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N km.. x- x A hi' X, L .nk F I x x 7-ff, f x , . 1 ix xv 1. 1 , , ' 1 ..- ' 1 ' 1 STOUT INSTITUTE IVIENOMONII, WISCONSIN SOUVENIR EDITION May 23, 1918 I F OREWORD WITHIN these pages We have tried to y gather a few of the things pertaining to life at Stout which may in after years prove dear.-fEditor. , HARVEY K. SNIVELY, Editor. ' - CLAIRE HAIGI-IT, Literary Editor. FRED L. CURRAN, Faculty Advisor. ROGER TRAFFORD, Business Manager. GEORGE JANQKE, AdVeI'tisi'hSA':M'a1iager PRESIDENT LORENZO D. HARVEY, B.A., Ph. D A, 4 I ,- MANUAL TRAINING BUILDING page three THE FACULTY L. D. HARVEY, ' Psychology and Pedagogy. GEORGE FRED BUXTON, Organization of Manual Training. FRED L. CURRAN, Elementary Woodwork, History of Manual Training, Primary Handwork. CHARLES E. ESLINGER, Printing. H. F. GOOD, Applied Science, Electrical and Automobile Work. HENRY O. GRUBERT, Wood Turning, Wood Finishing. . H. M. HANSEN, Cabinet Making, Mill Work, Saw Filing. . R. F. JARVIS, Blacksmithing, Industrial Economics. GEORGE S. MILLER, Physical Training and Athletics. H. C. MILNES, Machine Shop Practice, Foundry Work, Machine Drawing. J. E. RAY, Bricklaying, Cement Work, Architectural Drawing. ROBERT H. RODGERS, Supervision of Practice Teaching, Methods of Teach- ing Manual Training. . JOHN O. STEENDAHL, Mechanical Drawing. DAISY ALICE KUGEL, Organization of Home Economics. MARGARET BAKER, Cookery. page four BERTHA BISBEY, Dietetics. CLARA LOUISE BOUGHTON, Advanced Cookery, Food Study. G-RACE M. DOW, Institutional Management. ELEANOR M. DUNN, Food Study, Senior Cookery. BESSIE F. I-IOLMAN, Dressmaking, Supervision of Practice Teaching ALMA KRUEGER, Physical Training. MABEL H. LEEDOM, Chemistry. MARY M. MCCALMONT, Chemistry. ELLA G. McCAULEY, Millinery, Art Needlework. MARY I. MCFADDEN, Psychology. MARY BURT MESSER, Home and Social Economics. MARY L. NILES, Freehand Drawing and Design. LILA MORRIS O'NEALE, Dr'ssmaking and Costume Design. RUTH MARY PHILLIPS, English. RUTH VIRGINIA SIMPSON, Junior Cookery. CLARA G. TURNER, Household Management. LOUISE WILLIAMS, Microbiology, Physiology and Hygiene . W - ff! ,1 f ,Q ,fy , .fm -I f, Syf 455 E, W, V4 f 4 ..f,- ff ! K.. I , , Z, "f 41 A 1 f X nys 4 2 f 1 , X '37, f K-,iff '- V:-M.4.... .V.. .. .- ..,, Am... ' e i . Q 1 I i 4 ,N I, 1 w M ,, 1, ! Y I :1 1 1 gf Q: il ,- 4 7 ,f"' V, VV f", ,,,-" , 1' V, ' fjfgmofi wk, 1 " v,,r,.,, VE!-, ,-,f., . tv' V, V VM . QAM, , .11 H . ' V VV,fVVsVz ' f -,'1.f1V,,' ew V . V., 4 ' V ,V ' ,,.V ' ' . ', ff! , ,1. :N WT 6522" k , 1 Vf 'ff ' 'MV-. A . . V .V V-.f,,- V V , ' . f VV V :VV V Q V, '- f V ,Q - ,Vff!5vV'.. M' ya , 'V -. .-' We ET' QV Nuff", VA " 3., V' .V .V V V T: ' v-,Vgdgsy--:V,.'V 1,5 . V' .' V V ' M ' 'V V QWZV, I -324' .V pm C4 JV Q 'n V wa ? if if - f 3:4 ' - ' f 'V V V1 V 1 -'ATV 1V"1wv2- 1" af.. I ' f . , im W2 V -1V H . V 1.4 7 ,4 an EVM V ww' xl., S -har . Q -,g, ' 'V V 427 ,Q 5 A A ,rg H ,V. . SV LV? 13' V gif? '7' V ,.,. if I i w 1 IW ' yin ' Sff ff f f :'Z-ZF 71? . . Q 'ff' ffj. i 'xx F1 f',.2'1. 3-'ii .? , 1- at E W V 'px 'QM . . V ,'V 3 2..1.?n "fV'3'LV'VQ: 'QV wi. - -5:2532 Vw- 725 f i? V V' 'SV ' i., ' ' QV- L! V Wg! -is V 7' ' f- -f fn. 2,53-FV,N.. 'fQ.1?f'fif,,.?',,V.,f5,-2-M., 3,.- 1.5, .VS .V pf .h H V .V4,Qff' f!,Vf4w'Q7W r1y5Z?2fvfmv?g,1'.VVfV..,'9,V,'-Vx,4,111 'J'-V-1"-, " V' 'M .M n nzfff .f '. - V - 'V , Q ,, VV -V - " 4Vff,,,y',.,pwf.,:fr.: N-..-Aw V W fha, V:,.,1f'-., 1, -' , V. y 4 -, ' 491.14 V- V. WV " fwfv' r ,.ffafQf1if'-'i 1ff'1f4+i'41mh'--V--"""'0' . ,VVV4E7f2?'2:'fff?-fVf,2Z23ZzVVV-' 56,21-V.V..f41JVf25 V: wi 5551'-V'V-2 ' . ---- f 1 V I gy," 5:45522 , f -fi' aV :'Q.5 3iV:-,gh .'!"F"- - S 1343, ff? , 'uw 'Q Ivifl ' VVVah,.V- QZ"1"'?4i '-Vf fzlypfkwz-:fV' vp',s.wV:1y,-.e'ffVgg-.V.' - -',1:fV2V: 'Q ,, ' - z V ' .. Vf i" -1- -'1ff'2V:5 i f ' 7 --m i -Z 2 1V ik? 'V liffff 'E'E?Agif?4?'15!!f-3355gfglv3213 V 2 ' gift 'f f ' VW f ' 54.1494 U gf' " ' . V " '- 3'-5-is-4-5-,'..'fV'7 V-'13r.Q'V-5..:Y!f' --.'sg::V -'VV?ff.p?.w4 V2 A V u.,i,4fff3W:-W 'Ai.1Z4+wV.V V '.-'k .' " HU ' .. ff' . A -V ' ' ' 1- ' ' "'VfV'f V WV' Tiff-"f-f V: +V. ,V .,--5-f V -,,fVv:-5-,Ln-1.Vf, :V ,, j:V' f. ZW' mi, 'f-.512 QV ...Q . .V V V X-,mg .V -' A .. 4 , 4. fhfi' ,"'Vs.aV ,455 . " ' f VV , ' V ,V nw .V , ,.'. VV,",Z',?'.1Vf M111 -' -1 VZ ba? V " dw 1, 1 +6745 f . '- 4 W' ,WSH f M' .f V - '- ,'A.V2?' .V ---V- V' VV ' K " VV V V., , .,.,. ,V ,, 4 .V ww V. 1 WW, VV . V,VVw -Y V . , .i IS, ., y '-AM-V. wgfaf.fV.W.f f. x.,.V:'!JVwV, 2422- ,,Z5z411w'w-Vs-affwwf? V V A :V '?f4w . 