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The TOWER L VOLUME I.X NINETEEN SIXTY-NINE STOUT STATE UNIVERSITY MENOMONIE, WISCONSIN CONTENTS Student er Sports Classes Instruction Organizations Senior Index General Index 22 62 98 I66 216 290 298 ww $me m . mmmw . rww XaMWMmem w MA An individual exposed to past and present ideas developing new ideas for the future involved within the realm of a strange place that is unique unto itself growing to meet the demands of a changing wotld. These are the signs of the times. To many of us this is a different place. We are exposed to a new physical atmosph e. To others the signs are more familiar, yet we too are aware of a constant change. again l,igraa ' Here there are signs of development in learning of what is happening here and in the rest of the world and why. We familiarize signs of involvement with media with a process with others. We notice signs of enthusiasm when we are inspired, of frustration when we cannot understand, of apathy when we do not care. 6 There are signs of growth when we are inspired, when we exchange ideas . . . Iocor when we appreciate the common. I9 20 We become aware of a change within ourselves when we have attained a goal or when we begin to comprehend the signs of the times. . w N . ww 'o. . a nu... v. ,u . . . . . . urn, 2I Building of character through activities learning to adiust and organize in the time we use for ourselves and others. Student life Each year the some activities fake place. We wonder why +his repei'H-ion does nof become mono+onous. The answer is very simple- +he people +hemselves are different Those of us who were involved aware concerned made 'l'his year whai' if was. Oblivion has long seH'Ied obscurely on +he ma+erialis+ic inherenf +0 many accep'l'ed by greafer numbers yei' challenged more sfrongly by a few who dare +0 ques+ion +hemselves. 25 26 Rogisfrafion offen brings coMempIaMon as whaf to do wifh a "fighf" schedule when one or fwo classes have closed ouf. Formalhy is a beginning. lending ?o +he more obscure obstacles which fonow. The year began with usual frustrations and confusions. Regis+ra+ion was basically +he same. The universi+y had grown- we now numbered abou'l' 4300. In some areas +his mean+ a shorfage of ins+ruc+ors or encoun+ering H1e problem of classes "closing ou'r" early. The freshman orien+a+ion program revised "Grappling wi+h Ideas" opera+es on a year round basis. S+uden+s and faculfy held discussions wifh freshmen on academic freedom social life on campus adius+menf in general. Mark Olson and Sieve Pafo pick up class cards needed from one de- parfmenf af fhe regisfrafion earlier in flue ballroom. Tho sysiom-if's confrolled by IBM machines and cards and probably mosf imporfanf-numbers. 27 28 We quesHon individual idenfify in mass Iecfures. buf isn'f if more important in farms of whaf we do beyond Hue classroom experience. how We relate whaf we have learned to ourselves and through communicafion wi+h o+hers7 We pushed through crowded halls and in+o classrooms. Some of us were enrolled in large classes in Harvey Hall auclH'orium in room 4H for chemisfry Ieciures. The library was crowded- if we were forfunai'e we found a place +0 s+udy in +he sfacks. Some managed amid +he noise and confusion in +he s+uden+ union. Along wifh books and regular supplies Hue campus book sforo carries a variefy oi paraphernalia. Many fimes Hie easiest place fo siudy amid fhis year's noise and confusion in Hue library was in fhe shacks. 29 30 The campus was under constant construction Facili+ies had +0 be expanded +he library +he new science building +he adminis+ra+ion building. Workman desiroy +ho skelefon of HM: old high school k: malts way for fhe new administrafion building. Expansion achieves complefion +hrough basic building elemenfs lumber, reinforcemenf rods. gravel, and cement The mosf complex drudures are cornprised of single unifs. 3l A color scheme of shiny sfoel on white. a male of ladles and pofs. ovens and re- frigerafors. uniforms and aprons-all fif inh fhai puzzle of a world known as +ha+ ever popular Commons ldfchen. Discussion is fhe firsf sfep +0 insfifufing change. H means searching fOr necessary improvemenfs for +he members of ihe ln+ervResidence Hall Council. Most of us lived in dormitories Af +he beginning of +he year +here was a shorfage of rooms. IRHC had grown in power sponsoring bus +rips +0 Hue cifies floor parfies and faking an aci'ive role in sfudenf government The sunken lounge in +he Commons became Hue "in place" +0 be. Here we Iisfen +0 records +alk s+ucly. We mef wifh our friends in The Commons-siudying. discussing. lisfening. H was a place +0 "unwind." Dormitory rooms are His scene for a variefy of in- fereang ac+ivi+ies; some are fermed as "bull ses- - .. snons. 33 x. Cooking presents a problem for men sfudenis unless they "appear" 90 Imow fhe process as Greg Czaplowski. OH-campus life involves a variefy of household acfivifies. Gai! Madinson, like many apari- men! dwellers. frequonh Ohe 'aundromal early on a Samrday morning. Those of us who live off campus are concerned wi+h +ranspor+a+ion wi+h +he parking siiuaiion wifh preparing meals. Those who live in apar+men+s are generally more safisfied offen commenting on +he "freedom" aIIoHed. An added responsibility of aparhnenf living is planning and preparing for meals. Sharon Perry and Mary Whi'le shop for food a? a nearby grocery siore. " ahwmm ?..womo w 35 Borgie's pofpourri is a common inferesO sfop for aHernoon inspecfion shoppers like Francis Sager. During the day we spent time in befween classes in +he s+uden+ union. H- was +he place +0 collecf Ia+es+ campus news. We s+udy and discuss. There was +alk abouf +he Mission S+a+emen+ some of us aH'ended presiden+'s convocai'ions. Our inferes+s vary- +his was inherenf in how our fime was used. The elevafor in Harvey Hall was "we scene of sfudenh pushing in and out f0 gef to classes. We move wifhin fhe physical complex of fhe universify sysfem. The chemisiry lecfure room on fourfh floor Harvey is par? of fhe life of most SSU sophomores. 37 The s+uden+ union was a place +0 sfudy. visit +he coffee houseu or aHend a mixer. The nighfs reflect the thoughts and ideals of siudenfs. wheiher spent wifh a beer. a group of friends or midnighf oil. 38 In the evenings we studied Many of us had classes +0 aHend. Many fimes we crammed for exams. There was a variefy of acfivii'ies movies sporfs mee+ings "downfown." Dean Wrigh+ s+ar+ed a free universi+y Learning fo see and hear is as imporianf as parficipafion. which began wi'rh evening discussions on racial problems and communica+ions. Some of our mosf viral learning experiences were when we were involved in open discussions. We were learning +0 communica're. 39 Recreation was a matter of choice Organizations sponsored mixers +hroughou+ +he year. There were inframural sporfs ska+ing and hockey cheum programs +he coffee house. We define recrea'rion according +0 our needs and ideas. H is an infegral par't of living, a forms? of human relafions. On Saiurday affernoons Hue area in befween dormifories was fhe scene of spontaneous foo+ball games. Hockey was iniiiafed in +he spor+s program fhis year. 4! The Pawn opened in the fall sponsoring folk en+er+ainmen+ Shipley and Brewer The Golliards The Folk Song Army. A Wednesday evening radio program Unabridged was sponsored by +he sfudenf governmenf as an aH'empf +0 sfrengfhen universify-communH'y rela+ions. Sfudenf ar+ openings were held every +wo weeks in +he Commons. xx Bill Schulfz was coordinafor for SSA's "Unabridged." 42 k '7 When we "see" or unders+and in ferms of an idea expressed if fakes W S on Hie characier of individual development The Pawn became a "new" place wifh a "differem" sor+ of aimosphere- 43 Queen candidafes BeHy Mahr and Judy Duifman exchange casual conversafion th Dean lverson a+ fhe Queen's Tea. This yeufs Homecoming was our 75th Anniversary H was cen+ered around a +heme: Yes+erday's Heritage. Tomorrow's Fu+ure. Some of us planned for mon+hs +0 achieve a welI-organized week of various acfivii'ies con+es+s. raffles. pep rallies a semi-formal dance wifh +hree bands a parade +he selecfion of a queen. Searching for a message in. of all +hings, blueberry pie is a maior hsk for Maya Hahn in +he pie-eafing confesf. The Kids Nexi Door enferfained siudenh and faculfy 3+ a lyceum program during fhe firsf par? of fhe week. "Going Out of Our Heads." sung by Judy Gunderson. was parf of fhe program sponsored by Hue Delia Zehs for fheir queen candidafe, Colleen Balko. 45 The Kids Nexf Door enfedained. Dr. Hus+on Smii'h spoke on "gaps in understanding in a +echnological sociefy." Group parficipa+ion made if whaf H was Homecoming I968. Dr. Wigen, former Professor and Dean of Graduafe Sfudies a? Sbuf. sings fhe AIma-Mafer af fhe anniversary banquet Confodions in compressed areas are nof unusual sighfs during evenings of floaf consfrucfion before flue Homecoming parade. Jo Sinkular, sponsored by Alpha Phi sororiiy. was crowned I968 Homecoming queen M the coronafion on Friday. Wifh a final sfanding of 20-l4, fhe Sfouf Bluedevil rally fell shor'r during our Homecoming game wifh Sfevens Point 47 Presentation - Campus Queens 68 seleci'ed for beau+y and +alen+ personali+y or involvemenf in campus adivifies. : Chosen by sfudenfs and faculfy fo reign over Sfoqu week-long campus fesfivals were Jo SinkularI Homecoming Queen. and Karen McChesney. Win+er Carnival Queen. 48 ParficipaHon and personalify won crowns for Sharia Meyers. S-Club Spor+s Queen. and Lona Holsen. Miss Freshman. I Fra+ernify men named +heir favoriie beauNes, Jean Gunsolley. Sigma Tau Gamma Calendar Queen: Coil Hemmerich. Na+ional Phi Sigma Epsilon Swee+hear+: and Es+her Fong. Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweeihearf. 49 50 This yeark theme was Winter Chateau The week's ac+ivi+ies included ice races con+es+s in Hue sfudenf union "Chafeau a la Niege." Fred Smoo+ en+er+ained. Organiza+ions compe+ed for +rophies wi+h ice carvings. The Chi Lambdas received +he Grand Champion award for +heir Wal+ Disney scene. Fred Smoof, Hue mechanic on "The Wackies+ Ship in fhe Army," en+er+ains +he sfudenfs af Hue Lyceum program- Fred. being a doubly funny comedian. keeps the sfudenfs roaring th Iaughfer. Enioying Hue evening's fesfivifies af "Chafeau a la Niege" are Bill Mimer and Marge Winiarski. Dave Kalan is ready for Hie gun fo go off and sfarf fhe race. To many beer drinking is enferfaining. buf fo +hose who are in fhe couples beer drinking confesf, as Sue Fields and Bill Green. if is challenging. 5l 52 Organiza'l'ions compe+ed for +rophies wi'H1 ice carvings. A1' +he close of +he week. Karen McChesney was crowned I969 Win+er Carnival Queen. Judie Lah+i was Princess. Jan Pecha received +he +alen+ award for +he Monday evening convocaHon. Tension moun+s during +he queen's corona+ion as preHy Karen McChesney, sponsored by Hie men of Norfh Hall. is crowned Winfer Carnival Queen by las+ year's queen. Leslie Pillar. One of flue highlighis of Thursday aHernoon's fesHvHies, fhe ioile+ race brings a round of Iaughfer. Slowly making Haeir way across Hie hockey rink +0 +he finish line are Loren Brefl and Norber+ Buehmann. Beaming wi+h ioy, our Win'rer Carnival Princess Judie Lahfi. sponsored by fhe women 0 AFM. cha+s wi+h John Blanchard. her escort The girls 'l'ug of war seems +0 prove exasperaiing f0 Hue girls from ihe Alpha Sigma Alpha sororify who are pulling +heir way +0 .3 vidory. 53 .M x K. Talent Night ingenuity and creativity +hrough individuals and groups is sponsored by Phi Sigma Epsilon. James Roche of +he Folk Song Army received firsf place +rophy. Proceeds are con+ribu+ed fowards a scholarship itund. Jim Jarchow flounces her blonde curls and fluHers her lashes o charm her dab! Ken Klima. in a beiween-fhe-acfs skif, gay Jim Roche wifh guifar Capfures no? only firsf prize, buf also Hue emhusiasm of +he audience wifh his sing-along. 54 Phi Omega Beta presents Stunt Nite donafing proceeds +0 +he Tom Hake fund. Chi Lambda fra+erni+y +ook firsf place in +he mos+ humorous ca+egory followed by DeH'a Ze+a and Sigma Pi. The Alpha Phi's received first award in +he mos+ beau+iful division. Judy Duifman modera+es Hue Alpha Omicron Pi skif enfifled "A 74,5 Tired American Speaks Ou+" as ofher members of +he casi por- fray police brufalify during s+uden+ profesis. The Sigma Pi Powerful Prancing Powderpuffs from Poland do +heir +hing in full regalia. UKJQV 55 56 The cheum committee sponsors convocations for maior universii'y fundions. The "Kids Nex+ Door" were invifed for Homecoming Week. Fred Smoo+ en+er+ained during Win+er Carnival. O+her Iis+ings included 'l'he Tambuerans Mar+in Berkofsky Frank Mankowih. t . u. ?.WW . '-"' . : , . Marfin Berkofsky. a New York pianist appears in concert h begin fhe New Year in musical s?yle. The Tamburifzans of Duquesne UniversHy perform a pageanf 0? song and dance ranging from Slavic folk music +0 American and barbershop quarfef numbers. The Kaleidoscope Players enfedained Sfoui siudenfs and faculfy wi+h +heir drama+ic rendifion of +he "Spoon River Anfhology." Drew Pearson candidly discusses fhe poliiics and policies of +he newly inaugura'red Nixon adminis+ra+ion wifh an inferesied sfudenf audience. 57 University theatre presents maior productions. The fall play "The Crucible" was direded by Keifh Jones. "Relucl'an'l' Debui'ani'e" was presen+ed during +he win+er quar+er. The program is supplemen+ed by s+udenf-direded shor'l' plays in +he Quarter Square Thea+re. Carl Riemer. sfage managerI and John Ringlespaugh assisf th light ing and oiher back siege preparaiions for Universify Thea+re produc- Hons. The fension mounfs as Abigail, Judy Hackel, goes info a frenzied Chan? during a grueling Cour'r scene in +his year's siirring fall play, +he "Crucible." Las'r minufe fensions and final ?ouch-ups are all a par+ of fhe scene in +he finy. backsfage. malte-up room. Gossiping busily. BeHy Chesney makes evening plans for her daughier. Judy Hackel. in fine uproariously funny win+er play. Hie "Relucfanf Debufanfe." 59 Graduation - we retrospect on wha+ we have learned +hrough four. maybe five years. We apprehend. We question more +han erudife learning. Educafed men? Scholars? The "+oken" is ours- what remains is +he +rial. Graduation-a somefimes welcome relief from foo offen weighing responsibilifies. Mike McHugh awaiis a 135'! minuie check for perfedion iusi before Hue graduafion ceremony, Pride during gradua+ion comes in many forms. Graduafion is offen considered an accomplishmenf of purpose: maybe we should +hink in ierms of quesfioning ourselves or ai lees? be aware of if. bl The competition physical endurance the spirit of the crowds Determination and coordination when the time is right. Sports 63 Sporfs announcers for all afhlefic evenfs are: Fronf Row: S+eve KHHesom Jim Schleker, Sieve Brown. Second Row: Tom Bibeau, Ed Kowieski, Tim Mafoney. Dennis lmme John Maffeson. During +he Homecoming game. +he s+uden+s evidenced +heir loyalfy +0 Hue feam wifh invenfive noises. As the teams battled it out +he crowds cheered for vic+ories and were disappoin'l'ed wifh defe'a'l's. Spirif is a dei'ermining facfor +0 win. Affer +he viciory cheers are over and Hie crowd has shuffled away. only +he dead Mouniies and popcorn boxes remain. A pep rally, complefe wifh pap band. cheerleaders, and ham, before a big game never fails +0 fire-up fhe Bluedevils. Fronf Row: Debbie Douglas; Linda Peihn: Gwen Kapifan. Second Row: Mary Jane Orfh: Pafsy Sfraffon: Jan Pecha. Third Row: Sally Soderberg. Seven cheerleaders rally crowds encouraging parficipaHon and boosfing school spiri+ wi+h syncopa+ed cheers. Spirif Week was sponsored in cooperai'ion wi+h +he "S" club and pompon squad. "Go Bluedevils"-slan Pecha calls for spirif af Hue game. Coordination and rhythm on the pompon squad evolve new roufines +0 The Sfripper and Classical Gas. We worked wifh a newly organized squad from Eau Claire and an annual exchange with La Crosse. In +he brisk fall air Nancy Schoblocker and Marilyn Miller rally +eam spirif af .3 home foofball game. Fran? Row: Mary Cowan: Linda Sfah': Judi Moberg: Marfy Funk. Second Row: Sandi Dewifz: Kafhy Lapcinski: Marilyn Miller; Carolyn Schmidf: Sue Olipra; Cafhy Nieds. Third ROW: Jane Beesley; Linda Unger: Joan Severson; Sue Musolf: Jean Mar+In: Connie Rup- precf. Fourth Row: Ellyn Schoen: Nancy Scholblocher: Mary Jedrzeiewski: Carol Breske: Mary Eklund: Karen McChesney. 67 The football team began with two wins Winona and Superior. Afi'er defeai's from WhHewarler and Oshkosh. Coach Sparger dressed changes in Hie defensive secondary. Holmes performed well in blocking and running. Coach Sparger discusses wifh Rocky Maxson sfrafegy +0 be used for H19 nex+ offensive drive in +he game. Rocky Maxson excelled in passing. The Bluedevils losi' +heir Homecoming +0 Sfevens Poinf due +0 +hree offside penaH'ies in Hue firsi' quarfer. The +eam mainly freshmen and sophomores ended a frus+ra+ing season wi+h a final 2-6-l record. Sophomore hllback Duane S+evens charges info flue ioefh of Hue powerful Oshkosh unit. In an air of concenfrafion and anxiefy' +he bench sfring anficipaies +he nex+ defensive move in Hue Whiiewafer game. 69 FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD l4 Winona 2'8 , Superior 0' Whi+ewa+er 27 Oshkosh 7 PlaHeville l7 La Crosse I4 Sfevens Poinf I6 Lakeland 13 Eau Claire 8 River Falls Turning +he corner, Tankins slrirfs +he left end for a heath gain in Hue River Falls game. S'ready quaHerback Rocky Maxson leads an air affaclx. Sfouf edged River Falls in flue home game wifh a final sfanding of 8-0. I: mm .. swam, A smIIIsIII ; mmsm II, wk "1 , PH; - r. k J QMM nuIsIm X , , I w, I? a I wnsmr i umm a 5mm ' a SWISM a wasz M9: ' '- . quIIZVjW. 251mg k$' 510mm 71. 90 IKE 50mm . " "'5 35 5mm sIIIIi Fronf Row: Duane Sfevens: Dennis Barfel: Jerry Hermann: Dick Pefer- son: Larry Helgason: Louie Husby: Jim Jarchow: ScoH Kingzeff: Head Coach Max Sparger; Assistanf Sfen Pierce. Second Row: Trainer Bill Dohmann Nick Misch: Eric Bloohm: Roger Zell: Dick Lamers: Rocky Maxson: Rob Van Valkenburg: Donn Reich; Greeg SIpek. Mike Anders; Sfeve Sfeffes; A55I5+anf Bob Kamish: Assisfan+ Mike McHugh. Thlrd Row: Manager Tom Slupe: Arlen Domrock: Jon Moore: Mercel Jones: Mike Tyskiewicz; Dick Trinkle: Holland Miller: Torn McDonough: Terry Breidinger: Dan Tenfcher: Rick Gulan: Assisfan+ Rick Erickson. Fourfh smumm q 3f w WHISTA'TI m I '19... 0A R Y svaswr ' I ,I , I 510mm .gA M q smurswr gal!!! N $31? s1 II ST I? "I I, A , h v 1,. l. .r. Smmm IIIIIsIII 'W' IIIII WI IQ i3 :0qu 5.. sum: amt '33? :Inursmz ' U I l N swam 'Wd 5wa :1 v, kw; p ..j, Smmsu 5 ax 2 " mun 5m: 3 Row: Manager Diave Wagner: Jim Rogers: John Drury: Warren Creydf: Jerry Johnson: Jim Moreland; Leo Neville: Gary Kuehl: Dennis Kaul; Don Perkins: George Taylor: Assisfanf Bob Paulus. Fifi'h Row: Trainer Peder Faberholm; WaH Tankins: Bill Gennef: Dave Cychosz: Bernie George: Ed Mofa: Jerry Sinz; Dan Sfrehlau: Russ Swarfz; Ken Roberfs; Marvin Tanck: Assisfanf Greg Michelson. Sixfh Row: Reggie Holmes: Gary lnskeep: Ken Kranz; Jim Visor: Larry 'Whife: Dave Anderson: John Maresh: Dave Goefzinger: Joel Rudd: Ted Kluck: S+eve Meyer. Walt Tankins was iniured in +he IFinal home game. Tankins. a sophomore, averaged 5.4 yards per carry in rushing. ll The Bluedevil harriers placed eighth in +he WSU conference. The cross coun+ry +eam coached by Don S+allsmi+h opened +he season by finishing +hird in 'l'he firsf quadrangle. A+ +he WSU championship mee+ held ai' La Crosse John Charfrand finished 29+h wi+h a 22:43 clocking Skypp Lee was S+ou+'s second man a1' +he meet Skypp Lee and John Charfrand pace each ofher. coming ouf as Sfouf's fop runners af Hie conference meet Exhausfed affer a hard race, Drexler and Sfolzman discuss individual shndings affer "'16 meef. Tension and anxiefy before +he signal siads. fhe harriers complefe wifh Whifewafer and Eau Claire runners. 72 Sfouf S+ou+ Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf S+ou+ S+ou+ Sfouf Sfouf $$$T 5432 Mmmszm UNHIISITY Fronf Row: Conrad Mayer: Skypp Lee: Coach Dave Sfallsmifh, Second Row: Terry Schoen- rock: Jody Avdek: Dave Drexler. Third Row: John Charfrand: BiH Sfoehr: Don Delzer: Walf Sfolfzman. I5 32 3O 47 28 49 32 33 50 50 49 34 CROSS COUNTRY SCOREBOARD Banon Campus EaLz Cllaire River FaHs PlaHeviHe Eau CZHIre VVhHewafer River FaHs Befhel La Crosse CDshkosh Sfevens Poinf Supedor 50 23 25 I5 27 15 23 24 l5 l5 I5 2! 73 Bluedevil cagers win WSUC title Decision ai' a final game wifh +he Poin+ers sen+ +he players +0 Lakeland. Excellen+ performances by individual players Mel Coleman was +op rebounder and scorer in +he conference. brOugh+ a final win. The 'I'eam +raveled +0 Kansas Cii'y for na+ional +ournamen+s. We won +he firs+ game over Linfield. The second game broughf a +wo poinf loss in over+ime wifh 85-83. Fronf Row: Greg EbSen: Cal Gl0ver; Rob Heiman: Charles PuckeH: Tim Domke; Bob Dickinson. Second Row: Dwain Minfz, coach: Charles Krupa. manager: Terry Nexa: Jack Capelle; Cliff Perfeefe: Mel Coleman: Dan S+ewarf; Bill Heideman: Tom Tobin: Joe Jax, assisfanf coach. Tim Domlxe consulfs Dwain Mint. Disfrid l4 Coach 0; fhe Year, for sfrafegy on a variafion of Siou'r's fasf break. Sfouf S+ou+ Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf S+ou+ S+ou+ Sfouf S+ou+ Sfouf S+ou+ Sfouf Sfouf S+ou+ Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD 7O 83 89 86 9I 80 74 87 78 73 7I 99 93 96 77 IO3 90 I00 I I3 83 +evens Poinf La Crosse Oshkosh Superior VVhHewafer PlaHeviHe Eau Claire River Falls Eau Claire S+evens Poin+ Superior Whi+ewa+er Pla++eviHe La Crosse Oshkosh River Falls S+evens Poin+ Lakeland Linfield Maryland 77 7! 89 72 68 69 56 76 67 7I 74- 67 78 6O 58 73 88 9! 80 85 Hashy iunior guard Greg Ebsen oufsireiches a Ti'ran defender for iwo 0? his fwelve game poinis during +he 77-58 Devil's sweeping vicfory. 75 Bluedevils finished +he season wi+h a I4-2 conference log one half game ahead of S+evens Point Coleman. Heideman and Glover were named +0 +he WSU AII-Conference feam 1:0r l968-69. An anxious La Crosse defender fouls sophomore Cal Glover while Mel Coleman wahzhes for a rebound. La Crosse fell +0 an overpowering aHack as fine Bluedevils downed Hue Indians 96-60. 76 Greg Ebsen succeeds in a fast break following Mel Coleman who screens Hue La Crosse defense. Mel Coleman. iop rebounder for Sfouf. goes up for one more againsf Sfevens Point Cal Glover pauses fo check fhe risk of shoofing. 77 Wrestlers placed third in conference meet. S+rong opening ma+ches preven+ed Coach Pierce's ma+men from +aking firs+ place. Represen+ing S+ou+ ai' +he Na+ional Championship in Omaha were ScoH Mi+chell carrying S+ou+'s fines+ individual record along wi+h John Peferson and Hec+or Cruz. Cruz placed six'rh in +he NAIA Tourney. f ,I u' 4; Floor pacing by Coach Pierce and cheering by oiher feam members is par for a mafch be'l'ween mafmen. Freshman grappler Hecfor Cruz collecfs poinfs as he goes on fo finish +he season l7-7 record placing sixfh in fhe NAIA Tourney. 5 $33.74!? UNIV: R517! 2 WR E STU NE - . . . - . Conrad Mayer: Jim Lewis. Third Row: Sfen Pierce. coach; Terry $22,235:; 15:; P2223?Sui:e;tize?aci::"Rsxegii. Sg:::h;nf":ifgg Mend Neville: Mp Johwm Bob Scam Goeland; barell Krofh: Dave Schmid+; Dennis Volbrech Bob Schweiss: muller: Pefer Fagerholm: R'u Boyum. assnsfan+ coach. Rick Goeland gains conirol and a+fempfs a ialte-down. WRESTLING SCOREBOARD 5+0qu l5 Norfh Dakofa S+a+e 23 Sfouf 6 5+. CIOud 26 j s+ou+ . 12 . Bemidii 25 1 5+0qu , 2l , River Falls I4 5+0qu i 8 Winona 25 Sfouf , II Upper Iowa 30 5+0qu 26 Superior IO 5+0qu 28 Sfevens Poinf I4- Sfouf 22 LaCrosse I l SJromL 2 I 2 Whifewafer 2 I Sfouf ' l9 4 Easfern Illinois 2I S+ou+ l4 Oshkosh 22 Sfouf 2l Eau Claire l4 WSU Conference 5+0qu Third NAIA Hecfor Cruz Sixfh 79 80 Fronf Row: Mike Zissman: Bill Liebich: Ron Day: Sfeve Joelsen: Bill Schlobohm. Second Row: JohnLZuerlein. coach: Jim Beeck: Larry PfeiHer; Bill Reiman; Harvey Look: John Elliot Ron Anderson: Paul Krau+h; Dale Fes+e, manager: John Diana. assis+an+ coach. Sfouf's alI-round gymnas+ Ron Day performs his roane on +he 5H" rings in perfecf form. The senior repeafedly cap'lured iop honors. GYMNASTICS SCOREBOARD Sfouf I262! Norfhern Iowa II7.5 Sfouf I I L48 Wes+ern Illinois 120.25 Sfouf I23.35 Sf. Cloud I26.05 5+0qu H9.I Eau Claire 9l.2 SJromL I26.4 La Crosse I30.4 S+ou+ I24.I Norfhern Michigan l2l.l Sfouf l I9.7 River Falls 76.3 Sfouf Il4.7 Easfern Michigan I37.8 WSU Conference 5+0qu Second h h Bill Liebich. sophomore gymnast powders his hands before showing an award-winning performance on fhe parallel bars. The gymnastics team placed second in the conference. Ron Day and Bill Liebich received +op honors for all around performance. Liebich placed firs'r wi+h 4I.3 poin+s followed by Day wi+h 40.3 poin+s. Four men qualified for finals. Again +he La Crosse gymnasfs fook firs+ in +he WSU conference finals. Freshman Paul Krau+h shows promise of being a supersfar on Hie horizonfal bar. Bluedevil tankers improved records during +his year's season. The +eam was young +he maiorify composed of freshmen. Mark Moore finished fiffh in conference championships in Hue 500 yard free-s+yle wiih a fime of 5:32.7 collec'ring Siouf's only poinfs. The swimming +eam placed led in +he final conference. Jack Millinovich dives inio ihe pool th efficienf form to begin H19 400 yard relay. t Fronf Row: Bob Smifh, coach: Al Marofz: Gary Winkler: Jack Millinovich: Sid Gusfafson; Joe Daniels: Vern Lokken. Second Row: Bob Nash: Mark Moore: Mark Thompson; Dennis Becker; Louis Menako: Jim Garvens; Mike VanDeBogarf; Tom Balisfreri. 82 Swimmers are involved in or ou+ of NH: waier as +hey cheer a ham- mafe on +0 victory in he fense conference relays. SWIMMING SCOREBOARD Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf S+ou+ Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf S+ou+ Sfouf Sfouf C:onference Relays 36 43 42 42 39 35 23 33 66 27 32 25 I6 52 St Thomas Lu+her hAacalesfer Haane St CDbf Lawrence 5+. Cloud VVhHewa+er Supe5or Sfevens Poinf La CIrosse River Falk CDshkosh Dulufh S+ou+ 67 59 60 60 55 65 79 7O 33 IOZ 7 I 79 87 52 Thhd Coach Bob Smifh counfs laps and yells encouragemenf +0 a swimmer in a close meef wifh Dulufh. 83 84 Keglers roll nine games each week +0 de'rermine five +op scorers. In +he +hird conference season Team members compefe in infervarsi+y games. SpoHing. delivery. follow-i'hrough. each bowler vies for key man in +he April NAIA RoII-off. Spof bowling +echniques develop wifh long hours of pr conceni'rafion as Paul Murphy will agree. a 2' land $3 'J Compefifion is keen beiween foam members fer spofs on H10 in'lervarsii'y ieam. Vern Johnson and Randy Jaresky roll many games fo perfed ?heir deliveries. 5+0u+ vs. 5+0u+ vs. 5+ou+ vs. S+ou+ vs. 5+0u+ vs. 5+ou+ vs. 5+0qu vs. 5+0u+ vs. 5+0u+ vs. 5+ou+ vs. 5+0u+ vs. 5+0qu vs. 5+0u+ vs. 5+ou+ vs. 5+0qu vs. 5+ou+ vs. 5+ou+ vs. 5+0qu vs. 5+ou+ vs. 5+0qu vs. 5+0qu vs. 5+ou+ vs. 5+0qu vs. Fron+ Row: Randy Jaresky: Tim Fuchs: Ross Daniels: Jim Slaugh+er: George Bleckacheck, coach. Second Row: Paul Murphy: Ralph Fosfer: Ron Brown: Vern Johnson: Ron Bloxham. BOWLING SCORES 5+evens Poin+ River Falls Pla++eville La Crosse Oshkosh 5+evens P0in+ River Falls PlaHeville Whi+ewa+er La Crosse PlaHeviHe Whi+ewa+er Oshkosh River Falls 5+evens P0in+ Pla++eville Whi+ewa+er La Crosse Oshkosh La Crosse Oshkbsh 5+evens Poin+ River Falls wN-N--wwNo-N-N-NNo- S+rikes, spares. furkeys. and even misfakes are recorded on +he scorekeeper's fally sheaf. 85 The track team had a favorable season highligh'red by individual performances. Glover broke shof pu+ and discus records. Erickson broke in +he 220 clash and Drexler in +he 440 run. The cindermen were a young feam wi+h no seniors. We had our besf runoufs a1' +he +riangular wifh River Falls and Be+heL Anofher success was a second ranking a+ a five 'I'eam mee+ in 5+. Cloud. The 440 relay +eam placed firs+ in +he WSU conference. The explosion of The signal gun sends dashman Nick Misch ouf of +he s+arfing block and info +he race. Fronf Row: Andy Goods; Cliff Perfeefe: Dave Leindecker: Nick Misch: DiCk JOHNSON Cal Glover; JOhn Maffeson; Mike Andres. Second Row: Dave Drexler; George Mifshulis; Dave Erickson: Greg Albrith: PETS Waberf 30b FenSkei Jim Winn: Dann Kann: Ron Jacoby. Third ROW: Coach Sparger: Bill Dohmann. frainer; Allen Rypiper: Rick McNaughfon: Skypp Lee. Mercel Jones: Bill Schulz; Jim Hamann: Walf Tankins: Coach S+allsmi+h. Disfance man Dann Kann sfrides Jtoward +he finish line of Hue +wo mile run in the River FalIs-Befhel friangular. Muscles iensed. +hinclad Dann Kann comes in for a fwo pcin+ landing complefing Hie broad-iump. WSU CONFERENCE TRACK MEET Oshkosh 6 I La Crosse 59 Whifewafer 56 Sfevens Poin+ 38 5+0qu Plaffeville Superior River Falls Eau Claire I4 87 The tennis squad opened the year with victories. We defea+ed Superior and Nor+hland +hen followed wH'h six 'osses. Five Ie'Hermen had re+urned. A graduate sfudenf. Hank Wendland. was coach. With a record of +hree wins and six losses ranking eith in +he conference- We had improved. Fronf Row: Paul Kielas; Bill Benzel: Randy Schulfz: Louis Menako. Second Row: Chuck Rose: ScoH' Schmid; Carl Riis: Hank Wendland, coach. TENNIS SCORES S+ou+ 6 Norfhland 3 S+ouf 5 Superior 2 Sfouf I Eau Claire 5 Sfouf I Befhel 8 S+ou+ O Winona 9 Sfouf 0 Sfevens Poinf 9 Sfou+ 4 River Falls 5 5+0qu 0 La Crosse 9 Sfouf 5 Superior 2 Senior neHer Scoff Schmid moves inio Hie courf hom ihe baseline +0 reiurn his opponenf's shot Tom Tierney. number one singles player ?or +he Bluedevils. delivers a hardy backhand refurn 10 his opponent Bill Bemel. Ieffer winner for +hree consecufive seasons. follows +hrough af+er his serve af +he Superior meet 89 90 S+ou+ S+ou+ Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf Sfouf S+ou+ S+ou+ S+ou+ 5+0qu S+ou+ S+ou+ S+ou+ Sfouf S+ou+ Sfouf BaHing againsf Hue Norfhland pifcher, Jerry HermanI second leading hiHer for S+ou+, smashes a liner. BASEBALL SCOREBOARD -wOwNOO--WO-U'IO Norihland Norfhland PlaH'eviHe Plaffeville Befhel Befhel River Falls River Falls Superior Superior 5+. Cloud 5+. Cloud Eau Claire Eau Claire Whifewafer Whifewa+er NU'IN-F-h-F-NINO-kNO-h- Firsf baseman Jerry Herman execuies a Cloud runner fries +0 sfeal second base. close pickoff play as a Si. The baseball season was marked wH'h brillian+ pifching Thompson and Johnson and relief pi+cher Reese. Holmes and Lawrence performed well as hi'H'ers Our defense was shaky. Af+er spIiHing +he firsf double headers we skidded info seven s+raigh+ losses ending up wi+h a 4-I2 record. WH'h +he "righ'l' breaks" we could have won. With Hue umpire keeping his eye on Hue pitch. Vern Johnson fires a fasf ball past a Nor'thland baHer. Fronf Row: Charlie Krupal manager; Don Jackson: Arlen Dombrock: Minfz: Dennis Reese: Larry Dombrock; Loren Bre'rl; Keifh Hady: Tony Russo: Bob Lawrence; Vern Johnson: Tom Vils: Roger Johnson; Terry Thomas; Bill Kroll7 Shin Klapperick: Tom Morfenson. Second Jack Ziebell:Coach Tom Off. Row: Ken Simurdiak; Jerry Rusch: Ron Bloxham: Tom McGuire; Jerry Herman: Reggie Holmes: Sfeve Sfeffes. Third Row: Coach 9! A shor+ chip shof pufs veferan linlrsman green and info +he puHing posifion. Joe Urick on flue For this yeares golfers the beginning was slow al+hough we did come on s+ronger Ia+er in +he season. The linksmen were paced by Olsen who placed six+h in +he conference meei' Rebne placed in Hue WSUC mee+ shoo+ing a hole in one on +he I38 yard par 3 four+h hole H was Grady S+eensrucl's firs+ hole as head menfor. We finished seven+h in 1116 conference wi+h +en poini's. WSU af Oshkosh won wifh I9. Senior golfer Mike Sheil crifically eyes 1he green for his nexf drive on +he Menomonie Golf Course. Froni Row: Bill Grey: Herman Oswald: Bob Cufler: Mike Sheil: Jon Kressin; Tom Rebne. Second Row: Sfeve Brown: Joe Urick: Ken WSU CONFERENCE GOLF Oshkosh Whi+ewa+er Eau Claire Pla++eville La Crosse River Falls Sfouf Sfevens Poinf Superior 627 628 64I 64! 647 652 658 658 67 I MEET I9 I7 16 I6Vz l3 I'Vz I0 Olson: Bill Green: Tom Cornelius; Grady Sfeesrud. Sheil assisfs a fellow linksman wii'h +he line-up as he sefs fo puff a ien fooier fowards ihe pin. 93 g. m mm M ' nu ,wv m" m: ummrum mwmu W In fhe fall, archery fournamenfs were also included in fhe year's program of inframural sporfs. 94 The program of intramural sports is maintained under +he direci'ion of +he physical educa+ion deparl'menf. Swimming and fennis 'l'ourneys were scheduled in +he fall. Second Milnes cap+ured firsi' in +he flag foo+ball fournament Six leagues par+icipa+ed in baske'l'ball compei'H-ion. Mike Sheil served as sfudenf direci'or for +his year's in'l'ramural program. a amm wanna: -W . nun-..mgs-- - W M g5 m3 $ m M BaskefbalI-fhe male physical educaNon depar+menf's version of Or- chesis involves grace. coordinafion, and plenfy of sirefch. One of S+ouf's more popular forms of relaxa- +ion-wres+ling, a muscle-rending. feeHw-grip- ping game, shows how +0 gain and how io lose friends. 95 Wifh muscles fauf and a keen sense of balance. Carol Gavin performs a spread eagle midair assisfed by +wo ofher members of +he gymnasiics ieam. nmrnw -. nv'mwuawah asW w: ; iFaWW: m uqzmundr' 69$ . Wm. a ,, w. Fronf Row: Janice Rude; Sandy McNamara: Marlene Wieman: Mary Sandy Bolle: Gayle Allaman: Jennifer Walfers; Elizabefh Sue Promis: Ann Schulze; Karen Offerdahl. Second Row: Grace Holman: WRA hosts volleyball tournaments coordinaHng +eams for all in+eres+ecl women s+uden+s. The Women's Recreai'ion AssociaHon raised funds for a spring banque+ wi+h concession s+ands af home games. The Irene Erdlifz award for sporfsmanship and leadership is presen+ed a+ +he banquet Concen+ra?ed efforf finds H5 rewards in many forms. Working as a ham provides a challenge of physical skill and menial acfivify for H135 volleyball feam. Growth from year to year as a class But more important as individuals We anticipate the time when we can hdnestly say We have attained a goal. Classes The Medallion Award is the highest honor bes+owecl on senior s+uden+s according +0 par+icipa+ion scholarship leadership qualifies. The bronze is preseni'ed by Presidenf Micheels a+ +he Honor's Day convoca'l'ion in May. Thomas Bohn Kenosha Wis. Judy Berglund Menomonie. Wis. Gerald Falkowslri Hafley. Wis. Linda Duescher Peshfigo. Wis, Edward Guckenberger Caledonia. Wis. Dale Granchalek Green Bay. Wis. Judifh Gunderson Edina, Minn. Carolyn Happel Richfield, Wis. Vernon Johnson Sunburg. Minn. Joanne Kersfen Sfone Lake. Wis. Donald Kis+ler Waukegan, HI. Carol Kihmann Eland, Wis. Nancy Krause Forest Park. Ill. IOI I02 William Mugan Cascade. Wis. Lana Lawrenx Algoma. Wis. Rosa'ie Powell Milwaukee. Wis. Herman Oswald Milwaukee. Wis. ScoH Schmid Des Plaines, III. Renee PlaHa HaHey, Wis. Lee Anne Purman Milwaukee. Wis. Jo Sinkular Graffon. Wis. Success is offen measured in ferms of ifs reward. Presiden+ Micheels presen+s the medallion award 10 +wo graduafing seniors. Donna Sfibbe Richland Ceni'er Wis LeRoy SchuH Oshkosh. Wis. Joanne Weiler Burlingfon. Wis. Sy Wera Marafhon, Wis. Carol Whifbeck Richfield. Minn. Mary Ann Woifkiewicz Thorp. Wis. l03 Whohs Who in American Colleges and Universities is a nai'ional award presen+ed +0 juniors and seniors. Qualifies exemplified by +he +hir+y-four s+uden+s chosen encompass "Scholarship. cii'izenship pariicipa'rion and leadership in academic and ex+racurricular aci'ivifies." ROBERT ARNDORFER served as presidenf of his freshman class. presidenf of Norfh Hall. and chairman and presidenf of lnfer-Residence Hall Council. He received +he Alumni AssociaHon scholarship. JUDY BERGLUND was a member of LSA, Alpha Phi sororHv. Phi Upsilon Omicron honorary fra+erni+y. and served as presidenf 01: he Home Economics organizaHon. She was also affiliafed wifh People To People and was head maioreHe for +he band. THOMAS BOHN was a member of Epsilon Pi Tau honorary fraiernify and Sfouf Sociefy of Indus+rial Technology. He served as presidenf of S+ou+ Typographical Sociefy, alumni secrefary of Chi Lambda fra+ernify. and managing edifor of +he STOUTONIA. MARY'DANIEL parficipafed in fhe Porn pon squad, serving as +reas- urer, and was a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha sororify and +he Union Board Coffee House CommiHee. She was freasurer of Panhellenic Council and a I968 Homecoming queen candidafe. LINDA DUESCHER was a member of Lufheran Collegiafes. Phi Upsilon Omicron honorary fra+ernify. Home Economics Club. Sfudenf Nafional Educafion Associafion. and +he American Home Economics Associafion. She served as presidenf of Pi Kappa DeHa and secrefary of Synchronized Swimmers. GERALD FALKOWSKI was a member of Sigma Tau Gamma frafernHy. served as presiden+ of fhe sophomore class and vice-presideM of +he Sfou+ Socie+y of lndus+rial Technology. and +he frack +eam. He iunior class. He was fhe I968 Homecoming chairman. DENNIS FERSTENOU served as a senafor in +he SSA and vice-presi- denf of fhe Nafional Assoc1afion of Home Builders. He was a member of Phi Sigma Epsilon frafernify. and +he S+ouf Socie+y of lndusfrial Technology. STEPHANIE GOVIN was chairman of fhe Publicafions Board. co- direcfor of Unifed Council Relafions. and a senafor on SSA. She worked as a residenf assisfanf and was a member of Alpha Phi so- rorify and Academic Forum. DALE GRANCHALEK was a member of Newman Apos'rolafe. Under- graduafe Fellow. and flue phofo sfaff for +he TOWER and STOUTONIA. He served as presidenf of +he iunior class and presidenf of SSA. EDWARD GUCKENBERGER served as presidenf and sergeanf 6+ arms of +he S+ou+ Typographical Socie+y and producfion edifor and associafe edifor of fhe TOWER. He was a member of Epsilon Pi Tau honorary frafernify and was on +he Dean's Lis+ during his iunior year. JUDITH GUNDERSON was a member of Delia Zefa sororify, Phi Upsilon Om?cron honorary frafernify. Symphonic Singers, and fhe lifer- ary sfaff of +he TOWER. She was presidenf of Panhellenic Council and a floor prasidenf and freasurer of AFM dormH'ory. SUSAN HELSTAD was chairman and secrefary of +he Union Board and Chairman of Coffee House CommiHee. She parficipafed in Alpha Phi sorori+y and was a member of +he Publicaiions Board. VERNON JOHNSON was a member of Chi Lambda frafernify. Radio Elecfronics. S+uden+ Na+ional Educa+ion Associafion. Alfresco. and +he baseball feam. He served as presiden+ 0s +he S-CIub. presiden'r of +he frafernify and residenf bowling leagues. and he received mem- bership on +he WSU afhle're honor +eam. He was also on +he Dean's Lisf his sophomore and iunior years. CAROL KITZMANN served as vice-presidenf and recording secrefary of Sigma Sigma Sigma sororify. recording secrefary of +he senior class. and on +he advisory board of Undergraduafe Fellows. She was a mem- ber of Newman Aposfolafe. Home Economics Club. and +he Sfudenf National Educafion Associafion. NANCY KRAUSE parficipafed in Delfa Zefa sororify. Phi Upsilon Omicron honorary frafernify, and various SSA commiHees. She was an SSA senafor. freasurer of her sophomore class. social edifor of fhe STOUTONIA. and received second place in Talenf Night She was on fhe Dean's Lisf her freshman and iunior years; ROBERT McCORD served as presidenf of Hovlid Hall, Jtreasurer of SSA. freasurer of Unifed Council. and on +he sfudenf court He was a member of Chi Lambda frafernify. Sfudenf National Educafion Associafion. and Undergradua're Fellows. WILLIAM MUGAN was a member of Newman Aposfolafe. Sigma Tau Gamma frafernify. and +he debafe feam. He parficipafed in Pi Kappa Delfa. served as business manager of +he STOUTONIA. and was presidenf of +he Society for +he Advancemenf of Management He was on +he Dean's Lisf his sophomore and iunior years. WILLIAM NERBUN was a member of Phi Sigma Epsilon fraferniw. Epsilon Pi Tau honorary frafernHy. AHresco. and +he Sfudenf Services commiHee. He served as recording secrefary