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ri y T rU Z -xT rTT iLi ia ' Mi MlHIk lJitMl T H E 19 5 7 . E C H U- ?: : Ij ' ■.: ' v. " i .. ' •j. . ' ' . V ' m ' } ' :. . F " ' - Vn Y. BUCKX ' ' A ' Lir.ER eSi, FOHEVVOfiD We, the student body of Upland College and Academy, publish the ECHO as a record of our work, our play, our accomplishments, and our ideals. We are proud of our school and of its traditions, and we hope that the friends we ' ve made and the knowledge we ' ve gained will always remain with us. The ECHO has chosen the theme of echoes " because we have felt that our annual will con- tinue to be an echo in our own memories. There- fore it is our privilege to proudly present the highlights of our 1956-57 year on the beautiful Upland College Campus. .-: sr . »i DEDICATION OWEN H. ALDERFER As Counselor, that " extra mile, " As Leader, you made following worthwhile, As Friend, the cheerfullness and ready smile. — these we shall remember. To you, Mr. Alderfer, we dedicate the ECHO of 1957. DMINISTfiAVriON s " V-V S PRESIDENT The great end of education is not only to promote knov ledge and un- derstanding, but to find spiritual power. The end of education in a Christian school is to make men truly conscious of God through our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. It is the purpose of the ECHO to pre- serve for us some of the fine ex- periences of days spent in college. As the years pass, we will increas- ingly appreciate the opportunities offered to us during our college days to build for time and eternity. John Z. Martin DEAN Mr. Ernest Boyer has many import- ant duties in the areas of curriculum planning, speech instruction, and testing, but he is never too busy to lend a helping hand or give a word of advice. DEAN OF STUDENTS William Boyer RELIGIOUS DIRECTOR Owen Alderfer ACADEMY PRINCIPAL Gordon Engle REGISTRAR Miriann Bowers BUSINESS MANAGER Abner Haldeman ,-• PUBLIC RELATIONS David Carlson Teaching shorthand and various aspects of business is the re- sponsibility of Miss Ethel Climenhaga. Gaining recognition for his fine musical ability, this is Mr. Royce Saltzman. Interested in the field of mathe- matics and physical science is Mr. Paul Trautwein. Mr. William Tapsfield is noted for his trombone ability as well as a capable teacher. Making the Spanish language interesting and stimulating is Miss Anna Verle Miller. The biological sciences become meaningful through the patient effort of Dr. Anna Leatherman. Driver education, shop, chemis- try are Mr. Clarence Heise ' s in- valuable services. The Social Science Division al- ways finds the lectures of Mr. Paul Engle interesting, as he brings to life the events of his- tory. u. B " 1 iP ' tt ■ l A familiar figure around the psychology department is Dr. Henry Brubaker. Mrs. Anna Brubaker of the language department teaches French and German. As befits the head of the de- partment of humanities. Miss Alma Cassel is widely versed in this area. Holding forth in our sociology departme nt is Dr. Ira Holland, new to our campus this year. Combining sewing and cooking talents is Miss Helen Gish. Mrs. Clarabelle Pyke, P.E. and English instructor, had a cham- pion basketball team. Upland College is known for the high quality teachers it graduates. The education de- partment is headed by Mr. Elias Wiebe. Mr. Merle Brubaker helps his students gain insight into Social Problems and history. William Paugstat r William Blonchard Burton Aront Charles Robar NOT PICTURED: Karl Kaiser Marie Finney Grover Clem Arthur Babcock LECTUf EfVS ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN Hannah Foote DIETICIAN Angela Kouffman MAINTENANCE Ralph Good COLLEGE PHYSICIAN James Alderfer, M.D. COLLEGE NURSE Clara Eberly, R,N. :: Irvrr Millard Herr Woodrow Wiles Price Trautwein Melvin Bowers Maynard Book, Chairman 80AKD OF TRUSTEE cS Glen Franklin C. W. Beyer Harold AAusser HSi Ira Eyster Eldon Bert James Alderfer Lawrence Groff Vern Zook J. W. Berf •■• M t K .Jkwi wm ' - ' k UPLAND COLLEGE IS! HI I ,i»}t|M«ii COLLEGE ,rii liuikr lailn I ' ll " . . ry. .