113. ,mf fVfV f0i,fVV , ,,f04,'1vvQe-V7 . , Vwwgrplf f , -1?l.,4x..z-haf-ef4,g'.VV.L if "f AV 5 94492 , ZfQmw3wfI::zy,'1 ,4Zf:f1,c1f. V A MN ' VV,Zf'g,,,3f' ,,4V.g.',:,.,47,.,'.'14r-VVn?!fwVE.65i'Y,Q:,4:.,1w5Q,.?V'.,V vwSVZVZMV15-av!!-2,131 " ' Vf M V ff' ' .JM 'VfffffV,V1Vf"t1:fz3q'wf"' 1' -1-I 1 I QYS24,gZ:ym44,V4zXV5w, I ,:, ,g ',,ff-441 ' ' -fQf::VfV,:gwff ff,:,-Q ,ww , ' ' ,V ,W NEP. ,nfmf g M md ' , fu flwy. Vw --V VVVv5-A-4141-.:'VfLy.,,g5-.V,,V :Wm g,g5'f::::gl V Vx. Www. Q Vi V-Vw H u -ff . ,, 122- uf 'wf4V"'-H we-V'f":f page six HOME ECONOMICS BUILDI NG . . ,,-..v- , ,.A. , ,... .. . ..YV V 757 ,1- THHMJANDINNHHTIYEARSTUDENTS Top row-John Steenclahl, Joseph Lynn, Elizabeth Schulze, Charles E. Eslinger, J. E. Ray: second row-Dorothy I-Ieward, Isabelle Lowe, Mabel Sneen, Luella Kramer, Eunice Mulholland, Beth Bailey, Ruth Pollock. page seven ,,,.-- ..,. ,..,Y...,.--- - ,,,, ..-....,.., ..Y..-. , ,Mgr ,-1 --W.-Y-M . , . , SECOND-YEAR STUUENTS Top row-Emil Sneen, Susan Behan, Elizabeth Mead, Jo h 'F sep ranklin, Electa Allev, James Halama Lucile Xvisner Shirlev Engle George Trueg second row-Adelaide Tollefson, Clarice Soper, Mildred Kroog, John Simonich, XVarren Pease, Mary Jane Boyd Mildred Green, Ellen McCrory: third row-Peter O 't P quis, erilla Loasching, Ruth Longfellow, Russell Goodney, Elda Laun Ralph Herring, Lena Knutson, Orrilla Bathke, Joe O'I-Iara. page eight 4 , ,Q Y.. ,inn ,., ., - V .KY H V rv gi I --VY I . SECOND-YEAR STUDENTS TOD TCW-R0b6I't Biflflillg. Clara Johnsrud, Frank Kovach, C0l'iHI1Q Nichols, Clarence Berg, Alma Rushfeldt, Gertrude Leqyse, George Jankeg second row-Lucile Wlatkins, Helen Parsons, Hilda Howe, Burnnett Fogelberg, Joseph Gagnon, Lois Vxfalklin, Borg- hild Eng, I-Iortense Thomas, third row-Fred Moehle, Josephine Jamieson, Ruth Olsen, Louie Globokar, Elizabeth Engelmann, Isabelle Perrier, Margaret Collins, George Rye. page nine ' SECOND-YEAR STUDENTS Top row-James McRae, Gladys Ferguson, Anna Berglin, Kate Cole, Florence Tracy, Marie Roberts, Maud Vest: second row- page ten Iva Hefty, Mae Trevitt, Lucy Daniel, Florence Scoular, Alma Hall, Roger Trafford, Helen Deckert, Claire Haight, Mabel Larsen Jennie Gerlachg third row-Eleanor Double, Rosa Taylor, Ethel Brisbane, Stella Maleta, Florence Pribnow, Ruth Christman Marie Markart, Eleanor Jensen, Harvey Snively. NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF SECOND-YEAR STUDENTS Clarence Berg, Lead, S. D. Edward Billack, Milwaukee, WVis. Robert Binning, Unity, VVis. Clarence Buckholz, Elkhorn, Wis. Theodore Fitzsimmons, Marshall, Minn. Burnett Fogelberg, Fosston, Minn. Joseph Gagnon, Mountain Iron, Minn. Louie Globokar, Biwabik, Minn. Russell Goodney, Amasa, Mich. James Halama, Bessemer, Michy Marie Alexander, Princeton, Ind. Alda M. Allen, WVashtuona, Wash. Electa Alley, McAllen, Tex. . Lois Bate, Pasadena, Cal. Orrilla Bathke, YVaseca, Minn. Ella Becker, Cedarburg, 'Wis. Q Anna Berglin, Grasston, Minn. Jessie C. Birner, Kenosha, Wis. Bernice Blanchett, Zimmerman, Minn. Marguerite Bostwick, Janesville, W1s. Mary Jane Boyd, South Auborn, Neb. Ethel M. Brisbane, Milwaukee, Wis. Mary Brooks, Eau Claire, Wis. Susan Behan, Petoskey, Mich. Ruth Christman, Evansville, Wis. Kate Cole, Albion, Ind. Margaret Collins, Cobbtown, Ga. Margaret Cotie, Clifton, Ariz. Lucy Daniel, Sergeant Bluff, Ia. Helen L. Deckert, Dubuque, Ia. I Anita Dover, S. S., Manitowoc, Wis. Anita Dover, S. S., Manitowoc. Wis. Borghild Eng, Menomonie, Wis. l Elizabeth Engelman, Milwaukee, Wis Shirley Engle, Norfolk, Neb. Marion Felix, Prairie du Sac, Wis. MANUAL TRAINING Ralph Herring, Stockton, Cal. George Janke, Frazee, Minn. Frank Kovach, Aurora, Minn. James McRae, Rib Lake, VVis. Fred Moehle, Chicago, Ill. Fred Nickel, Minneapolis, Minn. Joe O'Hara, Biwabik, Minn.- Peter Oquist, Red Top, Minn. 'Warren Pease, Green Bay, Wis. George Rye, Aurora, Minn. HOME ECONOMICS Gladys L. Ferguson, Grinnell, Ia. Frances Gabriel, Evansville, Wis. Lillian Gerdes, Eureka, S. D. Gertrude Gleason, Austin, Minn. Mildred Green, St. Joseph, Mo. Claire E. Haight, Minneapolis, Minn. Irene Hale, Sidnaw, Mich. Iva Hefty, Monroe, WVis. Ruth Horn, Cedarburg, Wis. Hilda Howe, Seymour, Ind. Margaret L. Howe, Monroe, Wis. Esther Mae Huyck, Gettysburg, S. D. Florence Ita, Burlington, Ia. Josephine Jamieson, Shullsburg, XVis. Olga Jansen, Norway, Mich. Eleanor Jensen, S. S., Sheridan, Wyo. Clara Johnsrud, Albert Lea, Minn. Pauline Johnston, Phillipsburg, Mont. Miriam Jones, S. S., San Diego, Cal. Lena Knutson, Porter, Minn. Mildred