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 - Class of 1941

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University of Virginia - Corks and Curls Yearbook (Charlottesville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1941 Edition, Cover

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"I am closing flue lefesi' scene of my life by fashioning and 'Fosfering an esfblish- menf for fhe insfruclion of fhose who come afier us. l hope ihal' i+s influence on +heir vir+ue, freedom. fame, and happiness will be saluiary and permanent" 1- W :F A A1 M,-1 fiif-""x:v"!i5 QQ 1 fu ""'N, Y 5'f'7'w 11- :' ' ' I I, + lg Wills f ' . 1 L F AJ A in A 1 gli ff, up F V uit L v In wt LW l 'i i g M LL' 1 4-., Q I 3 : l I f, N l 'M lll1n.!.l H- .lllf:Luni 'nil A ur.4n1'klEAl l m in CONTENT U N I V E R S I T D E P A R T M E N T A T H L E T I C F E A T U R E F R A T E R N I T I E ORGAN ANOTHER ACADEMIC YEAR HAS COME TO A CLOSE. A YEAR THAT IN THE FUTURE WILL MEAN PRECIOUS MEM- ORIES OF FRIENDSHIPS, HAPPY MO- MENTS, AND INDIVIDUAL ACHIEVEMENT. WE HOPE THAT THIS BOOK WILL SERVE TO KEEP THOSE MEMORIES ALIVE. FRANK H. BALSLEY. EDITOR O THOMAS NELSON PAGE JOHNSON. JR.. BUSINESS MANAGER x IA LIMITED EDITION OF QUHHUUQL5 FOR NINETEEN FORTY-ONE 5'3'vf.YI',f,-Wg' w,w4's"5+f' "fRI'FI'Ifi'I'Ia'qr--V ,Inna "'ifi'v- iii - 'iii jmyq4"ffya5'-'1Ifi!g"'u"IIwif"1g3m1',fv"v IWW IIII" III' I I IIEIFIUIWHIIWIWW IIIIII iiIlllllllilllllllilllllllilIII YIIIW Iggilllllllilllllllllu s Ili E25 5' I 'IE EEE E" I IIIIIIIII.:I'I11""'J- "" .IIIIIIIZIG "" IK','IIIIs lm'IIIIII'II llI"Il. " 1 'uni' ...,-,gufffg 5:11-n ullfn. - H ,, IIIIIIIU. 5 Ilrmivxxlugvan FIFTY-FOURTH ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF THE FRATERNITIES AND LITERARY SOCIETIES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA II 1, O IVEY FOREMAN LEWIS IN RECOGNITION OF I I, WI I 4 I ' X I I TI X 1 3 I' X -I X HIS TWENTY-SIX YEARS OF LOYAL SERVICE TO THE UNIVERSITY, AT FIRST AS HEAD OF THE MILLER SCHOOL OF BIOLOGY, WHERE HIS CAPABLE LEADERSHIP BROUGHT THE SCHOOL GREATLY INCREASED SIZE AND PRES- TIGE, AND NOW AS DEAN OF THE UNIVERSITY TO WHICH POST HE HAS BROUGHT OUTSTANDING ABILITY AS AN ADMINISTRATOR AND AN U'N- FAILING CAPACITY TO DEAL WITH STUDENT PROBLEMS AND U'NIVERSITY I 1 AFFAIRS. KINDLY, UNDERSTANDING. AND COURAGEOUS IN HIS PERSONAL DEALINGS HIS PRIMARY PURPOSE HAS EVER BEEN TO MAINTAIN AND KEEP BEFORE THE STUDENT THE PRINCIPLES OF GENTLEMANLINESS AND INTEL- LECTUAL INTEGRITY, WHICH HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE PRECIOUS HERITAGE OF THE TRUE STUDENT OF THE UNIVERSITY. TO PAY TRIBUTE TO HIS ABILITY AND ACCOMPLISHMENTS AND TO HONOR HIM FOR HIS UNSELFISH CON- TRIBUTIONS TO THE UNIVERSITY. WE DEDICATE TO HIM THIS FIFTY-FOURTH VOLUME OF "CORKS AND CURLS." . . , IIIIIAM PAUL B. BARRINGER Dled January 8 I94-I ROBERT VALENTINE Died Sepfembor 28. l940 CHARLES J. FAY Died October 8, I940 7 A UNIVERSITY wr! 242 UT OF THE PAST, OUT OF THE HEART OF OUR GREAT FOUNDER CAME THIS UNI- VERSITY. RICH IN NOBLE TRADITION AND UNSURPASSED IN BEAUTY. THE ROTUNDA gf.ri'f:- r -I .. Lf., '- I l ,!r,' "4 '4 an N4 .4 49. , , if L.. ' I 4 .I O X ' 4, x Y, 4 , I ,' is.. sl 0 ' - .uk lf., ' HI- . o ' 'Wy ' QM i x , 'A' v x 7,4 . " y ' .1 4 4 . "1- "',1f"T A-.,, x, - I A ' 6 I' -In ' h , W ,:. -,lf V ,Z.4i .uffl ' M 5 MQ Q 'L-aim' 1' L 'B , , v. ...- J ' A' 2' - if ,. .. . V TT? 2 -1. Wigan -- h 31, .4.......a. " Situ. 'r' f ,nm-4-w..w x A , 1' "- " - - , I I I ' " ' 4 . 1 MN Q elf' z"' N me J . ,1, .. . M- Cabell I-lall , ? 1 v fl 1 ,. Qx .' Us Xu 1 -gg egfvil ' Q1 B 1, s '3 'c. .-5.4 .-1 .. 5 u nk- wi 4?--9: J fx. 'Q Q., V -J ' A We f V .vx 9 1 l . A 1 -44. A . xv' A . k 4 ."lr ' -- A . 1 ly . ' -M - A-.W --w ' ' " , .df W, , ...,,,n- wk' R iggxaf ,. W' WSJ .15-N 4Ff"'3Y',?f-aw-ff Af My f ' L.,,,.-hwnf 4' 1. M- .N L , f .gsrv'f"'-W',1'i' M wr'-1-WN - . "'f'ZQ,,.....:5jfM13!f2g ,,m',,j1 . , . 125.1 5?-55:5 gf.. x , -,. f 4-ff .1 ,--y,,.,,a,- A ,, 5 ggyifm :lMJ!M!3g2wl.,,A ,,,.k,.,,M f, M -.1w:gJn,,:g:g,.:i,Awwmg2.C,,.,.14, 4 ., :"wy4vJ1f1' ins, -5a'3,y.,:.::' '-1 - f L1rag'nU,'VB' iff ' jn9,wfy',,,., -'-gg-,.,g.1,.'n Nl .myf-ygvislf-.KK ,mfqkii :Tm.,A1,m',q, ,v . Ui,-A . f-:wr2w,-f4fWf'v?"' . ,lm M 'M' V .-mv L, WW? QW ,-:ug 15 rf"--,mv-v 1' 1 vm 'SW' " ,2,,,p. a,A9,:'zvf:Y K .Ji 551.3 WM- -ff". we w ', vii fi ..i:,F,:,.4.3gqNv.,,. A -A h Ap ,.':,-mu ud'vf7 'fi' ',"Q,'t',x,,,, , , . f 5. JI h5,mw,,:Qff1af."-..'.,, ..f- .5 If ,- .L,7. I. 5-,,,,,gyg3.,gp-, ' ' ,JL A ,W X , Q, "vm .,',L,,w'n1. 14 'N 1' 5. , '.,1f,,W Q-' -vw., V " , . mv, . QM, L, 1. 1 na. ' ' -Vw ' Q 'f W' . . - - .J 'fx' f , ' , fw' 1'1"Q"' .Rv ., , L my .,F.,5.. .fi Ha Q 4. n ,., . 4, M, K- , .- M i .W ,xl pn:-Ahelw ' "':',T". . f..N.,- 'fw'fw.v--vxM..'L1.u.i.'. 4, ZX?-. u..2'J'fv.,"n v' wb ..f , -4, yeqi, -If--of 0" ,.., Q. 411- . 4 ',a ,. r.,,. N . E' v: rv Q' , , . 0- .f 5 shag, PW , 1 r df' I . x 1 -Ii iv. . The Law School The Alderman Library v. 'Q X, - x ails. 5 J i '-1 ' ' X." F '- o Q -, fa asf". g 5 .M -a. I . , ' 1 ' 'FE 1' Q, sb 'EPXQR ,I ,vt Q W. 4-ix .sfo 'gg' M., -3 a v - -. -. 'VIN fi - ' vm ' - 'N . ' . 1' " ' " . 1 ." t XV xv 1, x ' 1 hw , , x .ng Q .' E '.- ' A ' V-3 -' .' - N A of-arf 'N Us -fi "mf 5 1 ' s . Q., :xv 5 -Q J -x S.. K .M .P .L 12 'Ta ,, . 'Yjw g r . g - aft '9 . ,, e -N 15N -,.x,,Qx I ,L I, -,I. 5.53 4-, I Q. A It . , . 'lt Qi: . ',! 5 Lg' axrgfi N , V Q ., U- . R' 1 H ' ' -A-, .1 I ' K 'x if TL :3.,1E,Qu ' ' , 1 1.1 1 ,Cty 7,1 R .g v' A . . u N' Max' Y. ,fqw 'L 1 JR dv Ls . Q. .'i,," gh 14, 9, 0 Q -K X ' ,- . f wr' ' 4 '- f l Q Q .45 ,'.u6.sf,"fw fr lan... F, .A,z4'v..-F, .'i'.-.N 'Zz' V is V, 1A Q- QM, -, x I , 'gy is 'N 'V 1, f- ri 'Via' 'ay U uhm. , was 2... .. LZ' x if vu 1 . p' ' hi, ' Y.-E' M , .-Fai M ' ...xv . -W K' , fo .gf 'f ' 1' f. .-f- W1-L ' " - N NVQ .A lsr. 'Taft' ..1, ' N, ' "' " I. xx 4? 5' ..AL,mJ ,rs , 1 44 " I - p .ax h ., 'LA I 'J , ' I . A v , 1 Q I I A ,. A. A , , A, , , Rouss Physical Laboratory W 'S- West Lawn ff ' 4,1 - - " r . 1 4 , T x 1 li ...U , Rl t s 'ls' Q 4. " a , .J pr' , .i X F , , q f A la J -V , '- l pw' ' Y ' '- N ' A K ', 4 'J' X 1' A 4 :- . ,-K "K L ' K bl . X A' N L sk '., , 4 "' '1 . X J ! - " t J' ' Q ' g. . 4' ,N x . Q .L Q fu 1 ? B. V ' " - Q' 1 L ... -i x QV gg .A - ' 1 '. A 'A? Q ,. E ary' A , GQ Z M iw rg' TLV g w 'MM -f A we g 4 .S :J , Q' A -aw 'Si -Q' ' ' " 'i Fff ,, s L 'I g Q N 41 , 5 E 5. I-1-ziqknd 9 ,.. ' ' n. .,f,, n4,4:, . x -1.:Jq,,'!. Mir L l 1 5. 1' :x , Q . X, ' "'r . f- ',i?T-'IQI1' . AV vf'-KG, - 1.3 5 SV'-ii,-C, A .47 -"f,11l'Y' ' " 5 F. ' 'T ..:' . 'v 1 D k.tYLi, Q . Y 2' A, :, K " ' g ,i"'s . ' - L , vt. . . 5.2 Q. 5. I. I h -. ' T '- V' ' Y' 6 N V., , -QA .1- - . ' Q A 'T' '53 lf- Q 1 - . 4.:.o mxlill If e .X sh,"-iv U lu .,Q, ' 'S' ' , A .Q Q 5 lm" f -5- ,' ' N.'v V' A ' . ef-- W ,TC fa ...W ,,,,-,, .,- .... . QQ-.....,. .n Us -1- , ,1 .n : - 141- 1 'Z 'f,Z"':mwnr . Qs yi 1 H., --fungi an '11 3 1-I , ....... - '9 'Q' 'M 'HU -us., ,4P' .44 -ah if "iw - M. . u x--', H Y in ,Q rf'. . . -, v K 4 4 I! 0 4 ' S QQ, , 'K . dv ,-9' -.-w, 'I st! . vw.. ,E 'f 5. Y ,V 1 gl 1' .Y TY! Engineering School West Range WMI mf OF THE UNIVERSITY T JOHN LLOYD NEWCOMB s.A., c.s., seo., LL.o. Pi Kappa Alpha: Lambda Pi: Phi Bela Kappa: Tau Bela Pi: Theia Tau: Sigma Bela Phi: T. l. L. K. A.: Raven: Bachelor of Arls, William and Mary College: Civil Engineer. Universily of Virginia: Doclor of Science, Washingion and Lee Universiiy, I933: LL.D., William and Mary College, I935: LL.D.. George Washingfon Universiiy, I934: LL.D., Dulce Universiiy, l935: Adiuncl Professor of Civil Engineering, Universiiy of Virginia, l905-I909: Professor of Civil Engineering. Universiiy of Virginia, l9IO-I933: Assislani lo The President Universiiy of Virginia, I926-l93I: Aciing President Universily of Virginia, l93I-l933: Presideni. Universily of Virginia, I933. E251 IVEY FOREMAN LEWIS B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Dean of The Universify Dr. Lewis became Dean of Ihe Universily in I934, following Ihe retiremeni of fhe lafe Dean Page. Previous io fha? time he had served as Acting Dean of Men. Dr. Lewis holds 'rwo degrees from The Universify of Norfh Carolina. His Ph.D, he earned af Johns Hopkins. He is a Zeta Pg and a member of The Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, and Raven ocuefies. THE CORPORATION OF THE UNIVERSITY Legal Tiilez "The Reclors and Visilors of The Universily of Virginia" THE RECTOR OF THE UNIVERSITY Roberl Gray Williams THE VISITORS OF THE UNIVERSITY To February 28, I942 James Howard Corbifi' ......... Suffolk Lewis Callelr Williams . , . . . Richmond Charles O'Conor Goolrick .... Fredericksburg Beverley Dandridge Tucker . . .Cleveland Bessie Caller Randolph ......... Hollins To February 29, I940 Hollis Rineharl ....,.... Charlollesville The Slale Superinfendenl of Public Chrislopher Browne Garnefl' .... Arlinglon lnsfrucfion. ex-officio ........ Richmond Roberl Gray Williams ...... V. Winchesfer The Presiclenl of Ihe Universify, ex-officio Universify THE SECRETARY OF THE VISITORS Elmer Irving Carruihers EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Miss Randolph, Messrs. Goolrick, Rinehart Corbiil. and The Reclor FINANCE COMMITTEE R. G. Williams. Chairman: Rinehari, Corbill GROUNDS AND BUILDING COMMITTEE Messrs. Rinehart Garnefl, Corbill' NEW BUILDINGS COMMITTEE Messrs. Rineharf, L. C. Williams, and Garnefl E261 OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION JOHN LLOYD NEWCOMB. B.A., C.E.. LL.D.. Sc.D.. . . Presidenf of Ihe Universify IVEY FOREMAN LEWIS, B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D .... . ...... Dean of +he Universiiy GEORGE OSCAR FERGUSON, JR.. M.A., Ph.D. . . . . Dean of 'rhe College of Arfs and Sciences JAMES SOUTHALL WILSON. M.A., Ph.D., LL.D .,... Dean oi The Deparimeni of Graduaie Siudies FREDERICK DEANE GOODWIN RIBBLE. M.A.. LL.B.. Jur.Sc.D. . . . Dean of Ihe Deparfmem' of Law HARVEY ERNEST JORDAN, M.A., Ph.D. . . ..... Dean of Ihe Deparimenf of Medicine WALTER SHELDON RODMAN. M.S., S.M. . . . . Dean of Ihe Deparimeni of Engineering JOHN LEVI MANAHAN, M.A.. PI'1,D .... . . ..... Dean of 'Ihe Deparimonf of Educafion GEORGE BASKERVILLE ZEHMER. B.S.. M.A. . Dean of Ihe Summer Ouarfer and Direc+or of Exiension WILSON GEE. M.A.. Ph.D.. D.Sc.. LL.D.. Direc'Ior oF 'the InsIiI'uIe for Research in 'Ihe Social Sciences ELMER IRVING CARRUTHERS . . . Bursar VIRGINIA EMMA MORAN, M.A. . . Regis+rar HARRY CLEMONS. M.A.. . . . Librarian CATHERINE LIPOP GRAVES ...... . Law Librarian ROBERTA LOIS HOLLINGSWORTH. Ph.D ..... ............... D ean of Women NORTON GOODIER PRITCHETT . . . Direcfor of Deparfmenf of A'rhIe+ics and Physical Educaiion FRANK EVERETT HARTMAN, C.E. . . I. Superinfendenf of Grounds and Buildings BLANCHE LOVING SHEPHERD. . ...... Secrefary fo fhe Presidenf LAURA KEGLEY WILLIAMS . . . . . . . . . Assisfani Secrefary Io 'rhe Presidenf THOMAS MOORE CARRUTHERS . . . Treasurer. Deparfmenf of Aihlefics and Physical Educa+ion ARCHIBALD BOLLING SHEPPERSON . . ........ Eciifor, Virginia Quarierly Review CHARLES HENRY KAUFFMANN. JR. . . . . Direcfor of Sfudeni Self HeIp and Execuiive Secrefary Bureau of High School ReIaIions. JAMES MALCOLM LUCK . . . . . ..... . . . Alumni Secreiary WILLIAM HILLMAN WRANEK, JR. . . . Assisianf Alumni Secreiary E271 GEORGE OSCAR FERGUSON s.A., MA., Ph.D. Dean of The College of Arfs and Sciences Dr. Ferguson is a graduafe of William and Mary and Columbia. He faughf af fhe former insfilue fion and af Colgafe Universify before coming here in I9I9. In I934 he became Dean of fhe College here. He is a Kappa Sigma, and a member of Phi Delfa Kappa, Phi Bela Kappa, and Raven. His home is in Leesburg, in norfhern Virginia. JAMES SOUTHALL WILSON A.B., M.A., Ph.D., LL.D. Dean of fhe Deparfmenl of Graduafe Sfudies Dr. Wilson sfudied af fhe College of William and Mary, Uriversify of Virginia, and Princefon Uni- versity. He also received an honorary degree of LL.D, from William and Mary. In I937 he was appoinfed Dean of The Graduafe School, following the refiremenf of Dr, Melcalf. He is a member of Kappa Sigma, Phi Bela Kappa, Colonnade Club, and Raven. OFFICERS OF INSTRUCTION UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA THOMAS PERKINS ABERNATI-IY. Ph.D ...... ....... ...... P r ofessor of I-Iisfory HENRY GRADY ACKER. M.S, . . Assisfanf Professor of School Supervision and Elemenfary School Supervisor ALFRED AKERMAN, M.F. ....... . .Associafe Professor of Foreslry ancl Direcfor Seward Foresf VINCENT WILLIAM ARCHER, B.S.. M.D. . . . . . . . . . Professor of Roenfgenology ALBERT GEORGE ADAM EALZ. M.A., Ph.D. . . . . Professor of Philosophy JAMES COOK BARDIN, M.D ....... . . . . , . . Professor of Romance Languages MAXIMILIAN ALBERT JULIUS BARLOW, B.A., C.P.A.. . . Professor of Commerce and Business Aclminisfrafion WILLIAM JAMES BARRON, B.A., LL.B. . . . Associafe Professor of Law , , , . . . Professor of Physics JESSE WAKEFIELD BEAMS, M.A.. Ph.D. . T281 ROBERT BENNETT BEAN. B-5-I MD- --.. - EDMUND OLAF BELSHEIM. B.A.. B.C.L.. J.S.D. . . ARTHUR FERGUSON BENTON. M.A.. Ph.D. . ABRAHAM BERGLUND, B.A., Ph.D. . . EDWIN MORRIS BETTS. Ph.B., M.S.. Ph.D. . . STAIGE DAVIS BLACKFORD. B.S.. M.D. . FREDSON THAYER BOWERS. Ph.B., Ph.D. . . FLOYD BOYS. B.S.. M.D.. M.S ........ . . Professor of Anafomy . . Associafe Professor of Law . . . . . . . Professor of Chemisfry Professor of Commerce and Business Adminisfrafion WILLIAM EDWARD BRAY. B.A., M.D. . .Professor of Clinical Pa SIDNEY WILLIAM BRITTON. B.S.. M.D.. C.M. FREDERICK LYONS BROWN. M.A.. Ph.D. . . WILLIAM EDWARD BROWN. M.D. . . LESLIE HEPBURN BUCKLER, M.A. . ALFRED BURGER. Ph.D ..... . . . EDWIN WEISMAN BURTON. B.A., M.D. . . EDMUND SCHUREMAN CAMPBELL, M.S. . JOHN EDWIN CANADAY. B.A., M.A. . . LESTER JESSE CAPPON, M.A.. Ph.D .... . GARDNER LLOYD CARTER. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. JAMES ROBERT CASH. M.A., M.D. . . ALFRED CI-IANUTIN. Ph.B.. Ph.D. . HARRY CLEMONS. M.A. .... . JAMES WEBB COLE. B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. . . CLAUDE C. COLEMAN. M.D .... GEORGE M. COOPER, JR.. M.D. . . EDWARD LYMAN COREY. B.A., Ph.D. . . WILLIAM GAYLE CRUTCHFIELD, M.D. . HENRY HARFORD CUMMING. B.S.. M.S. . CHARLES KIDDER DAVENPORT. C.P.l-I.. Ph.D. . . ARTHUR KYLE DAVIS. JR.. M.A.. B.LiH.. Ph.D. . . . . . Assisfanf Professor of Biology Assisfanf Professor of Pracfice of Medicine . . . Assisfanf Professor of English . . . . . . Assisfanf Professor of Surgery fhology and Direcfor of Clinical Laborafories . . . . . .......... Professor of Physiology Associaf . . . . Professor of Physics . . Professor of Phfhisiofheraphy . . . . . . . Professor of Law . . Assisfanf Professor of Chemisfry . . Associafe Professor of Ophfhalmology . . Professor of Arf and Archifecfure . . Assisfanf Professor of Hisfory of Arf . . . . Assisfanf Professor of Hisfory . . Professor of Chemisfry . . Professor of Pafhology . .Professor of Biochemisfry . . . .... . Librarian . . . . Assisfanf Professor of Chemistry . Clinical Professor of Neurological Surgery . . Assisfanf Professor of Roenfgenology . . . . Assisfanf Professor of Physiology e Clinical Professor of Neurological Surgery . . Assisfanf Professor of Polifical Science . . . Assisfanf Professor of Philosophy . . Professor of English Liferafure MELVIN GARDNER DE CHAZEAU. B.A.. M.A., Ph.D. . . .Associafe Professor of Commerce and Business Adminisfrafion WAYNE DENNIS, M.A., Ph.D. ......... . Assisfanf Professor of Psychology HARDY CROSS DILLARD, Grad.. U.S.M.A., LL.B. . ........ Professor of Law FREDERICK CHARLES DISOUE, M.S .... . . Associafe Professor of Archifecfure ARMISTEAD MASON DOBIE, LL.B.. S.J.D. . . .................. Lecfurer in Law EVERETT CATO DRASH. B.A., M.D. . . . . .Assisfanf Professor of Clinical Surgery and Gynecology GEORGE BOARDMAN EAGER. JR., B.A., LL.B. ROWLAND ANDREWS EGGER, M.A., Ph.D. Absenf o THOMAS SHEPHERD, A.M.. M.D. ..... . THOMAS HAYHURST EVANS, B.S.. M.S. in C.E. WILLIAM HARRISON FAULKNER. M.A.. Ph.D. GEORGE OSCAR FERGUSON. JR., M.A.. Ph.D. ARTHUR ALEXANDER DAVID FRASER, B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. RUDOLF FREUND, Ph.D. IHeideIbergl . . . JOHN LEONARD FULMER, B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. . ROBERT V. FUNSTEN, M.D. . . . . . . JULIO SAUREZ GALBAN. B.S.. Ph.D .... . RICHARD CECIL GARLICK, JR., M.A.. Ph.D. . WILSON GEE, M.A.. Ph.D.. D.Sc.. LL.D. FRANK ARTHUR GELDARD, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. CHAUNCEY McLEAN GILBERT, B.S.. Ph.D. . . GARRARD GLENN, B.A.. LL.B. .... . . ROBERT KENT GOOCH, M.A., D.PhiI. lOxon.l ARMISTEAD CHURCHILL GORDON. JR.. M.A.. W. PATTON GRAHAM. M.A. . ORON JAMES HALE. M.A.. Ph.D ...., LEWIS MACHEN HAMMOND. M.A.. Ph.D. . . FICKENSCHER, Diploma, Royal Conservafory, Ph.D. Professor of Law n leave, I940-4I ..... Professor of Polifical Science . . Associafe Professor of Prevenfive Medicine . . Associafe Professor in Civil Engineering . . . Professor of Germanic Languages . . . . Professor of Psychology and Educafion Munich . . ........ Professor of Music . . . . . . Associafe Professor of Archaeology . . .Acfing Assisfanf Professor of Rural Economics . . . . Associafe Professor of Rural Economics . . . . . Professor of Orfhopedics . . . . . Assisfanf Professor of Spanish . . . . . Assisfanf Professor of Romance Languages Professor of Rural Economics and Rural Sociology: Direcfor Insfifufe for Research in Social Sciences . . Professor of Psychology . Assisfanf Professor of Biology . . . . . Professor of Law . Professor of Polifical Science . ..... Professor of English . Professor of Romanic Languages . Associafe Professor of Hisfory . . Assisfanf Professor of Philosophy l30l HARVEY ERNEST JORDAN B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of lhe Deparlmenl of Medicine Dr, Jordan is a native of Coopersburg, Pa. He aflenced Lehigh Universily where he received his B.A. and M.A. He received his Ph.D. from Princefon and lhen became an Assisfanl af Cornell Medical School affer which he came fo fhe Uni- versify. He was appoinled Dean of lhe Medical School in June, I939, succeeding Dr. Flippin. He is a member of Phi Bela Kappa, Raven Sociely, Colonnadc Club, Alpha Omega Alpha, Iola Sigma, Phi Sigma Kappa, and Phi Bela Pi. WALTER SHELDON RODMAN B.A., M.A., S.M. Dean of fhe Deparfmenf of Engineering Rhode lsiand College and fhe Massachusells lnsfi- fulc of Technology are Dr, Rodman's alma malcrs. He came here in l9l0 as Adiulanf Professor of Elcclrical Engineering, ln I933 he rose lo lhe Deanship when Dr. Newcomb became Acfing Dean of Eleclrical Engineering. He is a member of Sig- ma Kappa, Phi Bela Kappa, Sigma Xi, Tau Bela Pi, Theta Tau, Phi Gamma Mu, and Raven. ANDREW DeJARNETTE HART. M.D. . . . Professor of Clinical Medicine and Direclor of Sludenf Health JAMES HART. A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D ........ . . Professor of Polilical Science GUSTAV ARNOLD HEDLUND, A.B., A.M., Ph.D. . . . . . . . . Professor of Mafhemafics RAYMOND CONRAD HEIDLOFF, B.P.E.. B.S.. M.P.E.. . . Assisfanf Professor of Physical Educalion ATCHESON LAUGHLIN HENCH, M.A.. Ph.D .... . . . .... Professor of English CHARLES HENDERSON, E.E. ...... . . Professor of Experimenlal Engineering HERMAN CARL HESSE, B.S.. M.E. . . . Associafe Professor of Engineering Drawing ARCHIBALD ANDERSON HILL, B.A. M.A.. Ph.D. . . Professor of English FRANK WILLIAM HOFFER. M.A.. Ph.D. . . . . . Associafe Professor of Sociology ROBERTA LOlS HOLLINGSWORTH. B.A.. Ph.D. . . . .. . . . . Dean of Women MYRTLE MARY HOLLO, B.Ph., M.A. . . Assislanl Professor of Nursing Educafion E311 FREDERICK D. G. RIBBLE a.A., M.A., LLB. Dean of fhe Deparfmenf of Law Dr. Ribble, a graduafc of fhe College of William and Mary, earned his M.A. af lhc Universify in l9l7. Lafer, he became an lnsfrucfor in Com- mercial Law. In I92l he received his LL.B. from fhe Universify of Virginia. He is o member of fhe Virginia and American Bar Associalions, and fhc Raven Sociefy. He was appoinfed fo his JOHN LEVI MANAHAN as., M.A., Ph.D. Dean of fhe Deparfmenf of Educafion Dr, Monahan has been Dean of The Deparfmenf of educafion since l92O. He came here in 'I6 as Professor of Educafional Adminisfrafion. His na- five sfafe is Ohio and he is a graduafe of Ohio Norfhern and Harvard Universifies. Before faking up his professional work here, he had faughf af Harvard, af Miami Universify, and af Radcliffe presenf posifion in I937. College. ROBERT NOBLE HOSKINS. M.A. . . . Assisfanf Professor of Physical Educafion FLOYD NELSON HOUSE, M.A., Ph.D. .,.... . . . . . . . Professor of Sociology LLEWELLYN GRIFFITH HOXTON. B.S.. M.A,. Ph.D. . LADLEY HUSTED. Ph.D ....., DUNCAN CLARK HYDE, B.A.. Ph.D ..... . ARTHUR MERRITT JARMAN, B.S.Ed.. M.S.. Ph.D. HERMAN PATRICK JOHNSON. M.A.. Ph.D. . THOMAS CARY JOHNSON. JR.. B.A.. M.A. . RICHARD CHAPIN JONES, B.A., M.F. . . HARVEY ERNEST JORDAN. M.A.. Ph.D. . . . WILLIAM ALLISON KEPNER, M.A.. Ph.D., Sc.D, ELBERT ALVIS KINCAID. M.A.. Ph.D. . . . . Professor of Anafomy E321 . , . . . Professor of Physics . . Assisfanl Professor of Biology . . Associafe Professor of Economics . . . Assislanf Professor of Educafion . Associafe Professor of English Liferafure . . . . Professor of Hisfory . . . . . . . . Associafe Professor of Foresfry and Direcfor of Anafomical Laborafory . . ..... . . Professor of Biology Professor of Commerce and Business Aclminisfrafion JAMES ERNEST KINDRED. M.A.. Ph.D. . EDGAR WILSON KIRBY. M.D ........... EUGENE MARKLEY LANDIS, A.M., M.S., M.D.. Ph.D.. . . . . . . . . . Professor of Anatomy . .Assisfanf Professor of Urology and Procfology . . . . . . . . . . . Professor of Infernal Medicine FRANCIS GREENFIELD LANKFORD, JR., M.S., Ph.D. Assisfanf Professor in Teaching of Mafhemafics and GEORGE McLEAN LAWSON, MID. . LAWRENCE LEE. B.S.. M.A. . . . EDWIN PARTRIDGE LEHMAN. B.A.. M.D. . LINWOOD LEHMAN. M.A.. Ph.D. . . . . . . CARLISLE SANFORD LENTZ. B.A.. M.D. Professor of IVEY FOREMAN LEWIS. B.A.. M.S.. Ph.D. . BEN-ZION LINFIELD, Ph.D.. Sc.D, . STEPHAN LUDEWIG, Ph.D. ......... . LAWRENCE THEODORE LUDWIG, B.P.E., M.Ed. . . ROBERT ELIOT LUTZ. M.S., Ph.D. . . . . . . SELBY VERNON McCASLAND, Th.B., A,M.. Ph.D. . . ARTHUR FRANCIS MACCONNOCHIE. B.Sc. IEngrg.l AMELIA McLESTER. M.A. ............ . EDWARD JAMES McSHANE. B.E., B.S., M.E., Ph.D. . STANISLAW JOHN MAKIELSKI, B.S.. Arch. . JOHN LEVI MANAHAN, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. . BERNARD MAYO. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. . . . EARL GODFREY MELLOR, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. . JOHN MOYER MEREDITH. M.D. ...... . JAMES SHANNON MILLER, JR., B.S., B.A., E.E. . . SAMUEL ALFRED MITCHELL, M.A.. Ph.D., LL.D. . . Nafural Science of Secondary Schools . Professor of Prevenfive Medicine and Bacferiology . , . ..,.. Assisfanf Professor of French . . Professor of Surgery and Gynecology . ............... Professor of Lafin Hospifal Adminisfrafion and Superinfendenf of Hospifal . . Professor of Biology and Agriculfure . . Associafe Professor of Mafhemafics . . . Assisfanf Professor of Biochemisfry . . Associafe Professor of Physical Educafion . . . . . . . . . . Professor of Chemisfry . . .Professor of Biblical Hisfory and Liferafure , . . . Professor of Mechanical Engineering . . . Assisfanf Professor of School Supervision . ...,.... Professor of Mafhemafics . Assisfanf Professor of Arf and Archifecfure . . Professor of Educafional Adminisfrafion . Professor of American Hisfory . . ...... Professor of Romanic Philology . .Assisfanf Clinical Professor of Neurological Surgery . . . . . . . , . Professor of Elecfrical Engineering Professor of Asfronomy and Direcfor of Leander Mc- Cormick Observafory LUCIUS GASTON MOFFATT, A.B.. M.A., Ph.D., Liff.D.. . ...... Professor of Romanic Languages FRANZ KARL MOHR, M.A., Dr. Jur. IViennal . . . WALTER ALEXANDER MONTGOMERY, B.A., Pl'1.D. . . . Assisfanf Professor of Germanic Languages . . . . Professor of Lafin E331 FREDERICK TRACY MORSE. B.A., E.E. . . CHARLES BRUCE MORTON, B.S., M.D. . . HENRY BEARDEN MULHOLLAND. M.D. . . CHARLES PATTERSON NASH. JR.. B.S.. LL.B. . WILBUR ARMISTEAD NELSON. B.S.. M.A. . . JOHN LLOYD NEWCOMB. B.A., C.E., LL.D.. Sc. JOHN MCINTYRE NOKES. M.D. . LOUISE OATES, B.S., M.A. ..... . . EARNEST JACKSON OGLESBY, B.A.. M.A. . . ARTHUR AUGUST PEGAU. M.A., PI1.D. . . HARRY ROGERS PRATT . . . NORTON GOODIER PRITCHETT ...... LAWRENCE REGINALD OUARLES. B.S.E., Ph.D. DIRK REUYL. Ph.D .......... BRUCE DODSON REYNOLDS. B.S.. Sc.D. . . D.. . FREDERICKE DEANE GOODWIN RIBBLE, M.A.. ORESTE RINETTI, Ph.D. ...... . JOHN RITCHIE. III, B.S., LL.B., J.S.D. . . JOSEPH KENT ROBERTS, M.A,. PI1.D. . . WALTER SHELDON RODMAN. M.S., S.M. . . JOHN ALEXANDER RORER, B.A.. M.A.-. . . LAWRENCE THOMAS ROYSTER. M.D. , . JOHN HENRY RUSHTON. Ph.D ..... EDWARD WATTS SAUNDERS. JR., C.E. . . JAMES KARL SCOTT. B.A., M.D. ...... . ARCHIBALD BOLLING SHEPPERSON, M.A.. PIw.D. . . . Associefe Professor of Mechanical Engineering Professor of Clinical Surgery and Gynecology . Professor of Pracfice of Medicine . . Professor of Law . . Professor of Geology . , . . . , . . . Presiclenf of fl1e Universify - . Associafe Professor of Obsfefrics and Gynecology . . Professor of Nursing Educafion . Professor of Engineering Mafhemafics . . . . . . . Assisfanf Professor of Geology Associefe Professor of Music and Dramafic Arf Direcfor of Deparfmenf of Afhlefics and Physical Educafion .Assisfanf Professor of Elecfrical Engineering . Assisfanl' Professor of Asfronomy . . . . . Professor of Zoology LL.B.. LL.M.. Jur. Sc. D. . ...... Professor of Law . . Associafe Professor of lfalian . . Professor of Law . . . . . . Professor of Geology . Professor of 'Elecfrical Engineering . Assisfenf Professor of Exfension . . . . Professor of Pediafrics . Professor of Chemical Engineering . . Professor of Civil Engineering . Assisfanf Professor of Pafhology . . . . Associafe Professor of English HERBERT SILVETTE, B.S.. M.S., Pl'1.D. . . Assisfenf Professor of Pharmacology. Meferia Medica and Toxicology GEORGE BASKERVILLE ZEHMER B.S., M.A. Dean of the Summer Quarter Mr. Zehmer, a graduate of William and Mary and Columbia, was successively Superintendent of Schools for Dinwiddie County. Virginia. a member of the faculty of William and Mary College and the University of North Carolina. Before his ap- pointment to the Deanship of the Summer Quarter in I'-738 he was Director of the Extension Depart- ment He is a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Theta Delta Chi. EARL RATLIFF SLAUGHTER, B.S. in C. E. . DUDLEY CROFFORD SMITH. B.S.. M.D. . WILLIAM ROYALL SMITH. M.A.. Ph.D. . TIPTON RAY SNAVELY, M.A.. Ph.D .... . LELAND BRADLEY SNODDY. B.S., M.A.. Ph.D. . CARROLL MASON SPARROW. B.A., Ph.D. . CARL CASKEY SPElDEL,r Ph.B.. Ph.D. . . HUGH MILLER SPENCER. B.A., M.S.. Ph.D. . GEORGE WASHINGTON SPICER. B.A., Ph.D. FRANK BUCHANAN STAFFORD. M.D. . GEORGE TALMAGE STARNES. M.A.. Ph.D. . E351 ROBERTA LOIS HOLLINGSWORTH B.A., Ph.D. Dean of Women Miss Hollingsworth is a native of Belair, Maryland. She pursued her undergraduate studies at Goucher College and after graduating there came to the University, where she earned her Ph.D. From i926 to l930 she taught at Agnes Scott College, in Georgia. but gave up this position in l93I to re- turn to the University ot Virginia as Acting Dean of Women. . . Assistant Professor of Physical Education . . Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology . . Professor of Secondary Education . . . Professor of Economics . . Associate Professor of Physics . . . . . Professor of Physics . Professor of Anatomy . . Assistant Professor of Chemistry . . . . Professor of Political Science . . . . . Assistant Professor of Phthisiotherapy Professor of Commerce and Business Administration ROBERT EARL SWINDLER. B.S.. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. . Professor in Teaching of Social Science in Secondary Schools OSCAR SWINEFORD, JR.. B.S.. M.D. . . . . . . Assisfanf Professor of Pracfice of Medicine CUTHBERT TUNSTALL. M.D. . . . . .Assisfanf Professor of Diseases of Ear, Nose, and Throaf RAYMOND UHL, M.A., Ph.D. . . . . .Assisfanf Professor of Polifical Science and Acfinq Direcfor. Bureau of Public Adminisfrafion OSCAR WILDER UNDERWOOD. JR.. LL.B. . . , . . . ....... Professor of Law JOSEPH LEE VAUGHAN. M.A.. Ph.D .... Associefe Professor of English in fhe Deparfmenf of Engineering SAMUEL ALEXANDER VEST. JR., M.D. . . . . Associofe Professor of Urology MATTHEW VOLM, Ph.D. . . . . Assisfenf Professor of German ALEXANDER VYSSOTSKY, Ph.D. ..... . . . . . . Associefe Professor of Asfronomy JAMES ALEXANDER WADDELL. B.A.. M.D. . . Professor of Pharmacology. Meferia Medica and Toxicology WILLIAM WIRT WADDELL. JR.. B.S.. M.D. . KARL RICHARDS WALLACE. A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D. ROBERT HENNING WEBB, M.A.. Ph.D. . . . WILLIAM STONE WEEDON. M.A.. Ph.D. . ORLAND EMILE WHITE, M.S.. Sc.D.. .Professor WILLIAM GORDON THOMAS WHYBURN, M.A., Ph.D. . TIFFANY JOHN WILLIAMS. B.A.. M.D ..... . . Associafe Professor of Pediafrics . Associafe Professor of Public Speaking . . .... Professor of Greek . . . . . . Assisfanf Professor of Philosophy of Agriculfural Biology: Direcfor of Blandy Experimenfal Farm HENRY WHITE, JR.. B.A.. LL.B.. S.J.D .... . VIRGIL CLIFFORD WILLIAMS. B.S.E.. M.S.. Ch.E. . . DAVID COLE WILSON, B.A.. M.D. . . . . . JAMES SOUTHALL WILSON. M.A.. Ph.D.. LL.D. FREDERIC TURNBULL WOOD. B.A.. Ph.D. . JAMES EDWIN WOOD, JR., B.S.. M.D. . . FLETCHER DRUMMOND WOODWARD, M.D. THADDEUS BRAXTON WOODY. B.A.. M.A. . DAVID MCCORD WRIGHT. LL.B.. Ph.D .... Assisfanf Pro JOHN HOWE YOE. M.S.. M.A., Ph.D. . . GEORGE BASKERVILLE ZEHMER. B.S.. M.A. . E361 . . . . . . . . . . . Professor of Law . . . . Professor of Mafhemafics . . Professor of Obsfefrics and Gynecology . . Assisfanf Professor of Chemical Engineering Associafe Professor of Psychiafry and Neurology . . . . . . . Professor of English . . Associefe Professor of Germanic Philology . . . . Professor of Pracfice of Medicine . Professor of Diseases of Ear, Nose end Throaf . ..... Assisfanf Professor of Spanish fessor of Commerce and Business Adminisfrefion . . ...... Professor of Chemisfry Professor of Educafion and Direcfor of Exfension N Q JHE YEARS PASS QUICKLY. MEMORIES OF EARLY MORNING CLASSES, LONG HOURS IN THE LIBRARY. AND THE RIGORS OF EXAM PERIODS LINGER IN OUR MINDS. AND THEN GRADUATION, "THE HONOR OF HONORS" AND SLOWLY THOSE DAYS ARE LOST IN THE DISTANCE. TO BE RECOVERED ONLY IN MEMORY. cINTIRE AMPHITHEAT . 'F' 4 Q f . ' , cgi " ' I 5 A, N244 K 1 5xf'.s' , , X lp g.",v I4 ,7'g"""t 1f'v?1?'5"-N n .rf , "Iwi-4 . ' 'JL 1' .' hu, ',' ' 41 I . , - Y, . ' YX4' ' Q f 0 41", Z in-" ' ' I Vw 'fbfvvffg ' 5 r 1.6 ,A ,lx . ' lg ,auf . 1- .-., 'n li ,J ' "nz" s 3 Hui' '4 ' -A N. , ,lf 5 .'. .65 h -3- -as 2-nw 4' e..'fa. ,ll , . .w A W I " D 9,1 'sl - 1 gf? 'file K. , 'X-Q.. ..-Q-...vv - " Wild f .f""" K..----F" n 1..- 11.- .1L THE CLASS OF U I I94 Ofgcers KNOX TURNBULL . . . .... Presiden+ JOHN R. MORRIS, JR ..... Vice-Presidenr ANDREW W. GREEN, JR ...... becrerary L. HARVEY POE, JR. . . . . . Treasurer CHARLES A. READ . . . . . Hisrorian E411 l- ig 2- -1 l -il .lI- , --- l- :bl -- ' "1 lg 40 ... x I' ... -E.4,Bi7U -Q III!!! ixx .-- Fl 1 -I x i ' 9 .NL -I1 Tl .-: '- Q---1 ecipielzfs of glzfernzediazfe Slfanors in flze COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES cfober 2, 1940 Roberl Whilehead Alfriend Richard Royall Baker, Ill Amedeo Anihony Barbanli William Cooper Bauknighi. Jr. Edward Raymond Berry lrving Bornslein James Edge Bowden Jesse Culberfson Boyer Joseph Bresler Henry Lloyd Cook Marlin Lindsey Cowen, Jr, Charles Granville Craddock, Jr. Jefferson Vernon Davis William Cary Fleming Laurence Kelly Furgurson, Jr. Charles Mayo Garland, Jr. Thomas Hancock Garlh Mano Roberl Golden Norman Goldfarb John Gravaif Goodwin Harvey Julian Halchiield Barry Fugh Hawkins Jack Lee'Herrell Palmer Adams Hewleli, Jr. Julian Herberl Hoffman Marcel Jerome Hornowski Carl Brune Johnson Bernard Herman Kasinoif John Kempi Theodore Lyon Kuryla Frederick William Lawrence. Jr. l-larberl' Murray Levili' Bernard Loren Girard Rice Lowrey, Jr. Carl Halford Madden L421 Alfred Kennelh Mann William Berry Marbury, Jr. Malcolm Yeaman Marshall. Jr. Charles Kenfon Maiheny Karl Ferdinand Menk Edwin Gheens Micldleion Felix Grundy Miller, Jr. Cary Nelson Moon, Jr. John Henry Neff. Jr. Roberl' Lamb Palerson Randolph Preslon Pillow William Reed Preslon Ralph Robbins Peler Nicholas Schiller Edward Melvin Seidl Isadore Shapiro Marvin Brooks Shreaves Joseph Joshua Skinner. Jr. William Price Spencer Morlon Berlram Spero Roloerl' Sheldon Slein Raymond I. Slraus. Jr. Beverley Dandridge Tucker, Jr. Joseph Blounl' Tucker Cecil Beniamin Tull James Money Vardaman William Harold Vicior Dudley Freeman Wade Zachary Taylor Wakefield Edward Caswell Wallingron. Jr. Jack Benner? Wasserman Donald Denl' Websler Samuel l-laines Williams, Jr. William Scolf Willis Roberl Cecil Winfhrop, Jr, pv- 3 g--9 7- li -Li i"--i 1- +g 1 f 1 .i 1- f Z -4-1 7. -1 ..--1 1.4 i THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 06466125 WILLIAM B. HARMAN . . ....... . .Presiden+ CHARLES A. READ . . . . VIce1PresIden+ PHILIP E. ROTHAR . . . . Secrefary MOSBY G. CARDOZO . . . . Hisforian E431 ,. -1 +3 Wg-43- I I EI gh' APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES l 1-.wi l--4-1 l- Rx-1 1-. f5iF.....g lL ' -11 l. is yu- 1- 3- 5-1 X T' ...ff - -Q- -p-- "1 1-T --1 1-1 i 1? 1- Ill Z 41 2- - 11- qi Top Row: IRVING S. ABADY Richmond, Virginia T E ll' WILLIAM ROY ADAM Yonkers, New York A K tl' Secretary, Alpha Kappa Psi, College Topics, I937-38. NATHANIEL EDWARD ADAMSON, JR. Portsmouth, Virginia IT K A Editor-in-Chief, College Topics, Secretary, Stu- dent Senate, I939-40, Member, Student Senate, l940-4l, Member, lnterfraternlty Council, Co- Chairman, Red Cross Drive, Omicron Delta Kappa, Raven Society, Pi Delta Epsilon, Dagger Society, Excalibur. OTTO C. AGRANOVITCH Norwich, Connecticut 'I' A ll VINCENT WILLIAM ARCHER. JR. University, Virginia B 9 II P. K. Society, Lambda Pi, Freshman Track. GEORGE DONNELL AXFORD Washington, D. C. H41 Bottom Row: THEODORE A. AYERS Peru, Indiana fb A O Skull and Keys, P. K. Society, Censored Society, Cross Country, '39, Freshman Track, '38, Varsity Track, '39-'40, Departmental Editor, I940 Corks and Curls, Governin Board lnterfraternity Council, 29-lee Club. ERIC ROY BANCROFT Brooklyn, New York O X Scarab, Architectu'aI MERRILL HOWARD BANKARD Pikesville, Maryland President, Alpha Kappa Psi, State President, International Relations Club, Business Manager, Virginia Spectator, Dagger Society, Press Club, Student Assembly, Publications Committee, Jefferson Society. , WALTER BRYAN BANKER, JR. Wilmington, Delaware 'lf K tl' Skull and Keys, First Year Basketball ROLAND LINTHICUM BANKS, JR. Rockville, Maryland Student Assembly, Y. M. C. A., International Relations Club, Jefferson Society. FRANK H. BALSLEY Washington, D. C. 'I' K tl' Alpha Kappa Psi' Lambda Pi, Pi DeIta.EpsiIon, International Relations Club, Editor-in-Chief, l94l Corks and Curls, Freshman Track,'Lacrosse, Captain, Soccer, I940, Dean's List. Top Row: MARGARET PERRY BARNES Ivy, Virginia X S2 President, Chi Ome a, l94044l: Pledge Trainer, Chi Omega, l939'4g: Vice-President, Women's Students Association, l94O-4Ig Secretary, Wornen's Students Council, I'-740-4I. CRAIG WESTNEY BARRY - Trenton, New Jersey Censored Society: Alpha Kappa Psi. HERBERT l"l. BAUMGUARD Norfolk, Virginia A E II WILLIAM CULLEN BATTLE Charlottesville, Virgiina A T S? Freshman Golf Team, l938: Varsity Golf Team, l939-4l: Lambda Pi: P. K. Society. FREDERICK H. BEHR, JR. Morristown, Ncw Jersey Z 'I' Virginia Players, President, '39-'40. THOMAS GRASTY BELL Staunton, Virginia B 0 II Raven Society: Skull and Keys: Calconon Club: Assistant Manager Football, I939. Bottom Row: WILLIAM HENRY BELL Charlottesville, Virginia fl' A 0 Treasurer, Alpha Kappa Psi: Freshman Football: Freshman Track: Cor s and Curls, I937'38: As- sociate Editor, Corlms and Curls, l93B-39: Col- lege Topics, I937: Lacrosse, I940. BRAINARD JOHNSON BELMORE Crozet, Virginia Gymnastica JOHN RUTHERFORD BENNETT Charleston, South Carolina 'Il I' A Trigon Engineering Society. EDMUND BERKELEY Charlottesville, Virginia First Year Football Sguad, l929: Varsity Track Squa , I'-732. LEONARD NORMAN BERNSTEI N Glen Cove, New York Beta Gamma Sigma: Dean's List: Intermediate Horors: Intramural Sports. ALDEN G. BIGELOW Charlottesville, Virginia 3 31 -1- 5-, -1 P . 1-:ig Z.. -4 ,. it W ,,:. 7 11 , i il i n- -Q v -- -. Z g-- 1- -- ,Q in i n vi Q.. , 1+ 7 Il ii - Q 3-' i- C -Q: ' APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES E451 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES 4 1- 1- C Qi + -1 1 i - - QT. -li I -'l ll SE A -x 6, -4 iq' -.1 1-.i Top Row: MILLARD FRANKLIN BIBER Yonkers, New York SCHUYLER MURRAY BISSELL Evanston, Illinois A T President, Delta Upsilon, l940-4l. JOSEPH H. BLOCK New York, New Ycrk A 1-I TI Boxing Team: Dagger Society: Dean's List. JOHN DAVENPORT BLACKWELL Richmond, Virginia 'I' K 2 Lambda Pi: German Club: Censored Society v Club: vafsify Basketball, ma, 1939, 19401 LUTHER RHODES BLAIR Chatham, Virginia JOHN MADISON BLOXOM, lll Mappsville, Virginia K A Virginia Players L46l Bottom Row: WILLIAM H. BOARD Point Marion, Pennsylvania St. Elmo Skull and Keys: P. K. Society: Eli: Imp: Basket- ball: Varsity Club. JOSEPH AARON BRAND New York, New York II A 'I' HAROLD BRILLIANT Brookline, Massachusetts Il A 'I' Dean's List: Associate Sports Editor, College Topics: Virginia Spectator: lnterfraternitb Coun- cil: Freshman Boxing: Football Squad: irginia PIaye's. HAROLD GUION BRINCKERHOFF Somers, New York A X E Gymnastica: Acrobatic Troupe. HENRY SANFORD BRINKERHOFF Ventnor, New Jersey V 'L I' 'A Captain, Freshman Swimming: Freshman Track: V Club: Lambda Pi: Varsity Track Squad. Aus'TlN DAY BRIXEY. JR. Greenwich, Connecticut 0 X Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Geology Jour- nal Club. Top Row: DONALD LOUIS BRUMMER Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Virginia Players BURTON CONRAD BRYAN Jacksonville, Florida Intermediate Honors: Little Congress: Virginia Players. JOSEPH L. BURCHETTA Peekskill, New York Jefferson Society. JUSTIN IRWIN BURNES Brookline, Massachusetts T E fb Freshman Football: Freshman Baseball: Varsity Baseball: Skull and Keys. CHARLES R. BURNETT, JR. Richmond, Virginia X 'If Skull and Keys: German Club: Varsity Swim- ming. CLARENCE THOMAS CALLAHAN Danville, Virginia Raven Society: Freshman Boxing Team, 1938: Varsity Boxing Team, I939-40-4I: reshman Base- ball S uad, I938: Varsity Baseball Squad, I939: "V" Club: Intermediate Honors: Dean's List. Bottom Row: DANIEL JAM ES CAPPIELLO Newark, New Jersey Adiunct Manager of Boxing Team MOSBY GOODING CARDOZO Richmond, Virginia B 0 ll Varsity Football, i938-39-40: "V" Club: Freshman Football, Basketball, Baseball, I937-38: Skull and Keys, Secretary-Treasurer, i939-4O:. P. K. Society: T. L. K. A.: Imp: Historian of College, l940'4l. HENRY LEROY CARTER, JR. Baltimore, Maryland K E Skull and Keys: Student Assembly: Lacrosse Team, I937-41: Judicialry, Student Senate: Dean's ist. CHARLES E. CHAM BERLAIN East Lansing, Michigan. Cross-Country Track: Varsity Club: Skull and Keys: German Club. THOMAS WRIGHT CHAPMAN Smithfield, Virginia K A Alpha Chi Sigma: Student Assembly: Dean's List, I937-38: First Year Football Squad. WARNER OLIVER CHAPMAN Norfolk, Virginia Swimming Team: International Relations Club: Little Congress. lb - Q- xg -' -l ph- ,-fn Q l qg if vi J - ,.,.' - H' W :- .- X -: H" -s- .- lv"' x X .- fi 1 -- 1 mi - l 1 gv- A it 1"" -3 1- -1' - 1- -1 1 " ' APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES T471 -- 5- APPLICANTS FOR TOP ROW: DEGREES IN THE HERBERT Jenomeci-tennis COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Q- lla QL .4 lg -gg .- 1L 1. ...- lL 41:1 - ..- 1- 1. l .pf :- 1,111 1-L 1...,, -Q- Qt' lllll iii' iz- ,lege 'llllllliil West Newton, Massachusetts A IG II lnterfraternity Council. JAMES DOWLING CHERRY University, Virginia Dean's List. STEPHEN VAN ORDER CLARKE Caldwell, New Jersey fl' A 0 iinactivej Swimming, l938-39-40, Captain, I94l: lnterna tional Relations Club. MOSES RUBEN CLEMENTS. JR. Emporia, Virginia Football: Band. JOHN HENRY CLEVELAND Craigsville, Virginia Varsity Track Team: University ot Virginia Band Jefferson Society: Member, University Centrei ALBERT KIRVEN COCKE Hollins, Virginia 'Ir K 'I' President-Manager, Glee Club: Soccer, l939 Freshman Track: Student Concert Committeci lf-181 Bottom Row: JOHN MAJOR CONWELL Bloomfield, New Jersey 41, K tp PLEASANTON LAWS CONQUEST, III Elkridge, Maryland QI: K xl: Lambda Pi: German Club: Pi Delta Epsilon: Student Senate: Student Assembly: Athletic Editor, Corks and Curls: Feature Editor, Col- lege Topics: Assistant Editor, Virginia Spectator: Production Manager, Punch and Julep: lntra, mural Council, l940: Council, Minute Men of I940: Contributor to Virginia Verse: Feature Contributor, Corks and Curls. FRENCH HOGE CONWAY Danville, Virginia Ili A U JAMES B. COX McLean, Virginia Soccer ROY HOWARD CUNNINGHAM, JR. Huntington, West Virginia il li 'lf Transfer from Davidson College: Lacrosse Man- ager: Virginia Players. JOHN PATRICK DAUGHTREY Norfolk, Virginia University of Virginia Band iPresident, i940-4ll: Wesley Club iPresident l94Ol: Church'Campus Relations Committee. Top Row: BERNARD WOODROW DAVIS Richmond, Virginia THOMAS NEWMAN DAVIS, Ill Lynchburg, Virginia lx A College Topics THOMAS HAMBLETON DAWSON, Ill Douglaston, New York Z ip EUGENE M. DENNIS Elizabeth, New Jersey University of Virginia Band, I936, I938-39-40: Architectural Club, l94O. ROBERT L. DENNIS Eliza beth, New Jersey University of Virginia Band, I936-38, l939-40 Architectural Club, l940-4l. WILLIAM WOOLDRIGE DILLARD Memphis, Tennessee X -1, Lambda Pi: German Club: Censored Society Interfraternily Council, l"740-4I: lntramura Board, l94O-4I. Bottom Row: JAMES ROBERT DODSON, JR. Norfolk, Virginia A 'I' Sl German Club: Skull and Keys: Secretary-Treas- urer, T. L. K. A.: "Z": Varsity Baseball, l93B-40: Varsity Football Squad, l938: "V" Club. FRANK RITTENHOUSE DUNHAM Richmond, Virginia Delta Sigma Rho: Debating Team, Al939-40-4l: Glee Club, i938-39-40-4I: Lambda Pl: Brother- hood of St. Andrew. GUY HERBERT DUNHAM New York, New York President Cercle Francais: International Rela- tions Club: Little Congress, I939-40: Dean's Lust. HENRY GUERRANT ELLETT, JR. Richmond, Virginia B 0 ll Skull and Keys: P. K. Society: Raven Society: Intermediate Honors: Alpha Kappa Psi: Brother- hood of St. Andrew. JOHN DAVID EPPERLY Martinsville, Virginia Intermediate Honors: Dean's List: Student As- sembly, l939-40, I940-4l: Jefferson Society: Min- ute Men of l94O. PEYTON RANDOLPH EVANS. JR. Washington, D. C. St. Anthony Hall Freshman Track: Corks and Curlsg Calcononl First Year Cabinet: Intermediate Honors: Dean's List. .- -....... .1 .- ,. - - KQ . .. , , - 7- My -A ....- , ,, ... cg L - if I .-.p 'L Q -11 31 - ik VY -an .L .... 11- .il .... V 1, .... -. -. G 1+ ,- .L 1 -... ,Q ,. i 1' -1 - .- 1 ul ' -i ll -..1 -...Y APPLICANTS EOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES T491 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES l l..g lx-4-1 lvl l- il -1 1- -1 N11 l X Ill - i uv- -n -.. ,i 1- 5--1 v 5 I lil' llllll Top Row: EDWARD LAWRENCE FABIAN Paterson, New Jersey II A fl' Varsity Tennis, I940-4l DONALD TERRELL FAULKNER Blackstone, Virginia Calconong Lambda Pi: Raven Society: Interme- diate Honors: Dean's List: Assistant Feature Editor Colle e Topics, I938-39-40: First Year Track, I937-BB: Brotherhood of St. Andrew. FRANCIS H. FIFE Charlottesville, Virginia MARSHALL GEORGE FINCK - Brookline, Massachusetts II A fb Freshman Football: lnterfraternity Council Rep- resentative: Corks and Curls Representative: Vir- ginia Spectator. LAWRENCE HAMILTON FORSYTH Esmont, Virginia Z NI' Skull and Keys: German Club: Intermediate Honors: Cross-Country, l938-39, Ca tain, I940: Track, I93S-39-40: Brotherhood ot Andrew. PAUL CURTIS FLEISHEL Savanah, Tennessee Z fl' E University of Virgina Band. B301 Bottom Row: JAMES FOLEY Wayne, Pennsylvania St. Elmo Skull and Keys: German Club: Eli Banana: Box- ing Squad. NATHAN ROBERT FRANK Brooklyn, New York T E KI' Sports Staff, College Topics: Assistant Sports Editor: lntramura-I ouncil: Intermediate Hon- ors: Dean's Lust: lnterfraternity Council. EDWARD AUGUSTUS GAGE, ll Bronxville, New York Z 'I' ROBERT EDWARDS GARRIS Norfolk, Virginia H K A Lambda Pi. PLATON G. GAILEY New Haven, Connecticut Boxing Team: V Club. HAROLD A. GARTZMAN New Bedford, Massachusetts T E fb Top Row: KENDRICK GARVIN Louisville, Kenlucky K 2 Presidenf, Scarab: Firsl Year Cabinel: Second Year Cabinel: Corks and Curls: Archifeclural Sociely. EMMETTE TRIBLE GATEWOOD. JR. Richmond, Virginia A T A Lambda Pi: Freshman Cross-Counlry Squad: Punch and Julep: lnferfralernily Council: Cola lege Togics, I937: P. K. Sociefy: Corks and urls, Frafernily Represenfaliye. NICHOLAS CONSTANTINE GIANAKOS Charlollesville, Virginia Varsily Foolball, l938-39-40: Lambda Pi. KEMPER GOFFIGON, lll Cape Charles, Virginia E A E Assislanl Manager, Baseball I939-40: Fralernily Represenlafive Corks and Curls: Colle e Top- ics: Lambda Pi: Easlern Shore Clutb. NEAL SPOTTSWOOD GOODLOE Slaunfon, Virginia SI. Elmo Lambda Pi: German Club. EUGENE VAN NESS GOETCHIUS Augusla, Georgia Treasurer and I-lislorian, Jefferson Sociely: Liflle Congress: Dean's Lisf: Board of Direclors, Vir- ginia Speclaforg Presidenf, Weslminsler Bible Class: Wesfminsfer Church. Bollom Row: DEVANIE TALMAGE GORNTO. JR. Hopewell, Virginia Dean's List. ALBERT G. OORSON Allanfic Cily, New Jersey ROBERT FLANORY GRAHAM Wise, Virginia IT K A NORMAN BRIERLY HALL, JR. Chevy Cwase, Maryland A T A ROGER WOLCOTT HALL Annapolis, Maryland E A E Slcull and Keys: German Club: College Topics: Head Cheerleader: Lawn Commillee: Censored Soclely: V Club. FREDERIC LEARNED HALL Plainfield, New Jersey X N lnlerfralernily Council: Dagger Socielyg Trigon: Censored Sociely: Vansgy ennis Manager: Ex- Cdl UI'- 2 ..--1 g1"?l ,-.-ig 1- -1 i +1 D- ll TTE -- .1 -, -1 7- '41 -.. Q1 fi- L. di 4 -5 +1 - in C T-1 v- 13 ii , QLQ., -aus APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES L511 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES pi-3 ii -u l-- A -11 lb CIF ,QQ .1-. . gn-. is ' 21 -A 1- s 5- N " - v-" :- 1' 1- 1 1b- gi-t -L --nv 1 -vi it -g . f l 1- --- .q i' . Top Row: GILBERT COUTANT HALSTED. lll Garden City, Long Island, New York Swimming Team, Press Club, Phi Delta Epsilon Feature Editor, College Topics, Vice-President, Dagger Society, "Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universities," Chairman, Little Con- gress, International Relations Club, Secretary Student Senate, Student Assembly, Excalibur. ROBERT EDWARD HANCOCK, JR. Pensacola, Florida A T Q JAMES EVANS HARPER Staunton, Virginia Glee Club, Architectural Society. IOSEPH HOBSON HARRISON. JR. Richmond, Virginia Lambda Pi, Pi Delta Epsilon, Mana ing Editor, College Topics, I940-4I, U. C. A. Senior Cab- inet, l939-4l, Vice-President, Council of Young Southerners, Editorial Board, Crust, Press Club. LAWRENCE PEYTON HARRIS University, Virginia Freshman Football, Freshman Track, Numerals, Varsity Football, Varsity Track, "V" Club, Lambda Pi, Censored Society, German Club, Student Assembly, Student Senate. DAVID HARTFIELD, JR. Scarsdale, New York Z Il T Skull and Keys, Washington Society, Student Senate, I939-40, l94O-4l, Advertising Manager, College Topics, I939-40, Debating cam, I937- 38, I93B-39. I.52lI i Bottom Row: WILLIAM HARMAN Bridgewater, Virginia 'I' K X President of College: Co-Ca tain, Basketball '4l, Baseball, U. A. HERBERT WESTBROOK HAWKINS Harrisonburg, Virginia 2 A E RAYMOND HEATWOLE Dayton, Virginia A Ii tI', Y. M C. A J. LAWRENCE HENSON. II Boston, Massachusetts Jelferson Society, Virginia Spectators, Corlrs and Curls, Dean's List, Football, l938 39, Track, I938-39, College Topics. WILLIAM BETHEL HILL, JR. Danville, Virginia 'I' I' A First Year Cross-Country, First Year Cabinet, Lambda Pi. ROBERT ARNOLD HOFFMAN Richmond, Virginia 'Il E II Varsity Swimming, Varsity Club, Intermediate Honors. T. I. L. K. A., Imp, Lambda Pi, President' Top Row: ROBERT A. HOBSON. JR. Richmond, Virginia Trigong A. I. C. H. E. GUERARD HEYWARD HOWKINS, JR. Amhersf, Massachusefls EX Firsf Year Foolballg Firsf Year and Varsily Box ingg Skull and Keys: Censored Sociely. CHARLES A. HOFFMAN Norolon, Conneclicuf Sf. Anlhony Skull and Keysg P. K. Socielyg Eli Banana. JOHN C. H. HOOFF Alexandria, Virginia Sl. Anlhony Lambda Pig P. K. Socielyg Eli Banana, Vice Presidenf, P. K. Socielyg Freshman Baseball Manager, Football. CHARLIE DEUEL HURT. JR. Roanoke, Virginia II K A Archileclural Sociely. GEORGE PENN HUTTON Abingdon, Virginia Bollom Row: ROBERT ABNER IRELAND, JR. Greenville, Mississippi 2 ll' E Presidenl, Pi Della Epsilon, l940-4Ig Edilorvin- Chief, The Virginia Speclalor, I939-40, l940-4Ig Vice-Presidenl, Jefferson Sociefy, I940g Col- lege Topics, l937-38, l93B-39, Treasurer, Press Club, i939-405 Secrelary-Treasurer, Council of Young Soufherners, i940-4lg Track Team, l938e 395 Dagger Sociely. MEREDITH JOHNSON New York, New York ll K A Sfudenl Concerl Commilleo THOMAS NELSON PAGEJOHNSON.JR. Blackstone, Virginia 'Iv I' A Calconon, Raven Socielyg Governing Board, ln- ferfralernlfy Council: Press Club, "V" Club: Varsily Foolball, l939g P. K. Socielyg Lambda Pig Business Manager, Corks and Curlsg lnferrno- diale Honors, Sludenf Vesfryg Brolhcrhood of Sl. Andrew. W. WINTHROP HUMPHREYS JONES Normandy Park, Morrisiown, New Jersey A 'l' A Scarab. HARRY F. KAUFFMAN, JR. Pelersburg, Virginia ELMER L. KELLY Brislol, Virginia Jefferson Socielyp Presidenl, Jefferson Socielyg Secretary, Virginia Speclalor Board. l ,.. Q.. 5- .i Q- E -1- 9 , 1q P - 1 ' 1 -4 .