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University of Virginia - Corks and Curls Yearbook (Charlottesville, VA) online yearbook collection, 1910 Edition, Cover

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- 6 z 4 1 '-. ' -5 Q J nh in-ll." 'I Q , ' ,' - ab., QSQWJ " "xv:-2,. "K H. - x ...p , 781.5 3 5, .97 f, 1 gzqwn-21 1266 1 Q-.J . SEZ 5, "SV J" -2-.zifa-. "11,s- " '.1f. "S 1 , "N2v'?"??"' gl : ' b":1n!"5f?524 ' 5' ,:, 13: ,"-f : X bxwlgfgyfx 1 s... ,' -dl I - .gg 1 .:"-2:5 ef' 1 . '. Ta 2L:.'I, '.-LZ" -' ' 1' -J 'gylxqgf Jwxizngrzg. .355-naw' fvmug:-iQi':?E1fff.- , . . ,- y .' .,,.. " P, D I . ,vim-zip' T R., -. My -' ' :E'f p'li'f?3'?4JM'-iffff il ' 1 :41 43511lwfwyugliw-7,1114 2:22. 4.1155 --7 iff"-I 'lf . 3121. 4' f."t1L'9 ' "1-rl 111 2 .-,gy 1,141.11 7.11 1,1 1 -'uilf' 142 ?71'7'- f R2S'g?Z3sicM'ff "W -. 11 .. - 1 , .: . .-:,, -- 1 ..: ' f - A,,,'o- -j22l,!L4Zm1-. .mm-. z 1 u W ,JW 3 1' I - 41' 1 5-' . lf I va-1455: - iv? 'WW , 5 5,5.Pi.',,y,u.' J' , ' '.- 40 ' mil' 3 lily 4,5 'ffl 1.2 11. '- ffl 1 11" ' if' 5044 :T ,M -97 1' -1' -Q 5"f "' A 4" 2'-WH'2'P1'4' 1 I1A'f,1l'I, 'I 1 1,641 Q I Q., M' 5,,,,g,,4,-,,g,,.,Q 14- W, .:fa"4w,:z' 'ffsxff -dy", uf nn ".! A 41 5-11 5-L-fan, , l"z,f-eibf 4 ja 4 1 1 ll' MQ' M " ' si f 1 Ill ,gsm if f far- mi - , 111- M "' "al: A I: F .If . 1 -' If 1 1 -11. 5552 ii-'Q 1?--' 4 -,.-1s f , 1 ' M' ' Z3 , 1, 4 ff :ve 'ff Jag., 1 .ww Vg? .V 3217 .W 1 n--1555 H vwnm--S -...M-f gm: f Fifi: . 4 - ' ' 'ga' 2, fins' ':T:'f'-:HI Fwlfmpgz ., - 4 5 -EX11 BRI G45-SM. fi1U-WIQQJ--15f' Q , Q0 ,- 5 ff JV 15 I I Q M7, 1 I 'Lf f 11 Z1 'fs R J , N " it .' lv .r'MYh,- " "' i f - ' -' at , ,Q al-5 9 I 4 r AQ 5' 1511 fl" " , tg ' 1' .V 1 , L , 5 , I r ,, , .... x ,B " z1,L:i'4' ,' -gsm? . cx 1 Qt' F21 "I ' 1 -5 ':. " Y: 1' '.L '1 '14, ,- A Q! W -'af 1 ,lf-Vg! XX 4, flax -...-,' 'f L f-1 311 I g4IQ ff " 1'fLQ r MK! it Y. .LJQZ-fjgl L H, ll 'gl f . 51,1- U 1,15 " w1' +-' yg.e2'l"'41:f-lv 112' 6291: ,411 . . , , 0 , l.. . 1 , xv p'lp3 ' 'f X :JD fl-A, 1144" ,QQ AN- 'I Q, xfflf. vi.-Q fN-6? I K ' "f"' -"- 1 NN - . I 115 f , .4 1 av W elk 1 f v k ' J ff 51 -+5 ,: . Juv X I I . 'KEY' -JA A 1 . ,I 4 E 53 - ' ,jlhff 5 , 1 1, -fri, ,-, , I I '- 1. Lv. - I fi xxnr Ii' -Jun 1 1 'I'x '- 1 .1 , 1 Qlgj-5. K I ,' . - it , 1 1 V 4 x L Q 1 1 X 1 v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 L W 1 1 1 I 1 ICQRKSKCURLS .. im 1910 7' T 1 1 I. X. ' I ' I - , W L . , ,, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA DEDICATION THIS VOLUME OF UCORKS AND CURLS" IS DEDICATED TO WILLIAMSON WHITEHEAD FULLER AN ALUNINUS h WHOSE LOYALTY HIS ALMA NIATER DEEPLY APPRECIATES A SOUTHERNER IN WHOSE ACHIEVEIVIENTS IN THE NORTH THE SOUTHLAND TAKES PRIDE Gy. llllll CORKS AND CURLS 3 s-' . 53,1 V. X -el if V V SU I Ziff'-'IT-ii..gii.?f?1.LL3lT'-.iitimx151.1IDF-ffrgirz....-1-'I.'.f-',,a.4'fr? ' s e W W F Eh P . 5:,f 'i,, lp , Y inx , i +?iTji,,T52Q-, 1 :,?1-i.QL:g.'-..'r1rt-...fri-q5,Q.-1-1: 113,11 - i 1.14.9 f ,x-.'-xy' if---'ri-2 -L Q", 1 1 l l f all C56 1zff?l'p?7l' i a' , YOB-th yZ9.75:Z':l. - . , ' s4 ji 1 -. U32 fi . 'Q ssiifrflr eff ' -V -ii, "f-',f,.,. - 'N' Q -' A 1' Z - I '-Lirszzaf'wjfzffifi-M , f N ---fi gf? 5- isL2if!.Z'fTf1! '5'."g,.Q' ti f S 1 -5' ff , ns1,g':2, H ier' Q 455' ' ' ?'7f4f ,. .- . f"."Cn" L ' rw ,Cf .f Williamson Whitehead Fuller ,,.. . . . ... .Xl l, X is the people whose lnstory is short: and happy is the nnlividual whose hiography is hrief. XYilliamson XX'hitehead lfuller is sueh an individual. lrle was well horn: well eclueatedg well equipped when he began his life workg he has been eminently successful in praetieing lawg he was happily married while still a young mang his children were a joy to him in their childhood, and are still a joy to him in their young manhood and womanhood. It is not only "the poor," it is more frequently men whose lives are well ordered, simple and industrious-and therefore prosperous- whose biographies are 'fshort and simple annals." Wlilliamson Wlhitehead Fuller was horn in Fayetteville, North Carolina. on August 28, 1858. His father was Judge Thomas C. Fuller, who ended his eareeri with distinction as a Judge of the United States Court of Private Land Claims, but whose greatest distinction was that he was for many -l CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH years, in the opinion of everybody, one of the two greatest legal practi- tioners in North Carolina-Qludge Thomas Ruihn was the other-and in the opinion of many the greatest trial lawyer North Carolina ever produced. His mother was Caroline Douglas XYhitehead. Through his fatherls, family he is related to the XVinston family and the Cooke family-both of them of past and present distinction in North Carolina attairs-and through his mother's family he is direct in his descent from as interesting and romantic an emigration as ever came to the United States-the emigration of the Scotch Highlanders, including among them Flora McDonald, who were loyal to "Bonnie Prince Charlie,"and left the old land for the new, after the disaster to their cause at the Battle ol Culloden. In the fall of 1876. alter preparation in the schools of North Carolina, including the Horner School at Qxford, he entered the University of Yir- ginia, and was there two years. He joined the XYashington Society and the Zeta Psi Fraternity. and had his room. at first, on East Range' and later on XYest Lawn, occupying one of the very many rooms at the University which have cut into their mantels the magic initials .-X. P," and of which the modern occupants take joy in believing that Edgar Allan Poe was once an occupant. His course at the University was distinctly creditable, but it was not conspicuousg he was temperate in all things-even in his hours of labor over text-books, There was one distinction he had, though, that has been characteristic ol his life: He was said to have a pleasant. personal acquaintance with more ol his fellow students than any other one then at the University. After leaving the University he studied law at what was then the well known law school of Dick K Dillard, at Greensboro, and in 1880, imme- diately after obtaining his law license, engaged in practicing law with his father's firm in Raleigh, and in l88l opened his office in Durham, N. C.. the prosperous county seat of the county ol Durham, just then established. After getting his license to practice law, and before opening his own law office, he married Miss Annie M. Staples, of Greensboro. He had talent and inherited Etness for the law, industry. character, and popular manners-and he had the stimulus of the necessity of supporting a family-therefore it is not remarkable that he succeeded, and that he was the leading lawyer of Durham from very soon after he opened his oiihce. His reputation grew, and, much earlier in life than most lawyers achieve such, he was recognized as one of the leaders ol the North Carolina Bar. l'1l0 CORKS AND CURLS 5 llc lxzxxl. from llxc lxcgixxxxixxg ol' his px':xclix'x', lxccxx thx- legal :xrlviscr ol sonic of xhx- xx-lxzxcc-x xxx:xxxxxx':xcxxxrcrs wlxwx :xI'xx'rxx':xrxls fxxrxxxx-rl :xml xx'cx'c zxctirc in the hxxsixxcss ol' xhx- ,Xxxxx-riczxxx 'l'i-lxzxcx'-I x'ixxxxp:xxxy: hx- x'cpx't-scxxtx-il those xxx:xxxxxi:xx'txxx'x'x's ixx the xxx'gxxxi:xxixxxxs xvlxiclx rx--xxlxx-il ixx xhc x'xxx'xxx:'xtioxx ul that coxxxpzuxy in 18' U. :xml xlxcx'c:xlxx'x'. x-vx-xx whilx- living in l7xxx'lx:xm, was fre- xlxxexxtlv cxx -"4 :x-fx-xl in ixs sx'x'x'ix'x- :xml was xxmlf-xxlxxx-xllx' its most vxlxxcrl lx-ff'xl - 5 , . . , 4 . Y 5. zxxlriser, lfixxzxlly. ixx lS'l5. he g:xx'c up his l'k'Sl1lk'llk'k' :xml px':xcxicc ixx North C:xrxxlin:x :xml wexxt to New Y-xrk to gin- his xrlxxxlx- xixxxx- 1-- the service ol thc .'Xxxxcx'icaxx 'l'olx:xcco Llxxxxpzxxxy, :xml cxxxxxpzxxxies :xml xxxzxxters ixx which it, was ixxtcrcstcxl. llc has cxnxlixxxxcxl xhzxt cxxxplx-yxm-xxl over since, xlirecxixxg thc legal mzxttcrs :xml policies, :xml ixxilxxc1xli:xl in thx- lxxxsimrss xmxtxcrs :xml poli- cies. of coxnpzxxxics xx-xxx' x'cpx'csx'xx1ixxg :xxx ixxvesxxxxcxxx of nczxrly four hxxmlrccl million rlollzxrs, llc has never hclcl :x pulxlic xxllicc, :xml h:xs xxx-vcr hccxx :x c:xmlixl:xtc or aspirzxxxt for :x pxxlxlic ollice: hx- is mxt even :x xlix'x-ctox' ixx any conxpaxxy. Allis love for the University of Yirginizx cxxxxlxl mit pxxssilxly he prxxvcxx hy stronger testimony than this: llc was glzxll txx lxecoxnc one ol thc 'lirustecs of its Exxclowmexxt Fund. aml to holxl that oflice gives lxinx joy :xml pride. Presixlexxt .'Xlxlex'nx:xxx, of the l'xxix'ersity. in speaking recently of Mr. Fuller, said this: "In my struggles lor the :xttzxinmcxxt of lzxrgcx' facilities .lor the development of this University, no man in .