University of Virginia - Corks and Curls Yearbook (Charlottesville, VA)

 - Class of 1951

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University of Virginia - Corks and Curls Yearbook (Charlottesville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1951 Edition, Cover

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l A-,. k 'L -Mlmri 0 0 R Kg UUAEDL S n All BEE 0ME CH GE'MDE..i. Sixty-three years ago, the first edition of THE CORKS 81 CURLS was published at The University of Virginia. The War Between the States was a thing of the past, and the small group of students which composed the bulk of the college lived quietly and inexpensively on less than three hun- dred dollars per semester. Those who purchased the 1888 annual were surprised to learn that "Corks and Curls" was not an alliterative reference to bottle-stoppers and female hair-styles: rath- er, they were the names applied to prepared and unprepared students, respectively, when called upon in class to recite. And sixty-three years later, the same reference applies, but the world and the University have changed. Grotesque wars, numerous technological advances, and the vast hunger for higher educa- tion which has been demonstrated bythe American people have created, and have caused to be created, many decisive alterations. Gradually, The' United States has mustered herself into a state of military preparedness so that she will not be caught defenseless again, as was the case in 1917 and later at Pearl Harbor. The University of Virginia, too, has changed, in order to meet the ever-increasing intellectual demands of her countrymen. Since 1888, the enrollment has increased to nearly thirteen times its original size. Departments have been added to' accommodate the needs of those specializing in Law, Medicine, Engineering, and Architecture. And finally, women have been granted the privi- lege of supplementing their educations with degrees given by the University. ---- 1 , . u -1 COTE "FT lllfseii A, f ogy. g , . ., X SLN J K Q xx , ,Q -1 W, FMF-, Q-.......---..Y,- , Q..-1uQQ1ssv-Q.-.... ....,- 1xra iB vxj wfJy XVJW Lf Aff IJ ff wmv 5 Exif CJ XW1-r" U --Q IJ- AL ? """ -X 1 2 H M 5 V r ffmwfzlf' A XX 85,5 wwnrfwrlll Q Q -A-.J ORI FREEMAN MCMILLAN WADE, '52 DR. DUDLEY CROFFORD SMITH, '16 CECIL AUBREY BARNETT, '48 NATHANIAL FLOOD MANN, JR., '48 FRANKLIN PERRENOI' WELLER, '48 DR. LELAND BRADLEY SNODDY, '29 GEORGE LEONARD BENSON, ,54 ww QQHR W ms ? r 3 ww .WMV .lynx nm AMER L E ' umm? 1 sag gas W ma My HE :ws umm Q zu wx as W Mx A n ua H 4 n 2 is Q A W ysf w M 3 an F M wx xv k 'Q X xi ww wflgigaff Lgklw Q S My .UQXA Nw Wm M Mg ff, -. J V m w A9 . A J, 9, w s ,qw MW nvux Q H get grim, fk .Be z gr nw w r germ: W ns ith iw 4 , W., , 15. M,3gm,,i3f A. ma 1 . , .. . .,:.. . ...,. .. .-,.- :- Mp--1, ,Wi :::s::: ::i9wZ wma- "" z ans iss 1 ii? . .,., : Z as KES B am -Mmm :E ::: L wgggw mf- ,L H " W ::-:. ::.: - . W is 1 'JW' fxI:.':I: I:I 2- - :::5 Bm ,5.::: ::: ::: ' 1. 32, .,.' I x ., ,:, ::: ,:, f:.:.. ' " ..-" SE .... . .... wa ., :: 5 5:5 at ::::.:- :.:.:.:.:.:.:. M K . .:.:.: a Xa x .::: WHERE 2: 2 H Q - sf g-gf -::,.:.: :.: zlz M :: HN? :Em wNswQEWMna if M33 55 :.: ,. ::: - 2:2 .... :s: .... :':':':': W H Q 9' H' m WWE Mes.. , B, W . 4 B H2 . :.: : S Y ::: BHK Bw-Mn 2 M E 'MS WSQ ' 'E gi 'W' : " H H BE :K a M - Wg M :-: s -:- M- K : :: :::: : :: : : : 2 ME X : I M M E g i 3 s aga : M S ga '3 mv a ss a may 5 Q H Q E M .,.,.,. 55? MW: 3: W 5 E . 55555 www gmamn m ix ::: ZSM QM Q E M FSL . E 2 .. -. :ms- :. m::.: .: gg E sam s W , ,. M553 an - ME M Mmm ' 21125885 : W 55:-:aw SE , Q Q K xg gs:Mf'z1?23 mmm iiaggxiini am my PM mmgharsa f::: KWLWQHIQ .:. ggsfgffa 388113110588 MMM iw :,. , ,, :QQ .. , mmgug Q T .:-:::.:.,.,.,.:.:....,.: Q ,. .: .:.:.:.:.:.:.: Q 3 H Ev : wawgsf gwgvw, -:. . -::WMf:sfffmff f::., sf x ga E E 2 E 212313 - f. Q :ww . M, :.: minima ng.: a : , M M M g m.: H- E H H mms awimki Egixsmg he gan 232525 use mn ,xn- mnww mi' xmas mg mga ,iwfwi . TEQSIE' S mn sf Sign mxmnmmaszmxm ESXRWSEM: aswmmmmm 5-'3MEgmsxm::gmn'm EE U:::.:,: ,X MM Magis:-faafgs3Q:5gmMgT2w'2f2 Ex M . SHQMEE Q z:a::-fg.gQ5.a " 5 ss mwzaom, g Q E E :im m n wg-:Q 1. u ss E ww B E B -. 3 I: :.:: :-::f:: -222 S .E BM A E 3 Q . . M if ik - MW: an an wa ann , Q:-gg 3 wig .:.:: :.:':':i:. g if ww Wi M. ., .:. .: 5 gy: : 3 V : :g H Q .,.. . MM wa M y nw: g gm ses mgg Q s . E ww-Q ::: :: v ,.,.,.. ,.,.s : :Mi z z EMM E 5- W" 9 -5: gww ss s 5 msmxw M ZEXHZSH Emi E W5 92525 H ' mx n ss N :.:, B E? an M ..,:,..:. :.,., .:.. ,.,. ,ulv 5 giggggsism smsixwim S' EM H M SHN g gwmnwsss 5555 W 2 www M gs .. E a , . :mg-a m -.-. : -WW' B 'ig 5 , :: s5g :MM B gm E H H 5? mm H Q X -, E g 2 525,552 3 W3 gg xsaqmmigi. ,M,QV,Q,Ef5 Mfg Q :SEZ Qfgfsie Q: n we gag 3, M 5 M ' :ww : zggizwgi EHR: miasgnw Qwrfy S Hgwfggiggg' M, ,EWQQ it ,. M M is B g,,,Md:j.g M E my ,MMM M MMT? E E5 x ss :S WEEYH .. E59 5 www Mf::m::mM::g W wxasm : 2 ww Tm u:EMf??zwz:.S Egg,-W N sf: Trp:-n xx aim FEE .. -4 M: 5 ,Q 2 V: ,,: ,. . M .,.:., B. ,N :Eg Q Q sas ZH, 3 H 1-::: 'W ' gn: zavfgffa 25' ig ::.m::,..::w, :KQMHWVW mfu,-mx :.a.a1"3rw 5 Qi M5543 HQEMWEEQQQQQ M Mil: gave xxasdf 9. ,,MM,w.::,,F ef ,, M515-QQ mszysgmw mmxzmrs 1--:awww-M mwah: HMM : ,E Enix S V25 -mnmummfmxgw, MEEEQE wif: 'SYM gfjgigfbgmg M Q W Q-mgxriyi re' M E551 KE W-Aw E H M 321. :nxmfmmfa M 555 fgxg-'ifamm W WQSJW :XM M5 HMME M M .ML mms EKQQM E ::f B JS -K gag 21 M ::.:-ss ' : N. I 5 :M H3523 .N . .BMW . 515218 "wax wma W W ma? B r Q EW-as 555 E . :Q Ta if n SNL ,,..,:.MM m,:,,:wM ,N 5 E'5Aw WM .f vm ZMSWMMTMHQ MJ: H MM:w2,1fw-E ' ' Www E T M 3 m2Ezgvix,.5E : ' Mm :fm :Eff Q: W : wk .- :E:E:"'1:.,--:.:-. W K M v ' 17 , .,.,,. ..:.::::nf:.i'::: .. .: . ., W . M .. - . .. gg , 'Al 1 'X 'K ai u HS sa K mm S 1 mamma :M Q :wus 5 :mg mfg M :ggi ww Hg :mga :smug sm gg an E sf X250 :Syl 5 K : :if 2 1 W W M SSE WY. 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MEARS JUDGE ALFRED D. BARKSDALE ' MR. DOWELL JENNINGS HOWARD MR. BARON F. BLACK MR. HERBERT M. SMITH MR. RICHARD A, CARRINGTON MR. FRANK TALBOTT, JR. MR. CHRISTOPHER B. GARNETT DR. JOHN MOREHEAD EMMETT MR. THOMAS B. GAY MRS. BERTHA P. WAILES MR. JOHN S. GRAVATT MRS. PHOEBE E. WILLIS I. F. LEWIS Dean of the College of Arts and Srimzce: Dean of the Unifuersity DEA GEORGE D. FERGUSON, JR. Dean of ,4d1lliJ5i07l5 and Registrar of the Unifuersity J. s. WILSON Dean of the Department of Graduafb Sludies E ROBERTA T.. HOLLINGSWORTH Dean of Women CHARLES HENDERSON Dean of 1110 IJej1ar11nc71f of ,E7lgilIl'L'fi7lfl VERNON WV. LIPPARD Dean of ilu' Drjmrlnlfflll of Affdtiifilll' M QM Aim . iv LINDLEY STILES F. D. G. RIHBLE Dean of ilu' DfPal'fIIlHHl of Ifdumlion Dm!! of lbw Dl'fJIlI'll!IFlIf of Lafw I7 V- 1 5, n, rg, nw wwf m Q4 H N, www. sw ff 1 J,,,H" P x nw... A .K M 'Nagy 'Y- .-I yviqfx 1 il , ,W W M M5211 'M' I MSL., -wg f .Y . m A N.. 'Is w. K'- A., :kgs ff? as ry gfgiggiygffif, '- fig? 4:05 . sf -W V? jg!-?-621. ,::. ' 1 E V Q M M' Wy? ' ff' i yi 22552 .mn Q, . .1 4 1,531 if yy. Y .ww XS' A fi, K ' V Y 1 .F '15 vm Q2 un A ' ff 'wf 1-viii va, f if K. 'E?BS,,:, 'Wigs af? W .wi V 14 M fm .. . .... ..., V .. , . . Wa, M .- ,Q L ek M W vs K.. w , ef "' " "' i ,QM " X I if f M fa . , E F :" , fu' 4" .,.4fff?s .1 - M., . -Sf? v 59" u'e'Q-1S',:?""1ii 1, v , Qg-W . NE 11, E ,rw ff ef nf? If A .fm 1 f XF f Ax g wnqvs CLASS 0FFl BILL SIIAPPIRO .... JOHN RIXIEY .. .. PAUL VVINKLIES .... VVILLIAM I1'URRICS'l' .. FRANK BILISOLY .... . . . . . . . .l"n':idml Fi rr-I'r1'.vizl1'11i . . . . . . , .Sccrz'l11ry . . . . Tr1'as11r4'l' . . . .Hisiorian DEA LI COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES The follomvirrg sludmts, ll!l7Ji7lg parsed at least fourteen hours of work in the prfreding J6llll'.YfCl', fwilhaul failure on any ruursz, and with an a-'Ueragv grade on all raizrses af af least B, arf' placed on the Dean'.v List of Dislifzgzzislu-il Sllulmls. Aicholz, Donald Davis Alpert, Maurice Donald Ammons, james Earl Andrews, John Richards Andrews, Wilson Pittman Angus, Robert Corbett Archer, Frank Mather, II Armbrusrer, Edward joseph, Jr. Armistead, Lewis Moore Armstrong, Robert McNeer Ashbury, Maurice Dunber, jr. Bailey, Roller Bolton Barlow, James Clifton, Ir. Bass, William Marvin III Bearden, Richard Dcl.,afeyette, Jr. Bchm, Robert Ferdinand BeLer, Constantine Bennett, James Cleveland Bercaw, Peter Berliant, Mark Harry Bcsosa, Howard M. Blackford. Staige Davis Blackwell, Robert Boorhe Blankenbaker, Walter Linwood Blankingship, Alexander Hugo, Jr. Blosser, Henry Gabriel Bucock, Frederic Scott Boggess, William Porter Boggs, Dane Fuffner Bohannon. Marshall Topping, Jr. Boozer, Xlllilliam Henry, jr. Bernstein, Irving David Bott, Walter Manning, Jr. Brasfield, Evans Booker Bress, Charlcs Marvin Brice, Geoffrey Lloyd Brill, Patrick John Broaclclus, Reuben Hancock, Jr. Brown, Charles Whitney Brown, Clyde Edward Browne. David Acheson Bruns, Eugene Benson Budd, MacDonald Burch, John Walter Burton, William Stewart Butler, Charles Humphrey John Byron, Gooclloc Edgar Cacciapaglia, Angelo Joseph Canter, James Alton Caplinger, Carl Bruce Cardwell, Charles Patteson, III Carroll, Robert Emmett, Jr. Carruthers. Wilson Mallory Carter, John Archer, lr. Carver, Alexander Burton, Jr. Chalfant, Willianx Nevin Chandler, Harold Lee, lr. Chapel, Bernard Childers, Louis Edward, Jr. Christie, William Maxwell, Jr. Clarke, Lucie Carolyn Clarkson, William Walton Clifton, Samuel Noel Coffin, Lewis Augustus, III Coleman, Joseph Emory Coleman, Robert Vincent Colmery, Williaxn Gaither, Jr. Conn, Julius, Jr. Conn, Norman Harold Coracli, Robert Alfred Coughlan, Robert Edward, III Cox, Waverly Alexander Craighill, Lloyd Langhorne Creech, Fulton Hunter, Jr. Cummings, Francis Patrick Dalton, John Charles Dalton, William John Dancy, William Hamilton, Jr. D'Angelo, Samuel Vincent Davidson, Walter Harley Deane, Douglas Ramsey Denham, James Scott, II Denney, David Hillsman Dennig, Peter Disbrow Diaz, James Edward Dilworth, Richard Hanson Ditch, Luther Benjamin Dodd, John Keith Dolan, Donald Marvin Dolan, Edward John Dolinger, Myles ,lay Donoho, Thomas English Drenno, Philip Rodney Dunbar, Gary Seamons Dunn, Joseph ,lanes Edwards, William Ryle, Ir. Etheridge, James Edward, Jr. Evans, Thomas Firzl-lugh Eversman, Robert Phillips Faria, Juan Antonio, Jr. Faris, James Edge, Jr. Fellman, Jared Stanley Fentriss, Grayson Goldzier Ferguson, James Beall Ferris, William Louis Field, Robert Carter Jerr Fields. Ray Edgar, II Fishback. Fred Dewitt Fisher, Philip Clinton, Jr. Fire, Fulton Williams Fletcher, John Stevenson Flora, Charles Ruclell Floyd, Charlie Mapp Foard, Donald Edward Forrest, William Alexander, Jr Freeman, Bryant Castellow Fremd, Donald Norman Gareswood, Edwin Edison, Jr. Gibson, Joseph Edwin Goldberg, Samuel Gooclfriend, Paul Louis Gosc, John Paul Reuben Grant, Percival Stuart, III Grove, Robert Frank Gusdonovich, John, Jr. Gwaltney, Jack Men-ir, Jr. Hamer, Frederick Charles, Jr. Hamilton, Dale Conway Hamlin, Jefferson Davis Hankins, Langdon Fleming, Jr Hantzmon, Richard Van Emon Harper, James Wilson Harris, Stanley Lee Harris, William Philip Harris, Joseph Wellman Harrison, Marion Edwyn, II Harvill, Comer Ligon Harvin, Winfield Scott Hatfield, James Louis Hausner, Murray Marvin Hawk, James Forman Hazlegrovc, Wilbur Lee Herweh, John Edward Hiesrand. Fitz-Gerald, Jr. Hilton, Thomas Bennett Hoffman, Benjamin Franklin, Jr, Hoffman, James Peter HoEman, Robert Lynwood Horsley, Waller Holladay Hosinger, Edward Franklin, Jr Howard, George Pratt Howell, William Carl Hughes, Charles Booth Jander, Owen Hughes jenkins, Willis Herman lessee, Evans Buterl Joannides, Peter Jones, Richard Ellis, III jordan, Russell Leigh Iulias, George Stephen Kelly, John Austin, Jr. Kinnucan, Paul Frederick Kirby, Ernest Theodore Klavan, Marshall Kline, Arland Theodore Knight, Daniel Stuart Kolvoord, Philip Ama-:lon Koplen, Julian Arthur Lambert, Jarvis Winn Laughlin, Edward Humes Lederer, Anthony Wickerhauser Lee, Leavie Edgar, Jr. Lesser, Marvin Jules Levinson, Robert Levy, Donald Marvin Little, Henry Martyn, II Lirrlejohn, William Lafayerr, Jr. Llcrens, Alfred Seiberr Lloyd, Robert Baldwin Long, William NValter, jr. McClintock, Clyde Edmund McCoy, Harrison Lou McGuire, Hunter Holmes, Jr. Mahon, Charles Baynham Manwarren, Bruce Leon Marcnccia, Charles Thomson Masloif, James Irvin Massey, Roger Arguelles, Jr. Massey, William David Marlack, James Marion May, Gerald Stanley Meade, Frank Opie Mellon, Walter Giles Middlcditch, Leigh Benjamin, Jr. Milan, Richard Milliner, Walter Thomas Molster, Charles Bennett, Jr. Moncure, Henry, lr, Morris, Alfred Dyer Morrison, Julian Knox, III Moulds, Eugene Carl Mulholland, John Henry Murrell, Thomas Grenalds Myers, Daniel Willaim Myers, James LeRoy Needell, Stanley Stuart Nicholas, Richard Ludlam Nichols, William Thomas Noel, Frank Stone Norris, John Irwin, Jr, North, John Cannon, Jr. Northen, David Max Norvell, Berkley Earl, Ir. Nunley, Richard Langhorne O'Brien, Daniel Harold O'Connor, Karl William O'l-lara, John Nlonrross Okkersc, Kenneth Howland Orville, Harold Duvall Oulcl, Lyle Davis Pace, Charles Richard, Jr. Page, Kenneth Gaines Parlier, Michel Max Paylor, Robert Allan Lacy Payne, William Creel Pendleton, Hunter Ashby, Jr. Perkins, Gilbert Thornton Peterffy, Albert Ernest Pettigrew, Thomas Fraser Phillips, Blaine Townsend Phillips, Curtis Theodore Pietrangeli, James Dominick Pixley, John Sherman Place, David Worcester Ploch, Donald Raymond Porter, Robert Lenon Prezioso, Ronald Pubols, Benjamin Henry, jr. Pyron, John Elder, Jr, Rayner, Owen Nicholas Reese, David Vail Reid, Paul lWCClung Rendleman, Jacob Adolphus, Jr Raynolds, William Newton Rhodes, Willard Conrad Roberts, Eugene Saunders Roberts, Paul Smithson Rust, Rodham Tulloss Sanford, Harvey Dennis Scarff, Thomas Wiley Schnabel, Robert Vernon Scott, James Hamilton, Jr. Scott, Peter Del-Ines Scruggs, John William Seidman, Irving Sellers, Campbell Carrington Shafer, Philip Stuart Shaid, Robert Allen Sheffield, Malvern Jacob, Ir. Shevlin. Edmund Paul Shibley, David Ralph Shulhof. William Peter Sibley, William Langley, HI Sigmnn, Robert Leland Sinclair, Rodcric Doig Smart, Gene Dewey Smith, Pinkney Craig Sncllings, Aubrey Nelson Spain, David Rowan Spencelcy, Brian James Sprinkle, Edward Pierre Stephenson, ,lack Palmer Stern, Leonard Roy Strole, William Earl, jr, Strong, Robert Laubscher, Jr. Strunk, DeForest Livingston, II Swcnerton, James Edwin Tolman, Edward Armisread Tapscotr, Hunter Payne Taylor, Henry Noble Tazewell, Willianx Littleton Tenley, Robert Stedman Thomas, John Edward Thompson, Julian Gleaves Tllliifk. Richard Paul Trout, Edgar Cromwell, Jr, Tllggle, Harry Irvine Tullis, Eli Watson Tuohy, Daniel Cyril Turner, Frank Graber Turner, James William Turner, Lewis Kelley Utringer, ,loc Warreh Valentine, Frvdericlc Stuart, III Van Kirk, Bruce Bartlett Vass. Walter Mercer Vear, Charles Willianx Via, John William, Jr. Viar, Richard Eugene Vinson, Fred Arps, jr, Wadill. James Thomas, III Walker, Perris Walters, ,lay Frank Walters, ,lay Frank Walters, Reginald Rea Ward, George William, jr. Weatherly, John Robert Weaver. Tureman Gayle Weckerling, John Houston Weinberg, Jay Marx Nvelch, James Stirling Wellford, Alexander Wheeler, Willianm Omar White. Benjamin Briscoe Whirridge, Frederick Nxlinslow XViese, William, II Williams, Kirk R, Williams, Richard Wade, Jr. Williams, Thomas Walley, III Wilson, Herbert Eugene, Jr, Wilson, Thomas Arrington Wilson, William Smith, III Winfrey, Elisha William, III Wise, Samuel Griffin, Jr. Wood, James Scotr Woody, Gordan Ralph, Jr. Wyatt, Edward Malcolm Young, James Marion Zanet, Paul Martin Ziegler, Richard Worthington APPLICANTS EOE DEGREES THE DEPARTME OFFICERS WILLIAM TUCKER JAMES MASON ...,..... ARMISTEAD WILLIAMS .,.. JOHN TORBERT, JR. ROBERT HARRIS WARREN ELLIOTT . . . .President Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer I C o-H istorian . C 0-H istorian DEP RTME T 0F MEDICI E SEYMOUR MOUTY BRENNER .........A.......,,.. Brookland, N. Y. Phi Alphag Phi Lambda Kappag American Medical Student Associationg A'Cavalier Daily." JOHN CHALKLEY BUCHANAN .,....i......,,,.,... Clintwood, Va. 'PX Alpha Omega Alphag Class President C25 3 B.S., University of Virginia, IRA MARSHALL CANTIN . . . ..,.,., ..,. V irginia Beach, Va. ZBT Phi Lambda Pig American Medical Students Associationg Externe on Orthopedics. WILFRED QUALLS COLE, JR. ,....... ..,. J ackson, Miss. EAE Phi Chig O.D.K.g Alpha Omega Alpha. WILLIAM STRIBLING DINGLEDINE ,. . . .,.. Harrisonburg, Va. SAX Alpha Omega Alphag First Year Social Committceg Dormitory Counselor, In- termediate Honorsg B.A., University of Virginia. CHARLES COLEMAN DONEGAN, JR. . . . , . . .Newport News, Va. fIbX Phi Chi. ADOLPHE NIAX EHRENWORTH ................,....., Norfolk, Va. Phi Lambda Kappag Alpha Omega Alpha. ROBERT TRAYLOR HELMEN .,........, , . .South Bend, Ind. Phi Beta Pi. LAWRENCE PERRY HYDE .,.,........ ..., B uchanan, Va. OX Phi Chi. ALLAN HAMMETT JEFFERIES .,....,.. . . .Alexandria, Va. Phi Chi. JAMES DUNN MASON, JR. . . , ......,..,..... . . Petersburg, Va. 'KIPKE Calconon Cluhg Eli Bananag Raven Society, Alpha Omega Alphag Vice-Presi- dent, Medical Schoolg Blood Bank Externg Oh-Gyn Externg O.D.K. WILLIAM FRANCIS MCGUIRE ...............,... Clifton Forge, Va. Phi Chig American Medical Students Association, President. JOSEPH HUMPHRIES MAGEE ......................, Lexington, Va. Phi Beta Pig Blood Bank Externg Obstetrics and Gynecology Extern. APPLICA T E011 DEGREE DEPARTME T 0F MEDICI E BERNARD OSEROFF .............,....,.....,....... Norfolk, Va. Phi Lambda Kappag Opthalmology Extern. ROBERT BREECE PENNINGTON ...,.......,... Nathan's Creek, N. C. Alpha Kappa Kappag A.I.ClI.E.g Milligan Collegeg N. C. State Collegeg Uni- versity of North Carolina School of Metlicineg Bachelor of Chemical Engineer- ing, N. C. State, '43g A.M.S.A. CHARLES HENRY SACKETT .......,.. ...4 L ynchburg, Va. AKA Calcanong O.D.K.g Raveng Phi Beta Kappag A.O.A.g Lambda Pig Eli Ba- 1Ianag I.M.P.g "V" Clubg Football CID fzj g Basketball QIJ fzj g Tennis lzj. JOSEPH LEE SEDWITZ .. ,....,, ..,. Y oungstown, Ohio ZBT Lambda Pig CORKS AND CURLSg Boxing Team KIJ C23 g Track Team Q21 g Dean's List. WILLIAM HENRY SIPE .. ..,.,.., ..,. H arrisonburg, Va. KA Lambda Pig "V" Clubg A.M.S,A.g Phi Beta Pig Football f3J CU g B.A., Uni- versity of Virginia. JOI-IN MILES STIRWALT . . . ...,,. . , .New Market, Va. EX Phi Chig Boxing Managerg I.F.C. EDWARD JORDAN STOLL ............... .... ..., A r lington, Va. B911 Glue Clubg Phi Chig Biology Instructorg Extern VVestern State Hospitalg Col- lege Dean's List. JAMES W. STONE .... .,,..,....,. ........... L y nchburg, Va, EX Phi Chig Assistant Manager, Basketball. WILLIAM HAROLD STOUT .........,.... ..,. C harlottesville, Va. Phi Beta Pi. ALBERT STRAUS .........................,...... Brooklyn, N. Y. Phi Lambda Kappag Opthalmology Extern. WILLIAM TAYLOR TUCKER , . .,....... .... F ranklin, Va. IIKA Phi Beta Pig Alpha Omega Alphag President of Class LU g Dean's Listg Honor Committee. JAMES DAVID WILSON ............... , . . .,.. Clifton Forge, Va. Phi Beta Pi. HARRY ROBERT YATES, JR, ....,.....,.,.. . . . .... Roanoke, Va. KA Calconong Lambda Pig German Clubg Football C2J g VVrestling fzj g President of Kappa Alphag President of Calconong B.A,, University of Virginia, '47. APPLICANTS EOR DEGREES NICLSON RIFIIARDS .. ,IUSICPII SMITII ....... CARTIER SINCLAIR I"UXI'IAI,I. "I'IlORN'l'ON IIARVIIY CABANISS .. ROBIN IIICKS ...... OFFICERS , . ...... . ..... ...... . Prmiflzrfzl I"irr-Prf.tirl1'nl . . . . .Srrrflary , . . . Tl'l'll5I1!'l'7' . . . .llislorian . . . .Curlodian Phi Mu Chapter, chartered at the University in 1922. Phi Chi strives constantly to achieve the highest standards of scholarship, to promote and encourage research in the Held of medicine, and to hroadcn its members through an association with their fellow students. IGMA NU Andrew Mitchell Foxhall Thornton Henry Tanner Philip Hensel Francis Griffin Nelson Richards james McNaiI VVilliam Cave Richard Flynn Robert Hult Euclid Hanbury Jason McClellan joseph Smith Carter Sinclair llartly Meade Harvey Cahauiss Angus Crook Robin Hicks NVilliam Liddle Eric jarrell Kenneth Morissey Ted Stelfen James Dould Donald Allen VVillie Morris Jack Faulkouer VVilliam Fewell MEMBERS Richard B. Agee van H Ashb E - Y Claude N, Ballenger, Jr. Albert W. Biggs Charles M. Billet Milton H. Brockmeyer Raymond K. Brown ,lchn C. Buchanan ,lames NI, Carter Wilfred Q. Cole, Ir. XVilliam P. Coleman Jesse R. Cover Charles H. Crowder, jr. Jesse R. Cumbia Ralph IVI. Curt David C. Davis XViIliam T, Davis Paul S, Darian Charles C. Donegan, Jr. David B. Drewty J. Harry Gamble Frank N, Gibson, ,Ir. Paul W. Gordon. Jr. David G. Hall, III William M, Hall, III Eugene W, Heatwole Guy C. Hcyl, Ir. Frank H. Hamilton, Ir. Royce L. Holsey, Ir. D. Boyd Horsley Austin T. Hyde, Jr. L. Perry Hyde Ralph A. Jackson, Jr, HOUSE Dr. Vernon Lippard Dr. William Sandusky Dr, Camden Nuchols Dr. Walter Fitzgerald Dr, Robert Yoe Dr. NVilliam Mclllwaine Dr. Cary Noon Dr, Myers Hicks Dr. Louis Graham Dr. Juan Martinez Dr. XVilliam Dandridge AND Allan H. Jeffries James E. John, Jr. Robert H. Jordon Carl P. Kremer, Jr. ,I, Watts Lipscomb Nicholas A. Love Nahle T. MacFarlane, John L, McCain Thomas D. McDonald Bily F. McGuire John E. Osborne W. Clarlre Pole J Harry H. Robinson. Jr, Hugh W. Rule XViIIiam A. Scoggin Pierre B. Scott L. Willard Shankel J. Roger Smith Philip G. Spaith Charles H. Spencer Ted C. Staples Carl E. Stark ,lohn M, Stirewalt Edward I. Stoll James W. Stone W. IVI. Thompson, Motlet R. Walker, Jr. Emery IVI. Ward Williain P. Whartoii William H. Whitmore Beryl H. Woens E. Ashby Xvoods, jr. STAFF Dr. john Tennant Dr. Scott Gilmer Dr. Charles Lupton Dr. Robert Parsons Dr. Philip Bass Dr. Joseph Ebersale Dr, Allen Armstrong Dr. Donald Ferguson Dr, Harvey Smallwood Dr. Richard Allmct Dr, Stewart Gaul PIII CHI THE DEPARTME T 0F OFFICERS Fall EDWARD MURR ....., . . ELDON WEBB .,.... THOMAS WILSON ..... ROLAND SYKES .... BILL SI-IAPERO .... Spring BILL SHAPERO .... GEORGE STACK ..., CLINTON TUCK . . . I-IARVEY WHITE ..... TOM LODGE .,.,. . . . .President Vice-President . . , .Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . . .Historian . . . .President Vice-President . . . .Secretary , . . .Treasurer . . . .Historian I. DEPARTME T 0E L W JULIAN HARWARD BLALOCK . ..,.... . , .I-Iampton, Va. Xi' Sigma Nu Phi. AARON BERNARD BOWLES, JR. ...... ,........ W inston-Salem N. C. 7 Sigma Nu Phi. JAMES I-IORACE BURWELL, JR. ...,.......,.,.. Rutherforclron, N. C Gamma Eta Gamma-Chancellor '50-'5I. JOSEPH CARLYLE CARTER .,.....,.. .... M ayftelcl, Ky. SDA 9 Phi Beta Kappag O.D.K.g "I3" Societyg German Cluhg TILKAg IMPg Vir- ginia Law Rcviewg Sigma Nu Phi. ROBERT LEE COOILEY . . . ,....,, , . Bessemer, Ala. ATA Gamma Eta Gammag Glee Cluh. MARK HAMILTON COSTELLO ........ .... N ew York, N. Y. ZXI' P.K. Societyg Delta Theta Phig Boxing CII. JOHN BERTRAM COWLES, JR. ....,... . . .Toana, Va. EX KENNETH CHARLES CRAWFORD .,.,.........,,....,... Boody, Ill Sigma Nu Phig Jefferson Sabresg Dcan's Listg Order of the Coif. JAMES MURRELL DANIEL ..,..,,.,......,..,..... Lynchburg, Va BLANCI-IE E. DOOOS .... ,.,....,..... ....., C h attanooga, Tenn. X!! Kappa Beta Pig The Reading Guideg President, Chi Omegag Vice-President, Kappa Beta Pi. WALTER EARLY DRIVER .. . ...... , .... New Market, Va. EX BENJAMIN COLLINS FLANNAGAN, IV ...,...,..,...,. Richmond, Va. Beta Gamma Sigmag Alpha Kappa Psi, Treasurerg College 'Topicsg CORKS AND CURLSg Virginia Law Review, Editorial Boardg Book Review, Editor. HARVEY WHITNEY FORT . . , . . .Charlottesville, Va. WILLIAM MOULTRIE GUERRY .................. ..., N orfollc, Va. X411 Phi Alpha Deltag Student Uniong Varsity Track CID g Varsity Soccer CID g The Jefferson Societyg Moot Court Competitiong Student Legal Research Groupg Dormitory Counsellor. PPLICA T EOR DEGREE WILLIAM PERKINS HAZELGROVE, JR. . . .... Roanoke, Va. rIx1QxIr Lambda Pig P.K. Soeietyg CORKS AND CURLSg Cross Country CIJ CED C3l 3 Track Q21 Qjgjg Inter-Fraternity Council. DECATUR JONES HOLCOMBE, III .... ,.., D anville, Va. GX Delta Theta Phig O.D.K.g Lambda Pig Virginia Law Reviewg "Cavalier Daily"g Reading Guideg Student Council. JOSEPH ADAMS HOWELL. JR. .....,.. . . Richmond, Va. fIYA9 Lambda Pig Senior Editor, Virginia Law VVeeklyg Vice-Justice, Phi Alpha Delta. THOMAS EDWARD HUNT .......,.....,..... . . .Mebane, N. C. Gamma Eta Gamma. JOHN WILLIAM KEITH, JR. .........,.,.......,.. Richmond, Va. Delta Theta Phi, Deang Student Advisory Councilg Student Legal Research Groupg Chairman, Book Store Committeeg United Nations Interne. RALPH LEONARD KELLY ...,........,........,... Greenville, S. C. Phi Alpha Deltag The Reading Guideg Student Legal Research Group. JOSEPH ALBERT KOVARlK ,.... ..l................. A rlington, Va. Jefferson Sabersg Delta Theta Pig The Reading Guideg Tribuneg Delta Theta Phi. WILLIAM HENRY LACEY, JR. . ......... Jackson Heights, L, I., N. Y. KIJKXII Law Student Advisory Councilg Assistant Coach, Fencing Team, Vice-ClIair- man, First-Year Classy Moot Court, Virginia Players. WILLIAM BARNES LAWSON, JR. .,.... .... A rlington, Va. fIzA9 Skull and Keysg German Club, Alpha Kappa Psi, Sigma Nu Phig Dormitory Counsellor. THOMAS S. LODGE ..,...,.,..,.........,..,......... Lewes, Del. "I.M.P.,'g O.D.K.g Y.M.C.A., Presidentg Student Councilg S.I.P., President. JACK PANKY JEFFERIES .,.............. . . .Hx-irrisonburg, Va. Serpentine Club. Virginia Law Review, Raven Society. LAWRENCE KENT MCELWAIN .....,,. ..., L ouisville, Ky. A KE President, D.K.E.g Phi Delta Phig Skull and Keysg P.K. Society, T.I.L.K.A.g 1.M.P.g Raven Society, Intermediate Honors, Virginia Law Review. LEWIS A51-IBY MARTIN, JR. . . . ,.., Charlottesville, Va WILBUR NICHOLSON MASSIE, JR. ,... ..,. C hristiansburg, Va KA Sigma Nu Phi. DEPART E T 0F L BROOKS MONROE ..,.... . ..,....,... . ...,. Lynchburg, Va. EX O.D.K., Delta Sigma Rho, President, Pi Delta Epsilon, President, Delta Theta Phi, P.K. Society, American Academy of Political and Social Sciences, CORKS AND CURIES, Business Manager, Assistant Business Manager, and Board of Directors, Skull and Keys, Cavalier Club, President, Student Coun- cil, Debating Team, University Speakers Guild, Chairman, Elections Com- mittee, HV" Award, Lincoln Memorial National Intercollegiate Award VVin- ner, National Intercollegiate Speakers Award VVinner, VVinner, Moot Court Eliminations. HARRY SI-IEEFIE, JR. 4 , ...,,.. .... S Outh Hill, Va. GX Phi Delta Phi, Alpha Kappa Psi, Virginia Spectator, Inter-Fraternity Coun- cil, Vice-President, jefferson Society, Skull and Keys. WILLIAM NEWBY PIERCE 4 4 . ....... ,.,. C oral Gables, Fla. EX Omicron Delta Kappa, Raven, President, Secretary, and Treasurer, Delta Sigma Rho, President, German Club, Skull and Keys, Intermediate Honors, Dean's List, Cross Country til, Track fil, Debate Team, UV" Award, Di- rector of Debate Team. JOHN FRANKLIN RIXEY . . .,..... . . .Norfolk, Va. AKE Lambda Pi, German Club, Eli Banana, I.M.P., "V" Club, P.A.D., Student Legal Research Group, President, Varsity Tennis Team CID C21 Q35 f.,.j. DRAYTON TRUCKS SCOTT ,...........,...,..... Birmingham, Ala. Phi Delta Phi, Editorial Board, Virginia Law Review, Dean's List. WILLIAM LOUIS SHAPERO .........., . . .Noi-folk, Va. ZBT President, P.K. Society, Skull and Keys, T.I.L.K.A., Vice-President, l.F.C., Governing Board, I.F.C., Intramural Council, Track Team Cgl, Student Union, Secretary, O.D.K., First Year Social Committee, Historian of the Col- lege, '49, O.D.K. Counsellor, Student Legal Research Group, Historian of the Law School, '51, Historian of the Class of '49, Chairman, Student Advisory Council, "Ig" Society, I.M.P., President, Law School, '51, President, Class '5I. J. WARREN STEPHENS , . ...,....,.,...,..,. Newport News, Va. IIKA Student Legal Research Group. ROBERT NORTON TYLER 4 .,.4... . . ,I-Iaymarlcet, Va. KA German Club, President, Eli Banana, Boxing KID, Baseball fri Cal, Sigma Nu Phi, Dormitory Counsellor, President, First Year CounseIlor's Committee. WINFREY TURNER WADE .,,..............4....4.... Belona, Va. Delta Theta Phi. ELDON LEROY WEBB ,.4.4.......4..... 4.4. R ussell, Ky. Serpentine Club, Delta Theta Phi, Vice-President, Law School, Student Advisory Council of Law School, Chairman, Law School Social Committee, Delegate, American Association of Law School Students. HARVEY EDISON WI-IITE, JR. , ..4.4.... 444. N orfollc, Va. Ed-E Sigma Nu Phi. PPLICANTS F011 DEGREE STAFF CHARLES PENNEY .... .... JV Ianaging Edilor HERBERT HOFFMAN .......,, Book Edilor DANIEL CARMACK . .. ..... C07lfl'ibIl1i0ll.l' Editor HARRY INMAN ,.... ............ S crrflafy GLENN MOHRMAN .,... fl.vso1'ialf Edilnr READI G GUIDE MEMBERS Albert T. Berich- Robert B. Bottomley Nichels rmrl E. Buchwalter Daniel F. Carmack Joseph CT. Carter, jr. Thomas L. Clisby Robert E. L. DeBntts Blanche E. Dodds James E. Drinkard Donald K. Duvall Vernon M. Geddy, jr. john Goode Louis A. Gravelle David C. Green Decatur J. Holcombe, III Ralph L. Kelly K. VVilliam Kolbe, jr. joseph A. Kovarik Benjamin XV. Mears, jr. Moses H. Parker Armin R. St. George Carroll J. Simmons George E. Stack Joseph H. Strelitz John P. Sweeney Roland E. Sykes Donald H. VVard Richard A. VVarner Frank R. VVatkins Henry VVelling, jr. JOHN F. RIXEY ......... OFFICERS ROBERT R. MacMILLAN GEORGE VV. STACEY . . . . .President . Vito-Presidezzl Junior Direrfor 30 MEMBERS Third Year Mark Costello Dana B. Drake C, Hayden Edwards Alice C. Evans VVilliam Griffen Moultrie Guerry Herbert Hoffman Joseph A. Howell Ralph L. Kelly Richard McConnell Ed G. hflurr T. H. Parke VVilliam Shapero james Slaughter Armin St. George J. Warren Stephens john VV. Keith Second Year james Atkinson David F. Berry Fred Blue E. Galt Bready George H. Buschman Pat Derrico Pat Graney Berryman Green Lyndal Hagameyel' Karl XV. Koibe Angus Peyton Robert McKay Benj. VV. Mears Fred Nickolson Balton O, Thomason VVilliam Young David WVhitcover Darral Conklin Robert Coe To aid the research of practicing lawyers by the writ- ing of memoranda opinions by qualified students. TUBE TLEGAL RE EARCH GROUP is Wm. wg-:,f?5?w2-J.: ,. Q. , ,. wwf W, um ,fg- W, A fs IVILLIAM SHAPERO .. GEORGE STACK . . . , .. CLINT 'I' UCK TOM LOD GE MEMBERS Lafw Srhool Lafw School Lafw Sfhool Lnfw Srhool HARVEY VVHITE ...... Law Srhool ROBERT DORS E Y .................... Virginia Larw Rfwirfw SIIERRY CADVVELL ................. Virginia Lafw lVc'vhly . . . .Prinfidfnl I"i fi'-Pre.via'r11t . . . .Serrrfary JACK RIXEY ............................... .... Sludiful lmgul Rfsmrfli Crnu,ls ROBERT KENNEDY . . ..................... .... Slmlrnl Lfgal 1'x0I'Illl1 ALLISON PAGE ..................,........ .... Sludmzl Currirlzlum C0lIIll1lll1'I' ENDICOT DAVISON .................. .... Phi Drlla Phi HARRY PA RRER ..................... .... J Sigma Nu I hi JAMES BURVVELL ........ . ..........,. . .. G11 Ill Ill zz Eta Gamma Ilixiorian Treaszzzw' . , . Edlllll' . . .Editor Pre5id1'n1 Prfuvidrni l'r'fsidw1l Pl'l'Jldf'Ill Prfsiii 1' nl .Prrsidenl GENE ROBERTS ...................... .... I ,I'f'.I'lll'1'llf Dflla Thrla Phi CHARLES VIA .................,...... .... P rifsirlwlzl Phi .-llpha Drlla CHARLES PENNY ,.................. .... P rruvidmzl Rmding Guizlr DECATUR HOLCOMBE ............. ..... I 3f',lu'r'.f1'11Ialifzfr' JAMES JESSEE .,.. FLIP HICKS .. Sflltlflll Cnulzril . .... . . ...... . , . . ..... Rl'l7I'I'.f1'71lllllfUI' Sludmzl Counfil Sumnd Yam' Claus RICHARD HARRIS .......,....,....... .... Sem nd Year Class ROBERT DOUMAR .................. JACK EVVALD Firxr Ymr Class' l"ir.f1 Yrar Class ,. .Chairlnarl l"ir'f-Clznirulalz . . . .Chairman I"if1'-Clmirmnlz TUDE T ADVI 0RYCOU CIL DE LEGALFIDR OFFICER ROBERT KENNEDY ..... 11,-mdmr MEMBERS ENDICOT DAVISON JAMES SLAUGHTER LIVINGSTON FAIRBANKS ALAN GAYNOR ROBERT WILLIAMS CHARLES REEVES THOMAS VVASHBURN WILLIAM SCHOCK RONALD BALL -.. f v W.,- in , , n 4 E f . W ., ,. X i 5 H .94-af",-,' if? .: 22E:5s:: -V" -f ,ggi " ' 3,-.- V ff ., ..., ,. 15: jx sg 1 , , ef S . Z- .v xi: 114-s wg, -...f I4-"gn -..-,E r-"'.p- -... I-5: L, ...v X 1 I 2 5 Z A, 5 K I , QW nv if -' 1 1 xxx f Y?m .9 ,NJ 'Ill mf: 1 DEPARTME T0 E GI E OFFICERS RICHARD K. FOX .... BEVERLEY S. MAUCK ,. , ROBERT T. SI-IELBOURNE ,.., . ROBERT E. FROI-ILICI-I . . . GEORGE H. MORSE ,... . . . .President Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . . .Historian DEPARTME T 0E ENGINEERI G EDMOND GRAY AMBROSE, JR. . .,....,.... ......,,. N orfolk, Va. Engineer's Club, Institute of Radio Engineers, Dormitory Counsellor. JAMES HENRY ANDREATTA ,,..,.......,. I ..,. Portsmouth, Va. I.R.E.g A.1,E.E. WILLIAM ROYALL BAKER ,. .... Columbia, Va. LAWRENCE CORBIN BARBER .......,....., . . .Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Society of Automotive Engineers, A.S.M.E.g El'lgiHCCl',S Club. ROBERT ADAMS BROWN, JR, .,......... . . . . . ..,. Scarsdale, N. Y. EKIIE Tau Beta Pig Sigma Delta Psi, President, Theta Taug Intramural Councilg Varsity Track CID fzj C35 g Golfg HV" Club, Intermediate Honorsg University Bzmdg Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, Honor Committee, Bad Check Com- mittee: T.I.L.K.A. ROBERT ALAN BUCKINGI-IAM ......,.,,. .... N ewport News, Va. AT Trigon Society, American Society of Civil Engineersg Engineer-'s Club, Na- tional Speleological Societyg Dormitory Counsellor, Glee Club, Band. CLAUDE WILMER Cox, JR. ........ ................ R Ichmond, Va. Trigong I.R.E.g A.I.E.E.g EIIgiIIeer's Club. PINCKNEY HODGES Cox ........,....,..,... .... R ichmond, Va. Trigong I.R.E.g A.I.E.E. DABNEY HUTTER CRAIGI-IILL, JR. . . . 4 ,,.. Richmond, Va. AKE Eli Banana, P.K. Society, A.S.M.E.g TI-igon Society. WII.EY EGGLESTON CROSS, JR. ...........,.......... Richmond, Va. Trigon Societyg A.S.M.E.g N.R.O.T.C. WILLIAM FILLMORE CUDDII-IY ...,,.....,..,........ Hopewell, Va. Tau Beta Pig Raven Societyg VVrestIing Cel 3 Trigong I.R.E. JOHN HAYWOOD CULLOM . . .,.......,.. . . Richmond, Va. A.I.E.E.g I.R.E. ORDWAY JOHN DUNBAR ..............,.,.,.... Bergenfield, N, Theta Tang Society of Automotive Engineers, Engineer's Club. KENT EVANS, JR. . . . ......, ....,........ . . .Covington, Va. IEIIJIIIICCIJS Club 5 A.S.C.E. APPLICA T FOR DEGREE RICHARD KNIEFEN Fox . . . ...... . . . . .Greenwood, Va. KDKE Theta Taug Society of Automotive Engineersg A.S.C.E.g President, Engineer- ing Sehoolg Honor Councilg President, Engineering Council. WILLIAM HENRY FURLONG, JR. ...,.. . . Richmond, Va. ATU J.V. Football fill? Secretary and President, Trigon Societyg American Insti- tute of Electrical Engiueersg Chairman, Crow Societyg Engineering Councilg Young Republicans' Club. ROBERT CECIL GBE ,.... ..,....,,....,............, V ictoria, Va. EngineeI"s Club, Young Republicans' Club, Secretary, American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Dean's List. EMORY ALEXANDER GROSS ..........,....,........ Baltimore, Md. American Institute of Chemical Engineersg American Chemical Societyg En- gineer's Clubg Virginia Engineering Reviewg Varsity Lacrosse CID Qzj. RICHARD ALAN I-IEVENOR ,......,.,......,......., Arlington, Va. A.S.C.E.g Secretary, Sigma Alpha Epsilong Engineer's Clubg Football frlg Boxing CID. FRANK SHIELDS GOODMAN ...,...,.. ...Louisville, Ky. AKE Trigun Societyg O.D.K.g "I3" Societyg T.I.L.K.A.g I.M.P.g German Clubg "V" Clubg A.S.M.E.g Varsity Football flj g Varsity Tennis C41 5 Vice-President of Engineering School, President of Engineering Schonlg Honor Committeeg Student Council. BRENTON SHAW HALSEY . . ..... . . IIKA Phi Eta Sigmag Trigon Societyg A.I,ClI.E.g Trident Societyg N.R.O.T.C. NORMAN ARNOLD HECK ......,.......,...... Charlottesville, Va. I.R.E.g Amateur Radio Club. ALFRED CHARLES HILL . . . ....... . , .Towaco, N. EAE JOHN EDWARD HOLFORD ............,. . .,........ Arlington, Va. Newman Clubg Virginia Council of Highway Investigation and Research. GEORGE STARK HOWARD ...,,........,,....... Charlottesville, Va. Engineer's Clubg Tau Beta Pig A.S.M.E.g S.A.E.g Dean's List. JAMES MARION HOYLMAN, JR. ...................... Forclwiclc, Va. Treasurer, Trigon Societyg Engineer's Clubg American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Institute of Radio Engineersg N.R.O.T.C. THOMAS JAMES HUDAK .,........................ Bayonne, N. J. Theta Tang American Institute of Chemical Engineersg Engineering Conncilg Newman Club. BERNARD AUBREY HUFFMAN .................,. Charlottesville, Va. American Society of Civil Engineers, DEPARTME T019 ENGINEERI G ARTHUR WILLIAM JENKINS ..,...,,............ Short Hllls, N. Tau Beta Pig Varsity Track Q31 3 A.S.M.E.g Engineer's Club. RAYMOND OLIVER JOHNSON . ..,....,..,.... ...Richmond, Va. A.I.E.E.g Engineer's Club. CHARLES WILLIAM JONES . ........, ..,, B reckenridge, Pa. GX Phi Eta Sigmag Pi Delta Epsilong Associate Editor, Virginia Engineering Re- viewg Alpha Chi Sigmag A.I.Ch.E.g Trigong O.D.K. Counsellorg Dormitory Counsellor Q Engineer's Club. EDWARD MAURICE JONES, JR. .4,...., . . Copperhill, Tenn. BX Alpha Chi Sigmag Trigong Phi Eta Sigmag Tau Beta Pig Virginia Engineer- ing Review. CHARLES KERR, III ,..,.. ,...i........,......... P ittsburgh, Pa. KIPAG Theta Taug Raven Societyg Tau Beta Pig I.M.P.g T.I.L.K.A.g Virginia Engi- neering Reviewg Vice-President Student Councilg "I3" Societyg Phi Eta Sigmag O.D.K.g A.S.M.E.g Engineering Councilg P.D.E. WILLIAM HARVEY KINDELL ...,.., ......,..... L ondon Bridge, Va. Theta Taug Chairman, I.A.S.g A.S.M.E.g Engineer's Clubg Engineering Coun- Cilg Gamma Theta Upsilon, SMITI-IEY C. KING, JR. .........,,..,.......,...., Richmond, Va. Tau Beta Pig Engineer's Clubg A.I.E.E. ROBERT HEIDE KIRBY .............,............ Charlottesville, Va. Theta Tang I.A.S.g S.A.E.g President, Engineer's Club. HOWARD B, KLIPPEL . . . ....... .... N ew York, N. Y. TKE Engineer's Clubg A.S.M.E.g S.A.E. Societyg Automotive Engineers. PETER WOODROW Kuss ....,.............. West Englewood, N. Institute of Radio Engineersg American Institute of Electrical Engineersg VV.U.V.A.g Photographic Society. WILLIAM KENNETH KYLE .............,......,,,.. Staunton, Va. Tau Beta Pig Trigon Society: A.I.E.E.g Trident Societyg Institute of Radio Engineersg Company Commander, N.R.O.T.C. JOSEPH TURNER LAYNE, JR. .........,..........,., Richmond, Va. American Institute of Electrical Engineersg Amateur Radio Club. ALVIN JACOB LEVSACK . .......................... Berthoud, Colo. I.A.S.g President, A.S.M.E. ARMANDO RODRIGUEZ LENDIAN ...... ,,.... ..... A . , .I-Iavana, Cuba Engineer's Clubg American Society of Mechanical Engineers. APPLICA T F011 DEGREES RAY MILTON LUTZ ......... ,.........,...... R ocky Point, N. Y. Trigon Societyg Enginecr's Clubg Society of Automotive Engineersg American Society of Mechanical Engineers. FRANK EMERY LYON, JR. ......,....,.......... Los Angeles, Calif. Trigun Societyg American Society Of Civil Engineers. FRED CAMPBELL MCCORMICK ....4............., Waynesboro, Va. Phi Eta Sigmag Tau Beta Pig American Society of Civil Engineersg Engineer- ing Council, O.D.K, Counsellor. LOUIS FRANCIS MARTIN ..........,........ West New York, N. EngineeI"s Club: A.S.M.E.g Newman Clubg Dormitory Counsellor. ROY THEODORE MAUS .... .... F lushing, N. Y. HILL MONTAGUE, III . . . ......... ......,..... R ichmoncl, Va. 'PHE Raven Societyg Tau Beta Pig A.I.E.E.g I.R.E. ALBERT HEWITT MUMMA ........... .,.. C harleston, W. Va. THE A.S.M.E.g Trigong Trident Societyg N.R.O.T.C. PETER ALAN NIELSON ................,.......,. Kansas City, Mo. American Society of Mechanical Engineers. GEORGE VERNON OLDS ........,.............. Fredericksburg, Va. Tau Beta Pig A.l.E.E.g University Orchestra. GEORGE OSSMAN, JR. . , ..,,... .... R ichmoncl, Va. GX Vice-President, Pi Delta Epsilong Virginia Engineering Reviewg Editor-in- Chief, Assistant Editor, Managing Editorg Trigun Societyg jefferson Societyg A.S.C.E.g Dean's Listg Engineer's Councilg Engineer's Clubg O.D.K. Coun- sellor. DUDLEY WAREI-IAM PENNINGTON, JR. . . . . . ..... Fleeton, Va. KA Raven Societyg American Society of Civil Engineersg President, Trigon Engi- neering Societyg A.R.G.0.g Engineer's Club. CI-IARLES HERBERT PIERSON .......,.........., Fredericksburg, Va. Trigon Societyg A.S.C.E.g S.A.E.g EngiIIeer's Club. GILES DOUGLAS POWELL ....,......,............ Waynesboro, Va. QAX Theta Tau, Football CID 3 J.V. Basketball CID Qzj. JOI-IN W. PRITCHARD , , ...............,........... Arlington, Va. Theta Tang I.R.E.g A.l.E,E.g Engineer's Club. D PARTME T017 ENGINEERI G RICHARD SAMUEL REAMS ....,............. .... R ichmond, Va. EIIgineer's Club, A.I.E.E. DONALD LEE REID .,..,......4..........,...,.... Arlington, Va. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Tau Beta Pi. UNIS SCOTT RINACA, JR. .,..,..,,.. . ,. .... Shenandoah, Va. ITKA Alpha Chi Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Trigon Society, Engineer'S Club. CHARLES FRANCIS SMITH, JR. ....,... . . .Yonkers, N. Y. AKE Phi Eta Sigma, Dean'S List, A.S.C.E., Engineer's Club. CLAYTON DAVID SPANGENBURG .....,........,. Charlottesville, Va. Vice-President, Tau Beta Pi, ViceQPresident, Alpha Chi Sigma, A.I.Ch.E., University Orchestra. DON LORENZO STEVENS, JR. .,....... . . .New Yorlc, N. Y. AT Dean's List, Engineering Review, Editor-in-Chief, A.S.C.E. News, Trigon Engineering Society, Treasurer, National Speleological Society, Treasurer, A.S.C.E., Engineer'S Club, Dormitory Counsellor, Committee of Ioo. FRED WALTER STOUT, JR. ,..... ..., ..,. K n oxville, Tenn. HKA Engineer's Club, A.S.C.E. EDWARD JOHN SZCZEBAK ...,..,.,... . . . . . Springhelcl, Mass. AT Managing Editor, Virginia Engineering Review, Chairman, Institute of Radio Engineers, Young Republican Club, Engineer's Club, Newman Club, Theta Tau. GUS KENNETH TEBELL, JR. ........,....,....., Charlottesville, Va. Trigon Society, Alpha Chi Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Engineer's Club. JOHN CORNELIUS THOMAS ....,,.,....,.... . , .Charlottesville, Va. A.S.lVI.E., Engineer's Club, Portsmouth Cavalier Club. DAVID ALFRED THOMPSON ................. ,.... . .Davenport, Fla. Engineer's Club, Interfaith Council, Trident Society, American Society of Me- chanical Engineers, Committee of IOOQ N.R.O.T.C., Dormitory Counsellor. WILLIAM RUSSELL TOWLER .......,........... . , Chatham, Va. Trigon Society, I.R.E., A.I.E.E. ROBERT MURRAY TUCKER, JR. ...,. .,............. M ertick, N. Y. Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Chi Sigma, American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Trigon Society, Engineer's Cluh, N,R.O.T.C. FREDDIE ALTON VAUGHN ......,..,....,.,..... Charlottesville, Va. American Institute of Electrical Engineers, Amateur Radio Club. PPLICA TS Fllll DEGR E APPLICANTS E011 DEGREE STEUART EDWARD VEST .4...,.............,... Wasliington, D. C. Soccer C11 3 A.l.E.E.g I.R.E.g Engineefs Clubg Photographic Society. DAVID A. WATFORD, Jn, .,.....,,,..4.........,. Portsmouth, Va. Trigon Societyg I.R.E.g A.l.E.E. JAMES LALLOU WESCOAT . . ,.,.. 4 . . . .Ventnor, N. J. KE Society of Automotive Engincersg Engineefs Clulag American Society of Me- chanical Engineersg Student Instructorship in Applied Energy. WILLIE EDWARD WHITE ........ ...,..,,..... S outh Norfolk, Va. American Society of Mechanical Engincersg Society of Automotive Enginecrzf. DONALD Joi-IN YOUNG . .,t.,.....,..,..... ,. Oakland, N. Engineefs Clubg A.S.C.lE. DEP RTME T 0E ENGINEERI G First Row, left to right: Walrer Hutcheson, Jerry Hamm, Tom Hudak, Ed Ivy, ,lack Louv, Charlie Kerr, Bob Shelburne, Bev Mauck, Bob Humplmris, Maislnll Second Row: Ben Griffin, George Shimp, Jake Haun, Dick Fox, Mr. Kinnier, Mr, Gilclea, Mr. Morse, Dick Bcrrotti, Pike McCasland, Ordway Dunbar, Bob Kirby Ed Paul. Third Row: ,lol-in Haynes, Jack Pritchard, Ed Szczebak, Randy Nunnally, Dcrck Orrh, George McIntosh, Harold Burgess, Willianx Kindcll, Bob Powell M B Collins. OFFICERS MEMBERS F. R. Buffy . J. A. Llewellyn CHARLE K1 R III ............. ......... R y y RJ- Beffflm J- 1'-LW' TENS F IEOIEYR ' lm- H- Burgess W. T. Marshall L. IV-Y JR. ,.,.. .. ................. sk,-me M' mf?" B- 5- Mfmck ROBERT A. BROVVN, JR. .............,. T,-mm,-H M-Dcolfm? gg- 1,ihlYfCC?1SlH11il THOMAS I. I-I UDAK ............... C0l'l'L',S'p0lldilly Scz'rz'lary Iill?sL G. Hamm D Orrh T. I-Iaun H Plitt ROBERT A. BROVVN, JR. ...... . ....... ......, R Kyiv!! ' - 4 , , RICHARD K. FOX ................,. .... I 'iff Rfgmf lflfi ROBERT R. HUIVTPHRIS .............. ...... . S'c1'ib1' wi H phi G S ' H GEO. E. SHIMP .................................. Treaxlzrm' E 'L iii, Ton R' giotflg - EDWVARD L. PAUL ................. Corrnspomliizg Sl'CI't'fIll'j7 C: Kel-Lyillri jjj. Slatlgr mm? FACULTY G. C. Colvin F. T. Nlorse R. L. Gildea E. J. Oglesby H. L. Kinnier L. R. Quarles I. E. May Founded at the University of Minnesota on October 15, 1904, The Pi Chapter of the University of Virginia was chartered in 1923 as a professional engineering fraternity to inculcate high ethical and professional standards, and to foster fraternal relations among its members. 41 XV. Kindell R. Kirby E. T Szczebuk HET TA TRIGO EGI EERI 0ClETY OFFICERS Spring, 1951 DIIDLEY VV. PENNINGTON ....... VVILLIAIVI M. VIAR ........ VVILEY E. CROSS ....... JAMES M. HOYLMAN ..... ..... Fall, 1950 VVILLIAM H. FURLONG ... .. . .. VVARNER MOORE, III ........ DUDLEY VV. PENNINGTON . ........ P1'esidz,'1zl Vim- Pl'L'Sif1t'Ill . . .... Secretary . . . .Trcarurrfr . . . . .Przuvidrnl I'ire-Prr'.s'id1'11f . .... Sccrflary MEMBERS Robert M. Buckingham Claude VV. Cox Pinckney H. Cox Dabney H. Craighill VViley E. Cross VV. F. Cuddihy Colgate VV. Darden, III Harry H. Daugherty Don P. DeNoon VVarren M. Dodson VVilliam E. Fowler Robert E. Frohlich XVilliam H, Furlong VVyatt H. Gantt Frank S. Goodman Branton S. Halsey Charles B. Hewitt james M. Hoylmun Henry L. Hughes, jr. Barry VV. Hutchings Charles W. jones Edward M. Jones, jr. VV. Kenneth Kyle Ray M. Lutz David L. Merrill VVilliam G. McDaniel VVarner Moore, III George H. Morse Albert Mi. Mumma George Ossman, Jr. Dudley VV. Pennington Charles H. Pierson Jack S. Rinaca XV. Sedral Robinson VVilliam P. Rule Julien Shoemaker Vvade V. Squires Don L. Stevens, Ir. Beryl C. Stickley XVilliam L. Stiff Lee E, Sutton, III Gus K. Tebell, Ir. Richard VV. Thornber VVilliam R. Towler Robert M. Tucker VVilliam M. Viar David A. VVatford james E. VVood HARRY I-I, DOITGHERTY .......... .... T rm.v11l'1'l' Frank E. Lyon, Ir. Carl D. Wlhitmer Echol S, Marshall FACULTY A. F. MneCTonncl1ie G. K. Carter The object of the Trigon Society is the broadening of C' He"de"50" E' A' Snuflflffo the education of the engineering student by fraternal and J. L. Vaughan VV. R. VVinsbro . I d b . 1 d d J. S. Miller O. Ll Updike, Jr- socia contacts an y encouraging ectures an stu y. on 13, C, McClintock A, J, Barlow topics aside from those dealing primarily with engineering. First Row, left to right: William P. Rule, Albert H. Mumma, Frank S. Goodman, Charles H. Pierson, Wa'de V. Squires, Jr., Warner Moore III, George Ossman, jr., William H. Furlong, Edward M. Janes, Don L. Stevens, jr., Dudley W. Penningt on, Wiley E. Cross, Robert M. Tucker, Edwin F. Hardy. Second Row: David L. lVlerrill, Xvilliam E, Fowler, Claude W. Cox, Jr., William F, Cuddihy, Brenton S. Halsey', Hax'ry I-I, Daugherty, Ray M. Lutz, Charles W, Jones, Unis S. Rinaca, Jr., Welba S. Robinson, Robert A. Buckingham, Frank E. Lyon, Jr., Wfarren M. Dodson, William K. Kyle, George H. Morse, Third Row: Lee E, Sutton, III. Colgate W. Darden, III, Barry W. Hutchings, Plenty L, Hughes, William L. Stiff, Pinclcney H. Cox, William R. Towler, James Nl. I-Ioylman, Jr., David A. Watfcx'd, Jr., Xvyatr H. Gantt, William L. Viar, Beryl G. Stickley, Robert E, Frolich, First Row, left to right: Lee Sutton, Don Reid, John McNulty, Bill Fowler, George Shipp. Al Lebsack, Walt Hutcheson, Charlie Kerr, jim Hardy, Armando Lendien, Wiley Cross, Baryl Stickley. Second Row: All Mumma, Dave Thompson, ,lim Wesc oat, Larry Barber, AI Nielsen, George Howard, Coleman Maddox, Warren Dodson, Charlie Bauserman, Howie Klippel, Ray Lutz, George Morse, Frank Batty, Jack Lou v, Bev Mauck. Third Row: Ward Gamble, Art Jenkins, Willie Wl1ite, Willianz Kindell, Bob Frohlich, Wayxme Marshall. MEMBERS OFFICERS Lawrence C. Barber Frank R. Batty Charles R. Bauserman Harry V. Carr Willis K. Carrier VV. E, Cross, jr. Richard F. cle Gregorio VVarren W. Dodson David I. Fogarty VVilliam E. Fowler Robert E. Frolich VVyatt H. Gantt Frank Goodman Ellison H. Haines James R. Hardy George S. Howard NVaIter S. Hutcheson A. VV. Jenkins Charles Kerr, III VVilliam H. Kindcll VVillie E. King Alvin J, Lebsack Armando R. Lendian Benjamin E. Lewis J. F. Louv Ray M. Lutz Coleman B. Maddoz Vllayne T. Marshall Louis F. Martin Beverly S. Mauck John VV. McNulty, jr George H. Morse Albert H. Mumma Robert E. Nevett, Jr. Donald L. Reid Robert L. Ridgeway George E. Shimp Beryl C. Stickley Lee E. Sutton John C. Thomas David A. Thompson YVilliam L. Viar James L. Wfescoat VVillie E. VVhitc A. J. LEBSACK . . . .... Chairman CHARLES KERR, III . . . . . .E,il.'l'-Pl'L'.l'idL'Ilf XV. F. HUTCHESON .... ..... S L'CI'1'11ll'y GEORGE SHIMP ,,., 7'1-pa,mrg,- AMERI A ECIETY 0F MECHA ICAL ENGINEER VIRGI IA E GI ERI IIEVIE STAFF GEORGE OSSMAN, JR. ........ . EDVVARD I. SZCZEBAK .... JACK LO U V ....,...................,.... C'I-'IARLES JONES, CHAR LES KERR HARRY DAFGHERTY .. HANK PLITT ........ ...Edilor-ill-Chiff .llfllllllglllg Erlilor Bu.viru'.vs Nlauagcr .rlsrofizzlc Ediiorx . .,-lxsislalzl Edilor ......,4rt Ediior EDITORIAL STAFF Murtee Chainutin XKYIICIC Squires Iidwnrd Jones Don Stevens George McIntosh Bruce Fleming BUSINESS STAFF Randolph Nunnnlly Beverly Mnuck jacob I-Izxun Ralph lVIz1y Robert Humphris Henry Hughes Robert Rockwell George Shimp Robert Markwnocl Carl Wlhitmer PI-IOTOGRAPI-IIC EDITORS Charles P, Munclorff Charlton Schilling First Raw, left to right: Harry Daugherty, Chuck flones, Ed Szczebak, George Ossman, ,lack Louv, Nlartee Chanutin, Charlie Kerr, Bev Mauck. Second Row George Shimp, Mickey Moore, Don Stevens, Bob Markwood, Ralph May, Randy Nu nnally, George Mclntosh, Jake Haun, Ed Jones, Henry Hughes, Bob Humphrls 4-4 MARTI CHA UNITIN CLAUD COX, JR. PICKNEY COX JOHN CULLOM PETE FRISCHMAN BILL FURLONG ROBERT GANNON ROBERT GEE JAMES HOYLMAN RAY JOHNSON VVILFORD KIRBY MEMBERS PETER KUSS KENNETH KYLE FRED LEES PAUL NEAL THOMAS NELSON GEORGE OLDS .IOI-IN REEVES SEDRAL ROBINSON BILL TOVVLER STEVVART VEST OFFICER BILL FIIRLONG ..... Pu-.vidrnl AMERICAN I TITUTE 0E ELECTRICAL ENGINEER MERICA 0 IETY 0F CIVIL E GI FRED MCCORMICK ..., BOB SHELBURNE .. BILL STIFF ..... VV. R. PULLY ..... .. RICHARD HEVENOR VVILLIAM SCHREMP EER . ..... Pl'l'.I'Ilft'l1f . . . l'1z'r'-P1'z'.vid1'1zl . . . . .Scrrrlzzry . . . ........ . . . Trmmrn' . . . . .... Program Clzairlzmn Edilor, :ISCE Nmus MEMBERS Lester R. Amiss Thor H. Andersen Furman VV. Barton Robert A. Buckingham Evander R. M. Coker Harry II. Daugherty john M. Dean, Jr. VValter Dovale Kent Evans, Jr. Richard K. Fox Richard A. Hevenor Bernard A. Huffman Dominick Izzo Harry L. Kirk Frank E, Lyon, jr. Alfred VV. Maner Fred C. McCormick Robert E. McCoy Peter A. Milnes Howard H. Newlon, jx. George Ossman, ,I r. Dudley IV. Pennington,jr. Richard VV. Pierce Charles H. Pierson Emilio R. Pinero VVilliam R. Pully Blake I. Ratliff George J. Rock 'XVilliam S. Roudabush Charles D. Rusmisell George Y. Scarborough Ernest P. Schelling 'NVilIiam H. Schremp Robert T. Shelburne James R. Shull Charles F. Smith, Jr. Don L, Stevens, jr. VVilliam L. Stiff Fred VV. Stout, Ir. VValter A. Thomas, Jr. Matthew YV. Venable, jesse R. WVilliams Donald I. Young I First Row, left to right: George Rock, Howard Newlan, R, C. McCoy, Frank Lyon, Richard Hevenor, Dan Stevens, Dick Fox, Fred McCorinirk, Paul Schelling, Bob Shcllnuriv. Harry Kird, Blake Ratliff. Scconcl Row: Fred Stout, Donald Youwz. George Ossrnan, Bill Stiff, Harry Daughter-y. Charles Pierson, Professor Estes, Professor Gildea, Professor XVhecler, Professor Kinnier, Bob Buckingham, James Shull, John Dean, Walter Thomas, Aubrey Hoffman. Third Row: Randy Nunnally, Dud Penning ton, Waller Dovale, Romney Willianw. 46 Fir r Row. left to right: Dave Wlarford. C'audc Cox. Ed Szczebak, Bill McDaniel, Pike lVlcCasland, lim Hoylman, Fill Cudclihy, S. Robinson. Second Raw: John Lawless, I Roth, Pinkney Cox, John Cullum, Bill Towlcr, Pete Kuss, Stu Vest, Jack Pritchard, Earnest Deutsch, Jim Andreatra, Bob Humphris, Third Row: Ed Ambrose, Ken James ll. Andreatta Edmond G. Ambrose P. D. Corey C. YV. Cox XV. F. Cuddihy I. H. Cullom M, IS. Christian E. M. Deutsch L. l7. Goeller V. M. Ilenzel Kal l'l0lVZl1'll I. M. Hoylman, P. YV. Kuss YV. K. Kyle .I r Kyle. MEMBERS OFFICERS NV. G. McDaniel l'I, C. Momlre, Jr. I. WV. Pritchard D. E. Payne David D. Redfield YV. S. Robinson P. H. Spencer R. L. Stickle li. J. Szczelmk VV. R, Tr mxx- lei' D. A. VVatf rrn'i I A. E. VVeston S. E. Vest Ci. P. McCaslancl 47 Fall, 1950 VVILLIAM G. MCDANIEL ..,..... EDVVARD J. SZCZEBAK ..... C,ll1il'llIl1ll l'ir t'-Clllliflflllll GEORGE P. MCCASLAND .... .S1'rl'f'I1u'y klAlVlES M. HOYLlVlAN, JR. ...,..,.. .... 7 'l'I'll5lU'6I' Spring, 1951 EDVV, SZCZEBAK ..,........,.... ....... K jhillflllllll WVM. F. CUDDII-IY ........ .... I ,il'L'-Cllllil'llllUL GEORGE P. MCCASLAND ., .SI'!'fl'fIlI'j1 JAMES M. HOYLMAN, JR. .... TITUTE 'I'rf'n.r1zr'1'r RADIOE GI EER ECIETY 0F AUT0lVl0TlVE ENGINEER . OFFICERS JACK LOIIV . .. ..... Cvlllliflllllil GEORGE Sl-IIMP ,. ....., Ficz'-Chzzirzllnlz DEREK A. ORTH . .. ..... Si,'cl'4'l11l'y-Tr1'tl5l1l'1'r VVilliam Hamm Ray Lutz XVilliam Moorhead john Larkin Howard Tall Pete Frischman Robert H. Kirby Richard K. Fox George S. Howard David Fogarty Charles H. Pierson Paul E. Schelling jim Checkan john Sadler MEMBERS H. Barrie john VV. McNulty VV. Morris H. B. Klippel R. D. Powell O. -I. Dunbar, Jr. YV. Fc mxs' ler Charles Bingham VViIlie Wlhite john R. Haymes George james james L. VVesco:xt Frederick l'I. Eley First Row, left to right: Bob Pswfll. Dick Fox, Derek Crrh, jack Louv, George Shi mp, Bob Kirby, Paul Schelling. Second Row: George James, Bill Fowler, Wfillie Wh re Jerry Hamm, Pete Frifchmann, ,lack Dunbar, Jim Wescoar. Third Row: Charles Bingham, Charles Pierson, Dick Hevcnor, Larry Barber, Ray Lutz. 118 A gf? MP.. .M .Wm 7Wn?: QQS? 5 ,pw 'mm fL.:5iiE 635112355 k:34LiX'?g -m-dygiix fiiigiawy ffilgfili 4' .ysviixgw biiwazakw: 'fiaiili' .. ,,., M 2 Hai 2 BS LJQQQQQEX nw Sag 1.1.1 .g Q - ,-MHEW wg qw .Va .Ng -.-H ,lgujss a ...Q a sa DEPART E T 0F EDUCA OFFICERS CURT BAZEMORE, JR. JAMES v. HUTTON, JR, MARTHA W. NUTTER JOE N. PAYNE .... THOMAS ANSBRO .... . . . .President Vice-President . . . .Secretary , . , .Treasurer . . . .Historian TIO uil' DEPARTME T 0F EDUCATIE EDWIN BRUCE ALLEN .,.A...,.,.,.,,A....... Moorefield W. Va. I First Year Student Counsellorg Deanls Listg University Orchestra. THOMAS MARTIN ANSBRO . .....,......... ...... B roolclyn, N. Y. Delta Psi Omegag Associate Editor, Spectatorg Historian, Education Depart- mentg Technical Assistantship, Department of Dramag Virginia Playersg Dean's Listg Glee Club. LOUISE LANDRUM Ast-my . , . . . Crozet, Va. MARJORIE TAITE AUSTIN ,.... ....... .... V i rginia Beach, Va. Dean's List. DAVID P. BARKER . . . . . ......,...., . . .Portsmouth, Va. Football Cel. ROBERT HUBERT BARR ......................... Middletown, Va. Phi Delta Kappag Treasurer aIId Corresponding Secretary, The Cavalier Club of VVinchester and Frederick County. ROBERT Roy BENSON .....,.,,,...,......,.,... La Fontaine, Ind. American Sociological Societyg "Cavalier Daily"g Spectatorg Newman Clubg Education Clubg Student Sociological Sncietyg Young Republican Clubg V.E.A.g Dean's Listg Ball State 7l'eachers College. MILDRED HILDEGARDE BERGER .,........,... .,.. M aywood, N. Student Council fgj QU. ALBERT LEON BRIGGS . . . .... . . . , Roanoke, Va. IIPKE '1'.I.L.K.A.g l.M.P.g Lambda Pig I.F.C.g "V" Clubg -I.V. Football QIJ Czjg Varsity VVrestling fgj 5 Varsity Soccer QD. NANCY Lou BROWN ,......,.,.....,,..,,.......,.. Ashland, Ky. Virginia Playersg Sociology Clubg Summer Glee Club. JOSEPH GRIFFIN BUNTIN .... Charlottesville, Va. Lucy CONSTANCE COLTI-IURST ...,...... .... C harlottesville, Va. XYZ - French Clubg Glee Clubg Drama Club. EDWIN MICHAEL CLEMENTS .....,... . , Petersburg, Va. 'IPKE Skull and Keysg Eli Bananag German Societyg l.M.P.g Basketball C13 Qzlg '1'CIllliS CID: l'I'esident, First Year Social Committee, "V" Clubg Dean's List. JUNIE LYNN CLOUGH ......,,..,....,......,, Charlottesville, Va. Delta Nu Alphag President, Jefferson Sabresg Captain, Distinguished Military Studentg R.O.T.C. PPLICA T FOR DEGREE 51 BETTY JANE ELY . . . , .... , . .... Glasgow, Ky. KA MYRA JEANNE GILBERT . . , ..,..... . . Staunton, Va. KA VVomcn Students' Association. JOHN HOOD GRONEMEYER . , . .............,.. Clarksburg, W. Va. KE President, Alpha Phi Omegag O.D.K. Counsellorg Dean's Listg Student Council. JOI-IN HUNTER GUM . . . ...,,,,.....,, . . .Churchville, Va. Dean's List. WALLACE BLAIR GOODWIN .......,. .... B anner, Wyommg Xxll Lambda Pig T.I.L.K.A.g I.F,C. Governing Bnardg Varsity Swimming QM Varsity Baseball QD 3 Frosh Swimming Coach 145. EDWARD HUGI-I HENRY . . ........ . , .Falls Church, Va. AT Lambda Pig Varsity Football KID C25 5 I.F.C.g Dean's List. PETER HENRY HINCK ....,..,....,. ............. A lexandria, Va. K2 Advertising Manager, VV.U.V.A.g Director, Radio Production Vllorksliop. ROBERT RUDD HURT ,..,......... . ..,........ Charlottesville, Va. Alpha Phi Omegag A.R.O.T.C. JAMES VERNON HUTTON, JR. ........,...,....... Winchester, Va. Phi Delta Kappag Vice-President, Department of Educationg VVinchesteI'- Fredrick County Cavalier Clubg Dean's List. KAREN IRVINE . . ...........,. , . Charlottesville, Va. Virginia Players. OPAL JAMES ........................ ,. .....,..... Ferrum, Va. Kappa Delta, University Riding Clubg President, Kappa Delta. ROBERT LOUIs KEMPER, JR. ,.,............,........ Louisville, Ky. KIDKE Lambda Pig "V" Clubg Varsity Basketball CID C21 Cgjg Varsity Baseball CID C25 C35- MADGE KING . . . . . . . .Long Island, N. Y. KA WILLIAM H, KYGER .........,.............,........ Ellcton, Va. Sigma Delta Psig Football til g Baseball fgj g De:In's List. QPPLICANT E011 DEGREE FREDERICK LOWE LINDSAY . ....,,. ,..CharlOttesville, Va AT ' Basketball CIJ. MALCOLM HARRIS LIVICK ...A..... . . . . AK E Kappa Delta Pig Basketball Q35 Q43 3 Dean GEORGE ELLIS MEEKS , . I I ELISE MICHAELS . . ..l,. I I KA VVomen StuIlent's Association. DAVID BARBOUR MULFORP ....,.. . .. OX' I-Iarrisonburg, Va 's List. . .Cl1urcl1ville, Va . . .SwOOpe, Va .Burlington, N. J MARTHA WASHINGTON NUTTER ,...,... ..,... C harlottesville, Va Lychnosg Presiilent VVOmen StuIlent's Associatinng Secretary, Student Organi- zation of the Department of Educatirnlg Den n's List. MARY RIVES OGILVIE . , . . ,Charlottesville, Va RAYROBEYRAMEY... .. w,.. .4..., . AT . Charlottesville, Va I.F.C.g Skull and Keysg German Cluhg O,D.K. Aclvisofs Committee. VIRGINIA LEONA ROTI-IGEB ....,....,.....,......... Rileyville, Va Graduate Nurses' Staff, University of Virginia Hospitalg Intervarsity Chris tian Fellowsliipg Treasurer, I,.S.A. JOI-IN HENRY RYDER . . ........ . . ,Long Island, N. Y. TI K A Lambda Pig Basketball Cgj LLM Baseball Cgl QQ. ELLA RUTH SCOTT ,. JAMES COULSON SMITH ,. . . . .Trevilians, Va , I , .Ar1ingtOn, Va LEVATO JACOBS THOMAS . . I I .Charlottesvillq Va EMERY WILLIAM Voss, JR. . . .,.,.. . , . . , . O.D.K. Long Island, N. Y Ima Tau Kappag Champlain Collegeg Virginia Playersg Radio YVnrkshop ROBERT HAROLD WINN ,I,,....,....,....,.... UV" Clubg Athletic Cunncilg Varsity Baseball Q21 C3J Q hall IVAN VERNON YONCE, JR, ......,.,......,. . Kappa Delta Pig Dean's List. APPLICA T FOR,lU . .Fork Union, Va . , ,Alexanclria, Va EGREES .Hg Captain Base- if 'Ri HN V. dent DNEY KNOW tary DEPARTMENT DE GRADUATE STUDIES ADY CLARK ..... urer 54 l DEPT. DE GRADUATE ST DIE CARL ROBERT BAUER ,....A,.........A... . , Charlottesville, Va Ph.D., Chemixtry IIKA Sigma Xi, A.I.Cg A.C.S.g Alpha Chi Sigma. LEWIS FRANKLIN BAXTER, JR. . ,.......,.. . . , .Colonial Heights, Va BX jefferson Society, Spectator, Circulation Manager, Dean's List, O.D.K. Coun- sellor, Dormitory Counsellorg Instructor in Biology, Instructor in Rural So- cial Economics. ROBERT PERRY BLACK . . . ....... . . . . . . ,Hiclcman, Ky KA Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha Kappa Psi, Raven Society, Intermediate Honors. ROSEMARY DEW .l...,....., ....... R oanoke, Va FRANCES SHAFFER EDWARDS . . .... Charlottesville, Va CYRUSH.HOY .,.,...... .... . ,.,..St. Marys, W. Va ZTA Mu Phi Epsilon, Tau Kappa Alpha, B.A., B.Mus., B.Ch. Mus. Phi Beta Kappa, Peters Rushton Seminar Committee, Bibliographical Society, VIRGINIA MAE KING ..,................,..... Hudson Falls, N. Y A.B., University of Rochester, '48g State Teachers College, Cartlantl, N.Y. Service Fellowship, University of Virginia. JOE NEAL PAYNE . . .....,.,,........ . . ,Galax, Va WLS., Education IIKCI5 Treasurer, Department of Education, B.S., Roanoke College, ,.l,9. PHILIP MALCOLM PETERSON .,.,...,.. .... C harlottesville, Va lilX Hjabberwockf' GEORGE SEMLER, II . . . ...,...... ..,. N ew Canaan, Conn IW..-I . STUART CAMERON SMITH, M.D. ,,....,,....,. Staten Island, N. Y M.S., Dermatology and Syphilology. Alpha Omega Alpha. MARY ELIZABETH TULL . . . . .,.... .... C harlottesville, Va X9 Lychnosg VVOmen's Student Council' Pan-Hellenic Council President' Cmma s I , , J mittee of too. ROBERT SPENCER YOUNG , . .,............ , . .Chat-lottesville, Va. lllafl., Geology Rogers Geological Society. PPLICA T FDR D GREES 0LLEGE 0F ART A D CIE CE Q OFFICERS ROBERT HYDE . 4 . ..... President BILL I-IOOPER ..,. ..... V ice-President BAT NIASTERSON . . . .,.. Secretary-Treasurer TRIP REID .... ,,... H istorian Q 56 Q E COLLEGE 0E ART AND SCIENCES KA First Year Social Committeeg Student Vniong Lambda Pig Cross Country MJ. STANFORD BERYL ALDER .....,...., .,.. N orfollc, Va. AEII Sigma Rhog University Band, Hillel Foundationg Lambda Pig Dean's List, Virginia Players. TALBOT JONES ALBERT, III ...,...... ..., F allston, Md. Ail' RICHARD STODDARD ALDRICH, JR. ..... .,.... N ew York, N. Y. TKE VV.U.V.A.g Young Democrat Clulwg Virginia Playersg Riding Club. FRED GABRIEL ALOUF, JR. ............ , ..,.,,. ..... R oanolce, Va. Newman Clubg Student Sociological Societyg Student-Faculty Committee of Y.M.C.A. JOHN WILKINS AMES, JR. ..,......... .... N ewport News, Va. Rogers Society. JAMES E. AMMoNs ...,......,................. High Point, N. C. International Relations Clnlwg International Affairs Association, Jefferson Society. WILLIAM BROULEY AMMON, JR. , . . . . . . ,Chevy Chase, Md. X111 Lambda Pi. JAMES VALENTINE ANDERSON, JR, . . . .... Lynchburg, Va. SAE CHARLES NORMAN ANDREAE, JR. ..,. .... B altimore, Md. A'l'S2 Skull and Keysg German Clubg Lacrosse CIJ Cal. WILSON P. ANDREWS , . . . , ......,...,........,. Richmond, Va. ATU Skull and Keysg German Clubg UV" Clubg Eli Banana. ROBERT CORBETT ANGUS ..... ........ ........ L o ng Island, N. Y. President, VVestminster Fellowshipg Treasurer, Y.M.C.A. Cabinetg Interfaith Councilg Secretary, Virginia State Y.M.C.A. Councilg "Cavalier Dailyf' Dor- mitory Counsellor. LEWIS MOORE ARMISTEAD ...,......... . . .Churchland, Va. Dean's List. RICHARD VAIL ATKINSON . , . ....,.. .... M oorestown, N. eI1I'A International Affairs Associationg Fencing KID C25 f3J Q Dean's List. APPLICA T E011 DEGREE WILLIAM THOMAS Avls ...........,......,.. Newport News, Va. Delta Nu Alphag Rogers Geological Society. ROBERT L. HARDING ............... .... De dham, Mass. EX Wesley Clubg R.O.T.C.g Rogers Societyg Gamma Theta Upsilon. BENNIE EVERSON BARNETT ................,.. Newport News, Va. Glee Clubg Los Conquistadores. WILLIAM EWELL BARR ................ . . .Danville, Va. "Cavalier Daily." RICHARD HAMILTON BARRICK ........ .... B uifalo, N, Y. KA Baseball KID. JOHN CURRY BARTON ....... .... M emphis, Tenn. X111 Lambda Pig L'Cavalier Daily"g Spectator. JACK M. BAss, JR. , , . ,...... , . ,Nashville, Tenn. 'PAO Alpha Kappa Psig Lambda Pig German lub, Varsity Golf Squad C35 C455 Captain, Distinguished Military Student, A.R.O.T.C. WILLIAM MARVIN BAss, III ........, , . .Stephens City, Va. BX ROBERT EUGENE BAXTER . , .,.. .... .... A r lington, Va. 'I-IA9 Alpha Kappa Psig Dean's List, Skull and Keys. WILLIAM BARKSDALE BAYLOR ....... .. .Richmond, Va. QKE Pi Delta Epsilong Skull and Keysg Vice-President, Young Democratic Clubg Business Manager, CORKS AND CURLSg Member Corporation, W.U.V.A.g 0.D.K. Counsellor. JAMES GORDON BEALE ..,........,.......,.... White Plains, N. Y. Column Club. Delta Sigma Rhog Delta Sigma Pig Treasurer, Jefferson Literary Society, Uni- versity Debatersg "Cavalier Daily." RICHARD DELAEAYETTE BEARDEN, JR. . . . .... Norfolk, Va. BENJAMIN WATKINS BEDFORD, IV ......... . . .Dallas, Texas K2 Intramural Boxing C3D. CONSTANTINE BELER . ...,,. ................,.... B alrimore, Md. Virginia Players, Riding Clubg Alpha Society. 0LL GE 0F ARTS ND CIE CE WILLIAM VINSON BELL . , . .... Huntington, W. Va. WILLIAM MEADE BERKELEY, JR. .... .,.., R ichmond, Va. ARI, LIVINGSTON LUDLOW BIDDLE, III ..... , . .Ligonier-, Pa. ZYI' President, Zeta Psig Lambda Pi. HOUSTON VADEN BLAIR ..., .... W allace, N. C. WALTER LINWOOD BLANKENSI-IIP . . . .... Rhoadesville, Va. HENRY GABRIEL BLOSSER , . . .,...... . . .I-Iarrisonburg, Va. KA Intermediate Honorsg Raven Societyg Varsity Football, '45, Varsity Track Q21 C31 3 Cross Country Q21 g Alpha Phi Omegag Jefferson Society. DONALD JULES BODAY . . . ....... . .... Alexandria, Va TKE Alpha Phi Omegag Track Q11 Q21 g Glee Club. HOWARD BRYAN BONI-IAM, JR. .I.I... . . . . . . . .Arlington, Va EN "Cavalier Daily"g VVrestling QI1 g Lacrosse C31 g T.I.L.K.A. WILLIAM IRVINE BOOTH, JR. ..... ...I,......... ...., D a nville, Va Intervarsity Christian Fellowshipg A.I.A. WILLIAM HENRY BOOZER, JR. ..,............,....... Staunton, Va. UV" Clubg Skull and Keysg Baseball 121. ROBERT KINGSLEY BORMAN . .,....... .... C hicago, Ill. EN Alpha Kappa Psi, Alpha Phi Omegag Skull and Keys. BERNARD EDWARD BORSKI . . . ...... . . Philadelphia, Pa. GX Alpha Kappa Psig Delta Nu Alpha, Skull and Keys. DONALD LEE BOWERS ..,....,........,........ Charlottesville, Va. Phi Eta Sigmag Chess Club, WVesley Club. PEYTON GRAHAM BOWMAN .....................,.. Hampton, Va. "Cavalier Daily"g Track C415 VV.U.V.A.g Dean's List. PPLICA. T FOR DEGREE STANLEY CARLTON BOYCE ..,.,.,...... .... W inchester, Va Phi Beta Pi. MARION SPEED BOYD, JR. ,............ .... M emphis, Tenn. BAE Lambda Pi. JOHN TRACY BRANDON ..,.......,..,...,......... Roxboro, N. C. Jefferson Societyg Virginia Spectator, Advertising Manager. CHARLES ARTHUR BRAUTIGAM ....... .... L Ong Island, N. Y. HKA T.O.G.A. DREW TOLAND BRAZER .... ..... , , Philaclelphia, Pa. ZWI' Lambda Pi. ERNEST HAMPTON BREEDON . . . .... Charlottesville, Va. JOHN PIERCE BRETHERTON, JR. ......... ......... B ala-cynwyd, Pa. KE Alpha Kappa Psig UV" Clubg Soccer Q15 C21 C31 141, Captain Soccer 141g Skull and Keys, CLYDE EDWARD BROWN . . .....,.,. , . Barberton, Ohio BAK 2nd Lt., R.O,T.C.g Dean's List. REUBEN HANCOCK BROADDUS, JR. ..,..... , ..,.. Bowling Green, Va. Phi Eta Sigmag Cross-Country Q31 f.1.J g Track Q3J LQ g N.R.O.T.C.g "V" Clubg Intermediate Honors. LOGAN SPENCER BROWN . . . .,..... . . Richmond, Va. 241112 Lambda Pi. JOHN HORWER BROWNLEY .......,... . . . ..,. Norfolk, Va. EN Fencing c3J g Trident Society. CHARLES AUSTIN BUCK ................... , ..... Far Hills, N, J. Serpentine Club. Virginia Spectator, Advertising Managerg Skull and Keysg First Year Social Committeeg Newman Club. JOHN WALTER BURCH , . . ........ .... B altimore, Md. ATU I.M.P.g T.I.L.K.A.g German Club, Skull and Keysg "VU Clubg Boxing til lzj Q3J f.g.Jg Lacrosse frj Q21 fgl C495 Student Unioug Chairman ofthe Executive Committee of Dormitory Counsellorsg Dean's List. RICHARD FAIRBANKS BURKE . , ,... Morristown, N. COLLEGE 0F ARTS AND SCIENCES WINGFIELD GRIFFIN BURNETT ....... .... R ichmoncl, Va. IDKE Lambda Pig Treasurer, P.K.g Eli Bananag C'irculation Manager, CORKS AND CURLSg "VU Cluhg Swimming Team. WILLIAM ALEXANDER BURROWS .,.., .... R oanoke, Va. KA Alpha Phi Omegag University Riding Club. GOODLOE EDGAR BYRON . , . ..I.. . , .Washington, D. C. KA Dean's Listg Lambda Pig Gamma Theta Upsilong CORKS AND CURLS. HENRY WALKER CALHOUN .,......I.,,.,........,, Farmville, Va. Delta Nu Alphag UV" Cluhg Cross Country QZJ f3JQ Track fzj Q3Jg Soc- cer CQ. JAMES FRANCIS CALLERY, JR. ....,... .... L archmont, N. Y. Xml: Skull and Keysg Jefferson Sahresg "Cavalier Daily"g W'.U.V.A.g University Riding Cluh. ALBERT ATTILIO CAPPIZZANO .,.,........ . . .Carlstaclt, N. Alpha Chi Sigma. JAMES VINCENT CARLEY ...............,.... . . ,At-lington, Va. Newman Cluhg VV.U.V.A. WILSON MALLORY CARRUTI-IERs ...,.... .... M emphis, Tenn. Phi Eta Sigma. BEN MONTGOMERY CART ....,.,.,.,. . . Spartanburg, S. C. TIKA Skull and Keysg First Year Social Committeeg Toga. REVELY BOMAR CARWILE ......,..... .... G ladys, Va. Dean's List. WILLIAM NEVIN CI-IALFANT .,,,,... .... Y ork, Pa. EX Raven Societyg Raven Councilg President, Jefferson Sahresg Alpha Kappa Psig Delta Nu Alphag Lambda Pig Vice-President, Inter-Fraternity Councilg Dean's Listg Intermediate Honorsg Music Department, XV.U.V.A.Q University Band. HAROLD LEE CHANDLER, JR. . . , .,.. Norfolk, Va. DUNCAN DUNBAR CI-IAPLIN, III ,... . . .Chappaqua, N, Y. KE President, Kappa Sigmag Glee Clubg Alpha Kappa Psig Jefferson Societyg Lamhda Pig Trident Societyg Inter-Fraternity Councilg Soccer KIJ fel C313 "V" Cluhg Track Kel g Student Counselling Prograrng N.R.O.T.C.g Committee of ICO. PAT CHARLES . , ..,... . . .Collingswood, N. EIDE JeFFerson Societyg "Cavalier Daily"g XV.U.V.A.g Virginia Players. .PPLICA TS F011 DEGREES ALBERT REYNOLDS CHARLTON ....... .... M adison, Wis. fI1KKIf Newman Clubg Committee of IOO. PEYTON MONCURE CHICHESTER, JR. . . , .... Richmond, Va. X41 A.I.A.g Spectatorg President, Alpha Pi Chi. LOUIS EDWARD CHILDERS, JR. ..,..... .... A rlington, Va. EN Jefferson Societyg DeaII's List. JOSEPH ANDREW CI-IOQUETTE ................... Charlottesville, Va. Rogers Geological Societyg Newman Club. WILLIAM MAXWELL CHRISTIE, JR. A... . , .Charlottesville, Va. ZNI' , International Affairs Association. CHARLES JOHNSON CHURCHMAN, . . . . .Staunton, Va. HENRY BAYARD CLARK, JR. .......,. . . Elizabeth, N. X417 Pi Delta Epsilong German Clubg Skull and Keysg "V" Clubg Fraternities Ecli- tor, CORKS AND CURLSQ Manager, 1950 Varsity Football Team, MYRICK CANFIELD CLARK ..l.. .....,.......,,..... B altimore, Md. EX "V" Clubg Varsity Track CIM Glee Club. ASHTON WHITLEY CLARKE ...............,... Newport News, Va. Column Club. Lambda Pi. HOLDEN MAST CLARKE ............... . ..... Washington, D. C. XCIP Secretary and Vice-President, Jefferson Societyg Spectator Magazineg Ad- junct, VVrestlingg Wrestling C45 g Lambda Pi. MORRIS HIETT CLARKE ....,......,......,..., Moorefielcl, W. Va. ' Committee for Advancement of Racial Understanding. WILLIAM WESLEY CLEGG ...,......,........... Charlottesville, Va. Virginia Playersg Rotunda Stagers. ROBERT EARL CLEVENGER . . . ...... .... G eorgetown, Md. ZXII Skull and Keysg German Clubg T.I.L.K.A. CHARLES K. COATES . . . ...... . .,... Verona, N. KE "Cavalier Daily"g Soccer CID Q25 3 Young Republican Clubg Lambda Pi. COLLEGE 0F ART AND CIENCES LEWIS G. COCHRAN . ,. .... Alexandria, Va. ROBERT JULIUS COFFMAN ..,........., .... C harlottesville, Va. ZKIPE WILLIAM GAITHER, COLMERY, JR, .... .,.. J aclcsonville, Fla. KA Skull and Keys, Alpha Kappa Psi, A.R.G.O., CORKS AND CURLS, Presi- dent, Kappa Alpha Order, Dean's List, Inter-Fraternity Council. TALMAGE NEWMAN COOLEY ........ . ..... Harrisonburg, Va. KE Lambda Pi, P.K. Society, University Band. LEELAND RICHARD CORBETT ...,.....,............,., Chicago, Ill. Dean's List, j.V. Baseball KID, International Affairs Association, History Club, Conquistadores. JOHN DALTON COUIG, JR. . . ,...,............... Scarsdale, N. Y. fI1A9 Business Manager, Treasurer, Board of Directors, W.U.V.A., Soccer Team fry 125 C35 , Lacrosse Team Q25 , Boxing Team fgl, "V" Club, O.D.K. Counsel- ling Group, A.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team. CHARLES WENDELL COVER ,,... ..i..,. , . . Covington, Va. Glee Club. FLOYD KENT Cox ......,......,..............,....... Galax, Va. Vice-President, Baptist Student Union, Cross-Country Cgj C4D, Indoor and Spring Track fgj f4D. WAVERLY ALEXANDER Cox ..,....,.... . ....,. . . .I-Iopewell, Va. American Institute of Architects. LLOYD LANG:-IORNE CRAIG!-IILL .....,.. . . ,Millwood, Va. .ATQ E Vice-President, First Year Social Committee, Student Union, Lambda Pi, P.K, Society, I.F.C. Governing Board, O.D.K. Counsellor, Dean's List, C.V.T.S. FULTON HUNTER CREECH .....,.... .... W ashington, D. C. EN SAM WILSON CRICKENBERGER i.... ..... ....... C h arlottesville, Va. .AT Alpha Kappa Psi, Delta Nu Alpha, Skull and Keys. PERRY GLENN CUNNINGI-IAM ............. South Charleston, W. Va. Column Club. "V" Club, VVrestling fxj. JOHN CHARLES DALTON .,,.,.. ..,.,.....,......... B luefielcl, Va. Dean's List, Undergraduate Assistant in Biology, Biology Club. APPLICAN S F011 DEGREE HENRY PARKER DAVIDSON .,..,..... .... F airfax, Va. GYKNP First Year Social Committee, WALTER HARLEY DAVIDSON ............. .... R ural Retreat, Va. Delta Nu Alpha. GEORGE FREEMAN DAVIS . . . ........ .... P ortsmouth, Va. HKA Skull and Keysg UV" Clubg Varsity Football fzj Cgj Q45 g Varsity Boxing fgb. IRVIN HENRY DAVIS .4w...,,.,...,. .... .... N o 1-folk, Va. AT Trident Societyg Lacrosse CI J. PAUL CONOVER DECKENEACI-I ....,...,. .... B elleville, N. Column Club. Canterbury Club. EDWARD HENDERSON DEETS, JR. ................ Charlottesville, Va. Vice-President, Alpha Kappa Psig Deanls List. WILLIAM HUNTER DE BUTTS, JR. .... .... U pperville, Va. ATU O.D.K.g T.I.L.K.A.g "Z" Societyg Raven Societyg Varsity Track flb 12.1 f3J f4.Jg Student Council, Vice-Presidentg Intermediate Honorsg HV" Cluhg P.K. Societyg First Year Social Committeeg C.V.T.S. STEPHEN DECATUR . . . ..,.... , . .Garden City, N. Y. CIJKNI' Alpha Kappa Psig VVest Lawn Chowder and Marching Society. JOSEPH HENDERSON DENOON ,.., ...... . . .Mounclsville, W. Va. EX Alpha Kappa Psi. CHARLES HUNTER DEVOTO . ....... .... R ichmond, Va. AT Delta Sigmag "Cavalier Dailyf' ERNEST CROCKETT DICKENS, JR. .,....., .... R adford, Va. Delta Sigma, FREDERICK DOYLE DILWORTI-I ....... . . ,Harrisonburg Va. KA RICHARD HANSON DILWORTI-I ,...........,,, . , .I-Iarrisonburg, Va Intermediate Honors. ol-IN KEITH DODD . . . . . .Clifton For e Va g a COLLEGE 0F ARTS AND SCIE CE DONALD MARVIN DOLAN . , . ..., Long Island, N. Y. MYLES DOLINGER . . , ..4...,. . , .Forest Hills, N. Y. KIYEII Lambda Pi. ROBERT GLENN DONALD . . . ......, .... B irmingham, Ala. 'FAQ BYRON LANE DOOLEY . . . ........ .,.. B edford, Va. EIDE Freshman Football, V.M.I., 19463 Intramural OH'ice f4J. GERALD EDWARD DORSEL . . . .,.... . . .Park Hills, Ky. 'CIPKXI' Jefferson Sabresg University Band. ROBERT GEO'RGE DOUMAR . . . ...... .,.. N orfollc, Va. AT Delta Sigmag Delta Nu Alphag A.R.O.T.C. STANLEY WOLFFE DRUCKER ......... , , . . .Newport News, Va. IIHETI Skull and Keysg Editorial Associate, "Cavalier Daily." JOSEPH JANES DUNN .......,....,..,............, Arlington, Va. Rogers Geological Societyg American Association for Advancement of Science, National Speleological Societyg Virginia Academy of Scienceg American Radio Relay Leagueg VV.U.V.A. Staff. ROBERT HAYES DUNN, JR. ...........,......,...,... Danville, Va. American Institute of Architectsg Lambda Pi. HARRY MORGAN DYE, JR. . . ....., .,.. A rlington, Va. EX Alpha Kappa Psig Skull and Keysg A'The Cavalier Daily." DOUGLAS GORDON EBERT . , . .... Winchester, Va. JAMES TAYLOR EDMONDS . . . . ...... . . Eastville, Va. EAE Lambda Pig Dean's List. DOUGLAS RAE EITEL . . , ...... .... W arrenton, Va. EN Jefferson Societyg Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pig The Spectatorg Cavalier Party. PLATO GEORGE ELIADES ........................... Hopewell, Va. Delta Sigma Pig Alpha Societyg R.O.T.C. APPLICANTS F011 DEGREE DANIEL COLLIER ELKIN, JR. ......... ....... .... A t lanta, Ga. XII, Lambda Pig German Dance Societyg I.F.C. Representative. ERNEST GEORGE ELLIOTT . . . . . Plandome, N. Y. GEORGE HYDE ENGEMAN, JR. ..,...,. ..,. A rlingron, Va. Dean's List. LLOYD I-IERMAN ENGLEBY, JR. ......., .... . . Roanoke, Va. KA A.R.O.T.C.g A.R.G.O. JAMES EDWARD ETHERIDGE, JR. .,.., . , .Norfollc, Va. A111 Dean's List. THOMAS F1Tz-I-IUG1-1 EVANS ........ .... W ashington, D. C. AAI' Raveng I.M.P.g T.I.L.K.A.g Phi Eta Sigmag Lambda Pig "V" Clubg First Year Social Committeeg Intermediate Honorsg Alpha Chi Sigmag Dean's Listg Var- sity Baseball CIJ C25 C35 C4,Jg Inter-Fraternity Council Governing Boardg O.D.K, Counsellor. JANE LEE EWELL . . . ...... .... C harlottesville, Va. KA HUGH JAY FAGAN . . . .................. . . ,Teaneclc, N. J. Serpentine Club. Raven Societyg Phi Eta Sigmag Student-Faculty Relations Committeeg Library Committeeg Jefferson Societyg Skull and Keysg President of Serpentine Clubg University of Grenoble, Isere, France. JUAN ANTONI FARIA, JR. ...,..,...,...,..., Bayamon, Puerto Rico Nu Sigma Beta. President of Spanish Clubg Dean's List. IRVING LUIE FAss . . . ........ . . .Norfollc, Va. 'PAH Skull and Keysg Hillel Foundationg "Cavalier Daily." JARED STANLEY FELLMAN. . . .,...... ,.., F orest Hills, N. Y. AEII Hillel Foundationg Dean's List. MARSHALL TRENT FERGUSON ........ . . Lynchburg, Va. KE WINTHROP KENT PERNALD ..... ...., .,.. L o ngmeaclow, Mass. SAX ROBERT JETT FIELD ........................ . . Roanoke, Va. Dean's Listg Glee Cluh. COLLEGE 0F ART AND CIE CE WALTER W. FINNEGAN . . . ........ . . . .Atlanta, Ga. SAX Skull and Keys, Boxing QIJ, JOHN GILBERT FIRTI-I . . . ........ . . ,I-Iampton, Va. ITKA Delta Sigma Pi, Sigma Delta Psi, Track C31 , Cross-Country QIJ , A.R.0.T.C. GLENWOOD F. FISCHER . . .... Shenandoah, Va. PHILIP CLINTON FISHER ...I..,...,........ . . .Towanda, Pa. Rogers Geological Society. JOHN ROBERT FLEENOR . . . ...... ,... J onesboro, Tenn. AT JAMES EDWARD FLEMING . . . ....... . . ,Charlottesville, Va. 'DFA International Relations Club, University Skeet Club. CHARLIE RUDELL FLORA . , . . . , Charlottesville, Va. WILLIAM ALEXANDER FORREST, JR. .,.. . . Richmond, Va. ARE I.M.P., T.I.L.K.A., German Club, Skull and Keys, Pi Delta Epsilon, "V" Club, Assistant Business Manager, "Cavalier Daily", Senior Manager, Intra- mural Athletic Program, President, German, Steering Committee, O.D.K. Counselling Service, Cheerleaflerg Glee Club, Wg" Society. DAVID SMITH FOSTER . . ..... . , .Greenville, Del. ZXII Skull and Keys LAYTON MORRIS FRANKLIN ,......... ..... I . . Portsmouth, Va. Kappa Sigma Kappa. DONALD NORMAN FREMD .......................... Louisville, Ky. Jabberwock Society, Young Republican Club. MARK PEYSER FRIEDLANDER, JR. ....,..... ...... F alls Church, Va. ZBT President, Zeta Beta Tau, JeHerson Society, Skull and Keys, Pi Delta Epsilon, Raven Society, German Club, First Year Social Committee, College Topics, Associate City Editor, Intramural Boxing Champion, Dean's List, Intermedi- ate Honors, Virginia Intercollegiate Press Association, O.D.K. Counsellor, Associate Editor, Business Manager, Virginia Spectator. HOWARD LEE FRUMIN , . . .,........ ..... C hattanooga, Tenn. ZBT Lambda Pi, P.K. Society, Friends, Distributing Manager, Virginia Specta- tor, Wrestling QIJ fzj. ROBERT WILLIAM GAMBINO ......... .,.. M artinsburg, W. Va. EX Pi Delta Epsilon, Staff Coordinator, Office Manager, Spectator, Varsity Box- ing fgl f4J , "V" Club, DeaII's List, Jefferson Sabres. PPLICA T Fllll DEGREE FREDERICK ELLINGTON GARBEE , . .,................ Lynchburg, Va. Glee Clubg Bibliographical Society, "Cavalier Daily"g Radio VVorkshop. CHARLES IRVIN GARRETT, JR. ....,.... . . . .... Warrenton, Va. Zfbli "Cavalier Dailyng Trident Societyg Faquier Cavaliers. WILLIAM GATEWOOD ...... ..,......... .... R i chmoncl, Va. ITKA Lambda Pig College Topics. LLOYD REx GATTEN , . . . . ........ . . . . . . . .McLean, Va. ZX Raven Society, Secretary, German Societyg Vice-President, Sigma Chig Pi Delta Epsilong Lambda Pig Jefferson Societyg College Topicsg Associate Edi- tor and Editor-in-Chief, Virginia Spectatorg Executive Committee, Virginia Intercollegiate Press Association, Bibliographical Societyg Dean's Listg Inter- mediate Honors. MICHAEL REES GENT1-I . . . .,..... . . .New York, N. Y. GX JOSEPH EDWIN GIBSON .............,........ ..... U pperville, Va. Jefferson Societyg Virginia Spectatorg Dean's List, CHARLES EDGAR GILLIAM, JR. ........ . . . ,.... Petersburg, Va. B911 Skull and Keysg "V" Clubg Manager, Varsity Wrestling. GUY PHILIP GILLIAM ......,...,......,.......... St. Charles, Va. SCARABg American Institute of Architects. BRUCE FRANKLIN GINCRICI-I ,....... . . .Mount Joy, Pa. Xi' EDWIN EUGENE GOLDMAN ......,...,....... . . Portsmouth, Va. Kappa Sigma Kappa. ALVIN ABRAM GORDON . . . ........... . .... Portsmouth, Va. .AEH Sigma Rhog Lambda Pig Denn's Listg Hillel Foundationg Virginia Players. ALAN W. GORDON . . . ......., .... N ewport News, Va. IIIICII Skull and Keys, Dean's Listg "Cavalier Daily." I-IERSCHEI. C. GORE, JR. . . . . -Salem, VH- RAYMOND ALFRED GORE, JR. ........ .... B altimore, Md. ZXI' Skull and Keysg Lacrosse QIJ fzj C3I. CIILLEGE 0191-IRT AND CIE CE J. RICHARD GORMLY , . . ..,. Virginia Beach, Va. JOI-IN PAUL REUBEN GOSE ..........,..,..,.. North Tazewell, Va. Delta Nu Alphag Alpha Phi Omegag CORKS AND CURLSQ Dean's Listg Young Republican Clubg First Year Social Committeeg International Rela- tions Cluhg A.R.O.T.C.g Student Committeeg National Speleological Society. DANIEL ZAEGER GRAVES . , .,.. Maple Heights, Ohio BELVER CALLIS GRIFFITH . , . .... Hampton, Va. JAMES DONALD HAASE ..,...........4 .... R ichmond, Va. Column Club. GARDINER MORTON HAIGHT ,....................... Pitman, N. Delta Sigma Pig University Bandg Dean's Listg W.U.V.A. FREDERICK CHARLES HAMER, JR. ........ ,... . . .Staunton, Va. EN L.S.A.g Delta Nu Alphag R.O.T.C.g Jefferson Sabersg Dean's List. DALE CONWAY HAMILTON ............,.,.... .... P ortsmouth, Va. Alpha Rho Chig American Institute of Architcctsg Dcan's Listg Portsmouth Cavalier Club. LANGDON FLEMING HANKINS, JR. .....,......,.. Charlottesville, Va. Student Partyg Debating Teamg Y.M.C.A. Cabinetg International Affairs As- sociationg International Relations Club. EDWIN LEWIS HANSEN, JR. .,.....,.. .....i... F redericlcsburg, Va. KE Lambda Pig Alpha Kappa Psig Eli Bananag "V" Clubg I.M.P.g Varsity Foot- ball C25 C35 147- I RICHARD VAN EMON I-IANTZMON . . . . . .Chatlottesville, Va. WILLIAM ROBERT HARLAN, JR. ......, , . . . .,.. Richmond, Va. KA Phi Eta Sigmag Alpha Chi Sigmag Intermediate Honors. CHARLES HAMILTON HARPER, JR. ..........,,...... Baltimore, Md. Delta Sigma Pig Pi Delta Epsilong Associate Sports Editor, "Cavalier Daily"g Manager, Varsity Lacrosseg Jefferson Societyg VVest Lawn Chowder and Marching Societyg "V" Clubg Dean's List. JAMES ALLIE HARPER, JR. , . . ....., .... F armville, Va. K A Alpha Kappa Psig A.R.G.O.g CORKS AND CURLS. APPLICA TS FOR DEGREE ARTHUR RUFUS HARRIS .......,..... ..,. C harlottesville, Va Dean's List. EDWARD DAVIS HARRIS ..,....,,.,.,..... . . .South Norfolk, Va Sigma Eta Pi. STANLEY SUTHERLAND HARRIS ....., .......... W ashington, D. C f1'KE Skull and Keysg "V" Clubg Varsity Baseball CID Czj C35 C41 Q Dean's List. WILLIAM PI-IILLIP HARRIS , . . .... Richmond, Va. MARION EDWYN HARRISON, II ,........ ...... ,..... A r lington, Va. President, Delta Sigma Rhog Secretary, jefferson Societyg Alpha Phi Omegag Young Republican Clubg Canterbury Clubg Virginia Debatersg Dean's List. MURRAY MARVIN HAUSNER .... ..,................ P etersburg, Va. Phi Eta Sigmag Dean's Listg Student Sociological Societyg Hillel Foundationg College Anthology of Poetryg Varsity Fencing Team Cglg Virginia Players. JOHN KEHOE HASTINGS ....I....... . . . .,.... New York, N. Y. GAX Gamma Theta Upsilong Founding Groupg VV.U.V.A. FRANKLIN WARREN HAYNIE ,.,.......,,.... . ....,.. Reedville, Va. American Association of Architects. GRANT BRAYTON I-IAYWARD .,....... .,.. S carsdale, N. Y. DIPE Lambda Pig Lacrosse C25 C35 C41 g Track CID C21 g Basketball C27 g Cavalier Cavalier Party! Intramural Manager. JOSEPH EDWARD HEALY, JR. ....,,,....,.. .... . . . . .I-Iampton, Va. IIIKXI' Skull and Keysg Announcer, W.U.V.A.g Track Adjunct. RICHARD RANDOLPH HEGAMASTER .... ..,. T oledo, Ohio fIi1'A Alpha Kappa Psig Skull and Keys. SAMUEL BURGES HELLIER .,................... Long Island, N. Y. KIDKKI' Lambda Pig CORKS AND CURLSQ VV.U.V.A. IAN NAISMITH HEMMING ........... .... S alisbury, Md. ZKI' Lambda Pig P.K. Societyg T.I.L.K.A.g I.M.P.g Lacrosse CID C21 C3l C413 Soccer CIJ CZDQ President, Secretary, HV" Clubq Inter-Fraternity Council. CHARLES FRANCIS HILEMAN .................. . , .Hillsboro, Va. R.O.T.C.g Students' Party. COLLEGE 0F ART AND CIE CE THOMAS BENNET HILTON ,......................... Roanoke, Va. Kappa Kappa Psi, N.R.O.T.C.g Chi Beta Phig University Band, N.