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v I ,,,,,, l ECHO '59 STAFF Editor . .............. Lois Minfer Associate Editor ..... Beverly Swift Business Manager .... Bob Musser ' g Advertising Manager. .Elaine Crider i i V, is ' xy, 3 VY, Fo rewo ral A musical Theme was selecTecl by The ECHO STafT To Tell The sTory of 1958-59 af Upland College. If you are a srranger, we wish To inTroduce you To our school on These pages and show The harmony of our school groupy if a sTuolenT, we desire To en- close herein The compleTe hisTory of this year, if a friend, we hope To insure a berfer unclersfancling of our school and ifs acTiviTies by creating a symphony of words and picfures which we believe besT portrays our school life. May lasTing memories be always available in The conTenTs of This book. Dedication To a man with talent in many areas but especially in music, our Echo is dedicated this year. His interpretations of music have been an inspiration to many who have had the priv- ilege ot singing under his direction. However, he is more than a superb musician, he is a friend and counselor to many a questioning student. His understanding and cheerful attitude has been helpful to more than one student in the past few years that he has been on our campus. It is to him, Royce Saltzman, that we appreciably dedicate the 1959 ECHO. He leadeth me beside the still w Ellie V5 G iclrlmlistration Boa.-.1 Qf Trustees ELDON F. BERT J. W. BERT Treasurer Vice Chairman MAYNARD BOOK Chairman MERLE BRUBAKER CLARENCE BYER Asst. Secrefcry Secrefary 2 A. JAMES ALDERFER C. W. BOYER AMOS BUCKWALTER IRA EYSTER 6 Sponsored by Shady Grove Dairy as William Georgiades Leslie Guengerich Samuel F. Minfer Harold Musser George Vouga William Walk, Jr. L -i l V-sn Y 'lui '1- Norman Lawson Ben Lenherf 1 ll l l Save-U -More Stations 193 S. Euclid L 4 f l. -1i.Lp..-xii-Erdlm. fl'-'ff Walt Riecler Price Traufwem Vern Zook Dwight Ben Dean One of The busiesT men in our adminisTraTion is Dean Boyer. He is appreciaTed by all for his conscien- Tious aTTiTude in all he does, be iT The aolminisfrafive dufies, or in The classroom. However, he is never Too busy To be a friend and counselor To a sTudenT. Wifh men like Dr. Boyer leading our school, iT is cerTcrin To advance in every aspecT. in-he-To Resident LIFE lS LIKE A SYMPHONY There is a purpose for living v can be found in The divine plan one's life. The Greaf Composer poses ThciT everyone finols his 5 playing his part so Thaf his life will conTribuTe To The beauTiTul harr and melody Thaf God has desu for us. The year's acTiviTies which ECHO porfroys shows how each stu denT plays his parT in finding God place for him in The greaf symphony of life. From The melody on This ChrisTian College campus you can deTecT harmony berween God and man, FaculTy and sTudenTs, sTudenTs and sTudenTs. The Echo of The mel- ody is sweef. PresidenT, John Z. Marfin Sponsored by Ideal Cleaners, clry cleaning as it should be done W. Merle Rash, 500 E. Arrow, Upland -Y Dean Students ELIAS WIEBE To accept good odvice is but to increase one's ability. ,., -,.. J F Public Relations RICHARD DERBY, JR. Our opponunifies to do good are our talents. Uv n ag- 1557 C' l I PL, an .MN . -'NE I .-, . Business ABNER HALDEMAN CI' Knowledge is like money: Not good until circulated. 'uw-4 X1 ..i,, K , 'J Vi -... 'Y ..x -f., .Q-13. H-,J--f 5 -x ,-4-f" 2 ,54- Q fg Re istrar MELVIN BOWERS Thou shalt guide me with Thy counsel. Sponsored by Sluft Shirt Restaurant, Upland Serving lwnch, and dinner daily - banquet room available. -i , . OWEN ALDERFER, A.B., B.D. Chairman of Bible - Religion Education is not enough, it must be education in Christ. l 'i MIRIAM BOWERS, A.B., M.S. MELVIN H. BOWERS, A.B. ERNEST BOYER, A,B,,M,A,' Ph,D, L.S. Candidate Education Dean of Instruction Literature, Librarian Education is the apprenticeship Happy is the man thug findefh Books are lighthouses erected of life. wisdom and understanding. in the great sea of time. WILLIAM BOYER, A.B., M.S. ANNA N. BRUBAKER, A.B., M.A. HENRY BRUBAKER, ALMA B. CASSEL, A.B Chairman of Natural Sciences Modem LQ,-,guqges B.Li., M.A., P.D., Th.D. Chairman of 5ClEI1C6 li lDUT 0 mere l"eC'P Of facts, Goodness -onsists not in the inward Speech, Psychology I pray thee, O God, that not a golden chain of truths, if we things we do, but in the inward Speech is the index of the mind. be beautiful within refuse to link it to the throne of God. things we ure, Sponsored by Gemmel Drugs, C. V. Cummins, Owner Euclid and "B", Ontario 1 FOOTE, A.B. PAUL ENGLE, A.B., M.A. Assistant Librqrign Chairman of Social Sciences book is the begf of friends, History is but the unrolled scroll today and forever. of Pr0Pl'leCy. l l ll l. ll ETHEL CLIMENHAGA, A.B. M.A. Business Education The character is like white paper: l if blotted, it can never again be , made to appear white. HELEN GISH, B.S.L., A.B. ANNA LEATHERMAN Home Economics B.S., A.B., M.A., Ph.D. The home is the supreme conductor Biology of Christianity. Nature is beautiful, always beautiful ERT MOWRYI A-B-I M-5- ROYCE SALTZMAN, A.B., M. Music , WILLIAM TAPSFIELD, A.B. ELIAS WIEBE, A.B., B.D., M.A. MClfl'16m0TiCS Music Music Chairman of Education ' SlUdY of Mclllemallcs To flll my soul with all the great Music is one ofthe finest and The secret of education lies Ultivvtes the reason- and beautiful music that is most glorious gifts of God. in respecting the pupill possible for me to hear. Skycrest Ford - New car sales and service, used cars and trucks Ben Alexander, Jack Christensen, Upland 2. P' HAROLD SlDER, A.B. Science, Math, Driver's Education Principal, Academy Academy students approaching the Prin- cipal's office are put at ease by our new Principal, Mr. Sider. He is well liked os a teacher, friend and leader. Mr. Sider is ever ready and willing to help when needed. 