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,-. T EHlHEl HHHI P 'k'ki"kdkir'k'k vxxxxx in U eh' 'I 'f 5 9 5 5 xx 2 X 1 5 I I 5' I ssxNXxxXXXxXXxXXXXXXXXxx ! 5-Q XXXXXXXXXXX if xxxxxkmf , 'X ri. xxxyxxxxx xxxx-'XXXxx'-.xxxxx-"'iX XXXXXXX Nx Xx Xx XXX Xu Edifor ---- - Sally Rinehad Assisfard Edi+or - - ,- lone Angwin Business Managers - - Les Abbowki' Lelia Ruggeri Xxx ET US fiken llm Coffege lo Cl great ship. For yours she has sailed wilfl honor on Cl Calrrz. sea, unmoleslecf. cohficlenl. The crews fha! fmvc' n1c1nn,ecf'lwr' love' Her cmcl yearn. lo see her again.. Tfzeyfue Heard that slilcfs bucking 0 slrong winr! and there is a new Crew alvonrrl. So jus! to prove that lfze olfl flag is SHN flying on llw mast of a riglml ship, fet us gfance over her log. xxxxxx DS, -uw 7 f' 11-P...s,:1,1 ' -' r -if 1-jf 3. 'zrn' vm! ' '. .,,m5" Y Xu!" N m"" ' ' 'kirir 30 tAe l of 1 i EVER Before has Pacific heard ine Sound Of marching feetg Never before Has she heard 'Atten-lion! U echoing Through ner street. So slvie pauses awhile and looks around And soon she becomes a part of tfie sound Then a smil e Comes over ner face, "No war could change my place. In summer I wear a gown of rich greeng In winter, -jeweled raindrops as you have never seen When Autumn comes, it has often been said fm all decked out in my loueliest red. Later on I love to sing To ine coming dawn and the coming Spring, Nothing is changed, ii is really true, Now I wear a new gown of Khaki and Blue. U 'kirir pacigc .giafufefi fAe . . . Wen in fke pre- U72 jfain I If ! I E 4 I f. ! 4444 CA fo fe JL Q af il llelne fo fnorf of in- L e firaf wee than fam aL0uf.. 114 We 'Q 'Q Q E 1111111111 nuff" 1" ,4 ,n if ,V ,Q my .fd minififrczfion 11111"" ,fl X X X Ili jllll :Ill II Il flrlll' ll ll ll lllll fllll ll, 11111111 I 111111, M filllllllrfifilll-f" , J- lib? ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Headquarters Men of Nlincl and Men of Might, Join to serv the cause of right - --wg-i ' 'r 1 ' yli! ,Mt - N. a., X 1 i , ' '- 13 qw? ,Q-IT , In N. "Rf v'sE:'.' 3,'-' ffY5,:gE,' 5.- 5 . ' 1 N ' I- K Q'-,ji5a'2,fs QiiQ:c5-.if 'if Q51 E., E? - N' - 'F' - Rig L41 "-P. A 557' 1' "F 'ffQ7'xV-ffxiff' ll Wh,--ig-Jr' lv' X L ls' .AY . L-jx.yig,"..rgN'3:sI.1 1 - - Q Ax ' ' Q ' Qin r Q' . . I I . ' E33 Y--1-1 ., , 35 -, . I . , ., A 1 Q , , , 5, A 1 -, , : W . X, 5,-, ,::-QJ,51 4 ur 5 ' .f ' 5' -. if .1 ' Y, Q if :Tl :Eiga H ,K . '1 ' ' ,gf Q 4 , L21 1 W aa F-. ,,, 32 Q R ' 1 ik ,. ! M w - --ve 1 -T VA," K X .. - Q 'i 1 i I . ,, A. Q ,, , '. f n' EV Q 'N i In . . fl!! V' XL: 'Zn-Y L H .54 1. 11. :-, , :7 I - . ' ' ,st ,-,f,-pn ' . E -li e 1-iW:1e - -', , -N I Q J ' -, XBI' - -:'1'.Mj,, - .'., 6 if A N l,g.w Eqfig qw' 'Lg ' Q, gar"q:4JT, ' ., , W -Q 554,555 E55 . 11 mg! ' 31 15: 1 , , X .X ,. Q - 4. .J , I K , l 1 1 " A X 1 Q ' 1 '-. W ,n H 4 ' w A x 8 1 Q ., To f- ' P' P" ' L ' w "we, . L., V 1 Q L ' I 1 fi I K .,, ' N J . 2-if ! ' 1 'W 3 I , . - ' ' W if ,Q 3 Nj W '5 4 A fn 'K 45 f 1 ' . 4 . 1, , page Thirleen mn ,jar Q? Dr Fred L Farl D . . ey, ean of fhe College, is hailed by his associafes as a fine worlcer, feacher and parfici- panf in College underfalcings. l-lis advice is always freely asked and graciously given. Sfoclcfon J unior College is indeed forfunafe in having Dr. Arfhur Baw- den as ifs Presidenf. A man fruly lc'll d s I e in his work, Dr. Bawden offers no room for improvemenf. Before coming fo fhe Colle ge as a professor of chemisfry, Presidenf B . awden faughf in many famous ' f' ins i- fufions, fhe lasf being fhe Universify of Shanghai. Presidenf Bawden urges all Junior C . ollegians fo cooperafe in mai f ' n ain- ing fhe campus fradifions by enfering as . . . many campus acfivifies as possible. l-le says, "Do nof close any door fo opporfu 'f ni y. Give yourselfa chance. lvlalce your years af college ones of discovery, new inferesfs, expanding horizons, and new friendships." Fed. KCLLUCJQIL ir 'A' 4,,,,,-"""" ,.,-v"' 4' ,,f-"' F V, ....-v' .,"""" fin l i HB9 -inns.-. , 1, . 1 f' ffnw -n As head and coordinafor of 'rhe Navy V-I2 Unif, silver-haired, sofi-spoken, Commander Rolces has a never-ending yef inferesfing raslc. However wirh all his many clufies. Commander Rokes has noi los? his quiel' sense of humor or his sense of fair play. Of his men he says. "The College men of 'l'he counlry musl' prove 'rhemselves wi+h ou+ a cloubf io be filled nor alone for peace buf for 'rhe 'foils of loaH'le." 0l'l'llfl'LCL QOLQJ lflel' Page F ou rfeen, vlflfg' M15 553' f QQ : Wi? We U Q W as 'up lfptjwliqx 'Zin' f. f 1 EA. ,fff ii: it- l' MTD , 5:3 ,' ,dll--A fm' ,T- 'fmii yr ,' gg fl' gy 'fi ,q 1 ,' lf L s yi R" ' s' 4 f X .' ri U- .-Ref if gl Fr' U .f ' Q l 'VV J ', -if . fini , ,mini V71 vga. U .1 N Ay iffy , 51,51 L , l 'xx ,fl 1,6 fl.-3 I ,, ' ,- ,: Vi' .1 3, , fl " ,Y .' 1' J -,N f ' , V ' :-gif' iff'-li Lf I Y. yi lf'i1j::,,'b.-fr V'-'.1' --ff 'M bl" X Hi W V 5--f, ff' .bf 545 'fe 1 gg yi Y , I i ,giif gf U' ,X l , 4' l. l lil-N ., A lil yin lu Under lhe able hand ol Commander Rolces, 'rhe men of lhe Navy V-I2 Slall worlc logelher lo mainlain lhe harmony which is so necessary in lhe Jrraining ol lulure officers. Each member of lhe Slall has his own parlicular duly lo fulfill eilher in lhe main offices in lhe Adminislralion Building or in lhe auxiliary offices which have been eslablished in Barracks "B", The efficiency of lhe unil has increased many fold lhis year and has developed info a well-organized syslem ol pre-ohcicer lraininq. . -1-AL 4 .,,,.. fl . . gf.s.4w.-we 4 "iff Page F i f I can .4 pl 11' 11"' af' ,n' v"' ,v 6 6 y up S 11" nvf"' 11' K W x -fgikbzciczrzlig 11" 1ll1l'i 111111l1111llll"'IIIIIII ,1111ll OIL? A 1111-'lfglii 1111111111 ' ' ' ' ll III1 Ill llillllllf' I Home of Man.y Classes Free men, freely learning Keep the torch of freedom burning To our idend and execuhve Aimee Arbios, 'rhe sludenl' body oHers a vole of Thanks for fak- ing over lhe iob of Preddenr when Gerry leflr wirh his derech- ment In 'rhe mos+ democrafic way possible you succeeded wifh fhe help of your conunH+ee in mainlaining many of our Qld lradifions. You helped fo pre- seme as needy as posdbk, a peacelrime armosphere in a war- l'ime college. Again we say, 'rhank you. "1 . tit Firsl' Row: Peggy Hurt Aimee Arbios. Elvera Giorgi. Second Row: Eugene Egbert Jane Skinner, Cliffon Wright Barbara Thompson. Third Row: Dolores Perry, Dean Corson. Jeane Davis, Joe Ferem. The s'ruden+ governing body of The College of lhe Pacific is i+s Execulive Commiflee. Under lhe able guidance of Dean Corson, lhe Commiflee has funclioned experlrly during 'lhe pasl year. When Sludenlr Body Presidenl Gerald Winler le'F+ wilh The Novem- ber delachmenl of Marines, Vice-Presidenlr Aimee Arbios look over l'he gavel admirably, wirh Elvira Giorgi as Vice-President Peggy l-lur'r as Secrelary, Eugene Egberl as Treasurer. Dolores Perry, Joseph Ferern, Cli'f1'on Wright Barbara Thompson, Frances Crozier, Jeane Davis, and Jane Skinner made up l'he reslr of Jrhe body. Page Eighteen ur ean Gall Ul50l"5 ,Wd t50l'l 0l".'50l'l Fl' MQ' Respecl and admira+ion are words used synonymously wilh +l'1e name of Miss Beulah Walson and Mr. James Corson our De , an of Women and Dean of Men. "Jim" funclions as lacully advisor lo +l'me Ex-Commillee. and Miss Walson is noled for her policy of fair dealing in all problems presenled by her co-eds. Mr. Cor- son, a former Pacilicire, keeps in louclw willm all men graduales. and his friendly lellers are warmly received all over llwe world. Graciousness and underslancling are componenls of Miss Wal ' son s personalily. Adociafecl omen .gfuclenffs 'kiruk FirsT Row: BeTTy CarTer. Pai' BoynTon, Barbara Thompson, Kay Secara, Vera R d S d Row: Louise BarTon. DoroThy Emiqh, Elvera Giorgi, Virginia James The AssociaTed Women STudenTs is a disTincT body governed by an able board wiTh Barbara Thompson as PresidenT. She explains The im- porTance oT The A.W.S. in her own words, "This is The organizaTion which sponsors The Big SisTer l.iTTle SisTer program and malces liTe more enioy- able. Numerous Tields oT acTiviTy are oTFered To inTeresTed workers, among Them snow Trips. "mixer" dances, and many discussion groups. Every wo- man who regisTers auTomaTically be- comes a member and is eligible Tor a posiTion on The governing board." This year, in innovaTion, The organiza- Tion published Their own handboolc. Page Truenb Third Row. P. Sears, J. ScoTT, Rev. Hollis Hayward. R. Oneil. Second Row. M. Firzqerald, M. Hayward, M. Eachus, M. lunqerich, M. Ryland. Firsi' Row W B hes. P Robinson, G. Brandon, B. RoseT. 