- 4 - by i .1 T pl X 1 1- i , f I ll - .. - .. ... - f - 1- i ... ,- i X, Y ' -4 ...V , Li- 1 - .U if 1--5" some Qlyyyfd APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES E531 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF' ARTS AND SCIENCES 'lilly' f l lull' llll 5' till 1- 1 -41 Ill f"ll I Ili lyk Ill -1 - Q Top Row: CHARLES COEFIELD KING, JR. Memphis, Tennessee A T SZ "v" Club: Baseball, 1939-40-41. GUY KING, JR. Lookout Mountain, Tennessee A T S2 Lambda Pi: P. K. Society: Freshman Boxing Manager: "V" Club. WILLIAM HEKMAN KU RTH Corinth, New York Boxing: Freshman Track: Jefferson Society. CARL MILLARD LANG Charlottesville, Virginia Nu Sigma Nu: Intermediate Honors. ROBERT I. LAUTERSTEIN New York, New York TI A 'Ir Interfraternity Council: Corks and Curls Repre- sentatives: Dean's List. HENRY LEIDHEISER, JR. Maywood, New Jersey A X 2 Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Instructor in Chemistry. T541 Bottom Row: STANLEY MARVIN LERNER Shaker Heights, Ohio II A 'Ir Soccer Team, First, Second, Third Years: Tennis Team, Second, Third Years: Corks and Curls Representative, Third Year. ROBERT SPENCER LIEBLICH Montclair, New Jersey K A College Topics: International Relations Club: Censored Society: Student Assembly: Dean's List: Fraternity Repeesintative to Corks and urs. DON CAMERON LITTLE Brookville Road, Jericho, Long Island, New York 9 A X Gymnastics: College Topics, Sports Photogra- pher, I937, l938: Gym Tearn. ' JAMES BEATON LITTLEFIELD Newton Center, Massachusetts 9 X Dean's List, I937-38: Student Assembly, I937-38, I938-39: Student Senate, i939-40, Censored So- ciety: Governing Board, Interfraternity Council, 1939-40: Secretary-Treasurer lnterfraternity Council, 1940-4l: Virginia Youth Conference, I93'-7: Intramural Activities. BARTON MYERS LLOYD Chatham, Virginia Brotherhood of St. Andrew, President: Senior Cabinet: University Field Club.: Varsity Swim- ming Team: Reader in Public Speaking. JOHN JANNEY LLOYD Chatham, Virginia Brotherhood of St. Andrew: Y. M. C. A. Top Row: JOHN LESLIE LOBINGIER. JR. Winchester, Massachusetts Sports Editor, College Topics: University ot Virginia Band, I?37, l93B: Little Congress, l937, I938: Board of Arbitration' Dagger Society: Secretary-Treasurer, Pi Delta Epsilon: Press Club: Senior Cabinet: Raven Society: Intermediate Honors: Freshman Baseball Squad: Excalibur. CHARLES HAMILTON LUPTON Norfolk, Virginia. , FRED COLEMAN MACKLER Tampa, Florida Dean's List' Varsity Swimming: Boxing: Freshman Football Squad: Student Assembly. JOHN QUINN MARSHALL Tye River, Virginia CHARLES R. MASSELL Spartanburg, South Carolina Z B T Gymnastica: Intramural Tennis. THOMAS LEROY MATTHEWS, JR. Richmond, Virginia 2 N Jefferson Society: Debating: Freshman Football, I937: Varsity Football, i938-39: Freshman Track, I937: College Topics: Intramural Finals, Boxing, Basketball, Football. , Bottom Row: ROBERT EARNEST McALPlNE Portsmouth, Virginia II K A Freshman Baseball, l938: Varsity Baseball, I939, l940: Lambda Pi. MYRLIN MCCULLAR Courtland, Alabama I A T A Scarab: Censored Society. HAROLD L. MCGEORGE, JR. Memphis, Tennessee X 'I' WILLIAM DAVID MENDELSON Shaker Heights, Ohio Z B 'I' First Year Boxingj: First Year Tennis: lntertra- ternity Council: niversity Field Club: Univer- sity Center. WILLIAM RUSSELL MERRICK Arlington, Virginia A T fl Raven Society: Omicron Delta Kappa: Lambda Pi: Pi Delta Epsilon: "V" Club: Manager, Var- sity Boxing, l940-41: Managindg Editor, Corks and Curls, l94O-41: Brotherhoo of St. Andrew, Vice-President: Senior Cabinet, I939-40: Intra- mural Activitles: Intermediate Honors: Listed in "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities." CHARLES TUTTLE MILLER, JR. Gillette, New Jersey Dean's List: Corks and Curls, i940-4l: Geology Journal Club. ,1- l..-4 ,,-, P4 1-- .x"" ?.- .-1 1-G. -1 l' ' - -- ,J s., 1 - ?- "1 -- X : ""' X X .- -Q- ty-Q -1- -- I L -gg 1- 11- 11 jL i- .1 i.. -4' Q? -1 -Q-1' APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES E551 APPLICANTS FOR TOP ROW: DEGREES IN THE HENRY RANKIN MILLER Washin ton, D. C. COLLEGE or Q ARTS AND SCIENCES HOWARD evenerr Menmers Perth Amboy, New Jersey 'I' IC fl' 41- .li 1 4 1-...g lh .Q- l-.Q l. l. L-. V4. : Q5 - 5- - ,- :- 1 Qfxx v-JCI' ..- --1 --1 ..-- -Q. --1 .-.4 -q -q -4 4 'i -i 4 4 1..L-i in-.-.3 Q-if 1 Virginia Players, Glee Club, University of Vir- ginia Band, Adiunct Baseball Manager,.Or- chestra, Intermediate Honors, Deans Lust. KIMBER NOURSE MORAN Charlottesville, Virginia Varsity Baseball, I939-40, University of Virginia Band. ARTHUR DAVID MOSKOWITZ ' Brooklyn, New York I In fl' Freshman Baseball and Basketball, I937-38, Var- sity Baseball, 1939-40, Varsity Basketball, l938- 39, I939-40, lnterfraternity Council, IS39-40, Dean's List, Virginia Players. RICHARD DEATON NAUMAN Richmond, Virginia 'I' II Il Dagger Society, Dean's List, Intermediate Hon- ors, Freshman Golf Team, l937, Intramural Sports. PAUL KURTZ NEWHALL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Z 'll E561 Bottom Row: WILLIAM COURTNEY OVERSTREET Washington, D C. Camera Club. JOHN MOSBY PERRY Newton, Massachusetts 'll I' A Lambda Pi, Secretary, Censored Society, Wash- ington Society, Glee Club, College Topics As- sociate Feature Editor, l940, Corks and Curls, Feature Editor, Raven Society, Intermediate Honors. JOHN CARY PAGE Charlottesville, Virginia HAROLD VERNON PALMER Erwin, Tennessee 'I' I3 ll Miller Scholar in Biology, Intermediate Honors. LOREN FRANCIS PARMLEY, JR. Falls Church, Virginia P..'I'L Freshman Swimming, Treasurer, Jefferson So- ciety, l938, Student Assembly, I938-39-40, Inter- mediate Honors, Board of Arbitration, l940, Dagger Society. GRAHAM BENTON PATTERSON Charlottesville, Virginia X 11115 Al h Kaepa Pi' Dagger Society, Excalibur, p 5 Bad Check Committee. Top Row: EDGAR E. PECK Yonkers, New York II A fl' Pi Delta Epsilon: Dagger Society: State Treas- urer, lntrenational elations Clubs: Student Senate: Table Tennis Champion: News Editor, College Topics: Co-Chairman Band Fund Drive. JOHN RIDGELY PORTER, JR. Portsmouth, Virginia First Year Track, I937-38: Varsity Track, l'?38-39: Intermediate Honors: 'Dean's List. GEORGE ROBERT PRICE Brighton, Massachusetts 'I' IC 'I' Track: Baseball ERNEST WINFRED PURCELL Bellingham, Washington 0 X Student Assembly: Basketball. CHARLES BUCHANAN RAWOLLE Greenwich, Connecticut French Club: Varsity Soccer: Glee Club: Stu- dent Concert Committee. CHARLES ARTHUR READ Washington, D. C. E fl' li President, Madison Hall: President, Senior Cab- inet: President, University Field Club: Vice- President of the College: Biology Instructor: Manager, Varsity, Freshman Swimming Teams: Raven Society: Omicron Delta Kappa: Dagger Society: Censored Society: lnlerfraternity Coun- cil: Dormitory Counsellor: "Who's Who Among Students in American Colle es and Universi- ties:" Sports Staff, College Topics: Naval Re- serve Ofli:ers' Training Corps: Dean's List: ln- termediate Honors: Excalibur. Bottom Row: CHARLES LATHROP REED Richmond, Virginia 'lf Ii V Lambda Pi: P. K. Society: Censored Society: T. I. L. K. A.: Student Assembly, l939-40, l940-4l: Manager, Vaglitl Basketball, I94lg "V" u . CHARLES THEODORE REESE ' Arlington, Virginia Delta Sigma Rho, l939-4I: Student Assembly, l939-40-4l: Student Senate, I94l: Dagger Society: Debating Team, l939-40-4I: Jefferson Society, l938-39-40-4l ITreasurer, I939, Secretary l940. Vice-President I94ll: International Relations Club, l94I: Boxing Squad, I938-40-4l: Minute Men, l940, I'-740-41: Christian Science Group, l94O--ll, JOE ROSS RIGGS Albertville, Alabama .YN Alpha Kappa Psi: Dagger Society: House Rep- resentative, Corks and Curls: Associate Business Manager, College Topics, I939-40: Assistant Business Manager, College Topics, l940-4I: Min- 1-te Men of I940: Excalibur, WILLIAM ASA RINGWOOD Ilion, New York Architectural Society. ALEXANDER RIVES Cobham, Virginia JOHN SUMMERFIELD ROBERTS, JR. Norfolk, Virginia 'I' Ii 'I' Raven So:iety: Lambda Pi: Pi Delta Epsilon: Alpha Cai Sigma: Press Club: Intermediate Honors: Dean's List: Business Manager, College Topics, I9-'IO-4l. - ..,.. ,... ,.. .. ... -- Q . .. pi - ... ,D - , , -- Cdl 1- .T i W -4- .4 l '-,Q it 1? ..- , 'K-.. -- - T. -- .. - ..i -1' 11 7' " rl ' -ui .. .Ni N11 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES E571 APPLICANTS FOR TOP Row: DEGREES IN THE HARRISON M. ROBERTSON. JR. Louisville, Kentucky COLL .- Glee Club' lYear Cabinet. ARTS AND SCIENCES ' 1- Q1-.1 3-.. ...Q 1- -.1 1- f 13 : cj? '-tl j"" 1. I 2: E V I J am 5 ' T" 1 is .1 ui-1 1-li ' LEON ROSENBAUM, JR. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania flr E II Intermediate Honors. HERBERT HILLEL ROSENTHAL Bayonne, New Jersey Raven Society: Little Congress: International Relations Club: Student Assembg: First Year Track and Cross-Countggg Varsity ross-Country, I . PHILLIP EDWARD ROTHAR Miami, Florida I 9 A X Football: "V" Club: Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Raven Society: Beta Gamma Si ma: Omicron Delta Kappa: T. I. L. K. A.: Skull and Keys: Secretary of the College: Secretary of Senior Cabinet: German Society: "Who's Who of l940-4l": Assistant Coach, First Year Football: Alpha Kappa Psi. DAVID ROTHSCHILD, ll Columbus, Georgia fl' E II First Year Tennis, Manager, I938-39: Varsity Tennis, Manager, I939-40: Assistant Advertising Manager, Colege To ics: Young Southerners: Little Congress: lnterltfgaternity Council: Dean's ist. RUSSELL JOHNSTON ROWLETT. JR. Richmond, Virginia Alpha. Chi Sigma: College Topics, 1937-38: Chemistry Laboratory Assistant: esley Club: Dean's List: Intermediate Honors. T581 Bottom Row: DAVID H. RUSSELL Staunton, Virginia II K A, A K 'I' JOHN HENRY RUSSELL Tarrytown, New York 0 A X Lambda Pi: Boxing Team. WILLIAM HERMAN SAGER Front Royal, Virginia Secretary-TTreasurer, International Relations Club: Dean's List. ROBERT FREDERIC SCHEN KKAN Charlottesville, Virginia President, Technical Director, Student Trustee, Virginia Players: Raven Society: Boxing: Jabber- wock: Minute Men of I940 IChairman of Coun- cill: Winner of Jabberwock Award, i939-40: As- sistant Editor, Virginia Spectator. RICHARD SELLMAN SCOTT, JR. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania fb A 9 Glee Club: "V" Club: Track: Freshman and Varsity: Skull and Keys. EDWARD HENRY SELONICK New York, New York Dean's List: Intermediate Honors: Fencing Team: Intramural Sports. Top Row: ROBERT C. SEATON Richmond, Virginia Il K A WALTER HOLT SOUDER Charlottesville, Virginia ll K A ' Manager, Golf Team SAMUEL S. SHAPIRO Bayonne, New Jersey RALPH A. SHAFER Winchester, Va. TURNER B. SHELTON Buckner, Virginia MORTON JACK SILK Bayonne, New Jersey Jefferson Society, Little Con-?ressy Stu sembly, College opics. dent Asa Bottom Row: FRANK SIMMONS, JR. Mobile, Alabama ll Ii fl' EDWARD SAM UEL SMITH Birmingham, Alabama A X A College Topics. HOWARD McQUEEN SMITH Norfolk, Virginia Alpha Kappa Psi. JOHN LEWIS SNEED Charlottesville, Virginia HUGH MARION STEINBERGER Baltimore, Maryland 'I' E ll Basketball Adjunct: Lacrosse, First, Second, Third, and Fourth Years. ROBINSON SMITH BEECHER STOWE New York, New York St. Elmo Manager, Freshman Track, I939-40, Skuil and Keys, German Club. Glee Club, Little Congress: Young Southerners: Raven Society, Treasurer: College Topics, Uni- versity Christian Association: Pi Delta Epsilon' 2 ,L.., 41-il 7'--il gu- i- -1:1 L -1 v .4 ' -4 P- X I -1 "' -1 ' -1 1- 1. '4 -1 3. ,i W5 2 - P -i fi 8 QQ , 1 1-1 Q-. - .li 11-.11 1 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES l59iI APPLICANTS FOR TOP ROWI DEGREES IN THE WILLIAM F. SPURLOCK Piifsburgh, Pennsylvania COLLEGE OF x I. ARTS AND SCIENCES Skull and Keys MAURY L. SPENSKY Norfolk, Virginia IT A 'I' JOHN E. TAYLOR Buffalo, New York . X 'I' """'f'1 QUINTARD TAYLOR Q--. FA .41 Garden Cify, New York Pi if "-1 Varsify and Freshman Swimming : rf' X I 2 1- 4: DAVID B. TENNEY 1' I Wollasfon, Massachusetts -L 1- 11- -1-1 : Z -43 1-- '-W if -'i EDWARD OGDEN THOMAS, JR. 'Y' chanoffesvilie, virginia E601 BoHom Row: GORDON CLARK GREGORY THOMAS Charlorfesville, Virginia CHARLES HENRY THOMPSON. III Germanrown, Pennsylvania OBADIAH ASHTON TRICE Howardsville, Virginia A X 2 College Tooicsg Dean's Lisfg lnframural Acliv- mesg Dagger Socieiy. GRANVILLE VALENTINE Richmond, Virginia X 'I' Lambda Pig Firsl' Year Tennis: College Topics. GEORGE SOUTHALL VEST Norfolk, Virginia Raven Socielyg Virginia Players' Jefferson So- ciefyg lnfermediale Honorsq Lambda Pig Sludenl Concerf Commifleeg Sfudenf Assemblyg Dean's Lislg Brofherhood of Sf. Andrew. ROBERT PENNELL WALKER, III Richmond, Virginia '12 K KP Lambda Pig Corks and Curlsj Baseball Adiuncf, I939g Dean's Lisf. Top Row: WILLIAM DUNNE WALKER Charleston, West Virginia CHARLES MILLER WALSH, III Crewe, Virginia ll K A Captain, Freshman Baseball, I939: Varsity Base- ball, l940: Lambda Pi: Nu Sigma Nu: Dagger Society: Dean's List: Intramural Activities: First and Second Year Cabinet: "V" Club: Wesley Club. ' JOHN W. WALTZ Baltimore, Maryland K A President, Student Senate, l940-4l: President, Health Service Board, i940-4l: Debating Team, l938-39: Governing Board, University Center, I940:4l: Secretary for First Year Activities, Unie versitg Cen1er, l940-4l: Co-Chairman, Student Red ross Drive, l940-4l: P. K. Society: Dagger Society, Secretary: Student Senate, I939-40: Chairman, Senate Committee on Elections: Col- lege Topics, I937-38: lnterfraternity Council: Student Assembly: Chairman, Honor Committee, Summer, l940: Listed in "Who's Who Among Students in Americian Universities and Col- eges." JOHN PERSHING WARNER Weatherly, Pennsylvania Football: Basketball: Boxing: Track. DONALD WEAR Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 'I' I' A Lambda Pi: Basketball, BOWEN PATTISON WEISHEIT Baltimore, Maryland K A Dagger Society: Student Assembly, Bottom Row: THOMAS DABNEY WELLFORD Warsaw, Virginia. Intermediate Honors: Associate Editor, College Topics: English Gradership: Secretary, Raven So- ciety: Candidate to?4B.A. in English with Final onors. ALEXANDER WHITE WELLS Dayton Beach, Florida E A Ii Lambda Pi: German Club: "V" Club: Eli Banana: Freshman Swimmin : Varsity Swimming, I938-39: Varsity Boxing, H39-40, I94O-4l: Man- ager, Cross-Country and Freshman Track, i940- 4 . DOUGLAS WESTIN Sayville, New York Virginia Players JAMES LIVINGSTON WHITE, III Elizabeth City, North Carolina flv K 2 Varsity Football, I939, l940: "V" Club: Skull and Keys: Varsity Basketball, I939, l940. F. BROOKE WHITING. Il Cumberland, Maryland 'lf K 'P HENRY TAYLOR WICKHAM Richmond, Virginia B 0 IT Skull and Keys: German Club: lntertraternity g- -1 5- I. -qi fl? ' --1 I W-- 2: f ill' t 5 ,. -Q v -1 .. K - 1- -i -1-. .i llil 34. io - 1- C-' 1 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF Council, I939-40: Assistant Manageri Football, I939, Freshman Manager, Footbal, l940. E611 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Eve"-.1 Nl! I 1 till I Q1 E x if t Q ? -1 i--i 'i JOHN WILLIAM WIGHTMAN Richmond Virginia sl' K 3.1 Lambda Pip P. K. Society, Freshman Baseball, I937-385 Freshman Boxing, I937-383 Varsity Baseball Squad, I939, I94O, I9-tl: Corks and Curls. WILLIAM ROSCOE WILLET, JR. Louisville, Kentucky A K E Lambda Pi: Eli Banana, Imp, Varsity Football, I938-40: P. K. Society. RICHARD ANDERSON WILLIAMS North Garden, Virginia Alpha Kappa Psig Omicron Delta Kappa, President of College, I939-403 Chairman, Honor Committee, I939-40: Chairman, Administrative Committeeg Student Senate: President, Dagger Society, l?4O-4Ig Dormitory Councilg Governing Board, University Center: Student Assembly: Varsity Boxing, I938-39-403 Freshman Boxing, I937g Coach of Freshman Boxing, I940-4Ig "I3" Society, Eli Banana: P. K. Society: Excalibur, Listed in "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges," l940-4lg "V" Clubi Dean's List, Chairman of Christmas Basket Fund. WILLIAM P. YOUNGQUIST Mercersburg, Pennsylvania Glee Club. JOHN ELM ER ZEARFOSS Alexandria, Virginia I.62'I IVERSITY GE VIRGINIA tghflyjx 'IQN vi +L. -If QU II COLLEGE OE ARTS AND SCIENCES SECOND TERM Jession of 19401941 655.9 glue following students, having passed in the preceding term on all courses taken, aggregating not less than five, with an average grade on all courses of at least eighty-seven per cent, are placed on the Dean's List of DISTINGUISHED STUDENTS ADAM. WILLIAM nov ADAMSON. NA'n-mum. mwAnn. m. Al.mmND. noslrvr wm'run:An ALLEN. Llzwls mArrLANo. .m. ALFZR. nuuvm ous1'Avus AMEEN. LANE nAxm. RICHARD RDYALL. xu uANcnorr. mmf: nov BANKS. ROLAND LINTHICUM. .m. DANKS. WILLIAM wooLw1Nl DARBANTI. Awmnzo AN'ruoNY nAncLAv. nonuu' curronn, m uAnKzn. WILLIAM a'rzm.xNo DARKSDALE. JAMES wonslmu RARNE'l'l'. LAWRENCE. .m. nAuMcAnD. usnnzwr MARK nAx'rmz. MARSHALL DAvm m:AL. MAHLQN nnocxuuanouau DEAN, Anmun PAnsoNs. Jn. III-TIINSTEIN. LEO ulznwsnxu. LEONARD NQRMAN mcaurr. THOMAS Puucm monm. cuAnLu Nonms. m. msnov. Jorm wmom' nLAcK. o:nA1.u wxNnu.u nLAcKBUnN. GEORGE nonuu' BLAIR. mom WILLIAMSON nLANKxNsHlP. WILLIAM Aummr nLocK. .vosmrl-1 uzmw moon. Ancmzn KENT - uuooum. wn.uAM EARL non. TREDERICK WILLIAM. Jn. nonnsfmm. DIVING BOURJAILY. PAUL wma nowaml. Jus: cummfsow novo. nonnrr s'rmwAn'r novo. SAMUEL Nlzn.. .m. BRANCH. :man WILLIAMS nnowN. WILLIAM TURNISI. nn. nucx. mcnum BAYLY nunmrr. DAvm BTAATS Bunn. lDwAnn rnmm. m. BUTTERWORTH. CHARLES EWIN. JR. CADY. LYDSTON DAVID BREWSTIR CALDWELL. EARL! OARNES CALLAHAN. CLARENCE THOMAS CAMBLOS. JOHN TAOGART CAMPBELL. CHARLES MCDANIH. CARNEAL. RUSSELL MORRIS CARTER. ORBIN FIDYD. JR. CHAPMAN. WARNER OLIVER CHAUVENET. LOUIS RUSSELL CIIEATHAM. PAUL GORDON CHQRY. JAME DOWLING CLARK. JOHN THURMAN. JR. CLARKE, STEPHEN VAN ORDER COCK-E. ALBERT KIRVEN COLE. EDWARD LESLE. JR. COLE. RICHARD RANDALL COOPER. DAVID SHEARER COOPER. HAROLD HEATON CORNELL. BRUCE GOODRICH COWEN. MARTIN LINDSEY. JR. CRADDOCK. CHARLES GRANVILLE. JR. CRAIG. ROSS WALTE CRENSHAW. GORDON LEE CRUTE. REOINALD PHILIP DAVENPORT. GIDEON ALLEN nAv1s. .vmrruxson vumou DICK. JOHN HOADLEY COCHRAN nowus. xmnou: ALFRED DUNIIAM. GUY HERBERT EBBERT. ARTHUR. JR. ELI.E'I'I'. HENRY OUERRANT. JR. mwms. rmmc LIVINGSTON EVANS. WILLIAM RICHARDS zvznsout, s'rAN'roN LEE Jn. IARQUHAR. NORMAN nuns. noazm' rx-m.u2 nn. mmm xuuuusow nsnwlcx. MARSHALL IVILLIAM rrrzxuun. numcm wxuaun. .m. nnmaa. WILLIAM cuw nuuanr. noon DANA mmx. NATHAN nonmr nmounaon. LAURENCE KELLY. sn. OAHAOAN. nonnvr nAn.u.'rr umm. 'momum luwcocx onxnm, wm BURTON. Jn. OLEASON. mwm 'monuu aorrcxnua. luaun: ww N-nn ooLnrAlm. NORMAN aoonwlu: Joan ORAVATI' oonnm. IIQIHT IITNINGTON OORIN. STANDIFORD ROGERS GORNTO. DEVANIE TALMAOE GUM. WILLIAM LEE GUY. WILLIAM BURTON. JR. HAAS. STUART LESLIE HALEY. ELLID'I'I' CLARKE HARRELL. WILLIAM CLARENCE. JR. IIARRIS. WALTER RUTLAND HARRISON. JACQUELIN MARSHALL IIARRISON. JOSEPH HOBSON. JR. IIARTFIELD. DAVID. JR. HARTSHORN. RICHARD WILLIAMS HASTINGS. RICHARD CLEVEIAND. JR. IIATCHFIELD. HARVEY JULIAN HAWKINS. BARRY FUGH HEATWOLE. WALLACE ROY HIJIEFORD. FRANK LOUCKS IIEROLD. JAMES KAKEL IIERREI-I. JACK LEE HOLLAND. SAMPSON PHILIP. JR. HOLLIDAY. MALCOLM ALEXAND1 HOOKER. ZEBULON VANCE. II HOWKINS. GUERARD HEYWARD. JR. HULL. ALEXANDER POPE. JR. HUNTSDDIRY. CHARLES WILLIAM HURT, CHARLES DEUEL. JR. IRELAND. ROBERT ABNER. JR. JOHNSTON. ROBERT WICKLITFE JONES. WALTER WINTHROP JUSTIS. IIOMER RODEHIAVDI KAUITMAN. HARRY YREY. JR. KEELEY. ROBERT LOUIS ANTHONY KELLER. ROBERT JOHN. III KELLY. ELMER LEWIS KENDALL. CHARLE RUSSELL KESSLTJI. HYMAN CHARLES KILGORE. JAMES VERNON KINCAID. DOUOIAS KDIVEN. CEIL GERALD KNOPP. JAMES MAURICE KHRNER. JULES OILNER. III IGIAUSE. WILLIAM ROBERT KURTH. WILLIAM IIIMAN LAKE. PETER FRANCIS LANCASTD1. BENJAMIN RME LAROENT. MAX DALE LARUS. ROBERT IRWIN LATANE. JAMES ALLEN. JR. LAUTERSTEIN. ROBERT DIVING LEE. PARKER HALL. JR. LEGE. FRED MARION. III LEIDHEISUI. HENRY. JR. LEWIS. EDWARD OATEWOOD LICHTENETEIN. L. JAMES LIDDELL. CHARLES WOODWORTH LIEBLICH. ROBERT SPENCER I.I'I'I'LE. DONALD CAMUIGN LLOYD. BARTON MYERS LOBINGIER, JOHN LESLIE. JR. LOYND. JAMES WILLIAM. II LUCKIE. LORENZO POSTER. JR. LYON. WI.LLIAM SOLWHERN. JR. MCCANTS. JOHN MARION. JR. MCCLELLAND. WALTER MOORE MCKIM. ROBERT LEONARD MCOUEEN. JOHN HERBERT MACAULAY. JOHN BRANDT MADDEN. CARL HALFORD MANN. ALFRED KENNETH MANN. HUNTER REECE. JR. MANNING. JOHN THOMAS. JR. MARCH. DAVID HUMPHREYS MARKO. JOSEPH MARSHALL. MALCOLM YEAMAN. JR. MASTRAN. JOHN LEO MATLACK. ALBERT SHELTON MAY. LESTER NELSON MENDEI-SON. WILLIAM DAVID ITTK. KARL FERDINAND MERRI'I'I'. CHARLIE WESLEY MILLER. CHARLES 'I'U'I'I'LE. JR. MILLDI, YELDC GRUNDY. JR. MOLINARY. JOHN PRED MONTAGUE. BENJAMIN FRANICIIN. JR. MURRAY. PHILIP FOSTER MYERS. RICHARD HAROLD NEAL. ERN T FULTON NEFF. JOHN IENRY. JR. NDISON. WILLIAM RANKIN NEWMAN. ABE NEWMAN. LEWIS BENTON NICODEMUS. KENT CASSDL. J'R. YOUNOQUIST. WILLIAM PI'I'I'S ZIRING, SIDNEY MARTIN NUITINOHAM. CARLISLE LAMAR ODEN. RUFUS LORENZO OLD. WILLIAM WHITEHURST. III OSBERO. JAMES WILLIAM. JR. OVERSTI'lEl.'I'. WILLIAM COURTNEY PAGE. JOHN CARY FAYNE. ARNOLD BOARD PEIRCE. BROOKE I"E'I'I'IGREW. JAMES ANDREW PHILLIPS. WILLIAM OOODLETT. JR. PILLOW. RANDOLPH PRESTON POLLARD. ROBERT NELSON. JR. POWELL. JEFFERSON NORMAN POWERS. RICHARD PRICE. GEORGE ROBERT QUARLES. JAMES CLIV RANDOLPH. MALCOLM LOGAN RATHBUN. NORMAN HUME RAWLINOS. JAMES SCO11' ROBERTSON. SELDEN ALEXANDER ROBINSON. JAMES MUCLELIAND ROBINSON. JOSHUA LOWELL ROSENBAUM. LEON. JR. ROSENTHAL. HERBERT HILLEL ROTHAR. PHILLIP EDWARD ROTHMAN. DONA.LD NAHUM ROTIISCHILD. DAVID. II ROWLETT. RUSSELL JOHNSTON. JR. RUMBLE. OEROULD MBLEAN. JR. RUSSELL DIKALB. JR. SCIIENKKAN. ROBERT FREDERIC SCHIIJJZR. PETER NICHOLAS SCOTT. RICHARD SELLMAN. JR. SEGAL. HOWARD NOWELL SEGA-L. MILTON SEI-DEN. SHERMAN WARD SELONICIL EDWARD HENRY SENLE. ALAN HARVEY SHAPER. RALPH ALEXIUS SHARP. THOMAS MONTERVILI-E SHAY. ROBIUIT PAUL SHULMAN. PAUL N. SHUMATE. THOMAS DANIEL, JR. SILK. MORTON JACK SKINNER. JOSEPH JOSHUA. JR. SMITH. EDWARD CU'I'R.ER SMITII. IIOWA-RD MGQUEEN SMITH. TIMOTHY LAWRENCE SNEED. JOHN LEWIS STEVENS. GARLAND RITCHIE STRAND. JOHN SHARP TAIT. COLUMBUS DOWNING. JR. TATUM. JOHN ROBERT TAYI-DR. HENRY PORTERFIELD. JR. TAYLOR. NELSON EDWIN. JR. TIIACKER. ,JOHN LEWIS THOMAS. EDWARD OGDEN. JR. THOMASON. JOHN WILLIAM. II.I THORUP. OSCAR ANDREAS. JR- THROCKMORTON. BURTON H.AM.I.LTON. JR. TI.I.MAN. RIVES LEONARD TINKER. JOHN FRANK TRAINER. FRANK WILSON TREVOR. PAUL WARREN HOULT TRUI'I'I'. JAMES ROGERS MGCONNELL TUCKER. JOSEPH BLOUNT TULL. CECIL BDVJAMIN TUTHILI.. WILLIAM CARROLL VEST. GEORGE SOUTHALL. JR. VICTOR. WILLIAM HAROLD WADE. DUDI-EY FREEMAN WAITE. HARRISON. III WALKER. HENRY STREIT. II WALKER. WILLIAM DUNN WALLINGTON. EDWARD CASWUJ4 JR. WASSERMAN. JACK BENNITIT WAXMAN. ARTHUR ' WEBER. GEORGE WEBSTDI. DONALD DENT WEINSTEIN. SHELDON WELYLEY. WILLIAM MARTIN WELIIORD. THOMAS DABNEY WHITE. JADE OARRl.'I'.I'. III WRITING. FRANCIS BROOIG. II WILKINS. ROBERT BOCOCK WILLIAMS. SAMUEL HAINES. JR. WILLIS. WILLIAM SCOTT WILSON. HENRY BEA'I'I'Y WILSON. JOHN ELZEY WISSINOER. JOHN PETER WOODARD. JOHN WILSON. JR. WOODSON. JOSEPH BERND YAOER. ALFRED YOST. WILLIAM LASSITER I63II ,1- l-.4 7'- FT g--- .I 'Q' 1-r -Q M 1-2. Q 1- 1- 4 2 - gr- . - ,... ws 4 M- .1 5-- S, -1 1'- - fy -.. "" I , -' -- -was y.-- 1 w,-4 1- 1v"' -- 3- ii -M xt ..1 31 .l i -9 M l- l-Q iL i, lx 1 :gb Irving S. Abady, 2 John S. Abboil, I Lawrence W. Ablooll, 2 Samuel Abbolf, I Waller R. Abell, 3 John M. Acker, 2 John M. Ackerson, Jr., 3 Wm. R. Adam, 4 Robl. S. Adams, Jr., I Edmund B. Adamson, 2 Nalhaniel E. Adamson, Jr., 4 Ollo C. Agranovilrch, 4 Waller T. Ahrens, 2 Robl. B. Aldrich, 4 John H. Alexander, Jr., I Roberl W, Allriend, 3 Alberl C. Allen, Jr., I Alberl L. Allen, Jr., 2 Calvin R. Allen, 2 Carlos R. Allen. Jr., I Lewis M. Allen, I M. Shannon Allen, Jr., 2 Waller N. Allen, 2 Wm. A. Allen, 3 Melvin G. Alper. 2 Lane Ameen, I Lesler R, Amiss, 3 Alberl J. Amslerdam, I Harry P. Anderson, 2 John V, Anderson, 2 Richard N. Anderson, I W, Ward Anderson, Jr., 3 V. William Archer, Jr., 4 Warren R. Armenlroul, I Wm. H, Arrick, I Francis M. Arlhur, I 4. -1 -3 ...Q Qduafes EIENCES -Q -i -- -4 -1 -4 ,.4 CEFJM: L .E 4 iii-1-1 111l iii a- Macon M. Arlhur, 2 Roberl A. Arlhur, 3 Donald E. Alkinson, 2 Geo. R. Alkinson, I Geo. D. Axlord, 3 Donald H. Ayers, I Jolly deB. Backer, I Waller T. Badcock, 2 Boni. F. Baer, III, I I. Mordecai Baill, 2 Edwin W. Baird, I Richard L. Baird, III, Nicolas Baienofl, 4 Richard R. Baker, 3 John D. Ballenger, 3 Frank H. Balsley, 4 Eric R. Bancroft 4 Donald M. Bane, 4 3 Merrill H. Bankhead, 4 W. Bryan Banker, Jr., 4 Roland L. Banks, Jr., 4 Wm. W. Banks, I Roberi W. Banla, 2 Beni. W. Banulis, 3 Amedeo A, Barbanfi, Rolof. C. Barclay, 3 Wm. S. Barker, 4 Jas. W. Barksdale, I Frank O. Barnes, I Margaref P. Barnes, 3 3 Lawrence Barnelf, Jr., I Willie T. Barnelf. Jr.. I Jas. H. Barnhill. I Jas. M. Barr. III, 2 Kennelh R. Barrie, I Craig W. Barry, 4 Vinceni J, Barry, I Elliol F. Barflell, 4 Edw. E, Bass, I Robl. B. Bass, I O. Frederick Bales, I Wm. C. Ballle, 4 Wm. C. Bauknighl, Jr.. Herberf M. Baumgard, M. David Baxler, 2 Maxwell Baxler, Jr., I Jas. T. M. Baylor, I Russell S. Bayly, 2 Roberl H. Beach, I Frank C. Beacham,3 Mahlon B. Beal, I Arfhur P. Bean, Jr., 3 Jas. A. Bear, Jr., 2 S. Elmer Bear, 2 David Bealy, Ill, 2 George A, Beck, 2 Paul Becker. I Peler O. Becker, I Frederic H, Behr, Jr., 4 Thos. M. Behrendf, I Lewis F. Bell, 2 Linlon P. Bell, I Wm. H, Bell, 4 Brainard J. Belmore, 4 John R. Benneff. 5 Chapman S. Benson, I Craig Benson, I Herman A. Benlon, Jr., Jusfin Bergman, Jr., 3 Edmund Berkeley, 5 John A. Berkey, I Peler Berkey, III, 3 3 2 I E641 John H. Berkley, I DeWiII Blundon. I Price Berkowilz, 3 Wm. H. Board, 4 Herman L. Bernhard, I Chas. C. Boalwrighl, 4 Robr. H. Bernhardy, 3 Bruce H. Bode, 2 Leo Bernslein, 2 Frederick W. Bode, Jr., I Leonard N, Bernslein, 4 Jack H. Boger, 2 Edw. R. Berry, 3 Waller M. Boggs, 2 Olfo J. Belz, Jr., 3 J. Daniel Boisseau, I Claylon T. Bevan. 2 Chesler H, Balen, I J55- B- BGVSVIY- 2 Rodney T. Bonsall, Jr., 3 Wm- W- BSVGIIYI I John A. Boole, Jr., I Millard F. Biber, 4 Geo- B, Boone' 2 Alden G- BIQGIOWI 3 Carlson F. Boolh. I Thos. P. Biggerl, I Beni. F. Borden, 2 Jas. Biggin, 2 Irving Bornslein, 3 Franklin B. Biggs, 5 L. Dullon Bolhwell, lll, I Chas. N. Biondi, Jr., I Paul W. Bouriaily, I John W. Bishop, 2 Jas. E, Bowden, 3 Schuyler M. Bissell, 4 David A. Bowers. ll, 3 Gerald W. Black, I Roy D, Bowie' 2 Wm. B. BI6Ck. 2 Williams C. Bowie, I G. Robl. Blackburn, 2 Roy N. Bowman' 4 Guy W. Blackwell, I Wm. A, Bowron, 2 John D. Blackwell, 5 Jegge C, Bowyer' 3 Wm. P. Blackwell, I John W, Bgyd' Jr., I Lulher R. Blair, 5 Nalh'I W. Boyd, Ill, Thom W. Blair, 3 Robl. S. Boyd, 2 Wm. A. Blankenship, 4 Samuel N. Boyd, Jr., 2 Wm. T. Bleckwehl, Jr., 2 Wm. O. Boyd, Jr., 2 Denzell C. Blevins, Jr., 2 Kimberly Brabson, 3 Arnold H. Bloch, 3 Carroll P. Bradford, 2 John L, Bloch, 2 Douglas S. Bradley, I Jos. H Bloch, 4 Beni. C. Branch, I Archer K. Blood. I Hugh W, Branch, 2 Wm. E. Bloomer. 2 Jos. A, Brand, 4 John M. Bloxom, III, 2 John B. Breckenridge, 3 U51 ,-. .-l,..1 it Q...- gl , -1. L- 1- iQ 3. ul- qi- fgllii aaa ARTS ANE IEN Louis M. Breier, 3 Slanley S. Brenner, Jos. Bresler, 3 ,1 3 Chas. A. Brelhen, Jr.. I David A. Brewsler, 2 iii? i 1--i --Q Harold G. Brinckerholl, 5 Henry S, Brinkerholf, 4 A. Day Brixey, Jr., Carl A. Broaddus, Herberi A. Brock, Willard C. Broden, Donald S. Brody, 2 F. Dixon Brooke, 3 Wm. B. N. Brookes, 4 Jr.. 3 I Jr., Clifford W. Brooks, 2 Ralph F. Brooks, I Samuel R. Brooks. Jr., 3 Craig A. Brower, I Edw. E. Brown, I Frank R. Brown, I Jas. A. Brown, Jr., 2 J. Rodes Brown, Jr., I Jas. W. Brown, I Robl. D. Brown, I Robl. L. Brown, Ill, Royce L. Brown, 2 Sherman Brown, l T, B. Hynson Brown Thos, M. Brown, 3 Wm. T. Brown, Jr.. Donald Bruce, 3 2 , 3 I Donald L. Brummer, 4 Wm. F. Brunner, Jr., 2 C. Braxlon Bryan, I C. Edgar Bryanl. 2 Harvey L. Bryanl, J Il,3 r., I James R. Bryanl, I Landon G. Buchanan, 4 Richard B. Buck, I Slanley T. Budd, I Arlhur H, Buell. Jr., I Willis Bumslead, I Edw. Burgers, Jr., 4 Harrison W. Burgess, I Wm. H. Burk, I John K, Burke, 2 Juslin I. Burnes, 4 David S. Burner, 2 Chas. R. Burnell, Jr., 4 Maurice B. Burrill, I Robl. O. Burlon, I Edw. P. Bush, 2 John J. Buller, IV, 3 Chas. E. Bullerworlh, Jr., I W. Dimmock Buxlon, 2 Wallace W. Bybee, I Donn H. Byrne, I Edw, A. Byrne. 2 Adlinglon N. Cady, I L. D. Brewsler Cady, 2 Augusi' H. Cahill, 3 Earle G. Caldwell, 6 F. Dabney Caldwell, 3 Roberl C. Caldwell, 3 Clarence IT. Callahan. 4 Charles Callery, 2 John T. Camblos, I Alex. A. Cameron, Jr., 2 E. Duncan Cameron, Jr., I James L. Camp, III, 3 Allan A. Campbell, I Chas. McD. Campbell, I .1- if-g 1--.1 Al-Qi E-Baduczfes r, H Drsclemces -i "i m.Q'1Qs..v I : NIU.- , L " "'I.i-Y-LT' Edward B. Campbell, I Edward C. Campbell, 2 Gilberl S. Campbell, Jr., Edson H. Canova, I Arnold B. Canler, I Arnold J. Canlon, 3 Baylor V. Capers, I Daniel J. Capiello, 3 Mosby G. Cardozo, 4 Wm. C. Carey, Jr., 2 Amory S. Carharl, Jr., I Russell M. Carneal, 2 Edgar Carolan, I King Carr, I Geo, C. Carringlon, 2 J. Wade Carroll. 2 John H. Carrulh, Jr., 4 Bruce D. Carswell, I Henry L. Carler, 4 Orbin F. Carler, Jr., 2 Samuel H. Carler, 2 William C. Carler, I William E. Carfer, 2 Slephen M. Carvelh, I DeWiH B. Casler, Jr.. 4 Tom E. Calhcarl, II, I E. Davis Caflerlon, I W. Scoll Cauchois, 3 Alex M. Cave, 2 Claude C, Caylor, Jr., 2 Chas. E. Chamberlayne, 4 Ralph V. Chamblin, Jr., 2 Ralph J. Chandler, Jr., I James A. Chaney. 3 Gerard S. Chapin, 3 Daniel D. Chapman, I Thomas W. Chapman, 4 Warner O. Chapman, 2 L. Russell Chauvenef, I Paul Cv. Cheafham, I Edward N. Cheek, Jr., 3 Edward A. Cheney, 2 Herberl J. Cherniss, 4 James D. Cherry, 4 Robl, M. Cheslon. I Edward J. Childers, 4 Thos. P. Chisman, 2 John F. Chileenden, I Andrew H. Chrislian, 2 Langdon T. Chrislian, III, 2 Sluarl G. Chrislian. Jr. Pefer G. Chrislie, I Dudley R. Clark, I John T. Clark, Jr., 2 J. Calvill' Clarke, Jr., 4 Slephen V. Clarke, 4 Buckner Clay, Jr., 3 Wm. J, Clemenl, 2 Thos. F. Clemmer, Jr., I John H. Cleveland, 4 Peler Clinch, V, I Waller A. Coakley, Jr., Peylon Cochran, Jr., I Wm. B. Cochran, I Alberl K. Cocke, 4 Everell' L, Colley. 2 Irwin B. Cohen, 3 Robl. S. Cohn, 3 Henry J. Colbalh, Jr., 2 Edward L. Cole, Jr., 2 R. Randall Cole. I Wm. B. Cole, 2 2 E661 Claude C. CoIeman, Jr.. I Gordon L. Crenshaw, 2 Curfin R. Coleman, I E. Paul Crider, Jr., 2 Robf. S. Coleman, I Chas. A. Crockeir, I Spurgeon W. Compfon. I Wm. C. Cromer, I Mark H. Congdon. 2 John H. CronIy. Jr., 3 Glenn W. ConneIIy. 4 James F, Crosby. I PIeasanIon L. Conquesr. III. 4 Evans H. Crossan. Jr., I Maurice H. Conrad, 2 Wm. P. Crowgey, Jr., I RaIph E. Conrad, 2 James A. Crown, I John M. Conwell. 4 John P. Crozer. 2 Henry L. Cook. 3 CaIvin C. Crum. 3 Bernard L. Cooper. 2 Charles A. Crumm, Jr.. I Chas. C. Cooper. I Wm. J. Crumm, 3 David S. Cooper, I Fred S. Cruser. I HaroId H. Cooper. 2 R. Philip CruIe. 4 Harry Cooper, I Roy Cunningham. Jr., 2 Bruce G, Cornell, I WiIIIam C. Cunningham, 3 Theodore C. Corwin. Jr.. 2 Chas. Curry. II, 2 Clarence C. Cosby, Jr., I Frank C. Czarnecki. Jr., 2 Robin C. Cosgrove, 4 M. James Czarniecki. Jr., 3 Mark H. Cos'feIIo. Jr.. I T. Todd Dabney. 3 Avery B. Cousins. Jr., 2 Wm. E. Dague, I M. Lindsey Cowen. Jr.. 3 Rohr. F. Dahl. 2 Harry H, CowIes, 4 M. Owens Dailey, I James B, Cox, 4 James H. Dalhouse. 2 D0naId H, Coxe, 2 MGICOIITI L. Dana, 2 Chas. G. Craddock, Jr., 3 Anderson Daniel. I Harvey A. Craig, 2 Herberf A. Dann. 2 Robf. P. Craig, I Edward D. Dari. I Ross W, Craig, 3 David A, Dashiell, Jr.. I Bruce Craine, I John P. Daughfrey, 4 Wm, D. Craine, I G. AIIen Davenpori. I Robr. B. Crane, 2 Fred C. Davidson, Jr., I Thos. W. S. Craven. 5 Bernard W. Davis. 4 Naihan P. Crawford. 4 Horace W. Davis, 2 Francis N. Crenshaw. 2 J. Vernon Davis. 3 E671 l ,QQ SI? 1--1 1-in 1 -1 1 We We Q. ig i- ARTSANDZS E v-C L v s v- -11 i-. 1 John L. Davis. 2 Jos. G. Davis, I Richard H. Davis. I Robf. B. Davis, Jr.. I Thos. N. Davis. III, 4 WaIIer C. Davis. Jr.. I George M. Dawes, 2 Thos. H. Dawson. 4 Arden L. Day, Jr.. 2 Robr. L. de Beauchamp, 2 Frank W. Decker, 2 John Russell Decker. 3 A. Maynard Deekens. 6 Prisco F. DeFronzo. 3 Adolph J. Deinef, 2 Lee M. de Lacy, I John B. Delaney, 3 Wm. H. DeIaney. Jr.. I George Denison, 2 Eugene M. Dennis, 4 Robr. L, Dennis, 4 Sidney C. Derman, I Donald J. DeRoy, I Laurence E. Deursch, 2 Chas. K. Dewees, III, I Chas. J. DeWiII, I J. H. Cochran Dick. I Ervin J. Dickey, Jr., 4 Marfin Dies, Jr., 2 Wm. W. Dillard. Jr., 3 Arfhur T. DIngIe, I Nancy S. Dinwiddie. 2 HaroId F. Dirlam, 3 George T. Dixon. Jr.. 3 AugusI'us V. di Zerega. I Henry H. Dodge. I Thos. E. Dolan, I Thos. Donaldson, Jr., I Wm. A. Dorney, Jr., 2 Ralph M. Dorsey, 3 Roy A. Dorsey. I Chas. W. Douqhlie, Jr.. Wm, S. Downing, Jr.. 2 Harold A. Downs. 2 John B. Dragoo, 2 Frank S. Dudley. Jr., 2 J. Grayson Duer, 2 Robl, W. Duff. Jr.. I Ben W. Dulany. 2 Philip H. Dunbar, Jr.. I Ralph E. Duncan. Jr.. 2 Frank R. Dunham. 4 Guy H. Dunham, 2 Chas. H. Dunlap. 2 David Dunlop. 2 Harry F. A. Dushin. 2 Arlhur Ebberl. Jr.. I Marvin I. Edelslein, 3 Monroe A. Edelslein. 3 Fred'k. Edenharier, I Lloyd L. G. Edwards, 2 B, Purnell Eggleslon, Jr.. Wm. V. Ehrlich. I Jos. Eichelbaum, 2 David R. Eichengreen, 3 John J. Eichmann, I Claylon W. Eley. 3 Henry Gr. Ellelf, Jr.. 4 Mahlon H. Elliolr, I Gordon H. Ellis, 2 Roland H. Ellis, Jr., 3 Viclor Elmaleh, 3 Z ISF-Qduafes :i lENCES 2 3 V? Robl. E. P. Elmer, Jr., I Thos. C. Fisher, Jr.. I Allen R. Emmerl, Jr., 2 Marshall W. Fishwick, I Richard A. Englander, 3 Jas. O. Fllzgerald, 2 John D. Epperly, 4 Robin C. Fifzgerald. 3 Richard K. Ernst I F. Wilbur Firzhugh, Jr., 3 J. W. Johnslon Esles, I Paul C. Fleishel. 4 James W. Esles, I William C. Fleming, 3 Henry J. Euler, Jr,, I William M. Flemisler, I Frank L. Evans, I Donald M. Florin, I Waller C. Ewer, 2 Curlis S. Floyd. 3 Waller L. Evans. Jr., I William W. Fogarfy, Jr.. William R. Evans, I James Foley. 4 Sfanlon L. Eversole, Jr., I Jaime H. Fonl, I NaI'h'I M. Ewell, Jr.. 3 Chas. D. Forrer. Jr., 3 Edwin L. Fabian, 4 Gabriel Fagol, 3 Leo F. Fahey, Jr.. I John N. Fallon, I C. Brooks Farber. I Romeo A. Farese. I Norman Farquhar. 2 Donald F. Farren. 2 Robl. G. Faulconer, William C. Fechler, Richard R. Fegreus. Cornelius C. Felfon. William M. Field. I Robf. P. Fields, I Francis H. Fife, 4 Marshall G. Finck, 4 Adrian B. Fink, Jr., 2 Seymour Finkelslein. H. Lee Finlayson, Jr. Harold Fisher. 2 Norman Fisher, 2 I 2 I Jr 3 , I Sranley P. Fisher. Jr., a.- I aa. -. gi r .s- Harvey W. Forl, I LeRoy E. Foulkrod. 3 Harry K. Fowle, I Rolol. L. Frackellon. 3 Roger D. Fraley. I Nalhan R. Frank, 4 C. Peylon Fravel, I Paul T. Freeman, I John Frilsche, 4 John R. Frizzell. Jr., 2 J. Windsor Frosf, I Henry Fruhauf. Jr., 2 Wm. C. Fulcrod. 2 Billy F. Fuller, 4 Roberl P, Fuller, I Laurence K. Furgurson, J 3 Edw. A. Gage, Il, 2 Robl. B. Gahagan. I Geo. W. Gail. Jr., 3 Plalon G. Gailey, 3 Robl. M. B. Gallagherjl Allen Gardner, 2 l C681 Chas. M. Garland, Jr., 3 Jas. H. P. Garnell, 4 Jas. M. Garnell. Robl. E. Garris, 3 Thos. H. Garfh, 3 Harold A. Garfzman. 3 Kendrick Garvin, 3 Macbelh R. Gasque, Jr., I Emmelie T. Gafewood. Jr., 4 Wm. Gaylord. 2 Dawson O. George. Jr., 3 Jas. E. Gerhardf, 2 Sumner M. Gersiein. 3 Jas. C. Gianakos. I Nicholas C. Gianakos. 5 Clyde E. Gibb, 2 John W. Gibbs, I Beni. J. Gibson, Jr., I Wm. H. Giefier, 3 Cass Gilberl, 3rd, I L. Melvin Giles, I John A. Gill, I Wm. N. Gillispie. 2 Weir B. Gilmer, 5 Bruce W. Gilpin, I Philip V. V. Gladden. 3 Dickinson G. Glass, 3 David T. Gleason, I Wm. M. Goadby. 5 Eugene Van N. Goelchius, 2 Warren Goff. 3 Kemper Goffigon. Ill. 4 Wm. A. Gold, 2 Barron L. Goldberg. I James S. Golden. Jr., I Mano R. Golden. 3 Norman Goldfarb, 3 Jack Goldman. 2 Richard A. Goldman, I Edward O. Gooch, 2 Robf. M. Gooch, 3 Neal S. Goodloe, 4 A. Chas. Goodrich, Jr.. 2 Carl S. Goodwin. Jr., I E. Howard Goodwin, 3 John G. Goodwin. 3 W. A. R. Goodwin, Jr.. I Robl. K. Gordin. I John C. Gordon. Jr.. I Marvin E. Gordon, 2 Reuben L. Gordon. III, I Sfandiford R. Gorin, I D. Talmage Gornfo. Jr.. 4 Lufher S. Gosney. 4 E. H. Clay Goss. I O. Kelsey Goss, 2 Wm. S. Grace. I Eric B. Graham, 2 John G. Graham, I Louis S. Graham. Jr.. 3 Robi. F. Graham. 2 Sam. D. Graham, 3 James R. Grandin, I C. Wiley Grandy, IV, 2 George F. Graves, I Wm. S. Gray. I Edw. Greenbaum. 4 John C. Greenleaf. Jr., 3 Henry P. Greenwald. 3 David Greer. Jr., 3 Robert Greer. 2 T. Keisler Greer. 2 E691 g- gs l -3 -1 'Qyixgi 5- re Ex ll' Un lffs ARTS ANTES4-' le 'gif John R, Gregory, 3 Wm. A. Gregory. 2 Picke++ M. Greig. 3 H. Norman Crieb. 3 Thos. J. Griffis, 2 Vernon C. Griffilh, Jr., I Frank B. Grimes. 2 Wilbur M. Grimsley, 2 Thos. D. Grinnell. Jr.. I Fredk. F. Grossi, 4 Andrew Grove. 3 G. Sierling Grumann. 2 Cliffon R. Gruver. 2 Edwin F. Gulick. 4 Wm. L. Gum. 2 Chas. M. Guihrie. Jr.. 2 Wm. B. Guy. Jr.. 3 Sfuarf L. Haas. I Robf. H. Haden, 2 Geo. C. Haddox. Jr.. 3 Fredk. R. Haeberle, Jr.. I Richard L. Haines, 2 Wm. N. Hale, 2 Ellioff C. Haley, I Chas. C. Hall, Jr.. 2 Claude H. Hall, 2 Frederic L. Hall. 4 Norman B. Hall. Jr., 7 Roger W. Hall. 4 Wm. M. Hall. III. I Rodrigo Halphen. I John C. I-Ialy. I Geo. W. Hambrick, ll, I Algernon H. Hampfon, 2 Robf. E. Hancock. Jr., 3 Geo. S. Hankins, 2 Mark C. Hannan, Jr., I Clinfon M. Harbison, Jr., 3 Robl. C. Harding. 2 John P. Harloe. 2 Wm. B. Harman, 4 James E. Harper, 4 Laurence K. Harper, Jr.. 2 Wallace R. Healwole, I Chas. E. Hebard, Jr., I Ferd Heckle, Jr., 2 W. Edward Hedger, Jr., I Frank S. Heidelbach, I Lawrence G, Heinrich, I Slephen W, Heller, 2 Richard M, H. Harper, Jr., 3 Geo. R. Hemphill, Jr., I W, Clarence Harrell, Jr., 2 Laurance G. Henderson, I W. Lloyd Harrell, 2 Waller R. Harris, 2 Wm. A. Harris. I Wm. L. Harris, Jr., 5 David W. Harrison. I Fredk, N. Harrison, Jr., 2 Jacquelin M. Harrison, I Thos. H. Henry, 3 Philip K. Hensel, 2 Frank L. Hereford, I James K. Herold, 2 Jack L. Herrell, 3 Daniel K. Herrick, 3 Roberl F, Hershner. 2 John H. Harrison. Jr., 3 J- Lawrence HGYSOH. ll. 3 Jos. H. Harrison, Jr., 4 Palmer A. Hewlell, Jr., 3 Wm. H. Harrison. I Carl C. Hari, 3 Fredk. S. Hicks, 2 Marlin B. Hiden, Jr.. David Harflield, Jr., 4 -I0I'1f1 C. Hildebrand. 3 Fred B. Harlley, Jr., I Robl. L. Harfman, 5 Richd. W. Harlshorn, 3 Paul Harvey, Jr., I Wm. R. Harvey, Jr., I Chas. S. Haslings, 3 Richard C. Haslings, Jr., I Fredk. S. Hill, 2 Harry H. Hill, Jr., 3 Wm. B. Hill, Jr., 4 Wm. M. Hill. 2 Alden Hine, 2 Eugene H. Hilchcock, 2 Theodore J. Hobe, I Rufherford L, Harch, I Jennings W. Hobson. Jr., 2 Wirl' H. Halcher, Jr., 2 R. Archer Hobson, Jr., 5 Harvey J, Hafchfield, 3 Edward Hochhauser, Jr., 5 Barry F. Hawkins, 3 I-Ierberl W. Hawkins, 3 Ray E. Hawkins, 4 Wislar M. Heald, Jr., 2 Horace W. Healh, I G Q '11 5-T Q i '. fgduafes lb N "- -:fi- QSEZIENCES IA 5 -Gas vi.: x Jack H. Hodges, 3 Wm. H. Hodill, 2 Don C. Hoensfine, I Chas. L. Hoffman, 4 Julian H, Hoffman, 3 John Z. Hoke, I Frederick W. Holcomb. J J. Peler Holland, III, I Sampson P, Holland. Jr., Malcolm A. Holliday, I Robl. G. Holloway I A. Rulherfoord Holmes, I Richard. B. Holmes, 2 Ralph T. Holsapple, Jr.. 2 Roberl M. Holzinger, I John C. H. Hooll. 4 Z. Vance Hooker, II, 2 Allen C. Hopkins, 2 Forlescue W. Hopkins, 3 John H. Hopkins, 2 John B. Hopper, 3 Marcel J. Hornowski, 3 Aage Hornslelh, 4 George E. Holi, 2 Chas. W. Houfli, 3 Roger W. Howard, 2 A. Gregory Howe, 2 Henry E. Howell. Jr., I Wm. H. Howell, Jr., 2 Guerard H. Howkins, Jr.. Allen G. HoyI', Jr., 2 Philip D. Hoyi, Jr., 2 Earl K. Hubbard, 2 Waller C. Hubbard, III, Wm. C. Hudlow, Jr., I Jesse T. Hudson, Jr.. I Alex. P. Hull, Jr., I John W. Hulvey, I David C. Hune, 3 Arlhur S. Hummel, I Robl. P. Hunler. I E701 I F. I 4 Chas. W. Hunfsberry, 3 Wm. B. Jones, 6 Wm. D. Hurlbuf. II, 2 Chas. D. Hurr. Jr., 4 Geo. P. I-Iu'I'Ion, 4 Earl MCS. Hyde, I Louis J. Hyde, I Alex. W. Jordan, Jr.. 2 Howard B. Josias. 3 Siewarl M. Joy, I R. Thos. Joyner, Jr.. 3 Sfanley K. Joynes. Jr.. 3 Marfin S. W. Hyder. I Wm. S. Judlcins, 3 C. Byron Ireland. Jr.. I Homer R. Jus'ris, I Robl. A. Ireland, Jr.. 4 Joseph K. Kahn, 3 Thos. A. Jacka. I Franklin F. Jackson, I Z. Raymond Kamman. I Gus E. Kardos, I Howard M. Jacobson. I Daniel S. Karsch, 3 Henry G. Jakobe, I Ba-'I M. James, Jr., 2 Robf. L. James, 2 Robie G. Janney, 3 Allan H. Jefferies, 2 Geo. B. Jeffrey. I Elberl S. Jemison, Jr., C. Felix Jenkins, I Wm. F. Jensen, Jr., 4 Ernesf F. Jessee. Jr., I James L. Jessup, 2 Carl B. Johnson. 3 Edwin T. Johnson. III, Jos. Glen Johnson. Jr., Lewis B. Johnson. 3 Marshall Johnson, I Meredifh Johnson. 4 R. Wiclclifie Johns+on. V. Daniel Johns+on. Jr., Ernesl T. Jolley, 4 Basil M. Jones. Jr.. 2 Presfon L. Jones, 2 W, Winfhrop Jones. 4 Wm. A. Jones. Jr., 3 Bernard H. Kasinoff, 3 Lewis S. Kaiz, 3 Harry F. Kauffman. Jr.. 4 Roberl L. Keeley. I Fredlc, A. Keene. I Mervyn W. Kellam, 2 I Robf. J. Keller. III. I Elmer L. Kelly. 4 Fredlc. W. Kelly, Jr., 4 Roberl A. Kelly, I Bruce F. Kemp. 2 John I':rnpf. 3 3 Chas. R. Kendall, 2 I David L. Kendall. I A. Edward Kennedy. III 3 Selden B. Kennedy, Jr., 2 Wm. J. Kennedy, I 3 John J, Kennelly, I I Robf. E. Kenyon. I Frank A. Keppelmann, 2 Alberi D. Kerley. 4 Douglas O. Kern, 3 Thos. E. Kessing. 2 H. Charles Kessler. I f7l1l ,lx l--.-4 3- pi 1- ix' i ll llll Il I 'ilu 'Q will 'illniillli Hive 3 3 'I 'SI Ta --- j E.-4 ARTS AND'SC.I Arfhur C. Kelcham, I Alfred C. Kilham, II. I James V. Kilgore, I Eugene L. Kilils, I Wm. T. Kimmel. 3 Douglas Kincaid. 5 Chas. C. King. Jr.. 3 C. Corbeffe King. Jr., 2 James E. King, 2 Willis L. King. 2 Roy M. Kinsey. I S. Phillips Kinsey, 2 John H. Kirk. I Harry N. Kirlcpalriclc, 3 Robl. H. Kirkwood, 3 John L. Kirslen. 2 C. Gerald Kirven. I Leslie A. Klieforlh, I Ervin B. Kline, I John W, Knight I Wm. W. Kniqhi. 2 James M. Knopp, 2 J. Gilmer Korner, III. 2 Alex. J. Koswiclc, 3 Franlclin H. Kovacs, 3 Wm. R. Krause. 2 Manson F. Krebs, I Edward Kreiclc I Wm. E. Kreidler, 5 Arnold N. Kroqsfad. Jr.. 3 Wm. H. Kurfh. 4 Robl. R. Lacoclc, 2 P. Frank Lalce. 2 Irwin J. Lalcin. 2 Grayson W. Lamberl, I Samuel E. Lamloerf. Jr., I iii gi ...- LL -Q l. -. If 'Ji 5- ang: rg ua es J. Hugh LamonI. I Robf. S. Lieblich, 3 Beni. R. Lancasfer, I Richard E. LinscoH, I Edmund A. Langhorne. 4 Robf. P. Lipps, I Wm. D. Langhorne. 2 Don. C, Liffle, 4 Max D. Largenf. I John C. LIIIIe, Jr., I Gerald J. Larkin, I James B. LII'IIefIeId. 4 Robin I. Larus. 4 Jas. H. LiH'IehaIes, Jr., 3 R. Traylor Larus, I Lawrence A. Livingsion. 4 James A. Lafane, Jr., 3 Barfon M. Lloyd, 3 J. Henry Lafchum, I Chas. F. Lloyd, Jr.. 3 Wm. J. Laughner, 4 John J. Lloyd, 3 Rob+. I. Laufers+ein. 4 Raymond J. Lloyd, 4 Frank J. LavenIhaII. I Richard L. Lloyd. 3 R. Trenf Laviano, 2 John L. Lobingier. Jr., 4 Edgar H. Lawman, Jr.. I Sfephen E. Loewy, 2 Fredk. W. Lawrence. 3 Bernard Loren, 3 Beni. F. Leake, Jr., 5 Edmund G. Lorenz, 3 Arfhur K. Lee. I Chas. H. Loughridge, Jr.. 2 M. L. Dawson Lee. Jr., I Wm. E. Love'r+, 2 Parker H. Lee. Jr., 2 Jas. W. Loynd. II, I Wm. L. Lee. Jr., 5 Lorenzo F. Luckie, Jr.. 2 Fred M, Lege, III, 4 John M. LudIam, 3 Henry Leidheiser, Jr.. 4 Alvin V, Ludwig. 3 John C. Leonard. Jr.. I Chas, H. Lupfon, Jr., 2 SIanIey M. Lerner, 3 Chas. T. Lup+on, I Robf. C. Lever. III. 3 Norman L. Lushbaugh, I Chas. B. Levering, I Paul D. Lyday, I Marshall A. Levin, 4 Merberf M. LevII"r, 3 Edward G. Lewis, 2 Robf. C. Lyday, 2 Edward M. Lyman, 2 L. Amory Lynch. I Markham V. Lewis, 2 Richard T. Lynch, I Wm. D. Lewis, Jr.. 2 Theodore G. Lyon, 4 Harry G. Lewman, 2 Wm. S. Lyon. Jr., 2 Chas. H. Leys. I James W. McBrian, 3 L. James Lichfensfein, 2 John E. McCadden. Jr., 3 Chas. W. Liddell, 2 John M. McCanIs. Jr.. I 4:- li: li .4 '-Lf-::lENcEs .pf I ' ii Jill.: 1-L-i 1-..1, Q- L723 James McCarIhy, Brighi McCausIand, I WaIIer M. McCIeIIand, I John J. McCloskey. Jr., 2 John A. McConnell, I Robf. B. McCormack, 2 Horace D. M.Cowan, Jr.. Conrad G. McCown. 2 Harry E. McCoy, Jr., I Myrlin McCuIIar, 4 John P. McDonald, I W. Percy McDonald, Jr.. Frank A. Macduff, 3 Harold L. MCG-eorge. Jr.. Robf. J. McGovern, 2 James C, McGusIy, 3 Robf. T. McGus'ry. Jr., 4 James E. McIver, I Lebron E. Mclvor, Jr.. I Robi. L. McKim, 2 Robr. A. McKinley, I Lee M. McLaughlin. 4 John A. McLellan, I Norman L. MacLeod, Jr., Richd. H. McLeod, 2 Wm. B. McLeod, 4 John C. MacMurray, I Roger D. McNamee, 3 Geo. M. McNeal. I C. Wilson McNeeIy. Jr.. Leo E. McPar+Iand. I John H. McQueen, 2 Warren E. Maas, I John B, Macaulay, 2 A. AIas+air Macconochie. Fred C. Mackler, 3 3 I 4 4 J. Madison Macon, 2 Carl H. Madden, 3 George F. Mahoney, 3 Alex, B. Mahood, Jr., I John J. Mahood, I L. Carlyle Major. Jr., I Allred K. Mann, 3 Nathaniel F. Mann. Jr., I Hunler R. Mann, 4 John T. Manning, Jr., 2 Michael W, Manzie, 3 Wm. B. Marbury, Jr., 3 David H. March, I George A. Marion, Jr., 2 Joe Marlmo, I Yves R. Maroni, I Wm. K. Marple, 2 Alberl C. Marshall, Jr.. 5 James M. Marshall, 4 John A. Marshall, 2 John Marshall, 5 Malcolm Y. Marshall, 3 Gilberl D. Marlin, Jr., 3 Jack Marlin, I Merrill P, Marlin, I Robl. J. Marlin, I Roy B. Marlin, Jr., I Thos. D. Marlin, 2 Wm. Marlin, Jr., I Jas. H. Marlindale, I Frederick F. Mase, 2 Robl. K. Mase, 2 John T. Mason, Jr.. 3 Loclcerl B. Mason, 2 Chas. R. Massell, 4 Chas. W. Massie, Jr., 2 Waller P. Massie, I C. Seymour Maslerlon, 2 John L. Maslran, 2 Chas. K. Malheny, 3 Alberl S. Mallaclc, I Sumner W. Malleson, 3 Thos. L. Mallhews, Jr., 4 Thos. R. Mallhews, Jr., Lesler N. May. 2 Geo. L. Mayberry, Il, I Thos. M. Mayfield, Jr., Edw. J. Mears, 3 Rene J. Mechin, Jr., I Samuel H. Meelcs, I Wm. D. Mendelson, 4 Karl F. Menlc, 3 Fielding L. Mercer, II, 2 Sereno Merrill, 4 Chas. W. Merrill, I Sluarl B. Merwin, 2 Elliol F, Melcall, 2 Chas. A. Meyer, 3 Chas. R. Meyer, I Robl. Meyer, I Warren T. Michael, 4 Edw. E. Michlom, I Edwin G. Middlelon, 3 Jas. E. Millan. 3 Arnold H, Miller, I Carson S. Miller, I Chas. T. Miller, Jr., 4 Earl C. Miller, I Felix G. Miller, Jr., 3 Harold E. Miller, I Jos. C. Miller, I Lee D. Miller, I T731 41 ,ill qi-41 4-1-11. 553 l - I JT ami I I ARTSANLES :EN +1 -1 -11 Qi igil '11 Ollo deV. Miller, 3 Preslon T. Miller, Jr., I Ridgely D. Miller, Jr., I J. McCluer Mimms, 2 Jos. W. Mirandon, 2 Wm. Sl. Mlrman, 3 A. Benson Mirmelslein, 3 Edw. A. Milchell, Jr., I Harvey A. Milchell, I Ralph J. Milchell, 3 Chas. B. Mix, I J. Fred Molinary, I Thos. W. Moloney, Il, 4 Beni. F. Monlague, Jr., 3 Gerald Monlaigne, Jr., 2 Cary N. Moon, Jr., 3 Harold D. Moore, 2 Merwin B. Moore, Jr.. I Kimber M. Moran, 5 James P. Morgan, 3 Richd. C. Morningslar, I Arlhur F. Morrison, I John D. Morrison, I Milnor B. Morrison, Jr., I Robl. H. Morrison, 3 Robl. E. Morse, 2 Donald W. Morlimer, I Wm. W, Morlon, 3 Arlhur D. Moslcowilz, 4 John C, Moll, I Wm. P. Mounlield, 3 Kingsland Mullen, I Terence Y. Mullins, I Herberl N. Munhall, Jr., I Samuel L. Munson, III, I P. Coldwell Munl, 2 - -. .Q ...- -1. -1 -1 -1 1 -Q 1 .1 -i 1 l- Bob L. Murray, I Olis W. Murphy, I Ray L. Murphy, I Holl A. Murray, 3 Philip F. Murray, I Robf, W. Murray. 2 Harry L. Myers, 2 Louis R. Myers, Jr., 2 Richd, H. Myers, I Wm. G. Myers, Jr., I Harvey L. D. Narcisenfeld, 3 Alan I. Nafhenson, 2 E. Fulfon Neal, I John H. Neff, Jr., 3 Eduardo M. Negron, Jr., 2 Waller I. Neller, 3 F. Haywood Nelms, Jr., 2 Bernard P. Nelson, 2 Wm. R. Nelson. 2 LeRoy W. Neusfedfer, 3 Robl. C. Newell, 4 Paul K. Newhall, 4 Abe Newman, I Lewis B. Newman, I Robf. W. Nicholson, 2 Kenl' C. Nicodemus, Jr., I Don B. Niklason. 2 Russell D. Niller, Jr., I Arlhur M. Nires, 2 W. Gale Noble, I Fredk. B. Nold, Jr., 3 John A. Norris, I Carlisle L, Noflingharn, 2 Jas. H. Nollingham, I George E. Oakley, Jr., 2 Donald F. Obrechf, I l--1 i--4-11 1-Q-l 1 A 4 I glmduafes - -11 J DZIENCES I-, l-- , 1-s gk - ' 4 .. 5 sei-J.. '-1 2. 