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Wa. ' , . ,f-fg4.., f ,, -- , A V ,- W-cm - 1 45' -in 4 'f af, af fini 'M HEHHBUUH EUH T940 UE THE PHCIEIC STUHEHT HSSHEIIHTIUH, HT THE COLLEGE ITE PHCIHU HHH STUCH- TUH JUHIHH CULTEGE, STUUHTHH, CHLIHTHHIH. HUB BHSTIHH, EITITUH BITE EHUHHTHHH, BUSITIESS TTIHHHHEH 1 A 5 1 n- Ji' ,mi .. 59:1- . Aj 3 ,Ar THE STUDENTS ERNIE JANE MEG BGB Ernesf Aflcinson is fhe firsf presidenf of fhe P.S.A. in several years who has nof been a varsify debafer. He has proved himself a capable execufive, guiding fhe sfudenf body affairs fhrough a successful year. As a junior, he served as head yell leader, chairman of fhe rally commiffee, and member of fhe Ex' Com- miffee, leading his fellow sfudenfs in a year of unprecedenfed enfhusiasm. This year for fhe firsf fime, fhe presidenf enjoyed fhe privacy of a sfudenf body office and fhe luxury of a free phone. Ernie is a lefferman in fraclc. Jane Jordan, as vice-presidenf, had charge of fhe sfudenf body social affairs, and served on fhe Ex- ecufive Commiffee. A popular sororify girl, she was her house's choice for Mardi Gras queen. Always busy, she spenf much of her fime pracfice feaching in fhe elemenfary grades, and driving a coupe of ancienf vinfage. Marguerife Efzel in her secrefary's book recorded who said whaf and when during assembly and Ex' Commiffee meefings. She foo is a pracfice feacher. Her spare fime was devofed fo fhe presidency of her sororify and Pan-Hellenic council. ln fhe romanfic afmosphere of fhe Pan-Hell formal, a song was dedicafed fo her. Bobby Kienfz had all fhe sympfoms of Rifferifis fhis year. As freasurer, he guarded every penny of fhe nof-foo-adequafe sfudenf body fund. He found fime fo become Pacific's mosf popular and falenfed foof- ball player. Lasf year he was a member-af-large of fhe Ex' Commiffee and presidenf of his frafernify house. ., ly. X li.- ' Y 5-1 .Y fr-irjai, .W g.- , ECUTIVE Execufive Commiffee is fhe governing body of fhe Pacific Sfudenf Associafion, which ioins in one group fhe sfudenfs of fhe College of Pacific and Sfockfon Junior College. The biggesf headache of fhe commiffee is fhe senior and junior college relafionships from fhe sfandpoinf of sfudenf acfivify and parficipafion. The main difficulfy lies in fhe facf fhaf J. C. sfudenfs cannof be required fo buy sfudenf body cards, so fhaf while C. O. P. is IOOVO P. S. A. fhe iunior college is only so'-yo. In addifion fo fhe annual Mardi Gras, as an all-inclusive sfudenf body acfivify, an informal dance was sponsored af fhe Cocoa- nuf Grove. Thursday nighf dances in fhe gym were confinued fhis year. Throughouf fhe year afhlefics were a maior ifem of business. 53.000 was appropriafed fo fhe foofball feam alone. An efforf was made fo esfablish a varsify baseball feam, buf fhe plan did noi' furn ouf fo be feasible af fhe presenf fime. The Ex' Commiffee refused official as- sisfance in 'rhe drive for fhe Finnish Relief Fund, feeling fhaf fhe commif'I'ee's iurisdicfion should be confined fo sfudenf body affairs only. Presidenf Ernie Aflcinson represenfed fhe BACK: SAPIRO. KIENTZ. PULICH. FRONT: ETZEL. CHAPMAN BREED. ATKINSON, JORDAN I il I T Ill ' " " ' l .4 ,. , ' CCIVIIVIITTEE P. S. A. af fhe convenfion of fhe Nafional Sfudenf Federafion of America. Ernie and Presi- denf-elecf Bill Biddiclc affended fhe Pacific Coasf Presidenfs' Associafion meefing in Provo, Ufah. Every efforf was made fo increase governmenf by fhe sfudenfs wifh less adminis- frafive confrol. Much of fhe hard work done by fhe commiffee was faking care of rou- fine sfudenf body affairs. Chairman of fhe commiffee was Presidenf Aflcinson. Ofher sfudenf body officers serving were Jane Jordan, vice-presidenfg Marguerife Efzel, secre- fary: Bob Kienfz, freasurerg Hamilfon Briggs, yell leader. Members-af-large elecfed were Bill Biddick, Paf Dunlap, Norman Lamb, Hugh McWilliams, George Tomasini. The follow- ing commiffee chairmen also served: Marfin Pulich, Sfudenf Affairs: Herman Sapiro, Rally: Bill Becker, Publicafions. By virfue of fheir presidencies ofher members were Virginia Chap- man, A. W. S.g Bob Wenfz, senior class: Gene Rofsch, iunior class: Allan Breed, sophomore class: Bill Doyle, freshman class. Bob Fenix, alumnus, represenfed fhe faculfy. FRONT: BECKER, WENTZ, BIDDICK, DOYLE. BACK: McWILLlAMS, ROTSCH, DUNLAP, FENIX ST PUB LLOYD, PULICH, HOLTON McCARL, FAY, BAER, SPULLER GRIMSHAW, FLICKINGER The purpose of +he Publica'rions Commiffee is 'ro seHle quesfions of policy concerning l'he several sfudenl' associa+ion publicafions, and 'ro appoim' by a maiori'ry vole +he edifors and business managers. The responsibilify of checking fhe paper and yearbook finances and 'ro assure sludenls of uninlerruplecl publicafion lies in Hs hands. Upon 'rhe commi++ee's recommenclafion, fhe Ex' Commi'Hee granled S35 fo fhe Scroll and Sfylus Club +0 assisl' in 1'he publishing of MSS. ll' is fhe desire of 'rhe Publicafions CommiH'ee i'ha+ 1'he magazine be prinfecl in fhe fufure P. S. A. A policy was esfablished fhis year by mofion +ha+ a s'ruden+ may nof hold any one major posi+ion on a publicalion for more 'rhan one year. There are nine members on 'rhe commiH'ee, five elecfed and +he edifors and managers of fhe Weekly and Naraniado. Vacancies are filled by commi'r'ree appoin'l'men+. Those who served are Bill Becker, Bob Basrian, Herm Sapiro, Bob Wenlz, Gregg Phifer, Bill Workman, Ray Grosse, Beverly Wrighf, and Be'r'ry Dixon. Y UDENT AFF LICATI I lf? 5 1 y . WRIGHT, BECKER A1 !IDDlCK. KIENTZ, McBRlDE. MONOGAN RS CCIVIMIT nO I BASTIAN, PHIFER ,,,, The S'ruden'r Affairs Commi++ee's business is fo handle lhe grievances of s'l'uden+s againsl' bolh The adminislralion and sludenl' body. I+ is also a law-enforcing body concerning general campus rules and regulalions. Traffic laws esiablished lasl year were puf info effecl' again, wiih a few addifional prohibifions. Due 'l'o lack of enforcemenl' many of fhe orders were ignored by sludenfs and faculfy alilce. Smoking on campus and cheaiing are annual prob- Iems provoking much discussion and liHle solulion. By The commif- +ee's acfion noise in 'lhe library .was reduced 'ro a minimum. Creolil should be given 'ro ihe sincere endeavor of Marlin Pulich, chairman, and his commi'r+ee members +o overcome fhe odds againsf such a body lhal' has +heore+ical bu+ li++le aciual power wiih which +o acl. The sfudenf body presidenf appoinls 'rhe chairman of 'rhe commiffee, who in Turn appoinls a represenfaiive group of srudenfs +o serve wi'rh him. GROSSE. WORKMAN, DIXON WENTZ. SAPIRO TEE l ff' T! 'Z K, a . l"7'! GREGG PHIFER -K in BILL ' BECKER l PACIFIC WEEKLY Under Ediior Gregg Phifer and Manager Bill Becker l'he Weekly has been very credilably handled, winning i+s second slraighl Firsl Class Honor rank in ihe lnfercollegiale Press Associal'ion's raiing, and eslablishing ifs besi' financial condiiion in recenl years. Maior iournalisiic flurries were: 'rhe debale befween Edilor Phifer and l'he S'lock'l'on Record over ihe Weekly's obiecfive criiical reviews of arlisiic produciionsg opposiiion lo Herberl' Hoover's Tom-Tom- beafing drive for lhe Finnish Relief Fund: debales on 'lhe infroduclion of compulsory Bible sludy, lhe Third Term queslion, and fhe possibilily of a Barbarian pariy on ihe campus. Members oi +he l939-40 edi+orial board included Bill Biddick, ediforial assisfanfg Jane? McGin- nis, news: Jessie Hannay, campus, Bonnie Smiih and Alice Rudebaugh, 'leafureg Belly Dixon, sociely: Bob Conaway, sporlsg Ray Grosse, exchange, Jerrold Walker, makeup: Tom Woodruff, phofographyg Bob Basiian and Dave MaH'hews, arf: and Eleanor McCann, iacully adviser. Serving on ihe news sfalif were Clio Abercrombie, Grace Anlonius, Jean Davis, James Holden, Mariorie Hulen, Paul lida, Leslie Knoles, Beulahmae Laurence, Lillian Simonsen and Bud Siefan. Sociely reporlers included Karl Baldwin, Harriel' Davidson, Phyllis Grimshaw, Eloise Lamberf, Norma Marcellin, Margo Mclnfyre, Jane+ Porler, Claire Sandroclc and Marceila Voorhees. Sporfs reporiers were Joyce Boege, Francis Hellman, Don Jonfe, Irvine Sprague, Chesley Sleven- son, Jack Toomay, and Jack Tulloch. Fea+ure wrirers were Buford Bush, Galen Harvey, Gladys Hughes, Herman Sapiro, Gail Scheere and Hank Sfein. I 2 McGINNIS SPRAGUE CONAWAY HANNAY GROSSE RUDEBAUGH WALKER DIXON WOODRUFF I 3 f :A ' ff in i son 7' 5, f. . BASTIAN V ig BILL WORKMAN NARANJADO The Naraniado 'rhis year has endeavored fo cover more complefely fhe many and diverse acfiv- i'l'ies of all fhe men and women in 'I'he College of Pacific and Sfockion Junior College. Following fhis policy several innovafions have been made. For +he convenience of everyone rhere is 'For 'rhe firsr 'rime a combined index of ihe book and direcfory of Pacific Siudeni' Associafion members. Sfafi posi- fions were reorganized io include a junior college edifor. Twelve senior s+uden+s and nine iuniors were chosen as oufsfanding members of fheir classes, ofher fhan ihose who had imporfani' polifical posiiions or were frequenily represenied in differenf secfions. These 'rweniy-one comprise +he edi+or's honor roll. Edifor-in-chief is Bob Basfian, who served lasl' year as co-edi'l'or. He +ook all +he phofographs excepf 'rhe formal por+rai+s, arranged 'rhe layoufs, and olher ediiorial work. His assislani' in charge of fhe siaff is Beverly Wrighi. Bonnie Smiih had fhe impor+an+ iunior college ediiorship. Helen Corfel- you, as women's ediior, covered 'rheir ac+ivi+ies. Bob Conoway wrofe +he iunior and senior college spor+s sfories. Drama, music, and radio were edifed by AI Miller. In charge of fhe secfions on organ- izafions was BeHe Flickinger. Jim Holden had ihe difficull' 'rask of being in charge of poriraiis, ar- ranging +hem in ihe proper order and place. Credi+ goes +o Nancy Bu+cher for managing +he'direc- fory and index. Coniribuiors are Gregg 'Phifer, Carl Fuller, and Bill Becker. Bill Workman has done an unusually fine iob as business manager. His 'l'wo business assisfanfs were Tom Bowe and Harriei Davidson. Margo Mclnfyre did an efficienl' iob on fhe sales drive. Special reduciions were made fo siudenf body members who purchased 'lheir annual early. More copies were reserved ihis year 'rhan ever before. I 4 If is pracfically impossible in a yearbook fo eliminafe all errors: every efforf has been made, how- ever, fo do so. Confinuing fhe policy begun Iasf year by Eclifor Basfian, fhe iunior college has been given more represenfafion as a separafe unif. Alfhough fhere are more pages 'rhan before, fhe acfual size of fhe boolc is smaller. Convenfional divisions have nof been used. The edifors feel fhaf fhe changes ,which have been macle are an improvemenf over fhe olcl sfyle. While somefhing may nof meef wifh your approval, if is frusfecl fhaf fhis issue of fhe Naraniaclo will serve as a pleasanf remind- er of anofher evenfful year on fhe Pacific campus. WRIGHT BOWE BUTCHER HOLDEN SMITH DAVIDSON McINTYRE MILLER CORTELYOU I5 PUBLICATION PUBLICITY Bengal Daily Bullefln is placed every day of fhe school week in seven of fhe campus buildings announcing fhe day's acfnvifles of fhe various sfudenf and faculfy groups as well as announcemenfs of general sfudenf body mferesf. The value of fhe bullefm has been proved fume and again in fhe six years of nfs exlsfence The :mporfanf fask of gafhering informafion and having fhe bullehn posfed by elghf o clock every morn- ing fell fo Edlfor Pafrlcia Carson senor sfudenf. The Bengal Daily published by fhe Pacific Sfudenf Associafion, is under fhe lurlsdicfuon of fhe Publvcaflons Commnffee. Fanfaring fhe advanfages of fhe College of fhe Pacific and ifs prominenf personages are Beverly Wrighf and Bob Monagan. For fhe pasf fwo and a half years Miss Wrighf, a iunior sfudenf, has been publicizing fhe accomplishmenfs of sfudenfs and faculfy, Liffle Theafre, and ofher deparfmenfs, excepfing afhlefics which fhis year have been more fhan ad- equafely handled by Monagan, a sophomore sfudenf. Before affending college bofh were employed on daily papers, and since have become inferesfed in college iournalism. Miss Wrighf's boss is Bob Burns, and Monagan's is Doc Breeden. Their news releases are prinfed in papers and iournals fhrough- ouf California, and on parficular occasions elsewhere. They also confribufe fo fhe Pacific Review, alumni quarferly. The second issue of MSS was published fhis year by fhe Scroll and Sfylus Club wifh Pacific Sfudenf Associafion help. This second affempf of fhe club fo bring fo Pacific a creafive magazine of sfudenf wrifing was even more successful fhan lasf year's. lngeborg Van Loben Sels edifed fhe manuscripfs, and Jeanne Woodruff, presidenf of Scroll and Sfylus, was business manager. To fhe magazine's credif fhere was no adverfising. Copies were offered fo sfudenf body members af a reduced rafe. If is quife possible fhaf MSS will become an official PSA magazine nexf year under fhe confrol of fhe Publicafions Commiffee. Praise should be given fhe Scroll and Sfylus Club for ifs earnesf and successful efforf fo bring furfher credif and presfige fo fhe college. CARSON i DEBHTE While fhe eyes of fhe nafion were furned foward fhe war in Europe, and fhe possibilify of American involvemenf fhere- in, P.S.A. debafers argued fhe merifs of a proposal designed fo safeguard American peace. ln doing so, fhey sef a compefifive record fhaf probably will nof soon be equal- ed. The formal debafe quesfion was Re- solved: Thaf fhe Unifed Sfafes should adopf a policy of sfricf economic and milifary iso- lafion from all nafions oufside fhe Wesfern Hemisphere engaged in armed infernafional or civil conflicf. Here are a few of fhe oufsfanding achievemenfs which made fhe I939-40 sea- son nofable. ill Marfin Pulich and Bill Biddiclc be- came fhe firsf C.O.P. men's feam in hisfory fo win a debafe fournamenf. l2l Lois Archibald and Gladys Barfholo- mew won women's debafe fhe firsf fime fhey ever compefed fogefher. l3l For fhe firsf fime, C.O.P. won fhe sweepsfalces award af fhe Linfield lnvifa- fional fournamenf. l4l Biddiclc and Pulich, fhe No. I men's feam, won one firsf, fied for second fwice, and losf only 5 of 38 decision debafes in four fournamenfs. l5l John Fanucchi foolc fhird in orafory af fhe nafional Pi Kappa Delfa fournamenf, fhe highesf any C.O.P. represenfafive has ever placed. FLETCHER, PHIFER SMITH, HOWDEN, KNOLES, COCHRANE, BARTHOLOMEW, ARCHIBALD ui DEBHTE lol Biddick won sevenlh in exfempore in +he P.K.D. nafional. l7l Allen Breed look lhird in exfempore ai' fhe Phi Rho Pi nalional. l8l ln four Wesf Coasi' fournamenfs, C.O.P. and S.J.C. word-slingers won five firsfs, four seconds, five 1'hirds, and a hosf of lesser places. A sfriking display of C.O.P. squad s+reng+h came ai' 'rhe Linfield Invi+a+ional where Biddick and Pulich won men's debaie, Archibald and Bar+holome,w won women's debale, Biddick won exiempore, and Fanuc- chi won orarory. In addi+ion +o fhe firsf places, Biddick was fhird in aHer-dinner speaking and received a plaque as ou+s+and- ing man in 'The fournamenf, Pulich was ihird in imprompfu, Fanucchi and Carl Fuller wen'r fo 'I'he finals in debafe, and Fuller was sevenfh in orafory. The experf efforfs of fhis delega'rion of six added +he sweeps+akes cup lo +he lrophy colleciion, and marked up +he mos+ smashing vicfory of fhis or any o+her year. Meanwhile fhe Junior College debafers were compiling a good record. Claude Hogan and Allen Breed 'lied for second in lhe junior rivision in lhe W.A.T.S. fourna- menl' Thanksgiving week. Then Hogan came back To win 'lhe Town Hall evenf wifh FULLER. FANUCCHI BIDDICK, PULICH HOGAN, BREED DEBHTE Joe Kegler second in lhe annual Slocklon Junior College lnvilalional. The season ended wilh lhe Phi Rho Pi nalional where Breed loolc lhird in exlempore. The C.O.P. season was climaxed by lhe Phi Kappa Della nalional lournamenl in Knoxville, Tenn. Biddiclc, Pulich, Fanucchi, and Fuller, accompanied by Prolessor Belz, made lhe lrip wilh lhe resulls lisled above. Biddick and Pulich losl lwo, one loo many, ol lheir eighl preliminary debales and were eliminaled. Fuller and Fanucchi parlicipa- led in lhe sludenl legislalive assembly. Following lhe P.K.D. lournamenl, Bid- dick, Fanucchi, and Prol. Belz hopped lhe conlinenl lo Corvallis, Oregon lo parlici- pale in lhe Pacilic Forensic League conlesl. Again Biddiclc won, lhis lime in aller-dinner speaking, and Fanucchi loolc second in ora- lory. Fuller and Pulich relurned lrom Knox- ville lhe hard way, wilh a series ol nine exhi- bi+ion debales againsl schools in lhe Middle Wesl and Rocky Mounlain areas. Allhough lhe loss ol everyone bul Bid- diclc from lhe Senior College squad will be serious, lhe weallh ol good malerial in lhe Junior College promises anolher excellenl season lor bolh schools. Al any rale, bolh C.O.P. and S.J.C. are now secure in lheir places on lhe lorensic map! THIS YEAR'S TROPHIES CLARK, BETZ, NICHOLS N LAMB oEcoRATo RS rx " Uk X . ,H W 1 MOST COLO RFU L WHO'S WHO WITHOUT HIS SHIRT THE BIRD IF YOU MUST READ THIS DO SO IN VERTICAL COLUMNS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM. WIZARD DICK: SIESTA: SURREAL: MRS. AND MR. PRESI- DENT, INCOGNITO: GLAMOUR GIRL DOUG: THE GAY NINETIES: ANIMAL ACT: SCOTCH 81 SODA, WITH CHASER: THE KIDDIES: INDIANS BRAVE: CRACKERS: ROUGH STUFF: HI!: FRAMEDI: WASHINGTON MERRY - GO - ROUND: SULTAN AND SALTIMBANOUE: SALUTE BUT NOT SALUD: CENSORED: UNSEXED: SNAKES! MARION FROM MARS: MERI AND JERI: PIERROT, ETC.: MY GOD, RICHARDI. if .,.,, yu --,gmgwmwu E5 Pa. . , 411 QQ I .-!l gi 'vW"'- N J!- A M. , 5. .XY ' Q, p g- Eplfif-A V 1 , , if-gl"-" I A gf-B...-A 5 151 , L A 41' "'v ,C I .wc fl' 1 J s Cfgaty " x JANE KETMAN. ALPHA THETA BARBARA STEWART, MANOR BARBARA LENNOX, TAU KAPPA JANE JORDAN, EPSILON CHARLOTTE SMITH, CO-OP PHYLLIS GRIMSHAW, MU ZETA BETTY ANN EAMES. ANNEX f? ' a nmvs ATTENJJANTS ! JUST LOOK THANK YOU, NO BABES DR. O'BRYON. D. C NURSE TO YOU, DOCTOR VIH IHISS CHHHHTHIHE CHSH, lUUlHEI'I'S HHLL Uuffn UF THE HIHHDI GHHS 1 if HUHIE CUIHIHG I .'.- '5 1 - 4 .. . ,,-, , ,1 S P Y A V mf 'b - f ' "L 5 5 7 Q 5 I V- 5 f I I! I 5 J 3 4l' 'ev i., Q'-'I Q . V: K A , .Az , 1 ' I S .Hg W K 5 f ,if , , O ' at L sa Q I -'Q 'xl lr' 1. ,w n ffvx ..+. ,, me . f ix gf -f' f 1 'Q , K, . I'--V . s X- , 'X 'Ni Q-Ax X I X !' H144 , I , ,' W ,il " E ee' If ' ' 'g. A i 1, if I , .H , . 13' A-,fi fix 1' E . p - . -1 -My BELOW: HISTORIC MEETING OF "POP WARNER AND AMOS ALONZO STAGG M' g K, 1 . . . , Y .- ., -4:5 A --v- f- 4 1 ' , - f '- . 1 , D - , -1.-, 4 - f V 4 . .- - . . -4. ,I X ,, , .. X , 1 F: x I , L ' . , A - r M ,,,,, - s Q " f Ufwsssf ' M' X W 4 wr 'W V sux f g Y T i V f V-" xi ' Q '- Q ' 1 J 1 v Q 5 EH- -V " 'rf . " X 'Apu' 101, s , lv . u, J I 4 ,, sv L ww, , V 2 ,S 5 ff gk ? If I- N. 1: yr , . 4 . W 3 ' f ' " ' . If X sg H 2 , " 1 7, VA 'V 'uv' 1 1 ,-l".8lg-ily' 1 if -ei K. V . , ig? ' f . 1- , , 'TV f' ' Q' ,- . ., A v-mir", 1. 1 Q A ,ff 'QT' z ,, 2 " f ,, ' I 'i", . is F I 0, it - I .-., 1 .I h 1.- V A g if L f- - T V141 V1 A. ' . . Y . . f Q , . N ,L ,f " G ' 'mf' - if - Q ' '- ' H: '-" 5 'Q ' f ' A ' A ' . - f 1 ' -F .f '- I ' , 'YH J' ian: ', . V ft. . 3' " Z V :ii W vi f wh - 1' 6 -1 f ., - ' fx - f ,ff ,' . ' , , , EQ, X 9 g egg 'vf' 1 ' 5 'Ami ' 4 A '12 ' if "f-Q5 , X f 3 , u Q, W , 1 Z fm- 5, B A Q ' Q' I qi - A get Y . .5 ., ri l V i j Q " ' ' K f ff5" " 'l ' A ' V I' ' ff, W ' 3 f 'Q is F 3 , ' A 'S-Z... X .N W 5 ,L Y. ,X , . ,g I ' 'I f ' pa' ' 'F ' 5 '5.- fi ' , . O , A, , .. 311 Ii p K . w . F, - A 1 K K I 1 5 5 L Q i'e 57.1 3 Mtn.,- SEQ-Sf' , 'gh Q Q I 1 If f w-I if 1 5. . -' X I X ,. 4' 7 . - za-,, U, -se- x,.,, ,- TTL -. , ,., Asn Q ff Sf-, "f, ' F-1 rr ,zsgg-k' , i- m .W gtk! .,f'9l I A1 3 J - T ,,' , . .... v my-.g. I L Sn' X . 1 5' I 1 W V, s 3 f", . , 4 A i , . ' V , 5 .wi '1' . f 5, 14' 0 Y M K wg ' mi, I f f' +14 I, I 1 1- . 5 I 9 V , . , 7 A xwri - A ig' I T 1 ' Sw .Q 5 1 x JUL f I P B 1 . a- - ,. s3,.. O lj x -19-.A 9.. I H .. ,PJ ':'- 1+ A ,X .N fgQ . J ' -x fn- .. X .,' .125 r .13 .. 5 - '4'. ,,, f .' P --ve- " ,iff 5 , .L -4 ., 1 , ' I5,,..w- , ... s X -1 f Z . 3 rl '1'?. 3 We Q Jffiffe.. , ll, 45' ,-'1 , 1:-,ML .......1--- EWS - qv:-I 1? .-af f 1. ,..f 4 bi A, ,,. fiiiffiiie 52452155 ,V gli, ik EX QW 'fx' R .--av V A B 5:31 -fy-.4 11:2- :nf 1-Q as if , Q.. vs "r"'n. f ,? ll Uffg ill "Pop" Gordon's annual half-band concerl, half-open-season on your neighbors 'lurned oul' 'l'o be a roaring success before a packed and enlhusiaslic house. New lows in saiire and aspersion were reach- ed, Alpha Thela winning fhe booby prize 'For +alcing fhe worsi' bealing, Archania 'lhe SIO, bring your own barrel, firsf prize, Omega Phi 'ralcing second place and a crack a+ lhe people nexl' door. Below, "Pop" lakes his well deserved bow. Opposile, Tau Kappa's ouidoor bed and baihroom comedy, Bill Ramsey infroduces Phi Mu Alpha's "Ea+ ai Moe's"g Pinnochio Slolz gels il' in 'I'he nose from one of Rhiz- omia's Purple Fairies. Confinued on following page. Mu Ze+a's clever lanfern-slide Fashion Show 'rurned oui' definiiely un-phologenic. Archania's Hawaiian Maid was loo much for boih cameramen, bul', a'H'er all, if wasn'+ how +hey said il, ii' was whal' lhey said. Ear al' Moe's. X gf-- N .bfi Lf' y 1 gui 3!.x if I f "0 . ' 'x II- V : Q W 19132: L ' H 'K I 3 .Un :V 3 Jw u LX 5 xx,,Njx Q ' . 1- , - 4' . 1 In "WP" 5 15 .f,, VVVN 1 - fp- ,fm -' .K V ' , ' iff' . A , . 4'-..-' f U - iv,-. ,',, ,.,, f-- 'N .U .-,1 .m1"--- - -Ku Q, 5- V L.. RALLY COIVIIVIITTEE Sapiro, Phillips, Briggs, Campbell, Harvey, Rofsch, Haney, Nansbrow, Dean, Knoles, Du- praw, members of lhe aclive commiflee whose chef doevre was The "7I Dimplecl Knees by Popular Requesl"', l'he lasl' word in Drum Maioreffes. Assembly programs were macle con- sis+en+ly inleresling, having among 'rhe lisf of guesis fhe celebrafecl slooge Rubinoff. YELL LEADERS THOMPSON BRIGGS SCHEDLER ,NDSU ABOVE: PRES. VIRGINIA CHAPMAN. BELOW: FLICKINGER, STR ONG, BISHOFBERGER, MORGAN, WEIGART, SMITH, GOODWIN 42 The Associafed Women Sfudenfs, one of fhe mosf acfive groups on fhe campus 'rhis year, in addifion fo ifs regular acfivifies, has inifiafed fwo new honor sociefies composed of oufsfanding sophomore and senior women sfudenfs. Among fhe regular funcfions, are fhe various scholarships and fhe revolving lending fund, which are given each year fo fhe mosf deserving applicanfs. The mosf profifable proiecf is fhe Cub House, owned and operafed by fhe A. W. S., employ- ing sfudenf help. lf serves as a gafhering place for bofh faculfy and sfudenf infellecfual and social gab-fesfs. One of fhe mosf imporfanf faslcs of each semesfer is fhe providing of Big Sisfers for incoming freshmen. This year a picnic dinner was given fo welcome all new sfudenfs and furfher acquainf fhem wifh college life. Represenfing fhe associafion, Presidenf Virginia Chapman affended fhe con- on of fhe Wesfern Conference, of which fhe group is a member. nder fhe new and revised consfifufion which ade perfaining fo f Eugene, Oreg f fhe A. W. S. u New rules were m Con- venfion a This also marks fhe firsf year o definifely esfablished women's self-governmenf on fhe campus. lock-up hours for all living groups and fhe ,punishmenf for infringemenf of fhese regulafions. ' hool spirif, swishers were sold fo women for rallies and foofball games. fribufmg fo sc AWS GIVES SCHOLARSHIPS, JERKS UB HOUSE, REQUIRES SODA AT THE C CO EVERY DATE. MPLETE DATA ON port Firsl' of fhe acfivifies of 'I'he Women's A'rhle'I'ic Associafion was a barn dance given in +he gym. A bonfire and wienie roasf was given +0 welcome ihe new fresh- men. Following each business meefing was a social program, providing various fypes of en+er+ainmen+ for +he members. Among +hem +his year were a card par+y held in fhe S+uden+'s Chrisiian Associalion building ai' which refreshmenis were served, and a badminion parfy which also included refreshmen+s. Represeniing +he College of Pa- cific and Sfockfon Junior College, Miss Marion Coombs aH'ended a combined Wo- men's Afhlefic Associaiion and Associaied Women Sfudenfs' convenfion a+ Modesfo. Along wifh 1'he regular gym classes of archery, swimming, skafing, modern dancing, lennis, horseback riding, and clogging lhere were l'hree new ones. The rise in popu- larify of skiing broughl' a ski class which included bofh men and women sfudenfs. Though no aciual skiing was done +his year, +he group was ins+ruc+ed by Mr. Dash- iell in fechnique and praciical exercises. Miss Hill iniroduced a class in folk dancing, and Miss Shaw began a class of Social Dancing, bofh of which were also made up of men and women. Archery and fennis confinued 'lo be fhe more popular classes wifh an increased enrollment Horseback riding under ihe direciion of Mrs. Char- loHe Clark ai' fhe Mounf Diablo Sfables was carried on ,wi+h as much success as lasi' year. Among fhe iournamenfs sponsored by fhe W. A. A. was a ping-pong march supervised by Viole'r Graves, and a nafional infercollegiafe archery i'ournamen'I' held by means of mail and Telegraph. The officers of fhis year were, Presideni Jean Good- win, Secrefary Claudina Houser and Treasurer Viole+ Graves. The newesl' ac+ivi1'y of ihe group was rhe sporis mee+, a con'res'r beiween 'lhe living groups, Epsilon Lamb- da Sigma, Mu Zera Rho, Alpha Theia Tau, Tau Kappa Kappa, Manor Hall, Women's Hall and 'I'he Town Group. Par'I'icipan+s of each house compeied in iennis, swimming and archery, winning one poinl' for 'rheir group by enfering each game, ihree poinis 'For firsl place and fwo for second place. The group foialing fhe mosi number of poin+s won a perpeiual frophy +0 be kepi' for one year. The sporfs meel' is expecfecl io bring a greaier inieresi' on ihe campus in 'ihe aciivifies of ihe Women's Aihleric Associa'I'ion. ."4" , f.: 11 I ..1., 1' 1,!1.,L 4 ff if x WH" ,'L u -iw ' , , . Missy , . N EN.. '. sf'-'ir f"'1-f- 1 - , ., ' :eo - - 1 .4 Ngv.-,.,-Q.. 'P 3 rv, V If 'Z N re EL if 'I !,lhLl.lIll""ll lllv, , ,,.. A , ,. , ,I .1 Q 'Fr . , I ,li , 16337 .?' 1 1 1,8 '.I 1 1 ff fr. 5 5" ..