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University of the South - Cap and Gown Yearbook (Sewanee, TN) online yearbook collection, 1979 Edition, Cover

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Cap anb oton Wm ■■: ' ■■ fje Uniberj% of tlje otitf) ctoance, Cn. [S££ KUB TmU-S- J ®be Prologue -4 :M « • £« han that Auguste with hire sonne bold The sommer fieldes hath touched and maden gold, And kist the grain and fruit so lustilye That harvests wil be gathered thankfullye Longe days give way to longer nights again And welcome cometh the autumnes fogge and rain. So moveth seasons by Nature ' s rule Thanne soone students returneth hem to school. They wende hi r way to schools of sondry lond A pilgrimage they maken to train hir mynde. Fro many states, even fro the nation ' s ende To Sewanee ' s mountain on hir way they wende. One verray foundation didst the Bishops take A school of arts and sciences to make That gentle sons (and daughters) might be lede To liberal thought, on Christ ' s faire teaching fede. An hundred years of saints Sewanee ' s growne The fruit of bishops ' dreams now can be knowne Among the several students ther we fynde Many of diverse ways and diverse kynde. They gather now at Chattanooga ' s airport The last steps of hir Mountain trek to start. On to a busse marked SOC eek files Eager to travel soone the final miles. And I was soone of hir compaignye I to you wil retell alle I did see. 7 man ther was who lyked to partye, VTof licour and spirits he tooke most hardye. This merye Partyeer with yen of rede, He drinketh ful muche thanne seeketh bedde. Wei in his cuppes, ye lidde sagge, He doeth disco, forsaketh shagge. While with the dammes he tryeth to score, His friens sayeth, " Sooth he beeth hard core. " Alle mannere of drinke clubbes he belongeth To gaitore and droppe trowe he longeth. Bookes, classes, and studye he scorne Yit must he studye lest beere moneye be shorne. at ther a woodsman Dannon by name, Canoe and hyke earneth him grete fame, Myndeth he noon, nature acten his canon Down Brakefielde Road skippeth joyful Dannon. With bloodshot yen and sanguine beerd With paddle and backpack heavilye geared; Of flanneled shirt and vibramed toes With noon of the forest beeth he foes. In health sprang that youth of fiery speed Inspired by Nike to fleetest deeds. Past ponds and faire hills he journied until Beyond the wenden path he reached a rill. Fro behind a tree appeared maidens three Who dancing, beckoned him most naturalee. vfP ill rim -i s 1 if, . ' { M i A ; 2 WWk tIL fe i i .. ' • - i.T ' V- . With legges of golden hair and yen of blue She begged for the songe he loven and knew. " Snif the aire as gold-hewn threads of lyfe For I am freer than laden clouds of strife. Tweedlededee Tweedledum on I to Cheston ' s Kingdom, " Laudeth younge Dannon of his precious freedom. 71. MBV il he Woodlondes man weareth flannel mlr and blue jeans An his windows beeth covered wyth rusting screens. Perhaps these lodginhs were condemned longe ago. Yit those who lyve ther ne care ne knowe. More earthlye folke the world has no yit seene, Yit to Woodlondes the world has not yit beene. Granola an yogurt the thyngs he eate Whilst running ' round grinning wyth unclad feete. Wyth som people he do not get alonge For som, gayite an simplicite be wronge. I do not meane to saith he lacketh feeling Juste that he sendeth the status quo reeling. 72 studente be ther wyth a Byble grete Who ne believeth in luk ne chance ne fate. Christ be his king, an that he sayeth ful loud Be he alone or in a studente crowd. Ne juste to arts and science his mynd he bends But even studyes scripture wyth his friens. At Gailor ' s board he bows his hede in thanks His fellowes laugh " Who be these pious cranks Who maken a show of thanking God for foode Whan they, lik we trowe it be ne goode? " His fellowes quake whan he hem passeth bye, Fearing he ' ll say " Praise God " rather than " hi " . In clan he speaketh so that his faith be knowne. knowne, An asketh the doctor in his tattered gowne, " How readeth the text Dynamics of Thy Faith In Harmony wyth wat the Byble saith? " On Wednesdays he, wyth fyfty griens o more Gathers, an other studentes asketh, " what for? " Be this the place wher holye rolling ' s done? Ne, they juste sing an praye and have som fonne They also hyke, an square dance, an above Alle else, striveth to exhibit Christe ' s love. © on fro the seminarye was on busse, It was clear this man was no lik us. Matins he sayeth ech morne, an communio in the eve On Wednesday whan he ensemble in communitye. Dailye classe yon studente undertaketh in histoire, Theologye an Byble, reading, an meeting for choir Gyvyng homilies, prayeing in the day an in the noir. Do all the seminaryans in Sainte Luke ' s chappelle an tow ' r The librairie ' s a favorite playce for reading an for jeste An more lerning in the B. C. (tho in yon Pubbe he lerneth beste!) 25 An still more from residente fellowes an dist- guished gueste, None matcheth the Dean for witte, tho, at weeklye Wednesday teste. At table or at classroome, in chappelle or in groupe God ' s chosen menne st wommenne, in ecclesiastic troupe, Gather forth in love an faithe an eternalle hope, To spread the Gospell lantern in alle its brillyant scope. Vice Chancellar Ayres Installed v l professor ther was of grete mynd fa Pupils sayeth professors cometh in kyndes. Ther are spacee, brillyante, an even prepee Yit noon could agreeth on which beeth he. Tweede coat an flowered ties he weareth On topst of alle tattered gowne he beareth. Alle mannere of thyngs he loveth to speeke, Once he didst lecture his classe a ful weeke. Whan mentionneth " teste " his studentes shaketh If sayeth he " easye " hard did he maketh. He tortureth studentes wyth grete- piled work From reading an note-taking he never shirke. Sooth liketh he wyth studentes to meete At pubbe or golfe shoppe by youth he seate. I ■ B f 27 fl her was a pre-med amongst the groupe ■J Who in Woods Lab was throwne for many a loop. The hallowed laboratorye knowne as Woods Be filled wyth tubes, an masse glasse goodes. An the wispering studente scurryes ' round about Discussing thyngs of which we alle knowe naught. Strenge storyes have been tolde of boyling vats Of chemicals an thyngs he doeth to rats. He speeketh in formulas com- municating New scientific reasons ne ' er abating. An taketh delyte in his olde dustye books, Of science into which he sinketh his hookes. To med skool be his grete ambitioun An in Woods Lab he geteth muche amunitioun. 35 If he Walsh Ellet gerl stoode an saiden clearlye: bJ " Two kynds of knowledge the world holds dearlye. Knowledge be maden of numbers o letters, Yit Walsh feels numbers bynd oon in fetters Humanistic concerns marken oure hallmarke, Not like the numbered world which be bleak an starke. We trowe letters an numbers oon muste sewe, To growe that perfit knowledge oon striveth to knowe. " 37 The Walsh Ellet studente can reade, write, and type Yit poore markes on papers caus her to gripe. Yit grad skool replyes bringeth loud shouts of glee: " Boy I ' m so gladde I goon to Sewanee! " So oure morale should be taken in fulle, Ther ' s more to a Walsh prof thanne pompous bulle. Though Walsh does no promise future wythout stryfe, It gyveth understanding an zeste for lyfe. ■ - - - v . . -- ' w . w. i ack in the darkest corner of the busse Young Absolon doth lurk, apart from us, His countenance beeth pale as creame of wheate An, tho it be chic, his garb beeth far from neate. The first becaus he seeth not the sonne For weekes on end, for he beeth such a oon As in Night Studye ' s deepe an gloomye hole Doth pass ech nite, an blinking lik a mole, r I I Emergeth but to dine or go to class As to his dress — he looketh drumpled in masse. He sleepeth not, but o ' er bookes doth pore. His nose be flat as any marble floor. He ' s kept it to the grindstone every day Whether he e ' er smyleth, none can say. 4? s 43 Wj younge man amonge us soone rose to speake fc He was knowne to us alle for he beethe Greke. Clad in the favorable dress of his race Wyth Khakis, topsyders he be well-laced, A button-down shirte his frame graceth Along with a sweater, allygator in playce. Wyth pride he did glow for alle I hadde seen, Acknowledging his debt to L.L. Bean. Now he was some deal boring to usse moste Of the mugs of ale he drank didst boaste. His tongue was familiar, we hadde heard it alle Tale of the house, the partye, frat footballe. On his arm I did spy a britlye clad lasse Her sweater alone for a beacon would passe. Monogram an gold beads attracting every yen She beeth Greke too, a Theta Gamma Phi. Surely these two on the right syde of Gailor hadde sat Yit you didst wonder, which syde be that? Margaret Flowers, third from left, Homecoming Queen. 1 . ,- ..- - • ' - " With the younge Greke were a lustye band of men They were his brothers, his fraternity kin, At tymes they didst seem a curyous team But many a tyme together beeth seen. Ther in a sweate suit stood the jocke, the stud Yit wouldst he feint gyving oon drop of blood Never to be seene wythout Nikes on hande He playeth every mannere of sport in the londe. Sitting atop a rocke, his black gowne flowing The skolar rested, his lerning glowing I] Alle the other men were gladst he didst stay His knowledge helpen rayse the frat G.P.A. An amongst them was the oon trown as partyer Of alle the souls ther were noon heartyer. Ther beeth many others amonge this lotte Many be alik, many be notte. Hir position on the mountain neer clear Nonetheless they beeth together, year after year. 3 tell thee a tale o tow o three Of the lustye younge man trown as the BMOC This leader fynde pleasure in the elete scoietye Highlander, Wellington, an the Blue Key. Diverde he beeth oon purpose in mynde His ambitious drives be never confynd. Tho he be lerned, no tyme for a studye format He sleepeth no more than doth a Woods Lab rat. Inconstante in herte, an ever in bisynesse Brief flyngs be many no tyme for faithfulleness. Once follower, soone becomleader skilled His passion for power is never fulfilled. 51 3N, •« In gownes black as nite he swoop alle around At OG, SA, Proctor ' s meetings be found. He control every facet of oure studente lyfe Enforcing dorm rules an quelling civil stryfe. Wise judgements pronounced form the lyps of this man It is our joye to be following him. Oure leader, oure mentor, the idols of Zeus, We be forever subject to his abuse. 53 M o group be ther wyth lynes so firm an stronge As those of classe, of years, be right o wronge. Ech classe by year has its learning ' s laced By markes an signs of a sytem of caste. The youngsters, trod upon by oon an alle, Witless, pull out hir haire by mid-term ' s falle. Cockye they beeth an often fain be bolde, To trowe everythyng, yit beleeve alle they be tolde. 55 ' l Handle they muste hir plentye foode an ale But mere attempt at the same turns strongest pale. Sofmoers to show the world a jauntye face, Work beste to keep new youngsters in ther playce. Yit fear ther is that gyves to throtes a lumpe, The dreaded deadlye beeste of Sofmoer Slumpe. 