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" ftaj l naranjado n YEARBOOK FOR 1941 PUBLISHED BY THE PACIFIC STUDENT ASSOCI- ATION OF THE COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC AND STOCKTON JUNIOR COLLEGE STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA naranjado VOLUME THIRTY-SIX BEVERLY WRIGHT, EDITOR TOM BOWE, JR., MANAGER WHILE THE WORLD IS CONVULSED BY MAN-MADE HORRORS, AND WE AS A NATION ARE PARTICIPATING IN THE COMBAT OF MACHINES AND DOCTRINES, IT IS MORE IMPERATIVE THAN EVER THAT THE COLLEGE REMAIN A PLACE WHERE PROBLEMS MAY BE DISCUSSED WITH REASON NOT PREJUDICE, AND A PROPER PERSPECTIVE MAY BE KEPT, IN ORDER THAT THIS NATION MAY REALIZE THE ADJUSTMENTS THAT MUST BE MADE IN THE FUTURE. TIMES ARE EVER CHANGING, SO THIS BOOK PROBABLY WILL SERVE NOT ONLY AS A PLEASANT REMINDER OF YOUR COLLEGE LIFE BUT AS A SOCIAL DOCUMENT OF THE GOOD OLD DAYS. yhe dftnimA f4fniM 6 tiirti Oh fi30 ctiHitie i • AtkleticA iVit G c((p C I a e p. 1 59 •■%f d ministrd _yeuU ' r ( l nil Ciiiiilnis acln ' thf, liciv olliccr.s oj llic ci llt c (.iiul shnlciil IhhIii luliunii.slniU-, lite projes.sors iliclalf, mul slinu-n s o tz c; jitc arc loiiiul llie pci plc llnil iiuiLc llic irlwcls ijo loiiiiJ. t ion h ' ' V " d . " MGIFICSTUDfXI ASSOCIATIOX j - " !? .cgt.sli ifioi} ilciiis, ;;;o.s7 nnp rUiiil jnnincuilh ciiul .scluiUi.sliccillii; llic ( r x c( ic i n joiiiuihon ojjicc ( M ' c (( ' iinsirei- Ic I ' vcn lliiiu niil e.vdiiii iniluuis; ofjiccs joi- slmlciil nclwilics locciU-il Iwre. conservatory fflosf imposiiK slnichirc on caiiipus, froiii ils toifcr clinnes lite liiinni o ' crif cvcuiiici, llw hnw everij (Inarlrr oj llw Itoii r, jixun willini ils ii ills comes llw hcsl cj unisu il an J J ranuilic Unci lis. ' 11 lial goes on .... iiiln ' i u ' s oj Ihc nj. sUni-s aiul sindio llwalivs, pnichcc (iml couccrls o llic cou.scii ' iiloni ( l III II. SIC, iVijiilur Jailii sclu lnlc ( j Uic cmnpns uulw .sliulio, n.s.scmhlic.s ami iluipcl. we er me n It ' I no It I o cyl gijl h ilw collcLje lliroitijh i cncfons conliihti unis oj l( ccil cilizciis in honor and llic cilij .s Joniulvr, Ilw nail is inoiv coininonlij known iiinony sliulenl.s a.s llie .siiciice hnikliiuj. morid d KSVii tlw second jloor ctrc rooms ciiul sliulios oj ihc liousehold ails aiul (. nipliic nrls aepiirliiienls, on llic lirst oi-e science Uihorcilories oiul woiLsnops for llie leclinology courses. d n r ompriscJ () jour iiiiils, iiiosl nn i ' rUiul, al Icasl lo iiuijorihj oj shulciils, is llic dniiiuj luill, llic oilier llnvc nrwuj llic soiuil liall, sln ' rcli (.Icluirl iin-iil oHicrs ciiul si iiJcnl cliiisluiu luiilJnui. Lcu ' iriiui ( l tlniiiu hall U iiccouiuioJalc c rt c;- f ' onv .s .sc ' rct hi .slnJciil licl i; in social liall IS Idcaica llic L ariicc ic c ijl IvioiKniralili aiul ri ' cunlnuis; shulciil rlirislian associalioi III null d dlJjoil (iiul lull . . . niii-lciis ( l llic lihiani hnihinui u is joi ' mciiii llir i ul hoilcr r(H ni, hiil iioic . ' il lulciil.s ji ml llic pliuc ulccil for loil ami Utih, oiiltj ili.siii.ssion. ' i ijclinu] liculca, in spile oj rules. r C isii hdoL lie s U OKiiui jor ctiul shulriil lihrainnis In lo help . . ihc lihi irii is llic place lo iiieel llie jneiul . . iipslairs il is jree joe all . . in llie slacks onli upperclussiiien aiv aJimlied hij card. west memo ■oLbWc III hope (.iiid ilic III llic iiiji ntuini is luiidlii llw Irn li, dcspilc si lulciil loLiiu , ds llif hcsl cliiiiccil scri ' icc unit liosliiUilizciluni is oljrrcil c] ' iTin ' in ' n xM puijiiiciil oj a siiuill liciinli jce. rid r i rmary V • . .■ " ' " W L III , " , -T- V f ■ r h -e wK, •v i ' V. r ' y liysiCiil CMiniiiuiliuii.s liij luc slajj ciiul specuilisls Lire ciwcii nil sludciils upon nuilriciiUil profn ' r I rcnl iiiciil lor niitincs oiul ailiiiciils ore iijjoiclecl v ' cnjoiic wlio wisli lo ivci ' n ' c llii ion; III. n f teiv cjyiii ii is l iii l cliiniuj llic siiimncr, nl ci ' llic oUl ' oct c;; si nicl iiiv Intnicd ihc .iivi ' k iis seiiu ' .slcr, (Hicl ilfclunlccl al lioiiicconuiu hcjoiv a croiri.1 t ' j (( ' ' ;•( ' (■ ; re uliniis ami iiinliTiinnls. m n d wimt ' ■s- X 1 + ' S ■ " :? ? ' i. 15 i .JOcitcr lacililies arc iioiv ojjcrcci jor till sfiorls . . . iiulodis (.iiul uul . . . jor O ' erijoitc lo ciijoij hi. jcn ' onle qciiiie; iif shnrs are cLiss)ooii s ami a ilaucnni sIulIio jof social aiul cii rncnlar acfn ' ifws. TullyC.Knoles Dr. Knoles has the distinction of be- ing the president of the oldest col- ege in California, for on Charter Day in July Pacific celebrates its nintieth year of service as the state ' s first recognized institution of higher earning. Leaving his position as head of the history department at the University of Southern Califor- nia, he became president twenty- two years ago, and has lead the col- ege through its greatest years of growth and achievement. President Knoles is initially responsible for the campus being moved from San Jose, and for Pacific becoming a strictly senior college with one graduate year. 30 At the beginning of each semester Dr. and Mrs. Knoles receive students and faculty at a formal reception honoring and welcoming newcomers to the campus. For many years President Knoles has made his weekly broad- cast on current events under the title " The World Today, " released over the California Network through the Campus Radio Studio and a local station, to an ever-Increasing audience. He also conducts a class every week under the same title for upperclassmen. ■ I- _ O. H. Ritter, Robert E. Burns, Thomas F. Baxter, and Charles Segerstrom, Jr. work hand in hand to further the interests of the College of the Pacific. Their greatest concern at the present time is the ten-year program in anticipation of Pacific ' s 1 00th anniversary. The new chapel is the first project, with construction already under way. Mr. Ritter does double duty, serving as Executive Vice-President and Comptroller. Mr. Burns, as Registrar, proudly announced upper division enrollment this year num- bered over 500 students. Representing the Trustees Is Mr. Baxter, President of the Board. Alumni Association, divided for practical purposes into local organizations. Is headed by Mr. Segerstrom. The group ' s two most important activities are the Liv- ing Endowment Fund directed by Charles Warmer and the annual Alumni Colleges. t eifhJ Fred Long Farley, as Dean of the College of the Pacific, is probably the most popular of all the administrative heads. When he is not planning assem- bly programs and securing out- standing speakers for the col- lege lecture series, he devotes his time to being the good Sa- maritan to suffering students, hie also manages to teach Greek language and culture. Every college needs a Farley. J. Marc Jantzen is new Dean of Pacific Summer Sessions. In addition to regular summer work on the campus, there is a post session at Zepher Point, Lake Tahoe. This year a six weeks historical and industrial tour of the United States and Canada is on the calendar of summer activities. Dr. Jantzen came from the University of Kansas in September to become a member of the education de- partment. J. William Harris, Dean of Edu- cation at Pacific, has contribut- ed much to the growth of the departments of education and psychology. All students who are going into the teaching pro- fession have an opportunity to gain much from his philosophy of education and life, accord- ing to the testimonials of grate- ful alumni. Dr. Harris is intro- ducing a new course, " Problems of a Small High School. " 32 James H. Corson is known to senior college students as Dean of Men and to the junior col- lege as Dean of Students. Out- side of office hours, he keeps busy teaching classes in orienta- tion and vocations for men, and serving as an ex-officio member of numerous student commit- tees. Formerly an outstanding Pacific athlete, he also won fame as an Olympic champion at the Amsterdam games. Miss Beulah Watson concludes in August her first year as Dean of Women for both colleges. Conservative in nature, Miss Watson has made no attempt at change or reform, but has carried out her duties in an ex- perienced manner. She was formerly dean of discipline at Needles hiigh School. At the Mardi Gras she was an honored guest. Miss Watson claims a fondness for choral music and gardening. Gustavus Adolphus Werner is retiring Dean of Summer Ses- sions but remains in his capac- ity as Director of Pacific Tours. In these two positions he has served for fifteen years. In the junior college he is chairman of the Division of Social Sciences. Conducting many public forums, he is recognized as an authority of current affairs. Class dis- cussions are livened by his un- usual sense of humor. t CifH 33 Death Two-hundred and twenty-five members of the ninth annual expedition will never forget the entrance in Panamint Valley. " Come and get it! " A typical camp-cite for early morn- ing doughnuts and coffee. Visits for interested members were made at important in- dustrial plants, one being the American Potash and Chem- ical. Protege of Doc Arnold, a kangaroo rat performs for Eby ' s moving picture camera. Spike between two cactus blossoms — Bill Devine, who took the pictures on these pages, with Diamond Lil Kahan and Barbara Daniels. KIM Valley Adina Wiens lounging on Doc Waldo ' s dream car at Red Rock Canyon. Three interested spectators at Zabriskl ' s Point. Kinda dry lookin ' , huh? From morning to night, always eating. Another chow line at Valley Wells. Exciting boat trip on Mead Lake behind Boulder Dam with the sailors and sailorettes having gobs of fun. Just a " ham " , what no candied yams? Welch and his por- table radio tuning in on Bob hlope, probably. wdyne Orton Principal of the Stockton Junior Col- lege, Mr. Orton has had the satis- faction of administering the college through six years of rapid increase in student enrollnnent, faculty mem- bers, and number of courses. This year has seen the addition of several new technological courses, making it possible for students to receive occupational as well as college pre- paratory training. Mr. Orton has been largely responsible for the smooth working relations between senior and junior colleges, and the the greater support of the J. C. in student body activities. hie flies about the country participating In disucsslons of secondary education. 36 When Mr. Orton Isn ' f attending committee meetings or writing articles on the growth and development of junior colleges, he is busy working in the garden of his new home. Since giving up debating as a hobby, he also finds time and enjoys taking his car apart and putting it together again with no pieces left over. ti} t N. Junior College Registrar for the past three years, LOUIS L. WINDMILLER has the difficult task of registering and checking the records of approximately 1900 students enrolled during the year. Dean of Instruction ChHARLES E. CORBIN has most of the curlculum problems to solve, with his duties Including Introduction of new courses. He is serving his twenty-seventh year on the Pacific faculty. ARThHUR BAWDEN, chair- man of the Division of Natural Sciences, sees to it that freshman don ' t fall into chemis- try test-tubes or sophomores scorch themselves on Bunson burners. hHe has recently been appointed Dean of Occupational Training. IRVING GOLEMAN, Arts and Let- ters Chairman, Is one of the most interesting profs on the campus, and his classes the most fascinating. Friends call him the Saint. irM: Civil Aeronautics Authority, Stock " Contact! " Since the fall of 1939, the Stockton Junior College has offered to the air-nninded student the opportunity to enroll for flying instruction in the C. A. A. An ever-increasing nunnber of students are learning the intricacies of tail-spins, take-offs, and landings in the actual fight-training courses. In the ground-school training, under the fine supervision of R. B. Bancroft, potential pilots must master meteor- ology, navigation, and air law. With a minimum of 35 flying hours, a student can receive his primary pilot ' s license. " All clear! She ' s In the air! " 38 ton J unior College Candids showing three men and a ' chute; the fusilage of the " mystery " plane which landed on a sorority ' s front porch; June Sprague, the school ' s first feminine student to receive the C. A. A. pilot ' s license; an alert class listening to an absorbing lecture on air-pockets; and a student pilot packing a ' chute. PSAP rexy Bill BIddIck, an embryonic lawyer win- ning forensic tournaments for a hob- by, has proved to be an efficient student body president. Winner of four extemporaneous debate cham- pionships, he was also rated out- standing masculine speaker at Lin- field for tv o consecutive years. Bill has been active in college affairs since his sophmore year when he ser- ved as chairman of the Student Af- fairs Committee, hie dibbled as a member of the Ex ' Committee, dab- bled as assistant editorial editor of the Weekly, and doodled his way into All-College Honor Society — all in his junior year. hHis executive ability is attested by the fact that in a pre-November presidential straw ballot he received five votes for President of the United States. 40 Part of Biddick ' s job is officially to greet and be greeted. Here he is being welcomed to San Jose by the Spartan president when he arrived with other Tiger rooters on the special for the annual football game. For versatility, these four P. S. A. office holders illustrate a wide field of selection — home economics and music are the feminine majors, with economics and poli sci for the men. JEAN STRONG seems to have fallen naturally into the position of vice- president, for she was a class officer in each of her first three college years. Jean states definitely that she ' s not artistic, although her dance decorations are evidence to the contrary. When JEAN FERGUSON isn ' t busy with her music notes, she is with meeting notes, for as secretary she must keep student body minutes. Incidentally, neither Jean has light brown hair. A three year man as tackle with the Tigers, STAN VAUGHAN has reversed his position to play guard to the hoarded shekels of the treasury, hlis only fear being that he ' d dislocate his shoulder, hIAMILTON BRIGGS, as head yell leader for two years, has been a veritable " jumping bean. " Executive Committee in Weekly Session As fhe governing body of the Pacific Student Association, the Ex ' Committee strives at all times for the most desirable and workable relationship between the College of the Pacific and Stockton Junior College. In administrating the finances of the student body, the committee kept stricter supervision over the budgets of all departments of the P. S. A., with the satisfactory result that this year ' s treasury surplus is the larg- est ever to pass from the out-going to the in-coming committee. Yet, no activities were stunted in ap- propriations and there was more attention given to social events for the entire student body, with members enjoying the music of two big-name bands. Skinnay Ennis was hired in the fall for the " housewarming " dance in the new gymnasium. Still in the financial field is the voting of money for the chapel fund, and the purchase of two hundred seats for the gym. In keeping with the record of efficiency was the filing of complete written reports of all activities, and completion of constitutional revisions. Flaw in the record was the committee ' s negligence in not getting Mardi Gras arrangements started early enough to have the dance in February when tradition says every Mardi Gras should be held. Credit goes to committeemen for selling seven per cent more P. S. A. cards than in any previous year ' s sale. Bill Biddick and the presi- dent-elect were sent to the Pacific Coast Presidents ' Association meeting at Catalina Island. CxeofWe Cmmittee Whenever Chairman Biddick called a committee meeting to order those present would include P. S. A. executives, special representatives, class presidents, and members-at-large. Attending to business v ere (seated) Yell leader hiam Briggs, Student Affairs Chairman Joe Kegler, Treasurer Stan Vaughan, President Bill Biddick, Vice-president Jean Strong, Secretary Jean Ferguson, A. W. S. President Joyce Wiggins, (standing) Sherv ood Norton, Rally Chairman Doug Powell, Faculty Member Jim Corson, Les Dow, Allen Breed, Freshman President Russ Agnew, Publications Chairman Bob Monagan, Frances Brandstad, Alumni Member Bob Fenix, Senior President Tony Ficovich, Sophomore President Gene FHarter, and Gene Rotsch. Junior President Claude hlogan was not present. The committee met one evening every week in the execu- tive rooms of the Student Christian Association building. In recognition of their services, each member received an honor key presented at a regular student assembly. Members -at -Large Candidate of the Associated Wo- men Students, Frances Brandstad is the first feminine member elect- ed in several years. Sherwood Norton ' s winning smile won him a deserving place on the committee. Athlete Les Dow polled the largest number of votes as further proof of his popularity. Serving his sec- ond year, genial Gene Rotsch is a man of experience. Debater Allen Breed was the only junior elected Breed Is serving his second year. L. 43 Joyce Wiggins, with the supporf of certain nnembers of her cabinet, made vain but noble attempts to make women ' s self-government an actuality rather than the fic- tion it is now. President Wiggins also crusaded to put the constitution in constitutional form, meeting defeat on this front too. She was successful, however. In inaugurat- ing the system of specials being given at all living groups, and that is an achievement in itself. Representing the women students on the Executive Committee, she battled there for the fems ' fair share of student body revenue. Joyce soon discovered that giving the A. W. S. a life- saving Injection was no easy nor highly satisfactory task. Every co-ed automatically becomes a member of the association, and It is always a problem to keep the interest of the majority of the members. Among the more suc- cessful functions of the A. W. S. are the operating of the Cub hlouse, and the supervision of the scholarship and loan funds available to all women students. Joyce de- serves credit for trying to give the members what they want — real women ' s self-government. AASccmted to A W S Cabinet Executive body of the association is the Cabinet composed of elect- ed and appointed officers. They meet regularly to plan women ' s activities and to determine proper governing rules for living groups. Dean Watson is faculty advisor. Officers are (standing}- second vice- president Phyllis Grimshaw, Presi- dent Joyce Wiggins, (seated) Cub hlouse Manager Mae Welgart, first Vice-president Adrian Squires, Treasurer Mary Barbara Baer, Re- cording secretary Sarah Cameron, Corresponding secretary Frances Hull, W. A. A. President Jacque- line Parker. Rosemary Strader served as W. A. A. head the sec- ond semester. m w-:i L The Cub House, " Where You Meet Everybody, " is owned by the A. W. S. and employs student help. It ' s the rendezvous for coffee and coc addicts. At one of the general meetings Epsilon entertained members with a showing of college fashions. cfneh tif ehtJ SECRETARIES Freshmen and sophomore secre- taries appointed to assist the Cab- inet during the year were (back row) Freshmen Pat Boyton, Pat Bell, Frances McNeil, Lucille Rowe, Merle Esplen, Mary Sharp; (front) Sophomores Ellen Jayne hHarring- ton and Betty Kingdon. U - 3 Rally Committee this year presented many outstanding programs — featuring well-known speak- ers, stunts, distinctive student talent — under the competent and enthusiastic leadership of Doug Powell. Innovation was the introduction of bright and eye-dazzling orange and white satin jackets worn by members at all sport events and rallies. Committeemen are (standing) Les Knoles, Doug Powell, Jim Johnstone, Bud Stefan, Gene Rotsch, George Moeller, Joe Thornton, Bill Dean, (seated) Dick Loomis, Leslie Knoles, Tom Gavey, Bill hlunefeld, Phyllis Grimshaw. Donna Ferguson is also a member. With excited and yelling rooters on either side, the band marched triumphantly from gym rally to bonfire. Kissing the boys goodbye, crowd gave the team a rally swell send- off at the station when they left for South Bend. The bus drove right on the stage of the Outdoor Theatre where everyone gathered to welcome the fellows home from Indiana, and the cheers were broadcast to radio fans. Rooting section enthusiastically followed Yell Leader Ham Briggs and assistant Boyd Thompson at the San Jose game. Unusually noisy noise parades kept the town awake. Student Affairs Committee is in reality the policing organization on the campus, with their major problems being enforcement of traffic and parking laws, and smoking restrictions. Spec- ial task this year was the revising of the constitution. Members were (seated) Chairman Joe Kegler, Lois Bugbee, Dean Watson, Melba Jean Loyd, (standing) Irving Gartner, Norman Lamb, Dean Corson, Claude hlogan, Tom Ferrari. (Below) There ' s no barrier against this kind of parking. hHave a drag but only along Stadium Drive. Publications Committee accomplished only the routine matter of appointing editors and mana- gers, leaving important problems for next year ' s committee to solve. Members were (standing) Chairman Bob Monagan, Irvine Sprague, Bill Lunt, (seated) Tom Bowe, Beverly Wright who re- signed during the spring semester, Dick Loomis, Bill Workman; also Janet McGinnis, and Howard Lewis. One-third of the Weekly reporters present to have their picture taken were [standing) Jerry Walker, Milton Callas, John Sayer, Elvin Platti, Rollie Romo, Bill hHunefeld, Bill Workman, (seated) Adele Scoble, Pat Mitchell, Jeanne Dagg, Leslie Knoles. PucUl c A periodical purveyor of informafion, testing ground of student opinion, the Pacific Weekly is published Friday of every school week by the student associa- tion. News of interest to students, faculty, and alunnni has been the goal toward which the Weekly constantly strives, although the paper lacked the nnasculine qualities of the past several years. An en- ergetic force worked under Janet McGinnis for two semesters. Editorial Board in the fall consisted of News Editor Jessie hHannay, Sports Editor Bob Conaway, Society Editor Leslie Knoles, Feature Editor Jeanne Dagg, Copy Desk Editor Frances Wat- son. In the spring Conaway was pronnoted to News Editor, Jack Toomay and Jerrold Walker be- came associate sport editors, Jeanne Dagg and Don Segerstrom took over the copy desk and fea- ture editorships respectively, with Leslie Knoles remaining at her society post. During the year Adele Schoble compiled the exchange column, Tom Woodruff snapped pictures, Don LaMoine and Milton Callas assisted with feature and copy desk work, and