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Cmpw Q 4 I +A- ' . 1-ffl-f'ffVqgtfi'i'.1:' V :VE -h-' -..'V. V V - ' Qi?" 411235 w:vf,,g 2 .. ,, -- 'M' , .. . l5i9:1R9f5.,. 4 ,ggi . ' ' 'awliii . SKF' 'f ilm ' ' f' L-. ' 1f'f I' X' - J"51i'L11273'ix'N:-9l'13g1f'Q1fi' ' 1, K E ISTfvf-giiizwdffff-Q: ' X , .fu-:-A-f .wi I V , fy . 2- A' . ,, Hg:--LL-.,C,3,gv gffg- 1 VVV.15EqLf1g5f'?W V 3pV?:35g3VggV1gj55g,gifgg ' N X N , . ' ' M 4, fiy,n,.,fq:Y5 F " ' A f ' we A M , ,.-zip, 132.5zgscg,15geiQ.::en:-? ., -' , ' X f . V- -W P w1.sizagwwgf211vf pp - 2 . ,. ' H"'.'j-Q1'VjQVgQ,fjf:V , VVif5a1f3,'gz:1'- ' 1 Vi: fl V ' 451' ' , Cl'f",4',fi1'N , - -' -,'--3wewgwx?afffl-Pfgr':'X H :,-' A " 'X 1 .fit ' " 5 'LS' " 3'f"f-,"1ff:' - We fl 'K V I w xe 1 0 ' 1' 'f11'i:'E'fE"' "vii ,sg 'V' G f . ,K F, jw ,M , 1 A-i ,F . 41 DULUTH ' , '1.V I, 1 A ' owxov- i .N ef, LN J 497 , ' ' ' " I 'I .' EPZ 1 , ' YJQQLE L1 .. , ''LO""0c""WffR1afr:EQM' 1' I ,-. , 12 f V :V 7.95, 4 ', -.1 ,fx , V 4. 13154, W' 11- ,, .VV , ' -Z'Y'f?'?3 ...,,44f"M' ' " 'fl' - mg? 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I 1. 41 ,4- EE! ,Er , lfnlfi 3 iyt' li' ll 'll J A ' M 'jg is the only-as it was the iirst-college ' 1H A111e1.ica to give itself Wholly to 'she l?1ZZl1lIlII1g ,of teachers - of Home Economics md Industrml Education The college owes 1155 exlstenee 111 Menomome to the lumbermg mterests Whlch 111 1889 brought James H Stout to WISCOHSIH It was he Who coneelvod the purpose and the plfm of The Stout Instltute Through h1S generoslty 111 provldmg a, bu1ld1ng the equlpment and the teaollers Menomonle became the first 011,17 111 the Umtecl States to offer O1g311'l1Z6d and systemauc 1ne1,1 uotlon m what 1S to day called I11clust11a,l HUDUCTIU 5 51,3 Edueewoion and Home Economies. From the work begun in the sehoolsa of thefcity in 1890 developed the .Stout 'Training Schools, organized in. 1903 to prepare teachers of Home Economics and Industrial Education. In 1908 the Training Schools became The Stout Instihutae. Lorenzo Dow Harvey, under Whose direction the schools had gained a national repu- tation, became the first president. After the death of Senator Stout in 1910 the college was taken over by the state, To-day, as in years past, its stin- dents come not only from Wisconsin but from many statesg its graduates teach in every state in the Union as Well as in Canada, Hawaii, Cuba, the Canal Zone, and the West Indies. . . . The opportunities of an educa- tional type are many. Especially valuable is the training offered in the numelous colleges. In The Stout Institute, distinct- tive in its work, students pursue the customary courses in general subjectsg they also acquire definitely useful skills. They face the realities of work. Graduat- ing, they go to positions in elementary if and secondary schools, in high schools FX and colleges. With them into laboratories, I A shops, and classrooms they take a thought lv , , " 'gin from age-old Wisdom,- that the happy gt., , I l ul l life is to be found in service to others. - l . ,, 5 ' I, I N f,"TL- .- ' '-1: , lHrl'l!'3"F if mulll W N 1 ,N-. hai' ll l 'WT u I I YZWZL11, willllur I M IW:-,:'w,:1'?vl: 4 HU ,f-lx , ze ' -f ff' fc? y lIll"lu ,-" -s , eff ff if all 1 f I c llof'f-?""x Ll - llllll ll 'll JOSEPH TONDRYK ---s if ,D ul .- - EDITOR AND Busnmss lVI1rNAG1a1c K, n r ,fif-:"-,"' M, QI,-,,, MAJESTA SHEARER ASSOCIATE Enrron ,,- ,..- WH .,f-Eg .xf u ,, -. C - u -1- 1 Q XX xff males I x Xi X 9 l 'N fx n M Q7 1 1-?s'1' s ,llll 1 .-U,. ,, , I, 1 4 3. ,v . ! ll A . 'L' - --,.,--..---.W ,,..r v.. N JY 1 4 yu f 1 ' -v- ' 'e"i,g-,,. TL. ' -.-H K ,F 1:---1' -Aw.-. il B if Q . L " f"""H'f"f-+-f:4f,,':""".+-.1Jf"'v-",E.','-if4 , ,J . ' 4, W5?"'42F"' 'i"gIfLJPA', .Ja . ,A -55.2--' - A an-::f':'as'a:fmH'J3ivld-Y nl" ' 'A' Tl ' 1- i"inQ'1Nr.f'-GOV C, 1- 2 A if-vw, f. lg-5 .Li-'oW'2V?'3"f49"' i"""'f"'3' " 5"l'TlW""'5'?"?"""" 'gt j g,',,a ,,1 aim U g a ' I' , f A . 'I !i r'!l'J L , .V 1, .- -V t , ,J il., -A-.-'uh' I .. ' ' ' " A lx. W "A --.+u-ww as ' A-s'+-qnf-" The College The Classes Organizations Athletics Campus Life fm I. :I ' " " " ' , - 2' V 4- - .y M". - -' V '-j,,' .- -vga. , X- . ,' I' V A-,M-,- , 45, ,..f-,-,. '- , 1 'Q' .1-h A .U Y .. -' ' s'? "" ' "1 "'ff1".J..' '-,T ,' v vw .W 4- , -V .- Y A , ., 1 wfir 4...-f--Qf. V . ,-.Q 'P' ' - 0 w-21. '-'lei' k1Zff'l , K4 - . J, lr Nu R '.- ' 4 ' H ,--VS. 1 1 1- V wtf- .L-i .if ff' . x' lf , f.'ga-fl.rzf- if f 1 as .w 2, 4.2 QW' V' f"f'.f 1. X 'Q , H2533 fig' K uring the college year, The Stout Institute offers courses which lead to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Home Economics and Industrial Education. During the summer session, the college offers both graduate and under- graduate courses. The graduate work, authorized in the spring of 1935, was inaugurated in the summer session of that year. The graduate program leads to the degree of Master' of Science in Industrial Education and the degree of Master of Science in Home Economics. Through the graduate program, The Stout Institute gives teachers, supervisors, and executives an opportunity to prepare for the increased responsibilities which they must meet as the practicalgarts take their place .in the expanding program of I general education. At the end of Wilson Avenue stand the main buildings of the college, the Industrial Arts Building closing the ave- nue. To the right is Home Economics Hallg to the left, the Gymnasium. In years past, Menornonie was the center of the lumbering influstry of Western Wisconsin. Close about the city to-clay are the wooded hills, reminclers, perhaps, to those who know the history of the comlnunity, that the industry which brought to Monomonie the cit.y's great bon- efactor, James. H. Stout, brought also our college,- his contribution to the state. vi!n"S..,x .... 1 uv-5 V A K A P :gE?,x, X , 1 N' ' L1-K, -' Lmafi: ,N 5 ' f-Q, M H 'v""u ,, Q 1 . J U Jffcsnwe .f i-,1."" ,- 4' ,,. 'gf-3, - 1. V I .M -,f'.-r" - -I, - , " - ' N ami Us '-adv-4 .- I If A 1 ' ' Y ' ' F E' " - ' Va '-L - 'X .QM f fglfv- -- l ,Pi ,J is S+- ' ' 7 -f K , f' -gr-.v .A V. 'J . . S .ga A- , N: Q SFS, Lf' .Q ,M lv . L. I uw.. bfpwl- lf- .v ' . L -- 4: ' ww-w-ff 'fin-24 - -f: V H., 2 . -1fr il'f2f,:-N ' ff' ,V -,- ' filf gg.--P, , 4 .2-Lv X . '1 "' '-' "Fw L -- 1' 2- if , 11 u-5. ,. 4. . 41155-.,f51'-' ' , 55.3 V! J 54- 1 , 1,0411 . 1, -1 '-. ' . . 14:25, V hm mlm 1--.. f. U7 x - . -L M. K 'xnxx . R vp. . as N . hw 4.1 .QA W ,f .1 r-HF - . v..w y Q 11 -1 f V if if -'X--4.'f13'4f.. . 5 p - ' -55,1 55,821 .- ' I r i A - I-5 1 ' ' 4' 1, :H 'Z' ' ' - Lf .f N, gg sq :fm M - w .. '- Y - ' ' ' 50, 223 . . Y ' SQ, . f 5 1 . .A Q. A . It 251. I Y I: F , "' ., A. , 5 .vrfffq ith ,v 3' it 1- "fi-H13-: ' ' : q -V wav! . A" X ' , i 'QAM . K ff, f Y H 1 1' ,. 4 z, I I , i-1 ,Z ,Y , milf.-I 1' ' Y l-..l,4. , . 3" '-:1, , . .X 1 . I N M . .,-A' 'I xi ,. I ' .U X Q 8, .af-.4 ., ' A ' sf Lg U --. s ..' - '. . ' -- Q., . c I N ' 1 g, X ., hu' 'xl-w We.. - . r f w Vw .K I I BL Bmw Z. Www THE STQUT INS I LJTE M'NOMONIE. WISCONSIN I: aunvcw z -vruxow erase May 29, 1940 Class of 1940 My dear Friends: I am pleased to use that salutation, because it siggifies intimate association and a common interest. In that relationship, here, as you leave the halls of college training and step out into the great outdoors of' larger ooffmunity opportunity, I em bidding you farewell and wishing you e high degree of success in new- fields of labor. Your success, I hope, will not be measured by silver and gold alone: for anyone who makes that his mejor ambition, genuine happiness will hardly be attained. Pride in yourself, the friends you make, the good you do are tremendously more important. For several years you have looked forward to this day which Ines-ks the close ol' an intensive period cf' preparation for a service to state and nation. From these halls have gone .forth hundreds, yes thousands, oi' strong men Rnd oompetent women whose accomplishments have adorned the teaching profession and served to light the way in the most practical fields of' education. Their influence has been felt in every section of the state and in every state of the nation. You will also add new honors to those already credited to your A1135 Mater. It is possible that changing world conditions may make your work more difficult: but we have confidence that your excellent preparation and your firm determination will crown your work with success. You Imow, of course, that world civilization is facing its severes test since the period of the dark ages. You -know-, too, that national libert and the freedom or our people is in grave danger or being crushed. It may become your major duty to fight for the preservation of American ideals, to help find the compromise between individual liberty and social security which affects the Muole people. It may be that the issues of freedom will be de ermined 1 your enerat on In 1: e meantime e education of the You o America n pre ration or any ezner ency is your immediate first job s we wish you every success Sincerely yours t n g 1 . h , th th 1' i pa 1' g . In thi . l I CLY DE A. B4 JW M AN DEAN, D1v1sioN or I'lU IIAI Fl A 1 IN J sr: , imc 'I' UN RUTII E. MICHAIQLS DICAN, IDIVISION ml' llomlc lCuoNomIc:s 'FT-'J MERLE M. PRICE, Dean of Men, Social Science, KETURAH ANTRIM, WILLIAM BAKER, Printing, ARTHUR BROVVN, BROPHY, Printing, LOUISE BUCHANAN, Foodsg Physicial Education, Erlucaluiong JOHN GER"l"R'UDE L. CALLAHAN, English, LILLIAN CARSON, Related Arts, HAROLD COOKE, Music. Una FACULTY . . . 13 An unusual group of teachers, more varied in preparation, more versatile in accomplislimolil., more conscientious in performance than may be found in many colleges. They serve the state and nation in preparing teachers in particular Helcls, growing more important from year to year, as new social responsibilities become the problem of the state. In the class and lecture rooms, in the labora- tories and shops, they prepare teachers to do superior work in specialized fields everywhere. v Dgacuflff - M. W IN NON A CRUISE, Nutrition, FRED CURRAN, Industrial Eclucat-ion, FRANCIS DRAKE, Public Speaking, HELEN DRULEY, Related Arias, LILLIAN FROGGATT, Librarian, HARRY F. GOOD, Electricity, DANIEL GREEN, Mechanical Drawingg DORIS HALE, Biological Science 5 H. M. HANSEN, Woodworking, ALICE SIIERFY HOUSTON, Director of Nursery School, FRANK HUNTLEY, English, LILLIAN JETER, Clothing and Related Arts. DOROTHY JOHNSON, Home ECOIIOIIHCS Educationg RAY C. JOHNSON, Physical liducatimig FLOYD Kl'I1'l'I'I, General Mchalsg RAY F. KRANZUSCH, Auto Mechanics 5 MABLE LEEDOM, Chcmistryg AN NE MARSHALL, Biological Scieuceg LAWRENCE MARX, Psychologyg MARY MCCALMONT, Chemistryg H. C. MILNES, Machine Shopg PAUL C. NELSON, XVoorlworking, Carpentry, Visual Educationg GERTRUDE M. O'lSR,ll'IN, Registrar, .Plurzeznent Secretaryg I-IENRIETTE QUILLING, Home Euononiics Educulzion. -4 ,... -5? . I 1 1 I A 4715 6 4' Q ir if if fi ,QQ ,... .Gi . ,. .. ,. vb' .5 'H 1-'ff Av W,-'-'A' ei A' ali!" L7 ig5fig4m.1f'Lu4'gi.f1,iivgirjv if .., Y J. EDGAR RAY, Architectural Drawing, CORYDON L. RICH, Mathematics and Science 3 MABEL C. ROGERS, Foods 5 BOYD C. SHAFER, Social Science, DOROTHY STARKWEATHER, Foods, Institutional Management, STEPHEN A. STEPI-IAN, Social Science 3 GLADYS TRULLINGER, Home Management , FRANK E. TUSTISON, Mathematics and Science, HAZEL VAN NESS, Clothing, LETITIA WALSH, Home Economics Education, MARIE XVALTERS, Home Economics Education, RAY A. WIGEN, Woodworking, Painting and Decorating. BUSINESS Sing Without well-kept, business 1'eoo1'clS, excellent, clomiitories, hooks, heat, light, health Service, even those OCCiLSlO1121,l clirecf1.ive notes from the sec1'etzu'y or ai HlilEl1Ogl'ELDll0l', what would our college life he? The business stall' governs, it Seems, our lives. But. to fzieulty and to Slaudents they give excellenin survive. BRYARD M. FUNK, Business lVlEl.l'l1Lgf3l'Q XVALTER ROEHR, Chief Engineer, R. BRUCE ANTRIM, Assistant Libl'EL!'l8llQ MYRTLE STRAND, Assistant Librarian, DR. JULIUS BLOM, College Physician, MARION BOARDMAN, College Nurse, LARMON PRICE, Sizenograplier, MINNIIC BECKER, Secretary to the President, AGNES WINSTON, Steno- gmpher. MRS. GRACE DOW, Director of Halls and Housingg 91 Seam lake YESTERDAY that our Seniors of 1940 entered Stout .... They differ now, as they dill then, from one 311lOlQl10l'. The experiences of college have lJl'Ullglll'- greaitx c-l1:111g'es, ol course. In their SCl'1OlEL1'Sl1lD, their D1I'7DllCZl1tl01l to duties, their skills, liliere may he 21, wide gap between the extreinesg but on the whole these g'l'Z'l.dlllLi0S eoiistitule EL capable group, whose teaching will be 3. credit to thein and to their college. 