57 Tis Juniors face that year of hardest work Alle ' round them feerce skolastic dangers lurk; A cours of this of that, requirements mette No takers on a year ' s survival bette. The Elder ' s feere of the reele world outsyde Growes wyth rejection pyle of jobs applyed ...r. An skores of skools that do not accept Alle hopes an dreemes an plans b ' for hem swepte. ■ ra HHI 61 More classes cut as Senyors falle to slak They partye more wile rank saves hem from flak. Yit joy of sadness reigns o ' er those who trowe The tyme muste come, an soon, whan alle muste go. v ' v nuu 53 Wm 1 1 ® n the busse ' midst canvas, tubes an frame Sat the artist who painteth wyth the same. Whan at nite the moon riseth hygh, An doth on olde gray Carnegie spy, Longe, narrowe lites from windows poure Whan alle else be quiet ' cept for a snore. The Artist, paint-splattered jeans an shirte, face an haire Doth maken his home, his lyfe up ther. 6 5 The professor curseth the noyseye Artist ' s toyle An hopes for the moment his labors to foyle. " Hammer an saw I muste, " he saide An banged away ' till the sky be rede. CONCERTS September 12 Bluegrass Concert October 29 Cynthia Munzer November 15 GevandhausOrch. of Leipzig December 9,10 Festival of Lessons and Carols January 20 Blair Quartet, Johana Harris, piano February 5 Chattanooga Opera March 9 Midway College Chorale March 12 J. P. Rampal, flautist April 7 Fiddler ' s Convention 6 " Aha! He springeth to paint, canvas an brush, Before this sonne a mightye hush, An cloth on woode becomes Phoebus ' brite wings To which this studente, this lover sings. DRAMA Sept. 20 North Carolina Dance Theatre Sept. 29 Academy Theatre of Atlanta: " Long Day ' s Journey Into Night " Oct. 9 Temple Reader ' s Theatre Group: " In His Steps " Nov. 10-12 Purple Masque: " Cat On A Hot Tin Root " Feb. 24 Reed Gilbert, mime March 2,3,4 Univ. Choir: " I Do, I Do " May 11-13 Purple Masque: " Three Farces Of Moliere " v- " . ■ JL UHW: ■ 1 8 ZJ co-ed was ther wyth Wallabye boote fo Who lyveth eeh day by branche an roote The weekes turneth into monthes so faste, Yit days are naught quite how longe they laste. The clock begins to scream at six and thirtye She lyes abed an utters wordes ful dirtye. An houre passeth as she turns an fidgettes While onward goeth the clycking of the digettes. She willn ' t breakfaste becaus she ' s on a dyet Butte seeth the doughnute trayan can ' t gette byit. No oone moremorsele sillshe touch today Unles at noone the cookies looke okay. Stydye finished she returneth to the dorm, An feasteth late at nite on popped corn. The popcorne draweth a crowd of frienly gossyps Who has the latest news it ' s a tosse-up. No date but that won ' t keepe her from the kegge After a fewwe she start to shake a legge. She talk an shagge an drink a lotte of brewe The kegge ronnes drye, that ' s alle the party ' e thru Dawn arriveth wyth cursed belles a clangyning Into her hede which bye now be hangyning. An so you seeth Sewanee lyfes a breeze Eeek day the co-ed glydes thru wyth such ease. I — — m£ f- - ■ - " " " • ■ ■ • x .. . . 75 ™J n on the busse a fireman satte Wyth sootye face an brite rede hatte. Alert be he an well prepared For whan the syren ' s blaste be ayred. In classroome once he hearden the sounde, Throwing bookes an deske alle around. Or if in Gailor the home didst bray Lik litening he would than away. Alas poore man he could no reste, A nervous twitch hadde him obsessed. Perplexen an tiren of alarms false Yit to contrye clubbe an balle he doth walse. Ful chivalry this man desired In rede suspenders he was attired. 77 vZJ member of an elete group doth stareth, As on oure way the olde busse us doth bareth. A space cadet be she who looke so blanklye Ful odde are her habits, those the spacee so franklye. Wei doeth she in pursuits skolarlye Whan fyndeth she assignments in roome squalore. Ful solemne these persons walketh at trees Hir bodyes in pain, hir mynds in pease. RO Y|l he jocke, the champioun, the athlete classe On floor and fielde holdeth solemn masse. It ' s not his faulte they are not winning, For Sewanee ' s more concerned wyth sinning. O baskets an bruises, bases an breaks, Even the bookeworms geteth Wednesday Night Steaks! But here be why I praiseth his mighte: How can I argueth wyth " Yea Sewanee ' s Righte! " O the Sewanee jocke has vim and verve Against such oddes he needeth much nerve. The basketball star cannot vowe a fake, The honor code sayeth this beeth a mystake. 82 The wrestler always be at a dismaye, For his Sewanee tie geteth in the waye. An who can ronne after hitting a slider. When a blister be forming from new top-syders. O how can he be expected to win When alle the goode players are playing I. M.! But through his tryals and travails A few lynes on footeball should hammer the nail. The footeball jocke, he taketh courage, Abandoning bookes for briar massage. 31 To meete the foe upon some fielde Wythout a sword, wythout a shielde. Alle the jocke has, to render harme, Be three hundrede poundes of Sewanee charme. O the conflict, gore an guts, the lame excuse, the " ifs an buts. " But alle be not loste at the final cheere, " No, " cryes Carter, " There ' s always next yeare! " An why doeth this jocke stick to his trade? " No scholarship, " cry he, " I ' m juste wel payde! " !f - l3(5 rt,i ' ft ( 1 champioun of causes loste was ther faM Who on his backe wounds of battle bear. His face was worn by the efforts of the years O ' er which were spent muche tyme an tears. Grave beeth the injustice he faced What he learned that for freshmen he be displaced. Much of Sewanee beeth filled wyth a doome That lefteth many battling for a roome. But these be not his onle caus The academs, they also hadde hir flaws. The " comp " that caused many a horrid sneer- That awful teste at end of senyor year. Our friend proposed to terminate this " comp " Wythout endang ' ring cyrcumstance an pomp. But hevens no, the profs they were opposed At slitest worde hir mouths in grimace frozed. So muche for that, too thick be custom ' s fogge An oncle was ther left the Gailor dogge. Hir feete have treed thru ev ' ry classe From Finite 103 to Sunday morning masse. 37 SPEAKERS Aug. 28 Arthur Ben Chitty: History of Sewanee Oct. 12 Rudolph Bin: " The Play As A Replay " Oct. 17 Bishop Michael Ramsey, St. Luke ' s Centennial Oct. 25 Page Faulk: " Immunology Oct. 31 Steve Danning: Poetry Reading Nov. 1 Uberto Limentani: Dante Nov. 26 Stephen Heym ! Jan. 23 Jorzy Wiatr: " East European Opposition " Feb. 6 Mary E. Young Feb. 15 Donald Davie: Poetry Reading ! Feb. 25 Hunger Symposium March 8 Mark Kac, Phi Beta Kappa March 15 Alan Bell, Student Forum April 10 Women ' s Conference: W. Rudolph, B. Johns, J. King April 12-13 Medeival Colloquiam April 20 L.W. Swenson: Einstein April 27 Seam US Heaney: Poetry Som foolish souls have tryed hir ful beste To rid the Mount of ech an ev ' ry peste. As was the case wyth other causes loste, Into Lake Trez was this oon eek tossed. ®fje Cales professor ' s i;ale 2B.jW. aC. ' s Cale 3 ocfee ' s Tale doer ' s ale refee ' s i;alc Seminarian ' s Cale Hoste Cause Ctjatnp ' s GTale 93 121 141 161 187 215 225 ■■■ lie on the busse, luggage o ' er flowing ' They beganeth hir trippe moste knowing That this journey to Sewanee beeth thrilling For rarely goeth the busse far without spilling. To passe the tyme som shoten the breeze Many tolden storyes wyth grete ease. ®j)e$nrfes or ' £ ®aie AMS 93 1. Robert M. Ayres, Jr., Vice Chancellor; 2. John M. Webb, Associate Dean of the College; 3. Stephen E. Puckette, Dean of the College. ■ " : ' — Km 1. Carlyle Gill, Assistant Chaplain; Charles E. Kiblinger. Chaplain; 2. Albert S. Gooch, Jr., Director ot Admissions; Paul E. Engsberg, Associate Director of Admissions; 3. John D. Seiters. Dean of Men; 4. Mary S. Cushman, Dean of Women. 1. Dorothea Wolf, Career Services Associate; 2. Peggy C. Hankins. Secretary to the Deans of Students; 3. Martha D. Meeks, Financial Aid Assistant; 4. Elizabeth N. Chitty, Director of Financial Aid and Career Services. ■ ■■ ■■ " ••?■■■ 1. John G. Bratton, Executive Director of the Associated Alumni; 2. Ruth Green; 3. Mrs. Yates; 4. Fred Montgomery. 1 . MATRONS: Mrs. Kelly, Hoffman; Mrs. Duncan, Benedict; Mrs. Raulston, Elliott; Mrs. Souter, Gailor. Not Pictured: Mrs. Crawford, Cannon; Mrs. Curry, Courts; Mrs. Moore, Hodgson; Mrs. Brain, McCrady; Mrs. Hart, Trezevant; Mrs. Mask, Tuckaway; Miss Wagner, Cleveland; Mrs. Stevenson, Hunter; Mrs. Byrd, Johnson; 2. Douglas Cameron, Special Student Programs; 3. John B. Ranson, Registrar, Harry E. Dodd, Treasurer; 4. Tom G. Watson, Librarian. SPANISH: 1. Eric W. Naylor; 2. Dorothy Pitts; 3. Jane A. Fort; 4. Thomas D. Spaccarelli;GERMAN: 5. Reinhard K. Zachau; 6. James C. Davidheiser. 99 FRENCH: 1. Francois B. David; 2. Kenneth R.W. Jones; 3. J. Waring McCrady; 4. Regis Miannay; 5. David Landon; 6. Jacqueline Schaefer. RUSSIAN: 1. David Lumpkins. ITALIAN: 2. Leslie B. Richardson. CLASSICAL LANGUAGES: 3. Charles M. Binnicker; William S. Bonds. ■ 5w 1 - f 4i jk w . K A rs ENGLISH: 1. Thomas M. Carlson; 2. Nona P. Fienberg; 3. Brinley J. Rhys; 4. Edwin M. Stirling; 5. Andrew N. Lytle. ■ warn ENGLISH: (con ' t): 1. John V. Reishman; 2. William E. Clarkson; 3. Douglas D. Paschall; 4. Lome M. Fienberg. 103 ENGLISH: I.William T. Cocke, 2. Christopher Butler; 3. Dale E. Richardson; 4. Henry F. Arnold, Jr. PfeZ?l K $3 S.v ■ vc 7- $ PHILOSOPHY and RELIGION: 1. Gerald L. Smith; 2. Stephen F. Brown; 3. William J. Garland; 4. Ernest W. Schmid; 5. Herbert S. Wentz; 6. James W. Clayton; 7. Hugh H. Caldwell; 8. Charles T. Harrison. MATHEMATICS: 1. Laurence R. Alvarez; 2. William M. Priestley; 3. James T. Cross; 4. Frederick H. Croom. MATHEMATICS(cont): 1 Sherwood F. Ebey; 2. Sarah M. Carlos; 3. Clay C. Ross; 4. Marcia S. Clarkson. 107 PHYSICS: 1. Eric H.Ellis; 2. Philip J. Lorenz; 3. Francis X. Hart; 4. David B. Camp. I Si 1 yS v pj CHEMISTRY: 1 Edward P. Kirven; 2. John L. Bordley, Jr.; 3. James N. Lowe; 4. William B. Guenther. . A J XWANEE M$ERY °HCJL BIOLOGY (left): 1. Charles W. Foreman; 2. Harry C. Yeatman; 3. George S. Ramseur; 4. Edward McCrady; 5. Larry H. Jones; 6. Henrietta Croom. PSYCHOLOGY (above): 1. Robert W. Lundm; 2. Parker E. Llchtenstein; 3. Timothy Keith-Lucas; 4. Charles S. Peyser. Jr. ECONOMICS (left): 1. Patricia O.Killen; 2. John K. Green; 3. Arthur M. Schaefer; 4. Jerry L. Ingles; 5. Marvin E. Goodstein; 6. Robert A. Degen. POLITICAL SCIENCE (above); I.Joan Ward; 2. Barclay Ward; 3. Robert S. Lancaster; 4. Gilbert F. Gilchrist; 5. Robert L. Keele. 113 HISTORY: I.Arthur J. Knoll; 2. Anita S. Goodstein; 3. Harold J. Goldberg; 4. Joseph D. Cushman. ■ ' S HISTORY (con ' t): I.John F. Flynn: 2. Harold T. Parker; 3. Edward B. King; 4. Patricia A. Auspos. MKk. 1 0m , I . ■ W Ml ■ i i m [A v ' V l 3 i V 4. ■B i PHYSICAL EDUCATION: I.Dickie Anderson; 2. John McPherson; 3. James H. Moore; 4. Jerry Waters; 5. Marion T. England; 6. Pamela M. Lampley; 7. Walter Bryant; 8. Ted D. Bitondo; 9. Aubrey Wilson. FINE ARTS: 1. Robert H.Wilcox; 2. Martha McCrory; 3. William Kolok; 4. Robert G. Delcamp; 5. Steven W. Shrader; 6. Scott Feaster; 7. J. Edward Carlos; 8. Warren Jacobson; 9. Samuel H. Howell. Jr. FORESTRY and ANTHROPOLOGY: 1. Marcus C. Hoyer; 2. Henry W. Smith; 3. Richard A. O ' Conner; 4. Charles O. Baird. azdJ a =D -foM £V »wi ®f)e JUJt C -Bf ®aie 121 Phi Betta Kappa Omicron Delta Kappa Who ' s Who Margaret Knowles Bonin Constance Porter Cape Joseph Norman Davis Margaret Agnes DeLargy Marion Anderson Douglass, Beverly Anne Grail Nancy Wilson Hall Gerald Britton Harper, Jr. Marilyn Alesa King Chester Palmour Rollins, Jr. Earlene Catherine Siebold Victor James Thomas Marshall Felton Wright Paul Robinson, Pres. David Lodge, V-P Minna Dennis Sue De Walt Rose Mary Drake Bruce Dobie Anderson Douglas Scott Ferguson Will Ferguson Emily Fuhrer Bill Gilmer Frank Greskovich Frank Grimball Ben Jackson Mark Mudano Madge Nimocks Cathy Potts Woody Register Sylvia Robertshaw Tom Scarritt Tara Seeley Lee Taylor Mary Jan Treadwell Susan Balckford Harriet Blakely Temple Brown Anderson Douglas Paul Erwin Scott Ferguson Bill Gilmer Sarah Jackson Lynn Jones Marilyn King David Lodge Susan Lloyd Frank Marchman Madge Nimocks Charles Orr Cathy Potts Paul Robinson Tom Scarritt Tara Seeley Dan Sellers Lee Taylor Mary Jan Treadwell Scott Tully Felton Wright Blue Taylor Flowers, Pres. Scott Ferguson David Lodge Larry Plxley Steve Puckette Brian Rlchter Chet Rollins Dan Sellers Kelly Swift Lee Taylor Margaret Flowers, Pres. Lynda Wornom, V-P Leize Glover, Sec. Jess Baumhauer Frances Beeland Amelia Campbell Connie Cape Leah Fendley Liza Fox Susan Francisco Terrl Griggs Mary Lawrence Hicks Susan Hoffman Katie Hutchinson Mildred Inge Pam Jordon Lisa McDonough Elizabeth McWhorter Melanle Mlxon Joy Ogburn Betsy Ollm Jenny Prltchett Betsy Ramler Bltsy Rogers Anne Rudloph Carol Shepherd Cacky Sullivan Mary Zeltler Susan Blackford Drew Broach Lisa Churchhlll Tom Doty Janle Eaves Richard Elliott Jeffrey Emmett Scott Ferguson Jack Hazel Sarah Jackson Elizabeth Kuhne David Lodge Onle McKenzle Henry McLeod Jane Mobley Charlie Orr Gene Price Woody Register Brian Rlchter Sylvia Robertshaw Tara Seeley Lynda Sousa James Spears Lee Taylor Anne Vandersllce Discipline Committee Susan Blackford, Chair. Pat Dllworth Tom Doty Jack Hazel Jan Klbler David Lodge Stephen Puckette Joe Thonl Felton Wright College Democrats Sue DeWalt, Co-chair Emily Fuhrer, Co-chair Lindsay Coates David Condon Rose Mary Drake Susie Fowell Larry Grover Pam Jordon Robert Long Paul Perrea Allen Peyton Hugh Sharber Keith Sutton the,£.