«: EMIOfiS Uvli " oWcac MAYNARD CLIMENHAGA Clarence Center, New York Education " Integrity, simplicity, sincerity his aim — What more should one desire or seek to attain? " ELMER SIDER Dunnville, Ontario Physics " There are occasion and causes, why and wherefores in all things. " FIVE YEAR STUDENTS MARJORIE CARPER Roaring Springs, Pa. Music " Always willing to work and never too tired to smile. " ROY DEAN Lokeview, Calif. Education " Calm and composed under the most difficult circumstances. " 17 ROGER HEDLUND Lancaster, Minn. Music " He who knows how to laugh has learned how to conquer worry. " GEORGE HOSTETLER Upland, Calif. English " I hold to my own opinions ■ Go thou and do likewise. " MARK KIM Nanndo, Korea Sociology " For they can conquer who believe they can. " MARIA MILLER Claremont, Calif. Education " For men may come and men may go, but I go on forever. " MARLIN NIESLEY Upland, Calif. Music ■ To take things as they be- thafs my philosophy. " GEORGE SCHIPPER Redondo Beach, Calif. Education " Happy am I, from core I am free; Why aren ' t they all contented like me? ' FAITHE MUSSER Uplond, Calif. Education She will always achieve any task she is given to do " FRANCES SWARTZENDRUBER Upland, Calif. Education " And still the wonder grew, that one small head could carry all she knew. " 19 Not Pictured: Edith Cole Claremont, Calif. Education Great minds have purposes, others hove wishes. " AAory Evelyn Tipton Ontario, Calif. History " in every soul is deposited the gem of a great future. " CLA SS OFFICEf t: ADVISEKS Faithe Mosser, See: Roy Dean, Treas.: Marlin Niesley, Pres.; Maynard Climenhaga, Marge Carper, Vice Pres. Dnd Mrs. Owen Alderfer 20 JUNIORS Louis Cober Upland, Calif. Carl Eberiy Upland, Calif. Harold Engle Elizobethtown, Pa. Ruth Engle Elizobethtown, Pa. Alan Edgell Glendoro, Calif. » Rachel McBeth Elizobethtown, Pa. Shirley Niesley Upland, Calif. Darrell Parks Shafter, Calif, Ralph Rickel Upland, Calif. Ruth Smith Upland, Calif. Jacob Stern Upland, Calif. Gladys Weaver Mt. Joy, Pa, Edna Wingerd Ramona, Kansas Helen Wolgemuth Elizabethtown, Pa. 22 Mary Ella Wood Upland, Calif. Not Pictured: Donald Zee Upland, Calif. ADVISEES Mr. and Mrs. William Boyer CL VSS OFFICERS CLASS OFFICERS Louis Cober, Pres. Shirley Niesley, Sen. Helen Wolgemuth, Sec.-Treas. Jacob Stern, Vice Pres. 23 c OPHOMOfiES Ronald Baker Ontario, Calif. Beverly Cross Twin Falls, Idaho Jesse Ginder Manheim, Pa. Ruth Green Leedey, Oklahoma Ron Greeson Pomona, Calif. Albert Hostetler Massillon, Ohio Jane Howe Hanford, Calif. Rutliunii Hykiiul Springfield, Ohio zp ' fW i Dorccis Kline Mon.oursville, Pa. AAcry Ann Schuch Kencington, Maryland CLASS OFFICERS Jesie Ginder, Pres.; Jane Howe, Sec.-Treas.; Koicn Strickland. Vice Pres.; Albert Hostetler, Sen. Ka.en Strickland Onfo.io, Calif. I Marione Paugstaf Uplaid, Calif. ADVlSEfVS Mr. and Mrs. David Carlson 25 FfiESHMEN 26 Maurice Bender Mary Ellen Book Baibuio B- ' L ' caker Upland, Calif. Upland, Calif. Upland, Calif. Esther Buckwalter Ray Buckwalter Ross Chapman Upland, Calif. Upland, Calif. Ontario, Canada Art Cooper Carole Engle Alferd Gregg Upland, Calif. Upland, Calif. Pomona, Calif. Lois Lehman Upland, Calif. Eilene Lenhert Ontario, Calif. ' Curtis Nissly Upland, Calif. Charles Rickel Upland, Calif. CLAb»Q» OFFICEf S Rumi Matsumoto Tokyo, Japan Noreen Matteson Tucson, Arizona Noreen Motteson, Vice Pres.; Grace Paogstat. Sec.; Barbara Bruboi er, Sen.; Moorice Bender, Pres.; Charles Rickel, Treas. ADVISERS f J Mr. and Mrs Royce Saltzman HH[ ' A 1 r| K ' ' J I Grace Paugstat Dayton, Ohio H L l Nancy Whitlow B - " P Tucson, Arizona IBy ' cnvrnEs ' i ' ' ' ! " ■h CHAPEL OfiGAMISTS Marge Corper Ron Greeson Mr. Alderfer, Eilene Lenherf, Be.erly Cross, Maurice Bender CHAPEL COMMITTEE Faithe Musser, Mr. Alderfer. Mr. Mortm, Dr. Brubaker. CHf ISTIAM LIFE COMMITTEE 29 STUDENT GOVEfilNHENT PRESIDENT Harold Engle VICE PRESIDENT Moynard Climenhaga I TREASURER Louis Cober SENATORS FRESHMEN Barbara Brubaker SOPHOMORE Albert Hostetler JUNIOR Shirley Niesley SENIOR George Hostetler SOCIAL COMHITTEE Maynard Climenhoga, Chr. Ruth Engle Jacob Stern Barbara Bruboker ECHO Gladys Weaver CWB Ralph Rickel LAMBDA GAMMA CLUS r j£it. » Back Row: H. Wolgemuth, R. Green, C. Engle, M. E. Book, G. Pougstot, K. Strickland. Front Row: M. Schuch, M. Pougstot, L. Lehman. 32 The Lambda Gamma Club is a member of the National Collegiate Sorority for Home Economics. Representing the home-ec department they attended several confer- ences and served several teas for various school and community functions. PI ; .A PPA DELTA WHO ' S WHO I Recognition by WHO ' S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES was won by Miss Marjorie Carper. She was selected by a student-faculty committee. Her recognition was won because of her scholarship, leader- ship, school loyalty, christian char- acter, and the promise of future suc- cess. HOTET FIRST ROW: K. Strickland, E. Wingerd, F. Musser, N. Matleson, R. McBelh, R. Engle, B. Bruboker. F. Swortzendruber, S. Nielsey. R. Matsomoto. SECOND ROW: A. Hostetler, C. Engle, P. Trautwein, H. Engle, M. Nie$ley, M. Climenhoga, R. Hedlund, M. Carper, M. Kim. ACCOMPANIST F. Swartzendrube R. McBeth C. Engle E. Wingerd LADIES QUAfVrET ACADEMY c; Ai e= rPc e rh y c ENIORS Marilyn Musser ,- ' Upland, California