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V4 X W Q7 eff C' '35 A6 Qx Us f xvm 1,wb6fw V 4,110 MQ., W v-FD xfirnib 601m wa W yy f WKFHW NYS MQ ' 'w ,ww ,61"QIlpg2 Q"'xfi'ff"fij Nff bfxiji xflgwgyg Mfifwifwygw x ' ' Aff X 'A 0 QQW Wy WM M f VM ' R, 'fo ww' ifsiw 'X ' : QM W ,vb , 6' 1 'P' K NW 'L W we' f'- WL Wwvbygffj, Q X5 ,Q W ,ogyb wfL0Y vWl WQQQDWW ' 0 'WJ gil MM 559065 1250 MCAS JM ' Www Q5 Ybxxvxwv' xp QM M, Qgywf-O GX , , 225 'W"wcN2Q??bXw 0509 5 469 XQXOOSK. N Qu ' 4.5 !, ,,f'3 '?A WGA ' W O' Q04 M k ' k ,OQNUXNVONWQQNCN 1 404 i R i'NExfxfX,iElM5iSXX g SEEQVXSSQEWRX ' FS S NSE EA if E EX :Tim EK SM fqR Q, Ya ,j fx Nix ,Q X 3Qmi?3?iE EXNXS ,N ? Qmgfggmijsxg img Y N U XXNQ N wwx- A ' XQJx'QJS,QxQ Exxfl SX' , WSNQ A KQX Q, SAV QE 25,91 ETX All Wrapped Up U Hielan 1988 Upland High School 565 W. Eleventh St. Upland, CA 917 86 8 Enrollment: 2,729 l Editorsfin-Chiefzp f Iennifer L. Bales 8 8 AnnieN. 'Wux 8 8. 8 , Adviserl: 8 ' James E. Hill -mu Page 1 1 2 Contents Content Open i n g t "A better sense of community was established through Unification" -,Charles Palmer Student Life , I "We hoped to increase spirit and have students takex pride in their school" - Rose Huang " ' Seniors ' ' A "Being a senior was great because people looked up W " to us" - Kerry Hogan Gallery , . 'iNo, we're not going to have a war with lrang they're not that stupid" - President Reagan Classes 'A "Being a student at Ll.H.S. is the greatest. We've got the best of it all" - Travis Dredd X Organiza tions "The diversity of organizations on campus allows many students to get involved" - Amy Edgington Sportsi ' t "Sports at our school provide an outlet and an extra , dimension for life" - David Hesseltine Faculty s i ' A' "Unification has brought many new and talented in- structors to our campus" - Sharon Gage Closing , i "Upland High is on the move" - Glenn Fisher Dedication i A "Ms. Richards has dedicated much of her time to the A Hielan Yearbook. We wish to say thank you to her in a very special way" - Jennifer Bales 8 Anne Wun- Contents 3 'f The end justifies the means Upland High Experiences A y eff- 6,.Qjfk91'iQt.f,i , mei fCw'1,.,, n 747400 -2, - f, FD J L My be a Facelift Over the summer, Upland High School experienced a facelift. Although not all of the changes were cosmetic, a great many were. Among those visible campus re- arrangements were the building of parking lots, and replacing the tree- filled lot along Eleventh Street with new portable classrooms. .ffffg A if MQ' 1 Cfaiffzifd walls around the student and faculty fqjgjvfr W if f ,f gf, Q, A f I Besides the physical make-over, Cffjift ,. Upland was changed by the addition ', , ,T T ,WK ff of new blood. Through Unification, ,H I AU fx , Upland High School received fifty Ui QUTX ' new qualified teachers. These . ff" .5 1 . , ,Kg tj teachers provided Upland High the Qu! A A life it needed to initiate fresh new cw f uL!7AL - ideas. f A 1 , f A change in the attitude of lj Ufzzflfdy S Uplanders also took place. Students Ai , L ,CDG A gained school and class spirit g lj ' J ,ujyxy through a feeling of unity. Unifica- 5 'f tion brought in more money, t ef X 1 'Qss f - decreasing the teacher-student ratio. cf The new Upland High School OJLQ fi, " Ya , ,Guidance Office was also bettered 1 Ngiwijwad ' rough a computer system which pb 4 I A ,A ' ut down on long schedule correc- f5UCQ26fL0sI?ion lines at the beginning of the Mm icefi A tffefief yea" H - VV f , A year before, when Unification I fi fl ' 1 digg was passed, no one was sure what All fglfa F would transpire. However, with Q00 ff l. X every opposing factor, there were , A two successful accomplishments. f Uk by Gennifer Guymon I 'A 'lf ll f, , , I ,fi fl, y Qepc UMM? X, aff, X Q I 4 - X 4 School Y s MW .Q-.w ,..,.-f- E 1 ...pf M.. He554,a1, 'XT wept: CQWNLAT QQSEZDOSO an Encscxim wan-Q xou. mowwfl f-XQQ Qsawmgo Qmmxosr QQ - qwaem 'KA NZGOYQGQL, Cjgixfxo OQAY A Ceueoi NTHMQ5 'QQ 1- .. Mhz. SQC YA NOGXT YQQQ AAO XAFRJE A- HQFLQ guwwwmazf CCSQOC7 F Ocfffzif 61565 J Carol Zimmerman grasps dozens of balloons symbolizbzg the high rlslng spirit of the Scots. Photo by John Christensen The traditional music of Scotish bagpipes retums to Upland's rallies, with Terri Commencer leading the tune. Photo by Patti Lee Tomas Dudey wonders if perhaps Upland is the perfect Utopia. Photo by John Christensen Old meets new: Major salutes his young apprentice as he retires Scot free. Photo by John Christensen I y Yyh. , nm, Q 'Q ' QW jg in fi, ,, J 4 Ag ,vo 2 -. 2 ,J li V , I!" ' , ff! , I ,ff-J . V4 School 5 6 School 'T Standing in form, Brenda Weaver prepares to cheer the varsity football team to "block that kick!" Photo by Vicki Scott A frenzied regiment squad kicks its heels upto victory. Photo by John Christensen R 5 x Xiw R Vw as ri if iigpgixpfx BQ YO DQS? A00 SSN? wigffg Gig buse ,M Semi-submer ed in water and pride, Danny Goetsch pre ares to block Damien 's a empt at a goal. Photos by Scott McKenzie , bell ofthe 1987 school year. Photo by Sanford Studios Nw "N, 1 N J' sost gl I I T S 9 W WMA., 4 S Preparations for the new and improved Upland High School began immediately following the fmal Lyrllr ,jr xx gy ff? XSUV. M40 ' qgfiiw Rf C3199 5299 Q25 School 7 Wrapped in the spirit Cf a School Reborn 11 Wrapped UP 8 Theme Description Before the 1988 academic year commenced in the fall, Upland High was wrapped up in a mass of confu- sion due to new construction, new rules and a new district. As September 8, 1987, approached, the faculty and administration had plans for the new year completed and wrapped up. A multitude of students entered the "new" Upland High. Returning and new students became wrapped up in the confusion of new teachers, new buildings, and new room numbers. Though the massive changes throughout the school kept students and administration in utter chaos for over a month, the daily routines were successfully carried out. The confusion passed as students became wrapped up in the festivities of the year. Spirit grew to an all-time high with each student devoting their cheers of excitement to encourage each other academically as well as athletically. Student involvement soared with club sizes enlarging and attendance at activities growing to astounding ' levels. Undoubtedly students wrapped themselves in the warmth and luxury of a school that they could be proud of. With summer and graduation on the horizon, students saw the academic year wrapping up with memories and new insight about their community and the world around them. by Annie Wu and Jennifer Bales Mrs. Winslow expresses her point of view as Winnie Tien listens questioningly. In-class rap sessions com- plement relations betmeen students and teachers. Applying her knowledge of First Aid, Amy Magerk, stu- dent trainer, wraps Robert Rocco's wounded ann. Photos by Vicki Scott Wrapped for warmth, Christi Mazi and Kirsten Brooks discover the versatility of a tall flag. Photo by John Christensen All Wrapped Up - The toilet papering of the campus represents the traditonal events of each graduating class. Photo by Vicki Scott Theme Description 9 Elements of class and style Reflect a Maturing City 1 0 Community A city of beauty and class, Upland was the place to be. Everywhere one looked, a multitude of people could be seen. Construction sights were on the horizon as, the city prepared itself for a greater population. Not only were houses under construction, but the Department of Motor Vehicles was flattened and rebuilt on Grove Avenue. Benson Avenue, Eighth Street, and Seventh Street found themselves torn up as crews worked efficiently to complete their respec- tive task. Elementary schools, junior high schools, and Upland High comprised the single school district which resulted in the uniting of the city. With unity growing, citizens of Upland welcomed visitors and were increasingly receptive to newcomers. Many people engaged in various activities as Upland had a wide range of entertainment possibilities. People could be located at the Mann Theater or the Miniature Golf Courses. Sunday picnics in the park or at Mt. Baldy became immensely popular with Uplanders who fully recognized each treasured aspect of their community. With mountains rising to the north and rolling hills cascading in the south, Upland was a community that others held in great respect. by Jennifer Bales osed for over six months, construction on Benson Avenue forced traffic be diverted to the even more greatly congested Mountain Avenue. Photo I Vicki Scott nder construction in a new location, the new D.M.V. symbolizes a moder- ing city, keeplng up with new trends ln technology. Photo by John qristensen , if-5 j iv Welcoming all commuters into the city, Upland proudly displays its greetings ln traditional green. As Mt. Baldy peaks through neighborhood trees, Highlanders treasure the scenic view of mountains in their own back yard. Photos by John Christensen Community 1 1 12 Summer . The summer saw many students Soaking Up California Pleasures With the many pleasures of Southern California open to vaca- tioning Highlanders, the summer of '87 was spent filled with excitement. Thousands of teenagers mobbed the beaches under a warm sun to en- joy the cool waves. The mountains were, for many, a quiet and relaxing place for nature walks along peaceful trails. Meanwhile, back in Upland, still others enjoyed com- munity activities. While some teenagers found summer jobs to save money, others spent money to enjoy a variety of summer movies. For those searching for an inexpen- sive, relaxing theatre under the stars, "Summer Movies," sponsored by the Upland Recreation Department in Magnolia Park, provided a cold but homey atmosphere as 101 Dalmations raced across the screen. Meanwhile, many students labored through an academic sum- mer. Many chose to complete extra or required credits during summer school sponsored by La Verne University. Meanwhile, many college-bound seniors preparing for college applications toured the coun- try visiting various colleges and universities. Whether working to earn some money and experience, soaking up the pleasures of Southern California or preparing for the future, Higlanders became All Wrapped Up in the diverse activities the world had to offer. by Annie Wu iii, P? if 21 1 th birthday. Photo by Doug Porterfield. Skip Snead is one of many students who dedicates much of his time to a part-time job in order to afford items of luxury. Photo by Vicki Scott A brilliant display of fireworks light up the acific Upland sky in celebration of the natlon's N . On a warm summer day, a diver takes advantage of U.H.S. 's refreshing crystal blue pool. Photo by Wlleen Wong During the summer months, Wendy McCallum had the privilege of hosting a foreign exchange student from Japan. Photo by Joanna Cason DW' . 1 Q 1.4 'i JI W 19' rp Summer 13 70 in Begging groceries is only one of Jemnifer Monroe's duties atAlpha Beta. Photo by Vicki Scott Whether ringing up sales or stocking shelves, Devin Fehn, Jen! Atchison, Danny Hayler, Erln Man- drell, and Lisa Espanola make the Chlck's Sporting Goods staff complete. Photo by John Christensen Workin for the Wee end Movies, dances, clothes, fast food, and cars were only a few desires of today's teenagers. However, in order to have these things, money was a necessity. Since money doesn't grow on trees, many high school students needed to hold a part time job. with another social life. They had learn to work and deal with oth people. Students also made frien ships with fellow employees, wh without work, they wouldn't ha' ever known. Another positive aspect abo working during the school year w Students earn money to indulge zn extracurrzcular actzvztzes Many Llpland students worked in the fast food, clerical, and personal service areas. King's Table, a restaurant across the street from the school, attracted much attention. Another hot spot for students was Miller's Outpost. Not only did they work there for money, but also worked for an education through the R.O.P. program. Many were also employed at Goldmine Yogurt, the mall, and one student, Fran Culp, worked at Astara a meta h sical that Upland offered work experieni which allowed students to work f school credits. Students enrolled work experience could also wo more days a week and more hours day with a special work permit. Although working could ha' been a great experience, it also r quired extra time, as well as a gre deal of responsiblity. Students had fit in school and personal respo sibilities in their busy days, al Qt' Y 14 Jobs . P Y school on San Antonio. "I like my job because it's was really laid back and easy," admitted Fran. The main reason the majority of students worked was for money, but they also worked to learn and gain working skills and experience. Students often found that holding a job could sometimes mean dealing 1"""'JY is EEE ' sometimes working became burden. "Working isn't as bad as sounds," advised Holly Richar son, "it can actually be a gre experience." by Barbara Pack. Q? ldst his bus-boy duties, Greg Goodson has to . a smiling face. Photos by John Christensen M Wb'7v Yeo! C80-A Nlwf ii 'lp W wfxgxss Qrmiszx irfg2ggi'23TVE: B 'rw 5 I ' MS- ing's Table, Janeen Dorflinger and Diana Ed- Q ds await next customers. ewuf' qgxl ,ENXM5 ifxxolyxw' -gd f FW ff? Y ww YM" UQ Q6 we liiww W f ??NcX,,w3,i5 Scots Journey WK Gb Costumes galore were seen as C XIX' Q, X Upland students roamed the halls Nduring 1987 spirit week. ovffkvy W Nb W Q00 it M N ii W ly, The fun began on Tuesday Oc- tober 20, with crazy hat day. Hats of different shapes, sizes, and colors were admired, laughed at, and com- plimented on as the students carried out the day. cameras around their necks. lt definitely was not Disneyland, however, it was simply Llpland's tourist day. When Friday, October 23, finally arrived, the students, anxious for the weekend activities, showed great spirit by dressing in school colors, green and white could be seen for Qfziwnb XQXQQIL we X021 Down the nile Oth f W7 DQ' in Search of spirit Q14 V J Wh On Wednesday, they dressed like Mb archeologists. With hats, boots, and XNX ' 9 LJ gloves, the day was carried through 7m fqeauthentically. X lv On Thursday, Upland could have I6 I been mistaken for Disneyland, for Q people came to school in plaid ber- OXI mudas, hats, and sun glasses, carry- ing colorful lunch pails and wearing miles. It was a week of great enthusiasm, exhibiting the spirit of Upland's students. "Spirit week has always been a great week, but this year the students were more involved and seemed to have a lot more fun in dressing up," smiled Phil Purnell. by Barbara Packer Proud to represent the class of 88, Wendy Carmona dons her green and white for Spirit Day. Photos by John Christensen Week Bridget Clarke, finds herself all wrapped up in selling guesses for the jelly bean contest. K 'v 3? XXX -'K M-..,, 7 6 arf' Q1 " R 1 4 'i "Spirit week was so much fun. It really made the week interesting. ' ' - Rina Sanusi it y .wg ,r 'ii it 'LI ,lx , ,Eg 2 'Ei . X S3 . F3 , '14 ei 5 F8 Archeologists Cynthia Monahan, Maryann Fagg, and Michelle Johnson, compare their treasures from the marsh lands north ofthe history building. Photos by John Christensen ln flashy colors, Ryan Finley dresses for a luau ln the cafeteria. Travis Dredd amuses Crystal Klmmes with his crazy hat. Spirit Week 1 7 if Homecoming Pride Enthusiasm raged rampant as the students approached the gym- nasium on Friday, October 23, for the 1987 Homecoming Rally. The students, anxious for the rally, entered the gym with school pride and spirit as they took their seats. Talking loudly with their friends, the presented the introduction of Homecoming Court. As the five g from the court, and the six honor princesses waltzed through the gy students cheered wildly. Each son in the crowd had a hope fori of the five court members to win ' Homecoming Crown. Exuberant students join in on the fun students waited for the fun to begin. After the students were seated in the gym, Travis Dredd, Pep Com- missioner, along with the pep squad, led the students in the traditional Upland Alma Mater. This rally, like most, included class competitions, cheerleader routines, and introductions of sports teams. Unlike other rallies, this one To wrap up the event, t students participated in a class cha and scurried noisely to their ne class. "lt was a great rally," smil Tony Walker. "I loved the e thusiasm of the students." by Barbara Pack Q "The Homecoming Rally ignited so much spirit. It is always one of the best. -We ndy McCallum I if .f A"i""' Q. .. ,,,,.f f .Fx T5 I8 water polo team demonstrates to the cheerleaders how a pyramid should really be built. Photo Patti Lee Ehing like Run DMC, the varsity volleyball team presents their own version of the rap. Photo by ln Christensen pting their secret passions to tie up Mr. Holycross, Upland tennis team successfully mlunmifies ir leader. Photo by John Christensen ludly escorted by Mr. lttner, Heather Watson stmts across the court to the sound of cheering ad- ers. Photo by Scott McKenzie Homecoming Rally 19 Rain Cheek, Please Overwhelmed with emotion, Nina Caldera graciously accepts the crown and robe from Mr. Glenn Fisher. Beatriz Medina, Rina Sanusl, Kerstin Jahn, Lin- da Paulsson, Sofia Torstensson, and Ann Ditlevsen experience Une excitement of being in the United States and the honor of being recognized as Homecoming Princesses. Photos by Sanford Studios "As a result of the rain, we will not be able to have the annual pre- Homecoming parade. However, the coronation exercises will commence during halftime." This announce- ment sounded over the public ad- dress system on Friday, October 23, informing the student body of the changes that had to be made as a across the muddy fieldg each gi escorted by her father. Cheers ar shouts arose from the stands as eac princess marched through the soal ed grass. Nervous anxiety engulfe the girls and the spectators until l first boquet was placed into First A tendant, Bridget Clarke's arm Again, te anxiety built up until trac Through the clouds our stars still shine result of the downpour of rain earlier in the week. Although the parade could not go on and the processional of the princesses in their fashionable cars could not circle the track, our spirits refused to be dampened. Upon their introduction, Genny Ar- nold, Nina Caldera, Bridget Clarke, Bridget Ragle, and Heather Watson gracefully walked tional mascot, Sandy Haas, ga' the boquet to Nina Caldera, pr nouncing her the 1987 Homecomii Queen. An explosion of joy rar throughout the stadium, providir that the rain could not wash aw: our enthusiasm. by Jennifer Bah 20 Homecoming Coronation The Homecoming Court, Genny Amold, Bridget C ld th "I am happy and 5Z2f:,.'f'Q'IL1..,2 ..?fSTQ,'f'.I'Q'l'.i72.C'a"'ea"" Hes 8' h O n 0 r e d t 0 b e Escorted by her father, Mr. Gary Clarke, Qridget H 0 m e c 0 m i n g i.'T.1'f7p'fifi2'l'Z,j'Q27.f'.3'L'5H.Lff""""' F"s'A"e"' Q u e e n o I t a Co-chairmen Erica Finley, Cynthia Monahan, Pam privilege to be selected to such an honored position. ery thankful " I 'm D . - Nina Caldera Magdych, and Christine Kelly, missing, feel a sense of accomplishment as the evening 's events come to an end. Photo by John Christensen Homecoming Coronation 21 l'lQ,-I-V53 Mljlllfif yfk wx . GN 2 WS ,,,vk,frkrffevQNLljQvCf9'9Q of p A g gl F J 4 . . g X5 K . A W WM P ll Ns-dll QWVJ f X60 N 62, f WJ X , 379, f .AWWMJ TM A WP M74 ' wwf fe UWM My - tl imdl WSL We Pla ing in Mud 'We were slipping and sliding all over the place' Wham! Crunch! Thud! The sound of crashing pads and thumping helmets were heard on the field and in the stands at the 1987 Homecom- ing game. Parents and students alike came out in full force to watch the varsity football team take on the Tartans from Glendora High School. Spirit was raised to help move the ball towards the goal line. Although the team got off to a rough start, there was still an overwhelming amount of enthusiasm. Playing was difficult because of the mud on the field. Robbie Ellis, punter, claimed "We were slipping and sliding all over the place." However, all these undesirable 22 Homecoming Game elements did not prevent people from attending. Upland High School alumni as well as current student body came out to cheer on their team. At halftime, when the corona- tion festivities began, the score was 20 to O in Glendora's favor. Upon returning to the field after the half, Upland put forth their best effort to make up for the lost time, but the task was just too great. Although the scoreboard read 0 to 30, if .the winner of the game was determined by the amount of spirit, Upland would have been the over- whelming favorite. by Gennifer Guymon Joe Santoro, Jeff Curti, and Duane Hibbard wait on the sidelines for their tum to shine. Uplander Jerry Crump drinks Gatorade the thirst aid for his deep down bodied thirst. Photo by John Christensen nal N..--f fir, 'AN hi' After a fumble, Tartans and Scots flght for possession. Photos by Sanford Studios Anthony Hughes, Upland's Hrst-string tailback pushes his weight around for a yardage gain. Photo by Vicki Scott Homecoming Game 23 Sojourn in lt's usually a twelve hour flight, but Upland High School students were able to spend "A Night ln Cairo" without the hassle of the bag- gage claim or customs office at the 1987 Homecoming Dance. The dance was held in the Upland High School gymnasium which was transformed into a gigantic pyramid by the creative use of blue and gold pt more special with music provided by Pro-Productions. Along with the up- to-date music, two large screens pro- vided music videos to correspond with most of the songs. Christine Kelly, Erica Finley, Pam Magdych, and Cynthia Monahan invested many hours of planning and effort into making the 1987 Homecoming Dance a superior "It's the best I 've ever seen a gym look, especially ours" balloons. The walls were covered with life-sized portraits of King Tut and other Egyptian hieroglyphics. "lt was the best I've ever seen a gym look, especially ours!" exclaimed junior Judy Sunu. This gayla event was made even 24 Homecoming Dance memory in our minds. lf the success of the evening was judged upon how many people were smiling when they left, then this year's dance was a shining example of excellence. s by Gennifer Guyman H 2 R lui' mfg PH Exchange students Thomas Dudey and Rina Sanusl, pass through the air1illed arches. Under the golden pyramid, Uplanders dance the night away to sounds provided by Pro-Productions. Mike Dyer carries date Lisa Esparcia through the threshold and on to an enchanting even- ing. Photos by Sanford Studios Homecoming Dance 25 Preparing for an Egyptian Dream tudents go all out Did you know that the 1987 Homecoming Chairmen were already planning for the big day way back in June? Christine Kelly, Erica Finley, Pam Magdych, and Cynthia Monahan were regular "Boy Scouts," upholding the motto "Be Prepared." These chairmen ,had to plan the location, decorations, theme, refreshments, entertainment, and every detail down to the color of streamers on the refreshment table for this important dance. Students also had many plans to make before the event. Boys had to decide which girl to ask, while girls had to conjure up plans to get boys to decide on them. After having a date secured, there were still many more details to be taken care of. The problem of what to wear had to be addressed. A strapless gown? A tux with or without tails and top hat? Girls had to decide which color nail polish would match best, while boys had to decide what kind of cologne to wear, and which restaurant to go to. A job worth doing is a job worth doing well, and the 1987 Homecom- ing Dance was a job well done. Christine Kelly claimed "We really worked hard to make the 1987 Homecoming Dance an enjoyable time for everybody." ln the end, all the hours of preparations, whether they be in chosing the style of dress, or the location of the dance itself, were worth the effort. by Gennifer Guymon I fzflieilj 5 .,r. 26 Homecoming Preparations Pam Magdych and Kelly Schoonmaker make ready for Homecoming by blowing up balloons. Photo by Scott McKenzie , rsil 1 '1- Wa ., Q K it KN Ql- ,- E? , 2 i . NN, gs lf . V 'miflw qu "Qi . ik Wifi if ki' fj ' g i. - X. ,, ' - Fig . N . - - ' 5 1 , is if J' bf -ffq A 4 ' Q ... g K .A x is n is 4 e 4, u gi Perusing through the catalog pages at Tuxedo King, Kevin Elder and Bob- bi Jones look for the perfect style. Searching for the perfect fragrance, Kevin Elder prepares for Homecom- ing. Photos by John Christensen ,,,. 1 f-,Z s f "Well, what do you think?" Bobbi Jones asks as she awaits Kevin Elder's reaction. Bobbi Jones searches for a perfume to en- chant her date. Homecoming Preparations 27 Students in Disguise Uplanders enjoy cz day of spooks Jack-o-lanterns, black cats, superstitions, trick-or-treaters, and goblins are some of the things you think of when you remember Oc- tober 31. El dia de brujas, more commonly known as Halloween, is a tradition celebrated in many coun- tries. Llplanders took part in this custom -in their array of costumes ranging from hippies to babies to pregnant women. A lunchtime ac- tivity was held, and judges scrutiniz- ed the costumes of the parading contestants. Some of the winners in- cluded Bridget Clarke in her costume of a carrot, and Heather Ellis and Holly Richardson dressed as twin ghosts. "Halloween is loads of fun, because l love seeing all the costumes and laugh at the crazy ideas," joked senior Kerry Hogan. by Gennifer Guymon to fN W9 sis sgbgiylibyfcg 9 l X fl X0 L Ok i AQ AXSN R ' 3 A fix QQJ X YD N QW I t Or X 2055 Kolb' 52, 1 gf Q25 tr 5 gbbi Xp ci XVXQ, GN F W Milk tp? li Qi I N st at FX 0 i Q os CD y N OJ X t My N X 1 H Lf bww mltilwvj W X '56 W9 67 tgtbflwgyrx J! H Lf 28 Halloween Lisa Esparcia pantomimes the joy of disguise. Groucho Qllose Huangy Marx, and Harpo 1Christine Maloranoj Marx put on a "honker" of an act. Photos by John Christensen 'Qs Genny Arnold, Wendy McCallum, Nina Caldera and Caroline Raufi revel in the sixties era of peace and love. Photo by Peter Chuang ,ii Sister Amy Edgmgton prays for the weekend Mrs Murphy dressed as Madam Defarge awaits perspective register members Photos by Peter Chuang All dolled up, Cindy and Sherry Smclalr say goodbye with a squeeze. Photo by John Christensen Halloween 29 Behind the Mask A great way to show your dad that he's still special in your life, is to spend an evening with him at the Father-Daughter Banquet. Girls' Leauge sponsored the annual Father-Daughter Banquet and, as usual, the event was a huge success. Held on October 27, at Griswold's Inn in Claremont, the memorable evening was enjoyed by all the to participate. In the end, the juniors proved the wisest. The next game was called Telephone, where once again, they chose representatives from each class. A story was told to the senior, who passed it on to the junior, and soon until the freshman had a completely different story to tell the audience. The final activity of the evening Fathers and daughters experience cz night of mystery father-daughter pairs who attended. The banquet was two and a half hours packed with activities. Most of the time was spent socializing, eating dinner, and taking portraits. Follow- ing dinner, Girls' League members held the special activities. The first game, Know Your Daughter, was similar to the Newlywed game but instead of newlyweds, pairs of fathers and daughters were selected 30 Father-Daughter Banquet was presenting the Father of the Year award. This year's deserving winner was Mr. John McCallum. The winning essay was written by his daughter, Wendy McCallum. The reading of her essay marked the end of the eveing. Though only one win- ner arose, surely all the fathers in at- tendance were Fathers of the Year in his daughter's eyes. by Fran Culp N gi' Heather and Krista Watson express the feell that their dad is a true champion. Photo by I Casts Sharing her winning essay with the audien Wendy McCallum explains why Mr. John li Callum deserves to be "Father of the Yea Photos by Mr. McCall: K The Twenties twosome, Lexi Hargrove and her dad mob the Father-Daughter scene. Photo by Mr. McCallum Anne D'Arcangelo enjoys her dad's witty comment. Photo by Mr. Castaldl Father-Daughter Banquet 31 Freedom For 200 years, the Llnited States government has derived its strength and endurance from our Constitution which has lasted longer than any other constitution in the world. "Our Constitution is unlike any other," in- sisted David Bolinger, a Junior. "lt provides guidelines, yet allows freedom within those guidelines. l don't think many students fully realize the fact that our Constitution, in effect, allows us to be individuals rather than just faces in a crowd of Remains America commemorated, through the media and celebration, the triumph of our government, which became a model for the world. The American Constitution is protection of liberties of individuals. The Con- stitution itself provides important guarantees of civil liberties. lt pro- vides a court of law which can im- pose punishment for unlawful acts. The Constitution gives special pro- tection to people accused of treason, and also protects the innocent Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness many." Mr. Glenn, a CLS. History teacher, and Ms. Lubarsky, a World History teacher, both agreed that because of the struggles our forefathers battled through, they were glad to see that our Constitution was established and had lasted for 200 years. 32 Constitution relatives of a person accused of treason. This Constitution establishes a common standard of law for every American citizen, young and old, rich and poor alike. by Maureen Smith Independence Hall was where the convention delegates came together to discuss such topics as Individual Rights, The Bill of Rights, and the guarantees ln the Constitution. The 11.8. Congress has been very careful with selecting the new Supreme Court justices for the sake of protecting the new generations to come. At the second Constitutional Convention, delegates elected George Washington as commander-in-chief of the anned forces to battle the surging war against Great Britain. Constitution 33 34 Senior Bar-B-Que Barbecue Satiates Hot dogs, potato salad, chili, and chips were only a few of the variety of foods served at the annual Senior barbecue on November 17. A charge of Sl.5O was the entrance fee to this food festival before the Powder Puff game. Food was supplied by the team members and their parents. "lt gave us the opportunity to get psyched up the meantime. Disregarding proper table manners, seniors frolicked while dining. Pyramids were built, food was thrown, and tables were shaken. "l was impressed by the spirit of the senior team," expressed Krista Justis. The whole atmosphere was one of hunger for food, fun, and victory. All attitudes were to ensure a positive Players' appetite before the win for our victory," claimed Kerry Lounsbury. "Not very many people showed up. lt was mainly the players, but we had fun." The seniors not only enveloped themselves in food but also played in mentality and support the team. As encouraged by Debbie Harn, "We were all revved up and ready to beat the juniors!" by Peter Chuang '94 Kerry Lounsbury gives a "thumbs up" rating to the barbecue. Rule "l:A player should not care for any other kind of refreshment except for Cola. Genny Arnold is thrilled over her friends' jubilance. For the senior Powder Puff team there is no slowing down with the "Silver Bullet."All Photos by John Christensen C A '-may if . X Eos wok Everyone cheers on for a swift victory for "Upland 's Best." Barbara Streifel gives encouraging words to Dawn Scoby before the game. The foursome Tina Ventrilla, Cory Cmz, Chelsey Rios, and Celeste Mosca are happy to have come to the barbecue. All Photos by John Christensen Senior Bar-B-Que 35 ,QS Sitting on a Gatorade canister, "Kool-Aid" Ls recharged by the help of Charlie Martinez. Susan Dyer is desperately defending herself while being attacked in all directions by the juniors. Photos by John Christensen 36 Powder Puff A Tradition The continuing battle between the seniors and the juniors was fought out once again on the football field on November 17 at 7 p.m. lt was the fight of the year between the ladies in the perennial Powder Puff game. The class of '88 proved they were the best as the senior team overtook plained senior Brandi Hoffma "We had an advantage because y already knew what we were doingf Not only did each team give strong performance, but so did tl senior and junior Powder Pu cheerleaders. On each side wasl group of gentlemen dressed in pla Seniors capture the victory the juniors with a score of 14 to 7. Seniors Susan Dyar and Heather Watson made the two touchdowns while Cindy Sinclair scored both kicks. The juniors did bypass the seniors by making one touchdown, but they were unable to break the tactics of the seniors. "I think the seniors were more prepared this year because juniors were just learning the game," ex- skirts hooting for their team. Tl guys rallied, danced, and bu pyramids, trying to uplift the spiri of the teams and the crowd throug their support. ln effect, an overall feeling f most was expressed by Hoffman, ' was exciting. We won. Senio should win." by Peter Chuan , iie 'ix ln believing the ancient myth behind the power of the triangle, the senior cheerleaders build a pyramid to offer the team support. The juniors growl with intensity as they prepare for attack. When teamwork collapses, Roger Chan ends up on the bottom. Photos by John Christensen "We were not just a team that night. We joined together as one to achieve victory." - Karen Shaw Powder Puff 37 Maryann Fagg, Barbra Robles, Chelsey Rios, Heather Watson, Christine Kelly, Marie Bangle, Nina Caldera, Elaine Velasco, Laura Roach, Cindy Sinclair, Shannon Lan- dreth, Tina Ventrilla, Karen Shaw, Bridget Clarke, Rose Huang, Allie 'l'homas, Chris Maiorano, Celeste Mosca, GennyAmold, Kim Warsham, Tamy Spotloood, Kathy Noyes, Yvette Tovar, Tracy Grant, Susan Dyar, Tanya High, Pam Magdych, Wendy McCalliun, Sara Chez, Barbara Streifel, Heather Morketter, Angela Flores, Kelly Schoonmanker, Winnie Tien, Kerry Hogan, Dawn Scoby, Krista Justis, Kathy Kirkpatrick, Michelle Johnson, Cindy McCarter, and Coach Holycross. Bridget Clarke heads for the goal to receive a pass. Photos by John Chr'istensen 38 Powder Puff Karen Shaw fakes a pass to Cindy Sinclair as the juniors are fooled. During a strenuous practice, Megan Calahan and Serena Amold work hard to prove they are just as good as the seniors. Crystal Kimes, Stacee Sedore, Marsha Chesire, Dianna Ho, Amy Mit- chell, Megan Calihan, Chrissie Morgan, Jennifer Messbla, Jennifer Smith, Robin Glubay, Robyn Manhire, Kelly Knight, Aldara George, Brenda Weaver, Karen Berg, Lakesha Morris, Aileen lshimoto, Tricia Cabildo, Maureen Smith, Traci Abel, Cindy Reecl, Alicia Delgado- Oramas, Becky Aragon, Valarle Wells, Stacie Parker, Michelle Vmirik, Francis, Espinoza, Christy Chuzko, Kathy Mendoza, Sherel Green, Michelle Chapon, Lori Amilio, and Coach Spnmg. Photos by John Christensen Ah 1 A W .r ,rr D ima, ,fn .,,, , 7, . 2 ,,, , I ,Y , , 4 A fa 1 it 5' i ,, ,AA - bw, ,Q ru h , ' M V i V , V, 5 ff-if 4 'A ' 'Nu N M-'J-wi Powder Puff 39 Sdrawkcab "Sleigh-bells ring, are you listen- ing? In the land, snow is glistening. A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight walking in a Winter Wonderland . . The setting for the 1987 Backwards Dance sponsored by the Girls' League Association was just that - a Winter Wonderland. The Girls' League Cabinet and members worked hard to achieve the at- mosphere that was present. The man to record this big event for Upland couples. The "Grand Finale" of the entire evening occured when Gary Cottrell was crowned "Backwards King," with his princes being Kevin Elder, Jordan Smith, Paul Cushing, and Caley Conway. "The best part about backwards was the Sadie Hawkins spirit, plus it was a free ticket to a night of entertain- ment," quipped senior Paul Sadie Hawkins spirit reigns in a winter wonderland dance, on December 5th, was held in the Chaffey College cafeteria. For this one evening the cafeteria was transformed into a flurry of snowflakes, and winter beauty. Mary Doyle, Girls' League Presi- dent, claimed, "We really had to work hard to pull it off, but it was a success." Music was provided by Orion Entertainment, and Sanford Studios brought out their camera Skousen. Gone away is the bluebird, here to stay is the new bird. A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight walking in a Winter Wonderland." by Gennifer Guymon 40 Fall Backwards QS' sy 4, 4 'x Led by John Edwards, dancers get down and get funky. With both his sister,Alicia Delgado-Oramas, and date,Ali Amos, Danny Delgado-Oramas puts life into the phrase "Three's Company." Admiring the holiday design, Frank Salceda and date search for their names on the Christmas bulbs. All Photos by Sanford Studios Members of the 1987 Backwards Court: Paul Cushing, Jordan Smith, Caley Conway, and Kevin Elder surround their friend, King Gary Cottrell. Catching the holiday spirit, Troy Bennett and Stephanie Amt share a warm embrace. Fall Backwards 41 Jocelyn Arellano, playing Florence, soothes Jackie Garcia, playing Olive, in "The Odd Couple." David Fleck grimaces at the poor array of refreshments. Photos by John Christensen 42 Fall Drama Production Break a Leg "Lights, camera, action!" was an exclamation that might have been heard from Mrs. Cindy Little, direc- tor ofthe winter play, The Odd Cou- ple, performed on January 21, 22, and 23 at 7:30 p.m. in the auditorium. The actors and actresses were chosen strictly from the Drama classes. These actors and actresses were the best prepared and had the Included in the female version we Jackie Garcia, Beth Salen, Kel Schwalbach, Jocelyn Arellan Shelly Lester, Krista Turnhai John Edwards, David Bolinga Shannon Dell, Colleen Dee, Je nifer Fittante, Tisha Dineen, Tai Spotswood, and Leslie Sapei tein. Dennis Hancock, Dav Moorman, John Edwards, Dav Fleck, Jim Scroggins, Cra Drama performs the Odd Couple best feeling for the parts. Those par- ticipating rehearsed everyday after school for three months. The play was a comedy about people living in New York City. There were three different casts. Two of the casts were performed with women and one was with men. McElvany, Laura Campbell, ai Joni Kaufman participated in t male version. ln this Neil Simon ple a group of friends got together ai portrayed the difficulties of liviz with other people. by Stephanie Brag - gn-'cw .:-f rig? 5' 2 ' 2 f'. f V rg 5 K .es-:H1frP . 'L - i'ff.'52a:?ff2. .3 ,,,': K.. ' if .-'.,, ,:' - 'za-Hts-e .rx .. e..:mm.- , ff .ff iw -A ' .,,,, , . ,gig 1 -59353, ,,. . ...- -f.ff:fF3?KELiS..v. ' Q. R is. : wzr:'W"'W . , i Q Gram I A -K 5 .Q 1. ,- X fm , '53, 4 W. kV-:: ,. . L ,:-,,-f:57iS5fff. fi' lil X fl Dennis Hancock struts his stuff in the male version of "The Odd Couple." ram. WAN E is 'g " ,,Yi,... 2!??':g:5lV-1-sz.f'Ei::-H I , Y 33l535i5fV"'fH.ai?Q4:'i:Qf'i5 fi We . Laura Campbell, Joni Kaufman, and David Moorman are .u,:. A X. q.n.., . . . . ,123 my dmsmayed with their burnt steak. li K fra we E Mi gig, my Dawfid Bolinger and John Edwards wave away the smoke of , 2 a their burnt mam course. Photos by John Christensen 1 - ff -- -f - 5g5'gf:k.gfv5 Fall Drama Production 43 p at Bat, Fourth year into the tradition, the Girls' League held its Mother-Son "Take Me Out To The Banquet" on February 28, 1988. The two and a half hour event was commissioned at Griswold's lnn from 6:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. The night was an invitation from the sons to their mothers for all the love and joy they cherish in their rela- tionship. About sixty people showed up for the chicken dinner which in- played with students from each cl telling a story over and over u passed finally to the freshman 1 and mother pair. Then, the banquet closed with announcement of the Mother-of-t Year. Eric Scott told a compell story that captivated all in the roor The banquet was inevitably a s cess due to the hard work from Girls' League Cabinet membe Senior Representative Amy E4 Mother-Son Banquet hits L1 home run cluded a house salad and dessert. A period for games was set after dinner. Mothers were questioned on how much they knew about their sons. Laughter filled the room when the rumor game was played. lt was ington concluded, "lt was a v small but intimate crowd. Everyt got to know each other and l th people got to make new friends." by Peter Chua '55 ,J JW- vs. :AD- Eric Scott awards his "Mother ofthe Year" with a kiss. Ryan Finley and his mother await the upcoming feast. ff? j, 1 9 -- t,,,,N M- . 44 M other-Son Banquet When it comes to scoring, Larry Russo can never strike out with his MOM. Before dinner was served, conversation rose around the table. Embarrassed by the situation, Joe Santoro was put on the spot when asked what was the latest movie he saw with his mother. All Photos by John Cluistensen L 5 If K fx f, gr at I 3 1, tack: x !,.W -ev A , I P? Mother-Son Banquet 45 Iungle 'T"'zan and Jane couldn't have asker.. for a better setting for their blissful romance than what Upland couples experienced at the 1988 Sweetheart's Dance sponsored by the Sophomore Class. Sweethearts was held on Friday, February 26th in our very own Upland High School gym. One hundred thirty-five couples came out to support this grand school event. Love "fashionable" dee-jay claimed, "These kids really know how to have a good time - they're so en- thusiastic!" The climax of the even- ing was the crowning of the "Royal Couple." This great honor was bestowed upon Danny Goetsch and Denise Baranowski. All in all, the 1988 Sweethearts dance was an enormous success. Sophomore Class President Sarah Uplanders explore romance in the safari The theme of the evening was "Jungle Love" with the gym being camouflaged as a safari land in- cluding hanging vines and a mossy pond. To add to the jungle at- mosphere there was a gorilla roam- ing the dance floor. Instead of bongo drums and reggae singers, music was provided by "Fashionable Dee- Jays." Jay Fitzgerald, our 46 Sweethearts' Dance Wingate admitted, "Putting on a dance is a big job, but it is well worth it when it all comes together." The Sophomore Class would have even made Tarzan, Jane, and Cheetah proud! by Gennifer Guymon D N D fi. N M ,aw Caught by "Jane," Danny Goetsch succumbs to Denise Baranowski's persuasive measures. Searching for precious ivory is a tiring job for archeologists Rabbi Kish and partner. All Photos by Bridget Clarke. Nominated Sweethearts' couples anxiously await the winn- ing announcement. Sweethearts ' Dance 47 California girls are the best choice for Kim Gruhl and Thomas Wamburg. Rina Sanusi proudly shows off her artistic ability. Photos hy John Christensen , ' rgyfr Linda Paulsson 4809 Paard 2690 Bastad Sweden "l'm actually studying, gaining weight and losing money, so I wonder why I 'm having such a good time." 48 AFS Rina Sanusi JL Nalen IUH 16f40A Yogyakarta Indonesia "It is a great challenge which is not only leaming and experiencing another culture, but sharing my own." Kim Gruhl Jens Neilsensvez 18 2690 Karlslunde Denmark 02- 1501 88 "The Californian chicks aln 't bad." ff?40D51Erkrath 2 Q 39 ,C . 5 Thomas Dudey Wlllhecker Str. 24 West Germany "California . . . find ich gut!" f ff xg , fl ,I F I V, 7, f K is 3 vi f an R 1 . 2 d ' fi 1 V 9 me g 35 K . Y I M' 1 f , ul 'W ' A 4' , wg! r 5 I 1' Ive ' s K 'K , Q .4 Beatriz Medina Urb-109 Villas H-3 Pozuelo Estacion 28023 Madrid Spain "The Californian dudes aln 't bad buddy!" Sofia Tortensson Villavagen 48 564 00 Bankeryo Sweden 'Ms an exchange student I've realized how much I really love my family, my. horse, and everything else at home. " Thomas Wamberg oszewqi 88 Valse ,4840 Nr. Alslev Denmark "lt wasend so bad after all." Ieling in the gym, Rina Sanusi displays the orative dress of her native country, mesia. Lasting memories . O O The Experience of a Lifetime They came from all over the globe, places most people have only vaguely heard of: Denmark, Ger- many, lndonesia, Spain, and Sweden. Leaving their homes, family and friends to be replaced with new ones, they lived a year in an unknown country. They came to Upland High, hoping to make lasting friendships, experience a different culture, and gain knowledge through these new experiences. At the same time, the exchange students gave Highlanders an opportunity to become acquainted with someone from another land. Once recovered from culture shock, the foreign exchange students were kept constantly busy. They not only had to go to school, but study very hard to keep up, since all their work was to be done in a foreign language. AFS gave them chances to go skiing, ice skating, and planned get togethers for them. These gatherings gave them chances to discuss the problems and joys in- volved in being in a foreign land. They also had the chance to travel, seeing other parts of the state beyond Upland, such as San Fran- cisco, and San Diego. Rina Sanusi spoke for all of the foreign students when she announc- ed, "This was a year of great ex- periences that will live in my heart forever." by Frances Culp . .... an at in Q . . t',V y, . V 'x nmas Dudey visits his host mother, Marlene Penner ln her office at and High School. Although schoolwork gets rough at times, Thomas Dudey and Beatriz Medina find their schoolwork interesting. da Paulsson and Shannon Hargrove express the theme "lt's a small 'ld after all." Photos by John Christensen AFS 49 Decisions, Decisions A.S.B. Shapes LIpland's Future To a pre-schooler A stands for ap- pel, S stands for sandwich, and B stands for ball, but for the Upland Highlanders these letters stand for much, much more. A.S.B., the Associated Student Body, are stu- dent leaders who represent all of LIpland's students. Led by President Rose Huang, the main goal for the 1987-1988 A.S.B. was to become a unified group with the purpose of helping the students to become more aware of activities and events. Whether aware of it or not, the A.S.B.fStudent Leadership group played an enormous part in how the school functioned A 9 B nassed re- quisitions for the purchasing of new computers, the payment of referees for all sporting events and more. Genny Arnold, A.S.B. Vice- President, stated "lt's a lot of respon- sibility, but the end justifies the means!" With new administrative positions on campus, Mr. Jim Drake lead the Student Government class, and helped to organize events such as the A.S.B. sponsored Blood Drive, and the December Canned Food Drive. The hard work seemed to pay off when Upland students appeared content in their atmosphere. by Gennifer Guymon W9 5- 55? QV XI' ' Q.. .TL 4 fini - Lf' Sophomore Vice-President, Heather Ellis sports a 1987-1988 Student Government sweatshirt. A S.B. elected "Nark," Paul Cushing awaits the next donor to the dimejar. After presenting the A.S.B. budget to the class, Heather Morketter calls for a vote. Rid'em cowboy! Pep Commissioner Travis Dredd rounds up support for the Pep Squad. All photos by John Christensen. 