U. GLORIA HABINIOND leaves her bouncy walk to Stepn Fet :DQ 'E-:QS QA? l .Z ,- fag :QW 'g-.2 ot'-los , Nv Q! 5 F 4 4- fi si Yi .Iver iz le.:x es .1 lwieee ol' llutlge lor his mother. mt-'i' Cot t' shoultl leax e her horn rimmetl glasses, hut she reliuses to part with them. laiuow l isnt ri leaves her xvartlrohe to Russia. Yrvta .'XnktsoN leaves her voiee to anyone who eanit carry il llII1t'. it-'outta' llamf leaves, minus the weary loatl ol' Student Couneil presitlent. l0llU'lIIY llntlsii leaves Clinny to earry on the lamily tra tlition. on S'l'IllifKI,l1Il cleparts lor some place xvhieh is "Striel4"'ly eonliclential. -AIKOLYN llaas leaves her reel Paelvartl lor her mother to clrive. FIIN lhvts hetlueatlis his slow anal easy-going manner to Margie Sl'llt'I'. 0l,l,Y SIIANK leaves the ealeteria stall' with a great loss. Qt-.onet llooiuai leaves his pompatlour to anyone who can Cillllll LIS Vl'L'll HS lll' Clslcg. lanjoinr- Host-ixoom leaves lor a rest. after proolireacling this annual. .Nov Ali'l'iN'lI'.l1 leaves, giving lone orations ahout how mueh he lilves to tallv. VIRGINIA llrwifn leaves. still trying to straighten her hair. Ianor n Sent NK reluetantlv leaves the Spanish ll elass. lvltrva l:UIlNIfX' leaves. cliseussing eutrent situations. ot: lllClNIlAll'I leaves with his eamera. eager to lintl new material. ois Ovtfnmfeu leaves her ivaistrline to Aruly Devine. MIK llowwi-v leaves us-speechless. Lmv Vieiufns leaves without a spare minute. RYAN lllf.ll'lIIfll leaves his Model A In Paul Smith. lllllAM hlasttns leaves her quiet m.mner to those hoister- ous untlerelassmen. 'om Sottlts leates the senior girls--clisgustecl. lam' ANN latmmls leaves!'Not Guilty!" tex hluwstirt, gives his voiee haelv tt johnny hlereer. 1 lltmln' leaves uithout heing eoaxecl. M ilittomfxs leaves the lioothall team helpless. Jowl.AN CTAIVIVR leaves with an "instranographulu eom- ples. itenann llAi.r. leaves Betty. hut he-'ll he hack. ucwim Mmaxunifn leaves her smile to the Pepsoelent llllS. on Mowignv leaves-and is it quietl llilllilli ,llAYl.0lI leaves her voiee to the Mills Brothers. ll.l. UIAIKLIKR leaves to run lor State Treasurer. Cffontirruezl on Page H795 fe' :sg-' We .42 '17 X f Q-so PGN Q,-x Q-,N rxeos QQ Lfeff W gf-Zi 'QF' ff ,TQ t HUB QQVVS X-:: JW" V'EP'5E.P1:"d.- 6645 :Maier 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941- 1942 1943- lst grade: At last we were old enough to go to school! Eagerly looking forward to our school days, in September, 1934, we re- ported to Miss Shedan and Miss Wurster. We were so happy! We were too young to know better. Twenty-four members of the Class of '46 started at Arlington that year. They were Sylvia Adkison, Marilyn Beck- man, Virginia Bitzer, Ruth Blower, Dorothy Brush, Jim Eckelberry, Marion Fisher, Charles Hamilton, Bill Jaeger, Tom John- son, Fred Kirby, Joyce Love, Miriam Mas- ters, Jack Munsell, Hugh Nelson, Lois Overbeck, Jack Postle, Bob Beinhart, John Schooley, Polly Shank, Eleanor Sherman, Ming Sickles, Dorothy Wilce, and Nance Wollley. 2nd grade: Now we could gaily sing that well-known ballad, "First Grade Baby." We were old-timers! 3rd grade: In the middle of this year, we moved from the little white frame building to the high school building. That's one way of getting out of school for a while. 4th grade: We got a lot of practical ex- perience that year. We made relief maps. collected samples of all kinds of materials, and even made some candles. It's a won- der that we didn't put a string in someone's mouth and dip him into the tallow. Sth grade: .... Hmm, we didn't do much in that grade. Could it have been that we were afraid to start anything? No, we were all bigger than Miss Symons. 6th grade: Ars Gratia Artis. Our grand ene trance into dramatics was made via "The Singing Tree" under the direction of Miss Ricketts. Lots of new classmates joined us that year. We all took advantage of the opportunity to dance in North Hall at noon. 7th grade: Were we grown up! Now we changed classes just as the big high school students-even though all the teachers did come to us. 8th grade: It's good chemistry and physics came later. Mr. Heischman and Mr. Jack- son had enough trouble with us in general science. Scientific minds were in full bloom. We never did decide whether or not you can smell rain. Freshman: Looking back on grade school, we looked big: looking forward, we seemed so small. The mystery of the year-what does the "JH in Bailey Bush stand for? Page Thirty 1944 1945 1946 Speaking of Mr. Bush, hes the one who aroused our interest in vegetables. Rememe ber our cutting up carrots and growing beans in sand? To lead us through our first year in high school we chose Charles Ham- ilton, president: Jack Postle, vice-president: Sally Charlton, secretary: and Nowlan Car- ter, treasurer. Sophomore: Our class' buying of the most War Bonds earned us an interesting trip to Lockbourne Army Air Base. We had jeep parts on the brain! Each day we'd eagerly watch the charts to see which class was ahead. Our officers were Charles Hamil- ton, president, Anne Schnee, vice-president: Jack Munsell, secretary: and Bill Jaeger. treasurer. Junior: Money matters were no longer someone else's worry-they were our reali- ties! Selling hot dogs and candy Calways worrying about running outD at the football games and giving the junior class play, Junior Miss, were our main sources of income. After a well-planned race, with signs and campaign badges, George Bare emerged as the new Student Council presi- dent. Track queens vvere elected that year CJeanene Lee represented usD for the C. B. L. track meet held at Arlington. ln- cidentally, we copped the crown! The climax of that year was the entire class' cooperation in putting on the "Circus" Junior-Senior. For weeks prior to that mo- mentous occasion, we were engrossed in the task of stapling crepe paper to make the "Big Top."A Then pink elephants appeared in the third Hoor hall. Decorating went into the "wee hours" of the moming-and the next day everything was down, leaving no evidence that the "Circus" had come to Arlington. The class officers were Charles Hamilton, president: Dick Wetherbee, vice- president: Jack Munsell, secretary: and Bill Jaeger, treasurer. Senior: This year we sold cokes and potato chips at the basketball games. One of the problems classes had a birthday party for Mr. McCullough, We're all wondering where we'll be and what we'll be doing next year about this time. Many memories are stored away in our hearts now-both happy and sad. Now that our senior year in high school is completed, we leave our somewhat sheltered life to see what our futures hold. 1fufLi0r- endow W www, . X The annual junior-Senior prom, an old tradition still ohservcd hy the upperclassmcn at U. A. ll. S.. attained the ultimate peak ol' glorious splendor in the spring of 1945. Every inch-from the animals en- closed in mock cages along the edge of the dance floor to the colorful ceiling of bright crepe paper stream- ers ovcrhcadfwas a triumph for those diligent, ingenious juniors who planned and presented the event. Sally Charlton, chairman of the decoration committee, well deserved the hardAearned praise she received from all who attended. lt was truly an occasion worth a year of waiting. "TY Q J 'i ,Mm veg Q N. ,QQ -x ' . s N ,Ax Hi' x i .Wt Ai X L, My X 3 :N . N 1 "E v. Y, 'PKR ,.v.,,f: x K f 3.3 3 .v, 'Q-. -SWE Www , wi -il x 4 E an 4 ! N 5 . - :N W X55 Sm .X . 4 IN ' J W mx, -.-rx Q wwf K' sw .p - -..:l' MMS' 'fr b I v X A4 v A Modern design makes the big difference! About ten years from now how will the Class of '46 be faring? Of course by then everything in this world will be perfect. A real UTOPIAY So let's peer into our infallible "Glimpse of the Future Ma- chine" and discover what will be going on in that faultless world of 1956. jim Thomas, multi-millionaire from this fair land of Utopia, has announced his engagement to Miss Uto Jia of 1956 . . . leanene Lee has been seen re- cently busily spraying her house with that new beaver-preventive spray . . . George Bare, leading sewage engineer, has a new plan for piping garbage to the Antartic . . . Renowned opera singer loan Ferree will soon pay a visit to her old schoolmates in Utopia. She is going to sing in the current opera sensation "U Topia U." After ten years of constant practice, lim Wig- gins last night defeated that famous Cincinnati mid et in the Utopian ping ong tournament . . . Burl? Geyer, famous novelty fyric writer, has a suc- cessor to "The Three Little Fishes" entitled "The Four Big Turtles." . . . Kathy Hall last week mar- ried an Army man . . . Tom johnson has report- edly traded in his 1957 Pontiac "Super I7 Rocket Ship" for another yacht, his twenty-third . . . Social- ite Martha Tilton will throw a brawl to entertain famous visiting fashion designer. Evalyn "Adrian" Vlfitchey. Charles Hamilton, president of the Utopian Medical Association, recently scared a patient to death with his big chest . . . Sarah Crafts was seen going to visit her husband at work. He is manager of the Super Du er Markets . . . Bolo Strickler, in- terplanetary weigfit lifting and wrestling champion, has consented to appear in Utopia Square Gardens . . . The Columbus Red Birds' new star pitcher is Nance Wolfley . . . john Schooley, God's gift to the mermaids, has a new theme song: "She Was Only a Mermaid with a Fish's Tail, but Oh What She Seemed To Be." . . . An interior decorator of great fame, ,loanne Sheline has been given the tre- mendous task of redecorating the Oasis. Betty Hill is showing a great promise as a joumal- ist and has just finished a book entitled "How To Be Nice to Everyone." . . . Bob Reinhart of Rein- hart Motion Picture Studios announced that he will attempt to film "The Night of january 16th." Polly Shanks neat-as-a-pin house is her pride and joy, especially when her handsome husband is home to admire it . . . Tragedy struck Uto ia last week when Fred Kirhy's uncle died. The old gen- tleman, realizing that his nephew was such a bar- ain hunter, left him 51.98 . . . ,lo Brady has finally fearned to play boogie on the piano . . . Myrna For- ney is on a tour lecturing on the topic, "fiWhat's Wrong with Utopia." ,lim Yeager, renowned fudge magnate, claims to have cornered the fudge market of the universe and will now branch out into butter creams . . . Katherine Hepburn is now a stand-in for famous stage and movie character actress, Ming Sickles . . . Brian Howell, brilliant political analyst, has pre- dicted that Utopia will soon go to the dogs . . . Kfddd Moya ec? Famous cartoonist Marion Fisher, creator of Eltrym CMyrtle spelled backwardl, has hired a new sec- retary, Gloria Hammond, to handle her immense correspondence. Tom Sours, director of Utopian highways, has completed plans for an interplanetary highway. His previous plan for a highway 