A.'Kroog, Crookston, Minn. Mabel C. Larsen, Whitehall, Wis. Elda Laun, Elkhorn Lake, VVis. Gertrude Leyse, S. S., Kewaunee, Wis. Perilla Loaschingj Black River Falls, Wis. IContinued on page thirty-onel John Simonich, Mountain Iron, Minn. Emil Sneen, Menomonie, Wis. H3fFY9Y Srllvely, Menomonie, Wis. Leslie Stewart, Janesville, Wis. Ernest Thiel, Kasson, Minn, Roger Trafford, Missoula, Mont. George True, Missouri Valley, Ia. R. A. Shafer, Brentwood, Cal. Jesse Cross, Milwaukee, Wis. Xifilliam Byer, Cashton, Wis. Rush laongfellow, S. S., Albuquerque, Isabelle Love, Neillsville, Wis. Ellen McCrory, Monticello, Minn. Stella Maleta, Lead, S. D. Marie Markart, Ft. Smith, Ark. Ruth McMahon, Orr, N. D. Edizabeth Mead, Armour, S. D. Alice Edith Morse, Globe, Ariz. Margaret Moschel, St. Paul, Minn. Corinne Nichols, Mazeppa, Minn. Ruth C. Oleson, New Ulm, Minn. Alma Olson, Mankato, Minn. T-Ielen Parsons, Ashland, VVis. Isabel Perrier, Draper, Wis. Eda. Peterson, Fairmount, 'N. D. Doris Polley, New London, Wis. Florence Pribnow, Park Falls, WVis. Edith Quarve, Fessenden, N. D. Alma Rice, Dayton, O. Jean Richards, Spokane, XVash. Marie Roberts, Lime Springs, Ia. Alma Rushfeldt, Hawley, Minn. Gladys Thornber, Burlington, Ia.. Florence Scoular, Janesville, Wis. Mary Sehring, Marseilles, Ill. page eleven E l s :E i FIRST-Y EAR STUDENTS ' Top row--Davis Christensen, Vin McArthur, F. XR". Goggins, Bella Lehrdahl, Glenn Best, second row-XVilliam Fisher, Haskell J. Halderson, Lillian XVeiermiller, Harold Enders, L. H. Lamb, third row-Fred Megow, Pauline Johnston, Francis Mudrack, Elsa Hellberg, Sigfrid Becklund. , NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS MANUAL TRAINING Sigfrid Becklund, Superior, Wis. Davis Christenson, New Richmond, Minn. Glen Best, Floreffe, Pa. Haskell Halderson, Galesville, XVis. Dan Blide, Vfatertown, S. D. L. H. Lamb, Menomonie, KVis. Raymond Browe, Menomonie, XVis. Fred Megow, South Milwaukee, XVis. Edwin Clemenson, Osseo, VVis. Francis Mudrack, Marinette, WVis. Harold Enders, Marinette, Wis. lvilliam Somppi, Ironwood, Mich. Vfilliam Fisher, Trinidad, Col. M. O. Valentine, Menomonie, XVis. Frank Goggins, Duluth, Minn. HOME ECONOMICS . First Year Students Ellona Dugdale, Platteville, NVis. Amy Anthes, Clintonville, VVis. Alice Durbin, Milwaukee, XVis. Madge Banks, Wfatertown, S. D. Ruth Elizabeth Fitch, St. Paul, Minn. Bertha Benke, Muskogee, Okla. Helen F. Grant, Independence, Ia. DeVere Caine, Vvabash, Ind. Marion Hammond, Fresno, Cal. lrene Cheek, Little Rock, Ark. Lillian Heard, Ontonagon, Mich. Fern Clark, Ashland, Wfis. Elsa Hellberg, Elgin, Ill. Martha Craney, Swan Lake, Mont. Julia Elizabeth Hopkins, Laredo, Tex. Margaret Cusick, Oregon, VVis. Dorothy Howard, St. Paul, Minn. Helen Defendorf, Ionia, Mich. Rachel Hutchinson, Algona, Ia. Dorothy Donlin, Superior, VVis. Anna Jackson, Ironwood, Mich. Alma Drewelow, New Salem, N. D. Katherine Jackson, Oakneld, VVis. lContinued on page thirty-onel .. - V ---W --'- Y Tb' ' SPECIAL STUDENTS Top row-H. Detjen, S. XV. McLeod, J. E. Albrecht, L. Halverson, G. Ieske: second row-E. G. Sniithyman, Reppert, VV. H. Dirks, C. S. Asp, J. L. Koch: third row- D. L. Goodrich, R. Owen, XV. Karberg, R. M. Hammes, G. A. Kavanaughg fourth row-R. H. Carrington, Boerner, S. F. Hall, G. A. Lodle, XV. D. Pearson. A NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF SPECIAL STUDENTS Jerry Albrecht, Kewaunee, VVis. Lyle Garnett, Sheboygan, VVis. Claus Asp, St. Peter, Minn. Donald Goodrich, Durand, VVis. Theodore Bakken, Hartland, VVis. Leon Goodman, VVashburn, VVis. Earl Buchanan, Arkansaw, YVis. Sam Hall, Princeton, Ind. Harold Camp, Stanley, VVis. Lenard'Halverson, Stanley, VVis. Roger- Carrington, Menomonie, Wis. Roman Hammes, Appleton, VVis. Frank Cassel, Eau Galle, Wis. Arthur Henke, Watertown, Vvis. Wfilliam Crawford, Mankato, Minn. Leo Jenkins, Sparta, VVis. Jesse Crump, Pine Bluff, Ark. Harold Jennerjahn, Appleton, VVis. Herbert Detjen, Kimberly, Wis. Julius Johnson, Wfausau, VVis. XVesley Dirks, Springiield, Vvis. Xvilliam Karberg, Fort Edwards, VVis. Xvarren French, Ashland, XVis. George Kavanaugh, Downing, WVis. Ardin Frisby, Pine River, NVis. Raymond King, Sparta, Wis. Ernest Gahl, Grand Rapids, VVis. Chester Knight, Durand, Wis. Klontinued on page twenty-eightl , M.,-f .Lid A 4 .Wh ,,.ff J 0 A I , lzj' I STOUT Y. M. C. A. . R. Trafford: second row-J. Kraemer, G. Janke, E. Billack, F. Megow, J.. Top row-Charles E. Eslinger, faculty advisor: C. Berg, Pearsong third