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team, Dean's List. JOHN HALL I-IIXON . . . .......,., . .... Jacksonville, Fla. KA Skull and Keysg P.K, Society, Alpha Kappa Psig J.V. Basketball QIJ 5 A.R.G.O. WILLIAM PIERCE HOAGLAND .,....., .... L ouisville, Ky. AKE Eli Banana, Lambda Pig Manager, Basketballg Adjunct, Basketball. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN HOFFMAN ....... ,...,....... B altimore, Mcl. Delta Nu Alpbag Kappa Kappa Psi, University Bandg W.U.V.A. JOHN ALLEN HOLLINGSWORTH .................... Alexandria, Va H259 Alpha Kappa Psi, Skull and Keys, "V" Club, T.I.L.K.A.g Varsity Boxing QU Qzj Q4J, Co-Captain Boxing C413 R.O.T.C. ARNOLD I-IOLST . , .,.. Arlington, Va MARVIN JACKSON HORNSBY . . . . . . .Norfolk, Va ESTEL CHRISTIAN HOSTETTLER, JR. . . .,.. Arlington, Va EN Alpha Kappa Psi, Lambda Pig J.V. Football CII. GEORGE PRATT HOWARD , . . . . . .New York, N. Y PAUL OSMON HOWARD .................. . . . ...., Norton, Va Column Club. Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, President, Inter-Faith Committee'S Inter-Racial Committee. JACOB HAMILTON HUFFMAN, JR. ...................... Doran, Va The Virginia Spectator, College Topics, Dean's List. ROBERT MORTON HUGHES, III .......... .... N orfolk, Va Serpentine Club. Canterbury Clubg N.R.O.T.C. THOMAS L. HUME, IV .,... ....,......... ,.,. W a shington, D. C 'IPKE Lambda Pig VV.U.V.A. WILLIAM DARLINGTON HUMPHRIES .... . . . .... Chevy Chase, Md. GAX Lambda Pig Jefferson Societyg Dean's List. APPLICA I T E011 DEGREE ROBERT LEO HURLEY . . . .......... ...... L ongmeadow, Mass. SAX Lambda Pig "Cavalier Daily"g Varsity Soccer fzj Cgjg J.V. Baseball fljg Varsity Boxing CID 5 "V" Clubg Dormitory Counsellor. ROBERT OLIVER HYDE . . . ........ . . .lVlemphis, Tenn. EAE Chairman of the Honor Committeeg President of the Collegeg President of the Student Uniong Associate Editor, "Cavalier Daily"g Bad Check Committeeg Freshman Footballg First Year Social Committeeg First Year Counsellorg Pi Delta Epsilong Skull and Keysg P.K. Societyg T.I.L.K.A.g O.D.K.g "Ig" So- cietyg "ZF HAROLD EDWARD JACKSON, JR. ...,......, . . Birmingham, Ala. Column Club. Skull and Keysg Jefferson Sabresg Rifle Team fgj QQ 5 Riding Club. HERBERT WORTH JACKSON, III ..,.. ,... R ichmond, Va. AAI' Lambda Pig Vice-President, P.K. Societyg T.I.L.K.A.g I.M.P.g Pi Delta Epsi- long Managing Editorg CORKS AND CURLS. FRANCIS COLEMAN JAMES ..., .... N assawaclox, Va. WILLIAM ALFRED JAMES ............. . . .... Roanoke, Va. W1'CStlillg fzj. OWEN HUGHES JANDER ...........,...,,..... .Tangier Island, Va. Glee Clubg Orchestrng Tuesday Evening Concert Group Boardg Dean's List. TAYLOR HENRY JEFFERSON .,....... ........ A rlington, Va. 9X Track fgj g Speleological Societyg Rogers Societyg R.O.T.C. Rifle Team Q25 Q31 C45- EvANs BUTLER JESSEE ,..,......,...,......, .... , . Roanoke, Va. Dean's Listg Glee Clubg Newman Club. PETER JOANNIDES ..... .......,.........,..,...,... H ampton, Va. Phi Eta Sigmag Jefferson Society. JEREMY JOHN . , . .....,. . , Birmingham, Mich. XXI' CORKS AND CURLSQ Soccer fel 5 VV.U.V.A. DANIEL BRUCE JOHNSON .... ...... .... W a shington, D. C. EN Varsity Fencingg Dormitory Counsellor. EDWARD CALVIN JOHNSON , . . . , .I-Iampton, Va. JAMES GORDON JOHNSON ,... ........ .... R O anolce, Va. BGII COLLEGE 0F ART AND CIE CE RICHARD L. JOHNSON ...A.......,............ Bound Brook, N. J Gamma Iota Alpha. Glee Club, National Speleological Societyg Rogers Society. WILLIARI RANDALL JOHNSON, JR. ,.,. . , .I-Iampton, Va EX FREDERICK BERNARD JONES .......... , ,....... . . . .I-Iollis, N. Y EWIIE Delta Sigma Pig Young Republican Club, Lambda Pi. RICHARD ELLIS JONES, III .,.,.,................ New York, N. Y International Affairs Association, Intermediate Honors. JAMES MCLAUREN JORDON ....,........... . , ..., Blackstone, Va. Baseball fljg N.R.O.'1'.C. JAMES R. KELLER , . . . , .Winchester, Va. KEMPER LOIWRY KELLOGG, JR. .......,. , . , . Newport News, Va. Column Club. El Centro Hispano, MAX CLEVELAND KENNEDY ........, , . .Charlottesville, Va. KE Lambda Pig Alpha Kappa Psi, Dean's List. JOSEPH C, KENT .. . .............,.,. .... S altville, Va. Alpha Rho Chi. PHILIP MCCAFFREY KERNAN, JR. . . .,....,........ Winchester, Va. Phi Beta Pig Medical R.O.T.C.g Cavalier Club of ENHHCIIESYCY and Fredrick County, Intermediate Honors. WILLIAM BYRON KERNER ....,.,..,..,.,..,..., Kernersville, N. C. Serpentine Club. Lambda Pig P.K. Societyg Glee Club, Dean's List, O.D.K. Counsellor. JAMES ALEXANDER KERR . . . . . .Charlottesville, Va. CHARLES KENAN KESSINGER , . . , . .Covington, Va. APPLICA T FOR DEGREE ROBERT LESTER JONES . . . ....... , . . Jaclcsonville, Plz? KA ROBERT SAMUEL KEY, JR. ............,..,...,. Newport News, Va. University Bandg Dean's Listg V.P.I. Bandg Glee Clubg Orchestra, Honor Court Representative. JOHN ROBERT KINDELL ..... ................,. V irginia Beach, Va. Delta Nu Alphag West Lawn Chowder and Marching Societyg A.R.O.T.C. Rifle Team Q21 fgj 141. PAUL FREDERICK KINNUCAN ...,................,. . . ,Chicago, Ill. "Cavalier Daily"g Dean's Listg Young Republican Club. HUBERT I. KLEINPETER, III ....,,,.. . . . .Chevy Chase, Mcl. EX jefferson Societyg Pi Delta Epsilong Spectator Magazine. ARLAND THEODORE KLINE .......,,., ..., B inghamton, N. Y. EN VV.U.V.A.g Young Republican Clubg Dean's List. VINCENT DEPAUL KLUCZ .,................... ..... N orfolk, Va. Newman Clubg Virginia Players, JAMES WILLIAM Koorsrrz, II ......... . . . .... Garrison, Md. GMX Varsity VVrestling KID. EVAN THOMAS KRIEGER ,I.,,...............,.,. Hackensack, N, J. AETI Dean's Listg Skull and Keysg President, Alpha Epsilon Pig Treasurer, Hillel Foundationg Inter-Fraternity Council. COOPER DAVE KUNKEL ................. .... N orton, Va. Column Club. Dean's List. GORDON EMMETT LAMKIN, JR. .,....., . . .Hampton, Va. 2-PE ' CHARLES A. LAUNI . . . . . ,AI-lington, Va. ARTHUR EDMUND LAYNE ................. . . ,.,. Greenwood, Va. Francis Du Pont Scholarship. EDWARD ARCHER LEAKE, JR. ..,.,..,. ...... . . Richmond, Va. ANI' Skull and Keysg Secretary, P.K. Dance Societyg Eli Bananag Varsity Basket- ball Managerg "V" Clubg O.D.K. Service Counsellorg I.M.P. WALTER W. LEE, III .........,....,........... New York, N. Y. VVrestling CID Q National Speleological Society. COLLllGE 0F ARTS AND SCIE CE I JOI-IN GRAYDON LEGG ...............,. . . ........ Leesburg, Va. XK'1' Lambda Pig Pi Delta EpSilong A.R.G.0.g Inter-Fraternity Councilg O.D.K. Counsellorg First Year Social Committeeg Features Editor, CORKS AND CURLS 5 Jefferson Sabresg Intramural Council. JAMES EDWIN LEI-IAN . . . ...,.... . . .Milwaulcee, Wis. EX Jefferson Society, Alpha Kappa Psig HV" Clubg Varsity Soccer Q21 C315 O.D.K. Counsellor. MENDE M. LERNER , . . ....... . . Baltimore, Md. AEII Sigma Rhog Skull and Keysg Hillel. MARVIN JULES LESSER .,.,..................,..,.. Savannah, Ga. ZBT Pi Delta Epsilong "Cavalier Daily," Advertising Managerg Intermediate Hon- orsg Skull and Keysg Dean's List. DONALD MARVIN LEVY ................., .,......,.. S uifolk, Va. AEII Phi Eta Sigmag Intermediate Honorsg Spectator Magazineg Cross-Country Club fzjg I-Iillel Cabinetg Lambda Pi. TI-IOMAS CLAGETT LEWIS . . . ........ , . . . , .Newton, Pa. EIDE 'lCavalier Daily"g Spectator. WILLIAM CAUFFIEL LICKLE ..,...... , , . .Wiln1ington, Del. KA Intermetliate Honorsg Dean's Listg Skull and Keysg N.R.O.T.C.g VV.U.V.A. HARVEY LEE LINDSAY, JR. ...,...... ...........,.. N orfolk, Va. AKE Lambda Pig Eli Bananag "Cavalier Daily"g CORKS AND CURLSg Varsity Lacrosse Q35 CID 3 "V" Clubg Intramural Council. JOI-IN LAWRENCE LINDSAY, JR. . . . , .Norfollc, Va. ROBERT BALDWIN LLOYD . . .,..,,,. .... W estover, Va. GX Track fzj Q Vice-President, Canterbury Clubg Student Vestry, St. Paul'S Church. CHARLES MARION LOBBAN , , , ...............,.,. Alderson, W. Va. Jefferson Sabresg Freshman Football KID. JOI-IN JAMES LOFLIN, JR, . . ...... ...., A rlington, Va. SAE "Cavalier Daily"g President, Cavalier Partyg President, International Rela- tions Clubg President, Jefferson Societyg O.D.K, Connsellorg Young Democratic Club. EVERETT EDWARD LUMSDEN . I .,... Mineral, Va. RALPI-I BUXTON LUTTERLOH ....,,...., .... F ayetteville, N. C Dean's List. APPLICA T F011 DEGREE ROBERT FRANCIS LYLE .. . ,...,.. .A.. N Orfollc, Va. JJKE Intramural Boxing Champion, Track KID C25 C31 f4.jg HV" Club, Dean'S List, Lambda Pi. CLYDE EDMOND MCCLINTOCK .....................,. Bedford, Va. Scarabg American Institute of Architects. THOMAS RUSSELL MCCONCI-IIE ...,. ,... ..,. C h arlottesville, Va. AT, AKII' University, Band. HAROLD SANDERS MCCONNELL ...,. .... A bingdon, Va. KA Trigon, Trident Society, N.R.O.T.C. HARRISON LOU MCCOY ............ . .... Winchester, Va. AT Raven Societyg Phi Eta Sigmag Intermediate Honorsg Dean'S Listg Jefferson Soeietyg Spectatorg Delta Nu Alphag Glee Clubg "Cavalier Club." HUNTER HOLMES MCGUIRE, JR, ..... .... R ichmond, Va. 'I'K'I' jefferson Society. WlI.I.IAM HOWARD MCLARIN .......,..., ......,.., L imeton, Va. Wrestling 131, Cross-Country Cglg Track lglg C425 Glee Club, "V" Club. DANIEL WALTER MCVEY .,..,.... . . . . .... Newark, Del. EN Delta Sigma Pig -Ieffersori Society, Skull and Keys, Riding Clubg Young Republican Club. THOMAS H. MADDUX, III .....,.,.......... ..... R emington, Va. EAE Skull and Keys, German Clubg I,F.C.g T.I.L.K.A.g I.M.P.g Track C11 C21 f3l C45- STANLEY JACOB MAGENHEIMER , ..... ..., L Ong Island, N. Y. BGII Phi Eta Sigmag Raveng Skull and Keysg Varsity Baseball Czjg Dcan's List, Iiitermediate Honors, Eli Banana. HOMER OMANS MAINS, JR, ............,..., . . .Tampa, Fla. President, Newman Club. BRUCE LEON MANWARREN .,...,.,.. ,... A rlington, Va. AT WIRT PEEBLES MARKS, III ......,.. .... R ichmond, Va. rlvlixll College Topics, CORKS AND CURLSg Skull and Keys. DOMINIC CHARLES MARINO .............,,..... Waterbury, Conn. Glee Clubg Riding Club, Virginia Players. COLLEGE 0F ART D SCIE CES VINCE F. MARSHALL . . ........... .... N orfollc,' Va. IIKA Varsity Boxingg Eli Banana. WILLIAM CLARKSON MARSHALL .... Beclforcl, Va. .AXP T.I.L.K.A.g I.M.P.g Varsity Football Czj C333 J.V. Football Crjg Student Councilg R.O.T.C.g Glee Clubg Student Uniong Skull and Keysg President of First Year Social Committee. CARLTON EDWARD MARTIN . . . ...,... Schyuler, Va. GROVER ALLEN MASTERSON ...,..... .... C hattanooga, Tenn. 'IPAQ 'I'.I.L.K.A.g I.M.P.g Jelferson Sabresg Skull and Keysg Varsity Boxing CIJ Czj C35 C41 g Varsity Cross-Country C33 g Co-Captain, Boxingg Secretary-Treasurer of the College C415 Cadet Colonelg Regimental Commanderg A.R.O.T.C.g . Dean's Listg "Ig" Societyg O.D.K. ELLSWORTH MORGAN MAXWELL, JR. . . . ..,4 Bridgeton, N. J. ox Delta. Sigma Pi. GERALD STANLEY MAY ....,.....,.,.,. , . .Briarcliff Manor, N. Y. Dean's List. WILLIAM NASH MAYS ...,,.......,............... Amherst, Va. CORKS AND CURLSQ V. Baseball THOMAS MARSHALL MEHRING ......, .... S uifollc, Va. BAE Lambda Pig German Clnbg J. V. Football CID Czj. SAMUEL RIVES MEREDITH, JR. ...... ,....... S carsole, N. Y. zq, Theta Tang "V" Clubg Lacrosse CID C21 WILLIAM MASSIE MEREDITH . .,..... .... L awrenceville, Va. Axlr J.V. Football CID g Varsity Football C25 g President, Lambda Pig Student Coun- cil Presidentg Summer Session Honor Committeeg T.I.L.K.A.g I.M.P. Societyg Student Counselling Service. JOHN GRATTAN METZ . . ,...... .... R oclcville Centre, N. Y. SX ADDINELL I-IEwsoN MICI-IIE, JR. ..... . . .ClIarlottesville, Va. GAX Glee Clubg VV.U.V.A. LEIGH BENJAMIN MIDDLEDITCH, JR. .,.,. , . .Grosse Pointe, Mich. AT'Q Lambda Pig German Dance Societyg Varsity Soccer CIJ C21 C35 C4.J 5 Lacrosse CIJ C22 C3J C4,Jg "V" Clubg N.R.O.T.C.g VV.U.V.A.g Deun's Listg Student Counselling Service. RICHARD JOSEPH MILAN ........................... Roanoke, Va. Newman Clubg Young Republican Club. PPLICA T EOR DEGREE MILTON PAUL MILLER , . . .A.,..... . . .I-Iarrisonburg, Va ZBT STANLEY GENE MILLER . . . .,...... . . .Richmond, Va. YIJEII Lambda Pi, Phi Delta Epsilon, 'iCavalier Daily", Assistant Advertising Man- ager. WALTER THOMAS MILLINER ...,....,.............. Accomac, Va. Al ha Rho Chi' President Scarab, Vice-Presideiit, American Institute of Ar- P chiiects, Copdley Hill Council, Student Committee. ROBERT LATI-IAN MILLS, JR, .....,.... . . .Danville, Va. HKA Lambda Pi, Cheerleader C21 133, Head Cheerleader QD, "V" Club, Eli Banana. FRANK MALCOLM MINOR, JR. ................ . . .Montclair, N. X413 Skull and Keys, Track CID fab fgj fp, Soccer tzjg Fall Track QIJ, Glee Club. I-IENRY MONCURE, JR, ......,............,......... Radford, Va. AT Intermediate I-Ionors, Raven Society, President, Delta Upsilon, Alpha Chi Sigma Photographic Society, Trident Society. ALFRED DYER MORRIS ,... .,...........I...,..,,.... P ound, Va. Raven Society, Intermediate Honors, Varsity Basketball Qzj Q35 143, O.D.K. Counsellor. CLYDE LINWOOD MORRIS ,,............,............. Fairfax, Va. EX Pi Delta Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Psi, Jefferson Sabres, Virginia Spectator, As- sociate Business Manager, Intramural Boxing Champion, Publication Com- mittee of Student Council. - JACK KEELING MOULTON .. A .... Norfolk, Va. ALBERT GIRARD MUMMA, JR. .......,.,....,. San Francisco, Calif. Alpha Rho Chi, Scarab, American Institute of Architects. JoI-IN DURBURROW MUNFORD, II ..,....,..,.,..... Richmond, Va. 'KIPKE President, Phi Kappa Sigma, Eli Banana, Pi Delta Epsilon, Lambda Pi, P-K Dance Society, "I3" Society, Business Manager, CORKS AND CURLS, Col- lege Topics, President, Student Council, Governing Board, Inter-Fraternity Council, Student Faculty Relations Committee, First Year Social Committee, O.D.K. Counselling Service. JAMES LEROY MYERS . . ......... .,.. B altimore, Md. EX Raven Society, Intermediate I-Ionors, First Year Social Committee, VV.U.V.A. Corporation,'Music Director, VV.U.V.A., University Band, Jefferson Sabres, A.R.O.T.C., A.'R.O.T.C. Band, Manager, Student Dance Band. JoHN I-I. NEAL . . . ........... .... F ails Church, Va. AT Lambda Pi. JOSEPH IRWIN NEVINS, JR, ....,...... .... B roolclyn, N. Y. GAX Skull and Keys, German Club, Football CIJ Cal , Track CIJ Czj , N.R.O.T.C. coniai or ART AND SCIE CE 78 WILLIAM THOMAS NICHOLS .............,....,..., Lakeland, Fla. Phi Eta Sigma, IPR111115 Listg Intermediate Honorsg Glee Cluhg Baptist Student Union, Candidate for Degree with Honors. JOHN EARL NIELSON . . . , . ....... .... K ansas City, Mo. TKE Skull and Keysg Swimming Kal. SIDNEY E. NILES . . .... Newport News, Va. FRANK STONE NOEL . . ..r.,.,. .... R oanolce, Va. IIKA Scarabg American Institute of Architects. BERYL RAY NOLAN . . . .,.. Fredericksburg, Va. JOHN DAVIS NORFLEET . . . ....... .,.. H ickory, Va. AT JOHN IRWIN NORRIS, JR. ..,.,. ........... .... R i chmond, Va. J.V. Football Ill. JOHN CANNON NORTH, II .......,.,................ Easton, Md. Vice-President, W'esley Clubg President, Y.M.C.A.g Dean's List. BERKLEY EARL NORVELL, JR, . ....... .... I-I ampton, Va. AT Dean's List. RICHARD LANGHORNE NUNLEY ..... . . . , Charlottesville, Va. EWIYE Jefferson Sabresg Delta Nu Alphag Varsity Swimming CIM R.O.T.C. Rilie Team, Intramural Council. CHARLES RAY ODOM ....,..,.................,.,. Boissevain, Va. Column Cluhg Skull and Keysg Dean's Listg Riding Cluhg Student-Faculty Relations Committee. KENNETH I-IOWLANO OKKERSE , . ........,..,,.. .VVestwood, N, Kappa Kappa Psig University Band, University Orchestrag Glee Clubg Vir- ginia Players, Band President, Librarian, and Student Directorg R.O.T.C. Band. KENNETH GAINES PAGE .,.. ..,......,..,.,...,. P asadena, Calif. Column Clubg Gamma Theta Upsilon, WILLIAM HENRY PARRISH .......,... .... R ichmond, Va. B911 Skull and Keysg German Society, Intramural Council. APPLICANTS E011 DEGREE ROBERT ALLAN LACY PAYLOR ,,..A........,.... . . Chatham, Va. Bibliographic Societyg Dean's List. ROGER HOBART PERRY . . . ,...... . .... Arlington, Va. .AT Kappa Kappa Psig Virginia Spectatorg University Bandg Dean's List. FREDERIC HOUGHTON PHILLIPS , .... . . .... Devon, Pa. 'IPAQ Skull and Keysg P-K Societyg Eli Bananag I.M.P. Society, HV" Club, Golf fry fill Cgl f.l.lg Captain Golf C413 Athletic Counsel. ALBERT OGDEN PIERROT ....,........... ..,. B luemont, Va. Serpentine Club Jefferson Society, Skull and Keysg Vice-President of Serpentine Clubg Univer- sity Of Grenoble, Isere, France, Tuesday Evening Concert Group. JAMES. D. PIETRANGELI .....,................,.,.. Massillon, Ohio Undergracluate Assistant in Biology. CHARLES DANDRIDGE PITTMAN ,..... .... N orfollc, Va. GAX JOHN SHERMAN PIXLEY ..............,.... . . .Goldvein, Va. El Centro Hispanol. WILLIAM ORIS POLLARD, JR. .. .... Arlington, Va. ORLAND EDWARD POLLOCK, JR. ...,, .... N or-folk, Va. AT Jahlwerwnek Societyg ,Publicity Uirectorg Glee Club. NICHOLAS LEWIS POLLOCK, III ......... . . , .Williamsburg, Va. l'Jean's List. ROBERT LENON PORTER ......,................. Ridgewood, N, J. Rotunda Stzngersg Denn's List. JAMES HUGH POWELL .. ,.., Louisville, Ky. EN Lambda Pig Glee Club. RONALD PREZIOSO' , . ,........,.............,.. Pearl River, N. Y. Trident Societyg VVrestling 12.1 Q35 Q Track Czj. PAUL E. PRILLMAN . . . , ..,.. , . , . . .Ronceverte, W. Va. .AKT A Calcnnian Clubg Dean's Listg R.O.T.C. COLLEGE 0F ART AND SCIENCES RALPH ELBERT PRITTS, JR. .....,.,....,., .... O akland, Md. Delta Nu Alpha. ROY ANDREW PYLES . . . .,,., . . .Mount Ranier, Md. .SX "Cavalier Daily"g Jefferson Societyg Alpha Kappa Psig O.D.K. Steering Com- mitteeg Board of Directorsg Virginia Spectator. NELSON C. RANCORN ..........,,.l.., ...... I-I ilton Village, Va. "VU Clulig American Institute of Architectsg Varsity Track C15 Q25 K35. VIRGIL PATRICK RANDOLPH, III ......, . . . . . .... Richmond, Va. 11-lol' Raven Societyg Jeffersori Socictyg Virginia Spcctatorg VVeSt Lawn Cliowtler antl Marching Society. JACK DOOLEY REED . . ..,... ...Woodford, Va. EX "VU Cluhg Varsity Fexicing Q25 135 C455 Captain Fencing Team C455 Infra- mural Boxing Champion. FHORBURN REID, III . . . ..,,.,., ,... P ortland, Ore. ATL? Hi Delta Epsilong Jefferson Societyg Skull and Keysg P-K Societyg First Year Dormitory Counsellor, "Cavalier Daily" Sports Editor, Debate Team, NR. 0.T.C.g VVest Lawn Chowder and Marching Socictyg Historian of The College 135 g Dean'S List. EDWARD FRANCIS XAVIER REISS ,.... ,.,. L alcewood, Ohio I-I-ao JACOB ADOLPI-IUS RENDLEMAN, JR, . . ..,. Salisbury, N. C. WILLIAM NEWTON REYNOLDS ...,..., . , . .CharlOttesville, Va. R.O.T.C. DAVIS L. RIANI-IARD . . . , .... . . ,Reho-both, Del. BAE Skull and Keysg "Cavalier Daily"g Intramural Council. ROBERT FRANCIS RITCI-IIE, III ....... , . Richmond, Va. E'I111l Intramural Councilg Football fz5 C35 14.55 Boxing KI5 C31 1459 Lacrosse K35 3 Jefferson Societyg Skull and Keys. JAMES CLIFTON ROBERSON , . , ,...., . . Pound, Va. 'DAQ O.D.K. First Year Counselorg Varsity Basltetball Manager, "V" Club: Vir- ginia Dcliatcrs. EUGENE SAUNDERS ROBERTS ......,,,.. , . .I-Iavana, Cuba Dcan'S Lint. PAUL SMITHSON ROBERTS . , . .. Charlottesville, Va. APPLICANTS EOR DEGREE ANDREW LEONARD ROBINSON ...,.......,. Column Club President Column Clubg Lambda Pig UV" Club, Varsity Tennis 131. WALTER CYRIL ROBINSON, III ...... AT JOHNA.RORER,JR.... EKIPE DANIEL ROSENBLOOM . . . .A.. . . . . KIIEH Dean's Listg "Cavalier Daily" Business StaFfg VV.U. THOMAS I. ROSETTI . . . . , .,.,. . . . . . EN . , . . . . Jenkintown, Pa Inter-Fraternity Council , . . .Newport News, Va . . . .Charlottesville, Va . . . . . Lawrence, N. Y. V.A.g Lambda Pig R.O.T.C. . ......... Staunton, Va Skull and Keysg Swimming Team C25 g YV.U.V.A. WILLIAM WALKER ROWAN, III ..... ANI' . . . .Charlottesville, Va. Vice-President, Student Uniong President, Jefferson Society: Jabberwockg VVest Lawn Chowder and Marching Society, International Affairs Associationg Lambda Pig "Cavalier Party"g Member Board Spectator Corporation. LINDSAY HARRISON RUDD, JR. ...... . 211,12 . . . .BloomHeld, N. Lambda Pig "Cavalier Daily." WILLIAM HAMILTON RUSSELL, JR. ............. . Serpentine Club German Club, Lambda Pig Glee Clubg Canterb O.D.K. Counselorg Committee of O CHARLES HERBERT SADTLER . ,.,.... . ZXII .New York, N. Y. ury Cluh: College Topicsg ne Hundred. . . . .Ruxton, Md. Lambda Pig P-K Dance Society, T.I.L.K.A.g President, I.M.P. Societyg Inter- national Affairs Associationg Varsity Lacrosse fry Q21 135 Q41 5 "V" Club. WARREN KEITH SALSBURY ......,,.. TKE . . . Fairfax, Va. Jefferson Society, P-K Societyg Football Adjunctg Virginia Playersg O.D.K. Student Counselorg Deanis Listg Young Democratic Clubg Debate Club, FY- ecutive Committee, Studentls JOHN WILLIAM SAUNDERS ........... Party. . . ,Oceanside, N. Y. BAE JAMES THOMAS SAVAGE . . . ..,..,... . . ....... Cape Charles, Va. BAE P-K Societyg Dean's Listg Football frj. IRVIN HENRY SCHMITT, JR. . , .,., Arlington, Va. EDWARD M. SCHOTZ ........,...... . . . . . .,,.. Paterson, N. 'KIPEH President, Phi Epsilon Pig Skull and Keysg "Cavalier Daily"g Interfraternity Councilg Religious Emphasis VVeek Committee. COLLEGE 0F ARTS AND SCIENCES 82 EUGENE WILLARD SCHROEDER .,.... . . .Washington, D. C. EN Lambda Pig German Clubg T.I.L.K.A.g Alpha Kappa Psig Z Society'g Varsity Football Q11 Q21 Q31 Q4,1g Varsity Track QI1 Q21 Q31 Q41g Captain Track Q41 3 Student Councilg Dean's List. BRADFORD BENJAMIN SCHWARTZ .... ,....... C harlottesville, Va. AT Swimming QI1g Intramural Boxing Champion Q31 Q41, JAMES HAMILTON SCOTT, JR. . ....,. 4... R ichmond, Va. KA "V" Clubg Swimming Team QI1 Q21 Q31 Q.i1g Captain Swimming Team Q41g Alpha Kappa Psig Dean's Listg A.R.G.O. PETER DEHAES SCOTT .. .,,....,. .... W ynnewood, Pa. ITKA Lambda Pi. JOHN WILLIAM SCRUGGS ..,....................., Lynchburg, Va. Treasurer, Delta Sigma Pig Dean's Listg O.D.K. Counselor. JOSEPH CLARK SEGAR ............................. McLean, Va. Jefferson Literary Societyg O.D.K Counselor. IRVING SEIDMAN .............................. Portsmouth, Va. Phi Eta Sigma, Intermediate I-Ionorsg University Bandg Hillel Foundation. HORACE HUNTER SELBY . . .....,.. . . .Phoebus, Va. IIKA Lambda Pi, DAVID RECKORD SENFT . . ...,,..... . , . .... Baltimore, Md. Bxll T.I.L.K.A.g Z Societyg Skull and Keysg German Dance Societyg Varsity La- crosse Q11 Q31 Q41 3 Varsity VVrestling QI1 Q21 Q31 Q41g Captain Lacrosse Q.1.1g Captain Vifrestling Q41 3 Student Dormitory Counselor. ALFRED COLQUITT SHACKLEFORD, JR. . . . ..,. Stony Point, Va. 11vl'A Alpha Kappa Psig Varsity Track QI Q21 Q31 Q41. ROBERT ALI.EN SHAID . .. ....,...........,.. San Diego, Calif. 'PAO International Affairs Associationg Soccer Q21g O.D.K, First Year Counselorg Dormitory Counselorg N.R.O.'1'.C.g Ensign. ARTHUR FOREST SI-IIFLETT . . , . .Charlottesvillq Va. WILLIAM LANGLEY SIBLEY, III ....... .... R oanolce, Va. Glee Club. ROBERT LELAND SIGMON ..,.,....,..., .... R oanoke, Va. KA Alpha Chi Sigma. APPLICA T F011 DEGREE CHARLES HAINES SLINGLUFF, JR, . . . .... London Bridge, Va A111 Lucrosseg Skull and Keysg VVre:1tlingg "V" Cluhg Eli Banana. JOSEPH PAUL SMITH, JR. . , .... Norfolk, Va. LAWRENCE BYRON SMITH . . , ,...... ,... M cLean, Va. HX Jefferson Literary Societyg "Cavalier Party." AUDREY NELSON SNELLINGS .........,....,...,... Falmouth, Va. Delta Sigma Pig Intermediate Honors. DAVID ROWEN SPAIN ...........,........,,... Washington, D. C. International Allairs Associationg Dean's List. GEORGE WOODY STAFFORD 4...... , ....,,..,, Colonial Heights, Va. Phi Eta Sigmag Dean's List. GUSTAV HEINRICH STALLING, III . , . . . Lynchburg, Va. EXE Delta Sigma Pig National Speological Society. JAMES EDWARD STARK, JR. . . , .... .,,. M emphis, Tenn. EAIC SIGMUND CHARLES STEIN , ......,.I, . . Suffolk, Va. AEU Glee Club. CHARLES ELMO STEVENS, JR. ........ . . .Chai-lottesville, Va. SAX Rogers Societyg The "Cavalier Daily." RALPH JAMELLE STONE , . , . . Plainfield, N. J. JOHN R. STRANG .. ...... ..,Fairfax, Va. 9X American lnstitute of Architects. LUTHER WARREN STRICKLER ............,........... Norfolk, Va. f'Cavalier Dailywg Lutheran Student Associationg Glee Club. DEFOREST LIVINGSTON STRUNK, II ......,.....,.,.. Arlington, Va. The Column Clulu Manager Varsity Fencing Teamg Fencing f.iJg Virginia Players. COLLllGE 0F ART D CIE CE KENNETH LAVAN STULTZ ...A,..... .. 4CbarlOttesville, Va. f EN Alpha Kappa Psig Skull and Keysg O.D.K, Counselor. WALTER M. SWAIN .....,.. .,,.,.,,,... , 4 . . . , .Victoria, Va. Column Club jefferson Sabresg Gamma Theta Upsilong Skull and Keysg Distinrluisbecl Military Studentg R.O.T.C. FRANK TALBOTT .. ,.,.. 4 ..., Danville, Va. AXP Skull and Keysg Bad Check Committeeg German Clubg Eli Bananag Dean's Listg O.D.K. Counselnrg Varsity Golf fzj. EDMUND MYERS TALLEY . 4 . ..,.,. ,.,. R ichmoncl, Va. 111 K Z Lambda Pig Glee Clubg VVest Lawn Chowder and Marching Societyg Organ- izations Managerg CORKS AND CURLS. BEVERLY BRUCE TAYLOR ,. .,...,. .... N orfollc, Va. ,AT Delta Nu Alpbag Delta Sigma Pi, HENRY NOBLE TAYLOR 4 . . ,.,... 4 4 . , New York, N. Y. AKE Omicron Delta Kappag Eli Bananag Raveng Pi Della Epsilnng Lambda Pig Associate Editor, Editor-in-Chief, "Cavalier Daily"g Varsity Baseball ffl fzl g Inter-Fraternity Councilg Student Uniong Rushton Seminar Committeeg Dean'S Listg Wg" Societyg I.M.P.g German Club. WILLIAM ANTHONY TAYLOR ,....... ..4, A Shlancl, Va. APX American Institute of Architectsg Glee Club. SHIRLEY HAMILTON THOMAS 4...., , 4.... . . . . , Arlington, Va. Gamma Theta Upsilon. GLENN GERALD THOMPSON ..44......44. . , . Danville, Va. Cadet Lt.g R.O.T.C, ROBERT EDWARD TINSLEY ......,4.4.... .,.. A mhersr, Va. JCH:Cl'Sl7ll Sabres, GEORGE CARROLL TODD . . . ..... ...4 C obham, Va. ANI' JOANN WILLIAM TOMLIN l , . ..4... 4 . .Cl-Iarlorresville, Va. GX Skull and Keys. FRANCIS GWYNN TOWNES 4.4..4 ,,,.....,, ........ T I- evilians, Va. Skull and Keysg Canterbv Club- Glee Club' Associate Business Mana er . , , g . CORKS AND CURLSQ Dean'S List. EDGAR CROMXVELL TROUT, -IR. , .4.4. . , . Martinsburg, W. Va. GBX R.O.T.C.g Dean's Listg Y.M.C.A. Cabinet. APPLICA TS Fllll DEGREE SAMUEL ALEXANDER TUEMAN, IV . , . , . , . . Ruxton, Md. Aclx Lacrosse Czj C3J 5 "V" Clubg Student Committee. HARRY IRVINE TUGGLE, JR. .......,..,,.......,, Martinsville, Va. Jefferson Societyg Dean'S List. ELI WATSON TULLIS .... ...,.......... ..... C h arlottesville, Va. Axlr First Year Social Committeeg Chairman Honor Committeeg Chairman Bad Check Committeeg Cavalier Christmas Fund Driveg Dean's Listg Varsity Tennis C45 Q Varsity Basketball CIJ 3 Varsity Swimming CIJ g "V" Club: T.l. L.K.A.g Committee of Two to RC'w7l'itE Honor System Codeg Skull and Ke, sg P-K Dance Societyg Z Society. LEWIS KELLEY TURNER . . . .... Roanoke, Va. MAURICE JEAN ULLMAN ............. ...... . ..Richmoncl, Va. AFX American Institute of Architects. MALCOLM STANLEY UNDERWOOD . . . . . Lynchburg, Va. KA Editor-in-Chief, CURKS AND CURLSQ Lambda Pig Pi Delta Epsilong German Dance Societyg Assistant Manager of Football, History Clubg A.R.G.O.g Sec- retary of Executive Committee of House Counselors. JAMES WARREN UTT . . . ..,.... . . Lynchburg, Va. KA Lambda Pig First Year Social Committee, VVrestling CID. RICHARD EUGENE VIAR ..,......,.................. Roanoke, Va. Delta Sigma Rho, Jefferson Societyg International Affairs Association, Dean's Listg Debating Team. JAMES PETER VRETTAKOS . . . . Charlottesville, Va. RICHARD ALLEN VINTON, JR, ...,..,..... ...... G teenwood, Miss. 13911 Larnbda Pig German Societyg Eli Bananag I.M.P.g Dean's Listg Tennis Teamg Inter-Fraternity Council President. HOWARD GILMORE WACHENFELD .... . . .Orange, N. EIDE Lambda Pig Swimming Team CIJ CZJ C3J 3 HV" Clubg Dean's List. WILLIAM FRANCIS WAGNER ..................., Jersey City, N. Column Club Alpha Chi Sigmag Jefferson Society: Lambda PigN.R.O.T.C.g American Insti- tute of Chemical Engineersg Virginia Engineering Review, Track CIJ C2JQ Dean's List. DAVID MINER WAKELEE .......... .......,... P leasantville, N, Y. IPIJA Skull and Keysg Alpha Kappa Psig Inter-Fraternity Councilg P-K Societyg UV" Clubg Soccer CIJ C2J C315 Lacrosse CIJ C2J C.tJg N.R.O.T.C. CHARLES BURWELL WALDEN, JR. ..,......,.. . . Richmond, Va. QIJIQII1 VV.U.V.A.g College Topics. COLLEGE 0F ART AND CIE CE WILLIAM SANFORD WALDER ........ .... C harleston, W. Va ZBT Skull and Keys. CLARENCE RAY WALKER . . . . . .Charlottesville, Va. DAVID GWYNN WALKER ........ ...... ........ C h arlottesville, Va. Delta Sigma Pi, Presidentg jefferson Societyg CORKS AND CURLSQ Photo- graphic Society, Presidentg R.O.T.C., Cadet Major. JOHN STEWART WALKER . . ....... . . .Charleston, S. C. BSII President, Beta Theta Pig Student Councilg Lambda Pig President, P-K Societyg Eli Bananag I.M.P.g Chairman, Publications Committeeg Cross-Country C25 Q35 5 Track C25 Cgl 5 Student Athletic Councilg "V" Club. WILLIAM WAYNE ASI-II-IURST WALKER TKE Lambda Pig "Cavalier Daily"g C HARVEY WILLIAM WARD ...... ,..... Alpha Kappa WILLIAM CHARLES WARD ........ . . . EN Glee Club. HENRY MCWANE WARE ...,,....., Dean's List. Psi. FREDERICK DAVID WATTS . ,.,......,.... , . . , , . . "Cavalier Daily"g Glee Clubg Y.M.C.A. Cabinetg International Relations Clubg International Afiairs Association. Charlottesville, Elee Clubg Dean's List. Va. , . . ,Alcron, Ohio . . , .Arlington, . . . .Dunnsville, , .Methuen, M Va. Va. ass. JAMES STIRLING WELCH . , ,....... ..,. L ouisville, Ky. AKE Lambda Pig College Topicsg Business Staflig CORKS AND CURLSg Atljunctg Manager, Basketballg First Year Social Committeeg First Year Counselor, NoRvELL WARREN WELLEDRD, JR. ...... .... R oanoke, Va. GX Lambda Pig Football Adjunct. JOSEPH P. R. WELTY ,..,. . .............,,..... Wynnewood, Pa. Serpentine Clu b. Lambda Pig CORKS AND CURLSg N.R.O.T.C.g Trident Societyg Canterbury Club. DAN BEN WEXLER . . ........ .. ,Johnson City, Tenn. EX Pi Delta Epsilong Art Editorg "Virginia Spectator." WILLIAM O. WHEELER , . .,.,.... . . Freeport, N. Y. EX "V" Clubg Intramural Councilg Varsity Swimming flj Q21 fgj CU. PPLICA T F011 DEGREE 87 EDWARD SOMERS WHITE ....... ,.., . . . , . .Blo-xom, Va. Dean's List. PETER W, WHITE . . . .,.,.. . . .West Henrietta, N. Y. ZX "V" Clubg Glee Clubg Virginia Spectatorg Soccer CI, Czl C31 C45 g Track CID. WILLIAM HENRY WHITE, III I...,. . . Charlottesville, Va. AXI' Skull and Keysg German Clubg Eli Bananag jefferson Sabresg Varsity Football Czlg Baseball CID g College Topics. XVILLIAM WIESE, II .......,.....,.. . . . .BI-onxville, N. Y. KZ Vice-President, SCARABQ Lambda Pig American Institute of Architects, CORKS AND CURLS. RONALD DOHERTY WILLIAMS ...........,,....,. New Haven, Conn. Column Club Lambda Pig Intramural Council: International Relations Clubg Young Republi- cans Clubg Newman Club. CHARLES ELBERT WILLIAMSON, JR. .... Danville, Va. THE Eli Bananag Lambda Pig Intramural Councilg Dean's List. JOHN HOWARD WILLIS, JR. ......... .... P ortsmouth, Va. HIHFA Fencing Team C3jg Glee Club, N.R.O.T.C. RQBERT ALLAN WIMBISH . , ..,..... . ,... Mayfield, Ky. AT Alpha Kappa Psig Delta Nu Alpha: Phi Delta Phig Dean's Listg Intermediate Honors. JCI-IN ALLEN WINFREY, JR, . , ,. Somerville, Tenn. PAUL F. WINKLES ............,........... ,.., M uslcogee, Olcla. AT President, Trident Society. JOHN FARMER WINN, III .,..........., . , . .Virginia Beach, Va. Column Club HV" Clubg Swimming Crj Czj g Track CID. CHARLES PARMELE WISE ........... . . ..... , Baltimore, Md. IPAQ Lambda Pig Inter-l7raternity Council Governing Boardg Swimming Team Crj C23 C315 "V" Clubg Student Uniong German Clubg O.D.K. Counselling Serv- iceg Bad Check Committee. RALEIGH WARREN WISE , . . . . .Arlington, N. SAMUEL GRIFFIN WISE, JR. ..... .........,..,... B riclgewater, Va. President, International Relations Clubg Jefferson Society. COLLEGE 0F ARTS AND SCIE CE ELDON FIELDS WOOD . . . ,.......,. . , . ..,, Earlysville, Va. APX American Institute of Architects. JOSEPH MILLER WVOOD, II . . . ,..... . . .Charlottesville, Va. AKE Skull and Keysg P-K Societyg Eli Bananag I.M.P.g J.V. Football fgj g Manager Boxing Teamg "V" Clubg Inter-Fraternity Council. JAMES SCOTT WOOD ....,.,., . ,,,.... ...... M oorestown, N. J. Alpha Kappa Psig Sports Director-g VV.U.V.A.g Varsity Track C453 Dean's List. HAROLD LAvcKs XANDERS ......... . . .Garrison, Md. A111 T.I.L.K.A. WILLIAM HUDSON YATES . , .... Washington, Va. LEO HAROLD ZINDLER, JR, ......... .... H arrisonburg, Va. Zl'4'l' Lambda Pig P-K Society. MORRIS HOWARD ZINMAN . . ..... .... P hilaclelphia, Pa. Zl'4'l' Skull and Keysg P-K Societyg Dean's List. OTIS WILLIAM ZIRKLE . , .... Mount: Jackson, Va. N O PICTURES EDMUND ALAN BESSELL . ..,,..,..............,.. Hillsdale, N, Football CID fzj fgj QD g Boxing C21 MJ 5 "V" Club, Lambda Pi. SAMUEL GOLDBERG ..............,..,........ Washington, D. C. Jefferson Society, Secretary, Vice-Presiclentg Delta Sigma Rho, Vice-President, Virginia Debate Teamg International Affairs Associationg International Rela- tions Cluhg Dean's Listg VVinner of Jefferson Society Annual Oratory Contest. CHARLES JOHN MOTT . . . ,..,,.. . , .Huntington, W. Va. AKE "V" Club, Presidentg T.I.L.K.A.g Student Councilg Skull and Keysg Varsity Footballg Varsity Trackg Jefferson Sabersg P-K Societyg "5" German Clubg Lambda Pi. JOY VERNELLE PHILLIPS ...............,...,....... Norfolk, Va. Newman Club, Alpha Phi Omega, "Cavalier Daily"g The Virginia Spectatnrg Debating Teamg VV.U.V.A.g Y.M.C.A. Cabinet, Inter-Faith Councilg De:n's List. CARL SMITH ., ....,.,, .,.Wise, Va. 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Hazlegrove William McLarin TH CLUB OFFICERS . . . . .PI'L'.fIdl'llf RUFUS BARKLEY . . . . . . .Ifirl-Przwidrrzl DAVID SENFT . . . MEMBERS Ed Bessell Grilf Burnett Leon Briggs John Burch Edward A. Lealze, lr. Henry B. Clark, jr. N. C. Ransome james H. Scott, Jr. George H. Morse Charles J, Mott Joe Palumbo Jerry R. Humphrey Thomas Cranwell Raymond Gore Richard H. Cromwell, .lr Al Hollingsworth G. P. McCasland G. B. Hayward R. H. Broaddus, Jr. Peter DeVVitt Graham R. E. Koch Wlilliam VV. Greenhalgh Frank Allen, -lr. Lap Hamblen Carl Smith johnny Papit jimmy Lesane Owen Meadows Bill Hooper Harrison Nesbit Rufus Barkley Lew Barroll Edward Lee Ivy, jr. john Gusdonovich William II, Albrecht, jr. Don Aicholz Charles P. VVise Robert F. Lyle Gus Heilman james Moultrie Lee Henry VV. Calhoun Ben G. Benwortli Pat Derrico Ian Hemming Vic Mohl Norris Broyles ,lohn E. Clarkson John L. Henderson Daniel N. Mohler Lilburn Talley James Ashwell Mike Clark Len Coiner Bob Gambino jack Reed Bob VVeir Richard johnson Steve Osisek Gene Schroeder Boris Goldberg joe McCary Gil Hooper E. R. Willcox, Jr. R. T. McLean Allen F. Voshell, jr. YVilliam H. Boozer, Jr. john F. Rixey Edward L. Paul Kirk R. VVilliams David M. VVakelee Duncan D. Chaplin john Brotherton Dick McConnell Charlie Buchanan Gordon Jones Thomas Compton Stewart Walker XVilliam H. Morse J. B. Kinker Dick Godine Harvey Lindsey Richard L. VVilliams .....SefrcIary . . . . Treasurer Paul B. Barringer Robert A. Brown, Jr. Grover A. Masterson Dana L. Thomas Francis G, Thomason Bob Huff Theodore Kruger E. Harrison Hancock VVilliam H. Sipe Charles H. Sackett C. Herbert Sadtler J. Carroll Boone James S. Taylor E. H. Rucker, Jr. P. Lawson-Johnston Bob Kemper Stan Harris Hunter deButts Edward VVright VVilson Andrews jack Marks Bill Sinclair Clifford H. Foy Fred Phillips Bob Englander Alec I. Shevinske Charles Harper jack Campbell Guy Shipley Howard VVachenfeld Charles Merritt George Davis Charles R. Trautfelter Abe Levin VV. Perkins Hazlegrove Eli Tullis Joe VVood Perry Cunningham Charles Hunt David R. Senft THLETIC AD II I TRATIO CAPTAIN NORTON U, PRITCHETT Dirarlur of .-lllifrliut I F , v I. In writing a preface to the section on Intercollegiate Ath- letics, I can do no better than to offer a statement made years ago by a man often referred to as the Apostle of Strenuous Living. As the man personified dynamic deter- mination throughout a purposeful life, which included serv- ice as President of the United States, he knew from per- sonal experience how easy it is to criticize freely from the sidelines and how hard it is to compete successfully under pressure. This statement crystallizes the philosophy of ath- letics so well that I should like to emphasize the fitting words of Theodore Roosevelt: "In the game of life it is not the second-guesser or the carping critic who counts. Nor the man who tells how an- other stumbled or how the doer-of-a-deed could have done better, The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arenag whose face is marred by grime and sweat and blood from striving valiantlyg who errs and falls short time and again, because there is no accomplishment without error and shortcomingg who knows the greatness of enthusiasm while spending himself in a worthy causeg who at best knows the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place will never be among those timid souls who knew neither defeat nor victory." , vi- .W M r 4 ' 0 W ,. , . 1 , l N "f f , 4 , Qu' Z 'J V' 5 ', Q . fc ' V -1- ' r ' J - . - W I as Gif ,af - -'U A .. -- . ' V4.Li,.1 ffm W 2 1 l po rid!!! L 'anlpgp ru 'gud' 'f '.'.'! 'TW' f W ' , J . '. .E , HA- A W1 . ,Q fx ' A J M ff.. ,. , 5 f H ad -.. Elk .WH ,x 5 u U iff il 5 ,QSQWN 5 "kV I V Q. E Q k I' ,J 5 ,A ,. With Johnny Papit and Gene Schroeder topping a cast of accomplished veterans and promising sophomores, the 1950 Virginia Cavaliers enjoyed a highly successful season, incurring only two setbacks in the course of a rough ten-game schedule. Pointing for the Penn game, the Wahoos opened the season under wraps as they outclassed George Wash- ington l9-O. The following Saturday, a large segment of the University made the annual excursion to Philadel- phia, only to have the Quakers strike through the air to down Virginia 21 to 7. In their third game of the sea- son, the Cavaliers revealed their depth, blasting V.P.I. 45-6. The First annual Tobacco Bowl contest was next, with Virginia rebounding from the brink of defeat to score in the last two minutes and take Washington and Lee into camp 26-21 in a hair-raising game, marred by the loss of Steve Osisek for the remainder of the season. Although hampered by numerous fumbles, the Orange and Blue got up steam late in the game and then blasted the V.M.I. Keydets 26-13 for their third straight Win. Hitting the road, the Wahoos downed the Mountaineers of West Virginia 28-21 before a Homecoming crowd in Morgantown, and hammered the Citadel by a 34-14 count the following week. With a capacity crowd packed into Scott Stadium to witness the revival of the bitter rivalry between the two State schools, the Cavaliers ground Ollt a 13-0 victory over William and Mary. The ferocious play of the Virginia line held the Indians to Co-Captains Papit and Weir a minus twenty yards rushing. With bowl expectations, the team journeyed to New Orleans to meet Tulane. But the Green Wave proved to be too deep and too strong, and overwhelmed the Wahoos 42-18. With two weeks to recover from the Tulane disaster, the Cavaliers came back with a vengeance, and completely annihilared North Carolina in the season' s finale. Dominating the play absoluoely, Virginia scored seemingly at will, and led 38-0 after only 31 minutes of play. The final score was 44-13 as Coach Gueppe flooded the field with sub- stitutes late in the game. It was a fitting climax for a great season. The Cavaliers had a clean slate against all State op- position, and placed five men on the All-State first team. The second and third teams were also scattered with Vir- ginia representatives. Those so honored were: End Gene Schroeder, Tackles Bob Miller and Tank Johnson, Guard Joe Palumbo, and Fullback Johnny Papit. Papit also received considerable All-American mention, and became the first college back to exceed 3,000 yards rush- ing in three years of play. Schroeder, while he never received the All-American recognition that he deserved, was singled out by the Chicago Bears as their number one college draft choice. Although it is almost impossible to single any indi- vidual players, recognition must be given to the per- formances of such stalwarts as Rufus Barkley, who Senior Managers Lew Baroll and Henry Clark l l -'L , ,-:, 'ee M., ' , 1: 'It' fair: : '5 "iQ.1:..:L.:'f' 1 ' sf' f:i:Q , .ie-I-11-:- :-:' -e " ' . .,.a, ,. B2 H. ..a5a1,ai::i:5:e'-1: , .. . zz. .. -' ......., .. ..,.. 1 .4 -' ..,. - s - . 2. H it nf ss .. .. a 1 A :-: :::,,t.., 5 . ..:.:. as M- . X was - V L f F M5538 - Z sas- H N -5:3 .- - -he .. . 9 ww EW? ma 5 'ef-. M- as .V ,ff-mp? .isifet sRa:'?i'lstEe ,reefs si .M-JL .f 5Q?'?gg,, straws H X. .U --, ssgsstjtms 61 - H ' mi rzsgmh . s ,. E nga Sausag- Egrfwsgg nn - .HE . at BEN N .E 5 gay gaussian a wang as H as as nga? s ES A-'tm gran ' an- sg - s assign a .X - - sm .,. : nz ti ..,, we gm . .. "1 t E 1- -l ., :-:f.:.l:.::..:. .FW is ,, 1 ---f....:..- - s , L? S .,.:-,., .:. W E s E 5 s lxg wgisiin E H :Emsnm 15 5 E s A E H im 'Mailers H a fm an H ns 1 a if a s a lx me n is 1 za is vi w Q is m E ES' W agar W I sat gs Q s s a it H, W E a s wg- iggmxwaxe Q, ,Marge a 352533 5.5213 .... Qi -. ,Essex wif Q, , as at 'H 3 5 , j3::i:5f' .,.. H 2 H W HE -' f M Q! ' - ,l ill: r: ig 3 gsm' '-5 . . 2 5 was g:E5:kf':'EiE f' ,S tg sr E s s 1.5 : 1 -5:25-E . ."' E ' -"'-' ' - '-:"il2 .IJ -. ' M --fi--I-'..: '.15:f'.iE"i:rF2-I--. :.. . E5:-' .. ' ' F H 'g: W? ., - ' W W H 1 sas S see za: 2 . E r it -E H s .... - I .,,. g 5-yn : .,.,-::,..::: : Q.:-QQ:-:fi::55-:Q:.: :.::-: :.- f--- M -l Bw - as - .: --. K-Q -e 35,1- it - 'E - fi -. sa ,E - , H eagle: 5 L-n 1, . jg El Sk 1 :il " 'fi'- A1 4.11 ,Q E , Q, , gg ATI N xl w.f1"," E ' 1' , .