200 miles into the stratosphere was not accepted . . . Fred Wa- ring's Glee Club, under the direction of lo Becker, scored a great success on Mars last week . . . Bill Corson and lim Nelson have invented a gasoline engine which saves so much on fuel consumption that the driver must stop every ten miles to drain out one gallon of gas . . . Lois Overbeck walks con- fidently through the scarlet fever ward at Utopia Hos ital saying gaily, "I've had it." That Florida sunshine agreed so well with Marion Love that she has decided to make that vacation state her permanent home . . . Although times have changed and there are space and rocket ships, Dick Masheter, eccentric millionaire band leader, still insists upon driving his maroon Ford convertible . . . Betty lane Ayres is busy writing entrancing books on her universal travels . . . An important current question is whether Paul Yates, famous Utopian hilosopher, will win in the com- ing residential election. Tfie new improved Utopian swimming pool has Anne Schnee as the head life guard . . . Bill laeger, former insurance salesman, defeated Roger Gaylord, prominent letter sweater tycoon, in the finals of the Utopian golf tournament . . . If you're in need of any diamond rings or ruby pins, try the Dorothy Brush Exclusive jewelry Stores for a fine buy . . . Ginny Bitzer now owns every horse and every equestrian blue ribbon in Utopia. Ruth Blower continues to write her famous col- umn, Advice to the Lovelornf' . . . ,lohn G. Mun- sell, salesmanager for the Cris Craft Corporation, has completed plans for remodeling the Buckeye Lake Yacht Club . . . Mal Lummis and Sally Wha- ley are the two leading characters in the current sensational Broadway revival, "The Night of Janu- ary 16th." . . . Several sets of lawyers have ex- hausted themselves to the point of death, but it still hasn't been decided whether Karen Andre is guilty or not . . . lack Bonar, fearless universe trax- eler, in a cablegram from India testified that Harold Schenk and john Davis each lifted a large elephant with one hand. lack Billman, campaign manager for Dick Weth- erhee, says, "If Wetherbee isn't elected interplanet- ary president my name ain't--, ah, my name ain't --, vote for Wetherbee." . . . Marilyn Beck- man, famous biographer of well-known musicians, has just completed Duke Ellington's life story and plans to write about Woody Herman soon! . . . In a real flurry is Lois Zimmerman, who is busy being a charming wife to a devoted husband . . . Dick Sheahan is still a bachelor busily dividing his time between his 17-hole golf course and four Cadillacs. It's said that busy French teacher Eleanor Sher- man has been teaching her students jitterbug steps CContinued on Page 109D zfmiom "Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to itf' Proverb lg Qt i 'Q an . dj! 0 wf'?S ,,, , .- .Q Q? f 5, 4 Lk? xx-- 1' 9 sw' fs ,J fit f if w w . ig .I .E if .1 ' . .ur k ,.. fe- FIRST ROVV: Tom Giles, Marilyn Egel, Mary Atkinson, Sally Criflith, Jeanne Sutherland, Bette Gragnon, Carolyn Campbell, Bowan Munclay. SECOND ROVV: David Stephan, Marilyn Miller, Lucille Vradelis, Nancy Yontz, Tom Magruder. jo Cox, Pat Redman, Miriam Gantz, Bob Forney. THIRD ROVV: Dick Carr, David Dodd, Dick Edwards, Jud Milhon, Bob Dodge, Tom Brannon, VVayne Roclof. Dick DeVere. ABSENT: Marilyn Brown, jo Ann Greiner, iNlary Lawler. FIRST ROVV: Penny Howard, Ruth Davis, Virginia Hammel, Janet Lenz, Louise Fallon, Carol Bailey, Angie lklillisor, Sliirley Sterling. SECOND RCVV: Pat Vercellino, Nick Soussanin, Scott Norris, john Larkin, Norma Richardson, Pete VViIliams. Dick Barr, Barbara Austin. TIIIRD ROVV: Dan Ranson, Don Hamilton, Spike Cerwin, Donn Nliller, Avery Robbins, John Vklalker, Iikilil Hebden, Bob ikleeder. ABSENT: Urene Copelan, jean Sutton. mMfS.?' 'El.iaZ3Y'FZYhaM.f1 l l"lllS'l' RUXV: Nuiicy llamv. Cyntliin TuuVcllc. Virginian Brush. -lzlii-Aiiiiu Riltlcalgv, Marty Luu Fbriglit. Tcrric llunnnli, llairrict llnlmrt, Viviun Nlucncli. SVCTUNIJ HUXV: lfrccl Spriggs, llicli fruut. Myrtle llulling. Amin' frmvliurnl. lxiyv Nelson. Xlziruia Pray. SILIHICS' -lmws, .lim Pricc, ,lim lluliimin. llillllill RUXV: Hub Sctlcr, Dun Curn. lluwurnl Ortli, Toni Frye. Bill llcnry. Phil -lulinsun. .lim Slum. Blilac llurriwn. AllSl7Nil': ,lklIll'I,iY1'lX IIIRSI' HUVV: Ann liailcuncr, Avica lluclcriula. Bxirlxir.i Rook, 'lam' fiI'All11liCl1, Nanny Nuivv. .lil'Xl1l1 Uaiwsuii Maury Lurgv, Pfilly liclw.m's, SIKTPNIJ HUXV: llnrctli Axciiv, lluswll ,IAl'l'llll7lf', Beal: ilcmg, limi licrlwr, Bill lewis, Marilyn lwvllx. 'llllllll HUXV: -lim Ilmix, 'liuin ll.ml4, Bill Xlilliun. Ciairtcr Gillmcrt, .Iolm liclirciis. Dick Briglit. Skip ll.iri'isuii l'ru1l U':icllc'y. .UNI Nl : Xlaircin Slvuiirt, A im' fn-llcr. 841115 Kustcr. "' ' AFX- 1e- 'N u gy flu-ww. ws 'PEZ lf, "1. I 4 1 5 4 semi My vnu? .4 , MW, 5 Km "K. "N, s.,S K M01 ' -A f 3 ..-- 1 -,, ,,., - -f-- Q Q rags vg , Q S I 0, Q SQ 'wif ,, A, .. ' W , an A if . x mi M" I N-1f- ,f 5 14 q . -X Q Q sg. is " NV Q is ! , W v gf X 1, " ,, QQ ' W ' 1 A ' ' Yv Aw N 4 .' "" i ,.-: 2 A - 4 s Q M x, ' 'IKE' .Z O OWLOIWQ5 "All work is as seed sowng it grows and spreads and sows itself arzewf' Carlyle Q., 1, H3 , .uhm K , l E ' ml Q 1 if 'A :M- 3 I :Q 1,14 X1 I W ,- ,3 -N Jaws gun.:-v.,-gm X , ..,. .4 4.,.,,p M, man- .-..--.ww-Ivvwmy' FIRST ROW: Martha Walker, ,lo Ann Smart, Dorothy Spetnagel, Gay Thomas, hlarijean Cline, Betty Knight, Beth Bennet, jean Youngquist. SECOND BOW: Ben Hadley, Pat Bowser, Pat Bess, Polly Heir, Marjorie Graves, janet Petrie, Marjorie Setzer. Paula Vvilliams, Natalie Jones, David Corner. THIRD BOVV: Andy johnson, Billy Clapp, Roger Nelson, Angelo Cipriano, Bill jackson. Ralph Ohlhaeh, Bob Bepine, Dave Sherman, Gerry Althen, Alex Cecil. ABSENT: Tom Butler. FIRST ROVV: Barbara Smith, Phyllis Allen, Carolyn Slaughter, Nancy Sehnoor. Carol jackson, farolyn Longa- haugh, jane Schncll, Freda lX'Iueneh. SECOND BOVV: Bill Ewing, Pat Brady. Xlary Lou tlengsten, Beverly Sawyer, Gay Belcher, Xlary Mackey, Iimily Eekleberry, Bill VVinrlers. THIRD BOVV: Frank Starr, Byron Ireland. Paul Smith, Dick Blower, Larry Greathouse. junior Blorris, ,lim Barnes, Dick Gingher, Bill Sherrarrl. ABSENT1 None. r'Nl1r" a.a .F a mw , 1 llllS'I HOVY: llmzumvr Ihfl sung, Nzumcy Sanur. 'luycc lJllL'liL', -lu Anna' IM-clnnun. Nauwy Hctsch. Hgarlmra lrwis. lin Kultilng. SI CKJNIJ HUNT Hnrb.1r.u C'Hngvr, Nanmcy Merrick, Ann llzuniltnn, Nnncx Rickctl. jcun nl't'idl'Ilb.lCll. Umm' Dunlap. Al IHIKID IKUVY: lhlplm U'ink cr, 'lim Liggctt, Bill Rlwlt. Chuck I:YK'l'SUl1, Paul Shepard. .'Xl3Sl'N'lg: vlullll limulcn, .lack fullins. Dun Valli, Tenn Xuutcrs. Yun llomwcr. Nznwy Andrus. HRVI HUXY: 'Ymu lfffrinly. Maury Ruth VVcigL'l. Alia' Bnrcruft. lumlcc Pmclcrick, Uium' King. 'xllll Purpus. DICRIIIH SIIIKI-llf. -Imam fvrlffllll. Sl-'COND ROVV: .Ir-lm llunacl, llurbaurn Stcmcn, jackie' Zvlluk. Aluycc Ollwch, Bobby l.m'clcss. lucggy Curr Ulrrrm l..llllPht'H. JXliu' lllll, I:,lk'2lllUI' Alilyllklfd, Ann l,UN'lllklIl. Dun Kinnam. IIHIHJ ROXYQ Huh liggutt, Ilan' Su-wart, Dick lk-rmmlorf. lfrnic 'l4riHUn. ,lnlm llurncsnn. 'lAlll1iL'IKlll1L'I'IS,KL'l1ll.ill King, llirlx C lurk. Ilill Cblxwr. Hill SlllIUI1,,l.UlI1 Buvl. xXI1Sl'NVI 1 Nlmc. Wwr ww. A. :CXW Z5 ff: W W -al Q ww fl ,J ' ' 'WW Y . " ' .w w Af, V6 'UB' -.. .-ww, N . V575 il 'Q V Q vw :R A ,. Q I F5 5 ff ff" fs. P div. 'Www-My .W Fm N 4? 9 M52 is yy Qi' 'Q gi' ad N Sl . i P86 VVLQVL ,JZ "The golden age is before 145 not lvehiml us." Saint-Sinzolz . --4-nv-. . VI.-.N ..,,,A , 1 ofa ' , Hum? -Q - '. N 'sm 5 W .W A fi? GEL av' 1 MQ, was FIRST ROVV: Sue Sterling, Barbara Colborne, Nancy llyler, Gretchen Gerlach, Sally Pray, Marian Junkerrnun. Marian Olsen, Marilyn Mead. SI5,C"OND ROX'N'z Dick May, Natalie Orth, Cheryl 'LT2lIllIllZll'l'l, Anne Reinhart, joan Grifhths, Shirley Hiner, George Guthrie. THIRD RONY: Ilowie Lupe, Bob MacEwan. Jack jenkins, Don Colhorne, Rob Hudson, Herb Brown, Bill Gosnell. ABSENT: Chuck Gray. Ilul Wlebster. FIRST ROVV: Sarah Knell, Priscilla VVard, Mary Margaret Vllolfley, Ann Irion, Barbara Moore. SECOND ROVV: Dick Lutz, Ioan Hullhsh, Ann Powell, Gretchen Krause, lWitzi Unckrich, Katherine hlontg- gomely, Bill Merkle. THIRD ROVV: Frank Dittoe, Ted Aekland, Dick Tice, Elwood Guernsey, Ed Fidler, Paul Faneher. IIXRSENT: None. Zi-.sw-?' IIIXSI llUXX': Swim.: llluwr, l,l.II1Il .Xulcl. 'Mmm' gLllllCIlLll1Kl. cxlfllljll Ilmiux, Sdllilll Slllllll, AlilI'g.ll'CI Clilmgllcx' jam- llnxis. SI PUYIJ HUXY: vlulm liulxu. N .llm my Ih-LI l1l.Ill. llcvrrly llJl'li0l', Virginia l'c 1'1' y. Paul Ill lllx ilt mmll. Xl.urg.m't Xclwn llulm Ugu-1, K4-ith Ilmu. 'I :umm mmu IX-ll ,1-, 1 xlu.-11.-I, Mm- ,1.. , c:.,...1wm. T l,l1, XK'iIl1ml, llruu' ,l.,l1..N, lam- .vm-.M-, lil In-1.1.,1.m1-Jflilm. ,'Xll9I5N'l': Num-. llllSl' llUVl'z Pgmy ll.nyx. Nz nrmc 'y llill, llnrlmru Suurs, illc xmlmzz Pryor, Mnrtlm Cfmxtun, Ann Frznlmkclmlwrg, Sue Ski xmxnm- r. 9l"CfONlJ IRUXN1 -In A 11l1 Cn rx'1' N, 'Il-ll Nels rulm, Vllils cwll Cinglwr, llill Km-Icy. ,lim lglltli. llnlm ll.lgL'f. julm Siclwrt. 'l'lllllIJ ROVV: llill :Kyra-N, Bill Mm-Sl 1.1l1L '. lliclmrml Clcrlu '11, B-lb Yulcs. l:fL'LlLI Magma .'XllSlfN'I': Nlicl mann' l llnmilt erlx. Ar lxlv Ill l,QllHlL'. ' , iD,-...is . " WNQW wwwmmw 9' QS' ., . X me S. , .,.,. ' . 1 Q 1 W ,,, WM NN .W 21-q,,.,A., ' up ,"o-1: Tfyiix ff: 3 Y u W ,nal W' as I AW, P' NW 7154 M! xA Qi-UL M "Youth is the opportunity to do something and to become S017'1f81f70lljf.U T. T. Manger Q MAJ, ' Q , ,xwmw FIRST ROVV: Dick Deeds, Bill Lewis, David Mayer, Lorin Ulm, Ted Vradelis, Alfred Yontz, Howard VVagenA hals, Aaron Jones, Billy Lee, Tom Cook, David Hall, john Breen, Dick Hollinseed. SECOND ROVV: Dorothy hlontgomery, Sally Lucke, Beverly VVitchey, Marlene lsenacle, Sarah Clapp, Chiquita Price, Carolyn Glenn, Mary Ann johnson, hiarilyn Cotner, Rodney Garnett, Darrel Zipfel, Herbert Horn, Dick Dale. THIRD ROVV: Bill Shimp, VVayne Kayser, Sally Campbell, jean Ann Shephard, Martha de lylay, Marilyn Ogier, Diana Sims, Peggy Willnian, Nancy Ann Vespers, Joyce Sandho, Anita Smith, Billy O'Neil, George DeLong, Fred Vickers. FOURTH ROVV: Connie Hoover, Nina Krouse, Adrea Rose, Sue Germain, Dorothy Distler, jean Ann Lowres Elaine Fallon, Nina Weigel, Susie Keeley, Ann Saville, Linda Davis, Nancy Watts, Johan Aylesvvorth. FIFTH ROVV: Elizabeth Blowser, Beverly Hittson, Susan Van Deventer, Ann Tyler, Jeanne Croy, Marianna Gosnell, Dick Young, Sonny Atcheson, Bill Mackey, Bill Egel, john Hartenfels. SIXTH ROVV: Don Maloney, Roger Buel, jim Raths. Peter Edwards, George Tritfon, Chapin Nolen, Tom Crockett. ' V" X " My M- RMI: SEV!