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The 1985 Towel Searching for Excellence Beginning the Search ..................................... Opening ............................................... 2 Leading the Search ......................................... Faculty ............................................... l6 Involved in the Search ................................... Activities ........................................... 28 Organizing the Search .................................... Organizations .................................... 50 Searching for Victory ..................................... Sports ................................................ 66 Living the Search ............................................ Resident Halls ................................. 92 Searching for a New Beginning ................... Seniors ............................................ 124 Proof of Excellence ......................................... Closing ............................................ 150 Mike Turek Editor-in-chieUPh0t0grapher Cindy Schopp Layout Editor Carrie Jewett Photo Editor Sarah Weaver Layout StanBusiness Manager Maggie Seal Layout Staff Cindy Lowe Layout StaffXCopy Staff Britt Reller Copy Staff Gary Stewer Photographer Howard Foreman Advisor e 1985 To er University of Wisconsin-Skaut Menomonie, Wisconsin ' Volume 76 Mfi;,, gig" 1M W Q" "7x ' w MAN W WMW w M v RwLEW'F w , "WWW WWW w " m w . N K MN all u... :3: s'i'nwrmr 1 .-- 3 : . 6,151 "ml n V ., t Nu M meww Mm-xw v w awn . m" ?r. u. .. , My 6!; M . I'm-m .Jwi 1,, v' .wa m gm, gumwmnfx mar ks: E ,mwxmux $ WA mxxmwukau mg L ttHow has UW-Stout assisted you in meeting your goals, your completed searchiw Robert Evans, History 13th Year Chairman of the Social Science Depart- ment Chairman of Stoutls Faculty Senate Faculty Advisor for the Stout Student Assoeiation tSSAl and the Student Senate Chairman of the Stout Foundation Scholarship Committee Co-Director of the University Speakers Series Commission Charles Krueger, Industrial Management 25th Year 15 Years Teaching Ranging from Architectural Design, drafting and production management, organiza- tional leadership and principles of management Teacher of the Year - Twice Consultant to over 400 Organizations Stout Committee Membership and the Menomonie Community as well Dwain P. Mintz, Health and Basketball Coach 23rd Year Three time Basketball Coach of the Year NAIA District Coach of the Year National Tournament Participant Three Conference Championships Second Best Record in the Conference Eight Times Donald E. Osegard Admissions Director 24th Year Chairman of the Wisconsin Admissions Policies and Practices Committee UW-System Admissions Directors Member National Association of Foreign Students Affairs Member Wisconsin Association for Student Affairs Member National Association of College Admis- sions Counselors Member "Stout has offered me opportunities to share my convictions about the importance of study of the past with students who might not otherwise have much inclination to think that what happened yesterday has relevance for today and tomorrow. UW- Stout has generously given me those opportunities. There is great satisfaction in seeing students come to recognize that history extends our experience and thereby broadens our perceptives on the present and stimulates our hopes and dreams for the future? ltStout has an environment that has helped me improve my teaching and research abilities." HStout has offered me the opportunity to recruit some of the finest youth in the country. Stout has also provided a challenge in the classroom to improve the quality of life for our studentsfl ttStout has offered me the opportunity to work with people from all parts of the world. This has broadened my belief that people are much more alike than they are different." r r130111111717 1pr 10? dz. School of Industry and Technology Business Row One L-R: Robert Behling, Tim Peterson, Maureen Munger, Gail Wal- bert, Elaine Fitzgerald, Bruce Siebold. Row Two: Stanley Johnson, Wayne Nero, Joe Maglio, Al Curry, George Morrison. The School of Industry and Tech- nology at UW - Stout provides a curriculum that is based on the technology of today and the future. It is one of the oldest, one of the largest, and one of the best in the nation. The School of Industry and Tech- nology enrolls approximately 3,000 students in its graduate and under- graduate programs. The undergraduate programs are General Business Admin- istration, Industrial Education, Indus- trial Technology, Marketing and Dis- tributive Education, and Vocational Education. Each program gives students the opportunity to concentrate their studies in a specific area. The School uses a hands-on approach to enable students to respond to the intellectual demands of modern society. The faculty of the School of Industry and Technology are among the finest in their fields. The one to one relationship that the faculty members try to obtain provide an atmosphere that enables students to achieve their goals. Energy and Transportation Row One L-R: Dr. Joe Rinck, Dr. Thomas Baldwin, Edward Morical, Dr. James Collier. Row Two: Larry Laird, Dr. Jack Sampson, Dr. Bob Spinti, Dr. Doanld Olson, Dr. Jonas Amoapim, Rabee Koudmani. Graphic Communications Row One L-R: John Vranak, Courtney Nystuen, Gary Cowles, William Andy Bear. Row Two: Dr. William Amthor, Sultan Ali Allana, Randy Kaatz, Dr. James Herr, Dr. Louis Moegenburg, Thomas Vanderloop, Scott Simenson. Industrial Marketing Row One L-R: Dean Tabor, Dr. Richard Gebhart, Dr. Harold Halfin. Row Two: Dr. Richard Peter, Dr. Gary Searle, Dr. Lee Smalley, Dr. Neal Prichard. Row Three: Dr. Duane Johnson Industrial Management Row One L-R: Charles E. Smith, Chuck Yost, Dr. Ray Kiel, Dr. Doug Stalls- mith. Row Two: Jerry Coomer, Dr. Ray Hanson, Ned Weckmullen, Dean Long, Dr. James Runnels. Row Three: Dr. Willis Valett, Kenneth L. Applehans, Zeke Smolarek. Row Four: Dr. John Olson.Dr. Orville Nelson, Dr. Hugh Williamson, Leo Weaver. Funny 19 School of Liberal Studies The School of Liberal Studies has ten departments and an instructional staff of 168. It offers majors in Applied Mathematics, Art, and Art Education. The School provides a core of liberal arts for all university programs to enhance, add meaning to, and provide a foundation for the specialties of the university rather than to offer programs with majors in the tradiitonal arts and sciences. The Schoolhs ten departments are Materials and Processes Row One L-R: Arhtur Miller, Dr. Armand Hofer, Dr. Arnold Piersall, Hank Thomas. Row Two: Goerge Peltier, Dr. Frank Pershern, Dr. Marv Kufahl, Dr. James Bjornerud, Robert Berkemer. Art, Biology, Chemistry, English, Math- ematics, Music, Physical Education and Athletics, Physics, Social Science, and Speech. In addition, it offers team design activities in the Design Research Center and has a Technical Commun- ications Resource Center. The School, through the English Department, publishes The Menomonie Review, a literary anthology of fiction and poetry by Midwest authors. Art Row One L-R: William Schulman, Magdalena Laszkiewcz, Edward Stevens, Ronald Verdon, Paul DeLong, Sherman Iverson. Row Two: Orazio Fumagalli, Douglas Cumming, James McCormick, Alan Gamache, Rob Price, Gene Bloedorn, Mary Hovind. Biology Row One L-R: Dr. Gene Olson, Dr. Russel James, Fran Garb, Dr. Donald Dickman. Row Two: Dr. Oscar Carlson, Dr. Richard Wilson, George Nelson, Phillip Gilliland, Dr. Dougals Wikum, Peter Owen. English Row One L-R: John Medelman, Carole Flint, Richard Gardner, Dr. Susan Thurin, Helen Quinn, Dr. Evelyn Jenson. Row Two: Janet Polansky, Sylvia Gengenbach, Pat McManamy, Howard Foreman, Dr. David McCor- dick, Mary Jo Rathke, Ray Barlow. Row Three: Paul Edmondson, Morrell Solem, Robert Moran, William O Neill, Claudia Kinville, Dr. Michael Levy, Jeanny House. Chemistry Row One L-R: Dr. William Mueller, Eugene Ruenger. Row Two: Dr. Martin Ondrus, Dr. Susan Nurrenburn, Ms. Wendy Elcesser, Dr. William Wagner, Mr. Jim Wold. Faculty 21 Music Row One L-R: Marie Balstad. Row Two: Pat Liebergen, Ervin Schlick, Dennis Seibenaler. ; Wumxmmmww;w i! 22 Faculty Mathematics Row One L-R: Katy Hawker, Deborah Kruschwitz, Karen Williams, Eileen Zito, Dr. Ruth Mikkelson, Vicki Price, Loretta Thielman. Row Two: Fred Breisch, Dr. William McGuire, James Ley, Dr. John Neuenfeldt, Bruce Johnston, Nasser Hadidi, Clifford Gauthier, Dr. Donald Johnson. Row Three: Peter Thielman, John Hunt, Orien Howard, Dr. Dennis Mikkelson, Richard Cutts, Dr. Richard Miller, Fred Floodstrand. Physical Education and Athletics Row One L-R: Dwain Mintz, Mike Ramaeker, Walter Perkins, Victoria Rees, Donna Roe, Rita Slinden. Row Two: Robert Smith, Warren Bowlus, Steven Terry, Sten Pierce, Dwight Stuart, John Miller, Bob Kamish, John Zuerlein, Kay Carter. Physics Row One L-R: Allan Hilgendorf, Dr. Steve Fossum, Dr. John Rompala, Dr. Mark Larchez, James Pejsa, John Hawkins, Dr. John Faris. Social Science Row One L-R: Bill Bailey, Dayle Mandelson, Ken Kajer, Sharon Nero, Diane Carrivean, Ron Lord. Row Two: Tom Ninneman, Peder Hamm, Bob Evans, Dick Tyson, Dr. David Liu, Dr. Dan Magnussen, Diana Petersdorf, Arnold Olson. Row Three: Dr. Bruce Pamperin, Frank Kennett, Dr. Steve Snyder, Bob Melrose. Speech and Foreign Language Row One L-R: Dennis Griffiths, Howard Heise, Dr. Martha Wallen, Natalie Bathwell, Lori Schroeder. Row Two: Raymond Hayes, Michael Nicolai, Arthur Matthews, Paul Stauffacher, June Smet, Gerald Meyers. Faculty 23 Learning Resources Media Technology Row One L-R: Dr. Roger Hartz, Dr. Terrance Ingram, Dr. David Graph, Dr. Gordon Jones, Dr. Joseph Hagaman, John Lauson. School of Home Economics 24 Faculty Learning Resources provides ser- vices to assist the learning process and instructional communications. Spe- cialists are available for consultation involving selection, procurement, re- trieval, and effective utilization of all media; for the design, production and evaluation of audio-visual media; and the effective application of computer UW - Stout has the largest School of Home Economics in the United States. It has developed a national reputation by meeting the needs of students seeking a degree in Home Economics. The School of Home Economics offers 10 undergraduate programs and 4 graduate degree programs. The undergraduate programs are Child Development and Family Life, Cloth- ing, Textiles and Design, Dietetics, Early Childhood Education, Fashion Merchandising, Food Service Adminis- tration, Home Economics in Business, Home Economics in Education, Home Economics General, and Hotel and Restaurant Management. The faculty of the School of Home technology to instruction, research and learning. The Media Technology Depart- ment provides instruction for the MS. program in Media Technology and support instruction for many of the other graduate and undergraduate programs on campus. Economics are skilled professionals who aid in the preparation of students for their future professions in the world of Home Economics. Not only do the faculty and staff have advanced degrees in their professions, but many also have experience in the business world related to their specialized field. The School of Home Economics is based on 90 years of tradition and a career-oriented philosophy. Because of its specialization, Stout offers a wider variety of Home Economics than most colleges or universities. It provides a solid education in liberal studies and the sciences in order to produce students who are creative and who will introduce new ideas to the field of Home Economics. Apparel, Textiles, and Design Row One L-R: Carol Hillmer, Dr. Rita Mahan, Joy Jocelyn, Dr. Marcia Metcalf, Glenyce Person. Row Two: Bonnie Kirkwood, Dr. Donna Albrecht, Dorothy Jensen, Dr. Mary Welch, Erma Jackly. Row Three: Richard Sjodin, Jerry Kinnaird, Richard Hoffman, Wray Lamb, Dr. Kenneth Heintz. Habitational Resources Row One L-R: Leland Nicholls, Gail Misfeldt, Bill Way, Stephen Kissler. Row Two: Terry Schultz, Dr. Carol Wilson, Lorin K. Toepper, Jim Burke, Dr. Charles Metelka. Row Three: Stu Fullarton, Philip McGuirk, Tom Phil- lips, Reed Andrae. Food and Nutrition Row One L-R: Judy Smolarek, Dr. Anita Wilson, Mrs. Gladys Earl, Joy Jocelyn. Row Two: Dr. Margaret James, Dr. Janice Timmer, Dr. Mercedes Kainski, Dr. Mary Ann Townsend, Ms. Lydia Jarosz. Row Three: Dr. Lorraine Dahlke, Mrs. Melissa Eierman, Mrs. Barbara Bayard, Mrs. Deborah Jahner. "R mn Eh. Faculty 25 School of Education 26 Faculty The School of Education offers students a program that provides excellent preparation in the education- al, vocational, social, and mental needs of both children and adults. The School of Education offers three undergraduate programs. Psychology students are trained to contribute to improving human condi- tions seen today. Students are able to set vocational and professional goals that are within their reach. The students graduating in Psychology are skilled professionals in private agencies, education. business and industry. Human Development, Family Living and Community Educational Services Row One L-R: Denise Skinner, Gail Roberts, Sandra Gill, Julie Anson, J udy Jax, Connie Seber. Row Two: Glen Jacquart, Hanice Keil, Leslie Koepke, Judy Herr, Eleanor Johnson, Scott Magnuson-Martinson, Marian Marion. Row Three: Mary Eagon, Priscilla Huffman, John Williams, Tom Holman, Karen Zimmerman. Vocational Rehabilitation students acquire knowledge to help a wide variety of disabled people in many rehabilitation programs. The Vocation- al Rehabilitation program provides students with a sound career with many employment opportunities. Special Education allows students to teach in public schools and rehabili- tation centers. This program is special because it provides the students with actual course work and practical application in special education, voca- tional rehabilitation and vocational education. Counseling and Psychological Services Row One L-R: Dr. Calvin Stoudt, Dr. Charles Barnard, Dr. Carlyle Gilbert- son. Row Two: Dr. Gust Jenson, Dr. Maribeth Kasik, Darleen Bauer, Dr. David Cook. Row Three: Dr. P. Robert Wurtz, Dr. John Deutscher, Dr. Gerald Davis. Psychology Row One L-R: Jean Breisch, Douglas Gingrich, Dennis Bolstad, Lorry Sedg- wick. Row Two: Karen Wieman, Richard Halmstad, Dr. Mike Ritland, Dr. Thomas Franklin, Dr. Reinhard Schmidt, Dr. Mary Rains. Row Three: Paul Fenton, Tom Allen, Jerry Donley. Special Education Row One L-R: Harlan Misfit, Jill Stanton, Margaret Winamaki, Veryle Homuth. Row Two: Bob Sedlak, Stan Kary, Carol Hogstad, Virginia Peter, Mary Hopkins-Best, Eugene Flug, Dan Paulson. Vocational Rehabilitation Row One L-R: Avis Wolske-Baker, Dr. Walter Pruitt, Dr. John See, Dr. David Corthell. Row Two: Anthony Langton, Dr. Howard Feldman, Dr. Arnold Sax. itHow has UW-Stout assisted you in meeting your goals, your completed searchiw Elizabeth Bettenhausen, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Island Lake, WI Booking and Publicity Coordinator Pawn Coffeehouse Commission University Programming Board University Programming Board Service Award Recipient Sessions Leefier at 2 National Associa- tion of Campus Activities Regional Conferences 5-Year Bowling League Participant. Troy A. Bystrom, Senior Industrial Technology Red Wing, MN Stout Student Association tSSAi Pres- ident Medallion and Who's Who Award Recipient University Theatre Director, Actor, and Technical Specialist Member of Contemporary Music Productions Inter Residence Hall Council Member Pat Cosgrove, Senior Industrial Technology - Electronics South St. Paul, MN Vice-President of Academic Affairs Stout Student Association tSSAi Three-Year Member of the University Student Senate Resident Hall Advisor Member of the United Council of Wisconsin Student Governments Member of the Inter Residence Hall Sands McAlees, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Menomonie, WI Secretary and Chairperson of Students Understanding Drinking Sensibly tS.U.D.SJ Senator and Secretary of the University Programming Board University Programming Board Service Award Recipient Stout Student Association tSSAi Sena- tor International Relations Club Member ttStout has provided a wide variety, of educational experiences through academics and student activities. My involvement in activities has prepared me for a possible career in the field of student activities." "I have found a number of faculty and staff at UW-Stout who realize that there is more to an education than Just learning from a book; they realized the need to be able to work with people, which is best gained through activities?, "Stout has assisted me in providing me with a well rounded education through leadership experiences. I feel my time at Stout will greatly help me in the futurefi tiAttending Stout has helped me learn a lot about leadership. There are so many various activities available that I was allowed to try everything. The students and staff are very supportive and friendly. My goal has always been to keep learning and improving - I hope I never complete the search; I always want to be challenged." fjlymlwd in W KJ30 WI Spare time - what do we do with it? A lot of the time it is used for recreation. Things to keep us occupied as well as in better physical shape while having fun doing it, all qualify as recreation. Basketball, broomball, bowl- ing or a quick game of pool are fun time activities. Sometimes competition was just between floor members or friends. At other times intermural competition became the case with the stakes, such as trophys and t-shirts. Sometimes competition could get rough but the chance to just let loose for a while was the main objective. 