18 Swcwx OPN XS AOYXSSOS , Ymasxmam Rice Lake, W kscou-sin .XPJSX5 CHESOWUYH, Vxcm-Ymssxom Hixmu, W iscoxxsfm Y AUM BMLE-Y, Smcum ,uw Nkuomoxxie, W iaconsin XGNXAR BAKED, 'iammsuxzmn Nkzxxomoxxie, Wisconsin GEORGE ALT, Menomonio, XViHf'UI1Hill MARJORIE BARD, Antigo, Wisconsin Q 1 CHARLES BARNOSKE, Ottawa, Illinoisg ARLAND BAR'I'EL'l', Cascade, Wisuonsing ELEANOR BECKER, Le Center, Minuesotag ELIZABETI-I BENSON, Oshkosh, Wisconsing ROLF BERG, Colfax, Wisconsing MARY BLAIR, Neenah, xYiSC0llQ-iillg BE'l"l'Y BLOCK, NVo0d1'uFf, Wisconsing CLEMENT BOGAARD, Abbotsford, Wisconsing lFlVERE'I"I' ISOLDUC, Pearson, Wisconsing DOROTHY BOUSLEY, Iron River, Wisconsing VIVIAN BOW, 1x'ICl1OlIlOl1i0, XVisc0nsing JAMES BREITZMAN, Menomonie, Wisconsin, Sf 13 S+ LORRAINE AM UNDSON, Babcock. Wisconsin RUSSELL ANDERSON, Snpcrlor, Wism-onsin SE I ORS W I 1121 I '01 ug!-' IxA l III IIINI BRI WIN Il.II'C,I'S4lll Wisco11si11' WII MA BUNC E Caledonia Minnesotag WII I IAN C XMPISI I I Mc,11o111f111ic, IX'i.'c,o11.'i11' IXI-XBLL CARLSON Superior Wisconsin' NIRCINIX KXIIRUII S ' . 1111c1'1m' Wisr1o11:-1i1i' M 'XRY CI ARK. Menomcmie Wisconsin? IIOII ARD C OV! I Ii. Ix'Il,ll0IIlUIlIP Wisco11si11' I LIIAISLI I-I DOI RI II R. Kimberly Wis- cc111s111 C I Q II IA DOMKI' Mc,11o111r111i1, Wi.'co11si11' CAROI DRLYLR IXIiIwauI'Le WiQ QUIISIII IOXCI IIIINK sux II1111l'i11s x1'i.-msiil' 11.110x1L111P1 NBACH III' R'1OI11'1IIZ I 1 141115111 QI .1 IULD ICWAIQ 3, IIIOIIK flu Lau, Wisc1111." IOIIN VINNICY. AICIIOIIIOIIIO, Wisuu11si11 IIOISICIYI' I'II.YIiI.IIND, l'1'e11l-ice, Wisuowsixi III 'I'II GOIQRIGS, Lodi, Wiscol sill 21 f N 1 Q X -rm S. . . .17 , ' rib. IVVIIIR ar . " ' N r - i' . . ,. I 6 5 , 1 6 .1 ' ' Q if I 1 X ws f ,' 'v 1 .-E. 4 , ,- If .1 mmcif "'-2331. , Q 1 l . I, ,ig N'T ,- X K' 6 5 'A' I 1 L Inf jf. lf., X x J ,.. nit 'Q ,,. ', 5 1 1 F' 6 P .: J' , IAN ii' I --1 . L1 Y f-I 1 1 I . IA 'L IJ , I I 1 , y I I 1, X ' . , 1 1 1 1 . 1 J 1 ' Q: ' 'A A 1, ' ' I, S ' S , 'J ' 1 ,A , I 1 . W' I 1A . 1 I ' A 3 1 IA 1 1 A I, I I I -1 I val 'Q w w , 'I , 1 I 4 'A , ' , , U rx ' 44 'JL , 7, - . 11 4 5 L- y 1,11 Y, 1 11' I xy s y J 4' 1' Y 1 xi Y ,- , - . - 1, 1 1 1 Q . w e.,. Juan 1. , w , M ,.'. If' a w ,ui "sr .' . . 6' IIXI I I sm I . 1 I . 1 HIROSHI GOTO, Kawaihae, IAlawn,ii l 1 MERVIN HAWORTH, Menomonie, Wisconsin, JANE I-IEISER., Plamttevillc, Wisconsin: WILLIAM HINTZMAN, Menonionie, Wisconsin, RAY HOLLISTER, Delavan, Wisconsin, FREDERICK HOUSE, Menomonie, Wisconsing CLAUDE HOWARD, Stanley, Wiscoxif-xin, MARJORIE JACKSON, Portage, XVisC0nsing LORN JAEGER, Menmuonie, Wisconsin, .IAN ET JOHNSON, Sidney, Montana, ROBERT JOHNSON, Menomonie, Wisconsin, ZELLA JOOS, Alma Center, Wisconsin. MARGUERITIC GOVIN, Menumonie, Wisconsin GRACIA GREEN, Menoinonie, Wisconsin DONALD HANSICN, Menmnnnic, Wisconsin SE I ORS '22 , ig . ,Q 9 44' 'S Q-sv ,A-K, fi. fX 'lf' JUSIGPIIHON, Aslilzinml, Wisuonsing BI'IR,NlC'l"l'A KAHABKA, Plum Citv, XVISCOIISHIQ IxA'l'I'IKAll.l7, Muni. llauvziiig MAR,l1AliE'l' KING, Sliawzulo, Wisconging LOUISE Mcnonionic, Wiscfonsing ALICIC KR.UEClE'R, Kzuxkaiiim, Wisconsing DARREL f'lIARl,lCH MARIO, Htcvcns Point., Wisconsin SYLVIA MlCl'lAl'iLS, Alum, Wisr-olisin I"R,ANC3lS lN'Ill,l.lGR,, Monoinonic, Xvi900llHiI1 LLOYD INIILLICIQ, Mononionic, Wisconsin liilm Lake, Wisnonsing VIOLA LUEBKE, Watertown, Wisconsing RUSSELL XLT., Cliisholni, Miniicsoiag PAUL LUOMA, Aurora, Minnesotag DONALD Oli, Park lfulls, Wisr-onsing JAMES MQGILVRAY, Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin. SAM MUNHHN, Menoxnonic, Wisconsin JEAN NAULIN, Elm Grove, XviSf7Ol'lSill, REBECCA NOGLE, Mondovi, Wisconsin, FORREST NUTTER, Rice Lake, Wisconsin, IIARLYN OLSEN, Slevens Point, Wisconsin, ISABEL O'MEARA, DG136l'G, Wisconsin, JEAN ORLADY, lVIenom0nie, Wisconsin, ARTHUR OTTESON, Stoughton, XViSCOl1Si11Q VERNA OWEN, Elk Mound, Wisconsin, Paul Pugel, Danbury, WisconsinQIHMARIAN PARKER, Fairmont, Minnesota, VERNON PATZ, Green Bay, Wisconsin, RUTH PERRY, Duluth, Minnesota. , Iam' "' , 1 Q in 6' FU ELlZAlil4I'l'1'I MILNES, NIGIl0ll10I1iC, Wiscaonsin HENRY MITZNICR, Watertown, ufiFf'0I1Sil1 EIQILXNQR MORRIS, XVIISIIIJIIFII, Wisvonsin SE I ORS 24 l bf BE'l"l'Y QUILLING, Mcnomonic, Wisconsing VIRGINIA RAY, Meuomonie, Wisconsing WIIJLIAM REDGREN, Mcnmnonic, lVisconsing SHIRLEY REESE, Menomonie, NVisconsiug SUE R,ICI'IARDHON, Berlin, xVlSfY0llSll'lQ CIIARLO'l"l'E ROACI-I, Colfax, Wiscousing ROBERT ROLAND, Mcuonmnic, Wisreonsing NORMAN RUNNING. Meuomonie, Wisconsiug ROBERT SCIIIILTZ, lNI0llOlll0!llG, Wisuon:-sing DORO'l'l'IY SCOTI-IORN, Spring Valley, Minnesotag JOYCE SCOTT, Mcnumonic, Wisuonsing GEORGE SELL, Glidden, IVISCOIISIII. I 'fl lVIA.ll'lS'l'A Slll'IARER,, INICIIUIIIOIIIC, Wisvousin LELA HIHLEY, lllenomonic, Wisconsin Y EMIL SKOVl5RO'l'l.'lN, Mnmlovi, NYlsr:ol1sin BE'l"l'Y SMITH, Rmzinc, Wisconsin 25 DANIEL SMITII, Evclelh, IVIIIIIICSOIZZI. 1 CAROL SNIGLL, Ellriwoncl, Wisvrmsiii IIORNIELIVS SPINOI..-X, IIiIo, Ilzuvuii .YO SIGIPII S'I',-XNGL, Milwaukee, TTISIIOIIFIII LVIONARD STOLIFO, I.ic1xusIm, Wise-nnsin DORIS STOVICR, SIrn,tI'm'ml, Wisumisizi FQ' LAVERN STYER, Menmnonie, Wisconsing GYLA SNVANSON, Lnrk, Wisrfonsiixg I-IELEN TAYLOR, Spooner, Wis- consin, RUTH THOMPSON, Cnrtiss, Wisconsin, JOSEPH TON DRYK, Milwaukee, Wisconsing MARJORY TURNER, Sidney, Montana, DOROTHY VAALER, La Crosse, Wisconsin, VIRGINIA WALKER, Onna.Im, Nelmraskag LUCILLE W ALLER. Spring Valley, NViSronsing MARGARET WEBER, IJLII'2I,Ilf,I, Wisconsin 5 VIRGINIA WILD, I'IIlI'lXVO0CI, Wis- consin, FRANK WINCHESTER, Madison, Wisconsin, DARBY WORMAN, Sand Creek, Wisconsin, WILLIAM VOSS, Mountain Iron, Minnesota., LORENA ZEILINGER, Eau Galle, Wisconsin. .1 A ,ae ' 'I If 3 3 sf nav: I it ' ,inf an In the Home Economies Building are classrooms and 1zLbo1'anlvo1'ies. Here, too, are the offices of the a,dmi11ist1'ation, the luib1':m'y, :L social room, and a large auditorium. as ABOUT :fha CAMPUS All that is deligzglltful in college life COIIIOS to tho .I1mi01'S. They 0XIJ0l'iCIlCC the joy of accomplishment in studyg they test their zibility in tomwliing. Social events are th0i1's,- the Prom, clubs,- clrzummtics, music. They know the pleas- ures of canoeing, skating, hiking. Fm' thoni our college is opuiiizlgzg wimlc the door- ways to work and happiness. 28 EARL IX-IURRISON, Pinasini-:NT Mcnolnonic, Wisconsin ANNE OMS'l'ICD, V1r'i-:-Piucsimem' Eliill Claire, Wisr-onsin .IANIC IGCYIQIC, Sl'I4'ICI'2'l'Ali'I' Emi Claire, Wiscoiiesiii RAI,l'I'I DIC GR.-XND, 'l'in-:Jxsnmcn Milwmikvc, Wiscwnnsiii ' M Clll'lS'l'l'lll. ANDICRSHN, Superior, Wisconsing EMMA ANDERSON, Bntnvin, lllinuisg CRIQANT HARKEN, Menom- onie, xViHf10llSlllQ SAM ISAHICII, llilmbing, Miimesotzmg GlCR,AI,DINlC BARR, Glen Ilzwcn, xviN00l1!-iillg LILLIAN .I5AX'l'ICR,, Mcnonionic, wif!-300l1f-iillQ PIARULD BENJAIVIIN, Superior, Wisuonsing ISRAEL BIGNSMAN, Two Rivers, Wisizonsing CIIRIS'l'lNl'I Iil'IRICNDSEN, Phlox, Wisconsing LYMAN Iilflllki, ldun Claire, Wiscrmsing WALDRON BITNEY, Bloomer, W isconsing DOMINIC BORDINI, Hurley, Wisconsin. 29 yy, ar' if 45" aw-. qw: 11 at 'S Ex Y, S J an 4' 'Q' 61, ff UNIORS. . . JAMES BRESSLER, Menomonie. XYlS00llSll1Q BURDINE ISRUNNER, Cllippewn. Falls, Wisccmsing ROBERT BUNKER, Menomonie, Wiscousiug WILLIAM ISYER, Superior, XVisconsing RAYMOND CHRISTMAN, Flint, Miclmigzmg AITDREY CLEMl,'lN'1', Mcnomouic Wiscousing GERALD CLEMENTSON, Menmrmuie, Wisuonsillg NICK COLBRESE, Glenclive Montanag MARGARET DOCKAR, NI61101Il0lll6. Wisconsing R,OBER,'l' DOUGLAS, North- wood, Iowag GEORGE DRAGICH, Wilpen, Minncsotag CHARLES FINNEY, lvlenmnonie lVisconsin5 ROBERT FORMOE, Menomonie, Wisconsing LAVERN FORSTER, Menom onie, Wisconsing SHIRLEY FULLER. Marengo, Wisconsin. 30 UNIURS. . . IVANELLE GAR'l'l1WA1'l'E, Mount Hope, Wisconsing ERYLE GRAPER, Helenville, Wiscunsing MARIAN GULLICKSON, Woodville, XVisc011si11g ROGER HABERMAN, East. Ellsworth, Wiscuusing EUGENE HALVERSON, Menomouie, VVisconsing ARLAINE IIAUGSBY, Hawkins, Wi:-zconsillg MARIAN HENDERSON , Cambridge, Wisconsing DIFANE HERALD, Spring Valley, IVisco11s1r1g VIRGINIA HICKCOX, Meuomouie, IVis- cunsing MARIAN HOLZER, Hznmmolld, Wiscousiug JOHN HORMAN, rUl11SlW3., XVISCOIISIIIQ JOHN IIUB, Milwaukee, Wiscmmsiug GEORGIA JOHNSTON, Menomonie, IVISCOIISIHQ GWICNDOLYN JONES, Barron, XVISCOIISIIIQ LOIS KASMARK, Washburn, XVisco11si11. UN I ORS . . . ROBERT KEITH, Menomonie, Wisconsin, MARGARET KNIOH'l', Etirick, Wisconsin CLINTON KOCH, Decorah, Iowa, EDNA KOSS, Casco, Wisconsin, FLORENCE LAUSCHER, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin 5 JAY LOCKERBY, Bloomer, Wisconsin, ROBERT MAIDL, NVaseca, Minnesota., MARTHA MATHER, Superior, Wisconsin 5 NORBER7 METTELKA, Marshfield, XVisconsin, KATHLEEN MICHAELS, Cochran, Wisconsin CHARLES MILLER, Menornonie, Wisconsin, CLIFFORD MOE, Menoinonic, Wisconsin MARY MOORE, Burlington. Wisconsin, PATRICK MURPHY, AICIIOIIIOIIIC, Wisconsin DORIS NELSON, Ladysmith, Wisconsin. 