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,A1,.,,,.. ,,--..,lT ,Jf ' D'-" . ,, 7-7. YL. , I. mi 1, ,ill A www HV- V I A MAP OF ACTIVITIES ON THE CAMPUS OF COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC s. STOCKTON JR. COLLEGE FOOTBALL PRACTICE -si., cnusnouss U ' I I I I I I . I - I L I aAseaA1.L I I I If A I INFIRMARY A I uamzv A STADIUM . I I P o o L I M I , 5' ' I I W A I I kj I GYMNASIUM I I 1 I TENNIS E- counrs I I I , . . I smmum -. ...-1-i1-.1 L1 X bf' , L L ' PnEslDENT's. V A L Q FRQEEEITY 1 ,Q ,RESIDENCE A ' L X sono! ma CIRCLE lf L f 5- L 'L 'III f TKK LL 'OL Y' '13 . L 7 L L ff Q, kiw i '1 N , ossanwaonv - ' 1 1 ' . . wr t I s . L L L L QL L ,JA l , ii - 'vi b V SCA L Q4 l l ' .U .7 :ADMINISTRATION WEBER HALL A - - 5 E Fi 'r l '- BARBER SHQP PACIFIC LITTLE' 'THEATER X Ns HALL L L " 3813.5-GEM Q 'Y' L , , L l 1 - I A L' LL L L L- MEL 4 3" 'Q L 4 ! ' - - V -n AN ' 'U 1 ' CUB HQUSE CONSERVVATORY I H L L DRIVE SMITH' y fn MEMORIAL N I GATE 'L Q 1: ll 121.- '-1 7 1 PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE PACIFIC STUDENT ASSOCIATION AT THE COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC IN STOCKTON CALIFORNIA VOLUME THIRTY-FOUR CHARLES F. FINNEY AND ROBERT BASTIAN EDITORS ' FRED F. BOYES BUSINESS MANAGER COPYRIGHT MAY FIRST ,W -f N, X 1 x f TO MR. AND MRS. W. C. ANDERSON DONORS OF ANDERSON HALL AND ITS PRACTICE OROAN SPONSORS OF STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION WORK, AND FAITHFUL FRIENDS OF PACIFIC A C-RATEFUL STUDENT ASSOCIATION DEDICATES ITS 1939 NARANJADO I V 1 ' WX, 1 ' ,. N, w 1 ,X OU R COLLEGE THE WOMEN FOR MEN ONLY FRATERNITIES . 70 FOOTBALL . . 78 BASKETBALL . 9I SPRING SPORTS 96 T H E A R T S MUSIC .... I08 DRAMA . . . II6 RADIO .... IZ6 GRAPHIC ARTS IZ9 P. S. A. OFFICERS . . I37 DEBATE . . . I4I CLUBS .... I45 PUBLICATIONS I6I MARDI GRAS . I67 ADVERTISERS I 44 6 104 132 I 7-4 . ?l MAY THIS BOOK C O N T A I N SOMEWHERE THE RECORD OF MEMORABLE EVENTS WHICH WILL BRING BACK TO YOU ALWAYS THE SPECIAL OUALITYOF YOUR LIFE ON OUR CAMPUS tgv. J -1-.5 , 1 Alai' 6 5-ui,-," Ban .v - 'f j L :'2'f':-J?-all Q. A 1,:.Lg1:fe.Ra?- 1, wa.: xx- '1dI"' A .yu v 'Kam ,fl QQ . v-1, V wgy-iw N-.Q THE BLOCK P BENCH IN BAXTER STADIUM . . . THOSE LAST FEW STEPS BEFORE ENTERING THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING . . . EXCITING MOMENTS BACK STAGE BEFORE THE CURTAINS WENT UP AND THE PLAY BEGAN . . . THE SENIOR BENCH WHERE NO ONE SAT . . . THE BAVAS POPPA AND BENNY . . . AND THE RUSH TO LUNCH AFTER ASSEMBLIES OR THE DRAG TO A II:40. If N l' . ,V IlH.lHllY E. KNHHS Pacific can ceriainly be proud of i+'s presidenil He is well-known in all educa- +ional circles and has a splendid record be- hind him. ln +he early years of 'rhe 'I'wen- 'riefh ceniury, Presidenl' Knoles received his A. B., M. A., and D. D. respeciively from 'ihe Universily of Souihern California. In l927 he received a LLd from fhe College of 'rhe Pacific. Since April I, l9l9 he has been Presideni' of 'l'his ever-growing college. Bu'r a period never fo be forgo+'I'en +0 him is 'lhe +en years of leaching as fhe head of ihe Hisfory deparlmeni al' U. S. C. in I909- I9I9. Dr. Knoles is a Mason, a Rofarian, and belongs 'ro ihree Greek fraferniiies as well as a hosl' of oiher organizaiions 'through- ou+ +he Uniled S+a'res. And so we say All Hail!! +o Tully Cleon Knoles, a man respecfed and wor'I'hy of being +he presidenl' of our College of 'rhe Pacific. He has a record any of us would be iealous and is a man we like +o know. HWHYNl Hlllllll Born af Porf Hope, Onfario, Canada, Dwayne Orfon worked in many fields before faking on a posifion wifh fhe College of fhe Pacific. Graduafing from Redlands Col- lege, Dr. Orfon did graduafe work af bofh U. S. C. and U. C. earning an M. A. from C. O. P. in I933. For six years he was an agenf in fhe Hazen Foundafion, an insfifu- fion devofed fo 'rhe developmenl' of sfudenf personnel work. He served two years as a iunior engineer in fhe oil indusfry. He be- gan his feaching career af Baylor College in Belfon, Texas in I926. He faughl' fhere unfil I929 when he came fo 'rhe College of fhe Pacific as an assisfanf professor of speech. Always climbing, Dwayne Orfon, Principal of fhe Sfockfon Junior College, has been elecfed Presidenf of fhe Norfh- ern California Junior College Associafion as well as a member of fhe sfafe advisory com- miffee for fhe NYA. llHllINISlHHllllN Professor Charles Corbin is now commencing his fwenfy-fiffh year as Dean of lnsfrucfion and pro- fessor of Mafhemafics af fhe College of fhe Pacific. Previous fo his posifion as Dean of fhe Digifs and Masfer of fhe Mafh. Book, he affended fhe Huron College in Soufh Dalcofa. Corbin received his A. B. in l904 from Doane College followed fhree years lafer by an A. M. from Norfhwesfern Universify. Courses insfrucfed by Corbin include fheory of number, fheory of equafions, proiecfive geomefry, and college geomefry. Algebra, geomefry, and calculus are his Junior college courses. Commencing his fhirfeenfh year as a College of fhe Pacific Faculfy member is Mr. O. H. Riffer, head lcale-keeper and Professor of fhe Business Ad- minisfrafion de,parfmenf.. Mr. Riffer received his A. B. degree from Sfan- ford Universify in I904, iusf a year affer fhe Wrighf boys wenf up in a fhing called fhe airplane-and sfayed up. The Orienf fhen received his affenfion for fourfen years. Upon refurning fo 'fhe Sfafes Mr. Riffer became associafed wifh fhe College. Freshman foofball, varsify, fraclc and general afh- lefics were direcfed by Mr. James Corson before his appoinfmenf as Dean of Men Sfudenfs in I934. Dean Corson firsf affended fhe Modesfo Junior College, and he fhen acquired A. B. and M. A. degrees from 'rhe U. of S. C. following graduafion from Pacific. He is a member of fhe Sfudenf Chrisfian Asso- ciafion board, Sfudenf Affairs Commiffee, lnfer- frafernify Council, Board of Afhlefic Confrol, and he is affiliafed wifh fhe Omega Phi Alpha frafernify. Miss Opal Berg, Dean of Women Sfudenfs, is commencing her second year af fhe College. The Universify of Minnesofa gave her a B. S. degree in I929, followed by an M. S. af Syracuse in I936. Before coming fo Pacific, she was social direcfor fo fhe Dean of Women af Syracuse. Direcfor of Women's Affairs, sponsor of fhe A. W. S., sponsor of fhe Pan-Hellenic Sociefy, ex- officio on fhe Sfudenf Affairs Commiffee, and sponsor of Social Hall acfivifies are a few of fhe imporfanf posifions held by Miss Berg fhe lasf year. HHIS HNH llllllll Sculpfure and Greek Arf and language are fhe main inferesfs of Dr. Fred L. Farley, Dean of fhe College of fhe Pacific. Greek language and civi- lizafion and fhe Arf of Language are fhe courses faughf by fhis popular professor. Dean Farley received his masfer's degree from Albion College, Michigan, his Ph. D. from Sfanford. Farley sponsors fhe Classical Club, and he is a member of fhe All-College Honor Sociefy. Dr. Irving Goleman was insfrucfor of English and Public Speaking af California before coming fo 'rhe College of fhe Pacific and Sfockfon Junior College. His A. B. and M. A. were obfained af fhe Uni- versify of California as a sfudenf. Goleman is now sfarfing his fhird year on fhe Pacific Campus and holds fhe posifion of chairman of fhe Division of Arfs and Leffers of fhe Sfockfon Junior College. "l've been acfive in speaking ever since l was a child," claims Dr. Roy McCall, Asociafe Profes- sor of Speech, "and l guess fhaf is sfill my favorife hobby," Mr. McCall was Direcfor of Debafing during I938 and is a member of Pi Kappa Delfa and Phi Rho Phi, honorary forensic sociefies. He mainfained a speech major during college years, is acfive in debafing, dramafics and liferary work. Mr. McCall is now commencing a fhird year as a member of fhe College of fhe Pacific Faculfy. He received a B. A. degree af Redlands in I930 and an M. A. af fhe Universify of lowa in l93 I, followed five years lafer by a Ph. D. "No, l don"r like fo hear small children play fhe piano. l'm more inferesfed in spor+s," confesses Mr. John G. Ellioff, Dean of fhe Conservafory of Music. Mr. Ellioff revealed in fhis inferview fhaf he had been a rabid foofball fan fhe pasf few years. Mr. Ellio'H' affended Norfhwesfern Universify where he received Graduafe and Bachelor of Music degrees before coming fo Pacific in l927 as a faculfy member. He is a member of Phi Mu Alpha and Phi Kappa Lambda nafional music sociefies, and he is also an honorary member of Rho Lambda Phi af Pacific. Professor George Colliver firsf affended fhe College of fhe Pacific as a sfudenf in l907. Affer eighf years of work wifh a religious educafion major, he wenf fo Bosfon where he received his S. T. B. Upon complefion of his sfudy in religion af Bosfon and Harvard, Mr. Colliver refurned fo Pacific Campus in I920 and became a professor. During his years af fhe College of fhe Pacific he has accomplished much in fhe advancemenf of religious educafion. Dr. Malcolm Eiselen is nofed fo Pacific sfudenfs for his keen be-whiskered iokes and liferary abilify lnof be-whiskeredl. He's now sfarfing his 'lrwelffh year as a member of fhe Pacific and Junior College faculfy. He received his A. B. and A. M. degrees from Norfhwesfern Universify and his Ph. D. from Cali- fornia in l93I. His disfincfions include member- ship in fhe All-College Honor Sociefy, honorary membership in fha Omega Phi Alpha frafernify, and liferary work in currenf magazines, reprinfs in fhe Readers' Digesf. Dr. G. A. Werner is complefing his sixfeenfh year af fhe College of fhe Pacific as Dean of fhe Summer Session and Direcfor of College Tours. Before insfrucfing af Pacific, Mr. Werner re- ceived his A. B. and M. A. degrees from fhe Uni- versify of Soufhern California. He fhen received his Ph. D. fhree years lafer from fhe same school. Werner holds fhe ,posifion of Professor of Poli- fical Science and Hisfory, is sponsor of fhe Infer- nafional Affairs Club, and is Junior College chair- man of fhe Division of Social Sciences. Complefing his sixfh year af fhe College of fhe Pacific is Professor Harold Jacoby, insfrucfor in sociology, criminology and labor relafions. Mr. Jacoby has been acfive in Pacific Sfudenf Chrisfian ,work and as a member of fhe regional council of fhe Norfhwesfern Universify sfudenf Y. M. C. A. His youfhful conservafive manner has neffed him a wife and an envied faculfy posifion. Mr. Jacoby reached here via graduafion from The College of Pacific in l929. He received a M. A. degree from Norfhwesfern Universify, and a Ph. D. affer fhe complefion of his sociology sfudy af fhe Universify of Pennsylvania. .I Y K i li W JP' S1 . ' ' ' rx " N l 1 1 W r .. . y ,Wi ., L if All ll I Economic bofany, planf biology, Man's Biologic- al World, and fhe bacferiology are fhe principal courses faughf by Dr. Ernesf E. Sfanford, bofany professor since l935. He is now commencing his fhirfeenfh year as a faculfy member of fhe College of fhe Pacific and fhe Sfockfon Junior College. Dr. Sfanford obfained his B. Sc. from Massachu- seffs Sfafe College in l9I5, his M. Sc. from Norfh Carolina Sfafe in l9I7, and his Ph. D. from Har- vard Universify in I924. This man Gulick is of fhe sfrong, silenf fype. We know, because we had fo blasf fo gef fhe following informafion ouf of him. Complefing his ninfh year af fhe College of fhe Pacific is Mr. Charles Gulick, Associafe Professor of Civil Engineering. He affended Cornell Uni- versify af lfhaca, New York, in I922, where he received his degree in civil engineering. Dr. Allen Waldo, Assisfanf Professor of Geol- ogy and geography, is ending his second year as a faculfy member of fhe College of fhe Pacific and Sfockfon Junior College. He's rapidly making a name for himself as a feacher in fhe genfle arf of earfh-defecfing. Waldo received his M. A. degree from Harvard Universify in l932 and his Ph. D. from Pennsylvania Sfafe in l937. Before coming fo Sfockfon as a member of fhe College of fhe Pacific faculfy, Dr. Waldo was in- sfrucfor of research and geology af Penn. Sfafe. He is associafed wifh fhe Frosh Club of fhe Junior College, fhe Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion, and fhe Honor Sociefy. Mofion Picfure phofogra,phy is one of fhe main inferesfs of Professor Frederic Sfeinhauser, asso- ciafe Professor of Modern Languages. During fhe pasf few years fhe professor has made an exfensive sfudy of fhe developing and prinfing of color films. During fhe years of l92I and l929, Mr. Sfein- hauser foured France, Spain, and Germany for academic purposes and visifed Mexico an innum- erable amounf of fimes. Degrees held by fhe ,professor include an A. B. obfained in I9I8 and an A. M. in l923 from fhe Universify of Chicago. . i ll M , l , li l, H -' -- -Y---1-L... Cosmic ray and radio acfivify has been fhe main inferesf of Gorden Paffen, Associafe Professor of Physics, during fhe lasf year. Dr. Paffen is complefing his fourfh year as a faculfy member of fhe College of fhe Pacific, pre- vious fo which he acfed as Insfrucfor of Physics and Mafhemafics af fhe Polyfechnic Junior College. His youfh belies fhe knowledge he possesses, for he obfained his B. A. in i927 from fhe Universify of Brifish Columbia, followed by an M. A. and a Ph. D. in I933 from California. Insfrucfor in Chemisfry, Clarence E. Larson, is now commencing a second year as a Sfockfon Jun- ior College and College of fhe Pacific faculfy mem- ber. Dr. Larson was formerly research associafe wifh fhe Mounf Zion Foundafion and following fhis posifion was lnsfrucfor of Biology and Chemisfry af fhe Universify of California. Dr. Larson affended fhe Universify of Minnesofa in I932 where he received a B. S. degree and in I937 obfained a Ph. D. from Cal. lnsfrucfor in Zoology af fhe Universify of Cali- fornia was fhe posifion of Dr. Alden Noble before he became a member of fhe College Sfaff. Dr. Noble obfained an A. B. degree from 'rhe Ohio Weslyan Universify in I923, M. Sc. in I925 af Ohio Sfafe and a Ph. D. degree af fhe Universify of California in I93 I. Dr. Noble now holds fhe posifion of Professor of Zoology of fhe College of fhe Pacific. His main inferesfs lie in fhe sfudy of parasifology and phofography. Professor Arfhur Talbof Bawden's disfincfions include a B. Sc. from Dennison Universify in l920, a M. S. from Ohio Sfafe, and a Ph. D. from a Norfhwesfern summer session. Unlike mosf men wifh fhis .wholly American back- ground, he held fhe posifion of chemisfry professor af fhe Universify of Shanghai before coming 'ro fhe College of fhe Pacific in I930. Professor Bawden is chairman of fhe Division of Nafural Sciences, Professor of Chemisfry, and sponsor of fhe Orfha Mefa Para science sociefy, moreover he is fhe aufhor of a class fexfbook, "Man's Physical Universe." '1 X Dean of fhe school of educafion is Dr. J. William Harris, who for fhe lasf fwenfy-nine years has faughf af Pacific. Dr. Harris affended Union College, Kenfucky, where he received his AB degree. From Clark U. he received his Ph D. degree. The courses faughf by fhe dean are menfal hygiene, educafion- al psychology, educafion, principles of educafion, and American educafion. A seminar for graduafe sfudenfs fo sfudy special problems in educafion is faughf by Dr. Harris. For a hobby he spends a greaf deal of fime read- ing and sfudying abouf fhe archifecfure of gofhic cafhedrals in Europe. Appoinfed regisfrar of fhe College of Pacific af fhe close of lasf semesfer, Roberf Burns fiffed righf info fhe picfure wifh his warm smiles and his king-pin greefing ways. Along wifh fhis posifion he holds down fhe spof as alumni secrefary. ln fhis capa- cify Mr. Burns did considerable fraveling in con- facfing former members of fhe college. A former sfudenf body prexy, Bob has been af Pacific eighf years and his hobby well you mighf guess, if is meefing people. Professor Louis Windmiller is fhe regisfrar of fhe Sfockfon J. C. Before coming here Professor Wind- miller affended fhe Universify of California af Berk- eley and in Los Angeles. He holds an AB degree. The courses faughf by fhe professor are speech, business problems, law and governmenfal business. ln fhe fwo years spenf in Sfockfon he has become 'rops wifh fhe sfudenfs. His hobbies are ouf of door life and fhe sfudy of graphology. Wifh fhe opening of fhe Spring semesfer, Mr. A. C. Gerould was appoinfed head of fhe college library. Affer receiving an AB degree from Darf- moufh Universify, Mr. Gerould wenf fo work in fhe reference deparfmenf of fhe New York Public Lib- rary. l.a'I'er he wenf fo Sfanforcl Universify where he obfained a posifion in fhe reference division of fhe library. He remained here unfil he came fo Pacific. To aid fhe library in housing more books, May I2, was sef aside as Book Day, wifh faculfy and sfudenfs confribufing books from 'rheir personal collecfion. Iililll VHlllY The seven+h 'four and inspeciion 'irip fo Deafh Valley was conducfed under 'rhe direcfion of Dr. A. T. Bawden and Professor J. H. Jonie during +he Spring Vacafion week from April I io 8 inclusive. A record crowd of some l65 sfudenfs, feachers, and lovers of rugged life lefi +he college green on April Fools Day fo learn +he wonders of a land +ha+ has sunk below 'I'he level of +he sea. Along +he roufe repeafed sfops were made fo visii' indusfries of science and 'rhe surrounding fascinafing Topog- raphy. Highlighfs of 'rhe ex,pedi+ion included fhe beau+i- ful Red Rock Canyon, Qwen Valley, Mono Lake, Lake Tahoe, +he slupendous Boulder Dam, and of course Deaih Valley. New poinfs of inleresf added fo lhe iiinerary 'I'his year were Owens Lake, gey- sers and volcanic 'formalions in l'he Mono Lake reg- ion, Lone Pine a'r ihe base of Mounf Whi+ney, and 'rhe Mounf Whiiney Fish Haichery. The indusfries 'rhai' were seen on +he l60O mile frek were +he Twining Laborafories a+ Fresno, ihe American Chemical Plani' ai' Trona, and fhe Wesf End Chemical Plani' a+ Searles Lake. Special feafures of +he rrip consisfed of a boal' ride across fhe man made Mead Lake lhal owes ifs origin +0 +he mighfy Boulder Dam. Sleeping under a s+arligh'r sky on +he si're+ching sand dunes had i+s poinfs on l'he irip. Two swims ,were readily en- ioyed by 'lhe group. The firsf was an early morn- ing swim held af Valley Wells and 'rhe second dip was faken ai' Furnace Creek Inn. The original "Borax" ,Smi+h, old harmony plan? capfured +he in- +eres'r of +hose fhai' saw if. 'iz 1 . TELL When 'rhe nighf meal was over, fhe group gafh- ered around a huge bonfire fo fake parf in com- munify singing and a general gef fogefher. Here sfories and experiences of fhe day and ofher frips were spread around as fhe fire raged. Tops in fhis gafhering was fhe reading of fhe Deafh Valley News, a nighfly ,paper edifed by one who had a flare for news hawking and humor. ln fhis sheef of scandals no one was saved from ifs cracks and nonsense as if was read fo fhe eager group. Jusf before fhe fire died away announcemenfs concern- ing fhe following day were given. The whole frip was planned fo fhe minufe in order fo include fhe mosf exfensive ifinerary in fhe seven year hisfory of fhe College of Pacific expedifion. All fhe acfivifies and fhe fime allofmenf for fhem were due fo fhe heady work of 'rhe sfaff and fhey based fheir iudgmenf on fhe experiences of fhe pasf. Traveling in caravan sfyle, fhe cars were divided info five secfions and were led by officers of fhe highway pafrol. Each secfion of cars have definife colors and leaders fo keep fhe ouffif run- ning smoofhly and in order. Ofhers on fhe sfaff besides Dr. Bawden and Professor Jonfe included: J. R. Arnold, Nafure Sfudy: J. F. Blinn, Physician: F. J. Clark, Chemisfry: J. H. Carson, Program Direcfor: G. S. Eby, Phofog- raphy: F. W. Goff, Indian Pefroglyphs: C. E. Lar- son, Chemisfry: L. C. Sweefman, Music Direcfor: N. J. Toms, Bofany: F. P. Vickery, Geology: A. W. Waldo, Geology: H. E. Welch, Radio Engineer. lHIlIlS ln whai promises 'lo be 'rhe largesf l'our ever sponsored by +he College of Pacific, a group vacaiion loving people will visil' ihe shore of disianl' Alaska 'rhis Summer when 'l'he College conducis +heir second Alaskan Cruise. The las+ one was held in I934 and i+ proved so pop- ular lhal' leHers requesiing for anolher have been coming in ever since. This facinaiing and exci+ing Summer Va- caiion ,will be conducied by Dr. Tully C. Knoles, Presidenl' of ihe College, whois an experienc- ed iraveler and four-conduclor. He will be assisied by Professor George C. Jensen of Sacramenio, who is also an experienced irav- eler and famous educafor. Picked for +he 'rask of seeing +ha'r everyone is having a good iime will be Miss Grace M. Carier who will acl' as hosiess for ihe par'I'y. Heading Norfh from S+ock+on on 'Phe Souihern Pacific "Special", 'I'he firsl lap of l'he "Cruise" will wind ihrough ihe mouniains and The valleys of ihe Pacific Norihwesi viewing Beaufiful Mi. Shasia and visiiing Porlland and SeaH'le. A+ Sea'Hle +he "real Cruise" begins as l'he ,pariy boards fhe S. S. Yukon and heads 'lowards Alaska. Poin'l's of inieresf along l'he way will be ihe dead and live glaciers, roman- lic Indians, curious 'loiem Poles, 'ihe Norfhwesf Mounied Police, "Soapy" Smi'rh's grave, ihe Russian Caiherdrals, gold mines and plenfy of magniiiceni scenery. The four will leave S+ock'ron on July 22 and reiurn home on Augusl' 61'h, giving one a fine o,ppor'runil'y fc enioy lasfing 'Friendships ihal' will be formed on 'rhe frip. Throughoui' 'lhe four lhere will be inleresfing leciures, discus- sions and recreaiion of a grea'r varie'I'y. Teachers and s+uden+s may mix work wi+h pleasure on ihe 'rri,p for academic credii will be given in eifher hisiory or educaiion for lhose who apply. cf: Zo I 3,52 32 F2 O Li I :li IIA Em Q II - A MARION AKERS GRAPHIC ART STOCKTON PHILIP ALOSI FRENCH SUSANVILLE WILLIAM AVERY ENGINEERING ROSEVILLE EUSEBIO BALLOGDAIAN BIOLOGY PHILIPPINE ISLANDS ARTELLE BAXTER SALTILA-CKTON WADE BECKWITH ECONOMICS STOCKTON 25 SINIUH EIHSS RICHARD BENTLEY PHYSICAL EDUCATION GLENDALE NORMA BENTLEY MUSIC SAN FRANCISCO BETTY BOOTH ENGLISH PASO ROBLES BARBARA BOWER DRAMATIC ART CRESCENT CITY FRED BOYES ZOOLOGY STOCKTON IIINAN BRONZICH S6TIgCKTON AILEEN BUOY ENGLISH STOCKTON I HONARIO BURIGSAY I POLITICAL SCIENCE I STOCKTON BERNICE CAMPBEL GR TS BUSINESS STOCKTO C G PEGG 0 ET L0 L I Los I ELMYR ' MI '- N I AL com HAnoLn DIECKMANN ZOOLOC-BY SAN FRANCISCO NORMA BENTLEY SENIOR BALL COMMITTEE VERNA DUNSTAN ENGLISH STOCKTON WESLEY DUNTON BUSINESS ADM'N ACAMPO RICHARD EATON BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION SUISUN ERWIN FARLEY SOCIOLOGY STOCKTON KENNETH FARR HISTORY SANTA CRUZ FRANCIS FINNEY HISTORY STOCKTON MARY GALTON SOCIOLOGY LOS ANGELES BARBARA GAMMONS ENGLISH CHICO I i I I I I I I I DICK EATON MANAGER OF THE WEEKLY .,....i-,.T.,-. Homin HANSEN CHEMISTRY ' 5' ACAMPO MYRON HARMON . 5i?FAOM'CS DORIS OCK SPEE BERK Y I G EIYAI Y HARMO CHEMISTRY sTocKToN V G BB INE AD sa , E MARGA 0 -S XIIIEIZDA CHARLES GHOLZ BUSINESS ADM'N I ' LODI SADAE I-IAMADA KENNETH HENCH T BOTANY STOCKTON MADGE HEPBURN MUSIC OAKLAND PHILIP HOOD MUSIC SANTA ANA MITCHELL HOOKINS MUSIC PITTSBURGH, PA. EDITH IIAMS ENGLISH STOCKTON Anus KANEDA I ENGLISH STOCKTON I WILLIAM KIRKMAN I MUSIC STOCKTON EDWARD KOEHLER ENGINEERING HOBERG'S RESORT BILL KI KM N GIFT COMMITTEE DOROTHY KOLLN FRENCH PLEASANTON MILTON KWATE MUSIC SAN ANSELMO MILDRED GOM O N A ALVIN L RA MUSIC OAKLAND GE 1 I SPA SUTT CR OR S L C U L l U L I ' IC L MI CATHE ND ENGLISH sTocKToN PAUL LUTZ MUSIC LODI FRANK MCDONNELL N'32'E?2f?J'CS PATRICIA MASON ENGLISH LODI MARIE NICHOLS EQESSSELD IEAN MILLER SOCIOLOGY MONTICELLO NORMAN NOTEWARE CHEMISTRY STOCKTON MARIORIE NICHOLS LODI HERTHA RAUSCH ENGLISH STOCKTON DALE ROSE A ART STOCKTON MUR I SENIO RICHARD PATRIOUIN SPEECH LAKE COUNTY PAUL RIPPON ECONOMICS SAN FRANCISCO RUDOLP ERA PHYS L VALL C R0 E 'SE D VIRGINI K R D 0 PIANO PIEDMONT LU LUCIAN DRAMATIC ART MADERA GLEN SHALIEAN BUSINESS ADM'N STOCKTON I I Y , I n LUCIAN SCOTT LITTLE THEATRE MARTIN SHEARER LORENE SHOOK SNLSARTON BARBARA LEE SOUIRES ENGLISH WILLIAM SIEGERIED BETTY RAE STONE EDUCATION CLAIR TATTON ALICE TILTON MUSIC IROSWELL, NEW MEXICO CARMEN TINDALL ART AUBURN mg I RALPH TREMBLEY ENGLISH WEST LOS ANGELES WALTER VAN SANDT CHEMISTRY STOCKTON NELL VICKROY BUSINESS ADM'N STOCKTON DAWN WALTERS EDUCATION SAN FERNANDO EVELYN ARD MUS STO O PIANO CEDARVILL A W D ALICE N 0 E I S AA- LE VIRGI T HISTORY STOCKTON IULIANNE WRIGHT ENGLISH WINTON PRIMO YOB MXEENEZ IACK ZIEGLER CHEMISTRY STOCKTON 35 JII HHS ,f LY 7:1 - fy I I A 13- I , I I af? -- ' . ' o ik . 0 .,.,. I I 9192? ADAMINA ANDERSON CARSON CARY DIXON DUNLAP GOODWIN GRAVES HILL HONSBURGER ATKINSON CATTERAL T. ESCHWIG GRIFFITHS H UNGERFORD n' BECKER CAVIGLIA W. ESCHWIG GROSSE INGLIS BERRY CENCIRULO ETZEL A. HALL IRISH BISHOFBERGER CHAPMAN FANUCCHI HALL K BLINN CLIFTON FELLERS HALLMARK JONTE P 'SA -3 Q. JUL BRIARE CRAVIOTTO FLICKINGER HAWLEY JORDAN BROWN CRAWFORD FONG HA.YMOND KIENTZ F. BUOY DAHL GASSMAN HEINRICH KNOLES CANESSA DASHIELL GENOCHIO HIGGINS LUCAS 'W .- . Ark, , 4 1 4 J .- J. Z' Q 1.- v LOVELESS MORGAN PULICH SEWELL TAKAGISHI 4 .5 'El' 6" 5' V s. My ' Q klT'Q?fgJ.7j14'i?!' N .' ' 135, '1r?i'i'...--12, , in LOMBARDI MORALL PU RSEL SINAI TERRY LENNOX MORALL RAILSBACK SHEPPARD TITHERINGTON LAGORIO NEIDER RAWLS SINCLAIR TOLAND McWILLIAMS NELSON ROUNDTREE SMITH THOMASINI ' A, J J ? w MARSH ONG SAPIRO STEWART TULLOCH MALIK PAXTON SHIFFMAN STONE VENTRE MADlLL PHIFER PUGMIRE SWAGERTY VAN LOBEN SELS nf I I -45 I I T .1521 I I I , 1 I. juz W , L' I I 1 J I Q I Y b 3 '-i'- 4 2. I I Q . ,EAN If '- sy. 