50 Associated Student Body ggi NK! W. nn. pf r i A S B Corresponding Secretary Travis Dredd Pep Commissioner Christine Maiorano Social Chairman Khymberli Apaloo Advertising Manager David Hesseltine Boys'Athletic Commissioner Wendy McCallum Girls'Athletic Commissioner Amy Edgington l.C.C. President Heather Watson Senior Class President Charles Wang Junior Class President Sarah Wingate Sophomore Class President Michelle Altmyer Freshman Class President Mary Doyle Girls' League President Kerry Lounsbury Recording Secretary Alan Graham Business Manager Tayna High Business Manager Shelly Lester Robin Weetman V Christine Kelly Homecoming Chairman Erica Finley Homecoming Chairman Pam Magdych Homecoming Chairman Cynthia Monahan Homecoming Chairman Gennifer Guymon Hielan Representative Krista J ustis Plaid Representative Student Activities Commissioner Student Activities Commissioner T s 0 "".. , so , a vs' l Comic mascot, Bridget Clarke, expresses that ' she is the happiest dog in town. Photo by San- ford Studio Flags - Bottom: Leslie Parker, Lora Copeland, Brenda Weaver 'dd ' ristin Gam e, Sharon Bosse. Top: Tisha Dineen. Photo by Sanford Studio 52 Pep Squad Enthusiasm The Pep Squad has been en- thusiastically loyal to the school and its teams. They used their variety of spirit and knowledge, to project in routines. They insisted through cheer that each player use his deter- mination, bravery, and fairness to achieve his goal. This encourage- ment radiated throughout the team and promoted positive attitude. Each member of the Pep Sql was chosen to achieve a task. T task was to bring on a mood working together as a team. T eventually resulted in the team's ceptance of the outcome at the e of the game. Motivation was the feeling t was shown in the spirit of the F Squad. The variation of routine ' brought through hours of mind E Resulting in positive attitude bodywork. Mrs. Henderson was their ad- visor, When asked what being a pep advisor was like, she replied, "Being a pep advisor at Upland High School is probably the most challenging and rewarding position of all my educa- tional experiences." Whether being on the squad or being an advisor, each was an important position. An advisor's job was to keep the squad a happy one and the squad's job was to keep their team in high spirits. Their perfection was shown to team and the advisor's work v shown through each squad's pres tation. All in all, it seemed there x always an impression of excitem for the audience and also for teams. The pep squad had great spiration and really added life td game. by Desiree Moren f ww Christensen Front: Michelle Graham, Amy Fonken, Nina Caldera, BeckyAragon, Erica Hicke, Middle: Brenda Weaver, Sharon Bosse, Kristin Gamble, Bridget Clarke, Travis Dredd, Sandy Haas, Tisha Dineen, Lora Copeland, Leslie Parker. Back: Jacinda Baker, Amy Allred, Kristi Naugle, Tracee Heaton, Lisa Croy, Kristin Wobser, Karen Berg, Marcia Chesire, Jennifer Smith, Bobbi Davidson, Jody Messenger, Jana Foreso, Susie Herrera. Photo by Sanford Studio. Bubbling with spirit, Kristi Naugle cheers the J.V. team on to victory. Photo by John Mr. Robertson's son, Doug, gets wrapped up in the loving arms of comic mascot, Bridget Clarke. Photo by John Christensen Pep Squad 53 Working Toward Perfectior Pep Squad Encourage Song Leaders -- Front: Nina Caldera, Amy Fonken. Back: Becky Aragon, Michele Graham, Erica Hicke. Photo by Sanford Studio Varsity Yell - Front: Bobbi Davidson, Karen Berg, Tracee Heaton, Middle: Jennifer Smith, Lisa Crog, Marcia Chesire. Back: Kristin Wobser. Photo by Sanford Studio Jane Foreso, Jacinda Booker, Jody Messenger, and Kristi Naugle shine with perfection. 5,3 Se 'E S S M A if i"i 54 Pep Squad team morale E s at 1 K 1' ,f V - 'fy -:S jx .MMWMWW U of With anticipation, Brenda Weavery looks toward the goal zone in hopes for a touchdown. Photo by John Christensen Sandy Haas - Traditional Mascot, Travis Dredd - Pep Commissioner, Bridget Clark - Comic Mascot. Bee Yell - Front: Susie Herrera, Amy Allred, Jacinda Booker. Back: Jody Messenger, Kristi Naugle, Jana Foreso. Photos by Sanford Studios Pep Squad 55 56 Regiment Fa 'C' . if-' S i-H as kim: is xbzkm :I ESQ - as F E f 115 : E ii 5 S f' in was fm had t 541' , .wc xu J' .xi it Standing at attention, Rob Bach, prepares to lead his troops to the field. Photo by Scott McKer Patience, hard work and diligence are all factors which m. Mandy Uber a great saxaphone player. Photo by J. Christen Bottom: Carol Quinn, Christy Mazi, Carol Miller, Veronica Esco Top: Ms. Fairifax, Strifell, Tammy Yee, Adrian Koeliker, Amanda Rc Kristen Brooks, Christina, Stacey Sharp, Tracey Havlecek. Photo C4 pliments of Ms. Fain at ,.!? Concentration ls the key, especially for Brent Stoddard ln playing his tuba. At the December Christmas Parade, the Upland Regiment marched in the holiday festivities. Keeping With the Tempo The Fall Flags and Rifles teams lded splendor to Llpland's Mar- iing Band display. A well known ason for having a team of Tall ags and Rifles was to create -utines, to compete and to perform. lt was always a more enjoyable cperience to see the Tall Flags and fles express their talent in har- ony with the Marching Band. Tall ags demonstrated remarkable in the Spring of 1987. The par- ticipants ranged from grades ninth to twelfth. Tall Flags was a class because it had a two semester pro- gram. At the end of the first semester anyone could drop and new people were able to begin learn- ing how to work with the flags. However, to be officially on the team, one had to audition and be chosen. The team had competed in Tall Flags and Rifles twirl to the top mordination and accompaniment. Miss Fairfax had been advising ,r four years and still felt nervous id excited before a competition or field show. To become a part of the all Flags' team, try-outs were held five competitions and performed at five football games by the end of the second semester. All of the time and practices resulted in an award- winning season. by Desiree Morentin Regiment 57 Standing at attention, Drill Team Captain Marie All sets an example for the others. 58 Tall Flags 'V8 : Tall Flags: in alphabetical order Janice Arellano, Amy Bellon, Kirsten Brooks, Cheri Coover, Veronica Escobar, Tracy Havlicek, Chanda King, Kristina Koehl, Adrian Koelliker, Christi Mazi, Carol Miller, Melissa Norris, Catherine Patzoid, Carol Quinn, Amanda Reed, Stacy Sharp, Christine Streifel, Tammy Yee. Preparing for their next competition, Heather Pulley and MarieAli perfect Julie Cryan 's next pose. AQ' 4 ,ft E R 1 Janice Arellano and Amy Bellon rehearse ln perf sinc. All photos by John Christensen Drill Team Twirls Upland High School Drill Team wins highest sweepstakes awaral Twirls, jumps, and the splits are at some of the moves that the 'ard winning 1987-1988 Drill lam displayed. Julie Cryan, cather Pulley, and Marie Ali, the ill Team captains, helped the up win the 1987 sweepstakes, E highest award in competition. iese girls put forth many hours a eek in order to choreograph and practice their routines, enableing them to perform above par. Junior, Heather Pulley claimed "Drill took a lot of time, but it was all worth it when we got to know the whole squad. lt was great." The Drill Team displayed talents for Upland at all home football games and also devoted many Saturdays for competition against I is ...An other schools. Mrs. Martha Brown, the devoted director, made it possi- ble for these girls to make it to the ln the end, the Upland High School Squad became "all wrapped up" in their work, loving what they did. Three cheers for our spirit- promoting Drill Team. by Barbara Packer Drill Team: in alphabetical order Stephanie Carvey, Erica Chavin, Grace Chenoweth, Amy Chow, Julie Cryan, Barbara De Lorm, Felicia Duran, Jamie Farley, Kandi Fleener, Tiffiney Fort, Annema Gingerich, Kristi Heard, Coco Hernandez, Carol Lee, Kim Lyles, Wen- dy Mars, Ann Meadows, Angelique Mendez, Jamie Mendez, Dina Morales, Peggy Munoz, Jennifer Powell, Heather Pulley, Tonya Rodgers, Elisa Rosenz- weig, Shana Salstrom, Jill Sandobal, Stephanie Verga. Eyeing the competition, Annema Grlngerich reviews her own moves in her mind. Tamie Mendez, Erica Chavin, and Ann Meadows, go over new moves. All photos by John Christensen 'ti 42:"""' Drill Team 59 Regiment Reign UHS bond gets new direction marches to victory in tournaments Being a band member was not an easy task. Many people did not understand that there was more to band than fancy costumes, nice in- struments, and great sounding music. Llpland's dedicated band students not only had early morning practices, but also dedicated their Tuesday nights to rehearsing and Saturday mornings to school com- petitions. They played in school rallies, 'home football games, and other activities which required a lot of extra time. It was also difficult to reshape the band after Mr. Arnold departed. They had to adjust to the style new director, Greg Solomon, a did a tremendous job of it. With I Solomon's organization and tech ques, they were able to pull off award winning year. "lt's without doubt the best band we've had sir l've been heref We really had make a big adjustment to the n director." stated senior Rob Bach. The band and its new director 2 justed to each other and start down the road to new awards a levels of excellence. by Barbara Pack 60 Regiment As a member of the notorious drum line, Ted Vance keeps the be Preparing to play, Eric Takeuchi waits for his cl Erika Mariscal and Janey Christmas look toward the front of the line to see their leader's directions. Photos by Joi Christens Beaming with pride, Janice Arellano, watches as the rest of the Regiment performs. Preparing for the Can-Can, Upland Band members line up. Photos by John Christensen 'N 1 7 lphabetical order: Alberts, Alex, Ali Musa, Leilah, Applegate, Jon, Babcock, Josh, Bach, Rob, Baldel, Michelle, Beebe, Brian, Beltran, 1, Bishop, Tracye, Bonnette, Linda, Bouse, Sarah, Brailey, Lisa, Brown, Roy, Brubaker, Amy, Busse, Tanya, Carter, Michael, Castleberry, Chavez, T. C., Cheyney, Sean, Christensen, Chris, Clubb, Billy, Cordasco, Kristina, Cushnie, Jim, Davis, Rhett, Eckersall, Scott, Ellett, lena, Fagg, Maryann, Fath, Kenneth, Forsen, Stephanie, Freeman, Juanita, Goins, Crary, Goldenstein, Dana, Cross, Jeff, Green, Bill, awski, Ted, Hawkins, Mary Beth, Hayler, Charlie, Haynes, April, Helfand, Sharon, Hogancamp, Wendy, Holguin, Jennifer, Holtan, Chuck, c, Raymond, Huecker, Dan, Hunt, Kristin, Irwin, Amy, Jertberg, Jon, King, Kimberly, Knauer, Michelle, Koehl, Chanda, Landaker, Mary :, Larez, Michelle, Lawdis, Heather, Londelius, Tricia, Lopatka, Wally, Love, Shelly, Loveless, Kevin, Lowe, Suzanne, Lowe, Valerie, rie, Dan, Lunn, Steve, Mariscal, Erika, McCaffrey, Ryan, Mihalko, Jason, Miller, David, Miller, Meggan, Mittelman, Ann, Morgan, Kimber lotley, Stephanie, Muzyka, Pam, Najla, Kierre, Nandi, Rajeev, Nitta, Takeyoshi, Oberhelman, Kristin, Okamoto, Phillip, Okuno, Staci, 1, Lynette, Ormonde, Martha, Pedersen, Jeff, Pellitteri, Chris, Pfister, Sara, Pruitt, Doug, Reynolds, Theresa, Robles, Barbra, Rosenzweig, :, Roundy, Chuck, Rudder, Deanna, Rugeti, Kenny, Schmaltz, Stephanie, Schulte, Megan, Simon, Derek, Skaggs, Alicia, Smith, Marci, dard, Brent, Takeuchi, Eric, Teglas, John, Uber, Amanda, Umrigar, Michelle, Valadez, Kelly, Vance, Ted, Vasquez, Bill, Walker, Denise, :t, Tammy, Wing, Brian, Wolfe, Daniel, Woolum, Jim, Wright, Danielle, Zuchowski, Linda. Photo by Sanford Studios Regiment 61 Front: Holly Sullivan, Monica Velasquez, Amy Moguirk, Shawna Payne, Marijoy Banckroft, Karen Jarrett, Kim Beck. 2 Nancy Lee, Jennifer Plew, Nikki Smith, Karma Yaffs, Angela Taylor, Kristin Atchison, Cari Wallace, 3rd: Kim Wentz, Joe Gonzales, Spring Wilson, Paul Murphy, Chris Sayre, Lori Chiles, Francis White, Krista Faulk. 4th: Sherry Yenour, La Perez, Kristina Harland, Bert Borja, Reggie Carter, Sarina Arnold, Heidi Snider, Janine Rhoads. Back: Bruce Rogers, Micr Chiapponi, Michelle Carrabee, Tawn Jones, Jimmy Trimmer, Scott Resley, Kathy Boothey. Photo by John Christensen is A 1 . ,,, x A court jester mimicks the crowd 's curiosity. Chris McGregor, Tamara Butcher, Shannon Hargrove, and Kathleen Hatanaka rehearse before the Winter festival. Photo Compliments of Choir -f , Gam J l 62 Choir l edieval elodies any people were involved in the of music. The choral department art of this, expressed the form of ging. The four various choruses re Concert Choir, Madrigals, Jazz ow Choir and Mixed Chorus. 'The choruses raised money for a to San Francisco by holding ir first annual "Elizabethan Din- The event was held December Eberhardt and Shannon Hargrove. The Madrigal singers served as the court followed by the Jazz Show choir and Mixed chorus as servants. The purpose of the trip to San Francisco was to experience singing in a different environment and to better their singing ability. Whether preparing to become music instructors, professional Singing throughout King Arthur's Court 1, 12, and 13. The Setting WGS 3 singers, or voice conductors, Chorus edieval times ChFiStm3S feast was a beneficial element in each lebrating the King and Queen's Singefs future Career, nerosity. The roles of King and by Desiree Morentin lueen were played by Mike Front: Kimberly Semerad, Leslie Dobson, Michelle Guerrero, Helen Liou. Second: Laura Bono, Joanne Gonzalez, Kathleen Hatanaka, Robin Tandy. Third: Yvonne Duran, Shannon Hargrove, Marina Lodolo, Tamara Butcher. Back: Bruce Rogers, Brian Cook, Louie Araneta, Michael Eberhardt, Chris McGregor. Photo by John Christensen Young court servant, Tawn jones welcomes guests as they enter the dining quarters John Edwards gayly presents the evening's royal mqjesties. Photo Complements of Choir Choir 63 The Final Countdown 3 ,E , seniors M3 U V, it ' ,, Wrapped in the excitement of their final year at Upland High School, seniors engaged themselves in numerous activities. Going out to lunch at Taco Bell or Wendy's, pos- ing forthe panoramic photo, and go- ing to Grad Night were the exclusive- ly senior things to do. Pride in the school and the class of 1988 was present everywhere. Excitement rang throughout the body of every senior as he cheered, "We are Upland! We are great! We are the class of 88! SENIORSV' by Jennifer Bales WMSWWV "'N"N... Seniors 65 Reflections of . High School Memones Hypnotized by the Pep Squad, the spirited seniors look on 66 Seniors in amazement. Photo by Sina Dao . . but, mommy, they're all bigger and smarter and stronger than me. Please don't make me go, Please!" With fear and hesita- tion, Freddie stepped out of the car and on- to the Upland High School campus. As the entering class of 1988, a fearful but excited one, we dressed in fluorescent fashions from head to neon toe. However, we soon learned that being a little less con- spicuous prevented downfalls with trash cans and Freddie names. Facing the back side of the cheerleaders, we enjoyed the enthusiasm of our first high school rally. lt seemed years later, but only the next year, we returned to a somewhat familiar campus with the relief of no longer being addressed as "Freddie" Finally being able to view the faces of cheerleaders at rallies, we chimed in "sophomores" with spirit as the "Beer Beer" cheer was chanted throughout the gym. Returning for our most important and most difficult academic year, we approach- ed classes with hesitation but prepared to face a stressful junior year. Though our chance to cheer "juniors" in the traditional fight song was lost, we still revelled in the excitement of each rally. To compensate for the long hours of work invested into our classes, we dined in elegance at the Junior-Senior Prom held at the Disneyland Hotel. Four years ago, reaching our senior year seemed like an eternity, but we made it! Recognizing our way around campus, we proudly strutted to our classes, occasional- ly selling an elevator pass to a gullable freshman. Lili Jauier Aguilar Taraneh Ajodanifar if Alex Alberts Lisa Aleka Angela Aleman Marie Ali Cynthia Allgood Tahoura Arninikharrazi, Leonarda Ancona Kristina Anderson Dale Andreoli ...qv Q. N. - w A5 Mark Andrews Khymberli Apaloo Axel Araquistaim Mary Lou Arcega Joceyln Arellano Mychal Armstrong Genevieve Arnold Rose Marie Arsenault ik.. Cara Austin Michael Austin Maurice Autrey Lydia Auerkiou as V SB President, Rose Huang wonders who will be : 1987 Homecoming Queen. Photo by John ristensen Jay Babcock Geraldo Baca Robert Bach Bonnie Baker Alex Alberts: Let's not and say we didn't. Marie Ali: lt's better to look good than to feel good. Tammy Aminikharrazi: l've got to find a way to make the good times last. Slow down, I don't want to grow old too fast. Khymberli Apaloo: If you want it done right, do it yourself. Jocelyn Arellano: Be yourself, who else is better qualified? - Frank J. Giblin Il Genny Arnold: Ain't nobody wants to be alone: everybody's got a hungry heart. - Bruce Springsteen Rose Arsenault: Just call me muska, Audi-mans girl. Cara Austin: So hey. Mike Austin: For thou art a peculiar people. Lydia Averkiou: Rock and Roll ain't noise pollu- tion. - AC f DC Jay Babcock: Nothing is ever what it seems but everything is exactly what it is. Jerry Baca: Hay's for horses, aren't you glad you ain't one, donkey. Bonnie Baker: Where there's a will, there's a way! Seniors 67 68 Seniors f Josh Cottrell studies diligently as Wendy an V McCallmn, Paul Cushing, Gary Cottrell, and .1 Mary Baker Jennifer Bales John Ballinger Marie Bangle Denise Baranowksi Carol Barber Caley Conway discuss Homecoming plans. Photo by JennlferBales 5 'S-1 5, 'PK' an J! S X Q r ig ' X I all it r ,k X David Barilotti Scott Barker Layne Bartholomew Janette Beaman Liane Beauchamp "Go ahead, make my day!" challenges David Laura Beaver Linberg. Photo by Peter Chuang ativ- if Neil Becker Douglas Beebe Troy Bennett John Beuerle C hrisiopher Bishop 1? - .s . .J - Tracye Bishop Mike Biuens Enrique Blain Scott Boen 9 Shelly Bohler Mike Bonura John Borden Eric Borer Q Bert Bolja Gabriela Bousquet Brian Bradfield Matt Brandt s ,p f . .nv I, . , 9 ,., t. -' N 1, V, ,H :SV Kyle Brinkworth Brian Broad Shannon Brock Kirsten Brooks tg Roy Brown Shannon Brown Thomas Brown Heath Brownsworth Mary Baker: There's nothing you and I won't do. - Modern English Jennifer Bales: Life is the game and to win is the prize. - Flavia Weeden Marie Bangle: Where's the buds? Denise Baranowski: There's always a rainbow at the end of a storm. Scott Barker: Don't take life too seriouslyg it's only a temporary situation. Layne Bartholomew: Worry not what others think, only what you do. Liane Beauchamp: l think we're alone now. - Tiffany Janette Beaman: Don't worry, I won't fail mom and dad. Troy Bennett: Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Tracye Bishop: The only thing I'm afraid of is boredom. Shelly Bohler: Life moves fast, you have to take time to look around so you don't miss it. - Ferris BuelIer's Day Off Scott Boen: lf you snooze, you lose. John Borden: lsn't that special? Eric Borer: You can't have everything, Where would you put it? - Steven Wright Bert Borja: We look upon a thing a thousand timesg perhaps we have to look upon it a million times before we see it for the first time. Matt Brandt: l-2, 1-2 Check dis out. Kirstin Brooks: lt's better to look good than to feel good. Seniors 69 Quick Nap To break up day's monotony I swear l m onl dreamin of En " , ' y g glish," claims Sharlene Edwards. Photo by John Christensen 70 Seniors Carlos Canizales 'Tir' i S There are certain days in the course of everyone's year when one simply cannot keep his eyes open at school. A valiant effort is made to stay awake in every class, l but sometimes it just does not work. While concentrating on a book, listening to a lecture, or watching a movie, one's head drops and it is all over. The main disadvantage is fin- ding an entire class period wasted. However, teachers may also be a small problem. Some may recognize what hectic lives students lead and let us stay alseep, maintaining the fact that it is our choice as to what we do with our education. Mr. Henke, one understanding teacher, explained that if his students sleep during class "it must be because of all the work they do at home for their parents, or because they had stayed up all night doing homework." He went as far as to claim, "My students are so dedicated that they come home from Prom at ten o'clock to work on homework for my class." Unfortunately, in a large majority of classes, if the mistake of falling asleep is made, a rude awakening can be expected. Some ways teachers accomplish this is first, repeatedly calling the student's name, second, asking the student a question, or third, the ever-popular, hitting the desk with a yardstick. So one should make sure to know how his or her teacher is going to react before falling asleep in his or her class. by Fran Culp t g, , Diane Buenting Rebecca - .ff .f fy 4 Nina Caldera Tracey Callahan it ,lk Laura Campbell Ronald Campbell Christine Caraueau Roberta Carbajal 2:1 Robert C arder Jennifer Caress Jane C arin 1 , V 1 Dan Carls Wendy Carmona , I X X QQYD U-lQ,OJ..L gm. - 2.5.1 Kipp Carpenter Janice Carrington Kelly Carter Christi Casella LQ I mb if I , -. , , .C , -. ,- ,,...,,f Joanna Cason Shani Castaldi Shawn Cate Matt Cauthron Patricia Cendqas Yo-Ping Chang Martin Chao Joe Chavez 4 David Chen Josephine Cheng Kevin Cherry Sara Chez fb We""Yweh Chi-any Peter Choi Sandra Choi John Christensen Diane Buenting: Be happy. lt is a way of being wise. - Colette Becki Bustamante: You're beautiful and you know it! Nina Caldera: Advise is like kissing, it costs nothing and is a pleasant thing to do. - H. W. Shaw Tracey Callahan: Oh my God, l have to tell you something! Carlos Canizales: Smilers get it all. Dan Carlos: You snooze. You lose. Wendy Carmona: Blondes have more fun, but brunettes get it done. Christi Casella: l made it! Thanx Mom S Dad. Chris Carderz C.L.S. 5 W. Joanna Cason: O money, money, l'm not necessarily one of those who think thee holy, but l often stop to wonder how thou canst go out so fast when thou comest in so slowly. - Ogden Nash Shani Castaldi: Born 2 be WYLD! Shawn Cate: Do it, l dare you!!! ' Matt Cauthron: Whatever! Martin Chao: 2 Good 2 Be 4 Gotten! Sara Chez: Quoth the Raven, "Nevermore." Wen-Yweh Chiang: A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind. John Christensen: Why do today, what you can put off until tomorrow. 'fl be Q-1-PKG, m 104.55 is M is Seniors 71 ' . 'ak- ' i Mike Tieman laughs as Chris Pellitterl gets all wrapped up in a donut frenzy. Photo by John Christensen --ug' Cory Christiansen Peter Chuang Andrew Clack Charmon Clark Bridget Clarke Kyle Clouse "WPI ' - nv C aley Conway F lorine Cook Heather Corrigan Jennifer Corso Tammy Cote Donald Cottle X x H 3 A Gary Cottrell Christopher C ourie Kelly C ourie Kimberly Crowe Cory Cruz 72 Seniors S - as Frances Culp Arthur Cunha Todd Curry Paul Cushing 1-:ff Dennis Danao Trinh Dao Anne D'Arcangelo Tracy Dark 1' .6 21 J x .I Mx A I if Jeff Damey Chad Davidson Meagan Davis Randy Davis 5-K 9 1' -J, Erik De Water Deborah De Young Colleen Dee Denise Defoumeaux Peter Chuang: One must work hard in order to succeed in life. Bridget Clarke: The probability of someone wat- ching you is proportional to the stupidity of your actions. - A. Kindswater Kyle Clouse: Poliot sclots dupsculve. Tammy Cote: If at first you don't succeed, destroy the evidence. Donnie Cottle: I CARE. Cory Cruz: Surely you jest! Frances Culp: I love the friends I have gathered together on this thin raft. - Jim Morrison Paul Cushing: Success is never final, Failure is never fatal, It's courage that counts. - John Wooden Dennis Danao: You can accomplish anything as long as you put your heart and mind into it. Anne D'Arcangelo: Put it all on the red! Jeff Darney: You only live once. Chad Davidson: The day destroys the night, and the night divides the day . . . try to run . . . try to hide . . . break on through to the other side. Meagan Davis: We all should be nicer to one another for we're all we have. Randy Davis: Once a comedian, always a comedian. Erik De Water: I'm your source of self destruction. Colleen Dee: I'm your father, Luke: give in to the dark side of the force, you knob. - Strange Brew Seniors 73 Is there trainer In the House As part of her regular routine, Joanna Cason wraps up one of UHS's athletes. Photo by Vlckl Scott Eric Degner Jorge Delgadillo Amy Delgado Imagine being the only girl in 1 midst of football players w desperately need you to take care them and get them prepared for 1 big game. Imagine people dependi on you and turning to you in the fe of adversity. Imagine having 1 responsiblity of keeping things rur ing smoothly when your boss is around. Now image that all of this done by a student at LI.H.S. As I student trainer, Joanna Cason w the assistant to Charlie Martine During her. junior and senior yea Joanna dedicated most of her spa time to wrapping knees, ici swollen ankles, and encouragi each of LlpIand's athletes. "Peol usually thought that l was so luc to personally know all of the gu lon the football teaml, but it wasn' big deal. They were all go friends," admitted Joanna. At nea every sporting event, she could found on the sidelines, prepared 1 any emergency. Without a doul Joanna's time was well spent afi school and at games. She was an i valuable asset to each person tl' she helped, especially Charl Martinez. by Jennifer Bali l I 1 Daniel Delgado-Oramas Shannon Dell Rick Dewitt Michelle Dilks . J x 1.1 i l Lance Dineen Tisha Dineen f 'Ui it J M. Ib' V-, ,. ., . V. W-rr.w a, A Wd? iftfilif ' as 1 as i il Dawn Dircks Ann Ditleusen James Dixon 74 Seniors Scott Dixon Pamela Dominador ' Thomas Dudey l l Janeen Dorflinger Nick Dover Trina Downey Mary Doyle 'J S.. ti ' my V Af J N Susan Dyar Jason E annarino Scott Eckersall 1 fs '54 , .I my A . sf , It '-lids Amy Edgington John Edwards Sharlene Edwards Kevin Elder -ar? , . Rebecca Elias Robbie Ellis Monica Engel Sal Enriquez John Equi Jeffrey Ertter Brian Eshleman Selene Eubanks Eric Degner: Go, fight, lose tonight. -- Upland Football Jorge Delgadillo: Born to be Wild! Amy Delgado: Let's get cevasted. Daniel Delgado-Oramas: Party till you ---- , then party some more. Shannon Dell: lkkylkkylkkyZooLlppiTang - Monty Python and the Holy Grail Chris Digs: P Michelle Dilks: You can't always get what you want. But if you try sometime, you just might find you get what you need. - Rolling Stones Tisha Dineen: lt's-not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game. Janeen Dorflinger: God is Love. Mary Doyle: Things can only get better. - Howard Jones Thomas Dudey: Be critical with everything you do. Scott Eckersall: You create your futureg it does not create you. Amy Edgington: You can't live on hope alone - but without it, life isn't worth living. -- Harvey Milk John Edwards: Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to death. - Auntie Mame Sharlene Edwards: Be Yourself, not anybody else. Kevin Elder: l do but not with you. Becky Elias: What's sappening? -- Born in East L.A. Selene Eubanks: Expect a Miracle. Seniors 75 M M we ' 1 A , '- vm. if .v i a A ! , X W Wvmlwwllefwflgl i Q' ll? R U"'R'M K W ' X yWL"'iifW3'5'5- 15 N my QW- V , 'GMU , p Y X- f ,nxzii ,- lmiwmr--5:51 fww 8.1 W' W W-- X' if " , e' mf fl 'W ' 1 M F ' niizxv cvfn' l ' - vi MM' N, Q ' QW,WE'AMWi?"l3W W M ,X WJ? ,e ,xy ww f X W ,iurlwwal X W N www ww "" .izm-,IM - WMM, QWX, my W fm' iw ' in f X mv, , M ,, ,,g,T""wv ig ,N ' ' ,- ' v ' 9' 3 . 1 Rm f -K I 5- . - -v N, -1 X" f F Q' .- , K, I f gf if 1 "' 'Q - 3 f 1 ' I . S fivk x ' I ' wx , ' 5 Y f , , - Q5 . . . , A f E' X. xl Maryann F agg Jason Fagundes Babak F arzad Nicole Fasenella Kenneth Fath r F W lwii, ' "Q 'if " X , :Wi 'M-f'1s. ..W.,. an , M ' 1 M X' A Q'2 :1,3 W -. w,"'M5'llsl51l ' A ' , 11 " ,, ill' 1' .lv W ? " ' M l? 'XA 431 , w V 'Mr' W' " ' ,lx " 5 , ,w ' H s i , 1- 1 -. . f 129 V was Y , Q 2 'H ' K .,.. ,r ' , A 'gi ' 1 7' 6 x Q H , v 4 , ' l H . lu A X , H 0' -fag sl X2 I ' 1 f . -:img as H-9135 , A-1 in Pamela Ferronato Erica Finley ' f iv qv in ' ,. , . I, 424, ,, , K ' QT V v ij , ,fire W- ' 'ififftff A, 5, ' . v- - VO M. A ,P ,X V Amy F onken Amy Ford 1 , will v VI' 'lm Kelly F lnley Chris Fisher Veronica Fisk W. .plu- Q at l Renee F oronda Gloria Franco Michelle Frank 4 If-,i Devin Fehn Angela Flores 5' Wendy F rankson 5 I l l Y K ' 1 -i in X-,kg -' A T -f x. f Julie F reeloue Jack F reis J. Iv vw -nl N "One plils one is two," said Chris Carder. Photo by John Christensen Michael F ritz Chad F ryman 76 Seniors " ggi' -f ix' Q ' e kr Z: Grant Gagnon Derek Galvin Annando Garcia Dawn Geer Cindy Gerst Bart Gibb Kevin Glenn Danny Goetsch - f ,. ' "2 5'-. . ,gf -if G ' J l -gzf ', x V 1 :V R ,I .ft ' ' rift ' .I ,. . 1 ' 1 - . Lk 4' 'I 5 Gary Goins Anna Gomez Damon Gomez Monique Gomez ,. :,.1-T. ' , it ri, A . ', 54 45 ff-ff, 3. .1 -o f "Q, yxf Joanne Gonzales Neal Grabowski Alan Graham Philip Graham 0' 4. . ,rr ' X Tracy Grant Cindy Green James Green Natalie Green Maryann Fagg: It's not over 'till it's over. Kenneth C. Faith: Whatever blows your hair back. Timothy Faulkner: To remember all the good times you have in your life and don't let your future pass you by. Erica Finley: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Amy Fonken: Be yourself: who else is better qualified. - Frank J. Giblin II Julie Freelovez Never try to regain the past, the fire will have become ashes. Jack Freis: Guns don't kill people, bullets kill people. Renee Foronda: . . . And I don't know why. Wendi Frankson: I want it all. Chad Fryman: It's too easy. Jeff Gardiner: Coona, or Kook Kook Kook Kook Kook Kook Bart Gibb: Better dead than red. Dan Goestch: Need not make a fuss being menis what I must. Neal Grabowski: Good times bad times I know I've had my share but l'm too precious babe so . . . - The Pretenders Natalie Green: Hold on loosely but don't let go. Seniors 77 Senior achievement . considered Uutstandm Even though the class of '88 was anything but average, the typical high school senior, within his four years at Ll.H.S., has probably . . . ...stared at the cafeteria food in fear 573 times before retreating to a candy bar ..listened to 27 "special" an- nouncements over the P.A. system been called on 17 times to answer a question when he hasn't done his homework and has been staring out the window 1+ FQ ,V Qiiaawaii' all day - spent 38 nights and 114 hours cramming for finals spent 81,440 keeping up with every fashion trend that has since arisen N G Kh b liA alo ,f t t dwlthActlV fHamlet,asksK renShaw wma" 'egg . .spent S420 on off-campus lun- ,.,,2',f"p,f,I,,,,!'j,,,',Z,.,1'y'Z,L2,e " ' ches during his senior year. 7""7"" lC8s Amy Gross Kim Gruhl Adolfo Guandique Michelle Guerrero Marlene Guillory Carol Gutierrez an 0 Gennifer Guymon Sandy Haas Jason Hackerd John Haendiges Karen Hallback Michael Hamel M 1 3 if-X 1 r,z:fY:,z1-Q. X fm 1 ! , 1 gitizf ,' ' fiivsiffi? w ir, va . ' in 1 ln' 'i . M Q r ' ' 'A X i at '1'i f1.if?tl S 11" X 53 ' - ggi e sv 5 4Y-,. M 1 3 1 Robert Hammond Theresa Hansche Jennifer Harbert Shannon Hargrove Deborah Ham 78 Seniors 2' Q? gi- . P YQ? t. 53' Cathy Harrison Greg Hartley Barbara Haruey Brian Hawks s. ,F wk , Lisa Hay Janice Hayden Danny Hayler RichardHealey 5 . . A 1 . 1, ' ' 1' . 543- iq 1.,.? X , 'si af? . . 4. if t , 1 A X l Tracee Heaton Kevin Hermann Peter Herzog David Hesseltine .-F' , 13417 Robert Hickey Tanya High Angela Hill Chontte Hocum Brandi Hoffman Jason Hogan Kerry Hogan Rene Holguin I Kim Gruhl: Why bother your brain with something you can look up in a book. Adolfo Guandique: Don't ditch: that's why you have weekends. Gennifer Guyman: First pants then shoes. - Gary Larson Sandy Haas: He's a manly man. Karen Hallback: That's cool. Debbie Harn: If I knew where I was going, l'd be on my way, But as it is, I should unpack! Cathy Harrison: Party, Class of '88! Barbara Harvey: . . . hope in the Lord: for with the Lord there is loving kindness, and with him is abundant redemption. - Psalm l30:7 Lisa Hay: Hold that Tiger. Danny Hayler: I Don't Know. Brian Hawks: Der Fesch Forever. Tracee Heaton: What's your point? Kevin Hermann: If you got it, flaunt it. Peter Herzog: Accept yourself for who you are and don't conform to someone else's expectations. David Hesseltine: The pride lasts longer than the pain. Tanya High: Be yourself, no one can ever tell you, you are doing it wrong. - James Leo Herlihy Chontte Hocum: Yes, I Am Blond. Brandi Hoffman: Was it worth it? Kerry Hogan: They can force me to go to college, but they can't make me learn. Seniors 79 Charles Holtan Jason Holzberger Danielle Hopkins Edward Houle Kimberly Houe Michael Howard Jeff Howell Kimberly Huang Rose Huang Melissa Hughs Heather Hurd Dawn Irizarry Brian Jacks Kerstin Jahn Matt Jakositz Steve Jaquess Jim Jensen Joon Jin 1 Bobby Johnson Cheryl Johnson Eric Johnson Mark Johnson Michelle Johnson Krista Justis 4. Richard Karow Anh Tue Ke Christine Kelly Rachel Kessinger 3 Ji Kim 80 Seniors ...K x Sporting the Senior color, Amy Fonken and An- drea Sabo express friendship with a hug. Photo by John Christensen. Returning from the Student Store, Caley Con- way and Gary Cottrell, make their may to fifth period. Photo by Wileen Wong. Friends to the end, Dan Goetsch and Denise Baranowski enjoy the festivities at the Senior Barbecue. Photo by John Chnlstensen. Senior Spectacular , -" N Q. , , ' 'TM-, M ,rm . A -A1 '45, V 54, ,1' f an ff ,H tif Al W, Ef -92 F222 - A 9 92 C ' ag 41 Dn- cf'-. . GC il H f 'x 9 Senior Spectacular ARE THE CLASS QF s I nsi d ez Wrapped in Senior Panoramic Photo Senior Candids Senior Spectacular Preparing for the big game, Kerry Hogan, Chris Maiorano, and Rose Huang plan on carrying out the senior tradition, winning the annual Powder Puff game. Photo by John Christensen. Feels so good comin' down - Bridget Clarke frolics in the October shower. Photo by Tony Wang. Expressions of victory flow from Cindy Sinclair, Nina Caldera, Wendy McCallum, Genny Arnold, and Tanya High. Photo by John Christensen. ,pf -' if F5 557' Q! wig B... 1 - Y 1 I FROM THE LIBRARY OF H. .l. E-ffQ:v?FFSTEAD Senior Panoramic XW if Q , 'K Ron Timperio contemplates going to In-N-Out for lunch. Under a bright array of curls, stands Rick DeWitt, always glad to provide a shoulder to lean on. With gleaming confidence, Bridget Schultes and Genny Arnold are worry-free ofthe challenges ahead. All photos by John Christensen. 'X Senior Spectacular Lisa King r -,fgd-'sea' ,i-M . li n, :gsm Q fs it -geese' Robbi Kish Hi f . few' 2: f fa wi J sf, . , N ' l r :.,,s'i'fs:f v - -A , W .I .J . -ky ,:1,.,,.- .af , ,W at os! 'X V. ,err A ,gi ' fi - Q. , ' if 1-.FH pm ,. U7 44 ft , NA! Heather Kinney David Kirkpatrick Kathy Kirkpatrick 'M ' ' :f 1, A ,- V' ' ' , S-V it A fi' iii ., if fi- . Mara Klaric Kevin Kline Mark Knauer Stephen Kodalen so much relaxation, it's no wonder Meagan Davis is always so lighthearted. Photo by John 11' Kristina Koehl Patrick Kronk Shari Kruger Kim Hove: Ah uh yep sure Hummm. Y Michael Howard: Gee officer, l wasn't speeding! - me Kim Huang: And when the night is cloudy, there is still a light that shines on me, it shines until tomorrow, let it be. - The Beatles Rose Huang: l came, l saw, lconquered. Dawn lrizarry: Money can't buy me love, but it can buy a lot of other things. Brian Jacks: Be yourself and don't worry about what other people think. Kerstin Jahn: Teh bin ein Berliner - J.F. Kennedy Matt Jakositz: He's dead, Jim. Steve Jaquess: Why be difficult when, with a lit- tle more effort, you can be impossible. Jim Jensen: l want to hear the scream of the butterfly. Bobby Johnson: Welcome to the jungle bring it to your shanananaknees please. Cheryl Johnson: Are you serious? Mark Johnson: lt is morally wrong to allow suckers to keep their money. - Murphy Michelle Johnson: lf it is to be it's up to me. Krista Justis: Life moves pretty fast, if you don't stop and look around, you could miss it. - Ferris Bueller Christine Kelly: Try it, you might like it. Rachel Kessinger: Better to be dead, than unforgiven. Heather Kinney: Luv ya C.W. Robbi Kish: Long live nietsche. Kevin Kline: Gooney-goo-goo! Mark Knauer: Live long and prosper. Steve Kodalenz She's out to get me. Seniors 81 Seniors earn right to go Hamburgers, tacos, pizza What to do for lunch? This was the question many seniors asked themselves as the lunch bell sounded. Some quickly gathered their books and rushed to their cars to avoid Louie, the proctor. Others leisurely strolled toward the cafeteria, hardly daring to im- agine what horrors awaited them. With an extra five minutes for lunch, they knew hurrying was unneccessary. Senior Privilege Cards enabled seniors to venture off-campus for lunch. To gakxthese pnvHeges seniors had to apply and be ac- cepted by their counselors. "Now, where to go?", some seniors pondered as they escaped campus for lunch. lf they felt like pizza, Little Caesar's was often their choice. A passion for tacos was satisfied at Taco Bell. For hamburgers, they could journey to ln-N-Out, Wendy's, or McDonald's. Of those yearning for a frozen treat, most traveled to Goldmine Yogurt. Those desiring a good 'ole hoagie could go to Gourmet to Go Deli or Togo's. Decisions! Decisions! by Jill Murphy 'f I . - ' X x Shannon Landreth Shawn Lange Gut to Lunch lstiffisi 2 mwniki aes Taking advantage of off-campus privileges, Karen Hallback munches on some fries while Peter gladly displays his cola cup. Photo by John Christensen QU' Karen Kufta Keith Lacrosse Beatrice Laizure Mary Jane 5 4.11 .9 i X A Michelle Larez Jackie Laudeman Jeffrey Laue Diane Lawless 82 Seniors Q5 Q , :l . , s .4 , 5 .V ky . N , .3-.dv L fb Q u Kassi Laws Kori Laws Derrick Lawton Stacey Leal is . , -.1 'Q-f? Joe Leatherwood Jason Lehr Ann Leon Katherine Lewis Richard Lewis Tosha Lewis William Lim Stephanie Limbaugh James Lin David Linberg Chung Liou Dusty Little Ellen Liu Tricia Londelius Kerry Lounsbury Christine Loue Q -JJ l h . ts? ff is A 4 ,A 'f'i 2 X QS Matthew Lowrie Mike Lubanko Stephanie Mabe Dean Macaluso Karen Kufta: You have nothing to fear, but fear itself. - F. D. Roosevelt Mary Jane Landaker: Who so would be a man, must be a non-conformist. - Emerson Michelle Larez: Oh Well! Kori Laws: Cats are keen, cats are great, cats are clean they'Il lick your plate - Garfield the Cat Stacey Leal: Nothing is waste that makes a memory. Dave Linberg: CLSW Helen Liou: You have to "earn" your friendship, not command it. Dusty Litell: "Whatever" Ellen Liu: To be or not to beg that is the question. - Hamlet Tricia Londeliusz When the going gets tough, the tough go shopping. Kerry Lounsbury: Silence makes the real conver- sations between friends, not the saying but the never needing to say. Seniors 83 X. QNX 3 2' fl , -.ol it il .. ., 5 thu I f S4 y G4 Wm X W C heray Madkin Christie Madsen Pamela Magdych Christine Maiorano Erin Mandrell Simi Mann F ua 'd Mansour Michele Margala Christina Marin Karen Marks df' -M - A '-ff :rv C Cody Markum Alfonso Martinez Greg Martinez Monica Mattingly Wendy McCallum Cindy McCarter fig Q av .,,. ,,,,. , , . Al ,,,, ,.. ,va p l. , ,, , M, 5ZgE3"'2, LQSRQZE3' M A ff" Q 5,,,.,.5:-'.,. , 1' .. MW. . .f I ' I r 1 553. ln. l W fa , 4 177' ' - 4 me -.,,:' ,, if ,W Q fl: 1 ff X 3 N 1 ' 1 . ' '31 1 - if - 1,-vt' .I1+j5g:' xx 1- " 1 t , W" . A j C wtf- x ' ' L f H' X-:fj.:.LQ ,jf''ffv,ffig',Qfi5g1.ff , " 5 :55f1"'i iffffilfgg ' Stacey McClure Jon McDaniel 84 Seniors Kelley McDonald Tom McDonnell Marty McFadden Rob McKaughan L 1 wil t 3 f fy ,,,f ' ff 'Lv F' ,iff 'A' . 'il I I ,I Y , ' ' if 3 l 1 N Q! Q, .,- , f -' A , 3' , t ?'Le'gf, ' ff M , ,Q , L , 5 .f M- V .aft , fir- , ,fl-, ' X f.. -Q . C ,-gwffg. A ,ex V ' ' I ? I W 12?'V?f5r, f , C - ' 3 Scott McKenzie Tonya McQuarrie Beatriz Medina March Melilli Steve Meraz X , John Mercer Elizabeth Meroni -. ,. a - ..::.Q..ff 'f-nw.. A, f i Chris Merrick Carol Miller . tp .X . Q. 1 , f 1 if CS' David Miller Patricia Miskofski ,f an Brian Mitchell Christopher Mitchell C Qi- .AE Jennifer Mitchell Susan Mitchell .1 Paula Moore Sharlene Moreno Heather Morketter Celeste Mosca Bryan Moffitt Cynthia Monahan i Enjoying a meal ln a unique way, Alan Graham lunches on campus for a change. Photo by Peter Chuang Cheray Madkin: Have a nice day. Pam Magdych: Happiness consists not in the multitude of friends - but in a few well chosen. Christine Maiorano: Please be patient - l'm not finished with you yet Simi Mann: Live and let live. Greg Martinez: Peace sells but who's buying? Wendy McCallum: Life is like a ten speed bike, to truly enjoy it, you have to use all the gears. Cindy McCater: lt's under control. Stacey McClure: How old is you? Scott McKenzie: Life is what you make it -- lcikle works Steve Meraz: You lead me not into temptation, for l'll find it myself. John Mercer: Let's go crazy - Prince. David Miller: Nothing unreal exists. Jennifer Mitchell: Huh-uh, really? . . . are you serious? l don't know where my shoes are. Cynthia Monahan: I do not recognize anyone's right to one minute of my life - Ayn Rand Mike Moody: Light 'em up. Paula Moore: Forget the rest and strive for the best. Heather Morketter: Never say never. Celeste Mosca: Since the day you were born, they make you feel small, by giving you no time instead of it all. Seniors 85 Monda Blues Nationwide disease hits Upland "Click! . . . that's the weather. Traffic is next and we'll talk with Bruce who's busy flying high above all the trouble spots . . Most students wake up similar to this every weekday morning. After you groan and curse at your alarm clock, you reluctantly get up and start your morning ritual. A common sign is hitting the snooze button to allow "just ten more minutes." This usually causes Monday Blue Fren- zies, and you usually end up hurry- ing to catch your ride unable to find anything you need. Monday mornings are most hated by students everywhere mainly because they symbolize the begin- ning of a week filled with the dread- ed thing called "school." Monday Blues can even carry on throughout the week. They can switch or magically transform into Tuesday Blues when you are unaware, making you think it's Wednesday when it's really Friday. So remember, the next time your brain is jumbled or you just can't crack a smile, blame it on Monday even if it's Wednesday or Sunday. by Elizabeth Lowry .H I 1-it ,, Joe Munoz " 'Halal' Diane Buenting suffers from a nearly fatal case of the "Monday Blues." Jill Murphy Photo by Jennifer Bates ,v gsm JO , 'FD ,-... Ryan Murray Toby Mussack Takehiko Nakajima Vicki Nance 16 I Cf 1 . ,- 'f ,ff "'- ., is Q Q gil- as ' . it 94 if - ' gi X f7'4QA . X 3 I ' ,I . -W, . i iii. Nix? 4 1 l NZ Afsin Nayerhabibi Daryl Neher Darcy Nicholls Torya Nollola Janine Norris Kathy Noyes , af --7 23.5 Kathleen O'Hara David Oberhauser Jennette Odom Kari Opbroek Gina Ortiz 86 Seniors Richard Osborne Matthew Owen April Oxarart Barbara Packer 'TN 1- t C- N. .Q ,Q R ' Susie Pak Edward Palasciano Dwayne Paoner Suzanne Papakonstantinou f 'fir Diane Papuga Lynn Paquette Leslie Parker Auani Patel J . , fi V ,1'7','f'3" ' s 1 nf Mike Patrick Paulette Patton Sean Patton Linda Paulsson 'i Michelle Peeples Christopher Pellitteri Joseph Perez Timothy Perry Toby Mussack: The future is uncertain and the end is always near. Vicki Nance: Get a life - no doubt. Daryl Neher: Never underestimate somebody you don't know. Kathy Noyes: We all need somebody to lean on. - Club Neuveau. David Oberhanser: Brew me! Jennette Odom: l know the games you play . . . because l play them too. Gina Ortiz: All you need is love - The Beatles. April Oxarart: Be happy, enjoy life, and own a skateboard park. Barbara Packer: Dreams are just a picture of reality. Dwayne Paoner: Nothing is illegal till you're caught. V Suzy Papakonstantinou: l've been waiting so long to be where l'm going in the Sunshine of your love. - Cream Avani Patel: Then there was only the ocean and the sky and the figure of Howard Roark. - Ayn Rand Joseph Perez: When in trouble call on Little Man, but it's a dangerous thing to do. Seniors 87 cf' om KQV Julie Peterson Jolene Petrotta 40 Gloria Piceno John Pilafidis Jeffrey Pittman .7 ,fs ,U M E, W l Xx Rosa Pizano Niko Pogacic Elizabeth Pool M Yr M ,, ll ll -f I 'fig 'A " , ,k wf 6 at iw S r 1 ,Q SX I mal " .qw M mv. H. M 'N W li 1 4 lf' wsz fl ,K Dana Porter Kacy Porter Karin Pound 'S '3 4. ,,, fd ,Q ae- fy 1 ,J Melissa Prado Laura Preciado Wendy Frankson and Rachel Wild wish each other luck as they compete for Homecoming Court. 88 Seniors E X ' l , --.H 4--14'-pf ffhf A Jennifer Priest Erica Prox Anthony Puopolo Alexander Quici 'Sh Bridget Ragle Natalie Ramirez Ramon Ramirez f..:ili f f Andrew Ramsey Caroline Rauf? Jordan Reading I r l l r Joel Riegsecker Arasely Rios Vicki Rivera ii ii- 'w Laura Roach Jennifer Roath Johnnie Roberts christina Robinson lf: . S . 1 .yi ' 3f , a V ' N af o-fa-1 . X I ! ,ral Barbra Robles Robert Rocco Johnny Rodriguez Keith Roessler Ia 3 My A 3? ' 'r Y Kevin Roessler Jacqueline Romo Frank Rosales Deanna Rudder 'ffl' , 'll' ' , I ai' - Penny Ruiz Daniel Russell Andrea Sabo Zev Safier John Pilafidis: Well . . . uh - President Ronald Reagan. Niko Pogacio: A radical is a man with both feet firmly planted ini the air. - Franklin D. Roosevelt Karin Pound: Not all blondes are dum. Jennifer Priest: Chocolate isn't fattening. Erica Prox: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Alex Quici: Hit me slowly, Hit me quick, Hit me with your rhythm stick. - lan Dury and the Blackheads Caroline Raufi: Life is not made of yesterdays only. Jordan Reading: Carry on my wayward sonfThere'll be peace when you are done! Lay your weary head to restfDon't you cry no more, Now your life's no longer empty! Surely Heaven waits for you. - Kerry Livegreen Arasely Rios: l don't get it. Vicki Rivera: WHATEVER! Dan Russell: War is a game. - Clausewitz Andrea Sabo: And I took the road less traveled by - and that has made all the difference. - Robert Frost Zev Safier: Babe - it is babe isn't it? Seniors 89 Girls' State Citizen Wrapped up in leadership Have you ever wondered how the California state government system operates? One way to answer this question is to be a member of the Girls' State program. Senior, Cindy Sinclair was the selected candidate who represented Upland High at the state conference in Sacramento June 28 to July 4, 1987. ' The objective of the program was to teach young leaders of America the democratic system of our coun- try's legislation. Cindy declared, "I was able to establish my moral and political beliefs through my ex- perience with Girls' State." Other than as a learning ex- perience, she wanted to be involved in the program to "visit our state capital, meet some girls with similar interests, and of course, it looks good on a college transcript." Her involvement began with a teacher's recommendation for her to be a possible candidate for Girls' State. "I was called into the office with about ten other girls because one of my teachers nominated me and also, I had a good GPA," added Cindy. "I didn't think I would be chosen, but I felt good about my in- terview and felt I had a good chance." Cindy felt benefitted by the pro- gram. "It's a great place for young citizens to become more aware of how their state operates." Further- more, she advised, "The girl who goes there should have a real interest in politics, be up-to-date on current events, have good speaking skills, 'an open mind,' and outgoing personality." by Peter Chuang 90 Seniors Brian Sanderson Ron Sandhu it it Proud of her accomplishments, Cindy Sinclair smiles over her achievement. Photo by Scott McKenzie. Dauid Sanaduigen K John Sanhamel Carla Santisteuan Joe Santoro Louis Santos Rina Sanusi Clarissa Sarmienlo Jimmy Sarzotti Lakshmi Sauilala Michael Scahill Sandra Schatz Erik Schauer Kelly Schoonmaker Melissa Schroeder Brigette Schultes Kelly Schwalbach Jeffrey Schwarzer 8 fi 'W . .1 ' . . "Bw A, .,- . '.f,f4? ' . Dawn Scoby James Scroggins Kimberly Semerad Karen Shaw .