£A: Should ilLty. •fe aw s 5 U a K ' «fbr te J e»y 6« r Economics Club Gene Price, Pres. Jan Kibler, V-P Richard Hutson, Sec-Treas. Richard Aguilar Doug Baldwin Mary Eitel Kathy Herbert Diane Hooper Linda Jackson John Jones Pete Neil David B. Nelson Matt Pinson Jeff Rabern Scott Satterwhite Hank Simpson Wilson Smith Peter Steffen Tom White Pre-Law Club Gene Price, Pres. David Vineyard, V-P Leah Fendley, Sec. Robert Bayman Francis Beeland Steve Blount Allen Bridgeforth Douglass Clayton Barry Cline Key Coleman David Condon Sue DeWalt Debi Drury David Dunn-Rankin Robin Friend Lee Guerry Helen Howard David Humphreys Ben Jackson John Jarrett Pam Jordon Marilyn King Mark Lawrence Becky Littleton Elizabeth McWhorter Leonard Moore Peter Neil Mark Newell Don Olmstead Bitsy Rogers Erin Russell Peter Samaris Hugh Sharber David Sherar Peter Stevens Tom Scarritt Charles Stewart Lee Taylor Joe Thoni Lisa Underwood H. J. Watson Larry Williams Mark Williams Eric Zinn Forrestry Club Blair Russell Glenn Meg Hardy Mikes Hayes Susan Hoffman Mary King Les Lyden Doug McConnel Laurie Parsons Cathy Potts Martha Ann Pugh Leslie Preston Mark Robinson Ellen Russell Jim Santoro Frank Sconzo David Sherar Mimi Smith Wilson Smith Terri Taylor Anne Turner Jeff Wagner Tracy Wells Freddie Wood Coletta Youngers Student Forum George Barrett, Pres. Ross Dickerson Jimmy Groton, V-P Debi Drury Susan Alexander Cathy Fenner Mary Bailey Theo Gibbs Todd Bender Jeri Gibson Ann Benners France Beeland, Chair. Jim Berry Ruth Cardinal Erin Brewer Robin DeLaney Sam Breyfogle Tom Edwards Stephen Brown Jay Fisher JoAnne Caldwell Liza Fox Phillip Carpenter Jack Lauless Keith Cartwright Jay Lewis Sally Cary Becky Littleton Bill Clarkson David Nowell Chris Cobbs Charlie Potts Lisa Churchill Mike Scarborough Rebecca Denison Chris Woodhull Purple Bill Gilmer, Editor, Lindsay Coates, Editor, J.M. Albert, N. Allen, R. Anderson, P. Barr, J. Barrett, S. Blackford, E. Brailsford, S. Breyfogle, S. Bunton, D. Cameron, R. Cardinal, B. Craven, A. Chenowith, S. DeWalt, B. Dobie, A. Douglass, J. Douglass, B. Downs, R.M. Drake, D. Dupree, M. Edington, T. Evans, L. Farrington, H. Foley, L. Fowler, N. Fullerton, L. Gilbert, W. Givhan, T. Gormley, C. Hanger, K. Herbert. A. Herlong, M. Hickert, M.L. Hicks, R. Hill, M. Inge, S. Jackson, A. Kegley, S. Kegley, J. Kibler, L, Andrew, M, Mengedot, S. Mitchell, L. Mounger, J. O ' Brien, C. Orr, R. Parrott, R. Pyeatt, G. Rowclitfe, T. Scarritt, H. Simpson, H. Shappard, G. Slagle, L. Taylor, D. Terry, H. Thrush, B. Trescott, L. Trimble, J. Wagner, A. Weaver. Cap and Gown Sue DeWalt, Editor Chris Keyser Dawn Adkins Jan Kibler Mac Asnip Frank Marchman Robin Bartusch Jim Mathes Fehl Cannon Madge Nimmocks Ann Chenoweth Betsy Olim Lindsay Coates Charlie Orr Mary E. Cook Molly Piette Paul Cooper Susan Ramsay i Alyson Crouch Jenni Ratliff Suzanne Dansby Brian Reinhardt Forrester Davis Bitsy Rogers Ramona Doyle Chet Rollins Leah Fendley Tara Seeley Jay Fisher Carol Shepherd Liza Fox Geoffry Slagle Terri Griggs Norma Stoneburner Mary Lawrence Hicks Chris Stuart Ben Jackson Alethia Swan Linda Jackson Lee Taylor John Jarret John Throop Margo Johnson Linda Todd Peggy Hunt Anne Vanderslice Holly Kay Mary Warner Mike Kelly Bill Willcox and Gown-University __ - S " " " i i iwArsitV Of tN 3SSS« Mountain Goat Anderson Douglass. Editor Lee Taylor, Prod. Mgr. John Michael Albert Peggy Barr Robin DeLaney Liza Fox Bill Gilmer Michael Hayes Jack Lauless WUTS Drew Broach. Mgr. Lynda Sousa. Asst. Mgr. Kathy Froelich, Prog. Dir. Gerry Masterson. Tech. Dir. Richard Aguilar Mason Alexander Margo Johnson Holly Kay Mike Kelly Mary King Wayne Kottkasp Mark Larson Tandy Lewis umrr Norman Allen Stewart Low Vern Anderson Rob McCracken Mark Andrews Mike Milligan Anne Armour Becky Newton Matthew Asnip Hale Nicholson Anthony Atchley Iveson Noland Barry Bean Jon Patton Susan Blackford Mary Queitzsch Sam Breyfogle Clyde Ponder Stephen Brown Jeff Rabern Amy Bull Arch Roberts Wendy Butler Jay Robillard Susan Calk Bitsy Rogers Jim Caldwell Gary Rothwell : Will Cate Tim Russell } Paul A. Cooper John Saclarides David Condon Kimberly Sessions i Jon Cooner Bill Sholten William T. Dean Robert Smartt Debi Drury Ben Smith DeDe DuBose Mark Spencer Jim Fisher Hugh Stephenson Margaret Flowers Chris Stuart Susan Francisco Libby Thompson Alex Friend John Throop Jeanne Garmy Eden Thrower Wayne Gleen Bartholomew Trescott John Greene Suzanne Vining Ann Griffin Randa Wadsworth Tern Griggs Wiley Watson Michael Hayes David Weinstein 5 David Hood Carl Weston Freddy Hoover Mark Whibbs Chip Jacobs Ford Willoughby Peter Jenks Bill Wilcox Bobby Jefts Lynda Wornom Genie Woods Publications Board Peggy Barr Sylvia Barry Lindsay Coates Karl Daw Sue DeWalt Leah Fendley Bill Gilmer Robert Keele G. Andrew Kegley Jan Kibler Patricia Killen John Reishman Doug Seiters David Vineyard University Band Charles Higgins, Dir. Stratton McCrady John Newell, Pres. Molly Pennington Wendy Butler, Sec. Kirsten Pilcher Nick Lynn, St. Asst. Dir. Scott Satterwhite Michael Ball Lee Ann Shirley Peggy Barr Robert Smartt Will Cate Richard Southland James Coffield Tina Stambaugh Karen Diehl Terrie Sutton Fred Elston Lee Taylor Clark Hanger Charles Weltner Jody Harpole Deborah Wheeler Tom Jackson James A. H. White Scott Jamison Lisa Williams Shannon Johnston Choir Robbe Delcamp, Dir Mark Graham, Pres. Molly Pennington, Sec. Wendy Butler, Treas. Michael Albert Deborah Balfour Polly Barclay Eva Belle Beverly Bethany Margy Bowers Debbie Bridges Amy Bull Elise Bullock Susan Bunton Will Cate Gretchen Cole Mary E. Cook Kathryn Cureton David DeSalvo Jeff Douglas Janie Eaves Steffany Ellis Susan Francisco Lee Freeland Sharon French Kathy Froelich Phelps Gayle Terri Griggs Lanier Harper Steve Hearing Jack Hitt Laura Hoglan Addison Hosea Anne-Cameron Hosea Mary Huffman Ellen Hull Katie Hutchinson Peter Jenks Daniel Johnson Shannon Johnson Greg Jones Philip Jones Holly Kay Catherine Keyser Elizabeth Kuhne Giles Lewis Susan Lloyd Nick Lynn Rob McCracken Stratton McCrady Monti Mengedoht Hal Moore Laura Napier John Nicholson Wesley Parrott Carol Shepherd Brian Simpson Geoffrey Slagel Melanie Strickland Kristen Summerland Terrie Sutton Barb Tennant George Thompson Marilyn Walker Charlie Weltner Tom Wilkes Lisa Williams Popular M usic Association Jeri Gibson, Pres. Martha Gibson Wilson Smith, V-P Jimmy Groton Mason Alexander Mike Hayes Susan Alexander Elliott Jones Todd Bender Ed Laney George Barrett Stuart Low Lisa Brandon Chuck Niehaus Sam Breyfogle Laurie Parsons Claude Buckley Leslie Preston Bill Calfee Martha Ann Pugh Will Cate David Sherar Bill Clarkson Clinton Smith Chris Cobbs Linda Sousa Brian Cravens Jonathon Stearns Edward Creason Chuck Stewart Wayne Davis Clark Strand Bruce Dobie Keady Tietz Dede Dubose Tracy Wells Cathy Fenner Carl Weston Alex Friend Ann Whitney Jeanne Garmy Joe Wood Theo Gass Boyd Gibbs Jazz Society Arch Roberts, Pres. Jimmy Groton Joe Wood, Soc. Chair. Lee Guerry Ann Benners Katie Hutchinson Erin Brewer Jill Jamieson Temple Brown Iveson Noland Paul Burke Laurie Parsons Minna Dennis Cathy Potts Bruce Dobie Men Scott Paul Erwin David Sherar Susan Francisco Wilson Smith Jeanne Garmy Chuck Stewart Jeri Gibson Allison Sundberg Frances Glass Entertainment Film Club Clyde Ponder, Pres. Ernie Phillips, V-P Mike Kelly, Sec. Danny Barrie Jim Buckles Scott Elledge John Ferguson Kent Gay Jefferson Gray James Hendricks Larry Mellinger Mike Muntean Ben Smith Sewanee Arts Temple Brown Jill Jamieson Carolyn Kinman Arch Roberts Amy Waller Sigma Delta Pi National Spanish Honor Society Richard Aguilar Robin Bartuseh Knowles Bonin Wendy Butler Jane B. Fort Paula Garber Kathy Herbert Jack Hitt Eric Naylor Dorothy Pitts Steve Raulston Tom Spaccarelli Marilyn Walker Felton Wright Spanish Club Marilyn Walker — Pres. Robin Bartuseh— V. P. Paula Garber — Sec. Richard Aguilar Micheal Albert Bob Ayres Daniel Barrie Diana Benton Knowles Bonin Wendy Butler Fehl Cannon Greg Fogleman Jane B. Fort Kathy Froelich Antonio Garcia Roy Gary Heidi Harnisch Salen Haskovri Angela Herlong Jack Hitt Jerry Ingles Estilia Ingles Charles Kirkland Allen Muniz Olga Muniz William Muniz Laura Napier Eric Naylor Dorothy Pitts Arch Roberts Tom Spaccarelli Pete Steffen Peter Stevens Amy Waller Lisa Williams 130 German Club Allen Peyton, Pres. Kathy Harris Klrsten Pilcher. V-P David Hase Janie Wagenknecht, Sec. Mr. and Mrs. Hart ; David Dunn-Rankin, Treas. Helen Hawn Michael Albert Moe Hill Robert Alves Dr. Mark Hoyer Randy Anderson Mike Hurst Andy Arbuckle Leslie Kimbrough Mike Ball Martin Knoll Polly Barclay Mr. and Mrs. Knoll Harper Barney John Knorr Susan Bennett Elizabeth Kuhne Sophie Brewer Ken Lacy Tamara Brown Matt Ligon Allen Buck Myron Lockey Amy Bull Chip Manning Susan Bunten Rob McCracken Paul Burke Elizabeth McCullough Reggie Campbell Will Miller Sharon Campbell Brent Minor Fehl Cannon Chuck Owen Bebo Cole Joanna Owen Mary Cook Wesley Parrott Mr. and Mrs. Davidheiser Diane Perkowski John Davidson Lou Robinson John Davies Bob Ross Mr. and Mrs. De Bary Cindi Schwerin Ray de Moret Meriwether Scott Jeff Douglas Bill Sholton Janie Eaves Geoffrey Slagel Tom Elston Barb Tennant John Ferguson George Thompson Kevin Foley Steve Turbyfill Lee Freeland David Turner Sharon French Susan Vining Anne Griffin Nancy Woodson Amy Hammack Mr. and Mrs. Zachau Lanier Harper Le Cercle Francais Jeff Wagner, Pres. Amy Hammack, V-P Margaret Flowers, Sec. Phoebe Bates Scott Bates Beverly Bethany Margy Bowers Erin Brewer Mrs. Stratton Buck Francois David Mr. and Mrs. de Bary Susan Francisco Jeanne Garmy Kenneth Jones Elizabeth Kuhne Mr. and Mrs. Landon J. Waring McCrady Dorothy Morton Jane Patricia Becca Pierce Jacqueline Schaefer Geoffrey Slagle Russ Snapp 131 Chapel Guides Mark Andrews Sam Breyfogle Mary E. Cook Alyson Crouch David Dunn-Rankin Lee Freeland Sharon French Kathy Froelich Mary Huffman Molly Pennington Howard Smith Barb Tennant Mary Jan Treadwell Mike Wakefield Acolytes Robert Alves Mark Andrews Jim Barfield Paul Bonner Sally Cary Dan Clifton John Davies David Dearmon Debi Drury Sandlann Engh Radney Foster Lawson Glenn Lee Guerry Lanier Harper Thomas Hartford Robert Johnson Shannon Johnston Phillip Jones Elizabeth Kerridge Michael Kuhn Tina Lowry Gerry Masterson Stratton McCrady Kent McNeer Mike Moulden John Nicholson Margaret Plettinger Ray Quinnelly Martha Robert Robert Ross Susan Rupert Ellen Russell Kirk Simons Mary Middleton Smith Frederica Wood Paige Wood Lynda Wornom Altar Guild Frances Beeland Mary Jan Treadwell Leize Glover Marilyn Walker Mildred Inge Louisa Walsh Katharine Pettigrew Lisa Williams Mary Quietzsch Lynda Wornom Ann Rubsamen Layreaders Mike Albert Myron Lockey Norman Allen Susan Loyd Richard Aguilar Johann Manning i Matthew Asnip Gerry Masterson Catherine Barnes Bill Melynick Peggy Barr Monti Mengedoht Jennifer Barringer Waring McCrady Susan Bennett Lisa McDonough Ann Cox Elizabeth McWhorter Judy Clark Brent Minor Frank Creamer Mike Moulden Debi Drury Wesley Parrott Sherwood Ebey Molly Pennington Albert Gooch Allen Peyton Lanier Harper Suzanne Phelps Tom Haynes John Reishman i Herb Hobgood Paul Robinson Addison Hosea Susan Rupert Mary Huffman Katie Hutchinson John Sivley 1 Peter Jenks Kee Sloan j Robert Johnson Dorothy Stabler Shannon Johnston Gary Steber Robert Keele Kristin Summerlin Michael Kuhn Barb Tennant | Ken Lacy Earl Ware David Landon Tom Watson Frank Larisey Chris Woodhull Thomas Lisa Sacristans Norman Allen Mark Graham Myron Lokey Monti Mengedoht Chris Woodhull Dorm Bible Study Leaders Dale Berry Beth Chandler Phillip Dunklin Will Ferguson Mary Beth Foster Radney Foster Lanier Harper Peter Jenks Kirsten Pilcher Tara Seeley Carol Shepherd Alethea Swann Mary Jan Treadwell Charles Wingard 133 Order of Gownsmen Frank Grimball, President Silvia Robertshaw, Secretary Student Executive Committee Lee Taylor, Chair Scott Ferguson Ben Jackson Susan Blackford Liza Fox David Lodge Lindsay Coates Bill Gilmer Cathy Potts Bruce Dobie Terri Griggs Paul Robinson Rose Mary Drake Frank Grimball Dan Sellers Student Assembly Lee Taylor, Speaker Andy Kegley Liza Fox, Sec. Marilyn King Terri Griggs, Sec. Mike Kuhn Ben Jackson, Treas. Jack Lauless Richard Aguilar Kathleen Lee Andy Arbuckle Barclay Lezon John Barbre Rob Liles Peggy Barr David Lodge Jeff Bivens Nick Lynn Sophie Bower Tom Macfie John Burchfield Onie McKenzie Candi Burgess Fred McLaughlin Lindsay Coates Kevin Miller Chris Cobbs Brent Minor Don Coker John Newell Janie Eaves Mark Newell Mike Edington John Oliver Tim Engh Clyde Ponder Christen Farrington Hope Rogers Will Ferguson Alex Rummell Charles Fowler Gari Sellers Emily Fuhrer Hank Simpson Jackie Gentile Chuck Stewart Jerri Gibson Cacky Sullivan Frank Greskovich Lisa Underwood Julie Hall Janie Wagenknecht Chappy Hollis Mary Warner Florence Jackson Carl Weston Eliott Jones Doug Williams Shannon Jones Paul Wood Women ' s Interdorm Council Rose Mary Drake Pres. Ramona Doyle Caroline Hooper, Sec. Heidi Harnish Freddie Wood, Treas. Diane Hooper Jenny Baker Sanford Mitchell Deborah Balfour Molly Piette i Shirley Brice Jenny Pritchett Felicia Brown Sherrie Sims Susan Carlisle Anne Vanderslice Anne Chenoweth Paula Wilkinson Mary B. Cox Genie Wood IFC Dan Sellers, Pres. Chet Rollins, V-P Scott Satterwhite. Sec.