'J , f W , ..., - Q 4, 5' 'EI ' W' -1 I L J 5 H. ., I A CQ H' I K ' . I IN Q I COHEN eusmoe KEEBLE PANG s.loQuusT ATCHLEY CASWELL GOULD KEEHEN ER PARSONS SMITH Iii as -XX I X ARNOT cAMeRoN HADDEN KIDDER PIERCE sounzes BAER BRINK HARRISON KLASS PHELPS STRONG BALL BOSCH HARTER LADD RAAB SWARTS BARRON BIRD J. HIDY LAUPPE RAMSEY SYMONS BIDDICK J. HIDY MACDONALD RANKIN TANBERG IIINIIIH EHIIIHI ps FICOVICH BELITSKY HIXSON MALCOLMSEN RANNEY TENER 'S M S f 5 ,- f A, p. FERGUSON FINK HODGKINS MCCARTHY RIDDELL TODD ESMOND DOUGLASS FOWLER FRITZ HOOD HULL McGINNIS McPHEETERS RIFBERG RONALD VIGNOLO WAKEFIELD 5' 5-QNA 935' W -1 . I: rv' DINUBILO GARI BALDI IKAWA MILLER ROSS WHITEH EAD Oi, 4 if I lliiv 'ff: f DAVIS COWARD GERHART GERMAN JAMES JEUNG MILLER MOORE SACK SATTERBERC-5 WIRTH WORKMAN 3 J., V-5 " A vff ff rx " FW I -A . IIT' Q ' I -,., , . . -af I 'F , fd r A Sf., ', , .., . l I4-5? " 31. '- -54 , ai: , ' l II , fix .,I I I g wwf f -aff. I, , 3- :Iii I . ff I M I ,, U , ,J '1 ' P' I we , Y J I I 1 Hx I -'qg.1Z:2gI,', , ' Twrk N, , xg KQV I. ,xx , COLLIVER GHOLZ JONES NASH SAVELLI YELLAND 41 .la , di, GOBEL KALMIN NAWMAN SINGLETON YOST RUSH-'42 Srarring off +he Fall semesfer wi+h a fine display of energy and ambilion, +he Freshman class rared as one of fhe besr in fhe hisfory of fhe school. ln fhe very be- ginning 1'hey showed 'rheir sirengfh when lhey ,won a smashing viciory over ihe Sopho- mores in +he annual Frosh-Soph Brawl. The ba+'rle proved one of l'he mosl fascinaiing of i+s kind in recenf years wifh +he Freshmen 'raking honors in 'lhe sack race and +he +ie-up con1'es+, leaving +he second year men a vicrory in ihe lug-of-war. ln fhe field of sporfs fhe yearlings ,produced a winning foorball and baslcelball +eam, along wilh giving sfiff compe+i+ion +o +he orher fhree classes in +he inrramural sporfs program. Along in Ociober 1'he heads of fhe lower division classes gol' logerher and +he annual Frosh-Soph dance held in +he Cocoanul Grove was fhe resulf. The music was provided for by Al Devina and his orchesira wirh a record crowd aH'ending. April I5+h was The evening ser aside for Class of '42 'lo once more cavorl around a dance floor. The occasion being +he Freshman Spring Dance. The Firsl' year men chose as rheir presideni, capable Les Dow. For 'lhe posiiion of vice-presideni' Harry Plafelc goi' fhe call. Charmaine Cash was elecied secrefary and Claude Hogan +ook over fhe du+ies of freasurer. HOGAN . . . CASH . . . DOW LIVIE TWINS ElHSS INHHMHSS Serving as presidenf of +he graduaiing Seniors ihis year was Edward Koehler, promi- nenl' in college aciivifies. He was assisfed by Verna Dunsfan, vice-presidenig Virginia Sack, secreiaryg and Kennerh Hench as ireasurer. As +he book goes +o press, plans for Senior Week are siill indefiniie, buf promise io be ihe besi yer. The chairman appoini- ed for 'rhe various commiilees are, Senior Ball, Verna Dunsiang The Senior Sneak, Paul Rippong fhe Senior gift Kennefh Henchg Dr. Knoles Day, Virginia Sack: announcemenis, Jan Wright Headed by Dick Morrall as presiden+, +he Junior Class execufive board included such prominenf campus leaders as Vice-Presideni' Pai' Carson, Treasurer Hugh McWil- liams, and Secrefary Marguerife Efzel. The big eveni of ihe year was ihe annual Junior-Senior ,prom held June 3rd a+ 'rhe Clark Hoiel and supplied wi+h music by Her- man Sapiro and his orchesira. ' The Sophomores elecied 'ro guide 'them in fhe beginning of 'rhe year Ken Klaas as presidenf, Adrian Squires as vice-presidenf, Jean Sfrong as secreiary and Bill Biddick as ireasurer. Social highlighis 'For 'rhe year were 'rhe Frosh-Soph Hop held in early No- vember and fhe June Graduaiion Dance given af fhe close of +he year. Leading by sixfeen ,poin+s, 'rhe Junior class appears +o have won fhe lnferclass cham- pionship as book goes fo press. Winning 'ihe irack and baskeiball crowns 'ihey have piled up 276 ,poin'I's 'io command 'their lead. Their nearesi rival is 'ihe Senior Class, winners of 'ihe sofiball +i+le, wi'l'h 260 poinis. The Sophomore Class is in ihird spoi' wifh I88 poinis and only one poin'r behind is 'Phe Freshman Class. DICK MORRALL . . . MARGUERITE ETZEL . . . KEN KLAAS . . . ADRIAN SQUIRES fix' ' -Q. 'E IIHIIIII THE MU ZETES SHUT-INS ENJOY A GAME OF BRIDGE WHILE THE COLLEGE HUMS WITH LIBERTY, FREEDOM AND FUN . . . SHAPELY MISSES FROM THE DORM CATCH THE CAMERA MAN BEFORE HE CATCHES THEM . . . "LET'S SEE THAT'S FIVE CENTS FOR YOU AND I'LL PAY TEN CENTS FOR HER" . . . PACIFIC MERMAIDS TAKE A DIVE. . . . "GOOD AFTERNOON, COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC" . . . ALPHA THETES SPLASH AND WADE JUNE LANE... MINNIE SAWYER I ,wg . lv if-V, f ix ,Min . Q F A - BALL BAXTER BARRY DUNSTAN Elcovlcl-1 FITZGERALD HODGKINS HOSE HULL RICE RIFBERG RICHIE OFFICERS Fall Spring June Lane ...,..,.........,.. . L ,.L.,L,.... Presidenf ..1E....,L.4LLLL , ............ Minnie Sawyer Minnie Sawyer ....... ...... ,,,, ,L,,,. V i c e-Presicleni .L.L.........L L A ...L..,..., Virginia Wesion Virginia Wesfon ..LLLL.,LLL ...,...,,....L, R ecording Secrefary ...LL, .L,LL,L ,LL.,.LLLL.. A r ielle Baxeir Helen McManus ,,,,,.,L.L LLL,.. , , ,L,.,,LL....LL,.,..,.. Treasurer ........,.,...,, 4..., ,,.,.. ,... A n n Hodgkins Bei-+y Flickinger ,,,,,,LLL.LL .L LL,L L.Corresponcling Secreiarya ,..... ,................... R oberia Ball Margarer George ,,,,L,,,L., .,.... ..........,,. H o use Manager ,LL.,..L.... .i.LL .....L... . M argaref George Sepfember I4 ,,,,,,, ..,.. ,.i...... D i nner for FacuH'y Women Sepfember 25 ,,,..,, ...,4,L,....,.,.,..L.,.,,,,.....,,,,,,,,. F aculfy Tea Ocfober 2 -w,AAAA...... Ocfober I 5 ...,..L 48 .........Opening Rush Tea .L..Cl1ocola+e Par+y 'A s A -Q , A J 1 A L BLOSSOM FLICKINGER KETMAN ROWE 1.15 wiv BOLTER GENOCCIO LANE SAWYER HIIIHH IHIIH IHII v-la V'4V V -UQ. TV V V V :PV V 'V '12, V VVVXA if ,.1f V Z AlV'?"- V Tir I A- . V V 3 3 , ' , ' A ' a I L I V ,V ,T VVV , V V -n VV, V V V 3437 V' VV,V:V?V: f.fLieI7 A: A x 4 W" I5 A I F- :I 4 Fi OV, ya Va V VV V -V V I .1 V H VV 1 V- A V V V AV F. BRANSTAD M. BRANSTAD BROWN CAMERON COWARD GEORGE GRADY GRAY GUERSNEY HAFELE. LOGERWELL NELSON NORRIS OLIVER PARKER SMITH STRONG WESTON WIRTH ZUKERMAN SOCIAL CALENDAR Oc+ober OO,,,O.SOO ,,..........OSS,,,,., ,,,,,.,,,..OO.S,... O p en House Affer Nevada Game Ocfober ,........, .STSST,S,,,.A.SSA,S..S,.,,....S...O.SAS,AT H omecoming Luncheon Ocfober , . . ,,,,,,.,.........,..,.,......,..........................,... Formal Pledge Tea November Tea, ,..,O A ,S T,,,,,.,...,..,.,...,....,...,.........A.........,......., Thanksgiving Dinner December .e,.e..... . ,.,....,i..e. S+ocIc+on Alumnae Parfy wiih Members December ......,.,. ., e..i..,e,,...ii..,..A.....SA.......Ae,i,.,.,,,,.,....,....... CI1ris+mas Dance December ..,...,.i,, .,,,e. . , ,.e...,.,...,,.....,,,..,....,..,.,.,ee..,.,.... Chrisimas Dinner Parry January A. ,..,.. e....,i.i..,....,...e........e ..........,.,......,.....,.,.,.,....., . ,,.,Band Frolic January 2I .... Recepfion for Casi' of George and Margaref February I9 .,..... .O .......,.e........ ,....,.....,.r ...........,...... f .,.,,.....iA. O p ening Rush Tea March I I, I, . ,,.e........,...r....,,.,,,.....,.......,,..,,,,....,..,.,.,.,.,..... Pledge Tea March I7 .,.....,... .........i. S +. PaI'ricIc's Day Dinner March I8 ,...... ., .,...........,.e Pan Hellenic Dance March 25 i...,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, B unny Hop April 4,.. ,..... .,,,....,,......,,.,...,....,a....... B askelball Dinner May ,.I, ..,,,,.V,.............. ......,,,,.,............,........ C a rd Par'I'y May . . .........e... Spring Formal a+ Rio Del Mar June ....e,e .,.,...........,...i,,....,.,,..,.,.... S enior BreaIcfas+ ALICE TILTON . . . MARGARET TRABERT Fall Alice Tillon ..,,...,,.. Jean Miller A........,........, Lora Lou Childs .....,........ Mary Barbara Baer ...,....... Marguerife E+zeI ......Aa Norma Ben+Iey ...,.,... Madge Hepburn ,..,.... Jean Morgan ..............,,v Margarel' Traberi' .......... Virginia Sack a............. 50 , 'PI I. U' in A 57 I I 1 .lisp V, I AQ. , ' S' ,, V A A A . -17. I A I I If 1 2,5 F21 . . -..,,, F' """'f,fi: if? :,:- Iii. i- M m f, 5 2. I , I . 'II 1e,,.,..-.are rf" 5- :a',:ea.:--lug v H ,I M 1-f,, ,w I., X, in , 'f'3:':-f-2,.,E:.'15e V . g p 5' iiigijw' ae we 1: TW' --M-I H . 355' 'Zz ff.. 3. f - wi, 2: gr-:wk me ,Nh V, 5' ' su: ' '1 I. We I .I Qi I ,-wmv' WW , gags? -, -f gd - . ggiggzgyi In - 'auws, Ii. , -Wai? .. 5 ,,,, . if 1 -'30 -'72-5 w .FM .fi ' rN',,4 I EQW ' 'I' 155 ' BOWER CORKETT D. SACK ARNOT GOFF LAGORIO SHAUER OFFICERS ,......,..Preslden+............ ...........Vice-Presiden'r.....,.,.,,.. Recording SecreI'ary A.,.a,....... 11 I W- . 5-I I 1 - T .J il If ii - , N . W U I n 15 ET 41 , M I I . QI' 2 ,, .:' 1-, ' 11. h if I ,- 4v,' ,,, - -.', Q I - X, if A ,i..L1:f - ' , AL. I 'I' -.. T r ,. '. .j , III .Q . - if I J? fr I 5 A M fl U I, .rpg - iw. , BUSBEE HENDERSON HARRISON MARBLESTONE MILLER SOUIRES B. STONE BAER GOULD LEFEVER BENTLEY HAMSHER LUND SINCLAIR SMITH BURTON ....,....MargareI' Traberf ,,,..o.Margueri+e Elzel i,....,..Pa'rricia Seavres Corresponding Secrefary ....a...iai .,....... J ulianne WrigI1+ ...,.................Treasurer....,,..............,.. .............SociaI SecreI'ary.......,... A,a...,,r,Librarian-Hisiorian...,... ,..,....Sergeanf-af-Arms.....,... .........,,.,..CI1apIain..,.,i.,..., ,...,....House Managerwo ,,.....,..Jane Jordan .,A..,........Jean Caulau M.a..r,i..MiIdred Gould ,...,.,...........MerIe MorI'on .,...,.,,Barbara Ann Reinle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Virginia Sack IISIIIIN IHMHHH SIHIIH ' I " Y :Wo f JQLIL., ' I if Q:-Q, -,'f I, -L CAUBU CHAPMAN HEPBURN HONSBERGER MORGAN MORRALL J. STONE STEWART L, CHILDS JORDAN NAWMAN TILTON Ocfober I5 Ocfober 28 Ocfober 30 November I9 December 2 December I2 December I4 January I3 March I2 March March April May May May I8 ..I... 25 I I 1 ,I HI. ,, QI I I If !'!E"fi I , Q'-U' - " iv QI' I-32 COFFMAN MORTON RANKIN TRABERT 7 e..r..,.... 6 .,.,....... I2 ,,,,, Irere 27 II., .....r F ax, Q- ,:. V, jr: if I -ii .44-fy. ITL I .if L EIZEL FERGUSON FINK GIFFORD KIRKPATRICK KOWATCH KOWATCH LADDON REINLE v. SACK SATTERBURG SEAVERS TREVORROW UDDEN VOORHEES WRIGHT SOCIAL CALENDAR L. Dance .,eI, be ,,ee ..,eee,ee Ieeee . . ee,,,e.A....,,,.. Homecoming Luncheon Tea .,...,.a......a..aRadio Dance a...,.,,.,,,,.Fa'rI'Ier's Dinner ..,..........Foo'IbaII Dinner Parfy A I.,.,,....eA.,.. Informal Dance I a,,...,....aM,,.,I,a,Pledge Tea ,..,,a...a..,Pan Hellenic Dance Pull .,...,.......FacuI+y Par+y ,,.,...L..a,,,May Breakfasf ..........,MoI'I'Ier's Dinner ,.I..,.......FormaI Weekend JUNAN BRONZICH . . . BETTY BOOTH APPLEGARTH BADGER BARTHOLOMEW GUERIN HALLMARK LAGAMARSINO RANNEY RAUSCH RAWLES OFFICERS Fall Spring BeH'y Booih ...,...,......A A................ P residenf ..,.,,,..,.,.,... ..A......,,..,. J unan Bronzich Herrha Rausch ............,.,,.. ........,........,... V ice-Presidenf .........A..A,..,.... ....O.AA.A.....OO...A.. B eHy Dixon Junan Bronzich ...........,.......................,.. Recording Secrelary .,,,,,,. ,......... .,4..,..,...,,. H e r'l'ha Rausch Frances Richardson ,,..A..........c...., Corresponding Secre+ary.. r.,...,,A. ,.,.4...... B arbara Caswell Pal Carson ...,,,...............,,.... ...... .,......,.,.......r.A T r easurer ..........,.,,,,,,,A.,,rA..A ,,.ra.A,.,.A,. R u'l'h Lombardi Doris Marsh ...............a.... ...,,,. .,,,., H o use Manager .AarAr,aAAA.., .,a.,a,aa.aa.A,. D oris Marsh SOCIAL CALENDAR Seplember 23 ,......,,.... .................,. ....,,..,a.,........,.,r.......r..s,..... ...,..,r ..,.,,... B u FF e 1' Dinner Dance Sepfember 25 ,,,.......... ....r.....,. T ea +0 lnlroduce New House Mo'rher Ocfober 2 ,...,..,..s.. ....................,..........,..,............,.....,......... O pening Rush Tea Ocfober 28 .,,......,... ...,.,...,..,a, O pen House Affer The Nevada Game Oclober 29 .,.,...,...,. 52 ..................Homecoming Luncheon M 4. I 'Rv I fI"'wf , r f BOOTH LOMBARDI RICHARDSON BRONZICH MANARY SCHNEIDER Ocfober November December January February February February March March March April ' April May May May May June CASWELL CORTELYOU DlxoN GRIMSHAW MARSH MATHEWS MILLER MORRILL LAMBERT WOLF WRIGHT SOCIAL CALENDAR 30, .L,....L. .,.............................,.......,..,................... ..,.,L....... F o rmal Pledge Tea I8 r...,...... ..............,...., P ledge Dance I5 ..,....LLL. ....L ,,,..L.,...,. C I1 risfmas ParI'y 6 .....,,.... ..,......,........,........,v......, B and Frolic 4 .........L. ,.,,...,,L,,,,, P ledge Bridge Pariy I0 .......,... .,.,.................. W infer Formal I9 ..,.,L,L,,. .,...,,.........,....,.. O pening Rush Tea I I .L......... .,.....,......,............,. F ormal Pledge Tea I8 ,...,.,.,.. ,............................,. P an Hellenic Dance I9 ...,..,,... ,...,,.,.. M o'rI1ers' ancl Paironess' Tea 20 ........... ,..,..,,,,..........,......,......... F acully Guesl' Dinner 22 .L,.,. rr.. ..................................,,.................,............., P I edge ParI'y 5 r,.... L... ............ E x change Meeiing Wiih Omega Phi I I ....,.,LLL. .............. ,.,..........,.......,....... F a cully Guesf Dinner I3 ...,.LL..,, ,,..,..,,,,..........,.......,.....,.............. S wimming Par+y I9 ....,.. ...........,.,.,... Spring Formal I I ......,,.,. .,....,.....,, S enior Brealcfasi' R .. A-.S -.N BARBARA GAMMONS . . . HELEN HALL Fall Helen Hall .,.,...,,.......L.,L Barbara Gammons ,a,. l...,. Pa+ricia Mason .,.A1Aa,,,..a, Alice Hall ,..,,.lla............ Rae Hungerford ....,..... Sf OFFICERS ,.......Preslclen'l'.,..,.,,.A.. ..Vice-Presidenf, a..,.,..Secrel'ary..,.,.,r.H. .....,.,Treasurer............ House Managerm .,.. 'H ' of 'Iliff -3 l4,, LJ aaa. wh ' BARREN DINUBILO DURST HUNGERFORD JAMES KALMIN NILE SHEPARD SMITH ...........Barbara Gammons .r...,,,....Lois Mae Venlre .....,....,.Jean Sfrong r....,e..,Doro+l1y Dinubilo .......,....Rae Hungerford HELDS KEEHNER STRONG IHII 3.1! 27 - P ..1L. Ib GAMMONS LASELL VENTRE Sepfember Ocfober November November December December February March March May May June 'S . ' v WI.. ' .4 I, f , 5 f'.:r IIHPIH IIHIIIIH A. HALL H. HALL HIXSON HOPPS LENNOX LOYD ' MASON McINTYRE WALTERS WILSON WOODRUFF SOCIAL CALENDAR I7 .,...LL L, LLLL..L.L..LLL,.LLLL.4..L........L.......,..,.......,.,...,..,..,.r..... .........., I ce Cream Social 30 ...,,L.A... ......,......,..,...,. H ome Coming 5 ...... .LL.. .,.L.,,..... H a mburger Dance I9 ...., Arrc. ...,................... F a n and Shawl Tea I0 .....V..... ........................,..,.,................ C hrisfmas Formal I5 ...... ,.....,.......L..,..,,......... Auxiliary Chrisfmas Par+y I I ....r ,,L... .....,....... V a IenI'ine Progressive Dinner Dance I3 ...,........ ...,......,...,................,.....................,...,..,....., P IecIge Tea I9 ....rL,,..,. ..........,.............LL.,............. P an Hellenic Dance 6 ......L.L.,. ,.......... T ea Honoring Housemofher 20 ........V . .........................,,........,... Spring Formal 4 ....V.,.,,.. ..,,.......,,.....L.L..,..., S enior Breakfasf BRONZICH ETZEL GAMMONS . RAUSCH SAWYER TRABERT VENTRE WESTON Fall OFFICERS Helen Hall .l.A....llll . ..,,,l, ..,....... P resiclenl ..,..,.,ll.,A is ,S l..., Barbara Gammons June Lane .....,.aa.,.,,a..,.,.,,...... .llaAAa..,., S ecrefary-Treasurer ......,.....alll,. as aa,aala. Minnie Sawyer ' COUNCIL Be'H'y Boofh Barbara Gammons Jean Miller Alice Tilfon Junan Bronzich Helen Hall Herfha Rausch Margarer Traberl' Marguerife Efzel June Lane Minnie Sawyer Lois Mae Ven'l're Virginia Wesfon The Pan Hellenic Council was organized several years ago fo replace +he fra- difional ln'rer-Sorori+y Council. Hs 'funcrions include regularion of rushing, pledging, and ofher ma'Hers viral fo 'rhe individual houses. This group is composed of +wo mem- bers from each of rhe four houses and Dean Berg as facul+y counselor. On fhe evening of January I2, a progressive dinner was given by all lhe sorori- +ies. Each sorori+y served a course in +heir house and 'rhe evening concluded wi+h a mock business meeling a+ Alpha Thela Tau. The affair proved excepfionally enioy- able and will probably be eslablished as a l'radi'rion. The annual Pan Hellenic Spring Formal was held a'r fhe Ho'I'el Siocldon on Sai- urday nighi, March I9. Spring flowers and ihe Greek leHers of fhe sororifies were used for decorafions. ITHNFHHHNIE EHHNEH BAPTISTA . . . PARSONS . . . MACDONALD . . . CRAWFORD . . . WEIGART This year Manor Hall was rurned over in+o a, dormirory exclusively for girls. A new cons+i+u+ion was formed and +l1e girls enioyecl a .well rounded year of social evenls. Higl1ligl'1+s of fhe year were a Fall Radio Dance: a Cl1ris+mas Par+yg a formal dance in flue winler a+ The Holel Wolf: and a Spring Informal given in +l1e Manor. House mofher 'For lhe year was Mrs. Elizabe+l1 Orr. Presidenl .rA..,r.,A...,.a..i.a,,,,A. ...........,,......,......,....,,.,.,.,.....,.....,,,.........,.,.,r. r4,..........,. M i ldred Ba,p+is+a Vice-Presidenf .,a.,,i,,.a,a ..r.......a,....,.,..,.....,., M ary Taylor Secrefary ,A..,,....r.,....... ..........,...,.......,.,,.....,....,....... .....,....,,r.r,a....,...,. K a +l1ryn Macdonald COUNCIL MEMBERS POLLY PARSONS MAE WEIGART EDITH KIDDER DORIS HANCOCK MHNUH HHH WUMlNlS HHH Miss Forence Malik serving as Presidenf of Women's Hall carried ouf a social pro- gram unequalled in 'rhe hisfory of fhe Hall. On Ocfober 8,a formal fea was held in honor of fheir firsf pafronesess. 'Those honored were Mesdames H. L. Richardson, William Hobin, T. E. Connolly, Fred Hosie and H. Nicholsen. An S. S. Pacific naufical sporf dance was given on November 5, af fhe Masonic Temple wifh Herman Sapiro's orchesfra playing. The Winfer formal was given in fhe Florenfine Room of fhe Hofel Clark on December 00. Jusf before fhe Chrisfmas va- cafion, a Chrisfmas Parfy was held in fhe hall. H' came fo a close wifh 'lhe singing of Carols in fhe firelighf around fhe Chrisfmas Tree. In fhe Spring fhree dances were given. The firsf on March 4, a radio Sporfs Dance in fhe lobby of fhe Dorm. The Spring informal fook ,place on April I4, af fhe Pyfhian Casfle. The final big evenf was fhe Spring Formal held in fhe Hofel Clark. Fall OFFICERS Spring Florence Malik .,,......... ............... P residenf ................ ....,.....,.....,...... F lorence Malik Beffy Barry ..........,..,. .,...,...,.,..,...,. S ecrefary .......,.,......,.......,......... Margaref Harmon I COUNCIL MEMBERS Elaine Burns De Effe Hamsher Bonnie Smifh Rufh Warrens Mary Fong Eunice Hood Wilma Swarfz Louise Wesf Marabelle Rodier HANSHER . . . WARRENS . . . FONG . . . MALIK . . WEST . . . Hoon .'.iT7E" ,511 gan Tiifg' 111572 I 5' F 0 L X Every woman member of fhe Pacific Sfudenf Asso- ciafion aufomafically becomes a member of fhe Asso- ciafed Women Sfudenfs. Numerous and ever broaden- ing fields of acfivifies are offered, from Big-Liffle Sisfer projecfs fo managing fhe Club House. Hafs off fo Ardis Singlefon and Mae Weigarf, fall and spring Big-Liffle Sisfer Chairmen respecfivelyg over fhree hundred girls affended fhe fradifional Fall Parfy given in honor of New Girls. A fashion show was given in fhe fall semesfer in place of our general meefing. Thanks are due Muriel Logerwell, Miss Cornog, and Miss Wiens for 'rhe grand success. Two Major general meef- ings were held in fhe spring semesfer, wifh Mrs. Irving Goleman as guesf speaker following a business meefing, and Miss Mildred Hickok, Regional Represenfafive of fhe Wesfern Infercollegiafe A. W. S. spoke. This was followed by fhe insfallafion of fhe I939-40 officers. Beffy Rae Sfone gave a summary of her frip fo fhe Nafional Infercollegiafe A. W. S. meefing held in Kansas. The granfing of small scholarships, and building up of a shorf fime Ioan and scholarship fund for women sfudenfs were our major proiecfs for fhis year. The Iasf social evenf of fhe year was a fea given in honor of fhe graduafing Senior Women. The A. W. S. Cabinef of Beffy Rae Sfone, Pres.: Muriel Logerwell, Vice-Pres.: Beffy Flickinger, Corresponding Sec.: Virginia Sack, Re- cording Sec,: Lovella Hawley, Pres. W. A. A.: Jan Wrighf, Club House Manager: Bonnie Smifh, Publicifyg revised fhe Consfifufion fo include Honorary Sociefies for each class, for girls of oufsfanding abilify. On fhe culminafion of several years sfudy, we are making sfrides foward Women's Self-Governmenf on fhe College of Pacific Campus. STONE B. FLICKINGER . . . M. LAGERWELL J. WRIGHT . . . A. TILTON . . . V. SACK B. SMITH . . . L. HAWLEY ' ..----fi O Se 'lember 'l'wenl'y-ninfh 'rhe Associafed Women Sludenls enfer anne Show Tea given in fhe Greek Thea+re under +he direc- iion of Miss Muriel Logerwell. The even? preceded Rushing and 'Phe girls were given a preview of our campus clofhes and cusfomes. Each of +he seven living groups lWomen's Dormifory, Manor Hall, l'he Co-op, and fhe enfed by fhree girls modeling lheir own clo+hes-one in 1' el' and evening dress. each of rhe 'Following groups: campus, s re h ervision of Miss Adina Wiens, prepar- The Hosl' and Hosress class, under + e sup lc Theafre 'from four io six wifh ed The 'lea which was served on 'rhe lawn of +he Gree ' ' ' B eniman pouring. In +he receiving line were 'rhe Miss Lorraine Knoles and Miss Marie r faculfy members, Miss Grace Cor- Dean of Women, Miss Opal Berg, and lwo new ' ' ' d A. W. S. Presidenl, Miss BeH'y Rae Sione. Miss Cornog nog and Miss Adina Wiens, an ' ' I 'denial music and en+er+ainmen'r were n P 1' ' d +he new members al a Fashion I I I four Soroririesl was repres menlaior during 'lhe showing. nc: l M r are? Lee, Marga- acied as com provided by Miss Merle Morion, Camille Goff, Norma Benl' ey, a g rel Traberf, and Beverly Miller. The affair was so successful 'lhai' we recommend if for an annual A. W. S. funciion PAGE so Miss Sally Hoge . . . girlish in swirling moire fhal' suggesfs summer and dancing. Miss Toni Rifberg . . . for 'lhe sophislicaled co-ed black velve+ quainlly lopped by black velvel' ribbon. PAGE bl Smarl' for schoolwear . . . lhe ideal college oul'fi'l' nicely worn by Miss Virginia Nelson. Very new and slunning is 'rhis fuschia hal' and dress combined wilh a luxurious fur-frimbed beige coal' . . . worn by Miss Phyllis Grimshaw. Garden parlies and leas are suggesled by 'lhis sofl and appealing oulfil . . . worn by Miss Madge Hepburn. Whal' do we wear 'for school on warmer days? . . . Miss Jane Kelman and Roxene Hafele seem lo have found lhe answer in 'rhese dashy coH'on froclcs. NJ r For lhal' smarl sophisficaled loolc +ry lailored clolhes such as lhis ou'rl"i+ . . . worn by Miss Beverly Wrighl. O-si rid, V ,wg g S ' ir ?Tif ... ' W NEW 3' L rl" -.'-ia? -njf""" The Womans AI'hIeI'ic Associafion complefed a successful year wi+h individ- ual sporI's dominaiing mosl' of I'he year's even+s. Tournamen+s were held in Iennis, ping-pong, badminfon, deck-Iennis, golf and swimming. This year serving as presi- denl' was Lovella Hawley who deserves a greal' deal of credil in I'he fine program 'IhaI' ,was carried ouI'. The big eveni' of 'Ihe year was I'he play day sponsored for Modesfo Junior College, Yuba Junior College, Placer Jun- ior College and Sacramenfo Junior Col- lege on April 29. The compefifion be- Iween Ihe schools in a+hIe+ic even+s.was keen and enioyed grea'IIy by Ihose parfici- paiing. The friendship and sporfsmanship 'rhe day creaI'ed speak highly for ifself. MISS HAWLEY. W. A. A. PRESIDENT . . . VIOLET AND PING PONG . . . THROUGH THE GOAL FOR A PT. THE TWINIES AIM . . . THE TIP OFF . . . A RELOAD Vi .fmf e 1' e WJ fi If- '51- gw - , I ' I .I "iii x .if . 1 x U fa, A 1, '. .4 I ,f .. w I I I I I ... 1 2 "X ,A 1"f Z: ,ff ff The NaI'ionaI Convenfion of +he A+h- Ie+ic Federafion of College Women was held Ihis year aI' I'he Universify of Cali- fornia al' Berkeley on April I2 +o I4. Rep- resenling Ihe local A. W. A. were Jean Goodwin and Doris Marsh. On Class Day I'he girls compeled among 'rhemselves in chosen 'reams in swimming evenfs and a baseball game 1'o end a successful year. Through Ihe kindness of Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Pease a cabin was donaled +o Ihe girls for weekend and summer I'ri,ps. The cabin is Iocaled al' Camp Connell. Presideni ...,..,,,,.,...,.,,.,,,,.. .,.....,.,...,.. L ovella Hawley Archery Manager ..........,.,., Claudina Houser Hockey Manager ......,,.,,.......,,.......... Lou ChrisI'en Ping Pong Manager ............,......,. Violel' Graves Swimming Manager ..................... Belly Moore MERMAIDS AGAIN . . . ITS GOING TO BE A TIE . . . THE BEGINNING OF A SWAN . . . SERVICE . . . WHAT NO TULLY . . . THREE OF THE DORM'S LOVELIEST. INEZ, JANE AND "PAT". ff , N X K. ,X aff., ,f L ,xksa IIIHIIIIIIIII HIHI THAT FRESHMEN STRAIN AND SWEAT TO BUILD THE BONFIRE FOR THE HOMECOMING GAME . . . THAT FLAMES FROM FORESAID FIRE ROAR AND LIGHT THE SKY FOR THE BENGALS ARE READY FOR THE FRAY . . . THAT THE FROSH WITH "DINKS" ON HEAD, REPENT FOR HAVING ONCE FORGOT TO WEAR THE "DINK" . . . THAT ONCE A YEAR RHIZOMIA GIVES ITS ANNUAL WATERMELON FEED . . . THAT OMEGA PHI SERE- NADES THE CAMPUS WITH BOTH SONGS OLD AND NEW. IP! li 'II iii ' I -i GEORGE TOMASINI . . . DICK BENTLEY Fall Diclx BenI'Iey ........ OFFICERS ....,,,.....Presiden+.,.,,,...,..,,,I Dick Ea'r0n ................... .......,... V ice-Presiclenf ,...,,.E,,,,A,, .... Ralph Trembley .....,....... ,. ,..,.,,,, Secrefary ,.,,.,,,,,,,,, ,, Bob Bovey .................... ......4...,,....,...,, T reasurer ,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,4 Francis Hellman .,,,.,,EE.E. ......,,..,....l.AlAA....... R epor+er .,.,,,,,E,,E,,,,,,,,,...,,, Bull Scanflebury .,,....,.,.... .,,...,..... C orresponding Secreiary ............ Bob Harrison ............., ,..........,.....,..,. H is'Iorian ,,,.,.,...,,.,r,, ,. Joe Siegfried .....,v.a.,,, ,.,..,,,,a.. S ergeanl'-aI'-Arms .,,....,,,a George Tomasini ........, ,. ...........House Manager.,...I.r... V - Y I1- 59 B BECKWITH COX DIECKMANN ALE SHEARER D BENTLEY MOFFITT SIEGFRIED BenI'Iey r...,...,.BnII Scanilebury ,....,...RaIpI1 Trembley ,.,,,,,,,..,,,,,Bob Bovey ,,,,,.,,,,,.,Ben Savellle ............Jerry Ben+Iy . ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Grani' Colluver , A..,,..,, Francis Hellman I ,4......... George Tomasini J BENTLEY EATON NORTON SMITH HIIHH IHIIII III A fs: Q I lv BLINN FAYE MARTIN SWAGERTY Q I Q4 BOVEY GINN McCARTHY TOMASINI Oclober Oclober Oclober November December January February February March March April May May May May May BOYES BRIARE CAVIGLIA COLLIVER HANEY HEDGES HELLMAN JOHNSON ROSE SAVELLI SCANTLEBURY SEWELL TRAVAILLE TREMBLEY WOODRUM SOCIAL CALENDAR I3 24 28 I9 I6 .............. 2I I8 24 2 I7 22 ..,...r. ,.... 4 ,,.......,.....,..Fa+l1er ancl Son Banquel Parly ,..........Open House-Homecoming Informal ,,..,,,...........,...,...,,.,,.Cl1risl'mas Par'l'y ...........January Frolic Parly Dance Dinner Pa'rriclc's Dance Spring Formal Exchange Meeling Wilh Epsilon ........,,,...lnformal Week Encl Day ........r..,.......Radio Dance PAUL RIPPON . . ELTON CENCIRULO ATKINS BASTIAN BELITSKY BERRY CROSS DAVIS DEAN DOW HUDELSON IJAMS IRISH JACOBSEN MORRALL PAXTON RIPPON RIVERA Fall Spring Dick paf,-iquin AAA.llAAA ,,,,,,, A,.4 P r egidenf ,,,,,,,4.I,,, ...........,. P aul Rippon Ed Kgelqler w-----,-- ,4,.,,,,, V ice-Pl"eSid6I'l+ .,,....... .......... J erry Cicina+o Dick Mor,-all ,ll,,,,- 4,,,,,I,A, S ecreiary ....,.., ....... D ICI! Morrall Ar'I' Irish .....,.,......,,,,. EI+on Cencirulo .,I...... .,.,,,.... Treasurer ,,,,A,Ar, ..,...w........,..,,., A rf Irish House Manager .,.,I .I ,.,.. .. .Elion Cencirulo HMIHH PHI HIPHH 1 3 ss: .' 'Q A I In A 'T r .X I - A .,.,:. I I' yi I I A IIA crr Iee E A I A ' I I 5' 1 A-I ai 1 ld -- 1 I f , I ll A , 2- f' I . L ills! If ll L: 1 S Ei as ,A N g - Aj A , . 1 Ll L 421 E g ,gpg . 4 K- Q 5 3 5? '1 A I 'li t I :A nl I I 'lsr' ' I M 5" 54,51 If If U ' Z f 5 4. A V Q Y 4 ,. U . ', .3 - , xc' X X I Lg, .- 1 15' , 73 I . I 'jf I XY L . "W-"' . - I 1..- BOYARSKY BREED CAMPBELL CENCIRULO CHANEY CICINATO R. COOK L. COOK COSSIT DOYLE DUPRAW FARLEY FOWLER FRITZ GAUMNITZ GRIFFITH5 HAMM HILL KIRKMAN KLAAS KNIVETON KNOLES LAUPPE LEWIS LOONEY LUCAS MCWILLIAMS SCOTT SHEPARD STARK SWAGERTY TOLAND TUDOR TULLOCK WESCOTT YELLAND SOCIAL CALENDAR Seprember 24 ,,I,I,,,, ,, ,IILI...,....,.,,.,,.,...,...,...,..., Novelly Dance Ocfober 28 A,A,,A,,AA,,, . ....,..,... Homecoming Open House November 5 ,,,I,,,o,,,,, ,,e.AoI,.A.oIoe,,oo. O n +o Chicago Dance December 3 ,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,.a..A..,..,.A.,,......,.., O mega Phi Waffle Parfy December I5 I,,,,,,, ...c.,Ic.,,..........,.,.,.,........,..,.............. Cl1rlSl'maS Parl'y January 8,, ,,,,,,, ,a..AI,Ica.I. J oin+ Meefing WHI1 Mo'rl'1er's Club March 7 ,,,,,,A,,A,,, ,,,,,v,A,a.,,,A.A...aa,,..,,A,.A,.,,A..AA,,,..AA....,... S pring Informal May 20 ,,,,,,,,,, ,, .......A... Formal a+ Rio Del Mar June I lll,l .....,,..........l,............,.,..., S erenacle 73 I I I ,.,,- i QU sos KIENTZ . . . PARK WILSON ' V ll In .T :, in l l ,I . ll Q ll I I l G 'S V EQ' r-1 1 I I Ah I I ' l JI l l L S n. - I ' I 1- ADAMINA ATKINSON BECKER EVANS FERRARI ' FINE KIEN12 B. LIVIE D. LIVIE sAPlRo scoTT SEVILLE OFFICERS Fall Spring Glenn Park Wilson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Presicleni' ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,4,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,., B ob Kienfz Bob Kienfz .....................,...., ................. V ice-Presideni' .........,,.A. ........... G eorge Blaufuss Dick Loomis .......,,..,,. ,.......I..... R ecording Secrefary .....,.,.., ,.....,...... C harles Durham Frank Devine ..,.....,... Corresponding Secrefary ,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, W ayne Bird Bob Aclamina .......... ........,... S ergeani'-af-Arms .............., ............... H arris Fine Pal' Dunlap ........... .,............. H ouse Manager r..,...,.... .....,...,..... P af Dunlap 74 ' IG? 1 A new , f . 'a ., if I I 9 l .ftfil COOLEY PINNEY LOOMIS STOLZ BRD '-Aj S:-'M f an. , Q.. 3-' Fl lHMHllH PHI 8 J , ', 'I ' :f . pau fe I I .ig I. H . '45 , . Q V l T-.3 . la, .LQ .V BLAUFUSS DAHL DALEY DePUY DUNLAP DURHAM ASTMAN GOBEL HANSBROW HARTER HENCH HENNING INGLES LUNT LUTZ McDONNELL OULTON PURSEL ROSCELLI ROTSCH STEBBINS STONE TODD VIEIRA WENTZ WILSON YOB Sepfember Ocfober November December March April May May 1 , G. I QL.: -v .fl A ah ATL C. v Q I- I 3 I 'I .4 I 1 ' gi" f l G I0 28 I2 I2 9 I4 I4 I7 I9 May May June SOCIAL CALENDAR ,Wafermelon Feed I..I.I,...Homecoming Open House ............Eigh+ie+h Anniversary Dance ..a.........,.,.....,,.....o.a....Cl1risl'mas- Dinner Q and Son Banquef ,,,,,,.,,,.,Excl1ange Meefing WlTl1 Alpha Tl1e1-a Tau lnifiafion .....,......Mo+her's Club Card Par'I'y .,.......,..Formal af Lolcoya Lodge Ride INllHlHHllHNIlY EUUNEH 'E BENTLEY KIENTZ Fall Bob Kieniz ......,,. Dick Beniley ...A.A fr il CENCIRULO 15:3 DUNLAP RIPPON TOMASINI OFFICERS Spring ..Presiden+ ....,.,,....A.. . . .....,,.. Dick Beniley Secreiary ..,,,,,,.,..... ,,.,,....... P al' Dunlap The council is an organizaiion founded for +he purpose of promofing a close and friendlier relalion among +he diliferenl' frafernifies on +he campus. Each year, fhe council makes +he rules and regula+ions for rushing and pledging. Rushing s+ar'I's early in 'rhe fall wi+h +he annual lnferfraierniiy Dance and lasis un+il midwinier, giving each house a crack al' ihe new men sfudenis. The oufsianding achievemenfs 1'his year were a revision of +he rushing rules and +he revival of exchange meeiings wi+h ihe sororifies. The seveniy men fhal' live ai' men's hall enioyed a varied program of acfiviiies +his year under fhe leadership of fheir presideni' Mifchell Hookins. Tops among fheir social evenfs were a slcaling ,parfy, followed by Dulch Lunch, on December 2, and on April 24, The Dorm's Spring Formal given a+ +he Pyihian Casfle. Throughouf lhe year rheir reams have been a consfanf +hrea+ 'ro fake fhe Inframural championship. House hosfess for lhe Men's Dorm was Mrs. E. R. Jackson. OFFICERS Fall Spring Mi+chell Hoolcins ........,... ....,..,.,,.. P residenl' ......,,.... ,,,,,,,,.,.4, M ilchell Hoolcins Bob S'rark ....,......,..r.,r .......,,,.. V ice-Presidenf .,......,., ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,, L es Dqw Murray Hunl' ,,,...,,,..... .......,... S ecrefary-Treasurer ...,..,., .....,,,,,,,,.,. P hilip Alosi Arnold ScoH ..,.,...... ..,..,...,.,.. H ouse Manager ,...,r ,.,.,,,.,,,,.,,. Arnold Scofi- IlIlN'S HHH HUHHH Ui HlHlllIE EHNlHHl Pacific's afhlelic program is walched over and governed by a scholarly group of men working under +he +i'l'le-The Board of Afhleiic Con1'rol. This energefic board is consfanfly slriving 'ro achieve a balanced sporl program +ha'r will meel wilh lhe approval of lhe adminis+ra+ion, fhe s+uden+s, and 'rhe public. The board is com- posed of +he Presidenls of Pacific and Sfocldon J. C., lhe Direclor of Aihlefics, 'lhe Complroller, a faculfy and sludenl represenfalive, fhe Graduale Manager, and l'he Senior Managers appoinfed by fhe board for each major sporl' 'For l'he year. This group passes all maHers per+aining +o a+hle+ics. They confrol fhe power fo granf scholarships and block awards io deserving a+hle+es. This year 'I'he board decreed lhal' hence forfh +he 'freshman award of a numeral and sweafer will be iusl a memory for from now on a block S. J. C. and sweaier will be given. Back Row: FARLEY . . . ROSCELLI . . . CORSON . . . HENCH Fronf Row: ORTON . . . BREEDEN . . . JACOBSEN . . . RITTER . . . COE O C la J AQHH ' E' , WI f - - ::-, . .,g.v- ., .v -.4,--1.1. 5. si gif.. 1 k . '- 1 . SQIISIIESSEIT .' f .' BRIGGS KJELDSEN . . , STAGG . . . FRANCIS . . . JACKSON I . W V 4 Q E' Q vig- 1 Affer complefing forfy-nine years of foofball coaching and six of fhose af Pa- cific, Amos Alonzo Sfagg is sfill furning ouf gridiron warriors meshed in unifs of eleven fo baffle fhe besf of feams and come ouf on fhe fo,p. As Mr. Sfagg looks forward fo his Golden Anniversary of fiffy years of coaching American Foofball he may feel iusfly proud of fhe work he has accomplished in building nof only powerful feams buf sfrong characfer in men. Sfressing high ideals along wifh his decepfive and infricafe foofball maneu- vers, Mr. Sfagg has done much fo place value on foofball fraining for fhe modern American Youfh. MR STAGG LOOKS PLEASED PACIFIC GREETS CHICAGO BENTLEY FELLERS SWAGERTY SEI FERT LOYCDLA 7 PACIFIC O Coach A. A. STagg's "49er's" opening Their '38 grid campaign againsT a sTrong Loyola eleven Trom Los Angeles, held Them scoreless Tor The FirsT ThirTy minuTes of play, only To have an in- TercepTed pass in The Third canTo give The Lions a 7 To 0 vicTory. UnTil ThaT TaTal Third quarTer break, The Orange and Black gridders were holding The highly TouTed Lieb eleven on even Terms. BoTh squads were wiThin easy scoring disTance in The TirsT half, buT neiTher Team seemed To possess enough drive To reach ,pay dirT. PaciTic's Tigers were able To sTop The greaTly publicised razzle-dazzle aTTack of The Lions, who were supposed To Throw passes, laTerals, and virTually run circles around The STaggers. InsTead The Lions were conTronTed wiTh a heads-up ball Team, playing The game Tor all iT was worTh. As Coach Lieb remarked, "ThaT was a big, Tough THE GOLDEN BEAR IS STOPPED IN HIS TRACKS Team STagg had on The Tield againsT us. Don'T Think we were playing againsT any poor, young misTiTs. They were plenTy good and we were lucky To win." OuTsTanding in The Bengal backfield was The excellenT kicking oT Halfback AI Soper. Several Times during The TirsT half The Tigers were backed up againsT Their own goal line, and The educaTed Toe oT Soper came in mighTy handy Tor The STock- Tonians. Two of Soper's specTacular kicks rolled ouT on The Loyola seven-yard sTripe in The iniTial period. Pacific looked surprisingly ,well in Their opening baTTle, showing greaT defensive power, and a good passing aTTack, alThough They Tailed To show much in The way of a sTrong ground aTTack. The backfield defense also showed need of im- provemenT, The Tiger backs missing many easy Tackles. "HONEST" M GOWAN DIECKMAN WHITAKER PICARDO CAL. 39 PACIFIC O Ocfober 8, I938, ,will long be remembered by The Tigers, because iT was Then The BaTTIing Bengals Took a Ii++Ie Trip To The Bay Region, only To wind u,p 39 poinTs behind The eighT ball. Coach "STub" AlIison's Golden Bears had a field day aT The expense of our boys, running and passing Their way Through a bewildered Tiger Team, scor- ing aImosT aT will. STarTing Their Touchdown drive from The open- ing kickoff, They hif pay dirT in The firsT six min- uTes of play. Dave Anderson romped Through a hole in The Bengal line ThaT would have made The Grand Canyon look like a gopher hole, Traveling fiffy-five yards To ,promised land. The Tigers were hopelessly ouTcIassed by a superior ball club. Unable To check The polwerful ground and air aTTack of The Bears, The "49er's" were Trailing by five Touchdowns as The firsT half ended. Main cogs in Bengal defense were Two inexperienced Iinemen, STan Vaughan and Bill DOC GIVES SWAGERTY A BIT OF FIRST AID Becker. In The backfield a new ray oT hope for The Tiger cause showed Through in The person of Tommy OIaeTa, who baTTed down many Bear passes. The Tigers IosT The services of "Pic" Piccardo, who .was badly iniured in The Tray. Pacific 28: Cal Ramblers 0 Playing Their firsT home game under The arc IighTs of BaxTer STadium, "DoubIe A's" cohorTs wenT Touchdown crazy To hang up a new scoring record againsT a weak Cal Rambler eleven. The ToTaI of 28 ,poinTs was The highesf score recorded by The Tigers under ,STagg's TuTorship. Bobby KienTz hiT his sTride for The firsT Time during The season and was The sparkplug of Pacific's offense. The Tiger eleven hi+ pay dirT in off Tackle sIanTs provided many a Thrill for The specTaTors. The Tiger eleven hiT pay dirT in every sTanza of The game: adding a safeTy To Their credif in The Third ,period iusT To break The monoTony of The scoring spree. STAGG AND STAFF s-?'s.f R K 'T ' ll-i'-N1'i-i',::i"11-x-Q4-A ...nail I, RIVERA KIENTZ Affer making such a greaf showing againsf 'rhe Cal Ramblers, fhe Tigers had high hopes of faking fhe San Jose Sparfans. Buf no soap. Once again Dud DeGroo'I's eleven proved foo much for Sfagg's "49er's", and fhe boys from Tigerfown found fhemselves .wifh six poinfs againsf fhe Sparfan's ninefeen as fhe final gun sounded. The C. O. P. feam held fhe Sparfan eleven scoreless fhe opening period, buf fhen as fhe Bengal forward wall began fo show signs of weakness, fhe San Jose grid machine marched 85 yards for fhe firsf score midway in fhe second period. In fhe fhird sfanza Leroy Zimmerman, fhe lad who passed his feam fo vicfory over fhe Bengals in '37, gave fhe I0,000 fans assembled an encore by pulling fhe same sfunf, giving 'Ihe San Joseans a I3-0 lead as fhe final quarfer gof under way. Buf, whaf so-fhe Iiffle band of Sfaggifes were nof fo be denied and began unleashing a Iiffle passing spree of fheir own, landing fhem on fhe THE TIGERS ENTER THE CHICO FIELD CODIGA GAUMNITZ Sparfan 22. Bobby Kienfz circled righf end for fwenfy yards and fwo plays lafer Olaefa wenf over for fhe Ione C. O. P. fouchdown. Pacific's hopes for pulling fhe game ouf of fhe fire was squelched when fhe DeGroofmen un- leashed anofher passing affack fo score and cinch fhe confesf. Sfafisfics showed fhaf fhe Tiger eleven made five firsf downs fo fhe Sparfan's I4, and secured only 77 yards from rushing compared fo fhe 222 yards made by fhe Sparfans. In fhe Bengal line Clem Swagerfy, Irwin Grubbs, McWilliams, Becker, and Vaughan were sfandoufs. In fhe backfield Kienfz, Adamina, Olaefa, Domench and Siegfried ,played good ball. Adamina's long spirals kepf fhe Bengals ouf of frouble on several occasions. So once again we see fhaf Mr. Sfagg 8: Co. have failed fo beaf fhe Sparfan eleven, buf as someone said-"There'II come a day-" ALPHA TO OMEGA U s sv - .wifi-F . A .-Q - , v-5 - , - 1 . YW, YT, . .,, W . X 1' '. . 5 ."',f H, 4- .- Qu ' 1 v f . -1 E - -- wx.. ,. 5 W ,. R in-. fygfg- QW, x V, 5, ld f X x. 1 3'xN1 L.. . 5+ -is-,X ,A 1' , , H+ 15 is Q 913' A f ' V K 0 'X' ff F 'Y DOMENCH HEDGES IRWIN HALBERT CONFERENCE CHAMPS In a game fhaf was packed wifh fhrills from sfarf fo finish, fhe Bengal Tigers defeafed 'rhe powerful Fresno Sfafe Bulldogs I8 fo I3. Shorfly affer fhe opening of fhe game, Fresno Sfafe puf on a down-field drive fo a fouchdown. They held on fo fheir six poinf lead unfil fhe fire works began in fhe second quarfer. Shorfly affer fhe second canfo began, 'rhe Tigers broughf fhe ball down fo fhe four yard line by a series of passes and end runs. From here, Joe Siegfried puf if across on a shorf buck. Wi+h fhe score fied, fhe Bengals again sfarfed fo drive. On a long pass from Adamina fo Bob Wilkinson, fhe Tigers fook a six poinf lead. Wifh fhe score SIEGFRIED PUTS IT ACROSS FOR SIX POINTS now reading I2 fo 6, Bob Kienfz, in fhe closing few seconds, shook loose as he circled righf end and behind ,perfecf down field blocking wenf sixfy-one yards fo a fouchdown. Kienfz's spec- facular run ended fhe scoring for fhe firsf half. In fhe second half, fhe Raisin Cify lads un- leashed everyfhing 'rhey had in a desperafe af- fempf fo overcome fhe Tiger lead. Twice fhey knocked on fhe goal line door in fhe fhird quar- fer and received no answer. In fhe fourfh quarfer, fhey quif knocking and hammered loud enough fo gef a fouchdown and conversion. In fhe closing minufes, fhe digging, charging, Pa- cific line furned a deaf ear fo furfher Bulldog pounding and fhe game ended in a Pacific win. LOOMIS JACOBSEN Leading lgweniy-seven of his Tiger warriors Easf +o play 'Ihe Universiiy of Chicago, Amos Alonzo Siagg gave 'Ihe College of Pacific a vic- Iory in Hs firsl in+ersecI'ionaI foo'I'baII game. Meefing and defeaiing 'ihe school where for 'ForI'y-one years he had coached, +he Grand Old Man proved Io every one he s'I'iII could produce a ,winning ball club. The dramaric classic, play- ed on Sfagg Field, 'Fell' fhe pounding, churning cIeaI's of fhe Tigers drive over 32 poinis +o i'he Maroon's 0. Before +he coniesf was over, +he l5,000 fans 'rhai' iammed +he sfadium were wildly cheering 'Ihe boys from Srocldon on. Their cheering ran riof when early in 'rhe fourih quarfer Bobby Kienfz, Pacific's LiHIe All-American, in- +ercep'red Sollie Sherman's pass on fhe one yard line and wen'r nin'ry-nine yards fo a fouchdown. The firsf half saw 'rhe Tigers pui' ihe game on ice by sending Joe Siegfried bucking +he ball over from I'he Iwo yard Iine in +he firsi quarier. HALF-TIME OF THE CHICO GAME KOEHLER TRAVAILLE Roy Cooper conver'I'ed and Ihe score read 7 'ro 0 ai' half fime. In fhe 'Third quarfer, Cooper squeezed 'ihrough +acIcIe for six yards +o score. Then in 'I'he 'fourfh quarfer came KienI'z's I'hriIIing run. Tommy Oleafa converred for +he ex+ra 'iaIIy. Irving Grubbs, playing Ieii' 'l'acIcIe, shorI'Iy afrerwards in+ercep+ed a buIIe+ pass and gallop- ed forfy-four yards fo a iouchdown. The Ias+ Tiger 'Touchdown saw Dick Benfly go fiffeen yards +0 bring I'he I'o'raI score up fo 32. Pacific ran and passed +o I4 firs+ downs, gain- ing 300 yards in all. The Maroons rang up Il firsi' downs and from +heir maneuvering piled u,p 234 yards. In rouiing Ihe Universify of Chicago by fheir wide awake 'ihrusi and 'iimely plays, 'l'he Pacific Tigers advanced one rung higher in +he difiiculf climb fo foofball fame. While back al' Chicago Coach Siagg received ihe high honor of being named "AIl Time All American Coach." CAPTAIN SWAGERTY DEN NY COOPER The Tigers in fheir Iasf home game of fhe season roared fhrough fhe California Aggies from Davis by fhe score of 34 fo 6. The vicfory, fhe Tigers won, clinched for fhem fhe Far Wesf- ern Conference Championship of I938. The Sfaggmen, fresh from fheir Chicago frip, found fhe Musfange line fo fheir liking and rip- ,ped if fo pieces wifh fheir charging line and fas+ moving backs. All fhe scoring by Pacific was done by a variefy of fricky decepfive line plays. Excepf for a brief period in fhe opening of fhe second half, fhe Tigers were complefe masfers of fhe nighf scoring almosf af will. Beginning wifh Adamina infercepfing a pass and ending wifh Kienfz going over from fhe fhree yard line, fhe Tigers wenf 73 yards fo a fouchdown in fhe firsf ,periocI. In fhe second quarfer, Kienfz again shof across fhe goal line from fhree yards ouf. Roy Cooper added an exfra poinf by his place kick. The Tigers re- CONGER LYONS I . R ' I , r ,- 1 - , . i ,V , , W E , Y .O ,, , frained from scoring unfil fhe fourfh quarfer when fhey cuf loose and puf over fhree fouch- do,wns. The firsf one came when Tommy Oleafa smashed over from fhe fwo yard sfrip and fhen converfed fo add anofher poinf. Quickly gef- fing fhe ball down on fhe one yard line, fhe Tigers opened fhe way for Oleafa fo buck over anofher fouchdown. True fo form, Tommy con- verfed for fhe exfra poinf. Sfagg, feeling well secure, senf in his fhird sfringers. The lads, ouf fo make a showing, wenf eighfy-five yards fo score. Dick Benfly made fhe fouchdown. The Aggie's lone score came in fhe opening minufes of fhe fhird quarfer when Soeckland fook a long pass in fhe end zone fo score. The ball ,was fhrown by fhe Musfange passing ace, Dick Francis. The only bad flavor from fhe game came in fhe fhird quarfer when fhe scrappy guard, Bill Becker, was losf for fhe season wifh a broken leg. SCHEDLER SHOUTS DIRECTIONS BEFORE THE CHICAGO TRAIN PULLS OUT PRESIDENT KNOLES BIDS A FEW GOODBYS WILKINSON GREENBLATT Nexf in line on fhe local's schedule was fhe Wildcafs from Chico Sfafe. And were fhey wild? Jusf wild enough fo nearly upsef fhe dope buckef and knock fhe Tigers ouf of fheir leading role in fhe Far Wesfern Conference! Sfagg's workhorses were lucky fo pulifhrough wifh a 20 fo I3 vicfory. The Tigers were capable of playing much beffer ball, as shown by previous games, buf seemed fo have had an "off day" againsf fhe Chicoans who puf up a sfubborn fighf before going down under. Pacific firsf scored lafe in fhe opening quarfer wifh Kienfz, Siegfried and Adamina carrying fhe mail on sfraighf line plays. A Chico fumble re- covered by Tulloch on fhe Sfafer's I2-yard line was fhe break fhaf sfarfed fhe Tigers on fheir second fouchdown march. I Buf fhe worm had yef fo furn. The Wildcafs came back sfrong and scored a couple of fouch- downs fhemselves fo even fhings up af I3 all. THE BEARS OPEN THE TIGER LINE FINE GRUBBS I , - I . ' If wasn'f unfil fhe closing minufes of fhe fourfh quarfer fhaf fhe Orange and Blackers found fhemselves again and sfarfecl on fheir winning marcli 'ro fhe conference crown and a vicfory over fhe Chicoans. Adamina connecfed wifh Clem Swagerfy for a 20-yard pass fo fhe Sfafers' four-yard marker where Admina ,plunged over fwo plays lafer. A number of reasons may be given for fhe Tigermen's poor showing againsf fhe Cardinal and Whife eleven from fhe Norfhern cify, alfhough none of fhem may hi+ fhe nail on fhe head. Overconfidence, lack of fighf and spirif, fhe unexpecfed sfrengfh of fhe Wildcafs and fhe absence of Bill Becker from fhe line-up may be given as likely solufions. Buf fhe Bengals came fhrough wifh fhe loop fifle, and fhaf's fhe mosf imporfanf fhing of all, no maffer how close 'rhey came fo losing if. So hail fhe Tigers of Pacific-champions of fhe gridiron for fhe year '38. MR. STAGG LOSES A COUPLE ON NAILS fy - SX-. . , - 0 ' Wx l Y i7 VAUGHN BECKER LLOYD ROSCELU L i r 1 l i --A T -Y A' T - l Y , Y ' ,DAL . l , Ending fheir season in a blaze of glory fhe lads from fhe Sfockfon campus fraveled soufh once again, fhis fime fo hand fhe Devil Dogs, fhe San Diego Marines, a I4 fo 6 drubbing before I0,000 grid fans who came ouf fo see whaf fhe Bengals had fo offer. And fhey offered enough fo convince fhem fhaf Coach Sfagg's "up and downers" had plenfy on fhe ball fo place 'rhem in fhe upper brackef of Wesf Coasf pigskinnery. Midway in fhe opening sfanza fhe Tiger cleaf- men launched fheir inifial drive fo pay dirf. They fraveled 75 yards down fhe field in five perfecfly execufed plays for 'rhe firsf score of fhe game. Emrys "Bufch" Lloyd made fhe fally as he cross- ed fhe goal line sfanding up affer a 48-yard run fhrough fhe Marines who had been sprawled all over fhe furf by Tiger blockers. Tommy Olaefa made fhe exfra poinf. ln fhe second quarfer Pacific sailed fhrough a series of six more specfacular ,plays, fhis fime wifh Bobby Kienfz doing fhe honors, skirfing fhe WILKINSON STOPS A MAROON ON THE TWENTY-FIVE YARD LINE ends and fackles fo ring up six more poinfs for fhe men from Tigerfown. Olaefa again con- verfed fo end fhe half wifh fhe locals leading. The Tigers were complefe masfers of fhe play again in fhe fhird period, buf fhe Devil Dogs launched a "do or die" passing affack in fhe lasf period fhaf was no'I' fo be denied and fhe Tigers' lasf game ended wifh I4-6 vicfory. Sfan Vaughn, oufsfanding fackle, was faken ouf of fhe confesf wifh an iniured arm, and in his ,place came Jack Lyons, herefofore unknown, who made fhe surprise showing of fhe game wifh his greaf fackling, blocking, and all-around line play. Prospecfs for nexf year? Well, fhey look greaf wifh Pacific losing only fhree members of fheir firsf sfring, and wifh a fwelve-game sched- ule fo face, grid hisfory should again be made in '39, ' The Marine vicfory gave fhe Tigers seven wins ouf of fen sfarfs for fhe '38 season. Top Row: COACH KJELDSEN . . . DALEY . . . WARD . . . SALING . . . B. JOHNSON . . . PLATEK . . . LAED- ERICK . . . COOK . . . STEVENSON . . .PAULSEN . . . BARTONI . . . COACH JACKSON Middle Row: BOYARSKY . . . SILVEIRA . . . EDWARDS . . . ROGERS . . . BIRD . . . CAMICIA . . . D. LIVIE B. LIVIE. . . HOLTON . . . PRESCOTT . . . DOW Boffom Row: CALVERT . . . DAVIES . . . IJAMS . . . CONDRON . . . YOUNG . . . SHANE . . . EVANS . . . MILLER LODUCA . . . BRUML FROSH FOOTBALL When fhe Frosh foofball season of I938 came fo a close, if found Coach Earl Jackson breaking even in his firsf season of yearling coaching. Assisfed by Chris Kieldsen, Jackson and his men won 3 and losf 3. Basing fheir offense on a low charg- ing line, fhe lads served nofice fhaf fhey will be ready in l940 for fhe Irish of Nofre Dame. In fhe opening game of fhe season fhe Cubs losf fo Sanfa Rosa J. C. I9 fo 6. The game found fhe Yearlings nof quife ready for fhe fasf moving Sanfa Rosa backs. The lone Cub fally was made by Silviera. The Cubs won fhe nexf game 9 fo 6 over Marin J. C. On a down field drive Marin scored firsf. A pass from Camicia fo Barfoni fied fhe score. Lafe in fhe game Silviera's placemenf gave 3 poinfs and vicfory. Playing fheir firsf home game, fhe Frosh losf fo San Mafeo J. C. I3 fo 0. The Bulldogs gof bofh fheir fouchdowns on freak fumble plays. Taking fo fhe air, fhe Frosh found fhe Placer J. C.'s secondary weak and defeafed fhem 20 fo 7. Placer scored firsf fhen seffled back fo wafch fhe pigskin fly. A 40 yard pass from Camicia fo Silviera gave fhe Cubs 6 ,poinfs. Silviera converfed and lafer fook a pass in fhe end zone for 6 more. lnfercepfing a pass, Holfon ran 78 yards fo a fouchdo,wn. The Cubs dropped fhe nexf game fo Salinas J. C. 8 fo 7. The Packers made a fouchdown in fhe firsf quarfer and scored 2 poinfs in fhe lasf quarfer on a blocked kick. The Frosh scoring play was a pass from Camicia fo Barfoni wifh Silviera converfing. In fheir lasf game fhe Cubs marched all over Cal Aggie Frosh and ran up 36 poinfs fo 0. The scorebook gave Barfoni 6 poinfs, Silviera I2, Camicia 6, Sfevenson 6 and Rogers 6. The Livie fwins, Dave and Bill, were elecfed honorary co-capfains for fhe year. .'