30 Recreation $$$me W MW Mummy Recreation 31 PLAYS Acting - the chance to pretend that youtre someone youtre not. This dream . came true, for the students cast in UW - Stouts productions of ttThe Murder Room" and ttSweet Charityti Both plays received mixed reviews but never-the-less, the show must go on . . . 32 Phy- Play: 33 Peter James The topic, ltHow to Spy on the United StatesW, was dealt with in the Harvey Hall Auditorium September 13th by ex-CIA agent Peter James. He spoke about how easy it is to spy on the United States. Besides dealing with the CIA, he also worked with the FBI, Russian spies, Air Force, and foreign intelligence agents during the past two decades. Michael Carerra On September 25th, Dr. Michael Carerra spoke in the Harvey Hall Auditorium to an enthusiastic crowd. The topic, ttSex: The Facts, The Acts, and Your Feelingsll, kept the audiences attention well. Carerra is the author of a book of the same name, chairperson for the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States and Professor of Health Education at Hunter College in New York. He serves as sex education consultant to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America. Carerra has appeared several times on national radio and television including Good Morning America and an ABC special on Parent-Teen Communication. Maya Angelou On F ebruary 14th singer, dancer, educator, author, historian, lecuturer, actress, producer, and editor Maya Angelou came to Stout to speak on such topics as Equal Rights, The Arts, politics, and Womenls Roles in Busi- ness. She has had five best selling books with her most famous being I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings which was also aired on CBS as a two hour special. She has written many articles published in national magazines and in 1976 was accorded the Ladies Home JournaI Award llWoman of the Year in Communications? University Speakers 34 Speakers Arthur Schlesinger Pulitzer Prize winner and historian Arthur Schlesinger spoke on December 5th about the 1984 election and what it was all about. Schlesinger felt Reaganls victory was a personal one not a party sweep. ttThe state of the economy was Reaganls greatest asset? stated Schlesinger. Founder of and Vice-Chairman of Americans of Demo- cratic Action as well as being a Professor of Humanities at City University of New York keep this author busy when not on the lecture circuit. He has written many books including A Thousand Days: John FitzgeraId Kennedy in the Whitehouse and The ImperiaI. Maya Angelou Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman Holy Terror, the program by Flo Conway and Jim Siegelman, exposed the methods and goals of the religioustpoli- tical crusade. They detailed the media tactics of the electronic church, the Moral Majority, the New Right etc. They are the authors of Snapping which is about the religious cult phenomenon in todays society. They spoke March 5th in the Student Union Ballroom. Senator Christopher J. Dodd Senator Dodd of Connecticut spoke to an interested full-capacity audience October 15 in the Mabel Tainter Theatre on the topic of Central America. Senator Dodd has been known for his participation in criticizing Reagants approach to the Central American issue. In April he was chosen by Democratic Congressional leaders to respond to President Reagants address to Congress about Central America. Dodd has served in the US. House of Representatives for six years and in the US. Senate since 1980. He also is a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Jim Siegelman Speakers 35 PAWN A laidback Thursday, Friday, or Saturday night could easily be en- hanced with entertainment at the Pawn. Singers, comedians, and mu- sicians helped enlighten the Pawn stage with their talent while the audience could reflect in the type of atmosphere that made college ticoffeehousesii famous. Pawn entertainers travel from all over the country before reaching Stout. Variety is added to their performances through their experiences traveling and living in different parts of the country. Although few students take advantage of this fine entertainment, it does provide an alternative to an average night uptown. 36 Fun 5;; $4 33: H 22 3'5 a: 3?. 52 "Wm. mm. .w., q. v?.??.u 1......f.qm.... .au...m......ntp.. u. SNACKBAR BANDS Bands such as Colour Radio, The Booze Brothers, and Star Search Grand Prize winners Limited Warranty per- formed for Stout students in the Snackbar this year. Students saw big name bands free of charge and enjoyed an evening of fine music and dancing if they wished. These bands and many others were brought to us by CMP or the University Programming Board. 38 Snackbu Bands Smekbu Band- 39 PRODUCERS AN D SUBURBS The Producers and The Suburbs played for a small but very enthusiastic crowd December 9th, 1984 in the snackbar. The concert was originally planned for the fieldhouse, but due to low ticket sales was changed to the Union Snackbar. Such hits as ttSheila", ttWhatts He Goth, and ttLucille" by the Producers and "Love Is The Law, and uRattle My Banzh by the Suburbs proved to be real crowd pleasers and fun for the bands as well. 40 The Producers and Suburbs xhdxhh IEAK SNACK BAR ENTER- TAINMENT Comedy proved to be another part of Snackbar entertainment. Three comedians known as Make Me Laugh, made the crowd laugh and offered students the chance to make a quick $25.00 by lasting three minutes without laughing with these zany, off the wall comedians. Snackbar Entertainment 41 HOME COMING Homecoming 1984 was a week of fun and laughs for those involved. The theme tTThath Entertainmenth gave court members as well as the remaining student body the opportunity to participate in many events, from the Royalty Ice Cream Social, to the Saturday morning parade. Celebrities such as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz to the Marshmallow Man from Ghost- busters also joined in the fun. The semi-formal coronation dance brought the music of Pat McCurdy as well as the announcement of Hovlid HalPs Dick Greening and Colleen Hartmon as King and Queen. The Homecoming game though entertain- ing, proved to be disappointing when Stevens Point defeated Stout 23-7. The Booze Brothers provided a fine finish- ing touch to an eventful weekend with an action packed show for an enthusias- tic audience Saturday night in the Snackbar. The lack of snow due to an early spring thaw tended to slow things down during Winterfest - February 24th to March lst. Events such as a snow sculpture contest, a broomball contest and other various activities were cancelled compliments of an unpredict- able Mother Nature. Winterfest is a midwinter event scheduled to break the cold weather blues. The theme ttBreak That Cabin Fevert, tried to incorporate various activities to help get peoplets minds off of winter. The weather itself managed to do that alone which didnTt help contribute much to the success of Winterfest. The Special Events Com- mission sponsored this week long event. 44 Winterfest SPRIN G FAIR W Once again Spring arrived and along with it came UW-Stoutts annual Spring Fair. The beautiful weather and the numerous cases of ttspring fevertt enhanced this event and added to the preparation for summer. Activities ranged from entertainment at the student union to the people picture taken at Nelson Field. Spring Fair 45 Parents Weekend Parents Weekend is designed to help the students and parents get together to better understand each other and college life. This philosophy seemed to work pretty well the weekend of April 19th. Perfect weather and many scheduled activities kept this weekend jumping. Dinners at the 46 Parents Weekend Commons and Tainter Hall allowed parents an alternative to normal dining. Fashion shows, concerts, plays, Stout talent night, and a lot of other events helped give everyone a chance to see what Stout can provide for students and what keeps students busy when Mom and Dad arentt around. 0 g Parents Weekend 47 AIRJAM You may have been uptown or lounging around in your room the night of March 7th. But then again you may have been at the fieldhouse watching or participating in the 3rd Annual Campus Wide Airjam. Fifteen brave and talented groups of people made their way onstage to impersonate their favorite groups or singers. This musical event gives people the chance to be a "star" and carry out some of their wild dreams. Groups such as Billy Idol, The Jacksons, and the first place winners Billy Joel and the Grease Monkeys with their rendition of itUptown Girlii made their Stout debut to an enthusiastic crowd. The winners received cash prizes and a few lucky members of the audience received door prizes. Proceeds of this event went to Kinship. Airjun 49 ttHow has UW-Stout Brian S. Good, Senior Industrial Technology - Manufacturing Engineering East Troy, WI Stout Student Association tSSM Pres- ident SSA Off-Campus Senator Stout Boxing Club President Member of Congressman Gundersonts Representative Council State Representative Shoemakerts Educational Advisory Board Karen Langballe, Senior Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Oslo, Norway Initiated StouUNorway Summer In- ternship Exchange Program Off-Campus Senator of the Stout Student Association tSSAt UW-Stout Alumni Board of Directors Member University Speakers Series Committee Member . Whots Who Award Recipient Kelly G. Meer, Senior Industrial Technology - Product Development Elm Grove, WI President of the Stout Student Associa- tion tSSAt Member of the Stout Alumni Associa- tion Board of Directors Member of the Stout Foundation Board of Directors SSA Senator Fleming Hall Floor Representative Scott Sherman, Senior Child Development Family Life - Human Resource Management Eau Claire, WI Inter Residence Hall Association Executive Board National Commun- ication Coordinator Fleming Hall President Student Justice Member Stout Student Association tSSAt Sena- tor Stout Council on Family Relations Committee Member assisted you in meeting your goals, your completed search?" tTve been very lucky and have had the opportunity to develop my leadership abilities in campus organizations. I wasntt lost in the crowd and I feel that I was able to do something tangible for the students at Stout through my involvement? ttOur university has encouraged me to participate in activities ranging from small clubs to teacher assistantships. This has helped me to develop belief in myself, and it has helped me in choosing a career that I believe will be very challenging and interesting." ttStout is a small, unique college; it is not a Madison. Madison could never have offered me the chance to grow and learn like Stout has. Itve set University policies, represented Stout and actually had an impact on what happens at Stout. Stout has helped me reach my goals and has allowed me to set my goals higher? ttStout has allowed me to increase my leadership abilities. My participation in organizations has given me a broad knowledge of the different aspects of our society? Organizations From Kinship to Ski Club there is an organization to suit the interests of any student. Each and every organiza- tion adds a special touch to make the Stout Community complete. Alfresco Alpha Omicron Pi American Advertising Federation American Institute for Design 8: Drafting American Institute for Plant Engineers American Society of Interior Designers Amnesty International Applied Math Association of Computing Machinery Blue Devil Country Track Club Campus AA Campus Crusade for Christ Chamber Singers Chi Lambda Christian Science College Organization Church of Jesus Christ for Latter Day Saints Club Managers Association Contemporary Music Productions Council for Exceptional Children Delta Zeta Epsilon Pi Tsu Fellowship of Christian Athletes Folk Dance Club Foreign Film Society Forensics Gamma Sigma Sigma Gay 8: Lesbian Community at Stout Graduate Food Science 8: Nutrition Association Graphic Design Association Hispanos Club Home Economics in Business Hotel Motel Management Association Industrial Design Society Institute of Electrical 8: Electronics Engineers International Food Service Executives Association Intervarsity Christian Fellowship Kappa Lambda Fraternity Kinship Lutheran Collegians Maranathn Christian Fellowship Menomonie Association for the Education of Young Children Men's Volleyball Club New Horizons Nutrition 8: Food Association Older Adult Students Panhellenic Council Pawn Coffehouse Commission Performing Arts Commission Phi Omega Beta Phi Sigma Epsilon Phi Upsilon Omicron Pi Kappa Delta Project Friendship Prometheus Publicity for Programming Commission Readerfrsping Service Recreation Commission Restaurant 8: Tavern Management Association Retail Directions Sales 8: Marketing Club Society for the Advancement of the Tourism Industry Society of Manufacturing Engineers Society of Packaging 8: Handling Engineers Special Events Commissidh Stout Academic Honor Society Stout Antique Auto Club Stout Computer Society Student Branch Chapter Stout Council on Family Relations Stout Home Economics Association Stout Karate Club Stout Management Club Stout Ski Club Stout Student Education Association Stout Mogwphical Society Stout Weight Training Stout Yoga Assembly Students Toward Psychology Students Understanding Drinking Sensibly Symphonic Singers Technology Eudcstion Club University Choir University Cinema Commission University Programming Board University Speaker Series University Theatre Club UW-Smut Bike Club UW-Smm College Republicans UW-Stout Concert Band UW-Stout Frisbee Club UW-Stout Jazz Ensemble UW-Smut Soccer Club UW-Stout Womenss Fastpitch Softball Wellness Club WVSS Radio Station Young Democrats The Alpha Phi Sorority is one of the largest sororities in the United States. The Alpha Phiss stress scholarship and grades, learning leadership and organiza- tional skills, and time man- agement. 