i l ' " Gener ally speaking, she ' s gen- erally speaking. " Ambition: Nurse Prized Possession: " Monkey " suit Always: Swimming Pet Peeve: Teachers Allen Book Upland, California " Tut! Tut! My man, the girls wont hurt you! " Ambition: Inventor Prized Possession: Model " A " Always: Eating Pet Peeve: Studying r Betty Koning Corona, California " Not a flower, not a pearl, just an all-round athletic girl. " Ambition: Registered Nurse Prized Possession: My horse Always: Outdoors Pet Peeve: Anything slimy or squirmy Orrin Book Upland, California Genius is the capacity for avoiding hard work. " Ambition: Test drive the 1975 Cadillac Always: Traveling Prized Possession: Model ' A ' Pet Peeve: Work Carolyn Raser Pasadena, California " A sunny disposition, and ready for fun. " Ambition: Higher education Prized Possession: My room- mate, Grace Always: Spending my money Pet Peeve: Lizards ' " Ronald Rook Upland, California " Greater men than I hove lived (but I doubt it.) " Ambition: Engineer Prized Possession: Model " A " Always: Talking to Marilyn Pet Peeve: I ' m graduating 39 Lowell Miller Covlna, California " Judge not a man by his inches. " Ambition: Mechanical Engineer Prized Possession: My Ford pickup Always: That ' s personal! Pet Peeve: Women drivers Carole Duck Ontario, California " Here I am, you lucky people! ' Ambition: Private Secretary Prized Possession: My address book Always: Swimming Pet Peeve: Conceited people Robert Kruse Upland, California " Ambitious to attain his goal Ambition: Mathematical Engi- neer Prized Possession: None Always: Reading Pet Peeve: Ignorant teachers Rosemary Egli Monte Vista, California " It ' s nice to be natural when you ' re naturally nice. " Ambition: Registered Nurse Prized Possession: Clarinet Always: Reading Pet Peeve: Untimely talkers Darryl Blanton Upland, California " It ' s better for a young man to blush than to turn pale. " Ambition: Engineer Prized Possession: Janet Always: None of your business Pet Peeve: Giggling women Dolly Wingerd Upland, California " Short and sweet. " Ambition: Secretary Prized Possession: " Monkey " suit Always: Writing letters Pet Peeve: Being teased 40 Delores Dawes Upland, California " Pretty and sweet, and always neat. " Ambition: Housewife Prized Possession: Borrowed tennis racket Always: Reading Pet Peeve: Bubble gum chewers Ronald Bode Chino, California " Never let studies interfere with your education. ' Ambition: Engineer Prized Possession: Hat from Po- mona Fair Always: Eating and sleeping Pet Peeve: School Donna Bark Ontario, California " If silence were golden she ' d always be broke. " Ambition: Registered Nurse Prized Possession: My car, Herman ' Always: Having fun with Ruth Pet Peeve: Braggers John Entner Cucamonga, California " Good people are scarce; take good care of me. " Ambition: Undecided Prized Possession: My Ford Always: Loafing Pet Peeve: Gossipers Ruth Mellema Chino, California " The word ' rest ' is not in her vocabulary. " Ambition: Accountant Prized Possession: Scrapbooks Always: Going somewhere Pet Peeve: Spiders Fred Carpenter Alta Loma, California " Why should I worry, why should I get gray? " Ambition: Electronic Engineer Prized Possession: ' 51 Chevy Always: In shop Pet Peeve: School 41 De Anna Jordan | (i Tucson, Arizona ' ■ A girl with a song in her heart. " Ambition: Registered Nurse Prized Possession: Diary Always: Painting Pet Peeve: Back-biters CLASS OFFICERS Carolyn Roser, Sec-Trea .; Betty Koning, V. Pres. Lowel Miller, President; Mr, Heise, Advisor I Our senior year has brought us many fond memories. The hi-light of the year was our skip to Idyllwild. The three days spent there were packed with midnight tobogganing, spook stories, K.P. duty, games, keeping others awake, snow ball fights, and cold -.hovv ' ers. The last night we spent a few hou. ' ' s in fellowship, and our class was really Irawn together. The last day we watched a locleo in Palm Springs. 42 JUNIORS Lanny Farley Basin, Wyoming Ruth Lightner Cucamonga, California Bill Strickland Ontario, California Donna Jo Sanderson Ontario, Colifornio Roger Voskuil Ontario, California Pat Costner Pomona, Colifornio John Elders Ontario, California Marilyn Bickmore Upland, California Wilbur Mellemo Chino, California oli , 43 Mary Carol Hostetler Upland, California Keith Markley Monte Vista, California Janet Williams Upland, California Robert Dexter ■■ Upland, California c Sharon Egli ■ Upland, California p Stephen Durham r Yuccipa, California 1 ...4 Gory Musser Upland, California Angelina Reyes Sacramento, California Morcene Baker Ontario, California Rosemary Eyer Upland, Colifornio Sara Brubaker Upland, California Jerel Book Upland, California 44 A