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, i , ' { ,: ( f DINAH HA SEN — UCDI?C TM;i?3T . " 3. " ' .™- " " -»- ™n C oA OU. r u 3CJoS 3 M 1) I M oq on ix " " 4 ' ' C c- _xTe— V. T ' O V = A V = .o I Jt ' -- ihootUx. L ib ( hA- f r ' i ' rYon .y 5 y Emotion, that strange state of being which governs our actions, has been chosen as the theme for the 1966 Hielan. Fear, anger, disgust, grief, joy, surprise, yearning ... all of these are present in the make-up of the typical Upland High School student. No matter where he is found or what he happens to be doing, one or more of these emotions are present with him. They are the driving forces behind his every action and his every ambition. It makes no difference whether he is anxious about gaining a berth on a varsity team, sweating out the choice of publications staffs, worried and fretting about his election to a student body office, thinking about trying out for drill team or flog twirlers, wondering about his acceptance by his peer group or willing to work with a service club, ... he is still a product of the emotions which drive him and which make the yearning within him for success such a powerful drive. THIS is the composite of the Upland High School student. He is a product of all that he surveys and all that surveys him. He is a total person who desires and tries and succeeds and foils. He is an Upland Highlander. t-V. . J ft ' r - ,0- ? ' y Published for and by the Associated Student Body of Upland High School, Uplond California. Edited by the 1966 Hielan Staff ; ' . rL- ' Lx, ' - i ' , w fiM ' ' nax,i J ;4 Lt. 7C ' .JZX-CO ■Z ' CUT- S -tA L J OL b jt CLcAc ' FORD Faculty Ed AZZa,J J Senior Ed .X f Junior Ed Sophomore Ed V ISf ERICS Freshman Ed S]fljVvLW Activities Ed LEO) ' Oi ' iv . - Organizations Ed PADL MORI AN , ' uuK ,-yuMfe+ . Ji Chu juc .i u X i;f Sports Ed JERRY PROSIO t w. -. . pU u jJU ,urcrt Cy ' -l A h Mun JuJil c Sports Ed Editor-m-Chief l c-tx.f - xJ JANE WILLIAAASm icun U uGU-, kcicU ' t . C ' tj r " Art Editor BILL SHIRK ?od 4 ' . . Photographer MR. THEODORE MANN, JR ziyu, . .- x Adviser tor J tor L ' 0- €j tor tor tor laBLt OF COPJTENTS FOREWORD DEDICATION HIELAN STAFF 8 FACULTY 11 STUDENTS 23 ACTIVITIES AND ORGANIZATIONS 87 SPORTS 131 INDEX 173 DH fCflTED The staff of the 1966 Hielan has selected Mr. Glenn Edward Nichols as the dedicatee of the yearbook. This man of intelligence, perse- ver ance, and wit was chosen because of the outstanding effort he has nnade to teach his students and to uphold the honor of Upland High School. Raised in Wellington, Ohio, Mr. Nichols spent his elementary education in local schools, participating in all sports, plays, and other activities. Even as a youngster he displayed his characteristic individualism. He was a star quarterback on the Chaffey College football team. Mr. Nichols spent four years in the service OS a naval hospital corpsman. He attended Ohio State and won a National Science Foun- dation scholarship to Oregon State. He is the father of four children, joint secre- tary of a square dancing club, and teacher of advanced sciences. MR. GLENN EDWARD NICHOLS T CWER JO KfiN MAN ATHLETE umble Phoenix College 16- ' } Two Nichols Aerials Earn Panther TDs RCxSUE College yeftertlay. wta u| 1 throw to tuUlhuk Mutan Sanchcs fl2l, The play wia ai»_-- _ ._ _ {•udfara4ytrdiLOntlWM9nplayNlchotahitEiicem[)c- nuggraM uti Leyvt.— (tUpuMIc Pbote. Wll ta Petewonl 1 R«rWER L ; . 1 , ' A wind sways the pines, And below Not a breath of wild air; Still as the mosses that glow On the flooring and over the lines Of the roots here and there. The pine-tree drops its dead; They are quiet, as under the sea. Overhead, overhead Rushes life in a race. As the clouds ' the clouds chase: And we go. And we drop like the fruits of the tree. Even we, E so. • «3CX. George Meredith " l yiUAN Pay atrent.on when I speak to youl ROBERTA LANGSFORD Faculty Editor JERRY PROSIO Sports Editor Push a little harder ond I know thot the woll will cave in. BARBARA BESSEY Junior Editor DEL LINDSEY Sophomore Editor SPVP nd then nab Barbaroi ' s home- a- JANE WILLIAMS Art Editor MARLENE VAKERICS Freshmen Editor BO USD OP TRUSTEES - CENTRAL AD NTSTRAnON Mr. Benjomin Allen President Mr. Paul Gushing Vice-President Mr. A. Richard Allred Clerk Mrs. Joseph Hecht Trustee Mr. Robert Hickcox Trustee Mr. Allen Smith Superintendent Mr. Alexander Mc Leish Associate Superintendent Mr. Milo Thomas Business Manager 10 --Vil ' i- iv uV- ' vM:!cC K ' ' ' V ■ ' :. -■ :. ■ " " Dorothy Beol Guidance Secretory Edgar Bell Operations Department Jerry Bell Boy s P E Larry Bergerud Art 12 Alan Bescoby Science Rachel Bissitt Homemaktng Mildred Blackburn Guidance Secretary Elizabeth Boone Cafeteria Natalie Bowen History Edwin Bradshaw Operations Department Charles Brady Driver Education Robert Brooks usiness, Boy ' s P. E. Harlan Brown Mathematics Vera Burkholder Cafeteria David Campbell Counselor Judy Cerny Girls P. E. Paul Chapman Social Science Herbert Christian Crafts Jim Doomon Business Did I hear $6.42? Elmina Dreyden Cafeteria 14 Calvin French English Diana Frosch Jack Frost Boy s P. E. Fred Gotes Industrial Arts Frank Green Counselor Dorothy Harris English Thomas Glasheen Principal Lorenzo Gonzales Spanish Be Sure not to let anybody sneak in. Mary Gonzales Girls P. E. in H i Marjorie Gross Guidance Secretary Evelyn Horine English Wayne Horvath Donald Jackson History Lucille Jarvis Cafeteria 15 Joe Jennings Spanish Floyd Johnson Driver Training Ruth Johnson Counselor Richard Jones Mathemotics Jerry Kehr Science, Boys P.E. Ken Kennison English, Speech William Kinser Operotions Department Wilma Klepper Homemaking Arbutus Kohls Cafeteria Leona Kramer Cafeteria Glenn Nichols Maxine Olive Betty Polmer Counselor Jeon Porter Secretary to Assistant Principal Horry Potter Manager Book Store Clinton Pruitt Grounds Department Sharlene Puscn English Wally Randleman Industrial Arts Emily Ronfeldt French Mary Sauter Business Ronald Scoff Social Science Harvey Shirk Assistant Principal Lloyd Shugcrf Operations Department Sybil Smith Latin Sarah Snetl Mathematics Marybeth Snider Girl s P.E. Marilyn Spandau Latin, English Robert Spencer Counselor Elizabeth Stork Homemaking Marion Stork English Margaret Steinbrugge Girls P.E. Jim Stewart History But I like o Volkswogenl Jomes Stonemon History Charles Stroin Mothemotics James Tabor Science Fred Taunton Driver Training Kittie Thompson Library 20 Bill Turner Survey Shop Grace Vokerics Text Book Clerk John Viggiono Grounds Deportment Anno Vigneri Cafeteria Bert Westlake Operations Department Paul White Boys P.E., Crafts Chuck Whithan Music Sherry Whitten Girl ' s P.E. mirz- Whot do you mean, I don t know who; I m talking about? 22 Who put the slorch in Coach Weslgaard s shorts? KAYBML BRUCE DUNN The class of ' 66 has been ably led this year by its outstanding president Bruce Dunn. Bruce has been very Ottive throughout his four years at Upland, not only with- in his class, but for the benefit of the entire school. His activities included a member of the " B " football team, President of the Tartans, a member of the Representative Council, a Junior Cabinet member, Senior Senator, Junior Class Treasurer, and, of course, Senior Class President. Speaking about the class, Bruce says, ' This past year has been full of fun end surprises. The class has func- tioned in its typically fabulous capacity. When we first arrived at Upland we were in a state of bewilderment, we now leave contented. All activities this class has held have been extremely successful. 1 would like to take this opportunity to thank this year ' s seniors for all their fine support. Good luck in your years to come, and con- gratulations! JOHN RENBARGER This year the class of 66 has had an all male cabinet, and John Renbarger filled the post of secretary. John found time for many other activities, despite his secre- tarial duties. Among these were Representative Council, member and past president of the Vectors ' s Club, and treasurer of Interact boy ' s service club. " In general " says John, " the class of 66 has surpassed all others because of the outstanding participation and support of its stu- dents. Our senior year has gone extremely, fantastically, phenomenally well. " 24 SENIOR CmCERS a Of CWislnwis Formal 1 CLflSS OF ' 66 Ml Night Pcriy f ' v« DAVE ASHCOM Aiding the President in his many duties and respon- sibihties throughout the entire year has been Vice Presi- dent David Ashcom. Dove has found time to pursue other interests, also. He has served as president of Interact, treasurer of I.C.C, treasurer of Future Teachers Associa- tion, and a member of the Varsity Swimming Team. • " Being Vice President of this class has been fun and work, " says Dave, " but it has been the most rewarding ' thing I ' ve done. I ' m sorry it is finished, but happy that things have worked out so well. I ' ve learned a lot. " GREG LEO Finances ' are a vital part of every organization, and Treasurer Greg Leo has controlled the purse strings for the class of ' 66. Greg, too, has played an active role in student activities. He has been a member of Interact, a Senior Senator, and past secretary of Thames. Greg feels that, " Undoubtedly, this senior year has been the greatest that U.H.S. has ever seen. Excelling on the athletic field as well as in the classroom, the class of ' 66 has enjoyed fabulous success in everything it has done. I am grateful that I have been able to serve as treasurer for such a talented, cooperative group of people. " 25 JOHN RENBARGER John Renbarger has been active in clubs and school activities throughout his high school years. As a freshman he was a Legislative Council Representative and a mem- ber of Vectors. In his Sophomore year John held the office of Vectors Club President. He also became a member of Interact, and is now treasurer of this club. Between his junior and senior years John served as the Bank of Amer- ica school rep resentative in mathematics and science. He also took advantage of a Notional Science Foundation scholarship for a summer of study at Ohio State. This year John is a senior class secretary. He was a finalist in " the National Merit competition, and an Edison Company semi-finalist for a scholarship. A straight " A " overage graces John Renbargers academic record at Upland High. He is a 100% member of the California Scholar- ship Federation and a Gold Seal Bearer. OO-VALEDfOORIANS FOR 26 AND OUUlArORIAN 1 965- 1966 JANET FAIRCHILD Janet Fairchild possesses a 4.0 average and is a 100% member of the scholarship society. Her diploma will bear a gold seal signifying life membership in CSF, the highest scholastic honor for highschoolers in this state. Janet is a member of AFS Club and is recording secretary of the " S " Club, and of Assisteens, a community service organization. I n addition she is active in the local United Church Youth Group, of which she is currently secretary. Janet enjoys music and has participated in her church choir. An interest in reading has led Janet to a part time job in the Ontario Public Library. She has selected English Literature as a probable college major at Barnard Col- lege, New York City. Janet plans a career as a librarian. ED ORUM Ed Drum ' s high school years have been filled with varied activities including sports, clubs, and student gov- ernment. During his first year at UHS Ed lettered in Frosh football and JV baseball, and was chairman of the Life- time Sports Pass Committee. As a sophomore he lettered in " B " football and again in JV baseball. Team members selected him Most Valuable Player of the JV ' s. In JV foot- ball and varsity baseball Ed lettered as a junior. He was also chairman of the Athletic Candy Sale. This year Ed has advanced in sports to co-coptain of the varsity baseball team. As a sophomore Ed was a co-founder of the UHS, In- teract Club. Simultaneously he was chaplain of Hadrians Hi-Y and a member of both Key Club ar pl the Medical Ex- plorer ' s Club. He also served as a delegate to the YMCA Youth and Government conference. Ed ' s junior year found him as Key Club secretary, a member of Hadrian ' s Hi-Y, chaplain of the Ontario-Upland Hi-Y Council, YMCA World Service chairman, and a member of Vectors Math Club. Last summer Ed attended the National Hi-Y Council at St. Olaf ' s College in Northfield, Minnesota, and the International Key Club Convention in New York City. He is currently Key Club president, a member of Hadrians, and president of the Ontario-Upland Hi-Y Council. He was a delegate to the YMCA Youth and Government Con- ference and a Youth Governor nominee. Ed has represented his classes to the Legislative Coun- cil in his freshman, sophomore, and junior years. He was chairman of the Clean Campus Drive during his sophomore year at UHS. Academic honors attest to Ed ' s superior achievements. His unbroken record of straight A ' s has made him a per- petual name on the Principal ' s Honor List and a 100% member of CSF as well as Gold Seal Bearer. Ed earned a National Science Foundation scholarship for 9 weeks of study at the University of Washington during the summer of 1964. Last year the Yale Club award named Ed the outstanding boy of the class of 1966. As a senior Ed has been the recipient of the Bank of America award in liberal arts, and is a Lockheed Scholarship finalist. 27 Bobbi Asbill David Ashcom Ralph Ayala Nancy Bgiley iP h, Bb K 9 i5 " y y " f BfeSrJL ' •: g HJHH Cheryl Beaudett Doris Bamberger Robert Beck Sandra Baird Bill Batchelor Williann Beck 29 Marjorie Bishop Vickee Bivens Faith Boese ■ 1 Judy Budnik Pam Burke Brad Burns Kathy Carpenter Chris Carrillo John Celli Sue Cherbak Carol Christen Pat Clark LaJuanna Cline Sharleen Coon 32 Sue DeAAink www Linda Ehrnman Toni Fladager Jim Fleming Theresa Fleming Cindy Fletcher 35 Sharon French Bob Gin Pat Harlan Connie Harmon Dean Harmon Greg Harrah 38 Thomas Hopkinson Jill Jenkins Kathy Kime Peggy King Gary Kirkland Vicky Kni ght Richard Mahoney Cynthia AAarlow Mary Ann Mariner Angela Marmolejo 43 Joan McDowell Kathleen McGowen Wendlyn McGraw Charia McKenna 44 Harold Nickles Robert Norton Carolyn Perkins Mabel Peters Paul Petersen Gary Pomeroy 46 Chuck Recker Anna Redigonda Nina Rossitter Greg Shepherd Linda Stout Scott Streeper Kathy Strohsahl Frederick Strohte 50 Hiroshi Tanaka Gary Tatem Jim Taylor Judy Tennis ohte Williann Tesky Phil Thompson Steve Thompson Beth Thomsen Deborah Tomes Fi Uihitm Lee Trovers Ken Tricinella Jerry Vogl Linda Walker Robert Walline Tom Triplett Dodie Watson 52 Dave Wildrick Kathy Wilken Jane Williams Kathleen Williams 53 Linnea Yack Art Yanamura Peter Ynostroza : I V ' " fV ' .Jy cy ' •mmr Susan E. Young SENfORfi WUO DO NOT AFP AR Sheila Alexander Ann Anders on Gail Arnold Beverly Babin Poldo Borira Arvin Burns Moxine Calwoy Kothy Chapman Judy Corrington Marsha Crump Joyce Culp Judy Donson Richard Eckel Sherry Eckel Louisa Esquibel Elizabeth Fitch Janet Flanigan Ronnie Garcia Greg Geary Shawn Gingerich Co ran Gist John Guthrie Raul Guzman Nadene Hanna Donna Hanna Given Harrison Regina Hartzell Xavier Hernandez Randy Holliday Gerrie Hornbrook Donna Horton Dionne Jenkins Sandi Jenyo Don Jones Denise King Lola Klinger Michael Lindner David Lowdermilk Tom Martin Richard Martz Carol Mayeda Mike McGarrah Tom Melendez Joann Mendez Paula Meyer Steve Moss Ed Murtha Jim Myers Donna Novak Carrie Obrien Steve Ogden Joe Olivieri Jim Oncay Lydia Omotoy Mary Linda Piercy Mitchel Pomeroy Bill Walk Mickey Whitten Don Wilcox Terry Wise Michael Zv erner 55 wmBSr Mary Schexnyder Janice Ashcraft SENfOR. UOSrUK LY TO SUCCEED Vonnie Beard fRJWOU Barb George 56 Ed Or Jerry Morris SCHOOL Mary Kay uosr AiHLEnc Jeanette Belle Given Harrison Jim Smith BEST m John Renbarger MOST rMEUJGwr Larry. Freeman DfD MOST FOR. SCHOOL Janet Fairchild Kathlyn Buckley -, J !