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 - Class of 1960

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University of the Pacific - Naranjado Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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fT'T?4ef.-f ..Lif.'.'1'TTI1- if '. .ci.,',"""..-"'- .1 ' 1" ' "'ff"' "fi-f , F. :f--Q1-'fn vw -Q ff- Rf-1' A ,fr-ff ' ' ' ' ' "'- ' r- ' - - ' '.- .' -'ln . ,- 1: ul' ,,4::,-':"' qui. 4-.1"',,LL'- -g,1flvz'rfE:'yi:,,i-'f4-- ., Hui 1' ,:,'31uf:?J x J' , M3 'M H A ' 1 .H u 4' 1 A ' F W1 1 5 'Q' "' L -w 4mw5n.n.-...wfn,.1-nuns-LA.-,umm ffl ,. " I ' .5 vu- 1 ., ,J 'h 3?-3-Lx"lik-1l3f"'1Wi-','1'-ivw-IfQin'-r'.-..-.1' ..'f-- . .+L-Q.-..,.L.-J...,--- .na-.-ge.-4a . , , GE O ..lE PACIFIC EDITOR ....... . . JOHN BRINER ASSISTANT EDITOR . . . GEORGE NIESEN BUSINESS MANAGER . . . Blll DEUBNER ART EDITOR ..... MOllY ANDERSON ' 'F Ill? f If 1, Ju L 5? I C . -A 3174 aff' Q, ' T' 5 F, ,151 gr :M gg-" 'gf 1, ' 'L SJW , 7 k fs, 5 K., . , , I ., G. ..,, :wt f: 5' .' fl .imdai I. s'lfF,:- f WEEEF lsr- A -1',I'jQ - L'1E:J'f'C ' 1' 5913. 'i' :Tir AF. .,-.px 1341. ff -N , .. 4401! .- ,., ,T . -' 'fin .3 .. V A wgw-T -W ,i gn' 'U I . 1- - . 4 4, 5.,. 'QF 'SQL ' .... .-,.. A I H 'af 4 rg Fflpfx '-1 L.'.....1.S " 5 G . 4 . A VN' W., . JCL. ,H .- '.,.. .2- '.1 :Quiz :1 " 1 .TEV .. 1. 1125- ull 'nj ' ' AI ,YJJ A:f"+ 'rt' u'JA Ll Q .1 :Jig ,llr I NARANJADO 1960 TABLE or conmns . t , Q Q f 1. U 0 , K, U , . T .i '3 ' " 5 1: , 4, - C3 I x -. ' ' Q ' 0 ka 5 Q - Q I 5 0 . Q -I A . 5' . 41 L . . 4 , O , Q A . , . . I , . a . i 0 ' J 5 0 12 fx . 13: ' ' n Q ' ' . 5 Q ' '1 -- a f " -v i . C . . ' I Q C , I , ,V s 1 , - . , , n . I Li Q l , . . o Y V -' Q Q Q - f A 9 1 f, nl' ,4 P 4x A A i , . 4 . n U , l 0 -4 Q . 4 Q C 0 9 0 1 W -1 0. x' ' v' . I V y 5 K I . . 0 ' ' ," ' I -. 1 ' 5 x 8 -1 1 Q. . -I .... I f " - ' - Y, .' ' , Q 41 4 ' 1 '.- - ' as '. , .' a . ' ' a .. l , 'Il ,' 1 i q 'r I ' 4 5 1, I . O . , , 4 .gl . A 5- I A I a 4 ' A . I 41 , Q 5 11 . 1 " , A . ' 0 1 1 1. 3 1 . Y I , A: E11 I .A - ' F7 'I ,Y . , . . . ' . . ' 1 1 I ' l H , ' 1 - - -'----- - . P41 rf' 1--xi xg -1' 'ns 5- fv Wi v- Slnigf ,. K'-' E I W I v.. x . . I if-1E'. gmt iii, him-:F 51,2381 ' ' -Z: :Pm 'v 1. ll' I . w' E' X: 'f?i W E Jf. il ik L., , . U V' . A V ' . I F 9, UQ.: 9'-" :pkg I 1' ' . 'f 2 f v 4, ali!! 5-rim Till? I '-,lf A -3 r' I I fy .mf .- 1' .ef- n.: 'ul a .Q il gr:Yq,g. 51 fha aB wf.'1-?it-PM 35523 - A.. lqflbv A . . Sf? l vs U 5 I f ' - . Wiuv'-'ffl1z'4J ff - H' Pl 47 .NL 'JIU 'f 5"'L"..' Xa, 1 .. '.' ' """ I' 371'-ff' r if X:-. 9 1'2!-?.!y.--'x1- Eg i sigh!" 2-'HZIQQZUI 'l3s,P34'5G9.p'sfs -' 1 3.4.3 qqirfojf. .1 a!.fJ'-4,JA'3'5g..' grams.-jv',:g-9 5. g , Iwi: . ,Ib H 2 , ,Z .-- - 5-. eq FQ: NIH., Q: Wd' r Q! ' 7 Ip'5?' ' '-,fl LJ' fig . TI 'mx - 1:-'ff 1-52-sfiqzfi g if 3,515 g.g1tgi:e',EiF32g SQ' lkivvv A AW.. 'ii H . 1 -. 'lil ...f-tif "aq'lM'.' -u ' ,I -li: -'uw ' ng! 1 1 Q, Jury: "'g.. v,v! Q4 . ' psi. : 9, 4 'owgffi 2 e !!tL!Zf'1!l.,'fI 1' :5h:,0'f":,,'q,fl5F' , 5-'ig 'J' 1-4,5 :' ' . Q g Wlbsdlfb fi: .ri gk ul hw' - il' " xl I-W", '.1'l G+' r'! Hgtfdxfwt-1'E1n': " ,"' f1'o-' 123'-lvl: N '?2"f!z, -s M53 , . 'IQHQQ9-X-xii' f I ' 12 F!-v vzlfigi ' :Qu is .. .-J,,,sj . V-I -' , lax' j.. I qv Lxii gvffnji 'T 1. r-4: I. x.: vj Ig. gf." Pu: u ., Ii. '. --"ff -I'.l , 2. 2573-fJ"p?'f'7Q!,g5 S25 IQHEFHEI ' 4:3 7 1',,3'1Ei53'4-Fffjf If ' h L k'.kg'13F4ig3"Ipf fj.x, .g.",qs he 'F5Ty.",. ,QM .1 . v 552512 P?1'l1iihlmUwQSf - lf '!rU'4" .'- 5....uFili9"'fY-Vyfltnl. I'-1- HI I J.-J iq.-If ':s1n'n1-1"." al ETL ffol, r 'Vip 2- I-ji ' f" fikl-W21354'I bfi f' f 1.525541 551: 4 555- , ' : ,..-g1f+'41f- gl: :pg 1-4,3 Q mms., f. A13 an ' fn mjlgruz il 1' Ifigf .'5,-hull! u "uf fQ,y:71N.,:,i -tg? Q , :E -'f-i"Q7?5:1CY3 Jw ' . ry- 4v,.'A:.xi,hb H-yi W Y -51...-.,-u ,rl I ! Zhi-.4 -1, 34 I nv fD'P'x.,.- .. IAS , '.-. - 4 C9 - er - '- v 'A-:si 1 - Fx V- "'- wiv 1- w - lr- fvfzix. Qw.,,:- -if '..5"':f'1wF?f"Va' yu 'fr 'g1,g!'e1.NX-dj..-,rw H QE,aE:..Q',f-f'1T'4,31 ,Ai 4 'j,,:f'4...QfP '1f: -25,33-,'i? Wig - Lwff22fe:1 as fgfiswe-1 me lf' I -' ' .flu "LJ Edsel'-' .f7.'s"x" - , Q' ' .4 fl':"'- . ,. 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'.v'- 'i " -' ' i - f ' . 'f-'.'..,'. '. ' .. ' - ' wlllli- Normally, traditions seldom terminate but rather grow in strength and vigor with each succeeding gen- eration. Here at Pacific we have many cherished traditions and among these was one living, personal tra- dition, Chancellor Tully Cleon Knoles. He had been so much a part of our campus, our future here, that his familiar figure represented the best of all those fine things for which the College of the Pacific has stood and for which it will continue to stand. Perhaps Dr. Knoles was more of a tradition for us because while we all knew him, few of us knew him as well as our parents and others did when they attended Pacific during the years l9l 9 to l946. He was a quiet man but deep as only quiet people can be. At the same time his voice was heard through the land on all topics of public interest or in the public eye. For years Dr. Knoles conducted the World Today course required for all students. Here for the first time many former stu- dents realized the importance of every day happenings in the shaping of future events while at the same time this man of penetrating wisdom traced the events of the past which brought us to the events of the day. Dr. Knoles always was interested in the students of the College of the Pacific as he was also keenly in- terested in students wherever they might be. His was a familiar figure on the Pacific bench at every football game. No parade worth mentioning started without Dr. Knoles on his white horse leading as marshal. We ran into him on the campus often, for although he was officially retired two years ago, his heart, his hopes were wrapped up in Pacific's destiny. So a living tradition passes, but the men and women he led to the better way of life in education and religious perception will continue to be a growing monument to his faith in the future - a tradition to which he dedicated his life. 5 in . er1'ee?i.5lLa Ml f . 1 g ,,9.':-I-'P gli 15: I N I Mgt- i- " -X 'g -. r rw il? M 'l' ' . B . ' "'-.9i'lli1i:i.f 'ill ?f"'W"'l7 1 .1 -4' P 1 yswigli i, ,' em - A. ., ,qt ' A ,. Hi .. L . . T ' . . Ja -l' L ' . , , . , V , ., N X ll H i 1: 1 -V A"- f 2 ' i HN: i 1" ' A, , 1 ,.,,,j -W if, V3 ' ' fa- -gli 5, .i - xqz. 1, 'vvwx' 'Q' "ly-7 vu l v .. 5, lg A E. 5 ,f ,H V l me Q - la H a ,QQ fu Sys -f .-.4 BETTY C0-ED Smiling Pam Derby is the l96O Narajado's Betty Co-ed. Pretty, intelligent, active in campus affairs, usually in a wonderful mood, and engaged, Pam is an example for every senior woman. This past year Pam served as Organizations Commissioner on the PSA Senate, and was a member of Knolen's, the senior women's honorary organization. Throughout the school year she has been a mainstay of Canterbury, and was elected to Spurs as a sophomore. Pam is also an active member of Kappa Alpha Theta Sorority. I2 H - v in 1 l..i,4J3t Ii ' r FET? : .I , r ri K 1 f 'vim 2 ht f 'S . A 4 ' .3-- 35, Q , .. ., ,iyv -'a"'f'. . -, i. . H, - .A-. 'tx' , X , v . V A he .,-,ag " t -f Wai-'i,.,'., -, fi- kf.-,g,g-,,- iq' I A .-,,.. ,,.,.', ,.,,-,, I nntp? 45.-7 VZ U A H ' ,gr gy- hiv: 55, vsglgglig. 5, .M ,,F'ig.3,. , J.. an, V, . 1,1-f3",1L3-.glial ...... 1 47" , + P 2 l l D11 H what 5,1 ' -nr I - , , ' A , fg gvzw.--1 --- -f .fv.:---- ' ,1:-4-eJ-'S1-f - 'T ,- . ., I iR...,,ix4,- . X A w,,..., . ':,.,'..-......-.f4,.-1: , JOE COLLEGE What better choice could the students of Pacific have made- for Joe College, l96O? During his four years here, Ron has served as Sophomore Representative, Student Affairs Commissioner, and Student Body President. He- helds mem- bership in Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, and Alpha Kappa Phi. Ron was voted Outstanding Freshman and Sophomore man. And to top it off, he is a member ot Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities and an outstanding player on the Varsity Tennis team. Naranjado congratulates Joe College, Ron Loveridge. We X 4 ,. 'w FT kg JI' f.. 1 1 2 'S F' .- 1 Y T LT. ,fl 1 r f f fl if f .f f " 'f ,fn , 1 HI 8 9 it Z ' !'p'v' fy, , .5 n Singh a 'il 1 ' 6 I Q. J K .o M if Wk. fl ' A ' ""54:i1r"r , ,.-. v f - C, 4' Q .uk f. ..+, f,vfJ1, , iw ' .,..,fi.'-'L' Q ' .. Q 1 ' ' 1 -1. ' 1. ill- J ' f r ' "" '4 '- . . , -. 292 'V :ULN I ,' .M ,--A 1 ' -4 ug V .,. r f P L f f.-fs71IC2"f'f"f'2f 21 1 ' A- , ff 3 3'r"" ,rf "-'vi' 'a 1 . - f Y I 0'7- 1. ,I - :,1..,..Af.,i,,.1 . p,fv,,2,,,. ' 1 aw 1 H L ' '. ff u fir -1171 ' , 7' ,h ' 1- IL' lv 'Gilt' -:D lthrnnj ii ir-Mi, a 1"Afa 4' 'Z 1: .71 1 whfsii f3f:p2?,vd..Fgd V :glut-'. fv' v L i'QF'5f--Na y! 'rf . l I I - ,la . I :J a , -, lf. 5' V nl il, .I H iv.. A1 ' ' fl . w I ,' , . 1 , ". ,, .. P . I , 'L Ir' s A N ...-UQ! .I ff 'N. XX Wi-'tg,,4 1 V, B. - , V l . Liza 1' 521 Els 1125. C'5 1 -4 X' ,f , ., 'Yu SENIORS if WHO'S WHO Donna Hudson Bill Fowler I6 Sully Anaclerio John Sublett 1: . Ann Windweh Lynn Waterman Dick Burkes Judy Newfon if Sandra Clark Gerry Weaver U Beth Akers 'fffvr .jg 5, 5 Dave Wilson Ron Loveridge I Pam Derby Noel Monoukian AI Hill Jan Barron Stella Barker Jeanette Smith Dick Bass Neil Stafford Rich Roberts Ginger Ivers Lynn Engdohl Leroy Wright Dottie Busher AMERICAN Ho's wHo W 'ruo5NT5 ONC1' 9 MTN AM KIM-N Mums ,N wnsrrns nrv'Nn IN :Q I 1 ..2 OUTSTANDING SENIOR MAN Ron Loveridge was chos- en'Outstanding Senior Man at the Annual Awards Con- vocation for his leadership qualities, his scholastic achievement and his par- ticipation in student gov- ernment. ,fr nf Y.- --7 Yfr-, it E12 T131 , F' I, :A ii 5-1 I If ll II. 1 -- ill sf OUTSTANDING SENIOR WOMAN Ginger Ivers was chosen Outstanding Senior Woman at the A.W.S. Spring Ban- quet tor her active role in campus activities, her su- perior Ieadership qualities and her vivacious person- ality. um 7-,...,-nfezrfrf-f-fv ."1T'5FgT.4T'g, LW Y 1 - I A e A A ' ' "4w 'f.1-- V. -1,11 52 -i L - ' ' -4 ' --1 , i I . , -..-"-.,...- -'i-3-I". -P15 . vi' ,.- of I .AML .,C ,' '.f-. i " . ,. "' J. . I fair' S555 J 'J ui 4- ,11- - i A r 'Lili 435 LII. -,t 8 vi i +I Ili T .'EI If -"':IL'If1iI V 1' i":'-vqigaff: i ' 4 ::.,r.'j' qw , r . , - -2"-J ,.- vA:':'L- i. 1 2'Ti'?-'vii . ,. A.A.n,f L.i,h1?,: I-Exit' u. Q 'f5i."- J -, .-?vi,w ,L -.. V1-gin, - 'I fi .J - A , F11 .. 'farm' I '- -Qt -ai it i Ti i,c.i .fl .V- 5 X L N Y is AAUW AAUW JUDY NEWTON ANN WINDWEH SENIOR AWARDS 5 4 ATHLETIC-SCHOLAR SENIOR DEBATE GARY HUBB LYNN ENGDAHL '-W-'M' '-' " ' : 'HW 1 r y B l , Patricia Adams Tony Aflague Edna AhTye Sally Anaclerio Javier Arena Mike Bancroft Irene Barattino Stella Barker Judy Barklow Fred Barnes Janet Barron Ruth Bateman Barbara Bayha Wally Beaver Donald Beckie Belle Rudolf .Wg I ' liliypg ll-A I .N . rw ' Pat Belrose Joan Bender Jerry Biugini Carol Blackham Louise Brink Richard Burkes Sandra Clarke Margaret Corcoran SENIORS Wolf Bodley Sharon Brockhart Hur- l L Allan Brown Richard Brown Frances Easterbrook Burkes T5- Dorothy Busher Walton Cheney Walt Christopherson h l C Oliver Clarke Corrinne Connolly Margo Coolures w Burke Coveny Michael Crosby Shirley Doulton ,. 1 Q, 2l Geraldine De Benedetti Dianne De La Hunt W Wm I . M 'Bob Denton Pam Derby Tanya Desutoff Margaret De Vol xii' J - 5 Mary Dohrmonn James Dowd Bob Downum Tonic Dryedale rr Arnold Dubnick Jerry Duckhorn David Dunlop Rosemary Eggen 22 Lynn Engdqhl MGIDCI EVGIIS N Bill Farley Mel Finos Pot Fong Bill Fowler . I7 Joyce Francis Rita Franco Barbara Fridall Carol George , r . , . w Linda Getchell Bermadine Giannini Marlo Griffin Joy Gritts Mary Grothe Bill Guadagnolo Ted Gurich Phil Hall 1 1 i B U4 James Hanson Wayne Hawkins 2 Ron Helgesson A. Alan Hill Gary Hubb Cliff Johnson Paul Kaufman l Jeri Henderson Sue Herb Michael Horasanian Gladys Horita f I i h 4 Donna Hudson Betty lmrie Judy Jordan Peggy Joy 1 1 Kyoshi Kawasaki Doug Keller Norma Herrin L l Dyan Brown Hubb ,r Sonja Johanson Marjorie Kollenborn Bruce Kennedy r ' - --3. , n 4 . 'Wi W George King Nemir Kirdar Kelvin Kieldsen Gerald Klingenberg is 3 y rf Beverly Larson Ellen Lawseth John Lopez James Lynn Pat MacPherson Joe Malpasuto Jerry Kitay Milton Kite Bob Laddish Sharon Landeck 59" Q-.-1 Sreve Lewis Robert Long "flu E' Nancy McGee Mel McKinney SENIORS Anne Nelson Daryl Mrasek Edward Magee Sue Jo Mathews 25 Nyln Marchese Joan Munn Pat Moresco Joanne Mills Lucile Mason Judy Newton SENIORS Leah Morford Ginger lvers 'fm 'ng-gy' Richard Miller Barry Mayfield 49" fr Irene Martinez Gerry Marquis T JL, Ellen Niles Shelley Onweiler Bill Osgood Nancy Paris Lynette Pearce Eleanor Peter Ron Pickard 1:7 'ia' Gene Pike Charles Poor Henry Prado Harold Rohmlow ls"-of-""' f' ' f . w ,l Am 1 Carol 0'Connor Harlin Payton I Sheryl Pickering Bob Purcell Nels Rasmussen 21 Carol Raphael David Reed Diane Reed Jean Reid Shirley Richesin Betty Roach V- ' E sy' ' 1 R l l l . .ll Mary May Roberts Richard Roberts Alan Rohnow tr Gary Rominger Phyllis St. Sure Yukio Sakamoto ni X . Ruben Sapp Douglas Scheid Nancy Sheu WZ" John Rehn Ernest Roberson 'EZ' Rollie Rohnow Apolinar Sangalang Edward Schwartz SENIORS Pat Schwartz Duane Scott Arleen Shillingburg John Silveria Don Schirachi Jeanette Smith Joan Wemple Smith Richard Smith W , , William Snavely Patti Soule Ed Sowash Marlee Stark John Sublett Davida Taylor Gail Terwilliger Carol Tomlinson 29 Dave Towell Jan Wunger M15 William Webster 30 Dove Wilson Michael Trevitt 3 Lynne Waterman Ronald Weibust Richard Williams .f . -,',- .,v Rose Tortosa Gil Toso Virginia Tucker Dick Walsh Jean Watkins Gerald Weaver .uf- gay.. Ann Weise Bryon Wilber . 'L. Catherine Wilson Ann Windweh , 5 ' still Louise Witaker Janice Yoneshige .2 Dorothy Wong Ken Zenther Robert Woodford Arleen Valterza GRADUATING SENIORS NOT PICTURED: Nanii Agami, Carl Scott Autrey, James Balsley, Nathan Blake, Richard Boss, Allan George Bond, Loris Bringelson, Jacqueline Bristowe, Albert Cameron, Gary Carver, Allen Case, Barbara Chan, Robert Ching, James Claydon, Donald Cockleara, Donald Corder, William Crossland, Paul D'Amico, James Dean, Sandra Dietrich, John Eckerson, Wayland Ezell, Leo Fong, Dolores Gilison, Gerald Gleason, Zora Gooch, Rose Grasham, Richard Green, Mary Greenwood, Mary Guerrero, Melvin Hanson, Millard Hyland, Ginger lvers, Kang Jeung, Colene Jordan, Allan Kawada, Margaret Kipp, Marjorie Kollenborn, Frances Lamonica, George Lau, Anthony Lew, Gerald Littleton, Robert Long, Ronald Loveridge, David Lynn, Suther Lowe, Ida Lynne, Margaret McGowan, Edward Magee, Carol Mitchell, John Mohrman, Beverly Motter, Anne Nelson, Francis Olson, Robert Olson, Mary Ann Peck, Javier Perez, Edithmae Pickering, Mary Pickering, Paul Raskin, Wayne Rasmussen, Belle Rudoff, Eleanor Run- dell, Ray Rustigan, Sucelle Sam, Carl Sanders, Phillip Sanders, Carol Sanguinetti, Richard Sea, Melvyn Shepard, Donald Shirachi, Richard Shore, Jonn Silvers, Barbara Small, Earlene Stanfield Howard Stark, Loretta Steele, Rudolph Sun, Cylde Sweet, Norman Tomlinson, Donald Tonnemacher, Joan Thomas, William Thompson, Josephine Trapelle, Buck Townsend, Virginia Tacker, Gerald Valenta, Fred Vallier, Arleen Valterza, Nona Vaughn, Henry Wegener, Robert Wheeler, Carol Whitmire, John Williams, David Wood, James Wright, Eriah Zansonella. . IP, 73 !fi',:ii..v..' 1-i 'N !'f""" n 5'."i I-an i , 'Mmm llvnuca naval: Baxter Stadium--A C.O.P. landmark scheduled to be torn down after Graduation, 1960. . 4" This is the view of Baxter Stadium that will greet the 1960 seniors as Th n ey gather for the last Graduation ever to be held here Um.. A" lil. 1 Q' .v"' -A. ' ,Ss if . 3 ff! is B X 'N . X AA Jia gh, s i . L',i,l"M 6- if 1 .,Y .Hf.J' 'Dafa Q f wg f 1' KI, ,E 8 Z' -s A M' ff - Fil., V A. wig.: SR . ' f -:gf-z" , ,M 5 , ' iq ' -1 "fu Q 1 1, V -W , .M -,V 3. -gf h . 1 ftfv' E ,I j 0. ',61:,s- f' M . I if - " Ras. N? 'Q ' " 1 - Q., -. E Q.: 4 ,"i?Af 'gi , L.. If a a"Q Q V 3 aw? 5' I , m r! if 6 fl I-A . if as Q, 'wh - . in 'A 44, Ili il nv' j .- V in 'C' f' .- x , - i Q 4 .f 'il , ..-gp -V gT1..:,,,lg.u' ,O-- s -' i -Of 648' Ui- Y' ffl? "" x' ' O i l Nev I , . 3 X Q, 01 it ,if-lf' ' g 'Eur' f. PRESIDENT ROBERT BURNS The pace of modern education calls for a modern President. Dr. Robert Burns has led the College of the Pacific with outstanding leadership for thirteen years. New times involve new problems and most of these problems fall under the jurisdiction of President Burns. He solves problems thoughtfully, carefully, and completely. As President, Dr. Burns carries the heavy responsibilities of the college's chief administrator and chief spokesman. For forceful leadership the Pacific Student Body extends its thanks to our leader. VICE-PRESIDENT An important man on C.O.P. campus is the ever cheerful Dr. Samuel Meyer. His title, Aca- demic Vice-President, falls far short of describing the many ac- tivities this position entails. One finds him continually going from student affairs to faculty prob- lems, campus engagements to national meetings, but no mat- ter where or when a Pacificite spots him he has a warm greet- ing and a friendly smile. n.. I by -+ MZ' lil. CHANCEll0R This year brought a great loss to the College, indeed to the western educa- tional world, with the death of Chan- cellor Knoles. After twenty-seven years as P.acific's president, Dr. Knoles re- tired in l946. At this time he was given the honorary title of Chancellor, con- tinuing to advise on college and academ- ic matters. lt was not until two years ago that the grand educator went into full retirement. Despite this, he continued pursuing his active role in the civic and social life of Stockton. The many merits of this brilliant man are known to all of us and we find it hard to honor his memory in a suitable manner. Many years will pass before the office of Chancellor of the College of the Pacific will be filled by anyone with the stature of Tully Cleon Knoles. 37 DEAN OF MEN Edward Betz Mr. Edward S. Betz, Dean of Men, completed another year of rewarding service to the students of the College of the Pacific. His sincere interest in college affairs strongly motivated him in his work with both students and ad- ministration. 38 DEAN OF WOMEN Catherine Davis Miss Catherine Davis, Dean of Women, is a favorite among the students of Pa- cific.- Her patient counselling and sound judgment are open to all co-eds. Dean Davis' friendly greeting on campus brings to COP the unity of a small college. M. Li L .A ,, 1. ,, -, Vfff' .w1i"' FU' Pearl Piper Arthur Farey Scholarship Secretary Director of Public Relations I .7 sg: ADMINISTRATIVE f. .ag 1 ' W, WE, I - l-I fl---QI.: ' 1 n .I 4, ' I ' l . f., A Elliott J. Taylor ' Alice Saecker Robert Winterberg Director of Admissions Secretary to the President Business Manager for the Al Laursen Jock Myers Librarian Director of Athletics ru-fr""I1 is-1-ws' ' 'I I 4-1 gun per College of the Pacific OFFICES Ellen Deering Mr. Anderson Registrar Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds vu 'P' ,rin if fi Carolyn Knauf Mel Nickerson Edith Saxe Director of Food Services Executive Manager-Alumni Association Director of Housing Don Smiley Judy McMillin Jesse Rudkin Administrative Assistant Assistant to the Dean of Women Assistant to the President ' F'-ff,- 3 v.. 1, GTP'- ANCIENT LANGUAGES Dr. Robert Smutny Chairman of Ancient Languages Department 11' 'V nlw ' ish' X 'Q G- i'. U K - .. I Av 'A- im-,, ' ., 'NX ,. "1 ' " . 'J ' X r v Effufii - Q- ,- --f .... P--. ,- . 5 s ' 1 -S ---. MVN ugh , p. ' V .uh -- . N W' . -- at -x. ' -.- , in ., 3- f ' . .. . U ,-. M,-,, 3:9 "' ' .'3,-Aki?" ,T ja S ' Q f :yy Mr. Marvin Berry and Dr. Smutny are the members of the Ancient Languages Department. Dr. Robert Smutny is giving aid to one of the students in his class. rf: AX .. ex r-1 BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Dr. Beckwith Chairman, Business Administration Department Members of the Business Administration Department are, left to right: Mr. Farey, Dr. Beckwith, Mr. Bramwell, Mr. Piersa, Dr. Dale, and Mr. Lages. Dr. Beckwith Ieads u discussion in one of 44 his business classes. A-v 4.1 1 K- 1 - I, ' ,P-F Vq - sggfwlf ' " QE: FQ XR l H J 'Kii' 1 ' l QNX. fD21f,f, 5 H iff! Q1 , X L V Y . Vl'4,'- w L r ,, ,. . . ' A' . 1 ,Qu 1 l , H 'Q 'W Q T iii? Nt' ,FW- . 1 r 'W '1' Dy.-r---ffm., , L-T , -Y J I 5'-: Y' ? 2.5, 3 . . J, 5 I '. X l'- s fy!-:Y Q1 Y -. .- !4 -4 .f., "4 'H "ah 1 .. . , E7Z?L1'W:'E'-S--fgg-f.-,. l 1 I W , . ix UI 5 Wi 3 l , 1,4 1 'fp ?f,g-i 1- , H i I xi f y 1 . - 5 Lp. A -za 1- Q W, f ' r xl U ' 4 . 'Ff '. 'KF h I K 1 ' tx fi ' f v -- 'f -L ,1 iff is WAI It-Y-, L. A . V' ?' ' , , . inf, In , I A A ,L Nj I 1 'lifrx gf 1u,f.g.ff,g'.f.,-v'fX.,.fw,.gv. ' ! M - " Jfifriffivx-,iWf'iQ.WM -- De Marcus Brown Pacific Teater DRAMA . . . PACIFIC THEATER Curt Ennen Pacific Theater Above is a scene from "The Blind," one of the many studio theatre productions featured at Pacific each year, These productions give advanced drama students an opportunity to direct and produce a play. THE CRUCIBLE Written by Arthur Miller, this movir drama centers about the Salem witchcra trials. At the same time it parallels issui found in contemporary society as it shov how small lies build and build until a whole town is aroused and innocent men and wom- en are sent to the gallows by a malicious servant girl who accuses them of being pos- sessed ot the Devil. Pat Cornell and Rod Elin ably handled the leads, along with Franklin Wilbur, a former Pacific star, who portrayed Deputy-Governor Danforth in the terrifying trial scene. Judy Henderson, Dick Harrison, Kathy Morrison, and Dick Williams were cast in the other lead roles. FAUST Pacific's Opera Workshop presented Charles Gounod's "Faust" this year, in the English translation. The,opera tells the story of Faust, who sells his soul to the Devil in return for his youth, and Marguerite, whose love for Faust almost brings her into the grasp ofthe Devil. Hildegarde Sabrowsky and Buck Townsend, both veteran COP opera performers, played the lead roles, while Nathan Blake was cast as the wicked Mephisto and Malcolm Stone took the part of Wagner. The performance was a joint venture of the Pacific Theatre and the Opera Workshop, with the Theatre handling sets and costumes. The Conservatory Orchestra was in the pit, and the modern dance classes under the direction of Mrs. Uherek performed the dance sequences. ' 1 1' C , V .42 .i ,,. , ,ii 5? gu- E' 5 ei 75 I, -y Qui Dr. .lantzen Dean of the School of Education w 1 EDUCATION L swift' LEFT T0 RIGHT: Chairman in the School of Education Dr. Fox, Dr. King, Dr. Jantzen, Dr. Wait, Dr. Lang. Mrs. Pease is pictured lecturing to her Elemen-tory School Methods class about some of the fundamentals of phonetics in the elementary school. pan r-rw., A han, . ,. . 1 ,,,..,,.,.,x. W k L-..,n,.....-.Y- 1 ,..,.1- 1 ..-if ,,,,.. 4. , K 1 ,,,,.,.-... rr. - - ... ..,- N I W,-, . I ' I ,,, , V. N. ' 1 ,'....,. ,..,. V V113 ' In VU 1 I 4.4. 1 - ,, 1 x M 4 P I s 4. v p 1 .--f.-.., ..-H-V X A ' ' 'I w , "' . , 4 'ij ,Q I X -A - u , v AI A ',, 4.. 1 l' 1 ' ' 1.-,,.-z, ,J . . A, ., I '-. "J-AJP' -.",. . ft,liQ1f'L.' 'fTffi13j,Ez.' N4 'ff-41. ' fam. f'f, R ' ' ' "' ' ' F, vi, ..'..:L' . . ix I 1. ..T 8 54 3 5.4 4:'.1- ' TF- -F5 iw ,-rf ' 'rx 1 .r ,.,, N. J. 5 ia h, .vTw--k,.- .4-N-, Ui I'4-TL-H.. -.A-f':,..ty..n -...Uhr I ,, -l,,,,,,...,L+.,,, F, .. -. ,..,,.J,. K A T ' M ., ,-l',,...l--f.....,.,., ' 4.1, f. ' -A----L 4-.- Cf? ,. 'Z I- " g, MT 1 ' T -wh , f-:Wu ,. ,- . n, V 0. I - S V 0 x V' " -4 :. Ls::,41,u 'cflfgj -A Llffif .5 L "bg Q ' VPS Nant! . -:. I .. 'Bw' Y ' It I ' ' Wiliam- f..'-xna 14 Vw' ,. J ' ..g.-, L To-Tia. 'x Department Chairman Dr. Diefendorf ENGINEERING ""mza1""'s Mr. Dentoni, Dr. Colip, Dr. Diefendorf, and Mr. Harrison. Engineering Class 1, ... W. ,i , -NL 1 , 'J 'ga 2 rYf15l-4:29-:fir , M. 1 me-W :- b ' 'fkfw 1':, '- 'tr 6 P Y ,. Af..4i,1w r Ju- ...wg-.1 ,L 4 4....l BAUN HALL-SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING C s S-A i Engineering students take a break to cool off their slide rules. Dr. C. C. Olson Chairman, English Department ENGLISH ENGLISH STAFF, left to right: Dr. Clifford Hand, Miss Lola Johnson, Dr. C. C. Olson, Miss Martha Pierce, Dr. James Gardner, Dr. Lawrence Osborne. 1 Miss Pierce explains the history of Western literature to her class. HISTORY AND P0llTlCAll SCIENCE Department Chairman Dr. Eislen C tchins, Miss Knoles, Dr. Moule, Dr.. Eislen, and Dr. Wood One of Dr. EisIen's political science classes. HOME ECONOMICS Department Chairman Miss Gehlken Mrs. Harrison, Miss Gehlken, and Mrs. Garrigan 56 ."' x, Home Economics Lab 5 i XR MATHEMATICS Mr. G. W. White, Chairman, Math De- purtment. l n I I l l gf.. s MATH DEPARTMENT STAFF: Left to right: Mr. G. W. White, Dr. Floyd Helton, and John Felix. Dr. Helton begins his College Arithmetic 57 class with some background material. MODERN LANGUAGES Mr. Frederick Steinhauser Chairman, Modern Languages Department MODERN LANGUAGE STAFF, left to right: Mrs. Edithie Peal, Mrs. Janine Kreiter, Dr. Leonard 0'Bryon, Mr. Fred- erick Steinhauser. Mrs. Kreiter shows intermediate French students some of the finer points of French grammar. PHILOSOPHY Dr. W. D. Nietmann Chairman, Philosophy Department ,Vey . , 4 Philosophy Staff: Laverne Sasaki, Mr. Santoni, Dr. Nietmann, Dr. Evans Mr. Santoni strikes a pose familiar to philosophy students as he discusses some deep subject. Russell J. Bodley Deon, Conservatory of Music MUSIC he-is MUSIC STAFF, FRONT ROW, left to right: Miss Spelts, Miss Short, Mrs. New- ton, Miss Isern. SECOND ROW: Dr. Soule, Dr. Beckler, Dr. Schilling, Dean Bodley, Mr. Shadbolt. THIRD ROW: Mr. Brown, Mr. LaMond, Mr. Oliver. FOURTH ROW: Lloyd Gobbert, Dr. Elliot, Dr. Underwood, Mr. Welton. Music students practice with Miss Isern. uf' S x Asi.l,g A , s w 1 . 4. . ,, e I , 5- I . 1. 1 'f Q. W . I x 1 ". up f J ' A ,Avi ' fi . ff U - fi -1 ' ' 0 ' 'QA' X fm" gg: it- W ' I Vg, ., 'C' an XV. 'fu .1 .- lj, 1 - 1 XX ,N 4-1 sa 'W . - 4: 9 . - .., u u .Su .1 fl! 1, I' , A 5' 22-467 , -,iv 'f!".5. ' Z i., f 1 ' ' . 1 .- ,. . - . " W A '.1, 6j1'QA . v. ' ' 4-ffm, Q.-:S-if 0- 5 -- Hr- 1 HN - -4 3 ,Y 4. fn .1 . ,U . .. ,,i,,. A , ,. -'.',f-w xl- -Q. v"-'J V - . , . ' P' fs' X .,'. L. 23lQ1'fff',., , " 4 52, ,vi-,-'5f+F.-nj! " v7,.' , 5, ' 'ff 5 A -. .. ,. "'r"wf-G.I14"" ,, if fVf.fz,,.w --- .- T A 11, ' I .-'Q,V" -rp" Evil? 4- 'gi' ."f . '-5' . ' .A A WT' . 5 . 'I -. -- :FAQ in-1'?A'.:' ' ' ' ' , 'P EGM: '45 gf 1 5, b I - 'if ' I 'J ' ' ' A, 'ye' . - '1'nTg. ' fk':f1-- , "'-it 'Y ', "'JT"4 f '-H ' , 1 ' ,'--"'- 4., v 'fi' QL. 1-"'r 5, -.,. ri-. .- ' S': "4" ' .gn .-...H-"M V"-L ' YP 'f' ' ' ' f, ' ,, , .. ..... . W .- '. 41. . +..,g--., ,,, , f wr -.M . , 3 .". I .T.'f- v.,J'v'." :QW '-J'- ' , nz. ""J:'A' '. 1' ' . f ' . -- ,. Li if W, - 4' .. L- Er-WN ff -4-, . ., s :- -f . -r I Q55 n, . 9 '. . it " vm' -. - - ' . . ' L- fi? 74, if 352- .f"f.' ff ' , 'f'-" . f 4 ' .. K ' M A . ' gf :L , bilm.-N 'lj ij-'YQ ,x' -. - -gnc-f 2- ' 2-1..-S.-gn E '-qv: 5-,nfl .-Y...-LFQ.. A- ' -:?'."3A 'fm L-"-' fi.: ,,Y .w 55 . ,iv - ' ' 'run 5-2" ' Af' ' 7 - W N . -'AZV r "-'Q' " 1. ful Q, . ., a F :fy . 5. . -, l, .. ,Sm 1 ,.Q, I .,1 va... F Q arf., 5, ,, , , A:.v'4Qxg .Lk - . K-.i':,v f,f-...JI . ,,,.fhLw: 121- ,..' V- -. :fs 411- Yu.,-7' L W- - .ua-fy-ff xv -1. .J-1. .l , 'Hr' ' .. -. . J- - ...iQ1j"i1a65' fr-Z: .5 .' " ,v -1 . ., Y if? -' - 1 "ff 'Fda-f. ., ' .-V , '-2' ff fi ,C-gr ," -4 3 ,. - '.:L,,,..Nj 4' 1.1 -Q ,-. -5---' f if V- 3 .I--,-' .' A - - .. -'.v -, 1, -, 1' K d 4 ,. '- AE., ff.-ff 1, - 3 1,g'j5g 55, 1 b ' " . 1 in - " ,, Lf. c.- -ff.: :--,- - ' ,.. --4, cs'- . ' tus. - 'f- '-I-F' :fir ' V . .-F4-f , arf ,fn-.Qs 01451 . --f ' Y, r I "-r- - K 4: A I- K -" . . ,. 4- ' --,,,f:Q-'r J' -:. N," ffl , 1 ,sf 1-gf: , " 'AA ' ' J..1r"' ,i ' . Q1 -- ' '- '-17, 1f'i3.f?lJ -mg- . I v ,,, .,. 3.56 M A . .,f,. ,I ,,,,",, '. T43 - . av- , Y ,.: IIA' -.f .w I .,f, x X , rl'- au ,d' I ',.s.1q---f " V - V ' .... i 'U w . ', Y fe ,s 1 V.- L.. , 8 5 7' , .-- -5. v . 1 -1 X .' .' 1 - ' "' '. ,, L 'CH A 'Q ,, E4-fn i vars, ,N , Y f-.f'..', -- Y- .f -1, , 3 - , -, ' ,,-r-..' , I ,. -. .. -- .. .A -. f ff mf '41 ,.',,n,- .5 -,-- V , I-5 , 4 . 1 . , 91 M, Y-1 , U Nxfaggrif V' A-1 l ills'-5 Par: ': . V A Lf". . ,x N: y f-' -47.4, cf..-14 ,C .V ,1- .f f g'f.5"', ' - -. ,if 7 ' ?' , " ,A-'.. ., . . ,MV N 1. Y '21, ,'1" 'F' ' ' ' ,g 5- - -f -,,m:.,' " -'iw " ,wtf 1' s , gtk' I . Y:-'f 16' ' ' ' IX . , , . . ff fini IJ" '--if f 'W Y' if-.L-Q51 1 K. il E U' -Li 3: fr 1 I S zx, 'Q 1 N .V ' 5?-ei Cx 4, -rf D r ., "I Q' x K: K gen .1 Q ' '15 K ' 1+ ,.4a. - ..4w..-.-.--n---7- , ,W u1ql- . " ' .4 1. . . M A . . ', V I ..:,.-- , V R, AE .til-F I I wk" 1' R W , N Q s f 5- X X mgllg' I 0 ' A , ' -' 1.4.- N . G ii' gif Te 'L x.. fm Q1 K QL. 5 sa - + z .5.Q,9 f. XX..,f' . 1-. ' M W ' ' r' 97: 'AQ QQNF 3' V C , ' 2 -1 ?I"J5 41"-, 151 If' ', ' V . ,P--1 ' xi Ir , , , xkv . -, , f .. . Q . V- 4 -f "-V 713' YE? ff: " -.Q Q I A A U, Q, 1' I N a Q wg, ,F .,A. b If I . 25-7Q ,X 1 . EQ: y, IX 335, , A J F . -.Lg ' N RT .' , L ' - "V 1. .fl 1,1 . ff' I N9 " - J 'V I v 4' ., ' N f Vf' - P r ' 1 ' ' Q ' ' '- ff- ,f f?'X Qi? 5 ,RQ-if 4 fig 1 1 I gs' - L gf. ff Nw w A 2-24.1 we 1 A .- mx ,,, a sf ,gf in ff . x A., N " ' 1 ' 'asf-. ' f f' ' 'V A ' - ' f A '-Q N3 if . 4 fs A., Q V xv ,A B Q- Q. Affzi' ' ' .. . . " f .' -' x - . K V '- ' "1 ' ': , 4 -fl X ' I- X 'gJ'P5. l ,F .- 'bw - '-x zC4Ws'5' -f ' ,qi -.Q ,A - N . AJ., J , is .X - ,I 'X at 61, 14523 LK V' 1' ' J. ,fr -,ir N1 I f 1 ,.-- J, N -L ' 7 , A .E..1 , l 'I . , , ,. ' Q ' 5 Y .. ' bw-dv", I Q' ' I 5' . 4' ' S' -5 ' . , -I 3 ff' '- Y f 1 A B .Q , ff 1 :X ,A V' X. - 1. x . ni 3 A X- N... "A' xx fl VK' x v K X ui: .fi f K ' in-fn' Ax K , 1 x fx, R 5 'Q , . Q Q 1 Q , 5 L 4 0 ,ff L. 1 'F' .L fu .-'Y' ,1 , 4 , pr -vga?-. . m 'ln l Fl 5 1 if - . ,.f- -gu cf- J-lg Dr. lvan Rowland Dean, School of Pharmacy .. .., - 7 ff-m-7' -. ., ..: .45- . '-"1 "ffl . 1-fr--f-, .W , , .,.. ,rn :li A V---vi:-. " Q14 ----am: . 