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 - Class of 1945

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'WN - Mffef' Y Q4 e Y. Q, ,Q-.55 f 3534534 lf- ff 5 ix Q , 3331 63256 :ifz kf-3siaf5 ig, S . S 33 ffl :fe .4 ze .- .- - -I J? ., ..,,, ,. , ,.,,q, , -5 -in -- ,:::-:.::"41 -' .. WW 3 X' ,E W 'W V, , F y. , :,-B, is -wmmfwexws 3 i gkg-'.5fg2 .- iff,-.1Au Q 24. Q35 w 5+ yr , we fb f , , V' V X b 4 it 'ge l, I3 , ff A WXW9 N Qehffgg Q, gr if 50 a 2 W I Mft, 4 A 52 A ik' NE ,wi , 1 4 5 ,fa Mfg? ,f' , 'Bt as if wi, ' J + 'z ya , fx! af! 'ff 97? ' 'kts Saw a t ,Q f gfgiff .4 SW 37' . JA f , igf. A ci 3 X 4 ,M N , S Nunn If X01 7 X 4 2 ip, W W Z, jkgjzx 1 4 if 41 2 qv? 29 Q Y e-f4:1,- fir 4 ' Q x gi sf I 26' "9 M 4 2 f u fwf , ws Aw U .vs ,M ,..-vpn' ,-,Um 3, we aww X41 ,N i ig X X if K X QQ x X 5 X N S 5 2 5 Q -Qwwww xgx J., N Q Q i . X M, NORWMR usa Jim fvcvuuailtm UPPER ARLINGTON HIGH SCHOOL COLUMBUS, OHIO With deep respect, admiration and appreciation, the Class of 1945 dedicates this Norwester to Mr. Ivan W. Davis, our prin- cipal. We have enjoyed the benefit of his leadership-a lead- ership that never seems to be limited to class periods or school hours or even school weeks, but extends into all hours of the day and all the days of the week. We have felt his interest in us as individuals and friends was genuine, and that we could expect and receive careful judgment and counsel on all our prob- lems. We are therefore honored to dedicate this Norwester, as an expression of our appreciation to Mr. Davis, on the occasion of his twentieth year at Upper Arlington. Pagf Four jnfmwmd We have spent four years here now, four years that were long while we studied and played, but years that are so short in retrospect. So, to keep these years in some tangible form for the future, we have written and drawn and snapped a record of high school, the informal picture of the many-sided life of a high school student. And we present this record in its finished form as the Norwester of l945. Since january we have been working to publish not just an excellent year book but more than that. In this Norwester we have tried to set down the flavor and spirit of Upper Arlington. The education from books we have gained will help usg thephysical training we have received will benefit us. But there is an even greater lesson we have begun to learn here at Upper Arlington. We have worked together as one, cooperating to make a small monument to our class, to publish a souvenir of our high school life. We have joined, not only from necessity, but in friendship, to enjoy our last year of high school. And in doing this, we have learned a little of that art of knowing people. For it is good to be able to leave high school, to enter a life that is more serious and more exciting, with the knowledge that you have been prepared for that life by the best faculty and the bestfacilities. Seniors will find that what seems most important and interesting now will fade under the onslaught of new responsibilities. But whatever fades, it will be enough to know that Upper Arlington High School is still here- that the students are still banging lockers in the hall, still watching from the windows as the pool is being filled, and stopping just a second before the service plaque. So this Norwester of l945 is evidence of a class' loyalty-to our school, to our faculty, to ourselves. Page F ive To the boys of the class of l'945 who have left and who will leave to enter the armed services of America and to those of former classes who are already engaged in battle in the far-flung corners of this earth, we offer this small tribute. These boys, whom we all have known, who have walked the halls of Upper Arlington High School and who now are gone, are giving their lives for an ideal which we call "freedom". May our flag, which has seen many conflicts within this nation and with other nations and which has emerged to remain a symbol of this freedom for which these and thousands of others are fighting, be a reminder to us that while it yet waves, there is hope for a free world. This hope lies in the youth of this nation, in the hands of this war-time generation. To them the world is in great debt, for they are giving their lives for this hope. ln view of these great sacrifices, there is very little we can say in the way of gratitude to these boys. But there is much that we can do to show this gratitude. Our class- mates and friends-some of whom will not return at the end of this conflict-through their actions and lives, have charged us to keep the flame of the freedom for which they fight, a bright beacon into the future. We accept the chal- lenge. Page Six Senioad 1: A f'3?,1.fQ'Q ' "' v wfz, Xf"21'i-M , 15l1, .-. r lf q .x -1 - 5. .- 013' ,' ' 1: y d 'NI I X , . ...U 1'4" 1 ' -1:32 .3,,X -Al! 4 ' 11' fi' 1 V , 1 V g, , '71, :. f X x 1 , 1' 1 ' .' : . 1 X 4 n 'V J' n- 4 1 ' is "J Q r,A -1 w 1 u Y A ' 4 1 J. I s . 4 . ,J ..,4,,' ' . . .A , -:NFA-., ,. f W ii. 1 . . , 3 5 ' 1 . . - - A , . T. .I ' 5 r . ., 1 V' .'v. 'v',1:-"ltr E. . ,- fi -Aff: J-x ' I' U' -21, "J 'A f, 1. I V' ' .X , 1 ' " if ' 3 2 1 ,l ww f 75 'P 1 . . . f 1 r ,f -" , X. A.. A . M 1 ' 4 I, A , X w W 4 N . I I I , . 4. if Senior Class Officers President Morrison Vice President Skeele Secretary Barcroft Treasurer Sawyer Closed as we have been within the bounds of our high school, we have not yet felt the sudden actuality of life nor the magnitude of the task that lies before us We, of the generation of war and peace, are about to go for- ward, each of us in a different path, to find our place in the world . . . to meet the test of citizenship , . . to launch forth on the threshold of our lives Time and change will erase many of our ideas and ideals, but time can never hinder the memories of our years at Arlington, And so we leave with open minds, with seeking hearts, with life at our fingertips, Pmfr Smwrrz Charles Daniel Minor noann Norwester, 43 C-lee Club, 4: Football, I, 3, 43 Basketball, I, 2, 3, 43 Baseball, 2, 3, 4 lCo- captainl3 Varsity A, 2, 3, 43 lr. Class Play, 3 lBusinessl3 Class officer, 3 lPresidentl3 Student Council 3, 4 lVice- Presidentlg Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 43 Publicity Club, 33 War Serv- ice Committee, 33 Sr. Financial Committee, 43 Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl. U. S. Navy Mary Ann Boas "Baasie" G.R., I, 2, 3, 4 lCabinetl3 G.A. A., I, 2, 3, 43 Victory Corps, 23 Glee Club, 43 Dramatic Club. I3 Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 43 Sr. Publicity Committee, 43 Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinessl, Ohio State University Robert Todd Schnoor uBo!bn Hi-Y, 3, 43 Glee Club, 43 lr. Class Play, 3 lCastl3 Swimming, 33 Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastl. U. S. Army Air Force Miriam Louise Bateman "Mickey" Columbus East, Columbus, Ohio, I3 G.R., I, 2, 3, 4 lCabinetl: C,A.A., 2, 3, 4 tCabinetl3 Glee Club, I, 2, 43 Minstrel Show, 23 Charm Board, 43 Krazy Kap- irs, 4 lCastl3 Thespian League, Ohio State University Robert Eugene Skeele "Skeets" Grandview High School, Colum- bus, Ohio, 33 Hi-Y, 43 Norwes- ter, 43 Clee Club, 43 Football, 2, 3, 43 Basketball, 33 Swim- ming, I3 Varsity A, l, 43 Class officer, 4 Nice-presidentlg Stu- dent Council, 2 lVice-presi- dentl3 Office Staff, 33 Sr. Fi- nancial Committee, 43 Krazy Kapers, 4 tCastl. U. S. Coast Guard Helen Ruth Harder ukedn GR., 2 lCabinetl, 3 tVice- Presidentl, 4 lPresidentl3 G.A. A., 2 lSecretaryl, 3, 4 lVice- Presidentl3 Norwester, 43 Glee Club, 23 lr, Class Play, 3 lBusi- nesslg Victory Corps, 23 Lead- ers' Class, 3, 4 lVice-Presi- clentl3 French Club, 3, 43 Stu- dent Council, 3 lSecretaryJ3 Homecoming Queen, 43 Minstrel Show, 2, 33 Office Staff, 43 Sr. Financial Committee, 43 Dra- matic Club, I3 Charm Board, 43 Krazy Kapers, 4 lBusinessl3 Torch, 43 Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinessJ3 Senior Scholarship Team, 43 National Honor So- ciety, 4. Ohio State University William W. Fallon ,lbustyn Torch, 43 Sr. Scholarship Team, Ohio State University Miriam Elizabeth Muench IIMHIII Franklin lr. High, I, East High School, Columbus, Ohio, 2, 33 G.R., 2, 3, 43 Student Council, I3 Orchestra, lg Office Staff, 23 String Ensemble, 33 Math Club, 33 Norwester, 4. Ohio State University John Edwa rd Selby "Sass" Hi-Y, 2, 3, 43 Football, 2, 3, 43 Track, 2, 3, 43 Varsity A, 3, 43 Norwester 3, 4 lPhotogra- pherJ3 lr. Class Play, 3 tCastl3 Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastI3 Lead- er's Class, 43 Administrative Committee, 33 Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 43 Arlingtonian, 43 Glee Club, 4. Ohio State University Marilyn Frances Barcroft llaurkyll G.R., I, 2, 3, 4 lCabinetl3 G.A.A., I, 2, 3, 4 lcablneflj Norwester, 4 lAssociate Edi- torl3 Torch, 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society, 3, 43 lr. Class Play, 3 lCastl3 National Foren- sic League, 33 Victory Corps, 23 Leader's Class, 43 Class of- ficer, 4 tSecretaryl3 Arlington- ian, 3, 43 Student Council, 43 Dramatic Club, 13 Sr. Financial Committee, 43 Charm Board, 4 lChairmanl3 Krazy Kapers, 4 lBusinessl3 Quill and Scroll, 43 Sr. Scholarship Team, 43 Sr. Class Play, 4 lCaSl'l: Publicity Club, 4. Minstrel Show, 4 lBusinessl. Ohio State University .anvil 5152. L1 if Asbury Richard Odebrecht ,iodyu Hi-Y, 3, 4, Cleo Club, 3, Nor- wcster, 4, Football, 4, Swim- ming, 3, 4, Varsity A, 3, 4, jr. Class Play, 3 1Castl, Minstrel Show, 3 4. U. S. Merchant Marine Barbara Musette Lee "Barb" Morristown High, Morristown, N. I., I, Lanier School for Girls, Macon, Ca., lg OR., 2, 3, 4, Norwestcr, 4, Clee Club, 4, Torch, 3, 4, Minstrel Show, 4, C.A.A., 2, 3, 4, Victory Corps, 2, Homecoming Court, 4, Office Staff, 4, Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Krazy Kapcrs, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinessl, Thespian League. Ohio State University John L. Falconer ' 1,-LPIU Torch, l, 2, 3, 4, Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4, Varsity A, 3, 4 Sr. Scholarship Team, 4, Victory Corps, 2, Boys State, 3, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Leaders' Class, 4, National Honor Society, 4. Elena Clark Price HEDPIH G.R,, l, 2, 3 lCabinetl, 4, GA, A., l, 2, 3, 4, Norwester, 4, jr. Class Play, 3 ,lBusinessl, Victory Corps, 2, Dramatic Club, l Student Council, l, Cafeteria Staff, 3, Krazy Kap- ers, 4 lCastl, Minstrel Show, 4, Glee Club, 4, Sr. Class Play, lBusinessl. Miami University McClelland Trembly nMacu Hi-Y, 2, Clee Club, 4, Minstrel Show, l, 2, 3, Football, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 lCastl, journal- ism Club, l. U. S. Coast Guard Page Nine Faith Robinson Mackey "Faith" GR., 2, 3, 4, GAA., 2, 3, 4, Norwester, 4 lEditor-in-Chiefl, Torch, l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, National Forensic League, 3, 4, Assembly Committee, 4, Victory Corps, 2: Leaders' Class, 3, Arlingtonian, l, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4, French Club, 3, 4, General Scholarship Tcam, l, Sr, Schol- arship Team, 4, Sr. Publicity Committee, 4, Debate Team, 3, journalism Club, lg Krazy Kap- ers, 4 lBusinessl, Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinessl, Salutatorian, 4, Radcliffe College Fred William Preston IIBHIII Band, l, 3, Orchestra, 3, Ar- lingtonian, 4. U. S. Merchant Marine Jeanne Antoinette Esper "Frankie" G.R., 2, 3, 4, C-,A.A., 2, Nor- wester, 4, Dramatics Club, I, Sr. Class Play, 3 lBusinessl, Krazy Kapers, 4 lBusinessl: Office Staff, 4, Library Staff, 2 3, French Club, 3, 4, Ohio State University John Russell Rarey "Rar" , Western Military Academy, 2, Norwester, 4, Glee Club, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, Tennis, l, 3, 3, 4 lCaptainl, Varsity A, l, 3, 4, Krazy Kap- rs, 4 lCastl. Ohio State University Janet Ellen Lang "Jonny" G.R., 2, 3, 4, G.A.A., 4, Nor- wester, 4, Clee Club, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 tBusinessl, Victory Corps, 2, Band, l, Orchestra, I, French Club, 3, 4 lSecre- taryl, Library Staff, 3, 4, Cafe- teria Staff, 4, Sr. Publicity Committee, 4, Dramatic Club, I , Krazy Kapers, 4 lBusinessl. Miami University William Donald DeVere uwileyu Hi-Y, 2, 3, Norwester, 4, Glee Club, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball Manager, 2, 3, Varsity A, 2, 3, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 lCastl, Minstrel Show 3, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 iCastJ, Cafe- teria, l, 2, 3, Sr. Publicity Committee, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 iCasti, Thespian League, lTreasureri 4. Ohio State University Penelope Thayer Lowe uNePu Edward Smith School, Syracuse, N. Y., l, Norwester, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 iCastl, Sr. Publicity Committee, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lBusinessi. American Academy of Dramatic Arts Richard Craig Greathouse llziggyll Norwester, 4, Tennis, 2, 3, 4, Varsity A, 2, 3, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, Orchestra, I, 2, 3, Minstrel Show, 2, 3, Photography Club, Ohio State University Marjorie Elizabeth Reese llMarill G.R., 1, Victory Corps, 2, Dra- matic Club, l, Minstrel Show, 4, Glee Club, 4, Norwester, 4. Stephens College Henry Lord Landis "Hank" Western Military Academy, 2, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Norwester, 4, Torch, l, 3, National Forensic League, 3, Baseball Manager, 1, Swim- ming, l, 3 iCaptaini 4, Var- sity A, l, 3, 4, lr. Class Play, iCast!, Leaders' Class 3, Band, l, General Scholarship Team, 1, War Service Committee, 3, Sci- ence Club, I, National Honor Society, 4. Michigan University Pagf Tfn Agnes Fern Denune "Ronnie" GR., I, 3, 4, G.A.