Mary Wright Ontario, California Kenneth Cox Ontario, California Morilvn Hylond Springfield, Ohio CLASS OFFICERS Keith Markley, Pres.; Marilyn Bicktnore, Vice Pres.; Janet Williams, Secy.; Gary Musser. Treas. ADVISOR: Mrs. Pyke. iiiii9i 1 nn. j| I 1 ■ ■i lE 45 SOPHOMORES David Mahar Cucamonga, California Sue Leach Ontario, California John De Vries Chino, California Faye Nessnnith Upland, California Harold Sollee Ontario, Californi( Martha Klaassen Upland, California Lowell Lightenberg Upland, California Jerry Hoisington Upland, California Bill McLain Ontario, California Ronald Smith Ontario, Californio Norilyn Shockley Onlorio. California Arnold Villocino Upland, California Beatrice Sikkema Ontario, Colifornh 47 " Richard Bouma Ontario, California Sue Leach, Sec.-Treas.; Gloria Eckman, V. Pres.; Fred Koning, Sue Leach, Sec.-Treas.; Gloria Eckman, V. Pres.; Fred Koning, President; Miss Climenhaga, Mr. Trautwein, Advisors. FHESHHEN Don Nissly Upland, California John Bunch Ontario, California Norma Lenhert Ontario, California Victor Koning Corona, California Marlene Stone San Diego, California Raymond Wingerd Upland, California Gene Shoclcley Ontario, California Dora Nell Woodrow Cucamonga, California Norman Bert Upland, Colifornio 49 John Book Upland, California Myrna Snyder Upland, Californio Jerry White Ontario, California il. f i- i Poul Sanders Anchorage Alaska Charles Burkholder Upland, California Peter De Vries Chlno. California CLASS OFFICERS Norman Bert, Treas.; Marlene Stone, Sec.; Victor Konmg, V. Pres.; Miss Miller, Advisor; Don Nissly, President. ACTIVITIES STUDENT Darryl Blanton President Donna Jo Sanderson Vice President Robert Dexter Treasurer The Academy Social Committee consists of: Donna J Sanderson, Gary Musser, Mary Wright and Delore Dawes. At the beginning of the school year we enjoyed a picnic at Ganesha Park. Other highlights of the year were the festive Christmas banquet with entertainment by Ted and Gloria Roe, the all-school roller skating party, and the very enjoyable Academy Spring Banquet. A word of a ppreciation is due this committee for their efforts in planning an outstanding 1956-57 social cal- endar. OVEfiNMENT Rosemary Eyer Junior Beverly Swift Sophomore Delores Dawes Senior John Bunch Freshman Ruth Mellema Senior Arnold Villocino Sophomore Charles Burkholder Freshman Mr. G. Engle Advisor 53 CHAPEL COMMITTEE Left to right: John Entner, Rev. Owen Alderfer, and Mr. G. Engle. This committee meets once a week to plan the chapel programs. They have prepared many inspiriotionol services which the student body greatly appreciated. CHAPEL PIANISTS Stondrng: Ruth Meilemo Marilyn Bickmore Seated: Ron Smith Betty Koning CHf ISTIAM LIFE COMMITTEE Left to right: Bill McLoin, Allen Book, Angle Reyes, and Rev. Alderfer. This committee has had several meetings this year and they discuss ways to improve the Christian life on our canpus. CHORAL Back Row R Rook, A. Book, A. Villocino, D. Mohor, H. Sollee, S. Durham, G. Musser, L. Forley, R. Bode, J. Entner, O. Book, K. Morkley Third Row- B AAcLain D Jordan, F. Nessmith, D. Dawes, M. Musser, C. Raser, A. Reyes, G. Eckmon, M. Baker, B. Dzures, R. Dexter. Second Row- L Ligtenberg S Egli S. Cox R. Egli, R. Lightner, V. Schipper, S. Brubaker, R. Mellemo, J. Hoisington, R. Wells. First Row: R. Greeson, Accompanist, D. Bark, S. Leach, M. Wright, P. Costner, N. Shockley, C. Duck, D. Sanderson, M. Bickmore, M. Klaossen, D. Wingerd, R. Saltzmon, Director. Director Mr. Royce Soltzman Accompanists Ron Greeson Not pictured; Marge Carper 55 A UrOGf APHS V V A V y ■4 57 ALL SCHOOL ACTIVITIES c - i Uonied ekend ' ' ' « ' 0 " i ECHO STAFF " Double, double toil and trouble ' . . . This line from MacBeth could be the byword for the Annual Staff. Creating this yearbook was, however, a wonderful experience that no one on the Staff would have given up. Our combined efforts bring you the latest in yearbooks — the 1957 ECHO. ASSOCIATE EDITOR Ruth Mellema Gladys Wea BUSINESS MANAGER Ray Buckwalter ADVISOR Mr David Carlson SPORTS EDITORS Donna Bark Roy Dean PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS Roger Hedlund Ron Rook Albert Hostetler SPOTLIGHT STAFF Seoted: N. Whitlow, S. Niesley, B. Brubaker. Not pictured: R. Buckwalter, D. Porks, B. Cross. LYCEUM On February 9fh we were privileged to sponsor the " Singing Boys of Norway. ' Much enjoynnent was reciev- ed when they sang their na- tive folk songs and classics. As a special treat they sang " The Star-Splonged Ban ner, " Nearer My God to Thee, " and Handel ' s " Halle- lujah Chorus. " It was a pleasure to host such a fine group of musicans. A Group of the " Singing Boys of Norway " HOHECOMIMG Faithe Musser Marjorie