-, 'Km f. 1 may r" A ' , "! v n g .. .E .MII ULVLCH The Dance Drama, presenled each year by lhe advanced modern dancing classes and Orchesis, was given on lhe ninlh, lenlh, and elevenlh ol May. Under fhe direc- lion ol Miss Mae Shaw, lhis evenl is one ol lhe highlighls ol lhe spring semesler. The program lor lhe drama was: Acl I. The Sleeping Princess. . Scene I, Chrislening ol lhe Baby Princess: Scene ll, The Princess's Sevenlh Birlh- day Parlyg Scene Ill, The Princess's Eighleenlh Birlhday Parlyg Scene lV, One Hun- dred Years Laler. Sleeping Beauly, seven years old, Elsie Weverg eighleen years old, Marjie Raschg Prince, Jeanne Sanderson: Wicked Godmolher, Mary Winsor: Peasanls, Grace Anlonius, Kalhleen Burum, Lucille Chadwick, Lorraine Davis, Nickie Ficovich, Marion Gregson, Belly June Ledbeller, Kalherine McDonald, Ruby Parsons, Alice Phelps, Calherine Saunders, Jean Slrong. Processional-Palricia Collins, Grela Davenporl, Beverly Gardner, Lois Lasell, Marie Sala. Children-Carol Mae Brown, Jeanne Orlon, Joan Wellon, Nancy Or- lon. Direclors: Barbara Alberlson and Norma Marcellin. Aol II A Dance in May-Jacqueline Rilchie. Two Dance Mimes-Jean Marie Marble- slone, Marjorie McDonald, Sylvia Slephens. Drawing Room Episode-Maid, Sylvia Slevensg Hosless, Belh Townsend, Guesls, Aileen Boller, Doris Guernsey, Jean Marie Marbleslone, Mariorie McDonald, Eloise Lamberl. Illusion-Roxene Halele. Brahams Wallzes-Joyce Blackman, Marion Gregson, Doris Guernsey, Birdie Hoskins, Kalher- ine Kuivala, Belly Ledbeller, Norma Marcellin, Marie Sala, Calherine Saunders. Deep Purple--Barbara Alberlson, Florence Boyes, Verna Dunslan, Dorolhy Kolln. Acl Ill Wallz-Jackie Rilchie, Florine Buoy, Mariie Rasch, June Vickland. Married Life- Bernadine Badger, Aileen Boller, Eloise Lamberl, Jean Marie Marbleslone. Moderne- Barbara Alberlson, Roxene Halele, Verna Dunslan. Jiller Jillers-Bernadine Badger. Tragic Cycles--Prologue, Barbara Alberlson, Decadence, Barbara Alberlson, Florence Boyes, Bernadine Badger, Norma Marcellin, Florine Buoy, Jackie Rilchie. American Challenge-Pacilic dance group assisled by Toni Rilberg and June Vickland. Anolher ol lhe imporlanl aclivilies ol lhe dancing classes was lhe Symposium given by lhe Slocklon Junior College, College ol Pacific and Slocklon High School. Members ol lhe dancing classes ol all norlhern Calilornia colleges were inviled lo al- lend. Miss Veronica Palaky gave lhe demonslralion lesson in lhe morning and pre- senled a recilal lhal evening in lhe audilorium. This marks lhe end ol lhe elevenlh year ol organized dancing groups al Pacilic. Jia Jan ki' M N , , if 9 vf iw Nqc' 1' I . Q fm '53 wi T 41 Y- . A--LL1 . s fb 'il.g. ff.: 'IIC , f Os.. yq nv-3 ' ,rggl Q-Q x0 sob 0 .ue - X. S f .x.0:l.Ocsl..s-.. D ln.. x...: '. ?.A.pc',1l .xv."h KI' O. ugfffh' "'l"':':"s.'."' Oli0lsuxe'.,w. s r 1 u ' Z, Hx, . 4. y,,:,k:Tf"'4 ' ' I L ul . .. v ' 1 'I .gf-wa u. , X w. , W I . . , A n' :I 3- lx lr gm FQ 4: , 1""Q"'- , a gi W V . 9 v - 'Z I0 'o -iii a L ,..o, ,CBJ ,' o U 5 O 1 N ' ' ' a . . 500H0'g 'l'u',s Q. , 9.0.5 v-0, N,:.:,.:, 1. ' 55 5 . q'g o.'l. i'u'. ' u'.'.'e.','o 'o,"l 1 ', s ,Q s ...Q 1 0 ' ' 1 Q . , 419 YT: F Q . '1 Q. mi 'si 2 , Q, S H 'NX -- - . . , ," -. y Q. "J USES". ' n PM .3 H W +A W5 X :Jae ' SZ!! Q z i Z. Aixam Wg' 'Q 2' N Iv. V , .ik n af, ,L ' 'J X , . k in 'N X 1 ffm ae 2 'N x -. Y W . Unk ur xg- ---, Q .- V H . . Vg,- Iggz, u .' ' -:O , -W JY 'WFTAE ,.a. Q . 6' ,.. A . I gg, Q 'if' " ,E ,U 1 5 - : 22 5 " Q af ,U l',', Q 9 O 0 0 s x s l.e. ns. Q, l,l' ,vh U ru 9 U 1 o 1 H, "-L.: can 'e "DN U 'n ' ul I 0 5 lg...n ga as Msgs: . ' Q... 5'h....o Bo' IN, gr. 09l."ln.'s':."p'f'f 4 .-,J 'I .ll - -' ., ., o ooo v' ,oo 03040900 o coco 10 'go' 0.902090 0 oaool 50 9900, 00069 QQ 0 ovo...ov - -1 " o Io o P on 9 ,O 0 0 o 0 v 12 ,1 if -,, J-, , .ma wg 41-zz 5gq354gWF --jr -.rg iii.. . - 'Z' Y' " 1: -Y. :fS ' ' - - A Q, " 522 15522 1'-' DRINK LA. aw Zggzzni.-il' F'-'kiwi ii- fl ' -6- 'vw-fp .ii Mslgys. .. Ili! l' 22- - .HSS 1-Bali' 1s+'2y'f3 ,. gf: 1. 4' .15 ge -1 Dun I 'l. ff.: A, . , 'x ww k I V X 1 Q V LQ ,." J r- ' .a ' -. - N 4 v - 1, L , , f 1 -Sf", 4 A k, 3. 52. -.1 Q Y, W.. , 1 -W. f f.. f-,.. -- 17 - lfxjfgg -, , lf ,fl j-QQ 1 21 '-:,ff.' ..f, ,ax k,: Y' QSN QQ? Eff. W E' - 'V A-,. Q!" if' ' ' s F it ' L . 19 'I s 'n Y fzf ' ' xii -ur , : '.":"" --, -f K!! , 'f f sax' V- KX: . 'm Hake x, .1 . . , A,,-LT- Y 4 "K".1P .31 -3 4 f s xv. ' - ! N 1.I 7 "Aw a If.. 11-if 1 ' 9 - cz, K 'fL.,f,1' in H.. '-'f ,Vj-4-52n. 1327" 19:11.- xi , g A 5 ,g .p'1,, -,, , 4. - QM, Dk E I . J v w ,J ,Tx 1 , , 7, ,, .y r, , Q ,V ,. A N . , i 'V ya '32, ' ' H 1 'H 'E ,V U f. wi. ,J ,. . 1, ,jew .1 w p. --4, '. , ' 1 X 1 J ,Y f, 4 f Q21 X . 1. Y. V V, I - -,V , E3 , -in . 'If , qff- mr' A n Y-'gf , :g d I , ' -4 2' 1 ' ,W , , 4 . V, ,. . A 1 - ' 3 W NN , ' ' 'A f -. t ., V .4 5 1 Q , A ' 1 ' f. ' " ', W 'N 1 0' wi X ab' 1 A ' , 5' r U 1 1 ' w 1 .A Q- I., I O 5,. , . vw'- . -,. IQ 'ff v-fs ls' X, U MA Y 1 . , A x A 1- ".. V? 'E O. r . H- Am gil V fh? ff? .""E,,I'.' T . .it . ,TV Ji-Xmfgzzg ..,..,, . V. Zbufq ,v mf, SUM ,iivll ls WT T I l91GTl!l2' SQ? I -fi :A I F15 'T .3-ggggj m-5'1 5 - A W '4 x W , , O O K EV' "DOC" BREEDEN. SPORTS ADMINISTRATOR M.':1f,., --c,....,, , K Q 4 se f 'r 'U I- 1. A ,glfg Ya vm -'fs 1 'f W 'ffff 1 inn. L .p . V' f wifi! 1'-" 5 lik, iv ' D 3 v M f ,. 5,7 x 2' mi- X 5557 ' ' " - g F 4 lf w-2 na , , tif- f we ' AV K N . . Q73 'ga ., if I Y K - x 'J LS! I .L ' M . 1 RS ' -gm :- L f ' i' xr Q, V? ,,' ,,,a' 1' Opponeni Score Pacific Opponeni Score b ..,....,... b ..,..... . i3 ....,,.. 3 ...,....... 32 .,,... 0 .... 'li ...... 7 ....., .Souih Dakoia ,...,.........,AA,....,,..... ..,... 0 .Caiiiornia ,,...,... ...Loyoia ........ .S an Jose ..........,A.. ..a,...Cai Rambiers .....4,....,.,Fresno Siaie ....,Caiiiornia Aggies A..,A,,.,Univ. of Arilona ....,,...,Ci1iCO Siaie 'Si da, .... . O .... 0 .,,.,. i9 .. ..,..,..,,.Univ. oi Neva U 5. Marines ...,......,.,. ,,,.......Univ . oi Hawaii .,,,,,,,.,. Heaiani .......,........ eTed Coach Amos Aionzo r Eariy in SepTember a squad oT TorTy-seven grid candidaTes gre STagg, Line Coach Raiph Francis, and assisTanT Coaches Bob Coe and Ciem SwaggerTy. ATTe Two weeks oT condiTioning work and hard pracTice, The Goiden Tigers were ready To ceiebraTe Coach STagg's TiTTieTh year oT acTive coaching. The TirsT game oT a "suicide" scheduie oT ThirTeen games was The SouTh DaicoTa encoun- Ter. STaged in SacramenTo by The ScioTs, The game represenTed The cuirninaTion oT a day oT TeTing and ceiebraTing TooTbaii's Grand Oid Man. in The sTands There were high schooi,iun- ior coiiege, and coiiege coaches who paid TribuTe To Their paTriarch. The game iTseiT ended in a 6-0 vicTory Tor The Bengais, The eighTh consecuTive win spread over Two seasons. OT The conTesT Biii Coniin says in The SacramenTo Union, "..iusT one piayf a compiicaTed buT eTTecTive Torward pass sTraTagem in The second quarTerfiasT nighT gave Coiiege oT The PaciTic a b To 0 verdicT over SouTh DaicoTa as 7500 persons waTched in Sacra- ' TT acTed by The Twin spec,Tacies oT an inTersecTionai TooTbaii game sponsered ' A os Aion-Lo STagg's 5OTh year oT TooTbaii coaching. To sTadium, a r iebrahon oT m men 'oTs and The ce The iocai 'Sci bv l COOPER. JACOBSEN. BECKER, D HALBERT, FTNE OW - ' LJ TJAMS, LTNSCHTED ADAMTNA, TRWTN. ers asTounded The sporT- oriTes A week Toiiowing Their ciose DakoTa win, The Goiden Tig ing worid wiTh a one Touchdown vicTory over The U. C. Bears, Top-heavy Tav . ATTer an exchange oT punTs in The Third quarTer The S-Taggmen received The baii on The Bear 47. Tommy OTaeTa picked up nine yards in Two smashes oTT righT Tackieg Two piays by Bobby iCienT1. and an oTTside penaiTy puT The Tigers on The U. C. 24. OiaeTa and iCienT1 added nine yards, buT wasTed a down when KienT-L iosT a yard. Then Bob "Aiax" Adamina ToTTed a pass To End Doug Smaiiwood, who snaked pasT Tony Firpo, Bear saTeTy man, and scored sTanding up. The win was no "Tiuke." The Bengais gained Twice The yardage oT The Bears and compTeTeTy dominaTed The game. One naTionaT coTumnisT commenTed ThaT The wriTers musT have TorgoTTen This vicTory when They were picking The year's ouTsTanding upseT. The Third game, wiTh The Loyoia Lions, TeaTured The vaunTed arm oT Bob Ada- mina, who Tossed Two passes which ended in Touchdowns. ATTer a 'I-6 iead in The TirsT haTT, The Tigers had To come Trom behind To knoT The score aT T3 poinTs each. As Juies Deiancey, sporTs wriTer Tor a Los Angeies paper said, "Coach A. A. STagg, who T 50 oT his Tl years coaching TooTbaiT Teams, Tried Tor The TourTh Time iasT ia UniversiTy and Taiied as his Coiiege oT The PaciTic were heid has spen nighT To conquer Loyo ' ' T3-T3 Tie .... ' ' To a Thriihng ui J fn --1 1 ' BXCYCLE BXLL THOMAS GOES TH ROUGH SAN JOSE 6333333 TERM HS REE T3-QIGDT 'f" f '-1'-..:pQf 4 I 4 'umz . iii 4 gif! 'F J ' I3 3 win over The Bengals in The game FiTTeen Thousand specTaTors wiTnessed San ose s - which Bill Leiser, s,porTs ediTor oT The San Francisco Chronicle, had sTaTed "mighT be Tor The CoasT championship." The conTesT marked The renewal oT The rivalry oT Glenn "Pop" War- ner and Amos STagg. By keeping poTenTial PaciTic receivers bo++led up, rushing The passer, and uncorlcing a Triclcy Warner running aTTaclc wiTh double and Triple reverses, The San Jose- ans earned Their sevenTh sTraighT vicTory oT The season. Following- The SparTan conTesT, The Bengals recovered some oT Their earlier glory when They gave Cal Ramblers Their worsT deTeaT oT The season, 3l-7. Two runs oT 55 yards by Emil SeiTerT Trom scrimmage and Bob KienTz on a punT reTurn Thrilled The handTul oT specTaTors. ln anoTher "naTural" Tor The San Joaquin Valley, The Fresno Bulldogs handed The STagg- men Their second deTeaT, 7-0. The game was close ThroughouT wiTh PaciTic in Fresno TerriTory during mosT oT The conTesTq however, The Bulldog score, which came wiTh a 45 yard gallop ' ' T a susTained drive oT 88 yards. Through The Bengal defense, was The culmunahon o ADAMINA CRACKS AT CAL. MEARS. SCHMIDT, REMPLE. KiENTZ rl"-"i5iE ' T 4 The Toiiowing week, Cai Aggies Tieided a surprisingiy adepT squad and heid The Tavored Bengais To a 'li-T2 vicTory. Traveiing To Tucson The Tigers meT and were conquered by The UniversiTy oT Arizona eieven. AiThough The WiidcaTs piayed a more superior brand oT baii, iT Took a Treak break Tor Them To grab The iead. On an aTTempTed pass piay, an Ari'Lona end grabbed The baii Trorn iCienT1. and raced 45 yards To paydirT. I ReTurning To STockTon, The Bengais subdued a Tough Chico squad on Thanksgiving day. EnTering The Tinai quarTer wiTh buT a seven poinT iead, The PaciTiciTes Tinaiiy Tound Themseives , and quickiy scored Three Touchdowns, The Tinai counT being 3 i -6. SuTTering a ieTdown, The Tigers were Tarnished by a srnaii group oT Nevada Woives, The scoref8 To 0. I On Their way To Hawaii The boys TorgoT To iump when They hiT San Diego: consequenTiy The Marines won a T4-0 vicTory. The Tigers broke inTo The win coiumn, aTTer an absence oT Two games, To deTeaT The Uni- oT Hawaii Team, T9-6. However, The humidiTy Tinaiiy goT Them, and They iosT Their ionai Heaiani Team oT Honoiuiu, Tor an average oT .500 Tb wins versiTy ' To The proTess i. yi eason' s Tinaie I s 6 iosses, i Tiei. ...LpLe,,f,4,f Q L,,,1, LLOY D, SEXFERT, TULLOCH, GAY, KN NETON 5 LW 0 fu ,N , J. C. COACHES STOCKING, DAS!-HELL, KJELDSON l 65' CLARK ALFONSE lnauguraTing The second year oT Jaysee TooTball compeTiTion, newly-ap,poinTecl Coach Doug Dashiell and AssisTanT Kris Kieldsen welcomed a 50 man TurnouT. The Tough Cub Schedule oT 7 games included some oT The larger, sTronger NorThern CaliTornia iunior colleges. Three oT The conTesTs-San MaTeo, Aggie Frosh, and Marin--were played in BaxTer STadium To small crowds. BoTh oT The Cub vicTories were in This group. Relying upon a large group oT new maTerial and a handTul oT reTurning sophomore leTTermen, The Jaysees held a highly-TouTed SanTa Rosa Junior College squad To a l'3-6 vicTor. The lone Orange and Black score came on a 40-yard pass Trom Johnny Camicia To end Ted STewarT. ln This, The TirsT game oT The season, The Cubs showed a diversiTied aTTack, which showed promise oT winning games. , STill licking Their wounds, The Jaysees nexT were caughT TlaT-TooTed by The San MaTeo eleven and wenT down To a l5-0 deTeaT. The San MaTeans marched Through The Cubs aT will and blocked a punT by Larry Clark Tor a saTeTy. One brieT momenT oT glory, and DusTy Miller saved The squad Trom anoTher shuT-ouT. The di k ModesTo kick on The 30-yard line and wenT all The way To a Touchdown minuTive Cub back Too a ' M desTo J.C., T03 STockTon, 6. - MOLOKM Final score. o CAMTCTA A6 BOTTOM: L . j"'f'f SAN MATEO. - H" KMLLER, SULLWA L 1' UASSEY, BLACKWE . ""'-' MOKPJO, CAMX I - owN, Femwu, PAuLsoN. saowu scones ON AN END-Anouun YONS BALLEvgtLbd!bESi-LA?:xxL?oExE'MHdgEOK2hgiLL. SPAULDXNG, PAULSON. LINSCHEXD, ALPHONSE, mo. Hesralou. N vxeimm, Ass-1. me-as. secouo now: DASHKELL, srocrcme. CLARK, BALLE . LL SAWREY, LYONS, LUCKSXNGER. eossen. KJELDSEN. n-uno no 1 cm, cons, HOLLAND, WELLS, emuusou, aenrame. AL- 72 PER GU KU HE r Finding 'rhennseXves, The irnprovm., -L I serves and earned ihe firsr viciory of rhe season, I3-O. The con.--., I cific-San Jose iusde, afforded Siockion roorers a chance 'fo see a smooih-running roorua.. machine. Half Ari' Paulson scored one Touchdown, sei 'fhe siage for anorher. A reverse, good for 25 yards, accounied for ihe iniiial score: a '30-yard pass, Camicia io end John Brown, ' l cer Junior Cohege squad, b-6. Again, Pr was ihe F've pXayers handXed for rhe finax one. ' "cd a he wlih ihe P a .. L nuad 'fhe ieam. L U T .ri-T1 ' ETH' , :ff - 33 ' -TJ' gi aff- J 16 "1 m 4 y , ' is 4 T40 The baii on The Touchdown drive--a Tricky, Typicai Dashieii piay. The Carnicia pass wen yards To Brown, who iaTeraied To Joe GiovaneTTi, anoTher iaTerai To Gordon Aiphonse, Thence To ArT Pauison, who crossed The goai iine. EnTireiy ouTciassing Their opponenTs, The STockTon eieven adminisTered a sound deTeaT To The Marin Junior Coiiege group. On an end-around Brown wenT 20 yards Tor a score in The sec- ond quarTer1 GiovaneTTi piunged over Trorn The 5-yard iine, To give The Cubs a hard-earned T3-7 win. The ,passing oT Bob Carr oT The Marin group equaiied The exhibiTion oT passer-de- ii ieven The Cubs goT some iuxe Johnny Carnicia. ' T ed SacrarnenTo Junior Co ege e , ' unTed Tor Two oT CornpieTeiy ouTcharging The avor d T aTed T9-0. A Turnbie and an mTercepTed pass acco bad breaks and were e e "P' ic'e" HarniiTon received The SacrarnenTo scores. AT The ciose oT The season TwenTy-Tour piayers and Manager in n Their biocic sweaTers. N 1 lx L55 f 5 .. ' -7.5 5 -J--" 5. "lk" 51.'.'- . -' 5 .5 .5 2' IH-HL '- :"5-'ggi 5- 5'.f 5 5 -.5451 5--5 5 51' 5- 1 ' '51 'C g5u'WrA55 -:fr?v' 1 5 Hui' - 335 'J-. 'C 5 -1551: 13" W5 ,501-, '5 " A ':5fh'j4- ' 'pi '--', 5551 '5:. 5-Q -'VH-','-I: -' . '5 - 1hJh3.5g-5j4'5g'." . ,, 5 ' "Q , S '15 '- '5 - 5 - 55 3 5- 5-.. 5 ' 55. - -5 5 ' 5 - ' ' 5 55 5 fajsf5L5Ef5fsL - 5 5 5 , -5 ,.-5 55 5 5 5 JS- f' - - -' I '5 '13-5'5fT fi fu 5 ' 1- '5 '1 F1 'U' ' ty' 515 IFQ 'T Ig P' 55 'nig'-imp 595 M 3' 5 5 .5 '- " 55 Q ak- -5-Jil '11 :N , 'al 3 ' :gm ,' 53 W'-yi, :fu QL. 2,6 ,V Q5 4. u". 1- ',f -,4 ppt' -Q E 1521 -.55 555 . ',,j5- 551 1,1 ,M ,ig -' -553551 5 ,I .-.fa A 1 ,L 5 I .,.N In ,L V, 5 . 1 ., 5 ,N .5 . 5 ,y A ,,-,V 4. W :F .. ft' gffm ' -"4j?'.a5:L 55- +1-5f,5.65,,Q 55-5.1H-g5G+g:- 1"','YI1 P' Efizeeg -.Ai gf, fi5155-5'-5153535355p5sQ.5A55515-an-5555 5f5,g,g-1, -5 . , "-f5-. -, ,LA 1' 5' . 5-15 ' --3-57 '- 5, 5.5 , L - -. .5-,+-'. ' -v , 5711- . , api' , 5 2 5.5 Q ug, , , I FJTLL Hrs "Q,lf",'11f' .,:,T'!'f5 5 -5 f 55 .. ff' I-'71 5 5'55'j-5"-. 5 5515715 '55 ' 5- -f 1 ' ..:Pj f5T'gT'ilif'f1:5' i2 .f5L?3l Q "ye, Esgggixfaf .25-J-5l'55.15,5?' "1" H 2' -J ':f:5 H 'T '- 55 L . - 5'- . -H C . ' - -' 55,5 ,. - P 3- 51 QL F55-5 55-55s"m Q- 2'T15'3if'j11f f' -W'-'.5 5 ' 5 'V' 5252-T54' " . 51, ' P' 556555, ?f?f3fi2m:T5g22: -5-'ipg'3iggg:f5 - 5. - -5 5 - 51- - 5 .5 5-5. -5 s. '. - 5. :".-ff A-fi. -5-- +- Tr' .IE 5 .5 Y .,. ,5, - . I V ,H!.viJ. 1 55.1 5 5 5.5.51 ,551 A kr, , + ,V X, 1 ,,, La, , 5,3 I.. :i3'5,,-z.,,,.L25:E, P52513-355. ygzgimfgfb - 5 5 -5 - 5- -- ,, . 5-, 1.31, 5 5 55? K 5 15, "' '5,,,.' X 115, 1.5, 5 ' f 'wifi 5' .fa 'iff ' ' 5 1: .3 , 5 ,vf Vg-. 3 5 "' . 5 ' 1- aa' 65.5, 1' A' U' y ' 5f":i'Q I -15"-1 E, - -farm , . -- -,Q-5455 4 7 5 , W 1 , nt-A-5 5 ' 55.5 I +f2f,555?f' ,PQ J 5 ' ' -'1f3'i""E""R '9f?'5?"-if-5' ' ""SL'PTwP-li-55? ' , if'-Vifk .. Mai' 53 ' 1 ' F 25? MQ? , 225 1 5 5 --5 . .. .wl 4. - ' 5 5 L' K , , , ' ,25 ' 2.11--A5:,i5!:5 .155 555 ' 5.1.23 5 A .ink I ' 1 -A5 A AY: ...::5. Af :gig 55 35' QM' , 5--Q1 , xj i Q M55 as . Eff! 1- 55: " f .55 , , 5 -' V 5 ' 5 N" 5 55 Z Q 558 if I 5 if 5 ? 5 555 A 5 .555 ig V 2 ....,. 5 5 55, I-iv 55:37 7A . N, S! .cfxfvv -- - :Z 11114 3 S 5 5 ' 5?',Q45'-25343155 5 5 1' 2' ffijfff 2' 5 ,- 4115" I-. ",-.545 , 1 1P'..F:E5SSQ2' ' .'.-QQ"-a-",, 5 5. 'fix-nrh ' , AH- 21091: 55.5 55 K' 5 ic-11511921 5555? . 31 --'tx-..'. H25 5 . .... 5 .gs:5g5,., ,gg - -5f,ff.4f,,f. M5 5 5 5 5 5 , Q,y1',q-mg. 5 56233-4. 5. mx. ,5,-L51 5. . 5117 j1J'xs 5' - . Q 'ff -' 12 '5 f EEZ is 7.5-Eff-X5 N5 9 N 1' HX . 5 ff I 'Nr-NK I ff' 5 x 1 5 5 fwx nz -5,-.15 . ' 5 Zxgi ' I - ,, f,5ss,.,' ,f 5 .' ' 5 5 1, ixpgf-W-+g . ' .. lf. -Q? ,-'-its P iff - 'gf " 5 A- QQ, . ,-X., s W' A 1 WH mf' Y W V H5 K V 3351: 2? 1 5 : 5 W Y Y 5 -sg 5 5 5 55 5- A 1 . I 55 wvifsssn Q: 5 ,' Q -5 5 ,xg Z- 5 5 t 5, 55.5.5 W Q, . M F E : 555125515 ::::Q:w:v ' , 3 5 ..,4rz..,, Nui wwljfigxfll 555 gg zzszz 5 , V W " 555 V511 5 YJ 5 ' 'E ABOVE: ASSISTANT COACH RALPH FRANCIS, SENIOR MANAGER, BOVEY: SOPH.. PHILLIPSg JUNIOR, HARVEY: ASSISTANTS SWAGERTY. COE. BOARD OF ATHLETIC CONTROL SEATED: CORSON, RITTER. CAVIGLIA. BREEDEN, ORTON. STANDING: DAW, DUNLAP, CATTERAL. LAMB, KEINTZ. V BHSHETBHLL Facing prolonged sfiff schedule of conference and non-conference games, fhe Pacific Var- sify hoop quinfef began fheir currenf baslcefball campaign wifh a fighf game againsf fhe Alumni. The closeness of fhe vicfory, 39-37, dispersed any opfimism fhaf mighf have exisfed previously in fhe minds of fhe coaches regarding fhe chances fhaf Pacific mighf have had fo walk ouf wifh fhe Far Wesfern Conference fifle. I-lowever, affer fhe squad began fo round info form and a few veferans, +he foofball season complefed, refurned fo fhe hardwood, fhe prospecfs of a winning season became brighfer. The Tigers more fhan lived up fo expecfafions by grabbing off fheir firsf six vicfories-one of fhem wifh a powerful San Jose Sparfan squad. Buf in fheir second game wifh fhe Sparfans fhe Varsify encounfered ifs firsf loss. From fhis fime on fhe Tigers seemed iinxed, for in spife of fhe brillianf playing fhaf fhey somefimes demon- sfrafed, fhe local feam was able fo win buf one more filf in fhe enfire season. This single remaining McWILLlAMS DAHL HIGGINS l i ABOVE: AGAINST SAN JOSE. LEFT: ADAMINA, NORTON, BROWNELL vicfory came againsf a favored Nevada squad in fhe Tigers' second conference engagemenf. This failure of fhe Fighfing Bengals fo annex a formidable array of vicfories should make no reflecfion upon fheir abilifies, for in fhe nonconference games affer San Jose fhey were piffed againsf schools far ouf of fheir size-class. If is a credif fo fhe locals fhaf fhey were able fo furn in such excellenf performances againsf feams like Sanfa Clara which was one of fhe fin- esf casaba groups in fhe counfry. Besides Sanfa Clara fhe Varsify also faced Sfanford Universify and fhe Universify of San Francisco Dons be- fore fhey enfered info fhe acfual compefifion of fhe Far Wesfern Conference. ln spife of fheir defeafs fhe Tigers faced fhe confer- ence games wifh warranfed brighfness for fhey were a sfeadily improving club and were defermined fo make a good showing againsf 'rhe lesser compefifion of fhe smaller league schools. The opening fwo-game series wifh Nevada proved fhaf fhe Bengals had bofh -feefh and fangs and were able fo use fhem, for, affer dropping fhe firsf 'rilf by fhe slim margin of fwo poinfs, fhey came back in fhe following evening wifh such spirif fhaf 'rhe Wolves were forced fo bow in a heafed overfime period, 46-44. Nexf Pacific faced fhe California Aggies, who, boasfing one of fhe sfrongesf feams in fheir hisfory, were conference champions fhis year. The musfangs were hard puf fo defeaf fhe desperafe Tigers, buf on fhe sfrengfh of fhe locals slow sfarf .were able fo eke ouf fwo vicfories. These lasf fwo defeafs seemed fo unnerve fhe Var- sify and fhey consequenfly dropped fheir nexf fhree conference filfs. Fresno grabbed 'rwo of fhese easily, and Chico had no frouble in winning fheir firsf game of fhe 'I'wo-game series againsf 'l'he Tigers. The second nighf fhough, Chico Sfafe ran info defi- nife frouble and came away fhankful for fheir hard won vicfory. Tradifion requires fhaf graduafing afhlefes be allowed fo sfarf fhe lasf ball game of fheir college careers. Thusly, a feam of Tigers composed complefely of fhe class of I940 fook fhe courf againsf fhe confidenf sfafers. These senior Tigers furned in fhe besf game of fhe year, sfarfing from 'rhe opening whisfle 'rhey foughf fhe Wildcafs every inch of fhe way. Through fhe enfire firsf half fhey foughf gallanfly mafching fhe Sfafers poinf for poinf. Their valianf figh+ confinued on OPPOSITE. MORGAN, KELLY, IRWIN. MGR. BELOW: LENAHAN, HENNING BELOW RIGHT: STAR KEN ROGERS SINKS ANOTHER AGAINST CHICO Q SAN JOSE SERIES ihrough fhe mos? parl' of fhe final slanza, bu'r near fhe end fhey began +o lag and a las+ minule subsfifufion of +he sophomore firsr srring failed fo pull +he game our of +he fire. Chico won 29-26, buf fhey knew 'lhey had played a ball game. Les Lenehan, sophomore sfreak, amazing onlookers wi+h his uncanny +rick shors led fhe scoring parade wilh I35. He was followed closely by sfeady fasi' Efhan Higgins, 'l'wo year mainslay for 1'l1e varsily who scored I28 poinfs. LeHermen were: Seniors, Earl Dahl, Efhan Higgins, Bob Adamina, Par Dunlap, Hugh McWill- iams: Sophomores, Les Lenehan, Kenny Rogers, Bob Monogang and Junior, Wal+ Kelly. 72 COACH CH RIS KJ ELDSEN In i1's second season of exisience +he Chris Kieldsen coached S+ock+on Jaysee baskelball ream began 1'he curreni' season splendidly, lagged dishearfeningly in +he mon'rh of January, and 'fhen came charging back wi+h a scorching winning sireak of fwelve games +o finish 'iheir winrer cam- paign wil'h sevenleen wins and buf seven losses. No less l'han sevenly-five hopefuls furned our for fhe leam during 'rhe firsl few nighls of pracfice, buf 'ihe squad was soon cul' and Coach Kieldsen sei abou+ 'rhe fask of rounding his pro- 'reges info form by scheduling a number of games wifh prominenf high schools. These, fhe Cubs won easily wiih imposing scores exhibiling fine leam work. h However, in January +he Tiny Tigers slumped in+o a losing sfreak which fhey seemed unable 'ro break. The oullook 'For a successful season became bleak as fhe locals dropped game affer game io inferior opponenfs. SULLIVAN ROGERS TOOMAY ..:.-.. . m FIRST ROW: JONTE, MARTIN, HEBRON, CAMICIA, MILLER, SMITH. SECOND ROW: DAVIS. ROGERS, SINGLETON, TOOMAY. MA- SON, SULLIVAN, KINGSALL, KJELDSEN. BELOW: DAVIS, MILLER, MASON. OPPOSITE: SINGLETON, CAMICIA. SULLIVAN, MILLER Afler January's seven srraighf defeals Kielclsen's Kids, helped infinifely by 'rhe addilion of Don Rogers, who scored I09 poin+s in len games, +o +he +eam, 'look a decided lurn +o 1'he beH'er and proceeded +0 blasl 'lheir way lhrough a 'lwelve game win sfrealc wifhoul' a single defeal. The six men mos'r responsible for 'rhe long s+ring of vicfories were: Don Rogers, Dus+y Miller, John Camicia, Long John Toomay, Berl Mason, and Don Sullivan. This line-up developed such a slyle of elusive fasf breaking 'I'ha+ opponenls were bewildered and amazed. Campbell "Dus+y" Miller, speedy hawkeyed forward, led +he scoring parade for +he season wifh l58 markers and was follqwed by Jaclc Toomay, Coach Kieldsen's giganfic pivo'r man, who managed +o lip IIO digifs 'rhrough +he hoop. John Singlelon, 'rwo year slandoul' a+ guard for 'rhe Baby Bengals, was elecled caplain for l'he year. Nexl' year 'lhe Cubs enier 'lhe Norfhern California Jaysee loop wi+h brighl prospecfs for being prominenf confenders. 