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TY OF; 3 KM UNI A voriery of rypes THE ACCENT'S ON PEOPLE people, people everywhere Nor jusr people, but fellow Srour srudenrs. Fellow Srour srudenrs trying ro odd rhe some class you ore, order rhe some meol your rosres are craving, ond orrempring ro exir through the very door you are enrering. Crowds are found berween classes, on rhe wolkwoys by rhe Science Wing, in Home Economic's sroirwells, and through rhe Union, And, of course, during those memorable rimes of preregisrrorion, regisrrorion, ond AdWDrop, Beyond rhe buildings we orrend regularly here on campus is 0 whole rown which we consider home for nine monrhs our of rhe yeor. Menomonie offers 0 iifesryle rhor is orruned ro just obour onyone's preference. From rhe rolling hills ro rhe shores of Lake Menomih, we keep ourselves occupied during rhe vosr change in seasons which occur during our sroy here. No, not rhe Ausrrolion "Men or Work" who bring us music, bur Menomonie's men or work who bring us the sound of bulldozers 0nd joclshommerso This year could be rirled, hThe Yeor of Consrrucrion." From the derour Ground Wesr-bound 1-94, to rhe derour enrronce inro rhe librory, Srour found irself omidsr snow fences, odd looking mochinery, and o ruckus of noise. Men or work IS IT FINISHED YET? Day by doy srudenrs witnessed the dismonrlihg of the infamous Modulux 0nd in its place rhe beginning of the new Srudehr Union, all while work conrinued on rhe Vocorionol Rehobilirorion Cehrer end rhe renovation of Bowman Holl. While we groduolly become occusromed to new consrrucrion sires, one phrase rings our, hls ir finished yer?" WH We all express ourselves in o variety of ways. From rhe way we dress, ro our rosres and preferences, we are all unique. Nor omy ore rhe Srour srudenrs morchless, bur so is our town. Menomonie presents us wirh foggy 12 A TIME TO RELAX A frer rhor final class of the day we gorher our books and release 0 sigh, Another day down. Now is rhe rime for our minds ro wonder inro rhe space which holds rhe rhoughrs rhor we are forbidden ro rhink when we ore supposed r0 Afrer the final class be concenrroring in class Time ro jusr sir and relax. Time ro lough wirh friends. Time for o hop, and time ro gather the energy ro finish 0 choprer, 0 project, or 0 problem before it all starts over ogoin. Thr- 50M T hey are guoronreed to come each week For some of us, rhe weekends are two days our of seven,- for orhers rhey srrerch into rhree end even four days. Weekends in Menomonie find Srour srudenrs creating rheir own rourine 0nd escaping from rhe regimen found during school doys. Besides corching up 0 mon- W WiTh t rime - mon ' cleor know yer o WGK u . i3lWi'I i W wmmm Everybodies raking rhem HITTING THE BOOKS The means of our education here or Srour revolves around our classes They range from early morning lecrures, r0 evening lob 0nd srudio work Probably one of rhe greoresr ocquiremenr comes from rhe conrrocr work we all so wirhin our majorse The orrisr creoring in rhe srudioe The teacher guiding rhe children. The monoger operoring rhe srore, They all give us 0 sense of whor rhe Hreol world" will be like Bur until we are ocruolly our rhere and have secure careers, we conrinue ro ger up early, go ro our classes, highlighr our mores, ond hir the books. , wwWw Www k R FACULTY f: PEP P DONA ND DQNA a1 NANCE .I b 9; T. C v, 5 B i, A. L C MST P; : H r Ly 4a: wagir a A . . E :5; 2? APPAREL, TEXTILES 5 DESIGN Carol Slower: has been or U.W..5rour for 15 years. She received her M.S. tn Home Economics Education and Clothing, Texriles and Related Ans. Her PhD. is from U.W.-Madison ART Gene Bloodom om'ved or U.W.-Srour in 1970. He studied or U.W.-Modison end has roughr in London, England. BIOLOGY George Nelson Has been or U.W.-Srour since 19660ndhosbeendnirpersonofrheniologyde porrmenr for 11 years. He reaches Microbblogy 0nd FOOd MiCI'OUObQY. Fm Row L R Dr Lurker Mona" 3' Gene 093d 3' Pvgse J1: Smomc Row LR Dr RUXTd War Pwo Gmicrvc GO x MIN 1w D' Dzivrmd DdA- '0': 4 ., ,mrd Lrgwrv D' D 20W MA VIM 1, R M A w Iii Mugho, Hume Hun IN C R VXX l lv 71' QN VWJH NUVkH H' L PW ' ijr Wnlmm Wagner, Dr Sergio lmrrm w: Wham Her , ream Dr Roberr Eim-n' J D: W H C' 'KJPIW n Nmeher ' UK 3 u'wee Durwnc b: X de err x r: BUSINESS Bruce Slobold, Department Administrator for 3 yeas, has been or U.W.-Srour for 9 years. He has a Ed.S. degree from U.W.-Srour and o EDD. from the University of Minnesota. CHEMISTRY William Mueller studied at the University of Mn- nesota where he received his 8.5. and MS. His PhD. isfromrheUniverskyofldmo. HehasbeenorU.W.- Stout for 14 years. COUNSEUNG Er PSYCHOLOGICAL SERVICES Carlyle Gilbemon Has been or U.W.-Srour for 15 years. He hm a PhD. from U.W.-Modison. Gerald Donley received his Master's degree from U.W.-Stout in Guidance and CounselinwAd ministration in 1965. He has been employed here for 18 years. ENERGY 5 TRANSPORTANON Thomas Baldwin is a Professor of Electronics. He received his :19qu in 1071 from Texas MM and has been or U.W.-Stour for 14 years. ENGLISH a: Robert Moran has been or U.W.-Srour for 12 years. His Master's degree is from U.W.-Mmon. He Currenrty readies Freshman English. 22W Mcrmrd t'bEmsmc Jam Brow Jerry DrWey Bcrbom Sedgwuck, Dr Lorry Sedgwxck, D' , ;R D' Ow Nebor: Dr MW TWor'd, Dr Thames Homm Tum Men Dr Vorylo Homum, Mm Row L R Dr EJQQWB HM, 7w How 9 CKgH'VWQVd J MOW , : yr H: ' ampuii Dr Thofmm Ummvm, Cynhhxo Wcidm Thor'urzx Prmun: 'ym'rwri Row LR Dr Doncw ' m J4 'w W v K, ,;. :,HH Fm Row L R Roberr Meier, Dr Warren Long, Dr Erwk Thum, Roy BoHow, Dr Dovxd McCorGka Roberr Schwer Second Row L R MorreH Solem, Per McMonomy, Esrher FONS, Carole Hm, Dr EveXym Jensen, Dr ergmo WOW, Dr Susan Thom, Dr Joner Pomnsky, Goudwo Kmvnle Thxrd Row LR Pow Edmondson, Mary Jo Rorhke, Heep Qumn, Morvm Larson, Howord Foreman Whom O'Nem, Sylvxo Gengembod", Roberr Morom, Jom MedeXmon Flrsr Row LVR: Dr Jocquhne Reddick, Dr Aniro leson, Judy Smolorek, Drv Margret James, Joy Jocelyn Secono Row L R Berry Viens, Dr. Janice Timmer, Ann Rosenrhol, Cheryl Bork, Dr Mary Ann Townsend, Dr Mercedes Koinskx, Dr Lorraine Dohlke Flrsr Row LR Jim Tenorio, Daniel Molenke, Dr Hans Tlmper, John Vronok, Dr Louis Moegenburg Second Row L R Don Mossopusr, James McCroke-n, Dr WiHiom Amrhor, Dr James Herr, Courtney Nysruen Third Row LVR: Dr ChOHes Thomas, Thomas Vonderloop, Roberr Hendricks, Scorr Slmenson, Gory Cowles. ersr Row LVR Dr LeXond NJChOHS, Jofor Jofcm, Crowg Schowolrer, Jxm Burke Second Row LVR CcroX chkerr, Dr Chmes MereXko, Sru FuHorron, Jim Duergermewsrer, Terry Schuhz, Dob OXsen, DxH ch de Row LR Dr CO'd WHson Eome James, Dr Judy Opperr, Tom Pmmps FOOD 6 NUTRITION Anna Vlison studied Food Science and Nutrition aerSmewMeshereceWedherBj. and M5. Her PhD. is from Utah State. She's been here m 1906. Gmnnic CoMMumcmons ?gg Minna: Amfhm has been at U.W.-Srour since W60. He has a 0.5. and MS. from U,W.v5rour and a EdD. from Texas AGM. HABITATIONAL RESOURCES w bland Niche": has been Department Ades rrotor since his anvd in 1977. He received his BA. and MA. from Colorado Srote Colege and his PhD. from the University of Temessee. HUMAN DEVELOPMENT, FAMILY LIVING 6 COMMUNITY EDUCATIONAL SERVICES Katen Zimmerman has been or U.W -Srour for 11 years. She received her PhD. from Iowa Store Unir varsity in 1970. INDUSTRIAL 5 MARKETING EDUCATION 5; Richovd Gobhon received his 9.5. and M5, de grees from Nonhem Store Conege, South Dakota. University of Misscm granted his Ed.D. He's worked or U.W.-Srour for 10 years INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT jetty Coomr has been or U,W.-Srour for 18 years. He received his 0.5. o: U.W.-Srour and comb uedhiseducorionorpurdueUniversitywherehe received his MS. and PhD. A r wick, Dem meg Sexy O R x Fm Row LR D' JE'W Cccmer, Cm 1m Yosr Lfc'we Qeuger Cr mu Camso"w Dr Joma RU" LR Le; ' D WM g." Lyn 4' ': ::"0 D Riv VG D' Owuo MM Weak A ;, Dr Dmg Srmsrmm 14mm MATERIALS 5: PROCESSES Arthur Muller has been or U.W.-Srour for 17 years. His 8.5. and M5. degrees are from U.W..Srour. His EDD. ls from the University of Northern Colorado. FMW Row . P Dr Arbol: Pew J Qur'w hwy SCWexCer, JON? PGO'SOF, D" ,0? Emor Secmd Row L R D' HOOK 4 ' Rose? Meyep Dr Awwr Amier Dr Hemry Homes Third Row LR Pod mewer 69099 Pewer, Dr James meerud Pwsf'neim Dr AWE hofer Dr Spade Dy CHEW GPIVFQ, RCO," , ; MATHEMATICS John Hunt cmved or U.W..Srour in 1970. He reaches Differential Equations His PhD. ls from the Universiry of northern Colorado. Fm Row LR ia'evo INemcm EHeJ: ZN Dehm 1h Kn gcmww: Seccmc Row L R. No Koren Wihiaws Dr RU'W Mmhoisom szford Gcwhxer, D' R'crmrd MxHer, Wodid , Fred Brexsch Dr Dawn's Mkkegom Dr john HUTV, James Ley, Rmhord Cults Onem Howard T'mrc Row LR Dr Domok: Johnson, Bruce johnsfow Dr Johm Neuerfad Dr WHixGm MCGum, Emo Mum MEDIA TECHNOLOGY David Graph has been or U.W.-Srour since 1980. His bocheior's degree is from U.W.Oskosh end his PhD. ts from the University of Nebraska. T Fm Row LR Dr Roge' He'rz Dr errcm:e hgrom Dr Dcvd Grcph Dr Gerda? Jopes, D' Josepw Hogomcr, Jom L , Lynn Prlichord. who was Deportmenr Adminis- rroror since his arrival in 1965, died in on ouromobile accident in December, 1983. His bachelors degree was from UWiou Claire, and his master's degree was from Northern Colorado University. PHYSiCAL EDUCATION .5 ATHLETICS Warren Bowlus is in his third year or U.W.-Srout. He has his PhD, in Physicoi Education and Arhien'cs from Mono University. PHYSICS Steve Possum has been or U.W.-Srour for 17 years. His DA. is from St. Olaf College in Minnesota. U.W.-Modison granted his MA. and PhD. L R Aiiuo Hiigendorf, Dr Steve Possum Dr Johm Rompdo, Dr Mom Lormez, Jomes past; John Howims, Dr John Fons 26M SOCIAL SCIENCE e Rubensvnnscmnetouw -Sroutin1970 Hehos ,orrmersaegree from the University of Montana W eqdmm. Hsrorym Firsr Row L-R: Arnold Olson, Dr Don Mognussen, Dob Evonsl Doyle Mandelson, Jim Eggerr Secbnd Row LVR Bob Melrose, Dr Sreve Shyder, Dr Bruce Pomperxn, Dione Perersdorf, Dione Cornveon, Dr Dowd Liu, Lydlo Rurhkowski, Sharon Nero Third Row L-R; BiH DoHe-y, Dr Cord Dobrunz, Ken qur, Dr Dec: Bigony, Dick Tyson SPEECH G FOREIGN LANGUAGE :4; J....-. wv. e Raymond Hayes is in his 11th year or U.W.-Siour. jHe smdied odeI Srare University. hdiono, where he received his MA. in Rhetoric and Public Address. Fxrsr Row LR Denms GHfflth, Howord H8159, Dr Morrho WoHen, Norohe DorhweH, Lon Schroeder Second Row LVR RS Hoyes, Muchoel Nxcokm, Arrhur Morrhews, Pow Srouffocher, June Smerono, Gerdd Myers e VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION Wahet Pmm mus been Department Administroe a FIN Row IAR Dr Dnmd Knrrhpll Dr Ammd Kay Dr Howard Fpldmno Mnmnrpr R1 men Sprnnd Row I -R Dr Thnmng 'w, ' . qwmmm vww m M mg ';g;. 1.. mmmmmmWL ,, 3x, , - W Mr 0 www Mkuvwm" k x. Am. muwwr ,, m M W D a " W i'yrszrwwwmmh WWW, , w h , V , MMM vam1 1 m L L M M, raw W .M. A ,u L; Mmmwm ww-mw wrw V, A V M , n. V V V M. A m n L T L m, WW v-w?mrnMrnwwww-VwyVWWW ,, w vw Wwvwmww Wifwfwwmmm L ,W WWW, WWW MW, WW V V W V V w L W e M. .. ijwvx,thvz:'fw mengWTMbwmwn w mm ngm, 'Uw'WAepr-f 75"W wag WW Vnwmw LMLVWWL ,m "WW, W Law? , ,, ,, , m Wwwn ,7 mm, We V m - WWW e ,, A ,, Aim? war yaw z,mm,wum ,wy IWWM Wm, gm wwwm w IV WV V mama V V V L L; w" w" L w , , wa m LV , "WWW, wwwwwz W'N'MXVV" - 1 , Lu pwwwwwww WWWNWWFM ? I '3'.th 564' m - a w w. m' W L a - w ,w a ' V m 1. 3,32 n, O y a 7 w y a LL 2o - w L, a L W V r v.- W - .; ...A I-u - -: -ll - r - Lg4 u r v- --v- V ,' .--, Inn" rill 'llll , , 7 . 7 ---. , , '--- J . ii? "Um "I I 17,7; "-' -,- 1'," ' 531,1 KCW? 'IfJM'IN Ulllh .IIIII mu xllylllxxlwlwiulz Ml. .,.. .....:I . , ,, l 'X 2 :.,w w, Iljll i I " "'-" ' 1' "'-' huh 111144-12Lx'ilil-XAJKA dlnlm-A-ma;;unlizll' "wAu-MA Mc-i '1': '1111' I ; h:' - m, um! UN W0 1 1!.51!111, 1 vllJ ..,.., YIlllI ' "'7IW II; n. .. . ...,. II 'l.','.'! ' nu. 5"": 1. I MI - --. U 3 I Ill: u ..A . u... --lil w-:--7 nn-Whh 11L ,,h :I-y-v ....I.l, 71,-, ,,,",, l 1 I! C" , lI 1,; IIIII .1- I. r vA 0"...- I .. II I! II I HI Ill vzm; ' ""' II III ll Ill 111 ,1 " ... .'.'.'.1..'.' ."' " imunuul ' ,,,, ,,, IHT' HI -l"' . .. h -..n -MH r..-u.l: H Ilium: . , , ' . -- ;. .- .. . 711 llllllllll --' "".'.','.'::,-.-.. ,,,, .. . ,,," ,- .. V. V ,,,.. ,,,...n , , IIII wl :1 un VIII III I' IIC ' .1 um, ,,,,,,I 7- ,,, -;::u:-....-. ll.uw1511-u-. ...-. -L' 7.-., , nlzllnun... . , , nun: ... ., ------ I , , , i A 'llIIllIlHl ,ulull lullllq u. - 1'! II IIINIII ,,, HIIIIHIII'HrM A ' , r! 1nnzuu::ru..,, ,,,,,,,,. '-- V ......,uu.u 1. '" -- , J; "IWIMII Hum: ,, ,,1. ' "' ... , 1 ., l l : - i .'m 7, y?! jlllll 1min ,,,. . ,, ,,,, 1,17, .a-uuk' Ill UlIlll-Hlullllll L. - IN: 1 l" - - -1111'. III ! 117717 ; 2mm swam m ,,,,alnlnl.,.:.';III' VII VIII l W. Illll HUI .' ' I Ll! l..r'lll,II-I'I".I .1, III!!! 111:: I'll I ll , .1- 1111.:- niLLMA1ILA' UIIL-r'lA 7: --"1-::-:.': ' V nnw: -,11 1 HI: nil: l n, .. .-. . - ..-.'...-r'.l.n r'hy ; . ,,,,l III!" ,, ', "II mmmmmmmw A IIII' H Illdlll. 1U ..... w I ,-' 111-1 ,, -, VI u '3 zuu' " uuu mm. v y, . 1! I mam, xllllllllllll'lrl I run . III I nun nnnIIIIH III 1"1' ,vulu Ila - .. -... --;,,,,- , ..,,,,,., m, . n: IIHIHIIH Ill " ' ' "w '1 ' H :7 '.' .C', L-...-..u.u-.w'-'...- J. .. ' - w . ,.. I "Tn -, 'MIr - ,, ,,v ,. 7 , L'."Wll! ,,,:H II II I "II llll Inna II 1.1-", . - punt", g. .7..;; ---.- --.- -. ,. ' , "'u' , 1' 1 II II. . a in, IIIIHI w. VIIII'IIEI 1,11 ' Illllllll. 