-an l5lll'i'I HOXV: llulw llurtlt-n, llucllcy l,Clll1L'l, Dun Sly, ,lctl Mclflmtcc, Dun Nltrrris. ,Iinnny Rattan. Ellj.lL'I1L' Mbi- 5 gt-l, Huy .Nlillt-r, llill l.icklilt'r, lmy Qccrcst, Nurlnaln'll'zwl1, jack Clllllllllllfll. llnvitl Sprigs, Clmrlus Munnc. Uhr nt-r lfllllllllllll, llill Rt-ss. SIKLONIJ HOVV: Cltrl clllllClL'fSllll, Clary l:LlllIlL'l', 'll-tltly Vllilsmm, l:l'L'Cl IlllCllCllllUl-l'l', llulwrt llulull, lnrunli lil walrtls, lun' Yllllllg, Susan llilt-y, Sllllllf' VV:1cltlull, fxlltll'l'y llycrr-ntl. llvtty Allms, Ilnlnrcx S415 rt. Cllcnn Bon rlcn. jllllllly XN'illit, Ilulmln' Claws, Phillip ltrwv. .lim lxllllllllllgll. ,lucly Alliwn, Ann Pryur, Sully vit-rcclt. k l7UUllll'll RUXV: llill Nt-wtrn, Holm llutlwn, Hull llutllcy, Burton Gcrlwr, lluvitl llunt, Holm Lannlm, -lint I.ylt-, jnlmn Sllltlfl, llcurgt' llullluul, Hula King, fxflllllf Miller, Frank lxlCCllL'llLll11l. lJlAlIlL' Kusc. l5ll"'l'lI RUXV: llill Clltt, Dick Knight, llmnglns Gumlscll, VV:tltt-r Ilmniltun, It-gmc ll.n'tlv, Iutlx Pcntl, lutlx' Nlur my, illlklll Clnssitly. Virginia lluclx, Nlznry .ltnw Satlislmury. -lam' Klurrin. Y 1 ' I l 4 x 5' . 11 , X J '- f M in-,-av fr 1 ,buy A ll Q Akai 1 - I - - - 'HIIRIP I' .UNH llatrlmru Illtttw, NAIIICQ' l,m'c, Pat Sl1l'kll1lxlL', Sllkll'lL'lR' Ficltl, B2ll'l71ll'2l llaxtltlcn, Ann .lu -lnsvpll, l5li1.tlu'tl1 Nwrlm-ctltt, Cunniv Kinnnn. lilnily llnttin, Cunniu Sutton, llalttv llill. Sue llzlrmun, Inis Ncpilw. 3 Nm X A R i i . .t . "In activity we must final our joy as well as gioryg and labor, like everything else that is good, is its own reward." E. P. Whipple , T,Q,,s,. H .,. -5-. . . 'Y 1 'Q : N d 1 vm, I , u " 1' .. X ragga Y . A I. 4 1 . 1, A . ,I I x,g.,7 Q , Q . 1,,,.,,. i . as ' 1 4 P I ' , ,Ia I xi, x J ' : E' 1"f1 fr V! . MZDYFTIW 'SLM'-NMmB!1W'Mlv'HviI.5K,'br Aa L41 'Mlm YL VW wwe f-My s 19 l'nEs1nENT Amin JXDVISEII The purpose ol' the Student Council is to provide an instrument lor an efliective democratic government in the school, and to promote co-operation hetween the students and the faculty and among student groups. Under the leadership of President George Bare with Mr. ,Xrthur hlaeilullough as the new adviser, the coun' eil leels that it has accomplished this purpose. The lirst lvill. introduced hy Dick X'Vetherhee, pro vided means lor removal ol' chairs from North llall for dances. i-X system was worlved out for student lahor to he paid lility cents per hour lior this worlv. ,Xnother hill followed, introduced hy Dick Tice, to limit democratieally the numher of major ollices a stu- dent inight hold. ilinoi-nv QlASE Wfonrv 'Q-uv Urrreuns The United Charity Ilill was put into ellieet and one hundrecl-lility dollars was collected and distrihuted to the appropriate charities, careful records heing lvept hy the treasurer. Donn hliller. XVritten records ol? all ac- tivities of the council were kept hy Sally Charlton. the secretary. Something unique was tried lor a social lunetionf- the Valentine hlixer held during school hours. hlusie was furnished hy the school dance orchestra and enter' tainment hy a girls' choral group. A llallowe'en dance was also sponsored. Then in hlay, the girls toolv over at a big Sadie llawlvins' Day Dance, promoted hy the PLANs Fon lN'1'umon Couiri NW? M -givwfenf 62011405 i. 'link CRJLINCII, ti VVURK wtint-il, l,lAilL'5 ucrt- zmnirtlctl to tht' xwrst-tlrcssctl ."lI'1ilIALfIUlIillll ut x'z1riuus timcs: and slogans :mtl atccitlcn L'UlIl3lk'5. liatcts wcrc givcn uvcr thc rattlio lor scvcrzll wcclxs. .-Xu 'I'hi5 yt-gir wt- hiitl ii limi lin- minute tit-tixity pcriml ulliccr frtmi th- Static lligliwxlx' Patrol, in an 2lSSL'l1ll5lX l'W"Y dill' ll' Wlllfll lww lwlcl mwlllllllcs- P'-'P lllcctlllgi lim' the stutlcnt hotly, slwwt-tl hlitlcs ul' mum' ncciclcntis "ml flF'l' 'm'L'll"S5- fl l'li"' WW l"'U"lWfl ffm with Ill'-l zintl told how must ol' them could hzlvc hccn'prcx'cntccl IWAIP Ol Nlf- Diwls Wlll"'l'l'F' 3' lwflillx 4'fl'l'llY fllim WHS .-Xlsu ll numhcr ul' sztlcty tnovics were slmwn. blihis was l1l'lI1IL'Kl,4Cllllllllilllllg most t-imlliuts. ll1l5lxL'll72lll l7l'Ogl'illIlS tht, must Cxmnsiu. S311-ly Cgniipgtivii .'Xl'llllUI0l1 has cvcr wcrt' lll'IIllL'Kl with tht- ht-Ip ul tht- typing clnssvs lor alll Incl ' 5 5 lmmt' gtnncs. 1 ' lllht' proinutirm ul' ti Saillcty cl1lINl'ikligl1 was unc ol' tht- U N N Imiggt-st prnit't'Is nl' tht' cntllicil. llustcrs, stunt' uhttlinctl lllmugll IIWSL' miml 1'Vlll'lllV5- thi' SIU'-lcm C "Unfil Iirum tht- S511-it Ctiiim-il gmtl smut- mutlc in sclttmol, were liculs that it hats lunctitmctl as it wortlm'l1ilc orgtittilnf plant-t-tl on till hullctin lxmrtlsg articles wcrc mit in tht- tion. .Xvin in C'u,tn'i SAVED' VVEEK C.'tMm1c:N M 'Lv ' RQ --SVHRNEV' Z 7 01.20 QM CALM iwffig fvsiw-gg ww Leaders' Class, one oil the most outstanding serviee eluhs in sehool, supports all sehool organizations and undertakes all extra aetivities which are not direetly related to any existing organizations. Members of this organization are seleeted from the junior and senior classes and approved by the faculty. old memhers of Leaders' Class, and the administra- Lon. livery year one of the higgest projects of this club is its program for new students. They have a new' eomers' tea and give the new students hand-guides to acquaint them with the school. Among other things, they sponsored a large U. S. O. magazine drive, sent hasliets to the 'lnuhereulosis l.l... i s u is 2 gif ,gm fm Center at ilihanlvsgiving, and arranged hall window eases. To the graduate servieemen they sent the Ar- lingtonian, made a seraphoolt ol' their pietures, and eared For the serviee llag. The Leaders' Class sponsored something new this year for the juniors and seniors, a college counseling session with ten speakers to acquaint students with the different professions in whieh they are interested. Four girls and four hoys were assigned to the sevf enth grade home rooms to aet as "hig hrothers and sistersl' to the younger pupils. Orlieers serving this year were Charles llamilton. presidentg Uielc Crout, vieespresidentz and Pat Red- man. seeretaryftreasurer. elfzior eSZ'!L0!0Lr5!LL70 jam ! iii wsz,.sm1'sav letnhers ol' the class ol' I9-lo s ol' high school. Nance Vl'olli WKQHOVLKL fcjgonor ocief X set.. 1- ms Q 1 acres s X l l rlrrl 1 rrl 5 A::- ' 11 :-, . ,,:: - f I il it r 12:3 -1 1-' s at an lflItS'l'RUXX'1 Marjorie llosehoorn, Marilyn l3ecltn1a11 Na lllllll nce Ulnllley, Alice Baker, Ming Sielales, Mary ,rlxllll Vickers. nis, llorotln' VVilce, Sally Charlton, and judy SFUONIJ ROXY: Alwood Grillith. Charles Hamilton. jim l1e National lltllttll' Society. cl1 was lounded in l92l at tl1e lest ol tl1e National Associa ol Seeolnlary School llrinci was organized to recognize lcntic success and character in school students. 'lihc chapter 1c Upper flrlington lligh ool was estahlished in April, lL'llllJL'I'5 ol' the faculty rate the lt nts on tl1e hasis ol scholar' lL'llllk'l'Nllll1, L'l1Rll'LlL'lt'l', Zlllll ice. Ilre top hlteen per cent ich class are awarded IllL'lI1liL'I' 1 in this society. l'i1'e per cent llIN IIlIlIll5L'I' IHAIX' lk' L'lNl5L'll IT! 1 lunior year: the l'C'lllAlIlllllg per cent are st-let-tt-tl at the ol their senior Near. 1 were chosen in their junior were Charles l lainilton, llrian tell, Cflotilde llohison, llosa' 1 llohison, Matlelvn Sicltles, Viclxers, llorothy 'XVilce, and ice NVollley. lltlll1l'l' honor is hestowed 1 lllk' two l1K'llllK'Ii5 ol lllk' sci1 lass who lnaintain the highest istic aterage lor tl1e lour ornas, Brian Howell, Ten1 Sours. :ind llarold Seltenlx UVLOI' egilrwfenzfa ley and Marjorie RUSCl700l'l1 were tl1e two lllgltrflllllilllg students. Nance is pictured on tl1e right and Marjorie on tl1e left. 'lihe Senior Scholarship rlieam, composed ol' students who earn torches for tl1eir high grades, went to Central lligh School in hlarch to talic a general eXat11lI1atio11 for placement in state ratings. The Arlington averages were higher Illllll tl1e state averages i11 all tl1e suhjects represented o11 tl1is test. llhose wl1o took tl1e test this year were as liollowsz Row l-hlyrna Forney, Roger Ciaylor, Marilyn l3CL'lil11kIll, Paul Yates. .lletty llill. l lugh Nelson. Mary .Xnn l-l.lll1II1lS, .lohnston Means, and Marjorie llosehoom. llow 2-rlittlll Sours, Sarah Crralts, -Inn lhomas, Lu- cinda Magruder, llrian llowell, Ming Sicklcs, a11d -lack Postle. llow 3fMadge llrown, Dorothy ll'ilce, ,Xlice llaltcr, livalyn Hlit- llleanor Sl1L'l'l11lll'I, Nance chey. XVollley, and 'ludy Viclscrs. 'lim ilihoinas tied witl1 two students lifttlll otl1cr schools lior lirst place in tl1e Central District, and several .Xrlington entries received honor- alale lllCl1Il0l1. Wafiolfwa ejlorelfwic encore IPQMXCA The National Forensic League was included in Arf lington's extra-curricular activities in l945 by hir. Dale li. Gibson in order to encourage a wider participation in speech activities. To become a member of N. F. L. a student must earn twenty points of credit in forensic work. Schof lastieally he must ranli in the upper twofthirds of his class. The purpose of N. F. L. is to honor students who have shown singular ability and interest in speech activities. This year, besides debate members, students of the speech class entered into forensic work. The members of the National Forensic League are llebbie Vliaylor, Sarah Crafts, hlyrna Forney. jeann Sinclair, Betty Knight, Nancy O'Crady, lean Crilhth. Dave Dodd, and Kendall King. 'lihis past year the French Club has had a guest speaker from lnternational llouse at Ohio State, played games in French, and had a spread at Christf mas with a musical program. Any student taking French is eligible for member- ship in French Club. Money from dues is used for the purpose of French relief or for entertainment during the year. French Club was organized for the purpose of giyf ing the students a better understanding of the French language and customs. Through the use of the lan- guage in this way. the student may better aceustom himself to the words. Ullicers were joan Ferree, president: Eleanor Sher' man, vice-president: Lucinda Magruder, secretary: and Tom hlagruder. treasurer. W M 5 +f'WW?'Y KQJ A., f .1 X va- VW it Qttiffozzfzvf jim!! Iltt- KQIIIII .mtl Stntll, .Ill tntL't'tt4ttttn1.tI wclctx Ion' Itlglt stltttttl IULIIIIIIISITN uns ttrgtmift-tl :tt tXt'Iittgtt'm in l IMI, Its pttqmmt' ts tu IL'L'4tQIllIfl' utttstxtmling twrIx um' in Ifttlrn4tIistn Ivy Ittglt xt'IttumI SIIICIUIIIB. Un tXI.tttIt ll stun sttttms .mtl Inu' ltllttturs xt1't'L' ttlttn intu tht wtittx tt tltt Q tntlltligltt inithttitm ut A . . 5.4- tttx f.urcIutt Ixttstvr. t-tlm-r UI tItL' CuIumImus fIf1'L'll lHIHl'l'lI Sl'l'IlUl1. NJN IIN' SlX'AlIxk'I'. 