-l H. D. Shiluock Tracy Sims Cindy Sinclair William Sissel ed L.-4 ,- I wi l Paul Skousen Caroline Smith Jordan Smith Katherine Smith Laura Smith Tamara Smith Bradley Snead Clifton Solylo K.. Ron Sandhu: lt takes life to love life. Joe Santoro: If you d.on't like the way l drive, stay off the sidewalk. Louis Santos: Man was not made to stay on ground. Rina Sanusi: Let's not and say we did. Jim Sarzotti: When it comes down to it, Italians jam. Kelly Schoonmaker: lt's all the same to the clam. Brigette Schultes: It may be raining, but there's a rainbow above you. You better let somebody love you, before it's too late. - The Eagles Jeff Schwarzer: We came, we saw, we had a blast. Dawn Scoby: Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. - H. L. Mencken Karen Shaw: To conquer without risk is to triumph without glory. - Pierre Corneille Tracy Sims: lf you believe in forever, that life's a one night stand and there's a rock-n-roll heaven, you know they've got a hell of a band. Cindy Sinclair: Life is so much better when you're with your friends. Jordan Smith: Women . . . can't live with themg can't live without them. Clifton Solylo: lt is the difference of opinion that makes horse races. Seniors 91 ,'f"'!: L- f FK aqu- Compliments of Mr. Trautwein, Steve Kodalen has visions of E:-MC2 dancing in his Photo by Tony Wang I A 951' "7"-?h Hae-Young Song Darren Spatafora l , 2 Brian Stenberg Karyn Stephens .. 1 P Kelli Spidle Tamara Spotswood Kari Steer Timothy Steging Michlene Sterling La Shauna Stone Barbara Streifel Lisa Szarzynski Eric Takeuchi 92 Seniors Robin Tandy Randolph Thibodeaux Alainna Thomas Michael Tieman Winnie Tien Ronald Tbnperio Janny Tockgo Tasha Tolbert Sofia Torstensson Catherine Tovar Melissa Toy Christopher Tracy fs-sr 'F I is Trifonopoulos Krista Tumham John Tyler Renee Tyson Katrina Uber Albert Ubieta Krista Umgelter Brian Underhill Q 14 A--ns. f Loni Vallejo Theodore Vance Travis Vandenberg Laura Vandersall Kelli Spidle: It's more of how you think, it's an at- titude, not what you look like. Tami Spotswood: Oh Dewey. Kari Steer: Slowly but surely. Tim Steging: Sometimes you just got to say what the heck. Barbara Streifel: Get away with what you can while you are young enough to enjoy it. Lisa Szarzynski: Go for it! Eric Takeuchi: Patience is a virtue. Mike Tieman: Keep passing the open window. Winnie Tien: lf l could sell all my experiences for what they've cost me, l'd be a millionaire. Tasha Tolbert: Gee, teacher, are you sure those are my grades you're looking at? Sofia Torstensson: All losses are profits you haven't understood. Cathrlne Y. Tovar: Yea, Yea, that's good. Melissa Toy: I don't get mad, l get even! Krista Turnham: Oh my God, can l be like you? Please teach me how. Tina Uber: I don't understand. Albert Llbieta: So much style without substance - so much stuff without style. Krista Llmgelter: Oh my God! Ted Vance: All's well that ends well. Seniors 93 Academic success finally Fall was a time of testing for college- bound students. It was when juniors decid- ed to take the PSATINMSQT and possibly qualify as a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist. The test was an annual competition sponsored by the National Merit Scholar- ship Corporation. lt recognized the students who scored in the top half percen- tile in the nation. Those who qualified may receive scholarships of up to S12,000. Upland High proudly boasted its three semi-finalists: Khymberli Apaloo, Denise Baranowski, and John Pilafidis. Khymberli reacted with both surprise and delight when she was informed of her achievement. "I didn't think I was going to make it. I just filled in the bubbles and didn't think much of it," she reflected. Denise, also a gifted student, had recent- ly moved to Upland from Oklahoma. She confessed, "I was really surprised when I found out." John, an academically inclined student, felt honored when Mr. Fisher informed him. "It was during lunch one day. Mr. Fisher came up to me and told me I was a semi-finaIist," exclaimed John. Each of the three semi-finalists were quite excited and surprised with their ac- complishment. Of course, it was no wonder that these intellectuals were able to qualify for the National Merit Scholarship. by Peter Chuang Pay Uff National Merit Scholarship semi-finalists, John Pllahdls and Denise Baranowskl, are well on tk way to fulfilling their dreams. Photo by Scott McKenzie N . ,- nqgsqwh N ' ' ft: Elaine Velasco Laura Velasquez Tina Ventrella Jennifer Vermillion Vincent Verna Tony Villocino I Judy Wang 94 Seniors Jim Waggoner Robert Walker Rachel Walters Thomas Wamberg ,1- .- , -.Iwi I - 'Wit I - . A Zfgggrw if :-9 . ff'l'Ki.i V., JM.. .,,. ! J, June Wang Tony Wang Carrie Warren Heather Watson ,... I C S . ,lj -N x, ,I 2 Regina Watson Marie Weddle David Weiser Justin Werner vias Rob Westbrook Christopher Wheeler Erica White Stephanie White 'x X "Y F.. X x I i Rachel Wild Randy Wilhoit Jennifer Wilken Vincent Williams George Wilson Matthew Wilson Erica Winkler Deshawn Winston P6 fi Tirone Wisely Wendy Withall Wileen Wong Tamara Woods Tina Ventrella: Fully, not just halfway. Jenni Vermillion: Not enough time for all the fun I want to have. Vince Verna: We chased our pleasures here, dug our treasures there. I still recall the times we cried, break on through to the other side. - Jim Morrison Jim Waggoner: Yes, then again maybe no. Robert Walker: For real "ok." June Wang: He who is only wise lives a sad life. -- Voltaire Tony Wang: Astronomers love heavenly bodies. Heather Watson: I want it all and I want it now. Regina Watson: When the sunset's glow drifts away from you, you'll no longer know if any of this was true at all. - Robea Smith Carrie Warren: Hard work never hurt, but l'm not taking chances. David Weiser: ln case of doubt, make it sound convincing. Chris Wheeler: Welcome to the jungle. Rachel Wild: We brag about our strengths, but we really love our weaknesses. Jennifer Wilken: The wind blows so fast you can't see the color. - Frank Sinatra De Shawn Winston: Who, me? Tirone Wisely: Now isn't that EXTRA SPECIAL? Wileen Wong: All the world's a stage and we are but actors on it. - Shakespeare Tami Woods: Get it girl. Seniors 95 A day of There is a tradition among seniors which gives them a break from the monotony of their daily class schedules. This tradition is none other than Senior Ditch Day. On this day, seniors get a taste of the glory of being a senior. Sorry to say, the day cannot be followed through without opposition from the faculty and administration. Announcements of consequences arise, but they should not be con- demned if their view is a conser- vative one. Senior Ditch Day could never be legalized because the district requires that each student be in school for 64,800 minutes per school year. Then again, nothing is impossible! According to Mr. Glenn Fisher, "We wish that whatever they do, do it in good taste and don't harm anyone. We just want them to be careful, as we know they will have a ditch day anyway." by Steve Merez Academic Relief Escaping their hectic academic lives, Zack Mathis, Maryann F8991 Bridget Clarke and Rob Bach are estatic at the prospect of their adventures ahead. Photo by Wlleen Wong Kelly Wooldridge Kim Worsham Ag fic. Q. . A V . 5' -:r Diane Wroblewski Annie Wu Ami! Yacoob Essuf Yacoob Hyun Yoo ,-1 l I Z av 3 c .M Greg Young April Yount Alex Zapata Allan Zarubick Tamara Zeedyk 96 Seniors Semors not pictured RobertAcosta Joann Aswad Oy Boutdalath Michael Braden Theodore Brown Rene Castro Gregg Cole David Cruz Shawn Curtis Dennis Danao Harold Davis Christopher Dias Lam Duong Timothy Faulkner Abner Fowler Dina Garcia Jeffery Gardiner Rus Groce Wayne Hobbs Jason Hoover James Houk Grace Hsu Mike Jackson Chris Jones Julia Kim Kevin Kim David Lawrence Laura Leonard James Lin Dusty Littell Maurice Lostaunau Valerie Lowe Ruben Loya Greg Martinez Juliann Marvin Zachary Mathis Donald MCC own Tina McWilliams Susan Mitchell Mike Moody Barbara Moore Maria Nassiri Chong Chi Nguyen Daniel Nowotney Eugene Ocampo Joseph Perez Timothy Perry Michael Preciado Mike Puopolo Philip Purnell David Rubalcava Marc Rumpler Daniel Russell David Scott Jeff Senior Diane Sennatt Tia Spear Lissa Stabile Gerald Stewart Kevin Sullivan Pat Tedford Hoang Tran Adriana Vela Christian Walvoord Martin Ward Joseph Wayman Alberts Alexander Cross Country 9 10 Track 9 10 Mar chinq Band9 10 11 12 Concert Band 9 10 11 12 CSF 10 11 Allgood Cynthia Girls League 10 11 Anderson Kristina Powderpuff Football 11 Apaloo Khymberli Student Council Advertising Manager 12 CSF 9101112 S Club9 GATE Clubll 12 French Club 9 10 11 Mock Trial 12 National Merit 12 Plaid 12 Arcega Mary Lou F B L A 9 Peer Counselor 11 Arellano Jocelyn Girls League 9 10 11 12 QSecretary 121 F B L A 9 10 Sophomore Class Secretary 10 Awareness Theatre 10 11 12 Plaid 11 12 fCorrespondmg Editor 121 Drama Club QPres1dent 121 Armstrong Mychal Water Polo 11 ms 9 10 Varsity Tenms 10 11 12 Peer Counselor 10 ll Junior Class President 11 A S B Vice President 12 Austin Cara J V Soccer 10 11 Austin Michael Mock Trial 12 Autrey Maurice Varsity Basketball 12 Babcock Jay G A T E Club 12 Hiking club 12 Plaid 12 Baca Geraldo Varsity Baseball 11 12 Bach Robert Band9 10 11 12 fDrum Major 121 C SF 9 10 11 12 Powderpuff Cheerleader 12 School Musical 11 12 Production 10 Mock Trial 12 Baker Mary Varsity Swim Team 10 11 12 Spanish Club 12 Hiking Club 11 12 Peer Counseling 12 Mock Trial 12 Bales Jennifer Hielan Yearbook 11 12 fClasses Section Editor 11 Editor in Chief 121 Junior Honor Attendant 11 1 : ' s 3 1 ' ,, 9 1 9 3 1 v 3 2 . . . , . . I . , 7 ' 9 ' , : . y a .z . . . . . N " . . ! ' ' ' 9 Y 9 1 1 ' ' ' 7 I 1 y Z 2 2 , : .... 3 A . , 2 ' ' , , , 1 - . . - , : C : 1 1 2 1 I , : . Arnold, Genevieve: J.V. Track 9, Varsity Track 105 J.V. Ten- , Z 1 , Z , I 3 . . . . , : . . , . , : ' . , : ' . , z .... 3 ' ' 3 ' . , : ' , . 1 : 9 Q ! ' 3 ' ' ' I Y I 1 I 1 S Z ' , 1 ' ' , , : ' 5 v 3 I 0 y . 1 . , . 1 ' ' 1 ' Senio: Bangle, Marie: Varsity Track 9, 10, 11, 123 Volleyball 9, 1 1 1. Baranowski, Denise: Drama Club 9, 10, 113 Spanish Club 1 Key,Club 9g Hiking Club 123 Peers Working with Peers 1 S.A.D.D. 11- 1 Barker, Scott: Varsity Cross-Country 11, 125 F.B.L.A. 9, 1 Letterman's Club 12. Beaver, Laura: Swimming 9, 10. Becker, Neil: Class Vice President 10, Freshman Soccer Varsity Soccer 11. Bennett, Troy: J.V. Football 115 Varsity Football 12. Beuerle, John: F.B.L.A, 10g Ski Club 10, 11, C.S.F. 10. Bishop, Chris: Water Polo 9, 10, 11, 12, Boen, Scott: Water Polo 11, 12. Bonura, Michael: Varsity Football 11, Letterman's Club 12. Borden, John: Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12, C.B.S. 12. C Borer, Eric: C.S.F. 10, 11, 123 Plaid 12. Borja, Bert: Rifles 9, 10,,11. Bradfield, Brian: Tennis 10, 11, 12. Brinkworth, Kyle: Freshman Football 9g Freshman Soccer? J.V. Soccer 109 Varsity Soccer 11, 12. Brooks, Kirsten: Tall Flags 9, 10, 125 Rifles 11, 12 fCaptai 121, Equestrian Club 113 Dance Team 11, 12. Brown, Roy: Hielan Yearbook 10. Brown, Shannon: Varsity Softball 10, J.V. Tennis 10, Varsii Soccor 9, 10, 113 Ski Club 10,113 Traditional Mascot 11. Brown, Thomas: Varsity Football 11, 12, Letterman's Cin 12. Brownsworth, Heath: Bowling Club 10, Buenting, Diane: Soccer 93 Girls' League 9, 10g Varsity Trac 9, 10, 11, 12g C.S.F. 9, 10, 11, 123 Cross-Country 9, 10, 11 Pep Squad 113 Girls' Athletic Club 9, 10, 11, 12. l redits Caldera, Nina: Freshman Class Presidentg Pep Squad 10, 11, 123 C.S.F. 103 Homecoming Queen. Callahan, Tracey: J.V. Swim Team 93 Hielen Yearbook 10. Campbell, Laura: Drama 123 Marching Band 9, 10? Powder- puff 11. Campbell, Ronald: JV Swim Team 93 Water Polo 103 Varsity Swim Team 10, ll. Canizales, Carlos: C.S.F. 9, 105 J.V. Tennis 93 J.V. Track 103 Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12. Carder, Robert: Varsity Tennis 11, 12g C.B.S. fofficer1 12. Carmona, Wendy: J.V. Soccer 93 Powderpuff 113 C.B.S. 123 Ski Club 9. Carrington, Janice: Marching Band 9. Carter, Kelly: Marching Band 93 Concert Band 93 Freshman Football Stats 102 J.V. Tennis 102 J.V. Track 10. Cason, Joanna: C.S.F. 93 Cross-Country 103 Track 9, 103 Student Atheletic Trainer 11, 123 Model United Nations 12. Castaldi, Shani: C.S.F. 9, 103 C.B.S. President 123 l.C.C. 12Q French Club 9. Cate, Shawn: J.V. Track 9, 103 Varsity Track 11, 123 Varsity Cross-Country 10, 11, 123 Ski Club 9. Cauthron, Matthew: Freshman Soccer 9. Chang, Yo-Ping: J.V. Tennis 111 F.B.L.A. 123 French Club 123 G.A.T.E. Club 123 Math Club 12. Chen, David: J.V. Tennis 112 C.S.F. 9, 10, 11, 123 Computer Club 111 F'.B.L.A. 11, 12g German Club 11. Cherry, Kevin: Freshman Soccer 93 J.V. Soccer 10. Chez, Sara: J.V. Basketball 9, 10, 113 Varsity Softball 10, 11, 123 Stage Crew 10, 11, 12 fBrigadoon, Slow Times at Upland High, Odd Couple 10, ' 1, 1213 Powderpuff Football 11, 12. Choi, Peter: C.S.F. 9, 103 Varsity Tennis 11, 12. Christensen, John: J.V. Football 9, 112 French Club 103 Heilan Yearbook 12 iPhoto Editor 121. Christlansen Cory Freshman Soccer9 10 J V Soccer 11 Varsity Soccor 12 Chuang Peter ASB Business Manager 11 C SF 9 10 11 12 fTreasurer 121 J V Track 9 F B L A 10 ltlistorian 101 GATE Club 11 12 SADD 11 AFS 11 Model United Nations 12 Plaid 11 Hrelan Yearbook 12 Powder puff Cheerleader 11 Clack Andrew Debate Team9 German Club9 10 Ski Club Clarke Bridget J V Sw1mm1ng9 10 Band9 Tall Flags 10 11 fLretutenant 111 Colorguard 10 Dance Team 11 Com rc Mascot 12 Homecoming First Attendant 12 Hielan Yearbook 12 Junior Honor Attendant 11 Powderpuff Football 12 Clouse Kyle Freshman Football 9 Footbail 10 Freshman Baseball 9 JV Baseball 10 Freshman Soccer 9 JV Soccer 10 Cole Gregg Varsity Football9 10 11 Fresnman Basketball Conway Caley Freshman Football 9 Freshman Baseball 9 Freshman Basketball 9 JV Basketball 10 Varsity Basketball 12 Corrigan Heather Drill Team9 10 11 Cote Tammy J V Softball9 10 11 Hrelan Yearbook 11 Cottle Donald Freshman Basketball9 Cottrell Gary J V Tennis 10 Cruz Cory Hielan Yearbook 11 Powderpuff Cheerleader 12 Culp Frances Hielan Yearbook 12 Cunha Arthur Freshman Wrestl1ng9 Cushing Paul Freshman Basketball 9 10 JV Basketball 11 Varsity Basketball 12 Freshman Baseball 9 JV Baseball ll Varsity Baseball 12 J V Golf 10 Basketball Club 9 10 11 Baseball Card Club 9 10 Golf Club 9 10 11 Vasrslty Club 12 Backwards Court 12 Danao Dennis JV Tennis 11 CSF 12 FBLA 12 CBS 12 French Club 12 SADD 12 Key Club 12 Var " , 1 , z. - 3 , 1 . .. ' 3 ... , , , 3 .. 3 . . .. 3 .... , 3 .. .. 3 3 3 2 9 - , 2 9 , 2 ' 12. 3 , ' 2 .- ' ' , : : , Z 1 9 ' 3 2 2 5 . I 2 9 Q . . Q Q . . , 2 ' , , : ' 9, 103 Freshman Baseball 9, 10: Varsity Baseball 12. , I 3 3 3 -. 2 7 Z . P Y ' . r.- , , 5 ' . , . : C . V , z.. ' . , 1 ' 3 . , : ' . , : ' . ' , : , 3 .. L 3 : -- 3 Q .- 3 , , 9 . 1 , , 2. '. : U , ': .. ' 3 ... 3 .. .. 3 3 3 .,.. 3 3 - sity Soccer 9. D'Arcangelo, Anne: Homecoming Chairman 11: C.B.S. Of- ficer 12. Darney, Jeffrey: Varsity Water Polo 9, 10, 11, 123 Varsity Swimming 9, 12. Davis, Kara: Hielan Yearbook 111 Davidson, Chad: Golf 9. De Young, Deborah: Band 9, 10: C.S.F. 10, 11, 12g Spanish Club 9, 10, "S" Club 11, G.A.T.E. Club 12. Dee, Colleen: J.V. Softball 10, Varsity Tennis 113 Drama Club 11. Defourneaux, Denise: German Club 10, 11. Degner, Eric: J.V. Waterpolo 9, Varsity Waterpolo 10, 11, 12: Varsity Swimming 9, 10, 11, 123 Jazz Band A 9. Delgadillo, Jorge: German Club 10, C.B.S. 12. Dell, Shannon: Tennis 11. Dilks, Michelle: Plaid fPage Editor 121 11, 125 c.s.F. 95 Freshman Class Secretary 9, A.F.B. 10, 11, French Club 10, 11: Track 10g Model United Nations 12. . Dineen, Lance: Freshman Football 9, Ski Club 9. Dineen, Tisha: Track 9, 10, J.V. Tennis 10: Tall Flags 103 Ski Club 9, 105 French Club 9, 105 Girls' Athletic Club 9, 10, llg C.S.F. 9, 11, 123 Football Stats 10, Men's Varsity Basketball Stats 10, 113 Plaid 113 Powderpuff Football 11, 12: Pep Squad 12. Dominador, Pamela: J.V. Softball 10, 11. Dorflinger, Janeen: "S" Club 10. Q Doung, Lam: Varsity Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 12, Letterman's Club 11. Dover, Harry: Varsity Baseball 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 9, 10. Dyer, Susan: Band 93 Art Club 125 Ski Club 123 Powderpuff Football 11, 12. A 100 Senior Credits Senioi Eckersall, Scott: Hiking Club 95 Band 9, 10, 11, 123 Jazz Band 9, 10, 11. Edgington, Amy: Tall Flags 93 Girls' League fTreasurer 10, President 11, Senior Represenative 1219, 10, 11, 12, l.C.C. President 12, C.S.F. 9, 10, 11, 12g Awareness Theatre 10, 1 1. Edwards, John: Play Production 10, 11, 12. Edwards, Sharlene: Tall Flags 10, 11. Elder, Kevin: Varsity Wrestling 11, 123 C.S.F. 9, 10, C.B,S. 12. Ellis, Robert: Varsity Football 11, 123 Varsity Basketball 113 Varsity Soccer 12: Varsity Baseball 12. Enriquez, Sal: Varsity Golf 9, 10, 11, 12. Equi, John: Varsity Club 125 Varsity Track 10, 11, 123 Varsi- ty Cross-Country 9, 10, 11, 12. Ertter, Jeff: Freshman Baseball 95 J.V. Baseball 10, 115 Var- sity Baseball 12. Eshleman, Brian: J.V. Wrestling 9g Track 103 J.V. Soccer 11. Eubanks, Selene: Play Production 9, 10, 11, 12. Fagg, Maryann: Band 9, 10, 11, 12, Swimming 9, 10, 11: C.S.F. 9, 10, 11, 12, A.F.S. CTreasurerJ 11, 123 Spanish Club 12 Fagundes, Jason: Freshman Baseball 9, Freshman Football 95 Varsity Baseball 10, 11, 123 Varsity Football 11, J.V. Football 10. Farzad, Bobby: J.V. Wrestling 9, Band 11, 12. Fath, Kenneth: Band 9, 10, 11, 12. Faulkner, Tim: J.V. Football 113 Varsity Football 12. Fehg, Devin: Diving 9g Plaid 10, 115 Social Awareness Club Ferronato, Pam: French Club Nice President 113 10, 11. redits Finley, Erica: Homecoming Chairman 12g Hiking Club 125 Varsity Club 125 C.S.F. 9, 103 Key Club 95 Varsity Soccer 9, 105 Junior Honor Attendant 11. Finley, Kelly: Varsity Soccer 95 French Club 9, 10. Flores, Angela: Powderpuff Football 12. Fonken, Amy: Pep Squad 10, 11, 125 Wrestling Stats 9, 105 Drill Team 9g Powderpuff Football 11. Franco, Gloria: Powderpuff Football 12. Frank, Michelle: Tall Flags 9, 10, 115 Powderpuff Football 11. Frankson, Wendy: Varsity Tennis 11: Track 115 Powderpuff Football 115 Drama Club 11, 125 Play Production 11, 12. -reelove, Julie: Varsity Cross-Country 11, 125 Plaid Reporter 12g Equestrian Club Vice President 11. -Q 'ryman, Chad: Freshman Soccer 95 J.V. Soccer 10. iarcia, Armando: Football 95 Track ll, Wrestling 9, 12. Beer, Dawn: Powderpuff Football 11. iibb, Barton: Stage Band 9, 125 Jazz Ensemble 12. ilenn, Kevin: Bowling Club 9, 105 Track 9. Ioetsch, Daniel: Senior Vice President 125 Peers Working With Peers QPresident1 125 Varsity Water Polo 125 Basket- ball 9, 10, 115 J.V. Water Polo 105 J.V. Swimming 115 Var- sity Swimming 12. Ioins, Gary: Band 9, 10, 11, 12. Eonzales, Joanne: Acapella 115 Concert Choir 125 Madrigals 12. Irabowski, Neal: Varsity Soccer 10, 115 J.V. Swimming 10, 115 Varsity Football 125 Varsity Water Polo 11. iraham, Alan: Key Club fPresident 111 11, 123 C.S.F. 10, 115 A.S.B. Business Manager 125 Varsity Volleyball 12. iraham, Phil: Water Polog Swimming, Chorus. irant, Tracy: Softball 105 Powderpuff Football 11, 125 Chorus 9. Green Cindy Chorus 9 10 Drill Team 9 10 Powderpuff Football 11 Green Natalie SA D D 9 Play Production9 Softball9 Groce Russell Varsity Wrestling9 10 11 12 Guerrero Michelle Softball 10 11 Acapella 11 Madrigals 12 Elizabethan Dinner 12 Gulllory Marlene Swrmmmg9 10 11 12 Guitrerrez Carol Tall Flags9 10 11 12 Winterguard CTall Flagsj 12 Guymon Genmfer Hielan Yearbook 11 12 A S B Hielan Representative 12 Spanish Club 12 Letterman s Club 12 Varsity Tennis 11 12 Haas Sandy Swimming 9 10 Pep Squad 10 11 12 Tradi tional Mascot 12 Hackerd Jason J V Golf9 10 Haendlges John Varsity Baseball 12 Haley Laura J V Tennis 9 Varsity Swimming 9 10 11 Chorus 9 Water Polo Manager 10 12 Hallback Karen Key Club9 10 Ski Club 11 Hammond Robert Wrestling 10 Hansche Theresa Track 9 10 German Club 10 11 Hargrove Shannon German Club Secretary 10 Acapella 11 Acapella Club President 11 Madrigals Club Vice President 12 Powderpuff Football 11 Harn Deborah Girls League 10 11 German Club President 10 Varsity Swimming 11 F V Swimming 10 Harvey Barbara Girls League9 10 Hawks Brian CSF 9 10 JV Water Polo 11 Varsity Swimming 10 11 12 Hay Lisa Drill Team9 Girls League9 10 11 12 Campus Life9 10 11 12 Hayden Janice Girls League9 I ' I I I I , . . . . . Q Q . I ' I I I ' I ' I I I , . I ' I I I ' I ' I I I I I ' I II ' ' ' ' 4 ' A ' . I I I , . . 3 1 1 , , 1 ' . I I ' ' I I I I I I ' I ' I Y ' I ' I I I ' l I ' I I I , . I ' I I I I ' I ' I 7 I I I I I I ' S 'or Credits 101 Hayler Daniel Cross Country 9 11 Varsity Wrestling 9 10 11 Varsity Track 9 10 Heaton Tracee Pep Squad 12 Representative Council 9 C B S Club 12 Peer Counseling 11 12 Hesseltlne David CSF 9 10 11 12 Boys Athletic Com missioner 12 Varsity Club 12 fpresidentj Varsity Cross Country9 10 11 12 Varsity Track9 10 11 12 Spamsh Club 12 Hickey Robert JV Basketball 11 JV Tennis 10 Varsity Basketball 12 Varsity Tennis 12 High Tanya Student Body Officer 12 ASB Business Manager 12 Varsity Swimming 11 12 Hoffman Brandi Drill Team 11 Art Club 12fpres1dentl Var sity Swimming 10 Varsity Softball 12 Powderpuff Foot ba 11 12 Hogan Jason Varst1ySw1mm1ng 10 11 Hogan Kerry J V Women s Basketball 9 Varsity Women s Basketball 10 11 10 11 12 Concert Band9 10 11 12 JV MensSoccer 10 Holzberger Jason Freshman Baseball 9 JV Baseball 10 11 German Club 10 Hopkins Danielle Powderpuff Football 11 12 Howard Micheal F B L A 10 11 Bagpipes 10 11 Huang Kimberly Junior Class Secretary 11 Girls League 9 10 CSF 9 10 11 12 GATE Club 12 Qtreasureri Model United Nations 12 Plaid 11 A F S 12 Mock Trial Debate Team 12 Spamsh Club 12 Junior Honor Atten dant 11 Valedictonan Huang Rosemary A S B President 12 A S B Soc1alCha1r man 11 Sophomore Class President 10 Girls League Member 10 JV Swimming 10 Varsity Swimming 11 German Club 10 Peer Counseling 10 11 12 Varsity Club 12 C B S Club 12 Powderpuff 11 12 Hudson Gregory Vars1tyWrestlmg9 10 12 lrizarry Dawn Cross Country 10 Track 10 A , : 9 ' ' : . . . 3 ' ', . ' ' , I . . 3 . . ' 3 ' ll , , Holtan, Charles: Marching Band 9, 10, 11, 121 Jazz Band 9, , . 4 , , , 1 . - ' ,i . I . Z . ,. y 3 . , ,I , 3 . . . . 3 Z Q - - -' I ' 3 . 3 . , V 3 n . . . I J . . . g 3 v v 5 A , I - 3 . ' 102 Senior Credits Senio: Jacks, Brian: Soccer 9, 10. Jackson, Michael: Freshman Football 9g Freshman Socct 93 Freshman Baseball 93 Varsity Soccer 10, 11, 123 Varsii Baseball 10, 123 Varsity Football 11, 12Q Varsity Track 12 Jaquess, Steven: German Club 10, 11. Johnson, Cheryl: Girls' League 9, 105 Drill Team 93 Plaid 10. Johnson, Eric: Varsity Football 11, 123 Jazz Band 9. Johnson, Mark: C.S.F. 9, 10, 11. Johnson, Michelle: "S" Club 9. Justis, Krista: Plaid Representative 123 C.S.F. 9, 103 "E Club 103 Girls' League 12Q Drama Club 123 Hiking Club 12 Powderpuff Football 11. Ke, Anh: C.S.F. 9, 10, 11, 123 "S" Club 103 French Club 10. Kelly, Christine: Homecoming Chairman 11, 123 Volleyball! 10, 113 Varsity Soccer 9, 10, 11, 123 Varsity Track 9, 11 11, 123 Letterman's Club 12. Kim, Ji: Varsity Wrestling 9, 10, 11, 121 C.S.F. 103 Korea Club 9. King, Lisa: Varsity Soccer 11, 12. Klaric, Mara: Varsity Soccer 9, 10. Knauer, Mark: C.S.F. 113 Computer Club 12. Kodalen, Steve: Academic Decathlon 111 Varsity Swimmir 9, 10, 11, 123 Varsity Waterpolo 11 Kufta, Karen: Girls' Athletic Club 93 Varsity Soccer 9, 10, 1 123 Varsity Diving 9, 10, 11, 123 J.V. Cross-Country 9, 10 Lacrosse, Keith: Varsity Diving 11. Credits Landaker, Mary Jane: Academic Decathlon 11, 123 Mar- ching Band 9, 10, 11, 122 Jazz Band 9, 103 C.S.F. 10, 11, 12. Landreth, Shannon: Girls' League 11, 123 Peers Counseling 12. Lange, Shawn: J.V. Cross-Country 9, 103 J.V. Tennis 9, 10. Larez, Michelle: Band 9, 10, 11, 12. Laue, Jeff: Varsity Tennis 12. Lawless, Diane: Rifles fCaptain 111 9, 10, 113 Mixed Chorus 9, 103 Accapella 11. Lawrence, David: Freshman Football 9. Laws, Kassi: Drill Team 9, 10. 1 Laws, Kori: Drill Team 10: Plaid 12. Leal, Stacy: Tall Flagsl Rifles 9, Drama Club 10, 11. Leatherwood, Joe: J.V. Tennis 9, 103 Varsity Tennis 11, 123 J.V. Wrestling 11. Lehr, Jason: Varsity Swimming 9, 10, 113 J.V. Waterpolo 9, 103 Varsity Waterpolo 11. Leonard, Laura: French Club 103 Swimming 10. Lewis, Tosha: Plaid 12. Lim, William: C.S.F. 9, 10, 11, 123 Computer Club 9, 10, 11, 123 Spanish Club 12: Wrestling 113 Key Club 11, 123 G.A.T.E. 10, 123 Math Club 12: Plaid 11, 12. Linbaugh, Stephanie: Plaid 11. Linberg, David: J.V. Tennis 9, 103 Varsity Tennis 11, 1,23 Drama Club 10, 11, 12: C.B.S. 123 Spanish Club 123 Varsi- ty Basketball 12g Ski Club 11, 12. Liou, Chung fHelen1: Accapella 9, 103 Madrigals 123 Girls' League 123 Key Club 12: F.B.L.A. 11, 123 C.S.F. 9. Littell, Dustin: German Club 9: Football 9, 10, 11. Liu, Ellen: C.S.F. QTreasurer 101 10, 11, 123 F.B.L.A. iSecretary 111 11, 123 Accapella Choir 103 Madrigals 123 German Club 112 Computer Club 11, 123 C.B.S. 123 Math Club fPresident1 123 A.F.S. 123 Academic Decathlon 11, 123 Model United Nations 12: Key Club 12: Junior Honor Attendant 11 Hielan Yearbook 12 G A T E Club 12 Londelius Tricia Band 9 10 11 12 Junior Honor Atten dant 11 Lounsbury Kery Girl s League QOfficer 111 10 11 12 A S B Recording Secretary 12 C S F 9 Hiking Club 12 Peers Counseling Secretary 12 Lubanko Michael Varsity Cross Country 10 11 12 Varsity Soccer 10 11 12 Varsity Track9 10 11 12 Madkin Cheray Drill Team 11 Magdych Pamela J V Swimming 9 Varsity Swimming 10 11 12 C S F 9 10 11 12 Junior Class Treasurer 11 AS B Homecoming Chairman 12 Powderpuff Football 11 12 Junior Honor Attendant 11 Varsity Club 12 Maiorano Christine A S B Social Chairman 12 AS B Ac tivities Commissioner 11 J V Softball 10 Plaid fCor Mandrell Erin Sophomore Class Treasurer 10 Diving 10 11 Peers Working with Peers 12 Mann Simi Pep Club9 Government Club 10 Margala Michele C S F 9 10 11 12 Marks Karen Girls League 10 Mathis Zac Model United Nations 12 Art Club 10 11 McKaughan Robert Computer Club 9 12 C S F 10 11 Academic Decathlon 11 12 McCallum Wendy Girls Athletic Commissioner 12 Plaid QSports Editor 121 11 12 Girls Athletic Club 9 10 11 Varsity Club fPresident1 12 Model Llnited Nations 12 C SF 9 10 11 12 Academic Decathlon 11 Powderpuff Football 11 12 Varsity Cross Country 9 10 11 Varsity Track9 10 Spanish Club 12 McCarter Cindy Tall Flags9 10 McCown Donald Varsity Baseball 10 11 McDaniel Jon Fresh nan Football9 J V Football 10 Varsi responding Editor1 113 C.d.S.'12Q Powderpufi Football 11, 12. Senior Credits 1 03 ty Football 12 McDonnell Thomas Freshman Football 9 Freshman Soc cer 9 Sophomore! Freshman Cross Country 10 Varsity Track 10 McFadden Marty Freshman Baseball 9 JV Baseball 10 11 Art Club Vice President 12 McQuarrie Tonya J V Football Stats 10 McWilliams Tina Swimm1ng9 10 11 Meraz Stephen Football 9 11 Art and Design Club 9 Hielan Yearbook 12 Meroni Elizabeth Swimming9 Miller Carol Tall Flags 10 11 12 Softball 10 11 Jazz Show Choir 12 Miller David Computer Club9 10 Band 10 11 12 Football 9 10 Wrestling 10 Track 11 Mitchell Chris Ski Club fPresident 1019 10 Varsity Track 10 Varsity Football 10 Monahan Cynthia AFS 10 11 12 G AT E QVice Presi dent1 12 Hiking Club fPresident 11 Sec fTreas 121 10 11 12 Academic Decathlon 11 12 Mock Trial 12 Model United Nations 12 C S F 9 10 11 12 Spanish Club 12 Cross Country 11 12 Track 11 Girls League 11 12 Homecoming Chairman 12 Unification Transition Steer ing Committee 11 12 Moody Mike Football9 Moreno Sharlene Tall Flags9 Morketter Heather Student Activities Commissioner 11 A S B Treasurer 12 Girls Athletic Club 10 11 12 Varsi ty Cross Country 10 12 Varsity Track 9 10 11 12 Munoz Joseph Soccer 10 C S F 10 Murphy Jill CSF 10 11 12 Hielan Yearbook 11 12 Swimming9 Mussack Toby Football9 10 1 I 1 ' : - : , I z.. , Q - . , I.. ,. 1 I 1 Y ' , 1 .5 ,l2: , 2 , 1 ,: , 1 ,Q ,,: ,Q z . , : ,z Q . , , , - 5 , . - , ,: ,Q s , ,: 9 1 1" s ' vi 1 1 1 5 - ,. , I . , 1 . , 1 z --- 9 1 1 1 ' ' xi 1 1 1 ' , 4 , . ,: . ,z , I , . . 104 Sen1orCredlts Senior Nakajima, Takehiko: Hiking Club 9. Neher, Daryl: Cross-Country 9, 10, 11, 125 Track 9, 10, 1 Ski Club 12. Nicolls, Darcy: F.B.L.A. fSecretary 101 9, 105 Track 95 Divin 10. Norris, Janine: Band 9, 10. Noyes, Kathryn: Varsity Swimmer 11, 125 J.V. Swimming E 105 J.V. Soccer 11. Odom, Jennette: Pep Squad 9, 105 Freshman Class Presi dent 95 Drama 9, 10. Ortiz, Gina: Plaid 115 J.V. Soccer 11. Owen, Matthew: Freshman Football 9. - Oxarart, April: J.V. Soccer 105 Varsity Soccer 115 Frencl Club 12. Packer, Barabara: Cross-Country 105 Track 105 Hielan Year book 12. Pak, Susan: French Club Secretary 12. Papuga, Diane: Drama Club 125 Pep Squad 9. Parker, Leslie: Pep Squad 10, 125 Band 95 Varsity Basketba Stats 1 15 Powderpuff Football 11. Patel, Avani: C.S.F. 9, 10, 11, 12g Hiking Club Nice President 111 10, 11, 125 Powderpuff Football 115 Girls League fTreasurer 121 10, 11, 125 Plaid Qblews Editor 12 11, 125 Spanish Club fPresident1 125 l.C.C. 123 Academif Decathlon 11, 125 G.A.T.E. Club tSecretary1 125 Mode United Nations 125 Mock Trial 125 Junior Honor Attendan 11. Pelliteri, Christopher: Band 9, 10, 11, 125 Jazz Band 9, 1C 115 Assistant Drum Major 12. Perez, Joseph: Wrestling 9, 105 Track 9. Credits Perry, Timothy: Cross-Country 9, 10, 11, 12, Track 11, 12, German Club 10. Petrotta, Jolene: FreshmanfSophomore Volleyball 93 J.V. Volleyball 10g Varsity Volleyball 11, 12. Piceno, Gloria: Band 9, 10, 11. Pilafidis, John: Computer Club 9g C.S.F. 9, 10, 11, 129 Plaid 11, 12, Hiking Club 12, Math Club 12: G.A.T.E. Club 123 Spanish Club 12, Academic Decathlon 12, Salutatorian. Pittman, Jeffrey: Freshman Soccer 9, J.V. Soccer' 103 Freshman Baseball 9. Porter, Dana: Drill Team 10, 11, Swimming 10. Pound, Karin: Band 9: Hiking Club 9, 10, Senior Class Treasurer 12, Powderpuff Football 12. Prano, Melissa: Freshman Class President 9, Drama Club 9, 10, 11, Spanish Club 9, 10, 11, 125 Model Llnited Nations 12. Priest, Jennifer: "S" Club 103 Girls' League 9, 10, 11, 123 Powderpuff Football 11. Puopolo, Anthony: Wrestling 93 Football 9, Baseball 9. Quici, Alex: J.V. Football 10, 11, Hiking Club Nice-President 121 11, 12. Ragle, Bridget: Varsity Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12g Varsity Track 9, 105 J.V. Volleyball 10, 11, Varsity Volleyball 129 Varsity Club 12, Hiking Club 12. Raufi, Caroline: C.S.F. 9, 10, French Club 11, A.S.F. 11, Var- sity Tennis 11, 12, Track 9, 105 Cross-Country 10. Riegsecker, Joel: C.B.S. Vice-President 12. Rios, Arasley: Band 9, 10, Key Club 11, Tennis 11, 12: Basketball 11. Ritz, Michael: J.V. Water Polo 9, 105 Varsity Water Polo 11, 12: J.V, Swimming 93 Varsity Swimming 10, 11, 12. Rivera Victoria Girls League 10 Track9 Roach Laura Swimming 9 10 Waterpolo 10 11 Powder puff 11 12 Roath Jennifer Soccer9 10 Band9 Rocco Robert Freshman Football 9 JV Football 10 11 Varsity Football 12 Roessler Keith JV Tennis 9 10 Varsity Tennis 11 12 J V Basketball 10 11 Varsity Basketball 12 Roessler Kevin Freshman Tennis 9 J V Basketball 9 J V Tennis 10 Romo Jacqueline Waterpolo 9 Equestrian Club 11 Plaid Rosales Frank Football9 10 Vars1tyWrestling9 10 11 Rudder Deanna Band9 10 11 12 Powderpuff Football 12 Russell Daniel J V Football 11 Varsity Football 12 Sabo Andrea Varsity Diving 9 10 11 12 JV Cross 11 AFS fSecretary and Presidentj 11 12 ICC Secretary 12 Sandhu Ron Football Basketball Track Sanhamel John Cross Country 9 Freshman Soccer 9 Freshman Golf 9 JV Soccer 10 JV Golf 10 Varsity Soccer 11 12 Santistevan Carla Marching Band9 10 Santoro Joseph Football9 10 11 12 Track9 10 11 2 Varsity Club 12 Santos Louie Baseball 10 Track9 10 Basketball9 10 12 Sarmiento Clarissa G rls League9 Powderpuff 11 Schoonmaker Kelly C S F 9 10 11 12 J V Softball9 10 Plaid fSports Editor and Editor in Chiefj 11 12 Model United Nations 12 French Club Nice President 10 111 9 10 11 Powderpuff Football 11 12 Varsity Football Stats 10 Varsity Soccer Stats 10 12. ' ' ' ' colmtry 9, 11, Pep Squad 10, 111, ran Flags 92 c.s.F. 9, , 2 , , , 1 , , , 1 : , ' 1 9 , 9 , . 11, Senior Credtts 105 Senim l " A ' , ' I I ig , ikV.k V',k .,'f V"- ii f V". ,"k i 35 lQb3l1 2Mag1aQeg,?1 i5 12g 2yQ11gy5d111 13,Q5 i g, j,fi f jg 1 1 e A l k - Q fy l j 1 l lQ i g 1 3 gf g l 1 y .g ' a 32l 3 315 q Q 1 f Q es fl3 l ki fE 'Q glffi I E if i5 Ti'3f3 4llWiUBief ffiW3??F?'355l l l i , ' 106 Senior Credits Credits Vallejo, Loni: Waterpolo 9, 115 Basketball 95 Baseball 9, 11 12. Vance, Theodore: Band 11, 12. Vandersall, Laura: Swimming 9, 10, 115 Waterpolo 10, 11 125A.F.S.1l,12. Velasco, Elaine: Girls' League 9, 105 Hielan Yearbook 11. Vermillion, Jennifer: Soccer 9, 10, 11, 12. Verna, Vince: Hiking Club 95 Drama Club5 J.V. Football. Villocino, Anthony: Jazz Band 9, 10, 11. Walker, Robert: Varsity Football 125 Varstiy Track 9, 11, 125 B.S.A. 125 Varsity Club 12. Walters, Rachel: Band 95 Spanish Club 95 Varsity Track 9, 105 Powderpuff Football 12. Wang, Judy: Band 95 Key Club 95 Fine Arts Club 95 Plaid 11. Wang, June: A.S.B.Corresponding Secretary 125 C.S,F. 9, 10, 11, 125 French Club fPresident 1119, 10, 115 A.F.S. 10, 11, 125 Model United Nations 125 Junior Honor Attendant 115 Spirit Club 125 G.A.T.E. Club 9, 12. Wang, Tony: Varsity Tennis 9, 11, 125 C.S.F. 10, 11, 125 G.A.T.E. Club 12: Math Club 12. Warren, Carrie Ann: Cross-Country 95 Swimming 95 Drill Team 105 J.V. Softball 105 Varsity Softball 115 A.F.S. 115 Powderpuff Football 11, 125 Dance Team 12. Watson, Heather: Pep Squad 115 Varsity Soccer 9, 10, 11, 125 Varsity Track 9, 10, 11, 125 Varsity Cross-Country 10, 11, 125 Volleyball 95 Powderpuff Football 125 Homecoming Court 125 Varsity Club 11. Watson, Regina: Band 9. Wayman, Joseph: Baseball 9, 105 Football 9. Weiser, David: C.B.S. 125 Track 105 Cross-Country 11. Werner Justin Band9 10 11 Chess Club9 Westbrook Robert Varsity Soccer 11 12 Varsity Baseball Wheeler Chris Freshman Football9 J V Football 10 Wild Rachel Track9 11 C BS 12 Wilhoit Randy Band9 10 11 12 J V Football 11 Winston DeShawn Basketball9 Withall Wendy J V Softball 10 J V Swimming9 Wong Wileen Girls League lSecretary 121 9 10 11 12 CSF 9 10 11 12 Hiking Club fPres1dent 121 10 12 G AT E 9 S A D D 11 Plaid fFeature Editor 121 11 12 French Club 9 Drama Club 10 Junior Honor Attendant 11 Powderpuff 11 lCC 12 C S F 9 10 11 Hielan Yearbook 11 Worsham Kim Pep Squad 11 Powderpuff Football 12 Wroblewski Diane C S F 10 11 12 Varsity Softball 10 12 Varsity Basketball 11 12 Wu Annie C S F 9 10 11 12 Girls League Nice President 101 9 10 Drama Club 10 Hiking Club 10 Awareness Theatre 10 11 12 GATE Club lPresldent 121 10 12 S A D D 11 Hielan Yearbook fClubs Section Editor 10 Editor in Chief 121 10 12 Junior Class Vice President 11 Powderpuff Football 11 Junior Honor Atten dant 11 IC C 12 Yoo Hyun Tennis 10 French Club 11 12 York Tirany Varsity Soccer 10 12 Varsity Track 10 Yount April Chorus 9 10 German Club 10 Hiking Club 9 , 12. ' ' ' ' Wooldridge, Kelly: J.V. Swimming 9, 105 "S" Club 9, 105 ', ' 1 , . . , , 5 ' ,11, Senior Credits 1 07 Surprise in Every Direction 1 08 Gallery A year of never-ending surprises faced the world as 1988 commenced in spectacular style. From major news headliners to major fashion headturners, from entertainment box office smashes to sports box of- fice crashes, we wrapped oursleves in the glory that all the world around us could produce. by Annie Wu 1 ,W . . , fi LM! 1 ,lffff ,!,, lift. x, ,wi f . , r . r A f , ,, ,,, Q 1 1' f" ,, -' "K f 'A .,,'f , . , J , I , 1 5 . , I, ' I , jrx Vffffff " W f A f , J 1 I f ,ff J . , M ,ff I f, ,f 'Q,f,7gf'ifw7 ',",z.ff' f'7 LK I A,r 'G VVAJ f'Qf yyffvf' 4 ! 1 f 'EX f 1 5 , U, ww f , , f c l ' , 'r Q fr. 5 wf Af' 1 f 1 ' 1 I Af 1 N1 I i:ULf?V if V6 4 fb'-K' 1' X 'I A ff I fy , , f 'V 5 " , V fl, ,- f Wf W f5Lf wcfW ff fff fy . fkfdm f f K '- A if , ' " gf g 1 i W ff X14 I' K P ,7' , ,I f':' - .iff ff - ' ff f Y , , f , f , . 1 , f ,ff ' ' ,fl Jlfffrg! f A" V. f ff lu, gf , A Z ',f ,ff- Gallery 1 09 Aw' is if if 3 ED H RESIARC not SSKGOTRLA-.ON 'ER me nm wr-R Ml is News ln the seven years since Americans first heard of a mysterious immunity-robbing disease from which no one recovers AIDS has killed nearly 25 000 Americans. Millions of dollars have poured into medical research and President Reagan has proclaimed the plague Public Health Enemy No. 1. 6 The 1987 88 year was one filled with controversy and fasclna tion Beglnn mg in the summer Americans absorbed every word Lt Col Oliver North had to confess about the lran Contra Af fair Meanwhile the Middle East remained a fearful area of combat as the Ll S sent naval ships to patrol the Persian Gulf Back in New York the stock market took an astonishing crash as prices fell 508 points. October 19 otherwise known as Black Monday was felt around the world as many trade centers closed early to avoid any greater losses. Earlier that month Mother Nature also decided to shake up Southern Califor- nia as many were awaken- ed at 7:42 a.m. to an earth- quake measuring 6.1 on the Richter scale. Over twenty aftershocks have continued even into February. At the Soviet-American Arms Summit in Washington, the two world powers signed a treaty limiting some medium- X 1 ...... range nuclear missles The meeting set a precedent for more hopeful future conferences Promoting faith and harmony the Papal Tour journeyed to the United States for a ten day cross country VlSlt ln the meantime scan dal arose throughout America Jim and Tam my Bakker continued to be topics of ridicule while other television evangelists such as Jimmy Swaggart were exposed of their misuse of ministry funds. Leading Democratic hopeful Senator Gary Hart pulled out of the 1988 Presidential race when his affair with model Donna Rice was revealed. Judge Robert Bork nominated for Ll.S. Supreme Court Justice stirred controversy around the Nation. His overly con- servative past records lost him the confirmation. The year of ups and downs and shakes and quakes was still a time of celebration. The 200th an- niversary of the Ll.S. Con- stitution served as a reminder of the freedom and justice our forefathers granted us which we have been destined to carry on. by Annie Wu 1 10 Gallery - World Events l Wrapping Up The events that shaped the world S .sf -f effort to keep the Persian Gulf open to navigation, the United States began in to escort vessels to protect them from Iran. ln September, the U.S. Navy blew up ranian ship that was caught laying mines in the Gulf. Several mines were cated. ident and Mrs. Reagan greeted Pope Paul ll when he arrived in Miami to begin a -city tour of the United States. arthquake that measured 6.1 on the Richter scale hit Southern California on ber 1. It was not a catastrophic quake, but the damage was extensive. All os by Wide World Photos J Mix is ggoio Gallery - World Events 1 1 1 Entertaznment The Lost Boys brought the mystery of vampires back to the movies The adventure horror with a twist of comedy flick brought together an ensemble of talented young actors QW THE MOVIE!!!-FAT MADE ITHIP TO BE AV IS NOW ON N IDEOCASSETTE .4 Following in the old M G M saying Make it good Make it big Give It class the entertainment in dustry carried on its tradi tion into 1988 Blockbuster movies llke Broadcast News, Ironweed, and Moonstruck captured the admiration of millions of movlegoers and the top Academy Award nomlna tions for all of its stars The greatest honor however went to the biographical epic The Last Emperor with nlne nominations At tractmg long lines of au dlences Good Morning, Vietnam presented the courage and humor behmd wartorn Vietnam Fatal At traction brought the excite ment of suspense thrillers back to the big screen while also receiving a best picture nomination Back in the comfort of one s own home the televi sion world contmued to pro vide comedy for its viewers The Cosby Show remained tops in the ratings battle With compassion and class while helping its spinoff, I' Different World, to suc cessfully complete its firs season Rising above longe standing nighttime dramas L A Law introduced tht difficulties of criminal am corporate law while envelop ing the audlence in the per sonal lives of its characters Meanwhile the musu scene saw the return of sucl names as Cher, Rick Spr lngfield, and George Har rlson, each with a nev album a new look and new perspective on l1fe a demonstrated in their songs Recognized for then outstanding muslca achievements U2 Sting Michael Jackson, an: Bruce Springsteen receiv ed numerous Gramm nominations for their ne albums while touring the N tion in breathtaking conce performances Newcomer Jody Watley Terenc4 Trent D Arby ana Richard Marx made an 1 pact on rock with their fir albums reaching platinum The artists of the enter tainment industry made th year in cinema television and music good the publu made It big and everythlnl in 88 reflected classlll by Annie Wu hat's Entertainment 1 12 Gallery - Entertainment 1 ' 1 Wwe A simple story combined with provocative V dancing and choreography, Dirty Dancing became a surprise box office smash. Its solmdtrack also reached platinum with various singles reaching the top ten on music charts. J f 0-as 091 1.9- Once again, rockers around the world gathered to create an album to aid a needy cause. "A Very Special Christmas" consisted of new and remade holiday songs whose profits were donated to the Special Olympics. Three Men and A Baby was only one among many Touchstone pictures which grossed amaz- ing profits for the Disney Corporation. Americans fell in love with the three charming fathers and of course, with little Mary. X ag K F' Gallery - Entertainment 1 13 From box- i n g t o bobsleddingg football to figure skatingg tennis to b a s e b a l l , Americans pulled out the stops and went for first in every athletic area. Battling to win the World Series, the New York Mets went up against the Minnesota Twins . Utilizing all seven of the games, the Twins arose victorious. As the baseball and football seasons merged, football fans were faced by striking pros. After weeks of scab games, en- thusiasm cooled, yet it did not die. The Super Bowl heated up the action on the field. The Washington Redskins con- cidered to be the underdogs came on strong making 39 points to the Denver Broncos mere 10. Things were active in the boxing ring as well. Larry Holmes challenged champion Mlke Tyson, but it was futile at best. In the third round Tyson knocked out Holmes. The big event of 1988 however was the XV Wlnter Olympics in Calgary Alberta Canada. Although the United States did not win many medals the Olympic spirit prevailed. Jill Watson and Peter Oppeguard won our 1 14 Gallery Sports Scene first medal, a bronze, in the pairs figure skating. Our first gold was won on the ice as well. ln men's figure skating a war known as "The Battle of the Brians" was wag- ed. America's Brian Boitano emmerged the winner over Canada's Brian Orser . lt was a fight that kept Americans and Canadians on the edge until "The Star Spangled Banner" was played at the medal ceremony. Another close fight on the ice was between America's Debi Thomas and East Ger- many's Katarina Witt . Known as "Dueling Carmens," Thomas and Witt skated their long program to the same music. Unfortunately, Thomas made three errors on her jumps and fell from first to third leav- ing the silver for Canadian Elizabeth Manley Winning medals was not the sole measure of success. Bon- nie Warner a Mt. Baldy native placed sixth in the luge. She advanced nine places since the l984 Games in Sarajevo. Undoubtedly Warner tasted sweet victory. lt was this competitive spirit that pushed Americans to per- form at their best. Amatures and professionals alike reached within themselves and went for the Gold. by Jennifer Bales 16? lst ...vii on Strike lo llmw' , A Coiumillmelll M i 4 lo NH Vivien Piss li fuluff ' PG Sl r First-ranked loan Lendel defends his utle at th .S. Open. Olympic hopeful, Dan Jansen, had his Golden dreams broken twice as a result of falling in different races. 4 , ix no rrrr essi Go Galle y - Sports Scene 1 15 Fashion statements rangefrom asual 'rv Cvfffemp ---....4... se' ,.e. Welcoming shoppers of all ages, Nordstrom represents class. The casual and sturdy style of Converse hl-tops were seen on and off of the court. Photos by John Christensen Epitomizing the eighties fashion, Zac Mathis and Kirsten Brooks express the carefree styles and attitudes of today's teens. Photo by Travis Van DenBerg Silver rings decorate the fingers of students. Versltality in style made silver the popular precious medal. Photo by John Christensen 1 16 Gallery - Fashion 6 'S lime' ,A"" F shzon Bzzzzzzzz The clock sounded w a k 1 n g Upland Hrgh students Sleep frlled eyes looked toward the closet 1n search of the perfect outflt A casual look could be found nn Levl s and logo t shlrts lf sophlstlcatron was the attrtude you wanted to project a mlm sklrt and a srlky blouse would be just the th1ng Yet fashlon of 88 went beyond Lev1 s and mlm sklrts Demm came rn more varnetres stonewashed and acld washed jeans accom panned the old farthful 501 blues Rugby shlrts ln strlpes and sohds were palred wlth vrrtually everythlng from shorts to pants Rich, textured ska sweaters became a popular trend that had everyone wrapped rn warmth From h1 tops to boots shoes made therr own fashlon statement Reeboks and Converse re marned ever popular for the sporty look Comfort was found rn deck shoes for men and styllsh flats for women To f1t the more dressy look a palr f pumps or a palr of boots 1n any color would present an elegant appearance Patterns and colors made lmpressrve Impacts as well The classlc look of houndstooth returned wnth Increased popularlty The drama of black and whlte was seen everywhere Reguardles of what your fashlon preference was the styles of 1988 could accomodate you by Jennifer Bales Gallery - Fashion 1 1 7 at ka Population Exl ' 1 18 Underclassmen p oslon As predicted, Unification introduc- ed a massive enrollment explosion. The increased herd of Juniors returned to school with expected fear of their most important and most difficult year of high school. Sophomores eagerly approached with the relief of no longer being Freshmen, yet once again faced an unfamiliar campus. Freshmen entered the new and foreign world with constant fear of Seniors and trash cans. As excitement and fear tingled through each individual, they became All Wrapped Up in the confusion, the pride and the spirit of the new Llpland High School. by Annie Wu X 1 fb' .5 ff -f f f X ' fpMQLjEm9d QQQJQQ ,MX J ,mx xl' ,.