1'11: ll' n, m llllllI lIlllINll II n 11 III! 711 avg, y Homecomihg Bonoho Olympics, skir highr, royolry com- peririon, o pep rally, and rhe Suburbs were all porr of this year's Homecoming fesriviriesr The rheme, bCorch rhor Olympic Spirir", ser rhe mood for rhe week's ocriviries. Bonono Derby, Bonoho Arr, Bonono re- lay, and o rwihkieeeorihg contest werejusr o few of rhe events in rhe Bonoho Olympics held on Monday. Srudems were enrerroihed by 19 group performances for Royolry Skir nighr on Tues? day. Oh Wednesday, rhe roydry condidores were pur r0 rhe resr wirh Royolry Recrea- rion Fun, The king condidores worked on o rourine wirh rhe Pom Pom squod while rhe queen candidates practiced an obstacle course re1oy. In on efforr to control the crowd, rhe rrodirionol Sorurdoy morning porode was cancelled and replaced by Olympic Spirir highr held in rhe fieldhouse Friday evening. During rhe pep rally, Berry Klorz and Tim Boiley, from South Hall, rook reign of rhe chiviries, Afrer o disoppoinrihg loss ro LoCrosse Sore urdoy ofremoon, rhe Suburbs concluded the week's ocriviries by ehrerroinihg o crowd in the Snack Bar. POwn Enferroinmem The srorr of this school year morked the 15 year anniversary of UW-Stour's own per- forming coffeehouse - The Pawn. It be" gon in 1968 05 a place ro relax and enjoy mood-inspiring enrerroinmenr. Then, the en- tertainment consisted mainly of mole guirorv isrs 0nd vocolmrios. Since then, mime ocrs, piano players, audience singolongs, drama, and poerry readings have all graced the sroge. Another feature of the Pawn is the opporruniry for the Stout community to per- form. The Pawn is not only 0 place of entertain- menr bur operates in conjunction wirh the food service. Ar first it was mainly a simpie selection of her d'oeuvres but today ir in- cludes homemade soups, sandwiches, sol- ods, pastries, and more. 32 pawn enrerroinmenr 3 3 m e m .m m m n e n m Smock Ber Bonds Bonds come from Minneapolis, Chicago, and even Mexico To perform for srudenrs in rhe Memorial Union Smock Dor rhroughour rhe year. Contemporary Music Producrions sponsored such bonds as Monrono, Chomei leon, Deluxury, Anthem, rhe Suburbs, Yozz, Zig Zog, Por MCCurdy, and The Phones MU? sic sounds varied from rock ro combinorions of Morown and rhythm r0 counrry. Deluxury 34 snack bar bonds Srudenrs also performed in rhe Smock Bar for rhe rhird onnuol Air Jom sponsored by Circle I4. Srudenrs compered for rhe first prize of $100, second prize 0 holf-borrel, 0nd rhlrd prize 0 quorrervborrel. The winning group from JTC performed ThriHer" Proceeds from rhe Air Jam wenr ro Kinship of Dunn Chameleon Vi Sonck snack bar bands 35 L Inframu 015 hein re keep studenrs involved I Several event's ere oiso divided by abiliry in exercise and recreation throughout the levels. individuals and teams simpiy Choose schoof year. 37 Winter Carnival HMidWinrer Magic" was the rheme for rhis yeor's Wihrer Comivol held during rhe week of February 5rh. Coordihored by rhe Special Events Commission, Winrer Comivol helps break rhe monorony of winrer. The evenrs begon Tuesday evening wirh reoms from the residence holls and o few campus organizations compering in Royolry Feud, o roke-off of rhe game show HFomin Feud". CKTO rook firsr place and Fleming Holl rook second. Royolry voring rook place or rhe Srudehr Center Wednesday, CKTO won, HKMC come in second, end DECA wos rhird. Also held on Wedhesdoy, wos rhe Royolry Com, peririon. Evenrs included 0 sled comesr end 0 snowshoe reloy. The day ended wirh Kramer and Compony-The World's Greer; esr Magic and Illusion Show" performing in rhe Smock Dor. Winrer Comivol ended Thursday highr wirh rhe Coronon'on dance. Corhy Heili and Ron Wynne, of CKTO, were crowned Queen and King and rhe bond, Zig Zog, provided rhe music for The dance, 39 whrer carnival 40 Sergei Borovrin, on exiled Russian onisr, spoke in Harvey Hall on Mon day, October 24, Of 7:00 pm. He and his family were expelled given 0 choice of imprisonment or ieovingi from the Soviet Union in May of 1983 due to his involvemenr with 0 peace group that he helped organize called, nThe Group to Esroblish Trurh Be- rween the USSR and rhe U.S.A." The group is on independenr group not soncrioned by the Sovier govern- menr. The peace group has mode many specific recommendorions of what rhings could be done to work toward rheir goal of peace based on rrusr, not fear. s Sergei Borovrin is an artist and hos expressed himself through his art by designing peace posters and burrons. After starring the peace group, he had about 80 of his paintings confisu ' 4 Universiy Speoisers77Senes ; cured by rheigovernmenr. Despite suffering from assaults by rhe KGB, horrossmenr, joii, houSe ar- resrs, loss of jobs, and such, rhe group continues r0 work roword peace and seeks the support of people from oth- er norions. Sergei Borovrin does nor consider himself 0 dissidenr. He does not objecr to the Soviet form of government, except for its militarism 0nd repressive measures. He has wonred r0 sroy there ro work roword peace. He conn siders rhe United Stores oiso o militaris- ric government and does nor trust the US. government's efforts ro negoti- ore disarmament: Having lived in the United Stores 05 0 child, the son of 0 United Nations official, Mr. Borovrin speaks English very well. Robert Ellis Smirh Roberr Ellis Smirh spolse Monday, November 14, 1983 in the Mobel Toinrer Theorers The rirle of his speech was High Technology and 1984: The Dorls Side of rhe Computer Age." Many people have 0 hard time undersronding some of rhe conceprs of new rechnoiogy, porriculorly elec- rronic doro communicorions. Smirh cired some of rhe impocrs of rhis new technology in his speech. Issues rouched on by Smirh included infor- morion on compurer doro banks, lie derecrors, 0nd rhe psychological and physical ospecrs of privacy A rrend Smirh sees is The consronr flbw of information people ore giving our. HSUCh information ier our can be very monipuloring," Smirh said His exomple wos rhe fine runing of mor- Michoel H, Annison spolse to on audience in the Harvey Holl Audiro- rium on Tuesday, April 17, or 8:00 pm. Annison spoke on future busi- ness rrends ond rhe 1080's job mor- lsers He sees America as having moved from on agricultural posr to on industrial presenr 0nd, in his Iecrure, charred rhe norion's course rhrough o furure informorion and service econo- mys Annison is currenrly the President of rhe Wesrrend Group, 0 business formed for the purpose of monitoring social, economic and poliricol change in assisting dienrs odopr ro rhe new economy in rhe Unired Srores. Prior to forming the Wesrrend Group, Mr. Annison was Vice Presidenr of rhe universiry speakers series lsering in odverrising. Smirh Iisred orher technologies used ro gorher informorion such as phoro duplications, sorelire phorogrophy, ro- dio, television, and rope recorders. However, compurers ore rhe primary woy ro collecr ond srore informorion. According ro Smirh, rhe woy ro limir rhe informorion being disrribured ro various agencies is by 0 change of orrirude by the people who provide rhe informorions Mr. Smirh hos served 05 ossisronr direcror of rhe Civil Righrs Office of rhe Deporrmenr of Health, Educorion, and Welfare. He has appeared on rhe Today Show, Good Morning America, MocNeil-Lehrer Reporr, 0nd rhe Dicls Covert Show. Noisbirr Group whose research was rhe basis for rhe book Megatrends. His former experience also includes worls or the Department of Heolrh, Educorion and Welfare, Woshingron Technical lnsrirure, end he worked for rhe Superinrendenr of rhe Cleveland Schools Throughour his career, Mr. Annison hos focused on quesrions re- Iored ro rhe insrirurionol developmenr and change, ocriviries which provide rhe basis for work wirh rhe Wesrrend Group Mr. Annison has been 0 visiring pro- fessor Cir rhe University of Denver and is currenrly o visiring lecrurer in rhe Bush Execurive Training Program sponsored by rhe Business School or the University of Minnesoro, Corerro Scott King Sronley Kornow Henry eele Comcoger , coponry ob em: , King messed Ihor, Ihe CIVIIEV , ' movement was In Iorge pen 0 you" 8:00pmgI InrheJ ,: Held 05 pen of 13m, movement and young adults must be politically acrive If they wenr'; carry on the Ideals of Martin L , King. 5m also explained Ihe ph 09 ophy of non-vioience 0nd weer on Io soy rho: every Issue which offecISi young people Iodoy, sumiosvgovem :6 menr curs in financial aid, can be 1m 9 pocred by more poiirIcOI invoIVef- s menr N I Corerro Scott King is Ihe founding President and chief executive cefficer 97 of Ihe Martin Lumer King Ceeierifor Nonviolent Social Change ThefCenI indudes Dr Kings EntombmehI Ihe home he was born in, a, center and a Bopnsf C7 Mrs. King 5 direcr ieodeIShp, Ier promotes the ,cb Held in cooperorion wiIh Ihe Dean's Office in Ihe School of Liberal Studies, Sronley Kornow spolse Io on audience on April 25, or 8:00 pm in Ihe Hervey Holl Audirorium on HVieIe nom: Analogues Io Cenrrol America and Lebanon," Sronley Kornow is Ihe ourhor of Ihe besIselIer, Vietnam: A History. which was wriIIen in conjunction wirh being the Chief Correspondent for Ihe PBS series, HViernom: A Television His- rory," Ihe mosI worched documene Iory in 1983 by college srudenrs 0nd foculries. Kornow begon covering Ihe French Indochina War as o correspon- denr for Time and Life mogozines in Paris in 1950 He also reporred on events in Europe, Africa, and Ihe Mid- dle Eosr during rhor periods In 1959, he was senr Io Asia as chief corre- spondenr for Time and Life. In 1963, he become Ihe Saturday Evening Post For EosI Correspondenr in Asia, CAmericon Foreign Policy - From Disosrer Io Corosrrophe" wos Ihe rop- ic of Henry Sreele Commoger's speech held on December 1, or 8:00 pm. in Ihe Horvey Holl Audirorium. Considered one of America's fore- most hisrorions end on experr on Con- siIuIionol low, he has Ioughr or Am- hersr College since 1956. He has olso been PiII Professor of American HisIo- ry or Cambridge Universiry, Horms- worrh Professor of American HisIory or Oxford Universiry, 0nd Gorresmon Professor of Uppsolo Universin, He has been VisiIing Professor or MIT, Indi- ono Universiry, Universin of Chicago, inougurored Ihe Bullirr Professorship or Ihe University of Washington, end has Iecrured or universiries in Lorin Amer- iecding 'xspekesperson for minorities en a wide-specrrum of issues ranging from Io'w cosI housing to Ihe selection of federal judges Conrinously sought nos 0 speaker and iecrurer Mrs King has waveled exrensively throughout the worid. She has visited with many heads of stores, received numerous honorary degrees and awards end has been Interviewed by hun dreds of 1 A reporters, editors and roik show hosrs Many of her appearances hove been precedent setting, including bee Ing the first women :0 deIiveI Ihe I 053 Day address or Harvard Universi- ond from 1965 I0 1970 was Ihe Asio correspondenr for The Washington Post in Woshingron 0nd subsequenrly become 0 special correspondenr for NBC News, 05 well as Associore Ediror of The New Republic. He hos conIrie bured Io The New York Times Mog- ozine, The Atlantic, Fortune, For- eign Affairs, Foreign Policy and orher publicorions. He olso has served as correspondenr on several public television documenrories. Kornow is Ihe ourhor of Ihe books Southeast Asia and Mac and Chi- no: From Revolution to Revolution. He is Ihe winner of two Oversees Press Club Awards He is also 0 corre- spondenr for Public Ielevision and serves on Ihe Board of Advisors for Ihe Universiry of Kentucky Sronley Kornow is presenrly o syne dicored columnisr end is producing o Ielevision special obour PosI-Viernom dilemmas. ico, Japan, and mosr of Ihe counrries of Wesrern Europe. Since 1966, he has been a mem- ber of Ihe Norionol Academy of Arrs 0nd Lerrers which oworded him irs Gold Medal for Hisrory in 1972s During World War II 0nd oerr he served on Ihe War Deporrmenr's CommiIIee on Ihe Hisrory of Ihe War. He is 0 member of Phi Bero Koppo 0nd of many professional organize- rions end is on Honorary Fellow of Pererhouse, Cambridge. Alrhough he eorned his Bachelor's, MosIer's, and PhD degrees or Ihe Universiry of Chi- cogo, he also holds honorary degrees from 44 colleges and universiries here and abroad universiry speakers series d the fifSI wemon Io preach are In service or SI Paul's CCIIIIe- If ' I Ihe Noumea BockiLeedeIshp FcIfI'j' '6 rpm, Mrs Kingyhes consIohIIy been or - I ' - - 41 Fieldhouse Bonds Conremporory Music Producrions brought two bonds ro rhe Johnson Fieldhouse this year e The Tubes and Nighr Ranger. On Monday, Ocrober 10, The Tubes per formed to on audience of followers of rhe eorly Tubes and fans of TShe's o Beouryf' The worm-up bond Roggs, from Minneapo- lis, received 0 poor reception from rhe crowd which was full of onriciporion for rhe moih orrrocrion. The Tubes used Terrific rheorrics, elabo- rore props and costumes, backdrops and lighting to make rhe music come olive. The show was 0 combination of Oh evening or rhe rheorre, 0 day or rhe circus, and o highr on rhe L05 Vegos srrip, The music ranged from rheir more radical doys posr, r0 0 more polished, commercialized music srylee The Tubes were able ro coprivore rhe audience wirh their unique and flamboyant sryle. Nighr Ranger come to the Johnson Fielde house on Monday, April 23 r0 perform for o sold-our audience Their rock and roll show was full of energy and screomihg heovy meroL Chameleon, o Minneapolis-bosed bond performed r0 0 passive audience as rhe wormiup bond. The bond was character- ized by high energy screaming guirors, srrihged background syhrhesizers and lead vocals. The ihsrrumehrols and vocals were well mixed. Nighr Ranger was well choreographed on sroge and did hor rely heovily on other rheorric devices. However, rhe sound sys- rem was pushed TO its full porehriole They performed such popular runes 05 Sister Chrisrion," TTTouch of Madness," and HYOU Con Srill Rock in America." The production was 0 success e very professional and welli received by rhe oudiehce. Ploy producnons for year included, hLove in E Flor," "Cosrs," 0nd hBorefoor in the Park." The first production of the year in rhe Harvey Hall auditorium was hLove in E Ftor." The comedy by Norman Krosno was direct- ed by Norolie Borhwell. The