.. ' :,z'- - - . -I , ,QJJQ - " I : gr.-. I.- ,rt Jin fqgf- ,-fy. ng, ' T 377:21 -'.Iv:"i"':-"5?i '1-Zivg-. , ., ,- .- - s.-. ,-,S , ' - '55, ' ' ' .. sv, Lg:-.J V JI.-l,34,j'h:n 1 i f '25-l'.f" ' "'P?F 'Q .. ' '.La'- z ., . -13.5 4 " .I A , Q gs' 51' 1 ' 4' T , ' ' -' -' 1 ' ' '.-.7- - ' '- f 'S Y .I - A QP!" I., In : . N . I 6 :jeg 1' 1 T T . .24 5: 2 - N' -. ! 5, H D, Inf - .V ':'.: ni - ' f-' '. " v - T ir .Egg-C-s:,4r5,' ':',':LJ:.,?'s., 1 .Q gg ,,, ::.E3'1'.i.i'fd-iff " . ' 'Sf' .- V . - - , , r' - . H - V Y. . ,I :'-Q sf Af: -- ii ' 'warg Y' -r' - 2, lx" wg, l:1,u.".f." r V., '- .il 1844: -,I --I. ul .5L.f-, iii!- 'lf 3 1 1 L wrfghriifyqgig 4,5 DV ln fheir firsf game of fhe season fhe Bengal Hoqpsfers discovered 'rhey were fo have a long weary grind fo fhe end of fhe season when fhe Alumni forced fhem info an overfime period. ln fhe exfra period of fhe game old age over fook fhe former sfars and fhe Varsify finally sfruggled fhrough wifh a 44 fo 4I vicfory. During fhe Chrisfmas vacafion fhe Tigers engaged in a bif of infra cify baslcefball. They mef and defeafed fhe Amblers Club 27 'ro 22 and fhe Y. M. l. 30 fo 2 I . Sfarfing off fhe Norfhern California Conference wifh a bursf of fine baskefball, fhe Bengal cagers won ag fhrilling vicfory over fhe San Jose Sparfans. The score was 27 fo 26 as fhe gun ended fhe breafh faking confesf. Efhan Higgins and Paf Dunlap play- ed oufsfanding for fhe Tigers. The second game wifh fhe Sparfans proved more ex- cifing fhan fhe firsf. H' was an overfime affair wifh fhe lads from San Jose winning 5l fo 49. Hugh McWilliams was fhe spark plug of fhe Orange and Black fanlcing 20 poinfs fo fake high poinf honors for fhe nighf. KELLY . . . RIPPON . . . DUNLAP slr Wifi Y lg Q I4 0 DAHL . . . ADAMINA . . . HIGGINS The Tigers dropped boTh games oT The UniversiTy oT San Francisco series To The Dons. The TirsT game saw a hoT shooTing Don Tive sulamerge The C. O. P. squad wiTh a barrage of buckeTs ToTaling 43 To The Tiger's 26. WaIT Kelly and McWilliams led The scoring wiTh six apiece. In The second game The local boys showed improvemenT and The score read Dons 32, Tigers 29. Paul Rippon ran all around The U. S. F. deTense To ring up I6,poinTs. The series wiTh ST. Mary's proved inTeresTing and close buT as usual The Bengals IosT boTh conTesTs. The TirsT game played in STocIcTon was The mosT Thrilling The Tigers played all season. IT was sulper delux, double overTime conTesT in which The lead changed hands many Times during The evening. Scoring Tive poinTs in The double ex- Tra period, while The Tigers Tailed To hiT Their marks, The Gaels Took home a hard ToughT 43 To 38 vicTory. OuTsTanding Tor The Tigers were Higgins, Rippon and McWilliams. HIGGINS TOSES ONE FOR A GOAL HENCH . . .FRANCIS r l ru :I 1573 Q- A Q l A cz J A., 5 'gg .A -Q McWlLLlAMS DOYLE BROWNELL A poor sfarf in fhe firsf half of fhe second game wifh fhe Gaels gave fhe Moragans a 46 fo 40 nod over fhe Tigers. The score af half fime read Gaels 26, Tigers I9, showing fhaf in fhe second half fhe Sfoclcfon boys oufscored fheir opponenfs 2l fo 20. "Rippling" Rippon came fhrough wifh I4 poinfs. In 'rhe Sanfa Clara series fhe Bengals found fhemselves piffecl againsf fhe Champs of fhe league and as a resulf fhey losf fwo more games. The Broncos displaying a powerful scoring combinafion in Hale, Nelson and Felipe, who combined fogefher fo send 46 poinfs swishing fhrough fhe hoop, defeafed fhe Tigers 55 fo 37 in fhe firsf game. Higgins and Kelley did mosf fhe scoring for fhe Francismen. ln fhe second game fhe Broncos foolc fhe Tigers in sfride winning 45 fo 33. Loyd Hoffman for fhe few mo- AVERY GOES HIGH AFTER A REBOUND menfs he ,was given a chance fo play sfole fhe ball game away from fhe highly foufed Tiger sfars. Higgins again was high poinf man. In fhe Far Wesfern Conference race fhe Tigers, hif by a series of bad breaks due fo injuries and sickness, never gof very far. They only won fwo games and dropped six. Taking fhe firsf game from Nevada by fhe score of 40 fo 38, fhe Tigers losf fo fhe Wolves fhe nexf nighf 44 fo 35. For fhe series McWilliams was high poinf man wifh 24 digifs. Facing fhe California Aggies, who won fhe championship, fhe Tigers were beafen in two games. They losf fhe firsf one by fhe fune of 45 fo 23. Bill Avery fied for high poinf honors wifh McWilliams. Each scored seven poinfs. The second game played in Sfockfon saw fhe Aggies dum,p fhe locals 36 fo 28. Guards Doyle and Koehler play- ed fine games for fhe Orange and Black. Jo-Babe McWilliams fossed in I3 poinfs for a good nighfs work. The Bengals reached fhe cellar when Fresno Sfafe oufscorecl fhem fwice wifh close scores fo win bofh games of fhe series. The Bulldogs fook fhe opener, scoring 34 poinfs fo Pacific's 30. Earl Dahl on defense and McWilliams' I0 markers were pleas- ing. Fresno Sfafe wenf on 'ro win fhe nexf game 44 fo 40. Bud Doyle and Ed Koehler found fheir eyes and did all righf by Pacific playing effecfive games. Making a desperafe fry fo prove fhey were a baskefball feam, fhe Tigers musfer- ed up all fheir sfrengfh in fheir lasf series and broke even wifh Chico Sfafe. They fook fhe firsf game wifh fhe score board reading Pacific 42, Chico Sfafe 34. Taking a lead early in fhe game, fhe Tigers held on fo if due fo fhe splendid shoofing of McWililams, Dunlap and Higgins. In fheir lasf game of fhe season, fhe Bengals losf fo fhe Wild- cafs 34 fo 27. Doyle and McWilliams were high in scoring. Somewhere along fhe line Pacific gof mixed up wifh Sfanford and shouldn'f have for fhe score read Sfanford 55, Pacific 30. Af fhe end of fhe season Ed Koehler was elecfed capfain. HIGGINS TOSSES ANOTHER AS MCWILLIAMS WATCHES DAVIS . . . SINGLETON . . . STEVENS . . . WOODRUM . . . MONAGAN . . . WARNER. . . COACH KJELDSEN MILLER . . . ROGERS . . . CAMICIA SEASON RECORD SJC V SJC V 32 .... .. ......A.. Oakdale High .......,,..1....A....... I4 43 .......,....,.,,.,...,.. Sonora High ........................... I8 25 .,.,,, ,.....,,,,,, , -Turlock High ..,....,,.., i,..,..... I 4 42 .,,...,. .......... S an Francisco J. C. IBI ..... . I9 28 .,, .I....,.,, P Iacer J. C. ..........,..I. .,....,,. 3 6 42 ......., .......... S lephen Cruisers ......,....,,... ., 3l 38 ,. .I... ,....,. , .Vallejo High ............ ....A.... 2 4 60 ........ .......... C al. Aggie Frosh .....A....... 36 29 .,..,c . r.,..., Placer J. C. ....,..... ...,..... 3 2 55 ........ .......... C al. Aggie Frosh .,,......v.... 27 27 ,. ,.3,... Marin J. C. ...,........... ......,.. 3 4 48 ,....,.. ...,.... . .Yuba J. C. ........,..... 2l 39 .,,...........,,.....,,. Menlo J. C. ..,,..,..,,....,.............. 47 48 ..,.........,.....,..... Menlo J. C. ...,,....,..,.... ..,..... 3 3 42 ., ........,...,...,, Sacramenfo J. C. ,.,,.. .,., ...,.. 2 6 26 lBl ..,.,..,.....,.,,. San Juan High ..,.,,,,,,, ,,.,., , . 28 42 , . ..........., Marin J. C. ......,............. .......... 4 6 63 ..,.......,............. Yuba J. C. ,............,, 39 STOCKTON J. C. BASKETBALL. .. Organized for lhe firsl lime as a lull-fleged Junior College leam, lhe Slocklon J. C. baskeiball squad, using Iwo year men, wound up a good season wi'lh I2 wins lo 5 defeals. Playing a lasl breaking brand of baskelball l'he Cubs found I'he going a bil' 'rough in lhe early games, buf wealhering mosl' l'he slorms lhey succeeded in clos- ing lhe season wilh a nine game winning slreak. Coached by Cris Kieldsen, 'rhe Cubs opened lhe season wi+h a weallh of malerial. Sfocked wi+h heigh+, speed, weighl and experience, lhey looked lo be world bealers and lhey were in lheir opening games. Tangling wilh a couple of high school leams, lhey ran lrue lo form .winning lhe games wilh ease. In 'lheir nexl eighl' games however lhey looked like lhe Varsi+y and dropped five of 'rhe games. Calching I'heir slride afler lhe second Placer J. C. conlesl and seH'li1g down 'lo business, 'rhe Cubs won all lhe remaining conlesls. Kenny Rogers, high poinl' man for lhe season wi'I'h I47 markers, was elecled caplain of lhe squad. Pacific's varsily lrackmen slarled lhe I939 season al a slow clip bul as meels wenl by lhey improved wilh experience lo lake second place in lhe Far Weslern Conference Meel and scored five ,poinls in lhe Wesl Coasl Relay, lhe resull of Lewis Ford's firsl in lhe high iump. Opening lhe season againsl California Aggies al Davis, lhe Tigers were defeal- ed 43 lo 88. Taking firsls for lhe Tigers were Tomasini in lhe 880, Hill in lhe low hurdles, Avery in lhe shol pul and Bonnifielcl in lhe discus. In lheir nexl meel Coach Earl Jack- son's men Iosl a lhriller lo Chico Slale by lhe close score of 68 lo 62. The meel held in Baxler Sladium saw five Bengal Boys win lheir evenls. Purcell look lhe broad iump, Ford lhe high lump, Bonnilield came lhrough in lhe discus again and Rilch ran 9:9 lo lhe lads lo lhe lap in lhe IO0 yard sprinl. Tangling wilh San Francisco Slale nexl, lhe Tigers came wilhin lhree poinls of defealing lhe highly louled Slalers. Taking nine firsl places, lhe Tigers were defealed 68 lo 63 as lhey failed lo come lhrough in winning second and lhird places. Tomasini sel a new mark of 2:00.5 in lhe half mile while Looney broke lhe old 440 dash mark in 50.0I Lew Ford was lhe slandoul of lhe day, as he eslablished lwo new records, one in lhe high iump wilh a leap of 6 feel, 4 inches and lhe olher in lhe pole vaull going over al I2 feel, 6 inches. Rilchie look bolh lhe dashes and Bonnifield bolh weighls. The Tiger closed lhe meel wilh a win in lhe relay. In lhe Far Weslern Conference Pacific scored 38 poinls lo wind up in second place. Ford gave lhe Tigers eighl ,poinls when he lied for firsl in bolh lhe pole vaull and lhe high iump. Pacific look lhree undispulecl firsls wilh Bonnifield in lhe discus, Looney in lhe 440 and Tomasini in lhe 880. S STOCKTON JUNIOR COLLEGE TRACK Compeling in four meels, lhe Slocklon Junior College lrackmen were successful in only winning one meel. The limes and lhe dislances lurned in by lhe men, allhough nol records, were commendable and showed improvemenl in each meel. Slandouls for lhe season were Hanner in lhe mile, Oslrander in lhe dashes, Ramos and Rogers in lhe Iow hurdles, Miller in lhe 440 and Davis in lhe iumps. Al lhe close of lhe season Ken Rogers was chosen by Coach Jackson lo represenl lhe leam al lhe Wesl Coasl Relays al Fresno. FORD CLEARS THE BAR . . . AVERY AND BONNIFIELD TALK IT OVER . . . JACKSON GIVES A POINTER TO LOONEY . . . NELSON STRIDES HOME . . . SPENT, LOONEY GASPS FOR BREATH . . . SWARTS CLIMBS FOR THE BAR 1 1 .:' HILL LEADS IN THE HIGH HURDLES . . . TOMASINI WORKS OUT IN THE 880 . . . GOBLE SETS UP THE HURDLES . . . DOYLE AND SHANE GET SET TO SAIL THE DISCUS . . . BOYES STARTS FAST FOR THE 440 . . . FANUCCHI LEAPS . . .SWARTZ AND FORD AGAIN ,, I , . ' , I Q I ,I - . In I -.QIgjI,nyJ.' A , .r AY' 15, .JJ A' . I ' 4 If 9' .""' -I .,, T' ' - -U '-'Q' V, -,-. -7 A , V' ,M I I I- Y T' ""T"-""T- ,M .. , I . I 4 ANL ,,1 'A iii, , -, Playing seven mafches fhis season againsf sfiff compefi- fion, fhe Pacific Tennis Squad was able fo win only fhree of fheir mafches. For fheir wins fhey defeafed San Mafeo and Cal Aggies fwice. Their loses were suffered af fhe hands of Willameffe Universify, Fresno Sfafe, and fwice by San Jose. ln fhe Far Wesfern Conference, fhe doubles feam of Hellman and Sapiro were nosed ouf in fhe finals by Fresno Sfafe. Af fhe end of fhe season Coach Kieldsen presenfed fhe following men wifh awards : Capfain Hellman, Jack McBride, Russel Pugmire, Herman Sapiro, and Marcello Umipeg. The Sfockfon Junior College squad won iusf one of 'rheir fennis series fhis year and losf five. They losf fwice fo bofh Sacramenfo and Modesfo Junior Colleges and dropped a mafch fo Pasadena J. C. Their lone vicfory was over Placer J. C. Awards were made fo Sfewari' Browne, Francis Banchio, Bill Hunefeld, Hugh Hufchins, and Ivan Hufcheon. I F : -rf' KNIVETON . . . HELLMAN . . . PUGMIRE . . . TREMBLEY MATHEWS . . . STONE . . . McBRIDE . . . HAMM ,Y H Ch.. The year I939 saw The Sfocklon Junior College swimming feam complefe a suc- cessful season wi'rh eleven wins and fhree defears. Their vicfories included wins over Sania Clara, Sfockion High, Lodi High, Menlo J. C., Cal Aggies, and San Jose. They were defeaied by S+anford, San Jose, and Cal Aggies. Larer in re+urn confesis rhey defeaied boih San Jose and 'The Aggies. In +he srar role for 'rhe season was Fred Van Dyke, backsiroke arfisf, who has his eye on fhe I940 Olympic Games. High scoring honors wen+ fo Bob Owen who made l32 poin'l's 'For +he year. He was 'followed by Van Dyke wH'h 9I poinis. Third place in scor- ing poinfs weni +o Wayne Bird who grabbed up 69 poinls and Les Jacobsen 'look fourih wirh 47 poin'l's. Oihers who added poinis 'for ihe +eam's viclories were Jim Van Dyke, Genkow, Rigor, Simpson, Davies, Ward, Sfone, and Chance. All 'lhe poinfs +o+al- ed up 'Phe grand sum of 537 for S+ock+on Junior College. Their opponenrs combined score for ihe season was 350 poinis. VAN DYKE . . . JACOBSEN . . . WARD KJELDSEN . . . OWENS . . . JACOBSEN rm -ri-,,,.. L' ,if o O ' . , , . l 1 L , I1.i!SfQ'A fifi' 1 '-1' -., - "lf 4 7 I 43' 'L ' 5 Playing Universifies and Junior Colleges more organized fhan fhemselves, fhis years Sfockfon Junior College golf feam won buf few vicfories in fhe mafches fhey played. The games were close however showing fhaf fhe fellows were giv- ing a good accounf of fhemselves, even fhough fhey were handicapped 'ro be wifhouf a coach and suifable links near fhe College fo ,play on. The five fellows fhaf made up 'rhe feam for 'rhe year were Lewis Morse, capfain and manager: Dave Brownell: Monroe Langdon: Andy Chin- chiolo, and Manuel Belifsky. 95" I I l l K 'Q 5: -4-il rf- .1 ., 5. 6 1 l ,,,,,y7, M a i FW' 'L 'Q , ' A Fi. ja EFT. N T MOORSE BELITSKY . . . LANG-DON . . . MORSE BELITSKY . . . LANGDON L, M ll I ii ll W XX I1 M ll Xa gy I ' I I I 1 NI V 'X -I X, ,QI I I , . I , ,, I L I I I X' H .I I TIP SHOT OF ANDERSON HALL... ENTRANCE TO BUILDING OF SCIENCE . . . AN ANGLE SHOT OF WEBER HALL . . . A GLIMPSE OF THE CONSERVATORY . . . SCIENCE HALL AGAIN . . . THECHAPELDOME . . . .- gugl i i!! lee: 2 L Ni 'Q ff!! ff X. aim CHORUS Numbering over lwo hundred and lilly voices, lhe Chorus is lhe largesl musical field on lhe campus. ll is an organizalion which is open lo all sludenls in lhe Slocklon Junior College and College of Pacific as a means ol musical expression. ll is by lhis group lhal lhe choral lileralure ol large proporlion is presenled. Under lhe exgperl direclion ol J. Russell Bod- ley, lhe chorus has given consislenlly line per- formances. Twice yearly oralorios are given, and lhese musical evenls evoke lhe highesl praise from many hundreds who come lo hear lhem. The orcheslra which provides lhe inslrumenlal selling lor lhe oralorios includes lilly members selecled from lhe College Symphony, and ils excellenl work conlribules a greal deal lo lhe success ol lhe produclions. As has been lhe cuslom in years pasl, Han- del's "Messiah' was ,presenled in December. This well-loved work has become an honored lradilion al Pacific, and lhe perlormance lhis year included lhree alumnae in lhe solo roles. Marcella Thorpe, soprano: Mrs. Elma Lucas ol Slocklon, conlrallog Louis Farone, lenorg and Douglas Taylor, bari- lone. The spring produclion was lhe ,performance ol "The Ordering ol Moses", a Biblical lolk scene by Nalhaniel Dell. Lasl year lhis slirring work was given ils weslern premiere by our chorus, and il was such an overwhelming success lhal bolh sludenl members and audience asked lhal il be repealed. The solo parls lhis year were very commendably perlormed by Margarel George, soprano, Margarel Lee, conlrallog Carol Carler, lenorg and Bob Harrison, barilone. Miss BODLEY: CANTARE! CANTARE! "ORDERING MOSES" George, Miss Lee, and Mr. Harrison are sTudenTs here, and Mr. CarTer is an alumnus. "The Ordering oT Moses" is crediTed wiTh being The ouTsTanding conTribuTion oT The cenTury To music by a composer oT The colored race. IT is indeed an unique and wonderful musical ex- perience Tor singers, orchesTra and audience. V BAND The Pacific Band is an organizaTion enTirely supporTed by The sTudenT body and Tor The sTudenT body. Under The direcTion oT genial "Pop" Gordon The band has esTablished iTselT as a performing group oT su,perb calibre. The Symphonic Band, numbering sevenTy-Tive, serves a very deTiniTe need in The musical Training oT iTs members. IT is here ThaT opporTuniTy is aTTorded To play band music oT symphonic .proporTion. The abiliTy Tor high achievemenT along This line is evidenced by The appreciaTive response Trom audiences wherever The group has played-The Band Frolic, Assembly ConcerT, "Pacific Premiere" broadcasT, and The an- nual Spring Band ConcerT. From The ranks oT The Symphonic Band are selecTed members oT Two oTher groups-The Marching Band and The STudio Band. The Marching Band is Truly The "Pride oT PaciTic." FiTTy men in snappy new whiTe uniTorms provide colorTul music and maneu- vers Tor The aThleTic season's games and rallys. This group is also in demand Tor civic TuncTions. The STudio Band was organized by Mr. Gordon Tor The develop- menT oT iTs members. IT is made up oT abouT TwenTy oT The more advanced insTrumenTalisTs, and The music played in This group com- prises largely original and unpub- lished manuscripTs. "CONCENTRATION WITHOUT A CAMP" if-. -'J3-' I in aaa- Ame- -I THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR CHOIR "One of fhe mosf excellenf and arfisfic ,per- formances I have ever heard," said Earle Blakes- lee, presidenf of fhe California-Wesfern Music Educafor's Confrenceg "An oufsfanding and su- perior group"-Herman Trufner, prominenf music educafor. These and similar commenfs are heard wherever our A Cappella Choir appears. Pacific is indeed iusfly proud of fhis organizafion and ifs fine direcfor, J. Russell Bodley, for fhe splendid work which fhey do. The Iiferafure in fhe choir's reperfoire ranges from fhe mosf difficulf confra- punfal sacred music fo fhe Iighfesf and mosf deli- cafe folksong arrangemenfs for unaccompanied voices. A review of fhe choir's acfivifies during fhis pasf year reveals an amazing number of accomp- Iishmenfs. Included in fhe fradifional Chrisfmas program was an oufsfanding performance of "A Chrisfmas ChoraIogue,"wifh Roberf Lanning as narrafor. This was highly praised by fhe several audiences who heard if. The choir has had won- derful opporfunifies fo experience radio perform- ances, having sung on fhe broadcasf of "Pacific Premiere," fhe "Music and American Youfh" pro- gram originafing in San Francisco, and a broad- casf from Los Angeles. The Iasf fwo menfioned were fransconfinenfal releases. Also fo ifs credif are fwo appearances af fhe Exposifion on Treas- ure Island. Here on fhe campus fhe choir appears weekly af fhe College Chapel hour. March 27fh found fhe fhirfy-fwo fraveling members of fhe choir sfarfing on fhe annual Spring Tour which fook fhem fhis year fo Long Beach where fhey were invifed fo appear af fhe California-Wesfern Music Educafors Conference. The four lasfed fen days, and en roufe fhey ap- peared in fiffeen concerfs and a broaclcasf. In ifs concerfs fhe choir is supplemenfed in infer- mission by Norman Lamb, oufsfanding Pacific violinisf, and Barbara and Bob Harrison, vocal duo. The program is enfhusiacfically appreciaf- ed by audiences everywhere. Climaxing fhis complefely successful year which fhe group has had, was fhe Annual Home Concerf on May 23rd. No finer fribufe could be given Mr. Bodley and fhe choir fhan fhe fre- mendous and sincere ovafion fhey received here af home for fheir fine work so well done! ORCHESTRA The College Symphony Orchesfra occupies an imporianl' place in ihe musical aciiviiies on fhe campus. Irs direcior, Horace I. Brown, is a musician of highesl meril'-his wide experience and splendid musicianship are given 'ro +he Con- servaiory as a violinisi, conduclor and insiruclor. Under his skillful baion I'his organizaiion has achieved a professional Ihoroughness and finesse rarely found in a siudeni group. I+ has been ihe cusiom of ihe Conservarory each year Io preseni a'r ihe Spring Conceri some widely known aH'racIion wiih Ihe orchesira. This year ihe San Francisco Opera Ballel' appeared. Four complele ballel' scenes were given wiih lhe J. RUSSELL BODLEY ORCHESTRA orchesira providing Ihe musical seliing. The highlighi of Ihe program was a dramaiic ballei, "Romeo and JuIieI"', sei' 'lo lhe music of Tschai- kowsky. This difficuli work in which 'I'he orcheslra and dancers were perfecily synchronized broughl' forih enlhusiaslic acclaim from I'he audience. Among I'he oiher aciiviiies of 'ihe orchesira musl' be menlioned i+s parl' in Ihe broadcasi of "Pacific Premiere". Early in I'he year a perfor- mance in College Assembly was accorded high approval by 'rhe sI'uden'I' body. Climaxing a very successful year was 'Ihe annual Commencemeni Concerr in which 'rhe orchesira accompanied I'he graduafing seniors from I'he Conservaiory in ihe concerios and arias which were offered. THE TRIO . . . MILLER . . . TRABERT . . . LEE apic E! 6- 4.25. ,Y 115' LITTLE THEATRE ORCHESTRA ' The LiI"IIe Theafre Orchesira under I'he very capable leadership of i+s direcior, Milron Kwale, confinues fo be one of Ihe mosi acfive musical or- ganizafions on Ihe campus. "Bigger and beHer +han ever" apI'Iy describes I'he group and 'Ihe work if is doing. The orches+ra funciions as an inI'egraI ,parI' of Pacific LiHIe Theafre-having provided Ihe musical background and en+r'acI'es for nine pro- ducfions during 'rhe year. Hs excellenf work has been enI'husias'ricaIIy received by I'he Iheafre audi- ences. Included also among I'his versa+iIe group's acrivifies was i'Is par'r in furnishing +he musical ser- fing for Ihe annual Dance Drama. Members of 'Ihe LiH'Ie Thearre Orchesfra in- clude some of Ihe mos'r 'ralenfed ins+rumen'IaIis+s in 'I'he Conservaiory of Music. Personnel of Ihe group 'rhis year numbers I:wenI'y-one. Firs'I' violin Second violin Viola Cello Bass Flule Norman Lamb Vernez Cook AI Liedsfrand Corrine Andrews Alberl Miller Quenfin Young Gloria Hopps Bruce Tomlinson Tom Wescoaf Evelynne Ward Bill Kirkman Forresl' Honnold Oboe Oiho York Clarinel' Arlhur HoI'I'on Bassoon Primo Yob Horns Trombone Trumpersz Piano: Merle Mor+on John MacDonald Gene Rolsch Sfanley Rulherford Sam .Smi'Ih Camille Goff MILTON KWATE, DIRECTOR A SECTION WITHOUT A SMILE . . . "YES MAE5TRO" ENSEMBLE Added l'his year +o +he numerous performing groups in +he Conserva- fory is ihe Ensemble, organized and direcfed by Horace l. Brown. Here 'rhe si'uden+s have found an excellenf oppor'runi+y 'For chamber music 'rrain- ing, siudying fhis lype of worlc in all of ifs phases. Noi only does lhe En- semble 'lunciion as one comple+e uni+, buf from 'rhis group o'rhers have developed including a sfring quarfel and lwo quinleis. The s+uden+s meel' each Saiurdayg parl of ihe morning is devoied fo playing in +he larger group and The remainder of lhe lime spenl' siudying lhe rich sfore of li'rer- a+ure for quariel' and quinler. The Ensemble is doing fhe Fiflh Brandenburg Concerio of Bach. This work is scored for sfrings, solo piano, violin and fluie. Camille Goff, Nor- man Lamb, and Phillip Hood are 'rhe solois+s. The quariel' and quinfel' appeared al' fhe Haggin Ari Museum for Open House Night and +he quarfei' also assisled al' fhe A Cappella Choir Home Concerf. During ihe spring srudenl recilal series 'rhe second quin+e'r performed. Mr. Brown, under yvhose splendid fraining lhese groups have ,progress- ed, has afforded for all +he siudenls in The Ensemble a rich and valuable musical experience. "H. l." . . . DEAN ELLIOTT . . . "POP" EIIIIIIIIIS, SIIIHIIII HNII IIIIIIIII IIIEIIIIIS The Reciral and Conceri Series confinues 'Io be one of Ihe maior a'H'racI'ions in I'he Conser- vaI'ory enjoyed by bolh 'rhe sI'udenI's and Ihe general public. This year has been- rich in iis yield of fine music sponsored and presenied by Ihe Conservafory. The fall semesier was devoi- ed Io Ihe ever popular faculiy recirals. During Ihe spring, s'IudenI' and senior reciials and Ihe Commencemeni Concerl' by I'he graduaiing sen- iors were offered. In addifion ro Ihese we were forfunare in having on our sI'age Virgil Fox, no'I'ed organish Rose Resnick, sensarional blind pianish EngIand's famous 'Iwo-par'r singers, Viola Morris and VicI'oria Anderson: and ihe Bay Region Fed- eral Symphony Orchesira conducied by Naihan Abas. Anoiher source of symphonic music avail- able and closely allied wi+h Ihe college is Ihe Siocldon Symphony Orchesira which presenis len conceris yearly. Several of 'Ihe Conservaiory facuII'y and s'IudenI's are a par'r of I'his organi- zalion. Horace I. Brown .who is I'he concerI'- masier, appeared wiI'h ihe orchesfra as violin soloish and Allan Bacon, also of 'Ihe Conservaiory 'FacuI+y, appeared as guesi piano soIoisI'. The Annual Commencemenl' Concerl' feaiures concerios and arias by Ihe gradual- ing members of Ihe Conservaiory accompanied by fhe orches'I'ra under I'he cIirecI'ion of Horace I. Brown. This year seven members appeared in Ihe conceri which was en- I'husiacI'icaIIy appreciaied by 'rhe many who heard il. VIRGINIA SACK Variaiions Symphoniques sr.A,.ii... L L L .s,. ,Franck ALICE WARRENS Piano Concerio No. 3 ..,..,,sssss LL sss. Beeihoven NORMA BENTLEY Rilorna vinci'I'or IAidaI ..,,ss ....., ,...,a., ...,,,.,..,. V e rdi LORENE SHOOK Piano Concerio in A minor A,issi. . .ss... Schumann ALICE TILTON Organ Concerio No. 2 ............,., ,.,ssss L LL ..........., Handel MARGARET GEORGE Adieu foresis IJeanne d'ArcI .,s.... sss. L L Tschailcowslcy MURIEL LOGERWELL Piano Concerfo No. 4 .....L,LLLL.., ........L Beeihoven SAN FRANCISCO OPERA BALLET "ROMEO AND JULIET" January 6, I939, found I'he Pacific audiforium wilh an "S. R. O." placard in Ihe enlry, Ihe oc- casion being 'rhe elevenlh annual Band Frolic. "Pop" Gordon, direcfor of Ihe band, originafed Ihe idea of having 'rhis popourri of Tunes and Ialenf for a Iwofold purgpose-+o give +he audi- ence an evening of fine band music and fun, and Io raise money for Ihe supporr of +he band. These pasl eleven years have served 'ro eslablish 'rhe Band Frolic as one of The mos+ widely enjoyed 'rradilions on Ihe Pacific campus. The firsi half of 'rhe evening's enferlainmenf is devoled +0 a concerf given by The Symphonic Band: Ihe second par+ is given over 'ro original slcifs presenlecl by campus living groups. Prizes are awarded 'rhe cleveresf acfs, and Ihis year honors wenl Io Alpha TheI'a Tau, and Alpha Kappa Phi. As has been Ihe cuslom in fhe pas'r, an alumnus of Ihe college is presenfed as soloisf wi+h Ihe band. Lawrence LiH'IeI'on, Irombonisi, class of '35, appeared in Ihis concerf playing "My Hearf af fhy Sweel' Voice". Anofher high- lighl of The program was Ihe performance by 'Ihe band of Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue". ALPHA THETA'S FERDINAND THE BULL . . . RHIZOMIA ALONG THE MIDWAY . . . ARCHANlA'S NIGHT IN A FRAT . . . THE LIFE OF STAGG BY OMEGA PHI . . . TAU KAPPA'S CHICAGO GAME . . . HONOLULA BOUND WITH MU ZETA. - if K N M 2.