-Xmcriczx has hcen more helpful than YV. XY. Fuller, :xml the quality ol his lxclplxxlncss has revealed him as :x man full of idealism, and czixpzxlxlc ol intense devotion :xml unsellish service." W'hen one has to speak ol the characteristics of :x living friend, one meets a difticxxlt situation-between the Scylla of an inadequacy that is cold and misleading, and the Charybdis which has no apt phrase of description other than Hslopping over"-the way is strait, not to say impossible. In View of his achievements, it is altogether unnecessary to speak of his ability as :x lawyer, or of his wisdom as an adviser, or ol his effectiveness as zx man of affairs, The quality in him that those who know him well think of oftenest is his capacity for friendship. His friendship is a very active thing too-it is energetic devotion. In most people, friendship is only a static force-or oltener still, a merely more or less conscious state ol passivity-in him it is dyxzamic. He loves to spend himself in the service of his friends. As all men who like strongly, he dislikes stronglyg but, while his friendship calls out all his energy in sell-initiated service, his dislike never yet induced a malicious or unjust act. The brown of his enemies-meaning those he CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII slikes-is inclined tu he black in his eyes: hut one fcwgets that, remem- hcring limv oven thc gray ul' his fricnrls is in his eyes-ami rm his wm1de1'- iuily 1JCl'Sl1ZlSiX'C lips-white as thc cirivcii snow. ,TUN1 US UXRKFR. " ' 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 7 X., .xg l fy- ,A ,., r E I . .. 5 if " ' " V ' zf 4 4' f , E I ,QV 'V f., lv t I f K J X . la ir- 'sit A., 7 3 A 1, ' i A iri s- 'st -it 1 4 x 'wf i 'll' , if' iff? to it ' . ' f -' ' , - Q 1 il f' 4 it ,P-51: 2 QUIIX W WX? X ' t mtfrf, .Mt i ,ff '-x--'fi"f. . K. X V . ll - fl. - f l Our efforts this year have been exerted to edit X ll A X . an annual which would be purely local in character, ll Q It l X l' l a book which from cover to cover would reflect l L B some phase, some manifestation or other, of the stu- Q 3 l dent life here. lrirnarily, of course. the book is intended to be of interest to the University of Vir- ginia student, but it is hoped as well that an outsider, desirous of knowing something of our University life, may not be disappointed when he resorts to CORKS AND CURLS to fumish him with the information. We have endeavored to confine ourselves to literature which is typical of the lighter side of our life and is humorous in style. We will admit that in this we have not entirely succeeded and, as we review the substance of our contributions, we are alarmed to find that on a certain phase of student life we have dwelt to too great an extent. The student will of course understand the exaggeration, we trust that other readers will do likewise. This year has been especially uneventful and, in consequence, we have taken resource to "handing out a few knocks." It has been done good-naturedly and from lack of other subjects of interest. If any one should take offense he deserves the meaning which his construction of the otherwise harmless persiflage conveys. We take this occasion to again express our deep gratitude to those whose contributions make up the substance of this issue. ln the Art Department we are especially appreciative of the generosity and willingness of Miss Bowles, Mr. Shepherd, and lVlr. Walker, but we are no less grateful to Mr. Kearfoot, Mr. Zeisberg, lVliss Price, Mr. Wrcnn, lVlr. Mackall, Mr. Watkins, Mr. Munson, lVlr. Moyston and Mr. Kelly. To the above-mentioned artists, whose kindness and ability have made the Art Department what it is, CORKS AND CURLS owes her reputation as a well-illustrated annual. Amongst those who have contributed to the Literary Department is one to whom we owe the sincerest thanlcsg he has by his untiring efforts helped us in every way possible and his ability as a writer has given this issue, as well as many previous ones, literature which needs no comment to call attention to its clevernessg we refer to Mr. Lewis D. Crenshaw. For other contributions to this department we are deeply indebted to lVlr. Bardin, lVlr. Stead, Mr. Bryant, Mr. I-lunter, Mr. Gooch, lVlr. French, Mr. Cleveland and a few others who, being very modest, do not wish their names disclosed. Well, here is the I9lO CORKS AND CURLSQ if you receive it favorably we will feel requited for the work we have done. If you don't like it, then go ahead and criticiseg it will seem to us but a fitting climax for the many reverses we .have met withg besides, work and worry have made us immune to disappointment. Thank Cod it's over with! 8 P CORKS AND CURELS VOLXXTH D- CQ I . a n Rt - XYQE' .. e f ME! MUG, The Board of Visitors of the University To Feiiruztry QS, IQI4 JOHN XVIMBISII CRADDOCR .......,................... .... L ynchhurg ITENRY IDELAXVARIE FLOOD ......,,..... . . . . . . Appomattox ,ARMISTEAD CIIURCI-IILL GORDON, LL. D .... Staunton JAMES IQEITH TViARSi'1Al,L NORTON ........ ...Alexandria XVILLI.-XM LIIZNRY WI-IITE ...,.......,.............., . . . Richmond To February zo, 1912 DANIIEI. I'T,-XRMON ...........,.,.........,........., , . Cliarlottesvilie TQOBERT TATE IRVINE .................,.........., .. Big Stone Gap GEORGE SCOTT SHACRELEORD .,........... ,..............,,... ........ C J range XVILl'.IA1t'I FRANCIS DREIYRY ..... ....,.,..., . . ,...........,. , . .Petersburg TI-IE STATE SUPRRINTENDENT OF PUBLIC INSTRUCTION, ex oriicio .... ,,..Richmond TIIE PRESIDENT oif TI-IE LTNIVIZRSITY, ex oliicio .................. ..,UniYersity The Secretary of the Visitors ISAAC IQIMBER IVIORAN The Executive Committee TUESSRS. HARIIION FLOOD, CRADDOCK SH.-KCKELFORD AND THE RECTOR , , , The Finance Committee TYTESSRS. CRADDOCIQ, HARRION AND XVI-IITE Alumni Trustees of the University of Virginia Endowment Fund EDWVIN ANDERSON ILXLDERMAN, President ........................,........, University EPPA PIUNTON, Treasurer .,.....,....... ....,..,... R ichmond CI-IARLES IAMPIS FAULKNER .... , ..... ..., X Washington, D. C. VVILLIAMSON WI-IITE1-IEAD FULLER ......... New York ALEXANDER POPE PIUMPI-IREY, ..... ..... L ouisviile, Ky. TI-IOMAS NELSON PAGE ....,.... .... W ashington, D. C. VVILLIAM FIENRY WHITE .... ....,... R ichmond ,I II .IX LIVER wel in I sh I N A 5 Rx T E CLIFIHI! o ..