2 1,-f , X- Mg., I WILLIAM HALDEMAN, A.B., M.A. GEORGE HOSTETLER, A.B. DOUGLAS JONES, A.B. Music, Social Studies English, Drarnatics, Shop Physical Education, Math Music washes away from the soul The more you practice what you know, Uniting effort is the shortest the dust of everyday life. the more shall you know road to achieve greatness. ANNA VERLE MILLER, A.B., M.A. Spanish Her ways are ways of pleasant- ness, and all her paths are peace. 12 what to practice, H CLARA BELLE PYKE, A.B. l-ORRAlNE STUMP English, Physical Education TYPTHQ Doing the will of God DUTY Und T0'd0Y UFS 0Ul'St leaves me no time for disputing Und fUlU"llY belongs i0 God- about his plans. Sponsored by Shady Grove Dairy 1 3 RUTH DOURTE, A.B. Bible We have committed the to Memoryg let us now life. LEON KERN Engine Mechanics Nothing is denied to labor, nothing is ever without it. PAUL TRAUTWEIN Science, Physical Education The secret of success in life, a' man to be ready tor his tunity when it comes. 'bf ALTA BELL, A.B., M.A. Elementary Education GROVER CLEM, A.B., M.A. Elementary Education 15 OPAL HAWES, A.B., M.A. Elementary Education Lecturers l , I 3 a i ., x-,.,,, . .-ffqil, 4-. '. , I y .f .lf " K CHARLES BOOTH, A.B., Nl-A- HOWARD BREEDlNG, A.B. JESSE BROWN, A.B. Education, Psychology Latin Elementary Education PAUL COATES, A.B. MARIE FINNEY, A.B. WENDELL HARMON, Art Elementanf Education A.B., M.A., Ph.D. History O fF'I'5:9-if l,-+ Q, ' Ent 15311. Q GEORGE VOUGAI A-B-I B-D-, D.D, VlOLET WURFEL, A.B., M.A., Pl'l.D. ARTHUR WOOD, A.B., M.A., Pl'l.D Bible, Religion History Sociology Sponsored by Shady Grove Dairy WI A A A :jo ' Q-11:9 .IF . M q,e,,qn . F ' xv A'w .'1FTE'v'-,L. ' T -- 1.-he I 1.h131TEIw, ,I X . ' . ,, - ,w-4, 'H M. :P . . . I W .. - ' St ' r ffl, , nAQ5' 1 1 211 I: ' V Dean 95 Womm Dean if Men Mrs. Vera Burkholder Mr, Carl Wolgemufh Religious Director Mr. Owen Alderfer I4 i Secretaries Mrs. Mildred Markley Mrs. Lorraine Stump Mrs. Eleanor Lehman Miss Esther Miller lNof picfuredl - Mrs. Beverly Osburn Miss Verna Glonder Compliments of Save-U-Stations 268 E. Arrow Hwy. ll r - - J.-.,,f V-.ig . -.1-,V , v -, X5 '.- fr H ' - ri: -, V- , u . . . Fl Lilmrarian cmcl .Assistant Miss Miriam Bowers and Mrs. Hannah Foote. y.-1--.., .1 'rive- iiijl Ui Mamtenallce wld Nurse Mr. Ralph Good Mrs. Marilyn Wolgemufh Dr- James Alderfer 1 I M 1 l f i C0014 Assistant to Business er Miss Anna Brubaker Mf- Bob PYke Compliments of Upland Pharmacy I 5 260 N. Second Ave., Upland l, "Unto Thee Cuff Adviser - Mr. Alderfer, Sec. - Dorcas Kline, Vice Pres. - Mary Ann Dean, Senator - Ray Buckwalter, Treas, - Ruth- ann Hyland. ' KAREN BUCKWALTER Upland, Calif. Education Nothing is so infectious as example. President, Karen Buckwalter. Can it loe possible that four have passed already? It seems yesterday that we struggled correct sentence structure, s outlining, etc .... The time passed, however, and has left many pleasant memories: Ji Senior banquet, our "skip" to quoia, open-air Sunday mc worship service, class parties most important of all - GRA TION! O ,QP 5l'llRLEY CHANCELLOR Ontario, Calif. Education If ever I am a teacher, it will be to learn more than to teach. Congratulations to the Class of 1959 from the Upland Savings 50 Loan Assn. 61.5 1 a-'X 'CQTIY MARY ANN DEAN Upland, Calif. Education Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Seniors RUTHANN HYLAND Springfield, Ohio Education We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough. DOROTHY KILFOIL Ontario, Calif. Education The future destiny of a child is the work of the mother. WILLIAM KLINGHOFFER lnot picturedl Montclair, Calif. History l will study and get ready and someday my chance will come. ,l BOB GOGGIN Fontana, Calif. Education Good humor is the health of the soul, sadness is its poison. JEAN LEINWEBER Ontario, Calif. Home Economics Nothing is more simple than greatness, indeed, to be simple is to be great. Compliments of Wise Pharmacy 218 N. Second Ave., Upland Q- TTT? RACHEL MCBETH Elizabethtown, Penna. Education l love these little people and it is not a slight thing when they love us. Semors LOIS RUTH MINTER MARJORIE PAUGSTAT Abilene, Kansas Upland, Conf, Home Economics Hgme Economics Nothing is too much trouble if it Lqughfer is fhe bubbling brook gives happiness to someone else. in the meadows of happiness. l RUSSELL HANSON lnot picturedl Upland, Calif. Physics Education is the knowledge of how to use the whole of one's self. ELMER SIDER Dunnville, Ontario, Canada Physics Educated in a moior degreet his own initiative and effort. DAVID SUTTER BOB SURPRISE Upland, Calif. Cucamonga, Calif. , Physics Education HGPPMGSS is mflde UP of fhfee things The best of all governments is that -a g00d bunk GCC0Uf'l'l', which teaches us to govern ourselves. A a good cook, and a good digestion. Allen T. Mitchell and Son 20 Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditicming, Household Appliances BGG n ffl? good ole 0 - F PARK X 1 1. sl, XX X M, -' 1'-Qin! 4 J X 1 S, 1 A . ,V fi avi' a J A ffl fi Senator -- Jess Gincler, Sec. - Noreen Trautwein, Vice Pres. - Mary Ellen Book, Treas. - Maurice Bender, Adviser-Mr. Salfzman Knot picturedl. MAURICE BENDER President - Jim Engel Colle The college iuniors of 1958-59, numbering about nineteen, were ofl' to a tremendous year by having their first party at the home of their advisers, Mr. and Mrs. Royce Saltz- man. We had many other enioyabl Times together, but The highlight o the year was the annual Junior- Senior banquet. MARY ELLEN BOOK Upland, Calif. ld' at 413- A MARIAN COFFEY Fontana Calif. Upland, Calif. RAY BUCKWALTER ART COOPER Upland. Calif- upland, conf. Sponsored by Graves Automotive Supply Serving Upland College Faculty and Students unio rs Jim Engel Upland, Calif. Carole Engle