- ' Q QA NL fy L wk NV xv v ' 1,31 hw U if MXN W S lv ' UN Q f XX ,nv ,X , , f. ' sm x 'xl GW assay-mykiww. W... X. Q. . . . awww A Traci Abel Kelly Ablard Angie Adomitis AliAhmadzai Marika Ahmadzai Leilah Alimusa Thomas Allie Brad Allred Phillip Altice Sandra Aluarado Marc Alvarez Philip Amador Gayle Anders Patrick Anderson Pa ul Andreano Lorena Angulo hristopher Ankeny Rebecca Aragon Luisito Araneta Brehonna Ard Vincent Arias Colleen Armann Lance Arnold Sarina Arnold Gene Asuncion Jennifer Atchison MichaelAust Jeffrey Badders Brannon Ballard Tenessa Banyasz 120 Juniors 1' -+V 5. uniors Surpassing Expectations Again following in the usual tradi- tion, the Junior class officers plann- ed the annual Junior-Senior Prom, the main event of the season. They were responsible for organizing and making the event a special evening for all. Each officer worked hard to achieve perfection. They could not have done it without the help from their advisors: Mr. Crum, Mrs. Murphy, and Ms. Wills. "They have been a lot of help. They have suggested how to run meetings and fund raisers," pro- claimed Charles Wang, Junior class President. The rest of the cabinet in- cluded Vice-President Curt Taylor, Secretary Megan Callahan, and Treasurer Chrissie Morgan. One big disappointment for the ficers was their Homecoming flu "We were really upset when found out we weren't going to pu the floats. A lot of money was s on our float. lt was one big dis pointment," declared Wang. They looked forward to recov ing their loss from their one and o fund raiser, the Christmas gram sa Wang explained, "The only thing planned for before Prom was ' grams." lt was obvious that through ea members' efforts, they were able accomplish their tasks and go "We communicate real well," ad Charles Wang, "l think that hel us." by Peter Chua: lung 3 . .fl 1 .,,, ' Y. . I w A 1 V N .4 Unity was the key to success for the Junior Class Olfa- Plloto by John Christensen . fi? . 3 it it I I L Q fi 9 l 'x I fun 'U l qi t f V 'Eb 33" .n Q W I . l li lg 3 3 'Nxt 9-1 4 , 1 Q 5 fy' ,, Q I' K A B A. w,zW'i" ",iH21ls?:w:1:t:,:r ,J any-Qy if J, r if -' 7.-9. rl ff , Z, 3 N V W A "p t ,A , 13: -H, fl A, , , ,I is . 'p,,mf.-as , Q Lt L . A "ow ,, 1 , ,rg rf' , , i , Pete Burks Chris Burns Laurie Burns Michael Burt , , if " Sheri Brunette Brian Buckley John Bunce Trisha Burgg Jason Burke Stephanie Barber Anne Barker Jamey Barnett Heidi Barrett Sarah Barwick Bill Batchelor Aryula Batra Michael Beltran Mike Bennett Sheryl Bergreen Dennis Berg Karen Berg Paul Berry Jason Beuans Lisa Black Robert Blaine Cassie Blair Frank Bodnar Valerie Boesch David Bolinger Laura Bono Jennifer Book Sharon Bosse Dusty Bottoms Chantell Bowen Stephanie Bragg Lisa Brailey Lisa Brenner Nadie Brewart Jeff Brittain Aaron Broadley Kevin Brookhart Julie Brouse Heather Brown Rebecca Brown Bruce Brown Juniors 121 Alqandro Canizales Jeremy C apalbo Roxanne Caplinger Manuel Cardenas Dave Carls Denise Carls Dawn Carroll Chris Cartwright Ray Castillo Frank Cavallo Paul Cavallo Roberto C avazos Florentino Cejo Lannelte Celaya Milan Cernile David Cerwinski Marc Chadwick Eric C hamorro Roger Chan Robert Charlebois Phillip Chavez Terence Chavez Michele Cheever Eddie Chen Po-Sun Chen Marcia Chesire l-Fen Chiang Kathryn Chiappone Warren Ching Chad Choate Amy Chow Melvin Clark Rhonda Clark Jennifer Clarke 122 Juniors Julie Butler Tammy Butterick Patricia Cabildo Trisha C aforio Claudia Calabro Megan Callahan A 2 A-L XQ- X ii' aw I ew iii 1 4 QS, .A EF R l is 1 f 'Un I I if rw Q fs ssfziilm ,fi it it if . . AJ During half-time at the Powderpuff game, the Junior team listens intently to Coach Sprung pep talk. Photo by Stanford Studios E yr , , 6 1 's wf an J W wr 'iii rystal Kimes finds the way manufacturers wrap candies very disturbing. cott 7, fi fr' fi 7' 'ly Q ..'- I' ij If f f Q 1 f ,vi 7' sd Photo by Vicki J' fjl Guin I " ki X C ' Af' viii f 1. 4 , r,,,,,,,. M if ,W .Y H wi' is , "' v 4 4 4 4, , 4 5- , . - ,- p 1 pi so f 1 i, 1' Pamela Clarke Jennifer Clausen Douglas C ogan Nathan Coleman Ileana Collins Stacy Collins Tonya Conway Gina Cook Douglas Coover Lora Copeland Tina Corbin John Cowin Matthew Crispin Jeffrey Crockett Christopher Cromwell Malcolm Cross Tim Crowe Lisa Croy Gerald Crump Julie Cryan Jeanie Cunningham James Curtis Christy Czuczko Scott Dalton Chantel Damico Dena Dandrea Derek Daniel Bobbie Davidson Jason Davis Steven Davis Juniors 123 Replacing the dismissal bell, Michael Howard signals the termination of second period. Photo by John Christensen Donald Dawson Heather Dawson Mark Daytz Christine Dmrmond Vincent DeBlasi Alicia Delgado-Oramas Jeff Delport Sean Dennis Simmi Dhaliwal Minh Diep William Dlez Tom Dilks Terry Dixon Donald Dizon Pamela Dobbins Scott Dolinar Craig Donaghy Travis Dredd C aesarea Drummond ights Out Students and staff enjoy minimum day Students who were awake on Mon- day, December 7, l987, noticed that every door had a letter posted on it. One student read the letter on the door to his class. From there, the news of a minimum day spread over Upland High. Due to the powerful storm the day before, the main transformer blew. Band members were assigned to designated areas on campus to play "Charge" to let students and teachers know when classes started and ended. By the end of first period, students discovered they could sign out of class if rooms were too cold for them. By se- cond period, many students were "too cold" and had to leave for home. By second period the lights came back on and Upland High was fa with the dreadful possibility of a day. During fourth period there was announcement about keeping ' minimum day schedule. Although the lights came back many students had already left for day. They went to the movies, to mountains, or to friends' hou Because' many students had alre gone, some classes consisted of three students. Congratulations were in order for l teachers and staff who successfi carried off the incident. by Elizabeth Low l... Mark Drury Robin Bubois Garrett Dunn Yvonne Duran Betty Dutton Tiffany Eakle Michael Eberhardt Pgfigre Julie Eberhardy Available Dana Eccles Dianna Edwards 124 Juniors are .,-.f FF SH. fn in C7 sf' iff' , 4 ' 4 J th., ,, , in in f ev ,,1 ,wwf ,iff A w 4' fn ll .I g 7 I A J' ,. 49 ':i62i"i?E' ' QW ,,,.,,, if ,. 54 4 ob, J, :LCE T' Joshua Ellingwood Robert Equi Lisa Esparcia Frances Espinoza Jess E uans Nicole F asenella Jason Fenn Tige Ferguson W Keuin Ferrell Steue Fiorindo 7 ,1 ,,.,,,.,, ., fix' -Qi I ,i, I' F Y 1,35 pf F T. J. F itzloff Dauid Fleck Alisa F ogle Christine F ogle Claudia Foo Amy Ford Douglas Forrest Lori Foster Deborah Fox Jennifer Fox Martha Frank William Franklin Robert Fuller Danny Galindo Sean Gallagher Kristin Gamble Conrado Garcia Diana Garcia Jacqueline Garcia Martina Garcia John Garner Kristi Gates Robert Gaudet! Kristine Geddes l Donna Gefrerer Aldara George Karen Gerardi Frank Gerdes Kim Gessig Laura Gibbons Keele Gibson Doug Gilpin Peter Gingerich Robin Glube Julie Gobel Paul Godson Laura Goetsch Juniors 125 Tara Harden Alexis Hargrove Christina Harlan Angela Harrington Angela Harris Kimberly Harsen Jennifer Hart Josephine Hart Kathleen Hatanaka Gregory Hatch Angela Hatheld Tracy Haulicek Larry Head Clark Heauener 126 Juniors Robert Golightly William Golsch Stephanie Gomez E uy Gonzales Jeremy Gorman Scott Grabowski Marcia Graham Michele Graham David Green Troy Gregory Eric Gross Amy Gruner Gale Gurr Wendy Hacker Matthew Hale Sean Hallman Hilary Han Jonathan Hansche Patrick Hecker Tim Heckman Sharon Helfand Kelsey Heinen Robert Henderson Laleh Heraui Lisa Hernandez Nick Hernandez Paula Hernandez Reyna Hernandez Richard Hernandez Duane Hibbard Erica Hicke Donald Hinshaw Dianna Ho Jim Hodge Derek Hoffman Jennifer Holder I V IIf4 ':92,w5:'-., ' ,,it, , H ,,,:,,, W :,V,6, 1 ' 1 M 'W - 5 ul' U . VIA Z Y , 1 , ' .4 ya fl Q ,X M ,, 2. ,W ZH in K 3 " I X , ,Wiki , V '- X ri " "iw,.1v' sf . 5 , 'B 1? l - ft Q, r -J gif' 2 f ,A f ,, L. I f-ML-W , An.. Heather Ellis helps Robin Weetman study for a CLS, History test. Photo by John :pf W V l' 'Env sv V, -v -1' ,l... f 1, ' :.gs. was ' X42 ,,V, fin , Q me-.Q 'J' I ' Q 3 Z lOfs wflfg W ,J ,.. ,X Wendy Honl Jocelyn Housley ,,f N Tricia Hoyle Varan Hoyt M , Joey Huang Kristin Hunt Cotu tney Hunter Michael Huynh Hoolnan Imani ' V' ifz45?5l . , ,,, I N X tl Hooman lmani Ruth Inacay Dianne Isbell Aileen lshimoto Heather Jacks Reginald Jackson Michael Jacob Christian Jacobs Dauid James Tamara Jara Keith Jaroslow Donald Jarrett .fi-.v 2 QM AQ , 1 llc,ll, y llclal 0 5 ,lf N '9 is will ira David Jarvis Angela Jefferson Jenny Jeong Miguel Jimenez Bryan Johnson Jeff Johnson Jennifer Johnson Scott Johnson Thomas Johnson Jason Jones Kristyn Jones Scott Jones Tawn Jones Mark Joplin Michele Jordan Chris Kaatz Christy Kang Farish Kashehnefad Kristie Katona Mark Kaufman Joella Keene Juniors 127 128 Juniors Robin Weetman and Shelley Lester have a hard time making up their mind on the procedures of a class competition. Photo by John Christensen Robert King F lorella Kininmonth Paula Kirchner John Klumpp Dale Knight Jason Knight Adrian Koelliker Eric Kollen F lorinda Kotenmayer, Scott Kraak Danny Krome Paul Krueger Debbie Krygel Brian Lacrosse Allen Lai Kimberley Lamm Olivier Lamonica Kurt Lancaster Randy Lanham Dan Lansing Eric Lawson Nhan Le Stacey Leath James Leber Tricia Keller Jennifer Kelly Brian Kelsey Candice Ketelsleger Sarkis Khatchadouria Todd Kieuit Kris Killackey Karen Kim Crystal Kimes Chanda King f. Bltlitbr... 2.4-1:-' , waz. z :xg us? we , gi X Q15 X v' 1 'E 7 Q W I Darla Miller Johnny Miller Scott Miller Todd Miller Marylou Mills Johnny Miranda Christene Mistretta Amy Mitchell Mahbod Mohdi Nadine Molnar Jennifer Monroe Paul Monroe Darren Mooney JeffMooney Sean McCabe Stacy McClure Julie McCourtney Jeremy Medina Paul Melendrez Katherine Mendoza GreigMerritt Matthew Merritt Jennifer Messina Don Meyer Yen-Pen Miao Mike Millard , ..,,i1 .ti, H , ..,, .,., N r,r, rltt, get hy, si' I I V I" 4 ,. KJ 'Y' ' V A , f 9 , A '16 K ' ff 4 It Mike Morales Paul Morales Desiree Morentin Chris Morey Brian Morgan Chrissie Morgan K' vie, , ., - -, -f 1 Jeff? 96 A? f M-5' ' ' Q ' , Kim Morgan Lakeisha Morris Kerry Morrison Sal Mosca Melissa Mowry The Friday night football games are the usual hang-out for the juniors. Photo by Patti Lee 130 Juniors 5? i f Michaela Simpson and Ruthie lnacay eryoy a healthy dlscusslon over lunch Photo by John Christensen WTI :E - L " ' ,f i , "n"" f ' ' : Q V i . ,1 ,- f iff ,,,, , Ji- V. f,'2 ,if ,xg " H ' ,iffwzeff.,ii,mfKJfffiiV if x f . - ra iii A in , M n 5 Phi, x i -Wx: ' - ,-, 6 xx , Q 2 X K , i ' of fi L K l o,QA, f Q 'ww J o Michael Petrillo Timothey Peyer Scott Philips Manuel Piceno Noel Pool Michael Mrofchak Christopher Murphy Pam Muzyka Alison Myers 4,1 fi Joshua Pak Stacy Parker Eric Parra Abigail Pasztor Kailash Patel Amanda Paulus Greg Payne Gabriel Peckham Vaezi Pedram Arlene Perez Robert Perez Tammy Perez Shawna Myers Carlos Navarro Dauid Nelson Teresa Nelson Ann Nemeth Sebastian Newman Gregg Neuills Hanh Nguyen Vu Nguyen Julie Nichols Terry Nixon Andrew Norell Stephen Norman Sean Nunley Kristin Oberhelman Richardo Ochoa Philip Okamoto Kurtis Olson Brian Ongley John O'Reilly Martha Ormonde Juniors 131 Amy Popham Ron Porter Michelle Postman Kristi Potts Michael Pound Jennifer Powell Stacey Prokop Marie Pryor Doug Puffer Heather Pulley Stacy Queen Thomas Quiles Jim Racine Art Ramirez Frank Ramirez Monalisa Ramirez Richard Ramirez Ruben Ramirez Francisco Ramos Laurie Ransom Amanda Reed Cindy Reed Robert Reighley Michael Reno Luis Reyes Theresa Reynolds Randall Reza Holly Richarson Stephanie Richardson Joel Rodriguez Maryte Rodriguez Philip Rodriguez Stella Rodriguez Tina Roesch Jaime Romero Pauline Romero 132 Juniors Sheri Rinler Laura Rister Ebet Rivera - Craig Rizzo Chet Robb Michelle Rocawich Michael Rodino 4 :ff lf iigaffyg' ' , lli ,,1,,,,,,,, Za ' 1 V , L,,,v,m,f,f Z' , if , 4 yy? ff r ' 'l'i "E f 12 2 ,M 8 Z if Mi rl I V v If M 'X' ff' Michaela Simpson Alicia Skaggs Tisha Sloan Spencer Sly Richie Smiderle Brian Smith Cara Smith Geoffrey Smith John Smith Jennifer Smith Maureen Smith Shawn Smith Shelly Smith Steve Smith Jason Speaks Amy Spear Lea Spiers John Stagno Shelby Standefer Jeffery Stanley David Starinieri John Stark Angie Steed Stacy Stegmaier Cathy Stephenson 134 Juniors Sara Sheffield Tamara Shelako Brian Sherbume Dawn Sherlock La Shaon Simmons Derek Simon Tracey Sellers Deanna Sgrignoli Hassan Shah Derick Shannon Stacy Sharp l 4 :af ld J 5 Q L W I ,., Q ' "'l 4 ,, V x f ,J ' gif 4r E he-2 L , f 1 4 ' I ' ,411 I SY 2 2 ' pm! 5 " K 3 E -tfmfrfifb . pqzziggy fin af ' 'Aw ' v , guy ,'r-' fr- Kruk 9 Wiffifl' ' 50 1 l'lf .frm sg! .V 1 ,711 Jeff Stevens Shannon Stewart Jennifer Steifel Brent Stoddard Kristin Straus Wawwyfivffg ,, ,ff I After acing his English final, a very proud Jeff Croc! heads for home. Photo by John Christensen Q if 1 ,-is Debrah Tobin Darren Todd John Torres Laurent Townsend Kathleen Trombly Joey Tu John Tynan Aaron Ulrich Michael Ulrich Michele Umrigar Jennifer Uttz Pedram Vaezi Gina Valencia Chris Vallet John Van Mark Van Dieren Sean Van Dusen Christina Van Dyke Anthony Vargas Monica Velasquez Juliet Vicente 136 Jumors mericanization an enlightenment to culture Every junior student had to go through a phenomenon known as "Americanization" to become a senior. Both history and English covered American writers and events. The only real difference in the classes was the way the teachers approached the subject. ln history class, one could expect to learn dates, occupations of peo- ple, and how these people affected the events of history. Awareness of the government was stressed. With this insight, one could be better prepared to vote and possibly con- tribute to the nation. ln English, students studied t writings of historical figures. Lea ing vocabulary also diminish barriers. Juniors were often found w three chapters of history homewo and a test on one hundred pages literature. Without all th homework, they might not ha been as aware of the things arou them. by Elizabeth Low Steve Szarzynski and Michele Graham discuss what being an American is all about. Photo by Vi Scott , 1 it E c,sc X 'U' X e DannyAbriol Melanie Aggazzolli Stephanie Ahrendt Azandefiiken Steve Alba RaulAlcocer Chad Allen Amy Allred Cherish Allred Juana Aluarez RoberlAnaya ChrislopherAnderson Karin Anderson Kristen Anderson Eric Andreasen Dauid Andreoli Ralph Andrews Joshua Andrik Leslie Andros Chris Andrus Euerardo Angulo Dennis Antal Michael Antoniak John Applegate Brandee Argo ChrislopherArmendariz 138 Sophomores alent and Teamwork Equal successful sophomoreiclass To represent the class of 1990 were the Sophomore class officers, President, Sarah Wingate, Vice- President Heather Ellis, Secretary, Nancy Wass, and Treasurer, Janet Lee. With the help of their advisors Ms. Lubarsky and Mrs. Irvine, they tried to make 1988 an ex- plosive year. One of the Sophomore class's ac- complishments was selling M 8 M's during the weeks of November 23- December 4. The M 8 M's were sold to sponsor the Sweetheart's Dance on February 26. Being an officer for the Sophomore class was a blast, bu also required many hours of w- and persistance. Team work and abundance of talent was the key their success. "Everybody was ea to help," indicated President, Sa Wingate when asked about the ficers, "They are all very talented. The class of 1990 proved tt spirit when they won most of competitions at the Halloween ra The upperclassmen may believe sophomores are still "little babie but the class of 1990 knew the 1 truth! by Patti ll Enthusiastically ready to complete their duties, the Sopliomore class officers are Nancy IM Heather Ellis, Janet Lee, and Sarah Wingate. Photo John Chnstensen Leslie Brooks Trenita Brooks Adam Brown Christina Brown David Brown Dujuan Brown Lavell Brown Amy Brubaker Christine Bragg Eugene Brayford Lester Breeden Elana Brenner Steven Brick Rick Brodbeck Seth Brodie Jared Brooks 40. Jeri Brushwiller Lynda Bryant Robert Buell Craig Bunce Chelsea Burdick April Burgi Jack Burns David Burwell Tamara Butcher Jennifer Byrd Aaron Cagle Travis Cain Dawn Caldwell Molly Campbell Elaine Canales Raymond Cantu Nancy Carini Daniel Carlin Jeff Carmona Wendi Carmona Jonothon Carnicom Ray Carrasco 1 40 Sophomores Confidence radiates in Christine Rodriguez afte ficult biology test. Photo by John Christensen 1 W ,ggi gf 5223 'iiiflitf M L35-H Ti . , lg t fi .Q 'ga ,, 1 ' ' 1 X i ' ff- H . A: F-lj , Y 1' 1- f . 1 , ,, W." vj ' Q," I .iz r completing a dlf i , i i liz ' .f ,- 's-:M'rf- ' 5 ,. '32 mai? , i 55 5: Q I ,.i,,. I A 5 X , , S A iii iiiifwif iiiiiifii m li' 1 lp IA if Q-ww V Time is insignificant as sophomores enjoy Lhe Homecoming rally. Phat Christensen fp Jane! Cazeres I Dominic Ceballos ' Rod Celello Joseph Cervantes - Randy Cestone ' 5 4 ,ii 1 r K, Jennifer Carrington Kami Carter Michael Carter Kelly Caseila Lisa Caseila Rebecca Cauble o by John Jennifer C ha Cleo Chacon Antonio Chaidez Daron Chambliss Heather Chaney Maggie Chang M1 J L . li. J iiiin A 'i i GZ Q ' i o if ,li C fs .9 f 43 , - f f ,ff ,M Charter C Chen Ken Chen Kenny Chen Elfy Cheng Ivan Cheng Julie Cheng Cheng 'James ,Chertkow Hiiiliie Chiang Corey' Christiansen Jennifer Cloud Stephanie Cobb Rhonda Coburn Mike Coggin Donna Coleman Pl1fZlf,ti,C ooleg V7 John Coppini Elizabeth Corning Rebecca Corral Sophomores 1 41 Joshua Cottrell Kelli Cottrell James C roy Stephanie Cunha Andrew Cunningham C amea Cunningham Sherri C urrant Jeremy Currier Jeff C urti Kevin Curtis James C ushnie Nicholas Czuczko Tammy Daigneau Hoa Dam Michael Dunauant Jennifer Edwards Daniel Ellausky Sharlena Ellett Heather Ellis Frank Emerson Patti Ems Kristie Engle 142 Sophomores tmmmyyymmiw ,,,ffm,,-, wwmmu . 1 Y M -'aww-,p 2 if fl- f 53' f , 4 .WH Marc Damikolas Dondi Danao Robert Dance Misty Davis Barbara De Lolm Pilar De Padee Maria De Voldo Teresa Deal Dawn Deasey Dena Dees Carlos Diaz Lexuan Diep James Dimmi tt Darrell Dircks Kelly Diss Leslie Dobson Doug Dominguez Jo Ann Dore Kerry Dowling Agana Downs Jennifer Dudley 1575? W J H6 -J' 'rv' 'Q' 1-fu A K A .z v' , l Q ,av yiixg V1 f V1 if . , if-.-1 QW 4 J . . Q' ij f I if 1 ll' la , Vkrr , , , , , ,,i,, f.,,,,,m, y V,2vv 1 y .J 423 -fx lzzy' pfy ..,i 1 f ,,4,,. X C ff 5, if ,- .5 K ,f 1 ,, 'tx 5 , sa! I i i Tiger eyes - Amy Allred grins with her chesire smile. Photo by John Christensen IW 'U 1 , fj 52 , ll 'lv , div 'f 4 6 f . 1 sk, - e 1 1 ' 1 isssi r With a sudden electrifying sensation. Todd Warner finds Julia it HSf f 0 the I Oli Of lt a Caffeine Explosion anna get a little high? Wanna go r the edge? C. J. has just the for- a to give you that electrifying ation! Introducing Jolt Cola, cola that pulls no punches," ted by Carl J. Rapp of hester, New York. olt represents the soft drink with the sugar and twice the caf- e." Yes, the Jolt Corporation e itself on its real cane sugar, er than the less expensive corn .ip used by its competitors, and milligrams of caffeine, just 0.1 igram below F.D.A. standards. ugh its contents may sound like sugar water, "it tastes just like .ilar coke . . . if anything, it's less C' x E sweet," objected senior Amy Edgington. With the success of its trial release in the spring of 1986 in Rochester, Jolt entered supermarkets nation- wide early in 1987. Its publicity has been limited, but word-of-mouth has brought it critical acclaim among teenagers. "lf you wanna get that in- stant 'bing' sensation, you should try Jolt," advised senior Mary Dole. Worthy or not of any recognition, Jolt has suddenly become all the rage. However, students agree it is just a fad and will not last long. Sorry Jolt you've fizzled out with the new generation. bg Annie Wu ' 9 s ji 0 f .- fi' ' JY - ...ts ., if fi! l wi 4' 'X 13 ., ij X , ...,,, .--ii. N..s.s.1 ss- , .i , , . . ,,, A..,,,,. ,, .,,, K if, ,.f,. , ,Q ,..,,S,.i,,,,,.t,is.,W,1, ., , ,, ,, .VeronicatEscobafT it Lai Tonya Euans Patricia Fernandez - Yficia Ferrell -' 'C Jose Fiweroa K xvfffki ' W F riff :swf 1 5 . 'ii 5 1 Jii, ..Q,,..-' ii., 1, - 1 1 J, 1- if ftzifezissmgwfsiiszi ssnisgtiifg fgggg gy gf,,.,f,,5.,f,.- e i is ' -- , -V , , f A ,f..s,3sw,e:f ,w ww f I EE ',,-' if 1," ' i s rrsir it . 1 , f ,,,. -fig-1 f,,, , fy I r of t .tii i is 1 ,,-r Z 1 , . tcl W W . liiir yep. .1 1 7 , was 1 V, '55, gf .1 i, .1-gieiiesws 11 iw .. sm .nas mlm., . 5: is i.,,1re,7 1375525-ii , .55 Q55 .. :.g5 srsswfegfilimr .t,,,?Ss2Js2g?5?i? iifiiiiiiilsifssse fissfriiiiswws Jiiaxffisakws KGSWQEI f , r2x:.e5fX W iii -'f,:J:2s71?if55' ,- isws- fm .s,,..fm.,m1,s ,,,.t,,.....r ,. ,,.t,9,,5i. , ,wisssis-,W , ..... - . ..s,,-.mem W5 r . M. .M , ,, .1,,,,wi:,,f21esaH,,,mW . M, i.:-sfgisiisflesigd .WY . .,,,,.. 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' ecailisslloarefa swsir Wziiezsi Sopfgqmotes 1 Gregory Godson Cynthia Goff Jesse Gomez Nicole Gomez Cesar Gonzales Ronald Good Mark Goodman Jeffrey Goss Shari Green Kevin Gregory Pandora Griggs Jason Gross Xavier Guerrero Molly Gula Elvira Gutierrez Ted Guzowski Diane Haar Chad Hackman Stephanie Haischer Dennis Hancock J Brandon Hansen Tracie Hart James Hastings Mary Beth Hawkins Charlie Hayler 1 44 Sophomores Frank Gibbons Megan Giles Lisa Gobel Lesley Gedeon Mindy Gerard H may in ,g mm L April Haynes Tammy Haynes Dayton Healey Gail Heller Shannon Helman Hessley Hempstead Gina Hernandez Manuel Hernandez Socorro Hernandez Susie Herrera X, Rowdy sophomores chime in on the Upland fight Photo by Patti Lee Nw ,. X?-tv. Q -if 1, g ll Q J I K gf 1, " a 4 .Q ' ' if -vi pn 08' :HWY iw f fume- ,f .,,. ..1mm.t1,,,p, V, -, Hg, f V ,,, ,,,.., ,,,,eMe . ,QV I, : J , ,-4' mf W 'V W ' ! V fa 6 55 K , ' it .9 P1 5 ls Y "' 'J' , 25:6 J i i m JenriiferJacksIer Aaron Jackson h Darren JHCICSOII Mike Jakositz Mark Jensen Jon Jertberg Roy Jimenez Cary Johnson ri- Donald Hughes Melissa Hughes Charles Hunter Ryan Hurd Lawrence Hosted Kenneth Hutchinson Kyle Hutchinson Jacob Huxman Janet lnacay Amy irwin Michael lwai K ambiz lzadseta Christopher Johnson m'L, V k fi' Jeff Johnson ' V Brett Joiner Bobbie Jones Nikki Jones Tiffany Jones L William Jones Karen Hickeyfh Teri Higaehii gy e iPaffeaseeHilfk James Hogue Robert Hollon Julie Hoover Ryan Hoover Christina Hope Amanda, Horak Cone? 1 Eric-Home J I - Michael Houston Jeremy Howell Peter Hsu Anthony Hughes Sophomores 145 Phillip Joun Danny Jauanouich Jason Kaggie Sarah Kang Kristine Kappa Kelly Karr De Anna Kasbeck Paul Katlerhagen Joni Kaufman Mandy Kaufman Serena Keeney Becky Kellogg Eddy Kim Eva Kim Michelle Larrabee Jennifer Lassalette Daniel Laue Karol Lawrence Oanh Le Frank Lee Hae-Won Lee Jack Lee Nancy Lee Rana Lee Janet Lee Susie Lee Christina Leggs Brian Lenz 1 46 Sophomores Frances Kim Grace Kim Mark Kim Kimberly King Lisa Kirkpatrick Robbie Kittilson Eric Kreger Jenny Krohn Sheri Kronk Keuin Kruze Bobby Kuhar Benjamin Kwok Bob La Judice Rudy Lai Kirsten Kliewer Michelle Knauer Chanda Koehl Anas Koudsi Paul Krause . , .,,, 6 ffl ,Z X. I' , i 'lf' Derek Lamb Heather Landis Mike Larez K' V Shad Larkin 1 ' . rf it wvi"""" E an ,,,. awww W, 2 r nl ffl? 6 . .. , , 1 5 ' 6. 4. "Ii V.: 1,2-ff in f f , it 4 ,fa 1 QRJ xiii f I i fo 'af 11 L ,M if f if 9.1.5 gay 5 . y px. W ' - WAXXJQ V . ' -Rwia -5. A f l 1, 1 ' if K I ,s 4 , x I w If Xu Jennifer Martens Jessie Martinez John Martinez Derek Mason Mendy Mattingly Alicia Maxwell Greg Mayo Christi Mazi Chris McCaffrey Jenny McCalanahan Ruthann McCallister Misty McCleery Andrew McCoy Randy McCrary Christopher McGregor Brian Mclnnis Roderick Mclnnis Mike McKeehan Salvador Medrano Garrick Meichelbock Alex Melendez Jeff Mellen 1 48 Sophomores Melissa Margala Erika Mariscal Knelon Marlow Steven Malone Adrian Mandujano Steven Mandujano Mike Manhire Daniel Marciano E 'Z Melissa Menold Phillip Merancio Jodi Messenger Eric Messerschmitt .April Methuin Joyce Meyer mx Q w 3 3 sf 4, i t tm wet". , 3 , my I . , ja K 1 Q . 4 1.1 My f , Y f Q 9: 4 . 1 J, 5 17 59 ' I ., Andy Miller Scott Miller Eric Mills John Mills Rodney Miner A H, I Qprrrlalf X l rlir so . J, f Nast , . , fl' V '- """' ,. ., N is 3531 Ysmgwr., , W Tossing confetti during lunch, Llz Newell and Yeh celebrate the end of the semester. Photo by Christensen f at ' I B if A 5, -w V ' ww av FFFFPO ,, :Ab Q53 AM' rw V ii, N f 1 fill lr? 25, ,, dl 'C Y F1 ,W- , A ,i : L !," . H ,al , ia ,, SX, ., 1 ik , K . Q , 4 - U M , Al ,yu 'J 5 it. 44? 4 .5 f' . , . ,ti ,X ,f ff l , , r", H isffw ., ,V arrying out a difficult task for Mrs. Merhaut, Steve :cena builds up his muscles. Photo by Angela oussakis 4 0 1 , f. f 4 A far 41, I7 5 , ra ,, 6 X ,XV ,J x- 1 Matthew Minnis Mike Mirabella Jason Miranda Dtwid Mirbod Qtr? H...- s Ji- ,ff , . , vm Arf:'V,',,,f1j,"f, "Xl 'ff"i,'f! it 4, W 2 Z Kristen Moberg Dec Dee Molnick Lisa Montague Ryan Moore David Moormi-mn Ml , 1- ,e , Y l ,f V l f . - lui.- I il ii Daniel Morales Dina Morales Erica Morales Michelle Morris Tammy Morris Lon Morrison Traci Mortimer Kalinda Mosley Shauna Mosser Grace Mourad Sylvia Mogano Erin Murillo Paul Murphy Rachel Murray' Kierre Najla Christine Naugie Eric Negrete Elizabeth Newell , l Wg,,maifw ,, ta- - , 'ff P I V - W viii l D I Thu-Tnguyehll l Allyse Nielson Rudy Nollola Melissa Norris Julie Novak: L Debra Novilie Terri Nowolney Jeffrey Nuelle - Ltavio Nunes ' John O'B!'f3I1 , Sylvia Ochoa , , . Shannon'Q : A Qrqdy Sophomores 49 Marcella Perez Dauid Perri Tanysia Phillips Steuen Piceno Katherine Pine Douglas Pittman George Pizarro Jim Plamondon Jacob Pohjola Robert Ponder Jarrett Pope Craig Pound Douglas Pruitt Christian Prusia Telisa Pulley Charles Pumphreg Mike Puopolo Michael Purnell Carol Quinn Pete Raisbeck 150 Sophomores Lgnnette Oliva Jesse Olsen Carrie Pace John Packer Esther Pak Francis Palmer Christina Panos Tasso Panos Cory Pasley Desmond Patton Kathleen Patton Laurie Patton Res Patton Barbara Pagce Jeffrey Pedersen lliana Pena Dedeann Pendleton Melissa Penland Cynthia Perez Lalena Perez 1 A ' U M f 'if ,Dx gl , ,, t',,, ,.V,,,Z 1 75wt'aMm42' W "WJ ' W5m Hg.: Wi' 5 Ha at C 3 ,K , 'K 'Q 44 2 ,g if R 1 1 'Q , i bfi , . v -Milf: af , 1" ' C 5 'I fa L .7 we A 4 W , ,A ' -1, f A X, f' f'Mwx, Wim- ' r ? ,. , fgjffa f fy Mtg, , 4 A 72,29 .',::w:P"is" " IM A f Gathering before a football game, Lawrence Libunao, Dondi Danao, Amy Wukovits, Christina Panos, and Kristen Anderson huddle to keep mama. Photo by Patti Lee it f s..s ,m.,,Mma,N S , , nl et V 4 4 f We ,,,l A WEE ' ' i" "" i",,1 ig ' :ti ,1'r A, A i ,gil ,qt :YN 8 " , ' C s ' LM ' A f. ' fl , 4 X i t ' i n ie,' 'I If 0 , X ,f iiii 1 A , J , .M ' til f l . L PL ff ' W sn if xi he Essence of being s et sixteen is a very special for a girl. lt seems to be the which separates the younger years from the older. Tradi- sweet sixteen is a time in a young girl blossoms into lt is a time for romantic of clothing such as lacy mostly in pastel colors, and hair worn with a ribbon. Long in the park with a boy and boat rides are also a part of sweet sixteen. However, in modern times, a girl sweet sixteen has begun to pre- her independence more than er before. This may be xfi l A Q I weet sixteen demonstrated by getting a job, look- ing forward to a car, more respon- sibilities, parental respect of her views, and having a steady boyfriend. Forget the soft romantic styles, girls today wear "kick-back" styles such as sweats and leather skirts. While others still resort to soft pastel sweaters and informal dresses. Whether following traditional ideals or breaking away to the con- temporary, being "sweet sixteen" remains a special time for all girls to remember forever. by Rina Sanusi and Angie Hill Angela Roussakis Kristy Rowley Justine Ruclas Kenneth Rugeii Michael a more contemporary approach snsweet Photo: by John ChriSlQIlS8R ' '58 .-ff l efffffam ii, ui .W v.,M..ff - , Hy , V, 4 f it .. fi? 9 Daniel Reed Randa Reeve Erich Rentmeester Janene Rhoads Wiiliam Rhodes V 'Jesse Rice Rice ,V.' 11 ,Qiristine Richanifiegni James Richardsonfff ."g 1 f Stefanie Richardson Mary Rister ly Richard Risler V if Derek Roberts , Christine Rodriguez'7 V i Martin Rodriguez V Sergi o Ton ya Rogers gggophomores 151 Theo Rakosz Yvette Ramirez Marina Ramos Angela Randle Jeannie Randle Annie Rasmussen Jennifer Rasmussen 1 Willie Russell Thomas Rutherford Kristen Saalig Dina Sabry Chris Saikevicz Jeannie Saldana Frank Salecado Kevin Sanchez Shawn Sanderfer Eric Sanderson Yvette Santos Leslye Saperstein Marla Saperstein Tony Sapone Steven Sapra Charlene Sarmiento Douglas Scheffer Lee Schiffer Rhonda Schrock Megan Schulte Curt Schultz Eric Scott Lyle Scrogins Jason Seguine Jamie Senior Carrie Sennatt Ansar Sharif Aaron Sharrer Mary Sheehy Rodney Shenton Tami Shepherd Keri Sherburne Jacqueline Shinn Lee Short Christina Shoults Michael Siiveira Gary Silverman Theresa Skiles Amy Smith Chris Smith Matthew Smith Mike Smith Misty Smith Zachary Smyers 152 Sophomores W if , .t,. . lx After the "Under the Big Top rally Josh CottJ'eU clowns around to entertain the crowd Photo by John Christensen HE-Ysji if f. - wqjg I f ' A T ,,,, E Q ' i I V f . 4 i gf Hy , an I T , , ,f 1 . , I '. MP? ' , " , You 14? ef S T i f 5.7 , pf, in f ix "V 1' u-h Preparing the gym for the Homecoming Dance, Heather Ellzs and Michelle Altmyer stroll under the balloon ar' chway. Photo by Scott McKenzie if ' ' ' IW, ff . 3, , if T fl' 1, ' Bryan Snyder Laura Snyder Rosezina Soumerlleldl Kristina Steed -.-' 1,.l 3 Amy 3fCU?t1S' ,lllll . if-1 lxllchtct T T T Brad sfewargi f 'Michael Stone l'ml Kofi Storey Greg Stover Jennifer Streetf Michael Struthers Sean Sullivan- James Sunu Leea Swank :MQaryeSwenson Thuan Ta Mehzy Taheri Cynthia Tarbox Vache Tasiylan Joel Tatera Angela Taylor John Teglas Shahnaz Tehraniazad ,WWA W 'E 1 . .8 - N A ,,r4 4 3255 , Aim, V ,Bin ',,' ,, I 4 'an V, A A ,X I A rf: fl . 1. n ,4-...z 'cry X, it XF Shilpa Tqiura Wendi Swartz Tuwina Terrell T t'l' - Claudia Thomas L L David Thomas Mike Thomas Windy Thompson Fred Thornton Jennifer Tingley Kathryn Tinker Jennifer Tobias Linda Tockgo Amario Tomasso Leea Tonts T L Anthony Torres, Z-'fi wx if -fff,--vzS:i::n1swfi:22'h mf? af gw sW??gf:Qgg . , ., WM tt ' David Torres, p ,'l" m Jennfue Torrez Michael Touma ' Nathalie Townsend Thanh Trieu Chris Trulin Daryl Tsai ,, - , - f h1':?i, ,,,I51,:lQg1k j' K Sophomores r le lT M , Steve Turchetta Kevin Turner Wendy Twa Amanda Uber Thomas Umemoto Kelly Valadez Michelle Valencia Robert Valencia Jason Van Hoy Joe Vargas Sophia Vasquez Salvador Velasco Jeffrey Velasquez Carlos Velez Grant Vermillion Karla Villanueva Tanya Vincent Niki Vitakis John Vo Timothy Vondran Brian Voogt Jim Vovos Vandana Vyas Rhonda Wagner Randall Walsh David Walters Christine Wang ., Jeff Ward Justin Wardell l Todd Warner Nancy Wass Krista Watson Sharnee Watson Traci Webb Andrew Weber Shawn Weede Christopher Weissman Kimberly Wentz Aubyn White za FQ. 6 K , ,Q i if T . i J E 4 Frances White Jason White Lainie White Russell White C 4 ' pland Youngest Four year old sophomores as sisters. Though they are identical in looks, the Saperstein twins are total opposites in every way. They both have very different per- sonalities, as well as very different interests. Marla added, "We like be- ing individuals and living separate lives." Since their birthdays only come once every four years, they usually celebrate it on Feburary 29 or March 1, depending on which ever one is more convenient. So who said four year-olds can't be in high school? by Patti Lee 5 lain. PNN. 19591180 'M 'EZTJI' Steph0n'lW?litE5fiead Gerad' Marc Wiehlf 1 1 Bryan Wilkins - Bryan Williams Deon Williams Jimmie Pamela Jed Wockenfuss Steve Woods Richard Wmbel Amy Wukovits I 1 s LJ e .98 Geoffery Yanez Fen Ju Yang is LD ,,.f Elizabeth Ybarra Yeh . Q, :Lf Sleuerz Yenour Jane Yoo Azadeh Zaratshoa Samer Zawahra 't-gzsvi Sarah Wingate y 4, Ramsey Alimusa Tonya Alldredge Robin Allen Shane Allen Steve Allen Merrilynne Altmger Michelle Altmyer Gustavo Alvarado Tony Aminikharrazi Ali Amos Michael Ancheta John Anderson Michael Anderson Julie Annigian Ronnie Arbaugh Janice Arellano Michael Arnold Ruth Arnold Deanna Arroyo David Arteaga 156 Freshmen Kwaku Aidoo Jon Aleka A D I f yyfff Y' 1 ' 'M I Louis Arviso Julia Asuncion Kristin Atchison Hermann Atencio Karen Atkinson James Austin Santana Acuna Alicia Adams Erik Aderstedt Susana Aguilar Robert Ahumada wg M. 4:1- fs. ara 1 I A J, f Keri Autry Eddie Avalos Anthony Avila Dante Avila Mike Ayers ,isi We f f-f,ff W fi-, we f ,J , , f.--,wxmgfmazu za-mfw--fn-mm, - M. 'm m i .,,.,..,..,,., ,. ,, ,, . , ff iff J I -,lfwg , f LQ 9 Monkeying around is definitely on the agenda for Merrilynne Altm Alison Norell, Michelle Altmyer, and Jennifer Cushnie, the Freshmen ci officers. Photo by John Christensen A yr , --' x I" Q x iv Blass of '91 Here to have fun The freshman class officers entered land High with feelings of fear. They n learned that being a freshman was ething to be proud of. Their goal s to get the rest of the freshmen ss to have more pride in their status. chelle Altmyer, Presidentg Mer- ynne Altmyer, Vice-President, ison Norell, Treasurer, and Jen- er Cushnie, Secretary were proud lead the class of 1991. These resentatives wanted their class to be re spirited and involved. "I want all shmen to look back on the year and ile!" exclaimed Michelle Altmyer. The freshmen class officers were 1ique because the President and ce-President were twins. They claim- I that they could have never won without each other's support. Alison Norell, the Treasurer, was really look- ing forward to the Freshman Pickle Sale. She hoped to break the pickle selling record. At the beginning of the year they looked forward to their Homecoming float, but Mother Nature disappointed them. "l just wish we could have run our float. We had such good ideas. Maybe we'll pass them on to next year's officers," stated Jennifer Cushnie when asked about the Homecoming Floats. These four girls had put their heads together to make 1987-1988 a fan- tastic freshman year. With their dedica- tion, they managed to turn their goals into reality. by Stephanie Bragg -fo X .N 52. l vc? '.i J J M Josh Babcock Mary Grace Bagalso Scott Baham Andy Bailey Anthony Bakaleinikoff Adell Baker Michelle Baldel Thomas Ballas M arlioy Bancroft Tanessa Banyasz Dennis Baranowski Carrie Barber Karen Barber Jose Barcarse Jason Barrett Dina Bartholomew David Bastian Mary Bean Kim Beck Kara Becker Rachel Beebe Michelle Bell Amy Bellon Shawn Beltran Douglas Bender Gene Bennett Jason Bennett Mark Bennett Freshmen 157 Kimberly Benson Molly Benson Priska Betschart Jeffrey Bettis Charles Beiz Thomas Betz Darrell Beutel Jason Beyer Brady Biddle Damon Bingham Nichole Blackmer Janis Blackwell Billy Blades Todd Bordon Vikki Bormann Nhouy Boutdalath David Brady Bill Brennan Monica Brice Jason Brittain David Brock Kelly Brouse Deanna Bruce Gerrit Burki Steve Burnham Christopher Burton John Burton Tanya Busse Stacia Butchko Sean Buur Greg C abral Lisa Cabrera Nick Cacucciolo Mike C adle Diana Calderon Bryant Campbell Stephanie Campbell Kim Cardeila Steve C aringella John C arlucci Chris C arder Jeffrey Carrillo 1 58 Freshmen aff 4 3' 4 I ' ,I K J' x , ,W .- ,,f, WMM!-Q: fi" J A f 57 If 1 1 A , . i . ..,, V Reggie Carter Stephanie Carver Danielle Casella Michelle C asillas Martin Castillo Tim Castleberry I Tae Cha Cauthemoc Chacon Larry Chang Dax Chavez V if ii if J , , 4, xl ra Q I l m Q. N1 1f i iii yl ,.: V- . K ,. ys Xi W ' t'f mf N I 5 f fe s f its 3 I l Chandra Koehl watches her chums partake ln a lunch-time activity. Photo by John Christensen I J ',,,h. V, rf its x 1 I' . f 9 s X 3 A-5 '43 ,mm C. Z' .af Y f, ...av Q t l 1 I I , l 4' C' lc ,A -i ,IQ 'Af ff? g lf! ax Erica Chauin Jennifer Chazan Cynthia Chen Ronny Chen Doug Cheney Candy Ch eng Yvonne Cheng Grace C henoweth Sean Cheyney Wen Yuan Chiang Lori Chiles Lawrence Chiou Moon Soo Choy Christine Christensen Michelle C issell Robert Clark Jessica Clarke Christine Clinton William Clubb David Clucas Brian Coe Kelly Coffman Jeffrey Collins Linda Collins Kelly Combs Glenn Conatser Jason Condo Norman Conway Brian Cook Jennifer Cook Brian Cooper Linda Cooper Cheri C oouer Beth Copeland Kristina Cordasco Angela Cordova Angela Cortese Monica Cory Candice Cosner Albert Costa Jennifer Couch Patrick Cramer Joe Crandall Christa Cronan Kristen Croney Alqandro Cruz Brandon Culpepper Freshmen 159 Michael Cunha Christi Cunningham Scott Curtis Jennifer Cushnie Rosa Cusumano Matthew Daniel Kimberly David Pamela David Justin Davis Melanie Davis Rhett Davis Robert Dmcevedo Kelly DeCicco Travis Dearsaw Robert Decker Rita Delgadillo Francys Delgado Lisa Diaz Brandon Diggs Tiffany Dlugi Tenesha Dobine Leon ora Dominguez Bill Donchig John Dore Uhuru Doxie Brad Drury Felicia Duran Jeffrey Eagen Jeremy Eccles Tammy Eckles Ron Edens Anne Eisenberg Max Elam Nicholaus Ellerbeck Christy Ellis Takeo Ema Brent Emler Kevin Eshleman Jessica Espinosa Mary Evans Chad Fallon Craig Farinella Jamie Farley Christa Faulk 160 Freshmen fr M., f , :sri ",- M5 'if 'Aw ,1 4. We , , it 4 14 ,, vw , ag 'J Q . .ASC '.1A21.- flliii 1,,f5ift-1f7i12ffi55..5if'91' V 2 J xt J N., t, " f I .4 F7 V V I M My 4 I ..." ' I 551 27 V Q ? X , ,M X ,, 2 fy Q , li, v t-., . ,- ,W um ,mtrfu f, 1, .M fiygiwsfmgsa mr "' fn Y 1 , ,if 1, 3 R! t ,p it t After many hours of hard work Bryan Smith revels in his spare time. Photo by John Christensen xf , ' fx 'Q' if ,-5, Elizabeth Ferguson Jeremiah F erree Scott Ferry Linda F icken Candia Fierro Dana Fife Tony Filing Sean F ilippello Jennifer Fi ttan te Brandie Flaherty Kandi Fleener Christy Flores Lydia Foo Robert F orsha Tifhney Fort Danny F ossum Jon Frandsen Juanita Freeman Terese Friend Denise Fuller Steve F uquay Jose Garcia Jacqueline Garner Jennifer Garner Travis Gebhart Jeffrey Geer Poun Gefrerer Samuel Gentile Damon George Sara Gerety Daniel Gersna Amy Giacoletti Casey Gibb Jill Gibbs Mary Gibilisco Annemarie Gingerich Ethan Gingerich Christopher Giordano Kerri Goetsch Freshmen 161 Robert Goetsch Dana Goldenstein Rachel Gonzales Douglas Goshen Jason Goss Janelle Gott Issac Granado Aaron Grandorf Ron Grandorf Jennifer Grasmick Jessie Grasmick Michael Gravenhorst Robert Graves Jeffrey Gray Julie Green William Green Justin Greenhalgh Jason Gregory Sherry Grettenberger Crystal Gretzner Kevin Groat Kevin Grossi Michael Gruber Marc Grupposo Aida Guerrero Johnny Guerrero Orlando Gulley Sandra Gutierrez Stacey Guzman Brian Hale Brad Hall Jason Haluska Lori Hamernik Samuel Hamilton Cynthia Hamm Julie Hammond Justin Hansen Jennifer Harberts Chad Hargrove Lori Harris Amber Harrison Gregory Harrison Jonathan Haslam Josh Hatch Alisa Hayden Jolene Hayes Kristen Heard Matthew Hector Erik Heins Lisa Hennings Deanna Henry John Hermann Deston Hernandez Ernie Hernandez Jeanette Hernandez Paul Hernandez 1 62 Freshmen fa i " 1' ,, 2 ., 'A "ii' .V " r i t iseir Y ,. ' l. 1 ' :J ' ,,i.-, W I -. ' ' 1 ,2 iitl J l,,i, A - V f wwfff::rig,,:sigs:f,fs,gf: ' T "J f ,t,. if . . .,,, , , X i 5 ' :few H f' 1 ' 'rA'- "" at lll x,lllt . , ., sl ll,.tllls,,.i,fitlti y ,, . HI, YQ" 1 'vi - V ' " 'f f"' ' all Q J gf , fgyfgggii we if VV,f , iffy, fy if mm ii? FW ff may an W ff 1 WW Wei Wa 'Qs r W , ' Jef 9 We , f J s A lfiilfff ea ra A , 'lm , a t 1. - " ' A n 1 1 K V ll .0 W . . ', ' i: ' . 9 fi - , 1 ij K. , x ,1pfs1'1' f' 1-ff: ' -.H f-4,1 ,g,g A ztzgewfasf mg. ,,,,m: , fr '- - it i' V f .js I li , I 4 . E ,. fygggv qih , i , 1 ' l ig, , N. " ' I 5' " V f ,, f 1 ifmlnnlrzn A J" M-gay' my 'dk Q --:W A wp ' 1 2 1 T ' 1 sep' 4,,, ' , '4 -A ggi I vi R L sas k fe, , - if ,, ,,, . ya 11 , gf J ffl!! i V: , , 5, i . il- ,Vg l Q, mu-1 X Q! EM .,A , .:,, , '1L,7 I f ff i I l i ,W IVE "" 1 ' ' ,,,, J it . I ' " Z , V 1 A ,ct V 4 . 4 Q lv! "" H ,',',' ,III K ,, 1 T :5 1 ,X la ffl . Roman Hernandez Theresa Hernandez Robin Hestrirz Arline Hiatt Greg Hickman Michelle High Janet Hilbe Primrose Ho Jennifer Hodges Jennifer Holguin Debbi Holmgren Jacob Holmgren Melani Hanl Jason Hoover James Hopper Jennifer Horstman Raymond Houk Robert Hoyle Kevin Huang Daniel Huecker Ali Hughes Chris Hughes Deena Hummel Thomas Hunter Juliane Hutcheson Steve Hutchins Grace Hsu Nam Hugmn Belinda Hwang Bradly Inman Jodie Jacksier Ethan Jackson Melissa Jackson Jason James Karyn Jarrett Michelle Jaska Harold Jefferson Matthew Jensen Tim Jensen Brandy Jimenez Carmen Jimenez Shung-Ho Jin Jennifer Johnson Jennifer Johnston Jeffrey Joiner Amie Jones Justin Jones Kelli Jones Shawna Jones Tasha Jorgenson Steve Kang Roy Karow Keri Karr Samah Kassim Chad Katona Leslie Kell Freshmen 163 Kelly Kodalen Justina Koehl Echo Koontz Eric Koontz Jason Kramer Matt Kroll Gregory Krome Allen Kwiatkowski Brandon Kwok Michael La Judice Joey La Sorsa Tanja Lamb Kelly Landaker Matthew Landes 164 Freshmen Robert Keller Ross Kellogg Timothy Kelly Brian Kennan Brian Kennedy .Ts Athena Kentros Michelle Kester Daniel Kieta Ji Won Kim L3 -6 1- 4 Julie Kim Eric Knutson al 1, 5 X, ll li "i f Q V .m fg F' W x lu At . I ,L ,L ,,A, Chad Lane " ' ' ' Gregory Lara I Melissa Larine " ' Cynthia Larrabee J ' 2 V Lisa Lauterio ' Heather Lawdis Robin Lawrence Truc Le Vu Le uw D, , Jill Leach Carol Lee M W A rig Ginger May anxiously waits to get out of class. Photo by John Christensen I! V ' 1 Q t fi I , Z7 ,getxw lm ff I 4, I 4, f . ' J 'a . . '-l ., .e at .- ng: 4, e '- 7, -,Q x Q O -,.af3f:4taE..t . 'W ' Wm I-. r v K was fa, e , I y ...mg After four hours of monotonous school work, lunch was a terrific break. Photo by John Christensen Lisa Lukaszewicz Gustavo Lopez Mary Loucks Shelly Love Daniel Lowne Karri Lucas Shamika Lucre Michael Lukaszewicz K! . f 1 A3 Angela Lum Cari Lundstrom Kimberly Lyles Mario Macaluso Diocelina Macedo Kevin Mack f f 4 1' , 1 . lg Patty Lee Steve Lee J, Steve Lee Tsung-Han Lee Danielle Lehne Mark Leutwiler Eua Lewis Linda Lin Ingrid Lin Scott Lindermuth Karma Liscano Maria Lodin Francesca Lodolo Walter Lopalka Teri Madhburn Cherise Madison James Magdych Moh Malek Ryan Mallen Erich Mandrel! Alicia Mangan Daniel Mansker Lucille Manzo Christopher Marich Oskar Mariscal Francine Marquez Michele Marquez Kimberly Marsack Freshmen 65 Tracy Martin Christa Martinez Justin Martinez Mario Martinez Veronica Martinez Ted Martorana Ginger May Ryan McCaffrey 5 Charles McCarty A J .. gi W 4 ,U 3 14 1 , A age . 'ttt J ff Determined to win the football game Justin Greenllalgh heads for the Held. Photo by Angela Roussakis QL 'AVV it tt J my , tt-f1aMfc1e11.1n J tl t "'- , 5 ' L' V Q .n . 3,11 ' f:':':7 l TraceyMcCoy 17 :2 Lisa McFann Erin McGee Matthew Mcomnis ' AmeeMcGuirk V 551 A William McLaughlin 'L Anthony McNall Ann Marie Meadow Mette Medford Veronica Medina Victor Medrano Dana Melot Fatima Mena Angelique Mendez Jamie Mendez Corina Mendieta Jay Mendoza Marco Mendoza Gregory Merritt Marie Messina Sean Michtauy Me99af1Miller B,-ian -fi if -f t ,' ..-11. we Richard Mills Arthur Mitchell Jennifer Mitchell I i'-r1 '--- 1 - Ann Mittelman . , : l 1 66 Freshmen wut vf,:v:Zi2?5S5Et.P!:'1-wwf' W ' " .. V ,, , ,ameri .. 1 , ff' . if ,I -E -f asfmfeizf W 1 ,Z WLWW Q f f x 5 M if V if , 5 if if 3 r E' if :iii ir" ff P If if Qil' all , jg. gm, ,,,, HL,,w,M, .WM Wm 1 Z2 f I jf M ! A QW 'ig t s t,.t, gy E J I 3 .fmfim its ' X W s fe ff ff MZ? Em" N A' X-wwst., uture Plans College, careers, and fun pon entering Upland, many men were preoccupied with the le and bustle of the youthful school atmosphere. Although y freshmen were concerned with ing a date to a dance or finding a home from school, some ninth ers were aware of the realities the future held for them. For the t part, the freshman class put h their best foot academically in paration for their future. Wough college planning was not er way, members of this energetic about what kind of a career they would strive for. ln some instances, freshmen predicted their future jobs based on what they enjoyed doing. Paul Hernandez stated, "I wanted to be a professional skater because it is entertaining." Other freshmen had chosen a profession that would be financially stable such as a doctor or lawyer. Regardless of what the class of '91 will be doing in the future, we can all 'be sure that they will enjoy life. by Jennifer Bales and Angela Roussakis s were thinking I The sun will come out tomorrow hopes freshman Kevin Eshelman. fifty' ' D Brad Mobeck Troy Monk Anne Marie Monsour Miklaus Moody Carrie Moore Corey Moore Jennifer Moore Reza Moosaui Kasey Moran Steven Morgan Sara Morrell Kalinda Mosley Stephanie Motley Christina Moulton Kathryn Muhs Heather Muir Peggy Munoz Julie Munro Karl Murphy Stephen Murray Freshmen 167 Annlecya Niemann Dana Nelson Deborah Nelson Michael Nepolis Mansoor Nesar Robert Nevins Amanda Newton Quynh Ngo Darlene Nichols Takeyoshi Nitta Michelle Noland Jeffrey Norden Arnold Noreiga Alison Norell Jana Kay Norris Joseph Noyes Nadine Nunio Staci Okuno Bernard O'Lough1in Lauren Orona Eric Ozols Rachel Padilla Jennifer Palmer Himanssu Pandey Ned Paniagua Delicia Pankey Alexia Panos Catherine Patzold Shawna Payne Chin-An Pei Marla Pennington Anthony Perez Marisol Peridia Sara Pfister Catherine Plamondon 1 68 Freshmen 'ix Thomas Murrey Tyson Mussack Majed Nabhan Rajeev Nandi Victor Nanongkhai Jamil Naqvi ffm Scott Dunkin is eager to absorb all infomlation given by the teacher. C I .1 j j if XX of 3' I we ':""'Y ' 1, ' - X Q v Q 'Q A Y J F J ,, Monica Phillips Jennifer Plew Jennifer Poire Jayton Pope Carla Porter cy Smith and her peers are very confused about their class assignment Photo by John Christensen f va, , ,, 1 'V s 'e's i 'eesn ' T MQ. , f ,fu , 1 ,- at Vs 652326 L7XIl."K',Xy x.mXnx L ily' 7 4? ,eff Christine Porter Amy Price Dustin Puffer Colleen Pullen Jason Pyle James Qualls Andrew Quiroz Kris Radloff Dawn Rakestraw Olga Ramos Bobby Ramos Jerusha Ray Rachelle Ray Kristen Raymond Patricia Recirzos Ryan Redd Robert Reese Ronald Reighiey Scott Resley Francisco Reyes Juana Reyes Gabriel Ricci Peter Richard Heather Richardson Mark Richardson Sherise Rickett Cameo Rinchiuso Matthew Rinehart Melissa Roath Krista Robb Dawn Robison Carlos Rodriguez Daniel Rodriguez Michael Rodriquez Trent Roesch Ernest Roman Rommei Roman Tomas Romero Freshmen 169 Alber Romo Carl Ronk Gina Ronquillo Timothy Roos Shawn Rose 'W Elisa Rosenzweig Michael Rosenzwieg Michael Rouiller Susie Rozsnyoi Laura Rubin Chris Rudsell Marianne Ruiz William Russell Carrie Ryan 'Le Daniel Ryan Stella Saenz ,fm- Felipe Salakar Alex Salcedo Jesse Saldana Shana Salstrom 1,01- Class time is a great time not only to leam new things, but also to let your mind wonder, and dream new dreams. Photo by John Christensen ,.