-Treas. John Burchfield Bill Cox Ross Dickerson David Dunn-Rankin Scott Ferguson Jay Fisher Lawson Glenn Mike Goeller Frank Grimball Jack Hazel Frank Marchman Clyde Mathis Tom McKeithen Tom McKenna Peter Neil Mike Parks Tom Ramsey Bob Ross Bill Warfield Sut Watkins Fire Department Charlie Potts, Chief Doug Cameron Bill Clarkson George Elliott Don Fort Angus Graham Frank Greskovich Mike Hayes John Hungerpiller Bucky Hurley Richard Hutson Bill Inge Tim Keith-Lucas Tina Lowry Tom McKenna Clyde Mathis Erling Riis Gary Rothwell Peter Samaras Gerald Smith Scott Tully Bayard Tynes EMT Barr, Peggy Barrett, Lucy Berry, Dale Blackford, Susan Boney, Charlotte Catlett, Katie Douglass, Anderson Fallon. Teddy Ferguson, Will Harper, Britton Jackson, Chap Keith-Lucas, Tim Looney, John Henry McGee, Greg McNeer, Kent Morris, Mary Lou Pixley, Larry Ross, John Scott, Jim Scott, Mamie Siebold, Ernie Taylor, Lee Thomas, Victor Welles. Sue 135 Green Ribbon Charlie Potts, Pres. Theology Joseph D. Cushman Elmore Hill, Jr., V-P Harold Goldberg Scott Ferguson, Treas. William Kelly Albert S. Gooch Bill Cox Ladson Mills Marvin Goodstein Angus Graham James Patrick Kevin Green Michael Hayes Blaney Pridgen Charles T. Harrison Jack Hazel Gene Sargent Francis X. Hart Jack Hitt Doug Tucker Edward B. King Jonathan Horn Arthur J. Knoll Chap Jackson Residents Robert S. Lancaster Freddie McLaughlin David W. Lumpkins Mike Marchetti Dudley Fort Robert Lundin Frank Marchman Reginald Helvenston Andrew Lytle John Oliver Charles B. Keppler Shirley 1, Majors Larry Pixley Russell Leonard Horace Moore Leonard Pogue Leslie McLaurin H. Malcolm Owen Stephen Puckette Larry Majors Douglas D. Paschall Chet Rollins Edward Watson J.H.W. Rhys John Sacclarides Roger Way J. Douglas Seiters Peter Samaras Richard Winslow i Joe Thoni Honorary Scott Tully Faculty Yerger H. Clifton Henry F. Arnold Peter Taylor Stephen F. Brown Walter Bryant Thomas M. Carlson Charles E. Cheston William E. Clarkson James W. Clayton Black Ribbon Robin Delaney, Pres. Todd Bender Chris Blake Norman Blake Phillip Carpenter George Clark Rex Clarke Tom DeWitt Pat Dilworth Bruce Dobie David Ellis Greg Flowers Jim Frith Bob Grier Frank Grimball Barry Hayes Jim Hill Charles Hollis Richard Hutson Charles Kirkland Chris Moser Gene Price Arch Roberts Frank Sconzo White Ribbon Susan Hoffman, Pres. Residents Margaret Flowers, Sec. Robin Bartusch, Treas. Mrs. Craig Anderson Margaret Barnwell Mrs. Harry Bainbridge Connie Cape Mrs. Stratton Buck Sally Cary Mrs. Doug Cameron Susan Dunlap Mrs. James Clayton Emily Fuhrer Mrs. Arthur Cockett Blair Glenn Mrs. Francis Craig Leize Glover Mrs. Harry Dodd Sherri Graham Mrs. H. M. Gass i Diane Hooper Ms. Carlyle Gill Marilyn King Mrs. Harold Goldberg Becky Littleton Mrs. Frank Hart Gail Montague Mrs. Joe Hayes Betsy Olim Mrs. Reginald Helvenston Helen Pruitt Mrs. Jim Hill Sylvia Robertshaw Mrs. Edward Kirven Lynda Sousa Mrs. Kirkland Leonard Allison Sundberg Mrs. David Lumpkins Terri Taylor Mrs. Robert Lundin Mary Jan Treadwell Mrs. Edward McCrady Lisa Trimble Mrs. William Priestly Paige Wood Ms. Mary Robert Mrs. Glenn Smalley Faculty Mrs. Charles Teasley Mrs. W. Thrower Mrs. Sarah Carlos Mrs. Souglas Tucker Mrs. Malcolm Owen Mrs. Charles Winters Mrs. Arthur Schaeffer Mrs. Barclay Ward Pink Ribbon Lynn Jones, Pres. Rebecca Clark, V-P Madge Nimocks, Treas. Frances Beeland Melissa Berry Elizabeth Brailsford Susan Blackford Beth Candler Caroline Clark Minna Dennis Kathy Durkee Nan Fullerton Ceil Hopper Linda Jackson Carolyn Kinman Lisa Lipsy Tina Lowry Linda MacDonald Tara Seeley Cabel Shively Norma Stoneburner Alethea Swann Linda Todd Anne Trice Ann Turner Faculty and Residents Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Mrs. Charles 0. Baird Arthur H. Berryman Charles M. Binnicker Robert A. Boone Randall D. Bryson William Clarkson Arthur B. Chitty Frederick H. Croom Joseph D. Cushman Edward England Dudley C. Fort Gilbert F. Gilchrist William A. Griffin Sarah Ham John W. Hankins Robert Keele Arthur J. Knoll Stiles B. Lines B. E. Palmer Douglas A. Paschall Stephen E. Puckette John V. Reishman Brinley J. Rhys Tupper Saussy J. Douglas Seiters Gerald L. Smith Olwyn Souter Edwin M. Stirling Bayly Turlington John M. Webb Dorthea Wolf Harry C. Yeatman Red Ribbon Jay Fisher, Pres. William Cravens Allen Bridgeforth, Sec. Sollace M. Freeman Taylor Flowers, V-P Girault M. Jones Sam Boldrick Edmund Kirby-Smith David Evans Franklin Martin Dan Fort Joseph H. Powell Tom Hammond F. Tupper Saussy John Hay Fletcher Stuart David Lodge Douglas L. Vaughn Tom Mcfie Ken McKeithen In Facultate Tom McKenna j Mike Milligan Craig B. Anderson Charlie Orr Donald Armentrout Woody Register Charles 0. Baird Hamilton Reynolds Scott Bates Brian Richter Charles M. Binnicker Dan Sellers Hugh M. Caldwell Hugh Sharber William T. Cocke Jimmy Spears Frederick Croom Kelly Swift James T. Cross Bayard Tynes Gilbert F. Gilchrist William A. Griffin School of Theology Kenneth R. W. Jones Robert L. Keele Robert Boone David Landon John M. Gibson Thaddeus C. Lockard Maurice Goldsmith Edward McCrady H. M. McLeod Eric W. Naylor Gary Steber Charles Perry Wayne Wright William M. Priestly Stephen E. Puckette In Officio John V. Reishman Brinley Rhys Robert M. Ayres Dale E. Richardson Harry Bainbridge Arthur Schaefer John G. Bratton Gerald L. Smith John B. Ransom, III Edwin M. Stirling Barclay Ward In Oppido John M. Webb Donald B. Webber Randall D. Bryson Herbert S. Wentz Duvall Cravens, Jr. Harry C. Yeatman Well ingtons Dan Sellers, Prime Minister Len Howell Bill Warfield, David Humphries Archbishop of Canterbury John Jones Randy Addison Tom McKenna Sam Boldrick Bruce Miller Allen Bridgeforth Mike Milligan John Burchfield John Oliver Phillip Carpenter Don Olmstead Robin Delaney Brad Palmer Tom DeWitt Tommy Poe Tom Edwards Tom Putnam David Evans Woody Register Scott Ferguson Hamilton Reynolds Jay Fisher Charlie Rolfe Evans Fitts Hugh Sharber Taylor Flowers Joe Thoni Charles Fowler Scott Tully Daniel Fort Bayard Tynes Lawson Glenn Phil Ulm Matt Gorham Jake Walker Angus Graham John Weaver Frank Grimball David Weinstein Tom Hammond Dale Weyand Barry Hayes Craig Wilson Jo hn Hay Chappy Hollis H ighlanders Charles Kirkland, Grand Laird Ken McKeithen Kelly Swift, Vice Laird Freddie McLaughlin Scott Anderson Mike Marchetti Norman Blake Clyde Mathis John Blincow Chris Moser Phillip Burns Mallory Nimocks George Clark David Nowell Bill Cox Gene Price ' Pat Dilworth Leonard Pogue Scott Elledge Steve Potter Greg Flowers Charlie Potts Jim Frith Stephen Puckette Bob Grier Kevin Reed Ricky Harper Erling Riis Mike Hayes Gary Rothwell Jim Hill John Sacclarides Richard Hutson Pete Samaras Bill Inge Clinton Smith Chap Jackson John Vineyard Tom Macfie Dubliners Robin Bartusch, Pres. Minna Dennis, Sec. Onie McKenzie, Treas. Melissa Berry Susan Blackford Knowles Bonin Elizabeth Brailsford Connie Cape Joanne Caldwell Beth Candler Caroline Clark Rebecca Clark Lindsey Coates Mary B. Cox Sue DeWalt Ramona Doyle Rosemary Drake Kathy Durkee Leize Glover Sherri Graham Beverly Grail Terri Griggs Lee Guerry Heidi Harnisch Mary Lawrence Hicks Susan Hoffman Diane Hooper Linda Jackson Chris Keyser Jan Kibler Greer Kimmel Marilyn King Becky Littleton Lisa McDonough Samford Mitchell Madge Nimocks Beth Nobles Betsy Olim Helen Pruitt Tara Seeley Andrea Simpson Sherrie Sims Alethea Swann Donna Walker Mary Warner Tamara Williams STL Jim White. Grand Wazoo Annie Armour Mary Bailey Jim Berry Temple Brown Bill Clarkson Chris Cobbs Dede Dubose Gary Edge John Calvin Grier Jill Jamieson Eliot Jones Alice Lamson Chuck Neiehaus Bill Nelson Laurie Parsons Martha Ann Pugh Ray Quinnely Chebb Wagner Amy Waller Los Peones David Grooms, El Supremo Jack Hazel, El Slasho Tom McKeithen, El Soprano Jim Clausen Larry Dickerson Pete Edwards Darcy Hunter Pete Neil Richard Price Bob Ross John Southwood William Ward Velvet D u chess Linda Jackson, Pres. Lee Guerry Carolyn Kinman, Treas. Heidi Harnisch Margaret Barnwell Marilyn King Melissa Berry Linda MacDonald JoAnne Caldwell Onie McKenzie Anne Chenoweth Betsy Olim Caroline Clark Lou Robinson Kathy Durkee Gari Sellers Nan Fullerton Kitty Stockell Blair Glenn Anne Trice Silver Spoon Kelley Swift, Toastmaster Robin DeLaney Taylor Flowers Richard Hutson Charles Kirkland Mr. Andrew Lytle Charlie Potts Steve Puckette Hamilton Reynolds Dan Sellers Joe Thoni Bill Warfield Plastic Spoon L. Parsons, L. Thompson, C. Fenner, P. Wood, S. Alexander, M. Bailey, J. Baringer, A. Benners, M. Berry, C. Boney, S. Carey, A. Chenoweth, L. Churchill, J. Clark, R. Clark, S. Dansby, F. Davis, C. Doster, R. Doyle, D. Drury, D. DuBose, K. Durkee, S. Ellis, C. Farrington, M.H. Frye, S. Fuller, J. Gibson, M. Gibson, B. Glenn, A. Griffin, L. Guerry, S. Hall, H. Harnisch, B. Hensley, K. Herbert, J. Holmes, C. Hopper, J. Jamieson, S. Kegley, C. Keyser, M. King, A. Lamson, D. Lopez, F. Lynch, S. Matlock, B. McCullough, C. Potts, L. Preston, M.A. Pugh, R. Quinnelly, D. Raulston, S. Robertshaw, S. Rollings, A. Rubsamen, E. Scott, A. Sebrell, C. Shively, F. Smith, L. Sousa, K. Stockell, K. Tietz, L. Tucker, A. Waller, N. Wells. e amS ftye focfee ®aie 141 Gridders Nab Piece of CAC Title chVtS:RSiii1 , ,A Saclaftdes. l ow raross PSfTM. LaJefe-J.: ffeker- FOOTBAXL F 8lSf Ho«f M7BftcheIfri R. Herrscher, M. Hazel, H. Keller, D. Mathews, M. Whlbbs, G. Wor- son, M. NJmocks, G. Rothwell, P. Minor, K. Toye, H. Sparks, M. sowlcz, T. Bryant, C. Wilson. 2nd Row: J. Hill, B. trescott, T. Put- Bailey, T. Clark, P. Ulm, J. Fleming, W. Bodden, M. Larson. 4th nam, M. Marchettl, D. Grooms, D. Evans, N. Austin, S. Puckette, K. Row: C. Manning, B. Morris, D. Williams, S. Blount, B. Waterfleld, T. Swift, J. Hazel, S.Anderson, R.D. Harper, T. Jenkins, P. Samaras, J. Burton, D. Ellis. ■ 5 SOCCER n_jMm ,,tmit,mmjtm • ' ' ( • ' «»■ " ' ' ' " ■Eh • ■ 1 I •I k SOCCER Front Row: G. Rowclltf, B. Leonard, S. Gormley, W. Miller, R. Clemmer, F. Burns, D. Parker, J. Barrett, T. DeWItt, B. Glbbs, D. - Ellis. 2nd Row: P. Dorfch, C. Tettt, S. ' Posa, J.- Ferguson, K. McKefthen, Coach— A, Wilson, W. Ferguson, R. Foster, B-. Smith, R ; Gary, R. Sorllen, R. Addison. Not Pictured: A. Corey, M. Davis, C. Millir iM, Knoll, J: Swanson, C, Wlngard. ■ fcvV CROSS-COUNTRY Front Row: B. DeLuca, P. Erwln, S. Hancock, M. Llgon, Coach— J. McPherson. 