Upland, Calif. ,W . LS' Jess Ginder Verna Goeddei Upland, Calif. Vicrorville, Calif. Dorcas Kline Montoursville, Penna l i -1 -X .un 1 fy 522.5 Marilyn MacAuIay Erma Mann Upland, Calif. Clayton, Ohio Compliments of Ceorge's Flower Shop 155 S. Euclid, Upland Marilyn Marfin Elizabethtown, Penna UI1l0I'S Bill Moofe Irene Ownbey Whittier, Calif. Upland, Calif. Barbara Rickel l'lC1I'0lCl 5iSCO Upland, Calif. Owosso, Michigan Noreen Traufwein Eldon Wingerd Upland, Calif. Ramona, Kansas Compliments of The First National Bank of Upland Colle Sgvhornores "Small, but mighty" - With this as our slogan, we optimistically began our Soph- omore year with great expectations. These expectations were realized beginning with the Freshmen Initiation and included the class skip second semester. We shall always remember this year as a harmony of many events and profitable experiences. Allen Book Upland, Calif. President-Bob Musser Orrin Book Upland, Calif. The Daily Report Largest evening circulation in San Bernardino County Adviser-Mr. Wm. Boyer, Vice Pres.-- Elaine Crider, Sec.-Treas. - Lois Miller, Senator-Everett Nissly. Elaine Crider Jonestown, Penna. 1 IE 5 cgylwmores Charles Kalland Leon Kern lnof piciuredl indian Hill, Colo. Lois Miller 1 l Upland, Calif. Lynn Mowry Millersville, Penna. Pomona, Calif. 5' Bob Musser Q Charles Rickel Grantham, Penna. Upland, Calif. Everett Nissly Garrett, Indiana Sponsored by Craig Oil Products, 1471 E. Arrow, Upland College Freshmen We, the freshman class, entered the halls of Upland College in September of 1958. Mingled were our feelings of fear and wonder. We were soon made to feel at home, however, by the friendly faculty and returning students. Some of the highlights of our Fresh- men year were the initiation day, parties and our "skip," Memories of this year will long linger with us as we confident- ly look ahead to the future. -D6 . QF? l il Adviser - Mr. Engle, Sec.-Doris Lebo, Treas. - Jerel Book, Senator - Mahlon Minter, Vice Pres. - Marilyn Bickmore lnot picturedl, Social Chairman - Gary Musser lnot picturedl. . .A- Sue Albright Whittier, Calif. President-Bob Moffitt Ellis Asper Arlington, Calif. Pax 3 Marilyn Bickmore Jerel Book Upland, Calif. Upland, Calif. Compliments o Alan A . Couch Chevrolet Virgil Books Upland, Calif. 'll 27 536 E. Foothill, Upland Larry Keisling Moreno, Calif. Alta Kuntz Abilene, Kansas Doris Lebo Mechanicsburg, Penna. Mahlon Minter Abilene, Kansas Sara Brubaker Upland, Calif. Judy Goggin Fontana, Calif. Jim Handley Mt. Baldy, Marilyn Springfield Bob Moffitf Phoenix, Arizon Gary Musser Upland, Calif. Wayne North Glendora, Calif, Preston Payne Yorba Linda, Ca Ray Raser Waukee, lowa Jeane Schildberg Ontario, Calif. David Spisak Lemon Grove, Calif. Gerald White Ontario, Calif. 28 Sponsored by Bwmstead Sporting Goods Store, B Street, Ontario Special Students ennie Brechbill ie Dringenberg John Hall George Mahon Bob Mowry Esther Miller Ray Musser Don Swift Lorane Oakley Ali Soofi Carl Wolgemufh Mary Wood 1 1 Ardis Alderfer Martha Bennett Cal Benson Kay Boyer Marie Downing Jock Flefcher Verna Glander Anna Haldemon Sponsored by the Empire C0-Insurance, 387 N. and Ave., Upland M. W. Grothe, Mgr. Christine Johnson Grace Lehman Jewel Meador Anne Musser Doris O'Neal Vern Orum Dorothy Raymer Mariorie Snider -Q rv E-KAL. 3 ' 'u QQ, X: ' Q 1 ...EZ 'Z-f - LJ? 1 Ve -7, 1 X 0 Nh: N M -if .. .1- .5-'ff 'V V 5 5. ,, A.f ,. 1 1 TQ 'if .Z ' lfm. Vim, , ,gg-H ,,.,. SV. .4 7 UI I 1 1, 5 A i 'W E52 'V Uuu.4,J.,mn:uw.,iinn:lkCQi1w.NJus:X7sfv9aL'fr ,L 1- Alma Mater Tune: Gaudeamus 1 X1- W4 'Vi bj 5 w f 4.wf.w5 ..! L, gave to thee, Stur - dy son and daugfh - ter call us foglh, He :cts e all bfa 1' turn - ing MJ I LV? JWHW EEFFEEFEQEWE gl 351535 JJJJJJ jljgfplggffliglgfflggffl to her bring-ing, Loud her prais-es ev - er sing we shall pon -der, Go a wis -dom,trufth and hon EEEFE 'JFAJEEF F I I emi? A 53,5 Maia 4 51 zz 22:21:11: ezganzm szlzgge sail zz :agar I F. Cam us Scenes Gif CHAPEL 4 "U" BUILDING Sponsored by Allura Dairy, U pland. Quality at minimum prices. ctivities "Praise Him with stringed instruments an organs. d PRESIDENT-Bob Surprise Studen Senate, under The leadership of Bob Surprise, i The governing body of The College. Senate is com posed of The officers, representatives from eac class, Echo, Spotlight cmd C.W.B. These student have been responsible for many of The pleasurabl experiences The student body has enioyed This pa year. They also discuss The problems which arise o campus and are willing to lisTen To what inolividu students have To offer in the way of advanceme of Upland College. VICE PRESIDENT-Marge Pougsfot ADVISER-Mr. Wiebe SECRETARY-Carole Engle T , I NW' TREASURER-Jim Engel Compliments of I. I. Atwood Co. 25 N. Second Avenue, Upland 3 OV6I'IlI116I1f . . Working together geis ihlngs done." SENATE SOCIAL COMMITTEE K Froni row: CHAIRMAN - Marge Pclugstcxi, Alto Kuntz. Bock row: Bob Moffift, Roy Buckwolter. Sponsored by W. B, Randle, Quality Cars, Ontario Senators Seniors Ray Buckwolfer Juniors Jess Ginder Sophomores Everett Nissly Freshmen Mohlon Minier Echo Lois Minrer Spotlight Rufhonn Hyland C.W.B. Eldon Wingerd fsfX .,,, ,Ig Q12-,Z wif . ,Q rj I'Ti',-.x.-4- 1--F3 L " ' . 'fm v IM V I 1 f::.n'sr!..v,x-- a ,X-.fn ,, .-M i' 'Zi , V. H , J I 3 ' Ig " 'nf ,Q-11.,,Ixl , x. ,TI I ,I 13 f J' I K. f ' if' 'If 17 'f II - J-, ' .i s , I an a 11,435 z , 411+ e . " 3,4125-1'f21z?5i':'I5Q' I 'll I - , T27 :I ITS! -- Q., ' 4 'I I Front Row: Accompanist-A. Musser, L. Minter, M. E. Book, S. Brubaker, M. Bick- more, E. Crider, A, Kuntz. Second Row: B. Musser, N. Trautwein, L. Miller, V. Goeddel, M. Pougstat, E. Mann, S. Albright. Third Row: E. Wingerd, C. Kalland, D. Spisok, P. Payne, G. Musser, B. Moffitt, M. Minter., H. Sisco. 7:30 each weekday morning finds twenty-one faithful members present for rehearsal. 