-.79 ,N f l HZ, of , i 4091- K A, i fi' 7' gf 4 1 .x. Mack Sandhu Jill Sandobal Daniel Sandoval Connie Sandstrom Jocelyn Saunders Theodore Sauocchio Christian Sayre V 9 'Wi . f ' ,ri 'QW W V . ,,-. is , 4. 56 ,K r if x ,Ml ' 6 Brandi Scheer Lisa Schilling Stacy Schiro Stephanie Schmaltz Tracy Schroeder Louis Schubert Robert Schuit f Wie 'Q W f f f Katherine Scolieri Carrie Scott Brian Scroggins Julie Searcy Jennifer Senet Eric Serrano James Shannon 1 70 Freshmen 2 T ., " ll V Q Q. X. .K . my g xx N an x fi . Ii, VVIWI 2, k if - W A e .xsaarfz Ava , . 0 4 N, ,N ,Q , ,mf , .,., ,,, A2 Q ,W V W ff. , M 3 fm ' 'f" ' 5' ",V v'. gl -v, ', aw, ,. ,.W A j f N it lv A-, f 55" to l V 1 " W L it S ,, Q ,W lg 1. i if n af 1 4 , . g W 4 t SY li 1 tx S 1 A ' W I 0 fl 1 l . 1 -' D V tx? ya 1 if, I is to 3 4 , fri . 1 i K' ' ' I K , .5 I ' M if A? 5 fr , S Nh I X xi Y N if . 'xg it ef 3 .V . is Mark Shaurette Rochelle Sheffey Marc Shephard Jeremy Sherrell Karen Sherrell Aaron Shinedling Paul Short Wayne Short David Sillasen Carlos Silva Robert Situeira Sheri Sinclair Robert Sinor Howard Sissel Stephen Smirl Aaron Smith Brent Smith Brian Smith Deborah Smith Donna Smith Frances Smith Jennifer Smith Kevin Smith Lakia Smith Marcella Smith Nicole Smith Roger Smith Ryan Smith Shawn Smith Walter Smith Traci Snodgrass Heidi Snyder Mary Snyder William Solomon Jennifer Sorce Roberto Sotelo Anthony Soto William Soto Nathan Soukup Janette Spotswood Suzanne Spotswood Clint Staples Shawn Stark Paul Staten Scott Steer Tabitha Stehle vt only is lunchtime great for catching a bite to eat, it's also great for socializing with your ls Photo by John Christensen Freshmen 7 1 1 72 Freshmen Andrew Stephens Jeffrey Stephens Bobby Stephenson Leslie Stevenson Shad Stilkey James Stone Christine Streifel Robert Streza Bryan Striegel Stoney Strother LiAn Su Benjamin Sugerman Holly Sullivan Michelle Summers S uthar Punit Diana Swan Harold Swartz Gabriel Talavera Dustin Talkinaton Angelo Tamburrano Joseph Taranto Scott Tatman Angela Teague Daniel Tessier Lynette Thompson Scott Thompson Fred Thornton Noemi Tirado Lina Tonkunas Trina Tracy Philip Tran Julie Tricenella James Trimmer Jason Trowbridge Angeline Tsai Kimiko Tsurudome Melissa Tunque Alicia Underhill Thomas Vallin Holly Vance Kelly Vander Heyden Collette Vandersande Brian Vandiuer Jason Vannauker Matthew Vardaman Daniel Vargas Moses Vargas Mayra Vasquez it T it T ttit f A 1 ,,r,..,f.,.4k i'Q V, 65,2 gn 1 4' - 3 V i A! 3 f I . 3 V, -' ,- ' 4 t , , k,,k,,,L .1 ff wg, alexa. ,: f f --My me E 31 xl., 'yang V1 2 X 3, , I C 6 4 1 I J I I ff ,556 S- 7: V qi? ' Q 4' f , Q ' ' l, T H I 94 Alf! f I f 1 v X 5? NW I4 ' t tf ,af 'Ma at is J . et .my l sf", f f f -- fWf,,.,,,e,f,wff ,fa ' , . t r, Z . 1 'Q ff i in ,, ' ! asf? ,.. dd' , L it' n r I il, Wwe im ,, .W l ll 2, 1 I I jf TR E mbarrassments They're All Part of Life Everyone always says, "The first day of being freshman is the worst. lt gets better as the goes on." Not all freshmen would agree the first part, but a lot would insist it gets Sure, finding classes got easier and get- a group of friends cannot be too hard, it is upperclassmen that truly make them Christy Jamison recalls her first day as a She was in biology. She, like many lost her way in this maze of hallways classrooms and was late to her class. The teacher had started the class on time so when she walked in she was face to face with a classroom full of sophomores and juniors. Christy was determined to be cool, but her feet would not cooperate. She fell flat on her face. Blushing, she stumbled to her seat while the sophomores and juniors laughed heartily. Although experiences like these were not dai- ly occurrences, they were the fruits of a memorable year for the class of '91, by Stephanie Bragg Q 4-.QP - 1? - i A 1 , J ,cf iil'l if We lg s Kenny Weeks Rebecca Wegley Julie Weiser Kristie Weiser Matthew Wenger Ryan Wenger F rank Wheeler Chris Whitaker Erica White John White Jason Whitlinger Tamela Whitt Priscilla Vasquez William Vasquez Jeffrey Vaughn Meleclo Velasco Stefanie Verga Kelly Vicente Staci Vieira V Judie Villa , Michelle Vilelle , Monica Vgas Denise Walker ' Kenneth Walker Keri ,Wallace Wncent Walvoord Mike Wang g Shelley Washington Jason Watkins - Justin Watkins Shelly Watson John Wear! Jeremy Weber Freshmen 1 73 Christa Wiese Ryan Wiezer Matthew Wilkerson Cheryl Wilson Jack Wilson Michael Wilson Sean Wilson Spring Wilson Brian Wing Amy Wingate Lisa Winter Crystal Wise Kyle Wood X We .YW 'Af L Pink swssswisfs we 'QP' if fig 'V' 4 Myepkfklvkimc X xlgr we ETX 'Q fL,' , S Christy Bell and Leslie Saperstein put their heads together in order to make up a valid excuse for their gym teacher. - 12.552 Escaping the hustle and bustle inside the cafeteria at the Fall Backwards D Ryan Redd, Mette Medford and Kim Beck get a breath of fresh air. 1 74 Freshmen i ance, 1 l l w l 3 x Q E Chris Christensen and Coco Hernandez wait anxiously I learn a new regiment routine. Photos by John Christensel he Start of something new hen members of the freshman ss were asked how they felt about start of the school year, they ponded . . . vid Brady - "The start of the ool year was a new experience." rman Conway - "Freshman year s casual, a normal start of the vs ad Stilky - "The work was a lot der, and there were more le." Michelle Bell - "I don't mind being a freshman." Ginger May - "There is not really anything terrific about it." Heather Richardson - "I was ex- cited and nervous to start high school, I didn't think I'd like it, but it's great." Justin Jones - "My older brother said it would be like this." Michelle Altymer - "High school is pretty fung it's a big change from Wenger - "It was cool, a lot than my Jr. High." Guzman - "I dislike and the classes are Pioneer, but I think it's great." Stacie Shiro - "Being a freshman is a little degrading, but Upland High is super." Xlx chelle Altmyer, Robin Weetman, and Heather Ellis combine their artistic talents in making a Backwards poster. Photo by John uristensen ' : sf ' ' fm1zf. :.r'- ' 'yew wee ,ffm 3 i .. I-.A y , 'VIR' fs Lf XX , f if 1 f , I A 1 "frm If Q L. Sara Wood Antwuan Woods Jacob Wore Christina Wright Danielle Wright Yoko Yagi 501 Yasireal Hiu4Wen Yang Sherry Yeary Karen Yokiey Stephanie Young Tanga Youngbiood Gina Zamora Lynda Zuchowski ' Freshmen 1 75 Something for Everyone Along with the rebirth of Upland High, a wide variety of organiza- tions exploded on campus. From service of the school to service of the individual, from foreign language to foreign culture, from fast-paced academics to fast-paced journalism, the various organizations at U.H.S. provided a multitude of activities for students to become involved in. by Annie Wu x L f X Mx J x gf3,?sN9 , i Q5-aff A , , R, fi' HN, K ' N LJVXX XXX Q ' ..,,, My Q 5 J, 1 x x ' u J R ii' N limi" ' l fi Q ii" r X . i A XV? gm' ' V .Q -.NA fy X MTS 3 X5 Q txixrxxr xx it Ht.,-if f 4 f , 1 ,i,, ' X. ji , A 3 A3SKwJj?.Wf'i' w A g I Ly 1tWAJ3..Ml. I N W , ,int , , v of ics,-'iix' Q 1-as ,nrci sf a its-cl V r i r s Q li ri f . mv , K A V M W - n,,.,f ahve Kagftx W KX W H. ,vw 3 1 V lf. , 'gf'-"if c of r NX- v is , I I Z X KX 'rm , 0 wi X Hx J f vt. i i Q X ,,,, . ,W X X ,., rr' ix i swf' ' ' , xii? W K X Iv :X U aw ' XXMNW .XRS In Mi M, -- f, X' " at -f' , . ,, , 'iff' Xgykfx 1 A kv xrfgjw xg, Q is . , lyk. sw: W! r f fs, -XE . ,. A . 21 X ' fm ' 1,-S, - R R ,Z N,.VJ,Li,.wr' WWA ,w,,aW5L,,,f-' xg-f 3!g,l,,f- E 'ig.,Ms?""'xM M X Eli. nfs., X,gi""'x 0 W r.,,, ci',giV!cM,,.,,J HN X, by i "ff A it fm W 1 3 fliifiiss? K wiv g V XXX x . XX W, V5 1, K, KMA E l K' . An!! v ,Nj V k ' is fe" , if ,K wwf' ,W W-.L,,-1 ' ff' ik! xx C ilfg,M,.f,'l K re fw' ' - 2 sf ,,f' " ' -...1 'f5M,g,, . 2 8 i , "xr " 1- ffm ' 2 xx x. Xb K ' I I xi' if XR XR K., ,XX K I ,Q J, yt X X5 I 1, Q. , g KL ' - ., , I ' ' 2. f , ,V .. A ww ,Q -. i, , , A 4 E. 4' -,J , 'X , , X f f' lui x ' n V ,. , - I A viral MN' it my 5 Vxiyrtlgcs , jf, , ,x , A F I A XR gmf Nw K .f ,tr l i ie 'Y , wi i ,fr , . , ,-5? NxN'3x..,-if ,,ff"' "3 xy- ns "NJ ,R gy 1 i?l,.,f" W If ,ami . ff' ws. it V M Y vt X j"'x,K ff' 1 pw' . RMA? , f li 5, ,, x+e.W,f t it . 2 lil- i' l 1 Y ,. l 3 'X 1 Q if f h X rl' Y l V' 1 76 Organizations it Q' ..4 ' vwqw ,P -4- M., x ... 1 X"'F I 1 rr N .J' J , Amy Edgington I.C.C. President Andrea Sabo A.F.S. William Liao ComputerfF.B.L.A. Lathum Nelson Art Po-Sun Chen C.S.F. 'I Shani C.B.S. Maureen Smith B.S.A. Bobby Mann Jocelyn Arellanu Dance Drama Danny Goetsch is surrounded by his peers at the rally. Photo by Patti Lee Aaron James Ulrich French 'Q ,., gr' Annie Wu Mary Doyle G.A. T.E. Girls ' League 'Y 2 s 1 4 Jocelyn Arellano prepares a dramatic entry into the pool. Photo by Wileen 1 78 Inter Club Council Wong ter Club Qouncil orkmg eople o make sure the clubs did their properly, the lnter Club Council once or twice a month in the teria during second period. With Jim Drake as their advisor, sident - Amy Edgington, e-President Mary Doyle, retary - Andrea Sabo, and asurer - Aaron James Ulrich ed the l.C.C. cabinet. s a way of getting parents in- ed in school activities, l.C.C. par- ated in the Back to School ht. All the clubs set up booths passed out flyers to introduce answer questions about their s. Back to School Night's suc- s proved l.C.C. was going to have Jpurb year. Wileen Wong Malcom Cross Hlklng Key sa., Danny Goetsch Mike Beltran Peer Counseling S.A.D.D. E Avant Patel David Hesseltine Spanish Varsity for th Being l.C.C. President meant, "A lot of paperwork," laughed Amy. "lt was really hard in the beginning, but now it's easy because we all agree most of the time." Amy went on em- phasizing, "l'm really proud of the presidents, they ,do their jobs." The l.C.C. members discuss- ed and asked questions about their clubs. What started as a way of meeting new people ended up as a way of getting the clubs closer and more in- volved in U.H.S. by Patti Lee 5 f 2 fu .-- Ellen Liu Math Paul Andreano Social Awareness nfs Wendy McCallum Varsity if Q if X 1 sw if Q - .si .Q , ,,,. ,V , . Q-gm :gm--Hr . ..... ii Si? it Si EQ -if fa ,., ,..,,. ,, Sc.. ,i i.:,5,z is-ffl-1 we me Q . ,. i 5 fiiifg. .- f 1-Q7 ' sf-1-wi. -Pr Q - ...sign .1 iesfkfs' ' 'rfliiilf 7- , . ,,z.4l5-ff-ili s::.s- ,, fm, .. .. ,vf.Qsf.g,fQ fgflw ' , ,.. . . -vessel? W.. .. Wugirzlf 5225152- ,SSH si? ' .ts .2 as-es .i,i,,,S55. iq, tgfzs- as- . .,g..,,.gs,, 551' zzz, 55 .W .. -W-is -,.- . is twfzlfflitf , S .sw- K- fi-1,..er get-5 ,..,, 1 --,ygsfaigeai , .gf--I 1.22211 221: -wr 5 Q 5 ,.i,,.,,.i,,.e,, nf. ty Ki ,K s 2 5' M i fi if 5 2, ei: 1 siritsfgwif--fsssmit Si -Q ms-fif.w1f'ss-E51fe-sw? -Hr t, Q -w -902125255525-Q-?J1i2feY.rg if ra ,. 7 se ,Sf , ,,..,,, , '.gg,.ge1,.1',2-.E gfr Q . 7 5.535,j-3z..1yif..2ii?' 51.225-3.4--'V lf. jk .. f .., ,M .. ,ft--:f--iz ik Q. ,.., , ...,, . .,,... H.. is . I. .E ,!M,.i,g ..g, , ,.. z . slfizisfiief 'S in an M ., ,,.. .,,: ,. ..-- - .f.- . . ,.-.... ,,.. ., -K K iis - Q nkk- i' X1l713552LEii2255952522-7i1fg?f.I:Li:'- - -k.- -V, - ",'f. g:',i: --V,.f..M-fg..:--w..uf..g-wg:ee-it-.fs,..-- f s,-,M ..,., ...,.,,., ,......m.,,.,,c..,, ,it .,,.. 7. , . f . isis- flig gi ' . ic w new . -..,,. ...sf , S- iif.1X-25.151 Yi 2 . f, :-'iU.fS.?' g 1 ' u,.2i'.Hl.Sfii'E5.55 ,,,,,.,S.e,5. , .. , fx ..i,2ssz-igyfie li 5 as sh? s as sg? , 5- of a ,E S 122-5i1452-g,.seg2g.ff'?L.li -Qi--:sm-szgiz--S-1'-fl I-'I - '- . if..- Q 5 L i,..... .,.t ...s E fi Q 5 l 'Y QS A s - .sa-222325233 , if-Qfwsffz i .f--fgesfwsi. -s if.. 22155- 2 131155 . gg 15... . Sl fi an -5 ,,..Qi.f.,.. ,. ., .., ,..,, :gli .. . ig., . Q gs .. . . A 5 -- Mei? 4 seize? .,..sEgiiEee? f :L -Si-M sf 1 wr--:i.gg!s-W ' ' 'Qzf3ZJg' I liff? , ,..e,w...f,-fgw ' vas. it-ifziii -Paw s - , . ,ev-554. Nr- ff .Mesa 1 ,',..s-ix., . ,A me -ff 1 - wif- 3- f, :EI W ,... V5.5 -,Z , -...,- ty - ' 9152223 sf ess-Z..2s?igsaiff.Sf i E ., ...M ,rw rw ,, f,..,, ,..u-'ff-wk is' ...S . if,:5:ss'Yi.l,-Si? H . , it g fvi r its 1, .fs .i .--,, W 1 - . f V. ,.,- it ff...,,.i,-We , ,.-55..f,,- .. I A 'TH S . fl-W ' Q ,, .ww f 11- as-W ' it--V1.5 ,.+ ...we .. ,. ak ,Q if 1" kj if , , e 2555 Q ' W 5555355 t,,s.i,pg E ,.. H-get ga -1- ff Q..-View ie. Bibi 1- liar:-Q K ' , . ,,,. My . . zlisfyqw nl' Z .f--if 1.1, - ,i-.ft---rvgasfs r iw - ....,..sfs5A . is-kg, Q 2 'f --wx sz? is ff? Q 5. 1 X X . 'Pe--5:-: S 5 3532 5 5 el s as wi a ' -I l CW' li l 79 ff,-iz, 2 -- After a hiking club meeting Cynthia Monahan refreshes herself with a cool drink. Photo by Wileen Wong Trying to make a s ish Coach Gessig takes a shot during one of the half court shoot toumaments Photo by John Christensen Slamming through the yew Athletics Builds Charactei Are there any athletes out there??? Hiking club and Varsity Club were made up of students who loved the outdoors and participating in sports. Even though Unification changed some things, these two clubs were still here for interested students. As a 51.00 fee charge for admis- sion, President - Wileen Wong, Vice-President - Alex Quici, SecretaryfTreasurer - Cynthia Monahan, and Advisor - Mr. Steve Levy, planned hiking trips. Meeting every Friday before a hike, they needed at least five people to go, but that wasn't very difficult because all of the members loved to hike. "The whole purpose was to have fun and to get along in nature," as Wileen concluded. Varsity, on the other hand, was specifically for varsity letter holders only. The combined talents of girls' athletics and boys' athletics allovi the Varsity Club to function throu l988 as strong as ever. Even thou the meetings varied in time and lo' tion, Presidents - Wendy Callum and David Hesselti Secretary - Erica Finl Treasurer - Pam Magdych, Advisor - Mr. Murl Miller, 4 complished many tasks li establishing sports jacket col white and green, rather than I year's gold and green. Varsity h many games like half-court sh tournaments and donkey basketb Varsity's first year was difficult, the word around was "Teamwork Hiking and Varsity members kr that school didn't have to mf merely stuffy and boring classrool but, through club activities life co be fun and free. by Patti I E Front: Kuala Justfs, Monahan, Wuw4w11rffw W cb 4 .Xxx J I A Jw Uring one of the half court shoot tournaments, Mr. Miller wonders, "Who's up next?" loto by John Christensen :tes in hand, Wileen Wong heads toward her next meeting. Photo by Patti Lee Wtttltllfl Lim. Jon Woodgzs , P'1fffHfruJOhftI t 1 as ' Varsity 1 . :sais :trans Q as Front: Wendy McCallum, Dan Russetfg',Jerry Chrump, Mr. Victor Miller. Secondt, if -"' f,!f"i Kvvin Hrookhvarl, Troy Witliams, Paul Monroe, David Hesseltine. Back: Tirme Wisvlg, Dan Galindo, Dan Wu. Photo by John Christensen . ,cmbfvarsizy club 181 be . Common goals cause olul to Foster Communitj What did Girls' League and Key Club have in common? Well, they both performed services to improve the school and community. The Girls' League was wrapped around school services while Key Club was busy with community services. Girls' League was made up of hard working, fun loving girls who wanted to get involved in school activities. President - Mary Doyle, Vice- President - Denise Teghtmeyer, Co-Secretaries - Wileen Wong and Jocelyn Arellano, Treasurer - Avani Patel, and their advisors Mrs. Peggy Toney and Mrs. Marie Copeland helped LI.H.S. run smoothly. During their evening meetings twice a month, they planned the Father-Daughter Banquet, the Fall Backwards Dance, the Mother-Son Banquet, and the Mother-Daughter Banquet. They also gave away five S200 scholarships at the end of the year. The Girls' League gave members a chance to help school. While Girls' League helped LLP the Key Club was swamped tryin improve the community. A smaller version of the Kiwanis President - Malcom Cross, V President - Mimi Swensi Secretary - Marsha Graha Treasurer - Tracey Hart, and visors - Mr. Bill Horn and Pedvin spent every Wedne thinking up new ways to impj the community. Whether visitin convalescent homes, parking or donating money to the Buil Club at Pioneer Jr. High, only word came to Malcom's m "Generosity." Girls' League and Key Club pi ed that anyone could help out i school and community serv while still having fun!! by Patti I if . it . ? i e ,fu Malcom Cross and Mimi Swenson debate the bylaws of their constitution. All for one and one for all: the Freshmen Barbecue unites freshman with senior girls. Photo b A ' W y nnie u Showing respect for his country, Malcom Cross opens every meeting with the Pledge of 182 Girls' LeaguefKey Club Allegiance. Photos by Tony Wang , 9 .,.,. , Wi, 'QED X if ..-.Nw , 4 Studyzng Li , i,,Js C ' lk. .2 4 , , g 1 u li Cltlttlw WW it f C l is ,ii een earn ou fl l H l ll ,l . i i fi, A Q t V , , iQ Ui T, dv to Lf XW '4 A , O Qt 'fbiflfucc fl MM W A ft lb' I 7 fl or those students with artistic Advised by Mr. William Her flflfflf y M K fflair, there were a variety of choices meetings vgene open to anyone C ' of clubs on campus. They could join tereste in a et. Vjfj U6 f fbwf L Q the Art Club, the Dance Club, or the With Mrs. Cindy Little as W y L,!0f7L,ZF' Drama Club depending on interest. Eisor, the D-Qama Clubgupported , y , f' All of these clubs tried to help ntourage roupe an met onc I ll fy lly, J Q ' , students find their style and improve month in the auditorium. The c it, went to the tapings of " X F f Z ln its first year, the art club planne gtalyjderejj and cg'NlalrlriedN V ff fflfig ,f ed to finish murals and to go on sket- I FSH, VlSlte i G' i H X , f ching trips. As Mr. Boyd Nyberg Studios, and watched a play. Dr C!! stated, "The Art Club only acts as a Club officers were President T l ' 'Q 1 catalyst for studentsinterested in the Jocelyn Arellano, Vice-Presic WL! , ' X artsdl - Jenni Atchison, Secretary, U fflf0U Ever Wednegda the Club Kelly Schwalbach, and Treasi 4 Y Yi X - assembled where the officers, -Wendi FrarlkS0n. X X T President - Lathum Nelson, All of these clubs tried to intel M Vice-President - Brandi Hoffman, everyone involved. Placing m , t C Secretary - Ruth Indicate, and reliance on students and achiev ff my Treasurer - Keele Gibson main- their goals, the clubs helped QQ ' tained orderduring regular meetings. students develop interst in th P From still art to the art of motion, potential careers. 184 Art ClubfDance ClubfDrama Club the Dance Club proved to students that dancing could be fun to watch. by Elizabeth Lov Selene Eubanks avidly absorbs the talent ofa fellow actre As her mind wanders from the Dance Club meeting, Bobbie Mann daydream: graceful things like swans and butterflies. Photo by John Christen: .V - N L, .J N-.-.9-' 1.. Y, , :K A, A M , K A ,iq-,4 f'2"v i W1 'fl 4 'W TTL ASQ- 'J' is 1 O A , . ' 3 ' " . .1 , 1' Q I A "ggi 'f , 4 Q' it " A., - ' 1 we I ' 1 , 5 . nf! or X . ,4 fi ' 9 iyr 3' y ,i 34 2 ' 533595 :ii ai l K il Q X 'dir V5 :ww-A Lefl 10 Ridhv llarmiiis Marcy imcraaaefi Nybcfg, Cathy Plamondorz, Eiriit: Megbfetagdenng Jeong, Mrsg Lola Pikes, KRzi!I'gflo5E diva iv, Brandi Haufman, Carrie Scott. Photo by John Christensen F Xgnce Y D xo x e . .kr A , Nl 4 3 is N g .W-w .4 . , S 1 " its fm' Ybor' 1-IA , , W v A 1 4 If XJ 3-3 Z W' my ,H t Q? H : Mathis enjoys drawing his mysterious girl inside and outside of art class. Photo by in Christensen oring fans swamp David Bolinger because of his performance as a Spanish bachelor 'The Odd Couple." Photo by John Christensen Front: Elizabeth Cook. Gave Fleck, Amy Chou. Photo gy Ch'f5'f""Se" 's g 'I DT 1 s it 'sr,l n rsir K K V,-, ,- f,.s, ,, f ,, -, .K - , , , K - f , -A V,.f - -i ff.-fk L.-iw: W,,- :v,..,5, .,,kk my .,., , - f , 5 , 3, vV.,i Drama 6' I 's 1 Z. , . , , , - , ,f ,,7, K .,., z,y,L5L ki,, was .,,, 5 l,,L 4 ,,,i ,rrgg K H . f , ,,LV L o,,,k.,,, Ffonff Wffffaim lfwnkffm Boswell! -l"fif'lU" Af2flaff0lsHfflWY DDM? Fwcfcftfifrfiift L OU'7Sl1Uf'yg Krista Jusllsfl Christa Faulk, Heidi Snydmy l vslw. Pl10I0byJOfIfl " " K, 7 ,D I Ari Club 185 if 41 .M Promoting foreign affaie the World Comes Close: Although the French and the Spanish clubs are different, both were supervised by ad- visers who teach the respective language. The French Club met once a month in room 69. This club had about forty students. Although there was not any membership fee, the French Club held several 'social eveningsf Most French Club activities were the ideas of members or Mr. Frank Hind, the advisor. The French Club officers were President -- Aaron James Ulrich, Vice-President - Kristen Overhelm, Secretary - Lisa Brai- ly, and Treasurer - Celeste Mosca. Now journey from the French Rivera and travel south of the border to wonderful Mexico with the Spanish Club. This club met once every two weeks in room 71. Because there was not a Spanish Club last year, the leaders concentrated mainly on star- 186 French ClubfSpanish Club 'GQ ting the club from scratch, writing constitution, and setting other fou tions for years to come. Under the guidance of Mr. P Robertson, the Spanish Club plan to see a Mexican movie or two. The Spanish Club officers were Pr dent - Avani Patel, Vice-Presiden' David Linberg, Secretary - Ruth dicate, Treasurer - Po-Sun Chen. ln both clubs, the students had a part in the decisions and the activiu In these clubs, students got togethe understand foreign customs and to h fun. by Elizabeth Lov- AP Spanish student, Nina Caldera, follt selior Robertson with her eyes as he explj the importance of "el gran sub." Phot John Christensen Although fascinated by French cultl Celeste Mosca finds that she still enjoy? all-American McDonald's hamburger. P. by Scott McKenzie M - ..., .... . -- 2 3 24 r .r . . s -fi E. K J V ....x . 'S --9981265 L Jiri , 1 X gg ' Q an . x A ' ff?-L ' 2 i f 135.25 . 1y Kirpatrick's true dreams of being a Spanish teacher shlhe through at a Spanish n meeting. Photo by John Christensen ling a French joke amusing, Barbara Streifel loses sight of something very impor- : the straw. Photo by John Christensen French l K? 'mai i 'NM QOH: YE A C Wa 3 1 '- -3 nh 33 Front: Kristen Overhetm, Lisa James Ulrich. Dhaliwal, Michelle Umbdgar. Back: Scott McKenzie, Dennis Danao. Photo bg John . Spanish C' as A e Q d 1 N 5 6 Ffvnlf 00045 DHWIGJ3 ier ZFBQQ, Avani Patel, Chen, Judy Back: Cha, eiygi Patliflcee, William ,'i' William Blair, Jon Woodg Vem,Mai, Thomas Led, Cla udia Espinoza, James Sunu, Edwin Chiangt Photo? French czubjspsanign club 187 4 Upland students leur Being Different Is CDI A.F.S. and B.S.A. opened the doors of countries and of people, to expose them to other cultures and different lifestyles. They represented a coalition of young and old working together to unify a world of dif- ferences into a common humanity. American Field Service International ln- tercultural Program met every other Thurs- day. The officers were President - An- drea Sabo, Secretary - Bethamie Boswell, Treasurer - Maryann Fagg, Publicist-Historian - Scott McKenzie, and advisor, Mrs. Sandee Coumes. They sponsored a Bar-B-Que to welcome the new exchange students, held a Christmas party, and helped to decorate the Rose 188 A.F.s.fB.sA. he American Field Service welcomes the new students to Upland's Barbecue. Photo Com- pliments of Rina Sanusi. In the pursuit of fun,Andrea Sabo works hard to plan activities beforehand, so that when the time comes, they can play hard. Photo by John Christensen Parade Float for Kiwanis. Black Student Awareness sold gram their fund raiser and their proceeds i' the sale went toward hiring a speakel an assembly. They also went to many 1 ferences. B.S.A. visited other B.S.A. c at various schools to discuss coll Their officers were President - Mau Smith, Vice-President - Mich Simpson, Secretary - Ayana Do Treasurer, Dana Fitc, Community Cl man - Lavell Brown, and advisor ll' Sandra Richards. Every Tuesday ' held regular meetings. Each club increa cultural awareness on campus. by Rina Sar 14 .ff ffflf- g Civ at 3 7 I , - I , I .pi C ,LJ rt 155 J- honorary Princesses share their friendship with the Upland community. by Stanford Studio K K , , 5 9 Z. . 4, Q S fi .NE 31 . ff . Q. . X h 1 .ir N , 3 9,58 :Sk 1 sign s Q " f h it x ar . SFS' X., .. ,SX E ii - :Jw is Keisha Morris shows her friends her idea of the word "housewife." Photo by John Christensen Waiting makes time pass slowly and painfully, but BSA members can bear it while patiently trying to sell flower grams. Photo by John Christensen is-w2mf.fzgi14ez2f,,11-- me American Field Service sifa " ,rs 'K Q' Front: Maryann Faggll iyi, Andrea Sabo. Second: -"' 'iMcKenzie, Cynthieiihw Monahan, Dave Fleck, Bethanie Boswell, Dondi Danaoj Kristin Hunt, Lisa Brailey. Back: Patti Lee, Kim Gruhl, Michelle Umrigar, Kristin Oberhelmarz. Photo byJohnChristensen H ' - f"' ,M ,,s,,g,1 wsu' -gm 55' if ., ,N my fw 12321 ins? Q se ,, .ms e v Q sms ,W ei ifseffig-595515 35fS2iEl45Eii fm1f5:32z'jg, .g 144a25fzQ?Ivf. if lsr im . mlm we Qs 5 :Um Qing 1, is sexe in t, we 'lPfi':5w5E me 5 ss 2125 www M553 1' 1441217 ss2?ffss??ki:ssEm?5gg ,1 ig, .,,i. s we, ssesifsesfisgg ww esszief- Wgggigiii --,,w,,,, 1 If Miss? saw my Q asgisaa 1-heats ,xgiewg me 'Mi esiaisw W3 ,.. . we ,.,,i,, 21 lain-fwzxxs memes xsane 1: s essex 1 ,Q 5 My , 11552335 A215 has - f, sw gg ' ' 'JH me ,. ,555 :esteem an Q f ,gig 'ewes v,i: me vi :sez fm sm s . .,,.. M 453 ,, in -img? E, lf 1MIU!iIQSL,,-51921 .sfzgezzem W3?'9f7flffE :gf .sw,, vs WSW I fmeagg ,i:':,..v2W Front: Michaele Simpsogifj Fitz, Maureen l-HIDIOVQXQ yyyk Z Miss Sandra RichardsgilAlg1fgfa,George, La7'onya Moms. A9303 X Dowwffenffa A.F.S.fB.S.A. 189- 'Gs'uif5Qsea I 5' fini? five a M 2 Students reach out To Change Their There was a growing interest at Upland High for students to gather together with the intention to help others and themselves. Three new clubs were formed for this purpose. For students who aimed to be in- formed , there was Social Awareness. It focused on "getting students aware of what was around them," explained president, Paul Andreano. Social Awareness did quite a bit, despite their small size. They worked with the Sierra Club and the Audobon Society, held a symposium on water pollution, and spoke with an expert on the problems of Nicaragua. Their weekly meetings were advised by Mr. Dick Farland. S.A.D.D. was another young club that was formed by concerned students to combat the serious pro- blem of drinking and driving among high school students. Mrs. Margie Lindstrom and Mrs. Lorna Holt World were the advisors. President, Mike Beltran felt that S.A.D.D. was not condemning drinking, but he said, "Just don't drink and drive." The most memorable event S.A.D.D. sponsored was Red-Ribbon Week. During that week, students and faculty wore red ribbons to show they were anti-drug and anti- drinking. They also sold friendship bands to raise money, went to local junior high schools to discuss the dangers of drinking and driving, and began a safe-ride program. "Peer Counseling was a club developed to build a better understanding between ourselves and others," commented president, Danny Goetsch. They held weekly meetings to discuss a variety of issues that peer counselors may en- counter. ln addition, they held in- dividual workshops in order to learn more about oneself. by Frances Culp f""'fi 1 90 Peer CounselingfS.A.D.D.fSociaI Awareness 15 ll.. S sc- ff xi W' . r, 1,12 ' .' Denise Baranowski is proud to protest again dmg abuse. Photo by Scott McKenz Danny Goetsch gives a word ofthe wise I fellow peers. Photo by John Christense and others. Photo by Peter Chuang Lounsbury and Shannon Landreth joined Peer Counseling to leam more about Baker displays techniques learned in Peer Colulseling sessions. Photo by Wileen Wong Q P Q 1 P Y I f, V, , f Wil, ,, V M V Z 'N .L P .ff V fy. 3 Front: Mike Anconfskf txgfsg Bakerg Cass! Blair. Photo by John Christensen ' i ' 7 S.A.D. Front: Colleen Sawyer, Helen Liou, Julie Cryan, Kandi Theener, Back: Mrs, Margie Lindstrom, Amanda Paulus, Mike Beltran, Jennifer Cha, da Tockgo, Mrs. Lomaffoltf, r',V -'o'V . 'V 'en Kufta knows that high school students need to talk out concerns and problems. Photo John Christensen ll Andreano and Devin Fehn gather literature for their next Social Awareness meeting. :to by Scott McKenzie Peer CounselingfS.A.D.D.f8ocial Awareness 191 g , F oo, Bethanie Boswelig AnjulafBdtrag'Karen Kulla, Shannon Landrethi Back: Darren Todd, Denise Bafranewski, David Fleck, Kerry Lounsbury, T Any way you add it up, Business Makes the Future "What are the answers to these problems: the integral of x from one to five?" "What is the interest on one thousand dollars which was put in the bank with the interest rate of three point five percent per year?" "What is the byte?" "What are all these zeros and ones standing for?" These were questions encountered by students who were involved in the Math Club, Future Business Leaders of America, and the Computer Club. Computer Club acquainted students with various computer languages including Pascal, Fortran and Cobalt. The club also introduced many other complimentary pieces to be added to the computer including the modem, printer, and hand 5 milf' wr: In , .,,, . . K ' 1 controller. Future Business Leaders of America helped students to develop their leadership skills. This nation- wide organization attended many business conferences. Math Club was a newly organized club advised by Mr. and Mrs. David Geisler. They believed the club helped students to solve difficult math problems. 'They sponsored California Math League and Atlantic-Pacific Math League contests. These three organizations joined together to make the business of the future. by Ellen Liu E. Lg...- Joey Tu wins another award in Business Calculation at the Southern Section Conference. Photo by Vicki Robertson Peter Chuang concentrates on aceing the California Math League contest sponsored by Math Club. Photo by Pandora Griggs F.B.L.A. and Computer Club membersjoin together to advertise their organizatons at Back-To-School Night. Photo by Scott McKenzie 192 Math ClubfF.B.L.A.fComputer Club Computer Club ,. W W aims ,Lf 2812258653 Y? N V. mi:-..,ig,..,,9f, J 5, E-, 5 223 X fam? ,..2x, aw www L Qzzwfw R: QP, in sid, may ,ASQ fa HE V W fa mwfwl fa .mama 755, 'Q-M L- 1f5sEXi512i, C' 3 i5:5f?F'1::?sggQ iawamm N wp.. ,Angie M X f--f 2- - 2,wwQ:1,A 7212, .Ewa ..-Qu ,Q K E Q 5' :se -ffqggivm x .Q w wail?-Q Aw, .gig ?'u wi E tm ,W imgzi A553255 W, 3 mm M 1 -ggw . ., T F awww ,x.w1MaxL. W -A E , H -:aw - 34 ,wgfr dgi :M new .. M 3 me HQ E wx. Mm .,,, .E W .,.., Qifiwaiifiw g E921 ,S .. ,Mm ,aiflmzwgm .mmm ii'3-911-QQZYIR3-W.. "? asf! wma . ,mm , zgg , , :H '::5E:Eii .gi f igswaaga :P L-E-1115-21.2155ffwff':g22Hf21:21,isezzgsswzfsfzairifggilgggisjfggsfirssifsifasiisssi:azz ,sssz.srw , wi,31'nfnfI,,rf-ff..-i!zft.g?Q In if -fhzfffiiiff 15S'ff5'145:'glinfiffvgfiiffiiiif5!5Q:Q5?iiL5Q?ff5iffQE1i5H '1!lGS'fS'fS5f'iiilffff55i,fi?L557Ti7E.5L: 3, 57: 'Q f",.5kE,-E-7,5177 .Wi 555155-'zfgffsffE4S:g'faE?i?i3fif5:fiZff?i?fE,'??3HV?5fE?f 'fa ,..,,,g., .i.,i,x.:,.f,L5f,::'fag-fi.--fy,f.:,,w,fa,,ia,gf,sgfffsssifsiifsiifaii15521'42z.:szz?.sz,is-nw-Mf'w-1-fi---1 ff-- -- -L -wwf 1-ff,1f'fs1um,:M-.Q-w,f.mQrQms,Qg5Q, 5 , 'f ffAfff.s1,'f: Y ' -1W,2H1:-wus f 12, . v, rilfvwz.-J 'K af --L.: 'few-"""1'i1:' Mw,1w,f5w3m . X ':s'..FE Dame IWHIG, Wa ian KK" aeffle I fs yi -.-1271: 21, iw 1 ' K K K ' gn" , .w P'l0l0 K -2 s-'f,i-SM . M-:,,3,,,,x,,,,,Q,,,,, , .. .,,,,,,,,m.mv - ,:- -,na-4,2 glfikfiffiifif 3 W,i:-,A--W , 'wg :-. , ' lltllfe USIHGSS ea CIS O 1. v4 QITISIICEI ww 'SE' P1 ewfsxfmzxi if5'iii??if3E3 55553335 Jmiiaiw' Wmmw EXSEEFES. 51555359 1s,,m..w.. 1511211521215 fff59EQ?E?i?3iE...5Fv .3,,.w,,.m ,A ifl33Tf?iiZi!55i5BEfgg Q wi 'BW . ff k sezxzszseassvm 2 ,mm A Qiiessas. W mn '- QA me E - -- an we hw E52 1 1259 m4Q a 352542, Q www QL ass vw ww 7 :iii '12 .. -,mm f .liz IHLEZJSKK ff 'ff TESESZQQSEZFZEEEEE ??E:?:f?L55E. , Sl " . ,.li?EElSEiiQEZ??5 - 'Q .mum iz ,, ...mf EH Liavisrwfy ax!! 'E 2, X M L-f Lam, A " '., -, H -fff ..,,,.:-,, i:w, K ,. V ','A Front Dennis wafff Chwgv Ya '79 James E iii l l .,,,1 , ..,,..,, . ,g ,,. ,,. V,,:,, .k,,, :.,,, 1 f,, u 'Z K w.ys1.sf,1sf-wasHsiffi "" , gg, at 11 iii kwa . xg Q M ,ci . fi -9 f a Q 'W' W f ,X , , Francis Kim, Williain amy , Helen I-bil? me Geisler Photo bylohnffit V A "'A, A ., A V' Math ClubfF43,,,f.gqQ,jComputer Clggb mmm xizsaeagam 'WM HWS. ,, E ff WM Q f f' A -3. V , ., Q : ' pf ,Wy."g, S, '1'l'P'fi1, jjjfvgti' 'V' , 7 v f -ff 2 , X -Z5??e,,, fx 2 , , V , , , ,, ,.,, 5..,.,,9,,A W, 5 f ,fv,, fm , ,. ,,,, , .ig Mix. EIA? 5515? 2355 E New QE , :1,,':. -SEEK ' V"' 'ijisii . ,,, M, 5. W 75731522222 .bfwiaeaiizfxfe EJ W Q: X21-fe? E W as Asa sagem My Wm Q :4 'V f - ' fi . .-,. , ,, Swmws in , ' ,V - ' 21 M3212 , , ,, ,.., , ggi 5 3122 M wwe' www V ,- new Qismia .mmm 1 , eh' ,.5. , .4 an ' f' siiiiwr. " 2,- f , f - ' 'f :.,'A-wasrxxssxx Y ,f f .. 2 m .. ffwfwiiwii .,,g:si:svfam:s sfssigfssseszg. ., ' ' ' ff.Q,f.21. ,L K 4 f SL ,vig 4 f 1. my 4 s f ,f ' X W -L fy A E A 1 f 1 ff 2 1 55832 fix. X -'Q 7 A Q r' W 4 ' I px A Q 9 H VAAV 4 ff' X f 1 e ' 14 4 ff 4 uf ,K 4, X ,.3fJ??5ig595sa 2 L8 . QQFEZE 313 955321313-i?1SEEi'i5 HA 1 wi W men? wg :W ,, .,,W,m..W '3EEli?ii:iIi?El5 HL --ff, ,,..4QG.a,w1 'WEZAETSSQE W mam. K Qu: 'ffviwwgi 'M 'Wien ., P W, ,,..,,, Q W3- pus-ui Students gather for a Meeting of the Minds The purpose of G.A.T.E. was to "learn through first hand ex- perience" as the club's President, Annie Wu, phrased it. This could be said of not only G.A.T.E., but also C.S.F. and C.B.S., two other similar clubs. All three clubs worked to gain knowledge and reach future goals. G.A.T.E. had the largest number of members, considering every student in the G.A.T.E. program was a member. They- held meetings on Wednesdays when necessary and sold Thanksgiving Grams to raise funds. They also held several debates and attended a play. Mr. Jon Wenrick was their advisor, with Vice President Cynthia Monahan, Treasurer Kimberly Huang, and Secretary Avani Patel as the club officers. California Scholarship Federa- tion's goal was to "give the oppor- tunity for the academic enhance- ment of the club members," stated President Po-Sun Chen. The club's advisor was Elaine Mar, with Hilary Han as Vice President, Peter Chuang as Treasurer, and Claudia Foo as Secretary. Unfortunately, C.S.F. got off to a late start, but later in the year, the club went to an amusement park, attended a Dodger 3 iegr T 194 C B S XC S FfG.A.T.E. , , game, and held a fund raiser. One of the unique things they did was to make students more aware of the many scholarships available. College Bound Students was the most recent club formed by Shani Castaldi and Anne D'Arcangelo. lt was formed by students who had a strong interest in a college education and wanted a way to explore all of their options. Forming a club gave the students an opportunity to work together on things such as the many forms seniors are given and SAT preparation. They had speakers come and lecture on various college topics, and met when necessary to organize upcoming events. They also held a dance in spring to raise funds. by Frances Culp Co-Executives Shani Castaldi and Anne D'Arca gele are pleased wltl success of the club they fowl Peter Chuang and Peter Choi helped Mart n Chao get his grades L meet C.S.F. standards Photos by John Chnstel 17 ,f mmm 'wapw' wif md M t . in Wenrick, Annie Wu, and Po-Sun Chen work on upcoming events for G.A.T.E. vani Patel and Annie Wu argue over CLS. policies on S.D.l. Photos by John Christensen A A '- .1 Q 'eww' is 5 ' 3 35, Kg1'.5.' is:-"ii, :fla w H589 'f :'?92Z'5 ::?E::Q . k,:. 55 ' ?2g5.fifj'a:'5a: j x - :-Wg .. :-' m v H15 -f, 'Awww wh 2:5 fy , mpg sg ,J 1 5 S I H a.-311. 1,39 W as W- .. -1.5, 1 ff 'asf " :.. ' En 1 .L 'V was , ?f, ' Wi 'em 59 W ggi gigs iix we "" " ' 3 231 Ri M ia? 5222 gagged 2 ? ii Nicous 1 ---11 ' ----2 : .?5'??!lf'F " :5f'. a '.. ,. ' i""f"'f3K'f5s1e:,H1r?.,.,,,.,A,..,, J: --. .. 4956 56 ---Z-- 5 . ie-im g C.S.F. ff? N.- 2'?nJ:1,.a:: .. .a:EE: A T in 3 , 4:1355 S! 1, Iii W i i fig , 1711561625: 'E ' .::-Q- gang 2 ,. -, A.-: .' s: -' gg ma' .a-I-iw Hf:E?"":i."-.l1,:" W: t ,fx 5 ,JEL-:--V-T1-2'i:.m.::2i5i::?? AU I eg BP 310 2 Fe :Je '1 1 : Q H' A225 5 'S AUM' GATE er in ... Z in .x. . .::- - -- ,, -,Q ,. W f 15,2-he .. ,. Q EQ, .. Rlght :Q -', 1 -1' 3'-qlfgf, 'g 5: i LQ ,wMy...4 fafi?ef. f, TYLIIW S Ch 1.:ziiifL,g1 ' ' - 121-,- ::.. i55i' 2 535 :: W? V 513 "f ' i 32 5 9i,E5 1ef' ::'E.,.' Mal. if Dhalw Y , F oo C5 " 1 ., , :EW --uf'-,ff ,Q .-,.i.f,',, V A i 'Iwi 20" 7 , V, , L' 7 :fa Sabo, .s . ,, n John C fi -H xwwiisimfgswggs rmmsgggezfsigswfsrwgwfyfsgiel -K Hifi-isiiafyiffffggiyr ' Y 1 fm 1?wi5,ggq2g925QgYiw5i 5-fs s?3i? w6 , i f 9 : - ra, .X -1 1:-Q - 1 W ,m,xwJ2z?wm gf4' : '..:- n f m e E, -. fy ' ' - 21 4 cf: 5- . 5, - em- .,:H .-Eff-w:::'n" ,M K Q V,,, x i , m . -- Q- ,, tx. .V V . . . A . . - -, 39' JMB an--1,a:,,1 ' ,,,g,.52f,:2".::.-' : 2- 1 - - 5' sc .: f-Ln , , J " ':ZS'.rii5i'.:f Enlightenment Through Experience L'What is M.U.N.?" "What is Mock Trial?" and "What is Academic Decathlon?" These were the first reactions expressed by students when they first heard about these unusual organizations, two of which were new to the Upland campus. All three organizations had one thing in common, they were all involved in intense competition. Model United Nations was advised by Mr. Randal Haggard, "Model United Nations acquainted students with international affairs and diplomacy by engaging them in situations which required United Na- tions procedures," explained Mr. Haggard. Mock Trial introduced the com- plexities of the American legal system, providing experience for legal argument, poise and con- fidence in a courtroom situation. Academic Decathlon was com- posed of six members who com- peted in ten different catagories ranging from essay to economics. After four months of preparation, Upland placed eighth in the county competition, winning first place in mathematics and interview, and se- cond place in fine art and language and literature. These three hard working groups motivated the competitive spirit on campus. They also brought forth the improvement of academic skills. by Ellen Liu "P"'?" Pulling out her walkman, Joanna Cason records Mr. Hill's P.L.O. lect Members of Model United Nations prepare for the Febmary competition. Ph: 196 Academic DecathlonfMock TrialfModel United Nations by John Christen T, it .ef F ll rpg: rg 1 J F, 5 La g? 0 M K . Z5 se wt g 'ai e . 3-. Q, VM. ' 1.10 t . iw J ,, . ainyafa e i - i 1 W . af we , N . ia x iv' 1 S, ,Q we-4 Katie Baker and Khymberli Apaloo consider the opposing argument. Flashing their meeting agenda, Joanna Cason understands the importance of being prepared. Wendy McCallum and June Wang prepare their arguments for the upcoming Model United Nations competition. Photos by John Christensen thlon, Front: Mary Jane Landaker, Eiien Liu, Avant Patel, Scott McKenzie, John Pildfidfs. Back: Cynthia Monahan, PaulAndreano, Mr. Calvin French, Rob M di ta ughan. Photo by John Christensen ' Q 1 1 Qock Trial I 'ii YY' i X 2 'YQ V- , B. QJ t q X ,, . F" J 5 ot fln A A, . A 5 ht' Front: Katie Baker, KhgmberliApaloo, Joshua Babcock, Kimberly Huang, Avanl Patel, Held! Snyder. Back: Rob Mdfaughan, Jay Babcock, Cynthia Monahan, Darren Jackson, Jackie Shin, Kristina Cordasco, Ms. Maritgn Lubarsky. Photo by John Christensen , , jig- g V g , N Model United Nations Q '44 f . - I I x x x Front: Mtbnetze Wong, 1 JoannaQCason, Prado, Cyr1!hEd,Moi1ahan,'KelIy Schoo F maker, Wendy McCaYEuQfgi??5It.1.,Randai Haggard. Photo bg,VJohn'Christensen ' Academic DecathlonfMock TriaIfModel United Nations 197 Kelly Schoonmaker 198 Plaid Editor-in-Chief For the staff of Plaia ews s the Facts of Life Jon Wenrick Advisor Avani Patel News Editor jg A -g Jocelyn Arellano Corresponding Editor The Plaid, a bi-weekly cor- respondence which covered events on campus, has been an informative and influential newspaper for many students. News was at its best when reported by the talented journalists of the class. Everyone had one main goal in his job: to report the "facts" lt was necessary to write in a professional manner acceptable to journalistic standards. "l think it's a good learn- ing experiencef' declared June Wang. "I have improved lon my writingjf' ln addition, Plaid has given its reporters free self-expression through their writings. As expressed by Po-Sun Chen, "l think Plaid is the ultimate way to express my literary thoughts on campus. lt's a great way to vent your feelings." Michelle Dilks Wileen Wong Opinions Editor F6-HIIUCS Ediwf X Po-Sun Chen Roger Chan ww' J. Alan Low Scott McKenzie However, once stories were vs ten, a great deal of the work upon the editors. They were resp sible for editing, layout designs, 1 tures, cut-lines, and much mt Editors also worked hard to impri the quality of what was repori Basically, they made up the core the newspaper. Stress may hi been in the way, but obstacles w easily overcome. "Yeah, there lstressj, but l can deal with it, f of," proclaimed Wileen Wo Features Editor. "The best part about it is in when we have to stay 'til 10 o'cl4 into the night for a rush layout," uded News Editor Avani Patel, Wenrick helps out by getting some pizza." by Peter Chua 'QS gl I ff! 'lil Wendy McCallum Bill Batchelor Sports Editor Photo Editor -Zi tl +V, X If Claudia Foo Julie Freelove Amanda Paulus John Pilafidis ,..,A. ,,....,i . , Q .1 W x W . .. Q isa-.Q Sw xg, K Y Qin-. ftzxnrifiii Jay Babcock Cassie Blair 'K......? .aw I ,fr .4 f xi ' 'LG Eric Borer aff li! 1Krista Justis Farish Kashefinqjad Tasha Lewlb David Linberg fm l....2 acqueline Roma . .. Paul Skousen Br'n Smith 1 i , irrii Takingihifliv Kdissf B sive' i ii B reportaniqluring a Plaid meedng..Photo by i me '5fi5f5: :i1se2f1Qz1142z1ffMv' f M, , 5f5Fra??1?fi:551:.f:2 -1,1 1,51 if .fiS,,'sf7fl55E3f?i,.. .fi .i iw 2, 1 Lq.., iw i:.,,,: Mm: -'G lm-1115: nsffaswzz -1121, , ,,... E .W Q-.mfmxsmws J ww 5831 may mmmf , ismsezxgwswz Iizggmziagiyxgg .L Mama, 1f4gQ1fv52UHwf Q -ff ,sf x 55555223555 9114544 ' ' s Sxfmfiwgr X ai 'ii fzifff-11'-wig. A '- , 'iffvfiisiiifffiiggg 'six Q- - V I-.iv :J if - 1 . - 'lf-sw2ur'w.ffm-4,-:iffsszif'sfh,i'ffwi2:isa15511.21Jwswsffeim-w , V ., V ,.,., , . . . ,K , .,,. A , ,, ,.,, -.-,, li, :,,5,,,,,.m,,,M,m,mMi5:.,,,:W,,:,55,5Q ,- f4,,,... - -f-. k,.'L 1 1 i , . f A . . Shoff durbxg' V'h,, if f B.-. f ,ii'i ' 3 ,iii -- f. f M , . ' ' , K ,.h" 5 , ml ab: si Q 4 1 IA iii- f Q Ai0b Bri'rrB' B iir'i if i rririi riii B 4 of iiii iiiiii Qiirki ,Baii 1 ..,,, 4' -4Q,Jsi" -a ' ,, mf, f:wz-M1121 f ,, V , J ,ff-Lia' f V 'gg 1- ,f ry . X K J 3 1wf,ffL::,-w..,:zf,,,..L, W K w f , i Q , if ill f "Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire bum and cauldron bubble," threatens Annie Wu, to encourage on-time deadline performance. Alan Low's computer expertise is appreciated by the Hielan stafL although Jenny Bales thinks his ways are a bit unorthodox. Photos by John Christensen Okay, the reason that I don't have my copy is that a tornado hit our house and . . ." explains Stephanie Bragg to doubtful editor, Jenny Bales. Photo by Vicki Scott 200 H ielan journalistic perfectio All Wrapped Ur "No, you can't say that it's Year- book cliche," "lt's Hielan not Hellen!" and "The deadline is this Thursday," were a few of the quotes that were heard regularly during the times of preparation for the 1988 Hielan. A staff of twenty-one was led by editors-in-chief, Jenny Bales and Annie Wu and advised by Mr. James Hill. Dedication to perfection kept the Hielan staff on the run in search of the perfect quote and the ideal candid. A compilation of creative thoughts and diverse outlooks were used to create an an- nual that expressed the trends and viewpoints of students in 1988. The thirty-third volume of the Hielan was made larger in three areas. First, thirty-two pages were addedg se- cond, the publication was enlarged from 8V2" x 11" to 9" x 12"g and third, a special eight page fold out J .gist was added to create an image journalistic perfection. Every aspf of the Hielan was created a designed by Upland students. Ea member of the staff endured lo hours of brain storming, typi feature stories, and designing pag to produce the '88 Hielan. As ea student engaged himself in the yet book's completion, he becarl wrapped up in the spirit of learni from experience and of investigati every aspect of activities, studert and faculty members that played il portant roles in making the histq of the 1987-88 school year. Assembled by dedicated st, members, the Hielan was a pictor history book for all to enjoy and rel to. Each staffer was proud of l contribution to the Hielan. by Jennifer Bal gi ff .9 W .F I' I IEAA :VI Q 2, , if 4 Jim Hill Advisor X . xi LS x T Q N- A xxs R P X'-- . X "" fi- fs K 1 f tephanie Bragg 'andora Griggs E 9' ne, 4 I Jennifer Bales E ditor- in- Chief Peter Chuang Ki P' I Patti Lee ,,W-'fr--3" ,,,,,W, A fa. , i"' I w ifi , , '-r M i it errr Steve Meraz J 4 75 7 7 ' of ws Angela Roussakis M- f S Q J i R rey Si , 11, L' J to V ,Q if ,""'-'Q,, , ' A ,, 1 . '-"f V af 1- John Christensen L Photo Editor Annie Wu E ditor-in- Chief - . Jlllnltlpllg ilrri Pwomsarw 'S 4? K, as 4 , 11,49 ' 1' ,P 1 -...Az Qi.- Bridget Clarke Fran Culp yi.,-.. -L. v . F. 'lei 5 Working In a mountain of confusion, Gennifer Gnymon prepares pages for 3 deadline. Q Ellen Liu Elizabeth Lowry nw if zz fy K A? p Desiree Morentin Barbara Packer Lis tenixig to editorial advice, Patti Lee completes hes' quad pak for the pubiishing company Photos by Vicki Scott Rina Sanusi Vicki Scott Jon Wood , . From organizations emerge Inexhaustible Emerg ,if The performance of The Odd Couple by Shannon Dell, Colleen Dee, John Edwards, and David Bolinger was executed flawlessly. While sketching a still life model, Susan Dyer considers the elements of shadow and perspective. Photos by John Christensen 202 Organizations Wrap-Up ln 1988, the best part of Upland was its diversity of U.H.S. students represented through the involve- ment of various clubs. Whether the clubs were young or old,,each had a uniqueness that stood out above the rest. Unity within each group was the secret that brought personality to Upland. Unification created new clubs with new ideas and new advisors. Dance, Art, Social awareness, and C.B.S. were some of them. Difficulties plagued them in the beginning, but their ideas boldly stood out to prove ,, ,,1,.-.5:iS2fii1l,i5.tiii,t, it ,iimniif'.1igsaiigf.z3gxiiH::132231 Q . ies, iii z' , Li i1i?l3iQ??i5x2Eaz:3zfg1Sfaixainiisft in igiiigflxiiii 31 i"wi.sd'y . iii'?'.3i.U,16 "i'.i!Eliifi2 '11'f' , '1 fiiiiifi il' iiiiiiizfli' E-1 TW that the young will survive. Even S.A.D.D., students united for F Ribbon Week to show their oppos to substance abuse. There was 1 one elite club, but instead 21 v+ determined clubs each wanting to their best. Whichever club anyone join there was always a feeling of co araderie all around. While meet new people and making spec friends, each student participated a club to show his everlasting sp to U.H.S. by Patti l. K. vi as .4,-f""""'V :rested in joining the Hiking Club, Travis Dredd asks Alex Quicl questions during :lc to School Night. Photo by Scott McKenzie rin an M CLN. tri to U.C Riverside, President, Joanna Cason, writes her commit- 9 - P - 's resolution. Photo by Wileen Wong Wa , . ,. .. ,k,.. k,.5 ,,:,..W:,l rf, . . , .rfir-1-:itzkMrfg:.E3,EgXE5:,r5,.:f'-ggggif5-5,55.