75 EARL JACKSON Inauguraiing fheir firs+ year of compefilion in fhe Norlhern California J. C. Conference, fhe Cub cin- dermen placed fif+h in 1'he big meef wi+h nine poinfs and furnished The meer sensa+ion, diminulive Wesley Miller, who broke fhe exisfing mile record. They also look second in +he "B" Conference behind Sali- nas J. C. For +he firsi' 'rime in fhree years, +he Jaysees defeafed +he S+ock+on Hi fhinclads, in 'Their firsi' mee'r of 1'he season. Miller served nofice fhaf he would be fhe besl' miler in 'l'his sec+ion by winning +ha+ even+ in good lime. ln +heir second meel' 'l'he Cubs whipped squads from Placer and Yuba Junior Colleges. There followed a 'lrianguler-meel win over fhe Sfanford frosh and Menlo J. C. The relay and iavelin evenfs gave +he Cubs a pho'ro-finish by one poinf. Greenman did 25 'Fla'r in +he 220-yard low hurdles for a new J. C. record: Brown also sei a new mark of 50.8 in +he quarfer. ln 'rhe N.C.J.C.C. mee+ 'rhe mile mark sei by Miller was 4:25.5, which broke 'Phe previous one by half a second. King fook a fourfh in 'rhe mile: Blackwell, a 'rhird in +he quarferg and Sullivan, a fourfh in 'rhe dis- cus. ln fhe final meer of 'rhe season l'he Jaysees dropped The "B" meef io 'rhe Omnipolenl Salinas squad. Climaxing an undefeafed dual season of four wins, fhe Bengal fhinclads placed second in fhe Far Wesfern Conference. The week following, fhey fool: fiffh in fhe Wesf Coasf Relays wifh four poinfs, gar- nered by Fred Bonnifield and Lew Ford. The firsf dual vicfim was fhe Modesfo J. C. squad, ,which-losing by only 2 poinfs-almosf upsef fhe dopecarf. Ford vaulfed I3 feef 6 inches for a new school record. Nexf fhe Tigers clawed fheir way fo a decisive vicfory over fhe Cal Aggies. Pacing fhe Bengals was Tomasini wifh a new mile mark and Kenny Rogers, who ran'a I5.4 fligh+ of high hurdles. Vicfim number 3 was fhe Chico Wildcaf. This meer was sparlcled by BonnifieId's foss of over I5I feef in fhe discuss: Pacific swepf bofh fhe shof-puf and 'Ihe discus. Undefeafed San Francisco Sfafe was fhe fourfh squad fo fall. In fhe feafure race of fhe day Tomasini defeafed Kline in fhe mile, fhe Iaffer's only defeaf of fhe season. LEFT: BONNIFIELD, RITCHIE, TOMASINI ABOVE: MILLER. LOONEY, PHILIP. ROGERS RIGHT: FORD. OUTSTANDING POLE- VAULTER AND HIGH-JUMPER F Y Wrrrrfr Y ABOVE, FIRST ROW: RITCHIE, HANNER, FORD, LENAHAN, PHIFER, DAVIS, DUPRAW, TULLOCH,TOVANI, MEYER, EVANS.SECOND ROW: JACKSON, LOONEY, DEAN GAY, DAVE GAY, PURCELL, ROGERS, TOMASINI, NELSON, KELLY, OSTRANDER, ATKINSON, REMPLER. CATTERAL In +he Conference mee'r, Bonnifield se+ up a new record of I48 feet In 'rheir fif+h win fhe Tigers, as an anficlimax 'ro Ihe season, whipped +he Jaysees in a mee'I which had been posfponed several Iimes be- cause of rain. Tomasini sei a new record in fhe 880 in I'he fasf fime of I:56.5. Dave Gay also 'rossed Ihe shoI' 47 fee+ IVQ inches for a new C.O.P. mark. BELOW, FIRST ROW: WILLIAMS, SHANE, THOMPSON, THODE, ALFONSE, HARTER, COOLEY, BLACKWELL, PHILP, SULLIVAN. SEC- OND ROW: GREENMAN, STACEY, STAPLER, MILLER, BROWN, CO NAWAY, JONES, PRICE. BEANLAND, KIM, EARLY, WONG. 78 mms BROWN, UMIPEG The Sfoclcfon Junior College fennis feam showed vasf improvemenf fhis year, buf could win only four ouf of fwelve mafches during fhe pasf season. In many insfances fhe Jaysees faced Class A iunior college feams such as San Francisco, Menlo, and Modesfo. Coach Doug Dashiell awarded Bloclc S sweaf- ers fo fhe following men: Sfewarf Browne, Bill Hunefeld, Wilfred Traphagen, and Earl Smifh. ' The College of fhe Pacific Tennis feam played eighf mafches fhis year againsf fop flighf compefifion. An inexperienced feam spelled an unsuccessful season. The record included five losses, one fie, and fwo vicfories for fhe Bengals. W Coach Chris Kieldsen awarded Block P sweafers fo fhe following men: Marcello Umipeg, Doug Sabis- fon, lan Hufcheon, and Herman Spindf. These men will refurn nexf year and will furnish a nucleus of veferans which Coach Kieldsen hopes fo build info a winning combinafion in I94I. 79 STANDING: SMITH, KARRIN, BROWN TRAPHAGEN, DASHIELL. KNEELING: CONTILLO, SILVA, DEDRICH HAMM. BELOW: HAMM, HUTCHIN. SABASTAN SMITH. w 1353 , 1 ' f4'v,"f...-..f5'i, 4. TRESIZE FULLER UMIPEG MORRILL KJELDSEN 1. ., I ' r .jg SLUIWWIUG Chris Kieldsen had +he pleasure +his season of coaching one of +he finesi' Junior College swimming feams in 'l'he Sfafe. To clafe fhe Cub splashers have weafherecl 'live mee+s and losf one-'lhis 'lo +he San Jose Slaie varsify. Menfor Kieldsen worried by l'he graclualion of much of lasl' year's maferial seems perfeclly safisfied wi'rh +he admirable performances of his pro- leges so far. BACK ROW: KJELDSEN. WEST, TOWSLEY, WRIGHT, TOOMAY. SIMPSON, MILLS, GOBEL FRONT ROW: OWEN. HAWKINS, DAVIES, DEVOE, GNEKOW 82 RALPH WRIGHT, OWEN KJELDSEN, GNEKOW, TOSLEY AND DAVIES, DEVOE The various abilifies of lhe leam were cenlered around Ralph Wrighf, rhe only man fo sur- vive +he season undefealed. ln fad no one even came close +o lhe Slockfon boy, for he is by far 'rhe ou+s+anding Freshman breas+s'rroker in +he nafion. His bes+ fime of 2:25.4 lowers +he Nalional record over four seconds. The only ofher undefeafed porlion of lhe Cub splash crew is lhe record-breaking relay 'ream. This 'ream composed of four excellenf sprinl' men who are all capable of breaking l:00 in 'rhe hundred, shaH'ered fhe exisfing school record by nine full seconds and swam 400 yds. in 4:00 flal. These 'Four versalile swimmers: AI Hawkins, Warren Mills, Long John Toomay, and Ralph Wrigh+ were 'rhe cufslanding members of +he feam. However, a few sfar paddlers do nol' make up a 'ream and 1'he squad was rounded our by performers who were in all ways equal lo lhe aforemenlioned. Bob Owen, who has been a slandoul' for The Cubs for 'rwo years, is pofenlially one of The finesf free sfylers on +he coasf. LeH'ermen were: Jack Devoe, Vic Simpson, Bob Towsley, and Glen Wesl, besides lhose al- ready menfioned. 83 IlllRHlHUllHL In spiTe of The TacT ThaT The disasTrous burning oT The gymnasium has eliminaTed all possi- biliTy oT concluding The original lnTramural sporTs schedule previously arranged, co-coaches Chris Kieldsen and Earl Jackson were more Than saTisTied by The populariTy oT The various sporTs evenTs. ln every case The race Tor The championship in The parTicular TournamenT being play- ed aT The Time was hoTly conTesTed. Very Tew games or maTches were TorTeiTed because of a lack oT suTficienT Turn-ouT of one oT The Teams. The lnTramural evenTs run oTl in The Tall began wiTh baskeTball. The Team Trom Town, uTiliz- ing many oT The presenT VarsiTy BaslceTball sTars, was an overwhelming TavoriTe To win The TournamenT. They ran True To Torm easily deTeaTing every Team on The lisT. However, The oTher places were hoTly conTesTed and second place finally developed inTo a Tie beTween The Dorm and The Manor. The Tennis TournamenT, The second of The Tall evenTs, was won by Archania in Tine s+yIe. None oT The oTher Teams seemed To be able To compeTe wiTh The powerful ArchiTes in eiTher singles or doubles. lnTramural Golf was won by The Town wiTh The Dorm second. Vol- ley ball was The Tinal Tall evenT and Though enThusiasm was lacking, The Town again emerged vic- Torious. . For Spring an even heavier Train of compeTiTion was planned, buT only a Tew of The evenTs have been run oTf. Town, TradiTionally powerTul buT unorganized, romped To an easy vicTory in The lnTramural Track meeT, 'followed closely by The Dorm. Omega Phi grabbed The soTTball championships in sTraighT games. The horse-shoe TournamenT has noT been compleTed aT This wriTing. OTher sporTs evenTs scheduled were ping-pong and swimming. These will noT be con- cluded because oT The burnT gym. Thus, 'in The lnTramural sTandings To daTe, Town leads wiTh 303 poinTs. Dorm and Manor are close compeTiTors wiTh 284 and 227 respecTively. Omega Phi has 220, Archania 2I7, while Rhizomia sTands in The cellar wiTh l85 markers. 84 Golf Because of +l1e difficuliy of assembling a +eam composed of men eligible for Far Wesfern Conference compeiifion golf was no'r included in flee official spor+s program of eifher 'l'l1e Senior or Junior College. Hence, fhose enfhusiasfs who carried on ai' +l1eir own exxpense will receive no recogni- +ion for fheir efforfs excepiing Hue pleasures of 'l'l'l6 game. Managed by Lewis Morse, +l1e feam consisied of George Waldy, J. and W. Gunderl, Dave Brownell, Andy Chinclmiolo, Talburi Smilh and Morse. The leam compefed wiih Cal Aggies, whom +l1ey clefeaied 3-2 and in 'l'l1e Far Wesiern Conference +ournamen+ af Fresno. SHIIHG Due io unsafisfaciory snow and weal'l1er condifions in i'l1e Sierras 'rhis winfer fhe ac- iivifies of 'ihe Pacific Ski Club were largely confined +o "dry skiing" in flue comforiable safefy of iheir weekly meefings. Feaiured ai' 'rhese ga+l1erings were moving pic+ures of ski acfivifies and lalks by prominenf ou+side ski experfs. Periineni' informafion regard- ing firs+ aid was given by Bob Breeden of +l1e College Physical Educaiion deparimeni' af one meefing. Trips were made +o Don- ner Summif and a meet compleie wilh prizes and 'rroplmies was held ai Soda Springs. Honors wen'r 'I'o BeHy Vawfer and Lou Ker- E rick. A+ a final dinner aciiviiies of +l1e year were reviewed and a permanenf frophy for individual accumulaiive scores announced. JENNINGS. PATTERSON, GEROUL SCHEDLER, PRESIDENT .QXN ABBOTT BEHNEY BARRY FENSTERMACHER FICOVICH FLICKINGER HODGKINS HOGE F. HULL MEYERS PARKER PORTER SOMMERS SPENCER BARNETT GIBBONS D. H U LL PRATT WIRTH BOYER F. BRANSTAD M. BRANSTAD BROWN CAMERON GENOCHIO GRADY GUERNSEY HAFELE HAMAKER JONES KETMAN KNOLES McCARL McCULLOGH RAILSBACK RITCHIE RICE SALA SAWYER WALTERS WHERRY WHITE STRONG McMANUS COWA HAM P' MCKEN SMITH 88 ALPHA THETA TAU Pledges and chocolafe honored a+ par'ry . . . Alpha Thefes carry on fhe 'rradilion of 'l'heir annual chocolaie parly. Holly berries, bells are 'iheme of Chrisfmas dance a+ which each guesl' is presenfed wi+h a giff . . . Clean up made simple by conspicuous lack of furni- +ure . . . wi+h much iniliafive fhe- "Case of 'rhe Disappearing Furnil'ure" is solved by dis- covery of same a+ a local slorage company . . . discomforl' of sleeping on springs wifh- oul' ma+'rresses proves lo be +he lack of s+raw +ha'r broke +he Alpha Thefes back . . . fhe guns are faken from Their ancienf hiding place and re'I'urned . . . All is forgiven. Mrs. Mil- lam, new housemofher, is honored a+ +ea. Tak- ing advanfage of Leap Year . . . gold bands, marriage cerfiiicafes, wedding cake, are pre- dominanf af dance now Gone wifh fhe March Winds . . . Climax of social ac+ivi+ies is Spring Formal given in May. Tears and par'I'ing giffs for seniors af annual breakfasl' marks anolher year a'l' Alpha Thela Tau which dafes back lo I88I under +he name Sophelecfia. BARRY. SAWYER LUNCHEON ARNOT BAER BLACKMUN BUGBEE BURTON CAUBU CHAPMAN COFFMAN KAHAN CROSS DODGE EASBY ETZEL HAMMEL GARDNER HONSBERGER HAMSHER HARRISON D. FERGUSON J. FERGUSON B. FERGUSON FINK GOFF LU. KOWATCH LADDON LAGORIO MARBLESTONE McINTOSH MORGAN MORRALL J. O'CONNOR K. O'CONNOR PATTERSON SACK SEAVERS SIMONSEN SINCLAIR McDONALD LI. KOWATCH COOK SMITH SQUIRES STABLER TREVARROW UDDEN CLIF 'iii .a 'T 11 ,X 90 EPSILON LAMBDA SIGMA Sfealc-bake, Dad's Poin'r, an opening social even'r of l'he new semesfer in Sepfember . . . The annual barn dance in 1'he aHic, which shook fhe raffers . . . Early +o bed and early +o rise for ihe breakfasf dance from six +0 'len A. M .... Back fo childhood and shorf skirfs and hair bows af 'rhe Chrisfmas Kid Par'ry . . . An exchange of places wi+h +he faculfy, dur- ing a dinner . . . King for a day . . . And a polished apple for a souvenir . . . a s'ricky kifchen as a resulf of +he +aFFy pull, wifh apr-ons and caps for all . . . fhe brawny boys of fhe varsify foofball feam honored ai' dinner . . . Formals and +ux, ihe uniforms for special even+s . . . Dads gel' 'I'rea+ed for once al' din- ner par+y . . . Mo+hers' Club en+er-rained wifh movies . . . formal recepfion, Following "Family Por'rrai+," 'For oufslanding acfress- member Claribel . . . new love-sea+s in 'ihe liv- ing room . . . engagemenfs announced al' +he Senior Breakfasf . . . and so ends ano+her even+ful year 'For fhe olclesf sororify wesi of fhe Mississippi . . . founded as +he li+erary sociefy Emendia in l858 . . . in +he by-gone days of San Jose. SEAVERS, ETZEL THE SUN PORCH ANDERSON BADGER BUDIN CARSON COLVAN CORTELYOU DIXON FISHER GRIMSHAW HOOSEN LAGOMARSINO LAMBERT LOMBARDI MANARY MARCELLIN MARSH MATHEWS McINIS MILLER MORRILL RANNEY RAWLES SHAW SPRAGU SWITZER TICOULAT WEINSTEIN WIGGINS WRIGHT WHITLOCK 92 MU ZETA RHO A new kind of social affair on fhe campus wilh Mu Zele having afler-dinner coffee par- lies for faculfy and alums . . . Girls furn dec- oralors and fransform fhe basemenf in+o cam- pus's firsl' rumpus room, wilh colorful Mexican murals . . . Honoring Slagg and fhe boys, house inviles campus lo Soufh Dalcola rally dance . . . Chrisfmas previewed a+ win+er 'formal . . . Special enferiainmenl by mem- bers al' l'he Chrislmas parfy, wi'l'h gills for l'he house . . . Girls model for +wo bridge-fash- ion shows . . . Casl and crew of "Rosmer- sholm" a+ supper par+y honoring leading lady Joyce Wiggins . . . Tea infroducing new housemofher Miss Florence Klaer . . . New Year and Leap Year welcomed al' informal dance. Carica'rures, man vs. woman, for dec- oralions . . . l+alian dinner for iunior college foolballancl baskelballleams . . . Wild Wesi' +heme al' pledge dance: among fhose presenl +wo wooden horses, Seabiscuil and Kayak . . . Mo'l'hers guesfs al' buffel luncheon, Dads a+ barbecue . . . Spring formal dinner dance . . . Summer weafher, +he barbecue pil' used for ouldoor dinners . . . Senior br,eakfas+ ends Mu Ze+e's 1'wen+y-six+h year. BARBECUE DIXON. MISS KLAER, CARSON BRYSON BUTLER DOANE DU RST FIELD HALL HOPPS HUNGERFORD KEEHNER LASSELL LENNOX LLOYD MclNTYRE NILES SAGE SHEPARD SMITH STARK STRADER STRONG VENTRE WILSON GARIBALDI LINN SILER WOODRUFP . .?F,.-Q-5.35-nfif-2 F-..-W . I I TAU KAPPA KAPPA lce Cream Social, pafronesses, members and alumnae gel logelher 'ro lalk lhings over, held in garden in manner of +he gay nine'ries . . . Aulumn coloring, leaves and vines form background for sporl dance in Ocfober . . . Scavengers lurn +o such obiecfs as marriage licenses, laundry lickels, epilaphs, bullfrogs and coil boxes of Model T Fords, af annual Hamburger Dance . . . Surrounded by corn- slalks, scarecrows and paper moons lhe refurns of lhe excursion are displayed and winner is rewarded ,wi'rh box of candy . . . Chrislmas is celebraled in red and silver al dance, gar- lands of cedar and mislleloe, candles and min- a'I'ure snow scenes mark fesfive spiri+ . . . Daughlers honor molhers al' musical program . . . Novelfy dances, special fealure al' Valen- line Dance . . . To San Francisco fo 'rhe opera "Barber of Seville" . . . Guesls en'ler lhrough +he back door for Backward Dance, lurnilure faces wall, lables are upside down, slems minus flowers, ice cream ealen wilh knifes . . . Spring Formal in May . . . Sen- ior Brealzfasl in June . . . Fashion Show in garden las+ even'r of season, ending an ac'rive and pleasanl' year for Tau Kappa Kappa. HOMECOMING DECORATION WILSON, VENTRE ABBOTT BENTLEY DIECKMAN FAY HELLMAN HUNEFELD NORTON OWENS SEWELL SIEGFRIED BLACK GARDNER IMMEL PICCARDO SMITH BLINN D. GAY JACOBSEN REMPFER SWAGERTY BOVEY De. GAY LEALE TOMAS I NI TI LSON BRIARE GOSSETT MARTIN REM PLE THORNTON CAVIGLIA CONN GREENBLATT HAAS MEARS MEYER ROGERS ST. PETER TOMS TRAVAILLE COOPER HANNER MOORE ROSE VAUGHN DEWEY HEDGES MOFFITT SCANTLE WEST 'Q " G MEM? I -E 96 ARCHANIA Winfer .wonderland scene of formal dance, carrying ouf fheme wifh snow, skiers in pasfel drawings . . . Rivaling nexf door neighbors, an imprompfu serenade echoes and re-echoes over campus. Affair nof ferrific social success, proves fo be definifely unsocial for following' fhree monfhs. . . Special Thursday nighf din- ners fhroughouf fhe year. . . Firsf dance of spring semesfer is a blackouf, wifh war crisis carried ouf in frue sfyleg complefe darkness oufside, machine gun, helmefs, rifles, flags de- corafe indoors. . . Tamale dinner in March, guesf of honor, Jim Corsong fhen fo fhe baskef- ball game, followed by card games af fhe house af which losers were punished wifh ancienf paddle cusfom. . . Annual field day in Tracy . . . Picnic wifh girl friends af Loma Lake . . . Card room redecorafed in buff and red color scheme. . . Archifes go Hawaiian af spring formal dance. . . Special war chanf by Benfley brofhers, Al Hedges, and Roy Cooper . . . The bells ring on and anofher year ends for fhe oldesf social frafernify in fhe Unifed Sfafes. TOMASINI. MOORE MORE CAR TROUBLE BARNES CICINATO GAUMNITZ JOHNSON MONOGAN STEWART BERRY BELITSKY BERTRANE BIDDICK BOLTON CHANEY COOK COLLETT COSSETT CROSS GILGERT GRIFFITH HAMM I'-IANDLEY HANSON KELLY KNIVETON KNOLES LYONS LEONHAUSER MORRALL NELSON PAXTON PERRIN PHILIP SMITH SWAGERTY THOMPSON THODE TRESIZE BONNIFIELD DUPRAW H EB RON LEWIS RAVEN TU LLOCH BOYARSKI DEAN HUDSON LOONEY SCHEDLER TUDOR BREED CAPEL DOW DOWNS IJAMS IRISH MITCHELL McWILLIAMS SCOTT STARK WARD WESCOTT FRITZ IRWIN YAT ES 'lil ,nn 1,1 9 98 OMEGA PHI ALPHA Bubbles and balloons are fheme of dance af opening of Omega Phi's fall social acfivifies . . . Somefhing new in fhe ,way of campus af- fire are fhe sfarfling purple and gold iaclcefs wifh house emblem worn by members of fhe Bulldog Pafrol and fhe campus shoeman . . . Gulliver fravels 'lo Kid parfy, wifh a house of Lillipuf fown forming fhe enfrance, for fhis annual Chrisfmas dance . . . Archania and Rhizomia 'rake shofs af oufdoor Chrisfmas free. Omega Phi 'shoofs back af bofh in Band Frolic. Lasf laugh? . . . Pledges enferfain members and guesfs af April waffle parfy . . . The only frafernify fo have a formal 'lea does so in honor of Mrs. Lynch, housemofher, on April 28 . . . Buffef suppers on Sunday evenings for fhe fellows and fheir girls . . . A moonlighf nighf, and "Omega Phi Girl" .high-lighfs fhe fradifional serenade of campus co-eds . . . Inferior decorafing fhe new game room is ef- fecfively finished in lcnoffy pine . . . lnfor- mal dances enioyed fhroughouf year . . . Climax fo all is spring formal wifh favors for each guesf . . . I92I fo I940, anofher social- ly and polifically successful year. NEW RUMPUS ROOM BERRY. KNOLES ADAMINA ANDERSON FERGUSON DURHAM HARTER HENNING G. MILLER W. MILLER STEBBINS SULLIVAN IOO ATKINSON EVANS HOLTON S. MILLER SAPIRO TODD BECKER FERRARRI INGLIS HIGGINS SCHMIDT TOVANI BIRD FICOVICH KIENTZ PELETZ SCOTT TRAPHAGEN BOWE FINE LAMB PHILLIPPS SPRAGUE VIERRA BROWN ELL GASTMAN LOOM IS - PU RCELL STEVENSON WALLACE DAHL GOBEL LU NT ROTSCH STONE WENTZ DUPUY HANSBROW MASON RICHARDS STOLTZ WOOD DUNLAP HARTER McLEAN RUTHEFO ,..' .,..,.... H.- .i I RHIZOIVIIA Rhizomia Booms! The big dance of rhe fall semesfer al' Rhizomia . . . 'rhe Hell Dance . . . +he fronf door is barred, +he gues'rs en- +er .on a slide from 1'he second floor . . . lhe decorafions including a coffin, are unusual and vivid . . . guesi' favors, a slcelelon . . . for fhe closei? Epifaphs on lombsiones . . . com- men+s on all fhe houses . . . elegy in a cam- pus churchyard. Discovery lhe morning a'H'er . . . gues+ room ihoroughly cleaned by new sfeam mefhod, removed every'rhing, including rhe wallpaper. Comes Chrisrmas, ihe +emp+- ing free a+op Omega Phi is given bofh barrels and Rhizomia booms no more . . . for six weeks. During l'he lull +o liven lhings up +he campus shoeman is presen+ed wi+h one of rhe slrilcing punple and gold iaclcels of Omega Phi . . . complemenfs of Rhizomia and Archania. The old 'rime feud ,wi+h Alpha Theia is revived and ro force 'rhe issue of 'rhe refurn of ihe guns fhe Rhiziles, overnighf, remove The downslairs 'furnirure . . . no resulis . . . 'lhe maH'resses and fhe silverware disappear and ceremon- iously +he guns are given back. Spring formal. Rho Lambda Phi ends ils eighfy-firsf year. WENU. ATKINSON WATERMELON FEED ARNOT BARRY CARSON DIXON ETZEL FLICKINGER LLOYD MILLER SEAVERS SAWYER VENTRE WILSON Pan-Hellenic Council, governing l'he mulual affairs of The four sororilies, is composed each semesfer of 'rhe presiden+s and vice-presidenfs of fhe houses. The officers roi'a+e from one house fo +he o+her. This year Epsilon Lambda Sigma's presiden'rs headed fhe council, ancl Mu Zefa Rho's served as secrefary-freasurer. The annual Pan Hell formal dance was held in April al' 'rhe Clark Ho+el wilh "Shar-lil Hour" as +he fheme. Members of 'rhe council were Epsilon, Margueriie Elzel, Pafricia Seavers, Jean Arnoh Mu Zeia, BeH'y Dixon, Palricia Carson, Beverly Miller: Alpha er: Tau Kappa, Lois Mae Venire, Lucille Wilson,The1'a, Minnie Sawyer, BeH'y Barry, BeH'e Fliclcing Melba Jean Lloyd. PHH HELLEHIC CUUHCIL IIIIEIIIIIHIEIIIIIIU IIIIUIICII Composed of I'he presidenis, vice-presidenis, and house managers of Ihe I'hree fraierniiies, I'he In+er-Fra'I'erniI'y Council makes every effori' 'Io keep fhings running smooihly in 'I'he circle. Elecled as presideni' and secre'I'ary-Treasurer during I'he 'fall were Pai Dunlap and Harold Dieck- man. In 'rhe spring, Dieckman served as presideni and Joe Tudor as secreiary-Ireasurer. On Ociober I3 in Ihe gym, 'I'he In'I'er-Fra'I' spori' dance was held 'ro acquaini unaffiliafes wiih frafernify men. Plans for exchange meefings wiI'h The sororiiies were noi carried oul' 'I'his year. Members were Omega Phi, Roy Berry, Leslie Knoles, Ari' Irish, Joe Tudor, EII'on Cencirulo, Bob Cook: Rhi- zomia, Bob Weniz, Ernie A'I'Icinson, Charles Durham, Norman Lamb, Pai' Dunlap: Archania, George Tomasini, Carl Moore, Bill Scanilebury, Duane Sewell, Harold Dieckman. ATKINSON DIECKMAN DUN LAP IRISH MOORE TUDOR BECKER FLETCHER C. JESS U P PARSONS X BINFORD FOLLETTE M. JESSUP PRESCOTT BOWRING BUSH M. DASHIELL FON6 GARRISON GEOFFERY LEE LEHMAN LEONHAUSER SMITH SPULLER STEIN J. DASHIELL GRUBBS MILLER TURKATTE DU RST HANCOCK MOKAIO WHEELER FELLERS HOTCHKISS ONG IO4 I E , 15, HL WM, wy- mm ww.. gn P A C I F I C COCPERATIVE The objecfs of fhis organizafion are: I. fo promofe fhe economic welfare of ifs members, 2. fo advance fhe consumer's cooperafive movemenf as a medium of unifed efforf on fhe parf of sociefy 'Io beffer ifselfg 3. fo esfablish mufual undersfanding among races and sexes: 4. fo aid worfhy sfudenfs wifh Iimifed funds fhrough membership in fhe organizafiong and 5. 'ro serve fhe culfural welfare of ifs members. The oufsfanding achievemenf of fhe Coop fo dafe has been fhe provision of room and board af Iow cosf fo abouf fhirfy five sfudenfs af all fimes. The new house, builf by and renf- ed from Mrs. McGurIc, fhe housemofher, serves as dining room for all members and dormifory for girls. A fuII sociaI program was enioyed, including a Reunion Dance, Mofher's Parfy, Waffle Breakfasf, Chrisfmas Dance, Spring Formal, and April FooI Parfy. SMITH, FLETCHER DINING WQMENS HALLS One of fhe firsl' fall social aciiviies of Women's Hall was +he 'formal +ea given in honor of +he housemofher, Mrs. Anna Granf, affecfionafely known as "Queenie." The win- fer formal dance was given in +he Floren+ine room of 'rhe Clark Ho+el. Before 'rhe Chris+mas holidays, 'rhe dorm gave i'rs annual par+y, a+ which 'roy presen+s were received by each girl and given laler +o l'he Children's Home. The Backwards dance was mosi' unusual, wi'rh clo'rh- ing worn backwards, and fhe girls calling for gues+s who were presenfed wi+h vegefable cor- sages. Presidenf of fhe group 'rhis year was Be'Hie Meyer. Jimmy Woods was secrelary during +he fall semesrer, and Chairman Cash during l'he spring. The council members dur- ing fhe year were Dorolhy Lennox, Lois Klaas, Margarel Harmon, Muriel Sfafford, Celia Cross, Leslie Knoles, Olive Clark, BeH'y Dahl- gren,and BeH'y Taylor. Enioying social acfiviles wi'I'h Women's Hall was fhe Annex, opened 'rhis year on Sradium Drive +o provide addilional living quarfers on +he campus +o lake care of +he increased college enrollmenl. The Annex ac- commodales eigh'l'een girls. Their presidenl' during 'rhe 'Fall semesler was Lois Fensler- macher, assisfed by Berry Douglas, secrefary- +reasurer, and Janel' Hampfon, social chair- man. For 'lhe spring semesier, Frances Slor- neH'a served as presidenf, wi+h Janel Hamp- lon, vice-presidenh Berry Douglas, secrelary- 'rreasurerg and Cyn+hia Berg, social chairman. Throughoui' 'lhe year Manor Hall had many social evenrs. In honor of +he parronesses, ihere was a lea in December. Several informal dances were given bofh semeslers. Climax of 'rhe fall aclivifies was fhe winfer formal given 'ai lhe Clark Holel in lhe Florenline room, wi'l'l1 mirrors framed wi'rh pine cones and evergreens. A+ 'rhe firsl sign of spring, lhe girls held a picnic a'I' Oalc park. The spring formal dance was on lhe 'iourlh of May al' 'rhe Wolf Holel. Las'l social gaihering of +he year was a polluclc supper. Localed on Pacific Avenue, Manor Hall is one of +he mos'r acfive living groups of l'he college. Made up of small aparimenfs The girls have comforlable and comparaiively inexpensive residences. Officers of +he 'fall semesler were Mildred Bapiisla, presidenf, assisled by Polly Parsons, vice-presidenl, and Jean McBride, secrelary- Treasurer. Barbara Slewarl was presidenl' dur- ing 'rhe spring, wilh Doris McAllisl'er, vice-pres- idenl', and Jean McBride in lhe same capaciiy in lhe fall. The house council during lhe year consisfed of JeaneHe Edinger, Marnie Nile, Effie Calderwoocl, Eva Monlgomery, and Lucille Anderson. WOMEN'S HALL HAMPTON, STORNETTA, DOUGLAS KLASS, LENNOX, CLARK, TAYLOR, CROSS, DALGREN MEYER, CASH, KNOLES McALLlSTER, STEWART, McBRlDE, EDINGER ON THE PORCH AT MANOR HALL VIEW OF NEW WOMEN'S HALL ANNEX mfnis HHLL Ac1'ivi'I'ies of Men's Hall are organized by 'I'he Men's Dorm Club. The of- ficers rhis year were Clinf Ward as presidenf, Lloyd Hebbron as vice-president and Gene Harrer as secrefary-lreasurer. Wi+h 'rhe able assisrance of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Jackson, who live in The hall's apar1'men'r,+he ocers guided 1'he dorm fhrough one of i+s mosf acrive years. For Homecoming, 'rhere was open house on Ociober 20. A+ fhe Chrisfmas Parfy before vacafion, in appreciafion for 'rheir eiiforfs fhe Jacksons were presenred wifh a special giff, and fhe 'Fellows exchanged presenfs. Mrs. Lynch's annual gifi box of apples quickly disappeared. In March 'rhe men and +heir 'feminine guesis enjoyed a skafing parfy al' one of fhe local rinks. The spring semi-formal dance, a yearly evenf, was held in April af 'rhe Sfockion Ho+el. Big achievemeni' of ihe year was coming in firs'r in +he inira- mural iournamenfs. HARTER, WARD, HEBRON IO8 v ,. 2 A LD,-1'..w I -'JN' :EFI V xx Ugm. -1422. . ,Jul f U w N Y VL -, n .:. ig -T., 5 - :" lu. Qyiifv' V . ' V ,Q , ' aL' . A--1 uw QF '. ' - ,. . - ma, , J " 'f L., :E - Kms e - -...W ,,, 1 4 A 1 y Ji . . f'Bf? H' ww' 9, Z .14 E51 . , jx 2 T ,,Qn,g, -,I . E- I, ' :iii ' V E Q hqu Ju Q li-If, 1? Y-N, ,-' 1 1 :Q4 .., . - ' ly 5 .TR H , 9 1, L, i f 1 T' A. QA , an . 6 5 " ' --,fs-.a??hl,.: vs '. VJ., :Qu 5 .,-. 5, Q1 ip gig H N ,- U figfw. -,,.. if U Y W A W 'nt K -QM m 735 :fx www X ,E 'ff isififf new w 3? law av' ,ref ,r ,- gs X 4 A5 fy sa.. .,. -vu... ... A.. 5,51 mc mmf, " ,, A.,,A.., iii fx 3? THE CCDDLLEGEES -4 -1 AA..L.-A:-.-.,,. ff - ,- ','.'12??::.':l"'-.'-' 'Zn' -'F Y Wu .AAA A.. I . e 'gr ,- Avg,-,,1' ,Q -6 ffl. . 'sf"'f Q A V ' .A '- Q. f - " 1- f' 1 Y I- ,- 'J A' 1 -r ,Q-.Q A A .A . .VN- -:L ' ' ' fue'- . - , '- . A-.A., "vi 3 A L' if ' - ' ' JL' '-'f z - -.. .. A1 f' 'r I 1 I - 1 -A i A Y X Y ' - I ' , ' 5 4 , A Il-A, A ' ,A W Q A A . - - .f A Y-QA A in Xin'-,, . Ah ':'r"J 41 ' " if . - -555 AA ' xv. ' , 'f.,. 1 ,gy A. A- A, :A -- . ' A ' -- A- -f -A-nf' 4'-Y .- Q.. -K - -A A,-AA 4- QAAA1- A. - A ' , A ,. ' ' --.A "2-1'-ha. -YW ' I Al' :W li -,za .QL A A A , w. . '-f-" E':f':z'5'- T.. A--. Q LL . Q LS-4',f".,'r.