-( ' I (I y r llA iVt4, ' Ui % d- , ' ' ly u ly rA . ' - ' 59 H Ks s l B! ■■ Hn HP k| j HJI H k P ifllirilfG -iiv H l l li £.T5i |E P H rvv i. il k v H B • ' ' - 1 L JUNfORfi iRE A UVELY CRjOIiO Abbott, Jonet Abbott, Kathleen Adorns, Rick Adkison, Joanne Agnelio, Sherry Alexonder, Michoel Alexonder, Pot Alloire. Ken Allred, Sharon Anson, Debbie Armstrong. Elizabeth Armstrong, Sheila Asay, Mike Aschenbrenner. Dot Aschenbrenner, Mike Ashbedo, Teresa Aspey, Lindo Ayolo, Ricky Ayers, Lynda Bachmeier, Sheila Bock, Diana Baer. Barbara Bogruntuny, Goye Bailey. Lucill e Baker, Barbara Ball, Kothy Bolmer, Rosie Bornett. Betsy Barrett. Bob Barry. Nancy Barton, Ed Batten, Craig Beacmon, Dole Besreslee, David Bello, Laura Bennett, Richard Bentley, Gregg Berger, Diane Bergstrom. Tom Bert, Ted it ? A " ? f A n ti $. Aft 60 Bescoby, Bill Bessey, Barbara Besiard, Bill Bianco Bob Bissot Susie Bivens, Sandee Blouin, Judy Bodomer. Ron Borba, John Bowers, Janef Bowman, Janet Bowser, Tyleen Boyce, Janice Bradford, Marilyn Bresley, Sharon Brewer, Linda Brough, Faye Brown, Ruth Bryan, Carol Buckovic, Nodo Burcess, Stan Burns, Bill Burns, Dorene Butler, Danny Cogle, Gory Campo, Sandee Campbell, Bonnie Campbell, Glen Campbell, Richard Carlson, Sydney Corow, Jean Caskey, Diane Ceballos, Joe Champion, Mark Chappell, Terry Chaves, Gen-deane Chaves, Gerl-deane Childs, Karen Christensen, Steve Clark, John Clark, Linda Clem, Judy Clifton, Carol Coates, Bob Cochran, Diana Coe, Nancy Cole, Wayne Coletti, Terry Cook, Debbie Cooper, Georgiona Cosgrove, Greg Collins, Larry Goto, Stan Cottle, Don Covill, David Cox, Penny Croig, Kathleen Curry, Lyne Curtis, Mae Cyphers, Mary Dahlin, Mary Dakin, Cathy Daley, Don Dalton, Wayne Danowski, Robert Davison, Richard Defibaugh, Lynne Dell, Linda Delia Penna, Doreen Denton, Dana DeMink, Warren Dippolito, Angelina ' !£ O C5 ft ec JUNIOR Dobo, Dov.d Dockmon, Darlene Dosh, Sally Dotion, Sondro Drewry. Chris Drysdole. BiU Dumont, George Duncon. Chriiii Dyer. Eleanor Eckhordt Pom Edgle, Jerry Elmor, Randy Emmons. C ' Oig Engle. Ken Engle. Vaughn Erhordt. Kathy Erickson. Richord Essenwonger. Richord Etheringion. Bruce Fonr, Doyle Fehlman, Jim Ferguson, Melodee Ferrori, Debbie Finney. Lmdo Fisher. Lorry Fittonte, Som Fiizsimmons. Suson Flonigan Dove Fondo. Steven Forondo. Jesse Foolks, Stephen Frozier, Gwen Godegoord. Ellen Gallagher, Paul Gollordo, Stello Gorcio, Tim Gardner, Jim Gardner. Mike Gatling, Greg Gorcio, Tony Goulke, Nick Gentry, Ricky George, Donold Gilbert. Suson Gillette, Kay Gloisier, Howard Glovinrck, Kerry Glencoe, Steve Glenn, Margaret Golbeck, Dovid Goldhomer, Dove Gomez, Dennis Gorman, James Gott. Michael Grams, Steve Greene. Morto Gregg. Philip Gregory, Sandy Guyor, Ronald Gwoltney. Chris Hobegger, Rachel Holey, Crowson Honey, Shoron Honkms, Arnie Honkins. Kathy Honlon. Joyce Hanney. Suzonne Honvi oy. Julie Hornngton, Rose Hart, Glen Hortifield. Jock Hortzell. Kothy tl.f l£f Y v rj7 62 Harvey. John Harvey, Robert Hastings, David Hatch, Jerry Houry, Leono Hoverstock, Dovid Hoyden Sollie Hoys, Roy Heiple, Mane Hendricks, Jeonme Hermosillo, Irma Hickmon, Frank Hicks, Lorry Hillstrond, Debbie Hilton, Judy Hinman, Sin Hodeil, Melindo Hoefer, Chorles Hoffman Don Holland, Al Hoist, Jefferie Holz, Mark Hornbrook, Joyce Houtz, Donny Howard, Janis Howell, Karen Huber, Terry Huey, Dovid Hulbert, Linda Hunt, Howard Hunter, Nancy Hurley, Madeline Hutton, Hilary Irvin, Debbie Jackson, Poula Jaeger, Roger Jimenez, Joe Johnson, Frank Johnson, Janet Johnson, Roy Jones, Jay Jones, Richard Jordahl, Jonet Kaser, Debby Keeney, Doreld Kegley, Robert Kelber, Jean Kelber, Shelley Keller, Roger Kellerman. Chuck Kelsey, Pom Kent, Donna Kirklond, Charles Kilpotrick, Sharon Kobrinsky Jon Kurtz, Donna Kunzweiler, Sherry Lofrenz, Laura lohr, Eldon Longsford, Roberta Loutensloger, Ben Lawrence, David Lemon, Susan Leffler, John Lewis, Gary Lichti, Don Lindsay, Borbara Lindsey, Del Lindboe, John Lineberger, Pom Littleton, Barbara Locke, Carol JUNfORe £1 §. S C S 4 21 M ' :S: e? m 63 JUNIORS Longtellow, Latk Lottier. Loretto Lucos Gory Lucos. Morsho Lucos Suson Luplon, Borboro Lynch. Jim Lynn, Dionne Modison. Jockie Mohoney. Richorci Monnenno, John Monnque. Toribio Monson, Lindo Morek. AAortin Morlow. Judy Mortz, Chip Morn, Richord Mouch. Cheryl McCorthy. Kathleen McConney Cyndie McCoskey. Eddie McCoskey. James McKeon. Chns AAcKee, Danny Mclnnes. Shofon Mendozo, Diona Meneley, Ctoig Mercer, Gory Merrill, Lowrence Meyer. John ©HP© rv eyer. jonn ■ r -ngs -v - , i B F b ' ' V ' f Middaugh. Dennis " V " ' - B ■ K B ' 1 ( Miles. Gory Miller, Candy Miller. Kay Miller. Linda Miller. Shendel Mitchell. John Molinor. Florence Montante, Eil een Morales, Angel Morrill Sandra Muller, Randall Murphy. Beverly Murray, Lmdo •«=»■ h ■• 1 Musser, Dovid ' i m. - k. v .vf , 1 ' " Myers, Cheryl B1 uJ f r ' Hl ■ . Nordy,Lee ■fcy " !HDHL I , %; Neary, Rosemory Neel, Dennis Neff, Christino Nelson, John Nelson, Wendy Nichols, Jerry Nichols. Melinda Nielsen, Monon Norman, Joyce Norton, Sondro O Bnen, Colleen O Hover. Tom Olousen, Jim Olson, Phil Olson, Sondi Os born, Jock Oversireet, Dione Pompo, Ken Poppoiohn Pal Porgo. Emily Porker, Andreol Porker. Lonny Duby F k " ■ H. — WF I M ' 4 Peres. Robert - ' m- tt f m - - 64 JUNfORfi Perez, Delia Perry, Cynthio Perry, Daryl Peters, Rosalie Petronzio, Ron Pfister, Mike Piscitelli, Cliff Pollick, John Pollock, Robert Pond, Susan Porter, Pom Post, Linda Potts, Doniel Power, Greg Presby, Greg Price, Panel Quinn, Pat Rader, Mike Rader, Sandy RasfioH, Kirk Rozo. Carlos Razo, Micfielle Reed, Dan Regan, Mary Rickord, Barbara Rietkerk, Jim Rivera, Carmelito Rivera, Daniel Roark, Sharon Robar, Diane Robinson, Darrell Robson, Austin Rogers, Wayne Romo, Frank Romano, Lee Roper, Rhonda Rouse, Dallas Rowland, James Runyan, Susan Sollee, Ray Salmon Richard Sampo, Tom Sondemon, Steve Schneider, Jeff Schwantner, Chris Schwantner, Mary Self, Beth Self, Jerry Serrao, Joette Sevilla, Richard Sharp, Bill Sheehy, Chris Sheets, Roxie Shepherd, Chris Sherrill, Vicky Sherwood, Chorles Shingler, Kathy Shipwoy, Karen Silverthorne, Don Simmons, Bob Simmons, Jim Sims, Cynthia Sippel, Pattie Smedley, Marc Smith, Doug Smith, Jana Smith, Jim Smith, Ken Sneed, John Snyder, Steve Solan, Thomas Solin, Paula ■:eu " .:,- •■ ■ ' : ♦ .ili -.. 9 p t s § K , ' V, ,. y V 65 JUNIOR Soils. Corneleo Sothcoit, Sondro Spiegel. Suzonne Sprrnger. B.M Stofford. Jane ' Siamm. Jan Stonton, Stan Stephens, Potty Stickney. Sue Stiles. Cheryl St. Martin. John Storti. Mike Stout, Ston Strickland. Gerry Strono, John Stryker Jim Summerhays, Bill Sumter, Stephanie Tobor, Jeanne Tockeii, Dove Takemoio, Dick Totem, Judy Tothom, Ten Tavorez, Thereso Toylor, Peggy Tedeschi, Toni Teresi, Jim Thorp, Carolyn Thomos. Cliff Thomas, John Thompson, Jeonno Thornton, Kothy Throop, Terry Tibbetts, Stan Timmons, Pot Tomlinson, Tim Tomlinson, Tom Torto, Jim Trovers, Diane Tricinella, Andrew Tyler, Karen Voder, Laura Vokerics, Marlene Vander Molen, Jean Van Vlack, Bonnie Van Vlock, Susan Velosquez, Danny Velosquez, Robert Vera Robert Vesmarovich Emery Vignocchi, Roger Villonuevo, Yolondo Wolker, Joseph Walker, Robert Woiton, Jim Worner, Audrey Watkins, Kothy Wotkins, Mor|Orie Watts, Shirley Wayne, Lucindo Wayne, Ruth Weber. Mary Weigong, Bill Welker, Lindo Welty, Mory Wendle, Gory Wessely, John West, Jon Weylandt. Sue White, Chuck Whiteley. Denms Whitloker. Jeff A A a ( :f s B B t!A l?8 O mm fi r " i 0i SA .r r- l? o rs a Vj 66 JUNIOR Whitten, Ricki Wilde, Chris Willison, Vance Wills, Alison Wilson, Gens Wilson, Nancy Winburn, Mickey Winborn, Vicki Wise, Carol Wood, David Wood, Steve Worsham, Dennis Wykert, Sandra Yaple, Sally Yoakum, Sussanne Youngman, Cristine Zets, Dianna Ziccordy, Peg Zimmerman, Joan T ni " n " OTHER A-(EMBBae OF THE. JUNIOR CWSS iRE: Robert Andrade Randall Babeloa Charles Beck Dorene Brown Terri Butler Jerry Cagle Rebecca Cardena; Sally Chogolla Neenah Chebahtoli John Cotter Ray Dalton Beverly Davis Warren De Mink fim Demko Patricia Dial Pot Dosh Patricia Eckhardt Jim Ennis James Ford Norman Frey David Garcia Patricia Garcia Margaret Gideon Byron Hampton (1 Duane Hanohono Sharon Harris Ron Hicks Rodney Hov ell Helen Jones Ginger Johnston Alice King James King EIray Konkel Debrah Louer Dennis Lichti Terry Luna Rudy Mendozo Ruby Menix Dennis Middaugh Jan Mitchell Mary Newsam Bob NicJiols Ruben Olivo Joseph Onclay n Linda P | ur Richard Pay Helen Ro Marty Ri Pierre Remillard Herman Roberts Theresa Ross Evelyn Roussakis Frank Ruffato Charles Rushing Carol Shaw Nathan Shelton Patricia Short Sandra Smith Mary Stonphill Patricio Swonn Judy Toylor Don Testa Robert Van Deventer Robert Wahike Lorry Watts Laura Williams Steven Williams Charles Woodward Steve Wuoherpfenn Dianna Ybarr l ' P 6y . r y iff ¥ - 67 SOWCVUORE OASS DICK HOWELL Vice President DALE MAGRUDER President DONNA WAKE Secretary DAVID HUDSON Treasurer 68 SOPWO UOR£S ARE A CPfRITH? CWN Achenbach, Kris Adams, Janice Adams, Marsha Adams, Penny Aguilar, Tommy Aleischer, Ric Alexander, Donald Alexander, Sfeve Alexander, Susan Anchondo, Karen Anderson, Jack nderson, Janice Antonuccio, Janene Apelgren, Caria Armstrong, Joyce Armstrong, Sally Asay, Pat Bachmeier, Norma Boer, James Bailey, Kathi Baird, Carol Baker, Vicki Baldocchi, Sue Barbee, Steve Bortlett, Patty Batson, Chuck Baublit, Katherine Bean, Suzanne Beard, Teddi Beatty, Dorryl Beaudett, Karen Beiseker, Tom Beletrutti, Sandy Benko, Betty Bennett, Nellie Bennmghoff, Diane Boggs, David Boles, Shirley Bomberger, Richard Bradley, Sue kits 69 SOFWWCRES Bronch, Doug Brotty, Sue Brink, Bob Brockie, Peter Brooks, Alison Brooks, Volerie Brouse, Ellen Brouse, Laura Brown, Croig Brown, Dorene Brodley, Poul Brizinski, Robert Buffot, Jamis Burch, Laurie Burdzinski, Anno Burgeson, Howard Burgess, Colin Burns. Kathie Burnweit, Richard Bybee, Jonothon Collowoy, Candy Cameron, Harlow Compbell, Christine Campbell, Dovid Campbell, Gordon Campbell, Steve Conella, John Cangemi, Linda Carli, Valentino Carmichoel, Terrie Carnllo, Tom Carroll, Sue Carter, Sue Chaffer, Sherry Cherry, Mike Chilton, Morcie Christensen, Lindo Ciork, Joy Clipperton, Richard Collins, Sue Colvin, Annette Conner, Jim Connor, Mike Cook, Borboro Coon, Cofhi Cotter, Jerry Couch, Robert Cowley, Robert Craig, Dennis Cromir, Steve Crom, Bill Crump, John Dohlin, Carol Donke, David Dastrup, Therm Daughters, Ron David, Carol Deal, Maiio Demko, Timothy Detlefsen, Jerry Deuprey, Donno Dexter, Steven Diaz, Salvador DIugitch Shoron Dolson, Lome Dosh, John Douglas, Dave Dudleston, Susan Duncon, Sue Duron, Johnny Durrell, Sharon Edmonson, Janet ' j r m Via. W ' - rs m rt AO Q A . . V liSL. ■• Aifc-S- » k 70 SOPHO UORES Ellingwood, Ray Ennis, Lenora Erwin, Bruce Espinoza, Jim Essenwanger. Glenn Evans, Debby Pagan, Michele Falkemath, Leslie Fpletto, Marianne Earned, Mike Farrington, Ruth Fauchier, Steve Fender, Kathy Finnie, Bruce Fifch, Tim Flageolle, Bonnie Flores, Linda Flores, Lydia Follmann, Ron Forbach, John Francis, Cecil Fry, David Garcia, Jack Garcia, Mary Garcia, Susan Garliepp, Koren Geismar, Jams Geissler, Gory Griggs. Gary Gibson, Janice Gibson, Robert Gin, Gary Gingerich, Deborah Gingerich, Keith Gist, Cathy Goetke, Sherne Goehring, Linda Goodisky, Jone Goadson, Bob Gordon, Allen Graham, Debbie Graper, Kenna Greco, Diane Greco, Richard Green, Don Griffith, Lynn Groshong, Mork Gullfoyle, Tom Guske, Kathleen Guyon, Steve Gwillim, Steve Hale, Mike Holvorson, Worren Hamilton, Jomes Haner, Karl Harp, Ted Horns, Francine Harris, John Harris, Philip Horteker, Gwen Hatfield, Cynthia Hoyden, Lou Hayes, Shern Heise, Steve Henderson, Aviene Hendricks, Mike Hernondez, B Hernandez, Peter Hermosilla, Vilmo Hill, Craig Hillstrond, Sandy Hodell, Doug ftf? m ' . M 1 % f . Ci o . . Vi.t f CQ ' T 1-- ' ! m 1 9 Hogle, Gory Hollond. Jackie HollowOY Terry Homen, Diane Hondo. Alon Hooper, Chorles Hopkinson, Bello Hortness. Annelle Howell Dick Hudson Amy Hudson Bruce Hudson David Hutchinson Debbie Inhs Dove Inmon. Susan Irvin Bruce Jockson Alon Jeffens.Jill Jensen, Jim Jewe ' t, Jerry Johnson, Stephanie Jones Cindy Jones, Richard Kelley, Sherro Kenny, Connie Ketchum, Kathy Kiekel, Bill Kilgore, Ronoid Kilpotrick, Lindo King, Potty Kirklond. Poul Kiss. Zolton Kistinger, Bill Kistinger, John Klekner, Sue Klinger, Wesley Knighton, Melody Kogut, Croig Kolorz. Linda Kowolik, Joanne Kuniweiler, Steve Lo Buddo, Mike Londreth Wolter Lone Carol Lopointe. Fronces Lorsen Robert Lorson, Steven larrobee, Terne Lerouge. Connie Lester. Connie Lindow, Lorroine Lindsoy, Dovid Lippincott, Christine Liro, Becky Litchford, Woyne London, Lindo Long, Linda Lopez, Greg Luginsky, Launo Luno, Andreo Luno, Susan Luplon, Jennie MocLoren, Helen Magruder, Dole Mondolo, Mane Moneck, Steve Morquez, Arthur Morquez, Sandra Martin Martha Martin, Rondo Mortinez, Ben Morting, Karen SOPWO UOR£S n " . . - » ' . • «.-,H ' 1 N ' ft ' ,% A r o A r 72 SOPRO UCRES Mortz, Ann Mayfield, Ray McAuley, Goidon McBride, Russell McBroom, Mortin McCown, Mike McElwain Nick AAcGinnis, Teironce McKinnon, Mike McNeil, Kenneth McDonald, Lynn Merry, Tom Mezo, David Meza, Maria Mitchell Ann Mitchell Meilin Mitchem, Jim Miccio, Carol Miller, Dan Mills, Judy Mills, Rhonda Minthorne, Gail Mistretta, Tony Montante, Mike Montez Martha Moore. Danny Moore, Martin Morales, Richard Morrill, Gary Morrison, Paul Mosher, William Moss, Kioren Mouser, Ricky Muller, Dennis Mullikin, Connie Murasko, Linda Musser, Lynda Napier, Mike Nordy, Nick Nore, Kerry Neol, Russ Nelsen, Karen Nelson, Betty Newell, Bob Nichaels, Lmdo Noriega, Kanlyn Noriega, Roselyn Northorp, Larry Norton, Sharon Oenney, David Ogden, Linda Oldenkamp, Pam Olsen. Barbara O Reilly, Phyllis O Shields, Teresa Otteslad, Tami Owen, Dana Owens, Joyce Pace, Joan Pocheco, Johnny Podillo, Johnny Parker, Gail Parker, Lorry Porrott, L Smitty Possmore, Donna Patterson, Elizabeth Pendley, Howard Pene, Robert Penner, David Perkins, Joe Perry, Kim Petersen, Maiy 5 A A a A «i m « 1 Q. 0 4 73 SCPWWOR£S Petersen. Ray Phelon, Lowrence Pierce. Kenr erh Poll. Vivione Pomeroy. Bruce Popovils, Rand Power. Diona Preston. EcJi Price. Rodney Prologo Joe Quaii ' ocioccn. Roberta Qucster Gory Ramos Dick Ramos Morcia Rowson Richard Reed. Dovid Reed Richord Regan Don Rehkop. Don Reidenbough. Janet Reimann RondoH R.ch, Jim Rich, Eleonore Richordson Loretto Richter. Shoron Rickeri Fred Rigglemon Gerald Riner Kenny Rivera Albert Rizorro, Fermin Rizzordi. Dove Rizzo. Charles Robertson. Paul Romano, Frances Ronquillo. Fronk Ross, Jim Ross, Mork Roussokis, Nick Rusdohi. Priscillo Russell, Cothy Soon. Linda Sommon, Helyn Sampson, Diono Sondemon. Mike Sondwell, Potty Sontorelli, Tobias Schonofelt, Dove Scheenstra. Carl Schexwyder, Beth Schmidt Glodnie Schnurr, Judi Schumacher, Stephome Scruggs, Monlyn Seomon, Richard Sebree, Sally Seiple, Koihy Segovio, Olgo Sendeios, Joann Sexton Wesley Seimens, Lourel Simpson, William Skinner, Greg Smedley, Monty Smedley, Vol Smith, Don Smith Monica Smith, Shori Smith, Shelly Smyth, Bob Snyder, David Soderberg, Linda Solomon, Sandy ft ' fl " !