-. , , ' J A 0 K ' COACIIINC S'I MT Held C0'1Cl1 Alt Cfutpe Ned 'VICDon :ld Flank Ihoxsex Butch Slaughter M buepe heinous XXT611 Paplt Schtoeden came 1nto h1s own at quarterback, Bobby Pate, the Soph beauty at halfbaclc Paplt, of course, Harold I-Ioalc Gerry Furst Blaclue Tata, and Charlle Harding, other baclcs starrmg ln then- first year of vatslty play Outstandlng 1n the l1ne were the four All State chotces plus centers Owen Meadows and oe Myers, Guards Tom Ford and Chref Nesbxt, Tackles Borrs Goldberg and Charlre Mott, and Ends Ed Bessell, Torn Scott, and B111 Clusholm Prospects for another flue team next year are excellent, Desp1te the loss of Papxt, Schroeder, Bessell Ostselc ohnson, and Meadows to ment1on just a few Wrtlm Captam elect oe Palumbo leadmg the returnees, and wlth addt ttons from thrs years freshman squad and the POSS1b1l1tY of next years en trants who w1ll be able to play under the new el1g1b1l1ty rules the plcture for next year 15 mdeed promlsmg It should be for they w1ll be bulldlng upon Jerry Furst trxes V M I lme K 1-it :lr tif ,Q 2 WT Oyfxflaffvs 1, we 91 4 1 FD BFQSELL TANK JOHNSON CHIEF NESBIT LOU IIPXNSON SIYY I' OSIQEK Lmi Tackle 011111 I 611111 i H1111 the 1950 team, one of the finest in the history of the University. VIRGINIA, 195 GEORGE WASHINGTON, O Witli Johnny Papit and Jimmy Lesane setting out the season's opener, the Orange and Blue completely throt- tled G.W., and especially the triple threat of Andy Da- vis, who was making his third appearance against the Cavaliers. After about 10 minutes of playing time had elapsed, fullback I-Ioak bulled 27 yards into the Colonial end zone. The next score, set up by an unnecessary roughness penalty against G.W. came when jerry Furst moved out of his halfhaclc slot and around end for 15 yards. At halftime, Coach Guepe's charges led 12-0. The final touchdown came in the third period. Gene Schroe- der who hit pay dirt on the receiving end of a 51-yard pass from Rufe Barkley. Furst converted. Late in the game, Soph Charlie Harding looped a TD toss to Jimmy Ashwell, only to have it nullified by a holding penalty. Anxious moments in William and Mary game A Keydet looking for trouble The whole Cavalier squad revealed a great potential in the 19-0 victory. VIRGINIA, 73 PENNSYLVANIA, 21 On a gloomy Philadelphia day a crowd of forty thou- sand tensed as Virginia kicked off to Penn. The Quakers were stopped and forced to punt. Gene Schroeder, Wa- hoo safetyman took the punt inside the ten-yard line and streaked downfield until two missed blocks slowed him up and he was brought down on the Penn sixteen. The Cavaliers failed to gain and Penn took over. The game see-sawed until, late in the first period, when a Penn fourth down gamble failed giving the ball to Vir- ginia on their own forty-five. Then Barkley, on a fake hand-off faded back and hit Osisek who scooted down the field for the first score of the game. The conversion was good and Virginia led 7-0. The second period was marred by fumbles, but no more scoring was seen al- though Penn threatened late in the half after smothering one of Hoak's punts. In the second half the Quakers cut loose going eighty yards in six plays the first time they had the ball. Reds Bagnell was the big man for Penn, passing to Hanlon for the score. Sempier kicked the extra point to tie the score at 7-all. On regaining the ball again, the Red and Blue moved with Coulson pass- ing to Codoms for the second touchdown. Sempier again connected as Penn moved ahead, 14-7. Minutes later Penn's Ed Bell intercepted Charlie Harding's pass to give the Quakers possession again. Although rushed, Bagnell got olf a heave to Moser for the day's last touchdown. The sure-footed Sempier hit again to make the final score 21-7. VIRGINIA, 455 V. P. I., 6 Before twelve thousand people in Roanoke's Victory Stadium, six Virginia backs staged a Saturday after- noon touchdown parade. Philly was history as John Papit climaxed a 61-yard first quarter march, plunging over from the one. Barker's conversion was good and Virginia went ahead 7 to 0. Early in the second period the Gobbler's Sterling Wingo took a I-Ioak punt on his sixteen and shook loose on a beautiful 84-yard scoring jaunt, The conversion attempt was missed and Virginia retained a slim one-point lead. V.P.I. kicked off and the Cavaliers went from their own 26 to the Gobbler 1 with a 32-yard pass highlighting the drive. Papit cracked the line and missed, but Furst was over standing on the next play. Barker's extra point attempt was no good. In the second half Virginia roared back with a 71-yard march which was climaxed by Furst's plunge into the end zone. Virginia again got the ball, this time on the Tech 35. Three plays moved the ball to the 24, and Jarrin' John Papit tumbled to the 7. The Barkley to Osisek combina- tion was good for six points, On the lirst play of the 3rd frame Miller blocked a punt and Scott recovered on the 1. Tata powered over for the score. I-Ioak was the next to cross into paydirt. The sixth score after nice running by Tom Berry was by Harding. Beside the outstanding running of the Virginia backs, the line play of Tom Scott, Tom Ford, Tank Johnson and Bob Mil- ler stood out throughout the afternoon. The final score of 45 to 6 was the highest Virginia had run up in the 55-year-old rivalry. VIRGINIA, 265 WASHINGTON AND LEE, 21 In the second annual Tobacco Bowl feature of Rich- mond's Tobacco Festival, the Cavaliers bounced in the Jimmy Lesane off tackle The Philadelphia Express Delivering the Mail ' . W Q MEADOXVS, CL'7llL'l' MOTT, milf waning minutes to trim Washington and Lee 26 to 21. Pre-game festivities were extensive and colorful, and the weather was perfect, all adding to the thrills provided by the game, Gerry Furst was the hrst to score, going over from 11 yards out. The General's Stark retaliated, crashing 2 yards into the end zone. Both extra point at- tempts ware good and the game was deadlocked at 7 to 7. Gil Bocetti scored next for the Minks, again the con- versicm was good, and the scoreboard showed 14 to 7. Lanky Gene Schroeder then plucked a pass out of the end zone air to make it 14 to 13. The conversion was missed and the score stood at 14 to 13. As time was running out in the half, Trammell intercepted a stray Wahoo aerial and minutes later Bocetti looped a pais to Stark for a touchdown. The point was kicked and the half's scoring activities ended 21 to 13. The 3rd period passed without a score and the beginning of the fourth quarter saw Virginia with the ball. John Papit bulled his way into the end zone to climax a Virginia drive. The conversion was good, and the Minks held a slim 21 to 20 margin. With the clock running out, the Cavaliers drove to the one, but lost the hall. Gil Bocetti Pete Kern in pursuit of W. and L. Back -W U at I 7 ,, 3 WL 315217 ' inexplicably took to the air, only to have Norm Scott intercept for the Orange and Blue. Witli a minute and 25 seconds remaining, Barkley passed to Furst for the pay-off touchdown. The extra point attempt was futile, but Virginia led 26-21. VIRGINIA, 285 WEST VIRGINIA, 21 The Cavaliers traveled to Morgantown and brought back a 28-21 victory over the Mountaineers of West Virginia. A homecoming crowd of 22,000 witnessed the close contest. It was the Orange and B1ue's eighth straight victory in the series which started in 1898 and now stands at nine and two. After two minutes of play, Tom Scott blocked a West Virginia punt, which was recovered by the Mountaineers in their end zone for a safety. After the free kick, the Wahoos went 62 yards to score with Barkley's 19-yard toss to Pate climaxing the drive with the touchdown. The conversion was not good and the score read 8-0. Following the kickoff, West L:-mky Gene is Open Again Virginia marched from their 28 to paydirt with Purello scoring and Simmons dropkicking the extra point. After an -exchange of punts, John Papit scored for the Cava- liers early in the second period. The conversion was wide and the Cavaliers led 14-7. Bouncing right back, the mountaineers knotted the score in six plays in a 61-yard drive. A pass from Bartges to Bischoff was the pay-off play. Pete Kern set up the third Virginia touchdown by recovering a fumble on the Wahoo 43. Furst snagged a pass from Pate that covered 32 yards. On the next play, Barkley winged one to Schroeder on the ten who then sprinted across. Harding booted the extra point and the score at half-time was 21-14, in favor of the Orange and Blue. Early in the third quarter, West Vir- ginia recovered a stray fumble. A few moments later, Bartges again pitched to Bischoff in the end zone. Sim- mons drop-kicked successfully to tie the count at 21-21. Virginia retaliated, marching 85 yards with Barkley once more passing to Pate for the touchdown. Harding con- verted. The mountaineers fought vainly to tie the score down to the last second. Papit and Pate once again turned in line running performances and the line play of Kern, Meadows, and Johnson excelled. VIRGINIA, 265 V. M. I., 13 Openings Weekend saw Virginia down the Keydets for the eighth time in as many years, But it was not easy sledding-until the fourth quarter it was anybodyis game. The Orange and Blue scored first, taking ad- vantage of a fumble on the V.M.I. 38-yard line. On a series of plays the ball was moved to the two from where Jerry Furst rammed it over. In the second stanza the Keydets moved 80 yards with Coley going the last 23 yards on a "keep play." The Red and White squad tallied again when Coley recovered a fumble on the Virginia 38. Then Coley threw 23 yards to Quisenberry. A roughing penalty against the Cavaliers placed the ball on the one-yard line, and then Coley slipped over on a sneak. The half ended with Virginia trailing 13 to 6. Rufe Barkley opened the third quarter by connecting Papit ends Virginia football career against Carolina with Gene Schroeder for a TD on a 10-yard pass play. The score was deadlocked on Dave Barker's conversion. In the fourth period Barkley struck again with a pass which covered 29 yards into the hands of Bobby Pate, and Virginia went ahead. With only two minutes re- maining in the contest, Bob Tata went around left end for the final rally. Barker added the point after touch- down, and the game ended 26-13. Although the game was marred with Wahoo fumbles, the play in general was consistent, and all were pleased. VIRGINIA, 343 THE CITADEL, 14 Travelling to Charleston, the Cavaliers continued their winning ways. There was no scoring in the open- ing period, but as the second quarter began, I-loak punted out on the Bulldog 8, Citadel was forced to punt, and Jimmy Lesane hauled it in, picked up block- ing, and raced 40 yards to score. The next time they handled the ball, the Orange and Blue went 63 yards in 8 plays with Papit carrying each time, climaxing the drive with a three-yard TD plunge. Three minutes had elapsed in the quarter, when end Tom Scott broke through and blocked a punt on the Citadel 30, which end Rock Weir scooped up on the seven and carried over to score. Later in the period Harding passed 30 yards to Bill Chisholm, who eluded one tackler and scored standing up. The score was now 27 to 0. The Bulldogs came back to chalk up six points on a 32-yard aerial from Friedlin to Marnajik. The conversion was good. Another Harding to Chisolm pass covered 17 yards to the Citadel 17. Tata carried the ball twice and fContinued on Page 269j JOE MYERS CARL SMITH BILL SINCLAIR Center Guard Back ea- gf- I, FIR T YEAR FOOTB LL The freshmen football team did not have quite as im- pressive a record as the Varsity compiled, but in many ways they showed that indomitable spirit that was always so typical of the varsity. This record of one win in four trips to the gridiron is hardly a reflection of the fine job done with the freshmen by Head Coach Evans "Bush llflale and Line Coach Robert "Pic" Fuller. In opening their season, the young Wahoos lost a heartbreaker to V.M.I. in Scott Stadium, The big U.Va. line played an outstanding part, holding the V.M.I. Rats scoreless through the first half in spite of their con- sistant thrusts inside Virginia's own twenty yard line. In the second half a blocked kick and a fumble gave V.IVI.I. two touchdowns and the game. On their first road trip, the Virginia Frosh raided Lex- "Baby Tarheelsu finally overpowered the small Virginia team in the last half by the drastic score of 34 to O. In the last game of their brief season, the first year team returned to Charlottesville to be host to V.P.I. The l'Gob- blers" scored once in the Hrst half, as the young VVahoos just could not shake loose their swift backs. Virginia's in.- domitable line made a 'good showing, as Glover Garner, rangy tackle, blocked a V.P.I. kick and Russ Carroccio, another tackle mainstay, recovered the loose ball and scored Virginia's first goal to tie up the game. Tech, with only a few minutes left in the last quarter, pushed over two quick touchdowns to break up the game and establish the final score as 20 to 6. Don Alexander, Russ Carroccio Joe Mehalick, Glover Garner, Ralph VVilliams, Don Witney, Jim Pugh, Pres- FRESHMAN FOOTBALL SQUAD Front Row, left to right: Ralph VVilliams, Glover Garner, Robert Potter, Nick Klonis, Sonny Nichols, Bill Stallings, Russell Carroccio, Don Alexander, Bob Gut, and VVilson. Second Row: Manager Malcolm Underwood, John Cine, Bb McMullen, Wheat VVallenborn, Ted Romaine, Ed Haggerty, Preston Harrison, Ed Stevens, jim Pugh, Dick Marks and Manager joe Newell. Back Row: Coach Bob Fuller, Bobby Cabell, Al Saulley, Gene Lowenberg, Don VVhitney, Harry Lawson, Dick Carrington, joe Mehalick, Oliver Pollard, Tom Ferguson, and Coach Evan J. Male. ington to the tune of a I4 to 7 victory at the expense of W, and L. U. Va, scored the first time they had possession of the pigskin, when Pete Potter, fleet halfback, felt pay- dirt through the tackle slot. Another powerful halfback, Nick Klonis, tallied the second touchdown against the "Little Generals." Next the Cavayeerlings traveled to Chapel Hill where they tangled with the North Carolina freshmen. In the beginning of the game Virginia held its own except for giving up one touchdown in the last few minutes of the half. VVith the advantage of a much larger squad, the ton Harrison, Dick M3l'kS, Gene Lowenburg, and Bill Stallings all carried out the duties of the strong freshman line, while Bob Gut, Bob Cabell and Tom Ferguson are remembered for their valuable line-backing. Sonny Nichols handled the quarterback position, as Nick Klonis, Wilson Tinsley, Pete Potter, Ted Romaine, Buddy Pollard, Ed Haggerty, Wheat VVallenborne, and Harry Lawson were indeed a fine host of backs to run against any opposition, Nelson Dewey and Joe Bingler, tackle and back respec- tively, were injured early in the season and therefore, did not see too much action during the 1950 campaign. Big Harris Livick Jumps for Rebound Captain Frankie Allen and Coach Tebell X B KET After twenty-two years of basketball coaching at the University, Gus Tebell can hoast a large share of success through l1is scrappy 1951 aggregation. Even with the tean1's record of only eight wins against fourteen losses, the sea- son was not without its hrighter moments. One of the greatest thrills came in the 64 to 62 victory here in hie- morial Gymnasium over the potentially powerful NVash- ington and Lee quintetg while the most heartbreaking event of the campaign was the last minute 59 to 60 defeat ad- ministered hy the State Champion, V.P.I. High scorer on the team was Vic lvlohl, whose 354 points won him a birth on the second string all State team along with Captain Frankie Allen. The remaining starters On the initial five were Gil Hooper, Jake Dohner, and Harris Livick. Charlie Kollmansperger and jack Caldwell also saw a great d-eal of action i11 the starting line-up. Other players who played considerable amounts were Lew Morris, Tom Scott and Johnny Copp. Virginia, 575 Maryland, 59 The 1951 Hoopsters opened their season with a supris- ingly effective showing against a power laden University of lklaryland squad at College Park. The Terps won the struggle, but only after a deep freeze had protected their slim three point margin through the final 90 seconds of . . , . playing time, jake Dohners fine set shooting kept the VVahoos in tl1e game as he collected IQ points. Virinia, 795 Norfolk Air Station, 71 The Cavaliers racked up their first victory of the season as they dumped the Norfolk Naval Station to the satis- faction of a home town crowd at hflemorial Gymnasium. In the rip-roaring foul-fest Vic lVlohl dropped in 25 points High Scorer Vic Mohl Sinks Another LL for the winners as 48 fouls were called during the 40 minute game period. Tl he contest stood out as one ot the roughest that the Cavalier fans had seen for a long time. Virginia, 375 Navy, 59 The Virginia quintet suffered their second setback of the year at the hands of a court-wise Navy five. Navy's captain, Fitzpatrick was the high scorer of the night with 20 points, but Harris Livick, six foot-two pivot man from l'larrisouburgz, paced close behind him with I9 points to lead the 'l'ebrllmen. Virginia, 575 Randolph Macon, 42 Tebell's charges captured their second game of the '5l season in Charlottesville at the expense of an outclassed Randolph-iVIacon College. Vic Nlohl again paced Virginia with ll points while guard Jake Dohn-er, who began to gain a worthy reputation for his set-shots, dropped in 9 markers. Virginia, 573 Duke, 77 Virginia, playing their fourth game within a week, dropped their third decision in five outings to the Duke Blue Devils. Despite Vic lN'Iohl's I6 point effort, the Wa- hoos were not able to concentrate their attack, and con- sequently bowed by a one-sided score. Virginia, 435 Maryland, 46 The Terps of llflaryland invaded Charlottesville for another encounter with the Cavaliers and came away with their second win in as many starts against the Wzilloos. The game was close, but lVIaryland capitalized on accuracy from the foul line to subdue Virginia. Scramble for the Ball Virginia, 56g George Washington, 58 Wasliiiigtoii, D. C. entertained the Tebellmen in their last encounter before the Christmas holidays as George fC0llfi7Il1l'Il on Page 2702 VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Front Row: Ryder, Vopp, Meanwell, Kern, Berry. Second Row: Livick, Mohl, Allen, Dohner, lluoper. Third Row: Manager Leake, Coach Tebell, Scott, Caldwell, Morris, Manager VVelsh. Gb 'Ki 1 If " 4 41' Z ur me Mm-as YK WFHIY v 1 E RE TLI .-, pn if C VARSITY VVRESTLING SQUAD Coach Finger, Turner, Fitzgerald, Wlood, Clarkson, Massey, McElroy, Dillingham, Senft, G. Morse, VV. Morse. In 1950-SI, wrestling entered its fourth and most suc- cessful year of varsity competition under the able guidance of Doc Finger. The team wound up the season with a record of eight wins and three defeats. The three losses were at the hands of eastern powers, Navy, Penn State, and Hofstra. The Virginia grapplers opened their season by decisively defeating Johns Hopkins 24-8. In the second match Doc Finger's men racked another win by downing a strong Gallaudet team 20-10. Both the Morse brothers in their 123 and I3O pound classes added greatly to the scoring. In the third meet Virginia faced a strong Penn State team who downed the Virginia matmen 20-8. Penn State later became Eastern Champs. The grapplers, on a tour north, won one and lost one. After a practice match with Haverford College the Cava- liers wrestled the lVIerchant Nlarine Academy of King's Port, N. and won 28-5. They then journeyed on to Hofstra College Where they were defeated 28-8, Next the matmen downed Virginia Tech 17-1 1, Scoring for the Cavaliers in this match were Bill and George lhiorse and Joe Wood who defeated their men while Carl Dorman and Harvey Fitzgerald achieved draws which also added to the scoring. Virginia won the next tour by upsetting Virginia lN'Iili- tary Institute, Davidson, NVashington and Lee, and NVest Virginia. George llflorse in the 123 pound class brought his record to eleven wins and no defeats, The highlight of the four matches was Virginia's win over YVashington and Lee I4-13, This was the first time anyone has defeated W. and L. in four years. The grapplers ended their season in an off key losing to a strong Navy team 24-6. joe YVood and Bill llflorse were the only two wins of the day. By beating West Virginia Doc Finger's men thus de- feated all state competition and became state and un- crowned Southern Conference Champs. A Virginia team was Sent to the Easterns and George llilorse who held a 10- 1 record here at school was the only one to score. George got to the quarter finals before he was eliminated. Outstanding matmcn for Virginia throughout the year were George and Bill M0l'SC, Joe VVood and l-larvey Fitz- gerald, Whose year was very impressive. Virginia's wrestling team should continue next year in good stride for they will be greatly strengthened by the return of lcey men from this yearys undefeated freshman team. OCCER VARSITY SO CCER SQUAD First Row, left to right: Bill Davis, jack Powell, Bob Nevett, George Vest, Jack Bretherton CCaptainj, jack Hendrickson, Mariner Durant, Jack Taylor, Gorden Krusen. Second Row: Pete VVhite, Jan Beyer, Howard Johnson, Leigh Middleditch, Roh Dearing, Bob Barnard, Paul O'Brien, Bob Caskie, Ed Ivy, Bill Schmiclheiser. Third Row: Al Nist, Fred Spencer, joe Wood, Bill Bretherton, Bill Fusco, Jim Kuser, Bob Tyler, Roy Mnntlee, R. F, Grove, Bob Chamberlin. Fourth Row: Mal Pray, Manager, Jim Geissal, Tom Perkins, Lawrence T. Ludwig, Coach. The 1950 edition of thc University of Virginia soccer team had a very successful season under the able tutelage of Coach Lawrence Ludwig. The season. record of five wins, five losses and one tie was not entirely a clear indicator of how the season went. Two of the losses were by the slen- der margin of one goal, and another loss was at the hands of a strong Duke team in an overtime period on Carr's Field. The team was led by Captain Jack Bretherton and sparked by the brilliant all-around play of halfback Howie Johnson who will lead the Cavalier booters next fall. The team's scoring punch was mainly due to the efforts of such fine performers as Buck Krusen, Obey O'Brian, Rob Cham- berlin, and Bob Caskie while the defense consisted of full- backs Tom Perkins, Bob Nevett, and goalie Rob Deering. Soccer is continually building up here at Virginia and the excellent schedule consisting of such teams as Mary- land, North Carolina, and Duke reveal that they are enter- ing into top-fiight college soccer. 127 The addition of spring soccer and the excellent freshman team should help next year,s prospects for a successful sea- son a great deal. Coach Ludwig and the entire squad are looking forward to producing a much better than five hun- dred record for the University. SCHEDULE Virginia lg Frostburg .,.. Virginia 35 Roanoke 4,...,..... Virginia, . . , . , . Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia lg Washington and Lee lg Maryland ....,.... lg North Carolina . . . 7g R. P. I. ..... , 23 Duke ............. 25 Washiimgton and Lee 3g R. P. I. ,......... . 'ig North Carolina State X VARSITY BOXING SQUAD Front Row, left to right: Brad Schwartz, Carl Hazen, Leonard Coiner, Allen Hollingsworth, Grover Masta-rson, Kenneth Farrow, Louis I.aB0rwit. Back Row: Bill Sinclair, Bill Burgess, john Ryholt, Nick Daniels, Peter Platt, jim Fields, Allen Ballenger, Manger. The 1951 boxing team, captained by Grover Master- son and A1 Hollingsworth, won few of their meets as far as team scores were concerned but had three repre- sentatives considered to be among the greatest of all Virginia boxers. All three, Masterson, Hollingsworth, and Coiner, performed superbly in dual meets and copped their seasons work by winning their respective weights in the Eastern Intercollegiate Tournament. Wlien the season came to a close, Al Hollingsworth sported a perfect record of seven wins and no defeats, Len fBol Coiner's record was marred only by a tie to Jim 1-Iuba of Syracuse in the dual meet, while Bat Masrerson lost but one as he dropped a close decision to Gurner of South Carolina. Masterson accomplished a feat never equalled before by a Virginia mitman as he won the 135 pound clazs in the Eastern and Southern Invitational Tournament as well as receiving the best BOXI 128 boxer's award in both of these meets. Hollingsworth also compiled a distinguished record by being the only man to ever win the Eastern Championship four times. Sinclair Ducks a Haymaker AL YORK HOLI,lNGSVVORTI'I and MASTERSON ALLEN BALLENGER Coach C0-Caplainy Senior M'a1uzgL'r Other men such as Pete Platt, Bill Sinclair, Jim Fields, Started this 5635011 with U0 PfeVi0U5 eXPefi9UC9, Yet de' Bob I-lull, Vince Marshall, Tom Lyle, Bill Vial-, Bill veloped throughout the season and contributed much to Burgess and Lew LaBorwit all deserve recognition for the Cavalier Squad- their excellent work in the ring. Many of these men Masterson exchanges blows 129 Al had his own way Virginia, 33 Catholic University, 5 The Cavaliers opened their season in Wasliingtoii in a meet won by a rallying Catholic University team. Vir- ginia's big three, Coiner, Hollingsworth, and Nlasterson, started the year off by decisioning their three opponents, but Catholic University came baclc strong in the heavier weights to talce the meet. Coach York and his three Eastern Champions Sinclair means business Virginia, 35 South Carolina, 5 Virginia dropped its second dual of the year in much the same manner by which it lost its first. Coiner and Hollingsworth continued their winning streaks but Mas- t-erson suffered his lone defeat of the year against South Carolina's Gurney in a fight which Gurney's extra weight proved to be the winning factor. The Cavaliers only other win came in the 175 pound class which saw an improved Bill Burgess decision South Carolinais Stan Hamilton. Virginia, 55 Citadel, 3 Virginia's mittmen cut short a Citadel rally in Charles- ton, S. C., to win their hrst boxing match of the season, 5 to 3. Two TKOS, one in each corner, featured the evenings activities. The Cavaliers won the first four fights with Hollingsworth gaining a TKO over his op- ponent. Virginia's other win as Bill Sinclair got his first win of the season against the Citadel's Baldwin in a closely fought match. Virginia, 323 Miaxni, 4M The mittmen dropped their third dual meet of the year in a heartbrealcer before a home town crowd in Meinorial Gymnasium. Virginia's big three again gained decisions, while Pete Platt added rhe remaining score as he drew with Miami's Don LaCroix. Miami gained a forfeit in the 175 pound class and clinched the meet in the heavy class which saw Sinclair lose a crowd pleaser to the I'iurrican's Carl Beruardo. Virginia, BKQQ Army, 42 The Cadets from West Point managed to dissapoint lcnoclcouts over Virginia's Lyle, Platt and Fields. Bill drew with Cadet Gerry Hart to end the scoring. Virginia, Suzy Syracuse, 42 Syracuse's Eastern's champion team handed the Vir- ginians their last loss of the year 32 to 4Z. The fight of the evening saw Syracuse,s Huba, 1950 Easternls champion battle Len Coiner to a tie. Hollingsworth con- tinued his TKO streak while Masterson and Marshall gained Virginia's remaining wins. Virginia, 5g Penn State, 3 The Cavaliers ended their season on the winning side of the ledger as they downed Penn State 5 to 3 in the Boxing action a gay lVlidwinter's crowd as they beat the mittmen in a TKO featured meet. Coiner continued his winning streak in gaining a decision while both Hollingsworth and Masterson thrilled the crowd with TKOS, The next three fights saw the Cadets come back and gain technical 1311 most impressive victory of the year. Coiner started things off with a decision over Penn State's Sam Marino, while Hollingsworth ended his dual meet season undefeated by a TKO. Masterson, Burgess, and Sinclair insured Virginia's victory by decisioning their opponents. MM SVVIMMIN G SQUAD Front Row: Paul, Edwards, Hallock, McCasland, Scott, fCaptainJ, NVestlake, Marcks, Koenig. Back Row: Coach Heidloff, Broyles, Goodwin, Williams, Keimling, Lowe, NValsh, Coach Reilly, Crawford. A strong and Well balanced Cavalier swimming team Captained by Jim Scott and coached by .lim Reilley ended the season with a good four and three dual meet record and a first in the State lVIeet. In their first meet of the season, Virginia defeated Dela- ware, led by Kirk VVilliam's two firsts in the 220 and 44.0 freestyles. Bill Edwards and jack Westlake won first and second honors in the diving while john Koenig finished first in the 200 breatstroke. The 4.00 yard relay team made up of Norris Broyles, Ed Paul, Bill Crawford, and Chick Hallock also gained a first place. Between semesters the team travelled north to battle two strong oponents, Seton Hall and La Salle, Bill Edwards and Jack Westlake proved outstanding as they placed first and second in the diving while Herb Keimling got a Hrst in the 200 yard backstroke against Seton Hall, Kirk VVil- liams won a first place in the 220 and Holley Low finished first in the 44.0 freestyle at La Salle. Virginia returned home only to lose to a powerful Tar- heel swimming team, although Kirk Williams continued his winning ways by gaining a first in the 44.0. Jim Scott placed Hrst in the 50 yard freestyle with .lack VVestlake winning the diving title. A new record was set in the 300 yard medley relay by Virginia's fast threesome of Sonny Keimling, john Koe- nig, and Chick Hallock as Virginia trounced V.P.I. 56 to 19, Kirk 'VVilliams a-gain finished first in 220 while Holly Low took first place honors in the 440 yard free- style, Keimling in the backstroke, and VVc-stlake in the diving event. The Cavaliers completed their schedule with victories over Penn State and V.M.l, A new dual meet record was set by Jim Scott, VVally Goodwin, Chick Hallock, and Kirk VVilliams in the 4.00 yard relay against Penn State. Kirk VVilliams 'gave probably the greatest performance of his career in the State lkleet as Virginia gained her sec- ond consecutive victory by piling up a tremendous total of 99 points. Kirk set new records in the 220, 440, and 150 yard individual medley. .lim Scott set a new record in the 50 yard freestyles and .lack VVestlake scored a new high in total points in winning the diving, Another record was set by Virginia's great 4.40 yard relay team of Norris Broyles, Scott, Hallock, and VVally Goodwin, RESULTS Virginia .... . . .445 Delaware ...... . . .31 Virginia .... ...275 North Carolina . . ...48 Virginia .... ...323 Seton Hall ..... ...43 Virginia .... .. .355 La Salle ... ...40 Virginia .... ...56g V.l7.l, ..... ...19 Virginia .... . . .483 Penn State . . . . .27 Virginia .... ...393 V.lVI.l, .... . . .36 we s I' 4 v i I F E I FENCING SQUAD Front Row: Strunk, Baker, Hansner, Terezis, Jones, Johnson, King. Second Row: Mundy, Atkinson, Read, Menick, Burton, Molyneaux. Since the Cavalier, symbol of the University of Vir- ginia, carries a sword one might expect that the sport of fencing would be highly developed here. This has not been the case, although there have been times in the past when student interest has inspired the forma- tion of teams. T. A. Botts, now an Assistant Professor of Mathematic, participated in some of these efforts. After World War II the Department of Athletics began to give modest support to the fencing enterprise. In the first year the "team" was only able to promote one "meet" with Augusta Military Academy and Vir- ginia was defeated fa vast understatementlj. Since 1946 we have developed a good inter-collegiate Schedule and have done well with it. This past season we took an expected beating from the Navy powerhouse and we were also beaten at Johns Hopkins. Virginia won over Delaware, University of North Carolina ftwicel , North Carolina State, and had a forfeit from Georgetown. Leading the swordsmen in duelling swords was 9th ranking NCAA fencer, Ralph Wagener. Jack Reed had the most consistent and outstanding intercollegiate dual meet record in Sabres. Bill Burton was another who con- tributed greatly to Virginia swordsmen with his good record in foil fencing. Other fencers whose efforts have contributed greatly to formation of a good team here at Virginia are Wade Hover, Leon Hect, Pen Thomas, John Thomas, William Lacey, and Charleswort Dick- inson. B555 naar 1 ASEBALL we not xhigy - Y-B11 xiii M 1 fewest 162 aww,- BASEBALL SQUAD 'When the IQSO baseball practice opened early in February, Coach Gus Tebell had very little rebuilding to do, At first base was returning letterman Stretch Elliott, who had been a standout football player and a very competent first baseman from the I949 team. Sam Patton and Stan Harris also saw much action, as the season progressed. Ted Davenport, a star from the first year team, stepped in at second and although not too strong at the bat, was one of the finest fielding second sackers in the state. jim Patton, the three letter winning short stop, returned, and hitting very well, proved to be a fine clutch hitter, while in the field he was second to none, VVith Davenport and Patton we boasted the finest double play combination in the state. Behind Patton to fill in were Bobby Tate and Dag Gray. Third base was no problem as returning was two-time all stater, Bob Huff, Captain of the 1950 Team, who was chosen for the third consecutive year for All State honors. Don Atcholz, the power hitting right hander, proved to be the strength needed in the outfield by leading the State in home runs. Big "Ike" also led the squad at the plate with an average of .363. The other positions were amply filled. The state's leading hitter of 1949, Tom Phillips, played center field. Both Bud VVinn and Bob Parrott saw action. VVayne Greene served as an adequate reserve in any field. In the catching department, Bill Berner was returning to com- plete his tenure of three years as a regular. Behind Berner was Don Strain. The pitching turned out much better than expected with return- ing lettermen Buddy Charles, Torn Evans, Lou Marchetti. Support was given them by surprise performer Bill Boozer, who turned in a record of 7 wins and one loss. Buddy Charles had his usual good season with eight wins and three losses, Buddy was another All- State selection, along with Tommy Evans with a two and two record. In the relief department was Kirk Baine, Lou Marchetti, Dillard Laughlin, and Bob Kemper to round out the staff. The Orange and Blue had one of its most successful seasons with a record of 18 wins and 5 losses. Their schedule included such teams as Rutgers, one of the semi-finalists in the N.C.C.A. tourneyg Michigan, runner-up for the Big Ten honorsg George VVashington who is always a powerhouse on the diamond, Dart- mouth, one of the better Ivy League teams, and the usual State teams which always supply strong opposition for anyone. All in all tl1e season was a great success, both to the squad and the University. Virginia.... Virginian.. , SCHEDULE 63 Haverford 23 Rutgers . Virginia .... ..... 2 73 Akron ..... Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia V g ir inia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia. . . . .. Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginian.. 53 Dartmouth 6g Delaware 4g Lehigh .. IQ Rensselear ... gg Trinity . 43 Michigan 4.3 Michigan ..... 45 Virginia Tech .... 73 Maryland .. 3g Richmond 7 3 V.M.I. .......... . 83 George VVashington QQ North Carolina ,. IQ Richmond ..., 25 Maryland .. ZQ VV. and L. ....... . og George VVashingwn og Virginia Tech . . .. ...13,V.M.I...,....... 85 VVilliam and Mary 3 3 1 I ... O 3 o ....Ir 5 1 I .2 2 6 1 4. o 7 I 9 o o Leading Wahoo Batsman COACH GUS TEBELL TOM PHILLIPS GOLF SQUAD A strong Virginia golf team led by Captain Nick Nliller posted a good nine won, five lost record for the 1950 sea- son. lliiller was ably supported by Clint h'Icl-Ienry, Fred Phillips, Sonny King, Dick VVells, and Jack Hendrickson. John Grant, Joe Johnson, and John Gravely also partici- pated in some of the matches for the Cavaliers and all played 'good golf when called upon. The veterain six opened the season with a victory over VVilliams and then played their only tie of the season with Ohio University. A good W. and L, team defeated Vir- ginia twice while Virginia beat Yale and lost to Princeton on their northern trip. A highlight of the golf season was the playing of the an- nual Eastern Intercollegiate Golf Association, Southern Division meet on the Farmington links, with Virginia acting as host. The Cavaliers showed up well in the round robin competition defeating Georgetown and Penn while losing only to Navy. Virginia gained a second in the final team standings. Fred Phillips, Dickwells, and Nick ildiller led Virginia to a fourth in the First Official State Intercollegiate Golf Championship. Virginia's coach, Butch Slaughter, was chosen as the first president of the new organization. The Cavalier frosh team led by Craig Slingluff, Roddy XVatson, and lN'Iac Jenkins Hnished the season with a four and two record. SCHEDULE Virginia 63 VVilliams . Virginia 53 Diaryland .... Virginia I5 5 Ghio University Virginia 7 , V.lN'I.I. .... . . Virginia. .. . . I, W. and L. . . Virginia 25 Princeton . Virginia 71 Yale ..... Virginia 53 Richmond . . . Virginia 55 Georgetown . . Virginia. . . . . 33 Navy . . . . Virginia. . . . . 55 Penn . . . Virginia 25 V.P.I. ... . Virginia. . . . . S3 VV. and L. . . Virginia 3: V.P.I. .. . EN The 1950 edition of the Cavalier tennis team was ably coached by "Red', Rohman and captained by a standout netter for the past four seasons, Henry Valentine. Virginia wound up the season with a line record of I3 wins and only 3 defeats. Cornell, lldiami, and North Carolina, three of the strongest teams in the country, were the only combina- tions to defeat Virginia. Billy Long, the number one man, played some very fine tennis week in and week out against some of the best col- legiate players in the country. Long was defeated by such stars as Clark Taylor of North Carolina. Sid Schwartz of llflianri, and Bo Roddey of Davidson. He teamed with Eli Tullis to form the Cavalier's number one doubles team which scored many wins during the season. Shelton Horsley, a second year' llledical student and Virginia State Champion for the past two years, played in the number two position when his studies allowed and ended the season with a good 7 and 2 record. He teamed with Jack Rixey to form Virginia's number two doubles team which captured several important wins. Jack Rixey, another veteriarr of four' years experience on the Lady Astor Courts, closed out his college career with a brilliant record of I3 wins against only two defeats, Rixey played number four man and his record was one of the finest ever established at the University. Eli Tullis and Frank Goodman alternated in the num- ber five and six positions with both men playing some fine tennis. Each man finished the season with a good record and Goodman combined his talents with Andy Robinson to make up the number three doubles team. Arnold Leftouts, Frank lVIeade, Craig Culbertson, and Griff Burnett rounded out the squad and each saw action during the season, Pete DeVVitt served as manager for the Rohmannmen. SCHEDULE Virginia. .. . .75 Haverford . . . . . . .2 Virginia. . . . . .8 lVIichigan State . . Virginia Virginia Virginia. ., . . . 1 6 9 Cornell ....... Willianrs ........ VVashington and Lee . . Virginia 7 V.lVI.I. ......... . Virginia 2 North Carolina . . . Virginia 7 Nlarylarrd . Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia. . . . . . Virginia Virginia Virginia 7, r 8 7 4, 8 93 TENNIS SQUAD Long, Horsely, Valentine, Rixey, Robinson, Tullis. Cincinnati . . lVIiami .. Duke .... Davidson . V.P.I. .......... . George VVaslrington . .. Country Club of Virginia x N e""'w 1 ' .ijQ5.rQZ2: if' ' f-f . . 5, 1, Q. I 4. - :-a2vf...:ag- 1:59291 .wf'if-wfugfermrw rsh 5 j , ' - z..fg,3s:i..,ff,1y,xy ' f fr r -:-.3 ---- : gtg--,rn:..,::,..,.s' mm., mf f, yr 2 5 . be W9 as ...,. .5........g.:tr5r .Z as I .x ..i-'14-".:.: 'T ?5r:.a15il'a'W1'551??'W"'W ' 5. ,ii I.. -Q Mi in Lacrosse has become one of Virginia's top sports and under the able guidance of Coach Charlie Guy, the Cavalier stickmen enjoyed their best year at the Uni- versity by winning eight out of eleven contests, and be- coming State Champs. The Orange and Blue lost only to Maryland, Hopkins and Duke. The Cavaliers were paced by two All-Americans, Bill Hooper and Bobby Prout. Ian Hemming, Bill Crawford, and Tommy Donoho along with Prout made up the Cavalier defense. Bill Hooper, known for his precision feeding on the attack, was ably assisted by Gordon Jones and Dick Godine, high scorer for the season. On the LACROSS defeated Rutgers 9-8. Midfielder David Senft with iifty- nine seconds to play netted the winning goal. The next encounter was with Maryland and the Cavaliers were' upset 11-9 in an exciting overtime battle. The Terps proved too much in the last minutes of the game and marched away with the contest. Virginia sailed through the next two games trouncing Delaware 15-9 and Syracuse 13-7. In the Delaware con- test Bert Sadtler paced the Orange and Blue with Hve LACROSSE SQUAD First Row, left to right: Compton, Derrick, Hemming, Sadtler, Proutt, Sinclair, Trutfelter, Barnard, Donoho. Second Row: Senft, Burch, Boone, Hupfeldt, Cranwell, Crawford, Slingluff, Godine, Poole, Albert. Third Row: Coach Charlie Guy, Shipley, McLean, Bonham, Gore, Jones, Martin, Hooper, Scheicle, Atkin, Hayward, Manager Charlie Harper. first string mid-field group were Tommy Compton, Guy Shipley, and David Senft. Rounding our the remaining midfield positions were John Burch, Carrol Boone, and Tommy Cranwell. Bert Sadtler, old veteran attackman who suffered from a leg injury received early in the season was missed considerably in the latter games. The Cavalier Lacrosse team in their opening contest goals while Billy Hooper starred in the Syracuse tilt, scoring two and assisting in six. The next week the Charlottesville stickmen traveled to Hopkins to be defeated by the National Champs, 15 to 6. The Cavaliers bounced back on their feet and won the next five contests. They journeyed to Washington and Coach Guy and trio of All Americans Lee and downed the Mimks 11 to 5. Gordie Jones and Billy Hooper teamed together tallying 4 apiece to lead the attack. The stickmen then continued their journey the next week to Baltimore where they trounced Loyola 12 to 4. I-Iooper's fast attack ran away with the Hounds in the second quarter hy scoring 7 quick goals which put the game on ice for the Guymen. x i ' ' V.M.I. in the next game was no match as Dick Go- dine paced the Charlottesville ten with four goals. Also scoring was Tommy Comp- ton who netted three. With Dick Godine again holding the lead in the scor- ing, the Cavaliers slaugh- 'S-Qs..m.