'I g - ' " J I I J :- X 'I 1 i - i -1..i 1---i 5.4-1' Harold J. O'ConneII, Jr., 2 Richard M. O'ConneII, I Chas. F. O'Connor, III, Robf. J. O'Connor, I Rufus L. Oden, I Jas. F. O'Donoghue, Jr.. Daniel W. Oehmig, 2 Robl. W. Off, 2 J. Allan Offen, 2 Archibald Ogden, I William W. Old, III, I James B. Olney, 2 John L. Oppenheimer, 2 James B. Ord, Jr., 2 John R. G. Ordway, 2 John W. Ormond, I Sluarf S. Orrick, I James W. Osberg, Jr., I Dudley P. Osborne, Jr.. 2 Ellsworlh H. Oslergard, I J. DeWiII O'SuIIivan, I Edmund V. Osuch, 2 Richard C. Oughlon, 2 William C. Oversfreel, 4 Edmund B. Overlon, I Gaspar R. Pacheco, 5 Loren D. Packer, 2 John C. Page, 5 A. Jordan Paine, I Chas. R. Palmer, Jr.. 3 Gus W. Pappas. 3 Dan M. Paradies, I Jos. A. Paradis, Jr., I T. Alfred Parker, I Wm. H. Parker, I Howard F. Parkes, 3 E. Vance Parks, I Millon A. Parlow, I Emory W. Parroll, 2 Wilson B. Parfridge, 3 Waller V. Paruch, 3 Robl. L. Palerson, 3 Douglas A. Pallerson, Jr E. Ennalls Pallerson, I G. Benlon Pallerson, 5 Wm. H. Pafferson, 3 Jas. D. Pallon, Ill, I Earl R. Paul, I Ray M. Paul, 3 Chas. MCC. Paulus, 2 Arnold B. Payne, 2 Daniel H. Payne, 5 John G. Payne, 2 Reynold L. Pearlslein, I Richmond S. Pearson, 2 Edgar E. Pack, 4 Cliff N. Peeler, I Brook Pierce, 2 John L. Pendlefon, I S. Randolph Penn, I Wm. T. Penniman, Jr., 2 Chas. K. Perkins, 3 Harry J. Perlberg, Jr., 3 John M. Perry, 4 G. Freeland Pefer, Jr., 3 John L. Pelers, 2 Mark R. Peiers, I Wm. B. Pelers, Jr., I James A. Pelligrew, I James D. Pfahl, I Cyrus E. Phillips, Jr., I F741 ..- ..--.- ii. ,. 1? ?-' -Q ,- .- -1-A in ...- - -1 -1 U12 EYE' E ARTSANISESS: Q5 'L --1 9- -ci ,li il-gg an Donald H. Phillips. I Theodore J. Psomadalcis. I John S. Roberls, Jr.. 4 Edward T. Phillips, I Ernesl W. Purcell, 4 Marlin P. Roberfs. I Wm. B. Phillips, I Richard G. Purinlon, I Spencer Roberls, 2 Wm. G. Phillips. Jr.. 2 James C. Quarles. Jr., 3 Harrison M. ROID6rISOr1. Jr.. 2 Chas. Picluell, IV, 2 Wm. I-I. Quinn, I John P. Roberlson, I Wm, V. Piclcell, Jr.. I Beni. O. Randolph, Jr.. 2 Lulher A. Roberfson, 2 Huber? M. Piel, I Malcolm L. Randolph. 2 M. Blair Roberlson. I John F. Pierce, 3 John P' Ransom' 3 Selden A. Roberlson, 4 Randolph P. Pillow. 3 Norman H. Rafi-,bony 3 Edward J. Robeson, III, 2 Lewis A. Pinlcussohn. Jr., 3 J- scoff Rawlings' I Clarence L. Robinson, Jr., 2 Norman B, Pilcairn, Jr., 2 Chas. B. Rawollel 4 Harry H. Robinson. Jr., 2 Jos. N. Pillman, 4 Carroll D. Real 2 J. McClellan Robinson. I Marion A- Pills. 2 Chas, A, Reodl 4 Jerrold Robinson, I Keilh T. Pilzer, 5 Alfred A. Reardonl Jr.. I Joshua L. Robinson, I Edwin H. Pleasanls. 3 Alfon B, Rgddickl 2 John W. Robson, Jr., 2 F5Y9II'9 R- Plumb- II' I James B. Redus, Jr., 2 JOIN' L- ROCIOFS. -If-. 2 G. R. PlunI:e++, Jr.. I Chas. Reed' J,-.I 2 Edwin B. Roller, 3 Moss A- Plurilreff. -If-. 3 Dgngld R. Reed' I Franklin deW, Rollins, 3 Frederick L. Poafs, 2 Chas' T' Reese' 4 Jason B- Ron-,or I PGIGF POFIIOH. 2 Emmell F, Reese. III. I Lawrence S. Rome. 3 Robl. N- Pollard. 3 Robf, T, Rennerr I Leon Rosenbaum, Jr., 4 Ellis 6. Porler. 2 Turner F. Reuier, 2 David W. Ross, I Jefferson N. Powell. 2 Bruce D- Reynolds' Jr.. 2 Edgar C. Ross' II. 3 JOS. W. Powell. III- I Leigh C, Rhell, 2 Hamillon S. Ross, 2 Slanley Powell, Jr., 2 Cl-ras. W' Rhodes' Jr.. 4 Ralph P. Ross. 3 D. Pinclmev Powers- Jf.. 2 Joi.. T. L. Richard-, I w-:fo--I w. Ro--. s JOIIU I'I- Powers. 3 Lynwood W, Richardson, 4 David W. ROSIGI. 2 Richard Powers, 3 Rob+. M. Riddleberger, I Phillip E- Rvfhdr. 4 ' Robl. R. Prenlis, III. 3 Joe R. Riggs' 4 L. A, Rofhonbergr 53 David D- PVGSIOU- I Donald Riley, I Donald N. Rofhman. 2 Wm- R- PVSSIOU. 3 Wm. A. Ringwood, 4 David Rolhschild, Il. 4 GGOVQS R. PYICG. 2 Everelle H. Rinlrer, I Irwin B. Rolhschild, Jr.. 2 Armidead M- PFICI'I6Fd- JH- 4 Benifo S. Rish, I Wm. A. Roughen. 3 I-- ROIOI- Pl'Im0Ii. 2 Alexander Rives. 5 Russell J. Rowlell, Jr., 4 Laurence I-- Prince. 3 Ralph Robbins, 3 Gerould M. Rumble. Jr.. I C. Cliffon Pruili, I f75:I John R. Rumery, 5 Richard G. Rumery, I Robl. E. Runyon, I David H. Russell, 2 DeKalb Russell. Jr.. 4 Hugh E. Russell, 3 John H. Russell, 4 Carlelon Ruiledge, Jr.. I John F. Ryan, 2 Wm. H, Sager, 4 Wm. L. Sager. 3 Waller A. SI. Clair, I Gabriel F. Salazar, I Francis L. Salisbury, I F. A. Salfmarsh, 3 Russell A. Sallon. I Viclor Salvalore, I Byron R. Sample, 3 Geo. R. Sanders. 2 John W. Sanderson. 2 Roy P. Sandidge. Jr.. 3 J. Eclw. Sandridge. 2 Peler C. Sanford. 3 Donald J. Sanne, I Wm. M. Sanforo, I Geo. L. Sargenl, 2 John G. Sauerbeck, 3 Richard W. Sauerbrun. I David Savage. I Toy D. Savage, 2 Allaerl O. Scafuro, 2 Robl. H. Schade, I Wm. G. Schauifler. III, 2 Roy R. Schechfer. 3 Robl. F. Schenlclcan. 4 Peler N. Schiller, 3 Nicholas G. Schlegel. 2 -4 A-1 li F s-1 egzduafes Ai N iclENcEs .1 1- 11 --Q l -Q --1 Eric M. Schlesinger, 2 S. I. Schlossberg, 3 Fred W. Schneider, Jr.. I Wm. R. Schullz. I Robf. A. Schumacher, I Thos. C. Schumalcar, 2 Eugene D. Schwarfz, 2 Jos. L. Schwarlz, Jr.. 2 Norman D. Schwarlz, I David R. M. Scoil, 3 Edw. V. Scoll, 2 Harry B. Scoll, I Louis G. Scoll. 2 Ralph M. Scolf, I Richard S. Scoff, Jr.. 4 Waller F. Scoll. 3 Francis C. Scrymser, 4 Robl. C. Sealon. 4 Howard N. Segal. I Millon Segal. I Roby D. Seiler. I Sherman W. Selden, 2 Eclw. H. Saloniclc, 4 Geo. Semler. ll. I David H. Sencindiver, 2 Alan H. Senie. 2 Fredlx. Senlcowsky, Jr.. I Geo. G. Shaclcelford, 2 P. A. Shaclcelford. Jr., I Ralph A. Shafer. Jr., 4 Paul W. Shanlc. I lsadore Shapiro, 3 Samuel S. Shapiro, 4 Thos. M. Sharp, 3 Clemenl B. Sharpe, 2 Beni. W. Shaub. Jr.. 3 Donald F. Shaw, I Perrin F. Shaw, Jr., 2 Robf. P. Shay, I Waller P. Sheehan. 2 Wm. G. Shearman, I Robl. F. Sheehan, III. I Peler K. Sheffield. 5 Jackson E. Shelton. 3 Turner B. Shellon, 4 David Shepherd, 3 F. Gordon Shermaclc. I L. Ray Shields, 4 Jas. E. Shively, 4 Reed Shoemaker. I M. Broolcs Shreaves. 3 Paul N. Shulman, I T. Daniel Shumale. Jr., 2 Emile E. Siegel. Jr.. 2 Alberl B. Siewers, 2 John P. Sigman. 2 Morfon J. Silk. 4 Harold D. Sill, Jr., I John B. Sill, Jr.. I Franlc Simmons. Jr., I Raymond C. Simms, I Mifchell T. Simon. 3 Robl. Singer, I R. Garsed Slcelchley, Jr.. Jos. J. Slcinner, Jr.. 3 Thad C. Slaclc, I Allan P. Slaff, I Lyle W. Slaff. 2 Chas. G. Small. I A. Campbell Smidf. Jr., Archie M. Smifh. Jr., 2 i761 Arlhur J. Smilh, 3 Rohr. M. Spencer. Jr., 2 Claude H. Smilh, I, 3 Wm. P. Spencer, 3 Clifford I. Smilh, I Maury L. Spensky, 3 Craig N. Smifh, 2 Morlon B. Spero,3 Dexler N. Smilh, I Monroe I. Spilalny, I Edw. C. Smifh. I John J. Spirrle. Jr., 3 Harding W. Smifh, I Wm. B. Spong, I Henry L. Smilh, I Richard P. Spreen, 2 Howard MCQ. Smilh, 4 Wm. J. Sprow, Jr., I J. Doyle Smirh, 3 Wm. F. Spurlock, 4 James O. Smilh, Jr., I Geo. B. Slallings, Jr., 4 J. Bond Smilh. Jr.. 3 Josiah A. Sfanley, Jr., 2 Jos. T. Smilh, Jr., 3 Jas. R. Slanfon, 3 Lesler B. Smilh, I Brenl Slarck, I Minor M. Smilh, 2 Carl E. Srlark, 2 Parke F. Smilh. 3 David Slarrell, 2 Russell Smilh, 5 Jas. D. Slauller, Jr., 2 S. Rodman Smilh, 2 John W. Sleacey, Jr., 2 Sim J. Smilh, Jr., I Edw. R. Sreckmesser, I Timolhy L. Smilh, I Hugh M. Sleinberger, 4 Waller L. Smilh, I Edw. W. Slembridge, 2 Wm. I-I, Smilh, 3 Kennelh P. Slephens, I Wm. M. Smifh, 3 Waller M. Sfeppacher, III, 3 Edw. O. Smifhdeal, Jr.. 3 John P, Slern, 4 Marshall J. Snapp,3 Sidney H. Slern, Jr., 3 Jas. G. Snead. 4 Garland R. Slevens, 2 John L. Sneed, 5 Frank H. Slevenson, I John R. Snoddy, 2 Barry Slewarf, 2 Lawrence F. Snoddy, Jr., 2 Geo. A. Slewarl, Jr., I Samuel J. Solomon, 3 Homer A. Sfillwell, II, I Fenlon D. Somerville, 4 Robl. E. Slinson, 2 Solomon J. Soroko. 2 John H. Sfifes, Jr., I W. Holi Souder, 3 Alberl H. Sfoddard, Ill, 2 Wm. A. Soufhworlh, 3 Harry R. Slokes, Jr., I Wm. A. Soufhworlh, Jr., I Raymond H. Slokes. 3 Waller W. Speakman, 3 E771 1- 1- p p W - -1 Under? 4 ARTS AN .Qi fr My 51 it L. ini Thos. M. Slokes, I Alvan I. Slone. 3 Pufnam T. Sfono, 3 Robinson S. B. Slowe. 4 Wm, E. Sfrahl, I John S. Slranq, 5 F. Lee Slrasser, Jr., I Edw. V. Sfralion, Jr.. 2 Virgil E. Slraughan, I Raymond I. Slrauss, Jr., 3 Henry J. Sfreal, Jr., I Frank H. Slringfellow, 2 J. Templefon Slrong. I Lesler M. Slrong, I Louis D. Slronq, 3 French Slrofher, I David Sluarl. 2 Thos. S. N. Sfuelzer, I Wm. M. Slull. I W. Gerhard Suhling, III, Wm. H. Suskin, 3 John N. Swarlley, 2 Ralph H. Swecker, I Hamillon C. Sweel, 2 Bruce B. Swenson, 2 Alex. P. Tail, I C. Downing Tail, Jr.. I Philip M. Talboll, Jr., I Daniel D. Talley, III, 3 Robl, L. Tarring, 4 John R. Talum, I Fred C. Taylor, I Harry K. Taylor, 2 Henry P. Taylor, Jr., I James L. Taylor, I John E. Taylor, 3 il 2 Manning Taylor, 3 Nelson E. Taylor, Jr., I Quinlard Taylor, Jr., 4 R. Dillard Teer, I Wei-hsun Teng, I John S. Tennanl, I A. Gilberl Tenney, I Chas. T. Tenney, 2 David B. Tenney, 3 John D. Terrien, I Malcolm W. Terry, 2 Raymond J. Tessier, I John L. Thacker, I Donald K. Thackery, I Edmund W. Thomas, 2 Edw. O, Thomas, Jr., 4 Francis G. Thomason, 3 John W. Thomason, III, 2 Frank L. Thomasson, Jr., 3 A. William Thompson, 2 Chas. I-I. Thompson, III, 4 Robl. R. Thompson, Jr., 3 Berfram H. Thompson, 2 Jas. R. Thorn, 3 Thos. M. Thornhill, Jr., 3 B. Bryce Thornlon, I Oscar A. Thorup, Jr., I Wilkes T. Thrasher, 2 Burlon E. Thresher, Jr., I Burlon I-I. Throckmorfon, Jr., Edw. M, Tierney, Jr., I Rives L. Tilman, 2 Wm. A. Timberlake, I John F. Tinker. 2 T. Hardy Todd, Jr., 2 ! . duafes I 'HIE ECIENCES I4 5 -4 tm-:Lid L1---1 -t Wm. R. Tooker, 2 Wm, T. Trader, 2 Frank W. Trainer. I J. Edwin Travis, 3 Paul W. I-I. Travor, I O. Ashlon Trice, Jr., 4 Kenlon I-I. Trimble, III, I deForesI W. Trimingham, I Clarence B. Trower, I Jas. R. M. Truill, 2 Wei-yoen Tu, I Beverley D. Tucker, Jr., 3 Donn Tucker, 2 Jos. B. Tucker, 3 Cecil B. Tull, 3 Claude A. Turner, Jr., 3 Frank K, Turner, 3 Jasper D. Turner, I Wm. C. Tulhill, 3 Chas. D, Tullle. I C. Roberi Tyler, 3 George B. Tyler, I Wm. C. Tyler, Jr., 3 Granville G. Valeniine, Jr., 4 Jerome K. Valldeiuli, 2 Fredk. van Deusen, 2 Nelson L. Van Kleeclr, 4 Murray M. Van Lear, 3 Denis M. Vaughan. 2 Richard D. Vermillion, 3 George S. Vesf, 4 Wm. I-I. Viclor, 3 A. Heald Vinal, I Arlhur B. Vorhees, Jr., I Jas. E. Voorhees, Jr., 2 Dudley F. Wade, 3 Chas. W. Wagner, I I-Iarrison Waile, III, I John I-I. Waile, Jr., 4 Zachary T. Wakefield, 3 John B. Waldrop, 4 George T. Walker, Jr., I George W. Walker, I I-Ienry S. Walker, II, I Philip G. Walker, 3 Robl, C. Walker. 2 Robl. P. Walker, III, 4 Wm. D. Walker, 4 Ashby D, Wallace, I Johnnie E. Wallace, I Edward C. Wallinglon, Jr., 3 Bruce E. Walls, I C. Roberl Waller, Jr.. 2 John W, Wallz, 5 Melvin F. Wander, 3 John M. Ward, Jr., I Edward V. Ware, 3 John P. Warner, 4 Langhorne C. Washburn, I Jack B. Wasserman, 3 Leo F. Walerman, I Wm. A. Walluins, 2 Woodruff W, Walkins, I Raymond W. Walson, Jr., I George W. Walls, 2 Philip R. S. Waugh, 3 Arlhur Waxman, 3 Wm. J. Wayland Jr., I Donald D. Wear, 4 Jos. I-I. Webber, I George Weber, I I781 Donald D. Websler, 3 Jos. A. Weinberg, I Kennelh C. Weinman, 2 Sheldon Weinslein. 3 Arlhur R. Weir, I Bowen P. Weisheil. 2 Carfer B. Weisiger, 5 G. Robin Welch, 3 Jaclc A. Weldon, I William M. Welfley, 2 John H. Welllord, Jr., I T. Dabney Welllord, 4 Edmund A. Wellinghoff, 5 Alex. W. Wells, 4 David S. Wells, I McRae Werlh. I George F. Wesl. 2 Richard N. Weslbroolc. J. Douglas Weslin, 3 George F. Whalen, 4 Daniel G. Wheeler, 2 Sherman L. Whipple. III, 2 Hugh C. While, Jr.. I Jas. G. While, III, 3 Jas. L. While, III, 2 Marion B. While, I Waller D. Whilehead, Jr., I Arlhur M. Whilehill, Jr.. F. Brooke Wl.i+ing, II, 4 Richard B-S Whilney. I Jos. P. Whiflle. 3 Reuel A. Wiebel, Jr., 4 Bernard J. Wiegard. I Sfanley B. Wiener, 2 John W. Wighlman, 4 Robl. Wilbourn, 3 Chesler C. Wilcox, Jr.. Raoul W. Wilkins. I Robl. B. Willcins, 2 Robl. S. Willadsen, 2 W. Roscoe Willelf, Jr., Fred M. Williams, 2 Jack N. Williams, 3 J. Chauncy Williams. Jr., I Marshall G, Williams, I Mason M. Williams. I Olis C. Williams, Jr., I Richard A. Williams, 5 Richard B. Williams. I Richard E. Williams, I Samuel H. Williams. Jr., 3 W. Birleell' Williams. I William H. Williams, 2 William S. Willis, 3 R. Gerard Willse, Jr.. I John A. Wilmer, 2 Frank O. Wilson. 2 Henry B. Wilson, I J. Coolce Wilson, Jr., 2 John E. Wilson, 2 W. Parlcer Wilson. 2 Richard W. Willshire, 2 William J. Winburn. I John Wind, 3 Chas. R. Winfrey. I Samuel G. Wingfield, J John P. Wissinger, 3 Thos. A. Wilhers, Jr., 3 David L. Wilhinglon, I Lloyd M. Willcind, I Richard J. Willcind, 3 E791 O 3-.- 1 if: 1 1 I ' R 15121324 s E A A T A - Q. C-535- : John C. Wood, 4 Percy H. Wood. Jr., 2 Roy P. Wood. 2 William N. Wood, I i John W. Woodard, Jr.. 3 Wesl P. Woodbridge, Jr., I Jos. W. Woodson, I Lesler G. Woody, 3 P. F. Wormwood. I John H. Wrenn. 2 Alberl E. Wrighl. Jr.. I David B. Wrighf, 3 Richard C. Wrighl. 2 E. Pinlcney Wrolh. Jr.. I J. Bernard Wyckoff, I Chas. S. Wylie, I H. Parlc Xanders. I Alfred Yager. I Yoshio Yamamofo. I Eugene A. Yales, Jr., 2 M. Reid Yales, I Richard T. Yales, I Jas. MCK. Yealls. I Jesse P. Yellowley, Jr., 3 William L. Yosf. I John B. Young, 2 William P. Youngquisl, 4 John E. Zearfoss, Jr.. 4 Karl G. Zeisler. 3 Robl. H. Ziegler, 2 Jacques S. Zinman, I Sidney M. Ziring, I Gordon K. Zirlrle. I Waller F. Zollinger, 3 John C. Zuber, I S ' ,3-u3,a.,.,' ,WH . , .' J.. 4 M ' . Aw- ve M.. , .hfywivJ : - . - l X, lT fNKE D L D A IZTME N T OF LAW luol .1.i...4 it 4.1- fx 11 ii 1-. 1- 1+ 1L ll 1- 1...- 1 i1 1- 1 THE DEPARTMENT O F L A W Umwff MARSHALL FIELD . . . . . . . .Presidenf GEORGE SMITH . . . . .Vice-Presidem' HARRY DINWIDDIE . . . . .Secrefary-Treasurer WALTER PAGE . . . ..... Hisforian E811 5:-IQQPL4, i. APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN LAW 4-5 i- ..-1 1- T1 1- I-it l" :jg--i iv- 1-1 3' I -3 1- 4 '11 - J -1 - x'H -1 I i Qi X -3 41 ' I X. h 1 -sl i- 11 ug-.., 1----1 5.-i ' Too Row: SAMUEL GLENNWOOD ALRICH Fredericksburg, Virginia Sigma Nu Phi, Dean's List: Marshal, Sigma Nu Phi, I939-40. LOUIS STANTON AUCHINCLOSS New York, New York Law Review, Editor, Book Reviewg Raven So- ciety. CHARLES FREDERICK BACHMANN, II Wheeling, West Virginia St. Anthony Hall 2 N -if LORENZO LEE BEAN, JR. South Hill, Virginia Phi Alpha Delta: Student Assistant. JULIAN BONAR BEATY, JR. Rye, New York DAVID GRAHAM BLALOCK Hampton, Virginia X II' IC Dean's List, Intermediate Honorsg Student As- sembly, Little Congress Election Committee, I9?9g Freshman Tennis Team, Interfraternity Council: Representative, Corks and Curls. l82l Bottom Row: WILLIAM ROSS BREEDLOVE Portsmouth, Virginia A 9 sl' A. JACKSON BRENT Richmond, Virginia fb K 'I' Phi Alpha Delta, Interfraternity Councilg Editor in-Chief, I94O Corks and Curlsy President Omicron Delta Kappa, College Topics Staff JOHN D. BUTZNER, JR. Scranton, Pennsylvania Law Review, Raven Societyg Phi Delta Phi. STUART BLAND CAMPBELL. JR. Wytheville, Virginia Phi Alpha Delta: Virginia Law Review. DAVID BUSH COXE. JR. Wilmington, Delaware Delta Theta Phi, Varsity and Freshman Swim- ming Teams, Intramural Sports, Managing Staff Law Review, Dean's List in College. ARTHUR RICHARD CUSHMAN New London, Cornecticut 2 A I3 Lacrosse Team, I938-izgolnterfraternify Council 4 . Top Row: HERBERT HEYER DAVIS, JR. Tifusville, Pennsylvania E fl' l-I Della Thela Fhig College Topics, I937-383 Fresh- man Goll Team, I93637: Muslfeleersg Dean's ..isl, l936437. DONALD KUYKENDALL DAYTON Towanda, Pennsylvania X 'lr Freshman Basketball and Track, l9373 Varsilv Track, l938-39-403 "V" Club: Skull and Keys: German Club: Eli Banana: Imp Sociely. WlLLlAM ANDREW DlCKlNSON Roanoke, Virginia Phi Della Phig Law Review: Raven Sociely. HARRY EVANS DINWIDDIE, JR. Charlolfesville, Virginia A 'l' Sl Omicron Della Kappa: Skull and Keys, P. K. Sociefyg Freshman Football Baskelball, Base- ball, rack, Varsily Foofball and Track, Pres- idenf, lnferfrafernify Council, l939g Board of Arbifralion, l939g T. l. L. K. A.: "ZH: Secre- tary, Gradualing Class, l939g Secretary and Treasurer, Law School, l940-4l. MILTON ROBERT DUBIN Harlford, Conneclicul ROBERT CAMPBELL DUKE Harrisonburg, Virginia 2NfI1 Bolfom Row: JUAN A. FARIA Ponce, Puerto Rico MARSHALL FIELD. JR. New York, New York Pnl Delta Pnig Presidenl, Law School: Decisions Edilor, Law Review: Raven Socielyg Omicron Della Kappa, Washinglon Sociefyg Samuel Baker Woods Memorial Award, Honor Commiilee. HARRY BANKS FRENCH FRANKl.lN Plainfield, New Jersey I N ' lnferfrafernily Council, Sludenl Senate: Chair- man, Judicial Commilfeeg Dagger Sociefyg Board ol Arbilrafiong Exca ibur. HERBERT B. FLETCHER Johnson Cily, Tennessee .EN'l' WINSTON H. FROST Middleburg, Virginia A K E MARVIN l. GOLDSTEIN Norfolk, Virginia ..- .,.., 1-'11 2+-In .--1. l - ' E:-L1 lll img APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN LAW LBSI APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN LAW gf, ..--.4-.4 ar-,PA-41 i-fi,-11 3- ' -11 jn- I 1-. .- be I N 1 pv 1- -'- 11 "- 1- gi 14 -1-1 i- ig -1- -1 1- , .1 T' -1 5- -,.,. -ai i' Top Row: MAYER MARTIN GOODMAN Porlsmoulh, Virginia Sludenl Assembly. WILLIAM HEYWARD GRIMBALL, JR. Charleslon, Soufh Carolina A T SZ, 'Il A A JOHN MARTIN HAMLET. JR. Phenix, Virginia 2 X ROBERT GOODLOE HARPER Winchesler, Virginia Phi Alpha Della: Omicron Della Kappa: .Vir- ginia Secfion Edilor, Virginia Law Review: Raven Sociefy: Dormitory Counsellor. DAVID A. HARRISON, Ill Hopewell, Virginia SI. Anlhony Skull and Keys: German Club: Freshman and Varsily Foolballg Inlermediale Honors. EUGENE GAINES HAWKINS Washinglon, D C. l841 Bollom Row: FRANCIS HOWARD HELLER Universily, Virginia Soccer Team, I938: lnlernalional Relalions Club: Washinglon Sociely: Presidenl, Newman Club: Graduale Assislanl in Germanic Languages. I VERNON DAVIS Hlrci-iiNes, JR. Norfolk, Virginia Tribune, Della Thefa Phi: Pas? Presidenl, Jeffer- son Sociely: Chairman, Lillle Congress: Della Sigma Rho: lnlernalional Relalions Club: De- bafing Team: Dagger Sociely. WILLIAM HENRY HUDGINS Chase Cily, Virginia B 9 IT Omicron Della Kappa: Phi Alpha Della: P. K. Sociely: Censored Society: Press Club: Law Correspondent, College opics, 1938-40: Fra- fernily Represenfalive, Corks and Curls, l94O. JAMES MICHAEL KELLY Elmira, New York I2 A E First and Second Year Baseball. ROBERT C. LEVERICH Pelham Manor, New York IT K A SAM R. MARKS, JR. Jacksonville, Florida Top Row: JAMES DRURY MARTIN, lll Ml. Airy, Norlh Carolina A 'I' 0 THOMAS BOYD MASON Lynchburg, Virginia D II K A Phi Alpha Della: Secrefary-Treasurer, Firsl Year Law Class, 1938-39: Law Sludenls Advisory Council: Associaie Business Manager, Virginia Law Review. LARRIE DOUGLAS McNElLL Harrisonburg, Virginia GEORGE SWIGGART MILES Memphis, Tennessee 2 A E JOHN LEACHMAN OLIVER Cape Girardeau, Missouri 'I' A G Phi Delia Phi: Dean's Lisf. WILLIAM PHILIP OBERNDORFER Norfolk, Virginia Z B 'I' Virginia Law Review: Dean Lisi: Washinglon Sociely. Bolfom Row: LEW W. OEHMIG Challanooga, Tennessee A If IC "Z": T. I. L. K. A.: P. K. Sociely: Presidenf, P. K. Soclely: Freshman Boxing: Caplain, Var sify Golf Team. GEORGE WILLIAM OBERST New Haven, Conneclicul Phi Delia Phi: Virginia Law Review CHARLES THOMAS O'NEILL, JR. Charloiiesville, Virginia A 'I' Q Skull and Keys: German Club: Freshman Fool ball, I934: Varsily Squad Foofball, I935-36. WALTER AUBREY PAGE Norfolk, Virginia A T SZ Phi Alpha Delia: Class Officer, Hislorian Third Year Law. CLYDE ALEXANDER PIPPEN, JR. Birmingham, Alabama E A IC JAMES WISHART PEARCE Cincinnafi, Ohio Alpha Chi Sigma: Delia Thefa Phi. .-:U gy-1 X .3 f Till 3 -.- i i- X, . -q 51 1' 1- - ami, v 2. tl? -i APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN LAW IISSII APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN LAW .5-tffQ?::'. ,Wit I 1 ml I S It 1, 1- -1 -l -l , Q1 7- - N " - 1.631 5-'1 v Top Row: BEVERLY WYCKLIFFE PATTISHALL Barrington, lllinois 'If K S2 LUKE HARVEY POE Richmond, Virginia Alpha Kappa Psi: Phi Delta Phi:.Phi Beta Kappa: Raven: "I3": Washington Society: Pres- ident Raven and Washington Societies: Varsity Track, I936-37-38: Dormitog Counsellor: Law Review: Senior abinet. ROBT. McCLAUGHERTY RICHARDSON Bluefield, West Virginia DONALD TREGARTHEN RUBY Rockville Centre, New York FITZWILLIAM SARGENT. III Manchester, Massachusetts Raven Society: Associate Notes Editor: Virginia Law Review. IRVIN SCHINDLER Salt Lake City, Utah 'I' A A E861 Bottom Row: HENRY GAILLARD SMART Norfolk, Virginia A 9 'I' GEORGE PAYNE SMITH, JR. Clifton Forge, Virginia A T Sigma Nu Phi: Intermediate Honors: Dean's List: Editorial Board, Virginia Law Review: Vice-President, Law School, 194041. McCAIN SMITH Washington, D. C. Sigma Nu Phi: College Dean's List. HUGO SONNENSCHEIN, JR. Highland Park, Illinois A T Delta Sigma Rho: Varsity Boxing., IV37-38-39: Associate Editor, Virginia Magazine, I936-37: Debate Team, I938-39: Ja berwock. CHARLES LEWIS SOURS Charlottesville, Virginia Delta Theta Phi: Intermediate Honors: College and Law School Dean's List. EDWARD DONALD STEINBRUGGE Summit, New Jersey 254' Top Row: ROSS T. STAPLES Attleboro, Massachusetts MAURICE STEINGOLD Norfolk, Virginia . Editorial Board, Virginia Law Review, I939-4I7 Band, l937-383 Student Assembly, I938-39. HARRY FARNUM STIMPSON, JR. Brookline, Massachusetts LEWIS PRESTON SUMMERS, III Bristol, Virginia Delta Theta Phig Dean. MURRAY ARTHUR STOLLER Johnstown, Pennsylvania Spectator: Dean's List. VINCENT AU RELIUS TRAMONTE Mount Vernon, New York G-lee Club. Bottom Row: JOHN BAKER TRENT Roanoke, Virginia 2 N 'I' HOWARD SHAW TUTHILL. JR. Marlboro, New York fl- A 0 Chancellor, Sigma Nu Phi, l940-4lQ Secretary, Alpha Kappa Psi, I939-40: Beta Gamma Sigma, Raven Society, Intermediate Honors, Freshman Swimming Team: Virginia Law Review, I939-405 Editor-in-Chief, Virginia Law Review, I94O-4lg Vice-President, Press Club, I940-4l. KNOX TURNBULL Richmond, Virginia K 2 Phi Delta Phiq Omicron Delta Kappa, Raven Society: Washington Society: "V" Club' Varsitv Football squad, ivaaaer German club, sian: and Kcysg Eli Banana: "Z": "I3"g President :f College, l936-37. PAUL BATCHELLER URION Harrison, N. Y. 'ID A 9 JOHN WICKLIFFE WALLER The Plains, Virginia Class Editor, Corks and Curlsg Intermediate Honors, Dean's List. CHARLES SERGEON WARD Washington, D. C. Sigma Nu Phi, Business Manager, Virginia Law Review, Student Assistant in Law. ,is l-14 3-- P4 if-1 iytXk"3 li 9 11 ifl 'G' --X. f -1 pu- . J ..-. vit ws 1- -F x C: Ti i. X X -1 it 1 -' I -n ""' - A -1 1-- - 11 X .. 11- -i iv -1 it i ' APPLICANTSFOR DEGREES IN LAW T871 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN LAW 1:- l. --1 QL. .4 Ll. 1 1, -.1 1-.. .-5 .1- Ahn.. - L- V4 Qi l- -L1 L. .-1 1 -1 , -Q .. ,f 4. 9- .Z -1 1 -1 n. -4 u- -i L 1 ,. -1 i K-4 .'I :F Eaggg T."'... :g 7 Top Row: PLEASANT HARDIN WILLIAMS. JR. Ashland, Ky. 'I' A A V. FLOYD WILLIAMS Forf Lyon, Colorado E N Della Thefa Phig G-lee Clubg Virginia Band, Dagger Society: Dean's Lislg Inferfralernily Council. JAMES HOGE TYLER WILSON Radford, Virginia Sf. Anlhony Hail P. K. Sociefyg Lambda Pig Freshman Boxing Squad. JOHN WOOLFOLK WINSTON, JR. Norfolk, Virginia II K A Della Thela Phi l88J Top Row: JOSEPH MOSBY WINSTON. JR. Richmond, Va. KX Sigma Nu Phi, Virginia Law Review WILLIAM COALE WORTHINGTON Sweef Briar, Virginia -If I' A Phi Alpha Della: Lambda Pig P. K. Sociefyg Basketball Adiunclg College Topics, College Dean's List. Boflom Row: CHARLES A. WEBB Olfumwa, Iowa S A IC Phi Delia Phi, Raven Sociefyg Notes Editor, Virginia Law Review. THOMAS COOCH Newark, Delaware dr K T DEPARTMENT O DE HOWARD S. TUTHILL, JR. JOHN D. BUTZNER. JR. MARSHALL FIELD, JR. CHARLES ALBERT WEBB LOUIS S. AUCHINCLOSS GEORGE W. MILES WILLIAM H. GRIMBALL. JR. FITZWILLIAM SARGENT. III ROBERT G, HARPER AN'S L CHARLES L. SOU RS MARIAN E. EPSY QQ l. j- --L gl 1l. F LAW '- GEORGE WILLIAM OBERST LUKE HARVEY POE, JR. WILLIAM A. DICKINSON WILLIAM OBERNDORFER CHARLES S. WARD JUAN ANTONIO EARIA STUART Ia. CAMPBELL, JR. GEORGE P. SMITH. JR, ROBERT B. YOUNG B. WARICK DAVENPORT LANDON S. GAIL, JR. GORDON M. STEWART MAURICE STEINGOLD JOHN L. OLIVER IRVIN SCHINDLER ALBERT HARVEY COLE DAVID A. HARRISON, III l.891 3...- 1.-1 lf: 41. A ,,....1 Q-1 ii 1+-.l -nv -1g Ll 4 - .gl -qnn -11 -1 -- -i -1 -1 E i fi n L X G. 1 ' William Spencer Aaron, Jr. John Joseph Abberley John Calvin Adams Roberl Maddock Backes Marlin Lewis Ball, Jr, Thomas Rochelle Bandy, Jr. Sidney J. Barban C. Roberl Bard Hampron Gaines Baylor, Jr. Charles Colesworlh Beamon Charles Houslon Beaumonr Sewell Chambers Biggs Fred Blanlon, Jr. Lew Drummey Brundage John Sedgwick Burd, Jr. Volney Howard Campbell Charles Cary Jorge Sigue Casrro .TT 'LT- 1-. 1 -1 1- -1 ,swf -1 -i -l i 1 1- -1 -1 .-Q 1---11 5...-1 if SECOND Henry J. Clay H. Raymond Collon George Tyler Coulson Andrew Syesler Coxe Andrew Adgale Duer, Jr. Joseph Haynsworlh Earle. Jr. James Easley Edmunds Thomas Marvin Edwards, Jr. Filzhugh Elder, Jr. Ralph Slanley Foulger David Klein Gernerd Joseph Marlin Gidding William Henry Gorman David Norvell Walker Grant Jr. Roberl' Ryland Gwarhmey, lll George H. Haley, III Huberl Sleger Harman William Gibson Harris Richard Kingsley Hawes. Jr. Roberl Earle Hayes Ralph Heikkinen Roberl Edward Henley, Jr. Roberlson Clemens Hesse Slewarl Bolling Hobbs Willie Erwin Hodges G. K. Hooker Roborl' Thursion Hubard. Jr. I90l YEAR William Gaull Jens Slanley Walker Jones Charles Joseph Kenny George Thurman Keyes Brockenbrough Lamb, Jr. Thomas Bernard Larkin John David Leifch. Jr. Ivey Foreman Lewis. Jr. Francis Viele Lowden, Jr. Chalmers Torrey McCallum Murray P. McCluskey Norris Laughlin McComb Waller Gibbs McKenney. Jr. Richard Francis McMahon, Jr. David Barhydl Marshall Harry Taylor Marshall. Jr. Ellis Spear Middlelon, ll James Russell Moore R. Lamar Moore Mandeville Mullally, Jr. David Brown Nicholson Edward M. O'Connell Alfred P. O'Hara Loren David Packer Vivian W, W. Pearl Gerard Bernard Podesla Fred Gresham Pollard James Osborne Putnam. Jr. Melvin Frederick Rehn John William Reed Decalur Hodges Rodgers. Jr Guy Gerard Rulherlurd William Henry Sanders. ll John Davin Smallridge Rayner Varser Snead Alberr Joseph Slifrel John Lighllool Sfinson John C. Summers. Jr. Daniel R. Taggart John Collon Talboll Shepherd Tale Philip Gibson Terrie John Pride Tomlinson. Jr. Kiliaen V. R. Townsend Edward Wilson Tozer Alaric William Valentin Henry van der Gces Roberr Crenshaw Walls. Jr. William Duval Weber George Grallan Weslon William Ben While, Jr. Bradford Wiles Donald Randolph Vlfilson Joseph Cass Woodle Adam Marlin Wyanf Edwin Treman Wyckoff Herman Abady Neill Herbert Allord, Jr. Charles Wayne Altree Mrs. Frances Fletcher Ames Harris Johnson Andrews, Jr. Theodore Alley Ayers Curtiss Bacon John Stewart Battle, Jr, Alexis lrenee du Pont Bayard Fred Lock Benckenstein Carl Beyer Frederic Roberts Blair William McCormick Blair, Jr. Harold Brilliant David Arthur Brockington, Jr. Norman Boltger Browning Burton Conrad Bryan Thomas Pinckney Bryan, Jr. Joseph Louis Burchetta Lt. Edward Joseph Burke Paul Jerome Chase Marvin John Colangelo Ll. Frederick W. Coleman, l.l William Caldwell Coleman, Jr, Ralph Gregory Collins, Jr. French Hoge Conway James Strother Crockett A. Peter Dewey James Robert Dodson. Jr. Wayne Drayton Clarence Edward Dugan. Jr. George Edwards Duncan Eugene Gary Eason Berrien Clark Eaton. Jr. Eugene Martin Feinblatt Richard Harlan Feuille Maurice Fixel C. M. Hinn, Jr. Lawrence Hamilton Forsythe Eugene Pierce Gillespie Lt. James Edward Godwin Albert Gary Gorson William Moncure Gravatt, Jr. Edward Irvine Gray Charles Bewick Hall Thomas Wells Hall, Jr. Paul Charles Halleck Gilbert C. Halsted. lll Charles Franklin Hamlin Harold Jerome Handelsman Leigh Buckner Hanes, Jr. Kirk Hanson Robert Baker l-larbison Phil Barton Harris Frank Worley Hempstead Richard Neil Hevener Mrs. Rosemary Jarvis Hevener Arthur Woodrow Higgins James Morgan Hodgson John Thomas Hellman Beniamin Franklin Hollinger Yuille Holt. Jr. Hugh Horne George Williamson Hurlbult' James William Jones Stanley Ray Kent Guy King, Jr. Miss Flora Kirley George Wingo Knowles William Nilson Koontz Thomas Allan Kurtz James Levin Letchum Frederick Adolph Lavey Robinson Leach Richard Wilson Leonard Thomas James Leonard. Jr, Frank Sidle Lynn John Andrew McCown, ll John Inglis McDermott A. B. McEwen Richard Tillord McKee William Duncan McLean David Gavin MacMillan Philip Pendleton lxfarvin Joseph Anderson Massie William Russell Merrick James Harry Michael. Jr. Frank Richard Morgan Leslie Morris Mullins Charles Dunning Nottingham Thomas Joseph O'Reilly Sidney Field Parham. Jr. Norman Stark Paul Franklin Woodson Peters l.l. Hamilton Murray Peyton Nathaniel Moore Pigman. Jr. Elias Dodson Poe. Jr. John Ridgely Porter, Jr. Robert Bruce Posnick Harold Hidmore Purcell Thomas Miller Recknagel Charles Lathrop Reed Stephen Charles Reville, Jr. George Mount Richmond Tyrell Gibbs Rogers Kenneth C. Royall, Jr. 4- ,,---.- i -1. 7- -ig nv- .-1. ii ..- L -11 ..- Q-. F' lf' i ,-""'r- - .4 . I1 - 1 ffgi yyl WE all lt? - i- -Ql QQ! -4 1- -Ll -...., ,..... .- William Beniamin Sanderson Hoskins Mallory Sclater Edward Samuel Smith James Arthur Smith Donald Thomas Slant Jr. Theodore DuBose Stoney Linwood Baldwin Tabla, Jr, John Leonard Tanner Lewis Clark Thompson John Henry Thornton. Jr. Robert James Tilden William Samuel Toubman Duane Lammerts Tower Charles Townsend, Jr. William Carey Wheatley. Jr. William Carlton White Henry Taylor Wickham George Carrington Williams John Snowden Wilson Robert K. Woltz James Leake Woodson Andrew Plimpton Young T911 lm l.1 Q--4--3 FSM -1 :F -.-3 f -11 rv -1? M 4 -6 vmmnrqj or MLDICINL lv lv 1-, 7. Q ,. . .HRW Qpy E2 III I DEPARTMENT or -sl If T35 5 M E D I C I N E :-... 1-.6 Omg... JOHN R. MORRIS. JR.. . . .Presidenf GEORGE C. ARMISTEAD, JR. . Vice-Presiclenf JOHN M. HALL ......... Secrefary JOHN C. TINSLEY, JR. . . . . Treasurer WILLIAM S. HAWKINS . . . . Hisforian i931 l-.Q --1 ig APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN MEDI C l gi..-3 Egg? INE -1 -i -1 I' ii- ,,1' Refi ..- 1- -- .1 nb .1- - I -'Z X 1-. i- 'FK -...ffy ig -1 -n Q- -if -+1 -QQ, -11 -1 -- if -4 i if -i 1- ii Top Row: Bottom Row: GEORGE CLAYTON ARMISTEAD, JR. Roanoke, Virginia Phi Bela Pi: Phi Beta Kappa: 'Alpha Omega Alpha: Raven Society: Vice-President, Medical School: President, University Christian Associa- tion. JAMES BRITTON BAIN Portsmouth, Virginia qi X BENJAMIN WALTER BERNER Paterson, New Jersey Phi Lambda Kappa: Intermediate Honors: Alpha Omega Alpha. ROY STINSON BIGHAM, JR. Cha rlotte, North Carolina Alpha Kappa Kappa: Phi Beta Kappa: Alpha Omega Alplfa. JAMES MOTLEY BOOKER Lottsburg, Virginia fb I' A Phi Chi. WILLIAM EDWARD BRAY. JR. University, Virginia II K A Nu Sigma Nu. E941 WALTER BUCKNER Roanolfe, Virginia fl' Il II HENRY RIVES COLEMAN CHALMERS Phenix, Virginia fl' B Il FRED EDWARD CLEVELAND Swoope, Virginia JOHN L. COUPER Lexington, Virginia N V N WILLIAM ROBERT DANDRIDGE Kermit, West Virginia qi X CLARA LYMAN DAY Hartford, Connecticut Alpha Omega Alpha: Lychnos Society. Top Row: EDWARD THOMAS DUNN Clifton Forge, Virginia il: X EDWARD GlLL FACE, JR. Norfolk, Virginia N E N ROBERT HARRISCN GILES. JR. Roanoke, Virginia fl' B ll Dean's List, College, First Year Basketball, First Year Tennis, Varsity Tennis. GEORGE ANDERSON HARDIE Auburn, Alabama 2 'l' l'I Nu Sigma Nu. WILLIAM SMITH HAWKINS Greenville, South Carolina A Q A WILLIS MERRIMAN HENDRICKS Roanoke, Virginia Bottom Row: -"- Qi. ALVAH LIVINGSTON HERRING 7" 1 Richmond, Virginia 1, Q, ITX -1 .ii K ll "T J wg ,. - Calconon Club, P. K., Lambda Pi. IP' X X i v-- f-X. .1 "'-- A ff? X : MARCELLUS A. JOHNSON, in Z... 1' Roanoke, Virginia "" Y., -4 -if K -If ,-- A "" Calconon Club, Lambda Pi, P. K. "i" 1 -i EDWARD EUGENE MULLEN Norfolk, Virginia President, Baptist Student Union. SAMUEL MARSHALL McDANlEL, JR. Charlottesville, Virginia JOHN RICHARD MORRIS. JR.. Charlottesville, Virginia ll K A Nu Sigma Nu, Freshman Football, I934, Phi Beta Kappa, Raven Society, Omicron Delta Kappa, Alpha Omega Alpha, Secretary, Med- ical School, I939-40, President, Medical School, i940-Atl, Madison Hall Cabinet, 1937-38, lnter- mediate Honors, I936. THOMAS COBB KING, JR. Anniston, Alabama A P P L I C A N T S ATU FOR DEGREES Phi Beta Kappa, Calconon Club, Lambda Pi, T. I. L. K. A: Freshman Football I934' Varsi A ' Squadl 193535, ' ' ty l N M E D l C l N E l95l APPLICANTS TOPROWI F O R D E G R E E S ABRAHAM LEWIS KOLODNY IN MEDIC i- ll: 1-L 1 li gg li. -1 Q-1... -g pg.. .4- ll 1. V4 11. Ea L- ..-i 1- 54 -T 1-. -li l -ll ph -1 u- -1 -h ff -4 ,- .J .4 L 'W n- -i -h -1 W. L 'W L 11 . "4 4 4'2" ... 5-Q-1.1 .-4 g,..i, 1 Norfolk, Virginia. LEWIS EDWARD MANGUS Vesuvius, Virginia . KELLY T. McKEE Brislol, Virginia JAMES MERCER MOSS Arlinglon, Virginia Phi Chip Member of Band, l935-405 Vice- Presidenf, Band, I939-405 Member of Virginia Cavalier's Orchestra, I936-38. EDWARD SEYMOUR ORZAC Norfolk, Virginia Bo'Hom Row: THOMAS CLARK PAYNE Clifford, Virginia '12 B II JOSEPH LAWSON PLATT Emory, Virginia Phi Chi: Sigma Xi. ROWLAND HATTON ROBERTSON, JR. Suffolk, Virginia 'I' X THOMAS McCREERY SAWYERS Hinlon, Wes? Virginia 'Il K NP Lambda Pig P. K.: Calconon Club: Alpha Omega Alpha. PHILIP LAUB SHULTZ Universily, Virginia QIJAK ASZA l961 OP Row: CECIL LOWRY SINCLAIR Hampton, Virginia Nu Sigma Nu. CHARLES D. SCHILLING Glen Cove, New York rp X CAREY A. STONE Crewe, Virginia 'I' X HUGH L. SULFRIDGE, JR. Universify, Virginia JOHN MACKER TRAPNELL, JR. Charles Town, Wesf Virginia Z 'I' Calconon Club. Bollom Row: ,.k...."- , ...... WILLIAM RUSH WHITMAN, JR. -1753 Roanoke, Virginia 1- fl' U Il 2- I 4l --' N ARMISTEAD DANDRIDGE WILLIAMS Richmond, Virginia - Sf. Anlhony Hall - Calconon Club, Lambda Pig P. K. Sociely. BETTY GORDON WILLIS Culpepper, Virginia Chi Omega: Presidenf Women Sfudcnfs' Asso- ciation, I940-4Ig Secrelary, Women Sfudenls' Associafion, I939-40, Presidenf, Chi Omega, I939-403 Secrelary, Chi Omega, I938-39. APPLICANTS DANIELYUTER FOR DEGREES Charlolfesville, Virginia .1-AK IN MEDIC l97l l i-3 ET FE. lv- L -- -' in 4 lv i ' -:Un 1, E E ., :' 'itil Samuel T. Adams Alfred R. Berkeley, Jr. Louis P. Brill, Jr. James M. Bryan? Lloyd B. Burk, Jr. William E. Byrd Eugene M. Caffey. Jr. E. Malcolm Campbell Jesse N. Clore, Jr. Joseph W. Coxe. lll William G. Crook Edgar L. Crumpacker Andrew J. Cruichfield, Jr. William A. Davis Richard L. DeSaussure, Jr, Henry P. Deyerle Monroe T. Diamond Herberi G. Dickie, Jr. James W. Dickie Marlin Donelson, Jr. Harry E, Farver Glenn Taylor Fousi, Jr. THIRD YEAR l981 lrvin Galin Eugene O. Goldstein John M. Hall William E. Harman John C. Hawk, Jr. Chapin Hawley Edmund M. Henderson Francis C. Hoare William W. Hoback Julius H, Hopkins Jefhro H. Irby. Jr. Donnie H. Jones, Jr. Donald W. Linck John K. Lingo Presion B. Lowrance Alberr 5. MacMillan Edw. P. McCreery, Jr. Miss Beily A. Magruder Charles A. Mangham David V. Mann Clifford D. Miller John W. Oasi. Ill Edwin P. Parker, Ill Drake Priicheli Conslaniine N. Psimas Walker Reynolds, Jr. Richard L. Schley, Jr. William H. Shaler Richard C. Shrum Reber? R. Sfanley William N. Thomas. Jr James A. Thwearf Weir M. Tucker Herberi E. Valentine, Jr John A. Vann Frederick D. While Joseph L. Wilkerson Mervin B. Wine Leonard J. Yamshon Charles A. Young, Jr. Isaac M. Ziglar JohnD.Adams Miss Margarel R. Alford Elmer V. Ayres Waller P. Barnes, Jr. Monte L, Binder Oliver B. Bobbifi, Jr. Armislead P. Booker Richard Boofh, Jr. Eugene Callaway. Jr. Joshua F. B. Camblos Donald P. Chance Sidney W. Cohen James T. Colley William C. Cook, Jr. Lewis F. Cosby, Jr. Jose A de Jesus Joseph P. D'Elia Thomas S, Edwards Thomas C. Fowllces Giles Q, Gilmer Milion S. Goldman McChesney Goodall, Jr Melvin S. Greenberg W. Dan l-laden, Jr. William F. l-larrc-ll, Jr. Edward R. l-lawlrins Charles l-l. Henderson. Cha.les A. Hudson Call W, lrwin E. Rhodes Johnsion Edward P. Joynes George B. Kegley E. Milion Kellam Joseph Kessler Randolph Leigh, Jr. Camillus S. L'Engle, Jr. Earl J, Levine Miss Myrlle E. Logan Frank A. McCuo Charles G. McKendree J Donald D. Marlcowilz Samuel P. Marshall John W. H. Morgan Alexander J. Ogg Raney A. Oven John B. Poiier Jesse A. Powell, Jr. George N. Psrrnas Charles F. Schneider Bernard R. Siegel Nelson M, Smiih Joshua P. Sufherland Roberf M. Tanlresley John C. Tinsley, Jr. Edw. A. Tyler Miss Mary M. Wade Donald Wallers Waller M. While, Jr. Harold S. Yood Eugene J. Yorlrolf i ,L,., l g-. at-i-tl -1g 1- i -1 fl ll 2 i1 I -1 -1 +- sb... +11 ,QI T1 v- +3 1L.,i, ji, -11 E991 -1 5 1 .-4 Dana C. Mitchell, Jr. .Trp Q- ,,i."., 4-1' +11 ...I 5 :E- FS -i- W7 X 177' iv l .e- : I' 1 'fi-E55 IL 1 4' ,h 42 , -Q ii" 1 V Charles Lewis Baker William Claylon Barr Tryon Friich Bauer Frank Smoor Beazlie, Jr. Thomas Grasiy Bell Geoffrey Herman Binneveld Joseph Shelion Bower Maurice Miller Bray William Russell Brooks George Beniamin Carier James Colvin Causey Charles Maiian Clark, Jr. Raymond Rueben Comess Harry Carlefon Diggs, Jr. Thomas Nelms Downing Julian Quayle Early Peylon Randolph Evans. Jr. Donald Terrell Faulkner Walier Cleveland Fitzgerald Frederick John Flynn, Jr. Abraham Julian Gabriele Waller Buhrman Garland, Jr, lnnes Correll Haines John Ernesl Hancock FIRST YEAR George Ben Johnslon Handy Harper Keifh Hellems Charles Hibbard. Jr. Elizabefh Harman Hill Roberl Arnold Hoffman Roberl Sleele Hulcheson. Jr. Francis Charles Jackson King Arcy Jamison Thomas Nelson Page Johnson, William Rexford Johnson Gaza Kovach Carl Millard Lang William Gordon Leary. Jr. Charles E. Liddinglon Garneli William Link Roberi Earnesl' Mmlpane Alien Randolph Mclver Roberi Edward Lee McNeely Leonard lrving Malis Howard Evereii Medineis Henry Clarkson Meredifh, Jr. LIOOI J Henry Rankin Miller Curiis Tolley Monlgomery John Langdon Moss Richard Deafon Nauman Cardwell Camden Nuckols Harold Vernon Palmer Loren Francis Parmley Ida Dell Perry Joseph Neal Rega ' Lewis George Richards. Jr Roberl William Siogren Milion Ellis Srewarr Ted William Siixrud Helen Wickham Taylor Gordon Clark Thomas John Rolaeri Troxell Jesse Oliver Van Meier, Jr Charles William Vivian Charles Miller Walsh. lll Louis Napoleon Waiers Edgar Newman Weaver Lee Elias Whiilock. Jr. William Overlon Winsion Wirhdrew Nov. 9, 1940 -3 4. Q4 p-.i g- - p , APPLICANTSRFOR DEGREES 5 K, X Whose Piclures Do Noi' Appear E- - E42 ..- ,DRS THE COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Calvin Allen F. Dixon Brooke Earle G. Caldwell DeWiH Carler Harry Cowles Reginald P. Crule Weir B. Gilmer William Goadby Earl Hochauser, Jr, William Holcomb Arfhur Kaplan Harry Kauffman Frederick W. Kelly. Jr Charles King Gabriel Fagof William McLeod Nelson Van Kleeck John W. Burke, Jr. Max Buzby Alberr H. Cole, Jr. Richard P. Connele Carelfon S, Connor Walrer Moe Cushman Sarah Geer Dale Roberl l. Larus Benjamin Leake, Jr. Marshall Levin Charles Liddingfon Raymond Llovd Edmund G. Lorenz Roberl McGusly Lee McLaughlin John Q. Marshall Thomas Marlin Phillip Marvin Harry C. Meridefh Charles T. Miller, Jr. David Nicholson Nafhaniel Pigman. Jr, Joseph N. Pillman Keilh Pilzne r THE DEPARTMENT OF LAW Bradfufe W. Daven porl Arfhur A. Davis Marian E. Epsy William L. Fagg William H. Fickes Marvin D. Goodrich Horace Gray, Jr, Thomas N. Johnson Landon S. Gail Cabell T. Leckie Seymour Lifman Angus C. Liffleiohn. Jr. George M. Marlin John V. Maffhews Paul A. J. Drexel. Jr. H011 Robert Posnick Armislead Pritchard. Jr. Joseph Rega Slephen C. Reville, Jr. Irving Rofhenburg DeKalb Russell. Jr. Richard S. Scolf Pefer K. Sheffield. Jr, George B. Sfallings, Jr. Donald Sfanf John Slrang Roberl' B. Turnbull John H. Waite Carfer Weisiger Edmund Wellingholf John Wissenger Edwin Wyckoff Thomas Russell Price Gordon M, Sfewarf Roberf J. Tymoff Charles E. Wheeler Richard Cameron Woods Roberl B. Young Joseph J. Zapifz l . S5 1- 1 "-Eiffgl:-il N' 1 Q E: 'Q - E r N TMENT OE ENGINEERING --i THE DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING 0 146611 JERRY L. THOMAS . ANDREW GREEN . MACKALL CHILDS KENNETH RATHBUN CARL PETERS . . . 11 -i 1-1'-' fl l,,,,14 ?- 05" -- XII: .': 59 Q -'I L. Q 3 -- ff! :Z P-'- I X -- -A . . PresicIenI Vice-Presidenf . . Secrefary . . Treasurer . . Hisforian lIO3I j--4' 1-1 -Q-xv' APPLICANTS TOP ROW: FOR DEGREES IN THOMAS BRUCE H. ANDERSON, JR. ENGINEERING .1- -- l. 4 gl ..g 1,11 3-i l .1- l. . Q-. V4 - ii L .fi -X - 3. - 666m - .. Q ... L -14 U.. -1 ,. -q -. ,.f -1 ,, . Z -4 1. -i -. -n n- -- B -1 -A -- ' 5 .4 4 i. 'Z' 4 ii-1.1 --Qi 1-.i i Charloffesville, Virginia Trigon A. S. M. E., Readers' Club. HEN RY CLEVELAND BARNETT Waynesboro, Virginia U 'I' American lnsfifufe Chemical Engineers FREDERICK GEORGE BENDER Charlollesville, Virginia Engineering Review Staff, A. S. M. E JAMES VINCENT BITNER, JR. Paradise, Pennsylvania 0 T Treasurer, Thela Tau, Treasurer, A. S. M. E. MARTIN LUTHER BROWN Lynchburg, Virginia Trigon Engl-neering Council, Presidenl, Universily of Virginia Aviaiion Club, Secrefary, A. S. M. E., Sludenf Branch, Readers' Club, lnframural Boxing. EUGENE CRAIGHEAD CALDWELL Richmond, Virginia K E, 0 T A. S. M. E., Insirucfor, Aviafion Club. H041 Boliom Row: EUGENE MACKALL CHILDS Annapolis, Maryland 2 X, 0 T Secrefary, Engineering School, Managing Ed- ifor, Virginia Engineering Review, reshman Boxing Squad, Engineering Dance Comrniffee, Avialion Club, Marshall, hefa Tau, Phi Delia Epsilon, Engineering Dean's Lisl, American So- ciely of Mechanical Engineers, Engineering Cor- respondenl for College Topics. HENRY J. CLEMONS Universify, Virginia E fl' lil Phi Delia Epsilon, Business Manager, Vir inia Engineering Review, Tri on, Aviafion glub, A. S. M. E., Press Club, Engineers. FRANCIS ALDEN DUNNINGTON Hampden-Sydney, Virginia 9 'I' A. S. M. E., Insiruclor. JAMES STANLEY FRAZER, JR. Earleville, Cecil Counly, Maryland Trigon Avialion Club, A. S. M. E., Jefferson Society. MAYO McGlLL FITZHUGH. JR. Newporl News, Virginia. E rl' IC, Trigon, A, S. C. E. WILLIAM ANDREW GREEN, JR. Jonesboro, Arkansas E X Vice-Presidenl, Engineerin Deparfmenf, Thela Tau, President, A. S. M. CE., Phi Delia Epsilon, Treasurer, Sigma Chi, Muskeleers, Dean's Lisl, 1937-38-39-40, Business Manager, Virginia Engi- neering Review, Press Club, lnsfruclor in Sur- veying and Thermodynamics, Assisfanfship in Aeronaulics, Civilian Pilof Trainin , l940, Fresh- man Basketball, I937elREaders' glub, Aviafion u . Top Row: CURTIS HOOPES HANNUM Union Mills, Virginia 0 T A. S. C. E.: Cross-Counfry: Varsily Track: Freshman Track. HUNTER RUSSEL HUGHES, JRi Richmond, Virginia E :If E Pi Delia Epsilon: Edilor, Vir inia Engineering Review: Trlgon: Aviaiion CIUi: A. S. M. E.: Board of Direcfors, Virginia Speciafor: Presi- denr, Jefferson Sociely: Secrelary, Press Club: Muskefeers. WENDELL ENDICOTT MALBON Norfolk, Virginia K A Thefa Tau: First Year Cabinelg Press Club: As- sociafe Edilor, Engineering News: A. I. Ch. E.: Freshman Baskefball and aseball Squads, l937: Chairman, Board of Arbifrafion, I?40-4l: Chair- man, Bad Check Commilfee, Summer Session, I940: Member of Honor Commiifee, Summer Session, I9-IO: "Who's Who in American Col- leges and Universifiesf' I940-4I: Dagger Sociefy: Excalibur. ALWYN COWLES LAPSLEY Miller School, Virginia Trigon: A. I. E. E. DAVID N. KJELLSTROM Richmond, Virginia WILLIAM THOMAS MUNCASTER Derwood, Maryland Alpha Chi Sigma: A. I. Ch. E.: Inlramurals. Boflom Row: CARL WADE PETERS Lynchburg, Virginia Thofa Tau: Presideni, Tau Bela Pi: Vice-Presi denl, Band, l94I: Hisforian, Engineers' Council Raven Sociefy. WARREN LEE PLUNKETT Lynchburg, Virginia Thefa Tau: Secrelary, A. I. Ch. E.: Treasurer Tau Bela Pl: Raven Socicfy. GEORGE WILLIAM REUSS Richmond, Virginia Secrelarry, A. t I.. AE. Inlramural Boxing Universify of Virginia Circus: Alumni Secrelary Virginia Engineering Review: Inlramural Softball THOMAS ADAMS ROBINSON Washinglon, D. C. Thela Tau: Deparimenf Engineering, I939-40 Secrelary, Thela Tau, I939-40: A. I. E. E. Associafe Ediior, Enginering News, I"738-39 Dcan's Lisi, 1939-40: Engineer's Library Slall WILLIAM EDWARD SHUFF Pulaski, Virginia A. S. M. E. LUTHER SPANGLER STEVENS Roanoke, Virginia Trigon: Tau Befa Pi: A. S. M. E. ,'Til.,,I 1'I' ililiiw 1, Hill Illln 11 if - -1 ' +1 +3 iii -io' APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN ENGINEERING IQ105lI APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN ENGINEERING :Il i- -fi l -wl li ,. -11 BP- cj? 1-1 - Q? 4 T- I 1: i i :- X f :: ' " Q - 1- .1 ---it 1--i ' Top Row: CHARLES STROTHER STRINGFELLOW ' Richmond, virginia A T S2 Secrelary, Trigon, I940-4lg A. I. E. E.: Tau Bela Pig Associafe Edifor, Engineering News Sfaffg Dean's Lisf. LESLIE LINDSAY THACKER Charlofiesville, Virginia Theia Taug Treasurer, A. I. Ch. E., 19385 Mem- ber of Engineers' Council, I940. JERRY LINDSAY THOMAS, JR. Universify, Virginia Theta Taug Omicron Delia Kappa, President, Engineering School: President, Tau Befa Pi, l939-40, Raven Society, Honor Commiffeeg Press Club, Historian, Engineering School, I939-407 Managing Ediior, Engineering News, I939-403 Associafe Ediior, Virginia Engineering Review, I94O-4Ig Secreiary, A. E. Ch. E., I938-393 Chair- man, Engineering Council, I'-740-4Ig Lisfed in "WI'io's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versifiesf' lf106fl Top Row: OTIS L. UPDIKE, JR. Roanoke, Virginia Trigong Tau Bela Pig A. I. Ch. E., Engineering Reading Club, Raven, Engineering News. CHARLES ALBERT WATTS Charloflesville, Virginia EDMUND RANDOLPH WILLIAMS Richmond, Virginia Sf. Anfhony Hall Trigong Alpha Chi Sigma, A. I. Ch. E.: Sec- reiary, A. I. Ch. E., I939440g Presidenr, A. I. Ch. E., I94O-4Ig Engineering News, I'-737-387 Freshman Boxing. Bo'Hom Row: BERNARD HOWARD WRIGHT Charloifesville, Virginia A. I. Ch. E. THIRD YEAR John H. Adams Charles W. Ashby George C. Barber John W. Bishop James T. Burke James l. Bulzner Byron B. Cain, Jr. Waller G. Canham, Jr. John L. Cochran Winfield P. Cowgill Roy E. Crews Roberl' E. Ellis Grayson A. Gran? Roberl' W. Greer Mark I. Jacob. Jr. Charles Y. Johnson Homer F. Johnson. Jr. Henry L. Kinnier Ernesl' B. Livesay Carlfon I-I. Lowe William H. McCoy Roberl S, McDaniel Harold D. Maclc, Jr. John P. March Winlhrop W. Mellen, Jr. Sylvesler H. Ogrince Sfure G. Olsson William R. Payne Kennefh C. Ralhbun Cliflon J. Reynolds, Jr. William N. Richardson. Jr. Roberl R. Ross David W. Schumalser Thos. D. Sloan. Jr. Robert D. Slulling William H. Tucker. Jr. Edward F. While. Jr. Jesse R. Whillen Charles H. Wilson Daniel A. Wood 4- ,.,.. 1,-1 li -1. 1- -.1 - ' -1 T. will Sf... L-..-i ,,.. H071 John B. Anfhony, Jr. David U. Armslrong Emlyn D. Arlers. Jr. Myer Bender Larrie L, Berger Charles B. Bleasby James P. Borden, Jr. Richard D. Boulros Charles Lee Brown, Jr. William Ellon Burnell. Jr Allan Lile Campbell Donald F. Clark Norman Cohen Harold Connell. Jr, 41... H , -11 JB 1 Q.. ffl, ,tl 1- Q 1m-. - 3-L + 1 S " l EE RFS 1- ,,..-.41 SECOND YEAR Rollin N. Conwell. Jr. George Farnham Cook, Jr. Roy Cherwood Deal. Jr. Frank H. Delpino John Cecil Duecker D. Maxwell Ellell William N. Forsyihe William Waller Fox Donald Alberl Frazier Don Abboll Gaddis Breckenridge C. Goodloe David H. Guinier William l. Gulliford Frank L. Holliord Ernesf L. Holfzclaw C ance lied Paul A. l-lunler Jermain S. lrish Sidney W. lronmonger, Jr. Greenhow Johnsfon, Jr, James H. Kabler Peler B. Kline H081 Howard W. Kymplon. Jr. Maihew Lawman. Jr. Ralph G. Lighlner. Jr. Howard T. J. Lililelon Laurence K. Loflin, Jr. Alberl H. Lowman Marion P. McConnell Sam. A. Mason ' S. Fonfaine Maury, Jr. James E. May Thos. H. B. Meade Samuel N. Mercalfe Henry Clay Michie, lll Eugene S. Miller, Jr. John H. Miller Thos. J. Milligan, Ill James C. Morley. Jr. Harold Muller-Thym William R. Munroe, Jr. Bruce K. Nelson James M. Nixon Thos. P. O'Connell Warren W. Okkerse Ned Pabsr Richard C. Palmer Leonidas H. Pancoasi, Jr. Philip B. Peylon. Jr. Oden F. Pyle Rolol. B. Roosevell. lll Bryce P. Schofield Richard C. Scoff-Williams Shirley H. Smifh. Jr. Hamillon Smiihey William W. Sraley George T. Slern Andrew L. Sfewarl, Jr. Lisle E. Taylor William E. Turner. Jr. Heswell H. Walker, Jr. Richmond A. Ware, Jr. Perer E. R. Weishmann Herlelh G. Wiley Roberl R. Wilson Dean S. Winchesfer William R, Winsbro Nilliam D. Wood Jacques H. Allen Raul L. Alzaga James Ameen Alfonso Benavides Cancelled Jos. T. Berla, Jr. Robl. B. Besl. Jr. Chas. Hopkins Bishop, John A. Blackburn William H. Bowen John H. Boyden, ll Richard M. Brandi B. Harrison Brown James W, Brown William C. Carr. Jr. Charles B. Cary Charles A. Casey Nafhan R. Casey Robert F. Clark John H. O. Clarke Thomas Clausen William A. Clough Thomas V. Cooper, Jr. Bernard D. Coriese Paul E. Crafl George B. Crisl. Jr. J Beniamin P. Davidson. Jr. Thomas J. Dickerson FIRSTYEAR Roberl' A. Dudley Angus Echols Herman M. Eisenberg Hugh M. Fagan ' Roberl B. Finlay Edsel H. Ford Henry F. Ford Frank H. S. l-lalpin Samuel G. Harris Jonalhan E. Hays Edward P. Healh Roberl' W. Hill Cancelled Richard G, Holi Roberl T. Hoover. Jr. Herberl J. Jacobi. Jr. Benno Janssen. Jr. Ernesl Fillmore Jessee, Jr. A. Dudley Johnson Robl. John Keller. lll William E. Kelley. Jr. W. Harrison Kile, Jr. Irwin M. Lewis Roberl A. Mahone, Jr. J. Fredk. Manneschmidl. Jr. Jacques R. Maroni Philip P. C. Meade Frank Lloyd Miller D. Philip Monlague, Jr. Wilhdrew Thomas P. Nelson Graflon C. Nicholas. Jr. Slephen L. Ochoa, Jr. Terence O'Donovan Cancelled William Amos Pallerson Vladimir Michael Podliaguine Roberi McLes'rer Ramsay Chrislian Reimann Roess Paul Armold Rossum DeWiH Himrod Skinner Emerson Warfield Smilh Troy Alvin Smilh John Slanley Snell Garland Hanes Spicer, Jr. Sluarl Talbol Rolserl' Donald Tiley Cancelled Harold G. Tuffy. Jr. Roberl G. Turner. Jr. Roberl N. Tyler Roberl P. Valentine Died Fred C. Wallace. Jr. Q -.