5?uJmf CAl"i6fi6Ll'L Page Twenty-one :idociafion The SCA. wiTh Mildred Eachus as PresidenT and Hollis Hayward as SecreTary did much To orienT The new service men To college liTe. They held "mixer" dances, did ironing Tor boys who were as yeT noT used To G. l. regulaTions. The Wednesday AT- Ternoon Public ATTairs Forums con- ducTed under The auspices oT The S.C.A., were "musTs" on every sTu- denT's weekly calendar. Members oT The STudenT ChrisTian AssociaTion served as delegaTes To The ChrisTian STudenT FederaTion ConTerence held aT Asilomar on The weelc-end oT Feb- ruary 25, which is an annual aTTair Tor This organizajrion. ir 'ki Belly Carfer, lPres.l Marianne Ahearn Aimee Arbios Vera Brcder Barbara Thompson Arclylh Boch Vanacleane Carroll Maryefla Curtin Palsy Curiis June Day Ida Diekmann Beify Ferrari Barbara Goodwi Janice Gosling Louise Hall Doroihy Harfman BeHy Holl' Jo ' Tl an Hun'l'er Page Twenty-Iwo Jean Lasher Jane? Masf Belly -McConnell Jean McCloud Mary Lou Nunan Marilyn Padula Dolores Perry Peggy Ready Mary Roberfs Peggy Ro+l1 Joan Schrobel LaVergne Severin Sally Silbaugh Barbara Taylor Lois Tumelly A Ru+l1 Ellen TuH'on4 Peggy Van Vranlcen Mary Jane Yarclly Phyllis Wrailh .fdgaka jAefa jan ocia! gagnrfar Pledge Dance "Cl'1ocolal'e Parry" . . January 8, l94-4 Valen'rine's Dance . . February IZ, I944 Spring Formal . . April, I944 Senior Brealcfasl' . June, l94-4 Page Twenty-ffzree Pledge Tea . April, I944 5- ,f--.,i . , Jane Shnner, Pres. .Sean Aqers Ada Loukse Anderson Mamdne Barks Becky Rosei Xone Pxnqwkn Pak Barreik Rukh Bakh Barbara Bav-Key CaryX Pxoihenbush Jean Beakon Beairice Benander Pak Boynkon Leverne Carpenier Rose Ann French Marikfn Sheppard Doroihy CoXernan Jane CooXey Jeans Davis MarceNa Dobrasin Horence Dv-'eWay Carokfn Srnykhe Doro-NNW Ernkqh Marqarek Ann EYUSXMBTY Fha Eva Marie Genuik EMM-a 6-Rorqi EKXen Yocum Pa QQ Twgn fy-four Verl G y oble Harriefia Gunion Helene Haabeslancl Jeanne Hall Befh Harmon Belly Hogan Peggy Huff Iris Jane Jacobs Jane? James Mary Jamison Virginia Jensen Lisa Kessel lnez Knulzen Jane Kuechler Fanchon Leeker Barbara McNeider Mariorie Mehl Jean Miller Wilma Meyer Jacqueline Newcolme Belly Gene Olfo Elaine Peferson Sally Rinehari Vera Rodini Shirley Troyer Eleanor Williams Ruih Sfaples 6g06i!0n, Pledge Dance "Snowfall" . . December ll, I943 Chrisimas Caroling . . . December 2I. I943 Moilwer-FaH1erCl1ris+mas Pariy . December 22, I943 Formal lnsiallalion ofO1CFicers February I6, i944 "Pinalore Prance" . . . . March I8, I944 Page Twemfy-JQUe "May Brealcfaslu . May, I9-44 V Fl o Shand. fPres.l June Ch ' Peggy Blumenihal Mary Brooks rnsfenson Mary Lou Dagg C-3-erri Deluchi LeHy Elin Yvonne Gafelli Page Twenty-six Anile Harrik C Pa+ Hoskins arolyn Lease M Mary K arge Lewis Evelyn Solari en? Edifh Smifh Norma Vignola jan amma Socia! gaknolar "On Leave" Dance . . . December 4, I943 Banquel' Honoring New Officers March 8, I944 Spring Formal .... . April, I944 I-layride . . . May, I944 Page Twenty-seven. Slageffe Dinner . . June, I944 5 1,2 Kay Secara Pe-:ad 5'fe'mer Belrkq HM Jerry Kerr W. W X x , 5 7.1. fl CA ' ff 'N 39, x . N v . KX X O ' 4 Pwa June Comver Dorks Cundklli Lorrahwe Marsh aXX Ddores Cos-ia XLak'nrKne DemeaXer ,Mka McCYmiock Pa X 1 lx up X M11 il, .. ,I .' 1 mai, , l lf w A 1 "K+- Z' l l l . i l Z- ., 'w.,,..-f Viola Nail Anile Perry ' Jane Scolf Erline Walers Rufh Willemyer Claire Wilkins Helen Heilancl Barbara Merriam Frances Crozier jan ,jzalalaa .jgalalaa Social! at Lnolar Pledge Dance . . . "T'was The Niglml Before Clwrislmasu, December I I, l943. Valen+ine's Dinner Dance - - - February I2, I944 Formal lnslallalion of Officers - February I7, i944 Senior Brealcfasl' - - - - - May, I944 Page Tluenfy-ning TF6ClQ DlI'1I"l6l' - - May, L Firsf Ro w: Lorraine Froehnerf Mar Dorofhy Law J . y Lu Rouiiahn, M eaneffe Edinger, B Declmon, F ildred Eachu eclcy Rosef. Th' rances Hunf, D s. Virginia Jam :rd Row: Ida D' orofhy Coleman ' es. Second Row: ieclcrnann Har' , Winona Barber. rieffe Gunfon, Lo 7 0lfl'Lelfl5 Women's l-lall nof only boasfs a bev f up and coming fresh y o new, men buf also in fhe e a fine housemofher p rson of Mrs. Brady. Jeaneffe Eclinqer, Presidenf of Women's Hall, or fhe "Dorm" as if is affecfionafely called, has done a greaf deal fo make fhe incoming freshmen girls feel af home in fheir new environmenf. Their social calendar is always well fillecl wifh formal as well as sporf clances, open houses and feas. During The lasf summer semesfer fhe girls enferfained various members of fhe faculfy ancl wives of fhe Navy Sfaff wifh a summer fashion parade which was very successful. reffa Page Thirty Page Thi Freda Melcher, BeTTy Jean Walker, lPres.l Mrs. Graham, L l 61,11 Olf' Manor l-lall houses The over Women's l-lall and also is "home" To The bachelor girls on campus who choose To do Their own cook- ing and housekeeping. BeTTy Jean Walker, or "Bee- iay" as she is aTlecTionaTely known on The Campus, presides over The house meeTings aT Manor, and Mrs. Graham, The gracious housemoTher, is Triend To all inhabiTanTs. The girls honored Mrs. Graham ' wiTh a Tea early in The semesTer, To acquainT all girls on Campus wiTh Their charming housemoTher Dances were inTerspersed ThroughouT The Term making Their social calendar a very Tull one. Aa! Tlow oT girls Trom rly-one Ruqq ukirir . v Xa 6 ry Windsor, Ma Alice Blaney tit vw J i "xl l 'Er y 1 . '5 "iii 41 Nr ' I ff if . kxxti ' -VM-N 1 Pres. Rulh Assay Wilma Brown Mary briiz Helen De Eleanor Berlulife Thelma Berg Page Thirty-two ' x MB ,JNL Lf ,X Ru+h Dudley Peggy ezbeen Helen efznfed Muriel Hayward Ann Hurd' Be++y MeKee Rufh MeLemefe Marian Swanson Fr eneee Sweeney 60-010 Sofia! Cagznclar Formal Tea .....,., ...,........ N ovember 2 I, I943 Gremilin Par+y ..........,.....,,,.,.....,..,...,..........,......... January 22, I944 Dinner honoring Board Members ..,.,,.,..., February, I944 Co-Op Hike ..,....,.,,........................................,.... ...,.e.e A pril, IQ44 Page Tllirty-three ' Sprung Formal .,,e.e,... ...........May, I944 QUE One 0lflI"6Q U26 'lflff J K lafoucl in ,!4flzfefiC6 thu WW ,ALA . I SMI? 'kit FOOTBAI I BAQKETBALL W. A A iii u-rn. ever known K-H1016 of 'alt In 1555 mpreSSion twl 4-1. Named a Person KH . A famous-Yale a ' jj' V V - spurned offers Huff Tunder awk ' - . 4, W " his 70's .is tor! 015 4' M xaas, B , ' i S30 5, :stagg 1 'AJMX majm- league ball 0111115 m , GEQUYG his fgglidlfex 1.0 the Beriffcb' foo-than ,Donn nr Q , - - of college mem. Aitefg ' - 7+ ' In V ang Chicago BQEII' fulliiaqk with S-nv:--"' " G 3 ' V v ' --. 2 , a. uve year Qihgegr. by 4 --1-f V! Y beaten sg, 148-fy , A dl , ah. -,6,,n'mumo' 0111 me Umverslwxf, Q3-QWGYBY V ,-R gf' ' rs drove X xree days, ,M,B.nxg5-Qgxldlgffq .f'S12fv wn W1 , 2 . - gqfxiv U ff + W Ga 'els ax Be 5911 at his Imez Mum., home to bo - U? Shy B ' , A , - 15 3 eu: btlhrouszl Sam g.,.8n01sQfvL-QfffGA MMS Alon- tweak a V "DLL 1 T V' AY' M V' h W b Z Fm: Stag 'O OACH OF gsyiggaei-may-I . -K., Li sfropxfrou, oct. ze. " 1- A 'Tfipach A5109-Alonzo Sta ' ' -icemed. lasrsam-day's USC '15 a closed incid ' is 'lurning his 81.1963 navy grjevi Q ganqg bgtwqen, ' shiiad' 'and ' 'Pacific 3St,'Maf1-y's College. W, Practice will start. NGQP students return mem. A 1 51-grgg faces the 'pry ' - 'N ' . Corps ' AAFaA' Ww '-th Q2 ., 1 'QV:, ' ' MF 1 ,, Y - , vi . vf1'ibff,1..N , J" ., , ,V - , , f,r,'.VR. ' i ' Y : F iS?E:?g?g" -1' f2. f'., I h j I f 1 U - . QZL' ,,' ,,Q ' - lt:i'5i.1, ' M f 9 , N-..5, 1,01 -' 4 l d d f?!i' e: 1 A. Q .' Q- ' j .gf 194. if .sbs x 1. . , , Y "' Q, 25437 1 'f l ,df M fmix- I , gl I, -f --..,. ,1 L H115 Sffke mn ff A-ff'-7-"- A Mon 0 91. NK Tame f W 7 ' ' , m m . . . . ., H 'diria'!'Y veovle- an coach? Jw Eghgeogalfesmqxzx Th6'0!13Y 5 Merg 'sl tbah coach 00 my HUTQIIEXDS. " r rx - f f if wick img 3 ug? against an foo QE 3 gonzo saga p2:Qoi"9N:T, YLQB Amos, an ordxnargtjgg coached' 'Forw-one mans fo: the Chicago Milf Y' " an C0355 I and fooib if HI b Page Th irly-seven -rn . .. -... .