-.. tered North Carolina 17-0. In this encounter many of the reserves had a chance to play as Charlie Guy substituted freely. Host Penn State was the next to bow to the Wahoo stickmen 23-12 in the highest scoring tilt of the year. David Senft tallied six goals in this game which proved to he the all-time Cavalier high. The Guymen ended their season losing to Duke hy a 11 to 8 score. The Blue Devils proved too much for the Cavaliers in the last minutes of the game when they netted twice in rapid succession to pull the game home. Virginia Scoring Play 'E lift G Charlie Mott Throws the Discus As the spring of 1950 rolled around, Archie Hahn began to muster his trackmen and begin what proved to be a successful season for the Cavaliers. On hand were such standouts as Gene Schroeder and Jim Ashwell, who ex- celled in the dashesg George Brasfield, one of Virginia's best in the pole vaultg and captain Dan hflohler, a hurdler who could compete with the best in his field. Also present were such hopefuls as Al Shook, Lou hlorris, Ziggy Hazel- grove, Stewart VValker and Hunter Deliutts, which formed a strong neucleus for the cindermen. U. Va., 67Mg V.M.I., 58M The Cavaliers opened their season with a win over the cadets from Lexington. Gene Schroeder, .lim Ashwell and Jack Clarkson finished first, second, and third respectively to dominate the hundred yard dash, while Roller and Bras- field tied at twelve feet to win the pole vault. Captain Dan Nlohler showed his speed in the hurdles by taking a first in the lows and second in the highs, while Lou Mforris won the shot put and Charlie Mott took a second with the dis- cus. Al Shook made Virginia's win certain when he gained a first in the broad jump, U. va., 475 v.P.1., 79 In the second meet, V.P.I, proved to be too much for the Cavaliers and, paced by such speedsters as Sterling Wiiigo, the Techrnen gained a decisive victory, Al Shook paced the Virginia trackmen by taking a first in the broad jump, second in the low hurdles and third in the shot put. Root came through with a second in the four forty while Lou hlorris and Armstrong finished first and second in the shot put. Duke, 5925 U. Va., 45Mg W. and M., 21 Triangular Meet The Cavaliers made a comeback after their previous de- feat and showed a vast improvement in the triangular meet. Virginia dominated the pole vault and javelin while mak- ing excellent showings in the other events. Schroeder took a second in the hundred and two twenty while Shook and Rancorn tied for first in the high jump. Captain Dan hflohler copped a second in both the 120 yard high hurdles Gene is all alone at the finish line and 220 yard low hurdles, while hfIcLarin and Nlorris took second and third respectively in the shot put. Big Six U. Va., 4725 V.P.I., 49 The Virginia trackmen established themselves as one of the best teams in the state when they came within one and a half points of tying first place Virginia Tech. Gene Schroeder made the best showing of his career when he tied the big six record for the hundred yard dash by sprinting the distance in nine and seven tenths seconds as well as placing second in the two twenty. George Brasfield, also puttin'g in the best performance of his Virginia career, broke the past established record for the big six pole vault when 140 he soared to a height of twelve feet, ten and three quarters inches. Lou lVIorris was very impressive as he won the shot put, as was Armstrong who took a first in the discus event. U. Va., 895 Quantico, 37 Virginia took nine firsts and collected every point in four events. Gene Schroeder won both sprints in fast time for the heavy track and strong head wind. Dan liohler led Virginia's clean sweep in the hurdle races while Root set the pace with a first in the four forty, deliutts and Shook finished one, two in the b1'oad jump to add to Virginia's final tally. U. Va., 7923 Richmond, 462 The thinclads again placed nine men in first place posi- tions as they decisively defeated the Richmond Spiders. Track Squad Jimmy Ashwell looked very impressive as he finished a fraction of a second ahead of Gene Schroeder in the hun- dred yard dash and Paul llarringer showed his best form of the year as he took a first in the pole vault, Al Shook con- tinued to spark the Cavaliers as he placed first in the two twenty low hurdles and the high jump. Statie A.A.U. Meet U. Va., 722 flgirstj Again it was Gene Schroeder taking a first in the hun- dred and two twenty as Virginia had no trouble in winning the State A.A.U. meet. The Quantico Nlarines, winners of the meet in 1949, gave our cindermen no trouble at all in their defense of the crown. The trackmen took six firsts, including the mile relay, which insured our decisive victory. Lyle and Mohl over the hurdles rf 6 U - , a J 1 ' ' v 9 -, . R URA DKE and KA in playoff Strong competition was the keynote of the' 1950-51 intramural season at the University. A much brighter outlook for intramural athletics was foreseen with the increased interest and participation of both fraternity and independent teams. The Dekes, winner of the High Point trophy for the past four years, again appeared as the fraternity to beat. The runner-up Pikas of last year, the third place St. Elmos and St. Anthony Hall figured as the fraternities most likely to upset the pre-season fa- vorite and ritle home first. Touch football opened the season and produced many upsets as well as many thrills. A powerful SAE team upset the defending champion Dekes and then went on to win the fraternity and in- dependent Championships. St. Anthony Hall lost to the Grady Avenue boys in the finals and the St. Elmo placed third with the Pikas edging out the Dekes for fourth place. ZBT, Zeta Psi, and ATO rounded out the first eight. In the independent division a group of young second year men, the Creeps, upset last year's champions, the Barristers to win the title only to lose to the SAEs for the University championship. Tommy Thompson paced the high fiying SAES to their cham- pionship, ably assisted by such standouts as Calvin Rhea, Tom Mehring, and Graham Koch. Long john Garland ran and passed Bat-risters and Creeps in independent playoff the Creeps to their many wins and he was given a helping by the stellar play of Mac Jenkins and Charlie Gamble, At the conclusion of the season the annual All-Mad Bowl Team was selected with Angus Peyton being the only holdover from last year's squad, E. Sam Meredith, Zeta Psi. E.-Ken Hedlund ..... Sigma Nu G.-Jack Howard .... St. A. G.-Graham Koch . .. .,.. SAE C.-Calvin Rhea .. ....... SAE B.-Angus Peyton . . . . . . Rarristers B.-Eli Tullis .... St. A. B.-Hal Xanders ..,... ... St. Elmo B.-Tommy Thompson ..........,..........,........... SAE In volleyball last year's University champions, the Dekes, re- peated their performance by defeating the Pikas in the Hnals. In the "B" League competition the Pikas reversed the tables and scored a win over the Dekes to take the championship. The win- ning Deke combination was made up of Bill Hooper, Jim VVelch, Gil Hooper, Harris Livick, Harvey Lindsay, Ken Mclilwain, and jack Rixey. The KAs nailed clown third place in the UA" League closely followed by the Phi Kaps and the SPEs. In the "B" League strong bids were made by the 3rd place Sigma Chis, St. A., and the Phi Delts. Eli Tnllis of St. Anthony Hall won the badminton singles title and then teamed with Billy Long to cop the doubles crown. VVally Godwin was Tullis' victim in singles while Ken Mclilwain and King Lambert tied for third place. It was an all St. A. finals in douhles as Tullis and Long defeated Craig Culbertson and Frank points for their fraternity. The very popular I-M boxing tournament was again held and proved to he a tremendous success. Guy Shipley, a Zeta Psi, re- gained his crown in the 175 pound weight and became the only man who successfully defended his title. Phi Delt won the team Meade. title with 26 points. Horseshoe pitching Laurels went tn Harris Livick, a Deke, who 125-JZlCk Reed, Sigma Chi . .. VVinner defeated Zindler of ZBT in the finals. 'ln Douhles Burgess and Bill Coiner, lndependent Second Gleason of THE won over Bill Meredith and Bd Leake of St, A. 130-Collen Dillon, Independent . VVinner for top honors. Charlie Slingluff, St. Elmo .. Second A fast and thrilling cross-country featured the fall I-Ms with 135-Clyde Morris, Sigma Chi .... Vllinner Bill llazelgrove and George Brasfield both of St. A., running first Charlie Wlilliamson, Phi Kap Second and second respectively. Bill Burgess of Phi Delta Theta was third 145-Bl'IlLl Schwartz, DU ........ VVinner with Charlie Slingluff of St. Elmo running fourth. Dave Driscoll Buddy Niles, Independent .. Second and 'Ted VVorcestcr of St. Elmo and Billy Hooper and Len Cainer ISS-'-l0l1ll Llewellyn, Phi Delt .,.. VVinner of the Deke House captured the remaining four places to win Bill Hazelgrove, St. A. .. Second Below: Best Referee Don Strain Below: Eli Tullis Badminton Champion Bottom: DKE Volleyball Champions Bottom: St. A Swimming Relay Champions TOP: SAE and Creeps in Ch3mPl0l15hlP Game Top: KA and DKE basketball action Top: St. A. and KA in championship game Top: Intramural boxing action I65TGCllfgC Brasfield, St. A, . .. VVinner B. Kerfoot, Theta Chi , .. Second x75-Guy Shipley, Zeta Psi .... Wlinner Bill Burgess, Phi Delt ...... Second Unlimited-Dalt Couig, Phi Delt . XVinner Dick Seheide, Phi Kap Second l-larry Taylor, a Deke, upset the defending champion, Ed Mc- Conigle of the Barristers to win the singles crown in handhall. Carrol johnson and VVhit Brown, representing the SAEs, combined their talents to defeat Taylor and Harvey Lindsay in the finals of the doubles. ln hasketball the sharp shooting and fast breaking KA quint went into the finals undefeated only to lose to the St. Anthony Hall five two out of three games. The Hall went on to win the Yniver- sity championship from the independent Lucky Sevens. Bob Sander- son, the leading point maker in intramural haskethall, and Skip Hixon, a great rebounder paced the KAS while "Stretch" Elliott and Roh Deering were the mainstays of the champion St. As. The Dekes, led by the steady ballhandling and shooting of Gordy Jones, placed third with the Phi Delts gaining the fourth position, The SAEs, Sigma Chis, Pikas, and Theta Delts filled out the remaining spots in the play-off competition. In Bowling the Dl' fraternity won the "A" league champion- ship hy defeating the St. As in the finals. The Pikas, Dekes, and Sigma Chis also were strong contenders. The "B" League com- petition was Keen with the St. Elmos winning the title and the Pikas gaining second place, The Phi Delts and Dlls nailed down third and fourth place respectively. Thanks to the line work of Meh Turner and the l-M staff a new sport, wrestling, was entered on the I-M program. The team championship was won hy the Kappa Sigs with 25 points, with the Dekes running a close second with 23 points. 123 lh.-Billy Rule, Pi KA .... .... X Vinner Monk Younger, SAE. .... Runner-up 130 137 T47 157 167 177 SAE University Football Champions Creeps Independent Champions -Len Coiner, DKE Jack Bretherton, Kappa Sig -Bill Bretherton, Kappa Sig Freeman, Sigma Nu -Baldwin Lloyd, Theta Chi Blackwell, Kappa Sig -Tom Compton, DKE Moran, Trident .-john Lillard, Et. Elmo VVilliams, St. Elmo -Shoults, Trident Warner, SAE Unlimited-Bragden, Theta Delt Fahlgren, ATO The swimming meet was again a great success with the Trident Club winning the Team Championship with 33M points. The PiKa fraternity was the runner-up with the St. A's third, St. Elmo fourth, and the Phi Kaps gaining the fifth position. It was an all Elmo finals in squash with King Lambert win- ning his second consecutive championship defeating Lew Barroll, As CORKS AND CURLS goes to press thc I-M point race is one of the closest in history. The Dekes are out in front with 31123 points, the St. A's are second with 3102 points, the Pikas are in third place with 260 points, and the St. Elmos are in fourth place with 218 points. The spring season is getting underway with softball, golf, track, tennis, and table tennis making up the program. The 1950-51 Intramural season could have not been such a tre- mendous success without the fine work of its new director, J. H. Reilly, and his two chief assistants, senior manager Skip Forrest and Herb jackson. Much praise is also due the fine staff working under these men made up of IVIilt Gallier, Sonny Denham, jim Kitchen, Sonney Stanniford, Martin Gerson, Jim Holland, Vviddy Tazewell, and joe Smith. St. A. University Basketball Champions St. A. Cross Country Champions N FRATER ITIE LIAROLD M. BURROVVS LIIEIJIJEY MCNEIIR BOXVEN J. MAI.COI,IvI LUCK MAYNADIER MASON JOSEPH M. VVOOD, III VVII.I..IAIvI P. I-IOAOLAND HARRISON NESBIT, II CI-IARI.Es J. MO'I'T PIENRY N. TAYLOR HARVEY LINDSAY NVII.I.IAM A. FORRIas'r, JR. VVII.I.IAM U, HOOPRR JAMES VVELCH CHARLES H. SACKIQTI' A. GARDNER IIARIJEN JOSEPH M. WOOD, JR. DELT FRATRES IN FACULTATE LI3wEI.I.vN GRIFFIN HOXTON FRATRES IN URBE RCGER RICHMOND RINHIIAR1' ROGER RICI-IMOND RINIEHART, JR. WII.I.IAM RINIII-IARI' ACTIVES PAUL E. PRII.I.AMAN DONAI.D I-I. STRAIN JDIIN F. Rxxm' L. KENT McEI.WAIN FRANK S. GOODMAN DABNEY I-I. CRAIr:HII.I., JR. LEONARD P. COINER RUFUS C. BARIcI,m', JR. GORIJON R. JONES RICHARD L, GODINE GXI,BER'F C. HOOPER, JR. 148 WII.I.IIa TIIOMAS I5ARNIa'I"r GUS K. 'l'IaRIaI.I. DAVID JOSIQPII WIOOIJ DAVID JOSIEPII WOOD, JR. JOHN E. CI.ARRsON NORRIS A. BROYLES OWEN C. IVIEAIJOVVS, JR. STAIGR D. BI,ACRIfORD, JR. M. I'IARRlS LIvIcIc TI-IOMAS S. COMPTON JAMES T. IlOI.I.AND, JR. VV, MACKENZIE JIINIQINS, JR J. DIEVA N'I' LATIIAM DOUGI.Ass S. MACKALI., III AI.III2R'r K. MIN'I'I2R, JR. LOUIS R. SIIOwAI.'I'I2R, JR. 1 o ,f ..E 'I a PP EP ILO JW ,N W. -W, BKE Founded at Yale in 1844. Estab- lished at University of Virginia on November 26, 1852. FIRST Row: lVIac jenkins, Dough lVIackall, Devant Latham, Lou Sll0XV2llfCl', Al lVIinter. SECOND ROW: Stump Craighill, Harvey Lindsey, Charley lVIott, Chief Neshit, Bill Hoagland, Ken lldclflwain, Jack Rixey, Frank Goodman, Joe Wood, Il, Gordon Jones, THIRD ROW: Staige Blackford, Jim Holland, Owen lVIe:1dows, Don Strain, Rufe Barkley, Harris Livick, Norris Broylcs, Skip Forrest, Len Coiner. FOURTH Row: Joe VVOod, Ill, Joni Welch, Jack Clarkson, Gil Hooper, Dick Godine, Bill Hooper, Tom Compton, Paul Prillaman, Harry Taylor. 149 JOHN RITCHIE, III JOHN H. ROBINSON BUCKY VVHITLATCII JOHN K. B. RENNOLOS H. MARTYN LITTLE JOHN G. LEGG JOSEPH E, HEALX' RICHARD B. BARNHILL VVILLIAM MITCHELL, JR. ROBERT B. DAVIS PIARRY P. DAVIDSON S. BURGESS HELLIER WVIRT P. MARRS, III HARRY WAIDNER GENE BRUNs WILLIAM WILSON JAMES GOURD P FRATRES IN FACULTATE TIIIOMAS MUNFORIJ BOYD FRATRES IN URBE NOAH L. MAIIN ACTIVES ALBERT R. CHARLTON HENRY' C. MACRALL GERALD E. DORSEL IIUNTER H. MCGUIRE, JR. CHARLES B. VVALDEN, JR. STEPHEN DECATUR JOHN B. COCHRAN PIUGH I, SHOTT HARRX' MCNEIL INITIATES GEORGE Moss GEORGE FENTON THOMAS HICKE1' ROBERT MOTCI-I C OSCAR SWINEEORO, JR. GEORGE GILMER C. BRUCE MORTON VIROI1. P. RANDOLPH, JR. CHARLES C. ZEHNIIER JAMES B. ATKIN JARVIS W. LAMBIERT FRANKLIN TAX'l,CbR, III D. CHARLES MERRIWETIIER ELI.SWOR'l'I'l M. KAYHOE JAMES G. H1XSSl,:KC11ER DAVID VV. Dulflfx' ROBERT S. CARROLL ROBERT COLE LEN BOLT ROBERT PA'1'I'ERSON BLAIR I'IUN'I'IiR PTE at to swf? . , 4: i 5 I 3,327 ., .J gre: 51.2, y H a-aa -- af - - a J-W-----a-w - a ve at a ' afar , BOTTOM Row: VVirt Nlarks, john Rennolds, Dick Baruhill, Rflartyn Little, Burgess Hellier, Bob Davis, Jerry Dorsal. SECOND Row: Joe Healy, Bob Carroll, Charlie Walderi, jim l-Iasslacher, Bert Founded df f6ff6r50in Cvllege in Charlton, Steve Decatur, Chuck lVIerriweather, John Legg. 1852. E ' ' - . f'f'blf5'7e"i at the Unwer 'THIRD Row: Blair Hunter, .lim Gourd, George lVIoss, George Fenton, Tom szty of Vzrgznza zn 1853. , n , , Hickey, B111 Wllsoxm, Bob Cole, Harry VVa1dner. FOURTH ROW: -lim Atkin, Bill lVIitchell, Dave Duffy, Frank Taylor. 151 If Zz ff I-Y I .-any . W I ff "'i .14,.,1, X MCLIQMORE BIRDSONG GEORGE COOPER, JR. HUNTER P. FAULCONER TIIOMAS B, MERRICK HAROLD E. AKEN XVILLIAM B. BATLOR XVILLIAM BOLTON XV. GRIFFIN BURNETI' EDWARD T. CATON JASON I. ECKFORD J. VV. STUART GILCIIRIST, JR. A. LEON BRIGGS RICIIARD K. Fox AI.BIill1' L. I'IARLOVV JA M ES D. MASON, JR. J. MARTIN CONROY I'IARVIE VV. FITZGERALD LOUIS W. HOWARD FRATRES IN FACULTATE LEWIS HAMMOND FRATRES IN URBE CHARLES NOE FRANK T. SUTTON, III COLLEGE P. STUART GRANT, III J. DAGNVORTIIY GRAY THOMAS L. HUME ROBERT F, LYLE JAMES VV. MARTIN JOIIN D. MUNFORIJ, II JOSEPI-I R. NEWELI., JR. EDUCATION EDWIN M. CI.EMEN'l'S ROBERT L, KEMPER, JR. ENGINEERING GODEREY E. LIGl'I'I'l3OURN LAW STANLEY S. A MEDICINE DANIIIL N. MOI-ILER, JR. INITIATES JAMES D. KI1'CIIIN, III JOIIN L. MCELROY, JR. 152 IIARRIS PHI JOHN M. NOKIZS OSCAR W. UNDERVVOOD JAMES D. WOOD LYTTLETON T. VVOOD RICI-IARD G. SCIIEIDE JOSEPH SMITII, JR. EDMUNIJ M. r11ALI.l'IY FRANK G. TURNER VVILLIAM A. WALLER ALEXANDER VVELLFORD CIIARLES E. VVILLIAMSO ROBERT C. VVEIR HILL MONTAGUE, III LILBURN T. TXALLEY GEORGE F. MENTZ, JR. WILSON B. RUMBLE RODERICK D. SINCLAIR KAP "-rg-Na P I G ig!!! . . IIJKX Founded at the University of Pennsylvania in 1850. Estab- lished al the University of Vir- ginia December 3I, 1855. FRONT Row: Clements, Talley, E, NI., Briggs, l.h'ILll1l:Ol'Cl, lVI0hler, lxfIOlllCgLlC, Lyle, Burnett, Harlow. SECOND ROW: Grant, Caton, Lightborne, Aken, Ekforcl, llflartin, Scheide, Gil- christ, Williallison, Harris, Hume. THIRD ROW: Gray, Turner, Wallc1', Smith, Kemper, Bolten, Newell, Well- ford, House Mail Charles Yancey. FOURTH ROW: Conroy, Meimtz, Howard, Sinclair, lVIcElroy, Fitzgerald, Bay- lor, Rumble, Kitchin. 153 FRATRES IN FACULTATE ALBERT J- BARLOW, M.A.-C.P.A. VVILLIAM H. FAULKNER, M.A.-PH.D. PIARDY C. DILLARD, LL.D. DAVID A. SMITH XVILLIAM MASSIE SMITH C. GROVE MCGOWAN JAMES DONALDSON ATKINSON, JR. WAVERLY LEE BERKLEY, III MARSHAI.L TOPPINC BOHANNON, JR. FREDERICK WARREN BU'l'I.ER, JR. JO!-IN EVVALD CHARLES EDGAR GILLIAM JACK MERRI1' GwAI.'I'NEY, JR. HENRY LORRAINE PIUGHES, JR. ROEERT RIVES IIUMPHRIS PIARRISON BAIRD WALTER PAUL ADAMS, JR. PIENRY MELNO COVINGTON, JR. PETER DESEROW DENNIG VVILLIAM MINOR GlI,I.IIXM ANDREW' DEJARNE'I"I'E HART, JR. ARCIIIEALD B. SHEPERSON, M.A.-PILD. FRATRES IN URBE CARL M. DAVIS, JR. JUNIUS R. FISHBORNIE GEN. E. R. VV. MCCAEE CHARLES VENAELE MINOR ACT IVES JAMES GORDON JOHNSON DILLARD CI-IAPPELL LAUGHLIN LEIOI-ITON MANSEIELD LOBDIELL JOSEPH RAMSEY MARTIN, JR. VVAI.'I'ER BRAMBLli'l"l'li MARTIN, JR. BEVERLY SYDNOR MAUCK STANLEY JACOB MAOENIIEIMER CLIFFORD PAUL MCKINNEY, JR. CYRUS XRYALLRIDGE MERRILL, JR. ROBERT BURCH NELSON INACTIVES GARDNER RUGG I'IA'I'IIAwAY, II INITIATES DONALD SYDNEY IVERSON VVILLIAM LEE JOHNSON GARRE'l1' VVASHINCTON KIRKSEY JOHN MARSHALL LEE ICRO CH 154 JOHN J. OVVEN DR, CHARLES C. TIiNNAN'1' GEORGII E. VVALRER, JR. VVILLIAM HENRY PARRISH JOIIN MILLER PAYNE JOHN JAMES ScO'I"I', III XVILLIAM rI1II.GI1MAN SCOTI, III ROIIERT TlI.'I'ON SIfIEI.IsuRNE THOMAS JEFFERSON SMITH, III RICHARD ALLEN VINTON, JR. IO!-IN S1'EwAR1' VVALKER, III PHILIP CAMPIIELI. VVRIOH1' JAMES MOULTRIE LEE VVILLIAM LAP.-U'li'I'I'E LITTLEJOI-IN DAVID VVILLIAM MEHARG CHARI.ES ROY MUNDEE, JR. FRANK GRICE VVHITELEY BRUCE SLOCUM VVI-IITNEY PTER '1 B0 hw Hll Founded at Miami University, 1839. Established at the Univer- sity of Virginia in 1854. BOTTOM ROW:. Dillard Laughlin, ,Iinnny Atkinson, Bev lvfauek, Gus Hath- away, Steve Nlagcnheimer, Stewart Walker, Ed Gilliam, Wzlltei' lVIa1'tin, Bob Nelson, Dick Vinton. SECOND ROW: Pete Dennig, Leighton Lobdell, Ramsey Nlartin, Bob Shel- burne, Cy lllerrill, Toppy Bohannon, Jack Gwaltney, WHl'I'CI1 Butler, Bill Scott. THIRD ROW: Cliff lVIeKinney, Bruce Whitiieyf, Bill Littlejohn, Don Iverson, Roy lVIundee, Jeff Smith, Jimmy Johnson, Bob Humphris, WHVCl'ly Berkley, Grice Whiteley. FOURTH ROW: Dave Rflehar, A. D. Hart, Phil W1'ight, Waltel' Adams, H. M. Cavington, Henry Hughes, Bill Gilliam, jack Lec, Jimmy Scott, Bill Johnson. 155 FRATRES IN FACULTATE THET VINCENT VVILLIAM ARCHER, B.S., M.D. JAMES ROBERT CASH, M.A., M.D. ALBERT CIEORGE ADAM BALZ, B.A., M.A., PH.D. ANDREW DEJARNETI' HART, JR., M.D. JAMES COOK BARDIN, M.D. EVAN JAMES MALE JOHN SI-'O'l"l'SWOOD GRAVES JOHN IVIARSI-I HENSHAW ROBERT H. BARNARD RAYMOND D. BROCK CLYDE E. BROWN JOI-IN VV. CAMPBELL LEONARD S, CIIACE JOEL A. CLARK WILLIAM T. DE'I'1'OR SHAYNE M. DILLON VV. KENT FERNALD THEODORE BAER JAMES A. BAKER ROBERT L. DUFE JOHN MOORE GEORGE BASKERVILLE ZEHMER, B.S., M.A. GILES FRATRES IN URBE THOMAS HEWSON RICHARD LLEWELLYN LLOYD COLLEGE XVALTER XV. FINNEGAN JOHN K. HASTINGS VVILLIAM E. HOWARD VVILLIAM D. HUMPHRIES ROBERT L. HURLEY JAMES W. KOONTZ JOI-IN Y. LANCASTER G. BRUCE LEIB ENGINEERING D. POWELL GRADUATE ALEC J. SLIVINSRE LAW JAY G. KAUFMTKNN INITIATES LEONARD G. FORBES THOMAS C. JENSEN 156 A. PIEWSON MICHIE DEAN TILMAN RUSSELL T. MATHENI' A. HEWSON MICHIE JOSEPH I, NEVINS PAUL H. PAYNE, JR. CHARI.ES D. PITFMAN EDWARD L. POLING CHARLES E. STEVENS, JR CHARLES H. TRAU'l'FEI ll R JOHN R. VVHITTEMORE ROBERT C. Kll.LEEN JAMES MCMILLEN ROBERT NEV'INS ELTA I li' 1 -fs-e-efeef HH Founded at Union College in 1847. Established at University of Virginia in 1857. FRONT ROW: Alan Baker, C. Elmo Stevens, John Hastings, Clyde Brown, William Humphries, Walter Finnegan, Giles Powell. SECOND Row: Ted Baer, NVillia1n Howard, C. Daniel Pittman, Shayne Dillon, Russell llflatlieny, Russell Trautfelter, Edward Poleng, rl1HIRD ROW: VVakent Fernald, G, Bruce Leib, Robert Hurley, Joseph Ne- vins, john VVhittemore, Robert Duff, Lee Forbes, Robert lla-rnard. FOURTH Row: Robert Nevins, Hewson Micliie, Paul Payne, Leonard Chase, Williani Dettor, James McMillan. 157 RAYMOND C. BICE JOI-IN CANADAY COLGATE VV. DARDEN, JR. THOMAs FARRAR RICHARD V. ATKINSON FIOVVLAND C. HOT'l'0MI.EY SHELBY C. COEI.EN'1'z rfIMO'l'HY M. CORNIELI SAMUEL B. DAVIS JAMES A, NIURPIIY JAMES FLEMING RICHARD R. l'IliGAMAS'I'liR NIIIITON C. JACKSON, JR. THOMAS R. JARMAN, JR. G. 'fl-IOMAS PERKINS, JR. TOM T. BROWN JAMES E, KIZRR EDWIN F. GREE VVINSTON W. I-IOLT, III BRUCE A. TALMADGE FRATRES IN FACULTATE JAMES I-I. NEWMAN M. B. PERRY, JR. FRATRES IN URBE ARMIs'I'EAD DOEIE ACTIVES SIDNEY B. HALL CHARLES J. JESSEE, JR. VVILLIAM M. KING, JR, EDYVARD J. LEECH SAMUEL J. MILLIGAN XVILLIAM E. MOORE XVILLIAM F. DONAHEY FFIIOMAS XV, PARRY, JR. AI.l.fXN S. REYNOLDS INITIATES JAMES VV. CIEISSAI, VVILLIAM P. BOGGES, II THOMAS B. SLADE, III KENNETH B. GORE EDVVARD C. BOONE -JOHN A. KOENIG EDWIN C. MUHLY PHI SIDMAN P, POOLE PIARRY R. PRA'I"I' DONALD RICHEERG VVILLIAM I'IlI,DRETH CI-IARLILS I-I. ROIIRER A. COLOUI'r'I' SI-IACRELEORD JOHN R. SIMS, JR. GEORGIi G. SNARR GEORGE E. STACK DAVID M. VVAKELEE VVILLIAM T. VVIIILIAMS JOHN H. VVILLIS, JR. FUL'I'ON VV. FITE RICHARD A. I'IAsI-IACEN W. SCO'l'I' I-IARVIN COLGA'I'E VV. DARDEN, III LEE E. SUTTON ROBERT P. SCHLENGER ROBERT L, TANNER ICRO CHAPTER 158 M A EL ll...-.4 4-. ' -L , DL4-2. J llllll Founded at jefferson College in 1840. Established at the U niver- sity of Virginia in 1858. FIRST ROW: Richard V. Atkinson, Charles H. Rohrer, VValter M. King, Allen S. Reynolds, Samuel H. Davis, Marvin B. Perry, David M. Wakelee, Colgate YV. Darden, jr., George C. Snarr, John H. Willis, Richard R. Hegamaster, VVilliam T. VVilliams, james E. Flem- ing. SECOND ROW: William F. Donahey, Thomas XV. Parry, VV. Eugene Moore, Howland C. Bottomley, Kenneth B. Gore, Charles J. jessee, Thomas R. Jarman, Samuel Fowler, Shel- by C. Coblcntz, Samuel -I, Milligan, james A. Murphy, Edward J. Leech. 'PIIIRD ROW: Edwin C. Muhly, A. Colquitt Shackelford, George E. Stack, Colgate W. Dar- den, Ill, Robert P. Schlenger, john A. Koenig, Lee E. Sutton, VVilliam P. Boggess, Timo- thy M. Corneli, Milton C. Jackson. FOURTH Row: VV. Scott Harvin, Edwin F. Green, Bruce A. Talmadge, Robert L, Tanner, Tom T. Brown, Richard A. Hashagen, Tom B. Slade, H. Winston Holt, Edward C. Boone, james WV. Geissal. 159 CLINTON J. DAVISSON JUDGE C. BROOKS PIERRE CULLINS Al.I.AN CROMYVIELL VVILLIAM EARLE JAMES V. ANDERSON ROBERT D. BARNARD MARION S. BOYD, JR. CHARLES VV. BROWN JOHN B. .IDAHLGREN JAMES T. EIJMONDS GEORGE VVILLIAM FIX WILLIAM J. CvRIFFIN, III JOHN W, HAIZLIP VVILLIAM C. PIAYCOX JOHN G. PIENDRICKSON CECIL T. HOLT JOHN VV. APPERSON, JR. JOI-IN E, BURTON W7ADE T. CIIIIDRIESS, JR. FRED N. COLE, JR. ARTHUR I-IANCOCK FRATRES IN FACULTATE ROBERT N. FULLER ATCHESON HENCI-I FRATRES IN URBE RAYMOND LOVING, JR. CHARLES MORAN ROBERT OSBORNE ACTIVES ROBERT 0. HYDE CARROLL C. JOHNSON TOM E. JOHNSTON GRAHAM R. E. KOCH HARRY W. LACKEY, JR. GEORGE H. LI-ZVVIS, III 'fl-IOMAS MADDUX JAMES E. MCGEPIEE, JR. BENJAMIN VV. MEARS THOMAS M. MIEPIRING 'fl-IOMAS G. MII.S'l'EAlI, JR. INITIATES CHARLES H. HARDING STUART H. ILIARRIS, JR. JOHN M. MCKIBBIN, III XVALTER A. MEANWELL FREDERICK O. OGDEN I G JAMES MULLENDORE FRANK T. PARKER JOHN B. SIMMS G'ILBER'l' J. SUI.LIVAN AL YORK JOI-IN LARNED MUNOZ JOSEPH C. PALUMBO JOHN PAPIT H. FOSTER PETTIT ROBERT L. READ CALVIN W. RHEA DAVID L. RIANHARD JAMES T. SAVAGE CARL XN. SMITH GUSTAV H. STALLING JAMES E. CLARK JOHN V. TORBERT DAVID PENDER, III JULIAN B. SPACE HAI.C0'l"I' M. TURNER I-IUI.ON O. VVARLICK JAMES M. YOUNG 0MICRO CHAPTER 160 LP I-IA EP ILO HE Founded at University of Ala- bama in 1845. Established at the University of Virginia in 1858. FIRST ROW: Charles Harding, James Young, Hulon Wa1'lick, Walter' lllean- well, Wade Childress, John Kellogg, jack Mcliibbiii, Fred Cole, John Appel'- son, Fred Ogden, Julian Space, Arthur Hancock, Dave Pender, SECOND Row: Harry Lackey, Calvin Rhea, Robert Read, James llflcflehee, VVhitney Brown, Bob Barnard, Thomas Madclrix, Ted Stark, John Haizlip, Larned Nlunoz, Dave Rianhard, James Edmonds, Jack Hendrickson. THIRID ROW: Williaill Haycox, James Anderson, Foster Pettit, Jack llflilstead, Thomas Johnston, William Fix, Robert Hyde, Thomas Nlehring, Thomas Savage, Frank Smith, Williailm Griffin, john Younger. FOURTH ROW: Graham Koch, lVIarion Boyd, Gus Stalling. 161 FRATRES IN FACULTATE DELT VVILLIAM H. VVI-II'1'E, JR. DR. DAVID MCC. VVRIGHT ADMIRAI. XVILLIAM F. I'IAI.SIiY GEORGE I-I. SEMLAR GEORGE F. BRASFIELD RICHARD COCKE IAIIIEXANDER CRAIG CULBERTSON PFHOMAS F. EVANS I-IOMER L. FERGUSON, III NVILBUR LEE I"IAZliI.GROVH JAMES G. HIXRRISON JOI-IN T. HOWARD J. SIIELTON I-IORSLEY, III ROBERT N, CIIAMEERLAIN ROBERT L. DADNEY, JR. ROBINSON A. DISERING LEON S. DURE, II FRATRES IN URBE EDWARD TAYLOR ACTIVES I'IIiRBER'I' VV. JACKSON, III EDVVARD A. LEAKE, JR. VVIILIAM VV. LONG, JR. WILLIAM G. IVIARSHALI. FRANK 0. MEADE VVILLIAM M. MEREDIT1-I LAW ALEI-:RT VV. LOWE D. FRENCH SLAUcII'I'ER, JR. MEDICINE IIIENRY PAGE MAUCK, JR. INITIATES PETER A. GAY CHURCHILL J. GIBSON, JR. VVALLER I-I. PIORSLEY VVILLIAM M. LILE, II UP ILO C 162 DR. RODERI' r.l'UNS'I'AI.I. LLEXVIiI.I.YN IVIILIIER .ALFRED M. SI-IOOK ELI VV. TULLIS LOUIS S. VVALDROI1 DANIEL H. WVELLFORD VVILLIAM I-I. VVHITE, III NIC!-IOI.:XS G. VVILSON, III FRANK T:Xl.HO'l"I', III C. BRAXTON VALENTINIQ ARMIs'I'E,ID XVILLIAMS JAMES P. MAssIE, JR. ROBERT A. PATH R. TAYLOR ScoI'r JOHN L. TAYLOR, JR. II PTER lv llyllqlln H1 Founded at Columbia Univer- sity in 1847. Established at the University of Virginia in 1859. BOTTOM Row: Pate, Cbzunberlin, Dure, Deering, Gay, Scott, Dabney, Lile Horsley, Taylor. SECOND Row: Leake, Long, Cooke, Brzisfield, Nlassie, Gibson, Hazelgrove Vvilson, bfieade. THIRD Row: Ferguson, Rfleredith, Shook, Tullis, Evans, Culbertson, Tal- bott, iN'Iarsball, Jackson. FOURTH Row: YVil1i:uns, VVhite, Valentine, Howard, Slaughter, Berkeley, Todd, iVIauck,VVe1lf01'd, Harrison. 163 QM VVILLIAM C. KEPNER GEORGE LANGFORD JAMES ROBERT 'rAI.BO'l', JR. J. JAMES OTTLEY JAMES LOWRY LEA, JR. JAMES FRANCIS DoE'rscH, JR. CONWAY COWAN DII.X.ING!-IAM GEORGE BURNLEY VEST ALEXANDER STEVVART BOWERS PHILIT PENDLETON XVILSON MoUI..'I'RIE GUERRX' GIL WARE PINCIIEY PIERBERT FRATRES IN ! Q I RICHARD HENNEMAN FACULTATE FRATRES IN URBE VVALTER CUsIIMAN LEE EVERIIART COLLEGE FORMAN SPENCER JOHNSTO ROBERT VVIIELLER N EWELI. ROBERT WILLIAM JONES RICHARD BERNER Ross N, JR. I'IENRY MI'I'cIIELL DUNN, JR. WILLIAM B. AMMON, JR. JAMES F, CAI.I.ERx', JR. LAW I-IoRAcE WORMEN JOHN I-IUMPIIIES CLAYDROOK ELDER ENGINEERING DEREK ORTII GRADUATE BROOKE MEIIAFFEY MEDICINE HARRY FRAZIER, JR. DR. JAMES W. 'FVVYMAN PEYTON CIAIICHESTER HENRY B. CLARK, JR. HOLDEN M. CLARKE DANIEL C. ELKIN, JR. BRUCE F. GINORICII IHOLLAND H. GRAVELI' MARTIN C. GROXN'AI.lJ JOI-IN VV. HARRIS, JR. JACK WI-il'l'E CALVIN CIIILDRESS RICHARD TAH'I.0R, JR. ALPH CHAPTER 164 -- QQ? lea ii - , g' me- v - " lawn! 'Q - f - , Y .5 FRONT Row: Sandy Bowers, Bob Newell, Dick Ross, jim Doitseh, Bo Wil- son, George Vest, lldlitch Dunn, jim Lea, Ottley, Forman Johnston. SECOND ROW: Dil Dillingham, Nlartin Growald, Joe Wilsoil, iliac MlIlOl', Jim Whiti11g, String Harris, Tom llflullen, Henry Clark, Holden Clarke, lVIole Guerry, Claybrook Elder. THIRD Row: Dr. Phil Porter, Dan Elkin, Bill Ammon, Jim Callery, Bruce Gingrich, Bill llflellen, Bill Kitchen, Bob Young, Holland Gravely. 165 CAPTAIN E. M. VVILLIAMS DR. JOSEPH I.. VAUGH.-'KN XVII.I.IS1'ON L. CLOVER LAUREN L. COCKRELI. JUDGE JOI-IN I1AMLE'I"l' ROBERT R. PIARMON DONALD FIARRIS JOHN K. ANDERSON ROBERT G. BECK LAWRENCE M. BRAGG VVILLIAM N. CHALEANI' MYRICK CLARK JAMES L. COEEMAN JOSEPH H, DENOON HOIJNEX' P. DRENNON TIARRY M. DYE, JR. JAMES F. FARRELI. JOSEPH G. FARRELL EDWARD G. FENWICK, JR. CONVVAY LONGSON J. KNOX MORRISON EDWARD H. SCI-IIRMER PIARRY D. PEPOON MALCOLM M. CHRISTIAN DON P. DENOON JAMES FIELDS BRUCE GAREEN FRATRES IN FACULTATE LEE VV. MUSE LOUIS G. FIELDS FRATRES IN URBE CHARLES KIRALEY CHARLES MERRVIT CIEORGE PERKINS ISAAC PERKINS ACTIVES LOUIS G. FIELDS, JR. ROGER H. FITCH ROBERT VV. GAMBINO LLOYD REX GA'I'I'EN LOUIS A. GRAvEI.I..E XVILLIAM R. JOHNSON HUBER1' I. KI.IENI1E'I'ER JAMES E. LEI-IAN JOHN G. METZ CHARLES C. MILLER CLYDE L. MORRIS JAMES L. MYERS INACTIVES JOHN B. COwI.Es VVILLIAM MORTON VVILLIAM C. POLE JOHN S'l'lREVVAL'I' RALPH CURT INITIATES JAMES GUENTHER PELIIAM MCCLELLAN RICHARD MENDIES 166 VVILLIAM N. PIERCE BROOKS MONROE VV. H. PAINE, JR. LYNN F. STOUT J. ALLEN TQHOMAS STEPHEN H. VVA'VI's XV.-XL'l'ER DRIVER NOAH PIUGHES PALMER Ezxkl. A. PA'I'I'ERSON, JR. LEROY A. PYLES VVII.I.IAM H. QUAI.I,S JACK DOOLY REED HIENIQX' C. SCIIUI.'I'z JOHN T. SPRAOUE, III PIAROLD J. STROEIIMANN BENJAMIN M. THOMPSON RALPH E. VVECENER DANIEI. B. XVEXLER, JR. XVILLIAM O. VVIIEELER PETER W. XVI-IITE JAMES STONE CLAUD BAl,LENGER SAMUEL ALLEN CALVIN DAVIS JOHN PRICE JOHN RIITER RICIIARD LEVIN H I ,,,,...4 - , , 1 M ,, ... A..- Q ,, , NM ,,,' , , -,c..,,, -vlwlea 1 'Wi ZX Founded at Mianii University in 1855. Established at the Univer- sity of Virginia in 1860. Q. V-If 2 1 . iflnlk B0'l'1'OM Row: Dick Mendes, joe Farrell, jack Reed, Ralph VVegener, jim Farrell, jack Sprague, Hu Klienpeter, Bill Chnlfant, Rex Garten, Toby Dye, john Anderson, jim Coffman, Holm Gambino. SECOND Row: Conway Longson, Lou Fields, Pete VVhite, Mike Clark, jim Lehan, Bill Qualls, Frosty Stroehmann, Bill VVheeler, Dan VVexler, Randy johnson, Clyde Morris. 'THIRD ROW: Jack Price, Al Gravelle, Lee Muse, Knox Morrison, Bob Beck, Hughes Pal- mer, Jim Gunther, Hank Schultz, joe DeNoon, Jack Metz. Tor' Row: Rod Drennan, Pelham McClellan, jack Ritter, Sonny Bragg, VVookie Farrill, Ed Fenwick, Don DeNoon, Roy Pyles, Roger Fitch. 167 DR. JOI-IN LLOYD NEWCOME DR. ROVVLAND EGGER DR. ARMISTEAD C. GORDON DR. NAT ADAMSON DR. FRANK BEASLIE MR. IIARRISON BURGESS MR. JOHN BATTLE, JR. MR. LOUIS A. BROOKS MR. NELSON V. BROWN FRANK H. ALLEN, JR. HUGO A. BLANKINOSHIP, JR. CHARLES A. BRAUTIIIAM, JR. JOHN S. CARINHAS BEN M. CART VVILLIAM H. CHISHOLM GEORGE F. DAVIS WILLIAM C. DAVIS, JR. I'IENRY B. EDXVARDS, JR. RALPH C. ELEY, JR. RICHARD J. HOLLAND ROBERT MCL. HUEE RICHARD H. AULEBACPI JOHN G. BEIL, JR. THOMAS BERRY CLIFFORE G, BLAKELY RUFUS A. CALDVVELL MICHAEL C. DAVIS FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. RAYMOND MIKESELL DR. BRUCE MORTON FRATRES IN URBE MR. BENNETT BARNES MR. A, G. BIGELOXV MR. BENJAMIN BORDEN, III JUDGE A. D. DAENEY MR. FRANK ELLIOTT MR. I-IUOH FLANNAGAN MR. L. P. HADEN ACTIVES ROBERT VV. ERVIN HARRY D. ETHERIDGE, JR. EDWARD M. FENN JOHN G. FIRTI-I BRANTON S. I'IAl.SEY GELON S. HODBS JAMES A. LEsANE THOMAS B. LYLES VINCENT F. MARSHALL INACTIVES WARREN STEPHENS IN ITIATES JOHN DOHNER DONALD N. FORBES JAMEs TAYLOR FRAZIER w7lLLIAM GATEVVOOD JOHN R. HAYMES, JR. JAMES IRVIN MASLOFF P I DR. VVXLLIAM BRAY, JR. DR. R, H. WEBB DR. ARTHUR M. VVHITEH DR. VVILLIAM BRAY, SR. MR. ROBERT LYDAY MR. CHARLES O'NEAL MR. DOW'NING SMITH MR. TOM VVILEY MR, ROBERT SULLIVAN PAUL L. MEADERS, JR. ROBERT L. MILLS FRANK S, NOEL VVILLIAM P. RULE PETER D. SCOTT HORACE H. SELEY SAMUEL L. SHANKS, JR. WILLIAM C. SINCLAIR JAMES E. TRINKLE ROBERT L. TURNER ROBERT D. USSERY ILL, DOUGLAS W. RICHARDSON HENRY N. F. MINICH JAMES O'DONNELL I'IAROLD QUAYLE, JR. JOHN HENRY RYDER THOMAS C. SCOTT CHARLES N. WYSONO ALPHA CHAPT 168 E R 923: 9 KAPPA LP u Egg mm aim HE- al Em W Aw K. H IIKA Founded at the University of Virginia in 1868. FIRST ROW: Pete Scott, lVIac Coker, Bien Cart, Zeke Holland, Billy Rule, Ralph Ely, Sonny Selby, Frank Allen, Harry Etheridge, Tom Lyles, Billy Sinclair, Babe Brantigan. SECOND Row: Pete Blakely, Dick Haynies, Paul lkleaders, George Davis, John Carinhas, Bob Turner, Frank Noel, Brent Halsey, -lim Trinkle, Hugo Blanken- ship, Pistol Hobbs, Bob Mills. THIRD Row: Bill Gatewood, Jack Beil, Charlie Wyfsoxmg, Don Forbes, Gibby Firth, Bill Walke1', Punchy Marshall, Sam Shanks, Ted Fenn, Bill Davis, Bill Ervin. FOURTH Row: -lack Caldwell, Mike Davis, Jim Frazier, .lim O'Donnel, Jim Masloff, Nick Miiiich, .lack Ryder, Rick Aulebach, Tom Scott Jake Dohncr, Hal Quayle. 169 DEAN LEWIS AVERX' CA'rI.IN BERNARD CI-IAMEERLAIN XA7ILI.IAM CHAMBERLAIN GEORGE COLES C. C. IDUKE VVILLIAM DUKE TIEEANI' ARMSTRONG PAUL BARRINGER, IV LIVINGSTON BIDDLE JOHN C. BOONE DREW BRAZER SIAEPIIEN COX JAMES DENI-IAM DAVID CARPENTER CALVIN C. COLE JOHN L. DAVIS FRATRES IN FACULTATE E. J. OGLESEY FRATRES IN URBE LAWRENCE FORSYTH ELMER JOHNSON DOUGLAS LANGIIORNE JOIIN M. MGCRORY EDVVARD O. MCCUE WVILLIAM .NELSON ACTIVES DAVID FOSTER RAYMOND GORE IAN IIEMMING JERRY H.UMI'IIREY VV I LLI AM I-IUPI-'EI.D'1' JOIIN IQAYAN RICIIIXRD KHEI.liR JOIIN LEANDER INACTIVES RODERI' CLHVIENGIZR MARK COSTELLO INITIATES JOIIN O. DEVRIES ROBERT C. CEARDNER N 170 B. F. D, BUNK TIIOMAS NELSON GEORGE G. PALMER, II MARTIN A. PALMER NN. A. PERKINS VV. A. PERKINS, JR. F. B. PEI"I'ON, III SAMUEL MEREDIII-I CLARENCE NV. NEAL PIIILIE N. POWELL C. HlERBliR'l' SADTLER IDAVID SENFT GUY SI-IIPLEI' JOE YOUNG ROSLYN YOUNG, JR. PAUL P. PUZAC FRANK VVELLS I wife- Iliff A-J-.Q Ax ZW Foundea' at New York Univer- sity in 1847. Established at the University of Virginia in 1868. Y V V ,-v , .,,-.,....a'yn-----1" - --.45 iillibirf -, - "fiQ:.21-1,4 1 ' ' 2 X J V- -me f f" 1' " ' wg D A -' --5. J '32, K ' , ffm 3' 51?'Qh' Lf ,...'l3" 5'-'fy f FRONT ROW: Guy Shipley, Cal Cole, Paul Puzac, Dean Ivey Lewis, Frank VVells, Bob Gardner, Bill Hupfelclt. SECOND ROW: Ray Gore, Drew Brazer, Ed Hollzulcly Paul Bzlrringer, ,loc Young. J, Carroll Boone, Jerry Humphrey. fl1HIRD Row: im Denham, Str-ve Cox Iolm Ka fan Dave Senft Sam llrlere- A . 3 Q 5 5 3 difh, Phil Powell. FOURTH Row: XVillimn Soloman Cllousemanj, Bob Clevcngcr, Dave Foster, Toby Biddle, Bert Connctt, Bert Sacltler, lan Hemming. 171 CHARLES E. HENDERSON GEORGE C. BARI.Ow JOHN S. BA'1'rI.E AALBIERT BOXVLING ROGER BROOME EDYVARD T, BROVVN TIIOMAS M. CARRDTIIERS NORMAN ANDRAE, JR. VVILSON P. ANDREWS VVILLIAM J. ASHTON VVILLIAM C. BODTON LLOYD L. CRAIGHILL CLARENCE DEANE THOMAS E. DONOHO VVILLIAM I-I. DliBU'I'l'S SMOOT H. FAI-ILOREN ROBERT L. DEBUTTS OLIVER H. BROWN JOHN W. BURCII RICHARD E. BERNSTROM JAN WILLEM BEYEN JOHN C. CALHOUN FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRANK L. TIEREFORD ELBERT A. KINCAID FRATRES IN URBE ROBERT DAVIS JAMES HANCREI. CHRISTIAN S. HU'l"l'IiR EDNVIN C. HU'I"l'Ell PAT JANSSEN SAMUEL LEE CHARLES A. MONIIHAM ACTIVES XVILLIAM H. FURLONG CHARLES H. I'IAI.LOCK ARTHUR P. I-IENDRICR ROBERT T. KOCI-I RIcI-IARD L. LAIRD ROBERT A. LYNE YVILLIAM B. MASSEY LEIGH B. 1VIIDDI,EDI'I'CH, JR. CARI. VV. MILLER INACTIVES MACDONALD CRAIc:HII.I. PATRICK DERRICO XVILLIAM W. GREIENI-IALGI'l INITIATES DERWOOD S. CHASE, JR. J. THOMPSON EI.L1NG'1'ON, JR. LPHA NORTON T. PRl'l'CIIlE'I'T CHARLES T. O'NEILI,, JR. VVAI.'I'ER J. RYAN PIARDY TODIJ CARI' N. VVEISEGICR ALFRED D. VVITIIERS BIEVERLEY T. VVIIITE VVII.I.IAM I-I. D. IVIORRISUN MAIcOI.M S. PRAY, JR. ROBERT L. REED Tl-IORBURN REID, JR. RICHARD H. RHOADS FRANK RIGGS FRED L. SPENCER DUKE WOOI.DRIDcE EDWARD VVRIGIIT BENNO JANSSEN JOHN RAY JOHN SAGE YVILLIAM R, HAMILTON, III ROBERT A. RAMSDELL, JR IRGI DELTACH P 172 CHRISTOPHER A. SLONARER "' 'l All Founded at Richmond, Virginia in 1865. Established at the Uni- versity of Virginia in 1868. FRONT ROW: R, A, Ramsdell, Jr., VV111. Furlong, T, Reid, W. H. dCBLltfS,J1'., Leigh llliddleditcli, L. L. Craighill, WI11, Ashton, C, N. Andreae,, VV. And- rews, R. T. Koch. SECOND Row: C. Slonaker, T, Donoho, J, T, Ellington, J. P, Beyeu, John C. Calhoun, Wlll. Hamilton, D. Chase, F. L. Spencer, R. E, L. cleliutts. THIRD ROW: W111, llflassey, Frank Riggs, Charles Hallock, W111, DaC. Mo1'1'i- son, R. Lyne, H, S. Fahlgren, R. Bernstrom, NI. Pray, R. H. Rhoads, R, Reed, FOURTH ROW: Dulce Wooldridge, Arthur P. Hendrick, Carl W. Mille1', Ed VVright, A. H. Trout, Richard L. Laird. 173 GEORGE O. FERGUSON, JR. RICIIARD C. QIARLICK F. D. G. RIIIRLE C. BERNARD BAILEY PIIII.II- VV. BAILEY BENJ. XV. BEDFORD, IV RIGIIARD C. BLACKVVELL 'TIIUMAS W. BOUGIIIER VVILLIAM BRE'l'HER'1'0N JOHN P. BRE'I'rIER'rON, JR. C. A. BRISTIER DONALD S. CARPENDER DUNCAN D. CI-IAPLIN, IH FRED N. COLMER CIIARLES K, COATES 'IQHOMAS B. JOIINSON SIDNEY KNOXX'I.ES PIERCE A. R. BAUGI-I HENRY VV, BREYER RUEUS C. DAVVIES, II EDWARD P. DENIGAN JOSEPH B. DEPELIIEUER JOHN D. DIss'I'0x GEORGE D. EI.LIO'I'r T FRATRES IN FACULTATE E. R. SLAUGILIER TIIOMAS C. JOIINSON KNOR r.l'URNllUI.L FRATRES IN URBE CIIARLES FARNSWORTII FIJQTCIIER D. XVOODYVARIJ ACTIVES 'IQALMADGIS N, COOLEY HOWARD DANKEI. MARSIIALL T. FERGUSON JAMES FORIZIIAND JOIIN H. CSROXEMEYER EDXYIN L. HANSEN, JR. ROBliR'1' I-IA'I'cIIER PETER H. I-IINCR, JR. MAX C. KliNN!5lD3' XVARXER M. LI-:LAURIN INACTIVES DANIEL K. PEAK TI-IOMAS L. PIIILLIPS XVILLIAM E. STORES, JR. INITIATES IIENRY M.'l'ClIER I-IARRI' L. FORCEY, II ROBERT T. GODLEY CIIARLES C. PIARRISON JAMES F. HAWK H. 'TAYLOR I-IAYS DANIEL VV. MYERS 174 A P JOIIN H. XYOE J. SOu'I'HIIAI.L VVILSON JAMES R, RILEY EDWARD rfI'l0RX'l'ON ANTIIONY LEDERER RICIIARD M. MCCOSJNELI. RUSSEI, MILLER VVILLIAM E. O'MAI.I.EY, JR r110RS'l'liN I-I. PARKE, JR. JOIIN M. REILIA' JOIIN A. K, SISIO A. AN'I'1IONx' TAPIIE JOIIN M. VVALLER, JR. JAMES VVESCOA1' STUYVESAN1' B. NVRIGI-I'I', J ELI G. TRENll2I.X' XVILLIAM VV. WEISS, II ROBERT E. NI5N'E'l'l', JR. FRANK B, NEWLIN PETER A. L. OTTIMER VVILLIAM J. .RADEMAEDIZR ERNEST W. ROGERS, JR. PIUGH J. SINCLAIR ALEXANDER B. SLATER i1 avi? l.- " - ui -f -1 me - . .. ','i'.7.iJ :vg- ' 'A . NN ' av, lg? I G E -1553, , ,, ee'-I I FIRST ROW: Cooley, Coates, Ferguson, sl, Bretlierton, Chaplain, Hansen, Bed- K Z ford, Y-Vescoate, Kennedy. SECOND Row: VValler, Bonchier, Leclerer, Forehand, VV, Brerllerton, Hinck, Brister, lXfIeConnell, Disston, Dennigen. Founded df five Uniyeffify of THIRD ROW: Reilly, Parke, Hatcher, Bailey, O'lVIa-lley, Gronemeyer, Black- Virginia in 1869. well, Rogers, Breyer. FOURTH Row: Fletcher, Dawes, Foreey, Newlin, Sinclair, Slater, Mfyers, Hawk, Godley, Baugh. FIFTH Row: l'l:II'ris0n, Hayes, Qttimer, Nevitt. 175 ROBERT P. SHAY EDWARD J. CARRUTHERS ROBERT RUNYON TIOVVARD BONHAM w7ILLIAM BOYD, IV LOUIS CIIILDERS HUNTER CREECH DEXTER DAVIS DOUGLAS EITEL JOHN FLETCHER WILLIAM FUSCO ICIETH GAINES FREDRICK PIAMER KENNETH LII-IDLUND PATRICK DOLAN DANIEL MCV EY FRANK JENSEN THOMAS MCANDREWVS JOHN BROXVNLEY GEOEEREY BRICE DONALD C. BEAUMONT JAMES CANTER THOMAS CANDY DONALD CROUNSE FRATRES IN FACULTATE RICHARD FLETCHER CHAEIN JONES FRATRE IN URBE HARRY S. MARTIN HOWARD G. HAMILTON COLLEGE ESTEL HOSTETTLER DANIEL JOHNSON EDVVARD MELTON ROBER'F BORMAN JAMES POWELL EVERETI' RINKER VVILLIAM BENKOXVSKI KENNETPI MERRII, WILLIAM O'CONNOR VVILLIAM REINI-IART LAW STERLING LIPSCOMB ENGINEERING RICHA INITIATES KENNETH EULER LEON FREEMAN GEOEEREY HAWVKWVOOD JOHN KLEIN ARLAND KLINE GORDON KRUSEN EDGAR LAWSON RICHARD MARKS 176 RD PIERCE RICHARD TURNER CHARLES H. SMITH THOMAS L. MATHEWS JR LUTHER RICE THOMAS ROSSETTI EUGENE SCHROEDER MONTGOMERY SIMONS MARVIN SKENE KENNE'I'I1 STULTZ BARCLAY TOLLEFSON VVILLIAM WARD, III J. GORDON VVEESTER HUGH WEST JOHN WATSON FLOYD ELLIS EDVVARD PARKER LIUNTER PENDLETON WILLIAM ROLLOW ROE ERT RUTHEEORD CARLOS SALGADO JAMES SLATER ROBERT SMITH EARL WOOD arf ,fl yljaa. ' 4'-fp? jlca li. 1 v'i..f,f1' 3'5" . s..f5,2,,... , - I i us 'Iq- ', gf iiwfflf. ' h.i,.Lv Q, X. ,,, 1.1, in-15 -1 , fi-N, ,, - ' ., lN Founded at Virginia Military ln- stitute in 1869. Established at the University of Virginia in 1870. FRONT Row: Helund, Tollefson, West, Borman, Parker, Fletcher. SECOND Row: Webster, Rossetti, Hostettler, Johnson, Ward, Simons, Stultz, Gaines, Childers, VV:itson, Slcene. THIRD Row: Powell, llielton, Eitel, Dolan, lXfIcVey, Bonham, Hamer, Fusco, Fletcher, Boyd, Reinhart. FOURTH Row: Benkowski, Euler, Hawkwood, Salgado, Pierce, Rallow, Law- son, Ma1'ks, Andrews, Crounce, Krusen, Canter. FIFTH Row: Klein, Creech, O'Connor, Brownley, Kline, Beaumont, Ruthe- ford, Slater, Pendleton, Smith, Freeman, Brice, Wood. 177 FRATRES IN FACULTATE KAPP ARTHUR KYLE DAXVIS, JR., B.A., M.A., B.Litr., Ph.D. WALTER ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY, B.A., Ph. FRANCIS JOHNSON DUKE, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. CHARLES PATTERSON NASI-I, B.S., LL.D. JOHN CALVIN METCALIP, B.A., M.A., Litt.D., LL.D. WII.LIAM GII.L MIRELI., B.S., M.S. WALTER S. CHISHOLM JACK E. EARLY THOMAS FITZHUCH 'fl-IOMAS P. GRASYY D. A. GREENE STUART J. AUCHINCIIOSS WILLIAM F. ADDINCTON RICHARD H. BARRICK HENRY G. BLOSSER W7II.I,IAM A. BURROXNS GOODLOE E. BYRON VVILLIAM G. COLMERI' XRIALLACE M. DAY'IES GLENN B. DONOHO INMAN P. ELLIS LLOYD H. ENGLEBY ROBERT P. BLACK ROBERT N. VIIYLER R. DANIEL SAXE JOHN LAXVLESS ECHOL S. IVIARSHALI. DUDLEY VV. PENNINGION HARRY YA'fES I'IAROLD BURGESS JOHN CARTER FRED DILXVORTH VICTOR PIANSON FRATRES IN URBE HENRY VV. JACKSON A. M. KEITH AUSI'lN D. K.ll.HAM VV. F. LONG COLLEGE COTI-IRAN C. GRAVES VVILLIAM R. HARLAN, JR. JAMES A. HARPER, JR. JOHN H. I'IlXON PIOMER H. PIUMPIIRIIQS, JR. ROBERT L. JONES ROBERI' A. IVIASON HAROLD S. MCCONNELL MARK R. IVICCIARRY JAMES W. MCMANNAWAY, C1-lARI.liS B. MOI.S'l'lZR WILLIAM A. NIOI.S'l'lER GRADUATE PAUL D. MCCARTY LAW NVILBUR MASSIE XNILLIAM C. LICRLE ENGINEERING ALBERT BIGGS NICIIOI.AS DAVIES WVILLIAM SIPE INITIATES JAMES I'IOLMES I'IERBER'1' KEIMLINC DANIEL C. LICKLE ROBERT MORRISS LAMBD C J L. S. MACON THOMAS PEYTON WATSON SADLER JOHN R. WOODS DR. BYRD LEAVEALL BLAINE T. PHILLIPS J. ALLAN RUDOLPH JAMES H. SCOTT ROBERT L. SIGMON MALCOLM S. UNDERXVOOD JAMES W. UTT NORMAN C. YVILLCOX F. GUY WILSON, JR. RICHARD VV. ZIEGLER VVILLIAM BELL KEMPER SARRETI' JOHN W. SMITH FRED J. LOTTERHOS VVILKES C. ROBINSON NELSON RICHARDS S. VV. RANSOME SCOTI' CHISHOLM JERRY NIURRAY COURTLAND RUDOLPH ROBERT SANDERSON CHARLES SHANK WILLIAM SMIDHEISER D H PTER 1i- ,W WA., "H I I f' LPH ORDER KA Founded at Waxlvington College in 1865, Establixlvea' at the Uni- versity of Virginia in 1873. W 0. . - N, N- M f- M M ,. x -f are V . I 1 H 1 . . 