52 organizations HCE'U BsCIIFUrib Row One L-R: Jo ce Nelson, Cara Seppi, Nancy Solee, Kira Licata, Lezlee Oakley. eterson, Julie Martinson, Amy Wilcox. Row Three: Lisa Swan, Kris Wensole, Kellie Provost, J enny Olsen, Karyn Heuer, Bonnie Schoessow, Laura Row Two: Chris Randolf, Trisha Aiken, Holly Maas, Jaci Johnston. Row One L-R: Marlene Bourne, Marjorie Roe, Dr. Rita Mahan, Dawn Graunke. Row Two: Debbie, Simmons, Martha Reader, Bonnie Nasstrom, Sharon Gabl, Kaleene Kenning, Arnold F 0rd, Tracy Bartlett. Not Pictured: Dr. Donna Albrecht. Row One L-R: John Weideman, Lora Halverson, Sharon Flock, Heidi Krapf, Mavis Byers, Britt Reller, Kim Ives, Bonnie Neumann, Brian Norman. Row Two: Julie Jacobi, Vong, Ernie Salanon, Joe Pomrening, Jim Maier, Kent Korth, Jose McGill, JoAnn Maier, Sarah Thomas. Row Three: Tim Mauer, Scott Kolb, Brian VanErt, Dean Tabor, Tom Plante, Scott Shriver, Dan McDonald, Paul Jentlie. A P P A R E L T E X T I L E S A N D D E S I G N ?OMU Apparel, Textiles, and Design Association is a student run organization formed to give its member insight into the apparel industry. Career opportunities are presented through speaker series, field trips, industrial sewing projects, and design contests. The purpose of DECA is to involve individuals in programs based on the four points of the Distributive Education Clubs of America diamond - Civic Cons- ciousness, Leadership Develop- ment, Social Intelligence, and Vocational Understanding. Organization 53 The Fine Arts Association is an organization for students interested in the Fine Arts. The organization provides students with the opportunity to expand this interest. The Hotel Sales and Market- ing Association familiarizes its members with the basic concepts and philosophies of sales and marketing in the hospitality industry. F I N E A R T S Row One L-R: Terry Meyer, Paul DeLong, Deborah Drower, Chrisitine McClure, Alice Reimann, Noreen Spraner. Row Two: Jeff Maynard, Al Gamache, Rick Hutter, Stephanie Molstre, Ann Schade, Dave Aschenbrener. Row One L-R: Lance Schaefer, Melinda Waite, Cindy Fleming, Sharon Giroux, David Traxler. Row Two: Eric Gestland, Viet Nguyen, Jim Van Dyke, Karyn Krueger, Joann Blum, Steve Ninham. Row Three: Mike Meader, Sandra Basting, Larry Rector, Jeff Barth. Row Four: Roger Radtke, Steve Forde, Andy Schmidt, Julia Decko, Scott Reebie. Row Five: Mary Mueller, Kelly Bell, John Moody, Keith Larson. Row One L-R: Randy Seise, Chris Schwab, Gene Crooks. Row Two: Jason Peiffer, Cerl Schwenzfeler, Fred Schmitter, Mark Rothwell, Wes Stead, Steve Heidtke. Not Plctured: Gary Leinwander, Randy Pearson, Pete Caldwell. Row One L-R: Jo Maier, Chris Kraml, Steve Jennings, Bob Asleson, Kristen Southard, Brian Kirley. Row Two: Cheryl Hesselink, Lisa Thissen, Tina Grandt, Emily Smith, Kelly Theder, Laurie Duncan, Tony Kowalewski, Kristen Sundby. Row Three: Tom Vande Walle, Jeni McTaggart, Amy Whiting, Haley Hagedorn, Scott Sherman, Kathy Motzko, Sue Denboer, LeRoy Cater, Nancy Block, Brian Vanderkin, Mike Mundy, Mary Kovacevich, Debbie Krieger, Shirley Hansen, Holly Peuse, Andrea Thermos, Tom Lindh. Row Four: Adam Lehner, Steve Owens, Anthony Giammona, Pat Herold, Karl Weizenicker, Fred Hills, Bernie Miner, Karen J ohnston. OQH OCEFUH The Inter-Greek Council re- presents all fraternities and sororities on the UW-Stout cam- pus. IGC unifies the Greek society and supports Greek activities held by the various sororities and fraternities. The Inter-Residence Hall Council is the chief government body representing students living in residence halls. The Council work involves creating education- 'al, social, and recreational activi- ties. Organizations 55 The Instructional Tech- nological Services provides an equipment and photographic ser- vice to student organizations and faculty. Some of these services include basketball programs and departmental literature. The Ments Rugby Club provides students with the op- portunity to experience the game of rugby, an Old World sport, with competition against other midwest rugby clubs. bemoan: m 2:11: Row One L-R: Margy Ingram, John Lauson, Joe Hagaman, Sue Tkachuk, Harry Herbert, Dale Mallory. Row Two: Marty Spranger, Louis Rivard. Row Three: A1 Eystad, Ted Martynski, Jim Treadwell, Terry Nichols, Bill Schoch, Eugene Ziebell. Row One L-R: Louie Lieber , PF McDonald, Rob Kampf, Tom Frederick. Row Two: Mike Krudwig, Mark iller, Chuck Peterson, John Wanger, Scott Peters, George Stracy, Chuck Van Horn, ttRed? Row Three: Bill Morse, Mike Hackworthy, Jim McGuine, Jack Stanley, Eric Ruud, Jerry Gries, Kevin Rodgers. Row One L-R: Mrs. J eannette Breckner, Sr. Pat McHugh. Row Two: Rev. Tim Megor- den, Rev. hMitchh Mitchell. hwaszHz Rabia. The Ministry is a coopera- tive, ecumenical organization which provides the guidance and leadership of a Catholic priest, a religious sister, a Lutheran pas- tor, and a Presbyterian minister. The Ministry provides a wide variety of spiritual programming as well as worship services. onaxwoomaw az'hucaa: gcrmdz Row One: L-R: Br. Yaseem, Br. Yagoob, Br. Darma, Br. Mamsoon, Br. Amino, Br. Umer, Br. Momah. Row Two: Br. Garba, Br. Ahmed, Br. Acidah, Br. Abdul, Br. Jibriln, Br. Zafar. Row Three: Br. Shahid Kahn, Br. Mhisa, Br. Hamman, Br. The Muslum Student As- sociationhs purpose is to unite the Moslem student community at Stout by developing their spirit and strong belief in God. Otgnnm' tiona 57 The Nigerian Student As- sociation acts as a forum for dissemination of information and cooperation among Nigerians in the United States and to foster unity among themselves and other students both culturally and socially. 58 orllniutiom N I G E R I A N S T U D E N T A S S O C I A T I 0 N The Parents Weekend Com- mittee is responsible for organiz- ing andIor providing all activities for students and parents for Parents Weekend. Row One L-R: Igratius Obidei, Basil Oslen, Pauline Adzuu, John Saba, Hamid Mohammed, Oladipo Oni, Yusufu A. Shinilafi, Yakubu I. Wudil, Paul Attak, Olaitan, Reuben, Isebemhe Syluester, Isaac Ourelaki, Tochy Udeh. Row Two: Sabo Dorayi, J. A. Omorodion, Veronica Obaegbu, Bulus Kuti Ibrahim, Margaret Oladapo, J ibril Yelwa, Aminu Usman, Balogun Modinat Omotayo, Theo Onwumere, Ahmed Mohammed, Aanjuma Mansir, Ibrahim Haruna Galadimawa, Emmanuel Adzuu, J oseph Dawuda. Row Three: Ganiyu Ajadi, Idrisu Abdullahi, G. O. Akindele, Chuwang Gazu, Musa Aliyu, Wali Nathamiel, Peter Okoliko, Umaru Darma, M. A. Ntekipe, Amos Baiya, Umaru Arabah, Lewu Maji Augustine, Olisunde I. Oluyinka, Yisu Olabisi Jimoh, Abdullahi Garba, Ogaji Benjamin, A. R. Alabi. P A R E N T S W E E K E N D C O M M I T T E E Row One L-R: Deb Galay, Lisa Maxwell, Julie Knutson, Diane Anthony, Jane Waage, Jean Edson, Linda Bisson, Barb Harnisch. Not Pictured: Cindy Faue, Pam Severson, Connie Traxel, Cathy Brecht, Jenni Hilgendorf. : .x' 35 7,1,me M Row One L-R: Youssef Azmani, Kevin Osterling, Rohan Forkner, Fred Schmitter, Gary Lienwander, Dave Sax. Row Two: Bill Haskell, Mike Hackworthy, Randy Geise, Gregg Bartel, Mike Weisenberger, Greg MacDonald. Row Three: George Vondrisra, Dewey Rotaering, Paul Hensclik, Chris Schwab, Pat Mancel, Kurt Janssen, Campbell Janssen, John Lee, Randy Pearson. Row Four: Eric Ruud, Mark Monson, Thomas Mullikin, Thomas Wingert, Steven Gohr, Troy Fjerkenstad, Carl Schwensfriar. yKZyo dye ngHm ygowm yZQHm yzmwm The Tri Sigma Sorority is a group of university women work- ing toward leadership and other common goals of sisterhood . Sigma Tau Gamma is a social fraternity aiming at the total development of its members in leadership, social interaction and personal growth. Organization 59 The Stoutoniahs purpose is to inform students, staff, and faculty of campus, local, state, and national events through a weekly newspaper written and edited by students of UW-Stout. The Stout Student Associa- tion is a governing body of students that deal with financial budgets for student run activities, landlord-tenant problems, aca- demic situations and other student concerns. 30 Orlanizmjons ??HZOHCIOHUJ hmm Row One L-R: Ann Kinzler, Sarah Jane Harkness, Karen Schubert. Row Two: Howard Foreman, Brian Kraimer, Denise Hoeft, Kin Steen, Eric Erickson, Karen Teske, Keith Oelke. Row One L-R: Dave Kester, JoAnn Prange, Michone Quellette, Rohan Forkner. Row Two: Anne Warmka, Sands McAlees, Derek Perez, Tom Schwalbach, Matt Kalina, Fred Schmitter, Kurt Janssen, Jack Zawerschnik. Row Three: Bill Siedlecki, Colleen Hartman, Pat Cosgrove, Patty Strassman, Mindy McWilliams, Julie May, Tracy Lea Landis, Peggy Coughlin, Lee Micheals. Row Four: Dan Hansen, Brian Good. Row Five: Tracy Bartlett, Julie Koiler, Patty Schnieder, Jeff Campeau, Karen Langballe, Tom Eberle, Dan Kunst. Row Six: Mike Beranek, Robert Schmidley, Patricia Smith, Mike Zelinski, Dave Kiff, Tom Lindh. Row One L-R: Gary Stuewer, Howard Foreman, Cindy Schopp, Britt Reller, Cindy Lowe. Row Two: Mike Turek, Maggie Seal, Sarah Weaver. r1 emaw boncepts r . .L M M. Row One L-R: Sue Woodruff, Tracey Anderson, Carrie Rymer, Keith Coenen. Row Two: Tom Larsen, Judy Herreid, Tammy Smothers, Anne Charneski. Row Three: Victor Chapel, Linda Auguston, Karen Kolzow, Carl Schwenzfeier, Ross Vass. T O W E R Y E A R B O O K CII-P WHIPHQEUFFOO The Tower Staff provides UW-Stout students with an an- nual yearbook highlighting the various campus activities, campus organizations, and graduating seniors. The staff works together by pooling their talents to deliver a quality yearbook. UW-Stout Collegiate 4-H serves in a leadership capacity to area 4-H clubs. Members are involved in statewide, regional, and national conferences. Activi- ties include officer training work- shops, fund raisers, and numerous social activities. Organization 61 The UW-Stout FootbalUBas- ketball Cheerleadefs purpose is to uphold the school spirit and support Stoufs football and basketball teams. The UW-Stout Pom Pon Squad supports school spirit and entertains spectators by perform- ing dance routines at football and basketball games. 62 Organization! mxmusmr'wmmmo rrbwamxaww E" Friwa-IOOO'IS UDMILOUJ 20"U ZO'U Row One L-R: Tom Payne, Karen Danielson, Kevin Alberts, Dena Ackerson, Gregg Bartel, Lisa Laidlaw, Rohan Forkner. Row Two: Mary Bollom, Mark Manoloff, Becky Beckman, Brian Lanhart, Linda Koch, Mike Weisenberger, Jon Erickson, Stephanie Roth. Not Pictured: Wendy Emry, Danielle Anderson, Jon DeBelak, Hans Traut. Row One L-R: Mar Barton, Diane Oja, Kris Schleder, Tami Korbar, Kim Basler, Beth Haase. Row wo: Lisa Hammerschmidt, Jackie Sundby, Cindy Schaller, Kinda Cosgrove, Jamie Hanseder, Lisa Howard, Susie Sparages. Row Three: Kelly McCullough, Diane Boehmke, Julie Lou, Tracy Fujko, Jennifer Leipnitz, Kim Edens, Heidi Sand. Row One L-R: Charles Wepking, Dennis Koraba, Paul Riederer, Tim Buege, Farley Haase, John Verdon, Val Licht, Grubby. Row Two: Valerie Chisholm, Dave Asp, Mark Wagenius, Daniel Asp, Jerry Wieland, Glen Labeau, Mark Hoberg, Gerry Kitzhatber, Brad Dishno. Row Three: Greg Graves, Don Blair, John Sowl, Daniel Buffington. Row One L-R: Mary Carpenter, Kim Bash. Row Two: Carrie Krier, Lucy Homer, Lucinda Johnston. Row Three: Amy Grieswell, Kim LaBelle, Ann Astle, Leanne Carey. V E T E R A N S C L U B hwmcw mv2mgog The UW-Stout Veteranhs Club is an organization open to veterans and active National Guard and reservists. This organ- ization raises money for needy veterans and donates money to veteranhs hospitals. UW-Stout Womenhs Rugby Club is a nonvarsity athletic womenhs rugby program open to all women students regardless of their experience with the sport. Organua' tions 63 The UW-Stout Wrestling Cheerleaders promote enthusiasm and good sportsmanship in wres- tling through promotions, fund raisers, and by attending and cheering for wrestling meets and tournaments. The Vocational Rehabilita- tion Club is a service organization involved in helping the communi- ty and campus. Their goal is to create awareness and understand- ing of the disabled. The dance marathon, Handicap Awareness Week, and Easter Seal Christmas Bazaar are a few of the activities that this organization sponsors. 64 Omanizmjom W R E S T L I N G C H E E R L E A D E R S ZOHHJ'HwFHwECEFJSU NheZO-"aibOOE Row One L-R: Kathleen Goodman. Row Two: Terry Hammelman, Annelise Hubner, Stephanie Friske, Christine Meyer, Denise Klemmensen, Sherry Johnson, Jenny Foiss. Row One L-R: Sandy Zahler, Tammy Ricke, Mary Dyer, Karen Engleson. Row Two: Linda Olsen, Jana Jannene. Row One L-R: Becky Schwaller, Julie Helwig, Kris Ciolkose, Donna Metza, Dee Bisbing, Becky Carter. Row Two: Sherry Johnson, Heidi Buckli, Kris Webber, Jennica Johnson, Kit Lang, Sheri Olson, Keri Jones. Row Three: Cindy Larson, Pam Struzan, Laura McCauley, Karen Carlson, Jamie McLaughlan, Nancy Mosman, Bonnie Quernemoen. Row One L-R: Kathleen Daley, Kelli Smith, Melody Palmer, Bonnie Gruba, Brenda Yocum, Sue Tomesek, Jessica Rogers. Row Two: Laurie Boegeman, Maggie Carpenter, Michelle Reid, Mary Pierce, Beth Haugh, Tracy Lawless, Janelle Bonner, Ann Keating. Row Three: Karen Deans, Meg Knott, Sandy Graf, Julie Moses, Sue Reinhold, Tina Peot, Katie McChesney, Dawn Diercks, Susan Hunt, Michelle Barron, Amy Robins. aszmowzyz Women in Management was formed in 1980 by several women in the Stout Management Socie- ty. The purpose of WIM is to prepare women for management positions, and to discuss topics and issues of special concern to women managers. Organization: 65 ttHow has UW-Stout assisted you" Judy Nelson, Senior Child Development 8: Family Life New Berlin, WI Volleyball Player All Conference Volleyball Player Volleyball Captain Most Valuable Player Mae Lambert Scholarship Recipient Raymond Parker, Senior Industrial Technology - Packaging Racine, WI Four Year Letterman Track 8L Field Track 8: Field Captain Outstanding Freshman Recipient School Record Holder in the 600 M Dash, 4X400 M Relay, 400 M Dash, 4X800 M Relay Johnson Wax Scholarship Recipient Award Kurt Stellpflug, Senior Vocational Rehabilitation Whitehall, WI All-Conference Basketball Player Four Year Letterman in Baseball and Basketball Captain of Baseball and Basketball Member of Stoutts Hall of Fame Vocational Rehabilitation Member Club Nancy Zedler, Senior Fashion Merchandising Oshkosh, WI Tennis Team Captain Most Valuable Player Academic All-American Mae Lampert Scholarship Recipient Retail Directions Member in meeting your goals, your completed search?" gStout has provided me with a balance between academics and athletics e both being stressed as important, but not exclusivelyf uThe outstanding guidance provided by my instructors and coaches has helped to reach 3 my potentials both athletically and academically." "Stout has assisted me in reaching my vocational goals. It has let me work with less fortunate individuals and really learn.n y uStout gave me the opportunity to gain the education and experience necessary for a career in my field. Stout also gave me the opportunity, through the tennis team, to meet some great people, travel and to develop my abilities." 