-1ei.-1 -.,- . - . - . - e ---- rf-fur-11-,-1-m .-f, 1. - . - - - - - -f'- - v7-- fm-.:.'.-H-if ef: s V1Ct0l' ctw rt t , their power, the guidance of a new 'Athietics Director, Upland faced a fresh mob of athletes recruited by Unification. With the various activities Upland had to offer, Scots were All jWrap- Ped Clvfinf the many afhleiifeeppoff tunities to the . f Q e We 4 by Atgnmxwu BiiQ2i2g5frf?QiJsi?QQW iQ9Xmm of rq,?5Q9xO2Xg UXC0 'VXXON ' fXgwQ9QSg9N QP c Y 53 Q24 5552, fy Q Q05 Ugg? t o M" do r QNJQQ5 , t e r N-tt 'Q 204 f. . N Sports 205 I t's Not Whether You Win or Lose lt's How You Pla the Game The varsity football team spent the year trying to rebuild their strength as a team, rather than try- ing, to achieve the league title. Coach Merandi stated, "The strongest part of the team was the players' willingness to work and try to improve their area techniques." Even though the overall results were not outstanding, the players' attitude was very impressive. Merandi com- mented, "No matter what happened, the players wanted to practice and work to get better." The quality of c. 'V' XS? c c C . cc .W W, the players' academic achievement should not be overlooked. After comparing the overall grade point average at the beginning of the season which was set 2.3 to the overall G.P.A. at the end of the season, rising to a 2.78, it seems the field was not the only place where the team gave their all. The players also learned what hard work was and now know what it will take to cap- ture the league title next year. by Vicki Scott 'K Front: Tony Walker, Dan Russel, Daue Scott, Mike Burt, Robert Roc- co, James Curtis, John Stagno, Mike Rosales, Troy Bennett. Second Row: Frank Rosales, Andy Norell, T. J. Lingenfelter, Jeremy Lingerfelter, Carlos Martinez, Brian La Crosse, Rusty McCarthy, Jason Merandi, Joanna Cason, Mike Bonura, Joe Santore. Third Row: Chris Karns, Mike Jackson, Charlie Martinez, Coach Foreso, Coach Miller, Coach Merandi, Coach Kistler, Coach Youngling, Coach Lopez, Tony Leonard, Scott McDaniel. Fourth Row: Mark Wilson, Jeff Crockett, John Doe, Duane Hibbard, Nick Hernandez, Todd Miller, Robbie Ellis, Darren Mooney, Eric Johnson. Fifth Row: Erik Chamorro, Jeff Brit- tain, Robert Cauazos, Jerry Crump, Steve Szarzynski, Anthony Vargas, Jeff Curti, Randy Walsh, Troy Williams. Last Row: Paul Monroe, Sean Van Dusen, Anthony Hughes, Rick Loughry, Tom Brown, Tirone Wisely, Hessley Hempstead, Dale Andreoli, Peter Gingerich. 206 Varsity Football Defensive player, Jerry Crump, shows the opposing teamjust how tough the Highlanders can be. Photo by Vicki Scott Mark Wilson, a quarterback for the Scots, attempts to throw another successful pass. Photo by Sanford Studios J 3 I5 .. al, '- Ll. H . S. Opp. Norco 0 50 Rowland 6 42 Arlington O 32 Claremont O 35 Alta Loma 3 14 Pomona 7 0 Glendora 0 30 Damien 0 20 Don Lugo O 17 Chaffey 9 14 N Stat Girls, Kelley Knight, Crystal Kimes, Vicki Scott and Dianna Ho, hope things are looking up as the Highlanders make their first touchdown of the evening. Photo by John Christensen Breaking through the banner, the Varsity foot- ball team heads for victory. Photo by John Christensen Defensive back, Joe Santoro runs for yardage after the kick offi Photo by Sanford Studios Varsity Football 207 Tackling the season, Th ' D cl' t' 7 A 1ms oward ' st 'Q-aff ffl S W The Junior Varsity Football team and O. However, like the did saying gave their all and still ended up goes, "All good things must come to short. Despite the low scoring an end." The freshman team was season, player Vache Tashjiam unable to keep up their remarkable replied, "Even though we weren't title. Many of the players from the too good, we had fun." They had a frosh starting line were injured and strong defense and were trained by were unable to finish out the season. Coach Doc Holiday and Coach Remarkably, they were able to end Gary Winstead. Even though the the season at 5 and 5. season was not the best, many Coaches Ray Ottesen and players were ready to move up to Shawn Kreman felt the frosh team Varsity and give it their all. had much more potential than their Claremont While winning the game was the record showed. "They worked hard Alta Loma goal, working hard and showing at practices and developed great Pomona great potential was the freshman skill,"replied Coach Ottesen. Glendora football teams success. The long by Barbara Packer and Vicki Damien summer and afterschool practices Scott Don Lugo paid off with a perfect record of 5 Chaffey Front: Vachu Tashjiam, Paul Krause, Jon O'Riley, Frank Salsedo. Second: Richard Rister, Peter Raisbeck, Mike McKean, Jeremy Howl, Sal Medrano, Jed Wockenfuss. Third: Mike Sylveira, Pat Richardson, Jack Burns, Coach Holiday, Coach Winstead, Theo Rakoski, Eric Horne, Joe Vargas Fourth: Geoff Yanez, Randy Cestone, Derrick Mason, Shawn Sandafer, Chris Weissman, Bobby Kuhar, Brendan Blincoe. Back: Kevin Roney, Darren Todd, Greg Stover, David Block. nge' .My . ,L V f,g,,,a UQ! Wyxb V Q " , . , .. 1g,, fmhiitill I g ,gg v is Again? , R . : wa.- M' i...-n..-s8u 208 Junior Varsity Football l ,faqsiiaafwfkgivlefielfit -111 1 Norco Rowland Arlington Claremont Alta Loma Pomona W Glendora Damien Don Lugo Chaffey Practicing his punting skills, concentrates on balance and skill. Photo by Angela Roussakis Front: Robert Reese, Jeff Geer, Josh Hatch, Jeff Goss, David Brady, Greg Hickman, Mike Wilson, Antwuan Woods, Tony Fil- ing. Second: Jason Bennett, Justin Martinez, Gene Bennett, Dennis Gulley, Harold Jefferson, Norman Conway, Bobbie Stepheuson, Martin Castillo, Victor Medrano. Third: Ethan Gingerich, Jon Frankson, Reggie Carter, Coach Kreman, Coach Otteson, Coach Pettrota, Trent Roesch, Shawn Jenkins, Brent Smith. Fourth: Justin Jones, Day Chaves, Kevin Eshleman, Matt Weuger, Dustin Puffer, Rob Silvera, Hermann Atencio, Ethan Jackson, Daniel Sandoval. Fifth: Gerrit Burki, Dan Gersna, Jason Brittlan, Miklaus Moody, Jim Trimmer, Brad Mobeck, Jay Pope, Gary Bender. Back: Brad Inman, Dan Ryan, Jason Hoover, Brian Kenman, Jeff Stevens, Justin Greenhalgh, Brad Hall, Dan Vargas, Robby Goetsch. Photos by Sanford Studios Freshman Football 209 1' til Front: Judy Sunu, Terri Higashi, Aileen lshimoto. Middle: Sarah Wingate, Caroline Raufll, Genny Arnold, Chrissie Naugle, Tia Spear. Back: Debbie Kryle, Kristen Gamble, Coach Holycross, Gennifer Gugmon, Jane Yoo, 210 Women 's Tennis Upland Tennis takes it Uver the Nei Gam , Set, Match The element of surprise was with the 1987 Women's Tennis Teams. With the Varsity's defeat of highly ranked Claremont, the team was off to a flying start. "This year the whole attitude about tennis was dif- ferent - practices were a lot harder, and more emphasis was put on win- ning," claimed senior Caroline Rauffi. The coaches behind the new attitude, Bob Holycross, and Lani Felberg felt it was important to en- courage the girls to take the game seriously and put forth their very best efforts. Practices consisted of running, stretching, fundamental drills, and competition with penalty laps for those not giving it their all. With these new regulations it would seer that the teams never had time fo fun and frolic, but this was certainl never the case. "Even though Mrs Felberg worked us hard we still ha, time to enjoy ourselves, and th game of tennis," stated sophomor Sarah Wingate. . The hard work put forth b, coaches and players paid ofi Llpland's Varsity squad watched ei their doubles team of Debbi Krygel and Kristen Gamble ag vanced into the first round of C.l. play. Women's tennis in 1987 wasl mixture of hard work, and olo fashioned fun with neithe dominating the scene. by Gennifer Guymoi Onlookers Kristen Gamble and Debbie Krygle watch as their teammates light for victory. Photos bi John Christensen if 1 ' 'X1'xif'k'?F'gZ'x JH 1 an xrxfktliif, s ' Lx . Concentrating on aim, Caroline Rauffi performs a backward in perfect form. With a powerful backhand, sophomore Terri Higashi pounds the ball over the net. 'N V920 Ll.H.S. OPP. Claremont l 1 7 4, Chaffey 12 6 3 MQ, Alta Loma 14 4 y A Nogales 3 15 5: If mm, ,, Glendora 7 1 1 3 St. Lucy's 4 14 if ff 3' Don Lugo 12 6 gg ft is ' Chaffey 9 9 fe Q2 'H Claremont 8 10 Alta Loma 12 6 Glendora 5 13 St. Lucy's 2 16 Don Lugo 9 9 41 i4-an if Q x Q x anim at i. sg. V to . , 5 N 'A X ' Q s Q 1 4 x ,Q I S erer ry C - ' lv 53 3 , Q A , 4 A K- My O K A ,J A I 14. Y, i 11 W X Q .., + 1 rf-P ' + - Q r . . . ,, . ..f.w...1v-'-ftp? iff' f" iff ,A . K J J x,:'d,x'A,,' , g ,ig U2 .' , 1 A-wp Lv. f e ine.-4 Q ,:,Q.S,,e..mg,gfYf ,fy wig' sg, ,.- .-.s,.....r,..,,,M,... .t,a.msNwwwM'W"MNW'Max U . .. J .Y iffy! . . . . - ,inn--v--" MA 1 Front: Qylvlaiklalormo, Trac: Mortimer, Karen Kim, Fsther Pak. Middle: Jane Doe, Stephanie Cheng, Arasely Rios, Colette Vandersande, Stacy Schiro. Back: Sarah Wingate, Shana Salstrom, Allyse Nielson, Jane Yoo, Coach Felberg. All Photos by John Christensen .X I, Xfwyj, N V ' K 1 X Y ' Lf F. f tif W ,X -Nivj .iii I E .xx YL QV XV ,M ,V Aux ,xv .A .Y A X ' XX X k A R - J X . xv -, i w H. ,gf fix" Q E I r X N 4 A X.-' X lv' V 'xl ,Qt l , 'x . X x lx' xl I in V 4 X, '- I Q N l A , ' s , , X . X., , X U .E v . it ' V X x J 1 .J N , -. ,M "u X V ' an N 4 , V 1 4 x 4 X . 1 X . H , 4 X X N 4 X 7.-f U X 1 ik Rf ,, ., U A .W. - I C i"A WomVen's'JlInior Varsity Tennis 4211 Hard woi Determination Bring Abou Championship Seasor The Varsity Water Polo team had a rewarding season, as the Scots won the title of Baseline League Champs, along with Claremont. This was a feat that has not been ac- complished by one of Llpland's water polo teams since 1978. They had a record of 16-5 which took them to C.l.F. The season was one of determina- tion and teamwork. Coach Victor Miller led the squad to their goal of C.l.F. Players Axel Araquistian, Jeff Darney, and Scott Boen were great contributors to the team's ef- forts, as they made All-League, first team. Other contributing factors to the team's excellence were it's gre swimming abilities, and the ei perienced team members. T commitment to excellence me waking up early for a morni workout, and ending the school with another one. Both of which c sisted of practicing water polo sk and tough swimming drills. Spe, was stressed this season, as well teamwork. When asked who th toughest rivals were this year, Coa Miller replied, "lt would have to Claremont, and Palos Verdes Coach Miller looked forward another championship season. by Steve Mer 1- Front: Jeff Darneg, Axel Araquislian, Eric Degner, Mike Fritz, Scott Boen, Chris Ankeny, Ira Weiny. Back: Mark Drury, Manuel Piceno, Dari Goetsch, Steve Wang, Chris Murphy, Phil ' ,W s , ,V ,, 'N was Q! WH .J ,. , Graham' Stem' Kodalen- Phofo by Vlfkf SCOU lra Weiny sets up a game winning goal. Photo by Vicki Scott 212 Men 's Varsity Water Polo Mid 43 Assistant Coach Howard Hyde, Coach Victor Miller, Stats Laura Goetsch. Mike Antoniak makes a game saving block. Front: Tom Valiin, Sean Buur. Middle: Jeff Vaughn, Chad Stilky, Felipe Salazar, Brian Nandi, Rajeev, Allan Kwiatkowski, Brian Kennedy, Wally Lopatka, Dan Mz:Brearty, Steve Sapra. Back: Jake Huxman, David Brown, Troy Prusia, Scott Bordenkircher, Jeffhlvelle, Jim Magdych, Billy Chen, Jason Pyle, Matt Vardaman, Mike Antoniak, Brady Lock. Photos by Vicki Scott Men's Junior Varsity Water Polo 213 W, 3 Q N, . .wr ig e N 'ZWMWHM-WW ff - A J, eg qqQQ g n g miie. Kim Genig's helght ls a definite adoanta when It comes to blocking spikes. After a tough match, Marcia Gralu replenishes her thirsty body's need mi Gatorade. letting" the pace or a Season of nprecedented Surprises season of change and a com- tive spirit, the Varsity Volleyball endured through triumph and Eat. Linder the new direction of ch Randy lttner, the girls gave lir all in trying situations. Skill and wledge were the key factors that the Varsity Volleyball team to tory. As any good coach would Coach lttner worked the ladies d on the individual fundamentals well as playing as a single unit - a whole team. Although the team was composed of younger players, a virtually sophomore-junior team, ex- perience was on their side. Girls returning to the Varsity team as well as those who played on the Junior Varsity and Freshman teams in previous years brought their exper- tise to continue the Upland tradition of outstanding performance in Varsi- ty Volleyball. by Jennifer Bales Pilar Depade l 3 , . . Melissa Mowery F l P 613 DeDe Ann Pendleton Marcia Graham Jolene Petrota Kristy Jones Bridget Ragle Chrissie Morgan Amy Smlth After a successful set from a team member, Marcia Graham wins the game with a spike. With a powerfull swing, Kim Gessig spikes a victory. All Photos by Jolm Christensen Ll.H.S. OPP. Claremont 3 1 Alta Loma l 3 Pomona 3 0 Glendora 3 0 St. Lucy's 3 2 Don Lugo 3 O Chaffey 3 O Claremont 3 O Alta Loma 1 3 Pomona 3 O Glendora 3 -2 St. Lucy's O 3 Don Lugo 3 O Chaffey 3 O After a successful set from a team member, Marcia Graham wins the game with a spike. With a powerful swing, Kim Gessig spikes a victory. All Photos by John Christensen ,lf l 1 1 Women's Varsity Volleyball 215 Katie Ball Melrssa Margala Gayle Heller Chnssie Morgan Mandy Horak Megan Shulte Kelly Karr Nathalie Townsend Michelle Lowen Ann Nemeth N mbe fourtee bumps the ball setting it for the game- winning spike Photo by John Christensen Bump, set, spik A Winning Tradition Lives o1 A season of ups and downs, sets and spikes, and victories and defeats embodied the result of the Junior Varsity and Freshman Volleyball teams. Coach Randy Ittner and Coach Kathy Bell used every technique to teach the young ladies the fun- damentals of the sport as well as what it took to be winners. Hard practices and intense competitions were the foundations to success. Constructed mostly of sophomores, the Junior Varsity team had the vantage of experienced returr players. Unlike the Varsity Volleyball te, these younger girls had a lot to lea but they were all excited to hit court and perform at their best lf of competition. Following the sl dard set by previous teams, Junior Varsity and Freshman tea executed perfection behind the ne by Jennifer Ba ,I , Q , ,,,,,K ' ,,., K' ""44--www., .--Q-....,M, M ff' fd ' Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora St. Lucy's Don Lugo Chaffey Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora St. Lucy's Don Lugo Chaffey le Ll.H.S. OPP. 2 1 0 2 2 O 2 O 2 l 2 O 2 1 1 2 2 O 2 O 2 1 2 0 2 0 Daily practices are the mqlor factor in making the Juhlor Varisty Volleyball team successful. Photo by John Christensen Julie Annigian Mary Bagalso Jennifer Cushnie Cristy Flores Jacque Garner Sara Gerety Cindy Hamm Kelley Kodalen Tina Koehl Echo Koontz Lisa McRann Kris Radloff Kathy Scolieri Keri Wallace Keri Karr U.H.S. OPP. Alta Loma O 2 Glendora 2 1 St. Lucy's 2 1 Alta Loma 1 2 Alta Loma O 2 Alta Loma 0 2 Glendora 2 1 St. Lucy's 2 1 Alta Loma 1 2 Women's Freshman Volleyball 217 Varsity - Front: Dabe Green, Dan Galindo, Pet Burks, Bob Charlebois, Dave Hesseltine, Kevin Brookhart, Scott Barker, Tim Perry. Middle: Shawn Cate, Dan Wu, Chet Robb, Chris Mc- Caffery, Daryl Neher, Ryan McCaffery, John Equi, Eric Man- drell. Back: Roger Smith, Vu Le, Doug Puffer, Josh Ellingwood, Greg Hatch, Lance Boen, Sean Cheyney. Photo compliments of Coach Loney Dan Galindo, Greg Hatch, and Dan Wu struggle through the final leg of the race. Phot by Vicki Scott 218 Men's Varsity Cross-Country Men's varsity cross-country Runs to Second Place in C.I.F. Final The Men's Varsity Cross-Country Team enjoyed a prosperous season. The rest of the Baseline League escaped in terror as the Highlanders outran them with dominant speed. They placed second in the Southern section C.I.F., behind Arroyo, the number one team in the Nation. They placed first in the Foutain Valley Invitational, Kenny Staub ln- vitational, and the Chaffey District Meet. ln every invitational they ran in, the team finished in the top three and finished sixth out of 1200 high schools in the state finals. Coach Bob Loney worked the team very hard to get them to this status. They had to run and work out for one to two hours each day. This may sound strenuous, but as members of the team will agree, ri ning comes easily if you win. become a winning team, there be a friendship among all memlll this team was more of a family uni Coach Loney congratulated "family" by acknowledging, " 1987 squad was one of the fin teams in the history of Upland H School." Their record is to be env and compares favorably with team in the school's history. Wi asked to sum up the 1987 seas' Dave Green answered, "We dia all." by Jon Wo ing a consistent pace, David Hesseltine keeps in mind the importance of steady thing. Photo by Vicki Scott Claremont Alta Loma GHS WLS! 5163 ch 5, smog 5 In 1 . S - K ' 8 1 Pete Burks 82 David Hesseltlne I1 ll q , , ,ccve v n A B 33 Dan Galindo 4524 Robert Charlebois Q 31 85 Tim Perry 86 Dave Green OPP Pamona Glendora Damlen Don Lugo Chaffey Men's Varsity Cross-Country 219 Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien Don Lugo Chaffey Ll.H.S. 15 I5 15 15 15 15 15 OPPP. 50 50 50 50 50 50 50 220 Men's J.V.fS.F. Cross-Country Mens'juni0r varsity and freshmf Run Circle Around the Competitioi The Junior Varsity and SophfFrosh Cross-Country teams were undefeated while the Junior Varsity team com- pleted each meet with perfect scores. Coach Bob Loney hoped that these teams would follow the winning tradi- tion that had been set before them. The Junior Varsity teams were also dual meet champions, winning the Mt. Sac Invitational and the Kenny Staub f ylet 1 0 Riayfentuc Steve Caringella Michael Carter Invitational. The teams concludedi season as league champions. Co Loney stated, "lt was the best th mile Junior Varsity team we ever hai and added, "two sophomores and freshmen earned varsity letters." cellence prevailed and the champ ship tradition continued with 1987-88 Cross-Country teams. by Jon W4 Matt Jensen 1 Jason Sandobal Mike Smith Ryan Smith John White Lawrence Chiou Mike Dunayant Mark Wiehl T 1 ifi 1 T Mike Wilson "' t V l Ron Good Claremont 27 28 Alta LOITIB 28 30 Pomona 15 50 Glendora 15 49 Damien 23 35 Don Lugo 15 50 Chaffey 15 50 fomen's cross-country iteps Gut to let a Winning Pace sually a team that was as young inexperienced as this one does not Ih the season with a winning rd. The Girls' Junior Varsity as-Country Team was an exception iis rule. viis team with only five returning abers still managed to perform at best. Their outstanding perfor- ce placed them in third place at Baseline League Finals, League ls, and the Chaffey District zational. The season began slowly with close losses to Alta Loma and Pomona. This losing streak did not last long, for the team achieved perfect scores of 15 in their next five competitions. Each member had to run at least 10 miles a week, with practice routes often ranging from the top of Euclid and back down to school. All this was nothing as Krista Robb acknowledg- ed, "The feeling of victory wiped away the trials of practice." by Jon Wood P1 3' J.V. - Front: April Burgi, Cynthia Monahan, Kathleen Patton, Kim Barker, Dee Dee Molnick, Kami Carter. Middle: Leila Mc- Cellan, Alicia Mangan, Kelly Knight, Eric Morales, Krista Robb, Paula Berneathy, Annie Rasmussen. Back: Francis Smith, Mer- rilyne Altmyer, Agana Downs, Oanh Le, Onika Pankey, Christy Christensen, Kami Hiuely, Aldora George, Christin Bragg, Katie Muhs, Staci Viera. Photo by John Christensen Coach Loney congratulates Roll Good as he is awarded his J.V. letter. Coach Sprung speaks to parents of the great ac- complishments of the girls' teams. Photos by Jolm Christensen Ll.H.S. OPP ' Claremont 30 26 I Alta Loma 29 26 Pomona 15 50 . Glendora 15 49 St. Lucy's 15 50 , Don Lugo 15 50 Chaffey 15 50 Women's J.V. Cross-Country 221 Going the extra mill Catapults Cross-Countr to First C.I.F. Playoff U.H.S. OPP. Claremont 31 24 Alta Loma 34 22 Pomona 23 36 Glendora 24 32 St. Lucy ' 16 44 C haffey 18 45 Don Lugo Forfeit Z is -1 , The 1987 Cross-Country season went well for runners in the Baseline League. The program was one of the best in the league under the direction of Coach Robert Sprung. He devoted much of his time encourag- ing the athletes, as well as helping them get their feet going again when they were discouraged. "Cross-Country is an individual sport, meaning that it's just you against the clock . . . Cross-Country eventually becomes personal and helps the individual inside," stated Coach Sprung. This strong team was young, they captured five out of seven ci tests, and were the first team to in the C.l.F. finals in the historj Upland High. Among the top athletes, Heati Watson, Allison Norell, Ath. Kentros, Patti Ems, Mendy IV tingly, and Jennifer Tobias all o tributed spirit and hard work to team. by Maureen Smith and Jon Wu Dawn Zimmerman, Allison Norell, Mendy Mattingly, Jennifer Tobias, Heather Watson, Coach Sprung, Heather Morketter Karen Shaw, Athena Kentros, Patti Ems, Christine Richardson, Athena Kentros stmggles to stay ahead ofa rival. 222 Women 's Varsity C ross-C ountry Team members discuss their strategy for victory. Top runner, Heather Watson, heads for the last leg ofa long, three-mile mn. Dawn Zimmerman passes her op- ponent on her may to the finish line. All Photos by John Christensen Women's Varsity Cross-Country 223 l Lxiiff Jivl lj cf? ! ,js .w' " , Q i ,ix ,Wi - We ,fi The begznnzn M1 , f J ' Q Q ,df 'I a,i5'9UL0. f M9 fa if To Jil fc f f wi rw ' ' T 3 fine ff io a e T W ra 1 101 r e at 7 Wi ,J if-M QD-"4 " l I7 XV MM-.. G lf' fwci T MA W, pvc QAM, is F, ' ,lg - JM 6 PM.- A 4 A .,"fA X r W f fi O XCE BITCH Lib C 0' 'Q "We want to turn the attitude 'I around," declared Coach Greg Kevin Roessler, and Jordan Sm l Wuetcher. With the training of each worked closely with the res' Coach Wuetcher and Assistant the team to create a pfamily Coach Fred Easton, the Men's Var- mosphere. "We're all one," explj sity Basketball team strove toward ed Coach Wuetcher. "There's p building a new spirit and viewpoint in the school with an energetic and valiant season. Besides emphasizing a more ag- gressive defense, punctuality, neatness, determination, and pride were stressed at each day's two-hour practice. Their three goals were to enter the second round at the Mont- clair - Upland Tournament, achieve a .500 league record, and enter C.l.F. play-offs. Co-captains Keith Roessler, on every level." The united te spent the year fighting back? reshaping their past reputation. " different now . . . When we go out that court, we expect to win. ' don't expect to lose," affirn Smith. With a vigorous and impress season, the Men's Varsity Basketli team brought a renewed enthusia back to basketball. "We did together!" exclaimed Smith. by Annie! l 7 Claremont I, Alta Loma Pomona Glendora I Damien Don Lugo I CHaffey Claremont 7 Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien Don Lugo I Chaffey 224 Men's Varsity Basketball With eyes alert on his opponent, Steve cy dribbling and footwork. Showing his version of Air Jordan, Derek Wynn tips the ball in for another two points. Preparing for a free-throw, Caley Conway concentrates on precision. Photos by John Christensen Fiorindo tricks an Alta Loma guard with fan- F a A 'Q .c',. 5 1, L ,. ' . , A EQ, , it is 'U M 5 ,W ,C L . v X Q . 2 H:-1 1-r V 6 Q .fa Qu .C if if- 5F46 4 i d na ! , A ' A Kifbug W9 331' Qui? Nt. Mi " P on we Qu' 10 13. , 1 '14 'fz'."vib SQW4 N as iff. Na'-1g.,., '-Ezs P 5 ' ' ..- .Qu -fx -fi Z sexe . up V i J f' A s if i b. 1 f , of Q g V . A 2 T IL, N.. -fo - -.f.., V- H . 1 . A P" - ' 'A --ff "' i 5 1 Nm Front: Brad Whitcanack, Caley Conway. Back: Coach Greg XM Wuetcher, Maurice Autrey, Paul Cushing, Anthony Hughes, I Clark Heauener, Keith Roessler, Lance Boen, Keuin Roessler, Q Bob Hickey, Jordan Smith, Steve Fiorindo, Francis Palmer, Q A 'LLI7 - - ' Brian LaCross. Photo by John Christensen reer . fx A Q -K l-,111 -V -we as - ating for the rebound the Varsity team tries to score another basket before half-time. Photo by Vicki lt ring above the competition, Keith Roessler reaches for the basket. Photo by Vicki Scott Men's Varsity Basketball 225 Spotting an open man, Frank Cavallo dribbles down court In search of an outside shot. Junior Varsity - Front: Grant Vermillion, Matt McGinnis, Robert Ponder, Frank C auallo, Tim Vondran. Middle: Mark Wilson, Jim Plamondon, Joe Vargas, Galo Lopez, Don Dawson, Daron Chambliss, Coach Robert Leui. Back: Rick Brodbeck, Byck Leutwiler, Mike Dunauant, Ryan Finle . Photos Q by John Christensen UPL nf, :R .2 ,,i, Nat l.I.H.S. OPP. Claremont 41 46 f X Alta Loma 45 31 Pomona 65 57 Glendora 29 37 M-A Damien 74 78 Don Lugo 34 38 Chaffey 50 36 X Claremont 51 62 3' Alta Loma 84 21 Pomona 68 55 Glendora 39 56 Damien 35 51 Don Lugo 65 56 Chaffey 48 40 .. -, Stretching for ajump shot, Grant Vermillion at- tempts to tap the ball. Photo by John Christensen V in of 226 Men's Junior Varsity XF rosh Basketball tense training translates into ight Defense and aseline Threat nder the guidance of new ches, Coach Robert Levi and ach Rick Neault, the Men's ior Varsity and Frosh Basketball ms shot towards new skills and ls. out through two hours of every day, the J.V. team on layups and free-throws also stressing defensive skills. laps around the gym, the most beneficial element "We don't get tired as when we're on the court," :llowing in the footsteps of Dr. J, players jump up for an :sy score. Photo by John Christensen rosh - Front: Bill Blades, Brad Drury, Brandon Kwok, Alex Pei, Norman Conway. Back: Scott Tatman, Daniel Sandoval, Josh Hatch, Damon Bingham, Dennis Baranowski, Mike Cadle. Photo by John Christensen confessed co-captains Daron Chambliss and Ryan Finley. Facing their most difficult opposi- tion, Damien and Glendora, the J.V. aimed towards winning their two tournaments, winning at least half of their league games, and becoming Baseline League champs., The Frosh team began the season by placing second in the Claremont Freshmen Tournament. Thanks to key players, Damon Bingham and Dennis Baranowski, the team bat- tled their strongest opponents, Alta ,,,,Nw-J, ti Loma and Claremont. A tight defense and patient offense were the Frosh's best assets in frustrating other teams. Practicing one and a half hours each day, they enforced skills in screening out and patience in taking shots. Working well with their coaches, the Junior Varsity and Frosh were tough teams of young men who easi- ly became a threat to other teams of the Baseline League. by Annie Wu Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien Don Lugo Chaffey Claremont Alto Lomo Pamona Glendora Damien Don Lugo Chaffey sh Basketball 227 C0ach's win-win strategy promote Learning, Enjo men and Victory Isbell encounters tight pressure from a Pomona defender. K ty Jones passes from the outside to set up a shot. Photos by Bridget Clarke 228 Women 's Varsity Basketball The Women's Varsity Basketball team was impressive, as their record showed. They adapted very easily to first year coach, Coach Kathy Bell. Their goals were to make C.l.F. and to develop a unified team. Besides teamwork, other strengths and positive aspects were the team's height, quickness, devotion, and will- ingness to learn and work hard. Shooting, pressing, defense, and fast breaking were the areas of concen- tration. Among players who worked hard at these skills were Kim Gessig - center and forward, Chrissy Morgan - point guard, Kristy Jones - center and forward, and i is Keisha Morris - wing. Coach Bell had unique ways teaching the players. She had a f mula which helped make the gal more fun and interesting: something is fun, you will learn. you learn, you will wing if you win is fun." ln addition to winni games, the team also gained valt such as teamwork, accepting loss and looking for the good in things. lt was coaches like Coach E who made athletics a rewarding e perience, and players like hers w displayed the sportsmanship tl keeps the spirit of the game alive. by Steve Mer if ' , Q5 C2 foo 501 J' 65 my Jw Mm camel LLM M045 M Q Lok? X44 6111751 gg? K Qlffdzkg ff? , O Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora St. Lucy's Don Lugo Chaffey Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora St. Lucy's Don Lugo Chaffey 'F 'i ' Sa Q! Low f Ween on .el , -:'--- Q -- - - X Kim Gesslg out-jumps two opponents during a game agalnst Pomona. X Reaching new heights, Keisha Morrls goes up fora rebolmd. Q Anxiously awaiting the outcome of the shot, the Lady Scots take their rebound stance. Z Photos by Bridget Clark P2 f- Z ffyf fS Women's Varsity Basketball 229 Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora St. Lucy's Don Lugo Chaffey Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora St. Lucy's Don Lugo Chaffey lm Tension builds as Alicia Mangan drlbbles toward the basket in the final seconds of the game. Photo by Vicki Scott Teamwoi Results in Recorc Breaking Seasor The Women's Junior Varsity Basketball team really came together as a team. Their adjustment to Llpland's first year coach, Coach Phil De Puy, from Palmdale, was exceptional. "They were easy to work with, and easy to be proud of," stated Coach De Puy. Since the team collaborated so well, Coach De Puy's philosophy was easy to follow - "A player's personal best arises by doing the best he or she can as a team player." ln addition to team- work, shooting and sprinting skills were especially stressed. Three players who displayed skills and teamwork especially well were Melissa Margala - center, Ma Bugalso - point guard, and Ali Mangan - forward. An accomplished goal for ' team was to beat last year's rect of 2-12. The team easily beat breaking the .500 winning avera mark. This was due primarily to tl' high scoring. Previous teams hz seldom broken 15 points per gar The 28 points per game average v a unique feature which made Coz De Puy extremely proud and lc forward to a second record-breaki season. by Steve Mel 230 Women's Junior Varsity Basketball , I-if '11 L f l ' x -' . . , 2 .u A . .- ' x n 1 ff ' R , 1 l x gl X' - V. l A fast break allows Mary Bugalso to escape St. Lucy 's defense. Center, Melissa Margala, sets up for the next play. Photos by Vicki Scott 30 'el 2 4 ' 2 rr Q 3 K . X 2 Sl n Theresa Skyles puts two on the board for Upland. Photo by Vicki Scott Women's Junior Varsity Basketball 231 Using much strength and skill, Andy Norell get the ball toward his goal. Nell Becker concentrates on perfecting his soc cer game. Don Lugo Ontario Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien Chaffey Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien Don Lugo Chaffey i N Johnny O'Brien is attacked by the Chaffey Tiger's defense. Photos ' 232 Men 's Varsity Soccer by John Christensen ,F ..r ,, ...,l,,, 1...- theme and away, Feam Members Set a Real Kick Coach Norell aided by Assistant Coach Mike Sears again led the Men's Varsity Soccer team to many victories in '88. Coach Norell had been a soccer coach for fifteen years, five of which were here at Upland High for Varsity Soccer. The coaches had to choose nineteen players from an extraordinarily large group of 75 boys. A total of six players returned to the team from last year. Coach Norell's attitude toward coaching was to make the team have a good time. He felt many coaches force the players to give too much time and energy to the team which results in a hatred for the sport. Therefore, he did not exert too much pressure on the players to do their very best, and he understood when they had com- mitments other than soccer. During the game, however, he expected 1002, from each player. This may be the reason why the team did so well. Their victory over Damien really made the team proud. The team's strength, according to the coaches, was their defense and their centers. The coach also felt that they had greater potential and talent than in past years. Coach Norell hoped to get a good enough soccer team so that guys don't switch to Damien from Upland just for a better soccer team. by Stephanie Bragg Mit... Back:Coach Pete Norell, Jeff C urti, Mike Lubanko, Chris Kaatz, Cory Christiansen, Neil Grabowski, Kyle Brinkworth, Coach Mike Sears, Middle: John Sanhamel, Neil Becker, Andy Norell, Rob Ellis, Darell Dicks, John Borden. Front: Rob Westbrook, Eric Takeuchi, Curt Taylor, Johnny O'Brien. John Sanhamel struggles to regain his balance after put- ting all of his strength into his powerful kick. Photos by John Christensen Men's Varsity Soccer 233 Don Lugo Ontario Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien Chaffey Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Dribbling toward the gon Working Hard Bu' Havin Fur The Men's Junior Varsity and Freshman soccer teams proved to be tough to beat. The Junior Varsity team was led by a new coach, Pete Petrillo. According to several players, Coach Petrillo worked them hard but was very fair. Coach Petrillo had previously coached the girls' soccer team at Chaffey, and was new to the Upland coaching staff. The Junior Varisty team consisted of many sophomores and four or five juniors. The twenty-two players were chosen from a group of forty who tried out. "lt was a really hard job trying to choose only twenty-two players because most of the people 8 T who tried out were really good stated Coach Petrillo. He was pro' of each person who tried out. Coal Ittner believed that the team w composed of very skilled playe but he also hoped that they woL get tougher in game situations. l Coach Petrillo made sure tl1 each of the players kept their grad up and enforced a strict rule that the grades dropped, the player c not participate. Overall, the dedic tion of the players and the coach made the season the success that was. by Stephanie Brag Glendora Damien Don Lugo il i-'Z s i 1 c i a 1 1 l Frosh - Back: Robert Streza, Tim Castleberrg, Jeff Stephens, Sean Chaney, Mark Shaurette, Brady Biddle, Brandon Culpep- per, Jason Brittain. Middle: Chris March, Jean Bennette, Ron- nie Grandorf, Mike Ayers, Chad Katona, Jason Bennette, Bob- bie Stevenson, Scott Steer. Front:Aaron GrandorfQ Doug C haney, Jason Watkins, Dante Avila, Alex Salcedo, Aaron Shinley, Justin Watkins. li X , ,, . ,.,, iff ' . , .i... . . is , Tim Castleberry has a look of detennination in his eye while having no doubts In his mind as to who w 234 Men 's Junior Varsity and Freshman Soccer win the game. Photos by John Chrlstens, Vache Tasajian eagerly awalts his next chance to take the ball and score a goal. Don Lugo Ontario Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien Chaffey Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien as g F f as . i ,, Q al misfit f f E V J.V - Back: Kevin Curtis, Todd Miller, Steve Szarzynski, iff J , X to James Bezuidenhout, Alex Canizales, Jason Sandoval, Coach V . . A A dy ' Petrillo. Znd: Larry Methuin, Thomas Yamamoto, John Stagno, ' i . W ,A A Q 'W W Jason Van Hoy, Andy McCoy, Mike Petrillo, Kelly Marich. 3rd: . . S' -i'. 5 ii" M A Wx - ' - ' ' A ,, U , A ' I Vache Tasajian, Manny Hernandez, Kevin Sanchez, Danny ,, 5-f " """' . ' A ' twin ,,.-H Sgwij 1 ' Abriol, Mike Mirabella. Front: Cary Johnson and Eric Horne. I wyb. , A-A: ft' if ii' ' -N .. - My ' . ,N -- ' ' ' ' Steve Szarzynski has no doubts as to who will win this - -' .V A game as he throws in the ball. in 5. if-X 4 i lf" - . K s Men's Junior Varsity and Freshman Soccer 235 Mighty womerfs soccer Kicks Their Way Into C.I.F. Finals The women's Varsity soccer team started out a great season with a 3-O win against Bishop Montgomery High School. They were successfully defended by fullbacks Jennifer Vermillion, Melissa Mowery, Wendy Carmona, Heather Watson, and goalkeeper, Lisa King. Not to mention the offensive team, which had great speed and was led by Christine Kel- ly and Deana D'Andrea. Fortunately, the players worked well together as a team. When Coach Andy Gessig was asked about team weaknesses he replied, "We have no glaring weaknesses. Sometimes getting motivated against a weaker opponent causes pro- blems, but not to any great degreeef' As a coach, Mr. Gessig tried to improve fthe Ll.H.S. OPP. Claremont 1 O Alta Loma 2 O Pomona 1 1 O Glendora 4 0 St. Lucy's 2 O Don Lugo 0 0 Chaffey 2 0 Claremont 1 3 Alta Loma l l Pomona 13 0 Glendora 5 O St. Lucy's O O Don Lugo 2 0 Chaffey 1 l C.l.F. University 4 1 Capistrano O 1 Valley players' physical skill level through good productive practices, constant workout on their mental aspects of the game, and greater awareness of their individual role. They were also prepared to be motivated for each opponent. The strength of the team was shown as the season was completed with 9 wins and 1 loss. They pushed for C.l.F. Champions but lost 0-l to Capistrano Valley High School in their second C.l.F. game. Even though they did not win C.l.F. the Junior Varsity and Varsity Women's Soccer Team brought great pride and appreciation to ,Upland High School. by Vicki Scott and Angela Roussakis Michelle Graham tosses the ball back in game from the sidel Ines. Photo by Vicki SSN si semi igfil, mgyii -.... , 236 Women's Varsity Soccer Varsity - Front: Mendy Mattingly, Rhonda Clark, Christine Ke Michele Graham, Jennifer Smith. Middle: Bridget Ragle, Jenni Vermillion, Wendy Carmona, Stacey Leath, Karen Kufta. Back:As: tant Coach Jack Vemnillion, Krista Watson, Melissa Mowery, D4 D'Andrea, Heather Watson, Lisa Esparcia, Kathy Stephenson, I. King, Coach Andy Ges: Coach Snell gives offensive advice to players. Photo by Vicki Sc ,Q E A.,. as N. SH-1xS"fZf 'ef X , kk K W al. b g ,Q J iggfgg V4 , W fe IN' -f q J.V. - Front: Heather Ellis, Mary Beth Hawkins, Nadine Molinar, Christa Weise, Athena Kentross, Kari Murphy. Back: Assistant Coach Pieter Koehl, Jennifer Senft, Tabatha Stehle, Tina Koehl, Karen Atkinson, Lisa McFann, Angie Lwn, Cherise Madison, Gall Heller, Sherlse Rlckett, Arllne Hiatt, Coach Don Snell. Photo by Vicki Scott Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora St Lucy s Don Lugo Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora St Lucy s Don Lugo Chaffey u.H.s. oPP. . , Chaffey wygrkgyk K Q .y . . M V " ' " 'L N,.- K ta Watson fights aggressively to retrieve the ball. : Sweeper," Heather Watson, kicks the ball to defend her nickname. Photos by Vicki Scott Women's Junior Varsity Soccer 237 Lam Duong pulls his opponent back in the middle with great force. Photo by Pandora Front. Chris Burton, Mike Lin, Art Garcia, Greg Hudson Lam Duong, Armondo Garcia. Middle. Mike Tiemari Randy Cestone, Craig Donachy Pat Anderson, Kevin Elder, Mike Rozales Steve Meing, Jason Jones. Back: Coach Shawn Kreman, Jason Knight, Jeff Brittan Nick Hernandez, Russle Groce, Ji Kim Paul Melandrez, Head Coach Gary More than just a gum The Upland Varsity Wrestling team had a spectacular season. lt was tough trying out for the team because Coach Gary Winstead was very picky. Eighty players tried out, but only seventy were chosen to be a part of the team. They had an outstanding season with thirty returning wrestlers, twenty-five of whom were letter winners. When asked what the most dif- ficult game would be, Coach Winstead replied with a sigh, "Alta Loma. We don't play games, we Wrestling to Wil wrestle." The team's greates strengths were experience, har- work, and dedication. The only weakness was the team's lack o depth, but the wrestlers made ul for that when they went to tour naments and won. This was Coach Winstead's firs year of coaching for Upland. H' felt that it was important for ai athlete to enjoy what he does ani to have fun. Coach Winstead pull ed the Varsity Wrestling team to a successful season. by Pandora Griggs Griggs Winstead. Claremont Damien Glendora Don Lugo Chaffey Alta Loma 'lv I ima!-+01 ,,......- ,im pushes his opponent to the mat to achieve victory. Anderson wins with Pride. on Knight heads for the showers after pinning his opponent. All Photos 'andora Griggs Q fav 1 6 .p eV,,1 l L A f or , N - - 1 1 . Men's Varsity Wrestling 239 Damien Glendora Don Lugo Chaffey Alta Loma Futures are brigk for Wrestlers The Junior Varsity and Freshman wrestling teams had a great season. Coach Shawn Kreman supported the team through thick and thin." The Freshman team did well, even though they were inexperienced. ln the first tournament they took se- cond place against Esperanza High School. The coaches were extremely impressed with the performance of the teams. The most difficult oppo- 240 Men's Junior Varsity Wrestling of Today nent proved to be Alta Loma. Bo the Junior Varsity and Freshm. teams found strength i togetherness and dedication. Not o ly did the team want to win, but th' also had fun doing it. Wrestling was a unique sport that although it was one on ol competition, all of the players su ported whoever was on the mat. by Pandora Grigg i 2 l : l s 5 . David Brady uses all his strength to win. Randy Cestone pins his opponent after thr hard periods. Photos by Pandra Griggs Montclair Claremont Damien Glendora Don Lugo Chaffey Alta Loma " 'M-"""'-""' g it in ' 4- ' 'Ani ijt, Richard Rister uses all his power to win his match. Photo by Pandora Griggs Front: David Brady, Travis Cain, Brian Coe, Jeremiah Farree, Brent Emler, Jesse Gomez, Ramsey Alimusa, Dino Leonard, Steve Gagram, Keith Meiking. Middle: Robert Ahumad, Brian Cooper, Greg Hickman, Carlos Silva, Paul Krause, Chris Armenderez, Rian Vandiver, Greg Krome, Sam Hamilton, Ray Ynostroza, Adrian Mondujanox. Back: Jed Wockefuss, Allan Thomson, Darren Todd, Phil Tedders, Randy Walsh, Jack Burns, Jason White, Richard Risler, Joe Cervantes, Theo Rakosi, Brian Scroggins, Wayne Short, Photos by Pandora Griggs Men s Freshman Wrestling 241 Building close relation Track Sprints to Perfectioi at the Sound of a - M fr""fA1y4Enduring long practice hours 7 in - 1,42-ju LII' while beads of sweat soaked their 7 F 70' 0 shirts in the afternoon heat, the RP' of 5, - .if gyiffjw' ww' A wr ' a"lV06f67 . - T is icci l csic, oci siir cio iiii il,??2!ff-'TBUVICS T 9' tiri 'S isii i zsrgawn care , it Tlfi TM? gfwefmafl .1+Randy Cestone S soo'aio QR' we "WP y-Roberzcnariebofs srtiieo of K99e"Sm'f'1 Sean Cheyney Vu Le 2+g1.2'if-g'1fi 'iic EQ T l eny Taff Mark Damikolas Chris Thomas Umemofv Travis Dredd vi - Justin Wgfdell MichaelDunavant Franciseazmerj i c ,BfadiVf11fwwCk Joshua Ellingwood TimPerry'f5'5YQf?31t1- - l t, Marc Wiehl t John Equi Q A Troy Mlliams 242 Men's Varsity Traclc Men's Varsity Track team tried hard to perfect their sport by working laboriously with only Sundays off. Students who wanted a varsity let- ter, a league patch, a C.l.F. patch, or just to improve and sharpen their skill had to wake up fto practicey ear- ly Saturday mornings or to compete in invitational track meets. The track team had an open sense of humor. When asked what the team's weaknesses were, Coach Bob Loney chuckled "Nothing we admit." Their strengths, however, arose from their coaches. Coach Loney was the boys' head coach- and mv rs, ,-fc" Ifk ,.,, W Gunsh drilled the long distance runn Other coaches included Co: Lefevers, Albert, Marks, Fairf Sprung, Ottesen, and Poiner v advised students on sprinting, hu ing, pole vaulting, discus, shotp and high jump. 1 Coach Loney insisted, "We dc expect to lose this year." He pected the highlight of the seasor be the meets against Damien, wh they lost to last year for the first ti in four years. Their strategy was to "have g kids in every event." With strai forward tactics, definite goals, endless hours of practice, the te could hardly go wrong. by Elizabeth Lov Darting into the air, a pole vaulter momentarily enjoys the feeling offllght. Photo by Vicki S4 Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien Don Lugo Chaffey Spotting his point of target Curtis Olsen prepares to toss his shotput A hurdle soars hlgh over elevated targets Under the heat of the afternoon sun Kerry Tate pushes on around the final tum With tension in hrs muscles Chris Mdffney works out to relieve the klnks in his body Photos by Vlckl Scott Ll.H.S. Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien Don Lugo Chaffey OPP. Junior Varsity Track Stretching toward the sky, a pole vaulter an- ticipates a successful landing. Photo by Vicki Scott Kwaku Aidoo Raymond Cantu Steve C aringella Michael Carter James Faulkner Ronald Good Jason Hoover Daniel Huecker Jacob E. Aaron ieei p S Erik iiiiiPi James Lin . f Gustavo Lopez Ryan McCaffrey Craig Pound Theo Rakosi Louis Santos Steve Smith Charles Wang John White Jack Wilson Danny Wu A 'racking toward C.I.F. 'unior arsity Teams 'ump Ever Hurdle The Men's Junior Varsity Track Em's desire to become C.l.F. cham- ns challenged the inner strength of ch member. They fulfilled their pact :rough long workouts and willingness endure daily practices. Their rough hedule was epctended to morning actices for those who wanted to ach their limits. Coach Robert Loney's main rategy was to put good kids in the Eht event and to never expect to lose. me of the competition was difficult, It the Men's J.V. Track team tablished that the best way to win as to have a winning disposition. The Women's Junior Varsity Track ,b V V . ew.. - . if team consisted of a talented squad of eager young women. According to Coach Robert Sprung, one-fourth were capable of starting at the Varsity level at most other schools. The freshmen and sophomores were the heart of the track program because many showed great potential for years ahead. They put forth as much effort and hard work as the Varsity team and certainly paid their dues. Working to keep up with the hardy image of the Varsity teams, both the young men and women of the J.V. teams worked like dogs to succeed - Scotties, that is. by Pattie Lee and Steve Meraz .Q .K s as-si.:,g, - dye, t, if A K., K J .wg A , Sa 4. A A I ' ' f- , ,I . x .. E 2,1 W , its awfi' , , . ' w:ss's.b Q, A ", 'll'll' '1' ii': ., ten- " ,K . 1. .fir-'W we 5 t.,. T MW' ' - i aff 'Ns , K ' K ff t .... ,, - if s.,M.,F,,p,, 3,3 M A ,g ..?.,,,,X,x .r g B, ..-,gi ' sy0qb' , in " 'F ' , 51- ,wc.f. -4. X ,ji-iff' V'-'T "emi E' ,, C " A -af '4'zf34'5i'ffe an ' l" ' 5 ' r ,jggirgisx +3 ,f I' ,.g2- m ,A W.. . v.riiir .gf f e ti .ss it . i ., f r at i--l 'T' ' i'i' 1 . - Sis? 