- ...W -.... NYM-.. - Y f. V 4-fy The year l943 saw foofball's grand old man, Amos Alonzo Sfagg, Sl years old and in his 54+h season of coaching, righf back were he belongs, af fhe fop. l-lis Tigers, bolsfered by Navy and Marine V- I 2 frainees, romped fhrough fhe fough- esf schedule on fhe Pacific Coasf-nine games wifh fhe cream of fhe collegiafe and service elevens-for seven wins againsf fwo defeafs. On Ocfober 23 fhe Associafed Press rafed Pacific fhe sixfh ranking feam in fhe nafion, and fhe COP-Soufhern California confesf of fhaf day as fhe "game of fhe week." Throughouf fhe season fhe nafion's sporfs pages paid fhe highesf of fribufes fo lvlr. Sfagg. Those who only fhe year before had figured him abouf finished as a big fime coach, were forced fo eaf fheir words when fhe New York Foofball Wrifer's Associafion elecfed him as fhe Foofball Coach of fhe Year, over Frank Leahy of fhe Nofre Dame Nafional Champions. l-le became once again The mosf falked abouf sporfs figure in America. Aiding "Double A" immeasurably in furning ouf fhis, fhe greafesf grid feam in Pacific hisfory, were Assisfanf Coaches Larry Seimering, former USF cenfer, and Chief Specialisf "Amby" Schindler, Rose Bowl guarferback from USC. Larry Seimering did mosf of fhe work wifh fhe Tiger line fhaf was rafed by all as fhe sfrongesf in fhe Wesf, and was exfremely valuable as Sfagg's righf hand man. Chief Schindler aided fhe venerable coach wifh fhe backfield receiving much credil' for fhe developmenf of fhe Tiger running backs. I ln fhe lasf analysis, however, when fhe l943 season is wriffen info fhe record books, if will be fhe sfory of Amos Alonzo Sfagg, fhe sporfs saga of fhe year. --Carroll Dofy ti' 'kt Among fhe many honors fhaf fhe I943 Tiger grid machine broughf fo Pacific was ifs firsf All-American, Arf lVlcCaffray, 2 IO pound Marine faclcle from Seaffle, Washing- fon, via Sanfa Clara. Generally considered fhe finesf foofball player on fhe Wesf Coasf, "Triple A' lvlcCaffray was a verifable scourge fo Tiger opponenfs. especially Del lvlonfe, Califor- nia, and USC. Those who wafched him oufplay California's Cox and Boensch complefely, confin- ually rush Soufhern Cal's T formafion quarferback lv1cCardle, off his feef, and over- whelm Del lvlonfe's All American baclcfield repeafedly, all fhe while clearing fhe way for Johnny Podesfo's offensive maneuvers, could buf know fhey were wafching fhe finesf lineman in America in acfion. All season long lvlcCaffray was fhe iron man of fhe Bengal feam, playing 60 min- ufes in all buf fhe Coasf Guard and Yuma Air Base games. and finishing off fhe season by playing fhe enfire Easf-Wesf Shrine game, becoming fhe only player in hisfory fo per- form fhe feaf. A very modesf and likeable blond, lvlcCaffray was chosen on fhe Consensus All American feam, which included fhe Granfland Rice-Colliers selecfions. Buf fhe finesf frribufe of all was paid Arfie by his coach, Amos Alonzo Sfagg. Said Mr. Sfagg: "McCaffray is fhe finesf lineman l have ever coached." -Carroll Dofy Page Thzrfg ezghf ,,..-.5-vff-f7'f"?"": .-M, 1 :ji ' -, -fdrfie W pa? A LL AMERICAN 5' 5411517479 6. i Q 95-731' A P M H A bl xi 5 am.---, -assi'-'3""" ,oaf NK. 11, wt'-'HAI g f Xxx, , f Fourfh Row: McDonald, Para, Wa+son, Clark, Grove, Bolfon, Turner, Alwlsfrom, G-ianelli, Carrillo, Balch. Wright Hurley, Podesio, Ferey. Third Row: Wilson, Schiindler, Siemerinq, Acconero, Hoops, McPhee, Harineif, Barnicicoi, McCaffrey, Wesi, Hanson, Bush. Breecion, Folker, Siagg. Second Row: Seaman, Guide. Ogdahi, Boyarsky, Ceccarelli, Giiieri, Banixus, Quint Veruifi, Hiison Lacy, Conoliy, Pellerin, Milhaupf. Firsf Row: Garcia, KIaps+ein, Jaeger, Klemenok. Meunier, Farem. Luder, Hixon, Sifferholm, Nielsen Holmes. W 4 Page Forly I ,J -J- ,. I L 1 ibwal, ,gil vu . '. - ' ii l g , Q" ,f ,J .,,' ' 1 , I hr V ' l U , l K' , ' l 1 l l 3' u , -I Bill l-lixson, Swiff and Ari McCaffray, righi laclcle All American! signer - M 'li ii :sr ig i John Earl Klapsfein, lefl Tackle "Iron man of 'rhe Wes?" Coas+'s grealesl 1 . . , l Podeslo. lei? half riglvl' half Swervel Al Garcia, lefl half Whirling clervish runner! ii Y , -.spin g 1 ' in X- 512 " . o . - W-X ra ii I. . ,i H I Q . ma: " n . ' 'lg ir: if :Q - , i l l Berl Gianelli, guard 'rriple ,lhreall All Coasl Guard ll l Tom Clark, end Jack Verulfi, rigln' half John Cecciarelli, guard Fighling Wing man! Runner and passer de luxe! Pacific's lifrle gianfl xl gg? . ', 1' I ,fi K ' . . gf W- 5 .wig - 'f i ,,.. K M 5? In H, if " lui l - Ti ,..-. - ,, Doug Ahlsfrom Jim Waison, cenfer Carl Leuder. righr end Irwin Barniclcol, quarierbaclc Powerhouse line smasher! Defensive Tower! Two winning louchdownsl Scores on Bears ancl Bruins! fgf g'5.9iT29-gf we-my-gkgy, 1,r2fp8'g5 ..f:1-,-my -..-wi .see-. .w -.L ,rf' . f . if .2f5.,,,. A ' ,. 1 The greaTesT upseT oT The year is whaT They called PaciTic's lo To 7 vicTory over 5-I Tavored Del lVlonTe Pre FlighT. lT was OcTober lo, a perTecT TooTball aTTernoon, and some l5,000 Tans were jammed inTo BaxTer Bowl To wiTness whaT was predicTed would be iusT anoTher walk- away win Tor The All-American NavyaTors. BuT They reckoned wiThouT Amos Alonzo STagg and his gallanT "liTTle" band oT Tigers. VicTory didn'T come easy. ATTer 30 minuTes oT bruising play, The Two Teams leTT The Tield aT halTTime deadlocked, O-O. BUT in The second halT iT was All-American Johnny PodesTo making his greaTesT bid Tor Tame. Passing, running, kicking, and de- Tending, he was The hearT and soul oT Mr. STagg's aTTack. PodesTo scored TirsT, aTTer sparking a drive down The Tield behind The block- ing oT McCaTTray and Ceccare-lli,, on a seven-yard run. ATTer Del lVlonTe had Tied The game up aT 7-7, Johnny once again puT The Tigers in The lead wiTh a 25-yard pass To Jack l-lurley Tor a Touchdown. The Tigers laTer scored a saTeTy, and The greaTesT upseT oT The year was wriTTen inTo The books. Page Forty-Iwo pacihc I6 - Ciba! mania 7 Page Forty-three . . . we Otlflfled of fA2 SSZCLJOIQ The I943 Tiger gridders were The greaTesT Team ever To represenf College of The Pacific on The field of aThleTics. Every one of Them received some kind of honorable menfion. ArT McCaf- fray and Johnny Podesfo were chosen All-Americans. BerT Gianelli, Earl Klapsfein, Joe Ferem, John Ceccarelli, Ray Ahlsfrom, Jack VeruTTi, Jim Wafson, Carl Lueder, and Jack I-lurley received All Coasf menTion. Barney Barnickol, Bill I-lixson, and Norm Wesf were picked on All Opponenf Teams. And Amos Alonzo STagg was chosen The Coach of The Year. WhaT made Them greaf? IT was Their spiriT and will To win ThaT broughT Them vicTory seven Times ouT of nine. KEZAR STADIUM, Sepf. I8-For once The sporTs wriTers were righT. All The previous week They had been predicTing Thaf Pacific would sail To vicTory over LT. Joe VercIucci's Coasf Guard on The sTrong righT arm of Johnny Podesfo, and ThaT is iusf whaf happened. WiTh Two minufes To go and The score knoffed, 7-7. Podesfo passed I5-yards down The middle To Carl Lueder, who Took The ball on The Three yard line and fell info The end zone wiTh The winning score. Mr. STagg's Bengals goT off To an early lead when Ray Ahlsfrom plowed eighf yards Through guard in The firsT period. Podesfo converfed boTh scores, and The final read, Pacific I4, Coasf Guard 7. McCaffrey, Boyarski, Podesfo, Ogdahl, and Verrufli were The ouT- sfanding players of The day. uk 'k BAXTER BOWL, Sepl' 25-During The beTTer parT of four quarfers ST. Marys Pre Flighf ouTpIayed Pacific in The Tigers firsT home game of The season, buf when The chips were down, iT was Johnny PodesTo and Carl Lueder once again who came Through. ST Marys Took a second quarfer, 7-O lead fhaf grew larger as The minufes Ticked off in The final period. Then The Tigers came To life in an amazing way. They marched 72 yards in nine plays, eighT of Them Podesfo passes, and Tied The score wiTh IO minufes To go. The Airdevils came righT back down The field To The Pacific 23-yard marker, where They Tried a TlaT pass. Ouf of nowhere came Lueder, grabbed The ball, and raced 77 yards unmolesfed for The winning Touchdown. Final Score: Pacific I3, Pre FlighT 7. Oufsfanding players were Klapsfein, WaTson, Lueder, and PodesTo. 