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A . " V. V Air 1 -» A . fc-L 4 «■ Nv i fe % (Sop and ©oipn Get) own UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH SEWANEE, TENNESSEE Volume 72 One generation passeth away, and another generation eometh: but the earth abideth for ever. The sun also ariseth, and the sun goeth down, and hasteth to his place where he arose. The wind goeth toward the south, and turneth about unto the north; it whirleth about continually, and the wind returneth again according to his circuits. All the rivers run into the sea; yet the sea is not full: unto the place from whence the rivers come, thither they return again. The thing that hath been, is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun. Sewanee is founded on a mountain; and that mountain is the South. The South is a land of contrasts, a land of wealth and poverty, of aris- tocratic sophistication and redneck earthiness. There have alwavs been the " better people, " who have always lived side by side with the " poor white trash. " But what distinguishes the pig farm on a backwoods dirt road, and a Charleston veranda set to catch the breeze from the Battery, is the foundation of both on a heritage unmistakably, and almost uniquely. Southern: the agricultural tradition. The South has always taken its liveli- hood and values from the soil. It has drawn its nourishment, physical and spiritual, from the earth in which it is rooted, and without which, like a plant, it must shrivel and die. Any understanding of the South which fails to take notice of the cardinal importance of the soil is doomed to failure. A close relationship to the soil expresses itself in a society in certain basic concepts. A Southerner is what he does; he does what he believes. And he believes what he has learned from the generative, life-renewing force of unchanging nature, constant- ly revealing itself in everything that lives and grows around him. His humanity is channelled into every- thing he does; his religion reaches to the most secular of worldly affairs. These concepts have given tradi- tional Southern society a nature un- like that to be found anywhere else in the nation. Thev have expressed themselves in a distinctive gentility of life, an unwillingness to be mastered by circumstances, a determination to remain in control of life and to in- tegrate every part of life into every other part. It is all too easy to romanticize the traditional South, to see it in terms of handsome beaux and lacy females sipping mint julep on big white porticos while singing hands pick cotton in the fields. At one time, this sort of thing may have been true for some people, but the important thing about the South is not its plan- tations and smaller farms in them- selves, but the way in which an agri- cultural wav of life has given to the Southerner a peculiar vision of the unity of all life ' s experiences. One is not a farmer five days of the week, and something else over the weekend. One ' s work is not something one can forget about at five o ' clock, and then come home and do what one really wants to. Southern religion has also taken on this character. In the South, the church has always been one of the central points of community life, and its influence has extended beyond Sundays into all kinds of activity. Southerners have always had a ten- dency to see religion in everything they do, and to recognize the reli- gious and humanistic implications in all their endeavors. When Bishop Leonidas Polk laid the cornerstone of the University of the South, on October 10, 1860, he stood on this mountain, and said that this institution is established " for the cultivation of true religion, learning, and virtue, that thereby God may be glorified and the happiness of man may be advanced. " He spoke the ideals which have governed every true university, from Plato ' s Academy to our own Sewanee community. But in a verv real sense, his words were given to him by the rock of Southern culture on which he was founded. But even a mountain can change. Change is in the nature of things; it is one of the undeniable principles of life itself. In Edmund Spenser ' s mutability cantos, Change personified challenges mother Nature: " Lo! mighty mother, now be judge, and say Whether in all thy creatures more or less Change doth not reign and bear the greatest sway; For who sees not that Time on all doth prey? But Times do change and move con- tinually: So nothing here long standeth in one stay: Wherefore this lower world who can deny But to be subject still to Mutability? " Change is all around us In the course of one year, a Sewanee student sees green leaves, brown leaves; summer thundershowers, and snowstorms; ice, and the warm sun. Abbo ' s Alley one moment blooms with daffodils, and in the next is haunted by skeleton trees ' ! %% w. • ■ VAwAV. V ;t Ai tut-out and the bare, cold ground. Men change their minds, alter their institu- tions, rethink their beliefs. No facet of any part or human existence is free from bondage to change. Everything is in a state of flux; nothing remains the same. The South, like every other thing, participates in the process of change. Southern states have for some time been inviting industry to come down, and much has. Some parts of the South are now faced with urban sprawl, traffic congestion, air pollu- tion. A " new South " seems to be emerging, one which not everyone likes, but which is being born none- theless. The physical aspects of change have made a difference in much of the thinking of the South. We may see in what is going on around us what seems to be a gradual alienation from the land. Fewer sons are staying behind to take over the family farm, and, indeed, there arc a great many 10 fewer persons engaged in agriculture than ever before. Citv life unfounded on the soil is the only life many Southerners know. It may be objected that there have always been cities and city-folk; but even in the city, the .Southerner has vet never remained too far from the soil. The South is still very much land-oriented, but forces are at work which can eventually re- duce significantly the Southerner ' s traditional feel for land. As Southerners move from the land, literally and figuratively, the old sense or order is lost to a certain de- gree, and old values become subject to change. The phenomenon of racial integration is something manv Southerners have found hard to ac- cept, yet the ease with which some of the South has accomodated itself is surprising. Southern religion is changing, becoming less a part of the total community life. Southerners are, to a certain extent, losing contact i? i 1 - v » 13 with their neighbors. But just as it is easv to overemphasize the virtues of the old South, so it is to concentrate too much on the changes in the new South. A strong argument can be made that many Southerners are try- ing, and succeeding, in retaining old values. We are not giving up our basic sense of humanism. The ques- tion now facing the South is how much, in the process of change, tradi- tional beliefs will also change: whether we shall embrace a new code, or retain that core of belief which is distinctively our heritage. We have the choice. In a very real sense, it is the same question with which Sewanee has to deal today. The face of Sewanee has changed a great deal in the last de- cade or two. We have gained a new librarv and science hall, we have new dormitories. Change has been more than physical, however. The year just passed has witnessed several truly remarkable changes in the traditional 15 16 Sewanee style. This vear, upwards of a hundred girls came to Sewanee, not for a brief party weekend, but to stav. This year the Order of Gownsmen voluntarily relinquished some of its right of student government to a Delegate Assembly elected on a democratic basis. This year, a school supported by twenty-one dioceses of the Episcopal Church formally abolished the remaining vestiges of weekday and Sunday chapel require- ments. We have begun to integrate; the faculty is getting younger; there are more of us here now than ever before. What effect will all these changes have on the original, basic ideals of a liberal arts education at Sewanee? In today ' s changing society, there are many voices which would seek to persuade us that training in the liberal arts is an anachronism. The spirit of pragmatism tells us that learning must be directly subservient to material ends — getting a job, mak- ing money. Liberal arts students are somehow felt to be living in an ivory tower of escape and irresponsibility. The business of a university is to prepare its young men for the com- petitive world of ambition and suc- cess which awaits the moment the new graduate steps outside. Idealism is secondary: how the world is, not how the world should be. is the most important lesson. Sewanee has traditionally stood in opposition to this view, and affirmed the basic integrity of the College of 17 SfBn . Liberal Arts. Education at Sewanee has concerned itself with fitting the entire man for everything that is best in the whole range of human experi- ence. We have not endeavored chiefly to produce scientists, or historians, or philosophers, but to bring forth sci- entists who are also historians and philosophers, doctors who can speak about literature, lawyers who know chemistry. Permeating the Sewanee educational philosophy has always been the motive that to train a man to be all that he can be as a man is of greater moment than simply equipping him to fit into some voca- tional slot. Sewanee has tried to shape what a man is, knowing that if this job is done well, what he does will be a matter of no anxiety. Molding the temper of a man requires more than classroom instruction. It must involve constant intercourse with other men, a man ' s feeling of the unity of his environment, and participation in the common cultural and spiritual traditions that western Christianity imparts to us all. It is no small task that this University sets for itself; and it is equally certain that the task is of no little importance. The question, then, is whether Sewanee will maintain this philoso- phy, or abandon it for some other one. Even though the institution of a computer program at Sewanee has had ominous overtones for some peo- ple, there is still little sign that Sewanee is willing to discard the way she always has been. We have held fast to our belief in a community of scholars, living and talking with each other, all participating in the educa- tion of each other. The relationship between faculty and students is as close at Sewanee as anywhere else, we venture to say, in the world. The sense of being in possession of one ' s environment is particularly strong here. So long as we use change to serve us, we have nothing to fear. Change is not inherently a frightening ' .9 welcome phenomenon. It does not automatically imply the desertion of what is best from the past. Change is the sign ill life, of energy and growth. It is the instrument we can use in take Imlil iii ill. future, i em brace it, to make II a pail oi what we are. It can be a process of strength, not oi confusion or fear. Sewanee can preserve what is genu- inely best from its past, while facing with confidence and resolve the opportunities of the future. Increased enrollment can be (he gain ol bringing what Sewanee has lo oiler to more people. The Dele- gale Assembly can he the gain of greater student participation in government. Every element of change al Sewanee can be ihc means ol improvement. Standing on our South- ern heritage, Sewanee can, in the very best sense, remain the same while changing. In introducing this issue of the (. ' ) anil Coirn with I he I Inane ol change, we affirm our belief that Sewanee ' s metal will pass through the lire, and thai this mountain shall Stand. ;» The 1970 Cap and Gown is dedicated to Dr. Hugh H. Caldwell 2MB 25 26 27 29 ■ » 30 ! ' %«•• i XflHtv: ( 31 32 33 34 35 36 !i 37 38 19 ' --?-.; . I . - ' ■ ■ ;. 3 - it W m ■ ' • ■ ' ' ' mm% ' ■■ " ¥. ■ ■• S ' M ' " ' ' ■ ' lip 1 : V - » . F I B Aftl a l »- . 43 Edward McCrady, Vice Chancellor, and Bishop Girault M. Jones, Chancellor William B. Campbell, Provost Stephen E. Puekette, Dean of the College John M. Webb, Dean of Men, and Miss Elizabeth C. Morrow, Dean of Women William G. Harkins, Libra Paul E. Engsburg, Assistant Director of Admissions Walter Bryant. Athletic Director William Porter Ware, Registrar Thomas D. Moore, Director of Financial Aid Albert S. Gooch, Jr., Executive Director of Associated Alumni 47 H. Malcomb Owen, Biology, Chairman Harry C. Yeatman, Biology George S. Ramseur, Biology 48 l ' ' i b - y i- James N. Lowe, Chemistry Charles W. Foreman, Biology 49 Charles M. Binnicker, Classics 50 Bayly Turlington, Classics, Chairman Marvin E. Goodstein, Economics Arthur M. Schaefer, Economics Robert A. Degen, Economics, Chairman 51 Maurice A. Moore, English William T. Cocke, English 52 Charles T. Harrison, English, Chairman Andrew Lytle, English -3 Edwin M. Stirling, English Henry F. Arnold, English J. Edward Carlos, Fine Arts 54 Charles O. Baird, Forestry ' Henry W. Smith, Jr., Forestry John V. Reishman, English Charles E. Cheston, Forestry, Chairman A. Scott Bates, French Stratton Buck, French, Chairman 56 Mrs. Almut Mullen, German Frederick R. Whitesell, German Chairman Mrs. Jacqueline Schaefer, French 57 Joseph M. Running, Music, Chairman Mrs. Ellen Timmons, Library Science Miss Martha McCrory, Music 58 Edward B. King, History ' Joseph D. Cushman, History John M. Webb, History, Chairman and William B. Campbell, History E . John F. Flynn, History ■ I Mrs. Anita Goodstein, History Galen B. Ritchie, History 59 James T. Cross, Mathematics, Chairman Sherwood F. Ebey, Mathematics Samuel A. McLeod, Mathematics William M. Priestley, Mathematics A C Hugh H. Caldwell, Philosophy, Chairman William J. Garland, Philosophy B. -«.»- ' ,.•■ •.- ■ ..• ' •-- . ' .. ■s . - » • ■v ' VVt ■ j B " Ml - K J v B ■ ' .!. ' . " ■ -■ K. .- n ' --. H[f : -T ' wf,; S 1 T " - i ■S7 •- ' ■ K9 ■ V £ ' •- ' « F» m . ' m ■ m-. - - - -• v . -. ' W . f " - • rf - » . ' - •■ - • • -- ■ - . » ■ Laurence R. Alvarez, Mathematics Michael L. Mullen, Philosophy 61 Philip J. Lorenz, Physics, Chairman Francis X. Hart, Physics Eric H. Ellis, Physics j| 62 Robert L. Keele, Political Science Arthur B. Dugan, Political Science, Chairman Philip D. Lamb, Political Science Robert S. Lancaster, Political Science 63 •J ppp Charles S. Peyser, Jr., Psychology ! Robert W. Lundin, Psychology, Chairman Ronald C. Trost, Psychology 64 James W. Brettman, Religion, Chairman J. Daryl Canfill, Religion, and Miss Elizabeth Morrow, Religion Joel W. Pugh, Religion Gerald L. Smith, Religion 65 Mrs. Dorothy Pitts, Spanish Donald B. Webber, Spanish, Chairman Timoth y Pickering. Spanish Lt. Col. James E. Yates, Air Force ROTC Maj. Willis E. Hedgepeth, Air Force ROTC Not pictured: David V. Lumpkins, Russian 66 s Mi •■ -• ' - 68 THE YEAR 1969 - 1970 C.9 §8 li " TIT! NO PARKING ■ 72 7 3 74 7A iu. U « • W ,T t " ' a. 79 80 S3 34 86 ? r sv vO 91 w °5 UL " J ' •M r $ 96 feJ£-.A " 1 T c-9 - -- 102 I 0.3 106 107 r, ( .Art •• l! ■ ' ■ " Vase 108 109 BUft lJ- 110 Ill 112 " " w§». 1!3 m 120 HOME VISITOR .... •••• •••• ••• ' | FfllRPLflV TIME OUT PERIOD •••1 fl .% J . . % 122 40ME TIME OUT PERIOD n ' P. | 123 124 1.