--,.11 A,v:' 1 .A:-i,--- - 'z-rj-.fe-1: -W- . I .A W, A. 5 . A -' WJ- f ,f , . A , A A : .A ,j - A f - ' 5,4 f - - -,jAA4:::A -rfqg gr-AA N lip X f X .. :AAA j. A A-,:,,:gA:ef??- 'AAq:. :- 5 LFP' ' , KX, ' ' KX ' N- .uf 75"-0 - '?g"5"4'v- -- - - 1 W - A - . - . 'fn ff.-- - ,...:'r -A I, . A x f . yr A f . . .,.:,,A..,.xQfA -. Mindy A . ' -' . ' . . 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Q- -A :- M- PM H' j, - Q,-.. A. , -A. .,, . . .A .R.l,.A-,f-, ye. -4--f-fo -. - ,A- A ,xp .- AA HA' ,-.QIAA4 -A A y. - QNX-.Ag UA., 52.-25435, F3--A xx A -JA .A-A 5, :I.f'f'f:,.'F':"iQF1.L" ' -' fin- swf' A -.W if-Zf' "- AgZ'f',sJ",' 511' ' V -. 4 -"f'1L-'413?"'- L.- '.n11-ri. ' . .f ' A,-5, -,J A, - A A A. A A AAA I A .f A .Ax .A A. H -L-:'1'shQl+'1 -fg-ff . A 'TAA 3 ' A if-78?-A, 'AJ' A "ii A S f.?1:','-' A -'f-1 - ' f ' v in 'A-'Aw QAJ ' Q, fu. -, 1. 'L QA,-,f A, fl - ff- . KI .AN -, A ,Ax iv! -Ay .7 H . .-ing A, ,JY-Ai X 1 nilvy. yr. 4 LA. Q. I. .N LA., V A1 f A I x ' AA my ,Aw , .AA , .545 --g.A,,a5.l 4, U ,L,A,-,.,.,x,.. A... J...--A .,--v.-I-5' A f -' wggm- ' " gm ,L .':?u,i5,- -Wx A . ..--" - - " " ' 'N' . ' - . 1-2. ' l im' - 7f','x35iS,5--. 'W f'--AH?--. -gg:---vids-w--1 z- ' - ' - . ' ' - ' - - -' - - - - - Ye K A - .-IZ. :VJ-f fi."'!--A L A' ' .-3:24, 2 A nl 'W . A Y . A AA gAA AAA ,A . ac. L Q 1 ..-t JAMA 556-f f THE HELU HHDEHSUH STUIJEHT CHHISTI BUILDING IJUHIHGHHD HHER CUHSTHUCTI UPPUSITE, UJEBEH HND HDIHIHISTHHTI ii1,s3? "Q' . W - ' T5 -1 1 .QQN1 lam' 5 In Q 'Hill ' I nw' ,-ill . 1.3.-1 5' Vlilll 'll 'I U1 YM!! BNN .X .l.,.,:, Q- , A. 7 , Qjvq, - ' 4: V an llc L N. 'J '. . !L'l 1 l 1 1 ll Im In 9 gl "' lv ,f-.I -.E M. N. il' 'NS '55, 'gh 3 .'49'., Q ff. , 4 r , x -s 75 gf- ' .. . , .-, jsp. :bin . .ff lil lq1.'lL - ' .,,h.,, , I. s' ' .- Ev . .Ig f5g FiW ,. "1- I -44- I 3 P .- A P sr. T 1 ' Y -P: , -s 2 u w I ,,. r-V A , v .. gl, L, , q.:,.. .ig t X fr gd .I .,,L ,AF U H '5 R' H- , -X. : x 5 '-s 6 F, , v A j' " A I , '- H, 1 ..- p ' I J' Y ff X f ' ,-1 . CA, L .A 4.12. . - -1 ,. J' A i Y - 4-4 f 'Q 'i--U. if-as-, YW T1 A I si' Tw! ! X l Q , M I LEFF, EOFOOOOE FO FIOFOIOISFFFHFIOO, EOHEOE OFFICES OOO OEHSSOOOOF OOOFOOS HOEO FOOFH. OIOHF, FHOEE FFIOIEIFIES FIOO SEHVIOES: OIOIOO HOLL IOFIHFOHOO, OOO FHE POIVHFEEO OPEOOFEO OOELEOE BOOIF SFOOE. STUCIHUH Locafed af fhe iuncfion of fhe greaf San Joa- quin and Sacramenfo Valleys, an imporfanf posifion in fhe governmenf's vasf Cenfral Valley Wafer Pro- iecf, Sfoclcfon, wifh a populafion of 55,000 accord- ing fo fhe I94O census, is fypical of California cifies and fowns. Small enough fo refain imporfanf con- facf wifh Valley agriculfure, large enough fo sup- porf diversified indusfry, mosf of fhe virfues and faulfs, fhe peculiarifies and problems of fhis Sfafe may readily be observed here. Firsf, populafion. Fairly large minorifies of several exofic racial groups live liferally side by side in fhe soufh-wesfern parf of fhe cify. Japanese, lfalians, Chinese, wifh fheir own liffle colorful disfricf, furbaned Hindus, and, mosf evidenf, fhe large floafing populafion of Fili- pino workers necessary fo fhe seasonal agriculfure of fhis region. Mosf conspicuous indusfry is, of course, fhe deep-wafer channel fo fhe sea, eighfy miles away. This mammofh indusfry grows slowly, harassed by STUCHT H San Francisco longshore difficulfies, San Francisco induslrial and shipping opposiiion. AH'rac'ring several imposing indusirial plan+s and boasiing enormous warehouses and a coHon compress man- ned by mosl' of 'lhe ci+y's small Negro populaiion, lhe porl' is irregularly visiled by l'he 'freighlers of all naiions. S+ocld'on operales under a Ci'ry Manager plan wi'rh a Council and nominal Mayor. Taxes definifely are above normal, clue fo 'lhe cosi of deep wafer. Sfocldon is a "good movie +own," gives small supporf fo visiiing performers, buf en+husias+ically supporls l'he local Symphony, a non-profil' amafeur organiza+ion, and fhe College LiH'le Thealre. The local museum and gallery is privafely donaied and largely occupied wiih privale colleclions bul' also showing a confinuous varied and excelleni' series of currenl' worlc. Playground worlc is increasing and park building proceeding quieily and con- finuously. TULLU C. HHULES in his fwenfy-firsf year as presi- denf of Pacific conducfed eleven public forums fhroughouf fhe sfafe, besides fwo-hundred lec- fures and his weekly broadcasf on world affairs. His only class, World Today, meefs once a week fo dis- cuss currenf evenfs. Dr. Knoles has energefically and successfully fried' fo make California's oldesf college a progressive insfifufion. As a fribufe fo fhis oufsfanding presidenf and good friend, Coach Sfagg gave Pacific a fwenfy-one acre fracf fo be known as Knoles Field. Furfher honoring Presidenf Knoles, fhe Alumni Living Endow- menf Fund will be used fo develop fhe field for afhlefic use. GRACE CARTER is serving her fwenfy-fiffh year as secrefary fo Pacific's presidenf. Dr. Knoles's girl Friday, she makes arrangemenfs for recepfions, com- mencemenf, lecfures, and whaf- have-you. Her hobby is gardening. l2O GENEVIEVE CARLSON for fhe pasf lwo years has assisf- ed Mr. Orion as his personal sec- reiary. A 'Former College of Pa- cific s+uden'I', Miss Carlson is an a'r+rac+ive and popular member of fhe coIIege's official family. DUIHUHE Ulilllll principal of ihe S+ocld'on Junior College has successfully guided +he affairs of +he college lhrough i+s five years of sready growfh. Formerly a speech ins+ruc'ror, he is a fine and popular speaker. ln addiiion lo local adminislrafive dufies, Mr. Orfon fakes an aclive par+ in slafewide educafional pro- grams. A pas+ presideni of +he Norihern California Junior Col- lege Associaiion, he is chairman of 'rhe s'ra1'e commiffee on +he needs of Pos'r High School You+h, and a member of 'rhe advisory commiHee of fhe Naiional You+h Adminisfraiion for 'rhis s'ra+e. l2I UPHL BEHG FEHIX Affer fhree years as Dean of Women for bofh colleges, has finally achieved her goal of self-governmenl for women. Her main inreresl' has been 'lo firmly esfablish lhe woman's place on 'rhe campus. Las'r summer she married Mr. Roberl' Fenix, and resigned +his spring +o clevofe her 'rime 'ro cook- ing, ice skaring, and rhe Camp Fire girls of which she is board president Mrs. Fenix was elecfed an honorary member of Pi Gamma Mu. 5 I JHHIES H. CUHSUH has been on +he campus for +hir+een years, iwo as an un- dergraduafe, eleven on fhe 'facul+y. Afier 'reaching a+ Modesfo J. C. and srarring in +he '28 Olympic games, he became counselor for freshmen. Now he serves as Dean of Men in +he senior college, and Dean of S+uden+s in ihe J. C., +eaching orienfafion and vocarions 'for men. . 122 BURNS 81 DEEHIHG as Regisfrar and Associafe Regisfrar have worked fhis year fo esfablish a sfrong upper division and graduafe school. ln addifion fo fheir many regular dufies, fhey have handled sfudenf depufaqfions, alumni and placemenf work in an efforf fo more sfrongly co-ordinafe fhe channels of public relafions. Mr. Burns, a Pacific graduafe and former sfu- denf body presidenf, is working on a hisfory of fhe college fo be published soon. U. H, Hlllfli holds fhe purse sfrings of fhe college as Compfroller. Having guided Pacific safely fhrough fhe lean days of fhe depression, he has been of greaf service and value fo fhe school. ln recognifion of his successful en- deavors, af ifs annual spring meefing, fhe board of frusfees elecfed Mr. Riffer execu- five vice-presidenf of fhe college. He will confinue fo confrol fhe number of hours fhe heaf is on, fhe number of camelias fhaf may be picked, and who can spend how many dollars. LUIHDIHILLEH 8 BHUlUll are regisfrar and assisfanf fo fhe regisfrar of fhe Sfockfon Junior College. ln addifion fo his regisfrar's dufies, Mr. Windmiller, who has his masfer's degree from Pacific, feaches courses in fhe business adminisfrafion deparfmenf. Miss Virginia Brown, alumna of Pacific, corresponds wifh incoming sfudenfs and handles all admissions, ever busy wifh fhe increasing enrollmenf. l23 DEHH of lnsfrucfion in fhe Junior College is C. E. Corbin. Mr. Corbin, who has been on Pacific's faculfy for fwenfy-six years, is an honorary member of Epsilon sororify. Before he resigned fwo years ago, Mr. Corbin had served as C. O. P. regisfrar for fwenfy- fwo years. He hopes fo live in Carmel when he refires. As an undergraduafe af Doane College, he sef fhe record for fhe IOO yd. dash, which held good for ninefeen years. F DEHH of fhe College Fred L. Farley is a mosf popular aclminisfrafor of Pacific's curricula affairs. His in- ferest lies in ancienf languages and arf. During fhe year, he has been revising for publicafion' his Arf of Language fexf book. Acfive in fhe Cali- fornia Wrifers' Club, fhe group chose his Oedipus play "Twice Ploughed Field" for presenfafion af fhe World's fair. DEHH of fhe Conservafory John G. Ellioff is fhe head of Pacific's mosf famous deparfmenf. He is com- plefing his fhirfeenfh year on fhe campus. Mr. Ellioff's parficular accomplishmenf is as a pianisf, giving individual lessons. He has been responsible for bringing many famous musicians fo fhe college and fhe fown for concerfs and recifals. Sfudenf recifals are also under his supervision. DEHH of Educafion in fhe senior college is J. William Harris, one of Pacific's besf loved and mosf respec- fed professors. For several decades his person- alify and feaching have been a source of inspirafion fo counfless alums. Proof of his popularify came during his serious illness. Sfudenfs hopefully waifed his recovery, and happily welcomed him baclc fo classes in May. Nof many people realize fhaf Dr. Harris is an aufhorify on cafhedral archi- fecfure. TUUHS Dr. G. A. Werner is Dean of fhe Summer School and Tours. There will be a five weelc's ses- sion on fhe campus wifh classes only in fhe morn- ing, from June 24 unfil July 26, highlighfed by Liffle Theafre performances and special social acfivifies. The faculfy, comprised of a carefully selecfed group of regular and visifing professors, will conducf classes for fhe sfeadily-growing en- rollmenf. Feafured as one of fhe mosf infer- esfing and educafional fours is fhe annual Pacific frip fo Mexico, which ,will sfarf from Sfoclcfon on July 28 under fhe leadership of Dr. Werner, wifh Mrs. Werner as hosfess and Miss Grace Ward as insfrucfor in Mexican arf. Credif is given for fhose who fulfill cerfain requiremenfs. Beaufiful Zephyr Poinf af Lake Tahoe is fhe locafion for fhe annual posf-session, fo be held fhis year, under fhe direcfion of Presidenf Knoles, wifh fhe assisfance of several special insfrucfors. ln addifion fo fhe curricular worlc, fours are of- fered fo imporfanf hisforical spofs of fhe Wesf. The dafes are Augusf 5 fo 24, wifh classes only in fhe morning. The ninfh Deafh Valley Expedi- fion of l500 miles was made during Spring va- cafion, under fhe direcfion of Dr. A. T. Bawclen and Professor J. H. Jonfe. Only forfy fool: fhe firsf frip, buf fhe caravan fhis year fofalled I66 persons, half going for fun and half for science credif. lf fhere is any quesfion of fhe popularify of any of Pacific's summer schools or fours, ask fhe man who's been fo one. Q I P. H 5 li 3 lv M 1' H- b- Ili bl u 'he be :ur md the nb. 'lull .,l - ' 'M if -... . A .rw - 1 .,, . , ,gg ,cl , r:.Qglif'fQ'3'f,,i I26 U C U SIHESS Adminisfrafion classes are growing larger every year in bofh fhe upper and lower divisions. New courses in salesman- ship, merchandising, and economics have been added, and fhe secfions of fhe old classes have increased. Mr. Riffer is fhe head of fhe deparfmenf in fhe fwo colleges. Also 'reaching in bofh is Mr. Roberf Fenix, who serves foo as occupafional counselor. Mr. William Hobin and Mr. Norman Wenger are in fhe senior college. Mr. Windmiller has classes in iunior college. New fhis year in fhe J. C. is Mrs. Kafhleen Seagraves. Secre- farial work is nof faughf, classes being confined fo frain sfu- denfs for adminisfrafive jobs. UHUMICS Enrollmenf and courses in fhe senior college did nof change. Classes visifed local concerns fo gain firsf-hand informafion on aspecfs of fhe business world. There were several oufside speakers, prominenf in fheir fields. The fwo mosf inferesfing courses in J. C. were Business Biography, fhe sfudy of oufsfand- ing American businessmen, and Economic Geography in which sfudenfs became "guesf professors," presenfing planned pro- grams, illusfrafed wifh mofion picfures. Cufsfanding speakers included fhe depufy sfafe labor commissioner. Mr. Charles Norman insfrucfs fhe maiorify of C. O. P. courses, Mr. T. E. Connolly fhe iunior college. CIULUGU deparfmen'r's principal inferesf fhis year was research info urban problems, parficularly fhe criminal aspecf. Under fhe direcfion of Dr. Harold Jacoby, sfudenfs compiled unusual sfafisfics abouf local communify life, making known in pam- phlef form imporfanf facfs never gafhered before. Experience in social service work is gained by senior sfudenfs doing prac- fice work af 'rhe various relief agencies. Alfhough a senior college course of sfudy, fhe fundamenfal and infroducfory course of Social lnsfifufions is faughf in fhe junior college by Dr. Jacoby and Mr. Emery Fasf. Enrollmenf in sociology classes has sfeadily increased. D S UCHTIUH One of fhe mosf imporfanf senior college deparfmenfs, senf info fhe educafional field fhis year over sevenfy-five ele- menfary and secondary candidafes. Pacific's feachersl have esfablished an enviable repufafion and placemenf record. A iunior C. T. A. chapfer was founded in 'rhe fall. Under Mrs. Marion O. Pease, educafional courses were combined for 'rhe firsf fime info a five unif elemenfary curriculum course builf around sfudenfs' observafion in fown schools. ln charge of secondary courses is Mr. Wesley Young. Temporarily replac- ing Dean Harris during his illness was Mr. Edward Johnson. UCHULUGU This rapidly growing cleparfmenf had fo limif class enroll- menf fhis year, furning down fhe regisfrafion of many sfudenfs. To fake care of fhis over-crowded sifuafion new divisions will be added in fhe fall, and ofher changes undoubfedly will be made. Dr. Glenn R. Pease and Dr. Josephine Smifh, professors in bofh colleges, believe fhaf beginning psychology should be faughf for pracfical applicafion fo life's problems rafher fhan in any absfracf sense. They bofh pracfice whaf fhey preach. Working in close relafionship wifh fhe educafion and sociology deparfmenfs, psychology has become increasingly imporfanf in academic life. ISTUHU Wifh hisfory being made ever hour, fhe professors in fhis deparfmenf have been unusually busy keeping class lecfures fimely, and inferprefing .world evenfs for counfless clubs, dis- cussion groups, and ofher organizafions. The senior college deparfmenf offered for fhe second year fhe Kirkbride prizes for fhe fhree sfudenfs doing fhe besf original sfudies in fhe local hisfory of California. Dr. Noel Breed and Dr. Malcolm Eiselen feach hisfory courses in Pacific. Teaching in bofh col- leges are Miss Lorraine Knoles and Dr. Werner. Mr. Fasf and Mr. Hopkins are only in fhe iunior college. 27 l U LITICHL SCIENCE deparfmenf has grown considerably in bofh colleges. Several new secfions of Social lnsfifufions and American Insfifufions have been added in fhe lower division. In fhis field a greaf deal of work has been done in a program of adulf educafion. Dr. G. A. Werner, who feaches in bofh colleges and is head of fhe J. C. division of Social Sciences, has devofed much of his fime fo fhe organizafion and developmenf of public forums in numerous communifies. Dr. Eiselen also has lower and upper division classes. Dr. Breed is only in fhe senior college. Mr. Emery Fasf and Mr. Howard Hopkins are iunior college in- sfrucfors. C. SPECIHLS One of fhe new fields of insfrucfion infroduced in fhe iunior college, which gives greaf promise bofh for large enrollmenf and for occupafional opporfunifies is in fhe general fields of merchandising and adverfising. Work has been presenfed in fhe fields of refailing, commercial arf, and salesmanship. ln- feresfing aspecfs of fhese fields are found in fhe pracfical way in ,which refailing and salesmanship have been linked wifh ob- servafion and supervised pracfice of sfudenfs in acfual work. Commercial arf is supporfed by a wide range of acfivify in plasfics, layouf and phofography. ELIGIUUS EDUCHTIUH promises fo be once again an imporfanf parf of fhe senior col- lege's academic life, by virfue of fhe new rule requiring all sfudenfs fo have complefed four unifs of bible sfudy before graduafion. Deparfmenf obiecfives are fo equip fhose going direcfly info 'leaching of fhe church, and fo infroduce fhe lay- man fo fhe aim and mefhod of modern religiousieducafion. The bible as valuable liferafure is sfrongly emphasized. Dr. George Colliver, chairman, carries fhe greafesf burden of in- sfrucfion. Ofhers feaching are Rabbi J. Aaron Levy, and Law- fon D. Harris, who conducfs classes in recreafional acfivifies. S U THUHUWU for fhe firsf fime .was offered bofh fhe fall and spring semes- fers, since fhe classes were excepfionally large. H' is only a junior college course, buf many upper division sfudenfs have done inferesfing work as an exfra-curricula acfivify. Wifh fhe assisfance of Mr. Roger Sfrouf a felescope for observing sun spofs was made. Mr. Sfrouf, a famous round-'rhe-worlcl frav- eler who navigafes his own boaf, has been feaching a special class in navigafion fo a group of inferesfed sfudenfs. The course has been given wifhouf credif. C.lTCHHUlU6U is one of fhe mosf imporfanf deparfmenfs in fhe iunior college, esfablished fhree years ago. If includes radio, draffing, elec- fricify, and phofography faughf by Mr. Herberf Welch and Mr. George Eby, who fogefher are complefing a fexfbook. The lab fechnique fhey use mighf be summarized as "learning by doing: how if works and why." Many fownspeople are be- ing affracfed by fhe courses in pracfical science, such as air condifioning and home lighfing. There are fo be nexf year 'rhirfeen subiecfs offered for fhe firsf fime as specializafion classes. Much of fhe equipmenf has been builf by sfudenfs for fhe pracfical experience if affords. THHU cleparfmenf offered a new course in fhe senior college. A class was organized in conservafion of nafural resources, fhe survey covering maferial on a nafionwide scale, emphasizing California, however. Field 'rrip was faken fo fhe conservafion camp in Confra Cosfa Counfy. Elemenfary bofany classes did fheir field work during laborafory periods, supplemenfed by frips fo fhe foofhills of fhe Mofher Lode. The laborafory collecfion for economic bofany was enlarged wifh shipmenfs from Brazil and confribufions from fhe Philippine exhibif af fhe World's fair. Dr. E. E. Sfanford is head of fhe deparfmenf. H ll E EIHISTHU deparfmenf in Pacific has grown considerably in fhe pasf fen years, wifh an increase of chemisfry maiors. The physical chemisfry class fhis year was fhe largesf if has ever been. The deparfmenf is proud fhaf mosf of ifs graduafes have been well- placed in maior chemical inclusfries. New is fhe chemisfry course for nurses. Terminal courses, agriculfural and pracfical chemisfry, are infended fo 'reach chemisfry pracfically rafher fhan fheorefically. Mr. Arfhur Bawden, chairman of fhe J.C. division of nafural sciences, Mr. Jonfe, and Mr. Larson are in bofh colleges. Mr. Fred Clark is only in fhe lower division. GIHEERIHG classes are fhe same in bofh divisions fhis year as before. Sfu- denfs in fhe senior college made fhe survey for Knoles Field, and senf represenfafives fo meef wifh fhree ofher engineering colleges af fhe annual meefing of sfrucfural engineers. Many have parf-fime iobs during fhe school year which develop info full-fime jobs affer graduafion. Pracfically every graduafe gefs an engineering posifion. J.C. courses are concerned wifh pre- requisife work, and fundamenfal fraining. Mr. Charles Gulick insfrucfs in bofh colleges. Only feaching in fhe senior college is Mr. Edward Gardner. secfions in fhe senior and iunior colleges are under fhe profes- sorship of Dr. Allen "Rocks" Waldo. Field frips fhis year in- cluded fhe fwo-day frip fo Monferey Bay, sfaying af Asilomarg observafions of gold recovery af lone, fhe slafe quarry and gold mines near Copperopolis, a visif fo 'rhe Joaquin poffery works, iourneys fo Columbia's marble quarry, frip fo Knighfs Ferry, and a four of fhe Mf. Diablo area. There were more geology classes in Pacific fhis year fhan lasf. Upper division credif in field geology was given for parficular work done on fhe Deafh Valley caravan. H H U THEWHTICS has been defined as a subiecf where you do nof know whaf you are falking abouf or whefher whaf you are 'ralking abouf is frue or nof. The fhree ,professors in fhis deparfmenf, however, have proved in class by fheory and formula fhaf wifh fhem af leasf fhis is nof fhe case. Professors Charles Corbin and G. Warren Whife have upper and lower division courses. Mr. Roger Sfrouf sfarfed feaching in fhe Junior College af fhe beginning of fhe fall semesfer. Mafhemafics has been proved as being a funda- menfally pracfical subiecr, nof iusf as fraining for 'I'he mind, growing in fhe number of courses and sfudenfs every year. classes were slighfly larger fhis year. The maiorify of fhe courses is in fhe iunior college. Upper division sfudenfs spend much of 'rheir fime working on oufside proiecfs. Among fhose successfully complefed during fhe year were high vacuum sys- fem and geiger counfer fo measure cosmic rays and radio acfivify. Dr. Gordon Paffen feaches all fhe classes, wifh Mr. Sfrouf assisfing in fhe laborafories for general and engineering physics. classes increased fhis year in all secfions. Under Dr. A. E. Noble's supervision, senior college sfudenfs did unusual re- search work in fhe parasifology field, confribufing fheir findings fwice fo nafional scienfific iournals. Sixfeen sfudenfs spenf spring vacafion af Dillon Beach for credif in marine Zoology. Junior college classes, under Dr. John Arnold and Miss Nancy Toms, had a fwo day field frip fo Poinf Lobos Sfafe Park and Monferey Bay areas. One hundred and fwenfy sfudenfs from fhis deparfmenf fook fhe frip, divided info fwo groups. Lower division classes were limifed fo four laborafory and fhree lec- fure secfions. Gues'I's of 'rhe faculiy, senior college English majors mei, as a group for 'ihe firsl' +ime, ,fo hear a series of four lecfures, ihree of which were given by professors from U. C., Mills, Sianford. Junior College maiors ioined +he group for +he final meefing. Acfing chairman of +he largesi' depar+men+ ,was Dean Farley. Irving Goleman is chairman of +he J. C. division of Ar'rs and LeHers. Members of borh deparfmenis are Marie Breniman, Eleanor McCann, Mar'rha Pierce. J. G. Spaulding +eaches'+he lower division survey course and philosophy. New on fhe fac- jllrgare Clair Olson, C. O. P.: Teresa Fersfer, Caroline Shrodes, IHEHT LHHGUHGES deparimenl' includes Lalin and Greelc courses offered in bolh colleges. Besides +he languages +hemselves, 'rhe li+era+ure and ar'r of +he ancienf world are also sfudied. The Arr of Language a course arranged by Dr. Farley, is +augh+ in lower and upper divisions and may be subsfifufed for 'lhe second year language requirement Miss Marie Allen conducis +he La'rin classes. Greek is +augh'r by Dr. Farley. EURUPEHH LHHGUHGES Through +he efforis of +his deparimeni lhe prize-winning French cinema, "The Life and Loves of Bee+hoven" ,was broughi' fo Slocldon, and enlhusiasiically received by lhealre-goers. To increase inl'eres'l in fhe culfure and hisforical ,places of fhe var- ious couniries, sludenls are given lhe opporlunily 'l'o see shorl movies and +o hear 'foreign phonograph recordings. Mr. Sfein- hauser 'Peaches German and Spanish, and Miss Rurh Smifh, French,,in boih colleges. In ihe J. C., Miss Helen Danner has classes in Spanish, Dr. Leonard O'Bryon, new facul+y member, inslrucfs French and German. Mr. L. J. Vannuccini conducls classes in Halian. R H P HPHIC HHTS deparfmenf in fhe senior and junior colleges had again fhis year fhe inferesfing and unusual Oufdoor Ari' Shows success- fully sfarfed lasf spring. H' has been responsible for fhe work of many sfudenfs and professional arfisfs being exhibifed on fhe campus. Miss Charloffe Spalfeholz in J. C. and Miss Grace Ward in C. O. P. confinued in fheir capacifies as professors of Graphic Arfs. A new insfrucfor 'leaching in bofh colleges, Richard Reynolds has made possible many new courses, parfic- ularly in adverfising arf, and classes formerly given every ofher year are now being offered every year. UUSEHULD HHTS under fhe deparfmenf heading of Home Economics, was offered fhis year for fhe firsf fime as a major deparfmenf in C. O. P., giving degrees and feaching credenfials, under fhe insfrucfion of Mrs. Maxine Garrigan. Courses are offered fo frain sfudenfs for commercial and indusfrial ,posifions in fhe field, as well as for homemaking. Child Care and Training and Family Relafions are probably fhe mosf oufsfanding classes in fhe laffer group- ing. Well-esfablished as a popular lower division deparfmenf, subiecfs are faughf by Miss Grace Cornog, Miss Adina Wiens, and Mrs. Jean Corry. Mrs. Corry complefes her firsf year 'rhis June. deparfmenf had new class rooms and offices in fhe Anderson Hall wifh fhe opening of fhe fall semesfer. A public speaking bureau has been mainfained fhroughouf fhe year, providing sfudenf speakers for many occasions. Several large in+er-col- legiafe fournamenfs, as well as fhe infra-mural and fhe usual debafes, were held on campus. The frophy case is proof of fhe deparfmen'I"s successful year under Professor Roy McCall, who has classes in bofh colleges. Mrs. Velma McCall feaches in fhe senior college. Junior college insfrucfors are Miss Teresa Fers- fer, Mr. E. S. Befz, and Mr. E. R. Nichols. On June I0, I939, as The final producfion of The I5Th season of Pacific Li++Ie TheaTre, Euripedes' ROBERT ELEY AS FALSTAFF IN "HENRY IV" "EIecTra" was sfaged in The beaufiful Oufdoor TheaTre, wiTh