-Q re ll 1.2 -.. 1 Jack Waller Weslon Julian Henley Wheeler, Jr. James Buckley Whillach John Crowder Whirmore John Nicholas Wilkinson, Jr John Elwood Willells William Roberl Wimbrow Edward C. Will Frederick S. Wood Kennelh B. Wood, Jr. Couller D. Young. Jr. Millard D. Zeisberg Maximiliana Perez Zepeda Jeremiah E. Zullinger. Jr. H091 -1 -1 l ,I-'r?'Q "' ll i PK. .M :3 , o 3 iii E -.1 THEXDEDAIZTMLNT OF EDUCATION ,ir 3-,li gr- X41 EI Vi THEDEPARTMENTE'-it-LJJTS1 OF EDUCATION '-2.325 OfgC6l'5 WILLIAM IVICCANN . ...... Presidenf ALFRED FREROTTE . .... Vice-Presiden+ MARIAN ATKINSON ....... Secrefary GEORGE W. PARSONS, JR .... I-Iislrorian I I H111 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN EDUCATION l- ii. . Q-T LL-1 -4 1 -4 QL -g QL ...- S. 1 l. "9 -1 1.-. px .gi -1 55? .T I3 -1.- l il -- -1 5- -1 .. ,f 4 ,- Z -4 ,. I -1 5- 'i - L -1 5 .44 -. -1 - K .4 -4 L. 'Z' .. gl. Q 5- --1 qi.-,, Top Row: BURTON FRANCIS ALEXANDER New York, New York EchoI's Math Club, Dean's List. MARIAN ELEANOR ATKINSON ' University, Virginia Secretary, Virginia Players, Treasurer, Education Depa rtment. BETTY BURNLEY Charlottesville, Virginia MARY MARGARET COLEMAN University, Virginia LOUISE CAMPER EWELL University, Virginia Editor, Kappa Delta, l940-4I. ANN GARLAND Fl FE Charlottesville, Virginia K A H121 Bottom Row: ALFRED G. FREROTTE Ford City, Pennsylvania Freshman Track, Varsity Track, Football, Vice- President, School of Education. ANNE WHITE GARTH Mechums River, Virginia Secretary, Chi Omega, I939-403 Pledge Trainer Chi Omega, l940-4Ig Women Students' Associa- tion, I939-407 Secretary, Women Students Asso- eiafian, 1940-41. MARIE ISABEL GENTRY Crozet, Virginia Secretary, Chi Omega, -I940-4I7 Editor, Chi Omega Cavalier, I940. MARY HENRIETTA GRAINGER Farmville, Virginia JOEL GREENSPOON Hancock, Maryland BENITA VIEVE MCCARTHY Amherst, Virginia Virginia Players: Committee Member, Student Assembly, Civilian Pilot Training. Top Row: MASON HARWELI. MORSE Washington, D. C. E N Football: German Club: Dagger Society: Ex- calibur. HENRY GOODMAN NATHAN Baltimore, Maryland Assignment Editor, College Topics: Pi Delta Epsilon. ANNE FLORENCE PARSONS Clarkton, North Carolina K A GEORGE W. PARSONS, JR. Natural Bridge, Virginia Lambda Pi: Historian, Education Department. DORIS STEELE RANKIN Charlottesville, Virginia STANLEY ALLEN RHODES Norfolk, Virginia Jefferson Society: Uniyersity Christian Associa- tion. Bottom Row: MARGARET BOWMAN ROBINSON Charlottesville, Virginia MARY BETTY SHUMATE Charlottesville, Virginia N X S2 Women Students Council: C. C. of Chi Omega. WALTER -CARTER SMITH Belleville, New Jersey Omicron Delta Kappa: Skull and Keys: T. l. L. K. A.: "I3": "Z": President, "V" Club: Cap- tain, Freshman Football and Freshman Basket- ball: Varsity Football: Captain, Varsity Basket- ball: Baseball: Chairman, Student Athletic Council: 3-3-3 Council: Listed in "Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities." JEAN DABNEY SPICER Charlottesville, Virginia TRUMAN PERKINS SOUTHALL. JR. Charlottesville, Virginia Freshman Football, Boxing, Baseball: Varsity Boxing, Baseball: Captain, oxing, l939: Runner- up in National Collegiate Boxing Tournament at Sacramento, California, I939: "V" Club: Fresh- man Boxing Coach, I93'-7-4I: Vice-President, De- partment of Education, I939: 3-3-3 Council, I939: G. A. A., I939: German Club: Skull and Keys: "l3" Society: Board of Arbitration: Dor- mitory Council: Student Assembly: Dagger So- ciety: Listed in "Wl1o's Who Among Students in American Universitligs and Colleges": Ex- Cal UV. CYNTHIA VAN BLARCOM Hawthorne, New Jersey Vice-President, Kappa Delta, l939: President, Kappa Delta, 1940: Treasurer, Women Students Association, I939. CHARLES M. WILSON Norfolk, Virginia Little Congress. l. Ai... l-.-4 411- -tqn 3- 43 . ... , - in- gy 1 ... . , ... Qi Ld, ... -11 .L i W 4 ... : -,, ...1 L' ,.. , ,. -- ... -- - ink -i ..... - 11 .W l' 1i 3' T Qi ' -qi -... ---1 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES IN EDUCATION H131 DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION Minnie Frances Allen Wallace Franklin Andrew Roberl Humphrey Alhearn Conrad Baker Blanfon Gee Barnes Rebecca Beverage George Wilson Burke, Jr. Loyd Woodrow Charlie Rufh Elizabefh Childs Edgar Eugene Clark Mariha Loman Clark Susan Craff William Davis Crockelr Emmarene Davidson Henrieifa Davis Grace Anslice Depufy Marie DeWiH' l- l.-4 -4 l "" f --In 1- :JP ii ."I '-' n S -::: Agfa : 15.41-GU. -1 X ..- rl l ZH! I X I' '.:. .:' iii 1- UNDERGRADUATES Virginia Leona Drumheller William McGarvin Dudley Opal Hazell Durrer Donald Lloyd Edgerlon Loudale Fagg Roberf Turnbull Gillelle John Howard Gordon Edifh Gale Grani Roberl Howerfon Gravalle George Ringold Guy Pauline Elizaloelh Heermance Irma Howse Richard Floyd Howse Hilda Graham Jarvis Clyde Henry Knighf Dorolhy Corinne Luck William Thomas McCann Harry Carr McClaugherly Lesfer Guy Marlin Mary Wilson Maupin Lucille Easfham Michie Wm. Garner Miles Elizabelh Mopsik Marion Claire Mundy Raymond Leslie Murden Francis Maurice Null Ralph Harland O'Dell Jane Warwick O'Neill Lll41 Virginia Milbah O'Sullivan Charles Henry Riff, Jr. William Thomas Roleerls Nancy Louise Russum Roberl Clinlon Rutledge Nancy Reynolds Smifh Winslon McNeill Somerville Truman Perkins Soulhall Lewis Benlon Slevens Roberf Beniamin Turnbull Leonard Waller Vaughan George Harry Vreeland Sue Garnelf Walls Alden Wilcher Whirmore John Roberf Willey William Wilson Wrighl Albon Waverly Yowell +1 APPLICANTS FOR DEGREESEI 5' Whose Pic+ures Do Noi' Appear THE DEPARTMENT OF M JOHN G. COLEMAN JORGE GARCIA-BIRD GEORGE P. HAND, JR. HOLDEN G. HELBERT ALVAN L. HERRING, JR. HAROLD T. YATES EDICINE NEWTON LARKUM AUBREY SHELTON A. ERSKINE SPROUL SPOTSWOOD STODDARD ALLAN B. WARREN THE DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING T- --3 1-.11 yi, 41 JOHN THOMPSON CALHOUN MARSHALL W. PLUNKETT JOHN K. MALLARD JOHN HERBERT SIDEBOTTOM FRANK P. NICHOLS JOSEPH L. PETERSON JOHN T. WARD AUBREY B. WILSON THOMAS PYM WILSON THE DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION LILLIAN E. ALPHIN ROY C. BEAZLEY Ifllil JANIE W. SMOOT -1 ffl" -. ,' P71 - ' 'NAI' ff' 'AM . ' f"fXkx.,. -., 1 -1,fn..Hf N W " 1 I 5 . , X - I "Q ' -X1 ,H F 1 A I Y ofbixriMLN1or QQADUML srumns ,- -- 3- 9- 1- - QV T y- DEPARTMENT of 1- 1- 5- GRADUATE STUDIES OfhC8I'5 JOHN WATSON ........ PresIden+ HARRIS BRADLEY ...... Vice-Presidemt THOMAS B. WORSLEY . . . . . Secretary HOWARD E. CARR . . . . Hislrorian H171 iv- 2? TW T ji- 1 . Q tml. 6-3- 11--' -i Wil. APPLICANTS FOR DEGREES DEPARTMENT or GRADUATE STUDIES Applicanfs for The Degree of Docfor of Philosophy James Crowell Barnes ........... Wray Merrill Bowden . . James Alexander Bralley . . Harold Wonderley Bryani . . William Frank Builer . . . Howard Earl Carr . . . William H. Calo . Gesu Aldo Cosianzo . Sfewari Denslow .... Ralph Charlson Downing . . John Arihur Gallaghan . . Charles James Geyer. Jr. . . Roberi E. Graham. Jr ...... Rural Social Howard Harper Harlan . . . Charlion Joseph Kadio Hinman William Doyle Hull, ll . . Minier Morgan Jackson Werner Luiz Janney . . . Francis duPoni Lazenby . . Carl James Likes ..... Charles Edward McGinn . . Lloyd Ellioi' MacHaHie . . Charles Arnold Maffhews . . Richard Andrew Meade . . . Douglas Gray Miley ..... Lufher Roland Modlin .... Richard Cyrus Morrow . . . Edward Franklin Overion . . James Alberf Paif . . . . Warren Clyde Prance . . . Charles Ray. Jr ..... . Gordon Reid . . . George Reveley . . Charles William James Beverly Robinson . Forresf Wheeler Shaver . Jane Chapman Slaughier . Glenn Curiis Smiih . . . LeGrand Tennis .... Frederic Gordon Tice . John Grier Varner, Jr. . . John Wilbur Waison, Jr, . Paul Alexander While . . Samuel Wilcox ...... Thomas Blanchard Worsley . . . Rural Social Ferdinand Haverman Miichell . . . . Physics . Biology Chemisrry Chemisfry . .Economics . Physics Educaiion Economics . German Chemisiry Chemisiry Chemisiry Economics Sociology . . . .English . . . .English Psychology . . .English Philology . .Laiin Chemisfry Chemisiry . Physics . . .Economics Educaiion Economics . Physics Chemisiry . . .Maihemaiics Educaiion . . . .Philosophy Economics . Biology . Spanish Chemislry Chemisiry Chemislry . . .French . .Hisiory . . .French . . .Psychology .. .. ...English . .English Philology . . .Maihemalics . . . .Economics . . . .Economics Rural Social Applicanfs for The Degree of Masfer of Science Bruno Barelare. Jr ...... Kennefh Carringion Bass, Jr. . Lenora Virginia Brown . . Ray Edward Burger . . . Lloyd Delloeri Fisher . . . John Lippincoil' Guerrani . , Arthur Jackson Hodges ........... . . . . . Urology . . . . . Chemisfry . . . . . Anaiomy . Surgical Paihology Orfhopedic Surgery lniernal Medicine . Physics Joseph Leigh Hunclley . . Dermalology and Syphilology William Cargill Johnsion ......,.... Physics Roberf William McCullough .... Surgical Palhology James Raymond Meyer . . . Vinceni Dominic Napoleon . .......Biology . . . . .Chemisiry H181 Allen Shedd Powell . . John Henry Reisner, Jr. . George William Scoii .... William Royall Smiihey, Jr. . Arlhur Lesier Siaufiacher . . Thomas Winifield Williams . Applicanis for The Degre Thomas Benjamin Ardis . John William Barksdale . . John Davis Baies .... . William Huloeri' Baughn . RexBeach,...... Roberi Blake ....... Richard Rodier Bloomer . Susan Lear Broaddus . . . Joseph Beniamin Camp, Jr. . James Philander Campbell, Jr. Hollis Burnley Chenery Lelia Smiih Cocke . Nancy Elizabeih Cooley William Minor Dabney Frances Elaine Davidson Raymond C. Dingledine . William Harris Gaines, Jr. . Walier Helbig Goilschalk . . Charles Polk Graham .... Raymond William Heaiwole . Francis Howard Heller . . Edwin Emanuel Holm, Jr. . Edwin Chrisiian Hu++er . . Arihur Wynne Jones . . James Rudolph Kay . . Norman Gufhrie Keig . . John Ladd ...... . William Milner McGin+y . . . Cecil Claude McKinney . . John Gibbs Mahan . . . John Lowry Marple . . Aniia Young Mar+in . Samuel Clarke Morgan Frank Mas... .. . Clarence Amos Neff. Jr. . Rosalind Parker .... George A. Peek, Jr. . . Beiiy Venable Rivers . . . Walier Siiii Robinson, Jr. . . Sara Hamer Scarborough . . John Beri Secrisi ..... Frank Simmons, Jr ...... William Penningion Snavely . Briiion Duncan Tabor .... Margarel Elizabeih Taylor . William C. Truehari . . . Beniarnin Franklin Wallon . . William Decaiur WhSlS+0f16 - Margarei' Underwood Whiie James Lawrence Basil Williams James Rives Worsham, Jr. . . James Logan Wrighi . . . . Chemisiry . . Physics . . Chemisiry . . Chemisiry . . Physics . . . . . . . . Physics of Masfer of Aris . Rural Social Economics . . . . . . Economics . . . . . . . Geology Rural Social Economics . . . . . . . .Hislory . . . Psychology . . . . . . . Geology . . . . . . . .English . Rural Social Economics Rural Social Economics . . . . . . Economics ........Hisiory . . Ma'rhema+ics . . .Hisiory . . Educaiion . . .Hisiory . . . .His+ory . . Maihemaiics . . . Educafion . . . . . .Economics . . . . . . .German . Rural Social Economics . . . . . . . .Physics . Biology Economics Economics . . . . . .Philosophy Economics Economics . . . . Biology . . .Poliiical Science . . . French . . . Educaiion . . Psychology . . . .English . . . . .Hisiory Poliiical Science . . . . .Hisiory . . . . Hisiory . . . . Educaiion . . Maihemaiics . . . Economics Economics . . Economics . .English . . Philosophy EclucaTion Economics . English Economics . Hisiory Educaiion Rural Social Rural Social Allred A. Aaron William B. Adams Rufus K. Allison Thad M. Amacker Harry Ammon . Emmell H. Anderson, Jr Thomas B. Ardis Fonlaine C. Armislead Huberl A. Arnold Melvin W, Aylor Bruno Barelare, Jr. John W, Barksdale, Jr. Charles W. Barnes James C. Barnes George L. Barlon, Ill. Kennelh C. Bass, Jr. John D. Bales William H, Baughn Rex Beach Harry T. Beazley Slewarl Bell, Jr. Richard R, Bernard Roberl R. Blake Richard R, Bloomer Truman A. Bolls Wray M. Bowden George R. Boyd, Jr. William P. Boyer Harris W. Bradley James A. Bralley Marry Ella Brandl Bernard R. Breyer Herberl L. Bridges. Jr. Henry G. Brill Susan L. Broaddus Lenora V. Brown Thomas D, Brown John S. Brushwood Harold W, Bryanl Helen D. Bullock Ray Edward Burger William F. Buller Joseph B. Camp, Jr. Howard E. Carr William H. Calo Dorolhy J. Calon Irby B. Caulhen, Jr. Herman E. Cave Phyllis L. Chambers Hollis B. Chenery Jean Scoll Clarke Moses R. Clemenls, Jr. Roberl W. Coakley Lelia S, Cocke Everell C. Cogbill Roland E. Cook Nancy E. Cooley George E. Copenhaver Gesu A. Coslanzo Elizabelh B. Couper Mary Jane Cox James W. Culberlson William M. Dabney Willmore M. Dameron, Jr. Malcolm U, Danlzler David N. Davidson Frances E, Davidson William J. DeLong, Jr. GRADUATE Slewarl Denslow Meriwelher B, Dickinson Raymond C. Dingledine, Ralph C. Downing ' Edward R. Dyer, Jr. Hobarl MCK. Earman Edward C. Echols Allen B. Edwards Oscar Leroy Emerick William A. Faughl Ellen K. Fennell Lloyd D, Fisher Gordon N. Flannagan Richard R. Flelcher Marlin M. Folks Russell E. Fox John J, Fray James M. Fredericksen William H. Gaines. Jr. John A. Gallaghan Benson E. Gammon Jacob M. Garber Mariano Garcia. Jr. Charles J. Geyer. Jr. Thomas A. Gibson, Jr. Lewis C. Goldslein Waller H. Gollschalk Charles P. Graham Roberl E. Graham. Jr. Francis D. Grillilh John Lippincoll Guerranl Clarence Hale Emmell K, Hammond Philip H. Hardy Howard H. Harlan Bryanl R. Harper Lawrence P. Harris Emmell B. Hawpe George D. Healh, lll. Raymond W. Healwole Francis H. Heller Charllon J. K. Hinman Arlhur J. Hodges Charllon G, Holland Edwin E. Holm, Jr. Margarel W, Hudson William D. Hull, ll. Homer A. Humphreys Joseph L. l-lundley John E. Husled Edmond C. Hulchinson Edwin C. Huller Andrew L, lngles Agnes J. lrwin Minler M. Jackson Werner L. Janney Vidkunn C. Jarl William C. Johnslon Arlhur L. Jones Arlhur W. Jones Beverly Jones William W. Jones Virginia M. Jordan Arlhur Kaplan Frank S. Kaulback. Jr. James R. Kay Norman G. Keig Raymond F. Kline Carl E. Koeller Jr. H191 STUDENTS Slanley E. Krahler John D. Kramer George A. Kromhoul John Ladd Gloria B. Ladieu Roberl H. Land Frank M. Laney, Jr. Roberl A. Langevin Thomas B, Larkin, Jr. Francis duP. Lazenby Norman H. Leake Jesse W. Levy Alberl M. Lewis Carl J. Likes Sidney S. Linas Byrd W. Long Jessie R. Lucke William H. Lyons Roberl W. McCullough Margarel C. McCulloch Charles E. McGinn Lloyd E. MacHallie William M. McGinly George Mclnlosh. Jr. Cecil C, McKinney John G. Mahan Irene R. Mann Yves R. Maroni John L. Marple Dorolhy S. Marshall Anile Y. Marlin Frank Mas Grayson W. Massie Charles A. Mallhews Vernon R. Mallox Josephine W. Maury Richard A. Meade James R. Meyer Frederick DeW, Miller Lesler P. Miller Ferdinand H. Mi+chelI Lulher R, Modlin. Jr. Silas M. Moorman, ll. Charles E. Moran, Jr. Samuel C. Morgan Richard C, Morrow Waller N. Munsler Roberl M. Musselman Franklin G. Myers Vincenl D. Napoleon Clarence A. Nell, Jr. Carol M. Newman William R. Oliver John W. Oslrom Edward F, Overlon George Blocker Pace Roberl S. Pace, Jr. Hunler M. Painler James A. Pail Rosalind S. Parker George A. Peek, Jr. Bruce A. Perry Karl E. Pollharsl Allen S. Powell Warren C, Prance Charles H. Price Richard D. Ramsey Charles Ray, Jr. Rudolph G. Reed George H. Reese Charles G. Reid, Jr. John H. Reisner. Jr. William G. Reveley Belly V. Rivers Edwin H. Robbins Lillian W. Roberl Archibald F. Roberlson James B. Robinson Waller S, Robinson Eugene G. Ross. Jr. Jason M. Salsbury Sara H. Scarborough Mary Holl Scarpella Bernard J, Scharl George W. Scoll Edward B. Sealon John B. Secrisl, Jr. Forresl W. Shaver Elsler C. Shorll Frank Simmons, Jr. Marlin R. D. Singer Jane C. Slaughler James B. Smilh, Jr. Joseph W. Smilh Peler B. Smilh, Jr. Virginia E. Smilh William R. Smilhey. Jr. William P. Snavely Joseph P. Snead Lawrence G. Slarkey Arlhur L. Slaullacher Erich E. Sleiner Huberl F. Slepp John C. Slrickland, Jr. George W. Swarlz Brillon D. Tabor Margarel E. Taylor LeGrand Tennis Karl C. Teulel Waller H. Thomas Frederic G. Tice Beniamin J. Todd William C. Truehearl, Jr Laura R. Turner James M. Vail Lesler Van Middlesworlh William H. Walker Beniamin F. Wallon Harold W. Ward Palmer A. Ware John W. Walson, Jr. Charles W, Walls David B. Webb James E. Wheeler William D. Whelslone Margarel U, While Paul A. While Samuel Wilcox Harris H. Williams Thomas W. Williams Jacob W. Williamson, Jr Carl A. Wirlanen Lillie Payne Woodson James R. Worsham, Jr. Thomas B. Worsley James L. Wrighl Edward R, Young THE HONCR MEN The Universi+y of Virginia wriies her highesf degree on ihe souls of her sons. The parchmenl' page of scholarship-+he colored ribbon of a socieiy-'rhe jeweled emblem of a fraierniiy-'rhe orange symbol of aihleiic prowess-all Jrhese, a year hence. will be al besi' 'rhe memen+os of happy hours-like +he wiihered flower a woman presses beiween +he pages of a bool: for sen+imen+'s salce. But-- lf you live a long, long lime, and hold honesiy of conscience above honesiy of purse: And 'rurn aside wi+hou'r os'ren+a+ion +o aid ihe weak: And Jrreasure ideals more rhan raw ambifiong And frack no man +o his undeserved hur+: And pursue no woman +o her Jrearsr And love 'rhe beauiy of noble music and misl'-veiled mounfains and blossom- ing valleys and greai monumen+s- lf you live a very long Jrime and. keeping 'rhe faifh in all 'ihese 'rhings hour by hour, siill see +ha+ 'rhe sun gilds your paih wiih real gold and 'rhai 'rhe moon floafs in dream silver: Then- y "l have worn fhe honors of Honor. l graduaied from Virginia." JAMES HAY, JR., '03, H201 Remembering The purple shadows on ihe Lawn, ihe maiesiy of 'rhe colonnades, and ihe dream of your youfh. you may say in reverence and fhankliulnessz THL-ET lc: THLETICS . . . THE MAKING OF A TEAM . . . LONG HOURS OF PRACTICE, SORE MUS- CLES AND BRUISES, RUBDOWNS. LIINIMENT, AND TAPE. THEN THE THRILL OF THE GAME AND THE ENCOURAGEMENT OF THE COLOR- FUL CHEERING CROWDS IN SCOTT STADIUM. LAMBETH FIELD. AND MEMORIAL GYMNASIUM. MORIAL GYMNASI , 1 4. 'r w '- ul 7 4. 0 fs , , 'U ,, Q Ml i JL BM.: rxxh ,N ' 1 ' " itf 1 5' ,. jkyzffem -, U 1 I lLrA:e:s'-2 N N V4 'V-.Li A ' uw. Y V N! -f 1' Q ,w 4' , 24.14, Vam,s,0-I' , U s J 'n N' I ' , A ' W. , i Q , 'W '-, ' . L' ' - 1 .' . 7, . f' ff--.5 4 iw' 'if N . ' . A A I' ' I 1 ta ,V wf Q 'J . 1 A , . L. 4, V Al. Y' . We .V I' '- ML' A, I ' "" 14 H . ' , fl - 1' M, . as uf :fun l 1331 'Lf 16431-W1 li N V fig, , I' --A M4 'G www? wivf' 'P " . ... .. LM-,.f-QL . ..L,,yM,4 -nw-ww '7 ffwmf... 1, .1 AL ,N . , . imma: Mmm ' A , , t,,,.5' ,. 5, W x . ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION In discussing The subiecT of "The ConTribuTions Made by AThleTes To Modern CivilizaTion." I should noT ignore The Tull implicaTions of The word "conTribuTions." We generally conceive of This Term in iTs mosT Tavorable lighf. IT. however, we are To aTTempT an honesT appraisal of The conTribu- Tions of an individual or an organizaTion, we should noT be saTisTied wiTh half-TruThs. I shall resT my general Thesis on The sTaTemenT ThaT pracTically all of The good as well as The evil To be found in inTercollegiaTe aThleTics may be bound in one dynamic TacTor-"The desire To win." The desire To win causes boys To sacrifice personal ease and comTorT Tor SparTan self-denial and sTruggle: iT causes Them To summon all Their physical, menTal and spiriTual resources in working wiTh oThers Tor someThing bigger Than self glory: iT can and very oTTen does cause a boy deep personal anguish because. having losT aTTer giving his besT, he feels ThaT he has "leT everybody down." In oTher words, This dynamic urge can conceivably do as much Trom The sTandpoinT of Training or educaTion as any classroom subiecT a boy may Talce, because in The words of one oT our ToremosT educaforsz "We aclually learn only whaT we pracTice." This sTaTemenT means Thal' we can IisTen To lecTures on any subiecT. culTure or oTherwise, wiThouT becoming eiTher culfured or wise. In shorT, iT means ThaT learning Takes hold only when we puT inTo pracTice whal' we consider worTh acquiring. My conTenTion. Therefore, is ThaT aThleTics oTTer a very Tangible means oT acquiring deTiniTe habiT- paTTerns which enTer inTo conscious and unconscious reacTions. Having observed The light leT us now consider The shadows. If There be real TruTh in The sTaTe- menT ThaT "we learn only whaT we pracTice." we musT admiT ThaT inTercollegiaTe aThleTics offers quiTe as easy a medium Tor educaTional prosTiTuTion as Tor sound learning. The Three vicious evils To unconTrolled emphasis on winning, insofar as inTer::ollegiaTe aThleTics are concerned, may be sTaTed as Tollows: Ill DishonesTy on The parT oT sTudenTs in cerTiTying To eligibiliTy requiremenTs, Thereby learning To believe ThaT a lie is buT a convenTional means To a desirable end. l2l EducaTional hypocrisy, wherein winning Teams are more imporTanT Than academic inTegriTy. l3l A Talse philosophy in which The sTudenT is encouraged in The delusion ThaT aThleTics consTiTuTe The mosT imporTanT TacTor in educaTion, wiTh a guaranTee of presenl' and TuTure recogniTion. We have been endeavoring To Tollow a compleTely divergenT course aT The UniversiTy of Virginia. We can only hope ThaT TaiTh. eTTorT, and courage will prove suTTicienT To susTain us in our aTTempTs To cling To The values we believe To be inherenTly good in aThleTics wiThouT sacrificing even more imporTanT consideraTions. I believe we have achieved This goal by refusing To recognize any disTinc- Tion beTween "aThleTes" and oTher sTudenTs. CAPTAIN NORTON G. PRITCHETT, JR. Hoskins, Carrulchers, Prllcheff, Heldloff, Ludwig If 1251 M THE COACHES Guepa, Cochran, Murray, Heikklnen lf1Z6Il FRANK J. MURRAY . . ARTHUR L. GUEPE . . ARTHUR A. COCHRAN . . . RALPH HEIKKINEN . . RICHARD FLETCHER . WALTER SMITH . . PHILIP E. ROTHAR . CHARLES WHEELER . ALBERT T. YORK ..... TRUMAN P. SOUTHALL. JR. . . RICHARD A. WILLIAMS . . . GUS K. TEBELL ..... RICHARD FLETCHER . . RAYMOND C. HEIDLOFF . GUS K. TEBELL ..... RICHARD FLETCHER . . ARCHIE HAHN .... CHARLES WHEELER . . CARL ROHMAN . . . LAWRENCE LUDWIG . . . Varsiiy Foo+baII . Assisfanf Coach . Assisfanf Coach .Assisfanf Coach Freshman FooIbaII .Assisfanf Coach .Assisfanf Coach . .Cross-Couniry . . Boxing Coach . Freshman Boxing . Freshman Boxing . Varsify Baskefball .Freshman Coach , . .Varsity Swimming . Varsiiy Basebail Freshman Baseball . . . . . .Track . Assisfani Coach . . . , Tennis . . Soccer Tebell, Hahn, Flefcher I Slaughter, Guepe, Helkkinen Lawrence W. Abboff Roberf B. Aldrich Elmer V, Ayres Fred L. Benckensfein Alfred R. Berkeley, Jr, Pefer Berkey, lll Richard R. Bernard John D. Blackwell Joseph H. L. Block William H. Board, Jr. Roy N. Bowman David A, Brewsfer Henry S. Brinkerhoff F. Dixon Brooke C. Edgar Bryanf Landon G. Buchanan Edward Burgess, Jr. Jusfin l. Burnes Clarence Callahan Moseby G, Cardozo John H. Carrufh, Jr. Charles E. Chamberlain Sfephen V. O. Clarke Glenn W. Connelly Ross W. Craig Roberl' B. Crane Francis N. Crenshaw John H. Cronly, Jr, William J. Crumm Waller M. Cushman Horace W. Davis Donald K. Cayfon Ervin l Dickey, Jr. Harry E, Dinwiddie, Jr, James R, Dodson, Jr. William M. Dudley Edward R. Dyer James E. Edmunds Thomas S. Edwards Laurence H. Forsyfhe Alberl' G. Ferroffe John Frifsche Plafon Gailley Nicholas C, Gianokos James C. Gillelfe McChesney Goodall, Jr. E. Howard Goodwin William M. Gravalf, Jr. Edward J. Gray lnnes C, Haines Clinfon M, Harbison, Jr. William B. Harmon L. Peyfon Harris William M. Hill William W. Hoback Roberf A. Hoffman Edward E. Holm, Jr. John C. H, Hooff Allen C. Hopkins Aage Hornslefh Guerard H. Howkins, Jr. Thomas N. P. Johnson, Jr. Jones, Beverly Cl. B LEE McLAUGHLlN Presidenr l.l28Ql Charles Kendall Charles C. King, Jr. Guy King, Jr. S. Phillip Kinsey William W. Koonfz Alberf H. Lowman Chalmers M. McCallum William T. McCann Harry C. McClaugheriy Lee M. McLaughlin John K. Mallard William B. Marbury, Jr. John Ashby Marshall Samuel P. Marshall Frank Mas Sereno Merrill William R. Merrick William S. Mirman Mason H. Morse Raymond L. Murden John H. Neff, Jr, Leroy W. Neusfedfer Frank P. Nichols Don D. Niklason Lewis W. Oehmig Sylvesfer H. O'Grince George C. Palmer, lll Edwin P. Parker, lll L. Harvey Poe, Jr, Roberf N. Pollard William R. Presion James O. Pufnam, Jr. Kennefh C. Rafhbun Norman H. Rafhbun Charles L. Reed Phillip E. Rofhar John G. Sauerbeck Eric M. Schlesinger Charles F, Schneider Richard S. Scoff, Jr. Waller C. Smifh Fenfon D. Somerville Truman P. Soufhall Robinson S, B. Sfowe William G. Suhling, lll Daniel D. Tally, lll Beverly D. Tucker, Jr. Weir M. Tucker Knox Turnbull John B. Waldrop Charles M. Walsh. lll Roberf C, Waffs, Jr. Donald D, Websfer William M, Welfley Alexander W. Wells Carfer B. Weisiger Charles E. Wheeler James L. While, lll Henry T. Wickham W. Roscoe Willerf, Jr. John R. Willey Richard A. William Richard W. Wilfshire FDOTBALL LEE McLAUGHLlN Captain JOHN HOOFF Manager H291 McLAUGHLIN NEUSTEDTER DUDLEY STAFF FRANK J. MURRAY . ....... . . .Head Coach ARTHUR GUEPE . . . .BackTield Coach RALPH HEIKKINEN . . . .... Line Coach ARTHUR A. CORCORAN , . . . . End Coach ARCHIE HAHN ..... . . .Trainer JOHN C, H. HOOFF . . ..... . Manager RESUME OF THE SEASON Hopes soared high Tor our '40 Team as we goT under way wiTh a Three-game winning spree. However, These hopes were Too soon dampened by Three TighT losses To sTaTe schools. WiTh a heavier schedule our Team showed an improvemenT over lasi year. Having losT buT one game by more Than seven poinTs indicaTes ThaT The breaks may have Turned The Tide in four oT our losing conTesTs. The sTerling performances handed in by mosT players oT The Team were headed by "A. P. All-American" Bill Dudley, who was made capTain-elecT of The '4I Team by popular voTe of The players. Virginia, 32: Lehigh, 0 Using a ToTal of 45 men againsT The Engineers in This one-sided opener, Coach Murray emerged wiTh a brillianT vicTory. In The encounTer Dudley and BryanT proved Themselves To be dependable, shifTy backfield men. Lehigh's defense crumbled aT The end of The TirsT quarTer, in which she made Two goal line sTands reaching The one-fooT line. WiTh The sTarT of The second quarTer NeusTeder laTeraled To Dudley, who was off Tor 3I yards and Virginia's firsT score of The season. Soon aTTer BryanT, wiTh Dudley blocking, reTurned Loome's punT To pay dirT. BryanT Tallied again when he ran back The nexT punT for 50 yards. A pass Dudley To Hill wiTh Murden blocking accounTed for The lasT score of The half. Cardozo converTed successfully. ln The fourTh quarTer Dudley inTercepTed Smoke's pass and ran 37 yards for The final score. Virginia, I9: Yale, I4 WiTh several hundred Virginia supporTers Treking up To New Haven, many via The "VicTory Special," The underdog Cavalier Team was spurred on To vicTory. The Eli's were quiTe shocked aT The grid prowess exhibiTed by The Cavaliers, for This was Their opening game and a supposed breaTher. The Cavaliers spenT The firsT five minuTes of The game Tumbling and Taking on The general appearance of The Typically expecfed breaTher. GeTTing over The iiTTers our grid-men seTTled down and played good ball. The Yale Team driving down The Tield goT iTs firsT score laTe in The firsT quarTer wiTh Hovey Seymour plunging over. Kaye converTed for The poinT. ln The second quarTer The Cavaliers marched 65 yards, Then a successTul pass Dudley To McClaugherTy in The end zone and a Touchdown. Dudley's Try for The exTra poinT failed. The half ended wiTh The Cavaliers Trailing behind 7-6. Early in The Third quarTer Cardozo on The Eli 40 faked a pass and scampered over The goal line. Schlesinger converfed successfully. LaTer in This same period Dudley Tossed a pass To Gianakos, who wenT over for The final Cavalier score. WiTh abouT five minufes lefT To play The EIi's Took To The air and a pass Bell To Barfholoemy was compleTed for 6 poinTs. Once again Kaye's Toe neTTed The exTra poinT. lT was so The game ended, wiTh The Cavaliers on The long end of a I9-I4 score and The SouTherner's invasion of The NorTh finished in a vicTory for The orange and blue. Virginia, I9g Maryland, 6 A highly favored Virginia Team defeaTed Maryland for Their Third sTraighT win of The season. During This conTesT iT was Bill Dudley all The way. sTanding ouT like a morning sTar, performing in every poinT scored. A pass Dudley To Gianakos, who ran over The goal, gave The Cavalier eleven Their firsT score. Maryland's cenTer Bob SmiTh inTercepTed Crumm's pass and ran The resT of The way To Tie The score 6-6. Dudley carne back again wiTh a pass To BryanT To give Virginia The lead I2-6, LaTer Dudley Took The ball himself, going over Tor The final Tally, This Time around The righT end and a iaunT for I4 yards. Dudley converTed successfully and The game ended I9-6. Virginia, 0: V. M. l., 7 ' The Cavaliers had Their TirsT defeaT oT The season from Their old-Time rivals V. M. l. Though The Virginia offensive piled up more impressive 'figures Than did The KeydeTs, we lacked The push needed To score. Prevailing rain seemed To fContinued on page 1331 , ,L 1 U Mg-qu, , I it "F, :mwf ' 1.41 . F ,-ff ,.,. A gg' ,, - - .1. hilar- Rf! fm ry ,Z J M,,.f ,..,,a,4,-- , Q? Q , Ml' no-sauna' vm fgfi JZ , .. A -..Q,wm, , ,is vf ,L .V .vb T.: a . n , ,fy A ,.,-'V' .v . ....- 4... .EQWZ Q Ke N' I f.. .-..m.,- ,.,.. , .M-W. . . ,K I, nn.. , .4-"""'f" . W,- X-MI' -N """ .,-Wy: I .fr Q ,I lfln. 1... K v N QQ, ,f 'S i N 1 I Of IP, , 1 1 N Q -1, xAN.,n M . W.- Y "aa: ff 6 1 A A v -w fu . 3: . -X.-N J 'ixfd Q. ur,-W. ,il N . "H",'u' Ig . 9, Uh? :ff ,Sig If L l WK , , I .F .1 ? , gm. ,v .4 4 1, -HM. .., Yi... . p 4 -' 1 . , ', IM, ,' , 1 XA I 4144 Q 6 p H ,, A 1' ' .M qvdk ,ML 6 -Q I ' ' xr v ,,, il 1 5 ,HF . I , Qu-P' 4- r- Sf g - l 'X nav .h - . ' - . , r '- fm ' , , A X793 1 J' 'Q' , 4'g'A"-'r-- . ,K - V 4 ,Q ZL- .- ' ' ' 'iff-fi 'W -. ' .1 A g tm ML 'A ' , " ' of gf Y ,L Y .N -1f..'1J:7,g1-, , k 7. M f X Hui 151 ""X""' V-.-, , ,' wi' ,P A ' g'5':w40 .L--f , ,E WWW" 'Vg W , -A HH' gl H 'X . W f V -f , of 1 - V J "Tir -I wW,J.F',, ' - Q, -- m:sri4W,,,...' ' ., 1-Q, ' Q ,. ' . - - IQ , ia, A f 1, 13 lg, 'V .. . - f U5 X I f yi,.,..1,g. ,.,, Q, 45, via ,-1 A-: .ir P A W ,I - . I N W N, p ,aww 5,,,i,,,.,M-AQ-,5,,. ,,,,A4u,. -' ' Mn. A I A - H K . , ' - -4M R v - " ff -' -,, , M' --N WMU X 5' fr-"1 "':wv ,.,,-,nw I V""'4""':" uni'-,W-.,..4--.,,h I,-Q.. 'vavbmn 4 I vii' v. ,.,.,N .fa 4: AA I :.'.v,,, V, -pal' -mf., Q . ' ,I f 1 A , ,V - I . . . '5?:w6? "--L"'wv' ' - - ""' . 'v' f "J -Ju: ki . ,. "' -S , ,,, . .. ., . .. . N gyxn, -.3-ff 14 '- -rv-1. ---H I--' x , ,- -. wr' 'Ks-Q'-W3 1" 'H . 3: ' 4 f fT'- gg Nh- ' ,Q1..ff. 11 I-.'C'..f1f ' '1-v QQ fy. " -.5'Q,,""j "' 1-ff.'1,Y-"'Yf'lJ,,-1-" 'B +1 ,,-Kg.-Q', Q , w,f"v-" I-.Y-'R,1"' .- 'nk' W 1' - ' "' , 4 -y 4546, In Q..-Q . ' J 'K ,.-i " .. , - ,Q r Y Q ',wf.!-,L ' , , V A M , ,,.' ,-7. V , , :QJ"5"'A'A"Zf'x+P' , ,' '.+'f--fa-3 'X M .- . --fr... .wwf 9. V .A -A L M1 a.. .fy-.M .f1.NQ.f4g'. 4, iw f ,- , X 4 I , ,. Ls Mm f l vf ', W '- .1 W U .5ff'f7'e.' ,Qq51 f' " 2 - ' 'Y' ' AV az, -4' r,, I f f- f . W' 'ti 'M -'M " - ,5,.,,4.' ...,.,..-x f... ' ' l 5314 Tfulgfg - nu: am: :LET !'y'2wf' '11 " "'f"f3" l ,T ., , uf I , Q NA I ' fs ' , P, qf ,-fa,,,,-H, 1-' .g , V v " au.-bfLf.,'Qmf M--f--4ff'.-em.: ,- - .14 4,M,, . '-4,'. jb, .'.,f. . - 1 ' ' ac, ,ply-2'-'i' 'jj ..,, Q fr ff, Q-C4 P, fffx","!fA-flfifr' ,Q-.j'A ,' if 11,1-2' - ,',,,f f wTL""5.fLf . ' 'A.,f-'-1,-"W, " Y' "7.'1"-'-- ' .' 1' -. A Hi ,,,,.,.. . 1. ,., A, fy , V. 1,. --- u ai- -5' wr 3 -A-...H 1 .,,,,r,, ,A ,- .fqf-..,', 1' . .W ,I - .1 H.. ' F' ' SH' -"-'S i ."'."'-XHZLW, ,". 'V f ? , 'f'.'f I,"w r" " Q . - A ,,14,'. 2.1! , gs' 5 V 5 , 1 A' ,, :.,, 4 '-' ,,.' ,.f'- .vglpw . ., X1 ' ,.. Aff' ' 4' 'f" I' 'V' 'K 1' lr. Hi 0 W' V , - ,--, f ' , 4,11 .wfk V4.1 . 1. A 1 Q fn-.q ." 'f',: w-Lfrlfyl 'z' x .5 Q U ,, VW, fm g V, No.-,,,,,v4gf- A., .. , . , ' ,A R ,v:'-w'-yw .. -14 Y f" Y Y Yvl.i1?- A ,, ., W. 5 ,rv-I I: 4-X dxcrlkg um fu M uw--pm , I H g.h,,,.A My N9 I A' K 1 1 I f M,,,.w , f I - N, I-f wwf, . 1 Q4 -VNM4 3' M V. J' 4 , 'Wu' -p.-...r'f"""" W' l h dpi' f , v 1 f . , Mr' 'W , Adehfw V 'wi f fC0n!inurrl fram pngv l30J hamper The Cavaliers, puTTing a damper on Their razzle-dazzle play. Midway in The second period KeydeT "Bosh" PriTchard, who was caughT 20 yards behind scrimmage, Tossed a long pass To LuTher SexTon. SexTon made a phenomenal caTch and Tell on The Virginia I4. Two KeydeT line plays and The ball was ad- vanced To The Cavalier 4 and a TirsT down. Our line held Tor Three plays. On The TourTh down, wiTh The ball on The one-TooT line, Nelson CaTleTT wenT over Tor a Touchdown. Keydel' sophomore Muha booTed The'exTra poinT. Muha and PriTchard played beauTiTul -ball Tor V. M. l. The Cavaliers advanced The ball To The KeydeT I3-yard line buT lacked The push To geT iT over. Dudley and NeusTeder played heads-up ball ThroughouT The conTesT buT The ball game ended wiTh The KeydeTs 7 poinTs ahead, Virginia, 6: William and Mary, I3 William and Mary deTeaTed Virginia Tor The TirsT Time since grid conTesTs beTween These Two schools were inauguraTed. BoTh Teams' deTense held well during The TirsT half, which was a scoreless one, ln The Third quarTer Dudley Tumbled. The ball was recovered on The Cavalier 22-yard marker. A laTeral MaTThews To Johnson and The TirsT score Tor W. 81 M, WiTh Virginia 6 poinTs behindfThe Indians made a 60-yard drive, Howard and Johnson gaining mosT oT The yardage. The laTTer wenT over Trom The Two Tor The Indians' second score. STud's kick was good. The Cavaliers Trailing behind I3-0 in The TourTh quarTer, Dudley passed To WhiTe, who ran 40 yards Tor The Touchdown. Dudley Tailed To converT. The game ended wiTh The Indians on anoTher oTTensive drive wiTh The Cavaliers unable To click. Virginia, 0: V. P. I., 6 Playing a V. P. I. Team ThaT was boTh powerTul and decepTive The Cavaliers could do liTTle on a compleTely dominaTed Tech gridiron. Blocking and Tackling wiTh swiTT precision V. P. I. analyzed and broke up mosT every Cavalier play. ln The TirsT play oT The second quarTer Tech's Rankin Hudson Threw a pass Trom Virginia's 40 To Thomas, who wenT over Tor This conTesT's only score. Bill Dudley and Eddie BryanT advanced The ball To V. P, l.'s 8 where once again we lacked The push To geT iT over inTo pay dirT. CapTain McLaughlin averTed anoTher probable score by recovering a Tech Tumble. Virginia, 20: WashingTon and Lee, 6 ATTer a Three-game losing sTreak The Cavaliers came back inTo The win column, deTeaTing W. and L, 20-6. Once again The zip and push reTurned To The Cavaliers, making Them poTenT enough To down The Generals. Bill Dudley on a Take reverse ran 35 yards Tor The TirsT goal. The exTra poinT was good and The halT ended wiTh Virginia leading 7-0. ln The Third quarTer iT was Dudley again, This Time a Take reverse and a pass To BryanT in The end zone. The con- version was good. AT The sTarT oT The TourTh quarTer wiTh The Cavaliers leading T4-0 Baugher oT W, and L. wenT over Through righT Tackle Tor The Generals only score, LaTe in The TourTh quarTer Cardozo passed To O'Grince Tor The Tinal Tally. The conversion Tailed and The game ended wiTh The Cavaliers ahead 20-6. Virginia, I4g Tennessee, 4l Playing a bowl Team The Cavaliers proved Themselves To be as game a squad as one could come across. The VolunTeers, whose line-up was sprinkled wiTh All-Americans, Tound The Cavaliers easy prey and The TirsT halT ended wiTh Ten- nessee in The lead To The Tune oT 2l-0. In The Third quarTer wiTh The score 34-0 Dudley passed To Gianakos Tor a Cavalier score. Schlessinger converTed success- Tully. The mosT sensaTionaI phase oT The conTesT was Billy Dudley and his Tamed run. WiTh The score 4l-7 Dudley Took The Vol's kick-oTT on his own I3, Then wiTh beauTiTul blocking and masTerTul broken Tield running he raced 87 yards Tor The Touchdown. The exTra poinT was good and The game ended Virginia I4, Ten- nessee 4l. Though This game was mosT deTiniTely one we could noT help buT lose we perTormed in a manner ThaT cerTainly broughT crediT To Coach Murray and our Team. This conTesT probably had noT a liTTle To do wiTh The awarding oT The "A. P. All-American" posiTion To Bill Dudley, whom many considered To be The TinesT ball player on The gridiron. Virginia, 7: NorTh Carolina, I0 As wiTh V. M. l. lasT year a Tield goal once again spelled deTeaT Tor The Cavaliers, This "Turkey day" conTesT was a close one all The way and a hearT- breaker To lose, ln The second quarTer Tar-heel's Pecora plunged over Trom The one-TooT marker Tor a Touchdown. Dunkle made good Tor The exTra poinT. ln This same quarTer The Cavaliers goT back aT The Tarheels in a beauTiTully execuTed double laTeral: NeusTeder To Dudley, Dudley To BryanT, who ran over Tor The Touchdown. Schlessinger kicked The exTra poinT. The halT ended wiTh The score deadlocked 7-7. In The Third quarTer aTTer Three line plunges ThaT broughT The Tarheels To The Cavaliers I5-yard marker Dunkle place kicked successTully Tor a perTecT Tield goal. 'So The game ended, 7-IO, wiTh Virginia closing iTs season on The shorT end oT a close, well-played Turkey day conTesT. Lawrence W. Abbofl Roberl' B. Aldrich J. A. Bear, Jr. C, Edgar Bryan? Mosby G. Cardozo Russell M. Carneal Geo. C. Carringlon Andrew H. Chrislian Ross W. Craig Francis N. Crenshaw Wm, J. Crumm Ervin J. Dickey, Jr. Bill M. Dudley TEAM MEMBERS Joe Eichelloaum A. G. Freroile N. G. Gianalcos Turnbull Gilleiie E. Howard Goodwin W, M. Gravall, Jr, C. M. Harbison, Jr. Bill M. Hill James H. Kabler, Jr. Al E, Kennedy, lll Edward M. Lyman H. C. McClaugherly L. M. McLaughlin ici John A. Marshall Bill S. Mirmen M. W, Morse R. L, Murden John H. Neff, Jr. LeRoy W. Neusledler Don D. Nilclason H. G. O'Connell, Jr, Sylvesler O'Grince D. W. Oehmig Geo. C. Palmer, lll Wm. R. Preslon Lawrence Prince Bruce D. Reynolds, Jr. Leigh C. Rhell Ed, J, Robeson, lll John G. Sauerbeck N. G. Schlegel Eric Schlesinger Edward O. Smifhdeal, Jr L. Benfon Sfevens W. G. Suhling, Ill J. B. Waldrop Geo. F. Wesf James L. While W, Roscoe Willeli, Jr. M E21-P nu IN MIfMOIlI!lM umm 9. mnowt H351 "SPlKE" WEBB A TRIBUTE TO A COACH By "SPIKE" WEBB Boxing Coach, United States Naval Academy lhe University of Virginia and Virginia Athletics suffered a great loss on the passing of "Johnny LaRowe." Nowhere has this loss been more keenly felt than here among the student body and the boys who have worked under hirn, but outside of the university he had a host of friends and admirers in inter- collegiate boxing circles. Among them is "Spike" Webb, the boxing coach at the United States Naval Academy. The friendly rivalry and mutual esteem that existed between these two great men of college boxing is pictured here in this fine tribute to Johnny by "Spike" Webb.-The Editor. All other things seem trivial when you lose a friend like Johnny La Rowe. With the passing ot Virginia's great coach the sports world is steeped in grief at the loss of one of its greatest men-a man who gave college boxing his most conscientious efforts and a man who lost no opportunity to further the highest ideals of sportsmanship in American youth of today. It was as the "Dean of College Boxing Coaches" that Johnny was most widely knowng though he was greatly interested in all college athletics. Undoubtedly no man has done so much to aid the cause of college boxing as did Johnny, although he at times faced adverse criticism in his efforts to develop the sport to its present stage. And it was this criticism that the great sportsman perhaps received a large share of his recognition, for not even his strongest rivals neglected to make known their deference for the authority with whom they took exception. Nowhere is the shock of this blow felt as deeply as at the Uni- versity of Virginia, in Charlottesville, and among the former Vir- ginia fighting men who went for'h and defeated the flower of the nation's gloved gladiators. But, Johnny's achievements in boxing at the University of Virginia are as nothing in the light of his wonderful work throughout the land. His zest for clean boxing was boundless. Himself a fine boxer during his days in the United States Marines, Johnny even then was not content merely with "putting on the gloves," and immediately upon re- tiring strove to help others to become good boxers. His chief interest and pride were in his work for the health of his pupils. And his teachings taught thousands to take care of themselves. Il361 It enlarged the sphere of his influence so greatly that he became virtually the leading boxing roach for America. "Fight Your Best But Never Foul." That was Johnny's motto. He told me this the first time I ever met him. This was in I924 at Boston, during the United States Olympic Boxing Tryouts. Since then, the United States Naval Academy boxing teams have rnet Johnny's boys in ten dual meets. Virginia has been vic- torious six times, and one of the meets resulted in a draw. Records show that the boxers coached by Johnny La Rowe are the only ones to hold an edge over the midshipmen in twenty- one years of competition. And this paragraph would not be complete unless I added that while all were hotly contested, yet only the very best of sportsmanship prevailed throughout. l believe that keen but clean competition is true of every meet that the Virginia boxers have ever gone into, I know it is true of the ones I saw. And I have every reason to think it true of the others. Johnny had a way of instilling in his charges his motto and they followed it out to the letter. During the l924 Olympic Boxing Tryout, Johnny, myself, and the Navy Olympic boxers put up at the Lenox Hotel. With us at the time was Johnny's first great boxer, Adolphe "Lefty" Lefko- witch. "Lefty" came to Boston to compete in the tournament and was successful in winning a place on the American Olympic team that went to Paris to take part in the Eighth Olympic Games. l had the honor of coaching this fine team of amateurs which won the Olympic chdfY1Pi0f'Sl1iP- Lefkowitch was caprain of the Virginia teams in I924-25. ln i924 two special honors were awarded him in recognition of the special service he performed, not only in the ring but also in promoting boxing among the students at large. The General Athletic Association Board awarded him the varsity "V" for general excellence, which I believe is awarded to only one student a year, and his teammates re-elected him captain of the 1925 team. I gave Johnny a loaded cigar the night of the Olympic finals. I shall never forget him iumping up out of his ringside seat when the cigar exploded. lt was several moments before Johnny caught his breath, but, when he did, he shook his finger at me and said, "You old son-of-a-gun, I'll sure play a hot one on you for this." He went on to say that no man could play such a I asked him to tell how it happened that Johnny La Rowe was mean ioke on him and not pay back double for it. In short, he did put a good one over on me-a hot one at that. I had in my hotel room a bottle of gargle and a bottle of shaving lotion. The next day while I was at dinner, Johnny went To The room and poured The gargle into a drinking glass and then poured the shaving lotion into The bottle that had held The gargle and switched The gargle back into The lotion bottle. He came around early The following morning to see what would happen. Well, Johnny saw plenty. I picked up what I thought was The gargle and Took a mouthful and started gargling. In a second my mouth felt as Though iT was on fire and I suppose I reminded Johnny of a chicken way I lumped around The room. in his hand and laughing fit to a big kick out of recalling how The first Virginia-Navy boxing February I8, I928, aT Annapolis with its head chopped off The There stood Johnny, a big cigar die. Many a time we both got we outwltted one another. meet was held The afternoon of , Maryland. And although ship- in water occasionall Nav that da ran safely past the bat P Y- Y Y ' Teri?-:s manned by The University of Virginia's sharpshooters to win this dual meet by the margin of one bout aT 4-3. The bouts as a whole were very interesting and a large group of Virginia rooters came to Annapolis and swelled The crowd to proportions that did not fall so short of the record gatherings That have wit- nessed each and everyone of the meets between these two schools since that afternoon. Virginia's most impressive performer that afternoon was little "Doc" Kelly, a hard-punching bantamweight, who combined un- usual boxing skill with a fast two-handed attack which was a bit too much for Midshipman "Jack" Renard. Kelly never gave ground and landed many telling blows to Renard's body and laws to win the first two rounds. In the last round Renard, coming out with The determination to stack everything on a chance of connecting with one of his rights, slugged with The Virginia ace and The gloves flew thick and fast. There have been seventy-eight bouts contested between Vir- ginia and Navy, counting from the Kelly-Renard one right on up through the years until the final gong rang ending the I940 sea- son. Virginia won Thirty-eight of these bouts and Navy thirty- two. The other eight were declared draws. Beginning with Midshipman George MoffeTt's win in the featherweight bout, the second on the program, Navy won four in a row to don the victor's laurels before the Virginia boys could add a single win to the triumph achieved by "Doc" Kelly. In the last two bouts, the lightheavyweight and the heavyweight contests, Johnny's boys crashed through with splen- did victories over their midshipmen opponents. Not every young man comes to such a realization of attainment of his maiority as did young Moffett that afternoon. Moffett, the son of the late Rear-Admiral William A. Moffett, who lost his life when The Akron cracked up off the New Jersey coast, was at that time what is known in The regiment of midshipman as a "four-stripper," a term significant of an individual of considerable importance in the student-officer personnel at the Academy. So George, reaching his twenty-first birthday that afternoon must have felt all the dignity of his years and position as he saw the towel come fluttering into the ring in the second round of his contest with "Ham" Bryan. Using a hard right and a telling left-hook, Moffett, who had waited three years to make The Navy ring team, dropped Bryan Three times before .the beaten young Virginia southpaw was saved from further punish- ment by his seconds. Johnny once remarked that the clean, hard fighting in this meet was forever chiseled in granite upon the hillside of his memory. Johnny's squadron the following year was hampered by a lamentable lack of material and, facing one of the strongest teams in Navy's history, bowed to the midshipmen this time by a 5 to 2 score. Following a short suspension of ring relations Navy and Johnny's boys again started Taking punches at each other in I933 and this team of seasoned and thoroughly ring-wise cavaliers punched out a great 5 to 3 victory. This was The first time in fourteen years of boxing that the midshipmen had ever lowered their colors at Annapolis. From season to season from that night on I have developed numerous headaches from hours of careful planning to repulse The onslaught of Johnny La Rowe's Virginia fighters who Climb into the ring and give their very best "to win forthe ole man." I feel that the success the Virginia boxers have gained not only over the embryonic adrnirals, but from most ot the other college H371 teams as well, was due To Johnny La Rowe. Prompted by the indomitable soul that was his, Johnny seemed gifted with some- thing that enabled him to fill to the brim the hearts of his boys with an unconquerable spirit so necessary To a successful ringman. A number of years ago at New College, Oxford, England, I Talked to a Rhodes scholar by the name of Fenton Gentry. Before going overseas to this famous university, Gentry had boxed on two of Johnny's University of Virginia teams. able to get so much good out of the boys he coached. I went further and told him that although on a number of occasions I had seen the mettle of some of Johnny's boys severely tested, most of them came through like real fighters, surmounting diffi- culties That would have eliminated those less courageous. "lmagine," said Gentry, "That you were boxing for Johnny and you returned to your corner, after having been pummeled about The old boxing ring till you were wobbly, and on looking down alongside of The ring you would see Johnny sitting there very quietly, but looking up at you as only Johnny La Rowe could do. A look that no one can describel A look that has never, as far as I know, failed to inspire his boys to keep their courage high and To cause them to get in there and plug and plug unafraid. I cannot explain to you," went on the former Virginia heavyweight scrapper, "iust how that look on Johnny's face seemed to call out-call out when things didn't seem To be too rosy, that there still was a chance of winning: that is, if you had the grit, the determination To keep trying. There was a certain something about Johnny's look that iust wouldn't let you say-'Oh, I am so tired, my legs are weak, my hands and iaws hurl? I IUST Can't box any more, Johnny.' Instead it would urge you on, give you that something that would 'force the inner man within YOU to cry out-'l'll fight, fight until I drop.' You couIdn't help but forget fatigue and you could think of only one thing-to win for that 'grand old man.' You would say to yourself, 'had not Johnny put confidence in me by letting me show what the fighting heart of a Virginia fighter means7' You would go out of your corner and fight the next and the next round because it would never occur to you that you couldn't." "Johnny," continued Gentry, "once Told me that no matter how great the discouragement that had a strangle-hold on you --no matter how groggy you felt, the decision that you were battling so hard for was probably only one punch away. Had he not seen many defeats turned into brilliant victories by fighters who refused to be beaten. He had a magic way," Gentry told me, "of encouraging his boys to keep on fighting, although defeat stared them plumb in the eyes. It seemed to send a message to the ringside that one more try-one more punch would Transform defeat into victory." I Gentry ended his talk by saying that Johnny's magic manner in inspiring his boys was greatly responsible for the success he had attained at the University of Virginia and that he was sure Johnny's other boxers felt the same way. "Johnny Taught us," concluded the Rhodes scholar, "to believe in ourselves, which I have learned goes a mighty long way in helping a lad make good. From Johnny La Rowe's teaching we learned that if you keep trying, your chances of winning grow and grow." In bringing this tribute to a close I want to say that the news of Johnny's death was a profound shock to all who knew him, and to none did it bring a deeper measure of sincere regret than to the college boxing coaches, especially those whose boys boxed Johnny's boys. It was a personal loss of a friend to us all, and one of The most indomitable characters we have ever seen. He was a one hundred per cent, 24-karat, real man. We shall all miss his wise counsel, and his willingness at all times to serve mankind. Our memory of the man himself, coupled with pleasant recollections of our close official associa- tion, will always be cherished as one of the fondest of our lives. His good fellowship formed friendships which will be forever cemented to each of us. We mourn his passing at the close of a well-lived life, fuller of attainment of life's so-called prizes than is the average. Yes, we'll miss Johnny's hearty handclasp, his deep, vibrant voice, and his cordial smile. There are only too few men in the world like him, and his death is a genuine loss. I. Jol'1nny's lasi' feam. 2. Wifh Awe Brvanf affer Navy Fighfs in I939. 