-.: 129 130 131 ■■■ _» 134 136 138 RED RIBBON SOCIETY In Academia: James T. Bums, President. Winston Charles, Secretary-Treasurer, George W. Bishop, R. Forrest Dillon, David M. Eggleston, Donald J. Ellis, Herbert L. Eustis, V. Eugene Ham, Christopher C. L. Hannum, David R. Hillier, Buckner Hinckle, K. Logan Jackson, Frederick L. Jones, Robert B. Murfree, Erie J. Newton, Henry N. Parsley, Jack W. Steinmeyer, J. Timotliy Toler. Edwin VI. White. In Facultate: The V ry Rev. George M. Alexander, Dr. Charles O. Baird, Dr. Scott Bates, Dr. Charles Binnicker. The Rev. James Brettman, Dr. Stratton Buck, Dr. Hugh H. Caldwell, Dr. William B. Campbell, The Rev. Daryl Canfill, Dr. William T. Cocke, Dr. James T. Cross, Mr. William Doswell, Dr. Gilbert Gilchrist, The Rev. William A. Griffin, Mr. Eugene M. Kayden, Mr. William W. Lewis, Dr. Robert L. Keele, Mr. Thaddeus C. Lockard, Dr. Edward McCrady, Mr. Abbott C. Martin, Dr. Kenneth, R. W. Jones, The Rev. Henry L. H. Myers, Dr. Eric W. Naylor, Mr. William M. Priestley, Dr. Stephen E. Puckette, ' Dr. Brinley Rhys, The Rev. William H. Ralston, Mr. Edwin ' M. Stirling, Dr. Bayly Turlington, Dr. John M. Webb. Mr. Donald B. Webber, The Rev. Herbert S. Wentz, Dr. Harry C. Yeatman. In Officio: Mr. Duval] Cravens, Jr., Mr. Sollace M. Freeman, The Rt. Rev. Girault M. Jones, Mr. James C. Oates, Mr. John B. Ransom, III, Mr. Douglas L. Vaughn, Mr. Joseph H. Powell. In Theologia : Michale B. Milligan, Vice-President, David R. Hackett, James M. Pulliam, Ed- ward Moray Peoples, Jr., Thomas Houston Waggener. In Oppido: H. E. Clark, Dr. Henry Kirby Smith. GREEN RIBBON SOCIETY In Academia: John S. Pullen, President, William M. Cunningham, Vice-President, Walter H. Merrill, Secretary, Charles H. Watt, Treasurer, James K. Ensor, Peter C. Enwall, Robert P. Green, George I. Horton, Herndon Inge, J. Richard Lodge, David E. Loftis, Randolph D. Love, Richard P. Matthews, Eric M. Newman, Michael S. Pindzola, John N. Popham, Howard Rives, John T. Roberts, William K. Snouf- fer, Timothy M. Turpen. In Facultate: Mr. Charles E. Cheston, Dr. Charles T. Harrison, D. Robert S. Lancaster, Mr. Andrew Lytle, Dr. Malcolm Owen, The Rev. Joel W. Pugh, The Rev. Howard W. Rhys, Mr. Hemy F. Arnold. In Officio: Mr. Walter Bryant, Mr. John Hodges. In Urbe: Dr. Benjamin F. Cameron, The Rev. Richard D. Reece. BLACK RIBBON SOCIETY In Academia: Henry B. Fishburne, President, Jack P. Stephenson, Vice-President, John G. Beam, Secretary, John M. BarT, P. Clarke Blackmail, Benjamin Brewster, William A. Dabbs, Robert C. Day, Romualdo Gonzalez, Allan H. Haydon, Philip L. Hehmeyer, Eric L. Ison, Tucker W. Jackson, Louis Leon, Allan R. Ramsay , Wilson G. Russell, George H. White. Q I a ■ " .■ •£ w a i PHI BETA KAPPA OMICRON DELTA KAPPA William Edward Austin Alan Pardy Biddle Dwight Edward Davis Roy Forrest Dillon Charles Hervey Douglass, Jr. Donald Jackson Ellis Henry Ellerbe Grimball Van Eugene Ham John Eugene Jagar Richard Edward Johnson Stephen Loren Kerschner Willeam Chatland Lenhart, Jr. Randolph Douglas Love Richard Paul Matthews Walter Hilson Merrill Richard Steven Moody Henry Nutt Parsley, Jr. Michael Stuart Pindzola John Nicholas Popham, Jr. Allan Dale Rhodes Wilson Glover Russell William Kirk Snouffer, Jr. James Franklin Turk Donald Jackson Ellis — President Carolis Uriah Deal David Richard Hillier Walter Hilson Merrill Henry Nutt Parsley, Jr. John Shearer Pullen Wilson Glover Russell BLUE KEY Henry Nutt Parsley, President Walter Hilson Merrill, Vice-President Wilson Glover Russell, Secretary Donald J. Ellis Edwin M. White WHO ' S WHO George Wesley Bishop Winston Breeden Charles Carolis Uriah Deal Donald Jackson Ellis Henry Burnett Fishburne, Jr. Van Eugene Ham Frederick Lamar Jones Richard Hemy Lee Kopper Walter Hilson Merrill Nathaniel Davis Owens Henry Nutt Parsley John Shearer Pullen Allan Robert Ramsay Wilson Glover Russell Charles Hansell Watt Edwin Morton White Roy Bradford Whitney, Jr. 142 , ' , ' —:; --,» •-.■ Front row, left to right Sam Mickler Joel Daves Smokey Oates Don Shapleigh George Waterhonse George Bishop Brother Murfree Dee McMillan John Milward David Dewey Peter Sherman David Choate Ted McNabb Tim Grover Back row: Henry Parsley Jerry Cesnick Guerry Thornton Boykin Rose Rip Rose Ed Henry John Jagar Jeff Bailey Bob Piggott Bucky Knowlton John Jarrell Chip Watt Clendon Lee Bill Tynes David Meier Alan Yates Eidson Smith Doug Dupree Jim Zeleskey Jock Tonissen Cliff Leonard Tim Toler Ed White Pete Stringer Jack Steinmeyer Tom Bosworth Ed Crawford Jim Burns Not pictured: Max Angerholzer Randy Bryson Jim Cameron Chris Hannum Logan Jackson Ben Lewis Walter Merrill John Pullen Herbert Reynolds Lea Richmond Jeff Stewart Tom Wilkinson 144 ALPHA TAU OMEGA Officers FIRST SEMESTER President-Henry Parsley Vice-President-Tom Bosworth Secretary-Chris Hannum Treasurer-Tim Toler SECOND SEMESTER President-Ed White Vice- President-Jim Burns Secretary-Chris Hannum Treasurer-Tim Toler J 47 Front row. left to right: John Clemens Pat Eagen Pete Hassenstein John Keves Jack Stephens Bobby Slaten Erie Newman Joev Barker Tom Balch Steve Barnett Second row: Tim Callahan Boh Lowenthal I latch Grandy Jim Booker Burnsie Kuehnle Tim Jordan Tom Johns Mike Turner Walk Carnahan Steve Sanford Ravenel Smith Third row: Ellis Mavfield Mike Baxford Bob Lynch David Smith Tom Morris Jim Wilson Yogi Anderson Bill Morrow Tv Wilkinson Wally Wilson Barry Goss Bruce Peden Roger Osborne Dale Morton Dick Ehrhart Steve Garrett Bobby Newman John Red Jim Hannifin Bob Linn Not pictured: Steve Sinclair Tern ' Roberts Paul Mattocks Bill Barron Robert Aitken Tommy Tillev Richard Matthews Martin Ellis Rick Holder Ronnie Holder Melvin Gray Bobby Lee Pete Enwall David Johnson Marc O ' Brien John Allen —J-v ' 148 y ' Ml " | , , BETA THETA PI ■. Officers FIRST SEMESTER President-Eric Newman Vice- Preside nt-Te rry Robe rts Treasurer-Melvin Gray St J cretort -Burnsie Kuehnle Bob Lowenthal SECOND SEMESTER President-Joey Barker Vice-President-Steve Barnett Treasurer-Tim Jordan Secretary-Jim Booker Boli Lowenthal 149 150 mm VM K Seated, left to right: Sandy Stout Jim Patching Dickey Mobley Standing: David Fox Glenn Davis Porcher Teeter William Province Bayne Vaughan Mark O ' Brien Tom Burroughs Dell Weible Brocky Brown Wiley Bichardson Bob Beese Dean Holland Sam Doyle Pete McCrohan Phil Eschback Gary Simms Bill Hamilton Jim Ensor Tom Brady Not pictured: Tom Archer Francis Bass Bichard Elberfield Warren Jacobsen Jack Miller Bobert Newsom Joe Poole Larry Whiting CHI PSI Officers President-Dean Holland Vice- President-Bob Beese Secretary-David Fox Treasurer-hob Newsome 15J DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Officers President-Bill Terry Vice- President-Tom Smith Secrctaru-Hemy Hodgens Rori Rawls Treasurer-Chip Bennett First row, left to right; Trice Fasig Mike Weller Frank Fail la Lewis Walker Tom Smith Second row: Joel Grigsby Rori Rawls Scott Lee Critch Judd Ricki Mohr Peter Theokisto Third row: Bill Terry Larry Sanders Morgan Soaper Lauson Ikard Doug Douglass Jake Brcland Jim Hale Jim Morgan Tom Hodges Chris Munson Jodv Herring Bill Tankersley Graham Lewis Tom Mattel Top: Chip Bennett George Sewell Not pictured: Tom Gaillard I lenrv 1 lodgins Eric Smith 162 V .. v- . ! - _ - 5 -• ■ A ' 153 DELTA TAU DELTA Officers President-Winston Charles Vice-Presijent-Kirk Snouffer Secretary-Hank Ravenel Dawson Gray Treasurer-] m Eskew Bottom, left to right: Kirk Snouffer Robin Starr Dawson Gray Parkin Hunter Floyd Fulkerson Paul Green Doug Dalton John Cathrae Steve Hattendorf Raymond Murray Law Wilson Frank Cook Jim Thompson Henry Ravenel Jim Savage John Rrodnax Winston Charles Walter Henley Top: Hank Davis Albert Kelso John Spainhour Scott Deaver Julius Mullins Kyle Rote Lauren McSwain Rill Rethea Randy Simmons Steve Rurke Not pictured: Randy Cosby Jim Eskew Haynes Roberts Ricky Wagner Arthur Whitehead 154 , A£ i . - jA i i ' »2-; 155 i P - ■ ■ • ...-; - . ..- « ■ ' " v ' s 156 KAPPA ALPHA Officers FIRST SEMESTER President-Tucker Jackson Vice-President- Wilson Russell Secretary-Henry Fishburne Treasurer-Gordon Chenery SECOND SEMESTER President-John Beam Vice-President-Henry Fishburne Secretory-Robert Day Treasurer-Gordon Chenery First row, left to right: David Thames Bobby Adrian Don Fishburne Bill Cathcart Carey Burnett Romi Gonzales Henry Fishburne Jack Stephenson George White John Ban- Robert Day Ed Vainer Second row: Mr William M. Priestley Wilson Russell David Eggleston Lucius Fishburne Clarke Blackmail Doug Aitken Tucker Jackson Bill Dabbs Tim Dargan Ben Brewster Clayton Hills man JimHill Hill Gillespie Felix Drennen John Beam Third row: Jim Powell John Saalfield Hunter Brown Bobby Given Tom Stevenson Hugh McAngus Steve Swans on Ted Stoney Rob Chapman Willie Dodds Dick Kopper Nim Long Tom Smvthe Dick Henderson Robert Stilz Ogie Ogilvie Rick Ashlev John Bennett John Day Not pictured: Mike Mears Rusty Bovlan Andy Warwick McGowan Williamson Frank Henson Bill Blackmore Jack Stibbs Bruce Denson Ben Alexander Gordon Chenery Frank Jackson Malcolm Moran Gary Pope Peter Dodds Mike Rial Kim Kaminis Steve Oseman Amos Baugh Bill McElveen Mollis Lanier ■57 KAPPA SIGMA Officers FIRST SEMESTER President-David Hillier Vice-President-Man Ramsey Secretary-Tom Willard Treasurer- Jess Womack SECOND SEMESTER Presif ent-Jess Womack Vice-Presic enf-Bryan Worten Secretary-Tom Willard Tre«si rer-Richard Downs % ' 158 First row, left to right: Tom Willard Jamey Hewitt Granger McDaniel Neil Robinson Eric Ison Alan Ramsey Rryan Worten Richard Downs Second row: Naomi Milner Jess Womack Joe Milner Holly Hall Neil Tanner Rlane Petroutson Kent Farman Buzz Peal Woody Maxey Penn Rogers Jack Simmons Susan Smith Manning Kimmel Todd Ison Art Eckerson David Hillier Tom Fennell Not pictured: Joe Lumpkin J5V Officers President-]im Smith Vice-Preside nt -Claude Arrington Secretary -Brad Peabodv Treasurer-Dwight Davis LAMBDA CHI ALPHA ■ Seated, left to right: Hal Carson Jim Kennedy John McGough Jim Chickering Andy Schmitt Fred Pfeiffer Second roiv: Claude Arrington Bill Pickering Jim Smith John Stuckev Pat McReynolds Joe Toole Larry Purdom David White-Spunner Terry Mohr Ed England Phil Lamson Third row: George Jones Bob Anderson Tom Pruit Bob Carr Norman Eustis Chris Bracken Marshall Garrett Brad Peabodv Paul Williams Alex Comfort Larry Davis Dave Maddison Fourth row: Bill Wilkerson Ron Feeze r Dan Alhport Dennv Coughlin Top: Eric Benjamin Chuck Henry Bill Bennett Brvan Dowling Bob Dougan John Gate Not pictured: William Blumberg Richard Cilley David Frantz Robert Green Stanley Hinton David Jung Stephen LeLaurin Wheless Love Archibald Martin Tom Miller Bubba Ovvens Marc Sims Clay Smallwood Steve Snider Mark Tolley Bill Woolverton Neil Bryan Larry Davis Robert Patton Don Pickering Mike Rourke Bill Whitaker 161 ' Seated, first row. left to right: fohn Bladon Butch Weinberg Herbert Eustis Erie Newton Ralph McGee Ed Woodall Doug Mahon Winky Cameron Seated, second row: John Williams Frank England Mike Williams Bill Drake |ohn Peebles Boyd Parker Richard Crichton Jimmy Phillips Steve Graham Standing, first row Warner Ballard Andy Fedash Duke Elam Jack Agricola Tyler Calhoun John Billings Woodv Deutsch Keith Bell Bob Burwell Ed Harrison Staley Colvert Brant Wiley |im Hardee Claude Nielsen Robert Davenport Standing, second row. Rob Crichton Frank Lankford Bruce Dunbar Terrell Bean Bruce Bass Gene Moor Sam Murray John Davenport Bill Mauzy Tern Miller Dick Douglas Mike Burton Alan Haydon Hunter McDonald Herndon Inge Lawson Whitaker Davor Luketic John Martin Mike Bewers Nat Campbell Not pictured: Chip Ferris Jim Gubelmann George Joslin Bill Lightfoot Rich Nardin Horn ' Parker Robert [ones Billv McWilliams Bill ' Butt 162 Officers FIRST SEMESTER President-Alan Haydon Vice-President-NaX Campbel Secretary-Warner Ballard Treasurer-Bruce Bass SECOND SEMESTER President- Jim Gubelmann Vice-President-Chip Ferris Secretart -Herndon Inge Treasurer-Bruce Bass PHI DELTA THETA «!». A ns IJLfcT. ■ V , . -1. A !6J PHI GAMMA DELTA Officers C President-Fred Jones Treasurer-C ry Westerfield Recording Secretary-Wa y Wilson Corresponding Secretary-George Neary Historian-Richard Van Orden r r . . i vi Firsf row, t f to right; Pete Peters Steve Bishop [an Hipvvell Randy Miller Bill Beecken Beekman Huger Scott Bagley Tom Taylor Second row: Oliver Crawford !64 Barbour Warren Jim Hyde Joe Mansfield Jack Steinmeyer Ravenel Mansfield Archie Campbell Third row: John Noler Guy Carnathan George Neary Bob Simms Brad Weeks Rusty Leonard Bill Tinsley Mike Williams Ben Vaughan Fourth row: Steve Downing Harry Carpenter Chris Mason Nat Carswell Dennis Hooten Ed Wheeler Mike Canon Cary Westerfield Carter Steele Fifth row: Bobby Knight Jim Kennedy Rick Van Orden John Popham Randy Love Bill Schmutzer Bruce Perkins Byron Lengsfield Bobby Love Wally Wilson Not pictured: Fred Jones Doug Bradham Bruce Martin David Mason Pete Waters 165 Officers President-Doug Granberry Flip Heymeyer Vice- President- Jeff Farrior Secretary -Rick Entrekin Treasure r-Rick Moodv 166 LM t SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON First row, left to right: David Yoorhees Russ Pritchard Tom Sharpe John Stewart Clifford Ayer Henrv Hartsman John Edgar Second row: Ed McGehee Tom Dolan Ossie Gordan Sandy Johnson Brett Smith Rick Moodv Jav Jamieson Third row: Rick Entrekin Jerry Turner Flip I lehmever Steve Adams Skip Dixon John Cannon Bill Davis Allston Vander Horst David Elmers Don Sutter David Morse Chris Jepson Not pictured: James Anderson Art Ballard Girard Brown low Malcolm Butler Jeff Farrior Doug Granberry Robert Lunsford Robert McNeil Wendell Meyer Wayne Revnolds Louis Rice Mason Romaine Mark Sandvig Robert Selph Bayard Snowden Darrell White i 167 TUB BREAKFAST • L SAND MJ Ci vflmiiteiii ... ., ■ ■ .,■ i SIGMA NU Officers FIRST SEMESTER President-Buck Hinkle Vice- President-Alec Moseley Secretory-Preston Hicky Tn :asu re r-Sid Little SECOND SEMESTER President-Alec Moseley Vice-President-Clark Plexico Secretary-Donny Snow Treasurer-Doug Runnion First row, left to right: Bill Quesenberry Buck Hinkle Ed Rood Don Snow Woodv Forsythe Bill McBrayer Dick Lodge Billy Cunningham James Sims Larry Williams Second row: Alee Fonvielle Hugh Nabors Alec Moseley Dick Quisenberry Paul Allen Blucher Lines Third row: Frank Walker Chris Lambrecht Pete Linsley Henry Lodge Gardner Champlin Buzz Hart Doug Runnion Luis Leon Fourth row: Eddie Colvin Bill Kirkland Tim Sheehan Clark Plexieo Julian Bibb Fifth row: Mark Johnston Bill Wright Shorty Mike Wallers Rick Johnson Fitz McAden Jed Gordon John Tucker Back row: Ed Moser Mark Denkler Mark Terrell Sid Little Mac Magee Bru Izard John Barren Not pictured: Hugh Culbreath Ed Grain Orrin Harrison Preston Hickv David Loftis Pinkney Mikell Larry Phillips Howie Rives Raymond Scogin Mark Tanksley Mark Terrell Bill West Cantev Wright Roy Young 169 170 171 SCHOOL OF THEOLOGY William A. Griffin George M. Alexander, Dean of the Seminary 172 Howard W. Rhys Donald S. Armentrout Peter H. Igarashi Charles L. Winters 173 Marion J. Hatehett 174 Not Pictured: Mrs. Edna Evens i rj ]76 UNDERCLASSMEN CLAUDE NEWELL ANDERSON, Junior, 329 Freyer Dr., Marietta, Georgia. MERRILL KILBURN BROACH, Junior, 1424, Deleware Place, Tulsa, Oklahoma. BILL EDWARD BURKS, Middler, Rt. 4, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee. THOMAS OTEY FEAMSTER, Junior, P. O. Box 2723, Tal- lahassee, Florida. ROBERT BLICE GRAVES, Junior, 6977 Miami Bluff Dr., Cincinnati, Ohio. GEORGE BARROW HART, JR., Junior, 1422 Ridgewood Pk., Memphis, Tennessee. REESE MART HUTCHESON, Middler. Rt. 2, Box 90, Sparkman, Arkansas. JOHN EDWARD LENHAKDT, II, Junior, 141 Moultrie St., Charleston, South Carolina. HAMPTON MABRY, JR., Junior, 5102 Grape, Houston, Texas. THOMAS HICKS MARKLEY, Junior, c o Mrs. C. L. Epper- son, Lawrenceville, Virginia. JAMES FREDERICK MARQUIS, JR., Junior, 1537 Warpath Dr., Kingsport, Tennessee. EUGENE RAVMOND McCLAIN, Junior, Middler, 200 S. Center St., Perrv, Florida. EARNEST EARL POLLOCK, Junior 5427 Pike Ave., N., Little Rock, Arkansas. FESTUS MILLIARD POWELL, JR., Junior, 1123 N. Green- witch, Russellville, Arkansas. JOHN PHILIP PURSER, Junior, Rt. 9, Box 75, Fayetteville, North Carolina. JACK RIGGAR. Junior, 6 Pratt Rd., Clinton, Connecticut. ERNEST MICHAEL ROWELL, Junior, Box 248, Oklawaha, Florida. RICHARD NOTLEY THOMAS, Junior, 302 California St., Huntsville, Alabama. KONRAD SHEPARD WHITE, Junior, 9340 S. W. 43rd St., Mianfi, Florida. 177 ■ -- SENIOR CLASS OF 1970 HERSCHEL ROBERT ATKINSON, 985 Los Angleles Ave., N. E. Atlanta, Georgia. CALDWELL ALEXANDER BARRON, 976 Myrtle Dr., Rock Hill, South Carolina. JAMES GILBERT BINGHAM, 102 Fairlane Dr., Waynesville, North Carolina. JAMES ROBERT CULLIPHER, 3912 Gerald St., Monroe, Louisi- ana. JAMES CHESTER GREY, III, 6155 Peachtree-Dunwoody, Atlanta, Georgia. DAVID ROBERT HACKETT, 806 Wavne St, Sikeston, Missouri. DAVIDSON TEXADA LANDERS, 1325 North St., Baton Rouge, Louisiana. MICHAEL BURNLEY MILLIGAN, Rt. 1, Sharpsburg, Georgia. JAMES MILLARD PULLIAM, Eubank Doll Hse., Branson, Missou- ri. THAD BENEDICT RUDD. 1900 Oak St., Pine Bluff, Arkansas. 