■■■■■ " ' ' — WKtMKI a C (Q M f?j »i?vW.-- s, K-tfi £ . ?.it, 6 74 SOPMO UORES Sommer, Gary Springer, Carol Standlea, Greg Stark, Susan Stevens, Randy Stewort, Barbara Stonecipher, Dorothy Story, Joe Stratton, Christine Strohte, Cheryl Swanson, Susan Sworfz, Debbie Swartzendruber, Joan Swift, Arnold Tallyn, Laura Taylor, Bill Taylor, Eldon Taylor, Sharon Taylor, Terry Tessier, Anne Theall, Sandy Thomas, Debi Thornborgh, Lynda Thornburgh, Williorr. Thornton, Bill Todd, Kathleen Tomlinson, Patricia Torta, Carol Triplett, Ty Trueblood, Karen Tucker, Marjorie Turner Helene Twitchell, Steven Tyree, Diane Vanderwilt, Bill Vestal, Pom Villonveva, Al Vogt, James Vorheier, Kafhy Wagner, Cheryl Wagner, Elizabeth Wake, Donna Waldrop, Greg Walker, Bill Weasorski, John Weekley, Fred Weibley, Linda Welendez, Bill Welker, Fronk Wenger, Jack Wensorski, John West, Kerry West, Michael Wetzler, Craig Wholley, Borbaro Whitcomb, Mike White, Gory White, Steve Whitfield, Dor I Whitman, Linda Whitten, Tom Wiersmo, Lynn Wightman, Peter Williams, Carl Williams, Ken Williams, Leonne Williams, Roger Willoughby, Nancy Wilmoth, Linda Wilson, Derrill Wilson, Enc Wilson, Tom X :n. 75 Winterboorne. Jackie Wrrli, Nicole Wise, Carol Wise. Pete Witma n, Judi Wolff. Lorry Wood. George Wood, Georgia Wood. Marion Wood. Paul Wood, Thomos Wooda rd. Kothy Woodword. Conme Wyrostek, Kathy Wyfostek, Keith Yotsko Karen Yeo, Mason Young Becky Zwarr. Joann Zuber. Diane A Oi £ ' n a OIWER UE UBER; OP THE SOWO UORE OASS ORt: ' ] John Benish Karen Hanson Larry Parker Paul Bradley Karen Heacock Gene Paulus Doug Brewer Carol Hentzell Howard Pendley Frank Briones Danny Jimenez Paul Brunton Karia Kelletf Robert Bullock Ken Lentz Dennis Clarke Thomas Lewis Gaiy Cooper Lindo Lopez Dovid Denney Jim Lynch Pot Deranek John Martin Eric Dobbs Ralph Martinez Claude Ellena Karen Marting David Flanigon Jomes McCoskey Gloria Fragoso Mike McKinney Susan Frost Judith Mills Mike Golongo Marilyn Murtha Becky Garcia Robert Neeper Primo Garcia Philip Olson Margaret Glenn Jack Osborn ♦ 76 FR£SW HAN CL i C COLLEEN COLllNS Secretary KATHIE CARLSON Vice PresicJenf FROSW BE SIN THEIR W SW SCWOCL CflRjEER i Abbott, Korer Abbott, Linda Abei, Deboroh Abell, Molindo Abend, Suson Adams, Bob Aheorn, Chorles Alexander, Guy Alexander, Phyllis Allen, Susan Allred, Ruth Alvorez, Jennifer Anderson, Bonito Anderson, Goil Anderson. Mortin Anderson, Robert Anderson, Steve Androde, Elena Andrews. Suson Angel. Laurie Antonuccio. Joon Apel. Jeff Arnold, Gail Asebedo. Ernest Astruc, Gilbert Ayolo, Frank Ayolo, Jim Bocot. 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Doug Dorrow. Kun Dovis. Angie Davis. Paul Deal. Beisy Dease. Jody Deeds. Donald Dellopenno. Bill Demouro. Sieve DeMink, Woyne Demko. Ronnie Demoulin, Stephen Denison, Do ' cos Denison, John Denney. Donie ' Diol. David Dief. Done Dippoliiio Josephini Dippolii ' o Tony Dixon. Bill Dolhom. Terry Donson Frederick Dorst. Gory Douglas, Toby Drew. ' Morilyn Dryden, Bob Duorte. Dick Duchesne, Loio Duchon Elliot Duggon, John Duklewski, Poyline Dunn. Jeff Duvoll. Dorothy Eggleston. Steve Eimor. Rikki Emmons. Francis English. Cory Ericson. Bob Ericson. Bruce Esslinger, Jeonette Estrada. Louie Evons. Karen Fogomes, Ken Fairchild. Steven Fallis. Peggy Fittanie. Joon Flohr. Glenn Florion, Albert Fluekiger, Renee Forress. Howard Ford. Frank Forondo. Eddie Frozier. Pot French, Gary Fritsinger. Debi Fry, Dole Fuller, Mory Goekel, Gory Gogne. Roymond Gallogher. Thomos Gorcio Carmen Garcia Rosolie Gorcio, Sylvester Gardner. Laurie Gorvie, Ann Gosdick. Duone Geory, Rondy Gehrken. Goi Gibson, Delbf Gilihom. Stevf Givens. Kothy Glavic. Deneen r f O 80 Goehring, Sherry Goertz, Don Goldhammer, Jan Gordon, Richoid Grable. Bruce Grant, Holly Grassie, Diane Green, Randy Greer, Gail Greer, Julia Gregory, Don Griffith, Roger Guske, Barbara Habegger, Nathan Hambim, Gloria Hamel, Cathy Hamilton, Linda Hommack, Connie Hones, Diane Hanson, Kalhy Honwoy, BIdon Harmon, Jan Hero, Vicki Hornngton, Bob Harris, Colin Harris, Rosalie Harteker, Steve Horvey, Kathy Hotch, Monte Hayden, Mark Heiple, Phil Heisterkamp, Susan Henderson, Robert Hendricks, Phil Herzog, Eddie Hickman, Mark Hilts, Kay Hite, John Holden, John Hollidoy, Reggie Homan, Dave Homen, Jeff Hoover, Wayne Houtz, Steve Howard, Glen Howard, Jim Howarth, Brian Ingram, Marionno Inks, Bonnie Ivonkovich, Susan Kohler, Beckie Kolinke, Beth Katono, Paul Kaufmann, Dianno Kelber, Steve Kellett, Tim Kellogg, Lindo Kelly, Karen Kent, Mike Ketley, Kendro Kimball, Suzanne Kirklond, Georgia Kirklond, Jennifer Kiss, Gary Klauminzer, Don Kleinmark, Barb Klinger, Galen Koster, Rick Koy, Cheryl Kroybill, Bill Kulczycki, Cindy Jackson, Cheryle FR£SW UENJ -if 5S MA :. r f Y ; j r; f5f i. . ,© ffi IS fREO MBN Jomes. Charles Jayka, Shoron Jenkins John Jensen. Vicki Jimine2, Alice Johonnsen, MarciQ Johnson. Steven Johnston, Gory Joines. Steve Jones, Melody Jones Scott Lotferty, Bill Londreth Pom Londstrom, Mork Lone. Richord Lowrence. Dan Lay Suson Leo Annette Lester, Donna Lewanski. Morgie Lewis Linda Lewis, Sheri Lewmon. Barbaro Lineberger. Potsy Loeb Ruth Long Steve Longfellow. Lynn Lopez Alice Lucas Beckie Lucos, Charles Lucioni, Morlyssa lyborger, Gary Lydick. Lindo Mocdonold. Sondi Macforlone. Mane Mock. Dove Mock. Sharon Mocpherson, Pomelo Madison. Jim Mohoney. Robert Moine, Pat Mollord, Cheryl Monn. Dirk Morek, Judy Marino. Arlene Morino. Morlene Marks, Marilyn Marks, Michael Mormoiejo. Rito Moroney. Gay Marple. Raleigh Marshall. John Martin. Jack Morlin. Scott Mortin. Susan Martin. Tonyo Mortinez, Arthur Martinez. Denise Martinez. Robert Martini. Linda Mathy, Jim Moxfield, Roy Moyhew. Nino McAllister. Bill McAuley, Cothy McBroom. Helen McConnell. Morgie McDowell, John McGinnis. MarciO McKee. Sandy McLone, Mike McNeil, Stan 82 Mendez, Richard Mendoza, Borbora Mertz, Kerry Middleion. Wilson AAidkift, Margo Miller, Ann Miller. Charlene Miller, Morsho Mills. Mark Minthorne, Ralph Miranda. Ray Misenheimer, Jerry Mitchell Scott Mokren, Morcy Molinar. David Montonte, Jerry Moore, Mark Morales. Sondro Morrill Debro Mullikin. Janet Mulhs. Tim Murioz. Peggy Murosko, Robin Myers. Richard Nauman Mike Nero. Sharon Northorp, Brian O Brien, Steve Ogoro, Barbara Olsen, Carl Olsen. Peggy Ortega. Thomas Owen. David Oxorart. Rick Papsdorf. Don Parker. Laura Parker. Sandy Pascuo. Jim Pascua. Larry Pearson. Marc Pehl.Jim Penny. Vicky Perry. Brooke Peterson, Janet Piercy, Sharon Pineda, Jerry Piper. Yvonne Pomeroy, Linda Prest, Suzanne Proulx. Richard Proulx, Robert Pugliese. Roxanne Quinn. Steve Roder. Pom Ramirez, Raymond Rapoport. Judy Rosmussen. Poulo Rowlinson. Danny Ray, Cindy Raymer, James Rees, John Rehkop, Jim Rehrer, Janet Remillord, Pierre Remington, Lex Richardson Chuck Rietkerk. Helen Rietkerk. Vickie Riley. Randall Ring. David Rivera, Stello Roach, Pat nSESW UEN ft e ©f f ' ' t tiio.li:? ' 83 f;sesh uen ' m w V iT- ' v f l Roork. Gofi Robor, Jud. Robbins. Lo " . Robson DeiQie Rodriguez Poti.e Rogers Beverly Roland. Eloine Rome Leonne Root Dono ,, " . l b . 01 Roieberry Beih 1 I tgjM KU ■» , Ji T . Rossitter. Jill ' " Rosto. Debbie Rosto. Joe Rowberry Jamie Rowe. Georgia Rubolcovia Ruby Rucker, Tom Ruggles Steve Russell Joe Russell. Mile Rymer. Mike Rypker.ia, John Sacconi. Sally Soger, Dionne Salisbury, Herb Sample, Vivian Schlemmer Home " Schlepp, Melonie Schnepp, To ' iy Schuiz, Shoron Scott. Curtis Scully, Melmdo Sellers. Martin Shoner, Rod Shonnon, Borboro Shorpe, Chns Shepherd, Robeno Sherbo, Suzv Shipwoy, Jo. Shores, Linda Sinclair, Sally Sisco, Cindy Siskowski, Jim Skinner. Gail Skinner, Kns Slater, Sharon Sloan, Jackie Smith, Bob Smith, Doug Smith. Goil Smith, Rickey Snyder, Deborah Soil, Mono Solomon. Pom Sommer, Charleen Sothcoii, Denise Sporks Evelyn Spoerre, Wayne Stollings. Tommie Storkey. Kothy Stevenson, Pom Stiffler, Charlotte Stiles, Debbie St, Mortin Phil Stoop. Come Stoop. Louise Stone, Brett Strohm Leonno Strowm. Joyce Stump, Sco ' ' Sturgess. TiP fiOflvi2 I a e t M a fi 84 FR£SW UEN Tagle, Georgeanne Tommai ' ello, Rafae Topsfield, Marvin T ' jpsfield, Mervin TennenI Peggy Tessler, Danny Thomas Gary Thompson Dorla Thompson, Gerry Todd Barbara Toll Gary Tritt, John Turckel, Terne Turner, Dovid Turner. Thomas Tyler, Joyce Voldez, Rosa Lee Vandenberg, Rick Vondenheuvel, John Von Tubergen Bonnie Vargas, Danny Vavrinek, Chnstine Velosquez, Alice Velosquez, Estella Vernola Anthony Veugeler. Kim Vickers, Marilyn Villolpando, Candy Vogt, Rick Vonkieisf, Rick Vorheier, Joy Woke, Morilee Waldron, Wendy Walker, Cheryl Walker, Jerry Walsh. Harold Walton, Edward Walz, Jim Wotkins, Steven Wayne, Michelle Weber, Laura Welboin, Margo Welch, Reantho Wilcoxon, Scott Wilkin, Harvey Williams, Cathy Williams, Fronk Wilson, Andrew Wilson, Debro Wilson, Pom Winterbourne, Larry Wire, Susan Wise, Mike Wise, Verno Woldruft, Gay Wood, Gred Woodley, Dove Wulf, Dove Wyaft, Nick Yborro, Lillian Yetter, Bob Young, Debbie Zamora, Roy Ziccardy, Skip . ' W ¥ ' ; jl 85 FR£SW UEN OTH UEMB RjC OPT fR£CUMAN OA AJ : Gary Allen Ann Arrcdondo Oebb ' e Baily Tom Beck Elton Bowen Lorie Brymer Robert Buchoiz Noncy Burlingame Victorio Comiili Horfensi Co ' rosco Terry Lee Carroll Chrystin Chritton Kathy Clark Robert Clorke Sandy Cloud Henry Cochron Pat Cook Sherman Cooper Thomos Crawford George Dakin Ed Derarek Jomes Desveaux Mary Eannorino Susan Eynon Deboroh Ferbert Patricio Fry Michelle Frye Kevin Gagne Pat Gagne Phyllis Gorner Ella Gosse Kothy Hall John Hankins Dale Hanson Gary Harris Stan Holland Joe Horner Myra Louise Hudgens Steve Jenye Michael Johnson Michelle Lock Susan Lowdermilk Fronk Lummer Charles Myers THE FRESHMAN CLASS INVITES YOU TO SIGN HERE Leroy Neldon Rick Ogden Keith Oldenkamp John Oncay Debbie Poulus Richard Pelcxioin Linda Peltz Sam Perry Don Polzin Eva Ramos Ronald Sambrano Victor Shaw Eddie Shofts Judy Smedley Steve Sneed Billie Stoton Emilia Villonuevo Julie Wealand Mark Weiner Patricia Weinstein Judy Whitsitt Nasario Zabala -07 .or Ji T " " - ....c... - -7 " - . u,Ajl. v4Wf ' • -- - ' ' ' 7. -7— ' ' ' ' ■ ■ ' V9 ar " JERRY MORRIS 1st Semester ASB President ALLENE ACCOMAZZO Secretary STUDENT CHARLIE DULANEY Treasurer SALLY WIGNALL Sociol Choirman MARY KAY Pep Commissioner ROBERT GIN Advertising Manager CYNTHIA BEISEKER InterClub Council President BARBARA GEORGE Girls League President BRUCE DUNN Senior Class President DICK TAKEMOTO Junior Class President DALE MAGRUDER Sophomore Class President HELEN RIETKERK Freshman Class President MIKE MAGRUDER Second Semester ASB President KATHY BREWER Homecoming Chairman JOANNE Mcdowell Plaid Press Editor Chief CHARLA McKENNA Recording Secretary BILL WALK Athletic Commissioner PtATC) TED MANN, JR. Adviser JOANNE McDowell Editor SYDNEY CARLSON MARY ANN MARINER VICKI RASHALL PAUL MORGAN DINAH HANSEN VICKI KNIGHT 90 EMILY PARGA Copy Deadlines! FOREK NEU ZWWND " The 9,000 mile leap from Otahuhu, New Zealand (pop. small) to Upland, California (pop. somewhat larger) meant changes of custom, clothing, and weather; but it ' s been fun here. I ' ve gained 25 pounds twisting unoffensive people ' s arms for dinner invitations, have learnt how to eat with just a fork, and hove almost got used to school at 8:00 a.m. (In the middle of the night!) and now some of you have .learned that New Zealand- ers are not kangaroo keepers, do not eat people, and are not from anywhere near Sweden. All jok- ing aside I ' ve learned a lot about you crazy mob, too, and met some wonderful people. 1965-66 has been the year the best yet. — Good Luck and God Bless You All — Haere Ra. A.F.S. eriy. " I Mcixine Calwoy " Last July 30, I arrived in Up- land from the capital of Japan, Tokyo. Fortunately or unfortu- nately, I do not need very much explanation about my home town. My house is located right nearby the Olympic stadium in one of the 23 wards of the city of Tokyo. Although the place where I am living is one of the busiest places in Tokyo, it is unbeliev- ably quiet and clean around my home. My parents, brother, grandmother, and myself consist my family. My father works as a supervisor in the Japan Mono- poly Corporation which is a na- tional organization and deals with manufacturing and import- ing of tobacco and salt. My 29 year-old brother already gradu- ated from a university, and is now working in a printing com- pany. " Hiroshi Tanaka 92 kXWaN SE SFUDEMS BRAZIL " Last summer under the aus- pices of the American Field Ser- vice I had the opportunity to tra- vel to Brasilia, D.F., Brazil. The two months I spent there v ere by far the most rewarding of my life. The Brazilians, my family in particular, possess an enthusi- asm for life and a warmth of character that is rarely found among other peoples. I am greatly indebted to the American Field Service, the faculty and Stu- dents of Upland High School, and the adult committee of A.F.S. for having made this experience possible for me. " VRDGJfiY Holly Simpson On February 13, 1966, Junior Gerry Strickland left Upland for Melo, Cerro Largo, Uruguay. He will return in the winter of 1967. Fortunately, he will be back in time to graduate with his class. During his stay in Uruguay he will be living with the Vinoles. His family will consist of his foster father Leodoro, his mother Maria, his brother Enrique, his sister Gladys, and his foster grandparents the dos Santos. Gerry ' s school year started in March and will end in Novem- ber. Gerry Strickland 93 PEP CO UMfSSfONER Planning rallies, making posters for games, and having charge of all pep clans are only a few of the duties of Mary Kay, this year ' s dedicated Pep Commissioner. Among her other duties, Mary must work closely with the Pep Squad in cre- ating and learning new yells. After working hard all summer, they present the new hand clap and new yells to the entire Student Body at the begin- ning of the year. Her work does not finish here, for the rest of the school year is filled with many activities of which Mary is an important part Mary Koy Accor Present at all games, rallies, and school activities is this year ' s mascot, Vickee Bivens. After being elected last year, Vickee got right to work on her future duties. Most of Vickee ' s time is spent working on school activities or attending them. Present at most of the football games with Vickee is our dog mascot, Angus McPep, II. The picture here shows Vickee and Pep- — co-workers in bringing spirit to Upland High. Vickee Bivens 94 P OANC Row 1 Barbara Littleton, Jane Williams, Nancy Coe, Sendee Bivens, Row 2 Penny Cox, Julie Potts, Cherry Cummins, Shar- on Voidocci, Pat Eckhort, Jill Jenkins, Pom Eckhart, Mary Amos, Carol Wise, Row 3 Mae Curtis, Sandy Morrill, Joyce Culp, Judy Budnik, Alice Duron, Cheryl Angel, Susan DeMink, Carol Clifton, Shelley Kelber, Row 4 Phylis Dial, Melinda Milton, Carol Etter, Stephanie Fullier, Kothy Ball, Mary Cyphers, Koren Tyler, Corollyn Perkins, Debbie Ferrari. PEP CWM L flDERe Miss Jane Williams and Miss Barbara Littleton 95 Princess Chris AAathy Honorary Princess Maxine Calway 97 UOM COMiNG i Seniors win dress-up doy. Seniors rulel Is this a pow wow? Noel, my heels ore killing mel Our Homecoming queen and court. This year ' s homecoming, fashioned around the theme most outstanding in Upland High history. School spirit competition ran wild. A corn husking contest, a dress- included in the festivities, with the juniors getting by putting a calf on the senior lawn. The activities of day night with the crowning of Mary Kay as Home Brewer, this years Homecoming Chairman, a great upc The court starts the next donee 98 TWru AS im wB cim ' w !c of " Autumn Harvest, " was the -sji) - - ran high all week, and class C up day, and a farmer day were into the spirit of the harvest the week were climaxed Satur- coming Queen. We owe Kathy vote of thanks. Ahhhhhhhhhhh 99 RANDCXiEEN 100 MISS JOY GRANT j3tA -i- i - -iA Hilary HuUon, Sally Wignall, Pam Shultz, Melinda Hodell, Becky Stewart, Cindy Beiseker pepeA JD Row 1: Jeanne Tabor, Dione Jenkins, Robin Cutler, Greg Harrah, Mike Pfister. Row 2: Mike Rowland, John Lindboe, John Mannerino, Tom Tomlinson, Joy Jones, Dovid Musser. Row 3: Kathy Todd, Janet Edmonson, Steve Glencoe. Row 4: Dick Howell, Wayne Cole, Smity Parrot, Jeff Schneider. Row 5; Dovid Dial, Gory Strickland, John Clark, Phylis Dial. 101 _ : i J S - - ' y . • - INDCOLRr Toni Tedeschi ACnvmES We got the pep, we got the steon Hells Angels hit Upland age Mad Dragster Georges Follies. 