Manager Irvine Sprague kept the finances out of the red. Members of the staff got more excited than anyone else over the mysterious flying of the Soviet flag on the campus one May morning, but they ended the month with a banquet and apparently forgot all about it. Many more photographs of campus affairs were used this year than in past issues. Janet McGinnis is editor-in-chief and Business Manager is Irvine Sprague. w ee kl V JEANNE DAGG, MILTON CALLAS BILL HUNEFELD, FRANCES WATSON DON LaMOINE, DON SEGERSTROM E-.B CONAWAY, TOM WOODRUFF JERROLD WALKER, JACK TOOMAY ADELE SCOBLE, LESLIE KNOLES ff i h Several innovations make the 1941 Naranjado dis- tinctive from past isues — six natural four-color plates serve as division pages and table of contents; honor societies and clubs are represented by group pic- tures to make the book more interesting and accurate; the dust cover to protect the linen binding; four hundred and sixty-four pictures, not including por- traits, an increase in number making the book more representative of campus affairs and students. After a successful introduction last year, used again were the smaller page size and the directory and index of student body members and faculty. The staff, headed by Beverly Wright and Tom Bowe, included Assistant Editors Merceita Voorhees, Pat Mitchell, Bill hlunefeld; Women ' s Editor Ellen Colvan, Sports Editor Bob Conaway, Assistant Mana- gers Betty Morrison, Grace Cox, Bob Martin; Contributors Marge Lee, radio and music; Max Gobel, drama; Allen Breed, debate; Bill Devine, Albert Charles, Bill McCrum, Bill Maring, photogra- phy; LaVerne Nicolas, directory; Adele Scoble, stenography. Pacific publications seemed to follow the general trend for 1941 in college journalism with major editorships going to women. Editor-in-Chief is Beverly Wright and Tom Bowe, Jr., is Busines Manager. »•? - ? BILL HUNEFELD, BOB CONAWAY MAX SOBEL, MARGE LEE ELLEN COLVAN, LAVERNE NICOLAS PAT MITCHELL, MERCEITA VOORHEES 53 (• M|KMdlM M| ► •Ste» , Frosh Bible is published every summer to guide freshmen and new students. It contains information about all college activities, traditions, and songs, with pic- tures of all the people one ought to know. Editor was Bob Monagan. M. S. S. IS literary magazine published in the spring, spon- sored by the Scroll and Stylus Club and subsidized by the P. S. A., containing poetry, short stories, plays, radio drama, and sketches. Growing in size and circulation every edition, this year ' s was edited by Jeanne Woodruff. Bengdl Bulletin is published everyday to announce current events on the campus and Is placed in eight different buildings for the benefit of all students. Editor during the fall semester was Lucille Wilson. Virginia Wright edited the bulletin during the spring months. IL Miss Sally Jones, -freshmen, chosen Omega Phi girl for the annual serenade by the fraternity. Representing Pacific in the 1941 issue of Who Who ' s in American Colleges and Universities were the following sen- iors (standing) Bill Biddick, Gene Rotsch, Al Irwin, (seated) Jean Strong, Stan Vaughan, Beverly Wright, Norman Lamb, Tony Ficovich: also chosen were Claribel Coffman, Douglas Powell. It belonged to Cal Aggies but possession is nine points of the law contended the Archites. The Aggies took it home on the technicality it was state property, besides the cows were lost without it. There ' s a moral to this picture, and let it be a lesson to you. The curly locks of these Pacificites are now the keep- sakes of Spartan defenders. They aren ' t stuffing the ballot box but are counting votes in student body election. he 6 n t e Pacific is the first college to win permanent posses- sion of the Linfield Sweepstakes Trophy, accom- plished by taking first place for two consecutive years. Known to the squad as Matilda, it is held in high respect as a symbol of the college ' s out- stnading speech department. First men ' s team, Allen Breed and Bill Biddick placed sec- ond in the Linfield and Pi Kappa Delta tournaments, with Biddick receiving for the second time at Linfield the outstanding men ' s award. Claude Hogan and Kenneth Hastin represented Pacific at the Midwestern Tournament held in Denver, having the record of entering final events at all contests in which they competed. Edward Betz, head debate coach, and Robert Clark, as- sistant in charge of J. C. teams, have the honor of be- ing associate editor and ed- itor-in-chief respectively of " Western Speech. " Joe Kegler and George Kapel talked their way across the country to South Carolina for the national junior college tournament, placing second and third respectively In ex- temperaneous. lola Whitlock and Ann Rhodes, also freshmen, were teamed in debate and never failed to reach semi-final rounds, also placing high in every oratorical contest. Eleanor Powell and Jacque- line Judge have done excep- tional work in Individual events. Miss Judge with lola Whitlock won women ' s Pi Kappa Delta tournament, both receiving watches. Aimee Arbios and Betty Car- ter after their first year of competition are considered likely candidates for high hon- ors before the end of their Forensics careers. Weldon West, Raymond Ray, Francis Mackay, Irvin Gart- ner, Milton Valentine have ex- perienced their first taste of debate on the local campus, with Ray and Gartner travel- ing for outside contests. Margaret Stimman and Pearl Steiner, freshman team, won women ' s debate in both jun- ior and senior divisions, and Margaret won women ' s ex- temperaneous and impromp- tu speaking at Linfield. 57 58 U tn e c c tn It was again time for reminiscence. Last October 17, 18, 19, and 20 returning alumni strolled about the campus, renewing friendships, recalling past escapades, and con- trasting the new Pacific with the old. hlome coming is the time when the freshmen cremate their dinks in the blazing bonfire, when fraternities and sororities revamp their exteriors in friendly competition, when the rooting section packed with old grads makes more noise than ever, when the Tiger team puts its foe to shame. For distinc- tive house decorations, Alpha Theta Tau won first place for the second consecutive year. On the gridiron, the Tigers outplayed the Fresno Bulldogs, but a last minute field goal brought defeat. Social highlights of the busy week-end were the annual homecoming dance, open houses in fraternity and so rority circles, reunion luncheons and breakfasts for old members of organizations. BUD STEFAN Election Year In October while presidential candidates were touring the country, political-minded class candidates made their own rounds on the campus. The page happens to represent defeated aspirants local and national. It was a torch-light parade and rally with band and signs for student body election. Except for the cars it might have been a take-off on McKInley ' s campaign. Week after Wendell Wilkie made his appearance in Stock- ton, he received the majority votes in the Weekly ' s straw vote. Roosevelt ran a close second, with Biddlck trailing third. Over-night the campus bloomed with strange and wonder- ful things that Benny Bava didn ' t plant. In November Omega Phis held a pre-election dance to in- troduce their candidate Joe Smith, who didn ' t make the Electoral College in spite of prep training at Pacific. World War The far-reaching effects of the war did not fail to touch the Pacific campus. About one hundred men in both col- leges expect to be in the army by July; many others have joined the air corps, marines, and navy. Pictured are a few of the typical reactions of students: Senior Women ' s Honor Society sponsored a foreign doll show, using as the nucleus eighty dolls given the college by the French Government at the close of the Exposition, for the benefit of war relief funds. Working at the show were Beverly Wright, Jean Strong, Nickie Flcovich. Discussing world problems outside of classes were many groups like the Public Affairs Club. Even at the festivities of the Mardl Gras war conditions were not forgotten. Archanla got Into the spirit of the country at Its Conscrip- tion Dance early in the fall. The boys are ready to go and have already signed up at Rhlzomla, if they can be captains too. hHow about it Mr. Roosevelt? S - ' % ' ■ ' r At the Get-Together in September for freshmen to meet old-timers? To cheer the team off to Notre Dame for the opening game? In the social hall at the reception honor- ing new-comers? Partaking of Omega Phi ' s hospitality at the February informals? V V- ' ►- ■ Enjoying the Christmas spirit of Women ' s Hall winter formals? Helping to christian the gym with the music of Skinnay Ennis? Dancing in the romantic atmosphere of Tau Kappa ' s Valentine party? With boots and saddle at Brown ' s Pavilion for Men ' s Hall barn dance? My Day By ELEANOR TIGERVELT And when you woke me up I was dreaming I was in a world of no eight o ' clocks. What ' ll I wear tonight? . . . how ' l I fi bell X my hair? ever ring Oh won ' t that Here I sit when I should be doing thousands of busy work. Just one more hand. Roast beef again. hlome was never like this. Mustn ' t forget to sign out . . . Looks like we ' re going to have a devesting time Another campus. Fifteen minutes isn ' t enough time to even have a coke. What a life! 64 BAND FROLIC Phi Mu Alpha — " Shave and a hair cut, six bits " or the shearing of Norman Lamb by the Barber of Seville. Rho Lambda Phi — Five o ' clock tea in fraternity circle. " Your ahem is familiar but I can ' t recall the face. " Alpha Theta Tau — The Beef of Thagbad in search of his genii with the light brown hair. (Refer him to BMI) Omega Phi, first prize — " Take your nasty, dirty hand off " Any- thing can happen in a London blackout. Epsilon Lambda Sigma — The eyes and ears of Archanla. " What mor- tals, fools, dost thou see? " eat At Rhizomia ' s sixty-second annual watermelon feed, it took a whole truck load of nnelons to satisfy campus hunger. Patty Pierce ' s parties are famous for food and fun. If you take a course from her you ' re on the guest list. Sororities take turns feeding bon-fire vigilantes in the early morning hours, with doughnuts and coffee the menu. Little Theatre has field day every semester and there ' s noth- ing dramatic about it. Picnic lunch is served to give workers energy for the clean up. Dining hall food is so good the kids wait in line for it, if they ' re hungry enough. These fellows are the early birds that got the worm, or was it half a worm? ' - M k4:L { drink " I ' ll take mine straight, I mean black. " After-dinner coffee is a pleasant habit at Mu Zeta Rho. The pause that refreshes any gab session, and you ' re good for another four hours. What ' ll it be? Cub hlouse thrives on between-meal hun- ger, selling during the year 25,391 candy bars, 2790 gallons of ice cream, 28, 748 sandwiches, 33, 888 bottles of coc. Boy meets girl at the Co-op for meals, unlike other campus dining rooms where never the twain shall meet. Archania ' s bar where the drinks and the music are soft. J k]S an d b Manor Hall guests enjoy the nnusic at the winter formal in the Stockton hHotel. Boom! And the Rhizites have a " " good time at their annual hiell Dance. Clear the floor for the jitter-bugs. And in the S. C. A. building too! Sophomore class dance in the fall at the Cocoanut Grove. No, the L. A. city limits aren ' t this far north, yet. Archites make hay while the moon shines. Bottles are for local color, not consumption, the gun isn ' t loaded, and that ' s not a salad fork. Intermission at Epsilon ' s formal. There ' s a question before the house, and the ouiji rises to point of order. IC; %f ' merry K i Polnsettas were the decoration for the winter formal given by Mu Zeta Rho at the house. Two more couples dancing by at the Sophomore Dance, wondering why the place Is called Cocoanut Grove. Only spooks at Women ' s hiall radio dance on hlallawe ' en were used for decorations. Hay! No Smoking! Guests at Men ' s hiall barn dance had to be satisfied with a drag across the floor. Guests were rushed at Omega Phi ' s gambling party with fake bad men, counterfeit coin, and women with false fronts. J! W u-i )9l i4i V g m x £XMlllli£SUttX4 l2itil Zt tl»liZii7ll Ltttlgl9.SaiSZiSE S3UiiJ UX m».%Li mihAkt iA AMtLMH Miss Donna Ferguson elected by popular vote to reign over evening ' s festivities. D Aide -7 1 Attendants to the queen were Lois Lasell, Mary Ran- ney, Lynne Riley, Juanita D a u s s a t, Claire Moody, Georgina Wood. Opening production of the seventeenth season under the direc- tion of De Marcus Brown. The players: Ida Bush, Juanita Daus- sat, Lorraine Davis, Esther De Mark, Jack Devoe, Bette Elliott, Robert English, Allison Ewing, Donna Ferguson, Al Gossett, Elizabeth Hawks, James hHolden, Jack Holmes, Jane O ' Connor, William Ramsey, Anthony Reid, Dixie Lee Shaw, Bud Stefan, Denise Zapherson. The Staff: Barbara Cadden, Bette Elliott, Max Gobel, Fred Holden, Bill Hunefeld, James Keilty, Dick Schneider, Constance Slater, Virginia Wright. END OF SUMMER One hundred-thrity-fifth production (picture top opposite page.) The Players: Claribel Coffman, Juanita Daussat, Carl Fuller, Max Gobel, Jack Holmes, Susan Hubbard, Lillian Kahan, Richard Schneider, Herman Spindt, Glenn Tanner, Bert Trulsson. The Staff: Bette Elliott, Bob English, Allison Ewing, Truella Jen- sen, Ed Miller, Marjorle Patmon, Tony Reid, Constance Slater. Pi(cip c T O V A R I C H The French Comedy as adapted by Robert Sherwood. The Players: Claribel Coffman, Juanita Daus- sat, Robert English, Donna Fergusson, Max Gobel, Fred Holden, Jack hHolmes, Jack Kellty, La Verne Nicolas, Jane O ' Connor, Anthony Ried, Ann Rhodes, Clinton Sherwood, hHerman Spindt, lola, Whit- lock. The Staff: Marcellyn Battilana, Al Clake, Juonita Daussat, hienry Fujii, Fred hHolden, Lillian Kahan, Richard Schneider, Lois Wheeler, Beth Winters. kittle yhei(tie ' It was well worth a Cook ' s tour of drenched highways from Oakland to Stockton. " Wood Soanes, Oakland Tribune. Romeo and Juliet Yes an dNo One hundred thirty-eighth pro- duction. The Players: hHarriet Budin, Allison Ewing, Fred hlol- den, Lillian Kahan, Richard Schneider, Lois Wheeler, lola Whitlock. The Staff: Marcelyn Battilana, Rose Ann Chatton, Al Clake, Jack Holmes, Truella Jensen, Tony Reid, Ann Rhodes. Shakespeare ' s Romeo and Juliet, starring Anthony Ried and Lois Wheeler. The Players: Marcelyn Battilana, Barbara Baxley, Phillis Briggs, Jack Devoe, Marcella Dobrasin, Bette Elliott, Robert Eng- lish, Felton Fletcher, Carl Fuller, Max Gobel, Allison Gossett, FHenry Hobson, Frederick Holden, Jack FHolmes, James Keilty, Garner Long, Warren Mohr, Phyliss Moore, Donald Oaks, Persls Rit- chie, Lucille Rowe, Richard Schneider, Dixie Lee Shaw, Constance Slater, Robert Stefan, Fredrick Taioli. The Staff: Joseph Bianculli, Robert Buck, Peter Burd, Alfred Clarke, John Coale, Glenna Cus- ick, Bette Elliott, Thomas Gavey, William Gratn, Truella Jensen, George DeMedeiros, Alvin Trobbe, Elizabeth Winters. 79 Back Stage What goes on behind the scenes is as important as the action on the stage. Tony Reid and Al Clake at the switchboard. hterm Spindt and Glenn Tanner as they appeared in End of Summer, Glenn ' s last performance on the Pacific stage. He ' s acting in the army now. Box office receipts keep the Little Theatre going, so it ' s an important job that Marion Akers and Marge Lee have. Clean-up day and the Frosh bonfire benefits as much as the theatre. Stage crew sizes a flat, just part of the experience of being a college thespian. Oift f oi Tkeatie Outdoor Theatre, located at the back of the conservatory and theatre building, is used for rallies and junior college commencennent as well as for dramatic productions. Final play for the Little Theatre season is always an outdoor show. " American Landscape " was the play chosen by Director De Marcus Brown, after being success- fully performed during the 1940 summer session. 81 tiafi LADY WINDERMERE ' S FAN directed by Claribel Coffman. Cast: Bob Auger, Mar- cellyn Battilana, Barbara Baxley, Vernon Bell, Barbara Cadden, Doris Clifford, Jack Devoe, Marcella Dobrasin, Tom Gavey, James Keilty, Garner Long, Warren Mohr, Claire Moody, Bill Richardson, Presis Ritchie, Al Clark, Dixie Lee Shaw, Clint Sherwood, Bud Stefan, lola Whitlock. Staff: Jack Friend, Tom Gavey, Jane O ' Connor, Sylvia Sch- wartz, Beth Winters. SIX CHARACTERS IN SEARCH OF AN AUTHOR directed by Lois Wheeler. Cast: Marcellyn Battilana, Barbara Cadden, hlow- ard Casassa, Jack Devoe, Marcella Do- Dobrasin, Felton Fletcher, May Glick, Al Gossett, Jack hlolmes, James Keilty, War- ren Mohr, La Verne Nicholas, Sylvia Schwartz, Constance Slater, Bert Trulsson Jr., Dorothy Woodford, Doris Wudell. Staff: hHal Ewing, Mary Glick, Jack hlolhes, War- ren Mohr, Lucille Rowe, hHerman Spindt. RUMPLESTILTSKIN directed by Truella Jen- sen, with a special matinee for children at Christmastime. Cast: Bob Alameda, Phyllis Briggs, Doris Clifford, Jim Hoiden, Jack hHolmes, James Keilty, Garner Long, Burl Miner, Warren Mohr, Donald Oaks, Brad- Ford Setness, Clinton Sherwood, Gerald Smith, Bud Stefan, Ted Stewart, Bill Tibbs, lola Whitlock. Staff: Jean Caubu, Rose Ann Chatton, Al Clake, Mary Creamer, - a Ewing, Jack Holmes, Betty Keller, Persis Ritchie, Dick Schneider, Constance Slater. mg iitmtisiisiiiriii- T e tie THE TREE and THE CRICKET, two one- act plays, written by John Dennis and di- rected by Ruth Coward. Cast: Bob Ala- meda, Marcelyn Battilana, Barbara Baxley, Betty Behney, Jack Devoe, Marcella Dob- rasin, Warren Mohr, Bill Richardson, Brad Setness, Clinton Sherwood, Bud Stefan, Dorothy Woodford. Staff: Henry Fujii, Tom Gavey, Jackie Parker, Marge Patmon, Beth Winters. SIMPLE SIMON, original play written and directed by hierman Spindt. Cast: Bar- bara Baxley, Tom Churchill, Jack Coale, Bob English, Tom Gavey, Jim Keilty, Al Larner, Warren Mohr, Lois Thornton, Lenore Van Dyke, Leonard Ward, Doris Wudell. Staff: Tony Raid, hienry Fujii. BRIGNOL AND HIS DAUGHTER directed by Max Gobel. Cast: Winona Barber, Jack Coale, Beverly Cox, Jack Devoe, Bob En- glish, Jim Keilty, Al Larner, Charles Lester, Pattie Schuler. Staff: Joe Bianculli, Marce- lyn Battilana, Betty Elliott, Beth Winters. I W io The Campus Studio, located in the Conservatory building, is affiliated with KWG, Stockton, and has contributed at least nine programs a week during the year to that station ' s schedule. Regular features were Pacific Revues, Radio Stage, Pacific Musicale, Pacific Symposium, The Campus Speaks, The Campus Clipbook; in addition was an eight week series titled Water Is Life, prepared In part by the Federal Bureau of Reclamation, adapted, produced, and recorded in the Radio Work- shop. Recordings of each half-hour show are now on file In the bureau ' s Washington, D. C. office. Active In radio, besides those pictured, were Glenn Tanner, Dick Schneider, John Fanucchi, Al Lar- ner, Al Miller, Bill Ramsey, Truella Jensen, Clinton Sherwood. Original dramas by Joe Loftus, hlerman Spindt, hHubert White were produced for Radio Stage. Director John Crabbe, whose every effort has gained a prominent place for radio at Pacific, presents Beside the Bookshelf, weekly book review. Technical angles of radio are not over-looked; Al Larner is monitoring. Marge Lee directing, John Crabbe recording a program for later release. Pacific Symposium, under the supervision of the speech de- partment, informally discussed current public problems, with Irvin Gartner, Claude Hogan, Bob English, Audrey Segale, Jean Caubu, Ken Hastin, Allen Breed, Buford Bush partici- pating. Campus Clipbook, the coed ' s program of interest to women, is represented by Thalia Heim, Marian Sill, Lorraine Davis, Lillian Kahan, Jean Caubu; others working were Doris Bow- ring, Marge Lee, Jane O ' Connor. Art Farey, Pacific News Service, produced Pacific Prevues of the week ' s coming events of special merit. He is shown interviewing Fray and Bragiotti, famed duo-piano team. Water is Life participants shown are Carl Moore, Les Dow, LaVerne Nicolas, John Crabbe, Brad Setness, Felton Fletcher, Marge Lee, Jack Devoe; also assisting was Tom Gavey. 