5-., gs-, fl- R.. . P-H .A-'Ax l. L, PHARMACY ,..z-,-e-r---A -' ..,,-.--fbvv.-. "'!!"!"YTL'-". 'ZEN 'run-1-:eq -. '1 .:,,...,,,q,.Q- ' 'f7'?'i? Li . IA... ,l' PHARMACY STAFF, left to right: Dr. Emmons Roscoe, Dr. Donald Barker, Dr. Carl Riedesel, Dean Ivan Rowland, Mrs. lna Pearson, Mrs. Cisco Kihara, Dr. Arnold Alpert, Mr. Norman Van Waltherop, Mrs. Barbara Bullard, Dr. N. 5. Van Marre. Mr. Van Waltherop explains a finer point of pharmacy. PHYSICAl EDUCATION Dr. Knox ' Department Chairman "" Members of the Physical Education Staff are, back row, left to right: Mr. Harris, Mr. Antilla, Mr. Kjeldsen, and Mr. Gustafson. Front row are Dr. Voltmer, Miss Matson, Miss Meyers, and Dr. Knox. Members of a PS swimming class take a break to soak up 1373 xh ffl., some sun. Q ""'k.M ' 'fs 'ui' ' 7 'S 1 66 , V L? RADIO 8. TELEVISION Richard D. Settle Chairman, Radio and Television Department RADIO AND TELEVISION STAFF, left to right: Hazel Bogess, Mr. Rigg, and Mr. Settle. Radio and television in action. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Sue Hale, Jim Oliver, Ted Ray, and Richard Williams. RELIGIOUS EDUCATION AND BIBIE Dr. Frank Lindhorst Chairman, Religious Education Department T7 STANDING, left ta right: Mr. Stewart, Mr. Harris, Dr. Lindhorst. SEATED: Miss Shannon, Mrs. Rudebaugh, Dr. Maynard. 51 Dr. Maynard lectures to a Bible class. PHYSICS STAFF, left to right: Jack Brunner, Dr. Thomas Young, Dr. Alfred Kraus, Richard Hays. SCIENCE Dr. Wudman watches a chemistry ex- periment being performed by Ron Forbes and Gary Vergin. CHEMISTRY STAFF, left Liang, Abe Shirazi, .lack Leach, Dr. Herschel Frye, Cobb, Dr. Jesse Binford, Wadman, William Rhouds, mafsu, C. G. Vlassis, Alex , .9 is I 'I Ilwl A to right: Ken Ailshie, Mr. Dr. Emerson Dr. William Hideo Tomo- Vavoulis. Members of the Geology Department are, left to right: Dr. Evans, Dr. Stitch, and Mr. Balsey. -3 Members of the Zoology Department are, left to right: Dr. Lehmann and Mr. Tucker. Members of the Botany Department are left to right: Mr. Tucker, Dr. Lehmanni Dr. Stocking, and Mr. Meyer. SOCIOLOGY Dr. Harold Jacoby Chairman of Sociology Department ,4"-A-Le,-Y-L'-Q Z Members of the Sociology Depart- ment are, left to right, Mrs. Fay Gole- man, Dr. Harold Jacoby, Dr. David Bruner, and Dr. Milton Mason. Dr. David Bruner discusses one of 72 the latest social problems with his students. L , ,T,','t- ., M, ' " 'K 'jf ,rf " J .1 -.-is Xl Qi ' .-.tx si 1.7 X Ss .X SPEECH SPEECH STAFF, left to right: Mr. Paul Winter, Mrs. Jane Olson, Dean Edward Betz, Mr, Richard Settle, Dr. Halvor Hansen, Dr. Gordon Zimmer- man, DeMarcus Brown, Mr. Rod Rigg, Miss Judy McMillan, Dr. Howard Runion, Mr. Curtis Ennen. Mr Paul Winters explains outlining to 13 u beginning speech class. Dean Potter and Dr. Hand read a thesis turned in to complete the requirement for a Master's degree. GRADUATE STUDIES Dr. C. C. Olson Acting Dean of Graduate Studies, First Semester Dr. Willis Potter, Dean of Graduate Studies. Dr. Potter took a leave of absence during the fall semester. ,115 25 , ' . 9, I f V ,A " '... A v Q Q 'Wu K -' rf s ' J QA ' " 145 :im A . P' 2 5ifa','zf!?4. I W 35, y '1:g'-auf..--1 ,g, it ,,, X M, .-ii .ziAN'e' ,V-1 " "1'f",' 'Yu 7?.,',.A-x4'Cfx' ok' "I T, - 1 .K w rf. .' 1 QMS.: ' ' Tlluif V' 55 .', mx J n CDI 1-iff p' 3 af- ' me H'-W 'E' 713' - 4915 532 1 ks Q-x R. x 'Q an 'gf ', im,-fd, AL-LEW 5 iff '. .' '-"'.- 'A 1 1 ' fx? ,yi ' I. ff!-XM . ,L tfxw s .V-'xl V tl fr fa 7 , JM, .xV 'Q ' '50 I ' 11, Qi 0 , , .. '. Fixx, , ,.-y' .5 5 A H. A H. -of W. .' ,Q4 ,,. :V f ' ,. .a .. ,,r. - ,, ,. ,Q N- - A ' - -.1 1' - -xx .11 - K M ,aw '1 1 - .V v -- ',. 1:1 . , 7,4 " 1 fbi" x.1"fi 111 - -W 'fzfwaf ' " , . - 'f ,qui-h v"'h7 . " tfvlflpan 1 3 ., . r .I .I D ,YI . A an A v. A f. .V X- " . .' - . 1- 1: 24- Y. 2, , xc ,,, Egg , gi P um' 1 ---,f--,.'g1y.41 43,3-Q." - , vi' ' Q' H . , M:f,f"'- 4 Q. K , +42 , A' i.. - . ' N ' f . I 'F' .. . z , Nm . :'1M.' . "rJ- - Jr A '11 1.7.-.f wi I 1,1 I ll, ,rm L -7. ,mx ,5,Mg.4.,A1,A,4 4 ,,.".. .gk-535 U niggaz' Q , ,- 'A' ilfy. N V ' . Iwi. ,, x I .V ,Q J fr' 3: Vg. ' x.. ,4V.,:-, ,ffm ' , L if' ' , 1' . '- ' x A , , ' ' A A . 1- ' 'v if Q ' '47'-I 'v'l' """'L ' M ' rx. " , 5 1 .- 4.41:-.L-........-...... i . dyam A Y v A - , ,, --:Jeff-4 , .I Tl' 4 1 I, . af sh ' 1-sr:,f.n-mx' 'mb-' In v o J' . 5 1 7 X .-.1,- .l Mm., -' f- -fg:g,E1-.W-faytrff , . Q. -.f -- ,.jg,.-fr, 4 ' .. . -., .. ""' ' , W qua-e ' - i'..f,',1..L!i'7g:, V - , .,uamal?' 1 'j-5 V J 1 X rl-v v a ' 1 .,gps H., -- . ' Q Y JM' , '-1 :-- L-5-3 kv. 5 . - V -V., M, ,, f, A rg- W f . f 8 v N H-h--:'.-,m",1 "' " ' ' 3 '!'1vr2.1""!i5.'F12AET",I3QLT'Z':-R V ' , A' I 1 f ft-f5f"l3-f 1 . E .L A Y ..'.. n Y' ' A A 'V' '- , x..::'4' A iii' ' "' 'MM' J, ,,,-5, f, n if "Q frfr - QQ Q lull!! -na 1 if. HEL: is -.- 1 -5 , si v..f- Qin?-E L-. af? t .,,,.- A , I .-5-.. MSN' an 'Hxx-Lkn 1 'F sn. 'w-.Q vi , L . Q -..., .. .i.,. -zQ 0. 1' I V-1-3-..,T s. . EL J' ., L' V I I-.fig-19.-.'. - 'A ia A , 3-mf :W up. . . . f, ,, 1. , " fi- . " MQ"12.' The campus is calm and straight-laced with the Straight Arrow Policy-Huh D.U.? ifk. "lt's X A .eww P Woman's World" N' -. 5 . . h "X Don't you wish you were fa- mous? Fencing for a part in that great movie "High Time" or are you trying out for one of COP's rallies starring such well-known celebrities as the Hi-Los and the Kingstone Trio??-and San Jose State. is iii?-A s ,vi Q 5 t i sl f .yi W iw if u Qi- i Aslywuy -. .ssshx V -, X ,Q 'i P to doge A I " V un' L I I f:::,:'i'?'. Q1 if, A ' 78 , yi 1 2' .,-'F' ' Sleep tight Sonney! PACIFI f. 5 .,i , ig fr' f Iv and three telling' him what to Teamwork-with two holding the ladder wif -' 1 -1 ORTALS College life is great! Ever tried putting clean dishes into QI No comment! dirty dishwater? xi Z! Qc 4' X., .If's been so long since we've visited this place that we feel like we're com- mitting a sin when we walk in. , x 7, , S I 109' is 5 I Incoming freshmen work hard at the battery of tests facing them before they become COP students. REGISTRATION This is the sight facing all who register. To 'the older students, it is a familiar sight, but to the freshmen it is just another part of the maze. i , l The great day had arrived--the Frosh were to register! Hundreds of orange bows and caps flooded through the Library with an unsatiated number of questions for which there seemed to be no definite answer. Some got lost in the stacks looking for advisers and lines which were in other buildings while others seemed hopelessly engulfed in pages of directions and time schedules for which no parental ad- vice had ever pre- pared them, "But I simply MUST have this class this semes- ter." No more Mickey Mouse classes - the strive is for scholas- tic excellence. lt was perhaps on this very day that the Frosh realized the hard work and many hours of studying that were before them. ' J., .... lp" ff" . ' .', 14" li ,-4, .lldllfi , -if - FM., .,.,-ef" .:a:r:'U'F' ,V 1 ,,.,..- Q 2 ' ' ' P - WP' ' ' U , ORIENTATION Orientation week will be long remembered by all Freshmen as one of the most hectic, fun producing, exciting and confusing weeks of their lives. After anticipating college for so long, students from all over the world and from almost fifty states found themselves "in college," but not quite. It seemed impossible that they would be able to absorb all the instructions and directions that were fired at them the first few days. There was mass confusion for a while, but with the excellent organization of Orientation by the Senate and faculty the Freshmen finally settled into the routine of Frosh tests, Tiger tags, and dinner lines. Awed by upperclassmen and warmed by the smiles and friendly atmosphere of the campus, the Frshmen gained confidence and many new friends. Y! ,+R H ' av- 45",- uf it .W ,ff '-l Yi! Dr. and Mrs. Myers, and Dr. and Mrs. Burns, at the head of the reception line, greet incoming freshmen and welcome them to College of the Pacific. PRESlDENT'S RECEPTION Following a week of the hectic rush and confusion of registration the freshman class was formally introduced to the President of their college in the Anderson Social Hall. Dr. and Mrs. Burns along with Dean Davis, Dean and Mrs. Betz, Dean and Mrs. Myers, and other personages of the faculty and administration received them with the assistance of the mem- bers of Blue Key and Knolens who acted as host and hostesses. The Freshmen and other members of the student body who attended were delighted with the cordial reception they received. Refreshments were served in the Anderson dining hall at which time students and faculty alike had the opportunity to visit and get acquainted. All the students were cor- dially and enthusiastically received. The Freshmen were delighted to find that while maintaining respect, they could talk person- ally and at ease with mem- bers of faculty and admin- istration alike. At few col- leges and universities can one find such a cordial and close relationship be- tween students and fac- ulty. The President's Recep- tion stimulated an already bubbling and enthusiastic Freshman class to face the gg. coming year in earnest. - V--M ' :uf .- wha,-P119 :Q at .1 4' 1401 WW, "?2'i,1 -is ,. l L.. L 9' ' Q 5" 1 A 'l' , j . ' it ,. 18 BIG 'N llTTlE SIS PARTY Each year many new Freshman girls and new transfer students find themselves being orientated into a new type of environment or into a new campus. It is bewildering for many of the Freshman and transfer students. The Associated Women's Students Cabinet, through their Big and Little Sister program, takes them in hand and they are assured a friendly ear and a helping hand. Each Freshman girl receives the name of a Sophomore or upperclass woman student who becomes her Big Sister and is always on hand to help the new student in whatever way she can. During the first week of school in both Fall and Spring semesters, the Big 'N Little Sis party is held and each Big Sister brings her Little Sister for an evening of entertainment, fun, meeting new people and refresh- ments. Barbara Fridell was the chairman of the Big 'N Little Sis parties this year and the program proved a great success. ll THE CIRCLE GOES NATIONAL Sororities have had a long and fine tradition at Pacific and have been an integral part of the College for many years. Proud of their fine traditions as locals, the sororities decided that by com- bining their traditions and ideals by affiliating with National sororities would be advantageous and would enhance the college and college life. This change is only one of the many changes and progressions that have shown up at Pacific in the past few years and is an example of the changes to come as time and progress march on. Starting this new trend was Epsilon Lambda Sigma who affiliated with Delta Gamma, then Alpha Theta Tau who affiliated with Kappa Alpha Theta and Tau Kappa Kappa who affiliated with Delta Delta Delta. I I Q ' In Q , i 1 ' NYS .JN ff? ,gp I I x . A V. x 3-J A 1.4 I ,.-" ' . ix, a .,:"TAiQ'-if ': A , his " -+1 L Yay- 'LQ Z' 1.35 Xlw- , 'Q - ww- 'ff '.,- ' - ,QITNL CQ,- - V A hfffzm-E: :ie5A:L,' M 'WJ A-H' A 51553:--:.i'v"-f .-'v ' ' I, - - -gr vw V ,il-QM-Q-.-f, A' Lf ' W -. .-,-.may--.--1:53-',"1:9-ff' - . :ff -- .,-V 4.f-1 Jul-3rfIT,?E1Ar -1 A - A K , I .,. C ' h U. L.--wg qgLx.v--'Y ,f 'X -. ,--. X-. . '- PRINCESSES . .. PRINCESS CAROLYN PRINCESS JU DEE PRINCESS CATHIE J' PRINCESS SANDY .wx PRINCESS SHEILA PRINCESS LYNN ,g I . 'Ia' Q-F :gd "3 At? !..5 ,gh .Q EN. 4114- 'l'fr,::Tr.5: F ' nf, i J M' 'K E rj I, 4 R '- The Women s Residence Hall won the decoration trophy for women's groups with a mighty Tiger and a crushed deflated Marquette Warrior. I All the colorful, original living g r o u p decorations, based on musical themes, brightened the campus for students and alums alike. They accurately predicted a Pacific victory and added that much more to a great Homecoming. HOUSE DECORATIONS P . , SV 4- fx rfffif' QJKQ BY4-LINE H-VlCTORY l l -i-it 4 . , y f-f.,g,'F'-ZH--1.5, .L Delta Upsilon's clever, movable house decorations took home top honors in that depart ment. Of course the typewriter spelled out a Pacific victory. I f YB, WE ,V vw Delta Delta Delta's winning float featured the song "Stormy Weather," illustrated by a movable weather barometer. Stormy weather was ahead for the poor Marquette Warrior. WINNING FLOATS f'lf g-'f-,., , S , ""7 ,ng in .r g ll - , , H -. dll! i dll? 65 W ' ' N 1 I --rj :lil NGS Tb!! .....- ii X,- l i i Alpha Kappa Lambda took the men's group trophy with their huge self-propelled tank. "Tanks for the Memory" was the song featured. The Tiger saluted, and a dead Warrior was draped over the back end. Remember this rally? The kickoff to a great weekend! The rally, one of the many highlights of homecoming, featured Del Courtney as Master of Ceremonies. Pictured here is just some of Pacific's great talent. . ,af",f:-uf . Liana' , ,..L. - V s P , Li. The festive weekend of Pacific Homecoming was concluded by Buddy Macapagal and his band "Saying lt With Musicl" Buddy added an extra highlight, being a coP alumnus. Appre- ciation was given to Barbara Bayha and her committee for the successful Homecoming finale. ln the meantime the alumni attended a special dance where old friendships were renewed, new spouses introduced and "the good old days" generally dominated the conversations. if w -f - -ff . -ff-f -- -- nf' I 'T A it -.wi is This year's keynote speaker lon left? is shown here with Dr. Zimmerman and Dr. Kraus at the convocation for the Campus Confer- ence on Religion. They later broke up into sep- arate discussion groups as seen below. CAMPUS CONFERENCE ON RELIGION The theme, "Get Out of Your Campus Ghetto," was chosen to stimulate students to broaden their goals of friendship. It was held November 8-i2 and Dr. McCoy, professor at the Pacific School of Religion in Berkeley, presided as guest speaker. Each day he changed the topics from politics and business to science and education to give the conference a broader and more meaningful scope. On Monday and Wednesday evenings the living groups benefited from meeting with faculty and community lead- ers when they talked over the problems that were dis- cussed during the conference. Students and faculty members who were able to attend the conference meetings found that the ideas put forth helped to strengthen their character. ' l Eg Y . . Ami I ,. ,lynn . 1. , '---.Y . ln, , .. 1 - .. - f,. ,ft ,. H Z.. ., ,-.D -4 - Jigs Q. - - ,la ,,,,, rt: E, N , i gt..- iw Q-fi "' OPEN HOUSE Open House is an event that is looked forward to by members of every living group on campus. Here is an opportunity to receive friends and guests, show them your "home away from home," have them meet your housemother and invite them to share with you the coffee and conversation that makes new friends. Here also is a chance to visit them in return. Exemplifying the open house tradition at its finest this year was Covell Hall's open house of the holiday season. Each of the twelve sections was decorated in a different theme, all relating to the Christmas season. Students and parents crowded the many colored halls and rooms of this fantas- tic dormitory, while still others were served refreshments by the attractive hostesses in their dining hall and lobby, For some of the G r e e I4 s, 0 p e n houses were a first as a national, while others held instal- W, ,F is lation ceremonies i followed by their open house. Sum- med up, the open houses of the past year exemplified the air of hospital- ity and congenial- ity which is Pa- cific. .V ti .l .AH :ximian ' 'J gf an I A .JQQ 0 1.47, ' ,Q .d Y . RQQ It rr Q? S . I ' .ps- FI . ful N CMUC1 HP--L ' Q' . J-aw, I ll. My 'dv all: yi -I- T' 5 f 313. .4 'Sf' 5 I ff' xvi II vs? l-,l , Y ,. A 4 A- , l . .4 qgggfmk lk.. if n - f '-'Lf ' ., 51 if V ,-Q I W - I ,. 1A!miL'n:: ,' .xv U Q, L 3 ' I 5 Q ' 1 gg . 'flu 'f H , 5 ..- " ' A ,.,'- V." ,. se - , Q - 4 .. f ? Q A , ' I Y ' li v , - I V " x " ' ' --f' f if 'I "iii ,ff 1, Y ,Yr 9 . , F , 'R - . , . 1 -'w Q..4QQ5"" '-1 Q , .., rs A 3,- I L? ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Alpha Kappa Lambda presented a preview of the l96O presidential in- auguration with its skit, "To Washing- ton With Love." The new President has promised to marry the winner of the Miss America beauty contest, but at the inauguration he reveals that he has married his secretary. This crisis is resolved in the skit. The production featured beautiful Delta Gamma's Court re- ioices at the choice of Winitred the Woebegone as princess to the prince. "Lucky Pierre" informs the President of the iniustice he has done to Miss Monticello while the Senator from Missippi looks on with satisfaction. BAND DELTA GAMMA Captivating the audience with colorful costumes. a r1 d sets, clever dialogue, and snappy dance routines, Delta G a m m a pre- sented an excellent skit entitled "Medie- val Madness." Th e plot concerned t h e court's desire to find a wife for their bachelor prince. After review- ing 558 contestants, the court is introduced to the princesss from the land of the Dewey- dewey - dew - "t h e swamps." Portrayed by vivacious Judy Polack, Winitred the Woebegone tells of her life in the swamps through a song entitled "Winnie ls a Lady." Convincing the court that she would make a perfect princess for their prince, Winifred, nicknamed FRED, is placed upon the throne. To the gay tune "He's in Love With a Girl Named Fred," troubadours, jesters, court ladies, and pages rejoiced with high-stepping dance routines over the selection of FRED as their princess. T 123-.ft . A E j 1 i , I 'rr sets and costumes, and very clever chor- eography, with a soft shoe number by the president and vice- president bringing down the house. The production was well directed by R o g e r McManus. l02 l FR0llC DELTA DELTA DELTA "Sing Sing Sing," performed by the in- mates of Tri-Delta, was a lively musical portraying the life in a prison. Centered around a prison yard the girls were dressed in typical costumes of red, blue, and black and white stripes. i . .M With enthusiastic A . A ' spirit the girls sang I u l Q- Tl and plotted for a solu- L-' , ' Ji tion to their problem -the lack of men. "To merge with Alca- traz" was the only answer. Tri-Delta's Band Frolic was planned and directed by Sue-Jo Mathews and Suzanne Lown, and featured Sarah Olsen. With clever dance steps, and sparkling personalities Tri- Delta made this show delightful and en- tertaining for the audience. K1 .Nu N-A xxvl-u l ":lxXl. l I Delta Delta Delta tells of life in "Sing Sing Sing." Black and white film does an injustice to the red, blue, and black stripes. AI Capone informs his gang that "You've Got to Have u Gimmick." "Q-as DELTA UPSILON Al Capone met Bugsy Moran in a splash of color, gay songs and rhythm steps in DU's version of "The Eve of St. Valen- tine's Day." The opening number, "Talk, Talk, TaIk" was cleverly interpreted by Larry Swan's "What-do-ya-talk" line. DU swung into unified motion with "Sing, Sing, Sing." Al Capone, ably portrayed by Dick Harrison, was the typical tough guy of the stage. With a big cigar, he told the gang that "You've Gotta Have a Gim- mick" to succeed, and Carl Kammerer, Ted Gurich and Roy Ryan a d d e d their gimmicks and talent to this lively number. T h e D U's w e r e decked out in double breasted suits and spats that took the audience back to the wild era of the 2O's. An appropriate con- clusion to this scene of hilarious c r i m e was the comic version of "Everything's Coming Up Daisies." l03 KAPPA ALPHA THETA A train ride to "Mi- ami," "New Orleans," and "Manhattan" cap- tivated the audience as the Ladies of Kappa Alpha Theta presented "A Week to Leap." Traveling first to Mi- ami, the Beach girls, occasionally bothered by "76 Sand Fleas," bounced to "lt's Too Darn l-lot." New Or- leans jazz was exciting but in Manhattan the Ladies traded their minks for dishcloths as they decided it was time to board the train to "Take Us Back The Way We Came." This versitile and colorful show was en- tertaining and showed skill in choreography, diction and group par- ticipation. sr. Kappa Alpha Tl1eta's jazz lovers de- scribe the life in New Orleans icenterl while the Beach girls and the Manhattan ladies listen in. The men of Rho Lambda Phi audition for a Broadway musical in their Band R' V 1,-'f..f i RHO LAMBDA PHI Donned in straw hats, white shirts, brightly colored vests and dark slacks, the men of Rho Lambda Phi portrayed a group of fellows who crashed the Broad- way stage. Entitled "Stagedoor," th i s lively musical skit cleverly incorporated such hit tunes as "Say, Darling" and "Everything's Com- ing Up Roses" into its plot. Highlighting the show was a solo sung by baritone Jim Altman to "Some- thing's Always Hap- pening On Broad- way." Ray Rusitigian and Denny Levett teamed together to provide a little "old soft shoe" dance rou- tine for the pleasure of the audience. Winning smiles and the enthusiastic spir- it of the performers made "Stagedoor" a completely charming show from beginning to end. The ladies of Zeta Phi tell the story of the three bears, featuring Mama Bear and Baby Bear in front center, with Papa Bear and Goldilocks directly behind. This year's Band Frolic, just about the best ever, had them in the aisles, al- though the perform- ers were no doubt aided by the lack of seats. The Conserva- tory had a standing room only crowd both nights, and people made themselves as comfortable as they could. The judging of this year's Band Frolic was different than previously, inasmuch as every group per- formed both nights, and everyone was judged both nights, with more weight go- ing to the Saturday show. Actually, the judges had a tough time, as there were no poor shows this year. Everybody was there to win, and w i t h participation like that, nobody can lose in the long run. ZETA PHI "Quiet, Please!" in the library was the theme that sparkled in Zeta Phi's Band Frolic, The girls were attired in red skirts and red checked vests to represent students, but this was certainly a very lively library scene. Under the direction of Bonnie Ferrin and Shirley Pylant, Zeta Phi girls had a variety of rousing songs and dances. First was "We Think This Week is Hell," and this was followed by an original and delightful version of "The Three Bears." "Sweet Georgia Brown" was not the typical girl of the books, but the audience recognized the unfavorable picture of the librarian in "Marian the Librarian." "Shout Hallelujah" concluded the show with an exuberant burst of song and dance, but the little girl in the corner with her "Playboy" climaxed this lively scene. 1-ii agp- ' n: i4 . . i r ' 'A 'Y' 4 A." f. i ARCHANIA ALPHA KAPPA PHI "Strike" and it's another home run for the men of Alpha Kappa Phi. The perpetual Trophy has been appropriately claimed by Ar- chania for their third consecutive winning Band Frolic show. The conflicts between Labor and Management came to life in the "Strike" theme and colorful staging. Under the guiding hands of Dave Wilson and Bill Osgood, the Archite's show achieved profes- sional excellence. The opening number, "The Country's in the Very Best of Hands," was highlighted with a solo by Bruce Brown. The Archites were divided into two distinct groups. Coveralls designated the laborers and tails and top hats separated the management. Mel Slocum led the group to a solution to the age-old conflict with a tuneful rendition of an old favorite,"'You've Gotta Have Heart." Laborer Bill Osgood captured the audience with his "l've figured it out!" number. A compromise is obtained at the conclusion of "Sev- en and a Half Cents," and the "Strike" ends happily for all-labor, management, and especially for the audience. The famed Archanian kicks were performed with precision and grace. The blinking lights on the upward curve of the progress chart completed this award winning show with a rating of "professional" if jill QQ., ivanx -ws, I? 4 P riv' 0 I Y , . . . Q 4 . - W . . :A X . E5 Y v 3 X -IP. :V -3,,, F 177 . I rgmagaggziluug llwlL-I . Ea--tEaiB'E rug! ll lg J Q!!! rl 1l , l I I-If Q . wi ' 2? ' Q. -3. ,Q '..Lj1 , g r . ' 'A . rt Y '- iw , "f'35avl-:M-4.-.. 32 I , . -- ' I - :Vt -. -. igei .. 'L T' if .fi:.,g.-- , a ' ' ' V' knfi, 1. . I r. 1-' -" '1 'W .1 ' -. .K ' 5' 71 , VL 'W ' Y . --..:- f!".T . as U- ,X ,fx 's..,,S WRA ACTIVITIES This year under the able leadership of Nan Mc- Lean, the Women's Rec- reation Association had another successful year. Beginning with Orienta- tion Fun Night in Septem- ber, the year's events ran the gamut of athletic activities. Intramural g -i N swimming m'eets, a tennis tournament, volleyball at Stockton J.C. Hockey and intramural basketball are first semester activities which drew the usual enthusiastic support of co-eds. ln March, our W.R.A. delegate to and president of, the California Athletic Recreation Federation for College Women. Karen Arveson, attended the delegation in Los Angeles in an attempt to bring even more well-organized and successful recreational facilities and activities to Pacific. March also brought with it a Bowling Playday, Individual Sports Day, intramural volleyball, baseball, and of course, the W.R.A. fun nights which are scattered through both semesters. The activities which W.R.A. present are an opportunity for girls to take a break from studying and a chance for making new acquaintances and friends. A ,fp - 1 J fi' 4 D ,J V f Q9 1 bfi: fy -. . V sf VA M .5 K -J' ' ff? , ,, ly f dirt-2 V, -, X' f ,lahiiy XII i '- ku -' ' M.'A ' .YNUA ww ' 1 I r S '. Y :Rf QT ' Qi? ., W ' ' ,ff f ' - 1 ""0+EeQ1 wig 4 ,, W n It N 5 JY ,f ,fi ,gyffl W- F5 . ' + M 6. W YN f -K , , J X uwidf rl Y. -X .4 15 1.-'E Av' aiv ,JjlgT,f q Kgff'fL , , ii v E '- A .-,. ,z ,g ,, ,,v,.r, 'I M:- 4 vm, , ,V .. Q w L 'E 'Q 'I , lf, : -L-' Kill if In Q Q .: H - lf A", ,A - ,il v, ,M F1 -:lg all Xxl 8 , 'Etta . ie: I I n L... 1. AWS BANQUET "Thoughts . . . a woman can only rise, conquer and achieve by lifting up her thoughts." This was the theme of the l96O Associated Women Students' banquet, held at Covell Hall, May l2. The mistress of cere- monies, incoming A.W.S. President, Thais Kishi, smoothly handled the program which included an invocation, welcome, introduction of guests, and presentation of A.W.S, officers, present and future. The high point of the evening came with the tapping of Spurs and Knolens, and the presentation of the Senior women awards. The Sophomore honorary, Spurs, tapped l7 well-qual- ified members to carry on their campus activities for the coming year, this num- ber was over the usual quota. ln contrast Knolens found only 9 qualified to join their membership. Knolens inno- vated a scholarship program this year with the presenta- tion of a scholarship to the Sophomore woman with the highest grade average, Karla Ubang. The climax of the evening was the presentation of the AAUW memberships which went to Anne Wend- weh and Judy Newton-and the outstanding S e n i o r Q 3-'55 "1-'iyd B ' i Woman award which was given to Ginger lvers. 'L .g P a Ii . ,uf Pl ' 3? Us 1 no Fi "l 'V 1 g P-Ji' li. N ' qjlfilf' . S Q . l s . 0 AWS SPRING FORMAL Spring weather means beautiful moon- lit nights dancing in gardens full of flowers and fountains. This year was no exception as the Associated Women' Stu- dents held their annual AWS Spring Formal on April 2. With the theme of "Silhouettes in Spring," Pat Bridgewater, chairman of decorations, and her commit- tee did a wonderful job of transforming Sturgeon's Dance Studio lotherwise known as the Officers Clubl into a moon- lit delight. Pastel colored doves with net wings hung from the ceiling while the stage was artistically arranged with many flowers, grass and a four-tier fountain with run- ning water. Dancing to the strains of Pete Davanis' Band, people danced on until l :OO a.m. in the morning! All agreed that it was a successful dance and a wonderful evening. UPPER LEFT: Families and friends visit at open house. LOWER LEFT: Lunch out in front of Ander- son Hall. AT RIGHT: Dr. Pederson, COP Alumnus, delivers the keynote address. PARENTS DAY The theme of this year's Annual Alumni College-Parent's Day was "Liberal Education in the Age of Specialization." The April 30th program featured ten of Pacific's outstanding lecturers and the Annual Alumni Banquet. An outstanding speech was presented by Dr. Emerson Cobb about Pacific's research in the tight against cancer. The day's events were brought to a pleasant close with the Pacific Theater's presentation of the "Mouse Trap." May lst brought the Annual Strawberry Breakfast sponsored by the Anderson Y. Alumni, guests, and parents received a better look at the inner work- ings of the College by attending the various lectures, by viewing the interesting displays and demonstrations of the departments, and by touring the buildings and living groups on campus. aff x. L. he V 'ff if :-L ,Vg L Q N H ' MDW- 9 V ,R F M 4-'f?,i,' -Q G '31 if X. 3 1 . .12 . ..-J! ss. f-"g-Aj! ff i , 1 - Ex f' w I ,.,. g-, ix. ,Q IDIEI :UID ,-5 The Lancers entertain ,pllll All 9' 'AQ' MV Z Winning Costumes Winning Booth Fred Vollier and Lauretta Wright Kappa Psi , , ,,,,,J..i..f f-.L r- ,YY T, Nl S E ' HER MAJESTY The beautiful and petite Miss Sue Palmer reigned over the l96O Mardi Gras festivities. Miss Palmer was elected by a popular vote of the student body and commands all of the charm and finesse that a queen requires. Susie is a junior majoring in Elementary Edu- cation and a member of Kappa Alpha Theta. She was crowned in a lovely ceremony during the Mardi Gras rally where she also received a trophy and many gifts. ,,,, +,.,.. Q , ex? X, ,, i, 4. 1 7 Qiiv' fg, " I as 'r X'-. '- . +11- .,- ,-4 -il- ,,...f all i, if,- z:" ' '-J x X 1 ,, v. . ,fl-p ' ' . 2473 ,151 ,ii ,ifVV,:"4 A x fi--7? .r- - -A . Marsha Derby Covell Hall Hof' Leslxe Delta Gamma -4:-1 Phyllis Reynolds Zeta Phi Q2 lim? ' S. ip Kay Bonsey ,gif .if .1- i Wayne Hawkins 1 1 , UGLY MAN P0 X '71 . Cayellnzlg,-ox Ulf PRINCESSES xvl 9 X10 c"'3ovQlv' 06 vel' lI7 md.. ' 0 e . 