'T , 'r f we - yfspzzwifsletig. .r --- r r'.. J' A Mt? M ,, Nz.. 4 - . tv, sw, 'e"'Wy.: iff bfi . i vf""'i V ""f'w-wr' Y LY ,giraffe ,ing Q is 1,6 Nwexix gn, , V, L, ,xxsvgxhf . r,e:f3:..,'.f'e'f-Q f s 1 E syslfssvrtsw wg " if ii J M r,Sgtr,,,,,,,..,,.a - ' ., -w,."N+ 'H C 'T H H r arming up before a competition, A runner retches his quadrecepts. Photo by Vicki Scott Claremont I Alta Loma Pomona Glendora St. Lucy's Don Lugo Chaffey Merrilynrce Altmyer Julie Annigan Mary Bugalso Michelle Bell Paula Bemeathy Sarah Kami g Gracegfzerzoweth Barbargfpg Lam: F rancysibelgado Felicia Duran Janelle Gott Hickey Jones Kelly Knight U.H.S. 68 1 O3 78 110 Kristina Koehl Tina Koehl P Michelle Morris Heather Muir Annie Rasmussen Heather Richardson Holly Richardson Elisa Rosenzweig Tracy Schroeder Michael-3i.Simpson Francis Smith Collette Vanciersande Christa Wiese Sarah Wingate OPP 50 20 47 ll Junior Varsity Track 245 U.H. S. OPP. Claremont 93 34 Alta Loma 94 33 Pomona 75 41 Glendora 77 45 Don Lugo 94 33 Chaffey 103 24 Womens tml Strives tc Maintain Succes The Women's Varsity track team has been reknowned as champion- ship quality in the past and was look- ed upon similarly this year. Hopes of repeating Baseline League Cham- pionship and repeating C.l.F. 3A champs boosted the team's morale. They also drove to have six spots in the State Meet and to place in the top ten. .Coach Robert Sprung and his assistants worked out with the girls to help them achieve their goals. Of the opponents faced in the Baseline League, Claremont and Alta Loma were respectable. "Glendora could be dangerous this year al: stated Coach Sprung. "But Cor Del Mar is a real threat, as they p ed behind us in C.l.F. last year." Some of the strengths which ai the team were their large nurr and their exceptional desire courage. The players even ur friends to try out, making track to learn and to win. One of the ti Coach Sprung used to help tl keep calm and to do their best telling them to go out and have s fun. As long as they had fun, kept a winning attitude. by Steve Me l 7 Varsity - Front: Head Coach Robert Sprung, Donna Lee, Christina Richardson, Angela Taylor, Erica Morales, Dawn Zim- merman, Marybeth Hawkins, Chanda Koehl, Karen Shaw. Second: Coach Row Ottesen, Tina Koehl, Athena Kentros, Francis Smith, Allison Norell, Kelly Knight, Patti Ems, Michelle Summers, Michaela Simpson, Mendy Mattingly, Jennifer Tobias, Coach Debbie Fairfax, Coach Tom LeFevers. Third: Sheri Sinclair, Christy Henry, Mimi Swenson, Kris Gamble, Debbie Krygel, La Tonya Evans, Trenita Brooks, LaKeishia Mor- ris, Aldora George, Ayana Downs. Back: Megan Schulte, Denise Walker, Kristina Koehl, Chelsy Rios, Diane Buenting, Cindy Sinclair, Tammy Haynes, Michele Graham, Marcia Graham, Kristy Jones. A runner stretches out to avoid pulling a muscle before a race. Photos by Vicki Scott 246 Women s Varsity Track or ,W .ha 4. if f. ww-t..fls are W 2 . fntxail' Eff' i'f'-l"5'L-- ' ' z fflka? ' 4+ . ,f s'H8""X'r .4--H f T' 'kk': K. .ah-kin' 4,1113 'like . "'YNX?5? wm- gl I4 5. .Wa 'Wx Coach Le Fever: encourages his team with helpful hlnts. Kristina Koehl qulckens her pace to win the race. Grace Chenoweth rounds the final curve, ready to pass off to the final mnner. Jacinda Booker prepares herself both physically and mentally for her next race. Photos by Vicki Scott Women 's Varsity Track 247 Serving, swinging, and smashing Their Way to a Loveless Season The Men's Varsity Tennis Team in 1988 proved to be as triumphant and as exciting as 1987. Even though many of their top singles players graduated, they were left with strong doubles playersl Mr. Paul Trautwein, the coach, felt that tennis was an individual sport, but he encouraged the tennis players to think of themselves as a team. The varsity team practiced at their home court, Llpland Tennis Club, almost every afternoon of the season. By the end of the year, all of the hard 4 Q Varsity -- Front: Ron Arbaugh, Chris Carder, Chris Johnson Back: Coach Trautwein, Roger Chan, Brian Brad- field, Peter Choi, Tony Wang. Photo byAnnie Wu Ch IB Carder lobs the ball to his unsuspecting opponent. Photo by Tony Wang 248 Men s Varsity Tennis work and perseverance paid off the Men's Varsity Tennis Tea played their very best. The vars players who dared to return from l year were Joe Leatherwood, J.l I Salstorm Keith Roessler, E Smith, Chris Carder, David Linl Brian Bradfield, Roger Chan, Choi, and Tony Wang. The va tennis team of 1988 had all of right ingredients to make a cessful team. by Stephanie U A "'s 0 on ' 5' QN 4? it 1 .. 'v t W..no- K , sfkl M Peter Choi attacks the net after making a great serve. U.H.S. OPP. Don Lugo 17 1 Chaffey 18 0 Claremont 6 12 Alta Loma 11 7 Pomona 18 O Glendora l 1 7 Damien. 6 ' 12 Don Lugo 16 2 Chaffey 18 0 Claremont 5 13 Alta Loma ll 7 Pomona 15 3 L Q H E Glendora IO 8 Damien .ig Keith Roessler quietly observes as his partner, Kevin, retunrs the ball right on target. Photos by Tony Wang M e n vs varsity Tennis 2 4 ln perfect form, Chris Johnson psychs out his opponent with a smile. Craig Bunce shows a look of sulprise during 3 vital tennis game. Photos by John Christensen 250 Men's Junior Varsity Tennis Don Lugo Chaffey Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien Don Lugo Chaffey Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien U.H.S. 10 14 3 7 18 ll 4 3 13 7 10 18 10 6 OPP 8 4 15 11 O 7 14 15 5 ll 8 O 8 12 Ove, court, and match: Dnl in Tennis Does Cupid Survive The junior varsity coach, Mr. :hard Farland, stressed drills in practices in order to,' "perfect fir strokes so that they can place air shots with greater accuracy." ey practiced almost every day m 2:00 until 4:00 in the afternoon. mremont and Alta Loma proved to be the team's toughest competition. One player commented, "The prac- tices taught us the fundamental skills of the game." It was this positive attitude that carried the team to success. by Stephanie Bragg . t x 2 Cushnie i Jeremy Ecclas y E ougLee g g .James Lee ichfffl' Chiouc srci 0 0 Ferry i Thomas . ffrff afmxi tif, Dan Joshua Pak s Alex Pei l James Sunu Jeff Teglas HaHSC'1Czz r.i.i ff5Ef 51fE .i..a.. 'Jarnes Tr ss i a . t ti . D aryl Tsai Joey Tut 1 i.ge.ai Carlos Velez , Dennis Berg confidently struts off of the court after winn ing another match. Photo by John Christensen -..N-nuh Men 's Junior Varsity Tennis 251 Learning about themselvf Golf Players are Clubbec by a Stroke of Geniuf Ll.H.S. OPP. Claremont 177 207 Glendora 197 205 Damien 183 183 Don Lugo 180 223 Alta Loma 185 199 1 Claremont 197 205 Glendora 181 193 Damien 187 180 Don Lugo 191 238 I Alta Loma 192 199 Jason Bunce Sal Enriquez Todd K ievit Jess Evans Ryan Murray i Chad Hackman Mike Pound g ' Jason Speaks 1 Jim Tinker 3 4 eueeu ' 'John Best . 252 VarsityfJunior Varsity Golf Starting their season in a game against Redlands, the Men's Golf teams began competition on February 29. There were five tour- naments among league games of the regular season. Mr. Norm Rush, the new head coach, has been advising golf for four years. He was one of two golf coaches on campus and one assis- tant from Upland Hills Country Club, their home court. After February 22, the golfers practiced everyday except on weekends. During the season, their practices consisted of half-hour to one hour workouts, practicing 9 to 18 holes and working out problems like sandtraps and other difficult obstacles. The Varsity team consisted of t top six players. They had to scc approximately one or two strok from par in order to make the teal To be on J.V. they could score tx to three higher, depending on thi grade level. To be on Frosh, t coaches picked scores anywhe from 8 to 24 in hopes of finding least one player with star material. According to Coach Rush, the o ly bad thing about Golf was pub awareness. "l wish more peol: knew what a great game it is. V learn more than just golf. We lea how honest we really are becau you call fouls on yourself since the are no referees," by Elizabeth Lowi xx 'N' Quality equipment helps to ensure a winning game. Photo by John Christensen Claremont Glendora Damien Alta Loma Claremont Cilendora Alta Loma OPP. 236 252 disqualified With strict concentration, Chris Trulln positions himself and 2 10 l 97 216 245 267 229 263 Damien 204 193 188 222 the club before making his move. - -T.. L 1 Brandon Diggs 6 Taken Ema Murrey g Tafmail ' Top Four: Chris Tmlin Sal Enriquez, Steve Woods and Clark Heavener gladly stand before the camera before returning to practice. Photos by Bridget Clarke VarsityfJunior Varsity Golf 253 Swing, strike, slide . . Womens' Softball Goe: Gut to the Ball Game When Coach Phil DePuy talked about the '88 Women's Softball team, he elated that it was made up of a very hopeful group of ladies. The players were very inexperienced with the potential to win league. The team was very solid -- they stuck together and never gave up. The Upland softball team supported a good attitude and used their talent well. They were doing a very good job. We've had a really steady defense, and the team is excellent." All ret ning players were working hard improve their skills, timing and cc dination with the ultimate goal of ing number one. Coach DePuy had a very posit attitude for the team since it was first year coaching at Upland H School. He believed in them all way. "The girls are very determir to be number one." by Pandora Grig l Front: Cindy Goffl Dede Ann Pendleton. Middle: Yvette Ramerez, Barbra Robles, Jennifer Smlth, Dana Nelson. Back: Sandy Russell, Angie Luun, Diane Wroblemski, Mary Plotkin, Sherlse Rickett. Photo by John 254 Women's Varsity Softball X ,st 4. ,WM lil Christensen up of .f 5. 'M-'te a Dee Ann Pendalton's face demonstrates lntemal stress over her pitches u striking out an opponent. Photo by John Chrlstei 5,49-ar JI ll A 5 Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora St. Lucy s Don Lugo Chaffey Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Ll.H.S. OPP. Glendora St. Lucy s no r J C M, M, . Don Lugo ko P of ' ChaffeY wig? A .1 V ,. Wx, V N We-is ,W We . , K A as . ,R J n to C , oomm r C J . or - - - ' ., we S -:eww ,uf Y- ' , - , , ' ' -- fees, 2' C naw-P Ll.H.S. OPP. Claremont Alta Loma Glendora St Lucy Don Lugo Chaffey Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora St Lucy Don Lugo Chaffey W, 35 A ,. Angie Lum puts extreme power in her throws in order to get the third out. Mary Plotkin runs forward hoping to make a triple play. Front: Frances Espinoza, Cristy Ellis, Lisa McFann. Middle: Shelby Marquez, Stephanie Cobb, Jennifer Slowman, Jen- nifer Bradlleld. Back: Amy Popham, Jennifer Cushnie, Heather Ellis, Jenn Lassalette, Coach Cheney. Photo by John Christensen Women's J.V. Softball 255 I M - :nl t K. . Q 1-" - n . 1 Q n no 2 f , -f' 4. :I tix.. 2 A in . V B23 Q I rx ky TV kVVi V r i . , .K 6, D , gml MER JV 2 K x , i y 2 'N new 4 . A ' K 4 X, . 8 ' K 4 " 2. .,, " ,. L , , 'Y . 1 f Z a a 'fi' ' u in - e eei n 2 i . a ebe Q' 2 i ia 2 e 'El' in " .2L 1 -' - ,mh 1 ,L:' , I f i Jeff Ertter, J. D. Salinger, and Jason Fagundes recount memorable plays during the seventh inning stretch. Paul Morales focuses on the field as he prepares to hlt a home nm. Photos by Angela Roussakis. v Ll.H.S. OPP. Damien , Claremont 3 0 Alta Loma 0 4 K Pomona 7 2 Glendora '17 2 3 Damien 8 2 Don Lugo 9 8 Chaffey 4 2 Claremont 3 0 Alta Loma 0 4 Pamona 16 2 Glendora 6 4 Damien 2 7 Don Lugo Chaffey AN' 9" " E, 256 Men's Varsity Baseball . v ,I 15, - 'eww . eihffffwn- MQ' 2 . Q .f v Q -Nh 1 X 4 is x nergzng from hardships lcots Step Dut of the Dugout to having a good team," remarked Coach Alonso. Jason Fagundes and Steve Fiorindo, both three- year lettermen, were two major assets to the varsity team. Buddy McCowen's good high school pit- ching also gave the varsity team a boost. "The team has enthusiasm and a good working ethic," Coach Alonso later replied. Overall the varsity team pursued a great season, Through positive thinking, hard work, and motivation, the baseball program drove to reach their goals and to do their best for the spirit of the school. Steve Meraz Claremont Alta Loma Pomona Glendora l Damien l Don Lugo ' Chaffey Claremont i Alta Loma Pomona Glendora Damien Don Lugo Chaffey fi, i 'Z '1 1,,.,iv x'-,,-X ""'9 A fri-y.5 I X , 'tr' Varsity - Front: Grant Vermillion, John O'Brien, Vince Arias, Jason Fagundes, Buddy McGown, Mark Lopez. Middle: Jeff Crockett, Steve Fiorindo, Loni Vallqo, Jim Scroggins, Paul Cushing, Gregg Cole. Back: Rob Cavazos, Jason Davis, Nathan Wrokel, Nick Dover, J. D. Haendigs. i'i in-ln ,. I l Qlgfifif . ui 2 1 Q Scots pour out of the dugout alter a win All photos by John Christensen J.V. - Front: Jason Ulrich, Curt Taylor, Jed Wockenfuss, Pete Raisbeck, Middle: Larry Methvin, Paul Morales, Ted Warner, Armondo Flores, Richard Ramirez. Back: Joe Vargas, Kevin Kurtis, Eric Chamorro, Coach Winstead. Mens' Varsity Baseball 257 In remembrance Paul Morales CSeptember 8, 1971-March 11, 198 An Individual Dedicated te Baseball and Friend , .. '-rf-:ff .f ' - , f ' "" Q, , 15 f f -: . alfa! I in N 9 5 v i 6 i V I I ' ,, H b,,,VV -. 'wwkgw , h,, wr L' any V- M , , ,,,, 'fvff f .,,V, , 'k"'5-Q-A 1' ' Q: My ,V 1 V ff V 'f 5 p tgrn in g prrpp gg M g N , gg e H t nf , , ..,, , f V, I J 1 , or V ' ,,,h 7 no r . .. a A . L M r i e ' 1 a ' ,W of up e i i Wai WWW or of W 4. ' ,"", , K , ' - ,- I , ' , 9:5 . fr ,- " ,p ' 4 ' Y ' M" J , - A',, , Q 5 ,,,, 53' ,, 1' W T , l ,, ..A,, 4 a Q W . K e w M, .., 'W' , - 'J' Gifwiw r r . .ua A f"fi'W" wie gg , f ogg e' ., if ,. f g i , . , W L V i o , f , I , ': W , 1-su, ,U , - e ,. , -aww' 1 A 'z H A. ' 'Q 'Q I ,. - .Bw H 4, ,W I H H - , ,,,,, ' M-1 l W ,wwg,,fQ,1 , -. 1 W i Z ' V ' F A ' f I ' ff u 2+ n H 'im' " u ' . , on - , i 1 n ' n a , r 1 ,a ' ' i ' ' e .a in ,. if we 26 f it - 9' W if fi' ' ' f , , ,.,' in ff ' ' 'il ',,,A"' l , ' ' ' Y A 'A L"- 'pf ' ' ' 1 ' 7 Q "-,. 'xii T P0 H ' ' M' T "' ,Q in ' N r e . " .. - . ' " 1 ' ' Q in ' 27145 T ez 7 . 1- . fa wav W JU hqaimffvvv Q f M' 1 , www far f A a ,V-a,-,Mb 1 -in , fwh , , h , n we 'H' ., time i' 0""'Mwi'1"fP. K V' nity! , fu ,ff +4 n Q in l ' Q M ' f Q. u - A... af- ., " - - -M X'-vw' c"-v r- The junior varsity team held a strong record for successful steals. Slugging it out, Grant Vermillion keeps a close eye on the pitch. After receiving the signal from the catcher, the pitcher winds up for a cunae ball. Fielding grounders keeps opponents' scores low. All photos by John Christensen. Tribute to Paul Morales 259 Claremont Alta Loma Glendora Damien Don Lugo C haffey i 1 Ll.H.S. Swim tear Splishes anc Splashe: In a Full Poo The Ll.H.S. Varsity and Junior Varsity men's swimming teams, under the guidance of Coach Vic Miller, were hopeful about the season. They had about 45 swim- mers including thirteen returning members. Some of the important senior contributors to the team were Axel Araquistian, Scott Boen, Eric Degner, Mick Fritz, Brian Hawks, Steve Kodalen, Jason Lehr, Ron Timperio, Gare Gurr and Phil Graham. ln their effort to perform well, they practiced everyday from 6:00-7:30 am and 2:00-3:00 pm. They strived to meet their personal expectations as well as their goals to be first, cond or third in League. They i proved their quality and techniq making the strong team even mi invincible. The most difficult meet v against Damien, but the Ll.l- swimming team was prepar- Coach Miller tried to motivate th by having workouts that pusl them to top performance levi Overall, the season was succes: with swimmers qualifying for C. in individual events: the medley re and the free-style relay. by Rina San W Front: Axel Araquistian, Chris Arzkeg, Wang, Ron Timperio, Phil Graham, Gale Gurr, Mike Fritz, Scott Boen. Back: Russel Marquez, Billy Chen, Mark Drury, Troy Prusia, Steve Sapra, Steve Kodalen, Ira Nandi Rajeev. Photo by John Christensen 260 Varsity Mens' Swimming Brian Hawks, Steve Weiny, Eric Degner, And they're off . . . an Upland swimmer dives into a great race. Photo by J Christensen Claremont Alta Loma Glendora Damien Don Dugo Chaffey r , : i ,7 my 2 . X. , QM fmt!! K MZZJWWQ I . I' in on ZWWW if eye MFG! WJ A an 43412 R at r m t 4, an I 9 jz, M T,,, w.'L,t of A ftp net? - Alvi n, K L - , ' 'LL" Wi L. L: f fl i f ? L1 R f ii: 1 L or 'R ': " R ' i LL.A 1' ,-fl, ,1. . , K K R I 'R . x , Q, if at 4 ,, . , N1 Dan McBrearty takes the lead in the 100 meter an Backstroke. Photo byJohn Christensen Aiyl Front: David Brown, Scott Bordenkircher, Jeff Nuelle, Dan McBreartg, Robert Streza, Eric Olzols, Brian Kennedy, Back: W Matt Vanderman, Sean Buur, Chris Marich, Steve Robertson, Ai f A Rob Sinor, Tom Vallin, Mike Antoniak. Photo by John g 1- V M ' H Christensen R Y W W' ' o 9' ef.: if 4 ,. . K 2 'tt,' 1, ,A'?' ,At1' Q f L if ' W R 'Rf ' :ZVW L. V ,h ,V L .l., wt., VtlVL V kVLVh 1g gi vv ,,, L, A Vxxkzh i .. , K .. ,K ' j g - ll r r e'ss t lio Q ' . -1 v-v iw My L, , , id an I 'ff':'1 it ' F, V it iw' M is " ' ,Y ' 4, 4 , 58185. ,, Junior Varsity Mens' Swimming 261 Mistakened mermaids Ladies Take to the Waters Their Dedication Spouts As streamlined figures mounted the star- ting blocks, all eyes focused toward the pool. Then the gun sounded, catapulting the swimmers into the water. The women's swim team had a goal to achieve excellence. Every spare moment was used during practice to build endurance. Both the Varsity and Junior Varsity women's teams were very young and inex- perienced. Also, the fact that the pool was not filled during the start of the season Success The team may have been young, but Coach Kathy Bell saw many talents that would prove to be successful in later years. lt was agreed that the teams could not have pulled it off without the support of Coach Bell. Additionally, team spirit kept the swim- mers alive. Katie Tinker said, "We have the best team spirit, We are number one in spirit." The teams may not have come in at the top, but each "has improved in- dividually," concluded Katie Baker. lessenedpractice time. bv Peter Chuang c 'wt ga- : . F X, an i ' -- x f . . f i -.,,B,, N. 5. 'fy A . , -.. 1 . K Q ' xg' 'if' ' ' L, .is P , Q ar' 0 K blk ,, V . Y E, ..., Q . V, . M A .N V . f Fifi K 'W A ,s i 5 X' as-if ,ga Katie Baker, Bethanie Boswell, Jennifer Cha, Bobble 9 - Davidson, Kristen Hunt, Tanya High, Heather Jacks, ,Sr Kelley Karr, Keri Rarr, Serena Keeney, Kelly Kodalen, , Stacey Leght, Beatrice Medina, Jodi Messenger, Chrissle Nagle, Alyse Neilson, Kathy Noyes, Katie Pine, Andrea Sabo, Rhonda Schrock, Denise Teghtmeyer, Katie Tinker, Thea Woodman. Using al available energy, Cindy Hanun does her utmost to stroke to victory. Photos by John Christensen 262 Women 's Varsity Swimming ' s I I fr :Kel fi - ' ff f. J, E - F g S . ' f rx 5. , a QQ-, Just as elegant as the streamlined mermaid the lady swimmers take a gliding dive. Karen Barber, Kim Beck, Kym Benson, Christine Bragg, Jennifer Chazan, Elizabeth Cook, Kelly Decicco, Robin Dubois, Tami Echles, Mary Evans, Christa Faulk, Brandi Flaherty, Kandi Fleener, Casey Gibb, Annemarie Gingrich, Cindy Hamm, Debbie Holmgren, Karryn Jarret, Janet Lee, Tishia Lori, Kasey Moran, Tammy Morris, Marianne Ruiz, Carrie Ryan, Stacy Schiro, Jennifer Senet, Dina Sgrignoli, Mary Snyder, Heidi Snyder, Janette Spotswood, Kelley Valadez, Stephanie Verga, Kerri Wallace, Shelley Watson. , 'K' Stretching towards the finish, Jennifer Cha keeps her composure to outreach the other swimmers. All photos by John Christensen y gi., :g,.. ugh 41 .W ' . dvd .rw Womens' Junior Varsity Swimming 263 l a , i NUUUQQQ ..,, 1 . .N , .. . . ,.., .. .XML 7.1 ,mise .,- . -.,-f if: wi is o ...N. --me -- sims- A 1 iw g - .fm Y' I r A 'V2' ' L i in , i , K, ...,., : ,Aff f 1 "A!b ' 6,f"'f fi o ss ,W i ' i' fs 2 r - : ., V, ,Vi gig i- 5 FQ fm Sw- 1 gk Q 4 Up, up, and away! David Fleck soars through the air. Andrea Sabo concentrates on executing a flawless back dive. Front: Karen Kufta, Dauid Fleck, Ann Nemeth, Chris Burns. Back: Russ Marquez, James Dim- rnitt, Andrea Sabo, Brian Beard. All photos by John Christensen 264 Diving I r ay' lithout asplash Divers Strive for League. 'Good to the Last Dro " All eyes stared in disbelief. A diver st successfully completed a back flip id received a perfect score. This was :actly what the diving team had in ind, perfection. The diving team's iason got off to a late start due to the ct that the pool was being painted. nce there was no water in the pool, e team had less time to practice and 'epare for their first meet. Junior, avid Fleck felt that diving should be ansidered a more important sport. Jrrently, the points the divers receiv- l were added to the swim team zores. I I X .Mt The divers had many goals and ex- pectations for their overall perfor- mance. Said one team member, "Our main goal was to win." David Fleck felt that the team, as a whole, would do well in League. "The diving team was better this year because it consisted of only those people who really wanted to dive." Several divers were striving for C.l.F. Through many successes, the divers felt good about their season and continued to be a vital addition to our amphibious athletes. by Bridget Clarke W - Alta Loma Montclair Glendora I Damien Don Lugo Chaffey 7' l, is T "' P water. Photo by John Christensen 'Wish the pool was heated." Thinks Karen Kufta, about 3 seconds before sliding into the Diving 265 Sports success proves Uplands Got It All Wrapped Up "Go Upland!" was a familiar sound emmitted by students and fans alike, cheering for the Scots. After a difficult football season, the school began to have doubts about the 87-88 sports year. Fortunately, the rest of the year proved to be a success as many teams reached the goals which had been set at the beginning of the season. The Varsity Water Polo team end- ed their season by capturing the title of Baseline League Champs which returned a lot of the "Upland Pride." The Women's Varsity Basketball Rob Equi jumps his last hurdle leading to victory. Photo by John Christensen l 266 Sports Wrap-up team was blessed with a talented and hardworking new coach, Kathy Bell, who led the team to C.l.F. playoffs. Men's Volleyball was added to the Upland athletic line-up. Team cap- tain Galo Lopez stated, "We have a good chance of going to C.l.F. playoffs." It was this positive at- titude that united out athletes and made them more than players on a fieldg it make them a team that was proud to wear the Green and White. by Vicki Scott CJ v I A feeling of victory fills the alr as Chrissie Morgan, Diane Wroblewski, Kiesha Morris, and Coach Bell jlunp for joy after winning their first C.l.F. play-off game. Photo by John Christensen Mario Piscetill attracts team attention as he rushes to set the ball up for another point. Photo by John Christensen Showing off his ability to fly, Joe Santoro shows what it takes to be a good pole vaulter. Photo by Vicki Scott Front: Thomas Dudley, Mario Pisceiili, Dennis Berg. Middle: Derek Hoffman, Tyrone Wiselg, Paul Skousen, John Beuerle, Kurtis Olson, Galo Lopez. Back: Danny Goestch, Kevin Brookhart, Rob Bach, Alan Graham, John Klumpp, Keith Hellman, Coach liner. Photo by John Christensen A" ,J QA .1 -f N :f Sports Wrap-Up 267 Teachers Gear Up For New Year Unification brought forth the loss of 257, of Upland's faculty. However, the call for new staff members was answered by hundreds of educators eager to challenge the rebirth of unified education. Upland was privileged enough to keep Mr. Fisher as principal for another year. ln 1988, Highlanders must say farewell to him as he retires from his position. The Hielan staff wishes to honor Mr. Fisher in the Faculty section for all the devotion he has invested into Upland. Thank you and farewell! 1 A Vg by V, 'X rx ks .," A wwf' ' X ' F cel? iil f'lfQQr'X Q ox vga fc o CHN' , P g P. X 1 f il I f t as at ti XX xi N f 'N O ' fl Sw iff x ,sl X' f X New y5.Kj mf ,..f J 1 ll x GD so M M gs W no Q39 if ell se My if as ar if 1 f 'N r -XO fl, W X555 RR sa fc K x ' rx F, JD lv XX Qi 268 Faculty R , K ,, L if ' fa" f . if 1 57:51 Q if , warm 'I' i z f K! ' ag ' gk - . K A 1 - ' nk .: W - -A -. I' , 1 , ' -' .,...,....,,.,..,,,,A A, -1.122 :ix f g , ' , X-b- fp Q, .. W Q .. A fx- . ws- -v QNQ-+-M . Aww .M X Q X W S sud' -as 'fsmlbw 1 S I' Mm M ' . A . FROM THE LIBRARY OF H, J. HEMPSTEAD Maw, Q ,, ,W A AA. L In pw get gm Mr. George Renworth Superintendent ,.-,dy 3 wt"-21 S, 'S-'224 Mr. Charles Palmer Dr. William May Mrs. Roberta Hennlgan Assistant Superintendent Mrs. Vandersall and Mr. Lenz discuss the agen- da before the start of a busy meeting. Photos by 270 Board of Directors John Christensen Assistant Superintendent Director of Secondary Instruction N JW iif' V . " Q It Qi :W 0:0'0: 0.50 ' 0. .5 '0'0,0 M '0:0.0 Q 0.0.0 Dr. Loren Sanchez Associate Superintendent ,f Q . Q6 V,,. .. Mr. Frank Guzowski President Upland Unified School District Board of Trustees . K 9 Mrs. Donna Vandersall Vice-President UUSD Board of Trustees Q- A. VV. ,. VV 1 : Q V Mr. Joseph Lenz Clerk UUSD Board of Trustees Mr. Rick Minnis Member UUSD Board of Trustees VFUQK lx "SS X Mr. Michael Varela Member UUSD Board of Trustees J 2 V k V .f ' ' V Q . - .. --ff--' V -,.' V - .. '-,. VV ,S-5g.Vfs,2VV.VVs . K K A K VK K VV Y-Vi: z1'.:.-I-V"'f:111f -'SIX VT: - V ' . . f - ' T: V' we - ' ' - i 11: - V - 1 V V V - 1 VV :V V - V K . VV .V V VpV-V--VVQAVV...fVV..,VVgVfVV'1f..--VVVVQ--:V 3 V V V ' "" ' A V 1,--V1'useu4sfVag,f3 ,,k0 W,..,L .,t: ,V V .v,, ,,.. V --,, .V VV .- V,:. 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V' ff V21 VV ..V Q -V ofvifevtors "i' ' ' ' Upland Administration People to lean on A smirky Mr. Raisbeck, proud of the renewed green and white, displays his new kelly green sweater. Photo by Vicki Scott nk N se-an 'sfnT,.'::.Trw-an 'f fl A 'LQ !3,,,e,1,, . ,b ff, Mr. Glenn Fisher Principal 1 il! f . if 2, X F' Don Stalwick Pat Castagnaro Pete Raisbeck Associate Principal Assistant Principal Assistant Principal 272 Administration High School 1 ears to come wa 4' rx '25, "UW 49, aEmruom W th serves with during ir --M. l Special thanks to Mrs. Fisher for providing pictures. Themg one I t's the Prinaip al of A to Upland l h igh, its students and its education has brought Principal, Mr. Glenn Fisher, high ,,s from parengg5i,,eiQ,lrfaculty for the years, the I-Heian staff wishes to honor him as he retires from his iifetime career. After graduating from Pomona College with a Bachelor of Science degree, Mrrffisher joined thegChaffey High Schools? District assets llsle social studies teacher at Chaffey High. ln 1982, he accepted the position as Principal at Upland High. Since then, he has devoted himself to im- proving education. His most i ,, difficult challenge arose last year when Unification passed. Though torn between dedication to the Chaffey. district and to Upland High, he chose to remain with the proud green and white. y s To the students, Mr. Fisher was famous aslil'1Porkchop Fisher? the has consistently encouraged each stu- dent to try his best whether academicaliy, athletically, or per- sonally. He happily watched the 1985 Academic Decathlon team win first place iiiin the county, .iil con- gratulated the sports teams that reached C.l.F., and played the wick- ed principal in the 1987 play Slow Times at Upland High. Upland will forever rernain a cherishediiememory in M1-,Q lsgiicii ii'?isher's mind as he will continue to be a pro- ud memory to all Highlanders. Best wishes, Mr. Fisher, for a wonderful, and well deserved retirement. by Annie Wu Tribute to Mr. Glenn Fisher 273 Here to Hell Counselors guide students to succe 9 ,'e'f ,,' ee, i ee e eL hh i N Lyhz Vkyy I y I , e,. il ' C - V,. ' ? 'W A iw 8 "'v Student Counselor, Mr. Hillman, discusses a student problem with a fm f' Q h parent. Y 1 1 V 4.25 QA if :h al h C 32 f' Alan Chestnut 274 Counselors C Tammy Wamer Joseph Lewis Natalie Stalwlck Peggy Toney Marie Copeland Walt Hillman the Pat White Hines? All photos Dave Allen Carol Armstrong Mathematics Foreign Language , it 'V l H V f li V f"' , L V A V.ri I RWM- , l l 2 . f 1 i ,X i - A Calvin French James Hill E ngllsh Social Studies llrs. Armstrong's thoughts wander to her next visit at lordstrom's. Photo by Vick' 1 Scott Dave Mooney Margene Raynaud Science ArtfBusiness A N ew Outlook Hlghe 1' Among the changes made soocg Edocation Clplands education System, at i,, eta a r A -P. way of organized teaching ed. Every section of the ii,,i the run by an Instructional Coordinatoiifilffliistructionaliifif rdinator ofltPieiiLear- Ql.C.J, a section head who was given,igg35f51,ft3ing Center, Mathematics, and Com- certain obligations for running his He enjoyed, See- hef delmftment- Their Y sibilities included evaluating teacher on his! her teach new the classroom, being a link of com-as ssii lffisihast, but ceftainly not le3St, two munication between the teacher and members ,Were aCld6djt0 the Mr. Glenn Fisher and overseeingls,iiiiQsgi5iaff has wellg iccs - James iffiHQj0i0ed class curriculum. y c ysgg i giyl There were six Instructional dinators, four of whom had previous!Wfifesponsible, the Sociai iill i Studies ly taught at Upland High School. Among them, two had held positions 'and Drivers' Education departments, 1 aswell as advising the Hielanistaff. as Department Chairmen, the eisy , be enjoyigfggg the system which did not involvef cggl much responsibility or f head of the English Department, was one of these people. He has been tact. Mr. Calvin French, previous iilii are ali2teQ3,ilt s a whoie new Carol Armstrong ' -was the other new member of both working at Upland for She, at ,l"liQl'l years and is currently in chargeillicgfiiliilgehool befofgliigfitering fShe the English, Speech, Drama, and Journalism departments, while also teaching two AP. English classes. The other l.C., also a former depart- Music, Special Edlication departments. When asked how she enjoyed Upland, her response was, Mafgene Raynaud- She iiii i iiis siiiii f f it charge of the Business LC. has last year, but it now also overseeing the Homemaking, Industrial Arts, and Work Experience departments y a new experience for 'Upland High School, it has been a great in- fluence on Uplands academic ex- Another person who has by Hemfsecfi all with Upland for some time, not been a department chairmanffii ilitiand System wiltibe All was Mr. Dave Mooney. He has taught here for ten years and has assumed responsibility as an l.C. for Wrapped Gp. i by Vicki Scott Instructional Coordinators 275 "iii ?ifif5fQf1 . iff. i Rick Abeliz Grounds Jayne Albert Math Mike Alonso Physcial Education Glen Armstrong Math Harold Barger Physical Education Kimberley Bauce Foreign Language Kathy Beard MathfGATE Kathy Bell Physical Education Anne Bellemin Social Studies Beth Bennett English Judy Book Librarian Hardin Brothers EnglishfComputers Martha Brown Physical Education Richard Bruckner Math Ronnie Bueno Foreign Language Lynn Busse Cafeteria Susan Byrd Art Frank Calderon Custodian Sally Campbell Homemaking Tom Caughron Social Studies Robert Charpentier Math Kathleen Chestnut Work Experience Joanne Christenson Cafeteria Larry Clark Industrial Arts Sharon Clark English Robert Clements Social Studies 'fab X R' Yxix is is i S 1 ...au 'X ffv.. if T l i gg S Q 3 A 'sf ii 1 rig we t x,N L i - iisl if' of J sa - alsf - , 3 f S5 'i li RQ 1212 :K is 3 K X f. ., it Q if 'V X ,i ivrll X x ,lf 9' w N 'ins 7 . .em qv I W , 1 , Z F? 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K 7V,,,k.,,,.y5.,7?7,.,S -'7f'2"W- - . .7 f51..2775,g7Q- 1 . 1-::7z...777..-71,-: , .:,..77.-77, , 7 -7 77 -7 A--f Z, f...W,..f 7.- , , . Jerry Cobb 7 ' Jofmfofffns Social SIUGIQS 1 7 77 i the Judy Coffey ..77r 1 . r EWS" fQ 7 l - Sfmdee 77 F orefgn Lan Clerk S Joh n Crum , 7 Q ff7::7f:m1,..S,..s7 Industnalfkrts. ,AA11 - f7,..77-mg, . ,S ,E 7-.7727 mn Josephlne C unfo Z ,LVL C af eteri 41 LL', ' LL" Q .771-ww. school M f old fashi ned traditions r ..7 E-iii 7- - ' Q i . 1 ,Q . 7 7 .,.. ,..., 7 .X ,..g, .7 U, ,, ,, 7 gg,,iII, H .f,,AI 77, AA..,, ..,,,. 7 L . -77I"'I1lvs7,f:w.: 5 .. ,.: :J:,::w: -v Mir- M- . : .. f: --4..,...,:,ggv - -7 . .. , . , Q77 .W..,,. H h.L,, WE a,.L,, ...SE A.,,A . . I.. . . :LI E igw ,:., l I .V .. ,, I 1 6 77 .f:.7z- J ' 7 .7770 1 :L . :gi 7 QEg?52U'5-fM7 ..f'i: ffI-RJSII ..55Tfi5,'iEz,S.,72fwfA'VIiriLf.3i 'FI-'ff I' lfTlv,f123 155.55 f?ff'1G5i3L5Eff': Efififlkii' 'iff If f:"i5z,'Ss:-iiiifftkiii. 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SV 1 ' ,'., -evw , may : ' '-M- W ' f-ffv H ,',1', 1 ':':l?Lg::r'5Y5.'fiPlaid " "'r -f A - llilc Q 39 11 V' ' Carilgn Gray i"' 1 y i ' J""', " -f ., , , I 4 James Drake Math Doris Drewes Special Education Leann Drummond Secretary Fred Easton Math Debbie Fairfax Social Studies Dick F arland Science ,nm Q V X ,M JW 4? R xv !! a 1 s Q 1 W5 ' , Q X i 12:55fi5fiffffEfzffifw5'iT'2?rfiYff5m " 9' ,, . I . , M Z ' ' - VJ' ff! , fr I fill? f 'Ci Mike Gray Custodian Randal Haggard Social Studies Shirley Hanson Career Center -'1 lfysxsf ,Q ,Z I IVW i ,,,, M3 3 3 Gena Helms it Social Studiesfgl Judy Hendersorxf' A Social Studies' ' Bill Henke English Frank Hind Foreign Language ,,.. , 1 l The little boy in Mr. la ir" 7 A ' rv- -if it V W 'XA lk i . . F M'lI':. -me H Q " fi ' if A , ' by Vicki Scott Uplan ririr Y i fi .-,,.-' A A fs ggysii are K t,,:, . ,i.,,.. ii, Wig Q N1 Wwe - Q --if -M127 Q i f 1fw1gs,:-fg'g it C -- ,+A 1.-i,- qs, ,,. I , life, in ,V S -K ,ig 'S .,,i , . . Chefs C r iis f+h'f'9 sisir man? of and r Pauli a teacher, graduaied from Upland in 1968. why he to teaqh srle he replied, T'l I sris Westie sssi in CW Another:Gplgnclyxalumni was Glenn, once tradition of having the school's bestff trombone player play the bugler for reveille every morning before school, John Glenn was the last of the eolee .. ,. ., ,, .... . ,. . , .. ,,..t,g Upland buglersi 1 A, lrllr Represefltifigiflle Class of 1975ei52 is Vic 011 both l Juffams se ee ' - L C and , , y 0125151 O en rite C f yearsg a Lorna Holt pi - coaching eougiiwatere polo team ' Special Educaffon winning seasbifllill f Bob Holycross 'L ',,. , ' H Drivers' Education Beth has, r S for four yearsyatirliiLl.H.S. Dunng r C high she was active ae ei i Sports COUHCH- B111 s C D WT seli fi elee L4 l Joan :wine ttee always alete a teacher I Homemakfw new fuifiizznglalgriiihgrsidream at Randglttner -C , I a t , Social Studies a m ma ef' - r"it'- Za i l ruby John Christensenqflls fiff 4 . illl' l:,i t it ll f I , C ' Kemlohnsonr ' Sciences liii S l li i ' i i C W P' X' M r C , fa f ' N Q 11' 14- '11 C C iril l C C fltitl Tfmfffsflef lisl C lill l , CCCC lri 5 Maw - llll Y, . fl f ir it f,,7 ir ,gi Shawn Kfemani :V il' "" Q - f V! 3 Z Y lndustziamrts Faculty 279 Diane Langridge Speech Therapist Si LeFeuers Physical EducationfDriuers Education Richard Leiby Science Robert Levi Social Studies Steve Leuy ' Science Margie Lindstrom Resource Specialist Steue Lingenfelter Industrial Arts Cindy Little Drama Robert Loney Math Rick Lopez Science Linda Lowy Cafeteria Marilyn L ubarsky Social Studies Elaine Mar BusinessfROP Charley Martinez Trainer Linda Martinez Receptionist Wilma Mayheld Secretary 280 Faculty ,..,. 21, fx vf-W' 'fS!i?7ft::f:i-wi .: , H . ,. 1 ,ET -, ., ,153 4 M -1:41 mx, .lii g .x if as :I Pat McCarthy Social Studies Diane McClelland English Pete Merandi Math Lana Merhaut Art V9 Marilyn Metcalf English Marcia Metz Secretary Janet Meyer Cafeteria Manager Murl Miller 43: Social Studies Vic Miller . Science A Barbara Moyer Business X R QE sit s-2 ff? s I P A F r ' 1 English - ' Connie Murphy - ' English Cynthia Murray ,, Q . P Science - ElaineMulherin n ,af ,-s ' .- is E .te xg . . i X yi . - F.: si i Q . - . 1 Boyd NL-fbefy 'isi f-f iii ' M f 1 s ilt - Conmeokfay A Roy Ottesen lgitwfsii science 5 Q 1 rr, J AMWIIE rf yr' K-Q . Stan Pace .. Psychologist Beth Partridge ft: lt. ' EQL e 1, Q X Kea ,X . Xt 9 al gripe r X Xi 6 is ,ff s ,. A Science E arline Paulson Homemaking is 'E X if N? ss lv' Xt H" l Q 'SN X f 1 N.. Y .l r Rx A X. 'I Donna Peltier Secretary Marlene Penner Data Processing Carolyn Pichardo Cafeteria flex :ani El AmwDd , a Nue O cst it P to some who enjeyt teaching Spanish to Upland students. While Unification sand some of Spamsh all new llli and experieneei P Amongythem were Mrs. ode la Cruz who teaches first and second year y transferredQyfsgl1tosy Upland Sher it 5 de 13 Cruz travel during llcl the sum- mer and has visited many places like Europe, Spain, and Mexico. She summarized, "My job is always a dif- lfe V 6 fl Y H l D 9 Q i E fl C 6 siisl o P issl it ' who teaches iicslls l ffirst and second year Spanish was Mrs. Coumesr This was also her first year at Upland. :She ar- fivedsfff1nl f1l4CPhefS0n She Mrs. pointed it she always loved a "challenge't' from the students, as well as from her job. Mrs. l Bueno, who chose to stay throughnessljgljnification, it teaches ts il is and students should study Spanish in order tofcommunicatef' Mr. Robertson teachesfirst, third and A.P,gyA veteran y teacher at l years, Mflelf1liif?QbeftS0H enjoys soii time witliihis two sons. He slttl recapped that his job was "invigorating," He also added that he stresses "character to learn, to speak, and to understartdlrfdpanxsh. l l is grown larger and in P past year because of the staffs Common interest in one thing - Espanol. X? 282 Mary Ross ESL Aide Norm Rush English Joyce Saunders Proctor Larry Schaina Math Pat Schroeder English Grace Sciortino Gym Attendant Pilar Seikel Foreign Language Jill Seltzer English Wendy Shendrick Aide Susan Shepherd Aide Pam Shew Student Teacher Mike Shireman Business Faculty Y. Paul Robertson Foreign Language Vicki Robertson Business Bruce Rogers Vocal Music 8 Alice Quinonez Custodian Gloria Ramirez Cafeteria Adele Reed Registrar Bob Reichmann Stage Manager E rrza Reinhard l.C. Secretary Alan Rhodes English Dot Rhodes Homemaking Sandra Richards Business ,f f A '1 a ,-1 QW Q1 , MEX, ., 'A' , r X, L N A Chai ' lei' 1 L 'i,s , . ' 1 'i'.' I 'rl'iA 3 L Q , A "'A ' ,fi ..,, ' 1 "f'l5i1n".A,. '," ' -,l. ifii'-irilb ff " ' 52 3f ' A' , A Q . it ,i,,,.,, 32 T , L A Q ' if" " we 2: , i'i',' 1215? ' f 5 1, V ,F , - ' ,, 'TRY V " ' V i 1, tx ' it ,, , X 1 s1 '11 W QC' fmf1,, New Cindy Little reviews the fine points of "The Odd Couple" at a rehearsal. Photo by John Christensen if Tfriiiiff Q Q! fb Wh CD oooo oo e j h - S5193 olhi o r h h Q , 1 ' gg 1o1 l 1 . h Baberre uns 1 h1oh1 spasm! English hohh h oohhr hihh o f0f aplanfif meg Solomon ooor l 1 eooeeh 1 ooaai reeeh C0NSid3fB4o1111le1i1??i? ohhrr of U10 9959 hfee 1 . + 1 Cathy SPWC o o o Math Rob Sprung Physrcal igegfsmgw Education Gloria Taaffe L- o',h Aide Jean Thorsen Cafeteria 1 e-.. j Cla Uma Tow oaih 2 fi 1s,ffsf1ffxsigf"55+2z 'h oo ' 1111ahj it 1 Henderson1gQ??P1hh5QUad -- 3 9""'P 9fP?9P'e1f0"'ed by 3 tn spmtgo Science 1 eo'hoe Fairfax, 4- IPS Vffkeffcsh eool eeeo new Librarian 1 'rv -W1- 1 Hafffef me 'af' 'W made English 1 oanee 1 ' 1' 1 Delia Aide e o o Rofheffe raoo 1 1, 1 1 1 1 ,. 1 Spffffa' E The hnono the campusg Mc Walker L L M'1fef1jyJForeign Language V ' Q1 Ruth Walters V Ubfaffaf' o . 1 1,I ,KVK 2 'L'h:" 21 foe 1 11 ,,.r :i , h 1 Vale2:ie'Wills 1 1 1 - iholl, f ij:-,50?iHi Studies an"' 1 ,h'o Becky Mnslow 1 . English Mary Wilson 1 Cafeteria Gafywinsteada e 1 oinglfsn a 1 oanhhae 1 .!ahetZiegler - Q 1o1V1 e h Foreign Language 1 ' IS 119i-351 The end ofthe beginning Sees Success, A m lishment cco p Through Rebirth 284 Closing "Go, fight, win tonight boogie down, all right, all right." We sang and cheered supporting our friends and teams to achieve all they possibly could. Not only did the Highlanders succeed academically, but we also upheld our reputation as a strong and prominent school. Recognized for outstanding academic achievement, Valedictorian Kimberly Huang and salutatorian, John Pilafidis were proof of Llpland's determination to continue its quality education. To satisfy our extra-curricular needs, a wide selection of new and old organizations arose around campus. Meanwhile, the Plaid newspaper staff continued to produce a quality jour- nalistic publication in each bi-weekly edition. Congratulations to the Men's Varsity Water Polo, Cross-Country, Baseball, and Track teams, and the Women's Varsity Soccer and Track teams which won the title of Baseline League Champions and entered C.l.V. play-offs. Recognition also goes to the Men's Varsity Soccer, Wrestling, Golf, Swim, and Tennis teams, and to the Women's Varsity Tennis, Basketball, Softball, and Swim teams which also entered CI.l.F. ln pursuit of greater communication, Ll.H.S. planned its first edition of the Literary Magazine, 3 Dimensions of Expression. With a large number of new athletic coaches, many teams had to adjust themselves to new practice methods and ideas. The change, however, did not affect the continuing endurance of the Scots as many teams excelled on to C.l.F. The accomplishments of a school reborn by the results of Unification have been amazing. 1988 has been a year filled with fresh and innovative ideas carried out by dedicated students, staff, administration, and community. We've wrapped up the year and said our goodbyes. Con- gratulations to the success of a unified community looking forward to a sparkling future. by Annie Wu Wig we F! N BLIND QP? ,go .waxggq .AQ 5-452.33 ,N 01, .TP A-51 1 . 'nf . N ab J 8 5f5HtAl958 The student parking lot becomes a place of confusion as people leave for another exciting weekend. "We're outta here!!" echos through the halls on June l 7, the start of another slunmer. The class of '85 started a tradition of donating paintings as the senior gift. It continues to welcome all people to the Highlander campus. The graduating class of 1988 shows their appreciation by pur- f chasing me upland Highlander 'Q ,. D 1-: Marquee. Photos by John -' 7 Christensen khh- . ', , KLLL g 1 . Z W k,.,. 1, .k,k ,, :f-- , . ., . .. K :- if RQ bi' gifs' A of vi' of X if MICK' X Ay ' J 6 22.4 , YW Keg, la D M Q7 f . Q35 ,dx NN? XX X W f 1 W 'V h 03 '9 4' I at YK. of fr' Q ,O V We V V4 J S0 A C X I ,lf Wh Rc fs f h Phil Okamoto captures the Upland Spirit in his award winning photo of Chuck Holtan and Tracye Bishop. The Upland High School Comic Mascot helps express a fond farewell from the class of 1987. Photo byAnn1e Wu Classroom walls acquire a new look asArt Club provides color to the cam- pus. Photo by Tony Wang a v I 286 Closing sl' si -4 45. My ,nv fx 'QI Closing 287 Seniors remember the days long gone through pictorial history books of the past. Photo by John Christensen Leaving with the winning splrlt, Karen Shaw and MaryAnn Flagg take their last look at Upland High School. Photo by Annie Wu Wrapping ug four years 0 Excellence, Elegance, and Excitemen The stress of four years of nol stop academics and the suffering l severe cases of Senioritis wa rewarded at the end of the year wil special upperclassman activities. E1 joying the advantages of being senior, made the last few days 1 school a little more bearable. On May 14, couples enjoyed 2 evening of elegance at the Junio Senior Prom. The Biltmore Box became "The Time of Our Lives" 2 couples swayed to the sounds of video D.J. A month later, Senior Awarc night honored academic excellenc of students in various areas. Fror the complexities of mathematics ar science to the artistic talents 1 drama and art, seniors were awarde for their outstanding scholast' achievements. Finally, the culmination of on high school years resulted in gradua tion. As the sun set beyond the ter nis courts, the graduating class 4 1988 gladly tossed their caps in er citement as they left the good c green and white. Immediately following corr mencement, school buses shippe loads of graduates off to Disneylan to a crowded but magical evening fc Grad Nite '88. Returning late in the morning, w were welcomed back in the cafeteri for an early morning continents breakfast. As we picked up ou. diplomas, we knew that our hig school years were finally all wrap ped up. by Annie Wi i ,M ii-TJ Selene Eubanks, Cindy Sinclair, and Gen- ny Arnold are just a few wild and craaaz- zy gals. Photo by John Christensen ..,""' iff? 42-,y V QP ' , M, ,, ,W ' ' fy J V , A " 1 " " , Wh I H ,LA MM, ,,,J,ew ',,. ,..Mx1ww.w,.,,.,M,w ,1,w,, fW5vww.W..,wf ,fm V Twenty Five Senior Scholars - Front: Sandra Choi, Denise Baranowski, Diane Buenting, June Wang, Kim Huang, Avani Patel, An- Vu. Middle: Mark Johnson, Peter Chuang, Wileen Wong, Maryann Fagg. Back: Rob McKaughan, John Piladifis, Pam Magdych, David reltine, Cynthia Monahan, Ellen Liu, David Chen, William Lim. Missing: Alan Graham, James Lin, Wendy McCallum, Jill Murphy, Cin- inclair, Eric Takeuchi. Photo by John Christensen Closing 289 2 "Making a Change" in himself, the school, and the world, Travis Dredd is U.H.S. 's H1 Michael Jackson impersonator. Photo by Tony Wang Double the humor, double the fun - Josh Cottrell and Sarah Wingate bring pizzazz to a rally. Photo by John Christensen Erin Mandrell, Jennifer Pickering, Christine Kelly, and Christine Maiorano root, root, root, for the senior team in the class competi- tion. Photo by John Christensen Jamming at a Dead Man's Party, Oingo Boingo immitators are rockin' high. Photo by Tony Wang 90 Closing Q "wh-no A close friend, a good friend 1'hat's what he was to me To know him was to love him sp easily He was a friend to all And a brother to most. I miss him dearly For I feel I miss him the most It is not so, for he was loved By many far and close. Some say it was meant to be I tell myself that can't be tme Because he never deserved to die. When I think of him I know he is in Heaven To know he is safe helps a little But to not hear his voice Makes it hurt so much more. May Paul Morales rest in peace. May he be happy and free. May he know that I loved him And respected him so honorably. God bless you, Paul. by Jeff Brittain Closing 291 T-'. Gow PA rRoNs 'Q Robert Postrnan, MD 419 N. Third Ave., Upland The Hielan Editorial Staff 565 W. 11th St., Upland, 981-5861 - Upland San Antonio Dental Group 811 E. 11th St., Upland, 946-8590 George W. Wilson, MD 600 N. Mountain i'tD103, Upland, 981-4886 Reardon, MeCallarn, 8 Co. 846 W. Foothill, Upland, 985-7286 Canty 65' Canty, Attorneys at Law 404 N. 2nd Ave., Upland, 94 -4880 Bart L. Gayrnon, DDS 428 N. Palm, Ontario, 984-1576 Thomas E. Cleland, DDS 321 N. 3rd Ave., Upland, 982-0113 I-Iicke, Holton, 8 Webb, DDS 600 N. Mountain 1-tC105, Upland, 982-8888 Gld Winbrook Development, Inc. 840 W. 9th St. QD, Upland, 946-3835 Upland Feed 8 Fael 164 N. 2nd, Upland, 981-2851 C 6' A Tire Center, Inc. 913 W. Foothill, Upland, 985-7268 Upland Lumber Ea' Milling Co. 85 N. Euclid, Upland, 982-1305 Matreyek Homes 655 N. Mountain, Upland, 981-5741 Schea Steel Supply Co. 8830 Vineyard, Cucamonga, 82-1325 Upland Chamber of Commerce 886 W. Foothill 416, Upland, 982-8816 Upland Wings 934 N. Mountain itC, Uplan , 946-8551 Law Ogices of Thomas W. Moga 1 N. Euclid, Upland, 981-4040 Obhlffh a bdy fhHl ff h hkh pplf ng b fS100 pbl G ldP t 293 Community Connectlon Carden Arbor View School 1 530 N. San Antonio Avenue Upland, CA 91786 982-99 1 9 Bengie's Restaurant 652 N. CentralAvenue Upland, CA 91786 981 -4700 Graziano's Italian Restaurant 1 615 N. Moutain Avenue Upland, CA 91786 981 -2925 K ing's Table 820 West Foothill Blvd. Upland, CA 91786 981 -4005 Magic Lamp Inn 8189 Foothill Blvd. Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91 730 981 -8659 Softwaire Centre International 916 N. Mountain Avenue, Suite 6 Upland, CA 91786 946-5665 Deborah's Bridal - Fashions - Tuxedos 1438 W. Seventh Street Upland, CA 91 786 985-6336 Foothill Independent Bank Bill Davis 569 N. Mountain Avenue Upland, CA 91 786 981 -86 1 1 The Plaid Staff congratulates its sister publication, the Hielan Yearbook, on its successful thirty-third edition. Foothill Radiator Service 382 E. Foothill Blvd. Upland, CA 91 786 981 -401 1 Future Marine 6 Fabrication Inc. 1346 E. Ninth Street Upland, CA 91786 981-8082 Jeffrey Group, Incorporated 341 79 Golden Lantern, S Dana Point, CA 92629 661 -41 03 The Daily Report 2041 E. Fourth Street Ontario, CA 91764 987-6397 and The Progress Bulletin 300 South Thomas Pomona, CA 91 766 622- 1 201 Brunswick Upland Bowl 451 W. Foothill Blvd. Upland, CA 91 786 946-7006 Latta Interiors Pam Latta uite 202 560 N. Mountain Avenue, Suite L Upland, CA 91 786 982-3770 Realty World Richard Morse, Broker 939 W. Foothill Blvd. Upland, CA 91 786 946-3895 Glen Fisher Principal, Upland High S 565 W. Eleventh Street Upland, CA 91 786 981 -5861 chool We of the Heilan Yearbook staff truly appreciate the twenty-five dollor donations made by the above businesses. Thank you for your community spirit 294 Business Patrons tbe1,Traci tbeliz, Rick tblard, Kelly lrbriol, Danny lcuna, Santana kdams, Alicia kclerstedt. Erik kctomitis, Angie tggazzotti, Melanie Xguilar, Javier Kguilar, Susana Xhmadzai, Ali Xhmadzai, Marika Xhrendt. Stephanie thurnada. Robert Xidoo. Kwaku Aiken, Azande ltjodanifar, Taraneh Alba, Steve albert, Jayne Aiberts, Alex Rlcocer, Raul kleka. Jon Ateka, Lisa Atleman, Angela Ali, Marie Alirnusa, Leilah Alimusa, Ramsey Alldredge. Tonya Allen. Chad Allen, Dave Allen, Robin Allen, Shane Allen, Steve Allgood, Cynthia Allie, Thomas Allred, Amy ' Allred, Brad Alonso. Mike Anme,Phmp A1tmyer.Merrilynne Altmyer, Michelle Alvarado, Gustavo Alvarado, Sandra Alvarez, Juana Alvarez. Marc Amador, Phillip Aminikharrazi, Tony Amos, Ali Arrays. Robert Ancheta, Michael Ancona, Leonarda Anders, Gayle Anderson, Christophe Anderson, John Anderson, Karin Anderson, Kristen Anderson, Kristina Anderson, Michael Anderson. 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Lance Arnold, Michael Arnold, Ruth Arnold, Sarina Arroyo, Deanna 1, 29, 35, 38, 51. 67, 80 G, r Arsenault. Rose Marie . Arteaga, David Arviso. Louis Asuncion. Annette Asuncion, Gene 138 120 120 138 275 276 67 80 H 120 156 156 120 156 67 156 156 139 120 Asuncion, Julia Atchison, Jennifer Atchison. Klrstin Atencio, Hermann Atkinson. Karen Aust, Michael Austin, Cara Austin, James Austin, Austin. Autrey, Mark Michael Maurice Autry, Keri Avalos, Eriberto Averkiou, Lydia Avila, Anthony Avila, Dante Ayala, Angela Ayers, Mike Babcoc Babcoc k. Jay k, Josh Babette, Singer Baca, G eraldo Bach, Robert Bachoc, Martin Badders, Jeffrey Bagalso, Mary Grace Bagheri. Pantea Baham. Scott Bailey, Andy Bawa ish! 1 . Bakaieinikolf, Anthony Baker, Adell Baker, Bonnie Baker, Brad Baker, Mary Baker, Susin Baldel. Michelle Bales, J Ball, Ka Ballard. ennifer tie Brannon Ballas, Thomas Ballinger, John Banayan. Rod Bancroft, Maryjoy Bangle, Marie Banyasz, Tanessa Baranowski, Denise Baranowski, Dennis Barber, Carol Barber, Carrie Barber, Karen Barber, Stephanie Barcarse. Jose Barcarse. Jose James Barger. Harold Barilott1,Qavid Barker, Arine Barker, Kimberly Barker, Scott Barnett, Jamey Barrera, Abel Barrett, Barrett, Heidi Jason Bartholomew. Dina Bartholomew, Layne Bartlett, Bobby Barwick, Sarah Bastian, David Batchelor, B111 Batra, Anjula Battino, Moll y Bauce, Kimberley Beaman. Janette Bean, Mary Beard, Brian Beard, Kathy Beauchamp, Liane Beaver. Beck, K Becker. Becker. Laura im Kara Neil Beebe, Brian Beebe. Douglas Beebe, Rachel Bell, Ch ristie Ben,ka1ny Bell, Michelle Bellemin, Anne Belton, Amy Beltran. Brian Beltran. Michael Be1tran,S1'1awn Bender. Douglas Bennett,Be1h Bennett, Eugene Bennett, Jason Bennett Bennett , Mark . Mike Bennett, Tru Benson. Benson. lt Kimberly Molly 156 120 156 156 156 120 67 156 139 67 67 156 156 67 156 156 139 156 67, 197, 199 157, 197 283 67 56, 67. 96 139 120 157 139 157 157 139 157 157 67 139 68, 191, 197 139 157 68. 200. 201 139 120 157 68 139 157 38, 68 120. 157 6, 48, 68, 80 B, 94, 190 157 68 157 157 121 157 139 276 68 121 139 68 121 139 121 157 157 68 139 121 157 121,198 121 139 276 68 157 139 276 , 68 68 62, 157, 174 , 157 68 139 68 157 139, 174 276 157 276 157 139 121, 179.191 157 157 276 157 157 157 121 41,68 158 158 Wrap Sheet Berg, Dennise Berg, Karen Bnrgreen, Sheryl Bergstrom. Joei , , Beringer, Crystal Berneathy. Paula Berry, Paul Bert, Dawna Best.John Br-tschart, Priska Bett1s,Jelfrey Betz. Charles Betz. Thomas Beuerle, John Beutel, Darrell Bevans. Jason Beyer, Jason Bezuidenhout. James Biddle, Brady Biesiada, Ryan Biley, Beth Bingham, Damon Bishop, Christopher Bishop, Tracye Bittner, Amy Bivens, Mike Black, Lisa Blackmer. Nichole Blackwell, Janis Blades. Billy Blain, Enrique Blaine, Robert Blair. Cassie Blaszkiewicz, Elizabeth Blincoe, Brendon Block, David Bodnar, Frank Boen, Lance Boert. Scott Boesch, Valerie Bohler, Shelly Boland, Scott Bolechowski, Scott Bolinger. David Bonnetle. Linda Bono, Laura Bonome.'Cami11o Bonura, Mike Book. Jennifer Book, Judy Booker, Jacinda Boothey, Kathy Borden, John Bordenkircher, Scott Bordon, Raymond Borer, Eric Boria, Bert Borrnann, Vikki Boseant, Jason Bosse. Sharon 121,187.19l,195. 121 121 121 139 139 139 121 139 139 158 158 158 158 68 158 21 158 139 158 139 139 158 68 69 139, 183 69 121 158 158 158 69 121 199 139 139 l3oswe11.Bt-thanie Bouse. Sarah Bousquet, Gabriela Boiilrlalath, Nhouy Bowen, Chantell Boydstun, David Bradfield. Brian Bradfield, Jennifer Brady. David Bragg. Christine Bragg, Stephanie Brailey. Lisa Brandt. Malt Brayford, Fuqene Breeden. Lester Brennan. William Brenner. Elana Brenner, Lisa Brewart, Nadia Brice, Monica Brick, Steven Brinkworth, Kyle Brittain. Jason Brittain, Jeff Broad, Brian Broadley, Aaron Brock, David Brock, Shannon Brodbeck. Rick Brodie, Seth Brookhart, Kevin Brooks, Jared Brooks, Kirsten Brooks, Kirsten Brooks, Leslie 139 Brooks, Trenita 121 Brothers, Hardin 139 Brouse, Julie 69 Brouse, Kelly 121 Brown, Adam 69 Brown, Christina 139 Brown, David 139 Brown, Dujuan 43, 121,202 Brown. Heather 139 Brown, Lavell 63, 121 Brown, Martha 139 Brown, Rebecca 69 Brown, Roy X 121 Brown, Shannon 276 Brown. Thomas - 53, 54, 55, 139, 247 Brownsworth, Heath 62 Brubaker. Amy ' 69 Bruce, Deanna 139 Bruce, Jeff 158 Bruckner, Richard - 69, 199 Brunette. Sheri 62, 69 Brushwiller, Jeri 158 Bryant. Lynda 139 Buckley. Brian 52, 53, 121, 183, 195 Buell, Robert Cl'is liar 1131515151111 139.183,189.19l,195 139 69 158 121 139 69.248 139,255 155 140.147 121,201 121,l83,187,1B9.195 69 140 140 158 140 121 - 121 isa 140 es use 121 es 121 158 69 140 14C - 121,181 140 9,58,69,l16 9.58,69. 116 140 140,189 276 121 158 140 140 140 140 121 140 276 121 69 69 69 69 140 158 121 276 121 14C 140 121 140 Index , 295 - V- . . V VV1salL11aaQfs 1 ,V 11:s1,811v11V,5-Vs ?Vffyt11V,42z, - 5252- 1e,11fV1ffVE511s1Iis YVQFV 1 mmL,,L -VV--VV 1, i 1 ---"y ,LLLL -VVV: Vu, .V ,--f--,,,- VS, ,,k.,,,..,,...,,.. ,. .f,, . -VVV,, VVS- i1121i1VVV1192i,' V- ., ..:!3s15?Q11f?3Q9?11iih4i1 ,, 1, ..,, , ., , K., ,ggi ,Sli 1 121,151 11,.1V,. , V --yiki L1f ?111i'11 5111111 , ,m,A 1, 12: 1556 -, 21. 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Daniel Dell, Shannon Delport, Jeffrey 142 124 160 142 124 160 73,202 142 73 74 74 160 Delgado, Amy, 74 160 39, 41, 124 41, 74 74. 202 124 ,awww- Drewes, Doris 278 Drummond, Caesarea 124 Drummond, Leann 278 Drury, Brad 160 Drury, Mark 124 Dubois, Robin 124 Dudey, Thomas 5, 25, 48, 49, 75 Dudley, Jennifer 142 Dunavant. Michael 142 Dunn, Garrett 124 Duran Felicia 59. 150 Duran, Yvonne 53. 124 Dutton, Betty 124 Dyar, Susan 36, 38. 75, 202 S is for Smiles. Dennis, Sean 124 oePuy, Phil 277 DeWater, Erik 73 Dewitt, Rick 74, 80 G DeYoung, Doug 277 Dha1iwaI,Simmi 124, 187, 195 Diaz, Carlos 142 Diaz, Lisa 160 Diep, Lexuan 142 Diep, Minh 124 Diez, William 124 Diggs. Brandon 160 Dilks, Michelle 74, 197, 198 Dilks, Tom 124 Dimmitt, James 142, 264 Dineen, Lance 74 Dineen, Tisha 52. 53, 74 Dion, Anne 277 Dircks, Darrell 142 Dircks, Dawn 74 Diss, Kelly 142 Ditlevsen, Ann 20. 74 Dixon. James 74 Dixon, Scott 74 Dixon, Terry 124 Dizon, Donald 124 Dlugi, Tiffany 160 Dobbins Pamela 124 Dobine, Tenesha 160 Dobson, Leslie 63, 142 Dolinar, Scott 124 Dominador, Pamela 74 Dominguez, Doug 142 Dominguez, Leonora 160 Donachy, Craig 124 Donahue, Sandy 277 Donchig, William 160 Dore, Jo Ann 142 Dore, John 160 Dorilinger, Janeen 15, 75 Dover, Harry 75 Dowling. Kerry 142 Downey, Trina 75 Downs, Ayana 142, 189 Doxie, Llhuru 160 Doyle, Mary 50, 75, 178, 179, 183 Drake, James 278, 283 Dredd, Travis 17, 50, 53, 55, 124, 203 Eagen, Jeffrey Eakle. Tiffany Ennarino, Jason Eston, Fred Eberhardt, Michael Eberhardy, Julie Eccles, Dana Eccles, Jeremy Eckersall, Scott Eckles, Tammy Edens, Ron Edgington, Amy Edwards, Diana Edwards, Jennifer Edwards. John Edwards, Sharlene Eisenberg, Anne Elam. Max Elder, Kevin Elias, Rebecca Ellavsky. Daniel Ellerbeck, Nicholaus Ellett, Sharlena Ellingwood, Joshua Ellis, Cristy 160. Ellis, Heather 50, 127, 139, 142. 153, 175, 237. Ellis, Robbie 160 124 75 278 63, 124, 135 124 124 160 75 160 160 29. 50, 75, 178 15, 124 1 42 202 41, 43, 63, 75. 70, 75 160 160 27, 41, 75 75 142 160 142 125 255 255 75 Ema. Takeo 150 Emerson, Frank 142 Emler, Brent 160 Ems, Patti 142 Engel, Monica 75 Engle, Kristie 142 Enriquez, Sal 75. 253 Equi, John 75 Equi, Robert 125 Ertter. Jeffrey 75. 255 Escobar, Veronica 58, 143 Eshleman, Brian 75 Eshleman, Kevin 160, 167 Esparcio, Lisa 14, 25, 29. 125, 236 Espinosa, Jessica 160 Espinoza, Frances 39, 125, 183, 187, 195, 255 Eubanks,Se1ene 75. 153 Evans, Greg 143 Evans, Jess 124 Evans, La Tonya 143. 159 Evans. Mary 160 Fagg, Maryann 17, 38, 76, 96, 183, 187, 189, 195. 288 Fagundes, Jason 76, 256 Fairfax, Debbie 278, 283 Fallon, Chad 160 Farinella, Craig 160 Farland, Dick 278 Farley, Jamie 59, 160 Farzad, Babak 76 Fasenella, Nicole 76, 125 Fath, Kenneth 76 Faulk, Christa 62, 160 Fauyer, Barbara 278 Fehn, Devin 14, 76, 191 Fehrs, Jim 278 Felberg, Lani 278 Fenn, Jason 125 Ferguson, Elizabeth 161 Ferguson, Tige 125 Fernandez, Patricia 143 Ferree, Jeremiah 161 Ferre1I,Kevin 125 Ferrell, Tricia 143 Ferronato, Pamela 76 Ferry, Scott 161 Ficke, Dave 278 Ficken, Linda 161 Fierro, Candia 161 Fife, Dana 161 Figueroa, Jose 143 Fikes, Lola 278 Fiiing, Tony 161 Fillippello, Sean 161 Finley, Erica 21, 50, 76 Finley, Heather 143 Finley, Kelly 76 Finley, Ryan 17, 44, 143 Finn, Maya 143 Fiorindo, Steve 125 Fisch. Sean 143 Fisher, Glenn 268, 272, 273, 275 Fisk, Veronica 76 Fittante, Jennifer 143, 161 Fitz. Dana 143, 189 Fitzloff, T. J. 125 Fitzpatrick, Sara 143 Flaherty, Brandie 161 Fleck. David 42.125, 181, 189, 191, 195 Fleener, Kandi 59, 161 Fleischer, Damon 143 Flores, Angela 38, 76 Flores, Armando 143 Flores, Christy 161 Flores, Terri 143 Fogle, Alisa 125 Fonken, Amy 53, 54. 76,80 B Foo, Claudia 125.187, 191, 195, 198 Foo, Lydia 161 Ford, Amy 76, 125 Foreso, Jana 53, 54, 55, 143 Foronda, Renee 76 Forrest, Douglas 125 Forsen, Stephanie 143 Forsha, Robert 161 Fort Tiffiney 59, 161 Fossum, Danny 61 Foster, Floria 278 Foster, Lori 125 Powers, Eliza 143 Fowler, Sesame 143 Fox, Deborah 125 Fox, Jennifer 125 143 Franco, Gloria 76 Frandsen, Jon 161 Frank, Martha 125 Frank, Michelle 76 Franklin, William 125, 187, 195 Frankson, Wendy 76, 88 Freelove, Julie 76, 198 Freeman, Juanita 161 Freis, Jack 76 French, Calvin 275 Fresta, Angel 143 Friend, Terese 161 Fritz, Michael 76 Frye, Shannon 143 Fryman, Chad 76 Fuller, Denise 161 Fuller, Robert 125 Fuquay, Steve 161 Gage, Sharon 278 Gagnon, Grant 77 Gagnon, Stephen 143 Galindo, Danny 125, 181, 219 Gallagher, Christopher 143 Gallagher, Sean 125 Galvez, Armando Galvin, Derek Gamble, Kristin Gamboa, Dan Garcia, Armando Garcia, Carlos Garcia, Conrado Garcia, Diana Garcia, Jaqueline Garcia, Jose Garcia, Juanita Garner, Jacqueline Garner, Jennifer Garner, John Gates, Kristi Gaudett, Robert Gebhart, Travis Geddess, Kristine Gedeon, Lesley Geer, Dawn Geer, Jeffrey Gefrerer, Donna Gefrerer, Poun Geisler, Connie Geisler, David Gentile, Samuel George, Aldora George, Damon Gerard, Mindu Gerardi, Karen Gerdes, Frank Gerely. Sara Gersna, Daniel Gerst, Cindy Gessig. Kim Giacoleit, Amy Gibb, Bart Gibb, Casey Gibbons, Frank Gibbons, Laura Gibbs, Jill Gibilisco, Mary Gibson, Keele Giles, Megan Gilpin, Doug Gingerich, Annemarie Gingerich, Ethan Gingerich, Peter Giordano, Christopher Glenn, John Glenn, Kevin Gloss, Jeff Glover, Shannon Glube. Robin Gobel, Julie Gobel, Lisa Godson, Gregory Godson, Paul Goetsch, Danny 6. Goetscb, Kerri Goetsch, Laura Goetsch, Robert Goff, Cynthia Goggin, Bob Goins, Gary Goldenstein. Dana Golightly, Robert Golsch, William Gomez, Damon Gomez. Jesse Gomez, Monique Gomez, Nicole Gomez, Stephanie Gonzales, Cesar Gonzales, Evy Gonzales, Joanne Gonzales, Rachel GO0d. Ronald Goodman, Mark Gorman, Jeremy Goshen, Douglas Goss, Jason Goss, Jeffrey Gott, Janelle Grabowski, Neal Grabowski, Scott Grace, Karen Graham, Alan Graham, Marcia Graham, Michele Graham, Philip Granadc, lsaac Grandorf, Aaron Grandorf, Ron Grant, Tracy Grasmick. Jennifer Grasmick, Jessica Gravenhorsl, Michael Gravenhurst, Vicki Graves, Robert Gray, Carilyn Gray, Jeffrey Gray, Mik Green. Cindy Green, David Green, James 161 77 52, 53, 125 39, 125. 7, 47, 11, so B,178, 51, 77, as 143 77 143 125 125 42, 125 161 278 161 161 125 125 125 161 125 144, 147 77 161 125 161 278 278 161 189 161 144 125 125 161 161 77 125 161 77 161 144 125 161 161 125 144 125 59,161 161 125 161 278 77 278 161 39, 125 125 144 144 125 179. 190. 191 161 125 162 144, 255 278 77 162 126 126 77 144 77 144 126 144 126 62, 63, 77 162 144, 221 144 126 162 162 144 162 77 126 278. 195 , 126, 183 183 53,54, 126, 136, 236 77 162 162 162 38, 77 162 162 162 278 162 278 162 279 77 126. 219 77 Index 297 Gruhl, Kim Gruner. Amy Grupposo, Marc Guandlque, Adolfo Guerrero, Aida Guerrero, Johnny Guerrero, Michelle Guerrero. Xavier Guillory, Marlene Guia, Molly Gulley, Orlando Gurr, Gale Gutierrez, Carol Guilerrez, Elvira Guttenez, Sandra Guymon, Genniier Guzman, Stacey Guzowski, Ted Haan 'Diane Haas, Sandy Hacker. Wendy Hackerd, Jason Hackman, Chad Haendiges, John Haggard, Randy Haischer, Stephanie Hale, Brian Hale, Matthew 48, 78, 189 126 162 78 162 162 63, 78 144 78 1 44 l 62 126 78 144 152 sms, 201 162 144 L44 53, 55. 78 126 78 1 44 vs 279 144 162 126 Haslam, Jonathan Hastings, James Halanaka, Kathleen Hatch, Gregory Hatch, Josh Hatfield, Angela Havlicek, Tracy Hawkins, Mary Beth Hawks, Brian Hay, Lisa Hayden, Alisa Hayden, Janice Hayes, Jolene Hayler, Charlie Hayler, Danny Hayes. Jolen Hayler, Charlie Hayler. Danny Haynes, April ' Haynes, April -Haynes, Tammy Lynn Head, Larry Healey, Dayton ' i"' Vuaaiey. Richard Heard, Kristen Heaton. Tracee 1-leavener. Clark Hecker, Patrick Hackman, Tim Heclor, Matthew Heinen, Kelsey Heins. Erik Heller, Gail 62, 63, 58, 144, 1 62 1 44 1 26 I 26 162 1 26 l 26 237 79 79 I 62 79 l 62 1 44 14, 79 162 1441 14, 79 144 144, 144 11261 ,l-44, 1, .- , 79 59,162 53.5-1,79 126 126 126 162 126 162 144, 237 Hall, Brad Hallback, Karen Hallman. Sean Haiuska, Jason Hamel, Michael Hamernik, Lori Hamilton, Samuel Hamm.Cyn1hia Hammond, Julie Hammond, Robert Han, Hilary Hancock, Dennis Hansche, Jonathan Hansche. Theresa Hansen,4J. Brandon Hanseng Justin Hanson, Shirley Harbert, Jennifer Harberts, Jennifer Harden. Tara Hargrove, Alexis Hargrove, Chad Hargrove, Shannon Harlan. Christina Ham, Deborah Harrington. Angela Harris. Angela Harris. Lori Harrison, Amber Harrison, Cathy Harrison, Gregory Harsen, Kimberly Han, Jennifer Hart. Josephine Hart, Tracie Hartley, Greg Harvey. Barbara H is for Hugs. 144 279-l 1 144' 283, 1 2 270 162 l 62 1 26 1 62 79 162 162 144 162 126 144 126 162 126 126 163 174 163 144 79, sz, ,',',., , :',, , 162 iielman, Shannon . ' 78, 82 Helms, Gena A . oy 126 . A-Hempstead. Hes Ar, Q1 f 152 Henderson, J K, RAW' , 78 Henderso obert , '22 ' 162 ' Henke ull -fax 162 Hen ' gan, Ro rlqvx Q 162 He ings, L' 162 H ry, 6 78 ravl,a'a bv 126 ermann, 0 43, 144 ermann, K in 126 rnandez,wDes 78 H n nie 144 Herman ez. Gina 162 Hernandez, Jeanette 279 Hernandez, Lisa 78 Hernandez, Manuel 162 Hernandez, Nick 126 Hernandez, Paul 31, 124, 126 Hernandez, Reyna 162 Hernandez, Richar 49. 62, 63. 78 Hernandez, Romani 62, 126 I Hernandez, Socorro 59. 144, 78 Hernandez, Theresa 126 Herrera, Susie 53, 55, A126-' f fE'lQl'10Q, Peter 1 .1,62:,.V3-- Hesseltine. David 51, 79, 179.181, , 1522 ",,, '.HESll'lFl. Robin K 79' " Hiatt, Arline 163, 162., , , 1-libbard, Duane 23, 126 Hicke, Erica 53, 54, 126 Hickey. Karen 126 Hickey, Robert IAA, 183 Hickman, Greg 79 Higashi, Teri 79 High, Michelle 2197. , I 163 f,:1-,. I f ,. 1 23? 1 26 1 26 1 45 79 l 63 1 45 1 63 Jr, High. Tanya Hilbe, Janet Hill, Angela Hill, James Hill, Patrease Hillman, Wall Hind, Frank Hines, Jutta Hinshaw. Donald Hively, Kami Ho, Dianna Ho, Dung Ho, Primrose Hocum, Chontte Hodge, Jim Hodges, Jennifer Hoeder, Brad Hoffman, Brandi Hoffman, Derek Hogan. Jason Hdgan, Kerry Hogue. James Holder, Jennifer Holguin, Jennifer Holguin, Rene Hollenbeck. Loretta Hollon, Robert Holmgren. Debbi Holmgren, Jacob Holt. Lorna Holtan, Charles, Holycross, Bob Holzberger, Jason Honl, Melani Honl. Wendy Hoover, Jason Hoover, Julie Hoover. Ryan Hope, Christina Hopkins, Danielle Hnpper, James , ,K :Horak,Amanda Hom, Bill Horn, Cortez Horne. Eric Horstman, Jennifer Houk, Raymond Houle. Edward Housley, Jocelyn Houston, Michael Hove, Kimberly Howard, Michael Howell, Jeff Howell, Jeremy Hoyle, Robert Hoyle. Tricia Hoyt, Varan Hsu, Grace Hsu. Peter Huang, Joey Huang, Kevin Huang, Kimberly Huang. Rose Huecker, Daniel Huges, All Hughes, Anthony Hughes. Chris Hughes, Donald Hughes, Melissa Hummel. Deena Hunt, Kristin Hunter, Charles Hunter. Courtney Hunter. Thomas Hurd, Heather Hurd, Ryan Husted, Lawrence Hutcheson, Juliane Hutchins. Steve Hutchinson, Kennet Hutchinson Kyle Huxman, Jacob Huymn, Nam Huynh, Michael Hwang, Belinda Hynes. Dan lmani, Hooman lnacay, Jane! lnacay, Ruth Inman. Bradly lrizarry, Dawn irvine, Joan Irving. Amy lrwin, Amy Isbell, Dianne lshirnoto, Aileen lttner, Randy lwai lzadseta, Kambiz h 38,5l, 79. S0 H 163 79 275. 282 145 274 279 274, 279 126 I 45 39, 126 145 Q-,163 a 79 ,"', 125 :1, l A, .,,. ,,.V VA Jacks. Brian Jacks, Heather Jacksler, Jennifer Jacksier, Jodie Jackson, Aaron Jackson, Darren Jackson, Ethan Jackson. Melissa Jackson, Reginald Jacob, Michael Jacobs, Christian Jahn, Kerstin Jakositz. Mat! Jakositz, Mike James, David James, Jason K flaqriess, Steve Jam, Tamara Jafoslow, Keith Jarrett. Donald l 45, 8f 1 21 145 1 62 1 45 1 97 163 1 62 127 12? 127 , 20,-,SQ , ,ga 145 , 'Yillii . 1,-, 1 --,.- M3313 ,. 4,27 ,..,., my 1 122 1 ' , 292 K ' 38, 79150 1-1 ' - Jarrett, Karyn 62 -153 ' ' 145 Jarvis, David I 127 126 Jaska, Michelle 1253 - 163' Javanovich, Danny 146 79 Jefferson, Angela 121 279 Jefferson, Harold 163 145 Jensen, Jim 30 153 Jensen, Mark 145 163 Jensen, Matthew 153 279 Jensen. Tim IG3 80 Jeong. Jenny 137 279 Jertberg. Jon 145 B0 Jimenez. Brandy 153 163 Jimenez, Carmen 163 127 Jimenez, Miguel 121 163 Jimenez, Roy 145 145 Jin, Joon 39 , , 1,1451 Jin. Sung-Ho I 13535 2,-,.l?15i.:,', Johnson, B0bby 80 q Johnson, Bryan I , .11 -,-,," 1.-111631 ""-i""-'i' -'ohnsvfh Cary , ' - .ffll745' 1,31 tiii. J0l"'S0f'- Chffyl ' 11-l f 1' ,11' Q55279111211-iiiigklohnsbn,.Christopher 145,.24Sf25Q ii1. !i1'i55L 1,i1',i JJQNISOH- Efic . ' 1i',1t.,, 1 in f Johnson, Jeff I27,V1'i451 11133 Johnson, Jennifer 1 - 12? ' 153 Johnson, Ken 279 ' gg Johnson, Mark 80 127 Johnson, Michelle 38. 50 145 Johnson. Scott 127 80 Johnson, Thomas 127 80 Johnston, Jennifer 153 80 Joiner, Brett 145 145 Joiner, Jeffrey 163 163 Joiner, Jeffrey 163 127 Jones, Amie 163 127 Jones, Bobbie 27, 145 153 Jones, Jason 121 145 Jones, Justin 153 127 Jones, Kelli 163 163 Jones, Kristyn 12? 80' 197 Jones, Nikki 1457 29, 38, 50, 67, an sou, Jones, scan 121, 1365 163 Jones, Shawna ' 163-i , .1631 I Jones, Tawn 62, 634121- 23, -1,45 K Jones, Tiffany ,j!:k1,45,V , ':'k..:,, 12183 .,'.rVL1,' Jones, William , irik ' f1V15Q1,5Q . fi-11453, I UQPlin.rMark '1- 21,2175 1 ' , f8QQ 145 i "i" Jordan. Joanne Q' 2795 'K163 Jordan, Michele Q J 1271 127, 183. 187, 189, 195' K Jorgensen, Tasha 'f',h 1163i 145 Joun, Phillip 145k 127, 195 Juslis, Krista 38,5l, 80, 181. 183,199 163 80 145 145 I 163 153 Kaatz, Chris 127 145 Kaggie. Jason 146 145 Kang, Christy 127 145 Kang, Sarah 146, 163 Kang, Steve 163, 127 Kappa, Kristine 145 163 Karow, Richard 80 279' Karow, Roy 1635 " . ,Karr.Kelly 146: Karr, Keri , 163.7 1 .,,, i,,, 137, , 127' 131 Q 1 1 --163 Michael 1 an 279 279 I 45 1 27 39, 127 279 145 l 45 liasbeck, De Anna Kashefinejad, Farish Kassim, Samah Kaxqna. Chad Katof1a,Kristie Katlerhagen, Paul Kaufman, Joni Kaufman, Mandy Kaufman, Mark Ke, Anh Tue Keene, Joella Keeney, Serena Kell, Leslie Keller, Robert Keller, Tricia Kellogg, Becky Kellogg, Ross Kelly, Christine Kelly, Jennifer -121611 'l.2Z.-fl-QQ? 163 ' , .43 , , flQ,7' 1 Y-14525 146: 127' 80 : 127' 146 163 164 128 146 164 38, 50, 80, 236 128 K llv, Timothy 7 J 'wllaLl5VlVllL9-Uflwimh OLMUJVCU My W 4 298 Index 16114, E 1 ll 164 Q WQwy Wig,wfi3ffQ?f fiiffjw Kei-sey, Brian l28 Krome, Danny 128 Kennan, Brian I64 Kreme, Gregory 164 Kennedy, Brian 164 Kffmk- Paffffik 91 Kentros. 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And Lamejohn, Kennem 129 Marquez' Franime Liltlejohn, Melinda 147 Marquez' Michek um Eklen as, 179, 191, 201 Marguel' Michene Lw' Jgssen '47 Marquez, Nancy Lace' Brad? R29 Mars. Wendy Mana '65 Marsack. Kimberly o, Francesca 165 Marten Heidi tw'ohMa"?f 63' Martens, Jennifer L 'Z .iysse M7 Marlin, Christopher Logaabnuluaff 147 Ma"i"' TWV Logie 'fan M7 Maninez. Alfonso L09 'rt J' e M7 Martinez,Charley Lompq ' ameg Martinez, Christa ondehus' Tuma 83 Martinez, Jessie Iioneyifobgfth Martinez, Justin Ong' ere 'I Martinez, Linda Lopatka' Wane' 165 Martinez Mario kopez' gzlgavo Maninez: Veronica Lopez' K. 129 Martorana, Ted Lapel' yank 129 Mashburn, Teri Lopez' REL 280 Mason, Derek V Lgpg' Shelton 147 Ma"""' Zacwy Lugz 'mm 147 Ma""'9'y' Mandy Lou' Clay K 129 Mamngly, Monica :gg Maxwell, Alicia MM May, Ginger 6, 34, 51, 83, 181, 183. 191 'ii 83 165 129 !29. !98. 200 129 147 129 I 29 !65 , 83 129, 201 147 129 280 83 280 165 155 - 155 K 165 255 147 165, 237, 165 147 I47 59, 165 sa 129 as 165 147 155 L 147 rss 129 141 141 165, 237 84 84 :ss 21.26, sa, 51. ea 129, 187, 195 29, 38, 51 8084, H 129 147 165 165 147 me , 165 W 14,84 ma me 129 :ss me 39.129 s4,na, 183 my 165 L 84 Y65 280 148 148 84 165 129 60, 148 165 129 84 84 148 129 165 165 129 129 129 l65 129 148 129 166 84 280 166 148.166 X66 280 166 166 166 165 148 96, 116 148,236 84 Mauocks, Jason, 129 148 164, 166 Index 299 May. William Mayfield. Wllma Mayo, Greg Mui, Christi McBrearty, Daniel McCaffrey, Chris' McCaffrey, Rayan McCalanahan, Jenny McCallister, Ruthann 270 zoo me 9, sa, ms 129 148,243 use me me McCallum. Wendy r 12, 19, 29, 30, 38. 51.68. 80 H, Mccorter, Cindy McCarthy, Pat 1 McCarty. Charles ' McCleery. Misty McClellan. Leila McClelland, Diane McClure, Stacey McCoy, Andrew McCoy. Tracey ' McCrary, Randy McDaniel, Jon McDonald, Kelley McDonneI, Kathleen Mcbonnel, Tom Mcbowel, Douglas McElvany, Craig McFadden, Marty McFann, Lisa McGee, Erin , McGinnis, Matthew McGrann, Paul McGregor, Christophe McGuirk, Amee Mclnnis, Brian Mclnnis, Roderick Mcltaughan, Rob McKeehan, Mike Mclienlle, Scot! Mclaughlln, William Mchlall. Anthony Mcquarrle, Tonya McCabe, Sean McClure, Stacy Meadow, Ann Marie Meadows, Ann Marie Medllord, Mette Medina. Beatriz Medina, Jeremy Medina. Veronica l' 84.119, 181. 197. 198. 199 e , sa. 84 280 166 148 166 280 84 148 166 148 84 84 129 84 f y rss, 231, 62. 63. 62, 64. 84 129 84 255 166 166 129 148 166 148 148 197 148 84,1B7,189,197,193 166 166 84 130 130 McCourtney, Jullel30 166 59 rea, 174 zo, 4s, 49.84 no use Merancio, Phillip Merandi, Pete Meraz, Steve Mercer, John Merhaut, Lana- Meroni, Elizabeth Merrick. Chris Merritt, Gregory Merritt,GreigV Merritt, Matthew , MQSSBDQQ15. Mersefwhtiiifrafirk, l,'. V MeS51lElQQf19X3??zl.f."l1 l Metealldfiarilyn' ' Mernvsn, noni ' 1 Metz, Marcia Meyer, Don Meyer, Janet Meyer. Joyce Mlao. Yen-Pen Michravy,Sean Mihalko, Jason Millard, Mike , Mill0f.Andy 1 M1iter,Caroli Miller, Darla , Mrrrer.1nav1n,1.1,:.', . ii- 1 I 'r.Me ii'i ,-',fi , 1 lri, Miller, - I Miller, Todd ' ' Miller, Vic W Mills. Brian Mills, Eric Mills, John Mills, Mary Lou Mills. Richard Mlner, Rodney Mlnnis. Matthew Mlrabella, Mike Miranda. Jason Miranda, Johnny Mlrbod, I . Mlskofslrl. Patricia Mlslretta. Chrletlne Mitchell. Amy ' ' Mitchell, Arthur Mitchell, avian 148 zso ea. 201 as 280 85 '35 166 130 1313: ',,-, 5154, ss, me , was 39. 1 ' f 289,-1 .EEE 148 280 130 230 148 130 166 165 130 148 58. .-.' 85, " 130 130, 281' 166 148 148 130 166 148 149 149 149 130 149 B5 ' 130' as. 1301 166 89 Medrano, Salvador Medrano, Victor Melendez. Alex Melenclrez, Paul Mellen. Jeff Meloi, Dana Mena. Fatima Mendez. Angelique Mendel. Jamie Mendleta. Corlna Mendoza. Jonathan Mendoza, Katherine Mendoza, Marco Menold, Melissa 300 Index ascii' 1 . 11i1'i 1 1 Nelson. Teresa, ' fffifinrer-o1rr.1M1cha:i r-', E is for Endmslastlc. 148 Mitchell, Christ er 166 Mitchell. Jennifzrph E 149 as, res 130 Mittelman, Arm 155 148 MrJbeck,Brad L , 167 166 MOlJ8fQ.K7i51:!1l'1: 149 166 Moffitt, Bryanfli ",- ' , :gg 59, 166 Mofidi, Mahbodf . ' 159 59. 166 Molnar, Nadine 166 Molnick, Dee Dee 149 i 166 Mvnahw.C:m1hia 17.21. 51.85. 166, iso, 181. 183, 39, 130 187, 189, 195. 197 166 Monk, Tmyh 155 148 167 Monroe, Jennifer Monroe, Paul ' Mansour. Anne Marie ,',-1 Montague, Lisa '-'- I Moody, Miklaus ' V Mooney, Darren , Mooney, Dave Mooney. Jeff Moore,Carr1e Moore. Corey Moore. Jennifer Moore. Paula Moore, Ryan Moormann. David Moosavi, Reza Moraies. Daniel Morales. Dina Morales.Er1ca Morales. Mike , Morales, Paul , -- Moran. Kasey ',,i' 1 ,,.- Moreno. Shariena 1 Morentln. Desiree 1 Morey. Christopher Morgan. Brian Morgan, Chrlssle Morgan, Klm Morgan. Steven Morketter. Heather Morrell, Sara Morris, Keisha Morris, Lakelshia Morris. Michelle Morris, Tammy Morrison. Lon , Mortimer, Traci 1 Mosca. Celeste no ,,- j Lf Moses. Sal 1 1, 1 1 Mosley. Kalrnda ' Moaser. Shauna Mot1ey, Stephanie Moulton, Christina Mourad, Grace Mowery. Melissa Moyano, Sylvia Moyer, Barbara Mrofchak. Michael Muhs. Kathryn Muir, Heather Mukterln, Elaine Munoz, Joe Munoz, Peggy Munro, Julie Murillo. Erin Murphy, Christopher Murphy. Connie - Murphy, Jlll Murphy. Kari A Murphy. Pad Murray, Cindy Murray. Rachel Murray, Ryan Murray, Stephan Murrey. Thomas Mussack, Toby Mussack, Tyson Mozyka, Pam Myers, Alison Myers. Shawna , Nabhan. Majed Nakajlma, Takehlko Nance, Vicki Nandi, Rejeev Nanongkhal, Victor Naqvl, Jamll Naugle, Christine Navarro, Carlos Nayerhablbl, Afshin Negrete, Eric Neher, Daryl Nelson. Dana Nelson, Deborah , , Namothmnn, ' ' 1 P4eaar.Mansoor "'i i ' Nevllls. Q Nevins, R31 . Navel. Elizabeth Newman. Sebastian Newton. Amanda Nov. Qvynh Ngayen. Hanh Nguyen, Thu-T Ngryen, Vu Nichols. Darlene Nichols. Julie Nicdlls. Darcy Nielson, Allyse Nlemann, hnnlecya , 14, 43, 59. mo. 130. 39, 120. 5.50.5135 167 39. 854 ' 1 1 149. 130. 59. 86. 237. 62. 53. 54. 55. in 1681 '31- 148, 86. 36. , N0l0"1!MB'1113itQlle .-'. 114117450 '...'l ..'. I 1101101415 Ndfded. Jeffrey: Norden. ' ' Norell, Allsbd 7 NoreB, Andrew Norman, Stephan Norris, Jana Kay Norris. Janine 1 Norris, Melissa Novak, Juiie NoviBe.Debra . Nowotneygfljerri, NvyfS1'J9SePh1. f NQYQS- 31, . f ' ll-l' A xg oberhauseg. David Oberhelman,iKr1stln 0311211-301111 ',." , 001104. 111411911311 1 1 1 ..., ' 0l'1'Yv i'.r f , O1iva,LYi1nrSi1ef"' ' 0'LwdfHn..Bemard OIsen.Jmse' ' Olson.Kurtis. OWQQCY-Bfilh ' 0pbroe1r,Keri O'Rell1y.John Ormonde. Martha Orona,Melanle 0rtlz,Gtna Osborne.Richard O!lesen.Roy' . Osvenmtatrhew V OXHHYYQ 11121111 L 1 '- QzolS.iIEr11ciif.f,,'ig,ifeigiV1 Pace. Came Pace. Stan Packer, Barbara ' Packer,Jolm Padma. Ra-me , Pak.Esther I L Palt.J0shua,1,g .,.'r , 1 ',,r . Wk' Sink .'e' -.'.r . Pl1wf'wD.1!1Trtmd., .1 K, .. - 1 Pwdey. r.t,r Paniaggia,-'rieijd 1' I Pankey. Deiloia I' Panos, Alexia Panos. Christina Panos. Tasse Paoner. Dwayne Papakonstantinou, Suzanne Papugmbiane Paqvetre. Lyon Parker,LeoHej Pafker.Stacy. , Pm- . PH1'f1f2Rs111Q11tlie f I ,l..i,,i 1 1'.. - , ,. 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Christopher Peltier, Donna Pena, lliana Pendleton, Dedeanrx Penland, Melissa Penner, Marlene Pennington, Marlo Perez, Anthony Perez. Arlene Perez, Cynthia Perez, Joseph Perez, Lak-:na Perez, Marcella Perez, Robert ?ere:, Tammy Peridia, Marisol Perri, David Perry, Timothy Peterson. Julie Petrillo, Michael Peirotta. Jolene Peyer, Timothy Pfister, Sara Phillips. Monica Phillips, Scott Phillips, Tanysia Piceno, Gloria Piceno, Manuel Piceno. Steven Pichardo, Carolyn Pilafidis, John Pine, Katherine Pittman, Jeifrey Pizano, Rosa Pizarro, George Plamondon. Catherine Plamondon, Jim View, Jennifer Piotkin. Mary Pogacic. Niko Poire, Jennifer Ponder. Robert Pool, Elizabeth Pool. Noel Pope, Jarrett Pope. Jayton Popham, Amy Porter. Carla Porter, Christine Porter, Dana Porter, Kacy Porter, Ron Postman, Michelle Potts. Kristi Pound, Craig Pound. Karen Pound, Michael Powell, Jennifer Prado, Melissa Preciado, Laura Price, Amy Priest, Jennifer Prokop. Stacey Pmx. Erica Pmm, Douglas Prusia. Christian Pryor, Maria Puffer, Doug Puffev, Dustin Pollen, Colleen Pmley. Heather Pulley, Telisa Pumphrey, Charles Puopolo, Mike Purnell, Michael Pyle, Jason Qualls, James Queen, Stacy Guici, Alexander Quiles. Thomas Quinn, Carol Quinonez, Alice Quiuoz, Andrew Racine. Jim Radloft. Kris Ragle, Bridget Raisbeck, Pete Rakestraw, Dawn Rakosi, Theo Ramirez, Art Ramirez. Frank i68 72. B7 281 150 150. 254. 62, 87, 88, 94, 197. 62, 132, 59, 88, 58. 59. 58. 2i,88, 255 ISO 28I 166 168 131 150 B7 150 ISO l3l l3l 168 150 2i9 88 l3l 88 68 131 I68 168 131 i50 B8 88 X31 l5O 281 198 150 88 88 l5O 150 168 150 168 255 88 l68 150 88 131 150 l68 255 l68 169 88 B8 132 l32 132 150 88 l32 132 197 88 !69 88 l32 88 l50 150 l32 132 169 I69 132 150 150 150 150 l69 I 69 1 32 86 1 32 I 50 282 169 132 169 236 l50 272 169 l5l 132 132 Ramirez, Gloria Ramirez, Monalisa Ramirez. Natalie Ramirez. Ramon Ramirez. Richard Ramirez, Ruben Ramirez, Yvette Ramos, Francisco Ramos, Marina Ramos, Olga Ramos. Roberto Ramsey. Andrew Randle. Angela Randle. Jeannie Ransom, Laurie Rasmussen, Annie Rasmussen, Jennifer Raufi, Caroline Ray, Jerusha Ray. Rachelle Raymond, Kristen Raynaud, Margene Reading, Jordan Recinos. Patricia Reckelholf, Brett Redd. Ryan Reed, Adele Reed, Amanda Reed, Cindy Reed, Daniel Reese. Robert Reeve, Rands Reighley, Robert Reighley, Ronald Reinhard, Erna Reno, Michael Rentmeester, Erich Rerwvorth. George Resley. Scott Reyes, Francisco Reyes, Juana Reyes. Luis Reynolds, Theresa Reza, Randall Rhoades. Alan Rhoads. Janene Rhodes, William Ricci. Gabriel Rice, Jesse Rice. Ricky Richard. Peter Richards. Sandra Richardson, Christine Richardson, Heather Richardson, Holly Richardson, James Richardson, Mark Richardson. Stefanie Richardson, Stephanie Richmann, Bob Rickett, Shevise Riegsecker. Joel Rinchiuso. Cameo Rinehart, Matthew Rinier. Sheri Rios. Arasely Risler. Laura Rister, Mary Rister, Richard Rivera. Ebet Rizzo, Craig Roach, Laura Roath, Jennifer Roath, Melissa Robb, Chet Robb. Krista Roberta, Derek Roberts, Johnnie Robertson, Pau! Robertson, Vicki Robinson, Christina Robison, Dawn Robles, Barbra Rocawich, Michelle Rocco, Robert Rodino, Michael Rodriguez. Carlos Rodriguez, Christine Rodriguez. Daniel Rodriguez, Joel Rodriguez, Johnny Rodriguez, Martin Rodriguez, Maryte Rodriguez, Philip Rodriguez, Stella Rodriquez, Michael Roesch, Tina Rosech, Trent Roessler, Keith Rogers, Bruce Rogers, Tonya Roman, Ernest Roman, Rommel Romero, Jaime Romero. Pauline Romero. Phil 282 132 88 88 l32 l32 I5i, 255 i32 l5l 169 169 88 151 151 132 l5l 151 29.88 169 l69 169 275 88 169 89 l69, 174 282 58. l32 l32 39. 151. 183 169 151 132 169 282 132 151 270 ez, 169 169 169 132 I32 132 282 62, r5r 151 169 :si 151 169 232 rs: 169 132 151 159 151 l32 252 169, 231, P55 89 169 169 132 34, 38, 89 132 l5l 151 132 132 aa, B9 as 169 132 169 151 89 282 282 89 169 38, 89, 255 132 9, 89 132 159 140, l5l x69 132 89 l5t l32 132 132 l69 132 169 59. 249 282 59,151 l69 l69 l32 l32 133 Romero. Tomas Romine. Jeff Remo. Aibert Romo, Jacqueline Remo. Rose Roney. Kevin Ronk, Carl Ronquillo, Gina Roos, Timothy Rosales, Frank Resales, Michael Rose, Shawn Rosenlweig, Elisa Rosenzweig, Michael Ross, Mary Rossi, Michelle Rouiller. Michael 89. 59, i69 l33 170 l99 133 I33 l70 170 170 89 133 170 I 70 170 282 l33 170 Sanderfer, Shawn Sanderson, Brian Sanderson, Eric Sandhu. Mack Sandhu, Ron Sandobal. Jason Sandobal. Jill Sandstrom, Connie Sandvigen, David Sanhamel, John Santistevan, Carla Santoro, Joe Santos, Louis Santos, Yvette Sanusi, Rina Saperstein. Leslye Saperstein, Marla 59, l52 90 152 170 90 l33 l7O l70 90 90 90 23, 45, 90 90 152 17, 20, 25, 48, 49. 90, 201 152, 155, l74 i52, 155 ,- I Q Roundy, Charles Roussakis, Angela Rozsnyoi. Susanna Rubin, Laura Rudder, Deanna Rude, Lofen Rudsell. Chris Ruelas, Justine Rugeti, Kenneth Ruiz, Lisa Ruiz, Marianne Rush, Norm Russell, Daniel Jr. Russell, Sandy Russell, William Russell, Willie Russo, Larry Rutherford, Thomas Ryan, Carrie Ryan, Daniel Saalig, Kristen Sabo, Andrea Sabry, Dina Saenz, Stella Saiier, Zev Safley, Troy Saikevicz, Chris Salazar, Felipe Salazar, Magali Salcedo, Alex Saidana, Jeannie Saldana, Jesse Saldana, Tami Salecado, Frank Salem, Beth ' Salinger, J. D. Saistrom. Jason Saistrom, Shana Samadani. Arash Sanchez. Kevin L is for Laughter. i5l. 133, 45, 808, 89, l78, I89. 59. 133 201 l70 l7O 89 133 l7O l5l i5I 133 l70 282 181 255 I 70 I 52 I 33 I 52 I7O I 70 I 52 I 95 I 52 I 70 89 l33 i52 l70 I 33 170 152 l70 I33 152 133 256 l33 170 R33 152 Sapone, Tony Sapra. Steven Saputo, Anbeia Sarmiento, Charlene Sarmientu, Clarissa Sarzotti, Jimmy Saunders, Jocelyn Saunders, Joyce Saunders, Kevin Savitala, Lakshmi Savocchio, Marty Sawyer, Colleen Saylor, Joseph Sayre, Christian Scahill, Michael Schaina, Larry Schatz. Sandra Schauer. Erik Scheer. Brandi Scheffer, Douglas Schiffer, Lee Schilling. Lisa Schiro. Stacy Schmaltz. Stephanie Schoonmaker, Kelly Schrock. Rhonda Schrock, Richard Schroeder, Melissa Schroeder, Pal Schroeder, Tracy Schubert, Louis Schuit, Robert Schulte, Megan Schultz, Curt Schwalbach, Kelly Schwartz, Michael Schwarzer, Jeffrey Schwer, Melody Sciorlino, Grace Scoby, Dawn Scolieri, Katherine Scott, Carrie Scott, Eric Scott, Vicki Scroggins, Brian 90, I33. 62, 26, 38, 90, 197. 198, 34, 38. 44. i33. i52 I 52 133 152 90 90 170 282 133 I95 l70 l9l l33 170 90 282 90 90 170 I 52 l52 l70 l70 l70 I99 l52 133 9l 282 l 70 170 l70 152 I52 QI I33 91 i33 282 9l 170 l70 !52 2Ol I70 Index 301 St roqqms, James Svmqrns, Lyle Searcy. Julie Searcy, Scott Stftlore, Stacey Sequins-, Jason Serkr-1, Pilar Sellers, Tracey Seltzer, Jill Semerad, Kimberley Senrzt, Jennifer Senior, Jamie Srgnnalt, Carrie Serrano, Eric Sgritinoli, Deanna Shah, Hassan Shannon, Derick Shannon, James Sharif, Ansar Sharp, Stacy Sharrer. Aaron Shaurette. Mark Shaw. Karen Sheehy, Mary Shelley, Rochelle Sheffield, Sara She-lako, Tamara Shendrick, Wendy Shenton, Rodney Shephard, Marc Shepherd, Susan Shepherd, Tami Sherburne. Brian Sherburne. Keri Sherreil, Jeremy Sherrell, Karen Shew, Pam Shilvock, H. D. , Shinedling, Aaron Shinn, Jacqueline Shireman, Mike Shirlock, Dawn Short, Lee Short, Paul Short, Wayne Shoults, Christina Sillasen, David Silva, Carlos Silveira, Michael Silveira, Robert Silverman, Gary Simmons, La Shaon Simon, Derek Simpson, Michaela Sims, Tracy Sinclair, Cindy Sinclair, Sheri Sinor, Robert Sissel, Howard Sissel, William Skaggs. Alicia Skiles, Theresa Skousen, Paul Sloan. Tisha Sly, Spencer Srniderle. Richie Smirl. Stephen Smith. Aaron Smith, Amanda Smith, Amy Smith, Brent Smith, Brian Smith, Cara Smith, Caroline Smith, Chris Smith, Deborah Smith, Donna Smith, Frances Smith, Geoffrey Smith, Jennifer Smith, John Smith, Jordan Smith, Katherine Smith, Kevin Smith, Lakia Smith, Laura Smith, Marcella Smith, Matthew Smith, Maureen Smith, Mike Smith. Misty Smith, Nicole Smith, Roger Smith, Ryan Smith, Shawn Smith, Shelly Smith, Steve Smith, Tamara Smith, Walter Smyers, Zachary Snead, Bradley Snodgrass, Traci Snyder, Bryan 39. 9 1 1 52 1 70 1 33 1 33 1 52 282 1 34 282 63, 91 170 58. 37, 38, 39, 78, 91. 131,134, 91 152 152 170 134 134 134 170 152 134 152 171 288 152 171 134 134 282 152 171 282 152 134 152 171 171 282 91 171 152 282 134 152 171 171 152 171 171 152 171 152 134 134 189 29, 38. 39,80 H, 90, 91 171 29. 171 171 91 134 152 91,199 134. 134, 39, 53, 54, 134, 236, 134 134 134 171 171 171 152 171 199 171 183 91 152 171 171 171 134 171 255 134 41,91 91 - 39, 134, 178, 171 171 91 171 152 189 152 152 171 171 171 134 171 134 134 91 171 152 13,91 171 152 Snyder, lleeidi Snyder, Laura Snyder, Mary Solornan, Greg Solomon, William Solylo, Clifton Song, Hae-Young Sorce, Jennifer Sotelo. Roberto Soto, Anthony Soto, William Soukup, Nathan Soumertir-eld, Rosezina Spatafora, Darren Speaks, Jason Spear, Amy Spencer, Cathy Spidle, Kelli Spiers, Lea Spotswood, Janette Spotswood. Suzanne Spotswood, Tamara Sprung, Rob Stagno, John Stalwick, Don Stalwick, Natalie Standefer, Shelby Stanley. Jeffrey Staples, Clint Starinieri, David Stark. John Stark, Shawn Staten, Paul Steed, Angie Steed, Kristina Steer, Kari Steer, Scott Steging, Timothy Stegmaier, Stacy Stehle, Tabitha Stenberg, Brian Stephens, Andrew Stephens, Jeffrey Stephens, Karyn Stephenson, Bobby Stephenson, Cathy Stevens, Amy Stevens, Jeff Stevenson, Leslie Stewart, Brad Stewart, Shannon Stieiel, Jennifer Stilkey, Shad Stoddhard, Brent Stone, James Stone, La Shauna Stone, Michael Storey, Kori Stover, Greg Straus, Kristin Street, Jennifer Streiiel, Barbara Streiiel, Christine Streza, Robert Striegel, Bryan Strother, Stephen Strotz, Linda Struihers, Michael Stuart, Michelle Slupke, Kim Su. 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Jean Tidwell, Scott Tieman, Michael Tien, Winnie Timperio, Ronald Tingley, Jennifer Tinker, Jim Tinker, Kathryn Tippit, David Tirado, Noemi Tobias. Jennifer Tobin, Debrah Tockgo, Janny Tockgo, Linda Todd. Darren Tolbert, Tasha Tomasso, Amario Toney, Peggy Tonkunas, Lina Tonts, Leea Torres, Anthony Torres, David Torres, John Torrez, Jennive Torstensson, Sofia Touma, Michael Tovar, Cathrine Tow, Claudia Townsend, Laurent Townsend, Nathalie Toy, Melissa Tracy, Christopher Tracy, Trina Tran, Philip Trautwein, Paul Tricinella, Julie Trieu, Thanh A is forA!l Wrapped Up. 93,187, 153, 183, 1B7, 191, 136 183 153 172 135 62, 153 135 120 172 135 135 153 135, 153 153 153 172 191 135 92 135 38, 92 135 153 153 135 153 135 135 135 172 172 153 136 172 1 53, 283 1 36 72, 92 8. 38. 93 80 Ci, 93 153 136 153 136 172 153 136 195 195 1 , 191 93 153 274 172 153 153 153 136 153 20. 48, 93 153 38. 93 283 136 153 93 93 172 172 283 172 153 Trifonopoulos. Trifon Trimmer, James Trornbly, Kathleen Trowbridge, Jason Trulin, Chris Tsar, Angeline Tsai, Daryl Tsurudome, Klmiko Tu, Joey Tunque, Melissa Turchetta, Steve Turner, Kevin Turnham, Krista Twa, Wendy Tyler, John Tynan, John Tyson, Renee' Uber. Amanda Uber, Katrina Uhieta, Albert Ulrich, Aaron Ulrich, Michael Umemoto, Thomas Umgelter, Krista Umrigar, Michelle Underhill, Alicia Underhill, Brian Uttz,Jenni1er Vaezi, Pedram Vakerics, Grace Valadez, Kelly Valencia, Gina Valencia, Michelle Valencia, Robert Vallejo, Loni Vallet, Chris Vallin, Thomas Van, John Van Dieren, Mark Van Dusen, Sean Van Dyke. Christina Van Noy, Jason Vance, Holly Vance, Theodore Vandenberg, Travis Vander Heyden, Kelly Vandersall, Laura Vandersande, Collette Vandiver, Brian Vannauker, Jason Vardaman. Matthew Vargas, Anthony Vargas, Daniel Vargas, Joe Vargas, Moses Vasquez, Mayra 93 62, 172 tae 172 isa 172' 153 172 192 172W isa 154 136. 93 154 93 136 93 154 93 93 136, 178, 187 136 154 93 136, 183, 187, 189 172 93 136 136 283 154 136 154 154 93 136 172 135 136 136 135 154 172 60,93 93' 172 93 172 172 172 172 136 172 154 172 172 Vasquez, Priscilla Vasquez, Willlam llaugeois, Harriet Vaughn, Jeffrey llelasco. Elaine Nelasco, Melecio Velasco. Salvador , Melesquez, laura ' llielasquez, Monica Velez, Carlos Nlentrella, Tina Plerga, Stefanie Vermillion, Grant ifermiuian, Jennifer' , Verna, Vincent 1 Vicente, Juliet Vicente. Kelly Vickers, Tanya Vieira, Staci lVilla, Judie Villanueva, Karla illlllanueva, Lisa Tliillarreal, Della - 51: Yilloclno, Tony Vincent, Tanya llitakis, Niki Yelasquez, Jeffrey 1 . 173 173 283 173 38,94 173 154 62. 154 94 136 154 34, 38, 94 173 59, it 1 94, 154 236 94 136 173 137 173 173 154 137 283 94 154 154 Vitelle, Michelle 173 Vo, John 154 Vondran, Timothy 154 Yoogt. Brian I 154 Tvbvos, Jim 1 154 Vyas, Monica 173 Vyas, Vandana 154 fllfaggoncr, Jim 1 94 Wagner, Rhonda 154 Wagner, Rochelle 283 1 Walker, Denise 173 Walker, Kenneth 173 Walker, Robert 94 ,Walken Vic 283 Qwallace, Keri ' , K 62, 173 Eiwalsh. Randall in ' 154 f Walters, David 154 A Walters, Rachel 94 ' Walters, Ruth 283 - Walvoord. Vincent 173 , Wamberg, Thomas 48, 94 E Wang. Charles h 51, 120, 137 A Wang, Christine 1 ' 154 f Wang. Judy ' ' 94 Wang, June 51, 197 Wang, Mike 173 , Wang, Steven 137 Wang, Tony 94, 192, 195, 248 4 Wardell, Justin 154 - Warner, Tammy 274 ,Q Warner, Todd , 143, 154 I Warren,Carr1e 94 Q Washington, Shelley 173 ' Wass, Nancy 138, 154, 183 V Watkins, Jason '173 Watkins, Justin 173 Watson, Heather 19, 21 . 30. 38, 51, 94, 236, 237 V Watson, Krista 30, 154, 236, Z-17 , watson. Regina V , 95 Watson, Shawnee ' ' 154 Watson, Shelly 173 Weart, John 173 Weaver, Brenda 6, 39, 52, 53, 55, 137 'Webb, Traci 154 Weber, Andrew 154 Weber, Jeromy 173 Weddle, Marie fy 95 Weede, Shawn 154 Weeks, Kenny I 173 Weetman, Robin 51, 127, 128, 137, 175 Wegley, Rebecca 173 Welny, Ira 137 Weise, Christa 174, 237 yweiser, David 95 . Weiser, Julie , 173 Weissman, Christopher 154 Wells, Valerie 39. 137 Wenger, Matthew 173 Wenger, Ryan 173 Wenrick, Jon 283 Wentz, Kimberly 62, 154 Werner, Justin 95 Wessely, Robert 137 Westbrook, Rob 95 Wheeler, Christopher 95 Wheeler, Frank 173 Whitaker, Christopher 173 Whitcanack, Brad 137 White, Aubyn 154 White, Erica 173 ,i 95 White, Frances- 62, 154, 183 White. Hilary 283 White, Jason 154, 183 White, John 173 White, Lalnie 154 White, Patricia 274 White, Russell 154 White, Stephanie 95 Whitehead, Michael ' 137 -Whitehead, Stephan 155 Whltlinger, .Jason , 173 Whitlock, Gerad 155 Whitt, Tamela 173 Wiehl, Marc 155 Wiener. Ryan 174 WM, Rachel 88. 95 Wilhoit, Randy 95 "'W1liten, Jennifer H I 95 Wilkerson, Matthew 174 Wilkins, Bryan 155 Williams, Bryan 155, 183 Williams, Deborah 137 Williams, Deon 155 Williams, Jimmie 155 Williams, Pamela 155 Williams, Ricquell ' , 155 Williams, Ryan ' 155, 183 Williams, Scott K 137 Williams, Troy 137. 181 Williams, Vincent 95 Wills, Valerie 283 Wilson, Cheryl 174 Wilson, George 95 Wilson. Jack i 174 Wilson, Mark - 155 Wilson, Mary 283 Wilson, Matthew 95 Wilson, Michael 174 watson, Mindy 155 Wilson. Sean 174 Wilson, Spring 62, 174 Wing, Brian 1 174 Wingate, Amy 174 Wingate, Sarah 51, 139, 155 Winkler, Erica 95 Winslow, Becky E Winstead, Gary 283 Winston, Deshawn 95 Winter, Lisa 174 Wise, Crystal , - 174 Wise, Troy 137 Wlsely, Tirone 95, 181 Withall, Wendy 95 Wltten, Kim 137 Wobser, Kristin 53, 54, 137 Wockenfuss, Jed 155 Wolfe, Daniel 137, 192, 195 Wolford, Michelle 137 Wong, Heidi 1 , 137 Wong,Wileen 95, 179, 181, 183, 195. 197, 198 Wood, Jon - 137, 181, 187, 195, 201 Wood, Kyle 174 Wood, Sara 175 Woodland, Deann 137 Woods, Antwuan 175 Woods, Steve 155 Woods, Tamara 95 Woodside, Clay 137 Wooldridge, Kelly 96 Woolum, Jim 137 Wore, Jacob 175 Worsham, Kim 38. 96 Wright. Christina 175 Wright, Danielle - 175 Wrobel, Richard 155 Wroblewski, Diane 96 wfualevskl, Jeffrey 137 Wu, Annie 95, 178, 194, 195, 200, 201 Wu, Danny 137 Wu, Terry 137 Wtntcher. Greg 283 Wukovits, Amy 150, 155 Wynkopp. John 1 137 Wynn, Derek 137 Yacoob. Amil 96 Yacoob, Essuf 96 Yalfs, Karma 62 Yagi, Yoko 175 Vaisrael, Sholomon 175 Yanez, Geoffery 155 Yang, Fen Ju 155, 192 Yang, Hui-Wen ' 175, 192 Yang, Kevin 137 Ybarra, Elizabeth 155 Yeary. Sherry 175 Yee, Tammy 58, 137 Yeh, Janet 148, 155 Yenour. Sherry 62, 137 Yenour, Steven 155 Ynostroza, Raymond 137 Yokley, Karen 175 Yoo, Hyun 96 Yoo, Jane 155 Zabala, Pricilla 137 Vork, Tirany 96 Zamora, Gina 175 Young, Greg 96 Zapata, Alex Q6 Young, Robert 137 Zaratshoa, Azadeh 155 Young, Stephanie 175 Zarubick, Allan 96 Youngblood, Tanya 175 Zawahra, Samet 155 Vount, April 96 Zeedyk, Tamara 96 Qliegler, Jane! 283 Zimmerman, Carol 4, 137 Zimmerman, Dawn 137 Zuchowsl-xi, Lynda 175 I' 4 M N MX 71 e i fill 1554 0,11 19 M fi MW 1,14 N is for Nap. 5 4, .tal-p 1- Index 303 A special tribute Dedicated to the Une We Lo e The Hielan yearbook was put together through dedication, skill, and many trying hours. As editors, we had to be taught each technique and aspect of yearbook production. Before we, could embark upon publishing the 1988 Hielan, there was a learning process to ex- perience. lt was Ms. Sandra Richards who took it upon herself to train and prepare us for the job that we were about to face. Ms. Richards began teaching at Upland High in 1976. She started out as a business teacher and became the Hielan advisor in 1983. Among her contributions to the Ll.H.S.,, she has also been Black Student Awareness advisor. A graduate of San Bernardino High School, she completed her Bachelor degree at San Jose State and has recently achieved her Master's from Cal State San Bernardino. Ms. Richards has been an educator and a dear friend to us for a long time. We've missed having her as our advisor this past year. lt has been a great challenge putting into effect all that she has taught us. This book would not be the quali- ty material that it is without her training. Thank you, Ms. Richards. by Jennifer Bales and Annie Wu 304 Dedication x X R: ' ..e, F Q M!!! ghx J feffi X .sm ' If el' .3 g 'J ' 9. I , ,i. "'z" 'X s -.i , -as n is ' ' If E 2 I 1 ,x .9 . , N Ng, , X x xx , ..,,,. W. The many faces' o f S a n d r a R i c h a r d s - While creating a n a w a r d - winning gear- book, close ties built up bet- ween advisor and staff 1 .gf 3 cr- -5 ' I, , wayiixfiiiga 432,525 253 yY93egQ,X3OXQ KD AL Q?5f:1fK'f 52, , QQQOQDXLQOXDOSQQZV Q S20 gf, 7046: 91: H0 , . rw XG WC WW if fa C' C 9,- My bf D X9 f 46245 LQ Q f 6, ACCQVEIPSZ4' 67 K 5321 fc Q9 X7 7 5724 5521 , WX W Gb QL 'SL , '00 '67 V T2 WQWN ' 75' 424,-425 554056 XF. 'Q-17 QQ S45 K5 OYUJ XQN G fv QD A EL3 i 'fb T0Q'fQ?g Fax . W, I -,f C7 A .JM tfxcvb X Q UAW 'Wo 51,5 ig? QQWAOJ Q X ED, Mm, f -Qi NYJ Q55 QOQQE4 J .DKXQW Hb WM, M Wwwyfg' N9 ' ' 1 X f' bybffz Mwfb Ci' Q ' 'M QQ gf J 060 - ' , WMM by ON '-D :Jw QW! zgffir Jmna' WM 'Z -' 'ofwifuf MNJN0 Ni gg "3 ig? MA! X . . W Q aw Q XX S Mg M0 " x "x " ' '- l F -. k ,K 5, X 1 Q .x I - X ., Lv E A ' 'EHSQD k kr Slgx N if x. .Ky , , .Q 3 fx. - K . X . 72 1, , yr X . - x s K . Y 'X FY x I :X P GX B: . X E , ' ii Q' 'G N Q R -X," n :A ' X X Q4 E , Q Vi if We V , R' A 8- fs X- T ' Y' xi, R Q " O i 'N'x,Xv.N2 in gf ,H fx CX s, in 'LN " iw. - Nl , :S s L' X "' xlk A N, x S 0 . Q X W- S f --2 :X R R 'xx fx SR X wx - X L, A N C fx- Q Ea "' . Fx E R 5 X -' :gf Q I 1 .X 'fx fi Y' fxxxxw- -X . fx' Ll N Q ' V, x5f il 1 R ,S fb 33 -ii X Q4 ,gpg ,Q X1 Q . Q ' rx xx rx gi 'N 'XO Nix C: 3' fs' fx M 'X .- ,X I ' N., fx w, X. N, .I QN XX ,QV xx 3 Eg-QQ . 53 953 -S 23 X 'V - Q X N -N ., - I, X r' v xx . A X r W x X . , g F F1 .x N . 'X' 1 N 'S-- ' . .- w. , ,-Q N, , K l ' X X X xx X N 'XX X X, ,xx R 'X SX

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