-. - ' ' QE-H V AX "AX"x:x'x.' S-Q N ff Y I W' EI I f v I f I Q Eele ae X I NOX .A Ll , Jrfm X! Q0 I, 0 -:Hy I f7 gf E-0 Q X., I x , , Y 'Jo Igllmg, 4 fq -1 A ,I X"J ' SEPTEMBER - ocfouea 'X-4?f X NovI5r'IBER -me Gosuwas nnmve Bmw ro me an-No' gf'm5wxIXxxQxx GIOATINQ Season Itimvw 763-31 E - Q I ! 1 euI.L.emIs I OXON'T cnninwunr Becomes lor' ME!! ,I Q. 1Iif,f, 02 O GO D WML ' ,fir ,., 5 452 3 1 . D Y, - ' , A TT-il , I I Guam- wsnnmn, -Ab fx 1 f 1 5211 If ' Is H X 'Q-.1-... 'I ' Q xx If-I Mon ,' 1 NX? jx I X 1' J :swans 4: 7 1 NVOOQN , ' I 1 - - ,jf if ' X IJQQIIGHT I 0 fe 5 I I I . 711-717 I-ll I I W I Qmf fy ,Zyl I I If HP II V I A fm M152 I M I ' 5 ZZ vwef, WW 'NI - E "WT W' 1 U WIKI f f, ff i in .'f ,I A by f 1 'I lllI.lll1lll'l' UIQ Z ' , ,I ., ' . -, DECEMBER L-y JANUARY T FEBRUARY 'df' ELECTION FAILS T0 LIFT LID SOIREES ARGHDPHNS . ,V "f 274, V Q f 6 j PfrfPH'f"T'0N E I . XXI I-IE-I " O X U ,ff-fx' 2 I I WFNN H O X 5 f Ph PAR A 1 - :I DI I 1 I I A: COME' 219 A K9 5 x J Drorw -4 E3 1 'L-3 if Qi? Elk? 'QSE MARCH J APRIL Mm AERO CLUB ERSTER WILL THE PLHNK REACH? tigu n Y Y FINE v 'vv JUNE ff - 1 -, Ifpfulztner READ Em - X HONIE,SWEET' HOME!! I "ND WEEPE E E - I . -J - N . ,,-,.,p whiz-C-.-.J -..-.--f-f.-.-- --. w - -.fV- , .,.,. ,- 7 L X JIM: 1 ff 1 f ,I X , ., 73 my M News new Ai., I, -E ,j THGNXHS TEF- 4 Koay I I-II-'II W f ff!!! 2' 7 ' . ' fcnsow, au-ru I WM A , 2 P - , Im THIRSTY.. -X.. I I 1, I M I " -f . ' I f ff 604 I X SFI, HERE1S T: Q ll Gjimf Li 'E ' -XI"-if f f N0 ULD U V" I V 5 .-ff' -,., 1 No 1 f 4 Y W K - ul ' Hl""" - Q14 fine: I 'dd I M I f ' ' I fqgf 1- '- Q E ' E "' ,,f .Z- , if , f - - - Y "2 fT , f . 'Milly QAM -- ,f 3 ,ff I-32 ff .ffwvsT0N- 10 CALENDAR OUR HOME-ERIC GROUP 11710 CORKS AND CURLS 11 FA G L I Y - .X if 'Wir' V' luf ' N ' -.,. it 1 QQJX, .gf 11, 1 ' rrqi 6 rw-. linxvlx .Xxnlalcsox .Xl.1uaitxixN. l'h. li., lb. t'. I... I.I,. ID... ..t'arrk llill l'l'.',ri4lt'1lI. 'l' li 5: ll' If K1 Ravvn: Supvi'inIrmlel1l ot' Svliools, IL-,lil-lmiw-, X. K ,'., :tml Vxxsiylillll Snpurintenmlcnt of l'i4ltu':tliol1, North Carolina, INNJUZ1 l'1'o1't'4-oi' of Ilislory, Start- Xorlnal College. 1692-O33 l'i'1'i1't-noi' srl- lffluczttifni, linivereily ol' North Carolina. 1503-05: l'resirlenl l'nivt-rsily ol' North Carolina. 1S9lwMl9.lll: l'resitlt-nl of 'linlanc L'niversity of lainisiana. lfillll-ll-l-3 l.l.. ll. from the L'niversity of thc South, 'l'ul:nne l'niversity. ,lohns lluplvins L'nivt-rsity, Columhia L'niversity, Yale University. L'niversity ol' Xorth Carolina. XYilli:nns College, llartmouth College anrl 1'Iarvar4l lfniversity: Nlemlmer nl' Southern lfclueation lloarclg Rlemher of Cieneral lftlucation lloartlg Vice-l'resirlent National litlncation .Xssoeiatiotr 19113: Kleniluer of Virginia State Geological Commission: Klemher of Rockefeller Com- mission for llraclication of lloolcxvorm Disease: Member of Virginia State lfmlu- cational Commission: Vice-l'resitlent National Civil Service Reform League: Vice-Presiclent Virginia AXnti-'l'nherculosis Association: Member of Council of .Xmerican .Xssociation for International Conciliation: Nlemlier of liloarml of Visit- ors United States Military Academy, XVest Point, 1893: Nemher of Executive Council American Civic Alliance: Klemher of jury of .-Xwarcls Ianiesloxvn Expo' sition: Memlier of Maryland anrl Louisiana Historical Societies: Author of a hrief "History of North Carolina," "Life of Xllilliam Hooper," "Life of I. L. N. Curry," "Obligations ancl Opportunities of Citizenship," "Southern lclcalisinf' "The Spirit of the South." "Sectionalism anrl Nationality," "The Growing South," Etlitor-in-chief of "Library of Southern Literattn'e": Aero Cluli, University of Virginia. ' 1TR,xNc'1s H. SMITH, M. A., LL. D. ...... . ........ , ........ . .Y West Lawn l?11lv1'1'l'11.f PV47fL'.Y.YOI' of ivtlfllftll Plziloxznjvlly. fl' B K: Master of Arts. University of Virginia, 1851: Doctor of Laws, Hampden- Siclney, Randolph-Macon, Emory and 'lflenryg Author of :1 "Syllabus of Lectures on Physics," "Christ and Science." 12 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI No.-tn K. D.xv1s, M. A.. Ph. D., LL. D. .................. Wlest Main Street Iflllffllllct P1'0ff'.r.r01' nj' illtiral Plzilosnfvlty. Bachelor of Arts, ltlercer University, Georgiag all the Honorary Degrees conferred by Mercer University and Baylor University: Professor in Howard College, Alabamag Professor in Judson Institute, Alabamag President of Bethel College, Kentucky: Professor at University of Virginia since 18735 Author of "Theory of Thought," "Elements of Deductive Logic," 'Elements of Inductive Logic," "Elements of Psychology." "Elements of Ethics," f'jucla's Jewels" and "The Nazarenef' . , , Q 1 1Vn.Li.xM M. FoN'rixtNE, M. A. ................ ' ............ University Terrace Pl't1ft'.t'5l7I' nf Ntllittwil llislury and Geology. Master of Arts. University of Virginia, 13593 Former Professor of Natural History at University of 1Yest Virginia, Member of the I-luguenot Society of Americag Fellow of American Geological Society: Author in part of "The Resources of XYest Virginia," and of "The Permian Flora of XYest Yirgiitiaf' Author of various Monographs published hy United States Geological Survey, and of several papers and pamphlets on seientitic subjects. QURMOND STONE, M. A. .................................. Mount Jefferson Pr0fc.f.r0r of Pl'tll'ftt'tl1 .'1Xf1'tIIlUlIIy and 1Jll't't'ft7I' of tht' LUIIIIUIFI' fiIL'C0l'llIlL'k Ob.Yt7l'T-'cIlUl'j'. ltlaster of Arts, Univet'sity of Chicago, 18753 Professor of Astronomy in University of Cincinnati and Director of Cincinnati Observatory, 1875-825 Professor in Uni- versity of Virginia since 182, Assistant in United States Naval Observatory at NfVashington, D. C., 1870-753 ltlember ot the Astronomical and Astrophysical Soci- ety of America tCouneillor, 1899-19093 3 Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science tVice-President, 18881: Member of Astronomische Gesellschaft, Leipsicg American Mathematical Societyg Circolo ltlathematico di Palermo, Academy of Sciences, VVashingtong XVisconsin Academy of Sciences, Society of Natural History, Cineinnatig Founder and Editor of the Alzilttals of llfftzllteziitttifrs, 18843 Author of various papers and articles on Astronomy and Mathematics in the X:l5l'l'0II0llII.St'l1t' Nurltrirlttclz, :1.9f7'0IIOIIllt'Ul Journal, KIIZIIUJS of Mt1tt11c11tnIir.v,' Observations in the publications of the United States Naval, Cin- cinnati ancl Leander McCormick Observatoriesg Vice-President State Teachers' Association, 1902-ig Chairman Section of Astronomy of the International Congress of Arts and Sciences, St. Louis, 1904. AVILLTAM M. THORNTON, B. A., LL. D. ........................ Monroe Hill Professor' of Ajrplied Illftitftelizaiicsl, Dean of 1il1g11'1rr'1'1'1tg Dcjvarflzteltf. 'P K XP, A Hg 2 B KP, Raven, Bachelor of Arts, Hampden-Sidney Collegeg Doctor of Laws, Hampden-Sidney College, Professor of Greek, Davidson College, 1874-75, Professor of Applied Mathematics at the University of Virginia since 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 1875: Cltairman of the Faculty of the l'nivt-rsity of Virginia, 1888-961 United States Commissioner to Paris lixpnsilitm of ltltlttg All-mlm' ul the .Xmcrican Soci- ety of Rlecltzniical lftiginet-rs: Mt-niht-r nt' the lntt'rn:ttittn:tl 1Vil'tlllll ,lury nf .Xwarrls on Civil and Military l'illglllt'L'l'lllg in the lillllblllllll Pnrcliztse liixpusitioli, 194145 Mclnber of the .Xtneriean .Xssociatitm for the .Xtlvzmeenlt-nt of Science. l'R.XXL'lS P. Dt'xxtNt:'rnx, ll. S. .......................... L'niversity lleight Il jo 1-1 N XI: Prujrxrm' uf .'llltIf'l'fl.t'tIf tmrl lmluslritll C'lrt'l11i.vlr'.t'. IX 11: Ilacltelor ot Science, L lllX'L'l'Slly ol 1 lfgllllil. 