7:45, 12:30, 6:30, and many other times throughout the day, we may also see these students robing up to go out to witness for Christ through song. They present many inspirational programs throughout the year at school, in the community, and in surrounding areas and states. Their songs and countenances have inspired their listeners numerous times to live-a more Christ-centered life. 36 Musical Grou "7 LADIES' QUARTET ' Paugsraf Noreen Traulwein, Mary Ellen Boo k Erma Mann, Mariorle , 'W' f'T?i"'s " MEN'S QUARTET Bob Moffitf, Charles Kalland, Preston Payne, Dave Spisak TRUMPET TRIO Charles Kalland, Bob Goggi n, Preston Payne i CHAPEL COMMITTEE ACCOMPANISTS Lois Ruth Minrer Marjorie Puugsfaf Marilyn Bickmore Altcl Kuntz Bob Moffifr S iritual ,, K 1 '13 Hg NOON PRAYER UPLAND BRETHREN IN CHRIST CHURCH Dealing in Destinies - Seeking and Serving CHRISTIAN LIFE COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN1 Bill Moore lnof picfuredl, Larry Keisling, Elaine Crider, Mr. Alderfer, Adviser. Errgvhasis MISSIONARY WEEK EVANGELIST Pete Willms '1,':'l.r1"1Q ".1'!w"' -ui, M' V Y l -ix 1- 9 Qs.. OUR PLACE OF WORSHIP EVANGELIST "VoIun'reer Kingdom Workers" - These words which echoed Throughouf The week of November 2-8, were spoken by our evangelist, PeTe Willms. Rev. Wilms is a missionary on furlough, having served five years in Japan. The humiliry and inspirafion of Rev. Willms, guided by The Spirit, caused many stu- denis To renew Their consecration wiih Chrisf. CHI ALPHA I Ji' V ., :Ji i NH M 'lip I I OFFICERS . . . . . . . P - - M ' B CI ANTED: YOUTH, wim no mimi but His, no will but His, no mzght bw His, Jil ,,,eff"Qfjmj"GjQdde, to build the superstructure of ETERNITY with the Souls of Men. Sec.-Treas. - Sue Albright Pastor Dourte Gofel Chrisfian Worker's Band gives stuclenfs The opporfunify To wif- ness Through gospel teams. These Teams serve af a gospel mission, neighboring churches, Boys' Camps, and a Resf Home. The Lorol has blessed This service ouflef of siudenT activities. Many people have been drawn closer to Him and The sludenfs have found if a source of challenge. Il' Torn Son Cleaners 181 N Second 4venuP, Upland We operate our own plant. El L P tt Owner member o National Institute Dry Cleaners 1-eam Team III: .Elmer Sider, Larry, Keisling, Orrin Book, Jeane Schildberg, Gerald White, Erma Mann, Captain, Alta Kuntz, Doris Lebo, Sara Brubaker, Dave Spisak Inot picturedl. Team II Team II: Maurice Bender, Captain, Jim Handley, Jerel Book, Gary Musser, Verna Goeddel, Dorcas Kline, Elaine Crider, Marilyn Bickmore. Tecun III Team IV Team IV: Charles Rickel, Captain, Art Cooper, Allen Book, Bob Musser, Harold Sisco, Lois Minter, Barbara Rickel, Sue Albright, Mary Ann Dean. Finleyas Rexall Drugs - "Prescription Specialiszsv Glen E. Finley, 8510 Sierra, Fontana, California. VA 2-2288 105 N. Euclid Avenue, Ontario, California. YU 61-3101 41 Pi De l COACH :snug Charles Kulland, Verna Goeddel, Bob Musser, Doris Lebo, Roy 'Rosen Pi Kappa Delta, a National Forensic Fraternity, is an Dr. Boyer active organization on the Upland College Campus. Upland College holds the California Kappa Chapter of this distin- guished organization and as a local chapter seeks to en- courage effective communication and creative thought. During the current school year, the speech squad has been active in forensic meets on many college campuses through the Southland. They have received excellent ratings, and have been undefeated in debates on various occasions. Much credit goes to these hard-working students for their excellent showmanship in the forensic field. ' wiv: 1 Coach George l-lostetler Debc e Debaters at workl Compliments of W. E. Walk, J r. - Proudly serving Upland College as a Trustee d 4' rs R Fo1"n Students DQ W 15 0 6 0 Canada Edmund Madrid - gm A, Vg: I Lv' Qfcijggv 93' TF IJQQ?-fun .: L Q-FI' Ivan. - l,n'TAi.4 .- Lypfjgqfgx A ' dig f"' 4. d 1 - ' uf: .. . B 'Iv f Q -, :nl . I ryny .K Guatcunala H I J ,v.1,1 -el M Elmer sedef Iran Ali soon I ,,, i Safe Inn One of the busiest places at noon time on the campus is the Spart Inn. Here we final good food, have a chat with our friends . . . some- even final it is a ,good place to study, Both faculty and students appreciate the convenience of this central meeting place. MANAGERS lllfrii 'U wil g-1-" SATISFIED CUSTOMERS 3' LP Maggfs Fine Fashions for Smart Women llyhoos The highest honor that can come to a student at Upland College is recognition by WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN COLLEGES AND UNIVER- SITIES. The choice is mcide by a student-faculty committee, based upon leadership, scholarship, school loyalty and Christian character. The 1959 committee chose MARJORIE PAUGSTAT, who is well deserving ofthe honor. Marge is maioring in Home Economics and Education, and has been an outstanding student here for five years. Congratulations Marge! May the best in life be yours. Q 5 otlight S jf Spartan Spotlight is our by-weekly campus newspaper published by interested students un- der the capable editorship of Ruthann Hyland. The Spotlight contains general school news, feature articles, and airs student opinions on school matters. Through the Spartan Spotlight "' 'y we endeavored to reflect a mirror of student life. EDITOR Ruthann Hyland if I ASSOCIATE EDITOR Marilyn Hyland , I I' I I! 'H - if .lt E. if A41 y up if yu . 1 4 . L ...I-r1"jg' X! I . ' I :::.. - n v , , ! r::uu.. 4 , 'fiiiiff 165 A SPORTS t1EPORChcrxeS gallon C Grow Engle . CHRISTIAN LIFE REPRESENTATIVE Charles Rickel Compliments of W. F. Rugg Lumber Co., 120 S. Euclid Ave., Upland Z ROVING REPORTERS Judy Goggin Marilyn Martin Karen Buckwalter 1 -Q F? ADVISER William Tapsfield "-.J f I TYPISTS - Mary Ann Dean, Dorcas Kline, Karen Buckwalfer, Marilyn Bickmore, Judy Goggin. Jl Bank of America, Upland Branch i .qx Ula, l 5 , 'wily Mui Q A li A ' CARTOONIST li, Sara Brubaker - f NOSEY NELLIE Marge Paugsfaf Will 35 NSW! Mi 1' Antzrnzte Assoczates Termzte Control Q 4 if - if-.. , 33 308 N. Second Avenue, Upland 126 N . Second A,11enne, Upland "Come before His presence with singing." Sponsored by Olson. 