Carper Donna Jo Sanderson 64 Nancy Whitlow and Noreen Matteson won first prize with their decorations centered around the theme " Upland is more fun fhon a circus. " Second prize was o tie for Gladys Weaver and Jane Howe. Sharing the honor for second prize were Elmer Sider and Mork Kim. Reminiscing the years he spent at Upland College, George Schipper proudly disployed past Echoes, " for third prize. The delicious food which wos brought by each family is being sampled by the Alumni. Due to the roin the Alumni enjoyed their meol in the pleasant dining hall of their Alma Mater. CHfMSTIAM VVOR; .Pf S BAXMD C W B OFFICERS Faithe Musser, Rolph Rickel, Dorcas Kline. TEAM CAPTAINS Seated: Barbara Brubaker, Charles Rickel, Eilene Lenhert. Standing: Roy Buckwalter, Verno Goeddel, Mary E. Book, Ruth Engle, Moynard Climenhago. Mr. Owen Alderfer f TEAM I Front Row: N. Matteson, V. Schip per, N. Whitlow, M. Paugstat, D Jordan. Back Row: M, Bender, L Farley, R. Wingert, E. Sider, A Villocino. Not Pictured: M. Climen haga. Captain. TEAM II Front Row: M. Klaossen, S. Leach M. Stone, K. Markley. Bock Row K. Strickland, S. Bruboker, C. Raser G. Paugstot, R. Buckwalter, Captain TEAM III Front Row: N. Lenhert, M. Bickmore, E. Lenhert, Captain; R. McBelh, F. Mosser. Bock Row: R. Rook, R. Wells, R. Kruse, D. Nissly, J. Book. 67 TEAM IV Standing: C. Rickel, B. Brubaker, E. Wingred, R. Hedlund. Kneeling; S. Niesley, E. Buckwalter, M. A. Schuch. R. Grinder. Not pictured: V. Goeddel, captain. TEAM V L. Lehman, G. Weaver, J. Howe, G. Paugstat, R. Engle, captain. Not pictured: H. Engle, A. Gregg, R. Greeson, R. Rickel, A. Cooper. Christian Workers Bond filled many appointments throughout the yeor. Highlighting the events v ere the Youth For Christ rally at Victorville and the speciol service in Yucca Valley. The Workshops which CWB sponsored helped us to give better programs and helped us to get to know eoch other better. Thanks to CWB for their contribution to the spiritual enrichment of our campus. PO TEAM VI Bock row: R. Hyland. M. Hylond, M. E. Book, captain, D. Parks, O. Book. Front Row: R. Matsumoto, D. Kline, M. Wood, N. Bert. 68 CHAPEL Chapel to an Upland College student means this: It is a place where our spiritual appetites are fed, it is the place of prayer, and it is a place to worship and praise God. Chapel is the most important thirty minutes of our school day. During the religious emphasis week last fall, our lives were enriched by the messages of Bishop Samuel Wolge- muth. Many decisions were made at that time. The United Crusade for Christ with Merv Rosell which was held in the Chaffey Auditorium March 10-17, was a revival to both our school and the community. 69 SENATE PROJECTS An " Old Fashioned Christmas " was the theme of our Christ- mas banquet. Ted and Gloria Roe sang and gave their testi- monies during the program. One of the many phases of dorm life (outside of gob ses- sions) is ironing. Here Bev Cross was caught ironing a shirt! BANQUET DOf M LIFE DEVOTION c Irene and Clem know from exp erience thof private devotions are a vital part to a happy Christian life. VVOf ; . ?f OJECT Work project money this year will be used for new dining hall furniture. D. Blonton, L. Farley, C. Nissly and C. Rickel did a splendid job in carrying out the plans. I Work ■ - Study ■ ■ Play • • All make up o dayl spor Ts ( VOLLEYBAXLL CO-CAPTAINS Donna Bark Maynord Climenhaga Mory Ellen Book Louis Cober Esther Buckwclte Harold Engle Delores Dawes Jesse Ginder COLLEGE BASK.E TBALL First row, left to right: Curtis Nissly, Harold Engle, Coach Gordon Engle, Louis Cober, Jesse Ginder, Albert Hosteller. Kneeling: George Schipper, Maynard Climenhoga. George Hostetler. COLLEGE BASKETBALL TEAM Long on spirit and effort but short on stature and potential was the summary of this year ' s basket- ball program at Upland College. Our rating in the win and lost columns was not enviable but we have had a pleasant time coping with a heavy schedule. The Christian Conference in which we partici- pated continues to become stronger as our schools are developing their programs. This is heartening but it also makes competition much keener. As we continue to take Christianity into our athletic program it will develop and make a definite contribution to Christian education. PEP COMMITTEE Left lo right: Esther Buckwolter, Roy Buckwalier, Mory Ann Schuch Curtis Nissly. Mory Ellen Book. CHEEr LEADEf S Lefi lo right: Karen Strickland. Mory Ann Schu Esther Buckwolter 75 ACADEMY BAS; .E TBALL First row, left to right: Jerel Book, Victor Koning, Charles Burkholder, Raymond Wells, Lonny Farley, Coach Paul Trautwein, Steve Durham, Gary Musser, Fred Koning, Bill McLain. Don