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Norwester, 4, C-lee Club, 4, Minstrel Show, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 iBusinessl, Victory Corps, 2, Arlingtonian, 4, French Club, 3, 4, Dramatic Club, I, Quill and Scroll, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 iCastl, Sr. Class Play, 4 4Busi- nessi. Ohio State University George Wendel Eckelberry "Commando" Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3, 4, Football, 3, 4, Varsity A, 4, Glee Club, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 iCastJ. Denison University Helen Esther Pace "Esther" G.R., I, G.A.A., l, 2, 3, 4, Torch, 2, National Forensic League, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 iCastl, Dramatic Club, l, French Club, 3, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 iCastl, Thespian League, 4. Smith College Kent Hammond Brandt "Kent" Hi-Y, 1, 2, 3 icabinen, 4 lCabinetl, Norwester, 4 iSports Editorl, Glee Club, 4, Torch, l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4: Football, 2, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4, Varsity A, 3, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 iCastl, French Club, 3, Student Council, 2, 3 iTreasurerl, 4, iTreasureri, Publicity Club, 4, Sr. Scholar- ship Team, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Sr. Class Play, 4 iCastl. Ohio State University Lois Anne Bucher IILOII Morton lr. High School, Lexing- ton, Ky., l, G.R., 3, 4, G.A.A., 3, 4, Victory Corps, 2, Cafeteria Staff, 4, Qffice Staff, 3, 4. Cadet Nurse" Corps V. '-. 1, S Ei. i Franklin David Halley "Frank" Hi-Y, 3, 4, Cleo Club, 4, Photo- graphy Club, l, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Minstrel Show, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Varsity A, 4. Ohio State University Joan Orsborn uh.. G.R,, l, 2, 3, 4, G.A,A., l, 2. Ohio State University Raymond David Stockdale "CovgIode" HiY, 4, Norwester, 4, Victory Corps, 2, Band, l, 2, 3, Mins- trel Show, l, 2, 4, Sr. Publicity Committee, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 iBusiness-Castl, Krazy Kapers, 4 iBusinessl. University of Arizona Lois Marie Winkler "Winkie" Monticello lr. High, l, Heights High, Cleveland, Ohio, 2, 3, C.R., 2, 3, 4, G,A.A., 2, 3, 4, Cleo Club, 4, Norwester, 4 tLit- erary Editorl, lr. Class Play, 4 iCastl, Arlingtonian, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4, Heights Players, 2, 3, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastl, Boos- ters Club, 2, 3, Thespian League, 4. Denison University Robert Lee Defenbaugh nB.D.u Hi-Y, 4, Norwester, 4, Assem- bly Committee, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 iBusinessl, Sr, Publicity Com- mittee, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusiness7, Krazy Kapers, 4 iBusinessl. Ohio State University Page Eleiwn Jo Ann Moore uh.. CR., 2, 3, 41 C.A.A., l, 22 Norwester, 4, National Forensic League, 3 lVice-President! 4, lPresidentl, Assembly Commit- tee, 3, 4 lChairmanl, lr, Class Play, 3, lBusiriessl, Sr. Class Play, 4 iBusinessl1 Victory Corps, 2, Arlingtonian, 2, 3, 4, French Club, 3, 4, Student Council, 2, 3, 4, Office Staff, 3, 4, Sr, Publicity Committee, 4 ICO-chairmanl, Debate Team, 3, 4, journalism Club, l, Krazy Kapers, 4 lBusinessJ. Oberlin College William L. Sllerrard "Wild Bill" Rocky River High, Rocky River, Ohio, l, Fairmount High, Fair- mount, West Va., 2, Hi-Y, 2, 3, Glee Club, 4, Cheer leader, 2, Band, l, 2, 3, Orchestra, 2, 3, Minstrel Show, 3, Library Statt, I, 2, Dramatic Club, 2, Nor- wester, 4, Thespian League, 4, Ohio State University Lois Elizabeth Sherman uaoopsyu OR., 2, C.A,A., l, 2, 3, 4. Norwester, 4, Torch, l, 2, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, National Forensic League, 3, 4 lSecretaryl, lr. Class Play, 3 iBusinessl, Victory Corps, 2, Leaders' Class, 3, French Club, 2, 3 lTreasurerl, General Schol- arship Team, l, Library Staff, l, 2, Sr. Scholarship Team, 4, Sr. Publicity Committee, 4 1Co- chairmanl. lryn Mawr College Thomas Murray Siebort u-ro'nn Hi-Y, 2, 3 iSecretaryl, 4, Nor- wester, 4, Glee Club, 4, Foot- ball Manager, 4, Baseball, 3, Track, 2, Varsity A, 4, Victory Corps, 2, Science Club, l, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Arlingtonian, 4 iCirculation managerl. Ohio State University Patricia Lou Cooper "Patti" West High School, Columbus, Ohio, l, G.R., l, 2, 3, 4 iCab- inetl, G.A.A., 4, Norwester, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 iCastl, Orchestra, I, French Club, 3, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastl , Library Staff, 4, Thes- pian League, 4, Arlingtonian, 3, 4, Latin Club, l. Ohio State University Ned Rowland Green "Neddie" Football, l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Golf, 2, 3, 4 iCap- tainl, Tennis, l, 2, 3 lCaptain, 4, Varsity A, l, 2, 3, 4, Mins- trel Show, 3, 4, Clee Club, 4. Miami University Barbara Belle Saville "Barby" G.R., l, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A., l, 2, 3, 4 lBasketball Headl, Ad- ministrative Committee,4, Nor- wester, 4 lMake-up Editorl, lr. Class Play, 3 lBuslnessl, Vic- tory Corps, 2, Arlingtonian, l, 2, 3, 4 lPage Editorl, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 tVice-Presidentl, Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 4, Public- ity Club, 4, journalism Club, l, Library Staff, 3, Sr. Executive Committee, 4, Sr. Scholarship Team, 4, Torch, 3, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinessl. Ohio State University Fred Liew Morrison ucurlyu Norwester, 4, Football, l, 2, 3, 4 lCaptalnl, Baseball, l, 3, Basketball, 3, 4, Track, 2, 3, 4, Varsity A, l, 2, 3, 4, Assem- bly Committee, 3, Leaders' Class, 4, Class officer, 3 tVice- Presidentl, 4 lPresidentl, Stu- dent Council, 3, 4, Minstrel Show, 3, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl. Ohio State University Carolyn Ann Sawyer "Katie" G.R., 2, 3 lSecretaryl, 4 lSec- retary, C.A.A,, 2, Assembly Committee, 3, Norwester, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 lBusinessl, Vic- tory Corps, 2, Class officer, 3 iTreasurerl, 4 lTreasurerl, Leaders' Class, 3, 4 lPresidentl, Homecoming Court, 4, Minstrel Show, 3, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl. Ohio State University Roger Miles Berlin nkogu Hi-Y, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 lCast- Businessl, Krazy Kapers, 4 lBusiness managerl, Norwester, 4 lCirculation Editorl. Ohio State University Joan Meuser "Jody" G.R., 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. l 2 3 4, Norwester, 4, Torch,' l,' 3, 4, Victory Corps, 2, French Club, l, 2, Arlingtonian, 3, 4 iPage Editorl, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 lSecretaryl, Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 4, Library Staff, 2, 3, 4, Office Staff, 4, Publicity Club, 3, 4, Dramatic Club, l, Sr. Ex- ecutive Committee, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 iCastJ. Ohio State University John Robbins Sampson "Jack" Norwester, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4, Varsity A, l, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 43 Golf, 2, 3, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 lCastl, Minstrel Show, 3, 4, Leaders' Class, 4, Cafeteria Staff, 2, 3, Krazy Kapers, 4 iCastl. U, S. Coast Guard lwana Zuella Toombs "Zues" G.R., l, 2, 3, Norwester, 3, Cilee Club, lg Torch, 3, Victory Corps, l, lr. Class Play, 3 lBusi- nessl, Sr, Class Play, 3 iBusi- nessl, Krazy Kapers, 4 iBusi- nessl. Ohio State University Donald Frederick Stewart Ilstewll Clee Club, 4, Football, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Varsity A, 2, 3, 4, Minstrel Show, 3, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 iCastl. Ohio ' State University Sybil Ann Starkey llsyblll G.R., i, 2, 3, 4, c.A.A., 1, 2, 3, 4 iCabinetl, Norwester, 4, Cheerleader, 3, 4, Class officer, l f lVice-Presidentl, Minstrel Show, 3, 4, journalism Club, l, Victory Corps, 2, Krazy Kapers, 4 iCastl, Norwester Queen, 4. Ohio State University Donald Saxton Sipp uoonu Rocky River High, Rocky River, Ohio, lg Hi-Y, 3, 4, Clee Club, 4, Football, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Swimming, 2, 3, 4 lCaptainl,g Varsity A, 3, 4, Minstrel Show, 3, 4, lr, Class Play, 3 lBusl- nessl, Cafeteria Staff, 3, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastt, Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusincssl. U. S. Navy Marcia Robbins "Marcia" Grandview High, Columbus, Ohio, l, G.R,, 2, 3, 4 lCabinetI, G.A,A., I, 2, 3, 4, Norwester, 4, Victory Corps, 2, French Club, 3, 4, Minstrel Show, 3, 4, Sr, Publicity Committee, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Sr. Clfs Play, 4 lBusinessJ. benison University Q' James Newton Ebright uhm.. Clee Club, 4, Football, l, 2, 3. 4, Baskctball, l, 2, 3, Tennis, 2, 3, Varsity A, 2, 3, 4, Class otlicer, .Z lVice-Prcsidenttg Sr. Financial Committee, 4, Krazy Kapcrs, 4 lCastl, Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastl, Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 4 Thespian League, 4 U. S. Naval Air Corps Jacquelyn Ann Fullen "Jackie" GR., 2, 33 G.A.A., l, 2, 3 lHockey Headl, 4 lVolleyba'll Hcarll, Torch, 2, 3, 4, Nor- westcr, 4 lLiterary Eclitorl, lr. Class Play, 3 lBusinessl, Vu:- tory Corps, 2, Class officer, l fSccrctaryl, 2 lSecretaryl, Ar- lingtomari, l, 2, 3 lPage Edi- torl 4 lFc-ature Editorl, Sr. Publicity Committee, 4, Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, Minstrel Show. 3, 4, Library Staff, 3, Publicity Club, 3 lSecretaryl, 4 tPresi4 clentl, journalism Club, l C Charm Board, 4, Sr. Executive Committee, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Sr. Scholarship Team, 4. Ohio State University Philip Kent Folk Univ.. Hi-Y, 3, 4: C-lee Club, l, 2, 4: lr. Class Play, 3 lBusinessl, Victory Corps, 2, Minstrel Show, l, 2, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lBusi- nessl, Sr Class Play, 4 lCast- Business! Ohio State University Pagf- Thirteen Marianne Fenner "Fearless" CLR., 2, 3 lCabinetl, 4 lCab- inetlp G.A.A., l, 2, 3, 4, Vic- tory Corps, 2, Norwester, 4 lCirls Sports' Editor! g Glee Club, 4, Arlingtonian, lg Dramatic Club, l, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl. Denison University Roger Lee Milford nkogu Cuyahoga Falls High School, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio, l, 2, Hi- Y, 4, Band, l, 2, 3, Orchestra, 2, 3, Minstrel Show, 3, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastl. Cleo Vradelis "Cleo" Middletown High School, Mid' dletown, Ohio, l, 2, GR., 2, 3. 4 lCabinetl, C..A.A., 3, 4, Nor- wester, 4, Glee Club, l, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 lBusinessl, Vic- tory Corps, 2, Arlingtonian, 43 Minstrel Show, 3, 4, French Club, 3, 4 lVicc-Presiclentl, Li- brary Staff, I, Publicity Club. 4, Dramatic Club, 2, Pep Club, lg Variety Show, l lCastl1 Ro- taro, l, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastJ3 Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinessl. Ohio State University Thomas James Spence IIHGPII Freeport High School, Freeport, Ohio, l, HiAY, 2, Norwester, 4 lSports Editorl, Glee Club, 4, Football, I, 2, 4, Baseball, l, 2, 3, Varsity A, 2, 3, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 4Businessl: Ar- lingtonian, 4, Student Council. 2. U. S. Coast Guard Jo Ann Margaret Merkle "Mark" GR., 2, 3, 41 G.A.A., l, 2, 31 Norwester, 4, Cheerleader, 3, 4, Assembly Committee, 43 Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Pub- licity Club, 4, Minstrel Show, 4 lBusinessl. Ohio State University James Kettler Long "Shorty" Norwester, 4 lAdvertising Edi- torl, C-lee Club, 4, Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Bas- ketball, I, 2, Track, 3, 4, Var- sity A, 3, 4, Leaders' Class, 3, 4, Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 4: Krazy Kapers, 4 lCast7. Ohio State University Virginia Anne Tripp uJinnyu C.R., I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A., I, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club, 4, Torch, 3, Victory Corps, 2, Arlingtonian, I, 2, 3, Library Staff, 4, Office Staff, 3, journalism Club, I, Minstrel Show, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinessl. Ohio State University Theodore Albert Binder "Fuzz" Hi-Y, 2, 3, 41 Clee Club, 41 Minstrel Show, 3, 4, Krazy Kapers. 4 lCastl. Ohio State University Donna Louise Flanagan llxeuyll G.R., 3, 4, C.A,A., I, 3, 4 Norwester, 4, journalism Club. I3 Sr, Publicity Committee, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lBusinessI, Sr. Class Play, 4 lCast-Businessl, Minstrel Show, 4, Track Queen, 4, Stephens College Richard Earl Fiske: ulloeu Norwester, 4. Ohio State University Shirley Louise Munsell "Shirl" GR., I, Z, 3 lCabinetl, 4 lCab- inetl, C.A.A., 2, 3 lTreasurerl, 4 lCabinetl, Norwester, 4, Clee Club, 4, Torch, 2, 3, 4, Vic- tory Corps, 2, Homecoming Court, 4, Office Staff, 3, 4, Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Thespian Lea- gue, 4, Charm Board, 4. Ohio State University William Herbert Lutz usinu Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4 lCabinetl, Torch, I, 2, 3, 4, Sr. Scholarship Team, 4, National Forensic League. 3. 4, C-eneral Scholarship Team, I, Basbeall, I, 2, 3, 4, Varsity A, 3, 4, Leaders' Class. 