Audrey Krasnow in The TiTIe role, sup- porTed by Henry Hobson. The balance of The casT includes Claribel CoTfman, Eugene Minson, Rob- erT Laning, Jack Holmes, Bud Meyers, and Richard Mirski. The chorus group was headed by Barbara Alberfson, and included Bobbin Gay Peck, Toni Rifberg, Lois Wheeler, Bernadine Badger, JudiTh Sull- wold, Veda Ward, Reba Sinclair, Bernice Markowiz, DoroThy BragheTTa, Lillian Kahan, RuTh Coward, and Mary Ann Bolfon. Wifh "Three Shows on Three STages" as The campaign slogan, The I939 summer season sTarTed on iTs way. The shows for The summer were "Henry IV" ,wiTh RoberT Ely playing The famous FaIsTaff, and a large supporfing casT. NexT The players moved inside To presenT in The Sfudio TheaTre, "The STreeTs of New York". The hero of The show was Lucian ScoTTg The villian was RoberT Laning. Ofhers in The casT included Dale Rose, Frank DelamarTer, Edward Lyons, Herman SpindT, Margaref Lefever, Marion Akers, Peggy Breed, Gail Scheere, EsTher DeMark, Marfha Pierce, and Eyrle Aceves. As affer- show aTTracTions There were "Happy as a Birdie in iTs NesT" done by Josephine Van FIeeT and Toni Rif- berg, The popular Balerina done by Gail Scheere, "The Lady in Crepe" by The disfinguishecl elocufion- isT, Lucian ScoTT, and "Three NaughTy Girls in a BoaT" by Toni Rifberg and Josephine Van FIeeT. Moving up-sfairs To The big audiforium, The nexT producfion was "Time and The Conways" by J. B. PriesTly. Included in The casT were Toni Rifberg, Reba Sinclair, Max Gobel, Faye Lovegren, Vada Ward, Josephine Van FIeeT, Lois Wheeler, Herman SpindT, Eyrle Aceves, and Marion Akers. Opening The I6Th season of Pacific LiTTIe TheaTre, DeMarcus Brown produced ThornTon WiIder's PuIiTzer Prize Play "Our Town". IT opened firsT on Treasure Island in The Federal Recreafion Cenfer Theafre on SepTember 29Th for Two performances. On SepTember 30Th iT moved for a one nighT sfand I34 fo 'I'he Oakland Cify Club Theafre. The show fool: +o fhe boards of 'rhe Pacific Sfage on Ocfober 5+h for fhe final lhree producrions. Ari' Fareyyporlrayed ihe 'Famous parf of 'rhe sfage manager, be- ing supporied in 'lhe leading roles by Richard Briggs, Claribel Coffman, Audrey Krasnow, Max Gobel, Lois Wheeler, and Charles Meyers. Ofhers in +he casl' included Jack Holmes, Howard Hansbrow, Mar- cia Lou Brown, Joe Thorn+on, Roberf Laning, Gail Scheere, Carl Fuller, Margarer Lefever, Alberi' Miller, Marion Akers, and Glen Tanner. The Nexi' Show on 'ihe boards ,was "Criminal Ai' Large" by Edgar Wallace, a mysfery-ihriller wi+h Audrey Krasnow in fhe leading role. Supporiing her were Jack Sinai, Carl Gas+man, Lyman Fulron, William Ramsey, James Holden, Jack Holmes, Charles Meyers, Glen Tanner, Donald McKinley, Her- man Spindf, Harold Ewing, Sylvia Sfephens, Roberi' Laning, Bruce Morehead, Joseph Torp, Jack Devoe, Milfon Grassell, and George Price. ART FAREY. CHARLES MEYERS AND LOIS WHEELER "OUR TOWN": THE WEDDING As +he 'rhird maior produclion of l'he season, Direcfor Brown chose "Family Porl'rail"' by Lenore Coffee and William Cowen. Claribel Coffman played 'ihe characfer of Jesus' mofher, Mary, 'rhe parf creafed by Judiih Anderson. Ofhers in lhe casi were Arden Farey, Alberi Miller, Lois Wheeler, Jack Holmes, Lillian Kahan, Ruih Coward, Marion Akers, Max Gobel, El'l'on Marlin, Jane O'Connor, Bruce Morehead, Carl Gasfman, Herman Spindf, Richard Briggs, Margarei' Lefever, Milfon Kwaie, Rosalie Trevarow, Roberr Laning, Charles Meyers, Barbara Graham, Dorofhy BragheH'a, Glenn Tanner, Jack Devoe, Mary Ann Bolion, Fred Lucksinger, Alison Gossif, and Be'r'I'y Ann Ellioif. ABOVE: CLARIBEL COFFMAN AS "MARY" BELOW: "FAMILY PORTRAIT" i l A new musical comedy composed by Harold Rogers of Redwood Cily, was one of +he biggesi' suc- cesses ever sfaged by ihe liH'le fheafre. ln faci' if holds fhe record for 'rhe largesf box-office io dale. Harold Rogers no+ only wro+e +he music for 'rhe show . . . 27 funes ..., buf also 1'he lyrics and 'rhe book. Said John Hobarf of +he San Francisco Chronicle, "One of fhese days he 4IRogersl will be menfioned along wifh Cole Porfer, Noel Coward and ihe resf, for ,when you have energy and imaginafion, and 'ralenf enough +0 concoci' a whole musical comedy single handed, you're cerfain io go places." Lu- cian ScoH and Margaref George made a genuine comedy +eam, and +heir imifafion of old-fime vaudeville was one of 'ihe raresi' 'l'hings in ihe show, done wil'h iusi' a hin'I' of safire. Dick Briggs in The parf of Smu+'ry, fhe bu+ler, nearly sfole 'Phe show ai' +imes. He was supporred by Gail Scheere, in 'rhe par'r of Euierpe. Charlo'He Smifh and Charles Wood provided +he love inferesh and Rufh Crane did a nice bif of forch singing. Max Sobel, as 'rhe Baron, won applause wiih his "PreH'y Baron" number. The chorus of 24 people was pariicularly fine and sang wi+h a finish offen lacking even in professional groups. Much credii' should go 'io Delviarcus Brown and Mrs. Wilhelmina Harberf 'For fheir collaborafion in direcfing and siaging fhis hil' of hiis. Vincenf Peck and Alan Lovegren designed and supervised 'l'he making of fhe eniire wardrobe. CAST OF "STEP'N'HlGH" l I37 .Q- gfhwa?-W .1-4. L A 3 . 2,, "M J 5, n 2 P I 5 i ' n wx 1 E, .1 fig I QW f ,t . C- ' ' Q f Llfll' . ' x , . , x f ,- .Y 1 A a 4 , . f 4, 1 ' Q. i 1 N- 1 Q 'Q X f .1 2+ Q73 -gs 'Y ' " P8 I ,'. in . ' .1 .I Vi, ' Q ' U . X 2'.'v, friii. i ' . nr? .4a'4.'H?l- fi' -,I ' V if , .. e i L.g1E?fAs..fMJ5gr,g.f I . Al f xr NT gn .' n ' 1 n 1 u 1 5732.9 ' A , ,f.m.,v sr l I The fiffh producfion of fhe Ibfh season was Roberf Sherwood's "The Pefrified Foresf", co-sfar- ring Toni Rifberg and Marion Akers. Herman Spindf came fhrough wifh one of fhe besf characfer- izafions he has ever concocfed in fhe parf of Gramp Maple. Max Gobel was seen in an enfirely differ- enf role fhan he had ever affempfed before, fhe parf of fhe gangsfer, and he really did a good job. Max has cerfainly proven his versifilify fhis season. Especially oufsfanding in a bif parf was Juanifa Daussaf, a new-comer fo fhe Pacific Sfage. The supporfing casf of fhis producfion were Laffa Ross, Alison Gossif, William Sfrefch, Orvell Flefcher, Lillian Kahn, Roberf Henning, H. Alison Ewing, Don McKinley, Bud Sfefan, Berf Trullson, Jack Devoe, Carl Gasfman, and AI George. Opening in fhe Oufdoor Theafre on June 7fh, is Henrick lbsen's ever popular classic, "Peer Gyn?" wifh Lucian Scoff in fhe fifle role. Nof fo be forgoffen are fhe many fechnicians fhaf have worked fo make fhese performances suc- cesses. Among fhe sfage managers for 'rhe season we find Glen Tanner, Audrey Krasnow, Jack Holmes, Claribel Coffman, and AI Miller. Those acfing as elecfricians for producfions are Marion Akers, Her- man Spindf, and George Price. Working in fhe capacify of wardrobe misfresses we find Beffy Elliof, Elizabefh Hawks, Faye Lovegren, and Dorofhy Call. Head usher for fhe season was Margaref Lefever: and Margaref Lee handled fhe business in fhe box-office. And so wifh fhe I30fh producfion of fhe Pacific Liffle Theafre, "Peer Gynf", ,we draw fo a close fhe sixfeenfh season wifh a feeling fhaf much has been accomplished foward fhe advancemenf of drama in our school and communify. The Sfudio is a Laborafory Theafre designed fo give sfudenf direcfors, designers, fechnicians, and acfors an opporfunify for producfion experience for public performance. Direcfed by members of DeMarcus Brown's class in Theafre Direcfion, fhe sfudenfs are enfirely "on fheir own" in presenfing fhe plays. "PETRIFlED FOREST" I4O qv UPPER LEFT: "MONNA VANNA". BE- H LOW: "FASHIONS FOR MEN". RIGHT: l MAX GOBEL IN "MONNA VANNA". 'Vis The plays presenfed fhis year represenf ihe dramafic liieraiure of eighi' naiions. The season open- ed wifh fhe Franz Molnar play, "Fashions for Men" under fhe direciion of Elion Marlin. Nexi came rhe Belgian play by Maurice Maeferlinck, "Monna Vanna", direcied by Alberi' Miller. Opening on De- cember 8'I'h was Bernadine Badger's produciion of "Hansel and Gre+el" by Hans Chris+ian Anderson. To sfarl' oui' The new year, 'I'he Norwegian play, "Rosmersholm" by Henrik lbsen, was produced by Aud- rey Krasnow. Breaking +he ground on Pacific's campus 'For a new kind of +hea+rical presenlaiion of drama, Orvell Flelcher presenied 'rhe French play "Mar'l'ine", by Jean Jacques Bernard, in +he new slyle of Drawing Room siaging. Nexl' on fhe boards was Howard Hansbrow's double-bill produciion, iwo one acfs, "World Wi'rhou+ End" by Percival Wilde and "Hymn +o ihe Rising Sun" by Paul Green. As 1'he lasiushow in ihe season 'ro be siaged in ihe Siudio, Margarei George direcled "Righ+ you Are" by Pirande o. Wi'rh anofher Drawing Room Produciion, Carl Fuller broughl The season 'ro a close wi+h his pre- sen'ia'l'ion of John Galswor'rhy's famous play "A Family Man". HHDIU JOHN CRABBE This year marks fhe firsf real peak in several years of radio acfivify on Pacific's campus. Our very capable direcfor of fhe Campus Sfudio, John Crabbe, has builf radio in fhe minds of fhe college and friends so ,well fhaf nexf year finds fhe College of fhe Pacific offering a maior course in radio fechnique, consfifufing fhe only such major offered by any college wifh fhe excepfion of New York Universify. Af any rafe we are among fhe firsf fo launch ouf info fhis new field fhaf is growing so rapidly. -A John Crabbe, who is consfanfly frying fo improve fhe sef up fhaf we have, announced fhaf he will spend fhe summer in New York Universify faking courses in radio, and receiving pracfical as- sisfance from fhe Nafional Broadcasfing Company and fheir facilifies fhere in Radio Cify. As fo fhe acfivifies of fhe sfudio for fhe pasf year, fhere is much fo be complimenfed for. Among ofher fhings we have been able fo increase fhe number of hours on fhe California Radio Sysfem. Dr. Tully C. Knoles, presidenf of fhe College, is heard on his currenf fopic, "The World Today", every week over fhis sysfemg as is also fhe program "Smoofh Sfylizafion" performed by fhe very 'ralenfed pianisf, Al Harkins. ln fhe absence of Dr. Knoles several fimes fhis year, Dr. Eiselen and Dr. Werner were fhe capable subsfifufes of "The World Today" program, giving our radio audience inferesfing commenfories on fhe evenfs and frends in fhe world foday. This year finds us on fhe air a fofal of 46524 hours, wifh I4V2 of fhese on fhe California Radio Sysfem. l42 The programs on fhe log fhis year repre- senf a variefy of fields. "Our American Music", a p r o g r a m designed fo fosfer American music, gave various sfudenfs and faculfy of fhe Conservafory a chance fo perform on fhe air. The program was de- signed and direcfed by Arf Farey, insfruc- for in radio. The program "Pacific Sym- posium" sponsored by fhe speech deparf- men, gave inferesfing debafes on quesfions of currenf inferesf in fhe world. Among fhe parficipanfs were Phil Rifchie, Elfon Marfin, Marfin Pulich, Greg Phifer, Harrieff Kinfz, Bill Biddiclc, Doris Bowering, Louis bifhife- head, Carl Fuller, Gladys Barfholomew, and John Fanucchi. An experimenfal show, "This College World", was designed and pro- duced by fhe class in Radio Wrifing and Producfion. An inferesfing scripf by John Crabbe, giving good reviews of fhe lafesf books was "Beside fhe Bookshelf". Revived in fhe spring semesfer was fhe popular program of lasf year, "Radio S+age", dramafizafions of fhe shorf sfories of Ambrose Bierce by members of fhe Pacific Liffle Theafre Acf- ing Company, and direcfed by Arf Farey. Nol' fo be forgoffen in our radio review are fhe announcers and fhe people behind fhe confrols. Among fhe monifors we find Rod Randall, Tom Gavey, John Fanucchi, Al Miller, Herman Spindf, and Glen Tan- ner. Some of 'rhe informanfs are John Fa- nucchi, Carl Fuller, Clyde Lindsay, Glen Tanner, Tom Gavey, Bob Laning, Al Miller, and Rod Randall. mu: 11-1- PACIFIC SYMPOSIUM RADIO STAGE G , ,MF 1 " .' X x rr I43 The College Symphony orchesfra is. an ouisianding musical organizarion of +he Conservafory. H's inspiring conduc+or, Horace l. Brown, is a musician of highesf merif, giving his l'alen+s 'ro fhe college as violinist conducfor, and professor of +heory. A review of 'rhe ac+ivi+ies of ihe year includes an inferesling program presenfed as a 'feafure of fhe Conservaiory fall Concerl Series, and i+ was repealed for a college assembly. We also assisied in fhe recilal of Miss Alice Ehlers, harpsichordisf. The pealc of +he year's ac+ivi'ries came in our spring concerf, wi+h Naoum Blinder, violinisf, concerf masfer wi+h +he San Francisco Symphony, as soloisf. ln June +he orcheslra will preseni' Hs iradiiional graduafion conceri, 'ieafuring as soloisfs +he graduafing senior sfudenfs of The Conservalory. The LiHle Theaire Orches+ra, under 'rhe direcfion of Norman Lamb, concer+ mas+er wi+h 'rhe Col- lege Symphony, has proven iiself fo be a very capable ensemble ai' fhe diverse LiH'le Thealre Produc- lions fhroughouf The year. O R C H E S T R A A S- Y ' "iii LT. , iii , - -,7i' I, - .. -' fi PACIFIC BAND Under fhe experf direcfion of Roberf B. lPopl Gordon, fhe Pacific Band serves fwo feafure pur- poses on fhe campus. The 75 piece symphonic band annually presenfs a grand concerf for fhe Band Frolic, and several more concerfs fhroughouf fhe spring season, including fhe music for fhe graduafion exercises. Ouf of fhis band are chosen fhe 50 men who form "The Pride of Pacific", fhe Marching Band. The Band Frolic consisfs of a concerf of symphonic music followed by safirical acfs presenfed by fhe diverse living groups, frafernifies, and sororifies. The feafure of fhe concerf fhis year was fhe pre- senfafion of Hoyle Carpenfer '30, Oboisf, as soloisf, playing fhe "Fanfaisie for Oboe and Orchesfra" by d'lndy, arranged for band by direcfor Gordon. The Marching Band represenfs fhe college on fhe gridiron in a flashing manner. If is a fhrill fo see fhose 50 men in whife milifary uniforms go fhrough fheir sfunfs fo fhe quick pace of a Pacific march. Our Drum Maior fhis year was Gene Rofsch. Because of fhe confroversy over Drum-Maioreffes in var- ious colleges lasf fall, fhe men presenfed a sfunf safirizing fhese popular high-sfeppers. Affer display- ing a huge placard announcing "7I Dimpled Knees", a fen piece band ushered on fhe field fhe ofher 40 members, who were dressed in shorf skirfs and were fwirling broom-sfick bafons. The roufine fhaf followed proved so amusing fo fhe fans fhaf if was repeafed on popular requesf. I45 ' 2, 5, 1, lf: 2 . ACAPELLA CHOIR The A Cappella Choir has for anofher season confinued fo hold up fhe high sfandards fhaf have made fhis group famous. Every year as fhe compefifion increases, fhe qualificafions for membership in fhis organizafion have become more sfringenf. If fhis confinues, every year will wifness fhe besf A Cappella Choir fo dafe, and cerfainly fhis I94O choir is no excepfion fo fhis rule. Under fhe capable direcfion of Professor J. Russell Bodley, fhe Choir has had a mosf successful season. Many inferesfing programs have been presenfed fo enfhusiasfic audiences. A review of fhe Choir's acfivifies during fhe year include a number of oufsfanding performances. The highlighf of fhe fall season was fhe fradifional home Chrisfmas concerf. Included in fhis program, because of popular demand from lasf year's concerf, was fhe memorable performance of "A Chrisf- mas Choralogue" by W. B. Olds, wifh Roberf Laning as narrafor. Also impressive were fhe diverse Chrisfmas songs of various nafions. During fhe firsf week in April, fhe choir made ifs annual spring four. The oufsfanding feafufe fhis year was fhe performance for fhe Music Educafors Nafional Conference held in Los Angeles. I46 Here fhey mef .wifh high acclaim and Nafional recognifion as one of fhe mosf oufsfanding sfudenf A Cappella Choirs in fhe Unifed Sfafes. Their program which included fhe sfirring composifion of direcfor Bodley. "The Glory Road", was released fhrough fhe facilifies of fhe Nafional Broadcasfing Company. Ofher concerfs included Galf, Modesfo, Tracy, Lodi, Sacramenfo, and Berkeley. If is inferesfing fo nofe fhaf "The Glory Road" has been published, and has mef wifh such en- 'fhusiasfic approval wherever if has been sung fhaf if is well on ifs road fo fame as an oufsfanding composifion in fhe field of choral music. Our complimenfs fo Professor Bodley. Besides fhe singing of fhe choir on A Cappella concerfs, soloisfs are feafured. Norman Lamb, eminenf violinisf from fhe conservafory, and fhe Harrison fwins, Barbara and Bob, vocalisis, add color and beaufy fo fhese unforgeffable concerfs. As a climax fo fhe year's acfivifies, fhe Choir sings ifs fradifional home concerf in May. The way fhe college receives fhis oufsfanding group of experf performers is a friumph bo+h fo fhe Choir and ifs renowned conducfor, Mr. Bodley. Under fhe experf direcfion of J. Russell Bodley, fhe largesf sfudenf funcfion of fhe Conservafory wins disfincfion again as being fhe medium for fhe expression of large choral liferafure of fhe highesf fype. The chorus fofals 250, wifh an orchesfra of 35. The orchesfra is chosen from fhe mosf capable players from fhe symphony, and if has cerfainly proven fo be of high calibre. Parficipafion in fhe chorus is open fo sfudenfs of bofh fhe College of fhe Pacific and fhe Sfockfon Junior College. Each year if is fradifional for fhis organizafion fo perform Handel's beloved "Messiah" as a fea- fure program of fhe Chrisfmas season. Well known soloisfs are heard in fhese performances. Those singing fhe solo parfs fhis year were, Frances Bowerman, soprano, Virginia Gardner '34, alfog Carol Carfer '34, fenorg and Frank Thornfon Smifh, bass. A new oraforio is being produced fhis spring in which is feafured a piano solo. The soloisf will be John Gilchrisf Ellioff, dean of fhe Conservafory. Margaref Lee will sing fhe soprano solos. "Rio Grande" by Consfance Lamberf is a giganfic work, and fhe chorus and soloisfs are sfriving fo make fhis oraforio fhe grandisf success ever. The Conservafory concerf series fhaf is presenfed each season has proven fo be a greaf assef fo fhe College. Each year sfudenfs have fhe opporfunify of hearing oufsfanding arfisfs righf here on our own campus. The mosf oufsfanding evenf of fhe year was fhe engagemenf of fhe famous "American Ballef Caravan". lf was indeed a rare opporfunify fo have fhis fine Ballef in Sfockfon. As fhe fea- fure of fhe spring season, Noaum Blinder, concerf masfer wifh fhe San Francisco Symphony, was pre- senfed as soloisf wifh fhe College Symphony. The Band was heard in fhe annual Band Frolicg and fhe Chorus presenfed fradifionally Handel's "Messiah" af Chrisfmas fime. Ofher affracfions of fhe season include Beffy Jane and Virginia Holman, Duo-Pianisfsg Alice Ehlers, Harpsichordisf, assisfed by fhe Conservafory Orchesfrag Claire Coci, organisfg and Eugene Gash, pianisf. I47 Professor Bacon during fhe pasi' season has given quife a number of Piano-Leciures up and down 'rhe sfafe, including such subiecls as "The Psychology of Music", "The Sfory of Music", and "Modern Music". Every Tuesday evening fhroughoul' +he spring semes+er recirals are given by fhe s+uden+s of +he Conserva+ory. These reci+als are free +o +he public, and offer a wealfh of 'ralenl' for lhe enioymenl of l'he sfudenls and 'rhe communify. Tradilionally each year lhe mosl' oulsianding insfrumenialisfs and vocalisfs of l'he graduaiing class have l'he opporluniiy +o perform wi'rh 'I'he College Symphony in a commencemenf concerf. This year we will hear Pauline Crawford, pianisf, playing fhe firsl' movemen+ of 'lhe Schumann A minor Concerlog CharloH'e Smilh, soprano, singing "Pace, Pace, Mio Dio" by Verdi: Clayfon Long, pianisl, playing fhe second and 'rhird movemenfs of +he Tschiakowslcy B 'Flal' minor Concerfog Barbara Sfewari, soprano, singing "Gebe+ der Elizabe+h", by Wagner: Cons'rance Campodonico, pianisl, playing 'rhe firsf movemenl' of fhe McDowell D minor Concerfog Mary Jane Dashiell, pianis+, playing "Capricioso Brillan+e" by Mendelssohn, and Herman Sapiro, pianisl, playing Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue". The mosi' specfacular feafure of +he spring Season was 'lhe Music Jamboree, which included +he Chorus, singing Conslanl Lamberl"s "Rio Grande", seleclions by fhe orchesfra, and specialilies by 'l'he band. C 0 N C E R T S The senior class nafurally furnished mosf campus acfivifies wifh capable leadership. Af fhe firsf class meefing in fhe fall fhe members elecfed officers fo arrange affairs perfaining par- ficularly fo seniors. Roberf Byron Wenfz was chosen presidenf. For fhe second year, Pafricia Carson was vice-presidenf. Secre- fary was Gladys Barfholomew, and Arf Irish was freasurer. The class of '40's giff fo fhe school is fhe new sidewalk in fronf of fhe gym. This SI50 affempf fo dress-up fhe old barn was de- cided upon affer if had been suggesfed and discussed in a gen- eral class meefing. Paf Carson and her commiffee of Virginia Chapman, Dick Benfley, Jack Colberg, Gladys Barfholomew, Arf Irish, and Minnie Sawyer planned fhe fradifional Senior Sneak, which was an aII-day boaf ride down fhe river. Class members were guesfs of fhe iuniors af fhe annual Junior-Senior Prom. The Senior Ball was held af fhe Sfockfon Golf and Counfry Club on June 8. Paf Dunlap was chairman, wifh fhe class officers, George Briare, Beffe Flickinger, Lois Mae Venfre, and Marguerife Efzel assisfing. In fhe Oufdoor Theafre on June I I, fhe class as a whole gafhered for fhe Iasf fime fo sing fhe college songs. Closing wifh Pacific Hail, fhe Senior Sing was a senfimenfal affair. Commencemenf exercises were held Sunday evening, June I6 in Baxfer Sfadium. WENTZ IRISH CARSON 'YS Qt N Hugh McWilliams is prob- ably Pacific's grealesl all- round, All-American a+hle+e, ancl is undoubredly ils mos'r popular. Everybody knows "Jo-Babe," ,who is a member of ihe Execuiive Commillee. He raied menlion in Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. ....!' George Tomasini is an ou+- sianding leH'erman, who' con- sis+en'l'ly piles up Pacific's scores in frack. He has serv- ecl fhislyear on 'lhe Execulive Commiliee. Acfive in fra- 'lernal affairs, he is a member of several organiza+ions Everyboclylrnows him. 4:29 , Q , Charlolre Smilh, from Mo- deslo J. C., has sung her way inlo prominence and recog- nilion. She is a member of lhe A Cappella Choir, and has had imporlanl' roles in fwo musical shows. She's been a popular candiclale for imporlani sludeni' posi+ions. 'Q Trevor Grilifirhs since his freshman year has been un- usually acfive in campus ai- fairs, serving 'rhree years on rhe Execurive Commiiiee. The firsl' year he was presi- denl of hisiclass. He will re- ceivean elemenfary creden- 'rial in June. ,sqm- Pal' Dunlap, fhe Missourian from Licking, pul in his rhumb and pulled our a plum. Af leasl' he has his finger in every campus pie. serving well on numerous commilrlees including lhe Mardi Gras, senior ball, eleclion, fwo years on 'lhe Execulive. , 3 .. ,, Gladys Barfholomew is. sec- refarylof The senior class. For several years she has been' a membjer of rhe varsiiy foren- sic leiam. Mln' rgcogriilion iiii of her scholarship fiandl iservice, she is a charler member! of The senior women's honor sociefy. z z g 1 WE' Q Audrey Krasnow, a lransler from Sacramenlo Junior Col- lege, deserves recognilion for her exlraordinary confribu-All lions lo lhe success of all ihree of Pacific's ihealres. Her clramalic abilily as an ac+ress and direcfor is well esrablished. I '-'J Dick Beniley, chosen as 'lhe 'rypical Pacific man, posed for Life magazine phologra- phers. February graduale, he has remained on 'rhe cam- pus lo work for a secondary credenlial. One 'oil S+agg's boys, he shows all lhe good qualifies of a sporlsman. - Q rf-wel' T fdffl moreg was Pacific's exchange sfudenl wilh 4Lignan Univer- sily in Chinas Since her re- lurn she has been acfive in social and poliiical life. A Cappella Choir is one of lhe groups she parlicipales in. Her populariiy is unquesiion- Orvell Flelcher has been ac- 'rive in' +he Pacific coopera- live movemenl' and Sfucleni Chrislian Associalion. He di- recfed one of fhe nine sludio plays, and has done oiher work on srage and radio. General handy-man on rhe he can fix J . . .4 ' N' . ' .,i!. Miriiiie Siavnieiii Ted Norfon is Pacific's honor man, belonging 'ro more hon- orary sociefies lhan one clares 'ro count lvlaioring in chem- isfry, Ted has received an assisianlship af Norlhwesfern Universily. He was one of 'Phe winners in lhe infra-mural 'lennis Tournament Leslie Knoles, youngesl of Pacific's promine-nl' family, has been an ardenl' rooier and parlicipafor in all sfudenl body funcfions, serving fhis year on The Rally Commiflee. He is a member oi- Thefa Alpha Phi, and presidenl' of his fgrarerniry. A ,ff -an l 1 l l lik ra Q E, 19 H 41 2 X -Q Magix, , ww E w w :whiff Y, 5:51 F3 539 1,4 2 gf Q ? W my ww-'H,X,,, up X f X 5,3 LZ' f Z7 '- 35 f 5 A . J 'KW 'N' ,ze me is if alum- Fred Bnnnifielli Hnhert Hnvey Eenrqe Briare Bernice Brnwn Flnriene Huey Elaine Burns II. Eampndnnien Virginia Chapman Nnrma llaneesa Irene Eantnn Patricia llarsnn James lfatterall he F Eanrqe liaviqlia Melvin Eaviqlia Lau Christian Huy Ennpar Ynlanda lfravinttu Pauline Erawfurll Earle Dahl Mary Jana llashi Jnhn lla I-lriatta Batty lflixnn Carter Dunlap Barbara Ilurst fi rm Vlarquerite Etzel Walter lfellers Luis Fenstermalzller Hubert Hnmlwin Ilrville Fletcher Elizabeth Fliekinqer Mary Fnnq Earl Fuller Earl Eastman Luis Benuehin .lean Bnndwin Milt Greenhlatt V as w l l Trever Griffiths Hay Hrnsse Z-lliee Hall Hnward Earl M. Harvey Levella Hawley Margaret Haymnnd I-ll Hedges Lnuis Heinrich Jeanne Hnnsherger Gladys Hughes Hae Westun Inqlis Arthur Irish Clyde .Innes Hawurth .Innte .Iane Jurllan Huh Iiientz Harriet Iiientz Hal Iinivetnn Leslie Iinnles flnirla Hnlh Andrey I-irasnnw llnruthy Lennnx w .Z 5 N' " '-' r I X 1 ' '- - : ,vi ' V ' ' , 1 5 W ' V 1 , v " ' Qi, ',:, '-'V . xii, kt Q V w V t L' I. , 'K' ""' . l'--4 - 5. , ' l f , I. gi I 1 '- , A ,- .4 A, . - f ' - ' ,.,..,.,QL,.. .,.L Ruth Lemhardi Jay Lnveless Elweml Mnffitt La Verne Laqnrin Elten Martin Presley Meure Norman Lamb Hugh McWilliams Jean Mnrqan lllayten Lenq fllhert Miller .lean Merrell fl. , ,-A! i iii, lliel-i Mnrral William Neirler Iinrdner N elsnn llnnqlas Nelsnn Tell Nertnn Ethan Hiqqins Esther llnq llnn Paxtnn Jules Perrin Ereqq Phifer Huy Phillips Martin Pnlieh Patricia Hailshack Hayle Hawles Leslie Hnnntree Gladys Sanquinetti Bill Scantlehury Charles Schiffman Dale Hnse I.atta Hess Herman Sapirn Minnie Sawyel Patricia Seavers Duane Sewell Elinur Shepard Jae Siegfried Jack Sinai Heha Sinclair harlntte Smith David Smith Betty Smith Miriam Spuller Stewart Lueile Strike Elem Swaqerty Samuel Taliaqishi fsakggzgggv .gm -, Q. mmsy-1, ,W W f if ,. r H jeff" was . Fel. " '- 335, sswiw M-523555 gh wi? ' f Members of +he iunior class esfablishecl a new, lhai' of having a class clance 'free for iunior members of ihe sfuclenl' body. An informal affair, 'rhe Junior Swing openecl 'I'he spring social season. Gene Ro+sch was general chair- man, assislecl by Phyllis Grimshaw, decoralionsg Sam Chaney, bids: Tony Ficovich, publiciiy. The Junior-Senior Prom was a dinner-dance given in May by 'rhe iuniors honoring +he seniors. Black ancl silver was lhe mofif for fhe dance, which is one of 'I'he year's mosf imporfanl' evenls. Junior men en- lhusiasfically parricipalecl in inferclass sporls. A+ elecfions in 'rhe fall "genial" Gene Rolsch was fhe presidenfial vicfor, wi+h Jean Srrong as vice-presiclenh Jean Arno'l', secrefaryg and Glenn Harler, freasurer. jwg. ROTSCH ARNOT HARTER STRONG XP-J , uw -C""""f Beffy Barry, firsf lady of fhe campus and one of fhe besf known and mosf popular juniors, comes from Palo Alfo. Presiclenf-elecf Bill Biddick spenl' a good porfion of fhe year fraveling in fhe four direcfions of fhe wind successfully debafing for C.O.P. Claribel Coffman has enferfained many sfu- denfs wifh her oufsfanding work in fhe Liffle Theafre. Irving Frifz helps fo keep honored fradifions alive, playing fhe hymn every nighf on fhe chimes. Working his way fhrough college, Max Gobel is one of fhe mosf popular and frequenf members of fheafre casfs. Barbara Harrison's beaufiful voice and charming personalify rafe her much affenfion on fhe campus. Undoubfedly fhe mosf oufsfand- ing music sfudenf in school, Norman Lamb is cerfainly one of fhe besf liked. Hans Sfein, fhe refugee for C.O.P., has made valuable confribufions fo campus and communify life. Salinas J.C. graduafe, Joyce Wiggins in her firsf year here is presidenf-elecf of A. W. S. 