'M W f I In X . f I I ir - N gg eefmw r W , ' M QI -1 I A M A . Q B f " W r- Tw M " II an " am A w x N ga E I A .... . . ::::-1:1-1-I-Im... P' ii H H K' 5 2 1 M 5 4' W ' N M S ms' " 5 2 r -sf W 2 W ,sw " if a 4 ww 5 5 4 as w el In f 1 uw W -s frzr-'-'-1-'-marie: - fs - H H E fx H W 'X' E E , ,fl 2 W H S' H H if ,, .V T 5.5 . 1 X, E L ' is f l J E F. W P ,ji M ,ff fr - 1-e1 if H M H f ' WT W - :aa L M W gl. 5 I W el ' " "" 5: I-I ,I 5.5 I - N f fl HW Far? A H ' I' ' of T ww K 2 - fe' If if we I fie iqslie FIks'I' Row: Malcolm Underwood, Bill Addington, Jim Harper, Goodloe Byron, Bob Sigmon, Bob Tyler, Dan Saxe, Stu Auchincloss, Inman Ellis, Bill Colmery. SECOND ROW: Bob Jones, Dick Barrick, jim Urt, Bill Bell, Dnr Pennington, Cotty Graves, Mickey Moore, Glen Donoho, Skip Hoxon. 'rl-IIRD Row: Ned Kyle, jom Holmes, Kemper Sarett, Bob Mason, Lloyd Englehy, Echol Marshall, Chuck Molster, Allan Rudolph, Bill Burrows. FOURTH Row: Courtland Rudolph, Hal Burgess, VVaIIy Davies, Bill Lickle, Mark Mc- Garry, Homer Humphries, jim Scott, Blaine Phillips, Hal McConnell, Bill Molster. FIFTH ROW: Bob Morris, Dan Lickle, Bob Sanderson, Will Shmidheiser, John Carter, Vic Hanson, Fred Dilworth, Charlie Shank, Sonny Keimling. 179 DR. VVILLIAM BRAY M. MAUEIN PENCE CLAUDE C. CARROLI. DON DRAVIS AICIII-IOI.z YVILLXAM H. AI.BRlZClI'l' ROBERT E. BAXTER JACK M. BASS JAMES R. BICKLEY, JR. VVILLIAM H. BURGESS CHARLES C. CARROLL JOHN DALTON COUXG, JR. JOHN D. IUONAHEY ROBERT G. DONALD ROBERT E. FROHLICII GliORCE C. GIANARDS JOHN IDAVIIJ GRAX' JOSEPH C. CARTER, JR. JOI-IN R. AI.B:1 FRED G. BARKER ROBERT A. CASRIE RICHARD M. COVINUTON PIIILIP J. DAVIDSON VVILLIAM R. EDVVARDS XVXLLIAM VV. ELM!-INDORF FRATRES IN FACULTATE THOMAS P. HAMMOND DR. HOI.S'l'EAll S. HODCES FRATRES IN URBE .EDXVARD V. YVALKER FRED H. QUARLES ACTIVES JOHN GUSIBONOVICII, JR. VVILLIAM J. PIOBBS, JR. ALLEN J. HOI.I.INGSNX'0R1'lI, JR. ERNEST J. KERN, JR. CHARLES KERR, III DONALD I. LAMONT WILLIAM BARNES LAWSON, JR. ROBERT J. LESPERANCE JOHN A. LI.EwEI.I.YN HUGHES B. MCKEE JICK JAMES MANOS f2ROVER ALLEN MASTERSON CHARLES BRODERICK MOON INACTIVES LAPSLEY VV. HAMELEN EDXVARD F. REISS INITIATES KENNETH J. FARROVV THOMAS A. FORD DONAI.D L. GIBSON JOHN T. GORDON CURTIS A. I'IAIJl'ZN, III CLARENCE F. HICRS WILLIAM T. KING 180 DR. PIENRY B. MULIIOLLAND PAYNE D. QUARLES VVILL.-KRD QOARLES STEPI-IEN F. OSISIZK FKEDERIC HOUGI-I'I'ON PI'III.I.IPS DAVID M. PINRIIAM JOI-IN MICHAEL POOI.E VVILLIAM J. RIIODES JAMES C. ROEERSON CHARLES H. RUCKER VVALTER LANE SCIIULTE ROBERT A. SIIAID lj.-AVID SHIBI.EY RICIIARD P. TILLACR ROGER C. VERNON CIIARLES P. VVISE RUSSELL 'FHOMAS DONAI.D L. LAXVSON JOHN B. PXNKI-IAM PETER PLATT NORMAN SCOTT HERBERT E. STEVENS, JR. ROBERT TIX'I'A CARI. D. XVIIITMER, JR. DEL THETA ,i ' " Z1 Y H 1. f ue , Founded at Miami fOl7ioj Uni- evrsity in 1840. Established at the University of Virginia in 1873. FIRST Row: Don Gibson, Mickey Poole, Barnes Lawson, Bob Baxter, Bill Rhodes, Chuck VVise, Bill Burgess, Jim Roberson, Dick Tillack, Charles Kerr, Don Aichols, jack Don- ohey. SECOND ROW: Carl VVhitme1', Flip Hicks, Mickey Vernon, Bat Nlasterson, Fred Phillips, jack Bass, Charles Rucker, Dave Pinkham, Bill Allbrecht, Dalton Couig, Phil Davidson, Donald Lawson. 'THIRD Row: VValter Schulte, Hughes McGee, Charles Carroll, Dave Shibley, Peter Platt, John Gordon, Al Hayden, Don Lamont, Bob Shaid, Bob Donald, Brod Moon. FOURTH Row: joe Carter, Norm Scott, Tom Ford, Bill King, Bob Lesperance, Bob Froh- lich, John Pinkham, Dick Covington, Fred Barker, john Llewellyn, Bill Edwards. Fnfrn Row: Al Hollingsworth, George Gianakas, John Alba, Jim Bickley, Bill Elmen- clorf. 181 JOHN LEVI MANAHAN JOHN A. RORER O. T. AMORY STUART BARKSDALE D.-XRLAND COOK AI. DULANEY VVILLIAM C. PORTER FREIJRICK ARMSTRONG G. CURTIS BAZEMORE BILLY K. BROOKS LOGAN BROWN ROBERT A. BROWN PAT CHARLES V. J. COEERLY ROBERT COEEMAN GARY S. DUNBAR VVIIILIAM E. FRETWELL CHARLES I. GARRETT, JR. ' VVILLIAM D. CSARVEY MAURICE D. ALPERT DANE BOGGS JACK BOGOS FRATRES IN FACULTATE FRANK S. IQAULBACK FRATRES IN URBE EARN!-IST F. VVOOD C. L. HAW'KINS H. M. HAVVKINS JACK KENON RAYMOND LYONS E. V. STRATTON ACT IVES ROBERT T. HARMON GRANT B. HAX'WX'ARlJ FREDERICK B. JONES DAVID A. KEI.I.lEN' GORDON E. LAMPKIN Tl-IOMAS C. LEXYIS JENS F. LOUV, JR. RALPH E. MAI' VVILLIAM G. MCDANIAI. GEORGE C. MCI NTOSH GEORGE R. NELLIS TOM D. PORTER RALPH D. POWELL INITIATES JOHN P. BOWERI' IJANKEL CASEY 182 I G IIENRY L. SMITH RICHARD A. MEADE JOHN MCCLOSKEI' JIMMIE P. MIRAGLOTTA BENTON PATTERSON I. SADL PERKINS DR. JOHN S. TENNAN1' ROBERT F. RICHIE JOHN A. ROROR, JR. LINDSAY H. RUDD CRAIG SMITH HOWARD R. STAI-ILMAN JAMES S. TAYLOR HOWARD G. VVACH ENEEI D ROBERT I. VVHEELER HARVEY E. X571-IITE THOMAS M. WOOD, III HOUS'l'0N R. VVOOD XVILLIAM C. YOW'ELL, JR BYRON DOOLEY CHARLES GALT.IER JACK POWELL HI EP ILO E'-" 1 4...--.Q :ssl C. .. X , , , - -.JF lllll Founded at Richmond College in 1900. Established at the Univer- sity of Virginia in 1906. FIRST ROW: llflilt Galier, Ben Dooley, .lake Alpert, Dam Casey, -lack Powell, Jack Boggs, Dame Boggs, Bob XVheeler. SECOND Row: ,lack Louv, Bill Yowell, .lim Taylor, Duke Powell, Pat Charles, Bob Ritchie, V. J. Coberly, Billy Brooks. THIRD Row: Gordon Lamkin, Gary Dunbar, Tom Lewis, Teak lylelntosh Howie X'V2lCl1CIlfCld, Ted Armstrong, Craig Smith, Ralph llflay, v FOURTH Row: Bob Harmon, Lin Rud-d, Fred Jones, ,lohn Bowry, Bob Coff- man, Harvey VVhite, George Nellis, Duck Nunley. FIFTH Row: Logan Brown, Russ Stahlman, Tom Porter, Tink Wood, Dave Kelley, Chuck Garrett, .lack Rorer. 183 All ' ' 'N' CII.-INNING VV. DANIEL, JR. 'FRUMAN M. DODSON rfAI.BOT J. AI.BER'I' F. LEWIS BARROLL LAVVRENCE L. BARROLL RICHARD F. BLUE JERRIE CIIERRIE RICHARD H. CROMXVELL WILLIAM C. CRAWFORD LUTIIER B. DITCH IDAVID A. DRISCOI,L PERRY J. BOLTON DONALD S. BEARD, JR. VVILLIARD A. S. DENIIAM B-,sg-4' R135 'Z' FRATRES IN URBE HARRY F. GEORGE, JR. CARY F. JACOB G. VVILSON MCNEELY ACTIVES JAMES E. ETHERIDCE CHARLES C. FLEMING THOMAS H. FOOKS GARRET A. GIP'FORD JOI-IN R. GIIJ, A. w7lI.I.I1XMS GII.I.IfXM HENRY F. HARRIS KINOMAN B. LAMBIZRT JOIIN S. LILLAND PRESTON L. PREVATI' INITIATES T1-IOMAS B. EVANS, JR. FREDRICK H. FOSBERG IVVILLIAM A. MARBRING 184 DELT ROBERT VV. MILFORD FRANK O. WILSON CHARLES M. NES, III ROBERT T. MCLEAN IVIICIIAEI. M. REA CHARLES H. SI.INCLUEIf, JR ALLEN F. VOSHEI,I, EDWARD R. WlI.I,.COX FREDERICK L. WORCESTER H:XROI.IJ L. XANDERS ANTI-IONY M. ZANE CRAIG L. SLINOLUEE VVILLIAM C. WHITRIDCE PACE M. WOOD, JR. PHI all ll aye- l 'S'-Q51 C ., ,fr F, " ,JnL. -'W' llill Founded at Union College in 1827. Established at the Univer- sity of Virginia in 1907. v"v1'-1, BOTTOWI ROW: VVilliam Carsburg, Perry Bolton, Williaiii l.fVhitridge, Fred Forsberg, Tom Evans, Don Beard, VVilliam Denham, Nlason VVOod, Craig Slingluff. SECOND ROW: L. Barroll, Richard Cromwell, Anthony Zane, John Lillard, Charles Fleming, Alexander Tubman, Allen Voshell, Harold Xanders, David Driscoll. THIRD ROW: Henry Harris, Frederick Wo1'eeste1', Richard Blue Lew Barroll lVIichael Rea, james Etheridge, Williziiii Gilliam, Edward VVilleox, Charleg Slingluff. FOURTH ROW: Garret Gifford, Robert lVIcLean, Charles Nes, VVilliam Craw- ford, Tom Fooks, Luther Ditch, Kingman Lambert Preston Prevatt. 185 LOUIS SCRIENER EARNEST I-IAMLIN ALDERMAN, JR. VVILLIAM WOODIIULL BAKER, JR. MILTON BOLTON BERNARD EDXVARD BORSKI MARTIN VAN BUREN BOS'l'Ii'l'l'ER I--IAROLD CONICK ROBERT E. COUGIILAN WALTER DAMIWVOOD X'VlLI..I.-XM C. DARDEN COLIN MIl.l.ER DILLON MICHAEL R. GENTH LAWRENCE J. f?RlFFIN EDXVARD PIOSINGER LEsI.IE CARTER ANDERSON EUGENE OSSMAN BARR, JR. JOIIN JAMES BURKE JOHN NATHANIEL FRAY FRATRE IN FACULTATE DR. YVILSON GEE FRATRES IN URBE COVINGTON DABNEY ACTIVES TAYLOR JEFFERSON CHARLES VV. JONES EDWARD M. JONES BALDXVIN R. LLOYD HARRISON R. MAGGEE JACK R. MARAHRENs CARI. lV1ARSHAl..L MORGAN E. MAXWELL HARRY S. lVION'I'COMIiRY JOI-IN R. MORGAN DAVID B. MULFORD GEORGE OSSMAN RUssEI.L B. PACE, JR. INITIATES DONAI.D ROBERT FROST ALXLGERNON CSRIER ICELLY, JR. XVILLIAM FITZGERALD MORRISSIEX' MAYNARD CHARRINGION NIC!-IOLL, JR. JOHN GEORGE PFLUGFELDER 186 HET MATH ENV RYAN ROBERT N. PERKINS, JR. CAMPBELL SELLERS COVINGIRON SHAKELIfORD LAWRENCE SMITH JOHN R. STRANG JOHN THOMAS JOHN VV. PIQOMLIN JAMES 'FYLER ADRIAN VVAIRWRIGHT PETER XAVALTH ER NORVELI. VVARREN XNELFORD ALFRED VV!-II'I'EHURS'I' JAMES G. VVILLIAMSON JOHN ALvA REBS, JR. ROBERT VERNON SCHNABLE ROBERT FRANCIS SILVER FREDERICK VENABLE VVOODSON, JR vm..-. an genus Ja! HX Founded at Norwich University in 1856. Estabfisfved at the Uni- versity of Virginia in 1914, FIRST Row: L. Smith. ,l. Tyler, VV. Darden, C. jones, Dr. Gee, H, llont- gomery, P. XValther, j. lVIor'gan, B, Borski, B, Lloyd. SECOND Row: M. Genth, VV. Damewood, 1. Burke, D. Mulford, T, jeffer- son, E. Hosinger, H. llflagee, G. Ossman, J. Williamson, J. Nicholl, R. Silver, T1-mm Row: RJ, Bolton, J, Nlarahi-ens, VV. Tomlin, C. Dillon, A. VVz1ir- wright, R. Perkins, El Alderman, R. Coughlan, J. Strang, O. Barr, FOURTH Row: F, VVoodson, T. Anderson, E. lVIaxwell, L. Baxter, xl. Thomas, E. Jones, N. Wellfos'd, W. Baker, C. lVlarshall, .l. Pflugfelder, FIFTH Row: J, Rees, D. Frost, J. Fray, VV. Morrissey, R. Schnabel, 187 X- XKM -- XS , VVILLIAM SIIAPERO FRED NlCPIOI.SON MARR FRIIIDLANDIQR, JR. ALAN GAYNDR Luo ZINDLIIR, JR. MARVIN LESSER JAMES SLAUGIITER MILTON MILLER FRATRE IN FACULTATE LINwooD LEHMAN FRATRE IN URBE ISAAC VVALTERS ACTIVES RICIIARD MILLER JAMES KLINE MALVERN SIIRFFIELD, JR. MORRIS ZINMAN MARSIIALI. GERBER VVILLIAM MILLS VVILLIAM WALDER HOXN'ARD FRUMIN CAROL WEINDERG MERAX'I.E RURIQYSER, JR IRA CANTIN VVILLIAM GREENSIIOON EDWARD LEVENTON Joslzvu S'I'RIsLI'rz SEYMORIE VVEISS, II ELLIS AIIRAMS BERNARD SDIIN 188 E Founded at City College of New York in 1898. Establiybed at the University of Virginia in 1915. Y FIRST ROW: Dick Mille1', Howard Fruinin, Nlark Friedlander, Isaac Wz1lte1's, lVI?ll.VCl'l1 Sheflield. SECOND Row: lVI3.1'Vl1l Lesser, Seymour VVeiss, Fred Nicholson, lVIilton Mil- ler, Carroll VVeinberg. THIRD Row: llflorrie Zinman, Bill VValder, lldarslmll Gerber, Bill lVIills, Bill Shapero. FOURTH Row: Bud Rukeyser, Bernard Sohn, Leo Zincller, James Slaughter, Alan Gaynor, James Kline. 189 L FRATRE IN FACULTATE DR. BEN-ZION LINFIHLD FRATRES IN URBE I'iERB ERT LEROY KRAMER DAVID S'I'ANIfoRD BERYL AIlI.ER JOHN GERD CIIANIN ELI SAUI, CHOVITZ JOEL XVILLIAM DRABRIN NEI? EBIN CPXLBERI' R. FRIEDMAN MEl,VlN FRIEDMAN ROBERT DANIEL GARDNER BoRIs SIIELDON GOLDBERG COLVIN SAMUEL ABRAMS MARK TIARRY BERLIANT PIERBERT PAUL CIIIODOSH DONALD LEIGH COIIN ACTIVES AI.vIN EABRAM GORDON STANLEY HARRIS EVAN 'I'IIOIvIAs KRIEOER THEODORE KRUGER LOUIS JOEL LABORWIT MENDE M. LERNIER DONALD MARVIN LEVI' STANLEY STUART NEE17IEI.I, JEROME DAVID PERLMAN INITIATES JARED STANLEY FELLMAN WILLIAM DAVID LEEDS ROBERT LEVENSON 190 BENSON KRUGER HA RICHARD PORTER LEONARD MIClIfKliI. QUITTNER PAUL MARTIN ROBBINS STANLEY DAVID ROSENTIIAI. LEONARD BERTRAM SAcIIs MONDEI. KING SASIAMV SIGMUND CHARLES STEIN LEONARD ROI' STERN FREDERICK IRA ZABRISRIE LEONARD ROBERT LEVINE JACK ROBERT SINGER J'osEPII WALMAN STANLEY BURTON WASSERMAN I me gan -an-3 olgpf-may Founded at New York Univer- i Qwyrier Q's"s we gig, 1 BOTTOM ROW: Sigmund Stein, Alvin Gordon, Beryl Adler, Bertram Sachs, Evan Krieger, iVICllClC Lerner, Jerome Perlman, Richard Porter. SECOND ROW: Stanley Harris, Stanley NeeDell, Donald Levy, Boris Goldberg, Louis LaBorwit, Leonard Stern, Melviii Friedman, joel Drabkin. sity in 1913, Established 41 the THIRD Row: Frederick Zabriskie, lVIondel Zeslaw, John Chanin, Herbert University of Virginia in 1924, Chodosh, VVilliam Leeds, Stanley lVasserman, Colvin Abrams. TOP ROW: lllarlc lierliant, Robert Levinson, Joel Novak, Jared Fellman, Leon- ard Levine, Donald Colm, ,lack Singer, Joseph VValman. 191 FLOYD BERMAN ALAN DIAMONSTEIN MYLES DOLINGIER I. Luuz Ffxss S'rANI.Ev Ffxss AIORRIS FIND RODRR1' KIKl'I.AN S'I'ANI.sY DRUCKIIR L. J. RICIIMAN FRATRE IN URBE SOL B. VVEINBERG COLLEGE MARTIN CYERSON ALAN GORDON ALLEN KILIR PAUL KIRX1'IN GEORGE KLEIN MAX KLOTZ MEDICINE I-I ARVEY KARKUS VVILLIAM RRINGOLD LAW BERT NACHMAN PIENRY SCHNVAN GRADUATE 192 PHI ALVIN LDHMAN SIuxNI.EY MILLER IDAVID REINACII DAN ROSHNBLOOM EDWARD ScIIO1'z ARNOLD VVIENER FRED XVASSERMAN NAT Wmss RICHARD STAUB 5T:E:"Z,. in x w x 5 . H A Q NAM. l H I . ., .gn E 4 . , may-. A I- 1. I . , , .1 Wmmww .n.,,,,,,,.,.,. ,,,f,.., ..,.....,N, . . H: .- e'miH:H,f-.1-: .Two-,T-1-A--H mm -..Q-VM - W-. , .W,..,,. QM , 1-M., , , A . . M ,,,,..q,,,.m,f-3 'vwgfggwgimff-is N mm' 'ff,H.ff'af HH H . , ... w nx2"'ms 'A' Hz H: -H ' H- I lg 35525 Q 1,,,,,., 1 f ENB my Iii: mg wig: . ml-.Q-,A-l: ::::.:. :s: E5 I H H H H' H 'H H H X K: H W H A W H' N H B' W M HH H E W 3 59:35 55 Q ggfymwffwk-my,m:'5sH?Q'5H'i?'kL51iQ H Q E W E ,S 4 m E is R A H W is E an X .4 E - f Q E -is 3 5 gm? Z Q is-S Va-if -:mfg .9 E mfmgigggk - v- 5:2 :E H H H H H' W H X H H H A' ' f H -H Zi Fm ' W fx w n ' . ' A 1' .,:.: EEE 2:55 ':I .,:.:: ::: si - m l is is - W sg 1 M W is A N my n sz: ps f mm sh :.: .:.-.-...:.. ,., :M.,.,:,:,,:,-.:.,g:.5-.1 H H H , . W H H H H H HHHQ Q 5 H W H W H HH ' 1 VH H . H H - H H H H Wir? as H H H H mix H S? ills HHgHEf??SQ'H HHH Ei 5 U 'HH H H B wflig 'HHHE g Z T S S H Hg 5'i'??'s2-'ww , 'ETS H 3 2 HQ I if ,,2H'l'H3T:?iLei H1355 H Q H55 gyfil 2 Q 3 jg H T wx. . 'HM , HV A VHHH Q M1 JEQIKQHQHHHJQQWQSH HHH ww HHH HHHE WV ink, llllll Founded at City College of New York in 1903. Established at the University of Virginia in 1915. lgU'I"I'OM Row: Stanley Foss, Stanley lvliller, Edward Schotz, Mfyles ul, Do- lin'ger,Alz1n Kilik, Daniel ROSt'llbl00Il'I, Richard Staub. lX'llDDl.I2 Row: Alan Gordon, George Klein, Henry Schwan, Alan Diamon- stein, Arnold VVi'encr, Paul Kirwin, Bert Niuchman, lllartin Gerson. l.,-'xs'1' Row: Floyd licrman. Alvin Lehman, lVlz1x lilotz, Stanley Drucker, lllorris H. Fine, Nat X-Vc-iss, S. l.1ZlVCl'lSf?lll, Dave RClllZl,Cll. 193 FRANCIS B. ADAMS, JR. DONALII F. IXRMSTRONG C. AUs'I'IN BUCK, III JOHN O. CARR PETER DEWITI' F. BEAVEN ENNIS HUGH J, FAGAN ROBERT M. GRAHAM CHARLES O. PIAINES, III FRATRE IN FACULTATE DR. ROBERT K. GOOCH ACTIVES JAMES J. TIALEY MARK C. I-IANNAN ROBERT M. HUGHES JACK P. JEFFERIES WILLIAM B. KERNER E. TRUMAN PETERSON A. OGDEN PIERROT, JR. GRAHAM I.. PI.A'I'T INACTIVES ERPE R. NORRIS RANIIOLPII COLIN ROssE FRANK L. Rov1ROsA VVILIIKAM H. RUSSELL ROBERT C. SHREVE JAMES L. STEENHUIS, JOHN M. TUCK WILLIAM S, TYTUS JOSEPH P. R. NVEI.'l'Y FRED B. BALLARD, JR. RICHARD H. MEAIJE ELDON L. VVEBII 194 T I RH CL l 1 f- fs-qc., , , 'i 1" ' 4-5 L - - . -if R s .rs SC Founded at the University of Virginia in 1889 as Beta Iota Corporation. ' .. lf ' , -Lrrlitift-j.': FIRST ROW: James L, Stccnhuis, jack xlcffvries, F. Heaven Ennis, A. Ugden Picrrot, Hugh Fagan, C. Austin Buck, Colin Rosse, joseph E. VVclty. SECOND Row: Robert Hughes, Don Armstrong, Frank Adams, R, Norris Randolph, Charles O, H aines, Robert C. Shreve, James Haley, Graham L. Platt. TI-Illlll Row: Rob Graham, Truman Peterson, Frank L. Rovirosa, Willianl Tytus, Peter DcVVitt, VVilliam Arncttc Chouse boyj. 195 FRATRES IN FACULTATE CIfIARI.Es KIDDER DAVENPORT RAYMOND HUNT FRATRES IN URBE J. MALCOLM FIRTH E. J. MOORE ACTIVES JOIIN C. BARTON X'V.Xl.l..-XCE B. GOODWIN JERRY JOIIN AR'l'l1UR W. SESSELEERO JOIIN H. P. DAvIs J. CARR DORMAN CIIARI.Es A. CARROLI. ROBERT H. DAVIS HOWH-XRD B. JOHNSON TIIOMAS BOIIAN MORTON B. COI.I.INs QUliN'l'lN A. DEWING DAVID FORsI'I'IfI J. R. BRYAN JACKSON ROEERT VV. KI'I'cIIEI. LPH VVILLIAM G. PLUMMER VVILLIAM J. YOUNG PATRICK C. GRANEI' XVARRIEN K. SALISBURI' CRAIG M. SMITII DOUGLAS B. SPEARS FRANK E. RUTAN KIRK R. XVILLIAMS BAssE'I"I' S. w7lNMII.L INITIATES CIIARI.Es KOI.I.MANSPERGEIl LAXVRENCE L. IYIEARS GEORGE S. MITCI-IELL JOIIN B. RITCI-IEI' EIIWARIJ S. ROGERS 0MICRO 196 CHARLES PENNY JULIAN BI.AI.OcR RONALII K. PROCTOR SANFORD H. LEVINGS PAUI. I.. O'BRIEN NORMAN C. MAI.I.ORY EUGENE B. SCIIUEssI..ER BUCRLEY C. HOI.'rON LIVINGSTON FAIRRANK JOSEPH A. ScIIMIssRAU'IrR VVII.I.IAM SHELIION STEVEN SHEPPARII FRANK M. SIRLEI' XR7ILI.IAM A. SI.A'I'ER SONNI' F. S'I'ANIIfORu CHAP Xll Founded at Union College in 1841. Established at the Univer- sity of Virginia in 1860. Re-Es- tablislved in 1949. Bo'r'1'oM Row: Steve Sheppard, Robert VV. Kitch-el, -lohn B. Ritchey, Quentin A. Dewing, David Forsyth, Thomas E. Bohan, Klorton B. Collins, ll. R. Bryan, jackson. SECOND Row: Charles P, Kollansperger, VVilliaf1n A. Slater, Joe A, Schmiss- rauter, Lawrence L. Mears, Frank M. Sibley, George A, Nlitchell, Sanford H. Livings, Faye F. Staniford. 'THIRD ROW: Craig NI. Smith, Robert H, Davis, Douglas S. Spears, Basset S, lvlillllllll, Charles A. Carrol, J. Carr Dorman, VVilliam G. iPlLl1ll11lCl', John H. P, Davis. TOP Row: VVallace B, Goodwin, Arthur VV, Sesselberg, Kirk R, l1Villiams, jeremy john, ,Iohn C. Barton, VV2lI'l'Cll K. Salisbury, Howard B. Johnson, Frank F, Rutan. - FRATRES IN FACULTATE JACK P. DALTON, JR. DAVID S. ROBERTSON CLIFFORD L. BRAKES JAMES E. BOXYEN JAMES Y. BROVVN RALEII VV. BRI'I'I'ON NIMROD T. CLARK JOIIN R. BORUN ROBERT A. BUCRINOIIAM XNILLIAM T. CARTER SAM VV. CRICKENBERCIZR IRVIN I-I. DAVIS CHARLES H. DEVOTO, JR DOUGLAS R. DEANE ROBERT G. IJOUMAR J. ROBERT FLEENOR VVALTER J. FORD DAVID M. GARNER GORDEN GRANGI-IR, IV JAMES C. HARLAN HOXN'ARD O. HAvER'I'x' H. BART CORNER JAMES C. BRUXVN CHARLES C. CAI.DwEI.I. LAWRENCE I-,!W'lS, JR. RAYMOND S. EVANS VVILLIAM L. FERRIS FRATRES IN URBE CARI, E. COMES, JR. VVILLIAM B. JONES ROEERI' E. LEE, JR. ANDREW C. MARINOS ACTIVES EDWVARD H. HENRY CHARLES B. HEWITI' L. EDGAR LEE FREDERICK L. LENDSAY BRUCE L. MANWARREN . JOIIN P. MARTIN EUGENE E. MATI-IESVS, JR. EDWARD G. MERREI,I. ITENRY MONCURE, JR. FRANKLIN B. MUNN T. RUSSELL MCCONCIIIE, JR. PIARRISON L. MCCOY JOHN H. NEAL JOIIN D. NORELEET INACTIVES JOII N KEEEE INITIATES BRUCE S. FIIEMING W. GERAI.lD HAMM MICHAEL J. HOIIERCIIAR BENNETT WV. LAPRADE TIAROLD VV. LAUESCIIER PETER A. MILNES T. BLAND NORRIS ROY E. RAMEY BYRON R. SAMI-LE CIEORGE P. SMITI-I ROBERT E. TAYLOR BERRLEY E. NORVELI., JR ROGER H. PERRY O. EDWARD POLLOCK, JR. RAY R. RAMEY W. C. ROBINSON, III VV. SEDRAI. ROBINSON BRADFORD B. SCHVVARTZ DON L. STEVENS, JR. EDVVARD J. SZCZEBAK B. BRUCE '1'AYI.0K RICHARD VV. TURNER I'I0l.LlS C. XVADE JOIIN A. VVARWICK PAUL F. XVINKLES R. ALLAN VVIMEISII RUSSELL D. MOONEV, JR. ROEERT S. PERRY JAMES L. RIDDLE, JR. JULIEN SIIOEMARER E. EARLE ZEIIM ER 198 DELT UP ll. lll Founded' at Willianzs College in 1834. Established at the Univer- sity of Virginia in 1922. FRONT ROW: B. Bruce Taylor, Robert A. Buckingham, J. Robert Fleenor, Robert G. Dou- mar, Henry Moncure, Jr., Edward H. Henry, Franklin B. Munn, Charles C, Caldwell, T. Russell McConchie, Jr., Irvin H. Davis, Charles B. Hewitt, Bruce L. Manwarren, John D. Norfleet. SECOND Row: Harrison L. McCoy, Don L. Stevens, jr., John H. Neal, George C. Carter, VValter J, Ford, Ray R. Ramey, Berkley E. Norvell, Ir., Sam Crickenberger, Peter A. Milnes, VV. C. Robinson, III, Charles H. DeVoto, Jr. 'I'r1Ikn Row: Lawrence Davis, Jr., Seclral Robinson, Harold W. Laubscher, Richard VV. Turner, Russell D. Mooney, jr., Eugene E. Mathews, Jr., Bruce S. Fleming, Edward J. Szczebak, Edward G. Merrell, Frederick L. Lindsay, Howard O, Haverty, David M. Garner. FOURTH ROW: VVilliam L. Ferris, Robert A. VVimbish, James C. Harlan, John A. War- wick, James L. Riddle, jr., Robert S. Perry, James C. Brown, Julien Shoemaker, Raymond S. Evans, L. Edgar Lee, Bradford B. Schwartz. FIFTH Row: O. Edward Pollock, jr., Michael J. Hoherchak, VV. Gerald Hamm, Bennett VV. LaPrade, E. Earle Zehmer, Paul F. VVinkles, Gordon Granger, IV. 199 JAMES GORDON BEALE CHARLES JOHN BUTLER ASlI'l'ON VVI-1m,EY CLARKE PERRY GLENN CUNNINCI-IAM JOHN MARSHALL DEAN, JR. PAUL CONOVER DECKENEACH PAUL OSMON PIOVVARD HAROLD EDWARD JACKSON, JR. AI,FRED BARRETT JARDEN CHARLES ALFRED ALIlREll, JR. JOHN BOVVMON BERNHARDT 1 , 1 x" ,- . 1 ,IX V . I , C ACTIVES COOPER DAVE KUNKIEI., III FREDERICK JAMES LEES DAVID BROWER MACCLARY MCALIS VER CRUTCI-'IFI ELD NIARSHALI, CHARLES RAY OIJOM KENNE1'l'l GAINES PAGE EDWVARD LOBER PAUL PARKER BENEDIC1' POTTER INITIATES ROBERT ALFRED CORAD1 JAMES DONALD :HAASE 0 L AI.I7RElJ KEN NETII PL1'r'r IANDREVV LEONARD ROBINSON, JR. JAMES JOSEPH SLATER JOHN FRANK S1'RAUss IJEFORliS'I' L1v1Ncs1'ON STRUNK, III XVALTER MARv1N SwA1N W7lI.I.I:XM FRANCIS XVAGNER RONALD DOHERTV VV1L1.1AMs JOHN FARMER WINN, III VVILLIAM PHILLIP LADSON VVILLIAM I-IORATIO NORTON, JR. 200 LUB ..-1 "'A F TE Y -Ag 2 . , 14, Founded at the University of Virginia, Marcfa, 1949. BOTTOM Row: lX'IcAlister C, NIa1'sl1all,Alf1'ed K. .lZll'ilCll, DeForest L. Strunk, Andrew L. Robinson, Paul C, Deckenbach, james J, Slater, Kenneth G. Page. SECOND Row: Alfred K, Plitt, 'Perry G. Cunningham, james G, Beale, John C. Butler, VVilliam F. Wagner, VV. lVIarvin Swain, Harold E. jackson, THIRD Row: .lzuncs D. Hzlsse, Charles Ray Odom, Charles Alfred Aldred, Freclerick -I. Lees, Edward L, Paul, Frank Strauss, john F, VVinn. FOURTH Row: Vvllllfllll P. Ladson, VVilliam H. Norton, David lNIaeClary, Ronald D, XVllll2lIl1S, Parker B, Porter, John H, Bernhardr, 201 TRICHARD STODDARD ALDRICII, J CHARLES GEVTON ANDERSON, III VVILLIAM MYERS BERRY EDGAR LEROI' BUEHLER, JR. LUTHER JOSEPH BURGESS DAVID STEVENS BYERLY ALEXANDER BURTON CARVER HARRY HAYWOOD DAUGH ERTY ALFRED GEORGE GEROSA, JR. FRATRE IN FACULTATE LUCIUS GASTON MOFFA'l1' COLLEGE IIENRY VVOODMAN CLARK, JR. GEORGE MICHAEI. CONNAUGIITON DON ABNER DAVIS BERNARD BURGESS EVANS VVILLIAM GELASON FI'I'ZGERAI..lJ, JR JOSEPH BRAx'I'oN LOUGI-IRAN CARTER EUGENE MCINTOSH ENGINEERING JOHN FRANCIS GLEASON, JR. RAY MILTON LU1'z WILLIAM HEWITT MORGAN LAW AI.BER1' TEODORE BERICH ARMIN RIG GRADUATE JUDSON H. STRUBLE INITIATES 'THOMAS VVHI'I'NIsv BARKEK DONALD JULES BODAI' '1'HOMAS VVINSIIOVV COLEMAN EARNEST ARTl'IUR DUEE EDWARD MINTER FOLEY JOHN ALBERT FRIDINGER, JR. JOHN KlI.GOUR HEYL, JR. BARRY VVIIILIS I-IU'I'c1IINGs FREDERICK NVINSTON' JOHNS, JR. TA JOHN EARL NIELSEN NATHAN VVELLS PRINGLE HUGH WINEIELD ROBERTSON, JR VVARREN KEl'l'I1 SALSIIURY VVILLIAM WAYNE A. VVALDER CHARLES MALCOLM WARD JOHN SEWARD WILLS ALBERT H IiVVI'l'T MUMMA PETER ALAN NIELSEN HARD SI'. GEORGE JOHN PRIOLEAU HUGER KERN fIOVV.-XRD BELL KLIPPEL EUGENE MOTLEI' NUCROLS, JR. JOHN LEE RYEOLT VVILLIAM THOMPSON TOMES 202 1 u. li L.: l BOTTOM Row: Boday, Rybolt, Kern, Tonies, Friclingcr, Bardcr, Hutchings Foley, Klippel, Coleman, I-leyl. Founded at Nlinoij Wesleyan ll'IlDlJl,E Row: Anderson, Fitzgerald, Su-able, Davis, llforgan, Clark, Pringle Univenaity in 1899. Esmbliybed Gleason, Evans, Daugherty, Walke1'. at the University of Virginia in 1949- TOP ROW: Al Nielsen, lllumma, lVIcIntosh, VVard, Byerly, Connaugliton, Aldrich, X-Vills, Robertson, Lutz, ,lack Nielsen, Salsbury. 203 1 SORORITIES KAPPA DELT 0HORITY ,, N.-..N -.,...0........e.....,.e....-.....,,.............. 'F 'F-f'-He, .-' -'1 -,-W V ...-+f ,, 5, -- q...M. 'V .....W.- WM., .. gm... ,,, 'HH' , i I ADVISORS MRs. FREDERICK MORSEE MRS. Dunmax' CIAINIES MRS. JOHN Ross Miss SARAH L.fxNcAs'1'uR MRS. JOSEP11 VAUGNN MRS. W. D. Joi-1NsoN Miss CHAR1-01"1'n GRAu.AxM ACTIVES OPAL JAMES ' Memos KING Bmrx' JANE Eu' JEANNE CIILBERT lVlAR'l'HA GEROSA JANE EVVELI. INITIATES CYN'l'mA Fowua MARYH PALMER FRANCES KlERS'I'l5:XlJ CONSFANCE NVu.l.1AMs Emsrs lVlIClIAlEl. EDNA CLIVE FRONT Row: Cynthia Fowle, Elise Michael, Cons Willianms, Marye Palmer, Frances Kiersteacl. E311 CB Founded at Farmville State Teachers College, October 23 BACK ROW: Betty Jane Ely, Madge King, Jeanne Gilbert, 189 Opal James, Jane Ewell, Edna Cline. Virginia, fune 10, 1932. 2 7. Beta Alpha Chapter founded at the University of CHI 0 EGA SOROR MEMBERS GI,Aox's ROBISON ELIZABETH TULL MARY LoUIsE Woon PATRICIA YoE Louisa Asmzx' ANITA CRAWFORD JEAN DOEFLEMOYER ISABEL URNER ORTII SALLY QUIGGLE INITIATES MARX' JANE ALTMAN MARY DowN1Nc CONSTANCE Col,TI-IURST lf M 1 , ADVISORS MRS. ROBERT STOCKWELL MRS. JESSIIE BIEAMS Mns. JOHN SAGE SITTING: Carrol Sage, Gladys Robison, Jean Dofllemoyer, Mary Jane Altman, Lucy Stockwell. STANDING: Ibis Tull, Sally Quiggle, Constance Colthurst, Anita Crawford, Mary Lou Wood, Mary Downing, Patri cia Yoe. 2 3 Founded at the University of I-lrkansay, April 5, 1895 Lambda Gamma Chapter establisfved at the University of Virginia in 1927. ITY . MEMBERS Z T A NANCY CAMPER VlRclNxA jomas CAROLYN CLARK SARAH MERDOR DoR01'm' CRUTE PEGGY MORRIS Founded at Longwood 'College in Farmville, Virginia on TRENE ECHOLS VIVIAN Wl'II'1'H October 15, 1898. Gamma Nu Chapter was colonized at FRANCES EDWARDS MARY ELLEN W"1'TEHUR5T the University of Virginia in October, 1950, and installed PATRICIA HAURAND CHARWTTR YANCHY as an active chapter in March, 1951. HARRIET HOMES ADVISORS MRs. HENRH' JACKSON MRS. HOMRR EDVVARDS MRS. Enser. F. STEWAR1' FIRST Row: Harrier Hodges, Nancy Camper, Sarah Mea- dor, Carolyn Clarlc. SECOND Row: Charlotte Yancey, Dorothy Crute, Peggy Morris, Mary Ellen Whitehurst, Virginia Jones. ETA TAU ALPHA ORORITY ,Q f P s 1 ss gssgm L fm .i,. me mms, MH 5. E -nm'-1 M a SE E 1-X vm 1. X L 5 as mmm ss H Z, Emmy- x a ms mn H BEE M H E if H E E 33 EH B E M ,wamfiw SH as mam mags W sm mn an mam H0 0R CIDMMITTEE ROBERT O. HYDE .... VVILLIAM SHAPERO .... VVILLIAM T. TUCKER .... RICHARD FOX ........ ,IOI-IN CATHCART . . . CURT BAZEMORE . . . .....C01l4?g0 . . . . .Lafw . . .lwvdirilzr Engin1'a'l'i11g . . . .Gradualn . .Eflumliarz William Tucker, john Cathcarr, Robert Hyde, Richard Fox, William Shapero. ITTEE ELI TULLIS .... .... C llfliflllllll B A D C H E C K STUART GRANT CHARLES VVISE BOB BROVVN STUART AUCHINCLOSS 0 M M 210 DE COU CIL COLLEGE JOHN D. MVNFORD HUNTER LIQBUTTS XVILLIAM C. CRAVVFORD l'f'1':illml VVILLIAIVI C. lVlARSHALL RUFUS BARKLEY GENE SCHROEDER STUART VVALKER VVILLIAM M. NIEREDITH A, .- , ,,,',,1T,,, ,,,-.,, l1., F., l.....4...4 . fl., .. - ...- Y i E E lm-.- 1... 2 -212 M. ,,.- ' ' 2.-in-. I C1l , 111.-.1 Firsr Row, left ro right: Clmrlvy Kerr, john Mumford, Ray Mirclwll, Second Row: Bill Marshall, Sruarr NValker, Rufus Barkley, Frank Goodman, Bill Crawford. Third Row: Duke Holcombe, Hunter dcBurts, Bill Meredith. ENGINEERING EDUCATION c'nAR1.1-is KICRR, m HRANIQ S. GOODMAN RICHARD W' JOHNSON I',i1'l'-I,l'1'.ffzfl'lll MEDICINE FRANK N. BILISOLY GRADUATE LAW QTIEPIIICN I.. EARLY RAYMOND XV. MITCHELL DECATUR HOLCOMBE, Sl'l'7'L'fl1l'y Trrzuurcr III 211 Front Row, left ro righrz Bill Chalfant, Dick Vinton, Tom Evans, Second Raw: Hu gh Wfesr, Frank Allcn, Shayne Dillon, Mark Fu dlandcr Ed Schotv john Legg, Chuck Wise, Hariy V1 aylor, Ian Humming, Tuck Maddox, Lloyd Craighill, john Mun foxd, Hugh Fagan. Back Row: Dulce Powell, Andy Robin on Tito Mclean Harry DICK VINTON ... BILL CHALFANT . TOM EVANS DICK VINTON CHARLIE VVISE The Inter-Prater University. Montgomery, Ed Henry, Dave Wekelee, Dun: an Chaplin, Evan Krieger, William Fitzgerald OFFICERS .......Pl'cJidnzl . . . . . . . .l"iz'1'-l'r1'.fi1f1'lz1 . . . . , . . , ................... .... . 9r'rre'lnry-Tr1'a,t11n'r GOVERNING BOARD BILL CHALFANT LLOYD cfRA1Oi1i1.1, VVALLY GOODVVIN JOHN MUNFORD TOM EVANS y O nity Council is the governing body of the fraternity system at the 212 Alpha Epsilon Pi . . Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi . , Chi Phi . . . Chi Psi ...., Column Cluh Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Upsilon . . . . Kappa Alpha Order Kappa Sigma .,... Phi Delta Theta . . . Phi Epsilon Pi .... Phi Gamma Delta . Phi Kappa Sigma . Phi Kappa Psi . . Pi Kappa Alpha . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . St. Anthony Ap,.., St. Elmo ...,. Serpentine Cluh . . . Sigma Chi . . . Sigma Nu .... Sigma Phi Epsilon . Tau Kappa Epsilon . . Theta Chi .,...,. Theta Delta Chi .. Zeta Beta Tau . . Zeta Psi .,,. FRA TER MEMBERS . . . .EVAN DRIEGER . . . . .LLOYD CRAIGHILL . . , . .DICK VINTON , , . . .GEORGE HOGAN . . . . .WALLY GOODWIN . . . .ANDY ROBINSON . . . , . .HARRY TAYLOR ......ED HENRY . . . . .BILL COLMERY . . . .DUNCAN CI-IAPLIN . . . , . ,CHARLES WISE .. ...ED SCHOTZ . . . . .DAVE WAKELEE . . . . .-IOI-IN MUNFORD ......-IOHN LEGG . . . . .FRANK ALLEN ......TUx MADDOX .. ...TOM EvANs . . . . .TITO MCLEAN . . . . .HUGI-I FAGAN . . . . .BILL CHALFANT ......HUGH WEST . . . . . . .DUKE POWELL . . . .WILLIAM FITZGERALD . . . .HARRY MONTGOMERY . . . . . SI-IAYNE DILLON MARK FRIEDLANDER . . . . . .IAN HEMMING ITY COU CIL EDITORIAL STAFF MALCOLM S. UNDERWOOD . H EREER1' XV. JACKSON .... DUD PENNINGTON BILL COIIMERY JOHN LEGG .. GEORGE N. MCMATH .... RICHARD BROCKXVELI. VVILLIAM CIILLIAM BARRUS VVILLER H. HORSLEY ..... BLAINE T. PHII.I.IPs JOHN CARTER RICHARD GODINE ....... HARVEY LINDSAY DON STRAIN DOUG MACKALL .. .. MAC JENKINS PHIL LARIMORE ,..... ED ROSEB ERRY . . . .Edilor-in-Chi1'f , ....... ..Manayi1zg Edilm' GEORGE MCMATH VVALLISR HORSLEY . . . .Feaiurznr Editor ..,...........R0l1:Edzlor u7II.l.IAM VIAR XRTILLIAM MAYS ROB ERI' TYLER , ..... Organizafio HUDNALI. VVARE ns Edilor ARMIs'rEAD TALMAN ...............SporI.r Edilor JUs'I'IAN CROwI,EY BILI, SI'AI.I.INOs . . . . . . . .Ff'alz'rniliL': Edilor ToN Y L EIGH ..............PllotograplIy PAUL MEADOWS GUY VVILSON ................... ....-Ir! Edzlor RICK ANUREXVS BUSINESS STAFF VVILLIAM B. BAYLOR . . . STU GlI,CliRlS'l' ......... RODDY SINCLAIR LOUIS HAOER .... . .... ALEXANDER BOWERS FRANK MEADE ..... JAMES A. HARPER ..... RODDY WATSON JAMES MAssIE RICHARD LAIRD JOHN APPERSON MIT GREEN STRING GRAY I-IUME TAYLOR . . . . .Bluirzfm ..... . Cirtulnfiun BUDDY RUMBLE ..., .....f1dm'rli.ving fl ssisiant :I dfvcrlising . . . . . . .Organizations DAVIS HAMI.lN PAT BRYAN DERWOOD PI-IIPPS LIT CONSTABLE ED GATEWOOD JIM LEACH Ma nagcr M ll na gn' M anagrr Managn' M anagrr S ecrclary C First Row, left to right: Lon I-lager, VValler I-lorsley, Doug Mackall, Malcolm Underwood, Bill Baylor, Herbert jackson, Stu Gilchrist. Second Row: Mac jenkins, Newton Millcr, Dick Brockwell, Huclnall VVarc, Mit Green, jimmy Leach, jim Fragens, Bill Gose, John Strzlton. Third Row: Blaine Phillips, Dm-rwoncl Phipps, Tuny Leigh, YVill Mays, Dick Laird, Billy johnson, Cliff McKinney, Peter Denning, Roddy Sinclair. Fonrtll Row: David llnmlin, Armiste:1dT:1lrnan, Bill Colmcry, Sandy Bowers, Freddy Bocock, Buddy Rumble, Roddy XX7?lfSOl'l, Ed Gatewoocl. l q,,,. ,, . if'-.N . :I . . 1 , ' "L . --z- R ' 'f U l 9533: A ' - ' - - ,f-33: Mfg. 2.1 , , , ...ah A - Y ,, i 'VP 215 Bill Ogden V. J. Coberly Dave Shibley Hutter VVilliams Dick Gray Herb Hess Don Beard jim Callery Chuck Coates Chick Hallock Stanley Miller Bob Lesperance jim Hasslacher Leighton Lobdell HARRY TAYLOR JACK LOU V NIGHT EDITORS Karl Knust Merrill Myers Noel Crowley Robert Benson Robert Norris john Tinklepough Jay Troxell Al McCormack NEWS STAFF john Lollin john Ritchie Nick Terczis Grasty Crews Art Kavanagh Bill Marburg SPORTS STAFF Charlie Harper Sonny Staniforcl Herb Hess Bruce VVhitncy Ed Schotz Mel Mellon ADVERTISING STAFF john Straton Derwood Chase Maurice Ashbury Dick Macgill jake Haun Tom Bohnn ASSISTANT CIRCULATION MANAGERS Richard Gray Chuck Molster 216 Bill Hazlegrove Lloycl I-Iarbech Armistead Tallmnn Dave Brown jim Slater Bula Clary VVilldy Tazewell Howie Bonham David Reuse Morris Fine George Kaufman Van Snoffer VALIEII IIAILY HENRY N. TAYLOR . .. G. CURTIS BAZEMORE JACK LOUV ........ ROBERT O. HYDE ..,... ROSCOE PITCKETT, JR. ... STAIGE BLACKEFORD . HUNTER PENDLETON FRED EASTHAM , ..... . FRANK TURNER ... ....Edi10I'-ill-C1IiL'f . .... ....tWanaging Editor . ..... Businfss Marmgrr . . ..'l.rsoriat1' Editor ....Sports Editor . . , .Fvatzircs Editor ., . .City Editor ... .City Editor ....City Editor GENE BRUNS .. SKIP FORREST .... RALPH COLE ..... MARVIN LESSER ...... CHARLES D. YOIIN DON BEARD ....... CHARLIE HARPER TRIP REID ....... . HERB HESS . .. ..............City Editor . . .!l.rJi.vta7zt Bu5im's.v Mlzlzagfcf' rlsxistnizt llizsiness Manager . . . . .sIdfvrrli.ring M anager . . . . Cirfulation Managrr . . . ..-tuofiatz' Sports Editor . . , .flssoriatrr Sports Editor . . .:1.v.vociatr Sports Editor . . . ,zlssocialv Sports Editor First Row: Harry Taylar. Second Row, left ro right: Fred Eastham, Hunter Pendletc n, Gene Burns, Trip Reid, Marie Hollmarm, Bob Hyde, Marvin Lesser. Third Row Tom Martoccia, H. L. Richmond, Nick Terezia, Bob Clary, Charlie Harper, Stan Miller, -lack Louv, Durwood Chase. Fourth Row: Dick Laird, joe McClellan, Blaine Phillips, Charlie Young, Ralph Cole, John Straton, Hal Quayle. 217 REX GATTEN MARK FRIEDLANDER STAFF ART REX GATTEN .... ..... E dilor-in-Chief DAN WEXLER ---- -..-.---- E diffff HAP MALLORY . . . . . ..-lnofiafc Edilor MARK FRIEDLANDER, JR. .... ..... I iusiness Manager' JACK SPRAGUE .... . . . ..... flssofialz' Ediior GILL GILLIAM ... .... Managing Editor , Bret Morse Hank Plitt ' M.Ch'h,' , . D 'IB WILLIAM s. WILSON .... ..... L ima,-y Edilor Pmon 'C mc' J' am ""mem SPORTS EDITORIAL STAFF JOHN COPP ..... .................... I fdilur H. I. Kleinpefer, III Dick Mccahan PCM White Bud R"kCfS"' Virgil P. Randolph E. T. Kriby Milton Hodge Gene Mathews QFFICE MANAGERS Knox Morrison l50b G3mbil'l0 Clyde M01'flS 2118 VIR GI PECTATOR PHOTOGRAPHY CIRCULATION ERNEST SOMMER ..... ........ ..................... E 1 film' MACLIN FERRELL ............................. Managrr C. H. Schilling Ben Thompson Dick Cody Leigh 1g0,-me, Martin Gerson Bob Dull ADVERTISING AND PUBLICITY Dick Hushagen George Dennis ART KAVANAGI-1 ................... , ............. Malzagfr MARVIN LESER ........ ................... M anagrr T Martin Orownld Ilollnnd Low ION John Brandon Stanley Miller HOVVARD FRUMIN ................... ., . Manaym SALES LEE FREMAN ......,.................... Manager Tom Lewis Bill Rovanel Firsr Row, lefr to right: Hank Plitt, Ghost Writer Ungunoil, Q, Greenwhistle, Marla P. Friedlanrier. Ir., Rex Gatren. Dan Wexler, Hu Kleinpeter, Second Row Mike Clark, Jack Sprague, Peter White, Dick McCaha.n, Clyde Morris. Third Row: Dick Hnshagen, Ernie Socmers, Peyton Chichester. M ,Q-ew , rg-ry .. T.: 3 rw JK. ,fw- ,4,. Y... IM., YN.. 'S-if ,.f'1.AiQ..i" -glzfgf '. 5 we-af ' ' ef' 219 TIO Prrsidclzl -Prvsi d ml Sccrcfary TI'cT'!U'IlI'L'i' COUNCIL MEMBERS JEAN DOFFLEMOYER .... ...... . . .Edumtion ELISE MICHAEL ..... ..... A 'zuxfiny Educalion JANE EVVELL ......,.. ............ C ollcgc MARTHA CHANUTIN .... .... 1: 'nginz'cri11g SARAH VVALTON ..... ..... G' radualc ELLEN NASH ..... ...... L afw JANE LUKE ........... ..... M ediriuc ROSALINE PHILLIPS . . . .... Dormflory Purpose: To promote and maintain the highest stand- ards of University life and to bring about a greater unity and mutual helpfulness among the women of the Univer- sity. First Row left to right Mary Elizabeth Tull Martha Nutter, Edna Cline. Second Row: Marea Jo Wiard, Elise Michael, can Gilbert anc Ewell Martha Chnnutin. Third Row: Jane Calhoun, Jane Luke. 220 Eur Nei Stuart Auchincloss Bill Addington Paul Barringer Rufus Barkley VVaverley Berkley Floyd Berman Staige Blackford Toppy Bohannon George Brasfield Norris Broyles john Burch john Carter Derwood Chase VVade Childress jack Clarkson Fred Cole Lloyd Craighill Bob Dabney Colgate Darden, III Glen Donnho Sonny Denham Inman Ellis Tommy Evans Harvie Fitzgerald Skip Forcey Allan Gaynor Stuart Gilchrist, Frank Turner, MEMBERS Churchill Gibson Stuart Gilchrist Arthur Hancock Bill Hazlegrove Brownley Hodges Gil Hooper VValler Horsley A, D. Hart Tommy Jarman lVIac Jenkins Ned Kyle Davant Latham Bill l..ile Frank Meade Doug Mackall .lim Massie ,lack McKihhin joe Newell Ned Parker Bill Scott Steve Sheppard Lou Showalter Harry Taylor Alhert Trout Frank Turner Allen Voshell ROBERT HYDE . . . HUNTER QIQHUTTS VVILLIAM ROVVAN RAMSEY MARTIN JOHN PAYNIE ..... ADVISORY BOARD Dean I. F. Lewis M1 A I' Wyillxel Mr. C. ll. K1lLliTm1Il M1 X inc nt lea Mr. M. C. Luck First Row, left to right: Harry Taylor, Bill Rowan, Bob Hyde, john Payne, Tommy Jarman, Second Row: Stu Aucluncloss Chuck XVAM: Bill Hazlegrove oe Newell Brownley Hodges, Third Row: Toppy Bohannon, Staige Blackford, Wfaverley Berkley Al Trout Dick Ziegler aclt Clarkson Sonny Ber man, Fourth Row: Gil Hooper, Rufus Barkley , Norris Broyles, Ned Parker Allen Voshell llltl 221 I il 'IP' uv F R T YE ll 0ClAL COMMlT'l'llE OFFICERS ROBERT LEE STEPHENS ........... ....... P resident jOHN MCKINNEY ......... .... I 'ite-Plwsialclzl PEM HUTCHINSON . , . ..... Secretary TED ROMAINE ...... . . .llisfurian MEMBERS Evans Brasheld Patrick Brill Hugh Goodrich Bill Mellen Scotty Calder Dan Knight Davis Hamlin Hudnall VVare George Green Stringfellow Gray Pete Reid jack Fernald Gene Matthews George Dennis Armistead Talman jimmy Leach Dick Bullington Fred Bocock Morton Clark Oliver Pollard Bill Moorhead Francis Cummings Hutter VVilliams A. D. Hart Bill Skinner Henry Constable Cliff jones VValton Cox Fred Eley Hume Taylor Ed Gatewoocl john Hinckley Ted Newbold Stuart Valentine Bob Hellier jim Shoemaker Arthur Cholmeley-jones Barry Lupton Bob Emery Bob XVestheimer Victor Onet Gordon VVoody jack Gilbert john Berkley john Ritchie Peter Bergen john VVerkerling Newton Miller john Garland George Lewis Derwood Phipps james VVoody Harden Crawford David Maybank john VVeatherly Hamilton Stephens Manley Frix Carl Caplinger Peter Ausnit Ed Laughlin Bob Blanchard Dick Stoever Eugene Lowenberg joseph Sauksys Hugh Cunningham Bill johnson james Dunn john Stetson Ronald Howie Bill Tazewell Donald Kenneweg' johnny Gose Charlie Gamble Scotty Mason Sandy Schwartz Don Mashbin jerry Fitzgerald Eberhart Haynes jolm Stover Charles XVarner Ajax Presber Bobby Parrish Rod Brown Bobby Martin Bill Cook H. P. Thompson Bart Renfrew Ted Phillips Ed Faulkner john Straton VVhitman Cross Bob Levick Kyle jackson john Howes john Gurler Ernie Helfenstien Dave Byron Charles Fleet First Row left to right: B. Coplinger, E. Gatcwood, j, Crowley, ,l. McKenney, B. Stephens, P. Hutchinson, T. Romaine, M. Clark, E. Brastield, lVl. Friclcs, Second Row: Tony Lee M, Loane, V. Snouffer, B. Moore, H. Ware, F. Bococlc, G. Green, j. Leach, Bill Gose, j. Straton. Third Row: P. Ausnir, H. Williams, K, jackson, T. Dell, D McGill, j. Fernall, B. Blanchard, B. Phillips, S, Gray, j. Wekerling. Fourth R E. Haynes, O. Pollard, B. Martin, A, Talmon, S, Valentine, D. Bullington, D. Phipps, D. Place, H. Cunningham, H. Constable. Fifth Row: G. Woody, H. Brown, N. Miller, B. Woody, j. Dunn, D, Hamlin. 1 H- ' :in ae 'f"'1-ff Jae we eq? .M .am .e.... it ma . V ' Q. e.-at .. Y .L sf: xt pf 4 -ers.-.2 , .f ia. G , - , ' ., L .Q I ta ,np r , 1. .- e wa.. eww -A ef ,W -A . at .r-Rf Pt' LH - we . . 1-54:19 -ff 15 --" ae, -.1 -.. --Y., - '- , , " if lS"bfe1 - .- 1-1aefj',,':f ' 'K 15533335 4, ir' 1. ffggkig , I g..,,Ja., . t-, , m aezlrl xr...' ,- . . + 'ul-5 : c.u-:f-- :- '-uw i.: - ' . aff- 't " ai,-Liam? - 5,1 'fi 5 LPHA PHI EG gig at .00 N Founded at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, De- cember l6, 1925. Established at the University of Virginia, February 9, 1929. The purpose of Alpha Psi Omega is fourfold: Service to the Student Body and Facultyg Service to Youth and Com- munityg Service to the'Nationg Service to the members. MEMBERS VVilliam Albrecht Thomas Andrews Bill Bennett William Berry Allen Blackwell Henry Blosser Robert Borman VVilliam Burrows Ernest Clarke George Connaughton Herbert Donovan John Drieper VVilliam Edmonson james Furtin Lloyd Foster john Gose john Gronemeyer Ernest I-Ioelzer Robert Hurt Harold Laubscher Edgar Lawson John Lee Alfred Llorens Jans Louv joseph Magee Richard Marcks Charles Martoccia Dan Moore Sidney Niles Eugene Nuckols Vernelle Phillips Robert Pickard Ashby Spratley john Stratnn Morris VVarner Fitzhugh VVickham FACULTY ADVISORS Raymond Bice james Cole Dean Lindley Stiles Rev. Oscar Vllnolridge SCOUTING ADVISORS VVilforcl Fix Louis Matacia Ze r E lem 2223 - 5 YIIU GMEN'S CIIIII TIA SSOCIATIO The first student Y.M.C.A. in the world was founded at the University of Virginia, and since that time the "Y" has endeavored through an ever-widening program to en- rich the spiritual, social, and intellectual life of the Uni- versity Community. STUDENT CABINET JOHN C, NORTH, II ....................... ....... I 'lI'L'.5'illl'7lI ROGER I-I. FITCH ...... .... I fire-l'rr'.fidanl VVILLIAM O'MALLEY. . . ....... S1"fl'Ef!ll'y ROBERT C. ANGUS ........ ............... 7 lI'l'l15lll'l'I' ROBERT C. CLARY .......... .......,......... I 'ubliriiy HERBERT A. DONOVAN, -IR. ....... Sl1nI'r'nl-Family Rrlfltiorzs ROGER H. FITCH ........... ............ J U1'r11br'1'5hij1 PAUL O. HOVVARD ........ ..... I ltlvrfailh CUIIIIIIIHKIF VVILLIAM M. GILLIAM . .. .,.,..,.... Boys Clull KENNETH BARRIIS ..... .... . S'ufial .-lflimfifirx I. VERNELI. PHILLIPS .... ....... I india PI'0gI'Illl1.Y HUTTER VVILLIAMS ....... ....... I l'r'd11zml11y ,lL'.ff1l'l'.f XVILLIAM C, YOVVELL, JR. . . . ..............,. Dff!llfHff0llI THOR ANDERSON ................ I7Ifl'l'I'l1l'i!ll LlIlt1i'l'A'fdl1dIll!j BOARD OF DIRECTORS DR. B. F. D. RUNR ................ MR. R. R. FLETCHER MR. VINCENT SI-IEA ....., Dr. VV. R. Dandridge Dr. Oron J. Hale Dr. Laclley Hustecl Dr. S, V. Mcflnsluncl Mr. J. Harry Michael, .I r. First Row, left to right: Joe Phillips, Bob Clary, ,lohn North, Paul Howard. Second Row: Bill O'Malley, Roger B b A IVI' W ld 'd . Th' d R : K Barrus Herb Donovan Bill Liilliam o ngus, 1, oo rx ge ir ow en Fitch . Dr. lVlzu'vin B. Perry, Jr. Dr. john A. Rurer Mr. Knox Turnbull Dr. J. L. Vaughan Mr. Charles K, IV0ltz -.1-'2r"" Chairman .S1'fr'f'1ary T1'm.vurrr 'qi- Q 'l Sw frv E X :gel 2 ,pr x ul: eg i f' 1 I l gl: OFFICERS . G L E E 'I IIOINIAS JEFFERSON SMITH, III ... .... 1,l'L'.YlLil'llf IIOVVARD O. HAVERTY ........... .... M fI7lllfll'l' OWIIN H. JANDER ..... ...... L ibrariazz THOMAS BRIERLEY . . . . ..-ln'ornpanZ.rl L FORGE L. JONES, JR. .. ..... .lwornjrclfzisl STISPHEN D. TIWTTLE . . . ............ 