'VWta Bluedevil Football Team: First Row L-R: Jesse Hughes, Pat Reed, Glen Jajsazak, Kurt Wenzil, Steve Paidosh, Keith Laube, Tom Galiotto, Dennis Schara, Hank Moan. Second Row: Doug Saeger, John Goodnetter, Jeff Hayes, Jeff Collman, Tom UConnor, Brian Kellet, Todd Scimh. Mike Henning, John Livingston, Mickey Ward, Ron Sturomski, Marc Matullo. Third ROW: Tim Maxwell, Anduy Ptevin, Tom Cliver, Coaches Rod Meysemburg, Mike Kraimer, Kile 68 8m ; 4b 19ka 9"$"'$i ama $3 $4 '5"! Lindow, Head Coach Bob Kamish, Dave Schneider, Steve Terry, Fred Wondra, Rick DesJariais, Phil Fieber, Bill Burns, Mike King, Del Johnson. Fourth Row: Phil Lutgen, Brian Stoddard, Brian De Belak, Steve Sandin, Dan Michalski, James Wdlsh, Brad Higar, Mike Klein, Mark Horbinski, Joe Schell, Tim Kinney, Ken Schauer, Chuck Carr, Dan Dehart. Fifth Row: Bautch, Scott Romenesko, Jim Gorecki, Steve Griuna, Mike Manning, Mark Rothwell, Richard Rupp, David Franzen, Tim Hudwon, Brett Seubert, Tim Tape, John Neira. Sixth Row: Dan Bygd, Dave Behling, Tim Evanson, Troy Bargender, Jeff Wise, Scott Staufacher, Randy Kline, Mike Hebbring, Wayne Hoiman, Greg 2"" Mark Bentley, Darren Cockeram, Wilb Kennedy. FOOTBALL 1984 Football Award Winners Best Blocker Jeff Hayes Best Tackler Brian Kellett Most Improved Todd Miles Scout Team Hustlers Jamie Walsh Rookie of the Year Bob Lindberg Most Valuable Defense Todd Schuh Most Valuable Offense Jesse Hughes Most Valuable Player Brian Kellett Captains Glen Majszak, Offense Keith Jurek, Defense Brian Kellet Golf Scorebox LaCrosse Invitational 6th of 10 Stevens Point Invitational 12th of 16 Tuscumbia College 3rd of 8 UW - River Falls Won Bluegold Invitational 11th of 14 St. Marys College 4th of 8 Parkside Invitational 4th of 12 WSUC Championship 8th of 9 1984 Golf Awards Most Valuable Eric Pierce Most Improved Steve Mongerson The Bluedevil Golf Team: Top Row L-R: Terry Odegard, Shawn Schellpfeffer, Steve Mongerson, UReilly, Jeff Spence, Steve Kostka, Eric Galles, Eric Pierce. Head Coach Stan Pierce. Bottom Row: Tom WOMENS TENNIS 1984 Award Winners Team Captain Nancy Zedlet Most Valuable Player Mary Malloy Most Inspirational Beth Rogers Most Improved Lynn Papenfuss ' T IIII'II R .UIC'Un t uunm :3 a The Bluedevil Women's Tennis Team: First Row Zachman, Juan'ne Cryer. Second ROW: Gladys L-R: Lynn Papenfuss, Beth Rogers, Mary Malloy, Guzman, Lisa Fitterer, Jean Feyen, Katherine Head Coach Bob Smith, Nancy Zedler, Maria Jones, Mary Pakwinski, Deanna Korsten. bmmgzzmwmrmf NV '1 Wu . The Bluedevil Men's Tennis Team: Front Friedman. Back Row: Head Coach Bob Todd Trabant, Eric Lidquiat, Joel Eblenz, Row L-R: Emmanuel Ochefa, James Peters, Smith, Mark Paine, John Leehy, Bob Oertel, Asst. Coach Mike Bombinski. Troy Kelly, Tim Pheifer, M. Di Paolo, Mike Joel Volger, Todd Gillman, Larry Chambers, ' The Biuecibwil Mews Cross Country lay. Back Row: Head Coach , , Eric ,Teamszront Row LgR: Steve Richard, Klitzke, Todd'Fox, Matt C - ', ndeiz. ' John Heck, Todd Zuerlein, Bob Hack- Gerard Haines, Paul Buns, Sc, 1: ' -' ' CROSS COUNTRY re. Back Row: Aasis , Bielajeski, Hea S , : Klitz - WOMEN S BASKETBALL 1985 Award Winners CouCaptain Karen Heinig CayCaptain Jackie Johnson Most Valuable Player Renee Kasten Best Defensive Player Jeanne Bengston Most Improved Player Kim Stellpflug Most Improved Player Janet Turowski WWIAC All-Conference Renee Kasten "q; BLUEBEUILS ;5 ti? Lumrm M The Bluedevil Melfs Basketball Team: Hunter, Duey Fimreite and Head Coach Rick Stephan, Tom Gomoiak, Chuck Fron Row L.R: Assistant Coach Ed Dwain "Dewey" Mintz. Back Row: Brian Dugger, Kurt Stellpflug. Anciriat, Dave Buelow, Glen Fischer, Ron Ellingson, Greg Jansen, John Patterson, MENS BASKETBALL . 9 I I began 1985 Award Winners Most Valuable Player Best Defense Award Hustler Award Best Field Goal W; Best Free Throw 93 Best Rebounder Award Sportsmanship Award Team Captain Kurt Stellpflug Greg Jansen Glen Fischer Rick Stephan Tom Gomolak Rick Stephan Dave Buelow Kurt Stellpflug Bluedevil Women 3 Volleyball Team: First Row Rees, Heather Hagen, Judi Soul, Kim Stellpflug, L R: Diana Perry, Michelle Espe, Barb Carlson, : Nancy Yum, Mari Church Wendy Morrow, Asst. Valarie-DeVries, K , L , ' Coach John we - Sport: 31 The Bluedevil Womerfs Gymnastics Team: First Row L-R: Kelly Steffen, Lynne Fosberg, Lisa Hille, Barb Parent, Comas Whitten, Diane Finkelson, Cheryl Touchette. Second Row: Pam Fujioka, Lisa Dibos, Karri Green, Head Coach John Zuerlein, Tammy Dennis, Asst. Coach Scott Gay. Third Row: Deanna Hedburg, Terri Traczyk, Margie Christensen. Fourth Row: Nancy Schlener. WOMENS GYMNASTICS 1985 Award Winners Most Valuable High Scorer Most Improved Most Consistent All Around Most Consistent Specialist All American Vault and Unevens Karri Green Karri Green Tammy Dennis Margie Christenson Terri Traczyk Pam Fujioka WOMENS SWIMMING SWIMMINA - kn Inlut! The Bluedevil Womerfs Swimming and Diving E Stephanie Weiss, Debbie Schroeder, Coach John Team; Front Row L-R: Kathy Beach, Tracy ' Milleg, Cheryl DeBaker, Laurie Potter, Terri Stankovich, Anne Branson, Kim Nasser, Jana ,Inman. Jannene, Gail Doerr. Back Row: Jennifer Krupke, 84 Spam , The-Bluedevii Mans Swimming and Diving ' tRow ME WIMMING "$914285; The Bluedevil Wrestling Team: First Row L-R: Second Row: Head Coach Walter Perkins, Wayne Julius Shockley, Rob Topps, Chris Coupland, Hendrickson, Jeff Cameron, Ron Wolf, Lance Anthony Brown, Terry Gleason, Keith Rusch. Liebergen, Jon Dworak, Mark Pennings. WRESTLING 1985 Award Winners Outstanding Wrestler Keith Rusch Outstanding Freshman Ron Wolf Most Takedowns Keith Rusch Fastest Pin Robert Topps Most Improved Terry Gleason Most Wins Chris Coupland Bluedevil Award Jon Dworak Most Team Points Jon Dworak TRACK AND FIELD BASEBALL am: First Row , L , :indberg, Mike Charbonjea Kucaba, John . f, D D rtis Kieww. Chuck D: L L' D 'D ' Tam Petrie Torkelson, Lana Second Row: Nick ttHow has UW-Stout assisted you in meeting your goals, your completed search?" Sharyl Johnson, Senior Child Development 8; Family Life St. Paul, MN Chairperson of the Stout Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary President of the Fleming Hall Council Regional Communications Coordinator for the Great Lakes Association of College and University Residence Halls Inter Residence Halls Executive Board Member Program Facilitator of Leadership Seminars Thomas P. Lindh, Junior Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Fond du Lac, WI Fleming Hall SociaUEducational Com- mittee Member Chairman of the Inter Residence Hall COPE Committee Inter Residence Hall Association - Stout Student Association tSSAl Senator Chairman of Fleming Hall Fall Orienta- tion Committee SSA Planning and Thrust Committee Member Jennifer McTaggert, Senior Early Childhood Education Sparta, WI Vice-President of the Inter Residence Hall Association Member of the National Residence Hall Honorary Secretary of the Inter Residence Hall Association Leadership Committee Member of CKTOls Hall Council Program Presenter at school and regional residence hall conferences Peggy Rinda, Junior Industrial Technology Spring Grove, IL Fleming Hall Resident Advisor Wigen Hall President Member of the National Residence Hall Honorary Program Presenter at the National Association of College and Universi- ty Residence Hall Conference Member of the Parents Weekend and Leadership Committees "Through my experiences at Stout, I have found that I can set goals for my life, strive to achieve them and to challenge myself to be a truly unique person." "I have always believed that a full education comes not only from academics, but also from personal growth. Part of my growing here at Stout has come from my involve- ment in such areas as the Inter-Residence Hall Association and the SSA." ttUW-Stout has assisted me by providing the opportunity to participate in academic and extra curricular activities which will further my development and also challenge me to reach my goals? ttStout has given me the opportunity to become involved and learn about myself and others. I feel Stout has allowed me to challenge my abilities and learn through various leadership positions? g? Antrim Hall was named after Sara Keturabi Antrim. She taught Physical Education before serving as Dean of Women at Stout for 19 years. Antrim came to Stout in 1936 and retired in 1965. Froggatt Hall was named after Lillian M. Froggatt. She was the librarian at Stout for 32 years and came here in 1924. SECOND ANTRIM First Row L-R: Chuck Felts. Second Row: Khampithoun Lamphouthacoul, Darin Ewing, Lao Xiong, Brad Wessel, Dennis Schara. Third Row: Brad Higer, Don Gunst, Matt Winn, Rich Mercies mAJ, Roger Kaminsky, Tim Zamzow, Jeff Patterson. Fourth Row: Steve Jensen, Geoff George, Blane David, Riaz Khan, Sjoerd Oppen, Craig Olson, Jeff Schroder, Tom Mirkes, Greg Morrow. THIRD ANTRIM First Row L-R: Tim Sausen, Doug Heider, Jeff Westra, Scott Geisler, Matt Patche, Paul Connen. Second Row: A1 Delapp, Jeff Boness, Steve Bair, Lee Adams, Pete Pakula, Gary Duffy, Dan Knapp. Third Row: Frank Yaeger, Mitch Schwanke, Gary Vinge, Scott Banning, Jeff Kay, Steve Shatkow, Dan Offereli, Randy Kostik, Jim Beck. Fourth Row: Richard Shipman, Kevin Harris, Joe Simon, Rich Bourget, Eric Anderson, Don Wirth. 94AF FOURTH ANTRIM First Row L-R: Mike Wagner, Dan Thomas, Dan Aosen, Tony Sjolander, Chuck Pelant, Jerry Swita. Second Row: Mike Vaughan, David Busse, John Schlederer, Chris Holbert, Peter Colwell, Mark Anderson. Third Row: Chris Rud, Jeff Schellinger, Kevin Widder, Leng Yap, Doug Mauhar, Carl Christensen, Troy Rogers, Brian Widder, Travis Richardson, Jerry Chandler. FIRST FROGGATT First Row L-R: Kris Boles, Chris Reimer, Julie Johnson, Lori Hubbs, Sandy Lombard, Pam Colehour. Second Row: Sally Christensen R.AJ, Gillian F 0k, Trudy Farnsworth, Kim Baksh, Chris Decoster, D Lane Kaiser, Carol Davenport, Kelly Thill. Third Row: Faye Bohman, Karen Berg, Ellen Robinson, Lynn Shimota, Gail Zywicki, Sarah Nelson, Amy Pagel, Tammy Timmler, Debbie Egelseer. Fourth Row: Deb Krieger, Kelly Zagrzebski, Becky Ceckman, Jenny Daemmerling, Vickie Titus. SECOND FROGGATT First Row L-R: Karen Alger. Second Row L-R: Colleen Donovan, Marie Michalski, Bridget Towey, Paige Thompson, Michelle Gerhardt, Cindy Keller, Dawn Graunke. Third Row: Judy Zwolenski, Cindy Lowe, Cathy Randall, Ann Wolff, Karen Redalen, Kelly Baker, Kathy Klauda, Cathy Fideldy, Amy Hagen. Fourth Row: Debbie Pryga, Denise Borchardt, Ann Wittig, Sue Mueller, Penny Rusch, Emily Sauls, Michelle Leland, Jo Meier, Julie Borhme, Mary Mack, Brenda Benrett, Barb Marcus. THIRD FROGGATT First Row L-R: Jodi Schumacher. Second Row: Margie Repetto, Karen Lindberg, Sherri Klingler, Kristin Sundby, Stella Chow. Third Row: Brenda Bachman, Laurel Lundeby, Julie Downing, Jordan Taylor, Peggy Coughlin. Fourth Row: Laurie Sime, Pam Armbrust, Joan Wallace, Jean Duenkel, Bridget Graf, Diana Grindahl, Joann Blum, Sandra Eagon, Cathy Terkelson, Ellen Strudeman. FOURTH FROGGATT First Row L-R: Sandy Basting. Second Row: Sharon Malec, Barbara Calliari, Joann Czekalski, Mary Hill, J ill Berkvam, Susan Canfield, Michelle Kabris, Cathy Reszka, Cathy Donohue. Third Row: Lisa Lynch, Jennifer Hatch, Mary Bowers, Lisa Foerster, Betsy Barker, Julie Heimbrock, Andrea Thermos, Christine Hoppel, Jodie Innis, Terri Holzhueter. Fourth Row: Kaleene Kenning, Jane Stevenson, Mary Mauring, Jean Goethel, Michelle Espe, Kathy Grosskopf, Jenifer Werb- low, Pam Williams. Curran Hall was named after Frederick L. Curran. He was a graduate of Stout State and taught in the Industrial Arts Dept. for 38 years. Kranzusch Hall was named after Ray F. Kranzusch. He attended Stout and taught Radio, Electrical Work, Auto Mechanics, General Shop and Drivefs Ed. for over 40 years. Tustison Hall was named after Francis E. Tustison. He taught Science and Industrial Ed. and he set up the Physics and Math Dept. courses. Mr. Tustison retired in 1951. Oetting Hall named after Erich Oetting, who was chairman of the Dept. of Education and Psychology. He also served as Dean of the School of Education. FIRST CURRAN First Row L-R: Lisa Beier, Ronda Roth, Tami Sieloff GiAJ, April Jeffery, Julie Frederiksen. Second Row: Sherri Bryan, Julie Orthaus, Rochelle Lauerdure, Lisa Kadlec, Mouy Trimbo, Kate Lane, Debbie Feda. Third Row: Tracy Chartier, Andrea Verson, Michelle Retricka, Lizabeth Houister, Pam Spaeth, Jenna Martin, Cris Orr, Carroll, Kristi Gavin, Kelly McCarthy, Kelly Palmer. SECOND CURRAN First Row L-R: Andrea Hoesley. Second Row: Kay Christopherson, Donna Kiepert, Annette Mariny, Dawn Kultgen, Wendi Hill. Third Row: Liz Pumper, Lynn Dedering, Carolyn Dellabella, Linda Schmidt, Donna Sommerfeldt, Cari Thompto, Janelle Emerson, Deb Schlichting, Kindsey Williams, Fourth Row: Amy Thiel, Jay Harris, Cheryl Stargardt, Sharon Oncken, Ann Bublitz, Kathy Benike, Sue Schink, Kathy Parlin, Kelly Theder. THIRD CURRAN First Row L-R: Kris Laabs, Kay Mentink, Val Bickler, Kim Skinner, Cheryl Eckler. Second Row: Beth Juenemann, Jean Harty, Dawn Fink, Karyn Mero, Janet Wilson, Susan Beauchamp, Cynthia Hauswirth. Third Row: Autumn Barnes, Shari Goetsch, Shelly Pufahl, Jolene Wagner, Mary Enzler, Jodi Johnson, Kathy Grenell. Fourth Row: Nancy Bissonette, Carol Bazinski, Polly Aswegan, Margie Bowman, Beth ALanser, Maria Houtz, Sandy Becker. CKTO 97 FOURTH CURRAN First Row L-R: Tammy Derbique, Bonnie White, Barb Kelsey. Second Row: Janine Jackson, Holly Maas, Paige Doescher, Julie Martinson, Cosmas Whitten, Lori Wood, Cathy Heili, Lori Pyke. Third Row: Marlys Kellogg, Jan Laushin, Anne Charneski, Mary Eggenberger, Kay Rehm, Jenny Strakelaitis, Margaret Klasen. Fourth Row: Lisa Pfeifer, Carol Leitheisen, Emily Smith, Jennica Johnson, Karyn Heuer, Kellie Provost, Wendy Tucker. FIRST KRANZUSCH First Row L-R: Katie Schuld, Lezlee Oakley. Second Row: Sheila McClelland, Lisa Bogen- hagen, Judy Amundson GLAJ, Dena Severson, Trish Anderson, Allison Harke, Kim Raddant. Third Row: Carol Chambers, Rachel Tank, Sonja Ritter, Anne Marie Marek, Jenny Salo, Chris Brehl, Nancy Gockel, Susan Harden, Melanie Pecha. FOURTH KRANZUSCH First Row LR: Karen Brehm, Sue Brey, Kari Olseth, Amy Lewis, Sandy Bruckhauer, Sue Koester. Second Row: Mary Moriarty, Gretchen Liebzeit, Agnes Duda, Bonnie Gruba, Deb Koel, Joann Noah, Gail Doerr. Third Row: Joann Gryer, Michelle Barron, Amy Lewison, Cindy Baer, Kathy Daley, Amy Robins, Mary Gramling. Fourth Row: Cathy Mahoney, Christy Smith, Elizabeth Smith, Deanna Anderson, Cindy Knoblock GLAJ, Betsy Ludowese, Stephanie Ripley. FIRST TUSTISON First Row L-R: Mike King. Second Row: Steve Todey, Gary Simon, Dave Ashenbrenner, Steve Nelson, Mike Byers, Jon Bloch. Third Row: Mike Klein, Kurt Baryenbruch, Tom Schultz, Jamie Walsh, Edward Bumby. Fourth Row: Mark Pworski, Bill Puent, Jim Tripp, Kevin Welsh, Fifth Row: Randy Miller, Brad Nelson, Darrel Smith, Jon Amundsen, Hugo Vogelsang, Scott Seehawer, Pete Rowe, Bill Ganzer, Steve Seehawer, Brad Shultz. THIRD TUSTISON First Row L-R: Jeff Geidel. Second Row: Terry Johnson, Jeff Sybrandt, Randy Okan, Gerald Wallerius, John Wangen, Jim Schultz, Dean Rabe, Steve Poser, Joseph Macdonald. Third Row: Dewey Rothering, Carl Mellum, Ron Keys, Ron Carter, Jeff Geurts, David Kuhnly, Chuck Allen, John Randby, Jim Wollman, Gage Thompson, John Geving, Eric Givens, Mike Waodschmidt. Fourth Row: Paul Stankus, David Neitzel, Gerald Staaden, Jay Jones. FOURTH TUSTISON First Row L-R: Jennifer Lewandowski, Cindy Luterbach, Beverly Hintz, Michelle Sanderson, Erin Swieringa, Nancy Pedersen. Second Row: Devennuette Prince, Shellie Whiting, Tina Hodkiewicz, Andrea Yetzer, Anne Ford, Gina Buryska. Third Row: Karen Pernsteiner, Kim Erickson, Lori Hasse, Sonja Arndt, Tonna Lerol, Jan Burnes, Laura Wolcyk, Fourth Row: Michele Fox, Sue Hohlstein, Chantel Grotbeck, Cathy Hurban, Lisa Allan, Anne Claussen, Nancy Bestul, Danette Boezio. CKTO 99 FIRST OETTING First Row L-R: Tim Fuerst, Jim Barnard, Dave Darrow, Mike Hatch, Shane Luckie, Chris Jahntz. Second Row: Soloman Rosenthal, Brian Norman, Don Verdegan, Jeff Ginzl, Dan Vreeland, Rob Nelson, Brady Benson. Third Row: Roland Couture, Conrad Jorgenson, Gary Jinks, Greg Tomasik, Mike Sundquist, Bob Dums, Ron Bodette. Fourth Row: Paul Hilborn, Rick Fedie, Bernie Miner, Jon Ellingson. S 52$ Fleming Hall was named after Thomas Francis Fleming. He was a Stout faculty member for 16 years, until his death in an auto accident at the age of 36. Mr. Fleming was an English teacher, professor and chairman of the English Department. FIRST FLEMING EAST AND WEST First Row L-R: Keith Boernke, Scott Sherman, Pat Niles, Jon Schabell, Dan Duda. Second Row: Jim Smith, Jim Hendee, Craig Warosh, Mike Donegan, Todd Magolan, LeRoy Cater, Tom Roth, Scott Lubich. Third Row: John Schmitt, Andy Jensen, John Madden, Mark Christianson, R. Todd Williams, Rich Jacobson, Dennis Vanasten, Glenn Thiesenhusen, Dean Johnson, Fourth Row: Dave Murphy, Brad Kunst, Terry Patoka, Derrick Capra, Paul Neuman, Troy Kelly, Bill Voight, Darin Bader, Fred Ripp, Kent Johnson. 