3. Talking if over a+ pracfice. 4. Johnny's Olympic boxers. 5. "Showing fhem how" wifh Al York. II38J BOX SOMERVILLE, Captain MERRICK, Manager ALBERT YORK . STAFF ........Coach TRUMAN SOUTHALL . . Assislanl Coach DICK WILLIAMS .... Assislanl Coach FENTON SOMERVILLE ..... Caplain BILL MERRICK ........ Manager Melvin Alper Peter Berlcey Joseph Bloclc Thomas Bryan Clarence Callahan John Carrulh Glen Connelly Charles Craddoclc Guerard I-Iowlcins Howard Josias Lewis Kalz Phillips Kinsey SQUAD William Kurlh John Marshall Warren Michael Don Nilclason Ned Pabsl Norman Ralhbun Kennelh Rafhbun Bruce Reynolds Fenlon Sommerville Francis Thomason Donald Websier Alden Whilmorc RECORD Virginia. . . 5 Virginia. . . 3 Virginia. . . bw: Virginia . . . 3 Virginia . . . 3 Virginia . . . I Virginia. . . 4Vg: V. P. l. .... 3 Norlh Carolina . 5 Maryland . . . I V2 Navy ..... 4 Army . . . 5 Syracuse . . . 7 Florida . . 3M ,iz fy N J QT A 3 41, ' f' mfr ..,,',xg:l4l,'ls .,. x F1 .fig GKN1 G I I A ai' X1lRGI,f over Callahan, Websler, ouliablsinq luis foe, look a close decision from l-larris. Marsliall dropped lwis second iiqlwl of llie season le Farris. Tliouqli Berkey came back in The flwird round lie losl' lo Moskow. Capl, Sommerville losl llie decision lo Sanders. Kenny Rallwbun piling up a subslanlial lead received a clean-cul decision over Bolsbill. Tlieuqli l-lowkins was qanie as llwey come lie losl ine decision 'ro Kimball, wlio oulclassed lwini, ll was so llial' 'llwe Tarlweels broke llie ll-year iinx llial llw Cavaliers had lweld over lliem, Virginia, 655: Maryland, IW Block beinq live aqqresser all llwe way oulpoinled Lin- coln, Connelly scorinq lieavily in llie lirsl lwo rounds Wilhlield Dorr's llwird round comeback 'lo qel a draw. Den Welesler, wlwo was improvinq conlinually, qained a clean-cul decision over Quinn. Izzy Alperslein iniliclinq a lol' ol damaqe when Marsliall came in lor closelin fiqlilinq received llie decision. Swappinq punches for llwree rounds Carrullw qel llie nod over Bacli. Sommer- ville coming back aller his lasl week's loss T. K. Ofd Pyles. Gunllier, a llard punclwer, found liirnsell in lrouble aqainsf K, Rallibun's far superior loolwerk and laoxinq skill and dropped llie decision le llie Cavalier. l-lowkins having very lillle lrouble willi Rodman look a decision ever ine lerp. Virginia, 3, Navy, 4 Once again aggressive soullipaw liille Joe look lliree clean rounds for a decision over Slaler, Callalian back in ine ring afler a week's resl losf a close one lo Mid, sliipman Marlin. Willw Websler leading all llie way, CALLAHAN WEBSTER HOWKINS MARSHALL . I , K. ------ 3 1 " O'Brien al ihe end of lhe lhird hoolced a 'ierriiic lell 'lo Webs+er's iaw which seni lhe Cavalier down iusi as lhe bell rang. The decision was given 'lo O'Brien. Carrulh cul' Rober+son's eye in lhe firsl' round and il was ruled no bour. The evening's slowesl iiqhr resulfed in Berlcey's iirsl' win of ihe season, Rafhbun decisioned Peferson in an easy fighr ai l65. Aifer a very close maich Miller was awarded lhe decision over Norman Ralhbun. Losing 'rhe fighr all lhe way Howlcins came baclc in lhe ihird buf neverfheless dropped fhe decision lo Hebron. Virginia, 3: Army, 5 Wifh Joe Bloclc oui' of +he line-up wiih ihe measles Thomasen held his own for ihe lirsi round buf Lahm's leil reached him coniinually in lhe second and 'lhird rounds, 'lhe decision going io Lahm. Cadel' Halsell afier a slow firsr round became ihe aggressor, landing many hard righis +o earn a decision over Connelly. Cade? Peden landed a very hard righl lo Michael's iaw in lhe second round which kepi Michael down for several min- ufes. Pressing lhe fighf in ihe second and lhird rounds Marshall won his lirsi iighl ol lhe year over Co-Caplain Rising. Berlrey gelling 'lhe besl of lhe lirsl' round came baclc io receive Peppin's hard righi lo lhe iaw fo go down as lhe bell rang. Coach York would noi allow Berlcey lo rerurn in 'fha fhird. Capl. Sommerville landing hard righfs 'lo ihe face and head won by a T. K. O. in ihe fhird round. Rafhbun boxing beaulifullv all lhe way had an easy win from O'Conner. Howkins losl' a close de- cision io Clay. Virginia, Ig Syracuse, 7 Joe Block suffered his firsl' loss as he dropped a close 28-27 poinr decision To Jack Roland. The second and ihird rounds were even, buf Roland's lirsl round lcnoclc- down cosl "liHle Joe" his iirsl deieal. Fahey won a clean-cur decision from Connelly. Sgroi K. O.'d Kinsey in 'rhe lirsi 30 seconds of lhe second round. Marshall 'rhen loolr fhe couni ailer lhe firsl 45 seconds of 'rhe second canro as Lehoff proved himself io be 'foo sirong. Carruih came lhrough lor 'lhe Cavaliers, winning 'lhe only Cavalier poinf of ihe evening. Healy 'rhen fool: a de- cision from Sommerville. Though Ralhbun more lhan held his own during 'rhe firsl 'lwo rounds, Woyciesies' slugging afiempl resulled in a lcnoclcdown. Thus Rafhbun los? his firsf fighl. Howlrins losl lo Mirabilo. Virginia, 4M: Florida, 3M Lifile Joe Block being a more eifeclive puncher and hi++ing very hard decisioned Al Young, Callahan T. K. O.'d Hahn wiih a righi lo ihe head. Kinsey losi' a decision 'ro one of 'fha classiesl boxers +ha'r ever siepped info ihe Cavalier ring. Joca lei' Kinsey ride. compleiely oulboxing him. Aiier a hard-'foughl' mafch Marshall was awarded a draw wilh his opponenl Hancock, Carrulh doing some splendid infighling received ihe decision over lgau. Capiain Sommerville fighiing his lasr bouf came lhrough wiih a win over Fielding. De Coursey oulfighling Norm Raihbun lhroughoul 'rhe mafch go? 'rhe rei's nod. Ferguson being awarded poinis for aggression squeezed ou+ a decision over Howlcins. l 4 l i I -xgf ' c N Id I' if JS A Kiki? ' X :gs fihgix X3 'S fi ffm cw . F 2 v ? 5 S :- W S. S.. v K GN -:-. 'vi' gg. X s C 4 NJ N The Vols Take The lead or even Tie and The game ended WILTSHIRE WELFLEY KENDALL CRANE SCHEDULE Virginia . 'Bridgewafer . . . . 29 Virginia . . . 34: Navy ..... . . . . 42 Virginia . . 'House of David . . 33 Virginia . . . . 70: 'Naval Training STaTion . 24 Virginia Roanoke A. L. . .44 Virginia . . .47: 'Maryland ..... . . I8 Virginia . 'Tennessee ..,. .30 Virginia . .49: 'V. M. I. ....... 26 Virginia . . Hampden-Sidney . . 37 Virginia . . .4l: William and Mary . . .40 Virginia . 'William and Mary . 32 Virginia . . . .4O: Virginia Tech .... . 39 Virginia . . Washingfon and Lee . 28 Virginia . . . 33: George WashingTon . .44 Virginia Virginia Tech . . . 35 Virginia . . . 52: ST. John ...... . . 39 Virginia . . V. M, I. . . .42 Virginia ....... 57: 'Universify of Mexico . .3I Virginia . . 'Richmond . 22 Virginia ....... 45: 'WashingTon and Lee . . 39 Virginia . . . . . Army . I. . 36 ToTal, 2I: vicTories, I7: losses, 4. 'Home games. RESUME OF THE SEASON On February 24. when The Tinal buzzer was sounded The Virginia baskefball squad had compleTed anoTher success- ful season. OT eighfeen sTarTs in collegiaTe ball Gus Tebell's boys broughf home The bacon fifTeen Times as well as gaining The STaTe Championship. Co-CapTains Bill Harman and Billy McCann boTh earned Themselves spofs on The Virginia All-STaTe Team. The usual line-up had Bill Harman and Dick WiITshire aT forwards: Al Lowman aT cenfer: Billy McCann and Landy Buchanan aT guards. Willy Presfon and Bob Crane' supplied able subsTiTuTes. In The pre-season games. The Cavaliers swamped Bridgewafer: House of David: buf by a single poinT fell To defeaT before The Roanoke American Legion. Virginia, 4I: Tennessee, 30 On January 4, The Cavaliers wenT againsf a renowned Tennessee Team, Never in The course of The game could l14-H Virginia, 4l: Vols, 30, Bill I-larman was The high man, accounTing for I8 poinTs, while Billy McCann scored ll: Dick Wilfshire, 7. Virginia, 55: Hampden-Sydney, 37 A week affer The opening The Tebell men iourneyed To Hampden-Sidney, where They opened The new gym by handing The Sidneys a 55-37 deTeaT. Bill Harman and sophomore Dick Wilfshire looped baskeTs amounfing To I9 poinTs apiece. Billy McCann supplied The sarne superb floor play which characTerized his play Throughouf The season. Virginia, 48: William and .Mary, 32 On January I6, in a Tasf-moving game, The Cavaliers confinued Their winning sTreak. This Time aT The expense of William and Mary: score, 48-32. Guards McCann, Buchanan and Presfon held Glen Knox. Harman's rival for high scoring honors in fhe big six Io few poinfs, while Billy McCann himself rang up I4, Harman I2 and Wilf- shire IO. AI Lowman was'righI behind wi'rh 9. Fouls were numerous and fhe game rapidly played. Virginia, 37: Washingfon and Lee, 28 Four days lafer Virginia fook undispufed lead in 'Ihe Big Six by downing fhe Generals by 37-28. McCann held fhe Washingfon and Lee siar, Jeff Hudson, fo 4 poinfs while Bill I-Iarman added I3 fo 'rhe Cavalier sum. Willshire sunk IO poinfs. The men from Lexinglon were wifhouf fheir Dick Pinck as Virginia had been wifhoul Bill I-Iarman 'Ihe year before. During The resf of lhe sea- son 'Ihe Generals kepf saying waif unfil fhe refurn game. Virginia, 39: V. M. I., 42 On January 27, Virginia's high-powered baskefball ma- chine spullered and missed as The Keydels fook Ihe game 42-39. The fighf man-Io-man play and fhe delermined baffling for rebounds proved foo unexpecfed for fhe Cavaliers. In Ihe course of 'Ihe game The lead changed I4 limes. of which six occurred in fhe Iasl' five minules. The Tebellmen 'look fhe defeaf buf looked forward fo lhe refurn encounler. Virginia, 37: Richmond, 22 Two days affer lheir firsf infercollegiale defeaf lhe Virginia quinlel' look Richmond info camp fo The lune of 37-22, The game fealured a lhrilling second half in which Virginia oufscored 'ihe Spiders by ninefeen poinfs fo overcome a I4-IO score af fhe half. McCann sfaried fhe half by dropping a goal in fhe firsf minufe of lhe half and I-Iarman kepf The ball dropping in fhe hoop. I-Iarman accounfed for I3 poinls. BUCHANAN WHITE Virginia, 40: Army, 36 On fhe Iasf day of January a defermined Cavalier five senl fhe Army mule fo The showers by winning 40-36. McCann was fhe evening's shining s+ar, Iallying I7 poinfs. Wifh four minufes leff 'Io play fhe Cavaliers were behind. McCann fied The score wifh a side courl shof and fouls by Buchanan and Presfon compleled fhe scoring. The game was brillianfly played and 'lhe vicfory well deserved. Virginia, 34: Navy, 42 The following nigh+ fhe Virginia quinfef faced +he ofher service school led by Middie Bob Zoeller. who accounfed for I4 poinfs. and were Iurned away wilhouf 'ihe bacon. I-Iarman was again fop man for bolh sides wifh I5 poinfs. Billy McCann counfed I3. The game feafured an unsuccessful rally by Virginia in fhe lasf half. The Cav- aliers fied 'Ihe Middies 26-26 before giving ground. Virginia, 70: Naval Training Slafion, 24 On February 4, I94I, Virginia gof back af +he Naval Service by drowning fhe Naval Training Sfafion by fhe score of 70-24. Tebell's 'ieam rang up 22 poinis before her opponenf could score buf one. Bill Harman added io his Iofal score for lhe season 28 poinfs, while Dick Wilfshire added 20. Virginia, 47: Maryland, I8 The nexl Virginia home game was a murder for lhe visifors, wilh fhe Cavaliers winning 47-I8, This score kepf Maryland's slafe clean. 'Ihaf is af leasl of wins. Gus Tebell apparenfly looked wifh favor af 'rhe high Iallies lo be obfained from long passes. The Harman fo Wilfshire combinafion reminded fhe speclalors of fhe Dudley-Brendl' foolball passing pair. HARMAN MCCANN B I'145II l Virginia, 49: V. M. l., 26 ThirTy-five hundred rooTers felT sweeT revenge for an early season defeaT when The Keydefs wenT down in defeaT by 49-26 affer having Tripped Tebell's squad 42-29, The score lefT liTTle doubt as To The ,Big Six champions. Big Bill Harman casT The dia in The opening seconds wiTh a lay-up shoT: McCann followed wiTh a seT and from There on iT was Virginia all The way. Virginia, 41: William and Mary, 39 On February I2, wiTh 30 seconds lefT o play, lanky Bill Harman iumped in The air: The ball fell Through The neTTing: and William and Mary wenf down To defeaT by 4l-40. Virginia had trailed all buT The lasT Three minufes, buf The deTermined Virginia quinTeT could noT be denied. Three days laTer a 40-39 vicfory over The Techmen of V, P, l. gave The sTaTe championship To The Cavaliers. On February I9, Virginia faced The sTrongesT opponenT of The year, George WashingTon. Virginia losT 44-33 buT noT wiThouT a fighf, which saw Bill Harman Take high scor- ing honors for The game wiTh I5 poinTs, Virginia, 52: ST. Joseph's, 39 On February 2l, Virginia had iTs own "Philadelphia STory" To Tell. The ST. Joseph's Team which had earlier in The season defeaTed Norfh Carolina and had been fea- Tured in The Garden againseT L. l. U. and N. Y, U., wenT ll46l down To defeaT before The Cavaliers. The sTory can be summed up by saying Harman 2I poinTs, Wilfshire lb poinTs and McCann I2 poinTs, The Team played fasT heads-up ball, which Took The ST. Joe's by surprise. This win alone could make any season a successful one. Virginia, 57: UniversiTy of Mexico, 3I The mosT colorful game of The season was The one againsf Mexico. The evening co-TeaTured The 23 poinfs of Bill Harman and The speed of Belfimo Flores, The hiT of The game was a boy from below The Rio Grande, Rudolfo Diaz, who caughT The ball on one finger and kepT iT spinning while bowing To The applause of The spec- TaTors. The game which conformed To all The principles of inTernaTional law proved a surprise as To The Mexican's playing abiliTy. Virginia, 45: WashingTon and Lee, 39 The season was noT wiThouT a sfirring climax. On The 24Th of February, The Generals led by Dick Pinck found Themselves aT The Tail end of a 45-39 score and eaTing Their words of ThreaT. Before The largesT crowd in Vir- ginia baskefball hisfory, Bill Harman, Billy McCann, and Landy Buchanan played Their lasT game. Harman ended his career wiTh 27 poinTs, while McCann showed his greaf floor work by boTTling up The greaT Dick Pinck, This game was a fiTTing climax To a successful season, TR FRANK L. FULLER, Ill OMAR FITCH . . . ARCHIE HAHN . . Virginia . Virginia Virginia . . Virginia Virgin Ross W, Craig John H. Cronley, Jr. Donald K. Daylon Jack Frilsche Frank L. Fuller, Ill McChesney Goodall ACK STAFF , , ,,,, . . Capfain , . Manager , , , , . Coach RECORD . . 82 1 V. RA. l. ..., . . 44 . .Sl 1 Norfh Carolina , . . 7l . . .9I 1 William and Mary . . . .35 . . . . 56 I-2: Maryland . . . . . 69 I-2 ia won ihe Big Six Meal helcl ai Richmond. SQUAD Beverly Janos Lee McLaughlin William Marbury Armslead Payion Roberf Preslon Kennelh Ralhbun Norman Raihbun Conway Rulan-Miller Harry Slolces Beverly Tucker Thalcher Waller Thomas Yancey FULLER FITCI4 4 RESUME OF SEASON Taken as a whole, 'rhe Virginia frack 'ream had quife a favorable season. Under fhe leadership of Frank Fuller, 'rhe feam won fwo of ifs four dual mafches. The firsf feam fo fall before fhe flying heels of fhe Cavaliers were fhe V. M. l. Kaydefs. ln fheir nexf mafch. fhe Orange and Blue men losf fo fhe Norfh Carolina Tar l-leels. The Virginians bounced back info fhe winning column by defeafing a sfrong William and Mary Dayfon ran a fhrilling race wifh fhe Keydefs' Deaderick fo end up in a fie. V. M. l.'s Loufher nosed Cavalier Frifsche ouf of firsf place in fhe 440. The Cavaliers fook firsf in fhe 'rwo hurdle evenfs wifh Capfain Frank Fuller faking firsfs in bofh evenfs. Bill Marbury and Armsfead Pey- fon fook second and fhird in fhe l2O hurdles. following closely affer fheir capfain. ln fhe fwo-mile evenf Virginia's Ches Goodall won PRESTON MCLAUGHLIN TUCKER CRONLY DAYTON Team. The Cavaliers were defeafed in fheir lasf confesf by a very small margin. In fhe fwo meefs, fhe Penn Relays and 'rhe Richmond Meer, Virginia did very well. The Cavaliers came our on fop in fhe laffer confesf. In general, fhe feam showed up besf in bofh obsfacle races, shof puf, and discus fhrow. Virginia Defeafs V. M. I. in Opener ln fhe firsf confesf of The year Virginia ran againsf V. M. l. ln fhe hundred-yard dash, Don H481 easily. Bev Jones, Lee McLaughlin, and Bob Presfon won fhe high jump, shof puf, and pole voulf. respecfively. Virginia Bows +o Tar Heels The Tar Heels of Norfh Carolina handed The Cavaliers fheir firsf defeaf of fhe season in a very hard-foughf mafch. Capfain Frank Fuller, Don Dayfon, and Lee McLaughlin were ihe Cavaliers' main poinf winners. They capfured a fofal of 26 our of fhe Sl for Virginia. Fuller won The I2O-yard high hurdles and came in second in The low obsTacle race. Lang DayTon ouTran all his opponenTs To garner TirsT place in The IOO-yard dash. In The 220 he came in second. closely following Tar Heel Lane. Lee McLaugh- lin capTured Two TirsTs. BoTh The discus Throw and The shoT puT Tell To Lee. Bob PresTon re- peaTed his vicTory in The pole vaulT and re- mained undeTeaTed in This evenT. Cavaliers Lose TiTle aT Penn Relays The Virginia Cavaliers Traveled up To Penn- Tories onTo his own record and help The Cava- liers down The William and Mary Indians. John Cronly showed a very clean pair oT heels in Taking boTh The 220 and 440-yard evenTs. Ken and Norm RaThIoun TogeTher won I3 poinTs To aid The Cavaliers scalp The Indians. Ken Took The high lump, while brojrher Norm won The broad jump. Norm Took second place in The javelin Throw. Don DayTon and Ross Craig Took TirsT and second in The IOO-yard dash. In The one-mile evenT. Bev Tucker ouTran The resT FULLER POE GOODALL MARBURY PEYTON sylvania To Try To hold The shuTTle relay crown ThaT They had held Tor Two sTraighT years. The Virginians succeeded in geTTing Through Two preliminary rounds buT losT in The Tinals To The Yale Elis. CapTain Frank Fuller won The 120- yard high hurdle To give The Cavaliers Their only TirsT aT The meeT. This was The second successive Time ThaT Frank Fuller has won The high obsTacle race. . Indians Fall Before Cavaliers Frank Fuller raced across The hurdles Tar ahead oT all opponenTs- To add Two more vic- H491 oT The Tield. The Two-mile race saw Ches Good- all ahead all The way. Lee McLaughlin won place in The discus Throw. The conTesT was noT nearly as one-sided as The score shows and The Indians came very close To winning several Times. Cavaliers De'FeaTed by Terps The Cavaliers' nexT opponenT was sTrong Maryland. The Cavaliers were deTeaTed loy a close score oT 56 I-2-69 I-2. In The IOO-yard dash Cavalier Joe Murphy Ioroke The Tape spliT seconds beTore his nearesT Tollower. Don Day- Ton gained TirsT place in a hoTIy-conTesTed 220- yard dash. CapTain Frank Fuller and Cavalier Marbury Took TirsT and second places in boTh The obsTacIe races. TogeTher They gained The maioriTy of The Virginia The maTch. Tom Yancey obTained TirsT place in The iavelin- Throwing evenT. The shoTpuT Tell To Lee Mc- Laughlin. Bob PresTon again won The pole vauITing. Big Six MeeT The Cavaliers journeyed To Richmond To enTer The Big Six meeT. CompeTing againsT Wash- ingTon and Lee, V. M. I., Richmond, William and Mary, and V. P. I., Virginia placed TirsT. Virginia won The high hurdle relay wiTh a Team made up of Frankie Fuller, ArmsTead PeyTon, Bill Marbury and Norm RaThbun. FleeT Frank Fuller won a hard-earned vicTory in his Two speciaITy evenTs: The I2O-yard high hurdles and The 220-yard Iow hurdles. In The TirsT oT These evenTs Bill Marbury aided Virginia's cause by placing second To Fuller. CheT Goodall won The one-mile run and again anoTher Virginian placed second, namely, Bev Tucker. John Cronly capTured The 220-yard dash. Don DayTon was enTered in Two evenTs, The "cenTury" and The quarTer mile. In The Tormer he had an easy vicTory, buT in The 440 he IosT a very close de- cision To Curl oT WashingTon and Lee. In The Tield evenTs Virginia had Two TirsTs. McLaugh- Iin won The shoT puT and Yancey The iavelin Throw. Virginia capTured The meeT wiTh a ToTaI oT 7I poinTs as compared wiTh 26 I-2 Tor Wash- ingTon and Lee, I9 I-2 Tor V. M. I., I7 I-2 Tor Richmond, I6 Tor William and Mary and I4 I-2 Tor V. P. I. The winning OT The STaTe Crown was a TiTTing climax To a very favorable year. C1501 BASEBALL GUS K. TEBEL ..... JAMES T. GILLETTE, JR. . . BODLEY BOOKER. JR. . Richard L. Baird, lil yvy .rusfin y. sums lVl James R. Dodson. Jr. B. Purnell Eggleslon, Jr Cornelius C. Felfon. Jr. ivy James T. ezyyene, Jr. ivy Lumer s. eosney ivy William B. Harman M. J. Hornowslci William S. Jucllcins yvy Charles c. Kang, Jr. Roberl' E. Mcfxlpine lVl William T. McCann STAFF TEAM . . Head Coach . . Capfain . . Manager Sam P. Marshall Sereno Merrill Kimber Moran Arlhur Moskowilz Frank P. Nichols. Jr. Rolaerl N. Pollard, Jr. Laurence L. Prince lsadore Shapiro James A. Smith Waller C. Smilh Charles M. Walsh. lll John W. Wighfman John R. Willey GILETTE HOOKER Iflill RECORD Virginia .... ...... Drexel lnsTiTuTe . . . Virginia ......... Universily of Maryland . . Virginia ........ l-laveriord ...... Virginia ...... Darimouih College . Virginia ....... Universify of Vermoni . Virginia ....... Darimouih College . . . Virginia ......... Universify oi Pillsburgh . . Virginia ,........ Virginia Miliiary lnsTiTuTe . . Virginia ........... College of William and Mary . . Virginia .......... Universify of Michigan . . . Virginia ........... Virginia Polyfechnic lnsiiiule. . Virginia ........... Virginia Polylechnic lnsTiTuTe . Virginia ........... UniversiTy of Norlh Carolina . . Virginia .....,..... Virginia Miliiary lnsiifuie . Virginia ......... Universify of Richmond . . , Virginia ........... Collage of William and Mary . . Virginia ........... Universify of Norlh Carolina . Virginia ............ Washingfon and Lee Universify . . Virginia ....,....... U niversify of Maryland .... Virginia ........ U. S. Naval Academy ..... Virginia ............ WashingTon and Lee Universify . . Virginia ............ . UniversiTy of Richmond ........... . Won T87 Losl 4: Tied O: PCT. .818 STaTe Champions-i940 DODSON GOSNEY WiTh a goodly number of regulars reTurning, Coach Gus K. Tebell called The firsT baseball pracTice early in February. l-le held high hopes Tor The Team which had losT buT Two leTTermen from The previous squad, and The Team came up To expecTaTions. The infield remained pracTically The same as The '39 squad, wiTh Jim GilleTTe aT Tirsi base, Billy McCann aT second base, Lulce Gosney aT shorT. and Chuck Walsh. The newcomer, aT Third base. The ouiiield was made up oT Jimmy Dodson in cenTer, JusTin Burnes in leiT, wiTh Dixie Mer- rill and Bill Roughen alTernaTing in righT Tield. The mound sTaTT was headed by Wally SmiTh, a Tive-game winner in I939, and Nichols, Terry, Dickinson and l-lornowslci who compleTed The SMITH BURNES WILLEY Gil-ETTE ' ,',,,...a--+-.....-. .- . HARMAN rosfer. Bill Harmon also pifched in a few con- fesfs buf his main dufies were confined fo The area behind home place. The Cavaliers opened fhe season in an im- pressive sfyle by defeafing Drexel Insfifufe 7 fo 2, wifh Burnes hiffing a home run. In our nexf encounfer, Frank Nichols pifched Virginia fo an 8 fo 6 vicfory over fhe Univer- sify of Vermonf. The game was highlighfed by fhe consisfenf hiffing of Chuck Walsh, and fhe power drives of McCann and Dodson which re- sulfed in friples for each of fhem. Affer defeafing I-Iaverford I4 fo 5, Virginia engaged Darfmoufh in a fwo-game series. Vir- ginia Iosf fhe firsf and won fhe second. The games were filled wifh power hiffing, I-Iarmon being fhe leader in fhis field wifh a homer in each confesf. Virginia nexf engaged fhe "Keydefs" of V. M. I. in our firsf Big Six encounfer. We won from fhe Keydefs 5 fo 2 behind fhe sferling pifching of Wally Smifh. The Cavaliers nexf engaged fhe Indians of William and Mary and wifh Capf. Jim Gilleffe sparking fhe affack wifh fwo friples. fhey were on fhe long end of an 8 fo I score. The Wolverines of Michigan journeyed fo Charloffesville fo play fhe Virginians and in fhe second inning fhey drove fhree Cavalier pifch- ers from fhe mound and scored IO runs. Coach Tebell senf Cafcher Bill I-Iarmon fo fhe mound and broughf Jusfin Burnes in from Ieff field fo handle fhe cafching dufies. Harmon remained in fhe game unfil fhe lasf man was refired, and in seven and one-fhird innings allowed only 4 hifs. Virginia sfruggled up-hill and slowly scored a fofal of II runs fo fie fhe score in fhe ninfh inning. The Cavaliers prompfly scored anofher run fo win fhe game I2 fo Il. I-Iarmon nof only pifched inspired ball buf was fhe leading hiffer for fhe vicfors wifh fhree hifs for four fimes af baf. Virginia nexf played a fwo-game series wifh V. M. I. and splif fhe decisions. Wally Smifh pifched bofh games for fhe Cavaliers. In fhe firsf game he allowed only fhree hifs fo win 2 fo I. The second game was pifched by War- riner for fhe Techmen and he proved foo skillful for Virginia. leffing fhem down wifh a 6 fo I drubbing. Norfh Carolina came fo fhe Universify nexf, and won fheir game by a score of 610 3. They were paced by George Sfirnweiss, of foofball fame. .Lulce Gosney played a brillianf game in fhe field and helped fo keep fhe score down. The Cavaliers fhen fraveled fo Lexingfon and WALSH MERRILL SMITH EGGLESTON ll' xB U1 humbled The KeydeTs on Their home field by defeafing Them I4 To II. Virginia was ouThiT in This encounTer and had To squelch a 7-run rally in The ninTh inning To win. From LexinqTon The Virginians wenT To Rich- mond To play The Spiders. Virginia won This game behind The exceIIen+ piTching of Bill I-lar- mon, 2 To I, and gained The leadership of The Bio Six. Affer deTeaTing William and Mary, I3 To II, The Cavaliers Traveled To Chapel Hill and once again They losT To The Tar Heels of NorTh Caro- lina. Bill I-Iarmon and John Willey handled The piTching assignmenT for Virginia buT They were boTh ineTfecTive. The final score was 9 To 5. WiTh SmiTh again piTching briIlianT ball, we defeaTed The Generals of WashingTon and Lee, I3 To 2. Jim 6ilIeTTe aided SmiTh in geTTing This vicTory wiTh Three hiTs for four Trips To The plaTe. Virginia Then wenT on The road for Their nexT Two games and won boTh conTesTs. Navy IosT To John Willey by The score of I2 To 2, and Maryland losT 5 To 4. Nichols handled The pifching in This conTesT and was helped no IiTTle by The hiTTing of Chuck Walsh wiTh 5 for 5. Virginia came from behind in This conTesT To win ouT in The ninTh inning. WiTh The sTaTe +i+Ie wiThin Their grasp Virginia had an easy Time of WashingTon and Lee, win- ning by The score of II To 4. Nichols piTched well and The hiTTing was ably Taken care of by Luke Gosney who had a perfecT day aT The baT wiTh 4 for 4. Early in May, The Spiders of The UniversiTy of Richmond came To The UniversiTy To play Virginia for The sTaTe crown. BoTh Teams had eiqhT wins and one loss as Their record and loe- fore The IargesT crowd ever assembled aT Lam- beTh Field The Teams meT. I-Ielped by The fine spiriT of The Virginia rooTers, The home nine came from behind To win 5 To 4. John Willey ouTpoinTed PorTer Vaughan on The mound. Burnes was The leading I1iTTer for The Cavaliers while Thomas paced The losers. Virginia finished The season wiTh The impres- sive record of I8 wins and 4 losses. In sTaTe compeTiTion They won The Big Six crown wiTh The fine record of 9 wins and I loss. The leading hiTTer in Big Six compeTiTion was Billy McCann, who had an average of .472. I'le was followed by Gosney. Burnes, Harmon and GilIeTTe who also mainTained fine averages. The piTching sTafT oTTen ouTdid Themselves. SmiTh, Harman, Willey, and Nichols were con- sisTenT winners. The lasT official acT of The base- ball Team in l94O was To elecT Lulce Gosney capTain for The I94I season. CLARKE . FORSYTH . BALSLEY . HALL . .. MIDDLETON MINOR SPORTS CAPTAINS . . . . Swimming Cross-Counfry . . . . Soccer . . . Lacrosse . Golf MINOR SPORTS L155ll VARSITY SWIMMING STAFF RAYMOND HEIDLOFF . ..... ...,..... C oach STEVE CLARKE . . . ...... ...... C apiain SIDNEY STERN . . ...... . . . Manager RECORD Virginia . . . .49: V. P. I. . . . .26 Virginia . . . . II: Navy ..... . . bl Virginia . . . . 2l7 NorTh Carolina . . 54 Virginia . . . .237 W. X1 M. . . . .42 Virginia . . . . 3I: Duke . . . , .44 Virginia . . . .4-3: V. M. l. . . .3l Virginia . .... . . .42: W. gr I. .-.-..-.-------- - - 33 In his TirsT year as coach of The swimming Team Ray l'leidloTT led The Team To vicTory in 3 ouT of 7 duel meeTs. STeve Clarke was The mainsiay of The Team, his specialTy being The shorTer dashes, and The anchor leg of The 400-yard relay. The Team opened The season wiTh an im- pressive win over V. P. I. and Then losT Two decisive meeTs To Navy and NorTh Carolina. Then aTTer losing Two close ones To William and Mary and Duke The Cavaliers closed The season l156fI wiTh wins over Virginia MiIiTary InsTiTu+e and WashingTon and Lee. Clarke in The dashes, McQueen in The back- sTroke, and Lloyd in The 440 were consisTenT winners Tor Virginia. Baxier and Curry were Two oihers who were sTeady perTormers. The 400-yard relay Team composed of Hop- kins, BrewsTer. Davis and Clarke wenT Through The season undeTeaTed excepT Tor a loss To Navy, aT which Time STeve Clarke was ill and could noT swim. They seT a new pool record while swim- ming againsT NorTh Carolina. C R OSS COUNTRY STAFF LARRY FORSYTT-l . . Capfain CHARLES WHEELER . . . . .Coach SQUAD Bev Tucker Larry ForsyThe William Bloomer Charles Chamberlain Nelson Moon Al SToddard RECORD Winner Loser Winner Loser Virginia . . . Richmond V. M. l. . . ..... Virginia Maryland . , . Virginia Virginia .............. William and Mary Navy . . . . Virginia Finished fourTh in The Big Six meeT, RESUME Finishing TourTh in The STaTe Big Six Meet The Virginia Harriers finished The season wiTh a record of Two wins and four losses. The Cavaliers opened The season wiTh a vicfory over The Spiders from The UniversiTy of Richmond, The Cav- aliers nexT losT To a sTrong aggregaTion from The Univer- siTy of Maryland. The Orange and Blue Then Traveled To Annapolis only To lose To a Navy Team which seT a new course record, wiTh Bev Tucker and Larry ForsyTh pressing The Tars To Their vicTory. The cross-counTry Team Then enTerTained an underdog V. M. l. Team and losT on Their OF H571 SEASON home COUFS6. The Harriers finished The official season by deTeaTing The William and Mary Indians in Williaimsburg. In The Big Six MeeT. Larry ForsyThe finished in The Third posiTion. buT The besT The Team could do was TourTh. ThroughouT The season Larry ForsyTh and Bev Tucker finished "in The money," wiTh Al SToddard, Bill Bloomer, and Nelson Moon giving Them able supporf. A word of praise is due To Coach Charlie Wheeler. who was hampered by a lack of maTerial. and consTanT injuries, buT noneiheless Turned ouT a fine Team. GOLF SEASON OF I940 JOHN BATTLE . . CapTain EDWARD SLAUGT-TTER . . . Coach SQUAD John BaTTle lCapT.l Bob BaTTle E. MiddleTon B. Kinsey Donald Brooke T. Leonard C. MiddleTon R. FrackleTon RECORD Virginia ,... 9 3 UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania O Virginia. . . 5 7 UniversiTy oT Georgia . .I Virginia .... 6 7 Ohio 5TaTe ....... 3 Virginia . . .4 I-23 Hampden-Sydney . . . . I I-2 Virginia ..., 6 5 BosTon College . . . .O Virginia . . .4 7 U. S. Naval Academy . .5 Virginia .... 6 1 Cornell UniversiTy ..., 3 Virginia . . . 4 1 PrinceTon UniversiTy . . .5 Virginia. . ,6 1 William and Mary .... O Virginia. . 5 : SwarThmore . . . . . . .4 Virginia . . .4 I-27 WashingTon and Lee . . .4 I-2 Virginia . . 4 : UniversiTy of Pennsylvania ,5 Virginia . . .4 I-27 NorTh Carolina . . .4 I-2 Won 8: LosT 3: Tied 2 The successTul I940 season sTarTed on March 2I when CapTain John BaTTle lead The Cavaliers To a 9-0 shuT-ouT of The UniversiTy oT Pennsylvania. Three days laTer The Virginia golfers repelled a sTrong Ohio STaTe Team. 6-3. On March 26, Tommy Leonard lead The Tield and his 72 helped beaT BosTon 'College 6-O. Connell and Wil- liam and Mary Tell aT The hands oT The BallTo boys and T. Leonard. On April l9, The TirsT blemish on The Cavaliers' record was a 4 I-2 To 4 I-2 Tie wiTh NorTh Carolina. The Vir- ginia linksmen Took The Tie ouT on a sTrong UniversiTy oT Georgia Team and rolled up a 5-I vicTory. Brooke paced The way wiTh an even par. The second Tie oT The season was a resulT of The hard conTesTed Washingion and Lee mafch. The W. and L, boys ToughT To a 4 l-2 all Tie. On April 30, Virginia's win column ran up number seven when Hampden-Sydney Tell To The score of 4 I-2- I I-2. Four days laTer The Cavalier linksiers suTTored a biT of The iinksTers and losT To The Middies by The hearT- Y .' 1 . XMI A TA 'l beaTing score oT 5-4. This was followed by a second deTeaT by The same score aT The hands oT PrinceTon. The nexT day Virginia sTroked iTs way To a 5-4 vicTory over SwarThmore. On May 8. The UniversiTy oT Penn- sylvania, bleeding from iTs 9-0 deTeaT aT The hands oT Virginia aT The beginning of The season. came back To down Virginia 5-4. On The whole, The season was very successTul when iT is considered ThaT Virginia's losses were all by only one poinT. R. FrackleTon compleTed The season wiTh a per- TecT score oT seven wins and no deTeaTs or Ties. Bob BaTTle was righT behind wiTh Ten vicTories and Three losses: D. Brooke Tollowed wiTh 8-3-l. John BaTTle and Tom Leonard boTh had Tour deTeaTs againsT 8 and 7 vicTories, respecTively, buT These boys played number one or Two and oTTen proved ThaT Their eyes were on The ball. The Team sTarTed The season wiThouT a coach, buT beTore long BuTch SlaughTer Took over and a word oT praise is in order Tor his eTTorTs. TENNIS SEASON CDF I940 CHARLES CI-IANNING .......... Caplain CARL ROI-IMAN ...... . ..., Coach DAVID Rornscnno .......... Manager SQUAD Won Losl Landon Buchanan . . . I5 9 Richard Feuille . . , I4 II Charles Channing . . . I8 4 Won Losl' Tabb George . . . 5 II Edwards . . . . . 2 4 Thomas Bryan . . . . 4 3 I 6 I 0 John Sfrang .... . . 7 8 Brookie Lamb . . . . Sfanley Lerner ............ 2I 3 Roberl Posnick ....,.... . . RECORD Virginia Haverford College . I Virginia. . . Yale Universily . . Virginia Lafayeffe College . 0 Virginia . . . Washingfon and Lee Virginia Williams College . . 4 Virginia. . . Norfh Carolina . Virginia Universily of Michigan 3 Virginia. . . Davidson College Virginia Washinglon and Lee 2 'Virginia. . . William and Mary Virginia Universily of Maryland 5 Virginia. , . V. M. I. . . . . Virginia U. S. Naval Academy 7 --- Virginia Williams Collage . . 4 'Unfinished on accounl of rain. The lennis season of I94O was a successful one wilh Virginia scoring nine vicfories, four losses and one Iie. Included in fhe vicfories was Ihe conquesl of every sfafe opponenf and Ihus fhe gaining of fhe slale crown. The Cavaliers sfarled off wilh an easy vicfory over I-laverford. The score was 8-I. Lafayefle mel' an even sfronger defeal when Ihe Virginia nelmen slrokecl 'rheir way fo a 9-O win. Williams College supplied a good bil of compefilion buf also fell fo The Iune of 5-4. The Universify of Michigan was lhe fourlh school lo Iry lo sfop The Cavaliers buf when darkness finally ended lhe malch Virginia was ahead 5-3. On April II, fhe 'ieam wenl on ifs firsl irip and re- iurned having downed Washingfon and Lee by Ihe decisive score of 7-2. Bul six days laler Ihe five-game winning slreak was snapped by a sfrong Navy leam re- enforced by Joe I-Iunf. The viclories of Caplain Chan- ning and John Slrang gave Virginia Iwo of Ihe nine angagemenls. On April 24, lhe Cavaliers played Maryland as Ihe firsf mafch of a faleful four of fhe Norlh. Maryland edged oui a 5-4 viclory. This was followed by a lie wifh Williams College and 'Ihen 'Ihe 6-3 defeal al The hands of old Eli. On May I Washinglon and Lee fell in a seven-game malch, fhe score being 4-3. This conlesf was followed by exhibilions by "Red" Rohman. Don Budge. Dean Lewis and several Cavaliers. On May 4, Ihe Virginia nefmen suffered Ihe season's heaviesf loss af Ihe hands of Norih Carolina. Rickey Feuille fook a lhree-sel malch 'ro prevenl a shul-our. The score does noi do iuslice Io lhe Cavaliers who foughf hard all Ihe way. The boys came back Io fake Ihe fhree remaining conlesls. 5-2: 3-O: 9-O. A word of praise should be given Io Sian Lerner, who won 2I marches againsl 3 defeals. Capfain Charlie Channing was close behind wilh I8 and 4. Buchy Buchanan and Rickey Feuille who played number one and fwo also did exlremely well. STAFF MR. T, T. LUDWTG . .......... Coach F. H. BALSLEY .... . .CapTain PTCKET GRETG ,......... Manager TEAM Rawolle Denison Poillon Sandive PiTcairn Balsley Heller HasTings Graham Lerner ScoTT Zeigler Cox Greer Morrison Keyes Hodell Decker James George - RECORD Virginia Towson ....... T Virginia . 2: Davidson . l Virginia UniversiTy oT Maryland . 3 Virginia . Ig Blue Ridge . 2 Virginia Johns Hopkins UniversiTy, 4 Virginia . T: Davidson . 2 Virginia Navy ........ 7 Virginia . O: SwarThmore . 2 RESUME AlThough The record of The Cavalier BooTers seems To indicaTe ThaT They had a raTher poor season, This is noT really The case. TT is True ThaT The squad won only one oT iTs eighT scheduled games, buT iT is also True ThaT The games played were, Tor The mosT parT, very close and hoTly conTesTed. ln TacT, mosT of our deTeaTs were by The small margin oT one or Two poinTs. The imporTanT Thing is ThaT many oT The younger men on The Team. Those who will play Tor aT leasT one more season, gained a greaT deal of valuable experience. The opening game was wiTh Towson. a clean, hard game. a ToughT one To lose. Towson managed To elce ouT a vicTory by The narrow margin of one poinT, The Tinal score being T-0. The BooTers Then held a championship Maryland Team OF l:l601 SEASON To Three poinTs, a deTiniTe moral vicTory Tor Virginia, since Three of The Cavalier regulars were unable To play. The Third game oT The season was losT To Johns Hopkins, 4-O. On The Tollowing week-end The BooTers Travelled To Annapolis and losT To The Middies in a hard-ToughT game. The nexT game, however, Told a Tar diTTerenT sTory. ln Their TirsT game wiTh Davidson, The Cavaliers came Trom behind To score in The second and Third periods To win 2-I. Keyes seT up The winning play and Poillon Tallied. Cavalier goalie Greer execuTed several beauTiTul sTops. and in shorT, The Orange and Blue really wenT To Town. In The nexT game, played againsT Blue Ridge on Fresh- men Field, The visiTors won, 2-I. since The breaks seemed To be running againsT The Cavaliers. The lasT Two games of The season were played againsT Davidson and SwarTh- more, which The Virginians losT, 2-I and 2-0, respecTiveIy. an' , K . ,k.. " R kk"f. ,K Q 7 V ffm X ul I 'V ...x - L Q . 3 ... 42 ' E, 7' g 1 '-.J . NL .1 3 "Lg A Al 4 ' Q, ky - As? v, if L z Fw.: . ,f ,lf N XQ. -' ,' 4 . fx.-,ef wg ..:m'xk lm LQ 1 Y 1' Wd, 5 Q F 3 k, a M my V1 ' vi .278 xx ,. ' Emi 4 '-FJ vf W V 3 sf' ,Q .. 'HQ' A N -be W. ,L A INTRAMURAL SPCRTS ln The Tall, when ScoTT STaclium is Tilled To capaciTy wiTh eager crowds oT sTudenTs, daTes and alumni, we see The vicTory oT The sTars: in loeTween SaTurdays, when The Mad bowl is Tilled To capaciTy wiTh eager Teams oT sTudenTs vying Tor supremacy, we see The vicTory oT The Tair, bad or indiTTerenT players, ouT There Tor The Tun of playing. So iT is, ThaT inTramural sporTs play so large a parT in sTudenT acTiviTies. The aim oT The inTramural sporTs is To give each and everyone a chance To geT his Tull measure ouT oT his college life. FooTball and horseshoe piTching are The kings of The Tall sporTs: winTer Tinds bowling and ping-pong holding The inTramural spoTlighT: spring is The season of swim meeTs, baseball and Tennis maTches. Spring, winTer, Tall--all are The seasons oT The Tun-loving sporTs on The inTramural Tields, courTs, alleys, and pools. div The Tall Term was headlined by The vicTory oT The Delces over A. T. O. and ST. AnThony in The TraTerniTy Touch TooTball league. Phi Kappa Sigma won The volley ball TournamenT aTTer a Tough sTruggle wiTh S. A. E. and T. E. P. The individual sTars were Bernhardy oT Kappa Sigma, who won The singles, and Frazier and Beverly, who won The doubles in The horseshoe piTching conTesTs. Oppenheimer oT Z. B. T. won The singles and Fabian and Lerner The doubles in The Table Tennis Tourney aTTer wading Through a rec- ord number oT enTranTs. The winTer Term was TeaTured wiTh The vicTories OT The Delces once again in The baslceTball A Tour- ney and The A. T. O.'s in The B Tourney. Among The runners-up were P. E. P.. S. A. E., and Pi K. H621 A. ln The bowling TournamenT The T. E. P.'s came ouT on Top aTTer a Tough sTruggle wiTh TheTa Tau and S. P. E. In The Track meeTs run oTT indoors The A. T. O.'s came ouT on Top aTTer a sTruggle wiTh The Delces. ln The squash Tourney STaples and independenT beaT ouT PodesTa and Elmalah Tor TirsT place. The spring Term was TeaTured by The Handball TournamenT and The SoTTball League. Sigma Alpha Epsilon beaT ouT DelTa Upsilon To Take TirsT place in The FraTerniTy SoTTball League and in The independenT league The Idle Five won ouT wiTh a Three-way Tie aTTecTed Tor second place. The singles oT The handball Tourney was won by OrnsTein aTTer a gruelling baTTle wiTh Croolc. ln The double Tourney Chernis and Waxman came ouT on Top over Pace and Echols. 3, :Qi 1 'gg 1 V ' 5 Win 4 V wi J . f td W in .4:Ff'll9F"" 5 mx Wada, ,FAX . VK ll, -'f mv! mx ,sgzifzf 51 W . fm i A as I Q Qin? - I 1 ' K ' pix: ' 2 ' "in 5513? ,M A 1? ' 2 Q' df! Q' , ax, Q . .P .4 ' r D A Wx 5 ff 7 'Wh' W. X A E 7' ' , ' ,f . " 'S . lf. yi ' Hsfxfa 2 8 5 I ,V ff .- K gi .wQ"l , v ufmszgmpm in MMI- ' A gf' -fF'Q':f:i4fg.fLJX'fA' Q , Ziff Q, , 4 K T K Jigga! . it lvtlsk' L in V lf' 7 r , , X A 4' - "" Mums :Ni ".,, wwf 4 Y q : ,W-i n, f-ft is A , A M lim z ',V'i L b F5 A f J w I 5' fr Q, S 1 1 1 1 A 1 Q mm , . Vw--,M-fp' , ,. -, A 1 A 5 , XJ! I '-',,wvN AK A-fkim Q4 -Q .gym mhnwuw film' -ef I .W W Ns' '23 VR 'WW' my 1, A v W x f ' 'M ' Q v " k . W: wq 3 I 1 'Q f- 2 . ' V ' I 22: w wht MA X .-,Q . , " we W 7 .,. rf M in n W 1 X 3 . t . - . Sr it ... M - - tn.Bnt! n FIRST YEAR FOOTBALL RECORD Virginia . . . . 7: WashingTon and Lee. . . I4 Virginia . . . . 7: Virginia PolyTechnic InsT.. 7 Virginia. . . .07 Virginia MiliTary InsT.. . O Virginia. . .O: NorTh Carolina . . . . .33 SQUAD HENRY T. WICKHAM ........... Manager RICHARD FLETCHER ............ Coach VincenT Barry Bernard D. CorTese ArThur KeTcham, Jr. RoberT D, Seiler Carson BoaTh Romeo A. Forese Mannon F. Krebs Edward STeckmesser Carl AshTon Broaddus, Jr, Paul Freeman Edward Kreick LesTer STrong Edward E. Brown CapT. RoberT P. Fuller RoberT McKinley Thomas STeriTzer Richard Bayly Brick Warren Goodman, Jr, Richard C, MorningsTar Raymond Tessur John TaggarT Cambros J. M. Harrison ArThur Morrison George Walker, Jr. PeyTon Cochron. Jr. Wallace Heafmale I-IerberT Munhall E. Pinlcney Wrafh Charles Clark Casper John Hope Mildred Alfred Parlow J. Bernard Wyckoff Harry Cooper Gus E. Kardor Clifford N. Peeler RESUME OF SEASON AlThough They did noT have a very glorious record aT V. P. I. was The nexT Toe of The Baby Cavaliers and The close oT The season. The freshmen TooTball Team of aflfer a hard-TeughT baTTIe which seesawed back and TorTh, '4I served iTs usual TwoTold purpose: VarsiTy opposiTion. The game ended in anoTher Tie, This Time by The score and Training Tor TuTure varsiTy players. The Baby Cav- of 7-7. aliers finished The season wiTh a record oT Two Ties and The Tinal game QT The Yearlings was againsT a sTrong Two losses. As usual, Dick FleTcher did a very Tine iob oT Baby Tarheel group from The UniversiTy oT NorTh Car- Training his players in The Murray sTyIe of Toofball. olina. The game was a complefe rouT, and The Frosh The Fresh opened The season againsT a sTrong Wash- from Virginia came ouT on The shorT end oT a 33-0 score. ?ng+on and Lee yearlings and losT by The close score of Some of The Baby Cavaliers deserve special menTion I4 To 7. The Minx ouTweighed The Cavaliers, and iT was Tor ouTsTanding performances, They are: Ed STeckmesser, iusT a maTTer of more experience, This being The second Charley Cooper, and MIIT Parlow, who dominaTed The line win of The season Tor The W. Sc L, boys. play, and Harry Cooper, Herb Munhall, and Ed Kreik, The Treshmen nexT engaged The V. M. I. RaTs and in a who were The backbone oT The backTield. However, every game which resolved iTselT inTo a kicking duel, The game member of The Frosh Team showed up well. They were ended in a scoreless deadlock. always TighTing and showed The spiriT necessary Tor varsiTy performance. 11661 FIRST YEAR BOXING STAFF TRUMAN SOUTI-IALI.. ............ Coach RICHARD WILLIAMS . . . . .Coach DON FARREN .............. Manager SQUAD Sfephens Crumm Semier McNeaI Mclver Brooks Cos+eIIo Tyler Barnefi FuIIer Cambios Pariow RECORD Virginia. . . . 4 :Virginia Poiyfechnic Insi. 4 Virginia ....,. 7 : Maryiand ..... . . I Virginia. . . . 215: Norih Caroiina .... sn Virginia ...... 4 : U. S, Naval Academy . 4 Virginia . . . . 