3, National Honor Society, 4, Salutatorian, 4. Ohio State Univeristy Mary Catherine Collins llxatiell G.R., I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A., I, 2, 3, C-lee Club, l, Victory Corps, 2, Orchestra, I, 2, 3, 4, French Club, 3, 4 lTreasurerl, Minstrel Show, I, 2, 3, 4, Cafeteria, I, 2, 3, 4, Dramatic Club, I, Krazy Kapers, 4 tCastI, Sr. Class Publicity Committee, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinessl. Ohio Wesleyan University Richard John Rice "Horner" Hi-Y, I, 2, Clee Club, 4, Foot- ball, 2, 4, Track, 2, Varsity A, 4 U. S, Navy Eugenia Dittoe lleenell G.R., I, 2, 3, 4, C.A,A., I, 2, 4, C-lee Club, 3, 4, Norwester, 4, Victory Corps, 2, Arlington- ian, 2, French Club, 3, 4, Sr. Publicity Committee, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Dramatic Club, I, Sr, Class Play, 4 4Busi- ifiessl. Webber College Page Fourtezn Richard Edward Pirnack "Dick" Lincoln lr. High, Charleston, West Va, l, HIY, 2, 3, 4 lVice- Presiclentl, Chess Club, I, Stu- clcnt Council, l, Class officer, l IPreslclcntl, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, l, 33 Varsity A, 3, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 IBusine-ssl, Sr. Schol- arship Team, 4, Torch, 4. Ohio State University Fra nces Elizabeth Reichrnenn "Francie" Maroa High, Maroa, lll., l, 2, 3, Clec Club, I, 2, lr. Class Play, 3 Castl, Victory Corps, 2, Class officer, 2 lPresidentl, Blue and Cold Staff, 3, Home- coming Queen, 2, Hi-Tri Club, I, 2, 3, Home Ec. Club, l, 2, 3, St. Vincent's lntirrnary, Little Rock. Arkansas John Logan Winter "Herman" Hi-Y, 2, Norwester, 4, Clee 3, 41 Torch, I, Z, Club, l, 2, 3, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 lCastl, lg Minstrel Show, l, 2, Band, l, ' Arlingtonian, 3, Dramatic l, Thespnan League, 4 3, 4, Club, lPreslden'l, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastlg S'. Class Play, 4 lCastI, Sr. Scholarship Team, 4. Miarnl University Virginia Sue Grinrtead "Ginny" C.R., I, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A., l, 2, 3, 4, Clee Club, 4, Victory Corps, 2, Norwester, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 lBusinessl, Dramatic Club, l, Minstrel Show, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 iBusinessl, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl. Ohio Wesleyan University Warren Paine Howard "Warren" H'-Y. 2. 3, 4l Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, lr, Class Play, 3 lCastI, Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, French Club, 4, Sr, Class Play, 4 ICastl, Thespian League, 4 Carnegie Tech Nancy Lou Dawson "Nano" GR., l, 2, 3 lCabinetl, 4 lCalJ- i inetl 1 C.A.A., l, 2, 3 Cabinetl, 4, Torch, I, Z, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Victory Corps, Z, Norwester, 4 lArt Editorl, lr. Class Play, 3 lBusi- nessl, Leaders' Class, 4, Min- strel Show, 2, 3, 4, Arlington- ian, l, 2, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4, Student Council, l, Publicity Club, 3, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinessl: lournalism Club, ll Krazy Kapers, 4 I Casfl. Sr. Scholarship Team, 4. Ohio State University George N. Brush "George" Track, I, Band, 1, Orchestra. l, Norwester, 4. Ohio State University Jean Carol Kenestrick "Jeannie" CLR., 2, 3, 4, C.A.A., I, Nor- wester, 4, Torch, l, Z, 3, 4: Sr. Scholarship Team, 4: Victory Corps, 2, French Club, 3, 41 Dramatic Club, l, Krazy Kapers, 4 lBusinessl, Sr, Publicity Com- mittee, 4, National Honor So- ciety, 4, Valedictorian, 4. Ohio State University William Nei Kheurie nsillyu Clee Club, 4, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Varsity A, 43 Class officer, l lPresidentl, Minstrel Show, l, 2. 4. Princeton University Nannette King Millisar nNonu Harding High, Marion, Ohio, l, 1, 3, CR., l, 2, 43 C.A.A., 4, Norwester, 4: C-lee Club, 2, 3. 4, Torch, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 lBusinessl, Victory Corps, 23 Photography Club, ll Minstrel Show, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 l1Casfl, National Honor Society, Ohio State University Pagf Fiftfrn David Emerson Crabtree "Estel" Norwester, 43 Glee Club, l, 2, 3, 45 Baseball manager, 2, 3, 43 Varsity A, 3, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 lCastl5 Band, l, 2, 33 Or- chestra, l, 2, 33 Arlingtonian, 3: Quill and Scroll, 3, 4, General Scholarship Team, lg Minstrel Show, I, 2, 4. Ohio State University Jean Carolyn Bonner "Jeannie" C.A.A., l, 2, 3, 43 Norwester, 4, Glee Club, 4, Torch, l, 2, 3, 43 National Honor Society, 3, 4: lr. Class Play, 3 lCastl3 Lead- ers' Class, 33 French Club, 2, 3, 4 lPresiclentlg National Forensic League, 43 Sr. Scholarship Team, 43 General Scholarship Team, lg Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 4, Office Staff, 3, 43 Dramatic Club, lg Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Library Staff, 2, 3, Thespian League, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastl. Ohio State University Robert Foresman Gutches usobu Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Norwester, 4 lPrinting and Engraving Eclitorl: Torch, 4: Glee Club, 4: Football, 23 Track, 2, 3, 4 lCaptainlg Basketball, 3, Varsity A, 2, 3, 4: lr. Class Play, 3 lCastJg Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastl: Student Council, l, 4, Leaders' Class, 4 ISecretary - Treasurerl 5 K r a z y Kapers, 4 lCastl, Minstrel Show, 4, Sr. Scholarship Team, 4, Na- tional Honor Society, 4. U. 5. Navy Ruth Eloise Edwards "Eddie" CR., 2, 3, 43 G.A.A., l, 2, 3, 4, Norwester, 43 Clee Club, 43 lr. Class Play, 3 lBusinesslg Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastlp Arlingtonian, l, 2, 4 ll3usiness managerig Quill and Scroll, 4, Library Staff, 3, 4, Office Staff, 33 Dramatic Club, l: Victory Corps, 2, Min- strel Show, 4. Western College for Women Larry Neal Howell "Larry" Hi-Y, 2, 3, 4, Norwester, 4, Glee Club, l, 2, 43 Torch, l, 2, 3, 4: Football manager, 3, 42 Varsity A, 3, 4, lr. Class Play. 3 lBusinessl: Krazy Kapers, 4 lCast7: Leaders' Class, 33 Ar- lingtonian, 4 lBusiness man- agerl, Minstrel Show, l, 2, 3, 43 Sr. Class Play, 4lBusinessl3 Quill and Scroll, 43 Sr. Scholar- ship Team, 4, National Honor Society, 4. University of Southern California Pagr' Sixtcfn Anne Van Buren "Anne Van" G.R., l lTreasurerJ, 2, 3, 43 G.A,A,, l, 2, 3, 4, Cilee Club, 4, Arlingtonian, lg journalism Club, lg Norwester, 43 Torch, 33 lr. Class Play, 3 lBusinessJ, Victory Corps, 2, Library Staff, 35 Cafeteria Staff, 3, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastlg Minstrel Show, 45 Office Staff, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinessl. Randolph-Macon College John Bernard Gerlach "Bernie" Football, lg Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4 tCaptainlg Baseball manager, lg Track, 3, 4, Varsity A, 2, 3, 4, Leaders' Class, 4, Class of- ficer, l lTreasurerl 2, lTreas- urerl, 3 lSecretaryJ 3 Arlington- ian, 3, 4, Quill and Scroll, 4, Student Council, l, 4 lPresi- dentl, Minstrel Show, 3, 4, Sr. Executive Committee, 43 Boys State, 33 journalism Club, l: Sr. Financial Committee, 4, Norwester, 4. Michigan University Carolyn Harriett Ulm :rTonir1 CR., l, 4, G.A.A., l, 2, 3, 4, Norwester, 4, Torch, l, 2, 3, 4, National Forensic League, 3, 4, lr. Class Play, 3 lBusinesslg Victory Corps, 2, Leaders' Class, 3, Arlingtonian, 4, Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinesslg Aviation Club, lg Sr. Scholarship Team, 4, National Honor Society. Ohio State University Walter Louis Burdorf Ilwa 'ill Dramatics Club, lx Clee Club, 4, Basketball, l, 2, 3, 4, Tennis, 3, Varsty A, 3, 43 Mnstrel Show, lg Publicity Club, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl. U. S. Navy Marian Jane Lintner llLinll C-.R., 2, 3, 4: C.A.A., l, 2, 3, 4: Clee Club, 4, Library Staff, 4, French Club, 3, 43 Minstrel Show, 4: Arlingtonian, lg Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastlg Norwester, 4, Victory Corps, 2, Sr. Class Play, 4 lBusinessl. Western College for Women Donald Earl Overbeck "Zoot" Band, I, General Scholarship Team, l. U. S. Navy Carolyn Judy Tucker ,Uudyn CLR., lg Norwcster, 43 C-lee Club, 4: lr. Class Play, 3 IBusi- nesslg Orchestra, lg Dramatic Club, lg Minstrel Show, 43 Krazy Kapcrs, 4 lCastlg Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastm. Miami University Louis E. Halley HI-out, Track manager, 31 Varsity A, 3. Ohio State University Dorothy Jean Shade "Shady" OR., I, l, 3, 4, C.A.A., l, 2, J, 43 Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 4: Li- brary Staff, 3, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Ohio State University 0 David Edward Pollard "Dave" Hi-Y 3, 41 Norwester, 41 Na- tional Forensic League. 3, 41 Torch, l, 31 Baseball manager, 2, 43 Varsity A, 2, 33 Assembly Committee, 33 Victory Corps, 23 Leaders' Class, 3, 4, Arlington- ian, l, L! lSports Editorl 3, 4 lEditorl1 Quill and Scroll, 3, 4 lPresidentlg Student Council, 3, 4, lournalism Club, lg Debate Team, 3, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lBusinessl: Sr, Class Play, 4 lCastl. Ohio State University John Thurman Hively "Jack" Crestview lr. High, lg North High, Columbus. Ohio, 2, Hi-Y, 2, 3 lCabinetlg 4 lPresiclentl3 City-Wide Council, 4 lSecrea taryl, Norwester, 41 Cleo Club, l, 2, 4, Arlingtonian, 41 Student Council, 4, Minstrel Show, 2, 41 Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastlg Krazy Kapers, 4 lCastl, Sr. Publicity Committee, 4. Jack J. Jackson "Jack" Norwcster, 4 lBusincss man- agerl: Football, 4, Baseball, 2, 31 Swimming, 3, Varsity A, 4'. Minstrel Show, 3, 4, Sr. Finan- cial Committee, 4, Ohio State University Jeretta lrene Murphy ll-Ierryll C-,R,, I, 2, 3 lCablnetl 4, C, A.A., l, 2, 3 lHockey headl, 4 lCabinetl1 Cheerleader, 3, 4, Leaders' Class, 3, lr. Class Play, 3 lCastl, French Club, l, 2, 35 Minstrel Show, 2, 3, 4, Publicity Club, 4, War Service Commit' tee, 3, Sr. Financial Committee, 4, Krazy Kapers, 4 lCast-Busi- nesslg Torch, 3, 4, Victory Corps, 2, Charm Boarcl, 43 Sr. Class Play, 4 lCastlg National Honor Society, 4. Ohio State University George L. Risley "stud" Hi-Y, 2, 35 Football manager, 3, Track, l, Varsity A, 3. Purdue University David Thompson Corson "Dave" Hi-Y, 3, 4 lTreasurerlg Victory Corps, 2: lr, Class Play, 3 lCastl: Band, l, 2, 33 Minstrel Show, 3. U. S. Navy Pain S1 -vfnirfn Ruth Ann Adams "Ruthie" St. Mary of the Sprngs, Colum- bus, Ohio, lg Websters Private School, Florida, 21 C-.R-. 2, 3. 42 G.A.A., 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4: Office Staff, 4. Florida State College Ja mes Allen Jackson rlJin'u Hi-Y, 2. 3. 45 Norwester, 4 C-lee Club, 43 Football, 45 Base ball, 3, 43 Varsity A, 4, Min- strel Show, 3, 45 Krazy Kapers 4 lCastl. U. S. Navy Air Corps In memory of a beloved classmate Barbara Hoskins Page Eighteen ' YY 5 4, 91 . l P' J' Z" W A , ,nl-A-M Og is is lx vf '35 .X N' X2 '. ,E L. si Q f wi ' W 4 J f V 5, ,QV Clan, ' usyrzapsis of the Pr-seeding ln.vtallmcnts" One September morn in l933, we were rudely awakened at the un- heard-of hour of eight o'clock, and our unresisting little bodies were dragged by our loving mothers to a long wooden building that looked like a barracks. ln fact, it was originally a barracks, but it served us quite well as the center of our early erudition. Well, sir, we looked about and were positively amazed to see the great number of other kiddies milling around us. Over a fourth of the graduating class of '45 were present on that fateful day. They were Ted Binder, jean Bonner, George Brush, Walter Burdorf, Nancy Lou Dawson, Bob Defenbaugh. George Eckelberry, Eloise Edwards, Phil Folk, Ned Green, Virginia Grinstead, Frank Halley, Helen Harder, Warren Howard, jody Meuser, jo Moore, Shirley Munsell, jeretta Murphy, Don Overbeck, Esther Pace, Dave Pollard, Elena Price, Marjorie Reese, George Risley, jack Sampson, john Selby, Virginia Tripp, Lois Sherman, and Tom Seibert. We had a fling at musical careers as members of the "No-Name Band", an exclusive organization of the first grade. That was the same year in which we were "needle-bait" for those powerful diphtheria shots. Most of our class-time was spent either in the waste basket or in anxious waiting for the recess bell. ln the fourth grade, we presented that rousing and unforgettable musical lcomedyll , "The Land of Dreams Come True". lt was the first "theatrical" experience for most of the cast, and were they scared! And what on-looker will evgr forget judy Tucker's inimitable rendition of "Pegasus, the Winged Horse". All the little boys went out in a big way for "touch-football", and the little gals vied with each other to see who wore the biggest hair-bows. And the time Ned was on the receiving end of a hurled eraser and chalk? Our two years in junior high flashed by in no time at all. We were just beginning to see the light and were more often in "mixed company". Play- ing "Midnight" at those gay parties was all the rage. During the fall, you could almost always find the boys playing football in Miller's Park. The future i945 team showed great promise, even then. As we plunged headlong into our first bewildering year of high school, we were both confused by all the new things we were learning left and right, and floored by the thought of all we had yet to learn. The girls commenced wearing saddle shoes and baggy sweaters, while the boys began to try out for the various athletic teams. As a group, we doggedly attended all athletic events, and moved with alacrity when spoken to by upperclassmen. That Senior Year seemed ages away-then! The big fad of our freshman year was apparent every Friday, when almost every gal sported one of those CSG shirts. Our class officers were Bill Khourie, president, Sybil Starkey, vice- presidentg jackie Fullen, secretary, and john Gerlach, treasurer. Gaining more confidence every day, we gaily bounced on to the next step toward ultimate release lknown as "graduation"l. The boys had be- come adept at dodging the monitors, and the girls now wore their sweaters bigger 'n' baggier than ever. Our time was divided between geometry propo- sitions and Latin verbs. The officers who guided us through those trying sophomore days were Steve Baldwin, presidentg jim Ebright, vice-president, jackie Fullen, secretaryg and john Gerlach, treasurer. "Ahal" we shouted. "Only another year now!" To the strains of these jubilant cries, we took our place as juniors in the halls of U. A. H. S. Who will ever forget junior English, with ye olde Macbeth, that fercious struggle between Beowulf and Grendel, and Miss Mann's dramatic rendition of "The Highwaymann? Another class which proved quite interesting was Chemistry, where we squirted water at each other, while "Homer", who was more industrious, nearly gassed himself with some Cl he accidentally Page Tfwcnty-one . ,K wf+?QW1-,W S Q 'Q , K 1 V ' ,' I M' ' Q ' ,. Y' ezlig 7 '- S Q 5 if 5 is HID 5 X .W WW Xxx A 4 X ku +1 Nsniamluwztii t' ff ,M Q 4 , ...X Z 1. 