104 Fourscore and seven yeors ago GO WILD No, a little to the right. The alma mater song once again. Box lunch social. Upland High in earlier years. 105 aOAJAJ DQ KiN 106 eACkXf U2DS COURT Left to right: Bruce Dunn, Richard Mahoney — First Prince, Given Harrison, Steve Christensen, Hiroshi Tanaka — Honorary Prince. This year ' s Backwards King and Court were chosen by the Student Body on March 11, 1966. Chosen as King, was Jerry Morris, with Richard Mahoney as First Prince. Composing the Court were Bruce Dunn, Given Harrison, Steve Christensen, and Hiroshi Tanaka, our Honorary Prince and also our foreign exchange student this year. 107 VOLL ADERe 108 Mary Schexnyder 1 ' V M l i , Carollyn Katona PI J Heod Song Leader- Toni Fladoger Left to right on top: Jean Galitz, Pat Gibson, Toni Fladoger. Bottom: Carollyn Katona. 109 DfREOOR OF SfUDENTACnvmES The activities of the school system are under the guidance and the direction of Mr. William Wolfe. His position is one of prime importance, for it is through his efforts that the activities program of the school is either successful or unsuccessful. His job, a difficult one at best, is made more difficult by his desire to widen the fields in which students may participate in school activities. His drive and diligence have helped to make him one of the best known people on the Upland High School campus. Much of his time is spent planning new and different things for students to do. His devotion to his job is well-recognized by the members of the student body. BEE YELL L ADERe Priscilla Rusdahl, Sondy Theall, Beth Schexnyder 110 ORjQi NtzmONQ flMTERACr Row 1: Jim Jensen, Doug Hodell, Dave Aschom, Tom Beiseker, Ted Harp, Paf Harlan, John Renbarger. Row 2: Gene Wilson, Brian Locke, Dick Takemoto, Mike Napier, Steve Fonda, Ron Guyon, Gary Kearney, Bill Shirk. Row 3; Doug Aloir, Jeff Whittoker, Dick Sovaiano, Charles Dulaney, Bob Walline, Chuck Kellerman, Bill Bescoby, Phil Lovelody. SOUB Row 1: Carrie Miller, Margie Tucker, Janet Fairchild, Morgie Wotkins, Mary Kay Amos, Cheryl Angel, Christine Neff, Alice Duron. Row 7: Joyce Honlon, Lolo Klinger, Penny Cox, Morlene Vokerics, Chris Estrada, Mrs. Noftel, Nino Rossiter, Judy Budnik, Vonnie Beard, Barbara Bessey, Barbara Lovgren. Row 3: Judy Clem, Sue DeMink, Becky Dease, Carol Springer, Jeonette Bello, Laura Bello, Olgo Segovia, Holly Simpson, Linda Gallagher, Kathy McGowon. 112 IC CLVB Row 1; Mr. Scott, Ed Orum, Jim Smith, Bill Palmer, Jerry Morris, Rick Adams, Rick Reed. Row 7: Terry Huber, John Clark, Bruce Pollock, Jim Smith, Tom Shoji. Jim Walton, Bob Gin, Mike Magruder. Row 3: Tom Merry, Vaughn Engle, John Lindboe, John Bemish, Given Harrison, Dole Mogruder, Joel Morris, Rick Dischinger, Bill Walk. m= Ni Row 1: Diane Sather, Mary Ann Mariner, Priscilla Rusdohl, Sandy Campo, Cheryl Giuntini, Vickie Bivens, Hilary Hutton, Barbara George. Row 2: Sue Frost, Cindy Beiseker, Carol Locke, Dionne Trovers, Ruth Wayne, Jackie Winterbourne, Mary Hastings, Pom Shultz. Row 3: Solly Wignall, Joy Gront, en Gorleipp, Pom Kelsey, Diane Deuprey, Joan McDowell, Donna Woke. Terri Colletti, Ronel Price, Pat Stevens, 113 UONCCllB Front row: David Owen, Dove Snyder, Btion Howorth, Jim Desveaux, Jim Lynch, Jim Ayalo, Al Villanueva, Fred Wood Back row: John Monnerino, Doyle Font, Donny McKee, Steve Joines, Gary Griggs, Steve Wood, Gordon Campbell, Gary Gin. Not pictured: Glen Campbell, Steve Glen- coe, Bruce Meyer, Robert Neeper, Kirk Rasholl, Mike Rowland, John Wessley. SENfOR SENATE Front row: Jill Jenkins, Vonnie Beord, Judy Budnik, Cheryl Giuntini, Cheryl An- gel, Dinah Hansen. Second row: Peggy Adams, Dave Ashcom, Doug Alair, Pat Harlan, John Renbarger, Bill Palmer, Bock row: Danny Russel, Karl Beckley, Greg Leo, Ron West, Given Harrison. B HbBV: Iffl Is ■fi Jpij J V,w ' 1 i , J H Ej|a Im ■i M BE ■ ' Itt . bI ARIEMWJS Left to right: Pom Shultz, Susan Young, La Vonne Mack, Carol Croghan, Joanne McDowell, Vickee Bivens, Cindee Fletcher, Shawn Gmgerich, Dinah Hansen, Sally Wignoll, Judy Donson, Cathy Born, Mary Hastings. 114 Row 1: Carol Wise, Sue Spiegel, Joanne Adkison, Mae Curtis, Siri Hinman, Eleanor Dyer, Row 2: Roberta Langsford, Jan Stamm, Melinda Hodell, Stephanie Sumter, Shelley Kelber, Penny Cox. MACA AWOMS Row 1 : Lynne Defibaugh, Karen Tyler, Janet Bowers, Barbara Littleton, Doreen Delia Penna, Mary Cyphers. Row 2: Janis Howard, Dorene Burns, Dorene Brown, Cathy Dakin, Karen Shipway, f ' aye Brough. Row 3: Mrs. Katherine Thomson, Joyce Norman, Rhonda Roper, Kathy Boll, Judy Taylor, Sheila Arm- strong, Pam Porter. Row 1 ; Pam Eckh Abbett. Row 2: D Cooper, Lee J lordy Brewer, AlisonWills, 115 A C BRORA TZlUfJS Row )r Jeonnie Hendricks, Bonnie Von Vlock, Sue Von Vlock, Wendy Nelson. Sendee Bivens, Nancy Coe. Row 2: Tori Tedeschi Jeon Kelber, Susan Lemon, Diane Bock, Poulo Jack- son. Row 3: Mr. Lowe, Debby Anson, Noncy Barry, Pom lineberger. Jeanne Tobor. Row 1: Sandy Theall, Barbara Stewart, Kenna Groper, Ruby Barrcgon, Kothy Ketchum, Solly Sebrec. Row 2: Linda Can- gemi, Lorraine Lindow, Jo Apelgren, Ann Martz, Dee Dee Benninghoff, Jon Gibspn. Row 3: Miss Frosh, Sharon Durrell, Myke Thomas, Cmyie Harris, Jeanette Allen. CWaUCERtANS Row 1: Mary Wel y, Jackie Madison, Angie Dippolifo, Debby Kaser, Sollie Hoyden, Gwen F ozier. Row 2: Cheri Stiles, Ten Totem, Sue Weylondf, Dionne Overstreet, Row 3: Mrs. . ., _. Sherrill, Sondi Sothcott, Dorlene Dockn ..., . . ,. ., Chris Gwaltney. Kuhns, Sharon Kilpotrick, Lynda Ayers, Vicky c- l .t r -.l ri-.t 16 CONOCHflNQ Row 1: Viviane Poll, Helyn Sammon, Shari Smith, Jackie Wm- terbourne, Christine Campbell, Gwen Horteker, Ann Mitchell, Kothy Woodard. Row 2: Sue Carroll, Korlo Kelletf, Jan Ander- son, Pom Oldenkamp, Beth Schexnyder, Karen Yatsko, Sherry Chaffer, Susan .Dudleston, Barbara Cook. Row 3: Diane Tyree, Sue Frost, Donna Wake, Diana Power, Moito Deal, Judi Schnurr, Konnie Muliikin, Candy Callaway. Row 1; Jon Geren, Marianne Muftha, Donna Novak, Wendy McGrow, Linnea Yack. Row 2: Joy Brown, Judy Prosio, Diane Schwartz, Judy Welch, Linda Lee. lANflRCC Row 1: Sandi Beletrudi, Sue Bradley, Cindy Jones, Pot Tomlin- son, Judi Mills, Kim Perry, Ann Tessier. Row 2- Sue Klekner, Kathy Vorheier, Lauri Burch, Linda London, Sandy Solomen, Gail Parker, Debby Evans. 117 A.F.S. OUB Row 1: Hilary Hufton, Margie Watkins, Jonet Fairchild, Carol Wise, Emily Pargo, Rachel Habegger, Borbaro Bessey. ' jill Rossiter, Jody Deose, Carol Locke, Barbara George, Morlene Vokerics. Row 2: Diane Trovers, Sue Spiegel, Sue Fitzsimmons, Mae Curtis, Nina Rossitter, Holly Simpson, Penny Cox, Laura Bescoby, Helen Rietkerk, Joyce Hanlon, Pot Wayne, Solly Wignoll. Row 3: Pom Porter, Jon Stomm, Teddi Beard, Olgo Segovia, Shelly elber, Gene Wilson, Doyle Font, Chuck Kellermon, Don Reed, Wayne Cole, Kirk Rasholi, Lorry Fisher. Row 4: Ron Guyon, Ken Koford, Frank Johnson. Siri Hinmon, John Clark, Jim Rietkerk, Roger Kellermon. FUTURE WCVUEA AkERS OF VUERiCA Row 1 : Karen Tyler, Jeonne Fisher, Moxine Colway, Stephanie Fullier, Carol Etter, Foye Brough, Marsha Lucas, Melindo Mil- ton, Mabel Peters. Row 2: Corol Wise, Kris Achenbach, Susan Dudleston, Diana Power, Barbara Littleton, Karen Shipwoy, Mory Weber, Loretta Loltier, Maryonne Loftier, Doris Bam- berger. Row 3: Mrs. Stork, Lindo Kilpatrick, Sharon Toyler, Jo Anne Zwort, Rondo Martin, Diane Zueber, Christine Camp- bell, Pam Porter, Kitt Logue, Debro Morrill, Mr. Klepper. FUTURE T CHERC OP VUERiCA Row 1: Phyllis Dial, Judy Budnik, Christina Neff, Mary Kay Amos, Dave Ashcom. Row 2: Cindy Wayne, Stephi Fullier, Rosalie Peters, Jean Ellis, Moxine Colwoyr Mane Heiple. 118 BrOUXSVCUJB Row 1: Ron Swisher, Bill Mosher, Dave Lawrence, Rick Adams. Row 2: Mr. Culp, Debbie Cook, Solly Yaple, Sue Fifzsimmons, Kay Miller. [ ilsf? r L 1 b bk 9w ttl HH ' M ■ BB i IiPjHbI jP v|1 M 4sliMI ' V ShB Mi Bp j r! SP OKJZVJS Row 1: Andrew Wilson, Dave Lawrence, Margie Tucker, Gene Wilson, Bob Wood. Row 2: Roger Vignocchi, Del Lindsey, Ken Koford. ' IPJZIANC Row 1: David Born, Robert Gin, Ralph Ayola, Bob Beck. Rov 2: Bill Stremmel, Charlie Duloney, Ray Gomez, Terry Fowler 119 VEOORS Row 1 : John Clark, Marie Heiple, Kerry Nare, Kathy McGow- on, Richord Bomberger. Row 2; Ron Swisher, Wayne Cole, Ken Koford, Phylliss Dial, Dovid Covill, Dovid Dial, Steve Cole. DR4MA Row 1; Jill Jenkins, Vor-nie Beard, Kirk Rosholl, Mane Heiple. Row 2: Mortin Moore, Beverly Rogers, Rosalie Morris, Andrew Wilson, Goil Minthorne, Bob Beck. Row 3: Borboro Rickard, Dione Swariz, Arlene Henderson, Gory Abiord, Sally Sebree, Kenno Groper. Vivian Rowberry, Tami Ottestod. SFEECW Row 1: Patty Bortiett, Janet Johnson, Christina Neff, Kenno Gropper. Row 2. Debbie Thomas, Jolie Potts, Olgo Segovia, Ken Koford, Jean Ellis, Sally Sebree, Carol Torta. 120 Front row: Mary Schexnyder, Chris Mathy, Kathlyn Buckley, Mary Kay, Kothy Brewer. Middle row: Janice Ashcraff, Jane Wil- liams, Sue " Young, Pat Gibson, Bobbi As- bill. Cherry Cummins, Sharleen Coons. Back row: Jean Galitz, Carol Berry, Carol- lyn Katona, Mrs. Stark, Toni Fladager, Rebecca Stewart, Jonna Litchford. Front row; Don Wilcox, Bill Palmer, Jer- ry V orris, Jim Smith, Tom Shoji, Paul Morgan, Art Yanamura. Back row: Larry Freeman, Rick Dischinger, Ken Whitlen, Russ Hunt, Jerry Vogt, Mike AAagrucJer, Given Horrison, Brad Burns. Jay McKeown, Tom Mace, Gary Ablard, Jim Fleming, Cesare Bernardi, Don Shat- tuck. Not pictured: Karl Beckley. 121 CeP SECOPJD CE UESfER Allene Accomozzo, Mary Kay Amos, Vonnie Beard, Cindy Beiseker, Barbara Bessey, Janet Bowers, Judy Budnik, Carol Christen, John Clark, Wayne Cole, Moe Curtis, Christi Duncan, Janet Edmonson, Jonet Fairchild, Kathy Fender, Jean Galitz, Barbara George, Robert Gin, David Goldhamer, Jane Goodisky, Steve Guyon. Crowson Holey, Joyce Honlon, Pat Harlan, Mary Hastings, Morie Heiple, Judy Hilton, Doug Hodell, Melinda Hodell, Karen Howell, Doug Hulbert, Hilory Huiton, Alar Jockson, Roger Keller, Chorles Kellermon, Ken Koford, Greg Leo, Carol Locke, Mike Mogruder, John Mannerino, Mory Ann Mariner, Cory Miller, Christine Neff, David Munley, Ed Drum, John Renbarger, DarrwII, Robinson, Nino Rossitter, Priscillo Rusdohl, Dione Sother, Olga Segovio, Jano Smith, Carol Springer, Janice Stamm, Michael Stewart, Stan Stout, Shephanie Sumpter, Ron Swisher, Pot Tomlinson, Lee Trovers, Morjorie Tucker, Marlene Vokerics, Jerry Vogt, Robert Walline, Margie Wotkins, Linda Weibley, Mike Whitcomb, Solly Wignoll, Carol A. Wise, Marion Wood, Dionno Zets. CeP FfRfir SEMESTER Doug Alair, Mary Koy Amos, Gail Anderson, Pot Asoy, Annelene Avery, Vonnie Beard, Cindy Beiseker, Sue Berry, Laura Bescoby, Barbara Bessey, Mari- lyn Bloom, Janet Bowers, Judy Budnik, Richard Burnweit, Bonnie Compbell, Larry Campbell, Doug Champion, John Clark, Wayne Cole, Barboro Cook, David Dial, Elliott Duchon, Charles Duloney, Christi Duncan, Alice Duron, Janet Edmonson, Janet Fairchild, Theresa Fleming, Frank Ford, Jean Golitz, Barbara George, Don Goertz, Steve Guyon, Nathan Hobegger, Rachel Habegger, Crowson Holey, Joyce Honlon, Pot Harlan, Greg Horroh, Rosalie Harris, Mary Hastings, Mane Heiple, Doug Hodell, Janice Howard, Richord Howell, Doug Hulbert, Roger Keller, Lola Klinger. Greg Leo. John Lindboe, Carol Locke, Bar- bara Lovgren, Pamela MacPherson, Mike Drum, Judy Ropoport, John Renbarger, Jim Rietkerk, David Ring, Jill Rossitter, Priscilla Rusdohl, Dione Sother, Meloine Schlepp, Jeff Schneider, Rod Shoner, Lourel Siemens, Holly Simpson, Sharon Slader, Gail Smith, Jono Smith Ron Swisher, Gerry Thompson, Lee Trovers, Marlene Vokerics, Richord Vogt, Ed Walton, Margie Wotkins, Steve Wotkins, Michelle Wayne, Sally Wignoll, Tom Wilson, Tom Wood, Fred Wood, Dionno Zets. 122 GOLD S AL B ARERe Gin, Sally Wignall. Back row; Lola Klinger, Greg Leo. Lee Trovers, Ken Koford, Front row; Mary Kay Amos, Holly Simpson, Nina Rossitter, Diane Sather Cindy Beiseker, Janet Fairchild, Mary Ann Mariner, Judy Budnik, Barbara George, Middle row; Jean Galitz, John Renbarger, Pat Harlan, Mary Hastings, Doug Hulbert, Bob Jerry Vogt, Mike Magruder, Greg Harroh, Ken Whitten. Not pictured: Vonnie Beard, f.CC. Back row; Ed Orum, Phyllis Dial, Judi Mills, Mary Welty, Jeanet te Bello, Carol Etter, Rebecca Stewart, Cindy Beiseker, Barbara Littleton, Gene Wilson. Front row; Wayne Cole, Linda Weibley, Kenna Grap- er. Sue Van Vlock, Nina Rossitter, Diane Sather, Pom Eckhardf. 