100 FLEMING SECOND FLEMING EAST First Row L-R: Steve Krostrova. Second Row: Joshua Whittney, Mike Friedman, Scott Haw- kins, Bill Rump. Third Row: David Prochaska, Mike Mundy, Steve Larsen, Larry Liebner, Jeffrey Letellier GLAJ, Jeff Havel, Mike Salmon, Dan Nelson, Scott Skorik. Fourth: Bob Luedke, Todd Holman, Tom Gresch, Lewis Clark, Bryan Schroers, Tim Korsmoe, Carl Stalmaker, Jeff Bautch, Tom Drury. THIRD FLEMING EAST First Row L-R: Carol Scheer, Julie Herrity, Diane Thorn, Mary Oberaigner. Second Row: Karen Nagel, Heather Riekkoff, Amy Amend, Kendy Hackbarth, Kelli Smith, Melody Palmer, Michelle Arra. Third Row: Ann Bur, Julie Church, Michelle Keep, Suzanne Palmer, Lori Schwing hammer, Suzanne Zimmermann, Meaghan McShane. Fourth Row: Carol Nelson, Debbie Del Bianca, Kelly Constant, Lori Peterson, Tari Buska, Suzette Kramer. FOURTH FLEMING EAST First Row L-R: Karmen Burghard, Kris Hill- strom. Second Row: Kris Doucette, Bobbie Jo Nelson, Tanya Haverland, Karen Christiason, Heidi Loading, Michelle LeMay. Third Row: Lisou Payne, Nancy Stacy, Pam Koel, Sue Haakenson, Kim Berry, Brenda Wills, Tracy Kraft, Kathy Zuehlke, Karen Reinhold. Fourth Row: Ann Woznick, Sue Horwich, Maureen Murphy, Sara Bobbe, Wendy Dedynski, Kris Gruening, Becky Vie, LuAnn Brisson, Tracy Kraft, Kathy Noziaka. FLEMING 101 SECOND FLEMING WEST First Row L-R: Paul Sorenson, Tim Peterson, Greg Taisto, Phil Morrison, John Folkert. Second Row: Jim Krueger, Jim Larson, Doug Miller, Steve Becker, Ken Daugherty, Kent Below. Third Row: Clay Bullin, Dan Tuchsuherer, Bob Allcox, Ken Starkman. Fourth Row: Mark Schrameyer, Derrick Williams, Todd Sitte, John Ruszczyk, Russ Vanderwerff, Jim Cloutier. THIRD FLEMING WEST First Row L-R: Leah Aykens, Debra Hartman, Janelle Brechon, LeAnne Craven, Kim Danneker, Karen Nelson. Second Row: Michele Flynn, Amy Wilcox, Teresa Anderson, Kaylynn Flock, Lisa Sackett, Annette Bigaouette, Trisha Aiken, Kelly McCormick. Third Row: Peggy Rinda GlAJ, Karen Hoff, Amy Beltman, Mary Kay Wynn, Kathy Motzko, Bridget Hilgers, Jenny Warren. FOURTH FLEMING WEST First Row L-R: Julie Glaus, Sandy Michlig, Brenda Yocum, Sue Tomesek. Second Row: Susy Wilfahrt, Tracy Brill, Sue Olander, Terry Hammelman. Third Row: Lori Brumm, Heidi Hable, Carla Heinback, Sandi Habkas, Lisa Olsen, Sue Watzke, Dana Rand. Fourth Row: Tracy Bartlett, Melinda Guse, Lisa Halvorson, Rose Ann Kaczmarek, Carla Feidt, Margie Engel, Debbie Peer, Kris Werner, Nancy Ostemdorff. 102 FLEMING Hansen Hall was named after Hans M. Hansen. He graduated from Stout in 1928 and taught the Industrial Arts Dept. for 40 years. Keith Hall was named after Floyd Keith. He attended Stout and taught in the Industrial Arts Dept. and became head of the Metals Dept. He retired in 1960. Milnes Hall was named after Harold C. Milnes, who served on the Stout Staff for 38 years. He graduated from Stout in 1922 and taught machine shop, foundry and pattern making. Chinnock Hall was named after Dwight Chinnock. He began teaching in the Metals Dept., then became Assistant Professor of Education and the Supervisor of Student Teaching Training. De ' H: OJJ'UL . .. tXHPFerJ Ham 1mm. FIRST HANSEN First Row L-R: Kim Meade, Kim Bereke, Nicole Salo, Lisa Mangine, Timalyn Duffy. Second Row: Linda Melmer, Janet Hoyer, Linda Hammes, Tracey Brown. Third Row: Paula Bizek, Michelle Carter, Becky Carter, Pam Meredith, Micheal Willis, Ann Frisinger, Mary Miller. Fourth Row: Gabe Harp, Jane Munson, Lori Dorn, Sue Werner, Jean Koenig, Lisa Peterson, Stacy Stener tR.AJ. Fifth Row: Joanie Tracy, Paige Green, Angie Schlee, Kris Steffen, Laura Bertsch. SECOND HANSEN First Row L-R: Jeannine Patton, Karen Plourde, Mary Schmitt, Leean Schneider, Sherry Johnson, Erin Renneisen tR.AJ, Dwana Furchtenicht. Second Row: Judy Schmiedeberg, Missy Dom- bach, Sue Sciamanda, Renee Kalgren, Lorie Anderson, Linda Rogers, Lisa Oshaughnessy, Patty Nindl, Laura Rogers, Cindy Larson, Tracy Godman, Natalie Ritzlaff, Tammy Schroeder. Third Row: Theresa Krall, Julie Yaeger, Peggy Yaeger, Kim Baker, Sandy Jennings, Kris Rynning, Martha Bisbei, Annelise Hubner, Beth Haase. HK MC 103 THIRD HANSEN First Row L-R: Diane Pfeiffer, Cynthia Lapidakis, Renee Meyer, Stephanie Born, Laurie Potter, Laurie Meyer, Laura Lambourn, Maria Warren, Gloria Berger. Second Row: Kelly Haslow, Jacqueline Johnson, Ilynn Vandre, Jeanne Fuhrman, Patricia Rippley, Kelly Cohorst, Kim Prill, Wanjiru Kamau. Third Row: Paula Bunch, Michelle Krizan, Sheila Gagliardi, Melinda Luedtke, Marysue Buttweiler, Amy Goettsch, Beth Zimmermann. FOURTH HANSEN First Row L-R: Nancy Schlener, Sonja Weibel, Wendy Westerlund, Cathy Homung, Lois Groettl, Kathy Krueger. Second Row: Kim Meyer, Jill Stardy, Mary Molling, Beth Reid, Molly Ihnken, Holly Pitlich, Judy Herreid, Tracy Hannula. Third Row: Lucy Hornet, Barb Dickman, Deanna Schmidt, Deanna Hedberg, Michelle Johnson, Connie Seilheimer, Chris Quam, Lisa Melgaatd, Patti Berg. FIRST KEITH First Row L-R: Nancy Hinderman, Teresa Mondloch, Dina Bertagnoli, Deanna Mac Donald, Gretchen Johnson. Second Row: Sandy Rottier, Sally Dean, Laurie Peterson, Sonja Grauze, Carlyn Briner, JaneAnn Striegel, Jane Young. Third Row: Ricki Zanella GlAJ, Peggy Lemke, Julie Wohlers, Deana Seidl, Mary Dickrell, Catherine Shaver. 104 HKMC SECOND KEITH First Row L-R: Rae Anne Mitsch UlAJ, Kris McGregor, Dianne Fiddyment, Sharon Schneider, Sylvia Hemmah, Pam Bergner, Laura Clark, Patti Schwoerer. Second Row: Heather Albers, Judy Kilian, Sharon Johnson, Janet Turowski, Renee Mader. Third Row: Tammy Tott, Jackie King, Aleen Vanella, Kathryn Mercer, Mariellen King, Kim Reidt, Sharon Hurdle, Kim Wilson, JoAnn Benton, Diane Baier, Barlo Baier, Mariann Amundsen, Ann Reinemann, Jill Borg, Lori Pietrowski. THIRD KEITH First Row L-R: Lori Adler, Lisa Howard, Linda Sodaro, Bobbi Black, Sue Rhone R.AJ, Shari Wagner, Sue Harman, Jana Chisholm, Deb Perro, Milissa Hanson, Penny Gasteyer. Second Row: Natalie Hoppe, Kathy Agnew, Pam Pankratz, Amy Schultz, Tracy Stankovich, Cheryl Schlosser, Colleen Byrne. Third Row: J oan Burns, Kelly Schneider, Kit Lang, Karen Bartels, Jo Ann Lutzen, Mauri Carver, Ann Brendel, Linda Allers, Andrea Syrup, Brenda Polanski, Gina Nepper, Cindy Weissinger. FOURTH KEITH First Row L-R: Ellen Livermore, Kim Basler, Lisa Laidlaw, Stephanie Roth, Teri Buesing. Second Row: Mauri Salwei, Denice Pinnow, Denise Cain, Raquel Bollman, Pam Struzan, Jenny Johnson GlAJ. Third Row: Cathy Houdek, Carolyn Levesseur, Mary Schindler, Karin Aspenes, Traci Siech, Mary Antczak, Cheryl DeBaker. Fourth Row: Debbie Schroeder, Kris Wensole, Karla Applanalp, Kris Ciolkosz, Bev Kauffmann, Laura McCauley, Beth Proeber, Lori Javor, Lori Fibert, Anne Quigley. HKMC 105 FIRST MILNES First Row L-R: Jim Borgerding. Second Row: Mark Manoleff, Ken Bessac, Brian Vanderkin, Scott Keller, Bruce Buck, Keith Neassen. Third Row: Brian Johnson, Greg Stillman, John Richards, Mark Thornberg. Fourth Row: Mike Rollins, Rick Steinberger, Bob Kolschowsky, Pat Ranfranz, Autin Altmann, Leif Myhus, Mark Bentfield, Bob Novak, John Michael GlAJ. Fifth Row: Bill Boyd, Kevin Helland, Darrin Kirby, Ted Karnitz, Marty Hedlund, Brad Erickson. SECOND MILNES First Row L-R: Mike Collins, Norm Rich, Mike Waurunek, Mike Powers, Greg Christensen, Ben Kriewald, Scott Salzman, Tom Meier RAJ, Mike Anderson. Second Row: Mike Morrel, Gary Mortersen, Jay Thomley, Todd Carlson, Tom Martin. Third Row: Victor Sunduall, Chris Page, Joe Beran, Joe Kahnk, Mike Beranek, Shawn Cotter, John Ryan, Wilbert Kennedy, Randy Wiberg, Gary Stuewer, Jeff Janasz, Chris Kerkes, Wayne Hendrickson. THIRD MILNES First Row L.R: Jay Chirhadt, Tony Pirkl, Jeff Gregg. Second Row: Steve Lerach, Glenn Senger, Derek Seashore, Scott Laglois, Mel Schmidt, Mark Shady. Third Row: Kurt Abramson, Dan Bygd, Jim Hartmann, Dan Nelson, Jeff Ryan, Brett Reiser, Kevin Tulloch, Chris Bartlett. Fourth Row: Tim Orlowski, Jeff Gaertner, Steve Kostka, Gregg Peterson, Bill Ries, Tim Jattnke. Fifth Row: Jeff Osterhues, Mike Malesa, Dan Hadsell, Bryan Sommerland, Karl Follett. 106 HKMC FOURTH MILNES First Row L-R: Scott Martin, Darren Taie, Ken Bastle, Paul Gragor, Joel Ehlenz, Mike Dresen, Mike Heimmermann, Ron Lofgren. Second Row: Pete Weber, Matt Sundquist, Todd Vanden- avond, Eric Wyatt, Dan Johnson, Steve Tewes, Jim Brill R.AJ, Thai Lee, Joe Dolezal, Barry Olesker. Third Row: Tony Hunteman, Brad Hintz, Brian Lirley, Karl Weizenicker, Forest Wilson, Henry Annen, Ron White, Curt Rehm, Joe Hennessy, Ron Rachu, Tom Grimm. FIRST CHINNOCK First Row L-R: Luke Fenton, Bob Plageman, Jeff Schaus, John Bizlew, Gregg Gunderson, Mark Wood. Second Row: Kim Anderson, Jim Johnanek, Roger Curran, Todd Young, Joe Casanova, John Parker, Tom Plante. Third Row: Wallace Weister, Jeff Thomas, Dave Bartus, Pete Walker, Don Hill, Marlow Knabach, Dave King, John Bauch. Fourth Row: Kirk Schneder, Bob McCardle, Darin Nesbit, Rich Stiechen. SECOND CHINNOCK First Row L-R: Matt Levenhagen, Karl Populor- um, Scott Hoffmann, Al Emmons, Tim Schuck. Second Row: Jeff Heinzen, Jerome Halama, Steve Silbar, Bill Weytens, Doug Kosivk. Third Row: Jeff Lipinski, Walter Meisner, Mark Rothwell, Damon Smith, Bob Hackley, Roy Emmons, Terry Seifert, Matt Boehmer, Tom Biederwolf, Pete Delain, Dean Nevyille, Gary Schettl, Mark Bentley, Michael Frey, Greg Richels, Peter Anderson, Tim Nichols, Bruce Yahr. HKMC 107 FOURTH CHINNOCK First Row L R: Joel Weinmeyer, Mike Kane, Tex Richardson, Crash Kumers, Disco Bleskacek, Ken Chapman. Second Row: Jerome Shaddrick, John Chiodo, Chris Halverson, John Resig, Jay Smith, Lennie Durow, Bennie Jets. Third Row: John Junker, Danny Michalski, Mark Cooper, Brad Lund, Jimi Hansen, Tom Husi, Jeff Watkins, Andy Sternaman, Rick Ingebretson. Wimw' , VNMS Q 9 04 Hovlid Hall was named after Leonard M. Hovlid. Mr. Hovlid left a substantial bequest to Stout. He was a Menomonie resident and had attended Stout State University. FIRST HOVLID NORTH First Row L-R: Jenny Gellerman, Lisa Lenz, Sara Schueller, Colleen Hartmon, Karen Baker, Shannon O Malley. Second Row: Lynn Matti, Michelle Ennis, Lisa Ealy, Jean Paul, Karen Wood, Amy K0110, Lisa Thissen, Stacey Otterson, Shari Thede. Third Row: Cecelia Peterson, Julie Jakabi, Kathy Leffin, Connie Schnelle, Stacey Urban, Denise Hoeft. 108 HOVLID SECOND HOVLID NORTH First Row L-R: Tuck Hopson. Second Row: Richard Fischer, Erich Schwarz, Todd Trabant, Robert OReilly, Karl Rauscher. Third Row: Steve Jelinck, Frank Terrance, Dave Zosel, Dave Danielson, Eric Tidzuist, Andy Busteed. Fourth Row: Scott Gerondale RAJ, Ken Reap, Marc Davis, Monte Burstad, Steve Morici. THIRD HOVLID NORTH First Row L-R: Ron Nelson, Tony Giammona, Mike Schwager, Rob Chappa. Second Row: Ernie Schoenfeld, Steve Halverson, Jay Dengel, Chuck Gilbertson, Tom Westling, Mike Marohl. Third Row: Brian Dascavis, Dennis Crawley, Pat Managan, Mark Schultz, Tim St. Peter, Scott Kolb, John Jurkovac, Dan Gaulke, Jay Schroeder, Dave Irwin. FOURTH HOVLID NORTH First Row L-R: Julie Jordi, Kay Patzke, Michele Simmons, Jennifer Schoenfeld, Juliet Schumacher, Toni Strobel. Second Row: Denise Klemmensen, Shelly Sekas ULAJ, Sheri Clos- more, Rochelle Buhr, Sue Chase, Meghan Sheridan. Third Row: Tami Korbar, Kim Ward, Marta Jansen, Kelly McCullough. Fourth Row: Heidi Roehl, Carol Filla, Andrea Adams, Danielle Lee, Kelly Tollefson, Cheryl Hesselink, Kimra Knoke, Connie Wayne, Julie Markey, Dawn Manske. HOVLID 109 SECOND HOVLID SOUTH First Row L-R: John Altmann, Kerm Towler, Paul Hed, Jim Seaton, Ken Clough, Jim Voster. Second Row: Matt Hanrahan RAJ, Brian Ruggles, John Remmel, Allen Carlson, Ron Mattson, Chuck Bagley, Tim Trihus, Dave Unruh. Third Row: Phil Harms, Wayne Parmley, Autie Ziehlke, Frank Moravec. THIRD HOVLID SOUTH First Row L-R: Dick Greenig, Brent Mushel, Scott Anger, Tom Karakis, Dave Happe. Second Row: Steve Meyer, Jorg Skowranek, Tim Wirtz, Dave Renner, Pete Demeuse, Mark Miller. Third Row: Mike Padesky, Dave Marose, Andy Lenselink, Bob Daggett, Scott Kochersperger, Ernie Gleaner, Kevin Thorstad, Jeff Cameron. FOURTH HOVLID SOUTH First Row LR: Karen Migletz, Debbie Blom, Jill Humphrey, Jill Harvey, Ann Pearce, Patty Jilek. Second Row: Haley Hagedorn, Jennifer Bjorling, Ellen Frank, Chris Wood, Katie Driscoll, Cheri Hart. Third Row: Jean Witkowski, Leslie Graham, Andrea Jorgenson. Fourth Row: Lisa Young, Kris Anderson, Carrie Hey, Lisa Herrick, Cheri Klatt, Michelle Peters. 110 HOVLID Jeter Hall was named after Lillian C. Jeter. She was the supervisor of student teaching in Home Economics for 34 years. Tainter Hall was named after Andrew Tainter. He was a Menomonie businessman and philanthropist. He was a partner in the Knapp, Stout Co. and brought the first steamboat to the Chippewa River. He also donated the Mabel Tainter Theater and Library along with other outstanding contributions to the City and to Stout. Callahan Hall was named after Gertrude L. Callahan. She was head of the English Dept. in 1928 and retired in 1961 as Emeritus Professor of English. FIRST JETER First Row L-R: Lora Kleinschmidt, Jill Risse, Mary Strause, Becky Pfluger, Sandee Gombold, Jamie Hatleberg, Kathleen McCormick, Paula Peterson, Michelle Larson. Second Row: Chris Paul, Anne Pomerson, Becky Schwaller, Mary Beth Lafond, Mary Olson, Jean Stephens, Edie Korczynski, Lori Philips. Third Row: Kelly Steckhardt, Bobbie Kamish, Maureen Gowaskie, Jackie Ott, Kay Anderson, Joan Gilligan, Julie Helwig, Gretchen DeGrood, Debbie Janghout, Jenny Peterson, Amy Nelson, Beth Marhoul. SECOND JETER First Row L-R: Martha Bergelien, Shirley Tauscher, Sara Tubbs, Lori Hohlfelder, Shelly Heida, Mary Kovacivich. Second Row: Ann Schlosser, Heidi Behrens, Karen Kessler, Kathy Garley, Laura Randolph,tAnn Pederson, Daphne Perpart, Joy Reichel, Nancy Bartsch, Sarah Pankuch. Third Row: Tracey Anderson, Jamie McLaughan, Sara Spielvogel, Marilyn Ritzer, Robin Dickinson, Pat Titus, Laura Binner. Fourth Row: Louanne Rouleau, Louise Kahn, Christy Senft, Danna Cornett, Lisa Gill, Sally Wood, Stephanie Friske. JTC 111 FIRST TAINTER NORTH First Row L-R: Linda Kuligowski, Ruth Maahs, Susan Amorinville, Karen Seidel, Tamra Grodivant, Carrie Rymer, Barbara Larson, Kathy Hein, Beth Hough, Linda Walker, Teish Praefke. FIRST TAINTER SOUTH First Row L-R: Brian Bergquist, Mark Anderson, Bob Zyblickli, John Wood, Rick Lappin, Gary Kopel. Second Row: Dave Bloomer, John Rademaker, Jeff Hemmingway, Jim Keyes, Bryan Hinkmuss, Steve Webb, David Alvin, John Frost, Jim Eidman, John Palof, Mark Adams R.AJ. SECON D TAINTER First Row L-R: Terry Martin, John Badalmente, Kevin O Connor, Brad Knigge, Pete Dufek, Scott Mueller. Second Row: Randy Atkinson, Jeff Buhler, Mike Weber, Ted Miller, Mark Waldo Waldoch. Third Row: Joe Schell, George Hunt, Jerry Read, Paul Ban, Ron Rathert, Rieth Coenen, Dave Clay, Carl Siehwenzfrer. Fourth Row: Rob Zimdars, Andy Schmidt, Jeff Bonsen, Paul Rival. John Christiansen, Rod Larson, Brian Kraimer, Jay Whitrock, Fritz Pirsch. Fifth Row: Mitchell Martin, Jim Ringelstetter, Dave Wictor, Steve Werdahl, Victor Chapel, Keith Nawrocki. THIRD TAINTER First Row L-R: Anne Kelly, Angie LaBonne, Anne Seivert, Wendy Rinder. Second Row: Jodie Belknap, Brenda Davis, Deanne Korsten, Lisa Sharp, Karen Johnson, Laurie Ducon, Maria Wagner, Elaine Ibbinger, Margaret Meadows, Stacey Kijimo, Renee Celerak, LeAnne Hamme- stein, Gwen Trae. Third Row: Karen Johnson, Mary Raymond, Suzie Beier, Aelrienne Yost, Dawn Mirsgen, Susan Glover. FIRST CALLAHAN First Row L-R: Rodney Ellis, Mike Bassette, Greg Nodolf, Brian Nehman, Wayde Gurneau, Joe Blomberg. Second Row: Steve Kaiser, Paul Esser, Brett McIntire, Bart Kinzel, Tedd Buck, Todd Nelson. Third Row: Dean Yost, Tim Waters, Tom Fransen, Jeff Friday, Tom Ban, Mike Daniels, Marc Beltz, Rob Berlinski. Fourth Row: Don Kryszak, Lance Doering, Rich Ward, John Ewart, Randy Biscobing, Brian Stern. THIRD CALLAHAN First Row L-R: Mike Walther, Keith Hiltner. Second Row: Scott Anderson, Tom Miller, Brian Bohne, Bill Wesp. Third Row: Todd Stratton, Dave Thomas, Al Boone, Pete Larson, J ay Thelin, Mark Wemple, Bruce Ducvel. Fourth Row: Mike Schoonveld, Guy Loushin, Mark Schultz, Gregg Haider, Jack Krumenacher, Steve Mikolajczak, Rob Bait, Jeff Yeakle, Tim Anderson, Marty Lundequam. Fifth Row: Jeff Hickethier, Darcy Bruechart, Joe Shortreed, Dennis Jamowski, Gene Kunes, Dave Schultz, Jeff Swim, Bruce Buchholz, Tim Diers R.AJ. JTC 113 North Hall was built in 1967. north of the Commons. The name originated because of its location, FIRST D NORTH First Row L-R: Brian Lanhart, Duey Femreite, Mike Weber, Tom Payne, Randy Ruehlmen, Joe Goebel, Dave Asp. Second Row: Lance Gage, Daryl Granlund, Pat Saeger, Mike Menning, Mike Weege, Mike Todey. Third Row: Dave South- worth, Bob Koshalik, Keith Studinski, Brain Sinkler, Mike Defries, Andy Ruge, Ron Klinner, Mike Crall. Fourth Row: Jim McGuine, Steve Wilken, Dan Kunst, Fernando Touar, Brad Gregorius, Gary Horn. FIRST E NORTH First Row L-R: John Phillip, Tom Vollrath. Second Row: Tome Lehnen, John Jahnke, Shawn Peterson, Rick Wendt, Chris Burrows. Third Row: Tony Kelly, Don Great, Scott Wozniak, Tom Van Asten, Chia Vang, Tom Leuck, Jay Euenson. 