'I In' HIIIL'C'I'N this taunt' xwrn' lit-tty Ilill, pt't'sitIt't1l: I,tuIx Wltttltt tint mttxitlnnl ftml I imIuttt Lats I 1 . t . ',S"" ltl'Xl :tml Ix.ttItx II:tII. ttt.twttrt'r. Iht- Ihttcully tttlvisct' tx Miss crk'I'IIlI1Il' XIJIIIII XIn'tt1Iwt's .uv In-tl Iiit'Iw. Itugt-r I,QatxIm'cI. Ilit-It Wil Y Itt. Itrtatn IIrma'II. .lim Iltmtmx, I71IlII Yt'ttc's.,Iit11 Xclsnn, XI Igt Ilttxtn IIttImttt fu I llttlv Ilttnltttt Itttt .ttN' 'I . rf. -'z". ' ty I 4txt'Ix, Hit-It Cttwttt, Ilan Ilttrtwttt, 'I1lll.XIlIlk' IItttIL'tIgL'. I1 :IMI C-ttmx lit-tux fL6L If'lflfL OHL VC f cII1iIl'l11 I11mrtI Itniwltctl its wcutul yuan' Itvrc wry suv t-t-wltnllw. lt is ann tr wn tm-ttttifgttitwtt Im' wirls in vt'.ttIcs I 15 5 V5 I7 IZ. llmt- gum HI IIS tttccttmgs is tu ht-lp t't't'rx gurl. Xs tt l'C5llII, Itints Ihr cltatrtn, ptuisc, c4trt'i4tgL', vtc.. .trv ClllHK'yl'lI tu tItL'm. IIIIC C'Itt'tsttlltts sty'In' sI14m nuts tht- Ittgltltgltt ul tht' wtr IIN' Imu4tt'aI ttsvII, xx'It1cIt pIatt1s tht- tttcclittgs, iw rrp wsctttzttiw ul' tht- I'oIIuxt'it1g gl'UlllT5I I0.taIct's' flglss, -Iuclt' XIIL'IxCl'S1 Itumc cunwtttics t'I1tssL's. Ijatt Ilcclnmn .tml Mxttlt IIUIIIIIQQ Ct. .X. QX.. I'uIIx SI11tnIxg C.. II., Ittcimlgt txlatgrtttlcn scninr ulatss. Ilttrlm ilcyctt junim ulgtss, ,Xnn ZcIIct'1 sttplttwttttttx' class. Harry I ou hlvntgvnq I.l'K'SI1lll.ll1 L'Ittss. Clt'vtcI1ut1 ClcrIttcI1. Ultl tnctnIvct's xturt' IIc'tI1 IIISIIIIUII, Itwtlisc I'1tIItmn. I,1ll'L'II1 Xxcttt. .mtl Ilnmtlty U'iIt'c, cltgtirmgm. Xliss Iuttisv IIgmgI14tt11 tus slut- ttclt isnt: .4- KI? """' 1' 057952 X65 , I 9011! 61111g'111g' 111 f1111sC111r 4311117 , xk 111f O 17' 14g 14' C 161111 404' 11' 11111 ' ' 11111111111? f 164120 141' f ?g'l??IZS' 11 Ulf F66 .' .111rf 141' 4' 111' 111 1615? 1411 1611? fy C 1111111 17 1' 124111 .11 Mi" J 122 1111! If 9CfS7fJ0 ,y11,11x1 1s4111q1 ,1s1fv11.v' 1Q11?'S' 1:2141 flllyiwk' V Irff ,s ,l!7l' 11,6671 fl ,xjf 'X 111' fill llf"X .0 I ,1rf1 1f ' 1' lf W X C71 1 QQ Q Q QQQ! M ,A fwyjrfw if Q16 111.166 I2 '7 flffiyflfeyffglllf 116125 1l1Z11f'1f111 Q15 16c',1xsf711641fs, XSf1111r' , , 55 W jx , C! HMA X46 04,6 MW 17CfiQfl 11y Cg,,112141111 161- rlf47lC' 5911111 W !?1s'111g41111 Mr! llbrwl likwnlbffzsx 41111111 11:2s' 5111107 .11 1l1Z11g11f111 41' ,165 0 6149212 111 1911 ,c,,,,g:Q1 cw, GM Au ,1f. !,,,g, 4111111111111 611121 Qszjzivf .1s' ffQJc77172f??f' f447lO4Y 1117? Igitkk, ,111r1',1 fayfbllyll 611111 1511114111 QM? 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Plans are being made to start a school supply store next year where stutle be able to buy materials, After "trying out," students Worked at the phase of u bl' ' ' really made Arlington "poster " clane T ' ' ' 'nts will lu ltlty ln which they were interested. The Pub Club has Conscious by their extensive coverage of lootball and basketball games, plays, :mtl es heir slogan is "A poster on every bulletin boardfl From the looks of things. they had the situation well in hand. CAA P XYAIH 1111111111 ' 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 111 llllptbflllll 111rt 111 s1l11111l tI11s 1'c'1r I3 xiclu s Illllllt 11111111s ilu' r'1cl111 stlll 1 , k 1 . .c11cli11g thc 1111111111115 11111l 11111111 111111u11111'1'111c11ts in .1ll , . 1 In-51-1111-nl1-1l11c111i111111l ,1r11gr11111s nncc Ll w1-ck, Alan 1IL'SL'l'ilWIiHllS :1111l JlllllllllI1CL'lllL'I1IS x1'c1'c 111.11l1- .11 11H 11Il1I1-111' 1'1'1'11ts, 111111 11111m11' wus 1111111-cl "nr 'llilllf' ml1111ccs 111 Nurth Hull 111111 i11 thu gy 111. .fX1111111111u-1's XX'l'l't' Dick VU-111111111-11, H1111 HL-i11l1111t, Zialllx' Grim 7' ' '- 1'11gi111'1'rx wcrc' ,lim l'iL'lil'Hl' ' ' ' ' ' ' b th. X1rg1111.1 l3rusl1, 131111 Liggctt, 111111 Alllhll Ifickvs. Vlhlll' Lrry 111111 ,Xl1w111l C.r1H11l1. IDHYL' Luc was mlm s1111l1'111 1111111111101 nl' all r11di11 11c1ivit1cs .md Xlr. IJ. In C,1I1w11 was thc filfllllf' 11ci1'iscr. ffimf lhe school orchestra, newly organized this year hy Jesse Free' man, has proved a great asset to school activities. Final project this year was the orehestra's entrance in the Central District Division of the State Orchestra Contest at Capital Uni- versity. Next year, enlarged and with new uniforms, it will become a full marching hand with 11 drum ln-:inf nw-uinrnttpc :Intl Hnu lv-':lrt'l'Q, Kg, WT at ,NX Y A ll IU I -il .ii N Q, Q I I y W WE CAUM Many an entertaining anal usef lul liour was spent in the music elasses umler Lowell lliley, The classes have appeared un many selmol p r 0 g ra m s. ililie mixecl eliorus sang at various assemblies. ililie girls' glee elulv gave a musical pmcliletioii in Mareli. ililll' elimax ol' tlie year was iylien lwllm groups eumlminenl their talents in time east ol' Krazy lia- pen. M101-se, -,, hun to hu, L. L. Ja 8 exercisi .JM-,Im S V . A z - ., 'ow Mccuggurabbigsg Eksxgny whoflg her lgngp Manager! --v mpetuy Taylor hh, Vera' ' Joes! ADIBILS C Xpfegsiony I A Shoes! S -sxxxikq-sl-. vu 1 "ho if and Mrs Raman Ifthuf awage Jim ? like fhes 5 'Woshin' will han ave no . Margar , 10,55 Ser of th fhoma e donst d, , Th By JIM Scie . Foo eating. L 81190131 Ygung Jlfll 9 fO0tb sy Senior IS'fv ere have L 39319. l Plarff , axial 'C' rhf, .all tea 111an-,' anced 'been ' ' F - -2 or A 1 - if-Se m. on ma . olhes ...WM ,.., MM 3's53,yfGFM MQ? Actually :em-gy' and the possihiutily Ideas ad ?Thj5 i ' EILL, S0 I W 95 Qf aw fgllaust ' . basic Ollld' HHH f Limbert Q wM""" 4-ard. Oct.. 14, the LDA C ' t Jo Ann G1-einer W' ., - ll - if chose their big be Elrlingtonian Up? Axlinslon High school. Cnlumbuf 8. Ohio Publis ed bl-weekly in Upper Axlinfwn Hith School B1 win! Sufi and 1oumaiism'Chss ' inn!! bs' Carroll Press. ln:- 0. E. H11-lu Superintendent IVAN W. DAVIS, Principal ITORJAL STAFF ED :or-in-Chief ..,..,...,,...,.., . ..,. ,MDXGK ociate Edltorl--- ..,,. -.----GARJOL LIMBERT ge One ..,,.. ..., P AULYNWHEEI-ER ze Two ,... .,.. . MBETTY HILL ge Three ,.,. .0., . .,..,,,.. .MKATHY HAIL ge Four ....................,..,........A.....,.,......,.... FRED KXRBY Coluxnnists: Paul Yates. Jim Nelson, Bill Corson, Jan- nne Rutledge, Carol Limbert. 4 Q Sports: Dan Ransom, Deane Dunlap, Jim Thomas. 1 Reporters: Jim Thomas, Nolan Carter, Dick Mashetaer, Q o Brady, Myrna Forney, Ginny Brush. ' Anne Rut- Artf: Yontz, Marion Fisher, Jan Dltk Tom Hawk. and Typist: Gloria Hammond, grams a pupils were Q v . 9 2 'B G. R. s Grout, Scott Fred The Girl Reserves l 5 Brian Howell. ' Pug Brown. dans, Miriam .STAFF Silrlggs Gu-A plans fm future pwgr, Ganm' Polly At the laeit. meeting a S ' A drive lo Geyer. Cmnt' Orene prejudice. Vradelis Brllsh. rushing' have to i Week" of Y Fi-fi First Publicity I so well in This ever since change th members. the family the ' . reaching Would ness of Yet, if ruined in of Americazn Charles Hami mmm ing the Mxjgsignatic W -- Even fury of the war was at Aecordmg to the , dents on from were taking sm who is the pmsid than the nionths after of the Senior dai three times as many an A System of enth graders. 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HW' M, Wpsg fm1LbaU Kama ' un theil' .Qt Inajm' QVUHK 4111111 xwxw- 1111511001 :111 snug 3'.' ' 15111115 111 11:11 11 11111 and p1'v1zv1:f 1 111 H1411 111.145 111 11111' kl'!'Ch1l'f 'w't1c' 11 likv .1 511111, 2 4 wless -,xxx in WL E - fi? g Q , 5 il Y WM., r 1 ww. as Prolnn 17011111 'S 10 to 12 3 FYYOX' ' L 1 ulc I 1 51 2 1.1 xx Ii 1111 11111111 -11 11111s1 1 . I .:.: 1 X . ward 111111 0:4 ' f 11111 411 5151 A 11111 1,111-1r 151 . 1 11151 113 ' f 1 sul W' - , X - 1 AN - ' 1., 3 X b 'Q 'N QNX 1 . ,Q 5 X 3 11 W S x : 1, . W ll " Y X 51 - 1 1 1 1 5 15? nx X, QMS i ' 4 81- ilk? I A ks sk 61, 1- -1- 1 N , sy f Q I Y ' 'S ff fvi. xi Q X 1 R 2 1 -bs-X: .1.,,,,g1 , M1 1..x,X,-1f.1?:- E: syxg 1 1 A -1 . we-1,11 1. - 1 ggiff xw 1 X, F X Sv f 111 AF -xg 1 wg y 1 - SQ 8 M K. . V 1 ix L ' ' 15-Q X 1 :B 1 15 5531 X' 1: 1 1 S3 vm 1 S xxxg vfx 1 N xx x X 1 1 . xi. 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I4 - xKlXlSL'l. ll -ltliglll WK "m It 'Q 'IH' Xliss ll1t'll111l llcclintin Iyrinling and ling,-nyjng lutlx' XIL'lxK'l'S , n - YM I, ' ' - V - lliotogmplmy .lim cagu Mlufv' , , , llolwrt llcinliut Miss X'c'i'zi lx. lma1ncl.lll . . A n Sports lttlllois "1"Xf"I' l'll'l"'5 , llrizin lloxwll Xlury .Xnn l,uninns puny Shank l,LIlIlN U lit'c'lt'r Q,, ms. V lnllly Ill lllt' yC3ll'. Illk' SL'l1lOI' class cxccutivc comniittct' su pt'rt'isctl by Miss Vcrzi liilllllllll st-It-an-tl ilu' Nlll'H'CSll'I' stall. wliicli stairtctl to function il most ll1ll11CLli1llCly. C'ox't'rs lttitl to lac cltoscn gintl ortlcrccl, alctititivs n'ollcCtt'tl. timlwttp plgtnnctl, llllkl ti writtt'n. ililicn tlit' l'CLll -iolw cztincfgcttiiig cv'ci'ytl1ing rczuly to scncl to tlic printci' and cn' rt it-It-S gl'AlYl'l'. During cx'ci'y slmrc minutc. tintl ll lou' otlicrs, in tlic tinnutil room coultl ln' sccn nmnx' worlwrs lwusily mcnstiring, cut- ing, posting, :incl mounting. Nou' tiltcr mzinx' ltours ol' cl worry' ing, you sun' tht- result ol our planning, working tin cllorts-tlic Norwcstcr of I9-16. jnfer- Cwufici .1 -J LEFT TO RIGI IT: Dale Gibson, jack Collins, Betty Knight, Carolyn Campbell. Patty' Hed- nxan, Dick VVetherbee, Anne Schnec. Myrna Forney, jack Postle. Sally Charlton, Penny' Howard, Roh Repine, Pete VVilliains, Dick DeVere, VVilliain Culdcn. Nlary Mackey .ind Beth Bennett. Pride Severity'-ci l., 1 ight The responsihility' ol. the lnter-Cluh Council is the rectwnimendation ol. policy for the general guidance of each individual club. therefore promoting hctter social relationships lor the students. It is a newly' conceived organization and was the out growth of long study hy the past fraternities and sororitics with the lloard ol' liduca tion and the school administration. Under this plan, what has heen the l'ratcrnity and sorority in the past has now hccome the cluh which is completely acccptahle to the school. The student representation ol' the council selects two faculty' advisers to assist in the general direction of the worlt ol' the council. The inost signilicant service ol' the yfear was the dinnerfdance which was sponsored lor the ninth grade. lt serycd not only as a social time. hut also alliordcd an opportunity lor lreshinen and upper classinen to hecomc hetter acquainted. The student representatives on the council this year were Sally Charlton. Patty liedinan, and hlary' Mackey from T. fy. Ci.: Anne Schnce, Carolyn Caniphell. and Beth Bennett lironi S. A. lylyrna l7orney, Penny lloward, and lictty' Knight from L. D. A.: Dicly X'Vctherhee, Pete YVilliains. and lioh liepine lroin Dracg and ,lack Postle, Dick Deverc, and .lack Collins liroin Sigma Rho. Faculty advisers were Mr. xvillilllll Clulden and Mr. Dalc Uihson. Q g 'lhis year marked the lifth season that the L. D. A. Club has been active at Upper Arlington lligh School. Although the club is primarily a social one, its activities in the past have been many and varied, and they promise to be even more interesting in the future. During this year the club has sponsored several dances in the Oasis, including the memorable Snow Ball and the Twin Twirl, and has given many of its own parties for members and their friends. Among these parties were the annual senior dinner, the alumnae tea, the Christmas party, and many