123 ENSE UBLE Row 1 : Vivian Rowberry, Lola Klinger, Kothy Brewer, Peggy Gentry, Terry Coletii, Koy Miller. Row 2: Penny Cox, Olga Se- govio. Nanci Bailey, Fronces Riner, Linda Dell, Dionne Zets. Row 3: Shown Gingerich, Ellen Godegaord, Pom Shultz, Peggy Adorns, Sheri Simonsen. SfRL ' S (SLEE OUB Row 1: Marjone Tucker, Kothy Buckley. Suson Young, Thereso Taverez, Susan Stickney, Jeanne Fisher, Marsha Lucas, Jockie Holland. Maryls Whittow,. Konnie Mullikin. Row 2: Joyce Nor- man, Nancy Willoughby, Jane GoodiskI, Eleanore Rich, Susan Frost, Bella Hopkinson, Pat Gibson, Rebecca Stewart, Carollyn Kotono, Judy Welch. Roxie Sheets. Row 3: Betty Benko, Diane Coskey, Sue Lucas, Sheryl Strohte, Marsha Adams, Carol Springer, Joanne Swartzendruder, Judy Hilton, Laura Tallyn, Cindy Sims, Rhonda Roper. ACAPPEUA Row 1 : Froncine Krueger, Rosalie Peters, Susan Bisset, Mary Weber, Carol Clifton. Linda Poscua. Kothy Carpenter, Linda Wood, Beth Schexnyder, Diane Tyrea, Pom Oldenkomp, Susan Carroll, Judy Schnurr, Ann Mitchell, Lindo Passimore. Row 2: Mat Scully, Noel Price, Chuck Kellermon, Chuck Recker, Jim Boer. Bill Burns, Bill Beck. Tony Price, David Huey, Doreen Delia Penna, Helen Rietkerk, Cathy Dokin, Laurie Burch, Joyce Culp, Eleanore Dyer. 124 (GIRL ' S CHORUS Front row: Helen McBroom, Sandy Cassell, Gay Woldruff, Pom Landreth, Sue Collins, Debbie Bailey, Angle Davis, Sherri Goehring, Cindy Ray, Margo Welborn, Vicki Winburn. Second row: Janis Blank- enship, Alice Boris, Karen Botchelor, Bonita Anderson, Wendy Dawson, Sue Sherbo, Mary Fuller, Marcy Mokren, Cofhy Storkey, Louise Stoop, Reantho Welch, Borbara Shannon. Third row; Renee Fluekiger, Koren Lane, Janis B oyce, Coryoi Anchondo, Nancy Corrigan, Barbara Klienmark, Jucy Rapoport, Judy Whitsitt, Janis Mulliken, Barbara Mendozo, Rita Marmolejo. Top row: Vicki Haro, Cathy Hall, Dorene Brown, Denise Martinez, Kathy Widik Ruth Boughey, Cathy Burns, Julie Greer, Barbara Whaley, Pat Conner. Not shown: Lynn Belton Susan Lay Linda Sydick. CONCERT CHOfR. Front row: Ella Gosse, Chris Schafer, Sue Wire, Morcio McGinnis, Peggy Munoz, Carol Cleot , Ruby Rubaleaua, Melinda Scully, Kathy Harvy, Gail Greer, Beverly Rogers, Gail Anderson. Second row: Mary Dunning, Cathy McAuley, Brooke ' Perry, Cindy Kulezycki, Jonnie Collins, Phyllis Shdw. Margaret Lewonski, Sharon Jayka, Kathy Strowig, Jamie Rowberry. Third row: Rosalee Voldez, Debra Morrill, Carol Baker, Susan Abend, Andrew Wilson, Dana Coleman, John Denison, Marilyn Vickers, Debbie Stites, Sheri Lewis, Sharon Mack, Kerry Nare, Kathy Bescoby, Cheryle Jackson, Debbie Sullivan, Elliot Duchon. Fourth row: Chris Rogers, Martin Anderson, Robert Bullock, Scott Jones, John Chicarelli, Chuck Batson, Mike Noumon, Cory English, Jim Rich, Dave Mack, Jim Kellet, Gory Jull, Martin Sellers. Not shown: Josephine Dunkel, Ronald Sambrano, Karl Sandoe, Kim Veugeler, Germin Pizarro, Debbie Sullivan, Joonn Sindejas, Dianne Yborra, Helen Ramirez, Teresa Asebedo. 125 RfGWWJDER BANJD Ruth Allred, Laurie Angel, Mike Assay, Paul Barira, Bill Beck, Tom Beiseker, John Benish. Marilyn Bloom, Linda Brewer, Harlow Cameron, Kothy Chapman John Clark, Steve Cole, Wayne Cole, Steve Cramer, Robin Cutler, Susan Deal, Steve Dexter, Dovid Dial, Pat Dial, Phyllis Dial, Bill Draybill, Christi Duncan Ja ' net Edmonson, Vaughn Engle, Leslie Folkenrath, John Forback, Frank Ford, Kothryn Garello, Donald George, Richard George, Margaret Gideon, Steve Glen coe. Bob Goodson, Allen Gordon, Debbie Graham, Joy Grant, Sandra Gregory, Don Gregory, Lynn Griffith, Roger Griffith, Mark Groshong, Mike Hale, James Hamilton, Greg Horrah, John Harris, Rosalie Harris, Cynthia Hatfield, Steve Heise, Susan Heisterkamp, Robert Henderson, Charles Hoe fer, Reggie Holliday Brian Howorth. Richard Howell, Terry Huber, David Hudson, Alan Jackson, Dionne Jenkins, Jim Jensen, Jay Jones, Gary Kearney, Karen Kelley, Paul Kirk lond, Elroy Konkel, Laura LaFrenz, Linda Lewis, John Lindboe, Brian Locke. Carol Locke, John Mannerino, Martin Marek, Michael Marks, Gordon McAuley Russell McBride, Mortin Moore, Dovid Musser, Mike Napier, Lanny Parker, Lloyd Porratt, Jim Pehl, Mike Pfister, Bruce Pollock, Ken Pompo, Susan Pond Greg Presby, Joe Prologo. Marcio Romos, Gerald Riggleman, Elaine Roland, Mike Rowland, John Rypkema, Wynn Sands, T. J. Santarelli, Melonie Schlepp Jeff Schneider, Gail Smith, Jono Smith, David Snyder, Steve Stnckler, Gerry Strickland, Ron Swisher, Jeanne Tabor, Marvin Tapsfield, Judy Taylor, Barbara Todd, Kathy Todd, Tom Tomlinson, Dovid Turner, John Vanden Nerval, Marilyn Vickers, Elizabeth Wagner, Donna Wake, Harold Walsh, Cindy Wayne, chelle Wayne, Craig Wetzler, Robert Wetzler, Mike Whitcomb, Gary White, Dennis Whiteley, Ken Willioms, Mike Winburn, Jackie Winterbourne, Robert Wood, Connie Woodward, Sussanne Yoakum. DRU U 4J0R J ANNt TABOR Rhythm ond precision are the keynotes of any fine bond. Coordinating our marching highlanders this year, Jeanne has led the band to many victories. 126 DRKJ-T AM Sandia B..en5, Janet Bowers, Judy Budnik, Candy Callawoy, Sydney Carlson, Susan Carroll, Carol Cliflon, TJancy Coe, Tern Coletti, Barbara Cock, Lynne Curry, Maita Deal, Martha Defibaugh, Darlene Docknnan, Sharon Durrell, Pam Eckhardf, Pat Eckhardf, Kathryn Erhardt, Susan Frost, Ellen Gadegaard, Kathy Guske, Christine Gwaltney, Shelley Kelber, Korlo Kelletf, Sherro Kelley, Vicky Knight, Pam Lineberger, Barbara Littleton, Barbara Lupton, Ann Mitchell, Delia Perez, Vicki Rashall, Sharon Roark, Helyn Sammon, Judi Schnurr, Sharon Smith, Carol Springer, Janice Stamm, Stephanie Sumter, Yalanda Sutton, Marlene Vakerics, Susan Van Vlack, Pam Vestal, Cheryl Wagner, Marion Wood. i jCR nt This year has been an exciting and rewarding one for the members of the Highland marching units. Victory was in the air at the Chaffey Tournament of Bands, where the Scots took a well earned second. Honors fol- lowed the band throughout the year, during which time they triumphed with a second at San Bernardino and a superior rating at the District Festival. Ho Hi Lassie will forget the Arcadia Parade, where the drill team over- came stiff competition to win first place. Co-captains for the drill team were Nancy Coe and Yalanda Sutton. Valuable experience was gained this year, and directors Mr. Warren and Miss Cerny look forward to a promising future- season. A ARiLVN VlCicSftfc. 127 GIRtS ' ArWLEnCASSOOAnON 9 «.v Jeanette Bello President Laura Bello Vice President .L ■ ' lA Teddi Beard Secretary Mary Dohlin Treasurer Janet Edmonsen Advertising Front row: Kay Miller, Susan Andrews, Rachel Hobeggar, Morgo Midkoff, Borbora Baker, Anna Stecndann, Susan Runyan, Chris Sippincott. Second row: Jona Smith, Tyleen Bowser, Helen MacClrren, Jonet Edmonsen, Teddi Beard, Susan Dudleston, Linda Michaels, Bonita Anderson, Judy Ropaport Back row: Neenah Chebahtah, Lynn Defibaugh, Mory Cyphers, Marsha Adorns, Carol Dahlin, Pat Asoy, Laurie Angel, Liz Wagner, Dona Roof, Judy Taylor. 128 Barbara George President Sydney Carlson Advertising Mary Ann Marifter Ad-Man Nancy Coe Decorations Pom Schultz Social Bernodette Bernardi Freshman Representafive (SIRt ' S L SUE. RjEPf2£SENI3nVES Row 1: Darlene Dockman, Emily Parga, Vickee Biveo-s, Mary Schexnyder, Sandi Biverw, Debbie Cook, Pat Stevens, Ranel Price. Row 2; Lola Klinger, Marlene Vakerics, Kathy Carlson, Diane Trovers, Liz Armstrong, Jean Kelber, Laura Bescoby, Priscilla Rusdohl, Ge orgeana Cooper, Judy Budnik, Carol Locke, Joy Grant, Joanne McDowell. 129 R£PRESENlztnVt COUNOL Row 1: Sondy McKee, Rick Adams, Carol Tarter, Kenna Graper, Jim Smith, Pat Quinn, John Renbarger, Toby Douglas, Priscilla Rusdahl, Carol Henzell, Annette Leo, Cindy Fletcher, Sue Stickney, Alice Duron, Cheryl Angel, Barbara Cook, Diane Trovers. Row 2; Bernodette Bernordi, Debbie Stites, Don Wilcox, Ken Whitten, Jon West, Bill Palmer, Larry Freeman, Rick Dischinger, Bruce Dunn, Gory Totem, Dinah Hason, Jean Galitz, Nancy Borry, Mary Welty, Gary Wendle, Jill Jenkins, Steve Wood. Row 3r Woyne Cole, Mark Champion, John Lindboe, Steve Cole, Dole Magruder, David Hudson, Dick Howell, Bob Smith, Charles Duloney, Rick Reed, Mike Magruder, Brian Locke, Jerry Vogt, Sheri Lewis. CO UMfSSfCN Row I; Dick Tokemolo, Doug Hulbert, Bob Wolline, Ken Whitten, Jim Smith. Row 2: Tom Shoji, Don Shattuck, Don Wilcox, Ron West, Rick Dishing er, Bill Walk. Row 3: Tom O ' Hover, Dale Magruder, Jerry Vogt, Russ Hunt, -Mike Magruder, Randy Mutter, Jim Morlin. 130 J l y ' - w m ' jstm Row ] : Coach Dornel Nelson, Coach Doug Brooks, Chip Martz, David Garcia, Joy McKeown, David Musser, Steve Wucherpfennig, Paul Morgon, Don Wilcox, Testa, Bill Beck, Nate Shelton, Greg Shepherd, Ron West, Bill Gates, Gene Wilson, Bill Burns, Tony Price, Jim Reeder, Tom Shoji, Richord Seaman, Bob Beck, Walton, Dove Huey, Richard Jones, Bob Simmons, Jerry Vogt, Russ Hunt, Bob Nichols, Dale Magruder, Allen Jakobcic, Rick Dischinger, Larry Freeman, Mike Jim Sffli lea Wo Holt SA.LBOU STO WGW lNiD CHAMPS SCORES Upland 6 Azusa 12 Upland 13 Eisenhower 9 SAN ANTONIO LEAGUE Upland 27 Upland 20 Upland 27 Upland 20 Upland 33 Upland 54 Upland 33 Pomona 6 Ganesha 7 Claremont 12 Bonita 20 AAontclair 7 Garey ' 0 Chino 2 CIF AAA PLAYOFFS Upland 47 Palmdale Upland Loara 34 Head Coach Jack Frost Bockfield Coach Dean Westgaord 132 «C fiiiifir f_ t f H Jim Smith, Jerry Morris, Pat Quinn, Gordon Campbell, John Leffler, Jim Fleming, Coach Jock Frost. Row 2: Jii Bob Wolline, Dan Miller, Coach Deon Wesfgaord. Row 3: Don Lichti, Jay Jones, Dick Howell, Byron Hampton, Jii Hale. AN UNSTOPPABLE offensive machine and a hard-nose defense spelled victory time and again for the 1965 Highland gridders. The Scots captured their first football championship in the eleven year history of Upland High School. Headed by All-SAL All-CIF quarterback Don Wilcox, the Green and White rolled victoriously past eight teams before being stopped by a tough Loara eleven in Anaheim during the quarter-final round of CIF(SS) competition. The Clan smashed highly-touted Claremont, Chino, and Ganesha by over two touchdowns each. Undefeated during league action, the Highlanders dropped a non-league opener to Azusa and tied Bon- ita at the halfway mark. Upland made a strong showing on the All-SAL team. No less than eight Highlanders were be- stowed the honor. Halfback Jim Smith set a new SAL scoring record. The scatback senior racked up a total of 66 points. Wilcox also rewrote the record book by flipping a fantastic total of 14 touchdown passes. The 1965 football season was, indeed, a feather in the hat of coach Jack Frost. It was coach Frost ' s first year as head coach at Upland. He led the Highlanders to their best football showing in history, pro- duced eight All-SAL players, one CIF second team quarterback, and developed a host of fine underclass- men to stock next year ' s squad. Congratulations are certainly in order for a fine coach and an outstand- ing team. Line Coach Doug Brooks Junior Varsity Coach Dornel Nelson V - Tl o o DO 133 THE JET (40) turns on his speed to outdistance pursuing Ganesha Gionts, Jim Smith All-SAL Halfback and End WILCOX cocks his golden orm in a pre-league scrim- mage with Sierra Vista. DON WILCOX All-SAL Quorterback All-CIF (SS) Second Tean TACKLE BY JAKEI Jakobcic (76) smothers a Cloremont ball Allen Jokobcic All-SAL Defensive Tackle THE PHANTOM (21) cuts upfield before a baffled Bonito defender. SHOJI 13) turns the corner behind o woll of block- ers in a late season clash with the Montcloir Cavaliers. 134 t Tom Shoji All-SAL Defensh Halfback BIG RICK (351 bulls his way info pay- dirt against the Pomona Red Devils early in the season. Paul Morgan All-SAL Offensive Guard Co-captain Russ Hunt All-SAL Defensive End HUNT 186) WRAPS UP a struggling Chinoan 135 Joy McKeown Senior Halfback McKEOWN |81| intercepts an Eisenhower pass and outruns a wjuldbe tockle. 136 GARCIA (30) racks up a Sierra Vista quarterback during a pre-league scrimmage. BECK (55) zeroes in on a Palmdale half- back. Richard Seaman Sophomore Center Bob Nichols Junior End RONNIE JOE WEST (64), defensive signal-caller, • moves onto the field to head up the Upland Kamikaze unit. LdAm j SEAMAN (54) thunders through the I ' Victory Hoop before the Montclair I, encounter. Ron West Senior Guard NICHOLS (84) sprints downfield on a kick-off during the Claremont game. 137 ' B ' FOOre Ui. . y • M»«- o » ' : . ,;y; ; jg 3 |a f jyi Row 1; J. Strono, D. Takemoto. D. Goldhamer, E. Villanueva, T. Merry, A. Mosca, T. White, C. Kirkland, D. Brewer, J. Hatch, J. Smith, G. Griggs, B. Brink, D. Cottle. Row 2; P. Wise, J. Wenger, R. Vignocchi, B. Martinez, J, Conner, G. Standlea, W. Klinger, K. Pompa. G. Wendel, J. Story, J. Morris, T. Carrillo. R. Kilgore, J. Jewett, D. Goldbeck. Row 3: D. Flannigan, D. Hoffman, G. Campbell, D. McKee, A. Jackson, C. Williams, T. Horp, S. Fauchier, B. Neeper, A. Hankins, L. Parker, R. Muller, D. Russel, L. Watts, T. Conella, M. Pfister, B. Vera, T. Garcia, Cooch Worren, Coach Christian. The Highlander " B ' s " overcame an early season slomp to win four of their last five games. They wound up the season with an overall record of four wins and five losses. The Scots lost two nonleague heart-breakers by a total of three points. Before the season was over the " B ' s " had mounted a fine three game win streak and developed several outstanding prospects to stock next year ' s varsity squad. Jim Conner was chosen by his teammates as the outstanding player. David Goldhamer and Greg Stand- lea serve d as co-captains. Dave Goldhamer Co-captain SCORES Upland Opponent 7 AzusG 9 7 Eisenhower . 8 6 Pomona . . . 38 Ganesha . . .26 14 Claremont . 2 14 Bonita .... 33 Montclair . . 13 Garey 19 15 Chino Sprinting ay from o diving defender, Hankins races for o good gain oround left end. 138 SCORES UPLAND OPPONENT 12. . . .Claremont . .28 7. 20. 13. 20. 26. . Chino . . . . . Montclair . . Claremont . Chino . . . . . Montclair . SHIFTY halfback Steve Quinn speedily eludes two Claremont defenders. Upland ' s freshman football team had a very successful season under the outstanding leadership of Coaches Kehr and Bell. The frosh placed second i n the SAL. They triumphed over all of their op- ponents except Claremont. The Scots dropped two to the ' Pack before rolling over Chino and Montclair. Halfback Steve Quinn was chosen by his team- mates as the squad ' s most valuable player. Quinn also served as co-captain along with lineman Ray Bell. ' n£ESHMAN ' FOOreALL Co-captain Ray Bell Co-Captain Steve Quinn Row 1: Bob Yetter, Tom Turner, Gary Tult, Don Gregory, Gary Kiss, Sonny Ramirez, Gary Rorak, Tim Mullis, Nick Wyatt, John Rees, Bruce Grable, Steve Houtz. Row 2: Dennis Gomez, Mark Hoyden, Wayne Sporee Mike Rimer, Gallen Klinger, Dave Molinor, Chris Sharp, Frank Ford, Craig Barry, Guy Alexander, Steve Quinn, Ray Bell, Bruce Ericson. Row 3: Curt Darrow, Tom Turner, Gary French, Rick Gordon, Dick Duarte, Ernie Asebedo, David Homan, Frank Williams, Mark Hickman, Paul Katona, Gory Coruzo, Tex Lafferty, John McDowell, Don Papsdorf, Bill DeilaPenna, Mike Bivens, Coach Kehr, Coach Bell. 139 RANI6 NO. 1 FN C.B.L Row 1: Crowson Haley, Mike Asay, Warren DeMink, Bart West, Terry Throop, Bill Weigang. Row 2: Coach Bob Peres, Frog Mortin, Hig Polmer, Don Shattuck, Jeff Whittoker, Mark Holz. Co-coptain Frog Martin Cocaptain Don Shottuck SCORES Upland Opponent 14 Long Beach Poly. . . 4 14 Western of Anaheim 8 15 Anaheim 9 . 3 Corona Del Mar. ... 