85 C C H John Gllchrisf Elliott is Dean of the Conservatory of music, and in this position he arranges and sup- ervises the curriculum of the department, plans the concert series of guest artists and students. An accomplished pianist, Mr Elliott, in addition to his administrative duties, gives private lessons. He is a member of the Board of Regents of Pi Kappa Lambda, honorary music society, and attended the national convention in Chicago during April. Of the hundred thirty seniors granted degrees this June the following will receive the Bachelor of Music: Verne Clif- ton, Beverly Jean Miller, Norman Lamb, Alice Keehner, Melba Jean Loyd, Jacquehne Parker, Frank Pursel, Dale HHol- llngsworth. Conservatory ' s most outstanding student is Norman Lamb, who has thrilled many audiences with the touch of his violin. Last summer he was chosen as a member of Leopold Stokowski ' s National Youth Orchestra to make a good-will tour of South America. eii)i(t0i u Among the music students who have made important contributions to the fame of the Pacific ' s con- servatory are Irving Fritz, organist; graduate students Albert Miller, director of the Little Theatre Orchestra, and hHubert White, whose talent on the clarinet has won him a scholarship; Clayton Long, pianist, also doing graduate work; Melba Jean Loyd, favored accompanist and pianist of merit, and Barbara hlarrlson, vocalist and soloist for the spring oratorio; and the instrumental trio, com- posed of Jack Ligthart, Thalia hieim, and Mildred Marsh, which played for many social affairs on campus and off; Marge Lee and Bill Ramsey, soloists for Messiah, Naranjado music editor and Weekly music columnist respectively. One of Pacific ' s finest synn- phony orchestras has com- pleted its year under the ba- ton of hHorace I. Brown. Con- cert Master Norman Lamb, who has held that place for three years, was guest per- former at the annual Spring Concert, playing Tschaikow- sky ' s Concerto for violin, first movement. At the com- mencement concert graduat- ing members were featured. Most active musical organiza- tion has ben the Little Theatre Orchestra under the direc- tion of Albert Miller, which has played for every theatre production. Outstanding was the brilliant presentation of Tschaikowsky ' s Overture to Romeo and Juliet at perfor- mances of Shakespeare ' s play. »li,-4 Oiche tiii ' i W Marking the start of what Director Robert Gordon hopes to be an annual activ- ity, the Concert Band had a day of travel to Lincoln High School, Yuba City Junior College, and to Nevada City. Other trips Included Sonora and Jackson hiigh Schools. Most Important presentation was that highlighting the yearly Band Frolic. Out of the Concert Band of seventy- five men and women, fifty men are chosen to comprise the Marching Band, which lends color and entertain- ment at football and basket- ball games, and leads Pacific at the various Pep Ra llies and Noise Parades. Like other Pacific music groups it enjoys well-deserved fame. L. ( ■ 1 i " ■ 1 ■ 1 ' 4 J m •A- ' i i . • i w ' ;;_ ' -— -,11 4 = f — - -. m M K " - s S ' j l ■ - - fcli«« i ' imI B ♦ ' J 7 » - i i J K V This year marks the 24th in the career of the Pacific A Capella Choir. First under direction of C. M. Dennis, and now J. Russell Bodley, the choir has worked to this climactical year in anticipa- tion of its Silver Anniversary celebration in 1942. The Annual Spring Tour took the choir into schools, churches, and clubs in towns as far south as Bakersfield, and it opened the general ses- sion of the Music Supervisor ' s Conference in San Jose held April 7, 8 and 9. For three years Pa- cific ' s Choir has been guest at the Conferences. The annual home concerts are at Christmas and in June. Between these dates come engagements in exchange with other choirs, at organizations and clubs, and occasionally with Pres. Knoles during his speaking engagements. The Choir reper- toire included three original numbers: " Ballad " by Vincent Peck ' 39, " Chant Out of Doors " and " De Glory Road " by Director Bodley. Soloists were Barbara hHarrison, Katherine Kuivala, Marge Lee, Lewis Ford, and Felton Fletcher. Norman Lamb, who as violinist has become a feature of the programs, was presented in all concerts as intermission soloist. Members were: Marge Lee, hHarriett Roth, Thalia hHeim, Jean Thornton, Mary Martz, Sylvia Flanner, Peggy Hurt, Betty Taylor, Valate Learned, Beverly Miller, Beverley Meyer, Virginia Young, Ruth Coward, Lorraine Davis, Flor- erce George, Dorothy Braghetta, Merceita Voorhees, Jean Stuky, Lucille Rowe, Patricia Lacey, Myra Linn, Gloria hlopps, Katherine Kuivala, Mildred Jackson, Julius Lang, Bruce Moorhead, hHorace Evans, Bill Workman, Vernon Bell, Felton Fletcher, Art Holton, Forrest Honnold, Bill Ramsey, Barney Bernard, Olinto Ricci, Sam Kleinsasser, John Dennis, George Hyde, Rodney Branson, Stanley Bray, Lewis Ford, Henry Fujii. Ci(fif2elli( Ckc i CchceHJ In reviewing recitals and concerts, the Conservatory proudly reports such guest artists as Fray and Bragiotti, duo piano; Nicholi Maiko, conductor and lecturer; Nita Akin, organist, and Miriam Solovieff, violinnist. The Tales of Hoffman were presented by the San Francisco Opera Academy. Recitals during the year included three senior, eight student, three faculty, one Mu Phi Epsilon, one Phi Mu Alpha, an alumnae recital featuring Margaret Ritter, voice, and Jeanne Wier Short, cello. Professor Allen Bacon also presented the new h ammond Electric Organ in recital. " The Messiah " by Handel, annual Christmas oratorio, was presented by the senior and junior college chorus on the afternoon of December 15. For the traditional performance. Director Bodley conducted a chorus of 200 students, thirty-piece orchestra, and four featured soloists. Soloists were Francis Wilson x ' 38, tenor; Margaret George ' 39, soprano; Margaret Lee ' 42, contralto; William Ramsey ' 41, basso. " Give Us Peace " was the stirring plea of the chorus in the spring oratorio on May II, the first west coast performance of Vaughn Williams ' s composition. Solo- ists were Barbara and Robert FHarrison. All-Co lege Honor Society Local organization for outstanding achievement in scholarship and service, founded in 1927, with limited membership. Society had charge of two assembly programs at which time new members were introduced. At Dr. Knoles ' s residence a reception was held in November honoring members of Alpha Gamma Sigma. Offcers were Chancellor Karl hHanson, Vice-Chancellor Carl Fuller, Scribe C. E. Corbin, Marshall Nicolina Ficovich. Members were (top picture, standing) Douglas Powell, Melvin Gholz, Claude hHogan, (seated) Alice Gipner, Jean Strong, Violet Graves, Melba Jean Loyd, Valate Learned, Idella Noteware, Clio Abercrombie; (lower picture, back row) George Butler, C. E. Corbin, Fred L. Farley, William Dawson, Karl Hanson, Norman Lamb, Hans Stein, Carl Fuller, G. A. Werner, (front row) Alex Trukatte, Gladys Hughes, Jeanne Woodruff, Nickie Ficovich, Virginia Wirth, Gladys Bartholo- mew, Janet Lemhan; others are Philip Alosi, Bill Biddick, Bobbin Gay Crabbe, Henry Hobson, Arthur Holton, Ruth LombardI, Beverly Miller, Gordon Stewart, and (faculty) Dr. Knoles, Lorraine Knoles, A. E. Noble, E. E. Stanford, Nancy Toms, J. Russell Bodley, Miriam Burton, Malcom Eiselen, Roy McCall, Harold Jacoby, Arthur Bawden, Clarence Larson, J. W. Harris. Alpha Gammd Sigma State Honorary Junior College Scholastic Society, local chapter organized in 1938. Membership based on grade point average. Representatives of the group attended convention in Fresno. Officers were President Joe Kegler and Secretary-Treasurer Leslie Knoles. Sponsors are Dr. Allen Waldo and Miss Marie Brennlman. Beta Beta Beta National Honorary Biological Society. Local chapter, Omicron, organized in 1930. Special events were field trips during the year. Contribution to the library was Bios National Magazine. Officers were President Stanley Miller, Vice-president Violet Graves, Secretary-Treasurer Nylan Jeung, Sponsor A. E. Noble. In the top picture (first row) are Mr. Burllngame, George Butler, John Arnold, Clarence Larson, Eric Jacob- sen, E. E. Stanford, (back row) Bill Shepherd, Nylan Jeung, Violet Graves, Allen Waldo, Kenneth Stocking; lower picture are Norma Canessa, Gerard Den Dulk, Stanley Miller, Bob Takagishi, Wilder Hadden, Eugene Short, A. E. Noble, Melvin Gholz. Block P Society Local society for men earning Block P awards, organized in 1922. Outstanding event is annual sports day with high school and junior college athletes as guests on the cam- pus. Officers were President Al Irwin, Vice-president Stan Vaughan, Secretary-Treas- surer Bob Monagan, Executive Committee Members Les Dow and Tommy Olaeta. Members in the top picture are (standing) Dick Cottrell, Clint Ward, Les Dow, Bob Monagan, Dean Gay, David Gay, (seated) Vernon Warkentin, Lew Ford, Sandy Tresize, Martin Plocher, Vernon Schmidt; lower picture are (kneeling) Bob Nikkei, Sher- wood Norton, Dwayne Mears, Carl Moore, Dave Brownell, Clare Slaughter, (second row) Walt Kelly, Bob h enni g, Clem Swagerty, Jack Frishholz, Doc Breeden, Ralph Francis, Al Irwin, (third row) Eric Jacobsen, Jack h anner, fHarry hiarvey, Manuel Be- litsky, Willie Boyarsky, Vernon Warkentin, Jere Tilson, George Miller, Bob Dewey. Household Art Science Club Social organization for women interested in activities of Home Economics Depart- ments of both colleges, founded In 1939. Officers were President Dorothy McBride, Vice-president Virginia Doane, Secretary-Treasurer Lucille Wilson, Publicity Chairman Elizabeth V hite, Sponsors Maxine Garrigan, Jean Corry, Adina Welns. In top picture members are (standing) Elsie Singleton, Grace Dickman, Miss Welns, Nadlne Prothers, (seated) Lucille Wilson, Dorothy McBrlde, Virginia Doane, Louise Barton, Elizabeth White, Polly Parsons, Lillian Buck; lower picture are (standing) Doris Wudell, Sally Jones, Dorothy Goodwin, Mrs. Corry, Mrs. Garrigan, Jean Shunake, lona Mackeray, Dorothy Francis, (seated) Adelia Roth, Blanche Gala, Nickie Ficovlch, Sarah Cameron, Virginia James, Evajean Brennan. Kappa Pi Alpha Local honorary society for senior women chosen for service, leadership, and scholar- ship, organized in 1940. Outstanding activities were doll show to benefit war relief fund and luncheon honoring new members in June. Officers were President Jean Strong, Vice-president Mary Barbara Bear, Secretary-Treasurer Beverly Wright. Miss Eleanor McCann was elected first honorary member. In the top picture are Jean Arnot, Mary Barbara Baer, Jean Strong, Beverly Wright; in lov er picture are Claribel Coffman, Barbara htarrison, Janet Lehman, Adrian Squires, Joyce Wiggins; also a member is Janet McGinnis. Mu Phi Epsilon National honorary music sorority. Mu Eta chapter organized in 1920. Activities included the annual recital, tea honoring women music majors, homecoming and com- mencement breakfasts. Officers were President Melba Jean Loyd, Vice-president Jean Arnot, Secretary Beverley Meyer, Treasurer Alice Keehner, Historian Barbara hHarrison, Chaplain Nelly Rogers. Members were (top picture) Jean Arnot, Alice Keehner, Beverley Meyer, Barbara hHarrison, Miriam Burton, Melba Jean Loyd; (lower picture) the two initiates, Barbara Lennox and Valate Learned. Not present were Bev- erly Miller, Frances Bowerman, Nelly Rogers. O R C H E S I S National honorary dance society. Outstanding activity is the sponsorship of the an- nual dance drama presented for three nights in May. Officers were President Doris Guernsey, Secretary Virginia Wirth, Director Mae Shaw. Members in top picture are (front row) Marianne Rice, Rosalie Haabesland, Patty Schuler, (back row) June Rhodes, Lois Schneider, Kay Burum; in the lower picture (front row) Luana Forkner, Persis Ritchie, Doris Guernsey, Virginia Vv ' irth, (back row) Kay Saunders, Barbara Boyes, Phyllis Briggs. Ortho Meta Para Local fraternity honoring scholarship in Chemistry. Officers were hiigh Exalted Al- chemist Richard Toms, Most Worthy Catalyzer Nylan Jeung, Grand Reducer Robert Meyers, Super Synthesizer Ernest hHaas. Members were (top picture , back row) Dick Grahlman, Stefan Kornicker, Weldon West, Ernest hHaas, Gerald hieustis, Walt Gil- gert, (front row) Nylan Jeung, Marjorie Watson, David Earley, hiarris Seidel, Stan- ley Miller, Eric Jacobsen; (lower picture, back row) Paul Burlingame, Clarence Larson, Gordon Patton, Fred Clark, Richard Toms, (first row) John Jonte, Arthur Bawden, Don Jonte, Bob Meyer, Gerard den Dulk. Phi Mu Alpha National fraternity honoring outstanding achievement in music. Organization holds regular monthly breakfast meetings, and has an annual picnic in the fall. Yearly re- cital was presented in the spring. Officers were President Clayton Long, Supreme Councilman Albert Miller, Vice-president Forrest hHonnold, Corresponding Secretary- Treasurer Euville Enderlin, Recording Secretary-hllstorian Bill Ramsey, Warden Nor- man Lamb, Faculty Advisor J. Russell Bodley. Members are (top picture) Gordon Ste- wart, Euville Enderlin, Phillip hHood, Bruce Tomlinson, Forrest FHonnold, Dave Jones, William Ramsey; (lower picture) Eugene Lancelle, Dick Ulrey, Clayton Long, Albert Mil- ler, Olinto RIccI, Bob h arrison, Robert Riddel!. PhiRhoPi Pi Kappa Delta Phi Rho Pi is national honorary fraternity for junior college debating and forensics. Pi Kappa Delta is national honorary fraternity for debating and forensics. There are no elected officers. Pi Kappa members in the top picture are (seated) Jacqueline Judge, Pearl Steiner, Margaret Stimman, Manager Claude Hogan, (standing) Bill Biddick, Irvin Gartner, Kenneth h asti , Allen Breed, Raymond Ray. Phi Rho members in lower picture are (front row) Francis Mackey, Eleanor Powell, Betty Carter, Amy Arbios, Eugene Egbert, (back row) Milton Valentine, Weldon West, John Sayers, Joe Kegler, George Kapel. p G d m m d M U National honorary society for social sciences. Local chapter organized in 1924. Out- standing activities were dinner for national president, and meeting and discussion at President Knole s ' s on election night. Officers were President Bette Barth, Vice-presi- dent John Immel, Secretary-Treasurer Malcolm Eislen, Violet Graves, Douglas Powell, Grace Ward, (standing) Allen Bacon, Robert Fenix, G. A. Werner, R. Norman, John Immel; in lower picture are (seated) Norman Wenger, Nancy Toms, J. William hiarris, Robert Connolly, (standing) Louis Windmiller, Glen R. Pease, E. E. Stanford, Charles Corbin, William Dawson. Student Christian Association Joint Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. with a membership of 325 students. Chair- men of the many active groups make up the Cabinet, policy-governing body. Cab- inet officers were President Mae Weigart, Secretary Sam Takagishi, Treasurer hHerb Catterall, Executive Secretary Margaret Campbell, Advisory Board Chairman Allen Waldo. Members of the Cabinet in the top picture are Bill Thomas, Mae Weigart, h erb Catterall, Sam Takagishi, Margaret Campbell; in lower picture (front row) Florence George, Beulah Ong, Veryl Gait, Adah Marie Ruhl, Evajean Brennan, (back row) Bill Workman, Allan Philip, Tom Hoshiyama, Rosemary Strader. Theta Alpha Ph National dramatic honorary fraternity. Local chapter organized in 1922. Member- ship determined by active participation in Little Theatre. Social event of the year v as picnic in the spring. Officers were President Clarlbel Coffman, Vice-president Lois Wheeler, Secretary Dale Rose, Treasurer Albert Miller. Members are (top pic- ture) Roy McCall, Bobbin Gay Crabbe, Jack hHolmes, Clarlbel Coffman, Max Gobel, De Marcus Brown, Dale Rose, Latta Ross, Lois Wheeler, Marion Akers; (lower picture) Carl Fuller, Lillian Kahan, hHerman Splndt, Jane O ' Connor, Arthur Farey, Albert Miller, Leslie Knoles, Gail Scheere, William Ramsey, Glenn Tanner; others are Mrs. Roy Mc- Call, Mrs. De Marcus Brown, Mrs. Arthur Farey, Martha Pierce, hHubert White. Zetagathean Local social organization for non-sorority women. Besides regular social meetings, ac- tivities included dances, rush fun ctions, scavenger hunt, formal dinners, and Kids ' Party at which the members are pictured. During the fall semester officers were President Janet Lehman, Vice-president Dorothea hHamblet, Secretary-Treasurer Wanda Ger- man, Corresponding Secretary Audrey Segale, hiistorian Madelyn Ferretti, Musician Jane Gordon; spring semester, President Dorothea hHamblet, Vice-president Anita Belle Franklin, Secretary Kathleen Ayers, Corresponding Secretary Verdienne Folse, Treas- urer Barbara Boyes, Historian Lorraine Miles, Musician Thalia hHeim. Sponsors are Mrs. Ralph Brady and Miss Lorraine Knoles. Members are (top picture, standing) Alice Society Phelps, Pat Mitchell, Lillian Beffa, hiazel Utz, Mary Winsor, Frances Sweeney, (seated) Anita Franklin, Marjorie Watson, Kathleen Ayers; (lower picture, back row) Jean Griffen, Wanda German, Dolores Gallagher, Dorothy Braghetta, Emily Bailey, Peggy Bingham, Katherine Saunders, (front row) Shirley hHandel, Viola Wiederrick, Mera Ro- doni, Dorothea hHamblet, Janet Lehman; (Top picture, second page) Barbara Quinley, Betty Werner, Roberta Smith, Barbara Greenberg, Mary Jean Ryland, Barbara Mor- gan, Phyllis Smith, Margaret Park, Marian Thisby, Winona Barbar; (lower picture, back row) Fern Garner, Zel hHolmes, Florence Newberry, Prudy Niles, Beverly hieller, Bar- bara Boyes; (kneeling) Verdienne Folse, Dorothy Goodwin, Mary de Arrietta, Marion Lewis, Marjory Mehl, Betty Lou Noach. IRWIN VAUGHAN Pacific Al Irwin — 3 year football award, " Red " Busher trophy, heavyweight boxing champ. Stan Vaughan — 3 year football award, 1940 Captain. Tommy Olaeta — 3 year football award. Eric Jacobsen — 2 year football award. Dean Gay — 2 year football award, track award. George Miller — Football award, basketball award. Dwayne Mears — 3 year football award. Keith Slaughter — Track award. Dave Gay — 2 year football award, 2 year track award. Vernon Warkentin — Football, Basketball, track awards. OLAETA JACOBSEN GAY MILLER MEARS SLAUGHTER GA i WARKENTIN Athletes Willis Boyarsky — Football award, Notre Dame ' s all-opponent team. Walter Kelly — 3 year basketball and 3 year track awards. Jere Tilson — 2 year football award. Sandy Tresize — 3 year football, basketball award, track award. Kenny Rogers — 2 year baske+ball and 2 year track awards, voted most valuable basketball player. Herman Spindt — 2 year tennis award. Bill Hunefeld — 2 year tennis award, number one player. Harry Harvey — Senior football manager. Harry DuPraw — Senior track manager. BOYARSKY V. KELLY JERE TILSON TRESIZE 4 t ROGERS SPINDT HUNEFELD HARVEY DuPRAW A. A. Stdsg Celebrating his fifty-first yea r of active coaching, Amos Alonzo Stagg ast fall put his eighth Pacific foot- ball squad through a nine-game schedule, emerging with the Far- Western Conference title. Mr. Stagg ' s fame throughout the nation came during the forty years when he coached at the University of Chicago. In New York in January, the Grand Old Man accepted the annual trophy of the Touchdown Club, football ' s coveted award, for " unusual service and contribution to the advancement of football. " Tar- bell Medallion was awarded Mr. Stagg by his alma mater Springfield College in Massachusetts for merl- tous service as an alumus. Followers of football may be amazed at Coach Stagg ' s lifetime record of 322 games won, 190 lost, and 35 tied. His greatest contribution to the game is the sportsman- ship and ideals he instills in all of his players. Mr. and Mrs. Stagg met when she was an undergraduate at Chicago, and since that time she has become recognized by news- men and coaches as knowing more about football than any other woman in the country, scouting games in rain or shine. V Robert " Doc " Breeden, whose Scottish traits have brought him campus renown, is director of physical education in both col- leges. He has only missed one football game in a score of years, hlis favorite class is roller skating, at which he ' s a cham- pion. Ralph Francis is assistant coach to Mr. Stagg, basketball coach, and he teaches classes in tennis, community recreation and hygiene. Earl Jackson, fondly called Stone- wall, coaches both varsity and junior college track teams, and his classes include tennis and personal hygiene. Dwayne Mears is powerhousing his way over the middle of the Notre Dame line for needed yardage. This burly fullback scored the first touchdown of the game, thrilling radio listeners at home, the Tigers holding the more powerful Irish temporarily in check. 1940 SCHEDULE AND SCORES College of Pacific Opponents Place 7 Notre Dame University 25 South Bend 6 California Ramblers Baxter Stadium Fresno State College 3 Baxter Stadium Loyola University 20 _ Los Angeles 7 California Aggies 6 Davis 7 San Jose State College 28 _ San Jose 24 University of Nevada 6 Baxter Stadium 27 Chico State College _ Chico 3 United States Marines 6 _ San Diego Total 81 94 College of the Pacific — Won 4 Lost 5 Tied ' V f J . ' iSMlSiijS:ik SiTJ 7 j . tJ y College of Pacific ' s Football Squad, 1940 Far- Western Conference Channpions. Members in the first row are George Miller, Tommy Olaeta, Jim Bird, Bill Johnson, Eric Jacobesn, Al Irwin, Bob Dewey, Coach Amos Alonzo Stagg, Junior Manager Chet Phillips; second row. Bill Thomas, Dave Gay, Willis Boyarsky, John McGowan, Vernon Warkentin, Clint Ward, Emil Seifert, Doug Vierra, Jere Tilson, Senior Manager hHarry Harvey; third row. Assistant Coach hHugh McWilliams, Martin Plocher, Harris Fine, Jack Lyons, Les Dow, Dwayne Mears, Jim Lyons, Dean Gay; fourth row, Trainer Robert Breeden, Assistant Coach Clem Swag- erty. Jack Frishholz, Dale Halbert, Ed Denny, Aron Rempel, Vernon Schmidt, Captain Stan Vaughan, Bob Ijams. To the far right is field-general Tommy Olaeta slicing off tackle from the seventy-yard line for a touchdown in the wind-blown Nevada contest on Thanksgiving Day. The score, coming in the second quarter, tied up the game; the Tigers went on to a decisive 24 to 6 victory. In the middle practice- field photograph, Olaeta is effectively blocking center Les Dow, who seems to be headed for a sudden let-down. Other view shows guard Al Irwin, tackles Stan Vaughan and Bob Ijams sailing serenely through the air, apparently unaware of their flying inabilities. Twenty-six members of Pacific ' s Far-Western Conference football champions were awarded gold footballs in addition to the conventional sweater awards. Al Irwin received the " Red " Busher perpetual trophy for the season ' s outstanding lineman. Stan Vaughan was elected 1940 Captain of the team at the annual banquet given by Epsilon. Fifteen men received senior jackets: Bill Thomas, Emil Seifert, Eric Jacobsen, Tom Olaeta, Doug Vieira, Dale FHalbert, Dwayne Mears, FHarris Fine, Al Irwin, John McGowan, Stan Vaughan, Jere Tilson, Dave Gay, Aron Rempel, Jack Lyons. Second year letters were awarded Dean Gay, Les Dow, Bob Ijams. First year sweaters went to George Mil- ler, Jack Frishholz, Clint Ward, Vernon Schmidt, Bob Dewey, Willis Boyarsky, Martin Plocher, Vernon Warkentin, Manager Harry FHarvey. 4 s " ' y B A S Here is Kenny Rogers clumping In a set- up under the close vigilance of San Jose ' s ace colored guard Johnny Allen, who also earns his letter in football, basket- ball, and track. Bob hHenning the other recognizable player, was acclaimed the outstanding Bengal on the floor; he was high point man for the game with eleven points. The Tigers won the evenly-match- ed and exciting contest 36 to 32, after leading at half-time 21 to 19; the Spar- tans captured the second game of the series, played in the Prune City, by a twenty point margin. 1941 SCHEDULE AND SCORES Opponents We Pacific Alumni _ 52 Sun Lumber Company 50 New Mexico State College 29 Whlttier State College 30 Chapel of the Oaks 34 San Jose State College 36 San Jose State College 24 _..., A. G. Spaulding 47 California Aggies 44.. Auburn P. S. E. A. 38 Santa Clara University 36 Fresno State College 36 Fresno State College 32 California Aggies 32 Chico State College 50 Chico State College 28 Chico State College 36 Chico State College 30 Games played in Stockton. Tot als 884 They .. 15 .. 23 .. 27 .. 23 .. 40 32 .. 46 .. 24 23 .. 20 .. 53 32 34 28 31 28 48 32 745 K E T B A L L Twelve varsity basketball squad members were awarded block letters as the climax to a highly suc- cessful season, and received public acclaim for their achievements at a regular assembly. The Tigers lost the Conference title by finishing second to a veteran Chico squad. The most valuable player award went to " Jack-Rabbit " Kenny Rogers, who placed second in the total scoring for the sea- son and inspired the team generally with his fiery brand of ball. A two-chevroned senior jacket went to Walt Kelly. Two year awards were received by Bob Monagan and Kenny Rogers. Those getting first year sweaters were Joe Johns, Bob Henning, Sherwood Norton, Bob Nikkei, Clare Slaughter, Dave Brownell, George Miller, Albert Tresize, Vernon Warkentin, and Manager Manuel Belitsky. Annual dinner and entertainment given by Alpha Theta Tau was again enjoyed by mem- bers of the team at the close of the season. Tiger hoop squad made a remarkable record of victories after several barren years. Players were (sitting) Dave Brownell, Ken Rogers, Vernon Warkentin, (kneeling) George Miller, Bob Monagan, Albert Tresize, Sherwood Norton, Joe Johns, Manager Manuel Belitsky, (standing) Coach Ralph Francis, Bob Nikkei, Bob hHenning, Walt Kelly, Clare Slaughter, Assistant Coach hlugh McWilliams. ' sy y sy 18 - ;«- V ' y « v_3- Action shot at the left of the Cal. Aggie game, unique because it marked the first conference defeat for the Mustangs in two years, the first Bengal win over them in three years. Pacific won the three following games also, packing the gym at every home game. On the right. Bob Nickkel is outjumping his opponent with Ken Rogers going after the ball. Broadcasts were made of the more important and exciting games of the season. An- nual funny-game of the court is the senior-faculty war, sponsored by the Block P Society, and marked by the strategy of modern battle. After the black-out, it was not bombs that were found but a basketball for every player. Only casualty was a cut and black eye suffered by star Arnold. Second place winners In the Far-Western Conference, the Pacific track varsity is shown above, (first row) Coach Jackson, Dave Farley, Keith Slaughter, Boyd Thomp- son, Jack hianner, Vernon Warkentin, Senior Manager Harry Dupraw; (second row) Dave Gay, Jack Frishholz, Vernon Schmidt, Bob Nikkei, V alter Kelly, Clare Slaugh- ter, Bob Conaway. SCHEDULES AND SCORES P O April I 7 California Aggies __ Davis SlVi - 78 ' 2 April 22 Chico State _ Stockton ..SB ' s 46 2 3 April 25 San Francisco State S. F.