'Q' j . " 2' J-'TPQ f"'l 1, J in 9. 42 ABBOTT ABBOTT BARRY BELITSKY BROWNELL BUSH COHEN COLLETT DOWNS DUPRAW ANDERSON ATCHLEY BAER BIDDICK BLACKMUN BOSCH CAMERON CAUBU CHANEY COLLIVER COWARD DEAN ESMOND EVANS FERGUSON BALL BRINK COFFMAN DEWEY FICOVICH IJ 4'W QM1 ' 4 Q , A 4' A . '18 'F aj. Q IL Ln 5 1 6 f -, , 131 , iff ,rwd- Qtr A Q llm 3 fl aw 1 1 :E . FICOVICH FINK FRITZ GALT GARIBALDI GAUMNITZ Da. GAY De. GAY GHOLZ GOBEL GRAHAM I GRIMSHAW B. HARRISON R. HARRISON HARTER HULL IMMEL IRWIN JACOBSEN JESSUP Be. JONES Bi. JONES R. JONES KEEHNER KELLY GOFF JEUNG KROECK LEH MAN LEWIS MEYERS McALLISTER MITCHELL MOORE PICCARDO POWELL REM PFER RICHARDS LOOMIS McCARL MORSE PURCELL RITCHIE MALCOMSEN MEARS M-:GINNIS MILLER PARKER PARSONS RAMSEY RANNEY SACK ROTSCH SAGE STARK TANNER WIRTH I68 SCHEDLER STEIN TILSON WORKMAN SCHMIDT SCHOOLING STRONG SOUIRES TOMS WAKEFIELD WRIGHT WILBUR SINGLETON SPRAGUE SUNTZEFF SWAGERTY WARD I WIGGINS WILSON SUPHUWUHE CLHSS MONOGAN WARD CASH PORTER HOGAN MacLEAN The Fall Term of '39 saw sophomore boys swaggering abouT The campus in man-sized ieans making up Tor Their previous hardships by six weeks hazing on The new Trosh class. STarTing ouT Trosh-soph evenTs The sophomores saw Their TirsT seT-back as The Treshmen compleTed a smash- ing vicTory in The annual Frosh-soph Brawl making The second consecuTive Trosh Triumph. Los- ing The brawl To a new group oT lower-classmen acTed as a spur To The already anxious sopho- more boys and Trosh hazing expediTions became so numerous and hazers so enThusiasTic ThaT PresidenT Dwayne OrTon oT The Junior College Tound iT necessary To calm campus spiriTs by pub- licly reminding The lads of The legal aspecTs of The sTaTe penal code and To poinT ouT The reTer- ence in This code To The naTure oT Their acTiviTies. Even resTricTions did noT calm The enThusiasm of The sophs as They swung inTo miIi+ary duTy and supervised Trosh wood-collecTors who were preparing Tor The annual bon-Tire rally. Following up in TradiTional acTiviTies The sophomores did an excellenT iob oT guarding The siTe back of BaxTer sTadium beTore The evening of The rally. Co-eds oT The class enlivened acTiviTies as They made Tours oT The campus and disTribuTed sandwiches and hoT coffee. Newly insTalled as a sophomore women's acTiviTy under The direcTion of The A. W. S. was The women's Sophomore Honorary SocieTy which was composed oT TwenTy ouTsTanding women sTudenTs of The class. Heading social evenTs oT The season was a ChrisTmas dance puT on by The sophomores and Treshmen December I aT The CocoanuT Grove. Climaxing The social acTiviTies of The year The sophomores held Their semi-Tormal graduaTion dance May I7 aT The STockTon CounTry Club. Sophomores elecTed as Their guiding hands Tor The year, Allan Breed as presidenTg Bonnie SmiTh as vice-presidenTg Barbara Laddon as secreTary and Bob Monagon as Treasurer. l r I7I srocuron dunno A. D. ABDALLAH A. R. ABDALLAH ABERCROMBIE ABRAMS ALBERTSON ARCHIBALD ADDIS ANDERSON J. ANDERSON APREL BEDELL BERRY BLANCHARD BOEGE BOONE BALLEW BIGHAM BLACK BRANSTED BUDIN BUGBEE BURTON CHINCHIOLO CHURCHIL l72 UIIEGE I-IHHDUHIES CAMPBELL CODDINGTON COMBELLACK CRANE DAHL DARGITZ FAY FERRARI FIELD GHIORZO GIPNER GOVE 1 '. rea- CORTELYOU DOW FOLSE GRUBBS COTTRELL COLLINS DUNLAP DURST FREER GERMAN GUILFOYLE GUTHREY I73 Ismcuiun dunno: HAMILTON HAMM HANDLEY HARPER HENNING HESTON HOWDEN HUNEFELD INOUYE KAMETANI KAMERER KELLY I74 HAMSHER HOLLAND JENKINS KLAAS HANNER HANNAY HOPPS HOUSER JOHNSON JONES L. KOWATCH L. KOWI ULLEGE GHHDUHTES ADDON LAMBERT B. LAWRENCE C-5. LAWRENCE LENNOX LEVER UDWI6 LUNDGREN LUNT LYON MARCELLIN McBRIDE . McDONALD M, McDONALD MclNTYRE MEIKLE R. MEYER V. MEYER ILLER MORUTA MOREHEAD MORRAL NEWBERRY NEWCOMB I75 -A. , 1 ,ix if I I s. 1.5, 5, w , we w 1, E 71 ml 1, LVA4 QQ fn 'm W .-ai , nn- .,,.. , 1 , Q - ,EE 'TQQF my , JZ B A 1, .f.,,. 0 1. YV' r Q1 el' COLLEGE GRHDUHTES ,il Qs ST. PETER SPURUN TAKAII THORNTON TOMITA TOWNSEND TREVARROW TRAPHAGEN TSUTSUI TUTTLE VIERRA VOORHEES WIEBERTS WEINSTEIN WHITSON L. WIISON YOUNG D. WILSON FERGUSON MONOGHAN I77 gp.. il ' 0 Q lpflfazqg C '.. f 'M wt f Wlfqaln 1 ' o K. 9 MORRISON, BOYER, FERGUSON. HARTER. CENTER, DOYLE OPPOSITE: CROSS. JOHNSTONE, WOOD . Freshwomen can now fondly reminisce over fhe big "rush" by upper-division men, counfing fhe conglomerafion of dance bids hanging on fhe dresser. The Frosh Bible can be packed away as a souvenir of fhe good old days. Firsf-year women on campus may look forward fo fhe longer and lafer hours of sophomore women, fhe ,privileges of being grown-up. The mosf imporfanf so- cial evenf on fhe freshman calendar was fhe gala informal dance held April I2 in fhe Pyfhian Casfle. Also sponsored by fhe class was a recepfion and mixer ,parfy for incoming members held early in fhe second semesfer. Freshmen joined wifh sophomores for a Chrisfmas dance. Af a noisy and enfhusiasfic meefing in fhe fall fhe following class officers were nominafed and subsequenfly elecfed: Bill Doyle, presidenfg Donna Ferguson, vice-presidenfg Jerry Bryan, secre- fary: Jimmy Johnsfon, freasurer. F Now fhaf fhe '39 crop of bewildered new freshmen have developed info a likely group of prospecfive sophomores fhey can look back, as we do, wifh a knowing smile on fhe compulsory wearing of dinks and fhe six weeks of hazing. They can look back wifh smug safisfacfion on fhe Frosh-Soph Brawl, climaxing fheir inifiafion info college life, which proclaimed fhem vicforious in mighf and main over sophomore men. They can recall foo fhe sweafing and sfraining of carfing debris fo fhe back of Baxfer Sfadium on Knoles Field for fhe big bon-fire rally, held as ,parf of fhe pre-game celebrafion for fhe San Jose baffle. l79 Hll COLLEGE Hllllllll Local socie+y honoring oulsfancling scholarship and acl'ivi+y achievement Margaref George ......, ,.., r..i.. .... .,.............. C h a n cellor Gladys Hughes ..,,,, .,..,r...r. V ice Chancellor Doris Hancock ,,,..... ..........,..,........ M arshall Charles Corbin ....... ........ S cribe BARTHOLOMEW BECKER Blonlclc OATTERALL CAVIGLIA FULLER GEORGE HUGHES HANCOCK EELLERS VONLOBENSELS LAMB LAGOMARSINO LOvELEss MALCOMSEN NEIDER NORTON PHIEER PULICH LEHMAN LOMBARDI SEWELL TITHERINGTON TRAVAILLE ElcOvlcH WENTZ WIRTH ISO BETH BETH BETH Na+ional Honorary sociefy for +T1e nafural sciences. Norma Canessa ........ ........,. Q .Presidenf Louis Heinrich ...,.. .................... V ice Presideni' Irene Canfon ,....E,. ., .....,, Secreiary Treasurer John Blinn .....,. ...s.,,, H isforian BLINN CANTON CANESSA GHOLZ GRAVES HEINRICH JESSUP JEUNG MILLER NORTON RAWLES TITHERINGTON ADAMINA DUN LAP JOHNSON MORSE SEIFERT Associafion of men who have earned major a+hle+ic awards. Bob Kein+z .,.... .............,. P residenf Sian Vaughn ..,Aa. .......,,,...... V ice Presidenf Al Irwin .A......... ......A S ecrefary Treasurer ATKINSON BENTLEY BONNIFIELD COLLETT COOPER DAI-IL GAY HEDGES HIGGINS I-IELLMAN IJAMS IRWIN KELLY KIENTZ LOONEY MCWILLIAMS MEARS MONOGAN NELSON PHIFER PURCELL RITCHIE ROGERS REMPLE SWAGERTY TRAVAILLE TRESIZE TULLOCH VAUGI-IN FINE DOW JACOBSEN MOORE SAPIRO TOMASINI '3 I82 I ELETHEHTHHU TEHCHERS Associa+ion of s+uden'r 'teachers a'FFilia'I'ed wiih The California Teachers associaiion under +he name "California S'I'uden+ Teachers Associa+ion". Presideni ....,.,.,....... ..e..a...,..... L eslie Roun+ree Vice Presicieni' .....,.....,... .....a..,. M ary Jane Dashiell Secreiary Treasurer .....,.,. ,.....,.,.. T revor GriFFi+l1s ANDERSON BURNS BUOY CARSON CRAVIOTTO CRAWFORD DASHIELL DIXON DURST E1ZEL FLICKINGER GOODWIN GENOCHIO GRIFFITHS HONSBERGER JORDAN MORRAL KOLB PERRIN RAILSBACK RAWLS ROUNTREE SAWYER SCANTLEBURY SINCLAIR TITHERINGTON VENTRE BROWN I83 FILIPIHU CLUB The smallesl club on 'lhe campus, ihe Filipino S+uclen+'s organizafion is also fhe mosi' acfive. ln adclilion +o a regular program of social and business mee+ings ihe group, assisied by Galen Harvey, sludenl Direcior of Afhlefic Publici+y, broughl +o fhe High School Audilorium fhe world famous Philippine Consiabulary Band which had been appearing daily al' fhe San Fran- cisco Golden Gaie Exposi+ion. This was 'rhe only appearance of The Band oufside fhe Fair. This ambifious underfaking was a iremendous success, realizing a proiif of 52,000 from +he crowd- ed house. The money has been devoied 'lo a revolving scholarship 'fund for Filipino sludenfs a+ Pacific. ' William Villarul ..s,.. ..,......,,,.,,,,,,,,s,,,,,,,, P resideni' Basisico lliav .,,.,....,. .,,,,,,,,,,,,,ss,,,,,. V ice Presideni' Marcello Umipeg ........ ,.V........... S ecrefary Treasurer lnnocenfes Godoniz ..,.,.. ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, A udifor Felix Conlillo .,........... ,,s,s,,,,s,, S ophomore Member CONTILLO VILLARUZ DAQUIADO UMIPEG I84 HUUSEHULD HRT-SCIENCE The newly organized Household Arrs and Sciences Club is for girls in+eres+ed in fhese sub- iecfs al' 'raughi' in fhe new depar+men+s of bolh Jnior and Senior Colleges. Polly Parsons ..,... ,,...A,,...s.,,,,.. P residen+ Marnie Nile ........... es.s...,........,, V ice Presidenr Clauclina Hauser ..,.s,.. .,.A..,.. S ecrefary-Treasurer Lucile Wilson ...s.rsr .rAr,.,.,. P ublicily Chairman ATOI-ILEY DARGITZ EBY PRATHER FIcOvIcI-I FIELD DOANE MCBRIDE NILES PARSONS DOMAN ROSSMAN SCHWIN6 SINGLETON STRADER STRONG TOMITA WEINSTEIN WILSON WILSON l85 IHU Nafional honorary sororify for achievemenf in music. Pauline Crawford .,.A...........,..,..,.,.............,,..r.....,..a..,..,..,..,,,,....,,..,,,,A,,A,,,.,,,....,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,., Miriam Bur'ron ......,......, CharIoH'e Smifh ........,, Frances Bowerman ......,,.. Marcella Thorp ........ Ardlne Phrfer .,,,.,....,.,..,AAArA Willwelmina Harberr Nelia Rogers ........,....,,.,,...., Virginia Brown ...,...... ARNOT BOWERMA LOYD KEEHNER Presidenr Presidenf .. .......,,. Corresponding Secre+ary .....,,.....,..Recorciing Secreiary Treasurer .,,.,......Warden ......,,.....Chorls+er ..............Chaplain ...,,,,,,,,,.,Hisiorian BURTON CRAWFORD HARRISON MEYER MILLER SHORT SMITH a i H-FR llU HLPHH HHPPH New local honorary sororily for oulsfanding Junior College women. I+ is sponsored by lhe A. W. S. Bonnie Smi1'l1 ...,.,e.... ee,,.,.,,..,,..e,,, P residenl Barbara Laddon ,........ ........... V ice Presidenl' Lois Bugbee .A............. .,e............... S ecrelary Lois Archibald ....,. ,,..e.., R eporfer ALBERTSON ARCHIBALD BEHNEY BIGHAM BRAGHETTA BUGBEE GUERNSEY HANNAY LADDON LAMBERT LENNOX MARCELLIN O'CONNOR RITCHIE RUDEBAUGH B. SMITH E. SMITH STABLER UDDEN . l 4 i ,. r ' ' L.. " , . 33, vfg' i ,i .. 1' ,we IAM-lii-NT i A -'-'A - . v ' ..T' ,U 1,1575 ' H Q l, b i l' -'- "" 2 1 H ..lI.,',l"Tv i"'-' hw: Nafional honorary dance sociefy. Laverne Lagorio ,.r.rrr rrr.r,.r ...,..........,.,,,. P r esidem' Joyce Blackmun ,,,,,,., .....,,,,.,,,,,,,, V ice Presideni' Jean Morrall ............ ,......., S ecrefary Treasurer Barbara Alberrson ,.A,........,,..., ..a., ...,.,e..,., C h oreographer Jeanne Marie Marbles+one .,,,,,. .e..... L ibrarian-Hisrorian ALBERTSON ARNOT BADGER BLACKMUN BOYES HAFELE LAGORIO LAMBERT MARBLESTONE MARCELLIN BUOY GOFF GOODWIN GREGSON GUERNSEY MORRAL RASCH RANNEY RITCHIE SAUNDERS WIRTH li UHTHU IHETH PHRH Orllmo Mefa Para is a local sociely honoring scl1olas+ic a'H'ainmen+ in Chemis+ry. Duane Sewell .......... ,.......o.. H igh Exal+ecl Alchemis+ Elwood Mol3FiH' .....,,... .,....o,,. M osi' Wor+hy Cafylizer Irene Canfon .......... .,,.,,...... S upreme Synfhesizer BLACK BLINN CANTON GILGERT HAAS HEINRICH HOLLAND JEssuP JEUNG KELLIHER JONTF MEYER MOFFITT NORTON ST. PETER SEWELL SMITH TOMS FRYE PHI IIIU HIPHH Nafional fra+erni+y honoring oufsfanding achievmenf in music. Alberf Miller .........,.. .,...,,,,, 4.... .A...,.,A. ......,............,.. P r e s ideni' Clayfon Long ....,,AA,,., .....,.... V ice Presideni TecI Norfon .......A.A...,.A ............ S ecrefary Forresf HonnoIcI ....,,,,..Y ............. T reasurer Irving Frifz A......,..,....... ,......... W arden Bob Harrison .....o,o.r,o A...r...,,o, I , .rrr ,. ,... ..,... .......,...,, H i sforian BERRY ENDERLIN FRITZ HARRISON HOLTON LAMB LONG MILLER MORSE NORTON PURCELL WESCOTT RAMSEY PHI SIIHHH GHHIHIH Nafional honorary socie+y giving recognifion for ou+s+ancling scholarship in modern languages Philip Alosi ..,......,,....,..,A....... A.i,,A.,.. ............,....,i. P r esicleni' Milclercl Lagomarsino ,.,.,...... ..... Vice Presidenl Gladys Hughes ..,........A.... .....,........ S ecrefary Ann Hodgkins ........ .......,,, H isforian BISHOFBERGER FLICKINGER HODGKINS Hue-HES LAGOMARSINO JORDAN LEHMAN NORTON I9I PI GHHHHH HIU Marfin Pulich ....,..,,.,, A,A,,,...,.,.,. ,,.,,,,,,,,,,, P resideni' Ingeborg Van Loben Sels ,,.....,, .,,,, ,,,,,,,,A,, V ice Presiden-r M. R. Eisben ,,,,.......,AA..A.,,A....,..., ....V,, S ecrefary Treasurer BARTHOLOMEW BRIARE CANESSA CATTERALL CAVIGLIA CRAVIOTTO DUNLAP GRAVES HUGHES IMMEL , KIENU NEIDER PHlFER POWELL PULICH TITHERINGTON TRAVAILLE VONLOBENSELS l92 Pl HHPPH HLPHH New local honorary sorori+y for ou+s+anding Senior College women. I+ is sponsored by 'l'l'1e A. W. S. Marguerife E+zel .,,,,.. .....,... ,.,....,l,r.....,. P r esiclenr Be'H'y Fliclcinger .,.,,,r,,., .,,,.,.,...,.,..,,, V ice Presidenl Lois Genoclmio .......,........... .....................r,,, .....,..rr....., ..........,... S e c refary-Treasurer BARTHOLOMEW r BISHOFBERGER CANESSA CHAPMAN DIXON ETZEL GENOCHIO HALL JORDAN MORRAL SEAVERS SMITH SINCLAIR M7 l93 PH I H HU PI Phi Rho Pi is ihe nalional honorary socieiy 'For Junior College deba+ers. Officers are: Claude Hogan ............ ,......,..,.,..,.... P resideni' Allan Breed ....,.,.... ..4.,a.,,.,.. V ice Presidenf Lois Archibald ......,. .....s....... S ecrefary Pi Kappa Delia, nafional honorary socie+y for cleloaie and forensics, has no elecied officers ARCHIBALD BARTHOLOMEW BIDDICK BREED FLETCHER FULLER PHIFER PULICH THORNTON KIENTZ KEGLER PIHHPPH DELTH Sfudenf cenfer is fhe Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion on 'rhe campus of fhe College of fhe Pacific. This ioinf Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. is designed fo supplemenf our curricular educafion and provides an opporfunify for leadership fraining and fellowship among sfudenfs. If is concerned wifh deepening and sfrengfhening fhe infel- lecfual, spirifual, and moral fiber of ifs members. , Chrisfian emphasis in our every-day living, in all our relafionships as members of campus, communify, and sfafe, has been our goal fhis year. lf has been soughf by sfudy and discussion groups: in problems of race relafions, by fhe Cosmopolifan Club, in fhe migranf labor sifuafion, by fhe Public Affairs group, in nafional problems, by fhe "Town Meefing of fhe Air" lisfening group, in quesfions of relig- ious undersfanding, by fhe ,Meefing of fhe Crossways". Efforf has been made fo pracfice if in work commiffees concerned wifh social welfare, finance, publicify, member- ship, depufafions, chapel planning, and cabin building. Help has been gained fhrough devofional services and worship in Chapel. Associafion wifh fellow sfudenfs has been one of fhe values obfainecl from fhe Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion by ifs members. Increased enioymenf has been made pos- sible fhis year by a new cenfer for ifs acfivifies . . . fhe lovely new unif of Anderson Hall. Besides facilifies for bull-fesfing, lunch-eafing, reading, and commiffee-meefing, fhere is ample room for fhe evenfs parficipafed in by large numbers of members, fhe monfhly general meefings, large-dinners. . . membership, finance, and Annual Ban- quef, and such parfies as fhe Pumpkin Pie Social, fhe Chrisfmas Parfy, fhe mid-year Frosh Mixer, and fhe Cos- mopolifan Dance. The SCA Cabin af Hogan Dam has been used during 'lhe year for fhe picnics and week-end conferences fhaf are ai valuable supplemenf fo regular campus acfivify. V ABOVE: MARGARET CAMPBELL. BELOW: COLLIVER. LOVELESS. HALL, GALT F? l l S Members of fhe impor'I'an+ SCA Cabinei' are Bob Bovey, Jean McBride, Ar'r Smifh, Lorraine Ingram, Gladys Bariholomew, Clio Abercrombie, Doug Powell, Mae Weigari, Jackie Parker, Jean Folleffe, Bill Workman, Bill Rofhschild, Dick Ulrey, Jackie Ong, Miriam Spuller, Ruih Coward, Sam Takagishi, Elizabefh Howden, Effie iCalderwood, Weldon Wesi. Officers of ihe organizafion for I939-40 were Alice Hall, presidenfg Granl' Colli- ver, vice-president Veryl Galt secrefaryg Jay Loveless, freasurer. llElUlllHll CLUB FALL John De ArrieHa ................,........................, Presidenf v Dorofhy Bragheffa .......,.............,.. Vice-Presideni Rufh Schrnidf ..,,..,.,.......... .,.,.,....,,.,,...s,. S ecrefary Carl Zumsfeln ,........,,..,..............,... ........... T reasurer SPRING John Fannucchl ......................,,....,.,.............. Presiden+ Doroihy Braghelfa ,..,......,..,......s... Vice-Presidenl' Conslance Fisher .,,,,,..... ,.,..,,...,,,,, S ecreiary John De ArrleH'a ..,...,,,, ,r,r,,r,.,,,,,,, T reasurer FANNUCCHI, De ARRIETTA. BRAC-JHETTA, FISHER THETH HLPHH PHI Nafional Honorary Dramaric Socieiy. Lucian ScoH' ...A.......... -... ................. Presiclenf Clarilael Coffman .,,.......... .,........ V ice Presiclenl Grace Rifberg .........,..,, .,,,.,...,..,.,. S ecrefary Carl Fuller ,.,.....,....... AA...... , .... T reasurer COFFMAN FULLER GEORGE GOBEL KNOLES KRAsNow MILLER ROSE ROSS SCOTT SINCLAIR TANNER Local social sociefy. Gladys Sanguineffi ............., .,.,..K .....A.............. P r esidenf Peggy Bigham ......... ..,.,....,...,,...,.,..,.....A.... V ice Presiclenf Alice Phelps ....... ............ . ., ...,...... Corresponding Secrefary Cafherine Saunders ....... ,...,,...,.,...........,...,.,..,..,.,,..,.....,,,.......A. H isforian Jane? Lehman ............. ...............,...,.,..... ...,,...,, R e cording Secrefary-Tfeasurer ABRAMS ANDERSON ANTONIUS ATCHLEY BARTHOLOMEW BIGHAM BISHOFBERGER BOYES BLUM BRINK BUOY CRAWFORD DURST EBY FOLLETTE FERRETTI GERMAN GORDON HANNAY HARTER HAYMOND HOTCHKISS JONES KIENTZ LEH MAN LENNOX LEVER MEYER MITCHELL MORGAN NEWBERRY PARSONS PHELPS QUIST ROSSMAN SANGUINETTI SAUNDERS SEGALE SCHWING SINGLETON TAKAI THORP TITHERINGTON VON LOBENSELS WELLS WERNER YOUNG FERGUSON '- - ---- -'-' ----- -f -'- Y ag-W V M U www 1---' 1 1 ---A l A-- r,,.,:.,-Y,, -hw - Y ., , - - , 'E A- ' V nn' - - 4-Q ' I99 Lafe in fhis lasf semesfer fhe Gymnasium burned, as is shown af fhe leff. This blaze picfured was fhe second wifhin fwo weeks. Bofh were obviously of incendiary origin and local po- lice, cooperafing wifh fhe Sfafe Fire Warden and local Fire De- parfmenf officials soon had in cusfody Joe Paul Gioveneffi, 23, freshman sfudenf. Gioven- effi, apparenfly mofivafed by a desire for public acclaim, con- fessed cheerfully, demonsfrafed his mefhod of operafion, even admiffed previous fires sef in San Jose. Af fhis wrifing sen- fence has nof been passed. This book was prinfed af fhe Rosensfeel Prinfing Company in Sfockfon. The eclifor fakes fhis op- porfunify fo fhank all fhe sfaff of fhaf esfablishmenf for fheir painsfaking assisfance and for fhe excellence of fheir work. The covers were made by Silvius and Schoenbackler of Sacramenfo and fhe book was bound by Bushman-Risen Co. of Oakland. Engravings were made by fhe California Arf 8: Engraving Co. of Berkeley. The inferesf of fheir represenfafive, Mr. Marvin Bonds, in fhis book has been much appreciaf- ed and fhe cooperafion of fhis organizafion in fhe somefimes difficulf work on fhese cufs has been ex- fremely helpful. All layouf is fhe work of fhe edifor, Bob Basfian, as is all phofography excepfing fhe picfures nofed hereaffer. Class, Living group. and honor sociefy porfraifs by Clarkson Sfudio, p37 Four af fop by Dave Smifh. Siocldon' hi b p57 San Jose Game by Tom 'Woodruff II B f' -P ' B H D' . P as :an I er Y e 'Y 'mn pi I4 SCA Consfrucfion by James Wilson. pl4 Basflan by James Wilson. 1 I U G b T W d H All Drama picfures are by fhe Hollywood Sfudio excephng fhe double P28 roup Y om oo ru ' spread on pp. I38-9. which are by Arnold Williams of fhe Sfockfon p3I Sfagg-Warner by Bill Regan, San Jose Sfafe College. Record, PP33'35'36 bv Jim Holden. pI48 Ccurfesy American Ballef Caravan. 34 Three al boflom by Kai Takei. p20O Fire by Jim Holden. P ZOO 1- f MBS ww f 617: 5 fs fx x W Q N x '30 H QEQIHEQTIU 5 9 J ill- Y Q ,Q l May Your Future - Bring You Success and Ilappin f5 1 I n ' 1' .Y gf' Sears, Hnuhulzk and Cn. Stockton, Caliiornia ----------:::::::::------v--.m F .D F . 1 ,, AI R-CONDITION ED MI II I I I 'I 'I BOBB-INN FOR REFRESHMENTS OR SANDWICHES Quick Efiicienf Curb Service Open 'IIII I:00 A. M I THE WQNDERQIIIQ I 340 Eas+ Main S+. S+ock+on Phone 6-687I STOCKTON'S FINEST SHOP FOR WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S APPAREL I Free Parking a'I CIark Garage Have Your Claim Check VaIida'I'ecI aI' II The "Bobb-Inn CHARLIE DAHL, Propriefor Phone 3-2208 II47 N. EI Dorado S+ree+ If I The Wonder OUALITY PRODUCTS ' I 5 am-.+I ,.,., P It ' 4 4 IIAI , ,,,I,. " CIT .,,. 77Wi7i77i?7,,f 7YZ57Lw:::. I 'E K "Vw - 1 m v N ff .K -x milllk Producer L51 NEIL I 4 fbi Anoolltlon I V 5' I ! ll , oumzioauv. . 1 g 1 .ll A 0 0 , "' '-f ' teurizediivfff Q' 'A f I ,035 oval rouun I Q .J un' wlmuv I .S NSWECTENED I I :::.'::.'-" , f Stv- 0 I , I5 ral I 1 QOQQT E 5 . , in H 1. Manufaciured by MILK PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL CALIFORNIA PLANTS LOCATED AT 540 Soufh Pilgrim S'Iree+ 5I0 Ninfh Sfreei' MODESTO STOCKTON 202u T T D I T R Y Members ol Pacilic Sludenl Associalion, and Facully ol lhe College ol Pacilic and Slocklon Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Relerence lo Piclures. Abdallah, Adaline, 1302 E. Church, Slocklon-172 Abdallah, Alice, 1302 E. Church, Slocklon-I72 Abboll, Fred, Oakley-96, 165 Abboll, Jane, Oakley-88 Abboll, June, 38 Parker Ave., Tracy Abercrombie, Clio, Lakeporl-I72 Addis, Wm., 3051 Wisconsin Ave., Oakland-I72 Adamina, Bob, 5250 Desmond, Oak.-56, 69, 100, 152, 182 Abrams, Jean, 1054 Counlry Club Blvd., Slocklon-I72 Akers, Marion, 420 N. Cenlral, Slocklon Alberlson, Barbara, 844 W. Park Slocklon-47, I72, 187, 188 Alexander, Jean, Winlon Aldrich, Harry, 1031 Foolhill Blvd., Napa Allen, Frank, 471 Brislol Ave., Slocklon Allen, William, 740 Pinehursl Dr., Pasadena Allen, Marie, 217 Knoles Way, Slocklon Anderson, Roberl, Linden Anderson, Bob, 5815 Clover Dr., Oakland-100 Anderson, Genemarie, 142 High, Sanla Cruz-92, 165 Anderson, June, 1043 N. Slocklon Sl., Slocklon-I72 Anderson, Leland, 1404 N. Commerce, Sl., Slocklon Anderson, Lucille, Susanville, Calil.-I52, 183, 198 Anlonius, Belle, Sumner, Washinglon Anlonius, Grace, Sumner, Washinglon Appel, Forresl, Gilroy, Calil.-172 Archibald, Lois, 1843 N. Cenler Slocklon-17, 172, 187, 194 Arnol, Jean, Sloan, Nevada-90, 102, 163, IB6, 188 Arnold, John, 2390 N. Calilornia Sl., Slocklon Alchley, Helen, 2ll E. Poplar Sl., Slocklon-165, 185, 198 Alkins, George, 64 Oak Ridge Rd., Berkeley Alkinson, Ernie, 516 Park Way, Piedmonl- 68,78,100,10I,103,152,182 Alon, Terry, I 146 N. La Cienega, Los Angeles Auch, Frederick, 322 E. Elm Sl., Lodi Ausled, J. C., 41 I E. Rose Sl., Slocklon Ayoub, Helen, Greenville, Calil. Bacon, Allan, 125 Sladium Drive, Slocklon Bacon, Fred, 726 Arlinglon Ave., Berkeley Badger, Bernadine, 2645 Buchanan, S. F.-92, I52, 188 Baer, Grelchen, Associaled, Calil. Baer, Mary Barbara, Associaled, Calif.-10, 90, 165 Baird, Mary Frances, 535 Embarcadero, Palo Allo Baker, Belly Jane, 930 N. Elm Sl., Slocklon Baldwin, Karl, 2595 Virginia Sl., Berkeley Barnell, Mildred, Auburn, Calil.