94.1-..z X U my Th'- 3:3133 x I ,. , - ,-cr' ' .' -Nr. - ,.. .A - 3 A ,.. , . K . u -LL i , .ax xf , . . ., . . ' "f,l . ., . Tb-S71 Qe I ,e,,' D ' 43"-' ' 48, s . 5- ' . . "3 ' . 4 'XT - 3' -7- in -' , Il- , i fn H' . ?--"W , Q, '4-,-ff, QV' 5 n ' 364' Ngo' ,J if rvqfxg "2 .iir ' A ' .5 C ' ' 1 ' . " ' ,, - . . 11 , . - -s - -, . N-. . 9,-- M. ff J' . FQ , ' , ' ' ,. 76 -Tk. 'N QQ' 'M' 'N i ,QQ Jr-va'-A s. ., -- -- I .W p ,sys . d-I ..,',X 'J fs ' , ,, v 1 'wa - Plug- -u . 5 . M l- I' E74-- I 1-'f f ' xl? . .ps--'fjxxx 'T ff l , 1 N S . 'O 5 ls' I , -"4 ,v iii 3 A 0 l pi'-'pr' vl I affix' LIP' if ' A 1.- ' . i"gF'Q "-EIL' V 14. , LC' , rf-'717 " ,. llffvwzf fy ill H ' I T V M :Ll - J., nf ,, A r 1.-.-'B FL .' , '- 1 ijlxig .Q I, p a L 1, - "'w.'. 'Y f:A. 'i . , , . ,.,. 4 - , , ., -, A . 13--.W 1 '.1'. ,fin " 'I+ ., , . W Rim .1 xi, A 7 L : 'QQ TL' fa FSL' if 21 t r . S, f ,r. 1,51 :L i ,gf-'.,. V. 'P . i -fgiq i- .Agri ly' ' .L ' y-111+ .fn ' ,v V .-:S gnu gf 62 2. r: 3" U 'Cp A jg--: 'Pit'- " 'J 32?- 'J , ltr' 'Z . r L-P? 'as f -"1 12 : i - 3' if 'Z 0 is QV r ' ., , efQ9 .ad QM, .,,, F - M46 2 --4...f-wgv.- . QL, 'MQ 4'-' ' -- - - ..-fag.. Want- I- . Y -e 1 Y 1 P. S. A. PRESIDENT 'Ty 'V Q.-., . HH1, A7351 '- 4 , , " 741 , -- X -5361 is RON LOVERIDGE STELLA BARKER Secretary GINGER IVERS Vice President RICH ROBERTS Treasurer , ,mF,,, LYNN CRIGLER Freshman President MERIDETH MULLER Freshman Representative DAVE PARR GERRY CHONG Sophomore President Sophomore Representative BILL HOELSKEN SHEILA THOMPSON BILL FOWLER JEANETTE SMITH Junior President Junior Representative Senior President Senior Representative JOHN SUBLETT Student Affairs Commissioner 41444, MAGGIE BODLEY PSA President Ron Loveridge listens to red-hot volunteers with suggestions for Social Chairman during a busy Senate meeting. schoo I government THE P.S.A. SENATE The inevitable query of the incoming Freshman- Who are those students running around signing Tiger Tags, sitting at head tables and giving speeches at banquets? Are they tools, wheels?-no, they are your Student Body officers and Senate members who work diligently during the year in an attempt to make your college years richer and more beneficial. To an incoming Freshman the job of a Senate mem- ber looks like all fun and no work. But as one climbs the proverbial academic and social ladder it becomes evident that these students, dedicated and hard-work- ing, are doing a Big Job for you. As your campus representatives not only at Pacific but at other colleges and universities, these Senate members work to keep your student government, activities, and organizations interesting, enjoyable, coordinated and always better. lt is a big job. As the "tools" and "wheels" grind away at executive meet- ings, surveys, orientation programs, conferences, conventions, special committees, dances, Homecoming, elections and answering questions, a hearty vote of thanks and congratulations on a job well done is well in order. Beth Akers Del Alberti lf Ron Loveridge Ginger Ivers Stella Barker Mel Slocum Fam Derby Rich Roberts Sally Anaclerio ilk A F ' fx, in . Y 4 T STUDENT BOARD OF CONTROL The Student Board ot Control handles any group actions which violate the social code of the college. lt is hoped that the stu- dents themselves might face their own problems, examine the situation and develop their own solu- tions. Heading the Board this year were Dick B u r k e s, chairman and John Beyer, vice-chair- man, if-, 4' LEFT TO RIGHT: John Beyer, Dave Towell, Dave Wilson, John Sublett, Burke Coveney, Thai Kishi, Dick Burkes, Dyon Brown, Susan Holmes. STUDENT AFFAIRS The Student Affairs committee deals with the academic and social stu- dent behavior and im- provement of the general welfare of the campus. Headed by John Sub- lett, Student Affairs Com- missioner, the committee successfully handled elec- tions, balloting, campaign procedures, surveys and the Honor Code. LEFT TO RIGHT: Ruth Miller, Elise Austin, Merideth Muller, Gerry Chong, Ann Windweh, John Beyer, Marlene Carr, John Sublett, ond Jeannette Smith. STANDARDS COMMITTEE LEFT T0 RIGHT, Front row: Cor- rinne Connelly, ond Sandy Moore. BACK ROW: Ellen Jacobson, Elise Austin, and Gwen Johnson. Beth Akers AWS President 23' 2 it g ef ' 'L ll ,- HL- 5,11 . "F " .. -Y V li! -V J. ' .Y i ' Air' . ,ca- ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS The Associated Women Stu dents, directed by the AWS cabinet, has had a very busy and successful year, The year opened with the traditional Big 'N' Little Sister party for all the new and old women students. A Christmas convocation was held, followed in the new semes ter by the Spring Big 'N' Little Sister party and the AWS l-lous ing conference late in February The ever important AWS re treats were held in Fall and Spring and following an estab lished tradition, in April came the AWS Spring Formal. Climax ing the year was Women's Day which featured the AWS banquet at which time new officers were introduced, Spurs and Knowlens were tapped, the Outstanding Senior Women award revealed and two American Association of University Women awards given to two outstanding S e n i o Women. LEFT T0 RIGHT: Front row: Beady Butterbough, Thais Kishi, Beth Akers, Corrinne Connelly. BACK ROW: Janet Muroot, Pat Beson, Sue Bordin, Ann McClain, Susie Harper. l27 J Ti., l l wif, i Ni -Q5 S .4-A-,,.', Lili ' FRESHMAN OFFICERS President, Lynn Criglerg Vice President, Bob Richards, Secretary, Dee Weudong Treasurer, Mel Rumellg Representative, Meredith Mueller. MY , ,I 'JJ' :Ai ,ii i - 7'r."cf'-' :TIS MJ -, , P . 4- '. 'UNL' ' -- A.,'iT'-.- :arg N.. -'-L , ..J....f f 1 J .?' w."t,1r I.. ff . , in 1, e.. -- in -. pf-1-f-A, H Q.:-M ' 'f'-5: .' '."WQ. .7 .J .4-.. 3, 1- ' L,-. .. .lf if - tt.. . Jf'uxf2.'--s H1-l r :M ll 1 F 'L' V . l if din .vl.'Jl,vl'l' Y I fl. 'L - , -- . -v .. -.-rp ,f . . --'14.. s.. ,1,4U J- -'-"-'-T1-. - 3 ' - an-:..i 5" 'Wt' F . 1. 4 ,. .ju , lla,-I ,V .-3,-1. YJ- .5 Q YJ, , lu.: :N 17,5 it - ' I ' I' I ' l 's.l',1,-Q-Lflllillf' . .. '.'i,'i1,-'-- ,. 'f"5,gQ, V 1. 11 - ,gs-,L ..i. ,, 1 -' wg-f-3 .,g5, ,IL g ',..- 21y..f-H...--fi ssl - H1 12 :Q-gf 'fi '61 -1,-0 1 S i Q ! 'f il'--vs :ie ,-1 ..-i A, Fr wp 1 44 ' .Elf ' will CLASS 35. 11 ., ,.I In Ia. I ia- 4. 15 n-Q.. ..q-1 .1 if ': 4 I .A ,, , II., I. rm ,,, M., ,. 1.22 EZ. . uw' -I. 994- Q... rw E "1 1944 JI? loft, .. atm .. I4. n I, n .II 4... -5.s W., ve.. rm- ,, . .LI n 1 Q, vw.. IW.. .-.. lgfigti Y If .. liar!- I. I .I. I III Iwrn Il I II: I... I III" 'Il ,I I 'I' - ,, I, .V - I6-up 'X - ' 1-442 I .X .I lv I I i 45 'w X'- . .gi -.... I U If 9 - --L .Is ugq.'. I- -1. NMFA' " lI"ll5a"ll2E,'iII .-.-. ...- I--Q -.. ..,.. -u-I p-4 -I.. e-, ..--.1 -I... ...Is -afl- 'S J S., 5 ff' '-4, YA -'Nm' vii IVJI I Y "T" Y :'IfYIIvI. . 1- .221 - " 'I 'T' ..:, . I : -- I p ig, 'll I, -. -, I ' :I ,Q W 5 HI I f I I I X I C I I I . I JUNIOR OFFICERS STANDING, left to right: Herb Steiner, Bill Hoelsken, Greg Smith. SITTING: Marsha White, Sheila Thompson. SENIOR OFFICERS STANDING, left to right: Marlee Stark, Alan Hill, Jeanette Smith, Janet Barron. SITTING: Bill Fowler. AAT: ' I fr" Zzxgll ,II -",:"4:l"V, I: I If .I f'il,'If 'L fi1lII 'A V JI. I -f. f I T lv .I I QI -I I ... , 1 ,If I- I I" I Y , I I m 2-uw-4 -'Q . .., , , 'T7' X- as If ' -,L si, 38 , """5n.- 1 -dfg ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA FIRST ROW, left to right: Joella Brayton, Sue Beson, Ethel Erickson, Betty Kirkpatrick. SECOND ROW: Shelley Onweiler, Jean Watkins, Judy Koehler, Anita Jo Niderhoff, Clare Davis, Margaret Booth- by, Marty Grannell, Mary Knoble. THIRD ROW: Gretchen Trenholm, Marilyn Monson, Peggy By, Gay Currier, Joyce Easterling, Ginger Ivers, Nilsine Nillsson, Par Nordling, Brenda Robinson, Ginny Kahle. HONORARY ORGANIZATION Q' I li? I I Y ,.A,f- SPURS FIRST ROW, left to right: Ruth Sebastian, Abby Wasserman ,Judy White, Gay Currier, Gretchen Trenholm. BACK ROW: Bev Baker, Bebe Hart, Janice O'DonneII, Pepper Andrews, Lindo Stagg, Kathy Gunter, Janice Muroot, Betty Kirkpatrick. BLUE KEY SEATED, left to right: Gerry Weaver, Dave Wilson, Mel Slocum, Ron Loveridge, and Dick Burkes. STANDING: Noel Man- oukian, John Sublett, Alan Hill, and Fred Barnes. 13 PHI KAPPA PHI FIRST ROW, left to right: Irene Martinez, .loan Ulrich, Rochelle Onweiler, Peg Corcoran, Pat Adams, Peggy Joy and Arleen Valterza. SECOND ROW: Mr. Larson, Dr. Cobb, Gordon Zimmerman, Dr. Potter, Dr. Werner, Dr. Runion, Wilhelmina Harbert, Judy Newton and Ann Weise. THIRD ROW: Dr. Olson, Dr. Meyer, Joseph Spragher, Dr. Eislen, Nels Rasmussen, Richard Reynolds, and Steve Stocking. KNOLENS SEATED, left to right: Sally Anaclerio, Pam Derby, Beth Akers, Stella Barker, Carol George, and Jean Watkins. STANDING: Ginger Ivers, Peg Corcoran, Lynnette Pearce, Leah Mortord, Peggy Joy, Judy New- ton, Dorothy Busher, and Shelley Onweiler. v""' EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE LEFT TO RIGHT: Dotty Watt, Dick Stichler, Judy Newton, Ernie Robeson, Mike Trevitt, Ann Windweh COLLEGE "Y" The College "Y" is an open association of students and faculty of all backgrounds and affiliations, the most inclusive voluntary campus organiza- tion, combining fun with serious consideration and action on personal and social concerns in both campus life and the other communities to which we belong. The program areas are as diversified as the total campus population, providing interesting programs for the whole campus rather than a few select- ed groups. The "Y" building at the crossroads of the campus serves as operations and Tom Clagett. MIKE TREVITT President center for the program and provides many of the facilities of a student union, lounge, social hall, meeting rooms, loan fund and browsing library. in-1 Xt -1 xg.. . - S 1, 4. ,f' yi CABINET LEFT T0 RIGHT: Dave Dunlop, Abby Wasserman, Val White, Tom Clagett, Penny Bozich, Roni Williams, Phil Gale, Alberta Mauler, Dr. Jacoby, Dick Stichler, Dotty Watt, and Judy Newton. 1 FRESHMAN CAMP V' ,'Q2'.,,, , in Ian, ,ah Y 1. ., ,V 5 ' . ,f A ,Nw H 4' ' ' 1 1 4. " '. 1 J I f 5 ,V 1 3 TTI' ff-4 -1 , . -gh I 96. A 1 H , I ,Q , '. - IIIQP . , F - 1 gm? N .J ,- Q X 'ff:un,. . Q . . , ,f .Ei H ,.. 'N , . - Q Q' ff ..- 1 Hgh ,lr . X ,J Q-. Ink H L " N 1 f ' , " r V 'f' ll P X ' V ff A ' w X ' X"'. 'Jr 7" - X ,fx sl TA 'qw 4 iff" , 'N N". Q., -xl' 'Q I Q' I ' Z V L K W - 1 kv , 4 I fy V N ' , 'Y',.'A ' , J, 7 I 1 Yb 'yah he -s'.i'E':'iW,..A? . U X .Q UQ X ' ' h ' I ' L .javwh Jug- :g , V I lv if-ji?,. 'X f E..-gl . Q N wi '.- Q K , . 3, Q vu 1' .,,. . 1 H 1 if! . P 'jx - , v,-1. . .1 . - . qw X 1 ,I . kgjqxx , -.L. ,.-.. ' - ,, A ' -- 15.-.':.,4..'1. 1 COLLEGE "Y" ASILOMAR l35 liiffmfi 7' W" A lff,:,, ' 13 i l 1 if l . ev ATHLETICS ORCHESIS FIRST ROW, left to right: Judy Shintoni, Marty Grennal, Pat Trevett, Nicki Nixon. SECOND ROW: AI Zo- Iezzi, Jane Kindsvater, Jim Gardner. WOMEN'S RECREATION ASSOCIATION I3b FIRST ROW, left to right: Marilyn Holappa, -Marti Esterbrook, Karen Arveson, Pat Amick, Sully Lemos. SECOND ROW: Sue Mossler, Hope Whittier, Ann Ganzer, Judy Barklow, Nan McLean, Robin Drury, Didi Armbruster, Clair Carlson. AND P. E. Phi Epsilon Kappa LEFT TO RIGHT, standing: Bob Sapp, Sid Smith, Mr. Amer Gustafson, Ray Coykendol, Chuck Felice, Bob Loureiro, Bob Downum, Herman Urenda, Mel Shephard, Frank Casas, Hank Wallace, Dr. Voltmer, Walt Culbertson, Paul Kaufman. SITTING, left to right: John Felix, Ed Sowash, Bob Denton, Coach Earl Jackson, Neil Stafford, Carl Kom- merer. o BLOCK "P" FIRST ROW, left to right: Willie Hector, Mel Shephard, Bob Denton, Wayne Hawkins, Gary Hubb Joe Malpasuto Ken Castles Bob Downum SECOND ROW, left to right: Sid Smith, Duane Scott, Larry Jones, Herman Urenda, Joy Gritts, Gary Giovannoni Nell Stafford THIRD ROW left to right Tony Aflague, John Felix, Chuck Lander, Dave Towell, Bob Mazzuca, Bob Loureiro, Ola Murchison FOURTH ROW left to right Connor Sutton .lim Millar I Don Colburn, Jack Mathis, Tim Royce, Burt Mantelli. Director of Religious Life -,,,,...--nv .,.....- 'x I38 ,..-1 . -, lx l 9? N CHAPEL IJJ Bob Stewart, COUNCIL OF RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES Jeanette Smith, Bob Goux, Barbara Bayha, Sue-Ellen Brown, and Dottie Busher CHAPEL COMMITTEE Dr. Schilling, Bob Goux, Judy Newton, Bob Stewart, and Ann Weise. Not pigtured: Judy McMiIIin, Dr. Carl Riedesel, Ola Murchison, and Nancy Paris. 1- I I CANTERBURY L.EFT TO RIGHT: George Niesen, Norman Van Walterop, Janie Way, Sylvia lPriyeD Schofield, Judy Lawrence, Mrs. T. C. Harris, Susan Skidmore, Burke Coveny, Merv Blas, Patrick Russell. X : IW' 4 1! .,, , I . 1' f Ai , of ll. 4 gl 1 .. , '49 1-'ef 'He' A3 . . 4' wif' 'ETL . Q . .13 5:1 1 I ' 'ysiiif -Ff 'ff :aw . , - lgtyiif. Ju sv ,,4. ". I 'wins-'ff.w '. 5 w uv, . , A I mf, ifftgw-'-' lf' -ujr In vu fl M" NEWMAN CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Linda Pucci, Marleen Hohman, Liz White, Sharon Mendoza, Mrs. Fields, Mr. Fields. SECOND ROW: Dave Fen- olio, Carol Antongiavanni, Joan Edwards, Jane Mclntosh, Carla Eubank, Marvin Rothschild. THIRD ROW: Leo Garcia, a bashful student, Cecilia. Kelly, Carol Maulding, Peggy Joy, Ria Outland, Jim Dowd, and Father Forrest. 'El ,,,. .,,' I v . .hz-.'f,' A s 4 , Sw: XX 1 N ii 'f 5 f , X X ,lr-gt' -f ' f' M: If ,. J 1 . .J.- , .-- J, .l, . -J ','.,- .fl V f ..-, Q. .,-1. 1 I X 1 . . If J ,,,, firry " -nt: ,Lv - f I -. 1 1 " 1? in-Pl, 'Q 1 7' s M Q ' ,1 0 . 1 gg-5 gg- , E' Q ,, ' fx 1 I'5 gh X ' f ' .-S fit ,,,4uu- Y '1 L11.L.1..1,1A 1 H11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 , 1 L,,i.-1: 1 -1- - 1 11 S' "' 1 1'1 11 1'.'f':1 11 ar f 1. M5-X 55.5-y 1 1v-g1 1-I " f x r 1, 1', X , 1 - 14. 'fl .. 1' - .SIL ' 11 :Y , 5 -J1 1 . i 1 1 51' 1 " ' A. ' 1 1 1 .1 .1 'mg 1 111 1 1 I , ll :V 1 .1 1 I 1 Al 1111 1 1 1, ,. V , 1. J W1 1 .1 rl . U11 " '1 1 21 51 V . 1 1 WI, gg A1 41 1 Q 1,1 1 1,-- 1,-F- ,11Qg " - Lefstqrw 1 - M, W' ,v g'5i.L1f: -7 ,1,,,1. ,w,1 71 1-v- 1 1 1- 1 P41 ' , - 1 1 15lw1, 1' .1 E' 1 ' 1 51 I I N 1 1 it Par r ' X ' ' ' 1 Zz M' 1 1 L I 1 ,, 5 J -.3 1' " 1 1 Q ' " 1 4' 1' 1. " 1 X 11 'wh I ' ' I 1' X 3 '1 111,11 1 1 1' 1 1 g. I1-r 1 1 1 1 1 1' jj 1 11 ggi 1 I 1 K ' N Y K If-1' ' I rf 1 1 '1' 1 1 J 1 I . 11:11 1111111 1 l -Hwitii I I ' 1 1111111-11-Fai? If if 'W' 1: 11.1 ,1 ,111 . W 1' ., 1 11 .M -1 '4'-1:1 11 1 ,n 111' 1 NJ." I .1-5 1,1 11' j ijt 1 -111111 - , ,. 51.5115 -155 .ll ' 15 if "1i"1'1"?4 f 1 11 F1 1 .141 141 1 ff, 11 --1 .1 , '1 1-U41 1 , 1 1 . -711 K1 B' V ..- ,. 1 . 1 1 1 ': .v 1 ,. 1 1 -.M A 1 1 -.fav 11 1 +!fa.,,1f af ' "' . If - 'r' F ll 1 4 l .X 1 A 1 I 1 1 ' 1 '11 ' .lf 1 1 ' 11' 1111 AMT' :GIF .-"'1.dr'L11i" -1 1 - 1-1-"41f.f-5.1.9-1-1:1 1' . .-' 1211 . 1-ff-15 Q- 1i""551.Wff'111gQ ' 1119-"'4,. 1 1 T 1 1 h W 'K 1131. . , t at tai if -1, ' AW JL .1 ll 'A l,1':,"' ' 1 riff? ' tl- 'TIPS' . 95-. ls, 1 1 , g.L'3 A., F ,:,,,A.x5.11:.. 1, 'ft -1 : 1 1 ...A -'-73.41 g,11f. '71-1' Q . -1-,,,..-.-.,,,. I -- l V 2 151 1 1 "1-11' 11 "1 ' - 1 4 11'-1. it 1T,.1?1. -li ..1.. 1.. K E 'xi' 1 V571-:,f 1 1 ' '11 1 ,il 11 1-1 1 1 1 1: 1,11 '11 :gi 1 114A 1. 11- xx: 1 Y--1 3 I H. X G Z1 f. ,1 1 '.'1'1", 14. 1111 1 1' - 1- 111.17-' Q 1 1 'W il? 95? '5 '11 1 I ,LA .193 1 1, 1 1 11X W ' 1 I " 1' 'lllf ,Q If M11 1 1 , 1 11 1 ' . -: -1.121 -5: f e'125.'?1-" f'F1-Q1 1 ':' 1 .3355 , i -TJ. 1 . 1 .: pf.,1-1,-, PI KAPPA DELTA BACK ROW, left to right: Gerry Chong, Norman Arneson, Ted Ol- son, Al Pross, John Red Horse, Dave Phillips, George Orndoff. FRONT ROW: Brenda Robinson, Ginger Ivers, Linda Stagg, Sharon Sharp, Ginny Kahle. FORENSICS DEBATE TEAM BACK ROW, left to right: Mr. Winters, Cap Hancock, Dave Phil- lips, John Red Horse, Jim Oliver, Al Pross, George Orndoff, Norman Arneson, John Beyer, Lynn Engdahl. MIDDLE ROW: Ruth Miller, Brenda Robinson, Ginger Ivers, Ginny Kahle, Linda Stagg, Ted Olson, Jerry Chong, Mr. Zimmerman-. FRONT ROW: Denise Fedigan, Sharon Sharp, and Sheila Tompson. ff W ' - 'Bair .Ll :Q ....r- 1 . ..,- . ,S- X 4 , .M ' w-.w 2. ' N, , V . 'Y " 'TNT ., ,f"f A ' :dx k g: JN' Y mi, . we ' R wg! ,I Ev.: ' x .., . NN'- . ri, , v, rv ' ', .. . V H. -1 . , i " qi , if 5 gif- Ja., -f ,- 1 ,-.. , . . v 4 F R EA, . 5: A .' gf. if 4, .. f, 5' vi? g' V firms? . if .K . . 'i-D .V :- s s sh, ,, I", ?1' '1- gs -0 L .ff il. 12? r' nf, . N.-.. .9 .gg ' .Bm Lf INTERNATIONAL CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Dr. Peckham, Judy Newton, Hussein EI Kadi, Gail Man- ning, John Kigunda, Amon Nsekelo, Jean Dixon. SEC- OND ROW: Lloyd Lampton, Dick Yue, Bangali Agarwal, Leonardo Garcia, Martin Mini, Ibrahim Salih, Nemir Kikdar, Fawzi Saleh. PHILOSOPHY . . . INTERNATIONAL CLUB PHI SIGMA TAU FIRST ROW, left to right: Nels Rasmussen, Ruth Miller, Sue Besan, Dorothy Wong. SECOND ROW: John Sub- Iett, John Luckenbach, Jim Lynn, Dr. Nielmann. a ,...N.,v!q,,s,5lff.-an Y mis'-J f' l '1' P' Y .ry F-iw, if'-fe? I l I ' ' MOLLY ANDERSON Art Editor Q:7 GEORGE NIESEN BILL DEUBNER Associate Editor Business Manager JOHN BRINER Editor NARANJADO Blessed with the unbelievable aptitude for procrastination and amazing versatility, the Naranjado staff spent the major portion of the year participat- ing in every campus activity but yearbook production, Late in the fall semes- ter, a security leak in the printer's office revealed that the l96O Naranjado had fallen behind in its deadline schedule. Reeling from the blow, the editorial staff found inspiration and concentrated all efforts on the production of a 256 page yearbook. Night people-one and all, staff members, discovered that the most productive hours of the day were those that arrived late at night. For all practical purposes, and a few impractical ones, this petite- three- pound volume is the result of the 1960 Naranjado staff's attempt to capture i959-l96O in print and pictures. FALL STAFF FRONT ROW, left to right: Frances Cramer, Jo Ann Chapton, Janice O'DonnelI, Sue Maughey, Dian Midkift, Betty McClusky, and Marsha Jenkins. SECOND ROW: Sharon Kenney, Anna Marie Rosi, Sue Brock, Judy Hanshue, Bev Baker Judy Bagdosarian Sharon Daraskavich and Sall Anoclerio THIRD MR. WASH BU RN Advisor 1 1 , 1 Y - ROW: Mr. Washburn, John Briner, Molly Anderson, Pepper Andrews, George Niesen and Brenda Black. 1 - "Do-nothing" staff doing nothing. M w v i wg -mu' f l I- li ii i"'v- ' nz,,1i 1 . g 'g. ' t. X .. , ., , vi u Y ' .N i I Nlbjixv 2' A :ff 1.T'V'r'. '- . ' r I - l 1 . i .-.,5. --,gf '-P. L-Y. nt . :wi if 2, rr' Sharon Kenney Secretary Sally Anaclerio Jo-anne C Sports Editor W Sue McCaughey Activities hapfon and Frances Cramer Departments Alan Hill Photographic Editor lun Van Gelder Photographer SPRING STAFF FIRST ROW, left to right: Dian Midkiff, Sue McCaughey, Frances Cramer, DeAna Choisser, Melba Evens. SECOND ROW: Delight Hagan, Sharon Kenney, Sally Ana- clerio, Betti McClusky, Sue Steinko, Dick Crane, Bill Deubner. THIRD ROW: John Briner, Mr. Washburn, Judy Hanshue, Alon Hill, George Niesen, Molly Anderson. Dian Mid kiff Organizations Gary Lerner Photographer 17 BOB LADDISH Business Manager - ,' .fprf A -'- W LF' ,. RONI WILLIAMS Society Editor SUE TALBOT Assistant Editor 'N 'V ' -A , I- . A. Q - 3. - " 2" iff' N, " at fi . GEORGE NIESEN Sports Editor JEAN MCGUIRE Editor PACIFIC FALL Working with a small but diligent staff, and a miniscule budget, the Pacific Weekly nevertheless appeared faithfully every Friday. Featuring full cov- erageof campus events, astute editorials, selected feature stories, columnists funny and serious, an up to date society page, sports, and world events when they happen on the Pacific campus, the "Weekly" kept Pacificites posted on what was what and who was who. With Jean McGuire watching the pages, and Bob Laddish the purse, the Pacific Weekly once again became an important part of campus life. FIRST ROW, left to right: Norma Herrin, Jaan Hopkin, Sue Talbot George Niesen, Sarah Nelson, Jean McGuire, Doug Keller, Roni Wil: liams. SECOND ROW: Joyce Miller, Judy Henson, Marsha Derby, Elizabeth Cartwright, Archie Trammell, Linda Harnett, Linda Stone, Natalie Hall, Larry Pitman, Howell Braxton, advisor Mr. Morrison. Y , 4-gtg-N '55, I I I fl -Jima .-...a' 1' Advisor Mr. Morrison and Spring Editor Walt Christopherson EEKLY With this talented staff, the Pacific Weekly has covered everything this year from high society news to the latest "hot stuff" on cam- pus. Mr. Morrison's guidance has been greatly appreciated these last several years he has been advisor. SPRING FIRST ROW, left to right: Ted Olson, Walt Christopherson, Mr. Morrison. SECOND ROW: Julie Soroyan, Joan Hopkin, Lauretta Wright, Jim Millar, Marshall Wattel, Jean McGuire, Doug Keller, Elizabeth Cartwright, Laurie West, and Marilyn Smith. 5 A . PJ J .15- . 8.4 ..,.4 -04IlliQ I .W PM , 1 .I , . .. 'I fm A my K I f 4 f g ll ' punish Mx ' A O-Q 1 1 H M, A . H . D' l Ui... ENE 'ua lil 4 As Preference Day brought rush- ing to a close, the panhellenic so- rorities welcomed their new sisters into a somewhat modified pledg- ing program. Here Delta Gamma greets their first group of pledges as a national sorority. Tri-Delts relax in the living room at a friendly card game. KAPPA ALPHA TH ETA FIRST ROW, left to right: Lyn- ette Wood, Judy Wilson, Gwen Hefner, Liz Armell, Sally Storm. SECOND ROW: Susan Palmer, Lin- da Kelly, Pat Bridgewater, Karen Beaver, Kay Borsch. THIRD ROW: Anna Rossi, Sally Copp, Ede Barker, Gail Fisher, Sharon Darasakavich, Diane Shadwell. ZETA PHI LEFT TO RIGHT: Alberta Maul- er, Glenda Grant, Sue McMahon, Barbara Reynolds, Phyllis Reynolds, Sandra Rae, Diane Hague, Margaret Reynolds. FAll PLEDGES DELTA GAMMA LEFT TO RIGHT: Sue Benno, Wendy Nicol, Ann Hanner, Mary Mitchell, Karen Blankenship, Marilyn Christen- son, Molly Anderson, Judy DeVoto. Not pictured: Marsha Jenkins, Linda Juan. DELTA DELTA DELTA FIRST ROW, left to right: Ann Gan- zer, Ruth Sebastian. SECOND ROW: Raetta Marengo, Jo-Ann Chapton, Pat Trevitt, Carol Raphael, Charlotte Chia- pelone, Cathi Gunther. THIRD ROW: Tippy Byrne, Ellen McLarnen, Betsy Leland, Julie Harris, June Forbes, Carolyn Smith, Marilyn Rice, Laura Woodard. ZETA PHI PLEDGES, BACK ROW, SPRING PLEDGES DELTA DELTA DELTA PLEDGES, BACK ROW, left to right: Sally Robin- son, Lynne Murphy, Le Knight, Hope Whittier, Martha Fairhead, and Margie Huapula. SECOND ROW: Carol Mann, Julie Jordan, Meredith Muller, Liz White, and Pam lngraham. FRONT ROW: Jill Peterson, Sue McClaren, Maria Bocci, Bonnie Russell, Diane Brizzolara, and Randi Stinson. KAPPA ALPHA THETA PLEDGESQ BACK ROW, left to right: Cathy Hood, Shirley Brown, Judy Koehler, Carole Beeler, and Nancy Wilson. FRONT ROW: Pam Cooper, Jill Blosser, Linda Hutchinson, Taffy Nuttall, and Linda Stone. DELTA GAMMA PLEDGES, BACK ROW, left to right: Sue Spooner, Linda Baird, Sue Vartan, Lois Green, Sharyn Ring, Sue Edelman, Ginny Kahle, Sally Brun, Karen Dunlavey, Julie Jacoby, Becky Greene, Linda Schelling, Sally Zuber, Nancy Barker, Nancy Wemple, Elaine Hite, and Linda Pocci. FRONT ROW: Sue Auld, Terry McKenney, Joy Archibald, Nikki Davis, Jane Drobnick, Lynn Dreyfuss, Mary Lynn Briggs, Lila Faber, Wendy Waldi, and Robin Nei- mann. l ...S left to right: Marlene Carr, Joanne Brainlett, Janice Landl and Karen Lang. FRONT ROW: Judy Shintani, Nancy Thompson, Joyce Williamson, and Eileen Covey. S+-if .. HP' ' TMS-N. Es-if 51- Last May, l959, found the spirited girls of Epsilon Lambda Sigma being pledged into Delta Gamma. Delta Gamma was one of the early national sororities to be established and was founded in l873, ln the Fall, after a period of pledging, the girls were initiated as active members of Delta Gamma. The fall semester opened with the annual "Shipwreck Dance" and Homecoming arrived with Joy Rhodes of Delta Gamma being crowned as Homecoming Queen, lO new members were added in the fall and a tea was held in .honor of their housemother, Mrs. Connor. This year, Delta Gamma chose an "Anchor Man" from one of the fraternities. This is to become one of the traditional events of the spring semester. , i l :iw l 1-1 -s 2' KJ' AI' I ' 'N 'tr "ll .ff-4' Mrs. Lillian Connor, Housemother If l ll egg in -i ,ill ei-g' ow. ,I , '15 lf K L I, A I V, if T .l,1:" V Adrienne Andrews Marina Anichkov Nancy Armstrong Bev Baker Sue Bardin Stella Barker Margaret Bodley Marv Bollinger Louise Brink Sue Brock Marles Burk Mary Burr Dorothy Busher Pat Clark Corrinne Connolly +4 1 my ,.-bl L . V 1 ,iv r T + r.. , is -ff i 4-4 - 1- ., 1: VA. n ' ' In l W- ' 'SI I 1' K 17" I f A -F, Y , 1 ! ,-., flu Margo Coolures Shirley Crandall Shirley Daulton Mary Dollrmann Fran Easterbrook Marti Easterbrook Pat Ellis Melba Evans Carol George Gretchen Gerhardt Judy Harder Susan Harper Bebe Hart Susan Herb Norma Herrin Ann Hockman 'Tr V.. - Q rl, 2 v. Y U E an r is-U Q r . Leslie Hott Donna Hudson Barbara Kardashian Pat Kelly Mitzi Kirk Mary Beth Lee Judy Leech Janice. Maroot ' , V' 2" V, -5,-. 55 X VY! A Z. ,V . .- ef -.q ,J -5 fu- ,ygssfe-,. L r lk ,jIf 3- .h V ' ,. Iii ' 'r 4 .75 , N z, v Q :V 1? A L12 ' , Q- , if -.f -E ' 4- . l, 'Eff 'fl l 'A Joan Moore Kim Morris Kathy Morrison Pat MacPherson Bettie McClusky Nan McLean Carolyn Nordvik Susan Palmer IJ- Y is 1 W I 1 Nancy Paris Judy Polach Vicki Pratt Jan Raines Jean Reid Catherine Reilly Joy Rhodes Charlene Robinson J.. 4 1, , 1 y 1 I .rf i l x .Ia Q h 11 A JL? Linda Stagg Sue Talbot Sheila Thompson Jan Wanger Lynn Waterman Lauretta Wright Sandy Wurster Sharon Young I63 The school year started off with a bang for the Ladies of Kappa Alpha Theta as they bounced onto campus with their Red Blazers that added another touch of sparkle to an al- ready enthusiastic and charming group of girls whose housemother is Mrs. Eve Koerber. The sorority was originally Alpha Theta Tau and became Kappa Alpha Theta, the first known National Greek letter sorority for women, in the Fall of the school year. It was a great honor for the girls to be able to re-activate the Phi chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta that was pre- viously established at Stanford. A '2O's theme was successfully used for their Fall pre-rush dance, "23 Skiddof' Member- ship was enhanced with l6 wonderful pledges after Fall Rushing. Along with Rushing, studies, campus activities, exchanges and National initiation filled the days and nights with many busy but fun hours. ' if 0. yt, 4 3 ty - I Q. 'H' AO It Y ,:.f. ou: il 17 Mrs. Eve Koerber, Housemother ,. 4 . ,g.. I I W I '4 n X, . ll X au '1 s Sq' 'B' Q? TR rg, - '-'If-gf! , Q17 N -fi 1 .uf ' Y-'J' E? Dee Dee Adams Judy Berry Beth Akers Brenda Black Sally Anacleriu Dyan Brown Jan Barron Barbara Butterbaugh Ruth Bateman Pam Derby Joan Bender Barbara Fridell fi 14.fQlLF' W , ' ,Q ,I , !.q.""'v ,I x, L 4 Q' , ,s - 'Q if so ' f- ff 1' A ' 1 117' -'ma'E3-sf 2 , - I z 5.45. IU' 5 i"Th sl.- E' spy 5-' 25 .15 Norma Frost Judith I-lanshue Sherry Heakin Jeri Hendersen Marilyn Holappa Betty lmrie fi Sonia Johanson Gwen Johnsen Sharon Kenney Trudie Lammers Sharon Landezk Barbara Madden so-X Dian Midkift Marlene Monese Susan McCaughey Sarah Nelson Janice 0'Donnel Emmy Rose Pat Schwartz fi af' f-'N ,as Janice Simpson Jeanette Smith Marlee Stark Marlene Sutherland Kathi Townsend Jean Watkins Sandy Young We i 'X 'i 1 I - -MU, , ..--,i -'- -H 1" , V ':tH', " Just across Pacific Avenue is found a sorority of fun-loving and intelligent girls - A sm -1 M Zeta Phi. This year has been very busy for the girls. Rushing was started off with their annual picnic at Micki's Grove, Other rush functions included a coffee hour and a dance. , Along with exchanges, the girls put on a Christmas party at their house for under- 7 7 privileged children and went Christmas caroling at the Children's Hospital. sf ' A big event in the spring was their fashion show The people attending got a chance to 11 " glimpse top fashions modeled by the Ladies of Zeta Phi. . .4 .-4 . , ,af i 'I 1 , E-l,-j i ,V,,.5. , , T x , Q if PT' e-A ,Qi is P 1, if J. W A rs. Ives, 'H 1 'A Housemother 4 4 W , f tl all AT li VX! . - Z in hu. l v E ' 'r - , . , ex- 'fffffqwe W - 'i7"'i' 5" l 5" A -Pi l 6. if l A+ 0 ' J X , A l his? ,, r ' A P t' ' A ' ' . W I l K I - moi Z0 A I' M ' u F 7 GSL I V7 'Uh -1? l gb Q i 0-x 3 Tvs N r 'Y f'- as on 1' ll' ' 1- ' 1 fi' Nadine Anclllotti Colleen Curtis Marilyn Austin Dianne de la Hunt Susan Besson Penny Boxlch Sandra Clark Claudia Dietz Tonya Desstoff .loan Edwards Judy Gibbs Barbie Goldberg Mary Grothe , Alice Harris Zoe Hemphill Linda Hoffman Betty Kirkpatrick Sally Lemos Bette Lowry Ruth Miller Leah Mortord Ann Morris Susan Mossler .Ioan Munn Mary Sue McMahon Nilsine Nilsson Mary Ann Peck Nancy Pilgrim Marion Porterfield Shirley Pylant Virginia Raymond Joann Shadwell Susan Siostrom 6- fa Gail Terwilliger Ginger Tucker Carolyn Watson Laurie West Roberta White Kathy Wilson Betty Ann Yoshimura Mrs. Ellen Wilbur, Head Resident GRACE A. COVEll HAll Two years ago, a new dormitory was added to the campus. The new dorm, built to house 400 women students, was known as the Women's Resident Hall land sometimes the "Pacific Hil- ton"J until February of this year. At this time the dorm was named in honor of Mrs. Grace A. Covell whose generous monetary contributions will underwrite a major portion of the cost of the building. Erlinda Bigornia, president of Covell Hall, along with the house council, has quided the girls through a successful year. Homecoming brought new fame to the girls when the dorm won first prize for decorations in the women's division. The theme for the annual Christmas tea and open house was "Around the World." Every section chose a country and decorated the doors of the rooms accordingly, A full schedule of dances, parties and exchange dinners kept the girls busy all year. Mrs. Edith Adkins, Assistant Resident fvqlfl 'i' HOUSE COUNCIL LEFT TO RIGHT: .lan DeAngeles, Erlinda Bigornia, Kathy Harra, Diane Berry, Miss MacMillin, Jean Keniston, Mary May Roberts, and Jan Stone. 1 5' V i1lH '11l 1 iHlS l'lBU'f"-i 3 1117511 lllluilii JZ IWQIK-ilk' 51 lil!! fa.'J.',.t,."E" umm lin:-ugh up sid?-YUWS IQIIIEIKHIH uns:-11 UZ- .I9!l'E.m-1 UUE. i FQSQ Dila!-f l8lQlQ lain Kilim 1 11- liil N H--uk -I-I Hgm - li 11 Il!-ire 4 . 1 , gurl me . X ,- f -. iizfiffl :Q-,"2' E i f - --fr, e .4 :jul f lu 1 '1JA?','y' '.