190 Clinfs Market, Upland Congratulations Class of '59 Giaddllf Amaem Seniors Treasurer, Violet Hartman Adviser, Paul Trautwein ' Secretary, Phyllis Hostetter 4 '-. Vice President, Gloria Eckman ,Q .... fVf This year was one of real fellowship among the members of the Senior class. After being to- gether for four years each member feels sorry to part with the others. With Paul Trautvvein as their adviser they were brought to realize that this is really lust a beginning. President, Fred Koning we RICHARD BOUMA LARRY CLAEYS SHARON COX Onfu,-io, Calif- Montclair, Calif. Ontario, Calif, Doing nothing is the most tiresome Af the Ve"Y best, 0 PEVSOVT If l5n'f YOUV P05l'fl0n 'fhflf molfes iob in ,he world, because you can-1, completely wrapped up in himself you happy but your disposition. quit and rest, makes a small package. Congratulations to Class of '59 From Euclid Savings 30 Loan Assn., Ontario 50 'T' XA... 5, "r P' I GLORIA ECKMAN GALE Go1Ns RAY GOINS Upland, Calif. Upland, Calif. Upland, Calif. The diamond with some spots is still Some people never learn anything NO flies get into G shut mouth' more precious than perfect glass. because they understand everything foo soon. VIOLET HARTMAN Pomona, Calif, Charming from head to toes, liked by everyone she knows. 'Q -VN 'lT""9' FRED KONING Corona, Calif. much what we know as how well we use what we know. JERRY HOlSlNG-TON Upland, Calif. At school she's very shy, but outside - my, oh, myl Compliments of Ray Davis Jewelers Compliments of Huntington Pharmacy Upland 317 N. Euclid Avenue, Ontario 51 T i ! I N 5' SUE LEACH NORMA LENHERT BILL MCLAIN Ontario, Calif. Ontario, Calif. Ontario, Calif. There is a woman at the beginning A willing helper does not You cannot lead any further of all great things. wait till she is asked. than you have gone yourself. ANNETTE PRICE Upland, Calif. She looks shy but don't let that fool you. NORILYN SHOCKLEY Ontario, Calif. lf the world laughs at right back--it's as funny 1'4" 'Cf-7' BEVERLY SWIFT Pomona, Calif. A place for everything, everything in its place. ARNOLD VILLOCINO Upland, Calif. Right decisions are not a matter of book knowledge, but of iudgment. Harris Prescription Pharmacy Sponsored by Hoitefs Upland Furniture 205 N , 2nd Aww U pland Distributor of Home F urnishings, 300 N. Euclid M' .' ' l. , -', Q L- ' . glen 'Hi?Fn'fing H Af, 5' 4 , .IW Q Q 'ii , , 'A A v Q, ,. A' Gliveilmttdkfmg .- 'i I -.7 I' 41 ffmfgfiti G iw 'I I, ' l l 54 S Vice Pres.-Don Nissly Adviser-Mr. Hosierler Secretary-Marlene Stone Treasurer-John Book President-Norman Berf Acaaewf uniors The J-unior class This year blessed with originalify, alive and deferminalion. Se' new members were ddded 41 the class is well on its way being The Mighty Seniors. mm Norman Bert John Book Charles Burkholder Upland, Calif. Upland, Calif. Upland, CGW- Thomsons The fnest furniture in the Valley. Diane Gell San Diego, Calif. Ida Jones Glendora, Cal if. Del Hensley Realtor, 313 N . Second Upland -- YU 2-4601 nh ov- 43 we-3 'ef' ' PJ" L 5 H gllivll , ,up .3-',"gff',l-.: -11550: ,-!ii.T-.ifvkil n John Koning Vic Koning Roger Lighfenberg Timothy Miller Chino, Calif. Corona, Calif. Ontario, Calif. Covina, Calif. gf' on -"' ul uniors .4 ..,...f yin' if' g.d Don Nissly Marlene Stone Upland, Calif. San Diego, Calif. Richard Traufwein Fern Wingerd Ray Wingercl Dora Woodrow Pasadena, Calif. Ramona, Kansas Upland, Calif. Cucamonga, Calif Sponsored by l'cle's Service, Upland Compliments of Scotfs Jewelers We specialize in Lubrication 261 N. Second Avenue, Upland Vice Pres.-Patti Wyant Adviser-Mr. Haldeman Secretary-Linda Book Treasurer-Penny Rardin Joe Bare Academ SQPIIOIIIOTCS '- I, . , ,rg President-Dick Vouga Linda Book Upland, Calif. V Judy Bowers ' Upland, Calif. 1, . The class with a future, the sophomores, still have Their two most important years ahead of them. Their class officers pro- vided entertainment and expert leadership for them. Carron Cummins Cucamonga, Calif. Onlcflof Calif- Melody Chancellor Gerald Eckman Ado Flshel' Ontario, Calif. 56 Upland, Calif. Pasadena, Calif. Sponsored by Frank Stijfler Photography 203 West E St., Ontario 1 rf Ronald Goins Upland, Calif. '2ose Hartman 'omona, Calif. Penny Rardin Ontario, Calif. Henry TeVelde Upland, Calif. Lonnie Unruh Upland, Calif. Villocino Upland, Calif. Judy Kitchen Bill Lewis Beth Lightner Deanna Markley Ontario, Calif. Upland, Calif. Cucamonga, Calif. Montclair, Calif. l Gloria McClure Ontario, Calif. Gail Musser Upland, Calif. Cathy Nissly Upland, Calif. Janet Pemberton Upland, Calif. .1 iii 'A' Heide Vithen Dick Vouga Roger Wiles Patti Wyant Upland, Calif. Ontario, Calif. Glendora, Calif. Alta Loma, Calif. Sponsored by Stone Mortuary, Upland Vice Pres.-Bob Lightner Adviser-Mr. Sider Secretary-Carol Wyant Treasurer-Jerry Swift New, but capable, are 0 men officers, Claudia Cummins Ontario, Calif. new Freshmen ur fresh- Presidenr-Tommy Sayre A 'Hwy 1 f , 51, Joi. y 1 1 2 .-esp, :Q ". A . ' L" Kenny Franklin Robert Lighfner DUGVIG R6II'f1bOlCl Upland, Calif. Cucamonga, Calif. Uplond Cflllf 3 Tommy Sayre Ben Showalter Gerald Swift Carol WYUVW Riverside, Calif. Upland, Calif. Pomona, Calif. Alfa l-OITIG Cflllf lnof piciuredl The Alumni Association: Congratulations . . . Grads of 1959, and welcome . . . Alumni! L s H. A,p F 3 r N Q , 1 1 5 r r I . 