__ 69 ' 2 6l ' 2 May 3 Far Western Conference. Davis 57. ■ May 6 Modesto— Stockton J. C Stockton 6 1 1 3 M-45 5 6 May I 7 West Coast Relays. _ Fresno S-55 5 6 Fourteen men received awards. Those earning Block P ' s were Bob Conaway, David Farley, Dave Gay, Jack Manner, Walter Kelly, Bob Nikkei, Frank Pursel, Kenneth Rog- ers, Vernon Schmidt, Clare Slaughter, Keith Slaughter, Boyd Thompson, Vernon War- kentin, Manager Dupraw. VARSITY TRACK 19 ,o -!,( ' 4 Pictured is the varsity tennis team, (standing) Coach Kjeldsen, Ian hHutcheon, Wilfred Traphagen, Albert Tresize, (kneeling) hHerman Spindt, Bill hlunefeld, Ben hHamm. SCHEDULES AND SCORES P O March 22 California Aggies Davis 5 _ 2 April 22 Chico State Stockton .3 3 April 23 California Aggies Stockton .5 2 April 26 University of Nevada Stockton .3 3 May 3 Far-Western Conference Davis. First in doubles won by Hunefeld and Hutcheon. May 16 Armstrong College... Stockton Letters were given to Wilfred Trapagen, Bill FHunefeld, hHerman Spindt, Ian hHutcheon, Albert Tresize. VARSITY TENNIS 120 No official team was organized this year, but representatives of Pacific attended two tournaments in Sacramento, one in the fall with mixed tournaments in the morning and men ' s and women ' s in the afternoon, and one in the spring. Those representing the college were (above) Bob Buck, Eva Genuit, Carl Moore, also Theresa hiansel. Regular classes of golf instruction are given during the year, junior college class in the fall is under the direction of Chris Kjeldsen and the senior college class is in the spring with Ralph Francis. GOLF 121 Volley Ball Rhizomia, Omega Phi, Dorm, Archania, East Town, Manor. Swimming .West Town, Omega Phi, Rhizomia, East Town, Manor, Archania. Tennis Dorm, Omega Phi, West Town, Rhizomia, Manor, Archania. Golf Archania, Rhizomia, Omega Phi, Dorm, West Town, East Town. Basketball... _ East Town, Omega Phi, Rhizomia, Dorm, West Town, Archania. Track....... Dorm, Rhizomia, Manor, West Town, Omega Phi, East Town. Ping Pong Dorm, Archania, Omega Phi, West Town, Rhizomia, East Town. [Order in which team placed.) Soft Ball results not known determine winner of Intra-Mural Events. Rhizomia 360 points East Town l28 ' 2 points Omega Phi 346 points Archania 151 points Dorm 328I 2 points Manor Manor 85 points West Town .299 points Bert Mason Is student manager with Mr. Jackson and Mr. Kjeldsen in charge. Les Cash served as referee. NTR AM URAL 122 Although skiing is not an official sport at Pacific it is an important one. Probably for no other sport do enthusiasts get up so early in the morning, and when they are not off to the snow they ' re enjoying movies and talking it over at the Ski Club. Classes have been offered in the physical education department for the last two years. In the upper left corner are pictured the winners of the Pacific Ski Club ' s season; men ' s division victor, Don Paulson, women ' s division Betty Gene Otto, hlolding the perpetual trophy is President hHal Monoghan. The other pictures tell their own stories. S K N G 123 J unior L ollege ATHLETES Gordon Alphonse — 2 year football award. Charles Blackwell — 2 year football award, 2 year track award, co-holder 440 dash record. Leonard Gundert — 2 year football award. Don Sullivan — 2 year basketball award, 2 year track award, holder discus record. Jack Toomay — 2 year basketball award, 2 year swimming. Ray Stacy — 2 year track award. Allen Philp — 2 year track award, holder shot-put record. Fred Taiolo — Swimming award, holder freestyle record. Bill Tibbs — Track award, holder javelin throw record. Stanford Cooley — 2 year track award, holder 110 high hurdle record. hHal Grahlman — Football award. Ralph Wright — 2 year swimming award, outstanding breast-stroker in national collegiate competition. ALPHONSE TOOMAY BLACKWELL STACY GUNDERT PHILP TIBBS GRAHLMAN SULLIVAN TAIOLO COOLEY WRIGHT , ■• 1 mSt ' ' n Douglas Dashiell, junior college football and tennis coach, left in May to take position as physical education director for the army despite howls of protest. Chris Kjeldsen is the popular junior college swimming and basketball coach, and he also trains the senior college tennis team. The Board of Athletic Control discussed no new problems but had plenty to talk about in planning the regular athletic program. Mennbers were Don Jonte, O. H. Ritter, Robert Breeden, Wes Miller, James Cor- son, Dick Loomis; also Bill Biddick and the senior managers. F O L L Indicative of the entire season, the Jaysee Cubs soundly whipped the highly-favored Sacramento Junior College eleven 22-6. One of the few lulls in that game is pictured above as Dashiell ' s men are getting ready to give spectators a thrill or two. 1940 SCHEDULE AND SCORES s tocktc 7.. 22.. 13... 13... 6... 6... 14... 3. 19 )n J. c. San Bernardino Sacramento Opponent 6 Salinas Santa Rosa Menio 6 Placer . Yuba . Marin Modesto . Tied 1 7 St oc PI kton ayed Junior in Bax . College — Won 7 ter Stadium Lost 1 Totals 103 19 126 Jaysee Coach Doug Dashiell Is giving his charges some of that information which made them the scourge of the junior college conference. In the action photo. Dave LIvie is downing a Modesto back after one of the Pirates ' few gains. Stockton Junior College Football Squad, 1940 " B " Conference Champions. The Cubs are from left to right: Seated — Charles Mokiao, Vernon Ghiorzo, Bill Carroll, Dave Livie, Ed Spaulding, Keichi Ogasawara, Bill Livie, Gordon Alphonse, Bill Orvis, Jack Prowse, Bob Ward, Richard Dunham. Kneeling — Ray Bird, Phil Stow, Ray Mitchler, John Brown, Ted Stewart, Earl Klap- stein, Leonard Gundert, Leonard Sawrey, George Ford, Martin Locke, fHarold Grahlman, hiarrison Briles. Standing — Coach Doug Dashiell, Assistant Coach Chris Kjeldson, Gordon MacDonald, Bob Smith, Ray Volpi, Robert Goodenough, hiarold Paris, Frank Bessac, Fred Martini, Don Mills, Charles Blackwell, Darrell Swagerty, hHoward Groves, Vernon Judge, Russell Agnew, Ted Coats, Allan Philp, Lloyd Hebbron, Laurence Radke, Gerald Smith, Assistant Coach Ken Stocking, and Manager John Viera. ' .,iSt:M ' %-H n - . . n¥ m!M ' ' i. l in 117 » ' - ' - - ' :::S J. C. BAS Almost toppling the second-place San Francisco J. C. Rams, the Cubs are shown as they dropped a close 41-46 tilt. No one knew which team would win until the final gun. Bob Martin is pictured jump- ing for the ball. Opponents 1941 SCHEDULE AND SCORES We Modesto Junior College .... 21.. Modesto Junior College...... 26.. Napa Rough Riders 47.. Los Angeles City College 43.. Santa Rosa Junior College 42.. Sacramento Junior College 25.. Sacramento Junior College 19 Yuba Junior College 35 Modesto Junior College 30 Salinas Junior College 30 Marin Junior College 29 Santa Rosa Junior College 41 Menio Junior College 39.. San Mateo Junior College . 42.. San Francisco Junior College 41 Armstrong Business College 39. Placer Junior College 43.. MenIo Junior College 37.. Salinas Junior College 46.. 675 Games played in Stockton. Totals They .. 43 .. 49 .. 32 .. 46 .. 46 57 . 62 .. 32 .. 46 .. 36 .. 40 -. 62 .. 32 .. 50 .. 46 .. 34 . 59 . 40 . 35 847 KETBALL Overtaken by the final gun, the Jaysees lost a league game to the Salinas Junior College quin- tet, with the final score 36-30. Ten letters were awarded members of the J. C. hoop squad. Two-year coat sweaters went to Bert Mason, Don Sullivan, Jack Toomay, and Randoph Smith. Earning one- year sweatres were Joe Law, Bob Martin, Dean O ' Connor, Kiyoshi Shimasaki, Bud Chinchlolo, and Del Goodman. Stockton Junior College Basketball Team, known as the Tiger Cubs, was made up of the following fellows: (kneeling) Dean O ' Connor, Bud Chinchiolo, Bob Bowe, Jack Toomay, Bert Mason, Randy Smith, Bob Ward, Don Sullivan, Joe Law, (standing) Coach Chris Kjeldsen, Del Goodman, Bob Martin, Les Warner, Cliff Wisdom, Thomas Mltchel, Kiyoshi Shimasaki, Howard Sor- genfrey, Manager Joe Gambeta. O .a V- oUB i CVJB " CVJAs. 2 OVJB5 ObS % ' r, s OUB 8 OV B CUB CUBi " G 2 OVJB5 cue f - .UBS ' nWh - i ' J ' - ' sij I ' V hV.! J Members of the Junior College track team were (kneeling) Pres Peek, Bob Buck, Don Oaks, Charles Blackwell, Bob Thode, (second row) Coach Jackson, Bob Werum, Al Dauth, Leiand hlunt, Frank Pope, Stan Cooley, Al Philp, Manager hloward Staples, (third row) Bill Tibbs, Ray Mitchier, Jack Runcie, Rolland Murphy, Louie Coward, Ray Stacy, Everett Wilson. SCHEDULES AND SCORES April 18 Menlo-San Francisco J. C. Stockton s o 74 M-7 S. F. 70 April 23 _ .Placer Junior College Auburn 821 3 39 2 3 May 6 Modesto J. C. -Pacific Stockton 55 5 6... second place May 10 Northern California J. C. Sacramento 1 I sixth place May 13 Lodi hiigh School. Lodi May 17 West Coast Relays Fresno May 30, 3 I National J. C. Meet Denver Slated to receive Block S awards in track were Charles Blackwell, Stanford Cooley, Louis Coward, Albert Dauth, Leonard Gundert, Leiand hlunt, Ray Mitchier, Rolland Murphy, Donald Cakes, Presley Peek, Allan Philp, Frank Pope, Jack Runcie, Ray Stacy, Don Sullivan, Bob Thode, Bill Tibbs, Manager hHoward Staples. J. C TRACK TEAM 130 Junior College tennis team nnembers were (kneeling( Del Goodman, Jim Kaffen, Noel Prince, Cliff Smythe, (standing) Clyde Johnson, Chef Covey, Farrell Dedrick, Coach Dashiell. SCHEDULES AND SCORES Opponent Score J. C. Score Marin Junior College 2 5 San Mateo Junior College 4 3 San Francisco Junior College... 5.. 2 Menio Junior College 3 4 Sacramento Junior College .4 3 Placer Junior College.. 7 Salinas Junior College 6 I Yuba Junior College 7 Modesto Junior College 1 6 Santa Rosa Junior College 7 Totals 25 45 Lettermen in tennis were: Charles Covey, James Kaffen, Clyde Johnson, Clifford Smythe, and Noel Prince. J. C TENNIS TEAM 131 f rs r 3 The name on the ' sweaters should not mislead readers. Readers should not be mislead by the name on the sweaters for these Jaysee men are like fish in the water. They are (standing) Sandy Atherton, Don Monoghan, War- ren Mills, Lester Warner, Elvin Platti, A! hHawkins, (seated) Russell Gibeson, Ralph Wright, Doyle Bushman, Fred Taiolo, Bill Carroll, Mansfield Garrett. SCHEDULES AND SCORES O March II Santa Clara ..- Santa Clara IL. March I 5 U. of California Berkeley 56.. March 21 _ Santa Clara Stockton .._ I L. April 5 Stanford Frosh _ Palo Alto._ _ 1 6.. April 29 Lodi FHigh School Stockton 1 2.. May I - San Jose State San Jose 39. May 6 Grant and Sacramento Highs... Sacramento G-34.. S-26. May 9 _ San Francisco Junior College Stockton _..;. 42.. May 1 - Palo Alto Stockton 1 7.. May 1 4 Lodi High Lodi 20 . May 14 Grant High School ..Stockton 7 s .64 .19 .63 .57 .45 .36 .67 .33 49 37 50 Swimmers awarded blocks were Sandy Atherton, Doyle Bushman, William Carroll, Rus- sel Gibeson, Allen Hawkins, Don Monoghan, Warren Mills, Fred Taioli, Jack Toomay, Lester Warner, Ralph Wright. J. C SWIMMING TEAM W. A. A. Miss Jacqueline Parker served as president of the Women ' s Athletic Association for the fall semester, and Miss Rosemary Strader during the Spring semester. Executive Committee during the year was com- posed of Rosemary Strader, Joan De Martini, and Violet Graves. Some of the activities the group planned were the barbecue and swimming meet in the fall; play day with Sacramento, Mo- desto and Placerville Junior Colleges on the campus in April; the play day In Sacramento, which was a tennis and archery conference and dance symposium, on May 10. Within the asso- ciation were several clubs Including riding, swim- ming, tennis, and archery. Women ' s physical education is under the super- vision of Miss Mae Shaw, Miss Ethel Mae Hill, and Miss Gladys Benerd. Miss Shaw has charge of the dancing classes for both men and women, and she presented in Dance Drama in May the story of Raggedy Ann and Andy. Miss hHill is advisor to the W. A. A., while Miss Benerd devotes her time to junior college activities. i H C i C H li A f v , llahif Thetii TnK Founded in 1881 as Sophelectia. Fall President Sarah Cameron, Spring President Frances Brandstad. After the forced landing on the front porch, members ' interest in aviation took to the air. iHHHftT % . ' N .a Abbott Arbios Beattie Behney Bolter Boone Boyer Branstad Brown Bryan Butcher Cameron Carter Cattori Coward, E. Coward, R. Daussat De Martin De Wood Ellis Fenstermacher Ficovlch Gibbons Goodwin Gregson Grey Guernsey Gwynne Hammaker Hampton Hodgkins Hull. D. Hull. F. Jones, B. Jones, S. Knoles Kuivala Lee McCloud McCullough McKenzIe McLaln McNeil Meyers Morrison Nunan Parker Patmon Single Sommers Spencer Strong Sullivan Sutliff Temby Thresher Walters Wherry White WIrth Zuckerman Cp ilcH ,i(tn(f44 fftftif Founded in 1858 as Emendia. Spring President Claribel Coffman, Fall President Jean Arnot. Santa Claus was wel come guest at the house ' s Christmas Party. Arnot Bugbee Easby Hammlll Kowatch, Li Meyer Smith, E. Baer Caubu Fergusson Hamsher Kowatch, Lu. Miller Smith, H. baxley Chatton Ferguson, D. FHarrison Kuttler Beaton Clifford Ferguson, J. hiickman Laddon Morrison Squires O ' Connor, J. Stabler O ' Connor, K Thatcher Bell Coffman Fink fHogue Lagorlo Orvis Udden Bergeron Cross Gardner Hurt Little Otto Van Dyke Blackman Dashiell Gilbert Kahan Malcolmsen Sack Voorhees Boothe Dobrasln Gordon Kendrick Mcintosh Schwartz Warner Bruno Dodge Greenberg Kingdon Melton SImonsen Wisecarver iHk Jet4 ko Founded in 1913 as Philomusia. Fall President Janice Morrill, Spring President Joyce Wiggins. Baloons grew on trees for the circus dinner and party at the house. Marie Canlis Phyllis Grimshaw Beverly Miller Mary Joyce Whitlock Antoinette Chinchiolo Ellen Jayne Harrington Janice Morrill Joyce Wiggins Mary Ranney Beverly Wright Ellen Colvan Virginia James June Sprague Virginia Wright 7i( Hnjjifin Hdjiifin Founded in 1917. Fall President Melba Jean Loyd, Spring President Lois Lase members enioved music and conversation. h P - n I Virginia Doane Joyce Boege Lois Lasell Marjorie Sage June Steege Julia Borba Margaret Garibaldi Myra Linn Claire Sandrock Rosemary Strader Doris Bowring Alfaretta Bryson Grace Dickman Jessie Hannay Armgard Heiman Alice Keehner Melba Jean Loyd Margo Mcln+yre Janet Rapaport Louana Siler Betty Smith Ethel Stark Claire Wilkens Lucille Wilson Jeanne Woodruff Doris Wudell Main social event sponsored by Pan-Hellenic Council was the spring formal dance on May 10 in the Hotel Stockton, with the decorative colors in gold and white. Bette Meyer was general chairman, assisted by chairmen Ruth Ud- den, Mary Ranney, Alice Keehner, Leslie Knoles, Joyce Wiggins. Two hun- dred couples danced to the music of Al Harkins ' band. Composed of the presi- dents and vice-presidents of the four sororities, the council ' s principal duty is the regulation of rushing seasons. Offices rotate, with presiding honors go- ing this year to Alpha Theta, and secretarial to Tau Kappa. Members dur- ing the year were (front row) Melba Jean Loyd, Sarah Cameron, Frances Bran- stad, (second row) Jean Arnot, Rosemary Strader, Lois Fenstermacher, Phyllis Grimshaw, (third row) Claribel Coffman, Joyce Wiggins, Mary Ranney, Jan- ice Morrill; also Lois Lasell, Phyllis Stabler. • Pi(H-14etlehic CcKHcil 146 J h tei- 9Uteih tif Among the activities sponsored by the Inter-Fraternity Council were exchange meetings with sororities, representation at the Fourth Annual Inter-Fraternity Council Conference at Corvallis, Oregon, and most important of all the an- nual Inter-Frat dance in the fall where unaffiliates are guests. Composed of three officers from each house, membership changing every semester, the council attempts to maintain a spirit of co-operation and good will. Fall presi- dent was Tony Ficovich, and secretary-treasurer. Bill hHunefeld; in the spring, Norman Lamb and Bob Monagan, respectively. Rotation of officers is a new rule — each house supplying the president for one semester. Traveling to Ore- gon in January, representatives were Les Knoles, Tony Ficovich, Bill hHunefeld. Members during the year were (first row) Bill Toland, Irving Fritz, Carl Moore, Bill hHunefeld, Dick Toms, (top row) Bob Monagan, FHugh McWilliams, Charles Durham, Glenn hHarter, Tony Ficovich; also William Rempfer, Joe Thornton, Norman Lamb, Dick Stebbins, Bob Cook. 147 ifilphit Hiffipit phi Founded in 1854 as Archania. Fall President William Rempfer, Spring President Richard Toms. Hearts and flowers made the house ' s Valentine Dance a pleasant memory. V «) .. , .1 Abbott Baer Baldwin Bernard Black Cllne Davis Dewey Fay Gay, Da. Gay, De. Gossett Hastin hlunefeld hlutchins Immel Jackson Jacobsen Leale Loftus Mears Meyer Moore Morehead Neronde Pengilly Petrell RIccardo Rempfer Rickard Rogers Short Schneider Schwartz Stockwell Swagerty Thomas Thornton Tllson Toms Tremaine Vance Vaughan West, Wa. West, We. Wilson Om d PIti Aif n Founded in 1921. Fall President Hugh McWilliams, Spring President Irving Fritz. She was a lady at a gambling party, but the parson said " hley Squirt, " and she aint a lady no nnore. (■ ' " % r f. p, ' ▲ 1 k k " Qi -• J o e ' pf , 1 .4 C Sr- - = h % .!«•«-• ' f 7 ' " ■ ' ' V -» 4 " " ' ♦ V — Ck D, ■ ' f5 f% - O r ' % jriii, 01 m K% M, C il First Row (left to right): Aton, Barnes, Beck, Bertrane, BIddick, Binford, Bolton, Boyarski, Breed. Second Row: Chaney, Collett, Coward, Cross, Danielson. Dow, Downs, DuPraw, Ewlng. Third Row: Felsenlhal, Fritz, Gartner, Gilgert, Goldman, Gundert, Hamm, Handley, Hanson. Fourth Row: Hebbron, Hogan, Hudson, liams, Irwin, Johnson, Johnston, Jones, Kapel. Firth Row: Kegler, Kelly, Kingery. Lauppe, B., Lauppe, I., Lewis, Locke, Long, Lyons. J. Sixth Row: Lyons, S., McWilliams, Mitchell, Moeller, Mondon, Monagan, Parshall, Philp, Pinkerton, Stark. Seventh Row: Stefan, Raven, Schedier, Scott, Sherwood, Sib- bett, Silva, Smith, Stewart, Swagerty. Eighth Row: Thode, Toland, Thompson, Tresize. Valentine, Ward, Werum, Williams. Winters, Yates. hp i, m phi Founded in 1858 as Rhizomia. Spring President Norman Lamb, Fall President Tony FIcovich. Getting into Hades at Rhizomia is easy, you just slide in. J . - - :i ' fi» «f - Of, O- « f j Bt ii H K j S . RH a « r O f f% j - r - " «■■ c " i J - M : y - 1 - a ey % ji ' ' lik ! ' ■•■ " » «rfilA Alphonse Anderson Bigelow Bessac Bowe Briggs t:: „vvnell Brubeck Burd Capps Cornelius Denny Duffln Durham Ferrari Ficovich Fine Frishholz Gobel Grahlman Harter, Ge. Harter. Gl hHenning Holton Lamb Larner Law Leonard Loonnis Lunt Mason McLean Miller G. Miller, S. Mills Nikkei Norton Plocher Prowse Pursel Relfe Richards Ross Rotsch Schmidt Stebbins Stein Stolz Sullivan Tovani Traphagen Truls Volpi Pifci ic Co ' fi Founded in 1937. Spring President Bill Workman, Fall President Janet Lehman. Informal gatherings make the Co-operative house a friendly place to be. rTt -- " " » " 4 , - ' " TJIiSl TH 7 . Carl Binford Charles Felsenthal Gladys Hotchkiss Marge Lee Charles Mokiao Doris Bowring Orville Fletcher Joe Kegler Janet Lehman Adah M. Ruhl Marion Sil Jane Dashiell hHenry Fujii Bill Kennedy Beverley Meyer Don Spindler Ralph Dill Irvin Gartner Katherine Kuivala Verdienne Meyers hHans Stein ' - Marcella Dobrasin Thalia Heim Valate Learned Albert Miller Bill Workman Dorm officers and council members during the year were (on the floor) Corinne Single, Evelyn Gove, Virginia Lundgren, (seated) Barbara Jameson, fall Vice-President Virginia Wright, President Betty Taylor, spring President Lorraine Davis, Vice-President Marian Combs, Nancy Butcher, Barbara Cadden, (standing) Beverly Hills, Betty McKinney, Georgena Wood, Margaret Shepard, Nevada Sears, Marilyn Kendrick. 167 Stadium Drive is the address of Women ' s Hall An- nex. The girls in charge were Ardis Brown, Claire Moody, Cynthia Berg, President Caroline Hunt, Dorothy McLean, Helen Ayoob. WOMEN ' S HALLS First social function of the season was a tea in honor of Dean Beulah Watson. An informal Spook Dance celebrating Hallowe ' en was given in the hall, to the music of the nation ' s top bands via radio (before BMI versus ASCAP.) Stockton Hotel was the locale for the Winter Formal in December and for the Spring Formal In May. Mrs. Anna Grant, affectionately known as Queenle, after fif- teen years, resigned as housemother. Especially was she missed at the Christmas Party. I i Officers at Manor Hall were (lower, left) Vice-president Bernis Tuttle, and Spring President Polly Parsons. Assist- ing in their several official capacities were (above) spring Secretary-Treasurer Jean Davis, Historian Ruth Lippert, Freshmen Representative Doris Johnson, Junior Elizabeth Meikle. Doris McAllister was president in the fall, Jea- nette Edinger, Secretary-Treasurer, and Leona Esnnond, senior representative. Pat Rice was sophomore repre- sentative during the year and Winifred Young, senior for the second semester. MANOR HALL First social event of the year was the tea in November for Miss Watson. White Christmas was the theme for the formal dance held in December at the Stockton Hotel. With the Manor turned into a Winter Lodge, members enjoyed a radio dance at the end of the first semester. Everyone got together in March for social gathering of games and refreshments. The lobby was decorated as the Campus Inn for the informal dance and closing social event of the year. •|||jFy™5[r Officers for Men ' s hiall were (first row) fall President Bob Monagan, fall Secretary-Treasurer Bob Nikkei, spring President Howard Staples, (back row) fall Vice-president Sam Chaney, spring Secretary-Treasurer Walter Goldman, spring Vice-president Bob Silva. Social events were limited due to the full payment of the hall ' s contribution to the Chapel Fund. Nevertheless, the men enjoyed their annual Christmas party just before vacation, and the Barn Dance at Brown ' s Pavilion in April. Many mem- bers participated in Infra-Mural sports. 