-Q,-Q . , 4 VP, A .p'.,.,,A W, ,, ,. u ,., . .-, ,,g: If. 1 , STUDENT COUNSELORS LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Newton, Nancy Paris, Eleanor Peter, Peg Corcoran, Ann Windweh, Edwina Parsons, Pat Nordling, Joyce Francis, Lynette Pearce, Arlene Cox, Mrs. Adkins, Mrs. Wilbur, Genellen Meyer, and Sandra Clark. Y j fu i- is ' Vis? 'VCI 5'-' .W fl Fi Illia NY V .4 , 'J Q ., - v sa - 1.553 -, 1 X 7- s , , .f ill. ' 1 'I Q . ll H vu " -'V .,l' - . Y ' . l ff: ' F " LI i' -V nn nnggeminl lg 'H ui N 4 i-. - A . . - Ii ,' 'f' 1. , . l , 6 Wav- F Y 77 vw ' ' - . ' A H - A i - , T V f l' t I I , 4 4' n-r 5 w 1 - l l i ' 7 7 X - I 1 ii it l I' "C 1 T - l V l P I l r i A beautiful modern staircase in the newly dedicated Grace A. Covell Hall. I7l 9 sv- , 1--Y Q K fv- R-. ...Y-,. -,,. Q-wx 42? Carolyn Abadie Linda Agee Nancy Alverson Pat Amick Dian Armbruster Sandra Armstrong Karen Arveson Carol Attaway i ' 1 ,-N 1' is Q-v l li lu- qs -1 x., e. uf-f N.: ' 'Xe . , "g:- .- B ell J, 45 Q.. fl T Susan Auld Mary Beth Babb Judy Bagdasarian Edith Barker Irene Baker Nancy Barker Madeliene Bartels Barbara Barton Kathy Beagle Janet Beattie Donna Beckman Beth Beckwith Carol Beeler Dorothy Bennet Sue Benno Diane Berry .,. 1:n.3"l Vim, 0' A1 ir" Q- -Q1 r--s. up s fv- . Vg" if ,gn 6 i -v-r Im i C7 1- a V' 3, l W n. , N 1 .fs ' E R :if Q-Nix . ,hi '55 T7 4' Erlinda Bigornia Joanne Bramlett Marti Browning Janis Bishop Jo-Ella Brayton Salli Brun Karen Blankenship Pat Bridgewater Velda Bryan Elizabeth Blanker Mary Lynn Briggs Carol Bryce Maria Boccl Janice Brow Joyce Busch Judy Boloyan Caroline Brown Kay Butler Kay Bonsey Shirley Brown Tlppy Byrne Nadine Bottano Sue-Ellen Brown Ellen Campbell ra Ju Dee Campbell Marlene Carr Elizabeth Cartwright Joanne Carver Cathy Cavanagh Jo Ann Chapton Sandra Cheek Charlotte Chiapelone gun 1? N2 .A,.- 5 ,Ui k A u- - S .Q I, I I . xl" H r l De Ana Choisser Pam Cooper Marilyn Christenson Peg Corcoran Dianne Church Judy Clapham Martha Clark Elizabeth Clay Roberta Cliff Carol Cochella Cordelia Colter Eileen Covey Arlene Cox Fran Cramer Valerie Crawford Gay Currier 57 Lorna Dantord Linda Daniels Gail Da Roza Claire Davis Marion Davis Jan de Angeles Carol Dill Carol Dinkelman sn., ag-1. x1 Helen Dinwiddie Jean Dixon Lynn Dreyfuss Jane Drobnick Tonia Drysdale Lynne Dufton Karen Dunlavy Linda Dykstra S. 'C7 ? 1 A Susan Edelman Rosemary Eggen Arlene Eltringham Joan Eproson Lynne Erickson Joyce Esterine Lila Faber Linda Farr Lee Ann Fassero Judy Fegtly Rosa Fernandez Gale Fisher Maureen Fitschen Pat Fong Anne deForest Liana Fowler i Janet Fox Joyce Francis Marlene Francis Jeanette Fraxee Jean Furniss llka Galvez Anne Ganzer Bonnie Gardner V . ' I i 4' bf 1, it . I. R... , W,-A . '71 T,- q,.,u 1"' 11 ,,- -vw 'E' 1-- v .vu IH J tm, as 1---p Carol Ghiorso Bernadine Giannini Judy Gist Sharon Glenn Judy Goldeen Joyce Gong Marty Grannell Glenda Grant Carol Green Nancy Green Elizabeth Greene Lois Greene Margaret Haapala Cathe Haberland Delight Hagen Elizabeth Hammat Ann Hanner Margaret Hansen Jo Harding Linda Harnett Kathy Harra Barbara Harrison Betty Hart Barbara Hartman Martha Harton Suzanne Harwood Gail Hatcher Lorna Maurat Helen Heibel Judy Henson Beth Hepburn Janet Herrell Sara Higgs Kathy Hill June Hite Lynn Hoffman Diane Hogue Marlene Himan Susan Holmes Kathleen Hood Carolyn Howell Ann Huizinga Edith Huntington Linda Hutchinson Ellen Jacobsen Julie Jacoby Joyce Johns Georgianna Johnson Joanne Johnson Barbara Jones Kathy Jones Jullie Jordan Judy Jordon Kathy Jordon Joyce Johnson Dotty Iredale Ginger Ivers Jinny Kahle Marjorie Kallenborn Becky Kanninen Carolyn Keller Linda Kelly Patsy Kelly Joan Keniston Mary Kinletz Jane Kindsvater Pat Kirschenman Thais Kishi Lela Knight Sally Knight Judy Koehler Penny Koppen Sandra Lynn Kurtz .lil Lamm Karen Lang Enola Lawrence Judy Lawrence Dorene Lehner Kathy Lewis Linda Lapp LockeY Harvey Pat Long Joanne Luemberger Lynda Luke Carol Mann Carolyn Manny Mary Martin Nancy Maruyama Carol Mauldine Sharon Mendoza Jean Meyer Ann Miller Gayle Miller Glee Miller Joyce Miller Joanne Mills Mary Mitchell Marilyn Monson Val Moran Linda Morin Alberta Mouler Georgette Mundon Carol Murphy Lynn Murphy Sandra Myers Sue McClaran Shirie Sue McEwen Nancy McGee . .avg . V .1 L H 1 I. i 1, i A Y 7 1 , -wg. -Q-z - lk L Tix 'A , ,v '. . is L I 4 f :rw . - ' 1" J F- , 1 I A. -as C7 . G " S? st, 1 J, ' ' own V :pf 1r7"" .-. pv- Bv- 5 Lil White Joyce Williamson Sue White Ann Windweh Val White Andrea Withrow Eleanor Hope Whittier Barbara Witt Pam Wilcox Lynette Wood Donna Williams Lynne Zomick Kay Shakel Kay Sheets Judy Shintani Dona Simmons Cornelia Sluis Carolyn Smith Kay Snow Patti Soule Sue Spicer Susan Steinko Pat Stevens Randi Stinson Carolyn Stitt Sally Storm Janet Stone Linda Stone hw 'E' Phylis St. Sure Joan Swanson Davida Taylor Linda Tennant Nancy Tennant Nancy Thompson Laurianne Tiscornia Carol Tomlinson Rose Tortosa Wendy Waldie Pat Trevitt Dotty Watt Lynn Vande-Moore Janie Way Karen Weir Ann Weise Suzanne Van Tienen Susan Vartan Virgina Voltmer Nancy Wemple Marilyn Waite Dee Whedon l i l MANOR HAll ln February, the remaining twenty-nine women residents in Manor Hall migrated to Covell Hall. The lack of a substantial number of residents in Manor Hall caused the ad- ministration to close down the dorm temporarily for economic reasons. While Manor Hall is closed this semester, the premises will be re-decorated. The women in Manor Hall, which is situated across Pacific Avenue, appreciate the change as they will be more closely integrated into campus life now that they are living on campus. Though the girls in Manor lived across the street from campus they were still active in campus activities and had many projects of their own. During the Fall se- mester when Manor Hall was occupied, a full program was carried out under the capable direction of Sally Copp and Georgene Robinson, each served as president for half a se- mester. A tea was held for Manor Hall's housemother, Mrs. McCoy, early in the Fall. The highlight ofthe year was the Christmas party held for all the residents. There was an ex- change of gifts and serving of refreshments. Mrs. McCoy '78 Housemother of Mano r Hall SLN 4,5-5 ir! Elizabelh Armell Sally Coop KEN!! Bielesreld Sharon Daraskavich Jill Blosser Marsha Derby Kay Borch Mary Ernst Sandra Clark Rosemary Farell e-v.f' 1' JIS 5 X 'E' it . fs .-,gp 'ii 2 'iv 46"-4' T7- , ex 2 J 3 - c Meredith Muller Darby Gorman Pattiann Graham Helaine Groo Cathie Gunter Gwen Hefner -ed' A ig' ,N ith fl!!- -'fvf -r T " iw' 'fi 'V QV' , "1 jf X -cffw 11 fb- Q7 If Marsha Jenkins Joy Jones Nyla Marchese Marjorie Moon Sandy Moore Lyne Pimentel 4'-x 11 Susan Porter Betty Rankin Anna Marie Rossi Emilia Rubin Maud Thiebaud Judy Wilson mpg A ,. ., The men of Alpha Ka da sam ppa Lamb pling some of the food served at their annual Chuck Wagon Breakfast. Fraternity men gathering in front of Delta Upsilon for a little fun and laughter. xx ff Are these Archites looking for their bell or are they doing physical fitness exercises? ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Charles Kohler, Roger McManus, David Yearicks, Dennis Adair, Dan- iel Hiura Fred Ramalho Not ic 1 - P ' tured: James Gardner, James Dowd, Michael Bancroft. ALPHA KAPPA PHI George Milton, Robert Eckert, Neil Hanson, Bruce Browne, Robert Kimberlin. Not Pictured RHO LAMBDA PHI James Kay, Tom Leutenecker, Robert Long, Jack Moynihan, Robert Sapp, Lionel Sequeira, Howard Trekell. I 82 ,-.-gust-1 'T GQTETL if 53 iii' Hr-...j 1,53 4 ' ,,., rijifi' Q' gi zz" P-rg. 4 l V' ,Z 53511 'fi'-M A file: I S '-JV M T,'1'4 Ha L L',w1 .ujvfgl :"'l' l V :rjl - ' 4,1-,VP-i -.zf . :hi . ,X V-QI 'sllgqll FAll PLEDGES DELTA UPSILON FIRST ROW, left to right: Dave Fenolio, Lynn Lee, Wayne Hunter, Bob Cabanyog, Carter Hanner, Robin Bowen, Cal Matsumoto. SEC- OND ROW: Lloyd Bakan, Gail Prickett, Doug MacClure, Jack Bursch, Bob Farnum, Dave Parr, Jim Brumbaugh, Paul Lawrence, John Ward, Not pictured: Gary Brinck, Jim Oliver, Curt Casey, Mac Waddell. e RHO LAMBDA PHI SPRING PLEDGES ALPHA KAPPA PHI TOP, left to right: Bob Klein, Pat Mealiffe, .lan Haluska, Dow Smith, Alan Zolezzi, John Gamble, Bob Richards. BOTTOM: Pete Drown, Karl Jacobs, Dick Kibby, John Little, Norman Toedt, John Marks, Terry Hull. Missing: Cap Hancock, Dick Scott, Al Pross. ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Jack Caufield, Norman Ciampi, Dick Bastoni, Ralph Johnson. Not Pictured: Clark Newcomb. TOP, left to right: Dick Hernan- der, Ralph Eyman, Rick Gordon, Chuck Verduzco, Tom Sweeney. BOTTOM: Larry Leitch, Gary John- son, Mike Maudsley, Jay Olson, Doug Gant, Winston lng, Larry Leosure, Ed Keller, Bob Sauers, Lionel Aiken. Missing: Mike Hart, Chris Sawyer, Duane lsetti, Ken Stanley. l83 ,.... if Q , Z ' I r i ' . F 3 5. lf, f DELTA UPSILON GIRL It is an annual tradition of D.U. To choose its Girl in the spring To reign during the following year. The conclusion of last spring's Serenade brought the crowning of sparkling Marlee Stark A member of Kappa Alpha Theta d S an enior Class Treasurer, Marlee was very active in campus aofivities. Our '84 ha'r's off 'ro Miss Stark-D.U. Girl for 1959-60. FRATERNITY FAVORITES FALL BELLE Vivacious Pat Trevitt, a dark- haired beauty, was chosen Belle of Archania to reign during the fall semester. The naming of the Belle was the highlight of an evening which included skits by the three Pan-Hellenic so- rorities and introducing of past Belles and guests. Pat is a fresh- man Tri Delta pledge from Oak- land, and psychology is her ma- jor field of interest. The tradi- tional Belle ceremony presented by the men of Alpha Kappa Phi climaxed sorority preference day 'Q' SPRING BELLE Sparkling petite Maria Bocci, a pledge of Tri Delta, was cho- sen Spring Belle of Archania. Maria was given the honor to reign as Belle out of the 58 spring pledges. The crowning of the Belle climaxed the ex- citement and suspense of a busy rush season. Maria is a freshman history major hailing from San Francisco. Her shining "carrot top" hair and charming smile make Maria an appropri- ate selection for a Southern beauty. I85 l959-l96O was the big year for Alpha Kappa Lambda. The members were greeted with a completely redeco- rated interior upon their return from summer vacation to start the year off on the right foot. A few weeks later, AKA ' Pai? i ' - 4 - , the men of AKL brought home the big prize in homecoming competition for their clever float. Rushing was the next event of the semester, and AKL landed eight pledges for the second largest class. The pledges were put right to work to furnish entertainment for the exchange with Tri-Delt and to help out with the annual AKL Chuckwagon Breakfast, which was one of the best ever this year. At the Christmas Pageant, the men of AKL provided a beautiful rendition of "White Christmas." The Holi- day season was highlighted by the annual exchange at the Stockton Orphanage. Finals and Band Frolic prepara- tion occupied the members for the rest of the semester. AKL's Band Frolic presentation featured stunning sets and costumes, along with, clever choreography. Rushing and Mardi Gras were the main spring events, along with social events, parties and of course, studying. Housemother l N Mrs. Lillian Reiserer, it is, 'U' X- Mlke Bancroft Jerry Duckllorn Bill Guadagnolo Don Beckie Ron Forbes Dan Hiura Walton Cheney Tom Frank Jerry Kitay James Dowd Man: Goto Barry Mayfield 1 ., wh: W James Nixon George Niesen Charles Poor Bob Small f! ini' Rudy Valente lan Van Gelder Steve Wiener Bryan Wilber Robert Woodford i The men of Alpha Kappa Phi returned to campus in the fall to greet the year of the straight arrow. A new housemother, Mrs. Wentz, was welcomed to Archania in a true Southern fashion. lntegrating studies with extracurricular activities, the men of Archania were fortunate enough to achieve a very high scholastic average. One activity which highlighted the fall social calendar, was an elegant formal held at the Briner Estate in Auburn, Calif. Another activity was Homecoming, an affair made memorable by Archania's carrousel float, and extremely audible steam calliope. The world was shocked when the C.O.P.-San Jose State Victory Bell was stolen from its place in the bell room. The bell found its way home, however, and its peals welcomed the swinging sixties in a fitting manner. The Spring semester saw several celebrated stars of Twentieth Century Fox, including Bing Crosby, become members of Alpha Kappa Phi. The greatest event of the semester came when Band Frolic found the Archanian fraternity emerging victorious for the third consecutive year. This event was followed closely in prominence by the Spring Formal, and the Fireman's Fling. Other miscellaneous historical events of the year included "S.E. Week," and Robert E. Lee's l53rd birthday. Thus the year of the arrow un- it. derwent a rnetamorphosis, emerg- ing in its final stages as the year of ' A the Crunch! i l l I f I If ,I arf' , A f' R1 is fl!!! AKO X I J l L l Q 5 ' r J xx vhn...-O? 2 5 , . , . l I a . - In' 1 -.J 'bug l i Mrs. John Wentz Housemother iii' l l l l I x 5,2 - . Yzmz gill IT? if 1 . - J V..1, . - 14, -'- , 1 gm xi y se 4.1 'A hu f tif 'A B -Af X1 -NJ Ben Aiken Michael Crosby Fred Barnes Bill Deubner John Beyer Robert Eckart Dave Blakley Phillip Gale John Brlner Neil Gereb Stephen Cohen Rich Heil Q., ,J-R Ron l-Ielgesson Alan Hill Phil Hunter Marc .lantzen Doug Keller Bruce Kennedy if H 24:-.ev ,j'-.J J 1 it lhs y W l T ' N 4? 12 ' 9 s gr 4 S' ,.-.- . ff- 5 Q f 'ff' 1 Q H .x 7l'. If . -OU! 0--an Q5 g 5 ig. Bob Laddish Gary Lerner James Millar Richard Miller Mel McKinney Ted Olson Bill Osgood is Bill Powell Pete Prentiss Al Raitt Ron Reynolds Ernest Roberson Gary Rominger Peter Schipper -Q.. Y---4 rx.-, i I Sf? 14:3 Ron Senkirk John Sibert Al Simi Richard Smith Michael Trevitt Jerry Weaver .lack Wolsey Returning to campus in their continental olive drab blazers, the men of Delta Upsilon began their year ot activities with a dinner honoring their alumnae and faculty members. The Rubber Band and house decorations featuring the "Typewriter Song" brought the fraternity prizes at Homecoming. The men showed their prowess in winning both the football and cross country events of the campus intramurals. During the fall rush, Delta Upsilon added to its chapter list a fine group of pledges known as the "Roaring Twenty." The pledges participated in the fraternity "Help Week" and collected toys for the "Toys for Tots" campaign. The tall social calendar featured exchanges, dinners, and dances. The Delta King, a river boat, was the setting for one of Delta Upsilon's most outstanding dances of the year. The spring semester brought Delta Up- 'silon's annual Fashion Show and the Spring Serenade during which the name of the new Delta Upsilon girl was revealed to the campus. Thus brought to a close is a second suc- cessful year tor the men of Omega Phi Alpha as Delta Upsilon National ,- lviimlil rj' X . r I . . IL if ". ,. XX AT ii? W tw .X .Y IN? . 5,1 . Fraternity. xttgxx fe XX 23 i x ff - bi 515 l 1,5-ac Mrs. Edith Moore, Housemother P? I1 'ixgyf-fivl. - -4 i .-4 . .. ELA , 1 75.- 1- - , , ' 'u' ' :Ng l 1 l A fvifl T-.. El ' FILL' lu nr mi n .mf 1 . Q41 l Z. nu is I! lat - I was ... 'aw 'f K A VW . 6-4 'YH .mx 11:5- -s. .A 'xl' GR - l - AY. ,A ' 4 X l a rl i x 'll ll - T . ' - 'if A 17' "' .., . si, ,X -r .xg V I' I I Q". .' 4 3 H I 1 A' 3' 31: iv-f - Tony Aflague Xavier Arena Lloyd Bakan Gary Brinck Jim Brumbaugh Richard Burkes Jack Bursch Bob Downurn Bob Farnum John Felix Bill Fowler Ted Gurich Richard Harrison David Houghton L. -rr K1 -T17 ew, 4 J. fl Wayne Hunter Carlton Kammerer George King Kelvin Kieldsen Kenneth Kieldsen Jlm Kleinschmidt Ted Lake .Um 4 V4 A-' 5' . V x , i.. A L Y. vt- l ...df Q19 -1 45? J '. ,rfb . ,i J ff, R: f N- V' ,ggi . I 5, .f .Q f 4 I1 ,ni 1' , f ' J Q I, v 'Y -155 ,. I, 'Hi , it . fl A ,. Jw.: 1... 5.-ly 'LY' -we jg. ,ff ,Ji ' ' .wr -'N fu rn ,TEN , T Q. W 2 , sf ir Bob Lawrence Dave Loofbourrow John Lopez Doug MacCluer Jim Mckea Hardy Miller Ronald Nickel gi.. Ed Nicolaus David Parr Ted Ray Richard Roberts Harold Robinson Roy Ryan Duane Scott Greg Smith Randy Smith Ed Sowash Jim Stark Larry Swan Dick Walsh Ronald Weibust ' '. ' ff"fFi"'- .xx , f 'S- C ll QAX W "' . - ,..., in , -P "s-'::-3' FMP P In their fourth year on campus since organization, Phi Delta Chi has made strides in gaining prominence on the College of the Pacific campus, Since making their headquarters in North Hall two years ago, the Phi Delta Chi's have grown in both membership and activi- ties. Some notable examples of their social activities are as follows: a coffee hour to meet freshmen and transfer pharmacy students, a float entry in the Homecoming parade, a Hallo- ween Dance, and exchanges. A highlight of their fall semester was a Christmas Dinner- Dance held at the Masonic Temple. In keeping with their professional aims as a fraternity, the men of Phi Delta Chi sponsored a scholarship award for the most improved pharmacy student in his junior year. They won a First Place award for a window display to pro- mote National Pharmacy Week. , I , i. ,. i ii ,I l Y, .,i V' Mrs. Mable Lyons Housemother ,uf ' . ill. H ' -" 1 H, ,K 4 - X 'ml v ' , ,. rl. M ,N 1 ini. :R 4 H- U13 . K . A ' F F - ,,- if qi-,H+ fg ll PTT if if ' I .R 1 ix! ffl, '. Nw if-1 ,ff ..1' '. I 45' 11, if 1'I'."" f 1 .jjip-gy:--' nf 1-:gi-:-'S' of . ' ' 1 Q.,-J 5 v' -C 4 'X uv ' , 'ir 1 " 4 "' if 'L . ' - 5 A ,g-sga1..- A ,M R523 ill! .4-' "V" va JU .lj 55-sg 7 W V5 , . xi, El e ' , i R V, F. fp? , .. 5" 4 f i ,."' f i. Fe:-vs A , si, .iii 'L V-V Z-Y m ar ' 1 -V f . , Q' is KH 31" P Y , ex l rv " .N ', 1" . I Y ?Lfi7f".x ' i . I :Rf l -1 U .kd-F . mfwfa M'i iffimfii R. .. ,, D i r ' R R h r '. W - ' W ' ' A " 'I " I I f T H 3 ,A F' -, '- ,M -, Q I W 1 I 5 " ws., V' 3 C' 'lv' :VW ki ' ' ' " ,, l i fs , 4 . f -V Q gg- i gs. .-kv ,I H I- 'ilxn W I ' L VVE- X " -. m Q-1-gap W --. '- ' U, xv -QI' ,I If H ' 'v V K Y Y . L 'L gf 1 ' ' M .57 if fr- 71-:SFT ' ' ' ' fir- -, 1- 5:52-f 1-sn, I f . ,Q pi in .II . ' " ' ' ., L- I A., ' -I -QE ! A i y ,Q -:Ari V Jw - 'N I' J! . -1.1If.1' f Y' v b . I I V . , " 2 . y R f .Y -9' . M -Q. - , ,,,.. . , ff-f iq i, '15-3' " , X X ,--. rw- . . , if f ' Ili X ' -kd ' I . . t, I :Liu E , C. 4 V - J, - sa, w h 'M , f .- 1 -.V I lj ' I. L Y--H in 1 'i"i V' 'K 1 "1 Y. ' 'gy ac, ' ' - -' - , ' A-. L A EQY- -- -S. A A 2 - l 1 -.1 :QL charles Ammm can Fink Hefben Lgw Nick Spanos Stan Saroyan Ronald Tam Mike Bgliini Mel Fino: Gary Hinman Charles Pfister Doug Scheid Gil Rosa Jerry Biagini 1-env pong Dgyg Lgagh Rodney Rogers Al Schmid! Hap Vasconi Mervyn Blas Howard Brutsha Alan Combs Richard Giambruno Robert' Gibson Mike Harmon Aubrey Lumley Robert Machado Carlo Michelotti Alan Rohnow Rollie Rohnow Yukio Sakamofo John Schwartz Roger Taylor Len Terra Tom Vickery Charles Whittenberg Ken Zenfner K QQ! I g 'hai' fl?-E l fV -V r AEE.-f ,QA if All-V ,AQ A . gwiiiigaivfi? ll-" .. lilif. rf' P ' Rhizomia boomed again this year as the men of Rho Lambda Phi started off the year if P with their annual "Watermelon Feed." Donned in white chefs' aprons they hosted the cam- pus serving large and juicy slices of watermelon. After their Rock and Roll Dance, rushing came along and Rhizomia added 8 new mem-. bers to the house. A pledge dance was given in honor of the new initiates. The year was filled with parties and exchanges. Two outstanding exchanges were with Sigma Phi Epsilon of Stanford and also the San Jose chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Many rigorous hours were spent practicing for Band Frolic in the early part of the spring semester and the if year was climaxed by their A ., Spring Formal. l l Rhizomia is under the di- . rection of Mrs. Grogan, housemother. f , l Mrs. Beaulah Grogan, 'I ' , Housemother 11" Del Alberti James Altman Kirk Bowman Jerry Carter Walt Christophersen 'GVIT9 if 'T""T, Bob Crane David Dunlap Wayne Hawkins Skip Hill Bill Hoelsken i fi! 'lm'-Tr I inf FSF' W A 3" - or-l' ,Q ,,,. ,f . 1 Peter Hudson Donald McDonald Paul Kaufman Bill Melville Tom Leuteneker Bob Middlewood Bob Long Marlin Payton Bert Mantelli Larry Pitman Jack Mathis Tim Royse V, ' .??'3'. il ' 'im , i 'U' ' .. w v,-JM, ' , D' H. 1 iif g L? 1' .' 11 1 THF Z gl L-ZW I " " Q-14 .5 -s-fi W-" 'ff 19" .xy Ed Schwartz Herb Steiner Bob Swanson Dave Towell Howard Trekell Tony West ,,....- . ' ,.,- li 'Q fllwj' - 1""""'w 1 752- t I .1 3 r 1, K , : i " -' , ' 4, vf, i I -' r' -',' V, H .-,,., wc., Y ,,.1.A,.i.:..-L.,-2. 4. oi.. 4- s-,,..-..m.....- ,...f... NORTH HAll Highlighting North Hall's tall calendar of events was a tea in honor ot their housemother, Mrs. Lyons. Long hours of work went into North Hall's outstanding float entry in the annual Homecoming parade. Closing the fall semester with a Christmas stag party, the men of North Hall looked forward to a fun-filled spring semester. The spring semester brought exchange dinners, house dances, and an open house to show oft their newly redecorated living room. ...La ayx 1..':V Agarwal Bangali Richard Bastoni Burke Coveny Tom Funkhouser .::, ,- -- , i.. V,-.Quw - f . 1 Mrs. Mable Lyons Housemother qr"Tp Bob Grohs rw. fs'-., ina 1-M Carter Hanner Gary Hubb Irving Danis Floyd Lampton Bob Langille ,I i, l PEFFF I l T'-E25 C7 Jim Lynn Edward Magee Joe Malpasulo Daryl Mrasek Gary Nelson H3 Richard Nemelz Clark Newcomb Norman Ciampi Amon Nsekela Skip Onstad Gail Pricketf John Subletf Doug Randall Clyde Vaughn Fawzi Saleh Pete Williams Robert Sapp Richard Williams Ken Studer Yak-Pui Yue Qi. ,Vw-gr .Ll-- ,-,." , W ,4- 1' 1 5' ' X - 1 lx ' ,A 5 I 's 1. V '.. Nl' "PJ .' Q-or 'sf Mlke Cusanovich Tom Dalrymple Lester Davidson Ralph Eyrnann Bill Farley Douglas Fell Harold Fick A AB 'Y s.. 'V' Y V rg, x . lgvAv4N R gg. i . W' f . Y I Al 44 ull xg... , 1 -new H "N A Rv'-rf sbp Bob Gatiss Joy Gritts Harold Hall Phil Harris Dick Henander Michael Hogan Jeff l-loogendyk 'O' Peter Hunt Carl Jacobsen Ralph Johnson Ivar Kent Bob Klein Larry Lauszus Brent Leonard 'CII' i ' pw-v i J' 1 ii. " 1 ,Ar David Lewis John Little Bob Mazxuca George Milton Charles Niles Raymond Neuman John Pagett 5 !f""' .5 5 l , 1 ' , jrdf , F' 'X v L i T5-'U M , ,- X fr 7:- George Parker Mike Pence Gordon Peterson David Phillips Gene Pike Keith Porter Jack Preston MV- . A fgf- ,- Q , ,-T-elm, ,,x. I ,,,., . . 1. , ,V ..,. '-l,.,.': - 'El 1: ms: i -.pi . ., 15,73 , 1- ae.-,A . v. 'is-., , 4 x F :G NL Jf I f-4-1 : ilu TKT' 5. 'Q f , . 5-x 1, .,. 71 46-4' -- 1. ig rsii v on 'J' v 13' .gi 5.1.-' gig,-.-sm-1 l s ,N K. I 1 4 'l T . I -I I . in 1? ' .J 47' . 7 .Q-,. .... ,... f B we R' I 9 3, Q 1- All Q- .-.- , , ni f'-jfs' 5 1? 3' - ' . -35, -.wa - ia B f-ff, 2.3 Ae. LE- , I A ..,E I ' 4, Q R fri fi r " ' 11 1 11-,fx , , 7 ' ' Yi W . '--., rr' 'Ein R' 1 , Ji- ' T ' 2.311 1.1 ' - 1 . , I' gym V R.. 1 'av f Y ' 5' .. - fig?" K mf S ' 'J 'Fffswl 555. - 43 211--'lf' - '.,i ,gi A "P AF iv ' 1 A 2!-Wir? ' ' xvfmf v V' ,1 in i r 5 . ,ai 1 '- In .J C G . , ,, ,X A 1 - . C 5 'I 4' 1 1 Q if - ' ' 1 " 'J TT 537 '-' ft' '1' r- I .eA:lI'r5'l'-:C A L'2'-eil-'J Harold Rahmlow Ronald Redfoot Patrick Russell Steve Saukerson Gary Shannon Charles Simpson Bill Stanclift Greg Stikes Donald Tarr Bob Vanderwall Paul Vogt John Ward Edward Webber Bob Wilson Il f:,:?'x +4 milk! .. I I I Q I !. l 1" , WEST HAll For their first activity project of the fall semester, the men of West Hall carefully constructed and stuffed their float entry for the annual Homecoming parade. Fate, however, destined that this marvelous float would not be viewed by the eyes of the public. Lacking a trailer hitch, the boys wired the float bed to the car that was to bring the float from its place of hiding to its starting position for the parade. Coming to a tragic end, the float bed became disconnected from the car that was pulling it and came to rest in a ditch. Before the Thanksgiving holiday, West and South Hall combined their efforts in sponsoring a dance. Later in the fall semester, the men of West Hall held a tea which was attended by parents and campus friends. The spring social calendar for the three men's dormitories planned a dinner-dance sponsored by the interdorm council. 7 -1-.-.z?,F.., .r , , , .M.., i ' Hr s ' - l' 's..' Mrs. Lula Hancock Housemother 3- 2'- "' 'Q 1 - ..,.fa it l 2 ' Ill K: I l - A . ks-A L Y v-7 aj-' V4 , Joseph Allen Norman Arnesen Earl Baldock Ronnie Barnes Gerry Beckers Art Berliner Dale Boothby Robin Bowen Jim Bush George Childs -John Chipman Ron Cia Brad Clayton Mario Crosina Robert Curtis Duane de Long Dino De Ranieri TIT rp hn- 'if' IU' 'QPU' .gms 'U- Ken Dyson John French Doug Gant James Gardner Frank Gong Gerald Gonsalves Tim Groves .1 .f A 1 -ge i s i wzi 1 11, 1 -R so-, ... ' . F .,.., V, , X . A 15 X N N- N tin Fl: DZ: III! lifl. INS: 5:2151 mfs. Y' -1. 4'-Q. Neil Hanson Peter Hechler Philip Heinrich Roger Higdon Winston Ing Ronald Jones Mel Kahn If-, C-'X aff van -,' '-'uw 41 -, Joseph Kendall Binns Melander Edward Nuddleman Ed Keller James Leonard Merlyn Lund Jan Maluska Michael Maudsley Roger McManus Jerry Miller Tom Milligan Bill Morland Robert Morris Arthur Mowry Nemir Kindar Steve Olds George Orndott Robert Paxton Stuart Price Allen Pross Phillip Ramstad 35- ,Z', NN: inf Robert Richards Marvin Rothschild Mel Rumwell Ralph Saroyan Robert Sauers Chris Sawyer John Segerdell 10 T'-9 -55. 'PBI fd' Dow Smith Jack Soarrow James Stanclitt John Stellman Charles Stocker Tom Sweeney Clyde Tetler -- nv- V i QP v i lgifi-.. il . i ' up ' ? x lv. . A U iz 1 K J A ' 1 I' Q? C7 Kiyoe Abe Grace Black Oliver Clarke Pat Adams Sally K. Boynton Linda Coffin Aris Aghazarian Florence Brayton Mary Coolidge Nurham Aghazarian Richard Brown Catherine Crowell Tom Barnett Sharon Brookhart Ralph Cundiff Bertha Barton Albert' Cameron, Jr. Rosalind Davis Wallace R. Beaver Donalee Carlson Geraldine De Benedetti Patricia Belrose Charles Clark Gianfranco Delfanti fr ' fc" if Bob Denton Dorothy Evans Margaret De Vol Tom Farris John Donning Sharon Frodin Arnold Dubnick Leo Fong Tom Duecker Sharon Gold Michael Empey Mary Gonos Lynn Engdahl Peter Gonos lu- ! 1 -5, gn , T'-r , N .,a.. 'Q .1 5-.a Wayne Goodell Jim Hyde Phil Hall Cliff Johnson Cap Hancock Colene Jordan Jim Hanson Peggy Joy Joyce Henderson Kiyoshi Kawasaki Bruce Hill Milton Kite Bl 'S rv- l . i i 1 n X' , "P L Q lt' -gr i 2195? ' J . lie f l i Michael Morasanian Pat Moresco Gladys Morita Ralph Moran Anne Nelson Carole Nelson Jerry Marquis Irene Martinez Lucile Mason Lloyd McClure Jane Mclntosh Sylvia Montano Gerald Klingenberg Ellen Lawseth Vera Leicht Stephen Lewis Hilma Logan Luther Lowe CAMPUS C? Barbara Newlin Sharon Nugent Shelly Onweiler Sheryl Pickering Ronald Pickard Henry Prado Bob Purcell 1 - 'fi , NWA: ,, I' 1' 1 .. xr Y kde' - I , -. i.. ,Hi.g.4 , , 3, 4 . aaa' ,, - 'I --S 4 H .-.2 L 1:- 11- in x . i f Nels Rasmussen Arleen Shillingburg Arlene Valterza David Reed Don Shirachi Robert Watkins Diane Reed John Silvera William Webster John Rehn William Snavely Glenna Whinery Barbara Reynolds Clyde Sweet Louise Whitaker Apolinar N. Sangalang Eddie Tow Ronald Yep William Schuldt Garth Treude Janice Yoneshige Betty Shellard Edna Tye Allan Zolezzi A . 'a 5-waging ,.., . AL L Him. -A-A 4 1 . .. ELEM'-'2, H e . .I 1 , , .iff .5 M ,v- .qv .-, ,H -4'-. SPORTS 4u'- 51-52147- L: livbfg L - . rf""" W .. Us .. W 1 11- +-, H +...f,... H. .., 1 A I , 4' mfr., Lf ll-,J , E-V...-4. - V, Q-, 1 -Q 111 H. Q AML- ,R , ' jf ' V, ' ,r .ifff-igflfgi-q,fg,gf!..,,sy.,. 1 jg. i , u-1.4.54-is-. . ,-... . 1-' -f..,,t2-'.'1-371-g-2-, 'fs' -4 - . ,, , . - ... . , ., . , M A ,A L"F.:.g1k"r,, -J. "c sv 57, , -4 :tg .rr-:I-,,,i-my I M. ..J -"- :::::. .-i..:g:,---P -if-,gl-31' 'safer Q, - Q , '-' gg 5.121 ,....?: ... --4 . , ,- .-....,,,,. ... ,.,. 5z::.'::m.W..-:x:..., -.+..a........ . ,- aff- . - 9--.. or-:.:,-11 ': .- , - - asf, , f , "we--1 -1, , -arg ,..g, e-fZ"'gE, L---'fs :':':: 3 .x a:vv'5-sn.. ---V ,.-,,,,.W M....g . . , ,,, -ge-N-, gain:-.. ,, . .-mg,-a-nf,f .- l , . gag---2?-----4315: -......1E.'-E4 :tf::'?,?'-73-"-i'-..' . Q ' f -V ' '- ". 2 3'-:E?4F4'E'::?2:5i?5:gi'ifif if-' 't-.:s.gam:.2.'2:g?iiiSf1f2i, f g'-4-? If-"'-4-1.- -eff fr.. I -f.. f:3...,'f'- p.1i1:-L-:H if - .affix ...,,.,-8 i V I. , , I, '-H jgtw-..V,.., gi! . I l .. -.-,., .,. -:..,,-,, -4E:.,,V,l .Z . , .-,,:?..:,....-.-,. PM .y ,E ,.- ,,. , i . ,,,, -...,... ' -v T "' 1 . A,"""'i'f""" T ' 8 --.., " """"""'1.' L "I....2"Ix.c.' T' Y' --, "1"L:':1'f'ii3 ' . A-,-HJ... T., A .' """c3'1:.-:gg -P1 ' Q-. f"""'T:',:L1.":.',:.,,Q..Y,,IfE-.- fa. i .vf-iii--f -ae Y .,,. Y -7-..-Q. 'If-T""' ' "T-7-H5 'Gil-2 . r 'fT... 116' if ""E.,. . . , - - - "'::-Ttfflzis "f 4'?i7".,- "e2ig5:7ff".::i.::.. , ':":::3 -N... U. .if ' ' - I P, 'Q L 'lf ' ' fn ' gi 4 gg, - ' K '..g.' W, ' , ., ' '-QI h-.L c" ' 317:--3----"f""" .. .ff-f.. - V if fa .irq 1- , -- -,b......,-g -.A .- 2 - 5, . 1- -?..- .........., ..,--i, nissan., A, -w..', , L if U 5, . , .- -:- -vt -Eg' X ' 7- L . I 1.. , -jg , l"l' - ,Q f2"'tT: "11',"' ,'B1P'+'-L' nf -,l-fs ,Y ,gg-,, ' : -' 'Z iq- -' " L '-5'i"i -----"' f -' 4--- -i ,,. Q -Lu ,.,' - - j r-- it .. -i 1" . f 1 -1. ,tt ,m ..-r-s-1--n- , A -' vi- " B A ' 5' ,' fx Ml v L " , H I -. - . X qt r, r gy ' d 'V ., gf ,-. ,N it .:.f , , C., V - U -Q . -. wg: I it A ,r ,. Tj, -A l 1 . - , 'J' . -4' is Ulf uf 3 L Ls, , - , I-for V . L A . , ,- 5 1- 1- gi, ' I .- X, X K .,, ,J , 4 - .4 f Q 4 .,.f- - ,D r V, -, - -. L ' -A .li vw : 1 JF- ' '- av, Y- , ti - ,, ' , i , - ,, -., uf. .nj J . W ,,,g. A .,.,j X an-N j - iv., 'ini Y i . Q V . -. . -,V J j- - , . ., g , , -.wh T1 '. , .. , . ., . " - 'A f- -' . -. ,L ':-: ':- 1-1. f '- ' f - -it 1 A , 7 G B an , , X ' . r Q.. - - is , . ...U r 1 , 's 'V I f ll- e , 9 qs , v V K 4 1' 2-Lv"3's I QPW' 15" J' ' 'e i , 'ii ' " - - rw? ' t' " T N f. , . 1 3 'J - 5 if " "' I '- V- " . i ii it 'Fl 1. V r . J V 1-,I . L 1 1'-'f r f Us 0' 'W i x ' ' 1-' .ji - . .. f. '.!'Lfl: 1s7.