-,MQ "' ff NX o,,, Wi+h fhree complefely equipped slages and a s'I'rong nucleus of ,players +rained +hrough several seasons, direcfor Delvlarcus Brown launched +he l5'rh season of Pacific LiH'le Theaire -I5 years during which l'he college sfage has supplied S'rocld'on lheaire fans wi'rh lheir only regular "legi+ima+e" drama bill, and iuslly earned for Pacific ,producfions 'lhe label of a "col- lege-communify +hea+re". Versafile and popular players like Evelyn BarneH, winner lasf year of 1'he F. Melvyn Lawson Award, Richard Mirslci, Eugene Minson, Marion Akers, Margaref George, Vada Ward, Toni Rifberg and many oihers were ready for aclion in fhe Audiforium Theafre, Oufdoor Theafre, and Sfudio Theafre. Olher names emerged during 'rhe season fo equal ihese, and a four'I'h ou+le'r for acfing falenl' "Radio S+age" was developed under direc- +ion of John Crabbe. "THE FRONT PAGE" An exqperimenf in communi+y cooperafion opened +he season, Thursday, Sepfember 29, when "firs'r nigh'rers" came 'ro roar a+ Gene Minson as rhe cyclonic, pan+s-kicking, Swede re- por+er "Hildy Johnson", and +o gasp a+ 'rhe rowdy, racing, drama of a Chicago press room, CANDIDS FROM "LI LlOM" 5' 3 N o 'Z Q S' 2 of "LILlOM" . . . FINAL SCENE where "gen'rlemen" of +he profession "cur +hroa+" for sensalional news leads +o make up "The Fron'r Page". Two "real life" reporiers, members of +he American Newspaper Guild and lhe S+ock+on Record slaff, Georg Meyers, and Jack Kemp, lransferred 'lheir 'I'ypewri+ers +o Marc Bro,wn's effecrive canvas and painl press room, lo give au'rhen+ici+y 'ro 'l'he newspaper scene. They added more lhan +rim, however, bolh coming lhrough wilh robus'r charac'I'ers and felling comedy. In 'rhe lead role, Minson cap'I'ured l'he high speed, high ,pressure, infallible "news- nose"-fhe essence of Hildy Johnson, and made him real 'ro fhree large audiences ihal' gave lhe show a rousing receplion. He represenied, foo, a fine bi+ of casfing on lhe parl' of Marc Brown, a mas+er of This parficular and imporlanl arf in play produclion. In all, Minson rose s+rongly +o his besl acling opporlunily lo dale. A casl of +wen'ry iwo makes impossible an eslimafe of each, buf bouquels or four bells or whal' have you should go +0 Doris Rankin for her engaging porfrayal of Jennie, elderly scrub woman. Vada Ward did all 1'ha+ Hildy's besl' girl "Peggy" would allow any charming young ingenue +o accomplish. Claribel Coffman grasped a richer opporfunily and did a smashing emo+ionalin+erpre+a+ion of "Mollie", vic+im of press- rufhlessness. Bui 'ro recall 'rhe whole roaring lol of lhem 'rhal' smashed 'rheir way lhrough "The Fronf Page", here is l'he balance of fhe cash Howard Thurslon, Leslie Knoles, Marion Akers, Richard Briggs, Carl Fuller, Bud Meyers, Toni Rifberg, Elfon Marlin, Richard Mirski, William Ramsey, Barbara Alberfson, Roberf Laning, Alberf Miller, Jack Holmes, Howard Thurslon, Dan Looney, and Max Sobel. "THE GHOST FLIES SOUTH" The Li+'rle Theafre look +o 'rhe road for Hs second ven+ure, playing a lighr comedy "The Ghosl' Flies Sou+h", in Lodi and Angels Camp, and refurning +o Sfockion for a Homecoming day engagement Bernadine Badger and Marion Akers played +he iuvenile leads, and Doris Rankin scored again in "characler". Dick Mirski ,played an Indian squaw and The whole casi' had greai' fun frouping-which i+ did very eFFicien1'ly.wi+h +he aid of a good sfage crew. Bas- ed on i'he success of "The Ghosf Flies Sou1'h" 'I'he fheafre hopes io keep a reperfory produc- lion in sfock each season for our-of-fown booking. The balance of 'rhe casf included fhe fol- lowing: Bobbin Gay Peck, Carl Fuller, LaH'a Ross, Toni Rifberg, Howard Thurs+on, Jean Hod- ger+, and Mariorie Larsen. "LILIOM" December firsi saw one of Marc Brown's fines? arl'is'ric venlures, long in +he direc+or's mind as a fine producfion for Pacific, Franz Molnar's s+range, in+riguing play "Lilliom". The +i'rle role wenl' +o Richard Mirski wi+h Reba Sinclair op,posi+e as "Julie". "LiIiom" belongs among fhe 'firsi half dozen finesl' achievemenfs on Pacific sfages. This could noi' be said excepf for ihe fine and balanced work of acfors, +echnicians, and direc'ror. Lighiing played a special funcfion in cre- afion of mood, and John Crabbe was righfly programmed wiih a special credil' for producing +hese eFFec+s. The maior aciion was seen againsi' a fascina+ing uni'r, se+ in space and ,pooled in ligh+. Bu+ fhere was a s+rong accem' in +he confrasiing exferior se+s, +he park, and +he rail- OUTDOOR THEATRE BACK-STAGE "ANGLE" "THE GHOST OF YANKEE DOODLE" road embanlcmenf, and in The purely imaginalive "heaven". Mirski's Liliom had pene1'ra+ion and range of characfer, and Reba Sinclair reflecfed fhe very essence of Julie, naive simpli- cify. Characfer paris were all sharply drawn, wi'rh Audrey Krasnow ,perhaps 'raking honors 'For +his +ype of ac'I'ing as fhe smouldering "Mrs. Muslca+". No less clear cur was Howard Thurs- +on's "Ficsur", and Lucian Sco'H' added rare poise and dignify as 1'he heavenly magis+ra+e be- fore whom Liliom sfands for iudgmenf. Ano1'her near per'Fec'r bil' was Harriel' Budin's "Marie" and Lois Wheeler was a find in lhe delicaie bi+ of "Louise". A rare feeling of rich experience and fine achievemenf is surely refained by fhe enfire company which included: Claribel Coff- man, Max Gobel, Eugene Minson, Pierce Young, Richard Briggs, Elfon Marlin, Alberf Miller, Elfon Cencirulo, Roberl' Laning, Jack Holmes, Bud Meyers, Howard Hansbrow, William Nich- ley, Bill Hunefeld, Jr., Berl' Chance, Jean Marie Marbleslone, and Mary Ann Boiron. "GEORGE AND MARGARET" Pacific LiHle Thealre offers a decidedly varied bill of +hea'rre fare, and +he January show ficlcled a new 'rasie for 1'he season. The play was Gerald Savory's half-demenfed comedy "George and Margare'r"-bu+ said George and Margaref fail 1'o,pu+ in an appearance dur- ing +hree convulsing ac+s-which is a clue fo iusf how "cock-eyed" fhe piece really is. As well as providing hundreds ol laughs, 285 ol lhem by counl, lhe show eslablished Luke Scoll as lhe all-lime all-Pacilic comedian, and leads Slocklon lans lo wonder why he wasn'l kepl on Broad- way aller lwo seasons wilh lhe New York Guild. Bul il's Pacil'ic's luck lhal he is back on lhe boards here. Scoll was leamed wilh Margarel George-and lhere was no lack ol balance. Miss George, whose presence in lhe casl lisl is a neal allileralion wilh lhe play lille, played lhe comic possibililies ol "Mrs. Garlh-Bander" lo lhe limil and was never overshadowed. She carried lhe lasl len minules ol lhe second acl-single handed- in a lirade scene which ke,pl lhe audience whooping lill lhe curlain, a lrick lhal requires real lechnique. Bul lor sheer hysleria, lhe climaclic momenl was scored by June Sprague as lhe inarliculale "Beer", whose one "lerrilic" momenl on lhe slage will go down as among lhe lunniesl ol all lime. Dick Briggs counled his share ol laughs, and Max Gobel and Gail Scheere were good in really dilficull roles. Ellon Cencirulo scored wilh comedy in a dillerenl vein, while Bobbin Gay Peck con- linuecl her successlul career as a slage maid. "THE GHOST OF YANKEE DOODLE" The l00lh produclion direcled by DeMarcus Brown, and lhe Wesl-Coasl premiere ol a lealure New York produclion combined lo make "The Ghosl ol Yankee Doodle" one ol lhe nolable occasions ol Pacilic drama hislory. The direclor looks back over a schedule ol produc- lion which is unique in weslern lhealre groups, and looks ahead lo new ideas and liner pro- duclions. Evelyn Barnell 'Found her lealure role ol lhe season in lhe .parl ol Sara Garrison, and lound il lo her liking. Wrillen by Sidney Howard expressly lor Elhel Barrymore, Pacilic's leading woman, in her own mode, did nol lall shorl ol a rich characler wilh range ol power CHARACTER SHOTS FROM "GEORGE AND MARGARET" ELTON CENCIRULO . . . BOBBIN GAY PECK . . . LUCIAN SCOTT . . . MARGARET GEORGE "GEORGE AND MARGARET" and engaging charm. Miss BarneH' has +he poise and vi+ali'l'y which make for real "s1'age pres- ence", and was comple+ely convincing as +he gracefully refired aclress she porfrayed. Cul' from behind his flals and swilchboards came slaff Sfage Manager John Crabbe +o play op- posiie Evelyn Barne++ in fhe powerful role of James Madison Clevenger, 'lhe publishing gian'r who confrolled vasl areas of public opinion fhrough his grea'r chain of newspapers. Crabbe's acfing mel' a severe lesl' in The heavily dramalic, 'lragic laden closing scenes of 'lhe play, bul' he kep+ ihem wiihin bounds in an amazing manner. Ano'rher large casf limi'l's commeni' on "The Ghosl' of Yankee Doodle" company bul' ofher sfand oufs cerfainly included Marion Akers who hi'r +he fines? success of his four year college sfage career as 'I'he devil-may-care flier "Sieve Andrews" played in a banlering "Clark Gable-ish" manner. Dick Mirski's "Rudi" was excellenf in characfer and convincing ma'ruri+y, while Toni Rifberg was a 'lhoroughly charm- ing ingenue, Joan Garrison. We can'+ forgei' Claribel Coffman, and of course lhe maid- Bobbin Gay Peck. Many olhers are wor+hy of menlion, as is fhe beaufiful and anl'hen+ic in- lerior designed by fhe direcior, in which 'lhe acfion was mounled. ln all "The Ghosl' of Yan- kee Doodle" was a really solid drama, solidly direcred and acfed, impressively sfaged, and smarlly dressed: a +imely play, well fimed, and a fiH'ing vehicle 'for 'I'he significanl occa- sion. Ofhers in The casf were: Bud Meyers, AI Miller, Roberl' Laning, Marcia Lou Brown, Ar- den Farey, Dan Looney, William Ramsey, Herman Spindf, Glenn Tanner, Georg Meyers, Max Gobel, and Eugene Minson. l1,hs-A.-,-,- A 1' ' ' lil? 'S "HI! SPIRITS!" Anofher hisfory making momenf on fhe Pacific sfage came March I6, I7, and I8 wifh fhe firsf scripf by an under-graduafe ever produced as a maior feafure of fhe Li'H'Ie Theafre season under Marc Brown's direcfion-Ihe premiere of 'rhe new musical comedy "Hi! Spiri+sI" lyrics, songs, and Iibreffo by Harold Rogers. Wifh musical direcfion by Wilhelmina Harberf, and Camille Goff and Allan Harking af a pair of pianos, a large casf of LiH'Ie Theafre ,players and Conservafory singers wenffo work on 'Iwo acfs of rollicking sfory wifh I9 songs, chorus, and dance feafures. Opening nighf house was slim, every body waifing 'ro be shown fhaf a young wrifer could furn ouf a big fime show. And fhen fhe big surprise-a smash hi+ 'Ihaf senf huge audiences on fheir way home whisfling cafchy new funes, roaring over side-s,pIi'H'ing comedy and falking abouf a greaf show. Overnighf, "Hi! Spirifs!" was sold fo Sfockfon and Pacific, and fhere were smiles in fhe box office Friday and Safurday nighf as fans packed in for fwo more smash performances. The hif players?-all of fhem - Ied by Margaref George who sang brillianfly fhroughouf, Rufh Crane on skafes, Luke "FriI'ferbug" Scoff, Hazel Ufz, Dick Briggs, and many ofhers. The enfire performance was recorded in fhe Campus Sfudio. And many are fhe Pacificifes who will someday be proud 'ro say, "Hal Rogers? Sure! I know him well- wenf fo Pacific wifh him back in '39". And here is 'rhe resf of 'rhe "Hi! Spiri'I's" company: Barbara Harrison, Charloffe Smifh, Margaref Lee, Vada Ward, Audrey Krasnow, Harmon Ginn, Doris Rankin, Ted Uppman, Leslie Knoles, Lewis Ford, William Ramsey, Douglas Cossiff, William Workman, Dorofhy Bragheffa, Charloffe Meeske, Rufh Coward, Barbara Alberfson, Barbara Caswell, Consfance Moore, Laurie Applegarfh, Geraldine Tanner, Eugene Minson, Billy Hune- feld, Jr., Barney Bernard, AI Liedsfrand, Bruce Moorehead, John Lucas, Earl Kramer, and Georg Meyers. "HI! SPIRITS!" . . . TRIO SEANCE SCENE FROM "HI! SPIRITS!" Yn.'IfX'xn.a' fl .. f' T 'T4'fI II "HI! SPIRITS!" COMPANY "BOLIVAR" An all Thefa Alpha Phi casf, direcfed by fhe aufhor, sfaged Arf Farey's biographical play, "Bolivar" on April 2 I, fhe firsf full Iengfh play ever wriffen abouf fhe greaf Soufh American Iib- erafor, and mosf dramafic figure in American hisfory, Norfh or Soufh. Richard Mirski was a sfriking Iilceness physically, and accurafely profrayecl fhe characfer of Simon Bolivar as infer- prefed by fhe aufhor. Presenfed oufside fhe regular season, for one performance only, fhe producfion was approved by a Iimifed audience, and successfully advanced original produc- fions af Pacific, a frend which fhe direcfor is anxious fo fosfer. Vada Ward, as Maria Teresa, and Claribel Coffman as fhe glamorous Manuela Saenz, were bofh oufsfanding, porfraying fhe fwo women who mosf influenced BoIivar's Iife. MirsIci's porfrayal carried him from fhe youfh of Bolivar fo fhe heighf of his career as fhe Iiberafor of five Soufh American nafions. The Iarge casf included: Lucian Scoff, Toni Rifberg, Roberf Laning, Evelyn Barneff, Max Gobel, Richard Briggs, Bobbin Gay Peck, Bud Meyers, Marfha Pierce, Alberf Miller, Georg Meyers, Kennefh Sfo.weII, Marion Akers, Leslie Knoles, Eugene Minson, Kennefh Sfowell, and Margaref George. Euripedes "EIecfra" sfaged in fhe beaufiful Oufdoor Theafre, Safurday, June I0 as a feafure of fhe commencemenf season, rings down fhe curfain on fhe Liffle TheaI're's I5fh season, and brings fhe serial number of maior sfage producfions af Pacific fo I2I. Twice before, classic Greek drama has been presenfed wifh greaf success af Pacific, "The Troian Women" and "Medea". The main parf in "Elecfra" is ,played in specfacular fashion by Aud- rey Krasnow, who has made a rapid climb fo a fop casfing in one year af Pacific. "Oresfes" is sfrongly porfrayed by Henry Hobson, well suifed fo classic drama modes, and concluding his nofable Pacific acfing career. The balance of fhe casf includes Claribel Coffman, Eu- gene Minson, Roberf Laning, Jack Holmes, Bud Meyers and Richard Mirski, The fradifional chorus group is headed by Barbara Alberfson, and includes Bobbin Gay Peck, Toni Rifberg, Lois Wheeler, Bernadine Badger, Judifh Sullwold, Vada Ward, Reba Sinclair, Bernice Marko- wifz, Dorofhy Bragheffa, Lillian Kahn, Rufh Coward, and Mary Ann Bolfon. Unsung fechnical workers, who handled scenic and lighf demands, cosfumes and sound effecfs, played an indispensable parf in all Pacific fheafrical venfures for fhe year. AI Miller, Bobbin Gay Peck, Dick Mirski, and Dale Rose all served as sfage managers for major produc- fions, Rose handling fhe assignmenf for fhree infricafe producfions, "Hi! Spirifs!", "Bolivar", and "The Ghosf of Yankee Doodle". In fhe elecfrical division Doug Cossif pulled swifches mosf offen, wifh Joe Downey, Al Miller, Glenn Tanner, and John Lucas also on fhe iob. Peggy Bigham, Charloffe Meeske, Mar- garef Hughes, Edifh Kidder, Claribel Coffman, and Eugene Minson managed wardrobe assign- menfs, wifh Minson doing a greaf deal of clever designing fhroughouf fhe season nof idenfi- fied on programs. Liffle Theafre Orchesfra direcfed by Milfon Kwafe firsf semesfer, and Nor- man Lamb fhe second, confribufed maferially fo fhe success of Liffle Theafre producfions. SCENE FROM "BOLIVAR" ACT III 'AARON SLICK FROM PUNKIN CRICK" HGAMMER GURTON'S FAC U LTY PLAY "THE PATH ER" NEEDLE" Slllllll lHlHlHl Pacific's experimenfal laboraiory siage, fhe Siudio Theafre, saw seven producfions all sfaged under sludenl' direcfion, and each seen in 'ihree or more performances. Pacific drama sfudenis have an oppor'runi+y for producfion experience here, unusual in 1'he college world. Many players who gof iheir slari in "downs+airs" shows ,played feafure roles 'lhis year in maior produc+ions. The sludio schedule follows: Opening Oc'r. 20: Gammer Gur+on's Needle Direclorz Richard Palriquin Opening Nov. I7: Aaron Slick From Punlcin Crick Direcforz LaH'a Ross Opening Dec. 8: Pinocchio Direcrorz Verna Duns+an Opening Feb. 2: The Mislress of +he lnn Direcforz Barbara Bower Opening Mar. 23: The Falher Direclorz Richard Mirslci Opening Apr. 27: I+ Can'+ Happen Here Direclorz Clair Ta'H'on Opening May I8: Lena Rivers Direciorz Mariorie Larsen - ,ear For 'Ihe las'r Iwo semesiers fhe Pacific Weekly has carried a weekly fealure column known as "The Ca+'s Whisker", devored 'Io radio news ifems, program and performance commenls and criiicisms, picI'ures of a few of 'Ihe be'H'er known radio favoriles, resuH's of PaciI'ic's 'rwo Radio Polls, and informaiion concerning radio facilifies and a'H'racI'ions af Ihe Golden Gale ln'rernaI'ional Exposiiion. During 'Ihese Iwo semesfers your correspondeni' has enioyed correspondence from several of 'Ihe "big" names in radio, such as Kay Kyser, Jack Benny, "Bing" Crosby, Fred Allen, Ira Blue and Abram Chasins, no'Ied Radio Ci+y concer'r pianisf. Sfudenfs and 'Facul+y alike have been very gracious in Iheir commenlrs and crificisms of The Ca'r's Whisker, and your radio edilor expresses his sincere appreciafion and Ihanks aI Ihis Iime. "The Billboard", a nafional amusemeni' Irade magazine, carried a 'Few commen+s of I'his corresponden+ in a recenf issue, ART FAREY, ASSISTANT CAMPUS STUDIO DIRECTOR . . . JOHN CRABBE, CAMPUS STUDIO DIRECTOR . . . GEORGE ROSS. KWG MANAGER. CALIFORNIA RADIO SYSTEM xg 'lim I H L 1 I I fu 1 "I,l Jr 4 1. ' I 1 ' -"-A 'I April 22nd, in an ariicle en'ri+led "Campus Raps and Raves". Herb Caen of 'rhe San Francisco Chron- icle has been very kind in his com- menfs and remarks aboui' "The Ca'r's Whisker" in several le'I"rers received here 'rhis +erm. Radio has for many years played an imporiani' ,parf in 'rhe lives and programs of Pacific siudenfs and faculfy. If has been a very impor- 'ran+ adiuncf 'ro fhe curriculum of ihe college, serving as an excelleni medium and aid by which sfudenfs r and facul+y may express +hemselves, H. ' .l as a parl' of +heir college work and .1-.-v RADIO PREMIERE acfiviiies- Promineni in The radio acfiviiies on fhis campus has been 'rhe able and devoied direcfion of John Crabbe, campus siudio direcior. Assisring him in direcforial ca,paci+ies has been Ari Farey, business manager of +he Pacific Liiile Theaire. Bolh have produced and announced several of ihe campus sfudio 'ieafure programs including, "Musical Porfrai+s", "The Book Pa- rade", "Campus Corresponden+", "Pacific Symposium", "Radio S+age", and "The World Today", conducfed by Dr. Tully C. Knoles, Presidenf of +he College of Pacific, a Monday class fearure program. This la++er ,program has enioyed a weekly release over +he eniire Cali- fornia Radio Sysfem. "Radio S1'age", produced by John Crabbe, has feafured a 'rhirieen week produc+ion of plays by Guy de Maupassanf, which have been enioyed by 'Thousands of en+husias+ic lisreners ihroughoui' ihis seciion of ihe s+a+e, and has been released over KWG, Sfockion. LiH'le Theaire players have made u,p ihe casfs in rhis series. "Campus Corresponden'r", produced by Ari Farey and announced by Bill Becker, has re- ceived considerable commen+ 'from sfudenf lisfeners and oufsiders as well. Timely irems of from ofher campi have been fhe main subiec+ ma'H'er of 'rhis program. GALEN "SWB" HARVEY "Musical Porirai+s" have feafured fhe lives of grea+ composers in song and siory, and has been produced by Ari Farey. "The Book Parade" has won a fine audience ihrough 1'he inieresfing com- menfs of i+'s commenfaior, Miss Bobbin Gay Peck. "Pacific Symposium", a ,panel discussion iype of program concerning perfinenf problems of fhe day, has won increasing favor and has been produced by Dr. Roy C. McCall. Pacific's Premiere on February 8, I939, was iparficularly significanl in several ways, as John Crabbe s+a+ed in a news ifem in ihe Pacific Weekly on February 3rd, "This show marks +he official dedica+ion of 'rhe Campus S+udio's new fie-up wi+h KWG and 'I'he beginning of Pacific's 4 1 1 'N HOWARD BAILEY-KFBK DOROTHY "PETER"BROWN NBC HOLLYWOOD-'28 CALIF. RADIO SYSTEM A ninfh year of campus broadcasfing .... " The program was broadcasf from fhe Pacific Aud- iforium fhrough fhe facilifies of KWG, Sfockfon, for fwo full hours, wifh one half hour of fhe bill being released fo fhe California Radio Sysfem nefwork. This was fhe largesf venfure of ifs kind ever affempfed af Pacific and fhe fwo hour show enlisfed fhe services of over a score of Pacific personalifies, arfisfs, and musical organizafions. Lasf semesfer and repeafing again fhis semesfer your radio edifor conducfed Pacific's firsf radio polls. Several quesfions including, "Whaf is your favorife band?", "Your favorife commedian?", "Your favorife vocalis'I'?", "Your favorife Nefwork?" and many ofhers were included on fhe ballofs. The firsf poll revealed fhaf over 250 sfudenfs and faculfy fook parf. This semesfer nearly fwice fhaf many answered fhe poll quesfions. NBC was accorded fhe honor of being Pacifics favorife nefwork, Jack Benny won fhe sfudenf favor, bofh fimes, as fheir favorife commedian, "Bing" Crosby was decidedly Pacific's favorife ,popular radio voca- lisf, and Kay Kyser, received fhe mosf plaudifs for favorife bands on fhe air. Arfie Shaw's combo, unknown lasf year, received a fine second place posifion in fhe poll fhis semesfer. Many were surprised fhaf nofed orchesfras like fhose of Benny Goodman's, Tommy Dorsey's, Skinnay Ennis's and Henry King's received far less vofes fhan fheir nafional popularify would indicafe fhey would. The facf fhaf Kay Keyser received highesf honors bofh semesfers is a definife indicafion fhaf Pacific likes his music and sfyle besf and fhaf such orchesfras like fhose menfioned herefofore haven"r fhe flash or consisfenf organizafion and fempo as has Kyser. Since your correspondenf was given fhe "go" signal by Edifor Becker lasf ferm, if has been his desire and dream fhaf fhings mighf work ouf here so fhaf an annual Radio Day would be insfifufed af Pacific. This was realized, af leasf fhe firsf evenf of 'rhis kind was sfaged af Pacific on May Ilfh, I939. Radio personalifies from fhe San Francisco NBC sfudios were guesfs on fhe campus and appeared during fhe morning assembly ,period along wifh several Pacificifes who are graduafing fhis ferm and who are parficularly falenfed as enferfainers, musicians, and vocalisfs. lra Blue of "Lef's Lisfen" and "Sporfs Graphics" fame from San Francisco NBC was masfer-of-ceremonies. The evenf was enioyed by all and we look wifh a greaf deal of pleasure foward fhe nexf Radio Day. Thus ends a review of I938-39 radio acfivifies af Pacific. i Xl J In fhe fine new siudios aloH'ed ii' lhis year, fhe arf deparimenl of The iunior college, un- der +he guidance of Miss Charloffe Spalreholz, broughi' +o rhe school during 'rhe year a series of six exhibifs from +he San Francisco Museum of Ari exiension division. Wafer colors by John Olsen, Los Angeles ariisf, were shown during 'ihe 'Fall semesfer in a special exhibiiiong Federal Ari' Proiecf arfisfs were represenied fo +he s+uden+s ihrough a permanenf loan of a woodcar- ving and a number of wafer color painfingsg 'rhe archiiecfure of buildings on Treasure Island was feafured in anorher showing, all promofed by +he J. C. arf s+udio. S'ruden+ exhibirs of work by individuals and groups were also shown, Lucille Shelley and Bob Baslian were able lo sell a number of fheir own works, specifically wafer colors, as a resull. Special work for oulside organizafions by individual sfudenfs included decorafions on a Treasure Island 'rheme for an Elks' Club dance by Bob Davis: Ti+les for fhe Science Depar'I'men+ Deaih Valley film, by Bob Shedd, and Olympic Games placards, displaying emblems +0 be sold in order +o send +he U. S. 