2nd Row: R. Parrott, A. Morrill, M. Ball, B. Jefts, C. Owen. 3rd Row: E. Thrower, P. Rakes, D. Gossage. Not Pictured: M. Plnson, S. Watklns. F. Wright. MS FIELD HOCKEY FIELD HOCKEY Front Row: L. Llpsey, A. Trfce, U. MacDonald, M. Urbano. 2nd Row: P. Wood, R. Clark, C. Kegley, C. ChVlstnar, K. Stockell. 3rd How: Coach— K. Green, E. Slebold, G. KlrflmelT S. Jackson, S. Ewlng, S. Glenn, S. Robert»haw, S. McSpadden, F. Davis, Asst. Coach— D. Anderson. Not Pictured: M. H. Frye, M. J. Meyer. £ n VOLLEYBALL Front Row: L. Scott, J. Staab, T. Mathews, S. Ellis. Second Row: B. Taylor, S. Bonner, E. Russel, Coach— L. Alvarez, L. Ray, R. Demoret, A. Walker. WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL (far above) Front Row: C. Christner, S. McSpadden, T. Feamster. J. Pritchett, T. Francisco, G. Melton. Second Row: M.F. Glover, G. Wells, J. Baker. S. Bonner, S. McKenzie, Coach — J. Lampley. MEW BASKETBALL- Front Thoni, P. Burns, K. Reed, Coach— J. Waters. SecohU Rowr- —«f Ross CHEERLEADERS Left to Right: B. Minor, M. Bonner, K. Gay, G. Melton, T. Doty, L, Dearing, D. Johnson. Not Pictured: J. Jarrett, L. Fendley, K. Herbert, J. Kibler, M. Mixon, K. Pollard. 149 I Si) GYMNASTICS Front Row J. Hall, L. Coleman, Mitchell, M. Boal, C. Keyser. Not Pictured: L. Coach— M. England, V. Ottley. Second Row: S. Mounger. 151 SYNCRO SWIM (upper right) L. Peter- son, CD. Keyser, Coach— M. England S. Folwell, C. Keyser. Not Pictured: L Baird, M. Mixon. p SWIM TEAM (right) Front Row: J. Ratliff, L. Gentry, F. McLaughlin, D. Reynolds. 2nd Row: P. Neil, P. Hejl, L. Pixley, S. Ferguson, M. Milligan, D. Dunn-Rankin, E. Ware. 3rd Row: T. McKenna, T. Walsh, C. Fugmann, K. Gay, S. Raulston, D. Freibert, Coach— T. Bitondo. GOLF Front Row: W. Bryant— Coach, R. Doss. W. Davis, K. Reed, Second Row: W. Turner, B. Jackson, K. Fox. Not pictured: T. Flowers, J. White, T. Macfie, • . TRACK Front Row: K. Gay, A, Morrill, H. Barney. M. Hazel, R. Clemmer. D. Ell B. Wilcox. Second Row: J. Harpole, P. Rakes, M. Ball, D. Dunn-Rankin, M. Eddington, C. Wilson, G. Fogleman. M. Goeller, J. Coleman, M. Marchetti. S. Hearing. Not pictured: W. Boddin, B. DeLuca, P. Giffin. B. Jefts, M. Ligon, J. Patton, M. Pinson, W. Thrower, B. Trescott, C. Wilson. MEN ' S TENNIS Front Row: S. Mallone, S. Jamison, J. Barrett. Second Row: J. Boldrick, G. Cantrell, D. Humphreys, T. Lewis, S. Boldrick. Not pictured: B. Leonard, W. Andress, D. Anderson — Coach. WOMEN ' S TENNIS N. Fullerton, J. Scott. M. Dennis. A. Rudolf, H. Rogers. H. Harnisch. Not pictured: R. Bartusch. D. Anderson— Coach. 155 LACROSSE TEAM Front Row: J. Oliver, B. Tynes, S. Jackson, P. File, F. Hoffmeyer, S. Elledge, S. Tully. Second Row: T. Shackleton, D. D. Dubose, B. Miller, C. Weston, H. Weston, H. Simpson, J, Price, B. Bean, C. Fowler, D. Olmstead, S. Johnston, R. Sorlien, J, Newell, R. Thomas. T. Edwards, G. Price, E. Fitts, R. Dickerson, E. Orr. WOMEN ' S SOCCER Front Row: K. Fuller, C. Clark, R. Cardinal, L. Paul, J. Fitts, K. Stockell. Second Row: A. Richmond, D. Parker, K. Mckeithen, S. Stubbs— Coaches, E. Brailstord, A. Swann, S. Robertshaw, B. Candler, J. Pritchett, R. Doyle. BASEBALL Front Row: M. Nimocks. B. Waterfield, J. Hill, C. Potts, B. Clark, N. Allen, M. Jones, R. Campbell. Second Row: R. Herscher, J. Jones, M. Hurst, R. Holland, J. Fleming, P. Ware. C. Wilson, B. Willis, G. Worsowitz, H. Keller. 157 W-wv -Vi ' «r FOOTBALL Won 4 Lost 4 MEN ' S SOCCER Won 3 Lost 13 FIELD HOCKEY Won 5 Lost 5 Tied 2 VOLLEYBALL Won 10 Lost 21 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Won 3 Lost 17 MEN ' S BASKETBA LL Won 6 Lost 18 SWIMMING Won 6 Lost 5 GOLF Won 22 Lost 12 Tied 1 MEN ' S TENNIS Won 12 Lost 5 WOMEN ' S TENNIS Won 5 Lost 10 BASEBALL Won Lost 20 WRESTLING Won 9 Lost 6 TDM gOAMS W eCiber ' s ale 161 RICHARD JOSEPH AGUILAR, 109 Odell, San Antonio, TX 78212 ELIZABETH BARBOUR ALDEN, 609 Club Lane, Louisville, KY 40207 ANTHONY ARMSTRONG ATCHLEY, Box 851 Smyrna, TN 37167 MARY FERRISS BAILEY, 907 Overton Lea Road, Nashville, TN 37220 DOUGLAS JONATHAN BALDWIN, 2721 NE 40th Court, Lighthouse Pt. FL 33064 ROBERTA BROWN BARTUSCH, 3227 S. Waynoka Circle, Memphis, TN 38111 FRANCES STOKES BEELAND, 305 East Fourth Avenue, Rome, GA 30161 WILLIAM TODD BENDER, 705 Westview, Nashville, TN 37205 MELISSA SOMMERVILLE BERRY, 3024 Woodleigh Road, Birmingham, AL 35223 SUSAN CONSTANT BLACKFORD, 1511 Palmyra Avenue, Richmond, VA 23227 NORMAN HALE BLAKE III, 1634 Carr Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104 HARRIET DIANN BLAKELY, 3632 Kings- hill Road, Birmingham, AL 35223 CHARLOTTE MARIE BONEY, 108 N. King Avenue, Dyersburg, TN 38024 MARGARET KNOWLES BONIN, P. O. Box 850, New Iberia, LA 70560 entor£ MARGARET ANNE BOWERS, 860 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10021 LISA CLAIRE BRANDON, 809 South Brittain, Shelbyville, TN 37160 ALLEN CABANISS BRIDGFORTH, Benton Road, Yazoo City. MS 39194 DREW ASHLEY BROACH, 5 South Road Terrace, Little Rock. AR 72207 JERRI LYNNE BROWN, 2214 Larry Drive W., Jacksonville, FL 32216 TEMPLE McCALL BROWN, 1638 Joseph Street, New Orleans, LA 70115 RUTH WENDELL BUTLER, 3613 Bent Branch Court, Falls Church. VA 22041 JOANNE GUNTER CALDWELL, 4304 Wilson Avenue, Signal Mtn., TN 37377 BETH MEREDITH CANDLER, Route 1, Sharpsburg, GA 30277 CONSTANCE PORTER CAPE, 724 Center Drive, Memphis, TN 38112 ROBERT PHILLIP CARPENTER, Forest Drive, Union City, TN 38261 LISA ANNE CHURCHILL, 537 Overlook Drive, N. Palm Beach FL 33408 JAMES POLLARD CLARK JR., 515 Franklin Street, SE Huntsville. AL 35801 REBECCA ADDISON CLARK, 63 Club Course Drive, Hilton Head Is. SC 29928 GEORGE GUNTHER CLARKE, JR., 1893 Harbert Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104 DOUGLAS JAMES CLAYTON, Faculty Circle, Sewanee, TN 37375 163 JAMES CHRISTOPHER COBBS, 2202 N. Meadow Dr., Clarksville. TN 37040 RICHARD KING COLE III, 2296 Coffee Pot Blvd., St. Petersburg, FL 33704 WILLIAM CHARLES COX, 204 Howard St. Ashland, VA 23005 JOHN MICHAEL DALPHER. 3531 Christie Place, Owensboro, KY 42301 CATHERINE DIANE DAVIS, 1222 Maiden Lane, Columbia, SC 29205 JOSEPH NORMAN DAVIS, 1407 Chickering Road, Nashville, TN 37215 LESLIE STONE DAVIS, 3020 Milton Avenue, Dallas, TX 75205 ROBIN CHRISTOPHER DE LANEY, P. O. Box 128, Spanish Fort, AL 36527 MARGARET AGNES DELARGY, 2140 Caesar Way South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712 THOMAS STUART DEWITT, 500 Museum Drive, Charlotte, NC 28207 WILLARD ROSS DICKERSON, 23 Trevillian Avenue, Glendale, MO 63122 JEANETTE SEAY DILLON, 1485 Clair- mont Place, Nashville, TN 37215 BARBARA CHRISTIAN DOSTER, 204 Brook Dr ., Lancaster, SC 29720 JEFFREY ALLEN DOUGLAS, 608 Wanaao Road, Kallua, HI 96734 SUSAN ESTEE DUNLAP, 86 Victoria Drive, Basking Ridge. NJ 07920 KATHERINE RUCKER DURKEE, 3270 East Briarcliff Rd.. Birmingham, AL 35223 MICHAEL ALAN EDINGTON, 409 Christopher Street T-2, Gaithersburg, MD 20850 MARY MINTON EITEL, 523 Ridgewood Road, Louisville, KY 40207 DAVID GAGE ELLIS, 13 N. Springbank Road, Mobile, AL 36608 PAUL CAMPBELL ERWIN, Box 640. Albertville, AL 35950 DAVID TRAVIS EVANS, P. O. Box 1063, Cristobal, Canal Zone MATHILDA HUESSY FALLON, 2236 Charles Street. Pampa, TX 79065 MICHAEL SCOTT FERGUSON, 32 Carriage Hill, Signal Mtn. TN 37377 PENNEY ALLEN FILE, 9909 Hoyt Circle, Randallstown, MD 21133 DONNA MARIE FINNEY, Route 2 Box 260, Estill Springs, TN 37330 JETT MILLER FISHER JR., 25 West Broad, Newnan. GA 30263 MARGARET LEE FLOWERS, 310 Deepwood, Hopkinsville, KY 42240 MARGARET WICKLIFFE FORT, 113 Sunset Gaffney, SC 29340 JAMES MC GARRY FRITH, 614 West Meade Dr., Nashville, TN 37205 KATHRYN HARMAN FROELICH, 9816 Watts Branch, Rockville, MD 20850 JERI LYNN GIBSON, Route 5 Box 109, Scottsboro, AL 35768 WILLIAM BETTS GIBSON, Route 5 Box 109, Scottsville, AL 35768 LEIZE LEMAN GLOVER, Route 1 Box 312, John ' s Island, SC 29455 BRADLEY EDWIN GOINS. 1209 Duane Road, Chattanooga, TN 37405 KATHERINE FRANCES GOODELL, 4729 Water Oak Lane. Jacksonville, FL 32210 ELIZABETH WADE GOODSON, 12445 Mooreknoll Lane, Houston, TX 77024 165 TIMOTHY MICHAEL GORMLEY, 466 Surrey Lane, Fairfield, CT 06430 MARK EMORY GRAHAM, 4126 Pinelake Lane 102, Tampa, FL 33624 SHERRI ANNETTE GRAHAM, 4705-B Sabrina Lane, Hixon, TN 37343 BEVERLY ANNE GRALL, Route 2, Harrodsburg, KY 40330 JAMES PURNELL GROTON JR., 2592 Habersham Road, NW, Atlanta, GA 30305 JULIE ELIZABETH HALL, 1303 Epley Lufkin, TX 75901 NANCY WILSON HALL, 261 Cumberland Circle, Nashville, TN 37214 GARY EDWARD HAMLINGTON, 3000 Knobview Dr., Nashville, TN 37214 AMY LOWE HAMMACK, P.O. Box 580, Lawrenceville, VA 23868 WALTER CLARK HANGER, 36 W. Brook- haven Dr., Atlanta. GA 30319 GERALD BRITTON HARPER JR., 2565 Aaron Lane, Winston-Salem, NC 27106 JOHN CARROLL HAY III, 430 McClung Avenue, Huntsville, AL 35801 MICHAEL DANIEL HAYES, 108 Courtney Street, Monroe, LA 71201 JOHN TILGHMAN HAZEL III, 5117 Brookridge Place, Fairfax, VA 22030 REBECCA LUCILE HENSLEY, Willow Creek Apts. 215 1616 Seminole Dr., Johnson City. TN 37601 ELMORE HILL JR., 3901 Woodlawn Drive, Nashville, TN 37205 JAMES MCCROREY HILL, Route 1, Sewanee, TN 37375 SUSAN BUCKNER HOFFMAN. 126 Elm Street, Mt. Sterling, KY 40353 MARY LUCILLE HOPPER, 2220 Harris Circle, Cleveland, TN 37311 ADDISON HOSEA III, 536 Sayre Avenue, Lexington, KY 40508 MARY HELEN HOWARD, 206 Townsend Place, NW, Atlanta, GA 30327 DAVID CRAIG HUMPHREYS, 2505 East Eleventh Street, Joplin, MO 64801 RICHARD WOODWARD HUTSON JR., 32 Lenwood Blvd., Charleston, SC 29401 PHILLIP CHAPPELL JACKSON III, 2849 Canterbury Road, Birmingham, AL 35213 SARAH MINDWELL JACKSON, 103 Columbia Avenue. Swarthmore, PA 19081 VIRGIL ROBERT JEFTS III, 15 Woodland Drive. Rome, GA 30161 PETER QUICK JENKS, 1306 Westwood Drive, Marshall, MN 56258 ROBERT CLEAVES JOHNSON, 207 Grandview Drive, Brevard. NC 28712 NELSON BRADLEY JONES, 3935 Prytania Street, New Orleans, LA 70115 ROSE LYNN JONES, 2629 Southminster Road, Birmingham, AL 35243 THOROLF OTTO KARB, IM Harlos 31, Lahnstein. Germany CATHERINE COBURN KEFFER, 180 Sedalia Court. Alfreida, GA MARILYN ALESA KING, 4095 Aiken Road, Pensacola. FL 32503 JEAN ROBERTSON KINNETT. 3131 Cathryn Drive, Columbus, GA 31906 CHARLES SUMMERS KIRKLAND, Route 2, Union City, TN 38261 MICHAEL CRAY KUHN, 301 33rd Street. W. Des Moines, IA 50265 ELIZABETH KAY KUHNE, 5105 Dryades Street, New Orleans, LA 70115 DAVID ALLEN LAUDE Jr., 1335 Ashwood Drive. Modesto, CA 95350 RUTH ROOSEVELT LINDSLEY, 4209 Arcady, Dallas, TX 75205 LISA HALL LIPSEY, 300 Cohee Road, Blacksburg, VA 24060 REBECCA LEIGH LITTLETON, 2608 Cedar Ridge, Waco, TX 76708 DAVID MICHAEL LODGE. 1002 Lula Lake Road, Lookout Mtn., TN 37350 16? CHRISTINA HOWELL LOWRY, 3761 Seabrook Island Road, John ' s Island, SC 29455 SUSAN ELIZABETH LOYD, 3348 E. 67th Place, Tulsa, OK 74136 LINDA LEIGH MAC DONALD, 1405 East Blount, Pensacola, FL 32503 EDSEL FORD MAGGART Jr., 4026 Lealand Lane, Nashville, TN 37204 FRANKLIN CHARLES THOMAS MARCHMAN, 3683 Ivy Road, Atlanta. GA 30342 GREGORY SULLIVAN McGEE, 231 South McGregor Avenue, Mobile, AL 36608 THOMAS MOTT MC KEITHEN Jr., 5031 Arapahoe Avenue, Jacksonville, FL 32210 HAL JORDAN MINNIGAN, Route 2, Old Hickory Road, Brentwood, TN 37027 KATHERINE GAILLARD MONTAGUE, 620 NW 23rd Street, Gainesville, FL 32607 DAVID BYRNE NELSON, P. O. Box 60, Bon Secour, AL 36511 CHARLES CALLIS NIEHAUS, 635 East Seminary, Greencastle, IN 46135 MARGARET ANN NIMOCKS, 958 Smith Street, Forrest City, AR 72335 ELIZABETH ALICE OLIM, 5845 Fairwood Lane, Memphis, TN 38138 LAURIE ELIZABETH PARSONS, 1759 Central Avenue, Memphis, TN 38104 DIANNE RUTH PERKOWSKI, 8200 Palm Street, Apt. 223, New Orleans, LA 70118 REBECCA TOWNSEND PIERCE, St. Stephen ' s Church, Tulane Avenue, Oak Ridge, TN 37830 EVA-MARIE KIRSTEN PILCHER, 2039 Cynthia Drive, Mt. Airy, NC 27030 ROLAND LAURENS PIXLEY, 2018 Bucknell Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28207 A I A % m CATHERINE POTTS. 