-1.1 i n ,Ag-.jyj 1. : VI 1 ,V . . ' 'LT , 7317---4 V -c'5,i"::'vvg v,,,,,g,,,.!,,,Y ,YV f-V j' 1.9, JL, A I i - ' g-- , ent.. 4 75 fy I at ii j. . A K A,q:':, 3,5 .Y,- -- ..,. r' I A I . , , .. , r --- - ' l if. '- V . , ,Nnjx , I A, .4 Y. ' Y V .YH - Pacific's i959 varsity football team: FRONT ROW, left to right: Manager Jim Nixon, Bill Brock, Gary Giovannoni, Ed Schwartz, Mike Pence, Ed Kotal, Earl Moreno, Wayne Hawkins, Bob Denton, Herm Urendo, Bob Mazzuco, Dan Silva, Wayne Clem, Gary Johnson, Jim Hester, Ken Castles, Willie Hector. SECOND ROW: Gene Stafford, Larry Jones, Dick Scott, Joy Gritts, Greg Stikes, Chuck Verduzco, Joe Malpasuto, Ed Sowash, Lionel Sequeira. THIRD ROW: Freshman Coach Sid Hall, Coach Jack Myers, Bockfield Coach George Dickson, End Coach John Rhode, Dick Bass, Line Coach Don Campora, Bob Vander Wall, Dick Ellsworth, Jim Bush, Bob Gatiss, Henry Wallace, Chuch Lander, Gary Hubb, Dick Nemetz, Duane Scott, Bruce Adams, Mike Hart, Dove Norseth. VARSITY FO0TBAll Pacific's Tigers, hailed as a real football power in pre- season writeups, started the season on the wrong foot, and though they compiled a winning record with five victories in nine contests, they never quite lived up to their expectations. Injuries, as usual, turned out to be one of the causes of Coach Myers' ulcers. Both of Pacific's All-American candidates, Dick Bass and Carl Kammerer, were injury ridden. Carl's broken hip kept him out for the season, and Dick was hampered continually by a deeply bruised thigh. Usually the Bengals are faced with lack of depth when several players are on the disabled list, but this season was different as "Moose" Myers came up with several talented sophs and some surprising veterans to fill the gaps. And, with three starting quarterbacks, the previous deficiency at that spot was eliminated. With this combination, the Bengals went forth to do battle. The Colorado State Rams eked out a win in the vu... , 'J 'u first contest of the year to begin a three game losing streak for COP. Stanford and Washington State were just too much for the Tigers. Pacific's first win came at the expense of the Mar- quette Warriors, to the delight of COP Homecoming fans. Then the Bengals hit the road for a couple of weeks. A long eastward journey to the University of Cincinnati netted another COP loss, by a hotly disputed I4-21 score. When the final gun went off, Pacific was on the Bearcat one foot line. The next week found the Tigers traveling just as far, but in the opposite direction. At the University of Hawaii, COP rang up its second win of the year. The Rainbows played a great game, the Tigers were tired, and the final score was 6-O in an exciting, evenly matched struggle. To round out the season, Pacific added three more hard-fought victories over Fresno State, ldaho, and San Jose State, finishing a four game win streak and leaving the Bengals with a five won, four lost season total. ,X ,j ,. , JACK MYERS DON CAMPORA JOHN RHODE ff? 4 l COLORADO STATE The COP Tigers, ranked as one of the top independents for I959 by the Southern California Grid Index, unfor- tunately lost their first game of the yearg a game played b'e,fore school started against Colorado State. The Ben- gals lacked that extra push needed for a winning game but several things should be considered in judging this game. Pacific was faced with the loss of Carl Kammerer, out- standing linebacker and left guard, who was injured in a logging accident during the summer. The team could have used his extra effort and would perhaps have had more confidence in their chances for victory with Kam- merer in the game. The clocks "bogged" down. The Col- orado Rams through farsighted "premeditation" knew where Bass was going in time to head him off the few times he carried the ball. The game offered a display of "overzealous" officiatingg penalties totaling 142 yards for Pacific hampered the team's march down the field. The concensus indicated a two touchdown victory for Pacificg yet the 9-6 score in favor of the Colorado Rams does not indicate that the Rams played a great game. The only thing the Rams have to show for themselves is the three point margin of safety which was produced on a field goal and then only after the Rams failed to score a TD after three attempts from within the COP five yard line. The fans who crowded the Pacific Memorial Stadium for the first game of the i959 season had been looking forward to an explosive and exciting gameg they were disappointed but went away from the game looking for- ward to the Stanford game which was looming ahead in two weeks. ps- ID ia? -1 -fr' QL in V, TONY AFLAGUE DICK BASS dmc- 9 GT Til KEN CASTLES WAYNE CLEM BOB DENTON BOB GATISS ? JOY GRITTS MIKE HART STANFORD Scalp the Indians' was heard echoing from all the cars headed for the Stanford-COP game which was played at the Stanford Stadium on October 3. The Student body, turning out en masse for the second game of the season, was eagerly looking forward to the contest with the ln- dians. With one loss behind them the Tiger team had a good opportunity to gain a victory which would enhance Pacific's football reputation. Coach Jack Myers was apprehensive concerning Stan- ford's passing offense. Myers' concern proved true and materialized into an obstacle with which the Tigers could not cope. lt was mainly Stanford's excellent passing that defeated the Bengals. Things went well for the Tigers during the first quar- ter of the game. After stalling a Stanford drive inside the eight, Pacific took the ball and moved 92 yards in I4 plays for six points. To everyone's chagrin, the attempted 2 point conversion was missed. During the second quar- ter, the lndians came through with three key passes which moved them 82 yards down the field for a TD and the extra point. This set the score at 7-6 in favor of the Indians. Something must have happened during half-time be- cause during the second half. of the game the Tigers were unable to make any decisive headway. But in the 4th quarter Stanford came through with more of its marvel- ous passing. A successful scoring pass at the beginning of the 4th quarter put the Indians out in front l4-6. The Tigers were not completely out of it until late in the period when a Bengal pass did not click on the 4th down play. Stanford took over and after another aerial attack plus a few ground plays the score stood 20-6. The extra point was made. Seconds later the gun went off and Pacific faced their second defeat of the season by a 2l -6 final score. WASHINGTON STATE Pacific's loss to the Washington State Cougars marked the third straight loss of the season for the Tigers. The Cougars came through with three TD's and the Pacific fans were disappointed because the Tigers made the scoreboard light up only two times, the final score stood at 20-12. Though the Tigers lost the game in points they made a tremendous improvement in their playing and won everywhere and everything over the Cougars. The Tigers outgained the Cougars in total yardage 485-314 and out first-downed them Zl-19, Unfortunately it is still the total number of points that is used as the yard- stick for determining the winner. A sense of foreboding premeated the game when early in the first period Bass swiveled down the field in a long run to carry the ball into the end zone. However, the touchdown was called back on a clipping penalty. The 1. . riwf WAYNE HAWKINS WILLIE HECTOR -Tet-if 43-'lx X' sz ,arp , -2'73"Q, L F ka ,ky f 4 t' .ii , X, , . xr. Qs gag. .af .-K.. 5 ' 4, V V rw"- . - ,144 ,1 .f , - .,. r l-...-rf- 1-f If ,ig:+-1 , --gwrf-f 1 ,-32" 'pw :5"1': "- J.1.!f': Q15-ln :T--. ai Q ffffa :, f- ' 7-f.'-41'. Tigers controlled the ball for most of the last three quar- ters but the early mistakes they made were capitalized on by Washington State, Two of Pacific's fumbles led directly to two Cougar touchdowns. Washington State, after a Pacific fumble in the 2nd quarter, marched 39 yards to a TD. Again in the 2nd period the score jumped to 20-O when the Cougars made another TD. Gatiss finally got the Tigers on the score- board in the 2nd quarter with a 27 yard pass to Urenda who dodged a few Cougars to hit paydirt. Pacific made another touchdown in the 3rd quarter. Bob Gatiss was tremendous "in the air" and estab- lished a Pacific record by passing for 328 yards while he completed I5 of 32 attempts. With the improvement shown by the-team in the game, the future looked brighter for Pacific football. GARY HUBB CHUCK LANDER -N55 .. ',.. T- , .-......,, .L 5, M 1 W.. ,. . 1 1.-. 7 . . v ' ., ,M b 2 . 1 MARQUETTE Excitement and enthusiasm premeated College of the Pacific when the Tigers won their Homecoming game against the Marquette Warriors by a 22-I3 final score. This was a time when the team's best offense was its defense. Because Pacific's forward wall did such a great job, Pacific crashed into the victory column for the first time this season. The Tiger's tactics were so effective that Marquette quarterback Pete Hall, rated as the na- tion's second leading passer, was thrown for frequent losses, Though the Tigers were outweighed by nearly lO pounds per man, the Bengal line relied on stunting and footwork to stymie the Warrior's passing attack. Marquette scored first and early in the game setting the score at 7-O. Th'e Tigers came bouncing back with a TD but the attempted conversion failed. Pacific now trail- OLA MURCHISON GENE PIKE ed by one point but not for long. In the second quarter, a Marquette fumble set up the second COP six-pointer. This time the conversion was good. The final Tiger TD was in the fourth period when Bass tossed a 20 yard pass to Gritts who got down to the War- rior 3 before being knocked out of bounds. The ball was put into the end zone on the next play by Wallace. Mar- quette managed to score once more in the final minutes of the game. lronical reversals showed up in the game. ln previous losses Pacific had shown up first on the statistic columng this week Pacific won on the scoreboard but wound up second best on statistics. During the game Pacific install- ed the new kick-off return and some new pass patterns. All clicked and the fans went home happy. i ' ' Ea? I ' Liaffs JOE MALPASUTO BOB MAZZUCA IDAHO STATE UNIVERSITY On one of the coldest nights of the football season, the Pacific fans in Pacific Memorial Stadium watched the Tigers out-gun an undermanned bunch of Idaho University Vandals 28-I3 in Pacific's eighth game of the season. Idaho, using a bit of trickery, started the scoreboard working. The Vandals attempted and recover- ed an offside kick and went 50 yards in five plays to a TD, The kick was good and the score stood 7-O. The Vandal's lead was short lived, the Tigers bounced back with a SO yard touchdown drive and a two point conver- sion. Dick Scott had climaxed the long march with a three yard scoring plunge. Neither team dented the end zone in the second quar- ter. After being held to an only 8-7 half-'time lead by the fired up Vandals, College of the Pacific dented DAN SILVA ED SOWASH ldaho's side with three touchdowns to pile up the highest score of the season. Dick Bass and Bob Vander Wall were chief organizers of Pacific's rout in the second half al- though they were assisted by a supporting cast who play- ed well. ln the third quarter the Tigers got rolling again. Henry Wallace moved 51 yards to the Vandal I6. Bob Vander Wall then threw a TD strike to Ola Murcheson. Moments Sages the Tiger scored again. The scoreboard now read Idaho closed the gap-22-I3-in the 4th stanza but Bass got loose and ripped off a 52 yard gallop for Pac- ific's final score of the evening. The Tiger victory-28-I3 -evened the Bengals season record to 4 wins, 4 losses. GENE STAFFORD DOLPHUS TROTTER 15494112 .ff ll 2'- '. 2.-f!,Ig,Qfg 1' 14.11 "3-'l-. wr.. 'tl ,u2ilQ4IIf"'!I gigs-gqsf i W- :ag Hain. hi SAN JOSE STATE This victory over San Jose climaxed a remarkable come- back for the Tigers who got off to a rocky start this season by losing their first three games. In the Tiger's sixth straight victory over the San Jose Spartans the Tigers pushed their heads over the clouds for the first time this season to finish their i959 football campaign with a 5-4 record and a winning streak of four straight. This victory for Pacific marked the 38th renewal of the bitter feud with San Jose: Bass punched across the goal line 3 times to score l8 points for the victorious Tigers, the fans went wild, and the Pacific Student As- sociation claimed the traditional rival bell for the 6th year in a row. Pacific never looked better than it did on its first TD drive when the Tigers took the opening kick-off and -1' ' 3 1 . . smashed 68 yards in IO plays to get on the scoreboard in the first four minutes of the game. San Jose left the first half badly outplayed and trailing I2-O. The Spartans came back after half time ready to make a game of it but it was too late. Shortly after Bass' third touchdown of the night which boosted Pacific into a 20-O lead early in the secod half, the Spartans came to life and scored. That was the end of the scoring for both teams. The final score stood 20-7 with a Pacific victory. Though the Tigers completely dominated the game statistics, as well as the first half play, they showed little of the zeal and zest for hitting in the second half that they displayed in the opening periods of the game. Nor- mally unemotional in victory or defeat, the COP Tigers were a happy, noisy throng after their decisive conquest over San Jose. L M Q , -gas:-QQ' -Qfiiiezl i' -. . - 1 -- .S . 4 . -v. 1 ' : IN lj qv if", i vi?" Eta sf , 'M at ar., tilt ,Jil ,, 4,1 u A, 4 U I L 1 ' ' 1' ' . . ,- .1 N 1 it Q ' 4- r I 'l 5 I 5 HERMAN URENDA BOB VANDER WALL CHUCK VERDUZCO HENRY WALLACE ...W . -l. i' if .la W Pucific's most noted football player, Dick Bass, is shown here in a familiar position - diving over the goal line tor six points. Bass played his final game for COP last fall, and became Pacifics greatest all- time rusher in the process. STATISTICS 1959 3 l RUSHING PASSING PLAYER- TCB TYG YL NET AVG. PLAYER- ATT COMP. INT Ygglis Dick anne, Ih .............. .......... 1 39 773 31 742 5.3 Bah Gahss, ab .------.------------ H6 52 I 216 -500 Henry wnnnee, lb ........ .......... 1 os 452 zz 430 4.0 Dick Bass. lh ............---------- 22 ll 4 no -500 Dick seen, fb ................ ...... 3 7 186 4 182 4.9 Bob Vander Wall, ab --.--.-- 16 lg 1 132 -452 cnnen Verduzco, lh ..... ...... 23 73 5 ea 3.0 Gafv Habb, ab ----,--------------- 31 0 0 0 -ooo Herman Urenda, Ih ...... ...... 2 3 75 I6 58 2.5 Chl-ICI' VGNIUICO, lh ---------- 2 ' Duani' seen, hb ............ ...... 2 32 ra 32 PUNTll'lg YDS Ed Sc warlz, fb ................ .... . . . PLAYER- - - Bob Vander Wall, qb ...... ....., 6 9 5 4 .67 Tony Aflague, rh ...... ..,................ 5 179 Earl Moreno, qb ............ ...... 1 0 I ' -1 -.1 Dick Bass, lh .................. ....... I 19 Gary Hubbs, qb .......................... 28 51 49 -4 -.01 Henry Wallace, tb .......... ........... 1 15 Bob Gqrigg, qb .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 22 27 42 -15 -.007 Herman Urenda, Ih .................................... 34 1216 PASS RECEIVING PASS INTERCEPTION RETURNS KICKOFF RETURNS PLAYER- NO. YDS. TD PLAYER- NO. YDS. TD PLAYER- NO. YDS. Ola Murchison, le .................. I4 319 I Herman Urenda, lh ................ 3 0 0 Dick Bass, lh .......................... 7 166 Herman Urenda, lh ................ I2 232 A ghmLcIEVeri'lI1:zco, Ih ...... ...... 3 23 g Chuck Lander, re -...,. ,,,,.,,. 1 16 Joy Gritts, re ............................ 12 1 3 ic ass, .........,..... ...... Gene Stafford, Ie ..... ........... 1 1 128 o ole Mnneninnn, le ..... ...... 1 o o "'e"""" U'e"ff'I"' 'll """"""' i ig Dick anne, lh ............. ....... 7 116 1 Jne Mnlpnsnrn, Ig ...,..... ...... 1 o o Fab Vande' 0' f 9 ---- -'------ Chuck Lander, re ......... ....... 7 93 0 Gene Pike, le ................. ..,... 1 9 0 Henry Wallace, lb ................ 2 26 Henry Wallace, fb .................. 7 92 o Saw Habla. ab ng ..-.------..----.--.- l lg 3 Gene sreffefd, le ...,.............. z 19 cnnek Verduzco, lh ................ 4 es o e"'Y W9 ace' -"--"'-"'--'3'--- Chuck Verduzca, lh .....-.......--- I 8 Duane Scott, hb ............ ...... 2 32 0 ZUNT RETURNS I 15 Dan Silva, rg ................ ........ 1 5 Bob Denton, Ie ...,. 2 25 0 ggsknigsfwhh """"""""""" L 53 .Ing Ola MUICIIISOII, le -.--.- .------ - I 'I Mike Hart, le .......................... 2 22 0 Hermun 8 28 3:5 .loe Malpasuto, lg ...... ........ I 3 Tony Aflague, rh ,................... 3 18 0 Chuck Verduzco, lh .......,........ 3 4 1.3 Dick Scott, fb ......... ....... 1 0 TEAM STATISTICS - 9 GAMES First Downs Penalties .................................. ..... I Pacific Gramm 1322551121 D0wNSi:::::11: iiiii 41 Times Carried Ball ..................... ...... 4 06 342 Average punrinunfurauue ..'--..-, ,,,,. 3 4,7 Total Yards Gained Rushing ......... ...... 1 721 1533 yardage punr Rerurns '.--...,. ,,,, 'I 11 Yards Lost Rushing ......................... ...... I 75 320 Kickoff Returns -------,-"'....,-... H ,,,,, 31 NET YARDS GAINED RUSHING ....... ...... 1 544 1213 yardage Kickoff Returns l Arrr Irrr ,,,,, 3 9 3 Forward Passes Attempted ...,......... ...... 1 96 197 Number of pennlries rrlrrrrrcrhrr ,,,, 5 8 Forward Passes Completed ........... .. 88 94 Ynrds Lnsr on Penalties .r-.r,, ,,,,, 6 43 Forward Passes Had Intercepted ....... .. 11 10 Number uf Fumbles .r---...r..r,.. .,.., 3 1 NET YARDS GAINED PASSING ............... .... 1 367 1083 Bull Lust on Fumbles r-.,,-,,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 9 Total Plays Rushing and Passing .............................. 602 573 Number of Touchdowns ......... ..... 2 0 NET YARDS GAINED TOTAL OFFENSE ................ 2942 2289 Number of Conversions ....... ..... I 0 First Downs Rushing ....................................... ...... 8 8 81 Total Points Scored ......... ...-- I 34 First Downs Passing ................................... .. 54 44 Total Attendance ......... . 162,300 Q l -"1 Q l 1 l I' TD 1 2 2 0 0 AVG. 35.8 19.0 15.0 35.8 TD 23.7 16.0 1 5.7 1 5.0 13.0 9.5 8.0 5.0 4.0 3.0 0.0 5 130 39 36.5 174 20 479 49 460 21 12 17 9 117 'T is ul YB B5 B9 T47 "T gf W'-" CO: - -" -if ' ra, . , aw-, '11 1 is time 9 wir FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Henry Martin, Jay Olson, Jud Robinson, Douglas Fell, Bill Kutzer, John Chipman, Aaron Youngblood, Marvin Rothchild and Duane lsetti. BACK ROW: Noel Manoukian, Bob Hicks, Roy Williams, Jack Sparrow, Steven Olds, Walter Wright, Roger Higdon, Rick Gordon, Richard Henander and Tom Flores. FROSH FOOTBALL Pacific's Tiger Cubs, destined to become the stars of tomorrow's varsity, were stars in their own right this season as they compiled a record of five wins and one loss in a rugged freshman football schedule. With only about sixteen players on the squad, there was no room for loafers. Although everyone had to play a good many minutes each game, the experience gained was worth far more than the extra sweat. This experience will no doubt pay off next year as the frosh move into varsity positions. Coach Myers and his staff seem to have recruited some top prospects who will be of great help next season. Jack Sparrow in the backfield and Roy Wil- liams in the line turned in some outstanding play. COP hosted the Fresno State Bullpups for the first game of the year and stomped them by a 48-6 score. Fresno was never in the game as Duane lsetti led a strong running attack, and Jack Sparrow passed over the Pups. lsetti ran 40 yards for one TD and caught a Sparrow pass for another. Sparrow accounted personally in all but one score as he ran over for two touchdowns and passed the other four. Deuel Vocational Institute was the second victim of the Tigers. A pass from Sparrow to Doug Fell, and a run by lsetti provided the Tiger Cubs with two touchdowns and a I4-6 victory in the defensive battle. FINAL TEAM STATISTICS The little Bengals suffered their only loss of the year at Cal as the Bears ran up a 50-I6 score. At the half COP led 8-6 but Cal took advantage of its four teams in the 85 degree heat to trounce the weary Tigers with 22 points in each of the last two quarters. Sparrow ran once and passed to Doug Fell the other time to account for COP's two tallies. Cabrillo Junior College was the next team to bow to Pacific. Cabrillo was off to an early lead with two touchdowns in the first quarter, but the Bengal Cubs bounced back with two in the second, and one in each of the last two periods to nail down the 26-22 win. The Tigers stuck to the ground in this game, with only one of the TD's on a pass play. lsetti, Kutzer, Olson and Her- nander tallied Pacific's points. Hosting the San Jose Spartans, the little Tigers scored three touchdowns in the first half to ice the game. Olson, lsetti and Sparrow accounted for three of the scores on runs while Youngblood passed to Hernander for another to tally up the 26-7 final score. ln the last game of the year a highly touted McClellan Air Force team threatened to hand the Tiger Cubs their second loss of the season. Only a 28-8 halftime lead saved COP as McClellan rallied in the third quarter to close the gap and leave the final score at 35-24. FINAL INDIVIDUAL STATISTICS Pacific Opponents RUSHING Times Carried Ball .....,.........,...................................... I76 I59 PLAYER- TCB. NET AVG. NE' YARDS GM" "US""'G ---"--'--- ----' 6 95 826 ft'.l,.fZ'Si2aJZn'.5:a'g"ts":111 ..,. ""11111111 ll il? ii? Forward Passes Attempted ................ ..... I 20 94 puane lsetti' hp, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 3 8 162 4.2 Forward Passes Completed .......... ..... 5 2 4l Bill Kutzer, fb ................ ....... 22 74 3.3 Forward Passes Had intercepted ...... ..... 8 9 gas: aP""o:' qbb ----""" """""" I ? NH YARDS GNNED PASSING --.--------.------- .---- S 42 SSS 153 ...f,?.I',1..T'1..'Z -iipiiiii .... Qiiiiiiiiiiiiiii 1 2 zio Total Plays Rushing and Passing ....................... ..... 2 96 253 PASSING Tom. mans GAINED ToTAL orrsnse ............ I537 use PLAYER- ATT- COMP- WT- YQQD5 Tom. mst oowNs ................,...................... ..... 5 1 as "K" 5""""" Q" """""""' ""' 1 03 4' 8 6 Aaron Youngblood, hb ........... ..... I 5 9 0 I96 Yards Lost mn Penalties ................................. ..... 2 20 165 Duane lsetti, lib .............. . 2 2 0 I5 I, . 3 , ll' - .- 45" rr 'wr if' F1 v, JKQLNJAA . . af' ,M I . '.f.1 - a is it r 1 5 Y., A . ' 5 0 X. w , bv' V 'M B 1 I ' 4 ,sid ill grill 'lf' gi sq l ' A 5: t ' 1 f A 'l Vg r U ll ? . I 5- 5 . r 1 r., if ' Hard running Duane Isetti, star COP frosh halfback, is being brought down by a San Jose State player. Later in the game, lsetti returned a punt 64 yards for a touchdown. Blocking is Steve Olds, number 72. Tiger-Cub quarterback Jock Sparrow, skirts the left end of the San .lose line for a big goin. Sparrow also crossed the goal line for six points as COP trounced the little Spartans, 26-7. . Q - .- vg. - -7--' wg, - -:v - . "Wi .q , 4 1 .- .S ' A 5 W Y . ,, . , ,Q ' " 5' 4 ' 1 f - 3 ,I -' 'Q " ' 31 -'S ."'.51,?'Fl"5591. V ,. i 'M -r" S V 1-, Y ' .. 5, . ,sv so ,rss it 133, V' , - -, 4 . -A J Q- -' ' . fi' ., -I I 04' ' 4 A 1 I l 1- J A.. ,V 5 ' ' h 0 A--Fl - A1 1 Le- 7 ' be A r S wa. ffm ,. ' S J rw ' 1 - .. . 'A "W fl f ' M ,Am 'L We idx -hug.-, . ,-.,pq5.1Q..- A Y' ' ' .1. V ' ,-., ' V- , .1 . fll "1-line ..'?'5 H ' , -5 ,1 e . V f. :- fig- 'S' .ig-1, ' 'I -W 'Winn "" -'WA' uw.-51 " - 1' . - t r1i'i-1"-:df he-1 ewlsfffn W 1-5 iw", ' e ' e 'JTQ fm' ,f , I Mix' L., Y R xl any .. I U I -L ..f ,, .9'9ftV,l'?g! any , Q A M G' +P wa-4 L. ' -gg o , ,, . r . . - 1' K. UUVH' N' A Lflflg 't FIRST ROW, left to right: Gary Kaufman, Gary Brinck, Ken Stanley, Sam Cardinale, Dick Walsh, Sandy Bleier, Lewis "Bobo" Leonard, Herman Urenda, Bob Downum. SECOND ROW: Mel Moretti, Trainer, Don Cockburn, Assistant Coach, Neil Stafford, John Nicholls, Larkin Bryant, Head Coach Van Sweet, Paul Kaufman, Manager. VARSITY BASKETBALL Dismal was the work for Pacific's I959-I96O basket- ball season as the Tigers managed to win only eight games in twenty-six starts. Pre-season expectations for the Bengals were high, with many writers giving COP a good chance for the league title, Actually the Tigers tied for last place with a 2 and IO record. And, the puzzling thing about the Tigers' demise was that there was no major cause. Several factors contributed, however. Poor shooting percentages, horrible student support, the loss of Larkin Bryant for scholastic reasons, and the loss of Leroy Wright midway in league play probably accounted for several losses. . f X N . v -11, . . . f -it Ei Q' 5- ' .:,'s,-': i. i . Q 'ALFZLI' . , Van Sweet, Head Basketball Coach Season Record 1959-1960 VARSITY BASKETBALL Won 8, Lost I8 COP ...... 69 COP ...... 55 COP ...... 62 COP ...... 68 COP ...... 50 COP ...... 67 COP ...... 57 COP ...... 58 COP ...... 58 COP ...... 6I COP ...... 63 COP ...... 57 COP ...... 66 COP ...... 54 COP ...... 73 COP ...... 68 COP ...... 53 COP ...... 62 COP ...... 5O COP ...... 55 COP ...... 53 COP ...... 52 COP ...... 66 COP ...... 42 COP ...... 66 COP ...... 77 Chico State.. Cal Aggies .. Sacto. State Cal Aggies .. Wyoming .... Utah State .. Idaho State.. Utah .......... Loyola ........ San Jose ...... Seattle ........ Santa Clara.. San Jose ...... St. Mary's .... Sacto. State Pepperdine .. Loyola ........ Fresno State San Jose ...... St. Mary's .... USF ............ Santa Clara.- Pepperdine .. Loyola ........ Fresno State USF ............ SUNY Bleier Bob Downum Ken Stanley 's.' 'el L Lee Leonard Lewis "BoBo" Leonard Herman Urenda Dick Walsh LeRoy Wright, Ken Stanley, and Dick Walsh battle for rebounding position with Loyola players at the Christmas tournament in San Francisco. N- ISV A I I f l .W , 'un' ax Y 4' 4 l an if-.j'1 I sl f 1 1 X - .n , . wg , . ri FROSH BASKETBALL TEAM, left to right: Gary Glasford, Ken Dyson, Dave Lewis, Ralph Eymon, Tom Milligan, lvar Kent, Tom Dalrymple, Bob Vogt, Duane DeLong, Duane lsetti. CENTER: Coach Don Coburn. Not Pictured: Terry Marshburn. FROSH BASKETBALL Under the watchful eye of Coach Don Coburn, the Tiger yearlings made only a fair showing this season. Although it was Don's first year of coaching, he did a commendable job considering the tough league the hoopsters were competing in, and the relatively green squad under him. Compiling a 5 win, 14 loss record, the Tiger Cubs were up against such formidable rivals as USF, St. Mary's, Santa Clara, and Sacramento State. Highlighting the season was the 59-39 win over Sacramento State sparked by forward lvar Kent who kept the nets swishing with a 20 point average. lvar was captain of the squad, and was voted most valuable player on the freshman team. The squad was fortified by center Tom Milligan, forwards Tom Dalrymple and lvar Kent, and guards Ken Dyson and Duane lsetti. The squad shows several outstanding and promising young players for next year's varsity. FROSH BASKETBALL SCORES 1959-1 960 COP ........ 51 San Fran. Theo. Sem ..... 39 COP ........ 44 Downey H.S. iModestol 34 COP 45 Sacramento St, Frosh 63 COP ........ 41 Yuba College ,.,,,,,,.,,,., 49 COP ........ 54 Modesto J,C. .,,.,,.,..,,,,.. 11 COP .,..,... 37 Santa Clara Frosh .......... 50 COP. .,...., 46 San Jose St. Frosh. ..,,.,. 75 COP ..,.. ...45 Franklin H. S ................ .41 COP ........ 52 St, Mary's Frosh ............ 11 COP ........ 59 Sacramento St, Frosh ,... 39 COP ........ 35 San Jose St. Frosh ........ 56 COP .....,.. 33 Poly H.S. iSan Fran.l 43 COP ........ 42 St. Mary's Frosh ........,.,, 68 COP ........ 27 USF Frosh ,,,,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,., 63 COP ........ 40 Santa Clara Frosh .......... 65 COP ...,.... 57 San Fran. Then. Sem. 51 COP ........ 51 Mather AFB ................ 61 COP .... :...56 St, Mary's H. S ........ ...38 COP ........ 32 USF Frosh ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,, 68 Won 5-Lost 14 - 1 ' . 157,33-.. K E ""'3""'WK'N I .,., 2 '111 "" E 5 ' in T . fs - df wi Ie., l"""","' if 'Vl r trar ' Q ' -i .. J. --.1 A 1-Q '.- X '-5, ,p .. 1 pg ' ,Ili si... V F. T l l X. 4.1 "sf Ct jf-.. . l VARSITY BASEBALL Pacific's Tiger baseball squad ended the season with a moderately successful 8-15 record under the guidance of Coach Chuck Chatfield, in his first baseball coaching job at Pacific. He took over the reins from Sid Hall, who coached the track team this year. Facing the tough slate of regular WCAC competition, with Cal, Stanford, Sacramento State, and Nevada thrown in for good measure, the Bengals still won their share of games. ln league play, the Tigers had a 6-9 record. The first time COP faced Santa Clara, it lost both ends of a double header, 2-6, and I-I7. However, a couple of weeks later the Bengals bounced back with two wins over the same club, 9-4 and I-O. Mainstays for the Tigers were Bob Gatiss, who hit .396 for the year, and Joy Gritts and Duane lsetti, who both hit over 350. Bob Mazucca drove in I8 runs, while Bob Vanderwall pushed across I5 more. Gene Stafford led the pitching staff with a 3-4 season, and was backed up by Bob Gatiss, 2-I, and Roger Higdon, 2-2. Chuck Chutfield, Couch Duane Scott Roger Higdon Bob VanderWolI Gene Stafford Tx in IY"41' Lil: L3 COP BASEBALL SEASON RECORD 8 Wins, I5 Losses COP Opp 5 Sacramento State 6 5 Sacramento State 7 5 Stanford I4 4 California I I 3 St. Mary's I l St. Mary's 2 3 USF I IO USF 5 2 Santa Clara 6 I Santa Clara I7 8 USF 9 2 USF 5 7 Nevada I I Nevada 2 9 Santa Clara 4 I Santa Clara O 9 San Jose Il 6 San Jose 4 I9 Davis 3 O San Jose 5 6 Nevada 7 2 St. Mary's 3 3 St. Mary's 4 Keith Porter .ff ' . 'l W X Y 'f xr, 5.3 A 5? . f , Y ' n , Q rd 431 , X X V" -L n?'f ,W H - f:- L, . A i hrusnunv -tig- .J ' ' 14 Duane lsetti Hal Hall Bob Gatiss Bob Sapp L1 ,.n Y ,. K 4 , H' . X 'a X X, - 9 , , -4 W A , -,f ,, a ,Ms , .P Er! r ,4 i..45-44-fimu ' , C N- f N 1 K Bob Laureiro Walt Wright Joy Gritts Bob Mazucca -- me "vs l, hw!! xf'N?' , ., ,,. hun FIRST ROW, left to right: Jerry Marquis, Bob Laureiro, Hol Hall, Bob Vanderwall, Joy Gritts, Kenny Deon, Couch Chuck Chatfield. SECOND ROW: Roger Higdon, Walt Wright, Bob Mazucca, Gene Stafford, Duane Scott, Duane Isetti, Bob Gatiss, Mike Porter. 