'kiri' MEMORIAL COLISEUM, OCT. 2-For The Third week in a row Pacific wenT inTo The final quarfer on The shorf end of The score, buf for The Third week in a row, They ended up on Top, This Time of UCLA. The Tigers scored an early Touchdown on an AhIsTrom To Podesfo Iaferal, and The score remained 6-O unTil The Third quar- Ter when a 30-yard pass caughf Pacific's defenders TlaTfooTed, and The conversion senT Them info The fourTh period behind by one poinT. Then The STaggmen moved quickly. Podesfo punTed To Boyd of UCLA on The I3 yard line, where McCaffray Tackled him so hard he fumbled, ArTie recovering. On The firsT play Podesfo passed To Barnikol in The flaf and The Tiger signal caller scored sfanding up. LaTe in The game UCLA punfed, wiTh Bill Hixson gafhering The ball in on The Bruin 40 and scampering all The way To The Three yard marker, where he was forced ouT of bounds. Frank I-Iolmes Took The ball over on The nexT play and The final score was: Pacific I9, UCLA 7. McCaffray, :KIapsTein, Cec- carelli, Ahlsfrom, and I-Iixson played ouTsTanding ball. -A' 'A' MEMORIAL STADIUM, OcT. 9-Pacific Turned The Tables againsf The UniversiTy of California in Their fourTh 'game of The season. and insTead of coming from behind To win, as They had done Three Times previously, The Tigers nearly Iosf ouT in The final minuTes of The game. Sparked by The passing and running of Johnny Podesfo, The Bengals moved down The field 53-yards in eighf plays, wiTh Ray Ahlsfrom going over The final chalk mark from The one yard line. Then, iusT minufes Iafer, Joe Ferem recovered a Bear fumble, and Pacific had The ball 39-yards from Cal's goal line. Ahlsfrom and PodesTo ran The ball To The six, where The Bear Page Forb our forward wall sfapped Them. On fourfh down Podesfo Threw a long laferal To Jack VeruTTi in The leff Tla+, and Veruffi proceeded To bull his way Through five Califor- nia Tacklers for anofher score. For The remainder of The game Pacific dominafed The play, buT a series of bad breaks kepT Them from scoring. l.aTe in The Third period California puT over a Touchdown, and in The closing seconds of The game a Bear back iusf missed a pass in The end zone ThaT would have Tied The score. As iT Turned ouT, The Tigers lefT The field wiTh a I2 To 6 Triumph. McCaffray, Klapsfein, Wafson, VeruTTi, and Podesfo were The oufsfanding players. -A' 'Ir MEMORIAL COLISEUM, OcT. 23-Undoubfedly as long as foofball is played on The Pacific Coasf, The I943 Pacific-Soufhern California game will be cussed and discussed. IT was a game decided on an officials decision. Whefher Thaf decision was righf or wrong will never be known, buf iT is known by Pacificifes Thaf Their charges probably should have won Thaf game. 70,000 fans, The largesf crowd of The season on The coasf, wafched The Tigers and The Troians fighf iT ouT for The Rose Bowl bid and The myfhical coasf collegiafe TiTle. In The firsf half The game was preffy much Pacific's. Lafe in The firsf period The Tigers found Them- selves boTTled up deep in Their own Terrifory, and iusf Two plays lafer They had a Touchdown-only if didn'T counf. Play number one found Johnny Podesfo cuTTing back over his own lefT Tackle and rambling 54 yards To The Troy 38, before McCardle forced him ouT of bounds. And play number Two found Podesfo cuTTing wide To The righf, faking The USC defenders in close, and Then passing over Them To Ferem, who Took The ball. on The I2 and scored wiThouT a hand being laid on him. On The play however, Jack Hurley puT a downfield block on Mickey McCardle from The side and The officials ruled iT clipping. The score did noT counT. Lafer Mr. Sfagg sTaTed ThaT Hurley was noT guilfy of clipping. In The final period, wiTh Ferem, Podesfo, and Ahlsfrom ouT of The game wifh iniuries, The Tiger pass defense was slowed down, and The Troians passed To The only official score of The game. However, on The kickoff Frank Holmes rambled 96-yards To score down The side lines, only To have The officials rule he sfepped ouf of bounds in midfield, and The final score came up 6-0 for USC. Podesfo, Klapsfein, Gianelli, and Ahlsfrorn were brillianf in Their lasT game before leaving for Paris Island. 'k 'A' BAXTER BOWL, Nov. 6-New faces doTTed The Tiger lineup as They Took The field againsf ST. Marys College for Their firsf nighT game of The season. Page f orfy-Hue Al Garcia, Frank Holmes, Jim Turner, and Bob Muen- Ter replaced Podesfo, Ahlsfrom, Klapsfein, and Gianel- li, who deparfed immediafely affer The USC game. On The firsT play of The game Garcia, behind key blocks by McCaffray and Ferem, rambled 47-yards To The Gael 8-yard line, where he was dragged down from behind, and Three plays lafer Pacific had six, when VeruTTi wenT over from The six on a reverse from Holmes. Jusf before halffime, Van Geisen of The Gaels inTercepTed a Garcia flaf pass and rambled 44-yards To Tie The score aT halfTime. In The final Two periods superior line power was The difference, as The Tiger forward wall kepf ST. Marys preTTy well boTTled up, and The backs puT over Two more scores, one a 30-yard soufhpaw pass, VeruTTi To Barnikol, which seT up Holmes' plunge for The Touchdown, and The ofher a run back of an infercepfed pass by Holmes. The final score was: Pacific I9, ST. Marys 7. Muenfer, McCaf- fray, Ferem, and Holmes played oufsfanding ball. ' if ar RADCLIFFE STADIUM, Nov. I3 - Played in Fresno for The Service Men's Relief Fund, This game befween Pacific and Yuma Army Air Base, coached by Capfain Clem Swaggerfy, former Sfagg pupil, Turned ouT To be merely a breafher for The Tigers Scoring almosf aT will, even when second and Third sfringers were in The game, Pacific ran up iT's largesT score of The season, 4I To 0. ir ir MEMORIAL COLISEUM, Dec. II - Disasfer sfruck The Tigers down in Their lasT game of The season, played for The Joe E. Brown Service Men's Fund. Rain, which leff The playing field a verifable sea of mud, work- ed To Th-e advanfage of The larger March Field Flyers, and Their forward wall, averaging around 2I5 pounds, pushed around The herefofor invincible Tiger line aT will. Affer a long season and The hardesf schedule in The Wesf, The Tigers had bif off iusf a liffle more Than They could chew. The weafher held The crowd down To around l0,000. The Flyers scored firsf in The opening period, when They marched down The field in a series of firsf downs, scoring on a screen pass from The four yard line. The remainder of The half found March Field consisfenfly Threafening, buf The score sfood aT 7-0 aT The infermission. Coming back in The Third and fourfh quarfers, Indian Jack Jacob's passing proved To be The downfall of Pacific, as he pifched a Touchdown in each quarfer. The highlighf of The game for The Tigers was a 79-yard punT by Ensign Presfon Johnsfon, buf The final score remained: Pacific 0, March Field I9. Ouf- sfanding work was Turned in by Fred Klemenok, John Ceccarelli, and Joe Ferem. -Carroll Dofy. fkirir fa 4 6' Q ol? 05' 8' of v S sw v"l3"s Tl' ls A Q pdf, Q Q Q gf Q Zlwlignrais '?vk1lg1g,?'51Isggf3 s 0:09 NoT To be ouTdone by The glamour and lusTer garnered by Mr. STagg's TooTball Team, Coach Chris Kieldson Tielded his mosT ouTsTandir1g baslceTball Team while aT C.O.P. lasT W year. l-lis scanTy clad cagers, all members of The Navy V-I2 program emerged vicTorious in I9 ouT ol: 25 conTesTs play- ed. Y Page Forty-six Page Forty-seven The Junior varsily walked off wilh lhe Siocklon lndus- irial lille winning 25 slraighi games. Losing Twice lo S+. Marys Pre-Flighi and Alameda Coasi Guard 'rhe high flying C.Q.P. quinleie was sparked by Dick O'Kee'ie, former Sania Clara siar, and Darrel Brown, who broke lhe college scoring record wilh a season Jrolal of 235 digils. O'Keeie was voied as a member of every all opponenl leam, and Guard Frank Domenichini also a former Bronco was eleciecl season Capl. by members oi lhe ieam. Charlie Cook, Bob Fairwell, John McCann, John Miller, Al Wolfe, Ed Fennely, Bob Porler, Jim Turner and Norm Wesi rounded oul 'rhe I944 sguaol, which was labed by spor+s wri+ers as "klassie kassba kids." Thai 'ream will long be remembered by lhe College of Pacific. WiTh Elvira Giorgi as iTs able PresidenT, The W.A.A. 