next production, Tests," was direct. ed by 0 studenrw-Doug fnsrenes. The pioy, produced by the University Theorre Club, depicted The lives of actors and messes. The nexr production, also produced by the University Theatre Ciub, was direc'red by Kimberly Sreens. This comedy Wes Neil Sih mods hBorefoor in he PkafT , ' ' , 44 pOoys . .3;Eixnbhngv? i x . Porehr's Wee A group of 25, heoded by Sue Tesro, mode Up rhe Porenr's Weekend Commiri ree. They chose rhe rheme HThe Sporlighr's on You", and planned rhe weekend's evenrs around ir. The Universiry Theorer performed HDroi culo" on Friday, Sorurdoy, and Sunday. Die recred by Poul Sroffocher, HDrocqu" was 0 spine-chilling role of Dr. VonHeisihg's or- remprs ro rhworr rhe dire deeds of rhe srronge Tronsylvonioh Counr who lives nexr to Dr. Seward. This melodromo was 0 weli come change ofrer 0 series of comedies. The Coborer performed in rhe Snack Bar Fridoy nighr Their show combined music from Broadway, the Movies, and Los Ve- gos. Sorurdoy was 0 busy day for srudehrs and Their porenrs. Classrooms 0nd lobs were open most of rhe day for rouring. The Foshi ion Promorion Class presehred TTThe Spore lighr's on You; Fashions, Then and Now," 0 fashion show which compared our fashions eend r0 rhose of our porenrs when rhey were our age. Acriviry Boorhs were ser Up in rhe Snack Bar where various orgonizorions displayed rheir lirerorure and explained rheir funcrions. The Music Deporrmehr had 0 full audience for rheir concerr Sorurdoy ofremoon in rhe fieldhouse, Sorurdoy evening enrerroinmenr includ- ed Mr. Simon Sez end the Lou Johnson Orchesrro, TTMr. Simon Sez", olios Bob Schoffer, conducred 0 large game of Simon Says in rhe fieldhouse. Alrhough rhere was no Twinner", rhe audience ond porriciponrs had 0 good rime. In The Shock Bor, rhe Lou Johnson orchesrro played 0 wide voriery of music ro dance and lisreh ro. On Sunday rhe Srour Anrique Auro Club held on all day Anrique Auto Swop Meer or rhe Dunn Counry Fairgrounds. Sunday was also 0 day for TTgood-byes" os porehrs th srudehrs porred ofrer having enjoyed o busy, fun, weekend rogerher, 46 parent's weekend, Parent's Weekend 48 porenr's weekend . .. A a n porenr's weekend 49 Spring Foir TTRenoissonce Doys" wos rhe rheme for Spring Foir held rhe firsr week in May. Many of rhe evenrs were ro be held outside bur due ro rain and bod weorher, rhey were moved ro rhe Shock Bore Campus orgonizorions sponsored 0 vorie ery of fun and festive boorhs wirh ocriviries rhor included selling ice cream cones, flow- ers, caramel apples, and flower hoir wreorhs. Foce poihring, balloons, and 0 kiss: ing boorh were also porr of rhe festivities. The Special Evenrs Commission sponsored rhe enrerroihmehr shows of "Morrin ond Loon Juggling Revue" ond NPUke ond Snor." Other ehrerroinmenr for the week included, TMounroih Visions e An Uncom- mon Wilderness Advenrure," presehred by Gary 0, Grimm, 0nd Sigmund Snopek III, 0 solo concerr by rhe crazy and very rolenred Shopek featuring new music, jazz, fusion, eclecric, and very original music. The Pown Coffeehouse Commission sponsored rhe Moydoy Music Fesrivolr Per- formers included Lorry Heogle, Claudio Schmidr, Desriny, and Kim 6 Reggis Horris Group. The final evehr of Spring Foir wos rhe showing of rhe movie, TTNighrmores" in Ap- plied Arrs. 51 m 1:: m m. m v1 , .3 $3, .4111; 13;: m 37 27 A chance to meet people, learn new things, shore inter- ests, but mainly to have FUN. Stout has over 100 clubs that organizationSlCIUbs provide social and professional contacts for students. American Society of Interior De- signers is one of the larger clubs on compus end is associated with the notional ASID program involving professionals and students all over the country. Professional designers speak at meetings here. The annual Beoux Arts Ball is held in the spring ofter Design Week The club's main focus is exposure to the professional world for its membersOfficers for 1984; Presi- dent: Kris Warner, Vice President: Vicky Alsolser, Treasurer: Barb Meier, Secretory: Denise Ascher, 5th Exec: Sue Woehler, First Row L-R: Linda Trentodue, Kerry Allen, Sue Doll, Tommy Bones, Beth Schofer, Dionne Remer, Vicky Alsoker. Second Row L-R: Sue Baez, Sue Woehler, Noncy Anderson, Sue Stodollso, Ruth Kojowo, Kay Hort, Porti Knapp, Sandy Berkness. Third Row L-R: Jeon Anderson, Mory Word, Geoffrey Brace, Sandy Welhouse, Vol Spence, Koren Berrelson, Denise Ascher, Sue Abrohomson. Fourth Row L-R: Kris Boles, Koren Truttmon, Poulo Di Solvo, Kris Werner, Mogdoleno Loszkiewicz, Tom Wesely, Borb Meier. Fifth Row L-R: Jill Souer, Soroh Ponkuchi The Stout Antique Automobile Club is on organization of Stout stu- dents who ore interested in antique and modified cars The club owns 0 1953 DeSoto end on ice racing car. The most important event of the year is the annual Car Show and Swap Meet in the spring. The group sponsers activities such as the annual Rood Rally and 0 Christmas party. They participate in Homecoming evenrs and ice races Members take the club cor to other shows in this area and around the store. First Row L-R: Vol J. Licht, Pete Nelson, Chuck Brentl, Mork Scromeyer, Dove Johnson THistoriom, Jon Larson, Jim Zimmerly, Sreve Peorr, Bob Asleson, Jeff Watkins, Mark Toline, Joy Smith, Lorry Newell, Rich Word, Pot Crusse, Red Croswell TPresidenD. 54 student involvement ATDA Execurive Board and Advisors: First Row L-R: Mary Kay Huberry, Pom Frank, Dr. Mercolf, Dr. Srollsmirh, Charles Bremser, Mary Gomsruds Second Row L-R: Lori Schoop, Margie Rice, Peggy Mouchko, Sharon Gobl, Debbie Simmons. The Apparel, Textile, 6 Design Association is 0 professional srudenr orgonizorion oimed or broadening perspecrives obour opporruniries in rhe field of Clothing, Textile, and De- sign. Guesr speakers are invired ro monrhly meerings. Annual evenrs in- clude field trips, rhe Dimensions prow gram, and on lndusrriol Sewing pro- jecrs The Applied Math Club is 0 social club of Applied Moth majors inreresr- ed in expanding rhelr professional and business knowledge. Acrivin'es in' clude fundraisers, onnuol Dog 6 Suds in rhe beginning of rhe school year, onnuol Chrisrmos parry ond orher so- cial gorherings. Tours to places of pos- sible employmenr 0nd guesr speakers are oiso pen of the club. This year's rours Included Conrrol Doro 0nd Sperry'Univoc. First Row L-R: Louro Lynch, Sue Stock, Lori List, Greg Mochler, Dove Krueger, Lori Krueger, Brion Lyngoos. Second Row L-R: Mory Srrouse, Denise Dorchordr, Porrick Posrell, Amy Johnson, Curr Fowcerr, Jim Morgan, Mark Sikorski, Blane David, Steve Wehloge, Lynne Mueller. Third Row LR: Lowell Broorz, Therese Shokol, Cherie Mochler, Scon Deming, Greg Bondy, Joe Perri, Bruce Nyberg, Greg Dieckmon. swdenr invoTvemenr Chi Lambda is 0 service fraternity founded in 1956 wirh 4 principles in mind, They ore; 1i To create 0 srrong bond of brorherhood between mem- bers 2 To foster social comperonce. CD To nurture high moral and ethical values. 40 To conrribure ro rhe whole- some growrh of rhe exrro-curriculor ocriviries of the compus. This year's events included 0 Dinner Dance April 14 ond o spogherri dinner wirh the Tri- Sigmo sororiry on March 1. The frorer- niry also worked security for rhe Tubes and Night Rangers concerts. W First Row L-R: Brion Finder, Jeff Soeldner. Mork Delebo, Dove Perkins, Doug lnstenes. Second Row L-R: Joe Rinck Mdvison, Tim Abrahamson, Jeff Allrom, Andy Vonderloop, Chuck Wilke, John Cornell, Pot Greenwood. Delta Zeta is the lorgesr notional so- roriryi The purpose of rhe group is friendship and growrh as on individe uol. Evenrs held rhis yeor included scavenger hunts and Iocls-ihs. Fun- draisers were selling posrers and con- dy bars. A Dinner Dance was held in Eou Claire and Srore Doys were or Corrol College. Delro Zero is ossisring in rhe unique work being done or 601- iouder College; the only college in rhe world devored wholly to the needs, insrrucrion 0nd rroihing of young peo- ple who are deaf. Flrst Row L-R: Simonne Wysockey, Tina Hovetson, Robyn Bodoli, Cyndi Caswell, Linda Solheim, Ann Kinzlei. Stacey Mmquordt, Cindy Schlogenhoft. Second Row L-R: Soro Bancroft, Linda Drown, Stephanie Roth, Tommie Schoepke, Kelly Viehl, Colleen Welch, Koy Thiessen, Pamela Dogley. Third Row L-R: Cheryl Djokne. Jone Pointek, Koy Kurkowski, Terri Rouiller, Tami Lohfink. The Discoteer's Frisbee Club is re- creorion commission organization? February 4th comperirion was held in the fieldhouse for Frisbee games such 05: Ultimate, disc gulf, Freestyle and Gurs. The main objective of rhis group is re have fun! First Row L-R: Don Thoinos, Don Pouloskl, Michele Pumell, Liz Hollister, Rick Johnson. Second Row L-R: Pele Weber, Terry Chandler, Jerry Suchonek, Jlm Bone", Ron Howes, Jondro Zeller. Sheri Schollock, Terry Wowrzyn, Dob Lieb. 56 student involvemenr Hispanos is d CUIfurde-ixthdngex u club which promores campus and community awareness of rhe Hispan- ic cutrure and the Spanish Ionguoge. Club ocriviries indee communiry dih- ners, raffles, guesrspeolsers, Spanish conversation hoursond fiesrosz First Row L-R: Midret Rodriquez Gecretoryx James Tuccmo Oresidenn, Heidi Robinson Nice President; Vicky Espinoza Uveosuren. Second Row L-R: Harold Dovls, Jovler Sanchez, Joel Montolvo, Verneso Bony, Rlcordo De Los Santos, Nora Flueger, Claudia Songlemente, Luis Angel Apome, Roy Rivera. The Hotel Soles dndehiketing Association was, lead rhisyeqnby rhe following: Thstones- Presidem; Meryl - Young; Vice PresidenryCindy Ffemimgw x 4 Secretory,- Doug Hewm- Heosurer; L Cofseh Hookins- Direcror of Educos krinnnl Arrivirips HSMA qpnncprs rhp Dirt Chculu AUJEVH yxurly. First Row L-R: Cindy Fieming, Greg Johnstone, LuAnn Duechler, Melinda Waite, Moriellen King, Patrick Kettenhofen, Suzanne Donness, James Morovec, Sue Foster, Thys Jones, Linda Hullier. Second Row L-R: Andy Schmidt, Doug Hewitt, Lance Schoefer, Stewart Loewenstein, Coreen Hopkins, Kevin Kuyers, Glenn Le Beau, Todd Hoover, Rich Forbes, Klm Rlshoud, John Glockner, Mike Ulesky. Third Row L-R: Mory Young. Marc Kaufman, Julie Decko, Joy DengeL Jeff Antonie, Carol Flonsburgh, Chris Knapp. The Sromvschuprerwof rhe'"lnstitutE' , W- , ' of tlecmcol and Electronic Engl- , 5w f L ' L , Mnec-Ersis on oroonizorion comprised of, L I srndpnrs wirh plprrrnnirs rnnrnnrm. ,, - 'p ' s Hons. The4EEE 691G118 sisferxorgonizo- ,, H V s ' " from the Compure? Sodery, roar re- , s 7 ' gm indusrriesjssuph QSiCskhir'rdllfDdtdf V23 V W775 s v r ' " , Corps ohdklnremorionol Business Mo-LH ' 's '1 s chines. Theymore cuzneorly irwolvedin: . s the Widjer Jmerfoceprejea; a s Mi ! m l ? 3 s Flrst Row L-R: Terry Thornton, Dr. Splntl, Alejandro Zeller, Mark Gousmon, Scott Groves, Douglas Duquoine, Pot Postell. Second Row L-R: John Vollroth, Todd Stroble, Grant Jensen, Brod Houle, Stephen Morgan, Drlon Keller. Third Row L-R: Paul Thomas, Bob Culter. Ged Miller, Greg Wolf. Kurt Rasmussen, Lee Prissel, Don Pochordl, Brion , A Iverson, Kevin Kokcheur. s , s A '58 srudenr involvement , group shoring 0 common foirh ro pro- , This year rhey sponsored o Norionol instructional Technological ServiceRS Photo Staff: First Row L-R: John Fickou, Jim Becher. Second Row L-R: Lori Boppel, Jim' Toyior. Third Row L-R: Springer. Wayne Martin. The Lutheran Collegions ore o more spiritual growrh and fellowship. Rally. Acriviries include Bible srudy, 0 hounred house, Chrisrmos corolihg and o hayride. First Row L-R: Cheryl O'Connor, Gail Uhlig, Dione Kuehl, Nancy Ledeler, Kathy Hinrichs. Second Row L-R: Down Seevers, Steve Plenge, Bruce Treptow, Tim Doen, Koren Hanson. Third Row L-R: Sue Meyer, Wendy Paul, Heidi Sebald, Karla Nitz, Dove Treptow, Craig Adams. The Ministry to U.W.-Stout serves 05 0 religious base for 011 students Various programs 0nd rerreors ore or- ganized by rhe Minisrry for srudehrs of any foirh. Bible srudy ond preimori rioge classes are examples of ocriviries held each semesrer. . O. . 'v , c. o v n.-IIII,xl.V'm'.'.n,'hh .9..c00"hh "ll'l Fitst Row L-R: Sister Mary Schubert, Jeanette Breckner. Second Row L-R: Rev. John Mitchell, Rev. Timothy Megorden, Folhm Joe Irvin. Peer Advisement fo: Stout Stu- w dents is 0 program designed to help srudenisorgonize rheir class schedules 0nd to help wirh ony ocodemic mor- rersi Trained sroff, consisrihg of srui dents, are employed as PASS odvis sors, Eoch major has its own advisers. First Row L-R: Sandi Derkness, John Heck, Carol Sommerfeld, Don Kelley, Lisa Knox, Janet Jensen, Rick Hutter. Second Row L-R: Mark Treise, Keith Guggenberger, Kim Schofer, Mr. Kell, Liz Tillotson, Mon Alft, Lynn Shimoto, Kris Weinfurtner. Third Row L-R: Jorom McClurg, Roger Kominiski, Peggy McFarland, Julie Skone, Sue Hempel, Judy Miller, JoyAnn Johnson, Anna Zuleger, Sandy Zimmelmon. Fourth Row L-R: LuAnn Duechler, Mmy Geurkink, Mary Dodge, Kim Milliren, Joy Dahlke, Lynn Slinger, Sue Woodruff, hown Scott, Liso Dellinger, Molly Fisher. First Row L-R: Louis Leiberg, Rob Kampf. Second Row L-R: George Strocy, Brion Debelok, Scott Peters. Poul Cruz, Mike King, Bob Pederson, Kevin Rogers. Thitd Row L-R: Walt Lomdglebe, Mike Weber, Steve Joosten, Mike Schoufler, Mike Hockwonhy, PJ. McDon- nell, Mark Millet. Fourth Row L-R: Brion Phillips, Brion Slash, Tom Nelson, Tom Flederick, Tim Hughes, Mike Krudwig. Fllst Row L-R: Anne Aslle, Cindy Herfen, Christa McCarthy, Terry Malkowski. Second Row L-R: Linda Bishop, Lucinda Johnston, Mary Carpenter, Glori Hinck. Pom Jorl. Ann Wellmuth. Thltd Row L-R: Leanne Corey, Diana Remel. Kim Dosksh. 