223 V- 1:11 .5 X . "-' H. 5:-ri Track Couch Sid Hall C.O.P. TRACK SEASON RECORD 3 Wins, 2 Losses TRACK TEAM, FIRST ROW, left to right: Steve Davis, Doug Fell, Lionel Sequiro, Jack Mathis, Raymond Hull. SECOND ROW: Willie Hector, Bill Dinnette, Leroy Wright, Roy Willioms, Lionel Aiken. TRACK Pacificfs small but versatile track squad finished the l96O season with a tremendous record of three wins against only two losses. This was Coach Sid HalI's first seasonat the helm of the track team, after having coached baseball for the last two seasons, and he did an amazing job with the material he had, coming up with Consistent winners in several different events. Overall, the squad showed a lot of improvement over last year's team. Of the Tigers' two losses, the one to Humboldt State could have been won. lt was a close one all the way, and wasn't decided until the last two events. The Tigers lost the pole vault and the mile relay, and the Lumberiacks won the meet, 69 U3 to 61 2f3. COP was completely outclassed in the loss to Nevada. Running at high altitude after a long drive, the Bengals just didn't have what it took. Larry Guilford won ,the 120-yard high hurdles, Willie Hector won the high jump, and Dick Scott took top honors in the javelin throw. However, earlier in the season, with Travis AFB, the Tigers cleaned up. COP- OPP- COP took a first place in every event but one, and nobody was entered in 72 213 Davis 58 U3 that one. Willie Hector and Henry Wallace were both triple winners. Seve . Davis and Waymond Hall collected two firsts each, while Bob Cabanyog, oug 66 Chico State 65 Fell, and Lionel Aiken each won an event. 82 U2 Travis A,F,B, 29 112 The 66-65 win over Chico State was a thrilling victory for the Tigers. Again, this was close all the way, with COP winning in the last few events. Willie 6l 2X3 Humboldt State 69 V3 Hector and Henry Wallace again turned in outstanding performances for 38 U. f N d 2 Pacific. The other win was a walkaway for Pacific as the Cal Aggies were O eva a 9 downed 72 2X3 to 58 i!3. Willie Hector won two events and tied for first in another, as did Henry Wallace. Waymond Hall won the lOO and 220 yard dashes. All in all the season was a success. Henry Wallace and Willie Hector con- 22 sistently came out winners in most of the events they entered. Both deserve a 4 pat on the back for their versatility and willingness to work. l - Q -,'.- 'Q L64 bank-. . "u. P5 , Q.- 'kwa li I 4 X . .Z .' ' -. Willie Hector trying to break a record at the High Jump. , N C .rin iii . Uk 'W ' ' 5 1 .a ,ff-'T:'? fii' . 'fy'-u - - '..f.. - -.:'.EQ'2'.:. . ., - Henry Wallace at the Bond Jump. ,as HQ., 'YS' , ..,, ,A .4 ,. ,J if. -.4 Q. 1' g- 1 f'iffii. I - A ' ff- .. " ' " z,,.amr..g -,,,",Y -1, . . E,.w.L.:f,., h v it Felix and Anttila, Coaches Dave Houghton, Captain , Wa, 2-at A WATER POLO The really big highlight of the i959 water polo season was Pacitic's victory in the Pacific Association AAU championships. The three victories scored by the Tigers in winning the tournament climaxed a dismal 2-ll regular season, and the last win, over Stockton College, gave Coach Bill Anttila his lOOth win in his eleven-year coaching span at COP. During this time his teams have lost only 59 games. Anttila was tossed in the pool after the game to celebrate the event. COP won the first game of the tourney 7-6 in a close match with the Cal Aggies. The I3-IO victory over the Pacific Water Polo Club put the Tigers in the final, and they posted a i3-5 win over Stockton College. The only games won during the regular season were at the expense of Fresno J.C. and Fresno State. Consider- ing the inexperience of the squad lKelvin Kjeldsen is the only graduating seniorl and the rugged competition the Tigers faced, Anttila did well in winning as many as he did. Kjeldsen, the only senior, was named the squad's Most Valuable Player for the year. Connor Sutton, the team's second leading scorer, was selected as the most improved player, while Sutton and Harold Robinson were elected co-captains for l96O. Dave Houghton served as captain for l959. However, the boy to watch next Fall will be Pete Hunt, who scored only two less points than the rest of the team put together last season. His season total was 72 goals. And, as Pete is only a freshman, Coach Anttila has high hopes. COP WATER POLO SEASON SCORES Season Record, 5-ll COP ........ 2 i:'California .......... COP ........ l6 Fresno State .......... 5 COP ........ 24 Fresno JC ............ COP ........ 4 Long Beach State l7 COP ........ 7 iiOlympic Club COP ........ 9 iiAthens Club ..... .ll COP ........ iiAthens Club ...... COP ........ 7 Cal Aggies ........,. 6 --.----. Alumni ,.-,.--,.,,,--,, lP.A. Tournamentl 23,2 ---- if cop ........ 13 Pac. war. Polo cl. io COPIff.-.f' California .......... 'M' TOU"'a"'e"" COP -------- San Jose Stale ------ COP ........ i3 Stockton Col. ...... 5 COP ........ l3 fiOlympic Club tP.A.ToumamenfJ 'Northern California Water Polo League Game 4- h :-,va-v n--1 Y emigran- IJ. 0-'G is ' - '.r -Ti f-. ax - . '.:.,'1'Vw ,Etiq- ' 1. 1 - ..f+.3t:,' .1"4'..fl. J. l f' ' W 'Za f..-f jexf' ' ,. - an ' A Y" -in '-. -A5 ls' '.a-s.4f'.- -e . . he .45 -- - ,- --4 -2 f -5 .rsh . ' ' v SB-s-fY"'e fym, '-.,:-"H -L..:.A.,.-fr:- -. .gf , QJHL Forward Dave Houghton l27l watches as Pacific's top scorer Pete Hunt fires u shot toward the Long Beach goalie. The Long Beach guard tries vainly to stop the attempt. . A .. . ,. , . ,V J .. 1: If x 5""aY 4-.5 A X... .- it-ff. rl. ,. 1,1 5, , -ms.. -. -- X . ,Z-'P w - -'Q , - -1 H , L. -.51 ,- ,L .4 f " 41f41!f,iEf .,-f , , f m 'Y ' out ,a- ,7' 1' ! "'??'f..."' . ' ,f A ' - ' l ' 1, - wig , . "Wil: -5. ,, . .. ., 4, ' ,,,a-- -sr ,va - .T f , sig... .tel -1 1 ' 'Ni inn! 'I . "' ' --A 'r V ,-o . H ,M -I"3.,. ..-ALE-1,1 ,L ..., . A U . -1. . ,V- " .5?5f'71 A ' ' . .fa t - ,. 3.-:ci , .H .I o 'frxg ' .- '. f- 4-J" -fm - "au-xp , 1, . ,,.,s. 1 6: f 5 4- 5 ,-f ,gg fy B' 5 ft gg- v:? If fi? f 4' 4' e L ,. In pre-game warm up drills, Pacific goalie Harold Robinson blocks the shots thrown at him from all directions. Harold was elected to the All-League second team. 1 li-50-9 I A, .- I 5 wuuh.w-6, lu 41.55, Y' Alf- ,-1.-as Taxi K... ,QI-Jil' ' If . J- .Z '13 N 2 6. i yn S X -3 . 1 -V 'f R w LQ my . fi? . Y: A A 4"f 7 'H ,: , , l 9 FIRST ROW, left to right: Coach Kieldsen. Gary Brinck, Leonard Beckers, Truman Gates, Jack Schump, John Marks, and Wilt Patterson. SECOND ROW: Pete Hunt, Pat Mealiffe, Gary Wykoff, Connor Sutton, Larry Jones, Bruce Browne, Kelly Kjeldsen. This year's swimmers came in quality, not quantity, as Coach Chris Kieldsen had some excellent performances from several of the squad members, but not enough swimmers to fill all the events in a meet and bring home the necessary second and third place points. However, the Tiger splashers still finished with a very successful season. Faced with the pleasant situation of only two graduating sen- iors and a great crop of experienced freshmen and sophomores returning, Coach Kjeldsen looks forward to next season. Jim Millar, a diver for the Tigers who was sidelined most of the year by an injury, and Kelly Kjeldsen are the only seniors. Con- nor Sutton, one of the squad's better performers, still has an- other year of action, while freshman Pat Mealiffe will see a lot more action. Pat was the team's most outstanding' performer, being a consistent winner in the sprints, and beaten only once in the lOO yard dash. According to Coach Kjeldsen, Pat is the best freshman sprint man he has ever coached. COP opened the season by dropping a close match to the S.F. Olympic Club, 44-48, and two not so close meets to the Arden Hills Swim Club, and Cal. Pacific defeated Treasure Island 68- 27, S.F. State 53-42, and Davis 48-46. The worst loss of the season was to San Jose State. The Tigers also participated in the Cal Aggie relays at Davis. All. iff?-t'f:5fg ggi' Coach Mel Moretti 51? , lr P FIRST ROW, left to right. Coach Moreth, Ron Helgesson, Carter Hanner, Larry Little, manager Bob Downum. SECOND ROW: Larry Lauszus, Ed Nicolaus, Ken Stanley, Dick Walsh, Ron Loveridge, Mike TENNIS Coach Mel Moretti came up this year with Pacitic's best tennis squad in many years. With only two graduating seniors, Captain Dick Walsh and Ron Loveridge, and a strong group of freshmen and sophomores, the prospects for the future indeed look bright. Ken Stanley, one of the Tigers top per- formers, is only a sophomore. The Tigers opened the season with a 7-O loss to Sacramento State, one of the better teams in the area, but came back a few weeks later showing tre- mendous improvement with a close 4-'5 decision by Sacramento. During the first half of the season, the Bengal netters compiled a 3-3 record, beating St. Mary's, Chico State, and USF, while dropping one to Santa Clara. Cusanovich, Ernie Vrenios. . ,1 Won ,f553'3 42" 1 . f.. U ffl fi W f x . s-f 5 l Dick Walsh Ron Loveridge Ken Stanley Larry Little LX y-19 i P f ,A . 4- ' .Q-A, . ii 11' ie: 1- . 'Qvf Ls i , 3.5, .,.. l.-'ltr Q ,sg l , v, lk-"v-w il' V. A? , I ., ,vi I g '- -ll '71 4 ' 3. . 5-Ae-isa,-r-'ii ,515 dl: J Coach Van Sweet, John Silveria, Frank Casas, Jack Bursch, Don Cockburn, Jim Oliver, Mel Rumwell, and Frank Bearden. GOLF Pacific's golfers fared somewhat better this year than last, with the addition of some competent new and returning talent. i Van Sweet's two top men were both returning Iettermen who sat out last year's competition. Both were experienced, having seen considerable action V in l958, and strengthened the squad considerably. John Silveria played in the number one position while Frank Casas competed in the second slot. The third and fourth men, Frank Bearden and Mel Rumwell, are both prom- ising freshmen, with lots of talent, but a need for experience. Van Sweet's biggest problem this season was a lack of practice time for the team members. Afternoon labs and other activities reduced the squad's efficiency somewhat. Coach Van Sweet f"-4 John Silveria Mel Rumwel Frank Casas Frqnk Beg.-den f-...-H . gf. N l ..Q 1 1 K f ,. efiiS"s1f5r7:'5 ' " E . ' . ' A v ll :ri f ., 1 V A' . l '.':.v5"',g,2.-VAN, , W inn? "' f' ' Jin' 1, ,Qqvfwv . ' A., , ,kr .ff 'H i N sf, gfmik., Q' I: .,. K-,dai V ' ' s l ' I 'lub' "NN Jxjffijl , q 'kt 'h' Iv f.4 1 ' ' EF' N '-Ji l 'f-P -' F.-J. .1 ' ' 1 SV"v V. f, ' . , f - lu .il u Nb A it -Li: f'...'!'1w!-I--P..-r -Ji J : ' QQ 5 "in A ,J"",- 1, -w 'a, 3-az , , ' 'xxx - If!--" - 3384155 ' 'g 'R-A W ' ' M A ml--av-o "7 Y "ff-' 'A f"'-Jw- x. ' ' ', 9 ' .3 RQJ' Zftiis Q- 1" Md., D ,fi xii. - ,Aa-ig I- -Y gl, -5 ,ju qv A av, -A 2, , ff, I - 4 .-.L N, VA J. . in QUVY1, I 1' .. A-6.125 'gf Y " V ,vc 1 1? V' I ax- Ulffl 5.5. .' :A-1V:g..l,a'g:.liz:, in QSW1. ' 4 1"-.". " ff' ',,,,""' 'YQ .Sfai' x ,R wi J -tl, ,1 ,g A135 . ff ,S-fn, -747, J- . . W 1 . , r. 5 :W VJ' 1 I I Q wi U' f' figjwilh- va V ' Q'-g ' Q. IU' :fi-ul . 7' I . .. 1,1-.., . - 1--N f 1' ' ' , YH A .A r ,A 3. X v 4..,,r.. aff, A , '-aaj, Q, .--bv , fe-if ,4 v , , ,, . ,,. - 1 , ,NA 'ls 4' Q3 .- Q f . Q , .' f. W- . - 1 . ,, . Q .- , qs I ' .1 A 2 gf' 4' 'pf 1 In ' GJ? A W, SV' ' r vi , ', . .iv in N, ' 1: , ,r A 1 V4 . f inffff.. -wc s..,, 'Q "3 2.-f , , . 'J 5 U' . . . 1 , 4 J 4' . 1 JV "Sf "1 - 'E , 1'--4 S- I 5,-dj gf nfl: X, ' O A L ,na-3' 1 3' Y sf! 'i 4 X ,A C-M, .6 .V --:yew Q., " F-.L A ill. ' ' mu, EDITOR'S MESSAGE Well, it's all over. A great deal has taken place since that day last Spring when I learned I had been elected Editor of the l96O Naranjado. Oh, Happy Day. Since that time l have made plans, drawn dummies, appointed staffs, gotten bids, become disgusted, arranged for a million pictures, written copy, lost sleep, made enemies -- But would l do it all over again? l sure as hell wouldn't. But now it's done and l needn't get the full purple spot, it wasn't a one-man job. From last June, when Molly, George, Bill, and I began the planning, to the day the book came out, l have had a great deal of help. Of those who contributed, a few were more than just helpers, they left their mark on the book. lan Van Gelder and Gary Lerner were more than excellent photographers. Their ideas, patience, and suggestions are evident on almost every page. But I hate to think of the time and trouble lan and Gary would have had if they hadn't been assisted by our Photo Editor, A. Alan Hill, and our picture scheduler, Sue McCaughey. Judy Hanshue's art work and ideas gave this book a great deal of its person- ality. Sharon Daraskavich contributed generously of her time, skill, and knowledge to help make copy deadlines. Sharon Kenney did more actual work and had more ruined weekends and va- cations than anyone else, because way back in July she consented to be the Staff Secretary. l also want to thank Sally Anaclerio, sports, Ruth Bateman, Seniors and Senior Awards, Brenda Black, Pacific Portals, Dian Midkiff, Living Groups, and Jo Ann Chapton and Frances Cramer, organizations. ' Looking back, this is the kind of job you don't like to do, but you're very glad you have done it. JOHN BRINER, Editor l96O Naranjado STUDENT ACTIVITIES Adams, Patricia-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., Phi Kappa Phi Aflague, Tony-Livermore PHYSICAL EDUCATION Varsity Football AhTye, Edna-Stockton P HAR MACY Apotheretts, American Pharmaceutical Assn. Anaclerio, Sally-Lafaytte HISTORY Spurs, 2, Spurs National Officer, 3, 4, Knolens, 4, Drives Commissioner, 4, Naranjado Staff, 4, Kappa Alpha Theta Arena, Javier--Mexico CHEMISTRY-ZOOLOGY Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Intramural Sports, Delta Upsilon Asami, Kanji-Reedley Autrey, Carl Scott-Stockton ENGLISH-PHILOSOPHY Collegiate Methodist Fellowship, Campus Conference on Religion Azevedo, Vaima Denson SOCIOLOGY Canterbury Balsley, James L.-Stockton ZOOLOGY Beta Beta Beta Bancroft, Michael-Stockton BUSlNESS..ADMlNlSTRATlON Alpha Kappa Lambda Barattino, Irene-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A. Barker, Stella-Lindsay ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Freshman Class Secy., Spurs, 2, Home Economic Club, V.P. 2, A.W.S. Standards Rep., P.S.A. Social Chairman, 3, P.S.A. Sec. 4, Knolens, 4, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, Delta Gamma Barklow, Judy-Yreka PHYSICAL EDUCATION Pan Hellenic Council, 3, 4, A.W.S. Rep., W.R.A. V.P. 4, Chairman, A.W.S. Housing Conference, 4, CAPHER, Delta Delta Delta, Pres. 4 Barnes, Fred-Oakland SOCIOLOGY Phi Mu Alpha, Student Affairs Committee, 3, Blue Key, V.P., Alpha Kappa Phi Barron, Janet-Sonora HOME ECONOMICS Home Economics Club, Naranjado Staff, Drives Commissioner, 3, Senior Class, Secy., Kappa Alpha Theta Bashor, Rochelle-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Bass, Richard-Vallejo SPEECH Varsity Football, Pacific Weekly Bassett, Jane Bateman, Ruth-Palto Alto SOCIOLOGY Rally Committee, I , Young Republicans, Kappa Alpha Theta Bayha, Barbara-Palto Alto ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Rally Committee, Central Collegiate, C.S.T.A., Delta Delta Delta Beaver, Wallace-Stockton PHARMACY American Pharmaceutical Assn., Kappa Psi, Treas. Beckie, Donald-Alameda MUSIC Phi Mu Alpha, Orchestra, Band Belrose. Patricia-Stockton PSYCHOLOGY Transfer-Dra ke University Bender, Joan-Sacramento JOURNALISM- INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS Rally Committee, Pacific Weekly, Kappa Alpha Theta Biagini, Gerald4San Francisco PHARMACY American Pharmaceutical Assn., V.P., 4, Newman Club, Phi Delta Chi, Intramural Sports Bitcon, John Blackham, Carol-Ely, Nevada ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., A Capella, 2, 3, Homecoming Publicity Chairman, Pan Hellenic Council, Homecoming Princess, 2, Tau Kappa Kappa, Pres., Delta Delta Delta Blake, Nathan C. MUSIC Bodley, Walton-Stockton PHYSICS A Capella, Alpha Kappa Phi Bond, Allan Bourgois, Johanne Gadaire-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Tau Kappa Kappa Bringelson, Loris-Ripon ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Team, Pacific Weekly Brink, Louise-San Jose CHEMISTRY Rally Committee, Delta Gamma, American Chemical Society Bristowe, Jacqueline-Stockton Brookhart, Sharon-Stockton HISTORY Newman Club Brown, Allan-Stockton POLITICAL SCIENCE C.S.T.A., Treas. Brown, Richard-Stockton CHEMISTRY Phi Kappa Phi, American Chemical Society, 3, 4, American Pharmaceutical Assn. Browning, Brenda Lou-Laguna Beach Central Collegiate, Zeta Phi Burkes, Francs Easterbrook-Los Gatos PHYSICAL EDUCATION Sophomore Class Secy., W.R.A., Sports Manager, Mardi Gras Princess, Delta Upsilon Girl, Delta Gamma Burkes, Richard-San Jose BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Student Social Control Board, 3, 4, Chairman, P.S.A. Elections, 3, Intra- Fraternity Council, Blue Key, Secy., Treas., Varsity Baseball, Delta Upsilon, V.-Pres. Busher, Dorothy-San Francisco MUSIC THERAPY Mu Phi Epsilon, 2, 4, Pi Kappa Lambda, Junior Class Rep., "Y" lAsilomar Delegatel, Chairman, Campus Conf. on Religion, 4, Knolens, 4, Delta Gamma Cameron, Albert Jr.-Stockton ECONOMICS- BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Carver, Gary-Stockton MUSIC Band, A Capella, Student Organist Guild Case, Allen-Modesto RADIO-TELEVISION Alpha Epsilon Rho, KCVN, Pacific Weekly, Alpha Kappa Phi Caylor, Pattie-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A. Chan, Ba rbara-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A. 3, 4. Cheney, Jesse--Stockton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Student Affairs Committee, Inter- Fraternity Council, Alpha Kappa Lambda Ching, Robert-Stockton Christopherson, Walt-Arlington Heights, lll SPEECH Transfer-Drake Univrsity Pacific Weekly, Editor 4, Studio Theater, Alpha Epsilon Rho, 3, 4, Rally Committee, 3, Rho Lambda Phi Clark, Sandra-Glendale ENGLISH W.R.A., I, 2, Spurs, 2, Spurs Junior Adviser Student Affairs Commission, Chairman, A.W.S. Housing Conference Committee, 4, Academic Standards Committee, 4, Councelor, Covell Hall, Zeta Phi, Who's Who in American University and Colleges Clarke, Oliver-Stockton PHYSICS Claydon, James-Los Gatos Clemings, Sarah-Lodi Cober, Jean-Stockton Cockburn, Donald-Ross PHYSICAL EDUCATION Basketball Connolly, Corrinne-Danville ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Rally Committee, A.W.S., Treas, lst V.P., Delta Gamma, C.S.T.A. Coolures, Margo-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A. Delta Gamma Corcoran, Margaret-San Luis Obispo MUSIC EDUCATION A Capella, C.S.T.A., Mu Phi Epsilon, 3,4, Knolens, 4, Chapel Committee, 3, Phi Kappa Phi, 4, Deseret Club, Covell Hall, Section Pres, Corder, Donald Ray-Manteca PHARMACY Cordes, Janet Coveny, Burke-Los Angeles HISTORY Inter-Dorm Council, Secy., Pacific Theater, Canterbury Club, Social Board of Control Crosby, Michael-Oakland ECONOMICS Ski Club, Alpha Kappa Phi, Theater Productions Crossland, William-Stockton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Intramural Golf D'Amico, Paul-Stockton HISTORY Daulton, Shirley-Yuba City ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Rally Committee, West Hall, Treas. I, Spurs, 2, A.W.S., Cor. Secy., 3, Election Chairman, 4, "Y" Executive Council, C.S.T.A., Pres. 4, Delta Gamma Dean, James-Modesto ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DeBendetti, Geraldine--Linden De LaHunt, Dianne-Arbuckle ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Rally Committee, Young Republicans, Philosophy Club, 3, Newman Club, Secy., C.S.T.A., 3, 4, W.R.A., Zeta Phi Denton, Robert-Stockton PHYSICAL EDUCATION Varsity Football, Captain I96O, Block P, Pres. 4, Phi Epsilon Kappa, Secy., Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges I Derby, Pamela-Los Gatos ENGLISH Cantabury Club, Rally Committee, Junior Class Treas., Organizations Commissioner, 4, Kappa Alpha Theta Destaoff, Tanya-La Puente MUSIC Opera, Studio Theater, 3, 4, Mu Phi Epsilon, a Capella, Zeta Phi DeVoI, Margaret-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., 3,4 Dietrich, Samuel-Stockton PHYSICS Dixon, Marilyn-Tracy HOME ECONOMICS Dodge, Carolyn Taylor-Stockton MUSIC EDUCATION Mu Phi Epsilon Dohrmann, Mary-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A.,' Alpha Theta Tau Transfer-University of California Dowd, James-Stockton ECONOMICS Alpha Kappa Lambda Downun, Robert-Pacific Grove PHYSICAL EDUCATION Varsity Basketball, Block P, Delta Upsilon Dozier, Maryrose-Stockton EDUCATION Dryden, Phyllis-Modesto ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Drysdale, Mary Ann-Orinda ART Ski Club, Rally Committee, "Y" Drysda le, Tonia-Van Nuys MUSIC Dubnick, Arnold-Sacramento PHARMACY Duckhorn, Jerry--Fresno H I STORY C.S.T.A., 5, P.S.A. Social Committee, Alpha Kappa Lambda Dunlop, David-Marysville HISTORY Fowler, William-San Jose BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Freshman Class President, Varsity Football, Chairman of P.S.P.A., Senior Class Pres., Delta Upsilon, Chairman Homecoming Decorations, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities Francis, Joycc+Modesto ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., 3, 4, Pacific Weekly, "Y", I, 2, 3, Grace Wesley Fellowship, I, 2, 3 Francis, Neil-Stockton Franco, Rita-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., 3, 4, Newman Club Fridall, Barbara-San Mateo ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Spurs, 2, Junior Class, Sec'y., A.W.S. Big and Little Sister Chairman, 4, Homecoming Princess, I, Kappa Alpha Theta George, Carol-Salinas ENGLISH Rally Committee, 2, C.S.T.A., Sec'y., 3, Pacific Weekly, Copy Editor, Pan Hellenic Council, Knolens, 4, Delta Gamma Giannini, Bernadine-Eureka MUSIC Newman Club, Rally Committee Gibson, Dolores-Antioch MUSIC Mu Phi Epsilon Gleason, Gerald-Stockton PHARMACY Gledhill, Bruce--Mill Valley ECONOMICS Yell Leader, Delta Upsilon Gooch, Zora-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Grasham, Ross-Stockton ZOOLOGY Green, Richard-Tulare CHEMISTRY American Chemical Society, Alpha Chi Sigma Greenwood, Mary Griffin, Marlo-Page, Arizona CHEM ISTRY-ZOOLOGY VHYSIIY TENNIS? VBYSITY Wafef POIO, Sfafldafds Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society, Committee, 4, C.S.T.A., 3, 4, Rally Committee, 3, 4, Rho Lambda Phi, 3, 4 Eckerson, John-Napa MUSIC Phi M Alpha Sinfonia, 2, 3, 4, Band, 2, 3, 4, Orchestra Eggen, Rosemary-Garden Grove BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pacific Weekly, Circulation Editor, American Marketin Association' Theater Productions, 8 1 Covell Hall, Section Manager Engdahl, Lynn--Stockton ENGLISH Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Team, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges Evans, Melba-Patterson ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A. 2, 3, 4, Naranjado Staff, 4, Delta Gamma Ezell, Wayland-Stockton Farley, Billy-Oildale Chemistry American Pharmaceutical Association, 3, 4, 5, Kappa Psi, 4, 5, South Hall, Assistant Senior Resident Finos, Melvin-Kingsburg PHARMACY American Pharmaceutical Association, 3, Phi Delta Chi Fong, Leo-Stockton CIVIL ENGINEERING Engineering Society Fong, Patricia-Sacramento PHARMACY American Pharmaceutical Association, Sec'y Lambda Kappa Sigma, V.P., Mardi Gras Princess Delta Delta Delta Gritts, Joy-Lodi PHYSICAL EDUCATION Varsity Football, Block P Grothe, Mary Alice-La Puente HISTORY a Capella 2, 3, Rally Committee, Orchestra Guadagnolo, William-Linden BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Alpha Kapppa Lambda, Newman Club Guerrero, Mary-Sunnyvale ENGLISH Gurich, Theodore-San Francisco ACCOUNTING Delta Uppsilon, Theater Productions Hall, Philip-Stockton ENGLISH Blue Key, Chairman, C.C.R. Hammad, Fahd Hanson, James-Stockton CIVIL ENGINEERING Engineering Society, Pres. Hanson, MeIvindSan Francisco PHILOSOPHY Hawkins, Wayne-Summit City PHYSICAL EDUCATION Varsity Football, Block P, Rho Lambda Phi Haynie, Carol-Stockton Helbert, David-La Habra Helgesson, Ronald-Palo Alto HISTORY Alpha Kappa Phi Henderson, Geraldine-Stockton HISTORY Kappa Alpha Theta Herb, Susan-Merced ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., Delta Gamma Herrin, Norma-Alamo ENGLISH Rally Committee, C.S.T.A., Pacific Weekly, Copy Editor, "Y", Young Republicans, Delta Gamma Hill, A. Alan-Palo Alto POLITICAL SCIENCE Pacific Weekly, 3, Chairman Homecoming Parade, 3, Naranjado, 4, Chairman Academic Standards Committee, 4, Senior Class V.P., Blue Key, Alpha Kappa Phi, Pres., Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges Horasanian, Michael-Stockton PHARMACY Kappa Psi, Historian, American Pharmaceutical Association Horita, Gladys'-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Hubb, Dyan Brown-Palo Alto ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., Rally Committee, Kappa Alppha Theta, Pres. Hubb, Gary-Los Angeles BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Varsity Football, Delta Upsilon Husdon, Donna-Tracy ELEMENTARY EDUCATION P.S.A. Drives Commissioner, 2, P.S.A. Organizations Commissioner, 3, Rally Committee, Orchestra, Pom Pon Girl, 3, 4, Delta Gamma Hyland, Millard-Stockton CHEMISTRY lmrie, Betty-Diablo ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Rally Committee, Young Republicans, "Y", C.S.T.A., Kappa Alpha Theta lvers, Ginger-Lovelock, Nevada SPEECH Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4, Pi Kappa Delta, Pres., 4, Covell Hall, Pres., 3, Wesley Fellowship, P.S.A. V.P., 4, Judiciary Committee, 4, Chapel Committee, Publicity Chairman, Knolens 4, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities Jeung, Kang-Stockton Johanson, Sonja-San Francisco ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., Kappa Alpha Theta Jones, Mary-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., Delta Gamma Jordan, Colene-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., 3, 4, Philosophy Club Jordan, Judy-Oakland ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Joy, Margaret-Stockton HISTORY Newman Club, C.S.T.A., 3, 4, Knolens, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, Alpha Lambda Delta ICharter Memberl Kaufman, Paul-Brooklyn, N.Y. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Phi Kappa Phi, Hillel Pres., Rho Lambda Phi, Theater Productions Kawada, Allan-Stockton CHEMISTRY American Pharmaceutical Association Keller, Donald Kelley, Douglas-St. Helena BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Bluel Key 4, Student Affairs Committee 4, Judiciary Committee 4, Phi Mu Alpha, Pacific Weekly, Business Manager 4, a Capella, Band, Ski Club, Alpha Kappa Phi King, George-Sacramento BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION King, Opal K i pp, Ma rga ret-Stoc kton MUSIC Mu Phi Epsilon, C.S.T.A., Band Kitay, Jerry-San Diego RADIO-TELEVISION Alpha Epsilon Rho, Pacific Weekly 4, Alpha Kappa Lambda Kite, Milton-Redding MUSIC EDUCATION a Capella, Madrigal Singers, Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, De Molay Club, Band, Drum Major Kieldsen, Kelvin-Stockton BOTANY Beta Beta Beta, Varsity Water Polo 2, 3, 4, Swimming, "Y" Cabinet, Block P 2, 3, 4, Delta Upsilon Klingenberg, Gerald-Bakersfield CHEMISTRY Kollenborn, Marjorie-Concord ELEMENTARY EDUCATION American Chemical Society Laddish, Robert Jr.