114 NORTH SECOND D NORTH First Row L-R: Becky Seefert, Shari Benzschawel, Maureen McCauley, 'Jenny Porsin, Jean Rabideau, Karen Danielson. Second Row: Cindy Fleming, Kim Olson, Kim Anderson, Selby Timm, Tara Erickson, Pam Holbach, Lorna Strom. Third Row: Karen Teske, Sue Hill, Nancy Eugen, Lisa Harkness, Liz Plambeck, Mary Nemec, Sheri Revelle, Kris LaPine. Fourth Row: Sue Rogers, Becky Houts, Kim Ess, Karla Slinde, Julie Pautz, Mary Kae Schmitt, Norma Soderberg, Becky Borg. SECOND E NORTH First Row L-R: Kim Stark, Katie Pfaffendorf, Jana Jannene, Maria Militello, Roseanne Moul- den, Michelle Siffing, Lias Trzeibiatowski. Second Row: Karen Westlund, Nany Lederen, Colette Waldowski, Kenna Beene, Anna Berg, Michelle Olson, Laurie Gropp. Third Row: Pam Solstad, Anne Benson, Laura Reek. Fourth Row: Mary Jilk, Sue Deal, Jane Piontek, Stacie Schmid, Kim Hoffman, Donna Malin, Anne Harworth, Sue Schlough. SECOND F NORTH First Row L-R: Maria Zachman, Mary Dyer. Second Row: Gail Krezowski, Monica Workman, Cindy Baronowski, Jane Klauck, Les Trianoski, Laurie Perrin, Cath Vacco, Sue Thelander, Barb xBintzler. Third Row: Dawn Dolen, Mary Pickett, Eileen O Neil1, Tame Dales, Sharon Grabowski, Kris Rieber, Diane Dehn, Lisa Reitan. Fourth Row: Jodi Marsh, Anne Budde, Jean Holterman, Beth Neelis, Laura Rethwill, Claire Provancher, Jackie Sundby. NORTH 115 THIRD E NORTH First Row L-R: Deb Pflieger, Robin Yazbec, Mary Wright, Carla Adams. Second Row: Ann Meyer, Jill Meyer, Julie Smith, Molly McGowan, Jennifer Thompson, Jean-Marie Dauplaise. Third Row: Amy Jentz, Greta Follstad, Karen Carlson, Kim Wickhorst, Lynn Kazlauskas, Cindy Math- ews. THIRD F N ORTH First Row L-R: Mark Huml, Mark Wickham, Christopher Kaualchuk, Mark Gibson. Second Row: Marc Mattullo, Timothy Daley, Matthew Deming, Charles Datwyler, Thomas Vandewall, Scott Staffan. Third Row: Tim Price, Rick Quinett, Keith Gartland UlAJ, Kevin Burke, Brian Gilbert, Todd Dalebroux, Stephen Shoquist, Robert Lee. Fourth Row: Karl Spadgenske, Thomas Helm, James Domke, Steve Hoeschele, Brian Smith. FOURTH D NORTH First Row L-R: Renee Ascher, Lisa Gutt. Second Row: Ann Harbour, Kim Davis, Stephanie Molstre. Third Row: Amy Whiting, Laurie Hable, Valarie Stoehr, Kristin Shirley, Laurie Reed. Fourth Row: Barb Lindner, Kern Lindgren, Nancy Rossman, Miki Schmitz, Shirley Hansen, Kim Obermeyer, Allison Bloomer, Fifth Row: Mary Kittell, Martha Helgeson, Debbie Nienow, Sandy Rosandick, Tisha Spahn. 116 NORTH Vu A. 1' o. $ $ 4 i' VVV$V3V3$ i' ' FOURTH E NORTH First Row L-R: Douglas Deakans, Art Colum, Mark Wallenfang, Michael Hollister, Robert Millard, Timothy Walker. Second Row: Scott Olson, Ted Elsworth, Ed Johnston, Anthony Brown, Chris Weyer, Robert Hoy, Kraig Kucaba. Third Row: Paul Rozmark, Stuart Decells, Larry Bergman, Terry Wieher, Darral Bowman, Mike Udesky, Joel Anderson, Scott Fischer, Gregg Hilderbrand, Gregg Hagen, Dan Hansen. Fourth Row: Michael Flaten, Mike Rupnow, J im Cepress, Daniel Quirk, John Kipp, William Johnson, Jeff Heimerman, Robert Tepps Jr. South Hall was built in 1967. The name originated because of its location, south of the Commons. FIRST A SOUTH First Row L-R: Tom Prentice, Gerry Blank, Keith Ross, Steve Penz, Erik Koehler, Craig Flick. Second Row: Stephen Schmitz, Scott Porstner, Jeff Palmer, Mike Schmidt, Dean Volkert, Tim Benidt, Chad Norton. Third Row: Eric Boutin, Lance Baldus, Doug Kortbein, John Keiser, Roland Grant, Mike Collins, Glenn Hills, Keith Rusch, Steve Plenge, Dave Behling, Scott Jackson. SOUTH 117 FIRST B SOUTH First Row L-R: John Baht, Tim Wright. Second Row: Bernie Smith, Donald Schwartz, Mark Guenther, Matt Vanderwigen, Gary Isensee, Duane Foltman. Third Row: Jay Schroeder, Adrian Amelse, Tim Kemper, Jerry Johnson, Todd Fox. Fourth Row: Kevin Hagar, Steve Jennings, Dennis Schmidt, Todd Dvorak, Kevin Granger, Ron Pulda. SECOND A SOUTH First Row L-R: Tim Vanderheiden, Jerry Shea, Dave Dinger. Second Row: Roger Frye, Kelly Meet, Todd Jannett, John Grosskope, Jeff Masak, Mike Melnychuk. Third Row: Steve Siewert, Fred Durand, Mike Hernesman, John Lawyer, Ken Sabec, Jon Evans, Tim Welsh. Fourth Row: Doug Hewitt, Jim Marovel, Sam Ramrattan, Mike Witek, John Rainaldi. Fifth Row: John Hook, Dave Natzke, Eric Galles, Doug Singkofer, Andy Hendrickson, Jeff Gossen, Dan Asp. SECOND B SOUTH First Row L-R: Jim Hoeppner, Bob Peart, Jim Milkie, Steve Tkachuk, Tom Stahl. Second Row: Scott Micoley, Brian King, Tom Schmitt, Scott Bloch, Jeff Machler, Paul Chambers, Jim Shipman. Third Row: Mark Pachrig, Bob Plewa, Tony Kowalewski, Jim Trempe, Keith Guggen- berger, Dave Lebran, Lynn Salley, Tim Hopkins, Dan Kellogg, Chris Rogue, Jay Kassel. 118 SOUTH SECOND C SOUTH First Row L-R: J oni Wagner, Shelly Reise. Second Row: Amy Sprenglet, Mary Meher, Kat Taylor, Jenny Forss, Alison Swenson, Chris Petersen, Elizabeth Bode, Kay Ferg. Third Row: Sandra Kampen, Karen Johnston, Kim Hartuny, Jolene Wester, Oona Hutland, Barb Billecki, Amy Maack, Roxanne Mueller, Anne Kucy. Fourth Row: Charissia Motley, Tracy Schubert, Wendy Clason, Jill Bystrom, Lisa Schwensky, Jill Kojetin, Wendy Swiggum, Kelly Steffen, Cindy Meyers. THIRD A SOUTH First Row L-R: Bernadett Rudesill, Peggy Dastal, Penny Jacobs, Lisa Baht, Diane Schafer, Shari Jacobson, Nancy Heider. Second Row: Theresa Holtger, Mary Larson, Krista Cleavland, Krissa Geger, Tracy LesKinen, Kathy Conrardy, Dana Fichlet. Third Row: Lisa Hanson, Diane Pallansch, Kerry Lundberg, Julie Myers, Tracy Flack, Sue Christopherson, Lori Schneider, Kristi Hoyum. Fourth Row: Karen Laffey, Linda Davey, Mimi Marks, Jayne Wiemann, Marge Brutschet, Ann Gearing, Sueller Wohlers. THIRD B SOUTH First Row L-R: Renee Leberge, Jan Schiner, Denise Caruth, Kathy Bairbonais, Connie Nelson, Dina Wendeline, Mary Pugmire. Second Row: Julie Schuette, Mel Longwille, Deb Wayner, Kim Nossee, Maureen Hahn, Lisa Lynum, Karen Backman, Patty Dellabella, Becky Witt. Third .Row: Darcy Hedges, Karen Sjostrom, Bonnie Nelson, Tommi Goodavich, Karen Urban, Patty Stoll, Kris Healy, Julie Teg, Lisa Kappellan, Dawn Smith, Jackie Moran, Annette Elsen. SOUTH 119 THIRD C SOUTH First Row L-R: Susan Kaiser, Karen Koo, Kelly Ellenbecker, Denise Scolaro, Dorris Hoverman, Kathy Loesl. Second Row: Pam Ulrich, Shams Poonawala, Debbie Wejrowski, Tani Winther, Sharon Konshack, Sandy Graf, Julie Moses, Barb Donaldson. Third Row: Mary Neuenfeldt, Maureen OTIeier, Becky Dorsher, Key Habeck, Cassandra Wilson, Susan Taylor, Karen Rudesill, Julie Bilke, Karen Long, Barbara Cachman. FOURTH A SOUTH First Row L-R: Dana Heinsohn, Valerie DeVries. Second Row: Amy Currier, Laura Obermueller, Diana Perry, Sherri Erickson, Mary Jo Petty, Christy Harrison, Tammy Jenneman. Third Row: Susan Schaefgen, Lynn Brinkman, Mary Olson, Sally Kemp, Ann Hruby, Heidi Haugland, Jane Nelson, Veronica Wrege, Katharine Jones, Debora Drower. Fourth Row: Wendy Holling, Carol Novak, Tonya Krizensky, Carmen Scheer, Lisa Meade, Jane Quinnell, Tara Boettcher. Fifth Row: DeAnn Sather, Karen Rolph. FOURTH B SOUTH First Row L-R: Julie Connell, Heidi Hanson, Tamara Johnson, Cary Larsen, Colette Kolker, Ann Wanish. Second Row: Sandra Nutzmann, Linda Kerssen, Jane Wetzel, Margaret Wente, Ginger Havens, Brenda Pulver, Nancy Gross. Third Row: Connie Ryan, Nancy Molter, Janet Johnson, Carolyn Chadboum, Pam Dusterhoft, Mary Andreska, Dena Ebner, Julie Gehrke. Fourth Row: Holly Buffington, Michelle Herbst, Mary Kugel, Christine Kraml, Diana Bohrer, Sue Woodruff, Michelle Pagel. 120 SOUTH FOURTH C SOUTH First Row L-R: Julie Koller, Sue Simonne, Anne Gorenflo, Sarah Schneider, Stephanie Rogowski, Andrea Wilson. Second Row: Laura Laeuger, Ann Heinzl, Carol Dahlquist, Kathleen Goodman, Kristin O,Connel, Amy Sekas, Barbara Haines. Third Row: Peggy Larson, Terri Thompson, Helen Murphy, Colleen Winegar, Alice Baracani, Mary Mansavage, Christine Meyer, Holly Hedbany, Joannie Sagstetter, Catherine Osborne, Sue Ebert, Kate McClurg. x 6394; Wigen Hall was named after Dr. Ray A. Wigen. He taught Shopwork and later was supervisor of student teacher training. He retired in 1966 as Director of Graduate Studies, after teaching for 30 years. FIRST WIGEN EAST First Row L-R: John Kittel, Pat Natoli, Mike Schmidt, Brad Putney, Terry Bartelt, Andy Hotaling, Tim Bracegirdle. Second Row: Joe Schopp, Jon Dworak, Jon Bishop, Dick Mathys, Russ Radjiez, Al Aguado. Third Row: Tom Johnson, Jeff Dahlke, Jim Kauth, Jim Collins, John uTank" Henckel, Brian Guenther, Jeff Flyboy" Rauchbauer, Eric Nelson. WIGEN l 2 l SECOND WIGEN EAST First Row L-R: Brad Smith, Brian Staddard, Ben Haney, Darin Lulich, Rich Ward. Second Row: Eric Nelson, Dan Scheibe, Brian Block, Scott Frame, Al Lucht, Tom Sonn. Third Row: Brian Krizeneski, Tom Kivet, Dennis Gauranevich, Phil Lutgen, Bill McFarlane, Eric Hendrickson, Dave Crain. Fourth Row: Dan Leary, Paul Empey, Lars Olsen, Peter Fortunski, Bob Buerger, Mike Hoerstmann. Q; t H H H H561 ? THIRD WIGEN EAST First Row L-R: Jay Frazier, Todd Dempinger, Greg Schilcher, Dan Pryor, Ken Egan. Second Row: Pat Herold, Dav Funk, Fred Pioso, Jim Lofgren. Third Row: Chris Kontney, John Hammen, Bob Beidel, Rick Vanert, Bryan Bataille. Fourth Row: Tom Wolter, Tim H. Ebert, Ted Jacobson, Tim Oquist, Shawn Allen. FOURTH WIGEN EAST First Row L-R: Micheal Johnson, Kurt Gruen- ewald, Paul Hagen, Timothy Lagan, Ernest Schroeder, David Schmidt, Doug Robbins. Second Row: Philip N uelk, J effrey Ulicki, Rodney Hoier, Thomas Sloey, Brian Kovar. Third Row: Mark Steiner, Michael Leville, Kenneth Schaver, Kurt Andreasen, Brian Staedt, Kevin Mead, Kennth Beckman, Victor Salamone. Fourth Row: Michael Geyer, Patrick McKinnon, Jeffrey Tushoski R.AJ, Robert Briesemeister, Vern Archiquette, Richard Zimmerman. 122 WIGEN FIRST WIGEN WEST First Row L-R: Gwen Lehman. Second Row: Jenny Meyer, Theresa Mages, Carrie Malkow, Janell Phelps, Diane Fischbach, Andrea Reedy, Becci McConkey. Third Row: Mary Britta, Tracy Lawless, Mary Peirce, Mary Stenstrom, Monica Kuka. Fourth Row: Holly Liimatta, Teresa Mitchell RAJ, Tracy Hogan, Heidi Heffel, Joan Smith, Barb Hegge, Lisa Mershberger. Fifth Row: Allison Lien, Amy Abell, Kristen Bayerl, Kecia Rorvic, Joy Miller, Jean Hale, Judy Bergum. SECOND WIGEN WEST First Row L-R: Kris Schleder, Jill Ziegert, Tammy Cain, Katherine McCarthy. Second Row: Jane Weimer, Tina Diets, Julie Leach, Trish Anderson. Third Row: Chris Kraft, Kim Davis, Kim Dvorachek, Lynn Fike, Jordi Bluhm, Carey Melin, Chris Beede, Amie Hanson, Jennifer Nauman. Fourth Row: Brenda Cleath, Joli Grow, Paula Beckman, Sue Haskins, Sally Dahlke, Janet Eberhardt, Patti Cook, Heidi Sand. FOURTH WIGEN WEST First Row L-R: Jennifer Krupke, Cheri Johnson, Mary Newman, Renee Eberhart, Kim Swanson, Cindy Doughty, Sandy Jordan. Second Row: Janielle Bonner, Heidi Riley, Susie Sparages, Michele Ranum. Third Row: Mel Egan, Kelli Janssen, Sheri Leanna, Pam Zuleger, Carla Essock, Pam Hanke, Terri Schloesser, Wendy Chryst. Fourth Row: Gwen Benson, Sue Mascari, Pam Durdin, Barb Files, Carole McNaughton, Gayle Odette, Sheree Nebal. WIGEN 123 124 ttHow has UW-Stout JoAnne Beharry, Senior Clothing Textiles and Design Trinidad and Tabago Public Relations Officer for the Inter- national Relations Club Chancelloris Award Recipient Service AwardiAppreciation for the International Relations Club Womenis International Ping Pong Tournament First Place Winner Floor Representative in CKTO J ames Tiuwuhe Mbachiantim, Senior Dietetics Nigeria Vice-President of the Nigerian Student Association Secretary of the International Students Relations Club Volleyball Player Derek D. Perez, Senior Industrial Technology Trinidad 8: Tobago Minority Affairs Stout Student Associa- tion tSSAi Senator Rainbow Club Caribbean Representa- tive Affirmative Action Committee Member Human Services Board Member Hispanos Club Member assisted you in meeting your goals, your completed search? ttI have developed my leadership skills. Coming to the United States and having the opportunity to go to London enabled me to broaden my awareness, concepts and educational scope. Stout,s academic struc- ture has also made me more of a well rounded individual? uI think the educational set-up here at Stout counts a great deal to me in terms of reaching my goals. Everything is well structured to allow anybody to develop themselves? "Through interaction with staff and faculty, coordinating ideas with students and working with people to execute ideas, Stout has helped me reach my set goals? Gjmw fm a 69M 0mm"? Regina Hannatu Abuks Vocational Education Nigeria Dena Ackerson Graphic Design Spooner, WI Jill Adkins Industrial Technology Chippewa Falls, WI Pauline M. Adzuu Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Nigeria Karen Alger Food Service San Jose, CA Abdulrahman Al-Jaiban Industrial Education Saudia Arabia Khaled Abdulla Al-Khaniny Business Administration Saudia Arabia Kerry Allen Interior Design St. Paul, MN Lucinda Almquist Fashion Merchandising St. Louis Park, MN Diane Anderson Child Development 8: Family Living Osseo, WI Mike Anderson Industrial Technology Menomonie, WI Stacy L. Anderson Fashion Merchandising Spring Park, MN Florence Anyene Hotel 8! Restaurant Management Nigeria Gregory Aprahamian Industrial Education Brookfield, WI Ed Arneson Industrial Technology Gaysmills, WI Terry Arthun Psychology Menomonie, WI Robert Asleson Industrial Technology Rochester, MN Victoria Aukamp Dietetics Watertown, WI Denise Ayers Home Economics in Business Eagle River, WI Brian Babya Industrial Technology Black River Falls, WI 128 Senior: u 'LRW - t 05 tuktuu Ge ' sunny; 9: 4:! Jennifer Bach Fashion Merchandising Lombard, IL Renee Beidel Fashion Merchandising Wausau, WI Shirley Bailey Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Jamaica Tim Bailey Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Wauwatosa, WI Leslie Baptiste Vocational Rehabilitation US Virgin Islands Kevin Barnard Industrial Technology Brown Deer, WI David Bartos Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Woodridge, IL Sharon Baulnka Vocational Rehabilitation Mosinee, WI David Bauman Industrial Technology Merrill, WI Curtiss G. Bawden Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Wauwatosa, WI Michael Beinemann Industrial Technology Appleton, WI Comfort Bekibele Home Economics Education Nigeria Randy Berg Industrial Technology Eau Claire, WI Judy Bergum Home Economics in Business Blair, WI Theresa Bicek Early Childhood Education Clarendon Hills, IL Charles Bird Business Administration Milwaukee, WI Linda Jo Bisson Apparel, Textiles 8: Design Boyceville, WI Cheryl Bjorne Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Bloomington, MN Jesika Belle Blackburn Business Administration Wausau, WI Diane Bohrer Child Development 8; Family Life . St. Cloud, MN Seniors 127 128 Senior: David Botz Industrial Education Kenosha, WI Sue Brandt Fashion Merchandising Rhinelander, WI Daniel H. Braun Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Shawano, WI Ann Brendel Home Economics Education Genoa, WI Susan Bruesewitz Applied Math Spencer, WI Don Bruhn Industrial Technology Green Bay, WI Jan Bunday Interior Design New Hope, MN Dennett Burson Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Western Springs, IL Steve Buth Industrial Technology Superior, WI Mary Callan Dietetics Milwaukee, WI Kelly Camastral Vocational Rehabilitation Fall Creek, WI Patt Capouch Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Woodruff, WI Leanne Carey Business Administration Long Lake, MN Michael Carlson Manufacturing Engineering Merrill, WI Laurel Challoner Dietetics Menomonie, WI Mark Chamberland Industrial Technology Eagan, MN Peter Chaput Industrial Technology Hartland, WI David Chilinski Industrial Education Milwaukee, WI Diane Chilinski Vocational Rehabilitation Menomonie, WI Lynne Chilson Business Administration Stillwater, MN Barry Clark Industrial Technology Rice Lake, WI Julie Cooke Home Economics Education Richland Center, WI Shelly Lynn Corcoran Home Economics in Business Wells, MN Patrick Cosgrove Industrial Technology South St. Paul, MN Teri Cowger Vocational Rehabilitation Menomonie, WI Michaelann Coyne Business Administration Lake Villa, IL Diana Dahlk Home Economics Education Mount Oreb, WI Rita Dahlke Hotel 8L Restaurant Management Montell, WI Joan Damschen Graphic Design Milwaukee, WI Ibrahim Dan-Baki Vocational Education Nigeria Sandy Danneker Business Administration Bloomington, MN Todd Dannedberg Industrial Design Blaine, MN Mark Darrington Hotel 8c Restaurant Management Green Bay, WI Pat Daufion Business Administration Roseville, MN Senion 129 Sue Deal Home Economics in Business Walnut Grove, MN Jon De Belak Industrial Technology Milwaukee, WI Douglas Dedering Interior Design Kiel, WI Carolyn M. Dellabella Early Childhood Education Cuba City, WI Jeffrey Dennis Industrial Technology Menomonie, WI Rene Derks Early Childhood Education Schofield, WI Gwen Desens Marketing 8: Distributive Education New Hope, MN Sandra Dettmann Early Childhood Education Fall River, WI Lisa Dibos Home Economics in Business Fridley, MN Christina Dillahunt Business Administration Antigo, WI Sue Doll Interior Design Minneapolis, MN Sue Dondlinger Interior Design Brown Deer, WI Deborah A. Donovan Fashion Merchandising Eden Praire, MN Mona H. Dorn Early Childhood Education Clear Lake, WI Pam Durdin Fashion Merchandising White Bear Lake, MN Dean R. Dvorak Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Ashton, IL Pam Dvorak Vocational Rehabilitation Edina, MN Fritz Dysterheft Industrial Technology Shakopee, MN Sandra Eagon Business Administration West Allis, WI Steven Ebert Industrial Technology Eau Claire, WI 130 Senior: Randy Eddy Industrial Technology Menomonie, WI Stephen Egge Industrial Technology St. Paul, MN John Emberson Art Eau Claire, WI Timothy Emerson Business Administration Bloomington, MN Laura A. Ericson Hotel 8: Restaurant Management International Falls, MN Christine Eustice Fashion Merchandising St. Cloud, MN Carlene Fehring Business Administration Hartford, WI Debbie Filas Early Childhood Education Cadott, WI David G. Firth Art Minneapolis, MN Michael Flaten Industrial Technology St. Paul, MN Marcia Fleming Early Childhood Education Willmette, IL Nora Flueger Vocational Rehabilitation Red Wing, MN John Folkert Industrial Technology Plainview, MN Richard Forbes Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Des Plaines, IL Dean Foth 'Industrial Technology Wausau, WI Suen Frackelton Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Grafton, WI Randy Francl Industrial Technology Antigo, WI James P. Franke Industrial Technology Buffalo, MN Jay Fritz Business Administration Appleton, WI Sharon Gabl Clothing, Textiles 8: Design Manitowish Waters, WI Senior: 131 132 Senior: Paula Gabrilska Art Oshkosh, WI Sheila Gahler Business Administration Waseca, MN Deb Galay Vocational Rehabilitation Fridley, MN Paul Gangl Industrial Technology Roseville, MN Carrie A. Garfoot Child Development 8: Family Life Verona, WI Therese Gehrke Home Economics In Business Clintonville, WI Brenda Goetsch Fashion Merchandising Kenosha, WI Brian S. Good Industrial Technology East Troy, WI Richard Good Industrial Technology Arlington Heights, IL Cheryl Grant Vocational Rehabilitation Sullivan, WI Dawn S. Graunke Clothing, Textiles 8: Design Neenah, WI Jeffrey Green Industrial Technology Bird Island, MN 34 I Amy Grieswell Home Economics In Business New Berlin, WI Diana Grindahl Vocational Rehabilitation Mound, MN Keith Guggenberger Industrial Technology Red Wing, MN Mary K. Haas Fashion Merchandising Lake Zurich, IL Cheryl Haeft Dietetics Monroe, WI Jon Hageness Art Strum, WI Kevin Hager Industrial Technology Waterville, MN Lynn Marie Haney Applied Mathematics Fountain City, WI Joan Hanrahan Home Economics Education Kewaskum, WI Daniel J. Hansen Industrial Technology Green Bay, WI Romell Hansen Fashion Merchandising Taylor, WI Michelle Gerhardt Early Childhood Education Berkeley, IL Julie Gerth Business Administration Menomonie, WI Scott Geyer Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Paddock Lake, WI Laura Gilbertson Child Development 8: Family Life Roseville, MN Thomas M. Gillman Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Edina, MN Sarah Girtman Child Development 8L Family Life Strom, WI Michele Glass Hotel 8L Restaurant Management Highland Park, IL Dana M. Hanson Early Childhood Education Minocqua, WI Michael Hanson Industrial Technology Black River Falls, WI Senior: 133 Tracey Hanson Graphic Design Amery, WI Michael Harrington Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Glenview, IL Jane Harris Business Administration Edina, MN Corinne Hart Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Osseo, WI Patricia Hartl Home Economics In Business Beaver Dam, WI Darrell K. Hauge Hotel 8L Restaurant Management Fridley, MN Timothy Haunty Industrial Technology Milwaukee, WI Cheryl Hausladen Early Childhood Education Plain, WI Amy Hawes Fashion Merchandising Milwaukee, WI John P. Heck Industrial Technology Wautoma, WI Henry J. Heil Industrial Technology Edgar, WI Catherine Heili Home Economics In Business Two Rivers, WI Ron Henck Business Administration Delafield, WI Andrew Hendrickson Industrial Technology Milwaukee, WI Robert D. Hinn Industrial Technology Fond Du Lac, WI Andrea J. Hoesley Marketing 8: Distributive Education La Crosse, WI Pamela A. Holbach Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Juneau, WI La Vern Holm Vocational Education Adams-Friendship, WI Heidi Hommerding Art Education Merrill, WI Mark T. Honnold Industrial Technology Tomahawk, WI 134 Senior- Todd T. Hoover Hotel 8! Restaurant Management White Bear Lake, MN Marie Hoenung Clothing, Textiles 8: Design Sauk City, WI Todd Howard Industrial Technology Bloomington, MN Lori A. Hummell Fashion Merchandising Plymouth, WI Mary R. Huser Home Economics Education Bagley, WI Elaine Ibinger Child Development 8r Family Life Blair, WI Mona Inman Clothing, Textiles 8: Design Brownton, MN Melissa Isaacs Clothing, Textiles 8: Design Sheboygan Falls, WI Kim Ives Marketing 8: Distributive Education Eau Claire, WI , David S. Jacobs Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Mount Prospect, IL Jim Johanek Hotel 8n Restaurant Management La Grange Park, IL Mary Jo Jelen Art Independence, WI Ansumana Jeigula Industrial Technology Milwaukee, WI Robert J. Jester, Jr. Business Administration Franklin, WI David L. Johnson Applied Math Owatonna, MN David R. Johnson Industrial Education Dundas, MN Jeff Johnson Applied Math Jump River, WI Jennifer Johnson Applied Math Paynesville, MN Julie J ohnson Dietetics Manitowoc, WI Lynn D. Johnson Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Rockford, IL Senior- 136 136 Senior. Douglas E. Jaeger Industrial Technology Plymouth, MN Michael B. Johnson Industrial Technology Cannon Falls, MN Wanda Johnson Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Warsaw, MN Pam Jordan Fashion Merchandising Beloit, WI John Junker Business Administration Stillwater, MN Paula M. Junker Marketing 8a Distributive Education Bayport, MN Roger Kaminski Industrial Technology Green Bay, WI James K. Kamps Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Platteville, WI Nadine M. Kasel Fashion Merchandising Duluth, MN Daniel S. Kelley Business Administration Delafield, WI Barbara Kelsey Psychology Sturgeon Bay, WI Byron Kempen Industrial Technology Phillips, WI Thomas Kennedy Industrial Technology Joliet, IL Mike Kessel Industrial Technology Appleton, WI David Kijek Business Administration Mosinee, WI Josephine P. Killeen Food Service Administration Kenosha, WI Kristine King Industrial Technology Darlington, WI Mariellen King Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Naperville, IL Mary Kiwas Fashion Merchandising St. Paul MN John Klatt Business Administration Clear Lake, WI Roberta Kleuweg Hotel 8! Restaurant Management Waukesha, WI Wendy Knorr Business Administration Coon Rapids, MN Elizabeth Knudson Fashion Merchandising St. Paul, MN Julie M. Knudsen Vocational Rehabilitation Fridley, MN Niles A. Knutson Art Ridgeland, WI Steve Koenen Industrial Education Menomonie, WI Suzanne M. Kohlbeck Early Childhood Education Kewaunee, WI Bradley S. Kortbein Industrial Technology Marshfield, WI Gail Koss Art Education Antioch, IL Craig A. Kottke Industrial Technology Hartland, WI Mike Kraimer Industrial Technology Menomonie, WI Diane Krause Psychology Milwaukee, WI Carolyn Krieger Dietetics 8: Food Service Wilson, WI Tammy Kruse Industrial Technology Milwaukee, WI Kathleen Kuepper Art Shawano, WI Douglas Kugler Industrial Education Wauwatosa, WI Linda Kuligowski Clothing, Textiles 8: Design Brown Deer, WI Kimberly LaBelle Vocational Rehabilitation Lac Du Flambeau, WI Leigh Ann Lacey Early Childhood Education St. Paul, MN Kimberly L. Ludwig Home Economics Education Chaska, MN Seniors 137 Rochelle La Flex Early Childhood Education Thiensville, WI Brian Lamensky Industrial Technology Appleton, WI Todd Lamensky Business Administration Appleton, WI Karen Langballe Hotel 8: Restaurant Management L Oslo, Norway i Rick Lappin Art La Crosse, WI Michael La Roche Industrial Technology Trinidad, Tobago Barbara Larson Dietetics La Crosse, WI Barbara Laseski Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Forest Lake, MN Lisa LaVoy Fashion Merchandising North Aurora, IL Saadata Lawan Home Economics Education Kano, Nigeria Wakil A. Lawan Industrial Technology Nigeria Thomas Lee Industrial Technology West Salem, WI Andy Lenselink Applied Math River Falls, WI Pamela Lieb Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Green Bay, WI Karen Long Food Science 8: Nutrition Darien, WI Greg Lorenzen Industrial Technology Grand Meadow, MN G. Pierre-Solange Louha Business Administration Cotonou, West Africa John M. Lutz Applied Math Augusta, WI Laura Lynch Applied Math Appleton, WI Sands McAlee Vocational Rehabilitation Menomonie, WI 138 Seniors Joram McClurg Industrial Technology Green Leaf, WI Charles McGinnis Business Administration Madison, WI Christine McNamara Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Bird Island, MN John D. Maclean Industrial Technology Sturgeon Bay, WI Michael J. MacMilan Vocational Rehabilitation Duluth, MN Lori Madsen Art Green Bay, WI Sabo Muhammad Industrial Technology Nigeria Theresa Maikowski Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Appleton, WI Steve Mais Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Wausau, WI Kris Mariani Vocational Rehabilitation Shoreview, MN Lori Marr Hotel 8x Restaurant Management Milwaukee, WI Brenda Mastricola Fashion Merchandising Redgranite, WI Ellen Matt Fashion Merchandising Potosi, FL Thomas Matterer Industrial Technology Racine, WI Margaret Matthews Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Wisconsin Rapids, WI Richard J. Mercier Industrial Technology Colby, WI Kelly Meet Industrial Technology Hartland, WI Mike Meyers Industrial Technology Algoma, WI Scott Micoley Industrial Design Green Bay, WI Steve Miller Industrial Technology Minnetonka, MN Seniors 139 Mark Minkin Hotel 8L Restaurant Management Milwaukee, WI Sherry Mischel Child Development 8; Family Life Eden Prairie, MN David Mitchell Applied Math Mauston, WI Rae Anne Mitsch Dietetics Hudson, WI Charles Moder Industrial Technology Neenah, WI Tim Mark Industrial Technology Clear Lake, WI Gary Mortensen Industrial Technology Reedsburg, WI Michael A. Mozal Industrial Technology Des Plaines, IL Lynne Mueller Applied Math Mosinee, WI Jack W. Murphy Industrial Technology Coon Rapids, MN Roy Myes Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Milwaukee, WI Joseph Naden Vocational Education Malaysia Grace Nguvan Naswem Home Economics Education Nigeria f Bonnie Nelson Home Economics Education Spencer, WI 140 Senior. Lori Nelson Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Red Wing, MN Peggy Nelson Vocational Rehabilitation Rochester, MN Mary Neuenfeldt Home Economics Education Greenwood, WI Bonnie Neumann Marketing 8: Distributive Education Somerset, WI Dean Micoley Industrial Technology Green Bay, WI David Nielsen Industrial Technology St, Paul, MN Tammie Nicol Home Economics Education Menomonie, WI Jeff Noltner Industrial Technology Germantown, WI Frederick Norken Industrial Technology Nimba, Liberia, West Africa Mary Nowicki Vocational Rehabilitation Menomonie, WI Sandra R. Nutzmann Business Administration New Richmond, WI Kim Lori Oakland Vocational Rehabilitation Mollntain Lake, MN Bill O Brien Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Watertown, WI Emmanuel S. Ocheja Vocational Education Nigeria Keith Okan Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Portage, WI Bruce Olson Industrial Technology St. Paul, MN Ronalee Olson Fashion Merchandising Freeport, IL Scott Olson Industrial Technology Minneapolis, MN Brigid O'Malley Hotel 8: Restaurant Management South St. Paul, MN David ngu Onate Vocational Education Nigeria Senior- 141 Yaseen S. Osailan Vocational Education Medina, Saudi Arabia Jeffrey Osegard Applied Math Taylor, WI David N. Otobi Management Technology Nigeria I. B. Owolabi Vocational Education Kwara State, Nigeria Raymond Parker Industrial Technology Racine, WI Wendy Paul Early Childhood Education Kewaunee, WI Tim Paulson Industrial Technology Sheboygan, WI David Kiewicz Pawel Business Administration Menasha, WI Ann Pearce Psychology Lady Smith, WI Charles Pelant Industrial Technology Eagan, MN Mark Pennings Industrial Technology Green Bay, WI Rhonda Perez Fashion Merchandising Brainerd, MN Laurie Perrin Vocational Rehabilitation Western Springs, IL Michael S. Peterson Vocational Rehabilitation Hayward, WI Diane Pfeiffer- Fashion Merchandising Lawrenceville, IL Judee Pickhardt Fashion Merchandising Prior Lake, MN Jeff Polacek Industrial Technology Cudahy, WI Donald Pochardt Industrial Technology Morris, MN Scott Preston Industrial Technology Hudson, WI Laura Lynn Quale Clothing Textiles 8: Design Baraboo, WI 142 Senior- Kenneth M. Rach Industrial Technology Kohler, WI M. Radzali Vocational Education Malaysia Pam Raetz Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Minnetonka, MN Sam Nerone Ramrattan Industrial Technology Trinidad, Tobago Jeffrey Rasmussen Industrial Technology Marshfield, WI Sandra Tuitt Reece Home Economics Education Trinidad, West Indies Susan Redlick Fashion Merchandising Osceola, WI Stuart Reeves Industrial Education Jamaica Michelle Reid Business Administration Oconomowoc, WI Jill Reimer Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Caledonia, WI Britt Roller Marketing 8: Distributive Education Eau Claire, WI Kurt Rattler Industrial Technology Appleton, WI Mae Rens Art Education Waupon, WI Mark Rezak Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Fairmont, MN