for flu: Sfou+ Sociefy of lndusfrial Technology. MARYLOU OLSON served as SSA corresponding secrefary. freasurer of AFM dormifory. and a member of Sfudenf Services. She par+icipafed in Alpha Phi sororify, fhe Foods. Nufrifion and Adminisfrafion Club, Alfresco. Home Economics Club. and Modern Dance. RENEE PLATTA served as corresponding secrefary and vice-presidenf of Delfa Zefa sorority and public relafions chairman of +he Foods. Nufrifion and Adminisfrafion orqanizafion. She was a SSA senafor and a member of fhe Home Economics Club. LEE ANNE PURMAN par+icipa+ed in Newman Aposfolafe. Sfudeni Nafional Educafion Associafion. Alpha Phi sororify. and +he Publica- fions Board. She was presidenf of JTC dormifory. vice-presidenf of Panhellenic Council. a Winfer Carnival queen candidafe. and was on +he Dean's Lisf during fhree years af school. GLORIA REHN was +reasurer of her sophomore class and recording secrefary of SSA. She was also a member of LSA, Alpha Phi sororHy. Home Economics Club. fhe TOWER and STOUTONIA s'taffs. +he Studenf Nafional Educafion Associa+ion. and served on various SSA commiffees. RICHARD REINDL parficipafed in +he Infernafional Associafion of Prinfing House Craffsman and was an SSA senafor. He served as secrefary and vice-presiden+ of Sigma Tau Gamma fra+ernify and pledge frainer of H16 Sfou'r Typographical Socie+y. JOHN ROSSMEIER was a member of Newman Aposfolafe. Sigma Tau Gamma fra+erni+y. and Alfresco. He sewed as lnfer-Frafernify Council presidenf and a dorm council represen+a+ive. Fron+ Row: Linda Duescher; Mary Ann Woifkiewicz; Susan Helslad: Mary Lou Olson: Carol Kifzmann; Jan Schleusner: Nancy Krause. Second Row: Donna Sfibbe: Judy Berglund: Carol Whifbeck; Judy Gunderson: Sfevle Govin: Jo Sinkular: Lee Anne Purman. Third Row: ScoH Schmid: Gerald Falkowski: John Rossmeier; Bob McCord: Ed Guckenberger: JANET SCHLEUSNER was presidenf of Alpha Omicron Pi sororify and received a General Mofors scholarship all four years in school. She was also a member of Phi Upsilon Omicron honorary frafernify. Sfudenf Nafional Educafion AssoclaHon. Home Economics Club. and +he Union Acfivifles Board. SCOTT SCHMID sewed as presiden'r of lnfer-Residence Hall Council. presidenf of Hovlid Hall. and a SSA senafor. He was also a member of Chi Lambda fra'rernify. Alfresco. S Club. and Symphonic Singers. LEROY SCHUFF was a member of Epsilon Pi Tau honorary frafernify. sewing as president and was presidenf of he Universi+y Union Board. He also sewed on fhe S'rudenf Union Physical Facilifies Commiffee. JO SINKULAR was I968 Homecoming Queen. Uni'red Council coordi- nalor. vice-presidenf of Soufh Hall dormifory, and secretary of Infer. Residence Hall Council. She was a solois'r for Symphonic Singers and a member of Home Economics Club and H19 Sfudenf Nafional Educafion Associallon. MICHAEL SEVERSON was on +he Dean's Lisf his sophomore and iunior years and was presidenl' of CKT dorniifory. He was a member of H16 Sfudenf National Educafion Associafion. Infer-Residence Hall Council. Epsilon Pi Tau honorary fraferni'ry. Stouf Chrisfian Fellowship. and AIAA. DONNA STIBBE served as vice-presiden? of +he sfafe Home Economics Associafion. She was a member ol Phi Upsilon Omicron honorary Dennis Fersfenou. Fourlh Row: Dale Granchalek: Bill Nerbun: Mike Severson: Ron Trimberger: LeRoy Schulf: Bob Arndorler. Fiffh Row: Eugene Szymaszek: Sy Wera: Torn Bohn: Vern Johnson: Rick Reindl; Bill Mugan. Nof Pic+ured: Renee PlaHa: KiHy Daniel. fralernify. flue Home Economics Club, Women's Recrealion Associafion. Sludenf Nafional Educafion Associafion. and Unifed Campus Minis'rry. EUGENE SZYMASZEK was a member of Epsilon Pi Tau honoray fra- +erni+y. +he American lndusfrial Arfs Associafion. Undergraduafe Fel- lows. Radio Elecfronics Club. and Inler-Residence Hall Council. He sewed as an SSA senafor and presidenf of Fleming Hall. RONALD TRIMBERGER served as freasurer of Sigma Tau Gamma fra- fernify. He was also a member of +he Sociefy for lnfellecfual Free- dom. fhe Business Club. Newman Aposfolafe. +he Sfouf Socie+y of In. dusfrial Technologyl and Undergraduafo Fellows. SY WERA parficipafed in Hue. Newman Apos+ola+e. lnfer-Frafernify Council. Nafional Associafion of Home Builders. and fhe Sfudenf Na- +ional Educafion Associafion. He served as vice-presidenf of Tau Kappa Epsilon fra'rernify. CAROL WHITBECK was edifor and managing edifor of he STOU- TONIA and associafe eclifor of N16 TOWER. She was also a member of flu: Speaker Review CommiHee and Sigma Sigma Sigma sororily. MARY ANN WOJTKlEWlCZ sewed as corresponding secrefary of Gamma Siqma Sigma sororify. presidenf of Phi Upsilon Omicron honorary lra+ernify, and vice-presidem' and corresponding secrefary of lnler-Religious Council. She was also a member of Undergraduafe Fellows. Alfresco. Newman Aposfolale. Home Economics Club. and +he S+uden+ Nafional Educafion Associafion. IOS As Seniors we began to question the future Were we adequafe +o mee+ i+s demands? Had we learned enough +hrough four years of classes and achH'ies +0 become +eachers or +0 accepi' roles in fields of home economics. psychology. arl'. indus+rial +echnology. business? Fronf Row: Sfeve Robinson. vice presidenf; Gary McClurg. president Second Row: Carol Kifzmann. secrefary; Joy Wiff- chow social chairman; Sharon Perry, +reasurer. Richard Abraham Pahicia Aasen Mary Adam Kay Abrahamson Darlene Aiken Mary Ainsworl'h Sieve Akiyamp Gayle Allaman Gordie Amick Alan Anderson Craig Anderson Pearl Anderson Harold Arneson Paulef'te Arneson Ray Anderson Leo Arfhur Doris Aucone Walfer Baker Thomas Balisfreri Jean Barber Linda Balson Jane Banasik Larry BaHerman Fran Barre'He Karen Beard Marilyn Beccavin John Belisle l07 Ini+ial requiremenfs were meie references. job in+erviews. and con'rracfs were finalized. Joseph Benltowski Darcey Bell Alice Benninghoff Jeffrey Benham Michael Ben: Geraldine Benzel Michael Berg William Benxel Audrey Berkholh Judy Berglund l08 Chrisiine Biever Mary Bilek Thomas Bird David Bode Jerry Boehner Roger Boese Ka+hy Busch Lee Buvid Ronald Brown 3$ LaMoine Brion Mr. PeHier, mefals insfrucfor. explains in s+uden+s +he operaiing fechniques of Hue numerical confrol used for shaping mefal. Trudy Byrum Sandra Brown Dave Carney Timoihy Brown Thomas Bohn Darlene Bohle Ca+herine Burghexj Paul Brunkow Judy Buchholz WaHer Bucki Thomas Burmeisfer Thomas Burns Pa'! Champion Herber+ Carlson Karen Brinkman Sieve Brenegan Linda Boyea l0? Harland Currie Gregory Czaplowski Mary Daniel Richa rd Danielwicz Ronald Day Linda Davis Carol Chapman Russell Rebecca Roberf Debner Arlyn Clarksen Chrisfensen Chrisfopherson Lawrence Delonge Bruce Crosby Melvin Coleman Larry Cording Bergeffa Cosfa Rhoda Cronk Marvin Dehne During +he spring session. many s'ludenfs speni affernoon hours befween Donna DeMars classes exchanging casual conversafion oufside of 919 main lobby of AFM dormi'mry. '3": .. 7' Richard Dibelka George Digman ll0 Larry Dombrock Richard Docld'er Timofhy Domke John Donica Bonnie Donnelly Sara Donnelly John Dorsey Elizabefh DoHavio Paf Dresden Linda Duescher ond Dumke Judy Duifman Many of us were enrolled in +he educational program... Ronald Dunham Darrel Eberhard? John Dunlap Diane Ebed Sharon Enrico Corinne English Richard Erickson Nancy Erickson Nancy Ericson Cheryl Eslinger Lois Everf Daniel EHen Gerald Falkowski Janice Feldkamp Richard Feldkamp Roberl Feldkamp Richard Felski Dennis Fersfenou William Fink Carl Fosfer Walfer Fillinslty Understanding of an unusual prin+ develops inio an involved conver- saiion be+ween Nancy Erickson and Diane Jobs? durin .3 grinf ex- hibiHon and sale sponsored by Rofen galleries. i1? ,y-S. Roberf Nancy Foufs Jacqueline Foley David Fox Freiermufh CharloHe Galley Ted Gazda Charlene Gay Randy Gearhad Pairicia Genskow David Glen: Mary Goldsmiih John Goodman A+ firsi sight a wooden skelefon of a building seems a +o+al mass of confusion. Such is fhe case as siudenis an- ficipa+ed flue compleiion of he new and much needed addifion +0 fhe library. Barbara Gray Dale Gra nchalek Sia n G ra cyalny we John Grusz Lois Grommesh Robed Grommesh Faifh Gurn Gerald Guyer Virginia Gubasfa Judith Gunderson Edward Guckenberger Ba rb Gurnea Theresa Habel+ Erica Gusiafson William Henley Sandra Guyer Trudie Hanson Ann Hammen Connie Hanson prepared for s+uden+ +eaching in high schools +hroughou+ +he s+a+e. ll3 Class officers planned a senior banquet Anfhony Hanson Carolyn Happel Clifford Harnois Ru+h Harfzell Dale Harbafh Ronald Hoepner Michael Henkelman Jerome Heebinlt Geraldine Helwig James Hendrickson Cecelia Hemmerich Jane? Hickey Elizabefh Holmes Alan Hinlde William Hodgkinson Bruce Haxelfon Kaneen Hopp Roger Huebner Paul Husby Ralph Hunsinger Louis Husby Judifh H u+ins Arlene Husei Sharon Jacobson Kurf Janke Thomas Jansen Gene Jicinsky Reilecfing upon Hue pasl' year, com- meniing on +he general +heme of His book. and maybe finding herself in a siudenf informal are incorporafed as Sue Kringle discusses Hue I968 TOWER. Kenne+h Jeschke Bradley Johnson Diane Johnson Elizabe+h Johnson KenneHv Johnson Richard Johnson Ronald Johnson Vernon Johnson Wayne Johnson Roger Johnson Ilmar Junge Bruce Joos Jane Jurek Glenn Jurek Jean Kaiser Mary Kaiser Pafricia Kangas Gary Kegler ll5 Keith Kibbel Kenneih Kehliher We decided upon a giH' +0 presen+ +0 +he universHy John Kingsfon Joanne Kersfen Don Kisfler Ka ren KeHerl Jane? Kir'rz Therese Klawi'ler Carol Kihmann Michael Klepafch Judiih Kirk Kennefh Klima Alberf Kolff James Konsela Dennis KIawiHer Thomas Kirk Glenn Kral Kandy Kolmos Jean Komr Dennis Knuk Yilbok Kim Dennis Koepp George Kriske Richard Kreufz Richard Doclder, insisfing upon accuracy M fho :faHing point overlooks Ron Johnson checking +he Hmo in proparaiion hr 0 car race in Hue Tau Kappa Epsilon road rally. Ken LaCouni S'rave Lange Chrisiine Kubaf Judifh Kreufzer Larry Larson Karl Lasica Kaihleen Kunick Bonnie Krubsaclr Gary La rson Lana Lawrenz Raymond Kusmer Nancy Krause Roberl Lawrence Linda Leehe Gerald LaCombs Yvonne Kukher Susan Leary Kenneth Lehmann ll7 William Lee Carol Loberger Krisiin Lieslre Lynda Loren: Joseph Lohse James Long Lorrie Mahloch BeHy Mahr Edward Maier For accurafe deierminafion of ground level a s+eady hand is needed fo adiusf Hie lenses on a surveying fransif. II8 Carol Linded Richard Lindback Gary Linharl' Michael Lover Judiih Luhm Susan Lund Alan Main Jacqueline Main Don Maki Some of us were involved wi+h con'rrolling posH'ions in +he s+uden+ governmeni' in Greek organiza'tions on Hue publica'rions sfaff. Sue McGinnify Bonnie McGinfy Roberf Maieslri Mary Mariin Caryn Meyer Kerry Meier Roberf Madin Delores Marclxs Anfhony Mihalko James Mihallro Richard Marfinson Thomas McArdle Bradford Miller Pafrick Miffen Sandra Marvin Gerald McCa be Krisfine Miaanes Arnold Molds Jean Maffingly Gary McClurg Gary Moldenhauer Donnene Mole II9 1 AI Wilker and Joie and Candy Herizfeld copy an inseripfion af fhe base of a flagpole. filling a race requiremenf a+ Hue TKE road rally. l20 Some of us really did nof care +0 proiec'r . . . No doub+ +hese are signs of he +imes. Could we afford +0 be apa'l'hefic? Gary Nelson Lloyd Nelson Richard Nelson John Nemecek William Nerbun John NesbiH John Mueller Eugene Moon Roger Ness John Nevicosi Henry Nefzinger Janice Mueller Barbara Morris Roberf Newman JonaH'Ian Oberman Craig Nissen William Mugan Elixa be+h Murray Wayne Nielsen Laurie Noffke Peggy O'Brien Augie Olson David Olson Kennah Olson Doroihy Oppermann Larry Osegard Barbara Opalinslti Herman Oswald Karen OH Gordon Overby KaHIIeen 0H0 Sue Palfrey William Pap-endieck Marlene Parr Carrie PaHerson Glen Pawlihke Arfhur Paulson Dianne PedreHi Sieve Peckman Bruce Fellow Lynne Peil Ronald Pellry William Perleberg Allen Pesavenfo l2l Sharon Perry William Peters Darrell Peiersen Wayne Pefers Cheryl Pflughoeff Linda B. Peferson Bruce Pollock Linda K. Peferson Renee PlaHa Rosalie Powell Jacqulyn Priem Dee Pokrand Mary Polasky Roberf Popp Glenn Primrose Richard Peferson Jerry Price Fred Priebe We became more adepf a+ formula+ing and expressing opinions on +he resuH's of +he elecfion. +he war in Vie+nam . . . The quesfion is specializafion. The fire was ignifed when ?he "Mission S+a+emen+" was released. and furH'Ier developed by flue quesi'ioned dismissal of fwo faculfy members. Laura Pryga Lee Anne Purman Marilyn R6855 William Rahburg Nichols Rassbach Roger Reader Jerome Richfer Richard Reindl Dennis Reinerf James Reinhard Deborah Riersgord Beverly Rihn Sfeven Robinson Ann Rodman Susan Roecker Sharon Romayko Judifh Rodvedf John Rossmeier l23 Carolyn Rubner Margo Ryun Ken Schlag ScoH Schmid Barbara Schmidf l24 John Rusch Timofhy Sample Judiih Scheps Jan Schleusner Janice Schmidf Harold Ryun Frieda Schaffner Norman Scharp David Schmidf Kenfon Schmidf We quesfioned +he educa+ional sysfem-- was specializafion inevi+able? We reflected upon +he idea of being "socialized" Mary Schneider Pafrick Schneider Karl Schon Nancy Schonuller Michael Schreiner Roberf Schonuller Thomas Schroedl Gerald Schwarz James Schroeder Mary Schroll Carol Schulze Penelope ScoH Fredrick Schulfz Richard Searles Michael Severson Sandra Shadinger Daniel Sherry Mike Sheil David Sharkey Robert Shilha Kemp Shobe Linda Siggelkow James Sisson Le Roy Schuff Alice Seffer Linda Schulfze Joan Severson Even. precise hammering is essenfial as Sue Palirey forges a silver bowl in her advanced arf metals sfudio. l25 Herber+ Solinslxy Mary Solysf Linda Sommerfeld Paisy Spielvogel Conshucfion becomes a process of combining various maierials such as wood. cemenf, and reinforcing rods. Lee Sfefaniak Linda Sfeger Hans SiHe Michael Simpson Jo Sinkular Mary Sladky James SiHig Alan SkeH Ann Smifh John Smerda Bruce Smhh Shaphanie Sfeiner Donna S+elzer Donna Sfibbe Laurie S+oeHing Jean Sfone Sharon S+olpe Maybe if is a maH'er of ani'icipai'ing +he fufure +he learning experience beyond a college educafion... Jan Sfrom Sfeven Surguy Joan Swalve Gregory Tanko Kafhleen Taylor Irvin Ta plin Susan Thompson Phyllis Taylor Willis Thibadoa Pafricia Till: Shelby Tinberg Jeffrey Trendel Ron Trimberger Dick Trulson David Ufpadel Be Um Dina Ubel Larry Ullmann John Uebele Gary Valine Diane Vance MaHhew Sieven Vandervesf Vandenvelden Joan Thompson James Thommes l27 a . gt; 1 ..u.. . nh.V 9 J' Marcia Wagner. Sandra Wahl Ray Wagner Gary Wafkins Anfhony Waupochick Fay Waupochicl: One of fhe new aHemph f0 boosf school spirif were +he pep rallies and cheering confesfs held oufside The Commons before each home hofball game. Ronald Velich Befh Van Vechfen Margare? Weaver Trudy Verbrick Al Vobedia Carolyn Weigel Wayne Voigfschild Wayne Verdon Joanne Weiler Joanne Welhaven Sy Wera Terry Weiss Carol Whiibeck LeRoy Whife Mary Whife Susan Whife Marlene Wieman Pafricia White l28 Sandra Wiei'zke Sandra Wiemerslage Could we +hink in +erms of a culminafion wifh graduafion? Allan Wilker Marie Wilhelm Geraldine Willis Judy Wilson Paul Wilfing Susan Widhwein Marilyn Wisnefske Thomas Wisniewski Joy WiHchow Marsha Wolford Mary Ann Susan Wolf Laurie Wolff Woifkiewicz Roberi Worden Rober+ Woyfasik Carol Wolff Gregg Zaner Thomas Zander Cinda Zahn Carolyn Donna Zimdars John Zenner Ziegelbauer l29 I30 Donna Albrechf Fred Brinkman Julie Erickson Kafhleen Fallon Jerrold Knufson Roberfa Anderson Marlene Bulgrin Wu Chi-hung Ari Hage Douglas Janzen As Graduate Students we were specializing in educa+ion guidance clo+hing and +ex+iles foodse and working on a mas+er's +hesis. Barb Michalowski assisfs alumni wifh regisfrafion during homecoming af H19 informafion boofh in +he fireside lounge. REGISTER Wilma Hsu Howard Lee Andrew McDonald Dominic Mohamed Byung-Ju Min Richard Neuvedh Alice Nussbaum George Ou Jake Pefers Donald Pehrson Mary Powers Rose Ring Robed Reynolds Theresa Shiang Jean Taylor Chun Tzeng Gerald Upward David Weaver Mohammad Zahabioun l3l I32 As Juniors involvement became more inherent We were involved in classes more orien+ed +owarcls our majors. We were learning +0 prepare ourselves for micro-+eaching s+uden+ +eaching a+ Hue high school lab proiec+s for abnormal psychology advanced s+udios in ceramics. sculpture and pain+ing We found a demand for produd'ion +ha+ was uniquely our own- individualiza+ion . . . Fronf Row: Ron Jacoby. social chairman: LcRoy Knuison, president Jack Link, vice president Second Row: Sandy Dewifzw hear,- urer: Jane Prokop. secrefary. Wires, circuits. and ouflefs presen? mass confusion to the observer. bu? Junior Tom Godfrey manipuIafes fhem well as he wires a flashing "Siouf" billboard for the Homecoming dance. I '7, 0 :, Fronf Row: Carol Brucek: Alberfa Breuer: Sharon Allen: Kafhleen Bloch: Linda Lee Anderson: Beverly Babsf; Barb Basfa: Susan Berg; Jane Bushy. Second Row: Jan Andree: Susan Befhke: Phyllis Bruce: Diane Bender: Phyllis Afhman: Kafhy Alcock; Helen Alfon: Bonnie Bridgmon; Anne Bucheger. Third Row: Nancy Boland: Cheri Anderson; Joanne Bochman; Sandy Schuh: Dyann Mannisfo: Linda Nerison: San. dra Bolle: Clarice Biesemeier: Peggy Borden: Kafhleen Herman, Fouri'h Row: Richard Bergelin; Wesley Anderson; Raymond Birk: Donna Bedswor'rh; Diane Bublifz; Judifh Bloodwor+h; Sandy Wiemers lage: James Bishop; Roberf Boynfon: John Bonk. Fifth Row: George Boehmer; William Bredl; Ronald Baeseman; Tom Backes: John Box: Kenneth Bons: Thom Arndf; Maurice Anderson; Dennis Barfuss; Randall Bohm. I33 .w Fron? Row: Susan Demufh: Margaref Dadisman: Esfher Fong: Dawn Carlson: Linda DiHburner; Mary Denning; Margaref Cunningham: Sandra Claypool; Eileen Chrisfenson. Second Row: Cheryll Chrisfianson; Mary Dolski; Karen Duquain; Suzanne Deahl: Monica AukIand: Debbie Douglas: Kafhy Campbell: Nancy Dauck; Sandi Dewifz: Mary Dris- coll. Third Row: Karen Dahlen: Barbara Cramer; Lana Chenowefh; C3 X, 4. .h h Fronf Row: Margaref Bregory: Vicki Folkedahl: Maiia-Liisa Fink: Carol Gassenhuber: Beverly Gummin; Barbara Cervenka: Diane Hielle; Penny Gruenwald: Jeanine Dill. Second Row: Julianne Hanacek: Donna Hocevar: Judifh Fremsfad: Janice Gerdes: Sfephanie Govin: Karen Faerz; Mary Ann Erfl: Susan Hilden; Marie Hoffman: Sharon Fischer. Third Row: Grefchen Guenfher; Roberfa Holzinger; JoAnn Hunse; I a. E s :r . v91 Diane Donaldson; Cynfhia Cobb: Connie Coleman: Chrisfy Dovem muehle: Ellen Dursf: Penny Doyle. Fourfh Row: Mike Dorendorf: Gene Childs: Danny Fuller; Curtis Fisher; WaHer Drees: David Dulin; Jeffrey Peplau; Pefer Edwards: Mike Genelin. Fif'lh Row: Jim Cam- pion; Mike Boris: Daniel Breifzman; Duane Crawford: Jonafhan Dean; Donald Delzer; Danny Chrisfiansen: Dennis Dehlan: Lee Halberg. 9;; Karen Galoff; Joyce Frings; Joyce Hardfke: Kafhleen Heimke: Julie Gross: Norma Graney. Four+h Row: Rodney Hedeen; Gary Groh; Thomas Holzinger: Perry EngSfFOm: Wayne Hausknechf; William Green; James Heskefh: John Harpoldl; Daryl Hansen. Fiffh Row: Sfephen Heil: Roger Hooyman: Thomas Gasner; Gary Heiden: Lawrence Earll; Terry Engemann: Willis Herron: Richard FeHs. L w. 1 Fronf Row: Jalene Leifz: Edifh OH; Julie Jensen; Mary Kesner; Mary Lemmenes; Lorri Kress: Jean Jacobson: Karen Lane; Mary Fruechfe. Second Row: Elizabefh Lemke: Yvonne Hady: Louise Lynn; Barbara Hoffman; Sherry Kefo; Ann Lovejoy; Elizabefh Gilling; Lois Lang; Pafricia Kinfop; Rosemary Koziolek. Third Row: John Link; Colleen Nelson: Barbara Langdon; Alice Langham: Ruth Ann Koehl; Jean The 1'en minufe break between classes provides an opporfunify +0 ex- change casual conversafion oufside of Bowman Hall. n. V;, Kasper; Diane Hasarf: Colleen Harris: Roberf Jones. Fourfh Row: David Konifz; Jan Kichefski; Gary Krueger: Gerald John; Mary Jensen: Barbara Klun; Sfeve KiHleson: Richard Lodle; Loren Jensen: Kei+h Wagner. Fiffh Row: Jerome Johnson; Roger Kroes: Tahn Grosse: Paul Kielas: Tim Lemke: Lee Gehrke: George Gow: Fred Cammann; Donald Tupper. The organizational ac+ivi+y cycle kep+ many of us moving. and offen we were frusfra'ted. We were involved as s+uden+ senai'ors cheerleaders or chairmen 'For campus ac+ivi+ies. H was a iunior who was responsible for +he new coffee house in Hue union. I35 Fronf Row: Shirley Kerska: Kris Hansen; Marfha Hyre: Judy Gullicks- Kronebusch: Sue Kluever. Fourih Row: Kenne+h Mueller, LeRoy Knuh rud: Diane Krause: Donna Klink; Sue Field; BeHy Koepp: Diane Kon- son; Roberf Muerer: Jerry Maffson; Thomas Neckvaml; Larry Krueger: ifzer. Second Row: Jennifer Infravaia: Rufh Eggerf: Kafhleen Koehler: Louis Menako; Bruce Marx: David Myers: John Jacob. Fiffh Row: Alice Kinder; Linda Larson: Rachelle Lipfon: Rifa Haag; Jane Hasfer; Carl Moscherosch; Charles Jacobson: Brian Krusko: William Minfer: Beverly Larson: Julie Lewis. Third Row: Judy Jensen: Kafhy Miller; Linda Roberf Haffeman: Dania Marohl: Ronald Jacoby: Jason Hernandez. Jahr: Anona Nelson: Janef Lange; Mary Befh Jung: Sally Larson: Judy FroM ROW: Cafhy Nienow; Mary Krusiec: Susan Kepke: Susan Kringle; Sharon Nysse: Ronniece Nysfrom: Jane+ Ovick; Judy Moberg: Jean Leann Laufenburger: Gail Johnson; Lynne Magee: Janice Merfen: Mari- Marfin; Geoffrey Kuhn. Fourfh Row: Michael McCabe; Wayne Orsfed: lyn Kramer. Second Row: Donalynn Mahnke: Marie Novasic: Chrisfie Sandra Murkley: Karne Mueser: Ellen Momsen: Thomas Marfin: Donald MacGregor: Jill Norfman: Janelle Nievinski: Cheryl MeHer: Jan Nel- Nelson; James Marx. Fif+h Row: Ronald Olson: Ronald Moede: Richard son: Susan Nelson: Vicforia Nahorn; Esfelle Miyagawa. Third Row: Norfhrop; Jon Nelson: John Mallo: Jan Fedie; Mark Olson: David Sfeve Nelson: Krisfine Nelson: Kafherine Nelson: Mary Lou Olson: Lardinois: Gordon Ovans. Frusi'rai'ions moun+ed +hroughou+ +he year. The school was growing in numbers ye1' also becoming more specialized . .. Sponfaneous movemenfs in sheams of 'Huores- cenf painf on black capfures fhe creafive hand of Linda Larson as she assisis wifh decorafing fhe homecoming dance. Fronf Row: Priscilla Rice: Mary Ann O'Brien; Mar+y Ronnerud; Linda Paulsen: Mary Powers: Gregory Robbins. Fourth Row: Roberf PoqueHe; Meyer; Marion McGuckin: Margare+ Riemer: Mari Theusch: Margie Roberf Nash: Dennis Peferson: Sfeve Peferson: Jack Pasterski; Roberf Panico: Delores Pernsfeiner. Second Row: Jane Prokop: Rosemary Rasmussen: John Ringelspaugh: Richard Rockney; Paul RabbiH. Fiffh Riedl; Doris Rhoades: Bonifa Rolf: Virgene Riese: Linda Rodgers: Row: Thomas Nugenf; Bruce Ensworfh: Larry Peeiers: Raymond Ellen- Carolyn Roberfson; Mary Jo Pevonka: Barbara Pinney: Margaref becker: Kennefh Grabarskl': Curfis Pefers; Donald Reed: Pefer Pefersen: Prideaux. Third Row: Granf Reeves: Marianne Schqu: Kay Parmefer: William Rere. Rose Marie Paul; Donna Rusch: Nancy Thwreaff: Susan Pefersen; Mary I37 I38 Froni' Row: Nancy Shanahan: Carla Sieker: Sheilah Sura: Donna Sha- ben; Mary Propsf: Barbara Rupkalvis; Sue Sfankowski; Rufh Sveen: Vicki Sfoflef. Second Row: Sue Richardson: Georgia Schlegel: Sue Schmidt Barbara Somher: Nancy Richards: Sue Rorfvedf: Kaihy Pow- ers: Kafhleen May; Ann Schulze. Third Row: William Schaller: Bonnie Sferfz: Lynda Sannes; Cheryl Seegers: Sue Siggens; Mary Salfzgiver; Was specialization going +0 affeci' us. or would having "just one more year 1'0 go" leave us uniouched by he changes wii'hin our +ime? Beffy Simonson; Chrys Thoeny: Kafhleen Snyder: David Theis. Fourfh Row: Jack Simpson: Pefer Schroeder: Larry Schaumberg; Roberf Sfen- ner; Edward Tomsich: Daniel Schroeder; Richard Seeber; Walfer Sfonman; Dale Schmifz. Fifih Row: Brenf Surowiec: Donald Sponhon: Gregory Sipek: James Smifh: Paul Suprak: Dean Rusch: Donald Sween: Ray Pefersohn: Alberf Pionke. An a+fenHve and somewhaf caufious class surrounds Mr. Muller as he demonshafes iechniques of oxyacefylene welding. Fronf Row: Diane Smarf: Marguerife WinfeHeldf: Consfance Sheffieid: Jane Salesky; Nancy SmIfh: Ruby Spalding: Evelyn Schuessler; Sandra Weiss; Klaudia Schroeder. Second Row: William Selby: Paula Tangley; Linda Schiebel; Nancy Schneider; Judy Sfarck: Margaref Schneider: Kafhy Sims; Louise Smifh: Larry Welch. Third Row: Michael Smifh; Fronf Row: Sandy Weinand: Suzanne Wegner: Jan Wyckoff: Kafhleen Welch; Linda Zelfinger; Cafherine Werfschnig; Mary Lou VanDeWaHe: Lucinda Vance: Pauleffe Zarnsforff. Second Row: Henry Wiegel: Kafh- leen Vigneau: Karen Wolkersforfer: Barb Zupancich: J95" 20m? Joan Zwarf: Margy Wood: Ann Wilferf; Francis Yokoyama: Jim Vlasak. Sherrie Whyfe: Carol Wonala: Nancy Schoblocher: Janef Smarzinski; Renee Schuefz; Cafherine Zielanls: Arlene Wiese. Fourih Row: Bruce Sanderson; Gale Volbrechf; Rick Vogel: Edwin Yosi: Roger Zell: James Zimmerman. a: Third Row: Gary Wolfmeyer: Janis Tucker: Karen Williams; Nancy Werner; Lois Wosick: Rhea Williams; Thomas Wilde. Fourfh Row: Dean Yonkovich: Roberf ZeiHer; James Windsor; Michael Schemelin; James Zagrodnik: Norman Rieman. I39 I40 We, as Sophomores were returning for a second year Regisi'rai'ion was less complica+ecL We were already familiar wi+h +he factu dormi+ory life regula+ions Suddenly classes demanded more +ime a five credif chemisfry course JrexJHIes and nu+ri+ion economics-exams were "unbelievable." Fronf Row: Rick Froom. treasurer: Gary Mohr, president Ron Tills. vice-presidenf. Second Row: Glenn Domokos. secrefary: Karen VanDeHey. social chairman. Realiling +ha+ accura+e measurements are expecfed in her advanced foods class, Lynn Brown meficulously de+ermines fhe weigh in grams of the dry ingredienfs for her recipe. Fronf Row: Nancy Bee: Margare+ Bodecker: Barbara Barbiaux: Jane Broaddus; Marie Branfner: Helena Beagle; Pafricia Bojniewicz; Carol Bliven: Sharon Brown. Second Row: Mary Bero: Wilma Bauer; Bonnie Boyer; Jane Brechler; Ann Bishop: Marfha Belfer: Ingrid Ahlberg; Linda Byrne; Christine Barfels: Eileen Weller. Third Row: Donald Bergelyn; Michael Anderson: Lona Andrews: Marceile Brush Kafhy Bramer: Barbara Anihony: Mary Anders: Allan Beufler: James Beeck. Foudh Row: Marvin Bollmen: Joseph Avdek: Randall Andrews: Anfhony Beyer; Bruce Ausderau; John Bigley: Loren BreH: Daryl Breifung. Fiffh Row: Thomas BarHeffi Allan Bray; Gregory Banaszynski: James Blair: Eiinly BeCher: Jeffrey Benson; JOhn Benedick; Thomas Birkel: Paul urn . l4l u m d Fronf Row: Lynn Bender: Mary Aisenbrey: Linda Bohnerf: Marilynn Bradley: Diane Anderson: LuAnn Beal: Pamela Brye: Jane Bohman: Karen Anasfasia. Second Row: Cindy Woodwick: Joyce Boser. Jane Bierke: Sharon Brooker; Gayle Ahlers: Barbara Burzynski: Diane Afkins: Jean Anderson: Susan Becker; Barbara Cafuria. Third Row: Donna Champion: Linda Anderson: Shirley Chapefa: Susan Bergh', Mary Behl- Fronf Row: Chrisfina Driebel: Lolefa Dodge: Hildene Callies; Beverly Anderson: Marlene Chrisfensen: Elizabefh Chesney: Juanifa Cosfa; Cindy Coffman; Jo ChiappeHa. Second Row: Candice Dorn; Gloria Hicks; LyneHe Caquelin: Kay Chabof: Cheri Charland; Sharon Dalsoren; Mary Bush: Donna Cox; Mary Ann Drury: Susan Doughfy. Third Row: Mary Collins; Linda Dorio+; Carla Danielson; Sharon Defle: man: Geraldine Corcoran: Janice Carpenfer; Carol Barbiaux: Jill Counselman. Foudh Row: Gary Cowles: Gladsfone Carfy: James Cook: Greg Brown: James Behrle; Roger Clark: David Coppins: Thomas Coulson: Kirk Chiles. Fiffh Row: Gene Bruening: Michael Craney; Sfeven Chrisfophersen: Marfin Andersen; Alan Ackerf; Howard Draheim; Skip Kucharski: Bob Ropiak. Sharon Davie; Mary Dinneen: Susan Diers: Dorofhy Crown: Cafherine Delwiche. Four+h Row: Michael Dickson; Gary Delisle: Roberf Damon; Earl Duckwall; Michael Deino: Lee Ellison; David Dewey: Marvin Fran- SOnZ Daryl ErH. Fiffh Row: Neal DelarueHe; Jeff Dueringer: Roberf Dorobiala; Michael Dowdle: John Dehick; Roger Carlsfrom; Michael Ercegovac; Gerald Devereaux: Dennis Ellmaurer. Fronf Row: YveH'e Englebrefson: Joan Feyen: Deborah Holf; Kafh- leen Cheykag'Gwen Dvorak; Madeline DoHavio; Mary Hanson; Kafh ryn Gruenhagen: Karen Hahn. Second Row: Carol Govin: Glenys Grindle; Margare+ Fleming; Linda Gerczak; Marfina Rindsig; Barbara Pafek; Cafherine Daehn; Jane Deedrick: Linda Barfus: Elizabefh Gul- lerud. Third Row: Richard Eddy; David Goodman; Kriane Heberf: WI; .- h N Carol DeGrave finds +haf filing negafives in Hue audio-visual depadmenf is a somewha+ +edious iob in which accuracy and careful handling of negaiives is of u+mos+ importance. M, Colleen Fifzpafrick: Susan Gerber: Jeanne Gusfafson: Donna Frey: Ellen Hain; Rainer Fleschner. Fourfl'l Row: Dave Haffelder: S+ephen Henseler: Darryl Haffner: Thomas Farmer: John Farah; Edward Hess: Thomas Harfman: Donald Falborski: Raymond Erspamer. Fiffh Row: Richard Fenn'er; Dale Haack: James Fowble: John Feller: CurHs Ginnow: Richard Grofe: Donald SmHh; James Kraff: James Honkala. Floor pari'ies and peHy conversafions sHII consumed much of our 'I'ime. bui' +hey began +0 fall ini'o +he righ'l' perspective along wi'rh sfudying and involvemen'l' in campus organizaHons. I43 Fron+ Row: Karen Horne; Gail Horne; Jane Gullickson: Sue Jarnham; Beffy Fisher: Cheryl Harmeyer: Sherry Hoger: Jill Hauck; Kafhleen Fredrickson. Second Row: Linda Gusfafson; Janice Gosch: Theresa Hanson: Maureen Hanrahan; Clarice Gabor: Cafherine Hiemenz: Margaref Hanson; Lois Hilson: Karen Gerloff: Linda Holmes. Third Row: Paula Howery; Kafhy Herderhoff: Mary Gonwa: Fay Gehrke; Fronf Row: Sherry Lofy: Eileen Davidson: Rufh Elkins: Cafhe Ewanic; Jean Hufh: Nona Jones: JoAnn HoHe: Debby Davenport: Mary Jacob- son. Second Row: Vicki Heichel; Wanda Huisman: Nancy Goodman; Bonnie Hufchinson: Susan Hill; Maya Hahn: Marilyn Hole: Sandy Reeves: Anifa Iverson: Marilyn Hanson. Third Row: Judifh Johnson: Suzanne James: Catherine Johnson: Donna Hanus; Mary Jedrzeiewski; Lorna Hanson; Jacque Johnson: Audrey Ehnerf: Heidi Grover; Poldi Gerbing. Foudh Row: George Hendricks: James Hornby; Roberf Hardy: Joseph Fuehrer: Lauren Grofh: Galen Fi+zelz Russ Greiber: Richard HeHel; Alan Heinz David Hubbard. Fifih Row: Roger Guf: John Grosser: Vernon Haas: Gary Hanson; Roberf Goefz; Roger Goldbach: Roberf Hanne: Stephen Geberf: Richard Harfzell. Susan Hahn: Deanne Juliar: Kafhleen Janes: Frederick Jacobson. FourHI Row: Derold Heim; Rober+ Dickinson; Joseph Hank: Lawrence Hollen- bach; Thomas Hebel: Douglas Fox: Richard Froom: Gary GIUHH David Hendrickson. FiHh Row: Thomas Jorgensen: Ronald Jochimsen: Richard J5MB: Dennis lmme: WiHiam George: Malcolm Kucharski: Roberf Ropfdk: Ned Hoffman. Fronf Row: Lynn Kimball: Pauleffe Kaiser: Anna Koch; Joann Kennedy: Kafhleen Kanf; Kris+ine Kojis: Judith Kunderf: Terri Krause: Sandra Khsf. Second Row: Doris Kraemer; Donna Kiel; Juanifa Knudfson; Maureen Kelley: Clare Klinkenberg: Denice Kinsley: Colleen Kaplan: Kafhleen Kirk; Arlene Klawifer: Cafherine Kelly. Third Row: Gary Kohnke; Francis Jochmann: Darrell Korfh; Kafherine Kulas; Mariorie Turning +he handle of a screwdriver involves Terry Squier in mee+ing one of ihe semes+er requiremenfs for his basic me'fals course. MiHer: Jennifer Johnson: Kimberly Koenig: Sfan Jones: Sfeve Lund- quisf. Fourth Row: William Klug: Warren Krueger; John Kylmanen; Gary Krefschmer: Dale Krahn: John Kroegel; Michael Koslowski; William Kroll: Elroy Kleman. Fiffh Row: James Krause: Roger John- son: Raymond Jacobson; Joseph Jurkowski; Ted Kluck: Chuck Jansky; Ken Applehans; Jon Kressin: Thomas Jarapko. For some +he signs of grow'l'h were quife visible . . . I45 Fronf Row: Barb Michalowski: Mary Lou Larkin: Mary Liegel: Janice Luffer; Sharon Johnson: Leah Lamprechf: Ellen Lofz: Laurice Larson: Carol Larsen. Second Row: Lorna Lebakken: Pafricia Ollenburg: Myla Lewis: Marilyn Miller; Dianne Larson; Ann BaggeH: Kafhy Gauger: Paufine Lefko: Alida LaRanzie; Mary Lohmiller. Third Row: Jacquelyn Lepak; Karen Lisek: Frances Lenegar: Lucinda Lincoln: Anifa Nelson: . .p v 1 A w Shirley Larson; Ann Lovdahl: Ka'rhleen Hammill; Kafheryn Larson. Four'rh Row: Edmund Kowieski: Jarl Leirfallom; Sfeven Leclair: David Kline: Charles Krupa: Michael Killian; Pefer Kempferf: Jerome Kraus: Thomas Kosfuch: Daniel Laufenberg. FiHh Row: Leo Leick; John Liesch: Jed Krieger; Alan Kessler; Myron Laabs: Donald Knipp: Gerald Laude: David Luce: Michael Kubacki: Frank Reischel. Ml , - . Fron+ Row: Sharie Myers; Maureen Fifzpafrick: Leann Paisley: Kafhleen Maehler: Jennifer Mafhwig: Carol Vanderbilt Carol Masbruch; Lynn Wrasse: Delores McCullick, Second Row: Mary Murray: Jean Foresfer: Deborah Welsch: Bonnie Marfin; Jeanne Morgan; Becky Mason: Pafricia Maki: Linda LeJeune: Kafhy Meyer; Cafhy Mayer. Third Row: Skypp Lee; Shari Mueller: Mary MerHey; Lynn McClain: Cynfhia Munn: Tsuru Mafsui; Priscilla Mousseau; Mariory Marcks; Nancy Mafhey. Fourfh Row: Pefer Maass: Edward Lehnerh William McCarrier: Ronald MCLesfer: Brad Marshall: John McElroy: Lee Liffmann: John Morrison; Harvey Look. Fiffh Row: Richard Larson; Michael Maiman: Dave Leindecker; Thomas May: Thomas McDonough: Tim Maloney: Edward Miklavcic; Kennefh Lafourelle: Darell Larson. r' " The media is mesh wire. sfrefched and hammered +0 a wooden frame. Often i? +akes hours of.concen+rafed group effor+ +0 consfrud a floaf for he homecoming parade. Fronf Row: Kafhleen Miller; Sharon Moore: Kafhy McKenzie; Carol Kischel: Sharon L. Mueller: Susan McGrafh; Deanna Miller; Mary Lynne Quandf; Rufh Medgaardem Second Row: Linda Madary; Mary McGowan; Priscilla Malani: Roberfa Maki: Alice Makholm: Ruby Merry: Wendy Nelson: Nancy Noll: Melissa Nelson: Karen Offerdahl. Third Row: MfchaehMasferson: Laura Neuburg; Mary Neis: Mary Some anficipai'ed involvemen'l' in +he Greek sysfem. O+hers chose +0 remain alone- "individualized" as +he reference was made. Merkowifz: Margare1L McLaughlin; Pafricia Noonan; Kafhryn Rogers: Carolyn Menec; George McPhiIlips. Fourih Row; Michael Nogle: Rich- ard Mayo: Mark Masciola: Dan Mendini; Marvin Meisfer; Anfhony Merfes: Gary Mohr; Gary Mafrkef: KeHh Myers. Fiffh Row: Keifh Mifchell: John Morsfad: George Remlinger: Tom Liberf: Roberf Mielke: David Massopusf; Thomas MicheleHi; Kennefh Mollef. I47 I48 Mosf of us were involved in some +ype of group ac'rivify... Fronf Row: Mary Ploederl: Elizabefh Peferson: LaDonna Nass: Sharon Pfeifer; Camille Pelkowski: Julie Oen: Sandra Polzin: Suzanne Pliska: Shari Prill. Second Row: Leslie Piller; Erlene Ochs; Sue Olipra; Pafricia Pefers; Rife Paulson; Maureen O'Brien; Consfance Pefig: Janeel Olm: Mary LeGrand. Third Row: Arfhur Nakafani: Thomas PiHs: Mary Pro mis: Clarice Pedersen; Nicki Nissan; Margaref Powers; Mary Jane Brushes. coils. and arma+ures become imporhanf elemenfs as Dr. Spinfi poinfs ouf +0 his sophomore elecfricify class on a demonshafion model of an eledric mofor. Orfh: Nancy Nascene; Sfephen Nagel; Larry Olbranfz. Four+h Row: John Maresh: Conrad Mayer: William Prue: Donald Nelson: Roberf Newfon; Donald Olson: Craig Oliver; Roberf PyHarZ; RiCk Nowak. Fiffh Row: Sfephen Pregenfi Mark Lamere; Ronald Nelson: Jeff Pier remonf; Kwi Clark Porfz: Thomas Phillips: Roger Olson: Edward Novey; Alan Pankau: Lary Pfeiffer. Fronf Row: Marilyn Rassbach; Kafhy Ruh; Chriane Ramseur: Susan Renner: Toni Riemer: Susan Rodgers: Teresa Rufer: Becky Roberfs: Marjorie Rowland. Second Row: Joe Springhufh: Kafhryn Reinfs; Nancy Runge: Joanne Rank: Janell Rowe: Mary Regan: Pa+ricia Reh- berg; Chrisfine Repp: Judifh L. Rungler; Kennefh R. Sfoey. Third Row: Ramiro Salas: Michael R. Saeger: David L MaHner: Thomas Rasko: Fronf Row: Nancy Sfrommen, Mary Schwarfz: Iris Spaefh: Susan Smifh; Barbara Schwarz; Mardianne Wiksfen: Penelope Scharf; Peggy S+ewarh Mary Sfearns. Row Two: Barb Sfeger: Brenda Seng: Bonnie SpliH; Deborah Schulfz: Lynne Sullivan: Sonja Swanson: Karen Swanson; Debra Smifh: Bonnie Rasmussen: Gay Silvesfri, Third Row: Judy Schleder: Susan Sfurm: Robin Schlufer; Carolyn Schmidf: Karen Sederberg: Clarence Rachick: James Ruck; Charles nylarz: Roger Solefske; Dean R. Seafon. Fourfh Row: Terrance Sowa; Russell Redman: Sfeven Rank- Iin: Roger Siebke; Terry Rader; Gary Swansfrom: Frank Reischel; John Nordin: Nick Podgurski; Bill Peil. Fiffh Row: Ned Sambur: Mike Ryan: Sfephen Rodey: James Riederer: Herberf Riedner; Cliff Perfeefe: Andrew Prodoehlt William Rahoy; James Page's. Sherry Schreiber: Pauleffe Sfeuernagel: Pa+ricia Sfoffel; Susan Sio- beck. Fourih Row: Jerome Waldvogel: Gerald Schroeder; George Squer: Sfeve Spilde: John Schindhelm; Dale S+onek; Lynn Ream: Jeff Reames; Daniel Scheumemann. Fiffh Row: Pe+er Snowdon: James Sfone: James Schwebke; Ted REHer: James Tonz; Craig Schneider; Richard Bednar: Bruce Kaponya; Michael Murray; Michael Janavel. I49 ISO Fronf Row: Meg Solysf: Marfha ScoviHe; Norma Siuvefraa: Linda Van Ruiswyk; Susan Scherrer; Clydene Tunks: Barbara Voefmann: Helen Thompson; Marcia Tielens4 Second Row: Marsha Tobin; Bernice Ukkola; Bonnie Thaanum: Virginia Tippler: Grace Thomas: Leone Traxler; Gail Zimmerman: Linda Unger; Crysfal Thayer: Dawn Ullman. Third Row: Sfeven Schqu; Thomas Vils; Robyn Vosz: Cafherine Vanderheiden; Jeanne Uppena; Helen Vanderhyden: Kathleen Theiss: LynneHe Shier; Fronf Row: Karen VanDehey: Janis Vanselow: Kafherine Wuebben: Debbie Waller; Margaref Winiarski; Peggy Wery: Jacklyn Warner. Second Row: Daniel WiHenberger; Linda Worden: Sharon Williams; Glenda Wesley: Jean Wilde: Susan Wunder; Judy Werner: Terry Mark McFarland. Foudh Row: Gary Winkler; David Terril: Richard Valenfa; WaHer Tollefson; David Szalanski: Lawrence Tienor: Kennefh Turek: Roberf Scaife: Pafrick Sprague; Dennis VanDehey. Fiffh Row: Roberf Urban: Kenne+h Voelz: Michael Tharp; John Skadahl: Jack Vanerf: Michael Murray: Donald Jochman: Steven Steffes; Thomas Slupe. Winchel. Third Row: Dave Wieland: Donna Wolfe: Marjorie Wickerf: Rosalyn Wagner: Susan Van Remorfel: Jennhrer Walfers: Jane Wells: Timofhy Williams. Fourfh Row: Timo+hy Wifke: Roberf Wells: DaVe Wheelock: Lawrence Wrass: John Wa+kins; Dale Wenzler. l Fronf Row: Sandra Walker. Marcia Zakariasen: Becky Wrighf; Ann Wiehe: Roberfa Zebro: Theresa Zuehlke: Bonnie Whiffield. Second Row: Judy WesHaH: Margaref Willkom: Jeanne Udovc: Michele Wil- liams: Ellen Ziewacz; Jeri Walsingham: Kristine Yager. Third Row: Cemen? in a moving sfafe will become a solid, reinforcing elemenf forming fhe foundafion of one of fhe many universify complexes in construcfion +hroughouf the year. Richard Yocco: Neal WaHz: Ywain Waldow; Alan Webber: Sfeven ZeHmer; Richard Georgeson: Douglas Wollak. Fourfh Row: John Winn: Raymond Wolff: David Williams: Sfephen Woggon; Harold Welhouse: Michael Ziebell: Jack ZiebeH. Bu+ probably more important We had +0 s+ar+ +hinking abouf s+uden+ power: abou+ when +0 ques+ion. and when +0 agree abouf whai direc+ion we were taking here a+ +his universify. The fime was now. lSl l52 We were a large class, about 1200 Freshmen We were new. We wani'ed +0 know whaf was happening here: We learned abouf ins+ruc+ors regisi'rai'ions +he upperclassmen ourselves You mighf say "we grooved." Fronf Row: ScoH Krueger. presidenf: Tom Bofhwell. vice president Second Row: Gail Benes. freasurer: Pam Fieber, secrefary: Judy Lahfi, social chairman. The building of a universify campus involves a demolifion process as well as consfrucfion. The old heafing planf was forn down h allow for a new parking ramp. Froni' Row: Mary Bue: Susan Anderson; Judy Adams: Barbara Anderson: Lonnee Anderson: Candy Ashley: Chrisfine Alberfson; Peggy Andersen: Gladys Anfinson. Second Row: Carol Bruesewifz: Mary Benning; Cheryl Bray; Judy Breifengrass: Deborah Beebe; Pafricia Baum: Janef Boivin; LaVonne Barfelson: Mary Bellin: Ramona Bergman. Third Row: Eric Adams; Mary Blake: Deda Barowsky; Mary Bibeau: Susan Brunclik; Roberfa Buchan; Barbara Baker: Linda Brooke; Noreen Braun: Fred Anderll Fourfh Row: Thomas Barbeau: Gary Boofz: Dennis Bue+ow7 Thomas Agnew: Paul Arazny: Mark Brychfa: Craig Anderson: CurHs Boehm: Larry Berg. Fiffh Row: Rick Anderson: Bruce Brewsfer: Larry Barnharf: William Bussian: Dennis Becher: Thomas Banaszynski; Jim Bon- lender: Paul Aschenbauer: Allen Buros: Dale Behringer. l53 Fronf Row: Lynda Anderl: Roxanne Arko: Nancy Anderson; Sheryl Brayr +on: Marcy Buroker: Kafhy Adams: Nancy Bergman: Velaug Bergsholm: Nancy Bickel, Second Row: SuzeHe Brown: Liane Benninger; Elaine Anderson; Gail Benes; Ann Breifweiser: Mary Baker: Kamy Bruegger: Lynda Barday: Jane Beesley: Fauneil Brekke. Third Row: Margaret BerHer; Barb Brecher; Beverly Beirne; JudHh Bieske: Barb Borcherf: Doris Berger; Dorofhy Babler: Mary Boyer: ShiMey Berg: Carol Bringe. The sfamp of "The Pawn" marked Hwe opening of a coffee house thch sponsored a folk group for enfertainmenf each week. Fourfh Row: James Bonini; Keifh Beck: Kathryn Alder: Cindy Ballard: Kafhy Baumann: Jane Brunclik: Karen Barr: Roxene Anderson: Brenda Blenker; Donald Swanson: Norberf Banaszynskie Fiffh Row: Richard Anderson: Terry Breidinger: Tom BoH'wweH: Bruce Andersen: Vaughn Bray: David BWunk; Gerald Annis: BiH Bufler: Doug Breneman: S'reve Bornhoff. We wan+ecl +0 be different in some ways we were. We were confused a+ regis+ra+ion spen+ hours on +he +elephone talking and laughing . . . Fronf Row: Deborah Cesafsky: Mary Brennan: Linda Baier Nancy Brozyna; Shirley Burkum: Kafhy Cieszki; Lynn Carlson: Penny Chrisfie: Margare+ Chapuf. Second Row: Donna Clemen+; Rosanne Cuda: Mary Cowan: Lois Czerwinski: Pafrfcia Berg: Linda Burg: Alison Close: Monique Cooper: Pafricia Asher; Linda Brefl. Third Row: Gayle CorneH: Shirley Chrisfianson: Sfephanie CuHer: S+ephanie Chaney: Lenore Clark: BeHy Claussen: Cafherine Caviezel: E'eesa Chrisfensen: Froni Row: Darla Deer: Paf Dirkx: Sharon Chase: Honorie Cofe: Jane Cupery; Cindy Craig: Linda Carlson; Pam Cooper: Dianne Conrad. Second Row: PaHi Demerafh: ChriSHne Dolafa; Sandra Dahl; Dolores Dale: Nancy Clark: Janef Deinhameh Peggy Davis: Diane Depas: Paula EIIioH. Third Row: Danna Erickson: Martha Dedrickson: Janice Dunham: Phyllis Damask: Nancy Dodge: Mary Damelgon: Sonia Dragoibvich: SCOH Cheffer. FourH'I Row: Daniel Cook: $even Campecu: David Casfner: Berhqnd Coffam: Eric Dornfeld: Roberf Clapp: Michael Crowley: Michael Drexler: Gerald Cardinal: Evereff Ellez. FiHh Row: Jim Conzelman: Larry Frifschler' Mark Cromos: Jack Capelle: Sfeven Commo: William Crouch; Dave Cychosz: Roberf Comsfock; Mark Chasco: Rick Chapuf. Blair Easfman; Mary Ecker. Fourih Row: Chris Driessen: Penny Eafon: Barb EHsfrom: Enid Ehlen: Sheila Eisenhauh Mary Eklund: Edward Dachs: Paul Dankemeyer: Joseph Daniels. Fiffh Row: Thomas DeBeck: Michael Dowd; Darrell Danielson: Clinfon Doege: Dale Demske; Ross Daniels: Malcolm Dicks: Mark Diedrlch: Thomas Dixon; Michael Dries- sen. l55 Fronf Row: Sue Fricker; Pamela Fieber: Jean Engsfrom; Pamela Fahl: Janis Eafon: Nancy Fichfen; Pafricia Fahrman: Carol Flynn; Jane? Fisher. Second Row: Mary Finner: Cheryl Frank: Sue Fogerfy: Judifh Flefcher: Paf Frei+ag: Janice Fuhrmann: Donna Frome: Cathy Fleming: Maxine Fleming; Karen Flasher. Third Row: Raymond Ehlerf: Cafherine Crimi: Joan Garfon: Pafricia Fox; Pamela Fisk: Jeanne Field: Genevieve Gavers: Judifh Gummerson: Roberf Freck Foudh Row: Dennis EIIioH; Chrisfopher Farringfon: Roberf Flood: Roberf Dougias; Scoff Fowler; Terry Fremer: Dennis Fangmeyer: WiHiam Engsfrom; ScoH Carey. FiHh Row: William Fremgen: Walfer Friedman; Douglas Fransee: Michael FeH; John Green: Kennefh Frye; Frank Fialkowski: Bill Chase: Thomas FIeJrer: Ronald Everson. Fronf Row: Karen Gredvig; Nancy Gum; Paf Gwin: Barb Glass: Sandra Galoff: Mary Granf: Kafhleen Gerken: Suzanne Goeh; Janice Ganser. Second Row: Sfephanie Hull: Kafhleen Gucciardi; Janice Glines: Lois Gullickson: Leola Gebauer: Sharon Gray: Jean Gunsolley: Crysfal Goefsch: Carol Hahn. Third Row: Sid Gug+afsom Linda Haun: Lorraine Hansen; Barbara Gomulak; Diane GufgeseH: Pafricia Glines: Barb Hughes: Connie HiHQn? CGHW Halama; Tom Gehr+ Fourfh Row: Richard Herling: Sfeven Glockzin; Bob Geiger; Jerry Graham; Rand F055: Fred Giegler: Dave Goefzinger; David Gerard; Tom Hagmann. Fiffh Row: Alfred Gilmore: Bill Hendrickson: Bernard George: Rick Gulan; John Hanna: Kim Gruefzmacher: Mike Dobrowolski: Walfer Goes: Jim GaHman: Harry Garcia. We were exposed +0 a variefy of classes fundamen'l'als of design biology English I02 and general psychology. Af fimes if requires someihing along Hue line of a "song and dance rou+ine" by phofographer John Russell fo s+imula+e Iaughfer during a freshman group shof for +he TOWER. Fronf Row: Lynn Hyack: Teresa Hillyer: Jill HarcH: Amy Ha": Jo Ann Harvey. Fourfh Row: Gene Harflaub: Richard Haucke: Michael Heebink: Hendrickson; Jane Henley; Judifh Hackel: Karen Homufh; Margaref Roberf Haidasz; William Halada; Richard Hansen; Henry Hoefferle' Hansen. Second Row: BabeHe Gronning: Mary Hull; Chrisfine Hefzel: William Hoagland; John Haarsfad: Sfeve Henrich. Fiffh Row: William. Susan Hauqhian: Dolores Henrickson: Marilyn HuH; Cary Harfmann: Geneff: Vernon Holzhuefer: Jeffrey Haas: Jeff Heifkamp' William Diane Hoadley; Colleen Harfle: Rufhann Harmon. Third Row: Roberf Hermann: Rob Heiman: Larry Hazen: Michael Hosni- Mark Hendricks- Hendrickson; Barbara Heagy: Ellen Haffield: Susan Hein: Cafhy Jughes: Dave Hinfzmam I Nine Holman; Gaye Hoese: Chrisfine Hipp; Eileen Hansen: Lawrence l57 I58 x ,r 1? Fron? Row: Rebecca Jacobsen: Befsy Hennings: Barbara Hinz: Mary garef Havelf; Grace Holman: Karla Henning: Sherry Habeck: Mary Heizel: Diane Hooyman. Second Row: Monica Hinfzman; Debbie Johnsr fon: Rhonda Hagen: Kafhleen Hanken: Mary Hoye: Kafhy Harf: Linda Houns; Kafhleen Jennerman: Nina Johnson. Third Row: Philip Janka: Mary HieHer; Linda Jaeger: Susan Johns: Alice Jorgensen: Jean John- Fronf Row: Linda Jochimsen: Susan James: Linda Johnsrude: Mary Jens: Pam Jurcek: Gwen Kapifan; Jean Koepnick: Ka+hleen Kodzik: Audrey Kovach Second Row: Janef Kohler: Cynfhia Kurkowski; Gail Krusko: Pafricia Kaas: Krisiine Krause: Kaye Kimberley: Mary Kolla+hz Linda KUVZ: Pairicia Kilcoyne; Linda Kees: Cafherine Kopp. Third Row: Gary Kuehl: Virginia Knudfson: Joyce Klumb; Kathy Kneebone: Joy Kas- son: Jane Jansen: Sally Jorgenson: Kris Johnson: Sfeve Joelson. Fouri'h Row: Paul Janzen: Rolland Hammer: Chris Jauquef: Fred Jerina: David Jansen: Joseph Heringlake: Tom Haferman: David Jansen: Roberf Kufcher. Fiffh Row: Don Kuchar: Rex Koderl; Henry Kunkel: Rick Konefski: Ed Jakober; Warren Jensch: John Jensen: Wayne LoeHIer: Edward Jarapko. perek; Bonnie Kern: Kaihleen Kulas; Linda Johnson: Karen Kafusic: Regina Klenovich. Fourth Row: Dennis Kohlman: Alex Kress: Danny Kasfen: Sfeven Johnson: Ronald Klinkerf: Sfan Johnson: James Lewis: James Miller: Dave Krchelich: Jim Krumpos. Fiffh Row: Mark BurweH: William Jorgenson: Thomas Kluge: Jon King; Kennefh Kranz: Leland Helke: Kevin Krinke: Henry Kiapprofh; Raymond James: Thomas Jones. Fronf Row: Lynn Koca: Chrisfine Kolsfad: Dorofhy Kocovsky: Kay Knudfson: Penny Kienbaum: Maryann Koeppel: Pafricia Kadonsky: Jayne Konieczny: Mary Lochner. Second Row: Mary Ann Larson: Cany Lapcinski; Judie Lahfi: Debera Ludy; Karen Lindberg: Linda Losey: Barbara Lafkow: Jeanne Larson: Mary Loomis: Joanne Lemay. Third Row: Terry Knowles: Becky Kvelland: Mary Kie+zkez Susanne Kress: Jean Landsman: Donna Lischefski: Sharon Lepkowicz; Carolyn Lange: Judy Linse. Fourfh Row: Daniel Larson: Carl Lindahl: Scoff Kinmore: Mark Larson: Wayne Leef; ScoH Lukas: John Lukas: Dave Lerche: George Wiedenmeier. Fiffh Row: Carl Kramer: Roberf Knighf; Craig Lufz; Paf Kavanagh: Ber? Liefzow: Alan Lund: Don Mano: Ken Laven- fure; Tony Miller: Aldon Lokken: Glenn Luscher. Some of us were undecided aboui' our majors +he hours. Mr. Olsen explains Hue funcfions of major sysfems while fwo "curious" freshmen dissed a member of the crusfacean class in fheir general biology course. or how +0 s+udy "correc+ly.' abouf 'l'he building program. l59 As a class we selec+ed officers par+icipa+ed in Homecoming and elec'red "Gigi" as Miss Freshman. For Debbie Devich and Sue Shebe fhe Big-LiHle Sis Tea is an opporfunify +0 meef wiih upperclassman Kafhy Burgher and discuss +heir anficipafions of college life. Fronf Row: Donna Macke; Nancy Mefraus; Eve Larsen: Faye Lumsden: Lindgren; Chriane Myrvold: Barbara Maas: Rufh Lewerer: Sandra Karen Larson: Lynda Leicher; Lavonne Lampson: Terriann Locke: McNamara. FourHI Row: Jeffery Miller: Ronald Mompier; Dale Malmer; Ka+hryn Lemmenes. Secona Row: Theresa Miller: Lois Mafula; Sandra Larry MaHis; Pafrick McCarfhy: Michael Milfz: Sfeve Maleski: David Lorenz; Susan Lamb: Roberfa Lubcke: Grefchen Madson: Julie Mc- Manske; Roy Miles: Dan O'Connor. Fiffh Row: Bruce Mehger; William Namer: Mary Mafher: Cindy Menna; Kafhleen Morfon. Third Row: Marshall: Bob Mifchell: David Manosky; Mark Moore; Tim Mefling: Audrey Masek; Beffe Leque; Shirley McGlin: Chris Ann Meyer; Rosalind Charles Moore: William May: Jonafhan Marfin; John McCormick; From Row: Donna May: Karen McChesney: Pafricia Myers: Gloria Morris: Vicki Marquardf: Susan Meehan: Janef Mules: Carqun Melcher: Elaine Huisman. Second Row: BernadeHe Molfer: Peggy Mackle: Bar- bara Meier; Karen Mickelson: Darlene Marfin; Ellen Maffhias; Sandra McLain: Linda Mickelson: Sharon Myhre: Linda Monfen: Kafhleen Myhra Third Row: Kafhy Weissen: Marfa Meyer: Susan McLean: Sandra '29 k'N Front Row: Judifh Marek: Bonnie Malling: Jane Maldonis: Cafhy Mehring: Kirsfen Mence: Kafhy Maull; Mary Mlodzik; Linda Olson: Carol Opiela. Second Row: Wendy Olson; Johanna Norheim: Lila Nelson: Lona Holsen: Audrey Nelson: Kerilyn Mischke: Consfance Mehls: Barbara Nelson: Cafhy Nhads: Narianna Nikolay: Alexis Nelson Third Row: Michael Purchaizke: Carol Nowak: Sally Nielsen: Renee I Meiner; Linda Morifz: Mary McKenzie; Linda Manfhei; Kafhleen Mifchell; Sandra Marfin. Fourth Row: Dennis Mousel: Brad Ommaerfs; Tim McClure: Roberf Massey; James Meier;-Alan Marofz; Bruce Mueller; James Marfin: Richard Moen: Eddie MeiH. Fifih Row: Jerry McCabe: Richard Moore: Jerome Melin: Charles Meyer: Lyle Nelson: Sfeve Meyer; Mike Meindel: JeH McCarfhy; John Lamson. Nyhus: Janice Mclver; Teresa Newman: Anifa Olson; Penny Nelson: ScoH Priebe. Fourfh Row: Ted Poqueffe: Michael Pomrening: Alexander Pefropoulos: Ronald Olson; Carl Olsen: Edward Newcomb; Kennefh Nielsen: David Olson; Paul Milinovich: Nickolas Popou+sis. Fiffh Row: Michael Nichols; Byron Olson: Pierre Ovanin: Leo Neville. Jr.: Lawrence Suprak: Ralph PonfiHo; Pefe None: Dave Olson; John Polacek. l6l I62 Froni Row: BeHy Pruce: Judi Pofrafl: Jan Peharson: Pauleffe Opsal: Diane Olson: Mary Prickeff: Befh Prindle: Jan Pecha: Mary Pagenkopf. Second Row: Linda Peferson: Ardifh Quilling: Linda Pirri: Mary Olia; Carol Paulson; Susie O'Brien; Judy Olson: Nafalie Olson; Mary Peffa: Mary Quilling. Third Row: Rosalie Prufz: Peggy Packer: Paf Pinfens: Rufh OHum: Darlene Ossmann; Nyla Oelke: Jeanne Prasf: Judy Fronf Row: Georgina Rehdanfz; Pamela Rouzer; Janef Rudd: Linda Rasmussen: Marilyn Radesk: Linda Roofs; MarquHa Parks: Julie Penna- nen: Maureen Peferson. Second Row: Connie Schulfz: Denise Rheaume; Kay Romness: Renee Ramsay; Linda Robers: Lorena Roberfs: Lillian Rogers: Janice Ruda: Kris Rufishauser: Connie Rupprechf. Third ROW: Thomas Sfelling: Karen Shalkhauser; Linda Ruskell: Sharon PIeH; Mary Seiler; Dolores Siebke; Bonnie Shafer; Susan Sedivec: Lavone Sneen: Passow: Jan Pyrcioch. Fourfh Row: Charles Plass: Wayne Pe+erson: Jerry Parks: Don Prochnow; Sfeve Prahl: Jim PoHs: Ron Oman: Jim Raymond; Bob Richardson; Bill Reimann. FiH'h Row: Greg Rafkowski: Ed Pefrie: AHen Reischel; Ken Reader; Bruce Pemrson: Keifh Peferson: Tom Rofz; Joe! Rudd: Sfephen Richfen Raymond Romblom, Fourfh Row: Lon Sfole: Edward Siira; David Ross- man; Dwigh+ Sklander: Roger Sfoeger: RobenL Reifenberg; Terry Rosen- berg; Bernard Rusch; Wesley Rood: Charles Quirf. Fif+h Row: Michael Scanlaz Michael Scheiber: William Sandberg; Gregory Sfrasburg: Timofhy SchuH: Jeffrey Rouse: Sfuar+ Sfrong; Jim Schneider; Jeffrey Roberts. FFOM ROW: Sue Scheve; Marsha Sheehan: KBHIY SChMidfi LeeAnn Smalley: Darlene Schqu; Bonnie Saupe: Eileen Slack: Jane Sfrenger. Sfeffen: Chrisfine Schulfz: Ann ScheHey: Becki Smifh: Larelle Schoon Fourih Row: Dean Sfrehlau: Jim Smifh; Joe Schwarfz: Maryin Samp- hoven: Sally Soderberg. Second ROW: Rifa Smifh; ROXGM Schanzen- Iawskl: Chuck Schmi'rf; Larry Whife: Randy Soderbeck: Dan Sciufi: Dan bach: Cafhy Speich; LUCY Schindler: Nancy Shomperlen; Kafhy Sorcic: Sfrehlau: Duane Swanson. FiHh Row: Loren Schrader: Craig Sheefs: Jeff Benifa Rude: Ann Rachubinski: Judy Sonnenberg: Lois Schulze. Third Sorengen; John Sippel: Dennis Sampson: Chef Vier; Tom Shuffle; Bob Row: Nancy Selby: Sue Sfriepling; Pam Skarda: Pa+sy Sfoven: Judy Schweigs; B;ll Schuck. By +he end of +he year we had our friends we had formulated a few opinions... During a sfudy break. Randy S+andaeri examines his final resulf affer cleaning his sho+gun for hunting season. 163 Fron'r Row: Ann Schaffer; Pafrice Sharkey: Susan Sfirn; Louise Step Iinske: Nancy Siahl: Denise Sfree+erz Jeanne Schlonan: Judifh Scapple: Barbara Schuifz. Second Row: Ann Tocco: Barb Theama: Renee Tvefen; Neda Schuefz: Mary Sfephens: Leslie Schaefer: Jean Smasal; Kasey Ten Pas: Elaine Thompson: Kay Trudeau. Third Row: George Taylor: Marilynn Theiss: Doris Thompson: Judifh Score; Linda Seuh Carol Fron+ Row: Paf Vandenhoy; Anne Vernon; June Vobeida: Susan Verville: Jane Ulik: Linda Vander Vennef; Phyllis Ulm; Merry VineHe: Linda Verdon. Second Row: Anifa Williams: Valarie Whife; Kafhy Vineffe: Marcy Spengler: Karen Vasey: Annelies Vandersierren: Chris Williams: Cindy Wallinfin; Sue Wilkie; Judy Van Horne; Becky Warnen Third Row: Curf Thomas: AnneHe Winiarski; Lyndell Barnes: Mary Befh Thompson: Carol Tape; Daryla Trippler: Susan Techau: Lionel Temr merm. Fourih Row: Russell Swariz: Kennefh Schwarh: Ronald Steffan: Kenneth Simpson: Kevin SchoHield: Donald Swanson: Roberf Schmadev beck: David Sfraugs: Thomas Schmifi; David Schmidt FiHh Row: Michael Suckow: Dale Sfofleft Michael Smifh: Jon Schoenborn: Steven Schwarz: Sfeven Schulz: Dale Schulz: Bill Szmanda: Terry Schoenbock. Sevcik: lone Van Blaricom; Eunice Ven+ura; Barbara Valley: Jean VOig+S: Roxann Weiss: Chuck Vanschoonhoven. Fourfh Row: Dale Tolene: Mike Shimefa: Ken+ ThomaS: Mike Tobin: Mark Voss: Jim Visor: Ron Schnei- der; Dale Van Vreede: Dennis Volbrechf; John Vanderhoof. FiHh Row: Dan Tenfcher; Marv Tanck: Jim Turner: Tom Tobin: Dick Thompson: Jim Van Den Berg: Phil Trahms: Tom Tyree. Maybe H was all a maHer of "growing up absurd" in some way or ano+her. The signs were confusing- maybe? X Fron+ Row: Rhoda Warren: Sandie Turfenwald: Carol Wagner: Linda Wiedenmeier; Elaine Wrighf: Joanne Wadhams; Muriel Wickman: Sue Wallace: Mary Ward. Second Row: Tom VanDalen; Mike Zissman: Bill Schepard: Alice Ziegelbauer: Jean Zickerf; Mary Young; Mary Yeager; Lois Wiegand: Linda Woodworfh: Tom Wursfer: David Wagner. Third Row: Bill Ter; Tim VanHeirseele: Bob Wosslegel: Befh Zondag: Bonnie As a freshman, Rick Wighfman soon realizes +ha+ reviewing class ouflines and nofes each day is exceHeni' advance preparafion for exams af midterm or NH; end of flue semesier. Zahorski; Marilee WiHchow: Dan Young; Gary Welch: Roy Woyfasik; Bob Yarroch. Fourfh Row: Randy Waltz: Dick Wagner: Dave Vidlock: Dave Vander Vroek: Dave Yanda; Earl Trice: DIck Virfue: Dan Wald- vogel; Brian Weill; Kei'rh Williams. Fiffh Row: Dave Wihzius; Earl Walfers: Rick Wighfman; Jim Willis: Alan Wicklander: Tom Wulf; Rod Zivney: Mike Wagner: Dennis WoeWel. I65 Presidenf William J. Micheels reviews blueprin+s af one of +he many cons+ruc+ion sifes on campus +th year. President Micheels challenged the new year A1' +he aII-universi'l'y convocafion held a+ +he beginning of +he year +he presidenf discussed problems facing +oday's campuses ".. .fhe righ+ +0 pro+es+ +0 oppose a law or +0 engage in con+roversy." Open discussions were held +hroughou+ +he year wi+h s+uden+s and factu. "No one will be happier +han I +0 see our sfuden'rs as well as our faculfy ge+ direcHy and deeply involved in faking a careful look a+ +his and in frying +0 make suggesfions and come up wifh ideas where +his can be made s+onger or where we can possibly fry for some changes in direc+ion as may be desirable . . ." Of major concern was +he Mission S+a+emen+. The Presideni' and Mrs. Micheels accompany Dr. Husfon Smiih. guesi speaker during Homecoming. f0 +he anniversary banquet Confroang siudenfs wifh fhe challenge of "exisfenfialism." Presidenf Micheels addresses Hie university af :1 convocafion held during Hue firsf semesier. I70 John Jarvis, PhD. Vice Presidenf for Academic AHairs John Furlong. Ph.D. Vice President Mr UnEversify RehHom and Devebpment Ralph G. lverson. Ed.D. Vice Presldenf for Sfudenf Services E. J. Schoepp. B.A. Vice Presideni for Business Affairs $ m; lllllllllll$$i - 1:11:31! Judy Spain. M.A. Associafe Direcfor of Sfuden'r Housing John Van Osdale. M.S. Direcfor of Exfended $erv3pes Student Services extends capacities mee+ing +he needs of 4300 s+udenfs. The deparimenf works wi+h s+uden+s +hrough admissions. regisfrafion. counseling, financial aids. Dean Wrigh+ reorganized +he freshman orien+a+ion program "Grappling wH'h Ideas." Library facilHies are being increased wifh +he addifion of more s+udy rooms and s+orage for reference ma+erials. UNIVERSITY RELATIONS AND DEVELOPMENT Fronf Row: John Furlong Ph.D.: Elva Morical. B.A, Second Row: Chuck Buelow B S : Jack Wile 3A.: Ray Syzmanski MA. I7I Over +he pas+ +wo years regis+ra+ion has been reorganized +0 mee+ +he increased enrollmenfs. Samud E. Wood. M.A. Regisfrar Gerald L. Donley. M.S. Coordinamr of School Relafions Acking Direcfor of Admissions "Jake" Bosfrom, B.A. Coordinamr of Sfudenf Publichy Frank J. Belisle. M.A. Direcfor of Placemenf Phyllis BenHy, M.S. Librarian I72 Allen Klink. M.S. Associafe Direcfor of Sfudenf Activities Joseph M. Larkin. Ed.D. Direcfor of Financial Aids we ,Ks ' 2? $01.30 UGH ,, m! mmm.m Paul J. Goede Direcfor of Food Services Helmu+h Albrechf, 3.5. Thomas Miller. 3.5. Directors of Sfudenf Housing Richard D. Lowery, M.S, Assisfanf Direcfor of Admissions I73 Voca'rional rehabili+a+ion was developed +his year. The program +rains specialis+s in +he evaluai'ion of work po+en+ial of H16 handicapped. Robed Dahlke Diredor 0? Secondary School Relafions Jack Ganzemiller, M.S. Direcfor of Field Experience Merle Price, M.A. Dean of Men VOCATIONAL REHABILITATION Richard Longfellow. M.S.: Walfer Pruiff, Ed.D.: Paul Hoffman. Ed D. chairman; Michael Mueggee, M.S.: Darrell Coffey, MA, I74 COUNSELING SERVICE David McNaquom Ph.Dz Adelyn Holiis Ph.D.; Paul Honan, Ed.D.: Roberf Hoyf M.A. a Freda Wright M.A. xj Dean M Women Roberf Schunk. M.A. Associafe Diredor of Placement Richard E. Anderson. Ed.D. Associafe Regisfrar Acfing Direcfor of Admissions I75 Applied Science and Technology engulfs various aspeds oi: practical experience in metals. graphic ar'rs. audio-visual educa+ion. Requiremen+s include +heory courses in physics and m6+hema+ics. The depar'l'mem u'Hlizes felevision and video +apes as a means of helping s+uclen+s 'I'o evalua+e whaf +hey have learned and applied in various courses. Herber? Anderson. Ed.D. Dean of School of Applied Science and Technology Mr. Beveridge discusses programmed learning in a demonsfra+ion on feaching machines. I76 Philip Ruehl, PhD. Assisfanf Dean of School of Applied Science and Technology .- m , sun 4" l" - , u Edex. fhe muliiple response used +0 measure driver percep. fion, is opera'red by a graduaie sfuden'r in his driver educa- +ion course. I77 American Industry encompasses two areas +eacher education and secondary educafion. The obiec'rives? To gain a knowledge of all aspecfs of American lndus+ry +ranspor+a+ion finance marke+ing communica'l'ions and +0 apply +his knowledge +hrough effedive problem solving. The depar+men+ is cifed for Rs excellence in +eacher education for indus+ry. In a demonshafion used as part of her feaching experience, Marlene Parr explains modes of fravel +0 ofher class members. Fronf Row: Orville Nelson Ph,D.: Wesley Face, Ed.D.. chairman: Eugene M.S.: Richard Gebharf. M.S : Charles Yosf, M.S.: Douglas Sfallsmifh. Hug Ph.D., chairman: Harry Olsfad. M,S, Second Row: Harlyn Migeldf MA; John ZuerleJn. M5,: Lorry Sediickl PhD. Fronf Row: Craig Halversom M.S.: Roberf Ward MS. Second Row: David Barnard. Ed.D chairman; Harold Hayes M.A.: David Beveridge, M.S.; Roberf Hardman, M.S.: Pahick Haberman, MS. The Audio-Visual Department involves s+uden+s in Hue spec+rum of communicaHons. Media in Hue Jrerms of sighf and sound and a combinafion of +he +wo become a +ransla+or. Produc+ion fechniques and closed circuif +elevision are weIl-es+ablished classes in +he gradua+e program. Advanced pho'rography courses were offered. Services +0 o+her depari'menfs included video-faping and equipmenf for micro-feaching. Mr. Ward operafes fhe sound confrol board as Rich Abraham and Bob McCord run +hrough Hue scripf for a radio program. I79 I80 Driver and Safety Education emphasizes percep+ual developmen+ of he driver. Ten simula+ors presen+ +he scene Ioca+ed in a new mobile uni+ adding up +0 a cos+ of $30,000. The department developed in I964. now includes a +hree man sfaff. The classroom scene now includes a new drivocafor sysfem measuring s+uden+ response +0 ac+ual driving si+ua+ions presen+ed on a large wide-angle screen. Those in +he program work wi+h high school s+uden+s in Iabora+ory sessions and behind +he wheel. Ten new simulafors were an imporfani addHion fo fhe deparimenf +his year. Mr. ValeH explains operafing hachniques +0 fwo sfudenh and Hie high school driver educaHon coordinafor. Seded: Willis ValeH. MA. S+anding: Charles Smifh, M.S.: Augusf Schu'L M.A. In a class demonsfrafion Mr. Bubel explains fhe resulfs on fine sfrip charf produced by analog compufer. In the Electronics realm are emblems of progress- Flickering red numbers on +he digital volf-me'rer Zigzagging lines on +he s+rip chart of +he analog compu+er E+ched-Iook picfures from +he camera on +he +ransis+or curve-fracer. Through analysis and independen+ s+udy sfuden'rs in elec+ronics keep pace wifh new developmenfs in +he field. Roberf Spinii, Ed.D., chairman: Richard Burns. 35.: Lee Clendenning. M.Ed.; Charles Brenner. Ed.D.; Michael Bubel, M.S. I8l I82 Graphic Arts keeps pace with changing technology by exposing s+uden+s +0 basic concepts and new developmen+s in Photography cameras. enlargers. color separa+ion Hof fype hof me+al cas+ing Cold +ype pasfe-on. pho+o-IeHering devices Press image +ransfer including +he silk screen process. Emphasis is on understanding machines and processes rafher +han skill in operafion. Bill Finlder experimenfs wifh Hue new off-sef press recenHy acquired in Hue graphic arfs labora'rory. Charles Thomas. Ed.D.. chairman; Roberf Kunsf, M.S.: Paul Axelsen, M.S.; Ervin Dennis. Ed.D.: Lloyd Whydofski. M.S. 50: Fron+ Row: R. Frank Kehrberg. B.S.M.E.; William Amfhore D.Ed.. chairman. Second Row: Hans Timpere M.S.: Louis Moegenburg. M.S.: Cour+ney Nysfuen, B. Arch; Edwin Sieferf. M.Ed.: Kennefh Erickson, MS. Industrial Graphics has a new drafting room The Iabora+ory facili'rai'es a complefe microfilm sys+em and diazo prin+ing facili+ies. A complof ploHer. recenHy purchased. is specifically graphics. The new curriculum has been approved. offering a Bachelor of Science Degree wH'h a major in Technical Educa+ion. Technical competencies are enhanced by +he addi+ion of a mechanical engineer and regis+ered archi+ec+ +0 +he s+aff. Precision in calculafion is dressed by Bill Papendieck as he sfudenf feaches af Hie high school. l83 I84 f. Fronf Row: Raymond Keil. Ph.D.. chairman: Ra!ph Callender, M5. Second Row: Zenon Smolarek. M.S.: Frank Ireland. PhD: Bela VifeI. M.S.: Ray Hansen. M.S. A new course offered in 'Ihe depadmenf is sfaiisfical qualify confrol. Mr. Smolarek explains 'lhe siafisfical process simulafor 90 Bill Schulh during one of 'Ihe class sessions. Industrial Technology stresses industry S+uden'l's in +he program are exposed +0 underlying +heory and ma+hema+ical concepts in courses such as calculus and physics. Pradical applica+ion is developed +hrough engineering courses and courses geared fowards +echnical sales and service. Produc+ developmen+ and 'I'echnical advances in packaging remain a cons+an+ challenge in program coordination. Metals exposes students to new equipment Room llb will become +he home base for +he numerical conirol dealing wi+h digii'al con+rol of machines. Me+allurgy offers undersfanding of +he s'rrucfure of meial. Packaging offers experience in adapfing design +0 +he final product Concepfs and new processes are developed in maferial +es+ing. Demonstrafing +he angle ai which he elecfrode is held in relaiion +0 ihe welding plane is an imporfani elemenf as Mr. Muller poinis ouf f0 fwo of his sfudenfs. Froni Row: Paul Speidel. M.A.: Richard Klaff, M.S.: John Enforf, Ed.D., chairman: George Peliier. M.S. Second Row: Glenn Gehring. M.S.: Duane Johnson. M.S.: Marvin Kufahl, M.S.: Henry Thomas. M.S. I85 I86 ' A "5V m Fronf Row: Charles Rhoads. M.S.; Jack Sampson. Ed. D.. chairman. Second Row: James Collier. M.S.: James Daines, Ed.D.: Edward Morical. M.Ed.; Joe Rinck. ECLD. Dr. Rinck explains flue wankel f0 his sfudenfs. The roiary mofor r yes through a process of confinuous combusfion. W 1 Power Technology has developed a new program in fluid power composed of six new courses and several in +he planning s+age. The au+omo+ive program has been expanded from previous years. New equipmenf +0 enhance ins+ruc+ion was purchased +hrough special appropria+ions and TiHe VI funds. In a woods class. Bob Schaefer and John Blanchard check over +he wood which has been +hrough fhe ioinfer. and explain +0 Mr. Dyas +he work which remains for +heir proiecf. Edwin Dyas, M.A.: Frank Pershern. D.Ed.; Armand Hofer, Ed.D.: K. T. Olsen, M.S.: James Runnalls, Ed.D.; Roberf Baldwin. M.S.: Wood Technics and Plastics provides sfudenfs wifh fechnical skills while working wi+h new ma+erials and understanding s+ruc+ural proper+ies. Courses are orienfed +owards +hose specializing in wood or pIaS'I'ic. wifh emphasis on developmeni's in indus'rry. The deparfmeni' ufilizes single concep'l' films new drills and molding devices. Roberf Hokenessl M.S.; James Biornerud. M.Ed.; George Soderberg. M.A.; Arnold Piersall. Ed.D., chairman. I87 Talk for today in Home Economics is +alk of +he fufure. There is +alk of expanding Fashion Merchandising. of Home Economics in Business. of +he new Ho+el and Res+auran+ Managemen+ program. There are program changes within Clofhing and Texfiles Foods and Nuiriiion. There is discussion on H19 changing role of Home Economics educa'iion and +he planning of 'l'he new Home Economics building and Child Developmeni cen'rer. Wesley Sommers. PhD. Adminisfrafor. School of Home Economics Darcey Bell and her guest. Befh Van Vechfen. examine Hie final resulfs offer Hie planning and preparafion of a low cosf meal in meal management l88 Mary Wanda Vansiclde. M.S. Assisfanf Dean, School of Home Economics g ,. Vivacious coeds, Mary BeH'I Sevcik and Jane Hasfer. fry ouf poses for the BuHerick-Vogue fashion preseniaficn. Careful examina+ion of fhe fension and sfifch Ieng+h before beginning consiruciion are imporfanf in Clo+hing l. l89 Children af +he child developmenf cen'l'er excifedly presenf +heir re- ceni cap+ure. a mofh. +0 Mrs. Wesley. Child Development is the new name of +he program for preschool maiors. The depar+men+ headed by Dr. Draper is presenHy developing a new maior Child Developmen+ and Family Life. The child development cenfer provides oppor+uni+ies for s+uden+s 'l'o work wi+h preschool children +hroughou+ Hue week adap+ing ii'sehc +0 +he early educa'rional needs of children and preparing s+uden+s +o understand in +erms of pracfical experience. Fronf Row: Wanda Vansickle. M.S.; Lenore SOgard. M5,; Michele Wesley. M.S. Second Row: Henry Draper, Ph.D.. chairman; Frederick Pope. Jr.. S.T.M.7 Rohnn Thompson. M.$.: F. Jean Weaver, D-Ed- Fronf Row: Ellen Kay Henry. M.S.: Donna Albrecht 8.5.: CharloHe Orazem. M.E.; acfing chairman; Carol Siewerf, M.S.; Barbara Nemecek. M5. Second Row: Norma Skarr. M.S.: Glenyce Sfellmaker, M.S.; Myrfis Whydofski, M.S.; Marcia Mefcaif. Bonnie Kirkwood. M.A.: Erma Jackle. MS. Third Row: Linda Risley. M.S.: Margaref Glennon, M5,: Jeanne Salyer. M.S.; Dorofhy Jensen. MA. Crifical examinafion of garments for consfrucHon and fiber confenf are requiremenfs +0 be mef for many clofhing classes. Clothing and Textiles is developing new courses wiih emphasis on design in apparel and +ex+ile fabrics. The fashion merchandising maior is growing rapidly in enrollmeni' each year wi+h field experience becoming an ini'egral par+ of he program. Addifional business courses also include accoun+ing and marke+ing. Clo+hing cons+ruc+ion and sfudy of fiber characferisi'ics in +ex+iles remains +he maior emphasis of +he clepar+men+. A fashion consulfan'l' from New York was +he narrafor 'For he fashion show sponsored during Hue firsi' semes+er. l9l Fron+ Row: Lorraine Dahlke. Ph.D.: Mercedes Kainski. Ph.D.: Cecelia Pudelkewicz. Ph.D.: Ella Jane. Meiller. M.S.: chairman. Second Row: Foods and Nutrition functioning within a welI-organized programI increased i+s experimenfal equipmen+ a spec+rophome+er cenfrifuge and calculafor and chroma+ographic equipmen+ for advanced s+udy of +he chemical and physical proper+ies of foods. New developmen+s in +he program orien+ed +owards +heory and praC'l'ice are social and cuH'uraI aspeds of food and increased emphasis on low cosf meals in meal management Anifa Wilson. M.S.: Joy Jocelyn. M.A.; Beffy Veins. M.S.: Clara Car- rison. M.S.: Mary Ann Townsend, Ph.D.: Marga??? MS. 4 . Miss Jocelyn explains fhe imporfance of accuraie measuremenfs in grams +0 Leslie Lundahl and Mary Kuzmickus. Home Management educates through family resources in class sessions and +hrough practical applicai'ion in +he home managemen+ house. S+uclen+s learn +hrough main+aining budge'rs and adhering +0 schedules. Family. Housing will be in+roduced as a new course. A new home managemenf building is in Hue planning s+age along wi+h an increase in home equipmen+ Iabora'rories. demonsfrai'ion rooms. and home managemen+ living uni+s. Wifh Hue assisfance of Miss Rose in Hue Home Managemen+ House, Erica Gusfafson and Carol Kifzmann praciice meal planning, prepara- +ion and service in gracious sfyle. -g,,-v-f" Fran? Row: Dorofhy Dunn. Ph.D. chairman: CharloHe Rose, MS. Second Row: Pafricia PaHon, M.S.: Lorayne Baldus. M.Ed.: Doro+hy CiurepMS. Henry Purchase. M.Ed.. chairman: John Bryson; John Feisfhamel. M.8.A. A former Playboy bunny was pari of Hue gues+ speaker program of Hotel and Restaurant +he new Ho+el and Resfaurani maior. Management is new program organized +his year. driving +0 apply prac+ical and creafive experience +0 indus+ry. S+uden+s are involved in gues+ speaker programs and many in-summer field experiences. Classes plan Wednesday aH'ernoon Iuncheons evolving around infernaiional foods. A Chris+mas gourmef buHei' is included in +he depar+men+ program. I94 Liberal Studies deals with three obiectives - +0 offer maiors in liberal ar+s. +0 provide subjeci' maHer necessary +0 all college gradua'res. and +0 provide a +wo-year program for +ransfer purposes and pre-professional curricuIa. Curriculum developmen+ wi+hin +he school includes +elevision courses in ma+hema+ics and an improved wri+ing laboratory in he English depar+men+. Dwighf L. Agnew. PhD. Dean of 1he School of Liberal Sfudies Under fhe skillful direcfion of Mr. Cooke Hie Symphonic Singers enfer- +ained at +he 75th anniversary banquet I95 I96 Now offering maiors in applied ma+hema+ics. arf. business adminisfra+ion. and marke+ing and disfribufive educa+ion HIe quesHon of fur+her developmen+ posed by +he Mission S+a+emen+ provides a challenge +0 be me+ by factu and depar+men+ adminisfrafors. Milwaukee were Included in a fall arf exhlbrl'. Phofographs by Sherman Gesserf fashion phoiographer for? IV 1 Ron Day and Barbara Langdon frea'l a planf proiecf +0 a dose oIF lanolin and planf hormone +0 accelerafe fhe grow+h of ifs severed sfems in one imporfan+ phase of Bofany. Genuine interest in the Art Department has led +0 Wednesday nigh+ "bull sessions." S+uden+s and facul'l'y discuss ar+ forms as a means of communicafion and exchange ideas. The weekly drawing sessions open 1'0 facuH'y and s+uden+s provide oppor+uni+ies $or ideas +0 materialize. "Every idea needs relevance in be found in ac+ual experience: +hen how does +his relevance pose a +hrea+ +0 our cuH'ure?" The slab mefhod is one of flue basic fechniques of hand building clay K learned by firsi semesfer ceramic s+uden+s. Fronf Row: Krishna Reddy visifing arfisf: Michael Jerry. M.F.A.: Orazio Eddie Wong. M.F.A.: William Schulman, M.S. Third Row: John WiH. Fumagalli. chairman; Todd Boppel. M.F.A.: Sherman Iverson. M.F.A.; M.F.A.: Douglas Cumming, M.F.A.; Charles Wimmer, M,F.A.: Alan Dion ManriqueL MFA. Second Row: John PerrL M.F.A.: Jane Abrams. Gamache. M.F.A.: Michael Zingale. MAF.A.: William Landwehr. M.A.: M5,: Alyce Vanek M.S.: Patricia Wimmer, M.F.A.: Mary Heck, MA; Robb Wilson. M.F.A.: Richard Wold MA. I97 Business Administration has been expanding Abouf I50 majors are involved in +he program. A new course offered +his year was Principles of Adveri'ising. The depar+men+ includes courses for Fashion Merchandising and Indusfrial Technology majors. Through emphasis on broad business educai'ion majors are prepared for careers in markefing accounting and business management Anne Shirley, Licence es Leihes. Raymond Kunnunen. M.A. Seafed: Wesley Peferson. M.B.A. Standing: Sfanley Johnsons M.B.A.: Paul Mengess M.B.A. The French Department emphasizes structure and analysis of a foreign language. For +hose enrolled in +he program Pr becomes an indirecf cuH'uraI experience providing iob opporfunii'ies for +hose in+eres+ed in governmen+ services. educa+ion. fashion merchandising. A maior advancemen+ in +he department will be a Ianguage Iabora+ory open for use in +he immedia'l'e fu+ure. Fron+ Row: Rachel A. Heldf. B.A.: Karen Boe. MA; Geraldine H. Marfufa. M.A.: Mary Rafhke M.A. acfing chairman: Emily Jenson M.S.: Joanne Desofelle. M.A.: Mary Befh McDuHee. MA. Second Row: The English Department brings various talents in language and Iiiera+ure. linguis+ics. +he s+udy of language uni'rs and rhe+oric. +he s+udy of communica+ion processes. This year +he depar+men+ is evolving a program allowing s+uden+s a grea+e'r choice in requisi+e language and Ii+era+ure. +echnical wri+ing. and communica+ions in Hue mass media. The developmen+ of a language skills referral center will incorpora+e +he use of single concep'r +eaching machines. Roberf Phelps. M.A.; William Laine. B.A.: Marvin Larsom M5,: Raymond McCoy. M.A.: Haukur Boduarsson. M.A.: William Granse. M.A.: Roberf Meier. BA. , Richard Hansen discusses his composiHon for freshman English wifh his insfrudor, Mr. Thurin. I99 200 Concenfrafion and adepfness a'l- ihe key punching machine are prime requisifes for Compufer Programming. This year Mathematics has concentrated on increasing +he curriculum. The staff now boasts +welve facul'l'y. Compu+er service has been included fwo compufer sys+ems are now in operaHon. The filming of freshman mafh courses provides maferial for a facul+y compiled book. A new maior is offered applied ma+hema+ics providing +raining for industry. Fronf Row: Earl Gierke. M.A.. chairman; Gerald Niedfeldt M.S. Second Row: Eino Maki. M.S.: M. W. Reneson. M.A.; Fred Breisch, M.A.; James Ley, M.S.; Clifford Gaufhier. M.S.: Gordon Jones, M.S. Third Row: Milfon Rube. M.A.; Kennefh Becker. M.S.; Richard Miller. Ed.D.: John Neuenfeldt M.Ed. Harold Cooke. M.Mus.; Lynn Priichard, M.S., chairman. Marketing and Distributive Education has been infroduced as a new maior. The program is a combinaiion of general educaiion and business adminisirai'ion offering educai'ional oppor+uni+ies in salesmanship adver+ising and merchandising managemeni or markeiing. Wii'hin +he program iob placemenfs are excelleni' including above average salaries clue +0 exfended coniraci's and promo+ion possibilii'ies. The Music Department is organizing an orchestra The depari'meni' presen+s oppori'uni'ry for siuden'is +0 develop unders+anding +hrough a differen+ form of communicai'ion in courses such as music apprecia'l'ion. This year +he band and chorus sponsored a ioini' Chrisfmas Concert The concerf band. now seveniy members, wen+ on a five day +our +hroughou+ +he s+a+e. The s+age band and Symphonic Singers also conducied +ours +hroughou+ +he midwesi' during +he spring semes+er. Robert Cameron. EdID. 20I Physical Education programs activities for physical developmen+ and coordina+ion. Compefifion and individual performances are s+ressed +hrough swimming in+ramurals baske+baIL New courses offered include firsi' aid and gymnas+ics. Compefifive performance sponsors friendship and individual growth. Fronf Row: Dwain Mintz. M.S.: Kay Carfer, 8.5.: Judifh Carlson. Second Row: Sfen Pierce, M.S.: Chrisfine Zampach: 3.5.: John Jax, B.S.; Roberf Smifh. B.S.; Douglas Sfallsmifh. M.A.: John Zuerlein. M.S. M.S.; Max Sparger. M. Ed.: Roberf Kamish. M5, 202 Fronf Row: Richard Wilson, M.S.: Anne Marshall. Ph.D.. chairmanl Oscar Carlson. Ph.D.: Edward Lowry, Ph.D.: Floyd James. M.Ed.; John Science; George Nelson. M.S. Second Row: Douglas Wikum, M.A.: Kainski. PhD. Orlin Anderson, Ph.D.: Donald Dickmann. M.S.: Herman Arneson, M.A.; Biology anticipates the completion of +he new science building. In spi're of +he presen+ Iimi+ed facili'ties. over 2.000 s+uden+s are enrolled +hroughou+ +he year. Several experimen+al sec+ions are'+augh+. An+icipa+ing an increased curriculum. Mr. Wilson prepared a new lab manual for general biology his summer on a curriculum improvemen+ grant As Rosalyn Wagner delves inio biology lab work Mr. Wiltum explains fhe fine adjusimenis of ihe microscope. 203 O. W. Nifz, Ph.D.: William Owen, Ed.D.; Donald Clausen. Ph.D.: Nelva Runnalls, Ph.D.: Wilson Kleibacker. Ph.D.; Edward Gold. M.S. Chemistry has new courses on +he gradua+e level 'For educa+ion majors wH'h +hree new courses in organic and inorganic indus+rial chemis+ry. A +ex+iles chemis+ry course recenHy included in +he program gives a scien'fific approach +0 +he s+ucly of +ex+iles. Food chemis+ry is also in +he planning process. Wi+h +he advice of Dr. Owen. Lynn Johnson and Georgia Schlegel iesf +he solubility of fafs in organic chemisfry. Physics offers a minor which funcfions well wi+h majors in indusfrial fechnology and indus+rial +eacher educa+ion. This year +he s+aff was increased now including six facuH'y. Through an increased curriculum and +he addi+ion of new lab equipment inferes+ in +he program has increased over +he pasf year. Bob Kufcher waifs for +he opporfune momen+ io ask a queshon as Dr. Faris demonsfraies a physics experiment Fron+ Row: Myron Harbour. Ph.M.; J, J. Faris. PhD. Second Row: Allen Hilgendorf. M.S.: K. L. Rue, M.A.: 0. Clifford Kubly, M5. 205 206 Social Science has proposed new courses Civil Liberi'ies in +he Unifed S+a+es Comparafive Governmenf Problems of Unifed S'I'ai'es' Foreign Policy. Three members of H16 deparfmen+ aHended +he American Economis+ Associa+ion convenfion held in December. A research program is presenHy underway based on +he Regen+s' Mission S+a+emen+ +0 decide +he direc+ion of H16 depar+men+. Depression, inflafion. nafional debf-Mr. Sabol sfimulaies his Eco- nomic class f0 deliberafe maior problems. Fronf ROW: Sfanley POHOCk. M-S-7 LOuis Tokle. M.B-A.: David UU. Ph-D-. M.A.: Daniel Magnussen. M.A.; Douglas Archard, M.A.: Lyle Mark. chairman: Roberf Melrose, M.A.: Emily Meier. B.A. Second Row: John M.A.; Arnold Olson. M5. Sabol, M.A.: Willard Bailey. M.A.; Warren Wade, M.S.: Thomas Kando. Froni Row: Norman Ziemann. Ph.D.. chairman; Sara McMillan. M.A.: Bruce Lorange. M.A.: Howard Heise, M.A.: Orrin Anderson. M.A.; Dr. Ziemann assisfs his s'rudenfs in self evaluaiion and observafion fhrough fhe use of closed circuH felevision. Lorna Lengfeld, PhD. Second Row: Mary Cufnam M.A.; Keifh Jones. M.Ed.: Michael Fedo. MA. Speech emphasizes verbal communication using +ape recorders involving s+uden+s in discussion groups. debai'e. and oral in+erpre+a+ions. A communiiy proiec+ includes a sfory hour for children and programs for churches. Three major dramch productions are presen+ed along wi+h humorous plays produced in +he Quar'rer Square Theaire. 