5 f Klan, wIlL Mfr, the members of the cfnss of '45, do hereby will our most proud possessions fo you who will follow in our footsfeps. Some of these possessions we have just rc- rently acquired, fwliife others have been with us since we jirst entered these noble fvorlals. We hope that they shall not die in fvnin. Walt Burdorf wills his clodhoppers back to Paul Bunyan. George Eckelberry leaves his dictionary of nicknames to Andy Smith. Marian Lintner turns her jewelry over to the scrap drive. Bob Skeele bequeaths his "smile that gets you places" to Dick Wetherbee. Dan Minor wills his heart to the freshmen girls. Barbara Lee leaves without any graduation pictures. Ronnie Denune leaves her baby-talking technique to some other blonde. Lou Halley leaves-suddenly. Penny Lowe wills her becoming fish faces to jane Cramlich. Donna Flanagan leaves Berlin for Tokyo-Roger! l l Kent Brandt gives his Greek god profile to jimmy Durante. jean Shade has already given joseph back to his brethren. "Hap" Spence bequeaths his beautiful accent to Nowlan Carter. jackie Fullen wills to some other bird the patent on the Raven Red Club. Katy Sawyer gives the "President" to Chuck Hamilton. Bill DeVere bequeaths his radical ideas to some other open-minded history student. Dick Fickes wills his slide rule to Mr. C-ulden. Bill Fallon leaves his 2Of2O vision to Patty Redman. jean Bonner wills her vocal honors to Margy Setzer. Frank Halley leaves the junior girls to the junior boys. johnny Rarey wills his watch chain accessories to Smith and Lee. jerry Murphy bequeaths her powerful wrist action to Donn B. Miller. jack Sampson leaves the halls of Arlington still echoing his refrains. Curly Morrison turns over his well-chewed shirts to the Salvation Army. Bill Sherrard leaves-breathlessly. Nan Millisor bequeaths her "stretching pills" to jim Price. Shorty Long wills his title of "The Sweetheart of the Sophomore Class" to Nick Soussanin. Bill Preston leaves the coveted chauffeur's license to Avery Robbins. Barbara Saville wills the Arlingtonian front page and headache pills to Pauly Wheeler. jack Hively bequeaths his tricky jitterbug steps to any other boy who can find a daring partner. Lois Winkler wills the Irish twinkle in her heart to St. Patrick. Homer Rice leaves his Pemberville commando tactics to junior Morris. jlohn Falconer leaves to become a nurse's aid. oni Ulm wills l22 study hall to Keith Hoyt. Frances Reichmann begueaths her patriotic insignia to Erma Love. Don Stewart leaves the coaches the job of finding another football, basket- ball, and baseball one-man team. Helen Harder wills her red-headed temper to Marty Lou Ebright. Dave Pollard leaves the Arlingtonian, Citizen, and Dispatch to Dick Willet. Sybil Starkey wills the "Green Dream" to the Arlington garage. Tom Siebert wills his boisterous actions to Nancy Yontz. Esther Pace bequeaths her "blow by blow" description to Phyllis Allen. Billy Khourie leaves for the Club Zanzibar with a red-headed debutante. Mary Catherine Collins wills to Lucinda Magruder the job of disposing of the French Club pins. Mac Trembly leaves minus 25 pounds and civilian clothes. Roger Berlin wills his good-looking overcoat to "The Wizard Weavers." janet Lang bequeaths her sunny disposition to Barbara Sours. Teddy Binder leaves with Skippy. Mary Ann Baas wills her husky voice to Ginnie Brush. Zuella Toombs leaves a year ahead of time. flfontinucd on Page 502 Page Twenty-three . ,, X2 ,, A - 9 - , , sz ' ,ulxibiv .- 39 X ' ,M My. Jew Jlwm, Wow . . . And here we are arriving in Upper Arlington, United States of Mars. The land of the always, always, where warmth and sunshine fill the Mars the whole year 'round, where children play gleefully in the airfields, where school provides an opportunity for those who wish to pass the stiff entrance requirements for the six months' mail-order college of Pill-ec and Pre-flight. . . . And so, many citizens of the U. S. A. have migrated upward and havef settled down to a lifetime of concentrated vitamins and radio-therapy. . . . After being transplanted to Mars, the members of the younger generation have grown into upstanding citizens of the village-a village whose popula- tion has reached five million, whose mayor is john B. Gerlach, and whose' seal is the sign of the Marsupial because of its diplomatic pouch. The people lead fairly abnormal lives which are not interrupted by such irreg- ularities as taxes, homework, or sickness. . . . If you will look in the "Hourly Gazette" you might read that jody M'euser has just been gifted with the job of 28th vice president of the Coca Cola Bottling World Federation. It seems that she has set up stands in high schools all over the mars. john Falconer has been made her assistant with the position of Chief-coke-case-carrier .... Deacon Skeele of the Second Community Church of Mars has proclaimed the day after Saturn day to be Sunday .... jean Kenestrick, janet Lang and Eugenia Dittoe, housewives of merit, spend the better part of their day cooking the infra-red way. The Larry Howell Corporation, one of the few left in the dwindling automobile industry, is the sole manufacturer of light-violet convertibles. . . . Barbara Lee and Mary Ann Baas are distinguished cultivators of artificial orchids .... just the other day Ginny Tripp, Eloise Edwards and Marian Lint- ner were seen hopping a rocket ship for their weekly visit to the jupiter Child Clinic. The statue of Curly Morrison, Charles Atlas of Mars, has been erected in parks all over the country . . . in one of these same small parks, jean Shade has been employed as head ground-keeper where it is her duty to replace the "Keep Off The Grass" signs with her self-explanatory exclamation, "Will you please not!" An Arlington favorite son, jim Ebright, is running for his l7th term as President of the U. S. M. on a platform of "ZummmmmmmStuff!l" They say the little woman, jerry Murphy, has been right in there leading cheers' on his behalf for the past i6 terms .... jackie Fullen has established mil- linery stores in ten leading cities and "Beanies with an A on Top" are her specialties .... Don Sipp has just swum the Atlantic and Pacific and will, soon attempt the Apex of his career. Mary Catherine Collins and judy Tucker spend most of their time sitting on a cumulonimbulus cloud playing "Stormy Weather" .... Tycoon Khourie is now starring in "Lost in a Harem" .... Bill L. Sherrard conducted a nation-wide strike for all coal-mining robots .... Bob Schnoor and Hank Landis, professors emeritus, are hard at work on their edition of the book? "Physics, Pre-Flight, Trig, and Solid in Six Easy Lessons." Marjorie Reese, notorious horse thief, has pilfered "The Orsborn Diamond", precious stone of the Orsborn collection .... Miss Carolyn Sawyer of "Katie's Kute Koffins for Kold Kuddly Korpses" fame has an- nounced that she will hereafter undertake burial footwear with the help of her assistant, Zuella Toombs .... Toni Ulm, Ronni Denun.e, and Frankie Esper are serving their fourth terms as members of the Probate Court, Bureau of Name Changes. Ned Green, manufacturer of razor blades sold at cut-throat prices, is still determined to eliminate Bluebeards .... Dave Crabtree edits the Mars lcldllflllllffl on lfugu S82 Pagr Ttwfnty-ffvz' Q? wwQNvf ways AZ . .lt Z. O. E. HILL IVAN W. DAVIS Superintendent O. E. Hill, who majored in elementary, secondary, and finance administration at Columbia University, has had a varied career as teacher, junior and senior high school principal, city school superin- tendent, and two years as Assistant State Director of Education. He maintains that the school should be a center of community activity for adults as well as young people. Mr. Hill believes that democratic principles should be a firm foundation of the school, so that the students may more fully understand the democratic ideals of the nation. 4 dak' Principal Ivan W. Davis, a graduate of Ohio State University in the field of secondary education, first entered the Arlington school system as an elementary teacher twenty years ago. Since that time he has shouldered one responsibility after an- other, and has so ably proved his de- pendability and competency that the position of high school principal has been entrusted to him. During the years he has been here, Mr. Davis has worked to make our school mould more completely and more di- versely the characters of its students. Jaculfq- Christine Hone Secretary to Mr. Hill Margaret Brown Lester Jackson French, Latin Geometry Katherine Glick Dole Gibson Typing, Secretarial Training Speech Wilma Sproull R. C. Cheney Mathematics Orchestral Music Thelma Beelmon Nelson Crites Art, Norwester Make-up Adviser Physics, Pre-flight Irene Brown Lowell Riley Algebra Choral Music Pagf Tfwrfnly-right 3104514 Helen Vickers Secretary to Mr. Davis Frank Jokes Ann Christiansen English, Dramatics Physics, Pre-flight Edward Cooney Margaret Schultz Social Studies, English, Latin Assistant Coach John Jones Bernice Rea Mathematics Librarian Richard Larkin Martha Morgan Social Studies, Assistant Coach English Bernice Mack Louise Bangholn Shorthand, English Home Economics Pngr T-wfniyrnim Jrwdflff Gilbert Lease Judith Whitney Social Studies Spanish Arthur McCullough Gertrude Mann Social Studies, Norwester E'1QliSl", J0Uff10liSm Business Adviser Barney Francis Vera Randall Physical Education, Head Coach English, Norwester Adviser Russell Glass Florence Fogle Industrial Arts Health Education, Nurse William Gulden Margaret Ogan Trigonometry, Algebra Physical Education Robert Cavins Pauline Monthaven Chemistry English Pugif Tllirly Zig n ' ' ver? E x f A 1 X, A E 'N 3 , ie, gm it iii." ss S X we S R X X Q i X NS x 5 'wil' 5 i is 'f W. "WH 1 ',r an M M. wigs? ff Q 1 Q Q, Ac , ,vm , ,pawn W M ,sz-'Y fp l wh 1 Y' my X I ,Vg :::: I E ,I Z : i .. V A K 'Z' 2: Ng H V0 2 . saga.: W 5 , S, S , fi? Q V ? M ig g V. 2 'Q is' 3 Q Y i 5 Q Q QQ? ga 'Q A K Q 4 as yas 4 ,V 4? 0 0 .Q M g, z :':::f ' ' 5352 , if V Q vriwfx-: ,Q av ,fz J 5,425 V lx. V f V 4, Q :gg 85 ' V xg cl W V V b ,.,,,, - .. .,,, ..,,... : .:.:.:.:Vi. V , -1- ::s.,:,::V::::.:.. :aw 3 f 5 ZS. 5599" Ig F if ' as if Q 5 gi ,Q Y' Qui 5 M MQ Q foe fig 5 P3939 5 ,wx SPN! Va1:...V x 3. Q , I- .V::,:..1,:::grsgj. M I 2' 'Q , .ff we 54- ,gs A , , ., SEEK:-. Z' ' , ,' 0 A" 2' V .:":,:: " Q? 3 'L V fi? , 5 3 , 7 N IV, I 1 X, canal Under the capable leadership of President john Cerlach, the Student Council played a very im- portant part in the school and its government The first bill was introduced by Dave Pollard and stated that a class be set up to aid in the selection of students to attend Buckeye Boys' State. ln February, Courtesy Week was held as planned by a Student Council committee in conjunction with Miss Bangham, This committee was made up of Dody Wilce, Ann Schnee, Tom Sours, and Chuck Hamilton A committee composed of Dick Wether- bee, Tom Frye, and Dareth Axene was ap- pointed by the president to beautify the court within the school. Plans were drawn up with the help of the art classes and Howard Dwight Smith, school architect, Later in the year, a special committee was formed to investigate situations around the school and to present any problems to the Council. Serving on this committee were Dave Pollard, Marilyn Barcrott, and Dick Crout. Mr. Culden acted as faculty adviser of the Council and during the year several joint meetings were held with the entire faculty in which the Council received their ideas and suggestions concerning current issues. Ptlflr' Tlzfily-lllrrr N..-P' 3 Q91 il., jf? El :awww-Q, 1' Tfncfeacfafumen junior Class Officers President Hamilton Vice President Wetherbee Secretary lvlunsell Treasurer laeger glllub With dreams in their hearts and a year of doing the dirty work under their belts, the jun ors of Arlington are no longer considered "juniors," Next year the Student Council, C. R., Arlingtonian, l-li-Y, and the athletic teams will be run by the juniors of today who will be the leaders of tomorrow, 1 i 3? Q Q 0 i 'F P0 -1 ,-f M, , f , A Q. f Y 3 .:,, ,,,:,,w V ., fmmp. W2 W' J shi HW . K 'Sz ha' san Fx , P ,gggigsg 5521. 'F ' 25 lx . . , m f , 1 :jf - in .LL 1. if 1 , 51':..5.4j1j's5.-5' ' ef W x , 3 1 gr, Z x ff 1. A rm 2 N5 A i wk' , S S, .,-. wif' '2 ix A Q , N 5, .sn 'mmf fmassfJw,al as mv mr . 1- -ai Sophomore Class Officers President Miller Vice President Cerwin Secretary Rutledge Treasurer lvleeder .Sophonwncm The "greenies" of last year have made quite a name tor themselves in every phase of school lite. The sophs were always found backing some team or activity or cheering for Spike, Donn B., Bobby and all the others, Whether it was intramural night or the Student Council campaign, they were right in there fighting all the time. Smiling, lovable, gay, and oh-so sophisticated, they can take oft their coats with the best of them. I0-I FIRST ROW: Crout, Norris, Falconer, Greiner, Roderick, Hammel, Muencll, Magruder, S. Jones. SECOND ROW: Leggo, Hannah, Howard, Egel, Miller, Brush, Griffith, Stewart. THIRD ROW: Price, Carr, Wadley, Corn, Gerber, Dodge, B. Milllaon, Hawk, Familton, Horrison. I0-2 FIRST ROW: Soussanin, Billmon, Clork, Vradelis, Rook, Fallon, Redman, Williams, Stephan. SECOND ROW: Rutledge, TouVelle, Gramlich, Nelson, Lenz, Cox, Bailey, Sterling, Gantx, Crawford THIRD ROW: Spriggs, Hebden, Trembly, Munday, Dodd, Hoag, Behrens, Ransom, DeVere. ABSENT: Henry. 1 w 1,: M. m 3 'gif an 'X' as D S W' af"fhm'N wQ 4 f, .4 . 4 ' 'iff wif? 'Q N 4 lm i A I g 1 1 , '. U 1 1 , 2 Ji, 5 W X 4. X,..--'- S,-iii .