176 CHARLES EDWARD SOUTH, 11 Essex Rd., Essex Fells, New Jersey. JAMES GRAVES THEUS, 606 Loop, Monroe, Louisiana. DAVID JAMES TILLEY, 4911 Coronado Dr., New Orleans, Louisi- ana. WILLIAM BASKIN WRIGHT, 71413th Ave., Jacksonville, Alabama. NOT PICTURED: Seniors: GEORGE STRAFFORD ANDREWS, 151 N. Kenilworth, Oak Park, Illinois. THOMAS LAFAYETTE ARLEDGE, JR., 1005 Normal Ave., Chattanooga, Tennessee. JOEL ARLINGTON ROBBINS, Rt. 2, Box 80, Laurel, Mississip- pi. Underclassmen: JAMES KRAMMER ALCORN, Middler, 1218 N. 15th, McAllen, Texas. JEFFREY ALAN BATKIN, Junior, Box 21443, Emory University, Atlanta, Georgia. TERRY ROBERT COBB, Junior, 2007 Cowden, Memphis, Ten- nessee. ROBERT STURGIS CREAMER, Middler, B irdneck Point, Vir- ginia Beach, Virginia. GEORGE DURHAM GENTRY, Junior 3004 Chapin Ave., Tam- pa, Florida. ARTHUR EVERITT JOHNSON, Junior, 114 Home St., San An- tonio, Texas. DENNIS DEAN KEZAR, Middler, 3156 Elmhurst, Springfield, Illinois. MICHAEL LAMONT KIDDA, Jumor, 131 Bayou, Lafayette, Louisiana. PATRICK CARLETON LARKIN, Middler, 1903 Vance Ave., Chattanooga, Tennessee. HARRY GEORGE MALONEY, Middler, 30 Spruce St., Wilkes- Barre, Pennsylvania. WILLIAM THOMAS PATTEN. Middler, P. O. Box 8096, Chat- tanooga, Tennessee. FRANK BRADFORD ROCKWOOD, Junior, 1111 Clairmont Rd. Apt. L-4, Decatur, Georgia. JAMES RICHARD SELLS, Middler 44 Virginia Ave., Rossville Georgia. CHARLES RODNEY SMITH, Middler, 1120 7th Ave., NE, Lar go, Florida. RONALD BRUCE SOUTHERLAND, Junior P. O. Box 55, Duck town, Tennessee. ROBERT FRANKLIN THOMAS, JR., Junior, 1764 Thomas Terr. Decatur, Georgia. DAVID LEE VEAL, Middler, 2221 Fair Ave., Fountain City Tennessee. THOMAS HOUSTON WAGGENER, Middler, Rt. 3, Box 65 Clay, Kentucky. Special Students: GORDON HOWELL MOREY, Homestead, Florida. EDWARD MORAY PEOPLES, JR., 921 11th Ave., Huntington, West Virginia. RICHARD HANNA SCHMIDT, 2406 Blair Blvd., Nashville, Tennessee. OLIVE MATTHEWS WARDEN, 901 Winchester Rd., NE, Huntsville, Alabama. PAUL NICHOLAS WHITTON, Theological College, Edinburgh, Scotland. 179 ■- ' ■ 181 182 183 SUSAN SHERWOOD AIKEN, 2013 Palmer Ave., New Or- leans, La. CECIL PAUL ALLEN, SN, 1669 Montgomery Highway, Birmingham, Ala. REBECCA KNOX ALLISON, 7821 Freret St., New Orleans, La. ROBERT JACKSON ANDERSON, LCA, Rt. 5, Pasquo Rd., Nashville, Term. JOHN MYRICK ASHLEY, KA, 3516 Bankhead Ave., Mont- gomery, Ala. FRED GEORGE ATKISSON, 108 Neely ' s Bend Rd., Madi- son, Tenn. CLIFFORD BELSER AYER, SAE, P.O. Box 117, Madison, Fla. SAMUEL SCOTT BAGLEY, PGD, Box 470, Fayetteville, Tenn. JEWELL DEAN BAILEY, 331 Trismen Terrace, Winter Park, Fla. JOHN ROCHELLE BARRAN, SN, 1906 16th Ave., S. E., Decatur, Ala. BARBARA MASON BARRY, 4202 Noves Ave., Charleston, W. Y ' a. MICHAEL AUBREY BARRY, Rt. 1, Sewanee, Tenn. MICHAEL BASFORD. BTP, 7144 Juba] Lane, Jacksonville. Fla. BARBARA JEANNE BATES. Rt. 3, Centerville, Tenn. JOHN DALY BAUMHAUER, 155 Roberts St., Mobile, Ala. CHRISTINE ANNE BAY, 1125 Nicholson Rd., Jacksonville, Fla. TOM HELENE BEARE, 4870 Gwynne Rd.. Memphis Tenn. IENNIFER KAY BENITEZ, 309 Park Hill Dr., S.m Antonio, Tex. ERIC VINCENT BENJAMIN, LCA. 2753 Crescendo Dr.. N. W., Atlanta, Ga. DEBORAH LEMOINE BENNETT. 1639 Fernando Dr.. Tallahassee, Fla, 703 W. 13th St., WILLIAM DALLAS BETHEA, DID. Laurel, Miss. JULIAN LEE BIBB, SN. 1803 Stratford Rd., Dc STEPHEN FRANKLIN BISHOP. 106 liillwo Mil,. Tenn. WILLIAM FRANKLIN BLACKMORE. KA. 800 N Stratford Rd.. Winston-Salem, N. C. atur, Ala. cl Dr., Nash- |OIIN BLADON. PDT. 3946 St. |ohns Ave., |.icksonvil Fla. CHRISTOPHER ATKINS BLAKESLEE. P.O. Bos K, Ev green, Colo, PETER MARTIN BOLTON. Lape Rd., RD. I. Rensselai N. Y. JULIA BARBARA BOW EPS, P.O. Box 604. |ackson. N. C. 184 FRESHMEN RUSSELL BROOKS BOYLAN, KA, 6 Dunleith Court, New Orleans, La. DOUGLASS MACAULAY BRADHAM, POD 433 Hobcaw Dr., Mt. Pleasant, S. C:. LAURA SALLEV BREEDEN, 301 Tyson Ave., Bennettsville, S. C. CIRARD POLK BROWNLOW, SAE. 4215 Harding Pal. Nashville, Tenn. NEIL SHERIDAN BRYAN, LCA, R.R. 2, Bedford, Ky. RANDALL DEAN BRYSON, ATO, 606 Elizabeth St., Athens, Tenn. STEVEN CHARLES BURKE, DTD. -1736 Queen Lane, Jacksonville, Fla. CAREY PARKER BURNETT, KA, 3333 Devereaux Rd., Columbia, S. C. OVERTON WINSTON CAMERON. PDT, 3211 29th Ave., Meridian, Miss. GUY DAMON CARNATHAN, PGD, 609 E. Jefferson St.. Kosciusko, Miss. ROBERT EDWARD CARR, LCA, 6725 Brants Lane, Fort Worth, Te . OSCAR THOMPSON CASSITY, DTD. 112 Williamsburg Dr., Greenville, S. C. CYDNEY MARGARET GATES, 134 Tupper Lane, Sum- merville, S. C. WILLIAM RICHARD CATHGART, KA, 9-A Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S. C. JAMES BROOKS CHAMPLIN, SN, 150 Munro Rd., Pensa- cola, Fla. DEACON SAMUEL CHAPIN, 4740 Quebec St., N. W., Washington, D. C. ROBERT HETT CHAPMAN, KA. 1030 Glendalyn Circle, Spartanburg, S. C. PAMELA ANN CHAPPELL, 1.373 Kathwood, Columbia, S. C. CYNTHIA CHILES, 1320 Heathchti ' e Rd., High Point, N. C. DAVID MALCOLM CHOATE, ATO, 89 Forest Rd., Millis, Mass. GEORGE PAUL CLARK, 321 E. Liberty, Medina, Ohio KAREN ANNE CHRISTIAN, 1766 Garraux Rd., N. W„ At- lanta Ga. RICHARD CLARK, 2 Indian Hills Trail, Louisville, Ky. MARY FRANCES CLARKSON, 2500 16th St., N., St. Peters- burg, Fla. PATTY LOUISE COLEMAN, 203 Woniack Lane, Mm freesboro, Tenn. FRANK WESLEY COLLIER. 2013 Greenwood Ave., Nash villc, Tenn. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH COLLINS, 2200 State St., Now Orleans, Lit. EDWARD VESTON COLVIN. SN, P.O. Box 241, Jasper Ala. 165 FRESHMEN OLIVER ISELIN CRAWFORD, PCD, Venture Plantation, Lane, S. C. RICHARD STOUT CRICHTON, PDT, 2108 Woodmont Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. SUSAN ELIZABETH CROSBIE, 107 Clark St., Mankato, Minn. HUGH LEE CULBREATH, SN, 5019 Shore Crest Circle, Tampa, Fla. SUSAN JEANNE DAMON, 7930 Bellemeade Blvd., Jack. sonville, Fla. JOSIAH MARTIN DANIEL, DT 1928 Evergreen, Pampa, Tex. ROBERT ATKINSON DAVENPORT, PDT, Wolf Pen Rd., Harrods Creek, Ky. JOEL THOMAS DAVES, ATO, 1302 W. Chandler Rd., West Palm Beach, Fla. LAWRENCE RAYMOND DAVIS, LCA, 5416 29th St., Lubbock, Tex. |OHN RANDOLPH MATTHEWS DAY, KA, 2155 Rosemont Dr., Montgomery, Ala. WILLIAM SCOTT DEAVER, DTD, 4220 Whitfield, Ft. Worth, Tex. DAVID EYLER DEWEY, ATO, 614 Richard St., Henry, 111. IDA THOMPSON DICKINSON, 5867 Fredericksburg Dr., Nashville, Tenn. THOMAS ELIOT DOLAN, SAE, 1114 Kaneville Rd., Geneva, 111. STEVEN DANIEL DOWNING, PGD, 57 Ave. de L ' Ete, Waterloo, Belgium. SAM DAVIS DOYLE, CP, Rt. 3, Gallatin, Tenn. WILLIAM FREALEON DRAKE, PDT, 312 1st St., Law- renceburg, Tenn. FELIX MELVILLE DRENNEN, KA, 3709 Overbrook Cir- cle, Birmingham, Ala. LINDA CLAIRE DUGAN, 4363 Cherrydale, Memphis, Tenn. DON KECK DUPREE.3006 Smokey Lane, Billings, Mont. ANNA THOMAS DURHAM, 1010 Durham Dr., Gallatin, Tenn. KENNETH SHERWOOD EBAUGH, 509 E. 6th St., Jack- sonville, Ala. ARTHUR ECKERSON, 106 Mcintosh Dr., Savannah, Ga. JOHN BLANTON EDGAR, SAE, 350 St. Andrews Fairway, Memphis, Tenn. RICHARD LAWRENCE EHRHART, BTP, 9 Hibiscus Rd., Clearwater, Fla. PHILIP DALTON ELDER, PDT, Elder Mountain, Chat- tanooga, Tenn. MARTIN LOGUE ELLIS, BTP, 1306 Durham Rd., Chat- tanooga, Tenn. FRANK ADDAMS ENGLAND, PDT, 221 Crittenden St., Greenville, Miss. 186 ftteAifc CHARLES ROSS FEEZER. LCA, 1130 Tracy Place, Carls- bad, New Mexico THOMAS MCCARTHY FENNELL, KS, 2017 S. Arch, Little Rock, Ark. DONALD ALLSTON F1SHBURNE, KA, 4 Guerard Rd.. Charleston, S. C. LEILA ELAINE FLEISSNER, 1106 Concord St., Chat tanooga, Tenn. JERRY EUGENE FOGARTY, PDT, 4211 Beach Park Dr., Tampa, Fla. WAYNE ALEXANDER FONVIELLE, SN, 529 Wayne Dr., Wilmington, N. C. MARGARET ERIN FORD, 1107 Eldemere Rd., Lexington, Ky. SALEM LYNWOOD FORSYTHE, SN, 689 Idlewild Ci rcle, Birmingham, Ala. JACQUELINE HOLLIDAY FRENCH, Apdo, Post. 283, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. KAREN RANDOLPH GIBSON, 3912 Staunton Ave., S. E., Charleston, W. Va. HUBERT HILL GILLESPIE, KA, 5304 Wexford Rd., Al- bany, Ga. WILLIAM WASHBURN GLADNEY, 4645 Arrowhead St., Baton Rouge, La. STEVEN VANCE GRAHAM, PDT, 4228 Antietam Dr., Birmingham, Ala. RICHARD FREDERICK GREFE, 1129 Bellemeade Blvd., Jacksonville, Fla. JOEL EDWARD GRIGSBY, DKE, Rt. 5, Morristown, Tenn. WILLIAM MORTIMER GROVER, ATO, " Airville " , Gloucester, Virginia 187 ELIZABETH HOLLOW AY HALL, 3788 N. Stratford Rd., N. E. Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM ERNEST HAMILTON, CP, R.F.D. 6, Box 105-A, Harriman, Tenn. KATHLEEN AYRES HAND, 3956 Eastline Dr., Jackson, Miss. JAMES FRANCIS HANNIFIN, BTP, 117 Amhurst Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. BARBARA HARDEE, 3507 N. San Miguel, Tampa, Fla. EDWARD HENDREE HARRISON, PDT, 308 Elliott Rd., S.E., Ft. Walton Beach, Fla. HENRY CARL HARTMAN, SAE, 707 Lynwood Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. JOSEPH FRANCIS HARTZER, 4162 McGirts Blvd., Jack- sonville, Fla. MARION RANDOLPH HEDGECOCK, 919 Dudley, Shreveport, La. FRANK LENTZ HENSON, KA, 1104 Dover Rd., Greens- boro, N. C. DAVID LEO HESTER, Rt. 1, Quitman, Miss. JAMES HOWARD HEWITT, KS, 602 Wendell Rd., Ft. Pierce, Fla. JULIA ANN HICKS, 2228 Old Hickory Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. JAMES McCROREY HILL, KA, 3320 Valley Dr., Alexan- dria, Va. CHARLES THOMAS HODGES, 3405 Montevallo Rd., Birmingham, Ala. RICHARD STEVEN HOLDER, BTP, 2512 Campbell St., Chattanooga, Tenn. RONALD GRADEN HOLDER, BTP, 2512 Campbell St., Chattanooga, Tenn. MARGARET MADISON HliDGINS, 3154 Darnley Dr., Richmond, Va. DENNIS WAYNE HUFFER, Rt. 4, Winchester, Tenn. HOWARD HUGH HUGG1NS, 1707 S. Ridgewood Ave., Edgewater, Fla. PETER MARCH HUGGINS, 221 Walnut St., New Orleans, La. MARYLOU HULL, 422 N. Jefferson St., Marianna, Fla. JAMES CARLISLE HYDE, PGD, 85 Marbleridge Rd., N. Andover, Mass. EDWARD DRUMMOND IZARD, SN, 86 Church St., Charleston, S. C. RONALD ORMOND JACKSON, 1603 Sunnyvale, Austin, Tex. GLORIA CHARLENE JENNINGS, 1220 Barcia Rd., Pensa- cola, Fla. FREDERICK JAMES JOHNSON, SN, 484 E. Weisnheimer Rd., Columbus, Ohio WILLIAM CLARENCE JOHNSON, 1537 Oak Ave., Panama City, Fla. 188 lfci Jil FRESHMEN CEOKCE WASHINGTON |ONES, LCA, 1408 Connell Rd., Charleston, W. Va. ROBERT FOWDEN JONES, PUT, 2891 St. Claire Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C. ISABELLE MARIE KATZ, 34-17 Hampton Ave-, Nashville, Tenn. EDWARD ALBERT KELSO, DTD, 302 Lakewood Dr., Baytown, Tex. JAMES DRAKE KENNEDY, PCD, Dogwood Dr., Lookout Mountain, Tenn. CRISTA LYNN KIEFER, 3 N. Peak Rd„ Lexington. Ky. MARTHA LAMBETH KILCORE, 2600 Jefferson Ave., New Or leans, La. RUTH FAY KILCORE, 873 Robertson Academy Rd., Nash- ville, Tenn. LAURANCE POLK KIRBY SMITH, 5307 Blackistone Rd., Washington, D. C. MORGAN JENNINGS KNOX, 102 Colorado, Jacksonville, Ark. MEDORA KROME, P.O. Box 596, Homestead. Fla. NANCY KELTON LAMSON, 2157 Richmond Ave., Augusta, Ga. MARTHA JANE LANCASTER, 316 N. Tucker Rd., Nevada, Mo. SCOTTY CHARLES LEE, DKE, Rt. 5, Meridian, Miss. BYRON H. LENGSFIELD, PCD, 146 Colket Lane, Devon. Pa. RUSSELL LEE LEONARD, PCD, 98 Fairway, Anniston, Ala. ROBERT GRAHAM LINN, BTP, 7200 34th St., So., St. Petersburg, Fla. PETER SEAN LINSLEY, SN, 836 Comer Circle, Birming- ham, Ala. MADGE WEST LOGAN, 149 N. Rose Rd., Memphis, Tenn. MICHAEL ROBERTSON LUMPKIN, 1159 Winthrop Dr., Rock Hill, S. C. ROBERT DICKSON LYNCH, BTP, 621 W. Maple, Hins- dale, 111. PETER KNOX McCLELLAN, 410 S. Bronough, Tallahassee, Fla. 8 CAROLYN MURRAY McCOLLUM, 1022 E. Washington, Thornasville, Ga. PETER ROWLAND McCROHAN, CP, 278 Hamilton Ave., Princeton, N. J. RALPH WALDO McGEE, PDT, 114 Deer Creek Dr., Le- land, Miss. EDWARD STOKES McCEHEE, SAE, 2512 Watkins Rd., Birmingham, Ala. DEHART ALLEN McMILLAN, ATO, 3407 Southill Circle, Austin, Tex. EDWARD TIMBERLAKE McNABB, ATO, 4001 Skyline Dr., Nashville, Tenn. ••89 FRESHMEN " fad ROBERT DOUGLAS McNElL, SAE, Hickory Rd„ Plymouth Meeting, Pa. LAURIN McCALLUM McSWAIN, DTD, Laurin-Lean, Minturn, S. C. LYNWOOD CRESSE MAGEE, SN, Rt. 5, Box 435, Flor- ence, S. C. DOUGLAS ARMSTRONG MAHAN, PDT, 34 Porter Lane, South Hamilton, Mass. JAMES SHERWOOD MAINZER, 74 Willow St., Brooklyn, N. Y. JOSEPH BOWEN MANSFIELD, PGD, 202 Middle St., Mt. Pleasant, S. C. BRUCE CARLISLE MARTIN. PGD, 4 Tranquil Dr., Charleston, S. C. JOHN ARMISTEAD MARTIN, PDT, 27 Gritting Blvd., Asheville, N. C. DAVID WILKIE MASON, PGD, 112 McLaws St., Savan- nah, Ga. ROBERT LINWOOD MAXEY, KS, 626 E. Black, Rock Hill, S. C. MICHAEL THOMAS MAXON, 325 Orangeview Ave., Clearwater, Fla. LINDA CAROL MAYES, Liberty Rd., Winchester, Tenn. ELLIS OGLESBY MAYFIELD. BTP, 5016 Montova Dr., El Paso, Tex. MICHAEL LEVERICH MEARS, KA, 4714 Pitt St., New Orleans, La. SUSAN PATRICIA MERRILL, 1615 King Mountain Rd„ Charlottesville, Va. DAVID MICHAEL METCALF, 4003 Knoolwood Dr., Chat- tanooga, Tenn. 190 SAMUEL PATTERSON MICKLER, ATO, P.O. Drawer C, Jasper, Fla. PINKNEY VENNING MIKELL, SN, 701 Santee Ave., Co- lumbia, S. C. RANDALL CLAY MILLER, PCD, Rt. 5, Stevenson Rd., Xenia, Ohio THOMAS ALLYN MILLER, LCA, 7 Wigwam Path Baby- lon, N. Y. JOHN BURTON MILWARD, ATO, 1640 Ashwood Rd„ Lexington, Ky. ROBERT RICKI MOHR, DKE, 2320 Minnesota Ave., Metaire, La. JOHN FREDERIC MOLER, PCD, 2540 Northwest Grand Blvd., Oklahoma City, Okla. JAMES METCALF MORGAN, DKE, 529 Palos Verdes Dr., West Palos Verdes Estates, Calif. BURRELL H. MORRELL, 218 Perkins St., Pulaski, Tenn. THOMAS ALLEN MORRIS, BTP, 144 Allenwood Dr., Clarksville, Tenn. WILLIAM HAMILTON MORROW, BTP, 20 Ridge Rd., Ridgewood, N. J. JUDITH GALT MORTON, 2311 W. Cloverdale Pk., Mont- gomery, Ala. ROBERT DALE MORTON, BTP, 910 Kirkwood, Murfrees- boro, Tenn. HENRY THOMAS MOTTL, DKE, 214 N. Bristol, Los An- geles, Calif. HUGH COMER NABERS, SN, 2500 Lanark Rd., Birming- ham, Ala. ROBERT CHARLES NEWMAN, BTP, 3102 Beach Dr., Tampa, Fla. LYNN WAYNE NICHOLS, 2501 Broadway, Parsons, Kans. CLAUDE BEELAND NIELSEN, PDT, P.O. Box 70, Ever- green, Ala. LOUIS OATS, ATO, 105 La Sabre Dr., Hendersonville, Tenn. MARC WILLIAM O ' BRIEN, CP, 33 Briarwood Rd., Fair Haven, N. J. SARA LOU O ' CONNOR, 4321 N. W. 19th Ave., Gainesville. Fla. ROGER JOHN OSBORNE. BTP, 1112 Palmetto Dr., Thomasville, Ga. SUSAN LOUISE OSBORN, R.D. Box 4, Alder, Mont. JOSEPH LESLIE PACE, 107 Pine Rd., Box 161, Norris, Tenn. JAMES EDWARD PATCHING, CP, 2617 Emery Dr., Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM GRIGNARD PECAU, 53 Harwood Dr., E., Glen Cove, N. Y. LELAND BRUCE PEDEN, BTP, 513 S. Fourth St., Pulaski, Tenn. JOHN DANIEL PEEBLES. PDT, 99 Hillwood Rd., Mobile. Ala. 191 BRUCE COLEMAN PERKINS, PGD, 5332 Falmouth Rd., Washington, D. C. GEORGE BELK PETERS, PGD, 1259 Linville St., Kings- port, Tenn. PETER BLANE PETROUTSON, KS, 307 Dalewood Dr., Mobile, Ala. JAMES DAWSON PHILLIPS, PDT, 1285 Greenway St., Greenville, Miss. DONALD ALBERT PICKERING, LCA, 92 Edgerstoune Rd., Princeton, N. J. JANE MELISSA PIGGOTT, 7320 Poinciana Court, Miami Lakes, Fla. JOSEPH KEMPTON PRESLEY, Castellana 100, Madrid, Spain RUSSELL GREGG PRITCHARD, SAE, 317 S. Highland, Memphis, Tenn. RICHARD NOELTINC OUISENBERRY, SN, 4609 Fairfax Dallas , Tex. PATRICIA ANN READY, 3410 Windsor Rd., Austin, Tex. |OHN WEST RED, BTP, 1519 Branson Rd., Fairfield, Conn. WILLIAM ARTHUR REDDINGTON, 706 Lily Flagg Rd.. S. E., Huntsville, Ala. JAMES ROBERT REESE. Rt. 1, Box 380, Soddy, Tenn. BARBARA [ANE REID, Box 193, Sewanee, Tenn. LOUIS KiMBERLY REVER, 1600 Timbercrest Dr.. Catonsville, Md. WAYNE CORWIN REYNOLDS, SAE, 72 N. Goodlett, Memphis, Tenn. MICHAEL WAYNE RHODES, 1301 Old Springville Rd., Birmingham, Ala. WILLIAM SLADE RHODES, 3124 Pinehurst Dr., Mont- gomery, Ala. LAURA ' WARBURTON RICE, 275 Roseland Ave., Essex Fells, N. J. LOUIS WOOD RICE, SAE, 621S Mountain Brook Way, N. W., Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE BOYD RICH, 653 Golf St., Greenville, Miss. JOHN HUNTER ROBERT, Rt. 2, Box 288, Boyce, La. SUSAN LEE ROGERS, 208 Inner Circle, Maxwell AFB, Ala. WILLIAM KYLE ROTE, DTD, General Delivery, Charlotte Amalie, U. S., V. I. MICHAEL LEE ROUHKE, LCA, 828 Highland Crest, Nashville, Tenn. JOHN 1RVIN SAALFIELD, KA, 1527 Kenesaw Ave., Knox- ville, Tenn. ERIC ALLEN SCHMIDT, U. S. C. G. Merchant Marine Det., F. P. O. Seattle, Wash. ANDREW GABRIEL SCHMITT, LCA, 9018 Linkmeadow Lane, Houston, Tex. 192 FRESHMEN WILLIAM ROWNTREE SCHMUTZER, PGD, 220 Prince St., Sevierville, Tt ' nn. MAJORIE McLORIE SCHUMANN, Des Arc General Hos- pital, Des Arc, Ark. CRAIG ROBERTS SCOTT, 1109 N. Williamsburg Ct„ Sterling, Va. MARTEE GRAHAM SELDEN, 6444 Lily Dhn Lane, Falls Church, Va. DEBORAH SELPH.385 Allstate Dr., Jackson. Miss. WALTER ROBERT SELPH, SAE, 4424 Forsythe PL, Nash ville, Tenn. THOMAS EDWARD SETTLES. 