16 i 12 Fontana 4 8 Santa Ana 3 ■ 2 Sierra 13 I 7 Los Altos 4 j 11 Riverside Poly 4 ' 12 Montebello 11 15 Redlands 7 5 Anaheim 6 10 Lakewood 2 21 Fontana 10 10 Claremont 2 32 AAontciair 1 2 Chaffey 3 14 Ramona 8 6 Whittier 13 140 UPLAND FROGMEN battle for the ball during a tense gome with Whittier, WEST (24) heads for the ball in a clash with Santa Ano. Don Shattuck Most Valuable Player The Upland Poloists finished an excellent season with 14 wins and only 5 losses. They were co-champions of the powerful Citrus Belt League, sharing first place honors with Chaffey High School. The Highlanders ranked third in the CIF(SS). Center forward Don Shattuck was elect- ed outstanding player and was named to the all-CIF water polo team. o PALMER prepares to rocket a shot at the Claremont goal. )41 ' B ' U AIER POLO Row 1: Dove Ashcom, Eldon Lohr, Bob Kegley, Gory Lucos, Gary Mercer. Row 2: Bob Smith, Doug Hodell, Reggie Hollidoy, Pete Wighfmon, Charlie James, Rick Erickson, Chuck Kellerman, Jim Pehl, Coach Bob Brooks. ' C U AIER POLO Row 1: Dennis Croig, Dona Dier, Mike West, Steve Cramer, Wayne De Mink, Row 2: Coach Leon Faure, Charles Lucas, John Jenkins, Jeff Boyles, Scott Martin, Gory Hogle, Gory White, Paul Brunton. 142 SCORES Upland Opponent 29 Azusa 26 30 Eisenhower ... .25 29 Pomona 26 23 Ganesha 32 40 Claremont 19 30 Bonita 26 34 Montclair 23 23 Garey 32 Hot on the heels of Adams, TOM MELENDEZ strains toward the finish. 143 Left to right: Tom Melendez, Sieve Dexter. Cliff Thomas, Tom O Hover, Harlow Cameron, Kirk Rashall, Rick Adorns, Smith Porrott, Coach Paul White. U Afr TIL M XTV AR Rick Adams, Vorsity Cross Country ' s Most Voluobie Ployer, cracks o cool smile before o tough meet. The Upland Harriers had a dis- appointing fourth place finish in the SAL this season. However, the Scots will lose only one lettermon via the graduation route. Coach White can look for a host of promising athletes to return for the 1966 season. Junior Rick Adams was picked as the Outstanding Runner, Harlow Cameron was Most Inspirational, while Rafael Tamerillo was picked as Most Improved. Coach White watches intently as his distance men round the curve. 144 Griffith strains to the finish a meet with Pomona. JUNfOR VARfinv CROSS CCUNt Row . R. Prough, D. Snyder, R. Prough, S. Goertzs, B. Adams, Row 2. L. Griffth, M. Moore, B. Stoton, R. Tomirnllo, F. Donson, R, Oxorord, Coach White 145 Row 1: Coach Jerry Kehr, Bill Shirk, Don Wilcox, Tom Mace, Joel Morris, Manager Dennis Gomez, Manage Rick Reed, Richard Williams, Jerry Vogt, Russel Hunt, Rod Wenger, Bill Walk, Rick Dischinger. Bob Norton. Row 2: Tom Porkhurst, WOOPERe RNfSW Sn2jC)N Balanced scoring and never-say-die attitude charac- terized the Upland varsity basketball team. Improving throughout the season, the team proved tough competi- tion for its many league foes. Many of the games were decided by only a very few points. Exciting action was characteristic of the season, and the hoopsters of varsity coach Jerry Kehr turned in a season of which they can be rightfully proud. Many indeed were the individual standouts on the squad, but they were sublimated by the superb efforts of the five working as a team. COACH KEHR mops the strategy for on upcoming gome with co-captoin Bill Walk. 146 1 Wenger waits for the rebound as Vogt bottles opposing team. Bill Wolk hurries to the other end of the floor, but still keeps his eye on the ball. 147 Shoji eludes the outstretched hands of opposing guard and pumps onother shot at the bucket F lSrPlAVTVPfFIES WOOPSFERe Plying their art with deceptive ease, the Upland varsity squad spelled disaster to many of their oppo- nents. Although this is not one of the strongest sports at Upland the team managed to make real contests- out of most of their games, and also managed to cause (;onsternation amongst the league leaders who played them. E Tom Shoji Jerry Vogt Rick Dischinger 148 JUNIOR V RefIV W SiCEimL Row 1: Arnie Hankins, David Fry, Robert Van Deventer, James Smith, Doug Smith, Steve Christensen. Row 2: Mr. Loney, Greg Power, Tom Wilson, Dale Magruder, Dick Howell, Mike Hole. " B " SfCETROLL Row It Jack Wenger, Ralph Matinez, Richard Mohoney, Dave Flanigan, Mike McCown, John Crump Griffith, Bruce Pomeroy, Herman Roberts, Walt Williams, Tom Wood. 2: Mr. Brooks, Ben Martinez, Lynn 149 Front row: Coach Brooks, Greg Stondleo, Dick Tokemoto, Dove Garcia, Tom Melendez, Joe Story, Danny Vargas, Jay McKeown. Second row: Bob Simmons, Tony Price, Bill Beck, Richard Seaman, Ed Rader, Mike Wire, Ruben Oliva, Chip Morlz. U R£S[LER£ RULE AL Wednesday, December 8, was on important day for the members of the UHS wrestling squad, for this was the day of their first meet of the year. Following this opening gambit came six straight wins, and finally at the last match of the season Upland ' s winning matmen met their match from a powerful Chino squad. Nine wins and three losses made up the fine season for the matmen. In the league meet Upland garnered five first places, a second, and a third. Melandez, Standlea, Toke- moto, Garcia, Seaman, Oliva, and Wise represented Upland in the CIF semi-finals February 19. It was indeed a very successful season. Coach Doug Brooks 150 J Aw, come on. Gimme that hand, boy 151 Dick Takemoto SCORES 25. . .Alta Loma 49-. . . Pomona . . 53. . .Ganesha 55. . .Claremont 10. . .Chaffey . . 28...Bonita ... 26. . .Norta Vista 49. . . Montclair . 49. . .Garey . . . 18. . . Anaheim . 20. . .Chino .... .24 .13 .10 . .39 .23 .24 .14 . 9 .22 .23 fNiDIUDUAL SiaRe SWfNt UPLAND OPPONENT 30. . .Redlands . . . . 35 Jay McKeon iid I II pin your ears to the mot! 152 Rick Adams, distance man Jim Smith, sprinter R 153 m tiYWAac I C ?,f Row 1: Steve Dexter, Stan Tibbets, Greg Shepherd, Paul Morgan, Pat Quinn, Jim Smith, Rick Adams, John Wightman, Gary Cooper. Row 2: Har- low, Comeron, Chip Martz, Tom O Hover, Jim Walton, Tom Shoji, Ken Whitten, Rick Dischinger, Richard Seaman, David Huey, Tom Triplet!. Row 3: James McCoskey, Dick Howell, Lee Trovers, Mike Mogruder, Tom Wilson, Dole Magruder, Bob Nichols, Rick Reed,Gary Norton, Bob Simmons. SCORES UPLAND OPPONENT 74. . Fontana . . . ..39 60. .Eisenhower . .53 40. . Pomona . . . . .73 57. .Ganesha . . . .56 59. .Claremont . . .49 Coach Loney Coach White 154 Ken Whiften soars to new heights as he easily clears the bar. His many points during the sea- son helped boost the efforts of the Upland track team. Speedster Ken Whitten completes a suc- cessful baton pass to fellow speedster Jim Smith. Dave Goldhamer, powerful Junior weight man, adds stability to the entire squad. TRACfcerERfi We FOR SUCCESSFUL S 4S0N A successful season is the result of many hard, grueling hours of practice and many anxious moments as the time approaches for an individual performer to do his stuff. The hours and the anxiety paid off hand- somely for the Upland track team as they strode through opponent after opponent. Those meets which were lost were lost only by a very few points, and the consistency of many of the point winners was an absolute upon which to count. Although the season is far from over at the time of printing, it appears that Upland trackmen will register an outstanding series of victories. Strain is evident as Rick Adams surges forward to break the tape in yet another win for the High- landers. 155 ' :e Gary Norton, height man for the outstanding Upland track squad, shows his form just before soaring over the pole at top high-school heights. Weiqlit ,nun extraordinary lets off with another tremendous put. jA No fault for John Wightmon, con- sistent point winner in the long lump. i ? -» »4 ' H :! Leading the pock is typical for sophomore Harlow Cameron 156 i Row 1: (Bottoml Ken Pompa, Roger Vignocchi, Bob Gin, Tom Whitten, Jerry Morris, Tom Horteis, Mark Hickman, Dan Reed. Row 2: Dave Beards- lee, Joel Morris, Dave Goldhamer, David Rockwood, Al Villenueva, David Garcia, Robert Andrade, Ben Martinez, LeRoy Baker, Greg Gotling. Row 3; Don Hoffman, Steve Fonda, Dennis Flick, Steve Maneck, Lynn Griffith, Ed Walton, Smith Parratt, Mike Pfister, Lorry Parker. ■C TRAC K- ? Row 1: (Bottom) Steve Guyon, Sal Diaz, Gerald Riggleman, Smith Parratt, Steve De Molin. Row 2; Tony Mistretta, Gory Gin, Rafael Tammerillo, Fred Donson, Fred Wood, Tom Carrillo, Row 3; Tom Merry, Steve Quinn, Guy Alexander, Ernie Asebedo, Steve O Brien, Dick Takemoto, 157 Row 1: Stevp Kogut, Del Lindsey, Er- Pollock, L,nden Biouse, Russ Hunt, Tc in H irii,-!i Dernll Hofvcy, Pichnrd Mahoney, Rudy Mendoza. Row 2: Craig 1 Parkhurst, Gary Totem, John Harvey, Coach Christian. RUMS POUR OVER PtATE FOR VFIANO NINB Booming bats signalled the entry of the Upland varsity baseball teann into the ranks of the San Antonio League pennant race. Diligent practice pays off, and for the Highlanders the talents of the players and the dedication with which they spent hours practicing helped to determine their proficiency and excellence as fielders and hitters. Averaging almost seven runs per game, the Highlanders proved tough competition for their rival nines. The batting proficiency of Del Lindsey, Dean Har- mon, and Craig Kogue proved tough for opposing pitch- ers to combat. Coach Christian and his devoted team proved worthy of the green and white Upland uniforms which they so competently sported. Herb Christion Coach 158 ! lb Dean Harmon l llfi Many hard grounders come the way of the Highlander infield, but few of then got through. HARMON AND WllCOK Bruce Pollock 15 Hurler Craig Koguf warms up his arm. All it takes is a fast relay, a sure glove, ond the batter is o cinch out. 160 One swish of the bat, and away it goes. The big glove ... Ed Orun A sure catch for John Harvey. 161 JUMfOR m W B SEeALL Row 1; Walt Landreth, Ted Harp, Steve Wood, Rich Payan, Pete Wise, Mike McCown. Row 2: Nate Shelton, Carl Williams, Arnie Hankins, Ton Wood, Ray Konkel, Terry Huber. Row 3: Bob Brink, Vance Willison, Mike Hale, Tom Guilfoyle, Herman Roberts, Greg Carver, Coach Brooks. Row 1: Nozzie Zabolla, Mark Hoyden, Mike Wise, Dan Molinor, David Owen, Jim Ayala, Mike McLane. Row 8: B. Lafferty, John Morshall, Roy Ramirez, Mike Bivens, Neil Hobogger, Kurt Darrow, Don Rapsdorf, Greg Johnston. Row 3: Jim Cooper, Mark Moore, John McDowell, S. Banes, Paul Katono, Brion Howerth. 162 eu f U UERS CWJRAJ AL Led by the efforts of letterman Don Shattuck, and backed by the varied tal- ents of his team members, Upland ' s swimmers got into the swim of things in the San Antonio League this year. Consistency and general team effort and spirit combined to make this an out- standing year. Practice, practice, practice was the motto of the team, and their continued efforts to lower marks resulted in meets which were thrilling for the spectators and exciting for the team members. The flailing arms of backstroke man Jerry Peres sig- nify the start of another fast race. Determination is one of the marks of success for winning point maker Don Shattuck. CO Practice makes perfect, and for Mike Asay the practice of starts has helped to make him a consistent point winner for the swimming team. 163 •. It ' s not hard to see why the Upland tankmen came in first in many of their events. The readiness at takeoff time is really an important part of any swimming event. Oops! Guess they can t all be good ones. «w. gf S fS Left to right: Row 1 : Jon West, Terry Throop. Dave Ashcome, Jim Martin, Gary Mercer, Don Shattuck. Row 2: Crowson Holey, Jeff Whittaker, Mark Holz, Jerry Peres, Mike Asoy. 164 " To your marks . . . get set . . . " These familiar words mean action for the eager poolmen entered in a race against time. DRIVE APJD m U 0RI6 Hflkjt SU fMMERe Swimming for both the water polo team and for the swimming squad, Shattuck typified the drive and desire of the water babies at Upland High School this year. Shortening his time almost every time he went into a race, he led the way to many of the swimming team ' s victories and provided the additional spark often needed to emerge victorious. Dave Ashcom grabs a lung full of air as he kick turns during tfie freestyle Almost hidden by swirling waters, the backstroke men churn toward victory. 165 " B " QAJiMmN t m Wfg% Row 1: Pete Wightman, Rick Enckson, Eldon Lohr, Bill Weigang, Charles James, Gary Lucas, John Wesley. Row 2: Reggie Holiday, Bob Kegley, Bill Vanderwilt, Jim Pehl, Doug Hodell, Chuck Kellerman. Row 1: Dennis Craig, Scott Martin, Bob Erickson, Mike West, Jerry Meisenheimer, Bruce Erickson. Row 2: Steve Cramer, Jeff Boyles, Steve White, Gary White. Gory Hogle, Paul Brunton, John Jenkins. 166 VZVRfiflV VND J v. GCLP Row 1: Doug Brewer, John Benish, Steve Grams. Row 2: John Kistinger, Claude Ellena, Dave Wildrick, Brad Burns, Tex Hampfon, Coach Bell. S fHROtY GOlf RC i Dave Wildrick SCORES UPLAND OPPONENT 205. . .Montclair . .246 202. 196. 196. 206. . Claremont . 196 . Eisenhower 21 2 .Chaffey . . .200 . Fontana . . .229 TOTAL 4 wins 1 loss John Kistenger Claude Ellena 167 m nYiwNic ' Row 1; Glen Campbell, Jim Lynch, Matt Scully, Tom Beiseker, T. J. Santarelli, Jim Jenson. Row 2: Stan Stanton, Mike Whitcomb, Jerry Vogt, Bill Drysdole, Steve Fletcher, Doug Hulbert, Coach Baker. RaCtcaMEN RACE IN SAUy IMSUE I I Swinging rackets and zinging balls are only a normal part of the tennis team. Backhands, slams, lobs, and play both at the baseline and at the net provide fast and interesting excite- ment for the spectators. The Sclly League had many strong play- ers this year, and Jerry Vogt and Dick Hulbert, co-captains for the Highlanders, were foes with whom to be reckoned. I Doug Hulbert Co-Coptain Jerry Vogt Co-Captain Coach Hoyt Baker 168 J g r— n4l r " ' m - soK mi Typical of our G.A.A. swimming meets: fast churning of the water. This is one ball I ' m going to get over the net!! o Jump high Girls!! 169 Bodminton is such an exhausting sporf. Do you th.nk she II get this one?? A In fact, girls excel in oil sports!! 170 FOOTBALL Don Wilcox CROSS COUNTRY Rick Adams WATER POLO Don Shattuck (i (n WRESTLING Tom Melendez 171 BASEBALL Dean Harmon SWIMMING Don Shottuck TRACK Jim Smith 172 -A- Abbott. Janei 60 115 Abboll, Karen 78 Abbot! Koihleen 60,115 Abbott lindo 7 Abel Deborah 78 Abell Mol.ndo 78 Abend Susan 78.125 AblordGary 28.120.121 8,28.88.122 Achenboch. Kris 69 Adonis, Janice 69 Adorns Linda Adams, Marsha 69.124,128 Adams Peggy 28. 11 " 1.1 24 Adorns Penny 69 Adorns Richord 60.113.119 130. 