3 5 Siaunron Milifary Acad. 5 RESUME OF SEASON ' Coached by iwo of Virginia's s+eIIar boxers, Truman Souihall and Dick Williams, Ihe I94I version of Ihe Fresh- man Boxing Team Iinished +he season wiih a record of I win, 2 iies. and 2 Iosses. Afier a posfponemenf of four days due Io a flu epi- demic 'rhe Virginia Frosh opened Ihe season wifh a Tie againsi V. P. I. Then afier Iosing Io Norfh Carolina ihe Baby Cavaliers came-home and won an impressive viciory over Maryland. The Freshmen foughf fheir 'Iwo remain- II67fI ing bouis away from home and fied Navy and Iosi Io a sirong aggregaiion from S. M. A. The feafures of ihe '4I season for ihe Frosh were Mili Parlow and Willie Barnefi. Parlow and Barneri. fighiing in Ihe uniimiieci nad l35-Ib. divisions respeciiveiy foughi in four maiches and each wen+ 'rhrough 'rhe season unde- feaied. Jimmy Mclver was anoiher siandoui performer who Iosi oniy one mafch. Along wiih Parlow. Barnefi and Mciver 'rwo oiher 'Freshman boxers show promise of mov- ing up Io 'Ihe varsiiy in I942. namely. Jack Cambios and Chariie Crumm, I7 FIRST YEAR BASKETBALL STAFF DICK FLETCHER . ....... . . Coach PATTON ....... . . Capfain POLLARD . ......... . . Manager RECORD Virginia. . . .297 S. M. A ,.... . . 35 Virginia . . .271 Richmond . . . . .42 Virginia . . .37: Fork Union M, A .... 23 Virginia . . . 30: Augusia M. A, . . . . 2I Virginia . . . .29: W. 84 L ..... . .43 Virginia . . . . I7: Virginia Episcopal . . . 7 Virginia. . . .307 Massanuiien . . .42 Virginia. . .3l: V. M. I. . . . . . . .36 Virginia . . . . I9: V. M. I. . . . . 3I Virginia . . .2I: Woodbury Foresi . . .20 Virginia . . . .267 Richmond . . . I5 Virginia . . .4Ig Ep-?:copal High School . 30 Virginia . . . 24: W. 84 L, . . . 2I RESUME OF SEASON Afier a poor siari Ihe Freshman Baslcefbali Team fin' ished Ihe season in a grand and glorious siyle by winning five of Iheir Iasi six games and 'Iheir final record reads as follows: won, 7: Iosi, 6, The Baby Cavaliers couIdn'I seem Io gel' going and Iosi Io S, M. A., F. U. M. A., W. 8: L., Massanuiien and V. M. I. before winning from Richmond. Then Ihe learn siaried irs sirealc and won Ihe remaining games on rheir schedule losing only 'ro a sirong V. M. I. five by Ihe score of 36-31. The Ieam showed Io iis besl' advaniage againsi Epis- copal I-Iigh School, In Ihis game Ihey sank 3815 of The goals aifempled and ran up Iheir highesi score of ihe season, winning by a score of 4I Io 30. Roger Fraley showed definiie Varsify possibiliiies in leading Ihe Frosh in scoring wiih 90 poinis. I-Ie was followed closely in Ihis deparimeni by Piclceii, Munhall, and Paiion. Defensively Ihe Iearn was led by Beverly, who was an excellenl floorman and who possessed Ihe besi scoring average on Ihe squad. These men will cer- Iainly ease Ihe loss of I-Iarman and McCann from Ihe varsily. FIRST YEAR TRACK STAFF ARCHIE I-IAI-IN . . . ........... Coach ROBINSON S. B. STOWE . . .Manager T. HARDY TODD, JR ............. Caplain TEAM Firsl Year Numerals Firsl Year Indoor Track Squad David M. Baxler William R. Nelson Harry Anderson, Jr. Folke Leon Johnson F. William Binzen, Jr. Marlin G. Rodgers James A. Bear, Jr. Frank Maclear William E. Bloomer Eric. Schlesinger William E. Bloomer William R. Nelson Edward C. Campbell Louis G. Scoll Edward C. Campbell Norman H. Ralhbun George M. Dawes Minor M. Smilh Henry J. Colbalh, Jr. Marlin G. Rodgers Charles C. Hall A. H. Sloddard, Ill Thomas V. Cooper, Jr. L. Benlon Slevens, Jr. Basil M. Jones, Jr. W. G. Suhling, Ill Donald H. Coxe Alberl H. Sloddard, Ill Charles H. Loughridge, Jr. T. Hardy Todd, Jr. Allen Ro ers Emmerl, Jr. W. G. Suhling, lll Frank Maclear Wilkes T. Thrasher, Jr. Charles Hall, Jr. Wilkes T. Thrasher, Jr. C. Grove McCown John H. Wrenn T. Hardy Todd, Jr. RECORD Virginia .... 68 :Washinglon and Lee Univ.. ll Virginia . . . .70 I-2:V. M. I, ....... .46 l-2 Virginia .... 65 :Woodberry Foresl School . 2l Virginia .... 85 I-3: Universily ol Richmond . . 30 2-3 Virginia . . . .83 I-3: Slaunlon Mililary Academy 33 2-3 RESUME OF The lirsl year lrack learn boasls a perlecl record in ils l940 campaign, having won each ol ils live scheduled meels by very large margins, making ils record one ol which Coach Archie l-Iahn can iusliliably be proud. Under lhe capable leadership ol Caplain T. l-lardy Todd, Jr., lhe Baby Cavaliers won lheir lirsl meel by de- lealing lhe Washinglon and Lee freshmen, 68-ll. This meel look place indoors, as did lhe meel wilh Woodberry Foresl School, which lhe I-Iarriers also won by a lopheavy score, 65-'Zl, The freshmen lhen wenl ouldoors lo lake V, M, l. inlo camp lo lhe lune ol 70 I-2-46 I-2, lollowed closely by a SEASON viclory over lhe Universily ol Richmond, 85 l-2-30 2-3. The linal meel ol lhe season was held wilh Slaunlon Mililary Academy wilh lhe Baby Cavaliers winning again, 83 l-3-33 2-3, compleling lhe schedule wilh live vic- lories. no losses, and no lies. The Virginia Freshmen also won second place in lhe Twelllh Annual Virginia Slale Track and Field Meel, wilh 37 3-4 poinls, held al Richmond Cily Sladium. Aller such a successful season, lhe Baby Cavaliers show promise ol producing bigger and beller lrack learns in lhe very near lulure, making lhe Orange and Blue a delinile lhreal on any lrack. I 1631 l I l FIRST YEAR BAS DICK FLETCHER Richard Burke Charles Brown William Carey Alexander Cave Marlin Dies, Jr. W. E, Driscoll Virginia . . . . Virginia . Virginia . . Virginia . . Virginia . . EBALL STAFF . . . . . . . . . Coach WILLIAM WELFLY . . . . .Capiain RICHARD M. TAYLOR ........... Manager SQUAD Beniamin Dulaney Turnbull Gillelie J. Wilmer Mirandon Norman Farquar Charles Goodrich William Welfley William Fechier Roberi Haden Alden Whiimore Clyde Gibb William I-lill Richard Wilfshire Gerald Moniaigne Charles Kendall John Young I-Iamillon Sweei RECORD Woodberry Foresi . . 0 Virginia . . . I2: Univ. of Richmond . . I Fork Union M. A. . . 4 Virginia. . . . 5: W. 8: L. . . . . . . . 4 SIGUHIOH lvl. A. . . 4 Virginia. . . II: McGuire's School . . . 4 Augusia M. A. . . 9 Virginia. . . I2: Univ. of Richmond . . 6 ..I7.V.M.l ....... 3 Virginia... ..I37V.M.I........3 RESUME O Fleicher did if a ain Once a ain Dick Flefcher 'rook a Q - 9 group of raw, inexperienced Virginia Iirsi-year men and moulded Ihem inio a closely knif group of ball players who won 9 oul of IO games played. Led by Charlie Kendall, who played mosf of his games al' shorislop and who also won Iwo games as a piicher, lhe Frosh won all 'Iheir encouniers excepl one, Thai' being a loss Io Ihe slrong S. M. A. nine. Alex Cave did 'ihe brunl' of lhe pifching. finishing lhe season wifh a record of 5 wins and I loss. I-le was ably assisfed in Ihis deparimenf by Charlie Kendall and Marlin Dies. who won Iwo games for Ihe Cavaliers while losing none. l170l SEASON Kendall was +he leading hiifer wiih a bafiing average of .4-7l, bui he was followed closely by iirsl baseman Dick Wilrshire. who finished 'rhe season wilh a bafling average of .429. Olhers who hi+ well were Brown, Fechier, and Farquar. who finished ihe season well over .300. Defensively 'rhe Ieam was sparked by Caplain Willy Welily al' second base and Haden behind Ihe plaie. With such men as Kendall, Wilishire, Welfly, and Fech- fer coming up from 'rhe Freshman, Coach Tebell need nor worry abour 'the varsiiy Ieam for a few years 'ro come. FIRST YEAR MINOR SPORTS VARSITY CROSS-COUNTRY STAFF CHARLES WHEELER . . . .Coach LARRY FORSYTH . . . Capiain SQUAD Bill Bloomer Larry Forsyfh Bud Moon Billy Nelson Jarvis Bufler Bev Tucker RECORD Virginia defeaied Richmond. Virginia los? fo V. M. I. Virginia Iosi' fo Maryland Virginia deieaied W. 81 M. Virginia los? 'Io Navy Virginia placed fourih in The Big Six Meei VARSITY SWIMMING STAFF RAYMOND HEIDLOFF . . . .Coach STEVE CLARKE . , . .Capiain SQUAD Baxier Clarke Gail Lloyd Brewsier Curry ' Fisher McQueen Chapman Davis Hopkins Nelson VERMILLION RECORD Virginia . 49: V. P. I, . . . .26 Virginia . . . 33: William and Mary . . .42 Virginia . II: Navy .... . . 64 Virginia . . . . . 31: Duke .... . . .44 Virginia. 2I: Norih Carolina . . .54 Virginia ........ 43: V. M. I. . . . .3I Virginia . . . .42: Washingion and Lee . . 33 FRESHMAN TENNIS STAFF CARL ROHMAN . . .Coach DAVID ROTHSCHILD, II . . . .Manager SQUAD Gordon Crenshaw Allen C-5. Hoy+. Jr. Richard MacLeod Spencer Roberis I-Iarold Fisher Thomas E. Kessing Malcolm Randolf Louis G. ScoH Richmond Ware RECORD Virginia. . 8: Peddie School .... I Virginia. , , 0: U, S, Navgl Academy . 9 Virginia . . 3: Woodberry Foresf . . 4 Virginia. . . 5: Episcopal High School. 4 Virginia. . 8: Virginia Episcopal School I Virginia. . , , 5: Woodberry Foresf , , , 4 Won 5. Losi 2. Tied O H711 Q ' r YJ. 'If' I 1 ..l,.l FIRST YEAR SWIMMING FIRST YEAR CROSSfCOUNTRY I17z1 ' Z Z Q EATURES . . . THE LIGHTER SIDE OF LIFE . . . THE DANCE WEEKENDS. PARTIES, AND GOOD TIMES FOR WHICH THE UNIVER- SITY IS SO FAMOUS. FOOTBALL WEEKENDS AND OPENINGS, BOXING MATCHES AND MID- WINTERS, THEN THE UNFORGETTABLE DAYS OF SPRING AND EASTERWEEK. EAST FROM THE LA .1,.x sw"ff'.1v I-4, ' J 'I , 0 t ' '2'f"-.1 u. ' s",'1' . . fri, V2 , tg o - k 4 5 -' Q -,I - ,,- my-K .- . , ri .4 N p Q . 1 I' Y , if FQ: V ,,- -I V ' 1 1 ' 0 .v.,'.f, 'ly 1 ,554 P Mug , .:Y.x.' . f gg' .Ni'k.'f'g.Qa-' . . j 5 ' 'r . .. ,m . , ., , .. ,, KM! . -7' l. A 'l,.'F1 ' AJ s " 1 iv Q- ' 4, if-X riff xu ' 0 Q... -. V. ' . 'Px 1' .zu I' 4' ,w :Yu '- up , 715 . Q11 ' ' 1f+'.'v6'5- :Q fr ' " fixkf -fh A . 'xo 7' N.. N .ff--P7 3'3- ."f5'5 'h 3f.:j -' 5 xxx . . NN. 1 5 I . in 0 . ru . ' a . J ,K Q xi ' .us ' , s x If .1 ' ". ' ' ' A- Q V .Uv . 'R--. ' . .- . . N ' . ' s . . Kabir' uf" . Yup, f 'AWA -' "V, '- .H w. N ' 7 x qi' 'yuh-,Q LY ,. " - .X .ity 'yd ' , 1 t K In 7. .fi f.,x 13: 4 x-af. -. vQ',x2 Lfttk -, , ' 'Q ' ' 'Zi '1 A Q ' AK- ' ' ,L - ' A a - .- W1 J ,'f"" A -a 'K 1 . .'- ,I , i ,M . A ,n ft , L . uni' . V Hs I My r 1 ' jg ,, . , -- """'.. s 'v . 1 1 .. ,vY.'Q V, . Y .- J 14 E',:,T ew" ' Ov" , , xr! ,C ,fm . ,. X . an i 0 -'. I r ' 'ixI'x' .JH wx. 40-lr r u . . 1 , ' 'v 1 4- R l W ' X .xvi -Us A, 'f '4' 'L+ X .W 5 K l I , 00: , ' ,UM ' va 5 1 OF' x .Fr Y ?i v , . s ' ? lx X434 .lfam 'Wf X " N. '. l'o1 fs 4' ev j,' -,gfwk ,K 'N ix J 1 ff Q -A r ew ' 'r.'2 f, -qw Mi.. . .2.. ,,ff6'f451u wah 4.1 -"fi . lx :Sr r x,4llF.qx.v - X 'Tin lx-.rn ' 8 vwlg .K , , . ,.,,, TI ,, 'sl wwvmith 'Wa .-4, 4'- .-mf-fur-'f A.,, "'1.....1 -9: 2" ff' T 4,,,Q' 'Ql:' 2-9'-.-A-Aga. ,S am1Wfmfwf:-'fflrgf r ..A., , XM .K v U., . - ru ' 3 . , ., U ' If we T gif- ". . ,. f A-uw. - 'N U - , , .Avg M ' phi ,,, - ... 141- ' -.. A Awf- -A W A 4 s 1, 6 J Y T' K5 x wg 7, v F' .ff ,, , LW .TNR 2- " , 49, J , uf., "', HL . fs A ' JV W., ,. .m ,F ,nv yy, LW.. . , .. -s. .. A- . . Q ' - , . 5 . - 'm ,M M. X W qw-3 M. A x, 7' "aux 'LF' 19, . n f V.Q,r::Q,!m'!,L-., . . o "wail .. -' -a x 1 'ff j X ' -. ' Q ' X "41'V":Q, tgffk , . ' A f' it 'Q' K' .. v . ,ax f 1 x, Hy'-ffm 4 l Q , , , . K H 1 'VI ri . ' 1 , , W r ,A wg- A H jwy , Y wig g ' , ' . - - . R-3 K .:. -I yi A . B ,N MT . THE eoon om f ffm MQWKHT5 DAYS CF ifiiew Q if Nqfn WAH-HOC-WAH . T7 TH .A frm T Q r Qin X T Tia if T-T. " , T T Those oT you who wiTnessed The liTTle scrape wiTh local police Three years ago, know ThaT Virginia genTlemen love a good refreshing rioT, And iT you sTudied The hisTory of The UniversiTy you would Tind ThaT This has always been True. During The TirsT ThirTeen years oT The UniversiTy There was consTanT sTriTe and ill-Teeling beTween The sTudenT body and The TaculTy. ParT of iT was due To The TacT ThaT Their cash To a procTor saw TTT. AnoTher TacTor every morning aT 5:00 unTil laTe in The summer The sTudenTs had To give all oT who doled iT ouT To Them as he was ThaT The boys had To rise o'clock. and They wenT To school wiTh no vacaTion aT ChrisTmas. A reign oT Terror climaxed The siTuaTion in T836 when The poorly organized and grad- ually disbanding miliTary group reTused To reTurn Their riTles To The sTaTe. They marched around The lawn, shooT- ing and Terrifying The TaculTy To The exTenT ThaT iT was necessary To appeal To civil auThoriTies. For several weeks aTTer This minor revoluTion an armed miliTia guarded The RoTunda. Two years laTer anoTher rioT broke ouT when The sTu- denTs were reTused permission Tor a dance because oT The prevailing drunkenness aT The lasT one. Uprisings on The Grounds became so TrequenT and dangerous ThaT many oT The proTessors carried sword canes To proTecT Themselves. ln T846 a wild "I-ley. Rube" baTTle Took place when a group Trom The UniversiTy Tore down The big Top of a visiTing circus. ATTer This aTTair The sTudenTs concenTraTed Their rioTs on The downTown secTion. and especially wiTh The local police. One oT The TavoriTe games oT The day was "Cop rolling." The genTlemen would disarm a police- man, sTuTT him in a barrel. and roll him down Vinegar Hill. Wagers would be laid as To how many hoops would be leTT when The barrel sTruck The sTriped pole oT The Vinegar Hill barber shop. The Townspeople became so TrighTened from These exTra-curricular acTiviTies ThaT They posTed a bugler aT The Top of Vinegar Hill. insTrucTing him To blow a warning blasT whenever a large group oT sTudenTs approached Town. Again in The "RioTous ForTies" iT was necessary To call upon The miliTia. A social organizaTion known as The Calumbian band lconsisTing oT The lawless elemenT of The schooll sTarTed. a rioT wiTh an aTTack upon The home of The chairman of The TaculTy. This uprising lasTed a week, and resulTed in The wiThdrawal of T26 of The T94 regisTered sTudenTs. H771 -4-Q ,- Hia Wane xii? FH XY, rn, x During The TiTTies The TaculTy worried abouT The amounT of drinking, gambling and duelling ThaT was going on. The smell of minT in a sTudenT's room was enough evi- dence ThaT a sTudenT had been drinking. The TaculTy Tound iT necessary in I842 To Torm a Temperance SocieTy. This shorT-lived version of The W. C, T. U. was locaTed aT whaT is now The "Corner." buT did noT meeT wiTh The success ThaT The "Virginian" and The "Cavalier" has Tound in a laTer generaTion. A rioT was almosT caused in T863 when a woman ap- plied Tor admission. The TaculTy was as much opposed To admiTTing women as The sTudenTs were. The maTTer was seTTled Temporarily when The TaculTy passed a resTricTion limiTing regisTraTion To males, saying ThaT "TT women were admiTTed They would be cerTain To grow boisTerous, Ta- miliar, and bold in manners, and perhaps even rudely aggressive." There seem To have been many "Tun-loving Rovers" and pranksTers aT The UniversiTy. From T850 To T870 The RoTunda clock regulaTed The sTudenT life. and on many occasions The hands of The clock were removed by The sTudenTs. In T890 iT was necessary To puT a bulleTprooT Tace on The clock because The old one had been used so oTTen Tor TargeT pracTice. The medical sTudenTs had Their biT oT Tun by sewing a drunken Tarmer in The skin oT his own mule. A ianiTor in The "STiTT T-Tall" goT alcohol Tor his "MeosemiTk" from The saTuraTed. defenseless ca- davers. Tn T887 iT Took The Engineering School seven hours To remove a cow Trom The dome oT The RoTunda. A "big game" hunT was held on The Lawn in l9T2 wiTh sTuTTed animals Taken Trom Brookes Museum Tor TargeTs. And when The sTaTue oT Thomas JeTTerson was unveiled, The surprised onlookers saw a crockery poT on his head. Tn TruTh, The hallowed dome of The RoTunda could Tell, if iT could speak, Tales ThaT would even rouse The reserved bookroom from iTs apaThy. . l'i s A - ii i Ti H.: 0, ,vi ml elle NXT X ' Puncpl-LQQTSNEDNLTJLEP "THAT'S NC LADY" 'C-,--Lf-'f'-.3 On SaTurday, February 22, aT 8:40 P.lvl., The curTain rose on The inifial offering of The P8cJ SocieT. The show called "ThaT's No Lady" playecllTo a sell-ouT crowd. The performance opened wiTh a piano over- Ture by Chicken Bryan. Then followed The open- ing slciT, "The House lvlofher oT PhelTa Thi," wriT- Ten by Mose Perry. The audience was in a con- sTanT uproar aT The clever anTics of Charles DoughTie, John STacey and Mose Perry. Bill lvlerman and Billy l-ludgins broughT down The house wiTh Their convincing impersonaTions of The fair sex. Roger Hall, Turning in The finesT of The evening's man fine performances, sTopped The show Time and! again wiTh his raucous porTrayal of The Typical wolf. The second acT, wriTTen by Sonny ConquesT, Told The Tender love sTory of SweeTbriar Sue and Willie, played by Mandy Mullally and Norm Paul. Their love dueTs broughT TorTh wild ap- plause Trom an enThusiasTic audience. The dom- inaTing noTe of general hilariTy was lsepf aT a high piTch by The Tine performances of Ed Cheek, George Shackelford, Bill Dillard, Buddy lvlcCad- den, Kike DayTon, Tony ReuTer and Twanlc Hawes. Genial Jim PuTnam, who did such a Tine iob as direcTor of The producTion, Took an acTive parT in This acT. Ted Ayers Turned in a TerriTic rhumba number. Quin Taylor was perTecT as The heclcler in The audience. The chorus made up of PaT Ransom, Bill lvlerman, Ed Lyman, ScoTTy Cau- chois, Tommy Bryan, Peyfon Harris. and Johnny Greenleaf senT The audience inTo hysTerics wiTh Their dance rouTines. lvlusic Tor The show was wriTTen by BraxTon Bryan and Barry EaTon. EeaTured were The TiTle songs, "ThaT's No Lady," "Have a Havana," "Happy by Your Side," "l-lands Up," and "Come WhaT May." The show was undeniably a smash hiT. Every number was encored and The audience gave venT To Their mirTh in an uproarious manner from sTarT To Tinish. The socieTy deserves a world oT crediT Tor This greaT iniTial success. 'H .ue-, P h 'w I, -W N ii 1. ','.24,',,4 , W . Yr , M? . W U , , ,., y ,mm ' W,.'- Q, ,W , 'W M 1, . ., in L mff A S 0 055 uf' ve A.. an ' I 41? L-' ' 'NIH' -al , .1 1, x , .Ju -A M- w- .' - A fi- 3 wp K ,fb 'L' 1 ' Fi 'ww W 'Ei' ,, I s X 'fi 'Qi fgpdmi x , .R 0 fgl , N FQ' 1 IU. -e , .NEAL R ,., .:... . 35 , a . ,V 9 'S 4, ff il- K H' A lj: 'K rv 'Q V .tim s -t . ffflafgaggf 2 if IGI K X 1 Q f i V IN 'fs 'fww A 3. sb' as X AV, Y" ,Q 1 Y , ji . : ' J. I ,' , V ,, ., , ' ! 'Lf ' , Q 1 I -- ' N. 'df 1. 51,131 I -97' -6- ' ' 1-lim Q 'S Q , H uw U ,Y ' V A if I lv W 'sq g M M Nj.: Afff fxy "A 1 A iw ' . if rii , M o A , 5 5 41.1 5 ' 0 f ' f , , ' N f ,J ,J N . x 4. Av ' -1, ,. i SL r, ""'le.-1-, .Mg v r' -ur ff gk '54 w.. W i an .W, M, V A ,, A 4 1 .4 a,,f'f'c g .. In E Qjwv Q 2 55,1 M2-lfw 2 . ,. 'ilwl W , x , QNX? " 1 y f i f5f r R - , 'H J -.1 f 5 e""'f? "-.'Z' U1 iii 'duff Ti .www 6 , if 4' . v Q I me Q' t li J YN 4. I Y Digg t f gif' .f ' ,qfl 1 N 'Q x , .L A I 1 3 V ,. L,L' , ' 'I - ' f l 1"' 1 H W, iff W 1, '55 58 '15liZ ? J13z s ,, ' x , o gi Q . Q I ' ' In i ? I 'V' 'gif 'H li 9 , u I --HQ . - 1 Q , v-A ,ff V 4 .gr Q Y., - x ' 2 '41 .ig M, HW , M ' "Q: 'Wg K 0 af rr ig ir B ya , H lg W x "t"--M... ,V , CONQUESTIA Choice Bits from the "Turk" "What are those bells aringing for?" said goons on parade: "The call to class, you simple whacks," the sober sergeant said, "For Danny Deever's hangin', you can hear the poor guy swear, He's got his head entangled in his knee-length underwear, His eyes are red and bloodshot and he has a ghastly stare- For Danny Deever's hangin' Monday morning." "What's that that whimpers overhead?" said goons on parade. "lt's Danny in the shower bath," the sober sergeant said. "His camrades shot him sleeping with a iigger full of gin. The sweat of last night's alcohol is seeping through his skin, K hundred Alka-Seltzers wouldn't help the tix he's in- Pome: any 1 l For Danny Deever's hangin' Monday morning." 1' "What's that that wobbles down the street?" said goons on parade. ' f "lt's Danny fighting hard to walk," the sober sergeant said. M l t 1 'l'le's headln' for the Cavalier to catch a couple beers. . N- f His head is playing tomtoms, and they're bagplpes in his ears: S E He hopes Mud-Winters won't return for twenty thousand years, ' P For Danny Deever's hangin' Monday morning." lr f Y Y 'A THE STORY OF JOE MONROE l've taken my fun at Virginia 'liIrom'BeInLont to Madllson Hall, ow cas in my chec s This is the story of Joe Monroe For my studies in sex Who wanted to ioin a Frat, Have netted me nothing at all. His shirts were loud and his ties were bow ' And barnacles grew on his hat. My first was a cutie from Richmond, . . A sweet little girl from The Patch, l'l'5 Pelll5 were b699Y. l'll5 eqrs il1eY ilepped. l tried to use strong arm .His nose had warts like a pickle: Bur led Wm, fhe wrong arm- l'llS llelf WGS lengt and lll5 llef1Cl5 Wefe Cllepped. My Gawd, how that woman could scratch. And he hadn't a lcensorecll nickle. He stuck out his neck at evcry.chance il-ntiielelxbziiaihe gilgadlgllzilvdhle product' And sneered at.the old traditions. My ideas were brigm ' He held the 5p,eill9hl ei eVe'V.'le"'ee Till she crossed with a right And Vhumbe el 'll queer pesmens' And made me relinquish my clutch. He d nk wa rn wine with a knowing leer, Andahootecl his friends' opinion: . Qlinifallilf rfas allloney ilcffm LY"ellbU'9- He was.known as "The Curse of the Qavaluerf' she said'E2Oc':1'.. And The Blot on the Old Dominion. But I mink She.s taken ' And Yea when H13 Day oi hgucfiment Came' Her lessons from Tony Galento. And is comra es qua e r e mice, . There were 26 cards with this meatball's name ghe lil wasde lady ho?" Hjlgns For the am 5 had bla him mee. lcialigaeniiiblilishilifif an emma' Now what was the reason this super goon She Wes Vl'ee'ln9 mess knucks- Wsmie from the ranksdof ,TE 'aww H b H So l didn t succumb to her lure. y is s'ster souirme wi a sma a oon On the stage at the dear old Gaiety. Sled miwrl am eefldelg and 5e'e' By QONQUEST ' S cars! gi enttlrey l ereft- Reprlnted from Topics, October I9, I9 Buying goerzgiiaefigenq There's still Mary Washington left. 7 'f 'Y Dear Sap, T 1 7 l lust received from you A letter llhree Cents POSTGQG duel REFLECTIONS ON THE ANNUAL 4-nvgng me, l billushutovsay, 0 Pe'1efS all e - 5- Th h f th f'thd -t h f well. flanks. buf if the fwfr be fold roieizirielsndokufis lssifmielh ?oJf5l Your invitation leaves me cold. lt's not a petty or even a mere book My lTlem0fV l5,VefY Cleef But bless your heart, it's a bright New Yearbook! O what YOU Qld 'le me l55'f Yeel' Huzzah, huzzah for Editor Balsley- YOU 5iUCl' me ll! 'he ililfd flee' back lt's a good thing he didn't et sick of the palsley Of Seflle dllepldeied Slieek- Hurray for next year's Editor gheek, The flowers lllel' YOU Qeve to me A genius not yet come to his peak. Were l'fleE3 from llle D- 5- C- Send rockets up for the rest ofthe staff Yqur C-ldflelflg WGS e feiel l055 Willing and able to "stand the gaft." ll d l'Pl'llef Y Umbe Wllll e lW0"5ei Reader, be glad you paid five dollars lfl Velll 'Ol ieed dld l eppeel To look at your friends in their clean white collars l 'level' Q07 fl ,deeeflf meal. See all the Deans with expressions ot pietyg Al"d Whei ,beslf-les-,l d lllfe to 55kt Look at the dopes in the Dagger Society, ' Raw Qe5Pl'lle WGS In YOUI' flask? Pictures of frets without flaw or stigma, YOU' e5k'flQ 'Del YOU 'Tj00'l5'Cll Calf. Pictures of Roberts, and Alpha Chi Sigma. To Come e9e'n7 .Denl make me laugh- See all the faculty in this annual- FO' belle' death In ,GUY Sllepe Faces like lions looking at Dannual. Then have e deie Wllli Yell' YOU al-Rel Reader, the term is wearing thin l'Cl 'Hillel' Spend 6 meflill 'fl l"ell- But look what you got for a medsely fin. Signed' Next year's Corks will be even better, Yours as always' And maybe they'll let you wear it on your sweater. LITTLE NELL. . . . OGDEN CONQUEST H831 THE MID-WINTERS The Soufhern is lafe, buf no one is seriously alarmed. Beer cans and boHles are under foof, buf if is accepied as a maHer of course. Parfies ge+ gummy and people sodden. Whaf else could fhis be 'Phan Mid-Winfers7 Will Bradley is a shade brassy, buf everybody was fallcing and so I+ passed unnoficed. Wasn'1 'rhe dance-se? fun? Yassuh: buf ius+ wail 'lil Easier Week! THE ROTUNDA DANCES The Roiuncln . . . fhis symbol of Universily life has reassumecl lcl o uses, Prior +o i895 Final Balls and visifors' recepfions were held here. ln January, I940, ihe firs+ of a new series of Rofunda dances was inaugurarecl wifh such success fha? 'rl1ey now occur every farm. lncleecl, ihe Roiunda Dances command a place of imporiance and inieresi in 'fhe life of Universify sfudenis. . .4 .rf fr. " , . M V ,, FINALS, I940 T. Dorsey, Woody Herman, and imprompfu harmony sei ihe fempo for fhis crowning evenl on lhe Social Calendar of lhe Universily. The Big Tenf, high- pressure Alumni Drives, fhe barbecue, F. D, R. and his knife-in-fhe-back, swelfering graduafes, forgo-Hen exams, parlies on fhe Lawn, Juleps-all fhis is Finals. ll So successful were the parties this year that the pictures co existant film or censored. The S. A. E.'s, the St. Elmo's, 'r D. U.'s-these and various more private parties contributed to make this Mid-Winter season on the gayest. Only Easter Week with its Maier Bailey parties can eclipse this colorful round of iollity. ES MID-WINTERPARTI 4 verinq them were either taken on non- he Kappa Sig's, the K. A.'s, and the Ji 97" N, 1 l I fx -Q 5 PASSAGESFROM A FIRST-YEAR MAN'S DIARY September I3-Charlottesville was cold, dreary and de- serted when I arrived at 5:30 this morning-saw a strange gent at the Corner-old, dirty, bearded, and dressed like "Joe College"-all he could say was "Shoot me out, Larson" . . . what a hell of a reception. Where do all the dogs corne from?-it said in the catalogue that no dogs were allowed . . . it took half a day to register .... The Honor System was explained to all first year men. Things to remember: call campus the grounds, wear a hat, don't speak to fraternity men until rushing starts, sign pledges on all quizzes . . . we had a torch light parade tonight. The singing and cheering was verv colorful .... Drank beer with some of the fellows at the Virginian after the rally .... Saw Virginia trounce Lehigh today. Wait until we play Yale .... MEMO: Bring bottle to the next game-it seems to be the custom .... I went to the Yale game on the Virginina Special. What a wild ridel I lost 55.00 in a crap game, and my hat in the Yale Bowl. l met a q-.een from Vassar on the train from New York. I think I invited her down for Opening Dances .... October: I pity the fellows who had to register for the draft .... I ioined the N. R. O. T. C. Wait until Sally sees my uniform. . . . Spent the week-end at Sweet Briar with a beauty from Georgia. I asked her to come for Openers. . . . Rushing has started-I wish I could remember every- one's name .... Madison Lane is like Times Square on New Year's Eve .... I have been dropped by two houses already. I hope I can last out for the beer Saturday night .... October I6, Bid Sunday-the suspense was terrific. Deciding was worse-going down Madison Lane was like running a gauntlet-expectant brothers were waiting behind the doors eager to pounce upon the new pledges .... October 20-four days later, and the same fraternities are still waiting .... November: Opening Dances next week and I have three date .... I had to develop a slight appendectomy to get out of two dates .... Jan Savitt dedicated a song to the University-two thousand people were at the Pi Kappa Alpha party .... We had three days off for Thanksgiving, and I met Jean from Vassar in New York. We spent most of the time in the German-American Club, drinking beer and explaining how I became sick before Opening Dances. . . . Back at school cramming for exarns. I hope I don't flunk out before Spring .... " -.. A V A Back to the old routine of studies, beer, dates, and beer, after a very strenuous Christmas vacation-I think l'Il do some studying this term if I can find time .... I dropped Mathematics and Chemistry for Rural Social Economics and Music Bl .... Pop said that he would put me to work in the factory if I don't pass this term. . . January is a dull month, studies are dull, Char- lottesville girls are dull .... Went to Hollins to see Mary. She said she loved Virginia dances. Could it be a hint? . . . It looks like we will be State basketball champions this year. We looked hot against Tennessee tonight .... Partied after the game .... Went to the O. D. K. dance, and did my part in raising money for the Canteen Fund .... l'Il be happy when I move out of the dormitories. I couldn't do any work even if I wanted to .... Strange weather for February. One day it is cold and the next it is warm enough to go coatless .... I went to the Navy boxing match at Annapolis. After the fights Don and I went to the "dives" near the docks in Baltimore. The "Oasis" had a good floor show, and I learned a few new songs .... A new magazine named "Crust" has been started here. . . . All students have been given registration cards. Some ioker put "light brown complexion" on my card. February-Mid-Winter Dances are coming soon, and the folks want me to invite Suzy, my sister, for the occasion. Who wants their sister here on a dance week-end? And what shall I do about Mary from Hollins? . . . "Sis" said it was a "wild" series of parties, but I think she enioyed everything. She said she had never seen so many gay, carefree people . . . Suzy has gone back to school to talk about Will Bradley, AI Donohue and a Virginia dance week-end .... The term is half over, and I have not started to work yet. It looks like the Iactory for me .... I took the occasion to christen my new beer mug and partied Friday and Saturday. Why does beer leave such a bad taste? . . . Exams are over and I barely passed .... The Geology class took a two-day field trip to Virginia Beach. I don't re- member what happened after we went through Richmond. . . . How can anyone study in this weather? MEMO: Spend every week-end until June at Sweet Briar .... Lambeth Field,.during a baseball game, is the hottest place in Virginia .... The Warrenton Races go down in this diary as the year's drinkingest, craziest, muddiest and most arrest-ing week-end. I still don't know who won the third race. Maybe I am saving the bet receipt in vain .... Easter Week has passed. Gone are the mason iarred iuleps, mellow moosemilk, dawn on Afton, four days with the woman you love .... There should be a law against exams in this stifling weather .... School is over .... What in the hell am I going to do all summer until school opens in the fall? Ohl I'd almost forgotten, there's summer school in two weeks! Ll88.l -- 4--LL ,bmxhp q TS 4 rf? Lia vale: IA During The opening days of school, The firsT-year men rush To The corner and buy haTs, lT has long been a Tradifion here aT Virginia ThaT all sTudenTs wear haTs unTil The end oT Their firsT year. The cusforn, originally sTarTed by an almosT bankrupT haberdashery in CharloTTesville, has proven quiTe Troublesome To The affecfed parTies. However, This cusTom has provided much amusemenf To The haTless upperclassmen. Personal Tasfe in haTs varies as greafly as in Ties, and on The grounds you can find all Types of lids--chapeaux if you musT-adorning The heads of The unsophisTicaTecl firsf-year men. For a super-flashy Tie iob sTraighT from Bena, Virgnia, There is always an accompanying narrow-brimmed and high-crowned haT of The vinTage of '08, For The bulky, wooly, kniT Tie ThaT is gaThered in a faulTless Windsor knoT, you will find as a sequel a doe colored Phee-Dora bound in an oh. so rakish lighTer shade of Tawn. Yes, kind reader, you can Tind all sorTs of haTs walking abouT The grounds oT The UniversiTy. ln many cases The haT expresses The personalify of The wearer and gives a clue To The localiTy he hails Trom. There are The fellows who habifually affecf gabardine pork pies: These boys are eiTher from Up NorTh, Texas. or OuT Wesf-preferably California. These haTs sTarT OTT being a Iighf color. buT shade inTo all kinds of off-colors and lighf pasfels. IT is even rumored ThaT These same gummy gabardines had a definiTe shape aT some sTage of The game. The exTreme opposiTe of our "Powl: Pie" chap comes eiTher from Rufland, VermonT, or Newark-he's goT a Macy's BasemenT Special. The color is green, buT ThaT is all righT because iT maTches his Trousers. This Type of boy is quick To learn, and before The year is ouT he is The besT dressed boy in his boarding house. OT course There are The New York guys who. along wiTh a Tew "fringe" boys wear noThing buT J. Press clofhes and naTurally J. Press headwear. These are The ones who seT The fashion for Mrs. WrighT's and join eiTher ST. Elmo or The Poop House. l-lafs cause more conTusion among firsT-year men Than MaTh Al. Dur- ing "Rushing" hundreds oT haTs are sTrewn abouT on The floors of The various houses, and in leaving There is a TranTic rush To grab anyThing To cover your head. "Take The besT you can find and leT The sTudenT police seTTle The maTTer laTer" is The wafchword oT The day, The same spiriT pervades The ParamounT Sunday aTTernoons, and walking Through The lobby is like Threading your way Through a cow pasTure. Before The ChrisTmas holidays all haTs are eiTher grimy and sTreaked, losT, or-in a Tew cases-replaced. ATTer a Dance Week-end iT is com- parafively simple To deTermine iusT whaT parTies The owner wenT To- Millc Punch, Julep, House Punch, or whaT have you? ln years To come The former firsT-year men can gaze aT Their baTTered old haTs, examine The dark sTains, sniff for The pleasanT aroma of The old days, and remember when They Too were once GoaTs and FirsT-year men. Ll89l ,ff au.-47 s fw ' 'J as 53 ' N ,1 ml ., , Nyav - .sa . Sf S ff" ,gy g '1, WET, sl' , 'Q ' ,gs 2 3' my f" 3.13 ' 1 gi Y 7s Q. wr. 'ix f f vw 'I L9 ' 1 I I A 7 Saw df ,I 4' IIA? P' -wx at van 'Mtn Lv .1 A Y W x 41 11. N .... ....l.i.....l---- N. Q, N X ' f ' W'-JSP' A Y' A f . .gg f ' , it f ' K x ' " 1 "v-S L X ,,,,:,-7 , ' " g x . ' 1, 'luis - '12, rf. ! - .ww 1' .V ,, T, K f - ".' . ! ' " ',-.nm 1 ' ' 9 '-.-g, W v 1 T4 ' f . ', r ' , 'Qi . ' ' v S 5 A - v.,,.5',AwA. ln, -Q 4 4, , i. qi..- ,w,. ' .J '. 1-M 'Lf,:f:.Q.QL'.flJg .VH I 5535275113 ' ' -L fum Q, rv N Kg.. -.Q I- Q" . fl - ,ou V, mx 1. . ' - M1 -, ww - - ,A 'J-'oi' ' N fff' ,, g,:4?fv.- Y f ' A-"J F. . 1 X, ,,v1,A N .A .. M .- '7 ay'-v .-1 ,, sf 'f'NQ?'Hs'y w. 31' ' 1, , 7 .."".'Dl":v' 99 M'-?3efPX"Mf . 3. T ...--. Hun I lllhit VIIGINRI ' ..--.,,.,..... tuvuo vnu! U !' 52323 ' ' i ' I2 1- .W ,.,, L X NNW V x .. er, 1, -Fisqfgjjj N f T1 rg" f -, ..- ww!! .N 2 S , 0' i Q',. " ' W-r':Y,,1 W a 'ai' '29 .. fl . J' PsB". a Q- 1- , 5 - Q - V' '91 1 A ,P 1-4"f f ? 7 4 1 , Y 1 Q 'FA I Q-Ib ' mf' - ar- ,..-. ..1,. --'- fray f u ,6 X n Ji Aff 5 . ' 0 F xl H, if f 1-4.a..A. .HH , . T' t Y . M 'S ' 1 1' Q ".f..f AF' P5 fi ti 4 ff, J "I 1 W -'Q Y 8 x I , . ff, J ' .,, YQ SFQGBQI' Q Div: Q ff v 41.7 'fm W, r F 1 A - f 1 X til Q 1 Jn., A X . NL. T Q X V ,Xml Q y w 1 - , s 3 LM . A , x am, 1 '4 1 2 ,Ak ,A Q .j ff l'k2 WEE Lash, f x. any '4 I A -W g 1 Y 'Wm V 5 .V N39 Q N I . ,av 33, It ,pw- W5 'N ,W wwf t .J 'gy W mm -gs? Xi: vil- -X - . ,r X V' M W A a, -W M 1 ..' ' I .-,,...-1' ':7 ..., 2-13504 4, . ' ,.',,,,J -s . ff ,.f'f2f".-rm . 6 ' B, ,L . " A1 ' ' ,II 14 V4 i K '- - ' ' : ' i x,. ,, ' . I r -'-., 5 Y ' ' 'Q f""' ,ui V711 M . AS- T 51 1 . f w ,Y 'v.,N naw x ,iw . s n g as fv lm, , Q 5 1 V 1 -A. .1 -in .fi LQ. :w,, A my if v E, 'fa ,, 7, A . . P- . A Y' " 9f?'7T'ff-Ii Q' he 1 v f . pf,- ' 'A,,,-..., Q "?"""" X Miva I in I ,"',r Q I ' NF . I . 3' :nl X Afxgwflzftfut X S A 5 W Uhifilf zfmgw ' t 8' l , 'M V, fkv ', -0 , ., , W U11 ' I ww V K. , Lg AIU!!! NN yfwfgp .32 ' 2 Km! -..:,, M Elm i , , - ', t L 3' A . 5 'g E5 V f 5. ,iaxxa V' at ip V A 2 A . f ' Q 4 s ff' 3 in ' 5 X h . df va I -FT X 4 A A 1 W ' A MN' IW A ., A. lj --52,55 h- , I . sw x! A if A ,ig K, , , wg 2 5 L9 A w 1' mfs We Ky l,lq,7.x ,,f'1f, Sv 41.1 'Q ' ya. .' ,,fzc , i 'v A i, W . I f tg? A Q--V 1 - , :fn-11,135 iffy' MQ ' . ll'isnq3y 1 1 -g ,,Y N? .Q c. ,Qu 4 , f - Ying., .X g X 1 Q - N 3' ' mv 5 Af','A-Sk Q., - -. M I 1 .I x M1 . N . 16 H . WW 6, - M 'HN -:A M 82 3 EN K J v in ll 11 av il Q 9 Al O 9 A 1 fi nv" ' Mi? - wi Wmg 5 4 . "f i Y 5 W 71 1 2' 8 N v 41-I'.'1 ' ., .",'5...!. xx , 3 .. . . 4 ' I i4.a,Ll-4-J-f Y 5 'fi 7 ' 3 Y 2' 2. 9' v . A , A , ' l ' v , , x ' . 4 ,. x. ,. , 4 fi I-' i '.,.s i " ' f' 938- . N - -5 Katy, ,V 'ww 1 It JQ' 2 . M, ,l', C ,,, Q1 ' ' Y F.: rim' '. ' .J ,sr ' r, Y' 'A' nr , xg f' 1'R7r"x ""Vf"' - - fi Mmm, 1 " 'v' , . . ,- 9 .' . ---- JF bl F T Q' ,INF A wma' ig., ln, .Q ?' W3w Av - ' ' on K . 1, I '53 , . 1 ,,...-.. rmimfwf' , ,vw r . ' ,..... x . f I- J. M,-, f , -,..w,, N fm'- iv. ,I wi , .Qi '1 28.1 x 55 7 xx 1 5 x 5 71, J' J ,v 1 fx X-- , 1 Q' 'L . Ulm' V V ' ' nn1.r'Y '1'l"' ' ' Qs v H' za M-wllmzz J Q 1, I -af ?i,,Jf1- ' ,-yurarf 1 Hmm A 'N -3' 4 ,y 4 GQ- . 'iff A' 'fx Q-.,L A 1-4' k Q, M , . . L L X k v cf- . Q c . Y X ' , , , w ' V L, x ,, I if ,Q if Qs K K u . ' I . pa. nl 4 ,.- ' , - , 4. , , .5 nag, , K H 1 " V Q . 6' '9- . 1.- , . .-W g. 7 " . . . .v I 8 l'fn!'r-'M 4 bi.-?,,jg1l,4:M5, - ,L -X N iihx A A ' . . f fl il W L , Q, . vi"""' " 4. 1 I 2 I F ff: 'L 1 1 'N 'ff o gs,-V, 53 UTNH wx E-7, .W A A qggw V ,1-1.13,--f -V . .flimf 'er .W-tfmfif 8 . .I F?" 4 N .r .. f ' x "lf" -,, nil' 7 1 XL '2'I. x 1.11 .aw 2 AW, '- fill, .M X .,.A,,LW5 x .T . , 4 ,W K, 1 ,fa M xr f f'g.QU1'z' ,V .. .Qwmm ,,, fff e " , X Q W V 15 'Tlx A ' arm' O' F, b HLSKQE xv ,L elim V fw , ,X AA A , , Y w t. 1 y Al Eg, l 5.'m,,3?l,SQ J ,if gm X A V ,. ,al .. Y ' 4,471 X af 'X v Qi 1' ',,v5':gi gf i x gi VX. . wfw I , ggi? , ,V M, , if 'N is , ug.. . I V 2. . .33 , - Mn I L, 1 - , ,,f Q ,N .,w,5V.5f W. ,I W 5' 45? A g ,,, , W . 1: 1 ' 3' Jil. Vx, xx' 71 A X,-:my 5- 1ii2.r K QE -A ii Rfk - ESQ? ' I f f ,Vi , MA v . Q 4512+ gif' , m,1L if ,xy 5 ' Ckkwifwl' un. , . . V. .'.,f3:ur," H A , 5 q' . 2. Q sa, 5 N, f T fi' 'S '4 x x bw Q ' 3.3.1, A. will V' 4 L , cg L'ENVOI And so we hope ThaT we have helped you all To live The pleasanT days ThaT glide by all Too quickly aT The UniversiTy oT Virginia. You who already know her beauTies, see Them again wiTh us: you who are sTrangers To The Lawn and RoTunda, Take These words To hearT Tor you have yeT To live. Come wiTh us To The RoTunda when There is moonlighT. See wiTh us The School oT AThens. Live wiTh us The mad joys of an EasTer Week, a Mid-WinTer's, a parTy on The Range. LeT's waTch ThaT run againsT Tennes- see. LeT's . . . Down deep wiThin every Virginia man is ThaT Teeling our Touder had: "May my days end where my dreams all end . . ." aT The UniversiTy. WW? AC 'mv FRAT L 1 7 4 M 011111 RATERNITIES . . . A PICTURESQUE AND VALUABLE ELEMENT OF UNIVERSITY LIFE . . . WE SHALL LONG REMEMBER THE LIFE AT THE HOUSE . . . THE HECTIC DAYS OF RUSHING SEASON, THE PRANKS OF INITIATION, GOAT PARTIES, CARD GAMES, AND THE EVER- WELCOME BULL SESSIONS. HE QUADRANGLE 1 ! 3 'ig z . 2 X Q - xv vm ' - - :' H71 :f , . X. I . , . ..Q' ff-xl,.4 " " .gif .Ny ffl' . H ,. ,, , .XW ,- J., ' .2 J, " lml-, 1--Hg , -w"xib f-fm.. : , '. ,4+. ,M uf- , , . al ' c f- ' 1 , ,l V-,W ,K vt. Ig W ,xl A4 15 ., -r r f. u V MH. -, Jr 1 ' JY? 1, H . .. ff I , l"' 'If ' 11? M:-4 if ,PNK QL -Q V24 ,, .4 3 Dy, ,Ii 1, Q fa Q .Aix 1 e-5.2, 'f' 9 N , xv'Q,',.xl 'hi' 5' ' . ,.:..,g,x., I H-. 4:2 f V' 'nw in 4 4 rg? , mx w .V - .f , f"'g 'L X, ' U, 'f pl an ft 2 r, f'h.,, - 9,5 214 5 ' LK ka I, .au 'Q .A ' 5 'll 0 I ak. x Nb wr' 4 -wx V' . 6, 'Saw x 'ff' 5 43,5 M t, K- r K gym j f 1. V S J 2 6 w.. ,yfmv-M,. M.. V, w I I A W -3 ll S 4 " li QQ? Y A 'I n L, A .- 'H"1'r"'v qua .0553 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS ROBERT B. ALDRICI-I . . .... .... P residenl' BROKIE LAMB .... ..... V ice-Presidenl JIM LITTLEFIELD . . . . Secrefary-Treasurer GOVERNING BOARD Roberl B. Aldrich T. N. P. Johnson. Jr. Brolcie Lamb Jim Lifllefield Ned Langhorne Bill Harman Roberl K. Wolfz FRATERNITY REPRESENTATIVES Alpha Epsilon Pi . Alpha Tau Omega Bela Thela Pi . . . Chi Phi ...... Delta Kappa Epsilon Della Phi ...., Della Psi .,... Della Tau Della . Della Upsilon . . . Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Sigma . . Phi Alpha . . . Phi Della Thefa . . Phi Epsilon Pi . . . . HERBERT J. CHERNIS . , . . BROKIE LAMB . HENRY T. WICKHAM . , . BILLY DILLARD . . ROBERT B. ALDRICH . . . NED LANGHORNE COLEMAN MOTLEY, JR. . . . . . GEORGE PEEK . . . . JOHN STERN . . JOHN W. WALTZ . . ROBERT L. TARRING . . JOE EICHELBAUM . . HUGH E. RUSSELL . . DAVID ROTHSCHILD Phi Gamma Della . Phi Kappa Psi . . . Phi Kappa Sigma . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Pi Lambda Phi . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi ..,.. Sigma Nu ..... Sigma Phi Epsilon . Thela Chi .... Thela Della Chi . . Zela Bela Tau . Tau Epsilon Pi . . Zefa Psi .... IZOSI T. N. P. JOHNSON, JR. . . ROBERT K. WOLTZ . BILL HARMAN . BOB LEVERICH ..... BILL MIRMAN ERVIN J. DICKEY, JR. . HEYWARD .HOWKINS . FREDERIC L. HALL . CHARLES A. REED . . . JIM LITTLEFIELD SAMUEL R. BROOKS, JR. WILLIAM MENDELSON . . . MITCHELL SIMON . . AL STODDARD 41 I I 1, 1' 1' f' ""' - -- JHllZ YZlUlUlUliUBIllllH - : Firsf Row Founded el' Yale in IB44 Sfokes. Sfuarf. Dorsey. Bradley. Lee, Leys. Esfablished af Universi+y of Vir- ginia. November 26, I852 Second Row ' Edmunds. McLaughlin, Wa++s, Mr, Luck, Aldrich. Dr. Hoxfon. Oehmig, WilleH. ,-., ,,, Third Row i- - ""' Bryanf, Wilson, Brooke, Marbury. Brown. Prince, Bryan. Smifh. McCallum. .4 f. -1 - -. -F K, 41- GravaHe. nv- j gi : Four+h Row --v Q., Oehmig. Rheff. Kabler. Suhling, Sargent Wesf. Roberfson, Kisney. 1- XX --' Goodwin. T f I' , Lf' - U2 1-' 'U-"i Q7 I2061 irginia alfa Kfzalofer FRATRE IN FACULTATE Llewellyn G. Hoxion. B.S.. M.A.. Ph.D. FRATRES IN URBE X Dr. Sfaige D. Blackford Hedley McNeer Bowne Frank Aubrey Massie Jack Rinehari ,l .1-s 44 15 ,ii - Q --ffl, X 3-- 4.3- " 1-7 5-ffl A 1- - ' lf! nf- ID" ' -F fi if- xx if X ?' Ixxvi! N ' -1 -:...sA if' f Edward Walls Gamble. Jr, Roger Richard Rineharf 11 N ,-1 J. Malcolm Luck William A, Rinel-uarf, Ill -.- if Maynadier Mason Gus Tebell - David Joseph Wood COLLEGE Roberl B. Aldrich Samuel M. R. Kinsey Calvin R. Allen Daniel W. Oehmig F. Dixon Brooke Leigh C. Rheh' C. Braxlon Bryan. lll H. M. Roberlson. Jr. William B. Marburry George L. Sargeani Lee M. McLaughlin William G. Suhling. lll Laurence L. Prince George F, Wesi William Roscoe Willef+ J. Cooke Wilson C. Edgar Bryanf l-lynson Brown Carl Goodwin LAW John J. Abberley Lewis Wesl Oehmig B. Warwick Davenporl James Smifh Winsion Frosl Roberf C. Walls. Jr. James Edmunds William Moncure Gravalle Chalmers McCallum MEDICINE Edwin P. Parker. lll ENGINEERING James H. Kabler INITIATES George Sluarl Thomas Slokes Doug Bradley Dawson Lee Roy Dorsey Arlhur Weir Charles Leys L2071 li --1 u I M in 1- uf Front Row Founded ai' Jefferson College in Elder. Maloney. Marshall. Conquest Wolfz, Cooke, Walker. Balsley, I852. Roberfs. Esfablished ai' fhe Universify of Virginia in I853. Second Row Shaclcelford, Conwell. Beverley, Mellen, Frazier, Mounfield, Conrad L---Q Welch, Cheek, James. l. J 1 3-. - -1 l .-4 lb. -l l. - an... "QL, -.1 .. ' 4, : .-i :: 'A Ee' -.. '- '--: Third Row 'ii -h Q! : Coclcran. Wyckoff, Davis, Sfreef, Allen, Nelson. Kessing, Donaldson : : McPar+land, Whi+la+ch, Kilham, Hoyl- cd? 1? --i l I208J IN ITIATES AN D PLEDGES irginia, .xg49Aa, CAQPBQP FRATRES IN FACULTATE Richard I-Ieaih Dabney, M.A., Ph.D. John Rilchie, III, B.S.. LL. ., . . . Oscar Swinelord, Jr., B.A., . . FRATRES IN URBE A1- Q. -- L 1- .Q- I .II riff 'T QA wlx' 1. pi. j- .--.. .-.- 1-. --. un- 1- wi ,- George B. Eager, Jr., B.A.. LL.B. 1 "' X I B J S D M D Thomas Munford Boyd Frank I-I. Balsley W, Bryan Banker. Jr. J. Bradford Beverley Edward N. Cheek Alberf K. Cocke Ralph E. Conrad P. L. Conquesf, III John M. Conwell Philip D. I-Ioyr Bari M. James Thomas E. Kessinq John I-lunier Robinson Thomas W. Maloney C. William Massie, II William P, Mounfield John S. Roberls George G. Shackleford Frank C, Scrymser Pulnam T. Slowe William C. Tulhill Roberl P. Walker G. Roberl' Welch F. Brooke Whiling, II W, Birkell Williams I. o fl? K IF LAW A. Jackson Bren? Fi+zhugh Elder, Jr. William A. Dickinson D. Barhydl Marshall Rolserl' K. Wolfz MEDICINE Marcellus A. Johnson. III Thomas McC. Sawyers William N. Thomas, Jr. ENGINEERING Rollin N. Conwell Winlhrop W, Mellen, Jr. Donald A. Frazier Bruce K, Nelson Lewis M. Allen Peyfon Cochran. Jr. Richard I-I. Davis Thomas Donaldson. Jr. Alfred C. Kilham, ll Leo E. McParIIand Henry J. Slreaf J. Buckley Whiflalch Marshall G. Williams J. Bernard Wyckoff, Jr. Charles S, Wylie If209.I Froni Row Founded 3+ fha Univenify of Harman, Talley, Wighlman, Jens, F. Pollard, Blackwell, Reed, While Pennsylvania in I850. Buchanan. Eslablished al lhe Universify of Virginia on December 3l, I855. 1 gr- .gg i ...g 1- K 1? ni- V ly .il iv- he --1 lv- ly -1 ?' ,QQ -1- , 'Y '41 - f, Q -... : l , -A I ae: -1- -vp vn-- -ar Q?----1 1 Second Row Knowles, Coleman, Pallon, Savage, Lewman, Joyner, Davis, Monlaigne Mason, Burke, Bear, Nelms, Third Row Harrison, Finlayson, Wrolh, Benlon, l-lolce, Paradis, Hobson. Willse R, Pollard, Dick. Absenl Dudley, Mculsby, Malllwews, Herring, Lowrance, Johnslon, Dari. C2101 5261, fel' FRATRES IN FACULTATE . Lewis M, Hammond, Ph.D. John M. Nokes, M.D, Oscar Underwood I FRATRES IN URBE George Cooper Hunler Faulcaner Richard Terril Minor Lyflledon W. Wood John D. Blackwell James A, Bear. Jr, John K. Burile Landon G. Buchanan John L. Davis Frank S. Dudley, Jr. Fred N. Harrison, Jr. Jennings W. Hobson, J William B. Harman Roberl T, Joyner. Jr. Warren Slone Lee William Henry Laird James Dreury Wood William H. Wood Harry G. Lewman Saunders L. Maulsloy Lockerf B. Mason Gerald Monlaigne, Jr. F. H. Nelms, Jr. Roberl N. Pollard, Jr. Toy D. Savage, Jr. Daniel D. Talley, Ill John W. Wighlman James L, While -1 . 1-. -3 45.-Q i- .-1 1- --i lg -il 1- l. are 7- 1- -. 1. 7 - V x f ,fi H --1 1- . ,lv v?-1 l- William G. Jens John V. Maflhews Thomas R. Johnslon Alvah L. Herring, Jr, Herman A. Benlon, Jr. Claude C. Coleman, Jr. John H. C. Dick Edward D. Dari Henry L. Finlayson. Jr, Frederick G, Pollard John W. Knowles Charles L. Reed Preston B. Lowrance James D. Palfon, Jr. Joseph A. Paradis, Jr, E, Pickney Wrolh, Jr. Raymond G. Willse, Jr. John Z. Hoke I 211 fl -D -1 -1 -g -i i .alfa jwlfa Siffing Founded df Miami UhiV6l'Sify in Hudgins, Carclozo, F. Somerville. T. Bell, Koonlz, Wickham, W, Somer I939- ville. Neff, Garnelr. Esiablished af fha Universify of Virginia in I854. George, Firsi' Row lSiandingl Smilh. Cronly, Harbison, Judkins, Hume. W, Scoff. Second Row Olsson, J. March, Whiffle. H. Goodwin. Dulany. Third Row D. Ellelr, Hall, L. Bell. V. Scorl, McCown. Fourih Row Harrison, D. March, W. Goodwin. Buck. Missing Weiseger. H. Ellefi, Archer, Reynolds, Tucker. l2l21 Millan micron Czalolfer FRATRES IN FACULTATE Alloerf J. Barlow, M.A., C.P.A. Archibald B. Shepperson. M.A., Ph,D. Samuel A. Miichell, M.A.. Ph.D. I Hardy C. Dillard. LL.D. William H. Faulkner, M.A., Ph.D. FRATRES IN URBE Col. E. R. W, McCabe Charles Venable Minor Col. Learlus J, Owen Eugene E. Wager Dr. Charles C. Tennani Junius R. Fishburne George E. Walker. Jr. Cary M. Davis. Jr. E. R. W. McCabe, Jr. COLLEGE Waller F, Scorf. Jr. David C. Hume E. Howard Goodwin Clinion M. I-larbison D. Orme George. Jr. James E. Millan C. Grove McCown Ben W. Dulany George E. Oakley, Jr. Lewis F. Bell Charles C. Hall. Jr. E. Van Zile Scoii Carier B. Weiseger James H. P, Garneil Winsron M. Somerville Mosby G. Cardozo Henry G. Ellell V. William Archer, Jr. Fenion D. Somerville John H. Neff William S. Judkins John Hill Cronly. Jr. William Massie Smiih Joseph P. Whiifle Ei A X KILQY. Z' pl ,f kill , . ,,-,. - -Q ...- -... X I N, ,NYSE-D 1- ii fillll rg? 1.5. LQ... -.- ,j?' i BBE MEDICINE Weir M. Tucker Walker Reynolds. Jr. Thomas G. Bell LAW William W. Koonfz Henry T. Wickham William H. Hudgins ENGINEERING Slure I. G. Olsson John P. March D. Maxwell Ellell INITIATES David H. March Jacqueline M. Harrison William A. R. Goodwin Richard B. Buck IZIBI B0 . aw An of 41 l Founded a+ Union College, I847. Esfablished a+ Universify of Vir- ginia. l857. .--. .4-.. ..-5 i- . 31 -11 if '- l- 3- i nb 1- gn- it 1. 1 9- 1. -vi -.1 -1 -1 i : 6 6521: iff - ilk, ac K XL.c9-.7 1 --i Top Row James Banks lhousemanl, William Blackwell, Vincenf Barrie, Roberf McKinley, Presfon Miller, Ellsworih Osfergard, Thomas Biggeri, Joseph Powell, Cyrus Phillips, William Shearman, Donald Olorechf. Middle Row George Mayberry, George Dawes, Thad Slack, Edward Sfeckmesser, George Walker, Richard Lloyd, Russel Niller, Willis King, Waller Boggs, Samuel Abboif. Boffom Row Samuel Broolcs, William McCann, William Guy, Donald Liffle. John Russell, Harold Mack, Plarmer l-lewleff. John Ludlam, Phillip Rolhar, Henry Cook, Thomas Griffis. I2l41 i gi 14 C2 'L' ' 4 ..-- W -- Won Aalolfer ..... fri. - 2 'Q 1. -1 Xe UN -1 !D- - ' T ,EI- FRATRES IN FACULTATE ,T Y A. e. A. Balz, BA., MA.. Ph.D. esorge B. zehmef. Bs., Mfr, ...-' X 'Y' l 1 James C. Bardin, M.D. Vinceni' W, Aroher, B.S., M.D. -" W 1 R. F. Maxey. B.A., M.D., Ph.D. James Roberf Cash, M.A.. M.D. ",,. 7 ,f!fE' Andrew D. Hari. M.