row-H. I-lalderson, G. E. Best, XV. A. Fisher, E. Sneen, presidentg R. Goodney, vice-president, F. Moehle, sec- 1'6'E2L1'y-t1'GU.SU.1'G1'. ' page Hfteen 1 1 i i MENOMIN CLUB Top row-Grant Urquhart, Leland Lamb, Joseph Franklin, Russell Goodney, Joseph Gagiiong second row-George Yeske, Daniel Blide, Samuel Hall, Franklin Goggins, Vfarren Pease, Davis Christensen: third row-George Janke, secretary, George True, sergeant-at-arrnsg Ralph Herring, presidentg James Halama, treasurer: John Simonich, ,vice-president, Sigfricl Becklund. HONOR ROLL John Burns, '13, Howard Campion, '14, Herbert Frogner, '15g Howard Fuller, '13, John Mullica, '17g Clarence Buchholtz, '17-'18, Jesse Cross, '17-'18g Harry Peterson, '17j Ray Shafer, '17-'lSg Harry Vfhite, '16-'17, Paul Beck, '16-'17g Wfilliam Griswold, '17: Alfred Radant, '14, Leslie Stewart, '17-'1S. page sixteen -If ' STOUT Y. W. C. A. . No social organization of the Stout Institute has as large a membership as has the Y. W. C. A.. The aim of the association is to raise the ideals and standards of Chr-istian conduct and living of the students and to provide' social activities. Last summer Stout was represented at the National Lake Geneva Conference, and the girls returned deter- mined to make this year of Y. W. C. A. work mean something to the school. The members have enthusi- astically received the plans proposed by the Cabinet and have worked faithfully throughout the year. Mem- bers of the faculty also have assisted greatly in the work accomplished. The annual mixer, September 11, was held in -the armory because of bad weather. The attendance was large and the girls report a good time. A Can- dlelight Recognition service was held on October 4 when SOCIAL September 11, 1917, the annual Y. W. C. A. and Y. M. C. A. "Mixer" was held in the Stout armory. Most of the new students and all the old were there. As there were not enough men to go around it was decided to have Mr. Elsinger auction them off to the highest bidders. Some of our finest young men went for as small a consideration as a bottle of pop, a package of life-savers, an ice cream cone or a trip up Wilson Creek. Mr. Eslinger says that some of these bids still remain unpaid and wishes to announce that he has at least five tripsup Wilson Creek and several boxes of "kisses" coming. Did the boys have a good time? Just ask them! The Stout Girls' Glee Club gave a very good and well selected program at the Stout auditorium, April 5. The ACT the new members united with the association. Much time and effort have been spent in war work. The association is supporting three Belgian babies and S400 was raised for the Y. M. C. A. Student Welfare Fund. Twelve World Democracy Classes were estab- lished and faithfully attended for eight-weeks in the spring. ' The Cabinet members for '17 and '18 are Jean Rich- ards, president, Helen Strander, vice-president, Hortense Thomas Secretary, Henrietta Johnston, treasurer, Mil- dred Green, chairman religious meetingsg. Margaret Howe, chairman social meetingsg Elizabeth Wampler, chairman social serviceg Marian Felix, chairman Bible study, Eliza -Estrop, chairman' missionary, Kate Cole. chairman, annual memberg Ismay Hubble, chairman iinanceg Hortense Thomas, chairman information. IVITIES - numbers were varied and some part at least reached every music lover in the audience. A good deal of credit must be given the girls and Miss Gilkerson For their hard work. Solos, both vocal and instrumental, interpretative dances, and some clever inipersonations, made the program a great success. Two dances wfre given by the Gaveleers in the Stout gymnasiumg one in the early fall and another in the early spring. These were the best attended and most heartily enjoyed dances given during the year. Friday night, November 23, 1917, the annual dance and entertainment was given by the Sophomores and Juniors for the Freshmen, so it included the entire student body. The dance was given in the gymnasium which was decorated in Stout colors and looked attrac- l IContinued on page twenty-eightl page seventeen DECKERS ' Top row-True, Mrs. Decker, Stewart, Globokar, Gahl, Halania, Mcllzie, Thiel, NVZLITIBKB, Fitzsimmons, Best, Yeske, Gagnon, Jen 115115, K9f1'b61'g, Mesow, DSC14613 Heffillg, H2111 ,Si1T10111C1'1, FiShe1', Potter, Ii1'Z1QlTl61', Fogelbergg second 1'OVV-171'3I1k1iI'1, Christian son, Janke, Halderson, King, Johnson, Becklund, Pearson, McLeod. page eighteen I I X, -.I 'sv .E-K. -- O. W. L. Allow us to present to you the O. W. L's. Not a very large group we will admit, but making up in