158 MEN ' S HALL Senior Class H - • ' »- High and mighty are the seniors. Chosen to represent the class were TONY FICOVICH, president; RUTH COWARD, vice-president; BETTE MEYER, secretary; DICK LOOMIS, treasurer. Among the scheduled senior events were the victorious basketball game with the faculty; formal ball at Hotel Stockton, June 6, Chairman Sherwood Norton; Sneak Day, boat ride down the river, Chairman Carl Moore; the prom, when seniors are guests of the junior class; annual sing in the Outdoor Theatre; pil- grimage ceremonies on campus. Class voted $150 for sidewalk to the new chapel. Commencement exercises were held the evening of June 15 in Baxter Stadium. Ten-year reunion is planned for 1951, when this year ' s class will celebrate its anniversary and the centennial of Pacific ' s founding. 159 r:f V FRED ABBOTT History wx JEAN ARNOT Music f HELEN ATCHLEY English v MARY BARBARA BAER English JEANNE BAKER Music DONALD BALL History MANUEL BELITSKY Political Science BILL BIDDICK History JOYCE BLACKMAN English CARROLL BOSCH Business Ad. DORIS BOWRING Radio ' I H s ' ' JOHN E. BRANDLIN Religious Education Ki rVx «r W i • ' 9 ' FRANCES BRANDSTAD History DAVE BROWNELL History SAM CHANEY History BETHEL BRIDEGROOM Sociology HAMILTON BRIGGS Political Science BUFORD BUSH Sociology SARAH JANE CAMERON English r9- ELAINE BRINK Art JEAN CAUBU Speech VERNE CLIFTON Music CLARIBEL COFFMAN Speech MAURICE COHEN Business Ad. 1 ? RICHARD COLLET Engineering ' ! tf» GRANT COLLiVER Engineering ROBERT COONEY Zoology RUTH COWARD Speech 1 ROGER CROSS Political Science y GEORGE DAVIS Political Science •rf WILLIAM DAWSON Sociology d ' i JOHN M. DENNIS History ROBERT A. DEWEY Economics-Sociology BOB DOWNS Political Science HARRY DU PRAW Music CHARLES DURHAM Business Ad. LEONA ESMOND Art 9m HORACE EVANS Music Mr LOIS FENSTERMACHER Music J . JEAN FERGUSON Music ROBERT FERGUSON History NICKIE FICOVICH Home Economics TONY FICOVICH Business Ad. BETTY FINK Home Economics LEV FORD Economics-Sociology IRVING FRITZ Music VERYL GALT Music MARGARET GARIBALDI English DAVID SAY Economics w,-- DEAN GAY Economics MELVIN GHOLZ Mathematics- Biology J MAX GOBEL Speech VIOLET GRAVES Biology PHYLLIS GRIMSHAW English WILDER HADDEN Botany KARL HANSON Zoology BARBARA HARRISON Music GLENN HARTER Zoology ANN HODGKINS Mathematics- French DALE HOLUNGSWORTH Music FRANCES HULL English JOHN IMMEL Business Ad. Uk ai. AL IRWIN Econonnics ERIC JACOBSEN Zoology BETSY JONES English i?=S| W i.. WALTER KELLY Economics DAVID JONES Music GRAYCE KANEDA Music L GRAF KROECK Engineering NORMAN LAMB Music - i W m ' ALICE KEEHNER Public School Music LOIS LASELL History JANET LEHMAN English ' A.f HOWARD LEWIS Business Ad. JOSEPH LOFTUS English W i DICK LOOMIS Economics MELBA JEAN LOYD Music DORIS McAllister Zoology JANET McGINNIS English DWAYNE MEARS Economics BEVERLY JEAN MILLER Music STANLEY MILLER Zoology BETTIE MEYER Home Economics BEVERLEY MEYER Music JOHN MITCHELL Economics ALICE MONTGOMERY Music CARL MOORE SHIGEKAZU NAKABAYASHI Economics Chemistry SHERWOOD NORTON POLLY PARSONS DAN PENGILLY FRANK PU History Home Economics Engineering Music JACQUELINE PARKER Music MARY RANNEY French WILLIAM RAMSEY Music ARON REMPEL Physical Ed. WILLIAM REMPFER Business Ad. RUSS RICHARDS History € BILL ROBERTS Economics m GENE ROTSCH Music STANLEY RUTHERFORD Music . . VERNON SCHMIDT Physical Ed. JEAN SCHOOLING English EUGENE SHORT Chemistry ARDIS SINGLETON English HERMAN SPINDT Speech-English yrt ' -. ■ Tf JUNE SPRAGUE Sociology ADRIAN SQUIRES English fii HANS STEIN Ancient Languages GORDON STEWART Music VINTON STRATTON Education JEAN STRONG Home Economics NICHOLAS SUNTZEFF Sociology n FLOYD SWAGERTY Physical Ed. GLENN TANNER Speech JERE TILSON Physical Ed. WILLIAM TOLAND Zoology r A RICHARD TOMS Chemistry ALBERT TREZISE Economics STANLEY VAUGHAN Economics GUY WAKEFIELD History I, CLINTON WARD Art LEWIS WHITEHEAD Speech JOYCE WIGGINS Speech VIRGINIA WIRTH English JEANNE WOODRUFF English WILLIAM WORKMAN Economics-Sociology BEVERLY WRIGHT English WINIFRED YOUNG Religious Ed. Junior Class Third year students do not possess freshmanic foolishness, sophomoric sophistication, nor senior solemnity — they are always seen but seldom heard. They spend most of their time raising their grade point averages so they won ' t have to work so hard the next year. The only times during the entire year when the junior class has a chance to shine are at spring elections and the Junior-Senior Prom, hield late in May, the dance is arranged by the juniors in honor of the seniors. The theme had a South American em- phasis, with the hlotel Clark serving as south of the border. In the fall, CLAUDE HOGAN was elected president; BARBARA LENNOX, vice-president (she got married between semesters and left college); LOIS BUGBEE, sec- retary; BEN HAMM, treasurer. 171 Clio Abercrom bie Walter Atkinson Jeanette Barsoonn Warren Boalt Joyce Boege Tom Bolton Melva Boone Willis Boyarsky Barbara Boyes Jim Black Allen Breed David Brubeck Helene Budesilich Lois Bugbee Barbara Cadden Jack Churchill Lenore Cottrell Lloyd Danielson Ed Denny Leslie Dow Ed Fay Tonn Ferrari Verdienne Folse Irvin Gartner Orville Geoffroy Aileen Bolter Dorothy Braghetta Effie Calderwood Euvelle Enderlin Flossy Lou George 172 Wanda German Walt Gllgert Alice Gipner Robert Graham Jane Grey Doris Guernsey Ben Hamm Mervel Hammill De Ette Hamsher Jessie hiannay hiarry Harvey Kenneth Hastin Armgard Helmann Bob Henning Claude Hogan Arthur Holton Forrest Honnold Don Hudson Bill Hunefeld Ian Hutcheon Hugh hHutchins George hlyde Lorraine Ingram Virginia Inouye Nylan Jeung Bill Johnson Lillian Johnson Marjorle Johnson Mary E. Kenyon Lillian Kowatch 173 ir i4 ' y I Lucille Kowatch Barbara Lennox George Marks Robert Meyer Florence Newberry Barbara Laddon Jack Ligthart Dorothy McBride George Miller LaVerne Nicolas LeRoy Leale Lois Long Jean McBride Marie Mizutani Chris Nielsen Valate Learned Virginia Lundgren Margo Mclntyre Bob Monagan Edwin Neissner Margaret Lee Bob Lehman Bill Lunt Jack Lyons Eleanor McLain Elizabeth Meikle Barbara Morgan Janice Morrill Bob Nikkei Bob Noble 174 Idella Noteware Jane O ' Connor Kathryn O ' Connor Wardell Piccardo Peter Pinkerton Violet Price William Renwick Thomas Rickard Richard Robinson Kenneth Rogers James Ross Marian Schirle Dick Schneider Nevada Sears Beth Shauer Constance Slater Betty Anne Smith Eloise Smith Phyllis Stabler Betty Taylor Ethel Stark Robert Stark Dick Stebbins Tom Stockwell Rosemary Strader Bill Thomas Joe Thornton hiarry Tovani Wilfred Traphagen Bernis Tuttle 175 t :: 1 ,» i i ' j Frances Watson Dick Ulrey Mae Welgart Duane Vance Merceita Voorhees Vernon Warkentin Lucille Wilson Denise Zapherson Dawn Zuckerman Dwayne Mears models what the well-dressed college man wears to have his portrait taken. Co-ed cuties model satin jackets the men can ' t resist wearing themselves. They are Omega Phi, Varsity Basketball, Swimming, J. C. Basket- ball, Gold Traveling Jackets for Football, Senior ' s Leather Sport Award, Rally Committee. The editors regret the picture could not be in color. Sophomore Class Mathematical equation: I pair new jeans plus I paddle plus a swaggering stride equals I sophomore. Such animated equations kept the fresh- men hopping for six weeks. Invoking his presidential powers, GENE HARTER proclaimed that the freshies must gather wood for the bonfire. While the freshmen gathered, the sophomores guarded, and the sea- son ' s catch were two over-enthusiastic Fresno footers attempting arson. Breaking the three-year jinx, the sophs won the brawl. The two classes finally got peacefully together and enjoyed their Christmas dance at the Cocoanut Grove. Semi-Formal graduation dance at the country club, May 29, climaxed J. C. social events. LESLIE KNOLES served as vice- president; DON LAMOINE, secretary; LUCILLE MclNTOSCH, treasurer. 177 Stockton Junior Bernice Adams Emily Bailey Cynthia Berg Alice Boyer Gordon Alphonse Gordon Barnes Jack Bertrane Thomas Bowe Lee Anderson Karl Baldwin Frank Bessac Evajean Brennan Terry Aton Louise Barton Bill Bigelow Phyllis Briggs Kathleen Ayers Betty Behney Virginia Boalt Audree Bround Helen Ayoob Wayne Benson Margaret Boston Nancy Brown 178 College Graduates mAm M M y I ¥ i i . ff i w 3 i w w 1 N Ij ft u i I 4i- Jerry Bryan Marie Canlis Ellen Colvan Cella Cross Alfaret+a Bryson Charles Capps Bob Conaway Roberta Dagg Katnleen Burum Herbert Catterall Marion Conchete Jane Dashiell Nancy Butcher Clarence Clark Gladys Cowan Jean Davis Albert Buthenuth Dorris Clifford Kay Craig Lorraine Davis Dixie Butler Lillian Cohen Mary Creamer Janice Dietz 179 Stockton Junior Virginia Doane Phyllis Dodge Alfonso Dominguez Bill Doyle Lucille DuBrutz Jacqueline Easby Jeanette Edinger Joan Edwards Euvelle Enderlin Margaret Englehardt Allison Ewing Charles Felsenthal Barbara Fergusson Donna Ferguson Marion Ferguson Sylvia Planner Catherine Flor Dorothy Fox Anita Franklin Constance Franke Jack Frishholz Beverly Gardner Fern Garner Tom Gavey 180 College Graduates Walter Genult Jane Gordon Mary Gwynn Thalia Helm Barbara Gibbons Gwendolyn Gosney Phyllis HHamaker Ruth Heller Frances Gillum Allison Gossett Janet Hannpton Betty Hickman Walt Goldman Phyllis Greenberg E. J. Harrington Nancy Hogue Dorothy Goodwin Marian Gregson Gene Harter James Holden Forrest Goodwin Leonard Gundert Lloyd Hebbron June Horton 181 Stockton Junior Birdie Hosklns Lyie Jacobs George Kapel Fremont Kingery Gladys Hotchkiss Virginia Johnson Jee Kegler Leslie Knoles Ruby Huff James Johnstone Betty Keller Louvan Kolher Dorothy hlull Don Jonte Bill Kennedy Katherine Kuivala Caroline hHunt Jacqueline Judge Frances Kentor Irwin Lauppe Oneta Hunter Lillian Kahan Betty Kingdon Elizabeth Layton 182 College Graduates Betty Ledbetter Alice McEneny Libby Meyer Charles Moklao Marian Lewis Lucille Mcintosh Vernadene Meyers Ernest Mondon Myra Linn Barbara McKenzie Frances Miller Sam Morris John Lundblad Milton McLean Don Mills Betty Morrison Janice McCloud Dorothy McLean Warren Mills Joseph Neronde Mary McCullough Gladys McWade George Moeller Dorothy Nunez 183 Stockton Junior Hannah Ohashi Edna Podesfa Art Relfe Harriet Roth Betty Orvis George Price Marianne Rice Adella Roth Wyatt Parshall Lloyd Prothers Patricia Rice Claire Sandrock Leon Petrell Jack Prowse Evalyne Riley Betty Sanguinetti Chester Phillips Patricia Read Rollie Romo Betty Sawyer Allan Philp Eloise Reinking Catherine Rossi Dorothy Schmidt 184 College Graduates «•£ ' -. i " Adele Scoble William Scott Harris Seldel Dixie Snaw Frank Sibbett Louana Siler Marlon Sill Lillian Simonsen Elsie Singleton Jennie Skoufls Helen Smith Richard Smith Sam Smith Nadine Sommers Virginia Spencer Ted Stewart Donald Sullivan Barbara Sutliff Jane Switzer Lily Takeda Barbara Temby Roy Teshlma John Thiel Robert Thode 185 J. C. Graduates Boyd Thompson Kathleen Thompson Berton Tru sson Roy Volpi Jerrold Walker Marjorie Watson Dorothe Werner Glenn West Weldon West Rosemary Wherry M. J. Whitlock Lois Wittmeler Claire Wilkens Luther Williams Mary Winsor Tom Woodruff Virginia Wright Doris Wudell Tom Yasui Lansing Yates Muerl Walter Suzanne White Elinor Wolters George Yelland 186 Freshmen Class This year ' s group of entering students can now look back and breathe the proverbial sigh of relief. With RUSSELL AGNEW as president, I940 ' s class of gangling neophites gladly memorized Frosh Bibles, hum- bly succumbed in the annual brawl, feverishly begged, borrowed, or telephone poles, piano boxes, and dog houses for the bonfire, and hero- ically trounced a superior sophomore basketball team. In the social whirl, Vice-president FRAN McNEIL and Secretary BETTE HUNEFELD, with the aid of Treasurer BLAIR SMIThH, arranged two dances. In De- cember, they joined the sophomores at the Grove; while in May, they held an informal dance at the country club, with dink-shaped bids re- minding the merry-makers that their freshmen days were almost over. 187 In the beginning there was nothing but it didn ' t ta ke long to remedy the situation; he is picketing the bonfire against Fresno scabs; after days and nights of hard work Frosh Prexy starts the blaze of glory. Frosh-Soph Traditions Every man for himself. After the brawl is over. Miss Eleanor McCann, journalism instructor and faculty rep- resentative on Publications. Patrons and Patronesses, Honored Guests, Chaperones, or what you will. Bored of Education convenes in the Cub House every morn- ing ten to eleven. Some came to the Mardi Gras disguised as professors. N Memoriam WILLIS S. CLAYTON ' 84 PHOEBE ARNOLD KIETH x ' 79 MARGARET KEES x ' 34 Teacher In China, killed while traveling on the Burma Road C. W. BEERS Former professor at Napa College TRUSTEES DR. ADAM CLARK BANE D. FRICOT LYMAN L. PIERCE CHARLES A. SHURTLEFF 79 190 T O THE progressive and enterprising business and pro- fessional men who have shown their faith in the college and the student body, we, the staff of the I 94 I Naranjado, express our sincere thanks and appreciation. Through their consideration and cooperation we have been enabled to publish the fine annual we feel this to be. By contributing to the advertising in this book, they have earned the gratitude of the entire student body of the College of the Pacific and Stockton Junior College. We have enjoyed working on the Naranjado staff, and to those who have made it possible, we again say THANK YOU. Advertising Staff 1941 Naranjado. 1941 Naranjado was printed by the Rosensteel Printing Company in Stockton. The covers were made by Silvius and Schoenbackler of Sacramento, and the book was bound by Bushman-Risen Company of Oakland. Engravings were made by the California Art Engraving Company of Berkeley. Layout and photography is the work of Bob Bastian, design and photography, of Stockton. Pictures on the Aeronautics page were by Bill McCrum, and those of the interior of the Infirmary by Arnold Williams of the Stockton Record. We wish to thank everyone who has contributed In any- way to the successful publication of this Issue. Editorial Staff. 191 CDIVGRATULATIDMS To the Class of 1941 MaT Your Future Bring You Success and Happiness Sears, Roebuck and Cd Stockton, California D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. Abbott, Fred, Oakley 149, 160 Abbott, Jane, Oakley _ _._ .139 Abbott, John, 149 Stadium Drive, Stockton Abercrombie, Clio, Lakeport 92, 172 Acres, Elizabeth, 1724 Marin Ave., Berkeley A Cappella Choir 90 Adams, Miriam, 1798 Beach St., San Francisco - 64 Administration Building .__ - 16, 117 Ahearn, Alice, 1228 W. Magnolia, Stockton Ahearn, Sara, 722 Bristol Ave., Stockton Agnew, Russell, 1224 Queen ' s Rd., Berkeley ___. 127, 187 Ai, James, I625C Liliha St., FHonolulu, T. H Akers, Marion, 420 N. Central, Stockton 80. 105 Alameda, Robert, I 7 Rincon, Salinas Albertson, Barbara All-College Honor Society 92 Allen, Dorothy, Rt. 6, Box 400, Stockton Allen, Floyd, 422 A St., Davis Allen. Lyndon, Wellington, Nevada Allen, Marie, 217 Knoles Way, Stockton Allen, Phillip Allen, William, 740 Pinehurst Dr., Pasadena Alosl, Philip, Susanvllle Alphonse, L. Gordon, Hilt 124, 127, 153, 178 Alpha Gamma Sigma _._ .93 Alpha Kappa Phi 61,67,68, 148, 149 Alpha Theta Tau 65, 138, 138 Arnold, John, 834 W. Mariposa St., Stockton Anderson, Carroll, Linden Anderson, Galen, Salem, South Dakota Anderson Hall .. _ _____ __. 22, 23 Anderson, Leiand, 1055 Butte St., Redding ___ 178 Anderson, Marilou, 2835 Larkin St., San Francisco Anthony, Mary Lou, 1060 W. Elm, Stockton Antoninl, Virgil, 820 N. Pershing, Stockton Apley, Carl, 101 I Cherokee Lane, Stockton Appel, Forrest, Gilroy Arblos, Aimee, 2625 Clarendon Ave., Stockton_ 57, 102, 139 Arnold, Ann, 9 I 2 W. Elm, Stockton Arnold, John _ _ 94 Arnot, Jean, Sloan, Nevada 97,98, 140, 141, 146, 160 Ashurst, Pai Associated Women Students___ _ _..44, 45 Atchley, Helen, 2 I I E. Poplar, Stockton 160 Atkinson, Walter, 1726 Fulton St., Palo Alto 172 Atherton, Sandy, Rt. 2, Box 230, Stockton 132 I Aton, Terry, I 146 N. LaClenega, Los Angeles 151, 178 Auch, Frederick, 105 S. Orange St., Lodl Auditorium _ _____ 18,19 Ayers, Kathleen, Rt. 2, Box 20, Lodi 106, 178 Ayoob, Helen, Greenville __ I 56, 178 Ayoob, Michael, Greenville B Bacon, Allen, 125 Stadium Dr., Stockton 103 Badger, Bernadine, 2647 Buchanan, San Francisco Baer, Gretchen, Associated Baer, Mary Barbara, Associated .__ 44, 97, 141, 160 Baer, Phil, Associated__ __ ___ _._ _ _ _____ _____I49 Bagby, Florence, Rt. 6, Box 242, Fresno Balrd, Mary Frances, 535 Embarcadero St., Palo Alto Baishlkl, Teruo, I6I 2 E. Weber, Stockton Baker, Betty Jane, 930 W. Elm, Stockton Baker, Jeanne, 121 Greening St., Las Cruces, N. Mexlco_ 160 Baldwin, Karl, 2595 Virginia St., Berkeley __ 149, 178 Ball, Donald, 3808 Bigler Way, Sacramento__ 160 Ballew, Robert, 428 E. Pine, Stockton Bancroft, Roscoe, Alpine Florence Sts., Stockton Band, Concert 89 Band Frolic 65 Band, Marching._ 89 Barber, Frank, 328 Oak St., Stockton Barber, Winona, Rt. I, Box 113, Gait 107 Barnes, James, 435 W. Park, Stockton___ _ ___ 151, 178 Barsoom, Jeanette, 220 Knoles Way, Stockton _ __I72 Barth, Bette, 924 N. Sutter, Stockton Barton, Louise, 904 Delmar St., Alameda___ 96, 178 Bartholomew, Gladys, P. O. Box 235, Ripon 92 Basketball, J. C 128, 129 Basketball, Pacific. ___ 116, 117, 118 Bates, Jack, 1412 Nth St., Modesto Baskette, Ted, Box 651, Tracy Battllana, Marcelyn, 704 W. Oak, Stockton _ 82 Bawden, A. T., 666 W. Mariposa St., Stockton _ 37, 100 Baxley, Barbara, 1825 N. Edison, Stockton___ ____82, 141 Baxter, Thomas F., Stockton 31 Beatie, Scott, 1704 Central, Alameda. 139 Beaton, Jean, 2680 Kensington Way, Stockton ...141 Beck, Robert, 1025 56th St., Oakland 151 Beckman, Myra, Rt. 3, Box X274, Lodl Behney, Betty, 960 Bristol Ave., Stockton... 139, 178 Bell, Margaret, Orosi Bell, Pat, 858 Paramount Rd., Oakland 45, 141 Belitsky, Manuel, 621 N. Center, Stockton 95, I 17, 160 93 1 Compliments of STOCKTON OFFICE AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY 24 North Sutter Street SAVINGS — TRUST COMMERCIAL BANKING Head Office: San Francisco Banking Since 1854 Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Memeber Federal Reserve Systenn COMPLIMENTS OF SMITH LANG Main af San Joaquin DIRECTORY Benerd, Gladys, 238 W. Fulton St., Stockton Bengal Bulletin,, __ „ Bennett, William, Nevada City, Calif. Bennetts, Bernice, Rt. 5, Box 6222, Sacramento Beta Beta Beta Berg, Cynthia, 515 Alabama St., Vallejo-- 156, Bergeron, Jolyn, 3987 Turnley Ave., Oakland, Bernard, Bernhard, 43 Loyola Terrace, San Francisco Bertkau, Eleanore, 455 Palm, Wasco Bertrane, Jack, 874 24th Ave., San Francisco _ ._ 151, Bessac, Frank, Rt. 3, Box X297, Lodi 127, 153, Betz, Edward, 929 N. Commerce, Stockton 56, Bewley, Ross, Rt. 6, Box 3I8D, Stockton Biamculli, Joseph, I 133 California, Los Banos Biddick, Bill, 1145 N. Orange, Stockton, .40, 42, 55, 56, 102, Bigelow, Bill, 737 N. San Jose, Stockton _ ..._ 153, Bigham, Peggy, 215 N. California, Stockton Billuos, Jeanne, 135 Stadium Dr., Stockton, Binford, Carl, 3647 Magee Ave., Oakland 151, Bird, James, 122 W. Rose, Stockton.., Bird, Wayne, 722 E. Channel, Stockton Bishofberger, Doris, Rt. 2, Box 264, Lodi Bishop, Donald, 135 Ventura St., Vallejo. Black, Jim, 460 S. Regent, Stockton.. .149, Blackman, Joyce, 805 S. Regent, Stockton 141, Blackwell, Charles, Brentwood 124, 127, Block P Society _ Blum, Susan, 3636 Kingsley, Oakland Boalt, Virginia, 730 W. Harding Way, Stockton Boalt, Warren Bock, Ardyth, Fort Bidwell Bodley, J. Russell, 152 Euclid, Stockton.. Boege, Joyce, P. O. Box 275, French Camp 145, Bolter, Aileen, 845 W. Vine, Stockton... Bolton, Tom, 183 Barcia Ave., San Leandro. 151, Bona, Madelyn, 1340 E. Flora, Stockton Boone, Melva, 933 A N. Madison, Stockton 139, Boone, Robert, Lemon Cove Boone, Ronald, 1307 1 St., Napa.. Boothe, Doris, 905 N. Magnolia, Modesto Borba, Julia, Crows Landing Bosch, Carroll, 427 E. Hawthorne, Stockton Bosch, Melvin, 427 E. Hawthorne, Stockton Boston, Margaret, 430 Bedford Rd., Stockton Bowcock, Marjorie, 244 Magellan Ave., Stockton. Bowe, Robert, 629 N. Harrison, Stockton... Bowe, Tom Jr., 629 N. Harrison, Stockton 49, 52, 153, Bowerman, Frances, 1115 N. Edison, Stockton. Bowring, Doris, 3124 Sylvan, Oakland 145, 155, Boyarsky, Willis, 39 N. River St., San Jose 95, 109, I 14, 151, Boyer, Alice, 2309 Bywood Dr., O akland 12, 139, Boyes, Barbara, 1870 Lomita Ave., Stockton ...99, 107, Boynton, Patty, 627 Coluse Ave., Berkeley 134 .54 ..94 178 141 149 178 178 189 160 178 106 155 114 172 160 130 .95 178 172 ..90 172 172 172 172 ..14 141 145 160 178 129 178 160 172 178 172 ..45 194 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. Brackett, Nancy, 3021 Franklin St., San Francisco Braghetta, Dorothy, 153! Linden Rd., Stockton 17, 105, 172 Brandlin, John, 315 6th St., Modesto, 160 Brandstad, Frances, Rt. 2, Box 231, Lodi .42, 43. 138, 146, 16! Branson, Rodney, 4278 Atlas Ave., Oakl and Brau, Clifford, 621 E. Channel, Stockton Bray, Etanley, 2649 Cole St., Oakland Breed, Allen, 95 W. Alpine, Stock) 42, 43, 56, 85, 102, 151, 172 Breed, Noel J., 95 W. Alpine, Stockton Breeden, Robert, 94 Knoles Way, Stockton _ . 95, II 1 , 1 14, 1 25 Brenlman, Marie, 151 Euclid, Stockton Brennan, Evajean, 809 S. Tuxedo, Stockton., 96, 104, 178 Bridegroom, Bethel, Rt. 3, Box 265, Turlock 161 Bridegroom,, Robina, Rt. 3, Box 265, Turlock Briggs, Hamilton, 747 W. Poplar. Stockton . .41 , 42, 153, 161 Briggs, Phyllis, 855 N. Wall Tracy 98, 178 Briggs, Richard, Alhambra Valley, Martinez Briles, htarrison, Vicy Springs, Napa .127 Broadhurst, Charles, 329 N. American, Stockton Brink, Elaine, Box 435, Ripon.. 161 Bround, Audree, 3 I 9 S. Sacramento, Lodi 178 Brown, Albert, 456 W. Mariposa, Stockton Brown, Ardyce, Tulelake 156 Brown, DeMarcus, 142 Knoles Way, Stockton 105 Brown, Enid Brown, Horace I., 96 Euclid, Stockton Brown, John, 247, Napa 127 Brown, Marjorie, 926 E. Main, Stockton Brown, Nancy, 926 E. Main, Stockton.. 139, 178 Brown, Norma, 4 Sunset, Carson City, Nevada Brownell, David, IMS. Sutter, Stockton .95, 117, 161, 153 Brubeck, David, lone 153. 