others. Highlighting their season was the traditional spring formal held at the Neil llouse in March. Active in all school affairs, L. D. A. has cooperated wholeheartedly with the lnter-Club Council and has upheld their principles firmly. They have been ably represented on the council by hlyrna Forney, Penny iloward, and Betty Knight. The ollicers during the 1945-46 season were Nlyrna Forney, president: jean Crillith, vice-president: Marjorie Roseboom, secretary: and Nancy llane. treasurer. Page Severztvi'-riine QW! Page Eighty During the 1945 and 1946 school year, thc DRAC Club has sponsored many activities. To begin the '45 season the DRACS had a hayride. Also during the fall season there was the initiation of new members. This year's pledge class wasn't very big because of the new Inter-Club Council ruling, but that didn't interrupt the old tradition of initiationl At Christmas time the DRACs held their annual holiday dance jointly with the Phi Alpha Chis of Bexley. This dance, which was held at Valley Dale with Percy Lowery furnishing the music, will be remembered as one of the highlights of the Christmas season. The DRACs also sponsored a few profitable dances in North llall during the football and basketball seasons. Now that the school year is just about over, the DRACs are planning another big year to come. Replacing this years officers are Avery Robbins, president: Donn Miller, vice-president, Tom Hawk, secretaryg and Pete Willizxms, treasurer. The graduating ofhcers are Dick Wetherbee, presidentg jack Billman, vice-presidentg Jack Munsell, secretaryg and Bill Jaeger, treasurer. The last big event on the DRAC Club calendar is a "brawl" for the senior members. On behalf of the graduating DRACs and in the memory of Dick and Dave. we, the senior members, wish the coming DRAC Club members the best of luck! ' " ' z1cIi1'iIiL's lor IWUII1 ' 'ictiu' 111 Sl30Il5UIll1g Ilic S. xl. Cilulu this ywir luis lwcn xcry . ilu' sclirml nncl co1111'1u11ity. During mln- IIUIITIII UI' july L'L'IL'l1I'LlI'IUl1, xhc S. fl. lltlzll rcU:i1'ccI sccmul print 'I lu' IIICIIR' was A'U11itccl Nz1tio11s." I -r thc club gnvc il "lI11ll11wc1-11 Hop" i11 IIIC gylli LIIIICI' 1l1c Wfcsl gliI11L'. ' 'UI' this first 2lI'IL'f'g1ll11C clrincc tI1a1I cwr I141cI a111 I11 Orin 11 i I llIl'I1INl1L'4I tlu- 11111s1c I . LI il C'I11'isI11111s Ii0r11111I Dun fraiwlurc . I11iti11tiu11 ol tlu mu ms i11 lla-cc111I1c1'. Ilu' 111111 1 . was Iwlml :il ilu' Ilcslilcr-XVz1lliclx i11 1110 llrill ol' IXIirro1's. Dun Ciuiwliorml and his Imml play cal. 'Ilu' zXIu11111a1c 'Ivan was gi1'c11 III Clay 'I'l1o111a1s' l1o111c, 411141 11111111 nl' pas! years' j.1f2llllI1lIl'5 cz1111c. Iliff lust CISIIICC sp1111s11rccI by tI1c S. A. was lwlcl nt Clnlcli SclI1y's l71111cclz111rl 1111 April IX. All IIIFUL' cl1111ccs wc1'c big sxlcccsscs zmcl c1'cryI1o11c I1a1cI il H'UI1LIt'flillI time. Our scnior IJLIIMILICI was I1clcI May 28 at tl1c Sc11cca1. 'Iilw olliccrs this ycar were fxlllll' SCIIIICC, prcsiclc11t1 Mary Qxllll Lu111111is, Yicc-prCsicIc11t3 Kilflly Ilzill, secretary: Polly Sl1:111lx, noting sccrctnry: Pauly NVI1ccIcr, Ircnsurcr: amd Lois Ovcrlxcclx. I11Storia111. llc-iI1 I3c1111cIt, C'41r11ly11 CISIIUIUIUCII, and A11111' SCIIIICL' wen? r0prusc11t11ti1'vs on tlu' , -.I I' f Eight-1'-:mc IIIICFCIIIII nrcl1cslra1. ' - ' ' ll1l'I11I7L'l'S 1 1 C 11111111 . age Z VVLULEZL Th ' s uring the year 1945-46 included many things of importance, following the pattern of the old traditions. The most important event that happened was the annual Spring Formal which was held at the Univer- sity Club on june 3. Among other outstanding events were the annual turkey raffle, the Christmas basket, and the Mothers and Fathers' Picnic. The winner of the raffle was given a twenty-pound turkey. Then at Christmas a committee was chosen to buy and deliver a Christmas basket, with the help of the Central Com- munity House, to some needy Columbus family. This year the Father-Son Bowling Meet had new champions since jack Samp- son and his father did not compete. The new champions are Bob lyleeder and his father. e Sigma Rho Clubs operation d After Christmas vacation the club got back into the swing of things by starting the business for our Spring Formal. Something new which occur this year was a closed Picnic-Dance at Millhons' farm. The annual Mothers and Fathers' Picnic was held along the Scioto River. While the fathers tried to defeat the sons in a big softball game, the mothers either watched, talked, or prepared the food. This years officers were jack Postle, president: Dick hlasheter. vice-president: Dick Sheahan, secretary: and Bob Meeder, treasurer. Pave E1glfz tw two F As summer draws near, the T. A. C. Club looks back upon a year filled with fun and festivities. To the seniors it will serve as their last page of high school memories. To the underclassmen it shows promises of the fellowship yet to be had. But, young or old, who can ever forget the T. A. C. Christmas Party. After a closed dance at the HOOK llousc, the girls met at Marcia Stewarfs home for a slumber party. Another slumber party was held at Millhons' farm. Then, of course, there was the annual Sweetheart Formal at the University Club with Wells Ross' Orchesf tra playing and the city-wide dance given with two Crandvicw High organizations. The raffle and weekly "T. A. C. Cookie Corner" found our members scurrying around the school carrying on various transactions to promote these events. The seniors had a beautiful banquet at Scioto as their going-away present from the club. The annual tea for alumnae will be held at Barb and Peggy Ceyer's house. june 2. This year's ollicers were Sally Charlton, presidentg Dareth Axene, vice-president: judy Vicltcrs, secretary: and Nowlan Carter, treasurer. That's it. Another year gone by. just another year to many-but a year tht T. A. Cfs can never forget. Page Eighty th ree s 5 aria "Fields are won by those who believe in the winning." T. W. Higginson 4 x V K A j ' Q EA? ,Sr Q, 2 If , f 'Q 5 I Y 2 , " W' f"4f-wg MM l. - '- , !12wg..,,A, A x, 5.3.1 'Q '13 , ' ,, a':i--1. A ca , - ,xi -. ,R '14 -' Vg '!xz1n"" ' NJC, .JM ,IT rn, .54 r , Q' vd ' ui 95' 1-fr' W x 1 :Sgt 3 4 6 mini' w f QT "1-'T 3i'?1' t ' , ' ii 5 , ' -51535. 22-' . , ' q 1' .' 5 to 'L 'I ' , ws .2 if it M Q9 f ' 1 , ff 1 vw uf Q X 955' rw 4 ,, 3? 4 -1 . fi X 5 K? .,2 + F ,, v if ' Wlgz 1 ? 414 ,' 5 wi A l ' L 44 if '1' -X 1.3 5: 15 1 gg. , 5 A: ww, .- W . A .Ula Q, ,. M5 f . + 5,5 ai 'wwwiwhf 4 V xi Q ' . V , . .4'gaL if QQ? -wjfff - : "Q:-1 " A '1 if? "sp", ., -K-4 g iE5'V'f--?- .My K -Q . uf ., W. av' ."'v Qu ,ry - ' gif-:W iffii' .,: A '1 ,-pf, s', - 5.0 . '21 W, ', i--M-.,.,,.' . -5 if f 11' ff . '-'M Q , if'-. '. 'Y ?4,f,n,.f-.x ,g , ' HM '49 fgigfi W Y pk , gg.: g ' " I Malik A. .1 L '1 X - Flin:- 1 1 f mf ' ' . ...QQ-Q 4 , wr.. ' ' -Q3 '54, -..-W , ,. .Q ,, H lr 1 . 499. ' wgiqwg :gg i Q Ng + 3 X tak? nga Ne wt' E X U WSF' wwf, , N .Q 25955 Y ' 930 fs: 5 - gg.. Q '1 xx . Qfffg. .sit l 315 .A 2- m g. 4 ,ffl Q ,, wvwfi+ L vu ? gi. 5 I ' X PN A. ,. g gi k, . 1. , igfm, if 1 .Q W 11 1 " 5 .. f "iii "3 V? ffl .E,'BM's ?45?Q Wmfwffw ,Ht - ' ' if 55552. ' wt!- P1 . -5 f' g5'g,,w s .- i an - -fu : ..f A if X If wc , W ' 1 ..e.-WSE - ,W 'VL159-.'. gil., W M522 f2'sw.'x-" , fa ni '-5, i h f 1535: 1 .EMI 1 QfWfSf A f ffxfff -.1 H33 ' 'viii vi . J K Q?" mf 5 e :Ii I ,t 5 i, 41 ' ,K gy 3: x N 1 ' . 2 'xr v 4 A ,A 'V Nr, 9 .l- t W A-Q -1 1' N X, .. - F g, , ,G ,f" I.w'1 1 f-. !'f-- Z .2 Lvl- 1 fi - ,, idg I .2 S35 'Yxifidw 1' 'f 'zfs ,Fwzgf Sl - 44 H1311 m 4 .AQ :QQ-1.3! m 3 -ff 8157215 ,I 1-Ni. ,.-V, ., aww-9.f:...QQ-1. ,Z ,cg ,y,t.5ff3,2 -.1 - 5,-, u l ummm. mu ml, 4 6 ig. 3 5 is ,Q .wx , ,, 1,099 3-'rf M as- rf M75. 5 95, FIRST ROVV: Dan Ransom, Russ Trembly, Dick Crout, Scctt Norris, Don Corn, Dick Carr, Earl Hebden, Harold Schenk, ,lack Collins, Dick Tice. SECOND ROVV: Brian Howell, Bill Henry, Bill Jackson, john Davis, Donn Miller, Chuck Hamilton QCD, jim Yeager, jack Postle, Ceorge Bare, Tom Sours, Bob Meeder. THIRD ROVV:Paul Yates, Avery Robbins, Don Cerber, Jud Millhon, Bob Hoag, Spike Cerwin, jamie Roberts, Larry Creat- house, Bill Millhon, Dick Blower, Don Familton, lim Thomas. FOURTH ROVV: Dave Corner, Bill Corner, Tom Butler, Paul Selby, Barney Francis, Bob Murphy, Ben Hadley. Skip Har- rison, john Larkin, Carter Cilbert. flmflaf As in the paSt several years, the candidates for the Arlington gridiron machine ot 1945 met with 1 Coach Barney Francis on August 20 to begin the iv diflicult job of rebuilding a football team. The loss of seventeen lettermen by graduation had left 31 A a big gap that was to be filled by eight returning , lettermen and many inexperienced, but eager, pros- Vy ,E X., peets. The addition of Jim Yeager, a letter winner in Wzishingtcin, D. C., helped to solve the inex- perienced problem. After two weeks of practice. an intra-squad game under the new lights gave the community their first look at the Colden Bears of '45 Columbus South was the hrst of four straight teams to fall before the path of the up-and-coming Arlington eleven. Scoring in every quarter, the Bears whipped the south-enders, 22-7. This opened the eyes of our future opponents who stamped our boys as a team to handle with care. One week later a stubborn Central lligh team gained a 6-O lead over the Cold and Black in the hrst half. The Bears came back into the field de- termined to overcome that advantage and chalk up their second win. When one sustained drive broke down near the goal line, the boys came back once again and Donn Miller crashed ovcr for the tying six points in the fourth quarter. Captain Charles Hamilton booted the conversion, which won the game for us. 7-6. The hrst home game for Arlington under their new lights proved to be a shocking surprise as a COACH SELBY, CAPTzXlN ldAMILTON, Cotton FRANCIS stellar hack on the lied and VVhite of St. Charles ramhled for three touchdowns in the lirst half. liortunately, one of them was called haclx and for the second successive week the hoys trailed at half time, this time l20. The second hall' was a dit? ferent story, however, as the llcars caught lirc he' hind the running of llohhins, hleeder, and Miller, and went on to win, I9-l2, The next game was a thriller for those who like plenty of scoring. ln their lirst C. li. L. game Ar- lington and Columhus Academy exchanged touch- downs hefore the final gun sounded with Arlington ahead, 55 27. The second C. ll. I-. game was played at night on lit-xley's grounds. Arlington's east-side rivals, playf ing to their utmost in their homecoming game, held the favored gridders of Arlington at a standstill. Neither team's offense could get started hut both squads displayed impenetrahle defenses. The lig- ures gave Arlington a considerahly greater sum for 1Ga1'1lH yards gained, however. The linal gun elimaxcd a grueling 0-U tie. ln the second game played Linder Arlington's lights, the Cold and Black eleven, playing the hest foothall of the year, ploughed under a favored and undefeated Delaware squad, 20-6. The performf ance staged hy Arlington's line was excellent, and as a result the home team's passing and running attack functioned perfectly. The outstanding play of Boh Iloag, a heretofore suhstitute playing in the place of Spike Cerwin, who was ill, was a great factor in the win. Arlington's grid fortunes exhausted themselves as Wests Cowhoys trimmed the Bears, 24-0, at Arlington in a night game. The home team couldnt get started, and it seemed to those in the stands that the perfection with which West exe- cued their plays resembled hat of a good college team. Although we were tied twice and suffered one other defeat, this was the only game of the ,c ..f'-s 8 Q s X i .46 My 'Wgy uf 3 g 1 M 'Q www S fm mr sf, x S 8 3 Q.. at ,Xfw , ,NJ .xv ,Www . 