unity what we lack in numbers. There's Bill, leader in both social and business activities. Mac was rather taken up with his fussing but we considered this and he is a valu- able friend just the same. Then, of course, there are Fritz and Swede, twins, if you please! always observ- ing study hours and never bother- ing with the ladies. Bob and Traf. were the real workers of the bunchg to them their work and books were first in ranks. Ernie and Fitz left us at the middle of the year, but they were still alive in the hearts of all. Then there are Fisher and Best, mainstays from the Freshman Class, "Mutt and Jeff," to us. No, we didn't forget Haskell. He was always there to give us his help. Enough was done to make us know that wherever we are next year, each one will have eleven real friends, somewhere. Aijala, Uno, '17 Draftsman, Naval Training Sta- tion, Great Lakes, Ill. Albrechtson, E. V., '14 Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Ill. Anderson, Carl, CStudent 15-163 N. A. Camp Lee, W. Va. Anderson, Walter F., '13 Naval Training Station, Co. 40, Norfolk, Va. Appleton, Stanley, '16 Canadian Army. Bailey, Paul, '08 I 2nd Lieut. Ft. Sherman, Chilli- cothe, Ohio. Barry, Wm. J., '14 U. S. Aviation, Asbury Park, N. J. Beck, Paul, fStudent 16-173 U. S. Aviation. Beguhn, Arnold A., '14 2nd Lieut. Co. I, 352 Inft. Camp Dodge, Ia. Bloeman, Herbert, fStudent 1913- 143 Enlisted. page twenty STOUT HONOR ROLL Bowman, Clyde A., '00 Corp. Co. E, 307 EI1giI196I'S, Camp Lee, W. Va. KR. O. T. C.3 Browe, Raymond, '13, Camp Grant, Ill. Brinkmann, Walter D. '15 2nd Lieut. Fort Riley, Kaus. Buchholtz, Clarence H., CStudent 16-173 Enlisted, Camp Dodge, Ia. Burns, John, L., '13 Signal Battalion, American Lake, Wash. Campion, Howard, '14 1 Signal Battalion, American Lake, Wash. Cross, Jesse E., CStudent 16-173 Co. D, 163 Depot Brigade, Camp Dodge, Iowa. Dhein, Orin H., '16 Aviation Corps. Douglas, Andrew, fStudent Trade School 19123 I 121 Art. in France. Drescher, George, '15. Ecklore, Fred, '12 Artillery. Edwards, Myron, '16 30th Engineer Corps, Washing ton, D. C. Erickson, Arthur, '16. Fladoes, Karen J., 2d Lieut., Vancouver, Wash. Frazier, C. A., '12 Capt. Artillery. Frozner, Herbert, '16 2nd Lieut. N. Co. L. 127 Inf Camp MacArthur Coverseas3 Froseth, Alfred, fStudent 19173 149th Aero Sqn. Dayton, Ohio. Fryklund, Charles V., '16 N. A. Fuller, Howard R., '13 Battery C, 104th Field Art. fOverseas3 Gamble, Arthur H., '17 Co. D, 5th Bn. Signal Corps fOverseas3 Gifford, Perry, '17 Third Oiiicers Training Camp, Camp Grant. Gottschalk, Chesney O., '14 1st Lieut., Aviation Corps. 4 ,ff Could, Roy H., '16 Aviation. Graven, Anker, '12 Draftsman, Great Lakes, Ill. Griswold, Win., Trade School, '17 80th Sanitary Eng. Corps. tOverseasJ Guy, George, '16 N. A. Gibson, Edward, Aviation, San Antonio, Tex. Hanson, Orin, '16, Radio Service. Hager, Carl J., '16 Enlisted. Hahn, Stanley W., '14 2nd Lieut. Sig. R. C. A. S. Ft. Omaha, Nebr Hasse, Otto. Hintz, Ernest H, '17 119th Mach. Gun. Bn. Camp MacArthur, Texas. fOverseasJ Holm, Eiffel A., '16 3rd O. T. C., Camp Grant, Ill. Hughes, Louis S., '17 Enlisted as a carpenter in the Aviation Corps. STOUT HONOR ROLL Hunter, Floyd, '16 62th Aero Sqn. San' Antonio, Texas. . Hyde, Charles W., '15 Sergt. Battery B, 1st Indiana At. Ft. Benjamin Harrison, Ind. Jackson, Alf. K., '15 Dir. Physical Training and Ath- letics, Ft. Riley, Kans. Jones, Forest H., '17, Coast Art., Monroe, Va. Joyce, Harrison, CStudent 15-163 Co. D, 107th Eng. COverseasD Karlstrom, Carl, '17. Overseas. Keck, Everett B., '15 Draftsman, Great Lakes Naval Training sta. Kendall, Robert E., '12 lst Lieut. 2nd Bat. 312th Inf. Camp Dix, N. J. Keil, Emil C., '17 27th Aero Sqn., Austin, Texas. Kovach, Frank, '18, Krick, Joseph, fStudent 175 Enlisted. Krogstad, Peter, '12 148th Machine Gun, Bn. COver- seasb Lechtenger, Harry, Cav. Corps Corps, San Antonio, Tex. Leland, Simeon J., '17 N. A. Liddy, Arthur, '16 2nd Lieut. Signal Corps. f0ver- seasJ Little, Orlando B., '15 Enlisted, Signal Corps. McEnroe, Lawrence, '13 2-nd Lieut.. Camp Custer, Mich. Mclntosh, Robert B., '16 Signal Corps MacLean, Charles B., '17 Draftsman, Great Lakes Naval Tr. Sta. Mereen, Donald K., '16 U. S. School of Military Aeron- autics, Urbana, Ill. Meyer, Earl H., '14 U. S. S. Joy, 2nd Dist. Naval Reserve, Woods Hole, Mass. Miller, Clifford R., '17 Coast Art., San Francisco, Calif. . page twenty one Moldenhauer, Edward L., '17 Radio Operator, Camp Vail, Lit- tle Silver, N. J. Moore, Edwin E., CStudent 16-175 139th Aero Sqn. Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas. Morgan, Earl, CSpecial '14J N. A. -Moyle, Thomas R., Instructor 2nd Lieut. Q. M. C., Jacksons- ville, Fla. Mullica, John M., '17 Aviation Corps, San Antonio Texas. Mythaler, ' Stanley, '14 fOverseasJ Nelson, Harry, '12 lst Lieut. Co. H, 128th Inf. COverseasJ Nelson, Thomas, '14 Sergt. Co. H, 128th Inf. COver- seasl I Newcomb, Max E., '08 ' 2nd L-ieut. COverseasJ . Nicholas, Howard, '14 N. A. . Nichols, Vernon, '10 page twenty-two STOUT HONOR ROLL Nyhus, Ralph E., '17 Enlisted in Engineers. COver- seasj O'Brie-n, Frank S., '14 Enlisted. Olson, Leonard C., '17 Enlisted Naval Reserve. Olson, Melvin, Trade School, '17 Engineers, Wrightstown, N. J. Patrick, Karl, '12 Ordnance Dept., Rock Island Arsenal. I Peterson, Harry E., '17 Naval Aviation, L. D. S. Pen- sacola, Fla. ' Picha,'Lawrence G., '15 N. A. P Pliska, John, Aviation. Plummer, Wallace, '12 Rainbow Division. COverseasJ Raab, Oscar, ,'12 N. A. .... f Raymond, Cecile, fStudent 16-171 N. A. Radant, Alfred, '14 17th Co. U. S. Engq, Ft. Leave- worth, Kans. Ratio, John, '15, N. A. Roberts, Clyde, M. '17 Hq. Detachment, 310th Eng. Camp Custer, Mich. Schefer, Alvin C., '15 N. G. Shafer, Ray, CStudent 16-173 'Enlisted Aviation Corps, Waco, Tex. Schwing, Arthur, fStudent 14-153 Sergeant, 136th Inf. Carnp Cody, New Mex. Schott, J., '16. Shatto, Edson, '17 N. A. Camp Dodge, Iowa. Shumway, Robert, '17 N. A. Souba, Arnold, A., '14 Naval Reserve, Instructor Dun- woody, Mpls. Stauffacher, Earl M., '10 Cadet Aviator, Houston, Tex. Steffens, David B., '14 Co. 28, Naval TT. Station, Nor- folk, Va. Steurwald, Gerald, '15 .,-Z STOUT HONOR ROLL U. S. Aviation. Stollberg, Louis A., '13 U. S. Aviation, Urbana, Ill. Swanson, Frederick, '11 I 2nd Lieut. Stewart, Leslie, student, 16'-17'- 18' H.-Art., Camp Worden, Wash. Tapper, Benjamin, '1 3 2nd Lieut. 160th Depot Brigade, Camp Custer, Mich. Thompson, T. Marvin, '17 lst Lieut. COverseasJ Thompson, Paul E., '14 2nd Lieut. Camp Custer, Mich. Thurston, William E. '14 lst Lieut. Waco, Texas. White, Harry E., iStudent 16-175 White, John W., '15 Sergt. Co. F. 351th Inf., Camp Dodge, Ia. ziilmann, Harold A., '15 Capt., 163d Depot Brigade, Camp Dodge, Ia. Tinker, Dudley, CStudent 19123 Van Duzee, Roy, '14 lst Lieut. Co. 8, 330 Mach. Gun Bat., Camp Dodge Iowa. Watson, Robert H., '16 4th Co. 166 Depot Brigade, Camp Lewis, American Lake, Wash. N. A. Co. I, Signal Corps, U. S. A. J. R. Mulholland, '12, Mechanical dept. aviation. Miss Field, secretary to Dr. Harvey. ' Mrs. Hahn, chief librarian. Miss Halseth, assistant librarian: Miss Bird-telephone and desk. page twenty-three FOOTBALL R. Goodneyg second row-S. Becklund, B. Fogelberg, XV. Somppi, G. Bestg third row--L. Stewart, R. E-inning, C Buckholz, G. Rye. Mudrock, Coach Millerg fourth row-Shafer, JL Simonich, Herring, Kovach, Goggins, Halama, O'I-Iara. Top row-J. McRae, page twenty-four x X BASKET BALL Top 1-ow-R. Goodney, Coach G. F. Miller, S. Hall, F. Kovach, G. Rye: second row-U1'quha1't, L. Stewart, CCaptainJ, B. Fogelberg. 7 - . page twenty-Hve PHI SIGMA PSI CLUB Top row-Marion Hammond, Mary Jane Boyd, Gladys Dunn, Mary S ,h ' uc ering, Eunice Mulholland, Pauline Johnston: second row- Josephine Jamieson, Amy Anthes, Katherine Jansen, Ruth McMahon, Ruth Horn, Alma Rice, Miriam Jones, third row-Eleanor Reinardy, Margaret Cusick, Eleanor Jolly, Margaret Smith, Lillian Heard, Edith Towsend, Alma Drewelow, Dorothy Howard: fourth row-Isabelle Perrier, Bernice Blanchette, Helen Parsons, Islay Tocher, Beth Bailey,,Ruth Longfellow, Elona Dugdale, Maude Vest, Sue Behan. page fIW9HtY-SiX ' SNAP-SHOTS SOCIAL ACTIVITIES IContinued from page seventeenl tive. The frocks of the girls were varied in color and addfd considerably to the pretty scene. For those who did not dance an excellent program was given in the Y. W. C. A. rooms. A quartette of girls gave a pleasing song which was encored, and Mr. Berg sang and was well received and encored. Doris Swan, Lois McDonald and Mr. Snively gave readings that were enjoyable, and Miss McDonald sang, accompanied by her ukulele. Much school talent was nicely displayed and it was heartily enjoyed by those who did not dance. The Y. W. C. A. gavetheir annual county fair in the Home Economics building, May 16. Crowds swarmed to see the marvelous side shows and the building rang with the blare of the bands and shouts of the "spielers." The vaudeville show and the -Petticoat Minstrels did a thriving business. Dr. Pill sold gallons of pain killer and the policeman was kept busy holding the noisy crowd in check. "Do you remember the Box Social?" "Do I? Well, I should say I do! I couldn't forget anything so exciting as that." "Didn't we have the gayest time, though? but oh! I ate with Mr. Hall. He was awfully nice even if he is tall and lanky! I shall never forget it!" A NAMES AND ADDRESSES' OF SPECIAL STUDENTS lContinued from page thirteenl 'Lester Koch, Appleton, Vlfis. lrvin Kraemer, Lancaster, VVis. Wfilliam Kropf, Sheboygan, VVis. George Lodle, Ashland, Vlfis. Stuart McLeod, Neenah, W'is. XV. F. Nisula, Chisholm, Minn. page twenty-eight Russel Owen, Durand, Wis. Harry Potter, Sparta, Wis. 