'iimem for irs' specrorors. iiRugbyi Donr 'gey, Exhcjrsmehr, Romonce'i The Men's Rugby Club provides srudenrs wirh on ourier from rhe doiiy ocriviries of school life. The game of Rugby is rough fosr and furious, wirh each player using borh offensive and defensive skiHsi If is on unique game. The Rugby Ciub began in 1979 0nd hos'grbwh sreodilyi Rugby has and will; continuewro provide strong com- peririorw for irs members and excit- The Women's Rugby Club is quire new- 1984 is irs second season, Rugby is nor for rhe foinrvof-heorri Ir is on qcrionipoclsed game wirh comoro- derie on and, off the field. The group ofwwomen who ploy rugby ore orhie- srudenr invoivemenr 59 Sigma Sigma Sigma Aismownarionolmwh sociclknrvi . svrvriry. Theproeeekisw ' hospitalsyro'supporr ploy Therapy. PLOP: flu: r1 fundruizew go r0 I'I nee L'nildrer 1'5 ry rhemes rhis yeor were, pojomo, dosh, pre-Holloween and generic. L The misrleroe fundraiser, sleighride, and Jozzercise wirh orher sororiries in Ponhellenic were also high points for rhis group. Life was never dull or rhe Tri Sigma House; members created a soap opera As Sigma Swirls". First Row L-R: Connie Troxel, Pom Severson, Dena Hosenohrl, Jane Wooge, Deb Goloy, Nancie Dietzen. Second Row L-R: Jenni Zarling, Julie Knutson, Anna Manson, Brenda Hager, Dione Anthony, Lisa Maxwell, Kathy Fenske, Cindy Foue. Sigma Tau Gamma Fraternity First Row L-R: Rohon Forkner, Jeff lebets, Gory Lelnwondel, Ron Flagel, Mark Pellnor, Tlm Sochse, Mlke Shepmd, Dewey Rothering, Poul Henzllck. Fred Schmitter, Jeff Diehl, Dove Sax. Second Row L-R: Rod Hustod, Chuck VonHorn, Chris Kuronz, Kevin Osterllng, John Lee, Marty Trucco, Youssef Azrnoni, Kurt Jonnsen, Steve Gore, Cam Jonnsen, John Ness, Poul Rushlow, Randy Pearson, Chris Schwob, Todd Ehret. Sigma Tau Gamma Lmle Slster Qrgonlzotlon Flrst Row L-R: Tracy Tnddey, Cindy Henke, Sue Redlich, Marl Sever. Rhonda Perez. Sue Eld, Second Row L-R: Down Dofferdlng, Lorl Dray. Wafo Haleem, Wendy Krumniel, Teri Lewls, Julie Copper. Barb Caron, Pam Honing, Sandy Johnson, Carol Krebs, Sue Klesev, Ann Dovblere. ,,Stou1 Management Society First Row L-R: Jeff Fields; Valerie Marks. Chris Eustice, 5cm: Longtink Second waL-R: Jerry John- Ason. ,Ken ,Springgcb, vShqwn McFarlane, Kieth CoenenLLStoceyVStener. 4, Stbutonid First Row L-R: Jean Wolfe, Rob ! Jkesterk, Mink Pelnor, Dyeno Elmefgreen, Ke- yin Berg, Johkn Fickou: Second Row L-R: Erik Sdueir, Lisa Roisum, Soro Horkness, Koy Rehfni, Rhonda McRobenS, Poul Aho'h, Ann L I,Kiniler, Julie Kustberg. Deon 'Kovoc, Brim RellEr, Noddy Ostd?Berg; Sfiwen Minucci, I,KimMSteenLV Jeff Wdchter, Koreri Schubert, kierh Oelkarhird RoW'L-Ri Howard Fbre- H fndh, Ci'ndy'y'SchWortz, JoneBeloyngo, vae MKrbIOw; 'Joh Jestei, Kris'til I'versom Krishna Whey, A'Aike'Mdher, David FihkfRdbb Zim- dors. Fourth Row LR: Brion Kirley, Chris MPeVIkin, Rene Ritchie; Douglas Kohl, Rick WHLiHer. L H V , Stout Student Association Flrst Row L-R: JoAnn Pronge, Britt Reller, Nancie Dietzen. Secdnd Row LQR: Rita Davlnkc, Kent Ook- 'lond, Jody Hutkdwski, Anne Piojdo, Porn Severson, Nancy Rowell. Thlrd Row L-Rzy Don Hansen, Brian Good, Jeff Diehl, Tom ' Eberle, Kelly MeerfTerry Arthun, Tyon- ohgu Akume, Mary onn Seorle. Susan Glove. Four'th Row L-Rszlke Mdckes'eyf Kim Jonsseh, thn Yotso, Bill O'Neil, Sam Wood. Fifth Row L-KEWJim Wollmdn, Todd Schminr ScoH'Shermo'n, Juliet He rr ity . D. ' Troutmon, Vic Sundvdn,"l3rion BIoCk, Tom" Nenmng. Tower Yearbook h provides srU- denrs wirhon annual yearbook high- lighrihg campus ocrivirkes, campus or gonizon'ons ond groduoring seniors. This is achieved through much organi- zorion and work. Members of the staff orrended o workshop in Chicago this November ro help creore o berrer book. Firsr Row LeR: Corrie Jewerr, Liso Jogodzinski, Cindy Schopp, Cindy Reinders, Jon Jesrer, Howard Foreman. Second Row LeR: Bonnie Nossrrom, Mike Turek, Elizaberh Nord, Third Row L-R: Keith Oelke. Nor picrured: Kathy Frenzel, The U.W.-Stout Wrestiing Cheer- leaders have been active Lsincek1Q78 in supporring rhe wrestling ream. They preform 0r marches and have various fundraisers rhroughour rhe yeorl The co-coproihs this year were Moliy Fisher and Ronei Johnson. Firsr Row LR: Ronei Johnson. Second Row LAR: Korhy Goodman. Third Row LvR: Jeri Horvorh, Mary Berh Hunt, Therese O'Brien, Terry Hommelmon, Chris Meyer. Fourth Row LeR: Molly Fisher. 62 srudenr involvement Women in Management is on orgonizorion open ro on srudenrs in any major. Ir began in 1980 wirh rhe women in rhe Indusrriol Technology major wirh rhe purpose Qfexploring opporruniries rhor exisr for women in hon-rrodirionol' careers. Todov's goals concenrrore on helping srudenrs make the rronsirion ro coreerperson more successfully. Acriviries ro occom- plish rhis gool include developing indi- vidual skills in: leadership, rislsroking, individualiry 0nd creoriviry. Recogniz- ing monogmenr sryles and develop ing networks are also ropics discussed. Firsr Row L-R: Wynne Woolsey, Karyn Brehm, Lori Schoop. Second Row L-R: Gregg Barrel, Scorr Somuels, Poul Loderhose, Jon . DeBoIok, Mike Weisenberger, Frirz Rushbw. Third Row LR: Deno Ackerson, Peg Plonron, Deb Simmons, Wendy Dedynski, Lindo Koch, Danielle Anderson. The U.W.-Stoux CheeUStunt Squad can be seen and heard or all Blue Devil football and boskerboll games Sideline chonrs, pormer srunrs and group mounrs ore rhe funda- menrols used to gain fen porriciporion and encourage 0 Blue Devil VICTO- RY. K Firsr Row L-R: Renee Weldy, Koren Assen, Lori Plunz, Second Row L-R: Lori Marlin Nice PresidenO, Joan Hogan WresidenrD, Chris 6er Wubliciryx Caroline Norvig measured Gail Uhlig Gecreroryl Third Row LiR: Lynn Konz, Shelly Corcoron, Rachael Nelson, Kim Johnson, Margie Wieland, Sue Ace, Lindo Phillips, Rachael Nelson, Fourrh Row LR: Lori Uhr, Rene Tesch, Sheila Troxler, Soroh Weaver, Mary Thul, Noncy Gullons, Down Fleming, srudenr involvement 63 QLUBlQRGANJZATlONi , Alfresco Outing Club 'n'er09t5909! Re'micns Club , American Advertising Federation chiety ofWPockoging 0an Handling Engineers Inter Residence Hall Council Special Events Commission American Institute of Plant Engineers Inter-Vorsity Christian Fellowship Stout Academic Honor Society Bike Club ' Blue Devil Scuba Club coarsw :Combgs Gigsode; for Chiist Chgdtfel Singers, Chfisvioyh Sciatica Organization Circle K Clubk'Mbnagers Agsodiovion of America Committee on a Progressive Environment Contemporary Music Productions Council for Exceptional Children Distributive Education Club Ebony Horombee EpSIlon pi Tau Fel,lL owshiPL of Christidh Athletes Fellowshig in Christian Activities Fing Ans Association V Fggeign Film Series L FoiEnsics Gamma Sigma Sigma Gay and Lesbian Community at Strouty , Graduate Food Science and Nutrition Agsociotion Investment Club Kappa Eonibdo LBetoy Khrote Club Moyrdnothg Christian, Fellowship Menokmonie AsSociotion for Education of Young Children Muslim Asspciotion of Stout Sludems Nigerian Students Association , . Nutrition god FloodsyAssocyiotion lshdnheliic Cohncil I I Stout Council on Family Relations Stput Home Ecgnomics Association Stout Morkgling, ,and Sales Association H Stobi Studemt Education Association Stout Student Typogtaphicol Society Student Construction Association Students Towofds Psycholbgy Student$ Undheyyykrstongjking Drinking Sensibly , v Symphonic Sihgers Parents Weekend Committee Pawn Coffeehouse Commissiqkn Pentecostal Youth Encounter L, Pierfgiyriming y'Arts Commissioh Phi Qinegq Detd Fraternity Phi Sigma Epsilon Fraternity Phi Upsilon Omicmn Ploject Friendship Prometheus PubliEiVy ferry Programming Commission Technology Education Club Unicycle Club University Choir ngiversit'y Cine'mo Commissioh , UnNeLfsVity Concert Band Univeysity Jazz Ensemble University Programming Board University Speaker Selies Universily Theatre Club U .W.-St out CQllege Republicans Recreation Commission, ,,,,, Restqumm ,qndfl'overn, Management Association Home Economics in Business Retail Directions HoteUMotel Management Association lhdbstridlx Design; Society L ! riier-Greek Co uncil lnternationoI WicciServicke Executives Association Ski Club LSstaccer Club Sogiet; fprkAdxoncement of the Tourism Industry 3?;5ietiq9f M:o;hlufoduring Engineers U.W.-,Stout Epilegime 4-H Club U.W.-Stout Pom-Pon Squad ., U.Wd510utv etemn's Club . ,U.W.-,Srout Women's Fost-Pitch Softball Vocational Rehabilitation Club W WVolleybcAIL Men's wvsws RodioySttStion V, WYovgb Assgfhblv . 54 student involvemenr First Row L-R: Pom Severson,Anne Piojdo,Jody Hurkowski,KelIy Meere Second Row L-R: Chuck , ! McGinnis, Kenr Ooklond, JoAnn Pronge. Vice President, Academic Affairs Kent Oakland Vice Presidenr, Legislative Affairs- JoAnn Pronge Vice President, Financial Affoirs- Jlm Wollmon All Srouf srudenrsVore memv bers of the Stout Student Associ- otion. Thisnsrudenrgoyemmem is ' made up of representatives rhor form the Universiry Srudenr Sen: nI'P Thevmembers ,of "the execuA rive board were; Kelly Meer- Presidenr; Vice President, of Acoe demic Affairs Kenr, Oakland,- Vice- Presidenr of Financial Affairsw Jim Wollmon; Vice President of Legislative Affairs- JoAnn Pronge; Administrative Assisronr- Anne Piojdo; Executive Secretory- Pom Severson; Media 6 Advertising Coordinator Jody Hurrkowski; Londlord- Tenant Represenrorive - DuWoyne Nemjng; Human Ser- vices Coordinator Rim Bovlnko; Unired Council Direc-ror- Chuck McGinnis. A- ,, ,, - Kelly Meer rhouehr rhor Sena , ore gove-himn-rhe c once TO op- ply skills and theory learned in rhe classroom. Irolsp helped him grow and morure. Qhugk McGinj nis learned hgw to $43er public- ly,,, ,molsew policy fog diverse groups, and inrergcyhsogiglly. L Pom Severson felr rhor Sehore fought, her; leadership ondyshe hos mer monykpepple. Jody HUT- .kowski listed, erespohysjbili'ry dn'd rime monogemenr 0, moner- menr 05 the skills most important to her Senate experience. Kenr Ooklond ogreed wirh rhe group rhor Senore is 0 good learning experience and is fun. The objecrives of the SSA ore: ro provide represenrorion for 5w- denr inreresrs, rowprovide sruv denrs wirh on Qprrruniry ro leom governmenrgl procedures through honds-on, experienm, end to develoo 0 system of delee gorion .Qf ,tesponsibiliryWomonq, L members. "Advisorsmrhis, yedr , were Sam Wood Q00 Bill, O'Neille On the green 1983 Vorsiry Golf Team: First Row L-R: Scorr Jackson, Terry O'Reilly. Second Row L-R: Sren Pierce, Jeff Spence, Eric Golles, Rick Loppin Nor Pictured: Jim Formey, Gregg Lommer, Eric Pierce, Sreve Monger50n, Shown Schellfeffer, Brion Widder, Tim Opegord. 68 golf Golf Lerrermen Jim Forrney Eric Golles Greg Lommer Eric Pierce Steve Mongerson Scorr Jackson Rick Loppin Golf Award Winners Jim Forrney Mosr Voluoble Rick Loppin Mosr Improved golf 69 Women on rhe court bid? 1 : W' Don's b'J" 14 Ram: Hunk Blue Devil Women's Volleyball Team: Firsr Row L-R: Koren Muleski manoge0, Judy Nelson, Down Kreuziger, Therese Blee, Head Coach Vicki Rees. Second Row LiR: Chris Slivinski, Wendy Morrow, Pom Dvorak, Riro Reiser, Jockie Sropleron, Valerie DeVries, Beckie Horsmon, Karen Michelson. womerence 'Rvecor' 4 70 women's volleyball 1983 Women's Volleyball Award Winners Riro Reiser Co-Coproin Jackie Sropleron Co-Coproin Koren Muleski Sr. Manager Down Kreuziger Mosr Improved Jackie Sropleron Mosr Inspirational Judy Nelson WWIAC Conference Player - 2nd Team women's volleyball 71 Lody Herrers 1983 Women's Tennis Award Winners Teom CO-Coproin , Noncy Zedler Mosr Inspirorionol Liso Firrerer Mosr Improved Ceol Gross Mosr Voluoble Ployers Korhey Frondsen - Liso Firrerer Blue DevH Women's Tennis Team: Firsr row L-R: Ceol Gross, Lynn Popenfuss, Nancy Zedler, Beth Rogers, Noncy Gullons, Johanna Poeschl. Second Row L-R: Gladys Guzman, Corhy Frondsen, Liso Firrerer, Donna Sommerfeldr, Koren Jones, Jean Feyen, Bob Smirh 'QQMmWWQ-w m," 72 women's rennis gwma' Lamar 0min . " na .sc cw . anguux N -' 1rd,;w4 -oapuM W The Blue Devil Men's Tennis Team: Firsr Row L-R: Pot Bell, Mike DiPooIo, Ty Couillord, John Leehy, Tony Phiefer, Tom Hufrel. Second Row LR: Head Coach Bob Smirh, Chris Bell, Joel Vogler, Lorry Chambers, Rob Oerrel, Steve Schoessow, Tom Gillmon. men's tennis 73 74 Grid irons and goal posrs a Blue Devil Football Team: Firsr Row L-R: Mork Shorkey, Dove Goll, Brion Ness, Mike Smoczyk, Don Schneider, Jesse Hughes, John Livingsron, Mike Kroimer, Donold Hogedorn, Ricky Des Jorlois, Rodney Meysembourg. Second Row L-R: Glen Mojszok, Chris Hougen, Dob Johmson, Bill Bums, Chuck Roykovich, Dob Komish, Lee Koryzo, Phil Fieber, Terry Perrie, Pere Young, Kenr Sowie. Third Row L-R: Mike Henning, Jeffrey Hoyes, Por Reed, Thomas Solioro, Ronald Sruromski, Timothy Tape, John Goodnener, Douglas Soeger, Keith Loube, Henry Moen, Darren Cod4erom, Jeff Conon, Steven Nielsen Fourth Row L-R: Jomes Longo, Kevin Horris, Thomas Mc Ilquhon, Brondr Olsen, Douglas Pohlow, Brod UHmon, Scorr Srouffocher, Todd Miles, Todd Schuh, Brion Kellen, Terry Lobinski, Tom O'Connor, Dennis Schoro, Croig Huber. Fifth Row L-R: Eric Joeche, Peter Dufek, Dennis Niedfeldr, Brion Dossow, Keirh Jurek, Elmer Neiderhousen, Curr Coshener, Sreven Sweer, John Ziskin, Bruce Myers, Kurt Wenzel, Srephen Poidosh, Douglas Dorchordr, Jon Gasser. Sixrh Row L-R: Joseph Von Elzen Bradley Zoern, Dovid Pederson, Mork Horbinski, William Puenr, Alon Arens, Poul Rushlow, Steve Boll, Troy Borgender, Ron Jonkowski, Gregg Hoeke, Jonathon Cross, Por Wolf, Dole Hildebrand. Sevenrh Row L-R: Eric Confield, Doug Hohm, Don Aumonn, Steven Schweiger, Gerald Burr, Robert Por Bundy, Paul Anderson, Droin Stoddard, Por Moncl, Tim Hudson, Doug Cwidok, Dovid Franzen, Scorr Romenesko, Kent Schoner, John Wore Eighrh Row LR: Gerald Burr, Poul Don, Korl Kosmer, Troy Johmson, Don Snell, Todd Hernke, Eric Fiegen, Ed Space, Don Dehorr, Rod Lebieke, Tim Kinney, Jomes Gorecki, Joseph Schell, Scott Mueller, Phil Lurgen, Chuck Corr, Eric Lou, Eric Ausrvold. football mm W 1983 Foorboll Award Winners Besr Blocker Besr Tockler Most Improved Srour Team Hustler's Rookie of rhe Year Mosr Voluoble Defensive Player Mosr Voluoble Offensive Player Mosr Valuable Player Coproins Jeff Hoyes Brion Keller Keirh Jurek Mork Horbinski, Chuck Corr Rod Lebieclsi Don Schneider Mike Kroimer Jessie Hughes, Don Schneider, Mike Smoczyk, Mike Kroimer 75 Running and endurance Blue Devil Cross Counrry Teom: Firsr Row L-Rv Sheila Geere, Coproin Mike Moher, Coproln Jeff Viroli, Coproin Koy Rehm. Second Row LR; Asslr Cooch Riro Slinden, Ellen Finey, Dorb Ketsey, John Heck, Jon Morye, Ann Meyer, Cooch Dr. Lou Klnrzke. Third Row L-R; Todd Fox, Mon Chrisrenson, Poul Dons, Gerord Hoines, Todd Zuerlein, Eric Brerr, Scorr Sroffon. Missing: Koren Schubert. 