Nissly. Kneelmg: Ron Rook, Keith Morkley. UPLAND ACADEMY Upland Academy ' s Lancers completed their sec- ond year of regularly scheduled games in great fashion. Some of the finest Christian High Schools in Southern California gave the boys excellent competition. Although they did not always win, the fellows tried to keep one goal in mind — to play their best. Returning lettermen Ron Rook, Keith Markley, Bill McLain, and Gary Musser, played a fine brand of ball again this year, the top seven players included newcomers Fred Koning, Lanny Farley, and Steve Durham. Senior Ron Rook concluded his Upland Academy career by leading the team in scoring and court-general- ship. All players except Ron will return for at least one more year of competition at Upland. The " B " team played several games and re- ceived some valuable experience which should give some of them a spot on next year ' s varsity. THE STARTING FIVE Standing: Lonny Farley, Gary Musser, Fred Koning. Kneeling: Ron Rook. Keith Markley. PEP COMfUTTEE CrlEcf LEADEf S Sue Leach, Sara Brubaker, Donno Jo Sanderson, Corolyn Roser, Mary Wright GiaiS BAS; .E TBALL First row, left to right: Carole Engle, Mary Ellen Book, Ruth Engle, Esther Buckwalter. Second row: Noreen Matteson, Faithe Musser, Betty Koning, LinHa Holmes, Ruth Green. Third row: Donna Bark, Delores Dawes, Edna Wingerd, Marge Paugstot, Grace Paugstat, Faye Nessmith, Coach Posey " checking the score with the manager. Marge Car per. Cocaptoins Mary Ellen Book and Carole Engle. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL TEAM The Spartanettes were happy to repre- sent Christ and Upland College this sea- son. Many happy memories will flash through our minds as we recall it. There were the practice sessions which made us sore; devotions which made us grow stronger spiritually and closer together as a team; games which gave us work- outs and allowed us to associate with other Christian young people who have similar interest; and how could we forget " Heart-Sister week, " when we tried so hard to guess who was giving us all of those wonderful gifts and clever clues. " Let Me Lose Myself and Find It Lord in Thee " was chosen as the team song for the second season. It has a special meaning to us as a team as well as individually. FAITHE MUSSER MARY ELLEN BOOK ESTHER BUCKWALTER DELORES DAWES RUTH ENGLE CAROL ENGLE BASEBALL Standing: G. Engle, V. Koning, G. Coins, D. Nissly, C. Burkholder, K. Markley. R. Surprise, F. Konmg, P. Kneeling; H. Engle, M. Climenhaga, M. Niesley, R. Wells, B. McLain, O. Book. This is the second year of Conferance Baseball at Upland College and interest is running high. Plans are nearly completed for a twelve game schedule, and of course, the conference is in the minds and plans of each fellow who is trying for a position on the team. We ore fortunate to have most of our men returning from last year ' s second place squad. The important pitching chores will be handled capably by Robert Sur- prise and Maynard Climenhaga. There are only three senior s on the team which makes the fu- ture look bright. Aside from the fun of playing, additional interest is being felt since we are get- ting new uniforms for the players this season. JSr — ' SOFTBALL COACH Posey ' Pyke Standing: M. E. Book, J. Howe, R. Engle, B. Koning, C. Engle, G. Pougstat, B. Swift Kneeling! M. Kloossen, D. Nell, D. Jordan, F. Nessmith, M. Stone, M. A. Schuch. WUS .mm We feel that a sure cure for " spring-fever " is Softball, so when warm weather comes along our minds quickly change from basketball to Softball. With a number of new faces and quite a bit of interest we began the 1957 season. Sore muscles and hurt fingers gave us a bit of trouble — but then " it is all a part of the game. " A bit of chit-chat from the field seemed to spur us on and as the season progressed we were brought closer together as a team. Devotions gave us in- ner strenght and also added to our unity. All of these things added together equalled a most ejoyable season. 8t ADVEF TISEHEMTS 1 1 HH 9 PHH| H TT ALAN A. COUCH Statistics prove: More Upland College Faculty members buy new Chevrolets than any other make of automobile. 365 E. Foothill Blvd. Phone YUkon 2-1571 Upland UUK BURGERS ■ARE AS GOOD AS THE BEST AND BETTER THAN THE REST " WEST COAST WHITE TOWER SYSTEM 388 East Foothill Upland THE EMPIRE CO. AA. W. Grothe, Mgr. ALL FORMS OF INSURANCE 387 No. Second Ave. Upland COMPLIMENTS OF W. F. RUGG LUMBER CO. CABINET MAKING - SASH AND DOORS BUILDERS HARDWARE 120 South Euclid Avenue Upland, California Yukon 2-3683 or YUkon 2-3632 ANTIMATE ASSOCIATES " Have complete home protection with our termite safety contract ' YUkon 2-2608 126 N. Second Avenue Upland OLSON CLINT ' S For over 25 years Olson Clint ' s has been faithfully serving this community. For good groceries, shop here regularly. - t.