207 The School of Education provides basic courses in psychology. education. and counseling. Through closed circui+ +elevision. mobile +elevisions. micro +eaching. prac+ice +eaching knowledge and skills of professional educa+ion is ob+ainecl. More +han half of +he sfudenfs are involved in educafion. a challenge +0 be met by improvemen+s and advancemen+s in +he depadment Compiling resulfs from previous +esfs. Mr. Shirley coniinues research for his book on psychovecfor analysis. A discussion on birfh. conducfed by Dr. Rimel. aHracfed many resi- denfs one evening ai +he Nodh Hall dormifory. 208 Erich R. Oeffing, PhD. Dean 0 Teacher Educafion Dr. Prichard assisfs wifh micrvaeaching equipmen+ as s+uden?s demon- s+ra+e fhe use of a disc sander in mehls. 209 Education and Psychology provide involvement Majors find oppor+uni+ies 'I'o explore ways of working with peopleI +0 develop perspeche. +0 develop +he self. Graduafe s+uden+s are involved in guidance. voca+ional rehabili+a+ion. educa+ion. S+uden+s learn +hrough observa+ion and Iec+ure +0 inferpref goals and principles and +0 rela+e +0 ac+ual experience. A counseling session conducfed by Dr. Deufscher is video-iaped for research reference in Hue deparfmenf. 2 Fronf ROW: Veryle Homurm Ed-D: Jean Breisch, MAJ Erich OeHinq Bolsfad, Ed D : Paul Fenfon. M.S.: Roberf HaHner. M.A. Th.D.: Douglas Ph.D. chairman: Evelyn RimeL PhD; Guy Salyer Ph.D.: John Houle Gingrich M.A.: Michael Rhiand Ed,D.: John Sfevenson PhD; Louis PhD, Second Row: Mary HMman M.A,: Roberf Wurfz Ph.D.; Dennis Klihke Ed.D ; Peinhard+ SChmidf M,Ed. 2I0 Fronf Row: Eleanor Johnson M.S.: Jane RosenfhaL Ed.D : Mildred Turney Ed.D. acfing chairman: Marybelle Hickner. PhD. Second Row: Judy Brenholt 8.5.: Margaref Harpen B.S.: Bessie Spra++ M.S.: Julie FiMing, forming. and pinning are sieps +0 be handled carefully by Jean MaHingly in her draping course. Ericksom 3.5.: Carol Siewerf, M53 Carol Heidemann. 3.5.: Mary Powers. 8.3. Home Economics Education concerns a majority of women s+uclen+s. The depar+men+ confinually esfablishes guidelines based on preparing s+uden+s for educai'ion. challenging s+uden+s 1'0 +hink cri+ically. +0 make ra+ional decisions. +0 apply +echniques +hey have learned. A wide range of classes in various face+s of home economics clo+hing cons+ruc+ion. foods. and +he increasing imporfance of classes orienfed +owards family rela+ions are par'r of a large program concerned wi+h preparing women for +eaching posifions in +he high school curriculum. 2ll Fronf Row: Neal Prichard. D.Ed.: M. James Bensene M.S.; Dwighf Chinnock M.A.: E, Roberf Rudigen EdeDH chairman: Theodore Wiehee Changing from +he role of sfuden? +0 feacher, Len Rebarchik new answers Hie quesfions abouf elec'rricHy he once asked. Ed.D. Second Row: Lee Smalleye Ed.D.; Lawrence Wright Ed.D.: hBrut!- Walley, MS; Thomas Tsuli, PhD, Industrial Teacher Education is including +wo new courses Shop Planning and Shop OrganizaHon and Management The depar+men+ has +he Iargesf enrollmeni' in +eacher educa+ion in +he nafion. Video-fapes and micro-feaching are used in aid s+uden+s in evalua+ion of +echniques. The maiorHy of ins+ruc+ors in +he depar+men+ have +heir doc+ora+es. Two maior conven+ions were on +he agenda-H'Ie American Voca+ional Conven+ion in Texas and +he AIAA Conven+ion in Las Vegas. The Graduate College has a six year program opera+ing in I969: S+ou+ will become +he only universi+y in +he s+a+e of Wisconsin offering an educa+ional specialisf degree in indus+rial ads. The s+aH now includes a dean and assis+an+ dean. a direcfor of research. a direc+or of admissions. and eighf direc+ors of maiors. Roberf Swanson. PhD. Dean of Graduafe College Sfuden+s in graduafe foods courses are continually conscious of exacf measuremen'rs of ingredienis used in their experimen'rs. 2l3 G. 5. Wall. PhD. Direcfor of Admissions o? Graduafe College Wifh advanced knowledge of high volfage machines. Richard Neuverfh discriminafely adiusfs dials M +he Elecfronic Discharge Machine for his work. E. W. Courfney. PhD. Direcfor of Research of The Graduafe College 2l4 Fronf Row: Lorraine Dahlka Ph.D.: Saadia Mohamed Ph.D.: Gus Wall Ph.D.: Jane RosenfhaL Ed.D.; Rober+ Swanson PhD. Second Row: Wesley Face Ed.D.; Lawrence Wriglwf Ed.D : Harold Hamn. M5,: uwwud m. p032. Wesley Face, EdD. Assisfani Dean of +he Graduwe College Roberf Hardman, M.S.: John Sfevensonl Ph.D.: Pau! Hoffman. Ed.D.: E. Wayne Courfney, PhD. The college. +his year a complefe organiza+ion. occupies a building on main s+ree+ for +he maiorify of HS offices. 2I5 A423,: .iri'i'wli'i; , , . ; Identity through group experience? The question itself is a sign of the times. v.....4...u-..s ,... - . , - Organizations Presidenf Dale Granchalek meefs wi+h sfudenfs in a conhoversial. open discussion on +he Mission Sfa+ement SSA is operating within a new structure Represen+a+ion is drawn from residence halls in+erfra+erni+y council panhellenic council graduafe s+uden+s married s+uden+s s+uden+s-a+-Iarge. Senafors Richard Larson and Jan Mueller ar- range ihe monihly scheduie on Hue SSA acfivify board in ihe union. Fron'r Row: Kafhy Campbell; Bonnie WhiHield: Gloria Rehm rec. sec.: Lawrence EarH, vice-pres.: Dale Grqnchalek, pres.: Roberf McCord. +reas.: Mary Lou Olson. corr sec: Barbara Cramer: Marilyn RassV bach: Sandra Weinand. Second Row: Barbara Barbiaux: Janice Mueller; Sfephanie Govin: Richard Larson; Scoff Schmid: Kafherine Wuebben: Barb Banks: Lynne Peil: M. M. Pricel adv. Third Row: Joseph Avdek: Herman Oswald: Roberf Sromalski; Thomas McNuH: Bill Schulz; Roger Salow. 2l9 Dean Price offers his advice +0 officers and senafors 6+ an SSA workshop on general operafions and procedures. Vice-presidenf Larry Earll checks the ac'rivify calendar +0 insure good disfribufion of social evenis fhroughou? 'the year. 220 This year Hue S+ou+ S+uden+ Associa+ion allocafed more +han $2I5.000 ob'l'ainecl from s+uden+ ac+ivi+y fees and confron+ed issues of maior concern +he Mission S+a+emen+ +eacher evaluafion and +he role of represen+a+ion in +he Uni+ed Council of WSU s+uden+ governmen+s. Secretaries Gloria Rehn and Mary Lou Olson keep pace wifh incoming mail and reporfs in fhe SSA office. +he contingency fund is only one parf of ihe budgef which keeps Treasurer Bob McCord busy on +he calculaior. Voied in as judge by the senafe, Herman Oswald pre- sided over s+uden+ courf sessions. 22l 222 Fronf pres.: walle: Lesiie Row: Sue Renner: Linda Diffburner, see: Tom McArdle, vice Bob Arndorfer. pres.: Dan Hampfon. freasg Mary Lou Vander Gwen Dvorak Second Row: Sandy Weinand: Barb Barbiaux: PiHer; Ron Velich: Charles Krupa: Larry Osegard: Jackie Lepak: This year IRHC ha The We 5 grown in power backbone of +he organization is hall presiden+s. vice-presiden+s. and area council represen+a+ives. surmoun+ed +he +ask of wri+ing a cons+i+u+ion and Sev The preseni'ed if +0 dormi+ories for approval. eral officers aHended naHonaI and regional conventions and Unifed Council sessions. In+er-Residence Hall Council sponsored bus +rips +0 s+age plays. +he Chris+mas Tree Lighfing Ceremony. and various o+her ac+ivi+ies in The Commons. 15 um pr4m 1'? 4: Sue Wunder: Mary McGowan. Third Row: Miss Spain adv.: Norman Rleman: Lynn .Ream: Rober+ Mueller: Gene Bruening: Mr. Albrechf. adv.: DennEs Barfusx Four+h Row: Roger McCombs: Roberf ZeiHer: Mike Seversorv Larry Bafferman' BiH Hoagland: Jerry Boehner. Spanning flue heighfs in The Commons, Miss Spain assis+s IRHC members wifh decorafing H19 Chris2mas free. University Union Board organized The Pawn We acf in an advisory capacHy working wifh +he union direcfor as a programming assis+an+ for +he union. Seven commiHee members opera+e wii'hin a s+ruc+ure proposed by .+he SSA- opera+ions and procedures games and +ournamen+s exhibi+s coffee house publici+y. We also sponsor +he s+uden+ movie series in +he union ballroom. The Golliards. one of many folk groups scheduled +hroughou+ fhe year, en+er+ained at one of the firs+ opening programs of The Pawn. Bob Rasmussen: Sue Siggens: John Banks; Sue Hels+ad, chairman; Sieve Robinson. w 223 Young Republicans helped Menomoniek senior party We dis+ribu+ed Ii+era+ure before +he fall presiden+ial elec'rion and Iis+ened +0 gues+ speakers Jea+ran and Governor Knowles. In +he spring we a'Hended a s+a+e conven+ion where we me+ o+her delega+es and worked wi+h members of +he senior par+y. Affer his speech on campus, Governor Knowles spoke briefly wifh Bruce Tiefz answering quesfions abouf Hue campaign. t Fronf Row: Margie Panico; Steven Schqu, pres.: Susan Demufh, ex. Barowsky; Blair Easfman; Mary Young. Third ROW: John sec.: Teresa Rufer: Dean Roseland; Richard Rockney sec. +reas.: Mary Jens, Second Row: Doris Rhoades; Ardifh Quilling: Linda Roofs: Deda Sfeven ZeHmer: Darrell Korfh: Terry KnowVes. Fron+ Row: Janice Mueller; Larry Schneck. secrefary Louise Smifh. president Ken Uebel. vice president: William Lee. Second Row: Literary Publications publishes a magazine "Refledions Summed Is All We Are" is our firsf Ii+erary publica+ion. Working +hrough Universify Publica'l'ions. we collecfed from s+uden+s poe+ry. shor+ essays. art work. Through a process of selec+ion and evaluafion we compiled a magazine available +0 a" s+uden+s and faculfy. John Hicks: Richard Larson: Gran? Reeves. Ken Uebel recommends a selecfion of poems and short essays +0 ofher cri'rics on +he sfaff for fhe firsf Ii+erary magazine. 225 Fronf Row: Joanne Terrill; Thomas Rasico; Ed Guckenberger. associafe edifor: Lana Lawrenz. edifor: Colleen Balko. liferary edifor: Wilfiam Minfer. phofo edifor: Ingrid Ahiberg. producfion edifor: Theresa This year the TOWER received a six+h AII-American award. We +raveled +0 New York Ci+y wi+h +he newspaper s+aff for +he annual ACP convenfion. Miller. Second Row: Janice Ruda: Linda Mamhei; Susan Wallace: Richard Abraham: Carol Whifbeck; PhyHis Afhman: Donna Macks. .- was"? r: U 102m ' Dr. Barnard, TOWER adviser. discusses phoi'os and ccpy wifh Mr. Ward. photo adviser. Jack Morehouse, financial adviser, and Mr. Phelps and Mr. Navarre, Iiferary advisers. Edifor Lana Lawrenz and associafe edifor Ed Guckenberger due af fhe nexf'deadline. review frimafs for signafures There were deadlines and headaches bu+ more imporfanf +here was an a++emp+ +0 change +0 find some way of saying whai' was happening here and +0 expound on an idea "Signs of +he Times." The coagu'ai'icn of an idea is a resuH of discussion and planning and someiimes a maHer of reciproca+ion. Phofographers JFor Hwe TOWER are sfanding: N Hinkle, Mary Ham son, Rich Abraham. Tom Flesfer, Dale Granchalek. and sea+ed: Ron Moeda Sieve Hammer and Bill Minfer. Ingrid Ahlberg. producfion edifor. reviews +he layouf diagram with liferary edifor Colleen Ballro. Pho+o edifor Bill MiMer crops phofos as his secrehry Marge Winiarski schedules appoinfmenfs for organiza'rions shofs. 229 230 f" w ., - Copy ediior Kafhy Reinfs. and edHor-in-chief Carol Whiibeck. cover universify evenfs wifh editorial insight The STOUTONIA under capable editors a++emp+s +0 voice s+uden+ opinions +hrough emphasis on campus news. The staff spends long hours uncovering mai'erial siH'ing +hrough and laying ou+ copy before H can be senf +0 prinfers af Rice Lake. Bruce Tish. Iayou? edifor. discusses diagrams wifh adviser Jake Boshom as Dave Carney finalizes his weekly spark commentary. "Carney's Quofes." O As business manager, Darlene Linsenmeyer reviews Hue STOUT- ONIA accounf and records ad solicifafions. Typis+ Jan Pecha observes managing edi+or Larry Welch as he designs Iayoufs for His next issue of ihe paper. 23I 232 Froni Row: Liane Benninger; Janice Ruda; Sue Wiegand; Darlene Linsenmeyer, business manager; Carol Whifbeck. edifor: Larry Welclm managing edifor; Bonnie Krubsack; Francis Yokoyama. Second Row: Margaref Berfler: Diana Sfellings: Michele Williams. feafure edifor: Confroversy developed Jthrough edHoHak IeHers from "Scrafch" even "Odd Bodkins". Rich Abraham unpacks bundles of papers which have arrived from he prinfer in Rice Lake on Thursday evening. Judy Wesffall; Chrisfine Repp. sociefy edifor: Jake Bosfrom. adviser. Third Row: Lori Malzahn. news edifor: Fred Priebe: Richard Abra ham. phofo edifor; A. Andrew McDonald: Bill Minfer: Kafhy Reinfs copy edHor. The newly organized Fashion Forum provides professional confad and placemenf informai'ion for maiors in clofhing and Jrexi'iles and fashion merchandising. Represen+a+ives from Simplici+y BuHerick-Vogue American CoH'on Council were included on +he agenda along wifh s+uden+ field experience capsules. BuHerick-Vogue models. Mariiyn Rassbach. Donna Bedswodh, Mary Befh Sevcik. and Kafhy King. find Hueir work hkes +hem f0 varied IocaHons. Froni' Row: Marcy Spangier; $+ephanie Chaney; Barbara Nemecek. wein: Sandy Wiemerslage: Jeanne Gusfafson; Sandra Lorenz: Gwen adviser; Donna Bedswor+h, vice presidenf; Janice Sfrom, presiden+; Sichier: Kafhy Ncock: Karen McChesney. Fourfh Row: Karen Peferson; Nancy Shanahan. secre+ary-+reasurer: Krisfine Miaanes: Mary Mo Jan Andree: Phyllis Afhman: Nancy Goodman; Jean MaHingly: Jacque Gowan; Karen Offerdahl. Second Row: Bonnie Krubsack: Anne Buch- Johnson: Judith BloodworHH Linda Rogers: Judy Sfarck: Linda Ann eger: Linda Meyer: KaH-xy Tolene: Neda Schuefz: Janef Smarzinski; Sommerfeld. Fif+h Row: Gwen Kapifan: Barb Elfsfrom: Befh VanVech- Norma Graney; Sharon Brown: Bonnie McGinfy; Elizabefh Holmes: fen? Kafhy HOPPI Lonnee Anderson: Nancy Werner: Susan Whi+e' Sherry Hoger. Third Row: Kris Hansen; Jane Hasfer: Susan Wirfh- Cheri Wdowczyk:$us5n Hilden. 233 Foods, Nutrition and Administration informs sfudenfs majoring in foods and diefeHcs of a wide range of job oppor+uni+ies +hrough presen+a+ions of speakers from hospifals and armed forces. Throughou+ +he year he former Die+e+ics Club sponsors cookie and brownie sales a Chris+mas fruif cake sale and Nu+ri+ion Week. Diane Hasarf helps one of Sanfa's elves sfring cranberries and pop- corn for Hue Chrisfmas +ree af ?he Dieiefics Club's pady hr underpriv- ileged children of Menomonie. Fronf Row: Alida LaRenzie: Pamela Brye; Mary Lou Olson, treasurer: Chabof: Shari PriH: Susan Befhke: Dawn Carlson. Third Row: Beffy Beverly Babsf, secrefary; Mary Kuzmickus, vice-presidenf: Leslie Lun- Simonson; Nancy Smifh: Karen GaloH: Kafhy Bramer: Catherine Hie. dahl. presidenf: Renee Plaffa: Connie Hanson: Judy Jensen. Second menz: Lana Chenowefh: Penelope Scoff: Geraldine Corcoran. Row: Marcelle Brusf: Virginia Coyer; Julie Jensen: Mary Adam: Kay COUNCIL: Fron? Row: Donna Sfibbe, AHEA s+a+e secrefary: Yvonne Musolf. Second Row: Renee Schuefz: Nancy Schoblocher; Kay Abra- Hady. presidenf-elecf: Bonnie Krubsack, vice-presidenf: Judy Berg hamson; Mary Lou VanDeWaHe; Alberfa Breuer. Third Row: Eileen lund. presidenf: Karen Fabrifz. secrefary: Janey Prokop. freasurer: Sue Chisfenson; Kay Hendrickson: Linda Leehe: Lorna Lebakken. Terri Habelf and Judy Berglund discuss program possibilifies wifh The Home Economics CIUb ShirleyYoung.Dunn Counfy Home Economicsagent relays professional news +hrough mon+hly newsIeHers +0 members. Ac+ivi+ies include +he Freshman Green Tea and proiec+s for underprivileged children. Officers aHended +he nafional WIIM conven+ion. A spring breakfas+ honors gradua+ing seniors and recognizes BeHy Lainp winners. 235 Fronf Row: Sharon Jacobson; Janef Hickey, corresponding secrefary: Beffy Murray: Lana Lawrenz, recording secrefary: Mary Ann Woifkie- wicz. presidenfq Nice Sefferl freasurer: Sue McGinnify, vice-presidenf: Linda Leehe: Nancy Krause. Second Row: Dianne PedreHi: Rufh Eggerf: Judy Jensen: Sue Sfankowski: Jan Schleusner: Alberfa Breuer: Diane Konifzer: Karen Faik; Donna Stibbe: Penny Gruenewak'i: Don- rene Mole. Third Row: Margaret Schneider: Linda Boyea: Jackie Main: Mary Lou VanDeWalle: Krisfine Miaanes: Sherry Kefo: Deborah Riers- gord: Barbara Gray; Connie Hanson. Foudh Row: Janis Merfen: Mary Phi Upsilon Omicron extends its membership +0 women sfudenfs who have maintained a high level of scholas+ical achievemen+ in Hue Held of home economics. We sponsor a slide series promofing home economics +0 high schools +hroughou+ +he coun+ry. A +ex+iles fabric box was compiled for use by S+ou+ alumni. The chapfer served as co-hosfess a+ +he Nafional Conclave in Madison. Adam; Cafhy Burgher: Judy Sfarck: Marfy Ronnerud; Donna BedSs worfh: Nancy Richards: Eileen Chrisfenson: Dawn Carlson; Yvonne Hady; Kafhleen Koehler. Fiffh Row: Mary Lemmenes: Susan Wiegand: Linda Duescher: Ellen Momsen: Judifh Rorfvedf: Donna Zimdars: Jeanne Swanson: Carolyn Schmidt: Augie Olson: Lynne Magee: Lori Malzahn. Sixfh Row: Bonnie Kiekhoefer: Linda Jahr; Cynfhia Cobb: Dee Pokrand; Jo Weller; Kafhy Busch; Marie Wilhelm: Judifh Blood- worfh; Rufh Sveen: Nancy Smifh: Kandy Kolmos: Peggy O'Brien. BeHy Murray and Judy S+arck welcome Judy Werner as a prospecfive member fo Hue annual Fall Recognifion Tea. Larry Lamont Leroy SchuH, and Joe Benkowski assemble +he symbolic friangle for fhe semi-annual EPT inifiaiion. m Fronf Row: Richard Feldkamp: Walfer Bucki Jr.: Carl Moscherosch secrefary: LeRoy Schuff. president: Lawrence Lamont vice-presidenf: William Hanleyl freasurer: Tom Bohn: G. S. WaH. adviser. Second Row: LeRoy Knufson: Jerome Heebink: Richard Neuverfh: Donald Tupper: M R ' M3,; Epsilon Pi Tau keeps members abreast +0 changes in fine field of +echnology. Professional men from inclus+ry and educafion speak af bi-mon+hly meeHngs. A spring banquei' is held in honor of new members. The nafional honorary fraferni+y provides an award +0 one of HS members for +he purpose of supplemenfing his professional library. b 06 a Q 4! a Wesley Anderson: Roberf Johnson: WiHiam Do'hmann: WHliam Ner- bun. Third Row: Michael Klepafch; William Perleberg: Michael Sever- son: Bradford Miller; Jerel Johnson: William Hodgkinsonz'A. Andrew McDonald: Lloyd Swalvet Ed Guckenberger. 237 IEEE promotes the dissemination of knowledge +hrough s+uden+s involved in elecfronics and applied ma+hema+ics mainiaining a library for s+uden+s. This year we affended +he Nafional Elec+ronics Conven'l'ion in Chicago parficipai'ing in seminars concluded by professional engineers. Harold Arneson and Michael Berg meei wifh +heir guest speaker as he demonshafes +ools used in a discussion on elecfronics before an IEEE meefing. Fronf Row: William Hanley; Darrell Pefersen. +reasurer; Tony Wau Daniel Schroeder: Larry Ullmann; David Myers; Wesley Anderson. pochick. secrefary: Harold Arnegonv president Michael Berg, vice Third Row: LaMoine Brion: Sieve Lange; Herb Riedner: William president Bruce Crosby; David Sharkey. Second Row: Dennis Barfuss; Hodgkinson; Darrell Smifh: Hans SiHe. 238 Froni Row: John Meyer; Mike Genelin. +reasurer: Roger Hooyman: Carl Sfeinke. president Dennis Fersfenou. vicepresidenf; Lloyd Dumke. secrefary; Sy Wera. Second Row: Jim Pe+erson: Hmar Junge: NAHB sponsors speakers from building industries Kaiser Aluminum Pre+es+ed Concrefe NaHonal Hardwood Associa+ion including archi+ec+s field service men educa+ors on +he mee+ings agenda. The Na+ional Associafion of Home Builders culminafes +he year's ac+ivi+ies wifh a spring banquet m a An : i? Marfin Andersen: Bill Rafzburg: Leonard Hanson; Brenf Surowiec: Dave Olson. Third Row: Larry Lamonf; Richard Danielewicz; Louis Menako; Paul Kielas; Eugene Moon: Richard Kreufz: Roberf Debner. To understand new developmenis in building maferials. NAHB ianes a represenfafive from Weyhauser lumber. N MA ,A 9Q mQ Fronf Row: Roberf Spinfi, advisor: Peder Fagerholm: Thomas Devine. Sponhon: Alfred Gilmore: Charles Plass. Third Row: Roberf Hendrick- vice-president: WIHiam Hodgkinsonl presidenf: Larry UHmannl freas- son: Gregory Pafkowski: John Defrick: Roger Carlsfrom: Alan Kessler: urer: Lee Halberg, secretary; Michael Saeger. Second Row: John Sfeve Lange: Richard Duesnbery. Webb: Wesley Anderson: Raymond Jacobson; Bill Thompson: Donald Radio Electronics operates a radio station W9CPB offering members experience in radio and code praci'ice. ins+ruc+ion in elecfronic +heory. and assis+ance in qualifying for amateur operafors' licenses. We aH'ended Iec+ures by gueS'l' speakers elec+rical engineers :K As? ski from Collins Radio. XQ SRYXR QR R OperaHon Nor+hpole kaxg via shori' wave radio is sponsored for children a+ Chrisfmas. m t X. a KQRQAK KXKX Michael Saeger assis'rs a Menomonie child in his discussion wifh Sanfa in Chris+mas proied operafion Norih Pole. 240 Stout Metals proposes affiliation wi+h +he American socie'ry of fool and manufacfuring engineers. Members also have opporfunifies for individual research af work mee+ings. A copy of +he machinery handbook is awarded +0 +he ou+s+anding member of +he year. Casfing nameplafes for faculfy is one of Hie many proiecfs of Hue members of fhe Mefals Socieiy. t - Froni Row: John En+orf, adviser: Roberf Rasmussen. freasurer; John Gerald Guyer; Bruce Johnson: Tim Lemke; James Salbaugh: Darrell Bonk. secrefary: Ronald Hoepner, president John Uebele, vice-presi- Nelson. dent George Pelfier. adviser: Paul SpeideI, adviser. Second Row: 24l 242 SSIT acts as an advisor sugges+ing curriculum improvements and coordinafing a guidance cenfer for sfuden'rs of indusfrial fechnology. The sociefy presen+s guesi' speakers a+ bi-mon+hly mee+ings field +rips a display unH' all wifhin a well-rounded program on 'l'echnical praches. Front Row: Ray Hansen adviser: Lawrence Delonge: Jerome Johnson: Denny Koepp. vice-presidenf: James Thommes, president David Dulin. freasurer: Dennis Dahlen; Bruce Fellow; Dennis Barfuss. Second Row: Charles nylarz; David Szalanski: Jerome Heebink: Harvey Look; Gary Cowles: Wesley Anderson: Dale Harbafh: Edward Lehnerf: LeRoy Knufson; William Henley. Third Row: Thomas Wilde; John Goodman: Larry Delonge and Jim Thommes check +he procedure as Denny Koepp records daia from +he siafisfical process simula+or. Ramiro Salas; Edward Novey: Donald Gufh; Darrel Eberhardf: Henry Wiegel; Gary Markef; John Nemecek. Fouri'h Row: Darryl Haffner: Pafrick Sprague; Richard Bergelin; Jim Henrickson: Rober+ Johnson; Roberf Poqueffe: Ta-rum Sidpra. FiHh Row: Brian Krusko: Carl Mos- cherosch: Tom Liberf: Richard Nelson: Jerome Lilly. Fronf Row: David Cox; Richard Reindl: Larry Welch. freasurer: Tom Bohn, president; Bruce Joos, vice-presidenf: David Fifzsimmons. secre- +ary; S+eve Robinson: Arlyn Clarksen. Second Row: Roger Reader; STS involves graphic arts muiors +hrough pracfical experience wH'h prin+ing maferial for universi+y organizafions. The S+ou+ Typographical Sociefy foured producfion planfs on a +hree day field +rip +hroughou+ Minneso+a. We climaxed +he year wH'h +he annual STS Wazygoose. ":1; ma M William Finkler: Richard Johnson; Curfis Pefers; Sfanley Gracyalny; Karl Lasica: Lloyd Whydofski, advisor. Third Row: Kennefh Schlag: John Box; James Marfens: Ed Guckenberger. Shun Gracyalny adiusfs fhe ink on fhe Davidson offse duplicafor +0 perfection before priming pamphlefs. 243 SAM members try the stockmarket game bu+ H' becomes an in+eres+ing learning experience. The Socie+y for +he Advancemeni' of Managemen+ promo+es ac+ivi+ies gues+ speaker programs and field +rips we offen lose for business adminis+ra+ion majors. "y H ; IE 4 g E , :x :W h . 91 A '9 f V'xk ! 1W V '"wf 3A ,1 3d; 2 m ,; The sfock markef game calls for daily examinaNon of fhe fables and chads some+imes +he resuHs are dishear+ening. l i I . Frcnf Row: Paul Manges, adviser; Kafhleen Herman: Julie Gross: Flood; Dennis Johnson: Bob Worden; Janef Halfin: Marlene Weiman'. Leroy Wl'wife vice-presidenf; William Mugan. president John Link: Dean Rogeland; Roberf Lawrence: David Close. Third Row: Lee Buvid; Darlene Linsenmeyer Se'CFleC'iryz Jonafhan Oberman, corresponding Thomas Bird; Michael Springer: Daniel Breifzman; Lawrence Earll: David secrefary; Geraldine Benzel: Dennis Peferson. Second Row: Michel Bloomquisf: Terry Engemann; Eddie Kerley: Nichols Rassbach. Fronf Row: Judifh Luhm: Ann Schulze: PauleHe Zarnsforff; Janef Hickey freasurer: Jerome Richfen vice-presidem: Nan Main, presi- dent: Jan Halama. secrefary: Cindy Zahn: Dianne PedreHi: Jacquelihe Main. Second Row: Daryl Hansen: Linda Boyea: Gloria Rehn: Diana Discussing new ideas in educaHon in a currenf bulleHn wi+h Dr. Homufh are Jan Halama and Barb Basia. SfeHings: Sharon Allen: Elizabefh Lemke: Stephanie Sieiner; Karen Romufh: Sy Wera. Third Row: Brad Johnson: Krian Lieske: Judifh Score: Nancy Ericson: Marie Wilhelm: Lee Gehrke: Cynfhia Cobb:; BeHy Koepp: Jonafhan Lewis. SNEA focused on "Action" at a convention held 61' S+ou+ involving regional chapfers in group discussions on educafional ideas. The S+uden+ NaHonaI Educa+ion Associafion main+ained an information boofh in fine union urging increased membership. Educa+ion films are sponsored a+ mee+ings. 245 Alfresco sponsors hikes and canoe trips a+ Sf. Croix Falls and Pigeon Lake. Snow and +hough+s +urn +0 skiing af Lufsen and Lochlomond. We infroduced +he season wi+h a Ski Tea and 51'er show. Fronf Row: Terri Halama. corresponding secrefary: Mary Lou Olson: Richard Ree. freasurer: Barbara Rupkalvis. secrefary: John Blanchard presidenf: Richard Georgeson. ViCe-presidenf: Nancy Shanahan: ScoH Schmid: Kris Hansen. Second Row: Sue Sfriepling: Doris Thompson; RUfh Ann Koehl: Mardianne Wiksfen; Cheryll Chrisfianson: Alan Hinkle: Connie Papineau: Kafherine Nelson: Linda Unger: Marilyn Rassbach; Elaine Anderson. Third Row: Mary McGowan; Gail Zimmerman; Dolores Siebke; L055 Wiegandi Sandra McNamara; Janice Rude; Chrisfie Mac- ScoH Schmid assists Kris Hansen wi'rh fiHing ski book in preparaNon for a Safurday afternoon ski ou+ing. Gregor; Mary Ann Larson: Barbara Valley: Maryann Koeppell. Foudh Row: Brenda Blenker: Carol Paulson; Pam Skarda; Linda Zelfinger: Jane Bushy: Judifh Bloodworfh; Jeanne Morgan; Larelle Schoonhoven: Judifh Zimmerman: Marvin Bellman: William Nerbun. Fihh Row: Thomas Sfelling: William BuHer: Rodney Zivney; Tim Herberg: Dave Wieland: Thomas McDonough: Larry Dombrock; Michael Kuback: Gene Childs; Randy Soderbeck. Fronf Row: Jean Landsman', Mary Regan; Sharon Pfeifer: Gayle Allaman: LeRoy Knufson: Sherry Hoger; Jan Andree: Joy Kasperek: Karen Lindberg. Second Row: Cheryl Eslinger: Susan Sedivec; Linda Monfen: Pafricia Baum: Luann Beal: Kimberley Koenig; Ellyn Schoen: Tom Schroedl: Jane Cupery; Walfer Goes: Susan VerviHe: Kafhleen Morfon. Third Row: Renee Tvefen: Robin Schlufer: Marceile Brush Edward Lehnerf; Lynn Ream: Richard Eddy: Raymond Erspamer; Pefer Edwards; Laurice Larson: Ellie Lofz. Fourfh Row: Pafricia Kangas; Trudie Hanson: Don Prochnow; Virginia Peferson; Linda Nerison: Nancy Thwreaff: Sandy Schuh; Donna Cox: Richard Tarpey; Kathy Sims. Fiffh Row: Teresa Newman: Kafhleen Harf; Leon Olson; Jeffrey Heifkamp: James Windsor: Tom Liberf: Charles Moore: Bill Thomp- son: Roger Olson: Russell Redman: Donald Jochman. Af fimes even pie can be excifing-like ai +he Alfresco pie eafing confesf sponsored during Home- coming week. 247 248 Fronf Row: Beth Prindle: Donna Frome: Kafhy Heyderhoff: Susan Tanner: CaH'xerIne Halama: Judifh Ringler: Mary EHand: Shirley Larson: Phyllis Amman. Second Row: Cafhy Neinow: Rosanne Cuda: Susan Wilkie: Maureen Hanrahan: Barb Basfa: Barb Anderson: Bonnie Malling: Mary Kollafh: Anlfa Nelson: Nancy Noll: Susan Lane: Janef Fisher. Third Row: Becky Roberf; Sue SHrn: Nancy FicMen: Ann Schaffer: Teresa Rufer; Kirsfen Mence: Rosalind Lindgren: Janelle Paul Geyer 0; "19 Taira Ski SHOP explains Hue adiusi'mems for a ski boo? aHer 1he SH and Tea 5+er Show, Nievinski; Donna Shaben: Nexis Nelson: Diane Hoadley. Four+h Row: Denice K3nsley: Dyann Mannisfo: Luanne Taylor: Barbara Pinney: Gwen Kapifam Barb EHsfrom: Lonnee Anderson: Mary Befh Sevcik: Susan Haughian: Julie Pennanen: Maya Hahn. Fifth Row: Barbara Anfhony: Mike Shimefa: Jim Conzelman: Mike Min; Vaughn Bray: Jack Vanerf; David Hendr3ckson: Be+h Zondag: Kafhy Bramer: Jan Peterson. The Equestrian Club organizes riding teams according +0 individual abiIiHes. We oHer experience in riding English 5+er under rules 01: +he Olympic Commi++ee. Mounfs are ren+ed a+ +he Flying Du+chman si'ables. Combined effori's make for a spring show. Communicafion comes in many forms for Barb Cervenka. Fron'r Row: Gloria Hicks: Chrisfine VoH: Mariorie Rowland: Barbara Gregor; Maya Hahn: Barb Gurnea: Lorraine Hansen; Kay Chabof; Cervenka: Ann Schulze. Second Row: Nancy Sirommen: ChrisHe Mac- Joanne Curran. 249 Synchronized Swimmers introduce water ballet We selecf a +heme coordinafe music and cosfumes develop roufines for a win+er show. This year a special performance was presen+ed a+ paren+'s weekend. While pracficing for fhe wafer show. fhe synchronized swimmers keep one eye on +he feef across fhe pool. Fronf Row: Larry Pfeiffer: Judy Olson; Carol Opiela: Gayle Allaman, Nowak; Maripaf McNulfy: John EllioH; Mary Kaiser; Linda Duescher: secrefary', James Henrickson. president Hildene ClaHies, freasurer: Doris Thompson; Linda Roofs. Linda Balson: Dolores Hendrickson; David Olson. Second Row: Carol Tim ' Froni Row: Sandra Shadinger, vice-presidenf; Mary Jo Marfin. secre- Nielsen. Second Row: Carol Schulze: Gayle Allaman: David Nielsen. fary; Mark Olson. presidenf: Beverly Gummin. freasurer; Dorothy adviser. Alpha Psi Omega offers opportunities in acHng make-up sef consfrucfion assis+an+ direc+orships. We presenfed "The Crucible" in +he fall. The Quarfer Square Theafre presenis oppor+uni+ies for sfudenf wrifing and direcfing of short plays. Acfing can be quHe a baffle wifh oneseH in ierms of proiecfing fhe characfer of fhe parf or possibly wifh o+hers. 25! 252 Froni Row: Diane Conrad: Liane Benninger; Micheie Williams, vice- presidenf; Jennifer Walfers. secrefary: Jack Link, presidenf: Mr. Heise. advisor: Miss McMillan. adviser: Susan McGrafh; Nancy Sfrom- men. Second Row: Kasey TenPas; Jane Ulik: Sandy Polzin: Cynfhia Forensics includes a new activity a premiere performance of +he Forensics Theai're fea+uring oral in+erpre+a+ions and a reader's +hea+er. Forum deba+ing was established. In March we aHended a nafional deba+e and forensics fournamenf in Tempe. Arizona. Ballard: Susan Renner: BHI Mugan; Diana S+ellings: Clare Klinkenberg. Third Row: John Messner: Helen Vanderhyden; David Bruss: Ronaid Dosed1;Wayne Peine; Earl Walters: Mary Mloozlk. Preparafion ior Hie Forensics Theafre readings and iMerprefive prose. involved scheduling poefry Pi Kappa Delta presents opportunities for members +0 demons+ra+e skills in deba+e forensics exfemporaneous speaking. Ou+side of oral compe+i+ion and aHending debafe mee+s in +he midwesf we were involved wifh wri+ing one ac+ plays for +he Quarter Square Theai're. Fronf Row: Nancy Sfrommen: Sara McMillan, advisor: Michele WiIA Hams. secretary-freasurer: Linda Duescher. presidenf: Jennifer Walters. Advisor Mr. Heise explains +he ifinerary for fhe upcoming debafe meef wifh Pi Kappa DeHa members. vice-presidenf; Sandy Polzin. Second Row: Susan Heise, adviser: John Link: Bill Mugan: Susan McGrafh. Renner: Howard 253 University bands serve musical requests +hrough Homecoming fesfivifies wi+h in+rica+e marching formafions in +he parade. The concer+ band presen+s performances a'l' Chris+mas and a+ commencement The pep band sparks home baskefball games. Popular dance music is presen'l'ecl by +he eighfeen member s+age band. Wifh a quick acfion of Hue wrisf and a sfern face Mr. Pri+chard direds +he pep band af a home fooiba" game. The pep band performs ai a rally held in he Commons. 254 Fron+ Row: Gladys Anfinson: Consfanee Mehls; Marilyn Hole; Peggy O'Brien; Lynn McClain: Sue Hein: Jane Sfrenger: Judy Smalley: Karen Homufh: Becky Wrighf: Judy Sfarck. Second Row: Karen OH: Barbara Gray; Nancy Ericson: Roberfa Buchan: Paul Arazny: Dawn Carlson; Odell Holcomg: Dave Williams: Larry Cording; Larry Hol- meisfer: Larry Peefers: Alice Ziegelbauer; Befh Zondag: Cafhy Mehring: Mary Jacobson: Liz Peferson: Beffy Fisher. Third Row: Linda Balson: Rick Dusenbery; Eve Larsen: Kafhy 'Tolene; Bill Peil: Dennis lmme: John Rufh: Larry Barnharh David Hendrickson: Thomas Swinging high. Jenny Infravaia performs wifh "an animal" af Hue half fime performance of a foofball game. Kosfoch; Tim Williams; Bill Richardson: Befsy Hennings: Chris Driesv sen: Mary Nikolay: Mary Jane Kiefzke; John VanderhooF: David Casfner: Richard Hansen: Michael Saeger. Fourfh Row: Jim Com zelmay; Marilyn Bradley: Al Gilmore: Cindy Ballard: Lee Ann Sfeffen: ScoH Cheffer: Cindy Coffman; Karen Hahn: Bonnie Rasmussen: Don- ald Tupper: Jim Nelson; Jane Bierke: Curfis Fisher: Neal Delaruelle. drum maior; Karen Peferson: Marilyn Rassbach: Jenny Infravaia, maioreHe; Lynn Prifchard, direcfor; Wallene Williams; Wayne Pefer- son; Jeff Follendorf. 255 Symphonic Singers sponsors a Christmas concert in coniunc+ion wi'rh band. Performances +hroughou+ +he year include selec+ions from popular and sacred music and Indonesian folk songs. This year we presen+ed concer+s at high schools churches civic groups +hroughou+ +he s+a+e and in Minneso+a and Illinois. Froni Row: Donna Sfrub: Kafhleen May: Pam Fahl: Karen Homufh'. Pam Fieber; Sally Jorgenson; Judy WesffaH: Nancy Runge: Lea Ann Laufenburger: Lori Malzahn; Bernice Ukkola: Vickie Nahorn; Judy Sfarck: Sue Palfrey: Linda Roberg; Lynda Weber. Second Row: Gayle Allaman: Ellen defield: Judy Score: Terri Halama; Judy FlefCher? Donna Shaben; Donna Hanvs: Cathy Powers: Connie Cole- man; Rufh Sveen: BEV GummIn; Sue McGinnify: Mary Lou Danielson: Under +he direction of Mr. Cooke, fhe symphonic singers and Has band presen+ed +heir Chrisfmas concert ' - Barbara Soufher: Sue Chrisfman; Cindy Munn. Third Row: Chuck Jacobson: Pefer Rehiaff: David Munson; Philip Trahms: Tom Tierney; Rod Feld: Jim Schleker: SCOH Schmid; Arlen Dombrock: Mark Vanden- Branden; Richard Haucke: Sfan Johnson: Chuck Weber. Fourfh Row: Ron Basseman: Paul Holzman', Jeff Reames; Roger Clark: David Hendrickson: Warren Krueger: Bruce Ausderau: John Winn; Bill Green; Denis Ufechf; Daniel Bonan: Rand Foss. Pracfice con?inues ?hroughouf fhe year for fhe spring four. On Wednesday evenings we mee+ wifh direcior Mr. Cooke. 257 NW t- 33 mm 33:; elm $aaa Fran? Row: Charles Kmpa; vae Lange. ?reasurer: James Lyon. vice Third Row: AHen Vobeida; Roberf Mitchell; Greg Brown: Raymond presidenf; James Zimmerman. secrefary; Dr. Theodore Wiehe. adviser. Romblom. Second Row: Lee Gehrke; Eugene Moon; Dave Haffelder: Ken Uebel. Antique Auto hosts a swupmeet including a whife elephan+ sale on vin+age au+o par'rs. We spen+ long hours working over a I929 one and a half +on Model A fruck owned by +he club. Members of anfique aufo examine +he engine block of flu; I929 Model A +rucl: owned by +he club. 258 Rifle Club participates in competitive matches- among members and nearby schools. Experience in marksmanship is gained +hrough hun+ing excursions and +rap shook. lnsfrucfors emphasize safefy ancl demons+ra+e shoo+ing procedures. Understanding fhe mechanics of fhe rifle ifseH: is impodanf along wiih developing skill in operafing fechniques. 93; J .v Fronf Row: Linda Jacobsen: LuAnn Taylor. secrefary; Michael Bibeau; Jon Kressin: Pafrick Champion: Waldo Pefer: Sfeven Bornhoff: Pafricia Tom Rovn, presidenf; S+ephen Heil, freasurer; Marfin Bibeau: Marion Merkf. Third Row: Mike Shimefa; Donald Falborski: Dennis Sampson; McGuckin: BeHy Fisher. Second Row: Thomas BarHeH: Jim Conzelman; Ken Lavenfure; Mark Cromos; Mike Milfz; Kenf Thomas. 259 260 Alice SeHer and Darcey Bell assisf Rufh Elkins and Ann Loveioy as Huey consfrucf yarn novelfies for a fund raising proied. ' Fronf Row: Vicki Heichel: Bonnie Rasmussen: Mary HUH: Mike Benz, president: Daniel Schroeder. vice-presidenf: Rufh Elkins. secrefary- freasurer: Kaye Kimberly: Connie Schqu: Ann Schulze. Second Row: Mary Fruechfe: Ann Loveioy; David Younger; Bill Rahoy: Linda Man- 4-H increased its membership from eigh+ +0 +hirfy. We work wi+h officer fraining programs in +hree counfies and assis+ed wi+h judging music and speech confesfs in Dunn and Sf. Croix coun+ies. +hei; Darcey Bell; Grefchen Guenfher: Alice SeHer. Third Row: Georgia Schlegel; Penny Chrisfie: Yvonne Kufcher; John Vanderhoof; Kafhy Gerken; Marilyn Hole; Gladys Anfinson. Fronf Row: Lucinda LaPorfe: Bruce Palmer. vice-presidenf: S+eve Tup- per. presidenf; Sue Field. secrefary: Judy Kreufzer. Second Row: Donna Mrs. Kuesel. occupafional fluerapisf. explains Hue value of Hie loom in farms of rehabiliiafion +0 Sue Kringle and Bruce Palmer. Zimdars: Susan Kepke: Diane Krause: Sue Kringle: Ellyn Schoen. The newly organized Mental Health Chapter aH'emp+s +0 educa+e s+uclen+s on men+al heaH'h and men+al illness. We encourage s+uden+s +0 pursue careers in psychiatry social work psychology. Friday evenings were spen+ working wi+h pa+ien+s a+ +he Dunn Couniy Hospifal. 261 Fran? Row; Barbqra Gurnea: Linda Sommerfeld. hisforian; Janice Muel- ler, corresponding secrefary: Louise Smifh: Ellyn Schoen: Judy Scheps. Pe'ler Snowdon. member of fhe Folk Song Army, enferiains wifh original songs af an open SOIF meefing. 262 Second Row: Sheryl Mousley: Cindy Vance: Richard Larson: Tom Schroedl: Raymond Kusmer: William Lee: John Clavin; Karen Berg. The Society of Intellectual Freedom The Sociefy of lnfellecfual Freedom promofes open discussions on draH dodging +he Vie+nam war +he educa+ional sys+em. We sponsor safirical folk singing groups and a poe+ry fes+ivaL Oufside speakers are scheduled a+ open SOIF meefings. The Film Society critically reviews films as an ar+ medium Rashomon Uge+su Virgin Spring +0 presen'r +0 +he s+uclen+ body. This year +he schedule was orienfed +oward foreign films. Lance Bell creafes Hue maioriiy of Hue unique publicify used by fhe film sociefy for scheduled films. Linda Sommerfeld. Second Row: Barbara Gurnea; Tom Schroedl: Karen Berg: William Bredl: Richard Larson: Janice Mueller: Ellyn Schoen. Fronf Row: Judy Scheps: Lucinda Vance: Louise Smifh, vice-presidenf; William Lee. president John Clavinl freasurer; Raymond Kusmer: 263 The International Relations Club aHemp+s +0 bridge gaps in in+erna+ional communicafions +hrough individual in+erac+ion. To familiarize o+hers wifh cuH'ural backgrounds of members +he club sponsors films craH's exhin'ion open discussions. This year a banquef was held wi+h FNA. 55; Fronf Row: Louis Klifzke. adviser; Lorna Lengfeld. adviser; Terfe Mesfen, vice-presidenf: Jean Allen, secrefary: Andrew McDonald. presidenf; Tsuru Mafsui. ireaSurer: Belefe Tefera; Merle Price. ad- visor. SECOHJ ROW! Kenf Carlson; Teresa Jackson: James Ghiri: Diana Tzeng: Dianne Bailey: Theresa Chiang; Wilma Hsu: Rufh Eggerf: Glads+one Car+y; Antonius Kawofio. Third Row: Audrey Nelson: Linda Brooke; Chun-shun Tzeng; Kennefh Johnson; Cafherine Johnson: James An open discussion on racial problems and communicafion gaps in ?oday's sociefy involves faculfy and sfudenfs. Dem; Nanneffe Primozich; Sandra Marvin; Suzanne Wegner: Pam Mark- wardf. Fourfh Row: Michael Dickson: Cynfhia Wallenfin; Befh Zondag: Zerihun thira: Gebre Dessalern; Diana Sfellings: Liane Benninger: Kerilyn Mischke: George Kamwania; Mohammad Zahabioun. Fifi'h Row: Jason Hernandes: Leo S. Arfhur: Hadgu Ghebrefinsae: John Defrick: Charles Jacobson: M. Endrias; Tarun Sidora; Ron Zeilinger: Susan Wallace: Donna Macke. y? Fronf Row: LeRoy Whife; Roberf Syilha: William Weidemann. secre- tary: Larry Loga, presidenf: Aksel Moan, treasurer: Richard Felski: Kennefh Simpson: George Keefer. Second Row: Michael Bibeau: Jon Kressin: John Parker; John Goodman: Mike Therou; John Siedschlag: The Veterans Club held a scholarship contest award paymen+ of a semes'rer's +ui+ion. Ac+ivi+ies included +he cons+ruc+ion of a Homecoming floaf and a win+er banquet We aHended +he s+a+e convenfion in March held in Eau Claire. George Ballard. Third Row: Richard Tarpey: Roberf Gennrich; Douglas Janzen: Daniel Fara; Richard Grofe: Bruce Tiefz: Darrel Danielson. Foudh Row: Roger Olson; Kenfon Schwilf: Dennis Dunek: John Ryberg: Harland Currie: Roberf Wolslegel. Roger Langland and Roger Teschner discuss fheir preseniaNon of Hue vefs' fuifion award wiih Dr. Larkin. 