76 cross country 78 Bucket bound Dluedevil Men's Basketball Team: First Row: Manager Nick Guski. Second Row L-R: Asst. Coach Len Lucmelli, Dove Duelow, Scott Ginsbach, Ken Tyrrell, Randy Merg, Ron Huntev, Glen Fischer, Asst. Coach Greg Kosciuk. Third Row L-R: Coach Dwain Mimz, Jamie Angeli. Brion Ellingson, Mork Stevens, Rick Stephan. Lester Dodd, Tom Gomolok, Dole Nerison, Rich Bourget. Kurt Stellpflug, Asst. Coach Dick Smich. Not Pictured: Greg Jansen, Bob Mclntyte. men's boskerbou 1983-84 Men's Basketball Award Winners Most Valuable Player Dale Nerison Best Defensive Player Randy Merg Best Sportsmanship Scott Ginsbach Best Rebounder Dole Nerison Cromer Award Randy Merg Fortney Award Kurt Stellpflug Hustler Award Glen Fischer Best Field Goals Old Mark Stevens Best Free Throws Cm Dole Nerison Honorary Randy Merg men's boskerbol! 79 Lady cogers Manager Koten Muleski. Second Row LR: Karo Quilling, Lori Klingler, Gino pictured: Asst. Coach Judy Loube. Dluedevil Women's Basketball Team: First Row L-R: Head Coach Vlcki Rees, Peg Phillips. Fourth Row L-R: Moe Rens, Jon Moyte, Kerrln Futhey. Not U'Ren. Karen Heinig, Jeanne Bengston. Third Row L-R: Laura VondevWegen, .80 women's boskerboll men 's Boske - u M "$58 UW- Osh UW-Eou 8W5 ukee . alre 1983-84 Women's Basketball Award Winners Most Points Most Field Goals Most Free Throws Most Assists Most Rebounds Most Valuable Player Best Defensive Player Most Improved Lori Klingler Karen Heinig Lori KIinger Kerrin Futhey Lori Klingler Koren Heinig Jon Matye Lori Klingler women's basketball 81 On the blocks The Blue Devil Women's Swimming Team: Firsr Row L-R: Terri lnmon, Cheryl DeBoker, Cheryl DeBoker Korhy Beach Second Row L-R: Jono Jonneve, Goil Doerr, Lucinda Johnson, Kerry Kropf, T . ' , Head Coach John Miller. em nmon Korhy Beech x Gail Do ;: Jon ww 82 women's swimming Splashing through The Blue Devil Men's Swimming Team: Firsr Row L-R: Tom ConpooI, Jeff Roper, Don Goodspeed, Jon Lerbs, Craig Nelson, Second Row L-R: Mike Lyons, Kevin Berg, Terry O'Reilly, Jim Fischer, Head Coach John Miller. 5rh uolifier Jon Lerbs men's swimming 63 Blue devil mormen The Blue Devil Wresrling Team: Firsr Row L-R: Keith Rusch, Terry Gleason, Mike King, Andy Choppo, Joe Roscher, Jon Coldwell. Second Row L-R; Dill Confield, Steve Sprader, Dove Win, Jon Dworok, Chris Couplond, Coach Wolrer Perkins. - 1: Dove Win 84 wrestling m 1980-84 Wrestling Award Winners Leader in Team Poinrs Dove Wirr Mosr Tokedowns Chris Couplohd Mosr Pins Dove Wirr Quickesr Pin Bill Confield Reflecrion on 0 Year of Building My objectives as o firsr yeor coach was to build 0 solid foundorion for rhe future of wresrling here or Srour. Winning was nor the only crirerio for which we judged our performance, ir was merely a focer of ir, bur rorher rhe ocqusirion of rhe winning orrirude 0nd 0 desire to truly compereh It cannot come from the coach nor con ir come from the head, bur ir musr come from rhe heorr. Those are rhh brief flashes of brilliance when coach and orhlere are 05 one end all rhe sweat and grind of 0 season become worrh it's waiting gold. A brief momenr of rhonks to all rhe fine young men who mode this season 0 success. - Cooch Walter Perkins wresrling 85 Poise and precision 1983-84 School Records Pom Fujioko, Voulring 925 Pom Fujioko, Unevens 880 Margie Chrisrenson, Beam 8.60 Jone Belongeo, Floor Exercise 800 Terri Troczyk, All Around 3385 WOMEN The B1ue Devil Women's Gymnosrics Team: Firsr Row L-R: Cosmos Whirren, Tommy Dennis. Second Row LAR: Lisa Hille, Pom Fchioko, Terri Troczyk. Third Row L-R: Margie Christensen, Debbie Schulrz, Korri Green. Fourth Row L-R; Assr. Cooch Koy Correr, Asst Coach John Rolrh, Head Coach John Zuerlein, Borb Porrenr, Sheila Oberoinger, Sherri Toucherre. Nor Pictured: Koren Rein, Lynne Fosberg. 80 women's gymnastics Srrengrh ond ogivliry 1983-84 School Records Mork Rezoc, All Around 5165 Joye Schroeder, Floor Exercise 9.10 Poul Spelrz, Pommel Horse 9.65 Mark Rezoc, Porollel Bars 9.05 The Blue Devil Men's Gymnosric Teom: First Row L-R: Assr. Coach Chris Gill, Gory Sondin, Don Orro, Joye Schroeder, Poul Spelrz, Scorr 60y. Second Row L- R: Ron Noime, Mork Rezoc, Todd Holland, Mork Johnson, Mike Beoupre, Morrin Fronzkowiok, Head Coach Jeff Thielke. men's gymnosrics 67 Borrer Up 51am ;, 843:5 '33 UV - san 5min The Blue Devil Baseball Team: Firsr Row L-R: Kurr Dovis, Dennis Neidfeldr, Kevin Hellond, Dennis Polinsky, Tim Knurson, Brod Resch, Keirh Gernerz, Chris Fosnochr, Kim Vondersreen, John Well, Greg Osowski. Second Row L-R: Jim Miller, Deug Cwidick, Mike Corpenrer, Wade Johnson, Rick Forresr, Mike Dukar, Roy Oman, Sreve Owerby, Tom Armstrong, Randy Rubenzer. Third Row L-R: Ed Space, Tim Hebert, Curr Kiesow, Kurt Srellpfug, Kurr Heffel, Jeff Kloes, Mitch Lewine, Asst Coaches, Dick Smith, Tim Siechrer, Louie Ferguson, Head Coach Terry Perrie. Nor picrured: Rick De Jorlois. 03le M 11 M ,0 5 55""2 s 3 " b 4 g5 , 3M$5551 88 boseboll Off and running L 9:, L A ; ?imfi The Blue Devil Track Team: Firsr Row L-R: Captains, Jeff Wochrer, Sue Donnoy, Koy Rehm, Morgene Torooson, Mike Kroimerv Second Row LAR; Mory Blelejeskl, Vicki Neal, Soroh Reese, Dione Perry, Korlo Nirz, Carmen LeDuck, Carlene Fehring. Third Row L-R: Brondr Olsen, Joel Edler, Steve Ruf, Brion Smith, Sreve Jensen, Russ Miller. Fourrh Row LVR; Jim Longo, Dorrin Swogel, Don Verdegon, Bren Seuberr, Duey Fimreite, Dorrell House. Fifth Row L-R: Vic Chapel, Todd Fox, Steve Hoeschelle, Lorry Sorensen, Deon McFadden, Speck Lehnerrz, Dennis Jeffries, Sixrh Row LAR: Gerold Hoines, Morr Christensen, Eric Bren, Tom Mockrie, Tom Krieger, Dove Borz. Sevenrh Row LR: Mike Moher, Poul Don's, Scott Romenesko, Steve Richards, Sreve Schorlou, Mork Horon. Eighrh Row L-R: Sreve Schmirz, John Heck, Scorr Sroffon, Todd Zuerlein, Lioyd Taylor. Ninrh Row LvR: Coaches, Pom Grimme, John Miller, Sreve Terry, Rob Moon, Dove Doumon, Roy Parker, 90 now track 91 WY k ,ogfz hUUiMM WISCONSIN STOUT NORTH CAMPUS. , t x" l X I CENTRALCAMPUS i om: 1 NELSON FIELD E j f U , y, i I? 2 V ' X; UNNERSHY Z ' 0f 94 of FIRST ANTRIM Firsr Row LR: Alfred Aworemi, Tony Sjolonder, Keirh Gehring, Bernie Bolrich, Jon Collin, Zofor Konwer, Second Row L-R: Joe Srrongfeld, Dove Simocek, Mike Thompson, Steve Owens, Steve Shunr, Chuck Johnson, Kevin Molec GWAJ, Don Boehm, Dovid Nogengosr. Third Row L-R: Doug Temple, Greg Sorher, Brion Adoir, Sreve Alllnghom, Don Engebrerson, Drir on Heller, Joe VonElzen, Sreve Dunn, Jonathon Woziri, Craig Huber. SECOND ANTRIM F irsr Row LVR: Brod Wessel, John Lofgren, Leon? der Schmidr, Loo Xiong, Terry Moscoro, Jon Debelok. Second Row LVR: Roger Norish, Steve Wehloge, Blaine David, David Johnson, Jeff Jonnicke, Ken rosler, Sjoerd Von Oppen, Third Row LiR: Russell Miiler, John Miller, Dennis Schoro, Henry Heil, Mike Carlson, Troy Barr gender, Roger Kominski, Keirh Thompson. THIRD ANTRIM Firsr Row L-R; Steve Joosren, Jeff Westro, Gory Vinge, Rich Mercier MAJ Steve Borrz, John Heck. Second Row LVR: Tim Schiller, Eric Anderi son, Joe Ludowese, Sreve Schorlou, Bob Porrer, Poui Brggemon, Lee Adams, BiH BrunkeL Third Row L-R; Brion Lo Freniere, Bob Franks, Dove Dawson, Mirch Schwoke, Tim Sousen, Dick Core. Fourrh Row LiR: Ryan Seeflurh, Jim MiHer, Jomes Gilberr, Rich Dourger, Kevin Taylor, Ke- vin Seiferr FIRST FROGGATT Firsr Row L-R: Kore Wagner, Ann Rockers, Gillion Fok, Kim Boksh, Srello Chow Second Row LVR: Megan Morrow, Sonja Riner, Jone Morrhys, Penny Rusch, D'Lone Kaiser, Chris Reimer, Korhie Von Ruden 6A1 Trudy Fomsworrh. Third Row L-R: Goil Zywicki, Milonni Rodomilovich, Leslie Leyden, Deb Prygo, Deb Krieger, Koren Redolen, Kristin Sovirr. SECOND FROGGATT Firsr Row LvR: Lynne Mueller, Am Wolff, Jill Rice, Kerry Shem, Jeanne Dengrson, LuAnn Monsky. Second Row L-R: Sharon Monrhey, Amy Morrissey, Suzanne Bonness, Ann Gilligan, Teri Kelly, Sue Werner GKAJ, Korhy Sherman. Third Row L-R: Louro Lynch, Gino Germain, Lori Broy, Julie Copper, Julie Miller, An- dreo Thermos, Kim Wennerlund, Jean Edson. of 9S THIRD FROGGATT Firsr Row L-R: Bridger Grof, Dee Bisbing, Nodine Hermon ORAL Sheri Olson, Anne Kennedy. Second Row LAR: Por Decker, Koren Alger, Ann Wonish, Sheryt Pererson, Colleen Dolon, Koren Aosen. Third Row LVR: Laurie Seeds, Peggy Coughlin, Brenda Bochmon, Chris Doyle, Tino VonDrisse, Kim Johnson, Sue Ace. Fourrh Row L-R: Nancy Noedler, Jenny Slorer, Ann Marie Morek, GOH Hurre, Laurie Mineorr, Terry Srowell, Shelly Edlin, 96 of FOURTH FROGGATT Firsr Row LVR: Claudio Sondemere, Liz Kelly, Pom Williams, Connie Bauer, SoHy Chrisrenson, Korhy Grosskopf. Second Row L-R. Tracy Gerloch, Marlee Fredrichs, Mary Hill, Noncy Boone, Pom Koch, JoAnn Czekolski Jean Goethel, Stacie Spoerh. Third Row L-R: Kris Boles, Julie Nygren, Joyce Gray GUM, Susan Mikell, Julie Krenke, Leslie Berenschor, Jackie Forbo, Mory Mourr Inc. FOURTH KRANZUSCH Firsr Row L-R: Leanne Hommersren, Corhy Mohoney. Second Row L-R: Barb Richie, Julio Benrz, Korhy Homerski, Sue Brey, Sondy Bruckbouer, Mary Moriorry, Sue Kaiser, Koryn Brehm. Third Ros L-R; Korin Kellen, JoAnne Cryer, Ann Tilque, Janeen Allrom, Dee Jezwinski RAJ, Com Seppi, Nancy Quisr. Fourrh Row L-R: Nancy Solee, Kris Kuehn, Dorlo Gerschel, Koren Allrom, Ann Lindos, Joci Johnsron, Mory Gromling, Lourel Lun- deby. Fifth Row LR: Peggy Jensen, Solly Nopsrod, Agnes Dude, Kelly Holt, Mory Zenk FIRST E FLEMING Firsr Row L-R: George Hunr, Jeff Schellinger, Richard Torrer, Tim Hudson. Second Row L-R: Jim Keyes, Scorr Sherman, Bob Weigel, Kevin Horris. Third Row L-R: Delon Lomberr, Jeff Mom- chilovich, Steve Webb, Tom Minucci GKAJ, Billy Voigr, Todd Williams, Mike Bischei, Steve Sweer. ckroHleming 97 FIRST W FLEMING Firsr Row LiR; Randy Okon, Rich Wyveen, Dor- rel Ducklow. Second Row LiR; Todd Kinrof, John Larson, Don Mehls, Jerry Swiro RAJ Third Row L-R: Gory Ludwig, Bill Borrnik, Tim Cloy, LeRoy Correr, Jeff Hozen, Keirh Doernke, SECOND E FLEMING Firsr Row L-R: Jeffrey Porrerson, Morc Morullo, Scorr Solzmon, Daniel Hansen, Second Row L-R; Don Hansen, Daniel Wong, Mike Dipoolo, Rich 0rd Lowney, Jeffrey Lerellier mm. Third Row L-R: Tim Price, Douglas Schleinz, Bryon Schroers, Croig Dorserh, Jeffrey Hovel, Brion Smirh. Fourrh Row LVR: James Smith, Gregory Mor- row, Stephen Gomoche, Douglas Cwidok, Mi- chael Schwoger, Jomes Krueger, Sreve Holveri son. SECOND W FLEMING First Row LR: Dove Felion, Greg Toirsro, Rick Renard, Bob Allcox Second Row LR: Poul Horn monn, Chris Cisler 011-0, Keirh Deor, Todd Bergmonn, David Dorloss. Third Row L-R: Kenr Below, Tim Pererson, Khomphirhoun Lon- phourhocoul. Fourrh Row L-R: Mark Horrmonn, Ken Dougherry, John Folerrl Tom Lindh, Tom Wesrling, John Ruszczyk, Poul Sronkus, Jim Gov ecki, Gene Bobier. 98 fleming THIRD E FLEMING Firsr Row L-R; Borb Binrzler, Ann Pearce GRAL Lourie Hoblb, Down Dolen, Sue Richards, Ann Harbour. Second Row L-R; Carol Leirheiser, Sandy Doenier, Sherri Closon, Heorher Riek- koff. Third Row L-R: Julie Geiken, Kim Dovis, Gail Ash, Shirley Howsen, Lori Pererson, Eileen Oneill, Gail Krezowski, Ann Bur. THIRD W FLEMING First Row L-R: Laurie Sime, Liso Sockerr, Amy Belrmon, Noncy Srudr, Dorlo Woltersrorff, Barb Doier GKAJ, Joon Wallace. Sec- ond Row L-R: Melissa Arndr, Korhy Alnes, Ann Ducklow, Chris Wood. Third Row R: Ellen Frank, Corhy Omoliey, Korhy Morzko, Cheryl Schlosser. fleming 99 100 fbming FOURTH E FLEMING Firsr Row L-R; Tracy Nohon, Pom Schulrz. Second Row L-R: Kormen Burghord, Brenda Wills, Sue Toube, Sue Groves, Berh Doering, Porn Horrl GKAJ, Cindy Fleming, Becky Oie, Koren Chrisrioson, Deb Schlichring. Third Row LvR: Korhy Reicherr, Jo Fink, Therese O'Brien, Maureen Murphy, Kris Gruening, Mary F005, Sore Bobbe, Wendy Dedynski. FOURTH W FLEMING Firsr Row LiR: Koren Teske, Borb Bundoy 01.130, Nancy Osrem- dorff. Second Row L-R: Maureen McColIins, Debbie Zojoc, Tracy Borrlerr, Morgee Engel. Third Row LR: Barb Vischulis, Kris Werner, Carlo Feidr, Joner Skibo, Susie Sporoges, Terry Hom- melmon, Liso Olsen Fourth Row L-R: Jackie Trouernichr, Lori Hummell, Cindy Wagner, Rochelle Dohmen, Perry Schneider. SEX , RE L E! VE TENWO FIRST HANSEN Firsr Row L-R: Nancy Wikstrom, Liso Elbe, Mory Keogh, Kim Meade, Andrea Hoesley, Morcio Cody. Second Row L-R: Cindy Amocher, Gabriele Bergenrhol, Elizoberh Hoble, Wendy Enger, Korhy Schwibinger, Melissa Richter, Teri Finn, AnoMorio Young. Third Row L-R: Liso PereVson, Jeon Koenig, Lono Gfoll, Sue Herrh, Ellen Foy, Korhy Goodwin, Penny Taylor, Jackie Hoff- mon. Fourrh Row L-R: Pom Dvorak, Wendy Weinbouer, Lori Klingler, Sore White, Sue Rhone GKAJ. SECOND HANSEN Firsr Row L-R: RoeAnne Mirsch MAJ, Srocy Vega. Second Row LVR: Kris Srumpf, Tino McCorey, Lindo Rogers, Korhy Kennedy, Julie Lynch, Kris Roemhild. Third Row L-R: Korhy Teig, Louri Pererchok, Jill Korolinich, Ellen Sports, LeAnn Dourger, Louro Rogers, Srocy Erion, Trocy Fujko. Fourth Row L-R: Julie Srsen, Susan Tessier, Mory Shellonder, Tomi Thompson, Sharon Furugluos, Renee Kolgren, DeDe Bluhm, Noncy Nosby, Candice Wold. hkmc 101 102 hkmc THIRD HANSEN Firsr Row L-R: Chrysouno Erickson, Lori Grore, Second Row L-R: Lindo Konkol, Koren Pern- sreiner, Michele Fox, Jenifer Werblow, Morio Warren, Joner Polosik. Third Row LrR: Jonerre Murphy" Schwondner, Ann Woznick, Mory Selkey, Geri Mundschou, Anne Quigley GKAL Lynn Srapelkompv Fourrh Row L-R: Leslie Gores, Riro Groborczyly Andi Vonsrone, Perri Burh, Brenda Buske, Wendy Emry, Kim PriII, Moriellen King, Leno Jordi, Danielle Anderson, Dene Ack- erson, Shelia Oberoigner. Fifth Row LVR: Pom Rippley, Sharon Schneider, Shelly FIoherry, Sreph Thurber, Geri Helserh. FOURTH HANSEN Firsr Row L-R: Katherine McCorrhy, Sore Holder, Connie Seilheimer, Brenda Schmidr, Michele Morkel, Ricki Zonello mm. Second Row L-R: Lori Campbell, Borb Lindnerl Soroh Reese, Non- cy Block, Michele Ryan, Lindo Allers, Borboro Dickmon. Third Row L-R: Rebecco Bord, Judirh Kunz, Lisa Reilond, Mary Kirrell, Denise Carpen- rer, Michele Johnson, Deanne Anderson, Jone Berg, Veronica Oroegbe. Fourrh Row L-R: JuHe Srrondr, Lisa Shipley, Debra Dohmsl Lois Goerre. FIRST KEITH Firsr Row LR: Tommy Thornberg RAJ Gino Garvey. Second Row L-R: Sore Teske, Solly Deon, Jone Young, JoneAnn Srriegei, Gabe Horp. Third Row L-R: Beth Juenemonn, Paulo Fjelsrod, Kris Nikolai, Cheryl DeBoker, Core Shov- er, Jessica Jensen, Chris Pelkin, Jill Srimorr, Angie Schlee. SECOND KEITH First Row L-R: Corol Edinger, Ann Brendel GKAL Dione Doier, Heather Albers, Teri Buesing. Second Row L-R: Michoelonn Coyne, Becky Srruss, Korherine Mercer, Shelly Sporgur, Liso Mueller, Berry Dicknese, Judy Kilian, Mercio Germer, Tino Gorsr. Third Row L-R: Joner Hockenhull, Noncy Luer, Denise Lynch, Lori Pierrowski, Susan Toyior, Leslie Kroening, Kore Schroeder, Kim Reidr, Sharon Johnson, Dione Bloskowski, Julee Anderson. THIRD KEITH Firsr Row L-R: Jeon Kinney, Liso Howard, Theo Seidel, Poulerre Lillo, Goil Doerr, Lynn uChow" Dymonyk Second Row L-R: Pom Ponkrorz, Norolie Hoppe, Louro Sroller, Sue Brondow. Jo Ann Demon, Jenny Johnson MAJ, Jo Ann Bums, Third Row L R: Nancy Dronsrod, Kelly Wolf, Korhy Agnew, Kris Gorden, Deonno Schmidt, Julie Borrhwick, Shirley Johnson, Koren Voru rels, Debbie Hommel, Joanne Lurzen, Brendo Polanski Fourth Row LR: Juiie Roimer, Korhy Marsh. 