2321 Sutherland Dr., Memphis, Tenn. THOMAS STREET SHARP, SAE, 185.5 Laurel Ridge Dr., Nashville, Tenn. PETER CAYCE SHERMAN, ATO. 24 Rohm Rd„ Hopkins- ville, Kv. RANDY ' JAMES SIMMONDS, DTD, 5390 S. [rvin, Memphis, Tenn. MARTHA SIMPSON, 602 W. Blount St., Pensacola, Fla. JAMES MARION SIMS, SN, Rt. 2, Box I06-A, Union Springs, Ala. STEVEN GARY SIMS, Rt. 1, Box 266, Daisy, Tenn. CRAIG ANDREW SINCLAIR, 203 Robles del Rio, Carmel Valley, Calif. DAVID LAURENS SMITH, BTP, 2607 Dow St., Omaha, Neb. SHARON LOUISE SMITH, 3817 Greentree Place, Jackson, Miss. SUSAM ALLISON SMITH, P.O. Box 116, Merritt Island, Fla. TIMOTHY BLAKER SNEATHEN, 3 Maple Terrace, Charleston, W. Va, PATRICIA JEAN SOBEL, 42 Maple St., Garden City, N. Y. JOHN EDWARD SPAINHOUR, DTD, 1309 10th St. PI., N. W., Hickory, N. C. MARGARET COLLINS SPARKS, 4925 Holt, Bellaire, Tex. FREDERICK SPIES, 2905 Brookview Dr., Piano, Tex. CHARLES BAILEY SPIGNER, 605 Old Woodlands Rd., Columbia, S. C. JOHN RHOADS STEWART, SAE, 1128 Glendale Lane, Nashville, Tenn. JOHN HENRY STIBBS, KA, 6901 Willow St., New Orleans, La. SUSAN STROUD STOCK, 1192 Whiting, Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM ALBERT SULLIVAN, 1978 Portland Ave., St. Paul, Minn. SUSAN ELMA SWAFFORD, 500 Magnolia Ave., Jasper, Tenn. 193 FRESHMEN WILLIAM DAVID TANKERSLEY, DKE, 3827 Cove Dr., Birmingham, Ala. WAITUS O ' NEIL TANNER, KS, 4013 Kenilworth Rd., Co- lumbia, S. C. HERBIE GENE TAYLOR, -126 Kincaid St., Paducah, Kv. ERIC PORCHER TEETER, CP, 634 Fleming Ave., Marion, N. C. CHRISTOPHER WINSTON TEMPLETON, Box 1076 Nas- sau, New Providence, Bahamas PETER L ' ENGLE THEOKTISTO, 1920 Euclid St., Jack- sonville, Fla. NANCY MARIE THORNTON, 2665 Battle Overlook, N. W., Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM NELSON TINSLEY, PCD, 870 Milne Ave., Cleveland, Tenn. WILLIAM RODNEY TORBERT, Mt. Harmony Rd., Be. nardsville, N. J. PAMELA ANN TRIPP, School St., Edgartown, Mass. JOHN MICHAEL TUCKER, SN, 213 W. Pearl St., Jackson, Ala. NANCY ELIZABETH TUCKER, 6604 Gillen St., Metaire, La. JAMES ARTHUR TURNER, 220 Blanca Ave., Tampa, Fla. PAMELA ANN USRY, 1813 Valley Rd., Albany, Ga. EFFIE MORGAN VAN ZANDT, 1231 Seventh St., New Orleans, La. BAYNE JAMES VAUGHN, PGD, 2510 Quince Dr., Decatur, Ala. BENJAMIN DAVID VAUGHN, University Ave., Sewanee, Tenn. DAVID ARTHUR VOORHEES, SAE, 2711 Evans St., Morehead, City, N. C. KIRK EDWARD VRANIZAN, 977 W. Royal Palm Rd., Boca Raton, Fla. FRANK MARION WALKER, SN, 4843 Pine Dr., Lake Charles, La. LEWIS PATTERSON WALKER, DKE, 3712 Lagnna Court, El Paso, Tex. ELIZABETH ELLIOTT WALLACE, 208 Lynwood Terrace, Nashville, Tenn. JUDITH SEMELE WARD, 1801 43rd St., Meridian, Miss. BARBOUR SCOTT WARREN, PGD, 1036 Glendalyn Circle, Spartanburg, S. C. PETER BREAZEALE WATERS, PGD, 1312 First St., New Orleans La, DANIEL EUGENE WATSON, Box 486, Clayton, Ala. JOHN FRANCIS WAYMOUTH, Nanepashcmet St., Marble- head, Mass. JOHN ARMFIELD WEATHERLY, 275 Springhousc Lane, Moorestown, N. J. ivM tut KATHRYN HERBERT WEIR, 18.32 St. Ann, Jackson, Miss. WILLIAM DOUGLAS WELCH, 2108 Brookview Dr. Nashville, Tenn. MICHAEL LINN WELLER, DKE, 117 Ragan St., Tulla homa, Tenn. WILLIAM KNIGHT WEST, SN, 4945 Cole Rd., Memphis Tenn. KAREN VERN WHEELER, 1.515 Mississippi Ave., Chat- tanooga, Tenn. DARRELL THEODORE WHITE, SAE, 436 Lamar Dr., Macon, Ga. JOEL ARMISTEAD WHITE, 650 Bartow St., St. Simons, Ga. DAVID ELLIS WHITE -SPUNNER, LCA, 151 Batre Lane, Mobile, Ala. COLWELL CULLUM WHITNEY, 6 N. Peachtree St., Batesburg, S. C. CARL RICHARD WHITTLE, 403 Coleman Ave.. Johnston, S. C. FRANKLIN OWEN WICKS, 2626 Brandon Rd., College Park, Ga. JOHN MILTON WILLIAMS, PDT, 206 E. Charlotte Ave., Scottsboro, Ala. MICHAEL DELWIN WILLIAMS, PDT, 401 Oakwood Circle, Columbia, Tenn. JAMES HOUSTON WILSON, BTP, 1863 Bacom Point Rd., Pahokee, Fla. JAMES PENDERGAST WILSON, 128 Vossland Dr., Nash- ville, Tenn. MINOR EDWARD WOODALL, PDT, Box 29, Gnntersville, Ala. CANTEY HOLMES WRIGHT, SN, 3116 Grace Hill Rd., Columbia, S. C. WILLIAM WILSON WRIGHT, SN, 19 Forest Lake, Tus- caloosa, Ala. ROY GODFREY YOUNG, SN. Rt. 3, Box 1118, Tallahassee, Fla. Freshmen Not Pictured: CHRISTOPHER PAULK BAILEY, Rt. 1, Tennessee Ave Sewanee, Tenn. HENRY EDWARD BEDFORD. 708 Main St., Durango, Colo. HUNTER BROWN. 2736 Abingdon Rd.. Birmingham, Ala. ROBERT EDWARD LEE RURWELL, PDT. Box 911 Pinehurst, N. C. MALCOLM REYNOLDS BUTLER, SAE, Box 408, Engle wood, N.J. CHAUNCEY BREWSTER CHAPMAN, 1126 Grayton Grosse Pointe, Mich. HARRY EVERENDEN CLARK, P.O. Box 9. Sewanee, Tenn. JOHN EDWARD SWIFT COLEY, 3539 Rockhill Rd., Birm Ingham, Ala. ZOLLIE MASSEY FERRELL, 1194 Fisk Rd.. Cookeville. Tenn. THOMAS HUGUENIN GAILLARD. DKE, 77 Montagu St. Charleston, S. C. STEVEN LEON GARRETT, BTP, 427 Lynn Court, Nash ville, Tenn. BARBARA LYNN GOLDEN. 3981 Menendez Dr.. Pensacola Fla. JERRY HENSLEY CORDON. 116 Rosedale, Jackson, Tenn. JAMES RANDOLPH HALE. DKE. 3558 Merritt St. Memphis, Tenn. GARY K. HICKS, 25 Berkeley PL, Cranford, N. J. DAVID E. JOHNSON, BTP, 712 W. Oak St., Shelby, N. C. PAULINE ANNA LEAVENCOOD. 1000 Park St., No., St. Petersburg, Fla. CLIFFORD LEONARD. ATO. Rovkin. S. C. CLAYTON CURRY LEWIS, 7615 Buck Lake Rd., Tallahas- see, Fla. NIMROD W. E. LONG. KA, 4028 Old Leeds Circle. Birm- ingham, Ala. EDITH ANN LOTT1, Proctor ' s Hall Rd.. Sewanee, Tenn. ROBERT WESLEY LUNSFORD. SAE, 138 Bndgeport Rd.. Daytona Beach, Fla. BILLY EUGENE McWILLIAMS, PDT, 3017 Poplar Springs Dr.. Meridian, Miss. KATHRYN LYNN MACR1S, 301 Park St., So., St. Peters- burg, Fla. ALICE WILLIAMS PARKER, 24 Highland Dr.. Greenville. S.C. ROBERT HARRISON PATTON, LCA, 148 Edwards Ferry Rd., Leesburg, Va. LAWRENCE JULIAN PHILLIPS, SN, 3511 Hughes Rd., Louisville, Ky. WILLIAM HENRY P1CKERINC, LCA, 301 Bamhardt Cir- cle, Ft. Oglethorpe, Ga. DAVID LAWRENCE PEELE, KS, 4500 Sandy Ridge Rd . Columbia, S. C. ROSALIE MAY PRESCOTT. 1080 Rolling Acres Dr.. De- land, Fla. ELIZARETH FHANCES ROBERTS, Leibnitz 117-401, Mexico 5, D. F., Mexico ALAN R. STEPHENSON, Morgan ' s Steep Rd., Sewanee, Tenn. JEFFREY FRANKLIN STEWART, ATO, Holders Cove Rd., Winchester, Tenn. JAMES WAYNE TAYLOR, 1413 E. Sharpe. Nashville Tenn THOMAS GRIFFIN TAYLOR, 3731 Raguet St.. Nacog- doches, Tex. LYNNE FRANCIS VOCEL, 1721 West Dr.. San Marino. Calif. ANDERSON PENNYPACKER WARWICK. KA, 7207 Charlton St.. Philadelphia. Penn WILLIAM VERNON WHITAKER, LCA, 129 Camellia Dr.. Birmingham, Ala. JAMES McGOWIN WILLIAMSON, KA. 701 Fort Dale Rd.. Greenville, Ala. EDGAR WALLER WILSON, BTP. Box 636. Rosedale Miss WILLIAM MINTER WOMACK, Parque Juan Diego 528, Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico ROBERT POTTER YARBROUCH, Winchester, Tenn. SOPHOMORES STEPHEN ERWIN ADAMS, SAE, 416 Del Rio Dr., Little Rock, Ark. JOHN DISQUE AGRICOLA, PDT, 3538 Lenox Rd., Birm- ingham, Ala. [Ol IN BREWER ALLEN, BTP, Box 3, Casanova, Va. HERBERT WARREN ANDERSON, BTP, 204 Brooklawn Ave., Hopewell, Va. THOMAS EDGAR ARCHER, CP, 4057 N. 12th Ave., Pensa- eola, Fla. FRANCIS ARTHUR BASS, PDT, Rt. 2, Decherd, Term. HORHV LAMOTHE BAYLOR. P.O. Box 837, Cedar Key. Fla. KEITH LAMOTHE BELL, PDT, 1717 N. 11th Ave., Pensa- eola, Fla. JOHN ROBERT BENNETT, KA, 2300 Danbury Rd., Greensboro, N. C. MICHAEL DUDLEY BEWERS, PDT, P.O. Box 7613, Pine Bluff, Ark. CHARLES ALLEN BICKERSTAFF, 775 Roswell Rd., Smyrna, Ga. DANIEL GLENN BLEVINS, Rt. 2, Box 131, Decatur, Ala. JAMES HARRELL BOOKER, BTP, 1236 S. Seminole Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn. RALPH ANDREW BRIDGES, P.O. Box 51344, New Or- leans, La. JOHN WHITAKER BRODNAX, DTD, 3509 Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Te . VANCE LACY BROEMEL, 921 McKellar Dr., Tullahoma, Tenn. BROCKTON BEARDEN BROWN, CP, 7135 Kopman, Houston, Tex. THOMAS LAY BURROUGHS, CP, 424 Vandalia St., Col- linsville, III. TYLER CALHOUN, PDT, Rt. 7. Lauderdale Beach Rd., Florence, Ala. TIMOTHY PRESTON CALLAHAN, BTP, 11 Willow Green Dr., Cocoa Beach, Fla. 196 JAMES WILLIAM CAMERON, ATO, 1315 Adams St., Franklin, Tenn. ARCHIBALD ROWLAND CAMPBELL. PCD, 4520 Caduceus, Galveston, Tex. HARRY HORNER CARPENTER, PGD, 3500 Pine Ridge Rd., Birmingham, Ala. HARROLD HUME CARSON, 637 N. E. 81st St., Miami, Fla. JAMES HAMILTON CHICKERING, LCA, 904 Vicar Lane, Alexandria, Va. RICHARD CLARK CILLEV, 15 Cedar Lawn North, Gal- veston, Tex. JOHN JULYAN CLEMENS, BTP, 4307 Linden Dr., Mid- land, Mich. MICHAEL THOMAS COFFEY, BTP, 6669 Sunset Dr., Jacksonville, Fla. DAWSON STALEY COL VERT. PDT. 314 Hay Long Ave.. Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. DAVID MARTIN CONIGLIO, 202 Lauderdale Rd., Nash- ville, Tenn. DENNIS COUGHLIN. 2290 Ardleigh Dr., Cleveland Heights, Ohio REBECCA ANN CRANWELL, 2113 Hickory Hills Rd., Florence, Ala. EDWARD JACOBS CRAWFORD, ATO, 142 Centenary Circle, Shreveport, La. JOHN FRANCIS CRAWFORD. 3346 Pinestre.un Rd., V W, Atlanta, Ga. ROBERT DOUGLAS DALTON. DTD, 292S Rennoc Rd., Knowille, Tenn. HENRY EVAN DAMS, DTD, 3020 Milton Ave.. Dallas, Tex. WILLIAM DOWSING DAVIS, SAE, 127 Pine Hill Dr.. Aliceville, Ala. MARK ALLEN DIN ' KLER. SN, 3415 Dunwoody Dr.. Pensa- cola. Fla. JOHN GAYLON DOTY. Rt. 2, Box 524, Athens, Ala. LYNN DIANNE DUGAN, 4363 Cherrvdalc, Memphis, Tenn. HUGH DOUGLAS DUPREE, ATO, 7864 Volvo St., Jack- sonville, Fla. PATRICK DANIEL EAGAN, BTP. 401 E. Main St., Mur- freesboro, Tenn. DAVID LATIMER ELMERS, SAF. 408 W. Percy St., In dianola. Miss. EDWARD NASSER ENGLAND, LCA. 131 Myrtlewood Lane, Mobile, Ala. MAX ANDERSON FEDASH. PDT, 405 Mill St., Milford, Ohio DAVID EDWARD FOX, CP, 6512 Solandra Dr., Jackson- ville, Fla. DAVID WIDENER FRANTZ. LCA. 7 StiittgartAaihingen, Katzenbach Strasse, Bldg. 15-B-4, Germany MARSHALL LEE GARRETT, LCA, 4732 Hixon Circle. Sacramento, Calif. 197 STEPHEN WILLIAM GESTER, 2304 Chestnut Rd., Birm- ingham, Ala. LECIL BARRY GOSS, BTP, 1 1 14 Altamaha St., Chattanoo- ga, Tenn. HATCH DENT STERRETT GRANDY, BTP, 1421 W. Prin- cess Anne Rd., Norfolk, Va. STEPHEN MICHAEL HATTENDORF, DTD, 214 W. Lin- coln Ave., Wheaton, 111. BARTON RANDALLHAYS, 520 Sheridan Rd.,Kenilworth, 111. WALTER ERVIN HENLEY, DTD, 2345 Crest Rd., Birm- ingham, Ala. CHARLES LEONARD HENRY, 822 Alamo Heights Blvd., San Antonio. Tex. EDMUND TAYLOR HENRY, Box 117, Jay, Ha. ROBERT ELLWOOD HESS, Box 67, Dunnellon, Fla. DENNIS WAYNE HOOTEN, PGD, 1405 Washington Ave., Fredericksburg, Va. DANIEL NIGEL HOPE, 2385 Parkway PI., Memphis, Tenn LELAND WILLIAM HOWARD, 159 Cottage Hill Ave., Apt. 217, Elmhurst, 111. FRANCES ELIZABETH IKARD, Box 149, Decherd, Tenn. JOHN ARTHUR JARRELL, 150 Cliftwood Dr., Atlanta, Ga. CHRISTOPHER BRADSHAW JEPSON, SAE, 555 Chews Landing Rd., Haddonfield, N. J. MARK WYLIE JOHNSTON, SN. 2604 Vestavia Forest Ter- race, Birmingham, Ala. CHARLES MARKS JONES, 430 Tift Ave. Albany, Ga. GEORGE STANLEY JOSLIN, PDT, 822 Houston Mill Rd.. Atlanta, Ga. JAMES SHEARER KENNEDY, LCA, 727 Monroe St., Mad- isonville, Tenn. ROBERT DOW KNIGHT, PGD.469 Lynn Dr., Harrodsburg, Ky. CHARLES WILSON KNOWLTON, ATO, 1 Brampton Cir- cle, Columbia, S. C. PHILIP HEINS LAMSON, 2 157 Richmond Ave., Augusta, Ga. PAUL JAMES LANDRY, 10 N. 77th Ave.. Pensacola. Fla. JAMES MILTON LAZENBY, 503 Timberland Dr.. N. E., Atlanta, Ga. CLENDON HUNT LEE, ATO, 81 Douglas Rd.Chappaqua, N. Y. HENRY WARE LODGE, SN, 16 Maple Lane, Fort Ogle- thorpe, Ga. VICTOR HEINTZ LOTT, 13 E. Wimbledon Dr., Mobile, Ala. ROBERT WALTER LOVE. PGD, 119 Morningside. Wichi- ta, Kans. 198 SOPHOMORES ROBERT LOUIS LOWENTHAL, BTP, 2550 Clover St., Rochester, N. Y. WILLIAM HUGH McANGUS, KA, Rt. 1, Box 142, West Point, Ga. IRVEN GRANGER McDANIEL, KS, 15 Moonlight Bay Circle, Hot Springs, Ark. HUNTER McDONALD. PDT,404 Ellendale Dr., Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM LINDSAY McELVEEN, KA. 23 Cedarwood Lane, Columbia, S. C. LESLIE McLAURIN, Running Knob Hollow Rd., Sewanee. Tenn. ARCHIBALD McLEISH MARTIN, LCA, 156 Wentworth St., Charleston, S. C. RAUL ANTONIO MATTEL P.O. Box 1246, Corinth, Miss. WILLIAM CLARK MAUZY, PDT, " Hillcrest " , Madison College, Harrisonburg, Va. THOMAS PHILLIP MILLER, 2503 Brookcliff Way. N. E , JOE DICK MOBLEY, CP, India Rd., Paris, Tenn. TERRY LEE MOHR, LCA, 5255 State Rd.. Ashtabula. Ohio CLINT MOORE, 2506 Gale Place, El Dorado, Ark. ROBERT JOSEPH MOORE. 5820 N. Circuit, Beaumont. Tex. WILLIAM McCHESNEY MOORE, 206 3rd Ave., Winches- ter, Tenn. JULIAN EARL MORGAN, 3272 Dawn Dr., Memphis, Tenn MICHAEL WAYNE MORGAN, 314 N. Shepherd St., Win- chester, Tenn. DAVIS SATTERFIELD MORSE, SAE, 69 Ashlawn Rd., Memphis, Tenn. JOSEPH EDGAR MOSER, SN, 106 S. Perkins, Memphis, Tenn. JULIUS HAROLD MULLINS. DTDM 1751 Steele Blvd. Baton Rouge, La. FRANK WELLFORD MEMBY, 4009 Conga St., Jackson- ville, Fla. ROBERT WESLEY NEWSOM, CP, Mayflower Rd., Nor- walk. Conn. MARGARET ELIZABETH NOYES, 4 E Chadwick Dr., Mobile, Ala. CHRISTOPHER BORDEN PAINE, 100 E Forest Hill Blvd.. Durham, N. C. ELIAS HORRY PARKER. PDT, 128 Tradd St., Charleston, S. C. FREDERICK EARLY PFEIFFER, LCA, 2659 Lakeshore Dr., Orlando, Fla. ROBERT WOODY PIGGOTT, ATO, 7320 Pbinciunn Court, Miami Lakes, Fla. JOSEPH NEIL POOLE, CP, Rt. 1, Forest Home, Ala. SOPHOMORES JAMES ANDERSON POWELL, KA, 147 Eastwood Circle, Spartanburg, S. C. THOMAS BRANCH PRUIT, 916 Ridge Dr., Halstead, Kans. LAWRENCE AUGUSTUS PURDOM, LCA, 1009 E. Myrtle Ave., Wavcross, Ga. THEODORE RICHARD QUICK, 234 29th Ave., N. St. Pe- tersburg, Fla. BRUCE ARNOLD RACHETER, Apt. 371, Monterrey, N. L., Mexico HERBERT LINDLEY REYNOLDS, ATO, 76 Brighton Rd., N. E. Atlanta, Ga. DAVIS ARTHUR RICE, 519 Perrymont Ave.. Lynchburg, Va. WILEY CHALMERS RICHARDSON, CP, 703 BriarcliffRd., Montgomery. Ala. HAYNES REEVES ROBERTS, DTD, 1207 Oakdale Rd., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. NATHANIEL PENDLETON ROGERS, KS, 1 1 LaurelLane, Darien, Conn. DANIEL NELSON SAIN, Rt. 1, Bradyville, Tenn. JAMES WILEY SAVAGE, DTD. 5209 1 1th Ave., Meridian, Miss. EMILY VIRGINIA SHELLER, 1 Oak Glen, Lafayette, La. ROBERT MORGAN SIMMS, PGD, Box 53, Huntsville Highway, Fayetteville, Term. MARC CALVERT SIMS, LCA, Rt. 2, Box 106-A, Union Springs. Ala. WILLIAM EIDSON SMITH, ATO, 4953 Towanda Trail, Knoxville, Tenn. THOMAS JAMES CAMPBELL SMYTH, KA, 905 W. Cornwallis Dr., Greensboro, N. C. JAMES MARCEL SNYDER, 7708 Maryknoll Ave., Bethesda.Md., ROBERT JENNINGS STALL, Rt. 1, Fleeton, Va. THOMAS CALVIN STEVENSON, KA, 2 South Battery. Charleston, S. C. SARA LYNNE STOKES, 316 Irene Dr., Clarksville, Tenn. DONALD EVANS SUTTER, SAE, 1518 Kelly Ave., Gulf- port, Miss. MARK ALLEN TANKSLEY, SN, 1242 Currey Rd., Nash- ville, Tenn. JAMES HARVEY THOMPSON, DTD, 4463 Cherrydale, Memphis, Tenn. GUERRY RADFORD THORNTON, ATO, 2665 Battle Overlook. N. W., Atlanta, Ga. GEORGE JEROME TURNER, SAE, 710 Beech St., Coch- ran, Ga. MICHAEL DAWES TURNER, BTP, Rt. 5, Cedar Lake, Greenwood, S. C. WILLIAM McDONALD TYNES, ATO, Rt. 2, 124. Spring- field. Mo. 200 m. 3kwkt A ± MICHAEL GARY WALLENS, SN, 505 Jackson Ave., Glen- coe. 111. THOMAS ROANE WARING, 253 N. McLean Ave.. Mem- phis, Tenn. EDWARD BURRELL WHEELER, PGD. 725 E. Wade St., Wadesboro, N. C. LAWSON SPIRES WHITAKER, PDT, 1017 Scenic High- way, Lookout Mountain, Tenn. LAWRENCE HARLEY WHITING, CP, 853, Lake Shore Dr., Lake Geneva, Wise. JOSEPH BRANTLEY WILEY. 312 Flavia Circle. Troy, Ala. TYREE EDWIN WILKINSON, Rt. 2, Prospect, Tenn. LARRY CHRISTOPHER WILLIAMS, SN, 406 Virginia Ave., Albany, Ga. MICHAEL OWEN WILLIAMS, PGD, 142 Bayou Circle. Gulfport, Miss. LAWRENCE ALLAN WILSON, DTD, 169 Beverly Dr.. Metaire, La. WILLIAM LESTER WOOLVERTON, LCA, 4017 Winston Way, Birmingham, Ala. Sophomores Not Pictured: ROBERT OLIVER AKIN. KA. 505 Boyd Mill Ave.. Frank- lin. Tenn. JOHN CHRISTOPHER BELCHER. 195 S Homewood Dr . Athens, Ga. PENDLETON TALIAFERRO BELL. 6107 Boca Raton Dr , Dallas. Tex. JOHN HOWE BILLINGS, PDT. 3906 Woodlawn Dr. Nashville, Tenn. WILLIAM STEPHEN BLUMBERG. LCA. 110 Sumner Blvd.. CoUinsvUle. HI THOMAS PATRICK BRADY. CP. 3026 23rd Ave . So., Nashville, Tenn. GERALD WALLACE BROWN, 1000 S Lakeshore Blvd., SIDNEY ANNBRY ANT. 121 I lth Ave., N.W., Winchester, Tenn MICHAEL ARMSTRONG BURTON, PDT. 4609 Granny White Pike, Nashville, Tenn. MICHAEL HOLLAND CANON, 205 Masters Rd., Hixon. Tenn. LISA CHILES. 1320 Heathcliffe Rd ., High Point, N. C JEFFREY LYNN COOK. R D 3, Columbia, Tenn MICHAEL McCLELLAN COOMBS. 228 White Marsh Way. Cherry Hill. N.J ANNE CRAVENS. 6118 Riverview, Houston. Tex JOHN LLOYD DAVENPORT. PDT. Wolf Pen Rd . Harrods Creek Kv STEVEN DEAN DAVIS, 701 Crestwood Dr.. Tullahoma. Tenn. BRUCE SHELTON DENSON. KA. Peachtree St.. White House Apts., Atlanta. Ga. RICHARD WOODRUFF DEUTSCH. PDT. Cherry Valley Rd.. Greenwich, Conn. WILLIAM GRANDBY DODDS. JR . KA. 11 Gibbes St . Charleston, S. C. LEWIS BAKER EBERLY, 1918 Archer Trail, Denton. Tex JOHN TRICE FASIG. DKE, 904 Thoma St „ Manchester, Tenn. FLOYD HURT FULKERSON . JR . DTD. 18 Armistead Rd Little Rock, Ark ROBERT MILAM GIVEN, KA, 3133 Guilford Rd „ Birm ingham. Ala RICHARD LAURENCE GOOD, OttukriiiRerstrasse 242 4 16. Vienna XVI,- Austria A-1160 RONNIE RAY HALL. 1112 Earls St ., Gallatin. Tenn ROBERT DEMPSEY HARVEY. 221 Diane Dr Madison. Tenn. RICHARD LEE HENDERSON. 2221 Dixie Trail Ext , Ra leigh. N. C. PRESTON GRAY HICKY. SN, P O Box 525. Mananna. Ark. CLAYTON WORTH HILSMAN. KA.2533 Habersham Rd ., N W . Atlanta, Ga. WILLIAM BEEKMAN HUGER. JR . PGD. 9 CedarclifTRd AshevuTe. N. C. GLEN GILBERT HULL, 902 Sparks. Twin Falls. Idaho THOMAS PARKIN CROOM HUNTER. DTD. 912 Santee Dr , Florence. S. C TODD MANSFIELD ISON. KS. 845 Chestnut St., Escondi do, Calif. CURTIS GARY JACKSON. 