1811: Livtl and Mining l.Lllgl- necr, Lnirersity of X irgima, 1512: l't-llow ot .Xtner'ic:n1 .Xssoctatton tor the Arl- vancement of Science: Fellow of tllritishl Chemical Society: Fellow of Amer- ican Chemical Society: Contributor to .llHt'l'lt'tllI C'll.'1nit'tll .ltlliflltll and .ltlllflllll of .'fHlL'I'l'L'tlll Cfldlllfftlf .5'0t'1't'Iy. Wtr.L1.xM M.xI.1.ti'r, Ph. D., M. D., Ll.. D.. F. R. S.. .. ...Monroe 11111 Entcrilirs f'ruj'r,rxur tiff C'l1t'1lti.vI1'y. T, 1853: 'I' I3 K. 1854: l3achelor of Arts, Dublin L'niversity: Doctor of Philosophy, Cvottingenz Doctor of Medicine. L'niversity of Louisiana tnow Tulanel: Doctor of Laws, Princeton, University of Pennsylvania, Johns l-lopltins, 1Villian1 and Mary and University of Mississippi: Fellow of Royal Society of London: Member of Chemical Society of England: Member of Chemical Society of France: Mem- ber of German Chemical Society: Member and Past President of American Chemical Society, and Honorary Member, 1909: Fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science: Corresponding Member of Academy of Natural Sciences of New York: Member of American Philosophical Society of Philadel- phia: Fellow of College of Physicians, Philadelphia: Honorary Member of Med- ical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland: I-lonorary Member of the Chemists' Club of New York: Fellow of Medical Society of Virginia: Member of the Soci- edad Cientihca "Antonio Alzate" of City of Mexico: Corresponding Member of the Sociedad de Acclimacion of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro: Former Professor of Chemistry, University of Alabama, 185360, Medical College of Alabama, 1860- 61: First Lieutenant of Infantry, 1861: Captain of Artillery, 1862: Major of Artillery, 18633 Lieutenant-Colonel of Artillery, 1864: Aide-de-Camp on Stahc of General R. E. Rodes, and Superintendent of Confederate States' Ordnance Laboratories: Professor of Chemistry Medical Department, University of Louisi- ana, 1865-68: University of Virginia, 1868-83: University of Texas, 1883-84: Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, 1884-85: University of Virginia since 1885: Chairman of Section of Inorganic Chemistry, Louisiana Purchase Expo- sition, 1904. MILTON VVYLIE HUMPHREYS, M. A., Ph. D., LL. D.. .. .... WS1'tl311Cl Stieet Professor of Greelc. : Master of Arts, X'VHSl11l1g1Ol1 College, 1869: Doctor of Philosophy, Leipsic, 1874: Doctor of Laws, Vanderbilt University, 1883 Conly LL. D. as yet conferred by Vanclerbiltbg Assistant Professor of Latin and Greek, Vlfashington and Lee, CORKS AND CURLS, VOL.XX 111 1866-701 .Xrljunet Professor of .-Xncient Languages at Wlashington and Lee. 1870- 75: Professor of Greek at Vanileilmilt University, 1875-83: Professor of Latin and Greek at University of Texas, 1883-87: Professor of Greek at University of Virginia since 18873 Author of an edition of "The Clouds of Aristophanes," "Antigone of Sophocles," and many articles published in the Ti'tIl1StIClI'0llS of the .'1UIt'l'ft'Ull Pliilologiral .l.r.v0rit1finn, the .'1Hlt'I'lt'tII1 .701z1'1ml of Plrilology, the Clussivril Rt'-z'1'e-rt' tLontlon1, and several other periodicals at home and abroad: several articles in .7u!n1.vv11'.r .Yew C'yvlupmIiu,' for ten years American Editor of the Rc'i'1tv.r dv: Re'z'm'.r. appended to the l?v'I'11e dc Pliiloloyic tParis1 1 Doctor- dissertation at Leipsic entitled Dv .tlt'Ct'llf1IX .llolllfnfo in 1"L'I'.YIl Hv1'o1'r0.' :Xuthor of several articles on .-Xrtillery for the :1IIIt'I'lt'lI1I Jtlllflltll of .-lrIiIlv1'y.' Selected to read a paper on "Problems of Greek" at 1Yorld's Congress of :Xrts and Sci- ences, St, Louis, 19043 Yice-President .Xmerican Philological Association, 1880-82, President, 1882-83: for many years Vice-President American Spelling Reform .-Xssoeiation: Vice-President for Virginia of the Classical Association of the ,Xtlantic Statesg Aero Cluh. University of Virginia. X livr 1-liaxizv TL"l"l', ll. S. ....................... ..1 West Lawn P1'nft'.vsar nf lfinluyy and .'1fll'flillH!ll't'. N 3 Ni Raven: Bachelor of Science. 1868, and Master of Science. 1871, State College of Pennsylvania: Teacher of Xatural Sciences, First State Normal School, Platteville, NVisconsin, 18083 Instructor in Microscopy, 1-larvard University, 1870: Professor of Zoology and Geology, Stale College of Pennsylvania, 18723 Pro- fessor of Zoology and Comparative Anatomy, Ohio State University, 18743 Professor at University of Virginia since 18883 Fellow of the American Asso- ciation for .Xdvancement of Science, 18743 Vice-President American Association for :Xtlvancement of Science, 1882: Eelloxv of Royal hlicroscopical Society, 1882: llember of American Society of Xaturalists: Meniber American Association of Anatomists, 1889. ixR1.15s 1N'1l-I.i.xxr 1qliN'l', M. A., Ph. D., LL. D.. .. ...V Wtest Lawn Pl'0ft'.r.wr of Iillglisli Litvra11'1u'v. K fl'g 'I' B Kg Raveng Student at the University of Virginia, 1878-823 Medalist of the Jefferson Literary Society: Master of Arts, 18823 Joint Pounder and Head Master of the University School of Charleston, South Carolina, 1882-84: Student in Germany, 1884-873 Doctor of Philosophy of the University of Leipsic, 18875 Lieentiate in German and Erench in the University of Virginia, 1887-883 Professor of English and Modern Languages in the University of Tennessee, 1888-93g Professor of English Literature, Rhetoric and Belles Lettres in the Linden Kent Memorial School of English Literature, University of Virginia, since 18933 Doctor of Laws of the University of fxlilliillllil, 19063 Lecturer in Sumnrer Schools, Cliautauquas, etc.g :Xuthor of numerous articles and papersg Editor of several booksg Literary Editor of the Libl't11'y uf SUltff1t'I'll Ll.fl'1'tIf7l1't",' Member of 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 15 the State lloard of lfrluczniuni Cliziirinan of the State l-Ixt-eiitive t'ouunittrt- nl' tlle Young N11-n's Cliristian .Xssoci:nif-u: Xli-iulv-xr nf the lixeeiitivt- Coinniittee of the Virginia llistnrical Society: X11-inlwr -il' tht- Xloflt-rn l.:tnguagc. .Xl1lt'l'lt'Jll1 llialect. .X111L'l'1C1lI1 L'o1lcol'il:ii1ct-, National tier-gv':ipliit', and other societies: llnn- orary Alk'111lJLI1' of thc lrving Clulm 1-I' Iinimxillt-. 'lik'11lll,'NNk'K'1 and Xlcnilwr of the XXX-stiuorelanrl Cluh of Riclnuond. lY11.1.i.xxt Nixon: ll. l.., l.l,. 11. ....... .. .......... East'n l,l'1lji'.YA'1ll' :lf I.tlIt'. Ilc'4lH :lf llli' l.ll'Ix' l,t'f'tIl'lIlIi'lll. -X, . .. - - IX -1 'l' 13 lx: 'l' 3 'l': l. l. l.. lx. A.: Raven: lint-tot' ol' 1.axs's. lYilliain and Klary. 1903: llachelur nf Law, L'niversity of Virginia, 188.21 l'rnfcss1u' at L'nivursity of Virginia since N932 Editor nf the l'fl'jfI-llliil I.-lit' lx't'g1i.vIi'r. hlmllis .Al..l1l'IR'I' llxxunsox. l.. ll. D.. 1.1.. ll. ....... , ..... .Alain Street IilIlt'l'lif1tJ l'l'uj'rx.viu' nj' 7't'llIt'lllt' l,t11lg11nlg1r.t. 