--n-1 I mini H .nf 1 2 Q ' sg V vffygir 5 fx ' V..AA. 3 z' A VQ - Q' . A 9531 A ' f is f S5 y A Q" f -ivn - 4 E ' ' 5 Hy, Q ,,,,:, .,.v- 3 . .. Q sv W V igz fx ' .. V ', gig 4 g x4x i i C f ' ,,, 1 j W x ,,.. I Wg ' -1529 Mp. X . ' cl-if as we-1 , Freshman Class Officers President Sherman Vice President Williams Secretary Dunlap 9 Treasurer Kinnan zeaimmz And so the freshmen walked timidly through the gates of high school and took their places among the upperclassmen. The freshmen party was held March 2 and produced that never-to-be-forgotten Buel-Ireland routine, Favorite son Dave Sherman thrilled his beaming classmates as he paced the reserve basketball team. Many times the trosh willingly accepted the "Hey, get to work!" and eagerly looked forward to next year's sophomore rank. as i g i f 2 Q P' .III :-l. 3523 Q V , A 9 ':" ' Q K Q Q Sa e Sf? Q4 N, 9 A ' ' A 3 Q V- Q Q Q :" H Q - ..:' Q x - ,X ',bb ",:, .,,, X Q. .. six ,f x v' xy X 3 if iw wp , ,D 5 9 wk , Va E 5 'w ix Y' f E-. I 3:11, f .. ,.,. . 3 . ' . : 5 .G X fzgfgf F V " , I M? - 1 -.A, 1 ' k - - , I X : i,-ju' ' w w 5, 11-Keg +9545 - MQ Q N' X y . A ,QQ - Ss X X -- 22:f1q.4',:-'--- + vyfi 4,38 -:ram I 'Uk X W '3 gg sg ,jaw S, i W' . ,X , 3, X N 3, is W A 3 9 60. Q' g gm ,av -1: 5 g QR ,ES 43 .f' Q . .2-A '15 6 QM R a a n a .rw 1Ea12:':2?i5?'3Ev g ,,,.., . 3 T, QQ? x i JW x ? Q NY. wi g " xqkgfzi A M I QA: P- , X Q, f ,-.' gn, Q. G rf ,. E. 2 Q X 'X 9' 1 gm Q, if tv W F , A Q W eg! Q A SS A X F? - SGS WX . . . .U I N X A x I if ,k.f.ffi,i 'I My w ,552 .. A ' ' ' naw. f wveW:'5f6,f - I Wazglm' Ta. Q ' 33 , 1 9 -' ., QQ , , ' f ' ,- I , X , ,.y,' fix ' ,hw ,S W EAP XF v 7? .Q as mx M , i A I k:"5 .5 A sw' f W, 2 , ,A mg "' , -s-'Wm W Q N ia .3 N 9 gi ,Y 5 gf ., A 5 . I ' ' 'Kiki '3'f W New if 5' ' . Q ' 2 f wi 5 I b Q X Q W ,,,, QQ. ' '1 35 ' ' Q ,, Q :,:: :Yi A i 9 N vw - : : A k . 2 f53' 4 "X, '-':j W- E? ig? as yt Wx if N A ww. me xv f Q::.,,:s.a,g. f ww, i me www. gg, xw, g ,,,,,,,-RE, I fr v'ia ,3,nl'wc 1. kf:i:'L'f,i- :N N, W-fc x . ---- 3 'far' " ...- ,Ku- we A 5' X mga v bi 3 Hug if FJ' sf??"slTT'f.x , WN 4, . , xx,- E , ' 'f ? VM. 3' km. s ,M ,M ' W ,L ' VZ' q gif ..,.t sa 3, 4 N , , 5133 ,Q A ff" N ,iifglzwl 'gg' 'S ' nnn J X 1? HN JL 054' - I - '- ,.::,, ,, :ff X V E.. ,J , yr K Q x 3:-9 ,,. f 3 gifs .f ,wb 1359 wi gg, if gg -5 Skim ' " W we Q V ,,,., W 8 W 0- 1 ms, ,W QW gm ww 'ig M' ard-M . ww wwf 'ew f. X K K1 gg xx ' X T H 'E T, .. -fy, uf E41 'Q K ,iv " 2 g fm. j, Q' ff s. feifgg, V? yung 8 5 N 3' V ZW 'Avi sr N 63. W 9 g, W 2 M, 4 4 E ia s 62? A 2, -f :Y N I 4. , , , ..:.1.,, ,- M G Q WW 2 .. nf m W' WL QQ: ,N ' f W , N. Q if ww , - ,4 . C155 2 A L 5 M, , af. X ' H1 'A x ,S Q -:-. i rm gg ,E Sw Sw W , 4 43 Q W Q mu v K ,M ts 1 3 ii K, Qi 2 B k s ex X S S S Xa X 'F K Xi X, , F2 K1 Tm. - X55 s A F gw Q O QP - . x ip 3 NSR ' 5 LEX S I 53 X-Nam 'N . N 1 5 fx .5 x X Q QW Ttlxyiiz 'N XY X - Q-xvi 1 - X . K V J BN, Q.NQl"i, K EN Q ex A Q ' 3 . 'X qv Nag 'Q Q if X' wwf WN? vamnunnnnsnnm-nm 1.-w--mn.m.mm anna-ma-mm mamuunnuunuw uunanuov-my-sau uroumna-una gunna-uuuammw uummunwaauo unmunnnrmauu an-nalsmqnu ann-unauwma .gnnnuunmamv 4-up-snuvmnwu aiunommvww auisnuvnnmw nnnnnmmp-1 rnmnawpanow smfunnh-vfnumww mumanlkxnmnw fill' Si KNAW 31" -Q Tl-2 sf E 5 s r s.m1,gf2 Saw. J Y f Xffk X :-2 1 "z Egg' V VM gm . , f' E Q A' fy ' :A Zf N 3 in s Q , 2 S Q ,M QQ . A K 1:,, , ,AV, -b H v' A fx X V: S ,.'- ,..-- . ..f::.- ' . f . M 1 ' '-'- . il 'ANQQ ,' w V 1 E , U H ' A ' ' N , , , A , f wi? vg ,ff Q 9 fg-A J fm W + ' K 1- - .,. L',' -, W ,Q , x . 1-wg' - Q A iw. ix , 5, ,, " .y :,'s ,151 ..:: 1 ' V ,2 ' q WM' ' A , 'i-y?Ei1'ffA 2 A .1 ls X V f 'W My QQ , win, "w'?'vf,f1f V .- 1 - -"-' 1 t ' W, 'mgfvf wi N -f 'Af' 223:21 . ' A ' 5:2115 ' ' Ks 'wgffgfigwygj axf -55 I N9 E . :... .,.. ,.:. ,.....,..,,.- I I t ,,. Q ,,-:: 2 I- E? Q I X W .A VV J Q ' my X I.T'1i": -I XM I: V:,:- Z Es f x ' Q - V Q A Q. an du 1 i nv 1 1 M' 'ka ff 3 Awww . X 'Nr x .X SS 0 Q . NR.. NNRW ww an X -W, . . A Q, ,iq X W5 .- N x. fi . SFQN NR as WS , 1 v ... X..4w.Q,,,a-A-Q 6l44470dl fC011ff1i-Nfd from Page 232 john Winter leaves with his check from Apex. Ruth Adams bequeaths her trips southward to Anne Zeller. Ginnie Grinstead wills her little bottle of H202 to lean Youngquist. Marianne Fenner leaves--fearlessly. Lois Sherman bequeaths her graceful walk to Avice Roderick. Dave Crabtree gives his "Pipe Appeal" to Alex Cecil. Elena Price leaves her shy little giggle to Louise Fallon. Marilyn Barcroft wills her nick-name, "Pinky", to some other careless fresh- man. Henry Landis leaves his "brown as a berry" tan to the Aztec lndians. Bill Lutz wills his brain to the scientists of future generations. lo Moore leaves the senior home room teachers still wondering in which room she is registered. lody Meuser bequeaths her "spend-thrift" habits to Dan Ransom. lean Kenestrick gives the shorthand class back to Mrs. Mack. George Brush leaves for Mexico in a truck full of pottery. lim jackson wills his dimples to Shirley Temple. Ned Green leaves-still a woman-hater. Eloise Edwards sends her wardrobe to Saks Fifth Avenue. "Sass" Selby wills his "way with the women" to lud Milhon. Patty Cooper bequeaths her "on-again, off-again" romance to Carolyn Longa- baugh. Dick Pirnack leaves his "5 o'clock shadow" to Billy Clapp. lo Merkle wills her informal method of winning friends and influencing teachers to Dave Sherman. lim Ebright leaves the halls of Arlington still trembling from his noon hour excursions to the cafeteria. Ginny Tripp bequeaths her perfect attendance record to jerry Hickey. Dick Odebrecht wills his "Scooter" to Mary Ellen Long. Miriam Bateman gives her "lrium Ad" back to Bob Hope. Warren Howard leaves the privilege of reading home room bulletins to an equally conscientious junior. Dick Greathouse bequeaths his trumpet to David Dodd. loan Orsborn wills the title "She's lovely-She's engaged!" to the Ponds establishment. Don Sipp leaves his "boys" to Doc's backroom in peace. Shirley Munsell wills her "Oh, neat!" to Eleanor DeLong. Dave Stockdale leaves his shiny DRAC pin behind. Phil Folk wills the Democratic party to F. D. R. Marcia Robbins bequeaths her art exhibitions to Sally Charlton. Bob Schnoor wills his "tricky" eyebrows to some other boy-who will use them to best advantage. lack lackson wills his fiendish laugh to Santa Claus. Mitzy Muench leaves pre-flight class to join the Air Corps. Bob Gutches bequeaths his perfect posture to Cuyton Gerber. Bob Defenbaugh wills his long flowing tresses to Don Corn. Lois Bucher leaves to hurry back to Kentucky. Larry Howell wills his knack of "mothering" the football team to Paul Yates. George Risley bequeaths his Purdue letter sweater to lack Downey. Margy Reese leaves to become a humanitarian. Nancy Lou Dawson wills her sun lamp and cocoa butter to Beth Bennet. Roger Milford leaves his talent for sleeping through senior English class to Dick Crout. leanne Esper wills her chef's apron back to the Oasis kitchen. Don Overbeck wills his zoot suits to Barbara Rook. ludy Tucker wills her hour-glass figger to Marlene Semmons. Anne Van Buren bequeaths her open house to lane Livezy. Gene Dittoe wills her dry humor to lack Billman. Cleo Vradelis leaves Lucille to carry on the family tradition. Dave Corson wills the first senior service star to Uncle Sam. Bernie Gerlach wills his 50-day school year plan to Mr. Davis. Faith Mackey leaves with this beautiful annual cuddled lovingly under her arm. Page Fifty ' H Z. .t.4 Go Yb 9 '41 QJSNVHQ 0'-96 WG 7. 9 ov os 0,00 TWH 7' UUND THEC 'Nw Wlnfzw The i945 Norvvester staff heads were chosen early in january by seven senior class representatives under the supervision of the faculty adviser, Miss Vera Ran- dall. Each staff was made up of seniors wha volunteered to work on the committees. ln February, the seniors went into action and out of the melting pot of dreams and dummy sheets, ideas and ink spots, rulers and 'rithmetic, has come this year's Norwester. Editor-in-chief., ,.,Faith Mackey Make-up ,.,,,,, Barbara Saville Assoc. Editor..Marilyn Barcroft Photographyh .,,,.,,,, John Selby Sports .,.,,,.,.,,,,...,,,, Kent Brandt Art ,,,,., ,,,,.. N ancylou Dawson Literary ....,,,,,,,, .Jackie Fullen Sports ,,Marianne Fenner Lois Winkler Art Staff Jeanne Esper Jean Kenestrick Carolyn Sawyer Helen Harder Janet Lang Kent Brandt Ronnie Denune Penny Lowe Don Overbeck Sports David Crabtree Engeriia Dittoe Dick Greathouse Virginia Grinstead Literary Jo Ann Merkle Jean Bonner Elena Price Judy Tucker Frank Halley Dick Odebrecht Bob Schnoor Virginia Tripp Make-up Mary Ann Boas Miriam Bateman Pat Cooper Eloise Edwards Jack Hively Barbara Lee Jody Meuser Dave Pollard Jean Shade Carolyn Ulm Anne Van Buren Cleo Vradelis Photography Bill DeVere Jo Ann Moore John Rarey Lois Sherman V I .uc SUP" ms Nmrwi 13 UPPER ARLINGTON HIGH sci-Ioor., coI.UMBUs, OHIO Ja Bell ieket o hem' Alfred Noyes, 'il Englifh nuthin' nnel ill pm on mils- Mmnlaiy itx given tht- i'liuln'e to cketii :tml vaisli awamlr- tickets to thi- li-clnii-, t sellimf lil tit-lu-is will free tivkel und flil In -kets, 31.50 in i-:ish ainil Qivkelsg for selling' L55 tuds-nt will roveive t.W0 4 and SL! in cash. A i ol' five tivkcts and S5 he give-li in the PCFBOYI ts Get Chance Zgffjjgligofjjvicetl aith Mackey Named E s or Noyes or '45 llor'Wester 'sllXlLe boon i Fred fffurlyl Morrison is 1-Al hut is rlerretl till June as is also lion Stewart. All that time E hope to enter the -Marine -. X .lim l'Ilwrighi, Dun Minoi and Holi Schnoor 3? in the 'X XX ,Xxx Q 3 05 3 XQX A 'KA xo. XY ya? aw 9' KX ei' X . fx X Q9 in U IQ, ui? Zi 'S' 'Vo iq, 'I 410 I Xttlxx . 1920 NS A A o- .-11 4 A .A No most tiekm-tw. The tick- 1 --tXV'Yj,tiiNX xc A Q- eq 1919, mt. Sl plus itate Mid ,fx totaling Sl.".i lf 'il use ull of -y may sell money plus their thcm a we ff ihnninres .fi , most ti:-kefh f -1, H inxidercd for nf-xt yenrk ,unager of the Arling- Lrude Munn, fuvulty uolgl ll. ci igiolnr it tztivvs wi' be KG W A iii' 5 ' . - I . t ' 1 num, Ax iz- U, X61 .,I U. mal b d rl lf? kit- XWM K' X' i Exam! ' ' I to 1 iihh l iii? in . bus A g IJ ailrei :Kent to the len -ifE'f'lVl1J rlulnii Plains nrt- :ilwn lining ln run nrlivlm-s in the z r-1 nml :ininiunve thi-J r the lorzil rzxrlin :etn- Q will ilrziw people fron: lIlllllllS so lie sure tn get Momluy or :ie anon us' ry Committees or Junior-Senior l y eomniitts-es h Il v 4- , Special Assembl hy the nllivi-ii. uf Jun' rr the imnunl Junior- n will ln- hi-lil luis- next I: voniniittm-Q ure: ri-ll genurnl lnisirn-ss, dei nil, nnrl l'i-nil. s AHEAD lmll, 7 ai. Ill, Hnilniinton l4llli'llZl lliiltl. SPVPII, viighl., fiirlh linialwlliiill. ilsltvllrull pjflllll' with ', 7:15 fiylll Uilvlrl Llllli: rcliulisnreil hy ' 4 Uusis 19-12 p. ni., .i . I . .yglle I 'tlioufon lg na 0, 'I 91 'J 10 fo '29 :IIS Q albic- Cf . I 6, V 'id 9 , 157 AQ 'Sr 4. and an- l'S this .S : as cf: Say., l he Sl Ashnviboat. high svhnul. will an E ecti on I 5 0f.50 men imcli I lfiiith Mackey ix the for the Xm"West,eI' of 'the roinmittee met w vm Rumlzill und Miss Y irisnn, rluss pi'1-rsltlexit, nt-silnv. Hiller positions 'je list nf those ' Alairilyn Ba h. The make .mimi by Barb: nwson, art oy, photogra or is Tom Spci fs' 5 5 3, :ditor is yet ti Q " .laziness end of tt S' LE Zen placed in thi S 5 Jackson. His sta So Gntches. printing a ngg .lim Long, mlverl lRoger Berlin, circulatio ' Asmuuits to all the o lheon chosen and all 65 I Q 51 8,101-s who signed up will part in composing the 'other intewsted student l+""lf-34-'itoi' of the depart ljffl in working 4 letk im 'f staff moeti .. .k 4 ' L. I L 4 Luwxsxheld T til' tif iscribe To iSixth War Lc AN EDITOR!! 3 Most people in this cow fof war as just ii conlii notions. But do we Str got' the sm-i'ilires and caused by war? There v will lic- Q Filifillafre Cloister thlrfl si. 'A 2' E pwili Rive ll Siwviul Motor ,f 5 3 tht and Day" and f gather Nfirl-sent ii dance chorus of some i 1,0 f,,,wp11 ,ai .QQ it niembers. Special buck-3 the ,ii-li,,,5nmi,m MUG" ,gghfgpfx CNN. music will be furnished by. All rinixgs oh L' ik 09" Band. Among numeie- given to Hnrlmra Suxille ni other tnemlicr 1 if the muff, and only :mlm-i'ihci's of tht- Arlingtoninnl may auhmit th ' JK. x2y'l.'Q Xqtxf' est- songs. . fY,......, ,... ,...,.. y y i To Be Postponed ' ' The nt-xt in iul nssunihlis-s plum' Jun, lil liwzuiso of the ,. lilll, who wan, wht-el lu the the suriva of "spec-l wliirh was to luke' has he-uri postpniwil illness :if liilwin M. to lirinp his pntteI"v4i Hvliool mul talk an hi- worktwl, telling the hiwtory nl' I pottery-innkinp Girls Sell Food To help their cln girls, liemlefl by Jod helling cakes, potato vorn at the hasakethal girls wnrk ut ezxcli the Fnventry Road the other two in thx gym hulcnny, df people whose lives an M6 mo: sh acts of' loealwtnleiitfinteitullteii hh' the tu ,mom ,gsm the Pollulill' 5iVmXf NSWVS- 5 chaos of xvnr. But t-ltere " y - t'tl'l'Jill'EI Pray, Patty Cuopfif. 30115 .niet ai few who c'an't At Gamesl inn and Marilyn nine. E,-,,,,m,, ,hc 5I.,.i.,,,gnm I NS- the Senlm' "M I A "" ' lotion, and :irc more of I It1e11s01ufH'0l Paper Mails S3 Weekly from anything nge ilu chips emi will Fifty-three Arlingtuniuns rireltixxws. Tu win ai wan- l games. Four :mice Ntwo ntl entrance and r booth in the 1 - 2 Y IZ Now that trwiils on tires are re mailed each week to Alumni, city xuhnols. und the All-Anierican :if-wspaipors. In return these schonlx exchange with the Arling- toniau. A few of the city school papers which exvliunge mul mail- lrling editors received are the North its nl' thi' past, letfs slow Uv Ii hit. lligh l'nlui'i:1 und the l-Inst lliglil i-ep.-I-inlly utnuml the school. 5X'R:15'. g must. give his alle-vid lpossilile with the const: uriuoonemtive at. hy ton many pony and 3 ruined i hell- ----- and to grt through sible :intl win thi Annex-iran must, di ltemeniher, you don't hz xi gun to win o war. ,as pun i out-li Wendt Que ' r4 o47a-alidfqncf L' BY .