324 17th Ave . S W . Birming ham. Ala. REYNOLDS GRACY JARVIS, 35 Putnam Circle. N. E, At- lanta, Ga. THOMAS DAVANT JOHNS. BTP,414Garfield Rd Aurora, Ohio WALTER MASON JUSTIN. JR , Rt 5. Box 923. Decatur. Ala LOUIS RUSSELL LAWSON III. 6416 Roselawn Rd.. Richmond. Va LANALEE LESLIE VICTORIA LEWIS. 4 Magnolia Circle Bergstrom AFB, Austin. Tex. JOHN HENRY LYLE. 904 Gem St., Winchester. Tenn DAVID FIELDEN McNEELEY, West Norris Rd., Norris, Tenn ROLLAND MONTGOMERY MAXWELL. 2902 Wyngate. N. W . Atlanta. Ga. MARTHA CHRISTINE MIGNERY. Running Knob Hollow Lake, Sewanee, Tenn FREDERIC WILLIAM NARDIN 111, PDT. 150 E Park- wood Rd . Decatur. Ga DAVID CHARLES NICHOLS. JR , 1818 Ashmore. Chatta nooga. Tenn IAN BRENTON OCILVIE. KA. 540 N Interlachen Ave . Winter Park, Fla. RICHARD BOYD PARKER. PDT. 1215 Barkdull, Houston. Tex. WILLI AM ALBERT P1CKNEY. Belvidere Rd. Winchester, Tenn HENRY LENOBLERAVENEL.JR . DTD.3 Rutledge Ave Charleston, S C KEITH HOLLOW AY R1GCS.4116 Amherst St., Dallas Tex BOLIVAR BOYKIN ROSE. 601 Thorn Hill Lane. Middle- town, Ohio MARK RAMER SANDVIG. SAE. Ave de Latire de Tassig- ny, Labaule, France 44 JOHN TIMOTHY SHEEHAN. KN. 1502 Lake Ave . West Palm Beach. Fla JAMES EVERETT SHEPHERD IV, 980 Kissengen Ave . Bartow. Fla. HAROLD RAY SMITH. JR . 1727 W Waverly. Springfield Mo. JOHN BAYARD SNOWDEN, SAE. 4277 Park Ave.. Mem- phis. Tenn ROBERT COLEMAN STM.Z. Jr . KA. R R 4. Versailles. Ky THEODORE DUBOSE STONEY. JR KA. 124 Tradd St Charleston, S C STEPHEN EDWARDSWANSON, KA.24 Woodhill Circle Columbia. S C. ROBERT EDWARD VARNER. JR . KA. 3045 Jasmine Rd . Montgomery, Ala GERALD ASHTON WANN. Box 514, Barnngton. Ill ARTHUR ALAN WHITEHEAD. DTD. 412 Hazelwood Dr . Fort Worth. Tex. THOMAS PERRY WILKINSON. ATO. 1455 W Paces Ferry Rd ., N W . Atlanta. Ga PAUL ROBERT WILLIAMS. 424 Bowen St., Longmont, Colo, ALAN RICHARDSON YATES, ATO. 37 Lafayette Dr.. At- lanta, Ga. STEPHEN FRANCIS ZIMMERMAN. 145 S. E 28th Ave , Pompano Beach. Fla 201 BENJAMIN BOATWRIGHT ALEXANDER, KA, 2025 Bucknell Ave., Charlotte, N. C. GNANN MARIE ALVAREZ, 2302 N. Oak St., Valdosta, Ga. MAXMILLIAN ANGERHOLZER, JR., ATO, 2614 Croydon Rd., Charlotte, N. C. WILLIAM BOULDIN AUSTIN, 1209 Grand Ave., Abilene, Tex. ARTHUR AYE BALLARD, SAE, 15355 S. W. 232 St., Goulds, Fla. WARNER BURCHFIELD BALLARD, PDT, 1430 E. Re- becca Dr., Greenville, Miss. JOHN MacREADIE BARR III, KA, 4701 Carter Hill Rd., Columbia, S. C. ROBERT BRUCE BASS, JR., PDT, 506 Tiffany Lane, Lou- isville, Ky. WILLIAM CHRISTOPHER BRACKEN, LCA, 1971 Brook- view Dr., N. W., Atlanta, Ga. ILY CHRISTIAN BRATINA, Prato Rio, Box 28 Kearneys- ville, W. Va. JABE ARMISTEAD BRELAND II, DKE, Country Club Hills Marianna, Fla. ERNEST NAPIER BURSON III, 4220 Club Dr., N. E., Atlanta, Ga. EDWARD OTTO BUSCHMILLER, JR., 405 Herford, Fer- guson, Mo. NAT CALVIN CAMPBELL III, PDT, 706 Antrim Rd., Lou- isville, Ky. JOHN SHRADER CANNON, SAE, 549 Goodwyn, Memphis, Tenn. JANET ELIZABETH CARROLL, Apt. 3C, Stuart Manor Apts.. Chattanooga, Tenn. JOHN DRAYTON CATHRAE, DTD, P.O. Box2417, Saraso- ta, Fla. WILLIAM GARDINER CHAMPLIN, JR., SN, 150 Munro Rd., Pensacola, Fla. FRANK TYSON COOK, DTD, 433 Canterbury Hill, San Antonio, Tex. ROBERT MASTERS CRICHTON, JR., PDT, 2108 Wood- mont Blvd., Nashville, Tenn. GLENN MILLER DAVIS, CP, 217 Bums Dr., Sumter, S. C. ROBERT CLARK DAY, KA.2155 Rosemont Dr., Montgom- ery, Ala. CHARLES HERVEY DOUGLASS, JR., DKE. 1131 Wood- ward Ave., Montgomery, Ala. RICHARD DOUGLAS III, PDT, 102 W Hampton Place, Nashville. Tenn. BRUCE CLAY DUNBAR, JR , PDT, 4025 Montevallo Rd., Birmingham, Ala. DAVID PRICE ELAM, PDT, 2102 West End Ave., Nash- ville, Tenn. JAMES Kelly Ensor, Jr., 311 Birch Ave., South Pittsburg, Tenn. WILLIAM HAMRICH ENTREK1N, JR., SAE, 4388 18th Ave., Meridian, Miss. 202 JUNIORS WILLIAM OSCEOLA CORDON, JR., SAE, 2780 Natchez Lane, Memphis, Tenn. CHRISTOPHER CARY LEE HANNUM, ATO, 5430 Neola Dr., Dallas, Tex. JAMES BAKER HARDEE, JR., PDT, 3507 N. San Miguel, Tampa, Fla. ORRIN LEA HARRISON III, SN, 10430 Crestover, Dallas. Tex. JOSEPH MARCHARD HERRING, DKE, 444 Bunker ' s Cove Rd., Panama City, Fla. PRESTON GRAY HICKY, SN, P.O. Box 525, Marianna, Ark. BRUCE MARTIN HOFSTADTER, 92 Snelling Ave., N., St. Paul, Minn. GEORGE IRWIN HORTON, 3750 Oakwood Lane, Mobile, Ala. DAVID EUGENE HUNTLEY, 3421 Coleman St., Columbia, S. C. WILLIAM LANSON IKARD, DKE, R.F.D. 2, Decherd, Tenn. HERNDON INGE III, PDT, 102 Hillwood Rd., Mobile, Ala. TODD MANSFIELD ISON, KS, 845 Chestnut St., Escondi- do, Calif. KENT LOGAN JACKSON, ATO, 704 Summerly Dr., Nash- ville, Tenn. WARREN FOWLER JACOBSON, KA, Rt. 2 Hopkins, S. C. JAMES SANFORD JAFFE, 329 Hathaway Lane, Wynne- wood, Pa. JOHN EUGENE JAGAR, ATO, 1 Exchange St., Charleston, S. C. PHILIP 1NNES ESCHBACII III. CP, Box 216, Rockledge, Fla. HERBERT LEE EUSTIS 111, PDT. 215, Greenville, Miss. FRANK JEROME FAILLA, JR., DKE, 249 Nenue St., Hon olulu, Hawaii MEAD BOYK1N FERRIS, JR., PDT, 5705 Apache Rd., Lou- isville, Ky. JOEL DEAN FERRY. JR.. Rafael Cheea 56. Mexico, D. F., Mexico KATHER1NE ANN FOCKELE, 821 Glenwood Dr., N. E., Gainesville, Ga. RICHARD DREW FRENCH, 1605 Nethia Dr., Miami, Fla. MICHAEL BRELAND FULLER, 15 N. Fulton St., Mobile, Ala. JOHN SLOATMAN GAGE, 216 Oakhurst Ave., Bluefield, W. Va. HARRY GUS GLENOS, JR., 1451 Navaco Rd., Mobile, Ala. WILLIAM MARK GOODWIN III, 303 N. Rolling Rd., Ca- tonsville, Md. JEDFORD MICHAEL GORDON, SN, 2736 Shades Crest Rd., Birmingham, Ala. A. 203 JUNIORS CATHERINE GWYNNE JAR ' IS, 508 W. Mnnroe, Temple, Tex. THOMAS DAVANT JOHNS, BTP, 414 Garfield Rd., Aurora, Ohio ALEXANDER TRACY JOHNSON, SAE, 3850 The Prado, Macon, Ga. THOMAS WALLS JORDAN, JR.. BTP, 2029 Nancy Ann Dr., Raleigh, N. C. ROBERT CRITCHELL |L ' DD, |R., DKE, 953 Highland Ave., Glen Ellyn, 111. WALTER MASON JUSTIN, JR., Rt. 5, Box 24, J-4 APO, San Francisco, Calif. JOHN HOWARD KING, 1438 Cypress St., Paris, Ky. CHRISTOPHER MORGAN LAMBRECHT, SN, 21 Ponca Trail, Kirkwood, Mo. 204 ,i£:T ;1 t % ? " ' • ' ; : : FRANK EDWARD LANKFORD, JR.. 2975 Brookwood Rd., Birmingham, Ala. LUIS LEON, SN, 1610 Bryan Ave., Winter Park, Fla. FRANK GRAHAM LEWIS III, DKE, 336 S. MacArthur, Panama City, Fla. LANALEE LESLIE VICTORIA LEWIS, 4 Magnolia Circle- Bergstrom AFB, Austin. Tex. ROBERT JOHN L1NDER. 305 N. Pleasant St., Canandaigua, N. Y. BLL ' CHER BLAIR LINES, SN, 338 N. 11th St., Qtnncv, Fla. DANIEL SIDBURY LITTLE, SN, 401 Colonial Dr., Wilm- ington, N. C. JOHN RICHARD LODGE. JR.. SN, 16 Maple Lane, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga. WAYLAND PRICE LONG, Danville St., Lancaster, Ky. RANDOLPH DOUGLAS LOVE, PGD, 119 Morningside, Witchita, Kans. DAVOR ANTUN LUKETIC, PDT, 1001 Vista Circle, Birm- ingham, Ala. JOSEPH HENRY LUMPKIN, JR., 4721 Kilbourne Rd., Co- lumbia. S. C. WILLIAM GOLDEN McBRAYER, SN, 309 S. Carlisle St., Albertville, Ala. JOSEPH WILLIAM McCORD, JR., 709 Cumberland Dr., Winchester, Tenn. MILLARD FILLMORE McCOY III, 535 Murnan Rd., Gal- loway, Ohio JOHN JAMES McGOUGH. JR., LCA, Barryville, N. Y. 20. " . JUNIORS PATRICK EARL MacREYNOLDS, LCA, 1314 Morgan, Par- sons, Kans. ALAN STUART MACLACHAN, 1908 N. W. Seventh Lane, Gainesville, Fla. DAVID HARLAND MADDISON, LCA, Box 556, Sheridan, Mont. CHRISTOPHER PERRY MASON, PCD, 112 McLaws St., Savannah, Ga. ROBERT DOUGLAS MATLOCK, AF Section JUSMAG, APO, San Francisco, Cal. THOMAS FRANKLIN MAULDIN, JR., 31 Churchill Circle, Columbia, S. C. DAVID KIRK MEIER, ATO, 7000 Charles Ridge Rd., Balti- more, Md. PAUL LATSHAW MILLER, JR., 4957 Ateger Blvd., Jack- sonville, Fla. MRS. NANCY GIST MOODY, Vanderbmlt Lane, Conwan, Tenn. MANLY EUGENE MOOR III, SAE, Laurel Dr., Sewanee, Tenn. FREDR1C WILLIAM NARDIN 111, PDT, 150 E. Parkwood Rd., Decatur, Ga. ERLE JACKSON NEWTON, PDT, 524 Kirk Circle, Green- ville, Miss. STEPHEN LEE OSEMAN, 4321 Kinpax St., Montgomery, Ala. JOHN ALLEN PAHMEYER, 201 Peace St., Chattanooga, Tenn. RICHARD BOYD PARKER, PDT, 1215 Barkdull, Houston, Tex. BRADFORD CURTIS PEABODY, 34 Charlcote Place, Bal- timore, Md. 204 JAMES CLARK PLEXICO, SN, 228 Sena Dr., Metairie, La. JOHN NICHOLAS POPHAM IV, PCD, 1303 Elfin Rd., Lookout Mountain, Ga. BRIAN ANDREW EMERSON PORTER, 1 Porter Lane, Westport, Conn. DAVID LYNN PREl SS, 1732 Gaylord Dr., Bogalusa, La. WILLIAM DITMARS PROVINCE II, CP, 99 N. Water St., Franklin, Ind. HENRY LeNOBLE RAYENEL, JR., DTD. 3 Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S. C. JOHN RORISON RAWLS, DKE, 132 Cambridge Rd., Ashe- ville, N. C. MISS CAROL ANN REID, Box 193, Sewanee, Tenn. C;EORGE LARRY SANDERS, 3602 Beach Dr., Tampa, Fla. JOHN TIMOTHY SHEEHAN, SN, 1502 Lake Ave., West Palm Beach, Fla. JAMES CLAYTON SMALLVVOOD, LCA, Rt. 4, Box 600-E, Martinez, Ga. ERIC LYNDEN PERRY SMITH, Box 1373. Huntington, W. Va. THOMAS ANDERSON SMITH, DKE. 112 Dogwood Dr., Winchester, Tenn. STEPHEN BOWEN SNIDER, LCA, 1906 Lofton Dr., Ke- okuk, Iowa DONNY EUGENE SNOW, SN, 5 Broadview, Tuscaloosa, Ala. JOHN MORGAN SOAPER, JR., DKE, 367 N. College St., Harrodsburg, Kv. STEPHANIE SUSAN SPICKARD, 674 Berry Rd., Memphis, Tenn. ERNEST HOWARD STANLEY. JR., 6235 Lawnton St., Philadelphia, Pa. ROBERT WALTER STARR, IV, DTD, 4629 Maryland Ave., St. Louis, Mo. JACK WILLIAM STEINMEYER, PGD, 2860 E. 33rd St., Tulsa, Okla. WILLIAM COOPER STOUT Charleston, S. C. WARNER ARMSTRONG STRINGER III W. 37th St., Gainesville, Fla. JOHN DuBOSE STICKEY, SCA, 303 Greenwood, S. C. WALTER THOMAS SITTLE, Suttle. Ala. JR.. KA, 124 Tradd St., ATO, 3420 N. Jennings Ave., WILLIAM EDWARD TERRY, JR., DKE. 782 Skyline, Jackson, Tenn. DAVID CLAL ' DE BAILEY THAMES, KA, Box 445. Ponte Yedra, Fla. JAMES AKIN THOMAS III. 1181 Whitesell Dr.. Winter Park, Fla. MARK McCLELLAN TOLLEY, JR., LCA, 114 Haywood Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. 207 TIMOTHY MARKTURPEN, Rt. 2, Fayetteville, Term. [OSEPH AGIUS VELLA. JR., 120 Ribaut Rd„ Beaufort, S. C. GEORGE WATERHOUSE, ATO, 3101 Fernclif ' f Rd., Char- lotte, N. C. WILLIAM BRADLEY WEEKS, PGD, 301 Park Rd., Look- out Mountain, Tenn. THOMAS BLOUNT WTLLARD, KS, P.O. Box 224, Flora, Miss. MICHAEL CORRIGAN S. WILLIAMS, LCA, West Hill Dr., Gates Mills, Ohio PAUL ROBERT WILLIAMS, 424 Bowen St., Longmont, Colo. JOHN SAMUEL WILLIAMSON, JR., 406 Entwistle St., Hamlet, N. C. ALBERT BRYAN WORTEN, KS, Rt. 1, Nicholas ville, Ky. GARY PAl ' L ZAGELOW, South 5515 Lloyd St., Spokane, Wash. [AMES JOSHUA ZELESKEY, ATO, 909 Covington, Luikin, Tex. STEPHEN FRANCIS ZIMMERMAN, 145 S. E. 28th Ave., Pompano Beach, Fla. 208 f Juniors Not Pictured: ROBERT NELSON ADRIAN. JR., KA. 215 King George St., Annapolis. Md. ROBERT OLIVER AKIN. 505 Boyd Mill Ave., Franklin, Tenn, JACK EDWARD BARENFANGER. 919 W Main St., Salem, III. WILLIAM RALPH BARRON, JR. BTP, 3912 Plantation Dr , Hermitage, Tenn. JOHN AMOS BAUCH, KA, Rt. 1, Franklin. Tenn. TERHELL WINSTON BEAN, PDT, 1202 First Ave , Win- chester, Tenn. CHARLES VIRGIL BENNETT. JR.. DKE, 1001 Bragg Cir- cle, Tnllahoma, Tenn. REBECCA CWYNN BOARDMAN. 207-A (Otrs). Denver. Colo. CEORCE RALEIGH BROTHERS III, 2113 River Forest Dr., Mobile. Ala. PETER HOLTON BRUNO, ob American Consulate, Ciudad Juarez. Mexico WILLIAM SANGER BUTT, DT, 5226 Moccasin Trail. Lou- isville, Ky. DANA FORDYCE CARLSON, 1060 Girter Rd., N. E., At- lanta, Ga. NATHANIEL ALEXANDER CARSWELL. JR. PCD. 911 Oak Valley Lane, Nashville. Tenn. JOHN STEVENS GATE. LCA, 275 Locust Rd.. Winnetkn, III KENNETH ODIN CAYCE III. 3235 Circle Dr., Hopkins ville, Ky. JILL PATRICIA CECIL, 392-1 Crcstvicw Dr.. Hnntsville, Ala. JAMES CORDON GHENERY, KA, 2509 Watkins Circle. Birmingham, Ala. FRIEBSON REBEL CRAIG. 1134 Sevvanee Rd . Nashville. Tenn. JAMES PARKER DIXON, JR., SAE. 1601 Crescent Ridge Rd . Daytona Beach, Fla. RICHARD JOSEPH DOWNS, KS. 2020 Country Club Lane. Little Rock, Ark. DONALD JULIAN ELLIS, JR., 200 Oak Park Dr , Tnllah- oma, Tenn. JAMES PRESTON ESKEW, JR.. DTD. M705 Woodland Dr , Lebanon, Tenn. RICHARD KENT FARMAN. KS. 409 Ridgewood Rd., Ft. Worth, Tev. JOHN DAWSON FRIERSON CRAY. DTD, 5004 Mt Pleas- ant Pike. Columbia, Tenn. ARNOLD PERCY HAYWARD III. 2708 Canterbury Ct . R.R. 2, Palatine, III. SAMUEL CRANT HOPKINS. Rt. 2, Winchester, Tenn. CATHERINE CWYNNE JARVTS. 508 W. Monroe, Temple, Tex. JOHNNY MAC JOHNSON. Rt 2. Franklin. Kv JOHN LANE KEYES III. BTP. 2057 Fontaine Rd.. Lexing- ton, Ky. EDMUND KIRBYSMITH, SAE, 160 Grove Park Rd., Memphis. Tenn. WILLIAM ALEXANDER K1RKLAND I|, SN, 82H Rock Rd„ Cladwyne, Pa. LAWRENCE BYRNES KUEHNLE. BTP, 2215 State St., New Orleans, La. HOBERT EDWARD LEE. JR.. BTP. 4609 Alabama Ave., Chattanooga, Tenn. WHELESS CAMBII.L LOVE. 4505 Pries? Circle Rd., Nash- ville, Tenn. OWEN FITZSIMONS McADEN. SN, 333 Laurel Spring Rd.. Columbia. S. C. M1LTON BA1.DRIDCE S1EHTS 111. 1809 N. Hilltop Dr , Albany. Ca. WENDEL WILLIAM MEYER. SAE. 2195 Poplar. Apt. 508. Memphis. Tenn MALCOLM CAMPBELL MORAN, KA, 1448 Fourth St., New Orleans. La SAMUEL DUBOSE MURRAY, PDT, 2583 Habersham Rd.. N. W., Atlanta, Ca. ELLEN ELLIS PHILLIPS, 3711 Rosemont Ave., Nashville. Tenn. GARY TUSTEN POPE, KA. Bos 190. Newberry. S. G. WILLIAM F1TZHUC.H QUESENBERRY III. SN, 4102 Monserrate St., Coral Cables. Fla. ROBERT EMORY REESE. CP, 20 Bell Hd., Asheville, N. C LEA RICHMOND III, ATO, 6690 Riverside Dr.. N. W., Atlanta, Ga. DOUGLAS GEORGE RUNNION. SN, 1490 Livelv Ridge Rd.. Atlanta. Ca. HAYMOND CRAIG SCOC1N, SN, Box 1318, Kinston, N. C. STEPHEN RANDALL SINCLAIR. BTP. 226 Laburnum, San Antonio. Tex. ROBERT LEE SLATEN, BTP. 2608 Ivy St.. Chattanooga, Tenn. ELIZABETH LEE SNOW, P. O. Box 4.36. Memphis, Tenn. BRIAN LEE STACG. 207 N. Purdue Ave,. Oak Ridge. Tenn. MARK HENRY TERRELL. 59 Bimamwood, Biirnsville, Minn. JOHN TIMOTHY TOLER, ATO, 7 S. Blind Brook Rd., Westport, Conn. ALLSTON VANDER HORST, SAE, 6000 Hillsboro Rd.. Nashville, Tenn. ELLSWORTH ARTHUR WEINBEBG, JR.. PDT. 6035 Meadowcrest Dr.. Dallas, Tex. 70? SENIOR CLASS OF 1970 DANIEL BOONE AHLPORT, 860, O Ronda Mendoza, Lagu na Hills, Calif.; B.A. English; Order of Gownsmen, " S " Club, Varsity Track, LCA, Fraternity Officer. HAROLD BENNET ALFORD, 506 Florence St.. Albertville, Ala._; B.S. Forestry; Order of Gownsmen, Cross Country Team, " S " Club, Varsity Letter, Forestry, Officer, Lay Reader. |AMES ALLEN ANDERSON, 7433 Poplar Pike, Germantown, Tenn.; B.S. Forestry; SAE, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, Forestry Club, Officer. CLAUDE BURT ARRINGTON, 107 W. Sixth St., Havana, Fla., B.A. Political Science; LCA, Order of Gownsmen, Pan-Hellenic Council, Fraternity Officer. |EFFERSON McCOMBS BAILEY, 206 Seventh St., Hickam AFB, Honolulu, Hawaii; B.A. Economics; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, Cheerleader, Captain, Mountain Goat, Fraternity Officer, Los Pe- ones. THOMAS CRAWFORD BALCH, 120 Tuxedo Circle, Chattanooga, Tenn.; B.A. English; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, Waiters ' Guild, Los Peones. JOSEPH VANCE BARKER, 407 Fourth Street, South Pittsburg. Tenn.; B.A. English; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, D.A., New Ideas Committee, " S " Club, Varsity Football, German Club, Fraternity Officer, Los Peones, El Supreme, Pre-Law Club. STEPHEN LANDRITH BARNETT, Rt. 3, Box 271, Joplin, Mo.; B.A. Psychology; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, Mountain Coat, Fra- ternity Officer, Los Peones. JOHN GREER BEAM, JR., Southwind Rd., Louisville, Ky.; B.A. English; KA, Order of Gownsmen, Black Ribbon Society, Pan- Hellenic Council, Fraternity Officer, President, Highlander Clan, Grand Laird, Young Republicans, Order of the Silver Spoon. WILLIAM HENRY BEECKEN, 1323 Fenwick Lane, Silver Spring, Md.; B.A. Economics, Political Science; PCD, Order of Gowns- men, Varsity Soccer, Spanish Club, Omicron Delta Epsilon, Eco- nomics Society. 210 WILLIAM CLIFFORD BENNETT, 612 Coventry Circle, Moultrie, Ga.; B.A. Psychology; LCA, Order of Gownsmen, Order of Gownsmen Com- mittee, Purple, Mountain Goat, Cap and Gown- photographer, Fraternity Officer, Purple Masque, Jazz Society, Deutsche Verein. ALAN PAR ' DY BIDDLE, Apartado Postal 248 Coatzoeoalcos, Veracruz, Mexico; B.A. Mathe- matics, Physics; Order of Gownsmen, Deutsche Verein, Spanish Club, Sigma Pi Sigma. GEORGE WESLEY BISHOP III, 120 Ridge Dr.. DeKalb, 111.; B.A. English; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, Red Ribbon Society, Cap and Gown, Who ' s Who. PORTER CLARKE BLACKMAN, 1016 Glendalyn Circle. Spartanburg, S. C; B.A. History; KA, Order of Gownsmen, Black Ribbon Society, Fra- ternity Officer, Wellingtons. HOWARD THOMAS BOSWORTH III, 3729 Stratford, Dallas, Texas; B.A. Philosophy; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, Vice- President Waiters ' Guild, SVFD-Chief, Boys ' Club, Wellingtons, GMF. DUNKLIN CAFFEY BOWMAN III. 712 Bowling Ave., Nashville, Tenn.; B.A. Latin; Order of Gownsmen, Cap and Gown, Deutsche Verein, English Speaking Union, Classics Club, Vice- President. 