5:4 gi sry w J .Wim I4 I Sgt: UNIORS. . . BETTY NICHOLS, Wliiteliall, Wisconsin, ROSE MARIE NORMAN, Manitowoc, Wis- consin, PATRICIA NORTH, Eau Claire, Wisconsin, YOSHIHARU OGATA, Kauai, Hawaii, LA ROY OLSON, Glen Flora, Wisconsin, FRANK PERSSON, Whitewater, Wisconsin, JAMES PETERMAN, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, BEVERLY PETERSON, Czulottz, Wis., MANFRED PETERSON, Polytechnic, Montana., HOXVARD RATH- LlCSl3lflR.GER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin , CHARLOTTE RILLING, Taylor, Wisconsin, W ALTER ROBBINS, Green Bay, Wisconsin , MERLE ROBERTSON, Tomali, Wisconsin, CHARLOTTE ROETI-IE, Fcnnimore, Wisconsin, HELEN ROGERS, Viroqua, Wisconsin. .Ea saw ff dii mill L UNIORS. . . JOHN RUEDEBUSCH, Mayvlllc, vVlS150llSlllQ PI1IIIiH"'lillEl'Il,, Milwaukee, Wisconsin JOSEPHINE RYAN, Menolnolne, Wisconsing DOUGHAS SANDOW, Spring Valley, Wim consing FRANCIS SCAPPLE, Menomonic, Wisconsiiig MARIAN SCHULTZ, Bruce Wisconsing PAUL SCHXVARTZ, Menolnonic, Wisconsing,l5lRNlCS'l' SEVICRSUN, lflall Claire Wisconsing LOIS STRAHM, Ladysmith, Wisconsing l',OUlS S'l'R.lCI'ILOW, Menmnonie Wisconsing JIQANNE SWANSON, Spooner, Wisconsing IRICI-IARD TRIQZONA, Houghton MlCllig3IlQ ROBERT TYLEIG, lvlenmncmie, Wisconsing LUIS VOLP, lvlenomonic, Wis consing LORRAINE WALTERS, Holcombe, Wisconsin. I UNIORS. . . .I A M ICH W A RREN , Uli 1 lclcu, W ifscnonsi ng Ll D Y D WEBERT, Elk Mound, Wisconsin NC J R. M A N W ED E li I N D, BiL1'2l,l.700, xvlSf10I1Sl11Q H A RLAN WE HR WEIN, M 3l11llf0XVOf5 Wlsuonsi ll 5 ES'l'l l lfl li W E KNLU N D, Baldwin, Wisceorlslrxg RUTH WHITE, iXI'lC2i.I'154ELVV Wisconz-sing LLQYD WHYDOTSKI, Appleton, Wiscousiug ROBERT WIERMAN, Waldo Wisumnsing R.OBlCll'l' XVILL, Menommlie, xViSCOIlSll1Q HELEN NVILLEMS, lVest De Pere Wiscrmsing JOE WINEK, Superior, Wiscousing CARL YVISCI-TAN, Milwaukee, Wisconsin CAROL WUNILUW, Beaver Dam, Wisconsing VIOLET ZASTROW, Fountain City, Wisconsin 'L :ju wt? 533533351 The Industrial Arts Building is the oldest of the college bLLlIcli11gS. Above the main CI'1f.l'2L1'1ffC is lettered the nwt.t0'giver1 to the college by its founder. S UPH OM ORE S CLASS OFFICERS "JACK M ESSELM AN PRRs1D1sN'r ANN RUDOW VICE-PRESIDENT MARY ELLEN BRADLEY SlacR1a'1'ARx' LOUIS SCHMIDT TREASURER L. Hinkle, C. Stori. K. Higa, W. Sclmal, G. Cliri:-:ti2.nson, N. Col- brese, H. Confer, C. Gardiner study painting and decorating. In the social room F. Stefl, N. Selves, L. Gregg, B. Dorr, B. Sweet, R. White, and K. Allen enjoy a half hour. F. Olson, .l. Medtlie, B. Arnquist, XV. Dresden learn how lo use visual aids in teslclung. 37 SOPHOM ORE S O The course in Home FllI'IliShi1lgS interests B. Coe, D. Lzmt'sl1zLw, J. Bangshelvg, H. Carlsarm, V. Burg- Ifllilfflf, L. Walsfen, J. Welch. A. Baker, E. Bclwells, E. lhmse, M. Bnhlnum, J. Amumlson meet in the social room. Regardillg lei terheads or any of the many problems of 1Jl'lI11'JI1g' G. 'lxllU1llIJS01l, J. Piepcr, J. Ranlala, L. Owens, H. Mitchell, K. Iiaase, A. LZ1l'SCl'l, H. liinslrwk arre i11i'o1'1'11erl. Atoms? Nu. 'Feusil strellgill? Might be, but the men say itfs specific gravity. R. Mitt1cst.aclt, D. xYiC1H,Ill1, M. I'I:u'niI1Am1, G. Dellulzeis, R. Sl1zu'p. 38 AT WORK Arr-hiteets,- L. Sclnnidt, FI. lie- era.l't, H. Sehwelzke, D. Bordini, D. Anderson, G. Wereley, R.. Hew, T. O'Connell, can design their own their own homer. B. Feirer, D. Post, J. Kennedy, J. Beddovv, M. Brokken, B. Goodman, J. Klatt, V. Bnblitz, G. Sinz, M. Reppe, V. Nel, M. Skinner, F. Olson, N. Hermann are exvelleni' cooks. Leatliereraft, melalcral't, and wood- earving interest men in General Meclianics. F. Quilling, B. Nelson. A. Lien, M. Slnitfres, W. Vasey, T. Tanner, W. N elson. D. Dnesing, N. Carlson, H. Hoen, C. Knopps, H. Kvitle, J. Hill. L. f'lzu'k, C. Seharr, R. Fuller, B, Nerbun know tlmt. a knowledge rf cllemistrv aids the Teneher of In- dustrial Arts. 39 in ome Economics In the dean's class R. Pittman, E. Wolli, R. Mackay,.G. Vogtsberger, S. Olson, E. Luck, li. Rniliger, J. Richter, J. I'iiLIl1ITl0llfl, L. Olstacl study organization and rmflministra- tion. In the art department M. lirmlley, J. Detloff, E. EII1lJG1'S0l1, E. Christi- son, E. Gibson find the work H.lJ90I'lJ- ing. R. Ofstie, E. Curran, M. Rucsink, F. Anderholrn, E. Melberg, G. Wolf, J. Frayer, .-X. Spreitor spend a. noon hour in the Harvey lXIemorial. Cabinet Making has always appealed to B. Funk, G. Danfielrl, H. Petryk, K. Moon, L. V ancleberg, E. Slnniel. C. Stubbs, W. Schlougli. 40 and I ncluszfafial Arts F. Wliitumoro, Cl. Nye, A, Sonzok, L. Lullslizuv, l'. Ncsscr, I". Koehler, J. ROf5lilllB.Il, J. Wilson, L. lN'Iyron, V. 'l'ozlol'l final SI14l,lFf1L0llUIl in Cloth- ing Connlirlnfliion. C'zxlipc1's and ll'llC'I'OlI1ClGl'S are :L necessity in lille nmvliine shop. V. Fciler, E. Iverson, li. Vzilasik f ll. 1 Y Jenson, H. Franz, Il. Tulip. A. llaulgsby, J. lionnccly, M. llellx- ing, A. Iilingclliofcr, 1. Long, C. Jamieson, C. lieukcr, ll. Ilcolc Onjoy a clams in Foods. -ll FRESHMAN LW . . . The college your begins i11 early SCDl,011ll'0l' with three days given to a frcslnnan oriontzmtion Dl'Og1'2LlI1. Duringzg tltcse days the l-l'OSl'11HCI1 rog- isfel' and airrango their schedules, under the direction of faculty mlvisersg tlioy take ai "bait- tcry of tests". The faculty and lU0llllJCl'S of tho upper classes ente1't.:1in the newvornors at an all- cfollegc party. Tlxen work begins in ozxrnost.. But all is not workg hikes, dances in thc- gyninzisinni, parties at the "downs" have their part in the initiation of tltc frvslimen into college life. Q!! ,b FRESHME CLASS UIVIVIVICRS .IAMICH DIC SW.-XR'l'I'Z l,lllCHllllGN'l' GICR,-Xl,DINl'1 ANGlCI.L Ylf'l'I-PIII-ISIDI'1N'l' .-XLICEIG HMI'l'll SICl'lU'1'l'AllY 'FHM KICUlTfllI 'l'm':.-xsum-:n B. Hvhlossvr. Ii. BCIIIICHY. R. Apvl, 0. Hrmvn, R. Sr-lmcc-lc, A. Iinpr-lv, K, Amlersmn mukn 1-nstings. Ii. White, M. Picrir-Ii. Mu.rjury Ilmmclcs, I.. Ymxng, II. 'l'humu.s, Mzmry Lmluks, L. Sclnuull, IC. Moss, ll. Murl-y W. Sclllivc, Il. Bijan, IG. Iirics0m0isl'.0x', ll. .lnrolmsmn study .AXlllf'I'il'H.l1 Ilistury. To M. Miller, M. Rvclmunrl, D. l'edclyc'uzLrl, M. Pinm-h, G. Mnrtr, I". Nulton, M. Nclson hiulugy is un klKlVCIll1lll'C into the wurlrl ol' llm infinitely small. 43 1 I A A ' !m 'Iliff 1. . b .. M.: - gms, , . . - mf Q: W Z Q FRESHME D. Mzulscn, L. St-nrlc, B. Runke, .l. Rams, F. l'l2,l,l1SOll, V, Quilliug, M. Sipplc, D. Czunpbell, L. JGIISCII, B. Moy, A. Smith, l"I. Nluhols meet in the Harvey lNlem0rial. L. Olson, M. llovin, H. Kelley, M. lizmmann, CI. l'lGI'lTllLl'1ll, A. lizulmcr, L. Little work in the physiology l:xlmral.ox'y. ln the x'cr:rc:1l.ion room at, Lynwood are L. Schultz, D. Eastlillg, R. liogstml, R.. Casey, A. Erickson, C. Govin, J. DCSW1L1'l'C, M. Amlersrnn, N. Bliuknmn. F. SlfllI'0Cl10l'. Sheet Metal draws the a1,l.ent.ion ol li. Vnlp. M. Sulie, R. Ramlles, L. Wheeler, W. Scllou, J. Schwartz, G. Skougc. 44 have cz varied llwogmm 0 I'rc'slnncn In l,l'lIll.llllI know wlml "pi" is. M. Wcmll, IJ. Stcilllmulx, J. XXI!-RC, lx. Wulcl, ll. lI:l.rn1u11, ll. Young, C. Almlmll. Anullncr group gathers in ilu: sm'i:1.l room. M. Dunlwl, M. lluosullcr, J. Clause, M. 'l'oyucn. V. Purvis, A. Drulcy, IG. Ducnk, IG. Szuuluell, ll. Baker, G. Fmpgncr, S. l',jornl.1c1'p:. R.. Ilngcr, K. Wmllcy, I. Bohm, D. Drake, T. King, L. lllmler, M. llnl' lmcrg, L. Lune, A. Zimmerman, C. 1illlll.S0ll develop skill in frecllamd drawing. Q Clothing: Al,t1Llmlcs: M. L!!.llVOI', M. Rcckin, M. Sticlli. Al. lllll,UlllllCSI H. llcinlg, L. Illlmpllrcy, IC. Spzmngs- bcrg, C. POI'll0UllH, M. Hlnumon. 45 I 22 ' f :Ak- .vw o1'+ l- '14 . 'la H N ..- V f ff-3 ,s 'nw W F. V., N 1 'A 1 ,1-bf-,Q--, 'Q -Q u .1 1, 1 I, i a K I V -W mi' 45,4-gy 1 .' -- It DVA, is-F, x 4 ' ' -.1 ff- Qi K . 1.3 3 A Ai . 5QliPa:3"rj -I mflzrxgglfg-5,,' F J ,Wim 'C , 1: ,, f 'gin-'I pm 1 ,, f5?J . ,n. , , 1 1 Q Z t 5 uf 4 .,:,4 'H .N , .1. 5535- Nx if 9 Y ...q .-!', iw mf'-fs' -D ff X fm . ,S r, E iff' , ' ' f ' ,asf ' Uuwi. egnilk k 5 I I r A r Q if -1 in E fir B 'Q'-"A.. I . uw., , It mn- !! 3' is 4 W i.'!::iQQ'SZ51 .A '11 Q25 i i 'Y 4 23.256 Q , '- W 'I 1 1 ' ' -56 hu Q wi ., F, i F? , r, E 1 -- VM 242239 Q X gt. F as - , sas? 0- ' Fl 'll Qr fe W, s-I I in Jf 4 dir ' , 1:5 ---Shu. J 111 . Has. 5... 1 Af , .Lv 'X fy' -n' U mlm' the first snowfzxll Lake Mcnomiu becomes an Winter fairyland STOUT STUDENT ASSOCIATION JEROME ERPENBACH PEGGY DOCKAR PRESIDENT VICE-Pm-1smEN'r AUDREY J. SPREITER JOSEPH STANGL SECRE'1'AIiY '1'msAsUmm In March, the election of the officers of the Stout Student Association is heralded by bands, posters, orators. The names of the winners headline the pages of "The Sl1Olll3Olll3,.H Summer cornesg then fe.ll,- with l10l'1lCCOIHll1g,- highlight of the college year,- in late October. Fun it is! Yes, but work, too, for the S.S.A. officers. They must prove their worth as diplomats, after-dinner speakers, decoratorsg the success of the celebration is their re- sponsibility. On through the year they work, representing the student body before the 21.Cl1IlI11lStl'2l.tlOI1,- student executives. Work it is,- but they like it. 50 l Iniersociezjl Council . . . The Intersociety Council functions as a governing board over the four W0l11CIliS societies, Pallas Athene, S.M.A., Philornathean, and Hyperian. It also organizes the Intersociety tea for freshinan women and plans the lnt1ersoeiety hall, over which the presidents of the four groups preside. zmior Prom . . . The Stout Institute was transforined into a second Atzlanta, Georgia, for the "Gone with the Wind" Junior Prom. Lois Volp as the vivaeious Scarlet O'I-Iara and Earl Morrison as the handsome Rhett Butler presided with true Southern hospitality over Tara. From the colonial portieo the orcliestra played, while the guests danced past the portraits of Margaret Mitehell's characters. INTJGII-S01!lIC'l'Y CIIAIRMIGN Lois Volp - Earl Morrison ' Helen Taylor, Janet Johnson, Carol Dreyer, Cecelia Domke JUNIOR PROM :KING AND QUEEN 5'1 SOCIETIES Social . . . On every Satu1'clay morning during the past year, children from the ages of five to eight years came to the Memorial Library for the Hyperizm Story Hour. This hour is one of the main activities carried on by the Hyperians. Sending a tot to Nursery School is also one of their iriterests. But Hyps are good athletes 5 their basketball and volleyball teams won the intramural contests of 1940. ' ADVISERS Miss Antrim, Mrs. Gregg OFFICERS PRESIDENT - Helen Taylor, V Ion-Plmslnnnr - Betty Nichols, SECRETAM' - Edna Koss, 'l'1u2ASU1nsn - Dorothy Bousley CLASS or 1940 Kay Brewin, Dorothy Bousley, Mabel Carlson, Virginia Carroll, Jane Chenowetli, Jane Heiscr, Betty Smith, Helen Taylor CLASS or 1941 Marion Henderson, V irginia. Hiekcox, Edna Koss, Doris N elson, Betty Nichols, Marion Schultz CLASS or 1942 Florence Anderholm, Bet-ty Arnquist, Charlotte Becker, Marjorie Brokken, Ruth Chenoweth, Betty Coe. Elaine Curran, Betty Feirer, Genevieve Wolf HYPERIAN FOURTH Row: F. Whitmore, M. Henderson, B. Coe, M. Carlson, B. Arnquist, F. Anclerholrn, E. Curran, J. Chenoweth. THIRD Row: V . Hjekcox, M. Schultz, B. Goodman, B. Smith, G. Wolf, J. Heiser, C. Becker SECOND Row: M. Brokken, R. Chenoweth, D. Nelson, V. Carroll, N. Hermann, E. Feirer, K. Brewin FRONT Row: D. Bousley, E. Koss, Miss Antrim, H. Taylor, B. Nichols, M. Ruesiuk Pallas Atahene Society, one of the four social societies for women, was 0l'Qf,LlllZGll in 1934. Indicative of the g1'0l11J,S place in campus affairs is the high scliolarship of its 1IlGl1'1l30l'S as well as their keen interest in all that aicls the college. For three consecutive years the soeiety's float in the home- coming parade has receivecl first. prize. Anvismns Miss Rogers, Mrs. LaP0inte OIWFICICIIS I'mcs1nlcN'r - Carol Dreyer, Vierc-PRESIDENT - Geraldine Barr, SECnE'r.uzY - Lois Kasmark, Tmansumcn - Eleanor Morris Cmxss or 1940 Carol Drcyer, Louise Kirk, Alice Kreuger, Viola Luebke, Eleanor Morris, Marion Parker, Sue liichardson, Lucille Waller Cmss or 1941 Geraldine Barr, Jane Ecke, Marion Gulliokson, Gwen Jones, Lois Kasrnark, Rose Marie Norman, .Patricia North, Clnarlotlve Roethe, Helen Rogers, Carol Wunrow Cmss or 1942 Lois Jean Gregg, lVIargaret2 Schuman, .lane Seyforth, Amy Snoyenbos PALLAS ATHENE FOIYRTII Row: C. Wunrow, L. Gregg, L. Kirk, M. Parker, Amy Snoyenbos, P. North, A. Krueger 'Fnmn Row: C. Roethe, J. Seyforth, B. Wells, L. Waller, M. Gnllickson, R.. M. Norman SI-:POND Row: B. White, S. Rieliardson, G. Jones, H. Rogers, V. Lnebke, V. Nel FRONT Row: J. Ecke, L. Kasmark, Miss Rogers, G. Barr, E. Morris, M. Scllumann Organizecl in 1912 as u lite1':u'y soeieluy, Pl1llO1I1iLlYl1C2,Lll is today a social orgzinizution. Although still interested in lil'e1'utu1'e, the group devotes niany hours to teas, lneakfnsts, an illlllllitl QillI'lSlTII'1iLS sale, :incl to earriiing money for the Pliilonmtliezui seliolnrsliip given each year to Z1 lreslnnanl girl. JXDVISERS Miss Yan Ness, Mrs. Paul Wilson OFFICERS P1ci:s1DEN'1'- Cecelia Domke, Yien-I'n1cs11mN'1' - Virginia Ray, S1-:ein-:'i'.'xm' - Carol Snell, '1'nE.