'Flour- ished This Term, and much crediT is due Elvira and her corps oT oTficers. lnTer-mural TournamenTs in baslceTball, volleyball, and Tennis creaTed much inTeresT in women's sporTs. The program sponsored by The W.A.A. is a varied one- including badmintTon, modern dancing, golT. archery. Tennis, eTc. l-lealTh educaTion has been sTressed This Term on Campus, buT The girls are noT To be ouTdone by The acTiviTies of The fellows, and The W.A.A. holds iTs own place, righT on Top, wiTh Their aThleTic program Tor The girls. Page Forty-eight ASQ CVE? Qu' Sq , Q W Qi ,QQ im' MW? Q 5 H w SQ H5 Mp Q Q E5 Q SQ 3 Q A EQ ff? QQ Q as 3 ,,?1V'Vs A 5351? Es- 5 9 Q Q if Wfif-2 4 W Q15 if s Q WS? Q swf W QQUP' Way me garrac 5 ,lw ,- r "-1512 : 2:- -2 nf. nj.: ' W w S V J! L J ,F M 1 , A uv .4 1 ,.S.,. -,. --' Q -vi: , Vg L If ,f':T'izW'- ,- LE ..:v ' -F K. ' 'lm 1 .2171 w 4, r -1 V, J' . 3. X. hi' , . ,,, if ' Q y. i v ' gif' 9,1 .ugfpl ff I-V'-HV 4-fr: AE iii 1,-:,-.4 V., -xp. 1 -' is !Ln "E:-f 1 - .usrg gfefffg id'-Qwgwrqrj5:2-yL'-Q,F5F2Qli'QgL,nIgj1.-'I '1 H - - - -'-'fag ' --,.: ,,--3f+.f'f1- rx -ng w,'H'-gv- 1 .,.,, ,- mud: .,, vu,--JK 9 -.nga 1 - , N N.. g',1,:- -1. . V -, 557-'Wu .. M 1, .H X .NUM H, M W W www. . W., " --4- -: S5 'ig fl I . 1 ,-5. ' - " wh Lvl w . .um J Q: 1. - uu- r -Q-f f it mi. . A31 ,Mr N 'Mi 4 ,mi - yd' ".:..,.: 3 Riff 2' ' 'f 11 5 . .':-M 12. 1 ...RE I 1 Ur- 'Ugg 'Ill IJ, rv! - M Q-1,LfFI.f. '55, 7 Q . X Q. 'na M Z. ,. rd? 1691? - f .4 l N , N nz-mn, 1 KH? gm XA' VA P " Y., 6 'T ,rf - A- uf Y ,. PN'- WJ' my H 1' ,, g Q is '1 ' H' aww u yglr hm S 'PD U4 V -.X Page Fifly-four f x ",1. p.. X-: A1 my -f A 1 W " AAC , Q.. .,. 971' I4 W Nj v F71 fi? .A M U N 5 .V r.-T if Page Fiflyfnve 4 4-"l1"f'7,"q iq- 'X X' 'Wx 4'-4" c.,! iw v"!A 4 X Y .ff , I' f X f i X W AQfi'j: 1 , 1 .1 'Tv f 1uJ',.-,LU -r,1 L ,F X 1 Q , f N, 'kvkuk PUBLIC The sTandards oT The PaciTic Weekly, leading publicaTion on The College Campus, have always been oT The highesT caliber. And This year was no excepTion. EdiTor, Lucy Harding . . . "boss" To her sTaTT . . . has lived up To Those sTandards, and if possible has raised Them, Tor she has Turned ouT a "sheeT" ThaT is irreproachable in every re- specT. The Navy and Marine boys were equally rep- resenTed on The sTaTT and Tor The pasT year have broughT us Tull coverage of Their various acTiviTies. One oT These boys was Carroll DoTy, U.S.N.R., now in Training aT Mid-shipmen's School in PlaTTs- berg. N. Y. Carroll sTarTed ouT by doing odd wriTing jobs on The paper, and Tinishecl up his lasT semesTer here by being assisTanT ediTor and ediTor in Time oT emergency. Carroll's column, "lssue aT Hand," was a weekly "musT." Working wiTh Lucy as business manager. was Jeane Davis. Thanks To Jeanei, The paper had more Than enough money To work wiTh . . . 'nuT said. Elaine PeTerson wroTe as socieTy ediTor wiTh up To daTe coverage on all social evenTs. We Think you will agree ThaT The incoming sTaTT has a loT To live up To. Lucy Harding, EdiTor Elaine PeTerson, SocieTy EdiTor 1k'k'k'k QTICDNS This year insfead of your regular Naraniado. fhe edifor and her sfaff give you a senior souve- nior book, a glance info our life here af Pacific. "Somefhing fo Remember." We who love Pacific for her fradifions and for all fhaf she sfands. don'f need a publicafion of fhe facfs fo remem- ber our life here and fhe fun we've had being an infegral parf of ifs comforfable. congenial afmos- phereg we need if only fo refer fo in lafer years fo make fhe enfire picfure whole and vivid in our minds. Many changes have faken place as fhey always do when we are af war. We fry desperafely fo hold on fo fhe fradifions we have known and fo renew fhe experiences we have had, because we all feel in our hearfs fhe boys we have known so well would wanf if iusf fhaf way. and like fo fhink fhaf on fheir refurn nofhing fhaf fhey have been fighing for has been marred by whaf fhey have been fighfing againsf. We are confi- denf fhaf on fheir refurn fhey will find nofhing alfered, an older, more experienced Pacific per- haps, buf wifh all fhe fine fradifions They hold so dear well cared for and preserved. So well pre- served fhaf fhey can say fo a friend, "Now fhere, fella, fhere's somefhing fo remember." r"" 4-1 "4i?'Q3"' i Q A ill I gli ' Rf? in Til Sally Rineharf, Lelia Ruggeri, Edifor Business M g lone Angwin, Assn'f Frances Sweeney, Ph f P l P k ff Ph f au ice oog Edifo 09 raph lih Al ,Alil lil ,R 1 'lofi ff- .i ji 5, ,. -li if if il l' viii lrf P- 1 :ff aff-" 'Y W 'fi 'ifui 1-lv:-1' ,Jw Q:--.. i -lf- YN 9 in k :H 9 IQ d E-L: 'Eg A LQIQEUIUWQ ,q,UE?:. K' I 'x" qffbk-I A ,QU fig? A653 gf? .77 rpg' ni, rig" ,fb XQQEQEUQE-Qzfgld Ji fx? Q2lQf,f3QQ: x-'- 43: cy 5.-.W ,-sy 52, Qxgglff ' '1' gif .AMP I ,iff .ig ' tg, my . , ' Snr? if L4 - 06!Ql"l'l uaic ancing avfio Faye Fiffy-Gigli! lfdhia flancezi Page Fifty-nine nd, ff' 'I 51" I ,I ,a ,a VM I ,O ,Q ,Q 3' ur 9 ,11llll11,"" Lgm S2 SN I N K X K X 'x 'x Wx X X wk Wx L, J, W 1 1 1 P-, w W. '-4 ff! n if s ,X J F 'X , in . " W1"..5"'5.sf-' '!.f11vf-"+I riff Ziff' ui 19 A' 'L I. xg 4- -W V-, . Jr, ,,. V, ,AJ -f' r,, , , , V, lx' Ky Q75 --EA 'A ,,. ,YA f AFV fijfflfl , :':"'.r"-J ff' 7' 4 -' 'Sv Y' --5 .jar e'SSF',:4W?'4"5?y'if', ' ,N ' ' 4,7 FAQ' ag h F ,AN-: 7 I -Mtv J, in ,Q1 , ff':45favL4fQv'lJv1-4 4- F., G- ffl, ,f , xr f ,ff ,,jpf,f5,r,1-V ' ,-7-2 '- '. nfl j,4,.,Z...L-J'-'V' A' ,, C-:F ' 'A A ,1 .J nf'-' ff 1 1. , J .- lf V -1--' ,,,f,-fm' f , 1 rg., -'--' 1' ,A,.7,f.WfjZl i ,-if if L ff N I I' fr? 4-yj 'd I , .. Ar"fTF7'J" ' df -'4'f,Q',3,,i 4-f 'J IHH k.UNSlT.RVA'l'ORY SCGTIVC? of CTOVHITIQTICPVTICFI1 Not the end but the beginning Other goals set for the winning M09 if WILLIS T. BOYARSKY JOHN BUSH JAY DECK DONALD R. EDWARDS ROBERT R. GRAHLMAN HARRY HAMMER VICTOR LA GORIO LEONARD G. MAHLER ROBERT MCMURTRY JACOB P. REED ALFRED TAIOLI page Sixly-Iwo F fi- puymm Degfzeee Organ Prelude, BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Aria from Tenth Orqan Concerto Hinnlr! , ' ' z ll. 'd D l . f Toecato on "O Filii et Filiac-" . . , ,. . Fnrzmm 'limes Hi G lp mm mm ALLAN Bacox, Orgiuml Processional March, Marche de Jeanne d'Arc ,.,,. Star Spangled Banner .,.,,.,,...,,,.,,. . Invocation THIS RLVILREND Gizonon H. Co1.1.1vm4 From the Suite Saramouclxe ,..,.,,.,, . .. . Modern Braziliera ALnm:'ra SAIITI--I ELL1o'r1', Pirmirl mn! jo!