1 U, 5 "Praise Him with the sound of the trumpets Wm This year the Platform Aris Class pro- duced fwo maior plays, "The Tinker" and "Hidden Treasure." They also produced 'wo smaller plays, one for the P.T.A., nol one in chapel. Each production was big success and was thoroughly en- ioyed by all who attended. P h e earsal for ,Th e yynker Students practicing for "Hidden Treasure" "Stop if. STOP if!" Seated: N. Shockley, P. Hostetter, D. Geil, S. Leach, V. Hartman, H. Vithen, N. Lenhert, A. Price. Standing: Director: Mr Hostetler, F. Koning, G. Eckmcm, L. Claeys, R. Goins. Compliments of 0-U Creamery, 711 W. Holt, Ontario ,J . .pp is V 'V President - Bill McLain Student Student Council this year was not iusf an excuse to get out of class, but it was a time when things were really accomplished. Stu- dent Court was one of the proiects in which each representative enioyed participating. Shim, Vice-President - Sue Leach Secretary - Violet Hartman 'E Vic Koning, Linda Book, Ray Wingerd ti' Treasurer - Fred Koning ti' Freshman Representative Ben Showalter Sponsored by The Christnzn Light Book Store. Compliments of Butler Brothers Department Store Religious supplies and stationaries. 317 N. Euclid Ave. 343 N. Second Ave., U pland, California Ontario, California Govemznent Senior Representatives Gloria Eckman, Arnold Villocino STUDENT COUNCIL Junior Representatives Tim Miller, Richard Trautwein iii' lavfi' ll! ulffif. 'ill' "l"' ual Publications Representatives Sophomofe RePVe5ef"fUfiV95 Norman Bert, Beverly Swift Winston Villocino, Henry TeVelde Lowe's Merfs Store - Hart, Shafner and Marx Clothes, Arrow Shirts, Jarman Shoes - 117 N. Euclid Ave., Ontario 63 O O O Releywus W ACCOM PAN lST BRASS ENSEMBLE Linda Book, lnor picTuredl Sharon Cox Ray Goins, Norm Bert, Ben Showalter Ron Goins, Gale Goins. CH L APE HAPE L Q Mr. Holdemon Dick Vougc Marlene sto During The pasT year our chapel services have meanT a greaT deal To us. We will always remember The blessings which we received from The guesT speakers, The singing, The Testimonials, and The programs in, general, which were planned by our chapel commiTTee. When Klimes furnishes your home your special rewards include assured quality by nalionally known suppliers and expert decorative service, all at purse pleasing prices. I Miss Miller, ne, Mr. Sider 1 Academ Choral Front Row: C. Nissly, J. Kitchen, M. Stone, S. Cox, P. Rardin, D. Geil, S. Leach, V. Hartman, J. Pemberton Second Row: R. Hartman, F. Wingerd, G. McClure, D, Vouga, D. Nissly, W. Villocino, D. Woodrow, D. Markley B. Lightner. Third Row: B. Swift, G. Musser, J. Bowers, R. Wingerd, C. Burkholder, A. Villocino, B. McLain, G Eckman, P. Wyont, N. ShockIey,'P. Hostetter, Accompanist Linda Book Director William Haldeman Bib lub . l- l The Academy Bible Club met in the chapel every Friday at ll:OO. Students eagerlyattended to see what was in store for them. A good variety of programs were presented under guidance of Mr. Trautwein cmd Richard. Bible Club was a time of relaxation and fellowship for all the Christian students on campus. President-Richard Traufwein ViCe.Pre5,-Bev Swift Secretory-Marlene Stone Treas.-Arnold Villocino G05 el Team Team l QP Seated: D. Morkley, M. Stone, J. Kitchen, S. Leach, Captain- B. Swift, F. Wingerd, C, Nissly. Standing: N. Bert, R. Goins, C. Burkholder, R. Wingerd. Team ll 6 if . . U it. in- . Seated: G. Musser, G. McClure, L. Book, J. Bowers, S. Cox, N. Shockley. Standing: B. Lightner, D. Nissly, Captain-A. Villocino, J. Book, P. Hostefter. Grads of 1959 are in demand as they join Upland College Alumni now serving with distinction in many areas of service . . . the Alumni Association. Lancer L' YL? Editor-Norm Bert Gossip Editor-Don Nissly The Lingo staff, under the expert leadership of Editor Norm Bert, produced for us this year a well-rounded paper full ot news, stories, iokes, gossip and This 'n that. The Lingo was always right on time anal was thoroughly enioyed by students and teachers alike. Sports Editors-Charles Burkholder and Religious Editor- Richord Trautwein Bev Swift Social Editor-Gail Musser if K l. if l Campus Life Editor- Linda Book Congratulations classes of '59 J. W. Bert, Commercial Sprayer, 3rd Ave., Upland . -9-,. .Mgt O sons and daughters let us sing 0-A SM I 69 Echo sf "Ti The Echo staff was in a constant whirl of activity from its first meeting at The beginning of the year until the final deadline was met. During this time, we endeavored to work co- operatively together To present the lite of Up- land College and Academy. 5-L' , I i -. , l Q -..N,f The ECHO STAFF of1923 congratulates the ECHO STAFF of 1959 Samuel F. M inter, Abilene, Kansas N i x N X fl f il Fhst Prize Second Prize Lois Minter and Erma Mann received first prize for Second prize was presented to Verna Goeddel and elaborating on the Homecoming theme by displaying Bernie Dringenberg for depicting the traditional the kitchens of "then and now." school and the modern school. Homecom' Activities 'W .-I U ,T s o X Pete and Mary Wilms acting out a Japanese custom. Upland College Junior Alumni .if . -. y - .I , V y- V . I, I 'I I' '. ll . i L ... .1 ww,- M HL ,T E -1 T . l LYCEUM COMMITTEE The Lyceum committee with Robert Musser representing the student body along with Dr. Martin, Mr. Saltzman, and Mr. Wiebe, presented a variety of events throughout the year. The "Living Desert," shown at Homecoming opened the film series for the T958-59 school year. Other productions shown at various times were "Pickwick Papers", "Farewell to Yester- day", and "The Lite of Leonardo da Vinci." COLLEGE 2nd SEMESTER STUDENTS Cal J. Benson. ACADEMY 2nd SEMESTER STUDENTS Back row-Susie Sutton, Cynthia Herr. Front row-Barbara Marqucirdt, Linda Hayes. Sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Chester G. Eckman, Upland. Compliments of Robert Cemmel - Quality Photofinishing, 301 W. Calif., Ontario Bock row: Jane Howe, Warren Haw- kins, Keith Markley. Front row: Ed- mundo Madrid, Donnabell Jeffries, , Dorm ..