-l ■ MEpImbk UPLAND FEED AND FUEL Where quality c ounty and satisfaction is guaranteed 164 N. Second Avenue Upland THE UPLAND NEWS ALL THE LOCAL NEWS ' 110 E. 9th Street Upland 1 . 1 ' ' 1 Er Btl ' i- ' . .. ' ..-■M. Fallis for prompt, efficient and courteous service. Forty-eight years in the heart of Ontario. We give S and H Green Stamps. Redemption station on second floor. 121-125 North Euclid DRAPER-WALTON INSURANCE AGENCY Only t).e Uc.l i» Insur«nc« of All KinJ. Since ■gio Phone 2-1321 Wm. R. Walton Fred E. 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Phone 2-1371 Ninth Street and Second Ave. Upland UPLAND PRINTING CO. 728 E, Ninth Street Upland, Calif. Phone YUkon 2-1962 BUSINESS FORMS SOCIETY STATIONERY INDUSTRIAL PRINTING Qualify Service Individuality E. R. and M. V. FRADY THE CHRISTIAN LIGHT PRESS Bible and Book Store Religious Supplies and Stationers 343 N. Second Ave. Upland M miMi gj 1 P. E. OSTRAN COMPANY OUTFITTERS FOR THE COLLEGE MAN AND WOMAN rf Euclid at " B " St. Ontario LOWE ' S Look to LOWES for the " Brands you know best. " Hart, Schaffner Marx, Arrow Shirts, Stetson Hots, Jorman Shoes. " 36 Years in Onfario " 117 N. Euclid, Ontario NEW THRIFTY BUILDERS Large or small — we build them all We build to suit — your plans or ours Local builders for over " 15 " years HIGH QUALITY LOW COST LEON R. DURHAM GENERAL CONTRACTOR Model Home — 325 West California Street Phone YUkon 6-7986 SERVICE TO THE COMMUNITY J. J. ATWOOD CO. has served the community for the post forty-four years; offering quality merchandise and national brands at reasonable prices. ATWOOD ' S salutes Upland College for its contribution to the Upland com- munity and congratulates the Class of ' 57. 215 N. Second Ave. Upland 88 HAIGH BROS. SERV-UR-SELF RECAPPING • BATTERIES • TIRES GOOD GAS FOR LESS 269 East Arrow Highway Upland, California 89 ... 4- HOUR SERVICE . . . ON REQUEST NO EXTRA CHARGE TOM-SON CLEANERS 181 N. Second Ave. YUkon 2-1667 Upland CONGRATULATIONS CLASSES OF 57 from STONE MORTUARY Ninth Street Upland 90 For The Finest Cars Sold Anywhere See W. B. RUNDLE 628 West Holt Blvd. 1 p I 1:2 A NORIH EUO O AVINU I I ONTAIIO. CAllFOtNIA I 1 nUPHONt YUKON «l MC Specializing in FULL COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY Weddings and Children TO L mn I •i KLIMES FURNITURE Courtesy and fine furniture are your rewards when you purchase at KLIMES FURNITURE store. N. Euclid Avenue Ontario MIDDOUGHS It is indeed a pleasure to extend our thanks to you for the 34 years of doing business with all boys fronn 1-100. We have T-Shirts, Sport Shirts and Manhattan dress shirts. Styltex Suits for dads and lads fronn 2 up. All sizes. B Street Ontario CONGRATULATIONS CLASSES OF 57 from J. W. BERT COMMERCIAL SPRAYER Third Avenue Upland 91 CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 57 CRAIG OIL PRODUCTS WHOLESALE PETROLEUM DISTRIBUTORS 1471 East Arrow Highway Upland IT HAS TO BE RIGHT IF IT COMES FROM J JEWELERS 261 N. Second Ave. Upland THE DAILY REPORT For complete coverage of local happenings, as well as world news from the major wire services, and excellent features, Upland College students read THE DAILY REPORT, San Bernardino County ' s largest evening doily newspaper. And in those free time hours they enjoy the finest radio listening when they tune in on KOCS (AM) and KEDO (FM). 212-222 " B " Street Ontario MAKING OUR PRODUCTS AVAILABLE This is o picture of our New Milk Store at the corner of 7th and Grove Ave. li is placed there for the convenience of our customers and to attract new ones. In drawing a spiritual lesson we would soy that we are told in Matt. 5:15 Let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven. " Let us all do our best to show the Christian way as the best. SHADY GROVE DAIRY 93 THE " NEW BRETHREN IN CHRIST CHRIST CHURCH Upland, California Building for the Glory of God " The College Church " Rev. Alvin C. 