-xsuiusn - Esther Wernlund Cmss or 1940 Betty Benson. Mary Blair, Mary Clark, Cecelia Doinke, Marjorie Jnelcson, Betty Milnes, Virginia. Ray, Majesta Shearer, Carol Snell, Dorothy Vaziler, Virginia Wilfl CLASS or 1941 Lillian Baxter, Peggy Doekar, Anne Omslecl, Chzirlotle Roaeh. .Iennne Swanson, Esther Wernlund CLASS OF 1942 Alice Baker, Eileen Behrens, Marcello Bolluin, Ariel lillIlf.fClllOl'CI', Lucille Myron, Geraldine Nye, Doris Ryclberg, Fern Stefl, Audrey .lane Spreiter, .lane Welch, Bonnie Weiitlaiirli. PHILOMATHEA FOURTH Row: B. Benson, L. Myron, D. Yaaler, C. Roach, M. Clark, B. Milnes, M. Jackson, A. Klingelhofer THIRD Row: J. Welch, B. Wentlandt, L. Baxter, D. Rydberg, V. Wild, P. Nesser, A. Baker, M. Bollurn SECOND Row: M. Smith, A. Omsted, G. Nye, A. Spreiter, J. Swanson, M. Doekur, V. NValker FRONT Row: E. Behrens, E.Wern1nnd, Miss Van Ness, C. Doinke, C. Snell, l". Stall 54 'leap Your VVeek", initiated at Stout by the S. M. A. group, provides :Ln :Lnnuul rest, for the purses of the men ut Stout. The club also gives spirit. to the rult.urul lilo of tho College, for ouch spring S. M. A. brings to flu- 1-zunpus un oxliilaii. of reprints of some of the world's great puiritings. AlN'lHl'IIlP-1 MissJo10r, Mrs. l". IC. Butler O1"i1'1c'1-:ics l,lllt1NllJl-IN'l"-lillltflf Johnson, VIf'l'l-PRICSIDIfIN'I'-L0lS Volp, 'l'mc.xsUm:u-Ruth Goeres, Hl'Il'lU-1'I'AltY-IUIIC McMahon Cmss or 19-I0 Jauurl. Johnson, Ruth Cloervs, Relmeoca Nogle, Margaret. King, Doris Stover, Betty Block, Betty Quilling, Jenn Urludy, Grzlffiu Green ULASS ol-' IMI Lois Voip, Yirginiu Moorc Cfmss or lil-I2 Jenn Maurer, illorotliy lfultnon, .lane Rllfflilllilll, Mary Ellen Bradley, Ann Rudow, Madelyn Jones, Betty Dorr, lone MvMul1on S.M.A l"oUu'ru Row: M. Jones, B. Bloc-k D. Stover, R. Nogle, J. Medtlie, B. Quilling, M Turner, V. Moore Sicvoxn Row: B. Dorr, M. E. Bradley, A. Rudow, J. Maurer, G. Green, M. A. King J. Rocknmn l"IiON'l' Row: D. Fulton, I. McMahon, Mrs. Butler, J. Johnson, L. Volp, Miss Jeter S. Reese SOCIETIES Social . . . A member of K. F. S., fr cane: one and iiisepmnlmlc-l All 21. basketlhall game, at the skating rink on Lake lX'll:GIl0l11lH,? which the K. F. H. sponso1',- the men and canes appear. Steak fries, Slcaling parties, rlinner clxnires, all-school dances CI1lC1'll3-ill the group. In 1936, the men established an :nmual sclxolarsliip which they zrwzml to the Stout man who evidences the best e1'u,ft's111a11sl1ip, the highest. scfholz1.rsl1ip, :mrl the 1l10Sl7 ziclinirahle attililule toward the college. Anvlsmzs Mr. Shafer, Mr. Stephan OFFICERS PRESIDENT- Arland Bartelt, VICE-Piu'1s1D1f:N'r - Philip Ruehl, S1zr'n1cTixnY - Bob Keilh, TIJILEASUIIIGIL - James Peterman, Snano1cAN'r-,rr-,mms - lgnmar Iiarho, l'IIS'I'URIAN - Iioilh Moon CLASS or 19-10 Paul Bailey, Ingmar Barbo, Al'l3.l1K,l Bartelt., Rolf Berg, Jerome ldrpenhaell, Ray Ilollisller, Orvis Johnson, Robert Roland, Joseph '1'onfl1'yk, Darby Xv0I'lllD.Il CLASS or 1941 Ralph DeGrand, Robert Forlnoe, Eryle Graper, Bob Keith, James Pelerman, Philip Ruehl CLASS OF 1942 Nick Colbrese, Tony DeChiara, Clarence Johnson, Arnold Lein, Rziylnoncl Loer, Keith Moon, Henry Petryk, Howard Koen, Bill Sehaal, Wesley Sehlough "Q K.F.S FOURTH Row: J. Tondryk, R. Berg, E. Graper, P. Bailey, W. Sehlough, ll. Petryk 'l'1u11nRow: J. E1'penha.cl1, R. DeGrancl, U. Johnson, D. Worman, H. lioen, li. Hollister SECOND Row: A. Lien, K. Moon, N. Colbrese, T. Defihiara, Ii., R.. Loer, R. Roland Fuoxr Row: Mr. Stephan, R. Keith, P. Rnehl, A. Bartelt, J. P8l.G1'lflH.I1, I, Barho, Mr. Shafer Loyalty fo all interests atliletic distinguishes the members ol' 1+'.U.B. The men aH'end all athletic events in a body. In 1934 they gave the "Li1'.l',lo Brown Jug" 110 slilnulate friendly rivalry between the Eau Claire Teachers Colle-ge and Stout. In 1935, the club established a scliolarship to be awarded to the liigliesll ranking atlllete of each year,- the 1'DfJ.l'1 most successful in athletics and in Classes. I ADVISIHI Mr. Good f,lI"1"1lfl52I!S l,m':s11naN'1'- Tom O'Connell, Viola-PRESIDENT - Clement Bogaard, SECRETARY - Darrel lielnke, '1lltlGASUIil'1ll- Bob Douglass Clnxss or 1940 George, All., Charles, Barnoske, Clement Bogaard, Bob Douglass, John Goto, Darrel Lemke, Arhlmr Oirteson, George Sell CLASS or IU-ll Grant. liakken, Israel Bensnxan, Waldron Bitney, Jay Loc-kerby, Clifford Moe, Earl Mor- rison, Riellard Trozona Cmss or 1942 Glen Cln'isl.iu.nson, Charles Gardiner, Jack Hammond, Jack Hesselman, Bob Mackay, Tom U'Uonnell, .l'll'0llCl'lf'li Quilling, lfldward Tanner, John Teigen ' Di -ii J F .O.B. 'l'1l11uJ Row: li.. Trezona, C. Gardiner, C. Moe, VJ. Hessellnan, A. Otteson, J. Ham mond, IC. Tanner, J. Lockerby, G. Bakken S1ccoNn1'iow: J.. Goto, G. Sell, J. Teigen, C. Barnoske, G. Bitney, G. Alt, E. Mor 1'lSOll FRONT Row: Mr. Good, B. Douglas, C. Bogaard, T. O'Connel, D. Lemlce, I. Bens man, G. Christiansen REPRESE TATIVE Stuclenis . . . -SSH A f SECOND ROW: R. IDGGFZLIICI, L. Olson, ll. Rznlllleslnergelg J. Breitzman FRONT Row: V. Wild, E. xY01'I'lllll1Cl, P. Dockar Eichelberger Scholarships Tho EiCl1G1lJCl'0'C1' scholzwslmi us are Oi fht in llumbor. The f :nv zLw:11'clofl 2'Lllllll1l,HV to foul P1 . . mon and fO1l1' women. The awzwclss are based upon SCl1OIiLI'Ship, pc-1'so11:Llity, IJl'O1l'liH0 oi's11cc'c-,ss and social at-titucles and 210001nplislmwllts. T110 SG!CC1'iOI1 of the Stllclcllts to bo hmmruml is made late in the your by a Pommittcv u,ppoint'Qcl our-I1 yum' by Prczsiclmlt Nelson. 3 SOCIETIES Pro essiomzl . . . Tam Cllmplcr of Phi Upsilou O111lCl'O11, a ua.tio1'ml liouomry l'i':il1c1'i1iIuy, wars ilistzillcml 41.1. Stout in lVIarch, 1932. l.XIClHlJ01'S are selected on the basis ol' scliolzwsliip, Dl'0i'OSSl0l1fLl xxttituclos, :mil pursomrl qualities. Phi U iiiziiniziins LL putty loam fund for upporclass womou :Luci ri. library :Lt the I-Ionic lX"l2Ill2lQ0lT10l1if House. lls textile boxes ciroulzitc mimrig high schonlsg ii' i'lllll'llC'CH ai. visual :rirl project :xml DH.l'l'll?l13fLiGS iu ai national Consumers' Ecl- ilmtirmii 1'Jl'Oj0UlF. ' F.wm.'1'x' IVI1-:milclzsz Mrs. Houshm, Miss Walsh. Miss Quilling, Miss Mirehaels, Miss Cruise, Miss 'l'rulling.ger c,FI"Il?I'IliS l,llI'ISlIJI'1NT - Louise Kirk, vit'i-I-l,Rl'ISIDl-IN'l' - Elezuior Morris, S1cc'nE'1'A1n' - Marguerite Govin, 'l'lll'IA5Ulll'Ili - .hum Clicnuwetli CLASS OF 1940 Miu'joric l3:u'4l, Vi1'gini:L Carroll, Mary Blair, .lane Chenoweth, Mary Clark, Cecelia. Domke, Vurul Drcycr, hflzmrgriiczrile Cluvin, Louise Kirk, Elizalmelli Milnes, Eleanor Morris, Virginia Hay, Virgini:.i Wild Cfmss nl-' 10111 Lillian liiixmr, Peggy Dockzxr, .lane Llcke, Lois Kasmark, Cliumlotte Roeihe, Mzu'i:ui Schultz PHI UPSILON OMICRON 'l'1Illm Row: L. lliaxtm, C. Rocthc, B. Milues, M. Clark, C. Domke, M. Bard Hicroxn Row: V. Carroll, M. Schultz, J. Ecke, Miss Cruise, L. Lu.smark, V. Wild, P. Dockzu' l"imN'r Row: Mrs. Houston, M. Govin, E. Morris, L. Kirk, J. Chenoweth, Miss Walsh SOCIETIES Pro essimml . . . The industrial arts man's ambilzion is to acquire the qualities necessary to give him the privilege of wearing the key of Epsilon Pi Tau, national honorary fraternity. During the present year the chapter entertained a conforoiice of the Wis- consin Clll'I'lCUlL1lIl COll11l1ltil3E:C on Drawing. The group concluded an active year with a field trip to the national convention in Chicago. Anvrsmn Mr. Bowman OFFICERS PRESIDENT-James Breitzinan, VIcE-Pnr:sIn1aN'r- Donald Hansen, Sncniamxlu' ANI: 'l'maAs- Umm - Mervm Haworth FACULTY IVIEMBERS Mr. B. E. Nelson, Mr. Brown, Mr. Price, Mr. Curran, Mr. Wigen, Mr. Good, Mr. Baker, Mr. Brophy, Mr. Ray, Mr. P. C. Nelson, Mr. Milnes, Mr, Hanson Crass or 1940 Orvis Johnson, Paul Pagel, Charles Mase, Raymond Hollister, Igmar Barbo, Leonard Stolfo, Jerome Erpenbach, Arland Bartelt, Darrel Lemke, James Breitznian, Marvin llawortrh, Charles Barnoske, Donald Hansen CLAss or 1941 Harold Benjamin, Howard Rathlesberger, Eryle Graper, Ralph DeGrand, Philip Ruehl, Richard Trezona, Lloyd Whydotski, Israel Bensinan, Norman Wedekind Q l EPSILON PI TAU r.llHIRD Row: H. Benjamin, H. Ratlilesberger, O. Johnson, P. Pagel, C. Mase, E. Graper, R. DeGra.nd, R. Hollister, P. Ruehl, R. Trezona SEf'oND Row: L. Wliydotski, I. Barbo, I. Bensman. L. Sluollo, J. Erpenbacli, Mr. Price, A. Bartellf, N. Wedekind, D. Leinke FRONT Row: Mr. Milnes, Mr. Baker, Mr. Bowman, Mr. Hanson, J. lireitzman, M. Haworth, Mr. Brophy, Mr. Wigen, Mr. Brown STOUT TYPO- GRAPHICAL SOCIETY SOCIETIES Technical . . . The 111011 of the Stout Typograpliical Society are inter- 1-st1:11 in IJl'lIll1l1lg2Q. l7lll'lIlg N1L1'i1n1a1 Printing Education VVeeli this year the club took :L nine 1111111111511 111110 f'i1:l1l trip to cities of Eastern VVlSCOI1Si11 and Northern B'IlC1ll,!i2L1l. At the schools wl1i1el'1 the group visited the men presented a prograun 111 1rig11t 11111111n1st1':1ti1111s in Grapliic Arts. The organiza.tion encourages the cle- V0lOl7lllCIll1 ol' lllll ever i11t1111Si1ie1l interest in graphic art subjects, it sponsors work 11111'le1' t1':111e ltllll professional glliclalice and oflers its 1ne1'n1Je1's an oppor- t1111ity for 1e:11l1s1'sl1ip. Anv1s1-:ns Mr. Baker, Mr. Brophy 01111101-111s l'111-:s1n1-:N'1'-Le1111ur1l Stolfo, V11:15-P111cs1n1aNT-Donald MacGregor, S1ac:11nTA11Y-Israel liClIHlll!l,l1, 'l'111cAs11r11m-Louis H1:l1n1i11t, S-15111111Axfi'-AT-A111115-Arland Bartlet, HISTORIISN Charles Muse CLASS 111-' 1940 George Alt, Aflllllfl liimrtelt, 13111111111 MacGregor, Charles Mase, Harlyn Olsen, Leonard Stolfo, .losepl1 'l'o111lry1c GLASS or 1941 V Gmnl l5nklce11, Israel li1:11s1111111, Jmncs Bressler, Robert Formoe, Clifford Moe, James Warren. Lloyd Wl1y11ols11i CLASS on 1111112 l'iI'llCSl'1 1iCC'I'1L1'l1, Glen Cl1risLiu.11so11, Jack 1IESS0llTlB.ll, Clarence Johnson, Robert Nerbun, Louis S1:l1111i11t Cmss or 1943 llnrry linker, Vernon l'11rvis, Jtlllll Slarel 1 1 1 I'lOIlll'1'lI Row: C. Mase, C. Johnson, R. Nerbun, G. Bakken, 'F1111111 Row: R.. Formoe, G. Cliristialison. V. Purvis, J. Hesselman, J. Bressler, J. Tonclryli Snconn Row: A. Bartelt, E. Becraft, J. Warren, G. Alt, J. Starel, H. Olson, L. W hyclotski F11oN'r Row: Mr. Baker, I. Bensxnau, D. MacGregor, L. Stolfo, L. Schmidt, C. Moe, Mr. Brophy SOCIETIES