-L. ,- V115 f H K I Q ' Aa.. M, -14. yama- , 1. ., X -E:-lf 1 ., 1, --org.. .. I. 'Q' 1- 'T - v V . , K1 H1 P-L5'5".,ih' . -- sg-Q-A s . an-J ... dirt for ovhlefic field .,' ll School Chrustmos Bcmquef '9'?'g In-LJ Down Old Tucson way . . . 4 N X J 04 , reading." ' ll Sm 1 Work P ect Academy Committee Each spring students of the college and academy desert their books and enter the commu- nity for two days of work. During these doys some students are employed as office secretaries while others perform household and lawn duties. The proceeds from these days are used by the student government for specific campus improvement. STUDENT-FACULTY RECEPTION ON TOP OF MT. BALDY Sponsored by Durham Construction Co. - Local builders for over ffteen years. Ontario, California 5 1 ,f w . , .4 X tix, A 4' pc, fx 8 .VLA Q xgfl - '. ' w , KJ . . Y sl y is N4 gf - x 4 I 5' 2 Y '- 'A 1 ks 5,54 J 13 ' Y L Xt. V . V- --,,Q.'v' N-., f l :fb- '- 'R wi .ef 'E+-' ,, V' Q I l J If : e. ' ' R ' ' '15 ifm ' il' v ' " 'ifif-E-if 'HF' F.: ' ' ' 1-H . 'wi-72? H . ' ,wh Y 'f 517. W 1 TR I : .Hgh , , -' .-, as. Y f .A -' Q i .W -1' as - "f-1' . X. , - QQ' N L 5 - -h , J . Q Q I A ,J V J r 5 1 Q: Ref ' " -'r a 'X . 1 1...-af' Q V ca - 5 'Er IA Wig: .. .. ,W-5... ,..., gg Q ' x .nur I-- M- 'v it ,,, A r 1, Girl A day in the life of ca typical College Student. Model Student Karen Buckwolter. She gets reody for school. She comes to school with cn friend She listens in class. She folks to o friend. She leads us with u cheer. She l'1GS her dev0fl0r1S. Sponsored by the Upland Office of Pomona F irst Federal Savings and Loan Associatlbn Foothill Boulevard and F iftlz. Avenue A day in the life of crtypicol Uplcmd Academy Student. Model Student Fred Koning. i He gets ready for school He comes to school 1 im .fu "j t -- t K t t r He listens i?l in class. He has his devotions He talks with a friend He makes cn basket l?! Sponsored by Bethany Brethren in Christ Church Sponsored by Lehmen's Youthful Fashions T homas, Oklahoma 1-3 S. Hanover St., Carlisle, Perma. Praise Him upbn the loud cymbals Sffyrrs R: Committee Erma Mann, Karen Buckwalter, Marilyn Bickmore, Gary Musser, Jess Ginder. Cheer Leaders . This peppy trio has added a necessary teams this year. Even though we sometimes came out on the short end ofthe scores, these three led our stands in the yells cheering us on Toward victory. "Satisfied . . . said satisfiedl' V Colle e These five peppy people have headed the sports ac- tivities among the students this year. Pep rallies were interest-heightened due to some ingenuity exhibited by them. It was a good year in sports and these students deserve credit, spark to the ' 0 tl x - a N L J 1 1 Sponsored by Draper Walton Insurance Agency 82 418 N. Second Ave., Upland Acaderlzy Cheer Dick Vouga Gloria McClure Gflil MUSSBI' P Committee Leaders Henry TeVelde, Gloria Eckman, Don Nissly. A Friendly Church serving the community. Sponsored by L. G. Engle "I am. the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Jn. 14:6 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance C0 Pasadena Brethren in Christ Church 430 N- Leffwfla Onwfiv Vollgflvall I l C0 - Ccjftains Don Swift Noreen Truufwein Orrin Book Mary Ann Deon Set it up, Mary Ellen L Sponsored by Weitzefs Yum Yum Frosty Freeze Sara Brubaker just north of Memorial Park, Upland ROY Bufkwflhef Jess Ginder Sue Leach x Gvlle e Basicetlvall Paul Trautwein has done an excellent iob ot coaching our Spartans. Their co-operation and willingnessto work together as a team with spirited vigor brought us through another great year of Sports. Ann SQART QART Q Mm AR 144, ! 4.1. Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland SCOY5 . . .. L.AIP.C. . . . Cal Poly P.B.C. P.B.C. B.C.L. . . . H. Mudd . Cal Baptist . . . Y.R.C.A. . . . . L.A.P.C. ... .. L.I.F.E. . . . Pilgrims . . . . . P.B.S. . .. Y.R.C.A. . . . S.C.B.C. . Cal Baptist . . . . L.I.F.E. . . . . . B.C.L. .... S.C.B.C. . . . . . Azusa . . . . . C.B.C. Upland ..... C.B.C. Upland ..... Azusa Untario Miniature Golf, Arcade, Archery, Ping Pong Special Rates for Groups and Parties - 1215 W. Holt, Ontario 85 Jess Ginder TANS Dave Spisck Everett Nissly Don Swift Ci Mohlon Minter Ray Buckwalfer Mr. and M rs. less Hoover - Abilene, Kansas COACH Paul Trcutwein MANAGER Bud Kclland Five Caytains CAPTAIN Jess Ginder Keith ARTAN5 LRTAN 8 -.Ll x. Murkley Gary Musser Orrin Book W e encourage you to remember your local churches when selecting your Christian service. Verland Byer - Hamlin, Kansas Acculem Varsi Basketball KN.. Q .X h 'S Front row G. Goins, D. Nissly, B. McLain, T. Miller. Bqck row C Burkholder R Trqufweln F Komng V Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland The Sherwm Wzllzams Co 0 Ontario 51... Scores L.A.P.A. ....CUl.A. . . 29 Palms .. Pasadena .. Pasadena .. Flinfridge . . 29 Palms . . . . Webb .. Flinfridge . . . . L.A.P.C. Ambassador . . . ....... B.C.l.. B.C.L. Valley Christ. Ambassador Webb Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Upland Acaciem " " Basketball Starting Five SCOTUS 31 ............. L.A.P.A. 64 . . . ..... Cul. A. 46... ...29Palms 50 . . . .... Pasadena 32 . .. .... Flinfridge 39 . . . .... Pasadena 33 .. 