1 . . iw if lug' 'Lf Law' - 4 A2 v 5 1 3.222 ,gym "f X WWF' if N-Q . A Q x x 5 wife vw' la . W A X A' ' Q . 12. i s . in ' XYSQPQ ' Chun N , ai - . 41, 5 QQ! as ,R B A K ' " wi Q hz-QNQ1 : T . 'if V X' E Q A ,www 1 Q Q 2 Y A , ,rg ,sky Q ,. ,,,E g , A-E' 11' JJ? '41 fn 0 . . ww an W -X A QQ 1 MX 1.4--'H F E' I 4 -Q fi 55 T .X Q 'F U 10,1 ,sh .. ' if H D 1 . . - .5 ', A H+ , X ,R N x- W1 W Q -' I x '41-9 J A ' , A w bw Fx 6' 'uw , A, W f A swf ,M Q gcA .5 5 ' x. ns. ff? Q-N3qQ.,J'l?Q5'N",:f! M Nl 1, ,I iii, , K :ry ,. ,gay ,ggylywk 4 .gs F: Nz5,x5:g.'gtA 4 3 , ff --...Az Wg 425 fi Q 5' ff: ,' A ',ff'sf'iXfl? . ff 5955359 'Qgifngyfili ,5,A.,smg25x,fj"'x1l" f , 1 fi 'fegg-1,-iqfif, ay wgfiw-gs,?s? a ' ifeW3aQgg5ffQ?ffY4g4:14if4, ,ww K, .f it 1 Wu :W 534 'VZ HALWEL? , , 4.1 3 XR F5525 my L, A,,.x i. ' ,,l,f,t'k Q. N- .3 -1. me fgjt 5, gf A gy, ,JV-fifwf .ff'1QH?4h39a??'?Ef f..3hMz. 4 1 1 l ?!'2 VVith thc cmning nl' hnskcthui scusnn this ycur, Cmich Uurncj Francis had unc ni' thc tnughcs ussignmcnts ol' his curccr. Cc' captains Chuck litnniitmi um Spikc Clcrwin wcrc tht- only rt turning lcttcrmcn from lust yciir' Ccntrail District champs. Nini mcmhcrs of lust yczlris C. B. L. rc scrvc champs and Dick Shcnhin wcrc aidclccl to iniilxc up this ycnr' huskcthuil sqtmci. 'iiihc luck nl' cx pcricncc was tht- higgcst himtl cup the huys had to ovcrcomc. A is thc custom with must incxpcr cncccl tcaims, thcy wmllcl hc "hot If um' nigltt ztncl ucultln tlw IICXI. llu' swtmtt xutstft at lmrilli.tnt um' us Ilwrc' wvrt' no rltatrttpiottsltips. lull tltcy won clown gtttncs ztncl lust only six llllll luulx scurttcl plzlcc Ill tltc' C. ll. I.. In tlw prc lcatguc gattncs. uc llc lvczttctl l.ittclL't1 lNlt'Kinlt'y. 4028. lust to Cfnlutttlmus Xvcst, 22 43, lor unc ul' tht- worst clclcztts in nur urge' ltistory, and tltvn Ullllll' lmclt tu lit-k Cfultttttluts Nnrtlt, I7 15. VVC I'nllnwL'tl up at 2024 llL'l.L'ktl lrmn clUllllIll3lIS Suutlt lay lwattingg ltwmlmt, -ll 30, ztncl Xlftmrtltittgtmmtt. 24 25. Q 5 K A swf? F5 i,u.N...,, .M 1 A L 1 in 4 2 ,Ni . U ,i 1 I V5.4 -w Ar if W 3 ,, f - 12' , lx ,, 5 s ww? 44 N X Cx i x N S XS x KE. , 1 X . X X. t 'FN '1 A ' ' " ., ,,., E , . N, -:AQ iw x L A ,N A b Wir fx . ,il ... -' . J, , r , ,.s....a.......MM. ...-.q,..--A N f fn 'X 1 1 , .. ,. . ggi, Q ' 4- ' X e " . - is . " 'V 3 . f . 'tt W. I 'Y 5-Q E F4 ' ' I ' Y .. ,. ,git ,.,., .,.. . .. . .. . , . .aafsw a was - .55 .WN ' . My -. M- , Q. , ..N..,. ., . ,, ,.,.,,,,. , ,, ..,, , .. . M, .,, .,.et .. ,W .,, . M, . Wg. -, V , ,am ,, ww. we . . ,M , . ., Q , .J ..,, K ..::.:.,.,..,.5:,- - lu ng ,NWT j. igwxxggwgjvvimirv ,I mtg- -in +I -Wg'-:I Q H 0 ..,. , ' - .,,. - ' are - FIRST ROVV: Don Gerber, Harold Schenk, jim Yeager, Bo hlunday, Dan Ransom, Bob Meeder, jack Postle CCQ, john Schooley, john Davis, Donn Miller, Hugh Nelson, Bill Connolly, Chuck Hamilton, George Bare. SECOND ROVV: Stanley jones, Bob Stezer, jack Collins, jim Shutt, john Larkin, Fred Spriggs, Tom Hawk, Dick DeVere. Bill Henry, George Hooker, Tom Frye, Dick Carr, Don Kinnan, Bob Strickler. THIRD ROVV: Kendall King, Dick Clark, Fred VVadley, Bob Liggett, Byron Ireland, Frank Starr, Bill jackson, junior Mor- ris, jim Liggett, Dick Tice, Herb Brown. FOURTH ROW:jack Munsell, Pete Williams, Wlayne Roelof, Ernie Tritton, john Burneson, Arnold Lande, john Fickes, Bob McEwan, Bob Hudson, Bill McShane, Bruce johns, Richard Larkin, coach. FIFTH ROVV: Dick Lutz, Bill Merkle, joe Yearling, Dick Gerken, Chuck Gray, Dick Fidler, George Guthrie. l ZVCLC Early in February Coach Richard Larkins and Cap- tain jack Postle called a meeting for the boys inter- ested in track. At this time the prospects for a suc- cessful season seemed remote, for the eleven returning lettermen were only a skeleton of a track team. In February we organized and built up interest, and when good weather came in March, we were outside building toward our first meet with East on the 29th. Since every event had only one or two lettermen, this meant that we had to train a new group of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors before the season got under way. These returning lettermen will have captured much glory and earned many points for Arlington throughout the season. In the 100-yard dash, Donn Miller, Dan Ransom, and Bobby Meeder did the honors for Arlington. These three also ran in the 220 and formed the nu- cleus of the 880 relay team. Bowen Munday was the only veteran in the 440 but was aided greatly by George Bare, Harold Schenk, and Don Gerber. The mile relay team was picked from these and other boys who ran the 440. Lettermen john Davis and George Bare were both back to participate in the 880-yard run while numerous underclassmen also tried out for this event. Harold Schenk was the only letterman in the mile run while sophomores junior Morris, jim Liggett, and Bob Liggert also took part. Page Ninetyrsix K CAULWLIOJ john Schoolcy took many hrsts in the high hurdles which Bob Setzer and Don Gerber also ran. The low hurdles had Bob Meeder, john Larkins, and Bob Setzer, all veterans from last year. -Captain jack Postle led the way in the field events. He starred in the high jump, discus, and shot put. john Schooley and George Bare also starred in the high jump. Let- termen Charles Hamilton and john Davis also threw the shot along with jim Yeager and Bill jackson. Bill Henry and Tom Hawk joined Postle, Hamilton, and Yeager in the discus event. Veterans Miller and Meeder led the way in the broad jump as did Schooley, jack Collins, Bob Lutz, and Ernie Triffon in the pole vault. Our schedule this year was probably the largest and most varied in the history of Arlington. There were seventeen meets: five dual, five triangular, four re- lays, the C. B. L., District, and State meets. As Ar- lington was the defending champion, the C. B. L. meet was one of the highlights of the season. An- other big event was the Arlington night relays under our new lights. This was the first meet of this kind staged here since we have been Class A. The other big relays, Newark, Wesleyan, and Miami, presented still: competition to the boys from Arlington. The District, where we qualified for the State, climaxed the season. N XY Q6 XX X N' X W gg J' ,Q N-is W Q K FIRST BOW: Barney Francis, Bill Cotner, Hugh Nelson, john VValker, Bill Verwohlt, Bob Hager, Earl Hebden. SECOND BOW: Dave Sherman, Don Corn, Avery Robbins, Buss Trembly, Bob Hoag, Spike Cerwin, Jud Millhon, Bob Mowery, Dick Crout, Skip Harrison, Gerard Hall. THXRD BOVV: Jim Price, Bill Clapp, Mike Harrison, Dick Barr, David Stephan, Nick Soussanin, Tom Buel, jim Barnes. Tom W'aters. Don Valtz, Bill Sutton, Keith Hoyt, 'lim Buck. Kari 8 ACL Z Arlingtons defending C. B. L. baseball champions began practicing late in hflarch with high hopes of bring- ing the league title back to Arlington for the second con- secutive year. Five lettermen returned from last year's squad and were expected to carry the brunt of the attack. They were Captain Spike Cerwin, Bob Mowery, Don Corn, Bob Hoag, and Dave Sherman. Aiding them were many other experienced boys from last year's "A" and "B" squads who did not earn their letters. To brighten the picture further, most of the boys had played together during the previous summer on a very successful knothole team. Barney Francis, who coached last years champs, was again at the helm of the "A" squad. For the "A" squad Spike Cerwin and Bob Hoag alter- nately played shortstop and handled the pitching chores. Avery Robbins was back of the plate in most of the games, and the lirst team inheld was rounded out by Dave Sher- man, L. B. Trembly. and Don Corn, who played first, secf ond. and third base. respectively. Bob Mowery was the only letterman back in the outfield. Jud Millhon, Gerard llall, and Bill Cotner also patrolled the outer gardens. llugh Nelson also played outfield as well as subbing for Bobbins at catch. Skip Harrison was back of Sherman at lirst and Bobby llager was used at second. Dick Crout Page Ninety-eiglzt played several infield positions as well as doing some cate ing. Earl Hebden was a utility outfielder. , For the second consecutive year, the large turnout baseball enthusiasts necessitated fielding a "B" squad. Dc Perry, the schools athletic director, assumed the task coaching these boys. They had uniforms of their own ai a large schedule of games was to be worked out for ther For the most part the HBV squad was composed of young boys, mostly freshmen and sophomores. This is in keepii with the schools athletic policy of building toward the ii ture. lf only a varsity squad was fielded, there would l no one to take their places when they were graduated. l outiitting a UB" squad, coaching them, and providil games for them, they will have the knowledge and expe ence to capably step into the varsity shoes in the followir year. The members of this ycaris "B" team will be tl stars of the future. This year's schedule for the "A" squad consisted of home and home series with the C. B. L. teams, Grandview Bexley, Academy, and Delaware, two games with St. Chl les, and single games with University and Linden. Mar other teams were met who were not scheduled when th article was written. The toughest competition in the C. L. race was expected to come from Bexley and Grandview who was fielding an entire team of lettermen. j vw-I via' Qin" D C .. ,,, 'V' 'U .fi . z 5 J f-Gwvsrw M M. ,Vi 3 il I Il Qi 1 ' xt X, gi -' K , 2 'i' p 1 if 1 ...