-ix Gu.cmus'r EL1.ioT1', I'irmi.rl Address- PRLSIDENT Turn' C. Iixox rss Announcements College of the Pacific Hymn .... .. . , . PACIFIC HAIL! From o'er the rugged mountains Standing high: From out the broad low valleys, 'Neath the skyg Our Alma Mater calls, W'e Cannot fail, Our voices hlend in praise .Pacific Hail! Pacific Hail! Long may her flan1il1g torch Give out its light: Long may her spirit guide us In the right: To her we pledge our hearts. We dare not fail: To her we raise our song Pacific Hail! Pacific Hail! Bcnediction- DEAN Fnnu L. FAru.nY Rcccssional, "Marche Ponrificaleu from First Organ Symphony 9:00 P. M.QPresident and Mrs. Knulcs will receive in tl the Graduating Class, parents, and friends. invited. Pczfle Sixl?"ilmi'0 . .. .. Dulwir Frmzric Smll Key Milhalnz' Warm-r '2 3 . Vidar leir home honoring All are cordially USNR V-7 flllaclirvj BACHELOR OF ARTS Willis Thomas Boyarsky Rodney B. Branson i5Sibley Everett Bush, jr. james LeRoy Chrismam Marvin Merle Church John joseph Dinuhilo, jr. Donald Robert Edwards Robert R. Grahln iaxz Hector Kohl Hancock. jr, W'ilrner XVL-sley Hixson Earl L. Klapstein Leonard George Mahler jacob Paul Reed Neil Laurence Rogers, jr. Alfred Taioli Ge 1'az ld Nichols Wfinter Ralph Roland Wriglit Lewis and Clark College A A 4'fii,K?r iii BARBARA A. BAXLEY JOHN W. BEA ARDYTH lONE BOCK NLAND ALAN BONINGTON PATSY L. CU RTIS MILDRED E. EACHUS CHRISTEL ENNS MER LE ESPLEN WILLARD E. EORNEY ELVERA GEORGI BE RNARD HIGGINS WILLIAM D. KELLEY Y, LeROY C. LONG 'Yv- MARJORY A. MEI-I 57 MARY LOU NUNA . ,hgft BETTYGENE OTTO A f 'ki' ljclgu Sixly-four W ,Y ,--f -D4f,'1 as' 1 Page Sixty-five JOHN R, PRESLEIGH i JANE C. SCOTT M' 072501 Organ Prelude, Invocation DEAN FRED L F . ARLEY Aria ...............,. ...... . . .........,.........., ..... ,...,.... ....... . ............. . Variations on "O Susanna". .....,. .. ................ , ......... Conservatory String Orchestra Horace I. Bnow ' N, Director Address- Pnssioem' TULLY Cusow Ktvouss .onferring of Degrees- Pnesioewr TULLY Cr.EoN KNot.Es of the Pacific Hymn ..................... ' PACIFIC HAIL! From o'er the rugged mountains Standing high: From out the broad low valleys. 'Neath the lc ' s y. Out Alma Mater calls. We ca nnot fail. Our voices blend in praise Pacific Hail! Pacific Hail! Long may her flaming torch Give out its light: Long may her spirit guide us In the right: To her we pledge our hearts. We dare not failg To her we raise our son PV arch 7: 1 Toccata on a Gregorian Theme ................ ...,.,..... .. ....... B arnex Elfes ................................... .. .... ........................ ......... J 0 seph Bonnet Finale, from Second Organ Symphonyll .......... .,..,.............. W ia'or ALLAN BACON, Organist Processional Marcli, . Coronation March, from "The Prophet" ................,......... .Mcyerbeer Star Spangled Banner .......... .......Fmnci.r Scart Key , .............. Barb ...........G'u:ilqoff arner Winston '23 3-4 -1- fl- ?ZZ.1 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE University of San Francisco F . . rancrs Vincent Clifford Lawrence Leo Luchetti University of Santa Cl ara, Francis j. Holmes Arthu Alf dr j. McCaft'ray re I. Melccr, jr. Mario Adolph Pcra BACHELOR OF ARTS Sa n Jose State College George Nelson Herherr Saint Mary's Colle ge John Edward Schaeffer cum Lnuoe University of San Francisco Bernard joseph Higgins Willamette Universit Y LeRoy Ch cstcr Long SUMMA cum LAUDE Colle Irwin H. Barnilcol john William Beanland james john Duryea Eugene Robert Egbert "Willard E ugene Forney All: ' ge of the Pacific err Garcia john William Hartnett, jr. g Francis j. Holmes Pacific Hail! Pacific Hail! William Dixon Kelly . , Lawrence Leo Luchetti Benedmlon Arthur J. McCaffrey Womens A Capella Choir Alffffd I- Mflcfr, lf- j. Russsu. BQDLEY. Director Mano A501195 Pere R. Presleigh Refessiorral, 'john Edward Schaeffer Gothic March,......- ...... . ........ S alum 'Frank Bell Waldo " 'Honors 9:00 p.m.-Reception in Anderson Hall honoring the Graduating Class, parents and friends. All are cordially invited. X AIMEE ARBIOS WINONA BARBER ILANA MARCELYN BATT JEAN BEATON OR BERTU NTON ELEAN LEIT PATRICIA BOY O CARTER BETTY J ATTO N ANN CH ROSE LA CURTIN MARYETTA I BRASIN , MARCELLA DO DOROTHY FO RRICK ELIZABETH X JANE HE RION GALT E ANN HUNT MARGAR HURT MA LIZABETH ET ANNA VIRGINIA ELLEN JAMES DOROTHY ALICE LAW RICHARDRAYMOND LININGER JACK M. LYONS BETH IRENE MARRIOTT SALLY MARIE RINEHART MARY JANE RYLAND KATHLEEN ANN SECARA ELINOR PEARL SIZELOVE EUNICE JANE SKINNER PEARL STEINER FRANCES ELIZABETH SWEENY BARBARA JEAN THOMPSON CLAIRE WILKINS JAN WIMAN MARY WINDSOR RUTH L. ADAMS JEAN AGERS NATI LEE ALB ERTSON DONALD AMBLER ADA LOUISE ANDERSON PATRICIA BARRETT RUTH BATH BEATRICE BERLANDER ALICE BLANEY MARY TITSINGH MARY CAYOT HILDA CHAPMAN AUDREY CLOTTU Page Sixty-eig 1' JU NE COOLEY NELLIE COOPER CAROLYN COUSE RENALDO DALBEN JUNE DAY MARIE DECARLI LORETTA DEDMON NONA DEDMON ZONA DUDLEY FLORENCE DWELLY VIRGINIA EILERT DOROTHY EMIGI-I MARGARET ERNST Page Sixty-nine I:'g:j,L -. 'Q A 1 1 'kukir mg X N. BETTY FERRARI MARY FLAA LORAYNE FROEHNERT BARBARA GOODWIN HARRIETTE GUNTON HELENE HAABESLAND JEANNE HALL LOUISE HALL ELIZABETH HARMON HELEN HEILAND ELIZABETH HOGAN PATRICIA HOSKINS JOAN HUNTER Page Sevenly MARY JAMISON VIRGINIA JENSEN LILLIAN JEUNG RICHARD JOHNSON MARY KENT G-ERALDINE KERR INEZ' KNUTSON ANN KOTOFF JANE KUECHLER SHIRLEY LAMB JEAN LASHER FANCHON LEEKER MELVA LEFFLER Page Seventy-one 'kink MARTHA LOCKE DOLORES LONGACRE BARBARA MACNIDER JANET MAST ALTA McCLlNTOCK FREDA MELCHER BARBARA MERRIAM MARY BETH MOORE VIOLA NALE MARJORIE NIKKEL MARION PRIOR HELEN RAINE CO LLEEN RATHGEB Page Seventy-Iwo SHIRLEY REID BECKY ROSET ROTHENBUSI-I CARYL MARILYN SI-IEPPARD YN SMYTI-IE RET CAROL LORRAINE TI-IY TI-IY TRACI-IIOTIS KERT DORO MARION WIC LOIS WITHEROW MARGARET WOLFE MARY J. YARDLEY LLEN YELLAND MARY E ELLEN YOCUM Page Seven ly-three I I 'k'k'k - lggfgff-,Q :-: JP gs-.3 B 1, 'Qi km A ki Y' 5, ' LEE "' im' . -,f,f ing! T D sid. .Q , " ' 43' MII' A. ' - 515: wx-2, A A .34 5,3 I 9 7:1 A L. ,ff ff Engsggig align . , A '-ar. AQ, -:ggi gs! rzpqaf'-in -'si fic' 9 Viv " far? -'fa 3.1 " 2 v..w!:f!fTu ig: El ff? ' ' ffi "IES --wff -fm :fm we' f r' fi 5g55?,j2g:.g.,iajSiE -fifsgir' glfligfif 21-'E F 614' 9,15-v-14 A , 'i ' -bfi Af' f"! 2 f?2a1'20?w54f::Ii ,ME Sfi'ifH35s'fsi i5f1g555'5"-39 - Q. fPl2'e1?-EWESTN WP 5552951 ' .uf ' 4, . 1.4. :. 4' ,- nn. .H 'a nam' ,e..-.I nl V 1 .MI '-U "av ' zwlg -rr ' " '- f 5, f., ,A -. : '., . zfmfzwn f"f32e::fWa-H2i- if El.j4n:,qfb35a2Ef S. f' 5 g4gi,Q5w,53s-E1 Q Y in ur. .N ni IE nl at f,Qix ig5xA,' r ig- 's I ,,,-, q . 1 Tsfgvfll 1 g'f51"giE.f3if iiwf . .D ' ,gat mvffwy egg H.- -v.f'1,xr. 595- sbs!!'aB'.-Q? s 1, sl ,, 3. is .N ,:- n uw Q,-1 . -h .rrp-3 -4 7 2. wwf iw -uw sl 5. l . lFI5UZ7ff7i,3"': H 752' 93' ' a's.:f12ff:.fff:'w:.1f w in 2 at 's-f '- 3 5-'s5?Qj55-3552 f 57.55 M 3575 'f ' - 9533" 4 . -1. qv 4. mr- 1Q '!'I'ff 4,4gJ , vw waml, ,Q , ,-n 1 2 EQ: Nazi' 'B Bw - iz. 1. ', 1 I , V 'nj : 1' 1 ,wq : ,A ry A, b k., ' .. . .. . E f Y ru w glgrjivzy, 5: S- 13: . in ,i' . .b, . v nga' :lar w ' ,- ' 'ff' '-"9 "2 -'I-f . ' " - "w e" l nf ,A u 4 ' . -. fm: fs -' ' . 'f .:'f .,,t.-.sf ' .5 -- , - 1 A Q, V , f , .I A -1 My F ' .zu .'L, Q- YJ- ft, ' - M" 5- ' "u w 5? E T V' ,.,V hr ,FD lghvsvirfr-hmm! -'St-,vert .11 i i..ff',. ., I, -g- f ,ul ' ' N b 11: -4' .-. r'-'- " - A WE' """?U' - 2-five'-7"?ii Q :w ,ww : ,4 L Q x x izgn ' 5 .K fr- Y' 47' '.'35 :t'51f'1'I. .Q' 5 . si . 9' K , l'f:x 7: .,,:. 'Q-I ' ! .sjfancl 5e5icJe ua, ana! guicle ua, jLrougA fie nigAf, 'DMM a 694i Lam agoue. I iii M H9 vw fa do M Y W C5 . . . ooo woo com tow berxw .Mm w at oclqlo 15 mm. ,go on QMQQ wxvlqe 9' oioq to Qoowe We wwe o ooo ccwmg owong wi vw www dw f M MQ QQ, Sw bow lo 9 c .W..,W.x,W. 3 M -x "Vx NI cn EHATULATIU 5 To the Class of '44 and V-12 Graduates if i' . ,X May Your Future w 2 X wel Bring You A I f 5' : 1 VW ' Success and Happiness ir ir Sezws, Hnehqlzlj and Cn. -un--uu1im-uu1nu1un- 1 1 1 1 -mi--un1un1mx1nw-:ui-nn 'I' nn-nn1n'g!. oinn1nn1im1 1 1mI.1ml1m.1.nn1nu.-,,,,1nu1un1nu1Im1y,,,1, 1 1 1,1 The STERLING Attractive and I:asI'1ionabIe CIothes Ior Young Women Main and Hunter STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA 1 1 1 1u,,-iIII1,I,,1,,,,1Iinx1un1nn1,m1uii1.,,,,1nn1Im...,,1 1iuui1,,,,1,1 1111111111111.1111I1iiii1,,,,1,I GOOD TASTE FURNISHINGS AT MODEST PRICES . 1 I.CVII'ISOIT S 32I E. Weber Stockton, Calit. .......--.q. C. A. BROADDUS, M. D. EYE, EAR. NOSE. and THROAT MEDICO-DENTAL BUILDING Phone 2-I4I9 Stockton, Calit. Compliments ot W. H. LANGLEY COLLIS, M. D. Suite 6I I-Medico-Dental Building Stockton California Compiiments ot DR. WILLIAM LYNCH GEO. H. SANDERSON, M. D. ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Suite I205 Medica-Dental Building Office Phone 7-735 I HUDSON SMYTHE, M. D. PRACTICE LIMITED TO UROLOGY Suite I205 Medico-DentaI Building Stockton California SAMUEL N. COLLIVER, M. D. BARTON POWELL, JR., M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Phone 9-9867 Bank of America Building Nurse In Attendance Phone 7-79OI ACME LABORATORIES X-RAY LABORATORIES JAMES COX Residence Phone 2-4659 Suite 525 Bank ot America Building BRIGHT SPOT ELECTRIC CO. 332 East Weber Ave Phone 9-9769 ' ml lm ,,,,,-,,,,1,,,,1m..1nii.1.m1-mI.1 1 1 1 1.nu1nu1un..nn1nu1nn1 STIIDIEIUIIDN SNVINIES AND ILIIDNN BANK STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA FOUNDED I867 COMMERCIAL - SAVINGS - TRUST SAFE DEPOSIT CONDENSED STATEMENT OF CONDITION AT THE CLOSE OF BUSINESS DECEMBER 3I, I943 RESOURCES LIABILITIES Loans and Discounis I,AL.,A....,.A,,.. i'p...4,3I5,000.47 Capi'IaI ........... .,.................,,.,,,.,,,,,,,, S ,,,I,000,000,00 U. S. Bonds and O+I1er Bonds I6,727,-453.39 Surplus LLI.,.,,.,A.,,,,..,IL,...,.. . 355,000.00 Cash and Due From Banks ...,.. 4,944,I63.37 UndivicIecI Profifs ,..... s 270,000.00 Bank Premises ..L.,L.L. L......,.,.L,..LL ..... I . O0 Reserve for Con+ingencies . 457,7I3.86 O+Iwer Real Esfare Owned ,,.,, 2.00 OI'I1er LiabiIi+ies ..I.,.... ,..... 3 7,726.46 O+I1er Resources ...s,......,,....,,s,,, 5367.73 Deposiis ,.,.....I..,,,,.rrI ............ 2 3,87l,547.64 To+aI Recources ...,.I,r...,.. S25.99I 987.96 To+aI LiabiIi+ies .....,...,,,,,, S525,99l,987.96 E. L. WILHOIT CARROLL G. GRUNSKY PresicIenI' Vice-Presidenf and Trus'r Officer R. L. EBERHARDT J. F. McCLORY Execuiive Vice-PresicIen+ Cashier MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION IBILIXY IU.. S., WNIQ IBIDNIDS NNID STINIVIIIIDS .. .- .. ... 1 1. .. 1 1 .. 1 1 1 1 .- ... g1,,..m.....m1m.1 -.nn1nu1 .-nn-.M1nn1,,,,1,,,,1nn1,,,,,,. 1ninn1nu-1nn-un-un-un-vm1.m1....1..,.1m.1m,1m,1,,,,1nn1 1 1un1, THE D AND D DRESS SHOP On Pacific Avenue For You Co-Eds WOMEN'S APPAREL - WEAR CIHRELFRLLS C OTHES FOR ITIEI1 and BOYS 43 E. ITIFIIII ST. STOCKTON. CHL Milifary and Civilian Kuppenheimer Suifs Complimenfs of MILLER-HAYS COMPANY PLUMBERS Grani' and Weber Phone 2-0229 MANTHEY BROS. Window Shades - Upholsfering Awnings - Maffresses 420 N. California Sfreef Phone 8-89I I 'QSTYLE CSTORE FOR:JVIL.V o 320 EAST MAIN STREET Exclusive Sale of HART, SCHAFFNER 8: MARX and STYLE PLUS CLOTHES "Clo+hing of Tomorrow" REAL ESTATE - in all ifs variefies INSURANCE - in all ifs forms. Our Achievemenf Is Our Record EICHELBERGER-HOBIN CO.. INC. I25 N. San Joaquin Sfreef Sfoclcfon, California NORMAN HIGGINS ALERT CLEANERS EXPERT LAUNDRY SERVICE Telephone 2II7 PACIFIC AVE. 7-7869 Sfoclrfon, Calif. PACIFIC COFFEE SHOP Brealcfasf - Lunch - Dinner 1114111 1 1 1 1nr--nn1mv...uu1nn-W1,,.,1,,,,1lm1 1 1 1 1u..1 Complimenfs of fhe NATIONAL DOLLAR STORE IT'S TRUE YOUR DOLLAR BUYS MORE HERE 4I7 EAST MAIN STREET Phone 5-5I63 Complimenfs of S. H. KRESS 81 CO. 5 - I0 - I5 CENT STORE BURNHAM BROS. "Personalized Service" FURNITURE. FLOOR COVERINGS, DRAPES, SHADES 4I7 EAST WEBER AVE. Phone' 9-9038 D O N O V A N ' S S M A R T S H O P MR. and MRS. J. P. DONOVAN DISTINCTIVE APPAREL MODERATELY PRICED 336 EAST MAIN STREET - STOCKTON We Invife You Io Open a Charge Accounf TI1aI' Uniform Will Add fo fhe Inferesf of Your Phofograph New and in fhe Years fo Come Gracluaiion Phofographs of Our Qualify Will be Worfhy of fhe Imporfance of fhe Evenf LOGAN CAMERA SHOP 20 N. San Joaquin Sfreef Phone 2-2I48 SIERRA THEATRE MAIN AT CALIFORNIA Phone 7-7979 THE COLLEGE BOOK STORE W. H. MORRIS, Manager NEW PACIFIC STICKERS COLLEGE STATIONERY PRESENTS - RINGS We Are Anxious To Please You Telephone 6-6704 RUSE-BLAIR LUMBER CO. 302 W. Fremonf lCor Monroel Sfoclcfon California 4, ,N1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.m--mfs .i.n1...,1lm1ml-lm..-,m1m... 1 1.1 1 1 1 1 1nn1,,,, 1,,,,1.,,r1111111111111111111111 111111111111111111n 4. 4' BEST WISHES . To C. Q. P. Graduates 0 SMITH 6: LANG 1mi1im1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1nu1im1.im1mi1ura1nu1nu1.m 4. -I' F. J. DIETRICH 1nu1m.1im1 1m..m.1,,,,1 .1,,..1m..1im1i 1 1 1 1 1 1, 8aCU. LANDS - HOMES -INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT APPRAISEMENTS Dial 4-4547 235 Easi Weber Avenue 101:1.011,m1.m,1ml1,m1nu1u,.1,.,, 1 1 1 1 1 -.. 1mi1,,,,1-m1.,,,1,m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.14. 0100 - Irll - I11I -'1v1- 1"I - I"' - "" - "'1 1 'f" - "" - "" '- "" - "" 'W' "" " "" 1 "" ' "" - "" " "" """"-"'f' 4' i i SHELLUBRICATION SHELL PRODUCTS Tire and Ba'H'ery Service Goodyear Tubes and Tires ' i I ey us L Phone 3-0604 2302 Pacific Ave. - ---f - ---- - r-rr - ---. - r.-- - r--r -0- -rrr ----- r--- - ---r - ---r - ---- - ---- - ---r - -.-- - ---- - -..- -0- -r.. ---i. -i- -gl- Sfocidon, California 1nn-nn.1un1im.1un1mr1uu-nu-iiniuu-un1011-nn--nu-uu1im1mi-an Signal Service Station I848 PACIFIC AVENUE WILSON -HACKERSON ii-mi-nu.1nu-iui-un-'mi1nn-inx-1ui-iui1mi1mi1ni4-un-nn1-mi1nii-nn1uii 100110:1nn-1001ini-un-im-nu1 140 -nn-un1 1lm-uu1nn1nn-un-nu-nn-uniuninu-nn-nu1nnx- 1 1 -un 1....1..l.111111111111.-111111. 1.m...mv1 1 .1 1 1 1,...1....1 1 1 1 1 1nn1nn1.....1 1 .1nn1.. Ben I:ranI4Iin Stores I902 PACIFIC AVE., STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA COMPLETE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES NOTIONS CANDY STATIONERY ETC. L. C. EYER, Owner and Manager FERTILIZER FOR EVERY FARM AND GARDEN USE -A' we MANUFACTURE FEEDS i . F.E.EERRELL n1.m.1....1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1..1.1n..1.... 1n IEQIFQIIZILJNIEIIUS CALIFORNIA'S OLDEST STOCKTON'S LARGEST I-I 0 m e En r n i s n 2 rs ir Main 81 Hun+er S+ocId'on Phone 8-853I J. GIICI4 84 Sons JEWELERS 'A' Diamonds . . . WBICIIGS China . . . Glassware Perfumes . . . Silverware i' 326 EasI' Main SI'ree'r Phone 3-0725 S'ranIey H. Kragen, Mgr. . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1...1.,.,1...1.1 1 ...-.M-....1....1,...1,,..1.,..1....1....1....1,...1..,.1,,1...1.,,.1.....1.....1..,,1.,..1,,,,1,,,.1,,,!, .l.,,1,.,.1....1,,..1,1....1.... .... .... .... .... .... M. ... . ... .... up a . THE Wll, Eli - 'tl 4-., 5'f:f:2:f:Q If 5 552223 V' f' .. ,Sj5', : E:::311. - -.:i251EF:21:2:2:2E1Er5. -I:Iss:A.-. X , "1 , ifq:f:f:3lf5f7f5?Eif:f:' f 35352: .g:5:- '- '-24:-:H .-:-:1-3153:-:rs-7-:-:-: 41' ' -z-:Arial A-41:1-. 2:5 14:3 r"'m. -ff ' 'Fl 4j-'-I'E:5::.::-. . f1f7f': ':fffffQfjfff ' ., 5 .1 f ff25ej"' 3 '1 iffy ' . P11 JA. 2 , g CQ up , s, , , 51, -. 'tg fi? i 5?E?55E:,.- 1,5 42 -952, ,. "K" fl' 4. ll R fi Tia? ef f. fi., f -- 'ag ,Jn - Rag :-:w-:f 2427:-. 54 XL gs 'Lo T :1- '55-2.51:-.QE ,1 '-Wiki' U V . '51-Z2 717:51-. , 'i' ":ff"If:-'3 sf' s:g ::5'i:2':a.i5 ' '-121323,-:rv if is 95 '-" if ' 1:51. '-5:5 fr w,:s,., ' . A,...,. , A lor your big moments... BEAUTIFUL CLOTI-IES Tlwe loveliest gown in the world lor tlwat so-important clance . . . an exquisite feminine for very special two-some dates . . . clever, gay sports wear lor long vacation days ol lazing in the summer sun. . . l-lere are young, unusual clotlwes, carefully clwosen by our expert buyers to bring out the young enchantment that is youl 4' ---'-'----- ---- -----------..1.-4. "TI-I E PLACE TO GO" FOX WEST COAST THEATRES CALIFORNIA -if RITZ f STATE ir RIALTO nu..m1111111.111111111-.1111-1111111 1 11111-11111 1 1 1 --111111111 111n1111111111 E 1 1 111111 11111 1 111111 1 1 1 1 111111111111 Complimenfs of RIC ROSENBERG, M. D. Medico-Den+aI Building Phone 2-8356 K. H. MacPHERSON, Opt D. OPTOMETRIST Sui+e 528, Bank of America Building DR. REID VAN NOATE Medico-DenI'aI Building Phone 7-7 I 03 Telephone 5-5933 DEWEY R. POWELL, M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throa+ SOI Medico-Denfal Building. S'IocI:+on, CaIifornia 1 1 1un.