4818 North Lindhurst, Dallas, TX 75229 GENE TEMPLE PRICE, 201 Finch Avenue, Evergreen, AL 36401 HARRY HOUGHTON PRITCHETT III, School of Theology, Sewanee, TN 37375 STEPHEN ELLIOTT PUCKETTE III, Route 2, Box 300, John ' s Island. SC 29455 ANN STANTON RAY, 142 Brighton Road, NE Atlanta, GA 30309 OSBORNE HAMILTON REYNOLDS, Route 3, Washington, GA 30673 BRIAN LAWRENCE RICHTER, 7085 Cedar Street, Chagrin Falls, OH 44022 ARCH WATERS ROBERTS, Jr., 3714 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, GA 30317 DAVID PAUL ROBINSON. Route 2. Box 356-G. Spring City, TN 37381 GWENDOLYN ROGERS, SPO, Sewanee, TN 37375 CHESTER PALMOUR ROLLINS, 3015 Mornington Drive, Atlanta, GA 30327 HORACE NEELY SANDERS. R. R. 4. Box 194, Shelbyville. TN 37160 SCOTT COLLINS SATTERWHITE. 4212 John- stone Court, Nashville. TN 37215 THOMAS POU SCARRITT Jr.. 6210 Maybell Drive, Pensacola, FL 32504 MELVIN SCOTT SCHULZE, 6350 Cherry Tree Lane. NE, Atlanta. GA 30328 FRANK THOMAS SCONZO, 21 Maple Drive. E. Patchogue, NY 11772 TARA MARIE SEELEY. 2752 Magnolia. Wichita, KS 67217 ROBERT DANIEL SELLERS III, 348 Hempstead Place, Charlotte, NC 28207 KIMBERLY BOB SESSIONS, 537 Woodvalley Drive, Marietta, GA 30064 LEE ANN SHIRLEY, 4506 Cove Lane, Chattanooga, TN 37415 WILLIAM ARNOLD SHOLTEN III. 311 Wagner Road, Northfield, IL 60093 EARLENE C. SIEBOLD. S-6817 Maple Hill Road, South Wales. NY 14139 GEOFFREY von SLAGLE, 3523 Sunrise Terrace, Chattanooga, TN 37412 WILSON KIDDER SMITH, 3221 Pine Ridge Road, Birmingham, AL 35213 LYNDA MEREDITH SOUSA, 801 Leta Drive, Security, CO 80911 JAMES RAYMOND SPEARS, P.O. Box 1352, Winter Garden, FL 32787 PETER DWIGHT STEFFEN, P. O. Box 2216, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti ALBERT GRIGNARD STOCKELL, 7 Pine Low, Glen Cove, NY 11542 NORMA CLARA STONEBURNER, 4944 Ortega Blvd., Jacksonville, FL 32210 KIMBERLY ANN SWEARINGEN, 1810 Lyttleton Street, Camden, SC 29020 EDWIN KELLEY SWIFT, 1227 Otter Creek Road, Nashville, TN 37215 MARTIN LEE TAYLOR, 1603 Arcadia, Memphis, TN 38117 TERRI ANN TAYLOR, 1327 Eastin Avenue, Orlando, FL 32804 ELIZABETH DEUPREE THOMPSON, 601 Peach Street, Marks, MS 38646 JOSEPH WILLIAM THONI, 4604 Chalmers Drive, Nashville, TN 37215 MARY JAN TREADWELL, 400 Cleveland Street, Tallulah, LA 71282 ANNE BOUCHELLE TRICE, 4141 Piedmont Road, Pensacola, FL 32503 ANN FELICE TRIMBLE, Box 435, Hanover, IN 47243 MARY ANNA TRIPLETT, 3369 Nashville Street, Jackson, MS 39213 ALBERT SCOTT TULLY, 4305 Fair Oaks Drive, Birmingham, AL 35213 DAVID CARLETON TURNER, Box 257, USAWC Carlisle Bks., PA 17013 JEFFREY SCOTT TURNER, 5010-111 Street North, St. Petersburg, FL 33708 1 70 BAYARD SHIELDS TYNES Jr., 33 Ridge Drive, Birmingham. AL 35213 DAVID DOUGLAS VINEYARD. 3406 Timber- wood Circle, Austin, TX 78703 CHARLES WEBB WAGNER Jr., 2 Golf Course Road, Owings Mills, MD 21117 JEFFREY J. WAGNER, 80 Sedgwick Place, Englewood, CO 80110 MARILYN JOY WALKER, 3019 Brownwood Drive, Chattanooga, TN 37404 WARNER SUTPHEN WATKINS III. 6 Cross Creek Park, Birmingham, AL 35213 HANS JUSTIN WATSON, 708- ' . 2 Bourbon Street, New Orleans, LA 70116 JAMES EDWARDS WEATHERLY III. 1200 Weatherly Road, Huntsville. AL 35803 TRACEY LEE WELLS. 143 Woodland Road, Madison, NJ 07940 ANN CAROL WHITNEY, 200 Blue Ribbon Parkway, Shelbyville, TN 37160 WESTMORE CLAIBORNE WILLCOX, 518 Pembroke Avenue, Norfolk, VA 23507 JOHN HERMAN WILSON. General Delivery, Brasstown, NC 28902 MARSHALL FELTON WRIGHT. 911 Lothian Drive, Tallahassee, FL 32303 HENRY CLAY YEATMAN. Jump Off Road, Sewanee, TN 37375 I71 Juniors Anderson, Randy Anderson, Scott Andrews, Mark Ayers, Bob Balfour, Deborah Barfield, Jim Barr, Peggy Barrett, George Benners, Ann Benton, Diana Black, Libby Boatwright, Etteinne Boldrick, Samuel Boyle, John Brailsford, Elizabeth Bridges, Debbie Britten, Jonothan Brown, Bette Burgess, Candis Calfee, Bill Capleman, John Cary, Sally Castelin, Regina Claflin, Scott Clark, Caroline Clausen, James Corey, Allen Cureton, Kathryn Davies, Karen Dean, William DeLuca, Bart Dennis, Minna DeWalt, Sue Dickerson, Paul Dilworth, Pat Doty, Tom Drake, Rose Mary Dunn-Rankin, David Eaves, Janie Ellis, Steffany Ferguson, Will ft £ p J n ft |TP w HI Fogleman, Gregory Foster, Mary Beth Fowler, Charles Fuhrer. Emily Fullerton, Nan Garber. Paula Gass, Theodore Graham, Angus Greskovlch, Frank Grier, Bob Grlmball, Frank Gray, Jefferson Grooms, David Guerry, Lee Halbkat, James Hammond, Tom Harnisch, Heidi Harper, Lanier Hayes, Barry Hejl, Philip Herbert, Kathy Hicks. Mary Lawrence Hill, John Hoglan. Laura Hollis, Charles Hooper, Diane Huffman, Mary Jackson. Ben Jenkins, Tom Jones, Jonathan Jones. Lawson Kelly, Michael Kendall, Jeffrey Keyser, Chris Kibler, Jan Kimbrough, Leslie Kinman. Carolyn Lewis, Tandy Lopez. Dawn Lynch, Mary Macfie, Tom 173 Marchetti, Mike Martin, Carter Moconnell, Douglass Mathews, Patricia McKeithen, Ken McKenzie, lone McLaughlin, Fred McMahan, Milton Mellinger, Lawrence Melton, Gina Mengedoht, Monti Milligan, Michael Morris, Pam Newell, John Nicholson, John Nobles, Beth Oliver, John Owen, Charles Parker, David Parrott, Wesley Paul, Lucy Peebles, Nona Peters, Robin Peyton, Allen Phillips, Ernest Pinson, Mathew Pittman, Michael Pogue, Leonard Ponder, Clyde Price, Richard Pruitt, Helen Putnam, Thomas Rabern, Jeffery Ramsay, Susan Raulston, Dale Register, W. Wood tf:JB J SR I? Reynolds, Nancy Robertshaw, Sylvia Roper, Edward Ross, Bob Rubsamen, Ann Russell, Blair Russell, Timothy Samaras, Peter Sample, Jane Santoro, James Schwerin, Cindy Sharber, Hugh Simpson. Andrea Simpson, Brian Smith, Billy Ray Smith, Howard Southwood, John Stephenson, Hugh Stockell, Kitty Strand, Clark Sundberg, Allison Swann, Alethea Taylor, Beth Teft, Chip Trescott, Bartholomew Turpin, Brian Vanderslice, Anne Walker, Donna Warner, Mary Weston, Carl Wheeler, Huel White, Thomas Wilkinson, Paula Wilson, Florence Wingard, Charles Wood, Paige Wood, Paul Woods, Eugenia ' 75 £5 opIjomores .••:■ Alexander, Susan Allen, Norman Alves, Robert Anderson, Kemper Arbuckle, Andrew Baker, Jennie Baumhauer, Jess Baur, Jennifer Bayman, Rob Bellows, Chris Bennett, Susan Bethany, Beverly Binkley, Rob Bishop, Martha Blincow, John Bowen, Sophie Brame, Scott Brantley, Robert Breyfogle, Sammuel Brown, Tamara Buckles. James Bunton, Susan Bull, Amy Burchfield, John Byrne, Lee Caldwell, James Campbell, Reggie Campbell, Sharon Cannon, Fehl Cardinal, Ruth Cheek, Nancy Chenoweth, Anne Clemmer, Robert Cluett, Cary Coates, Lindsay Coleman, Bill Collier, Marcus Cook, Mary Cox, Mary Dansby, Suzanne Davies. John Davis, Martin Demoret, Rae DeSalvo, David Doyle, Ramona Dunklin, Philip Dupree, David Edge, Gary Edwards, Peter Edwards, Tom Elledge, Scott Farrington, Christin Fendley, Leah Fenner, Cathy Fitts, Evans Foley, Kevin Folwell, Suzy Foster, Radney Fox, Kevin Francisco, Susan French, Sharon Frye, Mary Hughes Fuller, Susan Garmy, Jeanne Gary, Roy Gay, Kent Gayle, Phelps Geitgey, Kay Gentry, Leland Gibbs, Boyd Gieger, Julia Gilbert, Lindy Glenn, Lawson Glenn, Susan Goeller, Michael Goodwin, Glenn Griffin, Ann Griggs. Terri Hall, Susan Harkness, Laurel Harpole, Jody Hawn, Helen Haynes, Tom Heck, John Hendricks, James Herlong, M. Angela Hickert, Mary Hill, Richard Hoffmeyer, Fred Hood, David Hopper, Carolyn Hosea, Anne Cameron Hudspeth, Nancy Humphreys, Sarah Hungerpiller, John Hunt, Peggy Hunter, Darcy Hutchinson, Katie Inge, Bill Jarrett, John Johnson, Margo Johnston, Shannon Jones, Mike Jordon, Pam Kegley, Andy Kimmel, Greer King, Mary Knoll, Martin Lacy, William Lauless, Jack Lawrence, Mark Lemos, Chris Lewis, Giles Lewis, Jimmy Lezon, W. Barclay Ligon, Walter Long, Robert Lyden, Les Lynn, Nick Manual, Bruce Marksteyn, Helen Masterson, Gerald Mathis, Clyde i Alml McDonald, Ruth Ann McKee, Thomas McKenzie, Stacy McWhorter, Elizabeth Meyer. Mary Jane Miller. Christopher Miller, Bruce Miller, Will Minor, Brent Mitchell, Sanford Mixon. Melanie Moore, Donna Moore, Hal Mounger. Leslie Mulkey. James Mullett. Russell Neese, Donald Neil, Peter Newton, Becky Nimocks, Mallory O ' Brien, Judy Olmstead. Don Palmer, Brad Parrott, Leland Paul. Helen Pecau, Marie Piete, Molly Poss, Steve Potter, Steve Pritchett, Jenny Prudhomme, Jeff Pugh, Martha Pyeatt, Robert Rakes, Pat Rector. Scott optjomorcs Reed, Kevin Riis, Erling Ringhaver, Deborah Robert, Martha Rogers, Hope Rose, Harianne Rowcliffe, Gary Sellers, Gary Simpson, Bob Singer, Marita Smith, Ben Smith, Clinton Snapp, Russ Southard, Richard Stabler, Dorothy Starnes, Karen Sterans, Jonathon Stolley, Lisa Stradley, Mark Stuart, Chris Stubbs, Sidney Summerell, Finn Sutton, Keith Teagle, Blan Tennant, Barb Thompson, Overton Thrush, George Turbyfill, Steve Turner, Wade Underwood, Lisa Wagenknecht, Janie Wakefield, Mike Waller, Amy Ward, William Ware, Earl Wasden, Wiley Washington, John Weinstein, David Williams, Doug Williams, Larry Williams, Marc Willoughby, Ford Wimer, Lettie Wood, Frederica Woodhull, Chris Worhom, Lynda Yoe. James Jfrcsijmcn IP ? ft ft Addison, Randy Adkins, Dawn Ager, Libba Aiken. Wyatt Alexander, John Alexander, Mason Allin, Fran Anderson, Vernon Andreae. Timothy Andress, Weston Angell, Stephen Asnip, Matthew Ateyeh, Jumana Atwell, Anthony Atwood, Charles Baird. Libby Ball. Michael Bandy, Judith Barclay, Polly Barney, Harper Barrett, John Barrie, Daniel Bell, Marion Benfield, James Bennett, Susan Bivins, Jetfery Blake, Kelly Boal, Marty Boback, Deborah Boeckman, Dan Boldrick, John Bondurant, Kathleen Bonner, Marie Bonner, Paul Booker, John Bradford, Kendall Brewer, Erin Brice. Shirley Brooks, Joel Brown. Felicia Brown, Marcie Brown, Stephen Bruce, William Bruda, Mary 1S1 Buck, Allen Bullock, Elise Burns, Frank Burrell, Jean Butler, Paul Campbell, Amelia Cantrell, Greg Carlile, Suzan Cate, William Clark, John Clemons, Scott Clifton, Daniel Cline, Barry Clouser, Sheryl Coffield, James Coker, Donald Colahan, Alexandra Cole, William Coleman, Lisa Colton, Overton Condon, David Cooner, Jonathan Creason, Edward Crouch, Alyson Darden, Thomas Dearing, Leslie Dearman, David DeJarnette, Helen Devison, Rebecca Dickerson, Pete Diehl, Karen Dilts, Katherine Doss, Richard Drewry, Steven Drury, Debra DuBose, Dorothy Durham, Elizabeth Ellis, Bernie Ellis, Doug Elston, Thomas IP A W2 Evans, Tom Fanale, Eugene Ferguson, John Fitts, Joann Fleetwood, Victoria Fleming, Jim Foley, Henry Fransisco, Tabitha Freibert, David Friend, Alexander Friend, Robin Galloni, Jill Gannon, Stuart Gentile, Jaquelyn Gentry, Susan Giffin, Paul Glover, Mary Frances Gorham, Mattias Gossage, David Granell, Julie Greene, John Hancock, Stephen Hardy, Margaret Harris, Katheryn Hartford, Thomas Hearing, Steve Hightower, Ann Hogeman, Mary Laura Hood, Willam Hoover, Fred Hunt, Charlie Hutson, Katherine Hutto, Thomas Inge, Mildred Jackson, Florence Jackson, Thomas Jamison, Scott Jasper, Lamar Johnson, Daniel Johnson. Stephen Jones, Edrea 183 Jones, Gregory Jones, Mary Evelyn Jones, Shannon Kay, Holly Kegley, Sissy Keller, Hunter Kerridge, Elizabeth Keyser, Catherine Kidd, Guy Killinger, Lee Kitchens, Frances Kitchings, Langley Knorr, John Kottkamp, W. W. Laigle, David Lane, Bill Laney, Edward Larson, Marcus Lee, Randal Lehman, Frank Lewis, Mark Lewis, Nancy Liles, Robert Lisa, Thomas Lockey, Myron Long, Janine Low, Stewart Lyman, Guy Madden, Allen Manning, Chip Mathes, James Mathews, David McCracken, Robert McEuen, Elizabeth McSpadden, Sally J m At 4 A Meathe, Carol Meeks, John Meighen, George Meriwether, Robert Millard, Susan Miller, Kevin Mitchell, Mike Moreman, Robert Morrill, Allen Morrison, Clark Muniz, Allen Muntean, Michael Murdock, Catherine Nelson, Eugene Newell, Anne Northen, Margaret Allen Ogburn, Joy Orr. Elizabeth Ottley, Virginia Palmer, Lori Peacher, Diane Peters, Les Peterson, Lisa Pettigrew, Katharine Pile, Nancy Plettinger, Margaret Poe, Thomas Pollard, Cathy Preston, Lisa Puckette, Charlotte Puri, Edwin Queitzsch, Mary Ramier, Margaret Ratliff, Jenifer Reath, Nancy Reina, Joseph Reinhardt, Brian Renfroe, Elizabeth Reynolds. Debbie Rivers, Henry Roach, Dan Roper, Susan Russell, Brit Russell, Erin Russell, Ellen Saliba, Mona Schrimsher, Julie Scott, Ann Scott, Jaqueline Scott, Laura Scott. Meri Selden, Karen Self, Jerome Shaw, Andrew Shaw, Curtis Sherar, David Shipp, Mary Claire Shults, Stanley Simons, Francis Smartt, Robert Smith, Cindy Spencer, Mark Staab, Jeanette Stambaugh, Tina Stickland, Melanie Sullivan, Catherine Summerlin, Kristin Sutton, Teresa Swanson, Jetfery