- Q N, i 5... In ll! 4 I Q ll! NfS'?'lF1:v,Q.f K 6' X f qui' f my 4, EFGFS' Ml I S -f, . lfrggifqgy, , gif x 3 so , A 'iv , -.f 1 ... Fl wa if E 5 -f S! Q N F Q' f.. '1 ef 9 Qs ff. Ak. n- ,,, I f 5 1 fx -Q' ' -is x ls X ' W N 'M F x Q W X ,K ix Q 3 If K k I in Q x 1 J .Y fix . ,A ,M 4 0 Q 'T ,S 9 Q' 51325 an 3.4 W 5' f I 3 i QQ .1162 xx X x xx Omecomin nge Une Hzimlred Two CQUEEN Hmm l,ox'i3 lloinecoining lirouglit a ltappj cliecring throng ol' spectators I tlie traditional Arlington Clranc View liootlwall game. Vlilie lvrost night air was no impediment I tlic cntliusiastic spirit displayn by tlic crowd wlten tlie queen llrma Love, and lier loui' attenm ants. Carolyn llaas, Sally Cliai ton, llody Wfilcc and llarlv ficye entered in tlieir maroon, lilue, an cream-colored convertilmles. e cortcd ln' Diclx Carlile, presidei of tlie Varsity 'Ulf' Dick Wfetlie lvee, Bill laeger. lloltn Sclioole' and Fred Kirlny. .laclc Billmai master ol ceremonies, introduce llie girls and tltcir escorts. llelioi tlie game started, llrma gan Cliueli llalnilton, zXrlington's gri captain, a goodfluclx lxiss. and tl' girls were seated on a platform , tlie lifty-yard line. l'Vin or los they were tlie live happiest gif in tlie stadium tltat night, and celebrate tlie festivities, the cron migrated to tlie gym after tl game for the annual llomecor ing Dance. ,'Xrlington's lirst liom coming in a world at peace-trul an event to lie reinemlmered. 66 77 amify lhe Varsity "A" Association was reorganized this year after a lapse of several years. Plans are heing made for a plaque to have written on it the name of the senior hoy. who is most outstanding in athletic achievement. To each hoy who wins this honor will go a medal. 'lihis plaque will he made in the memory of Dick Carlile and Dave Young. lhe oflicers this year were Dick Carlile, president: ,lack hlunsell. vicefprcsident: and Donn Miller, secretary-treasurer. It was voted unanimously that Dick Carlile will he allrtime honorary president of the Upper Arlington Varsity "A" Association. liach memher of this group is given a card which entitles him to free admission to all home athletic activities during his high school career and for one year after graduation. Dick Carlile, president ,lack Munsell, vice-president Donn Miller, seereta ry -treasurer .lim Yeager l larold Schenk 'liom johnson lloh Lutz -Iohn Schooley Brian llowell Roger Gaylord Charles llamilton lired Kirhy llryan Belcher ,lack Postle john Davis Dick Willit Paul Yates Dick Sheahan Bill Connolly George Bare 'liom Sours 'lack Bonar Bill Jaeger Boh hlowcrv Dick Wetherhec' llugh Nelson 'lim Thomas lack Downey .lerrv lliekev Spike Cerwin Dan Ransom Earl Ilehden Dick Crout Scott Norris Dick Carr lloh lloag Don Corn Avery Rohhins Bob hleeder Jud Millhon Bill lklillhon L. R. Trcmhly Don Cerher Bo lklundav jim johnsoii ,lim Price Pete Willizims Dave Sherman Larry Creathor Ben lladley Bill jackson jack Collins Dick Tice ISL' Page Um Hzrmlrul Three ""2Q'5 Mmhx f we in . S52 iw 5 A 'W 4 il Q N W? x c gi X Q , i . . 1 Q , lg m Ax S X . W, -i lf NNN vi' , ii ix X Y N i -s. -ww "N 1 I 'J ' 4 , . ,S ir 5 Zjffaific .xdidociafion Under the expert guid- ance of Dorothy Wlilee. the Girls' Athletic Associ- ation had a very interesr ing year. Our Iirst meet- ing was for tnemhers .1 nd those who wanted to join. judge Rodney Ross spoke on "Sportsmanship" for our December meeting. ln liehruary Stella Beek- er's Sehool of Dancing gave a prograin demonf strating all forms ol' dane- ing. hlost partieipants were inelnhers ol' C. A. .X. VVitlt the newly ae' quired lights on the ath- letie lield, it was possihle to have a hoelvey and s p e e d lm a l l intramural night on November 20. Basleethall intratnurals on hlareh 12 went over het' ter than ever. The C. A. A. gave it danee in North Ilall in February. The points and awards asseinhly took place in May. This u as the linal elimax to the ae- tivities of the Girls' ,-Xths letie Association. The ollieers ol' the or' ganization were Dorothy VVilee, president: Patty Redman, viee-president: Gay Beleher, seeretaryg and Dareth Axene. treas- urer. lean Sutton, hlargaret Young, Dorothy Wilce, Erma Love, Gay Belcher, Pat Reclinaii, Nlarion Fisher, Virginia Bitzcr, Lucinda Magruder. jeanene Lee. Mary Ann Lummis, Emily Eelaelherrv, Ann Hamilton, and lita- lvn Vvitehey. .90 Lcwcf, Goooays , sooo Luck- SENIORSQMQND 64117235 ,I Jvlwnjf' MJM1 join 25+ 23-U"'M UW wwf DWUNQMM 35? 036' 121,39 HMM .10 G Q ' - Wifi YY fyfrwidfwv jjkZfWj7MT5Mf7KM WW MWA! ff! QW! - 'J WP! Wzrwgcjly? W5 M , - Cv W WZ? x . W E' fwkfgggf XJMQ My M W ww UWQMMW yy? QV my if M hiya' Y .mf WWW WW WM M2 MMM? im ol J 5 W QV WW? ff 'nw doin AK Lol Q? wuawma-4M fr fi g My fx 2 gM ifT'QQ"5"i"4 ,xx A M WM W QM4' 5 gf MQW W Vi fifwdff My Tix SWMMXWUXXL Wk ovf'lwWd7L is Page One Hundred Se Complimenfs of HI GRADE ICE CREAM CO. I85O NorII1wes+ BIvd. KI 3339 Complimenfs of ARLINGTON PASTRY SHOP 2076 Arlingion Ave. CompIimen+s of KUNKLER'S DRUG STORE 2064 Arlingion Ave. Complimenis of ARLINGTON DRUGS ARLINGTON MOTORS FORD MOTOR CARS I724 W. FIHI1 Ave. KI IIOI Complimenis of THE PAPER SHOP I546 Wes'r Fiffh Avenue KI 6227 GRANDVIEW HARDWARE Paint Hardware, BuiIding Supplies I295 Grandview Ave. SOUTHERN HOTEL CompIimenIs of KNIGHT PAINT 81 WALL PAPER CO. 88 Easf Spring S+. CompIimen+s of ROGERS Corner of Arlingfon and Guilford Complimenfs of THE UPPER ARLINGTON RECREATION CENTER THE FAY SHOP 2070 ArIing'ron Ave. AppareI and Accessory Shop 'for Women Page One Hundred Eight CLASS WILL CContinued from Page 29D CAROL LIMBERT leaves her wit to Jerry Colonna. JACK BILLMAN leaves his excuses to anyone who can make them up equally as fast. Jo BECKER leaves her eyelashes to the movie glamour irls. BRIAEI HowELL leaves his quiet efficiency to the juniors. OAN FERREE leaves her voice to Lauren Bacall. OM JOHNSON leaves his sailboat to the wind. DOROTHY WILCE leaves, in a hurr as usual. ALWOOD GRIFFITH leaves the ratfio room with tears in his eyes. SARAH CRAFTS leaves in that black dress. BILL MCKNELLY left sin ing "Anchors Aweighf' BE'I'rY HILL leaves her cfarinet to Artie Shaw. CEORCINE EBERT leaves-but she just got here! IM NELSON left a long time ago for O. S. U. ANCE WOLFLEY leaves her job as cafeteria cashier to Li htning Calculators, Inc. FRED ICRBY refuses to leave anything without a receipt. RUTH BLOWER leaves her cute profile to Jimmy Durante. DICK MASHETER leaves his Ford to John D. Rockefeller. MARILYN MILLER leaves her ability to keep up a steady conversation to Terry Hannah. JOYCE LOVE leaves, and this time it's final! ROGER GAYLORD leaves his letter sweater to Bruce Johns. MARILYN BECKMAN leaves, continuing to see the pleas- ant side of life. BILL VERWOI-ILT leaves his enormous appetite to Bill Jackson. BETTY AYRES leaves her travel books to someone who wants to "go places." ALICE BAKER leaves to knit for the Red Cross. DAVE LEE wills his bass voice to Walt Disney for his character, Minnie Mouse. MARION LOVE leaves for Florida. OANNE SHELINE wills her stature to Culliver. ICK WILLIT leaves the headache tablets and bromo to the next editor of the Arlingtonian. JEAN lVlERRIMAN leaves that beautiful country home. KATHY HALL doesn't want to leave the senior boys. BOB LuTz leaves the stag line at the Oasis. ERMA LOVE leaves with "Cobs." Lois ZIMMERMAN leaves her exeitability to Mr. Cavins. HUGH NELSON leaves the Grandview girls relieved. MADGE BROWN leaves her blonde hair to Paula Williams. CHARLIE leaves his mops, brooms, and wise-cracks to Alf. CLASSPROPHECY CContinued from Page BSD during class . . . All Utopia is awaiting the out- come of the Big Three meeting of Chief of Opera- tions William C. McKnelly, and Admirals Jack Downey and Bryan Belcher . . . lncidentally, Bryan is the only person ever to have swum the Atlantic Ocean. The rumor that Downey has done the same has never been proven . . . Carol Limherfs latest book, "The Dead Art of S eech Making and How l Killed It," is up for tge Dillinger Prize Award this year. Andy McEntee and Bob Mowery, the two finan- cial wizards, have at last given Utopia City back to Utopia . . . Of universal interest is the contest be- tween Judy Vickers and Walter Winchell to see who can talk the faster. Judy is a 100 to l favor- ite . . . Jean Merriman was seen polishing the gold Cstudded with rubiesD that frames "his" picture. Geor e Hooker, millionaire playboy, has given up motfels for horses . . . Erma Love is a typical modern housewife trying to rear a couple of "Dead End Kids." . . . Dietician Pauly Wheeler recently planned a well-balanced meal of ice cream bars for the Kindergarten Kiddies Kafeteria, but cafeteria head Miriam Masters held out for cream homs . . . Dave Lee and Jim Eckelherry, directors of the in- terplnetary broadcasting network, have hired Al- wood Griffith as their special Jupiter manager. President of Utopia, Jack Postle, is the first mu- sical president since Harry Truman. It is rumored that after he finishes his term of office he will take over for aging band leader Vaughn Monroe . . . First lad of the land, the former Sally Charlton, who is afiso a famous painter in her own right, has just completed plans for painting the White House blue . . . Proclaimed champion knitter of Utopia, Alice Baker last night received her prize of two knitting needles . . . Johnston Means, who started playing the stock market on a shoe string, recently bought a pair of shoes. The Class of '46 has turned out to be ve lit- erary . . . Marilyn Miller has just written arbook, "You Too Can Be the Life of the Party." . . . Sen- sation of the musical world is Sylvia Adkison sing- ing with Woody Dorsey's orchestra . . . Because of his mastery of the Spanish language, Bill Verwohlt has been appointed Utopia's ambassador to Santo Domingo . . . New advertising head of that smart magazine "Peep" is Janet Cole . . . Dick Willit is knocking them out with his nightly performances on the bass fiddle at the Mountain Dale . . . Pug Brown is very hap y in her new job as secretary to a company of handhome, unattached men . . . Take it easy, Pug . . . Several members of the Class of '46 are now models . . . Dody Wilce is posing for the famous photography studio Wow, and Carolyn Baas' pic- ture is seen often in the fashion magazine, "What Will Women Wear Next?" . . . Lucinda Magruder teaches sewing at Utopia High School and has won her husband's heart by her neat way of sewing on collar buttons . . . Andy Smith is retiring on the exorbitant profits he has made from his Atomgas Station . . . Mathematical wizard Marjorie Rose- boorn is spending all her time balancing the Utopian budget. Mildred Boone is keeping herself occupied be- ing a career woman and running a home at the same time . . . Utopia City's, and the world's, most famous beauty salon, the As You Like It, is oper- ated by expert eyebrow plucker Jeanne Ohlbach. You need a microscope to find what's left of your eyebrows . . . Bob Lutz, merman from Uto ia, won the interplanetary breast stroke championsliip . . . CContinued on Page 1102 1 Page One Hundred Nine Nowlan Carter has moved from Hogset and is now a respected citizen of Pigstand . . . Hugh "Half" Nelson is now the male vocalist with the Crand- view All-Cirl Orchestra. Georgine Ebert, leading woman