'Team +0 Finland in I940, were made by Roberi Reece, Bob Lucas, and Bill Nichley. lnferesfing accomplishmenfs by classes included fwo fables of arfisfic flower arrangemenfs as a parficipafion in fhe Sfockfon Garden Club Flower show, and a confribufion fo a confesf for ,posfers used in adverfising fhe French Deparfmenf sponsored movie by fhe Arf Sfrucfure class, fhe class in Form, ifs Represenfafion and lnferprefafion gained fheir firsf experience in drawing fhe human figure wifh a professional model: confesf wifh modern French painfers of various schools was gained by fhe Appreciafion of Arf class fhrough visifs fo fhe Haggin Memorial Arf Galleries-Museum: fhe Oufdoor Skefching class produced efchings as 'rhe culmin- afion of a semesfers work in fhe field: wafer color and oil painfings were creafed by fhe Painf- ing class. An underfaking of an experimenfal nafure which proved successful, sfarfed dur- ing fhis year wifh fhe Sfudio Problems class which offered opporfunify for individual work un- der a capable advisor. Anofher new feafure of fhe lower division arf deparfmenf was fhe addifion of courses in inferior decorafion and home planning, faughf by Mrs. Maxine Garrigan. Miss Grace Cornog, a faculfy addifion fo fhe arf deparfmenf fhis year, presenfed a course in Merchandising Design, which offered acfual experience in down fown sfores, as well as in- sfrucfion in window display, sfore arrangemenf, packaging, posfer design, leffering and color harmony, fhe Cosfume Design class gained experience fhrough a proiecf involving fhe design- ing of a wardrobe suifable for, and pleasing fo, selecfed women on fhe campus: members of fhe Texfile classes designed and execufed pafferns in fexfile producfs such as linen, clofhing, and decorafive panels: weaving, bafik, sfencil, and block prinf were employed as mediums. Herberf E. Welch insfrucfed fhe class in Insfrumenfal Drawing, which offered blue-,prinf making and mechanical drawing fechnique. The senior college arf deparfmenf, under fhe guidance of E. Grace Ward experienced a 'rerm of advancemenf and experience unequalled for many years. One of fhe experimenfs fried was fhe new course, Elemenfary Craffs for Teachers, fhe class consfrucfed a scale modle of fhe campus as a proiecf. This deparfmenf was insfrumenfal in bringing an exhibif from fhe Chouinard School of Arf in Los Angeles for a weeks display in Weber Hall. ln addifion fo fhe above inovafions, fhe esfablished classes were acfive in specialized fields: among fhe inferesfing accomplish- menfs, were fhe following: The Modeling and Casfing class crafed figurines which were glazed and fired: fhe class in Advanced De- sign experimenfed in unclerglazed painfing and did colorful sefs of dishes in free brush design. Wafer color, oil, and pen and ink work was done by fhe Life Anafomy and Oufdoor Skefching classes. Under fhe supervision of DeMarcus Brown, fhe class in Sfage and Cosfume Design consfrucfed models of hisforic fypes of fheafers and sfage seffings for designafed plays. The Effa E. Boofh Memorial Library Book Fund was sfarfed fhis year when booklefs, incorporafing a hand colored replica of a miniafure magazine, designed by Miss Boofh when she was a liffle girl, were disfribufed as adverfisemenfg confribufions .were receiv- ed from former arf sfudenfs from as far away as Rome, lfaly. One of fhe mosf memorable evenfs of campus life fhis year was fhe oufdoor arf sale held on fhe porch of fhe Club House by fhe iunior college arf deparfmenf on May second, and by fhe sen- ior college arf deparfmenf on May sixfeenfh. These showings of sfudenf work were inspired by fhe now famous open-air arf ex- hibifs in Washingfon Square, New York Cify, where a depression fime proiecf was such a success fhaf year affer year, if has con- finued as a fradifion. The purpose of fhese special arf days was fo afford sfudenfs of all of fhe deparfmenfs fhe Qpporfunify fo acquire by sale or barfer, drawings and painfings, examples of fheir fellow sfudenfs work. YIHH THE FRESHMAN GRUNT AND GROAN IN A ROPE PULLING VICTORY OVER A SURPRISED SOPHOMORE CLASS IN THE SOPH-FROSH BRAWL . . . THE TIGERS SWEEP THROUGH FRESNO STATE TO WIN THE FAR WESTERN CONFERENCE . . . A BEAUTIFUL CAMPUS NOT MARRED BY PARKED CARS . . . SAW WOODEN HORSES BAR THE PATHS AND PROTECT THE WALK- ERS LIFE . . . A NEW LIBRARY LIT AT NIGHT . . . AND THE LONGEST LINE WAITING TO COMPLETE REGIS- TRATION . . . 'IX I IHIS IIHII THERE WERE COSTUMES, CARICATURES, AND CUT-UPS GALORE AT THE FOURTH AN- NUAL MARDI GRAS . . .A PRE-CAMPAIGN THAT RIVALED NONE AND SAW THE BENGAL SONS ELECT ATKINSON . . . THE LAWN CUT AND TRIMMED EACH DAY . . . AND A SEN- IOR WITH CAP AND GOWN l3IlHlIIllIlIHNS Ellllllllll Under fhe wafchful eyes of fhe Publicafions Commiffee, l938-39 saw Pacific Publicafions ad- vance fo hifherfo unaffained peaks. Wifh Bill Becker as chairman, fhe commiffee kepf a close check on all finances perfaining fo fhe Weekly and fhe Naraniado, wifh fhe resulf fhaf for fhe firsf fime in many years bofh maior publicafions showed a profif af fhe end of fhe year. Sfandards of fhe publicafions were raised considerably. The Weekly received a firsf class honor rafing from fhe Associafed Collegiafe Press in compefifion wifh over 400 schools fhroughouf fhe counfry, ranked second only fo fhe U. S. C. Daily Troian of fhe California papers enfered in fhe confesf. The paper used a modi- fied informal sfyle of make-up and confinuecl an ediforial policy of "Pacific news firsf." Numer- ous cufs, candid as well as porfraif, enlivened fhe pages of fhe Weekly confinually during fhe year. Dick Eafon as business manager of fhe Weekly sef a precedenf for "go-geffemness" fhaf will serve as an incenfive for all fufure managers. Wifh special inducemenfs for early purchase, fhe Naraniado was offered fo P. S. A. members af low rafes according fo a plan worked ouf by Business Manager Fred Boyes. The I939 year- book, a sfreamlined annual in every respecf- color, design and copy, feafures good phofogra- phy and unusual phofographic layoufs which fhe edifors hope will be pleasing fo fhe eye. The Frosh Bible was fhe producf of fhe com- bined efforfs of Tom Rippey, lasf year's publica- fion chairman, and Bill Becker. The Bengal Bullefin was edifed by Mary Gal- fon. Working on fhe Publicafions Commiffee wifh Becker in fhe pasf year were Dick Eafon, Dick Loomis, Francis Finney, Bob Basfian, Fred Boyes, Bob Wenfz, Beffy Dixon, Gregg Phifer and Gladys Hughes. The I938-39 commiffee was one of fhe mosf efficienf groups in Pacific pub- licafions hisfory. BECKER WENTZ . . . DIXON BOYES . . . FINNEY EATON . . . HUGHES ERWIN FARLEY IRISH . . . DUNLAP . . . BIDDICK . . . KIENTZ BECKER . , HEPBURN . . . BRONZICH . . . FARLEY 7-111-'iT'-:-- ' ,. i.'. ' -,-.l -,. -'i"W',.' ..ff..,'1. -sv, . 4li"f'-'i L' -'L' , I J :- FF- . X . .-Nagin.. . -'xii I i 'E' l' i.'i'9 iii.. -:Ii rv ir iilfm, .31 H L-ar '-.q E i-f . .1 W 5 x..... Erwin Farley P. S. A. presidenf may well be proud of his adminisfrafion. Working hard fo give fhe sfudenfs a balanced pro- gram of college acfivifies, Farley more fhan succeeded. Heading fhe social affairs of fhe P. S. A. was Junan Bronzich, vice-presi- denf, who climaxed a year of varried sfu- denf dances wifh fhe Class Day Classic Hop. Wifh a spray of flowing backhand, "Leffy" Madge Hepburn as secrefary, kepf all min- ufes and records of 'rhe Associafion. To freasurer Francis Finney fell fhe fask of ar- ranging fhe budgef on a per-cenfage basis. A scheme invoked for fhe firsf fime in an af- fempf fo arrive af a successful plan fo dis- fribufe fhe sfudenf body money. The general aim of fhe Execufive com- ATKINSON . . . MORRALL . . . DOW STONE . . . GRIFFITHS . . . FINNEY miffee for fhe year was fhe blending of 'rhe old college fradifions wifh fhe new and fry- ing fo keep fhe fwo schools from driffing foo far aparf. lmporfanf business enacfed dur- ing fhe year were ill a revision of fhe consfi- fufiong l2l final paymenf on fhe Childress swimming pool: l3l fhe Fourfh Annual Mardi Gras: l4l fhe ioining of fhe Nafional Sfudenf Federafion of America: and l5l sending Tre- vor Griffifh fo fhe Nafional Conference af Perdu, Indiana. BRONZICH . . . FINNEY . . . HEPBURN SHIHTNT HHHIHS llllllllllll The Sfudenl' Affairs Commiffee is purely a busi- ness organizafion endeavoring fo handle 'rhe sfudenf governmenf and fhe discipline of fhe school in a fair and infelligenf manner. This commiffee was begun in 'lhe school year of I92I-22, when fhe College of ihe Pacific was locafed ai' San Jose. Roberf Breeden, now skafing experi- and afhlefic direcfor, was 'lhe,presiden1'. The Sfudenf Affairs CommiH'ee for 'rhe pasf year, headed by Bill Biddick as chairman and Lora Lou Childs as secrefary, mel' usually fwice a monfh or of'rener in Anderson Hall. Perhaps fhe mosf imporfanf accomplishmenf of The Commi'H'ee was 'I'he esfablishing of a new 'rraffic sysfem. During 'ihe day cars are kepf oul' of fhe main s+ree'rs befween fhe buildings on 'rhe campus, 'rhus confribufing 'ro 'rhe safefy of 'rhe sfudenfs. Secondly, sfudenf discipline was enforced during games an on frain +ri,ps fo fhe foofball games. The Beef Box was esfablished and placed in 'rhe main hall of fhe Adminisfrafion Building so +ha+ sfu- denfs could hand in anyfhing fhey cared fo concerning any 'iype of campus problem, wifhouf disclosing fheir names. A Pacific Tradifions Commiffee was appoinfed fo invesfigafe fhe fradifions of fhe College and fo beffer fheir enforcemenf. There was also an invesfigafion of fhe locker prob- lem, fo learn whefher or noi' sfudenfs living in fown would care fo renf lockers for fheir books. The maH'er was lafer dropped. Members of fhe commiffee are Marfin Pulich, Nor- man Lamb, Galen Harvey, Dick Pafriquin, Irvin Grubbs, Rae Hungerford, Beverly Miller and June Lane. Faculfy members are Dean Berg and Dean Corson. FARLEY . . . BIDDICK .GRUBBS . . . LANE . . . CORSON . . . CHILDS GALTON . . . HUNGERFORD . . . PULICH . H 52.555 l I MARIE MARTIN PULICH Forensic ac+ivi+y of 'rhe PSA reached a new high fhis year, by far fhe mosl' successful in local his+ory. Two new coaches in fhe Sfocldon Junior College, Professors E. S. Belz from Hasfings College in Nebraska, and E. R. Nichols, Jr., 'From fhe Universily of Wyoming, ioined Dr. Roy C. McCall in direciing l'he enlarged program. To mafch +he increased sfaff came a large increase in The squad and a successful season. Five maior fournamenfs off +he local campus as ,well as par+icipa+ion in fhe fradilional College of Pacific Lower Division Tournameni' in February occupied +he aHen+ion of fhe squad. Some Pacifici+e refurned vic- rorious from everyone of fhese con+es+s. The in+ercol- legiafe program also included over +wen+y home debafes agains+ visifing reams from near-by schools and feams from olher s'l'a+es. Pacific was disfinclly honored by unanimous invi1'al'ion +0 membership in l'he Pacific Foren- sic League, an organizafion of fourfeen insfilufions in +he Wesl. The besl' debale record for fhe year was achieved by +he women's +eam composed of Doris Hancock and Marie Nichols. This l'eam foolc 'Firs+ place in lhe Wesl- ern Asocialion of Teachers of .Speech Tournamenl held in Tacoma, Washingfon, in November. ln lhe Pi Kappa ,Q i ze,- lIlHHll i DORIS ORVAL FLETCHER Della Province Tournamenl' held in Pasedena in March, 'rhey placed second. This grad- ua+ing leam, one of ihe besf +ha'I' has ever represenled 'rhe College, will be a maierial loss +o nexl' year's squad-. The mos? sucessful individual record for fhe year was achieved by Doris Hancock. Lasl' year Miss Hancock look second place in 'lhe Pi Kappa Della Nafional Tournamenl' in exlempore speaking. This year Miss Han- cock beflered her record, laking firsl place in every conlesl she enlered. From 'lhe Bakersfield, Tacoma, and Pasadena lourna- men'rs she broughl home fhe award for ex- 'lempore speaking, eslablishing her as fhe besl' woman ex+em,pore speaker ever 'ro have allended Pacific. Anofher gradua+ing senior whose record has been one of confinued success 'rhis sea- son is Erwin Farley. Farley climaxed his four years of varsily experience by lhree second places in exfempore speaking and a +ie for second place in affer dinner speaking. In lhe Tacoma Tournamenf Farley lied for sec- ond place in a'H'er dinner speaking and fook second place in exlempore speaking. In March al' lhe Pacific Forensic League Tour- namenl' held a+ Pomona College hs repea'red his achievement As a climax a+ +he Pi Kappa Della Province Tournamenl he finish- ed 'I'he season wilh ano'I'her second place in exlempore speaking. JEAN MILLER 'IP' BILL GREGG For 'rhe firsi' rime in fhe hisfory of +he debare squad a men's 'ream won iirsf place in deba+e. This was done by 1'he feam of Carl Fuller, iunior a+ +he Colege of Pacific, and Bill Biddick, sophomore af 'lhe Slockion Junior College, when, in Pacific's lower di- vision +ournamen'r held in February 'rhey fook firsr place in men's debafe. Anofher firsi' in +he his+ory of +he squad was accomplished by John Fanucchi who +ook firsr place in men's orarory in rhe Pi Kappa Della Province Tournamenl' in Pasa- dena. The records of The o+her members of fhe squad were consisienfly high, ius+ shorl' of fhe winner brackef. Erwin Farley and John Fanucchi, Marlin Pulich and Gregg Phifer, and Gladys Barfholomew and Jean Miller all had very high debare records, while Orville Flelcher placed high in exfem- pore speaking as did Gregg Phifer, and ai Tacoma, Marlin Pulich lied 'for second place in impromplu speaking. The lower division squad com.posed of siudenis of 'rhe Siockfon Junior College has also been by far lhe mosl promising in i1's his'rory. Bill Biddick has i'he mosl successful record of 'ihe men on +he squad. In +he Ta- coma 'iournameni' he fied for second place in affer dinner speaking. On lhe local Feb- ruary lournameni and again in 'lhe Phi Rho Pi Tournamenf held in Los Angeles he placed firsi' in exiempore speaking. Anoiher prom- ising ream is 'rhai' of Allen Breed and Claude Hogan, who displayed sfeady improvemeni' from 'l'he firs+ of fhe Year: 'I'hey compleied +he season by faking ihird place in 'rhe iunior college division of fhe Pasadena iournamenf. Ofher excellenl' prospecis are i'he girls' 'leam of Lois Archibald and Doroihy Guerin, and several men, including Kipp Gimple, Donald McAdams, Joe Thornlon, and Jim Van Dyke. The local PSA represenfafives of bo+h +he College of Pacific and fhe Siockfon Junior College have developed info one of 'rhe srrongesi forensic squads on lhe coasl. Nexl' year promises a grea'l'er number on fhe squad for more exrensive and varied acriviiy. Ociober 28 December 9 February 7 .......e.,.... February 23 March 69, March 9 March 9 March 9 March 9 April 6 April I 0 April 24 May I8 E r l 9 l TROPHY CUPS ..,..,....San Francisco Siafe ..,..r,.....American lnsfiiufe of Banking ,.,.,..4,r,ac,r,,,S+anford Universiiy .. ,c.....V,.,..... S+. Mary's College ,.,,r,,...Universi+y of Washingfon Francisco S+a're ..c.,........Universi+y of San Francisco ,, r,c...San Francisco Junior College ,,.American lns+i+u're of Banking , ...e... .,.., .....,.........,.. U n iversiiy of Uiah .......,Universi'ry of New Mexico r.r...........Universi1'y of San Francisco c c ..,...rr....r.r.,.. Sranford Universiiy IMHHH lHH SCH JACOBY . . . PULICH HOFFMAN . . . NEWBERRY The Sfudenf Chrisfian Associafion, a ioinf Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A., is a sfudenf organizafion de- signed fo augmenf and supplemenf formal educa- fion. H' is concerned wifh deepening and sfrengfh- ening fhe infellecfual, s,pirifual and moral fibre of sfuclenfs. The varied program of fhe Associafion 'rhis year includes: Lecfures . . . by frained persons in fhe fields of Chrisfian living, social issues, and campus problems. Discussions . . . on everyfhing from personal religious living fo fhe German refugee problem. General meefings . . . held monfhly for fellow- ship, knowledge and worship. Sfudy groups . . . held bi-monfhly on quesfions of crime, migranf labor, men and women relafions, peace, race, social welfare, freshmen problems and cooperafives. Worlc groups . . . working fhroughouf fhe year on social welfare, depufafions, finance, member- ship, conferences and chapel planning. The year was sfarfed off wifh a frosh mixer parfy for freshmen in fhe gymnasium. Abouf fwo hundred frosh and five hundred upper-classmen came. This parfy was repeafed in fhe spring for freshmen only. Folk and "regular" dancing was enjoyed. SHH Abouf one hundred differenf sfuclenfs were senf fo infercollegiafe conferences of fhe Y. M. C. A. and Y. W. C. A. for fwo 'ro seven day periods. Three assembly ,programs were broughf fo fhe enfire ,campus by fhe Associafion. Oufsfanding were fhe fall: and movies presenfed by Miss Beffy Blodgeff on "Youfh Hosfels". A folk-dancing parfy in fhe gymnasium provid- ed fun for approximafely one hundred parficipanfs. A mounfain cabin af Hogan Dam iusf forfy miles easf of Sfockfon is half builf and will be finished nexf year. The land has been leased fo fhe Associafion by fhe Cify. Groups of sfudenfs and faculfy have spenf many Safurdays cuffing fhrough fhe road, fearing dqwn old buildings which were donafed, fruclcing fhe lumber fhus obfained fo fhe cabin sife, and sfarfing consfrucfion on fhe cabin. This cabin will be fhirfy by fhirfy-five feel' and have a large living room, kifchen and guesf room. A loff will ac- comodafe bunks. If is expecfed fhaf many S. C. A. and ofher campus groups will enjoy fhe cabin in years 'ro come. To help defray cosfs of fhe cabin, parf of fhe faculfy cavorfed in a comedy "Much Ado Abouf Romeo and Julief" in which some puny puns and harmonious harmonizing were "pulled", COLLIVER . . . HIDY . . . TILTON BUSH CABIN BUILDERS HII Ummm HHNIH IGI I --ov. , ., 1:-1 ' A ALOSI BAXTER DUNTON FARLEY GEORGE GHOLZ HANCOCK HUGHES LAGOMARSINO MASON NOTEWARE PECK SACK TILTON WESTON Local honorary fra+erniI'y for ou+s+anding scholarship and Ieaclership. Chancellor ........,.,........,E....,.,a........,....E,..,,...4.,.....,,,,...,,..,.,.....,.....,.. ....,,.O........... B obbin Gay Peck Vice Chancellor ...,., .,..,,,,,,.,,,.,,,,,.,,,, R oy Cencirulo Marshall ...... .,..,......, . ..............,. M argaref George Scribe .,.riE ,aiaa,,.,...,. .......,.,.....,,....,...,....., ..,.........., P r o fessor Corbin PHILIP ALOSI EVELYN BARNETT ARTELLE BAXTER ROY CENCIRULO WESLEY DUNTON ERWIN FARLEY MARGARET GEORGE EDWIN GHOLZ DORIS HANCOCK HENRY HOBSON GLADYS HUGHES MILDRED LAGOMARSINO PATRICIA MASON I NORMAN NOTEWARE BOBBIN GAY PECK VIRGINIA SACK ALICE TILTON ALEX TURKATTE VIRGINIA WESTON 147 HIIH HIIH HHH K ..1:4,, ,qvl A A I .s '.,.,"5 fl. I T I BLINN BOYES CANESSA CANTON DIEKMANN e-RAVES SPAFFORD TITHERING-TON SHEPARD Rowe NICHOLS HEINRICH HENCH Nafional Honorary Biological Socie+y for unclergracIua'Ies. Local chap+er, Omicron, organized nn I930. Dr. A. E. Noble is +I1e sponsor. Presiclenf ............, Vice Presiclenl' ...,,,,.,ss.ra,s Secrefary-Treasurer HisI'orian ..aa.r,,,,,, JOHN BLINN FRED BOYES NORMA CANESSA IRENE CANTON BOB COE HAROLD DIEKMANN VIOLET GRAVES KARL HANSON GLENN HARPER ...William Shepard ..S.....,r,,Rose Lee Rowe ,s.L,,...lL,.,....Irene CanI'on ,.,,..,,,,,,a.,.Marie Nichols LOUIS HEINRICH KENNETH HENCH ERNEST MEYERS MARIE NICHOLS ROSE LEE ROWE WILLIAM SHEPARD ELIZABETH SPAFFORD NAIDA TITHERINGTON ALEX TURKATTE We -.K , I ADAMINA ATKINSON BECKER BOYES CENCIRULO DAHL DOYLE DUNLAP GRUBBS GUGGOLZ HEDGES HELLMAN HIGGINS KIENTZ KNIVETON KOEH LER LUTZ McBRIDE McWILLIAMS PUGMIRE RIPPON TULLOCH TREMBLEY SWAGERTY SIEGFRIED SAPIRO ROSCELLI RIVERA In I922 Ihe Block P Sociefy was organized Io promole clean aI'hIe'I'ics, Io acl' as an advisory body for afhlelic ac+ivi+ies on Ihe campus, 'Io assisr 'rhe Board of confrol in mainfaining college I'racli'rions. In 'rhe annual Senior-Faculfy BasIce'IbaII Game sponsored by 'rhe Block P, I'he FaculI'y won by a scan+ Iwo poin'Is. On April 22, I'he annual Bengal Huddle 'roolz place. II' was a day of ac'I'ion-crammed sporfing even+s, wifh 'rhe sociefy ,playing hosl' Io some filly high school afhleles. The evem' opened wilh ka foofball game befween Ihe Seniors and Ihe I940 Varsify and closed wiih a banquef a'I' Holel Sloc Ion. Presidenf .e..,,i.i,, ,ei.,, ........,4.,,, A I Hedges Vice Presidenf .e.i,..,iA, eee,.,ee,.A Emrys Lloyd Secrelary Treasurer .....,,,,...... ,..........,... .,,,i......,,.....,......, f ...........,.......,., i.4,,,.,.,,., P a I' Dunlap BOB ADAMINA LOU FORD BOB KIENTZ TOM OLEATA ERNIE ATKINSON MILT GREENBLATT VERNE KINSER RUSSEL PUGMIRE BILL BECKER JACK GUGGOLZ HAL KNIVETON PAUL RIPPON DICK BENTLEY IRVIN GRUBBS ED. KOEHLER JACK ROSCELLI FRED BOYES DALE HALBERT PAUL LUTZ HERMAN SAPIRO ELTON CENCIRULO FRANCIS HELLMAN JACK LYONS JOE SIEGFRIED RICHARD COLLET ETHAN HIGGINS JACK McBRIDE CLEM SWAGERTY ROY COOPER LLOYD HOFFMAN JOHN McGOWAN GEORGE TOMASINI EARL DAHL AL IRWIN HUGH McWILLIAMS RALPH TREMBLY BUD DOYLE WALT KELLY CORDNER NELSON JACK TULLOCK STAN VAUGHAN BOB WILKINSON 149 lIlIPINH mul f l s 1 3 all gl DAQUIADO BALLOGDAJAN REVIVES BANAGA VILLARRUZ BU RIGSAY UMIPEC-3 CONTILLO Founded on February I3, I938. Purposes: To promofe flue group as a wholeglo gain recognifionqio solve our mu+ual problems +0 es+ablish good will and good rela+ions wifh o+her groups. Presidenl' ....,....A........... Vice Presidenl' .,....,.r,,., Secreiary-Treasurer .....,,,,. Sergeani'-al'-Arms ............,.., EUSEBIO BALLOGDAJAN HONORIO BURIGSAY FELIX CONTILLO 150 s,.,.,,,.....William Villarruz ......,......Mamerfo Revives es..e...,..Marcelo Umipeg ......s...Andrew Monfero FAUSTINO DAQUISDO PRIMITIVO BANAGA TRINIDAD GODINEZ MII PHI IPSIIHN WEIR TILTON THORP SACK ROGERS JOHNSON GEORGE OOGGIN BROWN BENTLEY Nafional honorary musical sororify. Mu E'Ia chapfer organized in I920. Presicleni' ..............,..,.,......,.,.,.,,,,,.,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,A,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,.,,,.,,,, Virginia Brown Vice Presidenf ............,.......,............,., ..O............................E........,.,....... ............ R u +h Johnson Recording Secrefary .EA..,..,,.,,.,,,,.,,,.,, ,.A,,,,.,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,..,,,,,., A lice Tilfon Corresponding SecreI'ary .,.....E,EiO,, , .,,.,.,,,,,,r,,.,,..,,,,. ,,...,, V irginia Sack Treasurer ....,........,...............................,i. ....,,...,... E ileen Daniels Coggin Chaplain .........,..,........ ,A............... ....,.......,............... N e IIa Rogers Choris'Ier ...A.,.,E ...........,....,.,. M iriam Burfon Hisforian .........,..,.............,..,., O,,,,.,..,, M arcella Thorp Warclen .........................,,AA.,.,,.,,.. ,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,, N orma Ben'I'Iey FLOSSITA BADGER NORMA BENTLEY VIRGINIA BROWN MIRIAM BURTON EILEEN DANIELS COGGIN PAULINE CRAWFORD MARGARET GEORGE WILHELMINA HARBERT JEANNE WEIR HELEN IWANAGER RUTH JOHNSON KATHRYN JULIE NELLA ROGERS VIRGINIA SACK CHARLOTTE SMITH MARCELLA THORP ALICE TILTON I I 'Bb Q, 18- ? ,il - M l A - F -E If I' ., lv' - , V, I V i X, 'V:'.:f ,w::'fl fi ' g ' A ALBERTSON BARTHOLOMEW BOLTER A. BUOY F. BUOY DUNSTAN FERGUSON GOFF GUERNSEY LAGORIO MORRALL MARBLESTONE MILLER HIXSON RITCHIE SCHEERE Orchesis, honorary danging sociefy. Preslcleni' ......,....... Secrefary .........,., Hisforian ..........,....,,... Choreographer ,O,OO,OOO, BARBARA ALBERTSON DOROTHY BARTHOLMEW JOYCE BLACKMAN AILEEN BOLTER AILEEN BUOY FLORIENE BUOY VERNA DUNSTAN 152 JEAN FERGUSON CAMILLE GOFF DORIS GUERNSEY EDITH CLAIR HIXSON DOROTHY KOLLN HAZEL CLAIRE KREIMS LAVERNE LAGORIO ....Verna Duns+an Laverne Lagorio ,.J......GaiI Scheere .I..LI.....,Jean Miller ELOISE LAMBERT JEAN MARIE MARBLESTONE BERNICE MARKOWITZ JEAN MILLER JEAN MORRALL JACKIE RITCHIE GAIL SCHEERE UIIIHH II ifnrwr I t I.,-4, --'- ' '- Q .. .A I af -in ,,vy..n, ' 1- lv- .4 E- HILL'--.fu '. 2 .LII BOYES CANTON FERGUSON GERHEART GUGGOLZ HEINRICH JESSUP JEUNG MOFFITT JONTE NORTON NOTEWARE RAAB ROWE SEWELL SPRAGUE TURNAGE ZIEGLER Local 'frafernily honoring scholarship In Chemisrry. High ExaI+ed Alchemisr ..,.......,.,O,OO....,.,,...,,A..,..,......,,.........A...,.......... Norman D. Noieware Mosf Wor+hy Cafalyzer .Ar, .....,...,............... M rs. Irene Canfon Grand Reducer .....,....,...,,,. . .,..............,...... Elwood Moffifl Super Synihesizer ....r.r.,......,.,...,....Ar...,,.,....r......,............ .,.,r.r.,,....,......,.,.. D uane C. Sewell Counselor 4,.,,,,A,, ,,,,,,O,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,.,,Aa,a,rrraaaaAar.AA.,,.,A....... P rofessor J. H. Jon'Ie SHIGETAKA ARAO DR. A. T. BAWDEN JOHN BLINN FRED F. BOYES - MRS. IRENE CANTON DR. FRED J. CLARK EUGENE DAUFFENBACH ABEL DE HAAN ELLIS ELDER KENNETH H. FERGUSSON HERSCHEL G. FRYE GLEE GERHART WALTER J. GILGERT JACK GUGGOLZ HOMER HANSEN PHYLLIS JAYNE HAYCOCK DON HUDSON LOUIS HEINRICH NYLAN H. JEUNG CHARLES H. JESSUP HAWORTH JONTE PROFESSOR J. H. JONTE JOE KUBOTA ELWOOD MOFFITT ELIZABETH JANE MORE TED R. NORTON NORMAN D. NOTEWARE DR. CHARLES G. PATTON ROBERT W. PURVIS ROBERT RAAB DELMAR C. RINFRET MIRIAM A. ROBINSON ROSE LEE ROWE DUANE C. SEWELL JUNE C. SPRAGUE STANTON ST. PETER ROY TESHIMA WILLIAM L. TURNAGE WILLIAM VILLARUZ DR. ALLEN W. WALDO JACK F. ZIEGLER 153 I X' I , , Top Row PARSONS . . . LEHMAN . . . MORRIS . . . MILLER . . . EDDY . . . FLETCHER Second Row: STEVENSON . . . MRS. McGIRK . . . GRUBBS . . . GERHART . . . N. TURKATTE DASHIELL . . . DURST . . . SPULLER . . . GARRISON . . . LIEDSTRAND . . . HOBSON Third Row: A.TURKATTE . . . MEYER . . . JESSUP . . . ONG Fron+ Row: BOYES . . . BECKER . . . FANUCCHI . . . PRESCOTT In i+s second year of exislence, Ihe Pacific Cooperafive House expanded 'Io a membership of +hir+y. Under Ihe capable guidance of Mrs. George McGirIc, house molher, Ihe Co-op organizafion was o,peraI'ed a+ a subsI'an+iaI financial ,profit and many addifional funcfions and services were made available Io 'Ihe members. OFFICERS Fall ' Spring Mary Lomprey ,....... I.,....., P resideni ........ ,.,,I,.,.....,. R oberi' Morris Janef Lehman .......... ........ S ecrefary ........ .......,.. J acqueline Ong Henry Hobson .,....... ,,,,.,..,. B oolclceeper ...,...i,iie.. ,....,..A H enry Hobson Orvell Flelcher .....,...... ,.....,.. H ouse Manager ......,,..., .,.,..... C harles Jessup H-HPIHHIIV PHIMHHIPHH ' Y' I I H H I I I . L . I . , , lug. , ALOSI BERRY DUNTON FRHZ GINN HARMON KWATE LIEDSTRAND LU11 MILLER NORTON SIEGFRIED WESCOTT Na+ionaI fra+erni+y honoring oufsfanding achievemeni' in music. Supreme Councilman .,,............. .,.,.................,.,.,,......,,..,. ..,,.,,,.,....,, A I vin E. Lindsfrand Vice Presideni' ................ ...,...,,.A...,. L awrence M. Shori' Secrefary ........,.....i.....,. ..,.,...,......... A Iberi C. Miller Treasurer ..........,. ........,,... M yron J. Harmon Hisforian ....,.A..i.. .,.,.,.......... M iI+on H. Kwafe Warden ..,..... .....,......... R usseII K. Aifken PHILIP ALOSI HARMON GINN CLAYTON LONG RODNEY RANDALL ROY BERRY ROBERT HARRISON PAUL LUTZ ROBERT RIDDELL WESLEY DUNTON ROY HEMSWORTH LOUIS MORSE WILLIAM SIEGFRIED ELLIS ELDER FORREST HONNOLD TED NORTON ANDREW SHOOK IRVINC-5 FRITZ DELBERT WESCOTT 155 PHI IIIIIH IHIIIIH 5' L ' "I, . I fa A v i ' , --ry L 'X v ' , I , ALOSI BARRON BISHOFBERGER A. BUOY CHILDS FLICKINGER HODGKINS HUGHES JOHNSON KIRKMAN LAGOMARSINO LEHMAN MILLER NORTON VIGNOLO WESTON Honorary 'Fra'rerni+y for modern languages. Local chapler organized in May, I929. Presidenf ..,.,..,.LL...,,,L. LL,LL...........,.... A Iex TurIca++e Vice Presicleni .....,.A,..., .,....,.,.,....,,,....,,.,. Philip Alosi Secreiary ..A...L..... Mildred Lagomarsino Treasurer ,L,,LrL,,..... ......,,.......,...L............ J ean Miller Hislorian . PHILIP ALOSI BETTY BARRON DORIS BISHOFBERGER AILEEN BUOY LORA LOU CHILDS BETTY FLICKINGER 156 ANN HODGKINS GLADYS HUGHES RUTH JOHNSON IRIS KEES WILLIAM KIRKMAN MILDRED LAGOMARSINO VIRGINIA WESTON Virginia Wes+on JANET LEHMAN JEAN MILLER TED NORTON CHRIS PAPAS ALEX TURKATTE MAE VIGNOLO In- -. -Q s , s I ' VTX ril I I :fill 'ff ll, I- V in Q59 , , . .. - LIL- . , " - CANESSA CATTERALL CAVIGLIA COOPER CRAVIOTIO DUNTON EATON FARLEY GRAVES GRUBBS MILLER NEIDER NICHOLS PECK PHIFER PULICH SCOTT SPAFFORD TITHERINGTON TRAVAILLE van LOBEN SELS WESTON VICKROY Nalional I'Ionor sociefy for social sciences. Local chapfer organized December I, I924. Fall Spring Evelyn Barneff. Wesley Dunfon ..,,.,I Malcolm Eiselen.. I. ,. EVELYN BARNETT NORMA CANESSA JAMES CATTERALL MELVIN CAVIGLIA YOLANDA CRAVIOTTO ELMYRAN COOPER wEsLEY DUNTON DICK EATON ERWIN FARLEY NAOMI EUOUA CHARLES CI-IOLZ o .,.. L.....,..,.. P reslclenf ...,...., .,.L.,,......I,,Vice Presiclen'I'...... .LLLIILL,.Secre+ary-TreasurersI VIOLET GRAVES IRVIN C-RUBBS HENRIETTA HORTON PETER JACOBS LEONARD LAND EDWA LANGDON JEAN MILLER WILLIAM NEIDER MARIE NICHOLS BOBBIN GAY PECK GREGG PHIFER MARTIN PULICH PuIIcI'I L.....L.,...Ingeborg van Loben Sels ., ,...I...,.,,,,.,,,, Malcolm R. Eiselen MAY LOUISE WHITMORE ARNOLD SCOTT ELIZABETH SPAFFORD MARIE STEBBINS NAIDA TITHERINGTON BRUCE TOMLINSON JOHN TRAVAILLE HAROLD TURPIN INGEBORG van LOBEN SELS NEIL VICKROY VIRGINIA WESTON 157 I I HHHH H I I I IH BIDDICK ' BREED FANUCCHI FARLEY PULICH PHIFER MILLER GUERIN Na+ionaI honorary fra+erniI'y for cIebaI'ing and forensics. PresicIen+ ..,.....,..,.,.,.oooo ...A,..,...rr.oor.,,.,.roo. Arro.rror,,rrrrr.r.....,..r........oo.,.,,rrror,,oA,.r r..,,r,,A..,. M a r fin Pulich Vice Presideni' ,...,,...... A.A..oo,.......,.,,.,.rrrr.,.,.r...,.,.,........,,o.,.. A...., r,r,. D o r is Hancock Secreiary-Treasurer oo.AAAAAA. .,r,r,....,,..,,....,.,.........,....,..,..r,,,,A...r.rr , .I .........,.. Bill Bicldick GLADYS BARTHOLOMEW ORVELL FLETCHER JEAN MILLER BILL BIDDICK CARL FRISEN MARIE NICHOLS JOHN FANUCCHI CARL FULLER GREGG PHIFER ERWIN FARLEY DORIS HANCOCK MARTIN PULICH Na+ionaI Junior College honorary f'ra+erni+y for cIeba+ing and forensics. Presideni' ..,.....,..,.................,,,...,....sIL......,.,,,,,,sL Lss,.,... B ill Biddick Secreiary .....,.,I..... ..,.. ,,...A...,....,.......... . . Ic..,. Lois Archibald Vice Presideni' ,,.AL......,.....s.,.,.....,..c..,,,.A.......,.,......... AIIan Breed Treasurer ......,,.,........I..cI.............,.,.c . c...,....,...... CIaude Hogan LOIS ARCHIBALD ALLAN BREED DOROTHY GUERIN DON McADAMS BILL BIDDICK JOE THORNTON CLAUDE HOGAN HHI HHH HI IHIIH HIIIHH IIHI , 1? AKERS COEEMANN GEORGE GOBEL KNOLES MILLER PECK ROSE soon WARD Nafional dramafic honorary fra+erni+y. Local chapier organized in I922. Presideni' ............,.EE .. ....,,,E... ...V..,...........,........, M arion Akers Vice Presideni ..,,.E..... EEEEE.,....... E velyn BarneH Secre+ary .......,E.,,.,,o , ....,........ Bobbin Gay Peck Treasurer .........,......... LaHa Ross His+orian .........r.,..., Roberf Eley MAX GOBEL BOBBIN GAY PECK MARION AKERS EVELYN BARNETT RICHARD BRIGGS CLARIBEL COFFMANN ROBERT ELEY- CARL FULLER MARGARET GEORGE LESLIE KNOLES ROBERT LANING TONI RIFBERG HAROLD ROGERS BUD MEYERS LATTA ROSS LUCIEN SCOTT ANDREW SHOOK GEORG MEYERS ALBERT MILLER EUGENE MINSON VADA WARD RICHARD MIRSKI 159 ff H' ANDERSON BISHOFBERGER A. BUOY F. BUOY CAMPBELL CRAWFORD ESMOND GERMAN KEEBLE LEHMAN LENNOX MACDONALD M. NEWBERRY WEST VIGNOLO TITHERINGTON SINGLETON SANGUINETTI PANG Local Womens Non-SororI+y Social Organiza+ion. Fall Doris Bishofberger ........ ......,......... P resideni ,...,..,...L Harrie+ Kien+z ....,,.4.......,........L.... ., ..A............... Vice-Presidenf .............. .L Margarei Haymoncl ..............,,..............,.... Secrefary-Treasurer .,..,.,,.LL, Mae Vignolo .........,.......,...A,,,.,. ........ ,,,... C o rresponding Secre+ary .... ........ Doro'II'1y Lennox ,,.,......,.. LUCILLE ANDERSON HELEN ATCHLEY IRENE BERTELsoN PEGGY BIGHAM DOROTHEA BREITWEISER AILEEN BUOY ELoRlNE BUOY BERNICE CAMPBELL BARBARA DURST CATHERINE ELDER LEONA ESMOND KATHERINE EREDERICKS NAOME FUQUA 160 MARGARET GARIBALDI WANDA GERMAN GERALDINE GRIGGS JAYNE HAYCOCK EVELYN HAYMOND RUTH JONES HARRIET KAPLAN IRIS KEES MARGARET KENYON MARJORIE McDONALD ANNE McLAUGHLIN PATRICIA MITCHELL BETTY MOORE Spring .................,Harriei' KienI'z .........,,,,..,PauIine Crawford ..,,.......CIaudina Houser .......,.,L.Norma Keeble German FRANCES NEWCOMB FLORENCE PANG SYLVIA PATTISON ALICE PHELPS GLADYS SANGUINETTI - CATHERINE SAUNDERS ARDIS SINGLETON ARLENE TANNER NAIDA TITHERINGTON MARJORIE THOMPSON INGEBORG von LOBEN SELS LOUISE WEST LOIS WILLIAMS IIIHIIEHIIHNS BENGAL BULLETIN Ediled for I'he second year by Mary Gallon, I'he Bengal Daily BuIIeI'in proved again il' was SpaFford's IasI'ing brain child 'ro Pacific. Read by everyone Io keep up on campus happenings, Ihe Bengal Daily is posfed on six campus bullelin boards every morning in lime Io gree'r sleepy eyed eighl' o'cIock class-goers. The BuIIeI'in reminds 'rhe ever-forgeI'ful sI'u- denl consI'anI'Iy of club meelings, class acI'iviI'ies, lecfures, and sporfing evenI's. The much looked 'for five year old publicalion has carved a deep niche in I'he daily life and alifairs al Pacific. PACIFIC REVIEW The Pacific Review published by I'he College of 'Ihe Pacific Alumni Associa+ion is ediled by Roberl E. Burns and is issued quar'rerIy during I'he College year in Ihe monlhs of Oclober, February, May and July. The publicafion serves as an aid fo Ihe alumni in keeping up on acliviries in Ihe College and Ihe affairs of ils own associalion. Personal plugs of Ihose who have made a den+ in Ihe world aI' large appear on several o'F i'Is pages. Those ilems ol birlhs, engagemenls, and marriages, gives 'Ihe issue i'Is real value. FRCSH BIBLE The Freshman Handbook, beHer known as 'Ihe Frosh Bible, is ,published yearly by I'he Pacific S'Iuden+ Associalion. II' fulfills I'he difficull' Iask of acquainling Ihe incoming Freshmen wiI'h 'I'he campus personalilies and aclivilies. Squeezed inI'o irs 75 minialure pages are fhe Frosh Com- mandmenls, Tradilions, Ihe ConsI'iIu+ion, and By Laws, ,Songs and Yells, and piclures of Facully Heads and S+uden+ Leaders. Bill Becker 'look over and compleled 'Ihe edi'I'ing of 'Ihis year's Bible when Tom Rippey was called Io Arizona. MARY e-ALTON . . . CHARLES WARMER . . . BILL BECKER IWHEIIIE WIIIIIV BUSINESS MANAGER ,,,,,,,,,,,,, NEWS EDITOR .S.w......,,,,,S, SOCIETY EDITOR ,......,....I SPORTS EDITORS ,,,,,,,,I.I,, FEATURE EDITOR ,,,,,,,,.A,. ART EDITOR .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, EXCHANGE EDITOR ,,,I,II,I.,,,,. PHOTOGRAPHER ,.,. , CLIO ABERCROMBIE JANET BAKER GEORGE BLAUFUSS BOB BRENNAN BETTY BROCKELHURST BUFORD BUSH PAT CARSON BARBARA CASWELL LAURA LOU CHILDS HARRY DU PRAW DUANE EVANS BARBARA GROSSE DOT STEGALL STAFF GALEN HARVEY FRANCIS HELLMAN JACK HIDY HENRY HOBSON GLADYS HUGHES FRANCES HULL BETTY KIRKPATRICK NORMAN LAMB KATHRYN MACDONALD OLIVER MALCOLMSON JANET McGINNIS MARGARET McINTYRE ALEX DONSKER BECKER L,B,,,,.,,.RICHARD EATON GREGG PHIFER BETTY DIXON w........4..,.I.ALEX DONSKER, JACK PRICE MDOT STEGALL BOB BASTIAN GROSSE .I..,.,.,..I.DICK RIDDELL JEAN MILLER JANICE MORRILL BETTY LOU PARKER CHARLOTTE PETERSON JANET PORTER GLADYS SANGUINETTI HERMAN SAPRIO GAIL SCHEERE BONNIE SMITH RALPH TREMBLEY ROSALEE TREVORROW BONNIE SMITH BILL BECKER . . . DICK EATON Following +he consis'ren+ Weekly policy of emphasising local news, 'rhis year's paper has made definire progress in fhe covering of i+s news sources. This was clue in par'r +o The efforfs of l'he edilor and his harcl-working sfaff, and in parl' +o ihe improvemeni in +he recenily organized iournalism classes. Nex+ year promises new advances in +he cle- parfmenf ancl confinued applicalion on lhe parl' o'F1'he sfaff. The Weekly was honored +his year by receiving a rafing in +he Firsi Class Honor seclion of fhe Nafional Collegiaie Press Associa'rion's annual evalualion of lhe na+ion's college papers. This is +he highesf raling given ihe local paper in many years, and lhe highesl rafing given any college of ihis size 'rhis year. GREGG PHIFER BETTY DIXON GALEN HARVEY NIIIIIINJHIIH FRANCIS FINNEY ....,....... ROBERT BASTIAN , , w,..,, STAFF .......,,....L..CO-EDITORS CLASS EDITOR ............. .,.A.......SA.,,.,.....,...YS,.,.,.,,,, O LIVER MALCOLMSON CLUB EDITOR ...,.....,....., .,,...... ......,..,.,. ..A.I..,I.I.I.........,.....,,..w., W A Y NE BIRD DEBATE EDITOR ....,......I,,., ., ...,....,.......,I MARTIN PULICH DEDICATION ..............,.....,. . ...,......,. GREGG PHIFER FACULTY EDITOR ............,...,,..., L, ,,,..LLL,,, BONNIE SMITH FRATERNITY EDITOR ,.I.,L,,,LLL.,,.,.., .........,.,.,,..... K EN HENCH MARDI GRAS EDITOR I.,I.II,,.L.... .,...,..,,.,......I,IL.,,,, B ILL BECKER MUSIC EDITOR ..,.,................,......I. , ILL., EVELYNNE WARD REWRITE EDITOR IA.,,.VY,,L,L.,,L, ...,I............I,.... R AY GROSSE RADIO EDITOR .,,....v.,Yw,,,.... ...,,... ......,,... G A LEN HARVEY SORORITY EDITOR ,.,,..... ,.,..I.......,,I H ERTHA RAUSCH SPORTS EDITOR ,.....N.,II.IIII ...... ,,L....... A L EX DONSKER CONTRIBUTORS KAY MACDONALD ROGER CROSS GLENN HARTER BOB WENTZ JACK HIDY CLIO ABERCROMBIE BUSINESS STAFF FRED BOYES, MANAGER STAFF BARBARA GAMMONS JAN PORTER DOT STEGALL BILL WORKMAN RAY GROSSE EVELYNNE WARD MARTIN PULICH --wr---ff - -4 if 'BBT - '- I 717' 2 F. E+ -W I, ,I,SSI E, I I I , ,.- . ,, 6, 'N 'Q f ,. -.I f,.. T 0 , I . .. . 'VN - I! 4- 'll' ROBERT BASTIAN FRED BOYES FRANCIS PINNEY Mosl noieworfhy innovalion in 'ihis curren'I' issue of fhe Naraniado is 'lhe sysfem of co-ediforship sponsored by ihe Publicafions Commiliee of I937-38. Under fhis ,plan 'rhe ecliforial ma'Her, copy-slyling, copy-filling, if any, has been handled by Francis Finney, while design and phofography has been fhe preoccupafion of Bob Basfian. ...H has been fhe policy of fhe sfalif fo +urn oui' a book noi radically diFFeren'r in sfyle or ,purpose from +he conven+ional yearbook, buf 'ro concenfraie on a more eFFec'rive and a++rac+ive means of presenlalion. Porfraifs, 'the bane of edilors everywhere, were falcen fhis year on +he campus, a policy which resullecl in an unprecedenled number of pic'rures ialcen. ROGER CROSS HERTHA RAUSCH BILL WORKMAN 1--" 'f I, , -in . f f . 1-If I H NTW PUHTIEHTIHN MSS, a magazine devoled fo fhe creafive falenfs of The siudenls of fhe College of The Pacific and Sfocldon Junior College, was published fhis year for The firsf 'lime by The recenfly reorganized Scroll and Sfylus Club. The ,purpose of fhis publicafion is fo provide an ouflel for rhe creafive ambifions of any Pacific sfudenfs who wish fo confribufe. The ediiorial board consisred of Jean Woodruff, chairman, Aileen Buoy and Gladys Hughes, commiHee members a'r large, lngeborg van Loben Sels, presidenf of fhe Scroll and Slylus, and Miss Eleanor McCann, faculry advisor. Shorr srories, skefch- es, poems, and essays evidenced 'The versariliry of campus +alen+s and +he wide scope of +he publicafion. H' is hoped +ha+ rhis is merely 'rhe beginning of a worfhwhile pub- licarion 'l'ha+, having begun by filling a long-fell need on +he campus, will confinue +o grow and wax sfrong as fhe years go by. The WEEKLY and fhe NARANJADO now have a younger lirerary brofher. Confriburion +o fhis magazine is open To all sfudenl body card holders: publicalion is +he lasf week of May. van LOBEN SELS McCANN a 0 O o C I 4 O 0 0 6 9 A O 4 O , . a C O Q I ld Q W ly W ISV I : Ill W II II I iw il II I IQ, Qgfg 2 -5- QL 5 Xhv if Aifending Her Regal Maiesry, Miss Junan Bronzich, queen of Ihe Mardi Gras, when 'rhe coronarion ceremony was performedLwere fhe runners-up in Ihe Pacific Sludenl' Associalion poll, five lovely misses re,presenI'ing as many campus living groups. The quin+eHe of ladies-in-wailing 'Io Ihe queen in- cluded Minnie Sawyer of Alpha Theia Tau: Margarel Traberf, Epsilon Lamb- da Sigma: Jimmie Wood, Women's Hall: Helen Hall, Tau Kappa Kappa: and Effie Calderwood, Manor Hall. Dressed in cour'rIy finery, Ihe maids of honor formed a fiH'ing frame for Queen Junan. Miss Bronzich represenfed Mu Zefa Rho. Miss JIMMIE woon . . . Miss HELEN HALL MISS EFFIE CALDERWOOD . . . MISS MINNIE SAWYER . . . MISS MARGARET TRABERT If JIIMN BHUNZIIIH, IIIIEENIIF IHE MAHUI GHAS , , , h 1 1 . , MHIIHIBHHS WiTh more Than 600 sTudenT, alumni and TacuITy couples in aTTendance, The I939 Mardi Gras seT a new high Tor Tun, Trolic and fes+ivaI in The TourTh annual observance oT The PaciTic STudenT AssociaTion's TasTesT-growing TradiTion. Held Trom 9 ,p. m. To I a. m. The evening oT March I I in The STockTon Civic Memorial AudiTorium, This year's cosTume carnival, under The general chairmanship of Trevor GriTTiThs, was perhaps The besT arranged and concluded social evenT ever sTaged by The P. S. A. The social highlighT oT The school year was grea+Iy enhanced by The danceable rhyThms oT Les HiTe and his sepia swingsTers, whose brand oT solid iive kepT The Pa- ciTic gaTes in The groove all nighT. A halT-hour broadcasT oT HiTe's music and The ac- companying merry-making wenT ouT over The sTaTe-wide seven-sTaTion hook-up oT The California Radio SysTem. Evening's peak oT revelry was reached wiTh The crowning oT Queen Junan Bron- zich by P. S. A. PresidenT Erwin Farley. Surrounding The MaiesTy oT Mardi Gras dur- ing The ceremony were The Tive maids oT honor. An innovaTion which meT wiTh general approval was The eliminaTion oT The Grand March, which gave The dancers more Time To sTep ouT. DecoraTions in The Typical New Orleans Mardi Gras vein were highly colorful, Trans- Torming The audiTorium inTo a gay Tairyland oT sTreamers, balloons and groTesque masks. CompeTiTion Tor prizes was The keenesT in The Tour-year hisTory oT The carnival and, aTTer much cran- ium-scraTching, The iudges award- ed 'merchandise orders To The Tol- lowing: ' For The mosT colorTul cosTume in each oT The Three divisions: STu- denT, Evelyn Kizer: TaculTy, Miss Grace Cornog. MosT original: STudenT, Rodney Randall: alumni, Beck Parsons: Tac- R ulTy, Mrs. Allen Waldo. BesT-maTched couple: STudenT, Tony Rifberg and Lee KerTooT: alumni, ForresT Darby and Maryly Lyons: TaculTy Mr. and Mrs. De Marcus Brown. AssisTing Chairman GriTTiThs wiTh The plans Tor The Mardi Gras were RoberT BasTian, decoraTions and programs: Ar+eIle BaxTer, dec- oraTions: Dick BenTley, queen con- TesT: Herman Sapiro, music: Bill Becker, publiciTy: Jerry CicinaTo, prizes: and Craig Combs, refresh- menTs. FARLEY CROWNS THE QUEEN IIHIIIII IIHHS WHERE'S YOUR GARTER, JACK? TWO-BASE HIT . . . HOLD TIGHT . . . DARN THOSE HOOPS . . BEACH NUT . . . SCHEERE SILK . . SURPRISE! . . . NO BECK TALK . SHAKE PARD . . . FACULTY TEA-SE . . - IIHIIIII HIIHS KWG PERSONALITY CONTEST HANGOVER? . . . INDIAN LOVE CALL . . WALL FLOWERS . . HI-SPIRITS . . . SUCKERS . . . NICE CHINEY COUPLE . . . A COUPLA OLD FASHIONS . KWATE LA FEVER . . . ADAMINA OR WILSON . . jzxm' A' 'F f g. af 4 L ' Mi '- f 1 , :',v,I QF-fx' Us mf if? ,'u"f:" vm., tr- -Mgr: . 4. 'V,A X . ,Q Q 3 ' , .NV 1, , 'i' , v .' , I 5 Us Y 'ff 1. V , il X' k 1? , , . vlw ' ".V'1?p45 QA4 Ni - ,:',f6E,4. .Q all 4 'A 4 QM, "if 'fy . y, .-,rl .X .9 .X wk - Q -I Y X i'a 7. 7. hw I1 ffrr.-. .N A. d h -Q Lg 5,1 .If f I , F :--Y QM - ' H 'f V' I. I Q'-' I 5 Q ,ak -F J? ur '21 H i Y P A15 y ' X tl N ' 7' 5- Exkv . I P - , RQ fl: N, . 11 , 1- 'WM ll' .1 ' ' fm F1 1 .Hifi ' ' 3 f . ff? .9- 1o1o1u 1 n 1 n 1 n 1111 n 1 n 1 n 1 111111 n 1 nc: 111 n 1:11111 1Iinx1n11n1u1uiuxuininioiniuin 1:11 u1u 11:11:10 141 14 Safeway Stores 1 1 1 1 1 1:1 1 1 1:1 1:1111111111u1n1n1u1n1o1u1o1u1u1v.-111:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 BEST WISI-IES AND SUCCESS TO Tl-IE CLASS OF I939 And lo Those Who Will Relurn for 'rhe New College Year PENNEYS WELCOME You ' J. c. PENNEY co., INC. Main and California Slreels Sloclclon n1n1u1o1n1n1n1o1o1o1n1u1n1 1 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:1 1 1 1 1:1o1u.1-1:1014 11111:11:1.1111i.:.:1::1in::nqa:u:4:i::11iiini STICK IQTIQDN SAVINGS ANID ILCDAN BANK STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA Founded l867 COMMERCIAL 0 SAVINGS 0 TRUST SAFE DEPOSIT CAPITAL SI,000,000.00 RENDERS A COMPLETE BANKING SERVICE E. L. WILHOIT CARROL G. GRUNSKY Presiden+ Vice-Presideni' and Trusf Officer R. L. EBERHARDT J. F. McCLORY Execufive Vice-Presiden+ Cashier MEMBER OF FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION in-izzlilirlnzmi111101111i.:i3.:.ii-----L- -I77-- J. ,x I 4 I 3 1 I V N ' ' nut-ll-.zesiinlal 'ngimztivv-lllla 'I 5 ---ns! i- Tl1e First National Banlc OF STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA Conducts a General Commercial and Savings Bank, Trust and Sate Deposit Business AAA - MEMBER - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation COAL Wood Blocks F. E.FERRELL8t CO. HaY Incorporated Straw Alfalfa WE GRIND AND CLEAN GRAIN AND MIX FEEDS Dairy Feed Chicken Feed Phone l002 'For Your Order Building Material Fertilizers Sprays 730 S. California Street Stockton, California CODILLAC - LA SALLE - OLDSMOBILE G. M. C. TRUCKS O Hunter at Park Pl1one 5-5875 -- I79 - 9 10111111u1:n1n1u1:u1n1-u1n1no.1u11:1:u1u,1u1u1u1u1o1:x1:114:1-u1111u,1n1n1n1:n1u1u1n1u1n1:11111111011 QUALHY PRODUCTS 45' ,. . WQUIT?.'I,'!!2TEZTf?3Z76YiIEQiY riff? N' "O f FP A 'P ' I? um. Una-won I jf Assoektlaa 'ISEI xml' ' A H111 K """. , I 5.1 It I x POW, 1 gh "u-"L:i LA Y rf I 2 11, L A M5 Al " 'ff I ' ' "" Y, 'I W N Q. - P RFQ 4' Q 11'-I I' L11 U Q,M ,I 1 .--4'-' Manufacfured by MILK PRODUCERS ASSOCIATION OF CENTRAL CALIFORNIA PLANTS LOCATED AT 540 Sou+h Pilgrim S+ree+ 5I0 Nin'I'h S+ree+ STOCKTON MODESTO ui 1111 1n4nnn1ucnuiu1nn1nn:al1u1 11:11110:nioznrininininiIin1,11111 1 1 1 1 1 un:1u1u1n1 11: , Elle GHATUIATIU 5 l To the Class of 1939 s fm W : W M' Ny X WX 1. 9454" 'J" i Nlay Your Future 7 Q 9 - Bring You X Success and Happiness x W Q I N VW N m asww zi Searm and En. L 1' "f E 1 I 'A' U y 1 C I m 15, 1.4 i 1 ,FQ an 1 R " A OZN' New Leeezfzefz . . . One hundred fifty-seven West Adams P H o N E VY! Pezeyie Avenue - After July first We will be glad to welcome our friends and customers at the above address, our new home. RCDSIENSTHEIEII. lDII32IlN1iIlNlE 'l:1DlVlIIPANNY Speezkzlzazizg Iii College and Hzgh Selma! Annual! .1,...--i,-h-- in.-nl--11111111111 ilv1n-u-u-u-n-u-u-n-n-u.- 1 -0-fa - 1 1 1 - EFORE you come to the Golden Gate International Exposition, safeguard your money with Banff of Amerim Traveler: Cbeqzzer. They are obtainable at your local branch With Great Pride We enthusiastically observe the marve- lous growth and scholastic achieve- ments ot Stoclcton's tine College ot the Pacitic. We are proud ot your progress and pledge our continued suport to assist where the manager will also ll 4 YOU toward illillfe SUCCGSS- gladly give you a letter of in- il troduction to the manager of : the Bank of America Exposi- I 1, tion Branch-Treasure Island's : u - only bank. Q 9' . 2 li Bank nf Amemra 5 """"" DRYGOODS NATIONAL QRS? 0' ASSOCIATION 1 1 LIEIUUEYK FEDERAL l3l'UE5l'l'GljSlif!ANCE COIIPORATIUN g H .J -l83- 'le f-f n s ff: Q' 'Y'i", -4-.1 J "U .M ' 1 - u s ' ' A .115 l ' "I 4 I .1 qu ' I -"9 It -un 1 T u r Hd d ff GW UP ' very ee . I- ,li-TERE are many "secreTs" oT populariTy, and , , one oT Them is being smarTly dressed! lT's so easy. The Cleaning with Too, To keep your cloThes looking nice. JusT send your cloThing To us Tor TrequenT, Thorough A College Dlplomd cleanings! Telephone 5-5788. Among The underlying causes oT ATTracTion and PersonaliTy musT be in- cluded neaTness in aTTire! NOT only is This True on and OTT The campus . . . buT iT is also True ThaT a Tremendous preTerence has been shown Tor The Golden WesT Zoric SysTem. You see . . .our modern meThods and experi- enced handling noT only cleans cloThes . . . buT resTores color and paTTern To Tabrics, and prolongs garmenT liTel T Clothes Stay Clean Longer T Clothes Stay pressed Longer T Clothes Keep Their Qriginal Luster Longer GOLDEN WEST Inc. LALIFIDERERS'QLEATIEFTS 5OI NorTh Sierra Nevada STreeT SToclcTon, CaliTornia Telephone 5-5788 - l85 - r 'f ' '14, 4.2-., .45 , ,libs F "Eff, .s KY! ' 'VQ"'. A-,bp .f1"' .FQO i dflyx NJ x lt 1, A nl 11+ -.I ,L w , lr ,, I f XY :ti . ., ' E .JY S -' -x -S',N'."! I ' -. . ' ' x ' -j -.,. ff 1 ' E'-GDL' 9375, .A ,Tv '.'-WA", J 1. 'Q 5155 .- pf ' l 1 ' ' . :J 1" f -:X-5' ' "S ff- ,E G H , Q xi-- v' xfv ' 1 N U 'fx x WN Sex N. E - N i -If 1' ji K' 'r I b 1 "I l v I-.' 1 LL! I... ., . L ,., f 2 ,' .lf ,Vw , I. ', 'v7 dr' ' if -1 ,' Q f I' K' t. , Q., .: y 1 .. ' lxrl' E Iwywg . 'I 1 o 50 U U U U U U U U U U : u n x. n n 5 A 0 U I go: fu 10-1u:.1m : u ,:,-.. 4. u :z U U U U a o 0.411 FINE APPAREL Fora MEN AND BOYS -'54'yy-- x, A512 24-iv. f U f I -:fi "" li,-112-I:1:'5:21f.Ez1-1-ii':7:5:1. "S ' X , ' "1-1E:.5f ,:2:1:2::.11i2152-2:1,rl'1- .51 f 1' 92--1., 3 .- - . .x . Q ::- ' .-'I - 'gy , . "-, 1:5 .al A .1:L:,,.,.:.,',.-. if-'NZ21f,.g'Ig1 A ' , d'2E:i2E1ifiSS-f?xf '5"' f?1z:g::::s:3g:5fvA2,f'9Q 4:52 Nr, - Wi 5-wr' :Z :-N ww N ',5'4'f--:ge 54--:Mari-U., 13.-:5::::4:v:z-z ' ,-za 1 S . . 1:E., :,:f"'-113-1:19 f c-'-' : --5:3:3:5:5:f -- sw , ' 'f::1 '4. s:e:f:f:fff2f62- yd- ' 3-.2u1:gfw:ff ,zw--fffrfi, W :1 asp , br-:'5fi1f:e2zz-ms? yrs 11. 2 ' 1'''rss2:2:e2fe1:izifQfqUU.,. f fi' A ",'555E?5ff'f'M"U5f:1 we ' .if 'iw-1 :L1-11'-21:fAai:z:z:z:L.w2f1?2--'sfrsrssr' .U.1eeU:f:f1-' .W K xv - ' -"2:3'f:i'1:",:g:'l:':1: ':1f:-:1:U:5-"t,'-ri' f 97' FOR CAMPUS OR CAREER . . . For Young Men who are looking 'Forward 'ro anorher year on lhe Campus or a new advenlure wilh desks of Jrheir own on +he firsl job, here-'s a line-up lhals hard lo beal1Arrow Shirls, Ties, Underwear1Ganl- ner Swealers-Nunn-Bush, Edgerlon Shoes-Knox l'lals 1Timely, Hickey Freeman Clolhes. BHV5 sf MQKIEAE 1.4-N11-101.11m101U11.1.11n1n1n1...10101 11.1-.IQ 64101111111 1 1 1 1 141:-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ! U ! 'J WHERE WELL-DRESSED WOMEN GATHER ! U i i ,sf 4 ' s U 529 1 U Z U U AZ U gl i U Q A U U H The name you'll hear mosl lreguenlly menlioned is lhal of U Il U U U U U U U mit 84 ang C II E For lhe smarlesl women know Thai il's here +hey'll find E ll lhe mosl dislinguished lrocks for every occasion-lhe 2 U mosl' individual accessories-The loveliesl Things for FOR MEN FOR BOYS Jrheir charming homes. We invile YOUR palronage. 3l3 Easl Main Slreel 3' Rov1n1111n1n1111111111-11111 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '39 7 Dial 4-4695 r 925 N. Wilson Way LAUNDERERS 8: DRY CLEANERS Sfocldon, California 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1-'11'11I'11"11f'1111111111011010-10101 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 141111 11,1 11101111 1:1111 1 1 1 01:111.1,111-1111-11n1n11 1 1.114111 1 1 1 1 .1l1ucpn101 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 F. J. DIETRICI-l LANDS - HOMES -INSURANCE PROPERTY MANAGEMENT APPRAISEM ENTS 235 Easl' Weloer Avenue Dial 4-4547 Sfocklon, California 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11111 10101111 1 1 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 101-0141010101 1 u1n1u1n1u1o1 10101 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I87- 1. 4.1 'Q xi S Xi LE. X if-Q F4,, 4. . A. x M33 4g :Nm , A 99 .A U 'x ' 1 w L fl-J ' x .,,k,. .g.. -.. . .. ...-. II ui H1 uiniuiu- ,ini zu-:ni ui izhzulnin-z I ! I I I ! I I I I I ! z e II u a u e a o I I I I I I I I I I I ' 1 'L """'1-'U' 'gn' "1 1 1 1 A 1 1-91-11 - - - - 1 1 - - - - - -I,-Mui, EL DORADO MEAT MARKET No. 1 O TO TI-IE WISE BUYER WE INVITE COMPARISON OE QUALITY AND PRICE WITI-I ANY WI-IOLESALER IN STOCKTON . . . n n : I I n I I I u c I I I I ll I I I II ! I ! I I I I I I I I 0 NIELSEN BROTHERS I xg 0- X . n.. ,, ,.-an . 