211 BENJAMIN BREWSTER, 812 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y.; B.A. History; KA, Order of Gowns- men, Black Ribbon Society, Fraternity Officer, Highlanders. GORDON BARRETT BROYLES, JR., 901 Hilltop, Palestine, Texas; B.A. English; Order of Gownsmen, D.A., Committee, Mountain Goat. JOHN HAMILTON BULL, JR., 209 W. Glenwood Ave., Knoxville, Tenn.; B.A. Psychology; Gamma Theta, Order of Gownsmen, German Club, Var- sity Track, Deutsche Verein. [AMES TROTT BURNS, 1502 Lyttleton St., Cam- den, S. C; B.A. Biology; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, Red Ribbon Society, President, Proctor, Fraternity Officer, Vice-President, Waiters ' Guild, " S " Club, Varsity Tennis, High- landers, Order of the Silver Spoon. WALLACE CARNAHAN III, 154 E. Oakview, San Antonio, Texas; B.A. Psychology; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, Los Peones. GERALD THOMAS CESNICK, 23 Lakeshore Dr., Avondale Estates, Ga.; B.A. History; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, Mountain Goat, Waiters ' Guild, Los Peones. WINSTON BREEDEN CHARLES, 301 Tyson Ave., Bennettsville, S. C; B.A. English; DTD, Order of Gownsmen, DA, Who ' s Who, Red Rib- bon Society, Fraternity Officer, President, Stu- dent Forum, President, Highlanders. JOSEPH ROBERT COCKRELL, JR., 712 Parker Lane, Springfield. Pa.; B.A. German; Order of Gownsmen, Purple, Choir, Deutsche Verein, English Speaking Union. ALEXANDER FREEMAN COMFORT, 904 Echo Lane, Johnson City, Tenn.; B.A. History; LCA, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, Purple Masque, Arnold Air Society. WILLIAM RANDOLPH COSBY, JR., 45 Hodge Rd., Princeton, N. J.; B.A. Political Science; DTD, Order of Gownsmen, Choir, Acalvtes Guild, " S " Club. JOHN FOREST CREGO, 511 Glengarry Dr., Nashville, Tenn.; B.A. Psychology; Order of Gownsmen. WILLIAM MITCHELL CUNNINCHAM, JR., 308 Chapman Ave., Jackson, Ala.; B.A. History; SN, Order of Gownsmen, D.A., Green Ribbon Society, German Club, President, Fraternity Officer, Waiters ' Guild, " S " Club, Varsity Basketball, Los Peones. 212 SENIOR CLASS OF 1970 TIMOTHY GEORGE DARGAN, Rt., 3, Box 311 -A, Darlington, S. C; B.A. Political Science; Order of Gownsmen, DTD, Fraternity Officer. DWIGHT EDWARD DAVIS, R.F.D. 1, Seven Springs, N. C.; B.A. Mathematics; Order ot Gownsmen, LCA, Fraternity Officer. GAROLIS URIAH DEAL, Rt. 4, Oak Hill Circle, Gainesville, Ga.; B.A. French; Order of Gownsmen, New Ideas Committee, D.A., Speaker, ODK, Who ' s Who, French Club, President, Band, Bov ' s Clnb, Labyrinth Founder. ROY FOREST DILLON, Mine Brook Rd„ Far Hills, N. J., B.A. Latin; Order of Gownsmen, Committee, Ribbon Society, Choir, Acolytes Guild, Waiters ' Guild, Varsity Letter, Classics Club, Pres- ident. PETER BOGARD DODDS, 11 Gibbes St., Charleston, S. C; B.A. Political Science; Order of Gownsmen, KA, Fraternity Officer, Waiters ' Guild, SVFD, Cheerleader, Order of the Silver Spoon. Wellingtons, Officer, Young Republicans. ROBERT PAGE DOUGAN, 904 " E " St., Scott AFB, III.; B.A. Bio- logy; Order of Gownsmen, LCA, " S " Club, Varsity Swimming, ( .iptam. HEYWARD BRIAN DOWLING, 503 W. Woodland Dr., Dothen, Ala.; B.A. History; Order of Gownsmen, LCA. DAVID MURCHISON EGGLESTON, 2428 Stanley Ave., Roanoke, Va.; B.A. English; Order of Gownsmen, Purple, Mountain Goat, Cap and Gown. Red Ribbon Society, KA, Fraternity Officer. RICHARD BRADFORD ELBERFELD. JR.. 58 Nancy Lane. Hamil- ton, Ohio; B.A. Biology; Order of Gownsmen, Mountain Goat, Choir, Deutsche Verein, Band, CP. DONALD JACKSON ELLIS, Powder Springs, Ga.; B.A. English; Order of Gownsmen, Secretary; Proctor, Honor Council, Secretary, ODK, President, Blue Key, ' Who ' s Who, Red Ribbon Society, DTD, Fraternity Officer, Waiters ' Guild, Arnold Air Society. Var- sity Baseball, Student Forum, AFROTC Squadron Commander. 213 SENIOR CLASS OF 1970 PETER CHRISTIAN K. ENWALL, 1021 N.E. 5 Terrace, Gaines- ville, Fla.; B.A. Political Science; Order of Gownsmen, New Ideas Committee, Green Ribbon Society, German Club, BTP, Fraternity Officer, " S " Club, Varsitv Football, Los Peones. JAMES NORMAN EUSTIS, JR., 405 Audubon St., New Orleans, La.; B.A. Psychology; Order of Gownsmen, Ribbon Society, LCA, Franternity Officer, Wellingtons. JAMES EDWARD FARRIOR, Rt. 2, Hillsboro, Ala.; B.A. English; Order of Gownsmen, Committee, Cap and Gown, Publications Board, SAE, Fraternity Officer, French Club, Acolytes Guild, Waiters Guild, " S " Club, Varsity Swimming, Assistant Proctor. MICHAEL WAYNE FERRELL.218 E. Clark, Murfreesboro, Tenn.; B.A. Political Science, KA, Order of Gownsmen, Highlanders. HENRY BARNETT FISHBL ' RNE, JR., 44 Guerard Rd., Charleston, S. C; B.A. History; KA, Order of Gownsmen, Who ' s Who, Black Ribbon Society, President, Fraternity Officer, SVFD, Order of the Silver Spoon, Wellingtons. ROML ' ALDO GONZALEZ, 1939 S. Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, La.; B.A. English; Order of Gownsmen. EDWIN ELSWIN GRAIN IV, 2400 Hatherly Rd., Charlotte, N. C; B.A. Political Science; SN, Order of Gownsmen, Mountain Goat, Franternity Officer, French Club, Los Peones. DOUGLAS RAYMOND CRANBERRY, 704 Park Lane, Decatur, Ga.; B.A. History; SAE, Order of Gownsmen, Mountain Goat, Fra- ternity Officer. JOHN CARSON GRAVES, 300 Kimberly Dr., Greensboro, N. C; B.A. History; Order of Gownsmen. MELVIN KELLEY GRAY, P.O. Box 2933, State College, Miss.; B.A. Biology; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer. 214 PAUL THOMAS GREEN, 208 West Ave., Car- tersville, Ga.; B.A. English, DTD, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, Spanish Glnb, Los Peones. ROBERT PHILLIP GREEN, JR., 305 Eastwood Circle, Virginia Beach, Va.; B.A. History; LCA, Order of Gownsmen, Green Ribbon Society, " S " Club, Varsity Wrestling. HENRY ELLERBE GR1MBALL, 107 Chadwick Dr., Charleston, S. C; B.A. Economics; Order of Gownsmen, Phi Beta Kappa. |AMES BARTON GUBELMAN, Centre Island, Oyster Bay, L. I., N. Y.; B.A. Psychology; PDT, Order of Gownsmen, Mountain Goat, Sopherim, Fraternity President, Jazz Society, French Club, SVFD, Order of the Silver Spoon, Wellingtons, Sewanee Motorcycle Club, Chief Mechanic, GMF. VAN EUGENE HAM, 633 Lotus St., Greenville, Miss.; B.A. English; Order of Gownsmen, Com- mittee, Purple, Mountain Goat, Discipline Committee, Who ' s Who, Red Ribbon Society, Sopherim, Jazz Society, French Club, English Speaking Union. ceorge Milton Dallas hart, jr., 101 e. Green St., Middletown, Dela.; B.A. Economics; SN, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, French Club, Cheerleader, Economics Society. PETERS NELS HASSENSTEIN, 221 E. 21st St.. Sioux Falls, S. D.; B.A. Economics; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, Los Peones, Economics Club. ALLAN HULL HAYDON, Itta Bena, Miss.; B.A. Biology; PDT, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, Order of the Silver Spoon, Highlanders. RICHARD STOUGH HAYNES, 1334 Wedgewood Dr., Montgomery, Ala.; B.A. Mathematics; Order of Gownsmen. DAVID RICHARD HILLIER, 321 W. Lincoln Ave., Wheaton, 111.; B.A. History; KS, Order of Gownsmen, Elections Committee, Delegate As- sembly, Dorm Representative, Purple, Cap and Gown, Red Ribbon Society, German Club, Fra- sity .all, Track, Varsity Cross Country, Varsity Basketba Highlanders. BUCKNER HINKLE, JR., R.R. No. 4, Paris, Ky.; B.A. Political Science; SN, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, Red Ribbon Society, High- landers, Mountain Goat. STANLEY CRAVEN HINTON, P.O. Box 802, Mission, Texas; B.A. English; LCA, Order of Gownsmen. 215 SENIOR CLASS OF 1970 IAN FRANCIS HIPWELL, 802 Second St., Franklin, La,; B.A. Po- litical Science; Order of Gownsmen, Committee, Acolytes Guild, Waiters Guild, Arnold Air Society, University Guide, President. OLIVER BERNHARDT HODGSON III, 508 W. 30th St., Lumber- ton, S. C; B.A. Psychology; Order of Gownsmen. DEAN FLETCHER HOLLAND, 143 Bailey Collins Dr., Smyrna, Term.; B.A. Political Science; CP, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, Waiters Guild, Headwaiter, " S " Club, Varsity Football, Pan-] lellenic Council, President. ERIC LUTHER ISON, 845 Chestnut St., Escondido, Calif.; B.A. Political Science; KS, Order of Gownsmen, Purple, Mountain Goat, Editor, Discipline Committee, Publications Board, Black Ribbon Society, German Club, SVFD, Social Affiliate, Order of the Silver Spoon, Wellingtons, Junior Year Abroad, Spain. TUCKER WESTON JACKSON, Rt. 2, Hopkins, S. C; B.A. English; KA, Order of Gownsmen, Black Ribbon Society, German Club, Fraternity Officer, Waiters Guild, Boys Club, Order of the Silver Spoon, President, Wellingtons, President, Young Republicans. JOHN GABRIEL JAFFE, 329 Hathaway Lane, Wynnewood, Pa.; B.A. English; Order of Gownsmen, Deutsche Verein, Assistant Proctor, Labyrinth, JAY DAVID JAMIESON, 699 Morris R., Blue Bell, Pa.; B.A. Eco- nomics; SAE, Order of Gownsmen, Intramural All-Star, Fraternity Officer, Waiters Guild, Economics Society. SPENCER GWINN JENKINS, 3908 Cambridge St., Jackson, Miss.; B.A. French; Order of Gownsmen, Jazz Society, French Club, English Speaking Union, Acolytes Guild. RICHARD EDWARD JOHNSON, 509 Singleton Ave., Kingstree, S. C; B.A. English; Order of Gownsmen, Cap and Gown, Phi Beta Kappa, French Club, Acolytes Guild, Officer, Lay Readers. FREDERICK LAMAR JONES, 4110 Skyline Dr., Nashville, Tenn.; B.A. History; PGD, Order of Gownsmen, Executive Committee, Discipline Committee, Chairman, Proctor. Who ' s Who, Red Rib- bon Society, Intramural Ail -Star, Fraternity Officer, President, SVFD, " S " Club, Varsity Letter, Assistant Proctor, Order of the Silver Spoon, Highlanders, 216 DAVID ALLAN JUNG, USTDC, Box 24, J-4, APO San Francisco, Calif.; B.A. French; LCA, Order of Gownsmen, KIM ARTHUR KAMINIS, Cda. Boker 31, Mexico, 20, D.F., Mexico, B.A. Spanish; KA, Order ot Gownsmen, Forestry Club. STEPHEN LOREN KERSCHNER, 4408 Kenwood Dr.. Huntsville, Ala.; B.A. Philosophy; Order of Gownsmen, Purple, Deutsche Verein, Band, Bovs Club. JOHN LANE KEYES III, 2057 Fontaine Rd., Lexington, Kv.; B.A. Biology; BTP, Order of Gownsmen. MANNING MARIUS KIMMEL IV, 2305 W. 11th St., Wilmington, Del.; B.A. English; KS, Order of Gownsmen, Mountain Goat, Business Manager, Proctor, Publications Board, Fraternity Officer, Jazz Society, Varsity Letter, Assistant Proctor. RICHARD HENRY LEE KOPPER. • ' Windy Knowe Farm " , Char- lottesville, Va.; B.A. History; KA, Order of Gownsmen, Executive Committee, Class Representative, Purple, Editor, Publications Board, Who ' s Who, Order of the Silver Spoon, Wellingtons. STEPHEN FREDERIC LeLAURIN, 3128 15th Ave.. Meridian Miss.; B.A. Mathematics; LCA, Order of Gownsmen. WILLIAM CHATLAND LENHAHT, JR., 845 E. Cecil St., Neenah, Wis.; B.A. History; Order ot Gownsmen. BENJAMIN BRIDGES LEWIS, 3117 Okeeheepkee Rd., Tallahassee, Fla.; B.A. English; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, New Ideas Com- mittee, Choir. WILLIAM MALCOLM L1GHTFOOT. 2230 Woodley Rd., Mont gomery Ala.; B.A. Psychology; PDT, Order of Gownsmen, Fra- ternity Officer. .:i7 SENIOR CLASS OF 1970 DAVID LANGDON LOFTIS, 261 Maple Lane, Brevard, N. C; B.A. Political Science, B.S. Forestry; SN, Order of Gownsmen, Bibbon Society, German Club, Intramural All-Star, Forestry Club, Highlanders. SAMUEL LOGAN, JR., 48 Colony Rd„ Gretna, La.; B.A. Fine- Arts, Psychology; Order of Gownsmen, Committee of Standards and Privileges, Purple Masque, Boys Club. THOMAS SUMMERS McNEIL, Murfreesboro Rd., LaVergne, Tenn.; B.A. Political Science; PGD, Order of Gownsmen. EDMUND RAVENEL MANSFIELD, JR., 202 Middle St., Mt. Pleasant, S. C; B.A. English; PGD, Order of Gownsmen, Choir. HARVEY SEWARD MARTIN, 2560 Warwide Rd., Winston-Salem, N. C; B.A. History; Order of Gownsmen, French Club, Acolytes Guild, Varsity Letter, Forestry Club, Soccer Team. RICHARD PAUL MATTHEWS, 18225 Thirtieth N.E., Seattle, Wash.; B.A. Political Science; Order of Gownsmen, Phi Beta Kappa, Discipline Committee, Proctor, Ribbon Society, Fraternity Officer, Waiters Guild, " S " Club, Varsity Letter, Forestry Club, Los Peones, Student Activities Fee Committee. PAUL RAYMOND MATTOCKS, 1900 Calion Rd., El Dorado, Ark.; B.A. Philosophy, Political Science; Order of Gownsmen, BTP, Arnold Air Society, Fraternity Officer. WALTER HILSON MERRILL, 53 Bay Dr. N.E., Fort Walton Beach, Fla.; B.A. English; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, Executive Committee, Gailor Committee, New Ideas Committee, Head Proc- tor, ODK, Blue Key, Who ' s Who, Ribbon Society, Intramural All-Star, Fraternity Officer, Student Vestry, Officer, Waiters Guild, " S " Club, Varsity Football, Los Peones. JACK EVERETT MILLER, JR., 301 E. 49th St., Savannah, Ga.; B.A. Mathematics, Philosophy; CP, Order of Gownsmen. RICHARD STEVEN MOODY, Laurel Dr., Sewanee, Tenn.; B.A. Economics; SAE, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, Deuts- che Verein, Arnold Air Society, Assistant Proctor, Omicron Delta Epsilon, President. 218 WILLIAM ALEXANDER MOSELEY, 102 Camel- lia Dr., Dothan, Ala.; B.A. Political Science; Order of Gownsmen, Elections Committee, Stu- dent Activities Fee Committee, Fraternity Offi- cer, SN. HILLEN ARMOUR MUNSON, JR., 1305 South Blvd., Houston, Tex.; B.A. Political Science; DKE. ROBERT BELL ML ' RFREE, 712 E Broad St., Mnrfreesboro, Tenn.; B.A. English; ATO. Order of Gownsmen. Red Ribbon Society, Intramural All-Star, Wellingtons. JAMES KENNING MURPHREE, 1605 Berrywood Rd.. Nashville, Tenn.; B.A. Psychology; ' Order of Gownsmen, Purple Masque, Lav Reader. RAYMOND BLISS MURRAY, 3423 Procter St., Port Arthur, Tex.; B.A. English; DTD, Order of Gownsmen, Intramural All-Star, Fraternity Offi- cer, SVFD, Los Peoncs. GEORGE McLARRY NEARY, 803 Northlake Dr., Richardson, Tex.; B.A. Political Science; PGD, Order of Gownsmen, German Club, Fraternity Officer. 219 ERIC MARSHALL NEWMAN, 3102 Beach Dr., Tampa. Fla.; B.A. Economics; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, Discipline Committee, Proctor, Rib- bon Society, Fraternity Officer, Arnold Air Socie- ty, " S " Club, Varsity Letter. CHARLES ROGER O ' KELLEY, JR., 330 Duncan Spring Rd., Athens. Ga.; B.A. Political Science; Order of Gownsmen, Varsity Tennis. NATHANIEL DAVIS OWENS, 1.34 Foxall St., Hartsville, Tenn.; B.A. English; LCA, Order of Gownsmen, Delegate Assembly, Dorm Repre- sentative, Student Life Committee, Who ' s Who, Student Vestry, " S " Club, Varsity Letter, Student Forum. HENRY NUTT PARSLEY, 354 Lynwood Dr., Charleston, S. C.; B.A. English; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, Officer, Executive Committee. Elec- tions Committee, Purple, Cap and Gown, Editor, Proctor, Publications Board, ODK, Blue Key, Who ' s Who, Red Ribbon Society, German Club, Fraternity Officer, " S " Club, Varsity Letter, Or- der of the Silver Spoon, Wellingtons, GMF, PBK. JOHN LAURANS PARSONS, 7935 Zimple St., New Orleans, La.; B.A. Psychology; Order of Gownsmen, Purple. GEORGE ALEXANDER PATTON, 5637 Golf Ridge Lane, Jacksonville, Fla.; B.A. Political Science; Order of Gownsmen. 2 20 SENIOR CLASS OF 1970 JOHN SHEAVER PL ' LLEN, 1215 Locust Ave., S.E., Huntsville, Ala.; B.A. English; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, Proctor, ODK, Who ' s Who, Green Ribbon Society, President, Intramural All-Star, Jazz Society, Waiters Guild, " S " Club, Varsity Letter, Student Forum, Los Peones. CYRUS PRESTON QUADLAND, R.D. 2, Box 233, Datonah, N. Y.; B.A. Philosophy; Order of Gownsmen, English Speaking Union. ALLAN ROBERT RAMSAY, 214 Rountree Rd., Toccoa, Ga.; B.A. English; KS, Order of Gownsmen, Purple, Publications Board, Who ' s Who, Black Ribbon Society, Fraternity Officer, SYFD, Order ot the Silver Spoon, Highlanders. ALLAN DALE RHODES, Rt. 2, Post Oak Rd„ Marietta, Ga.; B.A. Physics; Order of Gownsmen, Phi Beta Kappa. REX MICHAEL RIAL, 314 Barrington St., Psychology; KA, Order of Gownsmen. Rchester, N. Y.; B.A. LEA RICHMOND 111. 