'Hernace Reppert, Stanley, Wis. Otto Romberger, Abilene, Kan. E. G. Smfithyrnan, Wauwatosa, Wis. Elmer Soderberg, Crystal Falls, Mich. August Suhling, La Crosse, Wis. Grant Urquhart, Oconto, Wis. Bernard Vesely, Portage, VVis. Ernest VVarnerke, Madison, VVis. George Yeske, Grand Rapids, VVis. Irwin Pearson, Neenah, Wis. Z! WILSON CREEK The chief drain on "Dad's'f- pocketbook, but ,do you remember the times you spent onthe lake or up the creekg. or the lunch you 'shared with your friends and schoolmates at the Point? And talk about the times you had at night with your banjos and Nukes." It sure ia if . DOYLHYS BOAT HOUSE was a gay 0 1 9 ., , ,Aug A In 5 . .E,.l,i'-I, fx L-.7 1745.5 ' 1' ,- , . I" X ,VNV 54 X, N iff l Vi? ,. 5 . we .1 -- 1 'f Qu 1 ' 2 .aw -.own -W, , 1' I L, 'ue' 1' .i,?f:f,,,1-'-xp 5 a -.522 kv ,"f.ff5,51' '-M,-.Q5:,j:g2-9 g.,,,,-f1,-5,7453 5- 'PH M . ,LQQM ,qg:,,,,: . V .,r,4vJ,f , ::.vKQl,3dM, ,,:4i'.jg3,wn ML 5- , A . 4-QZfZ2:fff'3P,.--,,'1f':',f-fgvfa ,efif aj-351391 f u A - -, .msfzf--waz' 4-:fwfr ,U A, ' J. fff,1.i'F.,,1,, M V, V, . A. g.,1, . 4 ,l, ,. , ,,g,,, ., , I - Q , , ,,,. gg, , V+. Ml, Hi,1r,.ay. My-P bm ,14,,.,. ,iw VY- ,. ff if '.f:f.f.QQ:fF "ffQ"'11Qf2,S45,fi'?5Q,v,q,1f ?'f"' , 'K-?1',,,1' "f, -4 , Aiufign LAKE MENOMIN , ' page twenty-nine STOUT RED CROSS Report of the Stout Auxiliary of the Dunn County Chapter of the Red Cross, for school year, 1917-1918: MEMBERSHIP REPORT Convalescent Robes. 51 51 Pajamas. 51 Belgium Relief Dresses. Annual members ' ............ 143 Work dong by Dressmaking Classes: Subscribing members .......... 32 40 Bed Shirts. ' i 29 Pajamas. Total membership ........ 175 40 Belgian Relief Dresses. REPORT OF WORK DONE BY THE AUXILIARY Work done in surgical dressing classes: 852 Sponges, 2 inches by 2 inches. 896 Compresses, 8 inches by 43 inches. 203 Compresses, 9 inches by 9 inches. 392 Folded Gauze Strips. 42 Five-yard Rolls. 16 Three-yard Rolls. I 49 Cotton Pads, 12 inches by 24 inches. 57 Oakum Pads, 8 inches by 12 inches. 39 I-Ieel Rings. Irrigation Pads, 12 inches by 18 inches. Folded Compresses, 4 inches by 4 inches. 16 Waste Gauze Pads. 52 Triangular Bandages. 47 T Bandages. 49 .Four-tail Bandages. 52 Abdominal Bandages. 49 Scultetus Bandages. 30 Many-tail Bandages. 53 Straps and Buckles. 46 Shot Bags. I 27 Pneumonia Jackets. 23 Split Irrigation Pads. Work done by the Freshman Sewing Classes: 51 Bed Jackets. 57 406 page thirty' Work done by girls of Stout Auxiliary: 50 Sweaters. 14 Pairs Socks. 21 Scarfs. 15 Pairs Wristlets. 14 Helmets. 3 Trench Caps. E. BRISBANE, FINANCIAL REPORT Annual Dues Collected .............. Subscribing Dues Collected ......... Movie Benelit ...' ...... .... Red Cross Dance ...... - Teacher's Song Fund .. Miss Kuglc ....................... General Donations .................. Surgical Dressing or Class Construction. . . Girls' Glee Club Concert ............. Money turned 'ovcr to Chapter... 'Cash on Hand ........... M. O. VALENTINE, Secretary. ...95143 . 64 .. 25 5 8 2 . 3 .oo .oo .o .05 V .50 .oo .1 108.00 . 50.0 ...S340.0 0 . .. 51.1.70 Treasurer. ' ,.-.. V W-ff,..' . ..-M -- -' - Z1 NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF' SECOND-YEAR STUDENTS A 'Fay shirey, McLaughlin, s. D. Clarice Soper, Ogdensburg, Xvis. Helen Strander, Crookston, Minn. Rosa M. Taylor, Duluth, Minn. Hortense Thomas, Minneaplqlisg' lxiinrr. Islay M. Tocher, Livingston, Mo,InII. ' Adelaide Tollefson, Appleton,"lV1s. Helen Gail Torsen, Deco,rah,I Ial ' Florence Tracy, Appleton, VVIS. I Elvira Trapp, Dodge Center, Minn. Mae Trevitt, Monroe, VVis. HOME ECONOMICS lContinued from page elevenl, Maud Vest, Austin, Minn. Lois Walklin, Watertown, S. D. Alma 'Wall, Albert Lea, Minn. Lucile VVatkins, Anderson, Ind. Lucille VVisner, Anderson, Ind. Elizabeth Wampler, S. S., Dayton, O. January '18 Graduates Marie Alexander, Princeton, Ind. VVy1muth Curry, Ontario, Ore. Emma