29 Palms 36 . . . .... Webb 39 . .. . .. Flinfridge 57 . . . ....... L.A.P.A. 65 . .. .. . Ambassador 43 . . . ....... B.C.L. 37 . . . ......... B.C.L. 31 ... ... Valley Christ 68 . . . .... Ambasador 42 . . . ....... Webb COACH Doug Jones Coach-Doug Jones, H. TeVelde, V. Koning,, G. Goins, Manager, R. Wingerd, T. Miller, W. Villocino. This is our ball. "Hands upl" UPLANDER MOTOR HOTEL - Highway 66 and Euclid - Ontario Swimming Pool - ROMANTIC HONEYMOON SUITES KRESERVATIONS CONF1DENTIALj - Kitchen Apartments - Family Rooms - Valley Host Meeting Room - Courtesy Coffee Phone Yukon 2-8821 als Basketball . .. Under The capable leadership of "Posey Pyke," our girls have again come out near fhe Top. With only one loss, They went into The playoff. They were defeated in score but not in unify and enthusiasm. We commend The SPARTANETTES! Upland 53 Upland 35 Upland 30 Upland 44 Upland 53 Upland 46 Upland 22 Upland 25 Upland 66 Upland 36 Upland 36 Upland 42 Upland 28 Upland 29 Upland 52 Upland 29 Upland 36 We if 1 5' Back row: G, Eckman, L. Book, N. Traufwein, V. Goedclel, L. Miller, M. Paugsfaf, P. Hostefter. Front row M. Book, A. Kuntz, S. Leach, V. Hartman, D. Markley, C. Nissly. SCORES . . . Biola .. Biola . Alumni Y.R.C.A. . . L.I.F.E. Pasadena Pasadena . . . Y.R.C.A. . S.C.B.C. .. C.B.S. . . L.l.F,E. . . . Biola . . . S.C.B.C. .. Azusa . . C.B.S. . . Azusa Pasadena MESSIAH COLLEGE, Grantham, Perma. Congrvatulates UPLAND COLLEGE upon accredztatwrz, by Western College Associahbn. Manager-Carole Engle Co - Cgvtams Coach Noreen Truufwein, Marge Paugstct "Posey" Pyke Sfdffillq Six V. Goeddel, N. Trautwein, S. Leach, D. Markley, M. Book, M. Paugstcf. "l-leave itl Mary Ellen" Bcskeibull party pleasures INSURANCE FOR ACES 0 T0 80 - Hospitalization - Life - Accident, etc. For details call Yu, 6-8470 - Walt Reider, 535 West H St., Ontario Vars' SCHEDULE Baseball . . . Plans and interest are running high for a fourteen game schedule of the 1959 Conference in the minds and plans of each fellow team member. As we continue to take Christianity into our athletic program it will develop and make a definite contribution to Christian edu- cation. Coach P. Trautwein 11 Pomona College Frosh . V Azusa College . Boys Christian League L So. Calif. College L. A. P. C. C. B. S. L. I. F. E. 92 ..T ..' .. . - H - Ryans Auto Paint and Body Shop, 1248 West Holt Blvd., Ontario, Calif. l D I With a number of new faces and quite a bit of in- terest we began the 1959 season. Enthusiastic team- work in practice and in games gave us an eventful softball season. SCHEDULE Biola L. I. F. E. Pasadena Y. R. C. A. So. Calif. College UL. 55213.11 Back row: A. Price, D. Markley, C. Nissly, D. Woodrow, P. Hostetter, V. Hartman, Posey Pyke. Front row: S. Leach, I. Jones, M. Coffey, M. Book, V. Goeddel, L. Miller. l ..l till-5-I Sponsored by S11.epherd's Town Greeting Cards, folm Minter, Penna. , ff. . , . Il r ' 1 I D 'Q . I ' ,- lgL: f Q --vi . xc-nl ,V - i 1 ,' J? 44 J' ,Q a ' fl? -fe Il s, , ,Q a i r . .Q C The last movement of this "musical" composition comes to an end. It heralds the FINALE of a year of progress and promotions in our school and faculty, a year the ECHO staff hopes you will long remember through this yearbook. Notes are to be respected. To a musician they are little black ink scratches which are iewels in sound, to a professor they are little black words which build treasures in thought, to this editor, they are little black lines which have taken their form on these pages. These recorded notes are yours. You will hear them over and over again as they echo in your heart. lt takes all kinds of notes, signs, tempos to make up a musical composition . . . so it is with our yearbook . . . activities ranging from studies to basketball games, and parties to prayer meetings . . . This was the best concert! This is the FINALE. The notations go to: My associate editor, Bev-my most faithful and efficient helper, who was always ready to do much more than her share of work. To the rest of my staff who made this book possible by getting "ads," art work, taking pictures, typing and sports - "A big THANKS" for the iobs you have successfully filled. And to Mr. Derby, our adviser, and personal friend of the staff, "Thank you for your understanding, guidance and countless efforts." To the Faculty and Administration "Thanks" for being so kind and considerate. This year I may truthfully call the greatest year of my life. lt has been a pleasure being Editor of a book that will be cherished by you for many years to come . . . This has only been possible because of my staff and their many long hours of unselfish work. We trust that this score of the 1959 ECHO will bring pleasant memories of the year you spent at Upland College in preparation for further service for your Master. Lois Ruth Minter Sponsored by Temple Baptist Church of Ontario - Founded on the Word 224 W. Califormkz St. TO ALL ADVERTISERS The Echo Staff wishes to thank you for the splendid cooperation and support that you have shown in the preparation of this year's annual, Without your financial assistance and encouragement the ECHO could not continue to improve from year to year. TO THE PUBLISHER In appreciation of your many favors and technical assistance, the ECHO Staff wishes to express its gratitude to the staff of Yearbooks, Inc., Monrovia. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER The Annual Staff extends a "Thank You" to Mr. Stiffler, the official photographer for the 1959 ECHO. Your genial manner made our iob easier. Above all, we most appreciate your unlimited reservoir of patience. Sponsored by Chino Brethren in Christ Church - Rev. Merle Brubaker, Pastor Aclvezftisers Sewing and growing with UPLAND COLLEGE Arrow Dairy Farms. 1661 W. Arrow Hwy. YU 2-4549, Upland. Community Bible Clubs Sponsored by Norman Lawson, Investment Securities, Upland. UPLAND COLLEGE , El .' Sponsored by Zion Brethren in Christ Church. Abilene, Kansas. A Symbol of Service Throughout the Southland . . SHOPPING BAG Food Stores. Compliments of Ontario Travel Bureau. A complete travel service in Ontario, 29 E. Holt, YU 6-'l'l1. QEQIZOHIKI' Cl'E6lff0lZ .... .... P ususnens OF '-YEAR nooks ron me o1scn1MlNAnNo yearbooks .mZCOI3D0lTlfEd ..J!0IZI'0Vi!L, Gl1Xif0I'lZl'fl

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