'I' li K. 11498: Doctor of Laws. Railclolpli-Xl:lcon1 lloctnr of's. Tulane L'niversity: Doctor of Lau' History. Coluinlmia L'niversity: lloctor uf Laws, Xl"ashington and Lee: Member American Modern Language Society: Professor of Latin and Modern Languages at Randolph-1lacon, 1371-76: English and Modern Languages in lVashing'ton and Lee, 1976-952 Professor of Virginia since 1395: Editor of Virginia Edition of Edgar A. Poe's XYorlcs t17 vols.1, 1902: lleinlner of Tnter- national Congress of Arts and Sciences. St. Louis Exposition: Editor of several works of Poe. NV1L1-1,m1 l'lULDING Eenots, 13. S.. C. E .......... ..l'lH East Lawn P1'r:fv.r.vo1' of illullicumlirx. X fb: A T13 Eli Bananag Bachelor of Science, University of Virginia, and Civil Engineer, University of Virginia, 1882g Professor of Engineering and Director of Missouri School of Mines, 1886-91g Member American Mathematical Societyg Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics, University of Virginia, 1891-963 Pro- fessor of Mathematics. University of Virginia. since 19065 Contributor to Engi- neering lVCZi'XV, L4l'lICI'fCtIll Joizrzml of llIlIf1IC'lII!1I'1tTS,' Author of various Mathemat- ical Articlesg "DiHerential and Integral Calculus," 19021 "An lntroduction to the Theory of Analytic Functions," 1902. RICHARD I-1131vr1-1 DABNEY, M. A., Ph. D. .................... Preston Heights Profrs.rtw1' of History, Dculz of llie Grudurrtc DUPtIl'f1lIC1l1. KI' K XI'g A II, Eli Banana, 'Raveng Studied at the Universities of Virginia, Munich, Berlin and Heidelhergg Master of Arts, University of Virginia, 18813 Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy, Heidelberg, 1385: Assistant in New York Latin School, 1881-82, Professor of History, University of Indiana, 1886-S95 Adjunct Professor of History, University of Virginia, 1889-95g Associate Pro- 16 CORKS AND CURLS VOL.XXIII fessor of History, University of Virginia, 1895-97: Professor of Historical and Economical Science, University of Virginia, 1897: Professor of History Conlyb, University of Virginia, since 1905: Member of American Historical Association: Southern History Association: Southern Historical Society: Virginia Historical Society: Author of "The Causes of the French Revolution :" "Methods of His- torical Instructionf' in Indiana University l311I!vli11,' "Is History a Science?" in papers of American Historical Association: "The Nineteenth Century in Europe," an outline sketch in P1', issued by Chicago University Association: "john Randolph. a Sketch," and a large number of historical reviews and articles on various subjects. Clitxnuss ALFRED Gtmvtzs, M. A., 13. L.. LL. D.. .. . . .VI East Lawn Professor of Lu-ze. E X: fl' A KP: Master of Arts, Xliashington and Lee, 1869: Professor of Modern Lan- guages and English at Wlashington and Lee. 1869-73: Bachelor of Laws, Xvash- ington and Lee, 1873: Professor of Law at XVashington and Lee, 1873-99: Pro- fessor in University of Virginia since 1899: Doctor of Laws. Davidson College: Member of American Bar Association: Member of Board of Consulting Editors of "American and English Encycloptedia of Law and Practicefl one of the founders of I'1'rgi11iu Lute Rvgislm'.' Author of "A Summary of Personal Prop- erty" and "The Law of Real Property." Io11N S'rA1G12 D.xv1s, M. A.. M. D. ........................ Preston Heights PI'Uf:t."S.Y0l' of Practice of Medicizlv and Pcditlfrics. fl' K tif: Raven: Master of Arts, University of Virginia, 1888: Doctor of Medicine, University of Virginia, 1889: Member of Medical Society of Virginia: American Medical Association: Assistant Secretary of American Academy of Medicine, 1933: Louisiana State Medical Society, 1892-93: Anglo-American Medical Society of Berlin, 1891-92: Professor in the University of Virginia since 1894. :RALEIGH C. MINOR, M. A., B. L. .............. ...III XVest Lawn Professor of Lute. A K E: 'I' A KP: T. I. L. K. A.: Raven: Bachelor of Arts, University of Virginia, 1887: Master of Arts, University of Virginia, 1888: Bachelor of Laws, University of Virginia, 1890: Professor in the University of Virginia since 1893: Author of an Analysis of "Greenleaf on Evidencef' "Law of Tax Titles," "Conflict of Laws," "Minor on Real Property," and Co-author with W'urts of "Minor and Vlfurts on Real Property": Lecturer on "Contlict of Laws," Georgetown Law School, VV'ashington, D. C. TQICHARD H. VVILSON, M. A., Ph. D. ................ .... W est Main Street P1'ofes.r01' of RUIIIIIIIIIL' Lavzgzuzges. if B K: A Hg Master of Arts, Doctor of Philosophy, johns Hopkins University. 1010 CORKS AND CURLS ns Mnicms l'.u:15, .X. ll.. l'h. 11, l.l.. D. ..... ...l niversily ll-ri ut lhunl of lln' I':1i:'rr'.vfl.v. !'ruft'::.rur uf ,llilll1i'nmIii's. lx -1: A ll: 'l' If IN: lzh llzinanag liuvcii: Blaster nl Arts. ltniul-ilpli Blzicuii College, 18852 lbucior of 1'hih-sophy. L'nivcrsily nl' Lcipsic. 1887: l"m-ll:-xv of ,lfvhns llnp- kins L'nivc-rsily. 1595, and l.cctnrcr on Nlznliciiirnics zu ,lohns llwpkins: .Xnlhwr of two works on "lJill'crcnIi:il lfqiiaitiuiisf :incl uf niainy papers H11 the "'l'lic-wry of Transfrwniznioii Groups," which :ippt-:ircfl in the .'illli'P'l-Ulll .lllllfllilf uf .llulln'- Hlllflfj and in the .-lnnuls of .llii1ln'umlii'.v5 l'i'ot't-ssm' of Kl:nhcni:nics since 19015 Chairman of the Faculty. 1903-04: llcnihcr uf the .Xincricxin Klznlicniatical Soci- cty5 liirst President of thc li of Yirginizi Clizipter of 'I' li lip llncior of Laws of Randolpli-Macon College, 1909. Tiiouas ll'1'1'Z-1'1L'UII ..., ..................... . .... l X 1Ycst Lann l'l'ult'.rsm' nf Lulm. 5: Master of Arts. University of Virginia, 1883: .'Xi'clia-olrvgiczil Student in Rome and Pompeii. 18905 Classical lilhilology in the L'nivcrsiiy of lplcrlin, 1892-93. 1899- 19013 Greek Archmology in Greece and Asia Klinnr, 191123 lnstrnctor in the Bingham School, XOI'l11 Carolina. 1881-822 Professor of Latin. Central Univer- sity, Kentucky. 1883-845 First Assistant in the lflcllevue lligh School, Virginia, 1884-895 Professor of Latin in the University of Texas, 1889-993 Professor of Latin in the University of Virginia since 18995 Member of the American Philo- logical Association since 18915 Archaeological Institute of America since 18975 Modern Language Association since 18963 American Dialect Society since 19023 Classical Association of Great Britain since 19053 Associate Editor for South and Southwest of the Gildersleeve-Lodge Series of Latin Text-Books, 1898- 19055 Vice-President for Virginia ofthe Classical Association of the Middle XVest and Southern States, 19095 Member of Executive Committee of the Amer- ican Philological Association, 1906-085 Author of t'The Philosophy of the Hu- manitesf' UA System of Classical Pedagogyf' "The University of Virginia in Texas and the Southwest," "Pro1egomena to the History of ltalico-Romariic Rhythm," 'tCarmen Arvale and the Tonic Laws of Latin Speech and Rhythm," "The Sacred Tripudium and the Evolution of Latin Rhythmic Art," and articles in Nation, Proceedings of the Azfzericau Plzilnlogiral AS50CiUfl0Il,yJOZlI'7lUl of the Arreological Institute and the Virginia Jomvzal of Educafiorz. WILLIAM ALEXANDER LAMBETI-I, Ph. D., M. D. ............ . . .Carr's 1-1111 Professor of Hygiene and Mczferia Zlfedim. Hot Footg Doctor of Medicine, University of Virginia, 18923 Doctor of Philosophy, University of Virginia, 19015 Director of'Athletics since 18925 Adjunct Professor of Hygiene and Materia Medica, 1902-045 Professor since 19045 Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds since 19055 Member of American College Gymnasium Directors' Societyg Aero Club, University of Virginia5 many contributions to the American Sports Publishing Company, Outing, and other periodicals on subjects of Sports and Physical Educationg Author of "Geology of the Monticello Area." 18 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI Rtctrtao 1'lIiNRY XV11i'1'151-LEAD, A. B., M. D., LL. D. .......... McCormick Road K 1'l'oft's.r0r of tlllflflillly, Dean uf the .lledicul Dt'f'tlr!111v11t. A: Bachelor of Arts, Doctor of Medicine. University of Virginia. 