104 hkmc FOURTH KEITH Firsr Row LVR: Amy Szymkowski, Poulo Hansen, Korhy Beach, Mory Scholfield, Srephonie Rorhv Second Row L-R: Lori Ander- son, Kacey Klingensmirh, Korhy Hinrichs, Lori George, Chris Tyink, Cheryl Lo Fountain, Korhy Horrung, Lomo Neilsen, Liso Bougiex, Third Row LvR: Wendy Romocher, Laurie Desow GKAl Goil Gorbisch, Traci Siech, Sue Folvey, Lorene Larsen, Holly Dohl, Terry Franck, Terri Derro, Tomi Lohfink, Mory Rim mom, Robin Morgan FIRST MILNES First Row: Don McDonald. Second Row LR: Brondr Swonke, Scorr Kellen, Jeff Jonrz, John Fridoy. Third Row L-R: John Ryan, Bruce L., Mirch Evenson, Bob Pockosser, Jock Murphy. Fourrh Row L-R: Drerr Seuberr, Brod Cook, Tim Smith, Kerby Koh- Ionder, Jim Murh, Mike Kane. Fifrh Row L-R: Joy Thomley, Todd Carlson, Brion McDonald, Troy Johnson, Jim Jung, John Arbo, Dove Rossow. THIRD MILNES Firsr Row L-R: Chris Kolb, Mike Scholler, Dennis Kenneoly, Don Pouloski, Korl Follerr, John Wongen. Second Row LR: Tom Cliver, Mel Schmidr, Don Hanson, Andy Schoefer GKAJ, Kevin Buenning, Rich Forbes, Third Row L-R: Mike Vesrol, Rex ShoeIIA horn, Rick Wirrh, Tim Orlowski, Fronk Beoron, Tim Zomzow, Corl Gronorh, Chris Borrlerr, Kurt Abromson. Fourth Row LR: Don Hodsell, Tom Hommel, Tim lndermuehle, Bob Duronr, Mark Smith. FOURTH MILNES First Row L-R: Tom Brock, Don Johnson GKAL Steve Tewes, Sreve Millmonn, John Reed. Second Row L-R: Jeff Osegord, Tim Folkowski, Jeff Genovo, Jim Lee, Brion Smirh, Brion Kirley, AI Bobier, Todd Skogen. Third Row L-R: Mike Von Hondel, Eric Wyorr, Don Korzenowski, Bob GroggeO Pirie, KoH Weizenicker, Tom Morrerer, Joel Birney. Fourth Row L-R: Dewey Rorhering, Glen Biddick, Mark Louermon, Chris Weber, Craig Christensen, Dove Kerkmon, Don Terkelsen, Keith Kelsey hkmc 105 FIRST CHINNOCK Firsr Row; Korie Shuld Mssr, Hall Direcron. Sec- ond Row L-R: Glen Senger, Jim Fritz, John Bis- Iew, Andy Corpenrer, Todd Young, Gerry Fid- dler. Third Row L-R:, Leon Rosen, Jeff Thomas, Tom Meier GLAL Dove Borros, Joe Cosonove, John Parker, Chris Giordano, Roberr Plogemen, Ted Kumbier, Morlow Knoboch, Jim Johonek, Vicror Sundvoll, Don Hill, Gory Morrensen, Dob Mc Ardle, Darin Nesbir, Craig Pererson, Pere Walker. THIRD CHINNOCK Firsr Row LvR: Norm Lorentz, Korl Kosmer, Dove Bundgoord. Second Row LiR: Eric Confield, Sreve Vessel, Sreve Boumonn, Dolly, Rick Cummins, Mark Berz, Dill Booher, AI Arens. Third Row LAR: Mork Stevens, Poul Nelson, Chuck Keller, Scorr Shaver. Fourrh Row LiR: Kelly Meer, Bob Buchanan, Todd Ruprechr, Dove Kuhnly, Steve Siewerr, Chris Kluerz, John Hansen, Jon Mitchell, Joy Huismon. Fifrh Row L7 R: Tom Bosrin RAJ Curr Coshener, BIII Puenr. SECOND HOVLID Firsr Row L-R: Dee Holsr, Gretchen Liebzeir, Mory Kronschnobel, Tori Royolo, Jean Schulrz. Second Row L-R: Kim Porricls, Barb Harvey, Drirr Melby, Liso Morchese, Kim Orre, Down Monske, Corol Fillo, Tommy Timmler, Down Kreuzinger, Morie Bovers. Third Row L-R: Col- leen Sieloff, Raquel Bollmon, Jone Pionrek, Nonv cy Lederer, Char Krueger, Julie Morkey, Corrie Lilo, Connie Morrensen, Cindy Lowe, Kelly Lin srrorh, Ann Van Bellinger, Jenny Leiberg. Fourth Row L-R: Kirsten Iverson, Louro Dehnke, Peggy O'Donnell, Rona Holdr, Linda O'neil, Srocy Sromek GKAJ, Shelly Sekos O'KAJ, Holey Hogedorn, Wanda Gems, Lynn Mom Fifth Row LiR: Corhy Terkelson, Denise Borchordr, Kim Knoke, Cheri Hesselink, Kristie Thompson, Peg- gy Perry 106 hkmdhovlid FOURTH HOVLID Fursr Row LVR: Wolr Longrebe, Sreve Ginsburg Second Row L-R: Doug Mc livoin, Poul Geissler, Bill Derloch, Bob Drake! Dove Anderson, Poul Owen, Morc Dowe, Bob Doggerr. Third Row L R: Dove Mirchell GKAL Doug Berh, Tim Nooyen, Jeff Ross, Keirh Firori UKAJ, AI Delop. Fourrh Row LR: John Kokesh, Eric Hendrickson, Joel Albrighr, Jim Bergquisr, Ernie Schoenfeld, Rob Choppo, Jeff Mochler, Poul Coenen, Tim Odegord, Mort Pochi, Jim Hess. Fifrh Row L-R: John Longfeldr, Todd Welsch, Lorry Poole, Jim Horgon, Vic Chapel, Jeff Doness, Tom Korokis, Kevin Nolon, Don McGuire, Joy Osman. FIRST JETER Firsr Row L-R: Maureen Gowoslsie, Linda Emsrer, Berh Brown. Second Row L-R: Lori Finnilo, Jackie Guzzok, Jamie Horleberg, Cindy Schogenhofr, Amy Thiel, Bonnie Nossrrom, Liz Pumper, Colleen Horrmon, Liso Thissen, Denise Hoefr, Morcio Winrer. Third Row L-R: Mory Srrouse, Korhleen McCormick, Sondee Gombold, Mery Derh Lofond, Cessy Vollen, Michelle Larson OKAJ, Becky Pfluger, Joan Gilligan, Porrice Herlond, Mary Ol- son Fourth Row L-R: Kim Lehner, Jone Fredlund, Dione Luerhy. hovlidA'rc 107 SECOND JETER Firsr Row L-R: Korne Wood, Priscilla Schmid, Ann Pederson, Jill Heinowski, Liso Reimonn. Second Row L-R: Mory Kovocevich, April Erby, Wonjiru Komou, Andree Wilson, Julie Hinderks, Tomro Grodivonr, Soro Tubbs. Third Row L-R: Jayne Giwojno, Ellyn Rorh, Joy Reichel, Sarah Ponkuch, Leigh Lindohl RAJ, Fourth Row LR: Susan Sinclair, Sondra Toylor, Lorrie Becklund, Sirri Arong, Amy Hagen, Judy Zwolenski Fifrh Row L-R: Donne Comerr, Nancy Borrsch, Undo Olsen, Tracey Anderson 108 jrc THIRD JETER FIRST TAINTER Firsr Row L-R: Dill Diesch, Jeff Weber, Gory Kopel, Joy Kossel, Lindo Walker, Dorb Larson, Korhy Hein, Sheri Nickel. Second Row L-R; Ed Pomerson, Mike Menke, Corrie Rymer, Ellior Frenz, Mory Gerry, Mory Domoro, Jill Kruppsrodr. Third Row LR: Andy Lenselink, Tom Lee, Rick Loppin, Tobin Brown, Down Bofferd- Eng, Carlo Andersen Fourrh Row LvR: Mark Guenrher, John Repo mm, Wynn Woolsey RAJ, Joe Kluessendorf, Bruce Plummer, Tony Copozziello, J.C, Crondoll, Lindo Kuligowski, SECOND TAINTER Firsr Row L-R: Eloine Ibinger, Koren Trurrmon, Radcliff Qouro EricsoanAJ, Mory Fredrick. Second Row L-R: Terri Debell, Teresa Mirchell, Korie Redeker, Lynn Johnson, Morueen Smick, Norolie Quondr, Liz Nord, Mary Jo Sronsbury. Third Row LvR: Koren Seidel, Sondra Bosring, Shelly Spollus GKAl Korlo Bech- Ien, Denise Leonard, Djuno Groveen, Korhy Hepp, Sue Bosrion, Koylene Walsh Fourrh Row L-R: Lynn Popenfuss, Renee Moder, Dione Koehn, Sue Smiley, Srocey Srener, Julie Knurson. jtc 109 110 jrc THIRD TAINTER Firsr Row L-R: Gennifer Gilberr, Sharon Gobi, Pom Kiileen, Morrho Reader, Renee Celorek, Down Misgen, Mory Nowicki, Second Row LVR; Lori Nelson, Joner Grouel, Wendy Under, Allyr son Brown, Liso Christensen, Jodie "Sookie" Belknop, Michelle Krier, Linda Koch Third Row LR: Denise Novomy, Pegeen Plonron, Fourth Row LAR: Morgorer Meadows, Korhy Huybers, Sheri Bogucki, Elaine Wursrer, Shelia Johnson, JiH Kronrz, Susan Glover, Gwen Tree, Kris Sourhr 0rd, Ann Kinzler. Fifrh Row L-R: Down Terrizzi, Koren SiegeL Susie Beierv Sixth Row UK: The rese Wowrzyn, Bridger Meier, Sue Allbrighr, Brenda Dovis, Wendy DeBdr, Angelo La- Bonne, Jennifer Higendorf, Adrienne Yosr. FIRST CALLAHAN Firsr Row L-R: Mike Weber, Pere Murphy, Schuyler Jones, Frirz Pirsch, Sreve Peon. Second Row LR: Steve Werdohl, Pere Dufek, Poul Den, Sreve Duncan, Marry Homm, Ron Rorherr, Todd Wade, Ed LoFronce Third Row L-R Tom Mockrie, Joy Whirrock, Tom Schendel, Pow Mickolofsky, Jeff Donsen, Par Baker, John Chns- rionsen, Fourrh Row L-R: Jerry Reed Rob Scherff, Kory McGlorhlen, Joy Gosser, Dove Norsrrom, AI Bermer, Gory Luke, SECOND CALLAHAN Firsr Row L-R: Robb Zimdors, Gerry Schmidr, Kevin O'Connor, Sreve Cory, Scorr Oechsner. Second Row LVR: Jeff Hoberserzer, Jeff Com- peou, Dove Wicror, Dob Ageson, Mirch Much" Martin, Rod Larson, Jim Ringelsrerrer, Gronr Scholbrock Third Row LVR: Dove Sromos, AI Boiringer, Kurr Kiesow, Kevin Srress, Tim Emr erson, Sreve Woodgore, Fourrh Row L-R: Todd Srensberg, Brod Knigge, Terry Morrin, Mark Mi- chael Akexonder Woldoch GKAJ Doug Srouss, Chris HRocky" Tessendorf, Corey Overhiser. E22933? g?twv MAW E; THIRD CALLAHAN Firsr Row LVR; Joe Scheil, Mike Schuster, Jim Eidmon, Dove Lederer, Scorr Velishek, Kelry Bell O'KAJ, Don Burg, Chuck Brerl, Kevin Fox1 Second Row LiR: Scorr Mueller, Guy Loushin, Keirh Coenen, Herold Polsrer, Pere Larson, Eric Crownhorr, Don Zov boroek, Tom Kennedy, Third Row LVR: Croig Bucholz, Tom Andre, James Williams, Jim Zimmerly, Poul Rivolll Jeff Bzdowko. Fourrh Row L-R: Brod Lund, Andy Lambert, Thomas Mullikin, Maurice Coores, Jim Feeney, Dove Lo Pree, Todd Hoiner. FIRST F NORTH Firsr Row: John Fendr. Second Row L-R: Dove Lofmess, Mork Budde, Bill Yosr, Richard Zombrowicz, Clive Kenrish. Third Row LiR: John Morquordr, Christopher Moerschel, Sreven Boner, Dovid Fink, Eric Frirz, Gregory Mochler Fourrh Row LVR; Mork Schmolrz, Jeffery Sreckling, John Leehy, Jeffrey Joosren, John Londohl. Fffrh Row L-R: Doniel Szymoniok, Jeff Schloesser, Jef- frey Thiessen, Brion Dirchler, Rodney Winrers, Rondoll Beier. jrdnorrh 111 112 north SECOND E NORTH First Row L-R; Susan Schlough, Korie Pfoffendorf, Marlene Con? notly, Melissa Blanchard, Ame Horrworrh, Second Row L-R: Bersy Hennemon, Liso Robinson, Corhy Brechr, Deb Lorson. Third Row LVR: Riro McCormick, Moria MiHreIIo, Susan Sermerr sheim, Jono Jonnene, Judy Keindt, Tonia O'Connor, Cindy Anderson, Sue Bauer. Fourrh Row LVR: Ann Senechol, Laurie Boegemon, Dione Dohlls, Ann Schulz, Roberto Bowersock, Roseanne Monen. SECOND F NORTH Firsr Row L-Rv Corhy Vocco, Rurh Kujowo, Ginny Kohnk, Jill Genelsse, Gwen Schwerze. Second Row L-Rv Jean Perershods, Les Frionoskl, Sue Srodolko, Kris Feldes, Moria Pererongelo Third Row L-R Jonie Mercolf, Andrea Elior, Wendy Lundquisr, Noncy Mills, Soroh Fry, THIRD D NORTH Firsr Row: Mark Wood. Second Row: Lenny Trusky Third Row L-R: Troy Davis, Kurt Londgrofr, Dorr Dingler, Wes Swanson, Duey Fimreire. Fourth Row LR: Mark Herbinski, Mike Dukol, Kroig Kurpelo, Por Wolf, Sreve Schoessow, Kevin Smith, Kirk Schneider Fifrh Row LVR: Moc Senfleben, Chriss Burrows, Brion lverson, Jeff Schous, Tom Vondewoll. I THIRD E NORTH Firsr Row L-R: Susan Schorfenberg, Molly Poscoe, Holly Wendr, Jean Marie Douploise, Jeon Johnson. Second Row L-R: Lori Gove, Mory Hunr, Suson Thelonder, Amy Quiring, Terri Pope, Corol Enherr. Third Row LR: Robin Yozbec, Liso Schinrgen, Deb Pflieger, Koren Duncan, Jodi Fregine, Joon Heinrich, Londo Dorr. Fourrh Row L-R: Stacey Bednorz, Molly McGowan, Koren Kozeleski, Jill Erboe, Chris Koepke, Tommy Wiederhoefr, Kim Berry, Lynee Tourdor north 113 THIRD F NORTH Firsr Row L-R- Aoron Bowe, Greg Gallagher, Scorr Sroffon, Charles Dorwyler, Thomas No- mody. Second Row LVR: James Doulwore, Mike Loing, Eric Johnson, Mike Weber Third Row L-R: Glen Koppel, Joe 6055, Greg Porrorff, Al Buchholz, Tom Hockworrhy, Elmer Neider- houser. Fourrh Row LVR: James AHen, Terry Poul, Jim Domke, Don Lulsier, Poul McDoneIl, Steve Hoescholev FOURTH D NORTH Firsr Row LVR; Mory Bear, Cynrhio Morhews, Jili Meyer, Koren Nisrler, Koren WesHund, Sharon Weber. Second Row LiR: Julie Dohl, Marlene Bourne, Tomoro Lindsley, Marion Sweek, Cheryl O'Connor, Dione Schofer. Third Row L- R: Kim Obermeyer, Julie Morhie, Karin Teig, Mary Luox, Srephonie Molsrre, Debbie Neinow, Wendy Johnson, Renee Ascher, Liso Gurr. Fourrh Row L-R: Lynn Kozlouskos, Allison Bloomer, Miki Schmirz, Betsy Romsrock, Ann Meyer, Amy Morhie, Sandro Roscndick. FOURTH F NORTH Firsr Row L-R: Jenny Crosby, Kirsren Meyer, Wendy Nogel, Cheryl Molek, Koren Eder, Shanna Moser. Second Row LVR. Louro Brooks, Becky Therres, Tino Meier, Vol Spence. Third Row LiR; Corol Kleinhuberr, Marilyn Kenyon, Julie Jergenson, Therese Terrick, Mary Dyer, Trudy Thompson, Keri Jones, Srephone Clour rier, Mercia Rorherr, Jone Knurson, Tommy Benike, Fourrh Row L-R: Kim Pererson, Renee Clemenrs, Liso Sressl, Liso Reynolds, Julie Losr key, Chris Hockers, Lynn Desriche, Heide Kropf. 