-88 Barnes, James, 435 W. Park Sl., Slocklon-98 Barlon, Louise, 1022 Peralla Ave., Berkeley Baplisla, Mildred, 106 5lh Sl., Pelaluma-I52 Baslian, Bob, 2310 Dwighl Way, Slocklon-I I, I4, 152 Ball, Donald, 3808 Rigler Way, Sacramenlo-165 Ballew, Fred, 428 E. Pine Sl., Slocklon-64, I72 Barber, Frank, W., 414 W. Poplar Sl., Slocklon Barry, Belly, 2271 Cowpers Sl., Palo Allo- Barlh, Belle, 924 N. Suller, Sl., Slocklon Barlholomew, Gladys, Ripon- 17,I50,152,180,192,193,194,198 Baum, Janel, 308 Clark Dr., San Maleo Bawden, A. T., 24 E. Arcade Sl., Slocklon Baxler, Arlelle, I 136 N. Suller Sl., Slocklon Beanland, John, 642 Golden Gale Ave., Slocklon-78 Beck, Roberl, 1025 56lh Sl., Oakland Becker, Bill, 14600 Euclid, Cleveland, Ohio- 9, IO, I2,55, 100, 104, 152,180 Bedell, Olive, Associaled, Calil.-I72 Beheney, Belly, 960 Brislol Ave., Slocklon-88, 187 Benard, Gladys, 1120 W. Acacia Sl., Slocklon Bendel, Winilred, Niles, Calil. Bennells, Bernice, Rl. 5, Sacramenlo Belilsky, Manuel, 621 N. Cenler Sl., Slocklon-98, 105 Benlley, Dick, 1452 Dorolhy Dr., Glendale- 52,96, 151, 152,182 Black, Jimmie, 460 Regenl Sl., Slocklon-96, I72, 189 Berg, Cynlhia, 515 Alabama Sl., Vallejo Bergslen, Clio, Walnul Creek, Calil. Berine, Josephine, 9053 Clovis Berry, Roy, Roseville-98, 99, I52, I72, 190 Berlrane, Jack, 874 24lh Ave., San Francisco-64, 98 Berue, Richard, 409 W. Vine Sl., Slocklon Bewley, Ross, Rl. 6, Slocklon Belz, E. S., 1251 Wesl Elm Sl., Slocklon-19 Biddick, Bill, I 145 N. Orange Sl., Slocklon- 194 9, Il, IB, 98, 164, 165, 180 Billups, Jeanne, 135 Sladium Dr. Slocklon Bigelow, Billy, 1033 S. Calilornia Sl., Slocklon Bingham, Peggy, 931 N. EI Dorado Sl., Slkn.-I72, 187, 198 Binlord, Carl, 3647 Magee Ave., Oakland-104 Bird, Wayne, 722 E. Channel Sl., Slocklon-64, 100 Bisholberger, Doris, Rl. 2, Lodi-42, 152, 191, I93, 198 Bishop, Donald, 135 Venlura Sl., Valleio Blackman, Joyce, 805 S. Regenl Sl., Slocklon-90, 165, 188 Blaikie, John, 36 N. Washinglon Sl., Whillier Blackwell, Charles, Brenlwood-64 Blanchard, Annelle, Rl. 2, Pelaluma, Calil.-172 Blinn, John, 1431 Argonne Dr., Slocklon-96, I52, 181, 189 Blum, Susan, 3634 Kingsley Sl., Oakland-198 Bodne, Roberl, Lemon Cove, Tulare Bodley, J., I52 Sladium Drive, Slocklon Boege, Joyce, French Camp. Calil.-172 Bollon, Thomas, 1347 E. Charler Way, Slocklon-98 Boller, Arleen, 845 W. Vine Sl., Slocklon Bonnilield, Fred, Slale I-lospilal, Slocklon-76, 98, 153, I82 Boone, Melva, I307 Firsl Sl., Napa, Calil.-I72 Bosch, Carroll, 427 E. Hawlhorne, Slocklon-165 Boslon, Margarel, 430 Bedlord Rd., Slocklon Bowe, Thomas, 629 N. Harrison Sl., Slocklon-15, 100 Bowerman, Francis, II 15 N. Edison Sl., Slocklon-186 Bowie, Barbara, 2120 Los Angeles, Berkeley 165 BB, 89, 102, 104, Bovey, Roberl, 3501 N. Commerce, Slocklon-67, 96, 153 Bowring, Doris, 133 High, Modeslo-104 Boyes, Florence, 7070 Lomila Ave., Slocklon-47, 188, 198 Boyarsky, Willis, 39 N. River Sl., San Jose-98 Braghella, Dorolhy, 1531 Linden Dr., Slocklon-187, 196 Bran, Clillord, 621 E. Channel Sl., Slocklon Branslord, John, 1 I9 W. Flora Sl., Slocklon 203 EL DCRADO MEAT MARKET No. 1 , ' A . 5.55- '4 ,Q ff' . 4- ,. 'I.-:I,-57'-.-.-:E:2:2:2:2:1"" , af" -52:5 414-1371 .ig 4 :Sb fifEr!f52QEgE5:3:3:E1E13"" " 4 Q. 1 'Eil ' . 1- ':4:1'i:1"-3-1-:-ig1:3:g:g.g13' '55 . :zgzgrzirz-1-:-:-.,. .fz-:g:3:3,, wg, 1: 4- ft-:-kt-:-:,:-rl:-:-. :-:A w.-I-" . . . ,I Q .'-'-:-:-:-:-:-Z-1--- -2:5-. ft.. 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' 1.,.:-:,:g:3:5:::5:g::.,, 4,:1::.5f-4:-:::1:g,5., A .114-z . -:::::::. . .g ' ., air '-4-4:..:.w- f3f122 '- f?25221:5:23E52zEzE5E5' , -:.-.-:'7i"Efff25Eff,fE:7ZE ' f :EL "7555:5: "' 7 5 13'-'T f':1:22:2:2!: "'-- igfifiiiz1:11115zfrfifliifiiiii:-:-. . ,..-:2f1:1:5' 5 :"" " .1.1I-523512. ' 'g:g:g2:1:2:2:b3'3.f:2:Q. 25 isis. 15522251 .. "'2?SEE921i12ff'- ''":55E335355E5EfE5E5i55325355525555ifiiizlzi' """"'?'?'?35E5i5E13f5E5E3:' ''1':i?E5E2Es22i5QiaE5ZSz:.. 5.35, 25:21, m:Q:Q:2.,"' ' Wig.: ' zz.. 'T'-:-:-zr: :-qS:1:Q:5:Qt255gggQgQ- gm-elf" .-.-.-:gg32:5-Q:Q:f:2:f:Qi3i1: :2:21gQggg:::::-.-:N-'ff' :,E51g.:5:51E1:, '2253E23E3:5,, , "'N1E5: :1 2f2' 1i1E5:1g:55 .-:-:-:g:3:5:2:2:2: +513 1 1 . - I.E:2:::-:gg-:-1 . 4 - - ,,-mg, -:-.'.-1,21 2'..:3.g:.I:'."Tq'?? I'131j"'5: S -.,gS5gI:I:+, ,:f.,-:zi.::g.-:-, . "f'5:1:-:-:-ggzqzgtgtgiztnf. izfif x .4-"1-'-"' 4 :I Cz' -. '"3'1:1:E:21E1g-,.'C1112:I:1:1:f:3:2:212Ig1g-.'1''-.. "7'Z1E1:2:-:1:t3:257!E:E:9 - - '3'3'1 - 3 3:2-' .3 ' ' :2I32f1?," "": ' 7 52:l'5:Zf11f2E5f121Ei2i:2:-. ""11E1S2f5f7:-filirf ..-3' 525: ' .:?:2'fCEZ5:p -' ':l:i'2:3:fb858 '4' ---,5:Nkk15:5:i:-. ':3:1:f:1:"' I - ' " '. - ' n1' 1""" - . ' -. . , '-:-:. '- '.'.g.g.p-1-1-1 - f - .1-1-1-415:-:g.gz.. ' -' -, 4- 44-zz-:iz-. f., .. . . -..m,,,-Az. --'nu NIELSON BRCJTHERS D I R E T Y Members of Pacific Sfudenf Associafion, and Faculfy of fhe College of Pacific and Sfockfon Junior College. Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference fo Picfures. Bransfad, Frances, Lodi--88 Bransfad, Marif, Lodi-88 Breed, N. J.. 95 W. Alpine. Sfockfon Breed. Allen-8, I8. 98, I69, I94 Breeden, Roberf, 54 Knoles Way-5I, 67 Breniman, Marie, l5l Euclid Ave., Broaddus, C. A.. I036 N. Cenfer, Sfockfon Briare, George, I0 N. Pilgrim Sf., Sfockfon-96, I53, I92 Bridegroom, Befhel, Turlock Briggs, Hamilfon, 747 W. Poplar Sf., Sfockfon-4l Brink, Elaine. Ripon. Calif.-I65, l98 Brown, Bernice, 9fh Sf., Lodi-88, l53, l83 Brown, John, 242 Burna Ave., Napa, Calif.-64, 65 Brown. De Marcus, I42 Knoles Way, Sfockfon Brown, Horace, 96 Euclid. Sfockfon Brown, Nancy, 926 E. Main Sf., Sfockfon Browne.-Sfewarf, Il3I W. Harding Way, Sfockfon-78, 80 Brown. Virginia, 7I7 W. Brisfol, Sfockfon-l23 Brownell, Dave, Manfeca-69, 85, l0O, I65 Broz, Maxine, 735 Miller S+., San Jose Buoy, Aileen, 2030 Pacific Buoy, Florence, Rf. 6, Sfockfon-I53, I83, I88, I98 Brubeck. David, lone, Calif. Brusso, Merle, 455 EI Camino Real, Vallejo Bryan, Ferry, I I47 W. Rose Sf.. Sfockfon Bryson, Alfareffa, 6I7 N. San Joaquin Sf.. Sfockfon-94 Buck, Lillian, I243 W. Willow Sf., Sfockfon Budin, Harrief, 2000I Pacific Ave., Sfockfon-92 Bugbee Lois, 39 Blanchford Sf., Oakland--90, I87 Burns, Bob, Sfadium Drive, Sfockfon-l23 Burns, Kafhleen, I29 Sf. Dinuba, Calif.--I83 Burfon, Miriam. I55 W. Alpine, Sfockfon-I86 Burfon, Jacqueline, Linden, Calif.-90 Burns, Elaine, 405 Linden Hfs., Auburn-I53 Bush, Buford, 338l 87fh Sf., Oakland-I04. I65 Bush, Ida. 2l5 E. 45fh Sf., Madera, Calif. Bufcher, Nancy, II33 Willow Sf., Marfinez-I5 Bufler, Dixie, Tonopah, Nevada-94 Caifo, John. 78l I Arfhur Sf., Oakland Calderwood, Effie, l540 Alfamira, Marfinez Calderwood, Janef, I540 Alfamira, Marfinez Calkins. Jo Ann, I IO6 Barreff Ave., Richmond Call, Dorofhy, I028 S. School Sf., Lodi Cameron. Sarah, 46l E. I2fh Sf., Piffsburg-88, I65 Camicia, John, 34l E. Hampfon, Sfockfon-63. 64. 74, 75 Campbell, Max, I735 School Sf., Lodi-4I Campbell, Margaref, Sealrile, Wash.-I95 Canfon, Irene, 3l5 W. Charfer Way, Sfkn.-I53, I8I, l89 Capps. Charlie. 029 Cenfral, Alameda Campadonico, Consfance. I5l W. Elm Sf., Sfockfon-I53 Canessa. Norma, Rf. 4, Sfockfon-I53, l8l, l92, I93 Carson, Paf, 430 Lexingfon-I6, 92, 93, l02, I49, l53, l83 Carlson, Genevieve, l235 N. Harrison Sf., Sfockfon-I2I Cash, Chairmian, 3500 Harly Dr., Oakland--27, I07. I7O Caviglia, George, 433 W. Poplar S+., Sfockfon-67, I54 Caviglia, Melvin, I004 Beafrice, Sfockfon-96, I54, l80, I92 Carfer, Grace, I I9 Sfadium Drive, Sfockfon-I20 Cafferall, James, l320 S, San Joaquin Sf., Sfockfon- 67, 78, I53, I80, l92 Caubu, Jean, 2lO0 Green, San Francisco-90, I65 Cencirrulo, Elfon, 233 Church Sf., Lodi-98 Chaney, Sam, I73 Elwood, Redwood Cify-98, I65 Chapman. Virginia, l234 Emerson, Palo AIfo- 8, 42, 90, I53, I93 Choveffe, Lee, 436 E. Lindsay, Sfockfon Churchill, Jack, Rf. 2, Box 289B. Sfockfon-l72 Chinchiolo, Andrew, I326 W. Magnolia, Sfockfon Chiffick, Lorraine. 27l6 Fulfon, Berkeley Cicinafo, Jerry. 420 E. Clay. Sfockfon-98 Claire, Bud. 644 Dwighf Way, Berkeley Clark, Larr , 403 N. School Sf., Lodi-63, 64 Clark, Frecli 243 E. Arcade S+., Sfockfon Clark, Roberf, I I I4 N. Harrison Sf., Sfockfon Clarke, Olive. I534 Arch, Berkeley-I07 Clifford, Dorris, Rf. 2, Sfrafhmore-90 Cline, George, Camanche Coafs, Ted. I436 Courf, Marfinez-64 Coe. Norman, 2620 Marshal Way, Sacramenfo-67 Coffman, Claribel, 58 San Benifo. San Francisco- 9O. I36, I64, I65. I97 Cohen, Lillian, 2564 E. Main Sf., Sfockfon Cohen, Maurice, I746 N. Cherokee, Hollywood-I65 Coll, Evereff, Lockeford, Calif. Collef. Richard, I040 Carlfon, Sfockfon-98. I65, I82 Colliver, Granf. 95 Euclid, Sfockfon-I95 Colliver, G. H. 95 Euclid, Sfockfon-I65 Colvan, Ellen. Sarafoga-92 Combs, Craig, 332 62nd Sf.. Oakland Combs, Marian, 332 62nd Sf., Oakland Conway, Roberf, Rf. 2, Sfockfon-I3, 78 Conn, Roberf, 573 Beacon, Oakland-96 Connelly, T. E., I630 N. Hunfer Sf., Sfockfon Conway, Ann, Escondido Coward, Rufh, 941 Lincoln Ave., Napa-88 Conchelre. Marion. 6I9 W. Willow Sf., Sfockfon Cook, Roberf. 343 Kenilworfh, San Leandro-98 Cook, Mary, Lokoya Lodge-90 Cook, Vernez, 955 Talberf, Marfine Cooley, Sfanford, 4l Cenfer, Yreka-78 Cooper, Roy, I6760 Sherman Way, Van Nuys, Calif.- 54, 96, I54, I82 Cornog, Grace. I20 E. Adams, Sfockfon Corry, Jean, 258 Fulfon Sf., Sfockfon Corson, J. H., 945 N. Commerce Sf., Sfockfon-67, I22 Corfelyou, Helen, 575 N. Providencia, Burbank-I5, 92, I73 Cosseff. Douglass, 4023 Laurel, Oakland-98 Cosfello, Mary, Il6l W. Elm Sf., Sfockfon Coffrell. Lenore, 336 N. Oak Napa, Sfockfon-I73 Cox, Fred, Rf. I, Palo Alfo Cox, John. Rf. I, Palo Alfo Cox, Grace, Linden Craig, Kay. IO6 Pacific, Piedmonl' Crane. Rufh, 444 Union, Fairfield-I73 Crawford. IOI5 Garden Sf., Sfockfon-I83, l86, I54, I98 Cravioffo, Yolanda, 2915 Pacific. Sfockfon-l83, I54, I92 Crevelli, Mae. IO37 S. Cenfer S+., Sfockfon Cross, Celia.. Rf. I, Concord-90, l07, I79 Cross, Roger, Rf. I, Concord-98 205 fffff-A :::::::::ff:ffffff-'-'fff-1 - '------- - ---------- --- - - '+ C - Ph S I' 'I a"'e"'S CIO "PPWS cl-mls. E. STABLER, D. D. s. Phofographs LOGAN CAMERA SHOP DENNST 20 N' San Joaquin Sheei, Suife I003, Medico-Denfal Building Phone 2-2I48 Phone 7-7623 Sfockfon, Calif. I CENTRAL DRUG CO. F.J. O'DONNELL, M. D. M d' - I 'Id' :I California Sfreef and Weber Avenue 8II e ICO Denlia Bu' mg ,, Phone 7-70lI and 7-70I2 Sfoclcfon, Calif. 1, Sfoclcfon, California t Complirnenfs of Complimenfs of I LANGLEY COLLIS, M. D. DR. DAINGERFIELD M Suife 6Il Medico-Denfal Building lf Phone 6-6I56 Medico-Denfal Bldg.. Sioddon . California E. LYNWOOD BLACKMUN, M. D. GEO. I'I. SANDERSON, M. D. ' IIOI Medico-Denfal Building ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY P Sfocldon. California ' Suife l205 Medico-Denfal Building Phone 2-0347 Complimenfs of MINERVA GOODMAN, M. D. C""'P'i"'e""S of Medica-Denfal Building IRVING S, ZIEMER' M, D. Phone 2-3838 C- A- BROADDUS. M- D- NATHAN BARBOUR, M. D. EYE- Ear- N059- and Thfoaf Diseases of fhe Hearf Medioc-Denfal Building lf Phone 2-I4l9 Sfocldon, Calif. Sfoclcfon, California Complimenfs of Compllmemisof NEUMILLER 81 DITZ DR, ALBERT MARCHANT ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS I Bank of Al'T1eI"ICB SIOCIKIOH. California I Complimenfs of ll Il Complimenfs of DR. WALSH DR. WILLIAM LYNCH 1:,,,,: J, 206 Members of Pacific S+uden+ Associafion, and Faculry of +he College of Pacific and S+ock+on Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference +o Picfures. Dahl, Ivy, Mokelumne Hill Dahl, Earle, I37 E. Pine S+., S+ock+on-67, l00, I54, I82 Dahlgren, Be++y, l4I0 32nd S+., San Francisco-I07 Dal Por+o, Le+afrances, 403 W. l0+h S+., Tracy Danner, Helen, 72I7 W. Willow Sf., S+ock+on Dargiiz-173, las Dashiell, Mary Jane, 20I8 Yale, Sacramen+o-I04, I54, I83 Daugher+y, Marvin, 33I E. Third S+., S+ock+on Daussa+, Juanifa, 904 Firs+, Woodland Davidson, Genevieve, 735 Homer S+., S+ock+on Davis, Harrie+, Associafed, Calif. Davidson, Harrie+, 26I8 Wes+mins+er, S+ock+on-I5 Davis, Jean, R+. I, Walnu+ Grove Davis, George, 43 W. Walnuf S+., S+ock+on Davis, Lorraine, 560 32nd, Oakland Davies, Na+han, 439 4O+h, Oakland-82, 83 Davies, Tom, 253 E. 9+h, Pi++sburg Davis, Wheeler. Man+eca, Calif.-74, 78 Dean, Bill, 358 San Carlos, Piedmon+-4l, 98, I65 Dean, John, Concord De Arrie++a, John, I45 Sperry S+., S+ock+on-I 54, I96 Dedrick, Farrell, I4 Hogus S+., San+a Cruz-80 DeHaan, Abel, l637 S. Su++er S+., S+ock+on DeLacy, Cafherine, 2340 Pacheco, Marfinez De Lazzer, Joe, Ru+herford Delph, Jane, I307 Beach, Valleio Deluca, Gene, 22I3 Spaulding, Berkeley De Mark, Es+her, 2I W. Highland, Tracy Dennis, John, 55 San Andreas- Way, San Francisco Denny, Ed, l2I6 Corfez, Burlingame De Puy, Clarence, 320 San Carlos, Piedmon+-I00 Devoe, Jack, 840 N. Edison S+., S+ock+on-82, 83 Dewey, Rober+, I45 Alpine S+., S+ock+o'n-96, I65 Deering, Ellen, 3640 Pacific Ave.,-I23 Dieckmann, Harold, Modesfo-96, I00, I03 Dixon, Be++y, 40 Buena Vis+a, Salinas- ll,l3,92,93,l02,l54,l83,l93 Doane, Virginia, I020 N. Van Buren S+., S+ock+on-94, l85 Dobrasin, Mar+in, Il4 N. Church S+., Lodi Dodge, Phyllis, Provo, U+ah-90 Dornan-I85 Doscher, Jean, Linden Douglas, Be++e, Merced-I06 Dow, Les, I2 Springs Rd., Vallejo-55, 67, 98, I69, I73, I82 Dowdall, Helen, 85 Euclid, S+ock+on-88 Downing, John, Glasgow, Ken+ucky Downs, Rober+, I29 S+ra+ford, Redwood Ci+y-98, I65 Doyle, Bill, I I2I N. Baker S+., Sfockfon-9, I78 Drew, Jeanne, Oakdale Du+lin. Kennefh, 35I W. Broadmour, San Leandro Durham, Charles, Lickiny, Mo.-I00 Du Praw, Harry, Susanville-4I, 78, 98, I65 Dunlap, Edi+hfern, l23 E. Magnolia S+., S+ock+on-I73 Durs+, Barbara. 748 Fourfh, Woodland- 94,I04,l54,I73,I83,l98 Dunlap, Pa+, Licking, Mo.-9, 67, l00, I03, I50, l54, I82, I92 Dykes, Earl, 69 Oakmon+, Piedmonl' Ea+on, Richard, I007 N. California S+., S+ock+on Eames, Beffeanne, 362 Marin, Berkeley-25 Earley, David, R+. 2, S+ock+on-78 Easby, Jacqueline, R+. I, Merced-90 Ebbeson, Rober+, 264l Humboldf, Oakland Eby, George, 22I0 Dwigh+ Way, S+ock+on Eby, Lula, R+. I, Walla Walla, Wash.-I35, I85, I98 Edinger, Jeanne++e, Ripon-I07 Edwards, Joan, 8I5 W. Magnolia S+., S+ock+on Egberf, Frank, l034 S. California S+., S+ock+on Eislene, M. R., 808 Bris+ol Ave., S+ock+on Enderlin-I90 Ellio++, J. G., 2I9 Euclid, S+ock+on-l24 Ellio++, Be++y, 536 E. Fremonf, S+ock+on Esmond, Leona, Wallace-I65 E+zel, Margueri+e, 600 Oak, Roseville- 7, 8, 90, 9I, I02, I55, I83, I93 Evans, Horace, 8I9 W. Washingfon, San+a Ana-78, IOO Evere++, Carol, 2l9 Pine, Modes+o Fanucchi, John, I828 Orange, Bakersfield-I8, I96 Farey, Arfhur, Il2 Fulfon, S+ock+on-l35 Farley, Fred, 2I7 Knoles Way, S+ock+on-124 Fas+, Emery, I65 Knoles Way, S+ock+on Fay, De, l209 Pincho+, S+ock+on-I0, 96, I73 Fellers, Walfer, Sebas+opool-l04, I55, I80 Fenix, Opal, I20 Knoles Way, S+ock+on-l22 Fenix, Rober+, l20 Knoles Way, S+ock+on-9 Fens+ermacher, Lois, Hercules-88, I55 Ferer, Erwin, 824 Grosvenor Place, Oakland Ferguson, Barbara, l574 Wes+, Redding-90, I77 Ferguson, Donna, I665 Berkeley, S+ock+on-90, I78 Ferguson, Jean, I665 Berkeley, S+ock+on-90, I65 Fernandez, Beranrdo, Pinole Fernandez, Carroll, Pinole Ferguson, Rober+, l025 N. Edison S+., Slrockfon-98 Ferrari, Tom, IlI2 Fairfax, S+ock+on-65, IOO, I73 Fersfer, Teresa, II5 S+adium Drive Ferry, Barbara. 265 Gale Hill, Lindsay Fersfer, Teresa, I I5 S+adium Drive, S+ock+on Ficovich, An+one, II56 S. David, S+ock+on-l00, l65 Ficovich, Nickolna, I I56 S. David, S+ock+on- 88 I66 I80 Fine, Harris, Tracy-55, I00, I82 I I I Fisher, Frances, R+. I, Man+eca-92, I96 Fle+cher, Felfon, Edmond, Oklahoma Flannigan, llo+a, I4-26 Eas+ Ave., Napa Flefcher, Orvell, 524 Harold, Lodi- I7. IO4. l05. I5l. I55 I94 Flickinger, Be++e, IOI7 Louisiana, Valleio- 10, 42, 88, I02, I55, I83 l9l Floyd, Clifford, 4700 Edgewood, Oakland Field, Mildred, R+. 3, Lodi-94 Fink, Be++y, Crows Landing-90, I66 Fisher, Consfance, 3600 I3+h, Oakland T ::::::.-:::::- 1 'L Elsie Berry ALERT CLEANERS Pacific Coffee Shop EXPERT LAUNDRY SERVICE ' Brealcfast PP Lunch R Dinner Telephone 2I I7 Pacific Ave. i 7-7869 Sfocldon, Calif. Il -,,,,:: ,,,: ::::,,,,:,:,,,:,-L, 4 L. J f :::::::::.-ff:f.-::::::: 'ii f --'-'---- """' "'-------------'--' ' ' ' rHRQNE'5 I BEN FRANKLIN STORES If L. C. Eyer, Owner and Manager 5 C - 1 o C - 1 5 C i902 Pacific Avenue S'rocId'on, Calif. S T O R E I Complele line of COMPLETE LINE OF School Supplies-Nolions SCHOOL SUPPLIES Candy-SI'aI'ionery-E'I'c. F ulQ',l1.1ffT',.',',',',f' , X QUALITY ICE CREAM The Della Ice Cream Co. Manufacfures +he Largesl Assorlmenl' of Ice Cream Flavors in 'rhe Valley Lei Us Help You Plan Your Pariy Desserls Frozen Puddings, Pies, Cakes, Cenfer Molds Bricks, Individual Molds, All made wilh Delicious Oualliy Ice Cream College Headquarfers 'For Founfain Specials and Lunches Agenls for Edy's Characler Candies 1928 Pacific Avenue Phone 7-7095 D I R E T R Y Members of Pacific Sfudenf Associafion, and Faculfy of fhe College of Pacific and Sfockfon Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference Io Picfures. Folendorf, Bruce, Lodi Ford, Lew, 934 Oxford Way, Sfockfon-64, 77, 78 Folleffe, Jean, 72I Lighfhouse, Pacific Grove-IO4, I98 Fong, Mary, I3I3 5fh, Sacramenfo-IO4, I55 Ford, Roberf, II36 Ulfinian Way, Marfinez Fox, Dorofhy, 490 Colusa, Berkeley Francis, Eva, I695 I2fh, San Francisco Francis, Ralph, 36l6 Pacific, Sfockfon Frank, Consfance, I435 N. Pershing, Sfockfon Frisholz, Jack, Wilmingfon, Calif. Frili, Irving, Rio Dell-98, I64, I66, l90 Frach, Lillian, 465 44fh, Oakland Fuller, Carl, I305 W. Magnolia, Sfockfon- l8. Bl. I55. IBO. I94. I97 Fuller, Eugene Garibaldi, Margaref, l20I N. Sierra Nevada, Sfockfon- 94,166 Gasfman, Carl, I5I I F, Sacramenfo-l00, I55 Gaumnifz, Herman, Rf. IO, Fresno-98, I66 Gaia, Caesar, I8I8 N. Commerce, Sfockfon Galf, Veryl, Hughson-I66, I95 Gallagher, John, 23 E. Magnolia, Sfockfon Gardner, Beverly, Hughson-90 Gardner, Edward, I20 Sfadium Drive, Sfockfon-96 Garvey, Jack, I225 N. Sfockfon Sf., Sfockfon Gavey, Tom, I775 Oakland, Walnuf Creek Gay, Dave, I82I I8fh Sfreef, Bakersfield-78, 96, I66 Gay, Dean, I82I I8fh Sfreef, Bakersfield- 6l,78.96,l66,I82 Gede, Roberf, 3500 Calandvia, Oakland Gehrig, John, 42I W. Vine Sf., Sfockfon Geisler, Grefchen, Sunnyvale Genuif, Walfer, 645 W. Walnuf Sf., Sfockfon Genochio, Lois, 702 S. Tuxedo. Sfockfon-88, I55, I83, l93 George, Al, I278 Weber, Alameda George, Flossy, 2IO Knoles Way, Sfockfon George, Margaref, I278 Weber, Alameda-I80, I97 Garrison, Fred, 2l0 W. l2fh Sf., Tracy-64, I04, I66 Ghiorzo, Roberf, I503 E. Channel S+., Sfockfon-I73 Gholz, Melvin, Rf. 2, Lodi-I66, I8I Gibbons, Barbara, 206 S. Orange, Lodi-88 Gibson, Anneffe, I I8 Mf. Diablo, San Mafeo Gilgerf, Walf, 2460 E. Scoffs, Sfockfon-98, I89 Gillis, Maxine Gillwin, Frances, lone Gobul, Man, 255 9fh Ave., San Francisco- 82,lO0,I4l,I64,I66,I97 Goff, Camille, 3342 K Sf., Eureka-90, I66, I88 Goldman, Walfer, 665 6+h Sf., San Francisco Goleman, Irving, 65 W. Adams Sf., Sfockfon Goodman, Minarva, 2255 Craffon Way, Sfockfon Goodwin, Jean, 1547 Lucerne, Sfockfon-42, I55, l83, l88 Gordon, Jane, 255 Knoles Way, Sfockfon-I98 Gordon, R. B., 255 Knoles Way, Sfockfon Gosseff, Allison, 327 Woodland Park, San Leandro-64, 96 Grady, Audrey, 702 Green, Marfinez-88 Greenberg, Phyllis, 24 E. Adams Sf., Sfockfon Greenman, Wm., 429 N. Regenf Sf., Sfockfon-78 Grenberg, Paul, Sausalifo Grey, Jane, Lincoln Griner, Phyllis, 466 Busfol Ave., Sfockfon Gross, Esfher, Rf. 2, Box I34B, Sfockfon Griffirh, Trevor, 460I Walnuf Sf., Oakland-98, l50, I56, l83 Griggs, Geraldine, Rf. 2, Box 335, Sfockfon Grosse, Ray, Sfockfon-I I, I3, I56 Graham, Barbara, I26 Washingfon Sf., Oildale-I66 Graves, Violef, Sfockfon-ISI, I92 Grimshaw, Phyllis, 6I8 N. Regenf S+., Sfockfon- IO, 25, 92, I66 Groves, Howard, Farmingfon Grubbs, Carolyn, Rf. 2, Box 465, Concord-I04, I73 Guernsey, Doris, I844 N. San Joaquin Sf., Sfockfon- 47, BB, I87, IBB Guilfoyle, Maryann, 2l6 S. Rose Sf., Lodi-I73 Gulich, C. W., I00 Knoles Sf., Sfockfon Gwynn, Mary, I520 Picardy Drive, Sfockfon Hadden, Wilder, l2l4 N. El Dorado Sf., Sfockfon Hafele, Roxene, 3933 Oakmore Rd., Oakland-88, l88 Halberf, Dale, Knighfson-55 Hall, Alice, 4244 Pepperwood Ave., Long Beach- 94, I56, I93, l95 Hamaker, Phyllis, 726 Kenfucky Sf., Vallejo-88 Hamm, Ben, 2524 Benvenue, Berkeley-80, 98, I74 Hamilfon, Quincy, 2I25 Church S+., Lodi-64, I74 Hampfon, Janef, 2055 California Sf., San Francisco-88, I06 Hamsher, De Effe, 4409 Edgewood Ave.. Oakland-90, I74 Handel, Shirley, 508 S. School Sf., Lodi Hancock, Doris, 2I2 Fulfon Ave., Sfockfon Hannay, Jessie, 826 W. Harrison Sf., Sfockfon- I3, I74, IB7, I98 Hanner, Jack, I435 W. Flora Sf., Sfockfon-78, 96, I74 Hansbrow, Howard, I74 Slsf Sf., Oakland--l0O, I56 Hancock, John, 6I6 Cowper Sf., Palo Alfo Handley, Lauren, I l20 W. Poplar Sf., Sfockfon-98 Happell, Claire, 26l6 Clarendon Ave., Sfockfon Harringfon, Ellen Jane, 9I8 Louisiana Sf., Valleio 209 Sli? !J,1!g',P LAHS- Saud! Main Sfreef aI' San Joaquin STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA WZmerz'J Ready-to-wear Clzzlalrerfy Wearables SILKS-WOOLENS DOMESTICS-BEDDING MILLINERY-WOMEN'S SHOES BEAUTY SALON-HAIR CUTTING The Besi in Every'rI1ing and AII af Reasonable Prices" F QI Iv B. C. WALLACE 81 SON . -Q- Phone SI'ocIi+on 6-6993 -v- 520 NOFII1 Suffer Sfreei' Smfzbfzefyf . I Personal Cards Dance Bids BeI'ro+I1aI Cards Wedding InviI'aI'ions and Announcemenis . Prinied Ar+-Poin+ Thermography Genuine Engraving oyemteel rikzlzfzg 0. I57 W. Adams a+ Pacific Ave. PI1one2-0818 .:. STOCKTON I. J u. .......AA M- A.-.-- M --------A eu---U D I R T R Y Members o+ Pacific S+uden+ Associa+ion, and Facul+y 0+ +he College o+ Pacific and S+ock+on Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference +o Pic+ures. Harris, J. W., 222 Euclid S+., S+ock+on-I24 Harrison, Barbara, 22I W. Pilgrim S+., S+ock+on- 9O,l64,I66,I86 Harrison, Rober+, 22I W. Pilgrim S+., S+ock+on-I66, l90 Har+, Isabel, Mon+ague Har+er, Gene, 2420 Ashby Ave., Berkeley-I98 Har+er, Glen, 2420 Ashby Ave., Berkeley- 78,I0O,IO8,l63,I66,I78 Harvey, Byron, Pi++sburg-41, 67 Hass, Ernes+-96 Harvey, Earl, l205 7+h S+., Modes+o-I56 Haiside, Harry, 3l I5 Lewis+on Ave., Oakland Hawkins, Allen, 300 W. C. S+., Madera-64, 82 Hawley, Lovella-I56 Haymond, Margare+. R+. 3, Box 258, Lodi-I56, I98 Hebbron, Jeanne, 35 3rd S+., San+a Cruz Hebbron, Lloyd, 35 3rd S+., San+a Cruz-5, 74, I08 Hedges, Al+on, Dixon, Cali+.-96, I56, I82 Hein, Thalia, Fair Oaks Heinrich, Louis, Acampo, Cali+.-I56, I8I, I89 Hellman, Francis, 340 Lenox Ave., Oakland-96, I82 Hendsch, Genen, I020 E. Elm S+., S+ock+on Hendrichs, Willis, I9I6 Yolo Ave., Berkeley Henning, Rober+, 75 Fox Ave., San Jose-7I, I00, I74 Herman, Fern, 9I I Bea+rice Ave., S+ock+on Hes+on, Pauline, I2I2 Francis S+., Napa-I74 Higgins, E+han, 8I2 Fair+ield Road, Burlingame- 68,lO0,I59,I82 Hill, E+hel Mae, 3502 N. Commerce S+., S+ock+on Hills, Beverley, I I28 W. Walnu+ S+., Berkeley Hislop, Bruce, I002 W. Vine S+., S+ock+on Hobin, W. J., I25 N. San Joaquin S+., S+ock+on Hodge, John, 4025 Loma Vis+a Ave., Oakland Hodgkins, Ann, R+. I, Box 819, S+ock+on-88, I9I Hogan, Claude, 460 W. Walnu+ S+., S+ock+on-l8, I7I Hoge, Sally, 260 Churchill Ave., Palo Al+o-88 Hogue, Nancy, III8 Vernal Way, S+ock+on Holland, Elmer, Lodi-64, 83, I74, I89 Holden, Fred, I859 Alls+on Way, S+ock+on-I5 Holden, Jim, Summi+ Ci+y, Calif. Hollingswor+h, Rober+, 368 E. Third S+., Chico Holman, Richard, Sonora, Calif. Hol+on, Ar+hur, I446 Jones S+., San Francisco- I0, l00, l90 Honnold, Forres+, III9 E. Main S+., S+ock+on Honsberger, Jeanne, Susanville, Cali+.-90, I56, I83 Hood, Philip, I3l9 French S+., San+a Ana, Cali+. Hooson, Mary, 742 W. Rose S+., S+ock+on-92 Hopkins, Howard, I65 Knoles Way, S+ock+on Hopps, Gloria, I728 S+an+ord Ave., S+ock+on-94, I74 Ho+chkiss, Gladys, 39 W. Highland Ave., Tracy-IO4, I98 Hauser, Claudina, 448 E. Alpine S+., S+ock+on-I74 Howden, Elizabe+h, 2804 Hillegass Ave., Berkeley-I7, I74 Hudson, Don, R+. I, Box 597, S+ock+on Hughes, Gladys, I I I7 N. Calif. S+., S+ock+on- lS6,l8O,l9I,l92 Hull, Doro+hy, 348 N. Aurora S+., S+ock+on-88 Hull, Francis, 348 N. Aurora S+., S+ock+on-88, I66 Hune+elcl, William, 83l W. Elm S+., S+ock+on-96, I74 Hungerford, Rae, 7410 Division S+., Por+land, Ore.-94, I56 Hun+, Carolyn, 9l5 Carolina S+., Vallejo Hun+er, Helen, 572 Four+h Ave., San Francisco Hu+chion, Ian, 2806 Belle Ave., S+ock+on Hu+chins, Hugh, 4626 Fairfax, Oakland-80 lida, Paul, R+. 4, Box l642, S+ock+on liams, Rober+, R+. 2, Box 324E, S+ock+on-57, 98, I82 Inglis, Wes+on, 825 Bris+ol S+., S+ock+on-IOO, I57 Ingram, Lorraine, Oakdale lmmel, John, I I22 W. Poplar S+., S+ock+on-96, I66, I92 Irish, Ar+, 640 Fairmon+ Ave., Oakland-98, I03, I49, I57 Irwin, Alber+, 936 N. Commerce S+., S+ock+on- 56, 70.98, I66, I82 Irwin, James, 40 Prospec+ Rr., Piedmon+ Jacobs, Kei+h, Rio Vis+a Jackson, Earl, Men's Hall-76, 78 Jacoby, H. S., 350I N. Su++er S+., S+ock+on-68 Jacobsen, Eric, I365 American S+., S+ock+on- 54,96,l66,l82 Jenkins, Margare+, I843 Alls+on Way, S+ock+on-I74 Jeung, Nylan, Hol+, Cali+.-I66, I8I, I89 Jensen, Helen, Benicia Jessup, Charles. P. O. Box 666, Mar+inez-IO4, I66, I8I I89 Johnson, Rober+, I7I8 Orange, Yuba Ci+y Jones, Be+sy, 720 E. Elm, S+ock+on Johnson, William, R+. 4, Box 794, S+ock+on Johnson, Leo, R+. 4, Box 794, S+ock+on-98, I74, I82 Johns+one, James, I2I9 S. San Joaquin S+., S+ock+on Jones Bill, 208 Hilborn, Lodi-I66 Jones Clyde, R+. I, Win+on-I57 Jones David, 3733 6+h S+., Sacramen+o Jones, Ray, 5356 Manila Ave., Oakland-78, I74 Jones, Ru+h, Crescen+ Ci+y-I66, I98 Joy, Barbara, I2l E. Mon+erey S+., S+ock+on Judge, Jacquelyn, 409 E. Harding Way, S+ock+on 'I I: " """"' ' """"""""" "" 'I F"' ""' "" """' "" ""' """' ""'I 4, I, 1, For beHer business posiiions- 1: ft 1 II 'I I " S M A I2 'I' S I-I O I3 since .896 , Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Donovan I S C H O O L O Z B U S l N E S S DISTINCTIVE APPAREL-MODERATELY PRICED Y 1' Sfoc 'Ion 1 336 E. Main S+ree1'-S'I'ocId'on I umh 'chI'uI ri e ion I H Alzsozizfiin Z? PlfzcfrelnfggcOaglrrljnderlzilallhscltlazls n l li We Invife YOU 'ro Open 6 Cllifge ACCOUYYI' , a::iii:::::iiirfiiiii::L-:iiiii:::' :Al l?iii::iffiiiiiiiiiivfiiiiifiiiiffiiiiix J ,,, ---v ,,,,- , ,,ww , gun ,,,,,w,,...