1887: Doctor of Laxvs, University of North Carolina, 1909: Demonstrator of Anatomy, Uni- versity of Virginia, 1887-89: Professor of Anatomy, University of North Carolina, 1890-95: Professor of Anatomy and Pathology, University of North Carolina, 1896-1905: Professor in the University of Virginia since 1905: Member Medical Society of Virginia: American Medical Association: Association American Anat- omists: Author "Anatomy of the Brain." 1900: various papers on anatomical and pathological subjects. :Al.I!liR'l' Liiiftzvlui, A. B., Ph. D., LL. D. .......................... 1Vest Rance K Wn.i.i.xxt 1-Luutv 1-ltzetc, M. A. ................. .... X N-'ertland K A: fl' B K: A ll: T. l. L. li. A.: Raven: Hot Foot: Bachelor of Arts. University of Texas, 1894: Johns I-loplcins, 1894-95: Doctor of Philosophy, Cornell, 1893: University of Berlin, 1899-1900: Lecturer in Philosophy, Cornell, 1898-99: ln- structor in Philosophy, Cornell, 1900-02: Assistant Professor Philosophy. Cornell, 1902-03: Professor of Philosophy, Tulane, 1903-05: Assistant Editor of the Phi- losoplzirul l?cr'iv-zu, 1898-99: Doctor of Laxvs, South Carolina: Member of Amer- ican Philosophical Association: Member of Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology: Author of "The Ethical System of Bishop Butler," "The Relation between Epistemology and Ethical Methodu: Translator of "Immanuel Kant," by F. Paulsen: contributor to "Encyclopedia Amerieanau: Faculty Member of Advisory Board, G. A. A.: Vice-President Southern Society for Philosophy and Psychology. PI'0fl'.Y.f0l' of Eductztioaz. A: Bachelor of Arts, NVake Forest College. 1897: Master of Arts, XVake Forest College, 1899: Graduate Student, Columbia University, 1899-1902: University Fellow, 1900-01: Honorary Fellow, 1901-02: Assistant Secretary of General Education Board, New York, 1902-05: Professor in the University of Virginia since 1905. , BRUCE RYBURN PAYN13, M. A., Ph. D. ...................... University Place 5. .4 P1'0fvs.rm' of S!'l'01I!1't1l'Jl Edlltftlflvtlll and Psychology. N: fl' 13 K: Bachelor of Arts from Trinity College: Master of Arts from Columbia University: Doctor of Philosophy from Columbia University: Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science: Member of the National Educational Association: Member of Society of College Teachers of Education: lX'le'mber of American Philosophical Association: Member of American Psycho- logical Association: Author of "Public Elementary School Curriculaf' "The Scotch-Irish in Southern Educational History." Sti ect 14210 CORKS AND CURLS 10 '1'uoxt.xs 1Y.xl.kt':R liuzia, l'h. D., l.l,. ll. ........ ...l"ry's Spring l':'nfr,v.vm' ull l:rmm1ltlt'.v, If .li Master of Arts, Rillllllilllll-AlIlClIll L'ollcg'c. Virginia. lN91l1 Student in lico- ntnnics. llistory :intl Law, lfnglish :intl ticrinzut l'iiix'ei'sitit-4. 1892-95: lloctor ul Pliilosopliy. Leipzig, lS9oZ Lecturer :tt liznnlmulpltfklncon College :incl L'nix'ersity of Chicago. N97-981 Professor of licinnnnic llistory. l'nix'crsity of California, 1898-1901: Professor of ljconotnics :intl l'olitic:tl Science. l.'nix'ei'sity of Texas, 1901-03: Dean of the College of Connncrcc. Latirersity ol' Cztlifornia, 1903-062 Contributor to lltlrftrffr .lltlymsirzn the .lllnnlir Alilllfllly, :intl various technical journals of industry and crnntucrce: ,Xuthor ot' Nlonograplts and Papers on the Rise of thc Lalioring Classes, pttlnlisliul by the .Xint-ric:tn lfconotnic Association and the technical journals of political cctntnnty: 1.1-ipzig' Xl:-niograplt. Dir fill- 'Ix'tllllI'llHly dvr lfruli11dit'tt.rt.- in Cfrltirrilfnli, has ht-cn translxtterl into Russian, French and English. 1Y1LI.i.xxt DoL'Gt..xs Macox, M. 1.3. ................ . . . East Market Street f'1'nft'.i.w1' of UIt,vIt'Il'it'.v. K Ag Bachelor of Arts. Randolph-Macon College. 19391 Doctor of Medicine, Uni- versity of Virginia, 1397: on lrlospitztl Staff. New York City. 1897-99: engaged in the Practice of Medicine at Charlottesville since 1539: recently Clinical Instructor in Anaesthesia and Practice of Medicine, University of Virginia. TIIEODORE HOUGH, Ph. D. ....................... ....... L lniversity Heights Professor of Pltysiolngy. Bachelor of Arts, Johns Hopkins. 1886: Doctor of Philosophy. Johns Hopkins, 18933 Member of American Physiological Society: American Society of Natural- istsg Fellow of the American Association for the Atlvancement of Scienceg Fellow of American Academy of Arts and Sciences. S't'1zPH1zN HURT XNATTS, M. A., M. D. ..................... University Heights Professor of SIll'g!?l'j' and Gynecology. 2 X5 N E Ng T. I. L. K. A.g "Z"g Master of Arts, Randolph-Macon College, 18963 Student in Chemistry in University of Virginia. 1895-975 Doctor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, 1901g Resident House Officer, Assistant Resident and Resident Surgeon, johns Hopkins Hospital, 1901-075 Professor in University of Virginia since 19075 Member of Virginia State Medical Societyg Miember of American Medical Associationg Member of Tri-State Medical Societyg Member of The Southern Surgical and Gynecological Societyg Author of various papers on surgical subjectsg Surgeon-in-Chief and Director of University of Virginia Hospital. THOMAS- LEONARD WATSON, M. s., Ph. D. ........... ...University Place P1'0fes.ror of Economic Geology. K .Eg Sigma Xig A Hg Director, Virginia Geological Surveyg Fellow Geological I Society of Americag Member American Institute Mining Faigineersg Member 20 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII American Association for the Advancement of Science, Graduate V. P. I., 1890, Master of Science, 1893, Student, University of Virginia, 1891, Cornell Univer- sity tEellow in Geologyl, Doctor of Philosophy, 1897, Instructor in Geolo-gy, V. P. I., 1892-95, Member Cornell University Party of Geologists on Sixth Peary Arctic Expedition to North Greenland, 1896, Private research worker on rock decay, United States National Museum, 1897-98, Assistant Geologist, State Geological Surveys of Indiana, Georgia and North Carolina, Special Field Assistant United States Geological Survey since 1903, Professor of Geology, Denison University, 1901-04, Professor of Geology, V. P. I., 1904-07, Member Geological Society of 1Vashington: Author of some lifty papers and books on geological subjects. n RO1iER'l' MoN'rGoM1iRv BIRD, B. A., B. S., Ph. D. .............. University Place Collegiate Professor of Cl1t'11:1'.vl1'y and DI-l'ft'flIl' of Laboratory III.Yfl'llCfi01L in , Clzcntislry. H K A, A Il, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science. I-Iampden-Sidney College, Doctor of Philosophy, Johns Hopkins, Member of Society of Sigma Xi, Fellow of American Association for Advancement of Science, American Chemical Society, Society of Chemical Industry: Aero Club, University of Virginia. I H.-xLs'r1:.xD S1-IIPMAN Htznoiss, M. A., M. D. ........ . .... High Street Professor of Dl.XCtl.Yt'.Y of Eye. jot-IN AUoUs'r1N13 ENGt-1s1-1 Evs'rER, B. Sc., M. D. .......... Chancellor Street P1'0fL'.YS0l' of Plll1l'llllIL'C71Uflj', .llalcritz illcdicu and Taxicology. B 9 TI, 'I' P 3, Bachelor of Science, Maryland Agricultural College. 1899, Grad- uate Student in Biology, Johns Hopkins University, 1899-1901, University Scholar, johns Hopkins University, 1900, Doctor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, 1905, Special Student in Physiology, Freiberg, i. B., 1906, Fellow, Assistant Instructor and Associate in Physiology, johns Hopkins University, 1905-OS, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology in the University of Vir- ginia since l908, Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Member of, the American Physiological Society, and the Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, Author of numerous papers in Physiology and Experimental Medicine. I-IARRY TAYLOR MARs1tALL, A. B., M. D. .............. Administration Building Pr0fus.ror of Pathology and Bavlc1'1'0l0gy. A A fP, Johns I-Ioplcins University, Member of the Charlottesville, Virginia State and American Medical Associations, of the Anierican Association of Pathol- ogists and Bacteriologists, of the Society of American Bacteriologists, and of the American Public Health Association, Publications: "Study of Christian Science," various bacteriologieal and medical papers. 