265 266 Frcn+ Row: Tony Russo: Ronald Velich: Roger Zell. +reasurer: Dale Fesfe, vice-presidenf: Vernon Johnson. president Dick Lamers. sec- refary: Greg Gunderson: Ronald Day. Second Row: James Marx: Gary Winkler: Larry Dombrock: William Dohmann: ScoH Schmid: Duane The Iettermen of the S-Club promoi'e academic excellence in afhlefes. We sponsored a mixer early in +he year and concessions a+ baskefba" games and a'Hendecl a Minnesofa Nor+h Sfar hockey game. The spring a+hle+ic banque+ feafures a pro afhle+e as guesf speaker along wiHn +he presen+a+ion of senior awards. 0 It 'MQ Sfevens: John EHIOH: Ronald Jacoby. Third Row: John Sfrong: Roberf Schoffmuller; Michael Andres: Douqlas Bainbridge: Thomas Balisfreri: William Sfoehr: Louis Menako; Mike Sheil. The S club sponsored concessions af home baskefba" games. IRC includes representatives IRC includes represenfafives from a" campus religious organizafions aH'empfing +0 bridge communication gaps. Infer-Religious Council members a'Hended re+rea+s ecumenical wqrship services a religion and ar+s fesHval. Fron'r Row: Lary Pfeiffer, freasurer: Mary Ann Woiikiewicz. vicepresi- denf; Ron Zeilinger. president Sue Schmidt secrefary: Judy Sfarck. Mike Smifh. Ron Zeilinger. and Mary Ann Woiilriewicz discuss plans for Hue nexf reireaf wi'rh Fafher Redmund. Second Row: BeHy Koepp; Cinfhia Cobb: Mary Ann Salfzgiver: Carol Gassenhuber. 267 Fronf Row: Mary Jens: BeHy Koepp. secretary: Fred Priebe. presidenf: Kerry Meier. vicepresidenf: Michael Saeger. freasurer: Bonnie Rasmus- sen: Leola Gebauer. Second Row: Mary Hull: LaDonna Nass: Bonnie $$Na 060A .1 , L 3 . Mary Fischer, Fred Priebe, Sue Schmidf and BeHy Koepp examine Hue 0 final resuif af+er priniing sweahhirfs. 268 2x Rolf: Mary Fischer: Carol Tepe; Sue Schmidt Third Row: Loren Schra- der: Dean Roseland: Alfred Gilmore: Richard Dusenbery: Kafhleen Gerken. Gamma Delta holds open discussions on +he realify and adequacy of religion in +oday's world. The associafion of Lufheran s+uden+s held re+rea+s and hikes Chris+mas carolling Come-As-You-Are par+y. Our presidenf is also chairman of +he Lakes Region dis+ric+ including nori'hern Wisconsin and Michigan chapfers. LSA directs the Lutheran Student Center This year members redecora'recl +he cenfer. We held ecumenical re+rea+s a+ Camp Sf. Croix and Lu+her Park in Chefek. Join+ acfivH'ies are held wifh ofher religious organiza+ions on campus. Fronf Row: Karl-Thomas Opem. adviser: Janice Ruda: Ann Schulze: Lary Pfeiffer, freasurer: Gayle AHaman, secretary; Cynfhia Cobb. presi- denf; Jar! Leirallom. vice-presidenf: Vicki Heichel: Cindy Woodwick: Merry VineHe. Second Row: Valerie Holzman: Augie Olson: Lorna Lebakken: Janell Rowe: Clydene Tunks: Sharie R. Mueller: Bonnie SpIiH: Included in Hie year's acfivifies. members of LSA caroled +hroughouf Menomonie a+ Chrisfmas. Judy PaSsow: Marilyn Hole. Third Row: Karen Mueser: Darlene Maan: Judifh Score; Judifh Fremsfad; Julie Jensen: Donna Clement: Gloria Rehn: Kenf Carlson: Karen Homufh. Fourth Row: Dianne Bailey: Kafhy Adams: PauleHe Sfeuernagel: Roger Clark: Charles Jacobson: Ronald Nelson: Richard Valenfa: Teresa Newman: Linda Morifz: Anifa Olson. 269 270 w- Fronf Row: Susan Hilden: Sharon Brown: Sharon Fischen secrefary: John Nordin. freasurer: Ted Kluck presidenf: Cheryl MeHer, vice presidenf; Barbara Boefmann; Karen Wolkersforfer: Wendy Olson. Se'cond Row: Jeanne Gusfafson: Clydene Tunks: Judifh Smalley: Janell Rowe: Susan Nelson: Paule++e ZarnsforH: Ellen Dursf: Sandra Polzin; Cindy Wood- wick. Third Row: Linda Losey: Janef Kirfz: Michele WiHiams: Lynn Mc- Ted Kluck makes +he firsi aHempf fa carve Hie prize, a roasf pig. a'r +he Chrisfian Fellowship Luau held in fhe fall. Clain; Suzanne Deahl: Joan Zwarf: Kris Daub: Bonnie SpliH: Kafhy Miller. Fourfh Row: Richard Yocco; Bernice Ukkola; Jackie Bersch: Eileen Hansen: Rufh Ann Loehl; Shari R. Mueller: Lorna Lebakken; Anona Nel- son: Darrell Korfh. Fiffh Row: WaHer Sfonman: Ken Applehans: John Vandersod: Wayne Pefers: Gary Cowles; Daniel Wiffenberger: Pefer Snowdon: James Heskefh. The Stout chapter of Christian Fellowship a world wide organiza+ion held spring and fall conferences wH'h neighboring chapters. Officers aHended a planning mee+ing sharing pasi' experiences wi+h o+her nafional represen+a+ives in Colorado Springs. Diana Sfellings poinis oui Jrl'Ie feafures d fhe Wisconsin Calendar i0 Jeff Peplau, Tony Mihalko, and Marfy Ronnerud. United Campus Ministry includes campus ministers from various faifhs. The organizafion cooperafes wifh infer-religious council programming refreai's and conferences. Open discussions are held on moral issues na+ional problems individual encouni'ers. Films are sponsored as a fund raising proiect Froni Row: Rufh Eggerf: Deborah Beebe: Linda Jacobsen: Mary Ann SaHzgiver. freasurer; Judy Sfarck, presidenf; Mary Lemmenes. secrefary; John De+rick. vice-presidenf: Diana Sfellings: Phyllis Ulm: Michad Smifhx Campus Minisfer. Second Row: Barb Glass: Cheryl Bray: Becky KveHand: Heidi Grover; Marilynn Bradley: Marfina Rindsig: Jennifer Pacyga: Beverly Babsf: Blair Easfman: Monique Cooper. Third Row: Joan Swalve; Jane Cupery: Befh Zondag: Susan Wallace; Donna Macke: Renee Ramsay: Kafhryn Lemmenes: Deda Barowsky. Fourfh Row: William Schaller; Sfephen Woggon: Kennefh Frye: Lloyd Swalve; Warren Krueger: Walfer Goes. 27l A Greek barbeque was held in Wakanda park during ,7 . , , L , , Greek Week. , j, ,' r, , , , ' - 2.01m a mu mm m u lnferesf in Greek Life was s+imula+ed by various even'rs +hroughou+ ?he year. one being a panhellenic popcorn pariy sponsored in he fall. 272 Af Round Robin. Cheri Hoger gives a run-ihrough of fhe year's acfivi- fies fo rushees using flue sororify scrapbook. Greeks were part of the system We've been deba+ed degraded. pro'd and con'd Jtossed around like so many proverbial apples in a bag. Greeks don'1' need defending. We'll exis+ foday fomorrow Some+imes barely so o+her fimes a jubilant brea'rhing Life Force because we are a par+ of +ha+ Life Force. We have been and always will be in+egra+ed wifh human development Surely we have our failings. We are Thing orienfed- overly concerned abouf +he Insignificant forgeHing goals. Some are IeHer iacke+ wearers. Some find sa+isfac+ion +hrough social life. BUT- Some become involved in Hue school's vascular sys+em in +heir own development They in a good, selfish sor+ of way pick +he choices+ par+s of +he Greek sysfem for +heir developmen+ info people adequafe for +he day in which +hey are living. This year many heads were bea+en agains+ many walls because of "+radi1'ion" bindings inefficien+ communicai'ion "I really don'+ give a damn" aH'H'udes. 273 274 Assemblyman Alvin O'Konski addresses sfudenfs as pad of ihe speaker- performance series sponsored by Greeks. Buf RealizaHon +ha+ +he world has changed and is changing will be our Savior. We've sfood s+ill far foo long. There's +he charge +ha+ Greeks have ouHived +heir usefulness. Bu+ +0 whom are +hey obligafed +0 be useful? +0 individual members? +0 +he campus? +0 anyone? Some say residence halls are faking over. Greeks argue broi'herhood +igh+er organizai'ion smaller "closer kni+" groups. If you are safisfied geHing +hese Things in a residence hall +hen Don'f 60 Greek. No one has +0. The Greeks inviied Truax and Company f0 The Pawn for an even- ing of folk enieri'ainmenf. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: Fronf Row: Karen Peferson: Kiffy Daniel Ziegelbauer. Second Row; Jan Schleusner: Barbara Hoffman: Jo Weiler' ?reasurer; Lee Anne Purman, vice-presidenf: Judy Gunderson, presi. Colleen Balko: Nancy Schoblocker: Carol DeGrave. denf: Janice Sfrom, secrefary: Barb Schmidf: Mary Kuzmkkus' Carolyn M?AJW 5. INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL: Fronf Row: Jeffrey Trendel; David. Paf. TiHs: Michael Kubacki: Thomas McArdle; Roberf Rasmussen: Douglas fen: John Mylin, secrefary-freasurer; John Rossmeier, president: Alberf Wollak. Third Row: Rodney Hedeen: John Foley; Larry Bafferman: Pionke: Galen Rae+her; John Belisle. Second Row: Sfeven Pate: Ronald Kennefh Lacounf: David Myers,- James Campbell. 275 276 Fronf Row: Jan Pierce. advisor: Lynne Peil; Judy Duifman. secrefary; Lynda Weben vice president Jan Schleusner. president Mary Theusch. freasurer; Kay Heim: Cindy Sfanelle. recording secrefary: Judifh Longfellow. advisor. Second Row: Kafhleen May; Kathy Tolene: Beffy Koepp; Marilyn Beccavin: Marlene Chris+ensen: Marilyn Miller; Carolyn Roberfson; Renee Schuefz: Pafricia Genskow: Jennifer lnfravaia. Third Row: Donna Mannke: Sue Carpenfer: Nancy Schneider: Janef Smarzin- Nancy Schoblocher explains campus ac'rivifies and indiVidual i'WOIVQ' meni of members +0 a rushee af Round Robin. ski; Delores McCullick; Lonnie Howard: Margaref Riemer: Sharon S+olpe; Leslie Lundahl; Paf Anderson; Janey Prokop. Fourfh Row: Linda Suennee; Ellen Momsen: LeaAnn Laufenburger; Margaref Powers; Mar- celle Brusf; Janell Oim: Janice Sfrom: Cyndy Johnson; Nancy Soho. blocher; Kafhleen Nbrighf. Fifih Row: Marcia Tielens: Theresa Hanson: Brenda Seng: Kafhy Kruse: Sharie Myers. Alpha Omicron Pi's enioy weekend retreat wi+h +heir fall pledge class. This year's Homecoming campaign "Judy! Oh Vodee 0 Do!" sponsored Judy Die+man as queen candida+e. Along wi+h +he annual Chris+mas Bazaar and Masquerade Mixer a May Day Tea is held including a 5+er show and door prizes. Alpha Phis attend national convention in +he Bahamas. Early in he year +he Phis concenfra+ed +heir effori's on a Homecoming campaign sponsoring Jo Sinkular. who was crowned +his year's Homecoming queen. The annual YuIe-Tide Tea and Sno-Ball. Dance were o+her ac+ivi+ies for +he year. along wii'h collec+ing for Cardiac Aid. Terri Habelf welcomes alumnae. Miss Anfrim and Mrs. Bosworih. fo +he Homecoming Breakfast Fronf Row: Lee Anne Purman: Donna Bedsworfh: Sherry Enrico, cor- responding secrefary: Terri Habelt vice presidenf; Jo Weiler. presi- denf; Deborah Riersgord. vice presidenf; Rudi Harfzell. vice presi- denf; Judifh Bloodwor+lm freasurer: Ceil Hemmerich. recording sec. refary. Second Row: Sue Sfankowski; Marilyn Rassbach: Dianne Ped- reHi: Connie Papineau: Susan Hels+ad: June Romang: Gloria Rehn: Sherrie Whyfe: Chrisfine VoH: Joan Capilupo. Third Row: Jane HaS- fer: Kafherine Nelson; Deanna Miller: Jeanne Morgan: Jacque John- son: Virginia Peferson; Kay Chabof: Danielle Krasula; Karen Peferson. Fourfh Row: Nancy Shanahan; Kris Hansen; Mary Lou Olson: Linda Unger: Janef Ovick; Sue Siobeck: Sue Scherrer; Cafherine Hiemenx: Elizabefh Gilling: Barbara Cramer. Fiffh Row: Sue McGra'rh; Terri Halama; Chrisfine Kubaf; Sfephanie Govin; Jean Maffingly; Jo Sinkular: CharloHe Galley: Judy Gullicksrud: Joan Severson. 277 278 Alpha Sigma Alpha hosts Marryins Sam along wifh a song fesi' and mixer during Sadie Hawkins Week. Emphasis on philan+hropy proiecfs was carried ou+ +hrough food baske'l's and serenading a+ hospifals. A Scofch-Irish +heme was used during Homecoming sponsoring KiHy Daniels as a queen candida+e. Froni Row: Ronniece Nysfrom: Sue Olipra: Cheryl Pflughoeff. Jrreasurer: Linda Peferson, vice presidenf; Kay Sonnfag, president Barbara Opalinskf; Sue Siggens. recording secrefary; Pafsy Spielvogel: Jan Wyckoffs Second Row: Marilyn Kamer; Sandi Dewifz; Carol Degrave: Dlane Jobsf; Sue Slesar: Cheryl Seegers: Mary Ross: Mary Nuss- baum; Dawn Wafson. Third Row: Barbara Barbiaux; Monica Aukland; Ingrid Anderson spends several hours on a Saiurday morning work- ing a+ Hie annual Alpha Sigma Alpha car wash. Elizabeth Lloyd: Barbara Smifh; Jalene Leifz; Marfy Funk: Linda Mields; Linda Barber: Kafhy 0H0. Four'rh Row: Linda Nerison: KiHy Daniel,- Ingrid Anderson: Maren Horne; Ellyn Schoen: Rhonda Jungels; Karen Williams; Linda Howell; Ann Bauman. Fiffh Row: Nancy ThwreaH; Mary Jane Orfh: Dorofhy Buehler: Donna Rusch: Mary Jedrezewski; Jane Wells: Jean Kolbe; Nancy Smifh: Jane Banasik. L 1 ; f L, Fronf Row: Kay Henry. advisor: Esfher Fong; Marilyn Wisnefske. recording secrefary: Susan Fefzer; Colleen Balko. presidenf; Kafhy Hopp. freasurer; Renee PlaHa, vice president Mary Jo Pevonka. corresponding secrefary: Mrs. Axelson. adviser. Second Row: Welcome Siffig: Linda Peferson; Kafhy Campbell: Laurie Wolff: Jackie Foley; Ann Vonder Haar; Janelle Nievinski: Carol Breske; Janie Bohman: Linda Anderson: Liz Johnson. Third Row: Teri Mickelson: Jan Andree; Toni Riemer: Sandy Wiemerslage; Jill Hauck; Linda Kern: Chrys Thoeny; PmL Whife; Mary Kuzmickus: Dianne Johnson. Fourfh Row: Delta Zeta hosts Foundefs Day invi+ing +wo chapters from Eau Claire and LaCrosse. Early in +he year a unique +heme for Homecoming was evolved around "Black is Whi+e". Discussion groups and s+andards capsules including an ou+side speaker were included each monih along wiih involvemenf in various campus ac+ivi+ies. 1 X . x , U 2 A Bonnie Whiffield: Rhea Williams; Judith Wilson; Donna Wolfe: Pafsy SfraHon: Barb Sfeger: Sally Larson; Mary Driscoll: Nina Look. FiHh Row: Ellen Fonk; Colleen Fifzpafrick; Nancy Krause: Madelynn Fleischmann: Colleen Nelson; Lynda Lorenz; Diane Afkins: Debbie Douglas; Donnene Mole; Sherry Hoger. Sixfh Row: Lori Malzahn; Mary Polasky: Judy Gunderson; Audrey Berkholfz: Margy Wood: Nancy Werner; Nancy Goodman: Nancy Schonuller: Ellen LoJrz. GeHing spagheffi onh flue plafe is an irrferesfing process. Jill Hauck and Carol Breske awaif assisfance from fhe kifchen af Hie Delia Zefa SpagheHi Dinner. Mary Sfewarf: 279 280 Gamma Sigma Sigma has tripled membership wifhin +he pas'l' +hree years involving H's members primarily in service proiecfs. We sponsored +he Bloodmobiles in coopera+ion wifh Alpha Phi Omega. Collec+ing for UNICEF and assis+ing wifh +he 75+h Jubilee banquef were included wifhin +he realm of proieds. 4Fron+ Row: Margie Miller: Donna Frey: Sue Schmidt freasurer: Faifh Gurn. vice presidenf; Rosalie Powell, presidenf; Connie Cole- man. secrefary; Cafherine Zielanis; Sharon Moore; Clarice Gabor. Second Row: Vicforia Nahorn; Grace Thomas; Doris Craemer; Janice Carpen+er: Mary Fischer: Nancy Dauck; Jean Jacobson; Gwen Sichler: Kafhy Miller. Third Row: Bonnie Rolf; Carole Brucek: Mary Judy Johnson greeis visifors af +he annuaP Gamma Sig Au+umn Ade Tea. Paulsen; Valerie Holzman: Virginia Tippler; Jean Kozar: Anona Nelson; Darlene Aiken; Joanne Welhaven. Four+h Row: Suzanne James; Linda Balson: Carol Gassenhuber; Mary Kaiser; Trudy Byrum: Jeanne Uppena; Dianne Eberf; Mary Ann Wojfkiewicz; Susan Leary; Jeanne Swanson. Fronf Row: Alice Nussbaum. adviser; Barbara Schmidf: Caro! Kifz- mann, recording secretary: Nancy Richards. vice presidenf; Carolyn Ziegelbauer. presidenf: Rosemary Koziolek, freasurer; Sue Donnelly, corresponding secrefary; Bobbie Morris; Barbara Hoffman. Second Row: Joanne Bockman; Susan Wiegand: Sharon Perry; Norma Graney; Lana Lawrenz; Robyn Vosz; Carol Whifbeck: Sheila Posfel; Jennifer Pacyga; Eileen Chrisfenson: LoneHa Jensen. Third Row: Kafhy Miller: Carol Barbiaux: Mary Gaye Bilek; Susan Renner: Susan Tanner: Sigma Sigma Sigma sponsors "Our Marines." The proiecf involves members wH'h sending food and communicai'ing wi'rh men in Vietnam. During +he summer monfhs. several members aH'ended +he na+ional convenfion held in Roanoke. Virginia. Along wi+h a varie+y of naHonal proieds. we held our firs'r annual S+a+e Days in Eau Claire wi+h ofher chapfers. Beverly Anderson: Becky Wrighf: Alice Benninghoff; Kafhy Hey- derhoff: Kafhy AIcock. Fourfh Row: Jill Counselman: Befh Van- Vechfen; Pafricia Tills; Mary Whife: Leah Lamprechf; Bonnie Bridg- mon: Anne Bucheger: BeHy Murray: Cheri Wdowczyk. Fiffh Row: Lana Chenowe+h: Pa+ricia Noonan: Jean Hufh: Mary Schneider; Mary Behlman: Mary Jensen; Peggy Wery; Shirley Sfewarf: Jan Schmidf: Mary Merkowih. A special proiecf for Tri Sigma: is baking cookies for Viefnam soldiers +hroughou+ Hie year. 28I 282 Froni Row: Mr. Wood. adviser; Mike Simpson, secrefary; Dick Trul- son. vice presidenf; Loren Jensenl vice presidenf; Jerry Price, presi- denf: Richard Lodle freasurer: Kerry Meier corresponding secretary: John Dorsey. alumni secrefary; Dr. James Runnalls. adviser. Second Dr Armand Hofer, adviser: Michael Benz: Roberf Debner: Three bloodmobiles are a maior service proiecf for Alpha Phi Omega +hroughouf +he year. Richard Felfs: Donald Sponholfz: Roberf Newman; James Pa+erson: Lawrence Lamont adviser. Foudh Row: Curfis Pefers; Thomas Ander- Louis Menako; Paul Kielas: Roberf Dorobiala; Sfeve Kraemer; Eddie Kerley. Alpha Phi Omega sponsors UMOC. Ushering af school funci'ions also involved members wi+hin a program orienfed +owards service. Honoring our +wen+ie+h anniversary. a s+a+e convenHon was held in March emphasizing leadership friendship service. The spring pledge class is dedica+ed 1'0 our Ia+e advisor 0. Bruce Walley. Chi lambdaes hold a Christmas party for fine In+erna+ional Sfuden'rs. For +he +hird year. we sponsored compu+erized ma+ch making followed up by a mixer. Parficipai'ion in Homecoming floaf compefifion and cons+ruc+ion of an ice carving for Winfer Carnival were included in year's ac+ivi+ies. We sponsored Rosanne Cuda for Winfer CarnivaI Queen comperion. Chi Lambda's sponsored a Chrisfmas parfy in The Pawn for in- fernafional sfudenfs. I - Fron+ Row: Paul Goede. adviser; Thomas Bohn: Vernon Johnson; Alberf Piorjke; Roger Huebnerj Rodger MCC'Iombs; Michael Smifh; Maan Bibeau. recording secrefary; Paul Wilfing, presidenf: Kennefh Seoff Schmld. Fourth Row: DaVId Thornfen: Richard George'son; Jack Lehmann, vice presidenf: Donald KisHer. freasurer: Ronald Johns- Slmpsonj Sfeve KIHIeSOn: Thomas Marhn: Michael Kubackl; Donald +on. corresponding secrefary; David McNaughfon. advisor. Second Falborslu; John Messner. Flffh Row: .Dfarell Larson; Larry Welch; Row: Charles Weber; James Thommes; Dennis Koepp; Lawrence De- Ken Lafourelle: .Thomas McArdle; William Sfoehr; John Mueller: longe; Roberf McCord; Joseph Benkowski; Norman Rfeman: RoHald WaHerGrees:Ph1llp Bavs; Lawrence Wieland. Nelson. Third Row: Ronald Velich; Gordon Spaefe: Ray Peferson; 283 284 Two members find ihaf quick manipulafion of Hue producf is nec- essary af +he firs+ annual KLB corn roast Fronf Row: Sieve Akiyama: Gary Moldenhauer: Ronald Jacoby. freasurer: Allen Pesavenfo. vice president Raymond Wagner, presi- denf; Thomas Jansen, secre+ary1 Daniel EHen; Dennis. Peferson: William Bogaard. Second Row: Roger Salow; Roberf ZWIssler: Dale Zimmerman: Randy Marine; Jon Fuller; Roger Johnson: Gary Waf- kins: John Belisle. Third Row: John Iverson: Henry Swangsfu: Sfeven Kappa Lambda Beta held their Corn Roast along wi+h usual par+icipa+ion in Homecoming and Winier Carnival ac+ivi+ies. Padicipa'rion also included Greek workshops and serenading a+ Nor+hern Colony in a service project KLB's also sponsored a candida+e for Win+er Carnival Queen. Peferson; Sfeven Pafe; Roberf Dennee: Dennis Bioy; Lawrence Wrass. Four+h Row: Roberf SchonuHer; Jeffrey Benson; Roger Kolberg: Gregory Sipek; Gary Groh: Rodney Hedeen; Thomas Gasner; Terry Miland. Fifih Row: James Windsor; Kevin Wahl; David Carney: Ronald Dunham1Thomas Micheleffi; Michael Boris. Froni Row: Gary Brummeyer: Roberf Schaefer: Jack Everson. adviser: John McCallisfer. freasurer: Dean Pe+erson, presidenf; Rich Erickson. secre+ary: Richard Marfinson; Michael Shell: Edward Maier. Second Row: James Franfz; Gregory Sand: Ronald PeIky; Gary Nelson: Thomas Bird: Larry Helgason; Gregg Gunderson: Gary Delander. Third Row: Terry Turk; Kennefh Ziebell; Gale Volbrechf; Jerome Phi Omega Beta sponsors Stunt Nite. Proceeds are dona+ed +0 +he Donald Keller Memorial Fund. Duffy's Tavern is held in Sep+ember followed by compe+i+ion in +he mos+ humorous ca+egory in Homecoming floai' compe+i+ion. A Spring Dinner Dance and pig roas+ culmina+ed +he year's ac+ivi+ies. Erickson: Kennefh Lacounf; Don Reich: Rich Pauly. Four+h Row: Karl Lasica; Glenn Kral; Michael Henkelman; John Foley: James Warringfon. adviser; Roger Cipov; Timofhy Domke. Fiffh Row: Mark Bergen; John Zakrzewski: Mic Schimlen: Gregory Banaszynski: Jeff Nelson; Harlen Olson: Jerry Beguhn. Pledge Rocky Maxon spends Hme involved wi+h a variefy of "unique" acfivifies in Hue sfudenf union. fof 285 286 Front Row: Edward Phillips: Kennefh Klima: Roberf Sromalski; Dick Lamers, recording secrefary; George .Kriske. presidenf: Jerry De- quardo. vice president Alan TiefL ireasurer: Bill Benzel. corresponding secrefary; Jim Campbell. SeCOnd Row: Dennis Fersfenou; Tobias Johnson; Duane Meyers: Herman Oswald; Paul Kamin: Scoff An- derson: Dann Kann: Bill Schulz. Third Row: Leo Udee: Rick Kasper: The Phi Sig cannon was an added aH'racHon of home f00$all games and pep rallies. James Jarchow: Alan LePine: Jonathan Iverson; Dick Trinkl; Carl Fosfer. Fourih Row: Ralph Hunsinger; John Phillips; Wayne Orsfed; Mark Bryn: Paul Polzer; Larry Wolff; William Nerbun: Sfeven Van- dervesf. Fiffh Row: Eric Heil; John Mylin; John Hesselman: Joe Sfouf; Rob VanValkenburg: Pa+ Freedom. Phi Sigma Epsilon regains national award for efficiency. Ceil Hemmerich was seLIecI'ed as nafional swee+hear+ for +he frafernii'y. The Phi Sigs received +he grand champion award for floa+ compe+i+ion during Homecoming. Pareni's of +he members were inviied for a spring Bra+ Fry. Sigma Pi sponsored a philanthropy proiect ian-ing children of Dunn Counfy servicemen 1'0 a Chrisfmas par+y. Along wi'rh +he annUaI "Tacky Drag" mixer. members also parficipafed in in+ramural spor+s Homecoming ac+ivi+ies and. as in +he pasf. formulai'ed an aII-oui' efforf for S+un+ Ni+e compe+i+ion. Jeff Trendel assisfs San+a af Hue annual Sig Pi Chrisfmas parfy for children of Dunn Counfy servicemen. i Q L i Fronf ROW: Ray Hansen. adViSOr: David PaHen: Richard Vincent derson: Gerald Schneck; Dan Mendini; Don Allishon: John Pepper; secrefary: Greg Keefly, vice presidenf; David Close. freasurer; Dennis Sfeve Genske: Dan Smrekar: Dave Peferson: Gary Lmhart Fourih Row: Knaak: Dick Peferson; Nick Rassbach. Second Row: Jeff Trendel; Roger Cabo; Bruce LaRose: Tom Rebne: Terry Engemann: Tom FTEd Albrighf; Don 0'560? Herb Solinsky: Michael Chopin; Gregg Wisniewski: Daniel Sfewarf: Nick Sfoisolovich: Dennis Golner; Harland Nolf; Ron Brown; Tom Levy; Al Brabowski, Third Row: Thomas An- Hanninen. 287 Fronf Row: Mike Anderson; Gerald Falkowski; William Mugan. Gary MCCIur97 Jona+han Oberrrjan: 40M Cance: Rl?hard Norfhrop: freasurer; Richard Reindl, vice presidenf; Dennis Reinerf, presidenf; JOSEPH Hank..'Four+h' Row; Der M'Ielke: Thomas Tterney; Sherman Gregg Zaner. secrefary; Daniel BreHzman; John Grusz; Roberf Edwards: Wlllxam F-Inklerlz Ken Kel'hef? Wayne Johnson: Roblerf Lawrence. Second Row: Lloyd Dumke; David Myers; Gerald Sfanfon: Rasmussen: Lee Buvnd. FIHh Row: Daniel Marohl: John Rossmeuer: Jack Ayers: Craig Nissen; ScoH Wilson: Pafrick Renfmeesfer; Ronald Joe Lohse: Thomas McNuff: Lawrence EarH: William Rafzburg: James McDowell. Third Row: Sieve Robinson: Dave Schmidf; Kemp Shobe: Decker: John Link: DOUglas Wollak. 5-, Sigma Tau Gamma holds calendar contest selec+s a calendar queen and follows wi+h +he Whi+e Rose Mixer. Concessions a+ fooi'ball games serve as fund raising proiecl's. In +he spring. our annual Bra+ Fry and car wash are held. A cuH'ure +rip is also included in +he year's ac+ivi+ies. Sig Tau calendars were disiribufed af regisfrafion feafuring fheir selecfion oi: ibis year's calendar queens. 288 Tau Kappa Epsilon sponsors a spring road rally during Spring Carnival. Members also par+icipa+e in a Nafional Public Service Weekend +hrough assis'rance a+ 'I'he Dunn Couni'y Men+al Hospi+al and a bicycle rodeo and safefy check. Es+her Fong reigns as TKE swee+hear+. The Red Carnafion Ball is our final maior ac+ivi+y of +he year. Fronf Row: Jeffry Peplau: James Hendrickson: Richard DocHer; Anfhony Mihalko. secrefary: Terry Weiss. presidenf: Sy Wera. vice president Dale Harbafh, freasurer: Donald Tupper; Gregory Kaufza. Second Row: Henry Nefzinger: Glenn Domokos: Kenne+h Bons: Roberf Harvey; James Lyon; Gary Winkler; Alan Skell; Pafrick Schneider; Glen Pawlifzke. Third Row: Pairick Cochrane: Gerald Guyer; Gary Glufh: Raymond Birk; Ronald Anderson: Richard Froom; Michael TKE sweefheari'. Esfher Fong, draws for a winner in flue ski raffle sponsored by Hie fraiernHy. Lover; KenneH'l Schlag: David Friday. FourH': Row: Ronald Tills: Gary Fifzpafrick: James Helgesen; Michael Springer; Gary Mohr; Al lrlbeck: Galen Raefher; Alan Anderson: Dale Lueck; Larry Peefers. Fifih Row: Maff Vander Veldon; Timofhy Brown; Larry Bafferman: David Bloomquish Douglas Bainbridge; James Conachen; Edward Miklavcic: Thomas Backes: Lee Gehrke. 289 290 Senior Index ABRAHAM. RICHARD E. Green Bay. Wis. Indusfrial Educaiion. Luih Col 1-2: STOUTONIA 3-4. phofo ed 3-4: TOWER 1-4. ABRAHAMSON. KAY J. Fairchiid. Wis. Home Economics Education. SNEA 4: He Club 2-4: Publicify chr 4. ADAM. MARY K. Milwaukee. Wis. Dieiefics. New Apos 1: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: FNA 3-4; He Ciub 2-4: UF 3. Advisory Council: Dean's L151: He Club Service Award 3. ADAMS. GREGORY E. Whife Bear Lake. Minn. Indusfriai Educa+ion. Gymn l-3:S-C1ub 3. AIKEN. DARLENE ANN Boulder Junc+ion. Wis. Home Economics Educafion Broadfieid. UCM I-2: SNEA 2. 4: 4-H 4: Sym Sing I-2: Gamma Sigma Sigma 2-4: frees 3. AINSWORTH. MARY E. Richiield. Minn. Home Economics Generai. AKIYAMA. STEVE T. Kahului. Maui. Hawaii. Indusfrial Educafion. Kappa Lambda Befa 2-4. ALLAMAN. GAYLE L. Bloomingfon. Minn. Home Economics Business. LSA 3-4. sec 4: A Psi 0 3-4: 4-H 3-4: WRA 2-4: AOC 3-4: Syn Swim 2-4. sec 4: Sym Sing 4: CC 2-3. vice pres 2. pres 3. AMICK. GORDiE W. Menomonie. Wis. Food Adminisi'rafion. ANDERSON. ALAN G. Carver. Wis. Indusfrial Educafion. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. ANDERSON. CRAIG L. New Richmond. Wis. Business Adminisfraiion. UCM 1: Tau Kappa Epsilon 3-4. pres 3: SAM 4: lEEE 3-4: Track 2: Radio Elec 1-3. pres 3. ARNESON. HAROLD N. Mondovi. Wis. lndusfriai Technology. IEEE 3-4. chr 4: Radio Eiec 1-2: Dean's List ARNESON. PAULETTE H. Sheboygan. Wis. Pre-school Educaiion. Gam- ma Delia 2-3. ARTHUR. LEO S. Trinida and Tobago. Wesf Indies. Indusfriai Educa- +ion. AUCONE. DORIS Bernardsville. N.J. Psychology. BALISTRERI. THOMAS W. Wes+ Allis. Wis. Indusirial Educafion. AIDD vice-pres 3: Swim 2-3: AssisiamL swim coach. BALSON. LINDA G. Lomira. Wis. Home Economics Educa+ion. Gamma Sigma Sigma 3-4: Syn Swim 2-4: P-P 1-3: 4-H 1. BANASIK. JANE E. LaCrosse. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Alpha Sigma Alpha 3-4. BARBER. JEAN E. Arkansaw. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. HE Club 3: SNEA 4: Public Relafions Comm 3. BARRETTE. FRAN E. Kewaunee. Wis. Home Economics General. New Apos I: IRC 1-3. sec 2: Film Soc 1-2. publici+y dir 2. BATTERMAN. LARRY E. Rosendale. Wis. lndushial Educa'rion. Tau Kappa Epsilon 3-4: IFC 3-4: AIAA 4: SNEA 4: IRHC 3: Dorm Council 3. vice pres 3: Dean's Lis+. BEARD. KAREN G. Whifehall. Wis. Home Economics General. HE Club 1-3: Sigma Sigma Sigma award I. BECCAWN, MARILYN A. Chicago. 111. Home Economics Generai. New Apos I-2:A1pha Omicron Pi 2-4: HE Club I-2. BELISLE. JOHN L. Somerset Wis. Indusfriai Technology. Kappa Lambda Befa 2-4: 1FC3-4. BELL. DARCEY J. Camp Douglas. Wis. Home Economics General. UCM 1: HE C1ub 4: 4-H 1-4. freas 3. BENHAN. JEFFREY K. Shawano. Wis. lndusfrial Educa+ion. LSA 2: MH Club 3-4. BENKOWSKI. JOSEPH A. Milwaukee. Wis. Vocafional Educaiion. Chi Lambda 3-4: AVA 3-4. BENNINGHOFF. ALICE L. Manhassef. N.Y. Preschool Educaiion. Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4. music chr 3: Orchesis 2. pres 2: Gym Club 4: AOC I. BENZEL. GERALDINE L. Menomonie. Wis. Business Adminisfrafion. SAM 3-4. sec 3: Dean's Lisf. BENZEL. WILLIAM G. Waferfown. Wis. lndusfrial Technology. Phi Sigma Epsilon 3-4. cor sec 4: Ten 1-4: S-Club 2-3. BERG. MICHAEL A. Eau Claire, Wis. lndusfriai Technology. SSIT 1: IEEE 3-4. vice chr 4: Dean's Lisf. BERGLUND. JUDY HENDR1CKSON Menomonie. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. LSA 1-2: Alpha Phi 2-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 2-4: HE Club 1-4. pres 4: P-P 1-2: Head MaioreHe 1-2: Who's Who 4: Medallion. BERKHOLTZ. AUDREY L. Brillion. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Delia Zefa 2-3. vice pres 2: HE Club 1-2: SPEGCI'1 C'Ub 1? Panhel sec 2: Mos+ Humorous Sfunf Nigh+ 2. BEST. IRDOBERT A. Eau Claire. Wis. lndusfrial Technology. SSIT 3: A D3. BIEVER, CHR1$T1NE A. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics General. Alpha Sigma Alpha 2-4: SNEA 4: HE Club 1-2. BILEK. MARYGAYE E. Kewaunee. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. New Apos l: Sigma Sigma Sigma l-4: SNEA 3-4: HE Club 2. 4: TOWER 3: Ba+on Twirler I. BIRD. THOMAS P. Arlingfon Heighfs. Ill. Business Adminisfra+ion. Phi Omega Befa 3-4: SAM 3-4. BLANCHARD. JOHN B. Osceola. Wis. American Indusiry. SSlT 3: AOC 2-4. vice pres 3. pres 4: Anf Aufo 2-3. frees 3. BODE. DAVID B. Milwaukee. Wis. Psychology. Can I: Alpha Phi Omega 3-4: Psychovecfor Analysis 3: Sporfs announcer 2-3. BOEHNER, JERRY L. Joliet 111. lndusfrial Technology 8: Vocafional Educafion. AIAA 4: SNEA 4: IEEE 4: Rifle Club 3: Dorm floor pres 3: Dorm vice pres 3: Soufh Area Council 3: IRHC 3: Co-chr Spring Carnival 3. BOESE. ROGER J. Oshkosh. Wis. lndus'rrial Educaiion. SNEA 3-4: A1AA3-4: lnfr 1-2. BOHLE. DARLENE E. Highland. Wis. Home Economics. New Apos 3-4: HE Ciub 2-4: SNEA 3-4. BOHN. THOMAS A. Kenosha. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. Chi Lambda 2-4. alumni sec 4: Epsilon Pi Tau 2-4: 5T5 2-4. vice pres 3. pres 4: SSiT i: STOUTONIA 1-3. managing ed 3: Who's Who 4: Medallion. BOYEA. LINDA K. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. New Apos 1-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: WRA 3-4. BRINKMAN. KAREN N. LaCrosse. Wis. Home Economics General. LSA I: HE C1ub3-4: SNEA 2: ADC 2: UF 3-4: Dean's Lisf. BRION. LAMOINE E. Eau Claire. Wis. lndusfriai Technology. Gamma Delfa 2-4. vice pres 3. +reas 3: LSA 3: IEEE 3-4: Vefs 2-4: Radio Else 3: 531T 3-4. BROWN. SANDRA A. Founfain. Minn. Home Economics EducaHon. LSA 3: P-P I:Judicia1 Board 2: Dorm Council 2. BRUNKOW. PAUL M. Eau Claire. Wis. Indusi'rial Technology. NAHB 3-4: Dean's Lisf. BUCHHOLZ. JUDY A. Soufh Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Educa- fion. New Apos 1-3: UF 2-4: SYV 3: Dorm Council 3. BUCKI. WALTER Medford. Wis. lndusfrial Educaiion. Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4: NAHB 3. BURGHER. CATHERINE A. Virginia. Minn. Home Economics Educa- +ion. Phi Upsilon Omicron: SNEA 3-4: HE Club 3-4: Dorm Council sec 3: Floor pres 2-3. BURMEISTER. THOMAS J. Dansviile. 111. lndusfrial Technology. Chi Sigma Nu 1-2: Bakfb 3: SSIT 4. BURNS. THOMAS E. Mani+owoc. Wis. lndus'rrial Educa+ion. Sfage Band 2-3: AOC 2-3: Rifle Club 4: Pep band 1-3. BUSCH. KATHLEEN A. Janesville. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Phi Upsilon Omicron 2-4: Syn Swim 2: HE Club 2. BYRUM. TRUDY E. Anoka. Minn. Home Economics Educafion. Gamma Sigma Sigma 3-4: SNEA 3-4. CARLSON. HERBERT C. Abbofsford. Wis. Indusfrial Educa'iion. Judo l: AOC I. CHAPMAN. CAROL A. River Fails. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. SNEA 4: HE Club 2-4: 1nfr 3: C Chr 3. CHOPIN, MICHAEL J. Kaukauna. Wis. lndusfrial Educaiion. Sigma Pi 2-4. CHRISTENSEN. RUSSELL E. Jim Falls. Wis. Indusfriai Educafion. CHRISTOPHERSON. REBECCA L. 51. Paul. Minn. Home Economics in Business. Alpha Sigma Alpha 2-4. freas 2-3: HE Club 1-4: AOC I-2. CLARKSEN, ARLYN W. Two Rivers. Wis. indusirial Educa3ion. STS 3-4. COLEMAN. MELVIN D. Cleveland. Ohio Psychology. Bakfb 1-4. All conference 3. Leadership award 3. mosf valuable player 3. besf defensive player 3: L11 Club 3-4: Afro-Amer 3-4. social chr 3-4: S-club 4. COSTA. BERGETTA A. Norfhfieid. Minn. Arf Educafion. SNEA 4: WRA 2-4: Film Soc 2-3: IRC 1: AA 3-4: Irene Erdieiz Award 2. CRONK. RHODA J. Superior. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. SNEA 3. CROSBY. BRUCE R. Glencoe. Minn. indusfrial Technology. IEEE 3-4. co-chr Awards Comm 3-4. CZAPLEWSKI. GREGORY A. Milwaukee. Wis. lndusiriai Educaiion. DANIEL. MARY C. Chippewa Falls. Wis. Preschool Educaiion. Alpha Sigma Alpha 1-4: Pom Porn 2. freas 2: Panhel 3-4. +reas 4: Union Board Coffee House Comm 4: Homecoming queen candi- dafe: Who's Who 4. DANIELEWICZ. RICHARD C. Thorp, Wis. lndusiriai Technology. New Apos l: NAHB 2-4. DAVIS. LINDA D. Aifkin. Minn. Home Economics Educafion. HE Club 1. DAY. RONALD E. Eau Claire. Wis. Psychology. S-Club 3-4: Gymn l-4. cap? 3-4. mos+ valuable 2-3. sfafe +1er 2. NNA ail sfafe feam 2-3. DEBNER. ROBERT A. Bruce. W15. Indus'rrial Educafion. Alpha P111 Omega 2-4: SNEA 4: NAHB 3-4. DEHNE, MARVIN L. BurneH. Wis. Psychology. DELONGE, LAWRENCE A. Mequon. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. C111 Lambda 3-4: SSIT 2-4. DEMARS. DONNA J. Cameron. Wis. Die+e+ics. Phi Upsi1on Omicron 4: FNA 2-4. DIETRICH. RUSSELL L. Easf Jordan. Mich. lndusfrial Educafion. DIGMAN. GEORGE H. Wausau. Wis. Indus'rrial Educafion. DOMBROCK. LARRY L. 51. Croix Falls. Wis. lndusirial Educaiion. Ffbl 1-3: Base 1-4: AOC 3-4: Afhlefic Trainer 3-4: Bskfb Man 2-3. DOMKE. T1MOTHY G. Defroif. Mich. American Indusfry. Phi Omega Befa 2-4: Bsk+b 2-4. DONICA. JOHN E. Livonia. Mich. lndusfrial Educafion. DONNELLY. SARA J. Richfield. Minn. Home Economics Educa'fion. Sigma Sigma Sigma 1-4. cor sec 4: SNEA 4: HE Club 34; Pom Pom 1-2. Trees 1. DORSEY. JOHN C. New London. W15. Indusfrial Educaiion. A1pha Phi Omega 2-4. alumni sec 3. DOTTAVIO. ELIZABETH M. Glenview. 111. Home Economics Educaiion. New Apos 1-2: Pom Porn 1: Orchesis 2. DRESDEN. PAT Eau Claire. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Alpha Sigma Sigma 2-4. membership dir 4. DUESCHER. LINDA F. Peshfigo. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. Lufh Col 1-3: Phi Upsilon Omicron 2-4: Pi Kappa DeHa 3-4. pres 4: HE Club 2. 4: SNEA 4; Syn Swim 1-4. sec 2, show-coordi- na1or 3; Who's Who 4; Medallion. DUITMAN. JUDY M. Fond du Lac. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Alpha Omicron Pi 2-4, cor sec 3-4; SNEA 3-4: Homecoming queen candida+e 4. DUMKE. LLOYD E. Porfage. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4. alumni sec 3. cor sec 4: NAHB 2-4. sec 4; SSIT 3. DUNHAM. RONALD J. Jefferson. Wis. Indusfrial Educaiion. Kappa Lambda 8916 2-4. DUNLAP. JOHN P. Ashland. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. SSIT 3-4. publicify chr 4: UF 4. EBERHARDT. DARREL C. Black River Fa11s. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. New r'xpos 1-2; F+b1 1; Radio E1ec3; SSIT 3-4. ENGLISH. CORINNE M. Soufh 51. Paul. Minn. Home Economics Educafion. Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: HE Club 3: UF 2. ENRICO. SHARON M. Chisholm. Minn. Home Economics EducaNon. A1pha Phi 2-4. cor sec 3-4: HE Club I; SNEA 4. HE Club 2-4: SNEA 3-4: Band 1-4. ERICKSON. NANCY E. Goodhue. Minn. Home Economics Educai'ion. ESLINGER. CHERYL J. Chippewa Falls, Wis. Preschool Educa+ion. New Apos 1: WRA 2-3: AOC 4. ETTEN. DANlEL C. Brookefield. Wis. Indusirial Technology. Kappa Lambda Befa 2-4. Corr Sec 3-4. ER1CKSON. NANCY B. LaGrange. 111. Home Economics Educaiion. Alpha Sigma Alpha 1-4. ed his+ 3: SNEA 2-4: Pom Pom 1-2. co-capf l: TOWER 3: STOUTONlA 2: RA 2-3: Grap w Ideas 2. EVERT. LOIS E. Pewaukee. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. HE Club 2. 4: SNEA 4: WRA 2. FALKOWSKI. GERALD F. HaHey. Wis. Indusirial Technology. Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4: Track 1-4: SSIT 2. 4: Class pres 2. C1ass vice pres 3; Who's Who 4'. Medallion. FELDKAMP. JANICE E. Madison. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. HE C1ub 2-4: Bow127TOWER 2. FELDKAMP. RICHARD N. Kaukauna. Wis. Indusfrial Educafion. Epsi1on PiTau 3-4:1EEE 3-4: 1n1r 1-2. FELDKAMP. ROBERT L. Kaukauna. Wis. Indushial Technology. New Apos 1: Epsilon Pi Tau 4: 1EEE3-4: 55113-4: Dean's Lisf. ' FELSKI. RICHARD P. Hagaman. N.Y. lndusfrial Technology. Ve+s 2-4. FERSTENOU. DENNIS A. Bloomer. Wis. Indushial Technology. Phi Sigma Epsilon 2-4: NAHB 3-4. vice pres 3-4: SSIT 3: SSA senafor 3: Who's Who 4. FILLINSKY. JR.. WALTER P. Chicago. 111. Indusfrial Technology. FOLEY. JACKIE C. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Educa+ion. DeHa Zefa 2-4. guard 2-3: Pom Pom 1: AOC l: Syn Swim I: Dorm floor social chr 3: Winfer spor+s queen candidafe 3. FOX. DAVID R. Milwaukee. Wis. 1ndus1ria1 Educaiion. STS 3-4; 1n1r 1-3. FRAHM. JON E. Spooner. Wis. Indusfrial Educaiion. AIAA 3-4. FREIERMUTH, ROBERT L. Keni1wor1h. N.J. Indushial Educafion. GALLEY. CHARLOTTE G. Hibbing. Minn. Home Economics Educa+ion. Alpha Phi 2-3: SYB 2: HE Club 2. GARDIPEE. GEORGE D. B1ack River Falls. Wis. lndushial Educaiion. Sigma Pi 2.4; AIAA 4. GAY. CHARLENE J. Columbus. Wis. Preschool Educafion. GAZDA. TED J. Mosinee. Wis. American Indusfry. SNEA 3-4: UF 4. -i GEARHART. RANDALL F. Indiana. Penn. Indusirial Educa+ion. Wres 1-2. 4; Moforcycle C1ub 3-4. pres 3-4. GENSKOW. PATRICIA A. Suring. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Lufh C01 2-3. freas 3: Alpha Omicron Pi 2-4: HE C1ub 1-4. +reas 3; SNEA 4. GLENZ. DAVID C. Cadoff. Wis. Indusfrial Educa+ion. GOLDSMITH. MARY E. LaCrosse. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. HE Club 1-2. 4: Fash For 3-4: SNEA 1-2: Bow14. GRACYALNY. STAN V. Green Bay. Wis. Indusirial Educafion. STS 2-4. Jrreas 3. GRANCHALEK. DALE R. Green Bay. Wis. Psychology. New Apos 1: UF 1-4: TOWER 1-4. STOUTONIA 1-4. SSA pres 3-4: Class pres 31Who's Who 4: Medallion 4. GRAY. BARBARA PAUSTIAN Greenfield. Wis. Diefefics. UCM 1: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: Band 1-4. sec-freas 2. GROMMESH. LOIS ARMBRUSTER Menomonie. Wis. F6511 For 3-4: Messiah Orchesfra 1-3: Naf'1 Wool Comp 3. GROMMESH. ROBERT J. Menomonie, Wis. Indushial Technology. New Apos 1-2: NAHB 2-4. GRUSZ. JOHN K. Villa Park. 111. Business Adminis'rra'rion. Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4: SAM 3-4. GUCKENBERGER. EDWARD J. CaIedonia. Wis. lndusfrial Educafion. Epsilon Pi Tau 2-4: STS 1-4. pres 3. 59+ 61 arms 4: TOWER 2-4. producfion ed 3. associafe ed 4: Dean's L151". Who's Who 4: Medallion. GUELLO. SAMUEL F. Superior. Wis. Indushial Educa'lion. AIAA 2. 4: AOC 2. 4. GUNDERSON. JUDITH A. Edina. Minn. Home Economics Business. De1+a Zefa 2-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4. music chr 4: Sym Sing 1-3: TOWER 3. assf liferary ed 3: Dorm Council 2-3. dorm +reas 2. Hoor pres 2: Panhel 2-4. pres 4: Who's Who 4: Meda1lion. GURN. FAITH E. Greenfield. Wis. Home Economics EducaHon. LSA 1-3; Gamma Sigma Sigma 24 vice pres 4: HE Club 4: SNEA 4: Li+C1ub 2. GURNEA. BARBARA A. Elmhursf. 111. Art Educafion. Eques Club 4: Quarfer Square 1-3: Dean's L151. GUSTAFSON. ERICA R. Ladysmifh. Wis. Home Economics General. New Apos 1-2: Pom Pom I: Syn Swim 3-4. vice pres 4; TOWER 2-4. HAMMEN. ANN D. Ripon, Wis. Home Economics Educafion. UC of Chris+ adviser 4: HE Club 1-4: SNEA 3-4: RA 2-3: UF 4. s+eering comm 4: Band 1-2. 4. publicify chr 2: Dance Band 1-2; 4-H 1-3. vice pres 2. 11151 1-2. pres 3. Presidenf Micheels and Dale Granchalek. SSA Presidenf. answer sfu- denf quesiions abou+ Sfouf's role in regards +0 +he Mission Siafemeni a1 a Presidenf's convocaiion. 291 292 HANLEY. WILLIAM J. Sun Prairie. Wis. Indus'rrial Technology 81 Applied Mafhemaiics. New Apos 1-3: Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4. sec-+reas 4; IEEE 3-4: SSIT 4: AOC 2-3; Radio Elec 3. HANSON, TRUDIE Sfrum. W15. Home Economics General. LSA I; SNEA 2: ADC 3-4: TOWER 3. HAPPEL. CAROLYN A. Richfield. Wis. Clo+hing 8x Texfiles. Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4; RA 3-4; HE Club 12: UF 3-4: exec sec 4: Dean's L151; MedaHion. HARBATH. DALE D. Clin+onville. Wis. Indusirial Technology. New Apos 1-2: Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. freas 3-4; ln+r 1-4: SSIT 1-4; UUB coffee house comm 3-4. HAZELTON. BRUCE E. Milwaukee. Wis. Indusfrial EducaHon. New Apos 1: AIAA 1. 4: AVA 1; 1n1r 1-4: Floor pres31RA 4. HEEBINK. JEROME C. Baldwin. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4. program chr 4: NAHB 3-4: SSIT 3-4. HELMING. THOMAS A. Tomah. Wis. lndusfrial Technology. HENKELMAN. MICHAEL R. WhHe Bear. Minn. Indusfrial Technology. Phi Omega Befa 3-4: Wres 1-2. 4. HENRICKSON. JAMES M. Clinfonville. Wis. Indus+rial Technology. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. sgf-af-arms 3-4: SSIT 2-4; ln+r 2-4: Syn Swim 1-4. pres 4. HICKEY. JANET A. Fond du Lac. Wis. Home Economics EducaHon. New Apes 3-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4. cor sec 4; SNEA 3-4. freas 4: HE Club 4; TOWER 2. HINKLE. ALAN Skokie. 111. Indusfrial Educaiion. SNEA 4: Track 2: AOC 3-4: Phofo sfaff 2-4. HODGKlNSON. WILLIAM K. Mi1waukee. Wis. Indusfrial Educaiion. Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4: IEEE 4: Radio Elec 1-4I +reas 3. pres 4. HOLMES. ELIZABETH A. King. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Fash For 3-47 HE Club 2-3. HOPP. KATHLEEN A. Milwaukee. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. New Apos l: Delfa Ze+a 2-4. +reas 3-4: HE Club 1-2: Fash For 3-4: Dorm Coun 3. HUEBNER. ROGER L. HorfonviHe. Wis. Indus+rial EducaHon. Chi Lambda 2-4: Base 1-2: 1n+r l-4:S-C1ub 1-2. HUNSINGER. JR.. RALPH H. Waukegan. 111. Industrial Educafion. Phi Sigma Epsilon 3-4. HUSET. ARLENE L. Cass Lake. Minn. Home Economics Educaiion. SNEA 4: Band I. HUTINS. JUDITH M. Chicago. 111. Fashion Merchandising. AOC 3: Fash For 3: SAM 3. IRLBECK. ALLAN N. Hinckley. Minn. lndus+ria1 Technology. New Apos 1-2: Tau Kappa Epsi1on 2-4: Infr 1-4. JACOBSON. SHARON L. Hammond. Wis. Home Economics Educa- +ion. Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: SNEA 4: HE Club 2-3: Academic Forum325TOUTON1A 2. JANKE. KURT A. Rhinelander. Wis. 1ndus+rialTechnology. JARVAR. DOUGLAS A. Eau Claire. Wis. Indushial Educafion. Phofo confes+ 3. JESCHKE. KENNETH H. Menomonie. Wis. Indusfrial Educafion. IEEE 3-4. JOHNSON. BRADLEY A. Osceola, Wis. lndushial EducaHon. AIDD 3-4. sec 3-4: SNEA 3-4: Epsilon PI Tau 4. JOHNSON. BRUCE A. Red Wing. Minn. lndusfrial Educafion. SMS 3-4. JOHNSON. DIANE M. 05590. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. LSA 1-2: HE Club 2: SNEA 4. JOHNSON, ELIZABETH M. Minneapolis. Minn. Home Economics Educafion. DeHa Zefa 1-4: SNEA 3-4: HE Club 1-2. JOHNSON. KENNETH S. Kingsfon. Jamaica lndusfrial Educa+ion. UF 4: IRC 3-47 Dean's L151. . JOHNSON. ROBERT W. Chefek. Wis. Industrial Technology. Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4: 5511 3-4. JOHNSON. RONALD C. Barringfon. 111.1ndusfrial EducaHon. JOHNSON. VERNON G. Sunburg. Minn. Indushial Educa+ion 8r Indy:- +ria1 Technology 8. Vocafional EducaHon. Chi Lambda 1-4. 1115+ 3-4; Radio Elec 1; SNEA 3-4; Base 1-4: Bowl 1-4: WSU Honor Team 1-4: Afhlefe of +he Week 3: AOC 1-4'. 5-Club 2-4, p1edge- masfer 2. pres 3-4: 1n+r 1-4: Dean's L151: Who's Who 4: Medallgn. JOHNSON. WAYNE D. Pine Cify. Minn. Indushial Technology. Sigma Tau Gamma 3-4: SSIT 4. JOOS. BRUCE A. New London. W15, lndus+rial Educafion. STS 2-4. sec 3, vice pres 4. .. JUNGE. ILMAR Milwaukee, Wis. 11ndus+rial Technology. Selonlla 1-4. Economics: Enqineering Assoc 1-3: ASCE 1-3: NAHB 2-41 55'T 3-4: "Guys and D0115." JUREK. GLENN A. Skokie. 111. lndushial Educafion. SMS 2-3. freas 3: Swim 1-3. co-capf 3'. UP 3-4. . . JUREK. JANE M. Chippewa F5113. Wis. Fashion Merchandlsmg- .New Apos I: HE Club 3; Fash For 3: UF 2-4: Dorm -COUnC11 3; Floor pres 3: Cafherine Skee1s Award 2: S1ou+ Foundahon Scholar- shi 4. KAISER? JEAN L. Menomonie. Wis. Preschool Educa+ion. . . KAMPS. DIANE EBERT Marshfield. Wis. Home Economics Educahon. S-club members use an assembl I' 4 . y-Ine mefh d f 1 ' ' - walks In fronf of The Commons. 0 0 C 93m"! 'CY Side Gamma Sigma Sigma 3-4: SNEA 415 m Sin 2-3. KELIHER. KENNETH P. Brookfield. 111.ylndus?rial Educafion. Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4. cor sec 2. rec sec 3. pledge masfer,4. KERSTEN. JOAN M. Sfone Lake. Wis. Home Economics Educa+ion. KEN??? senggErrf-T Academic Forum 3-4: Medallion. . . C ress. Calif. Fashion " ' SOIF 2.3; Li+ Club 2y; pres 3. Mercmd'smg' LSA I' KIM. YIL BOK Seoul. Korea Arf. KINiSI'IQ3N3 JOHN A. Sfevens Point Wis. Indusirial Technology. KIRKF.,h..JLIJalTH J. Menomonie. Wis. Preschool EducaHon. LSA 1: Alpha 1 - . KIRK. THOMAS R. Menomonie. Wis. Indusfrial Educafion. Sigma Pi 1-4. pres 3-4: IFC 2-3: AIAA 3-4. K1RT2Z. JANE1 A. Mausfon. Wis. CloHning 81 Texfiles. SCF l-4. sec KISTLER. DONALD F. Waukegan. 111. American Indusfry. Chi Lambda 1-4. freas 4; Sym Sing 1-2: SSA freas 3; Who's Who 3: Medallion. KITZMANN. CAROL A. Eland. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. New Apos 1: Sigma Sigma Sigma 1-4, vice pres 3. rec sec 4: HE Club 1-4: SNEA 2-3; Sfudenf Courf 2-3; UF 2-4. advisory board 4: Who's Who 4: Medallion. KLAWITER. THERESE R. Weyerhauser. Wis. Home Economics Educa- +ion. Rifle Club 1-2. sec 2. KLAWITTER. DENNIS M. Mosinee. Wis. Indushial Educaiion. KLIMA. KENNETH N. Racine. Wfs. Indusirial Technology. Phi Sigma Epsilon 1-4. KNAAK. DENNIS L. Birnamwood. Wis. lndusirial Educa+ion. Sigma Pi 2-4. counselor 3-4. KOEPP. DENNIS A. Evansville. Wis. lndusirial Technology. LSA 1: Chi Lambda 2-4: SSIT 1-4. vice pres 4: TOWER 2: AOC 1-3. KOLMOS. KANDY A. Whifewafer. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. LSA 1-2: Alpha Gamma DeHa 1-2: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: Fash For 3-4: UF 4: RA 4: Dean's Lisf. KOZAR, JEAN E. Mason. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Gamma Sigma Sigma 34; HE Club 34: Sym Sing 1-3. KRAUSE. NANCY L. Fores1L Park, 111. Home Economics Educafion. Delfa Zefa 2-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: SNEA 4: Alcoholic Beverages Comm 3: Winfer Carnival Comm 3: Curriculum Develop- menf Comm 3-4: SSA senafor 3; Campus Improvemenf Comm chr 3: Senafor Election Comm. chr 3: Sfudenf Services- Comm 4: Class freas 2: STOUTONIA. sociefy ed 3: 2nd place Ta1en1 Nigh13: Dean's L151:Who1s Who 4: Medallion. KREUTZ. RICHARD A. Sheboygan. Wis. Indusfrial Techno1ogy. NAHB 1-4: Bowl 2-3. KRISKE. GEORGE E. Fores+ Park. 111. Indusfrial Techno1ogy. Phi Sigma Epsilon 2-4. pres 4; Academic Forum 4: Homecoming parade marsha11 3-4. KRUBSACK. BONNIE L. Embarrass. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. HE C1ub 2-4. rec sec 3, vice pres 4: Fash For 3-4: WRA 2. poinf sec 2: STOUTONIA 3-4. KUBAT. CHRISTlNE M. Minneapolis. Minn. Home Economics Educa- +ion. Alpha Phi 1-4. +reas 3: SNEA 4: HE Club 1-2: Syn Swim 2: SSA senafor 3: Academic Forum 3-4: Acfivifies Board 4. KUSMER. RAYMOND J. Addison. 111. Indushial Technology. Ar+s 81 CraHs 2-3. KUTCHER. YVONNE SCHROEDER Camp Douglas. Wis. C101hing 81 Texiiles. UCM 2: P111 Upsi1on Omicron 3-4: Fash For 3-4: 4-H 1-4. sec 2: Band 1-3, vice pres 3: Dean's L151. LACOMBE. GERALD P. MarineHe. Wis. Indusfrial Educaiion. A1DD 4: MH C1ub3-4. LACOUNT. KENNETH H. Green Bay. Wis. 1ndus+ria1 Technology. Phi Omega Befa 3-4: SSIT 3-4: 1FC 3-4. LANGE. STEVE P. Wa1do. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. IEEE 3-4; Radio E1ec 2-4: Anf Aufo 2-4. 1reas 4. LARSEN. WAYNE A. Forf Afkinson. Wis. 1ndus+ria1 Educafion. AlAA 3-4. LARSON. LARRY Jolief. 111. Indusfrial Educaiion. NAHB 4; SNEA 4. LASICA. KARL S. Beaver Dam. Wis. 1ndusfrial EducaHon. Phi Omega Be+a 2-4: STS 2-4. LAWRENCE. ROBERT A. Ho11idaysburg. Penn. Business AdminishaHon. Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4; SAM 3-4: Bskfb 1-4: Base 1-4. cap? 4 LAWRENZ, LANA P. A1goma. Wis. Home Economics Educai'ion. Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4. public relafions chr 2-4; Phi Upsilon Omicron 2-4. rec sec 4: HE C1ub 1-4l council 3: SNEA 1-3: TOWER 2-4. liferary ed 3, ed-in-chief 4: Publicafions Board 3-4: J. R. Wafkins award: Sfouf Found Scho1arsh1p: De1+a Kappa Gamma $cho1arship: P111 Upsilon Omicron Na11 Award; Dean's L151: Who's Who 3: Grap w 1deas3-4: Medallion. LEE. WILLIAM L. S+an1ey. Wis. Arf Educai'ion. Ar+ Club 1-2: P-P 2: Fi1m Soc 3-4, pres 3-4: L11 Club 3-4. Dale Granchalek presides over one of 11113 mosi' dynamic SSA mee11ngs when sfudenf elecfions are declared nu11 and void. LEEHE. LINDA M. Wilson. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. LSA 2-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4, chap1ain 4: HE Club 2-4. council 4: SNEA 3-4: 4-H 1-4. sec 3: Alpha Phi Scholarship 2: Naf'l Science Found Scholarship 2: HE C1ub Service Award 3: Legislafive Rank A Scholarship 1: Dean's L151: Sfa+e Leadership Granf 4. LEHMANN. KENNETH A. Beaver Dam. Wis. Indusfrial Educa+ion. Chi Lambda 2-4. vice pres 4: IFC 2-3. LIESKE, KRISTIN E. Loyal. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. HE Club 1-2: SNEA 4. LINDERT. CAROL A. Waupun. Wis. Preschoo1 Educaiion. SNEA 4: 1RC 2-3: P-P 2-3. L1NHART. GARY W. Chippewa F6115, Wis. Industrial Technology. Sigma P1 3-4. LOBERGER. CAROL M. Denmark. Wis. Die+efics. A1pha Sigma Alpha 2-4: FNA 2-4: HE C1ub 2-3. LORENZ, LYNDA L. Manifowoc. Wis. Psychology. De11'a Zefa 2-4. song leader 3-4: Cheer 1-3. cap+ 2-3: Gymn Club 2-3: HE Club 2-3: Psych Club 3: W1n1er Carn Queen Cand 1: Sporfs Queen Cand 3: N511 Cheer Clinic 4. LOVER, MICHAEL W. Mondovi. Wis. Indusfrial Educai'ion. New Apos 1-3: Tau Kappa Epsilon 3-4; 1n1r 1-4. LUECK. JOHN C. Dundee. 111.1ndusfr1a1 Educai'ion. Track 1. LUHM. JUDITH B. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. SNEA 1-4: HE C1ub1-4. LUND. SUSAN A. Zumbrofa, Minn. Preschoo1 Educafion. HE Club 21C Chr 3: TOWER 3-4. MAHLOCH. LORR1E L. Kohler. Wis. Preschool Educafion. New Apos 2-4: SNEA 3. MAHR. BETTY L. Oak Creek, Wis. Home Economics Educafion. SNEA 4: Band 1: Speech Club 1: Pub11c Rela+ions Comm 4: Dorm Council 1I 3-4. sec 3: Homecoming Queen cand 4. MAIN, ALAN A. 1ndependence. Iowa Indusfrial Educafion. SNEA 3-4. pres 4: NAHB 3. MAIN. JACQUELINE J. Loyal, Wis. Home Economics Educa+ion. P111 Upsilon Omicron 3-4: HE Club 2-4: SNEA 4: Band 1-3. MAJESKI. BOB E. Krakow. Wis. Indus'rrial Educafion. New Apos 1; NAHB 1-4: Rifle Club 1-4.v1ce pres 2: AOC 1-2. MAKI, DON L. Aurora. Minn. Indusfrial Educafion. AIAA 4. MARTIN. MARY. JO Sheboygan. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. A Psi 0 2-4. sec 4: SYV 3. N611 coordinafor 3. MARTIN. ROBERT W. Ladysmifh. Wis. Indusfrial Educafion. A1AA 1I 3-4: Vefs 2-4. Jrreas 3: Dean's Lisf. MARVIN. SANDRA L. Milwaukee, Wis. Home Economics General. SCF 1-2: UCM 1-2: P-P 1-4: IRC 2-4. MCCALLISTER. JEAN MATTINGLY Sou+h Be1011. 111. Fashion Mer- chandising. Alpra Phi 3-4. McCLINTOCK. DAVID R. Worcesfer. N.Y. 1ndus+ria1 Educafion. MCCOMBS. RODGER P. Harfland. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. Chi Lambda 3-4: IRHC 3: Dorm vice pres 3. 293 294 Prospecfive Sfouf s+uden+s fouring fhe metals deparimen+ ask for direcfions from flue sheef mefal man. MCGINN1TY. SUE E. Argyle. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. New Apos 1-4. cor sec 2-3: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4. vice pres 4: SNEA 4', HE Club 1.2; Sym Sing 3-4: Sfouf Found Scholarship 3. McGlNTY, BONNlE A. Hopkins. Minn. Fashion Merchandising. New Apos 3-4, sec 4: F551: For 3-4'. HE C1ub 2-4: Dean's L151. MElER. KERRY L. Whife Bear Lake, Minn. Indushial Educaiion. Gamma Delfa 1-4, vice pres 1, 4: Alpha Phi Omega 2-4. cor sec 4: Rifle Club 2-3, frees 3; Radio E1ec 2. MEYER. CARYN A. New Berlin, Wis. Home Economics Educafion. LSA 1-4, vice pres 2: ADC 1-4: P110110 Con1e51W1nner 3. MIHALKO. ANTHONY F. Soufh Milwaukee. Wis. Psychology. New Apos 1-4: Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. sec 3-4; UF 2-4. . MIHALKO. JAMES L. Soufh Milwaukee. Wis. Indusfrial Educahon. New Apos 1. 59161 arms 1. M1LLER. BRADFORD A. Des Plaines. 111. Indusfrial Technology. UCM 2: Epsilon P1Tau3-4. MILLER, GLORIA J. Menomonie, Wis. Ar+ Educafion. MJAANES, KRISTINE M. Edina. Minn. Fashion Merchandising. Phi Upsi1on Omicron 3-4: F5511 For 3-4: Dean's L151. . MOLE, DONNENE M. Burlingfon. Wis. Home Economics Educahon. Delfa Zefa 1-4. +reas 2.3; Phi Upsilon Omicron 4: SNEA 1-4: HE C1ub 1. . MORRIS. BARBARA L. Madison. Wis. Home Economics Educahon. Sigma Sigma Sigma 1-4. scholasfic Chr 4; HE Club 1-3: SNEA 2-4: AOC 1-4: Dorm vice pres 1. . MUELLER. JOHN A. Applefon. Wis. Indusfrial TechnOIOgy. C111 Lambda 3-4: 8511 1-2: 1n1r 1-4. MUGAN, WILLIAM D. Cascade, Wis, Business Adminis+ra+iom New Apos 2: Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4. freas 3-4: Pi Kappa DeHa 3-4: SAM 3-4. pres 4: STOUTONIA 3. business man 3: Debafe 2-3: For 3-4: Dean's List: S+a+e Leadership Granf; Grap w Ideas 4: RA 3-4: Who's Who 4: MedaHIon. MURRAY. ELIZABETH L. Menomonie. Wis. Home Economics Educa- +ion. Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: Diefefic Scholarship 1. NELSBON.26ARY W. Sunburg. Minn. Indusfrial Educa+ion. P111 Omega efa -4. NEL530N,UF1:21CHARD A. Applefon. Wis. Indusfria1 Technology. SSIT -4: 4. NERBUN. W1LLIAM J. Ladysmifh. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. Phi Sigma Epsi1on 2-4; Epsi1on Pi Tau 2-4: 5511 1-2. rec sec 2: AOC 4: Sfudenf Services 4: Who's Who 4. NESBT1TT. JOHN Green Bay. Wis. Indusfrial Educafion. Epsilon Pi au 3-4. NETZlNGER. HENRY E. Ring1e. Wis. Indusfrial Educafion. Tau Kappa Epsi1on 2-4. NEVICOSI. JOHN F. Beloif, Wis. Indusirial Educaiion. Kappa Lambda Befa 1-4. sec 3: AOC 2. NIELSEN. DAVID J. MinneapoHs. Minn. Indusfrial Educafion. A Psi O 1-4.1re'as 2. pres 3: Univ Theafre 1-4: freshman book award. NIELSEN. DOROTHY J. Green Bay. Wis. Preschool Educafion. A P51 0 2-4: 11151 4: Univ Theafre 1-4. N1EL$EN. WAYNE ROBERT Long Lake. 111. Indusfrial Educafion. A1DD 3-4. pres 4. NISSEN. CRAIG J. App1e1on. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4: STOUTONIA 3: SSIT 3. NOFFKE. LAURENE M. Beaver Dam. Wis. Arf Education. SNEA 3-4: RA 3-4. NOFFKE. THOMAS J. Neenah. Wis. Indusfrial Educafion. AIAA 1-2: NAHB 3-4. OBERMAN. JONATHAN K. Nelsonville. Wis. Business Adminisfrafion. Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4. audifor 3. cor sec 4: SAM 3-4: Dean's L151. , O'BR1EN, PEGGY E. Rice Lake. Wis. Preschool Educafion. New Apos 1-4: P111 Upsilon Omicron 4: Band 14. OESTREICH. LEROY G.Merr111. Wis. 1ndus+rial Educa'tion. OLSON. AUGIE JO Neillsville, Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. LSA 3-4. publicify chr 4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 4: HE Club 2-4: 1n1r3-4;WRA 3-4. OLSON. DAVID G. Minneapo1is. Minn. Indusfrial Educaiion. NAHB 3-4: Track 1: Wres 3-4. OLSON. KENNETH A. Hudson, Wis. American Indusfry. 6011: 1-4: Sym Sing 3. OPPERMANN, DOROTHY A. Shawano. Wis. Home Economics Educa- fion. SNEA 4: HE Club 4: STOUTONlA 1-2. OSEGARD. LARRY L. Hixfon. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. SSIT 3-4: IRHC 4: Dorm pres 4. OSWALD. HERMAN JOHN Milwaukee. Wis. 1ndus+r1a1 Technology. P111 Sigma Epsi1on 2-4: Wres 1: Tennis 2; Golf 3: SSA senafor 4: Meda1110n. OTT, KAREN A. Greenfield. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. LSA 1: SNEA 4: Band 1-4: Choir wind ensemble 1-4: UF 3-4. OVERBY. GORDON J. Chefek. Wis. Indusfrial Educaiion. PALFREY. SUE L. Lancasfer. Wis. Arf. Sym Sing 2-4: Winfer Carnival 3. FARR. MARLENE Green Bay. Wis. American Indusfry. LSA 1: SNEA 3-4: Orchesis 3. PATTERSON. CARRIE A. Waukesha. Wis. Preschool Education. UCM 1: UF 1. 4: TOWER 1-3. secfion ed 3. PAULSON. ARTHUR 1. Osceola. Wis. Indusfrial Educafion. Lufh C01 4', AIDD 3-4. PAWLITZKE. GLEN R. Two Rivers. Wis. Vocaiional EducaHon 82 Indus- +ria1 Educafion. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. hypophefes 3: Dean's L151. PECKMAN. JR.. STEVE W. Arbor Vifae, Wis. Indusfrial Educa'lion. New Apos 1-4: Sigma Tau Gamma 1-4. PEDRETTI. DIANNE K. Viroqua, Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. Alpha Phi 24: P111 Upsi1on Omicron 2-4: SNEA 2-4: HE C1ub 2. 4: P-P 2-3. sec 3: Judicial Board 3: Dean's L151: Wis HE Assn Scholarship 3: 3511 Canning Scholarship 1. PE1L. LYNNE M. Wes+ Bend. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. A1pha Omicrom Pi 1-4: SNEA 3-4: Pom Pom 1-3: co-cap1 2: SSA senafe 4: Calendar Girl 3. PELLOW, BRUCE E. Norfh Field. Ohio Indusfrial Techno1ogy. SSIT 3-4: Dean's L151. PERLEBERG, WILLIAM A. Plymoufh. Wis. Indusirial Educafion. LSA 2-4: Epsilon P1 Tau 3-4: Dean's L151: Anf Au1'o 3. PERRY. SHARON M. Che+ek, Wis. Home Economics EducaHon. LSA 1-2: Sigma Sigma Sigma 1-4: HE Club 1, 3-4; SNEA 4: Class frees 3-4. PESAVENTO, ALLEN R. Green Bay, Wis. Indusirial Technology. Kappa Lambda Befa 3-4. vice pres 4: SSIT 2: lnfr 1-4: Dean's L151. PETERS. WAYNE R. Fond du Lac. Wis. Indudrial Educafion. SCF 1-4. pres 2: Epsi1on Pi Tau 3-4: NAHB 3-4. PETERSEN. DARRELL L. E1roy, Wis. 1ndus+rial Educafion. IEEE 3-4. frees 4: 4-H 2-4. freas 2. PETERSON. LINDA B. Glenview, Ill. Preschool Educafion. DeHa Zefa 2-4; hisf 3-4: Pom Pom I. hisf I. PETERSON. LINDA K. Madison. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Alpha Sigma Alpha 1-4. vice pres 4: Pom Pom 1-2. hisf 2. PFLUGHOEFT. CHERYL R. Algoma, Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Lu+h Col 1. 4; Alpha Sigma Alpha 3-4. +reas 4: HE Club l-4: SNEA I-2; AOC 3-4: TOWER 3. PLATTA. RENEE M. HaHey. Wis. Diefeiics. Delia Zefa 2-4. cor sec 2-3. vice pres rush 3-4: FNA l-4. public relah'ons chr 3-4: HE Club I: SSA senafor 3; Medallion. POLRAND. DEE A. Viola. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4; SNEA 3. POLASKY. MARY L. Menomonie. Wis. Preschool EducaHon. Delfa Zefa 2-4, ac+ivifies chr 2-4. POWELL, ROSALIE Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Business. Gam- ma Sigma Sigma I-4. social4chr 3. pres 4: HE Club 3: lnfr l. 3-4: Winfer Carn 2-3; TOWER 3. section ed 3: Dorm Council l-Z: RA 3-4: UF 4: Medallion. PRICE. JERRY W. Menomonie. Wis. Indusfrial Educaiion. Alpha Phi Omega 2-4. pres 4; Rifle Club I-3. hisf 3. PRIEBE. FRED A. Bryanf. Wis. Indushial Educa+ion. Gamma Delfa l-4. pres 4. region pres 4: Alpha Phi Omega 2-4; AOC 2: STOUT ONIA 3-4. sporfs ed 3. PRIEM. JACQULYN J. Columbus. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Lufh I-4. vice pres 4: HE Club 2-4: SNEA 3-4; Dorm Council 3. PRYGA. LAURA J. Mosinee, Wis. Home Economics Educafion. New Apes l-2: HE Club 4: Miss Newmanife l. PRYOR. JUDITH K. Menomonie. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. C Chr 2-4. PURMAN. LEE A. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. New Apos I; Alpha Phi l-4. Siggins Scholarship 3: Panhel 3-4. vice pres 4: SNEA 4; Publicafions Board 3-4. sec 4: Dorm pres I'. IRHC sec 2; Homecoming convo chr 4: RA 4: Winfer Carn queen cand I: Dean's List UF 2-4; Who's Who 4: Medallion. RAESS. MARILYN A. GraHon. Wis. Home Economics EducaHon. HE Club I. 3-4: SNEA 4. RASSBACH. NICHOLS Menomonie. Wis. Business Adminis+ra+iom Sigma Pi l-4: SAM 3-4: lnfr l-4. RATZBURG. WILLIAM J. Racine. Wis. Indusfrial Educa+ion. Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4: AIDD 3-4; NAHB 3-4: SSA senafor 2: Speaker Review 3-4; Healfh 3 Physical Ed Advisory Comm 3; Dorm Council I. READER. ROGER C. Almond, Wis. lndusfrial Educa'lion. STS 3-4: Band l-4. REBARCHIK. LEN R. Black River Falls. Wis. lndushial Educafion. New Apos 1. 3-4. freas 3-4. M m Bulbs, irees and window greefings spread Chrisfmas cheer 1'0 Norfh Hall residenfs and +heir guesfs. REINDL. RICHARD A. Milwaukee. Wis. Indushial Educafion. Sigma Tau Gamma 1-4. sec 2-3, vice pres 3-4: In+r l-4: STS 2-4. pledge frainer 3: lnfnaH Assn Prin'ring House Craffsmen 3-4; SSA senafor 4; Who's Who 4. REINHARD. JAMES G. Shorewood. Wis. Indusfrial Educafion. REINERT. DENNIS M. Minneapolis. Minn. Indusfrial Educafion. Sigma Tau Gamma I-4. pres 4: SNEA 1-2: AIAA l-2: UF 3-4; Deans Lisf. RIERSGORD. DEBORAH L. Milwaukee. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Alpha Phi 3-4. vice pres scholarship 4; Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: Homecoming queens coronafion chr 3-4; UF 4; Assembly Lyceum 4. . RICHTER. JEROME J. Sheboygan. Wis. Indushial Educahon. SNEA 3-4. vice pres 4. ' RIHN. BEVERLY A. Chippewa Falls. Wis. Home Economics Educahen. HE Club 3: SNEA 4; WRA 2-4. in+r chr 3-4: Irene Erdllh Award 3. ROBINSON. STEVEN R. DeKaIb. III. Indusirial Educafion. Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4. alumni sec 3-4: Golf I: lnfnaH Assn Prin+ing House Croffsmen 3-4: Class vice pres 4: lRHC l-2; STS 34: STOUTONIA 2-3. business man 2-3. adverHsing man 3: UUB 3-4. publici'ry chr 3-4. RODMAN. ANN S. Glads+one, Mich. Home Economics General. HE Club 1-2. 4: AOC 3-4. ROMANG. JUNE F. Afhens. Wis. Cloihing 3 Tex+iles. Alpha Phi 3-47 HE Club I-2; AOC 3: TOWER 3. ROMAYKO. SHARON A. Campbellsport Wis. American Indushy. Gamma Sigma Sigma 3-4. RORTVEDT. JUDY A. Madison. Wis. Home Economics Educa+ion. Phi Epsilon Omicron 3-4: SNEA 3. ROSSMEIER. JOHN J. Hilbert Wis. Indusfrial Technology. New Apos l: Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4: AOC 2; IFC pres 4: Dorm Council I-2; Who's Who 4. RYUN. HAROLD D. Wisconsin Rapids. Wis. Indushial Educafion. RYUN. MARGO MUELLER Milwaukee. Wis. Clofhing 8: Texfiles. SALMON. RICHARD M. Milwaukee. Wis. Indusirial Educafion. UF 4. SAMPLE. TIMOTHY J. Owen. Wis. Indusfrial EducaHon. New Apos 1-27 Alpha Phi Omega 2-4; his1L 3. SETTER. ALICE M. Dresser. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4. freas 3: SNEA 3-4: HE Club 24: 4-H l-4. vice pres 2. pres 3. SEVERSON. JOAN C. Bloomingfon. Minn. Home Economics Educafion. Alpha Phi l-4. social chr 3. chaplain 4; Pom Pom I-4. sec 2. 4: Winfer Carn Queen I; Calendar Girl 3. SOMMERFELD. LINDA A. GilleH. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Gamma Eelf; l: Universi+y Club I-4; SOlF 4. his'r 4: Film Soc 4: Fash or -4. SCHAFFNER. FRIEDA M. Trempealeau. Wis. Home Economics Educa- Hon. HE Club I. 4: SNEA 4. SCHQIR:.INORMAN H. Ashland. Wis. Indusirial Educafion. Rifle U . SCHEPS. JUDITH C. Eau Claire. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Gamma DeHa l: SOIF 4: Film Soc '4. SCHLAG. KENNETH Wausau. Wis. lndusfrial Educafion. New Apes 2-3; Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4: STS 2-4; lnfnaH Assn Prinfing House Craffsmen 3-4. SCHLEUSNER. JANET M. Ridgeland. Wis. Home Economics Educai'ion. Alpha Omicron Pi 2-4. pres 3-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: SNEA 1-4; HE Club I-4: Union AcfiviHes Board 4: General Mo'rors Scholarship l-4; Who's Who 4. SCHMID. SCOTT A. DesPlaines, HI. Industrial Technology. Chi Lambda 2-4: Bsk+b I; Ten I-4: AOC I-4. +rip chr 4: Sym Sing I-4: S-Club 2-4; SSA senafor 4: IRHC 2-3. pres 2: Dorm freas l. pres 27 Who's Who 4: Medallion. SCHMIDT. BARBARA E. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Sigma Sigma Sigma 24: HE Club 2: AOC 2-3. hisf 3: Panhel 3-4. rush chr 4. SCHMIDT, DAVID E. New Berlin. Wis. Indusirial Technology. Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4. house man 3-4; Ffbl l-2: Track I. SCHMIDT. JANICE FOLBRECHT Madison. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4. song chr 2. membership chr 2-3; SNEA 3-4; HE Club 3-4; Sym Sing l. SCHMIDT. KENTON W. Collins. Wis. Indushial Educaiion. NAHB 2-4: Vefs 2-4. +reas 2. pres 3. SCHNEIDER. MARY C. Fennimore, Wis. Home Economics Educa+ion. Sigma Sigma Sigma l-4: HE Club I. 4: SNEA 4. SCHNEIDER. PATRICK A. Rofhschild. Wis. lndusirial Educafion. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. Hegeman 2: AIDD 3-4: SNEA 4. SCHON. KARL E. 5+. Paul. Minn. Art Educafion. Sigma Tau Gamma 3-4. rush chr 3-4: AOC I-2. SCHOTTMULLER. NANCY L. Manifowoc. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Delfa Zefa 1-4. sfandards chr 2: STOUTONIA 3. news ed 3. SCHOTTMULLER. ROBERT L. Newport Minn. Indusfrial Educafion. Kappa Lambda Befa 2-4. freas 3: Ffbl I-3; Wres l-4.' Track I. 295 296 Dr. Barnard. chairman of the A-V deparimenf. adiusfs Hue cape of a guidance M.S. degree candidafe during Hwe January commencemenf exercises. SCHUFF. LEROY E. Oshkosh. Wis. lndusirial Educdion. EpsiIon Pi Tau 2-4. pres 4; UUB 2-4. pres 4; Union Physical Facilities Comm 3-4: Who's Who 4; Medallion. SCHULZE. CAROL J. Crysfal Falls. Mich. Fashion Merehandising. Alpha Psi Omega 3-4. SCOTT. PENELOPE S. Woodruff. Wis. Diefefics. New Apos I-3: FNA l-4: STOUTONIA l. SCHRl-NER. MICHAEL W. Madison. Wis. Indusfrial Educa'tion. SCHROEDL. TOM E. Minneapolis. Minn. Indusfrial Educafion. AOC I-4; SOIF 3-4; Film Soc 4: Mo'rorcycle Club 3-4. SCHROLL. MARY L. Hammond. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Infer-re- Iigious Council 1-3. vice pres 3: Gamma DeHa I-2. sec 2: Fash For 3-4; Dorm Council 3. SCHWARZ. GERALD W. Milwaukee. Wis. lndusfrial Educai'ion. SCHULTZE. LINDA L. Bafavia. III. Home Economics Educafion. SNEA 4: HE Club 4; Sym Sing 1-4. librarian 3. SEVERSON. MICHAEL D. Dallas. Wis. lndusirial Educafion. SCF 2: EpsHon Pi Tau 3-4; SNEA 4: AIAA 3-4: IRHC 3: Dorm pres 3: Dean's Lisf: Who's Who 4. SHADINGER. SANDRA L. Edina. Minn. Home Economics Educafion. Alpha Psi Omega 2-4. himL 3. vice pres 4: AOC I-2. SHEIL. MICHAEL L. Merrill. Wis. Industrial Technology. Phi Omega Be'ra I-4: 60H I-4; IFC 2-3: S-Club 2-4. SHERRY. DANIEL C. Viroqua. Wis. Indusfrial Technology. Sigma Pi 2-4: Ffbl I. 3. SHILHA. ROBERT J. Chippewa Falls. Wis. lndusfrial Technology. Ve+s 2-4. SHOBE. W. KEMP Indianapolis. Ind. lndusfrial Educa+ion. Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4. house frees 2-3. pledge masfer 3-4. SIBLEY. DAVID J. Mundelein. HI. lndusfrial Educafion. AIAA 4: Dean's Lisf. SIGGELKOW. LINDA K. Janesville. Wis. Home Economics EducaHon. HE Club 2-4: SNEA 3. SIMPSON. MICHAEL M. Durand. Wis. lndus+rial Educafion. New Apos 1-4: Alpha Phi Omega 2-4. rec sec 4; AIAA 3-4. SINKULAR. JO A. Graffon. Wis. Home Economics EducaHon. Alpha Phi l-4. chaplain 4: HE Club I. 3-4; SNEA 3-4: Sym Sing l-4: Dance Band 2-3: IRHC 3. sec 3: Dorm vice pres 3: Unifed Council Coordinafor 3; 2nd place Talenf Nighf: Winfer Carn queen cand I; Besf individual Sfunf Nighf I-3: Messiah soloisf l. 3; Calendar Girl 3: Homecoming queen 4: Who's Who 4; Medallion. SITTE. HANS J. Rochesfer. Minn. lndushial Technology. IEEE 2-4. co-chr awards comm 2-4. SITTISCijEiAMES A. Whi+ewa+er. Wis. Indush'ial Education. AIAA 4: 4. SLADKY. MARY BETH T. Milwaukee. Wis. Food Service Admin?s+ra+ion. New Apos 1-2.- Model Unifed Na+ions 2-3. SMERDA. JOHN J. Racine. Wis. lndusfrial Educafion. Am Soc Tool 8: Manu$ac Eng 1-4: SNEA 4: AIAA 4; Bowl 1. 3-4. SMITH. BRUCE A. Dalfon. Wis. lndushial Technology. SSIT 3-4: RA 3-4. SMITH. PATRICIA R. Boscobel. Wis. Home Economics Education. UCM 1-4. sec 3: SNEA 4: HE Club 1.3-4. SOLINSKY. HERBERT P. HarHand. Wis. lndusirial Educafion. Sigma Pi l-4. herald 3-4: Swim l: ln+r l-4. SPIELVOGEL. PATSY A. Ripon. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Alpha Sigma Alpha 2-4. chaplain 2-3. hisf 3-4. STEFANIAK. LEE R. Two Rivers. Wis. Inclus+rial Technology. SSIT 2-4: Dean's Lisf. STEINER. STEPHANIE S. Mausfon. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. New Apos 2-4: SNEA 3-4: HE Club 3-4: AOC 3. STIBBE. DONNA L. Richland Cenfer. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. UCM 1: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: HE Club I-4. Wis vice com- municaHons chr AHEA-College Clubs 4: SNEA 4: WRA l-2: Dean's Lisf: Who's Who 4; Medallion. STOLPE. SHARON L. Milwaukee. Wis. Preschool Educafion. New Apes 2: Alpha Omicron Pi 2-4. educaiion chr 4. STONE. JEAN A. Ripon. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. HE Club l-2: Fash For 4; SAM 4. STROM. JANICE V. Des Plaines. Ill. Fashion Merchandising. Alpha Omicron Pi l-4. educafion chr 27 Panhel 3-4. sec 4: Fash For 3-4. pres 4. SWALVE. JOAN L. Galesville. Wis. Diefefics. UCM I-4: FNA l-3- SWANSON. JEANNE H. Albany, Wis. Preschool Educafion. Gamma Sigma Sigma 3-4. socie+y ed 4; SYV 2: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: HE Club 2. SZYMASZEK. EUGENE E. Harwood Heighfs. III. lndusfrial Educafion. Epsilon Pi Tau 3-4: AIAA 3-4: SSA senafor 4: UF 4: Radio Elec 4: Dorm Council 2: IRHC 2: Dorm pres 2: Who's Who 4. TALBOT. JR.. JOHN H. Cumberland. Wis. lndusfrial Technology. TAPLIN, IRVIN C. Menomonie. Wis. lndusirial Educa+ion. AIAA 3-4: Infr 1-2: Arfs 8: Crafis 2-4. frees 3-4. TAYLOR. KATHLEEN M. Cicero. III. Home Economics Educafion. IRHC 3. TAYLOR, PHYLLIS J. Waukesha. Wis. Food Service Adminisiraiion. FNA 3-4. THIBADO. WILLIS A. Virginia. Minn. Psychology. THOMMES. JAMES W. Morfon Grove. Ill. lndusfrial Technology. Chi Lambda I-4: SSIT 2-4, pres 4. THOMPSON. JOAN K. Hurley. Wis. Preschool Educafion. HE Club 3. THOMPSON. SUSAN C. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Business. HE Club l-4: FNA 3: WRA I. TILLS. PATRICIA A. Milwaukee. Wis. Home Economics Business. Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4. philanihropic chr 4: STOUTONIA 2. TlNBERG. SHELBY J. Waferfown. Wis: Home Economics Educafion. Lufh Col 2-3: HE Club 2-4. newsleHer ed 3: SNEA 3-4: Merrill Palmer 3. TRIMBERGER. RONALD 6. New Holsiein. Wis. Business Adminisfraiion. New Apos l: Sigma Tau Gamma 2-4. house freas 3: SSIT l-2: SAM 3-4: SOIF 3: UP 3-4: Who's Who 4. UBEL. DINA L. Knapp. Wis. Dieiefics. Alpha Phi I-3: FNA l-4. frees 3: Pres Placemen+ Follow-up Comm I-4. UEBELE. JOHN L. Waferford, Wis. lndusfrial Education. New Apos 3: SMS 2-4. vice pres 4: Dean's Lisf. ULLMANN. LARRY L. Luxemburg. Wis. Indusfrial Educaiion. IEEE 4: Radio Elec 3-4, frees 4: Dean's List UM. BE Kandal. Cambodia Indusirial Educa+ion. IEEE 3-4. URICK. JOSEPH W. Virginia. Minn. lndusirial Educafion. F+bl I-3: Golf l-4: S-Club 2-4. pres 4. UTPADEL. DAVID R. Menomonie. Wis. lndusfrial Educaiion. VANCE. DIANE K. Altoona. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: HE Club 2-4: SNEA 2-4. VANDERVELDEN. MAW P. LiHIe Chufe. Wis. Indusirial Educaiion. Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4: lnfr I-4. VANVECHTEN. BETH L. Wauwaiosa. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4: Fash For 4. VELICH. RONALD J. Menominee. Mich. Indusirial Educafion. Chi Lambda 3-4: Bsk+b 2: S-Club 3-4: Dorm pres 3. VERBRICK. TRUDY A. Menasha. Wis. Home Economics Education. Alpha Phi 2-4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 2-4: SNEA 3-4: STOUTONlA 2-3. feaiure ed 3. VOIGTSCHILD. WAYNE D. Menomonie. Wis. Business Adminisfrafion. SAM 4. WAGNER. MARCIA D. GilleH. Wis. Home Economics General. LSA l-4: HEClub i. 4. WAGNER. RAYMOND M. Milwaukee. Wis. lndusirial Educaiion. Kappa Lambda Beia l-4. pres 3-4: AOC I-2. WATKINS. GARY T. Sf. Paul. Minn. lndusirial Technology. Kappa Lambda Befa 3-4: RA 3-4. WEAVER, MARGARET C. Arpin. Wis. Preschool Educafion. HE Club I-2. ' WAUPOCHICK. ANTHONY Keshena. Wis. lndusirial Educaiion. Epsi- lon Pi Tau 3-4: IEEE 3-4. sec 4. WAUPOCHICK. FAY A. Keshena. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. WEILER. JO C. Burlingfon. Wis. Home Eronomics Educafion. New Apos I: Alpha Phi l-4. pres 4: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: HE Club 2-3: SNEA 3: SSA cor sec 2-3: AOC 2-3: Unifed Council 2-3: UF 2-4: Sfudenf Services Comm 2. 4: Code of Conduci 3: Who's Who 4: Alumni Scholarship 3: Medallion. WEISS. TERRY J. Mondovi. Wis. lndusirial Technology. New Apes I: Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. freas 2. pres 3-4: SSIT 3-4: RA 3-4. WELHAVEN. JOANNE S+urgeon Bay. Wis. Home Economics Educa- +ion. LSA I-3. sec 2: Gamma Sigma Sigma 2-4. vice pres 3. alumnae sec 4: HE Club I: Floor pres 2: Dorm Council 2: TOWER 3. Greek ed 3. WERA. SY F. Marafhon. Wis. lndusfrial Educafion. New Apos l-4: Tau Kappa Epsilon 2-4. vice pres 3-4: IFC 3: NAHB 4: AIDD 4: SNEA 3-4: Class vice pres 2: Who's Who 4: Medallion. WHITBECK. CAROL A. Richfield. Minn. Cloihing 8: Texiiles. Sigma Sigma Sigma 24: TOWER 2-4. assoriaie ed 3'. STOUTONIA 2-4. managing ed 3. ed-in-rhie1c 3-4: PublicaHons Board 3-4: Speak- er Review Comm 4: Who's Who 4: Medallion. WHITE. LEROY J. Menomonie. Wis. Business Adminisiraiion. SAM 3-4. freas 3. vice pres 4: Ve+s 2-4. +reas 3. WHITE.'MARY A. Maiden Rock. Wis. Arf Educaiion. Sigma Sigma Sigma I-4: SNEA 2. 4. WHITE. PATRICIA A. Rofhschild. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Delia Zefa l-4: SNEA l-4: HE Club I. WIEMAN. MARLENE C. Menomonie. Wis. Business Adminisfraiion. SAM 4: Gymn 2-4: WRA 2-4. ireas 2-4: UUB 3: Dean's List WIEMERSLAGE. SANDRA K. LaCrosse. Wis. Cloihing 8: Texiiles. Delia Zeta I-4: AOC l: Fash For 3-4: RA 3-4. WlETZKE. SANDRA R. Milwaukee. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Alpha Sigma Alpha 3-4: Fash For 4: HE Club I-2. WILHELM. MARIE E. Spring Green. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: HE Club 3-4: SNEA 2-4: RA 3-4. WILLIS. GERALDINE E. Plano. III. Home Economics Educaiion. SNEA 4: AOC 2. WlLSON. JUDITH R. Wesf Allis. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. Delia Zefa l-4: HE Club I-2. WILTING. PAUL H. Beaver. Wis. lndusirial Educa'iion. New Apos l; Chi Lambda 2-4. vice pres 3. pres 4: Epsilon Pi Tau 4. WIRTHWEIN. SUSAN L. Milwaukee. Wis. Fashion Merchandising. Fash For 3-4. WISNEFSKE. MARILYN J. Wes1L Bend. Wis. Preschool Educaiion. Delia Zefa 2-4. sfandards chr 3: rec sec 4: HE Club I-2: Orchesis 3. WISNIEWSKI. THOMAS I. Lansing. Ill. lndusfrial Technology. Sigma Pi 2-4: led'b 2-4. WITTCHOW. JOY L. Rosendale. Wis. Home Economics Educaiion. SNEA 4: HE Club 4: Academic For 4: Unifed Council 3-4: AOC 4: Class social chr 4: Dorm pres 3: Souih Area pres 3: IRHC public relaHons chr 4. WOJTKIEWICZ. MARY ANN F. Thorp. Wis. Home Economics Educa- +ion. New Apes I-4: Inier-Religious Council 2-4. vice pres 4. cor sec 3: Gamma Sigma Sigma 2-4. cor sec 2: Phi Upsilon Omicron 2-4. pres 4: HE Club I. 4: SNEA 1-2. 4: UF 2-4. advisory board 4: RA 3-4: AOC I: Tau Kappa Epsilon Sweefhearf 3: Dean's Lisi: Who's Who 4: Medallion. WOLF. SUSAN F. Norfh Fond du Lac. Wis. Home Economics General. WOLFF. LAURIE L. Schofield. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. Delia Zefa I-4: HE Club I-2: SNEA 4: Panhe12-3.vice pres 2-3. WOLFORD. MARSHA M. Fergus Falls. Minn. Home Economics Educa- fion. Alpha Chi Omega I-4: AHEA l-2. WARDEN. ROBERT Wisconsin Rapids. Wis. Business Adminisiraiion. SAM 3-4. membership chr 3-4. WOYTASIK. ROBERT A. Hailey. Wis. Indusirial Technology. SSIT 2-4. ZAHN. CINDA G. Janesville. Wis. Home Economics Educafion. SNEA 3-4: HE Club I-4. ZANDER. THOMAS R. Livonia. Mich. lndusi'rial Educaiion. ZANER. GREGG W. Milwaukee. Wis. lndusfrial Educaiion. Sigma Tau Gamma I-4: sec 3-4. ZIEGELBAUER. CAROLYN M. Nor'rh Fond du Lac. Wis. Horne Eco- nomics Educafion. New Apos l: Sigma Sigma Sigma 2-4. pres 4; HE Club 4: SNEA 4: Class sec 3: Homecoming queen cand 4. ZIMDARS, DONNA M. Sullivan. Wis. Home Economics Education. Luih Col I-3. vice pres 2: Phi Upsilon Omicron 3-4: HE Club l-2: SNEA 3-4: MH Club 3-4. direcfor 3: UF 2-4: Dean's List Frank Mankiewicz. press secrefary for Roberf Kennedy. gives opinions aboui fhe I968 Presideniiai eleciion f0 Siouf quesfioners affer his 'Ialks +0 Hue sfudenf body. 297 A Aasen, Patricia IV 107 Abraham. Richard IV 107. I79 226. 228. 232 Abrahamson. Kay IV 107. 235 ABRAMS. JANE I97 Ackerf. AIan II 142 Adam, Mary IV 107. 234. 236 Adams. Eric I 153 Adams, Judy I 153 Adams. KJIhIeen I 154. 269 AGNEW. DWIGHT I95 Agnew. Thomas I 153 Ahlberg. Ingrid II 141. 226. 229 Ahlers. Gayle II 142 Aiken. Darlene IV 107. 280 Ainsworfh. Mary IV 107 Aisenbrey. Mary 11 I42 Akiyama. Sfeve IV 107. 284 AIberIson. Christine I 153 ALBRECHT. HELMUTH I73. 222 ALBRECHT. DONNA I30 Albrighf. Fred IV 287 Albrigh1.Greg 86 Albrighf. KthIeen II 276 Alcock. Kathy III 133. 233. 281 Alder. Ka'rhryn 1 154 Alfresco Ou'ring Club 246 Allaman, Gayle IV 96. 107. 247 250. 251. 253. 269 Allen. Jean IV 264 Allen. Sharon III 133. 245 Allison. Don III 287 AIpha Omicron Pi 276 Alpha PM 277 Alpha Phi Omega 282 Alpha Psi Omega 251 Alpha Sigma Alpha 278 Alton. Helen III 133 Amick. Gordie IV 107 AMTHOR. WILLIAM 183 Anasfasfa. Karen 11 I42 AnderI. Frederick I 153 AnderI. Lynda I 154 Anders. Mary 11 I41 Andersen. Bruce I 154 Andersen. Marfin 11 I42. 239 Andersen. Peggy I 153 Anderson. AIan IV 107. 289 Anderson. Barbara I 153. 248 Anderson. Beverly II 142. 281 Anderson. Cheryl III 133 Anderson. Craig A. I 153 Anderson. Craig L. IV 107 Anderson..David I 71 Anderson. Diane 11 142 Anderson, Elaine I 154, 246 ANDERSON. HERBERT 176 Anderson. Ingred III 278 Anderson. Jean 11 142 Anderson. Linda L. 111 I33. 229 Anderson. Linda M. II 142 Anderson. Lonnee l 153. 233. 248 Anderson. Maurice 111 I33 Anderson. Michael II 141. 288 ANDERSON. ORRIN 203. 207 Anderson. Paf 276 Anderson. Pearl IV 107 Anderson. Richard I 153 ANDERSON. RICHARD 175 Anderson. Roberta GR. 130 Anderson. Ronald II 289. 80 Anderson. Ray IV 107 Anderson. Roxene I 154 Anderson. ScoH III 286 Anderson. Susan I 153 Anderson. Torn III 287 Anderson. Tom 8. III 282 Anderson. Wesley III 133. 237. 238. 240. 242 Andree. Jane? III 133. 233. 247. 279 General Index Andres. Michael 11 86. 266 Andrews, Lona II 141 Andrews. RandaIl II 141 Anfinson. Gladys I 153. 255. 260 Annis. Gerald I 154 Anfhony. Barbara 11 I41. 248 AppIehans. Kennefh 11 145.270 Arazny, Paul I 153. 255 ARCHARD. DOUGLAS 206 Arhens. John 79 Arko, Roxanne l 154 Arndorfer. Rober'r III 105. 222 Arndf. Thom III 133 ARNESON. HERMAN 203 Arneson. Harold IV 107. 238 Arneson. PauIeer IV 107 Arfhur. Leo IV 107. 264 Aschenbauer. Paul I 153 Asher. Patricia I I55 AshIey. Candace I 153 Afhman. PhyIIIs III 133. 226. 233. 248 Afkins. Diane 11 I42, 279 Aucone. Doris IV 107 Aukland. Monica III 134. 278 Ausderau. Bruce 11 141.253 Avdek. Joseph 11 73. I41. 219 Ayers. Jack III 288 AXELSON. PAUL 182 Babler. Dorofhy l 154 Babsf, Beverly III 133. 234. 271 Backes. Thomas 111 I33. 289 Baeseman. Ronald III 133, 253 Baggeff. Ann 11 146 Baier. Linda I 155 Bailey. Dianne II 264. 269 Bainbridge. Douglas IV 289 8A1LEY.WILLARD 206 Baker. Barbara I 153 Baker. Mary I 154 Baker, Welfer IV 107 BALDUS. LORAYNE 193 BaIisfreri. Thomas IV 107. 266. 82 BaIko. CoIIeen IV 226. 229. 275. 279 Ballard. Cynfhia I 154, 252. 255 Ballard. George III 265 Balson. Linda IV 107. 250, 255. 280 BALDWIN. ROBERT 187 Banasik. Jane IV 107. 278 Banaszynski. Gregory II 141. 285 Banaszynski, NorberiL I 154 Banaszynski. Thomas I 153 Band 254. 255 Banks. Barbara III 219 Banks. John IV 223 Barbeau. Thomas I 153 Barber. Jean IV 107 Barber. Linda II 278 Barbiaux. Barbara 11 141. 219, 278 Barbiaux. Carol II 142. 281 Barfuss. Dennis III 133. 222. 238, 242 Barfuss. Linda II I43 BARNARD. DAVID 179.226 Barnes. Lyndell I 164 Barnharf. Larry I 153. 255 Barowsky. Dede l 153. 224. 271 Barr. Karen I 154 BarreHe. Fran IV 107 Bartel, Dennis III 71 Barfels. Christine 11 141 Barfelson. LaVonneI 153 Barfleff, Thomas 11 I41I 259 BASEBALL 90. 91 BASKETBALL 74. 75. 76. 77 Sasha. Barbara III 133. 245. 248 BaHerman. Larry IV 107. 222. 275. 289 Bauer. Wilma II 141 Baum, PafricIa I 153. 247 Bauman. Ann 111 278 Baumann. Kathleen I 154 Bavs. Philip III 283 8851. Linda IV 247 Beal, Luann II 142 Beagle. Helena 11 I41 Beard. Karen IV 107 Beccavin, Marilyn IV 107. 276 Becher. Dennis l 153. 82 Becher, RIdger 11 I41. 76 Beck. Keifh I 154 BECKER. KENNETH 200 BeCker. Susan II 142 Bedner. Richard II 149 Bedsworfh. Donna III 133. 233. 236. 277 Bee. Nancy II 141 Beebe. Deborah 1 153, 271 Beeck. James GR. 141. 80 Beasley. JaneI 67. 154 Beguhn. Jerry III 285 Behlman, Mary 11 I42 Behringer. Dale 1 153 Behrle. James II 142 Beirne. Beverly I 154 BELISLE. FRANK I72 BelisIe. Jon IV 284 Be". Darcy IV 108. 