1 14 north FIRST A SOUTH First Row L-R: Deon Volkerr, Jeff Palmer, Greg Sorensen, Poul Chambers MAJ. Second Row L-R; Keith Rusch, Brion Bobko, Roy Longford, Sreve Burh, Keith Ross. Third Row LvR: Dennis Miholczik, Mike Anderson, Lonce Boldus, Jeff Reynolds, Sreve Schmirz. Fourth Row LvR: Roland Gronr, DJ. Lo Vorre, Sreve Plenge. wmmymWEWE53H :gsawm FIRST B SOUTH Firsr Row LVR: Morr Vonderwegen, Scott Jackson, Don Schoefer, Jeff Stork, Mike Duffy, Jerry Johnson. Second Row L R: Adrien Amelse, Kevin Granger, Sreve Jennings, Dennis Schmidr, John Bohr. Third Row L-R: Todd Fox, Jeff Smith MAJ, Joy Schroeder, Mork Guenrher. south 115 Y SECOND B SOUTH Firsr Row: Greg Wolf MAJ. Second Row L-R; Tony Kowelseski, Scorr Micoleyl Jim Trempe, Dove Hillmon, Dob Plewo Third Row L-R; Gronr Lindgren, Jim DeCIue, Mike Wesprol, Dove Coffin, Deon Micoley, Jim Williams. Fourth Row L-R: Mirk Miller, Dove Phillips, Mark Renard, Tome Piorrowski, Keirh Guggen- berger, Tim Doiley, Kevin Hoger, Tom Nelson. SECOND C SOUTH Firsr Row L-R: Greg Lipperr, John Krenz, Frank Lohrer, John Wegener. Second Row L-R: Tim, Mike Lyons, Todd Jonnerr, Burr Srencel, En'c Golles, Ken Sobee, Third Row LVR: Mike Wirek, Jon Evons, Sam Romrorron, Don Asp, Jim Morovecl Fourrh Row LR: Roger Frye GU30, Corl Rehberger, Andy Hendrick son, Brion Mosrers, Terry Lobinski 1 16 sourh THIRD A SOUTH First Row L-R; Joner Wilson, Karyn Mero, Michone Ouellerre MAX Amy Losko, Bernie Rudesill, Gole Srephon, Corlo Corll son. Second Row L-R: Tommy Dennis, Jenny Morrin, Koren Johnsron, Liso Myers, Jody Derrel, Alison Boiley, Sue Wohlers, Berry Klorz, Third Row L-R: Shelagh Geroghry, Deb Porrhosr, Terese purfeersr, Julie Myers, Joyne Wiemonn, Betsy Ludowese. Fourth Row L-R: Peggy Larson, Tracy Lucas, An- dreo Lenski, Troci Schmirz, Porry Nihol. THIRD B SOUTH Firsr Row L-R; Sandro Thielmen, Rebecco Ross, Anne Rock reocher, Helen Murphy Second Row: Rebecco Heinirz. Third Row 6irrinQ L-R: Lyndo Mudrock, Amy Lewison, Jeon Kremer MAJ, Mary Pugmire, Chrisry Senfr, Porricio SroIL Fourrh Row L- R: Susan Reinhold, Rayonne Gorriorr, Nancy Gehlhor, Tommi Goodovish, Julie Schuerre, Annerre Elsen, Kris Heoley, Deborah Delbionco, Suson Woodruff, Louro Loeuger, sourh 117 FOURTH B SOUTH Firsr Row; Cory Larsen. Second Row L-R: Lori Fiscus, Riro Dohlke GKAL Heidi Henson, Chris Kroml, Ginger Honens, Julie Gehrke. Third Row L-R: Mory Kugel, Joonne Cloner, Ceclio Gross, Kelly Bouer, Sue Phillips, Nora Flueger, Fourth Row LvR: Dione Chomberlin, Beth Dorrelr, K0 ren Johnson, Jone Schneider, Penny Liesz, Son- dro Nurzmonn, Pony Luellen FOURTH C SOUTH Firsr Row: Louonne Rouleou GU30. Second Row L-R; Julie Brown, Cindy Ricordon, Steph- onie Rigowski, Judy Amundsen. Third Row L-R; Krissy Nordli, Sharon Weiss, Debbie Gehlhoorr, Joner Erickson, Carol Dohlquisr. Fourth Row L-R: Cindy Weyer, Julie Koller, Monica Merz, Sue Eberr, Noreen Koch, Koylo Kindgren. Fifrh Row LiR: Korhy Goodman, Jenny Moe, Soroh Schneider, Chris Meyer, Ann Wellmurh, Cindy Herferr, Srocy Houglev v10! , MHHUHH' ,x'nulnnllv I :1! xn'mnitlx H W 0K.VII,'4 .3 1 . l I I 4 I 1 111! IN! ..Iq I 9 ""'H. FIRST E WIGEN Firsr Row LvR: Tim Drocegirdle, Poul Schrom- kowski, Joe Schneider, John Theodorson, Eric Brerl Grondingl Second Row L-R: Tim Siegmeir, Kevin Kufohl, Mike Zelinski, Duncan Decker. Third Row L-R; Todd Dovis, Bill Kell, Mike Smith, Por Cosgrove MAX Jeff Rouchbouer, Brion Guenrher. Fourrh Row L-R: Jeff Wollin, Brion Kramer, Bob Spreemon, John Henckel, Jim Knurh, Steve WeIFAFZ, Jon Dworok. 118 souerigen SECOND E WIGEN Firsr Row LR: Steve Peel, Phil Lurgen, Poul Empey, Neil Pierson, Brion Stoddard, Tony Smith. Second Row L-R: Dove Croin, Kevin Christensen, Scorr Frome, Gene Noonon, AI Luchr, Troy Dysrrom GKAi Third Row LiR: Tim Meme, Pere Jombois, Brion Block, Tony Lego, Bob Buerger, Joel Weber. Fourth Row L-R: Jeff Spence, Bill McForlone, Kerry Henderson, Deon Dvorak, Lars Olsen, Joe Leinfelder, Scorr Ledermonn. mm x ex 5311' w. m SECOND W WIGEN Firsr Row L-R; Jenny Noumon, Heidi Send Second Row L-R: Jenny Bhend, Janeen Rockow, Ann Winkel, Pony McGrorh, Jill Ziegerr, Jone Weimer, Volerie Turcorr. Third Row LR: Debbie Simmons, Aniro Thomas, Foy Weddell, Kris Schleder, Vicki Wildes. Fourrh Row LAR: Korlo Oehlke, Sheri Shumocher, Jordi Bluhm, Mory Sroughron, Kim Zodro, Lio Buysse, Brenda Gieszler GKAl Fifrh Row L-R: Mory Thul, Sue Hoskins, Becky Sonko, Polly Drenrlow, Julie Weiss Sue Simon, Sally Dohlke wigen 1 19 THIRD E WIGEN Firsr Row LvR: Kurr Jacobson, Mike Kaufman, Todd Kempinger, Drir Fisher, Kirk Knurson, Jon Fallon. Second Row LvR: Jon Johnson, Ted Jacobson, Jon Lerbs, John Lisowski, Mike Harring- ron MAJ, Chris Hougen. Third Row L-R: Greg Schilcherl John Wirkes, Dole Busch, John Porterson, Tim Hebert, Fred Piolo, Brod Hornisch, Don Gronr, Derrick Gibson. Fourrh Row LR; Jon Solberg, John Longtime, Kirk Carrier, Rick Vonerr, Mike Loos, Tyler Peose, Mork Joeger. m; mimvk $$Erm 2A; THIRD W WIGEN Firsr Row L-R: Mory Schmir, Deno Rykol, Solly Koepke, Kelly Schneider, Laurie Miller, Tino Grondr. Second Row LVR: Sue Den Boer, Judi Teske, Mory King, Mory Peichowski, Nancy Sreffen, Pom Beaver, Carri Williams. Third Row L-R: Jenno Weber, Kristin Holversen, Kathy Leuck, Sue Chopmon, Lori Bergendoff, Coir Purves. Fourth Row L-R; Koren Rolpf, Heidi Knurson, Chor Boldr, Sandy Lo Mendolo MAX Marchelle Lirzou, Dione Finkle- son 120 wigen FOURTH E WIGEN Firsr Row L-R: Dru Dinner, Chris Dergstrom, Doug Robbins, Second Row LvR: Mike May WAX Ken Schouer, Eric Gesre- Iond, Dove Franzen, Poul Beier. Third Row L-R: Scorr Frorer, Bill Wesrover, Mike Leville, Greg Andrews, Dove Alvin. Fourrh Row L-R; Mork Steiner, Greg Meyers, Lorry Lonphere, John Frosr, Ted Miller, Adam Lehner, Ken DUBois. Fifrh Row L-R: Bryon Hinkfuss, Scorr Romenesko, Dob Zbylicki, Poul Dons, John Grerzinger, Brod Zoem, Kevin Kolscheur, Jim LorenceA mm; W? :23 FOURTH W WIGEN Firsr Row L-R: Borb Filos, Anne Borbiere, Sue Colbenson, Liso AIessondrini, Pom Wohlberg GKAl Second Row L-R: Pom Durdin, Deb Troinor, Korn Lindgren, Cindy Weissinger, Gwen Benson. Third Row L-R: Goyle Oderro, Dorls Jokum, Carole McNaughton, Sandy Dufek, Penny Gosreyer, Vol Clork, Fourth Row L-R: Noncy Yurs, Kelly Wokoruk, Kim Krogsrod, Brenda Goersch, Sandy Gonzalez, Sue Moscori, Corhy Long wigen 121 HALL DIRECTORS First Row L-R. Robin Grossbler, Grerchen Broom, Anne Romoge, Debro Shefchw, Kov ren Nisrier, Judy Spam Second Row LVR. Korie Schuld, Borb Srockhousen, Leo John- son, Tobrn Drown, Jim Murphy, Jim Van derPurren, Mornn Fn'rz 122 sroff RESIDENT ADVISORS AF: Mike Becker, Joyce Groy, Nadine Herr mon, Rich Mercier, Dovid Nogengosr, Jon Olson, Korhy VonRuden, Sue Werner. CKTO: Angelle Conrord, Jon Erding, Dove Fredrickson, Yvonne Furchrenichr, Dove Holbmoier, Corherine Heili, Lisa Hruby, Gory Jezorslsi, Dee Jezwinski, Dove Johnson, Roy Myles, Erik Souer, Tim Slaney, Dee Dee Sreib, Vicky Wellsondr, Julie Wrighr. Fleming Dorboro Doier, Borboro Bundoy, Chris Cisler, Porricio Horrl, Jeff Lerellier, Tom Minucci, Ann Pearce, Jerry Swirca HKMC; Michael Bojczyk, Thomas Bosn'n, Jim Deron, Laurie Besow, Ann Drendel, Don Johnson, Jennifer Johnson, Michael Kane, Thomos Meier, Don Meissner, Roe Ann Mirsch, Anne Quigley, Susan Rhone, Andy Schoefer, Tommy Thornberg, Ricky Zoni ello. Hovlid: Keith Firori, Dove Mirchell, Shelly Se- kos, Srocy Sromek. JTCv Jodie Bellmop, Kelly Bell, Louro Ericson, Shelia Johnson, Michelle Larson, Leigh Linv dohl, Porricio Proefke, John Repel Tom Schendel, Shelly Spollees, Mark Woidoch, Wynn Woolsey. North: Tracy Becker, Randy Beier, Erin Gor- mon, Lori Gove, Betsy Hennemon, Jone Knurson, Gory Kriegel, Don Longe, Jone Mercolf, Jill Meyer, Greg Porrorff, Mark Wood South; Poul Chambers, Riro Dohlke, Roger Frye, Theodore Hess, Jeon Kremer, Jone Moslonko, Jim Norton, Michone Ouellerre, LouAnne Rouleou, Koren Sjosrrum, Jeff Smith, Greg Wolf, Wigen: Troy Bysrrom, Porrick Cosgrove, Brenda Gieszler, Mike Harrington, Sandy Lo Mendolo, Mike May, Mary Nolan, Porricio Wohlberg. sroff 1 23 ...Fw1. 4 4 i . AAA A ' 5 . A 'g a j: z: ? : v ; 'r :A . : !A I I - K :x I . ;', 1 , A A. 4 4 I ' h ll! ' v i fijp ' , ., 4 bps, 7X4; " , 1x I I l x x -, z" 4 A5! , A I I l; ' : - X $3,: 4""1 ' C. It - f , 'r 'a ' ,1 ' A 11 g ' xx 34:14 c f I I V x A V a v . x i xv ,' v , A x : : V a r,l x - - ,nv 311: Z ACHI VERSg-r- X X Gregory L. Bondy Kosson, MN Allen Johnson Gronrsburgl WI Lowell Broorz Mororhon, WI Dovid Krueger Gronron, WI Applied Morh MR. EINO MAKO, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Borboro Brehmer Wousow, WI Lori Krueger Gronron, WI Curtis R. Fowcerr Corroge Grove, MN Bruce Nyberg Ogemo, WI MM Therese M. Shokd Sronley, WI Jodene Fox Osceola, WI DoryX G. Perri Monowo, WI Sreven Shilrs Sronley, WI Daniel 6' Gilberrson Winona, MN Judy A. Peterson Eou Claire, WI Susan J, Todd Whire Bear Lake, MN Vicki Alsoker Benson, MN 6 seniors ArMA rr E ducarlon MR. RON VERDON, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Jean M. Anderson Ogemo, WI Roger A. Decker Sr. Poul, MN Sandro Berkness Hopkins, MN Tommy Bones Robbinsdale, MN Julie Empey Anoko, MN K I M a Mark Flanders Patricio A Gunderson Porrico Knapp Key M. Horr Ruth M. Kujowo Jeff Kundinger Elmwood, WI Albert Lea, MN Monkoro, MN Superior, WI Sr, Poul, MN Pork Folls, IL David A. Lindbury Suzanne M. Looney Barbara J. Meier Kirsrem Meyer Linda K. Miracle Koren Muleski Deerfield, IL New Hope, MN Wesr Sr. Poul, MN Poynesville, MN Hales Corners, WI Racine, WI Heidi A. Olson Dongos G. Oswold Polly Prellwirz Leigh A. Rorolszok Dionne Remer EIizoberh Schofer Minneapolis, MN Green Boy, WI Amery, WI Luxemburg, XVI S, Sioux Ciry, Neb. Cedorburg, WI L. Dione E. Schworrz Lori A. Sg'ulsrod Chrisreno J. Sonnenberg Koren L Srener Mono 5. Verdegon Mary E Word Shoreview, MN Blue Eorrh, MN Eagle River, WI Sr Poul, MN Kewounee, WI Chorfield, MN Kristine R. Werner Srephen B. Woodgore Anomorio A. Young Bruce A. Zedler Woukesho, WI Rochesrer, NY St, Poul, MN Lomiro, WI seniors 127 ChIYd De velopmenr And Fomlly Life DR. PRISCILLA KESTING, PROGRAM DIRECTOR w ; 3y. Wuhan 1; wuw Alison L, Elerr Margaret M. Liebmonn Liso Murokomi Denise Show Lynn Slinger Laura M Suilivon Milwaukee, WI Mounroin, WI Sr. Poyl, MN Appleron, WI Green Boy, WI Excelsior, MN Clorhl'ng, Texrlies And Design KAREN LABAT, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Joan M. Albrechr Koren L, Anderson Annmarie Deck Solly Bergman Michelle Djomgoord Sharon K. Boguchi Ripon, WI Bloomingron, MN Elkhorr Lake, WI Rhinelander, WI Zumbroro, MN Racine, WI 'W M; Susan J. Bongers Tina M, Corlson Michelte LY Dovenporr Suson Donnoy Joner L. Erickson Pamela J. Frank Foriboulr, MN LoCrosse, WI Willmor, MN Glencoe, MN Verona, WI Olivia, MN Mary K. Gomsrud Lourie L. Hoock Maureen E. Hogmon Sandro J. Jonnson Leslie Kroening Susan M. Moroccini Jonesville, MN Sheboygon, WI Morshfield, MN Minneapolis, MN Menomonee Foils, WI Kenosho, WI 128 seniors Violet Dovis-Mourice Catherine J. McLeod Carmen J Olson Patricio M. Rondo Lori A. Schoop Kimberly Schofer Trinidad Eou Claire, WI Kenosha, WI Milwaukee, WI Sheboygon Falls, WI Red Wing, MN Dione L. Schoemoker Nancy L. Theiler Cossandrq Wilson Monkoro, MN Humbird, WI Sr. Chofles, IL Diererlcs MR. THOMAS PHILLIPS, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Janene Corpenrier Judy Duren Mory Emerson Julier A Finnegan Kerrin Furhey Down M Gemlo Eou Claire, WI Lyle, MN. New Richmond, WI Milwaukee, WI Brooklyn Center, MN Milwaukee, WI Glori L. Hinck Srephonie A, Korros Terry Kock Jean L. Kremer Jennifer Lonzo James C Molelski Turtle Lake, WI Appleton, WI Shakopee, MN Dekolb, IL Lake Forest, IL Milwaukee, WI seniors 129 Lou Ann Morshmon Jane C. Moslonko Julie R. Morson Noncy Noedler Kathleen O'Connell Tonio O'connor Menomonie, WI Milwaukee, WI Cherek, WI Gronron, WI Rhinelander, WI White Bear Lake, MN Riro C, Reiser Susan Robinson Jean M. Sreinhilber Linda K, VonThull Soroh A. Turner Anne Wiechmon Golden Volley, MN Hillsboro, WI Wisconsin Rapids, WI Kimberly, WI Garden Prairie, IL Freeporr, MN Heidi Wulf Monroe, WI 130 E orly Childhood E ducorion DR. PRISCILLA KESTING, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Porricio Decker Mary L. Bronkollo Mary R. Comerr Corol M. Crosley Koren Dybul Lynn M. Dymonyk Hosrings, MN Boroboo, XVI Hozord, KY New Richland, MN Milwaukee, WI New Brighton, MN sen iors Debbie J, Fenn Menomonie, WI Joner Jenson Frederic, WI Rhonda J. Hemmer Clear Lake, MN Yvonne M. Endres Lodi, WI Elveo, WI Suzanne M. Frose Kolden Julie A. Moson Poynerre, WI Julie J, Raymond Polson, Monrono Colleen G. O'Connor Lake Mills, WI Elizoberh M Nord Elm Grove, WI Marlene E, Micheels Ridgeland, WI Vicki L. Morheys Sr. Paul, MN , A? X x , Jayne M Torr Maplewood, MN Martha A. Senechol Green Boy, WI Mary B. Simmons Shakopee, MN Therese R. Schmirr Ripon, WI Mary K. Schmidrlein Shorewood, WI Donnie L. Rice Coon Rapids, MN Fashion Merchand'smg DR. MARY WELCH PROGRAM DIRECTOR Carol A. Brown Wousou, WI Heidi M. Boumonn Manitowoc, WI Perry Bauer Morshfield, WI Joner Dorry Florence, SC Cheryl Ann BoiHorgeon Somerset, WI Maureen M Coine Milwaukee, WI SeDiOI'S 131 Terese Doron Rockford, IL Noel E. Hofmon Sonro Rose, CA Morrho E. Komorek St Paul, MN Cheryl L, Pererson Bloomington, MN Laurie A. Schoufler New Brighron, MN 132 seniors Koren D. Emerson Burnsville, MN Cheryl J. Jehlovec Sheboygan, WI Jacqueline A Krzyzomowski Mundelein, IL Carol A. Plozoy Lake Forest, IL Ann Schusrer Oshkosh, WI Andrea L, Fowler Burnsville, MN Pom Jordon Deloir, WI Dionne Kuehl Neenoh, WI Dorothy Pronge Milwaukee, WI Mori Sever Tower, MN Holly J. Hansen Menomonie, WI Corrie R, Kongos Tomahawk, WI Leigh A. Lindohl Madison, WI Robyn Prince Oswego, IL Maureen A Smick Rochesrer, MN Dena M. Hosenohrl Pirrsville, WI Edna W Kowokomi Honolulu, HA Jeanne O'Brien Green Bay, WI Scorr P. Rhodes Menomonie, WI Tomi Soerens Kohler, WI Goil A, Hodgins St. Paul, MN Leonora C. Kelly Windward Wills, Guam Evo M, Quermon New Hope, MN Deborah A Ryan Big Bend, WI Linda Solheim Long Lake, MN Lynn M Sropelkomp Dione M. Sreib Key M Thiessen Gino M. U'Ren Elizabeth J. Vonck Brenda L Wagner Cedar Grove, WI Brookfield, WI Doroboo, WI Morron, MN Appleton, WI Horrford, WI .3 Rebecco M. Wolrer Sandra M. Wozny Kerry J Welch Katherine A. Werzel Renee R Williams Wynne R, Woolsey Glen Ellyn, IL Liberryville, IL Sun Prairie, WI