-D. C. F. Schwariz, B.A.. M.A., Ph.D --- jj X .EJ "1 X -U FRATRES IN unae 'L..' - uv- Lindsey C. Blanlon Rolaerl M. Booih John S. Graves Donald C. Liifle Samuel R, Brooks Walier M. Boggs Thomas J. Grifiis John H. Russell William T. McCann Willis L. King Lewis Graves, Jr. Thomas Hewson Hewson Michie COLLEGE William B. Guy Phillip E. Rolhar Henry L. Cook John M. Ludlam Edmund A. Wellinghoff George M, Dawes Richard L. Lloyd GRADUATE Raymond C. Dingledi LAW George T. Keyes. Jr H6 1-1 "1 g-- L -1 -1 iv E if - - Ax ARCHITECTURE Pla rmer A. Hewleil ENGINEERING Harold D. Mack, Jr. PLEDGES Edson Canova Thad Slack Joseph Powell Samuel Abboll William Shearman Donald Ayres Russel Niller Edward Sleckmesser George Walker Ellsworih Osiergard Donald Obrechf Cyrus Phillips Frederick Harlley George Hemphill George Mayberry Philip Dunbar Donald Sanne Roberl McKinley Thomas Biggeri Roleerl' Hunier Preslon Miller William Blackwell Vincenl Barrie T2 I 51 I 'I We Founded ai Jefferson College in l848. Esiablished al' fhe Universiry of Virginia in I858. .--. Qp. -p Q-.. 4 -- J- 7-, .-1 yi 1 L., 1, ...- ... NIJ... :: ygnfg ::. or oi ii..-r v-.1 3 Siffing Bennelf, Wheeler, Wear, Rhodes, Hill, Befz, Perry, Johnsfon, Worih- inglon. Firs'r Row lS+andingl Phillips, Holsapple, Carroll, Cauchois, Frackellon, Lloyd, Clay, Hicks, Whipple, Gasque. Second Row iS+andingl Frosi, Meyer. Williams, Euwer, Sfeacy, Tooker, Arfhur, Willadsen, Harper, Jenkins. Gaylord. Third Row iSfandingl Gail, Elmer, Ord, Taylor. Voorhees, Davis, Gilpin, Lewis Hall lJaniiorl, Missing William Clough, Lynn Cochran, Frank Decker, George Denison, Charles Dunlap, Savile Hardy, Thomas Johnson, John Kirsfen, John McDer- moll, Sereno Merrill, Roberf Morse, Har.y Muller-Thym, James Nixon, Bradford Wiles, Adam Wyanf. I2l6'l 1 I 2 l'1'LLCl"0lfL Adptel' FRATRES IN FACULTATE Harry Rogers Prall Thomas Hayhursl Evans FRATRES IN URBE ' D. M. Chalmers ' Armislead M. Dobie T, L, Farrar Henry Fonda William Hildrelh Macon M. Arlhur O. John Belz. Jr. John R. Benneil, Jr. Wade Carroll W. Scolf Cauchois Buckner W. Clay Frank W. Decker George Denison Charles H, Dunlap W. Courlney Euwer Roberl L, Frackellon Macbelh R. Gasque. Jr Savile C. Hardy Laurence K. Harper. Jr. Howard Hitchcock Beire Hopkins Norman Kelsey Frank McCue Marshall Wells COLLEGE Frederick S. Hicks William B. Hill. Jr. Ralph T. Holsapple. Jr. R. Wicklifle Johnslon John L. Kirslen Charles F. Lloyd. Jr. Sereno Merrill Roberl E. Morse John M. Perry Edward T. Phillips Charles W, Rhodes, Jr. . John W. Sleacy William R. Tooker Donald D. Wear Roberl S. Willadsen lr i- -1. i- :I I, :UH xv' Jv .--. 1-.. ..- pp.. 1- -. 1- -1- -1 -.-.v GPA ENGINEERING J. Lynn Cochran I-la rry T. Muller-Thym James M. Nixon John I, McDermoH Charles E. Wheeler Edward G. Face. Jr. LAW Bradford Wiles William C. Worihinglon Adam Wyani MEDICINE Thomas N. P. Johnson. Jr. John B. Peiier William A. Clough Roberl B. Davis. Jr. Roberl' E, P. Elmer. Jr. J. Windsor Frosl' G. William Gail William Gaylord Bruce W. Gilpin INITIATES C. Felix Jenkins John C. Lillie, Jr. - Charles R. Meyer James B. Ord. Jr. Fred C. Taylor James E. Voorhees. Jr. John C. Williams, Jr. I2I7I -nf 111 -, .H l ll 3-, 4.1 1HZlH1lZ VIlUlllllilmlllll 1 I I I I 'l f, I h if-l 3" ,-11 1'- :Je-1 ll III --3 -q Q1- -1 --3 -l ' fy I 4 5. Y -- l l Z f - 1 sv- -i 1--,Q vp- 1---1 Q-1 Back Row Bradford, Paulus, Curry, Herold, Miller, Dudley. Wood, H. O'Connell, Bowron. Hawkins, Hobbs, Talbot Colba+l'1, Murray. Middle Row W. Crumm, Kelley, Brinlcerhoff, Goffigan. Wells, Dickey, Cushman, Marshall, Fogarfy, Burgers. Bandy, Taylor, Delaney. Fronf Row Wallace. Haly, Berkley, Fuller, Coakley, Bryanf, Keller, C. Crumm, Lawman, Hubbard. Brown, Ramsay. R. O'Connell. Jemison, Parlow, Cooper. I2l81 irginia micron CAQIQEEI' FRATRES IN FACULTATE pv- ' Alcheson Laughlin Hench, M.A.. Ph.D, Gerrard Glenn, B.A., LL.B. . FRATRES IN URBE Rev. Henry Erving Balcheller Allan Baylor Cromwell Judge Callan Broolcs Pierre Collins C. Presion Bradford Henry S. Brinlcerhoff Edward Burgers. Jr. William A, Bowron Henry J. Colbaih John H. Carrulh William J. Crumm Charles Curry. II John B. Delaney Ervin J. Dickey William W. Fogarty Charles Edward Moran Roberl Osborne Alberr York COLLEGE Kemper Goffigon, lll Roger W. Hell H. Wesibrook Hawkins James K, Herold Malcolm Y, Marshall, Jr Holi A. Murray Harold J. O'Connell, Jr. Charles MCC. Paulus Manning Taylor Edmund W. Thomas Alexander W. Wells Percy H. Wood. Jr. 1 Q--Q 11 i"'1 2 +1 -i ii l ' lllli Vbf.. uv- 'Q un. Q' 1 . '-- Q. , A, -1.- .-151 2 --.1 v- -i Q.. tt -. C. 3 M -l LAW Thomas R. Bandy, Jr. Bolling Hobbs Arrhur R. Cushman Thomas R. Price John C. Talbol ENGINEERING John H. Miller INITIATES John H. Berkley Elberr S. Jemison. Jr. James R, Bryan? Roberf J. Keller, lll Waller R. Coalcley. Jr. Edgar H. Lawman, Jr. Charles C. Cooper Richard M. O'Connell Charles A. Crumm, Jr. Milron A. Parlow Roberf P. Fuller Roberi M. Ramsay Johns C. Haly Fred C. Wallace, Jr. PLEDGES Roberl B, Finlay Waller C. Hubbard. lll Ray L. Murphy f2l91 -1 235,295 Buck Row Founded af columbia College' E. Williams, Farqulwar, Mason, Waldrop. I847. Esiablished ai ihe Universify of Foufih ROW Virginia' Ami' 28' I859. I Hoffman, Presfon, Off, Greenleaf, Felfon. Third Row Marshall, Hooff. Bernard, Harrison. Bryanf, Rumery, J. Wilson, Wilt- ,., shire. ll-rl 11- iq ..-- M -4.- -.- Second Row -- N " lm f"'- Hill. Cl1ris+ian,A,. Sfringfellow, Smifh. Midcllelon, Clwrislian, S., r-i- Campbell. -' 51' 4 i Froni Row l 'ti' -' Ll rv- 1 zu- 1 2- ur- J-Psi' 1- in iw' Q1 i -4 -,...... V., I Q' - ..----1 Wellford, Williams, M., Beverley, Rumery, R.. Levering. li2201 William 04955411 Czafolfer FRATRES IN FACULTATE H. wma, Jr.. BA.. LL.B.. S.J.D, y David McCord Wright LL.B.. Ph.D. FRATRES IN URBE Craig Culberlson Carl Henry Nolling Edward C. Campbell Samuel H. Carler Andrew H. Chrislian Sluarl G. Chrislian T. Todd Dabney Norman Farquhar Cornelius C. Felfon John C. Greenleaf, Jr. William M. Hill Charles Hoffman John C. H. Hooff Edward D. Tayloe Llewellyn Miller John Ashby Marshall John T. Mason Edwin G. Mlddlelon Roberl W. Off William R. Preslon John R. Rumery Peler Kyle Sheffield Parke F. Smifh Franlc H. Slringlellow John B. Waldrop Richard W. Wilfshire p p, 3 ,- 3- 3. 5 X.. 1- 9-. .film Ti, .4 ":-YSL3 Qfillln ii ' i .Q ii - u-,- -4' 1 i Q- rig L- A MEDICINE Allred R. Berkley, Jr. Peylon R. Evans. Jr. Armislead D. Williams ENGINEERING J. Coleman Molley Edmund R. Williams LAW Charles F. Bachmann. ll Thomas P, Bryan, Jr. David Harrison William H. Gorman, ll James H. T. Wilson GRADUATE Richard R. Bernard INITIATES William W. Beverley George Semler, ll Charles B. Levering John H. Welllord, Jr. Richard G. Rumery Mason M. Williams I22l1 Xmumf 1,119 lllllll f' 'ffrii' nnvnillr. ii 41 4 l u 4 un 1 Baci: Row Founded of P,-incofon Unive,-Sify Lynch, McCoy, Larkin, Burk, Wormwood, Cedhcarf, O'SullIvan, Branch, in IBZ4' Brower, Johnson, Marfin, Tuffle, Fegreus. Esieblished a+ Universiiy of Vir- D ginie in l859. Second Row Langhorne, Barneif, Wiegard, Kemp, Fravel, Palmer, Hill, Hopkins, - 'i--il Ruefer, Wesion, Heckle, Roosevelt Phillips. -. AA Q57 -s I K fa ' " :hr ' , G: Third Row ' .-, . X f--' Dough+ie, Taylor. Valerdine, McGeorge. Payne. Bishop, Spurloclr. Mc- ,,, X --' Cadden, Hooker, Day+on, Diliard, Burne'r+, Snavel . -l Y ' X r , Lf' L..Cf2+ ti- -5' l222l 4 " ox ,QAM fwaplfer ...,"' KM ,df Ci bfi- X nav- Q,Ag fl ,-- 4 x 'M FRATRES IN FACULTATE X X Henry L. Cumming William Allison Kepner 1- Dwi? X I g-- fxxxlji l Il FRATRES IN unae -- X A 71- r Hooper Kepner William Berrien "" James C. Twyman '21 X, GRADUATES William Snavely, Jr. Edward R. Dyer LAW Donald K. Dayion Waller M, Cushman ENGINEERING Roberf B. Roosevell 5 Xfzl? Harold L. McGeorge, Jr. John E. Taylor John Wrighl Bishop John E, McCadden, Jr. Granville G. Valentine Charles R. Burneil. Jr. Charles R. Palmer. Jr. Turner Ruefer Allen C. Hopkins Jack W. Weslon Craig A. Brower Marshall Johnson Tom Edward Calhcarl' Richard T. Lynch Benard J, Wiegard Harry E. McCoy COLLEGE Charles W. Douqhlie. Jr. Lawrence Barnelf, Jr. William F. Spurlock Bruce Forbes Kemp William D. Langhorne, Jr Ferd Heckle, Jr. William G. Phillips, Jr. Frederick S. Hill William Dillard IN ITIATES Roy Buller Marlin, Jr. Peler Forbes Wormwood Gerald Joseph Larkin William Burk Richard Fegreus Joseph O'Sullivan Peyion Fravol F2231 ' 1 i A1 'Q i 1 I i 41 4 1. l -7 I: mb' -1 -1 .-1 . -i ... -i .111 1. is ---q 3-fx 1- :- :- Q 5 L.. Q.,--, 1.-1 1-.Q-3 -4 -i i l -1 --q -1 .-1 -- K-Q 4 Back Row Wm. F. Brunner. Gabriel F. Salazar, Charles B. Carry. Dudley P. Os- born. Jr., Shannon M. Allen. Jr., Roberl' L. Brown, Ill.. Charles B. Bleasby. John B. Drago. Hugh Horne, Markham V. Lewis, Thomas S. N. Sfuelzer. Middle Row Wm. A. Waflcins, Wm. S. Lyons, Jr.. Richard R. Baker, lll.. Roberl W. Banla, Wm. E, l-lodges. Harold F. Dirlam, Augusl H. Cahill. John M. Aclcer, Waller V. Paruch, Edwin T. Johnson, lll., Beniarnin W. Shaub, Jr Fronf Row Wm. A. Green. Nils D, Keiellslrom, Eugene M. Childs, Frank W. Hempsread. Guerard H. Howkins. Jr., John W. Reed. Lew D. Brun- dage, Wm. E. Kreidler, Wm. L. Lee, Jr. I224l 41 l Qi 6Aay9Ifer FRATER IN FACULTATE L. Thomas Roysier, M.D. ' FRATRES IN uname L, L. Coclcrell Slephen H. Walls. B.A., M.D.. M.A. COLLEGE Guerard H. Howlcins, Jr. Harold E. Dirlarn Waller V. Paruch Benjamin W. Shaub, Jr. Augusl H. Cahill Shannon M. Allen Rolaerl L. Brown. Ill. Markham V. Lewis Dudley P. Osborn, Jr. W. H. Paine, Jr. J. Allen Thomas. Jr. Roberf W. Banla Wm. E. Kridlor Wm. L. Lee, Jr. John M. Aclcer Edwin J, Johnson. Ill. Wm. A. Dorney, Jr. Craig N. Smifh Wm. A. Wallcins Wm. S. Lyons Charles B, Bleasby .1-. ..-Q ni- 1- 1. , 3- ..--. F3 ciigml ilgw George Perlcins, B.S., LL.D. 3 .l , 3-... .-l M-v i- V LAW John W. Reed Wm. B. Sanderson Lew D. Brundage Hugh Horn Franlc W. Hempslead Joseph K. Massi Wm. E. Hodges ENGINEERING Eugene M. Childs Wm. A. Green Nils D, Keiellsfrom Charles B. Bleasby Charles Carry INITIATES Wm. F. Brunner Gabriel F. Salazar Charles B, Carry John B. Drago Thomas S. N. Sleulzer LZZSJ ig- ii s .-1 ...q Founded March I, IB68, ai fhe Universify of Virginia Seafed on Ground Senlcowslcy, O'Reilly, Lewis. Hudson, Roberison, Harvey, Old, Taium Heald, Hobe, Moff, Rawlings. Seafed, Second Row Smiihdeal, Barr, Ballle, Garris, Walsh, Feuille, Lcverich, Dr. John L Newcomb, W. Hayden, Hobaclc, Mcfxlpine, Souder, M. Johnson. Sfanding, Third Row Whiiehill, Wilmer, Waugh, Cave, McGusiy, Larkin, Russell, Burgess Campbell, Hankins. Sianding, Fourfh Row Davis, Tyler, M, Smiih, Dies, Mahoney, Chapin, D. Smiih, Mayfield N. Adamson, E. Adamson. lf226l args.. dw... FRATRES IN FACULTATE Francis P. Dunninglon, B.S., C.E., M.E., Ph.D. Armisfead G. Gordan, illr., gxgB.,MMbA., Ph.D. Charles Bruce Morfon, ., John Lloyd Newcomb, . ., ' 'I .,'s6.e., LL.D. B A C E Robert Henning Webb, B.A., MA., Ph.D. FRATRES IN URBE John Lewis Cochran, Jr. Archibald Douglas Dabney John Frank Ellioll Clemenl Daniel Fishburne William H. Flannagan James Fendol Burnley Gralh Llewellyn Pugh Hayden Sidney B. W William D. Hayden, M.D. Charles T. O'Neill John Roger Pugh William Lawrence Smilh Downing L. Smilh John Shellon While William H. L. While, M.D. Blake B. Woodson, III. arson 4. .- .- .. .-4. a- .-14 is .1 -D --1 3 ' -.- .. ,N W fwfr-- ill lllllllli yll -Q , - 1 p- 3- 1- 1 -q 1- 7- Q -1- ! 1 -- 'U -n sg -1 1 .i '- V -L1 jp ti Qui -.-4 ..- LAW John S. Ballle, Jr. David G. MacMillan Russell M. Cox, Jr Thomas B. Mason Richard H. Feuille Thomas J. O'Reilly Thomas B. Larkin Decalur H. Rodgers, Jr. Roberl' C. Leverich William C. Whealley, Jr. J. W. Winsion, Jr. MEDICINE Maurice M. Bray William W, Hobaclr William E. Bray, Jr, J. Richard Morris William C. Barr Roberl E. Mcfxlpine William D. Haden, Jr. Charles M. Walsh r - - COLLEGE Edmund B. Adamson Naihaniel E. Adamson Alden G. Bigelow Ralph F. Brooks Harrison Burgess Gilberl S. Campbell Alex Cave Gerard S. Chapin M. James Czarniecki, Jr. Waller C. Davis Marlin Dies Roberl E. Garris Roberf F. Graham G. Slerling Grumman George S. Hankins Paul Harvey, Jr. Wisler M. Heald, Jr. Theodore J. Hobe Charles D. Hurt, Jr. Meredilh Johnson William D. Lewis, Jr. Roberl Lyday George F. Mahoney Thomas M. Mayfield James C. McGusly John C. Moll William W Old, Ill. John P. Roberlson David Russell J. Scolf Rawlings Roberl C. Sealon Frederick Senlrowsky ..l, Doyle Smilh M'nor M. Smilh W. l-loll Souder William B. Spong J Robert Talum C. Roberl Tyler Philip R. S. Waugh Arlhur M. Whilehill, Jr. John A. Wilmer ENGINEERING William I. Gullilord Shirley H. PLEDGES Marshall W. Fishwick Francis M. Roberl T. Hoover, Jr. Smilh Jesse T. Hudson Null L227I 43.59F .' I.. . all A ,gi o. ... '1 Zia X25 Founded ai' New York Universify Walker, Coslello, Grandin. Chandler, Ward, Sfillwell, MacLeod, Sfrong, in l847. Established ai' ihe Universify of' Virginia in I868. Farber, Coleman, T, Nelson, Timberlake. Second Row Gerhardf, Crenshaw, Ordway, Melcalf, Reed, Day. Cheney, Corwin, Cameron, Sloddard, W, Nelson. Third Row Pyle, Haden, Peyfon, Gage, Newhall, Forsyflm, Dr. Lewis, Tenney, Dawson, RansOl'1. Beecham, Palmer, Vermillion, f2281 if F .Jil X Eta, C7m,9fW FRATRES IN FACULTATE Ivey Foreman Lewis, B.A., M.S., Ph.D. Ernesf J. Oglesby, B.A., M.A M B. F. D. Runk, B.S., .S., Ph.D.- , FRATRES IN URBE Murry Bocock Bernard P. Chamberlain William C. Chamberlain Edward C. Clark George M. Coles Roberl Coles Cameron Duke William R. Duke, Jr. Roberr Schlesinge COLLEGE Frank C. Beecham Frederick H. Behr Alexander A. Cameron, Edward A. Cheney Theodore C. Corwin, Jr Francis N. Crenshaw Thomas H. Dawson Arden L. Day, Jr. Edward Gage, ll James E, Gerharcll Roberl H. Haden Jr, W. Eskridge Duke George Forsyfh King Forsyfh Gregory Magruder Gordon B. Nelson Logan M. Nelson W. Allen Perkins F. Bradley Peyfon, Ill r Fielding L. Mercer, II Elliofl F. Melcalf William R, Nelson Paul K, Newhall John R. G. Ordway George C. Palmer, ll J. Pafferson Ranson Charles Reed, Jr. Alberf H. Sfoddard. III David B. Tenney Richard D. Vermillion iff? Cay-ff Q I 1-ffl 3 in I fffagy .T Mil . i l P f L.. -. .1-. 1 llll 1... j 11. - - 1- 6' -Q- David B. Wrighf LAW Harry T. Marshall, Jr. Lawrence H. Forsyfh 4 George Marlin ENGINEERING O, Flelcher Pyle MEDICINE John M. Trapnell INITIATES William W. Banks Norman L. MacLeod Ralph J. Chandler. Jr. Edward A. Milchell Roberf S. Coleman Thomas Page Nelson Mark H. Cosfello, Jr. J. Templeion Sfrong C. Brooks Farber John N. Swarfley James R, Grandin William M. Timberlake George T. Walker, Jr. PLEDGE Thomas D. Grinnell, Jr, I229l 'sn , fff l 17 I I Q ul L " ly urgmq v Ill! v nnnmn I Founded in Richmond, Virginia, on Sepfember Il, l865. Esfablished ar 'Phe Universify of Virginia on November 25, I868. l 31.11 5- -i ,--11 1 --Q l- x i-1 Q -qq 'Q X Q Fel! ,,,Q- 4 E X : K s 3 S-'-17:7 Fronf Row Cornell, Brandi, E. Reese, Dolan, Baylor, Hereford, Peeler, Coleman Janssen, Gorclin, Wood, Gill, Taylor. Second Row l-luller, lvlidcllelon, Slringlellow, Hancock. Ballle, Dodson, Henley Merrick, Connelly, Lamb, G. King, C, King, Slrang. Third Row Buell. Craddock. J. Tucker, Ballenqer, Marshall, Eggleslon. McCoy F. Miller. B. Tucker, T. Gillelle, Thornhill, Gallagher, Brelhen, Teer Baal: Row Forrer, Anderson, Paul, Young, Kirven, Seiler. Smilh, Guy, R, Miller I230.l c irginia legion C!wrl9lfer FRATRES IN FACU LTATE Robert V. Funslen. M.D. Charles E. E. Henderson Thomas Carruthers, B.S. Elbert Alvis Kincaid, M.A., Ph.D Norton G. Pritchett FRATRES IN URBE George Barlow Albert Bolling John S. Battle Roger G. B. Broome John Ryan COLLEGE John D. Ballenger Harry P. Anderson William C. Battle Glenn W. Connelly Charles G. Craddock, Jr. B. Purnell Eggleston, Jr. Charles D. Forrer, Jr. James T. Gillette, Jr. R. Turnbull Gillette Charles C. King, Jr. Robert E. Hancock, Jr. LAW Harry E. Dinwiddie, Jr. James R. Dodson, Jr. Edward Finlay, Jr. Robert E. Henley, Jr. Robert H. Davis, Jr. James S lr-lanckel Christian S. Hunter, Jr. Samuel L. Lee Felix G. Miller, Jr. Ray M. Paul J. Noland Pittman C. Dimick Reese, Jr. Edward J. Robeson, lll Joseph T. Smith, Jr. John S. Strang Thomas M. Thornhill, Jr. Beverley D. Tucker, Jr. Joseph B. Tucker John B. Young Guy King, Jr. Brockenbrough Lamb, Jr William R. Merrick Ellis S. Middleton, ll ' 1'- Charle 5 r. owem, Jr ,411 l,,-.1 g- Vi iv .wr 1-f? ix, I V- gnv- - 1 vf' XX .. pf- i X 1 .f xy - ii' -.-. ki, 31- X 11 1 - 1-1- -i 1 -i 111 ii S.. 'l 3 -1 i .. im ENGINEERING William H. McCoy Charlcs S. Stringlellow MEDICINE Thomas C. King, Jr. Charles A. Manqllrlm Samuel P. Marshall GRADUATE Edwin C. Hulter William C. Trucheart, Jr PLEDGES James T. M. Baylor Frank L. Hereford Richard M. Brandt Charles A. Brethcn, Jr. Arthur H, Buell, Jr. Curtin R. Coleman Bruce G. Cornell Thomas E. Dolan Robert M. B. Gallagher John A. Gill Robert K. Gordin George R. Guy John W. Hulvey Benno Janssen, Jr. C. Gerald Kirven Ridgely D. Miller, Jr. Clifford N. Peeler Emmett F. Reese, lll Robert D. Seiler Henry P. Taylor, Jr. R. Dillard Teer William N. Wood l23lfI 1 IJ, , 4 il l Froni' Row ISiHingl Founded af Hue Universiiy of Frizzell. Carolan, Allen, Macduff. Spealcman. Berkey. J. Virginia, December I0, I869 Second Row McGus+y. Salfmarsh, Casler. Frirsche, Turnbull, Berkey. P., Tarring. Smifh, C.. Lyman. -LN MQ. Third Row -L E Hoyf, Morfon, Crane. Smi+h, W.. Callery. Baienoff, Gardner, MoHe- ..,. qlqrrnf .1 son. Beaiy. Sfarck. ,K VI TD N xiii, : I 1 I iyf 6: Fourth Row : : Ross. E., Korner, Tyler. Tenney, Ross, H.. Harper. fel 1-1 11, 'T' ' lzszl U ll Za. CZ..,QfW FRATRES IN FACULTATE George Oscar Ferguson. B.A., M.A.. Ph.D. Richard Cecil Garliclx. B.A.. M.A.. Ph.D. Thomas Cary Johnson. Jr.. B.A.. M.A. Frederick Deane Ribble, M.A., LL.B. Dudley Crawford Smiih. M.D. William Wirf Waddell, M.D. John Howe Yoe, M.A., M.A., Ph.D. Fleicher Woodward. M.D. James Soufhall Wilson, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.. LL.D. E. R, Slaughfer, B.S. C. Bernard Bailey Edwin A. Copenhaver FRATRES IN URBE Gordon Smifh LyHIeIon Waddell LyHIe+on Jones Rev. Wiley R, Mason Lemuel F. Smifh Thomas L. Wafson John R. Wingfield. J Clay E. Delauney F. l ,L ...- l Cl 1... it,- 1.. Q agar I UL! 9 Q' s r QW - -1 - 11 - -.1 --Q -,fl -Q- Walier N. Allen Nicholas Baienoff David Beafy, III. Pefer Berlcey, III Roberf H. Bernhardy Charles Callery Henry Leroy Carfer DeWiH' B. Casler. Jr. Roberf B. Crane John P. Crozer Jack Frifsche John R. Frizzell. Jr. Allan Gardner Allen G. Hoyf, Jr. Jules G. Korner, III. Edward M. Lyman Frank A. Macduff Sumner Maffeson William Morion Roberf T. McGus'ry, John Powers Edgar Ross Hamilfon S. Ross Frederick Salfmarsh David Shepherd William H. Smiih Claude H. Smiih, II. Waller Spealcman Roberf Lee Tarring Charles T, Tenney William Tyler LAW Knox Turnbull MEDICINE Thomas Sifwell Edwards INITIATES John A. Berlrey Edgar Carolan Breni' Sfarclc A. Gilberi Tenn Frank Lynn J Cammillus S. L'EngIe, Jr. J. Peier Holland, III. Alden Hine Beniamin C. Branch GY I233I Founded al Virginia Milifary lns'fi'ru+e in i869 Established af Universily of Virginia in l87O s igma 14 Fronf Row Joe Ross Riggs, Paul A. l-lunler, William F. Jensen, Jr., R. Lamar Moore, Harry B. F. Franklin, Freclericlc L, Hall, Lawrence A. Livingslon, J. Jarvis Buller, Donald T. Siani, Jr. Second Row Brooke Pierce, James D. Sfauffer, Roberl H, Ziegler, Richard H, Mc- Leod, George F. Whalen, Laurence F. Snoddy, William D. Hurlbuf, Il., John G. Payne, William H. Williams, Donald Bruce. Third Row Spencer Roberls, Roberl E, Runyon, Thomas F. Clemmer, Jr., Richard B. S. Whiiney, Wes? P. Woodbridge, Jr., Roberl P. Shay, Cass Gil- berl, Ill.. Philip M. Talbolf, Jr., John H. Alexander, Jr., Frank R. Brown, John S. Abboll. Missing Beniamin J. Gibson, John G. Graham, Virgil Floyd Williams, McRae Werih, Herb Munhall, Fred Davidson. Servanl' Dooms L23-11 -Immun- Zim CAWW FRATRES IN FACULTATE , Laurence Lee Richard Fleicher Chapin Jones FRATRES IN URBE Edward J. Carrurhers Richard Turner Francis B. Grinnel E. Mann Nash Donald E. Lane Charles Smifh Pafrick C, Maffhews Henry S. Mariin George S. Wood COLLEGE Joe Ross Riggs Richard H. McLeod Roberi H, Ziegler William F. Jensen. Jr. James D, Siauffer Donald Bruce Frederick L. Hall Spencer Roberls George F. Whalen Laurence F. Snoddy William H. Hurlbuf, II. John G. Payne William H. Williams J. Jarvis Bufler Brooke Peirce L. A. Livingsion M I I I ey is 4--i .1--Q ...i ... :- gb it -1 I 45729 .I fllriill 75.21-2 l Ji 1.1, 1 I IJ vb' -11 iq Q-1 -i -1 ...I---S-I GRADUATE William F. Builer LAW Harry B. F, Franklin Donald T. Sfani Virgil Floyd Williams R. Lamar Moore ENGINEERING Paul A. I-Iunicr INITIATES John G. Graham Wesi' P. Woodbridge Philip lvl. Talboii Thomas F. Clemmer Roberl E. Runyon Benjamin J. Gibson Roberf P. Shay He rb Munhall John H. Aiexander Richard B-S. Whifney Fred Davidson McRae Werfh John S. AIabo'H' Frank R. Brown Cass GiIber'I'. III. L235l +1 J Olfffelf' Froni' Row Founded ai' Washingfon College Lieblich, Chapman, W. S. Chisholm, Blair, Waliz, Nicholson, Professor in labs' Dulce, Malbon. Spencer. Esfablished al' fha Universify of Virginia in I873. Second Row Pickeff, Roberfson. Lovelfe, Sencindiver, Sheahan, Fulcrocl, Salfcn. Weislwell, Dushin, Walerman, Halclwer, O'Connor, Tomlinson. Third Row Ernsf, Deal, Holliday, Broden, Bufferworlh, Tyler, Moore, Mechin. Rumble, Adams, Barnes, Evans, Wilson Uanilorl. lf2361 iL Q OZQJWLALJG KAQPXQP FRATRES IN FACULTATE Krlhur Kyle Davis, Jr., B.A., M.A., B.LiH., Ph.D. lOxcnl Francis Johnson Duke, B.S.Arch., M.S., Ph.D. John Calvin.Me+caIf, B.A., M.A. LiH.D., LL.D. Walter Alexander Monfgomery KA., Ph.D. Charles Pallerson Nash, B.S., l.L.B. FRATRES IN URBE Waller S. Chisholm Auslin D. Kilham Jack E. Early W. F. Long Thomas Filzhuqh L. S. Macon xl l L ..- 4-rq +3 A: 5 ...ig P 1 - ,Q WEE Inav -..- .L X -- 7- 1- Q- - - - ...JC , 1 1 'llllllllmi ... S KS "V" I -1 1 UF 1. Q L. 7 Thomas P. Grasly D. A. Green Henaf W. Jackson A. . Keilh John R Woods Thorn W. Blair John M. Bloxom Thomas W. Chapman Thomas N. Davis William C. Fulcrod Wirl H. Halcher Glenn Johnson Roberl S. Lieblich William E. Lovelle Hunier R. Mann COLLEGE ARCHITECTURE Harry A. Dushin Thomas Peylon Walson Sadler Edwin S. Sweeney S. L. Williamson Charles F. O'Connor Charles Piclcell, IV Lulher A. Roberlson Russell A. Sallon David H. Sencindiver Waller P. Sheahan William P. Spencer John W. Wallz Leo F. Waferman Bowen P. Weisheil tai. QQ:- 1 1 i+ is : ENGINEERING Henry L. Kinnier Wendell E. Malbon LAW Hamplon G. Baylor Roberl R. Gwalhmey Andrew S. Coxe David B. Nicholson Maurice Flinn J. Pride Tomlinson Frederick Blanlon, Jr. MEDICINE Eugene Calloway Rainey Oven Marlin Donelson Louis Richards Ben Handy Lewis Richardson Glenn Fousl, Jr. Nelson Smilh Roberl Hutchinson Jesse Van Meler Jelhro Irby William Whilman GRADUATE Kennclh Bass Lelcher Jones Roberl Land INITIATES Slanley Adams Frank Barnes Charles Bullerworlh Roy Deal Richard Ernsl Waller Evans Billy Fuller Malcolm Holliday Rene Mechin Merwin Moore Gerould Rumble Roberl Tyler L237J J WA! Eagan mefca Founded af Miami University, Ox- ford. Ohio. on December 26, 1848. A Virginia Beia of Phi Delia Thefa was founded ai' fhe Universify of Virginia in November, l873. Froni Row Bruce Craine, John Maclviurray, Ned l-ledger. Baylor Capers, Bill Howard Tuihill, David Grani, Roberr John Clarlc James Redus, Marlin. Second Row Ted Ayers, William Bell, Duncan McLean, James Thorn. French Conway. Fred Nold. Third Row Edward Childers, Richard Scofi, William Rouqhen, Cosgrove. Norman Pifcairn, Roberi' Nicholson. Fourih Row Thomas O'Connoll, Franklin Rollins, William Gray. Fif+h Row Arihur I-liqqins, John Thomason, Kenneih Weinman. l:238il ,l . n . i- DX:- Ll"glfVLL6'L eta apfep , 1 Z? Q 3151 X i 5 '. - FRATRES IN FACULTATE 'fx Y Q, William Edward Bray, M.A., M.D. Halslead S. Hedges, B.S., M.A., M.D. 7' 'age Q I: Henry B, Mulholland, BA.. MD. '.... I jp - uuf- I '-: "' xx FRATRES IN URBE "'-' ff i N. "" .4 Charles J. Harkrader Charles Prince -"' Q' 1-' GRADUATE STUDENT --. x, : Frank Laney "" LAW Howard Shaw Tufhill William Duncan McLean William H. Sanders. ll Arlhur Woodrow Higgins James Osborne Pulman Theodore Aley Ayres David Norvell Walker Granl French Hogue Conway MEDICINE William Granl Cook ENGINEERING Howard W. Kymplon Thomas P. O'Connell S I 1 l sg f - COLLEGE William Henry Bell Frederick Blaine Nold Foree Dabney Caldwell Norman Bruce Pilcairn Edward Joseph Childers Franklin D. Rollins John Thurman Clark William Alvah Roughon Roberi Carver Cosgrove Hugh Everell Russell William S. Gray Louis George Scoll Philip Kearny Hensel Richard Sellman Scot? William Hadley Hodill John William Thomason, lll James Hill Lilllehales James Read Thorn Roberl Wallace Nicholson James B. Redus Don Dimick Niklason Frederick Marion Lege, Ill Tay' PLEDGES ,, . John H. Boyden W. Edward Hedgor. Jr. Baylor Van Meier Capers William Marlin, Jr. K Arlhur Theodore Dingle John T. L. Richards, Jr. John C, MacMurray B. Craine IZ391 3661, GLM, 3840, Della Tau Della was founded af Befhany College in l859. Esfablished al' lhe Universify of Virginia in I889. Froni' Row McCowan, Jones, Hall, Srallings, Peelc, Kimmel, Gafewoocl, W. Allen Middle Row McClelland, Murphy, McCullar, Barnhill, Olney, Irish, Graham, S. Lake Back Row Goss, Hudlow, Esles, Hays, Voorhees. McNeal, Ogden, Those members missing are Allen, A., Bane, Camp, Brooks, Cowen, Graham, E., Hill, Kelly, Murray Richardson, Craven, Maury, Connell, Loffin, Milchell, Woods, Salva fore, Tuffy. l240l Er.. lor.. Clwrw FRATER IN FACULTATE Roberl K. Gooch FRATRES IN URBE Edwin K. O'Brien William A. Rineharl William O. Shephard John Douglas Marcellus McBride James M. Rolhwell John P. Jones. M.D. John M. Maury Edwin O. McCue, Jr. M. E. M. Wheal ARCHITECTURE Thomas W. S. Craven Winlhrop Jones ENGINEERING S Fonlaine Maury, Jr. Jermaine Irish I-larold Connell Laurence Lollin MEDICINE Dana C. Mifchell. Jr. GRADUATE George A. Peek, Jr. LAW Richard C, Woods ,- 12 4-11- 1, 156 V-Lx --- -Q.-Q i- I Alberl Allen William A, Allen Donald Bane Clifford Broolcs COLLEGE Norman B, Hall, Jr. Harry I-l. Hill, Jr. William T. Kimmel Frederick W. Kelly James L. Camp. Ill Franlc Lalce Lindsey Cowen Horace D. McCowan, Jr. Emmelle T. Galewood, Jr. Roberl Murray Eric Graham Sam Graham James I-I. Barnhill John William J. Esles James Olney Lynwood W. Richardson George Slallings PLEDGES Waller Moore McClelland George Marvin McNeal, II Edward l-lenry Clay Goss Olis W. Murphy Jonafhan Edward Hays Archibald Ogden William Clarence I-ludlow, Jr. Viclor Salvalore, Jr. l-larold Guilford Tully, Jr, Ii24l1 li 'C if 1 and Founded al' Richmond College, l900. Esfablished al' fhe Universiiy of Virginia, 1906. .l -3 1-. ...-1 1- il 3-. I 13 tn- ,V J? 1-1 iv- 11 gn- tg 1- 1 QL- , -t , , iii ill U Q5 qp-M--r 'lun' 4 A! Firsf Row Tennanf, Willells, Soulhworih, Sfrofhers, Brooks, Bumslead, K. Wood, Marlin, Slephens, Kelley, Behrendi, Chrisman. Second Row Slanlon, Gordon, H. Davis, A. Davis, Meade, Dr. Manahan, Read, Filz Hugh, Baxler, Clemons, Hughes, Greer, Blalock, Purcell. Third Row Breckenridge, Loughridge, Moniague, Herrick, Jolley, Bauknighl, de Beauchamp, Hunlsberry, Gruver, Crenshaw, Fleishel, Slinson, Holmes. Fourih Row J. Wood, lronmonger, Lacock, Biggin, Smilh, McBrian, W, Jones. Top Row J. M. Ackerson, J. C. Hildebrand, lreland, B. Jones, Mirandon, Pallerson, Zollinger, Bode, Boone. Abseni Anderson, Aikinson, Banulis, Blood, Chrislian, Clark, Dixon, Ewell, Fisher, Graham, Hopper, Parmley, Renner, Schneider, Sill, Slrallon. I2421 2 irginia an Kfmlalfer -5. E FRATRES IN FACULTATE X William A. Lambeth, M.D., Pl1.D. John,A. Rorer, B.A., M.A. Francis G. Lanktord, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Richard A. Meade, Jol-rn Levi Manahan, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. FRATRES IN URBE Stuart Barksdale Alfred S. Dulaney James S. Hawkins Dr. Harry L. Smith Hugh M. Hawkins John Kennan William C. Porter B A., M.A. - fewer? -- iT -. gr- Q T' -as -1 41 L ig - .... L V 1:1 iqgl 'fl .-.1 lllfliiil llllf .. ...Q l- Qi COLLEGE '-4--' John M. Ackerson, Jr. Richard B. Holmes W. Ward Anderson, Jr. John B. Hopper Beniamin W. R. Banulis C. William Huntsberry William C. Bauknight Robert A. Ireland, Jr. David M. Baxter Ernest T. Jolley James Biggin William A. Jones, Ill Bruce H. Bode Robert R. Lacock G. Brownlee Boone Charles H. Lcughridge, Jr John B. Breckinridge, ll James W. McBrian Robert L. de Beauchamp J. Wilmer Mirandon Langdon T. Christian, Ill Beniamin F. Montague, Jr Gordon L. Crenshaw G. Benton Patterson George T. Dixon, Jr. Charles A. Read Nathaniel M. Ewell, Jr. Arthur J. Smith Stanley P. Fisher, Jr. James R. W. Stanton Louis S. Graham, Jr. Robert E. Stinson Clifton R. Gruver Edward V. Stratton, Jr. Daniel K. Herrick John C. Wood John C. Hildebrand, Jr. Walter F. Zollinger - ARCHITECTURE Paul Curtis Fleishel LAW David G. Blalock Herbert H. Davis, Jr. Arthur A. Davis, Jr. Harold H. Purcell EDUCATION John Howard Gcrdon ENGINEERING Donald F. Clark Hunter R. Hughes, Jr. Henry J. Clemons Robert W. Greer Mayo M. Fitz Hugh, Jr. Sidney W. lronmonger, Jr. GRADUATE Beverly Jones MEDICINE Loren F. Parmley, Jr. Charles F. Schneider PLEDGES George R. Atkinson Thomas Behrendt Archer Blood William Brooks Willis Bumstead Thomas P. Chisman William Kelley Robert Martin Robert Renner John Sill William A. Southworth Kenneth P. Stephens E. French Strothers John S. Tennant John Willetts Kenneth Wood l.243I i 4. 4' Zahn WA! Fronf Row Fbllnded dl' Uhlvfl College in Campbell, Broaddus, Chillenden, Slolces, Plumb. I82l Established af Hue Universify bf Virginia on March I, l907. Seccnd ROW Benclcenslein, Foley. Langhorne, Board, Tower. Slowe, N. Goodloe McNeely. Third Row Bowie. Wilson, Myers, Grancly, Henry, Todd. l-lamplon, Eley, Harper R. E. Williams. Coles lJanl+orl. Fourfh Row Smiclf. Larus. Thaclxery. Kefchum, Webber, Sfrong, Camblos. Clwesfon R. B. Williams. I244J WA., Cjiapfef FRATRES IN URBE Truman M. Dodson Harry A, George William H. Board Clayfon W. Eley. Jr. James Foley Neal S. Goodioe C. Wiley G-randy. IV Algernon H. Hampion COLLEGE Richard M, H. Harper, Jr. William T, Ham, Jr. John Powell Thomas H. Henry Edmund A, Langhorne Charles W. McNeely Louis R. Myers, Jr. Robinson S, B, Sfowe Thomas H. Todd, Jr, Franlc O. Wilson ENGINEERING Breckenridge C, G-oodloe LAW Fred L. Benclcens+ein Duane Tower - 5- 1 .--- - X31 .fini iii -L, ...-. N , all lil' lil l .... , .. - Q' I I 1. ,, l- ' g - t-L. -' -- C' 1 Afb 1- MEDICINE Joshua F. B. Camblos Frederick J. Flynn, Jr. McChesney Goodall. Jr. Williams Bowie Cari A. Broaddus John T. Camblos Allan A. Campbell Robert C. Chesion John F. Chiiienden Arfhur C. Kefchum. Jr, Traylor Larus INITIATES Fayelle Plumb, li A. Campbell Smidf, J Harry R. Siolres, Jr. Lesier M. Sirong Donald M. Thaclcery Joseph H. Webber Richard B. Williams Richard E. Williams I245l l -Q 1 -Q A f I hwy 335 'll Lia 4- mmf' 1 mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 1 m ummm mmmmm -sud' . - Fronf Row Founded af Norwich Universify, April lo, I856. Esiablished af ihe Universiiy of Virginia, January 26. I9l4. .mlm- Amm.,--5 L-.Qi 1- -i1 Q- -' Q. iff TF.. ,,"' xxf-vo ... 5 Q1 Q.. --1 im, 11 1- -1 -1 -1 ,f f ..C??-.7 .. 1i ' H. Scoff, J. B. Smith, R. Sandidge. A. G. Howe. Second Row A. Siewers, C, Boafwrighf. E. Purcell, Dr, Gee. J. Lifiiefieid, D. Brixey, C. Johnson, R. Morrison. Third Row R. Thompson, R, Anderson, W. Harris, E. Waliingfon, F. Wood, R. Ellis, R. Bonsaii. Noi' in Picfure E. Bancroft C. Caylor, J. Duecker, J, Hodges. T. Kuriz, A. Jones. i246i Q lv-14 QC Klmyolfer -f" Jlv- -.- ll" 'Tl F" T. l Q1 7' ' 417- FRATER IN FACULTATE -'- if Q. Wilson Gee, Ph.D. -,,,. X Xi 'Q - : u-v-- .- FRATRES IN unse ',- If il Henry E. Bell Randolph Bruce "" QQ Louie L. Scribner gi.. -. -T Charles C. Boafwrighi' Rodney T. Bonsall. Jr. Ausfin Day Brixey. Jr. Claude C. Caylor, Jr. Jack H. Hodges Alfred Gregory Howe Carl B. Johnson Edward COLLEGE James B. Lifflefield Roberr H. Morrison Ernesf W. Purcell Roy P. Sandidge, Jr. Alberf B. Slewers. Jr. J. Bond Srnifh, Jr. Roberf R. Thompson, Jr, C. Wallingfon, Jr. Q--1 5 1- X ARCHITECTURE Roland H. Ellis. Jr. Eric R. Bancroff ENGINEERING John C. Dueclcar LAW Thomas A. Kurlz GRADUATE A. W. Jones Richard N. Anderson PLEDGES William A. Harris Frederick S, Wood I2471 Zia Em juni in Fronf Row Founded af fhe College of lhe Hoffman, Oberndorfer, Massell, Mandelson, Harffield, Waliers. Cohen Cily of New York in I898. . Esfablished ai' fhe Universify of Virginia on June l2, I9l5. Cenfer Row Siegel, Gold, Rolhman, Sieppacher. Bloch, Siem, Oppenheimer. Bacl: Row Harrison, Goldman, Amsferdam, Wiflcind, Marko. Missing Whitlock. f2487 Uni 6A6I,l9t8l" FRATER IN FACULTATE Linwood Lehman, BA., M.A.. Ph.D. FRATER IN URBE I. Waliers COLLEGE William David Mendelson John Lee Bloclc Irwin Bernard Cohen Waller Morris Sleppacher David Horafio Harffield, Jr. Emile E. Siegel. Jr. Sidney Harrison Slern, Jr. Donald Nahum Rofhman Julian Herberl Hoffman William Arihur Gold John Lewis Oppenheimer ,-. pi.. it ,Q f? IKQQI fir' 1-L Y-v BT LAW William Philip Oberndorfer MEDICINE Donald Walfers Lee Elias Whiiloclc GRADUATE Charles Ralph Massell INITIATES William Henry Harrison Alberi Jonas Amslerdam Richard Jules Willcind Richard Allen Goldman Joseph Marko I2-191 rm,--1? ,J i e o K M eii L L' e Ifoz lou on J Founded al Williams College, I834. - Esfablishecl af fhe Universily of Virginia, April 8, I922. f J 23,5 ' I ' ffl U' H, ' if 434 lf V' Ji' L 'll ff' ' i ii i A ' ll'l'lf'llff,.f , f ,, 5 , J , 1, n V f, , . i Vg Fronl' Row J. Backer, G. Crisl, L. Washburn, F. Edenharler, R. Haslings. Second Row J. Slern. L. Neusledler, S. Hasfings, S. Bissell, K. Zeisler, L. Foullcrod, B. Sample. Third Row M. Terry, C. Brown, B, Slewarf, J, Powell, W. Schauffler, C. Gufhrie. R. Bayly, B. Slevens, W. Howell, J. Tinker. Baclr Row W. Wellley, J. Ryan, N. Schlegel, R. Corneal, L, Abboff, W. Dove, M. Van Lear, E. Schlesinger. I230. l irginia Czayofer FRATRES IN URBE ' W. Ralph Brillon Jury Y. Brown, Jr. Charles Evans, Jr. Samuel J. Gamble Frederick C. Disque, Jr. William Jones, Jr. Rolserl E. Lee, Jr. James A. Leiich, Jr. James C. Pryor. Jr. Roberf E. Taylor 3 ... .Y-4 11 'A 1 A-A -11 .- -11 n-5 --1 4. 'Q P . V .-.Q , I - . If .... -.. I 1 -- fn 1- i -. vb!"' -Q '- Ja- L A --y -- Q -gl' ii., l A T LAW George P. Srniih Hugo Sonnenschien, Jr. MEDICINE Geoffrey I-I. Binneveld ENGINEERING Charles L. Brown, Jr. William N. Forsylhe S- NC l i- V-, I fe COLLEGE Schuyler M. Bissell A, Jorclan Paine Thomas M. Brown Jefferson N. Powell Russell S. Bayly John F. Ryan William K. Dove Byron R. Sample Frederick Edenharler William G. Schauffler, lll LeRoy E. Foulkrocl L. Benlon Slevens Charles M. Gulhrie John P. Slern C. Spencer I-laslings Malcolm W. Terry Richard C. I-Iaslings John F, Tinker William H. Howell. Jr. Murray M. Van Lear Leroy W. Neusledfer William M. Welfley Karl G. Zeisler PLEDGES Jolly deB. Backer George B. Crisl, Jr. Russell M, Carneal Laurence W. Abboil John G. Sauerbeck FRATER IN FACULTATE John P. Dallon, Jr. lf25II I -.- Q. 4-Q -1 1-. i-'I ' IV 4 44 Af I Founded af New York Universiiy in l9l3. 1 Esfablished ai' fhe Universify of Virginia in I924. 4-. 3-..-3 1----11 ,4g-- vpn--1 .... g. ..... lk H 31 ' -I-iylllli il .-1-1 .4 4 ,.., qi- "- 1-1 - '1 1+- gn-r 5,0 3-. ---I 1.- Q... -- -Q , v. I -l "' a-Q 1- ,,..., .-1 ' 41 44 Back Row Sidney Kellam, Donald J. DeRoy. Third Row Herman Eisenberg, Sidney Derman, Paul Shulman. Sidney Ziring, Charles Kessler. Second Row Joshua Robinson, Howard Josias. Arnold J. Canion. Arfhur Waxman, Lawrence Deuisch. Fronf Row David Sfuari, Herberf Chernis, Henry Greenwald, William Gueiier. II252l my Clapfef ' FRATER IN FACULTATE Ben-Zion Linfield, B.S.. Sc.D., Ph.D. FRATER IN URBE Aaron Mizroch Herberi M. Baumgard Arnold J. Canlon Herberf J. Chernis Sidney C. Derman COLLEGE Howard B. Josias Sidney I. Kellam H. Charles Kessler Arflwur M. Nires fit: ffl al : 1 Xl 'I X -u X - ' 1 ii i - f .. gv- ,Q ai X I WJ X - ii - is-4 Dv' ii C:- 2-i-' 1 AEE Donald J. DeRoy Larry E. Deulsch William H. Gieller Henry P. Greenwald Sidney M. Ziring MEDICINE Joshua L. Robinson Jayson B. Rome David Sluarl' Arlhur Waxman Monle L. Binder Bernard R. Siegel PLEDGES Herman Eisenbirg Milton Segal Paul N. Slwulman If253fI M Ofamgofa f9Ai Founded al' Yale Universify in 1895 Esfablished ai' Virginia in I932 Firsf Row Arfhur Eidelrnan, Roberf Cohni William Viclor. Roberl' Laulerslein. Marshall Finch. Slanley Lerner, Morlimer Caplin. Second Row Olfo Granl, Edward Fabian, Edward Greenbaum, Maury Spenslcy. Harold Brillianf, Marshall Levine, Edward Peck. Third Row Alvin Slone, Alberr Elias, Charles Meyer, Lewis Kalz, John Wind, Wil- liam Mirman, Daniel Karsh, Fourfh Row Norman Fisher, Slanley Weiner, Erwin Ornslein. George Beck, Harvey l-lafchfield. Harold Fisher. Filfh Row Donald Florin, Marlc Peiers. Allred Yaqer. Monroe Spifalney. Sixlh Row Barfon Goldberg, Joseph Miller, Jerold Robinson I254l Wlfdgd CA6L!9f8l" . FRATER IN URBE Dr. Arlhur Eidelman Arlhur Eidelman Roberl Cohn William Viclor Roberl Laulerslein Marshall Finck Slanley Lerner Manimef caplin OHO Grarll Edward Fabian Edward G-reenbaum COLLEGE Charles A. Meyer Lewis Kalz John Wind William Mirrnan Daniel Karsh Norman Fisher Slanley Weiner Erwin Ornslein George Beck Harvey l-lalchlield ln L---4' 31- 051 3- Ki' -- fr N: .5-A11 L Q i ""' at I IQ- ,-- -1 pn- - x.- -,VAX X XX-4- .,. ,y - --- 'W' -fy og 3- 3 -1 1-1 -i iv -1 - -1 in- ., '-1 1' -1 -Q-sv' A Maury Spenslcy Harold Brillianl Marshall Levine Edward Peck Alvin Slone Joseph Miller LAW l-larold Brillianl PLEDGES Jerrold Robinson Monroe Spilalney Alberl' Elias Harold Fisher Donald Florin Mark Pelers Alfred Yaqer Barlon Goldberg IZSSI om 5l25l:LlfL'pAI: Fron+ Row Founded Ocfober I0. l9I0.' Spero, Solomon, LeviH, Simon, Kasinoff, Burnes, H. Abady Esfablished a+ Universi+y of Vir- ginia, April 4. I936. Second Row Finkels+ein. Dana, Price. I. Abacly. Gersiein, Fink, Segal, Jacobson. Missing Frank, Moskowiiz, Toubman, Kiliic. Ehrlich, Brock, Garirsman. lf256l cz 14 W4 Kfzajofer COLLEGE Herberl Brock Sumner M. Gerslein Jus+in Burnes Bernard H. Kasinoll Malcolm Dana Herloerl M. Levi++ Seymour Finlselslein Arlhur D. Moslcowifz Nallwan R. Frank George Price Harold A. Garlsman Milclwell Simon Samuel J. Solomon ,.. ,.... Ai 1- ,-1- -gn QL Q nn- j l ,, np hw --1 .- 1 -.-v Qi --.1 l T E I LAW Herman Abady William Toubman MEDICINE Howard E. Meclinels INITIATES Irving Abacly Adrian B. Finlc, Jr. William Ehrlich Eugene Kililc Howard Segal I257J I X945 620454. 5 Firsf Row, Seaied F0U"d9d if H19 COHBQG of H19 W. Goff, H. Sfeinberger. L. Rosenbaum. D. Rofhschild, T. Lyon. R Cify of New Yorlr, November 28. Hoffman' D. Eichengreen. I904. Esfablished al' ihe Universify bf Second Row Virginia' December I3' INS. R. Sfraus, J, Bergman, J. Wasserman, S, Schlossberg, H. Perlberg J. Kahn. L. Pinlcussohn. Third Row M. Gordon. M. Alper, J. Lichfensfein, D, Brody. A. Naihenson, S. E Bear, E. Schwariz. I. Rofhschild. X Fourfh Row M H. Jacobi, L. wamnd, R. Kamman, D. Paradies, w. Africa., L. Mme., I 'h . 'ff' 'iff ,. S. Brown. If J'U,'Nl lf' w 1 . A- . V' Absenf from Piciure , E. Feinbleii. M. Golden, and S. Haas. l258l 5 W.. Ciapfw FRATER IN URBE S. B. Weinberg LAW Eugene M. Feinblail MEDICINE Roberl A. Hoffman 7- uv- grille COLLEGE OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Melvin G, Alper S Elmer Bear Jusfin Bergman, Jr. Donald S. Brody Lee D. Miller Allan I. Naihenson Harry J. Perlberg, Jr. Lewis A. Pinlcussohn, Jr. -4- Q.-4 .- -.- at --. l- icy jf?- v- --1 11 ,-if Q...-1 -1 4 -: GPEEI 4 Sherman Brown David R, Eichengreen I. Warren Golf Marvin E. Gordon Mano R. Golden Joseph J. Kahn Z. Raymond Kamman L. James Lichlensiein Theodore G. Lyon William H. Arriclc Siuarl L. Haas PLEDGES Leon Rosenbaum. Jr. David Rofhschild. II Irwin B. Roihschild, Jr. Siephen I. Schlossberg Eugene D. Schwarlz Raymond I. Sirauss. Jr. Hugh M, Sieinberger Jack B. Wasserman Lloyd M. Wiilrind Herberi J. Jacobi, Jr. Daniel M. Paradies I259J 3- 3. -1 1- -.1 X? Gill I Q -i -1 CAL Omega Q Fronf Row Founded af Universify of Marie G-en+ry, Anne 6ar+h. Jane O'NeiII, Margaref Barnes. Mary Arkansas' '895 ' Wade, BeH'y Shuma+e. Esfablished a+ Universify of Virginia. I927 Second Row Doroihy Marshall. Beffy Mafhers, Dorofhy Cafon, Nancy Russum. Henrieffa Davis, BeHy Rivers, Marion Mundy, Sue WaHs. f2601 CLIWLAJUL g0Ll'I'Ll'l'L6L 6667915810 SORORES IN URBE Maxine Sulherland Beams Isabel Tulhill I Varina Rhodes Hyde Anna Barringer Beverly Anderson Chanulin Emily Wood Annie Lipscomb Elizabelh Allrins Mildred Black Paine Mary Minor Smilh Margarel Hurll Elizabelh Hurll Lucy Wood Nancy Hedges Liza Easl Filch Mary Sluarl Maury Grace Linlon Mary Hosmer Wiley Rulh Snavely Belh Kepner McClinloclc Veslal Thomas Grigg Sarah Norlleel Daughlrey Malalie Ellioll Virginia Waddell Cole Helen Jones Davis Mildred VanLear Winilred Bogarl Rosalyn Ficlces Sarah Gordon Wilson Virginia Roberls Parrol Eliza belh Johnson Malhers l 4. --5 gn-x . 1 . I5 ,Sb .. NJ, ., I N , f I il I I rg? K ....- .Q -1- , , ..- L- CE Cl".D r ,Q 1- , i1 7 li U LL. -' -3' 1 5 ' X Q ii COLLEGE Margarel Perry Barnes MEDICINE Mary Marlin Wade Belly Gordon Willis GRADUATE Belly Venable Rivers Dorolhy Jean Calon Dorolhy Smilh Marshall EDUCATION ""' Anne While Garlh Marie Isabel Genlry Jane Warwicl: O'Neill Nancy Louise Russum Henriella Davis Marion Claire Mundy Sue Garnell Walls Mary Belly Shumale E26ll 33' 0. - - JJ I I 2' lglfgyf I ll IM 0 FRATEIZNITIES -1:14 n I -1? 1- lv--ns G ..."- jf:- ...-' Pr. iq T. If VJ 'bf " TLT. W , E QL.-.-ig it-if tv-iv 1 Firsf Row Bufzner, Oliver, Woodle, Mr. Glenn, Webb Marks Second Row Townsend, Tafe. Field. Obersf, Maffhews. Duer Third Row Jonnsfon, Dickinson, Terrie, White, Pollard, Jens Fourfh Row Burke, Rufherford, Turnbull IZ64-J mor Kfmfofer l.. 4... 4--. Q..- -L .QP 85. i I OFFICERS JOSEPH CASS WOODLE . SHEPHERD TATE ..... GUY G-ERARD RUTHERFORD . JAMES OSBORNE PUTNAM. JR, . KILIAEN V, R. TOWNSEND . . . . . Magister . . Exchequer . . . . l-lislorian . . Keeper of The Key . . . . . Clerk Q-..- -Q-1 11 4 i- - ACTIVE MEMBERS John Woolfolk Burke. Jr. John D. Bulzner. Jr. Bradluie W. Davenporl William A. Dickinson Marshall Field, Jr. Thomas M. Johnslon Samuel R. Marks, Jr. John V, Mallhews George W. Obersl John L. Oliver Luke Harvey Poe, Jr. Knox Turnbull Norman Charles A. Webb Andrew A. Duer. Jr, Roberl T. Hubbard. Jr. William G. Jens Richard F. McMahon. Jr. Allred P. O'Hara Fred G. Pollard Phillip G, Terrie William B. While Frederick R. Blair William C. Coleman, Jr, William N. Koonlz S. Paul l2651 WALL mega C. R. Bard. Prof. W, J. Barron, L. L. Bean, Jr., Prof, E. 0. Belsheim L. B. Mason. W. H. Hudgins Second Row l. Schindler. R. G. Harper, W. L. Fagg, R. B. Young, J. H. Earle, Jr. W, H. Grimball, Jr., W. A. Page Third Row T. R. Price, P. H. Williams. Jr., S. B. Campbell, Jr., W. C. Worfhingfon S. G, Landon, Jr., A. C. Lilllefolwn, Jr., A. J, Brenf Absenfees V. H. Campbell, S, W. Jones. H. T. Marshall, Jr., T. R. Bandy, Jr F2661 JQMPJOVL 6461915810 LORENZO LEE BEAN, JR. . . WILLIAM HENRY HUDGINS . . C. ROBERT BARD ...... VOLNEY HOWARD CAMPBELL . . 3 ,--Q gi? n,-.-11 gi- -1. -ixfvvi, fy Tw ' in I I orrlceas . . .Jusfice '23-Egg? . .varr-...mire -D . . .Clerk . . .Treasurer . .Marshal THOMAS BOYD MASON . . . IN THE FACULTY William James Barron Edmund Olaf Belsheim qua MEMBERS L. L. Bean, Jr, A. J. Brenf S. B. Campbell, Jr. W. L. Fagg W. I-I. GrimbaII, Jr. R. G, Harper W. I-I. Hudgins S. G. Landon. Jr. INITIATES T, R. Bandy. Jr. C. R. Bard V. I-I. CampbeII A. C. Liffleiohn T. B. Mason W. A. Page T. R. Price I. Schindler P. H. Williams. Jr, W. C. Worihingfon R. B. Young J. H. Earle. Jr. S. W, Jones H. T. MarsI1aII. Jr. L2671 X I I i --1 -1 W Q1 ri 41 7 I 5 . s 4 i 5 44 Founded af Nafional Universi+y in I903 Esiablished af ihe Universify of Virginia in i938 .1--3 .L--1 ,,g-- WA .- - l- jx rn. Haj 11 .J ..-.3 -1g -1 : i QW 5 .5, F -1 Third Row Keyes, Burd, Flefcher. Smallridge, Wiles, Bachman, Packer. McKenney Lowden. Second Row Trent Pearl. Duke, Brundage. Snead, Beaumont J, R. Moore. Rehn Wilson. Firsf Row G. P. Smiih. M. Smifh, Winsion, Tufhiil, Professor Welling. Sfeinbrugge Ward, Alrich, Missing Coulson, Coxe, Heikkinen, Kenny, Larkin, R. L. Moore, Reed, Taggart Valenfin. I2o8J p si amea Wacfiaon CA6l!9f8l" Z LQ? X I 4 :hx X 'LG' , 5 , no D l orrlceas 'Il --.4 HOWARD S. TUTHILL, JR. E. DONALD STEINBRUGGE JOSEPH -M. WINSTON, JR. CHARLES S. WARD . . . MQCAIN SMITH .,... S. GLENWOOD ALRICH . GEORGE P. SMITH . . . "'lIu-n-- l . . . . ..... Chancellor . . . . Firsf Vice Chancellor . . . Second Vice Chancellor . , Reqis+rar of The Exchequer . . . Masler of 'rhe Rolls . . . ....... Marshal . . Chairman Convenfion Commilfee i l uns: M ii C. F. Bachman C. H, Beaumon+ L. D. Brundage J. S, Burd, Jr. G, T. Coulson A. S. Coxe R. C. Dulce H. B. Flelcher R. Heilckinen C. J. Kenny G. T. Keyes T. B. Larkin F. V. Lowden. Jr. FRAT MEMBERS W. G. McKenney, Jr. J. R. Moore R. L. Moore L. D. Paclcer V. W. W, Pearl M. F, Rehn J. W. Reed J. D. Smallridge R. V. Snead D. R. Taggarl' J. B. Treni A. W, Valenfin B. Wiles D. R. Wilson ER IN FACULTATE R. M. Welling I269l 0 n? lwkN 1 lil J T-lall , H J . 'l'lil1l'l'l,9 2 WEEE l x X I 4. - X Q - 1 .. Froni- Row Aaron, Leifch. Winsfon. Summers, Hi+cl'1Ings, Sours, Conneffe Cenier Row 44 Breedlove, Burcheifa. Lavey, Coxe, Cole. Smarf, Grant Jones 4-u-.. ...- 3. fx ,,,-, ff' 1 ..-- -- ...- .., . -.. ,Z Top Row ' 1- -.. X NX --I "f XX ' ..., Porfer. Pearce. Williams. .1 -- 4- - -f .. X Lj.z' ,fr 4 LJ-'jzr --i v l2701 IQ Clapfe. ,ls 3--10 3-- Ga ::Z. HI' 1 ,,.. xg? lfl K OFFICERS ,,,"". M X. - ""'-- A Rfb :Z . . . . D660 QQ.. f will " """ 'X Q1 -'-1 X 11 "'- --I CONNETTE . . . . Vice Dean ,,,,, -iv Q-Q : I-IITCI-IINGS . . . Tribune AARON . . . Masler of The Rifual WINSTON . . . . Masler of Ihe Rolls SOURS- - . . . .Clerk of flme Exchequer LEITCH . . . .Balllff L MEMBERS WILLIAM S. AARON, JR. JOHN D. LEITCH. JR. WILLIAM R. BREEDLOVE JAMES W. PEARCE BURTON C. BRYAN NATHANIEL M. PIGMAN. JR. JOS. L. BURCHETTA JOHN R. PORTER, JR. ALBERT H. COLE. JR. HENRY G. SMART RICHARD P. CONNE-ITE CHARLES L. SOURS DAVID B. COXE LEWIS P. SUMMERS. III DAVID N. W. GRANT. JR. LINWOOD B. TABB, JR. I' VERNON D. HITCHINGSJR. ROBERT J. TILDAN lv 'A ' JAMES W. JONES ROBERT J. TYMOFF A V FREDERICK A. LAVEY V. FLOYD WILLIAMS on on , JOHN W. WINSTON, JR. ' l27ll Firsf Row W, P. Snavely, Dr. Wilson Gee. Dr. A. J. Barlow. M, H, Bankard. Dr. T. R. Snavely, G. A. Peek. Jr.. Dr. A, Berglund. W. R. Adam Second Row ... C. P. Bradford. J. M. Marshall. P. M. Greig. P. R. Crule. F. W. li .Q ,L ji- Lawrence, F. H. Balsley. E. E. Holm. Jr.. C. A. Mallhews. W. M. 4 -1 Wellley, A. B. Edwards 2 L 6 x X Third Row E John Kempf. W. R. Krause. R. M. Wesfbrook, P. E, Rofhar .-1 -Q .4 4 ii,--1' v-..-1 ik, F2721 .!449A6?, gamma CA6l,9LL8l" William R. Adam Alberf L. Allen: Jr. Calvin R. Allen Franlc H. Balsley Craig W, Barry William H. Bell C. Presfon Bradford Philip R. Crule John B. Delaney Allen B. Edwards Henry G. Ellell Piclcefl M. Greig Richard M, H. Harper. Jr, Raymond W, Healwole Harry H. Hill C. Arnold Mallhews Ralph J. IMiichell James R. Moore G. Benlon Pallerson George A. Peelc, Jr. L. Harvey Poe Joe R. Riggs Philip E. Rolhar David H. Russell Roberl C. Sealon Frank Simmons. Jr. Howard M. Smilh William P, Snavely John J. SpiHle. Jr. Huberl F. Siepp 1. 4-C 1-1 l. - CZ .lv QCQLJ --.---1 -if 4 , Edwin E. Holm. Jr. John Kempf William R. Krause Thomas B. Larkin. Jr. Frederick W, Lawrence Horace D. McCowan. Jr. David B. Marshall James M. Marshall Howard S. Tuihill, Jr. Dudley F. Wade Edward C. Wallingfon, Jr, William M. Welfley Richard M. Weslbroolc Arlhur Whifehill Richard A, Williams Karl G. Zeisler FACULTY MEMBERS Alberl Julius Barlow Abraham Berglund Elmer lrving Carrulhers Wilson Gee Emmefr Burwell Hawpe Elberf Alvis Kincaid Tipron Ray Snavely George Talmage Siarnes l273J r-TZE'hJol- I l I lui lg ,QQ ffirwvi' 'J 'L-f " il P i i l i i THETA TAU FRATERNITY Pl CHAPTER FRATRES IN FACULTATE John Lloyd Newcomb. B.A.. C.E.. SCD.. LL.D. Frederick Tracy Morse, M.E., E.E. Presidenl' of the Universily Associare Professor of Mechanical Engineering Waller Sheldon Rodman, M.S., S.M. Earnesl Jaclcson Oglesby. B.A.. M.A. Dean of Deparlmenl of Engineering Professor of Engineering Malhemalics D. Armslrong E. D. Arlers C. Ashley C. Barbers H. Barnell J. Bilner J P. Bordin C. L. Brown E. Caldwell E. M. Childs W. P. Cowgill R. A. R. W. D. D. A. C. H. E. C. E. Lawrence Reginald Quarles, B.S.E., Ph.D. lnsfruclor in Eleclrical Engineering FRATER lN U RBE Frank Everell l-larlrnan, C.E. ACTIVE MEM BERS Crews Dunninglon Ellis W. Fox Frazier A. Gaddis Green l-lonnum L. Kinnier B. Livesey H. Lowe W. Mclbon I2741 J. K. Mallard J. Mason J. E. May W. W. Mellin E. S. Miller J. Milligan W, R. Munroe F. P, Nichols S. O'Grince N. Pabsl L, Pancoasl C. Pelers W. Plunlcell K. Ralhbun T. Robinson W. W. Slaley R. Slulfing L. Thacker J, Thomas A. B. Wilson C. l-l. Wilson R. R. Wilson P, Wilson TRIGGN ENGINEERING SOCIETY Arlhur F. Macconochie, B.Sc. lLondonl, Charles Henderson, E.E. James Shannon Miller. Jr.. BA., E.E, Herman Carl Hesse, B.S., M.E. Frank Elliol Forsylhe Glenn Harold Connell Moon Conwell Deane Ellell William Forsyfhe James Kabler Howard Kympfon Mac Lowman Nick Mefcalle Coleman Molley Roberl Roosevell Joseph Lee Vaughan, M.A.. Ph.D. Edward Walls Saunders, Jr., C.E. Edwin C, McClinfock, BA, Thomas Hayhursl Evans, B.S., M.S. lin C.E.I FRATRES IN U RBE Ivey F. Lewis. Jr. Fred Liady ACTIVE MEMBERS Shirley Smilh Sidney Smilh Flelcher Pyle Grayson Granl Henry Tucker Slanley Frazer Edward While T. B. H. Anderson Marlin Brown James Bufzner Henry Clemons Mayo FiIzHugh Roberl Greer William Gulliford Hunler Hughes. Jr. Homer Johnson David Kiellslrom Presidenl Alwyn Lapsley Alben' Lowman William McCoy Harold Mack Iohn March Vice-Presidenl 'Howard M. Wilkerson Fonlaine Maury John Miller Harry Muller-Thym Slure Olsson Robert Ross Dwighr Sloan Lulher Slevens Charles Slringfellow Oris Updike Edmund Williams F2751 , '-. l ..