143,144.153,154.155,171 Adorns, Robe " 78,145 Adkison Joonne 60,115 Agnelio, Sherry 60 Agil, Ton 69 Aheorn Charles 78 Aloir, Doog 28,112,114,122 Aleischer Ric 69 Alexonder Donold 69 Alexonder Guy 78.157 Alexander. Michael 60 Alexonder Pol 60 Alexander. Phyllis 78 Alexander Sheila 55 Alexander Steve 69 Alexondei Susan 78 Alloire Kenneth 60 Allen. Gory Allen Jeonette 1 16 Allen. Michoel 28 Allen. Suson 78 Allied. Ruth 78.126 Allied, Sharon 60 Alvorez, Jennifer 78 Amos, MoryKoy 28.95,112,118, 122 123 Anchondo, Karen 69,125 Ann 55 Anderson, Bonito 78,125,128 Anderson, Goil 78,122,125 Anderson Joel 69 Anderson, Janice 69 117 Anderson Robert 78 nders Stevi 78 Androde Robert 157 Andrews Susan 78 Angel Cheiyl 28 95,112,114,130 Angel Lauiie 78 126 Anson, Deborah 60,116 Anronuccio Jonene 69 Anronuccio Lorene 78 Apel, Jefl 78 Apelgren, Carlo 1 16 Armstrong, Elizabeth 60.129 Armstrong Joyce 69 Armstrong. Sally 69 Armstrong, Sheila 60,115 Arnold Goil 55,78 Atiendondo, Ann Asoy Mike 60 1 26 1 40 1 63 1 64 Asay Pal 69 122,128 Asbill, Bobbi 28.121 Aschenbrenner. Dorothy 60 Aschenbrenner. Mike 60 Asebedo. Ernest 78,157 Asebedo. Teresa 60 Ashcom.Dove 25.28 112.114 118 142.164 165 Ashcioft. Jonice 28,56 121 Aspey, Lindo 60 Aslruc Gilbert 78 Atchinson Donold 28 Atteberry Morgene 29 Ayo 78 Ayolo, Jimmy 78,114,162 Ayola, Ralph 29 119 Ayolo, Ricky 60 Ayers, Lynda 60,116 -B- Bobelo, Rondo Bobin Beverly Boco ' Morgare Bochmeiei, Noi Bochmeier She Bock, Diane 60 116 Boer Borboro 60 Boer, James 69,124 60 Boer June Bogoefl, Michoe Bogroluny, Gay Boiley, Debbi Boiley, Kothi 78 69 cille 60 Boiley Noncy 29,124 Boird, Corol 69 Bond, Sandra 29 Boker Barbara 60,128 Baker Corol 78,125 Baker, John 29 Baler, Vicki 69 Boldocci, Shoron 29 Boldocchi, Sue 69 Ball Kathleen 60,95,11; Ballard, Sondy 78 Balmer Roswifha 60 Balvocius Philip 78 Bamberger, Dans 29,117 Batbee, Steve 69 Bariro. Poldo 55.126 Botnell, Elizabeth 60 Borrett. Dovid 78 Barrett Robert 60 Barns. Perry 78 Barry. Nancy Borry. Sue 78.77 Bartlett. Potty 69.120 Borlon. Edward 60 Botchelor Karen 78.125 Bolchelor Williom 29 Botson, Chuck 69,125 Batten, Croig 60 Boublit, Kolherine 69 Beamon, Dole 60 Bean, Suzanne 69 Beard, Teddi 69.118,128 Beotd, Vonnie 29,112,114,120, 122.123 Beordslee, David 60,157 Beotty, Dorryl 69 Beoude " , Cheryl 29 Beoudett, Karen 69 Beck, Charles Beck, Robert Beck. Tom Beck.Williom 136.137 150 Beckley. Karl 30.114 Beiseker. Cynthia 30 88 101. 113.122,123 Beiseker. Tom Beletrulh. Sondy 69.117 Bell, Roy 79 Bello Jeonette 30,57 1 12,123, 128 Bello, Louro 60,112,128 Belton, Borboro 30 Benort, Suzonne 79 Benes, Beverly 79 Benish, John 113.126.167 Beniamin. Sherrie 79 Beniamin. Terne 79 Benko, Betty 69, 1 24 Bennett, Nellie 69 Bennett, Richard 60 Bennelzen, Steve 30 Benningholf, Diane 30,69 Benninghoff, Ginny Bentley, Gregg 60 Berger Diono 60 Bergslrom, Tommos 60 Bernordi, Bernodetle 79,129 Bernordi Cesare 30,129 Berry Corol 30,121 Berry, Croig 79,30 Berry Suson 79 77 122,139 Bert, Ted 60 Bertinotti Joonn 79 Bescoby, Kathleen 79,125 Bescoby Louro 79,118,122 Bescoby, William 61 112 Bessey, Borboro 861,112,118, 122 Bestord Williom 61 129 Bivens, Vickee 30 94 113 114 Bloir Doreen 79 Blonkenship, Jonice 79 125 Blonton, Barbara 79 Bloom Morilyn 79 122,126 Blouin, Judy 61 Blythe, Terr Bodo Ron Boese, Faith 30 Bogort, Terry 30 Boggs Dovid 69 Bohonnon George 79 Bohonnon Lindo 31 Boles, Shirley 69 Bombeiger, Richord 69,120 Borbo John 61 Born Cothy 31,91 Born David 31 119 Bosvi 31 79 Boswell, Robert 79 Boughey Ruth 79 Bowden Deloi Bowen, Elton Bov«ers Janet 61,122,127 Bowman Jonet 61 Bowser, Tyleen 61,128 Boyce, Janice 61,125 Boyles, Jell 79,142,166 Brodlord Monlyn 61 Brodley Sue 69 117 Broley Suson Branch, John 70 Brotly Sue 70 Bresley, Shoron 61 Brewer, Kathy 31,89 121,129 Brewer lindo 61,115,126 Brink, Robert 70,138,162 Briones Frank Brizinski, Robert 70 tockie Robert 79 rockie, Paul 31 rockie, Peter 70 •ooks, Alison 70 rooks, Valerie 70 igh,Faye 61,115,117 ise, Ellen " I, Lou 70 ,se. Linden 31,158 «n, Craig 70 x n Dorene 70,115.125 x n, Joy 31,117 (vn Rhodo 79 «n Rickie 31 «n Ruth 61 wn, Thomas wn, Wolter ■uboler Mary 31 ? Fred 31 !, Jonet 79 on, Paul 166 yon, Becky 79 Bryon, Corol ' ■ ' Brymer, Lone Buckholz Robert Buckley, Kothlyn 31,57 121,124 Buckovic, Nodo 61 BudnikJudy,118, 122.123.127,129 Butfot Jonis 70 Burch, Lourel 70,117 Burdzinski, Anno 70 Burek Ken 79 Burgeson, Howord 70 Burgess, Colin 70 Burgess, Stonley 61 Burke, Pom 32 Burlingome Noncy Bums, Arvin 55 Burns Brod 32,121,167 Burns, Dorene 61,115 Burns Kathleen 70,125 Burns Judy 79 Burns Williom 61,124,132 Burnweit Richord 70,122 Bush, Toebe 79 Butler Donny 61 Butler Tern Bybee Jonathan 70 -c- Cagle, Gory 61 Cogle Jerry Coindec, Moriha 79 Callowoy, Candice 70,117,127 Colwoy, Max.ne 55,92,97,117,116 Comeron Harlow 70,126,144, 159 156 Corr ictori Compo, Sondro 61,113 Compbell Bonnie 61 122 Campbell Coiolyn 79 Compbell Christine 70 1 1 7 118 Campbell, Dovid 70 Campbell Glenn 61,114,138,168 Campbell, Gordon 70,114,132 Campbell, Janet 79 Compbell, Lorry 79,122 Compbell, Richard 61 Compbell Steve 70 Campbell, Suson- 79 Conello, John 70,138 Congemin Carol 79 Cangemi Lindo 70 116 Cordenos Bonnie Cardenas Tommy Carli, Vol 70 Corlson Kothy 79,129 Carlson Sydney 61,129 Coimichoel, Terne 70 Coipeniei Kothy 32 124 Corpentei, Tom 79 Carrosco Hortensi Coirillo Christine 32 Corrillo Tom 70,138 15? Corroll Suson 70,117 124 127 Corr Lee Carter, Sui Coruso Gory 79,139 Coskey Diane 61,124 Cosier, Solly 79 Cossell, Sandra 79 Costioux, Jomes 79 Covenee, Jorl 79 Cebollos, Joe 61 Celli John 32 ChoHer Sheryle 70,117 Chogollo Solly Chombers Borboro Champion, Mark 61,122,130 Chapmon Kothy 55,126 Choppell Terryl 61 Chaves, Gerideane 61 Chaves John 79 Chebohtoh Donno 79 Chebohtoh Neenoh 128 Cherbok, Sue 32 Cherry Mike Chicorelli John 79 Childers, Jon 32 ChildsKoren 61 Chilton Marcello 70 Christen, Carol 32,122,129 Christensen, Lindo 70 Chrisiensen Sieve 61,107,136, 149,158 Chrilton, Chry stine Clark, John 61 101 1 11 1 lii I ?l 122,126 Clork, Joy 70 Clark, Lindo 61 Clark. Melody 79 Clark. Poiricio 32 Clorke. Dennis Clorke. Robe " Cleory. Carolyn 79 Clem. Judy 61,112 Clillon, Carol 61 95 124,127 Cline, LaJu 32 Clippe " on, Richard 70 Cloe, Kevin 79 Cloud, Sondy Cootes, Robe " 61 Cochran, Diana 61 Cochron, Henry CoeNoncy 61,91,97,116.127.129 Cole Steve Cole. Woyne 61.101.117,120.122 123.126 Coleman. Dono 79.125 Coletii Tern 61.113.127 Collins. Collei 7? Collins. Lorry 61 Collins, Sue 70 125 Collins, Vonnie 79125 Collins, William 79 Calvin. Annette 70 Colvin. Michelle 79 Conley. Rondy 79 Conner. James 70.138 Conner. Pot 79 Conner Mike 70 Conroy. Pot 79 Cool. Borboro 130 Cook. Deborah Cook. Pol Coon Coihi 70 Coon Shorleen 32.121 Cooper. Gory 154 Cooper. Georgiono 61 115 129 Cooper, Shermon 162 Corrigon Noncy 79 125 Corrington Judy 55 Cortez, Delia 33 Cosgrove, Greg 61 Coto, Stan 61 Cotter. Gerald 70 Cotter John 61 Cottle. Don 138 Cottle. Gori Loir 79 Couch, Robe " 70 Covill, David 61,120 Cowley, Robe " 70 Coyle Kathy 79 Cox Penny 61 91,95 112,115 117,129 Craig Dennis 70,142 166 Cramer, Kothleen 61 Cromer, Steve 70,126,142 166 Crowtord, Robe " 33 Crawford, Thomas Croghon, Carol 33,108 Croslin, Viclor.o 79 Crow. Billy 70 Crump. John 70.149 Crump Morsha 55 Culp. Joyce 55.95.124 Cummins. Cherry 33.95.121 Cunningham. Jeff 79 Cu " is. Mae 122 Curry lyne 61.127 Cutler. Robin 33.101 126 Cyphers. Mary 61115,128 Dohlin, Bill 79 Dohlin, Carol 79,128 Dohlin. Mory 61.128 Dokin. Cothy 61,115 124 Doley, Don 61 Doley, Doug 80 Dolton Roy Dalton, Woyne 61 Donke, Dovid 70 Donowsli, Robe " 61 Dorrow, Ku " 80.139162 Dostrup. Therin 70 Doughters Ooryl 33 Doughters Ronold 70 Dovid. Corol 70 Dovis. Angie 80 Dovis, Beverly Dovis, Poul 80 Dovison, Richard 61 Day, Borboro 33 Deol, Motihew 33 Deol, Suson 80,117.127 Dean. Cheryl 33 Dease. Jennifer 80,118 Oeose Rebecca 33,112,122 Dee Joe 33 Deeds, Donald 80 Defibough, Lynne 61,115,127,128 Dello Penna, Doreen 1 1 5, 1 24 Dello Penno, Williom 60,139 Demaure Steve 80,157 DeMmk, Suson 33,95.112 DeMink Warren 61,140 DeUink Woyne 142 Demco, Timothy 70 Demko Ronold 80 Demko Tim Demoulin, Stephen 80 Denison Dorcas 80 Denison John Denney Doniel 80 Oenney, David Den 61 Deionek Edmund Desveoux James Deilelsen Jerry 70 Oeuprey Donna 34 70 Deuprey Diono 1 13 154 Dexter Steven 70 126 Dial Dovid 80,122,126 Diol Potncio 126 Dial Phyllis 34,95,118.120, 123,126 Dioz Solvodor 70.157 Dier Oono 80 142 Dippoliito Josephine 80.116 Oippolilto Tony 61.80 D.sch.ngei RiCk 34 113 121 130 132 135 146 154 148 Dixon, Williom 80 DIugitch Shoron 70 Dobbs, Eric Dobo, Dovid 62 Dockmon Dorlene 62,116.127, 129 Dodson Dee 34 Dolhom, Terry 80 Dolson Neilo Donson Fred 80 Donson Judith 55 1 I 4 Dorst Gory 80 Dosh, John 70 Dosh Pol Dosh, Solly 62 Dotson Sondro 62 Douglos, Dove 80,70 Drew Monlyn Chri 62 Dryden, Bob 80 Drysdole Billy 62 Duone, Dick 80 Duchesne Lara 80 Dochon, Elliott 80,122 Oudleston Susan 117,118,128 Duggon John 80 Pou DuUewski Bernice 34 Duloney Chorles 34 5688 119 122 130 Dumont George 62 Duncan Chnsli 62,122,126 Duncan Suson 70 Dunn Bruce 24 34,56,88,107.130 Dunn Jeff 80 Duron Alice Duron Johnny 70 Duirell Sharon 70.116 Duvoll Dorothy 80 Dyer, Eleonor 62,115,124 Eckel Richard 55 Eel el Sherry 55 Eel hordt Pom 62 95 1 1 5, 1 23, 1 27 Eclhordi Pot 95,115,127 Edqle 62 „ 1 Jonet 70 122,126 123 Eggleston Steven 80 Ehrnmon Lindo 34 Eimor Randy 62 Eimor Rikki Elleno Claude Ellingwood, Roymond 71 EHingwood, Robe " 34 Ellis Jeon 34,118,120 Emmons Croig 62 Emmons Froncis 80 Engle, Kenny 62 Engle, Voughn 62,113,126 English, Cory 80 Ennis Jim Ennis Lenoro 71 Erhordt Kathryn 62,127 Ericlson Bob 80 106 Erickson Bruce 80,139,166 Enckson Richord 62 142,166 Espinozo, Jimmy Esauibel Louisa 55 Essenwonger, Glenn Essenwonger Richord 62 Esslinger Jeonette 80 Esirodo, Chris 9,34,80,112.132 Estrodo Louie Etherington. BruCe 62 Etter Corol 35.95.118 123 Evans. Deborah Evons. Karen Eyer. Jonis 35 Eynon. Suson 173 -F- fo amci Anila 3 Fotja " ' • ■chele Foi ' th.W Jam ' ; ' 35 57 1 ' lie 12J 125 Fo " Cl .ld S «ve 80 Fol«rto Mono " " Foli.l P«99» 80 Foikcnra ' H iMi ' e 126 Fa " Ooyle S962.II4 118 Fa.ntd M.choei 71 Fo " ing ' or Ruih 7 Fooch.ef Stephen 71 FehlfTXjri Jomn 62 Fe de ' Kaihy 71 122 Fe ' tset OebO ' Oh Fe 9uv n Melody 62 Feno " DebO ' Oh 62 «S FiChoux louH 2i F.oney (.. " do 63 F.on 71 Fii ie ' Jeonne 35 118 174 F.ihe ' Loiry 62 1 18 Fivher Monte 35 Fiihef Shofon 35 F.ich El.jobeih 55 71 Fiiiante Joon 60 Fitiante SolvoiO ' 62 F,«i,mmons S«non 62 118 119 Flodogei Ton. 35.103 I0« 121 Flogeolle Bonn.e 71 Flon.gon Dov.d 62 138 149 Ftonigon. Jonel 55 Fleming Jome) 35 121 132 Fleming Te eKl 35.122 Fle ' chei Cmdy 35 114 Flohr Glenn 80 Flo ' ei lindo 71 Flofei Lyndio 71 FIOMon Albert 80 Floekinge- denee 80 125 Follmonn Ronold 71 Fondo Steven 62 112.157 Fo ' boctt John 71.126 FofbeM Oo ' oihy 36 Fotbeli Howo ' d 80 Fo ' d Fronk 80 122.126.13 ' Fo ' d Jomes Fo ondo Edd.e 80 Fotendo Jess 62 Fo ' OndO Mortin 36 Fofiyih Eileen 36 Foulkj Shoron 36 Fouiks. Stephen 62 Fowe ' S Peggy 36 Fowle- Te ' ty 36.119 Ftogoso Glono Fronci Cecil 71 Franven tor.y 36 Fra;.er Gwen 62.116 Froi.e ' Pot 80 Ffeemon lorry 132 Frey Normon French Shoron 36 French Gory 80 Fmvnger Debby 80 Froii SdKjn 113 117 124 127 Fry Dole 80 Fry Dov.d 71 149 Frye Michelle Frye Poll Fuhri 36 Srephon. 36.95.118 Fuller Mory 80.125 Futicher LindO 36 -G- Godegoord. Ellen 62.124.127 Goekle, Gorwm 37 Goekle Gory 80 Gonge Roymond 80 Gol.il Jeon 37 109121 122 123 130 GoUogher L.ndo 37 1 1 2 Gollogher Poul Gollogher Thonxis 80 Gollordo Stella 62 Galongo. Mihe Gonge. Kev.n Gange Pot Gorco. Bicky Gorc.o. Cornwn 80 Gorca David 132 137 150 151 157 Gorcro, Jock 71 Gorcio. Mory 7 1 Go ' co Pair.c.o G nd.ck Duone 80 Gores B.H 37 132 Go ' l.rig Greg 62 157 Goulke N.ck 62 Geary Greg 55 Geory Rondy 90 Gehrken Goil 80 Ge.imor Jon.s 71 Ge. iier Goiy 71 Genrry Peggy 37 124 Gentry B.chord 62 r.i.qc Barb 37.56 88.113 118 . . . . 1 29 - onold 62.126 ,. -chord 37 126 . . . 37 117 !lbeti 80 I,.-. 71.116 I nr 37 97.109 121124 Bjb 71 Margoret 37 126 Sm 62 G.liri ' f Kay 62 Gilit om S ' eve 80 G.n Gory 71.157 Gin Robert 37 123.157 G.ngetich, Deboroh 71 Gir gerich Shown 55.114.124 Gisi Coeen 55 Gist Cothy 71 Giuntini Cheryl 38.113114 Givens. Kothy 80 Gloister Howord 62 Glovic Oeneen 80 Glavin.ck, Kerry 62 Glozner Richord 38 Glencoe. Sieve Glenn. Morgorel 62 Goecke Shen Goehr.ng Linda 71 Goehring, Sherry 81.125 Golbeck Dovid 62.138 Goldhamer Dov.d 62 122.138. 155.157 Goldhomer. Jon 81 Gomez. Dennis 62,146 Gomez Roymond 38 119 Gomez Richord 38 Goodisky Jane 71 122,124 Goodson Bob 71126 Gordon. Allen 71.126 Gordon. Richard 81 Gormon. Jomes 6? Gosse Ello 125 Go " , Mike 62 Grabte Broce 81,139 Grohom, Debbie 71.126 Grams Sieve 62.167 Gront. Holly 61 Gtont. Joy 38, Gropet Kenno 71.116120.123. 130 81 Grossie. Dtc Green. Don 71 Green. Randy Greet. Goil 81.125 Greer Julio 81125 Gregg. Phil 62 Gregory Don 81.126,137 Gregory. Sondy 62. 1 26 GriHin. Bob 38 Gr.llith, Lynn 157 Gnffrth Roger 81.126 Gfiggs. Ron 71.114.138 GrOShong. Mark 71.126 Guilloyle lom 71,162 Goske, Borboio 81 Guske Kothy 71,127 Guthrie, John 55 Guyon, Ron 62, 1 18 Guyon, Sieve 71,122.157 Guzmon. Roul 55 Gwoltney Chris 62.116.127 -H- Hanson Kothryn 61 Hanwoy Eldon 61 Honwoy Julie 62 Harlan Pal 38112.114.122.123 Hornson. Connie 38 Harmon Jon 61 Hormon. Deon 38.158.159172 Horo Vickie 81 125 Harp Ted 71 138 Horroh Greg 36 101.122.123 126 Harrington Robert 81 Homngion. Rose 62 Horns Colin 81 Horns. Fioncine 71.116 Horns, Gory Horns, John 71.126 Horns Philip 71 Horns. Rosolie 81 120 122 126 Horns Shoion Horrison Given 55 57 107 106 113.114 121 Hart Glen 62 112 Horteis Tom 39. 1 57 Horteker. Gwen 71.117 Horteker Sieve 61 Hoitsfield, Jock 62 Hortzell. Kothryn 62 Horizell. Regino 55 Horvey. Derrill 39.158 Harvey. John 63.158.161 Horvey, Kathleen 81 125 Harvey. Robert 63 Hastings. Dovid 63 Hastings. Mary 8,39,113.114. 122.123 129 Hatch Jerry 63 138 Hatch Monte 81 Hatheld. Cynlhio 71 126 Houry, Leona 63 Hoversiock. Dovid 63 Hoyden. Lulher 71 Hoyden. Mork 81.162 Hoyden. Sollie 63.116 Hayes, Sherry 71 Hoys, Dennis 39 Hoys. Roy 63 Hozellon, Dennis 39 Heocock, Karen Heiple. Morie 63.118.120 122 He.ple, Phihp 81 Hcise. Anno 39 Heise. Sieve 1 26 Heisierkomp. Susan 81.126 Henderson. Arlene 71.120 Henderson. Robert 81.126 Hendricks. Jeonnie 63. 1 16 Hendricks. Michoel 7 1 Hendricks. Phihp 81 Henizell. Carol 130 Hobegger Nothon 61.122.162 Hobegger Rachel Hole Mike 71 Holey, Crowson 62,122,130,164 Hall Kothy 125 Holvoison Worren 71 Homblin, Glorro 61 I 18 Homel, Cathy 81 Homilton Jomes 71,126 Homillon Linda 81 Hommocfc Connie 81 Hammot d Robert 30 Hompton Byron 132 167 Horner Kort 71 Hones Diono 81 Honey, Sharon 62 Honkins Arnie 62, 1 38, 1 49, 1 62 Honkins, John Honkins. Kothryn 62 Honlon. Joyce 62.112.127 Honno. Nodene 55 Honnoh. Donna 55 Honney. Suzonne 62 Hor- ' OhorKi. Duorte Honsen. Dinah Hanson. Dole Honson. Koren Hern- sillo. 63 Hernondez. Gory 71 Hernandez Peiei 71 Hernandez. Xovier 55 Herzog. Eddie 81 Hickman. Frank 63 Hickman, AAork 81,157 Hicks, Lorry 63 Hicks, Ron HillCroig 71 Hillstrond. Debbie 63 Hillslrond, Sandy 71 Hillon. Judy 63.122.124 Hills. Koy 81 Hinmon. Sin 63.115.118 Hirsch. Esther Hile John 81 Hodell Doug Hodell Mel.ndo 63,101,115,122 Hoeter. Chuck 63.126 Hoetker, Comeron 39 Hoflmon Donald 63.136.157 Hogle. Gory 72.142.166 Holden. John 81 Hollond. Al 63 Hollond. Jockie 124.72 Hollond. Stan Hollidoy. Rondy 55 Hollidoy. Reggie 81.126.166 Hollowoy. Terry 72 Holsi. Jeffene 63 Holz.Mork 63 140 Homon. Oovid 81.139 Homen, Dione 72 Homen Jell 61 Homen. Lindo 39 Hondo. Alon 72 Hondo. John 39 Hooper Chorles 72 Hoover Wayne 81 Hopkinson Bella 72 Hopk.nson Belly 39.124 Hopkinson Tom 39 Hornbrook Gerrie 55 Hornbrook. Joyce 63 Hornet, Joe Hortness. AnncHe 72 Horton. Donrso 55 Houtz Donny 63 Houiz Steve 61.136 Howoid. Glen 61 Howard. Jonis 63.115.122 Howord. Jim 81 Howorth Brion 81.126.162 Howell Koren 63.122 Howell. Richard 72 10168 122 126 130 154 149 132 Howell. Rodney Howie. Greg 40 Hubet Terty 63 113 126.162 Hudgens, Lourse Hudson. Amy 72 Hudson. Bruce 72 Hudson. Dovrd 72.126,130 Huey.Oovrd 63,124,132,154 Hulbert. Doug 40. 1 22, 1 23, 1 30. 