1010 CORKS AND CURLS 21 .RUllliR'l' l:Rl-1Nt'll Coxttrrox .... . ..... ..,.,................. l -'ourteeutli Street l'r'Hjt' nj l,l.Vt'tl.Yz'.Y nj Iatrr, .Xnxv inn! llirtml. I1 M5 Ex llouse Surgeon. Roeliester City llospital: lix lloust- Siu'gt-on, Klauhattau lfye, liar. Nose and lltroat llospitalg Stti'geon, liye, liar, Nose and 'l'lu'o:u lie- partuient, L'uivcrsity ol' Virginia llospital :intl llispt-nsary5 Secretary and Treas- urer of Doctors Club, Cltarlottesville, Virginia: Bleuilicr ul l'hili-sopliical Society, University of Virginia: l'iethnont Medical Socit-ty5 Yirginia State Medical Soci- ety: and .Xinerieau Nletlieal .Xssoei:ttion. . 5 -1 . L. .-Xtmitoxso Sxtrru. .X. ll., .X. Bl., llh. ll.. l.l.. ID. ....... .... l l lzast Laxvn lftfjjtll' .Illini l'm' ,,l'llfAt'.YXUl' of lflljlllill. K .15 'P 13 K5 Bachelor of Arts. llavitlson College, North Carolina. 188-15 Master of .-Xrts. Davidson College. 18875 Principal of .Xeatlt-iuies in North Carolina. 1884- 895 Assistant in English in the Julius llopkins University. 1890-9.3: Doctor of Philosophy, Johns Hopkins University. 1893: Professor of English in the Louis- iana State University, 1893-1902: 'l' 13 K, johns lloplcins University, 18955 Presi- dent of the Modern Language Association of .-Xmerica, Central Division, 1897-995 Studied in England, France and Germany, 1900-015 Professor of English in the University of North Carolina, 1902-095 llcau of the Graduate Department in same, 1903-09: Lecturer on English at Summer School of the South, 1902-085 President of the North Carolina State Literary and Historical Association, 1903- 045 Member of Executive Council of Modern Language Association of America since 19045 Doctor of Laws, University of Mississippi, 19055 First Vice-President National Educational Association, 19055 Editor, .SilIltl1it'S in Pliilolnyy. 1906-095 Lecturer on English Poetry. Ropes Foundation, University of Cincinnati, April- May, 19095 Appointed, May, 1909, Roosevelt Lecturer on American Literature at the University of Pierlin for 1910-115 Edgar Allan Poe Professor of English, University of Virginia, since September. 19095 Author of l'The Order of Vtlords in Anglo-Saxon Prose," 18935 "Repetition and Parallelism in English Verse," 18945 "Shakespeare's Present Indicative s-Endings with Plural Subjects,'l 18955 "Old English Grammar and Exercise Bookfl 18965 Editor of "Macaulay's Essays on Milton and Addisonf' 19015 "The Chief Dififereuce between the First and Second Folios of Shakespeare," 19025 "An English-German Conversation Book" Cin collaboration with Dr. Gustav Kruger, Berlinj, 19025 "Our Language" CThird Bookj, 19035 l'Our Language" QSecond Boolcb, 19065 "Studies in English Syntax," 19065 "Our Debt to Cornelius Harnett," 19075 "Literature in the South," 1908. A JOSEPH l'1OEING KASTLE, M. S., Ph. D. ............ .. .University Terrace Professor of Cl1c'1t1i.rt1'y. B 9 115 Bachelor of Science, State College of Kentucky, 18845 Master of Science, State College of Kentucky, 18865 Doctor of Philosophy, johns Hopkins Univer- sity, 18885 Professor of Chemistry, State College of Kentucky, 1888-19055 Chief, Division of Chemistry, Hygienic Laboratory, United States Public Health and Marine Hospital Service, Wasliiiigtoii, D, C., 1905-095 Professor of Chemistry in 72 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXI11 the University of Virginia, 1909: Member of the Society of Biological Chemists and of the :Xmerican Physiological Societyg Author of "The Chemistry of the Metals," "The Chemistry of Milk," "The Oxidases and Other Gxygen Catalysts Concerned in Biological Oxiclationsn tin presslg and of numerous articles in various chemical journals, on pure organic and physiological chemistry. ilittlitili .XRMS'l'RtJNt5 1hi.XL't'I1tl1'Ii, M. A., Ph. D, ........ ...Madison Lane .-Irliny l'raft's.wr nf linglixll 1,ilv1't1f11re. 111 G X113 The 'liabardg Master of Arts. XVashington and Lee University, 1886g Doctor of Philosophy titlenit, 18891 Fellow of XYashington and Lee University, 1887-893 Student in Berlin, 1889: at Oxford. 19083 Assistant Professor of English, Uni- versity of Missouri, 1891-953 Professor of English, University of Iowa, 1895-97g Professor of English, University of South Carolina. 1898-1 Graduate Student of Harvartl 1'niversity. 1897--98: Member of llztrvard Graduate Club: Member of .-Xineriean Modern Language .Xssociationz Kosmos Clubg Author of "The X1f'riters of South Carolinaug Editor of school and college editions of Charles Lamb t2 vols.1. De Quineey tl vols.1, Edmund Spenser, Longfellow, George Eliot, Alexander 1'opc: Assistant Literary Editor of "A Library of Southern Literatureug Statt Reviewer forthe New York Cirilir and the Baltimore Sung Poe Centenary Medalist. University of Virginia, 1909. xYll.I.l.XM' x1liN'I'ZIil, ,lfolztu-:s'r, 1.3, .-X. ................... ...17'reston Heiglits 17l'0ft'.Y.YUl' nf Hilvltirtil Hixlory and LiIr1't1fm'c. llachelor of .-Xrts, 1'1iram College, 18943 Lecturer on Biblical Literature, Ann :Xrbor English Bible Chairs, 1897-99: Lecturer for Calcutta Bible Lectureship. India, 1901-033 Editor 1-liblical Department, 112111151 .Urn of India, 1902-035 Lecturer, John 11. Cary Bible Lectureship, University of Virginia, 1903-06. 1,1i1Y1S 1,l'l"l'LlEP.XtiIiI 1'101.L.XD.'XY, ll. S. ...................... . . .Montebello .el.v.t'm'ii1lr PI'0ft'X.ft7I' of Iilft'f1'1'cuI li11gi11t'fi'i1lg. Bachelor of Science, University of Virginia, 1899: Electrical Engineer for General Electric Company, 1899-1903: Associate Member of .-Xmerican Institute of Elec- trical Engineersg Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. University of Virginia, 1903-09: Member of the American Associa- tion for the Advancement of Scienceg Associate Miember of American Street and Interurban Railway fXssociation. 1Vti-r.iixM Hixiuusou 1T.fxUr.iqNif:R, M. A., Ph. D. ................ Preston Heights flxxoritirr Pr0fr.r.v0r of Germazzir Laztgzlugcs. B 9 TI, A H3 111 B Kg T. 1. L. K. Ag Arcacliansg Instructor in French and German, University of Virginia, 1894-95: Bachelor of Arts, 18959 Principal of Houston Academy, Houston, Virginia, 1895-973 Master of Arts, 1898, Latin and Greek 1010 CORKS AND CURLS Z3 Kluslcr, lfpiscupiil lligli Sclnml of X'irgini:i. lN'IS-Will: Iloclwn' of Pliilusupliy, l.'nivt-rsiiy of Yirginizl. l0ll.2: Studi-in Ill L'nivt-rsily of llurlin, Sunnncr nf 10031 .Xrljuncl Professor of Teutonic lguiguzigcs. l'nivt'rsiiy of Yirginizi. l9ll3-062 Slue dent :ll llcrlin :incl l.i-ipzig. 1000-ll7g .Xssrici:uc l'i'oft-ssui' of lit-rnuniiv l.:uign:igt-s, L'nivv-rsiiy of Virginia, 1909. ,XR5llS'l'Ii.XIl Xl.xsnN lllblillf, Xl. .X., l.l.. li. ..... ...XXI-st l.znvn l'f'nfi'.v.m:' of'. 'I' 1' A3 .X IlgfI1.XfIf5 fl' B Kg T. l. l.. li. .X.: l'. li.: llnl lfo-vig O. XX'. I..1 Raven: 'l.llil'1i.'L'lI Clulig Civic Clulig .Xer-i Cluli, L'nivt-rsily ui X'irgiui:i: llnclielor ul' .Xrts, L'niversily ol' Xi'irgini:i. 19011 Klnstcr nl' .Xrls. L'nivt-rsity ul' Virginian, 19023 ldzichelor of Lzixvs, 190-l. .li,XNll-IS Cxiutoi. l:l.ll'l'lN, Xl. D. .... ........ ................ X X 'ertlznul Street .