188. 260 Bell. Lance III 263 BeIIin. Meryl 153 Bender. Diane III 133 Bender, Lynn 11 I42 Benes. Gail l 152. 154 Benham, Jeffrey IV 108 Benkowski. Joseph IV 108. 237. 283 Benning. Mary I 153 Benninger. Linae I 154, 232. 252. 264 Benninghoff. Alice IV 108.281 BENSEN. JAMES 212 Benson. Jeffrey 11 I41. 284 BENTLY. PHYLLIS I72 Benz. Michael IV 108. 260 BenzeI. WIIIIam IV 88. 89, 108. 286 Benzel. Geraldine IV 244 Berg. Karen II 262. 263 Berg, Larry l 153 Berg. Michael IV 238 Berg. Patricia 1 155 Berg. Shirley I 154 Berg. Susan III 133 Bergelin. Donald II 141 Bergelin. Richard 111 I33. 242 Bergin. Mark II 285 Berger. Doris I 154 Bergh. Susan 11 142 Berglund, Judy 1V 100.235 Bergman. Ramona I 153 BergshoIm. VeIaug I 154 BerkholI-z. Audrey IV 108. 279 Berd. Mary II 141 Bersch. Jacquelyn I 270 BerHer. Margaref l 154. 232 Befhke. Susan III 133. 234 Bequer. AIIen II 141 BEVERIDGE. DAVID 176.179 Beyer. Anfhony II 141 Bibeau. Mary 1 153 Bibeau. Michael I 259, 265 Bibeau, Martin IV 64. 283 Bickel. Nancy 1 154 Biesemeier. Clarice III 133 Bieske. Judith I 154 Biever. Christine IV 108 BigIey.John II 141 Bilek. Mary IV 108.281 81rd. Thomas IV 108. 244. 285 Birk. Raymond III 133, 289 Birkel. Thomas 11 I41 Bishop. Ann 11 I41 Bishop. James III I33 Bierke. Jane 11 I42. 255 BJORNERUD. JAMES 187 81air.James II 141 Blake. Mary I 153 Blanchard. John IV 187. 246 Blenker. Brenda I 154, 246 BIIven. CaroI II 141 Bloch. Kafhleen III 133 Bloodworfh. Judifh 111 I33. 233. 236. 246. 277 Bloohm. Eric II 71 Bloomquisf. David III 244. 289 Bonham. Ronald II 91, 85 Bloy. Dennis III 284 Blunk. David I 154 Bockman. Joanne III 133. 281 Bode. David IV 108 BODVARSSON. HAUKUR I99 Bodecker. Margaref II 141 80E. KAREN I99 Boehm. Curtis I 153 Boehmer. George III 133 Boehner. Jerry IV 108 Boese, Roger IV 108 Boefmann. Barbara 270 Bogaerd. William IV 284 BohIe. Darlene IV 109 Bohm. RandaII III 133 Bohman. Jane 11 142. 279 Bohn. Thomas IV 100, 105. 109. 237, 243. 283 Bohnert. Linda II 142 Boivin. Jane? 1 153 Boiniewicz. Pafricia II 141 Boland. Nancy III 133 80119. Sandra III 96. I33 BOLSTAD. DENNIS 210 BoIIman, Daniel III 253 BolIman. Marvin II 141. 246 Bonini. James 1 154 BonIender. James I 153 Bonk. John 111 133,241 Bons. Kennefh 289 Bonus. Kennefh 133 80012. Gary II 153 BOPPEL. TODD I97 Borcherf. Barbara 1 154 Borden, Peggy III 133 Bornhoff, Sfeven I 154. 259 Boris, Michael 111 I34. 284 Boser. Joyce 1 142 BOSTROM. JAKE I72. 230. 231 Bofhwell. Thomas I 152. 154 BOWLING 84. 85 Box, John 111 I33, 243 Boyea. Linda IV 109, 236. 245 Boyer. Bonnie II 141 Boynfon. Roberf III 133 Boyum, Richard GR. 79 Brabowski. A1 287 Bradley. Marinnn II 142. 255. 271 Bramer. Kthy 11 MI. 234. 248 Branfner. Marie II 141 Braun. Noreen I 153 Bray,A1Ien II 141 Bray. Cheryl I 153. 271 Bray. Vaughn 1 154. 248 Brayfon. Sheryl I 154 Brecher. Barbara I 154 Brechler. Jane 11 I41 Bredl. William 111 133.263 Braidinger Terry I 71. 79. 154 BREISCH. JEAN 210 BREISCH. FRED 200 Breifengrass. Judifh l 153 Breifung. Daryl 11 I41 Breifweiser. Ann I 154 BreiIzman. Daniel 111 I34, 244. 288 Brekke. FauneII I 154 Brenegan. Steve IV 109 Breneman, Douglasl 154 Brenholf, Judy GR. 211 BRENNER, CHARLES 181 Brennan, Mary I 155 Breske, CaroI III 67, 279 BreH, Linda I 158 Brefl, Loren II 91, I41 Breuer, Alber'ra III 133, 235, 236 Brewster, Bruce I 153 Bridgman, Bonnie III 133, 281 Bringe, Carol 1 154 Brinkman, Fred GR 130 Brinkman, Karen GR 109 Brion, Lamoine IV 109, 238 Broaddus, Jane I 141 Brooke, Linda I 153, 264 Brooker, Sharon II 142 Brown, Gregory II 142, 258 Brown, Lynn 141 Brown, Ronald IV 85, 109, 287 Brown, Sahdra IV 109 Brown, Sharon H 141, 233, 270 Brown, Suzeffe I 154 Brown, Sfeven I 64 Brown, Steven III 93 Brown, Timothy IV 109, 289 Brozyna, Nancy I 155 Brucek, Carol 111 I33 Bruegger, Kthryn I 154 BruenIng, Gene 11 142, 222 BruesewiII, Carol I 153, 280 Brummeyer, Gary III 285 BruncIik, Jane 1 154 BruncIik, Susan I 153 Burnkow, Paul IV 109 Bruss, David III 252 Brusf, Marcelle II 141, 234, 247, 276 Bryn, Mark IV 286 BRYSON, JOHN 194 BruchIa, Mark I 153 Brye, Pamela II 142, 234 BUBEL, MICHAEL 181 BubIIIz. Diane 111 I33 Buchan, Roberfa I 153, 255 Bucheger, Anne 111 I33. 233, 281 Buchholz, Judy IV 109 Bucki, Walter IV 109, 237 BUELOW, CHUCK I71 Bue, MaryI 153 Buehler, Dorfhy III 278 Buefow, DennisI 153 Bulgrin, Marlene GR. 130 Burg, Linda I 155 Burgher, Cafherine IV 109, 236 Burkum, Shirley I 155 Burmeisfer, Thomas IV 109 BURNS, RICHARD 181 Burns, Tom IV 109 Buroker, MarceIIee I 154 Buros,AIIan1 153 BurrIII, Paul II 141 BurweII, Mark I 158 Burzynski, Barbara 11 I42 Busch, Kthy IV 109, 236 Bush, Mary 1 I42 Bushy, Jane 111 I33, 246 Bussian, William I 153 Buvid, Lee IV 109, 244, 288 Byrne, Linda 11 I41 Byrum, Trudy IV 109, 280 C Cabo, Roger IV 287 CaIIIes, Hildene II 142, 250 Cammann, Fred III 135 CAMERON, ROBERT 201 Campeau, Sfeven I 155 Campbell, Jl'm 111 275, 286 CampbelI, Kafhy 111 I34, 219, 279 Campion, James 111 134 Cance, John 11 288 Capelle, Jack I 155 Capilupo, Joan 11 277 Caquelin, Lynette 11 I42 Cardinal, Gerald I 155 Carey. Scoff I 136 Carlson, Dawn III 134, 234, 236, 255 Carlson, Herbert IV 109 CARLSON, JUDY 202 Carlson, Kenf 1 264,269 Carlson, Lynn I 155 Carlson, Linda I 155 CARLSON, OSCAR 203 CarIsIrom, Roger II 142, 240 Carney, David IV 109, 230, 284 CarpenIer, Janice II 142, 280 Carpenter, Sue III 276 CARRISON, CLARA I92 CARTER, KAY 202 Carfy, Gladsfone 11 I42, 264 CasIner, David I 155, 255 Cafuria, Barbara 11 I42 CaviezeI, Cafherine I 155 Cervenka, Barbara III 134, 249 Cesafsky, Deborah 1 155 Chabof, Kay II 142, 234, 249, 277 Champion, Donna II 142 Champion, Pa'rrick III 109, 259 Chaney, Sfephanie I 155, 233 Chapefa, Shirley II 142 Chapman, Carol IV 110 Chapuf, Margaref l 155 Chapuf, Richard I 155 Chartrand, John I 73 Chasco, Mark I 155 Chase, Shardn I 155 Chase, William I 156 CHEERLEADERS 66 Cheffer, Scoff I 155, 255 Chenowefh, Lana III 134, 234, 281 Charland, Cheri 11 I42 Chesney, Elizabeth II 142 Cheyka, Kathleen 11 I43 Chiang, Theresa GR 264 Chiappeffa, Jo 11 I42 Chi-hung, Wu GR. 130 CHI LAMBDA 283 Childs, Gene 111 134, 246 Chiles, Kirk I 142 CHINNOCK. DWIGHT 212 Chopin, Mike IV 287 Chrisfensen, Eleesa 1 155 Christensen, Eileen 111 134,235, 236, 281 ChrisIenson, Marlene II 142, 276 Chrisfiansen, Dan III 134 Christianson, CheryII III 134, 246 Chrisfianson, Shirley I 155 Christie. Penelope I 155, 260 Chrisfman, Susan III 253 Christophersen, Sfeven 11 I42 Christopherson, Rebecca IV 110 Cfeszki, Kafhy I 155 Cipov, Roger III 285 Clapp, Roberf I 155 Clark, Lenore I 155 CIark, Roger II 142, 253, 269 CIarksen, Arlyn IV 243 CLAUSEN, DONALD 204 Claussen, Betty I 155 CIaypooI, Sandra III 134 CIavIn, John IV 262, 263 Clemenf, Donna I 155, 269 CLENDENNING, LEE 181 Close. Alison 1 155 Close, David IV 244, 287 CLURE, DOROTHY I93 Cobb, Cynfhia III 134, 236, 267, 269 Cochrane, P61 11 289 COFFEY, DARRELL I74 Coffman, Cynthia 11 I42, 255 Coleman, Connie III 134, 233, 280 CoIeman, Melvin IV 76, 110 COLLIER, JAMES 136 Collins, Gerald II 79 Collins, Mary 11 I42 Commo, Sfeven I 155 Comsfock, Roberf I 155 Conachen, James IV 289 Conrad, Dainne I 155, 252 Conzelman, James 1 155, 248, 255, 259 Cook, Daniel I 155 COOKE, HAROLD I95, 201, 256, 257 Cook, James II 142 Cooper, Monique 1 155, 271 Cooper, Pamela l 155 Coppins, David 11 I42 Corcoran, GeraIdind 11 I42, 234 Cording, Larry IV 110, 255 Cornelius, David 111 93 CorneII, Gayle I 155 Cosfa, BergeHa IV 110 Costa, Juanifa II 142 Cofe, Honorie I 155 Coffam, Bertrand I 155 CouIson, Thomas 11 I42 Counselman, JIII 11 142I 281 COURTNEY, E. W. 214, 215 Cowan, Maryl 67, 155 Cowles, Gary II 142, 242, 270 Cox, David 243 Cox, Donna II 142 Cover, Virginia 111 234 Craig, Cynfhia I 155 Craemer, Doris 280 Cramer, Barbara III 134, 219, 277 Crawford, Duane III 134 Craney, Mich6e1 II 142 Creydf, Warren II 71 Crimi, Cafherine I 156 Cromos, Mark 1 155.,259 Cronk, Rhoda IV 110 Crosby, Bruce IV 110 CROSS COUNTRY 72, 73 Crouch. William 1 155 Crowley, Micheal I 155 Cruz, Hec'ror I 79 Cuda, Rosanne I 155, 248 CUMMING, DOUGLAS 197 Cunningham, Margaref 111 I34 Chuck Yosf, residenf head of Norfh HaII, deals 6 shark's hand of black iack a? Capone's Casino, an evening of rouIeNe, cards and dancing compleie wiih AI Capone and his moII sponsored by Noth and SouII'I Area Councils. 299 General Index Cupery, Jane I I55, 247, 27I Curran, Joanne III 249 Currie, HarIand IV IIO, 265 Cu'rler, Bob 93- Cquer, Stepham'e I I55 CUTNAW, MARY 207 Cychosz, David I 7I, l55 Czaplowski, Gregory IV 34, HO Czerwfnski, Lois I 155 D Dachs, Edward II I55 Dadisman, Margaref III I34 Daehn, Catherine II I43 Dahl, Sandra I I55 DAHLKE, LORRAINNE I92 DAHLKE, ROBERT I74 DahIen, Dennis III 242 DahIen, Karen III I34 Dale, Dolores I I55 DaIsoren, Sharon II I42 Damask, PhyIIIs I I55 Damon, Rober'r I I42 Daniel, Mary IV I05, HQ, 275, 278 Daniels, Joseph I I55, 82 Daniels, Ross I l55, 85 Danielson, Carla II I42 DanieIson, Darrell I I55, 265 Danielson, Mary I I55, 253 Danielewicx, Richard IV I10, 239 DAINES, JAMES I86 Dankemeyer, Paul I I55 Daub, Kristine III 270 Dauck, Nancy III I34, 280 Davenport, Debby II I44 Davidson, Eileen lI I44 Davis, Marguerite I I55 Davis, Linda IV IIO Day, Ronald IV 80, HO, I96, 266 Deahl, Suzanne III I34, 270 Dean, Jonthan III I34 Debeck, Thomas I I55 Debner, Roger IV HQ, 239, 282 Decker, James IV 288 Dedrickson, Marfha I l55 Deedrlck, Jane II I43 Deer, DarIa I I55 Degrave, Carol III I43, 275,278 Dehlan, Dennis I34 Dehne, Marvin IV IIO Deino, Michael II I42 DeIander, Gary III 285 Delaruelle, NeaI II I42, 255 DeIIsIe, Gary II I42 DeIonge, Lawrence IV IIO, 242, 283 Delwiche, Ctherine II I42 DELTA ZETA 279 Delzer, Donald III 73, I34 Dem, James 264 Demars, Donna IV IIO Demerafh, Patti I I55 Demske, DaIeI I55 Demth, Susan III I34, 224 Denee, Rober? III 284 Denning, Mary III I34 DENNIS, ERVIN I82 Depas, DIane l I55 Dequardo, GeraId IV 286 DessaIegn, Gebre III 264 Defle, Sharon II I42 Defrick, John II I42, 240, 264, 27I DEUTSCHER, JOHN 2I0 Devereux, Gerald II I42 Devine, Thomas III 240 Dewey, David II I42 Dewi'rz, Sandi III 67. I32, I34, 278 Diana, John 80 DIbeIka, Richard IV IIO Dickinson, Robert II 76, I44 Dickmann, Donald 203 Dicks, MalcoIm I I55 DIckson, MIchaeI II I42, 264 DIedrich, Mark I I55 Digman, George IV IIO DIII, Jeanine lII I34 DIrkz, PaIrIcfa I I55 Diffburner, Linda III I34, 222 DIIOI'I, Thomas I I35 DobrowaIski, Michael I I56 DockIer, Richard IV III, II7, 28? Dodge, Lolefa II I42 Dodge, Nancy I I55 Doege, Clinton I I55 Dohmann, WiIIiam IV 7I, 86, 237, 266 DoIaIa, ChrIinne I I53 DoIskI, Mary II I34 Dombrock, Arlen Ill 7I, ?I, 253 Dombrock, Larry IV 9I, III, 246, 266 Domke, Timofhy IV 76, III, 285 Domkos, Glenn II I40, 289 Donaldson, Diane III I34 Donica, John IV III DONLEY, GERALD I72 DonneIIy, Bonnie IV III Donnelly, Sara IV III, 28l Dorendorf, MichaeI ll I34 Doriof, Linda II I42 Dorn, Candice II I42 Dornfeld, Erickl I55 Dorobiala, Robert II I42, 282 Dorsey. John IV III Dosedel, Ronald GR. 252 DOSOTELLE, JOANNE I99 Do'rfavio, EIizabeIh IV III DoIIavio, Madeline II I43 Dough'ry, Susan II I42 Douglas, Deborah III 66, I34, 279 Douglas, Rober? I I56 Dowd, MichaeII I55 DovenmuehIe, Chrisfy III I34 DovIe, Penny III I34 Dowdle, Michael II I42 DraheIm, Howard II I42 DragoilovIch, Sonia I I55 DRAPER, HENRY 190 Drazler, Michael I l55 Drees, Walfer III I34 Dresden, Pairicia IV Ill Drexler, David IIl 73,86 DriebeI, Christina II I42 Driessen, ChrisIopher I I55, 255 Driessen, Michael I 155 DriscoII, Mary III I34, 279 Drury, John 7l Drury, Mary II I42 DuckwalI, Earl II I42 Dueringer, Jeffrey H I42 Duescher, Linda IV I00, I05, III. 236, 250, 253 Duesenbery, Richard IV 240 DuIIman, Judy IV 44, III DuIIn, David IV I34, 242 Dumke, Lloyd IV III, 238, 288 Dunek, Dennis I 265 Dunham, JanIce I I55 Dunham, Ronald IV IIII 284 Dunlap, John IV III DUNN, DOROTHY I93 Duquain, Karen III I34 Dursf, EIIen III I34, 270 Dusenbery, Richard IV 255, 268 Dvorak, Gwen II I43, 222 DYAS, EDWIN I87 EarII, Lawrence IIl I34, 2l9, 220 244, 288 EasIman, Blair I I55, 224, 27! Eafon, Janis l l56 Eann, Penny I I55 The concrefe buckeI sways over Ihe rising AdminisIraIion Building during early morning consfrucfion. Ecker, Mary I I55 Eberhardf, DarreI IV III, 242 EberI, Diane IV III , 280 Ebsen, Gregg III 76 Eddy, Richard II I43, 247 Edwards, PeIer III Edwards, Sherman querf, Rufh Ill I3 EhIen, Enid I I55 EhlerI, Raymond I I34, 247 288 6, 236, 264, 27I I56 Ehnerf, Audrey II I44 Eisenfrauf, Sheila I EkIund, Mary I 67, Elfsfrom, Barbara I Elkins, Rufh II I44, I55 l55, 248 I55, 233, 248 260 Ellenbecker, Raymond III I37 EIIIoH, Dennis I I56 EIIioII. John IV 250 EIIioIf, PauIa I I55 Ellison, Lee II I42 Elmaurer, Dennis II , 266, 80 I42 Ellwifz, EvereH I 155 Endrias. M. 264 ' Engelmann, Terry III I34, 244, 287 EngIebreIson, YveHe II I43 Engstrom, Jean I I EngsIrom, Perry II Engsfrom, William I Enrico, Sharon IV I Ensworfh, Bruce III ENTORF, JOHN I8 EPSILON PI TAU 2 EQUESTRIAN CLUB Ercegovac, Michael Erickson, Danna I I 56 I34 l56 II, 276 I37 5, 24I 37 249 II I42 55 Erickson, David H 86 Erickson, Jerome III Erickson, Julie GR. 285 I30, 2II ERICKSON, KENNETH I83 Erickson, Nancy IV III, I12, 255 Erickson, Richard IV 7I, 285 Ericson, Nancy IV III, 245 Erspamer, Raymond II I43, 247 Erfl, Daryl II I42 ErII, Mary Ann III I34 Einnger, Cheryl IV III, 247 EIIen, Daniel IV III, 284 Everson, Jack 285 Everson, RonaId I I56 Everf, Lois IV III F Ewanic, KthIeen II I44 FabriIz, Karen III I34 ,235 FACE, WESLEY I78, 2I5 Fagerholm, Peder II 7!, 79. 240 FahI, Pamela I I56, 256 Fahrman, PaIricIa I 156 Falborski, Donald II I43, 259, 283 Falk, Karen III 236 FaIkowski, GeraId IV I05, III, 288 Fallon, Kathleen GR. I30 Fangmeyer, Dennisl I56 Fara, DanIeI I 265 Farah, John II I43 FARIS, JOHN 205 Farmer, Thomas III I43 Farrington, Christopher I l56 FASHION FORUM 233 FEDO, MICHAEL 207 Fedie, Jan III I36 FEISTHAMEL, JOHN I94 FeId, Rodney I 253 Feldkamp. Richard IV 111. 237 Feller. John 11 I43 Felski, Richard IV 112. 265 Felts. Richard III 134. 282 Fenner. Richard 11 I43 Fenske. Roberf II 86 FENTON. PAUL 210 Fersfenou. Dennis IV 105. 112. 239. 286 Fesfe. Dale IV 80. 156. 266 FeIzer. Susan III 279 Feyen. Joan II 143 Fichfen. Nancy I 156. 248 Fisher. Pamela I 152. 156. 253 FIeId. Jeanne I 156 FIeId. Susan III 136. 261 FilIinsky. WaIIer IV 112 Fink. MaliatLiisa I34 Finkler. William III 182. 243. 288 Finner. Mary I 156 Fischer. Mary 11 268. 280 Fischer. Sharon 111 I34. 270 Fisher. Beffy II 144. 255. 259 Fisher. Curtis 111 I34. 255 Fisher. J'aneI I 156. 248 Fifzel. Galen II 144 Fiflpafrick. Colleen II 143. 279 Fiflpafrick. Gary IV 289 Fifzpafrick. Maureen 11 I46 FiIzsimmons. David 111 243 Flasher. Karen I 156 Fleischmann. Madelyn 111 279 Fleming. Cthy I 156 Fleming. Margare'r 11 I43 Fleming. Maxine I 156 Fleschner. Rainer II 143 Flesfer. Thomas I 228 FIefcher.Jud11h I 156. 253 FIeIer. Thomas I 156 Flood. Michael 111 244 Flood. Roberf I 156 FLUG. EUGENE I78 Flynn. Carol I 156 FogerIv. Sue I 156 FolkedahI, Vicki III 134 FoIIendorf. Jeffrey I 255 Fong. EsIher III 49. I34. 279. 289 Fonk. Ellen III 279 Foley. JacqueIine IV 112. 275. 279 Foley. John IV 285 FOODS. NUTRITION AND ADMINISTRATION 234 FOOTBALL 68. 69. 70. 71 FORENSICS 252 Forester. Jean 11 I46 Foss. Rand I 156, 253 Fosfer. CarI IV 112. 286 FosIer. Ralph Ill 85 4-H CLUB 260 FouIs. Nancy IV 112 Fowble. James II 143 FowIer. WinsIon I 156 Fox. David IV 112 Fox. Douglas 11 144 Fox. Pafricia l 156 Fransee. Douglas I 156 Frank. Cheryl I 156 Franfz. James IV 285 Freck. Robert I 156 Fredrickson. Kathleen 11 I44 Freedom. P61 286 Freiermuth. Roberf IV 112 Freitag. PaIricia I 156 Fremer. Terry I 156 Fremgen. William I 156 Fremsfad. Judifh III 134. 269 Frey. Donna 11 I43. 280 Fricker. Sue I 156 Friday. David 289 Friedman. WaIIer I 156 Frings. Joyce 111 I34 Frifschler. Larry I 155 Frome. Donna I 156. 248 Fronson. Marvin I42 Froom. Richard II 144. 140.289 Frye. Kennefh I 156. 271 Fuchs. Tim II 85 Fuehrer. Joseph 11 I44 Fuhrmann. Janice I 156 FulIer. Danny III 134 Fuller. Jan 11 284 FUMAGALLI. ORAZIO I97 Funk. Matha II 67. 278 FURLONG. JOHN I70. 171 G Gabor. Clarice II 144. 280 Gainbridge. Douglas 111 266 Galley. CharIoHe IV 277 Gallman. James I 156 Galoif. Karen III 134. 234 GAMACHE. ALAN 197 GAMMA DELTA 268 GAMMA SIGMA SlGMA 280 Ganser. Janice I 156 GAUTHIER. CLIFF 201 GANZEMILLER. JACK I74 Garcia. Harry 156 Garfuss. Linda 11 I42 Garfon. Joan I 156 Garvins. Jim I 82 Gasner. Thomas 111 34. 284 Gassenhuber. Carol 111 I34. 267. 280 Gafria. Zehihun II 264 Gauger KthIeen I 146 Gavers. Genevieve I 156 Gay. Charlene IV 112 Gazda. Ted IV 112 Gearhar'r. Randy IV 112 Gebauer. Leola I 156.268 Geberf. Stephen 11 I44 GERHART. RICHARD I78 GEHRING. GLENN 185 Gehrke. Fay II 144 Gehrke. Lee 111 245. 258. 289 Gehrf. Thomas I 156 Geiger. RoberI I 156 GeneIIn. Michael 111 134.239 GeneII. William I 71. 157 Gennrich. Roberf III 265 Genske. Sfeve 111 287 Genskow. Pafricia IV 112. 276 George. Bernard I 71. 156 George. William I 144 Georgeson. Richard 11 151. 246. 283 Gerard. David I 156 Gerber. Susan 11 I43 Gerbing. Poldi II 144 Gerczak. Linda II 143 Gerdes. Janice III 134 Gerken. KthIeen I 156. 260.268 Gerloff. Karen 11 144 Gehrke. Lee 135 Ghebrefinsae. Hadgu IV 264 Ghiri. James 264 GIegIer. Fred 1 156 GlERKE. EARL 200 GIIIIngs. Elizabefh 111 135.277 Gilmore. Alfred 1 156. 240. 255. 268 GINGRICH. DOUG 210 Ginnow. CurHs II 143 Glass. Barbara I 156. 271 GLENNON. MARGARET I91 GIInes. Janice I 156 Glines. Patricia 1 156 Glockzin. Steven 1 156 Glover. Calvin II 76. 86 Glufh. Gary 11 I44. 289 GOEDE. PAUL I73. 283 Goeland. Rick 79 Goes. Walker I 156. 247. 271 GoeIsch. Crystal 1 156 60511. Robert I 144 Goefz. Suzanne I 156 Goefzinger. David 1 71, 156 GOFFMAN. PAUL 215 GOLD. EDWARD 204 Goldbach. Roger II 144 GoIdsmiIh. Mary IV 112 GOLF 92. 93 Golner. Dennis 11 Gomulak. Barbara I Goodman. David 11 Goodman. John 111 Goodman. Nancy 11 Goods. Andrew 11 Gosch. Janice II Govin. SIephanie III Gow. George III Grabarski. Kenneth IlI Gracyalny. SIan IV Graham. Jerry I Granchalek. Dale IV 218. 219. 228. 291. 293 GRANSE. WILLIAM Graney. Norma 111 Gray. Barbara 236. 255 Gredvig. Karen 1 Green. William III Gregory. Margaref III Grieber. Russell 11 GrindIe. Glenys II Grommesh. Robert IV Grommesh. Lois IV Gronning. Babeffa I Grosse. Tahn III GroIe. Richard 11 Grover. Heidi II Gruenhagen, Kafhryn II Greuenwald. Penny III Grueflmacher. Kim I Gubasfa. Virginia IV Guckenberqer. Edward IV 105. 113. 226. 227. 237. 243 Gucciardi. Kafhleen I Guenfher. Grefchen 111 GuIIerud. Elizabefh II Gullickson. Jane 11 Gullickson. L015 1 GulIIcksrud. JudIIh III 136. 283 Gummerson. JudIIh 1 156 Gummin. Beverly III 134. 251. 253 Gunderson. Gregg 111 266. 285 Gunderson. JudiIh IV 45. 101. 105. 113. 275. 279 Gunsolley. Jean 1 156. 49 Gurn. Faith IV 113 Gurn, Nancyl 156 Gurnea. Barb IV 113. 249. 262. 263 Gustafson. Erica IV 113. I93 Gusfafson. Jeanne II 143. 233, 270 Gusfafson. Sidney I 156. 82 Guf. Roger II 144 Gnges'ell. Dinae I 156 Gth. Donald II 243 Guyer. Gerald IV 113.241. 289 Guyer. Sandra IV I13 Gwin. Patricia 1 156 GYMNASTICS 80. 81 H Haack. Dale 11 I43 Haag. R115 111 I36 Haarsfad. John I 157 Haas. Jeffrey I 157 Haas. Vernon 1 I44 Habeck. Sherry I 158 Habelf. Theresa IV 113. 235. 276 HABERMAN. PATRICK 179 Hackel. Judifh 1 157 Hady. KeiIh II 91 Hady. qunne III 135. 235. 236 Haferman. Thomas 1 158 Haffelder. David 11 I43. 258 Haffeman, RoberI I11 I36 Haffner. Darryl II 143. 242 Hage. ArI III 130 Hagen. Thonda I 158 Hagmann. Thomas I 156 Hahn. Carol I 156 Hahn. Karen 1 143.255 Hahn. Maya II 45. I44. 248. 249 Hahn. Susan 11 I44 Hain. Ellen II 143 Haidasz. RoberI l 157 Halada. WiIliam I 157 Halama. Ctherine 1 156. 248 HaIama. Jane? III 245 Halama. Theresa II 246. 253. 277 Pom pom girI Marfy FunIK coIIecIs donafions from sfudenfs 10 have Ihe Kansas Cify Baskefball Tournamenfs on cIosed circuif felevision produced by fhe AudIo-Visual CenIer. 302 General Index Halberf, Lee 111 I34, 240 Halfin, James 111 244 HALFIN, HAROLD 215 Hall, Amy I 157 HALTNER, ROBERT 210 HALVERSON, CRAIG I79 Hamann, Jim 86 Hammen, Ann IV 113 Hammer, RoIIand I 158 Hammer, Stephen I 228 Hampton, Dan II 222 Hanacek,JuIianne I34 Hank, Joseph 11 I44 Hanken, Kathleen I 158 Henley, Jane 1 157 Henley, William IV 113,237,238, 242 Hanna, John I 156 Hank, Joseph II 288 Hanrahan, Maureen H 144, 248 Hansen, Daryl III 134, 245 Hansen, Eileen 1 157, 270 Hansen, Gary II 144 Hansen, Kirsfen III 136, 233, 246, 277 Hansen, Lorraine I 156, 249 Hansen, Margaref l 157 HANSEN, RAY 242,287 Hansen, Richard A. 255 Hansen, Richard L. I 157, I99 Han4son, Anfhony IV 114 Hanson, Connie IV 113, 234I 236 Hanson, Leonard III 239 Hanson, Lorna I 144 Hanson, Margaref II 144 Hanson, Marinn II 144 Hanson, Mary 11 143,228 Hanson, Theresa II 144, 276 Hanson, Trudie IV 113, 247 Hanus, Donna 11 I44 HappeI, Carolyn IV 114, 101 Harbafh, Dale IV 114, 242, 289 HARBOUR. MYRON 205 HARDMAN, ROBERT I79, 215 Hardf, Jill I 157 Hardfke, Joyce III 134 Hardy, Roberf I1 I44 Harmeyer, Cheryl 11 I44 Harmon, Rufhann I 157 Harnois, Clifford IV 114 Harpold, John 111 I34 HARPER, MARGARET 2Il Harris, Colleen III I35 Hart, Kafhleen I 158, 247 Harflaub, Gene I 157 Harfle, Colleen I 157 Hartman, Thomas II 143 Harfmann, Carynn I 157 HarfzeII, Richard II 144 Harfzell, Rth IV 114,276 Harhfeld, Joie IV 120 Harvey, Lawrence I I57 Harvey, Roberf III 289 Hasarf, Diane III 135, 234 Hasfer, Jane III 136, 189, 233, 253, 277 Haffield; Ellen I 157 Hauck,J1Il II 144,279 Haucke, Richard I 157, 253 Haughian, Susan I 157, 248 Haun, Linda I 156 Hausknechf, Wayne III 134 HAYES, HAROLD I79 Hazelfon, Bruce IV II4 Hazen. Larry l 157 Heagy, Barbara I 157 Hebel, Thomas I1 I44 Hebert, Kristne I1 I43 HECK, MARY I97 Hedeen, Rodney II 134, 275, 284 Heebink, Jerome IV II4, 236, 242 Heebink, Michael I 157 Heffel, Richard II 144 HeicheI, Vicki II 144, 260. 269 HEIDEMANN, CAROL 21I Heidemann, WiIIiam IV 76 Heiden, Gary IV I34 Hail, Eric II 286 HeII, SIephen 111 I34, 259 Heim, Derold II 144 Hefman, Robin I 157 Heimke, Kathleen III 134 Hein, Alan III 144 Hein, Susan I 157, 255 HEISE, HOWARD 207, 252, 253 Heifkamp, Jeffrey I 247 HELDT, RACHEL I99 Helgason, Larry III 71, 285, 289 Helke, Leland I 158 Helm, Kay III 276 HeIsIad, Susan III 105, 223, 276 HeIwig, Geraldine IV 114 Hemmerich, Cecelia IV 114, 276, 49 Hendricks, George II I44 Hendricks, Mark I 157 Hendrickson, David 11 I44l 248, 253, 255 Hendrickson, James IV 289 Hendrickson, Joann I 157 Hendrickson, Kay II 235 Hendrickson, Roberf I 157, 240 Hendrickson, William I 156 Henkelman, Michael IV 114,285 Henninen, Harland 287 Henning, Karla I 158 Hennings, BeIsy l 158, 255 Henrich, Steven I 157 Henrickson, Dolores I 157, 250 Henrickson, James IV 114, 242, 250 HENRY, ELLEN KAY 191,279 HensIer. Sfephen II 143, 79 Herberg, Timofhy II 246 Herderhoff, Kafhy 11 I44 Heringlake, Joseph I 158 HerIIng, Richardl 156 Herman, Kafhleen III 133, 244 Hermann, Jerry III 71, 90, 9I Hernandez, Jason III 136, 264 Herron, Willis 11 I34 Heskefh, James III 134, 270 Hess, Edward II 143 HesseIman, John 11 286 Hefzel, Chrisfine I 157 He'rzeI, Mary 1 I58 Heyderhoff, Kafhryn II 248, 281 HICHNER, MARYBELLE le Hickey, Janet IV 114, 236, 245 Hicks, Gloria II 142, 249 Hicks, John 225 Hiemenz, Cafherine II 144, 234, 277 HIIden, Susan 11 I34, 233, 270 HILGENDORF, ALLAN 205 Hill, Susan II I44 HiIlyer, Teresa I 157 HIIson, Lois II 144 Hilfon, Conniel 156 HInkIe, Alan IV 114, 228. 246 Hinfzman, David I 157 Hinz, Barbara I 158 HinIzmaIn, Monfca I 158 Hipp, Chrisfine l 157 Hielle, Diane III 134 Hielfer, Mary I 158 Hoadley, Diane I 157 Hoagland, William I I57 Hocevar, Donna III 134 Hodgkinson, William IV 114,237, 238, 240 Hoefferle, Henry I 157 Hoepner, Ronald III II4, 24I Hoese, Gave I 157 HOFEE, ARMAND 187, 282 Hoffman, Barbara III 135. 275. 281 HOFFMAN, PAUL II4, I75 Hoffmann, Marie 111 I34 Hoffmann, Ned II 144 - Hofmeisfer, Lawrencel 255 Hoger, Sharon 11 I44, 233, 247, 273, 279 HOKENESS. ROBERT 187 Holcomb, Odell I 255 Hole, Marilyn II 144, 255, 260. 269 HOLLIS, ADELYN I75 HoIman, Aline I 157 Holman, Grace I 96, 158 HOLMAN, MARY 210 Holmes, Elizabefh IV 125, 233 Holmes, Linda 11 I44 Holmes, Reggie II 71, 91 Holsen, Lona I 161, 49 Half, Deborah I I43 Holfe, Joann II 144 Holzhuefer, Vernon I 157 Holzinger, Roberfa III 134 HolzInger, Torn III 134 HoIzman, Paul IV 253 Holzman, Valerie III 269, 280 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 235 Homth, Karen I 157, 253, 255, 269 HOMUTH, VERYLE 210 Hooyman, Roger III 134, 239 Honkala, James II 143 Hopp, Kafhleen IV II4, 233, 279 Hornby, James II I44 Horne, Gail 11 I44 Horne, Maren 11 I44, 278 Hosni, Michael I I57 HOULE, JOHN 210 Houns, Linda I 158 Howard, Lonnie 276 HoweII, Linda IV 67. 278 Howery, Paula II 144 Hoye, Mary I 158 HOYT, ROBERT I75 Hsu, Wilma GR. 131,264 Hubbard, David 11 I44 Huebner, Roger IV II4, 283 Hughes, Barbara I 156 Huisman, Elaine I 161 Huisman, Wanda 11 I44 Hull, Maryl 157, 260, 268 Hull, SIephanie I 156 Hunse, JoAnn 11 I34 Hunsinger, Ralph IV II4, 286 Husby, Louis IV 71,114 Husby, Paul IV 114 HuseI, Arlene IV 114 Hutchinson, Bonnie II 144 Hth, Jean II 144,281 Hutins, Judifh IV 114 Huff, Marilyn I 157 Hyack, Lynne l 157 Hyre, Matha III 136 Imme, Dennis 11 64,144,255 Inskeep, Gary III 71 INSTITUTE OF ELECTRONICAL AND ELECTRIC ENGINEERS INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL 275 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB 264 INTER-RELIGIOUS COUNCIL 267 INTERJZESIDENCE HALL COUNCIL 222 INTRAMURALS 94, 95 Infravaia, Jennifer III 136, 255 IrIbeck, AlIen IV 289 Iverson, Anifa II 144 lverson, Jonafhan III 286, 284 IVERSON, RALPH 44, I70 IVERSON, SHERMAN I97 I JACKLE. ERMA I9I Jackson, Jim 191 Jackson, Teresa l 264 Jacob, John III 136 Jacobsen, Rebecca 1 158 Jacobson, CharIes III 136, 253, 264, 269 Jacobson, Frederick 11 144 Jacobson, Jean 111 135,280 Jacobson, Linda Jacobson, Mary I1 I44, 255 Jacobson, Raymond 11 145,240 Jacobson, Sharon IV 114, 236 Jacoby, Ronald III 86, I32, I36, 266, 284 Jaeger, LIndd'l 158 Jahr. Linda 111 I36, 236 Jakober, Edmund I I58 JAMES, FLOYD 203 JAMES, MARGARET I92 James, Susan I 158 James, Suzanne II 144, 280 Janavel, Michael 11 I49 Janes, Kafhleen 11 I44 Janke, Kurf IV 114 Janke, Philipl 158 Janos, Richard II 144 Jansen, David LI 158 Jansen, David T. I 158 Jansen, Jane I 158 Jansen, Thomas IV II4, 284 Jansky, Charles II 145 Janzen, Douglas GR. 130, 265 Janzen, Paul I 158 Jarchow, James III 71, 286 Jarapko, Edward I 158 Jarapko, Thomas ll I45 Jaresky, Randy III 85 Jarnham, Sue 11 I44 JARVIS, JOHN I70 Jauquef, Christopher I 158 JAX. JOE 76 JAY, JOHN 202 Jedrzeiewski, Mary 11 67, I44, 278 Jennerman, Kathleen I 158 Jens, Mary I 158, 224, 268 Jensch, Warren 1 158 JENSEN, DOROTHY I91 Jensen, John I 158 Jensen, Judy III' 136, 234, 236 Jensen, JuIIe III I35, 234. 269 Jenson, Lonef'ra II 28I Jensen, Loren III 135,282 Jensen, Mary 111 135,281 JENSON, EMILY I99 Jerina, Fred 1 158 JERRY, MICHAEL I97 Jeschke, Kenneth IV II5 Jicinsky, Gene IV 114 Jobsf, Diane III 112, 278 JOCELYN, JOY I92 Jochimsen, Linda I I58 Jochimsen, Ronald II 144 Jochman, Donald II 150 Jochmann, Francis 11 I45 Joelson, Steven 1 158, 80 John, Gerald III 135 Johns, Susan I 158 Johnson, Bradley IV 115, 245 Johnson, Bruce IV 241 Johnson, Ca'rherine II 144, 264 Johnson, Cyndy 276 Johnson, Dennis IV 244 Johnson, Diane IV 115,279 JOHNSON, DUANE I85 JOHNSON, ELEANOR 211 Johnson, Elizabeth IV 115,279 Johnson, Gail III 136 Johnson, Jacqueline II I44, 233, 277 Johnson, Jean 1 158 Johnson, Jerry II 71, 79 Johnson, Jennifer II 145 Johnson, Jerel IV 237 Johnson, Jerome GR. 242 Johnson, Judith II 144 Johnson, Kenneth IV 115, 264 Johnson, Kris I 158 Johnson, Linda I l58 Johnson. Lynn III 204. Johnson, Nina l l58 Johnson. Richard III 86. HS. 243 Johnson. Roger D. II I43. 284 Johnson. Roger L. IV 9I. II5 Johnson. Ronald GR. II5. II7 Johnson. Roberf IV 237. 242 Johnson. Sharon ll I46 JOHNSON. STANLEY I98 Johnson. SIanley M. I I58. 253 Johnson. Seven 1 I58 Johnson. Tobias IV 286 Johnson. Vernon IV 9l. IOI. I05. HS. 266. 283. 85 Johnson, Wayne IV HS. 288 Johnsrude. Linda I I58 Johnston, Deborah l I58 Johnsfo'n. Ronald IV 283 JONES. GORDON 200 JONES, KEITH 207 Jones MerceI II 7I, l86 Jones, Nona ll I44 Jones. Robert A. l I35 Jones. Sfanley II I45 Jorgensen, Alice I Jorgensen. Thomas ll Jorgenson. Sally I Jorgenson, William I Juliar. Deanne II Jungles. Rhonda II Jurcek. Pamela I Jurkowski. Joseph I I Kadonsky. Patricia I KAINSKI. JOHN 203 Z CaI'hy Kopp makes sure her man. Brent ReIzlaff. is hifched for good aI Ihe annual Sadie fs- Hawkins Dance sponsored by Alpha Sigma Alpha. Kaiser. Mary IV HS. 250. 280 Kaiser. Paulette II I45 KANDO. THOMAS 206 Kamer. Marilyn III I36, 278 KAMISH, ROBERT 7l. 202 Kamin. Paul IV 286 Kangas. Pafricia IV HS. 247 Kann. Dann III 86. 87, 286 Kant. KthIeen II I45 Kapifan. Gwen I 66. I58. 233. 248 Kaplan. Colleen II I45 Kaponya. Bruce II I49 KAPPA LAMBDA BETA 284 Kasper. Rick III 286 Kasper. Jean III I35 Kasperek, Joyce l I58, 247 KasIen. Danny l l58 Kafusic. Karen I l58 Kaul. Dennis H 7l Kaufza. Gregory IV 289 Kavanagh, Pafrick l I59 Kawcfio. Antonius I 264 Keefer. George I 265 Kees. Linda I I58 Keefly. Greg 287 Kegler. Gary IV IIS KEHRBERG. FRANK I83 KeIIher, Kennefh IV II6, 288 KelIey, Maureen ll I45 Kelly, Cafherine II I45 Kempferf. Pefer II I46 Kennedy, Joann II I45 Kepke, Susan Ill I36. 26l Kerley. Eddie II 244, 282 Kern. BonnIe I l58 Kern. Linda II 279 Kerska. Shirley III I36 Kersfen, Joanne IV IOI. II6 Kesner. Mary IV I35 Kessler, Alan II I46, 240 Kefo. Sherry III I35, 236 Kefferl. Karen IV II6 KibbeI. KeiIh IV II6 Kichefskf. Jan III I35 Kiekhoefer. Bonnie IV 236 Kiel. Donna II I45 Kielas. PauI III 88. I35. 239, 282 Kienbaum, Penny I I5? KIefzke. Mary I I59. 255 KiIcoyne. Patricia I58 KiIIian. MichaeI II I46 Kim, Yilbok 1V II6 KimbaII. Lynn II I45 Kimberly. Kaye I l58. 260 Kinder. Alice III I36 King. Jon I I58 King. Kafherine II 233 Kingsfon, John IV II6 Kingzeff. Scuff IV 7I Kinmore. ScoII I I59 Kinfop. Patricia III I35 Kinsley. Denice II I45 K1rk.Judith lV II6 Kirk. Kafhleen II I45 Kl'rk, Thomas IV II6 KIRKWOOD. BONNIE I9I Kirfz. Janef IV II6. 270 KischeI, Carol II I47 KisIIerv Donald IV II6. 283 KiHleson, Sfeve Ill 64, I35. 283 Kiflmann. Carol IV IOI. I05. I06, II6. I93. 28I Klapafch, Michael III II6, 237 KIapperich. SIanIey II 9I KIapproIh. Henry I l58 KLATT, RICHARD 185 KIawiIIer, ArIene II I45 Klawiffer, Dennis IV II6 KlawiHer. Therese IV II6 KLEIBACKER. WILSON 204 Kleman, Elroy II I45 Klenovich. Regina l l58 Klima. Kenneth IV II6. 286 Kline. David II I46 KLINK. ALLEN I73 Klink, Donna III I36 KIinkenberg. Clare II I45, 252 Klinkerf. RonaId l l58 KLITZKE. LOUIS 2l0, 264 Kluck. Ted II I45. WI. 270 KIuever. Susan III I36 Klug, WIIIIam II I45 KIuge. Thomas I l58 Klumb. Joyce l 158 KIun. Barbara III I35 Kneebone. Kthy I l58 Knaak. Dennis IV II6, 287 Knight Rober? I I59 Knipp, Donald II I46 Knowles. Terrance I 159, 224 Knudfson. Juanita II I45 KnudIson. Kay I I59 Knudfson. Virginia I I58 Knufson. Jerrold 6R. I30 Knufson. Leroy III I32. I36. 237. 242, 247 Koca, Lynn I IS? Koch. Anna ll I45 Kocovskv. DoroIhy I I9 Koderl. Rex I I58 Kodzik, Katheen I l58 Koehl. Rth III I35. 246 Koehler, KthIeen III I36. 236 General Index Koenig, Kimberley II I45 Koepnick, Jean I I58 Koepp, BeHy Ill I36, 245, 267, 268, 276 Koepp, Dennis IV II6, 242, 283 Koeppell, Maryann I I59 Kohler, Jane? I I58 Kohlman, Dennis l I58 Kohnke, Gary II I45 KoiIs, Krisfine II I45 KoIbe, Jean III 278 Kolff, Alberf Ill II6 Kollafh, Mary I I58, 248 KoImos, Kandy IV II6, 236 KolsIad, Christine I IS? Konefski, Richard I I58 Konieczny, Jane l I59 KoniIzer, DIane III I36, 236 Konsela, James IV ll6 Kopp, Cafherine I I58 Korfh, Darrell II I45, 224, 270 KosIowskI, Michael II I45 Kos'ruch, Thomas H I46, 255 KonIIz, David III I35 Kovach, Audrey I I58 KowIeskI, Edmund II 64, I46 Kozar, Jean IV I16, 280 KoxioIek, Rosemary lIl I35, 28I Kraemer, Doris II I45 Kraff, James II I43 Krahn, Dale II I45 Kral, GIenn IV II6. 285 Kramer, CarI l I59 Kramer, Steve 282 Kranz, Kennefh l l58, I7I Krasula, Danielle II 277 Kraus, Jerome II I46 Krause, Diane III I36, 26l Krause, James II I45 Krause, Kristine I l58 Krause, Nancy IV I0l, I05, II7, 236, 279 Krause, Terri II I45 Kraufh, Paul I 80 Kemp Shobe seHIes In for a fuII nIgIII of sfudy. 304 Krchelich, David I l58 Kremer, Sfeve 282 Kress, Alex I I58 Kress, Lorraine llI I35 Kress, Susanne I I59 Kressin, Jon II 93, I45, 259, 265 Krefschmer, Gary II I45 KreuIz, RIchard IV II6, 239 KreuIzer, Judith Posf GR. II7, 26I Krieger, Jed II I46 Kringle, Susan III II5, I36, 26I Kriske, George IV I16, 286 Krinke, Kevin I l58 KroegeI, John II I45, 224 Kroes, Roger III I35 KroII, WiIliam ll 9l, I45 Kroth, DarreII II 79 Kronebusch, Judy lll I36 Krubsack, Bonnie IV II7, 232, 233, 235 Krueger, Gary III I35 Krueger, Larry III I36 Krueger, ScoH I I52 Krueger, Warren H I45, 253, 27I Krumpos, James I I58 Krupa, Charles II 76, 9I, I45, 222, 258 Krusiec, Mary III I36 Krusko, Brian III I36, 243 Krusko, Gail l I58 Kubacki, Michael II 146, 275, 283 Kubaf, ChrisIIne IV II7, 277 KUBLY, CLIFFORD 205 Kuchar, DonaId I I58 Kucharski, MaIcoIm II I42, I44 Kuehl, Gary I 7I, I58 KUFAHL, MARVIN I85 Kuhn, Geoffrey III I36 Kulas, Katherine II I45 Kulas, Kathleen I l58 Kunderf, Judith II I45 Kunick, Kafhleen III II7 Kunkel, Jr. Henry I I58 KUNNUNEN, RAYMOND I98 KUNST, ROBERT I82 Kurkowski. Cynfhia I l58 Kurz, Linda I 158 Kusmer, Raymond IV II7, 262I 263 Kusf, Sandra Il I45 Kufcher, Yvonne IV II7, 260 Kuzmickus, Mary III I92, 234, 275, 279 KveIIand, Rebecca I l59, 27I Kylmanen, John II I45 I. Laabs, Myron II I46 Lacombs GeraId IV II7 Lacounf. Ken IV II7, 275, 285 Lahfi, Judith I l52, I59 LAINE, WILLIAM I99 Lamb, Susan I I60 Lamere, Mark II I48 Lamers, Richard III 7I, 266, 286 Lamonf, Lawrence GR 239, 237, 282 Lamprechf, Leah II 146, 281 Lampson, Lavonne l I60 Lamson, John I l6l Landsman, Jean I I59, 247 LANDWEHR,WILLIAM I97 Lane, Karen III I35 Lane, Susan 248 Langdon, Barbara III I35, I96 Lange, Carolyn I I5? Lange, Janef III I36 Lange, Steve IV II7, 238, 240, 258 Langham, AIice III I35 LangIand, Roger IV 265 Lapcinski, Catherine I I59, I67 LaPorIe, Lucinda IV 261 LardInoIs, David II I36 LaRenzie, Alida II 234 LaRose, Bruce IV 287 LARKIN, JOSEPH I73 Larsen, Carol II I46 Larsen, Eve I I60 Larson, DareII II I46, 283 Larson, Dianne II I46 Larson, Gary IV II7 Larson, Jeanne I I5? Larson, Karen I I60 Larson, Katheryn Il I46 Larson, Larry IV II7 Larson Linda III I36 Larson, Laurice II I46, 247 LARSON,MARVIN I99 Larson, Meryl I59 Larson, Richard II I46, 2l9, 225, 262, 263 Larson, SaIIy III 136,279 Larson, Shirley II I46, 248 Lasica, Karl IV II7, 243, 285 Lafkow, Barbara I IS? Lafourelle, KenneIh II I46, 283 Laude, Gerald II I46 Laufenberg, DanieI II I46 Lauienburger Lea III I36, 256, 276 Lavenfure, Kennefh I I59, 259 Lawrence, Roberf IV 9I, II7, 244, 288 Lawrenz, Lana IV I02, II7, 226, 227, 236, 28I Leary, Susan IV II7, 280 Lebakken, Lorna II I46, 235, 269, 270 Leclair, Steven II I46 Lee, Howard GR. l3l Lee, Skypp II 73, 86 Lee, William IV II8, 225, 262, 263 Leaf, Wayne I I59 Leehe, Linda IV II7, 235, 236 Legrand, Mary II I48 Lenherf, Edward II I46, 242, 247 Lehmann, Kennefh IV 283 Leick, Leo I I46 Leindecker, David II 86, I46 LeiIz. Jalene III I35, 278 Leirfallorn, MarI Il I46, 269 Leicher, Linda I I60 Leieune, Linda II I46 Lemay, Joanne I I59 Lemke, EIIzabeIh III 135, 245 Lemke, Timothy III I35, 24l Lemmenes, Kathryn I I60, 27I Lemmenes, Mary III I35, 236, 27I Lenegar, Frances II I46 LENGFELD. LORNA 207 Lepak, Jacquern II I46 LePine, Alan III 286 Lepkowicz, Sharon I I5? Leque, Beffe I I60 Levy, Tom II 287 LEY, JAMES 200 Lerche, David I I59 Lefko, Pauline II I46 Lewerer, Ruth I I60 LewIs, James I 79, 158 Lewis, Jonathan IV 245 Lewis, Juliann II I36 Lewis, MyIa II I46 LIberI, Thomas II I47, 242, 247 Liebech, Bill II 80 LIegeI, Mary II I46 Liesch, John II I46 LIeIzow, Bert I I59 LiIly, Jerome II 242 Lincoln, Lucinda I46 LIndahI, Carl I I5? Lieske, Kristin IV HS, 245 Lindberg, Karen I 247 Linderf, Carol IV II8 Lindback, RIchard IV Il8 Lindgren, Rosalind I I60, 248 Linharf, Gary IV II8I 287 Link, John Ill I32, 135,244,252, 253, 288 Linse, Judifh I I59 Linsenmeyer, Darlene III 23I, 232, 244 Lipfon, Rachelle III I36 Lischefski, Donna l I59 Lisek, Karen II I46 LITERARY CLUB 225 LI'Ifmann, Lee II I46 LIU, DAVID 206 Lloyd, Elizabefh III 96, 278 Loberger, Carol IV II8 Lochner, Mary I I5? Locke, Terriann l I60 Lodle, Richard III I35, 282 Loeferr, Wayne I I58 Loehl, Ruth Ann II 270 Lofy, Sheryl Il I44 Loga, Larry II 265 Lohmiller, Mary ll I46 Lohse, Joseph IV HE, 288 Lokken, Aldon I 82, IS? Long, James IV I18 Longfellow, Judifh 276 Look, Harvey II I46, 242, 80 Loomis. Mary I 159 Look, Nina III 279 LORANGE, BRUCE 207 Lorenz, Lynda IV II8, 279 Lorenz, Sandra I I60, 233 Lofz, EIIen II I46, 247, 279 LovdahI, Ann II I46 Loveioy, Ann II I35, 260 Lover, Michael IV MB, 289 LOWERY, RICHARD I73 LOWRY, EDWARD 203 Lubcke, Roberfa l I60 Luce, David II I46 Ludy, Debera I IS? Lueck, Dale 289 Luffer, Janice Il I46 Luhm, JudIIh IV II8, 24S Lukas, John I I59 Lukas, ScoH I I59 Lumsden, Faye I I60 Lund, Alan I I59 Lund, Susan IV II8 Lundahl, Leslie III I92, 234, 276 Lundquisf, Steven II I45 Luscher, GIenn I I59 LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSOCIATION 269 Lutz, Craig I I59 Lynn, Louise III I35 Lyon, James III 258, 289 Wendy OIson and Norm Rieman counI Iheir rouIeHe winnings be- fore fhe aucHon af Capone's Casino. M Maas, Barbara I I60 Maas, Rick II 76 Maass, Pefer II I46 MacGregor, Chrisfie III I36, 246, 249 Macks, Donna I I60, 226, 264, 271 Mackle, Margaref I I60 Madary, Linda II I47 Madson, Grefchen I I60 Maehler, KthIeen II I46 Magee, Lynne Ill I36, 236 MAGNUSSEN, DANIEL 206 Mahnke,Donalynn III I36 Mahr, Beffy IV 44, II8 Maier, Edward IV HS, 287 Maiman, Michael II I46 Main, Alan IV II8, 245 Main, Jacqueline IV HE, 236, 245 Maieski, Roberf I II9 MakhoIm, Alice II I47 Maki, Don IV II8 MAKI, EINO 200 Maki, Patricia II 146 Maki, RoberIa II I47 Malani, Priscilla II I47 MaIdonis, Jane l I6I Maleski, Sfeve I I60 MaIIing, Bonnie I I6I, 248 MalIo, John Ill I36 Malmer, Dale I I60 Maloney, Tim ll 64, I46 Malzahn, Lori III 232,236, 256I 279 Mannisto, Dyann Ill I33, 248 Mannke, Donna 276 Manor, Richard II I59 Manosky ,David I I60 MANRIQUEZ, DION I97 Manske, David I I60 ManIheI, Linda I I6I, 226, 260 Marcks, Deloris II9 Marcks, Mariory II I46 Marek, Judith I I6I Maresh, John II 7I, I48 MARFUTA, GERALDINE I99 Marine, Randy III 284 MARK, LYLE 206 Market Gary II I47, 242 Larkwardf, Pamela I 264 Marohl, Daniel III I36, 288 Marofz, Alan II 82, I6I Merquardf, Vicki I I6I MARSHALL, ANN 203 Marshall, Bradford II 76,I46 Marshall, William I 79, I60 Martens, James III 243 Martin, Bonnie II 146 Martin, Darlene I I6I, 269 Marfin, Jean III 67, I36 Martin, Jonafhan l I60 Mar'rIn, James I, I6I MarIIn, Mary IV II9, 25I Martin, MichaeI 76 Marfin, Robert IV II9 Marfin, Sandra l I6I Marfin, Thomas III I36, 283 Marfinson, Gail IV 34 Martinson, Richard IV II9, 285 Marvin, Sandra IV II9, 264 Marx, Bruce II I36 Marx, James III I36, 266 Masbruch, Carol II I46 Masciola, Mark II I47 Masek, Audrey I I60 Mason, Becky II I46 Massey, Rober? I I6I Massopusi, David II I47 Masterson, Michael II I47 Mather, Mary I I60 Mafhey, Nancy II I40 Mafhwig, Jennifer II I46 Maisui, Tusru II I46, 264 Maffeson, John II 64, 86 MaHhais, EIlen l I6I MaHIngly, Jean IV II9, 2II, 233. 