Technical O I O The Home Econoinics Club is one of the most iniportant organizations in the college. Membership is open to all women students. Women doin effective work in dietetias C,lCSlUl1111ff lioiueinakinff interior I 21 bl iff! decorating talked at the meetings, giving instructive information on the work oi' hoineriiakers, clietitians, dress LlCS1g11CI'S,- in fact, on many types of work in Home Economics. ADvIslcRs Miss W alsh, Miss Cruise OFFICERS AND CABINET iylmiixiczzs PRESIDENT . . PRESIDENT ET1Ef'T . VICE-P1msIDI-:NT . SECRlG'I'ARY . . rllREASURER . . . PROGRAM CHAIRMAN . SOCIAL CHAIRMAN . . . Mary Blair, . Charlotte Roethe, . . Betty Nichols, . Alice Baker, . Virginia Wild, . . Betty Smith, . Charlotte Killing, 17 SECOND Row: A. Baker, V. Wild, B. Sniitli FRONT Row: Miss Walsh. B. Nichols, C. Roethe, Miss Cruise 1 94-0 1941 1 941 1942 1 940 1 040 1941 HOME ECONOMICS lg CLUB Tho 111011 of the Arts :ind Crafts Club are interested in liobbics :incl hobby work. Tlioir i111.o1'est lies beyond Stout, however, for they sponsor :L Model Airplzino Club among the Students of the neighboring school. To lJ00Oll'lC :L lll0ll1lJOI' ol' tho club u student must have not only ai hobby but 51 svliolzistlic average ol' 1.6. The group is zifiiliatccl with the National Home Work- shop Guild. AIJYIHICILS Mr. KI'ZLllZlIHITll, Mr. Guoil UIVIPIKZIGRS l7Ii1iSllH-IN'I'- llowzinl R:r1.l1lcsbcrgo1', V1cfm-l'u1ss1111aN'1' - Orvis Joliiison, 'l'1cr:,xsUn1an - Arnold Lion, Slwlcl-:'1'A1cx' - Coriiclius Spinola Cmss oi' 1940 R. l4IlllClWH.ll, J. ll,llCilClJllSll, .l. Hlungl, E. Sli0VlJ1'0l.Cl1, H. Ewalcl Clnwra oi-' IEMI ll. llfllljitllllll, R. llrykluiiil, E. Uraper, D. Herald, Y. Ogatn., P. Rnehl, L. Olson, G.,PeaSe ULASH OF 19-12 il. Diuiiiclel, W. Dl'CSll0ll, N. Carlson, J. 1-Iill, H. 1+'rz111z, A. Dorsch, W. Sclraal, Il. Roen nmf1Fwfff...f..m ARTS and CRAFTS 1 Ruffin lion' H. Ewnld, L. Olson, R. Lundwall, O. Johnson, E. Graper, H. Benjamin, J. Hill, A. Dorsrsh S1auoN11 Row: AY,Ogata., J. Stangl, H. Franz, W. Schaal, G. Danfield, W. Dresden, N. Carlson F1:oN'1' Row: D. Herald, A. Lien, P. Ruehl, H. Ratlilesberger, C. Spinola, R. Kran- zusch, J. Ruedebush Pl1otog1'zLpl1y is one of the hobbies which 5tllllCl1liS nf, Stout find both interesting :incl 17l'0l?1tf21,lJlC. The niernbcrs of the Photo Club rnay use the excellent equipment supplied by the college. So many benefits do they draw from this privilege :incl from group discussions that the files of the organization contain nmny excellent. I7lCl.llI'CH. Auvlslsn Mr. P. C. Nelson OFFICERS Pmssimsm' - Philip Ruehl, Srcciurivun' AND 'l'1usAsUm3n - Virginian Carroll CLAss OF 1940 Virginia Carroll, Russell Lundwall, Howard Rathlcsbergcr, Gordon Tliompson CLASS OF 1941 Philip Ruehl, XVillia.m Byer CLASS OF 1942 Charles Stubbs, Russell White i,...f SECOND Row: R. Lundwall, G. Thompson, H. Rathlesberger FRONT Row: V. Carroll, W. Byer, P. Ruehl PHOTO CLUB SOCIETIES journalistic. . . R2lil'1kil'lf.f high zunong college yearbooks is the TOWER of The Stout Institute. ffnly a former member of the staff lTl3.y be the editor or the business IIIQLIIIIQQOIZ Uthc-r Il'lCll'1iJ0l'S of the staff are those who desire experience in public-ations work. The l'liif0I'i0il,Ci10S the group how to build EL yearbook, giving iilliillillflj vuluziblu to those who muy be asked to supervise publications in high sm-howls. Iiuslxl-:ss .'Xm'lsl-zu Mr. linker lCm'm1uAi, ADVISICIC Miss C':Lll:Ll1:1n i'iDI'l'0li-IN-1iIlII'2F Josfepli 'I'oudI'yk Ui..-iss or IU-IU Joseph 'l'mulryk, .lean Nzmlin, Major-:Ia Shearer Cmss ol' 1942 ldileen Behrens, Elaine Curra.n, Iqlillil Mae Melberg Cmss ol-' ISM3 Clreiclieu Yocc'l1t.il1g, Rieliurcl Notcbaart a n TOWER .IMAN N,uu,1N, Women's Editor 5 JosEPH TONDRYK, Editor-in-Chiefg GRETCHEN VOECHT- mn, Organizations Editorg Mn. BAKER, Business Adviserg EDNA MAE MELBERG, Srlzmpslmt. Editorg RICHARD NOTEBAA11'F, Sports Editorg EILEEN BEHRENS, Organiza- tions Editor SOCIETIES journalistic. . . The Stoutonia is printed and published hy the students at The Stout Institute every week during the school year except during examina- tion weeks and holiday periods. :XDVISER Mr. Baker EDITOR - Betty Quilling BUSINESS IXIANAGER -Q Israel Bensman AssIsTAN'r BUSINESS lX'lANAGER - Harlyn Olsen EDITORIAL STAFF DESK EDITOR - Betty Arnquist FEATURE VVRITERS - Cornelius Spinola, Carole Hermann, George Danlield COPY READERS AND HEAD VVRITERS - Rosalie Ofstie, Mabel Carlson, Eileen Reardon SPORTS EDITOR - Paul Bailey SPORTS WRITER - Wesley Sehlough, James Peterman REPORTERS - Marjorie Bard, Jane Klatt, Clarice Jamieson, Louis Selnnirlt, Virginia Burg- ohardt, Eugenia Duenk, John Johnson, Bert Knott, Clinton Knutson, Kay Michaels, Myrtis Peterson, Richard Auyong BUSINESS STAFF CIRCULATION BIANAGER - Kermit Haas CIRCULATION ASSISTANTS - Gwendolyn Jones, Marian Parker, Lloyd Owens, Henry Mitzncr MAKE-UI' EDITOR - James Warren EXCHANGE EDITOR - Betty Benson ADVERTISING SOLICITORS - Howard Schwehlce, James Pieper TYPISTS - Doris Nelson, Jeanne Swanson, Jean Turney PROOF READER - Audrey Jane Spreiter MECHANICAL STAFF STAFF ARTIST - Virginia Quilling - IVIECHANICAL FOREINIEN -:Leonard Stolfo, V ernonr Purvisf Morgue FOREMAN -sLouis Schmidt A l A . STOUTON IA 66 SOCIETIES Dramatic. . . In the spring of 1935 a group of the Manual Arts Players received its eliarter from Alpha Psi Omega, a National Honorary Dramaties l"raternity. Tlu-re are one hunclrecl and twenty chapters of Alpha Psi Omega in the colleges ol' the United States and Canada. As Sl3l.lflC1ll,S in the Manual Arts Plziyers quzllify, they are elected to inelnbership. The local chapter is known as Zeta Bela. Anvisian Mr. Drake lll4'l"lUI'IICH l'1ucs1mcN'r-Betty Milnes, Viola-l'1ucs1unN'1'-Gracia Green, SECRETARY AND 'llIiEASURER.- Majesta Shearer Umss or 1940 Arlancl Bartelt, Graein Green, Betty Milnes, Majesta Shearer, Carol Snell, Virginia Wild 1 CLASS or 1941 Lillian Baxter, llalpli DcGrand, Jane Ecke I M -4, l 1 4 ! Z ALPHA v PSI OMEGA SECOND Row: A. Bartelt, L. Baxter, R. DeGrand FnoNT Row: C. Snell, G. Green, B. Milnes, V. Wild SUCIETIES Dramatic. . . During this your each lllC11ll7C1' ol' the Manual Arts Players did some work in the producing of in play. Thoroughly enjoyed by both 2,LlllllCllCC and producers were the plays of this year: " Ladies and the IIllSS2Ll'SH und " Beyond the Horizon." ,, Anvisisn Mr. Drake OFFICERS PRESIDENT-NOI'1l13,l1 Wedekind, Vng'1s-Pnnsrnnwi'-Ralph lihjfifilllfl. liusiwmss lX'lANAfil+IH,- Ray Hollister, 'l'1usAsunEn - James Peterznan, 1'I1s'romAN - Carol Snell CLASS or 1940 Arland Barlell, Marguerite Govin, Graeia. Green, Ray Hollisler, Belly Milnes, Jenn Nzmulin, Paul Pagel, Virginia. Ray, Majesta Shearer, Carol Snell, Virginian Wild CLASS OF 1941 Lillian Baxter, Ray CllI'lSl1IIl2Ll1, Ralph Dellrand, Peggy Doclcur, June Ifvke, Robert Keith, Rose Marie Norman, Anne Omsted, James PGlC1'lll3.ll, Cliarlolte Roetlie, Norman Wedeliind CLASS or 1942 June Amundson, Alice Baker, Marcelle Bollum, Mary Ellen Bradley, Lawrence Clark, George Danfield, Adrian Dorsch, Betty Feirer, Lois Jean Gregg, Jean Maurer. Keith Moon, Ann Rudow, Eclwarcl Tanner, Lloyd Vandeherg, Bonnie W entlandt, June Wilson l Q l -1 MANUAL ARTS PLAYERS THIRD Row: G. Daniield, L. Vandeberg, L. Clark, J. Naulin,, B. Milnes, E. Tanner. R. Cliristman, L. Gregg, T. lung, R. keith, A. Dorsell, A. Burtelt SECOND Row: Rose M. Norman, B. VVentlandl', B. Feirer, A. Rudow, J. Maurer, L. Baxter, M. Bradley, Cl. Green, A. Omsted, P. Dockar FRONT Row: P. Pagel, C. Roethe, C. Snell, J. l'er.e1'man, N. Wedekincl, R. Defiraml, R. Hollister, V. Wild flaeaenfzbiiam LADIES AND HUSSARS " Ladies and HllSS21l'S,ll ZL three avi: 1-uinedy, was presented by the M. A. P. as the llUlI1CU0ll'lll1g.C play. It IJOI'lll'3,y6il llxe ironbles of zz gruil old niajer and his two czonfirrned hzuzlielor friends as they tried to withstand the :natali- lllftlilllfl srfheines ol' the inajofs three doinineering sisters. The appropriate setting and brilliant GOSUIIIIGS aided the zuztnrs in developing :L series of langli- :dale fflllllL1XCS which inside "Ladies and l'lnss:n's" zz, very successful play, 2. keynote ul' ,ugnyely fm' the hoinecoining.: festivities. ISDIYUNIJ 'l'lllQ HORIZUN l'llIgClIC 0'Ncill's "Beyond the llU1'lZUlln was nndmihtedly the most, sncc'essl'nl drzunatiu proclurlion pre- sented by M. A. P. this year. This play, :L trzigedy, was clistinvtlv dilfferent from any type nl' drama lieretufore :mtternpt ed all Stunt. Il. required rfeinpetent direc- Iiun and wynipntlielic interpreizitimi el' f'll2Ll'1ll'lGl'. .luyc-e Fryer, William Wein- zirl, und llldwzird 'l':xnner gave 3fllIIll1'- nhle lJCl'l.0I'IIl3.ll1'CS in the three leading rules. The exvellenue ol' Sflllgllllg and lighlingr c-enlrihnted llllIIlC2l.SlII'2J,lJly to the sue-cess el' the play. The enthusi- astic and lIllllCI'Sl3LLlltllIlg!: :uzczepmnce of the lll'2l.lll2L will nmlnnhlcdly insure the piesenlzitinm nl' siinilzn' productions in the Inllnrv. 69 The S mlbhonic Singers O Y A- HAROLD C. COOKE DIRECTOR Under the direction of Mr. Cooke the Symphonic Singers made school history on their Eastern trip in the spring of 1939. They sang for Mrs. Roosevelt, were entertained at tea. in the White House, represented Wis- consin at the National Convention of Federated Music Clubs et Bztltilnorc, and sang at the New York VVorld's Fair. The activities of this your included singing at the Northwestern Teachers' Convention, presenting at Christnias Concert, and Illillilllg :L week's tour through Southern Minnesota.. In May the choir sang before the Women's Institute in the St. Paul Auclitoriurn. OFFICERS PRESIDENT - Edward Tanner 5 VICE-Piucslol-:NT - Ruth Goeres, Smc'nIc'rAnY - .lane Welehg TREASURER - Robert Nerbun CLASS OF 1940 B. Milnes, R. Goeres, M. Jackson, V. Ray, G. Swanson, E. Morris, V. Wild, C. Snell, C. Roach, M. Govin, C. Domke, A. Bartelt, R. Berg, C. Spinola, D. I-lausen, N. Running. L. Miller, V. Paltz CLASS OF 1941 L. Kasrnark, J. Eeke, E. Wernlund, C. Roethe, P. North. L. Volp, R. Keith, R. Christmun, R. Trezona., M. Elson CLASS OF 1942 F. Stetl, G. Springer, B. Goodman, E. Laekner, L. Myron, D. Graves, D. Pederson, J. Welch, B. Wentlandt, P. Nesser, H. Kvitle, R. Nerbun, L. Clark, L. Olstud, E. Tanner, H. Koen, li. Valaske, E. Iverson CLASS OF 1943 F. Nulton, M. Coburn, E. Bothwell, M. Wright, M. Miller, N. Watson, H. Thomas, I. Behm, W. Lee, T. King mr. . fl l B N' ON TOUR O Q Orchestra 'l'llIms Row: P. VVagner, M. Skinner, B. Coe Slcmwn Row: L. Hammerly, L. Little, K. Moon, A. Dorsch, V. Zastrow, E. Severson D. Iieramlcl l+'lmN'1' Row: V. Jensen, G. li21VVkiI1SOll, B. Marget, P. Dockar, J. Bressler, E. Dueuk ' is . . A. . -, --,,-H,-,-..n Am- ii STOUT BAND "See the majorettes! Hear the drums roll out! Hear the people shout . . 