-Berkeley BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Pacific Weekly, Business Manager 3, Communications Board, Alpha Kappa Phi Lamonica, Fra ncis-Stockton HISTORY C.S.T.A. Kandeck, Sharon Robinson-Stockton PHYSICAL EDUCATION Newman Club, Aquatic Club, Alpha Theta Tau,' Transfer-University of California Lander, Charles-Stockton GEOLOGY Varsity Football, Block P, Delta Upsilon Larson, Beverly-Stockton EDUCATION C.S.T.A., 3, 4 Lau, Ellen-Stockton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Lawseth, Ellen-Stockton PHARMACY Newman Club,' American Pharmaceutical Association, Beta Beta Beta, Apotherettes Lew, Anthony-Stockton ACCOUNTING Lewis, Stephen-Eureka MUSIC a Capella, Cantabury Club, Phi Mu Alpha, Pres., 4, Pi Kappa Lambda 4, Phi Kappa Phi 4, Madrigal Singers, Music Education National Conference Littleton, Gerald-Galt MUSIC Phi Mu Alpha, Treas., Band, Orchestra, a Capella Long, Robert-Hollister PHYSICAL EDUCATION Varsity Football Lopez, John-Winters ACCOUNTING Loveridge, Ronald-Concord POLITICAL SCIENCE Student Affairs Commissioner, P.S.A. Pres., Blue Key, Phi Kappa Phi, Varsity Tennis, Pi Kappa Delta, "Y", Alpha Kappa Phi Lowe, Luther-Stockton ZOOLOGY Lozano, Lucille-Modesto ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Lynn, James David-San Mateo PHILOSOPHY Central Wesley Fellowship Lynn, Ida-Stockton McGee, Nancy-Los Angeles SOCIOLOGY "Y" Cabinet, Covell Hall, Section Pres., Methodist Student Movement Council McGowan, Margaret-Stockton McKinney, Mel-Oakland ECONOMICS Alpha Kappa Phi Macpherson, Patricia-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Rally Committee, a Capella, C.S.T.A., Opera 2, 3, "Y" I, 2, Delta Gamma McGary, Leon-Stockton McRae, Nancy Magee, Edward-Oakland BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Malpasuto, Joseph-Van Nuys PHILOSOPHY Block P, Pres, I, Philosophy Club, Varsity Football, Blue Key, Rho Lambda Phi Manning, Thomas-Stockton Marchese, Nyla-Sacramento DRAMA Theater Productions Marquis, Gerald-Stockton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Market Club, 3, 4 Martinnez, Caryn Irene-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Phi Kappa Phi Mason, Lucille-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A. Mathews, Sue Jo-Firebaugh EDUCATION Delta Delta Delta Mauro, Janine--Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A,, Delta Delta Delta Mayfield, Barry-Stockton ECONOMICS Alpha Kappa Lambda Miller, Richard-Londen ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Alpha Kappa Phi Mills, Joanne-Belmont ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Cantabury Club, C.S.T.A., 3, 4, Ski Club, Rally Committee, I, Young Republicans, 3 Mitchell, Carol Cruz-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Mohrman, John-Petaluma BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Delta Upsilon Moreno, Earl-Stockton ART Moresco, Patricia-Stockton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Newman Club, 3, 4, C.S.T.A., 3, 4 Morford, Leah-Yreka PSYCHOLOGY Beta Beta Beta, 2, 3, 4, Phi Kappa Phi 4,' Knolens, 4, Band, Anderson "Y", 2, 3, A.W.S. Election Committee, Zeta Phi Motter, Beverly--Stockton Mrasek, Daryl-Oakland BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Munn, Joan-Corona ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., 4, "Y" 3, W.R.A., 3, Zeta Phi Transfer-Pomona College Nelson, Anne E. Wassenaar-Netherlands ZOOLOGY Beta Beta Beta, Anderson "Y", Zeta Phi Newton, Judith-Sanger ENGLISH Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4, Beta Beta Beta, 4, Alpha Lambda Delta lCharter Memberl, 4, Spurs, 2, Knolens, 4, Chapel Committee, 4, "Y" Cabinet, 3, 4,' Zeta Phi, Covell Hall, Counselor, 4 Niles, Ellen-Santa Rosa SPEECH Theater Productions North, Vera O'Connor, Virginia--Lower Lake MUSIC Mu Phi Epsilon, Band, Composers Club Olson, Francis-Fortuna BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Olson, Robert Colby-Oakland PRE-MINISTERIAL Philosophy Club, "Y" Onweiler, Rochelle-Stockton PHYSICAL EDUCATION C.S.T.A., 3, 4, Newman Club, V,P., 4, Knolens, 4, Alpha Lambda Delta, 4, Phi Kappa Phi, Transfer-Stockton Junior College Osano, Pacita Osgood, William-Pacific Grove POLITICAL SCIENCE Cantabury Club, Young Republicans, Alpha Kappa Phi Ottoson, Roy-Paso Robles Overboe, Katherine Paris, Nancy-Los Angeles ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Honor Code Committee, Chapel Committee 4, Covell Hall, Counselor 4, Delta Gamma Parton, Eleanor Payton, Harlin-Carmichael Varsity Football, Rho Lambda Phi Pearce, Lynette-Boise, Idaho PSYCHOLOGY Covell Hall, Treas., Knolens, 4, Covell Hall, Counselor, 4, Central Collegiates, 3, 4 Transfer-Boise Junior College Peck, Mary Ann-Sacramento PSYCHOLOGY Peter, Eleanor-Santa Barbara MUSIC Mu Phi Epsilon, 3, 4, a Capella, Spurs, C.S.T.A., 3, 4, Covell Hall, Counselor, 4, Delta Delta Delta Pickard, Ronald-Stockton PHARMACY Phi Delta Chi, American Pharmaceutical Association, Pres. Pickering, Edithmae-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Transfer--University of California Pickering, Mary-Stockton Pickering, Sheryl-Vallejo MUSIC Band, Mu Phi Epsilon, Covell Hall, Counselor, 3 Pike, Gene-Turlock BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Varsity Football, 3, 4, Transfer-Menlo Junior College Poor, Charles-Danvers, Mass. PSYCHOLOGY Alpha Kappa Lambda Prado, Henry-Stockton PHARMACY American Pharmaceutical Association, Kappa Psi, 4, 5 Purcell, Virgil-Stockton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Rahmlow, Harold-Riverside MATHEMATICS Student Affairs Committee, 4,' C.S.T.A., 3, 4 Raphael, Carol-Visalia HOME ECONOMICS Cantabury Club,' Home Economics Club Raskin, Paul-Vallejo Rasumssen, Nels-Taft SOCIOLOGY Phi Kappa Phi, 3, 4, Blue Key 4,' Phi Sigma Tau, 4, Council Religious Activities, Pres., Academic Standards Committee, Studio Theater Reed, David Michael-Stockton PSYCHOLOGY Reed, Dianne-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A. Reid, Jean-Orinda ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., Delta Gamma Rehn, John Richard-Stockton CHEMISTRY Kappa Psi, Pres., American Pharmaceutical Association Richesin, Shirley-Stockton HISTORY C.S,T.A. Roberson, Ernest-San Diego SOCIOLOGY Pacific Weekly, Ski Club, "Y", Alpha Kappa Phi Roberts, Mary May-Wilmington MUSIC THERAPY a Capella, Covell Hall, House Manager, Opera Roberts, Richard-Stockton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION P.S.A. Treas., 4, P.S.A. Rally Commissioner, 3, Yell Leader, 3, 4, Delta Upsilon Rohnow, Allan--Lodi PHARMACY Rohnow, Rollie-Lodi PHARMACY 1 Rominger, Gary-Woodland MUSIC Band, Alpha Kappa Phi Ruiz, Abel Rudoff, Belle-Stockton EDUCATION Rundell, Eleanor Rustigan, Ray-Stockton ECONOMICS Yell Leader, 4, Theater Productions, Lambda Phi Rho Sakamoto, Yukio--Reedley Sam, Lucille-Lehurz, Nevada Sanders, Carl-Stockton CIVIL ENGINEERING Sanders, Phillip-Stockton PHARMACY American Pharmaceutical Association, Phi Delta Chi, Sec'y,, Historian Sanganlang, Apolinar-Stockton PRE-MINISTERIAL Sanguinettl, Carol Ma rie-Stockton ENGLISH Sapp, Robert-Mill Valley PHYSICAL EDUCATION Scheid, Douglas--Fresno PHARMACY Scheu, Nancy-Laguna Beach MUSIC Schwartz, Edward-San Jose BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Varsity Football, Blue Key, Pho Lambda Schwartz, Patricia-San Leandro ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Rally Committee, Kappa Alpha Theta Scott, Duane-Bishop BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Varsity Football, Block P, 2, 3, 4, Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, 4 Sea, Dick-Stockton PHARMACY Omega Phi Alpha,' Kappa Psi, Tennis, I, 2 Shepard, Melvyn-Millbrae Block P, 3, 4, Phi Epsilon Kappa, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball Shillingburg, Arleen--Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Phi C.S.T.A. Shirachi, Donald-Watsonville PHARMACY Phi Delta Chi Shore, Richard-Stockton Shore, Victoria-Stockton Silveria, John-Tracy BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Varsity Golf Silvers, Earl-Stockton Small, Barbara-Stockton MUSIC Mu Phi Epsilon, Pi Kappa Lambda, Phi Kappa Phi Smith, Joan Wemple-Dorris ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Spurs 2, A.W.S. Publicity Chairman, C.S.T.A., Delta Gamma Smith, Richard-Stockton CIVIL ENGINEERING Civil Engineering Club 3, 4, Alpha Kappa Phi Smith, Wayne-Stockton BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Snavely, William-Stockton CHEMISTRY American Chemical Society Sohns, Marvin Soule, Patricia-Honolulu, Hawaii ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Rally Committee,' Hawaiian Club, Pres., 4, C.S.T.A., Pacific Weekly, Reporter Sowash, Ed-Stockton PHYSICAL EDUCATION Varsity Football, Block P, Delta Upsilon Stafford, Neil-Berkeley "Y" Pres., Phi Epsilon Kappa, Pres., Deseret Club, Blue Key, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges, Varsity Basketball, I, 2, 3, Block P Standfield, Earlene-Modesto ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Stark, Marie-San Jose EDUCATION Rally Committee, Senior Class Treas., Upsilon Girl, 4 Stark, Howard--Stockton ENGLISH Steele, Loretta-Burlingame ENGLISH Philosophy Club Stocking, Linda Getchell-Redding ZOOLOGY Beta Beta Beta, V.P., Delta Gamma Sublett, John-Los Altos ENGLISH Blue Key, Pres., 4,' Student Affairs Committee, 3, 4, Chapel Committe Chairman, 3, Phi'Sigma Tau, Central Wesley Fellowship, Pres., 2 Sun, Rudolph-Stockton MUSIC ' Band, Orchestra Sweet, Clyde-Stockton CIVIL ENGINEERING Engineering Club 4, Transfer-Stockton Junior College Delta Taylor, Davida-Berkeley CHEMISTRY Alpha Epsilon Delta,' Mu Phi Epsilon, Beta Beta Beta, Philosophy Club Terwilliger, Gail-Antioch ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., V.P., 3, Zeta Phi, Pres., A.W.S. Election Board Thomas, Joan-Stockton Thompson, William-Stockton Tirapelli, Josephine-Stockton Tomlinson, Carol-Berkeley MUSIC Madrigal Singers, C.S.T.A. Secy., Pres., Mu Phi Epsilon, 3, 4, V.P., A Capella, Opera, Covell Hall, Judicial Chairman Tomlinson, Norman-Modesto ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Toller, Rudolph-Stockton ZOOLOGY Tonnemacher, Donald-Stockton PHARMACY Phi Delta Chi, American Pharmaceutical Assn. Torchia, Delia-Stockton Tortosa, Rosanne-Vacaville ART Toso, Gilbert-Stockton PHARMACY Varsity Basketball, Newman Club, Pres., Phi Delta Chi Towell, David-Bronxvllle, N.Y. ECONOMICS Varsity Track, Rally Committee, Pacific Weekly, Fine Arts Editor, Social Board of Control, Alpha Epsilon Rho, Block P, Inter7Fraternity Council, Rho Lambda Phi Townsend, Buck-Modesto Trevitt, Michael-Oakland ZOOLOGY "Y" Pres., Phi Mu Alpha, A Capella, Philosophy Club, Pacific Pre-Medical Fraternity, Alpha Kappa Phi Tucker, Virginia-Arcadia MUSIC Mu Phi Epsilon, A Capella Valenta, Gerald-Stockton DRAMA Theta Alpha Phi, Fallon House, Stage Manager, Pacific Theater Vallier, Fred Jr:-Watsonville Pacific Theater Valterza, Arleen--Stockton POLITICAL SCIENCE Phi Kappa Phi Vaughn, Mona Claire-Berkeley Pom-Pon Girl, Covell Hall V.P., Philosophy Club, "Y" Cabinet Walsh, Richard-Taft PHYSICAL EDUCATION Varsity Sports, Delta Upsilon Wanger, Jan-Vallejo ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Spurs 2, C.S.T.A. 3, 4, Student Affairs Committee 3, Academic Standards Committee 4, A.W.S. Standards Rep., Delta Gamma Waterman, Lynne-Sherman Oaks SPEECH-ELEMENTARY EDUCATION Spurs 2, Theta Alpha Phi, Secy.-Treas., Pacific Theater, Rally Committee , 2, Fallon House, Delta Gamma, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges Watkins, Jean-Linden BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Phi Kappa Phi, Knolens, Kappa Alpha Theta Weaver, Gerald-Whittier RADIO-TELEVISION Alpha Epsilon Rho, Pres., Blue Key, Alpha Kappa Phi, KCVN, Station Mgr., Pacific Weekly 3, 4, Who's Who in American Universities and Colleges Webster, William-Stockton Wegener, Henry Jr.-Pittsburg ZOOLOGY Beta Beta Beta, Delta Upsilon Weibust, Ronald-Piedmont BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION Weise, Ann-Kensington, Md. ART-ENGLISH Phi Kappa Phi, Chapel Committee, "YU, Zeta Phi, Band Wheeler, Robert Whitaker, Louise-Modesto Whitmire, Carol Billings-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., Philosophy Club Wilber, Bryan-Fallon, Nevada PHARMACY Williams, Richard I I-Ontario RADIO-TELEVISION DeMolays, Alpha Epsilon Rho Willoughby, Elaine Garbalino-Sacramento Pacific Theater, Alpha Theta Tau Wilson, Catherine4Lincoln ART-EDUCATION Naranjado Staff , 2, W.R.A. Pres. 3, Zeta Phi, Pres., 3, A.W.S. Governing Board, A.W.S. Election Chairman, C.S.T.A. Wilson, David-San Jose MUSIC Blue Key 3, 4, Phi Mu Alpha 2, 3, 4, Yell Leader 3, Junior Class VP., A Capella, Homecoming Queen Chairman, Madrigal Singers, Social Board of Control, Pacific Theater, Who's Who in American Uni- versities and Colleges, Alpha Kappa Phi Windweh, Ann-Napa SPEECH A.W.S., Pacific Weekly, "Y" Cabinet Wong, Dorothy-Stockton PHILOSOPHY Phi Kappa Phi, Phi Sigma Tau, Secy,-Treas. Wood, David-Stockton - CHEMISTRY American Chemical Society Woodford, Robert-Martinez ECONOMICS Alpha Kappa Lambda Wright, Mary Jane Wright, James LeRoy-Stockton SOCIOLOGY Varsity Basketball Yongeshige, Janice-Stockton ELEMENTARY EDUCATION C.S.T.A., V,P, 4, Phi Kappa Phi Yount, David- PHARMACY Kappa Psi, American Pharmaceutical Assn. Zancanella, Erich-Stockton MUSIC Band 2, 3, Orchestra Zentner, Kenneth-Los Banos PHARMACY Adams Abadie, Carolyn 172 Abe, Kiyoe 202 Acosta, Raymond Adair, Adam, Dennis Robert Adams, Dorothy 167 Adams, Leda 167 Adams, Pat 202 Adams, R. Bruce Adams, Ruth , William Aflague, Tony 191 Agarwal, Bengali Agdeppa, Lorenzo Agee, Linda 172 Agee, Susan 165 Aghazarian, Aris 202 Aghazarian, Nurhan 202 Ahtye, Edna 203 Aiken, Ben 139 Aiken, Lionel 198 Ailshie, Jack Aitken, Russell Akers, Beth 125,167 Alameda, Robert Alberti, Del 125,195 Albro, John Alexander, Dean Alfheim, Vernon Allen, Joseph 200 Allsman, Walter Alstrom, Charles 193 Altman, Jim 195 Alverson, Nancy 172 Amick, Pat172 Amos, Carolyn Anacleria, Sally 125,167 Ancillati, Nadine 169 Braxton Anderson, Molly Andrews, Pepper 163 Angello, Anthony Anichkav, Marena 163 Ansbra, Carol Anti, Rose Antongiovanni, Carol Apgar, John 198 Archer, Gary 198 Archibald, Donna Arena, Javier 191 Armbruster, Diane 172 Armell, Liz 179 Armstrong, Nancy 163 Armstrong, Sandra 172 Arnesen, Norman 200 Arnold, Ardell Arveson, Karen 172 Asami, Kanji Attaway, Carol 172 Atterbury, Malcolm 198 Auld, Susan 172 Austin, Elise 165 Autrey, Carl Autrey, Shirley Avey, Verna Avila, Henry Babb, Mary 172 Bader, Harry Baerwald, Michael Bagdasarian, Judy 172 Baglien, Samuel Bahsen, John Bahrs, Mauriene Galey, Bill Baird, Eleanor Baird, Linda Bakan, Lloyd 191 Baker, Bev 128,163 Baker, Carol Baker, lrene 172 Baker, Ted Baker, William Baldock, Earl 200 Baldwin, Frand Ball, Martha Balsley, James Baltich, Francis Bancroft, Mike 187 Bandoy, Tarcila Baneriee, Amal Baratina, lrene Bardin, Sue 163 Baker, Edith 172 Barker, Nancy 172 Barker, Stella 123,125,163 Barklow, Judy 165 Barnes, Charles STUDENT DIRECTORY Barnes, Fred 189 Barnes, Ronnie 200 Barnett, Thomas 202 Barossa, Stephene Barron, Janet 129,167 Bartell, Madliene 172 Bartolo, Donald Barton, Barbara 172 Barton, Bertha 202 Bass, Richard 212 Basti, Geralding Bastoni, Richard Bateman, Ruth 167 Bayha, Barbara 165 Beagle, Kathryn 172 Bearden, Frank Beatti, Janet 172 Beaver, Wallace 202 Beck, Daniel 198 Beckers, Leonard 200 Beckie, Donald 187 Beckler, S. R. Beckman, Danna 172 Beckwith, Beth 172 Beckwith, Edward Beebe, Duane Beeler, Carole 172 Beland, Maurice Bellamy, James Bellini, Michael 193 Belrose, Par 202 Belrose, Weslie Beltramo, Anthony Bender, Charles Bender, David Bender, Jean 167 Benner, Carol Bennett, Don Bennett, Dorothy 172 Bennett, Grant Bennitt, Robert Benna, Suzanne 172 Bentley, Edith Bzntly, Floyd Berbano, Lofa Bergen, Sam Berger, Paul Berliner, Art 200 Berry, Diane 172 Berry, Dorthy Berry, Judy 161 Besserrq, Leo Beson, Pat Besson, Susan 169 Betti, Emil Beyer, John 189 Biagi, Alice Biagini, Jerry 193 Billings, Carol Blake, Jacqueline Blake, Nathan Blaker, Elizabeth 172 Blackham, Carol 165 Blakley, David 189 Blankenship, Karen 172 Blas, Merv 193 Bleier, Sanford Blewett, Lois Blosser, Jill 179 Bocci, Maria 172 Bodley, Margaret 124,163 Bodley, Walton Bogert, Sara Bolling, Robert Bolayan, Judy 172 Bollinger, Mor 163 Bonsey, Kay 1?2,179 Band, Allan Bonioe, George Bonnet, Kenneth Booth, Robert Boathby, Dale 200 Booth, James Border, Nick Borch, Kay 179 Borris, Bill Borges, Manuel Baswell,' Ophelia Bottano, Nadine 172 Bowen, Robin 200 Bowman, Kirk 195 Bowe, Donald Bayes, Calvin Boynton, Sally 202 Bozich, Penelope 169 Bradley, Nicholas 198 Brady, Alice Brambier, Richard 198 Bramlott, Joanne 172 Brand, Barbara Brava, Rae Bishop, Janis 172 Bisagno, Andrea Bielefeld, Karen 179 Bietz, Robert Bietz, JoAnn Bittner, Vera Bigornia, Erlinda 172 Black, Brenda 167 Black, Calvin Black, Charles Black, Grace 202 Black, Pat Brawley, Rosemary Brawley, Warren Brawley, Sharon Brayton, Florence 202 Brayton , JaEIla172 Breilein, Frances Brekhus, Barbara Brennan, Richard Bridgewater, Pat 172 Briggs, Mary 172 Brignall, Gaylord Brinck, Gary 191 Brindley, Janet Briner, John 189 Bringelsan, Loris Brink, Louise, 163 Bristowe, Jackie Bristow, William Brizzalara, Lesley Brock, Bill 198 Brock, Susan 163 Braokhart, Sharon 202 Brooks, Jack Brooks, Jean Brooks, Joan Brooks, Lee Brooks, Wallace Brower, Mary Ellen 165 Brown, Allan Brown, Barbara Brown, Carolina 172 Brown, Elwyn Brown, FeBe 165 Brown, Floyd Brown, Janise 172 Brown, Juyce 167 Brown, Joyce Brown, Richard 202 Brown, Shirley 172 Brown, Sue-Ellen 172 Browne, Bruce Brawing, Martha 172 , Howell 198 Brumbaugh, James 191 Brun, Sallie 172 Brunner, Jack Brush, Seldon Bryan, Velda 172 Bryant, Edgar Bryant, Larkin Bryce, Carol 172 Bryer, Sharon Buck, Deland Buckner, Allen Bumgarner, Thomas Burford, L nne Burk, Marles 163 Burkes, Richard 191 Burnette, James Burns, Bonnie Burns, Pat 165 Burr, Mary 163 Bursch, Jack 191 Busch, Dorothy 172 Bush, Duford Bush, James 200 Busher, Dorothy 163 Bussoy, Louis Butler, Kathy 172 Butterbaugh, Barbara 167 Byrne, Bernice 172 Cabanyog, Bob Cahill, Leone Calantri, Robert Cameron, Albert 202 Campbell, Ellen 172 Campbell, Judy 172,188 Campbell, Paul Canaga, Ray Cardinale, Sam Carlile, Peggy Carlson, Claire 165 Carlson, Conalee 202 Carmichael, Susan Carce, Peter Carr, Marlene 172 Carter, Gerald 195 Cartwright, Elizabeth 172 Carver, Gary Carver, Joanne 172 Casas, Frank Case, Allen Casey, Curtis Castagno, Primo Castles, Ken Caralano, Josephine Cates, Elinor Cattuzzo, Ed Candill, John Caufield, Jackie Cavanagh, Catherine 172 Center, Charles Chaffee, Margery Chang, Barbara Channel, Lila Chappell, Ivan Chaptan, Ja-Ann 172 Cheek, Sandra 172 Cheeseman, Kenneth Cheney, Jesse 187 Chiapelone, Charlotte 172 Childs, George 200 Ching, Robert Chipman, John 200,216 Choate, Leonard Choisser, DeAna 173 Chong, Gerald 198,l24,12 Chrislu, George Christensen, Folmer Christenson, Marilyn 173 Christophersen, Walter 195 Chu, Mung He Church, Diane 173 Cia, Ronald 200 Ciampi, Norman 197 Clock, Philip Clapham, Judy 173 Clark, Aretta Clark, Charles 202 Clark, Gail Clark, Hugh Clark, Lois Clark, Martha 173 Clark, Melvin Clark, Sandra 169,179 Clark, Oliver 202 Clay, Betty 173 Clayton, James 200 Claydon, James Clem, Wayne Clement, Ronald Clemings, William Clermont, Roger Cliff, Roberta 173 Clover, Haworth Cochella, Carol Cockburn, Donald Coffey, Pat Coffin, Linda 202 Cohn, Steve 189 Colter, Cordelia Collins, Alissandra 165 Colton, Robert Combs, Alan 193 Comeaus, Gladys Conard, Pat Connell, Karen Conner, William Connelly, Corrinne 163 Cook, Degar 198 Cook, Frank Cook, Ilene Cook, Marvin Cook, Gilbert Coolidge, Mary 202 Coolures, Margo 163 Coombs, Duane Cooper, Pam 173 Coop, Sally 179 Corcoran, Peg 173 Corder, Donald Corkern, Willis Corley, Thelma Cornell, John Cornell, Jariorie Cornell, Pat Cartner. Bev Cortsen, Eleanor Cosford, Francis 8 Cotrell, John Coveny, Burke Covey, Eileen 173 Cox, Arlene 173 Cramer, Frances 173 Crandall, Shirley 193 Crane, Richard Crane, Robert 195 Crawford, Val 173 Crigler, Lynn 124,128 Crigler, Mary Crigler, William Crisp, Dora Crosby, Michael 189- Crosier, Lita Crasina, Maria 200 Crossland, William Crowell, Kathy 203 Crutcher, Karen Cruzan, Lorna Culber, Michael 198 Culbertson, Walt Cundiff, Ralph 202 Curnow, Kenneth Currier. Gay 173 Curtis, Colleen 169 Curtis, Robert 200 Cusanvich, Michael 198 Dahl, June Dalrymple, Thomas 199 Dalton, Michael D'Amico, Paul Danilovich, Lawrence Danis, Irving 197 Daraskovich, Sharon 179 Darden, Minnie Daniels, Linda 173 Darby, Samuel DeRoza, Gail Ann 173 Doulton, Shirley 163 David-Malig, Maria Davidson, Lester E. 199 Davis, Claire E. 73 Davis, George Davis, Howard Davis, Marion E. 173 Davis, Marcia Davis, Rosalind 203,202 Davis, Steven Dean, James Dean, Kenton Dean, William DeAngeles, Jan 173 Delienedetti, Geraldine 202 Doeter, Joy DeForest, Anne DeLaHunt, Dianne 169 Delfanti, Gianfranco 202 DeLong, Duane 200 Delucchi, Joseph Demele, Patricia Denevi, Donald Denton, Robert 202 Depooli, Betty Ann DeParsia, Frank DePaul, Walter DeRanieri', Dino'200 Derby, Marsha Kay 179 Derby, Pamela 167,125 Desatoff, Tanya Ann 169 Deston, Diana Deubner, Bill 189 DeVan, Richard DeVecchia, Diane Devol, Margaret 202 DeVato, Judith Dicterich, Juanita Dictrich, Samuel Dietz, Claudio 169 Dike, Gardner Dill, Carol 173 Dinkelman, Carol Ann 173 Dinwiddie, Helen 173 DiPace, William Dixon, Mabel 173 Dixon, Marilyn Dofflemyer, Leonard Dohrmann, Mary 163 Dollarhide, Donald D. Dolph, John Donald, Sandra Donning, John 202 Doran, Stephanie 165 Dorian, Herman Dorman, Delmar Douglass, Thurman Dow, Deborah Ann Dowd, James 187 Downuin, Robert 191 Daxtater, Charles Dozier, Maryroso Drake, Evelyn Drennon, Imogene Dreyfus, Lynn 173 Driscoll, Donald Drobnick, Jane 173 Drown, Peter Drullard, Helen Drury, Robin 165 Drysdale, Mary Ann 173 Drysclale, Tania Dubnick, Amold 202 Duckl-torn, Jerry 187 Duecher, Thomas 202 Dufton, Lynne Ann 173 Dughi, Wayne C. Dunbar, Robert Dunlap, Harry Dunlavy, Karen 173 Dunnette, David Durfee, James Dutra, David Dykstra, Linda L. 173 Dyson, Kendall 201 Eckhart, Robert 189 Edleman, Susan 1,73 Edwards, George Eoles, Yvonne Easterbrook, Fran 163 Easterbrook, Martha 163 Eby, Erwin Eckerson, John Edwards, Joan 169 Eggen, Rosemary 173 Elin, Rhoderick Elkadi, Hussein Elkins, James Ellis, Patricia 163 Ellison, William Empey, Michael 202 Enfield, Darlene Engdahl, Lynn 202 England, Joyce 165 Ennen, Curtis Ensminger, Lorin Ensan, Dwight Eproson, Joan 173 Erickson, Ethelwynne Erlenbusch, Kenneth Ernst, Mary 179 Escovedo, Victor Esterline, Joyce L. 173 Estrin, Elbion Ethier, Henri Eltingham, Ailene Eubank, Carla Lee Evans, Dorothy 202 Evans, Joel Evans, Melba 163 Evans, Miriam C. Evinger, Loren L. Eymar-n, Ralph Ezell, Wayland Faber, Lila 173 Faber, Norman Farey, Eith Farley, Billy 199 Farnum, Robert 191 Farrell, Rosemary 179 Farrow, Sharon Fairhead, Martha Farr, Linda Farris, Tom 187 Fafrell, Donald 202 Fassero, Lee Ann 173 Faxon, Charles Fedigan, Denise Fee, Kristina Fegtly, Judith 173 Feigo, Ralph Felix, David Felix, John 191 Fell, Douglas 199,216 Fennell, Ethyel Fenalio, David Fernani, Lawrence Ferguson, Edna Femandes, Rose 173 Fero, Hazel Ferrin, Bonnie Mae Ferris, Bemice Fick, Harold199 Felice, Frank Fili i, Robert Fink, Carl 193 Finos, Mel 193 Fisher, Gale 173 Fitschen, Maureen 173 Fleming, Basil Flores, Tam 216 Flynn, Donald Fong, Leo 202 Fong, Patricia 173 Fong, Terry 193 Fonanilla, James Forbes, Ronald 187 Forbes, Zelma Formusa,' Rosalie Fornell, Bruce Fournier, Carolyn Fowte, Carolyn Fowler, Liana Fowler, William 191,129,124 Fox, Janet 173 Frances, Elaine Francis, Gladys Francis, Joyce 173 Francis, Marlene 173 Franco, Rita Frank, Tom 187 Frazeo, Jeanette 173 Frederick, Jane Freel, Lois Freeman, Harry Fregger, Brad French, Jah 201 French, Martha Fridell, Barbara 167 Frodin, Sharon 202 Froel-ilich, Theo Frost, Norma 167 Funkhouser, Thomas 203 Furniss, Jean 173 Gabbert, Lloyd D. Gacer, Richard H. Gadber , Dennis L. Gale, Phillip S. 189 Gallion, Margarett R. Gallo, Richard J. Galvez, llka M. 173 Gant, Douglas W. 201 Ganzer, Anne M. 173 Garcia, John Garcia, Leonardo A. Gardner, Bonnie D. 173 Gardner, James 201 Garibotto, Merven J. Gates, Truman Gatiss, Jr. Robert 199 Gangham, Joseph Garvey, Richard C. Gehman, Dorothy Gehman, Phillip Gelmstedt, Mariorie George, Carol A. 163 Gereb, Alfred N. 189 Gerard, Mabel fPollyi Gerhardt, Gretchen M. 163 Ghiglieri, Sylvia M. Ghiorso, Carol J. 174 Giambruno, Richard A. 193 Gianelli, Mrs. Dorothea Gianetti, Harold J. Giannini, Bernadine C. 174 Gibbons, Jr. Erwin E. Gibbs, Judith L. 169 Gibson, Robert H. 193 Giggy, Carole A. Giggy, Frederick D. Gilfillan, Asa D. Gilfillan, Marlene l. Gill, Donna Gillespie, Julia W. Giovannoni, Gary Gist, Judy H. 174 Glahn, George A. Glassford, Gary W. Gleason, Gerald O. Glenn, Sharon 174 Glover, John O. Glover, Sue A. Gold, Carole B. Gold, Sharon K. 202 Goldberg, Badaara J. 169 Gaiden, Judith L. 174 Golden, Melvin R. Goldsmith, Doris H. Goldstein, Donald B. Goltz, Jarilyn J. Gong, Frank 201 Gong, Hayman Gong, Joyce 174 Gonos, Mary E. 202 Gonos, Peter E. 202 Gonsalves, Gerald O. 201 Gonzales, Marie Gooch, Zora L. Good, Louise C. 165 Goodell, Wayne A. 202 Goodenough, Ruth T. Goodman, Wanda J. Goodwin, Mary L. Gordon, Frederick G. 216 Gordon, Virginia 165 Gorman,Darby L. 179 Goto, Marc 187 Goux, Coraiane Goux, Robert W. Gowen, Alton B. Grab, Louie J. Graham, Edward L. Graham, Jeanne G. Graham, Pattiann 179 Gronnel, Martha J. 174 Grant, Glenda C. 174 Grasham, Ross H. Gray, Julian R. Green, Carol 174 Graziani, Ruby Green, Lois Ann 174 Green, Nancy C. 174 Green, Richard L. Green, Silas W. Grenne, Elizabeth 174 Greene, William Greenwood, Richard S. Griffin, Marla M. 165 Griffitt, Ruth H. Grindrod, Helen M. Gritts, Joy C. 199 Gritz, Jenny D. Grohs, Robert L. Groo, Helaine179 Gross, Phyllis P. Gross, Susan K. Gathe, Mary Alice 169 Groves, Timothy C. 201 Guadagnolo, Jr. Wm. L. 187 Guerrero, Mary Ann Gullette, Edward E. Gunn, Karen E. Gunter, Catherine M. 179,88 Gurich, Ted 191 Haapala, Margaret 174 Haberland, Coterine S. 174 Hagan, Georgia D. 174 Hale, Susan F. Hall, Harold H. 199 Hall, Loyal H. Jr. Hall, Natalie Grace Hall, Philip L. 202 Haluska, Jan C. Hamilton, Brooks W. Hammad, Fahd Hammat, Elizabeth 174 Hancock, 1 11 ,Joel Casey 202 Hand, Doris D. Hanner, Carter C. 197 Hanner, Martha A. 174 Hansen, Margaret A. 174 Hanshue, Judy 167 Hanson, James C. 202 Hanson, Melvin C. Hanson, Nancy H. Hanson. Neil M. 201 Hanson, Robert L. Harder, Judith M. 163 Hardin, Carol J. 174 Hawkins, John Hawkins, Wayne 195,201 Hays, Effie Hays, Richard Hays, Ona Heakin, Herry 167 Hechler, Peter 201 Hector, Willie 210 Hefner, Gwen 179 Heibel, Ruth 174 Heidelson, Judy Heil, Richard 189 Heinrich, Philip 201 Helgesson, Ronald 189 Hemphill, Zoe 169 Hemsworth, Charlotte Henander, Richard 199,216 Henderson, Geraldine 167 Henderson, Joyce 202 Henderson, Judy 165 Hendrix, Richard Henry, Harriet Henry, Kay Henson, Judy 174 Hepburn, Beth 174 Herb, Susan 163 Herrell, Janet 174 Herrick, Kenneth Herrin, Norma Hester, Jim Hevner, Croyle Hicker, Gail Hicks, Robert 216 Higdon, Roger 201,216 Higgs, Sara 174 Hill, Allan 129,189 Hill, Bruce 202 Hill, Jack Hill, Katherine 174 Hill, Monte 195 Hinckley, Judy Hines, Rodney Hines, Sharon Hinman, Gary 183 Hirschler, Robert Hite, Elaine 174 Hitt, lvm Hiura, Daniel 187 Ho, John Hackman, Ann 163 Hoelsken,'William 124,129,195 Hoff, Leslie 163 Hoffman, Carroll 174 Hogan, Michael 199 Hague, Diane 174 Hohman, Marlene 174 Holqopa, Marilyn 128,167 Holmes, Susan 174 Holmquist, Marjorie Honeychurch, Dennis Hood, Kathy 174 Hoogendyk, John 199 Hopkins, Jean 165 Hopkinson, Judy Horan, Val Horasanian, Michael Horita, Gladys Houghton, David 191 Houk, Nona Howard, Charles Howell, Carolyn 174 Howse, Ester Hubb, Gary 197,210 Huckabay, Alan Hudson, Donna 163 Hudson, Gibson 195 Huffman, Linda 169 Hughes, Jerry Huizenga, Ann 174 Hull, Clyde Hull, Janet Hume, Margaret Humphreys, John Hunt, Peter 199 Hunter, Phillip 189 Hunter, Wayne 191 Huntington, Edith 174 Hurd, Albert Hutchinson, Linda Hutchison, Paula Hyde, James 202 Hyland, Millard lles, Jay Ing, Winston 210 lngraham, Pam lnesanto, Mary Imrie, Betty 167 Iredale, Dorothy 175 Iseri, Ray Isetti, Duane 216,217 lsetti, Ronald lvers, Giner 123,124,175 lvie, Aleen Jacklich, George L. Jackson, Robert L. Jackson, Virginl W. Jacobs, Karl W. Jacobs, William H. Jacobsen, Carl A. 199 Jacobsen, Ellen A. 174 Jacobsen, Georgia L. Jacoby, Julia E. 174 Jantzen, J. Marc Jr. 189 Jenkins, Marsha J. 179 Jensen, Jerry I. Jeung, Kang Jew, Dean Jew, Wing Johanson, Sonja A. 167 Johns, Joyce 174 Johnsen, Gwen A. 167 Johnson, Carolyn Jean Johnson, Clifford H. 202 Johnson, Curis Johnson, Ethel C. Johnson, Gary C. Johnson, Georgianno A. 174 Johnson, Howard Johnson, Joanne K. 174 Johnson, Loretta J. Johnson, M. Elesa Miller, Johnson, Minnie A. Johnson, Ralph R. 199 Johnston, Herbert B. Johnston,lJerry A. Jones, Barbara A. 174 Jones, Carolyn G. Jones, Janet M. Jones, Jay R. 179 Jones, Kathryn L. 174 Jones, Lawrence L. Jones, Napoleon Jones, Ronalo E. 201 Jones, Roy M. Joos, Frances Jordan, Judith D. 174 Jordan, Julie 174 Jordan, Katherine K. 174 Jordan, Lavona lColene1 202 Joy, Peggy L. 202 Juan, Linda B. Jue, Eddie L. Juraoh, Anthony M. Kaetzer, Jocelyn L. Kahle, Geraldine E. Kahn, Mel K. 201 Kalamaras, Peter A. Kale, Josephine L. Kammerer, Carlton C. 191 Kanninen, Rebecca H. 175 Kordashian, Barbara H. 163 Karger, Frank S. Jr. Kass, David L. Kaufman, Gary J. Kaufman, Paul H. 195 Kawada, Allan Q Kawasaki, Kiyoshi 202 Kay, James M. . Keller, Carolyn S. 175 Keller, Douglas D. 189 Keller, Edward W. 201 Keller, Melvin L. Kelley, Brent P. Kelly, Joyce F. Kelly, Leila A. Kelly, Linda L. 175 Kelly, Patti Lee 163 Kelly, Patsy A. 175 Kelly, William Henry Kendall, Joseph Parsons 201 Keniston, Jean Elizabeth 175 Kennon, Nolo Jorday Kennedy, Bruce Balch 189 Kennedy, Gordon Kenney, Sharon 167 Kennon, Geraldine Kent, lvar 199 Kepfard, Chauncey Kern, Betty Ann Kezar, Pricilla Harman Kibby, Richard Dean Kigunda, John Githi Kihara, Cisco Kilgore, Barbara Helon 165 Kimberlin, Robert Hall Kindsvoter, Jane King, David Allyn King, David Lloyd King, George Martin 191 Kingston, Nellie Aileon Kinietz, Mary 175 Kipp, Margaret Louise Kipp, Ronald Tompkins Kirdar, Nemir 201 Kirk, Kenyon Beverley Kirk, Martha Ann 163 Kirkpatrick, Betty 169 Kirscherman, Patricia Ann 175 Kishi, Thais K. 175 Kitay, Jerry C. 187 Kite, Milton Glarville 202 Kjeldsen, C. Kelly 191 Kjeldsen, Kenneth Lewis 191 Klein, Robert Charles 199 Kloin, Robert Vincent Kleinschmiclt, Bernard James 191 Klingenberg, Gerald Francis 203 Knight, Lela Jane 175 Knight, Sally lren 175 Koe, Max B. Koehler, Judith Jeanette 175 Koelkebeck, R. Ellen Koenig, Paul Koenigsberger, Stan Marc Kohlen, Charles Louis Kolika, Jean Helen Kollenborn, Marjorie May 175 Koppen, Penny 175 Koser, Karen Kotal, Ed Kramer, Jean Ruth Krampe, Donald Edward Kreiss, L. Allen Kurtz, Burt M. Kurtz, Sandra Lynn 175 Kurtchem, Shela Kutzer, William Foley 216 Kwate, David Milton Laddish, Robert F. 189 Lages, J. David Laird, Andrew K. Laird, Jim Porter Lake, Theodore Prentice 191 Lamm, Janet lren 175 Lammers, Trudie Janet 167 Lamonica, Carol Ann Lamonica, Frances Elizabeth Lampton, Floy William 197 Lamson, Hilda Landeck, Sharon Robinson 167 Lander, Charles Rex 210 Landl, Janice Gayle 176 Lane, Nat J. Lang, Karen Etta 175 Langille, Robinson LaWayne 197 Langenback, John Oliver Laningham, Truman E. Lcpp, Linda Ann 175 Larkey, Suzanne Elizabeth Larson, Marjorie Susan Larsen, Beverl Marleen Latour, Jean-lilaul George Lau, George Gan Lauffenbuerger, James Edward Laurain, Jack J. Lauszus, Lawrence 199 Law, LeRoy Lawrence, Enola May 175 Lawrence, Judy 175 Lawrence, Paul Wilbur Lawrence, Robert D. 191 Lawseth, Ellen 203 Lawson, Beverly J. Leach, David P. 193 Leach, Ina Leach, William Joseph Leos, Bernie Frances Leasure, Larry Helbert Lee, Hanley Wong Lee, John Hamlin Lee, Lynn M. Leem,Mary Beth 163 Lee, Maida Titherington Leech, Judith Diane 163 Lefever, Jean B. Lefever, Lawrence Hugh Lefler, Clyde J. Lehner, Dorene 175 Lehr, Kenneth Robert Leicht Vero 203 Leigh, Diane Elizabeth Leighton, Robert Leland, Betsy Lemos, Sally Joan 169 Leonard, Brent Louis 199 Leonard, James Colton 201 Leonard, Lewis Dornan Leonard, Lionel Russell Lerner, Gary Edward 189 Leuteneker, Tam Car 195 Leveque, Peter Levin, Delores Jean Levin, Gerald Lew, Anthony L. Lewis, Chet Culling Lewis, David Ralph 199 Lewis, lrma L. Lewis, Kathleen 175 Lewis, L. Helen Lewis, Stephen Thomas 203 Liang, Kenneth Ching-Tsang Lile, Robert Charles Lille Patricia Jayne 165 Lind, Marion Carol Linholm, Stan Harrison Lindlhe, Cynthia Lou Lindquist, Carole Marcia Lindsey, Dennis Marshall Little, Larry Joe Little, Clayton, K Little, John Grubbs 199 Little, Stanley Rosco Littleton, Gerald Edwin Lobb, Joseph Carr Lobenberg, Mary M. Loewen, Helena M. Logan, Thelma L. 203 Logn, Lois