Worerrown, WI Wales, WI Brookfield, WI Food Service Admlhlsrrorion MR. THOMAS PHlLLlPS, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Deborah 5. Anderson Vicki A. Dominick Elaine M. Ellenson Jeno R. Fiedorowicz Carlene V. Hill Lori Morgan Goodhue, MN Milwaukee, WI Burlington, WI LoCrosse, WI Wesr Indies Random Lake, WI Jennifer K. Rossel Todd Trourmonn Margie Wielond Cynthia A. Wiemon Random Lake, WI Hastings, MN LeSueur, MN Racine, WI seniors 133 General Business Admlhlsrrorlbn MR. JACK GANZEMILLER, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Robyn S. Bodoli Allen D. Bird Donna A. Biro Susan V. Dooy Steven T. Campbell Jeanne M Carlson Minnetonko, MN Wesr Bend, WI Milwaukee, WI Brookfield, WI New Hope, WI Amery, WI Cyndi L. Coswell Mark Chonner Dennis S. Dohl Jeffery P. Diehl Becky A. Dingmonn Mary L. Duchorme Excelsior, MN Woodbury, MN EOU Claire, WI Monowo, WI Eou Claire, WI Sr. Poul, MN Ha, i , i I Ira; Vicky Espinozo-Llonos Gerald P. Fohl ll Jeffery D, Fields Sheilo A. Florr Tom Fonforo Richard A. Govier Limo, Peru Menomonie, WI Woodbury, MN Hudson, WI Whireholl, WI Prairie de Chien, WI Christine Hoselmon Jeffery D. Hozen John Hoover Gail E. Hurre Corherine W, Jock Pamela J. Jorl Roseville, MN Peoria, IL Prairie Form, WI Green Boy, WI PIymourh, MN Brooklyn Cenrer, MN 134 seniors Keith A. Jeske Ronei M Johnson Terrence J. Johnson Elizabeth A. Kohler Polly Koschmirrer Todd Knurson Sheboygon, W1 Glenwood Ciry, WI Jonesville, MN Edino, MN Whire Bear Lake, MN Colfax, WI Todd R. LoDuke Porricio A Lewis Terry L, Lingofelr Shown M McForlone Cindy M. Miller Elizabeth J. Mizerlso Mondovi, WI Menomonie, W1 5L Poul, MN Byron, MN Edino, MN Edino, MN Kimberly K. Neirzke Rachel J. Nelson Pamela J. Olson lsooc Owolobi Louro Pererson Korhy Roder Minnesoro Ciry, MN Forr Arkinson, XVI Wesr Salem, WI Menomonie, WI Wilmerre, IL Ridge Manor, FL ,; t a Caroline B Schilling Scorr M. Serrersren Judith K. Sponem AbduHoh Y. Suloim Rene Tesch Tommy J. Thornberg Menomonie, WI Morinerre, WI Mounr Horeb, WI Soudio Arabic Schofield, WI Two Harbors, MN Jeannine M. Triebold Caroline C. Wollroff Colleen K. Wieczorek Whireworer, WI New Brighton, MN Milwaukee, WI seniors 1 35 Home E conomlcs E ducorl'on MISS JOY JOCEL YN PROGRAM DIRECTOR Camille L Anderson Jone M. Blomrnel Amy J. Bohnhoff Carol A. Coopmon Susan K Donielson Donna M. Dumas Wousoukee, WI Freeporr, MN Plymouth WI Menosho, WI Hutchinson, MN Leno, WI Corhy N. Foncho Jennifer A. Fossey Gloria M. Gojere Dionne K Gornhord Linda 5. Graham Cynthia Hanover Domendo, Cameroon Rollingsrone, MN Nigeria Clements, MN Arkdole, WI Showono, WI Doreen L. Johnson Elizaberh A Klorz Korhleen Levenhogen Jeon A Olson DeAnne Pererson Ellen M. Schmidr New Berlin, WI Menomonee Falls, WI Mequon, WI Hastings, MN Scondinovio, WI Milwaukee, WI Koren M. Schreurs Porricio P. Smith Carol I. Sommerfeld Susan G. Srosinski Karen J. Sreinbrecher Mary Jo Srurke Oosrburg, WI Menomonie, WI Frederic, WI Traverse Ciry, Ml Milwaukee, WI Green Boy, WI 136 seniors Shoron Werner Elaine A Wursrer Suson Zweber Elk Mount, WI Kendall, WI Prior Lake, MN Home E conomics General MR5. CAROLYN BARNHART, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Ann-Morie Coesor Nancy A. Wilrerdink Trinidad and Tobago Oosrburg, WI Home E conoml'cs In BUSIhess DR. MAR Y THOMPSON PROGRAM DIRECTOR Linda S Anderson Lori Bloschko Lisa L, Cumow Lynne M, Curnow Susan L. Eisele Tonyo Finsrod Green Goy, WI Arcadia, WI Richlond Cenrer, WI Richlond Center, WI Edino, MN River Folls, XVI Marcia A. Gerrner Jean M. Girolomo Mary P. Gronrschnig Cynrhio D Henke Lisa M. Joys Janice E. Korblick Eou Claire, WI Deloir, WI Wesr Allis, WI Wisconsin Rapids, WI Milwaukee, WI Oworonno, WI seniors 137 4; Tomoro R. Kosbob Brenda R. Kunderr Suzerre R. Moddigon Susan M. Prior Down L. Scorr Connie S. Sundquisr Pine Ciry, MN Janesville, WI Wouworosol WI Corroge Grove, MN Middleron, WI Moline, IL Shorolyn M. Thompson Vickey Wellsondr Barbara L. Zielke Zimmerman, MN Rice Lake, WI Dumsville, MN Horel And Resrouronr Monogemenr MR. JAMES BURGERMEISTER, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Lisa M Dolls Soro Boncrofr Ronald E. Bonikowske Koren FY Brouwer Mary E. Carney Daniel J. Clozmer Polmyro, XVI Poynerre, WI Ogdensburg, WI Randolph, WI Virginia, MN Racine, WI Richard R. Croswell Pomelo JV Decker Timothy J. Doerr Yvonne E. Furchrenichr James J. Gigsreod Lori Gindr Dloomingron, MN Owen, WI Milwaukee, WI Shell Lake, WI Green Lake, WI Brownsville, WI 138 seniors Mark D. Gumm Wesr Bend, WI Susan M. Hempel Bloomingron, MN Keith Kelsey Peochrree Ciry, GA Joel H. Mognuson Lake Geneva, WI Peggy J. Mouchko LoCrosse, WI Gory Hosseldeck Mequon, WI John Holzberger Elm Grove, WI Dale R. Kersren Whirehouse Srorion, NJ Lori Morr Milwaukee, WI Ahmed K. Niozi Pokisron Edward J. Houser Rockford, IL Coreen M. Hopkins Bloir, XVI Todd W. Knepfel PIymourh, WI Mark Meliberg Green Bay, WI Rhonda J. Nielsen Lorerro, WI Lisa M. Heger Sr. Poul, MN Douglas J. lnsrenes Shorewood, WI Koren L. Krousl Milwaukee, WI Susan E. Meyer Richfield, MN Kathleen A. Norris Madison, WI Becky D. Heichel Founroin Ciry, WI Shawn M. Jacobson Brooklyn Cenrer, MN Kevin L. Kuyers Brookfield, WI Cindy M. Miller Milwaukee, WI Denise M. Orrhons Lake Ciry, MN John K. Hellmer Plymouth, WI Mark R. Kaufman Madison, WI Gorrer D. Larson Richfield, MN Stephen M. Miller Dwight, IL Ann M. Quilling Milwaukee, WI seniors 139 R Porn 5. Roerz Mary J. Rompollo Mike Reski Craig Sobol Gail Sebire Roberr William Siever Minnetonko, MN Milwaukee, WI Dulurh, MN Woukesho, WI Cedarburg, WI Wouworoso, WI Timorhy W, Sloney Bruce Sneen Jeffery R. Stork Patricio Sweeney Guy F. VondenBerg Steven M. Worn Reedsburg, WI Sheboygan, WI Roselle, IL Couderoy, WI Kimberly, WI Roseville, MN Robert J. Weigel Mary E. Young Lu Ann Zielinski Moria Zimmermonn Hudson, Wl Bloomington, MN Milwaukee, W! Green Boy, WI IndusrnOl E ducorIOn DR. LEONARD STERRX PROGRAM DIRECTOR Rondy JV Ahl Bryon D. Albrecht Mon W Alf! Poul Arrouchu Kennerh Drummel Steven J Congdon Caro, WI Fond du Lac, WI Wisconsin Rapids, WI Nigeria Worerrown, WI Wisconsin Rapids, WI 0 seniors w Edward H, Gobrielsen III Elmhursr, IL Shiobo Tsodo Jiyoh Kworo Srore, Nigeria Jeffrey A. Longe Merrill, WI Robert L Piewo Duluth, MN Sreve Smirh Thiensville, WI Richard A Gorolis Woukegon, IL Korl D Johnson Black River Falls, WI William B. Lieburn Morinerre, WI Scorr Randall Fall River, WI W Kenerh W, Tosler Sreworrville, MN LoVern G. Holm Jomol Hammad William S. lngeze Menomonie, WI John Hobuserzer William N. Krofcheck Tim A Krueger Dove Molewicki Brooklyn Pork, MN Minneapolis, MN Trinidad and Tobago Scorr Schwonres Scorr A, Scheibe Port EdWords, WI Avril E Sampson Susan E Schoefer Trinidad and Tobago Thomas Vollrorh Gerald L. Woodson Indusrriol Technolog y MR. NED WECKMUELLER, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Homid Aghili Torik J. Almidfo Alise C. Arheom Dennis A Borko William A. Berroy Jomieson S. Bergen Menomonie, WI Dubai United Arab Emirates Columbia Heighrs, MN Augusro, WI Plymourh Meeting, PA Woupoco, WI Julie A. Besr Kevin J. Billings Melissa J. Blanchard Gilbert A, Blomdohl Jeffrey l3 Borchordr Maurice w. Brirrs Jr, Hudson, WI Lodysmirh, WI Rochesrer, MN Cedarburg, WI Chorlorre, NC Brooklyn Center, MN Brice A4 Buckingham Michael S Carpenter Charles J. Choresr Kenneth J. Christensen Ronald F. Cinkus Dole J. Deerhordr Kenyon, MN Belvideri, IL Minneapoiis, MN Appleton, WI Sr, Charles, IL Austin, MN Roberr J. Degrasse Mark A Delebo Michael J Dickermon Cindy Dobson Scott A Doleshow Steven P Ebert Eou Cioire, WI Edina, MN Monkoro, MN Jonesville, WI Monono, WI Eou Claire, WI 142 seniors Stephen R. Exner Mendoro Heighrs, MN Jay M. Hoss Cordovo, IL Mark J. Jacobson Nersrrond, MN Robert Kendall Kein Eou Claire, WI Bruce Lindohl Cannon Falls, MN Kevin P. Foley Milwaukee, WI Lowell A. Heden Mum Ciry, WI 1 James V. Jomes Forest Lake, MN Darwin A. Larson Sondsrone, MN Sreven K. Louos Holes Corners, WI Phillip A. Golchurr Red Wing, MN Mark R. Hendrickson Eou Claire, WI Donald M. Jameson Cromdon, WI Darwin J. Larson Oshkosh, WI Kelvin Jon Lund Hoyr Lakes, MN Brenda L. Gieszler Richfield, MN Terry J. Hoeppner Milwaukee, WI Jonathon Jester Franklin, WI Lon Morrin King Green Bay, WI Michael R Molzomn Monirowoc, WI Poul Gray Appleron, WI Joseph Hrovor West Allis, WI Daniel T. Johnson Sr. Perer, MN Richard A, Kinrunen Hurley, WI John Thomas McFee Mount Horeb, WI Qory Hoosch Algomo, WI Krisri L. lverson Wesrby, WI Steven Jomes Kombeirz Eogon, MN Tamara K, Lemke Green Bay, WI Daniel Christian McNoll Jonesville, WI seniors 143 Rodney C. Meysembourg Menomonee Falls, WI Joseph E. Morrison Cloquer, MN Wesrley 0. Peterson New Hope, MN Robert P. Reischl Racine, M Thomas A. smmin Brandon, WI 144 seniors Thomas A Menens Stanley, WI Borboro H. Nicol Ogemo, WI Thomas Piorrowski Berlin, W! Lawrence L. Riemer Medford, WI Mark J. Schoepp Wounokee, WI Rondy L Miller DeMoines, IA Kenr L. Oakland Jeffers, MN Joy E. Posrhumus Minneapolis, MN Sreven T. Roberrs Morshfield, WI Perer J. Schroeder Sr. Paul, MN John C Molirer Brookfield, WI Larry A. Obon Mondovi, WI Joseph W Roscher Sr. Paul, MN James Rusnoiko Minneapolis, MN Kun W. Schwedler Algomo, WI Srephen J Morgen Fond du Lac, WI Dove W. Perkin Burnsville, MN Scon Rowleigh Sr. Poul, MN John A. Ryan Rochesrer, MN Michael S. Seoger Luck, WI Lyle H. Morirz Menomonie, WI Timorhy R. Peterson Gays Mills, WI Jeff E. Reborchik Eagle River, WI Jovier C. Sanchez Milwaukee, WI Mark T. Smith Eou Claire, WI Susan J. Soborro David Sromos Sharon K. Srello Perer M, Sreuerwold Scorr G. Sworek Dennis M. Talbot Arcadia. WI Chippewa Falls, WI Minneapolis, MN Plymouth, MN Beloir, WI Eou Claire, WI Ava Mark E. Tolley Michael W. Thomas Paul C. Thomas Paul D Tiger Mark E. Treise James F, Trousdole Porkers Prairie, MN Beaver Dom, WI Menomonie, WI Whireworer, WI 5r. Poul, MN Minneapolis, MN Steven D. Vongsnes Joy Vincent Kathleen A. Vincent Jomie A. Walker Michael Wendr R015 R. Werner Poynerre, WI Green Goy, WI DePere, WI Eou Claire, WI Hozelhursr, WI Aurora, MN Lorry Werrmon Charles D, Williams Perer Young Scorr D, Zomzow Teresa J. Zoller Polo Alto, CA Brandon, W! Sr, Poul, MN Whirefish Bay, WI Menomonie, WI seniors 145 Morkenhg G DISrriburive E ducorion DR. GARY SEARLE, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Tyonongu Akume Christine M. Doll John J. Driessen Deonno M. Hunt Jennifer L. McVeigh Mary A, Seorle Nigeria Monono, WI Lirrle Chute, WI Durand, WI Lake Geneva, WI Eou Claire, WI Psychology MR. THOMAS ALLEN MR. PAUL FENTON, PROGRAM DIRECTOR Elizabeth M. Kelly Elizabeth A. Kowolski Connie K. Larson Rhonda McRoberrs Marlene S Mitchell Mark S. Shorkey Jim Falls, WI Sr. Poul, MN Elk Mound, WI Eou Claire, WI Clear Lake, Wl Schofield, WI Valerie L. Turcorr Simon Y. Woziri Cumberland, XVI Nigeria Vocorl'onol Rehoblllrorion MR. ANTHONY LANGTON DR. DAVID COR THELL, PROGRAM DIRECTORS 146 seniors Anthony A Akpon Irom, Cross River Srore Scorr A. Anderson Mike Deoupre Anne K. Brosr Bernoderre 54 Cook Vincenr Fom Fond du Lac, WI Menomonie, WI Iron River, WI Minor, ND Nigeria Krisrino Gonzemiller Menomonie, WI Brenda L. Hoger Judirh A. Kismer Korhleen M. Klor Korhryn J. Krumm Sharon K. LoDuke Sr, Anthony, MN Menomonie, WI Highland, WI New Richmond, WI River Falls, XVI Lori Lind Baldwin, WI Robin A. Lindquisr Theresa A. Melonson Sinrro Moonon Morcio L. Olson Corhy A. Quinerre New Richmond, WI Two Rivers, WI Trinidad, West Indies Colfax, WI DePere, WI Korherine M Schroeder Maple Grove, MN Melanie Zelinger Racine, WI Rebecco L. Shane Michoel Spuhler Down Tronnes Ross 5, Voss Jeanne L. Weiberg Colfax, WI Horrford, WI Ookdole, MN Borovio, IL Pork Falls, WI seniors 147 Groduore School DR. HAROLD HALHN 6 MR. JAMES BURKE, PROGRAM DIRECTORS Collins A. Agwe Janene Lee McBride Nigeria Annodole, MN Groduorion 148 seniors 149 150 closing 151 closing 152 closing closing 1 5 3 154 closing 155 closing 1 56 closing ADVERTISEMENTS We helped you through We'll help you remember Memorial Student Center University of Wisconsin- Stout Menomonie. WI 715-232-1235 54751 TBCOS 1W 0 O HOMEOWNERS 0 COMMERCIAL o ACCIDENT. INDIVIDUAL MEAL TH I AUY I LIIE I GROUP NEAL TH I DISABILITY I PENSIONS. TAX SHELTERSI IRA ATE PLANNING I KEOGH PLANS AGENTS: m.fmm m 235-6848 DUESING-CQEIEY INSURANCE SERVICES 1627 North Broadway North Menomonle PH: 235-7400 DUNN COUNTY NEWS and THE MENOMONIE SHOPPER complete area news and advertising coverage combined circula ti on 28,500 710 Main Street 235-3411 odverrisemenrs 1S7 Quality Printing Dick's Red Owl Experienced in: Grocery.DeIi Resume . Menomonie, WI 54751 Phoro Typeserrlng 1599 Norrh Broodwoy Offser pl'lhflhg Envelopes Bushess Cards 488 Main 5r. Menomonie, WI 235-4288 Phone; 715-235-4201 THUNDERBIRD MALL UNITED BANK Your Bank Away From Home Smiles Service 8: Satisfaction Here 500 Main Sf. Menomonie, WI. Member FDIC 1431 N. Broadway 8 ' , r 8 , P WMIIHI'I ' l I Conveniently on Campus Bank szTrust Menomonue. Wisconsm 54751 71582356511 Member FDIC Branches at N. 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Suggestions in the University of Wisconsin Stout - Tower Yearbook (Menomonie, WI) collection:

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University of Wisconsin Stout - Tower Yearbook (Menomonie, WI) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Stout - Tower Yearbook (Menomonie, WI) online yearbook collection, 1973 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Stout - Tower Yearbook (Menomonie, WI) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Stout - Tower Yearbook (Menomonie, WI) online yearbook collection, 1976 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Stout - Tower Yearbook (Menomonie, WI) online yearbook collection, 1985 Edition, Page 1


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