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Arrow YU. 2-2326 THE SEED OF TRUTH . . . has been sown in the lives of more than o thousand young people who have graced the UPLAND COLLEGE now they are bearing fruit by way of christian service all over THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION UPLAND COLLEGE GRADUATES WILL FIND AN OPEN DOOR AT MESSIAH COLLEGE For Theological Study Leading to Th. B. Degree Inquire of Director of Admissions MESSIAH COLLEGE Grantham, Pennsylvania ARROW DAIRY FARMS Salute Upland College Builders of Christian Character Get Quality for Less Arrow near Benson 98 The Friendly Church VERNON WEAVER, Pastor 281 Vista Avenue SYcamore 3-0996 The Pasadena BRETHREN IN CHRIST CHURCH 434 North Altadeno Drive SYcamore 3-9238 TO THE CLASSES OF 1956-57: With the increased emphasis on higher education, we must not forget that the rural churches from which many Upland College students came, still need trained leadership to keep pace with the changing tims. We encourage you to remember your local churches when select- ing your place of most efficient Christian service. Compliments of VERLAND BYER Hamlin, Kansas 99 A Friendly Invitation Awaits You at TEMPLE BAPTIST CHURCH Dr. George Vouga, Pastor Mr. Don Grant, Youth Director 224 W. California Ontario WALT RIEDER INSURANCE Life Insurance — Hospitalization Mortgage — Retirement — Term Accident — Sickness — Group Partnership and Business Insurance CALL 6-8470 Day or Evening for Details! Mutual Life insurance Co. of N. Y. 535 West H Street, Ontario PETE ' S SERVICE STATION CONGRATULATES CLASS OF ' 57 Second Avenue at Arrow Highway Paul T. Benton, Prop. Upland, California YUkon 2-1174 COMPLIMENTS OF ORANGE HOTEL Thos. H. Corpe, Managing Owner Telephone YUkon 6-1109 201 E. Holt Blvd. Ontario, Calif. 100 SUPPLY GRAVES AUTOMOTIVE SUPPLY Ontario 211 E. " B " St. YU. 612-111 YU. 619-131 Upland 1 22 N. Second Ave. YU. 21-152 YU. 21-153 GEORGE ' S FLOWER SHOP 155 S. Euclid Upland Phone YU. 2-4613 BUMSTEAD ' S SPORTING GOODS Athletic Equipment Johnson Motors — Fishing Tackle Guns — Ammunition — Schwinn Bicycles 109 East B Street Ontario, Calif. For Your Dining Pleasure Since 1849 sg camore INN BEAR GULCH tUCAMCWOA, CAUf. HIGHWAY 6(1 HOMES • RANCHES 1 • INCOME SUBDIVISIONS • BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES HENSLEY AND HAWTHORNE The Staff and Students of REALTORS Yukon 2-4601 UPLAND COLLEGE 313 No. Second Ave. Upland Join in a Cooperating Effort for the Operation of the ONTARIO - UPLAND G. G. HESTER FAMILY SERVICE AGENCY ELECTRICAL WIRING 2235 E. Villa Pasadena, California Phone: SYcamore 6-3593 UPLAND STUFT SHIRT RESTAURANT HAROLD GLEASON ' S BARBER SHOP Upland PALMER ' S SPORTING GOODS Upland EUCLID BUILDING SUPPLY Upland EMIL ' S AUTO SERVICE Upland SNAP ' S SPORTING GOODS Ontario WESTERN AUTO DEALER STORE Upland UPLAND MOTORS FORD 102 FINIS Its all over. It ' s dark outside and its all over. How can I express what I feel about this book? It isn ' t easy, as there ore many phases that one passes through while publishing a yearbook. First of all I want to sincerely thank all my staff who worked on the 1957 ECHO. Hectic days and worried nights were spent by my staff who vali- antly tried to publish a yearbook worthy of stu- dents of Upland. Mere words cannot expres my appreciation to my assiciate editor, Ruth, whose work with the academy section was indispensable in putting out this book. The cover which she designed will be long remembered. To Donna, Mary Ann, Roy, Albert, Roger, and Ron go my thanks and appreciation for work well done. To Ray and Curtis, thank you for an excellent job of supplementing our budget by securing ads. To Mr. Carlson, our faculty advisor, thank you for your concern and words of advice. To the student body-thank you for being so co- operative and helpful. To the faculty and administration-thank you for being so kind and considerate. This isn ' t the end, though, for a yearbook can never have an end. The young men and women who are graduating this year have been pre- pared to face tomorrow and the promise it holds. Yesterday was fun; today was glorious,- tomor- row is here. My I ' m tired. Goodnight and thanks to all. Gloddie 103 ACK.N O VVLEDG EH ENTS TO ALL ADVERTISERS The ECHO Staff wishes to thank you for the splendid coopera- tion and support that you have shown in the preparation of this year ' s annual. Without your financial assistance and encourage- nnent the ECHO could not continue to improve from year to year. TO THE PUBLISHER In appreciation of your many favors and technical assistance, the ECHO Staff wishes to express its gratitude to the staff of the Yearbook House, Inc., Monrovia. TO THE PHOTOGRAPHER The Annual Staff extends a " Thank You " to Mr, Johnson, the official photographer for the 1957 ECHO. Your genial manner made our job easier. Above all, we most appreciate your un- limited reservoir of patience. 104 hf .THE DISCtlMINATINC Ofnolher % . 3. 31. crenUon mtusMiis at iCTtood k hr Ifefiwook jtouse tf " i rorifi Oalifo rnia i F J " ■■ " ' ' ■ ' 7i 5. 1 r- ' S - ' T . .■ . y y - ::; -. " S ' : • ' ' ' ,r ' , .- s - ' ' x If1 r iic ' e- 1X L.M f yn j ' u i Jiu ' z ' J ZZ ' - ;W -; U ' •Jt SV ' , 7- ' r cV ' ' -, «_ f ' -c ' V ' ?: ' , ' . ' u) » y V f '

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