Susan Rhone Child Development 8: Family Life Baldwin, WI Kay Rehm Art Kohler, WI Seniors 143 Brent P. Ringlien Industrial Technology Spooner, WI Cheryl Riddie Business Administration Rochester, MN Rene Ritchie Industrial Technology Wausau, WI Paul Rivall Industrial Technology Hibbing, MN Lisa Rivers Child Development 8: Family Life Minnetonka, MN Marjorie Roe Clothing Textiles 8: Design Whitewater, WI Kelly Rogers Early Childhood Education Cuba City, WI John Rohde Business Administration Eau Claire, WI Jill Rohloff Home Economics in Business Schofield, WI Louise Rondello Early Childhood Education Eagle River, WI Susan Rotthoff Child Development 8: Family Life Burnsville, MN Lynn Salley Industrial Technology Rochester, MN Cynthia Salonen Business Administration Appleton, WI Ernest Salomen Marketing 8L Distributive Education Iron River, Michigan Ann Schade Art Columbus, WI Rick Schade Psychology Columbus, WI John Schaefer Business Administration Menomonie, WI Anthony Schaffer Industrial Education Wauwatosa, WI Sherri Schallock Dietetics Brown Deer, WI Dennis Schara Industrial Technology Edgar, WI 144 Seniors Laurie Schumansky Home Economics in Business Burnsville MN Craig Schilder Industrial Technology Grafton, WI Joseph Schluter Industrial Technology Bloomington, MN Laurie Schmelter Psychology DePere, WI Lisa Schneider Fashion Merchandising Hastings, MN Steven Schneider Industrial Technology Marshfield, WI Cynthia Schopp Art Education Cedarburg, WI Tod Schrader Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Mukwonago, WI Ann B. Schulz Dietetics Monrow, WI Brenda Kay Schumacher Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Fall Creek, WI Maria Schuster Industrial Technology Menomonee, Falls, WI Mark Schwan Industrial Technology Milwaukee, WI Dawn Seevers Home Economics Education Waukesha, WI Donna K. Senty Early Childood Education Madison, WI Laura Severson Industrial Technology Sparta, WI Barbara Shakal Vocational Rehabilitation Stanley, WI Mary J. Shellander Food Service Administration Palatine, IL Lynn M. Shimota Home Economics Education Foley, MN James Shipman Industrial Technology Rochester, MN Scott Shriver Marketing 8: Distributive Education Menomonie, WI Seniors 145 1w Senior- Richard Skaife Industrial Education Madison, WI Tim Smeby Industrial Technology Albert Lea, MN John Smeed Hotel 8: Restaurant Management St. Paul, MN Gregory Smith Industrial Technology Merrill, WI Mark Smith Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Plainfield, IL Michael Von Smith Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Minneapolis, MN Mike Smith Industrial Technology Merrill, WI Pamela Patricia Smith Food Science 8: Nutrition-Masters Jamaica West Indies Deborah Sobek Business Administration Hartland, WI Leslie Sorenson Industrial Design South St. Paul, MN Shelly Spallees Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Menomonie, WI Valerie Spence Interior Design Spring Valley, WI Rebecca Stafford Home Economics Education Arkansaw, WI Mark Stanisch Industrial Technology Brookfield, WI Christy Stanton Home Economics Education Menomonie, WI Rita K. Steinberger Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Clear Lake, WI Linda J. Stelter Home Economics Education Cedarburg, WI Lori Stelzer Vocational Rehabilitation Welcome, MN Lisa Page Stenseth Child Development 8: Family Life Menomonie, WI Kelly Stensrud Child Development 8: Family Life Coon Rapids, MN Kevin Stephenson Industrial Technology Chippewa Falls, WI Cheryl Strigel Fashion Merchandising Auburndale, WI Daniel Strobel Industrial Education Nekoose, WI Jane Stormer Interior Design Madison, WI Karen Sween Interior Design LaCrosse, WI Steven A. Sweet Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Beloit, WI Alan Tackes Industrial Technology Belgium, WI Jeffry A. Taylor Industrial Technology Lake Elmo, MN Mike Tessmer Industrial Technology Caledonia, MN Mark Thomley Business Administration Taylor, WI Theresa Thompson Early Childhood Education Red Wing, MN Karen Tietz Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Menomonie, WI Marie Toriello Hotel 8:. Restaurant Management Fond Du Lac, WI Terri Traczyk Interior Design Fridley, MN Hans J. Traut Industrial Technology Milwaukee, WI Madeline Trentadue Interior Design Milwaukee, WI John Tuerff Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Brookfield, W1 A. Michael Turek Business Administration DePere, WI Kenneth Tyrrell Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Wilmette, IL Lori L. Uhr Home Economics in Business Edina, MN Senior! 147 148 Senior: Catherine Ann Vacco Early Childhood Education Oak Brook, MN Deborah Van DeLoo Home Economics in Business Shawano, WI Amy Vanek Vocational Rehabilitation Oconomowoc, WI Bruce Vasey Applied Math Menomonie, WI James Vierck Applied Mathematics Bruce, WI Ryan Vroman Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Hanlock, WI Jane Waage Child Development 8; Family Life St. Paul, MN Mark Waldoch Psychology Menasha, WI Sharon Wamser Industrial Technology Menomonie, WI Todd Wanous Industrial Technology Owatonna, MN Sarah Weaver Home Economics in Business Cedarburg, WI Kristine Webber Child Development 8: Family Life Inver Grove Heights, MN Steve Weber Business Administration North St. Paul, MN David Weidner Industrial Technology Waukon, Iowa Jeffrey M. Welder Industrial Technology Rochester, MN Renee D. Weldy Business Administration Franklin, MN Ross Werner Industrial Technology Aurora, MN James Scott Wienold Industrial Technology Chicago, IL Renee Wilkie Food Service Administration Burnsville, MN Christine William Fashion Merchandising Menomonie, WI Michael Williams Industrial Technology Cudahy, WI Jonathan Willitz Applied Math Menomonie, WI Sherrie Winger Hotel 8: Restaurant Management St. Paul, MN Tom Wingert Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Mondovi, WI Deborah J. Winn Dietetics Wisconsin Dells, WI Sandy Witt Hotel 8: Restaurant Management Lincolnshire, IL Caroly Wolf Vocational Rehabilitation Elmwood, WI P. H. Wong Home Economics in Business New York Mark Wood Industrial Technology Oshkosh, WI Sue Woodruff Dietetics Bloomer, WI Julie L. Wright Graphic Design Albert Lea, MN Keith Yonan Applied Math Lake Tomahawk, MI James Young Business Administration Winona, MN Dada Yusuf Industrial Technology Nigeria Sandra Zager- Home Economics Education Sauk Rapids, MN Ricki Ann Zanella Fashion Merchandising Union Grove, WI Nancy Zelder Fashion Merchandising Oshkosh, WI Alan Zipp Hotel Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Eagle, WI Carolyn Zuleger Hotel 8; Restaurant Management Rhinelander, WI Seniors 169 Proof of Excellence As in years past, another academic year at Stout has closed. A year is a long time and we kept pretty busy during it. Registration, classes, and Homecoming wore us out in the beginning of the year. To help us maintain our sanity there were always quick weekends at home, long nights uptown, house parties, or simple walks with friends in the crisp fall air. Remember the first snowball fight, wiping out on the way to class, or that great day of cancelled classes? Yes, winter. Winter proved to be very cold and very long e too long to keep most people happy. Exams, Christmas, skiing, and other fun in the snow activities kept us occupied when not in class. We were all happy to see the lst of the snow melting away. Never too early, spring arrived bringing with it green grass and trees, shorts and sunglasses and fun in the sun. Long days at Riverside provided a classroom alternative or a place to party on sunny weekends. Those who spent their Spring Breaks tanning in warmer climates had one step up on the students that didnt. Sunburns and faces you hadntt noticed before became a frequent thing. Graduation, and the end of the year separated Stout and the students for another three months. Through it all we learned a lot about ourselves and others, the world around us and places far away. Who would have thought that when we came here Stout could bring us all of this? The World Series in 1984 saw the Detroit Tigers beat the San Diego Padres four games to one. The Chicago Cubs came close to getting into the series but the Padres won. In the American League, the Kansas City Royals lost in the playoffs to the Tigers. The photo shows Kirk Gibson of Detroit jumping for joy after scoring in game five. Darrell Evans is the on-deck hitter. Closing 151 Michael Jackson conducted his so-called Victory tour to more than a dozen cities. The original ticket policy, which required fans to mail in $120 postal money order for four tickets with no guarantee that they could receive tickets, was shelved after much criticism. ' X ;w Chicago Bears' Walter Payton eyes New Orleans Saints' Whitney Paul as he carries the ball on his way to setting the record for rushing. He broke the record of 12,312 held by Jim Brown. 1" t' .- tJ t ' J'A' t Walter " J ' made history when he chose a woman. Geraldine Ferraro as his vice presidential running mate. Mondale and Ferraro were nominated 0n the Democratic ticket at the party convention in San Francisco in July. He announced early in his campaign that to lower the federal deficit increased taxes would be necessary. 152 Closing 3 m .m m C Vanessa Williams was forced w surrender her title as Miss America at the request of pageant ofEcials because she had posed nude for sexually explicit phows. She became the first of 57 Miss American to be forced to resign. Suzette Charles, the first runner-up became the 58th Miss America. She crowned Shnrlene Wells, Miss Utah, at the Atlantic City Pageant in September. Princess Diana gave birth to Prince Harry in late 1984. The photo shows Prince Charles and his other son. two-year old Prince William. Closing 155 Photo by Kurt A. Janssen Summer 1984 156 Closing 9 Washington, Jan. 21 - I Romld Reagan - President Ronald Reagan repeats the oath of offlce of the president as his wife Nancy holds the Bible during the ceremony under the Rotunda of the Capitol in Washington Monday. Chief Justice Warren Burger is at right. Mission specialist Bruce McCendlea takes a walk in space in early 1984. In the photo he is seen using the eo-celled manned maneuvering unit as he moved away from the Shuttle Challenger during the eight-dey space mission. Cloning 157 The Statue of Liberty celebrated her 98th birthday in 1984 and she began to show her age. The statue was worn from constant pummeling by wind. salt air and acid rain, and the iron ribbing supporting the copper covering was badly corroded. A two-year reswration began in July 1984. It included a new gold-plated torch. 158 Closing President Mun won reelection with the biggest electoral vote in the nation's history. He won 49 states with 49 percent of the total vote. The photo shows Presidem Reagan at the victory celebration on election night, November 6, 1984. Closing 159 The United States did very well in the a 03 t' . h 1 83 gold J ' 61 silver and 30 bronze. Carl Lewis won four gold medals - the 100 meters, the 200 meters, the four 100 meter relay and the long jump; May Lou Rattan won the all-round gold medal and led the gymnastic team to a silver medal; she also won bronze medals for the floor exercise and the uneven parallel bars and took a silver medal for the vault. The Soviet Union and other Communist countries boycotted the Summer Olympics. .1... .. The Winter Olympics in Yugoslavia saw the United States win four gold and four silver medals. Scott Hamilton won a gold in the men's flgure skating and Steve Mahre won the gold medal in the Giant Slalom skiing event. Cloning 161 The United Slaves Marines arrived in Beirut in 1982. Lebanon was torn by civil war and foreign invasion. In 1984 when the Marines left, more than 260 Marines were dead, Lebanon was still at war with most of its territory occupied by foreign troops and its government tottering. The price of President Reagan's commitment was we high and the Marines left Beirut. Stanford, California w Jan. 20 - Protection - San Francisco 4991's quarterback looks for receiver behind protective blocking of left guard John Ayers mw in first half of Super Bowl XIX game Sunday in Stanford Stadium. Rushing Montana is Dolphins Don McNeal. 162 Closing Closing 163 Advertisements IT'S A GOOD TIME FOR THE GREAT TASTESM MES Located in the Thunderbird Mall parking lot 34-515 Jlito Suppog GOOD senwcs . nun moss Hours: 1329 N. Broadway M-F 8-5:30 Menomonie 5 9-4 Eau Claire 8 Whitehall Phone: 235-6818 KENNEL RESTAURANT OPEN 24 HOURS Menomonie, WI 715-235-5154 FOOT HEALTH CLINIC Complete foot care For the student and the athlete ' 1700 Tainter Street 235-4274 DUNN COUNTY NEWS and THE MENOMONIE SHOPPER Complete area news and advertising coverage Combined circulation 29,000 710 Main Street 235-3411 164 Advertisements DICKiS 916565;, 1627 North " Broadway . i North Menomonie Grocery and D911 Phone: 1599 North Broadway 235 7400 Menomonie, WI 54751 ' Phone: 715-235-4201 Thunderbird Mall WW 3563:: We helped you through Menomonieis Newest Motel Unit Meetings, Banquet, Dining Facilities Available for all your needs Serving lunch and dinner daily with a Wide variety of entree s and specials Quality food at reasonable pnces 932 N. Broadway, Menomonie 715- 235- 6124 UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Memorial Student Center University of Wisconsnn- Stout Menomonie WI 715-232-1235 Weill help you remember 54751 PATRONS COUNTRY KITCHEN? OPEN 24 HOURS 235-9541 SPORT SHACK THUNDERBIRD MALL Menomonie, WI 235-6688 LEEiS DRUG STORE 149 Main Street Menomonie, WI VISIONS THUNDERHEAD MALL Menomonie, WI 9R. LG- 0051' CUVTERS Thunderbird Mall Menomonie, WI 235-3118 MENOMIN LANES 121 Pine Ave. Menomonie, WI MAURICES THUNDERHEAD MALL Menomonie, WI Advertisements 165 166 Editor: Non Discovery of Excellence Editofs N ote For some of us the search if over but for others the search has just begun. The 1985 Tower staff has put in many hard working hours capturing the acheivement of excellence among the students, faculty, and staff of UW-Stout. Through this search we1ve learned more about ourselves and others, the value of a good education, and the opportunities that lie ahead for each and everyone of us. We have captured excellence here at UW-Stout both in photography and in words. Our division pages profiled some of the many discoveries of excellence here at Stout. The people we chose to profile were recommended by other students and faculty members. Capturing the discovery of excellence wasnTt easy. We had to be at many places at the same time and the Tower experienced some difficulties. About mid-year we were forced to change publishers causing difficulties in deadlines and changes in procedures. Thanks to our advisor Howard Foreman, Walsworth Publishing Company, and Diane Hjetler, we managed to pull things together. We are proud of what we have produced and we hope you are.- Treasure your Tower Yearbook, ifs proof of excellence. Michael Turek Colophon Nine hundred copies of the 1985 Tower were printed by Walsworth Publishing Company Inc., Marceline, Missouri 64658. The Tower is a 9 by 12 inch yearbook containing 166 pages, 8011 enamel paper, eight of which are color. Our book also contains six pages of cherry red spot color in the faculty section. The cover is red with a silver hot foil and a black silkscreen. The body copy is 8 and 10 pt. Century type. The news photographs in the closing section were used with the permission of Wide World Photo, New York. The senior photds were taken by Goheen Studios, Eau Claire, WI and all the residence hall photos were taken by Ron Buckley, Eau Claire, WI. WALSWOETH PUB LISH ING COM PANY MARCELINE. MISSOURI. U3 A Special Thanks to: Steve Owens Photography Mike Owens Photography Marie Homung ' Advertising Ron Buckley Ruldont Halls Diane Hjelter 88A Bill Siedlecki Student Center Dave Goheen Gohoon Studios Betti Mode" WW Publishing Co.

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