168 Hulbert. iindo 63 Hunt. Howard 63 Hunt Russ 40 132 129 135.146 160.158 Hunter, lindo Hurley. Modelrne 63 Hutchinson. Bob 40 Hutchinson Debbie 72 Hutchinson. Robin 40 Hutton. Hilory 118122 Irvin. Debbie 63 Isenhower Jomes 40 Ivonkovich. SuSon 81 -J- Jockson Alon 72.122,126 Jackson. Cheryle 61,125 Jockson, Paulo 63,116 Jaeger, Mike 40 Jaeger Roger 63 Jokobic, Allen 40,132,134 Jomes Chorles 62,142 Joyko, Shoron 82.125 Jelliies. Jill 72 Jenkins. Jill 4695.114. 120.130 Jensen. Jim 72,112.126 Jenkins. Dione 55.101.126 Jenkins. John 82.142,166 Jensen Vickie 82 Jenyo Sondi 55 Jenyo Steve Jewell. Jeiry 72.138 62 63 Johannsen. Morcio 82 Johnson, Fronk 63,118 Johnson Jonet 63.120 Johnson. Leilo 40 Johnson. Linda S 40 Johnson. Lindo M 40 Jonson. Michoel Johnson. Slephonie 72 Johnson. Sieve 82 John I. Veil Johnston. Gory 82.162 Jomes. Steve 82.114 Jones. Cynthia 72 Jones. Don 55 Jones, Helen Jones. Joy 63.126.132 Jones Melody 82 Jones Mike Jones, Richord 63.132 Jones Richard 72 Jones. Scott 125.82 Jordohl. Janet 63 Jorgensen Kolhy 41 -K- Kohler Priscillo 41 Kohler Rebecca 81 Koiser, Dwoin Kolinke. Beth 81 Koser Debbie 63,110 Kolono Cotollyn 41109.121124 Koiono Paul 81139 162 Koulmonn, Dionno 81 Koy Mary 41.57 94.96121 Keorney. Gory 41.112.126 Keeney Doreld 63 Kegley Robert 63.142166 Kelber. Jeon 63.116129 Kelber. Shelley 127 Kelber. Steve 81 Keller. Roger 63.118.122 Kellermon. Chuck 63.112.118 Kelleit. Korlo 117 127 Kellelt Kiis 41 108 Kellett. Tim 81125 Kelley, Sherro 72.127 Kellogg. Lmdo 81 Kelly Carol 41 Kelly. Koren 81.126 Kelsey. Pom 63. 1 1 3 Kenny, Connie 72 Kent Donna 63 Kent Michael 81 Kelchum Kolhy 72.116 Keichum. Ken 41 Keiiey Kendra 81 Kikel Bill 72 Kilgore Ronold 72.136 K.lpotrick Lindo 72 1 16 Kilpotrick Sharon 63 116 Kimboll Suzanne 81 Kinse Kathleen 41 King. Alice King Denise 55 King. Polly 72 King, Peggy 41 Kirklond Charles 63 138 Kirklond Gory 41 Kirklond. Georgio 61 Kirklond. Jennifer 81 Kirklond Poul 126 Kiss Goiy 81.139 Kiss. Zolion 72 Kislingei. Bill 72 Kistingei, John 72.167 Klouminzer Don Kleinmork Borboro 81 125 Kleiner. Sue 72.117 Klinger. Golen 81 Klinger.lolo 55.112.122,1. ' 124.129 Klinger. Wesley 72.138 Knight. Vickie 41.90 Knighton Melody 72 Kobtmsky. Jon 63 Koloid Ken 42.1 18,1 19 120 122 123 Kogut, Croig 72,156,160 Kolorz, lindo 72 Konkel. EIroy 126162 Kosier. Rick 81 Kowolik. Joanne 72 Koy Cheryl 81 Kroybill. Bill 81 Kruegei Fron 42.124 Kulezyck. Cynthia 61.125 Kunzweiler. Sherry 63 Kunzweiler Steve 72 Kurtz Sherry 63 -L- Lobuddo Mike 77 Lofenz. Lauro 63,1?6 Lague. Coihenoe 42 Lohr Etdon 63. U2 166 Lomp. Kofen 4? Lompheor Robyn 4? Londreth.Pom 125 Londreih. Waller 72,162 LondsiTOTt Mork Lone, Corol 72,125 Lone, Richord Longsford. Roberto 8.63,115 LopOirMe. Corol 42 Lopoinfe, Fronces 72 lortobee. Terry 72 Lorsen, Robert 72 tofson. Steve 72 Louer Oebfoh Loufensloger, Ben 63 Lawrence Dan Lowrence Dove 63.119 Loy Suson 125 Lee. Lmdo 42,117 LeHler, John 63.132 Lemon, Suson 63.116 Lentz. Ken Leo Annene 130 Leo Greg 9 25.42.114 12? 123 Lerouge. Conme 72 Lester, Connie 72 Lester, Donno lettenmoier Lir do 42 Lewonski Morgie 125 Lewis. Gory 63 Lewis. Lmdo 126 Lewis. Sher. 125,130 lewis. Thomos Lewmon, Borboro Lichli. Dennis Lichti Donovon 63.132 L.ndboe. John 101.113,122,126. 130 Lindner, Mtchoel 55 Lmdow. Lorroine 72,1 16 LirxJsoy. Borboro 63 LirxJsoy. Dovid 72 Liixhey Del 863,1W 158 I6l Lineberger, Pom 63,116,127 Lineberger. Potsy Lippincoit, Christine 72 Liro. Becky 72 Litchfofd. Jonno 42.121 Litchford. Woyne 72 Littleton Borboro 63.95,115. 118.127 123 Lock. Michelle Locke, Bnoo Locke, Corol 126.129 Loeb. Ruth London. Lmdo 72.117 Long. Lmdo 72 Long. Stephen Longfellow. Lork 64 Longfellow. Lynn Lopez. Albert 4? « 174 Lopez. G eg 77 Lopez. Alice Lopez. Lindo Loriief. Loretro 64,118 Loltier Wofyonne 43,11 Lowdermilt, Dovid 55 Lowdefmill. Suson Lovelady Phil d3.I12 Lovgten. Borboro 43 1 1 Lucos, Beckie Lucos, Chorles 142 Lu as. Gory 64.166 Lucos Mofsho 64.118.1 124 Luciooi Woflyssa Luginsky Lourio 72 Lummef. Frank Luno, Andreo 72 Luno. Susan 72 Luno. Terry Luno, Yvonne 43 Lupton, Borboro 64 Lupton, Jeonne 121 Lupton. Virgimo Lyborger Gory Lyd.ck, Linda Lynch Bryan 43 Lynch, Jim E Lynch, Jim S 64.114,16 Lynn, Die 64 -M- Mocdonotd Sandra Moce. Thomas 43.121,145 ArtacForlane, Mane Mack, Dave 82,121.125 Mock Lovonne 43,114 Mack, Sharon 82,125 MacLaren Helen 72 128 MocPherson Pam 82,122 Madison, Jackre 54 Madison, James 82 Mogruder Dole 72.68,89.113. 130 132,149.154 Mogruder Mike 43.89.113 121 122,123.130.154 Mohoney Richard 43 64 107 149 158 Mollord, Cheryl 82 Mondolo Mone 72 Moneck. Steven 72,157 AAonn, Dirk 82 Monnerino John 64 101,114.122 Monrique. Toribio 64 Manson. Linda 64 AAorek. Judy 82 Morek. Morlin 64,126 Moriner MoryAnn 43 90 113 123.129 Morino. Arlene 82 Morrno. Worlene 82 AAorks, Morilyn 82 AAorks, Michael 82,126 Morlow Cynthia 43 Morlow, Judy 64 AAormoleio, Angela 43 Mormoleio, Riio 82.125 Moroney Goy 82 AAo ' ple. Roleigh 82 AAorques Sandra 72 Morquez. Arthur 72 «Aorsholl John 82.122.162 Morti, Richord 64 lAortin, Jock 82 Martin. Jomes Martin, John Mortin, Mortho 72 IWjrlin, Rondo 72,118 A lortin. Scott 82 166 AAortin. Shirley 44 Martin. Suson 82 AAortin. Tonyo 82 Mortin, Thomas 55 Martinez, Alfredo 44 Martinez Arthur 82 Mortinez, Ben 72 138 149 157 Martinez Denise 82 125 Mortinez, Karen 77 Mortinez, Ralph 149 Martinez, Robert 82 A lonmg Koren AAortini, Lindo 82 MorlzAnn 73,116 Morrz. Chip Moriz. Richard 55 Mothy Chris 44,97,108 121 Molhy, Jim 82 Mouch, Cheryl 64 Moxheld Lindo 44 Moyedo Corol 55 Moyfield Roy 73 82 Moyhew Nino 82 McAllister Bill 82 McAuley, Bonnie 44 82,125 McAuley Gordon 73 126 McBnde, Russell 73.126 McBroom Helen 82. 1 25 McBroom Mortin 73 McCorlhy Kothy 64. 1 1 5 McCortney. Cyndie 64 McCouIey Bonnie McClelland Joon 44 McClure. Ado 44 McConnell Morgorei 82 McCoskey Eddie 64 McCoskey Jomes 64 154 McCown, Mike 73, 1 49, 1 62 McDonold, Lynn 73 McDowell Joan 44,89,90 113 1 1 4 I 29 McDowell John 82.139.162 McElwo.n Nick 73 McGarroh Mike 55 McGinnis Morcio 82,125 McGinnis Terrance 73 McGowon Kothy 44 112,120 McGrow Wendy 44117 Mcln , Shorr 64 McKeon, Chris 64 McKee, Dan 64,114 138 McKee Sondro 82.130 McKenno Chorlo 44 McKeown Joy 45.130,137 150 McKinnon Michoel 73 McKinney Mike 64 McLone Mike 82 McNeil Ken 73 McNeil, Sion 82 Melendez Tom 55,143 144 150 151 152 172 Mendez Joonn 55 Mendez Richard Mendozo Borboro 125 Mendozo Diono 64 Mendozo Ruby 158 Mercer Gary 64,142 164 ence 64 73,138.157 Merr Merr Mert. Meyer. Bruce 64.114 Meyer John 64 Meyer Paulo 55 Mezo Dovid 73 Mezo Mono 73 Micc.o Carol Middough Dennis 64 Midkift Morgo 128 Miles, Gory 64 Miles, Rhonda 73 Mill , Ann Miller Candy Miller, Cory 45,112.122 Miller Chorlene Miller, Dan 73.132 Miller. Koy Miller Lindo 64 Miller Morsho Miller Sherrel 64 Mills, Judy 73 117 123 Mills Mark Milton Melindo 45 95,118 Minthorne Gail 73 Minthome Ralph Mtrondo John Mirondo Ray Misenheimer, Jerry Mistretto Anthony 73 157 Mitchell, Ann 73 124 127 Mitchell, Jon 117 Mitchell John 64 73 Mitchell Scott Mitchell Sharon 45 Miichem Jim 73 Mokren Morcy 125 Molinor, Florence 64 Molinor Dovid 139 162 Montonte Eileen 64 Montonle Jerry Montonte, Mike 7i Monlez, Mortho 73 Moore, Don 73 Moore Mork 145.162 Moore, Martin 73.120.126 AAoroles Angel 64 Morales, Richard 73 Morales Sondro Morgan Noncy Morgon Paul 132 135 154 Morrill. Debro 118.125 Morrill. Gory 73 Morrill. Sondro 64 95 Morris. Jerry 45.56.88,106. 113.121 157 Morns, Joel 45,139,146.157 Morrison. Paul 73,113 Mosher, Bill 73 Mosko, B 138 Moss, Kioren 73 Moss Steve 55 Mouser Ricky 73,119 Muller Dennis 73 Muller, Rondoll 64.132 Mulliken Jonei 125 Mullikin. Connie 73.117.124 139 Minoz. Joe 45 Munoz Margaret 122 125 Murosko, Lindo 73 Murosko, Robin Murphy, Beverly 64 Murroy. Linda 64 Murtho. Edwoid 55 Murtho. Morionne 45.117 Murlha. Marilyn Mustek. Kothy 45 Musser Dovid 64.101 126 132 Musser. Lynda 73 Myers, Charles Myers. Cheryl 64 Myers. Jomes 55 Myers, Richord -N- Nopier. Mike 73.112.126 Nordy Lee 64 1 1 5 Nordy. Nichols 73 Nore. Kerry 73,120 125 Noumon, Mike 125 Neol. Russ 73 Neory, Rosemory 64 Neel, Dennis 64 Neepet, Robert 114.139 Netf. Chrishno 64.112,118.120 122 Nelson. Karen 73 Nelson. Betty 73 Nelson, John 64 Nelson. Leroy Nelson, Michael Nelson, Wendy 64,116 Nere Shoron Newell Robert 73 Newsom. Mory Newsome. John Nichoels. Lindo 73.128 Nichols. Bob 132.137 154 Nichols. Jerry 64 Nichols. Melindo 64 Nickles. Horold 45 Nie Mori Noriego. Korilyn 73 Noriega. Roselyn 73 Norman. Joyce 64115,124 Northorp Brian Northorp Lorry 73 Norton, Gary 154.156 Norton. Robert 45,146 Norton Sondro 64 Norton. Sharon 73 Norton, Stephen 46 Novok.Donno 55.117 Nunley. Dovid 46,73.122 I. Cort 55 O Brien. Colleen 64 O Brlen. Steve Ogoro, Borboro Ogden. Lindo 73 Ogden. Rick Ogden. Steve 55 O Hover Tom 64 130 144 154 Olouson Jim 64 Oldenkomp Keith Oldenkomp Pomelo 73 117 124 Olivo. Ruben 150.152 Oliviero. Joe 55 Olsen Borboro 73 OIS! Eorl Olson Peggy Olson. Philip 64 Olson Sondro 64 Oncoy Jim 55 O motoy. Lydio 55 O Reilly. Phyllis 73 Onega. Thomas Orum. Ed 27.46 113.122 123 158 160 Osborn Jock 64 Osborn Jock OSheilds Teresa 73 O Sieen. Tom 46 Otleslod. Tomi 73. 1 20 Overstreet. Drone 64 116 .Don. 73 Owen. Dovid 114 Owens, Joyce 73 0«oiari Rick 145 Poce. Joon 73 Pochece. Juan 73 Podilla. John 73 Palmer. Bill 46 113 114 121 130.141 Pompo. Ken Poppoiohn, Pot 64 Popsdorf Don 162 Porgo. Emily Porker, Andrea 64 Porker. Goil 73,117 Porker. Glen Porker, Lonny 64.126 Porker. Lorry 73.139.157 Porker. Louro Porker. Sandy Porkhurst, Tom 46.158.160 Porrotl. Smith 73.101126 144 157 Poscuo Jimmy Poscuo. Lindo 124 Possmore Donno 73 Possmore. Linda 46. 1 24 Patterson. Elizabeth 73 Poulson. Don 46 Poulus Debbie Poulus. Gene Poyon. Richord 162 Poyne. Duby 64 Peorj I. Mori Pchl Jim 126.142.165 Peloquin. Richord Peltz. lindo Pendley. Howord 73 Pene, Robert 73 Penner, Dovid 73 Penny, Vicky Peres, Jerry 64 140,163 164 Perez, Delio 65.127 Perkins. Carolyn 46.95 Perkins. Joe 73 Perry, Brooke Perry. Cynthia 65 Perry, Doryl 65 Perry, Kim 73,117 Peters, Mobel 46,118 Peters, Rosolie 65.124 Petersen. Janet Petersen. Mory 73 Petersen. Poul 46 Petersen. Roy Pelronzie. Ron 65 Pfister.Mike 65.101.126 138 157 Phelon. Lowrence Pierce. Ken Piercy, Mory 55 Piercy. Sharon Pineda. Jerry Piper. Yvonne Pisciielh. Cliff 65 Pizorro, Feimin Poliz , Ron Poll. Vivioi Pollick, John 65 Pollock Bruce 65 113 125 126 158 Polzin. Don Pomeroy. Bruce Pomeroy. Gory 46 149 Pomeroy. Gory Pomeroy. Lindo Pomeroy. Milch 55 Pompo. Ken 64 126 138 157 Pond. Suson 65,126 Porter, Pom 65,115,118 Post, Lindo 65 Potter, Donno 47 Potts, Dan 65 Potts, Julie 47,95.120 Powell. Aloyne Power Dionno 117.118 Power. Greg 65 Presby.Greg 65.126 Prest Suzonne Price. Noel 47.124 Price, Ronel 65,113,129 Price. Rodney 129.65 113 Price. Tony 132.150.151 Prologo. Joe 1 26 Prosio. Jerry 8.47 Piosio. Judy 47.117 Proulx Richard Proulx. Robert Pugliese. Roxonne Quester. Gory Quinn Pat 65 130 132 134 154 Qoinn, Steve 139.157 -R- Roder, Edword 47 150 Roder Mike 65 Roder Pomelo Roder, Sondy 65 Romirez, Helen Romirez. Lindo Romirez, Roymond 161 Romirez, Rosemone 47 Romos. Dick Ramos. Evo Ramos. Gloria Ramos. Morcio 1 26 Ropoport. Judith 1 22 1 25. 1 28 Rosholl, Kirk 65 91 114 118 120.144 Rosholl. Vicki 47.90.127 Rosmussen. Paulo Rowlinson. Donny Rowson. Richord Roy. Cynthio 125 Roymer. Christine 47 Roymer, Jomes Rozo, Carlos 65 Rozo. Diono Rozo. Michelle 65 Reoves. Dionn 47 Recker, Charles 47.124 Redigondo Anno 47 Reed. Don Reed. Dovid Reed. Richord 113.130 146154 Reeder. Jim 48 Rees. John 139 Regon. Don Regon. Mony Regon Mory 65 Regan. W.lliom 46 Rehkop Jim Rehrer Janet Reidenbough Jonet Retmonn. Rondoll Remillord Pierre Remington Lex Renborger John 24 26 48 57 112 114,122 130.123 Rich Eleonore 124 RiChofdson, Chuck Richardson, Wondo Richtet Shoron Rickord Boiboto 65 120 Rickert, Fred Rietkerk. Heleno 77,118.124 Rietkerk. Jim 65.118,122 Rietkerk. Vickie Rigglemon. Ceroid 1 26. 157 Riley Rondoll Riner Fronces 48,124 Riner, Kenny Ring. Dovid 122 Rivero Albert I. Corr 65 Rivera. Doniel 65 Rivero. Ronnie Rivero Stello Rizzordi. Bob 48 R.zzordi Dovid Rizzo Chuck Roach. Pot RoorkGory 127 139 Roark Sharon 65 Robar Dione 65 Robor Judith Robbins Lorry Roberts Hermon 149,162 Robertson Gerry Robei Robir Poul Dorr 65 122 Robson Austin 65 Robson Deirdre Roclwood, Dovid 48 157 Rodriguez Poitie Rogers Beverly 120.125 Rogers, Lorry 48 Rogers Wayne 65 Rogone Petet 48 Rolond, Eloine 126 Romno Alexo Romono Fronces Romo Fronk 65 Romo, Leonne Ronono Lee 65 Ronquillo Frank Root Dono 128 Roper Linda Roper Rhondo 65.115 124 Roseberry Beth Ross Candy Ross Cathy Ross Jim Ross Mark Ross Thereso Rossitier Jill 117 122 Rossitter Nino 48 112 118 122 123 Roussokis Evelyn Roussokis Nick Rowberry Jomie 124,125 Rowberry Vivian 48,124 Rowe Georgia Rowlond James 65,101 114 126 Rubolcovo, Ruby 125 Pucker Jock 48 Rucker, Tom Rutfolo Fronk Ruggles Steve Runyon, Susan 65,128 Rusdohl Pnsctllo 110 113 122 129 130 Rushing, Chorles Russell, Cathy Russell, Don 138 Russell, Joe Russell Mike RyiT Rypke Mik 139 John 126 48 Soori Lindo Socconi Solly Salisbury Herb Sollee Dion Solmon Richord Sombrono Ronald Sommon, Helyn 117.127 Sample Sondi Sompson Drono Sondemon Mike SondenMan Steve Sonds Wynn 126 Sandwell Potty SonioteHi T J 126.168 Sother Oiorw 49 113 122 123 175 It Mono Solomon Pomelo Solomo " Sond ' O tnompto " Jeo " no t Ihompjon Philip 51 ThompiOn Steven S Tho " len Beit 51 tK-.- r- -qh Lindo ■■ .1 ■ ih Will.om Weekly fted Weiblev Linda 132,123 Weigong Bill 66 1 40. 1 66 Weinet. 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Route 124 Strotton, Christine VonVlock Bonnie 66.115 Wilde, Chris Shelion, Nothon 13? 162 Strown Joyce Von VIock Suson 66,115,127 Wilder, Mory Shepherd. Chni Streepei Scott 50 1 19 Vondenberg Richord 85 Wildnck Dovid 53,167 Shepherd Gieg 49 132 135 1 54 Stremmel Bill 119 Vonderheyden Paul 52 Wilken, Kothy 53 Shepherd Roberto Sticker Steve 126 Vondermolen, Jeon Wilkin, Horvey 85 Sherbo Suiy Stricklond, Gerry 66,93,101126 Vondeiw.lr Williom 166 Willioms, Carl 138,162 Shemll VicVy Strohm. leonno Von Devenier Robert 149 Willioms Coihryn 85 Sherwood Choilev Strohsohl Kothleen 50 Vorgos Donny 85,150 Williams, Fronk 85 Shingler Kothy Sttohte, Cheryl 124 Voughn lindo Williams, Jone 9,53,95,121 Shipwoy Joy Strohte, Fred 50 Vovfinek Christine 85 Willioms, Kothy 53 Shipwoy Koren 1 1 8 Strorso, John 66,138 Velosque; Alice 85 Willioms, Ken 126 ShirL Bill 8 50.146 Siroud. 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Suson E 55 114 Youngnvjn, Chnj 1 1 5 Zobolo. Nosorio 16; Zomoro. Roy 85 Zets Dtonno 115,122 124 Ziccordv Peggy ZfCCOrdy Skip 85 Zuber.D an« 118 Zwori. Joonn 1)8 Z emer M.he 55 , 176 ' v- 1 y iv I 1 . ' p)- ' iilr ; Vi ' ' .- o , " : f N I e _ i - ' ' " ' 1? W ' - - c - STv-t ' " T Tf t iayj- A " W-v-s kT ' ' - -vL. 3Sr -r- j 3- n-k ;q , Tlp " " " ' ■ jwi.-v y- j Tp TV -rv-YOV Sr-. • ' , ' r7rT5z v-rvi ' qp; - vgpO VT rAO A -TY gv ' ' 0 5 ' ' ' ' " tr ' ' PflP - V " v-H Ory XlO r " a A -- - ej»wVW- v -« W9 ' v-va -v» -v ' -rjTp -i r s= o AW9 - --to- rrjl tr -vgn O - fT p- F ' ' JT X : ' - rv r 5 , r ' " ' " r- ' " C F ' J tp f i Si ' - ■ " i -4L " s V O.- .e V W ! h ' V ) ' » ! ' «3 r y M ■■ ? , I I, I ' ' ; ' f .-» ■ •ni V z ' VI M ( J r t-; : . v.. r ; ' . ' ' ti -j.jk )■ '

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