172 Brumley, Barbara, 2521 W St., Sacramento Bruno, Elinore, 398 Oakland, Oakland ,141 Brusso, Merle, 445 El Camino Real, Vallejo Bryan, Jerry, 1 147 W. Rose, Stockton...,, ,,139, 179 Bryson, Alfaretta, 617 N. San Joaquin, Stockton 145, 179 Buck, George, 209 N. School, Lodi eCAND ICE CCEAAi The Delta Ice Cream Co. Manufactures the Largest Assortment of Ice Cream Flavors in the Valley Let Us Help You Plan Your Party Desserts Frozen Puddings, Pies, Cakes, Center Mold Bricks, Individual Molds, All made with Delicious Quality Ice Cream College Headquarters for Fountain Specials and Lunches AGENTS FOR EDY ' S CHARACTER CANDIES 1928 Pacific Avenue Phone 7-7095 195 .,+ +.. CENTRAL DRUG CO. California Street and Weber Avenue Phone 7-7011 and 7-7012 Stockton, Calif. w. 2047 Pacific Ave. E. KING Jeweler Stockton Relax From Your Studies — Drink ROYAL CROWN COLA Nehi Bottling Co. Stockton CHRIS. E. STABLER. D. D. S. DENTIST Suite 1003, Medico-Dental Building Phone 7-7623 Stockton, Calif. GEORGE H. ROHRBACHER, M. D. ERIC ROSENBERG, M. D. Diseases of Skin and Blood Allergy 1005 Medico-Dental BIdg. Stockton, Calif. C. A. BROADDUS. M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat Medico-Dental Building Phone 2-1419 Stockton, Calif. S. H. HALL, D. D. S. DENTIST 905 Medico-Dental Building Phone 3-1921 Stockton, Calif. COMPLIMENTS OF FORTY-NINE DRUG CO. Stockton, California Phone 2-4893 Main and EIDorado Sts. f Phone 2-5143 Poplar and Yosemite Sts. BRIGHT SPOT ELECTRIC CO. 332 E. Weber Ave. Phone 9-9769 John O. Eccleston, M. D. Medico-Dental Building Stockton Compliments of DR DAINGERFIELD Phone 6-6156 Medico-Dental BIdg. H. S. CHAPMAN Surgery Stockton, ..... California Compliments of F. A. McGuire, M. D. Stockton, California Carl F. Hogue, D. D. S. 305 Medico-Dental BIdg. Dial 2-2452 Stockton, Calif. DEWEY R. POWELL, M. D. YALE BRODY, M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat Medico-Dental BIdg. Stockton, Calif. 196 STATE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSN. LOANS— INVESTMENTS Frank L. Williams, President Geo. B. Hammond, Secretary 223 E. Weber Avenue Stockton, Calif. j I " 1 • • + D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. Buck. Lillian, 1243 W. Willow, Stockton __ .96 Buck, Robert, 40 Lounez, Wheeling, W. Va 121, 130 Buckman, Fred, hloward St., Martinez Budln. Harriet, Pacific Ave., Stockton _._ ...- 79, 143 Budlsellch, Helene, Rt. 3, Box 541, Stockton .172 Bunn, Ted, 1328 N. Commerce, Stockton Bugbee, Lois, 39 Blanchford Court. Oakland 4,48, 141, 171, 172 Butterfleld, Oliver, 16 E. Adams St., Stockton Burd, Peter, 813 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley....- 153 Burllngame, Paul 94, 100 Burns, Elaine, 405 Linden hHts., Auburn Burns, Robert. 87 Stadium Dr.. Stockton .3! Burton. Miriam. 155 W. Alpine, Stockton -.. -98 Burum, Kathleen, 129 S. I St., Dinuba ...99, 179 Bush, Buford, 144 Fulton, Stockton... ...85. 16! Bush. Ida. 215 E. 4th St., Madera Bush. John, 102 Fulton. Stockton Bush. Sibley. 1225 W. Elm, Stockton Bushman, Doyle, Rt. 3, Box 317, Lodl... ...132 Butcher, Nancy, I 133 Willow, Martinez 64, 139, 156. 179 Butler. Dixie. Tonopah. Nevada 179 Butler, George, 1309 Alabama, Vallejo 92. 94 c Cadden, Barbara, Rt. I, Box 418, Selma...... 156, 172 Calderwood, Effle, I 520 Altamira. Martinez. 172 Calderwood, Janet, 1520 Altamira, Martinez 7 Callas. Milton. 426 E. 8th St., Pittsburg 49, 51 Cameron. Sarah, 461 E. 12th St., Pittsburg 44. 96. 138, 139, 146, 161 Campbell, Margaret 104, 189 Campodonico. Robert, 151 W. Elm, Stockton Canessa. Norma. Rt. 4, Box 760, Stockton... .....94 Canlls, Marie, 1035 W. Vine. Stockton. 143. 179 Capps. Charles, 2029 Central, Alameda .153, 179 Carlson, Elizabeth, I 141 East Rd.. LahHabra hieights Carroll. William. 2529 Downer Ave.. Richmond. 127, 132 Carter, Betty, 940 N. Argonaut, Stockton. ...57, 102, 139 Carter, Louise, 720 N. Orange, Stockton. Catterall, Herbert, 1320 S. San Joaquin, Stockton.. .104, 179 Cattori, Betty 139 Caubu, Jean. 2100 Green St., San Francisco 85, 141, 161 Cavlglla, George, 433 W. Poplar, Stockton Chambers, Kathryn, 407 Palo Ave.. Piedmont Chaney, Sam, 173 Elwood, Redwood City 151, 158, 161 Chapman, Norman, 2813 27th St., Sacramento Charles, Albert, 248 W. Fulton, Stockton Chatton, Rose Ann, 1624 N. Hunter. Stockton 141 Charleston, Verda, Centervllle, South Dakota Chinchiolo, Andrew, 1326 W. Magnolia, Stockton... 129 Chinchiolo. Antionette, 1326 W. Magnolia, Stockton .143 Chinchiolo. James, 29 E. Adams, Stockton Chrisman, James, 48 W. Jackson, Stockton Churchill. Jack. 433 N. Central. Stockton... ...172 Church, Marvin. 316 E. Clay. Stockton Clake. Alfred, 372 Orange St., Oakland.. 80 Civil Aeronautics Authority .. . 34, 35 Clampitt, William, 1420 Beech. Martinez Clare, Joe, 2820 Bth Ave., Oakland Clark, Asa, 91 I W. Magnolia, Stockton Clark, Fred J., 243 E. Arcade St., Stockton. 100 Clark, Robert D., I I 14 N. Harrison St., Stockton 56 Cleveland, Norma, Shasta Dam Clifford, Dorris, Rt. 2, Box 537. Strathmore 82, 141, 179 Clifton, Verne, Rt. 2. Box 368. Reedley. ...86. 161 Cline. George, Camanche 149 Cloyd. Eugene, 21 I N. Main, Yreka Coale, Jack. 1540 Robinson. Orovllle Coats, Charles Ted, 1436 Court St., Martinez 127 Coffman, Clarlbel, 58 San Benito Way, San Francisco 77. 80,97, 105, 140, 141, 161 Cohen, Eugene. 930 W. Harding Way, Stockton Cohen, Lillian, 2564 E. Main, Stockton... 179 Cohen, Maurice, 1746 N. Cherokee Ave.. Hollywood ..161 Cohen, Nathan, 829 W. Flora, Stockton Coil, Everett, Lockeford Collet, Richard. 1040 Carlton Ave., Stockton 151. 162 Collins, Daryl, 727 N. Harrison, Stockton Colliver, George. 95 Euclid. Stockton Colliver, Grant, 95 Euclid, Stockton _ 162 Colvan, Ellen, Saratoga 53,64, 143. 179 Combs, Craig, 332 62nd St., Oakland Combs, Marian, 332 62nd St., Oakland. - 156 Comer, Eleanor, 1230 N. Harrison, Stockton Conaway, Robert, Rt. 2, Box 276F, Stockton 50, 51,53. I 19. 179 Conchete, Marion. 619 W. Willow, Stockton 179 Conklin, Susann, 3030 Alcott St., San Diego Conn, Mary, 708 Arlmo St., San Diego Connolly, T. E., 1630 N. Hunter St., Stockton... 103 Conradt, Beryl, 1525 S. San Joaquin, Stockton Conservatory 18, 19, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 9 I Cook, Raymond, Lodl Cook, Robert, 343 Kenilworth, San Leandro 197 4.. , — „. ._,„«_„. . ._. _. — , — , . „_, — .._. — .._.,_... STOCI TOP SAVIir GS AND ILOAP IBAP I STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA Founded 1867 COMMERCIAL ▼ SAVINGS ▼ TRUST SAFE DEPOSIT CAPITAL $1,000,000.00 Surplus, Undivided Profits and Reserves, $1,051,000.00 T T T TOTAL RESOURCES, $13,750,000.00 RENDERS A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE E. L WILHIOT CARROL G. GRUNSKY President Vice-Presldenf and Trust Officer R. L. EBERHARDT J. F. McCLORY Executive Vice-President Cashier MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION , , . — ,_„ „ „ — ._.4. 198 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Nunnber Reference to Pictures. Cooley, Stanford, 412 Center, Yreka Cooney, hHarold, 147 W. Poplar, Stockton Cooney, Robert, 2501 Beverley Place, Stockton Cooper, Roy, 1676 W. Sherman Way, Van Nuy Co-operative House 67, Copsey, Ellen, 3414 Pacific Ave., Stockton Copsey, Jack, 3414 Pacific Ave., Stockton Corbett, William, Pittsburg Corbin, Charles, 100 Tenth, Petaluma Corbin, Prof. C. E., 117 Euclid, Stockton 37 Corell, Helen, Rt. I, Box 126, Acampo Cornelius, Bob, I 133 S. Windsor, Los Angeles Cornell, Harold, 438 E. Rose, Stockton Corry, Mrs. Jean, 2255 Crafton Way, Stockton Corson, James, 945 N. Commerce, Stockton 33 Costello, Mary, 1161 W. Elm, Stockton Cottrell, Dick_ ._ Cottrell, Lenore, 336 N. Ophir, Stockton Covey, Charles, I 132 W. Harding Way, Stockton Cowan, Gladys, 1794 Oak St., Napa . Coward, Edna, 941 Lincoln Ave., Napa Coward, Louie, 941 Lincoln Ave., Napa Coward, Ruth, 941 Lincoln Ave., Napa 139, Cowden, Daniel, 1055 N. Sierra Nevada, Stockton Cowger, Dick, 2347 Hyland Ave., Ventura Cox, Grace, Linden Cox, Beverly, 8 I 5 W. Elm, Stockton Crabbe, John, 163 Knoles Way Craig, Kay, 106 Pacific Ave., Piedmont, Craig, Mary, 668 S. Central, Stockton Craw, Marjorie, 1019 San Juan, Stockton Crawford, Harley, 525 E. Maple, Stockton Creamer, Mary, Madison _ Crevelll, Mae, 1037 S. Center, Stocktor Crofton, Beverley, IBIS E. 23rd St., Oakland Crosgrove, James, 222 Tuxedo, Stockton Cross, Celia, R. F. D. Box 249A, Concord _. Cross, LeRoy, 225 S. Church, Lodi Cross, Roger, R. F. D. Box 249A, Concord Cub House -. - Cullinane, Janet, 3622 Fulton, San Francisco Culver, Helen, 3822 Harrison, Oakland Curtin, Maryetta, 126 N. C St., Madera 48, 125 95 172 13! 179 139 130, 15! 159, 162 141, 178 151, 162 .45, 67 D Dagg, Jeanne, 1024 N. Lincoln, Stockton. Dahl, Earl, 137 E. Pine, Stockton 124 Dahl, Ivy, Mokelumne Hill Daniels, Barbara, 2941 23rd St., Sacramento... 34 162 Danielson, Lloyd, Fallon, Nevada 151, 172 Danner, Helen, 1217 W. Willow St., Stockton ...189 54, 155 Daquiado, Faustino, 321 S. Center, Stockton Dashiell, Douglas, 16 E. Adams St., Stockton 125, 127, 131, 189 Dashiell, Jane, 101 San Felipe Way, San Francisco 141, 155, 178 92, 103 Daussat, Juanita, Woodland.. 10, 19, 64, 75, 77, 139 Dauth, Albert, Rt. 1, Box 217, Linden 130 153 Davidson, Harriet, 2618 Westminster, Stockton Davis, George, 43 W. Walnut, Stockton 149, 162 Davis, Jean, Rt. 1, Box I 35, Walnut Grove. 157, 178 Davis, Lorraine, 560 32nd St., Oakland... ......85, 156, 179 Davis, Wheeler, Rt. I, Box 41 I, Manteca Dawson, William, 236 Stadium Dr., Stockton 92, 103, 162 Debate... 56, 57 de Arrieta, Mary, 145 Sperry Ave., Stockton 107 Dean, William, 358 San Carlos Ave., Piedmont 46 Dedekam, George, Ross Dedrick, Farrell, 14 Hugus Court, Santa Cruz 131 Deftereos, Pallo, 23 W. Jefferson, Stockton DeLacy, Catherine, Martinez DeMark, Esther, 21 W. Highland, Tracy DeMartini, Joan, 1605 Columbia Ave., Stockton 133, 139 DeMedeiros, George, 719 J St., Los Banos .84,85 den Dulk, Gerard, Ripon ...94, 100 178 Dennis, John, 55 San Andreas St., San Francisco 162 Denny, Edward, 2161 Cortez Ave., Burlingame I 14, 153, 172 Desjardin, Edmund, Crescent City Devine, William, 1026 Vernal Way, Stockton... 34 I 78 Devoe, Jack - 85 de Wood, Jane. 1 39 Dewey, Robert, 2200 Piedmont Ave., Berkeley 95, I 14, 145, 162 Dickey, Donald, 852 W. Monterey, Stockton Dickinson, Naomi, Rodeo Dickman, Grace, 1439 N. Columbia, Stockton 96, 145 Dili, Ralph, Rt. 2, Box 224, Chowchilla ...155 Dinublio, John, 457 Lexington, Stockton Doane, Virginia, 451 S. Regent St., Stockton 96, 145, 180 Dobrasin, Marcella, 114 N. Church, Lodi.. 141, 155 Dobrasin, Martin, I 14 N. Church, Lodi Dobson, Sallie, I 150 W. Harding, Stockton Dodd, Patricia, 225 Santa Ana, San Francisco 49, 51 Dodge, Katherlne, 352 Alcatraz Ave., Oakland Dodge, Phyllis, Elizabeth Apts., Provo, Utah 141, 180 199 PROPERTY MANAGEMENT APPRAISEMENTS Dial 4-4547 235 East Weber Avenue -+ i F. J. DIETRICH CO. LANDS— HOMES— INSURANCE " S+oclcJ-on, California CON. J. FRANKE GENERAL ELECTRIC DEALER Electrical Contractor I 748 E. Weber Ave. Office Phone 2-0717 •- GRADUATION SIFTS GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Nothing But the Finest at No Extra Cost M. FRIEDBERGER CO. Jewelry and Watch Repairing 339 E. Main Street Dial 2-1778 D RECTORY Compliments of S.H.KRESS CO. STOCKTON 5 - 10 - 15 Cent Store 4., ..I ,. m .« m .■ .■ m n. » «i .» »» •. ». .n mi .» -n " n « ' )• I Doi, Alfred, 215 S. Argonaut, Stockton Dominguez, Alfonso, 2256 Cherokee Ave., Stockton -.180 Donald, Alfred, Acampo Dow, Leslie, 12 Springs Road, Vallejo 42,43, 85,95, I 13, I 14, I 15, 151, 172 Dow, Selma, Rt. 2, Box 28, Lodi Downs, Bob, 129 Stratford St., Redwood City 151, 162 Doyle, Bill, 112! N. Baker, Stockton _ 17, 180 Drew, Jeanne, 1727 Magnolia, Oakdale DuBrutz, Lucile, 101 Knoles Way, Stockton. _ ...180 Duffin, Kenneth, 35! W. Broadmoor, San Leandro Dunham, Richard, 97 Mott St., Santa Cruz... 127 DuPraw, Harry, Susanvllle.. 109, 119, 151, 162 Durham, Charles, Licking, Missouri 147, 153, 162 E Eachus, Mildred, Dunsmuir Eames, Betteanne, 50 Acacia Ave., Merced Earley, David, Rt. 2, Box 301, Merced Easby, Jacqueline, Rt. I, Box 388, Merced Edlnger, Jeanette, Rlpon... Edwards, Joan, 815 W. Magnolia , Stockton Eckert, Ralph G., 416 E. Walnut St., Stockton Eby, George, 2210 Dwight Way, Stockton Egbert, Eugene, 614 N. Church, Lodi Egbert, Frank, P. O. Box 813, Stockton Elselen, Malcolm, 808 Bristol, Stockton. Ekness, Warren, 152 E. Alpine, Stockton Elliott, John G., 219 Euclid, Stockton... .. Ellis, Esther, I 15 Stadium Drive, Stockton Ellis, Virginia, 1572 W. Poplar, Stockton Embleton, Jane, 1814 Grove St., Berkeley Enderlln, Euvelle, 1785 Oxford Way, Stockton English, Robert, 820 W. 2nd St., Santa Ana Enns, Richard, Rt. 2, Box 468, Reedley Epsilon Lambda Sigma 45, 65, 68, Esmond, Leona, Wallace 101 100, 1 19 141, 180 157, 180 143, 180 10? 103 86 139 172, 180 85 140 141 157, 163 200 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Nunnber Reference to Pictures. Esplen, Merle, I I 30 N. Argonaut, Stockton 45 Evans, hHorace, 819 W. Washington, Santa Ana 163 Evans, Minnie, 437 2nd St., Del Rey Evans, William, 305 Taft, Tracy Everett, Carol, I 125 6th St., Modesto Ewing, Allison, 1629 Avon St., Los Angeles 79, 151, 180 Ewing, Jack, 6073 Riverside Ave., Riverside Executive Committee - 42, 43 F Falrchilds, Dorothy, 420 E. Park, Stockton Fannuchi, John, 1828 Orange, Bakersfield Farley, Fred L., 217 Knoles Way, Stockton __ __...- Farey, Arthur, 112 W. Fulton, Stockton ._ - Fast, Emery, Rt. 1, Box 807, Stockton Fay, Edward, 1209 Pinchot, Stockton Faxon, Charles, 426 W. Willow, Stockton Felsenthal, Charles, Fillmore - 151, Felter, Dorothy, 151 Euclid Ave., Stockton Fenix, Robert, 120 Knoles Way, Stockton. ..__ Fenstermacher, Dale, hiercules Fenstermacher, Lois, hiercules -- 139, Fere, Erwin, 824 Grosvenor Place, Oakland Fergusson, Barbara, Redding Ferguson, Donna, 1665 Berkeley Ave., Stockton 72, 74, Ferguson, Jean, 1665 Berkeley Ave., Stockton 41 Ferguson, Robert, 1007 Vernal Way, Stockton Fernandez, Bernardo, Pinole Fernandez, Carroll, Pinole Ferrari, June, 1112 Fairfax, Stockton Ferrari, Tom, 1112 Fairfax, Stockton 48, Ficovich, Antone, I 156 S. David, Stockton 42, 55, 147, 152, 153 Ficovich, Nickolina, I I 56 S. David, Stockton 61,92,96, Fine, hiarris, Tracy... Fink, Betty, Crows Landing Finney, Charles, 615 W. Park, Stockton Fish, Lesley, 715 N. Central, Stockton Fisher, Jack, 435 W. Emerson, Tracy Fitsgerald Betty, 2055 Cherokee Lane, Stockton Planner, Sylvia, l635 ' 2 Rockwood St., Los Angeles Fletcher, Felton, Edmond, Oklahoma. Fletcher, Orvell, 524 hHarold, Lodi Flint, Barbara, Delevan Flor, Catherine, 122 W. Wyandotte, Stockton... 153, 172 159, 163 .180 ...85 155 Folse, Verdienne, 612 W. Elm, Lodi. 107, 172 Fong, Donald, 21 10 N St., Bakersfield Football, J. C... 126, 127 Football, Pacific... 112, 113, 114, 115 Ford, George, Rt. 2, Box 272A, Stockton 127 Ford, Jean, 652 N. Regent, Stockton Ford, Lew, 937 Oxford Way, Stockton 12, 15, 163 32,92 .85, 105 15 149, 172 155, 180 .103 146, 163 141, 180 141, 180 t ,42, 141 .163 6AIA-DELUCCHI CO.. INC. Groceries, Poultry, Fruits and Vegetables Ravioli and Tagiiarini Wholesale and Retail OUR OWN MEAT MARKET 139, 163 ■■ 114, 153 +.. 141, 163 f I 1 80 4... 201 i 140 N. American St. Phone 7-7941 " The Place to Go " FOX WEST COAST THEATRES CALIFORNIA -:- RITZ -:- STATE -:- RIALTO I I Furniture — Floor Coverings — Draperies GoodTaste Furnishings at Modest Prices LEVIKSON ' S ■ + 1 I 32! E. Weber Avenue Phone 8-8243 I I .4. Elsie Berry Alert Cleaners 1 i j Telephone ! 7-7869 EXPERT LAUNDRY SERVICE 2117 Pacific Ave. Stockton, Calif. Complinnenfs of HUMPHREY ' S SCHOOL OF BUSl N ESS Stockton ■+ +■ t- I I ..+ +.- THRONE ' S STORE COMPLETE LINE OF SCHOOL SUPPLIES DONOVAN ' S S ' ' sh p Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Donovan DISTINCTIVE APPAREL— MODERATELY PRICED 336 E. Main Street — Stockton We Invite You to Open a Charge Account .4 +- ■ + t- ■t I EICHELBERGER-HOBIN Stockton, California I 448 West Fremont St. Phone 8-8613 1 4 Compliments of AUSTIN BROS. Wholesale Dealers in General Hardware, Plumbing and Electrical Supplies Stockton, California .+ +.- BEN FRANKLIN STORES L. C. Eyer, Owner and Manager 1902 Pacific Avenue Stockton, Calif. Complete line of School Supplies — Notions Candy — Stationery — Etc. Compliments of MILLER-HAYES COMPANY PLUMBERS Grant and Weber Phone 2-0229 +- ..+ +.. .+ 4... 1 i B. C. WALLACE SON MORTICIANS Phone Stockton 6-6993 520 North Sutter Street TED ' S MEAT MARKET WHOLESALE MEAT JOBBERS SWANSTON ' S BRANDED BEEF 1 I c ■4 Phone 2-2734 Ted Dye, Prop. 434 E. Weber Ave. Stockton 202 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. Forkner, Luana, 94 I W. Willow, Stockton. _ Forney, Willard, 428 E. Monterey, Stockton Forrester, William, 152 W. Walnut, Stockton Fosgate, Marc, 607 S. Tuxedo, Stockton Fox, Dorothy, 490 Colusa Ave., Berkeley.... Fox, Phyllis, 800 Mandana St., Oakland Francis, Dorothy, 3616 Pacific, Stockton Francis, Ralph, 3616 Pacific, Stockton 29,95, III, Franke, Constance, 1435 N. Pershing, Stockton Franklin, Anita, 14 S. California, Stockton 106, Franklin, Jean, 1774 Woodhaven Way, Oakland Freeman, Janarose, 903 S. San Joaquin, Stockton Freshman Class 187, Frey, Doris, Rt. 1, Box 378, Lodi Friend, John, 2065 W. Willow, Stockton Frishholz, John, Wilmington 10, 27, 95, I 14, I 19, 153, Fritz, Irving, Rio Dell ......87, 147, 150, 151, Frosh Bible Frost, Elizabeth, 170 Euclid, Stockton Fruesh, Lillian, 465 44th St., Oakland Fujil, hienry, 1705 Carleton St., Berkeley Fuller, Carl, 112 Euclid Ave., Stockton... 92, Gaia, Blanche Gaia, Meha, 1427 N. Madison St., Stockton Gallagher, Dolora, Trowbridge . .... Gallagher, John, 23 E. Magnolia St., Stockton Gait, Veryl, hHughson I 04, Galvin, Jean Marie, 1318 Clinton Ave., Alameda Gambetta, Joseph, 715 Tennessee St., Vallejo Gardner, Beverly, Rt. 2, Box 483, Merced 141, Gardner, Edward, 120 Stadium Dr., Stockton Garibaldi, Margaret, 1201 N. Sierra Nevada St., Stockton 145, Garibotto, Dorothy, 1137 W. Oak St., Stockton Garratt, Mansfield, 1619 Moreland Dr., Alameda — Garretson, Blanche, 2343 Pacific Ave., Stockton Garrigan, Maxine, 2690 Kensington Way, Stockton. Gartner, Irvin, 404 S. Tuxedo Ave., Stockton 48, 57, 85, 102, 151, 155, Gartner, Orvin, 404 S. Tuxedo Ave., Stockton Garvey, Jack, 1225 N. Stockton St., Stockton Gay, David, 4020 Niles St., Bakersfleld 95, 108, I 14, I 19, 145, Gay, Dean, 4020 Niles St., Bakersfield....95, 108, 114, 145, Gavey, Tom, 1775 Oakland Blvd., Walnut Creek.. 46, .99 180 .96 I 17 180 180 180 163 .54 155 105 .96 106 163 129 180 163 132 ..96 172 Gede, Robert, 3500 Calandria Ave., Oakland Geery, Eleanor, 1865 Prospect Ave., Hermosa Beach Gehrig, John, 421 W. Vine St., Stockton Geisler, Gretchen, Sunnyvale Genochio, Frank, Camanche Genuit, Eva, 645 W. Walnut St., Stockton Genult, Walter, 645 W. Walnut St., Stockton ., Geoffrey, Orville, Linden George, Flossy Lou, Reno, Nevada 104, Gerber, Margaret, Rt. 1, Box 381, Lodi Gerould, Albert, 3616 Pacific, Stockton German, Wanda, Rt. 1, Box 101, Ripon 106, Ghiorzo, Vernon, 1503 E. Channel St., Stockton. Gholz, Melvin, Rt. 2, Box 38, Lodi 92, 94, Gianelli, Janice, 299 S. Garfield St., Stockton Gibbons, Barbara, 206 S. Orange Ave., Lodi .139, Gibeson, Russell, Yreka Gibson, Annette, I 18 Mt. Diablo, San Mateo Gifford, Robert, 115 Fulton, Stockton Gilbert, Eva . Giles, Dick, 121 Knoles Way, Stockton Gilgert, Earl, 2460 E. Scotts Ave., Stockton Gilgert, Walter, 2460 E. Scotts Ave., Stockton 100, 151, Gill, Melvin, 523 N. Monroe St., Stockton Gillum, Frances, lone Oilman, William, 2243 14th Ave., San Francisco Giorgi, Elvera, Rt. I, Box 397A, Acampo Gipner, Alice Jane, 160 E. Alder St., Stockton 92, Gladman, Earl, 357 N. 19th St., San Jose Gobel, Max, 845 Lake St., San Francisco 53, 77, 78, 83, 105, 153, Goff, Camille, 3955 F St., Eureka Goleman, Irving, 6 W. Adams, Stockton... Goldman, Walter, 655 36th Ave., San Francisco... 151 , 158, Golf Gomez, Jesus, 26 S. Union St., Stockton Gonzales, Silvio, Diriamba, Nicaragua Goodenough, Robert, Lakeport.. Goodman, Minerva, 2255 Crafton Way, Stockton Goodman, Delmar, 614 N. hlunter St., Stockton... 129, 121 181 172 172 173 127 164 132 141 173 181 173 164 .37 181 121 .127 131 + + Compliments of 164 164 108 +, 203 Johnnie ' s Waffle Shop . — . — ,_,. 1. . .+ SHEPHERD GREEN CONTRACTORS BUILDERS SUPERINTENDENTS OF CONSTRUCTION -+ 1 ■■+ -+ QUALITY PRODUCTS . i ■.;.n .T.T;. : " ::.. ?:ff; 7jw yf ' 1 :-- ' J l|jNSw£eTENE-o ! Manufactured by MILK PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL CALIFORNIA PLANTS LOCATED AT 540 South Pilgrim Street STOCKTON 510 Ninth Street MODESTO " — " — " !• BEST WISHES AND SUCCESS TO THE CLASS OF 1941 And to Those Who Will Return for the New College Year PENNEY ' S WELCOME YOU J. C. PENNEY CO., Inc. Main at California Streets Stockton 204 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. Goodwin, Barbara, 1574 Lucerne Ave., Stockton Goodwin, Dorothy, Rt. I, Box 127, Manteca 96, 105 Gordon, Jane, 255 Knoles Way, Stockton.,., 14 Gordon, Robert, 255 Knoles Way, Stockton Gossett, Allison, 327 Woodland Park, San Leandro 55, 149 139 181 I, 181 181 Piedmont I 56 100, 124, 153 127 173 164 181 181 Gove, Evelyn, 7 King Ave Grahlman, Dick Grahlman, hHarold, 344 S. Anteros Ave., Stockton Graham, Barbara, 3 13 Washington St., Oildale Graham, Robert, 401 Yosemite Ave., Modesto Grant, Mno, Fustine Grant, William, San Andreas Graves, Violet, 1242 N. Wilson Way, Stockton 29, 92, 94, 103, 133 Greenberg, Phyllis, 24 E, Adams St., Stockton...... .141 Gregson, Marian, 1222 N. Stockton St., Stockton 139 Grenberg, Paul, Sausalito Grey, Jane, Lincoln. .139, 173 ffin, Elizabeth, Walnut Grove ffith, Abner, 22 I I Durant Ave., Berkeley ggs, Geraldine, Rt. 4, Box 335, Stockton mshaw, Phyllis, Regent, Stockton 6,44,46, 143, 146, 164 ner, Phyllis, 466 Bristol Ave., Stockton tton, Phyllis, lone Gronwoldt, August, Golden Eagle Hotel, Redding Gross, Lorraine, 356 E. Walnut St., Lodi Gross, Warren, 356 E. Walnut St., Lodi Groves, FHoward, Farmington .127 Grunberg, Barbara, 1458 Esplanade, Chico Guernsey, Doris, 1844 N. San Joaquin, Stockton 99, 139, 173 Gulick, Charles, 100 Knoles Way, Stockton Gundert, Leonard, 117 N.Garfield St., Lodi. .124, 127, 151, 181 Gwynn, Mary Elizabeth, 1520 Picardy Dr., Stockton 139, 181 Gymnasium 28, 29 G G G G G H Haabesland, Rosalie, Rt. 1, Box 380, Lodi - 99 Haas, Ernest, 352 N. Walnut St., Lodi. .100 Hadden, Wilder, Stockton 94,164 Haffner, Christel, 12 Alba St., Portland, Maine Hahn, Madelyn, 1331 S. Pilgrim St., Stockton Halbert, Dale, Knightsen 10, 110, 114 Hamaker, Phyllis, 726 Kentucky St., Vallejo 139, 181 Hamblet, Dorothea 107 Hamby, Frank, Mokelumne Hill Hamilton, Quincy, 212 S. Church St., Lodi Hamm, Ben, 2524 Benview, Berkley... 4, 120, 151, 171, 173 Hammer, Harry, Rt. 1, Box 936, Richmond Hammlll, Mervel, 1228 W. Walnut, Stockton 141, 173 Hampton, Janet, 2055 California St., San Francisco. .. 1 39, 181 Hamsher, DeEtte, 4409 Edgewood Ave., Oakland 141, 173 Hamsher, Millard, 4409 Edgewood Ave., Oakland Hancock, John, 616 Cowper St., Palo Alto Handel, Shirley, 508 S. School St., Lodi 106 Handley, Lauren, 1 120 W. Poplar St., Stockton...... 151 Hannay, Jessie, 826 N. Harrison St., Stockton .145, 173 Hanner, Jack, 1435 W. Flors St., Stockton 95, 119 Hansbrow, Howard, I 74 4 I st St., Oakland.. . 4 Hanson, Gill, 1229 Vine St., Paso Robles 151 Hansen, James, 2435 College Dr., Stockton Ha nson, William, 722 Acacia Dr., Burlingame Hanson, Karl. 86 Euclid Ave., Stockton ...92, 164 Harden, Eugene, 205 N. Aurora St., Stockton Herbert, Wllhelmina, 1 106 N. San Joaquin, Stockton Harriman. Grace, 1040 W. Flora St., Stockton Harrington, Ellen Jayne, 4038 Falcon, San Diego 14, 45. 