6690 Riverside Dr., N.W., Atlanta. Ga.; B.A. History; ATO, Fraternity Officer, Order of Gownsmen. HOWARD PENDLETON RIVES III, 929 Ashland Ave., Shelbyville. Ky.; B.A. English; SN, Order of Gownsmen, Green Ribbon Society, Waiters Guild, " S " Club, Varsity Football, Los Peones. JOHN TERRELL ROBERTS, 3105 Ozard Rd.. Chattanooga, Tcnn.; B.A. English; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, Green Ribbon Society. Fraternity Officer, " S " Club, Varsity Football, Los Peones. EDWARD CLAY ROOD, 1901 Holly Lane, Tampa, Fla.; B.A. Poli- tical Science; SN, Order of Gownsmen, Mountain Goat, Fraternity Officer, Debate Team, Varsity Soccer, Varsity Track. WILLIAM SHEPARD ROSE, |R., 601 Thorn Hill Lane, Middle- town, Ohio; B.A. English; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, B.C. Club. 221 222 WILSON GLOVER RUSSELL, 101 Blue Ridge Circle, Easley, S. C; B.A. English; KA, Order of Gownsmen, President, Phi Beta Kappa, Disci- pline, Committee, Proctor, Honor Council, ODK, Blue Key, Who ' s Who, Black Ribbon Society. Fraternity Officer, Wellingtons, Wilkins Scholar. MICHAEL ' OTTO SCHEUNEMANN, 1343 Forest Ave., Carlsbad, Calif.; B.A. History; Order of Gownsmen, Varsity Letter. GEORGE QUIMBY SEWELL, 7272 Bonny Oaks Dr., Chattanooga, Tenn.; B.A. Political Science; DKE, Order of Gownsmen, German Club, In- tramural All-Star, Fraternity Officer, Classics Club, AFROTC. DONALD SNOWDEN SHAPLEIGH, JR., 2100 Forest Dr., Camden, S. G; B.A. Economics; ATO, Fraternity Officer, Order of Gownsmen, GMF. STEPHEN RANDALL SINCLAIR, 226 Laburnum, San Antonio, Tex.; B.A. Psychology; BTP, Order oi Gownsmen. ROBERT LEE SLATEN, 2608 Ivy St., Chattanoo- ga, Tenn.; B.A. Political Science; BTP, Fraternity Officer, Los Peones, Pre-law Club, Football, Wrestling. BRETT WHITFIELD SMITH, 485 Kingston Rd., Princeton, N. J.; B.A. Psychology; SAE, Order of Gownsmen, Gailor Committee, Waiters ' Guild, SVFD, Officer, " S " Club, Varsity Letter. DORSEY GREEN SMITH III, 394 Idlewood Dr., Ormond Beach, Fla.; B.A. Philosophy; Order of Gownsmen. JAMES EDWARD SMITH, P.O. Box 215, Coxley, Ala.; B.A. Political Science; LCA, Order of Gownsmen, Discipline Committee, Fraternity Officer, President, Deutsche Verein, Pan-Hellenic Council. THEODORE RAVENEL SMITH, 504 Otis Blvd., Spartanburg, S. C; B.A. Chemistry; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, Intramural All-Star, Fraternity Officer, " S " Club, Varsity Letter. WILLIAM KIRK SNOUFFER, JR., 7211 Galleon, Houston Tex.; B.A. Political Science; Order of Gownsmen, DTD, Phi Beta Kappa, Green Ribbon Society, Fraternity Officer. CRAIG ' MEECH SOGARD, 8717 Sandhurst Dr., Knoxville, Tenn.; B.A. Physics; Order of Gownsmen, Purple, Cap and Gown, Acolytes Guild, Sigma Pi Sigma, President. 213 SENIOR CLASS OF 1970 JAMES BOYD SPENCER, Ritchberg Rt. 1, Mechanicsville, Va.; B.A. History; Order of Gownsmen, Soccer. JAMES DeWITT CARTER STEELE, 620 Lynwood Blvd., Nash- ville, Tenn.; B.A. English; PGD, Order of Gownsmen, Jazz Society, Delegate Assembly, Mountain Goat. JACK LeRAUL STEPHENS, JR., 2484 Macon Dr., Atlanta. Ga.; B.A. History; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer. JACK PORTER STEPHENSON, JR., 3705 Montrose Rd., Birming- ham, Ala.; B.A. Political Science; KA, Order of Gownsmen, Black Ribbon Society, Officer, German Club, Fraternity Officer, Jazz Society, Order of the Silver Spoon, Wellingtons, Young Re- publicans. WILLIAM SCOTT STEWART, R.D. 1, West Springfield, Pa.; B.A. History; Order of Gownsmen, Purple, " S " Club, Varsity Letter, Labyrinth. THOMAS PORCHER STONEY II, 125 Tradd St., Charleston, S. O; B.A. History; Purple, Mountain Goat, Cap and Gown, Purple Masque, French Club, Deutsche Verein, Lay Reader, Debater Council. ROBERT TINKER TAYLOR, 4901 W. 1.3th St., Lubbock, Tex.; B.A. History; Order of Gownsmen, Choir, Deutsche Verein, Band, " S " Club, Varsity Letter, Lay Reader. FREDERICK SHEPHERD THOMAS, JR., 404 Old Post Rd., Erwin, N. C; B.A. History; Order of Gownsmen, Choir, English Speaking Union, Acolytes Guild, Chapel Council, Lav Readers Guild, Warden. JAM ES THOMAS TILLEY, 602 ' 2 S. Spring St., Manchester, Tenn.; B.A. Economics; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, Intramural All-Star, Choir, " S " Club, Varsitv Letter. JOHN WALLACE TONISSEN, 2139 Roswell Ave., Charlotte, N. C; B.A. History; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, " S " Club, Varsitv Letter, Assistant Proctor. 214 JOSEPH EMERY TOOLE, 207 Virginia Dr., Win- ter Garden, Fla.; B.A. Biology; LCA, Order of Gownsmen, Intramural Ail-Star, Fraternity Offi- cer, Deutsche Verein, Arnold Air Society, Assist- ant Proctor. JAMES FRANKLIN TURK, Riehwood-Elmer Rd„ P.O. Box 440, R.D. 1, Glassboro, N. J.; B.A. Psychology, Spanish; Order of Gownsmen, So- pherim. Purple Masque, Choir, President, Spanish Club. CHARLES HANSELL WATT III, 118 Plantation Dr., Thomasville, Ga.; B.A. English; ATO. Order of Gownsmen, Delegate Assembly, Dorm Repre- sentative, Curriculum Committee, Proctor, Who ' s Who, Green Ribbon Society, Fraternity Officer, " S " Club, Varsity Football, Student Forum, Los Peones, GMF. DELL RODGERS WEIBLE, 455 Park Ave., Clearwater, Fla.; B.A. English; CP, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, " S " Club, Los Peones, Football. CARY EMIL WESTERFIELD, 801 Goeble Ave., Savannah, Ga.; B.A. Economics; PGD, Order of Gownsmen, Economics Society, Honor Council, Student Vestry, Highlanders, Varsity Track, Var- sity Soccer, Captain. EDWIN MORTON WHITE, 2618 Cox Mill Road, Hopkinsville, Ky.; B.A. Political Science; ATO, Order of Gownsmen, Purple, Cap and Gown, A ' sst. Editor, Blue Key, Who ' s Who, Red Ribbon Society, German Club, President, Fraternity Of- ficer, Pres., Waiters ' Guild, SVFD, Arnold Air Society, " S " Club, Varsity Golf, Captain, Assist- ant Procter, Wellington Club, Vice-President, GMF, President. 225 SENIOR CLASS OF 1970 GEORGE HOWSE WHITE, 506 E. Main St., Murfreesboro, Tenn.; B.A. Political Science; KA, Order of Gownsmen, Black Ribbon Society, Or- der oi the Silver Spoon, Highlanders. ROY BRADFORD WHITNEY, JR., 6 N. Peachtree St., Batesbury, S. C; B.A. Political Science; Or- der of Gownsmen, Chairman oi Student Sympo- sium, Who ' s Who, Assistant Proctor, Boys ' Club, Lay Readers. GREGORY JAMES WILSON, 1318 Gamon Rd., Wheaton, 111.; B.A. Chemistry; Order of Gownsmen, Deutsche Verein. WILLIAM WALLACE WILSON, 1037 Campbell Parkway, Joplin, Mo.; B.A. Political Science; PGD, Order of Gownsmen, Fraternity Officer, Pre-law Club, Highlanders. JESS YELL WOMACK II, 800 E. Olmos Dr., San Antonio, Tex.; B.A. Economics; KS, Order of Gownsmen, Delegate Assembly, Dorm Rep e- sentative. Mountain Goat, Fraternity Officer, Spanish Club, Cheerleader. JOSEPH MUSE WORTHINGTON, Broadwater Way, Gibson Island, Md.; B.A. Economics; Order of Gownsmen. WILLIAM NORMAN YANG, 27 Courtland Dr., Chillicothe, Ohio; B.A. Biology; Order of Gownsmen, Cap and Gown, German Club, Jazz Society, Officer, Waiters ' Guild. RICHARD PLATT VAN ORDEN, 355 Silvergate Ave., San Diego, Calif; B.A. Mathematics; PGD, Order of Gownsmen, Varsity Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Highlanders. 226 4flK39i HffF N.J.; Ohio; B.A. Seniors Not Pictured: GILES LEE ASBURY, 1508 Johnson Ave., Bridgeport, W. Va.; B.A. History; PGD, Order of Gownsmen, University Guide, Wait- ers Guild. WILLIAM EDWARD AUSTIN, JR., 36 Babeau Ave., Summit, B.A. Psychology; Order of Gownsmen, Acolytes Guild. ANDREW KNOX CHERNEY, 1541 Marlene Dr.; Fairfield. B.A. English, Order of Gownsmen. JOHN DRAYTON CATHRAE, P.O. Box 2417, Sarasota, Fla.; Political Science; DTD, Order of Gownsmen. WILLIAM ALEXANDER DABBS. JR., Box D, Mayersville, S. C; B.A. Biology; KA, Order of Gownsmen, Highlander, Young Re- publicans. BROOKE DAVIDSON, 2252 Mosser St., Allenton, Pa.; B.A. Eco- nomics; Order ot Gownsmen. FRANK SHROPSHIRE DUNAWAY III, P.O. Box 26. Diamond, Mo.; B.A. English; Order of Gownsmen, Varsity Football, " S " Club, Highlanders. WILLIAM MORRIS GIVEN, B.A. Political Science; KA, cans, Los Peones, Chaplain. PHILIP LELAND HEHMEYER, 220 Palisade Dr., Memphis, Tenn.; B.A. English; SAE, Fraternity Officer, Order of Gownsmen, Proc- tor, Black Ribbon Society, Jazz Society, Spanish Club, Order of the Silver Spoon. Highlanders. HENRY MILTON HODGENS II, 28 Allamanda Ave., Key West, Florida; B.A. Chemistry; Order of Gownsmen, DKE. HOLLIS LANIER, JR., 815 Fifth Ave., Albany. Ga.; B.A. Political Science; KA. Highlander Clan. SHIRLEY WILMONT PETERS, JR., Box 276, Denton, Texas, B.A. History, Order of Gownsmen. MICHAEL STUART PINDZOLA, 607 Bragg Circle, Tullahoma, Tenn.; B.A. Math, B.A. Physics; Order of Gownsmen. STEVEN WENDEL SANFORD, 2800 S. Garfield Ave., Sioux Falls, S. D.; B.A. English; BTP, Order of Gownsmen, Golf Team. CURTIS RALPH SCHOBERT, 108 Monahan Rd., Apt. 5, Fort Wal- ton Beach, Fla.; B.A. German; CP, Officer, Order of Gownsmen, Purple, Deutsche Verein, President, Acolytes Guild, Lav Readers Guild. 3133 Guilford Rd., Birmingham, Ala.; Order of Gownsmen, Young Republi- 227 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ORDER OF GOWNSMEN President: Wilson G. Russell Vice-President; Henry N. Parsley Secretary: Walter H. Merrill Honor Council Chairman: Donald J. Ellis Vice-Chairman: Cary E. Westerfield Secretary: K. Logan Jackson Henry W. Lodge Randolph D. Love John N. Pophani Wilson G. Russell Randy J. Simmonds Discipline Committee Chairman: Frederick L. Jones Secretary: K. Logan Jackson V. Eugene Ham J. Richard Lodge Eric M. Newman Wilson G. Russell Cary E. Westerfield Symposium Chairman; R. Bradford Whitney Christopher C. L. Harmum L, L. Victoria Lewis Judith S. Ward Colwell C. Whitney Elections Committee Chairman: Henry N. Parsley Warner B. Ballard Robert C. Day Peter C. Enwall Henry E. Grimball Walter E. Henlev David R. HiHier John E. Jagar David K. Meier W. Alexander Moseley Bradford C. Peabody J, Rorison Rawls William C. Stout W. Bradley Weeks New Ideas Committee Chairman; James E. Farrior Eric V. Benjamin Janet E. Carroll Carolis U. Deal Madge W. Logan John S. Pullen DELEGATE ASSEMBLY Speaker: Carolis U. Deal Speaker Pro-Tern; J. Richard Lodge Secretary: Christopher C. L. Hunnum Activities Fee Committee Chairman: John M. Barr Secretary: Robert M. Crichton George W. Bishop V. Eugene Ham Richard P. Matthews W. Alexander Moseley Student Lite Committee Chairman; Catherine G. Jarvis John W. Brodnax C. Barrett Broyles Winston B. Charles Bella M. Katz Nathaniel D. Owens Mark M. Tolley EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE John M. Barr Carolis V. Deal Christopher C. L. Hannum Richard H. L. Kopper J, Richard Lodge Walter H. Merrill Henry ' N. Parsley- Wilson G. Russell PROCTORS Benedict: Katherine A. Fockele L. L. Victoria Lewis Cannon: J. Timothy Tolcr Cleveland: J. Richard Lodge Courts: Eric M. Newman Charles H. Watt Elliott: John S. Pullen Gailor: James K. Emor Frederick L. Jones Hunter: James T. Bums Johnson: Wilson G. Russell McCrady; Hemdon Inge Jack W. Steinmeyer New College: Randolph D. Love John N. Popham St. Luke ' s: J. Chester Grey Tuckaway : Henry N. Parsley Woodland Apts.: Donald J. Ellis WOMEN ' S DORMITORY COUNCIL Susan S. Aiken Rebecca K. Allison Janet E. Carroll Lisa Chiles Rebecca A. Cranwell Katherine A. Fockele Catherine G. Jarvis L. L. Victoria Lewis Laura W. Rice Emily V, Sheller Stephanie S. Spickard STUDENT PUBLICATIONS Publications Board Chairman: Mr. Donald B. Webber Treasurer: Mr. Henry F. Arnold Senior Rep.: Alan R. Ramsey Junior Rep. and Sec: W. A. Stringer Dr. Charles M. Bin nicker Dr. John M. Gessel Mr. Albert S. Gooch J. Chester Grey Dr. John M. Webb Sewanee Purple Editor: Richard H. L. Kopper Bus. Manager: Thomas B. Willard Managing Ed.; James P. Eskew Ass ' t Managing Ed.: James W, Cameron James W. Savage Assoc. Ed.: V. Eugene Hamm Stephen F. Zimmerman News Ed.: Lawerence A. Wilson Layout Ed.: John R. Bennett Copy Ed.: Alexander T. Johnson Photo. Ed.: Bruce A. Racheter Sports Ed.; Jack W. Steinmeyer Ass ' t Sp. Ed,: Richard K. Farman Feature Ed,; James S. Jade Circulation Mgr.; Edwin M. White Mountain Goat Editor: Eric L. Ison Bus. Manager: Manning M. Kimmel Jefferson M. Bailey John M. Barr Hohn R. Bennett Gerald T. Cesnick James B. Gubehnann V, Eugene Ham Julia A. Hicks Todd M. Ison Gary T. Pope Joseph K. Presley N. Pendleton Rogers W. O ' Neil Tanner Thomas B. Willard Jess Y. Womack A. Bryan Worten Cap and Gown Editor: Henry N. Parsley Ass ' t Ed.: Edwin M. White Bus. Manager; Jeff E. Farrior Layout Ed.: Herbert L. Reynolds Jack Agricqla Copy Ed.: Richard E. Johnson Classes Ed.: Thomas P. Wilkinson David M. Eggleston Organizations Ed.; W. A. Stringer John D. Peebles Bella M. Katz Fraternities Ed.: Warner B, Ballard Faculty: Tim Toler Herbert L. Reynolds Sports Co-Ed.: David R. HiHier Herndon Inge Advertisements: Thomas B. Willard Edwin M. White John G. Beam Photo. Co-Ed.: George W. Bishop William C. Bennett Contributors; G. Raleigh Brothers Josie Caldwell Deacon S. Chapin Archie M. Martin John S. Gage Bruce A. Racheter Hal R. Smith Craig M. Sogard Root Studios, Chicago, 111. Cover Painting: Warren F. Jacobson Sketches: Van Eugene Ham Typing: Gnann M. Alvarez Lin C. Bowman Kathleen A. Hand Bella M. Katz John D. Peebles Mrs. Nan Thomas STUDENT ORGANIZATIONS Acolytes William B. Austin J. Christopher Belcher John W. Brodnax George P. Clark Josiah M. Daniel Don K. DuPree Patrick M. Eagan Kenneth S. Ebaugh Donald A. Fishburne Joel E. Grigsby Henry E. Grimball John A, Jarrell Richard E. Johnson David E. Johnson Philip H. Lamson Scotty C. Lee Michael R. Lumpkin Dehart A. McMillan David F. McNeeley Lynwood C. Magee Robert L. Maxey Frand W. Memby Louis Qats Joel Pace J. Allen Pahmeyer Lawrence A. Purdoni Bruce A. Racheter Herbert L. Reynolds N. Pendleton Rogers John H. Robert Craig R. Scott V. Eidson Smith Harold R. Smith Robert J. Stall Christopher W. Templeton Mark H. Terrell Frederick S. Thomas James H. Thompson W. Rodney Torbert G. Jerome Turner Lewis P. Walker D. Eugene Watson Cantey H. Wright Edward B. Wheeler M. Edward WoodaU Gary P. Zagelow Arnold Air Society Alexander F. Comfort Donald J. Ellis Ian F. Hipwell Herndon Inge Alexander T. Johnson Paul R. Maddocks Richard S. Moody Eric M. Newman James C. Smallwood John D. Stuckey Joseph E. Toole Edwin M. White Boys ' Club (Directors) Chairman: R. Bradford Whitney- Susan S. Aiken John M. Barr Robert M. Crichton Carolis U. Deal Hunter McDonald John J. McGough Leslie McLaurin Michael G. Wallens Cheerleaders Rebecca K. Allison Barbara M. Barry Toni H. Beare Mary F. Clarkson Margaret E. Ford Karen R. Gibson Bella M. Katz 228 Martee G. Seldon KathrynH. Weir Jefferson M. Bailey — Head Orrin L. Harrison George M. D. Hart Hemdon Inge Johnny Mac Johnson R. Boyd Parker Debate Council President: J. Earl Morgan Vice-President: Thomas L. Burroughs Secretary: Thomas P. Stoney J. Christopher Belcher Richard C. Cilley Richard B. Elberfeld Qendon H. Lee James M. Morgan William H. Pickering T. Edward Settles German Cluu President: J. Timothy Toler Vice-President: Wendell W. Meyer Treasurer: Jack W. Steinmeyer Joseph V. Barker Edward J. Crawford Glenn M. Davis Mark A. Denkler Richard J. Downs Edward V. England J. Trice Fasig J. Dawson F. Gray Christopher C. L. Hannum Hemdon Inge Mard W. Johnston William C. Mauzv Frederick E. Pfeiffer James A. Powell Henry L. Ravenel Wiley C. Richardson Penn Rogers Mark R. Sandvig Thomas J. C. Smyth J. Bayard Snowden J. Morgan Soaper Alan R. Yates Highlanders Grand Laird: John G. Beam John D. Agricola H. Douglas Aitken John B. Allen John M. Barr R. Bruce Bass Benjamin Brewster James T. Burns Malcolm P. Butler Tyler Calhoun Winston B. Charles William A. Dabbs Robert C. Day Bruce S. Denson R. Woodruff Deutsch F. Shropshire Dunaway Michael W. Ferrell Robert M. Given Romualdo Gonzalez Allan H. Hayden Philip L. Hehmeyer Walter E. Henlev David R. Hillier Buckner Hinkle Frederick L. Jones HoUis Lanier Luis Leon David L. Loftus Randolph D. Love W. Hugh McAngus I. Brenton Ogilvie Stephen L. Oseman E. Horry Parker William T. Patton Bob Piggort John N. Powell Allan R. Ramsey Thad B. Rudd Thomas J. C. Smyth Jack W. Steinmeyer Thomas P. Stoney Stephen E. Swanson David C. B. Thames Guerry R. Thorton Richard P. VanOrden Cary E. WesterSeld Edward B. Wheeler Lawson S. Whitaker George H. White W. Wallace Wilson Jazz Society President: Robert M. Crichton Vice-President: V. Eugene Ham Treasurer: William N. Yang John M. Barr R. Woodruff Deutsch Philip L. Hehmeyer Manning M. Kimmel Alan S. Maclachlen Robert M. Sims Lawrence H. Whiting Thomas B. Willard Labyrinth Chairman: Lynne F. Vogel Daryl J. Canfill James H. Chickering Carolis U. Deal I. Russel Lawson Benjamin B. Lewis John B. Mil ward S. Wilmot Peters Margaret C. Sparks William S. Stewart Lay Readers ' Guild Warden; R. Forrest Dillon H. Bennett Afford Warner B. Ballard Horn. ' M. Baylor Don K. DuPree Patrick D. Eagan Kenneth S. Ebaugh Donald A. Fishbume Joel F. Grigsby Henry E. Grimball W. Eugene Ham Alexander T. Johnson David E. Johnson Richard E. Johnson Mark W. Johnston Charles M. Jones L. Russell Lawson Lynwood