-,,,-.,,,,w, v,v-,nn ' I Gaia-DELUCCI ana co. CHINESE KITCHEN I I I I DELICATESSEN Chinese and American Lunches-Dinners , I I . "The TasI'e Will Tell" l I O I American and Channel S+ree+s L arry Ke 1 ' Phone 3-045I 20I4 Pacific Ave. Phone 7-794l Orders 'Io Take Ouf Sfocldon - ,,,,::v.,:::, A::::j ll,:::::::::::::::::: ,::,-.,:,,., 9 I The First National Banlc I OF STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA Conducfs a General Commercial and Savings Bank, Trus'I and Safe ' Deposii' Business - MEMBER - FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ,I , A-all ll T R Members o+ .Paci+ic S+uden+ Associa+ion, and FacuI+y o+ +he College o+ Pacific and S+ock+on Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference +o Pic+ures. Jon+e, Don, 324 W. Park S+., S+ock+on-74, I89 Jon+e, I-Iawor+h, 324 W. Park S+., S+ock+on-I57, I89 Jon+e, J. I-I., 324 W. Park S+., S+ock+on Jordan, Jane, I70I York, Napa- 6, 8, 24, 90, I57, I83, I9I, I93 Keehner, Alice, 6434 Colly S+., Oakland-94, I66, I86 Kelly, WaI+er-70, 78, 98, I66, I74, I82 Kelliher, Ray, I620 W. Willow S+., S+ock+on Kenwick, Lewis Kegler, Joe, Ferndale, CaIi+.-I94. Ke+man, Jane, 36I Tennyson Ave., Palo AI+o-24, 88 Kienh, Bob, 643 W. Vine S+., S+ock+on- 7, 8, 52, 59, 67, IO0, I57, I82, I92, I94 Kien+2, I-Iarrie+, 643 W. Vine S+., S+ock+on-I I, I57, I98 Kanda, Grayce, 3 I6 W. Anderson S+., S+ock+on King, Francis, R+. 2, Box 63, S+ock+on Kingery, Carl, 847 I9+h S+., Merced Kingdon, Be++y, 2I65 A S+., Oroville Kirkland, Dickie, I5I9 Fernside Blvd., Alameda Kirley, Rober+a, 7I I Marsh S+., Reno Kirkman, Wm., 4I4 E. Vine S+., S+ock+on Kirske, Fred, 77 Manor Drive, Piedmon+ Kieldsen, Chris, 88 W. Knoles Way, S+ock+on 62, 64, 73, 74, 8I, 82, 83 Klaas, Lois, IIO Magnolia Ave., Piedmon+-I07, I74 KIaps+ein, Earl, 523 E. Walnu+, Lodi-64 Knoles Knoles Knoles Knoles Kohler, Leslie, Presiden+'s Residence 47, 98, 99, I5l, I57, I97 Lois Leslie, 27 Garcia, San Francisco-I7, 88, IO7 Tully, Campus-I2O Lorraine, Campus Ru+h, II4l Mon+gomery S+., Oroville Kolb, Anida, 2089 E. Washing+on S+., S+ock+on- 77, I57, I83 Kolher, Lorivan, I20 E. Walnu+, Lodi Kolln, Doro+hy, II9 Neal, Pleasanfon-47 Kowa+ch, Lillian, 643 W. Poplar S+., S+ock+on-90, I74 Kowa+ch, Lucille, 643 W. Poplar S+., S+ock+on-90, I74 Krasnow, Audrey, I767 I0+h, Sacramen+o-I57, I5I, I97 Kreim, Mary, 40I 4+h S+., An+ioch Kroeck, L., 2I5 Euclid Ave., S+ock+on-I66 Ko++en, James- Kuivala, Ka+herine, 1452 W. Elm S+., S+ock+on-47 Kushner, Lois, 426 EI Camino, San Ma+eo l Lacey, Jack, I27 W. Willow S+., S+ock+on Laddon, Barbara, I20 Upland Dr., San Francisco- 90, I69, I75, I87 Lagomarsino, Mildred, Su++er Creek, Calif.-92, I80, I9l Lagorio, La Verne, R+. 3, Box 884, S+ock+on-90, I58, I88 Lamb, Jean, 920 N. Madison S+., S+ock+on Lamb, Norman, 460 I5+h S+., San Jose- 67, IOO, I58, I64, I80, I90 Lamber+, Eloise, 334 N. American S+., S+ock+on- 92, I75, I87, l88 Landback, Eldon, 428 Box 407, Lodi Laning, Bob, R+. Box 407, Lodi Larson, Ovena, 237 W. Alpine, S+ock+on Lasell, Lois, R+. 3, Box 338, Lodi-94, I67 Lauppe, Irwin, An+elope, Calif. Lawrence, Gloria, 448 W. EI Canio, Sacramen+o-I75 Lawson, Mary, Orland Learned, Jean, Elk Grove, Calif. Le+ever, Margare+, 609 W. WaInu+ S+., S+ock+on Leonhard, Paul, 223 E. Adams S+., S+ock+on Leale, Le Roy, R+. I, Box 893, S+ock+on-96 Lehman, Jane+, R+. I, Box 205, Tracy-I67, I80, I9l, I99 Lenahan, Les+er, 65I N. Tuxedo, S+ock+on-7I, 78 Leonhaeuser, Ray, I382 I8+h Ave., San Francisco-98 Lennox, Barbara, Corning, Calif.-24, 94, IO7, I75, I87, I99 Lener, Norma Jean, 2I9 E. Ellis, S+ock+on Lewis, Mi+cheII, R+. I, Box I82, La+hrop Lewis, Howard, Linden--98, I67 Lilly, John, I I25 N. Cen+er S+., S+ock+on Lindsay, Clyde, I022 S. San Joaquin S+., S+ock+on Linn, Myra, ArIing+on-94 Linscheid, Edmund, R+. I, Box IO, Pi++sburg-57, 64 Lloyd, Evelyn L.,-I0, 60 Lo++us, Joe, 7I4 N. I-Iun+er S+., S+ock+on Lombardi, Ru+h, 535 E. Anderson, S+ock+on-92, I58, I80 Loomis, Dick-IO0, I67 Long, Lois, I428 N. Cen+er S+., S+ock+on Looney, Dan, Chowchilla-77, 78, 98, I82 2I3 SHEPHERD 8a GREEN CONTRACTORS B U I L D E R S SUPERINTENDENTS OF CONSTRUCTION I T.lllfiifffiililiiiiiifi'Ziifiiifn: T gif fiii2iiiiifjiQQQif::::: T Tx 'A 'A f Complimen+s of Complimenfs of AUSTIN BROS. MILLER-HAYS COMPANY Wholesale Dealers in PLUMBERS General Hardware, Iron and Sfeel :, S+ock+on, California lj Granl' and Weber Phone 2-0229 M. ::::e-ff: -::::.-.-:::::Y-.--.-Y-:::::::::::: ll Aff: ,-, -:::::::: --,::::::::,::, 4 r ff:::-'-'fff:::::'E::::::::'f"f'f:"iff:' F "ee f- 'ffffffff ::::::fff:::-a C + KUECHLER'S suiff Dresses Millinery GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Shoes Sporfswear Accessories Liberal Terms a+ Cash Prices Yon Know by the Way She Wears Clothes . . . 447 E. Main Slreel ' ' ' Hqalh .hier clolhes are cllshnclly from Sfocldon, California THE STERLING li. ,:,: -,-,-:::::.-,-,-,-::::::.-:::::: .... , , , J v,,, ,... : ,::,,::-.,::,,,::: ' A 'f:"::"" ":::"::::::"::::::::::::::::-'::::: fffffff-'ff :-':J- -'-Y-':::::: 1 235 F. J. DIETRICI-I 84 CO. LANDS-HOMES-INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT APPRAISEMENTS Dial 4-4547 565+ Weber Avenue Sfocldon, California cu .... -- .... H--- A 4 D I R T R Members of .Pacific Sfudenf Associafion, and Faculfy of fhe College of Pacific and Sfockfon Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference fo Picfures. Long, Clayfon, I855 Carmel Ave., Sfoclcfon-I58, I90 Louch, Gerfrude, Sonora, Calif. Loyd, Melba, 709 E. Sf., Porferville,--94, I02, I86 Loveless, Jay, P. O. Box 234, Lodi-I58, I80, l95 Lundgren, Virginia, 2l2 Beverly Ave., San Leandro-I75 Lunf, Bill, 2OI W. Alpine Sf., Sfockfon-IOO, I75 Lynch, Pafricia, I505 N. San Joaquin, Sfoclcfon Lyons, James, Rf. I, Box I27, Linden-64, 98, I75 Lulz, Paul, Sfockfon M Malcolmson, Oliver, Big Creek, Calif.-I67, l80 Manary, Vivienne, Paiu Maui, Hawaii-92 Manley, Dorofhy, 2405 Orange Ave., Lodi Mansfield, Murray, 330 King Sf., Sanfa Cruz Marcellin, Norma, 729 N. Yosemife, Sfockfon- 47, 92, I75, IB7, IBB Marblesfone, Jeanne, I I27 W. Park Sf., Sfockfon-90, I88 Marsh, Mildred, 2lI W. 3rd Sf., Sfockfon-92 Marfin, Elfon, 236 N. Pilgrim Sf., Sfockfon-96, I58 Marfin, Mary, l325 W. Madison Sf., Sfockfon Marfin, Mason Roberf, l93l Cedar Sf., Berkeley-74 Berf, 3974 Delmonf Ave., Berkeley-74, I0O Mafheson, James, 900 Mellus Sf., Marfinez Mafheson, Malcolm, I72I Lucerne Ave., Sfockfon Mafhews, Beffy, 327 W. Park Sf., Sfockfon-92 Mafhews, David, 509 S. School Sf., Lodi Mears, Dwayne, 25I7 O Sf., Barkersfield--58, 96, I67, I82 Medler, Mildred, I24 Elizabefh Way, Dinuba Mefford, Ira, Rf. 4, Box 4242, Sacramenfo Missick, Marian, I440 N. Harrison Sf., Sfockfon Miller, Meikle Alberf, I I6 S. G Sf., Porferville Elizabefh, Richvale, Calif.-I75 Meyer Beverley, Linden, Calif.-I67, 186 Meyer, Roberf, Cosfa Mesa, Calif.-78, 96, I75, l89 Meyer, Beffie, Rio Visfa, Calif.--88, IO7, I67 Meyer, Libby, I559 Thousand Oaks, Berkeley-90 Mickel Chyrl, 309 Poplar Sf., Modesfo Miller, Earl, 2I35 S. American Sf., Sfockfon Miller, George, Ferndale, Calif.-64. 74, 75, IOO, I75 Miller, Geraldeen, 604 N. Commerce Sf., Sfockfon Miller, Janef, I226 Vernal Way, Sfockfon Miller, Beverley, I80O Guinda Sf., Palo Alfo-92, I02, I86 Miller, Sfanley, Lindsay, Calif.-IO0 Miller, Wesley, Lindsay, Calif.--77, 78, I00 Mills, Warren, Rf. 3, Box 303A, Lodi-64, 82 Minasian, David, l358 Maple Sf., Piffsburg Minaken, Corolyn, l045 N. Edison Sf., Sfockfon Mifchell, John, I29 Acacia Sf., Sfockfon-98 Moffiff, Elwood, l236 W. Willow Sf., Sfockfon- 96, l58, l89 Moeller, George, I25I W. Willow Sf., Sfockfon-98 Mokiao, Charles, I22I I6fh Ave., I-lonolulu, T. l'l.-63, 64 Monogan, Roberf, 627 Capifol Sf., Vallejo- ll, I6, 98, l7O, I77, I82 Monaghan, I-Iarold, Rf. 2, Box 230A, Sfockfon Monfgomery, Eva, Lockeford, Calif. Moore, Carl, I42 Beverly, San Leandro- 96, 97, IO3, I67, I82 Moore, Frank, 232 W. Vine Sf., Sfockfon Moore, Presley, 232 W. Vine Sf., Sfockfon-I58 Moore, Evadine, I42 Berkeley Ave., San Leandro Moorehead, Bruce, Escalon, Calif.-I75 Morgan, Barbara, Shaffer, Calif. Morgan, Jean, Escobar Sf., Marfinez-42, I58 Morrall, Jean, Winnemucca, Nev.-I58, I75, l83, I88, I93 Morrall, Dick, Winnemucca, Nev.-98, I59 Morrill, Lew, Fairfield, Calif.-8I Morrison, Beffy Jean, Yuba Cify-I78 Morse, Lewis, 25I5 Dwighl' Way, Sfockfon- I82 l9O 85, I67, , Myers, Charles, Chowchilla Myers, Vicfor, Middlefown, Calif. MacCaughey, Nancy, l935 Yolo Ave., Berkeley MacDonald, John, 650 S. Cenfral Ave., Sfockfon-I75 McAdams, Virginia, Shasfa Dam, Calif. McAllisfer, Doris, l29 York Drive, Piedmonf-I07 McBride, Dorofhy, 327 Bedford Road, Slockfon-I75, I85 McBride, Jean, IOI8 4+h Sf., Davis-I I, I07 McCall, Roy, I30 Sfadium Drive, Sfockfon McCan, T. J., 626 S. Cenfral Ave., Sfockfon McCann, Eleanor, lI5 Sfadium Drive McCarl, Bea, 875 Tresfle Glen Rr., Oakland-l0, 88 McDonald, Kay, 2539 27fh Ave., San Francisco-90 McGowen, John, Rf. 3, Box 304, Lodi 2I5 0:STYLE .sronf ronefvuziv - Exclusive Sale for Stockton Exclusive Sale for Sfocldon HART SCHAFFNER 81 MARX AND YOSTYLE CLOTHES "Clothing of Tomorrow" ,,,, --JJ T F I Phone 8-8303 STOCKTON JEWELRY CO. CREDIT JEWELERS 440 E. Main Street Sfocldon, California L ------------------ J f TETT ""' T"'T""' "' TTTTTT 7 77771 Y em IANIII sim I I' "Its PM to GO' CHINESE and AMERICAN DISHES D I N N E R T25 E. Washington DANCING L L- ...,,,,-,,.-- ---,,-,- ,,,,, ,-----,,-,-J --f---- --v----H"---"ij FOX WEST COAST THEATIDES CALIFORNIA RITZ STATE RIALTO 'W J:-:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: 'I fvv ,v..... ........... ::::::::::::::::::::: W IBUIQN HAM IBIQUS. "Personalized Service" Furniture, Floor Coverings, Drapes, Shades Stoves, Radios, Refrigerators and Washing Machines 4I 7 E. Weber Ave. Phone 9-9038 H E I- ---- I College I3ool4 Supplies of an kinds. SIIOTZ "On the Campus for you". The Official Book Store of 'rhe College of the Pacific and Stockton Junior College-New and Used Textbooks. STATE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSN. LOANS-INVESTMENTS Krank L. Williams, Presideni Geo. B. Hammond, Secretary 223 E. Weber Avenue Stockton, Calif. IDOFLVGILS lor this Annual CIJIRKSON made by STUDIO l 'I3'I North Sutter 2I6 D I R E T R Y Members of Pacific Sfudenf Associafion, and Faculfy of fhe College of Pacific and Sfockfon Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference fo Picfures. McCloud, Eleanor, I905 W. Commerce St, Sfockfon McCormick, Robert I4I4 W. Pershing Ave., Sfockfon McCullough, Mary Jane, Posen Sf., Berkeley-88 McDonald, Marjorie, Woodbridge, Calif. McElroy, William, l225 Walnuf St, Alameda McEneny, Alice, 2054 W. Harding Way, Sfockfon McGurk, l045 N. Sutler St, Sfockfon Mclnfyre, Margaret 450 Edgwood Rd., San Mafeo- IS, 94, l75 McKinsey, Danna, French Camp, Calif. McLean, Leonard, 5572 Lawfon Ave., Oakland-IOC Mclnnis, Janet Minden, Nev.-92 Mclnfosh, Lucille, I2I7 W. Magnolia St, Sfockfon-90 McKenzie, Barbara, Dixon, Calif. McKinney, Beffy, l890 Arch St, Berkeley McLean, Dorofhy, 23 Sims Ave., Vallejo McWilliams, Hugh, IO47 Pine St, Red Bluff- Nakabayashi, Shigekazu, 948 N. Edison St, Sfockfon 9, 52, 67. 98, I50, I82 Nash, Davida, I39 N. Garland Ave., Dayfon, Ohio Neider, William, 478 N. Walnuf Sf., Sfockfon Neill, Jane, I I73 Tresfle Glen Rd., Oakland Nelson, Cordner, I759 Argomore Dr., Sfockfon- 78. I59, lB2 Nelson, Douglas, 445 W. Sfockfon St, Sfockfon-98, I59 Neronde, Joseph, 2309 Folsom Blvd., Sacramenfo Newberry, Florence, I209 E. Harding Way, Sfockfon- l75, I99 Newcomb, Francis, 6I0 Bissel Ave., Richmond-I75 Nichley, Bill, I244 Vernal Way, Sfockfon-I76 Nicolas, La Verne, I060 Flood Bldg., San Francisco-I76 Nichols, E. R., 839 N. Harrison S+., Sfockfon-I9 Niessner, Edwin, 3I2 Louie Ave., Lodi, Calif. Nile, Marnie, Grass Valley, Calif.-94, I76, I85 Nitla, Helen, Rf. I, Box IO9, Loomis, Calif. Nobbs, Jean, 2872 Adeline Dr., Burlingame, Calif. Noble, A. E., Lower Sacramenfo Rd., Sfockfon Nordyke, Helen, 598 S. I5l'h St, San Jose Norman, Charles, 40l N. Cenfral Ave., Sfockfon Norfon, Sherwood, 939 N. Edison St, Sfockfon-69 Norfon, Ted, I42l N. Monroe St, Sfocfkon- 96, I5l. I59, I80, IBI, IB9, l9O, l9I Nofewan, Paula, I630 Baher St, Sfockfon O'Brien, Tim, 737 N. San Jose S+., Sfockfon O'Bryan, Leonard, Sfarr Aufo Court Sfockfon O'Conner, Jane, Yuba Cify, Calif.-I76, l87 O'Conner, Kafhryn, Monfague, Calif.-I76 Olson, Clair, l60 Knoles Way Ong, Eslher, 3876 I4fh, Sacramenfo-IO4, I59 Ormond, Jean Allyn, l20O Washingfon St, San Francisco Orfon, Dwayne, 220 Knoles Way, Sfockfon-67, l2l Orvis, Bill, Farmingfon, Calif. Osfrander, Dan, l204 Vernal Way, Sfockfon-78 Owen, Bob, I I66 W. Harding Way, Sfockfon-82, 83, 96 P0 Pallen, Jean, I375 Pine Sf., Piffsburg Paker, Jackie, I896 Pacific Ave., San Francisco-88, I67, I76 Parsons, Polly, Rf. 2, Box 294, Oakdale, Calif.-I67, I85 Paffen, Gordon, l50 Sfadium Drive, Sfockfon Patlison, Sylvia, 6I8 Galer St, Glendale Pafferson, Annabelle, I l27 S. Granf St, Sfockfon-86 Paffon, Gordon, l5O Sfadium Drive, Sfockfon Paulson, Arfhur, I0O4 S. Golden Gafe, Sfockfon-65 Paxfon, Don, 3006 Barfleft Sfockfon-98, I59 Pease, Glen, I82 W. Fulfon, Sfockfon Pease, M. O., l82 W. Fulfon, Sfockfon Pease, Lorfhy, l82 W. Fulfon Ave., Sfockfon Pelefz, Marvin, I66O W. Acacia St, Sfocldon-l00 Pengiley, Don, 440 E. Weber, Sfockfon Perrin, J., 2l5 S. School St, Lodi, Calif.-98, l83, I59 Pesce, Elivian, 2309 W. Markef St, Sfockfon Phifer, Gregg, 830 N. Suffer St, Sfockfon- ll, I2, I7, 78, I59, I80, I82, I92, I94 Phillips, Chet 3lO8 Clare-menf Ave., Berkeley-67 Phillp, Allan, Davis, Calif.-77, 78, 98 Piccardo, Wardell, Rf. 4, Box l8IO, Sfockfon-96, I67 Pierce, Marfha, 3502 N. Commerce St, Sfockfon Porfer, Janet 55l Craklon Ave., Oakland-88, I70, I76 Poffs, Monroe, I5I Euclid, Sfockfon Powell, Douglas, l6I7 N. Hunfer, Sfockfon-I67, I92 Prait Claire-88. I76 Prafhers, L.-I85 Preece, Jack, IO43 S. Gardin St, Sfockfon Price, George, Walker, Iowa--78, I76 Profhers, Lloyd, 465 N. Regenf St, Sfockfon Pulich, Marlin, I436 Columbia Ave., Sfockfon- 8.10, IB, I59, I8O,l92,I94 Purcell, "Doc"-78, I00, I67, I82, l9O Ouist Margefh, 627 Norfh St, Woodland, Calif.-I99 2I7 SIERRA THEATRE ' ' 'PE:I.InL,iaIalsf.Q.Qf"' Bnnuo c Hlsxseennmm. C,othin ,m hatsfurnlshlnzg lv STOCKTON. CALIFORNIA STYLE CENTER 'For MEN AND BOYS , I, 3I3 Easi Main S+ree+ JJ LA ..A... - ...- -- A-A------ ---- Telephone 6-6704 RUSE-BLAIR LUMBER CO. 302 W. Fremonf ICor. MonroeI Sfocldon California ----------A-J I4.::------------------A-AAAA-A-AAA-A-- A . H . D A V I S PAINTING SERVICE PAINTS - WALL PAPER Spray and Brush Painfing Commercial Signs 437 E. Miner Phone 6 -6738 Y -::::: ::::- - :J.A::::::::::::::::::::::: - - , Furnifure-Floor Coverings-Draperies Good TasI'e Furnishings a+ Modes? Prices L E V I N S O N ' S 32I E. Weber Avenue Phone 8-8243 GRADUATION GIFTS GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Nofhing Bui' 'Ihe Finesi' a+ No Exfra Cosf M. FRIEDBERGER 81 CO. Jewelry and Wa'I'ch Repairing 339 E. Main S+ree+ Dial 2-I778 A-J Li. ....A........... - ........ .... .....- - W. P. FULLER 8. CO. PAINTS - VARNISI-ies LACQUERS - GLASS ZI8 S. Aurora S+. Phone 7-7838 Complimenfs of S. H. KRESS 8: CO. 5- IO- I5 Cen? S'rore --J Ig-- 'S Q22 For the BEST In - . -af A ORSl'S . . . Pies, Cakes, Pastries and Delicatessen ORSI'S AT191O PACIFIC AVENIUE Phone 6-6324 Open Evenings and All Day Sunday Q. ------- ----- ------- ------ A---- ------------------AA------ - - - JJ ZI8'--nun--WPPNPP D I R T R Y Members of Pacific S+uden+ Associafion, and Faculfy of +he College of Pacific and S+ock+on Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference fo Picfures. Railsback, Pa+rician, 810 N. Willow, S+ock+on-88, 160, 183 Rai++, James, 44 E1 Camino Real, Berkeley Randall, Winiferd, 1 1200 Homedale S+., Los Angeles Ranney, Mary, 669 Bedford Rd., S+ock+on-92, 167, 188 Rapapor+, Jane+, Talmage, Calif. Raven, Bob, R+. 1, Box 780C, S+ock+on-98 Rawles, Gayle, Oakdale-92, 160, 181, 183 Ramos, Jimmy, Danville, Calif. Ramsey, Bill, 660 Bris+ol Ave., S+ock+on-167 Ray, Pafricia, 257 Sanfa Rifa, Palo A1+o Read, Pafricia, 129 E. Willow S+., S+ock+on Ready, Marian, 570 Weldon Ave., Oakland Reinking, Eloise, 1870 Lomiaf Ave., Oakland Rempel, Aron, R+. 2, Dinuba-59, 78, 96, 167, 182 Rempfer, Wm., 218 N. Washingfon S+., Lodi-96 Renwick, Wm., 1050 W. Vine S+., S+ock+on Reynolds, Richard, 1404 N. Yosemife, S+ock+on Rhode, Herberf, 525 63rd S+., Oakland Ricci, O1in+o, 1672 Lincoln S+., Berkeley Rice, Marianne, Douglas, Arizona. Rice, Mary, 58 King S+., San+a Cruz-88, 176 Richards, Russel, 1 136 E1 Camino Real, Burlingame-100, 167 Rifberg, Toni, 3749 Ardle , Oakland Rifchie, Jackie, Lodi, Calif!-47, 88, 176, 187, 188 Rifchie, Phillip, Win+ers, Calif.-76, 78, 167, 182 Ri++er, O. H., 2273 Craffon Way, S+ock+on--67, 122 Roberfs, Bill, 1021 N. Baker S+., S+ock+on Rogers, Don, 1240 Vicforia Ave., S+ock+on Rogers, Kennefh, 1240 Vicforia Ave., S+ock+on 17, 71, 73, 74, 78, 96, 182 Rogers, Nella, Women's Hall, S+ock+on Rose,Da1e-96, 160, 197 Ross, Janice, 705 S. Tuxedo Ave., S+ock+on Ross, Laffa, 705 S. Tpxedo Ave., S+ock+on-160, 197 Rossman, Annabelle, 414 Magnolia S+., S+ock+on- 176,185,199 Rossi, Ray, 905 Jefferson S+., Napa Rofsch, Gene, 628 S. Washingfon Ave., Whi++ier, Calif. 9,41,IO0, 163,167 Rofhschild, William, 1990 8+h Ave., San Francisco Ramsay, Wm., 660 Bris+ol Ave., Sfockfon Raunfree, L., 520 N. Suffer S+., S+ock+on-183 Rudebaugh, Alice, 102 W. Maple S+., S+ock+on- 13,176,187 Ruoff, Leonard, Sonora, Calif. Rusk, Blanche, Ferndale, Calif. Rufherford, Sfanley, 725 Sulphur Spring Rd., Vallejo-100 Ryder, Wenona, Rockridge Blvd., Oakland-176 Sack, Dorfhy, Piedmon+, Calif.-167 Sales, Richard, 2372 E. Markef S+., S+ock+on Sandman, George, 1334 N. E1 Dorado S+., S+ock+on Sanderson, G. H., 900 Bris+ol Ave., S+ock+on Sanguieneffi, Gladys, R+. 3, Box 338, Lodi-160, 199 Sapiro, Herman, Acacia S+., S+ock+on- P 8,11,41, 100,160,182 Saafhoff, Vernon, R+. 4, Box 698, S+ock+on Sabisfon, Douglas, 2246 Kensing+on Way, S+ock+on Sage, Marjorie, 305 Earl Ave., Roseville-94, 168 Sala, Marie, 2130 N. Commerce S+., S+ock+on-88 Sandrock, Claire, 212 Pleasanf S+., Roseville Saunders, Cafherine-188, 199 Sawyer, Beffy, R+. I, Box 379, Merced Sawyer, Minnie, Waferford, Calif.- 88,89,102,151,160,183 Sayers, John, 149 E. 22nd S+., Merced Schad, Muriel, Concord, Calif. Schedler, Bill, 139 Hill Cresf Rd., Berkeley-41, 86, 98, 168 Schmidf, Vernon, Orland, Calif.-58, 100, 168, 176 Schwing, Charorlhfe, 2553 E. Main S+., S+ock+on- 176, 185, 199 Schooling, Jean, Red Bluff-168 Scobbe, Adele, 1323 67+h S+., Berkeley Scoff, Lucien, 122 S. K S+., Madera, Calif.-100, 197 Sco++, Gladys, 1420 N. Monroe S+., S+ock+on Sco++, William, 502 22nd Ave., San Francisco-64, 98 Seagraves, Kafhleen, 100 Knoles Way, S+ock+on Sears, Nevada, 2615 Sunsef Ave., Bakersfield Seavers, Pafricia, 1527 Su++er,Va11eio-91, 102, 160, 193 Sewell, Duane, 418 W. Pine, Lodi-96, 160, 180, 189 Shalian, Esfher, 1426 N. Edison, S+ock+on Shane, S+an, 558 Radnor Rd., Oakland--78, 176 Shower, Be+h Shaw, Cora Lee, Gardnerville, Nev.-92 Shaw, Dixie Lee, 1536 Poplar Ave., Oakland Shaw, Mae, 151 Euclid, S+ock+on Shepard, Elinor, 534 W. Oak, S+ock+on-94, 161 Shor+, Eugene, 119 W. Magnolia S+., S+ock+on Shor+, Virginia, 140 E. Willow S+., S+ock+on-186 Shrodes, Caroline, 1333 N. Hun+er S+., S+ock+on Sibbilf, Frank, 201 1 Broadway S+., San Francisco Seiferf, Emil, Dixon, Calif. Simonsin, Lillian, 6102 E. 17+h S+., Oakland Sinclair, Reba, Placerville. Calif.-161, 183, 193, 197 Siler, Louana, 918 Four+h S+., Corning, Calif.-94 Silva, Roberf, 1522 Lincoln Ave., Alameda-80 ' Silvy, Tom, 710 W. Poplar S+., S+ock+on Simpson, Vic+or, R+. 2, Box 1498, S+ock+on-82 Simpson, June, Oroville, Calif. Singlefon, Ardis, 1315 W. Poplar S+., S+ock+on- 168, 185, 199 Singlefon, John, 501 4+h S+., Pefaluma-74, 75 Smi+h Srnifh Smi+h Smifh Smi+h Smifhi Smi+h Smifh Smi+h Smifhi Smifh, Smi+h. Ar+hur, 4170 Redding S+., Oakland Be++y Anne, 1660 W. Willow S+., S+ock+on-94, 161 Bonnie, 275 38+h S+., Oakland--15, 42, 88, 176, 187 Eloise, 705 W. Flora S+., S+ock+on-17, 90, 176, 187 Earl, 5836 Clover Dr., Oakland-80 David, 1235 W. Vine S+., S+ock+on--96, 161, 189 Char1o++e, 512 Myrfle, Modes+o- 25,104,105,150,161,186,193 Jane, 2701 Dwighf Way, S+ock+on Josephine, 86 N. Monferey, S+ock+on Randolph, 1235 W. Vine S+., S+ock+on-176 Rufh, 153 Knoles Way, S+ock+on Sam, 1202 Cour+ S+., Reading, Calif. Sommers, Nadine, 2602 Craffon Way, S+ock+on-88 Smi+h, Talberf, 1530 Gibbons Dr., Alameda-85 ' 219 STICDIII IQTIQDN SAV INIES ANID ILIDAN BANK STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA Founded I 867 COMMERCIAL V SAVINGS Y TRUST S A F E D E P O S I T CAPITAL S I ,000,000.00 RENDERS A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE E. L. WILHOIT CARROL G. GRUNSKY Presideni' Vice-PresicIenI' and Trus'I Officer R. L. EBERHARDT J. F. McCLORY Execufive Vice-Presidenf Cashier MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION D I T R Members o+ 'Pacific S+uden+ Associa+ion, and FacuI+y of +he College of Pacific and S+ock+on Junior College, Their Addresses, and Page Number Reference +o Pic+ures. Smi+h, Rhys, Man+eca-98 SpaI+ehoIz, CharIo++e, I25 Knoles Way, S+ock+on Spaulding, Ed, 860 32nd S+., Richmond-64 Spaulding, Gordon, 239 Dorris Place, S+ock+on Spencer, Virginia, I4-O W. Alder, S+ock+on-88 Spind+, Herman, 2639 Piedmon+, Berkeley Sprague, Irvine, I444 N. Baker S+., S+ock+on-I3, I00,I68 Sprague, June, I444 N. Baker S+., S+ock+on-92 Spuller, Mariam, Dixon-IO. I04, I6I Squires, Adrian, Ea+on Ave., Redwood Ci+y S+. Pe+er, S+a'n+on, I405 N. Madison S+., S+ock+on- 96,I77,I89 S+agg, Amos Alonzo, I27 Euclid Ave., S+ock+on-3I S+apIes, Howard, 2I9 Boni+a Ave., Piedmon+ S+an+ord, E. E., 236 Knoles Way S+abIer, Phyllis, I4I6 Wes+ S+., Reading-IO, I87 S+acy, Ray, I66I W. Poplar S+., S+ock+on-78 S+ark, E+hel, I I23 Florida S+., Vallejo-94 S+ark, Rober+, II23 Florida S+., Vallejo-98, I68 S+ebbins, Richard, 3I9 Boni+a Ave., Piedmon+-IOO S+einhauser, F. P., 244 Knoles Way S+evenson, Chresley, I29 Bissie S+., Tracy-IOO S+ewar+, Barbara, Livings+on, Calif.-24, I07, I6l S+ewar+, Ted, I I8 Oregon S+., Yreka-98 S+ein, Hans, I02O N. Monroe S+., S+ock+on-IO4, I64, I68 S+ockard, Caswell, Ripon, CaIi+.--I77 S+ocking, Kenne+h, I436 N. Commerce S+., S+ock+on-62, 64 S+oI+z, John, 700 Cos+a Rica, San Ma+eo-IOO S+one, Be++y Rae, Ci+y Recrea+ion Dep+., S+ock+on S+o'ne, Karl, 2I4O Los Angeles Ave., Berkeley S+one, William, 589 Jean S+., Oakland 8 S+orneI'+a, Francis, Ben+wood-I06 ' S+rader, Rosemary, 6OI Blackwood Ave., Sacramen+o- 94,I85 S+ra++on, Maryella, I843 N. Hun+er S+., S+ock+on S+rike, Lucile, I I6 N. Cen+er S+., S+ock+on-I6I S+ringer, Gordon, R+. I, Box 35I, Livings+on Sfrong, Jean, IO40 S. San Joaquin S+., S+ock+on- 42,88,94,I63,I68,I85 S+rou+, Roger, I409 E. Harding Way, S+ock+on Swanson, Bessie, R+. 3, Box 334, Visalia, Calif. Sullivan, Donald, 7400 AI+ura Rd., Oakland- 64,73,74,75,78,IO0 Swager+y, Clem, Milpi+as, CaIi+.-67, 98, I6I, I82 Swager+y, Darrell, Milpi+as, CaIi+. Swager+y, Floyd, Milpi+as, Calif.-96, I68 Swe++, Les+er, 4I I Lexing+on Ave., S+ock+on Swi+zer, Jane, I35I Arch S+., Berkeley-92 T Takagishi, Sam, 95 Euclid Ave., S+ock+on-I6I Tanner, Glen, 27333 IO+h, Sacramen+o-I68, I97 Ta++en, Clair, 329 E. Cleveland, S+ock+on Taylor, Elizabe+h, R+. 2, Box 254, San+a Paula, CaIi+.-IO7 Taylor, Paul E. Carmel, Calif. Temby, Barbara, I829 EIizabe+h Ave., S+ock+on Tener, Be++y, I32 W. Vine S+., S+ock+on Tener, Jack, I32 W. Vine S+.. S+ock+on Terry, Deane, I850 Sacramen+o S+., San Francisco Thompson, Boyd, 208 Knoles Way, S+ock+on-4I, 78, 98 Thompson, Marian, 2I Lake Ave., Piedmoni' Throssel, Boyd, lone, Calif. Ticoula+, Irene, I04I I'Iuber+ Rd., Oakland-92 Tilsen, Jere, Trona, Calif-76. I68 Theil, John, 422 Pacific Ave., Piedmon+ Thies, Carolyn, I295 Sunny Hills Rd., Oakland Thode, Rober+, 5372 Belgrave. Oakland-78, 98 Thorn+on, Joe, 745 N. Sierra Nevada S+., S+ock+on- 96,I77,I94 TiI+on, Virgina, 294l 75+h Ave.. Oakland Tinem, Marion, 226 S. Van Buren S+., S+ock+on Ti+hering+on, Naidor, l32I S. American S+., S+ock+on- I62,I8O,I8I,I83,I92,I99 Todd, Rober+, I895 Jackson S+., San Francisco-IOO, l62 Tomi+a, Toshige, R+. 6, Box 272, S+ock+on-I77, I85 Toms, Nancy, 255 Knoles Way, S+ock+on Toms, Rober+, I22 N. Su++er S+., S+ock+on Tomasini, George, Suisun, Calif.-76, 78, 96, I5O, l62, I82 Toomay, John, Wacco, Calif.-73, 74, 82 To++, Margare+, 249 Cherrywood Ave., San Leandro Tovani, Harry, I728 Lucerne, S+ock+on-78, IOO Townsend, Be+h, 64I S. 6+h, San Jose-I77 Towsley, Rober+, Jackson, CaIi+.-82, 83 Traber+, Margare+, 454 W. Mon+erey, S+ock+on Traphagen, Wilford, 836 W. Mon+erey, S+ock+on- ' 8O,I0O,I77 Travaille, John, 802 E. Weber Ave., S+ock+on- 53,96,I62,I8O,I82,I92 Tremain, Harry, I I38 S. G-ran+ S+., S+ock+on Trevarrow, Rosalie, I25 San Anselma Ave., San Francisco- 9O,I77 Trobbe, AI, 29I Yerba Buena Ave., San Francisco Trielsson, Ber+on, I6I7 S. S+anisIaus S+., S+ock+on Tsu+ain, Eruko, 7 Barnhar+ Trac+, S+ock+on Tudor, Joe, 3837 Balfour, Oakland-98, I03, I62 Tullock, Jack, Oakdale, Cali+.-6I, 78, 98, I62, I82 Tu++Ie, Bernis, 5I4 Mon+erey S+., Chowchilla Tresize, AIber+, I443 W. Elm S+., S+ock+on-8I, 98, I82 U,V Udden, Ru+h, 325 Doran+es Ave., San Francisco-90, I87 Ulrey, Dick, I827 EIizabe+h Ave., S+ock+on Umipeg, Marcello, Makawih, Kauia, T. H.-79, 8I, I84 U+1, Hazel, Wes+wood, Calif.-I77 Vance, Duane, I509 Lucerne Ave., S+ock+on Van Loben Sels, Ingeborg, 2684 N. Beachwood Dr., I-Iollywood-I6, I62, I8O, I92, I99 Vannuccini, L. J., IOIO W. Vine S+., S+ock+on Ven+re, Lois Mae, I224 E. Pincho+, S+ock+on- 94, 95, IO2, I62, I83 Vaughan, S+anIey, 349 E. Wyando++e S+., S+ock+on-96, I82 Vieira, Douglas, 632E I2+h S+., Pi++sburg Vierra, John, R+. I, Box 240, La+hrop-64, IOO, I77 Villarruz, Bill, Philippine Islands-I84 Vaw+er, EIizabe+h, 585l Chabo+ C+., Oakland Voorhees, Mercei+a, Oakdale, CaIi+.-90, I77 22I ZKDHCQ. 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Suggestions in the University of the Pacific - Naranjado Yearbook (Stockton, CA) collection:

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