143, 181 Harrington, Henry, LIvermore Harrington, Lorraine, Ventura Harris, Carroll, 40 Isabella Ave., Menio Park Harris, Harold, Lincoln Hotel, Stockton Harris, J. William, 222 Euclid, Stockton 32, 103 Harrison, Barbara, 221 N. Pilgrim St., Stockton 87, 97,98, 141, 164 Harrison, Katherine, 625 Bristol Ave., Stockton Harter, Eugene, 2420 Ashby Ave., Berkeley . 153, 177, 181 Harter, Glenn, 2420 Ashby Ave., Berkeley 147, 153, 164 Harvey, Byron, 1036 York St., Pittsburg Harvey, Harry, Rt. 2, Box 29, Stockton. 95, 109, 1 14, 173 Haulman, Jane, 3104 Gibbons Dr., Alameda Havislde, Harry, 3115 Lewiston Ave., Berkeley Hastin, Kenneth, 706 E. Nth St., Bakersfield 56,85, 102, 149, 173 Hawkes, LaVonne, 242 Canada St., Ojai Hawkings, Allen, 500 N. C St., Madera Hayward, Sonja, 1 175 Stanyan St., San Francisco Hawkins, Elaine, Rt. 2. Box 188, Lodi Hay, Charles, 1522 18th St., Bakersfield Hebbron, Jeanne, 35 Third St., Santa Cruz Hebbron, Lloyd, 35 Third St., Santa Cruz 127, 151, 181 Helm, Thalia, Fair Oaks 85, 87, 155, 181 Heiman, Lorraine, 167 Palm Ave., San Francisco Heimann, Armgard, 1843 N. San Joaquin St., Stockton 145, 173 205 Personal Cards Dance Bids Betrothal Cards Wedding Invitations and Announcements Printed Art-Point Thermography Genuine Engraving fiOSfflSIEtL Printing Company 157 W. Adams at Pacific Ave. DIAL 2-0818 .... STOCKTON DIRECTORY Heinrlch, Louis, Rt. 7, Box 326, Acampo Heinz, William, 1629 Stanford Ave., Stockton Heller, Ruth, 1524 Lucerne Ave., Stockton, 107, 181 Hendricks, Willis, 1916 Yolo Ave., Berkeley Henning, Robert, 75 Fox Ave., San Jose 95, I 16, I 17, 153, 173 Herbert, Richard, Valley Springs Herrick, Betty, 262 Broadnnoor Blvd., San Leandro Hershel, Bella, 408 E. Walnut St., Stockton Heustis, Gerald ----- 100 Hickman, Betty, I 3 I E. Flora St., Stockton 141, 181 Higby, Bill, 1027 N. Orange St., Stockton Higgins, Donald, Rt. 4, Box 2, Stockton Hill, Ethel Mae, 3502 N. Commerce, Stockton 134 Hill, Delmar, Hill ' s Motel, Merced Hills, Beverly, I 128 Walnut St., Berkeley Hiramoto, John, Rt. 3, Box 211, Lodi Hironymous, Robert, 182! N. Edison St., Stockton Hobson, Henry, 2316 i Ith Ave., Oakland. 78 Hodgson, Margery, 774 Hilldale, Berkeley Hodgkins, Ann, Rt. I, Box 819, Stockton-_ 25, 139, 164 Hoffman, Ray, I 15 Upland Dr., San Francisco Hoffschneider, Lois, 3101 McKillop Rd., Oakland Hogan, Claude, 604 W. Walnut St., Stockton 48,56, 85, 92, 102, 151, 171, 173 Hogue, Nancy, I I 18 Vernal Way, Stockton 141, 181 Holden, Fred, 1859 Allston Way, Stockton 78 Holden, James, Summit City 181 Holden, Ronald, 1818 W. Acacia St., Stockton Holden, Warner, 1859 Allston Way, Stockton Hollingsworth, Robert, 368 E. 3rd Ave., Chico Hollingsworth, Dale, 830 N. Van Buren St., Stockton-- 86, 164 Holmes, Jack - -. 105 Holmes, M. Zell, I I 16 W. Park St., Stockton -- 107 Holton, Arthur, 1440 Jones St., San Francisco 153, 173 Homecoming . - 58, 59 Honnold, Forrest, II 19 E. Main St., Stockton -101, 173 Hood, Philip - -- - - -.- - -101 Hooklns, Adelbert, 430 Quince St., San Diego Hooper, Marjorle, Dixon Hooson, Mary, 742 W. Rose St., Stockton Hopkins, C. Hov ard, 236 Stadium Drive, Stockton Hopps, Gloria, 1728 Stanford Ave., Stockton Horan, Barbara, Oakdale Horn, Jacqueline, 154 Pinehurst Way, San Francisco Hoshiyama, Tom, 1658 Sutter St., San Francisco - 104 Hoskins, Birdie, 130 W. Acacia St., Stockton - 182 Hotchklss, Gladys, 39 W. Highland Ave., Tracy 155, 182 Household Art Science Club ....96 Houston, William, Rt. 2, Box 233K, Stockton. Hudson, Don, Rt. I, Box 597S, Stockton 151, 173 Huffman, Walton, 274 Cleveland Ave., Pittsburg Hughes, Gladys - -- - .- 92 Hughes, Mildred, 513 F St., Davis 206 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. Hull, Darrell, 348 N. Aurora St., Stockton Hull, Dorothy, 348 N. Aurora St., Stockton __. I 39, I 82 Hull, Frances, 348 N. Aurora St., Stockton ._ 44, 139, 165 Hunefeld, Bette, 831 W. Elm St., Stockton ._ 187 Hunefeld, Bill, 831 W. Elm St., Stockton 46,49, 51, 53, 55, 109, 120, 147, I Hunt, Caroline, 915 Carolina St., Vallejo I Hunt, Jeanne, Great Falls, Mont Hunt, Leiand, Milton .__ Hurt, Peggy, 2211 Oregon St., Berkeley Hutcheon, Ian, Y. M.C. A., Stockton I Hutcheson, Joseph, 770 32nd St., Richmond Hutchins, Hugh, 4626 Fairfax, Oakland __ 149, 173 Hutson, Charles, 1225 N. California, Stockton Hyde, George, 1309 N. Olive St., Santa Ana._ 173 49, 173 56, 182 _ 130 141 20, 173 lago, Charles, 501 Grand Ave., So. San Francisco Ijams, Robert, Rt. 2, Box 325E, Stockton I 13, 14, 151 Immel, John, I 125 W. Poplar St., Stockton 103, 149, 165 Infirmary, West Memorial 26, 27 Ingram, Lorraine, Oakdale .1 73 Inglis, Weston, 825 Bristol, Stockton Inouye, Takashl, 146 E. Anderson St., Stockton Inouye, Tokie, 129 E. Clay St., Stockton Inouye, Virginia, 224 E. Jackson St., Stockton 173 Inter- Fraternity Council - -. 147 Intra-Mural Sports _ 122 Irwin, Al, 21 1 41 2 Ocean Front, Newport Beach 14, 55,95, 108, I 13, I 14, 151, 164 Irwin, James, 40 Prospect Rd., Piedmont Iwana, Henry, 1536 N. Hunter St., Stockton Jackson, Donald, Men ' s Hall, Campus, Stockton _ 149 Jackson, Earl, Men ' s Hall, Campus, Stockton III, 119, 130, 189 Jackson, Mildred, 135 Cowper St., Palo Alto Jacobs, Lyie, I 19 California St., Rio Vista _ 182 Congratulations TO THE CLASS OF ' 41 When the going gets rough . . . may we suggest Vitamin B Bread for steady nerves and normal appetites . . . you ' ll be surprised at the difference! .... ENRICHED with Vitamins and i minerals as recom- mended by the 1 Mi U. S. Government % J 1 ■m s GRAVEM-INGLIS BAKING COMPANV THE WONDER INC. 340 East Main St. Stockton Phone 6-6871 STOCKTON ' S FINEST SHOP FOR WOMEN ' S AND CHILDREN ' S APPAREL Always the Newest Fashions in Campus Clothes 207 I I + ■ W. p. FULLER CO. PAINTS - VARNISHES LACQUERS - GLASS WALL PAPER 218 S. Aurora St. 319 E. Weber Ave. Phone 7-7838 Phone 5-5785 PACIFIC COFFEE SHOP Brealcfast — Lunch — Dinner 2041 Pacific Avenue Telephone 6-6704 RUSE -BLAIR LUMBER CO. 302 W. Fremont (Cor. Monroe) Stockton California D Qualify Milk- after all thats what You want " Stockton, California Phone 5-5831 125 N. San Joaquin St. .»4. ...J. ■ + ■ " f • + BURNHAM BROS. " Personalized Service " Furniture, Floor Coverings, Drapes, Shades Stoves, Refrigerators and Washing Machines 417 E. Weber Ave. Phone 9-9038 • + RECTORY 94, 100, 173 Jacobsen, Betty, 2651 Filbert St., San Francisco Jacobsen, Eric, I 36 S. American St., Stockton 94, 95, 100, 108, I 14, 149, Jacoby, Harold, 3501 N. Sutter, Stockton James, Roberta, 175 Empire St., Grass Valley James, Virginia, 1045 Michigan Ave., San Jose 96, Jameyson, Barbara, 5916 Ivanhoe Rd., Oakland Jantzen, J. Marc Jennings, Helen, Patterson Jensen, Helen, Benicia Jensen, Karl, Fcrt Vv ayne, Ind Jeung, Nylan, Holt -. . Jensen, Truella, 851 W. Monterey, Stockton Johns, Joe, 1524 McAllister St., San Francisco Joens, Alfred, Rt. I, Box 67, Lodi Johnson, Beverlee, 4157 Park Blvd., Oakland Johnson, Clyde, 404 W. Walnut St., Lodi. __ Johnson, Doris, 245 Center St., Auburn _. Johnson, Kenneth, 245 Cente ' ' St., Auburn Johnson, Lillian, Rt. 2, Box 296, Modesto Johnson, Philip, 212 Knoles Way, Stockton Johnson, Marjorie, Rt. 2, Box 220, Lodi Johnson, William E., Rt. 4, Box 794, Stockton 114, 151, Johnstone, James, 1219 S. San Joaquin. Stockton 46, 151, Johns, Joe, 1524 McAllister St., San Francisco --. Jolly, James, 144 Fulton Ave., Stockton Jones, Barbara, Livingston Jones, Betsy, 720 W. Elm St., Stockton 139, Jones, Bill, 208 Hilborn St., Lodi Jones, David, 3733 6th Ave., Sacramento .101, Jones, Sally, 720 W. Elm, Stockton.. 11,55,96, Jones, Ray, 5356 Manila Ave., Oakland Jonte, Don, 324 W. Park St., Stockton .100, 125, Jonte, John, 324 W, Park St., Stockton Judge, Jacquelyn, 409 E. Harding, Stockton... .57, 102, Judge, Vernon, 527 Watts Ave., Stockton... . Junior Class 171, Junior College Graduates.. I 78, Justin, Jean, Chov chilla 165 143 156 32 131 157 173 173 173 182 I 17 165 165 139 151 182 100 182 127 176 186 +._.. Kaffen, James, 654 30th Ave., San Francisco ...131 Kahan, Lillian, 3718 Emerson St., Oakland 34, 79, 85, 105, 141, 182 Kanagawa, Tsugi, 150 E. Clay St., Stockton Kapel, George, 208 S. American St., Stockton 57, 102, 151, 182 Kaneda, Grace, Stockton .165 Kaneda, Kay, 316 W. Anderson St., Stockton Kaneda, Toshio, 316 W. Anderson St., Stockton Kappa Pi Alpha 97 208 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. 165 156 182 .182 .173 182 Kasper, Katherine, 1245 S. Church St., Lodi Kautz, Wilma, Rt. 3, Box 669, Stockton Keehner, Alice, 6434 Colby St., _ 86,98. 145, 165 Kee, Wayne, Corning Keeshan, William, 180 B St., Vallejo 17,42,48, 57, 93, 102, 151, 155, 182 Kegler, Joseph, Ferndale Kehoe, William, Ukiah Keilty, James, 38 Domingo Ave., Berkeley.. 82, 83 Keith, James, 921 N. Stockton St., Stockton Kelley, Paul, 830 N. Van Buren, Stockton Kelly, Mary, 430 E. Oak St., Stockton Kelly, Walter, Newport Beach .....95, 109, I 17, 1 19, 151, Kendall, Walter, 355 Lexington Ave ., Stockton Kendrick. Marilyn, 936 19th St., Merced.. ..141, Kennedy, William, 407 24th St., San Bernardino ...155, Kentor, Frances, 420 E. Elm St., Lodi..... Kenyon, Mary Eliz., 937 N. Ophir St., Stockton. Keys, Carroll, 1030 W. Elm St., Stockton King, Allen, 55 Prospect Rd., Piedmont Kingdon, Betty, 2165 A St., Oroville. 45, 141 Kingery, Fremont, 847 19th St., Merced Kirske, Fred Jr., 77 Manor Dr.. Piedmont Kirtland, Jack, Courtland Kjeldson, Chris, 88 Knoles Way, Stockton 120, 125, 127, 129 Kizer, Evelyn, 1 135 E. Acacia St., Stockton Kasper, Katherine, 1245 S. Church St.. Lodi Klapstein. Earl. 523 E. Walnut St., Lodi . 127 Klawans, Barbour, 27 Avila St., San Francisco Kleinsasser, Sam. 1027 N. San Joaquin. Stockton Kline, Vera Nina. 4750 68th St.. San Diego Knieper. Richard, P. O. Box 1433, Stockton Kneer. Frances Knoles. Leslie L., 27 Garcia St., San Francisco 46.49. 51.93. 139. 177, 182 Knoles, Leslie, President ' s Residence, Campus, Stockton 46, 105 Knoles, Tully C, President ' s Residence, Campus... ...30 Knoles, Lorraine, President ' s Residence. Campus, Stockton Kohler, Louvan, 33 10 Pacific Ave., Stockton 182 Kohler, Ruth, 879 Robinson St., Oroville Koopman. Warren, Corning Kornicker, Stephen, 3140 16th St., Sacramento iOO Kowatch. Lucille, 643 W. Poplar St., Stockton 17, 141, 174 Kowatch, Lillian, 643 W. Poplar St., Stockton. ......141, 173 Krasnow, Bernard, 320 W. hHarding Way, Stockton Kreim, Mary, 401 4th St., Antioch Kroeck, Graf, 205 Euclid Ave., Stockton 165 Kuimelis, June, 2833 Union St., San Francisco Kulvala, Katherine, 556 Liberty Ave., El Cerrltc 139, 155. 182 Kurth, Eleanor. Tracy Kuttler. Virginia, 670 Rosal Ave.. Oakland 141 L Lacey, Patricia, 127 W. Willow St.. Stockton Lackett, Thelma. 1 10 Scenic Ave., Piedmont I Coats Suits Dresses Millinery Shoes Sportswear Accessories You Know by the Way She Wears Clothes . . that her clothes are distinctly from THE STERLING Compliments of BRflUOJmcKEEGfln . l thin hats.furnishini — M Bi- STOCKTON. CALIFORNIA STYLE CENTER for MEN AND BOYS 313 East Main Street STOCKTON I 209 +„ iii,__i,,i, ,M„ i„, i,i. — iHi iiii— iiii im. 1111— ii« II,. — im iiii— nil— tin in, — m.- km — mi tin iin- Lii— tin — ini i„,_ iMi i,n ini-,M ini- i,n — iin nn— iiii in. — m.i — iin — iin- ni, — iiii — .mi ijii — |.i,_4 COMPLIMENTS of OOLDEM y EST Inc, LAUn£)EREr -CLEA) ' )EtS PHONE 5-5 788 501 North Sierra Nevada 4.-,.._,._„„_„,_„„ — ._«„_„,_,„,_„,_„_„,_,„, — ._.-.,,_., 210 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. Laddon, Barbara, 95 Stonecrest Dr., San Francisco 141, 174 Lagorio, Jacqueline. Rt. I , Box 27, Stockton Lagorio, Laverne. Rt. 3, Box 884, Stockton 141 Lagorio, Vic, Rt. 3, Box 884, Stockton Lamb, Jean, 920 N, Madison, Stockton Lamb, Norman, 4605 15th St., San Jose 48, 55, 86, 92, 152, 153, 165 Larner, Al .__.._ _ - --.- 83, 84, 153 Lancelle, Eugene, 1638 S. El Dorado, Stockton ._ 101 Landback, Eldon, 428 E. Pine, Lodl Lang, Julius, 705 Fillmore, Modesto La Moine, Don, 1571 W. Walnut, Stockton.., 51, 177 Larson, Clarence, 5 W. Walnut, Stockton 94, 100 Lasell, Lois, Rt. 3, Box X338, Lodl 75, 144, 145, 165 Lauchland, Paul, Rt. 2. Box 250, Lodi Lauppe, Irwin, Antelope 151, 182 Lauppe, Bob, Antelope - - - 151 Law, Joe, Livingston 129, 153 Lawrence. Barbara, Pomona Layton, Elizabeth, 1226 Irwin. San Rafael 182 Leale. LeRoy, Rt. I. Box 893, Stockton 149, 174 Learned. Valate, Elk Grove ...92,98,155,174 Leary, George, 216 S. Auburn, Grass Valley Leek, Barbara, 227 John St., Oakland Leek, Margaret. 227 John St., Oakland 7 Ledbetter, Betty, 1005 N. Commerce. Stockton 183 Lee, Margaret, Jerome, Idaho 53, 80, 84, 85, 87, 139, 155, 174 Leese, Ben, 1623 Ard Evin Ave., Glendale Lehman, Janet. Rt. I, Box 205, Tracy 92, 97, 106. 154, 155, 166 Lennox. Barbara, Corning.. .98, 171, 174 Lelghton. Gerry, 107 B St., Vallejo Lehman. Robert. 1 520 G St., Reedley 174 Leonard, Paul. 223 E. Adams. Stockton Leonard, Rodman, 2436 Grove, Berkeley 153 Leonhauser, Ray, 1382 18th Ave., San Francisco Lewis. Cadman, Rt. I. Box 182, Lathrop Lewis. Margaret. Rt. I, Box 182. Lathrop Lewis, Frank, Middle River Lewis, Howard, Linden.... 151, 166 Library Building . 24, 25 Ligthart, Jack, Laguna Beach 87, 174 Little Theatre 19,66,76.77,78,79,80,81,82,83 Llnd, William, 48 Magnolia, San Anselmo Linn, Myra. La Sierra Station. Arlington .145. 183 Linscheid. Edmund. Rt. I. Box 42. Pittsburg Linscheid. Gerald. Rt. I. Box 42. Pittsburg 2! LIppert. Ruth. 2679 79th Ave., Oakland... 157 Little. Marian, 1707 W. Rose, Stockton. 141 Livie, William, 517 Bassett, Petaluma 127 Livie, David, 517 Bassett, Petaluma 127 Livoni, Ralph. 155 W. Alpine, Stockton Locke, Martin. Lockeford 127. 151 Locke, Mary, 5351 Belgrave Place, Oakland Loftus, Joe, 714 N. Hunter. Stockton ..149, 166 Long. Garner, 2609 Freeport. Sacramento 151 Long, James. 215 W. Vine, Lodi Long, Clayton, 1855 Carmel Ave., Stockton 87. 101 Long. Lois, 1428 N. Center, Stockton 174 Lombardl. Ruth, 535 E. Anderson. Stockton Loomis, Dick. Presidio, San Francisco 46,49. 125. 153. 159. 166 Lotz, Cyril C. Jr., 927 Indian Rock. Berkeley Louch, Gertrude, Sonora Loveless, Victor, P. O. Box 234, Lodi Lovell. Eleanor, 952 Fresno Ave.. Berkeley Loyd. Melba, 709 E St., Porterville 48, 86, 87, 92, 98, 144, 145, 146, 166 Ludwig, Edward W., 514 W. Nth St., Tracy Lundgren, Virginia, 212 Beverly Ave.. San Leandro 156, 174 Lunt. Bill, 201 W. Alpine Ave., Stockton 49. 153, 174 Lynch. Feen, 92 I N. California St., Stockton Lyons. James R., Rt. I, Box 127, Linden .114. 151 Lyons. Jack 114, 151. 174 M MacDonald, John, 650 S. Central Ave., Stockton Mackey, Francis, 1549 S. California, Stockton 57. 102 Maehara. Nora, 1444 Hola Dr., Honolulu, T. H Maggini. Viola, Rt. 4. Box 1485, Stockton Maggs, Margery. 228 W. Fulton Ave., Stockton Mahler, Leonard, 2080 East St., Concord " Malcolmson, Katherine, Big Creek.. 141 Maltln, Louis, 330 W. Magn olia, Stockton Manor Hall... 68, 157 Manuel. Raymond, 1035 N. Commerce St., Stockton Mar, Ken, 229 E. Sonora St., Stockton Marchant, Curtis, 244 Stadium Dr., Stockton Mardl Gras..... 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 Marengo, Marguerite, 1723 N. Commerce St., Stockton Maring, William, 1340 El Centre St., Oakland Markel, Patricia. 631 39th Ave., San Francisco. Marks, George, 432 Marshall St., Grass Valley 174 Marlette, Alice, 1620 Plcardy Dr., Stockton. , ,„ — „,_„ — ,„_„,_„ , + STOCKTON ICE FUEL CO. Burning Oils — Ice — Coal — Wood SAN JOAQUIN BRICK CO. Transit Mixed Concrete Brick — Plaster — Cement — Materials Phone 5-5847 33 South EEI Dorado Street + , +- I MANTHEY BROS. Window Shades — Upholstering Awnings — Mattresses 420 N. California St. Phone 8-891 FERTILIZER For Every Farm and Garden Use Made in Our Own Fertilizer Plant F. E. FERRELL CO. 730 S. California St. Phone 6-6931 New Pacific Stickers — College Stationery Presents — Rings We are anxious to Please You I THE COLLEGE BOOKSTORE W. H. Morris, Manager DIRECTORY Marriott, Beth, 6812 8th Ave., Los Angeles Marsh, Doris, Placervllle __ _ _J43 Marsh, Mildred, 2 II W. 3rd St., Stockton _ _. .87 Martin, Robert, 193! Cedar St., Berkeley 128, 129 Martin, Carol, Paso Robles Martin, Elton, 736 N. Pilgrim St., Stockton Martini, Fred, 479 Superior Ave., San Leandro 127 Marquis, Norman, 8 I 7 E. 2nd St., Stockton Martz, Mary, 1615 Nursery St., Napa Mason, Bert, 9248 Edwards Lane, Hayward 129, 153 Matheson, James, 900 Melius St., Martinez .J,. — .„ — ,„ — .„ — „, — ,„ — ,„ — „„ — ,. — ,. — ,„ — „, — ,. — ., — ., — „ — ,„ — „ — „ — „ — „„ — , Covers for the 1941 Naranjado Supplied by SILVIUS SCHOENBACKLER BOOKBINDERS MANUFACTURING STATIONERS Sacramento + + 1 f I ■4 I I I +■ I +. I I I I I 212 A. H. DAVIES PAINTING SERVICE PAINTS — WALL PAPER Spray and Brush Painting Commercial Signs 437 E. Miner Phone 6-6738 »JiTyLl SIORE FOR _ LM » 320 East Main Street HART SCHAFFNER MARX AND YOST STYLE CLOTHES " Clothing of Tomorrow " D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. 50, Mathews, Laurance, 135 W. Alpine Ave., Stockton Matteoni, Frank, 435 S. Tuxedo Ave., Stockton Matteucci, Evelyn, 25 W. Charter Way, Stockton Matthias, Joan, 7133 Chabot Rd., Oakland Mayo, Frances, 1024 W. Flora St., Stockton McAllister, Doris, 129 York Dr., Piedmont McBride, Dorothy, 327 Bedford Rd., Stockton 96, McBride, Jean, 1018 4th St., Davis__ _ McCall, Roy, 130 Stadium Dr., Stockton McCandless, Thos. H., 120 Fulton St., Stockton McCann, Eleanor, I 15 Stadium Dr., Stockton.. McCarthy, Marilyn, 246 Santa Ana Ave., San Francisco McCloud, Janice, 1905 N. Commerce St., Stockton 139 McCloud, Jean, 1905 N. Commerce St., Stockton McCormick, Robt., 1414 N. Pershing Ave., Stockton McCollum, La Verne, Malin, Oregon McCullough, Mary Jane, 1604 Posen St., Berkeley McDermott, Barry, 636 Bristol Ave., Stockton McDonald, Willa, 20 W. Vine St., Stockton McHugh, Dan, 70 5 W. Elm St., Stockton McGinnis, Janet McGowen, John, Rt. 3, Box X304, LodI Mcintosh, Lucille, 1217 W. Magnolia St., Stockton 141, 177, Mclntyre, Margo, 450 Edgevi ' ood, San Mateo . 145, McKeegan, Robert, I 145 Pine St., Stockton Mackay, Francis ... . McKenzie, Barbara, Dixon 139, McKInney, Betty, 3775 Fillmore St., San Francisco McLain, Eleanor, Rio Oso . .. .. McLean, Dorothy, 23 Sims Ave., Vallejo 139, 156, McLean, Leonard, 5572 Lawton Ave., Oakland.. 153, McNamara, Edward, 113! N. Stockton St., Stockton McNeil, Frances, 3530 Webster St., San Francisco. 45, 139, McWilliams, Hugh, 745 Alabama St., Vallejo I 14, I 17, 147, 150, Mears, Dwayne, 2517 O St., Bakersfield 95, i08, I 14, 149, 166, Mehl, Marjory, 1248 W. Elm St., Stockton Meikle, Elizabeth, Richvale 153, 157, Melton, Harriet, 1440 N. Harrison St., Stockton Meltz, Blossom, Auburn Men ' s Hall... 69, Merritt, Barbara, Livermo re Messlck, Marian, 213! A St., Sacramento Meyer, Bettie, Box 135 DIo Vista... 139, 159, Meyer, Beverley, Linden 98, 155, 166 174 174 105 189 183 139, 183 166 I 14 183 174 .57 183 156 174 183 183 187 151 176 107 174 141 159 166 166 Meyer, Libby, I 559 Thousand Oaks, Berkeley 141, Meyer, Robert, Costa Mesa 100, 149, Miles, M. Lorraine, Wasco Miller, Albert, 116 S. G St., Porterville 87, 101, 105, Miller, Beverly, 1800 Guinda St., Palo Alto 9, 86, 143, Miller, Earl, 2343 Beverly Place, Stockton Miller, Ed, 1615 Argonne Dr., Stockton Miller, Frances, 1615 Argonne Dr., Stockton 141, Miller, George, Ferndale 95,108,114,117,153, Miller, Geri, 906 Oxford Way, Stockton Miller, Janet, 1226 Vernal Way, Stockton Miller, Stanley, 132 N. Gale Hill Ave., Lindsay 94, 100, 153, Miller, Wesley, 132 N. Gale Hill Ave., Lindsay Mills, Donald, 1048 N. Edison St., Stockton 127, Mills, Warren, Rt. 3, Box 303A, Lodi 132, 153, Minahen, Carolyn, 1045 N. Edison St., Stockton Minaslan, David, 1358 Maple St., Pittsburg Miner, Burl, Crows Landing Mitchell, Eugene, Clements Mitchell, Patricia, 1443 W. Elm St., Stockton 49,53, Mitchell, John, 129 Acacia St., Salinas 151, Mitchell, Joseph, 27 Rosewood Dr., San Francisco Mitchell, Thomas, Rt. I, Box 24, Livingston Mitchler, Ray, Murphys Mittenmaier, Palmer, 1458 W. Elm St., Stockton Mizutani, Marie, Walnut Grove Moeller, George, 1251 W. Willow St., Stockton 46, 151, Mohr, Warren, 2 Castenada Ave., San Francisco . . Mokiao, Charles, 1221 16th Ave., Honolulu, Oahu T. H. 127, 155, Monagan, Robert, 627 Capitol St., Vallejo 43,49, 54,95, I 17, 1 18, 147, 151, 158, Monaghan, Donald, Rt. 2, Box 230A, Stockton Monaghan, Harold, Rt. 2, Box 230A, Stockton. Mondon, Ernest, 417 E. Arcade St., Stockton 151, Montgomery, Eva, Lockeford Moody, Claire, 75 Mountain Springs, San Francisco 75, Moore, Carl, 142 Veverly Ave., San Leandro 95, 121, 147, 149, Moorehead, Bruce, Escalon Morgan, Barbara, 1621 N. El Dorado, Stockton.... 106, Morrill, Janice, Rt. I, Box 224, Linden 64, 142, 143, Morris, Sam, 6000 Broadway Ter., Oakland Morrison, Barbara, 868 Mandana Blvd., Oakland 6, Morrison, Betty, Rt. 3, Yuba City 141, Morrison, Edward, 3 I 5 S. Pleasant Ave., Lodi Mosman, Barbara, 146 W. Maple St., Stockton 183 174 155 166 83 174 166 125 183 183 106 167 129 127 174 183 .83 183 174 132 123 183 167 156 167 149 174 174 183 139 183 213 ■ + 1 Compliments of DR. WILLIAM LYNCH Compliments of LANGLEY COLLIS, M. D. Suite 61 I Medico-Dental Building Stockton, California K. H. Mac Pherson, Opt. D. OPTOMETRIST Suite 528, Bank of America Building Barton Powell, Jr. M. D. Eye, Ear, Nose and Throat 307 Bank of America Building Phone 8-8621 C. G. GALL COMPANY Wholesale Grocers 18 W. Main Street Leopold Goldberg, M. D. Skin and Allergic Diseases Bank of America Building DR. A. SUTTON NICHOLS DR. GOODLAR GILMER 312 Bank of America BIdg. Specializing in Visual Problems Compliments of DR. WALSH D RECTORY Moulton, Robert, 4815 Rubidoux Ave., Riverside. MSS.._.__ _ 54 Mu Zeta Rho __ 67,69, 142, 143 Mulkera, John, 136 Fulton Ave., Stockton Mu Phi Epsilon _ _ __98 Murphy, Rolland, Farmington __ 130 Myers, Marquid, 619 N. California St., Stockton. N Nakabayashi, Shigekazu, 948 N. Edison St., Stockton __I67 Naranjado 52, 53 Nelson, Betty, 160 San Beunaventura, San Francisco. Neronde, Joseph, 3013 L St., Sacramento 149, 183 Neville, Ward, Rancho Del Oso, Davenport Newberry, Florence, 1209 E. Harding Way, Stockton . 107, 174 Newcomb, Frances, 610 Blssell Ave., Richmond Newman, Virginia, 831 W. 6th St., Livermore. Telephone 6-67 I I M. CORREN SONS " The Friendly Furniture Store " WINDOW BLINDS 136-148 S. San Joaquin Stockton, Calif. I , , + Plan and Finance With SAN JOAQUIN LUMBER CO. Scotts Ave. and Madison Phone 5-5651 Stockton ' " iHRELFflLLS CLOTHES FOR fTIEnand BOYS 43 E.mfiinST. STOCKTOn. CflL VARSITY TOWN AND KUPPENHEIMER SUITS 439 E. Main St. Stockton I 214 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Nunnber Reference to Pictures. Nicholls, James, Hercules Nicolas, La Verne Jean, 1060 Flood BIdg., San Francisco 53,82, 85, 174 Nielsen, Charles, 1601 W. Willow St., Stockton ._ 174 Niessner, Edwin, 312 Louie Ave., Lodi. 174 Nikkei, Robert, I 10 Sierra Way, Dinuba 95, I 17, 1 18, 153, 158, 174 Noble, A. E., 455 N. Regent St., Stockton .94 Noble, Alden, Davis Road, Stockton Noble, Bob, 1416 Spurgeon St., Santa Ana 174 Norman, Charles, Ray and Pershing Aves., Stockton ...103 Norton, Sherwood, 939 N. Edison St., Stockton 43,44,95, I 17. 