'Strike up the lJa.nd."' HAROLD C. COOKE Dmncron At Ln. Crosse, River Falls, Stout., football grrnnes, basket- ball games, wherever the band played, enthusiasm run high. Latest. additions to the high-Stepping, S1T13.l't-lOOKlI1g band were the Snappy lI12L.lOl'0lLl0S who, with the drum majors, led the lnzwehing and the field nizuiouvers. OFFICERS PRESIDENT -Keith Moon, S1-:CRETARY ANn 'l'nEASUm-:n - Phyllis Wagner, I.In1c.xnI.xN - Inw- renee Clark CLASS or 1940 C. Barnoske, R. Berg, J. Breitzman, J. Erpenbach, J. Finney, Z. Joos, R. Schultz CLASS OF 1941 S. Barieh, R. Christman, C. Finney, L. Forster, M. llenclerson, J. Huh, R. Keith. M. Knight, B. Peterson, R. Trezona, V. Zastrow CLASS on 1942 L, Clark. V. Feiler, B. Goodman, F. Koehler, H. Kvitle, K. Moon, H. Roen, M. Ruesink, N Selves, M. Skinner, C. Stori. E, Tanner, V. Winston. P. Wagner .fi CLASS or 1943 C. Abbott-, I. Behm, N. Blinkman, E. Bothwell, K. Cleznentson, E. Dnenlc, M. Galloway, R Hager, H. Jacobson, J. Johnson. T. King, N. Landt, B. Larson, M. Redmond, D. Rotnexn, F Schroeter, G. Voechting The Y.lV.C.A. Big Sisters help the Freshlnan girls during their first. lonesome days zuvny from hoine. The sponsorship of the campus Sister nioveinenl is only one ol' llllllly wnys in which the Y.VV.C.A. enters the life of the 4-ollegm-. During the pnsll yenr, the group pnhlislled fl book on eourlesy, 'KI Beg Your l'nrdon." .-lnvisl-:ns Miss C':u'son, Miss Mar-f':ilniontl Oifi-'rvrziis l,Il.I+lHlIJl'IN'l' M lN'l:u'jorie llrokken, Vu'ic-l'n1cs11n:N'r - Alice Krueger, SEc'nr:'rARY - .lane Seyforth, Vlllil-IASIYHI-Ill - Lois Slrnhni Cfinxss on lllelll Jenn llill, lil'l'll0l'llL linlnilmlcn, June Heiser, Gyla Swanson Ci..-iss ol-' lil-ll Ilelen Willems, C':u'ol Wnnrow, Lois Strulnn, Lorraine Walters, Beverly Pederson Un.-iss oi-' 19.12 Christine liereinlsen, June lilnll, Helly Coe, llelen Heck, Phyllis Wagner, Eulilla Emberson, Marjorie llrokken, Virginia Nell, .lane Seyforth, Ellen C.il11'lSlilSOIl, Marian Helbing, Helen Carlson, l'Ilnine filll'l'ZLll, li:i.l,lileen Mir-linels, Beatrice White, Lneille Walslen, Ella May Gibson, Mliriel Skinner, lilizznlw-t,l1 li1l.llgHl70l'g, Fern Olson Clmss oi-' H1113 Ellen Moss, llelen Blurty, Alice Buell, Rowcne Hnppe, Freda Knbe, Doris Dahlgren, Franees Nnllon, Dorothy Ann liolnenl, lfllizzihefll Storing, Lorraine Stark, Et1l1e1LaBelle, Evelyn Staini- son, Mildred llohhnu.n, lieth CYln'istiu.nson, Jenn Turney, Dorothy Madsen, Dorothy Wesley. linlihleen lirenl, Gerliiwnle lNfl:1.tvz, Niiinlic Bongey, Dorothy Chesky, Mary Jo Pieriek, Lois Ulson, Irene Vnrlson, Marjorie Redmond, Mavis Dunkel, Gladys Frogner, Virginia lVarwiek, Marilyn Miller . . gi: 'sri Young Women's Christian Association 73 DORZVIITORIES Women . . . "Is anybody up on third?" "Who's going to the library tonight?" "Helen, may I borrow your red cardigan?" This is what the girls hear at the Hall and the Annex, homes to eighty-nine out-of-town freshmzln and sophomore Women. Studying, HSh01'lJ-ShCGtl1'lg,,, enjoying spreads from home, be- ing campused, eating together at the Hall,- all are a part of the fun, and yet a part of the serious business of living together at the "dorm." The girls have definite social functions each year, too. The Annex girls go Christmas earoling and hold a formal reception the week before Christmas. The Hall girls have a formal party in the spring. TAINTER ANNEX G. Angell, A. Bach, A. Baker, R. Bates, J. Beddow, E. Berg, E. Bothwell, H. Carlson, R.. Chenoweth, J. Comings, D. Dahlgren, E. Duenlc, M. Dunkel, D. French, .I. Fryer, D. Fulton, M. Gallaway, R. Happe, H. Heinig, E. Herpst, H. Hermann, N. Hermann, L. Jenson, F. Kube, N. Lanclt, A. Liska., L. Little, M. Loucks, Mary Loucks, H. Marty, G. Matz, J. Maurer, IC. Melberg, B. Merget, M. Miller, E. Moss, V. Nel, H. Nichols, G. Nye, M. Peterson, M. Pieriek, M. Pinch, D. Post, S. Rasmusen, M. Reppe, J. Rockman, M. Ruensel, M. Sl.7lllllIlB.Il, N. Selves, J. Seyforth, H. Sijan, F. Sivula, S. Slinde, A. Smith. A. Snoyenbos, L. Stark, G. Voechting, M. Ward, V. Warwick, E. Whitmore TAINTER HALL C. Becker, I. Carlson, M. Coburn, J. Detloff, B. Dorr, G. Frogner, H. Heck, J. Heiden, D. Madsen, C. Porteous, J. Raas, B. Rasmusen, B. Runke, R. Runke, M. Shannon, S. Skroeb, E. Stamison, F. Stefl, M. Sticht, D. Torstenson, M. Uzelatz, B. Wells, D. Wesley, B. Pellegrini TAIN TER HALL l AND ANNEX DORMITORIES Men . . . Only :L few upper elassmen live in Lynwood Hall, for the VUUIIIS are frssiglied first to Freshmen and Sophomore 111011. The hall offers not only coinfortzxble rooms but complete study facilities i11 a reading room, inagazines, books, and large drawing tables. D1 m':e'ron Mr. Marx Cmss or 1940 C. Iiarnoske, D. Lemke, O. Johnson, G. Sell, R. Hollister, J. McGilvray CLAS:-4 or 194i W. liycr, R. Cliristnum, R.. DeGra.11cl, E. Graper, D. Herald, J. Peterman, R. Trezona., J. Warren, N. Wedekind, F. Winchester Cnlxss or 1942 ld. lieeruft, C. Bidwell, N. Carlson, A. Dorseli, V. Feiler, W. Funk, C. Gardiner, J. Hammond, J. l'Iill, R. llew, L. I'Iinkel,.C. Johnson, R. Nerbnn, R. Pittman, J. Richter, W. Sehlough, H. Selnvebke, I.. Selnnidl., E. Stnznlfel, E. Tanner, L. Vandeberg, G. Wereley, R. White, L. Why- dotski CLASS or 1943 C, Abbott, H. Anderson, M. Anderson, R. Auyong, H. Baker, I. Behin, N. Blinkman, E. BI'lSCl1lClSl'CI', R.. Casey, J. Chase, J. DeSwarte, A. Erickson, R. Hayes, G. Joas, W. Lee, G. Lincleberg, M. Maloney, E. Mettel, R, Montanye, B. Nelson, R. Not-ebaart, C. Pagel, F. Schwehr, W. Sellon, D. Steinback, B. rl'll0ITlDSOll, L. Walker, W. Weinzirl, L. Young, B. Ziesmer, R.. Sehlosser, W. Schlice LYNWOOD HALL SOCIETIES Athletic. . . An active lV.A.A. IINYIIIIJCI' often spends her free IHOIHPIIIS gaining hours of credit in sports,- in organized hikes, swinnning parties, skating, hockey, basketball, and volleyball. She helps in ezrrrying out the prograun of intramural sports and participates in the Waiter Czirnivzml sponsored hy the W.A.A. lI'1 March ol' April. ADVISER Miss Ant-rim OFFICERS PRESIDENT - Lois Kasmerk, VICE-Pmcsinlcwr - Wilma Runge, Si-:c'Iu4:'rAm' - Bcity Coe, 'l'm:AsU1zER - Lois .I eau Gregg CLASS or 1940 W. Bunge, D. Seothorn, B. Smith Cmss or' 1941 B. Brunner, V. Josephson, L. Kusniark, E. Koss, C. Rilling, L. Strahm, C. XVunrow, II, Willems CI,Ass or 1942 M. Beeker, C. Berendson, H. Carlson, B. Coe, L. Gregg, N. Hermann, K. Michaels, V. Nel, J. Seyforth, F. Whitmore WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION FOURTH Row: H. Carlson, C. Rilling, E. Bothwell, L. Litlle, V. Josepllson, B. Smit'-li, K. Michaels, S. Fuller, C. Hermann Timm Row: J. Seyforth, C. Berendsen, F. Whitmore, IB. Coe, D. Scothorn, C. Vlfnnrow, E. Melberg SECOND Row: N. Herrmann, B. Peterson, J. Ross, H. Hermann, R. Runke, B. Brurmer, B. Runke FRONT Row: Lois J. Gregg, Miss Antrim, L. Kasmark, W. Bunge, Cl. Frogner, M. Henderson 76 "SH CLUB The HH" Club is interesteil in keeping alive in the college nn 2I.DlJI'Ul'l1Lll0ll of the value of zitllletic timiiiiiiggg to the inclividuail man and to the group. The Plllll :iwurfls :L juvkeli to e:,Lel1 g1l'i1flll3.fll1g Senior who has ezirnecl two or more letters in one sport.. In 1939-1940, George Alt, Illglllill' Burbo, William Cfiunplwll, liven-t.i'. Bolduc, Donald Hansen, F1'ede1'iek House, Paul Bailey, Al'l.lllll' lLlvleson,C7l:L111le Howurcl, Pziul Pugel, Da.1'l'Jy VVOTIHHNII, and Norman Running reeeiveil liliese smvzmls. Ui-'I-'14 'mics l'iu-:sinnN'1'-Clilloril Moe, HliClil'1'l'AliY-1i.0l7CI'l- I"orxnoe, T1nc.xsU1mu-Arthur Ottesoimg Snuu1c,xN'l'-A'l'-Arms V George Alt, llrs'1'on1AN - Leverett Hinkel Cfmss olv 19-10 ll. Alt., P. Bailey, l. Barlxo, li. Bolclue, W. Campbell, D. Hansen, I". House, C. Howard, A. Otleson, P. Pzigel, N. Running, D, Worinan Cmss oi-' ISM-I ll.. l'lUl'lll00, li.. Maimll, C. Moe, lil. Morrison, P. Murphy, J. PClCI'lllIlll, P. Selnvartz CLASS oi-' IEM2 'l'. Dcilliiaxrii, .l. llrnulnonml, .l. Hesselman, L. llinkel, R.. Loer, R. Mackay, R. Merriman, J. Ric-liter, E. Stziufel Cmss oi-' 19-13 W. Aiulrews, C. liulinoski, 'l'. Kmbllgll, W. Young l"UUli'I'll Row: P. Pagel, R.. Maicll, C. Howard, D. Worman, J. Hammond, P. Murphy, N. Running 'l'n1lnJ Row: Mr. Price, B. Young, D. Hansen, B. Campbell, E. Bolduc, J. Peterman, W. Andrews, Coach Johnson Si-zeoxn Row: E. Stnnfel, E. Morrison, I. Barbo, F. House, R. Loer, T. Deflhiara, R.. Mackay, P. Bailey l"noNT Row: L. Hinkel, G. Alt, A. Otteson, J. Richter, R. Formoe, C. Moe, J. Hesselman THIRD Row: E. Bolduc, R. Notebaart, H. Kielty, W. Schlice, R. Lane, J. Rafferty, Coach Johnson, D. Becker, R. Haberman, J. Schultis, D. Eastling, M. Wendt, C. Moe, Mr. Marx SECOND Row: M. Hamilton, E. Stanfel, H. Confer, T. Keough, E. Morrison, T. Chiara, P. Bailey, R. Mer- riman, R. Mackay, W. Andrews, J. Peterman, W. Campbell, R. Pittman FRONT Row: R. Formoe, W. Young, R. Loer H. Wehrwein, L. Hinkel, P. Murphy, Captain Richter, A. Otteson, D. Hansen, F. House, Kalinoski, N. Colbrese, G. Alt THE BLUE DEVILS Une of the best indications that Stout's Blue Devils got into the football spotlight in the Teachers College Conference during the past season came when the official all-conference teams were announced. Two Stout players, Donald Hansen, tackle, and Pat Murphy, fullback, made the all-conference first team. Harley Wehrwein, end, made the second team. Stout's enthusiasm and determination delighted the hoinecoining throng. The fine play which had been exhibited by the Blue Devils during the entire season clirnaxcd this game: They romped over Eau Claire Teachers by a sco1'e of 19 to 6. 78 w .. w, .s W , v , - ,,,,:, . V : X gk f 1 ,,A 5 A , U - I -H' ,-- . 1 -' il. '.' ,Tri ' - 7 ' - i , i, Lx ' j,-Q - ' , rw, '- ' ' -'QMS' ' X H,-4'-f' Y- s -svHF"?- - ' " , ' . 'P' 1 ' ' - g it 1 : , V A - . ' 1 , M ig ' U I U. 1 MT I Q L .. .4 V: i s V, , A - Q ,- L jr TEA Fa A SU ff-1 7592 614 'P' . 'I W L 141' C, fx . ,... 41",h--- . ---nh. .Q sf ,ei r lux. . ' Q , MX n 1 A ' . V , t . A - IJ-I uaxxm-1' 05- I i J l I H L ,.', , . . , I, , ' g I , ,Q if I wj 1. ,Q- W 'Q ' i ml as f J? 335, Q. S i f 'Q 'AL1 xx ' I. fb fn KW ' ?jQ I wb X I5 , 1 4 ,Q-1 SECOND Row: Coach Johnson, XV. Young, L. Miller, G. Christianson, L. Walker, ll. Hinkel, R. Maidl FRONT Row: A. Wutti, J. Hesselman, D. Wormun, 1. Barbo, J. Htunmond, P. Murpliy RAY C. JOHNSON COACH THE BLUE DEVILS Stout difln't lmve :L Cl1ZLll1pl0l1Sl1l1J tefmi if being on the long end ol' the score is necessary, but the players have done CllZLlllIJlOllSllllJ Work for the school. Students can well he proud of these men who played their best in athletic events. In every game during the sezrson, the Blue Devils showed at spirit that drew the limelight upon Stout. In the 221111105 played rrgzrinst such teams those of Eau Claire, Superior, :md River Falls, the team showed improved 1I13.l'liSlH2Ll1SlllD, clever bull lizmdlingg, :md close team work. Playing at Stout, River Falls - with :L iirzwgiiiztl lead over the Blue Devils at the lmlf,-lost the elieounler in the lastquarter by za. score of 38-37. 9 f Q I is ' 3 ' . X" QQ' it if VH Fas iq X 1 ' ff' Ani qv, I E A AM. fy, 'Q h Q P' 1 7 ' ' A bi F' is S1 X 'W f 4 350553 aw' 1 U -T15 'R U , , ' " ' w . 1, ' I J T. ,jr 5, 1 j .Y 1 x ' 'XYSWQV , Us fx ' V. 1' V Q -14 vxiu 'img I , ,N K, XT-, , V In y i i A - W -iq I 'I 5. . ' u it 9' 1 in V 5 4 " 4 X VARSITY J. Hub, L. Berg, D. Anderson, J. Stangl, L. Ender, R. Loer, VV. Seliaal, J. Tondryli, C. Spinola, B. Keith, H. Ogata., J. Teigen S . Healthy bodies, steady training hours, regulated diets, plenty of sleep mold at swimmer for this strenuous competitive sport. As We look bnek to see the beginnings of this team, we find it rather disorganized and taking form very slowly. Cer- tainly student coach Joe Stangl deserves full credit for the work he has done in developing the team. Many students have felt the thrill of seeing these swim- mers take to their nmrks, get the gun, l1it the Water, and end in at close finish. Stout. . .23 La. Crosse. .47 Stout. . . 