-1111 Miner Avenue aI SuH'er S'Iree'I 111111111111111111111111111 u111111:vl11 1 1 1 1 111111 .1un1nu..1111111111, 1 1 1 1 1 1111 , 1 Stfl Estrln s S202 509 EAST MAIN STREET STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA Phone 2-5704 COLLEGE FLOWER SHOP Dis'Iinc'Iive Flowers for All Occasions PACIFIC AVENUE Phone 2-6550 SIMPSON JEWELRY COMPANY 8 S. SUTTER STREET TELEPHONE 9-9228 STOCKTON. CALIFORNIA JACK W. SIMPSON STOCKTON ICE 81 FUEL CO. BURNING ous - ice - com. - wooo SAN JOAQUIN BRICK CO. TRANSIT MIXED CONCRETE BRICK - PLASTER - CEMENT - MATERIALS 4, 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111.-11111 1 1111111111111.!. ,!.,1..1111... 111111unx1nu.11m1uu-nn-nu1nn-nu-nu-11411uu1un:uu11unr1im11 1: CCDMPLIMENTS of GOLDEN WEST Inc. LAUFIDERERSQLEAPIEFQS Pl-IQNE 5-5788 507 North Sierra Nevada -x- -'-'- - - - ---- - - - - - - - - -...-,,..-...,. ,,,,-.,.,-, - - - , - - - - I I at I I CAMPUS HEADQUARTERS OSX E THE I I I I I I I I Operafecl by I I ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Employing Sfudenf Help I I I - I -- 535 EAST MAN STREET I I WHERE YOU MEET EVERYBODY STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA I I I -i- - .- - - 1 -,,,,-H..-....-.T..............-,...-nu-ln.-.M-,,.,.. .-...T...,, ,i.,....,,,,-m- .. - - - - - .. - - - - - .. - - -,,. .....-..----....1---------lm-,,,,-,...-....-i...------..------...----.,..,,,. QUALITY PRODUCTS Z6 ' If -'-- """'7Ff"m3'V77f '1 A ii-mf, I -E7 """"" l -.7 We 52. 2 . '?"::.::::T 1 I 'elf' f, -f ' ' nf f .. Q ' . I "J Gul' IZEdFu1rer I ' 15' p,gSff'Ur an nuns E L I Mum nu-rwmnwv 5 NSWEE1-gNE0l ........ Pb A 'Q vi DOQA1-gp I , I E ' 7' "Z" . B . 'Il ' ' Manufaciurecl by MILK PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL CALIFORNIA PLANTS LOCATED AT 540 Souih Pilgrim Sfreef 5I0 NIHII1 SITC-26+ STOCKTON MODES-IO H.. .1 1 .. 1. 11411--nn-nn-llli-mi-.m,...m..- 1 -. .1 1 1 .-.,,,.-lm.-HIT1 -. 1 1. ... 1 1 1 .. 1 1 1 .. -. -nn-Tux-nn-:nu-:nu -36- I ICE CIQEAM GIQAND The Della Ice Cream Co. Manufaciures 'rhe Largesl' Assorfmenl of Ice Cream Flavors in Ihe Valley Lei' Us Help You Plan Your Par+y Desserrs College Headquarlers for FounI'ain Specials and Lunches I928 PACIFIC AVENUE if ir ak PI-IoNE 7-7095 1 1,.I,1,,,,1,m1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ..III1.,,,1IIII1IIII1,,,,1IIII1.m1,,,,1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 -IIII-IIII1II1fn Qu--IIII1I1 1 .-. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.0.1 This year we need all Ihe energy we can ge+ +o win 'Ihe war. Milk provides energy and is a body building food. Thai' is why bo+h aduI'I's and children need pIen'I'y of milk in Iheir daily diet Clovvesl Dairy Phone 6 69I6 WEST'S LANE I I I I I D E N I o N I ' s I I I F PACIFIC AVENUE Phone 8-8786 I I . T i Compllmenfs of Ihe PACIFIC BARBER T T S H O P 2224 PACIFIC AVENUE I I GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS I I I M. FRIEDBERGER 81 CO. I JEWELRY AND WATCI-I REPAIRING , I I I 339 Eas'I' Main Sfreef Dial 2-I778 NELL FITZGERALD For Smarfness In WOMEN'S CLCTI-IINC I HOTEL STOCKTON BUILDING til 5011 IIII ill! 1Yii Illlllllllllll-IIII1 IIII '-' llll l1Il!I1IllIlIIIll1lllIl 1 1-11.3011 1871 1,4411 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1u,,1.,I ,-,m1,1,,,,1.,,, 1,,,11111111111111111 1-.Im-nn-nu-nu-nn1nn1nu-un--nn--nu-un-mu- 1 - -- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 13. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n1un.1,.,,...,,,.1,,,,1ml.1 140 N. AMERICAN STREET PHONE 7.7941 WHOLESALE Gaia-Delueehi Co., Inc. GROCERIES, POULTRY, FRUITS and VEGETABLES RAVIOLI and TAGLIARINI OUR OWN MEAT MARKET 1.1 -un1,m...,,,,1un1m..1,.1 1 1 1 .-nn.1ml1 1 1 1 RETAIL 14.1.1.m1Im1,.,,.1m.1Im1..,.1,,,,.1.m1Im1,,,,1.,,,1mI1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1nn1un1 -un1un1.nn1nm1un1-,,'1 H-..m,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Shepherd 84 Green BUILD E RS SUPERINTENDENTS OF CONSTRUCTION W1 1 -1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1mx....m11n - 11:11nu-nu-un-un-nu-In zu 1 mais FAMOUS FOR DRESSES COATS AND SUITS 435 E. MAIN STOCKTON 20 I 79 4. ...II-....-....-....-..,,- - -....-..I-.................- - - - --................-My m...un-I ,1un -nu-un1nn--uninn-nu-Im.1nn1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 H1:miun-nn--nu-un1nn-nu1nu1Im1m.1nn1un.- 1 1 THANKS for meefing a+ THOR'S during Ihe year - MEET AT - flops FOUNTAIN SERVICE - LUNCH O 32 I 6 Pacific Avenue ,,1nn1,,,1 1 1 1.uu11m-nu-nu.- I1un1uu--u:u-uu:u- 1 - 1 -u -33- ii... 1 .. .. 1 1 1 1. ... 1 1 .. 1 .- 1 -.nii-iin-.m,...ilu-.,,.,1iiii1m,, 1, ,.-I1 1 .1 1 .. 1. 1 1 1 ,. -. -. 1 ...,,,i.-rin-.HM1,,,,-uii1un1u COMPLIMENTS OF American Trust STOCKTON OFFICE 24 NORTH SUTTER STREET Company FIRST STOCKTON OFFICE 26 NORTH SAN JOAQUIN STREET SAVINGS - I TRUST COMMERCIAL BANKING HEAD OFFICE: SAN FRANCISCO BANKING SINCE I854 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation-Member Federal Reserve System BUY WAR BONDS I -. 1 - 1 - 1 I--IlliYvllllIlU1lIIl'-llIlT'll'lIIII1'I'II'1"IIl'II"'I'I"'II"III""I7!' OPII'-'llilililii 1 1 -v -- 1- 1- vllltvlllli L L 1 1 1 1' A - i AIR-CONDITIONEDJ A A ir-S V ' i i FoR . 1 i 'I I - AND I Q I-Iome Decoration BoBB-iNN FoR REFRESHMENTS - Z - - - OR SANDWCHES A 5 oi Distinction Quick Efficient Curb Service - - Open +iII I:0O A. M. - TI1"BbbI" f ' 2 O - hh I I CHARLIE DAHL, Praprrem I I Phone 3-2208 I I47 N. EI Dorado Street T 40 NORTH SUTTER STREET "'I'i'IIIi"II1IIII1'III"iIII""II'I"W"1W"ll'"'HII'llIlTIlIl'1NlP'-'lllliIIIIYIIIITIIII-VIII-QNIP i0.IvIIn1-ltllv 1AIII-IIIl--I1ll--Ikll-nIIn-Ilil1INI1-Illl-illl-illllvlluvllil-1ull--44111 4. 1m,1m1 1 1 1 1 111,11-IIII1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1lI,.1.ll acid! ,gifafionerg PERSONAL CARDS DANCE BIDS BETROTHAL CARDS D I A L 2-0818 Stockton WEDDING INVITATIONS AND ' ANNOUNCEMENTS PRINTED ART-POINT THERMOGRAPHY GENUINE ENGRAVING Olfefliffeef Wes'I AdBl'T'IS S+. 1 a+PacIfTcAvenue COMPANY,Inc. -nu-nu-un1un1un1.m.1wI1nn-nu.. 1 1 In1uniun1un1Im-nn-un-unimu m1nu--nuiun1nu1un1uu1mm-un-nuinninn11m-uu---uun1uu1xm-nn- 1 lim:-u 'S' 1 I I ' I Qngratu atlorws I TO THE CLASS OF '44 f When +he going gefs rough . . . may : we suggesf Vifamin B Bread for s'l'eady i nerves and normal appe+i+es . . . you'II E be surprised a'I' +I1e difference! . . . - ENRICHED wi'I-In Vi+amins and an g s mIneraIs as recom- I mended by 'I'I1e if U. S. Governmen+ - T BAKING COMPANY I IIT IIII " 'III 'V IIII T IIII 1' 'III 'i IIII l 'III i IIII T' IIII T IIII i 'II' 2 IIII '1 'III l 'II' l IIII T 'III 1 'III T 'III T IIII i' IIII ini I- "" - "" ------------ '---'- "" - ' ' 'Q' I I I A I Bnnuoamsxzaennms.c,othin I hats,furnlshun27E my STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA i I I I I I STYLE CENTER ' Fon I MEN AND BOYS I I I I I I I 3I3 EAST MAIN STREET STOCKTON I I H ml ,HI Im,,,,,,...,,,,..,..,1un1nn11m1..m1W1 1 1un1.nn.1nn1nm1uu1un1nn --if ...m,1,,,1.-111.111111111111lilx1 im-mi-um1nu-M1in1nmtun1nu1niu--u1i1uui1nn-nn1mu-un-uu1nn-nn- CQOIILI: SHOP FEATURING BROILED STEAKS AND CHOPS Phil and Dick Purdy ,J 336 EAST WEBER AVE. S'rocIc+on, California Rogers Jewelry Co DEPENDABLE QUALITY JEWELERS MAIN AND SUTTER STS. STOCKTON, CALIF. nn1.u nn1., .,1uu.1m.11111111111....1..11m1 BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF I944 AND TO THOSE WHO WILL RETURN FOR THE NEW COLLEGE YEAR PENNEY'S WELCOME YOU J. C. Penney Co INC. MAIN AT CALIFORNIA ST., STOCKTON, CAL u-nu-nn-uninn--uu-mu1uu-llu--uu-un.1uu-uu-nn-un-uu-nu1nu1un1uu u1m.1m,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1m. B. C. WALLACE 81 SON MORTICIANS ir Phone S+ocIc+on 6-6993 i' 520 Nor'II1 Sniffer S'Iree+ n1uu- 1 1 -uni-un--nn-nu1un-un1nn1mi..un1m,1.,m1.m1,m1 1.41 i1an1uuvuin1M4-nn-nu-- 1rm:nn1111:-nn..nniiiu-mini:-nn1m- .. ... llln-...vigil-. ,1 un-unilln1m-' KES...PASTI2Y...DEI.lCATESSEN 1 sf'-G39 xiun-im-uni1-in-nn-nuiimlinu1uu1n -.im1iua1iln1iuur1nn1un1un1mu-ml.-.ul--un.-nu1un.-nur-u "for her Majesty the Housevvifen Let us take care of your requirements For that Special Party Graduation, Birthday or Wedding Cakes 'N "Nl" 01251, Qvvner n1nu-nn-uniuniun.-nu1nu1un1nn-nu-nn--nuliu

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