Swearingen, Catherine Swisher, Kim Taylor, David Taylor, Keith Taylor, Martha Terry, David Thrower, Edwin Torrence, Lane Tritschler, Laura Tufts, Henry Urbano, Margaret Walker, George Walker, Jake Walker, Anne Walsh, Louisa Walsh, Timothy Ware, Paul Weaver, John Wells, Gay Weltner, Charles Weyand, Dale Wheeler, Deborah Whibbs, Mark White, James White, Kelley White, Kenneth Williams, Lisa Williams, Richard Willis, Ben Wilson, Charles Wilson, Craig Wilson, John Wilson, Kathryn Winters, Margaret Witter, Dyanne Worsowicz, Gregory Youngers, Coletta Cm) CtnkffliiiMijkid ®fje refee ' S ®ale ALPHA TAU OMEGA The Alpha Tau Omegas, the oldest fraternity on the mountain, enjoyed a successful year in all aspects of activities at Sewanee. For the seventy-fourth year the Tau ' s hosted a Christmas Tea for the entire Sewanee community, honoring Dean Stephen E. Puckette. During the spring, the ATO ' s sponsored a can food drive to benefit needy families in the county, and finished second in the community Help Day for work done to help beautify the domain. The ATO ski trip proved to be rememberable and successful, as did the first annual Spring Founder ' s Day Formal Dance. In intramurals, the Tau ' s made the playoffs in all major sports, capturing first place in B-League Basketball. What is the game of the name? . . . You F. A.! . . . Has anybody seen Chase? ... I have got a friend who can check into it . . . The fighting morons! . . . The blood bank is fifty d ollars and for fifty-five dollars . . . Speak louder Putnam . . . Did we have classes today? . Let ' s play thumper! . . . Have you got a date yet? . . . What ' s on the tube . . . He ' s in training . . . Let ' s have it in the beer gardens . . . Have you got your book . . . The man from nationals is coming? ... A truck in Wood ' s Lab? . . . First Row: B. Cole, B. Minor, K. White, M. Mitchell, S. Puckett, C. Manning, D. J. Reiana, D. Weyland. Second Row: D. Evans, M. Marchetti, L. Pogue, R. D. Harper, P. Samaris, M. Stewart, G. Rothwell, M. Jones, K. Toye, S. Hearing. Third Row: D. McConnel, P. Dortch, T. Jenkins, J. Burchfield, T. Hammond, S. Anderson, P. Minor, T. Putnam, W. Bodden, D. Johnson, M. Bailey. Fourth Row: K. Swift, B. Cox, Missing: J. Walker. ISv BETA THETA PI This past year has been one of the most important in recent Beta history. A large increase in active member- ship, continued awareness of and recognition in community projects, and extra-curricular service in the arts and organizations have made for an encouraging year. The social scene was highlighted by a successful presentation of our annual " Casino Night " party, a much talked of " Gong Show, " and a campus-wide scope and attitude. Several IM play-off spots have encouraged the expectations of next year ' s athletic competition. Once again, Batas are active in organizations and various activities encompassing every aspect of Sewanee ' s experience. Pater Knox . . . Animal House . . . baby chicken dance step . . . methal blue 4 . . . thank God for the fireplace . . . ferret face . . . Bud men . . . " Take this and pay the water bill or something " . . . Dickerson ' s door damage . . . Gong Show ( " Do you think I ' m sexy " ) . . . bad puns from the southwest . . . " Tennessee Stud " . . . Swinging Czechoslovak Betas . . . " Pledge Express " . . . -Kai-. Front Row: H. Dufts, T. Darden, D. Friebert, D. Wirthes, P. Neil, M. Stradley, L. Dickerson. Second Row: C. Weston, J. Hazel, W. Kottkamp, S. Johnston, P. File, J. Willcutts. Third Row: D. Grooms, P. Edwards, H. Sparks, D. Matthews, C. Lemos. Not Pictured: T. Burton. i ' , ' n p r To the Chi Psi fraternity at The University of the South the academic year 1978-79 has indeed been a good year. All of the brothers at Alpha Tau Delta of Chi Psi expended much effort and were greatly rewarded. The top fraternity in academics, the unselfish display of campus and community concern on Help Day, are a few of the achievements of the fraternity. A very good rush brought the fraternity many new talented brothers, and the support of the alumni was evident by the several who returned for initiation. The outstanding alumnus this year was a University faculty member, Dr. Eric Naylor. Officers for the 1979-80 academic year are: President— David Dunn-Rankin, Vice- President— Pat Rakes, Secretary— Paul Perrea, and Treasurer— Mark Andrews. When in doubt, blow it off . . . canoe race ... go for the cookies . . . yo mama . . . LAKE . . . Where ' s Dunn-Rankin ' s car? . . . Hey Man . . . That ' s what she said . . .Georgia wenches ... No Nookie Alves take it greasy ... HC 1 ... go for the gold . . . little sisters unionize . . . may your son be a Delt pledge . . . Bellows came to Help Day . . . Duke have you seen herb . . . CHI PSI is 1. CHI PSI 4» h. ' - •.•C S k .S8 First Row: C. Owen, M. Ball. P. Rakes, S. Hancock, M. Ligon, J. Ferguson, R. Alves, J. Lewis. Second Row: L. Grover, J. Tucker, A. Peyton, P. Perrea, A. Buck, R. Ross, B. Sholten, D. Dunn-Rankin, C. Bellows, B. DeLuca, M. Knoll. Missing: M. Pinson, C. Tefft, M. Andrews. 193 The 1978-79 year for the Tau Delta Dekes was one of promise, achievement, and fun! The Pledges were sensational, especially with their Christmas Tree selection, and the alumni support was more than appreciated. The Chapter won the Blood Drive again, we hosted the 8th. Annual Easter Egg Hunt. The Learning Center ' s Halloween Party and continued with our lecture series. For the 4th. consecutive year, the maidens of the Plastic Spoon promoted another unforgetable eve at the House. Soon after their presentation came the most absurd regal crowning in Latvian history, etc. . . . Special thanks to all of you who made it so much fun . . . Toto, we ' re not in Kansas anymore . . . bubble time . . . Magnolia, hoist my mint julip whilist I . . . grab the Fiesta Banner, the Flag, and Frith ... tit for a tat, toot for a Tate . . . how could you let her fall out, especially on Party Weekend ... I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream . . . who ' s lobotomy . . . waggles and the B. song . . . hail Latvia . . . Rage M.F. . . . Alex and the pub tickets- long may they fly . . . what do you mean we ' ve got 15 dozen eggs to dye by noon . . . sky drops in your eye, then where ' s the horizon . . . Santa Claus has done retired . . . twenty sacks of leaves . . . see you on the dark side of the moon. First Row: A. Arbuckle, A. Atchley, P. Wood— social affiliate, S. Satterwhite, P. Nance, B. Lezon, B. Dean, L. Jasper, L. Clements— social affiliate, H. Moore. Second Row: B Nelson, C. Wagner, S. Lowe. R. Southard. Third Row: J. Berry, J. Grier, K. Bradford, K. Cartwright, M. Parks, J. Anderson, K. Fox, B. Richter, A. Knoll, S. Claflin, A. Rummel. Not Pictured: E. Maggart, N. Lea, M. Pryor. 195 DELTA TAU DELTA Sewanee ' s Delts kicked off the 1978-79 school year winter months. Not all was fun and games though: with the first Toga Party ever held at Sewanee. Delts raked in a record amount during their annual Aspiring ancients from miles around made this one of the muscular dystrophy drive in the spring. year ' s most memorable events. The annual Christmas party saw a good time had by all; faculty as well as Hey-hey-hey . . .credit . . .what now? . . .Your boy brothers. Numerous and frenzied tequila bashes helped self road trip . . . Toga! Toga! Toga ... mo mellon . to bring people out of hibernation during the cold big red . . . Air-strip run . . . hop a freight? . . . First Row: B. Leonard, R. Sorlien, D. Dearman, S. Shults, W. Aiken, T. Atwell, S. Jamison, T. Russell, T. Hutto. Second Row: S. Gormley, S. Turbyfill, B. Waterfield, B. Ward, D. Hunter, K. Arnburg, J. Caldwell. Third Row: T. McKeithen, H. Hobgood, B. Jones, K. Foley B. Harper, H. Milligan, C. Cluett, A. Smith, J. Gray, J. Clausen. Fourth Row: M. Goeller, C. Miller, M. Eddington, D. Broach. Not Pictured: T. Gormley, G. Fogleman, F. Hoover. 197 Gamma Tau Upsilon ' s first year was one of hard work, closeness and fun. GTU began the fall semester with a keg party for new students, and held wine and cheese receptions for freshman women. The GTU spookhouse at the Elementary School was a hit on Halloween. Going through the first formal rush, Gamma Tau Upsilon more than doubled its membership. The new pledges put on a Barn Dance, which was lots of fun, and also helped with fund raising and charity events. GTU ' s raffles, donut sales, record and tape sale, and Easter Basket building for the Hospital were all very successful. One of the two GTU teams in the KA bed race won both First Place in the women ' s division, and Best Dressed Bed. GTU also won Third Place on Help Day. This year was an excellent one and will never be forgotten. . . . doin ' the Hokie Pokie . . . hay and beer coated SN house . . . And who bought " this " liquor for the birthday party . . . actives prevail in kickball . . . 70 dozen . . . Simon Says . . . we ' re the riders of the night . . . champagne brunch . . . Ritz hits . . . triangle basket, but not a black one take the test again . . . Bed race, a keg, and a box of wine . . . Canoe Races . . . spaghetti dinner and an almost roadtrip . . . Let ' s Party . . . strange things found by the rock . . . Get Mary before Jillie gets back . . . AAA soccer in the road . . . Are we in the Pub? . . . Janet, you can ' t go to everyone ' s room . . . Please sign your name here, I hear footsteps . . . Catch, the moon . . . and the best is yet to come. l f ' GAMMA TAU UPSILOW- v I - »c v - a , r ■ f s -4U n m . - -r - lralf - - ■■■ - J H v - h :s Sifti r First Row: L. Alger, J. Galloni, M. Pensinger, A. Hightower, P. Wilkinson, S. Roper. A. Griffin, J. Gentile, J. Staab. Second Row: E. Russell, A. Colahan, C. Youngers, S. Dansby, T. Powell. Third Row: J. Bandy, M. King, D. Drury, H. Kaye, S. Bowen, L. Palmer, A. Waller, R. Demoret, K. Davies, J. Jamison, A. Herlong, D. Stabler. L. Davis. Not Pictured: J. Holmes. KAPPA ALPHA " Then after they had finished the work and got the feast ready they feasted, nor was any man ' s hunger denied a fair portion. But when they had put away their desire for eating and drinking, the young men filled the mixing bowls with pure wine, passing a portion to all, when they had offered drink in the goblets. " Flrtt Row: T. Ramsey, B. Hayes, G. Flowers, G. Goodwin, R. Hutson, Alumnus, D. Parker, B. Stone. Second Row: R. Meriwether, M. Alexander, D. Condon, G. Sewell, S. Potter, J. Hungerpiller, J. Cappleman, R. Addison. Third Row: Alumnus, Alumnus, Alumnus, F. Hoffmeyer, D. Hood, D. Weinstein, L. Howell. Fourth Row: T. MacFie, S. Howell, F. Grimball, C. Hollis, P. Dilworth, J. Swanson, W. Wasden, B. Grier, B. Coleman, D. Laigle. Not Pictured: J. Blinco. :oi LAMBDA CHI ALPHA A highly successful rush marked the begin- ning of a very good year for lota-Nu Zeta of Lambda Chi Alpha. From the beginning the chap- ter moved on to excell in all aspects of camp- us life. Always active in the Sewanee community Chops began the year by cleaning up Abbo ' s Alley. This concern for the community was further ex- pressed by a Christmas Party for local foster children. In the area of academics, the Lambda Chi associate class had the highest GPA of any fraternity freshman class on the mountain. Chops also found time to participate in other activities, capturing second place overall in IM athletics. The year was rounded out by a varied and exciting social program. A cocktail party for the faculty and a spring formal were two of the highlights. First How: J. Whik, T. McKie, B. Lee, T. Evans, A. Morrill J. Jones, R. Dickerson. Second Row: T. Chapin, C. Atwood, A. Friend, D. Bearrie, K. Eller, R. Johnson, J. Heck, H. Simpson. Third Row: R. Aguilar, D. Nelson, B. Smith, J. Roberim, L. Glenn, L. Mellinger, K. Miller, M. Muntean, E. Phillips, P. Steffer, G. Hamilton. Fourth Row: P. Griffin, H. Nicholson, B. Lane, W. Cate, T. Hartford, T. Elston, J. Buck, M. Ryan. Fifth Row: E. Roper, A. Washington, J. Hendricks, R. Binkley, J. Yoe. PHI DELTA THETA The Tennessee Beta Chapter of Phi Delta Theta started off the year in good form with a pledge class of 21 men bringi ng membership to 58 members. Mrs. Gass and Mrs. Craig were honored at the Phi ' s annual Christmas Tea. The annual Bon Voyage Party was successful, but there were several unhappy losers. The Phis finished the year by winning the Intramural Sports Trophy with an unprecedented eight first place finishes out of sixteen events. Sewanee Spring Party Weekend Hats . . . Senior Debts . . . Bahamarama . . . Newell leaves . . . Sun never sets on a painted Elk . . . The Tarns . . . Tully-Flynn Trophy . . . Charlie " stinky feet " Potts . . . " we are bad m.f. " . . . Screaming Bull Party . . . alcohol killed trichinosis germs at Medieval Banquet . . . Sewanee Cups . . . Fantasy Island Books . . . water balloons and snowballs . . . Goon . . . First Row: E. Puri, D. Clifton, P. Dickerson, J. Hobson, T. Bryant, B. Willis, B. Jackson. Second Row: M. Gorham, J. Brooks, E. Riis, S. Clemons, G. Clarke, T. DeWitt, S. Tully, C. Smith. Third Row: A. Grahm, H. Wilson, J. Booker, A. Corey, P. Dunklin, J. Boyle, F. Greskovich, T. Lewis, N. Blake, C. Kirkland, B. Tynes, R. Currey, R. Clark, J. Barbre, M. Davis, Last Row: J. Clark, K. McKeithen, R. DeLaney, J. Fisher, T. Gass, S. Stubbs, G. Elliott, D. Boekman, J. Benfield, T. Poe, W. Andress, D. Dupree, B. Inge. Not Pictured: P. Carpenter, F. McLaughlin, T. McKenna, M. Newell. 