33 Hamline Univ. 42 Stout. . 29 Carleton . . 46 Stout. . 26 Carleton . . 49 Stout . . 47 Eau Claire Y. 29 STATE CONFERENCE MEET Milwaukee State .... G9 points La Crosse . . . . 44 points Stout . . . . 34 points River Falls . . 4 points ,sz INTRAMURAL Sports During the present year participation in the intra- mural program was more general than in former years. The games ranged from ping-pong to toueh football. The pugilists did remarkably wellg now and then we saw one nursing a rather tinted eye - it was all in fun, they said. Learn- ing to handle a cue, to play a combination cushion shot, or to put English on the cue ball chal- lenged many men. They found billiards a fascinating pastime after a hearty noonday or even- ing meal. In the gymnasium or on the Stout lot we often heard a staecato of whizz-thuds as the archers released their bow- strings. The outdoor tennis courts were crowded with enthusiastic playersg some practiced in the gymnasium during the winter. Every group of students found its favorite sport. 83 I TRAM RAL Cham ions. . . Janet Johnson, S.M.A., was high scorer in the :'n'el1ery tournznnent. The Hyperians ended the volleyball season in first place. Jznnes DeSwa1'te won his event in the ice skating race helcl in Milwaukee. Hyperians were elianipions in the W0lll0Il,S ixitzm- inuml basketball tournainent. The Sophomores c.lefe:Lter.l the Seniors for the ehznnpionship in the inter-class basketball tournament. S.M.A. won the lI1il1'Z1,l11Lll'tLl bowling, bacliniuton, and sl1ufHeboa1'd contests. The F reslnnzin class won the W.A,A. lvitllil' Czmrnivnl. Mzwgaretl Coburn was the queen of the water czwnivul beauty contest. The Rannblers won the men's iI1t1'3,111U1'El.l basketball clminpionship. 7fze rqmmican Wag . . . HOMECOMING Mx, awe BETTY SMITH, Senior RACINE, WISCONSIN VIRGINIA WILD, Senior ELMwooD, NVISCONSIN BETTY COE, Sophomore RICE LAKE, XVISCONSIN foe ealfeqe TOM KEOUGI-I, Fresllman ANTIGO, WISCONSIN PATRICK MURPHY, Jr. IVIENOMONIE, WISCONSIN RICHARD TREZONA, Jr, HOUGI'ITON, IVIICHIGAN Frirlajy, f'Jcl'obo1' 27, opened the homecoming Weekend, Alllllllll from Dotroit, Imlizxlui, Illinois, Iowa, from Illillly towns in IVIinnesotzL :Lnfl Wisconsin 1'ugzgiSl1ol'0Il in tllo Home Economics c:o1'1'iclo1'. With the Students :Incl f:ufnltIy they :Ittmclorl 'ILzulics and HusSm's," followccl the lmncl to the bou- firo, lI1'uzIlIf:,LSl',cIl with o1'pgunizatpio1I groups. Si ALMA MATER "YVe'll sing her praises many, W e'll glorify l1er name, And on throughout the years of time Our love for Stout proclaim!" HOMECCMING At one on Saturday, October 281111, the alumni, faculty and students greeted the parade, wandered with it to Nelson Field. There they left the grandstand to throng along the lines as Eau Claire went down before the Stout. players. Victory gave spirit to the banquet. So numerous were the guests that students gave their places to the alumni and sat again on the sidelines in the co1'1'ido1'. The speeches CI'1ClCC'l, the crowd sang "Alma Mater." 86 r LEISURE TIME in College. . . Um' I'zuf11llny: Au oxt1'ao1'cii1m1'y group :l1'u,'WtNl10sc- mon zuul WOIIIUII of our fzurlllivy. Ma:si'e1'S they IllIlHl'l', ol' IH'0HOIl1Il1i0ll of lllllllgllfj 1I11lStCI'S, foo, thvy are of mon, WOKHISIIIOII, NWiIlIlll0l'S, lmilqcws, huilclers of boats :md c-njny to thc- full this lzmcl of lznkvs :md s1.rez111'1s. of people they are of subject sports. Fisher- ccottavges, they 1 1142 .mme lfze szwf eaww 1F31 L-1' PRX x 1 :'I-ii' '-9935 1 '1 T s '15-fgr-Y 1 ' v Fl lx' , g 4 is HF- . ff- :gi 'T . Q - , 271' gekkiiil. .ff 1 125 F21 w. 1155 1 . . , fe. .Q x if f' ' ' 'J' gf 5 t '6"""': A 'f -:g"'5p -I ' n--f - w ' . ' Q 5' 'D ' L 1 ' 5 ' gm Vs?" I , gf ,.,.., ' w .H J Ei4x,,l', i , 'I' ',gf1!ifQ' 3 l "':'T"f ,fx f ,A i ' , ' ' aff 4 .-. , ...-V-1 4. 'U' 5' n ., Pu' :lv "H ir ' 51 'VE . R f. i 1 eg- , ., ,Mfr leg! .1 -2 tx 'X' ffm .V X' ia, . ' 1 L S 4 V' 'Y ,,' aw' f " f .4 1. .43 V' 4' ' f . 3-I I P ... .IJJ 4 1 A if , f- 1' .K 1 f, .f" ' N", ,H A ' ,- .fff W J 'M ' if Bu 'fi s ww with JA li'ilCi 3"" :Ai J 91 l f,ff 3 .X-Z f W? X Q-yu liripglit, warm clziys, irlic ruslilo of dry loaves, and Scptenibci' is hero. Frioiiclsliips :irc rom-well with :L milk-0 get-togctil1e1', and new ones are made walking to school S0ll'll'lillllCS All lilllo liiomlsliip :incl study can he mixed i11 the art class. On Friday il,l'lf0l'll0OI1 thc prolilciii nl' buying fresh pzm fish loecolues serious. O11 Sunday zmfternoon :x vluli vnjoys :L liikc along tho river to Pnmcliso Valley. They clzmim he's four, but you should see him now. Finally, a cluy's work done and then - i'ela,xat.ion. .l , n .4 as Q-. -34, I I n . if 1 7fze DORMITORIES TAINTEH. HALL :ind ANNEX The :n"1ern0on of Septeinher 10, 1939, was filled with exeilzenient :Ll Tziinter Annex :ind Triinter Hall :Ls freslnnen :ind SODl10l'llOl'0S, accom- pzinied hy selieilieus pzwenivn, zxrrivf-cl to Sfmt their new life at Slrmlf. Dorm lile r-:in he :is f'0l0l'fl,Il as itz is piel11n'ed here. Un weekends one can find some of the girls visiting tegetherg en wairin nutunni even- ings they stroll :ileng the hunks of Luke Meneniin. The six-thirty morning gong brings :L rush to lin'ezilil'z1St with :L few sleepy-liezuls sl'-1'zrggling in lute or ocezisienzilly running 110 :rn eight 0'elec-lc lmrenk- fastless. llezuling in hed is ii favorite way to study. The girls do horrowg's plenty el' eoinniolnien when they do. A telephone mill, silenre, :L sweety hellog :L hilt of eavesdrop- ping hegins. lfriendsliip grows Sfl'0ll2QUO-OD0l'il.l3l0I1 develepesg quarrels there fire, but few. The year ends with exams, packing, re- grets ever pzirlings, rejoicing ever the neairness el' heme. 92 ad, 742 Mm LYNWOOD "Hello, rllllllll Qlblllg to hc hzwlc with ns :1.g:1,in this yv:1.1'?" In they 1-011111, hull not :1.s clow11l11s:n'l1r1l znnl llUIll0SlCli :1s the girls. Packs, suit'- vnscs, l-Vlllllibi. Wlicerc 1111: inlmy going.: to put, all t,l1ns1:11l1i11ggs'? Uh, tl1Qy'1'c going lyn slncly. .Inst look how that follow 1'ul:1x1-s il1lll1Cl', shall wc- sny, :1 l1:11'1l1l:1,y's work. Tll:l,l',H l'igghl.l Hohl those poses. I'lI's1-o th:111 thv lJll'l1lll'l' gms into the 19-I-0 'l'owo1'. A gguost? Lynwooililvs flilllili 11sc:o1'l1 1-hcin i11 this lll2Lll1l0l' 2Ll'l0l' :1 niggl1l,'s 1'usl'. llllljilyillg 211 Qlllllll' ol' sc1l't1h:1,ll on 11, sunny S:1tn1'clz1y Lll'l0l'IlO0ll. Heal 1'0111l'o1'1', is 11011-ssz1,1'y, thc-y sny, hv- forc unc llilililfllllllfi in stncly. This 0lll,ll'C I-Inll 1'csi'-s upon tl1usl1o11l1lc1-s of thu scxniors. Wln-rc iLl'C they fmiricl? In the quiet. ol' the hzmso- lllCI1l3. The ll0l'lll is 11. g51':1.11cl plfwo to livcg just look :1l. fhnl, boy Slllllth 93 l, l. 0 '1 Q". J". .,, 1 s Abbott, Charles, 45, 72, 75 Allen, Kathryn, 37 Alt, George, 20, 57, 61. 77, 78 Amundson, June, 38, 68 Amundson, Lorraine, 20 Anderholm, Florence, 40. 52 Anderson, Chester, 29 Anderson, Duane, 39, 82 Anderson, Emma, 29 Anderson, Herbert, 75 Anderson, Luther Anderson, Melvin, 44, 75 Anderson, Russell, 20 Anderson, William Andrews, William, 47, 77, 78 Angell, Geraldine, 43, 46, 74 Antrim, R. Bruce, 17 Antrim, Keturah, 13, 52, 74, 76 Apel, Randall, 43 Arnquist, Betty. 37, 52, 66 Auyoung, Richard, 66, 75 Bach, Alice, 45, 73, 74 Bailey, Paul, 19, 56, 66, 77, 78 Baker, Alice, 38, 54, 62, 68, 74, 85 Baker, Harry, 45, 75 Baker. VVilliam, 13, 60, 61, 65, 66 Bakken. Grant, 29, 61, 57 Bangsberg. E. Jean, 38, 73 Barber, Arleen, 44 Barbo, Igmar, 19, 56, 60, 77, 80 Bard, Marjorie, 20, 59, 66 Barich, Sam, 29, 72 Barnoske, Charles, 20, 57, 72, 75 Barr, Geraldine, 29, 53 Bartelt, Arland, 20, 56, 60, 61, 67, 70 Bates, Rosanne, 46, 74 Battenberg, Rex Baumann, Mildred, 44 Baxter, Lillian, 29, 54, 59. 67, 68 Beaudette, Helene Becker, Charlotte, 41, 52, 74 Becker, Donald, 78 Becker, Eleanor, 20 Becker, Marian, 76 Becker, Minnie, J., 17 Becraft, Ernest, 39, 61. 75 Becldow, Jane, 39, 74 Behm, Irving, 45, 47, 70. 72, 75 Behrens, Eileen, 38, 54, 65 Benjamin, Harold, 29, 60, 63 Bennett, Kenneth, 43 Bensman, Israel, 29, 57, 60, 61, 66 Benson, Elizabeth. 20. 54, 66 Berendsen, Christine, 29, 73, 76 Berg, Evelyn, 74 Berg, Lyman, 29, 82 Berg, Rolf, 56, 70, 72 Bergstrom, Walter, 46 Bidwell, Charles, 75 Binstock, Howard, 38 Bitney, Waldron, 29, 57 Bjornberg, Shirley, 45 Black, Florence, 46 Blair, Mary, 20, 54, 59, 62 Blakeley, Everett Blinkman, Neal, 44, 72, 75 Bliss, Maurice Block, Betty, 20, 55 Blom, Dr. Julius, 17 68 INDEX Boardman, Marian, 17 Bogaard, Clement, 20, 57 Bohlman, Mildred, 38, 73 Bolduc, Everett, 20, 77, 78 Bollum, Mareelle, 54, 68 Bongrey, Natalie, 73 Bordini, Dominic, 29, 39 Bothwell, Evelyn, 70, 72, 74 Bonsley, Dorothy, 20, 52 Bow, Vivian, 20 Bowman, Clyde A., 13, 60 Bradley, Mary Ellen, 37. 40, 55, 68 Breitzman, James, 20, 58, 60, 72 Bressler, James, 30, 61, 71 Brewin, Katherine, 21, 52 Briesemeister, Edward, 43, 75 Brodale, Rosemary, 46 Brokken, Marjorie, 39, 52, 73 Brophy, John M., 13, 60, 61 Brown, Arthur C., 13, 60 Brown, Oral, 43 Brunner, Burdine, 30, 76 Bublitz, Violet, 39 Buchanan. Louise, 13 Bnnge, Wilma, 21, 76 Bunker, Robert, 30 Burgchardt, Virginia, 38, 66 Byer, William, 30, 64, 75 Callahan, Gertrude L., 13, 65 Campbell, Dora, 44 Campbell, William, 21, 77, 78 Carlson, Helen, 38, 73, 76, 74 Carlson, Irene. 46, 73, 74 Carlson, Mabel, 21, 52, 66 Carlson, Norman, 39, 63, 75 Carroll, Virginia, 21, 52, 64, 59 Carson. Lillian, 13, 73 Casey, Russell, 44, 75 Chase, John, 45, 75 Chenoweth, Jane, 19, 52, 59 Chenoweth, Ruth. 52, 59, 74 Chesky, Dorothy, 46, 73 Christianson, Glen, 37, 57, 61, 80 Christison, Beth, 73 Christison, Ellen, 40, 73 Christman, Raymond, 30, 68, 70, 72, 75 Clark, Lawrence, 39, 68, 70, 72 Clark, Mary, 21, 54, 59 Clement, Audrey 30 Clementson, Gerald, 30 Coburn, Margaret, 70, W Coe, Betty, '38, 52, 11, 76, 8.1 Colbrese, Nick, 30, 37, 56, 78 Comings, Jane, 47, 74' gonger, I-lloivaircl,q21, 31 on er ioyc, -, cQ00ke,'IeIar01r1, 13. 70, 72 irosby Lyle Cruise,yWinnona, 14, 59, 62 Curran, Elaine, 40, 52, 65, 73 Curran Fred L., 14, 60 Dahlgren, Doris, 46, 73, 74 Danfield, George, 40, 63, 66, 68 DeChiara, Tony 56, 77, 78 DeGrand, Ralph, 29, 56, 58, 60, 67, 75 DeRubeis, George, 38 DeSwarte, James, 43, 44, 75, 84 Detloff, Jeanne, 40, 74 68 Dockar, Margaret, 30, 50, 5-1, 58, 59, 68, 71 Doertler, Elizabeth, 21 Domke, Cecilia, 21, 51, 54, 59, 70 Dorr, Betty, 37, 55, 74 Dorsch, Adrian, 63, 68, 71, 7:1 Douglass. Robert, 30, 57 Dow, Grace M., 17, 74 Dragich, George Drake, Douglas, 30, 45 Drake, Francis E., 14, 67, 68 Dresden, William, 37, 63 Dreyer, Carol, 21, 51, 59 Drulcy, Helen, 14 Duenk, Eugenia, 45, 66, 71, 72, 74 Duesingr, Donald, 39 Dunkel, Mavis, 45, 73, 74 Easlling, Donald, 44, 78 Eeke, Jane, 29, 53, 59, 67, 68, 70 Edwards, Harry, 47 Edwards, Darrell Ellington, Joyce, 21 Elson, Marshall, 70 Embcrson, Eulilla. 40, 73 Ender, Loel, 45 82 Erickson, Albert. 