4 11 1411111111-v1 1111111111 1111u1111111111111i11u 111111111111n1o1u1u11111111111111m1111111111n1111 111111 PERCY. B. GALLEGOS, M. D. Obsfefrics and Gynecology 908 Medico-Denfal Bldg. Sfoclcfon, California CHRIS. E. STABLER, D. D. S. i D E N T I S T Suife I003, Medico-Denfal Bldg. Phone 7-7623 Sfockfon 111u1111:11111111111111u1 1 1-1 1::1111n1:11:11::1u11 . v,+-111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 1 1111111 1 l1u11o:o D111-1111-n11n1111--1111:11-1 111111111111111111111111111111111111111 Nurse In Affendance Phone 7-790I ACME LABORATORIES X-Ray Laborafories James Cox Residence Phone 2-5943 Suife 525 Bank of America Building 1 10:0 i 0:01101 1 1111n1n11111111'1111111111o111111111111111 1 1111911 .g..-1. .1 .. .1 1. 1. .1 .. .1 1. .. 1. 1---------------------11.,:. NATHAN BARBOUR, M. D. Diseases of fhe Hearf Sfockfon California 1 11 1 1o'n 11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 111101. 11 1 11111111111111111111111111111111111111 1 1 F. J. O'DONNELL, M. D. 8I I Medico-Denfal Building Sfockfon, California 1 I 1 ........:..:..:..:..:..:..:..:11.1 1 1 1 1..:....g. .gu- Complimenfs of LANGLEY COLLIS, M. D. Suife 6I I Medico-Denfal Building Sfockfon California 1111111 1 into-p 1111 1 11:11111111111111111111111:11111111111111111111u 111 1 111111111111111111111111411111111:11111111 1 1 11111 1 1 FOLTZ AND RENDON Afforneys and Counsellors af Law Sfockfon Savings and Loan Bank Bldg. WALLACE ROHRBACHER DENTIST IOO5 Medico-Denfal Building 11111111111111111111:1111111111111111111 1 1 1111 11111111111111111 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111111111 1 1 -1.11.11111111111111111.1010101111 1111 1 111111-,:, BARTON POWELL, Jr., M. D. EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT Phone 9-9867 Bank of America Building 111111111-111111-111111111 111111111111111111111141111111 1111111111111111111111111111111111111111 1 1 1 Complimenfs of GEO. H. SANDERSON. M. D. ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Suife I205 Medico-Denfal Building 111111111111111101111111 11111111111:111111111 11111: 1 1 1 1 1111111111111111111111111111:1u1111 1 1 11110 Complimenfs of EDMUND FROST, M. D. Office Phone 2-4l66-Res. Phone 2-6I97 Suife 406 Medico-Denfal Building Sfockfon California 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1111111111111i1111111 11111111111111111111 1 1 1 11111111111111 111 1 1 1 1 1 1 111111111 1 1111 Complimenfs of IRVING 81. ZEIMER, M. D. 1111110 1111 1 1 , ,, wr, 4011111111111 1 1 131111111111 1111111111 1 1 1 11 Complimenfs of ' NEUMILLER 81 DITZ ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELLORS Bank of America Building Sfockfon California :111111111111111 1111111111111111 111111111111111111111111111 Cornplirnenfs of D OCTO R LYNC H 1111111111-1.111111..1,,1,g Barfon J. Powell, M. D. Dewey R. Powell, M. D. EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT Hours- 9:30 a. m. fo I2 noon: 2:30 p. m. fo 4:30 p. m. Phone 8-8967 Medico-Denfal Bldg. Cornplimenfs of ROBERT H. KEELER Opfomefrisl' Successor fo Powell 81 Keller 3I S. San Joaquin Sf. Sfoclcfon, Calif. 11111111111111111:11111111111 1 1 1 1111111111 111111111 -l9I- 1111 4 o 11. 1 19:0 1 11 1 10:0 I I n of. 1 1 1.11.. 1 1 1 1 1.1-5. nxt - wg. Q I I I I U 9:4 1 1.1. I ! I I I U o 4.0 Q ego I I I I I U 1 o 154 '4 11u1u1o1u1n1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n1n1n1n1 1 1 un 141411 1v1 1 1 1 1 :Siu 11nr11ni11ai11nr11n1111111.11111:114:11 11x:1.1ru1rn1rnq 1ui11uv11av114x114111xr11xx11rx.1 n1u1n.1n1 11n11v1a11nn11u:1..:o11rx.1qu1nn PA H11 11 11 11r211ll11r:11rr11:11 111i-111111111u11n11n111114114:14:1nunnlniu1n1nlin111101n1n1n1u1n1n101u1n1n1n1n1n1q,. 1 1 1 1 o 1 uxoeo A. For the BEST in 0RSl'S if Pies, Caices, Pastries and Delicatessen Bib 1910 Ave. it 1 ORSI'S AT l9lO PACIFIC AVENUE Phone 6-6324 Open Evenings and All Day Sunday iniuiuinini-0,1 1 1:1 1 1.1.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 -Ii 1 1 1i111.1n1u1ruin:ninzuzoiuznzo 1 1 1 1 1 10101n11:1o1u1u1u..u..n1u1u1.n1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 After tI1e dance is over . . . Go vvI'1ere students all meet Ior FRIENDSHIP and REFRESHNIENIS THE MILKY WAY ms Ziiiiofm 111113111 III Ll .. .3 E I .5 1o1u1n1u .1 n 11 u CIFIC AVEN U U I I ! I I I ! U I I U II a ozo ua-4110-1.2, o 0.0 UE o.ov1n1n1n1 1n1u1n1u1 1:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .im..-..-..-..-..-.................:.,:..:...........:..:.,:.1- -.-.:..:..g. ,i,-.,:..:. : : .. 2 .: : .... .. .,,......,,- ....- -.-.- -.,....E. 5 T H R O N E ' S i i E i - I 5 - 10 - 15 I I ' I I C C C Q Rose s Tuxedo Pharmacy 5 s T 0 R E I i Q I COMPLETE LINE OF Q 5 SCHOOL SUPPLIES i E Ea-1111n1u11-104:-111-1u-:uiH11120102-01H-2 2- 101:-1n1.n-u'i' 501:11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 num-.51 .5.I------------f---1-----I--I--'-'-------I--1----I--I2-2 -H2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 I I 2 II II P I I I EELIL I gg 1 I H I I -2- -- PI H E H I College Headquarlers for Founlain Specials and Lunches Q The Della Ice Cream Company Manufaclures a Large Assorlmenl of Delighlful Desserls Q I Frozen Puddings, Pies, Cakes, Cenler Mold E Bricks, Individual Molds, All made wilh Delicious i Oualily Ice Cream. Le'I' us help you plan your Parly Desserls. U The Della Ice Cream Company Manufaclures lhe Largesl' Assorlmenl' of Ice Cream Flavors in H lhe Valley. II II 2 , H 3 1928 PACIFIC AVENUE PHONE 7-7095 U I I L - ELL. L L -I LLLL,., I L..L L I Tmm""'mmmmmmmmmm"'m?immiilimzzifjmcczmcmifmi Q B E N B U N D e A R A GE i 0 egg i ' 2 k 'TN 'Q t , P I i ! I GENERAL REPAIRING ! i FLDWED ! ' IGNITION AND MOTOR TUNE UP ' E Sl-IDD g BATTERIES - STORAGE "FLOWERS SAY IT SO BEAUTIFULLY" , : E Open Evenings :-: We Deliver 3 l 2024 Pacmc Aye. Phone 3-1247 S+ore Phone 2-6550 2I I5 Pacific Avenue i Res. Phone 2-5276 Sloclvlon - California i 'T4'T'Il ITIITI'TI7Tf7T0'U1O:O gill l'7l0lUlUl0-ful"-1 lnlllinlul-ul lllln-illlllllliyzq SHOPPING DISTRICT .nfffuar 1 1' G ff . bf' 1iS1A,u..,-- ' 1 -Z' '1 3 - w 1 , r fa If ln , 1 m r wk: H F, T"h . . in VU. , any n. .,-'-' ' A . 4, U. 4x Q ozonniu o 0.4: i e i .g., 0. ot. 0:01 ! . : 5:01 U U I CARL C. COOK Dealer and Cuffer of Preciou and Semi-Precious STONE 'Jewelry and Wafch Repairing .Special Work Made +o Order O For appoinfmenf phone 2-385I Home 330I N. Hunfer S+. MAIL ADDRESS Roufe 2, Box 554, S+ocIdon 1-..-...u- -1-01.-1II1..1I.1II1I.1I,1I.4-II-.II-II101. ..I - - - - up ,v,, . 14.11.101 1 1 :u:II1n.:II:II:I-zu:vin: 1 1:1 1 inch A . NATIONAL if DOLLAR I STORES Exfraorclinarky Values al' All Times Everyfhing or The Enfire Family Including Ready-'lo-Wear and Millinery 4I E. Main S+ree+ - - STOCKTON o o 'I 'inn-u..v .- 1 1 - e a a :I e I o of Q - - See Our Tull line OT The ti , ay wORLD'S FINEST CAMERAS Q caornss for MEN And brmg back 320 E. Main Shed A RECORD OF THE HAPPY DAYS ! Exclusive Sale for STOclcTOn DROP IN AND Us g HART SCI-IAEENER sl MARX LOGAN CAMERA SHOP Q AND YOS-I-YLE CLOTHES Cameras . . . Phono Supplies. . . Movie Equipmeni' ' .. . ,, Phone 2-2-48 CIOIIWQ of Tomorrow 20 N. San Joaquin S+., Sfocldon, Calif. OxOl1lIlHlI11Illl1IIllillllllllllllKQlllll ,i .1 l llilllilllulllllilililllllliUliflullfiUlllln-inllllUlullfaqig FOR THOSE INTERESTED! W- P- FU I- I-ER 3' CO- in The FINEST in JEWELRY PAINTS - VARNISHES Before Purchasing, VISIT LACOUERS - GLASS M. FRIEDBERGER 81 CO. ! JEWELERS ! 2Ia S. Aurora S+. Phone 7-7838 JeWe'fv and WRTCH Repaifinq ! 339 E. Main Sfreel ------ Sfocldon ! :":":'i:""":":': : I "zz: I zum: zmqg' 'I"":'l:":":":i':"1T": I 2 I :":'E:"RIfQT':":'3' E. w. Suplack R. eoola 49 W f N O W lnsulale Your home againsf H EDDY ELECTRIC AND MECI-IANICAL if -if-ELREQI iZ2'IT'wIm,'1f3l.Yli".i,p2SY I KQX-:A-5'-A-5-4-ACCT' L, ance, Too, and know Thai' if C Qi-Ti,SijA.A'T..1'ff3-3: will Ee 'righg and Flnug whedn 1 L, -A I anOT er win er ro s aroun . Mosi' Complefe Eleclrical S+ore in The Valley f I Gel Ou' esllmaie' R' ,-- SAN JOAQUIN Phone 6-67I4 309 E. Weber Ave. 'Pig 4. LUMBER COMPANYU I . ...... ..-.. fcfILAf'2".MfIiniI' I ini 1.111:I:wininzuicuzIv.:Iv:Iv-20201 I 1 CDI-20:01 'J'1"1"'i"1"ii"i"i"-E01Uiniuiui"1010101"i"i"i"i""E' Good T651-e Furnishings Real Po+a+o Doughnu+s Delicious Cake Doughnuis a+ Modes? Prices 90I N. Wilson Way, S+ocIdon L E v I N S O N ' S 3 May graduaiing be The firs+ accomplishmenf in your lives, and may The resl' OIC your happy 32l E. Weber Avenue Sfocldon, Calif. Iwes be filled Wlih mUCIi.fI-KICEESGANSNEDER I . .,. .,... - -nininzl :I 1n:II:u:u1uzulnznii .zann1n1II1II1II1niII..II1 -l95- ..:..:.:..: I :.,:..:.:.,:.,:..:..:..:..:..:.,.-..:...-..-L...-..2. M13 " HIJVZ ' .w .A K' 1?-4 in Q.. E? af...wr-3 rf? ', 1 .1 5. if 4, 4 'r I .n I na-, 14 ,,- N-L1 .avi 11. 2, "J -an ' W1 gl - 1 o nf 1111111.-1....1....11..1111,..4 I s I Producers and Dislrilouiors of 'I'he Finesf in DAIRY PRODUCTS DAIRY PRODUCTS Since l902 LOW ES' DAIRY FARM Wes+'s Lane Phone 6-69 I 6 10111101411111:11u1n1n1n1u1n1 1 1n1n1u1u1u1n1II 1101 11-1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 -,,- - - - - - - ,,:, B. C. WALLACE 8: SON MORTICIANS O Phone Sloclcfon 6-6993 O 520 Nor+h SuH'er S+ree+ o:oI1n1 1.1 - 1:11 X I Ig-:III , -zze I - . Sw -Iggy I 5' I '-'fp 'E-A . I II ' F :sm I I ' ' IT 6vcI1I: DX-AIT I ' Q M ' xfil . Ig ' IZ A ' I' E ASK FOR VITAMIN B BREAD Q . U Gravem-Inglls H Phone 7-799I - - - - iA'LYi3LlR eioggz- I.1I,...-mg.,-.Im-I1II1II1 1II1.1I-1 1 1II1I1II1 1014-:Ein I he I ,, ol Ie 3 Q Bo Q I U Supplies of all kinds. "On l'he Campus for you". The Official Book S+ore of 'rhe Co lege ll of +he Pacific and S+ocId'on Junior College New and Used Texlboolcs. ......I,-.,...,-.,-.:..: I : I : -.: : : : : I P I ll I-IAI.. A.BARNETT 3 I R E A L T O R I To You Who Will Seflle In Sfocldonz II We Handle Properly Q IN 'rhe Besl' Residenlieg Dis'rric+s of This Cily II I 36 N. San Joaquin Phone 8-8575 U I- -QI-I---1 - - - - -.II-I- ,- .. - - - -.,-,:, -1:1111-------1111111111 PRESENTING FASHIONS LATEST MODES for 'rhe bes'r dressed women -feafuring s'IyIe simplicily The Sterling I I I Women's Apparel 51n1n1n1 1 1:1 1 1 1 1 11111 1 1 1 1 1 1 10:53 --------------1:11:4- -11 -. s. fs T if V .ff 134 v " '. I A . Q .1 , in . sn , . H- ng, ,9q,.,5,,,g:'ng 1-32 i. A, r r . .A " -' 1' hm. ug.. ,- if WF 4 ms, . . - XID. B J Rx -1 Y QQ. - -,a .- , ' xx, ' 1 K J '+.'s- ,W 'T-2" f 1 ,,-------.----------, --------4-----..--rind ' MILK-"The Perfeci' Summer Drink". Easily digesiecl, a perfecl' bal- ance of necessary food values. ' Drink i+ daily-You'll feel beH'er-You'll look beH'er. ' Safe! Seal-Kap provides 'rhe mosl' modern and scienfific mefhocl of Milk Pro+ec+ion. L o my arms QU3lIlY Mlllk- affer all ihais whai You wani" o 084 U U u 1110 ! U U U U U U Il U Z ll a e i : e : : r.: U U U U U E U U U u U ::.:::::::::::-.:.:.:::..:..:22:2::::::::::::::::.,:..f. -199- u-NTU V ,an 5 ,av I I W4 oh? 1 .v 5 5-ln 7'i idle ML , iff?-av! 1 1, ll EX A I9 .s.A "Jia , Tt" ' Q. xl I fi KQXXSQY' I I I vw- 56 T . 4.1, , px Irff if. f igeiiiods Q Experience, The greaTes'r Teacher oT Them a'I, has proven Time and Time again Tha+ TRUE economy begins wiTh QuaIiTy . . . S 8: W Eine Foods have a world-wide repuTaTion of being "ConsisTenTIy The BesTI" Remember . . . you'II never go wrong on S 8: WI SW FINE FUUDSJNC. U II :iz in I I U U U II ,B- '--- ' fi" "'i .V-12x::-:-.-.-.'.-u:2s::.-.-.-.- -f .. . 551 'T If I W:f:fif'f':" ' - ! '-" lr ID :.-Zz .. ..-::2:51fEE:E:E:2':-' H ---- E: U 1 , Iifflzb. a.. ' W fi' I .':':'Ii1:f:5'2"5?:":" fifzzz-1. '. if A 2 ' - E f . I . I I U . ! BOSE-INN FOR REFRESHMENTS g OR SANDWICHES Quick and ETTicienT Curb Service Open Till I:OO A. M. I II TI1 "B bb I " I e o - nn Q CHARLIE DAHL, ProprieTor II Phone 3-2208 I I47 N. EI Dorado STreeT I 5 0.0 w... -5 , rx -n +193 1vn1n11-1v1n1n1o1:1-1 1 1 11.-,u1.1r1 1 1 -pr,-6-0 ,:,-.,1,.1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1.1.1 1 1-1 1 1 1 1 1 1 + Q Complimenls of ii S. H. KRESS sf co. i i 5-I0-I5 Cenl' Slore H i SIERRA THEATRE Main at California Phone 7-7979 in1u4lnu1n1-ax-1-axon-nl1u-1 1n1n1n1l1-1119 1111s-:arises ,v,,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1,11 11,1 u1n1.r1..1..1...1..1..1..1.,1.,1010101 1 1 1 1 1010? 0:1101 1 1 1 10101n1u1rI1H1rr1rI1H1n1r1:111011-11 I l - Telephone 6-6704 A ' H ' A V I S Q murine SERVICE C U RUSE-BLAIR LUMBER CO. Q Q PAINTS - WALL PAPER ' U Q Spray ancl Brush Painling Q U Commercial Signs Sloclclon California I l l --U-''W-"-":":":":": : 3 I 2 2 I zlmli' ij":":":":":":":l:U:'7:": I :":""':":":":" Mew-f U U ax X if ' U U f-'f 'Y Beauly from 5 'lg ' Sl'ocldon's Finesl 'Q 7651? 63' 15? Head lo Fool' A :J Beauly Salon J X N E U u ' 1 U U I l ' A 5 E Success to the Class of 39 U We wish 'lo express our apprecialion for your pal'- 3 ronage during l'he pas+ year. We shall al' all fimes, - ll ' lhe fulure as in fhe asl endeavor fo lease. House of Beauly Q 'n P ' P HarclingWayalElDoraclo 2 Weber af Suffer, S'l'ocld'on Phone 4-4744 . U 1r11u1lr1n1i1:1-111:11 1 1 1 1n1n1n1:1u1 1n1n1n1::1u1n1u11:111:1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 This Slore for l'he Co-ecl and l'he Miss KHTTI-IN E MHBENGO COLLEGIATE CLOTHES FOR YOUNG LADIES AAA 535 E. MAIN STREET STOCKTON, CALIF. 1n1n1u1u1n1n1n1u1u1u1u1u1 1 1 14-1:1 1 1 10101 1 .1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n1u1u1n1-u1u1n1n1n1 1 1 -203- l 'Q "ij 1 1-of ,,f"' 2 -I I For beH'er business posifions- I "HUMPHREYS" ! since Ian SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Sfocldon ' Humphreys' School is 'Fully accrediled by II19 Nafional i Associafion of Accrediied Commercial Schools R ! I -- -. 1-..:..:..-..:..:.,:.,: :..:.,:.,: : : : : : :..-.g. CENTRAL DRUG CO. California ST. and Weber Ave. Phones 7-7OI2 and 7-70II O Sfocldon, California : :.,1..:., - 1U-I.. .:.,-..- -1 - - - - - - -. 1 , 1 1 - 1 .- - 1 1 1 1 1 1u1n1u-1u1u1u1 1u1c:1u1u1n1-1 1 1 2.:H:.,....:..:.....,-..:..:.,:..:..:..:..:..:..:.,: : :M , .gn .I BURNHAM nnos. I "Personalized Service" Q Furnilfure, Floor Coverings, Drapes, Shades S'roves, Raclios, Refrigerafors and Q We Sell Only American Made Wafches ELGIN - HAMILTON - WALTHAM H. J. KUECHLER 8: SON - JEWELERS Washing Machines 4I7 E. Weber Ave. Phone 9-9038 Siocldon Calliorma MOUNi?iINS XE-,N CANDID cAMERAs - I FI T I or aT The w i i U, SEA SHORE I EIMAN'S CAMERA SHOP ' 3 szs EAST MAIN STREET YOLI WILL ENJOY VACATION ! MORE WITH OUR EQUIPMENT ! "IT pays To Play" BRANCH'S SPORT SHOP ":iz""'?i'Zi?fi5"fTN?'TOTai74BTE:'i:',:":":'Bi' 'f' ' M, n Q J -' 17 I .E ALL MAKES i I I-r ib E . 51.00 Per Week I - I RENTALS 3 MONTHS ss.oog ' gg' I Applied on Purchase I-IANsEN-cARTER COMPANY 2 Weber igalifinia-STOcIcTon, Calif. i 0 P P P P P P E I COmplimenTs OT I MILLER-HAYS COMPANY I PLUMBERS 5 ! Grani' and Weber Phone 2-0229 I . RQ...-ITQII.-HQ.,:I.:..:. : .: :- Qu:II-II-.I.-4.-I..-.I-. -wg. fa-.. -205-- - MOVIE CAMERAS Q01 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:1 1n1u1u-1u1u1v1 1 n1o1.n1n1u1u1n1u1u1n1n1u1n101u1n1u1o1n1u STATE BUILDING AND LOAN ASSN. Loans - InvesI'menI's Frank L. Williams, Pres. Geo. B. Hammond, Sec. 233 E. Weber Ave. Sfocldon 1aI1In1II1rI1II1aI1 1 1:1:1I1 1 1 1 1 1:11:11 11 1 1 1 1 1 101 101 1:1 11:1 1 1 1 1 1 COmpIimenTs of AUSTIN BROS. Wholesale Dealers in General Hardware, Iron and Sfeel S+ocId'on California u1u1u1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1II1u1Ix1 1 ff'-' Q of n U U U U l U U U U U c a I v l c n Q G at cl- 4 Q. Tp. ull::aiuinininin1010101n.:zxllrzauilxiznianznriqniu THE WCDNDER,Ilraa 340 Easl' Main S+. STOCKTON Phone 6-687I STOCKTON'S FINEST SHOP FOR WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S APPAREL Tune in KWG 9:I5 A. M. Daily Wonderadio Headlines ozoxini 1 1 1 1 11: 1 1 111110111 3 .:u.:.:i 1010: W TK X in-rg' i '.,. O,6ZllT0T01hTlllllTilTh.-,llillTlIT1lT4lilITIITIITJTIITIITI Qtnrktnn Zlnhrpvnhvnt Stoclcton's Morning Daily Newspaper lor Qver Eiglwty Years ozori inioioiniai 101 1114111111 1 1 1010: 3 1n1n1o1n1n1u1u1a1 u .1 11101: 1 111011: 101010 1111 PHoNE 9-9262 Osborn Printing Co. "Our Prices Are AIways RigI1+" 1 :1I1u1u1n1c:.1n1o1u1u1n1u1n1n1u1 1 1:1 1:1111 111411 1 1 141n1u1 1 1u1i..u11 Complimenis of R. WBITCI1 Co WHOLESALE emocieia Siockion, California 0. 1 11:121414:1:x1:r1n1u1u1u1:r1u1n1o1 1 14:11 Complimenfs of STOCKTON OFFICE AMERICAN TRUST COMPANY 24 Norih Suffer Srreei' SAVINGS - TRUST COMMERCIAL BANKING Head Office: San Francisco Banking Since I854 Member Federal Deposii Insurance Corporaiion Member Federal Reserve Sysfem 1c111111:1111:1111---------, -1,-,,-.-.-....,-.:1,.:,,1,, The College el the pacilic A campus ol conslanlly increasing beauly impresses lhe visilor lo lhe College ol lhe Pacilic. The lirleen red-brick buildings in lhe collegiale golhic slyle ol archilec- lure, lhe perlecl symmelry ol lhe campus plan, and lhe nearl lilleen hundred lrees and shrubs all combine lo malce a selling lhal is enjoyed by onlly a lew colleges in lhis counlr . To, add lo lhis selling is lhe lradilion ol nearly eighly-eiqhl years ol conlinuous educalional service, lhe longesl period lhal any incorporaled educalional inslilulion in Calilornia has had lhe opporlunily lo serve. Pacilic can lruly say lhal il has been a "lrail blazer" and is conslanlly endeavoring lo presenl opporlunilies lhal lead lo a beller lile lor all who enler ils gales. :1 1101 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1n1n1n1u1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1:1 1:1111 1 1 1 1 -208- elieving in The philosophy oT a liberal arTs educaTion, iT is The primary in- TeresT oT The college To TosTer The arT oT living among iTs sTudenTs. The com- miTTmenT oT The TaculTy in This Taslc seTs iT aparT as a special Type oT personal- ized Training which has as iTs ends The developmenT oT characTer and personaliTy. PaciTic is noT a universiTyg a universiTy, wiTh iTs various schools and research ec1uipmenT, is engaged in discovering The TacTs oT liTe while The duTy oT a college is To puT These TacTs inTo The liTe oT The sTudenT. SupporTing This liberal TradiTion are sTrong culTural oTTerings exempliTied in music and dramaTics. The ConservaTory oT lvlusic celebraTes iTs sixTy-TirsT anniversary This year and has long been recognized as a naTional leader in iTs Tield. IT has developed consisTenTly in The number oT courses, regisTraTion. Thorough- ness. and sTanding. The PaciTic l.iTTle TheaTre has more recenTly sl4yroclceTed To Tame as a resulT oT iTs producTion schedule and high gualiTy oT p-erTormances. A phenomenal developmenT oT The DeparTmenT oT Business AdminisTra- Tion has occurred since iTs incepTion a Tew years ago. PaciTic has meT The growing demand on The parT oT sTudenT's Tor an opporTuniTy To p-repare Tor a career in The Tield oT business and aT The same Time have The beneTiT oT The culTural background ThaT Tollows Trom liberal arTs college Training. The DeparTmenT oT EducaTion has been auThorized since I923 To granT CaliTornia Teachers credenTials. The TacT ThaT such a large percenTage oT Pa- ciTic Teachers are placed in posiTions bears ouT The TacT ThaT educaTors recog- nize The value oT liberal arTs worlc in a small school where, in addiTion To speciTic proTessional Training. an emphasis is placed on characTer and culTural Training. In an eTTorT To meeT rapidly changing educaTional condiTions, PaciTic has eliminaTed iTs Treshman and sophomore work and is now an upper division and graduaTe school. STudenTs are accepTed Trom Junior Colleges and Tour-year colleges provided They have aTTained aT leasT a C average in sixTy uniTs oT worlc. Because oT The rising Junior College movemenT. iT is expecTed ThaT many col- leges, parTicularly in CaliTornia, will choose This course in The near TuTure. lT is The presenT policy oT The College To concenTraTe iTs enTire energies and re- sourcs upon sTrengThening and expanding The worlc iT has seT ouT To do. o 9:0 : U U U U U U U U ll U U Q i U U U U U U U U l l U I ! U U U U U U U U ! U 1113111113 sg1g1g11111111ii1i:ini 1111113113 1 1 ,, T T T Q T 1 T T T1,T1,:, -209- 619121 ifiagn Gblh 552215 A 5 . l V . ill l E C C Q I GSSI I2 UYZIS UI Z Al I I Phone Phone . AHOTHBYS Eleclrical Coniraciors Phoiographers y FOIIZ 31 Refldf-in -.,..-V.. 3-I764 Eddy Elclrical 81 Mechanical Co .....,,....,. 6-67I4 Logan Sfudios ,,----., Neumiller 8: Diiz ,..,...,,. 5-5741 N51-hamgeiman --'.-.'-----------'.v' Feed and Fud A'-llomoblle DWIU5 F. E. Ferre, 81 Colm-M 6-6931 Physicians and Surgeons. M. D. Hansel 81 Orlman ...,. 5-5875 Dr- Nafhan Barboun ---,,,-,....'-- I Fl0I'iSlS Dr. C. A, Broaddus ....,.... Bakeries Colle e Flower Sho .,...,... 2-6550 Dr' W' H' I" Collis ""' Q P I ' Dr. Edmund Frosl' .......,. . 2 Gravem-Inglis Balung Co... ..,, 7-799l D P B 6 H 5 Mona arson ,......,............l 6-6324 FUf1efHlDlfeC+0'f I' '. ' 6 egos" """" ' I Dr. Minerva Goodman ....,..,. - B k B' C- Wallacea-A 66993 Dr. William P. Lynch .... ' an S Dr. F. J. O'DonneII Jr ...,..,. Banlc of America .....,,.. 6-676l Furnllufe Dr. Barion Powell Jr ......,. Firsf Nnlional Bank ........,...,......, 4-468I Burnham Bros. Furnifure C0 ,..,,.,,., ,,,,,,A. 9 .9038 Dr. J. Barlon Powell ,,.,,,,,, American Trusf Co. ...,.,... ..,....... . . 8-8624 Levinson Furnilure C0 ............... . 3-3243 Dr. Dewey Powell ,,,,,,,,,,,, , Slockion Savings 8 Loan Bank. .. 7-7923 Dr.C5eo. FL 5anderson.uhn Garmenis h Dr, Irving Zeimer ,.,,,,,,,A, , Books Nalional Dollar Siore ....,.,.. 5-5l63 G, d ' B L Sh -.-,--,-- 2,8863 Slerlinq, Inc ........................ 8-86I6 Plumbing Cgnegir E055 Sforzp 7 722' Sloclclon Dry Goods Co ...,... 9-977I M H H ' """""' ' Wonder, Inc ,.,,.. ,,..........., 6 -687l i er- ays Co ,..,,, ' ' 8: L A ' 'I' . Building oan ssocua ron Grace'-'es Prinfing Siaie Building 8: Loan Associafion ..,...,.,. 7-7828 C G Gall 81 CO 8 862' H C f C - - --------- ' ansen- ar er o ......,. .. Safeway Stores ........ 7-704I ,- . cleaning R. M' Vxlerren-mm 4-Avblq Osborn Prlnirng- Co. .,.... . Rosensleel Prlnhnq Co ........ Golden Wesl Inc. Launderers and Cleaners. ................,............ 5-5788 Hardware . Real Esfaie Nalronal Towel and Laundry .......,, 4-4695 Ausyin BEDS .-,,'-w,.Y-,---A-A..-y-. b 8,8Q6I Sears-Roebuck 81 Co ..,.. ,.,, 4 -475I l-lal A. Barneii ...,.,.,,,,,,, Clolhing F. J. Dielrich 3: Co .....,,... Bravo sr McKeeqan ......., 5-5745 Ice and Fuel Yosl Bros .................... 2-03I3 sled-ron :Ce sr Fuel ca, ..., 5-5847 Resld'-mf Johnmes VVaHh Shoppe .,.,,. CI'edm8I'lBS Ice Cream Milk Producers Associafion ol B4-,bb Inn ..--.v,Yv,,,-A,.,,,,,.,,,,,wvw,, 3-3208 Schools CGHITBI CBlllfOfl'llCl ...............,....,.. Dglfla Ice Cream C9 ,.V4.Yw,,Y, ,,A,, 7 -7095 D . Milky Way Ice Cream Co ...,,.. 5-5l35 gollese ol llle P9055 ---------'--------- ------ Dames umphreys School of Business ....... ...... Nuo Ribbon Dany Farms ,,,.... 886l3 Jewehy S+aHonen Clowes' Dairy ................,...,.. . 6-69I6 Carl C- Cool' ---- ---------------- 2 -385--I M. Friedberger 8: Co ...,.... 2-l778 H5n5en.Car+e,- Co .----- . I-I. J. Kuechler 81 Son ....,., 3-I I62 Dellcalessen M. o-Sa A son ..... , 6-6324 L,,u,,d,i,,, Theaffes D . Golden Wesl Inc. Launderers FOX Calllomla Tllealre """' enl'lSI'5 and Cleaners '------ ..-- AAV- 5,5788 Fox Slale Thealre ,,,,,,,, ,, H. W' Rohrbackermw 3-223' Nafional Towel and Laundry ....,... ...,.... 4 -4695 gfvi Rlghlllealre .... c. E. Slabler ....,,....... 7-ms 'effff eaife -------- Lumber D9P0"'lm9"l Sl'9f95 Ruse-Blair Lumber Co ......,.... 6-6704 Trusl' Companies Kaffen 8. Mgrengow ,,.,,,,V 5-695i San Joaqum Lumber Co """"' 5'565l American Trusi Co .....,...............,,.,., .,,,, , Kress Zi Co .,.........,.......,,,. 5-5488 M k + M f SIOCICIOH Savings 31 Loan Bank ........ ..,... Naiional Dollar Slore ....... 5-SI63 ar e 5- ea J, C, Penney Co .,.,.,,,,,,., 7-706I EI Dorado Meal Marlrel .,......., 5-56I3 Typew,-51-e,-5 Sears-Roebuck 8: Co ........,. 4-475I. H C + C Smilh 8: Lang .................. 5-585l Opfomelrisls amen' ar er 0 'A"""" Slerhnq, Inc .............,.....,.,,. 8-86l6 R b+ K I 2-6723 , Sloclrlon Dry Goods Co .,...... 9-977l O l ee er-mm X-Ray Servlce P . Acme Laboralories .......,. , amis Druggvsis A. H. D ' ...,............,.. 6-6738 ' Cenlral Drug Slore ..,.,..,,., 7-7OlI W- p' pfllliscon -.'--.--'--...-.- 7,7838 Spomng Goods Rose Tuxedo Pharmacy ......... 2-7953 Ruse-Blair Lumber Co ......... 6-6704 Branch's Sporling Goods I-lousergw, ...... . Phone 2-2 I48 2- I 307 2-I293 2- I 4 I 9 3-0897 2-4l 66 4-4629 2-3838 2-0734 9-9075 9-9867 8-8967 8-896I 2-25 I 6 2-4575 2-0229 4-4766 9-9262 2-08 I8 8-8575 4-4547 3-I292 9-9077 4-460i 4-4766 5-5765 8-8669 7-7059 7-7979 8-8624 7-7923 4-4766 7-790I 8-8 I 85 IN MLMHHIHM IENNIE L. ALEXANDER NONA CALHOUN JAMES B. GARDNER H. L. D U N N JAMES KRIES CHARLES R. NUGENT WILLIAM RUSSELL HOWARD STINE FRED H. TIBBETTS VEVA SEALY TOY IAMES TREVORROW s ...- .uns-4 - . - 1--l -1iQq , - . A MAP or ACTIVITIES ON THE CAMPUSOF COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC f 8a STOCKTON IR. COLLEGE f ' ' FOOTBALL PRACTICE E E Ig. , ' CLUBHOUSE A I 1 . J . I S p . ' I aw BASEBALL . 1 I I ET L I INFIRMARY I LIBRARY I STADIUM L L I I L ' P OI 0 L A I II, I 35 A Qs x I I NIS - I I L If I Q-.ZA I I I I GYMNASIUM fits . 1 I w- I- 5.1 I I I I ICQURTS ' I I-- I I I E - f W I . 'lux , pnnviiui.. ,, ,, , annqiini.-.ig ' FRATERNITY CIRCLE song I CIRCLE ,y 'I ' I L W 1,,,...- A oassnvmonv S C A HALL I 9216 , 2 X 'JB . H.Y'.1q!auf, . .,.. , 5, ,, , M ADMINISTRATION BUILDING EQ 9 I It 7I. WEBER HALL - BARBER SHOP COLLEGE BOOK STORE CUB HOUSE DRIVE PACIFIC LITTLE THEATER fg.-5' CONSERVATORY S-I , . . I SMITH F' MEMORIAL I GATE I. IIN I I

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