C. Magee J. Kenning Murphree Robert W. Newsom Louis Oats Frederick E. Pfeiffer Lawrence A Purdom Wayne C. Revnolds W. Slade Rhodes John T. Roberts N. Pendleton Rogers Craig R. Scott Brian L. Stagg Thomas P. Stoney W. Rodney Torbert Robert T. Taylor Christopher W. Templeton Frederick S. Thomas Michael G. Wallens R. Bradford Whitney Thomas Willard Cantey H. Wright Le Cercle Francais President: Charolis U. Deal Dr. A. Scott Bates Mrs. A. Scott Bates Dr. Stratton Buck Mrs. Stratton Buck Edward O. Buschmiller Cvnthia Chiles Lisa Chiles V. Eugene Ham Spencer G. Jenkins Richard E. Johnson Dr. Kenneth W. R. Jones David A. Jung Scotry C. Lee Dr. Robert W. Lundin John McCadden Dr. Edward McCrady Mrs. Edward McCrady Mr. J. Waring McCrady David F. McNeeley Raul A. Mattei J. Earl Morgan Col. and Mrs. W. T. Morton Christopher B. Paine Mrs. Dorothy Pitts Carol A. Reid Mrs. Jacqueline Schaefer Robert W. Stan- Nancy J. Vining Judith S. Ward The Reverend R. S Wulf Los Peones El Supremo: Joe V. Barker Chaplain: John S. Pullen Robert O. Akin Herbert W. Anderson Maxmillian Angerhoizer Jefferson M. Bailey Thomas C. Balch Stephen L. Bamett John R. Bennett James H. Booker Wallace Camahan Gerald T. Cesnick William M. Cunningham Peter C. K. Enwall David E. Fox William M. Given L. Barry Goss Edwin E. Grain Paul T. Green Peter N. Hassenstein George I. Horton Hemdon Inge Johnny Mac Johnson Charles W. Knowlton J. Richard Lodge Walter H. Merrill Raymond B. Murray David C. Nichols Wiley C. Richardson Howard P. Rives John T. Roberts H. Todd Shelton Robert L. Slaten Michael D. Turner Charles H. Watt Dell R. Wexble Omicron Delta Epsilon William H. Beeken Henry E. Grimball Richard S, Moody Dr. Arthur M. Schaeter, advisor Pan-Hellenic Council Dean F. Holland, President ATO President: Henry N. Parsley Rush Chairman: George VYaterhouse BTP President: Eric M. Newman Hush Chairmen: Peter C. Enwall Robert L. Slaten CP President: Dean F. Holland Rush Chairman: David E. Fox DKE President: William E. Terry Rush Chairman: Charles H. Douglass DTD President: Winston B. Charles Rush Chairman: James H. Thompson KA President: Tucker W. Jackson Rush Chairman: Romi Gonzales KS President: David R. Hillier Rush Chairman: Eric L. Ison LCA President: James E. Smith Rush Chairman: Mark M. Tollev PDT President: Alan H. Hayden Rush Chairmen: Herbert L. Eustis Erie J. Newton PCD President: Frederick L. Jones Rush Chairman: W. Wallace Wilson SAE President: Flip Hehmeyer Rush Chairman: John S. Cannon SN President: Buckner Hinkle Rush Chairman: William M. Cunningham Sacristans ' Guild Head Sacristan: James E. Smith William C. Bennett Michael M. Coombs Jack W. Steinmeyer " S " Club President: F. Shropshire Dunaway Vice-President: Eric M. Newman Secretary: Robert L. Lowenlhal Daniel B. Ahlport H, Douglas Aitken Robert O. Akin H. Bennett Afford C. Paul Allen Joseph V. Barker K. Bruce Bass Terrill W. Bean William H. Beeken J. Christopher Belcher Keith L. Bell James H. Booker Brockton B. Brown James T. Brown Michael A. Burton Robert E. L. Burwell John S. Cannon William M. Cunningham John L. Davenport Robert A. Davenport Henry E. Davis John R. M. Day R. Forrest Dillon Robert P. Dougan Patrick D. Eagan David P. Elam Donald J. Ellis 229 William H. Entrekin Peter C. K Enwall Philip I. Esehhach Zollie M. Ferreil Mead B. Ferris John X. Fletcher S. Lvnwood Forsythe David E. Fox David W. Fjantz Steven L. Carrett W. Osceola Gordon Robert P. Green William M. Grover David R. HiUier Richard S. Holder Dean F. Holland George I, Horton T. Parkin C. Hunter Hemdon Inge Alexander T. Johnson Johnny Mac Johnson Frederick L. Jones Walter M. Justin William A. Kirkland Paul J. Landry Robert E. Lee Russell L. Leonard Randolph D. Love Robert D. Lynch John J. McCough Harver S. Martin Christopher P. Mason David W. Mason Richard P. Matthews Ellis O. Mavfield Waiter H. Merrill David M. Metcalf Paul L. Miller M. Eugene Moor R. Dale Morton Eric M. Newman David C. Nichols Nathaniel D. Owens John L. Parsons L, Bruce Peden John N. Popham Brian A. E. Porter John S. Pullen Wiley C. Richardson Howard P. Rives John T. Roberts W. Kyle Rote H. Todd Shelton S. Gary ' Sims J. Clayton Smallwood Brett W. Smith James M. Snyder Jack W. Stein meyer William C. Stout Mark A. Tanksley Robert T. Tay lor David C. B. Thames J. Thomas Tilley William N. Tinsley Mark M. Tolley Michael D, Turner Timothy M. Turpen Richard P. VanOrden David A. Voorhees George Waterhouse Peter B. Waters Charles H. Watt Dell R. Weible Cary E, Westerfield Edwin M. White John M. Williams Michael C. Williams James H. Wilson Edgar W. Wilson Sewanee Volunteer Fire Dept. Chief: Thomas H. Bos worth Ass ' t Chief: Peter B. Dodds Capt. Red Team: David R. Hillier Lt. Red Team: Allan R. Ramsay Lt. Red Team: Brett W. Smith Capt. Blue Team: Henry B. Fishburne Lt, Blue Team: Edwin M. White Robert N. Adrian John M. Barr David E. Dewey Mead B. Ferris James B. Gubelmann Richard L. Henderson James H. Hewitt Frederick L. Jones Luis Leon Robert L. Lowenthal Peter R. McCrohan Horry Parker John I. Saalfield Theodore D. Stoney William C. Stout Guerry R. Thornton J. Timothy Toler George Waterhouse Sigma Pi Sigma Alan P, Biddle Craig M. Sogard ORDER OF THE SILVER SPOON President: Tucker W. Jackson Toastmaster: Jack P. Stephenson Chaplain: Peter B. Dodds John G. Beam James T. Bums William A. Dabbs Henry B. Fishburne Romualdo Gonzalez Allan H. Haydon Philip L. Heymeyer Walter W. Higgins Eric L. Ison Frederick L. Jones Henry N. Parsley Allan R. Ramsay George H. White Sopherim E. Napier Burson James Gubbelman V. Eugene G. Ham Warren Jacobson Wheless G. Love Alan Maclachlan J. Earl Morgan Bnan Stagg James F. Turk Speleological Society Joseph R. Cockrell Brooke Davidson Rov A. Davis Richard B. Elberfeld Katherine A. Fockele Cord H. Link Gale G. Link Dr. Edward McCrady J. Waring McCrady Douglas K. Miller J. Earl Morgan Gene T. Morris Morgan M, Robertson Thomas P. Stoney Christopher W. Templeton Dr. Frederick R. Whitesell Dr. Harry C. Yeatman Student Forum President: Winston B. Charles Secretary: John S. Pullen John W, Brodnax Robert E. L. Burwell Donald J. Ellis John E. Jagar Nathaniel D. Owens John N. Popham Charles H. Watt Student Vestry Senior Warden: J. Chester Grey Secretary: Jack W. Steinmeyer Treasurer: James Checkering J. Richard Lodge Walter H. Merrill Nathaniel D. Owens John H. Roberts Chaplain Darrel J. Canfill Chaplain Joel W. Pugh University Choir President: Glenn M. Davis Vice-President: James R. Turk Basses William D. Bethea Charles A. Bickerstaff James H. Chickering j. Robert Cockrell Mark A. Denkler Kennthe S, Ebaugh Righard B. Elberfeld Stephen W. Gester Christopher C. L. Hannum J. Richard Lodge Peter K. McClellan Robert W. Newsom Thomas B. Pruit William F. Quesenberry James R. Reese Robert E. Reese James W. Savage Andrew G. Schmitt Craig R. Scott John R. Stewart James A. Thomas W. Rodney Torbert Joseph A. Vella Lewis P. Walker Michael G. Wallens Tenors Peter M. Bolton Don K. DuPree Joe! E. Grigsby Benjamin B. Lewis Raul A. Mattel J. Earl Morgan T. Richard Quick William R. Schmutzer Robert T. Taylor Fred S, Thomas John A. Weatherly J. Samuel Williamson Women Susan S. Aiken Barbara M. Barry Katherine A. Fockele Holly J. French Mary L. Hull Martha J. Lancaster Susan P. Merrill Susan L. Osbom Patricia A. Ready Emily V. Sheller Martha Simpson Margaret C. Sparks Susan S. Stock Susan E. SwatTord Nancy E. Tucker Lynne F, Vogel Judy S. Ward University Guides President: Ian F. Hipwell William R. Barron Charles A. Bickerstaff Michael M. Coombs Hugh D. DuPree David W. Frantz Luis Leon Richard S. Moody Patricia A. Ready James W. Savage William R. Torbeat Waiters Guild Head Waiter: Dean F. Holland Assoc. Head Waiter; Walter H. Merrill Ass ' t. Head Waiter: Brian A. E. Porter Ass ' t. Head Waiter: Timothy M. Turpen Herbert W. Anderson Thomas E. Archer Christopher A. Blakeslee Thomas H. Bosworth Thomas P. Brady Brockton B. Brown James T. Burns James W. Cameron Gerald T. Cesnick William M. Cunningham John L. Davenport Robert A. Davenport Martin L. Ellis James P. Eskew J. Trice Fasig Thomas M. Fennell David E. Fox Steven L. Garrett W. Osceola Gordon Robert E. Hess Ian R. Hipwell Richard S. Holder Ronald G. Holder Hemdon Inge Tucker V. Jackson John E. Jagar Christopher B. Jepson Johnny Mac Johnson Walter M. Justin Paul J. Landry Robert E. Lee Luis Leon Richard P. Matthews Robert D. Morton Robert W. Piggott John S. Pullen Wiley C. Richardson Howard P. Rives Mark R. Sandvig James C. Smallwood Brett W. Smith Ernest H, Stanley Warner A. Stringer J. Timothy Toler Mark M. Tolley David A. Vorhees Michael G. Wallens Edwin M. White Tyree E. Wilkinson John M. Williams E. Waller Wilson William N. Yang Well ingtons Prime Minister: Tucker W. Jackson ArchBishop of Canterbury; Edwin M. White Keeper of the Privy Seal: Peter B. Dodds Robert N. Adrian J. Amos Baugh 230 Keith L. Bell P. Clarke Blackman Thomas H. Bosworth Robert E. L. Burwell William S. Butt Robert M. Crichton John L. Davenport William G. Dodds Bruce C. Dunbar David L. Elmers Herbert L. Eustis Mead B. Ferris Henry B. Fishburne James B. Gubelmann Richard L. Henderson Eric L. Ison Todd M. Ison Davor A. Luketic W. Wendell Meier Robert B. Murfree Samuel D. Murray Erie J. Newton Frederic W, Nardin Henry N. Parsley GaryT, Pope Wilson G. Russell W. Eidson Smith J. Bayard Snowden Jack P. Stephenson J. Timothy Toler John W. Tonissen R. Edward Varner George Waterhouse A. Bn r an Worten AJan R. Yates ATHLETICS Football Ends: Tom Archer John Davenport Jim Ensor Zollie FerrelJ Ronnie Holder Mike Lumpkin David Nichols John Popham Mike Turner Tackles: Robert Davenport Phil Elder Jim Hannifin Dean Holland, senior Paul Landry Bobby Lee Dale Morton Guards: Martin Ellis Gene Fogarty David Fox Steve Garrett Walter Merrill, senior Eric Newman, senior Wiley Richardson Howard Rives, senior Terry Roberts, senior David Thames John Williams Jimmy Wilson Centers: Steve Bishop Sam Doyle Dick Ehrhart Pete Enwall, senior Tom Taylor Backs: Yogi Anderson Keith Bell Jim Booker Bob Burwell Shropie Dunaway, senior Rick Holder Randv Love Ellis Mayfield Da r id Metcalf Bobby Newman Bubba Owens, senior Bruce Peden John Puilen, senior Gary Sims Mark Tanksley Tim Turpin Chip Watt, senior Wally Wilson Cross Country Ben Alford. senior Paul Allen Chris Belcher Woody Forsythe David Frantz Dave Hillier, senior Lee Howard Tom Mottl Steve Sinclair Jim Snyder Soccer Backs: Bill Beecken, senior Brocky Brown Tim Callahan Bob Lowenthal Chris Mason Brett Smith, senior Sandy Stout Halfbacks: Ed Crawford Hank Davis Forrest Dillon, senior Tim Grover David Mason Robert Taylor, senior David Voorhees John Weatherly Can ' Westerfield, senior Forwards: Henry Bedford Gardner Champlin Rick Entrekin Jeff Hartzer Cliff Leonard Harvey Martion, senior Gene Moor Kyle Rote Jr. Goalkeepers : John Day Bill Tinsley Swimming John Crawford Randy Cosby, Mgr. Bob Dougan William Drake Jeff Farrior, senior Jed Gordon Morgan Knox Bob Love Randy Love Bill Stewart Law Wilson Wrestling Yogi Anderson John Billings Jim Booker Phil Elder Trice Fasig Bob Green Bobbv Lee Bill McBraycr Dave Nichols Mike Rourke Lawson Whitaker Basketball Ne ; l Bryan Steve Davis Curtis Jackson Johnny Mac Johnson Bob Knight Byron Lengsfield Wayland Long, senior Dee McMillan BilJy McWilliams Steve Oseman, senior Tennis Bill Bethea John Bladon, Jr. Girrard Brownlow Jim Burns, senior Winston Cameron Joe Daniels Phil Eschbach, senior Sandy Johnson David Long Bob Lowenthal Davor Luketic Tern Miller Ton! Mottl Chuck O ' Keliey John Parsons, senior Bill Sullivan Golf Rob Chapman Felix Drennen Steve Graham Jack Steinmeyer Jock Tonissen, senior Mike Turner George Waterhouse Ed White, senior Ed Woodall Alan Yates Track Tom Archer Bob Burwell Gardner Champlin Bruce Den son Chip Farris Woody Forsythe David Frantz Preston Hickey Luis Leon Ellis Mavfield Randy Miller Bobby Newman Mitch Pindzola Slade Rhodes Mark Tanksley Ty Wilkerson Baseball Bobby Akin Yogi Anderson Randy Bryson Billy Cinmingham, senior David Hester George Horton Peter McClellan Dee McMillan Dan Sain Gary Sims Jeff Stewart Rick Van Orden, senior Wally Wilson 231 232 Compliments of Hammer ' s ON THE SQUARE In Winchester ' Let Your Home Come First! ' Compliments of Sewanee Steam Laundry COWAN FLOWERLAND 932-7602 COULSON STUDIO 932-7644 gives your business A FULL SERVICE BANK more- NT TALK TO US ! BANK OF SEWANEE " YOUR PROGRESSIVE BANK " corrzsaHT - mw tfpl iDmnM oo. 233 " ■ ' - •- er ' s Milner ' s Milner ' s Milner ' s er ' s Milner ' s Milner ' s Milner ' s er ' s Milner ' s Milner ' s Milner ' s er ' s Milner ' s Milner ' s Milner ' s er ' s Milner ' s Milner ' s Milner ' s JOE MILNER ' S DRIVE-IN FOOD MARKET KAWASAKI, INC. sales — service — parts Mcculloch LOMBARD CHAIN SAWS KAWASAKI BRIDGESTONE CHAIN SAW SALES SERVICE REPAIRS ON MOTOR CYCLES GASOLINE ENGINES — LAWN MOWERS 967-0355 501 SOUTH COLLEGE WINCHESTER Hardie Caudle Fine Men ' s Wear Since 1906 809 Market St. 810 Broad St. Chattanooga, Tennessee 234 Compliments of The Motor Mart AB GREEN Sewanee f$ Compliments of the " best damn fraternity on the Mountain " ft|ttf$P . SCARBOURDOUGH ' S, INC. FURNITURE — NEW AND USED Norge Appliances — T.V. Sales and Service Kitchen Aid Dishwashers Zenith T.V. ' s and Stereos Rotary Antennas Antenna Repairs Compliments of Frassrand Terrace Motel 30 UNITS Highway 64 and 41-A Winchester 235 CROWNOVER ' S PLACE STUDENT UNION THEATRE Compliments of RUSSELL ' S DEPARTMENT STORE Winchester, Tennessee Liquor Liquor Liquor Liquor Liquor Boulevard Liquor Store Liquor Liquor Liquor Liquor 1108 First Ave., N.E. Winchester, Tenn. TIM ' S FORD PACKAGE STORE Cowan Highway Across from Family Drive-In Widest Variety in Town 967-0589 Winchester, Tenn. Compliments of Hamilton ' s Electric Shop Sewanee ESSO DAVID ADAMS Monteagle, Tenn. Compliments of Sewanee Dry Cleaners STORAGE — ALTERATIONS Behind the Supply Store live a little! MONTEAGLE DAIRY QUEEN MONTEAGLE, TENN. Carl W. Gross V. R. Williams Co. YOUR INDEPENDENT AGENT Franklin County ' s Oldest Insurance Company Winchester, Tennessee WO 7-2268 237 Compliments of Terrill ' s Texaco In Sewanee Hall Furniture Company COMPLETE HOME FURNISHINGS and Hall ' s No. 2 USED FURNITURE AND APPLIANCES Winchester, Tennessee J. M. SANDERS 1434 Market Street Cash Talks — Up to 60% Savings Who ' s the Diamond King? J. M. Sanders Jewelry Co. — South ' s Leading Jeweler in Value and Quality. REGISTERED, INSURED, GU ARANTEED New Location: 1434 Market St. 8:30-8:30 267-5929 The Best of Flicks Oldham Theatre and Family Drive-In Winchester Y ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TU Y ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TU Y ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TU Y ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TU Y ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TUBBY ' S TU Compliments of the THE JAZZ SOCIETY and THE GERMAN CLUB Who Have Brought You Such Outstanding Entertainers as CANNON BALL ADDERLY, CHARLES LOYD, ELVYN JONES, GARY BURTON, TPUPER SAUSSY, OTIS REDDING, JERRY BUTLER, THE TAMS, THE SHOWMEN, and THE DRIFTERS, to the mountain. ?38 GEORGE ' S PACKAGE STORE Winchester, Tenn. - - 130 up - g APPAREL FOR GENTLEMEN TWO LOCATIONS 811 MARKET ST. EAST GATE CENTER IN CHATTANOOGA Compliments of Bank of Cowan MILNER ' S TEXACO See the Man with the Bright Red Texaco Star Compliments of Harvey ' s Restaurant Monteagle 240 541 McCallie Avenue CHATTANOOGA Uptight at Sewanee? Don ' t Be. Come and Trip by Listening to the Band or by Playing in the Band. Free community concerts Psychological boost at sports events Public service appearances Cowan Christmas parade Today ' s modern Air Force makes use of some of the most sophisticated and advanced tech- nology and equipment in the world. The men operating this equipment are a select group. Many of them began preparing for their Air Force careers while still in college through en- rollment in the Air Force ROTC program. As members of Air Force ROTC they learned to assume the wide-ranging responsibilities of Air Force officers ... no one-sided men here. In- telligent, dedicated, responsible . . . the offi- cers in Air Force Blue. After all, the sky is no limit. The Air Force is now accepting applications from women for the Air Force ROTC program at certain schools. The Air Force now offers women opportunities for career assignments in most of the same non-flying specialties as men. 241 242 243 «s 244 245 246 WBtk s %1 " ' md i ID. CD mm iimm , 1 - - — IS9S ■:■■■ " UNIVERSITY OF THE SOUTH 1100747848 f. » I A 1 5 ' a , :; f v m f s

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