153, 167 Noteware, Idella, 1630 N. Baker St., Stockton 92, 175 Nunan, Mary Lou, 634 W. Acacia St., Stockton..... 139 Oakander, Margaret, 140 Pine St., San Anselmo Cakes, Donald, Esparto O ' Brien, Timothy, 633 N. Tuxedo Ave., Stockton O ' Bryon, Leonard L., 125 E. Sonoma St., Stockton O ' Connor, Dean, 731 N. hiarrison St., Stockton 129 O ' Connor, Kathryn, Montague 141, 175 O ' Connor, Jane, Yuba City 105. 141, 175 Ogasaware, Keichi, 29 E. Market St., Stockton. 127 Ogden, Robert, I I 30 W. Rose St., Stockton Olaeta, Tom, Lovelock, Nevada 108, I 13, I 14, I 15 Olin, Nancy, 1237 Chestnut St., San Francisco Oliver, Jack, 1 107 N. Commerce St., Stockton. Oliver, Jean, 185 Beverly Place, Tracy Olson, Robert, 5707 Presley Way, Oakland Olson, Clair, 160 Knoles Way, Stockton Omega Phi Alpha.. 60, 62, 65, 69, 150, 151 Ong, Buelah 104 Ong, Esther J., 3876 14th Ave., Sacramento Orchesis 99 Orchestra, Symphony 88 Orchestra, Theatre... 88 Orr, Charles, 838 N. San Joaquin, Stockton Ortho Meta Para 100 Orton, Dwayne, 220 Knoles Way, Stockton 36 Orvis, Betty, 2226 Kensington, Stockton .141, 184 Orvls, William, Farmington 127 Ostrander, Dan, 428 E. Fremont St., Stockton Otto, Bettygene, 90 Ramona Ave., Piedmont.. 123,141 Owen, Bob, I 166 W. Harding Way, Stockton Owens, June, 121 E. Noble St., Stockton Pacific Weekly..... Page, John, 1345 N. Harrison St., Stockton Fallen, Jean, 1375 Pine St., Pittsburg Palmerlee, Leona, 2112 Del Paso Blvd., N. Sacramento Pan- Hellenic Council Paris, Harold, 400 E. Market St., Stockton Parker, Jacqueline, 1896 Pacific Ave., San Francisco 44, 86, 133, Parr, Margaret, 2200 20th Ave., San Francisco Parrott, Granville, 464 W. Monterey, Stockton Parshall, Wyatt, 2863 Santa Clara, Alameda Parsons, Polly, Rt. 2, Box 294, Oakdale 96, Patmon, Marjorie, Camanche Patten, Gordon, 150 Stadium Dr., Stockton Patterson, Annabelle, I 127 S. Grant St., Stockton Paulsen, Donald, Sonora . Pearce, Wanda, Rt. 6, Box 5773, Sacramento Pease, Glenn, 182 W. Fulton, Stockton Pease, Marion O., 182 W. Fulton, Stockton. Peck, Albert, Saratoga Peek, Presley, Mokelumne Hill... Peckler, Robert, 20 W. Vine St., Stockton Peleti, Marvin, 1660 W. Acacia St., Stockton Penberthy, Charles, 1621 Ramona Ave., Stockton Pengilly, Don, 440 E. Weber Ave., Stockton.... Perrin, Opal, Valley Springs Peterson, Richard, 605 Ventura St., Richmond Petrell, Leon, 2223 S. Highland, Los Angeles PezzI, Peter, 329 N. California, Stockton Phillips, Chet, 3108 Claremont Ave., Berkeley .55, I 14, Phillips, Martha, 206 W. Fulton Ave., Stockton Phillips, Tom, 2433 66th Ave., Oakland Philp, Allan, R. F. D. Box 144, Davis 104, 124, 127, Phi Mu Alpha 50,51 146 127 139, 167 151, 157, 6, 100, 184 167 139 189 -123 .103 130 149, 167 149, 184 151, 184 130, .65, 184 101 I The Newer STOCKTON DRY GOODS CO. Everything for You and Your Home • Ready to Wear • Sports Wear • Men and Boys ' Dept. • Accessories • Furniture • Electrical • Domestic • Yardage -4 215 I (Congratulations TO you AND THE CLASS OF 1941 D RECTORY Vanity Slipper Shop 29 North California Street DIRECTORY Phi Rho Pi - _.___J02 Piccardo, Wardell, Rt. 4, Box 1810, Stockton..... 149, 175 Pi Gamma Mu.._ I 03 Pi Kappa Delta - - 102 Pinkus, Sandra, 1201 N. San Juan, Stockton Pinkerton, Peter, 1069 Poli, Ventura _ - 151, 175 Pierce, Martha, 3502 N. Commerce, Stockton 66 Platti, Elvin, Tracy ....114, 153 Plocher, Martin, Rt. 2, Box 243, Woodland 49, 132 Pope, Vernon, Rt. I, Box 63, Stockton 130 Potts, Monroe, 151 Euclid Ave., Stockton Powell, Douglas, 1617 N. hHunter St., Stockton 46,92, 103 Powell, Eleanor, 1617 N. Hunter St., Stockton. .57, 102 Power, hlugh, 812 S. H St., Livermore Pratt, Alice, 2221 Dwight Way, Stockton Preece, Jack, 1043 S. Garden Ave., Stocktor Prescott, Andrew, Lakeport Price, George, Walker, Iowa.-- .184 Price, Violet, 356 N. El Dorado St., Stockton 175 Prince, Noel, 5 W. Adams St., Stockton 13! Prothers, Lloyd, 465 N. Regent St., Stockton 184 Prothers, Nadine, 465 N. Regent St., Stockton 96 Prowse, Jack, Milton 127, 153, 184 Publications Committee 49 2 Pursel, Frank, 738 Arlington Ave., Berkeley Purviance, Randol, Linden Questo, Edward, Wallace Quinley, Ba rbara, Oakdale... Quinn, Kathleen, 2 I 9 W. Oak St., Stockton 153, 167 107 Raabe, Jack, 920 N. Orange St., Stockton Radio...... 19,84,85 Radke, Laurence, Gait I 27 Rally Committee... ...46 Ramsey, William, 660 Bristol Ave., Stockton 76, 78, 87, 101, 105, 167 Randall, Rodney, 551 62nd St., Oakland Ranney, Mary, 669 Bedford Rd., Stockton 75, 143, 167 Rapaport, Janet, Mendocino State hlosp., Talmage 145 Raven, Robert, Rt. I, Box 780-C, Stockton... ...151 Ray, Patricia, 259 Santa Rita, Palo Alto Ray, Raymond, 1017 N. Center St., Stockton 57, 102 Read, Patricia, 129 E. Willow St., Stockton.. .184 Reid, Otis, 149 Stadium Dr., Stockton Reid, Anthony, 2920 Elm Ave., Bakersfield 8, 76, 78, 79, 80 Reinking, Eloise, 1870 Lomita Ave., Stockton 184 Reinking, Willard, Valley Springs Relfe, Arthur, 3217 Bayo Vista, Alameda... ...153, 184 Rembolt, Bernyce, 2204 Kensington Way, Stockton Rempel, Aron, Rt. 2, Box 177, Dinuba I 14, 167 Rempfer, Wm., 218 N. Washington St., Lodi 148, 149, 168 Renwick, William, 1050 W. Pine St., Stockton 175 Renwick, Wilke, -050, W. Vine St., Stockton Reynolds, Richard, 936 W. Rose St., Stockton. Rho Lambda Phi 61, 65, 66, 68, 152, 153 Rhodes, Ann, 3201 Joaquin Miller, Oakland 57 Rhodes, George, 3044 E. 2nd St., Sallda, Colorado Rhodes, June 99 Ricci, Olinto, 5213, Lawton Ave., Oakland ....10! Rice, Patricia, 452 King St., Santa Cruz..... ...184 Rice, Marianne, Douglas, Arizona 99, 184 Richards, Russell, 1355 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley... .153, 168 Richardson, Bill, Gait Rickard, Thomas, Rt. I, Box 33A, Nevada City 149, 175 Rideout, James, 61 Lakeview Rd., Piedmont. Rlddell, Robert, 244 E. Alpine, Stockton... 101 Riley, Evalyne, Rt. 1, Box 163, Greeley, Colorado 75, 184 Ris, Jayne, 32 Sherman St., Santa Cruz Ritchie, Persis, I 19 S. Avena Ave., Lodi .99 Ritter, O. H. 2273 Crafton Way, Stockton 31, 125 Roberts, Bill, 1021 N. Baker St., Stockton 168 Robinson, Richard, Rt. 4, Box 665, Stockton ...175 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. Rodoni, Vera, 3125 N. fHunter St., Stockton __ Rogers, Kenneth, 1240 Victoria St., Stockton 109, 116, 117, I 18, 149, Rogers, Neil, Rt. I, Box 256, Stockton Rogers, Nella, Vv ' omen ' s Hall, Campus, Stockton Rohwer, Madge, Dixon Romo, Roland, 460 N. Central, Stockeon 49, Rose, Dale, 434 N. American St., Stockton. ..__ -.. Rosenberg, Dan, 231 E. Cleveland, Stockton Ross, James, 3705 Balboa, San Francisco 153, Ross, Latta, 705 S. Tuxedo Ave., Stockton.... Roth, hiarriet, Capay.. ' ?6, Rotsch, Gene, Whittier..... 42, 43, 46, 55, 153, Roush, Janice, 1802 E. Acacia St., Stockton Rowe, Rose Lee, 720 W. Acacia St., Stockton Rowe, Lucille, 118 S. L St., Madera Rubin, Dan, 625 N. Yosemite St., Stockton Rudebaugh, Jean, 102 W. Maple St., Stockton Ruhl, Adah Marie - Rule, Otis, Rt. I, Box 596D, Stockton Runcie, John, 105 Euclid Ave., Stockton..... Rutherford, Stanley, 725 Sprs. Road, Vallejo. Russell, Cora, 224 El Cerrito Ave., Piedmont Ryland, Mary, 517 Broadmoor Blvd., San Leandro. 106 175 184 105 175 105 184 165 104, 155 130 168 .107 s Saathoff, Velva, Rt. 4, Box 698, Stockton Sabiston, Douglas, 2246 Kensington Way, Stockton Sack, Dorothy, 547 Blair Ave., Piedmont. 141, Sage, Marjorie, 305 Earl Ave., Roseville 145, Sala, Marie, 2130 N. Commerce St., Stockton .....12, Salmon, Eldora, Rt. I, Box 278A, Manteca Sandberg, Genevieve, 405 W. Willow St., Stockton Sanders, Ethelyn, Rt. I, Box 123, Linden Sandrock, Claire, 212 Pleasant St., Roseville 145, SanguinettI, Euretta, 834 E. Oak St.. Stockton Sanguinetti, Gladys, Rt. 3, Box 882, Stockton Sangulnetti, Lorraine, Rt. 3, Box 882, Stockton Sapiro, Herman, 3 19 E. Acacia St., Stockton Saunder, Catherine, 519 N. D St., Madera 99, Sawyer, Betty, Rt. I, Box 379, Merced .-. ... Sawrey, Leonard, 227 E. Sonoma Ave., Stockton. Sayers, John, 149 E. 22nd St., Merced... 49, Schad, Muriel, Concord Schedler, William, 139 Hillcrest Rd., Berkeley 151, Schirle, Marian, 1404 N. Commerce St., Stockton Schmidt, Dorothy, 128 Mill St., Reno, Nevada.. 68 68 27 184 Schmidt, Vernon, Rt. I, Box 131, Orland, 95,114,119,153, Schneider, Dick, Cazadero 77, 78, 79, Schrader, Glenn, 167 Water St., Waterville, Mo. Schoenborn, Robert, 42 Alta Vista Way, San Rafael Schooling, Lois Jean, Red Bluff Schuler, Pattie, 5021 Proctor St., Oakland Schwartz, Arthur, 17 Commonwealth Ave., San Francisco. . 107 184 127 102 168 175 184 168 149 168 99 149 Cameras — Photo Supplies Photographs LOGAN CAMERA SHOP 20 N. San Joaquin Street Phone 2-2148 GEO. H. SANDERSON, M. D. ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Suite 1205 Medico-Dental Building R. M. WARREN COMPANY Wholesale Grocers 829 E. Weber Ave. F. A. McGUIRE, M. D. Medico-Dental Building Compliments of CLARENCE S. ING, M. D. Physician and Surgeon ACME LABORATORIES James ox Medical and Dental X-Ray 525 Bank of America BIdg. I 217 THE BOOKMARK RENTAL LIBRARY I 2101 Pacific Ave. 1 Phone 9-9805 | T .. , DIRECTORY Schwartz, Jean, 945 S. Center St., Stockton Schwartz, Sylvia, 619 N. Center St., Stockton___ _.__..J4I Scaroni, Henry, 1235 S. Madison St., Stockton. Scoble, Adele, 1323 67th St., Berkeley- 49, 51, 185 Scott, Warren, 502 22nd Ave., San Francisco Scott, William, 502 22nd Ave., San Francisco. 151, 185 Seagraves, Kathleen, 457 S. Tuxedo St., Stockton Sears, Nevada, 2615 Sunset, Bakersfleld 156 Secara, Kathleen, Chowchilla Segale, Audrey, 1704 E. Anderson St., Stockton 85 Segerstrom, Charles, Jr., 31 Segerstrom, Donald, Sonora 5 I Seidel, Harris, Cathay, N. Dakota 100, 185 Seifert, Emil, Dixon .■ I 14 Senior Class 159, 170 Setness, Brad, 1028 N. Commerce St., Stockton 85 Shaljian, Esther, 1426 N. Edison St., Stockton Shapero, Elaine, 4833 Park Blvd., Oakland Sharp, Mary, Ripon ....45 Sharps, Wallace, 227 S. Stanislaus, Stockton Shauer, Elizabeth, 1735 N. Hunter St., Stockton Shaw, Dixie Lee, 1536 Poplar Ave., Oakdale 185 Shaw, Mae, 151 Euclid, Stockton 134 Sheldon, Anne, Suisun Shelley, Robert, 1317 H St., Marysville Shepard, William R., 1021 N. Sierra Nevada, Stockton 94 Sheppard, Margaret, 61 i Grizzly, Berkeley 156 Sherwood, Anne, 653 Rosemount Rd., Oakland Sherwood, Clinton, 87 Taylor Ave., Vallejo 151 Shlmasaki, Kiyoshi, 321 W. Jefferson St., Stockton. 129 Short, Eugene, I 19 W. Magnolia St., Stockton 94, 149, 168 Short, Virginia, 140 E. Willow, Stockton Shrodes, Caroline, 1333 N. Hunter St., Stockton Sibbett, Frank, 1126 Greenwich, San Francisco 151, 185 Siegfried, Joe, 6 W. Pine St., Lodi Sievers, Jim, 215 S. California St., Lodi Siler, Louana, 918 4th St., Corning .145, 185 Sill, Marlon, 360 N. C St., Exeter 85, 155, 185 Silva, Robert, 1522 Lincoln Ave., Alameda 151, 158 Simonsen, Lillian, 6102 E. 17th St., Oakland ...141, 185 Simpson, Jerome, Hollywood Shop, F airbanks, Alaska Simpson, Victor, Rt. 2, Box I49B, Stockton 2 DIRECTORY Single, Corinne, 99 Cedro Way, San Francisco... . 139, 156 Singleton, Ardis, 1 3 1 5 W. Poplar St., Stockton...... 185, 168 Singleton, Elsie 96 Singleton, John, 501 4th St., Petaluma Skadden, Wayman, 20 W. Poplar, Stockton Skiing 31 Skoufis, Jennie, 620 W. Flora, Stockton 185 Slater, Constance, 1945 Bidwell Way, Sacramento 77 Slaughter, Claire, Rt. 2, Box 89, Porterville. ......95, 117, 119 Slaughter, Keith, Rt. 2, Box 89, Porterville. 108, 119 Smith, Art, 4170 Redding St., Oakland Smith, Bess, 2710 Dwight Way, Stockton Smith, Betty Anne, 1660 W. Willow St., Stockton 145 Smith, Blair, Ross 151, 187 Smith, Ed, I 125 N. Center, Stockton Smith, Eloise, 705 W. Flora St., Stockton 141 Smith, Gerald, 2141 E. Market, Stockton 127 Smith, Helen, 1136 W. Vine, Stockton... 141, 185 Smith, Jack, 522 ' 2 E. Sonora, Stockton Smith, Jim, 1660 W. Willow, Stockton Smith, June (Mrs.), 2710 Dwight Way, Stockton Smith, Lyndell, 346 W. Acacia St., Stockton Smith, Phyllis, 121 W. Elm, Hanford 107 Smith, Randolph, 1235 W. Vine, Stockton 129 Smith, Richard, Wallace 185 Smith, Roberta, 439 E. Monterey, Stockton.. 107 Smith, Ruth, 153 Knoles Way, Stockton. Smith, S. Rhys, Manteca Smith, Sam, 1823 Eureka Way, Redding 185 Smythe, Clifford, 1009 Marin, Vallejo 131 Smythe, Donald, I 144 W. Harding, Stockton Sommers, Nadine, 2602 Crafton Way, Stockton . 139, 185 Sophomore Class 68, 69, 177 Sorgenfrey, Howard, Brentwood... I 29 Southard, Gladys, 1744 Berkeley Ave., Stockton Spalteholz, Charlotte, 125 Knoles Way, Stockton Spaulding, Ed, 860 32nd St., Richmond .127 Spaulding, Gordon, 239 Dorris Place, Stockton Speare, Walter, Rt. 4, Box 538, Stockton Spencer, Virginia, 140 W. Alder, Stockton. 139, 185 Spencer, Margaret, 2181 Wilcox, Oroville Spindler, Donald, 203 Delwood, Westwood .155 Spindt, Herman, 2639 Piedmont, Berkeley 80, 105, 109, 120, 169 Spitzer, Beverly, 1359 Birch, Pittsburg Sprague, Irvine, 628 N. Sutter, Stockton 49, 50 Sprague, June, 628 N. Sutter St., Stockton 39, 143, 169 Spuller, Miriam, Dixon Spurgin, Wayne, 532 Hllborn, Lodi Squires, Adrian, Eaton Ave., Redwood 44, 97 Stabler, Phyllis, 1416 West, Redding.. 14, 141 Stacey, Ray, 124 Stagg, Amos A., 127 Euclid, Stockton 141, 169 175 130 .1 10, 114 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. Stamer, Betty, 32 W. Adams St., Stockton Stanford, E. E., 236 Knoles Way, Stockton _ 94, 103 Staples, Howard, 3831 Brighton, Oakland 130, 158 Stark, Ethel, 1123 Florida, Valiejo ._ 145, 175 Stark, Robert, 1123 Florida, Valiejo -_ 151, 175 Stebbins, Richard, 319 Bonita, Piedmont . ___ 153, 175 Steege, June, 140 San Anselmo, San Francisco... 145 Stefan, Robert, Gait .46, 76, 79, 151 Stein, Hans, 125 E. Sonoma, Stockton 9,92, 155, 169 Stein, Mayer, Laguinitas 153 Steiner, Pearl. 312 Arguello Blvd., San Francisco 57, 102 Stelnhauser, F. E., 244 Knoles Way. Stockton Stewart, Gordon, 25 I Spruce Ave., Pacific Grove 101, 169 Stewart, Ted, I 18 S. Oregon St., Yreka. 127, 151, 185 Stimmann, Margaret, 827 Sixth St., Modesto... .55, 57, 102 Stimpson, Barbara, 627 37th Ave., San Francisco Stirling, Virginia, 295 Greenbank Ave., Piedmont Stoloff, Sylvia, 724 N. Baker St., Stockton Stolz, John, Costa Rica Ave.. San Mateo 6, 153 Stocking. Kenneth, 1436 N. Commerce St., Stockton.. 94, 127 Stockwell, Thomas, 10! I N. Edison St., Stockton 149, 175 Stone, Dawn, 401 W. Pine St., LodI Stone, William, 539 Jean St., Oakland Storer, Esta. 1028 N. Lincoln St., Stockton Stornetta, Frances, Rt. I, Box 20, Brentwood Stornetta, Fred, Rt. I, Box 20, Brentwood Stow, Philip, 292 East 8th St., Pittsburg 127 Strader, Rosemary, 601 Blackwood Ave., Sacramento 104, 133, 145, 146, 175 Stratton, Lynton. . 169 Stretch, William, 125 E. Pine St.. Stockton Stringer, Gordon, Rt. I, Box 351, Livingston Stringer. Verda, Rt. I, Box 351, Livingston Strong, Jean, 1040 S. San Joaquin St., Stockton 41, 42, 55, 61, 92, 97, 139, 169 Stuart, John, 1421 W. Harding. Stockton Stuart, Marjorie, 1421 W. Harding, Stockton Stucky, Keam, 3660 1st Ave., Sacramento Student Affairs Committee 48 Student Christian Association 1 04 Sullivan, Barbara, 220 W. Walnut St., Stockton ...139, 185 Sullivan, Donald, 7400 Altura Place, Oakland .124, 129, 153 Suntzeff, Nicholas, 1423 Ada St.. Berkeley... ...169 Sutliff, Barbara I 39 Swaqerty, Clem, Mllpifas 95, 114, 151 Swagerty, Darrell, Mllpltas I 27 Swagerty, Floyd, 933A N. Madison St., Stockton 149, 169 Swain, Elouise, 1211 M St., Merced .63, Sweet, Lester, 41 I Lexington Ave., Stockton Swendeman, Robert, Angels Camp Swimming Switzer. Jane, 1351 Arch St., Berkeley 64, Taloll, Fred, 120 W. Walnut St., LodI Takagishi, Bob, . Takaqishi, Samuel, Loomis Tamba, Lois Mrs., 201 N. School St., Lodi Tangen, June, 2105 N. Commerce, Stockton Tanner, Glenn, 2733 lOth Ave., Sacramento Tatman, Mildred, Mill St., Ukiah Tarbos, Chas.. I I N. Ophir St., Stockton Tau Kappa Kappa Taylor, Elizabeth, Rt. 2, Box 252, Santa Paula . Taylor, Virda, Rt. 1, Box 62, Acampo Temby, Barbara. 1829 Elizabeth Ave., Stockton Tener, Betty. 132 W. Vine St., Stockton Tener, Jack. 132 W. Vine St., Stockton Tennis, J. C Tennis, Pacific .. Thatcher, Marjorie, 2015 Eureka Way, Stockton Theta Alpha Phi Thiel, John, 422 Pacific Ave., Piedmont Thies, Caroline, 1295 Sunny Hills Rd., Oakland Thisby, Marian. Rt. 3. Box 294, LodI Thode, Robert, 5372 Belgrave Place, Oakland .130, Thomas, Barbara, Grass Valley Thomas, Aubin, 356 Taaras Ave., Oakland Thomas, Bill, II S. Pleasant, Lodi 104. Thomas, Roberta, Lemoore Thompson, Barbara, 1556 Broadway, Oakland Thompson, Boyd, Murphys... .1 19, Thompson, Kathleen, 126 E. Sonoma Ave., Stockton... Thornton, Joe, I 128 S. San Joaquin, Stockton 46 Thornton, Jean, 170 E. Cleveland, Stockton Thornton, Lois, 3940 LInwood Ave., Oakland Thresher, Jane, 1734 W. Harding, Stockton Throssel, Bettie, lone. Throssel, Boyd, lone TIbbs, Bill, 30 Santa Clara Ave., San Francisco Tllson, Jere, Box 396, Trona... 95, 109, 114 Tilton, Virginia, 2941 75th Ave., Oakland Timm, Marlon, Dixon Todd, Robert, 1895 Jackson St., San Francisco Toland, Wm., Burney 55, 147, .... 132 143, 185 124 .94 .104 77, 80, 105, 169 144, 145 156, 175 139, 185 .131 .120 .141 .105 185 107 151, 185 149, 175 151, 186 186 149, 175 .139 124, 130 149, 169 151, 169 219 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. i ' oms, Nancy, 255 Knoles Way, Stockton..- 103 Toms, Richard, 1222 N. Sutter St., Stockton 55, 100, 147, 148, 149, 170 Tonge, hiarrlet, 24! Sierra Drive, Modesto Toomay, Jack, Wasco...... .-... 51, 124, 129 Torlal, Leonard, 222 E. Worth St., Stockton Tott, Margie, 249 Cherrywood Ave., San Leandro Tough, Jack, 141! N. Buena Vista. Stockton Touhey, John, 924 Ridgewood Rd., Millburn, New Jersey. Tovani, hiarry, 1417 Second St., San Rafael 153, 175 Track, J. C........ -. - I 30 Track, Pacific - 1 1 9 Trabert, Margaret, Susanville Traphagen, Wilfred, 836 W. Monterey St., Stockton 12, 120, 153, 175 Tremain, hHarry, I 1 38 S. Grant St., Stockton. .149 Trezise, Albert, Omega Phi, Alpha, Campus, Stockton 109, I 17, 120, 151, 170 Trobbe, Alvin, 291 Verba Buena, San Francisco Trueblood, Paul G., 5 W. Walnut St., Stockton Trulsson, Berton, 1617 S. Stanislaus, Stockton 153, 186 Tully, Elmer, 1422 N. Baker St., Stockton Turkatte, Alex - 92 Turkatte, Nina, Rt. 4, Box 757, Stockton Turpin, Frank, 1 3 1 W. Adams St., Stockton Tuttle, Bernis, 514 Monterey St., Chowchilla... 157, 175 u Udden, Ruth. .141, 176 Ulrey, Richard, 1827 Elizabeth Ave., Stockton 101, 176 Umipeg, Marcello, Makav eli, Kauai Uriz, Dorothy, 331 A St., Marysville Utz, hHazel, Westwood 1 06 V Valentine, Milton, 410 W. Elm St., Lodi... 57, 102, 151 Vance, Duane, 1 509 Lucerne Ave., Stockton. ...149, 176 Van Dyke, Lenore, 319 E. Rose St., Stockton . ...83, 141 Van Gundy, Justine, 1335 N. Van Buren St., Stockton Van Vranken, Edward, 1775 W. Walnut St., Stockton Vannuccini, L. J., 1010 W. Vine St., Stockton Vassar, Francis, I 140 N. Sierra Nevada St., Stockton Vasti, John, 471 Bristol Ave., Stockton Vaughan, Stanley, 745 W. hlardlng Way, Stockton 41, 42, 55, 108, 1 13, 1 14, 149, 170 VIeira, Douglass, 632 E. 12th St., Pittsburg ......1 14 Vieira, John, Lathrop 127 VIerra, Mary, Rt. 3, Box 595, Stockton Vignolo, Bernice, 121 W. Fulton Ave., Stockton Volmann, hlarrlett, 170 20th Ave., San Francisco VolpI, Roy, Tracy 127, 153, 186 Voorhees, Marceita, 412 S. Tuxedo Ave., Stockton 53, 141, 176 w 49, Wade, Dick, Rt. 1. Box 770, Stockton Wade, Holly, 147 Tunnel Rd., Berkeley Wakefield, Guy, Rt. 1, Box 233, Lodi Waldo, Allen, 1335 N. Van Buren, Stockton Walker, Jerrold, 36 W. Noble St., Stockton Wallace, John, 2623 Otis Dr., Alameda Wallace, Shirley, 1260 Randol Ave., San Jose Walter, Muerl, 21 1 Belvedere Apt., Pocatello, Idaho Watson, Beulah, 120 Knoles Way, Stockton 33 Ward, Clinton, 521 Santa Clara, Alameda .95, 1 14, Ward, Grace, 165 Knoles Way, Stockton Ward, hloward, 1651 W. Walnut St., Stockton Ward, Leonard, 106 6th St., Antloch Ward, Robert, Brentwood _ Ware, June, 1 1 3 E. Acacia St., Stockton Warkentin, Vernon, 85 RIverview Ave., Reedley 95, 108, 1 14, I 17, Warner, Lester, 1103 Sycamore St., Stockton Warner, Lynn, 2019 N. Center St., Stockton.. Warren, Robert, 1360 W. Alpine Ave., Stockton Watson, Frances, 81 1 Warren St., Bremerton, Wash. Watson, Marjorle, 215 S. Avena St., Lodi... 100, Wattles, John, 338 Matheson St., hlealdsburg Weber Hall... —... Weigart, Mae, Oakdale 44, Weinstein, Eugene, 1017 N. Yosemite, Stockton Welns, Adina Welch, Herbert, 40 W. Fulton Ave., Stockton Welton, Henry, 151 Knoles Way, Stockton Wenner, Frank, 1329 Redwood St., Pittsburg Werner, Betty Werner, Dorothe, 216 Washington St., Lodi. Werner, G. A., 135 Knoles Way, Stockton... 33 Werner, Jean, Wellington, Nevada Wenger, Norman, 748 E. Miner, Stockton Werum, Robert, 3945 Randolph Ave., Oakland West, Glenn, 823 W. Lodi Ave., Lodi ..-..55, West, Nanci, 326 Addison St., Palo Alto - 170 94 51, 186 139, 48, 151, 186 189 170 103 127 119, 176 129, 132 6, 141 51, 176 106, 186 .20, 21 104, 176 .96 .35 92, .107 .186 103 103 130, 151 149, 186 220 D RECTORY Members of Pacific Student Association, and Faculty of the College of Pacific and Stockton Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference to Pictures. West, Robert, 1212 N. El Dorado, Stockton West, Ruth, 612 N. Tuxedo Ave., Stockton West, Weldon, 3130 N. El Dorado, Stockton 57, 100, 102, White, Warren, 88 W. Stadium Dr., Stockton Wheeler, Katharine, 144 N. El Dorado, Stockton Wheeler, Lois, 144 N. 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Stockton St., Stockton Wood, Charles, 1512 13th St., Sacramento Wood, Georgianna, 5 Eton Court. Berkeley 75, 156 Woodall, Katherine, Monticello, Iowa Woodruff, Jeanne, 845 N. Yosemite Ave., Stockton 54, 92, 145, 170 Woodruff, Thomas. 845 N. Yosemite Ave., Stockton 51, 186 Woodward, Robert, Linden Workman, Bill, Pacific Grove 49, 104, 154, 155, 170 Wright, Beverly, 2753 Pacific, Stockton 49, 52, 55, 61, 97, 143, 170 Wright, Ralph, I I I E. Hampton, Stockton .....124, 132 Wright, Virginia, 1215 Escobar St., Martinez .54, 143, 156, 186 Wudell, Doris, 10 Lincoln St., Placerville 96, 145, 186 Wyman, Laurence, 40 Sharon Ave., Piedmont Yamaguchi, Atsuno, 2005 Lincoln St., Berkeley Yates, Lansing, 120 Juanlta Way, San Francisco. Yost, William, 1119 E. Channel St., Stockton Young, Robert, 685 Los Medanos St., Pittsburg I y Young, Roberta, Rt. 6, Box 125, Stockton Young, Virginia, 1633 8th Ave., Oakland lg Young. Winifred, 3124 Mt. Blvd., Oakland .151, 186 .170 z 170 Zapherson, Denlse, 227 W. Flora St., Stockton 25, 76, 176 .129 Zetagathean 106, 107 .141 Zukerman, Dawn, I 700 N. Hunter St., Stockton... 139, 176 221 HOSENSTEEl. PRINTING COMPANY 4:

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