44, 75 Erpenbach, Jerornc, 21, 50, 56, 60, 72 Ewald, Harold, 21, 63 Fciler, Vernon, 41, 72, 75 Feirer, Elizabeth, 39, 52, 68 F inney, Charles, 21, 30, 72 Finney, John, 72 Forinoe, Robert, 30, 56, 61, 77, 78 Forster, Lavern, 30, 72 Franz, Hugo, 41, 63 French, Donna, 46, 74 Fritz, Alvin l?1'Ofl,'g'ZLl.l, Lillian M., 14 Frogner, Gladys, 45, 73, 74 Fryer, Joyce, 40, 69, 74 Fryklund, llobert, 21, 63 Fuller, Shirley, 30 Fulton, Dorothy, 55, 74 Funk, B. M., 17 Funk, William, 40, 75 Callaway. Marian, 72, 74 Gardiner, Charles, 37, 57, 75 Carthwaite, Ivanelle, 31 Cassen, Carl Ceving, Dorothy Gibson, Ella, 40, 73 Coeres, Ruth, 21. 55, 70 Coed, Harry F., 14, 57, 60 Goodman, Betty, 39. 52, 70, 72 Cordon, Mary, 46 Coto, Iliroshi .Iohn, 22, 57 Covin, Charles, 44 Covin, Marguerite, 22, 59, 68, 70 Covin, Mary, 44 Graves. Dorothy, 70 Crapcr, Eryle, 31, 56. 60, 63, 75 Green, Daniel, 14 Green, Gracia, 22, 55, 67, 68 Gregg, Lois Jean, 37, 53, 68, 76 Cullickson, Marian, 31, 53 Haas, Kermit, 38, 66 llaberman, Roger, 31, 78 Hager, Ralph, 45. 47, 72 .l-Ialherg, Marshall, 45 Hale, Doris M., 14 94 Halverson, Eugene, 31 I-lamilton, Marshall, 38, 78 f' F' 7 llarnmond, Jack, 40, 57, 75, 7 , llansen, Donald, 22, 70, 77, 78 llanscn, I-l. M., 14, 60 Ilanson, Fern Marie. 44 llappe, Rowene, 46, 73, 7-1 llarnion, Lloyd, 45 1-lasse, Everett, 38 I-laugsby, AI'lZl.ll1C, 31, 41 lflawort 1, Mervin, 22, 60 Hayes, Russell. 47, 75 Heck, Helen, 41, 73, 74 l-leiden, Jean, 74 lflciuig, l-lelen, 45, 74 Ileiser, .lane, 52, 73 l-lelbing. Marian, 41 Helgeson, Leonard, 46 Henderson, Marian, 31, 52, 72 l-lerald, Duane, 31, 63, 71, 75 Herrnann, Carole, 44, 66 llermann, Helen, 46, 74 Hermann. Nellie, 39, 52, 74. 76 Herpst, Ardell, 46, 74 Herschleb, Ruth Hesselman, Jack, 37, 57, 61, 77 Hew, Richard, 39, 75 Hickcox. Virginia. 31, 52 lliga, Kenichi, 37 Hill, James, 39, 63, 75 Hill. Jean, 73 Hinkel, Levcret-tc, 37, 75, 77, 7 Hintzman, William, 22 I-lobbick, 'l'oxn, 47 Hollister, Ray, 22, 56, 60, 68, 7 Holver, Marian, 31 Herman, .lohn, 31 House, Frederick, 22, 77 , 78 l-louston, Alice S., 14, 59 Howard. Claude, 22, 77 Hub, John. 31, 72, 82 Humphrey, Lois, 45 llunt'-Iey, F. L., 14 Ingram, Donald, 46 Iverson, Everett, 41, 70 Jackson. Marjorie, 22, 54, 70 Jacobson, Herlane, 43, 72 Jaeger, Lorn, 22 Jamieson, Clarice, 41, 66 Jensen, Raymond, 41, 71. Jensen, Lorraine, 44, 74 Jeter, Lillian, 14, 55 Joas. George, 75 Johnson, Arlan Johnson, Clarence, 56, 61. 75 Johnson, Dorothy, 15 Earl 46 Johnson, , , Johnson, Janet, 22, 51, 55. 84 Johnson, John, 47, 66, 72 Johnson, Orvis, 19, 56, 60. . , Johnson, Ray C., 15, 77, 80 Johnson, Robert, 22 Johnston, Georgia, 31 .Iones, Gwendolyn, 31. 53, 66 Jones, Madelyn, 55 Jones, Reed, 47 Joos, Zella, 22, 72 Josephson, Violet, 23, 76 Justin, Ruth Kahabka, liernetta, 23. 73 95' 63 7 80 80, 85 S, S0 5 INDEX Kalinoski, Chester, 47, 77, 78 Kasmark, Lois, 31, 53. 59, 70, 76 Katekaru, Ray, 23 Keith. Floyd L., 15 Keith, Robert, 32, 56, 68, 70, 72, 82, 85 Kelly, Sue, 44 Kennedy, June, 39, 41 Keough, Thonlas, 77, 78, 85 Kielty, llerbert, 47, 78 King, Margaret' A., 23, 55 King, Thomas. 45, 68, 70, 72 Kirk, Louise, 23, 53, 59 Klatt. Jane. 39, 66, 73 Klingelliofer, Ariel, 41 Knight, Margaret. 32, 72 Knopps, Charles, 39 Knott, Bert, 66 Knutson, Clinton, 45, 66 Koch. Clinton, 32 Koehler, Florence. 41, 72 Koss, Edna, 32, 52, 76 Kranzusch, Ray F., 15, 63 Kranzusch, Ray, 46 Kreul, Kathleen, 46, 73 Krueger, Alice, 23, 53 Kube, Frieda, 46, 73, 74 Kubota, Bob Kvitle, llarold, 39, 70, 72 Laljellc, Ethel, 46, 73 Lackner, Edith, 70 Landt, Nona, 46, 72, 74 Lane, Lois, 46, 78 Larsen, Alton, 38 Larsen, Betty, 46, 72 Larsen, Andrew Latshaw, Doris, 38 Latshaw, Lois, 41 Lauscher, Florence, 32 Lee, Warren, 70, 75 Leedoin, Mabel, 15 Lehman, Alice Lelnke, Darrel. 57, 60, 75 Lien, Arnold, 39, 56, 63 Lindberg, Gordon, 46, 75 Liska, Anna. 74 Little, Lorna, 44, 71, 74 Lockerby, Jay, 32, 57 Loer, Raymond, 56, 77, 78, 82 Long, Inez, 41 Loucks, Marjorie, 43, 74 Loucks, Mary, 43, 74 Luck, Ernst, 40 Ludowise. Ruth iuebke, Viola, 23, 53 .undeen, Ernst Lundwall, Russell, 23, 63, 64 Luonia. Paul Macflregor, Donald, 23, 61 Mackay, Robert, 77, 78 lVlcCalmont. Mary, 15, 73 McDonald, Lucy McGilvray, James, 23, 75 Mclianna, William, 46, 68 McMahon, lone. 55 Madsen, Dorothy, 44. 73, 74 Maidl, Robert-. 32, 77 Malison, Oscar Maloney, Malcolm, 75 Marshall, Anne, 1.5 l I Martin, Wallace Kent Marty, Helen, 43. 73, 74 Marx, Lawrence, 15, 75, 85 Mase, Charles, 32, 60, 61 Mather, Martha. 32 Matz, Gertrude. 43, 73, 74 Maurer, Jean. 55, 68. 74 Medtlie, Janet, 37, 55 Melberg, Edna, 40, 65, 74 Merget, Barbara, 71, 74 Merriman, Rex, 77, 78 Mettel, Earl, 75 Mettelka, Norbert, 32 Michaels, Kathleen, 66, 73, 76 Michaels, Ruth E. 13, 59 Michaels, Sylvia, 23 68 71 Miller, Charles, 32 Miller, Francis, 23 Miller, Marilynn, 43, 70, 73, 74 Miller, Lloyd, 23, 70, 80 Milnes, Elizabeth, 24, 54, 59, 67, Milnes, H. C., 15, 60 Mishek, George. 47 Mitchell, Robert, Mittlestadt, Ronald, 38 Mitzner, Henry, 66 Moe, Clifford, 32, 46, 57, 61, 77, 7 Molner, Hjalmer, 47 Montanye, Roger, 46, 75 Moon, Keith, 40, 58, 56, 71, 72 Moore, Mary, 32, 55 Morris, Eleanore, 24, 53, 59, 70 Morrison, Earl, 29, 51, 57, 77, 78, Moss, Ellen, 43, 73 Moy, Blanche, 44 Munson,-Sain, 24 Murphy, Patrick, 32, 77, 78, 80, S. Myron, Lucille, 41, 54, 70 Naulin, Jean, 24, 65, 68 Nel, Virginia, 39, 53, 73, 74, 76 Nelson, Blake, 39, 75 Nelson, Burton E., 10, 60 Nelson, Doris, 32, 52, 66 Nelson, Mary, 43 Nelson, P. C., 15, 60, 64 Nelson, Philip Nelson, Willis, 39 Nerbun, Robert, 39, 61, 70, 75 Nesser, Phyllis, 41, 54, 70 Ney, Jack Nichols, Betty, 33, 52 Nichols, Henry Nichols, Hilda, 74 Nogle, Rebecca, 24, 55 Norman, Rose Marie, 33, 53, 68 North, Patricia, 33, 53, 70 Notebaart, Richard, 47, 65, 75, 78 N ulton, Frances, 43, 70. 73 Nutter, Forrest, 24 Nye, Geraldine, 41, 54, 74 Oass, Gordon, 47 O'Brien, Gertrude M., 15 O'Connell, Tom, 39, 57 Ofstie, Rosalie, 40, 66 Ogata, Yoshiharu, 33, 63, 82 Olsen, Harlyn, 24, 61, 66 Olson, Ferne, 37, 39, 73 Olson, LaRoy, 33, 58 Olson Lois 44 63, 73 Olsoni Starileyf 40 Olstad, Lyle, 70 O'Meara, Isabel, 24 Oinsted, Anne, 29, 54, 68 Orlady, Jean, 24, 55 Orvolcl, Arthur Otteson, Arthur, 24, 57, 77, 78 Owen, Vera, 24 Owens, Lloyd, 38, 66 Pacolt, Marie Pagel, Carl, 75, 77 Pagel, Paul, 24, 60, 68 Parker, Marian, 24, 53, 66 Patz, Vernon, 24, 70 Pease, George Peddycoart, Deanne, 43 Pederson, Doris, 70 Pellegrini, Beatrice, 74 Perry, Ruth Persson, Frank, 33 Peterman, James, 33, 56, 66, 68, 75, 77, 78, 85 Peterson, Myrtis, 66, 74 Peterson, Beverly, 33, 72, 73 Peterson, R. Manfred, 33 Petryk, Henry, 40, 56 Pelryk, Joseph Pieper, James, 38, 66 Pieriek, Mary, 43, 73, 74 Pinch, Mary, 43, 74 Piper, Maurice, 46 Pitt man, Raymond, 40, 75, 78 Plad, John Porteous, Carmen, 45, 74 Post, Delores, 39, 74 Priee, Larnion, 17 Price, M. M., 13, 60, 77 Purvis, Vernon, 45, 61, 66 Quilling, Betty, 25, 55, 66 Quilling, Frederick, 39, 57 Quilling, Henriette, 15. 50 Quilling, Virginia, 44, 66 Raas, Juanita. 44, 74 Ralierty, Joseph, 78 Randles, Richard, 44 Rantala, John, 38 Rasinusen, Shirley, 74 Rasmusen, Elizabeth, 74 Rathlesberger, H. 33, 58, 60, 63, 64 Ray Edgar, 16, 60 Ray, Virginia, 25, 54, 50, 68, 70 Reardon, Eileen, 66 Reckin, Madelin, 45 Redgren, William, 25 Redmond, Marjory, 43, 72, 73 Reega, William, 46 Reese, Shirley, 25, Reppe, Mona, 39, 74 Rich, C. L., 16 Richardson, Sue, 25, 03 Richter, John, 40, 75, 77, 78 Rilling, Charlotte, 23, 62, 76 Roach, Charlotte, 25, 54, 70 Robbins, 1Valder, 33 Robertson, Merle, 33 Q Rockman, Jane, 41, 65, 74, 85 Roehr, Walter, 17 Roen, Howard, 39, 56, 63, 70, 72 Roethe, Charlotte, 33, 53, 50, 62, 68, 70, S5 INDEX Rogers, Helen, 33, 53 Rogers, Mabel, 16, 53 Rogstad, Reuben, 44 Roland, Robert, 56 Ropele, Anthony, 43 Ross, John, 47 Rotnern, Dorothy, 47, 72, 73 Rucliger, Robert, 40 Rudow, Ann, 37, 55, 68, 85 Ruedebusch, John, 34, 63 Ruehl, Philip, 34, 56, 60, 63, 64 Ruensel, Mary, 74 Ruesink, Marjory, 40, 52, 72 Ruid, Gladys Runke, Blanche, 74 Runke, Ruth, 44, 74 Running, Norman. 25, 70, 77, 35 Ryan, Josephine, 34 Rydherg, Doris, 54 Samdahl, Leo, 34 Sandberg, Thomas Sandeen, Ernest, 45 Sandow, Douglas, 34 SL1.f1ClV1Ck, Norman Seapple, Francis, 34 Sehaal, Willia.m. 56, 63, S2 Hchaar, Charles. 30 Schandl, Lawrence. 43 Hchiest, Marcel Schhee, Willard, 43, 75, 73 Schlosser, Catherine Sohlosser, Robert, 43. 75 Sticht Marian, 45, 74 Stolio, Leonard, 26. 60, 61, 66 Htoll, Philip Stori, Carl. 37, 72 Storing, Elizabeth, 47, 73 Stover, Doris, 26. 55 Stralnn, Lois, 34, 73, 76 Strand, Myrtle, 17 Strehlow. Louis, 34 Striebel, James Stubbs, Charles. 40, 64 Styer, Lavern, 26 Swanson, Gyla, 26, 70, 73 Swanson, Jeanne, 34, 54, 66 Sweet, Barbara, 37 Tanner, Edward, 30, 57, 68, 60, 70, 72, 75 Taylor, Helen, 26, 51, Teigen, John, 57, S2 'l'etzlal'l', Vivian, 41 Thomas, Harold, 43, 70 Thompson, Bruce, 75 Thompson, Gordon, 38. 64 Thompson, Ruth. 24 Tondryk, Joseph, 26, 56. 61, 65. 82 Torstenson. Dorothy, 47, 74 Toyeen, Marcia, 45 Tsehopp, Wilbur, 47 Trewartha. Maxine Trezona, Richard, 34, 57, 60, 70, 72, 75, 85 Trullinger, Gladys, 16, 50 Tulip, Harold, 41 Turner, Marjory, 26, 55 Turney, Jean, 66, 73 Tustison, F. E.. 16 Tylee, Robert, 34 TOWER designed by joseph Tondrylqjr. Uzelatz, Mildred, 47 74 V aaler, Dorothy, 26, 54 Valaski, Kenneth, 41, 70 Vandeberg, Loyd, 40, 68, 75 Vasey, Winston, 39, 72 Voeehling, Gretchen, 47, 65, 72, 74 Voglsberger, Gerald, 40 Volp, Lois, 34, 51, 55, 70 Volp, Richard, 44 Voss, William, 26 Wadley, Kenneth, 45, 47 Wagner. Phyllis, 71, 72, 73 Walker, Lyle, 47, 75, 80 Walker, M. Virginia, 54 Waller, Lueille, 26, 53 Walsh, Letitia, 16, 50, 62 Walsien, Lucille, 38, 73 Walters, Lorraine, 34. 73 VV alters, Ma1'ie, 16 Ward, Margaret, 47, 74 Warren, James, 35, 61, 66, 75 Warwick, Virginia, 73, 74 Watson, Norman, 47, 70 W eber, lvlargaret, 26 W ebert, Loyd, 35 Wedekind, Norman, 35, 60, 68, 75 Wehrwein, Harlan. 35, 78 Weinzirl, William, 46, 69, 75 Weisman, Peggie, 47 W eix, Joe Wierlnan, Robert, Welch, Jane, 38, 54, 70 Wells, Betty, 53. 74 Wendt. Merle, 78 Wendtland, Bonnie, 54. 68, 70 Wereley, Eugene, 39, 75 Wernlund, Esther, 35, 54, 58, 70 Wesley, Dorothy, 73, 74 Wheeler, Louie, 44 White, Beatrice, 43, 53, 73 White, Russell, 64, 75 Whitmore, Edna, 41, 52, 74, 76 Whydotski, Lloyd, 35, 60, 61, 75 W idvey, Sybil Wieland, Donald, 38 Wigen, Ray, 16, 60 Wild, Lois, 47 Wild, Virginia, 26, 54, 58, 59, 62, 67, 68, 70, 85 Will, Robert, 35 Willems, llelen, 35, 73, 76 Winchester, Frank, 26, 75 Winelc, Joe, 35 Winston, Agnes, 17 Wischan, Carl, 35 Wise, John, 45 XV old, Erbe Wold, Kenneth, 45 Wolf, Genevieve, 40, Wolf, Erwin, 40 Worman, Darby, 26, 56, 77, 80 Wright, Marilyn, 47, 70 Wunrow, Carol, 35, 53, 73, 76 Wutti, Alvin, 80 Young, Leon, 43, 45, 75 Young, William, 77, 80, 78 Zastrow, Violet, 35, 71, 72 Zeilinger, Lorena, 26 Ziesiner, Bernard, 46, 75 96 Engravings by GREENE ENGRAVING COMPANY Saint Paul . . . Minnesota o Printed by THE CHIPPEWA PRINTERY Chippewa, Falls . Wisconsin

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University of Wisconsin Stout - Tower Yearbook (Menomonie, WI) online yearbook collection, 1943 Edition, Page 1


University of Wisconsin Stout - Tower Yearbook (Menomonie, WI) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Page 1


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