-Xl,lt'H llllil. l Strains ol' "Silt-nt Night" :mil ntlier carols sung: hy the l"reslin1en C'lnirus were h eau! 4: c h o i YI through the hulls ul' thc- CliilclI'en'x g i who rilwwed his appreciation was to leave ami "Murph" joined ua as a little Negro boy in the 1'01'li0l'li00li are he look ntl' his Sharp, white who smiled frtini wir tri em' wpitelcueit We heal a time gettin' to ,. . . Y . . , 3, uf the timnlzigox over lwth e5'cs.'Lot-klvoi'ne in crowded cars hut I They also had ai big: Fhristxiizwitree l rion't think anyone not lost. 'Wo fnmnv other carols en "Silent Night." It gg isluffy toward the emi 2 land morph" kept oi .with tht-ir inks-1 shud mi ' Sviciatq, Active since April, l925, the Upper Arlington Chapter of National Honor Society recognizes outstanding character and academic success in high school students. Members of the faculty rate the students on the basis of scholarship, leadership, char- acter, and service. The top fifteen per cent of the senior class are awarded membership. Five per cent of this number may be chosen in their junior year whereas the remaining members are selected at the end of their senior year. Those members of the class of l9-45 who were chosen as juniors were Marilyn Bare croft, lean Bonner, Kent Brandt, Nancy Lou Dawson, Faith Mackey, and Lois Sherman. The seniors chosen were john Falconer, Bob Cutches, Helen Harder, Larry Howell, jean Kenestrick, Henry Landis, Bill Lutz, Nannette Millisor, jeretta Murphy, and Carolyn Ulm. ln addition the two members of the senior class who have the high- est scholastic average for all four years of high school are given recogni- tion. jean Kenestrick be- came recipient of this honor and Bill Lutz and Faith Mackey were tied for second place. i t ,j Page Fifty-four '7Zat4bmzL Jnfmzmic, Organized by an interest- ed group of debaters with joe Moore as president and Lois Sherman as secretary, the Upper Arlington chapter of the National Forensic League obtained their char- ter early in l944. Membership is on a point basisgthe entrance reouire- ment being twenty points, which may be obtained tor work in any speech activity, jean Bonner did outstand- ing work this year by plac- ing tirst in the oratorical declamation division of the central district finals held at Ohio State University, 9 jf" 1 .QV , I ,"' 71,45 'lim lkwhb' Jullancijcfwll Quill and Scroll is an in- ternational honor society for outstanding high school journalists. Each year, the faculty adviser chooses the members, and they are in turn corroborated by the national secretary. At a memorable candle- light initiation service in i945 four seniors and eleven juniors were initi- ated into Quill and Scroll, In February, the society brought Alfred Noyes, noted English writer, to speak to students and citizens ot Columbus in the Arlington auditorium. S 2+ is 'v-2 W-' 2-.-1, .f . P xy.. ,Wk Q V 55- Q 11:1-:S M-'14 Under the capable leader- ship of President lack l-lively and officers Dick Pirnack, vice presidentg Tom Siebert, secre- taryg and Dick Wetherbee, treasurer, who took over Navy- bound Dave Corson's office, the Hi-Y has maintained its standard of activities in the year of '45 Every year the Hi-Y organ- izes and sells programs at the football games. During this season the members of the organization participated in city-wide basketball and bowl- ing leagues and also took part in the annual observance of City Day. 7? ""' 'A mm HMI, Rmmvm The Girl Reserves planned their program for the year with all projects centering around the theme of "Service," Under the capable direction of Cleo Vradelis and Patty Cooper, corsages of chrysan- themums were made and sold at the homecoming game, Other projects included the making of bean bags for com- munity houses, the selling of "Arlington" pencils in home rooms, the planning of one of the Easter assemblies, and the annual Good Friday breakfast. The C. R.'s were assisted in the activities by their faculty advisers, Mrs, Brown, Mrs. Morgan lwho later left to join the Red Crossl, and Miss Rea. x 'KY iff 1132 f A I 'C if awww , , x . 5?:x5'-, NW wx '- X New 1 A253 ' 51. fzggsg ,. 'V 1 e - ,. ,s4 -kifgfwfri, 2' may Q V sg,'2sf1f,?3 ' ,e1+iEw5-1 , X 2 Y ff 'K -Q I was f W im ,. 4. W . , N - ha f wg , . aww, V 'A' ' 1, . A H x ' " "ff" 'V MQ- VX-'VRF :4 .I"Q::E:: Q' 4 "i5siQS23'n F gfggsmg' wwim iz: -, ' 52- sf.: if " 28" Q , " ' ,. ' ., N , . a1N'svW'ffS'Lbf x x 'M A: , ,A . fix Es: 55' -, ,HQ iw ,,' Q Q , N fx 5 -2 1155- F . .. ,fTsSgggxgEwr1,- 1:'k? Vwg' y .' I . - . X f . , .. Q Y H 2 -f . ., M , ,. , KV X3 5 3 3 .. fk M M S ' ga? .. Vgsg, x 'L Q ,gia- K . Q 3 N...,.....R..N gf 'V QM A , w. 9 ? 1, aol' , " ,M 4 3 x Q,-WQQA mi. Q , A Q v 'Xi '42 W W sf Cast wan Play fmm6l444Pla4 On April 20 there emerged from the make-up pots, stage settings, and long hours of practice, the sen ors' second Brood- way production, 'The Man Who Came To Dinner." This comedy, copably directed by Frank Jokes, showed the mishaps and upsets that befell the Stanley family when the famous critic, Sheridan Whiteside, was forced to spend several weeks in their home, Cast For their first dramatic effort, the iuniors presented "Junior Miss," an uproariaus comedy about the "problems" of a teen-age girl. This was presented under the capable direction of Dale Gibson. Judy Graves and her friend Fuffy manage to keep the Graves' household in o constant uproar. However, all the tangled matters are straightened out and Judy, at last "grown-up," happily goes out the door to her first formal as the final curtain falls. Sheridan Whites Maggie Cutler Miss Preen Bert lcfferson lorrainc Sheldon Doctor Bradley Beverly Carlton Banya Mrs Stanley Mr. Stanley lune Stanley Rirharrl Stanley lohii irlC B ll DeVere Lois Winkler lvn Ebright Esther Pace Ning Sickles lchn Winter Kent Brandt Avery Robbins Patty Cooper lc-hn Selby Iran Bonner Rsger Milford Bah Cutches Sarah lvrfv Murphy Vrrilvsxrir Met: Vlfarren Howard Smirly Dick Wctherbee llgiirivt Stanli y Marilyn Barcroft ludy Graves Fuffy Adams Mrs, C-race C-raves Mr, Harry Graves Lois Graves Uncle Willis I. B. Curtis Ellen Curtis Hilda Barlow Adams Haskell Cummings Western Union Boy Merrill Feurbach Sterling Brown Allxert Kunorly Tammy Arbuckle Charles Henry Sally Whaley Lois Winkler Dick Wetherbee Sarah Crafts Mary Ann Lummis lim Nelson Bob Reinhart Sally Charlton Ming Sickles Roger Gaylord Dick Willit Dick Carlile lack Munsell Dick Masheter Warren Howard lack Billman Tom Hawk Dick Crout 'i,,,,,-..1. 1-,m-.-. . 4 liff-, ww ,, g5:sfg,,,,:2, , -r XY gf a ,' Y' ' -'-' , 2,1 'f' :a2zf:a::,,:.,.:.,.z. .: V' ..., zzu V :ar -- -:1: V 1 -.,.2 x W. V, , 'wa Sig? Aw 1 .A,:. 2 vf E M , U JW ff was xg N X N : kk I X D -..L A 1 S xx i X -A A . ,, w 01 Q Q W E . ,X gg Q was XQENKXA x . vw S XX ,Ziff E, X xi , .nv Q N, 2539 , V Q 3 -Q .. rm., . an im, imizl '3 'B' Nibleliu Football-Morrison Basketball-Gerlach Track-Gutches swimming-sip, CA P723 MASH 1,944-.45 BasebaII4ampson Minor Golf-Green Tennis-Rarey . ..al' W 2:1 0 I Jnntball On August ZO, l944, 63 boys reported to Coach Barney Francis for the coming football season, forming the largest squad in the history of the school. With eight returning lettermen and Bob Skeele, a letterman from Grandview, Coach Francis immediately began conditioning and shaping, a squad which was to win the Central Buckeye League Championship. V Before the opening game, the Golden Bears participated in one practice game, a night skirmish against Gahanno Lincoln. The first team played very little permitting the reserves to gain valuable game experience. From then on the Arlington fans looked forward to a great season. Arlington won its opening game of the '44 season from a rugged South High eleven, l9-7. Although Arlington held a comfortable l2 point margin, this hard-fought battle was probably the Bears' toughest encounter. Dan Minor crossed the goal line once and Captain Fred Morrison tallied twice to lead Arlington to its first victory. During the following week, the team practiced hard for the London game to avenge the set-back of the previous year. Led by Curly Morrison, who ac- counted for four touchdowns, the determined Golden Bears mercilessly trampled a weaker Long aggregation 34-O. The London game proved that Arlington had a high-geared offense which would roll the team to an almost undefeated season. Arlington's third encounter of the season marked their first CBL triumph as the Golden Bears thoroughly trounced a highly-touted Academy eleven, 33-O. ln the opening minutes of the game, Don Stewart climaxed a 70 yard drive by fk J ew! xxmQ Fi X if i l l l l smashing over the goal line to mark up the first of his three touchdowns and as many conversions, Tauchdawns by Jack Sampson and Ned Green completed the scaring. The Bears caasted to tl'eir second CBL victory the following week by pushing over out-manned Westerville 47-6. This game permitted the regulars to rest while the reserves received valuable experience. The next game of tne season found Arlington ramping over Linden- McKinley, 28-7, in a hard-fought battle as the Bears played host for their annual Dad's Day, Arlingtcin's first tally came early in the first quarter when Dan Stewart raced 34 yards for the touchdown. Jack Sampson crossed the goal line twice by virtue of a 26-yard ramble and a completed pass. Curly Morrison also accounted far six points. The following Friday was traditional Homecoming Day for the Bears as they plowed under the Bexley Lions 41-I2 before a capacity crowd including many pleased alumni. This game was the deciding factor determining the top team in the CBL loop and was the highest scare ever ta be made in the lang series between the two bitter rivals. Although Bexley scored in the Opening minutes of the game, the enraged Bears roared back to scare their first touchdown shortly after, in a drive sparked by Morrison, Sampson and Stewart. ln the second half, Arlington blazed away Zl points in seven minutes ta end the l al I N 4 Q 1 .. T lf! A ,, , i A I 1 I . 'Y M '.-' I ,. , - ,fs me -- H A L A Q, ,V 1,9 f ww ' . ' . Q x 5, 5' 3' f ' f -fs.-,.,,,..-. 5 Q A . 4 f ,E if Al lw wi- in 'Y"'m'f"W , , . U, ,qyefwih V. i5:f.ig,,,i-rj' :J-in thinkin wat., A MNA-114. i f' new Mfg? - I w "" " '- Wiley if gf, 'mzgfiaig 'T' ww -x mmfcfiwf , 7 5, ,, -tg g igwgsgyfjv, 5 2- V ,. J." if f A we ,mf l 'D ""f'l"ww:,x , .ygqfv xi WJ ' V f 31 ge 'ah 35 y"-3'1,',f'..,- f',. 71612, 1 QW u 1 ' -"'lf"" f'l1. 'vw , V I 'A fl s- fb mf, scoring except for a lone marker for the Lions in the closing minutes of the game. The next week, unbeaten Arlington traveled to Delaware to avenge the other loss of the 43 season by subduing the Panthers i3-O in a rugged game which, because of injuries to five players, was to prove fatal the followingl week. The Bears scored on a one yard plunge by Morrison and a pass from Stewart to Green. Now with seven victories behind them the Golden Bears turned toward the "game of the season" with unbeaten'Columbus West. On the Cowboys' field Arlington's chances for the fourth undefeated season in the school's history were ruined when they were outscored in o heartbreaker 32-20. Greater Columbus agrees that while West was great in victory Arlington was magnifi- cent in defeat. ln the opening, minutes of the game, Arlington's drive was stopped short by the first of four ill-fated interceptions which set up the Cow- boys' initial seven markers. Again the Bears' powerful interception, paving the way for West's i3 point margin, The Golden Bears roared back on their first play from scrimmage as Fred Morrison broke loose and galloped for 57 yards and a touchdown, The attempt for the extra point failed. Arlington tied up the game after driving 50 yards and scoring on a Stewart to Green aerial. Stewart converted for the extra point and the half ended with the score tied at l3-l3. Arlington pulled ahead early in the third period on a spectacular 70-yard pass from Stewart to Green with Stewart adding the extra point. West scored twice in the third quarter on a run and a completed pass, and was permitted X sx' S :e.?wwnas19mv1 a mz1Izmmu'en'asw sm may W-maze Hd", 5-94-5 to cross the goal line on a line plunge in the final stanza. The injuries sustained in the Delaware game seemed to slow down the Bears considerably, The con- version brought the scoring to a halt at 32-20. Arlington's final encounter of the l944 season with Grandview was a great ending for a great season, The traditional Armistice Day battle saw the powerful Golden Bears outclass the valiant Bobcats, 27-l3. A touchdown by Captain Fred Morrison, who was leading scorer in Greater Columbus, and three by Don Stewart, who ranked second to Curly, completed the Arlington scoring column. The victory put Arlington two up on their trans-Fifth Avenue rivals out of the eighteen games played between them. The win over Grandview not only clinched the undisputed Central Buckeye League crown, but also proclaimed Arlington the champions of the "Little Three," a rivalry composed of Bexley, Grandview, and Upper Arlington. Five players from the victorious Arlington team found a berth on the All-CBL team. The football team was feted at its annual banquet which gave outstanding recognition not only to Coach Francis and the team members, but also to the assistant coaches, managers, and cheerleaders. Twenty-five players were awarded gold footballs and letters, The Bears' outstanding tackle, Charles Hamilton, was named captain for next year's gridders, With an impressive record of eight victories against a lone defeat, the Golden Bears of I944 rank with the all-time football greats of Upper Arlington High School. ,fx C -l F s eQMmAwm,.x.2musx wmwiefw-razwi wi Q . : .- iw V. , in ' V uns, 1- 4 x 'N VI M Q XX-1 X iff 1, X iw in W 9' K s N an wmv n M, ,. , YF' ' X' M if F , K X 5 J? 1 WV . 5 C, 5,5 Yi t fx A '- ' Q ,W mqvf x K , 3,53 wi.. Wi cf' Nh x , Q . X . , A Q-Mum: 5 ., , N1 ,. x A X Q X X Qsgrww X 3 x 41, ::::1' '-1-' 1 1 . 