204 PHI GAMMA DELTA For Gamma Sigma Chapter of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta, this past year was one full of memorable and enjoyable times. Fall brought a successful rush which increased our chapter ' s ranks. Fall was also livened by the crowning of the Fiji ' s nominee for Homecoming Queen, Margaret Flowers. The annual 50 ' s Party warmed the winter months as the entire campus " greased it, back for a nostalgic return to the fabulous fifties. An Easter Egg Hunt for the Sewanee Public School was held jointly with the Alpha Delta Theta Sorority which proved to be greatly enjoyed by all the hunters. This spring saw one of the finest Fiji Island Parties ever held on the Mountain, complete with grass skirts, beach, lagoon, and the Vandales. I nominate ... a hollow pig . . . Culp . . . fireplug . . . Alto Road . . . PLEDGE! . . . landshark . . . P.W. . . . Valvoline . . . Taboo. . — First Row: J. Jarrett, M. Williams, R. Foster, S. Jackson, L. Williams, J. Green, J. Sherman, J. Price. Second Row: B. Miller, A. K. Coleman, E. Ware, J. Thoni, F. Forstall, P. Hejl, S. Elledge, T. Doty, S. Ferguson. Third Row: J. Newell, S. Watkins, R. Thomas, H. Smith, K. Gay, S. Johnson, G. Cantrell, N. Lynn, G. Price, P. C. Jackson. ' . ' 06 mlh 207 r SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON The site of the first chapter house of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity stands on the campus of the University of the South. Sigma Alpha Epsilon was founded in 1856 at the University of Alabama and the Sewanee chapter was established in 1881. The Tennessee Omega chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon is one of the oldest fraternities on the mountain; consequently, its history is one rich in history. The 1978-79 school year was reflective of our past character with numerous members participating in the Order of Gownsmen, the Honor Council, Ribbon Societies, the Disciplinary Committee, Student Assembly and Proctors. Community activities included active participation in the Red Cross Blood Drive and the Sewanee Community Help Day. In addition, chapter members were active in varsity and intramural sports. WM First Row: M. Lockey, R. Herscher, O. Colton, R. Doss, J. Bolderick, G. Lyman, H. Barney, B. Ellis, W. Register. Second Row: C. Mathis. J. Barret, K. Reed, B. Bruce, H. Reynolds, R. Williams, C. Rolfe, C. Atkinson, C. Woodhull. Third Row: D. Vineyard, S. Bolderick, J. Southwood, B. Wilson, H. Stephenson, D. Olmstead, T. Edwards, J. Yates, J. Frith, M. Milligan, B. Palmer, O. Thompson, B. Warfield, M. MacMahan. Not Pictured: D. Humphries, H. Keller, M. Larsen, C. Wilson, E. Laney, E. Creason, J. Cooner. SIGMA NU The Beta Omicron Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity continued its tradition of campus leadership. The fraternity ' s accomplishments ranged from a Rhodes Scholarship to intra-mural champion- ships. Fall Semester activities includ- ed the annual Halloween Costume Party and a Christmas Party for under-privil- eged children, complete with the Sigma Nu elf. An Oyster Roast, the Easter Bunny Party, two bands, and a Lobster Roast were Spring Semester events. . . . Excuse me Sir, Is this Niota? . . . Finn Summeral and Marie Osmond . . . YES? . . . alright, who took the eggs? . That ' s the Red Devil? . . . Flrtt Row: F. Summerall, F. Cannon, R. Liles, D. Coker, D. Terry, J. Wood, R. Pyeatt. Second Row: S. Angell, T. Flowers, C. Martin, E. Weaver, T. Bender, B. Dobie. Third Row: E. Fitz, J. Lauless, J. Oliver, J. Bridges. Fourth Row: J. Clard, P. Ware, A. Shaw, F. Marchman, T. Halbrat. Fifth Row: J. Hay, C. Rollins, D. Lodge, A. Kegley. Not Pictured: J. Horn, S. Raulston, S. Pretchett, C. Fowler, A. Roberts. THETA KAPPA PHI Theta Kappa Phi had their best year ever in 1978-79. They began the year with projects to raise money for their spring formal. A car wash was held in October and a Disco Party in November. It gave them a chance to " wash up " and disco down. In December they had their second annual Christmas formal for their members and the faculty. Second semester they held a very successful rush, increasing their size with twenty-one new pledges. In February they helped with the Valentine ' s Carnival at Otey Parish. They held two raffles and a team from Theta Kappa Phi rode for St. Jude ' s Hospital. They helped along with sev- eral groups at the Sewanee Public School Field Day. Their Spring Formal was a great success. Their pledges were initiated at the end of May. It ended a year of fun and togetherness for Theta Kappa Phi. Working at the car wash . . . Okay all you wimps get off the wall and dance . . . Katy over- board . . . Wanna buy a raffle ticket . . . Y ' all— in the black hole! . . . What does the B. in Mary B. Stand for? . . . Swine Slumber Party, 123 . . . Hicks! Flrtt Row: R. Bartusch, M. Inge, C. Keyser, M. Boal C. Swearinger, A. Rudolf, F. Brown, J. Granell, C. Meathe, R. Friend, C. Smith. Second Row: F. Jackson, M. L. Hogeman, M. Bell, M. B. Cox, M. J. Meyer, O. McKenzie, M. Peitte, Third Row: L. Peterson, S. Mitchell, M. L. Hicks, G. Wells, R. Castelin, M. C. Shipp, L. Underwood, A. Walker, J. O ' Brien, B. Alden, P. Wood, E. McWhorter. Fourth Row: M. Eitel, K. Swearinger, L. Guerry, K. Hamilton, C. Farrington, J. Baker, S. Humphries, H. Rogers. Fifth Row: L. Gilbert, S. Blackford, A. Sundberg, C. Keyser, M. King, N. Peebles, A. Vanderslice, D. Hooper, G. Kimmel. Not Pictured: J. Kinnet, S. Dunlap, W. Fort, H. Howard. smm% M ,: 1 M . % fje ikmtnarpn ' g Cale 215 Saint Lukes Celebrates Centennial Ramsey, Former Archbishop of Canterbury Speaks Blagg, Jim Cox, Ed Cox, Ray Mentors Elliot, Richard Gibson, John Godden, Ed Hutchinson, Irene Kelly, Bill Lashmet, Bill Moulden, Mike Robert, Mary Schoech, Howard Shetters, Lucy Steber, Gary Walston, Jerry Weldon, Frank Wood, Howard Andoh, Samuel Boone, Gus Cooper, Ken DeWolfe, Bob Ely, Tom Grayson, John Liebler, John Mbachu, Clement 2 1 8 Milligan. Keith Roberts, Charles Shepherd. Thomas Turner, Scott tiJFtfM Barnes. Catherine Cooper, Pete Cox, Ann Creamer, Frank Davis, Bruce Daw, Carl Engh, Tim Hanson, Ed Hinkle. Dan Isaacs, Hunter Keener, Ross Melnyk, Bill Palmer, B. E. Rose-Crossley. Ramona Rundlett, Brad Sloan, Kee Srinivas, Patricia Throop, John ' 70 1. Urban T. Holmes, Dean; 2. Ed Camp, Theo. Biblio.; 3. Harry Pritchett, Field Education; 4. Howard Rhys, New Testament; 5. Edna Evans, Christian Education; 6. Donald Armentrout, Ecclesiastical History. 1. Craig Anderson, Pastoral Theology; 2. Harry Bainbridge, Chaplain; 3. John Gessell, Christian Ethics; 4. Robert Hughes, Systematic Theology; 5. William Griffin, Old Testament; 6. Patricia Killen, History of Religions. 223 1. Peter Igarashi, New Testament; 2. Stiles Lines; 3. Marion Hatchett, Liturgies. W$t It tt Cause CJmrnp ' ®aie Qardner Realty Company MONTEAGLE - SEWANEE HIGHWAY fv onteaqle, -Jenneiiee 37356 telephones: Office 615 924-2800 RES. 615 598-0225 ANDREW W. GARDNER JENNIE B. GARDNER Monteagle Diner The Lemon Fair Univ. Avenue Sewanee The University of the South Seal in Needlepoint Mail Orders Accepted I ■ HAMMER ' S On the Square in Winchester Fabrics Ladies ' Wear Men ' s Wear Children ' s Wear Sewanee Texaco Station Your Complete Automotive Service Station, Where Customer Satisfaction Is Our First Concern Open Monday Thru Saturday From 6:30 to 6:00 With Mechanic on Duty From 6:30 to 6:00 Monday Thru Saturday Open Sunday from 8:00 to 5:00 I ' M Good Luck Seniors 2Z 9 fi m Holiday Inn Monteagle, Tenn. The World ' s Innkeeper ? )ii Jerry ' s Food Market We Sell Beer on Sunday Cut Fresh Meat to Order Hours: 6-9 7 Days a Week Phone: 924-2710 Dairy Queen Monteagle, TN. Featuring: Banana Splits Sundaes Hamburgers B Professional Dry Cleaning Service Sewanee, TN Phone 615 598-5703 John McPherson — Owner WINCHESTER - BROWNING . REMINGTON - WEATHERB JUDGE ' S GUN SHOP Winchester, Tenn 37398 Ray Judge OWNER AREA CODE 515 967-1598 Cowan, Tennessee 967-7229 ?32 ,Covan. Tennessee 3 7 .hS Phon« 967-76W REACH OUT AND TOUCH THI.V THE FTD FT0RIS1 WA £. jrtoti ' crtana Cowan. Trim. 37.118 Phoiir 967-7602 First Bank and Trust 14 College Street Tracy City and Monteagle, TN Member FDIC Monteagle Inn US 41 and 64 Monteagle, TN. The University Supply Store Cosmetics Clothing Books THE SEWANEE MARKET in the Village Near the Boy ' s Club Open 7 ' till 12 HAWK ' S For the Finest Food Around Highway 41A Winchester, Tennessee 235 I I II V. Eat with the Elite 236 Specializing in Smoked Country Ham and Hot Biscuits AX Steaks • Bar-B-Q Open 7 days aweek 6 am ■t 10 pm Newly Remodled Shopping Area We ship Smoked Meats Anywhere • Smoked Country Hams • ' Smoked Turkey Breast • Smoked Sausage ! • Smoked Bacon W Q tid RESTAURANT TRADING- POST -S .37 Compliments of FRANKLIN COUNTY NEW CAR DEALERS • Jim Franklin Chevrolet • AMC Jeep • MIDAS Motorhomes • Franklin County Motors Chrysler - Dodge • Don Hall Ford Mercury Wriker Pontiac Olds - GMC Franklin County Bank Sewanee • Winchester • Cowan Member FDIC No more need for the old Chaucer Dictionary! This year the Cap and Gown has attempted to introduce something new. At long last, body copy and a definite theme appear in the book. I owe my staff endless thanks for the hours spent slaving in the darkroom and over layout sheets in the effort to give Sewanee a better yearbook. Bill Willcox, Chief Photographer, Betsy Olim, Sports Editor, Leah Fendley, Business Manager, and Terri Griggs deserve special cred for hanging in there when the going got tough and the chocolat chip cookies gave out. Thanks also to our advisor, Dean Dou Seiters, and the Publications Board for their help. Above all. I at deeply indebted to Dr. Gilchrist, Dr. Caldwell, and Gilly, who gav me moral support at a very crucial time. J ut, fl k) ] u Specifications Inter-Collegiate Press of Shawnee Mission, Kansas, printed the 1979 edition of the Sewanee Cap and Gown. Frank Myers, of Memphis, Tennessee, serv- ed as publishing company representative. The book contains 240 pages of 80 pound enamel paper. Press-run was 1,100 copies. PHOTOGRAPHY: All color work by Bill Willcox. Student photographers contributed the bulk of the shots, with greatly appreciated contributions by Latham Davis, Kathy Galligan, Bebe Vann, and Coulson ' s Studio. Portrait work by Stevens Studios, Bangor, Maine. TYPE: Body copy and headlines, Newton Medium. Special type, Old English transfer lettering. COVER AND DIVISION PAGES: Cover design by Elizabeth Brailsford. Cover silk screen. Base color Forest Green 368, applied color Gold 400. Divi- sion page design by Tom Evans. Prologue division page on 100% Green 38, Tales division page on 70% Warm Yellow 1 1 . Remaining division pages on 30% Black. w hLb

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