-.l l----Q pi ji Qu- if 4' QP. 1 My i-1 " -ST7 -Q -.i grill -... fl e '- E l l li --i X .X I I l Ill .!!' - . - . ' ' J 4 'llWlllZlill l7M1lZ Firsi' Row Dr. Alfred Burger, Dr. Hugh Spencer, William Smifhey. Henry Leid- heiser, Ralph Downing, Sfanley Krahler, Harold Bryant Dr. Roberi Luiz, Dr. Monroe Couper. Second Row Homer Johnson, Grayson Grant Ashion Trice. Jesse Bowler. Harris Bradley, Waller Evans, Tom Chapman, William Bowyer. Tom Gibson. Russell Rowleif. Third Row Gerard Chapin, Cecil Tull, Brooks Shreaves, Henry Tuclcer, John Decker. Doyle Smifh. Alfred Allriend, William Munces+er. , Fourih Row Harold Brinkerhoff. John Rober+s. James Bufzner, Thad Amacher. I2761 .Agfa .jczyayoa 6Adf9t8I" FRATRES IN FAC ULTATE Alfrecl Burger. Ph.D. James Webb Cole. B.S.. M.S.. Ph.D. Monroe ccuper. Ph.D. Roberl Eliol' Luiz. M.S.. Ph.D. John Henry Rushion. Ph.D. Hugh Miller Spencer. BA.. M.S.. Ph.D. Virgil Clifford Williams. B.S.. M.S. John Howe Yoe, M.S., MA.. Ph.D. L .. -4 1- Icxw --1 3: -Q - far' Ei gif. fqygff Rf h Q, E --C. I rail flier illlll fl -4 Lbs 2' 4 X - lil' ll. O. t-L - ' 1- C' -2 ACTIVE MEMBERS H. W. Bradley W, H, Tucker H, G. Brinkerhoff E. R. Williams H. W, Bryenf R. Alfriend J. I. Buizner T. M. Amecer G. S. Chapin J. Bowyer W. T. Chapman W. P. Boyer R. C. Downing J. Decker A. G. Granf W. Evans H. F. Johnson. Jr. T. Gibson S. E. Krahler V. M. Mafiox H. Keidheiser D. J, Smiih W. T. Muncesier R. Lighlner J. S. Roberis H. T. J. Lililesfon R. J. Rowleil' N. Melcelf M. B. Shreaves W. R. Smiihey, Jr. A. O. Trice A. Cave W. R. Winshrow Z. T. Wakefield W. H. Fleming I2771 K - f W E Z 1 Z i P' T -4 YK 'l1I 73 . E ll I'l"I 73 2 il I'l1l gfx E 1 T LIN 2 f'N nil -I nil gfx PHI BETA KAPPA GERALD ASHUR BURLIN ROY JOHN BRITTEN WALTER FRANCIS CORNNELL RAYMOND CARLYLE DINGLEDINE. JR. ERNEST PRESTON EDWARDS NEIL IRVIN GRAY CHARLES FRANKLIN HAMLIN WILLIAM WILSON KOONTZ PHILIP RALPH MALONE CARL OLIVER MUEHLHOUSE MARVIN BANKS PERRY. JR. ROBERT ADAM REISTER WILLIAM PENNINGTON SNAVELY HOWARD EDWARD WIENER L2801 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA OMICRON CIRCLE OFFICERS KNOX TURNBULL ...... ..... ....... P r esidenl ROBERT C. WATTS. JR. . . . . . Vice-Presidenl JOHN RITCHIE. III .,.. . . ..... Secrefary WILLIAM MERRICK . . . . Corresponding Secreiary Ivey Foreman Lewis Lewis Machen Hammond Nafhaniel E. Adamson, Jr. Andrew J. Brenf R. C. Dingledine, Jr. Harry E. Dinwiddie, Jr. James E. Edmunds McChesney Goodall. Jr. William W. Koonfz FACULTY MEMBERS Henry Harford Cummincj Norlon G. Prifcheii STUDENT MEMBERS Waller C. Smifh Knox Turnbull Roberl C. Walls, Jr. Carfer B. Weisiger Richard A. Williams Marshall Field William B. Harman Lee M. McLaughlin William R. Merrick John R. Morris, Jr. Charles A. Read I2811 E. I. Carruihers John Riichie. III. Phillip E. Rofhar Jerry L. Thomas. Jr. George C, Armisfea Richard R. Bernard William T. McCann Lew W. Oehmig Howard Smiih d THE RAVEN SOCIETY Nafhaniel E. Adamson George C. Armisfead Louis S. Auchineloss Thomas Grasfy Bell Richard R. Bernard William A. Blankenship John D, Bufzner, Jr. Eugene M. Caffey, Jr. Clarence J. Callahan Howard E. Carr Sfephan Van Order Clark Philip R. Crufe Bradfufe W, Davenporf William A. Dickenson Raymnod C. Dingledine Edward R. Dyer Henry G, Ellef, Jr, Donald T. Faulkner Richard H. Feville Francis L. Berkeley Alberf S. Bolling T. Munford Boyd William E. Buford Morfimer S. Caplin Roberf Coles ACTIVE STUDENT MEMBERS Marshall Field. Jr. Innes C. Haines Charles F. Hamlin Roberf G. Harper William S, Hawkins Edwin E. Holm, Jr. Edwin Hulfer Andrew L. Ingles Thomas N. R. Johnson Nils David Kiellsfrom William W. Koonfz John L. Lobinger. Jr. William R. Merrick Kelly T, McKee John R. Morris, Jr, John M. Perry Carl W. Pelers Warren L. Plunckeff LOCAL ALUMNI Edwin H. Copenhaver, Jr. Judge H. D. Dabney Sferling H. Diggs Judge Armisfeacl Dobie William J. Gold John S. Groers Rev. William W, Smifh Dr. William A. Lambefh C. Veneble Minor John Powell F. H. Quarles, Jr. If28ZI Luke H. Poe, Jr. Roberf L. Presfon George Reese Charles A. Reed John S. Roberfs Herberf H. Rosenfhnl Philip E. Rofhar Fifzwilliams Sargenf. Ill Roberf F. Shenkkan Howard M. Smiih Jerry L. Thomas Knox Turnbull Howard S. Tufhill Ofis Lee Updike. Jr. George Soufhall Vesf, Charles A, Webb T. Dabney Wellford Roberf K. Wolfz Thomas B. Worsley T. C. Rifchie Rev. Winfree Smifh Lyfflefon Waddell Dr. Sfephan H. Waffs Carl Whiflock Col. Jennings C. Wise J Vincenf W. Archer Alberl G. A. Gale James C, Bardin Jesse W. Beams Edwin M. Bells Sfaige D. Blackford William E. Bray Gardner L. Carfer James R. Cash Harry Clemons Henry Cumming Richard H. Dabney Jack Dalfon Arlhur K. Davis Hardy C. Dillard Francis J. Duke George B. Eager William H. Faulkner George O. Ferguson Richard C. Garlick Wilson Gee Frank A. Geldard Chauncey McL. Gilberl Garrard Glenn Roberl' K. Goock Allen T. G. Gwafhmey Lewis M. Hammond Andrew De J. Hari FACULTY MEMBERS James Har+ Alcheson L. Hench Llewellyn C. Hoxion Thomas C. Johnson Harvey E. Jordan Charles H. Kauffman. Jr. William A. Keplner Elber+ A. Kincaid Edgar W. Kirby Lawrence Lee Linwood Lehman Ivey S. Lewis Malcolm Luck Edwin C. McClin+ock Arihur F. Macconochie John C. Melcalf James S. Miller Clarence W. Miller Samuel A. Mifchell Waller A. Monfgomery Fredrick T, Morse Charles B. Morron Henry B. Mulholland Roberf Musselman Charles P. Nash John L. Newcomb Earnesf J. Oglesby Lawrence R. Quarles I283l Fredrick D. G. Ribble John Rifchie, lll Joseph K. Roberls Waller S. Rodman Lawrence T. Roysfer Beniamin F. D. Runk Edward W. Saunders. Jr Charles F, Schwarlz A. B. Shepperson Dudley C. Smifh Rev. William K. Smifh Tipfon R, Snavely Carroll M. Sparrow Carl C. Speidel Oscar Swineford Joseph L. Vaughan James A. Waddell William W. Waddell Roberf H. Webb William Weedon William H. Whife. Jr. David C. Wilson James Soufhall Wilson Richard H, Wilson James E. Wood Flelcher D. Woodward Thaddeus B. Woody John C. Wylie FRATRES IN FACULTATE fm... ,IAM ffl IIIIII I 4 alll, I f u.. L r I lf ? -y lj 4 ALPHA CMEGA ALPHA ALPHA OF VIRGINIA CHAPTER Founded aI' fha 'College of Physicians and Surgeons in I902. Esfablished ai' fhe Universify of Virginia in I9I9. Harvey Ernesl Jordan Halsfead Shipman Hedges James Alexander Waddell Lawrence Thomas Roysfer William Benneff Bean Edwin Parrridge Lehman Carlisle Sanford Lenfz Eugene Markley Landis William Edward Bray James Edwin Wood, Jr. Henry Bearden Mulholland James Roberf Cash Dudley Crofford Smifh Charles Bruce Morfon John Ridley Seal Byrd Sfuarf Leavell William Eugene Apperson John Randolph Tucker Carmichael Julian Ruffin Beckwifh Roberf William McCullough Ray Edward Burger Roberf Vivian Funslen Flefcher Drummond Woodward Tiffany Johns Williams Dr. Dr. Dr. Dr. Sfaige Davis Blackford Dr. Oscar Swineford. Jr. Dr. Andrew DeJarnefIe Hari' Dr, William Wirl' Waddell Dr. Carl Caskey Speidel Dr. John Moyer Meredifh Dr, David Cale Wilson Dr. Vincenf William Archer Dr, John Mclnfire Nolces Dr. Alfred Chanufin Dr. James Ernesl Kindred FRATRES IN URBE Dr. James Bell Black, Jr. Dr. Harry Lee Archer Dr. Alberf Rifchie Gillespie Dr. John Manson Fee Dr. Chrisfian Kevin Hoyle Maynard Roberl' Emlaw Darwin William Neubauer Dr, Dr. Dr. Philip Pendlelon Slepfoe, Jr. ACTIVE MEMBERS IN THE CLASS OF I94I Benjamin Walfer Bremer William Smifh Hawkins Roy Sfinson Bigham. Jr. Kelly Tilson McKee George Clayfon Armisfead. Jr. John Richard Morris. Jr. C. Lyman Day Thomas McCreery Sawyers Philip Laub Shulfz L284:I ' JDOEUUIJDGUU I I 'I IR SCARAB MEMBERS ERIC BANCROFT THOMAS CRAVEN KENDRICK GARRIN WINTHROP JONES MYRLIN McCULLAR DONALD BRUCE ANGUS ECHOLS ROLAND ELLIS GEORGE HADDOX PALMER HEWLETT ALBERT KERLEY GEORGE MAHONEY BYRON SAMPLE EDWIN TRAVIS WILLIAM TYLER THEODORE CORWIN ROBERT HARDING LESTER MAY JEFFERSON POWELL NICHOLAS SCHLEGEL WILLIAM EVANS SCOTT RAWLINGS l285J VIRGINIA ALPHA CHAPTER OF A BET PI Founded aI Lehigh Universify, I885 Esfablished a+ Universify of Virginia. I92I FACULTY MEM BERS JOHN LOYD NEWCOMB, B.A,. C.E. WALTER SHELDON RODMAN. B.S.. S.M. EDWARD WATTS SAUNDERS. C.E. JAMES SHANNON MILLER, B.A.. B.S.. E.E. SAMUEL ALFRED MITCHELL, M.A., Ph.D. ARTHUR FRANCIS MACCONOCHIE, B.Sc. CHARLES HENDERSON, E.E. FREDRICK TRACY MORSE, M.E., E.E. THOMAS HAYHURST EVANS, M.S. LAWRENCE REGINALD OUARLES, B.S.E., Ph.D. ACTIVE MEM BERS DAVID N. KJELLSTROM CARL PETERS JERRY LINDSEY THOMAS, JR. JULIAN J. MASON OTIS LEE UPDIKE LUTHER S. STEVENS WARREN PLUNKETT CHARLES STRINGFELLOW KENNITH C. RATHBUN L286'l A. L, Herring, Jr. R. C. Walls, Jr. J. A. T. Wilson T. M. Sawyers M. A. Johnson. lll W. W. Koonfz E. S-. Middlelon J, C. H. Hooff W. R. Willefr. Jr. W. M. Gravalle, Jr. L. M. McLaughlin W. B. Harman W. W. Archer, Jr. N. S. Goodloe E. M, Lowrance W, T. McCann C. L. Reed L. S. Gosney L. P. Harris E. A. Miller W. J. Wiqhlmen F. L. Benclcensfein J. M, Perry E. J. Dickey, Jr. J. C. Morley. Jr. W. R. Preslon W. S. Judlcins W. M. Smi'fh ..gL:. . ,. 4, Miz' rf .elif VL. . -1 fl' ni f ' .Q-if 'fx N R '1 - 'ii' ' .- f fa' '.gj.:,. 1 'g Q "f'?.- 1? .. 'I' . 643: 3554.651 -7524 i. - l I-.. J". :!q.i.'. J jim- 1.1. if-'. ' . 'LMI-'1': ' 'YA-15, 5. r. .v...- . -1.-,, ..-1 u . . f,.... ,. , A M . , .,, , '-rg. 'Aga ' r'.'-"'- " 93035. 1- ' . D. Somerville . Goffigon L. Prince G. Micldlelon P. WhiHle . S. Brown. Jr. G. Buchanan . D. Talley S, Balfle W. C. Braille . S. Brinlrerholf L. L. Conquest III . W. Dingledine R. H. Feuille D. D. George T. Gal .wood . King, Jr. S. Lynn. Jr. . W. McNeel, Jr. R. Malone H. O'G-rince W. A. Roughan E. L. Siriclcler P. F. Smifh J. E. Thompson G. Volenfine W, Wells H. Rill' W, J. Grumm l2871 N. C. Gianolras E. N, Cheek W. J. Dickenson T. N. P. Johnson A. Chrisiian E. Bryenf G, Sargenl Wm. Suhling G. G. Shaclcelford P. Chrisfian R. Willshire Wiley Grandy C, Curry S. Carfer A. Day F. Balsley R. McGusfy L. Mason F. Harrison C. Wilson H. Brown P. Wear J. Tuclcer C. King E. Smifhdeal T. Henry H. McGeorqe J. Greenleaf SKULL Bob Aldrich Jack Frilsche Jim Smiih Tom Edwards Dan Payne Carler Weisiger Al Berkeley Ches Goodall Dave Harrison Harry Dinnwiddie Wier Tucker Lew Oehmig Buz Parker Jim Gillefle Josh Camblos Fred Pollard Charles Wheeler Don Dayion Truman Soulhall Bill Jens Jim Foley Mose Cardozo Henry Wickham Henry Ellel' Charles Burneil' Brokie Lamb Harry McClaugher+y Jack Haines Charles Hoffman Dixie Merrill Bill Board Larry Forsylhe Tom Bell Waller Smiih Beverly Tucker Bill Gravall John Cronly :va 'gg fin -film. ' ' ., .7 ,r wi' Hi i 'iii ' 1 if l li A llw' Ha remix 3 r '5, :QE 'sk , is I Lff!3'5? . I ,P . A. caiiiiiij , ,- rw :vas-v " bi. ' " l ' ' J f ll :fr A V Q' E-' . Mk ng of .L XE! -. ' ' -. :rrfff-' .s..n Q ,a 'w31E:fQKhf?5 AND KEY Dave Hume Bill Mirman John McCadden Arch Seewald George Palmer John Ransom Roger Hall Dick Scoll' Conway Fellon Tom Joyner Lee Neusledler Jack Saurbeck John Carrulh Malcolm Marshall Harold Dirlam Pele Berkey Bill Tyler Bill Kimmel Jim Dodson Bill Terry Jack Murden Bill Dudley Ross Craig Frank McDulif Roy Carler Craig Smilh Ollo Befz Dick Perry Dick Baker Frank Pidgeon Bill Spurlock Charlie Craddock Purnell Eggleslon Dave Harlfield Bryan Banker Curl' Richardson I288T Duane Tower Ed Burgess Quin Taylor Juslin Burnes Nal Crawford Newhall Macomber Chuck Chamberlin John Buller Leeds Van Kleek Cal Allen Jim While Aage Hornslelh Phil Kinsey Dan Oehmig Lee Rhell' George Wesl' Busier Roberlson Fred Salimarsh Ed Lyman Sumner Malleson Bill Smifh Bunny Morion Bill Fogarly Pres Bradford John Dulaney Bob Haden Frank Crenshaw Arden Day Ben Dulaney Sonny Hall Don Nickerson Ashby Marshall Billy Hill Tom Todd Larry Abbol' Lew Kalz Al Frerolle WAAS:-HNGTQN SOCIETY ROBERT K. GOOCH WILLIAM KOONTZ IVEY FOREMAN LEWIS JAMES PUTNAM JAMES SOUTHALL WILSON WILLIAM CROOK HARVEY POE ARCHIBALD B. SI-IEPERSON WILLIAM OBERNDORFER FREDERICK D. G. RIBBLE JOHN PERRY KNOX TURNBULL ROBERT ALDRICH ROBERT WOLTZ FRANCIS HELLER MARSHALL FIELD WILLIAM GIMBLE STAIGE BLACKFORD l289I "I3" SOCIETY KNOX TURNBULL LUKE HARVEY POE, JR. WALTER SMITH RICHARD WILLIAMS JOHN RICHARD MORRIS TRUMAN SOUTHALL WILLIAM KOONTZ JAMES EDMUNDS WILLIAM HARMAN WILLIAM T. McCANN CHARLES A. READ LEE MCLAUGHLIN NAT ADAMSON L290fI I29ll JAMES EASLEY EDMUNDS ROBERT CRENSHAW WATTS WILLIAM WILSON KOONTZ WILLIAM ROSCOE WILLETT. JR. MOSBY GOODING CARDOZO WILLIAM BELL HARMAN FENTON DOUGLAS SOMERVILLE JOHN CARLYLE HERBERT I-IOOFF WILLIAM HOUSTON BOARD DONALD KUYKENDALL DAYTON JAMES ARTHUR SMITH WILLIAM GRAULT JENS JOSHUA FRY BULLITT CAMBLOS CLINTON McCLARTY HARBISON. JR. WILLIAM REED PRESTON JOHN POLLINS RUMERY EDMUND ADDISON LANGHORNE FREDERICK DIXON BROOKE EDMUND GHEENS MIDDLETON L2921' 'sfljx FRATRES IN URBE Slephan H. Waifs Charles C. Tennanl George B. Eager Roberf K. Gooch J. Malcolm Luclr David J. Wood A. Hewson Michie Sfaige D. Blaclrford Oscar Swineford L. Munforo' Boyd Llewellyn Miller Alberf T. Yorlr Howard Turner W. Hugh Flannagan Roberf Coles George Cooper Samuel L. Lee George M. Coles Junius R. Fishburne f2931 ACTIVE MEMBERS Weir M. Tuclrer Knox Turnbull M-:Chesney Goodall, Jr. Harry E. Dinwiddie, Jr. Lew Wesf Oehmig Richard R. Bernard Edwin Pearson Parlcer, lil. Carfer B, Weisiger Waller Carfer Smifh William Thomas McCann Lee M. McLaughlin Ervin John Diclcey, Jr. James Rolnerf Dodson, Jr. John Henry Neff William Joseph Crumm Harry C. McClaugherfy Marshall Field, Jr. John Richard Morris, Jr, Roberf B. Aldrich PRF SX ekqe M Oabn A BE?-S 'YRES KH YP-CULT PSE Nnckfc or 04 mnve new Bosxn Carn'OXos Nino-A 'YurnbuXX onn X'XooRR Dan Damon 'norne Vx. Yxeak Yxavdq OKXXM Yxobevk Yunsken Vsobevk Goodn ' Hammond 'n Neo Leng Board W'nYxenN oscoe NN'xXXeX es Srnwn Gunn Levus C2narXes Nas. 5o'nn NOV-es W'xWxarn NNa66eXX, Jr. XN'xXYxevn NN'n'xXe, lv. YYNMYQES xn 0?-BE 5510 YXedXeX4 Brown Wmff' we Muniovd B046 .Karnes ?oXeq More Ywnn N'nX'mn Xioonh. 'Vnornas Caukxnovn oben NAT-Xen Rohan Colegofge Onanes Yxdshnan Nkck Bdyonovf 'xWxnrn Gravakk EA VVx6dXe'con 'Men' Jens. Yfenkon Sornew'nXe ' Y-eq Novbe Eovfxn Copednevev ' CxNoem.on ' okk EN Oxc obknson Skowe Gwyn Craxq Speed EW NN'xXN'xanN X.o'xrd Som Lee , VXaXcon90 Luck Cobe, Jw. n NN'xXX'xar0 .Soxnn CronXe4 PA6'lsxNBXX5 Uxck NN 'Ma 'kdne 2.1. NN . Mc Vxevsko Lee Nl ena'oXe Nino Owen Levkus. Vxoberkson Yxenw Yxossev, 'oe V065 GCOW 'Vno N Se 'Y :Moe Ed CXwarXes 'Y NN 600 Jock Yu an ooo Dave 6, Jr. NN'xXX'mqn NN oo l294l I0 Thomas Xfmq NN New Sffcfih Lauqxdxn Bob 'vm Lee Mc o Yxarxdxson Nei? Jo 'w-on Brooke :Iceman cram-.R vlexsxeexl Vveflxdenk .SPNKES UOUSON Secrek ami reesurev XN ew Tucker mow go CW' 60068 M Yxokxnav Vxoxoev' XN 'ms NN Mmm Yreskon B911 V mme' o-N are Goodvfm exmdq Bohn Bawe Goethe Ctadeock OoavXes Read Yeqkon Yxavrks XNxxYxm Dude Lew O XAGUNI O'mv4K6cYxe .Xames Edmunds NNXXXKAN Harmon Mosbq Garde-La r2951 Xl LEW OEHMIG . JOHN HOOTT . . WILLIE KOONTZ . . Billy Archer Fred Benckenslein Bill Board Jack Brenl Dixon Brooke Tom Bryan Josh Camblos Mosby Cardozo John Cronley Todd Dabney Warwick Davenporl Harry Dinwiddie Jim Edmunds Henry Ellel Slick Ely Ted Finlay Orme George Ches Goodall John Hooil Charley Hoffman Kelley Hooker Bill Jens Tom Johnson Bill Judkins Guy King Bill Koonlz Brokie Lamb' Ned Langhorne Barry Marshall Bill Marbury Jack Mason Ed Middlelon Chalmers McCann Lew Oehmiq Buck Paul Dan Payne Jim Pulnam Charloy Recd F2961 Casey Caslar . . . . Presidenl . . Vice-Presidenl . . . . Secrelary Jim Smiih Bob Tarring Weir Tucker , Carier Weisiqer Charley Wheeler Joe Whilfle Rosco Willel Dick Williams Tyler Wilson Billy Hill Park Smilh Norm Farquher App Marshall Wilson McNeeley Glenn Connally Bob Henly Purnell Egglesion Bill Ballle Grove McCown Ben Dulany John March Billy Hudgens Bill Crumm Busler Roberlson Cooke Wilson Dan Oehmig Cal Allen "Cue Ball" Kabler Emmel Galewood Franck Crenshaw Ray Dingledine Na+ Crawford Na+ Adamson Jack Wallz Jim While John Burke Ted Ayres Dick Morris ALDRICH . . DICKEY . . POLLARD R. Aldrich N. Baienoff A. Berkeley J. Blackwell B. Bryan H. Brown L. Buchanan C. Burneil' W. Cushman D. Dayion E. Dickey J. Dodson W, Dudley L. Forsylh J. Foley J. Fri+che N. Goodloe H. Goodwin L. Gosney W. Gravell l. Haines C. Harbison P. Harris D. Harrison D. Haydon W. McCann H. McClaugherfy L. McLaughlin S. Marshall D. Merrill M. Morse C. Molley J. Nefe S. Olssen R. Pollard F. Pollard W. Presfon L. Prince P. Rofhar . . . Presidenf .' Vice-Presidenf . . . . . Secreiary W. Roughen P. Sheffield N. Somerville T. Soufhall R. Srowe K. Turnbull J. Waldrop R. Walls H. Wickham W. Dillard W. Spurlock R. Hall A. Wells P. L. L. Conquest III C. Chamberlin G. Wes+ G. Sargenr P. Kinsey E. Bryanl W. Suhling F. McDuff C. Palmer R. Haden C. Cradock T. Bell M. Smiih D. Hueme S. Hall L. Bell R. Wilrshire N. Campbell F. Slringfellow A. Chrisfian L. Mason T. Todd R. Creigh N. Gianokas R. Bernharfic A. Sloddard lf297J JABBERW Nal Adamson Merrill Banlcarcl Wm. Baulcnighl Joe Black Rodney Bonsall Thomas Brown Slave Clarke Phil Crule Gene Feinblalf Harry Franlclin Al Frerofle Ted Hall Gil Halsled Charles Hamlin Vernon-Hifchings Bob Ireland Bill Jensen Carl Johnson Elmer Kelley George Keyes Jim Lilllefielcl John Lobingier Buck Morse Dave Nicholson Bob Palerson Benlon Paller Ed Peck E. W, Purce H. H. Purcell Charles Read Charles Reese Joe Riggs Bill Roberls Bob Schenlclcan Truman Soufhall Bill Spencer Ashlon Trice Al Turner Dudley Wade Jaclc Wallz Van Ware Dick Williams Floyd Williams Tom Blair Jaclc Gordon Barl Lloyd John Lloyd Bob Ziegler Charles Liddell Charles O'Connor J. P. Warner Diclc Ware lf2991 Harold Brinlcehofl Carl Zeisler Charles Piclcell Marion Pills John Marshall Thomas Wilhers Jim Brown Mifchel Simon Bob Cherny Dave Rofhchild Mano Golden Bob Hoffman Tom Sharp Jim Jessup Sieve Schlossberg Don Bruce Bill Hurlbul Roy Bowan Charles Kendall Jim Truill' Bill Bloomer Clif Gruver Jim Wrighl Jarvis Buller Malcolm Terry Sherman Selden Alex Koswiclc Alden Whifmore Ari' Bean John Willey Harris Bradley Bob Alfriend John Zearfoss Ralph Foulger Bob Musselman Wendell Malbon Tom Davis James While Ari' Smifh Bill Wellfly John Daugherly Calvin Crum George Boone leesanls n Weisheil Lloyd e Baxfer John Walson Larry Ferguson John Cleveland F. G. Thomason on Crenshaw PI DELTA EPSILON ROBERT A, IRELAND. JR. . . OFFICERS NATHANIEL E. ADAMSON. JR. . . JOHN L. LOBINGIER, JR, . . William C. Bauknighl. Jr. W. A. Green, Jr. Hunler Hughes. Jr. Gilberl C. Halsled, III Joseph H, Harrison. Jr. MEMBERS William R. Merrick Edwin G. Micldlelon Edgar E. Pecl. Jolwn S. Roberfs. Jr. Howard M. Smifh Joseph B. Tucker A. Jackson Bren? Raymond C. Dingledine Harris H. Williams Henry G. Nafhon i30l1 . . . . . . .Presidenl . . . . .Vice-Presidenl Secrelary-Treasurer Thom Blair Henry Clemens P. L. Conquesl Joe Ross Riggs Frank H. Balsley ORGANIZATIONS RGANIZATIONS . . . THE PUBLICATIONS. STUDENT GOVERNMENT, DRAMATICS AND MUSIC. HERE IS THE TRAINING OF TALENT,' THE EXPERIENCE OF RESPONSIBILITY, AND THE PRIDE OF ACHIEVEMENT. ADISON HA -l"N 2 x 15' if 4: I x ' W qv Q 4 L. 'A 1 4" V J ,Qs- A -9 f ' ' ' 1 , f' !?1i . , e 'Hx f F 5 mf LA WILLIAM B. HARMAN MARSHALL FIELD . . JERRY L. THOMAS. JR .... JOHN MORRIS, JR. . JOHN WATSON . . . . . College . . . Law . Engineering . . . . Medicine . . . .Graduafe THE HONOR COMMITTEE I3071 BALSLEY JOHNSON OFFICERS FRANK H. BALSLEY . . WILLIAM MERRICK ...... THOMAS N. PAGE JOHNSON, JR. . ORKS AND Incorporafed tsosl QQ I ko BOARD OF DIRECTORS J. C. BARDIN F. H. BALSLEY E. I. CARRUTHERS A. J. BRENT T. N. P. JOHNSON W. R. MERRICK J. O. PUTNAM. JR. . . Vice Presldenf . . Secretary Treasurer CURLS CRKS AND CURLS Alpha Epsilon Pi . Alpha Tau Omega . Baia Theia Pi '. . Chi Phi . . . . . . Delia Kappa Epsilon Della Tau Delia . . Delia Upsilon . . . Jefferson Sociefy . Kappa Alpha . . . Kappa Sigma . . . Phi Alpha . . . Phi Del+a Theia . Phi Epsilon Pi . . Phi Gamma Delia . Phi Kappa Psi . . Phi Kappa Sigma . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Pi Lambda Phi . Si. Anihony .... S+. Elmo . . . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi . . . Sigma Nu . . . . Sigma Phi Epsilon . Tau Epsilon Pi . . Theia Chi . . . . Theia Delia Chi . . Theia Tau . . . Trigon ..... Zeia Baia Tau . Zeia Psi . . . FRATERNITY REPRESENTATIVES . .Jayson Rome . . Joe Tucker . . .Lewis Bell . . .Bill Dillard . . . .Bill Suhling . Emmif Gaiewood . . Byron Sample . . . Peier Shiller . . Wirf Haicher . . . . Ed Lyman .Sianley Brenner . . John Thomason . . lrwin Roihchild . . . Fred Hiclcs . . R. K. Woliz . Haywood Nelms . . Bill Gulliiord . . Daniel Karsch . Norman Farquhar . .Willy Grandy . . . . Ed Thomas . .Waller Paruch . . . Bob Ziegler . . . . .Sian Fisher . Berna rd Kasinoif . . .Carl Johnson . . . Tom Griffis . . . Don Frazier Harry Muller-Tyme Julian H. Hoffman . . . Al Sfoddard lf309J CCRKS AND CURLS, I94I EXECUTIVE BOARD FRANK I-LBALSLEY ........ .... E di+or-in-Chief ' THOMAS IIPAGEJOHNSON . . . . .Business Manager WILLIAM R. MERRICI4 . . , .Managing EEIIIOI EDWARD CI-IEEK . . .ASSISIERI EEIIIOI DAVID STUART . . .Assisfanf Edifor PETER POLLION . . . .Assis+an'rEdi+or QD I KD If3l01 RKS AND CURLS Ed cheek Dave Slua rl Marshall Williams Arlhur Smifh Phil Hoyl Ed Overlon Waller McClelland Ralph Conrad P. L. Conquesl R. P. Walker Lewis Allen EDITORIAL STAFF Pele Pollion Bud Mellon STAFF MEM BERS L. E. Mclborllancl George Shackelford Frank Scrymser Paul Shulman Lawrence Deulsch Henry Greenwald Sidney Kellam Donald DeRoy Frank Evans FEATURE CONTRIBUTORS Bud Conwell Jack Ackerson Buck Whiilalch Barl James Bill McCoy Bill Hall Arr Voorhees Ari Nives Gerald Monlaigne Jack Coleman Pickell M. Greig Clarence Neff, Jr. John M. Perry Roger Hall Pleasanl L. Conquesl Tom Kessing BUSINESS STAFF CHARLES F. LLOYD. JR .... .... A ssislanl Business Manager DANIEL D. TALLEY. Ill . . . Assislanl Business Manager ROBERT N, POLLARD, JR. . . . .Assislanl Business Manager Macon M, Arlhur W. Scoii Cauchois Buckner W. Clay Frank W. Decker Slanley P. Fisher. Jr, Mark H. Cosiello. Jr. Roberl E. P. Elmer, Jr. C. Felix Jenkins ASSOCIATES William Gaylord C. Wiley Grandy, Jr, Ralph T. Holsapple, Jr. Basil M. Jones, Jr. Harry G. Lewman F. Haywood Nelms. Jr ADJUNCTS H. Lee Finlayson, Jr. Frank L. Hereford Charles R. Meyer R. Dillard Teer l3ll1. Irwin B. Roihchild, Jr, James R. Slanlon John W. Sleacy, Jr. Alberl H. Sloddarcl. lll William R. Tooker Gordon K. Zirkle F. Lee Maullby John C. Williams, Jr. ,I94 LLEG ADAMSON ROBERTS 4 STAFF NATHANIEL E. ADAMSON, JR. . ...... ..... E clilor-in-Chief JOSEPH H. HARRISON, JR. . .... Managing Edilor HOWARD M. SMITH ..... .... M anaging Edifor JOHN S. ROBERTS. JR, . . . . Business Manager JOHN L. LoBiNeiER,.1R. . . . . .Sporfs Edifor GILBERT C. HALSTEAD. lll . . . . Fealure Edilor NEWS S News Edilors: William C. Baulcnighl, Thomas W. Blair, Edwin G. Middleion, Edgar E. Peck. Joseph B. Tucker. Assignmenl Edifor: Henry G. Nalhan. Assisfani' Assignmenf Edifor: Arfhur J. Smifh. Morgue Edifor: Edwin H. Pleasanls. Assislan+ News Ediforz Moss A, Plunkett Jr.. Cliffon Gruver, T. Keisfer Greer. Associafe News Edifors: Beniamin Banulis, Jack Hodges, I3121 TAFF William R. Krause, Edward G. Lewis. Bruce D. Reynolds. Jr.. T. Daniel Shumaie, Jr., John W. Thomason, Ill. Roberi B. Wilkins, Reporlers: Roberf Blackburn, Bruce Carswell. Pefer Clinch, Gorclen Crenshaw, Williams S. Lyon, Jr., James M. Macon, Jr.. Loclcerl B. Mason, William P. Spencer. Brooke Pierce, French Slrolhers, Jr.. George Waffs. Mar- shall G. Williams, Milner Morrison COL LEGE TGPICS FEATURES STAFF Assisfani' Ediforsc J. McC. Truill, Peter Schiller. Associaie Edi+ors: Edward N. Cheelc, Jr., Pleasonron L. Conquesl, lll, Alan Senie. Reporferss Charles W. Doughlie. Jr.. Warren Goff, Thomas J. Grillis, Zebulon Vance Hoolcer, ll. R. A. lre- land, Jr., George C. Shaclcerlord, Berrram Thompson, George Arlcinson, SPORTS STAFF Junior Spor+s Edilorsz J. Bond Smilh, Jr., R. Mano Golden. Assisfani' Sporls Edifors: Lewis Kalz, Murray Van Lear, Roberl Franlc, Herberl' Levill. Special Wrifers: Harrold Brillianr, Rickey Feuille, Roy Mallhews, BUSINESS Assisfanf Business Manager: Joe Ross Riggs. Adverfising Managers: Gerard S. Chapin, Sidney H. Slern, Jr. Circulafion Manager: Nalhaniel M. Pigman, Jr. Classified Ad Manager: Harry J, Perlberger, Jr. Assislanl' Classified Ad Manager: Ralph Conrad. Exchange Edifor: James B. Beverley. lniramural Edilor: Bruce Swenson. Associaie Edifors: Norman Farquhar, Samuel Carler. George Boone, Edward Lyman, Charles Hall. Reporfers: David Dashiel, Frank Hereford, Henry Howell, George McNeal, Jaclc Zinman. Phoiographers: Richard Wiflcind, Richard Anderson. Eugene Miller. STAFF Assisfanl' Circulalion Manager: C. Presfon Bradford. Assis'l'anl' Adverfising Managers: Henry Colbalh, Law- rence K. Harper, Philip D. Hoyl, William Hurlbul, Carl B. Johnson. P. Frank Lake, Emile Siegel. Adiuncls: Frederick Bales. John Bishop, William Gay- lord, David Hume, Lee McParlland, Joseph Slanley, Peler Slreel. William Slull, Burlon H. Throclcmorion. H131 TUTHILL WEBB THE VIRGINIA LAW REVIEW FIELD SARGENT BUTZNER AUCHINCLOSS HARPER WARD II314II N , Law Review Sfaff HOWARD S. TUTHILL . CHARLES A. WEBB . MARSHALL FIELD, JR .... FITZ-WILLIAM SARG-ENT. III . . JOHN D. BUTZNER, JR. . . ROBERT HARPER . . . LOUIS AUCHINCLOSS . CHARLES WARD . . TOM MASON . DAVID COXE. JR. . Sidney Barban Normann Cohen Francis Lowcien Wm. G. Harris Shepherd Taie Joe Woodie Fred Blanion A. A, Duer Joe EarIe Reber? I-Iubard W. G. McKenney Richard McManon P. G. Terrie STAFF L3l5'i . . . .Edifor . . .Noies Ediior . . . .Decisions Edifor Assisfani Decisions Edifor .Associaie Noies Edifor . .Virginia Sec. Ediior . . Book Review Ediior . . . Business Manager . . Associafe Business Manager . .Associafe Business Manager Guy Ruiherford Kilaein Townsend Donald Wilson Maurice Sfeingold Harvey Poe. Jr. George Obers+ Wm. P. Oberndorfer f Wm. Grimball, Jr. Warwick Davenporr Joseph Winsfon George Smifh Wm. Dickinson Sfewari Campbell JACK WALTZ . . . ProsudenI GILBERT HALSTEAD ....... Secrofary DICK WILLIAMS EDGAR PECK NATI-IANIEL ADAMSON CHARLES F. REESE LEE MCLAUGI-ILIN BOB ALDRICI-I DAVID HARTFIELD, JR. P. L. CONQUEST HARRY FRANKLIN I VVALTZ HALSTEAD MCLAUGHLIN ALDRICH HARTFIELD CONQUEST RPESE ADAMSON FRANKLIN WILLIAMS PECK l3l61 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY JEFFERSON SOCIETY I8 25 CIPIIIOI' TIATPIE ' DEOE A I I'IAEC'0LIIIIIIEI'IINI5SIf'IIlVABIT OFFICERS Firsf Term ELMER L. KELLY ........ ...... ....... P r esidenl ROBERT A. IRELAND ......... ..... V ice-Presidenl' STANLEY POWELL, JR, ....... .,... S ecrelary EUGENE V. N. GOETCHIUS .... . . .Treasurer Second Term JESSE W, LEVY .......... ....... ........ P r esidenf EUGENE V. N. GOETCI-IIUS . . . ..... Vice-Presidenl ARTHUR P. BEAN. JR ..... ..... S ecrelary ROBERT I'-I. GRAVATTE ..... . . .Treasurer Third Term EUGENE V. GOETCHIUS ..... ..,.. EDWARD G. LEWIS ..... WILLIAM T. BROWN . . . ROBERT GRAVATTE ........... Arlhur Kyle Davis, Jr. George B. Eager. Jr. Roberl' Ken? Gooch James Hari Arlhur Merrill' Jarman Eliol F. Barllell Arlhur P. Bean, Jr. William E. Bloomer Sherman Brown W. T. Brown. Jr. Edward P. Bush Eugene M. Calley, Jr. Marshall W. Fishwicla Eugene V. N. Goelchius Neill I-I. Alford Edward E. Bass John Kempf Thomas Cary Johnson Edwin C. McClin+oclc F. Deane G. Ribble Oscar W. Underwood, Jr Joseph Lee Vaughan William Slone Weedon REGULAR MEMBERS Roberf l-I. Gravalle T. Keisler Greer A. Rulherloord I-lolrnes Roberl A. Ireland Elmer L. Kelly Jesse W. Levy Edward G. Lewis Thomas L. Mallhews. Jr. PROBATIONARY MEMBERS Frederick W. Lawrence Nalhaniel F. Mann. Jr. E. Fullon Neal Ned D. Pabsl If317J . . . . . . . Presidenl . . . . Vice-Presidenl . . . . . Secrelary Treasurer Lewis Caflell Willi.nms David Cole Wilson James Soulhall Wilson James Edwin Wood. Jr. Thaddeus B. Woody Terence Y. Mullins Roberl M. Musselman Slanley Powell. Jr. Charles T. Reese Slanley A. Rhodes Arfhur J. Smilh Dudley F. Wade George W. Walls Henry B. Wilson Marshall J. Snapp Clarence B. Trower. Jr. Samuel G. Wingfield Ill UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION CHARLES A, READ . . HOWARD McO. SMITH . . PHILIP E, ROTHAR . . WM. C. BAUKNIGHT. JR. . ARTHUR P. BEAN . . . ROY E. CREWS .... OFFICERS . . . . . .Presidenl E. I. CARRUTHERS . . . . . . . . , . . .Treasurer . . , . .Vice-Presidenf WILLIAM KYLE SMITH . . . . . .General Secrefary . . Recording Secrelary DR. S. A, MITCHELL . .Chairman Board of Direclors COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Liferalure and Publicalions . . . .Weslminsier Club ..........Finance RAY C. DINGLEDINE, JR. . Lilerafure and Publicalions E, HOWARD GOODWIN JOHN HOWARD GORDON JOSEPH H. HARRISON . YUILLE HOLT. JR .... Nallwaniel E. Adamson William Harman S. A. MITCHELL . . A. R. Elliolf Wilson Gee D. C. Hyde . . . .Firsl Year Cabinef . . . Universily Field Club . ...... Publicily . . Firsl' Year Cabinef JOHN L. LOBINGIER. JR. JAMES C. MCGUSTY . CARL H. MADDEN . . WILLIAM R. MERRICK Universify Lecfures on Religion . . . . . . . . . . .Finance . . . . . . Firsl Year Cabinel Sf. Andrew's Broilwerlnood MOSS A. PLUNKETT, JR ...... Firsf Year Cabinel WILLIAM R. PRESTON KENNETH C. RATHBUN JOSEPH B. TUCKER . . JOHN B. WALDROP . ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Roberf Ireland Luke Harvey Poe, Jr. BOARD OF DIRECTORS .......CI1airman E. A, Kincaid W. H. Laird I. F. Lewis F. L. BROWN . . J. C. Melcalf N. G, Prilchell F. D. G. Ribble ...........Finance . . .Wesley Club . . . . . .Chapel . . Firsf Year Cabinel Rayner Snead Reber? C. Walls . .Recording Secrefary W. R. Smilhey G. B, Zelmmer UNIVERSITYB HARRIS W. BRADLEY JOHN P. DAUGHTRY CARL W. PETERS . . Fluies H. Haichfield M. P. Mcconnell J. D. Smifh Bassoon J. F, Tinicer Ciarinefs E. Adamson J. Decker J. C. Duecker W. Fleming F. Gilchell W. Grimsley Wm. H. Harrison S. Knakler R. Linscoif M. Smifh ........DirecIor REXBEACH..... DR. R. E. LUTZ ..... .,... F aculfy Adviser OFFICERS . . .Presidenf W. H. TUCKER . . . .Vice-Presideni HYDE LOUIS . . PERSONNEL G. Spicer M. Lewis Alfo Saxophone W. D. Lewis, Jr. R. L, Brown G. Sanders R. L. Cohn B. Thacker C. L. Floyd W. A.'Jones, III J. L. Masfran Alfo Horns H. J. Penlberg Jr. G. Duer S. Ziring J. W. Knighi Tenor Saxophone H. E. Medinef Wm. Gieiier M. W. Kellam Cornefs Rex Beach C. H. Balen M, Clemenfs R. B. Gahagan H. J. Lafcham Bariione Horns W. K. Dove R. N, Downing R. H. Myers Trombones L. Bradbery D. S. Burner B. D, ConI'esi A ND . . Assisianr Direcfor Basses Snare Ccmmiffeeman . . Drum Maior J. P. Daughfry F. S. Heidelloci W. H. Tucker J. L. Marple C. W. Peiers Drums B. Borden M. B. Burrifi T. P. Chisman L. Cowen L. Sirasser . Bass Drums B. Loren Gloclrenspiels L. R. Modlin F. Y, Thomasan l.319J OFFICERS PROF. HARRY ROGERS PRATT ......,.... Director ALBERT K. COOKE . . . President Business Manager JAMES S. CONSTANTINE , . ..... Associate Director EDWARD N. CHEEK ..... ,... ...... L i brarian HOWARD BAILEY .......,......... Accompanist First Tenors David Brewster Paul Lyday James Plahl Marshall Snapp Charles Butterworth Ed Lyman Robert Posnick Lawrence Snoddy Paul Bouriaily George Marko Victor Salvatore Sharpe Frank Dunham R. L. McKim Timothy Smith Vincent Tramonte Sonny Hall Samuel Munson George Shackeltord Bernard Wycofl Philip Hardy Second Tenors John Ackerson G. Dawes John McCcwn Albert Scaturo Bill Banks Mahlon Elliott Grove McCown Stanton James Borden Kelsey Goss Robert McCormack Jim Thorne C. Bradford Robert Gravatte Bruce Nelson Robert Walter W. Brunner John Greenleaf John Peters Sherman Whipple Gilbert Campbell John Mallard Randolph Pillow Mason Williams Ralph Chandler Gilbert Martin Charles Rawolle W. Willis Harvey Craig Robert Morse Frank Salisbury A. di Zenega First Basses Ed. Berry Peyton Cochran Frank Keppelmann Stuart Talbot Carl Beyer M. Cowen Charles Lloyd Tom Thornhill William Black Herbert Dann Philip Marvin Bob Tyler Gerald Black George Denison Warren Maas Tony Walker Charles Boatwright John Fitzgerald John McConnell E. Ware Bruce Bode John Gordon James Nottingham R. Ware George Boone Fred Hicks Hugh Russell Robert Turner Eddie Cheek Lawrence Heinrich Hal Sill Wesley Ward Albert Cocke Don Hoenstein Stull R. Ziegler Second Basses Albert Amsterdam David Gleason Fielding Mercer Charles O'Conner Macon Arthur Thomas Griftis Tom O'Reilly Garced Sketchlcy Johnny Carruth Jim Harper John Perry Lester Smith Irby Cauthen Felix Jenkins Moss Plunkett Put Stowe Erskine Conrad John Kirsten John Richards DeForest Trimingham Fred Cruser Kelly William Richardson Joseph Tucker J. Clark Ed. Lorenz Jason Rome Vermillion Frank Dudley John McCloskey Harrison Robertson Sam Williams Floyd Edwards Tin Can Quartet L. SNODDY . . . . First Tenor E. BERRY , . . . . First Bass E. CHEEK . . . . Second Tenor J. TUCKER , . . . Second Bass l3201 THE UNIVERSITY CENT GOVERNING BOARD WILLIAM W. KOONTZ . . McCI-IESNEY GOODALL . DAVID NICI-IOLSON . . NATHAN P. CRAWFORD . . MRS. A. E. WALKER . . IVEY F. LEWIS . . C. H. KAUFFMAN . JACK WALTZ .... NAT E. ADAMSON, JR. . . DICK WILLIAMS . . . . ....... Presidenf . Secreiary for Social AcIiviIies . . Secreiary for Guide Service ,Secrefary for Dulaney Library . . ,... I-Iosfess . . Dean of Ihe Universify . . . . . . Personnel Direcfor Secreiary of Firsf Year Program . Sfudeni Senafe Represenfafive . .SI'ucIenI Senaie Represeniaiive l32lI JIM PUTNAM .... MOSE PERRY ........ Dan Payne Peyfon Harris Barry Marshall John Powers Gespar Pachcco Braxfon Bryan Quinf Taylor Ted Ayers Charlie Burnelle Pal Ranson CHARLIE DOUGHTIE . . SONNY CONQUEST Buddy McCadden Bill Dillard John Blackwell Bol Tarring Bob Aldrich Billy Huclgins Emmelfe Gafewood Roger Hal! Scofly Cauchois John Sleacy Fred Hicks P AND J SOCIETY . . . Producfion Manager MEMBERS N221 Johnny Bishop Bill Mirman George Shaclcleford Barry Eafon Bill Suhling Bill Gaylord Ed Cheek Tony Reufers John Greenleaf Jerry Beafly Norm Paul I I . . . . .Presidenf Secrela ry . . . .Treasurer Tommy Bryan Charlie Palmer Kylce Dayion Eddie Bryan? Don Nilcllason Lew Thompson Mandy Mullally Busfer Robinson Lewis Bell Bobby Wallrer F A R E W E L L LeT us give Thanks ThaT we have known This place. ThaT we have lived TogeTher in The shade OT old RoTunda and The anTique grace OT sloping lawn and classic colonnade. LeT us be Thankful ThaT The founder laid l-lis hand and hearT upon This rolling ground, And saw The dream come True ThaT he had made. And leff To us This Treasure we have found. O, passing wonderful The gifTs he gave To us and oTher men who wenT before! Knowledge and TruTh he loved and soughT To save, And made Their seeds To blossom evermore. Wide Tolerance and freedom were his aim. And TrusT in man's abiliTy To rise: And To his dearesT child he gave The same. A blessed heriTage for all The prize. H231 LeT us give Thanks ThaT we have known These Things. And when we go, ThaT oThers here may find The spiriT of democracy ThaT brings Honor and faiTh and nobleness of mind. God granT ThaT when we say good-bye Today To This dear place ThaT we have loved so well, We shall bear wiTh us as we go away Some porTion of The beauTy of iTs spell. God granT ThaT in The disTanT paThs we Take We shall lifT high The Torch of TruTh and pride, ThaT long ago was lighTed for our sake And in This hallowed spoT has never died. O Alma lvlafer, make us live and sTrive For whaT is finesT in The sighT of God, Always To keep Thy cherished hopes alive And Tread The ways Thy noblesf sons have O Alma MaTer, give us sTrengTh and will To honor and To love our fellowmen, ThaT in The years ahead you find us sTill True To Thy name, when we come back again CLARENCE A. NEFF, JR. Trod. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS lT is ex+remely diTTiculT To give crediT To all Those whose eTTorTs wenT inTo The mak- ing oT This yearbook because, like all annuals, iT required The assisTance and coopera- Tion oT numerous individuals and groups. WiThouT The inTeresT and help of The Tra- TerniTies, organizaTions, and The sTudenTs, The book would noT be possible. lT is wiTh a sense oT greaT graTiTude and appreciaTion ThaT l Try now To give crediT in some oT The more conspicuous cases. To Dan Eadie. Mr. W. A. Daniel, and Miss Muriel Chamberlain, of The Benson PrinTing Company, I wish To express my Thanks Tor Their sympaTheTic help and Tine work in The planning and Technical work of The book. To "Spike" Webb, boxing coach aT The Naval Academy, l arn deeply graTeTul Tor his Tine arTicle in TribuTe To The laTe John S. LaRowe. Also To CapTain PriTcheTT Tor his excellenT inTroducTion To The AThleTic SecTion. l should like To express To each member oT my sTaTT my real graTiTude Tor his work. More specifically To PeTer Poillon, Dave STuarT, Bud Mellen and Ed Cheek, Tor Their Tireless eTTorTs in The compilaTion of Their divisions oT The book. Tommy Johnson's excellenT work and capable adminisTraTion oT The business sTaTT have made The business end oT The book an unprecedenTed success and under him Chuck Lloyd, Dan Talley, Bob Pollard, l-larry Lewman, and Bill Gaylord were conspicuous in Their able assisTance. The Tine cooperaTion oT Mr. Leonard Brown and Mrs. Ralph l'lolsinger in The phoTographic work has been very helpful. l am greaTly indebTecl To Roger Hall. George Palnner, Al Killam, and Bill Robbins Tor Their conTribuTions To The phoTographic work oT The FeaTure SecTion. Also To all Those whose snapshoTs appear in ThaT secTion. The TeaTure poems and arTicles by Clarence NeTT, Sonny ConquesT, Lee McParTland. and Tomrny Kessing have added greaTly To The inTeresT oT The book and have been appreciaTed very much. ln conclusion l would like To apologize Tor any errors or shorTcomings oT The book. lT represenTs The besT combined eTTorTs of The sTaTT and we ask your kind consideraTion. Tl-IE EDITOR. M241 verlfisememfs WL ww W ffl 1 ff!! X , f f Zz QQ mg If ,J XKXXSTEN A Xxxw MNH: fffw 4 X Z fx. X fl I 1 X s lui fx f KX V66 CUZCP Seven . . -N N fbi 1, , , qi . ' - li M pa ' ' l f: n fs 12 21 'f is fs' w ,1 ' -:Vkfs .N A J 1 y 'Q gl' K irq ,wi , yqfgfffrz Us Cs, few We .mv M5222 . x w sw 455K Mfg3E,5.1: f X X Ml in Gentlemenls Clelhes Tailored with exacting care from fine lklhrics A wide assorlrneni of Sco'rland's colorful and comforlable Tweecls. including ilwose from +l'ie Harris and Lewis Islands, Shellands and l-landwoven Irish Homespuns Tweed Jaclcels Flannel, Coveri Clollw and Galoarcline Slacks Srnarl Foolwear in Choice Leailwers Riding Jackels, Breeclies and Bools Cuslom Made and in Slock H English Razors and Pipes swf STEVENS'-' SHEPHERD CO Incorporated Gen1lemen's' Dress, Lounge 81 Sport Clolhinj University Virginia STORAGE DRIVE-IT-YOURSELF CARS Izoo MAIN sr. PHONE I300-I3I3 MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL A Synonym for Qualify and Excellence in Life Insurance KNOX TURNBULL. Special Represenfafive, Universiiy. Virginia J. W. TYSON AGENCY MASSACHUSETTS MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO M I ING 404 UTUAL BU LD RICHMOND VIRGINIA BARNES LUMBER COMPANY, Inc. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. Phone 448-45I O LUMBER 0 OAK FLOORING o BUILDING MATERIALS I "BUILD WITH BARNES" PRESTON CCDURT APARTMENTS MODERN-FIREPROOF STUDENT AND Phones 449-'sn FURNISHED AND HOUSEKEEPING UNFURNISHED CHANCELLOR'S GENU'NE "ORIGINAL POCAHONTAS" .T C 0 A L PACKAGED AND IN BULK M ThFfyY +5 + s+f+ G +d 5+ d + Nh U fy . f V g THE PACKAGED FUEL COMPANY lncorpore+ed 'ce Box 292 ll AT CHARLOTTESVILLE VA 'INA N' If 'if .Www 'ww if 0119? I Q , . 1 is 5 'ri 411525 Deli jf: if I A , ? H11 T719 GENTLEMEN'S CLOTHING AND ACCESSORIES, BOTH IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC ' COLLINS' 'mc- 'iff .fhmdafeam -.370 " UNIVERSITY, VIRGINIA CUSTOM TAILORING OF HIGHEST QUALITY COM PLIMENTS OF THE VIRGINIAN Sanford Haskell Owner fi ATHLETIC GOODS I .Qi -an M ROYAL TYPEWRITERS SQFUJITI' IS VI EW USQIIW GIFT NOVELTIES IIII ANDERSON BROS. fvf BOOK STORE . HEALTH Incorporafed ' ECONOMY STATIONERY , TEXT BOOKS SERVICE SUPPLIES JUST CALL 200 0 I CITY LAUNDRY AT THE CORNER SINCE IS65 CI'1arIoH'esviIIe, Va. COMPLIMENTS UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE ELLEH sf GEUPIGE IEWELEPIS sf UIITICIANS Established 1875 THE MONTICELLO MODEL STEAM HOTEL CHARLOTTESVILLE. VIRGINIA O PHONE 250 "Home of Jeffersonian I-Iospi+ali'ry" 0 ' l65 ROOMS FIREPROOF 40I-409 Wes'l' Main S+ 1' O CHARLOTTESVILLE VA T. W. ETHERIDGE M g L GILMORE, HAMM Q15 SNYDER lncorporafed 5 OP Furnifure for Home . and Office CHARLOTTESVILLE, 0 COM PLIMENTS OF I 1 1 ' 0 al Confracfors ' Building Ma I CHARLCTTESVILLE LUMBER CO., INC. PHONE 86 GPff'YHOU'9-i5 nvc- The Banks of Charlottesville OFFER THEIR FINANCIAL SERVICES AND FACILITIES TO THE FACULTY, STUDENTS AND ALUMNI OF THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST CO. NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST CO. PEOPLES NATIONAL BANK CHARLOTTESVILLE. VIRGINIA All Members of Federal Deposif Insurance Corporaiion Knox 84 Lee HaTs Nunn-Bush Shoes THE YOUNG MEN'S SHOP DOWNTOWN Sporf CIo+Iwes Formals COIVIPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS RU DY'S CLEANING 8: DYE WORKS Phone BOWLING I796 ALLEYS BURNLEY BROS. IDEAL STOKER PEA - TRULY THE IDEAL STOKER COAL PHONE 4I6 THE BEST IS CHEAPEST IN THE END I BROWN AND TAYLOR PLUMBING - HEATING 0 SHEETMETAL ' ROOFING Phone 335 Baffery Service OFFICIAL A. A. A. SERVICE WE NEVER CLOSE NEW DOMINION BOOK SHOP GENE WOOD'S GARAGE General Aufomobile Rebuilding Wafer SIree+ CI1arIoII'esviIIe, Va. 208 E. MAIN ST. PQ LQQQUTQ FINE CUSTOM TAILORING f AN OUTSTANDING PERSONAL APPEARANCE IS A- REAL BUSI- NESS AND SOCIAL ASSET. IT IS ATTAINED ONLY BY THE PROPER SELECTION OF MATERIALS AND INDIVIDUAL STYLING. O CORRECT ACCESSORIES FOR ALL OCCASIONS HULL COAL COMPANY Coal. Wood, Lime, Plasfer. and Cemenf STOKER COAL TELEPHONE H93 BARNWELLPLLELQQTHERS TELEPHONE 662 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS COMPUMENT5 AND at GRILL NEAL NEWS STAND Corner's Mosf Dignified Eafing Place "A+ The Corner" Gus GIANAKOS PROPRIETOR The l94l' Corlcs 81 Curls COMPLIMENTS I I WADDELL SHOE OO. IS bound IH a KINGSKRAFT c:ovER L ELLIOTT ICE co. Sfudeni' Headquarfers Auiomobiles--Tires-Service CHARLOTTESVILLE MOTORS. INC. "The Ford Place" JUST Aaove UNION STATION Phone 7I7 Phone 79l SAVI MONIY ON S0 OOO IYIMS IN SIAIS CATALOG US! OUR CATALOG ORDER SIIVICE I SIAIS SILL ANYTHING AND IVIIYTNINO TOTAIJNO 'IO Ol MOI! ON TMI IASY PAYMINT PLANQ UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA RING i Bright, Milifary or Oxidized IOK Solid Gold RING WITHOUT STONE I0 awe S2I.50 I2 awe. 524.50 PRICE OF STONES iEiIhcr Buff or Faceiedi O y S d yx, Ruby ................ SI.00 SpI II . . . . . . . 2.00 S pphI . .' . . . . , 3.00 G r I, Topa A Ihysf . 3.75 Init Is d D g E g d I d R g I N E I h g COMPLIMENTS PARAMOUNT JEFFERSON LAFAYETTE U N IVERSITY THEATRES GREEI? LETTERS CSTZNE 2 Leffers 53.00 3 Loffers 54.00 Jameson Book 8: A'I'hIe+ic Sfore Incor orafed Charlofiesviills, Virginia Ivieei 'rhe Crowd + Complimenis UNIVERSITY DRUG CO. for AT THE CORNER REGULAR MEALS, SANDWICHES AND q U Iy SI d I f M Th 75 Y "Where The Sipirii' of Virginia PrevaiIs" PHONE 577 Good Lucll J. H. H. When You Think of YOUR FRIENDS AT VIRGINIA . Remember THE CELLAR QEX uLet,S get Y Fvs E s Q? dl 3, I Qr Q Li -sfo gfloca-Cola" N CD5 GENERAL ELECTRIC 1 VH ,Ti Z Tiff-1:35 X , STORE DR'NKcpgy Phone 187 323 W. Main CHARLOTTESVILLE HARDWARE CO.. INC. and CHARLOTTESVILLE SUPPLY CO. "Sei Our Prices" BIC-3 TREE MOVING PHONE Ib30 Delicious Flavor e o s THE a s iiiione Pounn NET ii 'ii X GILIUS X Q IQOTEL THE GRIDDLE 9 PECIAL 3 mm iff ANU EHIUUR 4, Exha c SER IC Sirengfh J. F. BARBOUR 81 SONS GENERAL CONTRACTORS X O Roanoke Virginia C. M. WADE APARTMENTS Raleigh Cour+ Monroe Jack Joue'H' OFFICE-PHONE 3I7 Brandon HOME--PHONE I772-W A. C. HORN COMPANY Established I897 Manufacfurers of MATERIALS For BUILDING MAINTENANCE COMPLIMENTS OF N. W. MARTIN BROS. Roofing 8: Sheer Mefal Coniraciors Richmond-CharIoHesviIIe-Roslyn and CONSTRUCTION 43-as Tenih sweet ' Long Island City, New York Rosidenf Engineer W. P. SWARTZ, JR. Sherwood Ava., Roanoke, Va. Phone 2-025 COMPLIMENTS C . B . R . TAYLOR COAL COMPANY COAL a. wooo ofsnibufofs SAND a GRAVEL WRINKLE STOKERS HAULINC TRUCKS FOR HIRE PHONE 2367 UNIVERSITY DINER 84 DAIRY BAR CAMP MANUFACTURING COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF LUMBER SINCE I876 W. S. R. MII 'I' F Iml V g M S I'I1 C I R II II S 'II1 C I LY C CITY 0 O CHESAPEAKE CAMP COMMENTS CORPORATION OF v'RG'N'A COLCATE w. DARDEN, JR M f + fK ff P p NORFOLK, VIRGINIA YE Y C CI N Traditionally Southern in Atmosphere and Cuisine I'I'1e DOLLY MADISON INN COMPLIMENTS FALLON FLORIST 507 Eas+ Main S+. Phone 22I E. T. NIANKIN, Inv. Manufacfurers of "JAMES RIVER COLONIALSH HAND-MADE BRICK Used in THE ALIIEIINIAN LIISIIAIIY ISUILIIING Ano+her Sfurdy Building Consfrucfed Wifh Cinder Building Blocks file Ginder fuck company' RICHMOND, VIRGINIA G, BURGESS, Presidenf T. T. JONES, Secrefary-Treasurer BULLINGTON PAINT CO., INC. Sfaie Disfribuiors of Masury Painis and Varnishes 4+I1 8: Broad S+. Richmond, Virginia Disfribuied locally by Valeniine Coal Co. Presion Avenue We insI'aIIecI the plumbing and healing in 'rhe Universiiy Wes+ Addiiion Hospiial. W. F. Gerhardf heals your Iwome as cheaply as soff coal wiII'1 a pafenied fuel saver. PLUMBING-HEATING-OIL BURNERS-FUEL OIL-ELECTRIC REFRIGERATORS-GAS RANGES W. F. GERHARDT zoov w. BROAD sr. RICHMOND, VIRGINIA PHONE 5-I36I QVNEWHAVAM s e I? 16 COMPLIMENTS NEW YOVNT of RAY JACOBS LEX McGRATH'S EXHIBITING IN CHARLOTTESVILLE UNIVERSITY RESTAURANT EVERY OTHER WEEK COMPLIMENTS THE UNIVERSITY TEA ROOM OF "Where Sfuclenis Dine in a A Pleasani and Comforiable A+mospI'1ere" THE STUDIO-FRY'S SRING For Fraierniiy Dances and Pariies Privafe Dining and Club Room Open Every Day Good Food and Dancing Bus Tickefs 8: Informaflon ruveonav. X NUIONM l aws VIRGINIA TRAILWAYS I 5 UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE PII'-me 573 TRAVEL TRAILWAYS AND You wlu. ALWAYS GET THE aesr IN TRAVEL Phone 573 PHILADELPHIA NEW HAVEN ZAMSKY STUDIOS Balfimore, MaryIancI THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE FOR EXPERIENCE The Zamsky SIucIIos have successfully handIed Yearbook Phorography for Iwenfy years. The skilled personnel and up-Io-cIa're equipmenf necessary for such a record is reflecfed in This Ioook and is your assurance Thar you may- "COUNT ON ZAMSKY" O OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES FROM NEW ENGLAND TO THE SOUTH COMPLIMENTS SPENCER'S I Mile Norflw Rou+e 29 CURB SERVICE A SPECIALTY DIRECT DRAUGI-IT SYSTEM How TO x' COMPLIMENTS OF INFLUENCE I1I YOUR GAME- 'f ' A FRIEND PLAY ' 1I ' SPALDING W. M, N. TRUE-SOLUTION GOLF BALLS COMPLIMENTS OF TI-IE OFFICERS OF TI-IE VIRGINIA SKYLINE COMPANY, INC. COMPLIMENTS HIIADLEY PEYTUN, E PONTIAC SALES AND SERVICE IOII1 and Main Sfreefs. Wesf DRY CLEANING Telephone 2900 Phone 24' 6 cHARLoTTEsvu.LE, vA. LYNCI-IBURG ENGRAVED ANNUALS ARE BUILT UPON YEARS OF EXPERIENCE AS SPECIALISTS IN THE FIELD OF SCHOOL PUBLICATIONS successfully Fulliilling the requirements of the odern College Annual Staff we have combined a comprehensive and systematic servicing program that high standard ol: quality so essential in production ol: Fine yearboolzs. Lynchburg with the engraved annuals are built by an organization specializing on school annuals exclusively, there- by assuring each staff of the personal and in- telligent assistance so necessary in the planning and designing ol: a truly satisfactory book. LYNCHBURG ENGRAVING -COMPANY- LYNCH BURG ' VIRGINIA 5 E vi I' ll ll ill E' I' 1 an I' Q ll UI FHIHTIHE EUMPAHY W NASHVILLE .I . L. spnuug

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