5 : im, Q- vw- ,. z6'a.4AatbalL When basketball season drew near, Ar- lington fans were content. With john Cer- lach and five other lettermen from last year's championship squad returning, the Cold and Black were looked on as poten- tial threats to the crown. However, dur- ing the first five pre-conference games, it became apparent that the boys-playing brilliant ball in spots-weren't 'iitting their stride, something was missing, During the CBL season, they compiled the fine record of seven wins against three losses to finish in a second place tie with Academy, while Bexley took the honors. Although the sea- son of '44-45 was not the greatest in wins and losses, these boys always played to the best of their ability, and finally showed that they were the true stuff of which champions are made. The regular season started out with the Cold and Black representatives being de- feated by a scrappy McKinley quintet, 49- 42, on the winners' floor. The second con- test found Upper Arlington easy victors in a 49-37 conquest of West l-ligh, In their third start, the Gee Bees were handed their second reversal of the young season by a North High aggregation, 36-32. Then fol- lowed successive victories over London, 48- 38, and Worthington, 32-30. ln their first two CBL encounters, the Bears copped thrillers from Academy, 4O- 36, and Delaware, 36-35, before bowing to Bexley, 33-30, on the Lions' floor. Play- ing without the services of two of their mainstays, Walt Burdorf and Don Stewart, the defending champions turned back Westerville, 53-42, and then a 27-26 vic- tory over Crandview, made possible by Ned C-reen's foul in the last l5 seconds, ended the first round of League play. The Bears had shown one very admirable trait in their first ten ball games, They had demonstrated beyond question that they were a club that could come from be- hind to win. At one time in the North game, the Polar Bears led by l4 points, but the boys in gold drove back to take the lead before finally losing, They were in arrears at Washington by 7 points at Pugr Sf'fz'i'1l!y-om' W .af-U...-. 1 I l visit 5 4 0 -LA asm ct 4 l CHNAPS f CLASSA f 1945 W X XXX XSXXXXNXXXXKXXXXX I W Vx J- rs l J 5' , Zag iff ll i sg . , is 2:2 :' E ' 1,5 is 1,4 fs' I2 Ip' fi! is sg! vga ,E l l is MW .r 52 fl ,t -1 4. it 1: Ei it 5: li 2? ,si :S ...... 4- ,..A,,.,,,. -f-,'1 ,,,,, siii'ii"'i' "A"" i """"' iiiii 'LLZQ 3-'J Q x X ,-.Jxx riff!! f' N L Q the 3-quarter markg Academy led them by lO markers with 5 minutes left in the ball gameg Delaware led with only 3 seconds to gog and even Grandview possessed a 5- point advantage late in the final quarter. ln all these games the Bears' tight and de- termination were rewarded with victories. Between rounds the Arlington five en- gaged South High's Bulldogs on the Coven- try Road floor. The Gee Bees rewarded their followers with a 50-36 victory, their greatest winning margin of the season, From this point on, Arlington's standard- bearers were a real ball club, and in spite ot defeats at the hands of inspired Acade- my and Delaware teams, they came through with a planned strategical victory over Bex- ley, ZO-l2, followed by wins over Wester- is 1 ville and Grandview, 57-43, and 46-30. Then came tournament time, and it wasn't until this time that people realized what a truly great, power-packed, smooth- functioning cage machine the Bears pos- sessed. Displaying their best defense of the season and a fast break that was a coach's dream, the Upper Arlington q u i n t et avenged an early season setback at the hands of Linden-McKinley by soundly trouncing the Panthers, 44-24. There tol- lowed a comparatively easy triumph over East, 48-40, Then came the semi-final contest with Central, who had knocked oft seeded Bexley, the previous week. This ball game found the Bears at their season's peak. With Ned Green displaying long-shot marksmanship that was uncanny and with Bernie, Walt and Stew pouring them in l 'Tm N llmf 1' fl all iw : - , gignw m Wx wh ,Q fu W uw , , X ,- bf ' 9 1 X V 3 2 Q W Q , f 5 F x Q-rw if 5 ,L J 8 1,. , 5 . N 'YS' , ..A,:.. Zzz . N . ,,,, I ,I , if: M: auf - SQ ,.,, Sa :X 7 gm, Q- If , V , vb' ' "T if f :.- i Q 2 fy 3 I., ,5,.- gg- 8' ' , 5 9 gm 'Q f Nw. 2 W Q, .. Q MW NM .,.. Q Q , gk my ig 2 N E KE it Q M J x isa I ap . 5 31, 3 .W S Q Q Q .A x -W c6'n.fuzlvalL Upper Arlington's l945 baseball season got underway the third week of March, when some 35 boys reported to Coach Barney Francis for the first practice session. Of these, six were returning lettermen. Despite the loss of letterman and second baseman Tom Spence to the Coast C-uard, the material on hand added up to the smoothest-running combination in the sport's four years in Arlington. P Co-captains Dan Minor and jack Sampson held down the positions of catcher and pitcher, respectively. Sampson also doubled at center field. Dick Pirnack held down left field. The other three veterans were also part-time hurlers. While not engaged by their mound duties, Bill Lutz took to right field, Don Stewart covered first base, and Spike Cer- win played short-stop. Freshman Dave Sherman assisted Stewart on first. Avery Robbins subbed at catch, while Frank Halley caught and fielded. Shorty Long and Bill DeVere shared second. Bob Hoag took short, and Don Corn helped Don Sipp at third. Among those who appeared in the outfield frequently, besides the afore-mentioned Sampson, Lutz, Pirnack, and Halley, were Bob Mowery, jim jackson, Bill Cotner, Gerard Hall, and Hugh Nelson. The squad's managers were Tom johnson and john Walker. Dave Crabtree kept the Arlington score book. ln addition to playing the full league schedule of two games each with Bexley, Grand- view, Columbus Academy, Delaware Willis, and Westerville, matches were also contracted with Columbus North, Linden McKinley, St. Charles, Columbus West, and University High School. Page Sefwnty-.fix X Ks f'?i'Q1E r Cxfs X C "fir 3 7 5 W!! jzmrlr, On March lst practice began for the 1945 Upper Arlington track squad to get in condition for a successful season. With the twelve returning lettermen, Captain Bob Cutches, Fred Morrison, john Falconer, john Selby, Kent Brandt, Dick Wetherbee, jack Postle, Chuck Ham- ilton, George Bare, john Schooley, Donn Miller, and Dan Ransom forming the nucleus of the squad, Coach Larkin began to mold a well balanced cinder team. The sprint men consisted of Stewart, Miller, Mor- rison, Ransom, and Meeder who formed the 880 yard relay team. The quarter mile dash men included Cap- tain Gutches, Wetherbee, Munday, Green, Brandt, and Selby from whom the mile relay team was picked, Bare and Davis covered the half mile course, while Schenk and Roberts entered in the mile run. Wetherbee, Schoo- ley, Brandt, Meeder, and Setzer made up the hurdle department. ln the field events Postle, Selby, and Bare figured in the high jump, as did Collins and Lutz in the pole vault. Hamilton, Postle, and Morrison threw the discus and helped in the shotput department along with Falconer, Miller, and Davis. The broad jump team consisted of Miller, Brandt, and lvleeder. With plenty of diligent conditioning and gratifying improvement the team was destined to have an excel- lent season. The schedule was as follows: March 28 Columbus East lpractice meetl ot Arlington April 5 Linden-McKinley " l l Columbus Central " l9 University-Gahanna " 25 Worthington-Canal Winchester " 28 Ohio Wesleyan Relays at Delaware May 3 Bexley-Delaware " 5 Newark Relays at Newark l l C.B.L. Meet l2 Miami Relays i6 Columbus South 19 Central District Meet 24A Aquinas 25 F7 26 State Meet Pagr Scfzzmtyveiglzt at Arlington at Miami at Arlington at Delaware at Arlington at O. S. U. Eg K. T XX k 11 ff LQ? X6f lmnzh, Jmm. This year the tennis team is hop- ing for a victorious season. There is expected to be a very strong con- test between Upper Arlington and Bexley for the C. B. L. title. They are also looking forward to going far in the state tournament. The following returning letter men: Captain john Rarey, Ned Creen, Dick C-reathouse, Dick Car- lisle, Walter Burdorf, jim Ebright, and Fred Kirby, plus some excellent players coming up, will compose the material for the netters this year. The schedule will be comprised of two matches with each of the C. B. L. teams plus matches with North and West. The racquet men are hoping for a few out-of-town battles also. Ev!! Under the leadership of their very able captain, Ned Green, the golf team was out to win the city title this season. As one of the twelve teams in the Greater Columbus Golf League, they set their goal to beat last year's state champion, North. The results of the first two matches only are available at this time but by downing Central lOV2 to 55 and trouncing Academy l6 to O, the team has shown their ability. With such stars as Captain Ned Green, lack Sampson, Bill laeger, Shorty Long, Dick Sheahan and Roger Gaylord, Upper Arlington is well-represented in any golf match. ., , , I! Qkx 2:3 s X 3 4 V mx K, ,."x't' 'Qz 'K ' 3 'wwwawm '4 x was sn,. aavswzKaz Mzew, Mwm. it Spam Wada Fullen, Munsell Tripp, Murphy, E. Love Fenner, Starkey, Siekles Saville, Hall, Robison, Edwards Quik z4t4lez'c2:4 C. A. A. Cabinet Campbell, Ogan Barcroft, Munsel I, Bateman Harder, Magruder, Schnee Jlorlmq, Heralded by enthusiastic cries and the clashing of wooden sticks, hockey season opened girls' sport for the year of l944-'45. Hockey heads Sybil Starkey and Ming Sickles capably scheduled and directed the activities. Intramurals highlighted the season with the sophomores, captained by Avice Roderick, copping the title. lnterscholastic games then to-ok the spot- light with eighteen matches played with Grandview, Bexley, C. S. G., and University. The Varsity A defeated Grandview twice, tied five and lost two. They also won three and tied two with Bexley, C. S. G. and Univer- sity. The B team came out on top, too, with two victories, two ties, and only one defeat on the records. At the annual Play Day, held at Bexley this year, Arlington won the first round and tied with Grandview in the finals. To finish the season, an All-High Hockey Team was chosen by all the hockey captains. Those elected were Marianne Fenner, jackie Fullen, jerry Murphy, Sybil Starkey, Kathy Hall, Erma Love, Mary Ann Lummis, Clotilde Robison, Rosalinda Robison, Ann Schnee, Eva- lyn Witchey, and Ann Falconer. Those re- ceiving honorable mention were Virginia Grinstead, Lois Zimmerman, Alice Hill, jane Schnell, and Ming Sickles. ,,,.--""' um g M. L X S 5 Q mg L 5 hid in Ba4luztbalL Basketball, king of girls' sports, claimed the limelight in early December with the choosing ot the independent teams. Twenty teams from the high school and ten from the junior high pro- vided the competition. Bate- man's and C-rinstead's teams fought to the finals with Batemans team emerging victorious. The junior and senior class teams gloriously repre- sented Arlington in their victories over Crandviews teams while the freshmen and sophomores also battled the class teams ot C. l-l. S. With the arrival ot March 3 came Play Day with six- t e e n te a m s represented from Arlington, B e x l e y, University, and Grandview, collectively. Arlingtons rec- ord showed tive games won, three lost, and one tied. O9 l Q83 jx. H All eyes then expectantly turned to the date of March l3flntramural Night. Against a background of a gaily decorated gym and cheering fans, the freshmen, captainecl by Mary Weigel and coached by Bob Meeder and Donn Miller, battled the seniors. The juniors, with Kathy Hall as captain and Dick Sheahan as coach, fought it out with the sophomores, led by Pat Redman and coached by lack Sampson and Walt Burdorf. The seniors met the sphomores in the finals and defeated them to the tune of l7 to 7 to win their "A" awards. Under the outstanding coaching of john Cerlach and captained by Barbara Sa- ville, the senior team, composed of jerry Murphy, jackie Fullen, Eugenia Dittoe, Marianne Fenner, forwards, and Barbara Saville, Virginia Crinstead, Shirley Mun- sell, Virginia Tripp, Eloise Edwards, and Nancy Dawson, was able to cop their first intramural title. , m um ' . in yr .,,.. ,pk ya , . .. M 4 A S . 