1jiI'L'l'f0l' I DYVARD O. POLLOCK ..... ,...... .... I " lllzfirily MHlldgt'l' MEMBERS Tenors F. M. Archer VV. B. Babcock F. Blankemeyer P. J. Brill I. R. Brown R. B, Clark T. L. R. Cole, Jr. R. L. Cooley K. Cravens N. G. Edwards T. C. Grier I-I. O. Haverty I. A, Jennings J. C. Barlow, Jr. C. E. Bingham D, R. Boggs VV. H. Burgess J. A. Carter B asses D. Kenneweg D. C. Marino D. Moore C. R. Sanford I. Shoemaker J. R. Smnls T. J. Smith, III P. H. Spencer M. D, Stoever G. B. Vest, Jr. VV. VV:1r1l, Jr. 397 A. VVzn'wick, jr. D. S. Chase, jr. C. VV. Conklin C. E. Cricler E. P. Denigen G. L. Dudley I, S. Dudley R. C. Y. Dunne I. H. N. Fernalcl D. W. Gurney VV. S. Harvin VV. E. Hazen E. B. I-Iellin, jr. R, L. Hoffman VV. C. Howell J. VV. Hulfish, Ir C. L. Hyser M. H. lander O. H. Jancler E. B. Jessee R. L. Johnson H. N. King N. F. Lenssen XV. MC. Lovell J. T. Lyman, II A. I. Mallis R. C. McCahan A. O. McLane, I VV. H. McLarin T. CL B, V. Michel, Jr. G. L. Platt O. E. Pollock, Ir. T. B. Porter J. H. Powell D. A. Reinach A. F. Robertson J. Ryhnlt C. Salgudo VV. L. Sibley, III I. C. Straton, Jr. J. F. Sturman, III J. E. Swenarton C. H. Tall B. A. Talmaclge C. C. Tarkenton I. R. Tinklepaugh, Jr A. I. Wiener L. E. Vllhite, Jr. T VV. VVilliams, III G. M. VVyz1tt E. Zehmer 'if ' wiis 5 I TER ATIO AL AFFAIR SSOCl TIO OFFICERS PAUL MEEK ..................... .,........ P resident CHARLES R. HALSTEAD .... .....,.. I fire-Presidwzt JAMES E. AMMONS ....... .... S ec1'cIary-Trea.f1u'er The International Affairs Association was founded at the University of Virginia in 1947 as a professional or- ganization in the field of foreign alfairs. Since its creation it has striven constantly to foster a more fundamental un- derstanding of international relations and to promote the self-development of its members. Fuss Row, left to right: Michail S. L. Greene, William W. Rowan, John M. Pifer Jones, John P. Meek, David Spain, Langdon Hankins, Demitrios MEMBERS james E. Ammons Richard V, Atkinson Francis VV. Barkley Joseph H. Basilone Staige D. Blackford Thomas James Camp, Jr Alexander B. Christie r . I blames Lawton Collins, jx Leeland R. Corbett James E. Faris Samuel Goldberg VVatson P. Gooch, Ir. Michael J. L. Greene Charles R. Halstead Langdon F. Hankins, -lr, Bruce Henderson Douglas P, Hinkle Leslie M. Holloway VVilliam R. johnson, jr, Richard E. jones Hugh I. Fagan George C. Nikolakis Lewis P. Kinsey, Jr. Philip B. Larimore Demitrios Manuelides john Paul Meek Charles E. Moran, Jr. Hugh A. Morris XVilliam T. Nichols john M, Pifer Virgil P. Randolph VVilliam VV. Rowan John R. Schmidhauser Robe1't A. Shaicl David R. Spain Adrian St. John John Tritz M. N. Trued Charles VV. Vear Richard E. Viar Frederick D. VVatts Samuel G. Wise,J1'. Maurice D. Alpert Glen G. Morgan , William W. Christie, Henry J. S. Cone. Second Row: Samuel Goldberg, Richard E Manllelides, Third Row: Charles Halsted, Hugh A. Morris. 226 RABBILEO LICHTENBERG ....... ..... D i,-mm I-I I L L E L PAUL M, LIPKIN .................. ...... I ,l'6Jil1L'llf F 0 U D A T I 0 GABRIEL ZIMMERMAN .... ..... I ,it'I'-PI'l'.S'ill'I'llf DACIE LINFIELD ....... ...... S z'rrffary EVAN KRIEGER . . . ........... .... T I'L'l15IlI'L'l' Stanley Fass Robert Lewis . Maxine Friedman Lionel Libermzlu Jerry Kruger Noel Rowan Donald Levy BERNARD BROVVN .' ...........,........ ........... I ZF.4 EVAN KRI EG ER MORRIS M. FINE NATHAN VVEISS B'nai Blrith Hillel Foundations conduct religious, cul- tural, counselling and social programs for Jewish students at American colleges. Ac the University of Virginia, I-Iillel activities were inaugurated in 1939. . ,,f 1' ' .N , A 'iff-f ..jd' . 1. A 5 9. 227 H. L. AIIIIISON S. B. ADIIER E. H. AI.IIERIvIIIN, J. ARIvIIIRUs'Ir:R M. BIIRI.I,xN'I' VV. BIcRsI.I2Y C. M. BRnss R. VV. BRODI' A. DIAM0Ns'I'IeIx K. EUI.IaR F. D. FISIIIIACR J. K. FISIIBACK B. S. FI.I2IvIING J. S. FI.E'I'CIfIIsR F. S. FRAIIIQR, DIR. j. N. FRAY G. R, FRIHIIMIIN G. D. Il.IMIvI J. G. HARIII' T. B. 1'Ill.'l'ON B. F. HOFFMAN D. C. PIYDE YV. M. JIiFFRlES L. KAYAN C. VV. KINZER, IR. MEMBERS j. H. KNICH'l' A. L. LEIIMIIN A. L. LIsI..I2 I. MARTIN W. NI.-XRTIN R. M. MARCKS R. H. McC,II.I.uM J. MIIREDITI-I H. MUI.I.II,xUsIaR R. D. Mooxm' C. NORFORD K. H. OKKERSIE R. II. PATRICK R. N. PERKINS R. II. PIIRRI' R. PERRY C. E. PRICII B. II. PUImI.s, JR. S. VV. S'I'I:IaI.Iz G. A. PISRIBBY, -IR. R. VV. TURNER C. VVASII S. VV. VVAGONER S, VVASSHRMAN E. M. VVYIWI' VAL .... ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF OLIN SCOGGINS .....,....................... Cafmlafll, USN Prof1'.v.vor of Nalval Sl'il'7lCL' C. A. BURCH .............,..............,. C'l1llllll1lIIfil'l', USN EXl'l'Illi'Ul' Ojirrr, PNS HOUSTON STIFF ........................... 1.1. Cul., USIHC PNS' C. A. VVHARTON ........,..........,. ..... I ,l. Czfr., l.7SzV .flssisizrlzl PNS HENRY BRESS . .. ...... , .......... .... I .l. Cdr., USN .-I SJIJHIIII PNS I. B. BURNEIT ..................,.......... Ll. Cflr., USNR 11 .fsisla nl PNS 2 2 9 R, E. BAGNVELL . .. .... FTC, USN M. C. PLOVVMAN . .. , . .QMC, USN VV. P. MORGANTHALER ... .... GJVIC, USN J. II. MARTIN . .. .... M!Sgl., USMC VV. A. SVVENSON .... .... I 'lvl fSSj, CSN J. VV. MITCHELL .... SK2, USN C. VV. BROVVN . . . ...., liaffolion CUIIIIIIHIICIKI' D. M. NVAKELEE . . .... Ballaliolz Exffzzfiife OEIQIUI' F . H. CREECII ..... ..,. C 'ompmzy Conmzalulfr, First Company D. D. CHAPLIN ........ CHIIIPKIII-Y f,'0lllllIllIItfL'I', SLTOIIII C0lll25lllIy VVinfield L. Ashenfelter Robert M. Biggar Frederic S. Bocock Evans B. Brasfield Robert VV. Brody David H. L. Brown Mann Q. Brown Richard L. Bullington Sanford P. Clem Daniel J. C. Copps, Jr, Walton W. Cox, Jr. Carl B. deGanahl Fielden E. Faulkner, ll Robert R. Fay, Jr. Carl F. Fayen, Jr. John V. Garland jelferson D. Hamlin james VV. Harper Furman VV. Barton Charles S. Butler Bennett O. Cole, jr. Thomas L. R. Cole, Ir. Cornelius J. Crowley john L. Dickinson VVilliam R. Eels Robert E. Gearhart Robert I. Gennettc VVilliam P. Hall, jr. 1 ri Q I .3512 FIRST YEAR CONTRACT Frank E. Haynes, Ir. VVilliam A, Heard, Jr. Robert L. Hoffman Albert O. Johnson Harry W. Jones Harry Lawson john E. Lilly, Jr. james C. Mackay, Jr. David Mayhank, jr. Joseph L. McClellan john VV. McNulty, Jr. Lasee O. Moseley, jr. Henry C. Mustin Victor M. Oney, jr. William C. Payne Marvin G. Perry Herbert Aaron Peters Curtis T. Phillips FIRST YEAR REGULAR james T. Holland, jr. Halsey R. jones, Jr. Felix P. Lockwood, Ir. DeWitt H. Loomis Robert H. MacCallum Roger A. Massey, Ir. James M. McMullin john D. Murff Daniel I-I. O'Brien Robert VV. Page Rust E. Reid Robert B. Phillips David VV. Place David V. Reese VVainwright Richardson Harvey D. Sanford Richard P. Schulze Alexander C. Schwartz, Jr Kenneth H. Sheldon, Jr. Robert V. Sims julian B, Space john S. Teunis Peter B. Thomas Howard M. Tucker Herman A. Turner Benjamin B. VVhite jesse R. Williams Ralph VVilliams, jr. Gordon R. Vvoody, jr. john Ritchie, IV Philip C. Ropp Dante A. Salvetti, Ir. Roy Shoults Edward R. Smith John H. Taylor, Jr. Lyman B. Townsend James T. VVaddill, III Thomas W. VVilliams, III Henry D. VVillis : is ' 5, - . Aff, e. 230 Maurice D, Alpert L. Carter Anderson Samuel H. Buckles, Ir. Horace VV. Burgess XVillis H. Carrier, II Don P. De Noon Bruce S. Fleming joseph VV. Harrison Thomas B. Hilton Robert J, Bowen Michael B. Clark Quentin A. Dewing Richard M. Marcks Thor H, Anderson Frederick VV. Armstrong Waller T. Blackwell john H. Brownley Thomas Y. Canby james A. Canter Thomas E. Donoho Ernest A. Duff SECOND YEAR REGULAR john B. Hurd Barry VV. Hutchings VVilliam M. Jefferies james D. Kitchin, III Gordon M. Krusen Benjamin E, Lewis, II Edward C. Melton, jr. Patrick E. Moran Robert F. Morriss Karl VV. O'Connor SECOND YEAR CONTRACT VValter G. Mellon Henry N. F. Minich Maynard C. Nicholl, Ir. Thomas B. Porter THIRD YEAR REGULAR Edward M. Fenn Robert F. Grove John Gusdonovich, -Ir. Albert L. Harlow john Hart Lawless Frederick -I. Lees Daniel N. Morrison julian K, Morrison Edward L. Paul THIRD YEAR CONTRACT Alexander I-I. Blankingship Charles C, Fleming, III VVilliam P. Boggess Emmett J. Boggs George F. Brasfield Edward M. Donohue ,lulian C. Dorman Marion S. Boyd, -Ir. Reuben H. Broaddus, -lr, Duncan Chaplin, III Fulton I'I. Creech, -Ir. WViley E. Cross, jr. Irvin H. Davis Stephen Decatur joseph H. De Noon Kendall K. Gaines Charles I. Garrett, jr. james M. Iloylman, jr. Robert E. Frolich Edward F. Hosinger, jr. Maximilian B. jones Meredith Leitch, III FOURTH YEAR REGULAR Robert M. Hughes, III james M. Jordon William B, Kerner VVilliam K. Kyle james E. Lehan Ray M. Lutz Leigh B. Middleditch, Ir. I-Ienry Moncure Alhert Hewitt Mumma VVilliam E. O'Malley, Ir. Thorburn Reid, III FOURTH YEAR CONTRACT Charles VVhitney Brown Brenton S. Halsey 2 31 Robert H. Pickard Harry R. Richard VVilliam M. Scaife Roderick D. Sinclair james T. Smith Robert S. Smith ,Iames R. Talbot, Ir. Richard VV. Verell Charles D. Emmons Percy T. Rittenhouse VVilliam S. Sheppard Louis R. Showalter, Ir. Robert L. Tanner Ronald Prezioso John E. Pyron Irwin Roth Richard G. Scheide Francis R. Short Ernest L. Smith, III Douglas B. Spears, Ir. NVilliam I.. Stiff VVirt P. Marks, III Virgil P. Randolph, III Thomas J. Smith, III Charles B. VValden, jr. Nicholas G. VVilson, III Edward E. Zehmer Robert A. Shaid Luther VV. Strickler, III David A. Thompson Robert M. Tucker, jr. Howard G. VVachenfeld VVilliam F. VVagner David M. VVakelee joseph P. R. lfVelty john I'I. VVillis, Jr. Paul F. VVinkles IIarold S. McConnell Lll'llfl'llU7lf Colo nfl . Cafzlnin ....... , . . Major ...,,..... lvlaslzv' Sz'rgfL'anl. . . l.i1'ulemml Colonrl .... Cammanflifzg Uflfrcr Exacuiifvc Ofcfr .... S-1, Hdjulani . . . ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF Transportation Corps .... P. KETCHAM .G. W. S. KUI-IN . . . . .L. VV. ALEXANDER DEVVHURST 1VIasler S ergra nt llflasl nr S ergna nf Sergeant ....... S crgfant ......, Corporal .................. .............. L . G. DRIVER Medical Corps .F. VV. REGNIER M astw' S ergca nt REGIMEN TAL STAFF .....G. A. MASTERSON ......L A. THOMPSON .. . . . . . .VV. H. DAVIDSON Sergranl Major ... S-3, Ojwralinns and Training .... . . . S-4, Supply .......... . . Public' Inforllmlion Ofjffcr. . . ...F. A. VINSON ....R. B. STOVE ..R. E. KELLER VV. O. JOHNSON .D. D. MASSEY ..R. C. JOYNER .J. R. KINDEL1. .....D. G. VVALKER F. L. EASTHAM J. T. Adams D. L. Allen J, W. Ames J. Bingler F. B. Blackmore T. Boardman J. P. Boggs T. Britton D. A. Bryant R. Carrioccio R, E. Carroll R. C. Clary J. J. Criek W, Cross XV. J. Cudlip R. H. Cushman L. S. Davey R. Mc. Davis R. L. Dean W. T, Dettor F. A. Devore G. M. Durant F. Durey D. M. Duvall, K. D. Euler M. H. Fine F. I. Fischel W. H. Florence A, A. Forbee D. T. Ford W. H. Foulk J. N. Fray H. C. Frumin P. Giannopolos R. L. Godine J. H. Goodrich K. B. Gore R. E, Gutt K. W. Hayes J. N. Hell R. W. Hess J. A. Hinckley A. T. Holmsen P. Hounshell J. A. Keefe G.WJGGW E. M. Dnight W. L. Kranz J. K. Kuser H, H. Laughlin L. G. Leslie J. B. Levert P. L. McClellan E, F. McKinney Nl. M. McNamara J, M. Maphis NV. D. Massey D. H. Miller M. P, Nliller R. I. Miller V. N. Miller C. L. Morris P. T. Nlorgan E. D. Nichols P. E. Peacock R. T. Reed R. E. Renfrew W, N. Reynolds L. A. Savage I-I. L. Scott N, Scott M. Sheffield T. B. Slade R, W, Snouffer E. F. Sommers H. E. Stevens R. B, Stokes J. D. Teller H. M. Turner J, H. Weckerlijg F. Wells S. M. Weiss R. Wfestheimer R. L. Xvrenn J. M. Young L. Alexander G, A. Bock L. N. Bortner A. S. Bowers T, E. Bowman C. M. Bress R. B, Britton R. L. Brown L. C. Camp O. I. Campbell J. S. Clardy E. Clark P. A. Cohen A. B. Cooke P. F. Cooke J. N. Crowder F. Cummings J. S. Dean J. E. Diaz R. L. Dabney W. K. Fernald J. H. Fields J. B. Flvthe P, B. Gregory L. G. Halkos J. I-lcon W. L. Hazen R. C. F, B. R. E. Heywood Holden Kelly M. Klavcn N. A, Klonis P. A. Kalvoord L, C. Lofon E, B. Lee G. Lewis J. T. Lyman G, W. McKee J. McKinney A. O. McLain R. P. Martin R. E. Mai-kwood E. R. Masser A, C. Matacia L. L. Mears G. Mehalicl: J. Middleton NV. S. Moore E, C. J- N. Moulds Novak D, M. Peebles B. A. Redding A. F. Robertson D. Rosenblnom T. C. J. A. T. C. Romaine Schwab Scott B. Silberman NV. D. Smiling W. K. Taft E. A. Tailman R. S. Tenley XV. C. Thacker H. P. Thomson G. W. Tinsley R. J. Tull F, Valentine C. E. Wfalclner H. H. Ware R. M. Wa:'ield H, A. Vfarlick YV. H. Wltiod R. L. Vfootls W. L. You1.g R. W. Andrews J. W. Avis H. R. Bacon T. P. Barrett R. D. Bearden R. G. Bellezza A. J. Berry ROSTER zu W R. E. Blanchard P. J. Bolton P. Brill C, E. Brown M. Budd G. B. Calder B. P. Chamberlin R. F, Cody J. R. Cohen B. H. Cook W. H. Dell G. E. Dorsel G. L. Dudley J. S. Dudley J, E. Dunn W. W, Elmendotf J. N. Faris R. M. Faris A. M, Frix W. G. Garner A. G, Gerosa T. C. Grier E. C. Haggerty V . C , Hanson I-1. A. Harlow J. P. Hoffman D. C, Hyde C. Jones R. Killeen JW. C. King W. o, Kelly C. F. Cambert J. S. Lawson F. I. Legnaioli W. Meanwell D. Northern J. T. Noyes H. D. Orville H. Pendleton O. A. Pollard E. C. Powell M. S, Pray D. Redfield J. Rephan L. A. Reinach H. S. Rubin W. D. Ryan T, F. Shannon C. H. Smith F, A. Steele S, KV. Steele M. D. Sroever G. H. Swope XV. A. Tuerkl J. V. Urnes T. B. Walder R. L. Walker R. Wallenborn J. R. Weatherly R. C. Webster J. M, Weinberg C. P. Werner F. C. Whiteley H. L. Aftel H. Agerton L. W, Alves P. C. Ausnir VY. Betancourt . J. Bonney W. Brewster H. J. Browne E. W. Cgey 'Xl - , F. Cook G. M. Connaughton XV. J. Evans R. W. Emery J. H. Fernald S. Frahen E. Gatewood K. N. Gill N. H. Conn G. K. Godwin G. S. Gray C. H. Harding H, P. Harrison A. D. Hart E. J. Harvie E. B. Heflin J. W. Hulfish P. Hutchinson S. M. Jones L. Kayan NV. G. Kienast V. Lavenstein S. M. Lee A. Leigh E. Loane D. Lobkawich R. G. Lutz R. MacGiIl R. D. Maris D. Maihlzir P. A. Miller R. D. Mooney' G. P. Moore T, Newboldt K. S. Peebles J. Pluenneke F. F. Reeder A. M. Rieger' W, L. Roberts R. V. Robertson A. A. Sack C. W. Smith R, L. Stevens J. J. Stover J. J. Saratron W. L. Tazewell R. S. Whitney F, W. Wfhitridge B. C. Wools R. C. Alley W. G. Baker G. T. Battle D. M. Byrd J. M. Berkley R. S. Brown H. L, Butler R. G. Cabell A. J. Carpenter D. S. Chase M. M. Class J. Conn R. Covington J. M. Davis L, B. Ditch H. A, Donovan H. M. Dunn XV. H. Farwell C. W, Gamble J. B. Gilbert P. S. Grant G. P. Green J. M, Guenther G. W. Hardy R. W. Hertzwig V. H. Hanson L, M. Hoffman F. Johnston J. A. Kelly D. Kenneweg C. M. Lobban E, H. Low S. C. Mason F. B. Newlin L. E. Noell E. J. Page J. L. Rlddeb R. R. Simmons S. Skendaris R. C. Smith F. R. Snyder J. F. Sturman W. Taliaferro R. C. Taylor T. S, Tate J. 'linklepaugh F. Toner D. Waterbury C. C. Waters K. C. Whittle R. W. Williams F. G. Barker K. L, Bezzle J. S. Braglon P. 54. Chichester E. H. Conway C.. Caplinger C, Darden P. S, Darden J. R. Dilworth J. P, Duval L. Diamondstein P. Eliades T. F. Ferguson F. H. Garner M. N. Gibson G. J, Giuliana D. C. Hannah R. T. Hensley C. H. Humphries H H. Hutchinson J. A. Jennings R. A. Jett J. A. Kaplen H. A. Knight J. A. Leach R. A. Lear A. L, Lehman R. J. Levin J. F. Louv E. Lowenberg L. Lundberg H. L. Mason G. Morrison F. M. Moyer A . E. Peterfly R. L. Potter R. B. Rohrback N. M. Rowan T. W. Scarf R. V. Schnabel L. E. Sutton T. O. Trotter L. Troxell , D. Tucker M. H. Varno G, B. Vest J. F. Walter G. W. Ward C. D. Whitmere W. C. Whitmore P. M. Zanet R, H. Aulebach W. T. Avis B. E. Barnett J, M. Bass J. P. Bowry J. P. Bretherton J. A ARMY F. E. Cauthorn B. Chapel L. G. Cockran J. D, Couig H. R. Croasdale P. Cunningham W. H. Davilson C. E. Deane S. M. Dillon B. M. Dorset L. H. Engleby W. C. Estes J. G. Firth L, Franklin R. W. Gambino F. C. Hamer R. M, Hammer C. F. Hileman T. W. Hix H. G. Hoak J. Hollingsworth H. E. Jacluon M, C. Jackson A. B. Jarden B. B. Johnson T, F. Johnston R, L. Kemper J. R. Kindell D. Luffman G. Masterson E. Mathews E. W. Michaels V. C. Mohl C, J. Mott E. Moulds W. F. Muller G. R. Nellis B, R. Nolan R. Nunlcy J. M. O'Hara C. D. Pittman J. S. Pixley J. A, Rorer T . B. Seale C. Smith F. F. Smith J. Stewart R. J. Stone C. Tarkenton D. Thomason J. G. Thompson R. C. Trimble E. C, Trout E. Umbergcr H. C. Wade D. G. Walker B. B. Johnson F. M. Archer J. G. Baker R. C. Barkley P. Baxter l. G. Benzie A. Over the top! ROTC fContinuedJ Nl. S. Bolton T. I.. Booker S. E. Burr J, E. Claakson R. T. Coughlan S. Crickenberger J. Dauksys L. Davis XV. C. Davis G, M. Durant F. L. Eastham L. P. Foster L. S. Freeman J. W, Grove J. C. Harlan R. C. Harvey P.. L, Haynes C. M. Hazen B. F. Henderson R. R. Hurt P. M. Johnson J. M. Kelly J. L. Knight W. Ladson E. J. Leech R, Lesperance R. A. Lyne H. L. McCoy XV, Marshall P. L. Meaders P. Merriwether A. K, Minter E. L. Mobley A. K. Mock W. H. Morgan L. W. Myers P. S. Peters J. Pflugfelder R. E. Puckett W. J. Reinhart R, H. Rhodes H. C. Schulz F. M. Sibley C. A. Smith G. A, Tribby T. D. Turner R. M. Valentine W. L. Viar F. L. Wickham R, J. Walker R. A. Wimbish XV. H. Albrecht C. G, Anderson T. F. Andrews E. D. Ardoin J. J. Baxter L. M. Bragg JV. L. Broaddus H R, Croasdale R. C. Doumar L. H, Engleby F. B. Ennis G. L. Everly A. J. Glorgalas J. S. Hamilton J, G. Hasslachet J. E. Hauser FI, R. Humphries D, H. LaMotte R. Levinson G. K, Moss E. C. Moulds J. L. Myers J. L. Rybolt G. Sanscrverinok F. Seliger R, Srraughan J. H. Taylor B. VJ, Tollefson C. Traurfelteh W. M. Vass S. W. Wagoner R. L. Wheeler W. H. Morgan F. Vinson J. W. Apperson R. L. Brock R. A. Caldwell F, A. Clark J. Crawford J. H. Davis R. C. Dawes J. Detrick A. Dumas P. L. Durk W. Fitzgerald L. G. Forbes W, J, Ford I. S. Fosnaugh C, M. Galier D. M. Garner J. T. Gillispie E. C. Hoelzer R. B. Johnson C. W. Kinzer C. H, Leib C. P, Lewis W. M. Lovell T, Pettigrew G. L. Platt N. Pritchett L. Pugh J. A. Rees A. M. Revisto G. K, Shepherd F, L. Spencer R. H. Stahlman J. Stephenson J. R, Stisher W. G. Taylor J. M. Tuck B. G. Van Kirk N. B, XVallace J, F.. Warwick 234 f l MEMBERS William B. Alderman ,Iohn R, Andrews Robert F. Behm Howard M. Besosa james D. Boggs Thomas L. Booker Alexander S. Bowers Ray D. Brock Henry I. Browne Donald S. Carpenter David V. Cedarquist Peyton M. Chichester, ,Ir Louis E. Childers, jr. XVilliam VV. Clarkson Fred E. Cookenour Craig M, Copper VVaverIy A. Cox VVilliam D. Darden Frank A. DeVore, Jr. John R. Ellison Robert VV. Ervin George A. Fenton, jr Fred D. Fishback James P. Fox Edward S. Fraher, jr. Robert H. Garbee Judson M. Gardner Robert F. Grove Dale C, Hamilton Robert W. Harvey jack T. Hatcher Kenneth VV. Hayes F. VVarren Haynie Cecil T. Holt VVillis B. Howell Jerrold R. Humphrey Paul M. Johnson Thomas B. Johnson Russell L. Jordan M. Ellsworth Kayhoe F. Louis Legnaioli Martin H. Mallory AMERICAN IN TIT TE 0F Richard I. Miller Albert K. Mock, Jr. James F. Molinelli Albert G. Mumma Thomas G. Murrell James P. Nartl Charles M. Nes, III Frank S. Noel Oscar E. Northen Michel M. Parlier james B. Payne VVilliam H. Qualls Paul C. Qnigg RCIIITECT Nelson C. Rancorn, Jr. Richard C. Reilly VVillard C. Rhodes Chris Slonaker Albert A. Tappe, Jr. Seymour M. Tatar Maurice I. Ullman James R. VValker Reginald R. VValters VVilliam NViese Henry V. VVinn Eldon F. Wood Eugene H. Zarling Charles C. Zender Back Row, left to right: R, Ullman, J. Kent, W. Milliner, D. Hamilton. Second Row: G, Fenton, E. Wood, F. Fish- back, W. Taylor, R. Grove, T. Johnson. Front Row: F. Devore, 1. Mumma, R. Reilly, R. Jordan. e 'Q A , p X X 1 1 E5E,,...,.:.- ,i v :.:, H , M- .:s:.:,, I ..: A i Q - I " ? .. Q f ' , 1, ,X : . 4, I -I Q ' , QI' gg, , ,fl " I., E: , M H I H I ,.,, . . . k in Q z 1--N J- W ' I In ' . ,Q ' ' '22 ' , ,z .:. :. .. ga ,k :.::: E , A X . I-. V I -. . 'f Y-JN ' V'-f f- ' . Q M, , :. u,. My ,s, ., A A V- -E: yr- . .,... . ' A 4 ,Eff . 5 -I XA 1' -"" 'Z:-::,. . H -':,.,:uI. I' K " .J ' 1 ii? V If 5 ff' ' if 3 Q25 ' 1-2 51f"LZ?f' ' ,M .1 . -.-. 5 l . - Y- 4 . J ,G .igfjpf - d., , .F - iii ' 1' 1, ' .. . ' 1:5 '. . ', k i H - ' - Q - 4. H55 7 ' ' W 3? ..-W A A ,, wry ,K 5 - X 1' 'k - ,. , Q , A , ,. A w v , , 4 x V , W N -' if ,I 1 . A A 9 R . -. , .Ya ,, V V 'cw , ,I 1 . Q Nw M Q ""9qff W Vw fm,- THE HONORARY SOCIETlES 1.1 PHI BETA ORON J. HALE ......... ARCHIBALD A. HILL T. P. Abernathy H. L. Alden Vincent W. Archer A. G. A. Balz james C. Bardin John S. Battle, Sr. jesse W. Beams jesses VV. Beeghley Arthur F. Benton Edwin M. Betts C. I. Bishko Freedson T, Bowers W. E. Bray R. E. Brown Joseph C. Carter, Ir. james R. Cash E. H. Cassell Harry Clemons George Cooper E. H. Copenhaver Martin B. Coyner, Ir. Colgate VV. Darden, Jr. A, K. Davis, jr. Hardy C. Dillard Powell G. Dillard A. M. Dobie G. O. Ferguson, jr. Harrison Fertig R. H. Feuille Frank VV. Finger Earl K. Fisher Thomas Fitzhugh Edwin E. Floyd Marion K. Fort R. C. Garlick, jr. Frank A. Geldard R. K. Gooch Armistead C. Gordon John S. Graves Francis VVilliam Barkley Stephan Berko Robert Perry Black Harris Cohen Isaac Ralph Cole, Ir. Irwin Benson Drucker Wlilliam Neil Dudley, jr. john Henry Funari KAPPA 0 ...TA -:Las 3 if . OFFICERS . . . . . . .Presfdelzt ARTHUR F. STOCKER . . . . . . ............. Viz'c'-Prcsidmzt JOHN C. VVYLLIE ...... . YVILLIAM H. MARSHALL ......................... llflarshall MEMBERS A. T. Gwathmey O. I. Hale E. C. Haley Charles F. Hamlin Lewis M. Hammond I, I-I. Harrison, Ir. James Hart H. S. Hedges A. L. Hench R. H. Henneman T. G. Hereford, jr. A. A. Hill L. G. Hoxton Robert H. Hurt E. C, Hutter T. Cary Johnson Marion Jeffries H. E. Jordan A. P. Kehlenbeck VV. A. Kepner E. A. Kincaid james E. Kindred E. Linwood Lehman Edwin P. Lehman Evey F. Lewis Eugene R. Long E, C. McClintock Alfred K. Mann Jeanne Masengill Bernard Mayo james S. Miller S. A. Mitchell L. G. Moffatt R. M. Musselman Charles P. Nash VVilbnr A. Nelson John L. Newcomb james S. Newman E. Oglesby M. B, Perry, Ir. Charles C. Reid F. D. G. Ribble John Ritchie Lawrence T. Royster A. B. Shepperson T. D. Shumate XV. R. Smithey T. R. Snavely Leland B. Snoddy C. C. Speidel G. VV. Spicer Emerson G. Spies G. T. Starnes A. F. Stocker Oscar Swineford C. Downing Tait YV. R. Thurlow Stephen D. Tuttle YV. P. Utermolilen Sylvia Vecellio Alexander Vyssotsky Emma T. Vyssotsky Lyttleton VVaddell Clyde H. VVard Fred VVassermau Stephen H, Watts Robert H. VVebl1 George VVeber VVilliam S. VVeedon YV. Carl VVhitlock Gordon T. VVhyburn David C. VVilson james S. VVilson E. B. VVinn Charles K. VVoltz F. T. VVood I. E. VVood T. B. VVoody INITIATES College of Arts ana' Sciences VVilliam Brent Gwyn Richard Bernard Henney John Courtenay Holladay Cyrus Henry Hoy Earl Robert johnson, Jr. Raymond Robert Killinger, Jr. Arthur Selden Lloyd, II VVilliam Hugh McFarlane VVilliam Herbert Morse James Wlorth Pence, Ir. Vernon Craydon Phelps George Louis Proctor Charles Edward Revilla Benjamin Pridernore Sewell Department of Graduate Studies James Luckin Bugg, Ir. Charles David Hounshell Edward Graham Roberts Francis Pendleton Gaines, jr. . . . .S1'crcIary- T rmsu1'1'r . . . . .. .Hislorizuz Harold R, Yarbro Charles VV. Yeager john H. Yoe G. B. Zehmer Ralph YValter Berrey VVilliam Bruce Black Benjamin Franklin Briggs, Jr. james Richard Burnes Stephen Cluskey Cromwell, jr. VVilliam Farnsworth Day, Jr. Richard Clayton Dinmore Louis Henry Keffer, Jr. James Henry Kampf Robert Alfred Kilmarx David Benson Kruger Alvin Margolius, Jr. Dan Alfred Miller john jennett Neal, jr. Vililloughby Newton Ernest Harrison O'Bannon, Jr. Robert Earl Offenbacker Frank Henri Parlier Malcolm Lee Rosenblatt Roderic Lee Simmons George Holmes Thigpen Charles Perkins Thornton Richard Allen VViant Bernie Zerkel, Ir. Alexander VVard Allison VVilliam Hunter Lneke Morley Mays Carl Clinton Sartain Philip Hortenstine Ropp Samuel L. Meyer john Cook VVyllie Charles Alfred Sletton James Blair Spillman, Il Paul Curry Steele George Wlilliam Gustav Stoner james Francis Tomlinson Rollin Crawford VVilcox, Jr. Edward Cutrer Smith Douglas Veuable Faculty Alumni jack Preston Dalton Thomas Duckelt jones OFFICERS CHARLES KERR, In .,.............. ........ P fmrfr-nf CLAYTON D. SPANGENHERG, JR. .... . . .,'yif'l'-PI'l'.fidFllf FRED C. MCCORMICK ............................ Sz'r'rr'lary BEVERLY S. MAITCK ............,.. Corr'r'.vpomli11g Srrcwtzzry PROF. CHARLES HENDERSON .................. Trraslzrrr ROBERT A. BROVVN, JR. ......... .... . '1J5iA'llllIl TI'FlI5llI'l'l' VVM. F. CUDDIHY ............. .......... C alnlogzrrr T A BETA Pl l Gordon K. Carter Avery Catlin Huntingdon XV, Curtis Gaston G. Fornes Robert A. Brown, Jr. Hulwert K. Burke mVVilli:xm F. Cuddihy Jack H. Dillard Peter G, Frischmann George S. Howard First Row, left tc right: Robert A. Brown, jr., Edward J, Szczf.-bak, Fred C. McCor mick, Charles Kerr, III. Clayton D, Spangenberg. Jr.. Hill Montague, III, Edward M Jones. St-cond Row: Smithey C, King, Jr., Donald L. Reid, Arthur W. Jenkins, Wnm . K, Kyle, George V. Ol-ds, George H. Morse, Edward L. Paul, XVilliam F. Cuddihy Robert R. Plumphris, Beverly S. Nlauk. FACULTY MEMBERS Charles Henderson Raymond Hunt Arthur S. MacConochie Emerson VV. Smith Otis L. Upclike, jr. Frank VV. VVheeler James S. Miller, Jr. Frederick T. Morse Lawrence R. Quarles STUDENT MEMBERS Robert R. Humphris Arthur VV. Jenkins Raymond O. Johnson Edward M, jones, Jr. Charles Kerr, III Smithey C. King, Jr. VVilliam K. Kyle Tau Beta Pi, the National Honorary Engineering Frater- nity, was founded at Lehigh University in 1885 to afford technical students equal opportunity for recognition and Donald L, Reid Irwin Roth Clayton D. Spangenberg, Ir. Edward J. Szczebak f5YVilliam H. Collins Charles E. Cox George P. MCCasl:1nd Fred C. McCormick Beverly S. Mauck Hill Montague, III George H. Morse George V. Olds Edward L. Paul honoring high scholastic attainment and fine character as was provided students of the liberal arts by Phi Beta Kappa. The Virginia Chapter was established in 1921. FAC LTY ADMI I TRATIVE TAFF Prof. Harold L. Alden Dr. Vincent VV. Archer Prof. A. G. A. Balz Mr. john S. Battle, jr. Mr. j. C. Bardin Dr. j. VV. Beams Dr. Thomas C. Bell Francis L. Berkeley, jr. Prof. E. M. Betts Prof, Charles julian Bishko Dr. A. P. Booker Prof. T. Munford Boyd Dr. VV. E. Bray Prof. G. K. Carter G. L. Carter Dr. I. R. Cash Mr. Avery Catlin Dr. I-larry Clemons Dr. George Cooper, jr. jack Dalton judge A. M. Dohie Pres. Colgate VV. Darden Dr. A. K. Davis, jr. Prof. Hardy C, Dillard Francis j. Duke Dr, Thomas S. Edwards Dean G. O. Ferguson, jr. Dr. Frank VV. Finger R. C. Garlick, jr. Dr. VVilson Gee Prof. Frank A. Geldard Prof, R. K. Gooch Allan T. Gwathmey Mr. O. F. Carter, jr. Robert Hill Carter Mr. Roberts Coles, jr. Mr. E. H. Copenhaver judge A .D. Dabney Dr. S, H. Diggs Prof. O. j. Hale Adm. VVilliam F. Halsey, jr Dean Lewis M. Hammond Dr. A. clej. Hart Prof. james Hart Prof. A. L. Hench Dean Charles Henderson A. A. Hill Prof. T. C. johnson C. H. Kauffmann F. S. Kaulhack, jr. Dr. E. A. Kincaid Dr. j. E. Kindred Dr. Byrd S, Leavell Dr. Linwood Lehman Edwin P. Lehman Dean I. F. Lewis Dr. Preston B. Lowrance j. Malcolm Luck Prof. R. E. Lutz A. F. MacConochie Prof. li. C, McClintock, jr. Dr. Edward james McShane Dr. Karl F. Menk T. j. Michie Prof. j. S. Miller, jr. Prof. F. T. Morse Dr. C, B. Morton Dr. H. B. Mulholland R. M. Musselman Prof. Charles P. Nash, jr. john L. Newcomb Dr. Dan S. Norton ALUMNI Mr. jesse F, Griffith C. S. Ashby Henry VV. Preston Lane Gen. E. R. VV. McCabe Mr. C. Venable Minor 240 Dr. E. j. Ogleshy Dr. Charles C. Pearson Mr. Marvin B. Perry, jr. Dr. L. R. Quarles Kenneth R. Redden Dean F. D. G. Ribble Prof. john Richie, HI Prof. K. Roberts Dr. B. F. D. Runk Edward M. Selfe, jr. Dean E. VV. Saunders A. B. Shepperson Prof. Emerson Smith Prof. T. R. Snavely Dr. C. C. Speidel Prof. G, VV. Spicer Dr. Oscar Swineford, jr. Dr. William N. Thornton, jr. Prof. C. VV. Underwood, jr. Prof. 0. L. Updilce, jl'. Dr. j, I.. Vaughan Dr. VV. VV. Vifaddell, jr. Prof. R. H. Vvehb Prof. VVilliam S. VVeedon Mr. Fontaine A. VVells Prof. YV. H. VVhite, jr. Prof. D. C. VVilson Charles K. Vvoltz Dr. j. li. Wfood, jr. Dr. Fletcher D. XVoodward Prof. T. Braxton VVomly john C. Vllyllie Dean G. li. Zehmcr judge L. F. Smith Dr. james P, C. Southall Mr. Knox Turnbull Mr. Lyttleton VVaddell Dr. Stephen H. VVatts Col. jennins C. Wise JOSEPH C. CARTER ALAN S. GAYNUR Staige Blackford Henry G. Blosser VVilliam Colmery Marshall Bohannon VV. Hunter deliutts, Jr. VVilliam Nevin Chalfant Thomas Fitz-Hugh Evans M. Cardwell Butler Joseph C. Carter E. Peabody Davison Mark P. Friedlander Lloyd Rex Gatten Alan S. Gaynor Frank N. Bilisoly, Ill Paul S. Derian Robert D. Gardner VVarren C. Gregory Ivan T. Burnley, vlr. Avery Catlin VVm, Fillmore Curldihy Emmett Harvey Anderson, Jr I. B. Cauthen, Jr. Grady VVayne Clark Edmund P. Dandridge, -Ir. Lewis Allen Foster HAVE 0Cl OFFICERS ....I'l'4'5fJf'1ll LLOYD REX GATTEN . .. Srlnlaly l'ir'1'-l'I'1'JfJf'lll VVlLl,iAlVl F. CUDDI1-l Y . . . . lil lil Hll fl COLLEGE llugh jay Fagan Peter bloannides VVilliam Long Harrison L. McCoy Henry Moncure, Jr. Alfred D, Morris -lames L. Myers LAW Clarence F. Hicks jack P. Jeffries Edgar A. jones, Ir. Arnold li. Lefkovits I.. Kent Mclilwain Stanley lvlagenheimer MEDICINE Robert ll. Gruver james M. Hutcheson, jr. David li. Kruger James D. Mason john -I. Neal, Jr. ENGINEERING Beverly S. Mauck Hill Montague, IH GRADUATE XVilliam N. Gaines, Ir. lvilliam D. Garvey Vllilliam H. McFarlane Roluert james Morgan 241 Blaine Phillips Charles VV. Sheerin Virgil P. Randolph, IH Henry N. Taylor Frank Turner Samuel VVisc Thomas V. Monahan VVilliam N, Pierce Henry K. Slieele D. French Slaughter Roliert M. NVilliams Benjamin P. Riley, jr. Edmund H. Rucker, Ir. Charles H. Sackett Vililliam P. Vllharton Charles Kerr, HI Dudley VV. Pennington, vl r. VVesley E. Pace Edwin VV. Pullen Lennox B. Turnbull, IH Lawrence H. Chewing, jr THE ETY 0MlCRO DELT KAPPA VVILLIAM H. MCFARLANE Nat Adamson McLemore Birdsong Harry Clemons Hardy C. Dillard Frank VV. Finger Richard R. Fletcher Lewis M. Hammond Frank L. Hereford, -I r. Charles H. Kauffmann Ivey F. Lewis E. C. McClintock Joseph C. Carter, Jr. Irby B. Canthen, Jr. Robert P. Englander Thomas S, Lodge XVilliam ll. McFarlane Br mrsn ks Monroe VVilliam N. Pierce WVilliam L. Shapero Alan S. Gaynor Robert H. Gruver Lilburn T. Talley Henry N. Taylor AZ! OFFICERS . . . ................... I'1'a.ridf'1zl ALAN S, GAYNOR . . . E. M. VVILLIAMS ......... , . . ..... SL'c'r1rl1u'y-TrL'1ulu'w' FACULTY AND ADMINIMSTRATION Charles VV. Merritt J. L. Newcomb I, H. Newman Daniel S. Norton Norton G. Pritchett Kenneth P. Redden F. D. G. Ribble John Ritchie, lll Edward M. Selfe, -Ir. E. R. Slaughter STUDENTS Eugene VV. Schroeder VVilliam A. Forrest George H. Morse Frank S. Goodman Endicott P. Davison Etlgar A. jones, jr. Charles Kerr, lll Frank N. Biliosoly Thomas F, Evans Fred N. Cohner Meade C. Edmunds Stirling Lipscomb 242 joseph L. Vaughn VVilliam S. VVeedon VVilliam H. VVhite, jr. E. M. VVilliams T. Braxton VVoody Oscar H. VVooldridge, jr. VVilliam H. WVranek, Jr. john C. VVylie Albert T. York Knox Turnbull Marvin B. Perry, jr. D. French Slaughter, jr. VV. Hunter Deliutts, jr. Robert O. Hyde Grover A. Masterson Decatur J. lloleomhe, III VVilliam 'l'. Tucker james D. Mason james R. McDowell Charles l-I. Sackett Russell DeVV. Thomas joseph McCary Russell B. Pace, jr. l'irr-I'1'1'.firlc1zI John E. Reitz Phi Delta PRINCE B. VVOODARD ... THOMAS J. RANDOLPH .. John H. Barnes Robert H. Barr Thomas F. Beddow Allen J. Berry W. Leslie Bobbitt Earl R. Boggs Ben G. Bosworth Alden L. Carlson J. B, Chase Edward P. Childs Douglas R. Copeland Charles L. Costello Burton F. Alexander Edward Alvey, Jr. VVilliam H. Armentrout Thomas E. Baines James VV. Barksdale H. E. Barron James H. Bash Paul E. Behrens Cecil A. Belcher M. Harold Bell Albert L. Bennett James R. Beverly Hugh L. Blanton Donald R. Boger Jack H. Boger O. T. Bonner A. Brooks Booker Robert Bowling Donald P. Boyer J. J. Brewbakel' E. J. Brightwell S. S. Britt, Jr. Earl Benton Broadwater VViIliam VV. Brock, Jr. Henry B. Brockwell A. Gordon Brooks Frederick F. Brown N. Howard Bryant J. L. Blair Buck F. A. Burruss Albert B. Camper Hugh K. Cassell M. L. Carper Charles P. Carden VVilliam G. Coleman Richard D. Cantrell Adison G. Cummings David H. Charles, Jr. Frances S. Chase ef P ll I , f. I A if " v ..'5,.-r Il Kappa is a professional education fraternity which is devoted to research, leadership, and service in the Held of public education. OFFICERS . . . . . .President ROBERT H. BARR . . . . . . .Corrrsjnomiirzy Serrelary-Tnfasurm' . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Ifire-Prcridefzt HENRY A. GOFF ... ... . .. . .Recording Scrrelary FREDERICK T. NEELY .... ................... P 1iJl0l'ilIIl LOCAL MEMBERS U. VV. Leavell VV. J. DeLong, Jr. James VV. Estes Richard R. Fletcher J. Paul' Glick Henry A. Goff Paul I-Iounshell Ben F. Hurt Artley O. Hutton James V. Hutton A. M, Jarman John L. Lancaster F. G. Lankford, Jr. Robert Maidment John L. Manahan VVillard D. Manby Richard A. Meade N. VV. Morris S. Clark Morgan F. T. Neely W, I. Nickels, Jr. Charles M. Pace, Jr. Charles H. Patterson, Jr. Thomas J. Randolph OTHER MEMBERS Thomas A. Conlon Charles H. Conner VValter E. Campbell Edwin VV. Chittum Benjamin T. Cullen, Jr. J. B. M. Carter VVillmore M. Dameron, Jr. Alvin D. Dellinger John R. Dickey Charles VV. Dickinson Cyrus H. Doub VVilliam D. Dove William R. Dudenhausen R. Watson Durham Alfred K. Eagle Douglas C. Eley C. Patrick Ely Frank M. Everett Byron M. Flory Paul S. Flynn John Joseph Fray Forrest L. Frazier Tyler Fulcher VVilliam R. Gaines Quincy D. Gasque Turnbull Gillette Rufus Claude Graham Henry C. Graybeal Reuben P. Greene, Jr. Alonzo B. Hagzl VVilliam VV. Halligan, Jr. E. Kyle Hammond Clarence R. Hamrick Joseph N. Harker, Jr. Phillip H. Hasselvander Richard Haydon Fred Helsnbeck James E. Henry J. Frank Hillyard 243 George M. Hodge VValter L. Hodnett Samuel M. Holton VVilliam S. Hoofnagle E. Carle Hoover Dowell J. Howard H. A. Humphreys Robert C. Jennings Henry S. Johnson Jacob Lee Johnson A. Carter Jones J. Jackson Kelly, Jr. Daniel M. Kelso Homer M. Kline F. W. Kling, Jr. Dabney S. Lancaster Stanley J, Lewis C. Alton Lindsay Garland R. Lively Robert R. Marks J. Leonard Mauck Vearl G. McBride James W. McCleary George McIntosh John D. Meade J. Winston Milam Clarence VV. Miller G. Tyler Miller Riley B. Montgomery E. VVilson Morrison Robert R. Neely Robert Olive Nelson George J. Oliver Edward F. Overton John L. Palmer Sterling H. Perkinson R. VVorth Peters James A. Peterson Calvin H. Phippins Howard R. Richardson John A. Rorer VViIliam R. Smithery Lindley J. Stiles Malcolm R. Sydnor Warren L. Soden Hugh L. Sulfridge Robert E. Swindler H. H, VValker Charles VV. VVeisiger Prince B. VVoodward Gordon R. Pilson R. J. Poindexter VVilliam M. Pritchett VV. M. E. Rachel George M. Rains Burt C. Rhudy Branch K. Rives Edwin Haney Robbins Marshall Robinson Bernard Roesen Jesse S. Russell Matthew C, Ryan, Jr. Chester C. Shelburne Theodore R. Sinclair VVilliam L. Smith, Jr. Collin E. Smither VVilliam I. Spahr Border L. Stanley Maurice H. Stein Earl W. Straw, Jr. M. P. Strickler Floyd F. Swertfeger H. VVilson Thorpe VVoodie L. Tucker Jos. B. VanPelt O. VV. Wlake E. F. VValton David B. VVebb John E. VVeldon C. Hart VVesthrook VVoodrow VV. VVilkerso Edwin E. VVill H. I. VViIlett Leonard E. VVilliams Alfred I. Vllingo Lawrence A. Wood VVm. E, VVright Fred Orr VVygal II PHI ET VVILLIAM R. EDVVARDS . .4 . 'L I HUNTER A PIINIDLETC ROBERT S. SMITH .... VV. HAROLD BIIRGESS President Colgate VV. Roller B. Bailey I. David Bornstein Eugene B. Bruns James A. Canter VVilliam N. Adams Colgate VV. Darden, III Frederick G. Groh Donald L. Bowers Reuben H. Broaddus, Jr. Charles VV. Brown VVilson M. Carruthers Samuel N. Clifton Thomas F. Evans Hugh J. Fagan VVyatt H. Gantt A I G NIA I H . 'r OFFICERS ...... . . . . . . . .I'n'.sir1ml RODERICK D. SINCLAIR ... N . . . .... lf'ir'r'-Pre.vidf11l ROBERT R. HUMPHRIES . . . ..... .......Sfcr4'f11ry MARVIN B. PERRY .. . . . . . . . . TI'6'Il5ll7'L'l' HENRY L. KINNIER . . . . . FACULTY Darden, ,I r. john A. Carter David V. Cedarquist Derwood S. Chase joseph E. Coleman Jacob B. Haun Barry VV. Hutchings Charles VV. Melton VVilliam R. Harlan, jr, Stanley L. Harris Murray M. Hansner Cyrus II. Hoy Robert R. Humphries Edward I.. Ivey Peter ,Ioannides Earl R. johnson, Jr. Dean Ivey F. Lewis Dean George O. Ferguson, Jr. COLLEGE Robert V. Coleman Wlilliam H. Dancy Fred VV. Dixon Robert I-I. Dodd ENGINEERS Howard H, Newlon Percy T. Rittenhouse Richard VV. Verell INACTIVES Howard B. Johnson Charles VV. Jones, Ir. Charles Kerr, III Leavie E. Lee, jr. John A. Llewellyn Stanley QI. Mahenheimer George P. McCasland Fred C. McCormick Phi Eta Sigma, a national honor society for first year students, was founded at the University of Illinois on March 22, 1923, to en- courage and reward high scholastic attainment among the members Dean Ed VV. Minor Gilliam VValler H. Horsley W. Mack Jenkins James D. Kitchin R. H. Downing Bruce S. Fleming Patrick E. Moran Harrison L. McCoy VVilliam H. Morgan XVilliam T. Nichols Edward L. Paul XVIII' Jacob A. Rendleman, jr. john R. Roberson Charles E. Revilla Edward D. Rockey, Jr. of the first year class. The Ifnive stalled on November 4, 1948. ........I-Iisforian . . .Sludenl fld-visor . . . . .Fafully .'Idfvi.t0r . . .Fafuliy .tldfvisar d VV. Saunders Gordon M. Krusen Benjamin H. Puhlos Harold Quayle Bruce B. VanKirk Ceilous L. VVilliams VVilliam G. Hamm james I. Masloff VValter G. Mellon VVilliam H. Schremp Irving Seidman Charles F. Smith George VV. Stafford Leanard R. Stern Beryl C, Stickley Richard P. Tillack Robert M. Tucker, jr. Frank G. Turner rsity of Virginia Chapter was 1n Q44 . -1-u:o4n-s-1 .....-..i..1.. .1--nan-zu CURT B AZEMORE Rex Garten Mark Friedlandcr Marv Lesser Clyde Morris Bill Baylor John Mumford Grilf Burnett Alan Gaynor Charlie Young Ralph Cole Chuck Jones Harry Dangllerty Pl DELTA EP no TRIP REID Ed Szczehak Staige Blackf fmr' Ll Bob Hyde Harry Taylor Bert Nachman Skip Forrest Frank Turner Rosco Puckett Herb jackson jmck Louv Jerry Isezlr Bill XVilson OFFICERS .PI't'5il11'llf GEORGE OSSMAN ....... . . . . . . . . .Scfrrlary-Trca51u'z'r MEMBERS Art Kavanagh Dun VVexler Hubert Kleinpeter Malcolm Underwood Stn Glichrist Lew Hager john Legg Charlie Kerr Hunter Pendleton Fred Eastham Charlie Harper Chuck Molster ...I Stan Miller Bill Lidclle Bob Dorsey Joe Monohnn Tom Monohnn Shewood Cadwell jack Kegley George Stack Ray Mitchell Charles Penney Herbert Hoffman First Row, left to right: Ralph Cole, Trip Reid, Curr Bazemore. George Ossman, Jack Lauv. Second Row: Marvin Lesser, Flip Hicks, Ed Szczebak, Charlie Young Roecoe Puckett, Skip Forrest. Third Row: Bill Baylor, John Nlunford, Chuck Jones, Harry' Daugherty, Bob Hyde, I-larry Taylor. 245 DELTA D. Clark Hyde Frederick YV. Armstrong P. Bruce Bass John J. Baxter James G. Beale Donald C. Beaumont Howard VV. Bowen Charles M. Buchanan john J. Burke Robert Emmett Carroll, ,Ir james L. Coffman Charles H. DeVoto, Jr. Ernest C. Dickens, jr. IGMA PI Charles H. Knulfmann David B. Moyer MEMBERS Shayne M. Dillon Robert L. Eacho Douglas R. Eitel Plato G. Eliades VVilliam E. Fredwell Donald B. Freggens J. Gilbert Firth Alex S. Hamilton, Jr. John L. Harbeck, jr, Jack G. Hardy Charles H. Harper, Ir. Gordon M. Krusen Charles S. Kilby, jr. Frederick B. jones J. Malcolm Luck, jr. E. Morgan Maxwell Charles C. Miller Thomas G. Mistead, jr. George R. Nellis Eugene M, Nuckols, Jr. Roby H. Patrick, Jr. VValter B. Plaine, Jr. Robert C. Pool Jack W. Powell Charles B. Raynor John VV. Scruggs Robert F. Silver Aubrey N. Snellings Gustav H. Stalling, III Henry C. P. Steger Bobby E. Taylor Gilbert A. Tribby, jr, john W. Via, Jr. David G. VValker Charles M. VVard John A. Vvarwick Robert I. VVheeler, -Ir. Alpha Xi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity in commerce and economics, was founded at the University of Virginia in 1925. The Chapter was forced to go inactive during the depression of the early 1930's, but in January, 1950, it was reactivated. First Row. left ro right: Don Freggens, Jim Beale. D, G. Walker, D. R. Eitel, C. H. DeVoto, Jr.. ,lack Hardy. Second Row: Bob Taylor. C. C. Miller, I, WA Scruggx, F. B, Jones, W. Powell, Bill Fretwcll, Mort Gaight, R. H. Vatriclc, Robert C. Pool, Burke. Third Row: W. Via, Jr., E, C. Dickens, C. S. Killoy, Jr., Bob Eacho, Jim Coffman, Plato Eliades, Gus Stalllng, Walter Plaine, Aubrey Snellings, Robert F. Silver. Fourth Row: jack Wfarwiclc, Eugene Nuckols, Mac Luck, Jr., Pere Sreger, Gilbert A. Tribby, Jr., P, Bruce Bass, jr., Jeff Baxter, Buck Krusen, Tom Milsceacl. Fifth Row: Lloyd Harbeclc, Morgan Maxwell, Charles Raynor, George Nellis, Charles Harper, Donald C. Beaumont. C .37 lumen ,. -swag, ' aaa V - , .Wea .. ofa , -- M " fm-aw. raaapi- 'Y-.-f-- -- ne.--1 246 DAN MYERS ........ BERNARD CHAPEL .... .,.. . Bon VVHEELER ...... JACK BURK ....... LLOYD FOSTER . .. Sam Crickenberger Bernard Chapel John Burke Dewitt T. Brooks Sam Burr Howard Bowen Bernard Borski VVilliam M. Berry Allin P. Baxter DELTA NU ALPHA OFFICERS Spring Fall . . . . . .Pf'1'.vid4'lll DEVVIPIVL BROOKS . . . . . . .I'ir'c-l'r-vsiflrzzt JIM EADES ....... . . . ... . .S1'1'r'r!ary BUD BORSKI .......... ... . . . . . . . . . . . .Sf'z'rr'lar'y MANNY MICHEALS . .. ...................Trn1.vurm' BEN HOFFMAN DR. ALLEN R. FERGUSON .................. Fafully .-Idfvisor MEMBERS YV:llter Danewood Shazne M. Dillon James L. Erldes Lloyd P, Foster john N. Fray Donald Freggens Milvin I. Feldman Gaylord K. Godwin Buck Hezwood University of Virginia Chapter, Founded, 1948: The purpose of Delta Nu Alpha Transportation Prater nity is multiple in promoting a greater lcnowledge of traf- fic and transportation among its members, fostering and fa John Houser Benjamin Hoffman John R. Kindell Robert Levinson Harrison L. McCoy VVilliam Muller, jr. Daniel Myers Emanuel VV. Michaels Bill O'Malley . . . . . . . .Pl'l'A'illK7lli . , . .l"ife-Prcsidmzl . . . . .Sccrrlary . . . . .Safrflary . . . , Tr1'a.mrm' VVilliam O'Gden Ralph Pritts Ralph Stone Robert M. Straughan Ben S. Sargeant Julian G. Thompson Hunter P. Lapscott Robert I. VVheeler cilitating the exchange of information, experience and ideas, and to encourage young men of ability to enter and remain in the field of transportation and traffic manage- ment as a life career. First Row, left to right: Ben Hoffman, Jim Eades, Dewitt Brooks, Emanuel Miclmaels, Second Row: Henry Shultz. Bruce Nlanwarren, Casey Jones, John Fray, Third Row: Robert Straughan, john Hauser, Barclay Dorset, Gaylord Goodwin, Julian Clough, Fred Hamer. -4--1-.V-.4 K,- W. QU 247 ALP HA KAPPA Mr. J. M. Barr, III Mr, M. A. Al. Barlow Dr. XVilson Gee C. FLIP IIICKS ........ ICDVVARD II. DIZIETS John R. Sims Carter E. Melntosh Robert P. Black Joseph E. Lehan Robert Baxter VVilliam N. Chalfan James Bickley Hugh VVest Bernard E. Borski Ralph E. Vllegener John P. Bretherton Robert Lesperance I FACULTY Mr. F. S. Kaulhack Dr. E. A. Kincaid Dr. R. F. Mikesell Dr. T. R. Snavely OFFICERS IIARVIZY W, WARD ................1f'i,-If-lemidfnf LEROY Pruis ..,........ A. Comix' SHACKLEFORD .....,.,...,.... nmrfr of Riluals MEMBERS Duncan D. Chaplin C. E. Leonard William G. Colmery XValter Damewood Sam VV. Crickenberger Gordon VVebster Joseph DeNoon Thomas Bouchier Harry Dye Tim Corneli K. Keith Gaines J. VV. Geissal E. Lew Hansen Edward Hosinger J. Allan Hollingsworth J. A. Canter E. C. Hostettler Richard Hegamaster Max C. Kennedy John Hixon Donald Lamont XVallace M. Davies Charles B. Molster, J r. R. K. Borman Dr. G. T. Starnes Dr. D. MCC. VVright . . . ..S'r-rrelziry . . . Trz'a.s'urzrr Tom Parry Allan XNYITHITISII James S. Vllood Gene Schroeder James A. Harper, J r. James H. Scott Larry Davis Iirnest F. Sommer Kenneth L. Stultz David M. Yvakelee VVilliam C. Yowell Alpha Kappa Psi, the first Professional fraternity in University. The Alpha Gamma Chapter was chartered at commerce, was founded October 5, 1904 at New York the University of Virginia in 1922. First Row, left to right: Corky Shackleford, Roy Pyles, Dr, Snavely, Dr. Barlow, Dr. Starnes, Flip Hicks, Ed Deets, Harvey Vfard. Second Row: John Sims, Wally Davies, Jim Har er, Max Kenned , Lew H se Estl H t tl , K. K. G ' K S I T P . Th' Cl R : B In Le' H h XV D XV kl T' p y an n, e oset er aines, en tu tz, nm erry ir ow o sperance, ug est, ave a eee, im Corncli, Jim Scott, Jim Bickley, Bill Colmery, Bah Bnrman, Jim Center. Fourth Row: Dune Chaplin, Bob Black, Joe DeNoon, Toby Dye, Jim Wood, Don Lamont, Gordon Webster, Bud Borski, Walter Damewood, Gene Mclntosh. Fifth Row: Al Hollingsworth, Ralph Wagner, Bill Chalfant, John Anderson, Bob Baxter, Chuck Molster, Sam Crickenberger. 248 XVilliam Bruce Black Albert A. Cnpizzauo Thomas F. Evans Frank S. Fountain Ray M. llnmmer Wlilliam R. l'l:irl:1n, jr. llenry I.. llughes Charles XV. Jones Iiclwnrcl M. jones Ralph li. May lJllVlll L. Merrill llcnry Moncure ALPHA CHI IG MEMBERS Leslie R. lowers I Jacob Rencllemztn Luther F. Rice Unis S. Rinnca Richard M. Rush Robert I.. Sigmon Clayton D. Spangenberg Gus K. Tebell, Jr. Paul A. Telihzl Richard Thornber Robert M. Tucker VVilliam F. VVagner MA In 1922 the Alpha Kappa Chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma as chartered to high scholarship, character, and serious- ess of purpose in students specializing in chemistry engi- eering. Among the regular activities of the local chapter re the annual Alpha Chi Sigma lecture, the award of a Daniel Wlellford membership in the American Chemical Society to the out- standing student in chemistry or chemical engineering, and general assistance to the faculty in the conduct of official functions, irst Row, left to right: Jack Rinaca, Henry Moncuru, Dick Rush, Ed jones, Dick Thornber, Bill Wagner, Chuck Jones. Second Row: Luther Rice, Ralph May, Dave Merrill, Ray Hammer, Paul Tcliha, Al Cnpizzano, Jake Rcndleman, Third Row: Henry Hughes, Tom Evans, Bob Fichcr, l .--....:ac.a.,-J f,.c, 1 . -25: r 3 5 , HH, nu H if i 249 'llf CARAB FRATER ITY OFFICERS WALTER T. MILLINER . . . .... PP'l'.fi!ll'7ll GUY P. GILLIAM . .. .... S1'fr1'Iary VVILLIAM VVIESE, II . .. ..... lfift'-PfL'5frlc'7ll THOMAS JOHNSON . .. .. .TrL'115urUr MEMBERS Frank S. Noel Albert G. Mummn, jr. Russell L. Jordon Frank A. DeVore, jr. Clyde E. McClintock Albert A. Tappe, jr. Scarab is a national professional fraternity in the Archi- tectural School. The organization is designed to bring to- gether a small group of students who, among other activ- Front Row, left to right: R. Bebm, J. Nlumma, XV, Nlillincr, T. ,loliuson . Back Row: W, Dzxrdcn, VViIli:1rn D. Darden Charles Zehncler Fred D. Fislrbnck Dnvitl VV. Ceclarquist Robert F. Behm iites, give impetus to various programs in the school such as lectures, exhibits, and competitions open to the students. C, lVlcClinroclc, G. Gilliam, R. Jordan. A x il is iv' :DEP Q-nn' 250 'S V. - -i.-.----.i, .,...,....--.-.... CPIAOIQ HATPIZ Q GJEOE J , gy S tlAECQ0LlI'll'llZl'llNlS5ElllVABlT JEFFERSON ,, SOCIETY 18 6 25 Originally organized as a debating society, changing one of a general discussion group, a capacity in which the OFFICERS Fall Term Spring Term VVILLIAM XN. ROWVAN, III ........ Presidenl JOHN J. LOFLIN, JR. ................ ........ P residmt JOHN LOFLIN, JR. ..... . . .Vif1'-PrL'.vid1'n! FREDERICK L. EASTIIAIVI ........ .... I fire-President SAMUEL GOLDHERG . . . ....... Sarrftary MARION E. HARRISON, II .... ....... S errelary ROSCOE PUCKETT, -IR. . . ......,.... TI'f'tlJIll'FI' JAMES BEALE .............. .... T I'6'IU1U'I'I' Neil Herbert Alford, ,Ir Colgate VV. Darden, jr Arthur K. Davis, jr. James Hart Arthur M. Jarman james Beale Staige D. Blackford Robert Coe D. Robert Copeland Frederick L. Eastham John Fletcher Alfred Gerosn Joseph Gibson Samuel Goldberg FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATION Thomas Cary Johnson Edwin Clare McClintock Robert Metcalf Musselman Frederick D. G. Ribble John Ritchie, III Oscar YV. Underwood, Jr. Joseph L. Vaughn Wlilliam S. VVeeden MEMBERS Lawrence Gibson John Gusdonovitch Jack Hardy Charles Harper Marion E. Harrison, II Herbert Hess john J. Loflin, Ir. Harrison McCoy james XV. Pence, jr. Hunter Pendleton, Jr. Roscoe Puckett, Jr. Roy Pyles Virgil P. Randolph, III Thorhurn Reid Nvilliam XV. Rowan, Ill VVarren Keith Salisbury Joseph Sezar Lawrence Smith times necessitated a transition from this classification to Jefferson Society continues today. David C. VVilson james S. WVilson james E. VVood, Jr. Thaddeus B. VVoody Robert S. Smith Frank Strauss Robert Strong Richard E. Viar Vllilliam VVagner David VValker john VVatkins Nathan VVeiss VVilliam VVilson First Row, left to right: Sam Goldberg, Bill Rowan, Roscoe Puckett. Second Row: Bill Wagxxer, ,lim Beale, John Watkins, Nathan Weiss, Roy Pyles, John Gusclonovixch, Doug Eitel, Dick Viar. Third Row: Staige Blackford, Charlie Harper, Joseph Seza r, Marion Harrison, Dave Walker, Frank Strauss, Fred Eastham, Jack Hardy, Warren Salsbury. Fourth Row: Larry Smith, Hunter Pendle: on, Bill Wilson, Dunc Chaplin, Flip Hicks, Lou Baxter. ...r J . 2-Jun:-on T M53-ET 'iii T' 'rv--YW-H .H ,Lf g , , , -1 in ,F!"'Fl"L'!l 251 KAPPA KAPPA ERNEST ALDERMAN ROGER II. P ERRY .... VVILLIAM KINZER .. CHARLIE F. PRICE .. Mark Berliant Fred Fishback john Fishback Bryant Freeman John Fray Gilbert Friedman Honorary Band Fraternity OFFICERS MEMBERS Jack Hardy Thomas Hilton John Knight VVesley Martin Kenneth Okkerse Robert Perkins INITIATES Alvin I.. Lehman Richard M. Murcks jack Martin . . . . . . ,l'r1'.vfrlr1l1' . . , .VIN-l,l'1'Ji41'r'111 . . . . . .Srrrclzzry . . , . 7ll'l'll.flll'l'l' Robert S. Perry Gilbert Tribby Ben Pubols Richard Turner George VVnlker Stanley XRVZISSCFITI Ben Iloffmnn Zlll First Row. left to right: Bill Kinzer, Ernest Alderman, Charlie Price, Roger Perry. Second Row: Ben Pubols, Wesley Martin, Gilbert Tribby Robert Perkins ohn Fletcher, Fred Fishback, Bryant Freeman, Third Row: Mark Berliant, john Fray, Richard Turner. Jack Hardy, Kenneth Oklterse, Robert Perry, Gilbert Friedman Fourth Row: Benjamin Hoffman. ,lack Martin, Alvin Lehman, Richard Marks. Roby Patrick. 252 Tiffany H. Armstrong James D. Boggs Peyton M. Chichester, Jr. ' Frank A. DeVore George A. Fenton, Jr. Robert F. Grove Dale C. Hamilton, Jr. Robert Behm Howard Besosa David Cedarquist Fred Cookenour R MEMBERS Robert VV. Harvey Jerrold R. Humphrey Thomas B, Johnson Russell L. Jordan Joseph C. Kent F. Louis Legnaioli INITIATES Fred Fishback James Fox Robert Garbee Martin Mallory Michel Parlier LPHA H I VValter F. Millincr Albert G. Mumma Richard C. Reilly VVilliam A. Taylor Albert A. Tappe Maurice J. Ullman Eldon F. VVood Paul Quigg VVillard Rhodes Chris Slonaker Charles Zehntler Alpha Rho Chi is a social professional fraternity limited lilcrates Chapter was re-established at to students of architecture and the allied professions. Kal- June, 1948. ' the University in First Row, lcfr to right: F. DeVore, R. Jordon. P. Chichester, E. Wood, B, Grove, Second Row: T, Johson. J. Fox, B. Rhodes, D, Reilly, W, Taylor, P. Hamilton, W Millner. Third Row: D, Ceclerquist. J. Kent, M. Ullman. A. Tappe, F. Cookenour, J. Humphrey, F. Fishback. Fourth Row: C. Sloanlcer, B. Garber.-, M. Parlier. w---Q-eng STEWART WALKER ........ OFFICERS HERBERT JACKSON ....... GRIFFIN BURNETT ..... Charlie Sackett Perk Hazlegrove Brac Valentine Jim Mason Bob Burkholder Otey McMillan Dick Rosenberger Dan Mohler Bev Mauck Allen Segal Bill Shapero Joe Wood John Rennolds Hunter DeButts Skip Hixon Ken McElwain Graham Koch Alan Gaynor John Munford Lloyd Craighill Charlie Mott john Papit George Richardson Eli Tullis Skip Koch Bill Hooper Stump Craighill EDWARD LEAKE ..... MEMBERS Lee Cooley Dave VVakelee Charlie Barr Morrie Zinman Leo Zindler jim Perry Bill Yowell Bert Sadtler Harold Strauss Bob Hyde Ben Mears Bill Berner Ian Hemming Gardner Harden Ray Ramey Fred Phillips Tom Savage Pete Kern Bill King Bob Tata Bill Long George Brasfielcl Tom Evans Stuart Harris Jack McKibbin John Apperson Bill Ashton V 254 .............Pre.fident . . . . Via'-President . S ecrelary . . . . Treasurer Fred Spencer Derwood Chase Ramsey Martin Gary Kirdsey Toppy Bohannon Howard Frumin Malvern Sheffield Don Strain jack Clarkson Gill Hooper Paul Barringer Guy Shipley Bob Gardner Frank Turner jason Eckford Jack McElroy Bill Mellen Tom Mullin jim Lea Stu Auchincloss Dan Lickle Courtland Rudolph Bill Davis Ed Schotz Jerome Perlman Bob Ritchie Dave Duffy SKIP FORREST ........ , ALFRED SHOOK ....... TUCK MADDUX . . Frank Talbott Bounder VVhite Shelton Horsley Armistead VVilliams Dick Hall Buck Cornell Bob McConnell Jim Lee Lilburn Talley Harry Yates Dick Marshall Bob Cornish Bob Tyler Bill Pierce jack Rixey Dave Meltzen Frank Walters Frank Goodman john Burch Spook Ford Arthur Eisenman Henry Taylor Herbert Kramer Alvin Fink Steve Osisek Frank Allen Walter Schulte OFFICERS MEMBERS Jim Anderson John Payne Bob Ussery Harrison Nesbit Tommy Mehring Mark Friedlander Hank Clark Barnes Lawson W'illiam Russell Jim Kitchen Roddy Sinclair Al Trout Bill Rhodes Don Aicholz Chuck Coats Norm Andreae Bob Clevenger Preston Prevatt Hal Xanders Gene Schroeder Bill Parrish Dave Senft Leigh Middleditch Bruce Holland Dick Vinton Ho VVorman Carl Smith 255 ...........Pre.ridL'nl . . . . lf'ice-President . . . . . .Secretary Treasurer Hulon Warlick Harold Hoak Bill Hamilton Chick Hallock Rufus Barkley Norris Broyles Staige Blackford Tom Fooks Sonny Denham Lew Barroll Caroll Boone John Devries Dave Foster Dan Elkins Jim Talbot Sandy Bowers Malcolm Underwood Chuck Molster Jack Gwaltney Cliff McKinney Nick VVilson Frank Meade Buck Ferguson Harvie Fitzgerald Bill Edwards Jim Atkin jack Louv TOM FOOKS VVARREN BUTLER Chuck VVise Grover Masterson joe Carter VValt Schulte Lloyd Craighill Hunter deButts Bill Russell Jerome Perleman Chuck Meriwether john Legg Bill Davis Stu VVright jim Hume Max Kennedy Harry Lackey Bill Addington Tom Donoho Boris Goldberg, Campbell Sellers Norvell VVellford Ramsey Martin Pres Prevatt Bill Rowan Hal Xanders Tolly Albert Bill Crawford Bob Ussery Harry Etheridge Bob Mills Robert Maidment Howard VVacbenfel4l Charles Rohrer Henry Taylor jason Eckford Charles Carroll John Munford james Lesane Hap Moore Gene Schroeder R. B. Pace l-Iarry Magee Harry Montgomery 'lfoby Biddle 71 SBA, iv el? ,,, ' .ra ,.:, "ff 'Q if! , 'iii ' 9 ii: .Sift wie:-, .1 LQ gf gif" zt ' w 5- v ai gn" 52" .. il ri 'f ,w ,W-Raef -J-115 'L .v 5 f ,y ,L .5-'7' ,,.. 'A ':. '11 4. 4' w gf -." 4150: " . '- ' E " . . milf" E-.eifffhifgip . " 'E2'1fi',6v - ...I ,j'2'," -.U .g -,4f,4i'.' JW!! .SHILIIIIJ ....Tr1'n.tul1'r OFFICERS . . . . .'f11I PAUL BARRINGER . . . . . . . . .l'i4'v-Pf'r.tidwz! LEIGH MIDDLEDITCH . . . MEMBERS Bert Sadtler jim Utt Dick Mendeg Phil Powell Phil Davidson Bob Perry Holden Clarke Ed Poling Charlie Harrison Buddy Frumin Bob Lyle john Koenig Leo Zindler Alan Gaynor Stanley Miller Dan Rosenbloom Jack Bass Bill Albrecht Ted Deane VVaverly Berkely jim Mason Phil VVrig.ght Dick Coeke llos Hostetler Bill Reinhart joe Newell Dag Gray john Neal lid Henry Bill Chalfant Bev Ennis Bill Mills jim Holmes Garry Gifford Armstead Gilliam Carr Dorman VVally Goodwin Dick Godine Staige Blackford XVill XV:iller Bill Neal Tom Evans Franclt Slaughter Rex Gatten Herb Jackson Bob VVeir Craig Culbertson Buck Fergusson Andy Robinson Dan VVelllford Dick Vinton Bob Coughlin jim McMillan Bob Ramsdell Tippy Lightbourn Charles Buchannan Sam VVise Dick Skerski Toppy Bohannan Don Armstrong Conway Dillingham Jim Murphy Tom Fuller John Fewell Charles Caldwell jack Marks jack Donahey Malcolm Underwood Goodloe Byron Bill Meredith Harvey Lindsay Lil Talley Grill Burnett Bill Porterlield Babe Dahlgren Sandy VVellford Perry Bolton Maynard Nicholl Bob Albrecht Bill Adams Ellis Abrams Frank Adams Harry VVaidner Arnold VViener Bo VVilson Bill VVhitridge Bill VValker Stanley Fass Smoot Fahlgran jim Frazier 256 Bruce Talmadge Stu Harris Al Minter VValt Meanwell Rod Sinclair Dane Boggs Bill Hamilton Bob Bermingham Bob Godley jim Guenther Bob Sanderson Frank Sibley F. F. Steneford Don Mcliever Ed Talley George Moss Russ Mooney Charlie VVilliamson George McMath XV. A, Morburg Bob Hatcher Jerry Humphrey Cary Humphries Cal Cole jim Talbot Bill Littlejobn Don Levy Wlalt Plaine I. Norah jack Taylor Roy Mundee Dick Morrissette L. C. Anderson Forman johnson Al Harlow Leon Brigg Frank Turner Stuart Glicltrist -'Z' r-. get tm: n If IA l 1 l C74 in 'f P X ' T ' I. -vc: ' .3.a5.2,t A .Jas "':f5g' , ,. 'Veg t .-nga. - ,za iN 3 ' 'X 'A . ' ll .Y .,.e. A, ., 43,9 TUCK MADDUX . CLIFF MCKINNEY Chief Nesbit Charles Mott Stan Harris Frank Allen Al Shook Carlton Elliott Frank Talbott Gus Hathaway Bill Marshall Steve Osisek Mark Friedlander VVilson Andrews Ned Caton Eli Tullis jim Denham Jack Campbell Claude Smith String Harris Bob Hyde Erwin Drucker Skip Forrest Charlie Slingluff Al Voshell Eddie Leake Whit Brown john Cook Ken Stultz Lou Barroll jerry Cherry Frank Meade Ted Stark Stu Grant Morrie Zinman Evan Krieger Marvin Lesser jim Callery Dave Carpenter Mac Minor Dave Senft Bill Parrish Bill Bretherton Bill Baylor VVirt Marks Mac Christian Bill Lickle Dave VValden jack Martin Clyde Bracey Ben Dutton john Lillard Pete Scott George Brasfield xhy ,wg .v ,,t, .-. . . .ur-qc.-.,,.,, 4, .f,,,5f:,- -f-1'?s-ima. :Riff- .'.:,r:' '---wr..x..- Gil Hooper Charles Jessee Gordon jones Tom Compton Bill Dettor Bill Long Tom Lyle Malvern Sheffield Bill VValder Bob Borman Gene Scheussler Stanley Harris Ray Ramey Sam Crickenberger Tom Johnston John Haizlip Frank Taylor jim Hasslacher Tom Mullen jim VVhiting Tobey Dye Stan Drucker Harry Aiken joe Smith Stu Auchincloss Bill Molster Ed Greene Seymour Weiss Bernie Sohn Frank Strauss Charles Rayodorm Allen Kilick Allan Diamondstei Jim Bickley Bill Edwards Fred Forsberg Mason VVood Bob Gardner Paul Pujack Hunter Pendleton Buck Krusen Charles Caldwell Bennet LaPrade Rick Auleback Hal Quayle Bill johnson Roy Muntlee Robert Schnabel John Rees Courtland Rudolph VVil Schmidhiescr Ken Gore KULL KEY OFFICERS .. . . . .Preridfnl HENRY CLARK . . . . . . . . .Sfrrclary .Vice-Pr'e5irlr'1zl JACK CLARKSON .... - - - . Tl't't1Jllr6'r MEMBERS Il VVinston Holt Milt Gallier jack Powell Hugh Sinclair Pierce Baugh Bob Nevine Ted Baer Babe Dahlgren Dave Pender Don Strain Jim Holland Derwood Chase Sonny Ellington George Vest jim Doetch Pete DeVVitt Bob Graham George Mentz jim Kitchin Stan Needell Calvin Abrams Bob Kitchell Quint Dewing Blair Hunter Gene Bruns Pelham McClellan jack Ritter Churchill Gibson Bob Chamberlain Lou Showalter Sam Meredith Bill Ashton Taylor Scott Bill King Grice VVhiteley Meb Turner Bill Mellen Tony Leigh Ralph VVilliams Parks Duffey Charles Gamble Lou Hager Jack Mulholland Bill Coiner Stu Valentine Lit Constable Eddie Vest Noel Stevens john Garland Roddy VVatson Bob Halsey String Gray 257 Bob Parrish Marvin Perry Buck Clair Pete Potter Bill Boozer Ho VVorman Leighton Lohdell Dick Coulter Dick Hegemaster Phil Powell Dave Foster Bob Borski Colin Dillon Tony Zane Dick Blue Dave Driscoll Dan McVey Fred Spencer Dick Ziegler Jack Gwaltney Boonie Hancock Dick Smith Jim Rushton Don Beard Mac Luck Craig Slinglulf john Apperson Doug Mackall Jim Massie Bob Wlilner Davant Latham Hal Hoak Louis Howard Harvie Fitzgerald VValler Horsley Sam Milligan Howland Bottomly George Davis Ralph Ely jack Sprague Al Jardin Norman Edwards Joe Healy Heywood Dey John Tuck Bill Tytus Dick Turner Chuck Molster Blaine Phillips Bob Harmon Guy Shipley Ray Gore jim Kline Dick Miller Foster Pettit Bill Griliin john Chanin Dick Scheide Walt Fennegan joe Wilson Bill Kitchen jim Powell jim Bazemore Jack Barton Mickey Poole john Gusdonovich john Root Jim Scott Bill Tomlin Bill Darden Ted VVorsester Bill Morrison Dick Laird Morris Fine Paul Kirwin Rufus Barkley Owen Meadows Bill O'Malley Bill Berry Al Girosa Harold Jackson Bob Dabney Bill Lyle Bill Peyrise Mike Rea Clay Elder Chick Hallock Pete Kern Bill Lybrook Ralph Jackson Bill Alderman Frank Townes Vic Mohl Phil Hicks Dan Myers Lloyd Harbeck Brownley Hodges Danny Casey Bill Boyd Fred Eastham John Nielsen Luther Burgess dows GMA Ymmeu Ow en Nxea. Yiaok 'faibott Yfddk Leakc Lou Hansen Dag Gy eg Dick Vkmoo N Shook Ytanixe PMW Hang 'Y MXN Haul eq Lhxdsaq Xkmuxq Lesane YJKXX YXO'AgXan6 CMH Nlcifxnneq 'Str etch YAYxott NV XXYxe Pmdi ews Gus Hathaw :N Teddy Vqlcox Sm W Mkev Y veA YNXYW5 Gai duet Hai den DXQNL Goefme Smng, Hawks 'Some Yaroglkzs Bdsm Nlurxiord BM Yiaqbx CXxmrXes YNSXYxawsoxx BM Hadegr ove Soe Wood Bobby Yate Skin Eliason Hawke Ykvzger MA Pxmixstead YN KXYxams 'Y agkw Scott BY ae V Mexxime qw am Lathmu A Ed Ckments Ymu-'bg Nxmsxmu Sack Xfuceq ' we D OFM! Dan Nlokiet Bob Nxms Y Yank 'Y 'AXJXOY Bm XNKWC C'mwYxe SYuxQu'ii Y5cXcYxe Nleade Steve Magexxhexm Cmgmx Bob Tam Smmp CX Uhbom divan 'Y aXXe9 tank Goo Ken NXCYAW dm Soho But do Shektoo YXotsXe-,Q Bob Hu Soc NXcCatq CXxm'Y1e Mott Hat tksou Sesbkt Kohn Y apk NN 'At ScXxoXte YMX NXzxts'0aXX YJKXX Hoopet Soc Y akmxbo 'Stew e Oefxse 'Y om YXQXYWS YJXXX Shapeto Soc Cavtat VQXXX Gteenhdgh YMX 'Biochim D ew e 5 eott View Saotkr Robcvt CRV euget Gene Schtoecket 'Y om YN ans BKXX Met eoith Hetbett Sackson Robett H2166 Sack CXatXcscm Cad Stxixtkx Ruie BZYXCXQY Leon Briggs XXX Cv avviotd Comet Len Yorte-st Sho Kao Remixing Nxaooxni OXXX if 'DMX Y nth Ba YQXXX Long Kiev tt mdk Compton on 5 wages Yete Yxx 'Y t1XXxs Cattoh Boone, Lefx-gb NXK6cXXeKxtcXx Lew Ymttok XNQXXW Goodwhx CXwatYxe Xl-et r PA X'XoXYmgswott'tX Gtov et 'Nxastevsou How md Gotham HM Ylmxoets Got Exe Sones 'ack LOXN Yr 'O VH own YK may o Hex' o et W 9 'Yom Ytmxk on Pfxdxdm YXatoXcX Hoak tu Hanks Gtvj SKXQXCEJ YMX Cox-sX1oXm Somxfl Dentvam Bert Sacltler Bill Sinclair Dick Vinton Tuck Maddox Ian Hernming Fred Phillips Charlie Kerr Tom Compton Herb Jackson Rufus Barkley Frank Allen Lew Hansen Grover llflasterson Carl Smith Bill lliereclith Stewart VValker Tom Evans Skip Forrest Ken lVIcElwain Frank Goodman Bill Riarshall John Burch Bill Hooper Aloe Carter joe Wood .lack Rixey Lap Hamblen Shelton Horsley .loe lN'IcCary Bob Englander Steve Osisek Carlton Elliott Paul Barringer Pete Kern Leon Briggs Chuck Y-Visc Donny Strain Al Shook Al Hollingsworth Lew Barroll Harry Taylor Eddie Leake Harvey Lindsay Bill Shapero Harold Hoak J to Q 3.65 mm 1115111120 as 1,v lfklflf Aorzve 1lffI3AIl213R 11171001111 Luck Chades llfott Robert Gooch fjanylgon Nqgbfgp Rlk'l'IH1'O' Tumer Llyblllh Talley Qvcwr Sw111efo1'd Azmistefzd LIGYIIEIDIS Albert Yorlf JJDUIYIIOQIFIIISSGII, fr. john Battle Ufalter Schulte Emu llhle joseph Palumb L1cwe11y11 flPI111er Dam' Ahzox Ylllfllbllll fohn lllornls' 111:-s Cmdcloclj 1 IfVa1ter Szmfh Gilbert S' ' 11111 vim o el 111 ohler 1111111 tez ' c1eJ?ut Gen ts e Seb roeder 11611117111 Crawforfl Da V121 S C-lift Owen 11115-af1o11's Robert fifyfle john Clarkson VIG1111 f 111 Long 511' T1 1111fv Fllll P 1111111 IVV 175111 l11FI1'C1 Dc-1117 H511 ' am 1:1111 llf Iome Leonzzm' C0111 Ha ' " er 1 If IC P1 tzgeralcl P21110 ' 1 H01 191ey S X4-"XJ if ' 35.6 Q .. I ,iz O"::E.- un llhlflg' I vw , , 13" 0 CIETY Founded in February, 1889 Motto: Superstition solum in anime inscii habitat! FRANK GOODMAN JOE MCCARY TOM LODGE JOE CARTER LILBURN TALLEY GROVER MASTERSON BOB HYDE CHARLIE KERR HARRY TAYLOR SKIP FORREST BILL MCFARLANE JOHN MUNFORD BILL SHAPERO 262 263 AFTERWIDRD The staff of the 1951 CORKS AND CURLS hopes that it has succeeded in giving a true and clear picture of events as they happened at the University during the past year, so that you, the reader, can keep the memories of them preserved for the years to come. We wish to express our deepest appreciation to all of those who helped to make the publication of this sixty-third issue possible. Our editorial staff, especially George McMath and Waller Horsley who were of able assistance and always willing to work, John Legg for his work on features, Dudley Pennington for his fine job as liaison with the Engineer- ing School, and our two staff photographers, Ed Roseberry and Phil Larimore whose photography made such a contribution to the book. The business staff who brought in 1200 subscriptions, an excellent feat considering the drop in enrollment. Lou Hager and Sandy Bowers did well in the Advertising Depart- ment. Buddy Rumble, Roddy Sinclair, and Jim Harper did good jobs too. Our co-workers, Dan Eddie and John Benson of the Benson Printing Com- pany, Ed Coleman and Lenard Glover of Lynchburg Engraving Company, and Ned Rose of Delmar Studios without whose understanding and con- tributing efforts the publication of this edition would have been impossible. President Darden and Richard Fletcher whose assistance and support aided greatly in the success of the book. Our advertisers for their continued patronage. You, our readers and subscribers, for whom this Coiucs AND CURLS was published. THE Emroiz. 264 detiing-- THE ADVERTISING ACCOUNTS OF THE FOLLOWING SECTION HAVE MADE POSSIBLE YOUR PURCHASE OF THE l95I CORKS AND CURLS FOR EIGHT DOL- LARS, WHEREAS PRODUCTION OF EACH COPY COST APPROXIMATELY TWELVE DOLLARS. BY THEIR GENEROUS CONTRIBUTION OF MORE THAN TWENTY-FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS THE AD- VERTISERS HAVE SAVED EACH SUBSCRIBER IX3 OF THE COST OF HIS YEARBOOK. YOU CAN RETURN THIS GESTURE BY YOUR ATTEN- TION TO THE SERVICES AND PRODUCTS FOLLOW- ING. GENTLEIv1EN'S CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS, HATS AND FOOTWEAR Imported Neckwear, Sweaters, Weatherproofs, Hose, Pipes, Etc. Hand-spun and Hand-woven Shetlancls From Me ssrs . T. M. Adie SL Sons, Voc, Shetland, Scotland Hand-spun and Hand-woven Harris Tweeds From Lewis and Harris Islands Pure Cashmere Coatings Custom Tailoring ' Q' STEVENS"5HEPHERD CO I incorporated. At the Corner l"00TBALL fffontinuea' from Page 1222 Papit went over from the one. A few minutes later Chandler punted out on the Virginia 3, and Harding fumbled on the next play. The Citadel eleven recovered and 3 plays later Smith went over from 6 inches out. The kick was good making the score 34-14 as the game ended. VIRGINIA, 135 WILLIAM AND MARY, 0 An Armistice was signed on November 11, 1918, but in 1950 the Cavaliers and Indians were still righting. It was the hrst time they had met on the gridiron in 10 years. The only scoring was done in the second and fourth periods. The first Virginia six pointer came mo- ments after the Indians had stopped a drive on the 3. The attempted punt was partially blocked and the Wa- hoos took over on the William and Mary 24. Two plays netted four yards before Johnny Papir was sprung loose from rhe 20 to tally his sixth TD of the season. Har- ding's boot was through the uprihts, It was 7 to 0 as the Good Old Song echoed among the 32,500 people jammed into Scott Stadium. Early in the final period, safety-man Papit returned the ball to the Indian 44 to start the marching which ended with the Cavalier second touchdown. Papit canterecl 17 yards to the 27 and four plays later Rufe Barkley passed to Gene Schroeder for the score. The conversion was missed. Papit gained 161 yards during the fracas-almost double that of the W. and M. team and had a first half TD called back. It was a very rough game as the penalties showed-Vir- ginia, 150 yards and the Indians 65 yards. Outstand- ing in the backfield were Papit, Pate, Barkley, Furst, Tata and King, while Miller, Johnson, Weir, and Mea- dows anchored the line. VIRGINIA, 185 TULANE, 42 The Green Wave of Tulane proved to be a bit too big for the jittery Cavaliers, who were downed 42 to 18. Although the huge Sugar Bowl Stadium showed many bare spots, the crowd on hand was given a treat by Tulane quarterback Joe Ernst, who completed 14 of his 16 tosses. The Wahoos got in a bad hole initially, NATIONAL Prnnctwnvs BUS SYSTEM ' "Serving Virginia and the NaIion" f fl fin.: V is TM'-im., , ' ,fx IN CI-IARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA Dial 2-5I3I l:nMPL1MENTs nr MIINTIIIELLII GRILL -9- Cl-IRROLI.'S TEA RIJOM "Tea by the Keg" 'Q' MONTICELLO DAIRY ALL TYPES OF DAIRY PRODUCTS Phone 25-I23 For BOOKS, SUPPLIES, STATIONERY Prompi' and Courieous Service ANDERSONS BROS. BOOKSTORE Incorporaied "A+ 'Ihe Corner" F0011 IIA LL fContinuezf and even though they played Tulane on even terms for three quarters, they could never catch up. Rolling into an early lead when Bobby Pate was nailed for a safety, the Green Wave poured it on. Kinek plunged over for their first score, and was on the receiving end of a Ernst aerial for the second tally. Early in the second period, Ernst climaxed a 65-yarcl march by pitching to McElhannon to make it 22 to 0. Virginia took the kickoff and drove to a touchdown, Barkley passing to Bessell for the score. Kinek returned the Wahoo kickoff to the 40, where Ernst again took over, completing 20 and 12 yard passes, and finally heaving 28 yards to Waggener for the tally. Sinclair's long return of an interception set up the second Cavalier Touchdown. Mid- way in the fourth quarter, Kinek intercepted a Vir- ginia pass and went to the 18, Kingreys subsequently plunged over to make it 42-12. Harding engineered the final Orange and Blue scoring drive, handling off to Furst for the score. As Coach Guepe said: "They were just too many and too good for us." VIRGINIA, 44, NORTH CAROLINA, 13 An aroused Virginia team, featuring johnny Papit at his best, closed out a highly successful grid season by devastating their arch-rivals from Chapel Hill 44 to 13 before 28,500 stunned onlookers. The Cavaliers were in complete control from the opening minute. On from Page 2692 the first play from scrimmage, they shook loose John Papit for 68 yards and a touchdown. From then on it was a rout. Tom Scott recovered a Tarheel fumble on the one, and Pate bulled over with less than five minutes of playing time gone. Rufus Barkley connected for 7 of 10 first half passes, and tossed to Gene Schroeder for the third and fourth Wahoo rallies. Papit wound up first-half festivities, smashing over from the one. The score was an amazing 31-0, Although they kicked off, the Orange and Blue forces needed only 40 seconds to account for their sixth touchdown. After Virginia recovered a Carolina bobble, Pate threw to Ed Bessell, who raced over from the five. Barkley concluded the scoring circus mid-way through the third period, con- necting for his third TD pass. Pate was on the receiv- ing end. Late in the game, with Virginia employing sub- stitutes, the Tarheels twice struck through the air, preventing the contest from becoming a complete mas- sacre. Johnny Papit, playing his final game, was the offensive star. Averaging nearly nine yards a carry, the rapid Philadelphian amassed 141 yards rushing, and be- came the first collegian to pass the 3,000-yard mark in rushing for three seasons. Bobby Pate, who scored twice and passed for a third tally, also stood out on the attack, as did quarterback Rufe Barkley. The play of the entire line was spectacular, and no one performer can be singled out. Let the Banks of Charlottesville Serve You during Your College Career and After . . . Peoples National Bank Citizens Bank 81 Trust Co. National Bank 81 Trust Co. Members Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. ,Harrie SASII as ll00B C0. BUILD QF' I O 1 'Bas S Q ' -0 IZ IJ 3 O U 7' G5?Fl'e'2" C "nw" Q xl! Dlill wlll'k Gt Building Products ST. LOU IS 10, Ml'SSOUBI CHARLOTTESVILLE HARDWARE COMPANY INC. AND CHARLOTTESVILLE SUPPLY COMPANY "Gai Our Prices" GILMORE, HAMM 81 SNYDER Incorporaied Posi' Office Box I20 Phone 2-8l I4 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. W. T. MARTIN HARDWARE COMPANY DUPONT PAINTS-OIL BURNERS LINK BELT STOKERS Second and Wafer Streets Phone 2-8 I 7l Charloffesville, Va. ROY WHEELER REALTY COMPANY VIRGINIA REAL ESTATE CHARLOTTES - VIRGINIA To-wn anal Country Property F or Sale BASKETBALL fCOIlfiIIlll'Il from Page 12-gj Washington University handed the Cavaliers a third straight loss in three games. The Colonials finished fast after a poor start to nulify the efforts of VVahoo stalwarts Mohl and Allen as Ace Adler, Colonial center, dumped a last minute bucket to halt the cager Virginians, Virginia, 59, V.P.I., 60 The hoopsters, playing host to V.'P.I. in Charlottesville, all but realized a fond dream as they fell in the late seconds of a real thriller, Particularly outstanding in a losing cause were Frankie Allen, whose floor play was superb and Vic Moh who scored 18 points. Virginia, 645 W. and L., 62 The Virginia quintet came back into the winning column again by defeating the latent power of llflinkland, Wasli- ington and Lee, in another thriller. The score was 36 to 32 at halftime in favor of the Generals, but, Hnishing fast, the Cavaliers slid home on .Tack Caltlw'ell's last minute shot. -Take Dohner led the VVahoos with I3 points while Livick and lVIohl contributed II and IO respectively, Virginia, 615 Roanoke, 55 Displaying a steadily improving form, the Virginia basketball team defeated Roanoke College for their sec-- ond win in a row. Guards Frankie Allen and .lake Dohner teamed together to account for more than half of Virginia's points with I2 and 21 respectively. Virginia, 625 V.M.I., 51 The Cavaliers started a between-semester series at Charlottesville by downing V.lVI.I. 62-51, Vic liohl and Frank Allen dominated the play-making for the Cavaliers. Virginia, 703 Roanoke, 57 The VVah0os then left Charlottesville to meet Roanoke College in Salem, Virginia, where the Nlaroons absorbed a 70-57 defeat at the hands of the hungry Cavaliers, The game was never in doubt, for the Virginia boys, as Vic Molil's 25 points led the scoring parade, backed up by a fast improving pivot man, black Caldwell, who iced the game with 20 points. Virginia, 545 N.C.A.A. Skyhawks, 64 Next the Cavaliers traveled to Hampton only to receive a 64-54 licking from the Langley Field Skyhawks, The Skyhawks proved too fast for the Orange and Blue, but the game's outcome was not decided until the final seconds of play. Gil Hooper, and Vic lliohl scored I2 and I4 apiece to lead Virginia's scoring. Virginia, 675 Richmond, 68 The University of Riclimoml, sparked by St. Leger and All-Staten' Brown, looked down from the long end of a 67-68 score at Gus Tebellls hard-luck VVahoos. Even with Mohl and Dohner contributing I7 and II points respec- tively, the Cavaliers were unable to keep abreast of the Richmonders on the Home Court. Virginia, 62g V.P.I., 93 "Tex" Tilson sparked V.l'.I. with 35 points as the KC0llfTIl1ll'Il on Page .2742 1 9 1 lnrennnnonnl i o wo 'HQ ako suoe co is i STEVENS 8: COMPANY CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA MISSOURI 0 enf enleflii Cl l, 0l"5 2 f 23 f NE"'c"e N""c"'e 2, 5 Cm 1 5 WSW vol", wfw vo?-V urnid em Virginia men for many years, have found our es'rablishmen+s ar New Haven, Cambridge and New York, Hue headquariers for own make ready- io-wear and cusiom-made cioilwing, imporied furnishings and hafs, oi genuine good Jrasfe and sjraunch qualify New HAVEN 'HR 262 York s+fee+ MMA? NEw YoRK CAMBRIDGE mm Hc- 34I Madison Ave. ai' 44H1 82 M12 Auburn Sireef 5 E CHIHDEII IIIEHT PHCHERS HSSDCIHTIUII CHIIIDEII II. J. BASKETBALL fC0l7lfi7lIlBIl from Page 2702 Gobblers ran rough-shod over an outclassed but game Cavalier five to the tune of 93--62. However, Tilson was not the only high scorer. Virginia's Vic Mohl tossed 35 points through the hoop, also, in an amazing display of accuracy. Virginia, 485 William and Mary, 78 William and Mary's Indians did not propose to allow the Cavaliers to come back into the win column at Indian expense in that they administered the Worst defeat of the season to the winless Wahoos. llflohl and Dohner were again high pointmen for Virginia with II points each, but Chambers of Willialmi and Nlary rang up 28 points to lead the field. Virginia, 685 Richmond, 49 Gus Tebell's charges,,now burning with the sting of defeat, made a dash to Richmond to face an opponent who had previously decisloned them to the tune of 68-67. The wrath of the inspired Wal1oo's crumbled the Richmonder's defenses as they fell before a 68 point onslaught by the Cavaliers, Frankie Allen, playing with an injured knee, sparked the team as best he could while Vic Nlohl lead in the scoring by tossing in I7 points. Virginia, 545 Washington and Lee, 86 Still traveling, the VVahoos motored across the mountain to face an ever stronger W, and L. quintet. The llflinks had not forgotten their two point loss to the Cavaliers earlier in the season, and in revenge they presented the Orange with a second 'disasterous defeat in three games. Red-hot Jay Handlin paced the winners with 28 points, while Vic lVIohl and Charlie Kollmansperger bore the load for Virginia in donating 29 points between them. Virginia, 69 5 George Washington, 72 Returning to the familiar surroundings of lVIemorial Gymnasium for the last home game in the 1951 season, the fII0llfiIIlll'Il on Page Zgjj me Mniuerziifg .SZOIQ 0 56445 Ave. NEW YIDBK PRINCETIIN NEW IIAVEN CUMPLIME 'I' 0F FRIE gkargffefiuif e ufomofive Ieagm :Mociafion ALBEMARLE MOTOR CO. BARLOW MOTOR CO. CALHOUN CHEVROLET CO. CHARLOTTESVILLE MOTORS COGGINS MOTOR CO. H. M. GLEASON CO. HOFF MOTOR CO. PERKINS MOTOR CO. BRADLEY PEYTON, III PEYTON MOTOR CO. VANCE BUICK INC. VAN FOSSEN MOTOR CO. WILHOIT DAVIS MOTORS MACGREGOR MOTORS WRIC5HT'S WRECKING YARD SOUTHERN SERVICE STATION ELECTRICAL CONSTRUCTION LIGHTING FIXTURES HOTPOINT APPLIANCES GODWIN-HOLSTEAD ELECTRIC CO. 2l5 AVON ST. RIVER BEND SERVICE STATIUN AMOCO PRODUCTS ROUTE zso AT FREE BRIDGE 'kirir SOUTHERN WELDING AND MACHINE COMPANY PETER PAN LAUNDRY DRY CLEANERS Dial 2-2432 One call does i'I' DRIVE IN AND SAVE THE MONTICELLO HOIIEI CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA "Home of JeFFersonian Hospi+aIi+y" The Ivlonlicello Holel, wilh ils Colonial almosphere of beauly and charm, i+s quiel reiinemenl and gracious service, re- Ilecls in ils meliculous allenlrion Io delails The Iasle and demands of Ihose people who inslinclively respond Io Ihe finer Ihings of life. Public rooms here provide a proper sel- Iing and splendid Iacililies for banquels and meelings of all lcinds. Large and small galherings will find This an ideal meelinq place. THE MONTICELLO, Iocaled in Ihe hearl of Ihe cily, yel wilh quielr sur- roundings, is convenienf Io all places of inleresl in and around Charloflesville. New Air-CondiI'ioned Dining Room C'omplimentA of Candy Mtclien 1.33-3-Q-3-5 PATRONIZE YOUR ADVERTISERS 0 0 0 4- 4- -3- 0 J. ra . I Budweiser SERVING AMERICA for nearbf az lau11d1'edyea1ff . . . in 1166l7"b1 oz lozzndred ways In 1952 Anheuser-Busch will celebrate its centennial. We take great pride in the fact that with the nation and with this community our organization has grown until today it is one of America's great industrial enterprises. Our trade-mark identifies products widely used today in the interest of health, nutrition, convenience and necessity. In addition to manufacturing low-tem- perature cabinet equipment for the ice cream and frozen food industries, we produce other materials that go into the making of: Baby Foods 0 Medicines ' Hospital Diets ' Vitamin Prepara- tions 0 Tonics 0 Bakery Products ' Confections ' Table Syrups 0 Packaged Foods ' Ice Cream 0 Soda Fountain Syrups 0 Food Starches 0 Animal Feeds 0 Batteries 0 Rubber 0 Paper 0 Soap ' Machine Parts 0 Inks 0 Gums 0 Glues ' Textiles 0 Adhesives 0 Flashlights 0 Carpets and Twine. ANHEUSER-BUSCH, INC. sr. Louls, Mo. MIDWAY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS PrompI' SI'ucIen'r Service 4OI W. MAIN STREET Dial 2-6I86 UNIVERSITY CAFETERIA ai' I'I1e Corner YOUR FINEST ENTERTAINMENT VALUE! T H E PARAIVIOUNT THEATRE THE CITY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS OFFERS Scienfific Laundry and Dry CIeaning a ProI'ec+ion for HGBITII and Fabrics 0 Jus+ Dial 29-I 36 COMPLIMENTS OF F. S. HASKINS CNNNED G090049090000900999G4 00000000099909000G094 FHRHILHIIDS FIIIEST III P0llED HEREFURDS CUUPERSTUIUII IlElU VURH THE COLUMNS COLLINS LESTER lANN N The "Dabs" Delight 27l I Rivermonl' Ave. LYNCHBURG, VA. irvlrulr FASHIONS IN FOODS 691273 w e , l , Dmfsfi-I: Cuslom Tailors figs, Furnishers C9 'S 55 V CQJFQZQLQ s-'Q ICQ I4 :Ast 44fh.S'I1 - , - F,--5,,,..X X 4 Q 15 X I. 0' 2 gf- l"'C""l'!l'mi! 'L Y ' ' 7 -7 4 G. as 1 -IIIMQ ss - I , -2. or 'W QL - ' " 16 .fx 'V' 'QTL E is AAmS's- - 6 lie, fe 'a W I of .r "feb 3 I4 Easl' 44'rh Sfreel, New York I7, N. Y. One can generally idenlily a CHIPP suil, Individualify in ihis regimenfed age is a rare Thing . . . especially when if hews lo naiural lines . . . and nafural shoulders . . . soil fronl' consfrucfions . . . narrow Iapels, in The manner in which we Hand Tailor all our clolhes in our own work rooms. CHIPP "Furnishings" a good old fashion lerm which cvers a rnulfilude of good looking things . . . almosl' all of lhem made expressly for use and no? obfainable elsewhere. Louis Prager, Sidney Wins- ion and Jonas Arnold, members of 'rhis Firm, lravellng lo following cifies and schools. liinerary on request Washlnglon Philadelphia Wilminglon Ballimore Pilrsburgh Cincinnali Chicago Cleveland Buffalo Delroif Sf. Louis Princefon Univ. of Virginia I'-lolchlriss Grolon Hill School Lawrenceville Sf. Marks Brooks Sr. Paul's QOMIPILIIMNENTS OIF MCMANUIS . , , JIU!!-IIN , . . ADAMS . 1 UUJHRD UHIISUII "Land Mark 'For Hungry S'l'udenls" Roules 29 81 50 Cl-IARLOTTESVILLE Famous for 28 Ice Cream Flavors and excellenl' food Cavalier Specials for Sruclenfs and Facully UNIVERSITY Illlllll ANII llllllllil, INC. BOOKSTORE 9 Sluolenl Supplies Since l825 JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS RADIOS-RECORDS-SUPPLIES 4 BOQKSQSTATIONERY- THE YOUNG MEN'S SHOP Home of HART-SCHAFFNER 84 MARX CLOTHES KNOX HATS - NUNN-BUSH SHOES MacGREGOR SPORTS WEAR DOWNTOWN H. M. GLEASON 8: COMPANY, INC. Feeds - Seeds - Feriilizer InI'erna+ionaI Trucks, Tracfors and Farm Machinery Phone 2-5I45 Cor. Is? and Garrefi Sis. CharIoHesviIIe, Va COMPLIMENTS SPICER BROS. DRY CLEANERS 8: DYERS Cash and Carry af Ihe Corner Or Dial 3-224I 0 2-405I for Pick-up and Delivery RUDY'S CLEANING AND DYE WORKS S. L. THOMAS OPTICIAN IQIITCII-I'IINN For flliott 11 Mello-Rich Ice Cream BeIIe Ribbon Bu+'I'er Sized Ice CaII 2-9I64 ELLIOTT ICE COMPANY CHANCELLOR'S DRUG STORE More fhan 'fiffy years of service 'Io s+uden+s of fhe Universiiy of Virginia "AT THE CORNER" PIEDMONT CLEANERS, INC. 209 PR ESTON AVE. 3 DAY SERVICE-CALL AND DELIVER MRS. E. F. RAMSEY Dial 2-7550 DIEILMA STUIDIIOS 521 5+h Avenue NEW YORK. NEW YORK Our Mcwgool' pA0f0gl"6ll9A8l'.'5 Main Office and Labora BASKETBALL fffontinzzrfzl from Page 274j hoopsters entertained the Colonials of George WHSllll1gf0ll in the second of a two game series. Despite the performance of Captain Frankie Allen, the VVahoos dropped another close one to the men from W2SI1Il1gLOl1 by a 72-69 count. The contest was deadlocked I3 times, and neither team could gain as much as a six point lead. lylohl and Dohner were high for Virginia but the credit went to Frankie Allen's floor play for keeping his team in the game. Virginia, 54g St. Joseph, 67 The Virginia hoopsters ended a below average season on the floor of St, Josephs in Philadelphia as they bowed by a score of 67-54, The issue was never in doubt, despite the fact that the VVahoos could have easily made use of a last game victory. Vic llflohl was again high for the Virginia quintet with I4 points and Captain Frankie Allen turned in one of his fin-er showings, including a IO point donation to the team score. All in all season was not up to par for the University Quintet. Prospects for next year, however, are much brighter in that the return of mainstays Livick, Hooper, lWohl, Dohner, Caldwell, and Kollmansperger are expected if the international crisis does not intervene. The absence of Captain Frankie Allen, who is leaving by 'graduation, will be greatly felt, but a multitude of bright freshman stars may remedy the situation if allowed sufficient experi- ence. In conclusion we leave the 1951 hoopsters with a word of praise and a glimpse of a promising future, PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS COMPLIMENTS 0 JEFFERSON 0 LAFAYETTE ' UNIVERSITY N. W. MARTIN 81 BROS. ROOFING AND SHEET METAL CONTRACTORS SLAG, TILE AND SLATE ROOFING CI-IARLOTTESVILLE -RIDGE DRIVE-IN RUSSELL Mooney THEATERS OLDSMOBILE Sales and Service IF IT'S CLOTHES IT'S ELJO'S Jarman Shoes ' Timely Clofhes Paris BeI'rs ' Excello Shirfs "AI Ihe Corner" FINANCIAL REPORT OF THE CORKS 81 CURLS Ias some people 'rhinlc ? I "' RECEIPTS Organizafions Frafernifies Sponsors . Donafions from Pidure Fees AcIver+ising Alrhleric Depf ........... I-Iush money from ecliror of I949 Specfafor . I Loving.Fri.engs EXPENSES Siaff Parfy .... ...... Delma Sfudios .... .-.-- Benson Prinfing Co. . . Lynchburg Engraving Co. . Traveling Expenses ........ 5ecreJrary's Salary ......... . Business IvIanager's Engaqernenf Ring ..... Down Paymenf on Ec:IiIor's Ring ....... Kickbacks To Various Wheels Around The Grounds . Unreporied Expenses ........... EcIi+or's New Used Car . . . . . . . To'raI . +I 5,000.00 . S . 3 I .94 . 3,000.00 . 0,000.00 . I95,000.00 . 85,000.00 . I0,000.00 . 467.93 S299,I72.87 85.50 . SIS . 3.85 24.76 3.47 . 2,000.00 . I ,554.09 . 4,683.97 690.00 753.90 . 3,260.00 . 4,500.00 . . . . S I7,559.54 Ne+ Profif S28I,6I3.33 No're-The edifor and business manager have refired Io Caialina Island where Ihey recenily boughf a Iuxurious "mansion by I'he sea" on shares wiI'h Messrs. Hoskins and Turner of 'rhe Afhleiic Depari- menr. Audifed by Car Washing George, CPA. PUB. D DT. IOU. LYNCHB URG msmmxs coivlpfwyv Designers and engravers of the South's finest school publications n v LYNCHBURG, VIRGINIA 5 E1 s 'E Q E Il' eu u n PHI!-TIIIEEIJIIIPAl1Y3ufri1A5HVIllE Q :- I'- 0 .

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