aviator of Utopia, plans a try at breaking the New York to San Francisco speed record. It now stands at two minutes . . . It is re orted by unreliable sources that Bill Connolly wiii be appointed Chief Iustice of the Utopian Lower Court . . . Debbie Taylor makes the sports page headlines every week with her sensational wrestling matches . . . She's still try- ing to make up her mind, but Joyce Love is seri- ously considering marriage . . . Gerard Hall and Mr. McCullough have opened a haberdashery on Utopia Boulevard. And so that is the Class of '46 in ten years- happy, untroubled, living in the perfect state of UTOPIA. EAGLES CANDY Quality Candies at Reasonable Prices Compliments ot JERRY V. I-IICKEY I943 W. Fitth Ave. KI 253l GENES EOREIVIOST FEMININE FASHIONS FOR FINE FOODS Hamburgers Spaghetti Chicken Steaks , Compliments ot MR. and MRS. A. L. LEE PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Best Wishes to Class ot '46 Compliments ot A FRIEND UPPER ARLINGTON COMPANY 52 W. Gay St. Best Wishes to Sr. Class Compliments ot P. J. BU RKI-IART Page One Hundred Ten Cornplimenfs of HARRY J. ROOK I5 Easf Sfafe S+. SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES Complimen+s of KENT BEAUTY SALON 2066 Arlingfon Ave. WHI1 Appreciafion for a Greef School From One Who BeIieves In You. Fred E. Jaeger Jr. Verle selrren Fred E. Jaeger sr. JAEGER INSURANCE AGENCY 52 Wesf eey sf. INSURANCE or ALL KINDS Complimenfs of CARMIAUX'S SERVICE STATION Congrafulafions of A FRIEND Complimenfs of C. J. DE LORE MD. Complimenfs of FARRELL'S GIFT SHOP Complimenfs of ARLINGTON BARBER SHOP Angelo DePaso CompIimen+s of GRANDVIEW GOODIE SHOP I292 Grandview Ave. C. L. Deyo E. C. Thursfon DEYO FUNERAL HOME AMBULANCE SERVICE KI 25:5 L57a w. Fifth Ave. Complimenfs of AMICGN FOOD MARKET I527 W, Fif+h Ave. Page One Hundred Eleven UPPER ARLINGTON COMPANY 52 Wes'r Gay Sfreer Besf Wishes Io Senior Class HORD'S RADIO CO. RADIOS, APPLIANCES, RECORDS I744 W. Fifih Ave. KI 40I4 I599 N. High S+. UN 9960 Besf Wishes +o The' Class of '46 WYANDOTTE DRUGS LTD. The Complefe Drug Sfore I828 W. Fif+h Ave. KI I555 YOUNG 81 THOMAS, INC. The Fines? in HousehoId Appliances II8 E. Broad S+. AD 6082 Complimenfs of DR. AND MRS. WALTER HAMILTON AND FAMILY CompIirnen+s of MR. AND MRS. B. P. REDIVIAN and PETE '4l PAT '47 JANE RUMBERGER SHOP FOR WOMEN I46 E. Broad S+. MA 452l LEAVE IT 2 HIRSCH WHEN U INSUR MA 444-4 BALDWIN 8. SQURS as som High s+fee+ Columbus, one Highway Equipme-n+ and Mammals Besf Wishes +o CIass of '46 APEX MARKET - FINE FOODS 2I I6 ArIing+on Ave. KI 4937 STEW HARRISON'S Fine Hamburgers and S+eaIc Dinners Sincere and Besf Wishes SMITH'S ROLLER RINK Page One Hundred Twelve Complime-n+s of ROBINSOINVS STUDIO INCJRT HOES GIRLS Before you de-:ide on a career invesfiqafe fhe opporfunifies in IeIepI1one worIc. V Apply H Women s Employment Office OHIO BELL TELEPHONE CO. IOI N. Third Sfree-I MORREY RELIABLE JEWELERS I I4 Norfh I-Iiqh Sfreef Home of Cerfified Perfed Diamonds Gruen, EIgIn, BuIova, WaIII1am and I-Iamilfon WaIcI1es Q1 X5 -'S-ff Q01 W GNT GU P1 EV 1X P Cd, AVLJCLI' September 10 School begins! School, that is! 14 South football game, 22-7. 21 Central, 7-6. Oh, those last sixty seconds! 28 St. Charles, 19-12. At home under our own lights. October 5 Academy, 35-27. First C. B. L. out of the way. 12 Bexley, 0-0. Oh, Oh! We didn't make it. 19 Delaware, 20-6. Cuess we showed 'em. 26 West, O-24. S. A. "Halloween Hop" with Don Crawford. 31 Hallowe'en-Student Council sponsored appearance of terrific new dance band November 2 Washington Court House, 7-7. 3 Football Follies, 6-0. Too bad Maulers, we were cheering . . . Brrr. 9 "Oh, we're just wild about Erma!" Homecoming, Crandview, 0-14. Ouch! 12 Football Banquet-good luck, Captain Meeder and Bears of '46. 16-17 junior Class Play, "What a Life." "Henry-Henry Aldrich!" 22 Thanksgiving vacation. 26 Senior Bridge Party 1. "Money, come to Mama!" 30 First basketball game-Linden McKinley, 40-28. Ahhhh! December 7 North, 17-15. Satisfied! 18 "Why the -Chimes Rang" and Christmas vacation. 21 S. A. Christmas Fonnal. 26 Drac Alpha Chi Formal-Valley Dale. 28 National Thespian Convention-Boom 821! 31 Bar None. Happy New Year! january 2 School again. Happy little morons trudge gaily back. 4 Delaware, 35-20. ll Bexley 30-47. That's no joke, son! 15 St. Charles, 40-26. 18 Grandview, 25-35. We seem to be getting in a rut. 25 Academy, 29-21. age One Hundred Fourteen 661, LVLJMP February Delaware, 43-27. Thespians' "Night ol' january l6." Something new. Bexley, 36-45. Oh, well, we tried. llearts and flowers and the Valentine Mixer. St. Charles, 50-33. "Admiral" and Wild Bill leave for the Navy. City Swimming Meet. Lucky lrishmen-44-50. Crandview, 46-40. Wee "Basil"! Academy, 46-37. Student Council Safety Campaign starts. March llilliards tournament game, 32-40. Annual L. D. A. Spring Formal. C. A. A. Intramural Night-juniors on the top side. T. A. C. Sweetheart Formal-love rides high. Senior-Faculty game, 31-33. Oh, that faculty! April Inter-Club Council Freshman Banquet. Easter Vacation. S. A. dance at Chuck Selby's Danceland. T. A. C., ROOK, L. A. L. Semi Formal. Krazy Kapers. May Senior Bridge Party II. Sadie Hawkins Dance-Every gal had her chance, and her man! C. B. L. Relays at Bexley. We got the crown again! Senior Class presents "Snafu"-"It's dynamite!" Arlington Relays. Queens Sally and Jeanene. Where were we? Way out in front! Thespian Awards Banquet. The suspense! Student Council election. Congratulations, Dick Craut. junior-Senior. We discovered there were :angels in our midst! June Baccalaureate. Siszma Rho Formal. Commencement. Page One Ilrmdred Fifteen DEDICATION Many people have helped to make our lives rich and com plete. To all ol' them we wish to show our appreciation. There fore, to the teachers, the students, and our other friends - to you the reader - we dedicate our Norwester. Page One Hundred Sixteen 2 Wi' ,U .. , . 'J x. A., xf.. . . 1: 5, 1, - ,, 1 V . a 'si we M 1.1. .. . ,Nl .I .4 f -A -1" T. Si.. . 1 1 1 K -. " 4 km' .ui 111 111 1. .0 1- . 1.1. .1-1, ,l-. ' " .1. 7 1 . L. 'U 1 .y- . 'fri 1' ,fn 'Trp , 'Z 11 '.1 9? -. milk-. 11,5 ,1 W. 1 J, . 1,. A H 1 A 7 ' A 1. Yi I . . 1 ' 1.0 V 3, 11 A 1 il - agus.. M' 'fx 1. 11, 1,1 If ,L ..L .11 R . 1 1. I . .. 1' 1 , 11 f 4- 1 115. 4 1f -1 4. 1. 1 -.nv 11 -1 ' 1.11 ' ,'v-.-14, .1 '-1 .-114.11 ,f ... 1 I 1, n 1 1 CU.-.,: 1 'Y ' , 'x . . V1 ' I 4. -1 - 491 .'.. . A . ' A 1 W. 4. 14 ,V A. F1 . ,Mm .T 1 r f -L 1' ,. '- 1'- EL -.qw ,K--Q ff. ...:-'I ' -' 11 ,- - -1 .- 1. .pi , ,. .v ' ,- ug 4 '.- 1. .ki 1 1 fn.-' 'L 14 . r '?4,,. ,- Fd ,., 122,1- H rn. PV .1 a" , 1 ?' Y . .1x. 1 1 -. .e '. " .V-' x 1. 1s n . ,111 - ,,..,1-' 1 1 X41 1 J .11 1 ' 1. .-1. ,. -nv ,.. ,LN .,1. ,, 1 1 1 :VY -1 12 YN.: 1, -1 A' 1 1 1 .1' 6 . 1 ' 1 sr -1 , . -fm 1 1 .51 I ' 4 1x11 . nw, 301.5 . Nf. P .1 1 ,, . .,, ,1 - 1 I . 1 I .-J' . 'E . 3 7, .. - 5 -1. 'I'. V 1 . ',,.. .r . 1 I vr 1 .-,' -11 151 3 1- x ' f"'1 Simi! 114.4 - 1 ' 1 ' R fl Vw' N-r 1' Y' mg ri , . . ' 1 ' ,:1.1 :.' -1211! 1 1 ,'-1 1 2 ' -.AV 5 r .'..'. 5, v., :L Lg! ' :bg .3 .1 5 ...ive , 1- -If '- .1 -1 --1: -- .'f '21-'W' "1F'u-:Ti .ZZ fbvi' ' A. if iff-5 1.7, V 11."+". in '4' - Yfyf' .. H' 15" aye... ' 1 g L, G..-1.v.z , 47.15. 1 :rg-.g '-,, 5, ,1 ...f-1. 'V , 7 11 ,ir "V' 255- 51.62 "TK" '.'nT"i,z5 ' ' y1"'1 f W'4.e',-,aa 1?-1 4141. - .Q-.1-15,1 1 "-.f..-.1,:M. 1 '- 4 s"'.E!'3' , . . 151' 'ti' 1 1 ...M 1 .w 11 . . -3.1 .I i JE" Emil? 'L' . 'QE' 1' 3 .-r V1 .'1V"1-f-- -- 1. .3 h-5. ..2'5i 'q,,1-- ' ' .1-. 11. , . ' 1, . . 1.1-15 ,'.,'S V14 'fg 3 M' ' ' f H 1-531541 . 1-, 13,1 . Wa,-A -' , 1 :."Z:1195?"-va' afi,'."' I1 ,v1v.f.:QV jx - 35, L .4 .+ 3 ...11'.y:n'v9"- . 5',i'1Y .."'-fu?-"1"Q: '1 ' ' 1 .- '. 1152- S - . .J-E' f J Z 3-.-, I V ,x 1-,. . MZ.. - ,,.,, t - .1 -3244 J 1 - .. 1 ,- "5 .. 'f ', .. .1 , .Z.J.A,4. M '99 ..u"EV 1.5 '.Nu--,- . l,-"1n.,'. . t If 1 1 J.: V1 , ,, 1.31-1132 - K " -:JN - 391: if-1 . f-: ' 1 1 1- ,.Vf.y.11u: 1.3. ..,aZQiEv4...c,1 5 .114 .1 H -.-. 1 . 'wg 1. V . V'111f:N. X ,,.4 ,1 1 -1: V., +A Qu . -:.- - .1-1 ,-. Q L1 1 --U21 L gf--S.. fu'--J. ' I r. -In -1:4 1- g 2.541 1 -r -- ,,".'-.3525-...Vr cs ,,-1 53 1.14. ,, Ll.,LA,,' ... -1 ""J, WE- '. Nr.. Q-..V1' 'V..1,'3.i'gf' 11 wf -5" .1 3 V1 Li.. Q. 5' -I if-1 i..-.,1,1?..x. 'f -.1-car? 3 ,. 5.12, -in-K+," ,V Z Pj-1 far 1-.14 :Vi-'W "'1f:l 1 7 - '.-w .1 N.. . .... ,. sm. .,V 711' --H EE. ' ur, , ,..1,, .,r .. . -i , -Vw. - - 'Q .- -- ' '-V.. ,""'- Q, 'V - is-, Il.- '.'1-ngg V- 1 , '-1?,,1V "1z.:,5 Y 1.1 hw H:-.'2'.:E4'Y,: '- A ig- fff I . 'V 'pg-'?: 3 fVr1'3B'b'i ." ' ..Tw',1--,--fa 'i 3 j 71 .. .T .1I!. ...ff 1 . .lil ..--. gm.. -- .n 1'-'a Vi.. ' -1.. ,s 1,...i . ,. , ,i,,.1 1'. .1.. -1 -. ,,,. ,VK , 4 . J. .V I. -WI. -1 V NV 4. X , . -'i ,-. Y . .-.. lv .... 1. ,Abfggmpk if 12 was r.. Y 3511- 3253. n F , , 7211. .. ,,.-.... K rv 'pr . .arf Q Vs.. - , . .. f .xv-' ' ' 'R . 'Jw' : ,v . . .rflif ' ' TE- .,"-H . w. Niki-V 1 x -, ., .5 gf . fi- ' ' 1.1 1 . 'li ' , .4 " ' LL x" ff . fl' .jg 3 -3. ? . 1 ,. . e . 2 7.1, -4 ' gif. JI., .lag .ai . ,N' .ff A , if , tt. . 5 Y' . f-, ,IFQ ,ng ...V s. ' ,5Z'- , .'-.uf A, ,. . fm . -. :J ff-rw ' ' 1-If. 1 ..",-A. . 114 v .. .f - .Vi "xi: .. ' . ,ef , - . . c-if L : . 2-- ff 1 . .A " . . .V A ..:. '55, 'L -xr -.' f-. . ' -- 4 ,, 4,-. . LM- .K ,. . , .4 X.. ..':l., 4.-5. H- K .. . Ylang., , 7.1-ef' . 1: 1 1 . .J- W ..f 1:. .L . ,. .H P., I 1.-. .3 ' . , : ...xr :"' . 11-Vw ., ,.u. . , 2 2-5. fig 'Wf- 4 ., Y 1 L, 1 L3 Y ' ' '. -'..1:', .. fs" ' 1.,:.x' ' zz,-S J 'EQ 'rv'-'-1 . , Ja. - , , .. .. zz- ' -s' . K, . :." .,: , . v we .N . t .w9..l.5.A,.vu . 5-51, :g"'T ' I ' ' 'ii .iii-7' ,A -. . . . as ' Y-I ' ' . Jw 'vl-1. F5411 V " ' 11-auf-.,'. . 'JF'-L?'F-' -. 1 Y L , - .N , V . . . a f 1, i ,N , 1'4" 1 " k' Y , .r 7. ' . . '. 1 .. ' ' ...xxx t- , Ax- .L..,. iff' . -1. Y. 3' - '. 1: v X ?'u 'AJ 'vm Q r ' ' 1, " if ' c .V Q Y, 1 ',. H' V' 1 ff, . c . - 37 if A, ., . -, 11.' . L we:-.1 .- ""' ' ' xqx.-.1 W. .. .11 , ' 1 J " ,. w 1. ,-' M: , - 43 . ,, L, 3... 4 ., H Y ' . f Jw' ' ," i! 1 N .1 " 'LA -7.532 , W . 15' W- A, 1 --1,51 " gp ,t 541413, I 'afgg--A -lg-I 1, e!f'3L"e- 1 I . , . , ,,l.,'1'-. -l ffm' J . " -' ,519 .- ,M .E f "- 5:5-551, ,W LEA,--W ...U .1,,., , L.. . ., 'gkgqq -x' '. I ., ,. :gh "4 - ' ' ., f . if ,,' ' , rg V PM j1',..x-,-1'-,.' " ' . -awww 5 Q:-. , Nr ' ' ' '2--- 1 if" . ' ' frifa 'Q .'53'i, Larger U W , + . . AH, f -- 'v 'ef' -' .- -J" N f- . ,1. A . ,, V: h AL, . . '5r':z 4:2-'C' 4-..',,,'1., ' S 'R.bZE:R?hL'?W1... 1 4' . -na Af. 1 u 4, 1 x ,z-,ij-ii , 1 , ,. fx gl . f F' . -s " .Vi , .. 'Jwfa 5 1 1' 2' X , '11 I .LW I x. 6211- .Q ,Ig ., J.-.r X-1,2 bg '-nf W-as ,Q yi? , j u 1. 4' ,, -, 1,1 L. , 1-17 if -- I I n 1 0 1 V I , 1 I JF . r W: .Jil Q. Q' Y' j J 333' U 1-V '-fl: ' 'fifi

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