1, A , wk ff u 1' , -f ' Kr V yi, T as me rm, am 7m me fContinued from Page 252 "Sporting News", while Don Overbeck, leading mirage mechanic, spends his spare time zipping around in a snappy rocket ship .... Donna Flanagan, the cream-of-the-crop, was seen modeling the newest chocolate milk bathing suits .... Dick Pirnack, Tom Siebert, and Dave Stockdale are our Garbage Collectors Consolidated. The illustrious surgeon, William DeVere, retired last year to his Isle of Mars estate .... Bill Lutz, who is still struggling through the Mars institute of Ectoplasma, pledged Alpha Beta Ray last week . . . Mickey Bateman has become the Florence Nightingale of Mars through her efforts for hospitaliza- tion .... Dan Minor and Kent Brandt have advanced considerably in showl business and are starred in the Oasis night spot just off Arlington Air Field. . . . Elena Price, Ginny Grinstead and Anne VanBuren, made the fashion "headlines" when they modeled the latest polar caps. The Corson Construction Company, highlighted by Patty Cooper, girl hod carrier, has just finished work on lames K. Long's fabulous hamburg establishment . . . featuring Cleo Vradelis, waitress extraordinaire, and Mitzy the Marvelous, maker of Muench pies. The automatic record mend gives you Ziggy Greathouse and his live Five with the Blueplate Special "One Meat Ball", while for dancing and dining, lack Sampson might tickle the ivories with the "Blue Danube." Marianne Fenner, a well-bread woman, has become famous through her experimentation on oleo-soy-bean which takes the margin off butter .... Faith Mackey and assistant Lois Winkler are editing the "Arlington Alumni Monthly", a periodical concerning those in the upper racket .... Dick Ode- brecht can be seen every night under the gleam of the North Star counting his newly inherited fortune. Marcia Robbins and Lou Halley, influenced by their perihelion environment, have settled down to making Orbit gum. Mlle. Neppy Lowe has been displaying exotic hair-do's described as simply "out of this Mars!" . . . lo Merkle, who has worked her way from the "bottoms up", now heads the Distillers Association .... Lois Bucher is still trying to promote blue-grass airfields after fifteen years of failure .... lack I-lively, a carpeteer, is quite a rug-cutter .... Barbara Saville runs jewelry stores all over Mars. Seen about town . . . Lois Sherman, plastic chain-store heiress, escorted by the "Three Mars Brothers", Ted Binder, Bill Preston, and lohn Rarey. . . . lohnqwinters just last week converted his grocery store into a push-button concentrated vitamin delicatessen .... Roger Berlin and Bob Defenbaugh, fine-feathered friends, have completed plans for their plastic chicken coops . . . though Walt Burdorf has his feet on the ground, his head is in the clouds over his new invention, an electric door-stretcher. Dick Rice and George Eckelberry are serving in the Foreign Legion underlands .... George Brush, discoverer of synthetic clay, was fired from the Ceramics, Unltd .... Dick Fickes, second baseman for the Columbus Capricorns, has just announced his partiality to the slide rule .... Frances Reichmann, drum majorette, leads the Martian Band .... Frank Halley and Bill Fallon, vegetarians, now raise pedigreed Llamas Beans .... "Sassy Selby's Snappy Snapshots" have been banned from "Popular Robot." Ruth Adams is sole owner and manufacturer of "Debs", a shoe that has run "Spauldings'T out of business .... lt has been rumored that Phil Folk is making plans to re-light the high school with black and gold shadings .... the Misses Barcroft and Starkey, devotees of the game of solitaire, have made provisions in their will for Don Stewart, bridge expert of great renown, who has trumped himself into the district finals . . . the jackson Brothers amassed another great fortune as they explored the depths of the ozonesphere while IContinued on Page 971 Page' Eighty-right 14 cfamldinq fe"5Nx, x.-49 6, . The Business Staff ot the l945 Norwes- ter, under the guidance of jack jackson, has fulfilled its duty of selling advertising, arrang- ing for printing and engraving, and high pres- suring everyone into buying a copy of this an- nual. Advertising Long, Chairman Flanagan, Asst. Brush Burdorf Ebright Gerlach Lintner Murphy Sampson Sherrord Sion Circulation Berlin, Choirmon Defenbaugh, Asst. Collins Edwards Falconer Fickes Haveiy Howell Jim Jackson Lang Milford Printing Cv Engraving Bob Gutches, Chairman Circulation lCont'dl Minor Moore Morrison Robbins Stewart Stockdale Van Buren Winter gf' dh wx 3 50? P50uT .. .? Q5 Q 54 QM aww ,X N X 3 W QW" Q P- ewx 095 ,fd 'Y We ll QJCJO QT NN We J ww w W Y? ZWDGQQ N ,Uf ef' VE L L ff ANQXS .ff W Q 'W"LuWS0N.......... H mx. BAQV ibm VJ fQK ex 00 Q K Q7 QV J v X fgwf ? hicghfxg 01: lv i M1224 53x fig: Q 45: KW . QR' " if C4 WYQUDAVSON ...N.... . ' If "Mona A QM ASSEM IES .' V QMXQSX JTJD STEW HARRlSON'S Fine Hamburgers and Steak Dinners Compliments of DORA REYNOLDS MILLINERY 1281 Grandview Ave. Compliments of ROGER'S DRUG STORE 2136 Arlington Ave. Compliments of DAVID DAVIES, lnc. 616 W. Mound Street UPPER ARLINGTON COMPANY 52 West Gay Street Best Wishes To Senior Class Compliments of SMITH Er LEE Spalding Athletic Equipment 120 East Broad 2 Compliments of CONNIE AND DICK CARLILE Compliments of GRANDVIEW GOODIE SHOP 1292 Grandview Ave. GRANDVIEW HARDWARE COMPANY Paint, Hardware, and Builder Supplies 1295 Grandview Ave. PARENT-TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Best Wishes to The Class of '45 GEO. COOPER 6' SON MOTOR SALES 891 N. High "Your Friendly Automobile Dealer" To build soon-Modern Streamlined Gar- age, corner of W. Fifth and Virginia Aves. Exclusive Dealer for Norge Household Appliances Page Ninety-two Compliments of MRS. EUGENE GRAY, INC. 133 East Broad Street Compliments of MR. cmd MRS. IOHN I. GERLACH and FAMILY Appar THE FAY SHOP 2070 Arlington Ave. el and accessory shop for w IANE RUMBERCER Shop for Women Omen 146 East Broad Street. Ad. 3361 Compliments of BAKER ART GALLERY I 12 East Brood Street Compliments of THE IEWEL BOX 11 North High Street Compliments of ED AND BUD MINOR Best Wishes to The Closs of '45 APEX MARKET. . . FINE FOODS 2116 Arlington Ave. Ki. 4937 Compliments or WILLIAMS FOOD MARKET 1562 West First Ave. F I o w e r s say more from VIERECK THE FLORIST 84 South 4th Street, Opp. Y.W.C.A. Page Ninety-three db Lfky Wffg My J, Q M i 1 NVQ' DQ " QOX' QW 9 fp WV ifailt QQLV , PO QTQAI T O -0221 Qgrlfff' A 3 1 X884 40 QA cpvflggf Q S QYPQK fofgiw ! " W5 DAQLINC-,x ADOQABLEX msuuwc, DONALD 'W"1.guDAVS0il ,vi Q UW? Q Q0 M X Khan MEM' xr ISAGQE Q Q X M1667 is flflfU', l ff' Q L -' I xx H vJeLx', L, Kim A " 1w'AM I I 199 QL Q50 QQ, , O """Zo.DAW30 N --xzQ,- Best Wishes to the Class of l945 KENT BEAUTY SALON 2066 Arlington Ave. Phone Ki. 5213 Compliments of P. I. BURKART Compliments of PRESUTTI'S VILLA I692 West Fifth Ave. ARLINGTON MOTORS 24-hour repair and towing service Compliments of THE UPPER ARLINGTON RECREATION CENTER Compliments of UPPER ARLINGTON BOOSTER CLUB Compliments of HARRY J. ROOK I5 Eost State Street Society Brand Clothes Compliments of ARLINGTON PASTRY SHOP 2076 Arlington Ave. HORD'S RADIO CO. Radios, Appliances, Records I744 W. Fifth Ave. Ki. 4014 IS99 North High St. Un. 9960 Compliments of D. PAUL DAVIES Thomson-Davies Chevrolet Inc. My-six m44Q-400926484-7'Zd0l!m0l I Continued from Page 831 crusing in their jet-propelled twin helicopters . . . Dave "Ultra-Violent" Pollard won back his Mars title when he knocked out "The Robot" Rolgel' Milford in 20 seconds curved .... lo Moore is running for congress woman- at-large .... George Risley carries the mailbag here in this whirling planet. Bob Gutches, coach of the Mars Prep, spends most of his days keeping time of track .... Esther Pace and Warren Howard of Mars stage fame have just announced their engagement .... The portrait of "Yodeler's Father" by Nancy Dawson is being displayed in the Galleries of Mars . . . jean Bonner, farmerette, and Helen Harder, social worker, were voted the "Best Dressed Women of l96O" . . . Nan Millisor has taken up the profession of teaching the golden rule in the little red school house .... Mac Triembly and 'Hap Spence are the "Marvelous Barbers of Mars! . . . Shirley Munsell is in spirited competition with "Pic" and "Click" as editor of her magazine, "Neat", With rocket ships and robots zooming all about, we end this bit of meteorilogical chit-chat. Any similarity to names or faces is purely inten- tional. With all due respects to Shakespeare and Milton, we hope you under- stand that this story is merely a nonsensical inanity, plusl e ," ,llNl XXX QWLSWQQ lvx N K f I ll! 61444 Wane, fContinued from Page 211 produced when he mixed the "leftovers" of several experiments. This was the year we gave the jr.-Sr. We scoured the town for vari-colored crepe paper to put a ceiling on the gym and the girls made sandwiches until mid- night. Remember when Curly broke a card table when he tried to set it up? We chose as our leaders, Dan Minor, presidentg Fred Morrison, vice-presi- dentg john C-erlach, secretaryg and Carolyn Sawyer, treasurer. Well, here we are-seniors already. lt's the year for which we've been waiting so anxiously during those other eleven, and now that graduation looms up so alarmingly close, we're beginning to cherish those scattered memories and recollections of school years past. Our senior year has been a successful one, as well as being enjoyable. We are now to go forth-in search of further education, to serve our country, or to begin working for a living. Let us hope that the chapters of our lives yet to be unfolded will be as full of enlightenment, fun, and varied experience as the preceeding ones have been. Pagr Ninrty-.rmirrz 545446 7?44 September 6 School begins-Tanned and carefree, we began our winter hibernation l5 South football game l9-6-The first one was close. 22 Academy 33-O. 24 London 34-O. 29 S. A. l. formal-Paul Decker, the Deshler, and swishing skirts. October 6 Westerville 47-6. l3 Linden-McKinley 27-l2-Dad's Day. 20 Bexley 4l-l2-Homecoming featuring Helen Harder. 24 Senior Class bridge party-A few more Norwester pages added. 27 Delaware l3-O. November 3 West 20-32-We bowed . . . but supremely. .lO- Grandview 28-l 3-Our first C.B.L. title of the year. 22 1 Thanksgiving Assembly. December I First basketball game, Linden-McKinley 42-49-It says here in small print. 5 West 49-37. 8 North 32-36. London 48-38-Christmas Vacation begins. F Worthington 32-30. Columbus Boys Choir concert. -T. A. C. Barn Dance-The snow was knee deep. S. A. 1. Christmas formal. Bar None . . . and then New Year's Eve. 1,5 159 ?l.. 22 27 . 28 january 2 School reopens. 5 Academy 40-36. I2 Delaware 36-35--lt was Ned's night. l6 Bexley 30-33. I9 Westerville 53-42. 22-24 Exams . . purely routine?" 23 Grandview 27-26-We held our breath. 30 South 50-36. February 2 Academy 38-42. 5-9 Courtesy Week-Were we goodll .Pagf Ninety-right adm! Edeadm i?45 7 Alfred Noyes lecture. 9 Delaware 38-42. I6 Bexley 20-I2-Revenge! I7 Krazy Kapers-Senior Class turned to entertaining. I9 Senior Class Party-Skeets, Hap, and Mac left for Coast Guard. 20 Westerville 57-43. 23 Grandview 47-30. 24 T. A. C. Sweetheart formal-Long gloves predominated. March 9-IO Central 56-29, Newark 40-36. Central District Class A title went to Arlington. WE WON! I3 C-. A. A. Intramural Night-The Seniors were victorious. I7 Regional basketball tournament-Middletown 26-36 L. D. A. Sham- rock formal. 29 Spring vacation starts. 3I Sigma Rho hayride-What a cold, cold night! April 3 School again! Baseball season opens. 20 Seniors present "The Man Who Came to Dinner". The best ever . . . 26 Senior Class Bridge party-We breathed a little easier. 27 Drac formal. 28 Bexley II-8. May 2 Norwester Oasis-Announcing Queen Sybil-Oh, what a clinch! 8 V-E Day. We celebrated the day before. II C.B.L. track meet champions! Donna Flanagan reigned as Senior track queen. Student Council Election-lt was Bare in the long run. I4 Sass Selby, staff photographer, collapses from overwork. I9 lunior-Senior-All the little monkeys aren't in the zoo. 25 Club Royal and the Minstrels of '45. Yassuhl june 3 Baccalaureate. 6 Commencement. 8 Sigma Rho formal. lt's the end. Pays xvlllffjl-IIIIIC ,mf . U A ," 35 my M395 ff Q X s if - ,, 4' . -t -5 Q'--w-...,.Q,,....,..,.,.,7..,..,. ...... M- f -ww, Mwmmwwmwmw 4 I nw THE E N li, .. LMI. a. K.. ,J .- 3.1. 11 . -5 V if. fr. -I 1 N' I J' , 571' .L .11-, TI-. Y.. . ' 1 S. w . ,.. 1 'ur A'.1' .fu L: . ' vi? 5- . ,WJ 3. -n 1. .41 . ' 5- jyg, ,. L-I" ,.P-al -' '- ' --.mg L. .,.1...-7,511 gm '. !!.:I! .5g E -Yr M . - 1. Si I 5 . :: .4y'?.1a, ., 1 'WF' if V'I1,vf5"t' V '1 ' Q. ' . ..V.-,HA 1 '1 . , A 1 ,, , av.. .. 5 -31. -1. i- ..f.-. . 1. "Jig , 4 3 ' 1'-,: ' 19' jf: V. J. ' ' . . '- ' V ' ' ' -4 , ' : ' Y -9,1 ,, :UN ' Iv v .,,..,., yu . ., 2 1" ,I-,xr1'?1 1. . . ,u..,'. ,U . A .V n .4 .-'u ' 1-v , Q. - . . ' I L 1 15.-'-'4.:.'. Q --1 . ',v, .J,.,l 4 lr. , A M 'N 1 1 "V .. . x -I' 1. . fyfj. f -1 -.V a,.. ,. ..-- .. 9. . ..v .. -. J ' '- - ' "'.'.' -. 'wi- 1- ' fi , 51',.j' . 1, 3 - ' '-41 "...' A-' ',- Y .. ' " Y .11 sl. 5- ' f-lf' J. If -V f s V.. .JK .. V' ., X I , . . ,-'..-,. 1 . , - W 7f.3:'.' 1 - .-44. - , W .1 1. Hfgs, fr.. if N-' J' , 1. I 11 . ':."'.v ., f I 3 , 2 ... 1 .- 1 .11....w.. . 1 1 i' . 'ffrrsix ... .- .1ir":',.! ..,:.,,43- 7 gf' N. AN, -. ff 61.5 L' . . , . ,,.! ,. f. ,J 4. .X- - 1 , uf., ,- , -. 1 N- ' ' f x.- .H 2 . I . . ..,-'yew' Q ...W F 1 ' ' 1. .' 1 3 1. ' ..' 2 v,., - 1 k 1-4 x .. r -Q Q, - .1 11 . ...1f -M :':.1 " .. 'iff ' xl I J- '. X- -, R. --ag-fi w ' A" .Q-' ff-. ata? K .. 'H' ' --111-fi'1f:?v."3-:,!?l.':1, 191.-' , . MQ... f R- - I '. ' , I 1 , 'A nl ,Qi 1 '1':':,1-. .f .- Q .rj ' "' I-.. .-1 1 ,f ,v:." -z '.'.N5r-1-..-11 1 - 14" X 1 ' Qi - E1.,:g1x..-213B . 'q'fg1'e'ff,,.g A ' 1 1- - -.iqnwj . ,, , .,.-.g, 51, .:.f1-,1:g1,.,- .-'-J F g.- '- 1- - 153232- Mnv- . ' ., . .L w. ,,w'5f-H1.1.:1-g."-11'-wh ' Jw 1"'V' - ' 1' --2:1 4.11-1':1?EL,,1.nizf.Y'.v:-'.'' 1 1 . , ' Q31-2.55-5'Y.'15.g1f 1 ' Q-'TSI' 51: W-is'-'JFf1..A-11"41 L'- '52 'ff "1+.'La1Z:L"5SfF 51? E".-",S1'f'1 5Ef". V lf-5' ,Ji gr' Y' - 1 f. - -yflj'-,1l.?.frf.' L+-1 1 1 1, 5 ' .Q ' ' 512. I-195.5 f",'L. 'ff-,J-A-' 1 1 x 1 "I '- . -,- ,- '14 1A 1. 1 Y-'1,.::..--,, I-K. . ,,. . 5 4, ,, . . .9-MY' 51, v71Q,hZ.xg. .. ' ' f- 1 3153 1-up . 1- f.. ' ':'1r1!,. " ' ...Lf1..-1,1 11 ff W - 1 f H' ,va .. - 1 . Q... . ' - 5.2. -5 '1.'L,.f - ' fb .' '12i.:'ff' -' '11' ,A ' ',"-1':' 1- ' . 1' wig- ' ' 'J '..: .. ,. T. it .'. Dy.. I ' - .'.'5:.3, . .-.Arn V , I i'l,1'-11" 'z - .2-1-lg:':1'n' 5 .. ' ff' ' A 41' ' . . " f'Z' "-7:5521 Hi' F" ' wi u, 1 I : fix? 'V-.. a:'1"14I3ff1f,1 1' 51-Q 1? .- 1, ',14,9wF1V.,-1-K ,. 3 11 wi -up 4 -. f1,.. X , fir: M .l 1 1,4 a. -Eiflkiv 152113. " Kg .' f..ex9r1'-'-' .- 1 fffv' -4- 1 .1.m..,- ,-1, 1,4 '?f,.L, 2.-., '2f..11q,:' ., 4 -,-gi? 51. 1 .4-xv.. ff , g1u1Q,-- .1 191 . 111- -'H' ".. 4407, 1:AI'xli'Y'.. . "v 3" wif.. '-xl 1' '-"Ni-Ing. '1.f,'..11'n' 2 , v A 5 1..1.':,.r4-'1'ff'g'1-'.'gfQ1 3 . . 1 --.-11. ,. ., ,. . - .1 w ,.f'-..',- 1' ,. 3.43.5 3 .- 'Q' .R 3' ...,15,'. EEUN'f.uq37ErwN,1.fl' ,. i A 'fy-J "'-5'i'3,fx31.?f."' A "5t3U:?:'ff ,.3..i'fh ..f,,.'S:1 1.1-rg - .. 51 ya qv. QM. .2 ,wi 1 .. f mm--' ef- aw.- -: -. .. m... rg. 1.1 1 Q., 1, r A . .. 1 . F: .1,,-1 H-,I ff-s,-.wg 1. W1-v . . .-4.4 -.- ' 1' . 5312 1. , 'f if-"l"1Y-' "Y '25-' ' N'- var. T J pw 1 .ff -. z'. r "-iii' . ' jf':11 ' 7"..': 1" 1. ' . f . 1:1 1 ,c -,M i -'T 5 , 53, 11,52 : rw- ,-,k. ,.-. 4.5 A. ..'-A. .,,1 . Q ,fi 'Q-1.1-.,' .fs '1 .xi 5 hi 4 - 5 -1 E 1 w . 1 l 4 1 . I ' r A 1' J 4 553, , A X , I X K nf 1 fx Q 1 L 1 :1 1 1, 5? ...fn 1 4 I r

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