Loker, Charles W. Long, Benjamin F. Long, Patsy Lee 175 Long, Robert L. 195 Loofburrow, David T. 191 Lopez, John l. Lorenson, Lynn Marie Lopez, Raymond 191 Loureiro, Robert Loveridge, Ronald O. 189,1 Low, Robert 193 Lowe, Luther 203 Lawn, Suzanne L. 165 Lowry, Bette 169 Luenberger, Joanne L. 175 Luke, Lynda 175 Lumley, Aubrey M. 193 Lund, Merlyn F. 201 Lundgreen, Daisy L. Lynch, Nancy J. Lynn, James David 197 Lynn, Joseph H. Lyons, Victor McAtee, Marilyn G. McCagere , Robert L. McCall, Jessie L. McCarrol, Mildred Y. McCaughey, Susan 167 McClaran, Susan E. McClure, Lloyd E. Jr. 203 McClusky, Bettie G. 163 McColly, Helen M. McCoy, Eugene D. McDaniel, Ennis R. McDonald E. 195 McDonnell, Marsha D. McEwen, Shirie Sue McGary, Leona Lee McGee, Nancy L. McGowan, Margaret Ann McGrath, Raymond E. McGuire, Jean Ann 165 McHenry, Patrick G. Mclntosh, Jane Susan 203 McKenny, Terry K. 176 McKenzie, Thomas C. McKinney, Mel 189 22, 125 McLarnin, Grace Ellen 176 McLean, Nan 163 McManus, Roger 201 McMahon, Mary Sue 169 McMillin, Judith Ann McNamara, Keryn M. 176 McRea, James E. 191 Macabilas, Euremia l. MacCluer, Lee Douglas Macfarlane, John A. Machado, Robert A. 193 MacKenzie, Nancy D. Mackey, William J. Macpherson, Patricia 163 Madden, Baibara Ann 167 Magee, Edward 197 Maluska, Jan 201 Malpasuto, Joe 197,211 Manherz, Charles E. Mann, Carol L. 175 Mann, Jerome Manning, Phyllis Gail Manny, Carolyn J. 175 Manoukian, Noel E. 216 Mantelli, Bert 195 Mar, Gordon Mar, Jeffrey March, Joan E. Marchese, Nyla M. 179 Marchesatti, Mary Jo Marchetti, Romano Marengo, Raetta Mai Maroot, Janice Marobich, Thomas Marquis, Gerald N. 203 Marshall, Nancy J. Marshall, Richard A. Marshall, Wilbyr Lane Mason, Beth B. Martin, A. Jean Martin, Alice L. Martin, Henry E. 216 Martin, Julius Martin, Mary Jane 175 Martinez, C. Irene 203 Maruyana, Nancy M. 175 Mason, Lucile 203 Mathes, Ann Marie 165 Mathews, Sue Jo 165 Mathis, Jack Charles 195 Matsumoto, Calvin Maudsley, Michael V. 201 Mauger, Evelyn L. Mauk, Harold H. Moulding, Carol A. 175 Mauler, Alberta L. Mauro, Janine L. Maxey, Harry L. Mayer, Robert W. Mayfield, Barry L. 187 Mazzuca, Robert G. 199,21 Mealiffe, Patrick R. Meek, James R. Meeks, Richard C. Melander,, Binna 201 Melander, Karen Melville, William J. 195 Mendoza, Patricia S. 175 Merciadis, Gregory C. Meyer, Genellen E. 175 Meyer, Herbert L. Michelson, Barbara G. Michelatti, Carlo P. 193 Middlewood, Robert W. 195 Midkiff, Dian 167 Milles, Billie O. Jr. Milette, Fred L. Millar, James l. 189 Miller, Ann L. 175 Miller, Bette Lou Miller, Gayle E. 175 Miller, Gerald A. 201 Miller, Glenn S. Miller, Harold F. 191 Miller, Joyce l. 175 Miller, LaVonna G. Miller, Richard B. 189 Ruth Ellen 169 Milligan, Thomas R. 201 Mills, George A. Mills, Joanne 175 Milton, Howard G. Jr. 199 Miner, Loyal A. Miner, Martha Coleman Mini, Martin L. Miniaci, James Mitchell, Alton Mitchell, Mary E. 175 Mizoguchi, Chieko Mohrman, John C. Monese, Marlene 167 Monson, Marilyn Marie 175 Montana, Sylvia 203 Moon, Doris F. Moon, Marjorie A. 179 Moon, Richard M. Mooney, Estelle A. Mooney, John E. 1 Moore, George L. Jr. Moore, Joan 163 Moore, Sandro L. 179 Moran, Ralph H. 203 Morasanian, Michael 203 Moreno, Earl L. Moresca, Pat Joy 203 Morin, Lynda B. 175 Morford, Leah E. 169 Morland, William B. Jr. 201 Marita, Gladys 202 Morris, Ann E. 169 Morris, Emory A. Morris, Janell J. Morris, Joy L. Morris, Mary K. 163 Morris, Robert L. 201 Morris, Willie D. Morrison, Katherine A. 163 Mosri, Richard H. Moss, Edith B. Mossier, Susan Mounts, Ralph D. Mowry, Arthur J. 201 Moynihan, John A. Mrasek, Daryl W. 197 Mrazek, Marge Mueller, Carl G. Jr. Mulder, David L. Muldder, Michael Mullaly, Arthur L. Muller, Meredith A. 128,12 Mundon, Georette K. 175 Munn, Joan E. 169 Murchison, Ola L. 211 Murphy, Carol 175 Murphy, Lynne E. 175 Murray, Robert Musselman, Anton Myers, Mary Lee Myers, Sondra A. 175 Nachman, Eva 176 Nahhas, Faud M. Nash, William P. Navone, Janice MCC, Neale, Harry Neill, Gladys M. Nelson, Anne E. 203 Nelson, Carole A. 203 Nelson, Gary 197 Nelson, Joanne L. 176 Nelson, Robert B. Nelson, Sarah M. 167 Nemetz, Richard A. 197 Nerseth, L. Gail Neuman, R mond V. 199 Newcomb, Clark 197 Newlin, Barbara J. 203 Newman, Virginia Newton, Judy M. 176 Ng, John Nichley, John Nicholls, John Nicholls, Rovert Nichols, Gaylene Nickel, Ronald 191 Nicklin, Peter Nicol, Wendy 176 Nicolous, Ed 191 Niederloff, Anita 176 Nielebeck, Robert Niemann, Robin Nies, Candace 176 Niesen, George 187 Nietmonn, Rena Niles, Charles 199 Niles, Ellen 176 Nilsson, Nilsine 169 Ninnis, Anne 176 Nissen, Florence Nixon, James Nixon, Nicila 176 Noble, Mary 176 Nolin, Floyd Nardlin , Patricia 176 Nordvici, Carol n 163 Nordwick, Flo J Norman, Ruth 176 Norris, Charles Narseth, David Norton, David Novacek, Ronald Nsekela, Amon 197 Nuddlemon, Niles 201 Nugent, Sharon 203 Nuxa, Phyllis 176 Nuttall, Taffy 176 O'Bryon, Leonard O'Connor, Virginia 176 O'Doan, Nancy 4 O'Doan, Neal O'Donnell, Janice 167 O'Keith, Schock Okubo, Robert Oldham, Margaret Olds, Steven 201,216,217 Oliver, James 128 Olmsted, Robert Olsen, Karen 176 Olson, Bonnie 176 Olson, Francis Olson, Jane Olson, J 216 Olson, Rblbert Olson, Sarah 165 Olson, Ted 189 Olsson, Flora Omachi, Hope Onstad, Lindon 197 Q Onweiller, Rachelle 203 Orndoff, George 201 Orndoff, Ted Orr, Pat 176 Ortez, Ruth Orth, Amanda Ortzow Osbourne, Lawrence Osgood, William 189 Osner, Henry Outland, lda 176 Overboe, Maynard Overstreet, Carl Owen, John Owen, Virginia Pagala, Anastacia B. Pagett, John M. 199 Palmer, Susan 163 Palmer, Susan Elizabeth Pankey, Harrie D. Paris, Nancy 163 Parker, George R. 199 Parr, David 191,128,124 Parsell, Patricia J. Parsons, Edwina 176 Parsons, Kendall Joseph Parsons, Rollo B. Passadore, June Paulson, Vance K. Paxton, Robert V. 201 Payne, Carolyn A. 176 Payne, James M. Payton, Harlin L. 195 Peairs, Ben F. Peal, Edithie V. Pearce, Catherine L. 176 Peck, Mary A. 169 Peckham, Dorothy M. Peets, Helen Ruth Peets, Lanvin L. Pemberton, Barbara L. Pemberthy, Robert W. Pence, Michael D. 199 Pennebaker, Judy A. Perkinson, Sharon E. Peter, Eleanor L. 165 Peters, Patricia J. 176 Peterson, George P. Peterson, Gordon E. 199 Petersen, Jill 176 Peterson, Ruth Susan Pfister, Charles K. 193 Phillips, David C. 199 Phillips, Mary J. 176 Phillips, Ruth G. Phillips, Sheila E. 165,88 Pickard, Ronald 203 Pickering, Edithmae Pickering, Mary M. Pickering, Sheryl 203 Pico, Edward Floyd Pierce, Martha F. Pike, Gene 199,211 Pilgrim, Nancy A. 169 Pimentel, Lynne C. 179 Pinto, William Pipkin, Gordon L. Pitman, Larry James 195 Pittz, Rodney Edward Pohli, Gunvor Viola Polach, Judith Rae 163 Poor, Charles Raymond 187 Porter, Keith J. 199 Porter, Susan Jane 179 Porterfield, Marian Claire 169 Powell, Ruth M. Powell, Virgil Alfred A. Powell, William Fred 189 Powers, Caralee Ann 165 Powers, Larry L. Pozzi, Ellyn Louise Prado, Henry J. 203 Prater, Carol Claudia Pratt, Vickie Lee 163 Prescott, Leopold T. Presto, Joseph V. Preston, 111 John 199 Prentiss, Pete D. 189 Price, Gene Price, Stuart Clay 201 Prickett, Gail Wayne 197 Prince, Richard Stewart Prior, Luanna Maree 176 Pruiska, Roy Mino Proctor, Hester Procter, Marilyn Joyce 176 Pross, Al Lowell 201 Pryor, Robert Doile Pucci, Linda Anne 176 Purcell, Bob 203 Purcell, Rose Margaret Purcell, Virgil Louis Purves, Ruth E. 176 Puscher, Emst Edward Pylant, Shirley Ann 169 Pyne, Thomas Mark Qualey, Duane Arlo Quessenberry, Marion Woodrow Radanovich, Ervin Leroy Rae, Sondra Dell Rahmlow, Harold Frank 199 Raine, Jacqueline Tony 176 Raines, Jeanette 163 Raitt, Al Edward 189 Ramalho, Fredrick Hilary Raimrez, Francisco Ramsted, Phillip John 201 Randall, Dorothea Irma Randall, Douglas 197 Randall, Roger Darrel Rondo, John Rankin, Betty Marie 179 Rankin, Sheldon Stevens Ransome, John Randall 212 Raphael, Carol Lee 176 Rash, Richard Wayne Rasmussen, Wayne Nelson 203 Ratanamani, Manimai 176 Ratekin, John Bruce Rathause, Varalita Mary Rau, Roger Monroe Raube, David Raudebaough, Bart Ray, Theodore 191 Rayl, Meredith Virginia Raymond, Virginia Lee 169 Rea, June K. Rede, Lupe Pete Redfoot, Ronald David 199 Red Horse, John Gregory Reed, David Michael 203 Reed, Diane Lynne 203 Reed, Gerald James Reed, Sandra Lynne 165 Reedall, Anne 165 Rehn, Jlhn R. 203 Reid, Jean Ellen 163 Reilly, Catherine Louise 163 Renshaw, Roby Word Rennels, Mary Louise Renz, Ephraim H. Reyes, Jess H. Reyes, Ted Reynolds, Barbara Gwynne 203 Reynolds, Judith Sharon 176 Reynolds, Margaret Ruth Reynolds, Phyllis Ann 176 Reynolds, Ran J. 189 Reynosa, Mary Louise Rhoads, William Denham Rhodes, Joy 'Lynn 163.39 Rice, Marilyn Kay 176 Rice, Raymond Kent Richards, Robert Stuart 201,128 Robinson, Justin David 216 Robinson, Sally Ann 176 Rodriquez, John Andrew Rohnow, Rollie 193 Raminger, Gary 189 Roof, Dennis Rose, Emmy 167 Rose, Ivan Rosek, Robert Ross, Barbara Ross, John Rossim, Anna Marie 179 Rothschild, Marvin 201,216 Rowett, Marelene Royce, Tim 195 Rudoff, Belle Rubio, Emelis 179 Rumble, Linda 176 Rumph, Robert Rumsey, Joan Rumwell, Melville 201,128 Rundle, William Runion, Dianne Runion, Howell Ruina, Viola Russell, Bonnie 176 Russell, Patrick 199 Rustigian, Ray Ryan, Drucilla Ryan, Roy Sabrowsky, Hildegard Sakamoto, Yukio 193 Solbach, Suzanne 165 Salcedo, Arthur Saleh, Fawzi 197 salih, 1-1:1111 Sampson, Lois 176 Sampson, Scott Sondelius, Stanley Sanders, Carl Sanders, Phillip Sangalang, Apolinar 203 Sanford, Bill Sanguinetti, Allen Sanguinetti, Dianne Sanguinetti, Gayle 176 Sanguinetti, Herbert Sanguinetti, Thomas Sapp, Robert 197 Sarlis, Speros Saroyan, Julie 176 Saroyan, Ralph 201 Saroyan, Stan 193 Saski, Laverne Sattler, Lorena Saugstad, Alfred Soukerson, Stephan 199 Sauers, Robert 201 Sawyer, Christopher 201 Schaefer, Linda Schafer, Judith Schola, Larry Scheid, Douglas 193 Schelling, Linda Scheu, Nancy 176 Scheufele, Kirk Scheufler, Ronald Schiffman, Hen Schiffman, Chaflles Schingler, Sylvia Schmidt, Albert Schipper, Peter 189 Schlarb, John Schleicher, Teddy 165 Schleider, Katherine Schofield, Sylvia 176 Schuldt, William 203 Schump, Jack Schwartz, Ed 195,212 Schwartz, Joan 176 Schwartz, John 193 Schwartz, Pat 167 Scott, Caryl Scott, Scott, Scott, Duane 191,212 James Richard 212 Richens, Raymond P. Richert, Wesley E. Richosim, Shirley Joann Rigg, Ros. C. Ring, Shoryn Marcia 176 Rinn, Elsa Marie Roach, Elizabeth Clara 165 Robbins, Roberson Viola B. , Ernest John Jr. 189 Roberts, Judy Gail 165 Roberts, Mary May 176 Roberts, Richard H. 191,123,125 Robertson , Mel ba Heon Robinson, Brenda Joanne 176 Robinson, Charlene Marie 163 Robinson, Georene H. Robinson, Harold Hugh 191 Sea, George Sea, Richard Seatralis, Elsie Sebastian, Ruth 176 Sedelmeier, William Seeber, James Segerdell, John 201 Seibald, Carol Seifert, Alex Senkirk, Ronald 189 Sequeira, Lionel Settle, Janet 176 Severson, Rita Shadwell, Diana Shadwell, Barbara 169 Shakel, Beverly Shannon, Gary 199 Sharp, Sharan'165 Shaw, Martha Sheets, Kay 175 Shellard, Betty 203 Shepard, Melvyn Sherman, James Shewfelt, Muriel Shillingburg, Arleen 203 Shimabukuro, Bill Shimada, Hiroshi Shirachi, Donald 203 Shirazi, Falah Shirk, Beatrice Shintani, Judy Shobe, Dianne Shoonberger, Judy Shore, Elizabeth Shumaker, John Sibert, John 189 Siewert, Louise Silva, Daniel 213 Silva, David Silva, Mary Silveria, John 203 Simi, Albert 189 Simmons, Barbara Simmons, Danna Kay 177 Simpson, Charles 199 Simpson, Janice 167 Suostrom, Susan 169 Skaff, Valerie Skidmore, Susan Sloan, Charles Slocum, Mel 125 Sluis, Cornelia 177 Small, Barbara Small, Robert 187 Smith, Alice Smith, Carolyn 177 Smith, Charles Smith, Constance smith, Dow 201 Smith, Edgar Smith, Ernest Smith, Evelyn Smith, Gaynel Smith, Gregory 129,191 Smith, Joan Smith, Marilyn Smith, Marie Jeanette 129 Smith, Randall 191 Smith, Rhoda Smith, Richard 189 Smith, Roger Smith, Sandra Smith, Sidney Smith, Simmon Smoth, Wayne Smykal, Anthony Snavely, William 203 Snow, Helen 177 Soares, William Sobers, Myra Sohns, Carola Sohns, Marvin Salina, David Soomil, Lewis Sorosoli, Wayne Sowash, Edwin 191,213 Soule, Patti 177 Spafford, Elizabeth Spafford, Emest Spangler, Jim Spanos, Nik Sparrow, Jack 201,217 Spence, Norvin Spencer, June Soerling, Linda Sperry, Helen Spicer, Susan 177 Spooner, John Spooner, Una Spracher, Joseph Spurgeon, Pat Stafford, Gene 213 Stafford, Neil Stafford, Mariary Stagg, Linda 163 Stam, Genelle Stanclift, James 201 Stanclift, William 199 Stanley, Ken Stanton, James Stark, Howard Stark, James 191 Stark, Marlee 129,167 Steiner, Elvira 165 Steele, Elizabeth Steele, Loretta Steiner, Herbert 129,195 Steinko, Susan Steelman, John 201 Steinger, JoAnne Stenson, Violet Stevahn, Andrew Stevens, James Stevens, Pat 177 ,124,167 Stevenson, Stuart Stewart, Pat Stichler, Richard Stierlin, LeRoy Stikes, Greg 199 Stiles, Cleck Stinson, Jud Stinson, Rani 177 Stitt, Carolyn 177 Stocker, Charles 201 Stacking, Lindo Stocking, Stephen Storm, Sall 177 Stone, Linda 177 Stone, Ken Stone, Janet 177 Strathman, Betty Strom, Gustave sf. sure, Phyllis 177 Stubbs, Luiga Studebaker, Dilwyn Studer, Kenneth Stump, Ronald Sturgeon, Carolyn Sublett, John 197,124 Sullivan, Jerry Sullivan Joanne Sumida, Jock Summers, Norman Sun, Rudolph Sutherland, Elizabeth Sutherland, Marlene Sutton, Jess Swan, Larry 191 Swanson, Jaan 177 Swanson, Robert 195 Sweeney, Thomas 201 Sweet, Clyde 203 Swift, Susan 165 Switzler, Paul Takaoka, Howard Talbot, Sue 163 Tanaka, Gary Tanner, Marjorie Tantiqongse, Pradol Tarr, Donald 199 Tate, Nancy Taylor, Carolyn Taylor, David 177 Taylor, Linda Taylor, Monroe Taylor, Roger 193 Tennant, Londa 177 Tennant, Nancy 177 Tefler, Clyde 201 Terra, Len 193 Terrell, Maureen 165 Terwilliger, Gail 169 Thorp, George Thiebaud, Maud 179 Theiler, Robert Thiell, Lisabeth Thomas, Harold Thomas, Helen Thompson, Dennis Thompson, Nancy 177 Thompson, Naomi Thompson, Sheila 124,129,163 Thorson, Robert Thurston, Martha Tierney, Andrea Tiemey, John Tilfar, Van Tiongson, Cimplicio Tiscornia, Laurianna 177 Tobe Marcia Y: Todd, Bary Todd, Hahn Toepfer, Mabel Toedt, Norman Taller, Michael Tom, Ronald 193 Tomlin, Emie Tomlinson, Carol 177 Tomlinson, Norman Tomomatsu, Ridea Tannemacher, Donald Tortosa, Rosanne 177 Toso, Antionette Toso, Gilbert 193 Totten, Hanis Tow, Jr. Eddie 203 Tawell, David 195 Townsend, Buck Townsend, Kathy 167 Trachiotis, Dorothy Traeger, Catherine Train, LeRoy Trammell, Archie Trekell, Howard 195 Trenholm, Gretchen 165 Tremain, Mervel Treude, Garth 203 Trevitt, Mike 189 Trevitt, Pat 177 Trimble, Ray Trimingham, Claire 165 Troglia, Anita Trotter, Dolphus 213 Tsunekawa, M. Tubbs, John Tucker, Virginia 169 Turkatte, Jean Turner, Dennis Turner, Evelyn Underwood, Kathie Underwood, Sandra Urenda, Herman Valenta, Gerald Valente, Rudy Valle, James Vallier, Fred Valterza, Arleen 203 Van Den Barge, Johanne Vande Moore, Lynn 177 Vander Wall, Robert 199 Van Gelder, lan 187 Vanosse, Wayne Van Tienen, Jansse 177 Van Walterap, Norman Varton, Susan 177 Vasconi, Mario 193 Vaughn, Clyde 197 Vaughn, Gene Vaughn, Mona Vavoulis, Alexander Verdizca, Charles 214 Verigin, Gary Vickery, Thomas 193 Vierra, Vernon Villeneuve, Donald Vincent, Collsen Vincent, Roger Viscount, Robert Vlassis, Constantine Vogt, Clifford Vogt, Paul 199 Voltmer, David Voltmer, Gail 177 Volz, Fred Von Meyer, William Vrenios, Ernie Vroom, Ellen Wacker, Karen 165 Waddell, Norman Waite, Marilyn 177 Waldie, Wendy 177 Wallace, Henry 214 Wallin, Mary Walsh, Dick 191 Wanner, Janet 163 Ward, John 199 Wasser, Alois Wasserman, Abby 165 Waterman, Lynne 163 Water, Barbara Watkins, Jean 167 Watkins, Ralph Watkins, Robert 203 Watt, Dorothy 177 Watson, Bert Watson, Carolyn 169 Way, Janetta 177 Weadon, Dee 128 Weaver, Floya Weaver, Gerald 189 Weaver, Lloyd Webber, Edward 199 Weber, Ronald Webster, William 203 Wagener, Hen Weiburst, Rondild 191 Weir, Karen 177 Weise, Ann 177 Wer'mar, Richard Wellenbruck, Ernest Wells, Grances Wells, John Wells, Marion Wemple, Nancy 177 West, Tony 195 West, Judy 169 West, Pearl Wetmore, Ralph Wheadan, Dee 177 Whinery, Glenna 203 Whiston, Anne Whitaker, Louise 203 s ,214 White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, White, DeLay Elizabeth 177 Frances Judy 165 Marsha Nathan Roberta 169 Ruth Susan 177 Valorie 177 Whittenberg, Charles 193 Whittier, Hope 177 Wioner Wiggin , Ste han 187 , Richard Wilber, Bryan 187 Wilcox , Pam 177 Wild, John Wilkinson, Fran Willard, Robert Willons, Ed Williams, Enes Williams, Donna-Marie Williams, Grace Williams, John Williams, Ralph Williams, Martha Williams, Richard 197 Williams, Richard 197 Williams, Ronaele 165 Wilson, Catherine Williams,Roy Williams, Walter Williamson, Joyce Wilson, David Wilson, Judith 179 Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Robert 199 Wilson, Wanda Windweh, Ann 177 Winter, Howard Wishny, Steven Withraw, Andrea 177 Withraw, Jack Witt, Barbara 177 Wolsey, Jack 189 Wong, Clifford Wong, Darryl Wong, Dorothy Wong, Rodney Wong, Steven Woo, Allen Wood, Lynette, 177 Wood, David Wood, Ethelyn Woodard, Laura Woods, Sharon Woodford, Robert 187 Waolcack, Sheila Worden Wright, Wright, Wright, , Paul James Lauretta 163 Wal ter Wurster, Sandra 163 Wyckoff, Gary Xenos, Yang, George Francis Yearicks, David Yee, Paul Yep, Barbara Yep, Marilyn Yep, Ronald Yoneshige, Janice 203 Yorke, Yorke, Frank Margaret Yoshinaga, Kenzo Yoshimura, Betty 169 Yoshimura, Kenii Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Young, Youngb Yount, David Donald Pauline Robert Sandra 88,167 Sharon 163 Vera lood, Aaron 216 David Yue, Yuk Pui 197 Zancan Zanetti ella, Erich , Robert Zappettini, Thomas Zarett, Merle Zellmer, Vanita Zenter, Ziegler Kenneth 193 , David Zimmerman, James Zimmer man, Linda Zalezzi , Alan 203 Zornik, Zuber, Lynne 88,177 Sal ly A capella Choir ................ Administrative Offices ...... Advertising ...................... Alpha Epsilon Rho .................. Alpha Kappa Lambda House ........ ...... Alpha Kappa Phi House ......... CONTENTS 61 ....40-41 247 145 186-187 188-189 Alpha Lambda Delta ....................... ........ 1 32 American Chemistry Society ................. American Pharmaceutical Association ....... Ancient Languages ............................ Anderson Y ............... And so the year ends ........ Archania Belle ........... Art ........................... Association of Music AWS Banquet .......... AWS Board ......... AWS Formal ....... Band ................ Students Band Frolic ............... Baseball ........................ Basketball, Freshman Basketball, Varsity ...... Baun Hall ................. Behind the Scenes ..... Betz, Dean ............... Big 'n Little Sister Party ........ Block P ..........,.......... Blue Key ....... Boxing Show ................ Burns, Dr. ................ . Business Administration ........ Canterbury ............... Central Collegiate ........................ Chancellor-Tulley C. Knowles ....... Chapel Choir ................................ Chapel Committee ...... ...... Chi Rho ..................... Chorus ...................................................... 155 154 42 135 126 185 43 146 113 127 111 63 02- 1 O7 ......222-223 221 ......218-220 53 .. 47 38 .......83, 101 145 133 232 -. 36 .. 44 141 140 37 139 138 140 61 Christmas Pageant, Stag Christmas Tree .............. 97 Christmas Tea ...................................................... 98 129 Class Officers ......................................... ...... 1 28- Council of RE Activities and Director ....... Crucible ........................................... .. ........ CSTA ..... 138 48 143 Davis, Dean ...... Debate Team ........ Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta Delta .................................... 144 164, 85, 165 Sigma-Freshman's Honorary .................... 140 Gamma ......................................... Mu Eta ..... Upsilon ....................... Upsilon's Dream Girl Director of Religious Education ....... Drama Department ..... Economic Club ......... Economic Dept. Editor's Message ....... Engineering Dept. .... . English Dept. ....... . Football .........t.. Coaches ....... Fresh man ...... Varsity ..........,,..,,,,,,,,, Colorado State Game ...... Stanford .........,.,.,,,,, Ma rquette ................ Washington State ....... Fresno State .,,,,,,,,,,, Idaho State ........ San Jose State ....... Away Games ........... Fraternity Activities ....... Freshman Orientation ..... Golf ..............,...,...,,,, Graduate Studies .......... Graduation .................,,,,.. ,,,,,., History and Political Science ........ Homecoming ..,......,,,,.,,.,,..,, ,, Bar-B-Q ....... Chairman ...........,, Fresman Bonfire ...... RaHy ............,..,.. Princesses ....... Queen ...................... House Decorations ..... Winning Float ....... Game .........,........ Dance ................ Home Economics ....... .84,i62,163 .U ................. . 148 ....-.190-.191 184 146 46 142 45 235 .- 52 .- 54 207 207 ....-.216-217 207 208 209 211 210 212 213 214 ......223-227 181 100 231 .. 74 119 .. 55 86 .. 86 .. 86 .. 87 .. 87 .. 88 .. 89 .- 90 .. 91 .. 92 .. 93 .. 56 lnter-Fraternity Council .... Intramurals .................... Kappa Alpha Theta ........ Kappa Psi ................... Knolens .......................... Lambda Kappa Sigma ....... Manor Hall .................... Mardi Gras ........... Beard Contest ......... Bar-B-Q .......................... Dance-Winning Booths Ugly Man and Princesses Queen ............................ Rally and Bar-B-Q ...... Math Dept. ................ . CONTENTS .. ............. 180 .-.....s4, 166-167 154 133 154 Messiah ......................................................... Meyer, Samuel--Academic 178-179 114 114 114 115 116 117 114 57 99 Vice-President .......... 37 Modern Languages ..................................... Mu Phi Epsilon .......... Music Dept. ..... . Music Therapy ..A.. Naranjado ......... Newman Club ....... North Hall ...................... Ott Campus Students ....... Open House ............... Orchestra , ...,. .. Orientation ........ Pacific Portals ....... 58 147 60 146 150-151 141 196-197 202-203 95 62 81 ....78-79 Pacific Weekly ................. ....... 1 52-153 Pan-Hellenic Fall-Spring ....... .,,4,,,., 1 58 Parents Day ........................ ...... 1 12 Pharmacy Dept. ..... . Phi Delta Chi ......... Phi Delta Kappa ...... Phi Gamma Mu ........ Pi Kappa Delta ............ Phi Kappa Lambda ..... Philosophy Club ............ Philosophy Department ..... Phi Mu Alpha ............. Phi Sigma Tau ....... Physical Ed. .... . Plays ........... Pledging ...... .... 64 192-193 143 155 144 147 149 59 147 149 ....16o, 161, 168, 182-183 Presidents Reception ........ PSA Officers and Senate ...... PSA President .................... Psychology .................................... Radio and TV ................................... Rally Committee and Commissioner Religious Activities ....,................,..... Religious Education Dept. .... . Religious Week .,,,..,..,.....,.. Rho Lambda Phi ...... Science Dept. ............ . Senior Award Index ........ Senior Awards ............. Ski Club ............ Sociology Dept. .... . Song Leaders ,..... South Hall ...... Speech Dept. ..... . Sports Division ..... Spurs .............,...,,.....,.. Stadium Shot ................. Standards Committee ........ Statistics - 1959 ............., Student Board of Control ..... Student Directory .....,.............. Student Engineering Society ....... Student Marketing Club .......... Student Teaching ........... Survey Crew .........,.. Swimming ......... Tennis ................... Theta Alpha Phi ...... Tommy Tiger ....... Track ............. Tri Beta ...... Vespers ......,.... Water Polo ........ West Hall ...... I Who s Who .............. Winter Formal ............. Grace A. Covel Hall ........ WRA .....................--.-- WUS Drive ........ Yell Leaders ...,.. Zeta Phi ........ 82 23- 1 25 122 67 68 131 146 69 94 94- 1 95 70 .......236-239 19 137 72 130 98- 1 99 73 .......204-205 132 206 127 215 126 .......241-246 148 142 51 53 .......228-229 230 145 138 224-225 155 139 .......226-227 .200-201 6-1 7 96 70- 1 77 108, 136 109 130 -168-169 C UHIVHIA HIXUHIU all f' u- O 1 : 15 I f Q wwf , A .41-Q-o" -J i - Y---, 'LT' 1541- A ' -1 . '-, ' '1 - ri g? i4 15,7-W iii' ui' lf. I , :tidy -- -s fa--f 1'm"5'f2 . --a '11 . A in y1Epv" n ra ,. 3 LI. . .' ' Z T R: 1 ji A H, .A rt 4 : , . as-' - 41 ,1 y. 1 Q 1 -it L-"' 1 - ' U ' , .sn lm fu. P1 E -..J -in , IW A1 uf "-j5"'1- I.. A .2 ' -n ...p . ,Q ! I ML ' Q24 uuuuff sfgl li III IIITE1' P-W 1 un nn u .5 5' Illl 'I 1 V-J' .',. , - ..k w--1 M5551 'Fi ADVERTISING 248 -Wlsllwlww CFDELIGXXKTE ssennl John FALLS CAMPUS BARBER SHOP 011 fampui Km vw me ,rm Beauty Belongs to Everyone... Helping you create yours is my pleasure G. T. HOIIRST FURNITURE CO. 6025 PACIFIC AVENUE - ER. 7-1388 STEICKTCIN. CALIFORNIA Choose your JEWELER Before you choose your DIAMOND Diamonds-Watches-Si lverwa re-J ewel ry PLACE YOUR CONFIDENCE IN YOUR REGISTERED JEWELER A R 'I' H U R ' Regiftered Jeweler - American Gem Society I C 207 EAST WEBER AVENUE STOCKTON I Awards to C.0.P. Player of the Week F N.. .fx 'n I. 4 F1 lS.,vlXQ f- vi' THE EDZOE 250 BORELLI JEWELERS The First Word in Quality-The Last Word in Style K N 0 B B Y DIAMO-NDS ' WATCHES ' JEWELRY 2019 PACIFIC AVENUE 'l'l:.l:ruoN: HOWARD 6-9697 2043 Pacific Avenue Phone HO 2-2443 Stockton, California Gifts For Any Occasion Chino Silver Crystol Stoinless Steel Greeting Cords Hunter Gump's Bridal GIFT STUDIOS Gift Registry Guide ZOO2 Pacific Ave. Stockton HO 3-8913 l7OO Pacific Avenue EVERY DAY is '! ' f ai' The MANOR HOUSE SUNDAY Grandma's Chicken Dinner, served family style, 52.00. From 1 P.M. MONDAY Chuck Wagon Buffet. All you can eat, 52.50, half price under 12. W E D N E S DAY Old Vienna Buffet. All you can eat, S3.00 plus tax, 32.00 under 12. T H U R S D AY Dinty Moore Chicago Corn Beef 'n Cabbage Dinner, 52.00. F R I . Gm S AT. Dancing to Dave Callahan and his Downbeats. no cover. Telephone GR 7-488l Next Door to Flagstone Manor Motel on Highway 99 COFFEE SHOP OPEN 24 HOURS DAILY l7OO Pacific Avenue lllnrlifn Zliineiat ifiitrhing liinntz A Q Qline I-Ionster Inn it Pia. ,-N'N"""- N., If. CONGRATU LATIONS GRADUATES! It has been our pleasure to be of service to you during our first year of operation. The COLLEGE BOOK STORE is ready to serve you! Many thanks from the entire staff for your cooperation. ANN fu I 1 , E if GW! fn Siackiandd 7fze STEAK HIIUSE AMPLE PARKING 1771 N. Wu.suN WAY v PHUNE HDWARD 3 35D'7 2105 PACIFIC AVENUE Qwvimz Office Equipment 0 Supplies I Books 330 E. Weber Ave. Dial H0ward 5-5815 Stockton, California iffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin': 5iffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffir Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffi Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Gif Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Gi' p Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop G op Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop 1 hop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shog d Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shc 'rd Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Sl' lord Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford E :ford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford lxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxforc Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxfol -Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxfc s-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Ox 1's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-Oxford Shop Giffin's-O BURNHAM BROS. 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Ia. j 1 , JA - H: , W7 I , AI, ' ' I - H511 1' ' I V' 'v P' I , gr - U51-1'-41" under the BIG CLOCK DUTCH PRIDE DAIRY DRIVE-IN Fresh Milk Produced and Processed in the Area Drive In and Save 142, We feature French Custard Ice Cream 401 Lincoln Shopping Center Phone GRanite 7-3291 Stockton, California COLLEGE OUTLINE SERIES THE MODERN LIBRARY QUALITY PAPERBACKS Come browse a-round TI-IIE, BOOKMARK lg I GRANITE 7'936I 5017 rmcmc Avenue - srocxron, cnuronu A . . . So Distinctive . . .Yet Inexpensive DRESSES Sportswear Lingerie Blouses-Hosiery 246 EAST MAIN STREET DAVID. A-, srocx-ron Congratulations to the Pacific Student Association for a job well done. Ron Loveridge ........ ............ P resident Ginger lvers ....... ....... V ice-President Stella Barker ....... ............ S ecretary Rich Roberts ....... ........ T reasurer l l O t T KCVN "The Voice of the College of the Pacific" KCVN-FM 91.3 mc. PlElFl EElll.l TCTN Programming information, education, and entertainment to the greater San Joaquin Valley. 6:30-l l :OO P.M., Monday-Friday. -AM 660 kc. Programming exclusively for the College of the Pacific audience. 8:OO A.M.-l l :OO P.M., Monday-Friday FALL Editor ...................... ....... J ean McGuire Business Manager ....... ...... B ob Laddish SPRING Editor ................................ Walt Christophersen Business Manager ....... ................ D oug Keller ana.:-v. can Na I , ,N , 411491 if g qgvjryqbjfmx nv' "" .,-. J r Am. uni: .N Hu. Nun A sl '1uqMl,,l7,!f .4 F 4 x.. , r G. ia' 1 -- M " . X, ' . ' mi -' 5? 1 f i if .i'T"'T"f i f- ' T r'?:'5ii-5? f1!':..'wf,LIj ' -,4 4 1 arf!!-4f?f?1':,-eu, r..L ': .'-f-f",L1' 1-5-. -Wei nv px' K ff: 1 "-wnI1'i'f- M, :..Qs": iiuff' " 'ff " ,, - ",,,m"-5,-"L , ' - ' , 'jf'-v.5fi4M::f

Suggestions in the University of the Pacific - Naranjado Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

University of the Pacific - Naranjado Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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University of the Pacific - Naranjado Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


University of the Pacific - Naranjado Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1961 Edition, Page 1


University of the Pacific - Naranjado Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1962 Edition, Page 1


University of the Pacific - Naranjado Yearbook (Stockton, CA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


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