283 Maffis, Larry I I60 Maffner, David II I49 Maffsun, Jerry Ill I36 MafuIa, Jerry III I36 Mafula, Lois I I60 Maul, Kathleen I I6I Maxson, Lyle II 68, 70, 7I May, Donna I I6I May, Kafhleen III I38, 256, 276 May, Thomas II I46 May, William I I60 Mayer, Catheen ll I46 Mayer, Conrad II 73, I48, 79 Mayo, Richard II I47 McArdle, Thomas IV II9, 222, 275 283 McCabe, Gerald J. IV II9 McCabe, Gerald R. I I6! McCabe, Michael III I36 MacCaIIIsIer, John 285 McCathy, Jeff I I6I McCathy, Pafrick I I60 McCarrIer, WilIiam II I46 McChesney, Karen l 67, I61, 233, 48 MCCIain, Lynn II 255 McCIure, Timothy I I6I McCIurg, Gary IV I06, II9, 288 McComb, Rodger IV 222, 283 McCord, Roberf III I05, I79, 2I9, 22I, 283 McCormick, John I I60 MCCOY, RAYMOND I99 McCuIIick, DeIores II I46, 276 McDonald, Andrew GR. I3I, 232, 264 McDonough, Thomas II 7I, I46, 246 McDoweII, Ronald II 288 McDUFFEE, MARY BETH I99 McElroy, John II I46 McFarland. Mark II I50 McGrafh, Susan II I47, 252, 253, 277 McGinnify, Sue IV II9, 236, 256 McGinfy, Bonnie IV II9, 233 McGIIn, Shirley I I60 McGowan, Mary H I47, 222, 233, 246 McGuckin, Marion III I37, 239 McHugh, MichaeI IV 7I Mclver, Janice I I6I McKenzie, Kathryn II I47 McKenzie, Mary I I6I McLaIn, Sandra I I6I McLaughlin, Margaret II I47 McLean, Susan I I6I McLesfer,Ronald II I46 McMILLAN, SARA 207, 252 ,253 McNamara, Sandra l 96, I60, 246 McNamer, Julie I I60 MCNAUGHTON, DAVID I75, 283 McNaugfon, Rick 86 McNuIIy, Maripaf I 250 McNuff, Thomas II 2I9, 288 McPhIlles, George II I47 Medgaarden, Rufh II I47 Meehan, Susan I I6I Mehls, Consfance l I6I, 255 Mehring, Cafherine I I6I, 255 Meier, Barbara I I6I MEIER, EMILY 206 Meier, James I I6! Meier, Kerry IV II9, 268 MEIER, ROBERT I99 Meindel, Michael I I6I Meiner, Sandra l I6I MEILLER, ELLA JANE I92 MeIsIer, Marvin II I47 Melcher, Carolyn l I6I MeIin, Jerome I I6I Meller, CheryI III I36, 270 MELROSE, ROBERT 206 Menako, Louis III 88, I36, 239, 266, 282, 82 Mence, Kirsten I I6I, 248 Menec, Carolyn II I47 MendInI, Daniel II I47, 287 MENGES, PAUL I98, 244 Menna, Cindy I I60 MerkIey, Mary II I47 Merkowi'rz, Mary I1 I47, 28I Merkf, Pa'rricia IV 259 Merry, Ruby II I47 Merfen, Janice III I36, 236 Merfes, Anfhony l I47 Mesfen, Terefe III 264 Messner, John I! 252, 283 METCALF, MARSHA I9I Mefling, Tim I I60 Mefraus, Nancy I I60 MeIzqer, Bruce I I60 MEUENFELDT, JOHN 200 Meyer, Caryn IV II9 Meyer, Chris I I60 Meyer, Charles I I6I Meyer, John IV 239 Meyer, KthIeen II I46 Meyer, Linda II I37, 233 Meyer, Marfa I I6I Meyer, SIeve I 71, I6I Meyers, Duane III 286 Michalowski, Barbara II I30, I46 MICHEELS, WILLIAM I68, I69, 29I MicheleHi, Thomas II I47, 284 MickeIson, Greg 7I MickeIson, Karen I I6I Mickelson, Linda I I6! MickeIson, Teri III 279 MIeIds, Linda III 278 MieIke, Roberf ll I47 MIhaIIo, Anfhony IV II9, 27I, 289 Mihalko,James IV II9 Miklavcic, Jr. Edward II I46, 289 MiIes, Roy I I60 Milinovich, Paul I I6I, 82 Miland, Terry II 284 Miller, Holland II 71 MiIIer, Anfhony I l59 Miller, Bradford IV II9, 237 Miller, Deanna II I47, 277 MIIIer, James I I58 Miller, Jeffery I I60 Miller, Kafhleen M. II, l36, I47, 280 MiIler, KthIeen J. 270, 28I MIIIer, Mariorie II I45, 280 MIIIer, Marinn II 67, I46, 276 M" I 88, RICHARD 200 Miller, Theresa I I60, 226 MIIII ,Michael I I60, 248, 259 Min, Byung Ju GR I3l Minfer, William III I36, 226, 228, 229, 232 MINTZ, DWAIN 9I, 202, 76 Misch, Nick II 7I, 86 Mischke, Kerilyn I I6I, 264 MISFELDT, HARLYN I78 Mifchell, Kathleen I I6I MIICheII, KeIIh I I47 Mifchell, Robert I I60, 258 Mifshulis, George IV 86 Mitten, Pafrick IV II9 Miyagawa, EsIeIIe III I36 Miaanes, KrIsIIne IV II9, 233, 236 MIodzIk, Mary I I6I, 252 Moan, Aksel III 265 Moberg, Judith III 67, I36 MOEGENBURG, LOUIS I83 Moen, Richard I I6I Mohamed, Dominic GR l3l MOHAMED, SAADIA 2I5 Mohn, Gary III I40 MoIde, Arnold IV II9 Moede, RonaId I36, 228 Mohr, Gary II I47, 289 Mole, Donnene IV II9, 236, 279 Mollef, Kennefh II I47 Moldenhauer, Gary IV II9, 284 Molfer, BernadeHe I 161 Mompier, Ronald I I60 Momsen, Ellen III I36, 236, 276 Monfen, Linda I I6I, 247 305 Nerison. Linda III I33, 247. 278 Nienow. Cafhy III I36, 248 General Index NesbeI. John IV I20 NievInskI. JaneIIe II I36, 248. 279 Moon. Eugene IV I20. 239. 258 Moore, Charles I I60, 247 Moore. Jonthan I 72 Moore, Mark I I60. 82 Moore, Richard I I6I Moore. Sharon II I47. 280 MOREHOUSE. JACK 226 Moreland. James III 7l Morgan. Jeanne II I46. 246. 277 MORICAL. ELVA I7I MORICAL, EDWARD I86 Muritz. Linda I I6I. 269 Morris. Barbara IV I20, 28I Morris, Gloria I I6I Morrison. John II I46 Morstad. John II I47 Morfon. Kafhleen I I60. 247 Moscherosch. Carl III I36. 237, 242 MOIG. Edward I 7I Mousel. Dennis I I6I Mousley. Sheryl II 262 Mousseau. PrisciIla II I46 Mueggee. Michael GR I74 Mueller. Bruce I I6I MuelIer. John IV l20. 283 Mueller. Janice IV 120. 219. 225. 262. 263 MLelIer. Kenneth III I36 Mueller. RoHerI II 222 MIeIIer, Sharon L. II I47, 270 .JueIIer. Sharon R. II I46. 269 Muerer. Roberf III I36 Mueser, Karen III I36. 269 Mugan. WiIIiam IV l02. I05. I20. 244. 252. 253. 288 Mules. Janet I I6! Munn. Cynthia II I46, 256 Munson. David III 256 Murkley. Sandra II l36 Murphy. David II 85 Murray. Elizabeth IV I20. 236. 23I Murray. Mary II I46 Murray. Michael II I49 Musolf. Susan III 67. 235 Myers. David III I36. 238. 275. 288 Myers. Keifh II I47 Myers. PaIricia I I6I Myers. Sharie II I46. 276. 49 Myhra. KthIeen I I6I Myhre. Sharon I I6! MyIin. John III 275 Myrvold. Chrish'ne l I60 Nagel. SIephen I I48 Nahorn. Victoria III I36, 256. 230 Nakafani. Arthur II I48 Nascene. Nancy II I48 Nash. Roberf IIl I37. 82 Nass. Ladonna ll I48. 268 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF HOME BUILDERS 239 NAVARRE, RICHARD 226 Neckvafal. Thomas III I36 Neill. Eddie l I6I Nelson. Anona II I36. 270. 280 Nelson. Alexis I I6I. 248 Nelson. AnIIa II I46. 248 Nelson. Audrey I I6I, 264 Nelson. Barbara I I6I Nelson. Barbara I I6I Nelson, CoIIeen III I35. 279 NeIson. Darrell GR 24I Nelson. Donald II I36. I48 NeIson. Gary IV I20. 285 Nelson. James II 255 Nelson. Janice III I36 Nelson. Jeff IV 285 Nelson. Jon III I36 Nelson. Kafherine III I36. 246 Nelson. Kristine III I36. 277 NeIs. Mary H I47 Ness. Roger IV l20 Nikolay. Marianna I I6I. 255 NeIzInger. Henry IV I20. 289 Nissen. Craig W I20. 288 Neuburg. Laura II I47 Nissan. Nicki II I48 Nelson. Lloyd IV l20 Neuverth. Richard GR m, 2I4. NITZ. O. W. 204 NELSON, GEORGE 203 237 Noffke. PeIer I I6I Nelson, Lyle I I6! NevicosI. John IV I20 Noffke. Thomas W I20 Nelson. Lila I I6I Neville. Leo I 7I. I6I. 79 NogIe. Michael II 147 Nelson, Penelope l I6I Newcomb. Jr. Edward I I6I NOII. Nancy II I47. 248 NeIson. MeIissa II I47 Newman. Teresa I I6I. 247. 269 NoIf. Gregg II 287 NELSON. ORVILLE I78 Newman. RoberI IV I20. 282 Noonan. PaMcIa ll I47. 28I Nelson. Richard IV I20. 242 Newfon. Roberf ll I48 NordIn. John H I49. 270 Nelson. Ronald II I48. 283 NichoIs. Michael I I6! Norheim. Johanna I I6! Nelson. Susan III I36. 270 NIEDFELDT. GERALD 200 Norfhrop. Richard III I36. 288 Nelson. Steven III I36 NIeds. Cathy I 67. 151 Ncr'rman. JiII III I36 Nelson. Wendy II I47 Nielsen, David IV 25I Novasic. Mara III I36 NEMECEK, BARBARA WI. 233 Nielsen. Dorofhy IV 25' Novey. Edward II I48, 242 Nemecek. John IV I20. 242 Nielsen. Kenneth I m NowakI Rick II I48 Nerbun. WIIliam I05. I20. 237. Nielsen, Sally I I6! Nowak. CaroI I '6'. 250 246. 286 NieIsen. Wayne IV l20 Nugenf. Thomas III I37 Nussbaum. Alice GR I3l, 28I Mr. Paul Goede serves Ihe giganfic vicIory cake a? Ihe aII-schooI ceIebrafion honoring Ihe BIuedeviI BaskefbaII Champions. Nussbaum, Mary II 278 Nyhus, Renee I 161 Nysse, Sharon 111 I36 Nysfrom, Ronniece 111 I36, 278 NYSTUEN,COURTNEY I83 0 Oberman, Jonafhan IV 120, 244, 288 O'Brien, Mary 111 137 O'Brien, Maureen II 148 O'Brien, Peggy IV 120, 236, 255 O'Brien, Susan 1 I62 Ochs, ErIene II 148 O'Connor, Danny I 160 Oelke, Nyla I 162 Oen,JuIie II I48 OETTING, ERICH 209, 210 Offerdahl, Karen 11 96, 147, 233 OIbranIz, Larry I 148 011a, Mary I 162 Olipra, Susan 11 67, I48, 278 Oliver, Craig 11 I48 Ollenburg, Pafricia II 146 OIrn, JaneII II I48, 276 Olsen, Carl 1 I61 Olsen, Eugene I 159 Olson, Anifa 1 161, 269 OLSON, ARNOLD 206 OIson, Augie IV 12I, 236, 269 Olson, Byron 1 I61 Olson, David 6. 1V 121, 239, 250 OIsbn, Dav1d N. 1 161 Olson, David G. I 161 Olson, Diane 1 I62 Olson, Donald J. 11 I48 Olson, Harlan IV 285 Olson, Judifh l 162, 250 OLSON, K. T. I87 Olson, Kenneth IV 93, 121 Olson, Leon 1 247 Olson, Linda I 161 Olson, Mark III 27, I36, 25I Olson, Mary Lou 111 105, 136, 219, 221, 234, 246, 277 Olson, Natalie I 162 Olson, Roger II 148, 247, 265 OISOII, Ronald J. I 161,287 OIson, Ronald S. III 136 Olson, Wendy l 161, 270 OLSTAD, HARRY I78 Oman, Ronald II 162 OmmaerIs, Brad I I6! Opalinski, Barbara III l21,278 OPEM, KARL THOMAS 269 Opiela, Carol I 161, 250 Oppermann, Dorothy IV 121 Opsal, Pauleffe I 162 ORAZEM, CHARLOTTE I9I Orf, Edith 111 I35 Orsfed, Wayne III 136, 286 Oth, Maryiane II 66, 148, 278 Osegard, Larry IV 121, 222 Ossmann, Darlene I 162 Oswald, Herman IV 93, 102, 121, 219, 22I, 286 ON, Karen IV 121, 255 OTT, TOM 91 0110, Kafhleen III 121, 278 OIIum, Rufh I I62 Ou. George GR 131 Ovanin, Pierre I 161 Ovans, Gordon 111 I36 Overby, Gordon IV 121 Ovick, Jane? 111 I36, 277 OWENS, WILLIAM 204 P Packer, Peqqy I 162 Pacyga, Jennifer 11 271, 281 PageIs, James II 149 Pagenkopf, Mary I 162 Paisley, Leann II 146 Palfrey, Sue IV 121, 125, 256 Palmer, Bruce 111 261 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 275 Panico, Margie III 137, 224 Pankau, Alan 11 I48 Papendieck, William IV 121 Papinear, Connie 11 246, 277 Parker, John II 265 Parks, Gerald I 162 Parks, Marquifa I 162 Parmefer, Kay III 137 Parr, Marlene IV 121, I78 Passow,Judy l 269, I62 Pasfeski, Jack III 137 PaIe, Steven III 275, 27, 284 Pafek, Barbara II 143 Paferson, James 282 Pafkowski, Gregory 275 PaHen, David 287 PaHerson, Carrie IV 121 PaHon, Pafricia 193 Paul. Rose Marie.1l I37 Paulsen, Mary 111 I37, 280 PauIson, Ar'rhur IV 121 Paulson, Carol 1 I62, 246 Paulson, Rifa 11 148 Paulus, Roberf 71 Pauly, Rich 285,79 Pawlifzke, Glen IV 121, 289 Pecha, Janice I 162, 231, 66 Pedersen, Clarice 11 148 PedreHI', Dianne 1V 12l, 236, 245, 277 Peeters, Larry IV 137, 255 Peihn, Linda 66 Peil, Lynne IV 219, 276 Peil, 8111 11 149,255 Peine, Wayne III 252 Pelkowski, Camille II 143 Pelky, Ronald IV 285 Pellow, Bruce IV 242 PELTIER, GEORGE 109, 185, 241 Pennanen, Julie 1 162,248 Peplau, Jeffrey III 134, 271, 289 Pepper, John III 287 PERRI, JOHN 200 Perkins, Donald I 71 Perleberg, William IV 237 PernsIeIner, Delores III 137 Perry, Sharon IV 122, 106, 35, 281 PERSHERN, FRANK I87 Perfeefe, Cliff II 149, 86, 76 Pesavenfo, Alan IV 284 Pefer, Waldo II 259 Pefers, CurIIs IV I37, 282 Pefers, Jake GR 131 Pefers, Larry IV 289 Pefers, Patricia II 148 Peters, Wayne IV 122, 270 Pefersen, Darrell IV 122, 238 Petersen, Pefer 111 I37 Petersen, Susan 111 137 Peterson, Ray 111 I38, 283 Peterson, Bruce 1 I62 Peferson, David 11 287 Peferson, Dean IV 285 Peterson, Dennis III 137, 244, 284 Peferson, Donald GR 131 Peferson, Elizabeth 11 I48, 255 Peferson, Jim 239 PeIerson, Janet l 162, 248 Peterson, John 11 79 Peferson, Karen III 233, 255, 275, 277 PeIerson, Keifh I 162 Peferson, Linda IV 122. 279 Peterson, Linda K. IV 122, 278 PeIerson, Linda J. 1 I62 Peferson, Maureen I 162 Peferson, Richard I 71 PETERSON, WESLEY I98 Peferson, Richard W. IV 122, 287 Peterson, Steven II 137, 284 Peferson, Virginia 111 247, 277 Peferson, Wayne I 162, 255 P6119, Consfance II 148 Petrie, Fred IV 162 PeIropoulos, Alexander I 161 P6113, Mary I 162 Pevonka, Mary 111 137, 279 Pfeifer, Sharon II I48, 247 Pfeiffer, Larry II I48, 250, 267 269, so Pflughoeff, Cherly IV 122, 278 PHELPS, ROBERT I99, 226 PHI OMEGA BETA 285 PHI SIGMA EPSILON 286 PHI UPSILON OMICRON 236 Phillips, John 111 286 Phillips, Thomas IV 148 PI KAPPA DELTA 253 Pierce, Jan 276 PEIRCE, STEN 202, 79 PIERSAL, ARNOLD 187 Pierremeont, Geoffrey 11 148 Filler, Lesslie Ann 11 I48, 222 Pinney, Barbara III 137, 248 Pinfens, Patricia I 162 Pionke, Alberf III 138, 275, 283 Pirri, Linda I 162 P1115, Thomas II I48 PIass, Charles 1 I62, 240 PIaHa, Renee IV 122, 102,234,279 Pleff, Sharon 1 I62 Pliska, Suzanne 11 I48 Ploederl, Mary 11 I48 Podgurski, Nick 11 I49 Pokrand, Dee IV 122, 236 PoIacek, John I 161 PoIasky, Mary IV 122, 279 Pollock, Bruce IV 122 POLLOCK, STANLEY 206 PoIzer, Paul II 286 Polzin, Sandra II 148, 253, 252, 270 POM POM SQUAD 67 Pomrening, M1ch6el 1 I61 Ponfillo, Ralph I '161 POPE, FREDERICK 190 Popoufsis, Mickolas l 161 Popp, Roberf IV 122 PoqueHe, Robert 111 I37, 242 Poquejfe, Theodore I 161 Postal, Sheila II 281 Porfz, Ken II 148 Po'rrafz, Judiih 1 162 P0115, James I 162 Powell, Rosalie IV 122, 102,280 Powers, Kathleen 111 I38, 256 Powers, Margaret II 148, 276 Powers, Mary III I37 Powers, Mary GR 131, 211 PrahI, Steven I 162 Prasf, Jeanne I 126 Pregenf, Stephen 11 I48 PRICE, M. M. I29, 220, l74,264 Price, Jerry IV 122, 282 PRICHARD, NEAL 209, 212 Prickeff, Mary I 162 Prideaux, MargareiL III 137 Priebe, Fred IV 122, 268 Priebe, 5cm? I 161 Priem, Jacqulyn IV 122 PriII, Shari 11 I48, 234 Primozich, Nanneffe I 264 Prochnow, Donald 1 162, 247 Primrose, Glenn IV 122 Prindle, Beth 1 I62, 248 PRITCHARD, LYNN 201, 254, 255 Prodoehl, Andrew 11 I49 Prokop, Jane III 132, I37, 235, 276 Promis, Mary II 96, I48 Propsf, Mary III 138 Pruce, Elizabefh I 162 Prue, William 11 I48 PRUITT, WALTER I74 Prufz, Rosalie 1 I62 Pryga, Laura IV 123 PUDELKEWICZ, CECELIA I92 PURCHASE, HENRY I94 Purchafzke, Michael 1 I61 Purman, Lee Anne 102, 105, I23, 275, 277 Pyrcioch, Jana? I 162 PyIlarz, Charles II 149, 242 nylarz, Robert 11 148 Q Quandt, Mary 11 I47 Quilling, Ardifh 1 162, 224 QuiIling, Maryl I62 Quirf, Charles I 162 R Rabbiff, Paul 111 137 Rachfck, Clarence 11 I49 Rachubinski, Ann I 163 Radar, Terry 11 149 Radesk, Marilyn I 162 RADIO ELECTRON1CS CLUB 240 Raess, Marilyn IV 123 Raefher, Galen IV 275, 289 Rahoy, William I! 149, 260 Ramsay, Renee II 162, 271 Ramseur, Christine II 149 Rank, Joann II 149 Rankin, Sfeven II 149 Rasico, Thomas 11 I49, 226 Rasmussen, Bonnie 11 I49, 255, 260, 268 Rasmussen, Robert 111 223, 241, 275, 288 Rasmussen, David I 137 Rasmussen, Linda 1 I62 Rassbach, Marilyn II 149, 219, 233, 246, 255, 277 Rassbach, Nichols 1V 123, 244, 287 RATHKE, MARY JO 199 Rafkowski, Gregory I I62 Rafzburg, William IV 123, 239, 288 Ravn, Thomas GR 259 Raymond, James 1 162 Reader, Kenneth I 162 Reader, Roger IV 123, 243 Ream, Lynn 11 I49, 222, 247 Reames, Jeffrey II 149, 256 Rebne, Thomas II 93, 287 REDDY, KRISHNA I97 Redman, Russell 11 I49, 247 Ree, Richard III 246 Reed, Donald III 1372 Reese, Dennis 11 91 Reeves, Grant 111 I37, 225 Reeves, Sandy II 144 Regan, Mary 11 149, 247 Rehberg, Pafricia II 149 Rehdanfz, Georgina 1 I62 Rehn, Gloria 111 219,221, 245, 269. 277 Reich, Donn III 71, 285 Reifenberg, Rober'r 1 I62 Reimann, William I 162, 80 Reindl, Richard 1V 105, 123, 243, 288 Reinerf, Dennis IV 123,288 Reinhard, James IV 123 Reinfs, Kafhryn II 149, 230, 232 Reischel, Allen 1 I62 Reischel, Frank 11 I49 Remlinger, George II 147 RENESON, M. W. 200 Renner, Susan 11 I49, 222, 252, 253, 281 Renfmeesfer, Patrick 11 288 Repp, Christine II I49, 232 ReIIke, William 11 I37 Refxlaff, Peter 11 256 ReynoIds, Robert GR. 131 Rheaume, Denise l 162 Rhoades, Doris III 137,224 RHOADS, CHARLES 136 Rice, Priscilla III 137 Richards, Nancy III 138, 236, 281 Richardson, Robert I 162 Richardson, Sue III 138 Richardson, William I 255 RichIer, Jerome IV 123, 245 RichIer, Sfephen 1 I62 Riederer, James 11 I49 Reidl, Rosemary III 137 307 308 General Index Riedner, Herbert 1 149, 238 Rieman, Norman III 139, 222, 283 Riemer, Margaref III 137, 276 Riemer, Toni II 149, 279 RIersgord, Deborah IV 123, 236, 277 Riese, Vfrgene III 137 RIFLE CLUB 259 RIMEL, EVELYN 208, 210 Rihn, Beverly IV 123 RINCK,JOE 186 Rindsig, Maana 11 143,271 Ring, Rose GR 131 Ringelspaugh, John 11 137 Ringler, Judifh II 248 RISLEY, LINDA 191 RITLAND, MICHAEL 210 RiHer, Ted 11 I49 Robbins, Gregory 111 I37 Robers, Linda 1 162, 256 RoberIs, Jeffrey I 162 Roberts, Kennefh l 71 Roberts, Lorena I 162 Roberfs, Rebecca 11 149, 248 Robertson, Carolyn 111 137, 276 Robinson, Steven IV 106, 123,243, 288 Rockney, Richard 111 137. 224 Rodey, Stephen 11 I49 Rodgers, Linda III 137, 233 Rodgers, Susan 11 149 Rodman, Ann IV 123 Roecker, Susan IV 123 Rodgers, Kathryn II 147 Rodgers, LiIIian I 162 R011, Bonifa III 137, 268, 280 Romang, June 277 Romayko, Sharon IV 123 RombIom, Raymond 1 162, 258 Romness, Kay 1 I62 Romufh,Karen 245 Ronnerud, Marfha III 137, 236, 245, 271 Rood, Wesley I 162 Roofs, Linda I 162, 224, 250 Ropiak, Robert 11 142, 144 RorIvedf, JudII'h IV 123, 236 Rorfvedf, Susan 111 I38 ROSE, CHARLOTTE 193 Roseland, Dean IV 224, 242, 268 Rosenberg, Terry I 162 ROSENTHAL, JANE 211, 215 Ross Mary 111 278 Rossman, David I 162 Rossmeier, John IV 105, 123, 275, 288 R011, Thomas I 162 Rouse,Jeffrey I 162 Rouzer, Pamela I 162 Rowe, JanelI 11 I49, 269, 270 Rowland, Marjorie II 149, 249 RUBE,M1LTON 200 Rubner, Caronn IV 124 Ruck, James 11 149 Rude, JanIce I 96, I62, 226, 232, 246, 269 Rudd, Janet I 162 Rudd, JoeI I 71, I62 Rude, Benita I 163 RUDIGER, E. ROBERT 212 RUE, K. L. 205 RUEHL,PHIL1P I77 Ruh, Kthryn 11 I49 Runge. Nancy 149, 256 Rungler, Judi'fh 11 I49 RUNNALS, JAMES 187, 282 RUNNALS, NELVA 204 Rupiper, Allen 86 Rupkalvis, Barbara 11 138, 246 Rupprechf, Consfance I 162 Rusch, Bernard 1 162 Rusch, Dean IV 138 Rusch, Donna 111 137 Rusch, Gerald II 91 Rusch, John IV 124 RuskeII, Linda 1 162 Russo, Anfhony III 91, 266 Rufer, Teresa II 149, 224, 248 Ruth, John I 255 Rufishauser, Kristine 1 162 Ryan, Michael 11 149 Ryberg, John 11 265 Ryun, Harold IV 124 Ryun, Margo IV 124 S SSA 218, 219, 220, 221 S-CLUB 266 SABOL, JOHN 206 Saeger, Michael 11 149, 240, 255, 268 Salas, Ramiro 149, 242 Salesky, Jane 111 I39 Salftgiver, Mary 111 I38, 267, 271 Salow, Roger III 219, 284 Salbaugh, James 241 SALYER, GUY 210 SALYER.JEANNE 191 Sambur, Ned 11 I49 Samplawski, Marvin I 163 SampIe, Timofhy IV 124 Sampson, Dennis I 163, 259 Sandberg, William I 162 Sanderson, Bruce III 139 SAMPSON, JACK 186 Sand, Gregory III 285 Sannes, Lynda III 138 Saupe, Bonnie I 163 Scaife, Roberf II 150 Scanlan, Michael 1 162 Scapple, Judifh 1 164 Schaefer, LesIIe I 164 Schaefer, Roberf III 187, 285 Scha1fer, Ann I 164, 248 Schaffner, Frieda IV 124 SchaIIer, William 11 138,271 Schanzenbach, Rox I 163 Scharf, Penelope II 149 Scharp, Norman IV 124 Schaumberg, Larry IV 138 Scheiber, Michael 1 162 Schelley, Ann I 163 Schemelin, Michael 111 139 Schepard, 8111 I65 Scheps, JudHh IV 124, 262, 263 Scherrer Susan 11 150, 277 Scheunemann, Daniel 11 149 Scheve, Susan I 163 Schiebel, Linda 111 I39 SchImIen, Mic 285 Schindhelm, John 11 I49 Schindler, Lucille 1 163 SchIag, Ken IV 124, 243, 289 Schleder, Judy II 149 SchqueI, Georgia 111 138, 204, 260 Schleker, James 111 64, 256 Schleusner, Jan IV 105, I24, 236, 275, 276 SchIonan, Jeanne 1 I64 Schlufer, Robin 11 I49 Schmadebeck, Robert 1 164 Schmid, Scof'r IV 88, 89, 102, 105, 124, 219, 246, 256, 266, 283 Schmidt Carolyn 67, I49, 236 Schmidt, David I 164 Schmidt Janice IV 124, 281 Schmidt, Susan III 138, 267 Schmidf, Barbara IV 124, 275, 281 Schmidt David IV 124, 288, 79 Schmidt Kenton IV 124 Schmidt Sue 268, 280 SCHMIDT, REINHARDT 210 Schmiff, Charles 1 I63 SchmiH, Thomas 1 164 Schmih, Dale III 138 Schneck, Gerald III 287 y Mel CoIeman heIps Mr. Goede serve fhe vicIory cake. Schneck, Lawrence 1 225 Schneider, Craig 11 149 Schneider, Nancy 139, 276 Schneider, James 1 I62 Schneider, Margaref III 139, 236 Schneider, Mary IV 281 Schneider, Nancy 276 Schneider, Paf IV 289 Schneider, RonaId 1 I64 Scholbohm, WilIiam 1 80 Schoblocher, Nancy III 67, 239, 235, 275, 276 Schoen, EIIyn 111 67, 247, 261, 262, 263, 278 Schoenborn, Jon I 164 Schoenrock, Terry 1 73, I64 SCHOEPP, E. J. 170 Scholfield, Kevin 1 164 Schon, Karl IV 124 Schoonhoven, LareIIe 1 I63, 246 Scho'rfmuller, Nancy IV 124, 279 SchoffmqulIer, Rober'r IV 124, 266, Schrader Loren I 163, 268 Schreiber, Sherry 11 I49 Schriner, Michael IV 124 Schroeder, Daniel III 138, 238, 260 Schroeder, GeraId II 149 Schroeder, KlaudIa 111 I39 Schroeder, James IV 125 Schroeder, Pefer 111 I38 SchroedI, Thomas IV 125, 247, 262, 263 Schroll, Mary IV 125 Schuck, William I 163 SchueSSIer, Evern 111 139 Schuefz, Neda I 164, 233 Schuefz, Renee III 139, 235, 276 Schuff, Leroy IV 103, 105, I25, 237 Schuh, Sandy 111 133,247 SCHULMAN, WILLIAM 197 Schulf, TImoIhy I 162 SCHULTZ, AUGUST 180 Schulfz, Barbara 1 164 Schultz, Chrisfine I 163 Schulh, Connie I 162, 260 Schultz, Deborah 11 I49 SchulIz, Fredrick IV 125 Schultz, Marianne I37 Schulfz, Randy 111 88 Schulfz, Sfeven II 150, 224 Schulfze, Linda IV 125 Schquze, Ann 111 96, I38, 245, 249, 260, 269 SChuIz,Da1e I64 Schulz, Sfeven 1 I64 Schulz, Bill 111 42, 86, 219, 286 Schulze, Carol IV 125, 251 SchuIze, L015 1 I63 SHUNKDROBERT 175 Schwarfz, Joseph 1 I63 Schwar'rz, Kennefh I 164 Schwarz, Barbara 11 149 Schwar1,6era1d 125 Scharfz, Mary 11 149 Schwarz. Steven 1 164 Schwebke, James 11 I49 Schweiss, Robert 1 163, 79 Schwilf, Kenton 265 Sciufi, Daniel I 163 Score, Judith I 164, 206, 245, 269 $6011, PeneIope IV 125, 234 ScoviIIe, Marfha II 150 Searles, Richard IV 125 Seafon, Dean 11 149 Sederberf, Karen 11 149 SEDGWICK, LORRY I78 Sedivec, Susan I 166, 247 Seeber, Richard III 138 Seegers, Cheryl 111 I38, 278 SeIIer, Marvl 162 SIEWERT, CAROL 191 Selby, Nancy 1 163 Selby, William III 139 Sang, Brenda II 149, 276 Se1fer, Alice IV 125, 235, 260 Sevcik, Mary I 164, 289, 233, 248 Seul, Linda I 164 Severson, Joan IV 67, 125, 277 Severson, Mike IV 222, 105,237 Shaben, Donna III 138, 238, 256 Schdinger, Sandra IV 125, 251 Shafer, Bonita 1 I62 Shalkhauser, Karen 1 I62 Severs, MickaeI IV 125 Shanahan, Nancy 111 138,233,246, 277 Sharcinski,Jane1 233 Sharkey, David IV 238 Sharkey, Pairice l 164 Sheehan, Marsha I 123 Shee'rs, Craig I 163 Sheffield, Consfance III 139 Sheil, Mike 93, I25, 266, 285 Sherry, Danie! IV I25 Shainq, Theresa I3! Shier, LynneIIe II I50 ShimeIa, Michael I 164,248,259 SHIRLEY. ANNE I98 Shob, Tim IV 288 SchomperIen, Nancy I I63 SichIer, Gwendolyn II 233, 280 Sidpra, Tarum I 242, 264 Siebke, Dolores I I62, 246 Siebke, Roger I! I49 Siedschlag, John I! 265 SIEFERT, EDWIN I83 Sieker, Carla II I38 SIEWER, CAROL 2lI Siggelkow, Linda IV I25 nggens, Susan III I38, 223, 278 SIGMA Pl 287 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA 28! SIGMA TAU GAMMA 288 Siira, Edward I I62 Silverfri, Gay II I49 Simonson, Beffy III I38, 234 Simpson, Jack III I38, 283 Simpson, Kennefh I I64, 265 Simpson, Michael IV !26, 282 Sims, Kafherine III I28, 247 Sfmurdiak, Kenne'rh III 9! Sinkular, Jo IV 47, I02, I05, I26, 277, 48 Sinz, Gerald I 7! Sipek, Greg III 7!, I38. 284 SippeI, John I I63 Sisson, James IV I25 SiHe, Hans IV !26, 238 SII'IIg, James IV I26 Siffig, WeIcome 279 Siobeck, Susan I! I49, 277 SKAAR, NORMA I9! Skadahl, John I! I50 Skarda, Pamela I I63, 246 SkeII, Alan III !26, 289 Sklander, Dwight I62 Slack, Eileen I I63 Sladky, Mary IV I26 SIaughIer, Jim III 85 Slesar, Susan III 278 Slupe, Thomas I! 7Il I50 SmaIIey, Judith I I63, 255, 27! SMALLEY, LEE 2I2 Smart Daine III I39 Smarzinski, Jane! III I39, 276 Smasal. Jean I I64 Smerda, John IV I26 SmIIh, Ann I26 Smith, Barbara III 278 Smith, Bruce IV I26 SMITH, CHARLES I80 Smith, Donald II I43 Smith, DarreII IV 238 Smifh, Debra II I49 Smifh, James II I63 Smith, James I38 Smith, Louise III I39, 225, 262, 263 SMITH, MIKE 27! Smifh, Michael I I64, 283 Smifh, Nancy III I39, 234, 236. 278 Smith, Rebecca I I63 Smifh, Rifa I I63 SMITH, ROBERT 202, 82 Smith, Susan I! I49 Smerekar, Dan IV 287 Sneen, Lavone I I62 Snowdon, Pefer I I49, 262l 270 Snyder, KthIeen III I38 SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT 244 SOCIETY ON INTELLECTUAL FREEDOM 262 Soderbeck, Randy I I63, 246 SODERBERG, GEORGE I87 Soderberg, Sally I 66, I03 SCGARD, LANROE I90 SoIefske, Roger I! I49 Solinsky Herb IV 287 Solysf, Margare! I I50 Solysf, Mary IV I26 SOMMERS. WESLEY l88 Sommerfeld, Linda I26, 233, 262, 263 Sonnenberg, Judy I I63 Sonnfaq, Kay III 278 Sorcic, Kafhleen I I63 Sorensen, Jeffrey I I63 Soufher, Barbara III I38, 256 Sowa, Terrance II I49 Spaefe, Gordon IV 283 SpaeIh, Iris ll I49 SPAIN, JUDY I7I, 222 Spalding, Ruby III I39 Spengler, Marcy l I64, 233 SPARGER, MAX 68, 86, 202 Speich, Ca'rherine I I63 SPEIDEL, PAUL l85, 24! Spielvogel, Pafsy IV !26, 278 Spilde, Steven II I49 SPINTI, ROBERT l8l, 240 SponhoIIz, Donald III I38, 240 SpIIII, Bonnie II I49, 269, 270 Sprague, Pafrick II I50, 242 SPRATT, BESSIE 21! Springer, Ron III 289 Springhufh, Joseph I49 Squier, Terry II I45 SromaIski, Roberf III 2I9, 286 STALLSMITH, DOUGLAS 73,86, I78, 202 Sfandaerf, Randal! III I63 Sfanelle, Cindy 276 Stankowski, Susan III I38, 236, 276 Sfanfon, Gerald III 288 Sfarck, Judifh III I39, 233, 236, 255, 256, 267, 27! Sfauss, David I I64 Sfearns, Mary II I49 Sfeesrud, Grady 93 Stefaniak, Lee IV I26 SIeffan, Ronald I I64 Sfeffen, Lee I I63, 255 Sfeffes, Steven H 7!, 9!, I50 Sfeger, Barbara I! I49, 279 Sfeger, Linda IV I26 SIeiner. Stephanie IV !26, 245 SIelIing, Thomas I I62, 246 Sfellings, Diane IV 232, 245, 252, 264, 27! STELLMAKER, GLENYCE I9! Sfelzer, Donna IV I26 Sfenner, Robert III I38 SfeuernageI, PauIeIIe II I49, 269 Stevens, Duane III 68, 7!, 266 STEVENSON, JOHN 2I5. 2I0 Sfewarf, Daniel IV 287, 76 Sfewarf, Mary III 279 Sfewarf, Peggy II I49 Stewart Shirley III 28! Sfibbe, Donna IV I03, I05, I26l 235, 236 Stirn, Susan I I64, 248 Sioeger, Roger I I62 S'roehr. WIIIIam III 73, 266, 283 SfoeIfIng, Laurie IV I26 Sfoey, Kenneth II I49 Sfoffel, Pafricia ll I49 Sfoffle, Thomas I I63 Sfoflef, Dale I I64 Sfoflef, Vick! III I38 Sfoisolovich, Nick III 287 SfoIe, Lon I I62 Sfople, Sharon IV !26, 276 Sfolfzman, WaIIer Ill 73, I38, 270 S'rone, Jean IV I26 Stone, James II I49 Sfonek, Dale II I49 Sfouf, Joseph III 286 STOUT ANTIQUE AUTO CLUB, ltd. 258 STOUT, CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP 270 STOUT FILM SOCIETY 263 STOUT MENTAL HEALTH CLUB 26! STOUT METALS SOCIETY 24! SSIT 242 STOUT SYMPHONIC SINGERS 256 STOUT TYPOGRAPHICAL SOCIETY 243 STOUTONIA 230 Sfrasburg, Gregory I I62 SIraHon, Pafsy II 66, 279 Streefer, Denise I I64 SfrehIau, Daniel I 7!, I63 SIrenger, Jane I I63, 255 SfriepIing, Susan I I63, 246 Sfrom, Jan IV I27, 233, 275, 276 Sfrommen, Nancy II I49, 249, 252, 253 Swarfz, RusseII I 7!. I64 Sween, Donald II 138 SWIMMING 82, 83 SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMERS 250 Sinha, Roberf 265 SYZMANSKI, RAY I7l Szalanski, David I! I50, 242 Szmanda, William I I64 Szymaszek, Eugene IV I05 T Tanck Marvin I 7!, I64 TangIey, Paula III I39 Tankins, WaIIer II 70, 7!, 86 Tanko, Gregory IV l27 John Box pauses for school news in !he Fireside Lounge. Strong, John I! 266 SIrong, Sfuar! I I62 Sfrub, Donna I 256 STUDENT NATIONAL ED. ASSN. 245 Sfurm, Susan I! I49 Sfuvefraa, Norma II I50 Suckow, Michae! I I64 Suennee, Linda 276 SuIIivan, Lynne II I49 Suprak. Lawrence I I6! Suprak, Paul II! I38 Sura, Sheila III I38 Surguy, Sfeven IV I27 Surowiec, Bren! III I38, 239 Sveen, Rufh III I38, 236, 256 SwaIve, Joan IV I27. 27! Swalve, Lloyd IV 237, 27! Swangsfu, Henry II 284 Swanson, Donald H. I I64 Swanson, Donald A, I I54 Swanson, Duane I I63 Swanson, Jeanne IV 236, 280 Swanson, Karen II I49 SWANSON. ROBERT 2I3, 2I5 Swanson, Sonia II I49 Swansfrorn, Gary II I49 Tanner, Susan II 248, 28! Taplin, Irvin IV I27 Tarpey, Richard IV 247, 265 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 289 Taylor, George I 7!, I64 Taylor, Jean GR. I3! Taylor, Kafhleen IV l27 Taylor, LuAnn I 248, 259 Techau, Susan I I64 Tefera, Belefe III 264 Tefff, William I I65 Temmerm, Lionel I I64 TEMPER, HANS l83 TENNIS 88, 89 Ten Pas, Kafherine I I64, 252 TenICher, Daniel I 7!, I64 Tepe, Carol I I64l 268 Terril, David 1! ISO Terrill, Jo Sp. 226 Teschner, Roger I! 265 Thaanum, Bonnie II l50 Tharp, Michae! II ISO Thoeny, Chrystal III I38, 279 Theama, Barbara I l64 Theis, David III I38 TheIss, Kathleen II I50 Theiss, Marilynn I I64 309 3I0 General Index Therou, Maxim II 265 Theusch, Mari III I37, 276 Thibado, WilIis IV I27 Thoeny, Chrysfal III I38, I79 THOMAS, CHARLES I82 Thomas, Curtis l I64 Thomas, Grace II I50 THOMAS, HENRY I85 Thomas, Kenf I I64, 259 Thommes, James IV I27, 242, 283 Thompson, Carol I I64 Thompson, Doris I I64, 246, 250 Thompson, Elaine I I64 Thompson, Helen II I50 Thompson, Joan IV I27 Thompson, Mark I 82 Thompson, Richard I I64 Winfer ice sefs a chilling scene ouIdoors while warmih waH's inside. THOMPSON, ROHNN I90 Thompson, Susan IV l27 Thompson, William GR 240, 247 Thornfon, David 283 THURIN, ERIK I99 Thwreaff, Nancy III I37, 247, 278 Tielens, Marcia ll ISO, 276 'TIenor, Lawrence II I50 Tierney, Thomas IV 89, 256, 288 Tiefz, Alan III 286 Tie'rz, Bruce II 224, 230, 265 TiIls, Pafrlcia IV I27, 28I Tills. RonaId II I40, 275, 289 Tinberg, Shelby IV I28 Tippler, Virginia II I50 Tobin, Michael I I64 Tobin, Marsha II I50 Tobin, Thomas I I64 Tocco, Ann I I64 TOKLE, LOUIS 206 Tolene, Dale I I64 Tolene, Katherine III 233, 255, 276 ToIlefson, Walfer II ISO Tomsich, Edward III I38 Tonz, James II I49 TOWER 266 TOWNSEND, MARY ANN l92 TRACK 86,87 Trahms, Philip I I64, 256 TraxIer, Leone ll I50 Trendel, Jeffrey IV I27, 275, 287 Trice, Earl I I65 Trimberder, Ron IV l05l I27 Trinkl, Richard III 7!, 286 Trippler, DaryIa l I64 Trudeau, Cathryn I I64 Trulson, Dick III I27 TSUJI, THOMAS 2I2 Tucker, Janis III I39 Tunks, CIydene II ISO, 269, 270 Tupper, Donald III I35, 237, 255 Tupper, Sfeve IV 26I Turek, Kenneth II 250 Turk, Terry IV 285 Turner, James I I64, 79 TURNEY, MILDRED 2ll Turfenwald, Sandra l I65 TveIen, Renee I I64, 247 Tyree, Thomas I I64 Tyskiewicz, Mike ll 7l Tzeng, Chun GR. l3l Tzeng, Diana III 264 U Ubel, Dina IV l27 Udovc, Jeanne II I5I Uebel, Ken IV 225, 258 UebeIe, John IV 24I Ukkola, Bernice II I50, 256, 270 Ulik, Jane I I64, 252 Ullman, Dawn II I50 Ullmann, Larry IV I27, 238, 240 Ulm, PhyIIis I I64, 27l Um, Be IV 127 Udee, Leo III 286 Unger, Linda II 67, I50, 246, 277 UNITED CAMPUS MINISTRY 27I UNIVERSITY UNION BOARD 223 Uppena, Jeanne II I50, 280 Upward, Gerald GR I31 Urban, Robert ll I50 Urick, Joseph IV 93 UI'echI, Denis IV 256 UfpadeI, David IV I27 V Valenfa, Richard II I50, 269 VALETE, WILLIS I80 Valine, Gary IV l27 Valley, Barbara I I64, 246 Van Blaricom, lone I I64 Vance, Dfane IV I27 Vance, Cindy III '39, 262, 263 Vandalen, Thomas I I65 Vandehey, Dennis I I50 Vandehey, Karen II I40, ISO Van Den Berg, James I I64 VAN OSDALE, JOHN I7I Van DeBogarf, Mike 82 Vanden Branden, Mark IV 256 Vandenhoy, Pairicia I I64 VanderbiIf, Carol II I46 Vanderheiden, Ctherine II 150 Vanderhoff, John I 164, 255, 260 Vanderhyden, Helen II ISO, 252 Vandersoof, John 270 Vander Sferren, Johanna I I64 VanderveIden, Maf'rhew IV I27, 289 Vandervesf, Steven IV I27, 286 Vader Vroek, Dave I65 Vandewalle, Marylou Ill I39, 222, 235, 236 VANEK, ALYCE I97 Vanerf, Jack II I50, 248 VanheirseeIe, Timofhy I I65 Van Horne, Judith I I64 VanremorIel, Susan II ISO Van Ruiswyk, Linda ll I50 VANSICKLE, MARY WANDA l8? Vanschoonhoven, Charles I I64, I90 Vanselow, Janis II I50 Van Valkenburg, Rob III 71,286 Van Vechfen, Befh IV 128, I88, 233, 28l Vanvreede, DaIe I I64 Vasey, Karen l I64 VEINS, BETTY I92 Velich, RonaId l28, 222, 266, 283 Venture, Eunice l I64 Verbrick, Trudy IV I28 Verdon, Linda I I64 Verdbn, Wayne IV I82 Vernon, Anne I I64 VerviIIe, Susan I I64, 247 VETERAN'S CLUB 265 VIdIock, David I I65 Vier, Chester I I63 Vigneau, Kathleen III I39 Vils, Thomas II 9l, I50 Vincent, RIchard III 287 Vinetfe, Kathryn I I64 Vinetfe, Merry I I64, 269 Vlasak, Jim I39 Virfue, Richard I I65 Visor, Jim 7!, I64 Vobeida, AI l28, 258 Vobeida, June I64 Voelz, Kennefh II I50 Voefmann, Barbara II I50 Vogel, Rick III I39 Voigfs, Jean I I64 Voigfschild, Wayne IV I28 VoIbrechf, Dennis I 79, I64 Volbrechf, Gale III I39, 285 VoII, ChrIane III 249. 279 Vonderhaar, Ann III 279 Voss, Mark I I64 Vosz, Robyn II I50, 28l W WADE, WARREN 206 Wadhams, Joanne l I65 Wagner, Carol I I65 Wagner, David I 7I, I65 Wagner, Keifh III I35 Wagner, Marcia IV I28 Wagner, Michael I I65 Wagner, Ray IV I28, 284 Wagner, Richard 1 I65 Wagner, Rosalyn II I50, 203 Wahl, Kevin 284 Wahl, Sandra IV I28 Waldow, Ywain II I5l WaIdvogeI, Daniel II I49 Waldvogel, Jerome II I49 WALL, G. 5. 2H, 2I5, 237 Walker, Sandra II I5I Wallace, Susan I I65. 226, 264, 27I Waller, Deborah II I50 WALLEY, BRUCE 2I2 WaIIInfin, Cynthia! I64, 264 Walsingham, Jeri II I5I Walfers, Earl I I65. 252 Walfers, Jennifer II I50, 252, 253 Walfz, Randy I I65 Ward, Maryl I65 WARD, ROBERT I79, 226 Warner, Jacklyn I50 Warner, Rebecca I64 Warren, Rhoda I I65 Warrington, James IV 285 Watkins, Gary l28, 284 Watkins, John II ISO Wafson, Dawn II 278 Waupochiek, Fay I28 Waupochiek. Anfhony IV l28, 238 Wdowczyk, Cheri IV 233, 28l WEAVER,JEAN I90 Weaver, David GR I3I Weaver, Margaret I28 Webb, John II 240 Webber, Alan II ISI Weber, Charles II 256, 283 Weber, Lynda III 256, 276 Weber, Pefe 86 Wagner, Suzanne Ill I39, 264 Weidemann, William 265 Weill, Brian I I65 Weiler, Joanne IV I03. l28. 236, 275, 276 Weiman, Marlene 244 Weinand, Sandra III I39, 2I9, 222 Weiss, Roxann l I64 Weiss, Terry IV I28, 289 f Welssen, Kafhy I6I 3 Welch, Gary J :55 Welch, Kafhleen III I39 , Welch, Larry III I39, 23!, 232, 243. 283 Welhavenl Joanne IV I28 Welhouse, Harold II I5I . Weller, Eileen ll I4I Wells, Jane II ISO, 278 Wells, Roberf II I50 Welschl Deberah II I46 Wenzler, Dale II I50 Were, Sy IV I03, l05. I28, 239, 245, 289 Werner, Judy II I50, 236 Werner, Nancy III I39, 233,279 Werfschnig, Cafherine III I39 Wery, Peggy II .150, 281 Wesley, Glenda ll ISO - WESLEY, MICHELE I90 Wesffall, Judy II I5I, 232, 256 Wheelock, Dale II ISO Whifbeck, Carol IV l03. l05, I28, 226. 230, 232, 281 White, Larry I 7I, 163 Whife. Leroy IV l28, 244, 265 White, Mary IV 35, l28. 28l White, Pafricia IV l28, 279 WhiIe, Susan IV I28, 233 White, Valarie I I64 Whiffield, Bonnie II I5I, 2I9I 279 WHYDOTSKI, LLOYD I82. 243 WHYDOTSKI, MYRTIS I9l Whyfe, Sherrie III I39, 276 WIckerI, Mariorie ll l50 Wicklander, Man I I65 Wickman, Muriel I I65 WieIzke, Sandra IV I29 Wiedenmeier, George I l59 Wiedenmeiek, Linda I I65 WiegIand, Lois I I65, 246 Wiegland, Susan IV 232, 236 Wiegel, Henry III I39, 242 WIEHE, THEODORE 2l2 Wiehe, Judifh II I5l Wieland, Dave II 246 Wieland, Lawrence II 283 Wieman, Marlene IV I28, I96 Wiemerslage, Sandra III I29, 233, 279 Wiese, Arlene III I39 Wighfman, Jr. Richard I I65 Wiksfen, Mardianne II I49, 246 WIKUM, DOUGLAS 203 WiIde,Jean II I50 - Wilde, Thomas III I39, 242 WILE, JACK I7l WIIferI, Ann III I39 3 Wilhelm, Marie IV I29, 236, 245 Wilker, Alan SP 120, I29 Wilkie, Susan I I64l 248 WILL.JOHN I97 WiIIiams, Anifa I I64 WilIIams, Chrisfinel I64 Williams, David II I5I, 255 Williams, Keith I I65 Williams, Karen III I39, 278 Williams, Michele II I5l, 232, 252, 253, 270 Williams, Rhea III I39, 279 WIIIIams, Sharon II I50 Williams, Timofhy II ISO, 255 Williams, Wallene l 255 Willis, Geraldine IV l29 Willis, James I I65 Willkom, Margaref ll l5l WILSON, ANITA I92 Wilson, Judy IV l29, 279 WILSON, RICHARD 203 WILSON, ROBE I97 Wilson, SCOII II 288 Wilfing, Paul IV I29, 283 Wiltzius, David I I65 WIMMER, CHARLES I97 WIMMER, PATRICIA 197 WIncheI, Terry II l50 Windsor, James III I39, 247, 284 WIniarskI, AnneH'e I I64 Winiarski, Margaref II I50, 229 Winkler, Gary II ISO, 266, 289, 82 Winn, James II 86, 256 WInferfeIdf, Marguerife III I39 Withwein, Susan IV I29, 233 Wisnefske, Marilyn IV I29, 27? Wisniewski, Thomas IV I29 Witke, Timothy II I50 Wiffchow, Joy IV l06, l29 Wiffchow, Marilee I I65 WIernberger, Daniel II 150, 270 Woefel, Dennis I I65 Waggon, Stephen II ISI, 27I WoIf, Susan IV l29 WoIford, Marsha IV I29 WoifkiewIcz, Mary Ann IV I03, I05, I29, 236, 267, 280 WOLD, RICHARD I97 Wolff, Larry III 286 Wolfia, Donna II, I50, 279 Wolff, Carol IV I29 Wolff, Laurie IV l29, 279 WoIfmeyer, Gary III I39 Wolkers'rorfer, Karen III I39, 270 WoIIak, Douglas II l5l, 275, 288 WoIsIegel, .Roberf I 265 WOMEN'S RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION 96, 97 WONG, EDDIE I97 Wood, Margaret Ill I39, 279 WOOD, SAMUEL I72 Woodwick, Cindy II I42, 269, 270 Woodworfh, Linda I I65 Worden, Linda II l50 Worden, Roberf IV I29, 244 Worzala, Carol III I39 Wosick, Lois III I39 WossIegeI, Bob I65 Woyfasik, Rober'r IV I29 Woyfasik, Roy I I65 Wrass, Laurence II I50l 284 Wrasse, Lynn II I46 WRESTLING 78, 79 Wright Becky II l5l, 255, 28l Wrighf, Elaine I65 'WRIGHT, FREDA I75 WRIGHT, LAWRENCE 2l2, 2I5 Wuebben, Kafherine II l50, 2I9 Wulf, Thomas I I65 Wunder, Susan II 150, 222 Wursfer, Thomas I I65 WURTZ, ROBERT 2l0 Wyckoff, Janis III I39, 278 WyeIke, David 288 Y Yager, KrIsIIne II I5I Yanda, David I I65 Yarroch, Robert I I65 COLOPHON Yeager, Mary I I65 Yokoyama, Frances III I39, 232 Yocco, Richard I I5l, 270 Yonkovich, Dean III I39 YOST, CHARLES I78 Yosf, Edwin III I39 Young, Danny I I65 Young, Mary I I65, 224 YOUNG REPUBLICANS 224 Younger, David I 260 Z Zagrodnik, James III I39 Zahabioun, Mohammad GR l3l, 264 . Zahn, Cinda IV I29I 245 Zahorski, Bonnie I I65 Zakarfasen, Marcia II l5l ZAMPACH, CHRISTINE 202 Zander, Thomas IV I29 Zaner, Gregg IV I29, 288 Zarnsforff, PauIeIfe III I39, 245, 270 Zebro, Roberfa II I5l Zeilinger, Ronald III 264, 267 Zeifler, Roberf III I39, 222 ZeII, Roger Ill 7I, I39, 266 ZeIImer, Sfeven II I5II 224 Zelfinger, Linda III I39, 246 Zenner, John IV l29 . Zehihun, Gafria II 264 Zickerf, Jean I I65 ZiebeIl, Michael II l5l ZiebeII, Jack II 9l, l5I ZiebeII, Ken III 285 Ziegelbauer, Alice I I65, 255 Ziegelbauer, Carolyn IV I29, 275, 28I ZIEMANN, NORMAN 207 Zielanjs, Cafherine III I39 Ziewacz, EIIen II I5l Zimdars, Donna IV I29, 236, 26I' Zimmerman, Gail II I50, 246, 284 Zimmerman, James Ill I39, 258 Zimmerman, Judifh II 246 ZINGALE, MICHAEL I97 Zissman, Michael I I65, 80 Zivney, Rodney I I65, 246 Zondag, Befh l I65. 248, 255, 264, 27l Zorn, Jean III I39 ZuehIice, Meryl l5l ZUERLEIN, JOHN I78, 202, 80 Zupancich, Barbara III I39 Zwarf, Joan III I39, 270 ZwIssIer, Robert III 284 The I969 TOWER was prinfed by Ike Taylor Publishing Company In DaIIas. Texas. The paper Is 80746 enameI gIoss. Headlines are 24 pt Fufura DemiboId Condensed. Opening secfion is In I8 pf. Fqura DemiboId Condensed. TiHe, confenfs. Jrheme and division pages are in varied sizes of Fufura DemiboId. AII ofher copy Is Vogue: body copy Is I4 pt: senior porIraiIs and Index. group idenIIIIcaIion. and capIions are 8 pt: and Jrhe generaI index is 6 pf. 3II mg Accomplishmenf shines in flue faces of TOWER edHors: Colleen Balko. liferary edibr; Ed Guckenberger. associafe edifor; Ingrid Ahlberg. produdion edifor; Lana Lawrenz, edHor-in-chieF and Bill Minfer, phofo edifor. In Retrospect . . . A changing socie+y's impacf on our universi+y A Sign of +he Times This year sfudenf unres+ a profesf demons+ra+ion bomb scares voiding of SSA elecfions. feH' +he impac+ Roberf Kennedy's deaih Czech revol+ Chicago conven'l'ion scenes Apollo VIII Release of +he Pueblo crew Nixon adminis+rafion. 196.9 TOWER Staff Lana P. Lawrenz .................................. EdH'or-in-Chief Edward J. Guckenberger ........................ Associafe Editor Colleen C. Balko Liferary Edifor Ingrid S. Ahlberg .............................. Producfion Edifor William D. Minfer Phofo Edifor LITERARY STAFF: Linda Anderson. Diane Afkins. Phyllis Afhman, Dave Carney, Judy Gunderson, Jane Kramer. Ellen L011, Mary McGowen. Sue Roecker. Jim Schleker. Karen Sederberg, Debbie Smifh, JoAnne Terrill. Rhea Williams. PRODUCTION STAFF: Norma Anderson, Chris Chasfen, Sue Donnelly, Kay Knudfson. Dorofhy Kocovsky. Sue Lund. Donna Macke. Linda Manfhei. LoDonna Nass, Nafalie Olson. Tom Rasico, KaH'xy Rein+s. Janice Rude. Bruce Tiefz, Jan Vanselom Susan Wallace, Carol Whifbeck. ASSISTANT TO PHOTO EDITOR: Marge Winiarski. Dave Konih. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Richard Abraham, Tom Hes'rer. Dale Granchalek. Sfeve Hammer. Mary Hansen. Al Hinkle. Bill Min+er, Ron Moede. Nick Podgurski. Roger Sfahl. ADVISORS: Dr. David P. Barnard .................................. Producfion Mr. Roberf Ward Phofography Mr. Richard Navarre Liferary Mr. Roberf Phelps ..................................... Liferary Mr. Jack Morehouse Finance As a -resul+ we experience changes in course emphasis new courses in currenf problems open discussions an underground newspaper. CoordinaHng campus aC'I'ivHies and world even+s in+o a record of +his year was our challenge. We believe our effor'rs. +his book-The I969 TOWERl Refleci' +he Signs of +he Times. Lana P. Lawrenz Edii'or. I969 TOWER 1 K, XAVQ kW. N! . Vr,

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