Frisch, St. Charles, Minn. Eliza Estrop, Mandan, N. D. Maude Glanville, Wisner, Neb. Dorothy Knight, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Viola Leyse, Kewaunee, WVis. Helen Redford, Denver, Col. May Belle Morley, Ablemians, Wis. Gladys LeFeber, Vifauwatosa, Wis Erma Frisch, St. Charles, Minn. ' Mrs. Chas. Stone, Menomonie, Wis. Lydia Royce, Naperville, Ill. ' Flora Thomas, Gas City, Ind. NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF FIRST-YEAR STUDENTS Thelma Johnston, Valders, VVis. Eleanor Jolly, Collinsville, Ill. Marian Jones, Houston, Tex. Esther Keller, St. Cloud, Minn. Luella Kramer, Minneapolis, Minn. Elsie Lampe, Huron, S. D. I Florence Lantry,'St. Paul, Minn. Della Lerdall, Cumberland, VVis. Mrs, Grace B. Martin, Minneapolis, Minn. Jessie M. Mathews, Birmingham, Ala. Maude Mathews, Mt. Pleasant, Ia. HOME ECONOMICS lContinued from pu ge twelvel Charlotte Melstrand, Bennoit, Wis. Jean Moore, Nowata, Okla. I Clara Newberry, Burlington, Wis. Florence Nussey, Manitowoc, Wis. Mrs. Estelle Olsgard, Ashland, Wis. Ruth Pollock, Minneapolis, Minn. Ruby Potter, Algona, Ia. I Eleanor Reinardy, Burl1ngton,I Wis Jessie N. Ristow, Melrose, Wis. Mrs. Mary C., Rosencrans, Prairie du Chien, Wis. Louise Savage, Ontonagon, Mich. Margaret Smith, Winton, Minn. Joris L. Swan, Mt. Pleasant, Ia. Ruth Thorson, Menomonie, Wis. Edith Leslie Townsend, Billings, Mont. Antoinette Turner, Elgin, Ill. Lenore Vingore, Argyle, Wis. Lillian Weiremiller, Leeds, S. D. Miriam Wilson, Minneapolis, Minn. page thirty-one ' FAMILIAR SAYINGS AT LYNWOOD 1. Why this profound interest? 2. Hazel you'll have to huzzle. 3. VVhere's my Woolwvortli-Tat? 4. Holy Nellie. 4 5. Good Knight. Q 6. Is it Ernie? 8. I've not got it. - , 9. You are engaged, a1fen't you? . I wish I had a real man. . Girls! it's two minutes past eight. ll 12 ' CAN YOU IMAGINE Dubbie, with nothing to do? Pearson, as a minister? A Claire not Hshing? Lill and Potter married? Polly, without a man? Trafford fussing. M. T. students out after dark? WHAT SOME OF US NEED Shorty-A few inches. Pease-Dancing A lessons. Addie-Anything quick. Tommy-Another Ernest. Berg-Nothing, he's perfect. True-A girl. A Elda-A little pep. OUR FAVORITE SONGS P0tter+"O Promise Me." Special-"Don't Leave Me, Daddy." Clarence Berg-"Crossing the Bar." Mary and Billy-"Out on the Bound- ing Deep." Deffy-"O Knight, If Thou a Lady Hast." Lillian Weieriiiuller-"Love in Spring- time." ' Elsa Hellberg-"If I Can't B3 True to One or Two 1,111 Much Better Off with Three." ' Margaret Howe-"YVhither Is Thy Beloved Gone?" . Toney-"Since First I Met Thee." Roger Carrington-"They Will Be Sorry Some Day." Mary Shering-" A Sai1or's IVife, a Sailor's Star Shall Be." Gert Leyse--"I Woiider XVho's Kis- sing Him Now. Elda Larson-"Oh, How I Miss Him." Electa Alley-"Very Good Eddy." Miss Leedom-"Your Not Going Bye- Bye, Tonight." Les Koch-"They Go VVild, Simply Wild Over Me." George Janke-t'Your My Great Big Blue Eyed Baby." D. A. K.-"I'm Sorry I Made You Cry." l ,Z nv- N V I , 1 V V. '- V V g -, A V t -V I . - if,-,.:.,! I if .fix .fl ,V 1 it J . 5 . . - 1 . , , i YJ, V. x 1 an V1 , ' XV. 5 1 , K. .Kg - 'L 4 ' j if 1 . I ....,., ,, '.,', :1,., K- :,' - ' ', V' ., V A 2 1. -V 1 -3 ' -5 : -. -f H ... ...V 1. . ,I X ,. . 1. ' V. .V . -, ' I., " 1- . "-. : 1-VA., . V .5 . A , M, ' . " 'ff I' , -V V .' .' V , , 1 l , , . V, V. 19-. .V'- V , . 1-. ' V. L- ,Q-, V ,r . . l E 3. V, I-.pix ' . i ' ' . . I: V , -, . A . ,K , Ay, , . L V V g - ,1 I ,L-. .,,,V .AJ -,M .V WH. Y V K . -.,, , .V .,. X , X. ..-. ,., .V - E ' ' -,Q 1 V . " VTX.P'V'fVV I-21.. V' WIPV21' .5'L.'z'i-, " -V . fr. V V. - . - f .3 jf uf,-V 4 , ,X .fp-, V. V. , -. EV. 7x,-- , .V , wut.. - V VV -, ..,, V V ML. . 1... . Q ,- - - V V .. ' . 1, . ' " '. 5' .' . . -V.,. -.'V- ' ' E ' I : .V - " 'U'-'Q V. V :V 5 I V , ' F 21' . .4 E h. . V A V vw ., V-,.. , . 4-9 V3 A, , -- . .A .,'g,V-, ' . 1 4 - . . .,-..V-V I. -X.,-,,V..V 1 - -x J , V ',, . , , . ,,V .j.,..,, ,V ,V V .. , VH, , .Q-. .1 V ,V H .l V. , .. , VI, : LV.: V-uf K, vr- KL' 'I t I- I . .V..K.-.V-,,V.,V:,.,..V 1.. '.- '-W V:-f,.V ' .V ,. .. ..,V '- ,, .mmf , . - ,ax .f-M .- -,X fy, V- . , 'Va -xr V "E , .-.51-I'-"' ' VV '- A , . - ,,. ,. . .. . 1' , V. 'g -V' '. ' V - 'V .VL -". . 4 - .ntl ,- ' ',-lx' .. W' X , '.k , 41' " '-V'-img' '. I. Q, , j' -4. - ...-3. . L , .K ,, ' ., " V ' ,N , . I ' ,. " '.," ' V2 iii , V. V A . ,.,, -V'-.-V is Q, V .-','. n, s. - V -1- ' 3 U V ij 1 "A . il. F Z sg . I 1

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