-l.v.mr1'irlr l'1'uj'i'.vxm' of filillliftlf .llm'tl1i'I.Hi'. nm! l'ui-:'i'r,cily l'!ry.ri.'iinl. K Eg N Z1 Ng Uocloi' of Kleflicine, L'nixersiiy of Yirginizn. jonx l-I.nvn NIZXXTUAIIZ4, .X. ll., L. lf.. ................. ...XX ertlzinil Street .-l.r.mrii1Ir l'l'nfrx.wr- uf t'i-:'il lf11yim'i'riug1. ll K 5: A ll: 'It 15 K1 lflzieliclor of .Xrls. XXi'illi:un :ind Xlziry: Civil Engineer. Uni- versity of Virginia: .-Xt-ro Club, University of Virginiil. l,l.EXX'1il.I.YN GRIIfl"l'l'll leloxrox, Rl. .-X., ll. S. ........ ...Rlrs. XX'ood's .-l.r.rocii1Ii' Profvssaz' of lll1y.vir.r. -X K E3 'I' 13 K: Blaster of .-Xrts, l3ZlCl1L'lO1' of Science, University of Virginia: .Xero Club, University of Virginia, Rleinlicr of .'Xl11Cl'1CIl11 Physical Society: Member of .-X. EX. .-X. S.g Member United States Naval Eclipse Expedition to Spain and Africa, 19055 Member of The :XSll'OllOl1'llCZll and .'Xstrophysic:il Society of America. EDWIN PR13s'roN DARGAN, Ph. D. ........... ........ .,.. . . .Preston Heights .-ldjznzcz' P1'0fv.v.rnr of ROIIIl11liL' Luzzgzrayrs. 2 Ng 'P B Kg Bachelor of Arts, Bethel College, 18991 Student University of Virginia. 1899-19023 Doctor of Philosophy, Johns Hopkins, 1906: Author of "The 2Esthetie Doctrine of Montesquieuug Contributor to Modern Language Notes, Modern Philology. IATARVEY iBRINTON STONE, A. B., M. D. ....................., University Place Adjinziri' IJI'0ft'.Y.S'0l' of Sizrgery and Gyzzevology. CI' I' Ag KI' P Eg A 9 Ag 'P B Kg T. 1. L. K. A.g Bachelor of Arts, Johns Hopkins, 1902, Doctor of Medicine, Johns Hopkins, 19065 Resident House Officer in Surgery, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1906-07. 24 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI Iflakvlzv E,RNliS'l' JORDAN, M. A., Ph., D. ............... . . .University Heights .'l.v.mrit1le P1' nf ."lIltll'UlHj'. 'I' E Kg 'I' B K: llachelor of Arts, Lehigh University, 1903: Master of Arts, Lehigh University, 19114: Doctor of Philosophy. Princeton University, 19075 Member of the Association of American Anatomists: Member of the Association of Zool- ogists t Eastern liranchlg Fellow of the American Association for the Advance- ment of Scienceg Assistant in Histology and Embryology, Cornell University Meclical College, New York City, 1904-O63 Atljunct Professor of Anatomy, Uni- versity of Virginia, since 1907: Member of the Stat? of Embryology at the Marine Biological Laboratory, XVoocl's lrlole, Massachusetts: Author of various papers on Cylologieal and linibryologieal subjects, anal on the problems of the tletermin- ation and inheritance of sex. Cnixnuis lTlANCtJCK, B. S. ............,,................... University Place .-ldjizzlri !'rnft'.v.m1' of gllvrlltrzliutll Ell1jI'llt't'l'l-Ilfj. A Tl: Graclnate of Miller School, 13883 llachelor of Science, University of Virginia, 1903, Aero Club, University of Virginia. Gun. Ripon Mtsrov, A. B., M. D. ................... .. .Xlertland Street ,-ldjzlllet !'r't1ft'.t.m1' of Pnllmlogy. lnstruetor in Pathology, University of Virginia, 19116-U73 Assistant in Pathology. r Johns lfloplcins Metlical School, 1907-OS: Assistant Resident Pathologist, Johns Hopkins, 19117-US: Pathologist to Bay View Asylum, Baltimore, Maryland, 1907- 03, Acljunet Professor of Pathology, L'niversity of Virginia, 1908-09. AA'II.I.lAM :Xl.l.1SllN 1xIiL'NIiR, M. A., Ph. D. ........... ...lllest Lawn X lo 1-1 N K .-ldjlzzlri P1'oj'v.v.wr uf liiulugy. KP, A U3 'I' 15 Iii Raven: llaehelor of Arts, Franklin anal Marshall College, 18935 Master of Arts, 19003 Teacher in the Philippines, 1901-U35 Student in Gottingen University, 1903: Fellow in Biology, Princeton University, 1903-U43 Instructor in Biology, University of Virginia, 1904-OS, Doctor of Philosophy, University of Virginia, 1908. S1-t.txIts'Inxi.L GRAs'1'v, A. B., Ph. D. .................. . . .Wlest Lawn 1-lrijmzri PV!!-ff.Y.VOI' of L5L'UIIU7I1lC Geology. Ag 9 N Eg 'P B K: Assistant, United States Geological Survey, 19053 Engaged in Mining Geology in the Southern States, 19065 Geologist, Maryland Geological Survey, 1907-O83 Assistant State Geologist of Virginia, Member of American lnstitnte of Mining Engineers, Author of "The Limestones and Cement Re- sources of Maryland," and other papers on Geology and Geology Applied to Mining. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 25 C1l.xRl.l-is xx-.Xlil-ll-'II-Il.lD i,,Xl'l. ........................... ..XX L-st Lawn .rhljunrl f'mj'.'.r.r.w' uf l'ul1iii' .Sfu'.al.'1'11i1. fifilillllllk' lfincrsini Cnllvgv nf Uraliiryg Imlrurlur Ifim-rwu Clillvgv, will-U73 In- I slruclnr. Kliilcllvlmry Uillvgcz .Xlljunvl l'r-ifwmr uf lulilic Spcuking, Laiivursily of Yirginizi aincu 1908. OTHER OFFICERS jmmx Slllilxriwx l'.x'r'mN.. ........... .,. l.iln'm'iilu. Secretary of ilu- University. IFXIZ-U-1: l.ilir:iri:ui Nino: 1904: . Cahn-ll :incl the L'nivur:-ily uf Virginia," L-lc. Huwwim XY1xs'mx, C. II... ... ..... 1fa'jjfNfI'AlI'. 112 K Xlfg Secretary :xml Rcgimlrar uf thc Uiiixm-1'sity. ls,x.xc IQIMIIIQR Moiux . . B lU'.YLII'. Sixxlmar. Ihxiclik XYUODS ......................... CUllllIliS5i0llc'l' uf ,-lvuuzlllfs. QQ 9 P-2-i ., ,N-4 . . . .XYQA Main Strect Xmlmr uf "jefferson, . . .East Lawn . . .3liCCOI'l11iCk Road East Market Street ,a Wx - i A .ffi '22 -.LP ' C es :WW if :rl k li W Fi .r ' M y A.f.:Q!f1'Z1a. al ' mfimjl M Q! ,A . NW V kw N 2 T' H, ' X02 gg, -- ,i g -x ff 5 , , , f X' ff fA f fl' 39225 - N 'BY' I I I ,f ff x zgilqgai' fl I f ,V , W:-"Ji X X 7 N--ll, ff? uf K ' f YZ " 'I CUWZQQB f '71 ' f ' if , 42 ff f! Nw W Z. f f If JE' v--o"'l 'I f Y Q I 1 'X lm 'sun ,wg nllilirlnx .R W JW- 1 W 'I J Q if L f I' ' I A If I 1 if f 1 ,ju '. f7 mr fwggalfl va ,,,-, fx im, Q ' I x vy If' NIP? w ywv N '5 W' nt. 4 X K X . "f, , '1 X W Q W' fmf f wnyi S! wW,iw 1 fl X I s 'fn A w 1 wr. " ,Ig xxx W?-23,11 H K , Q -N, -. 5 1 f7'Z"'F7EY. ' " m 7 W 4 1.335523-iiig' CLI .., 0 'ix!Sf:5Q.ff"f1L. IH' Ina? "4 'vin fu. w Lf':::f3'a.'.'ei,' . .QCN5 'skfi bf 'lrfifffi N jf -gli?-, L. i X15 X ' xiglfz ,j ,X z f f infix"--Q-.fax 4 iigff-5' "E K Q ll ,Ulf XC 'xg-ag , W W . -- 15 r X ' -I f ' IV . V K, ': ICA f fe ' 'f u ---w- e ul" 111 aL-,,, W f IIN lgi giqlgzif I H fugfwv :inf If l ' 1 NLE , 23 f. . 'Z N M W v "f fc f uullin 1 f ng ,m W. . K Q X 7 X If IWIU CORKS AND CURLS It lug of fllboocru Uirginm The Colonnade Soirtic I Sir Tony of Virginia By ghost of old "jeff" swore 'I-hat somber days of soberness In Colonnade were o'er. By "Tommie's ghost" he swore it. Then named a coming night: And bade his messenger go forth, East and west and south and north. To get his comrades right. II To north and south and east and west His messenger liew fast: From Preston Heights to "Twinkle" S Was heard his bugIe's blast. Professors made for Colonnade As children playing tag, tone's Or as, when Georgetown bites the dust, Xve "rally 'round the Flag." III But all around "The Corner" Was tumult and affright, Full well they knew the outcome Of many a gala night: And being wise and crafty, Forthwith they planned a raid Upon such shameful soiree To come on Colonnade. IV I wish in all the "Wise IVIen" There beat no heart so bold, But sore it ached and fast it beat When this dread news 'was told. Straightway up-rose Sir Tony. Up-rose his "Ravens" true. Yet at the name of Students They more affrighted grew. V They held a council standing Within their harassed hall. Short time there was for talking And fear was over all. Out spake Sir Tony staunchly: ml he windows must go down, Else would the students entrance talze And forthwith paint the town." VI .lust then Foss Font came Hying All wild with haste and fcar. "Oh, hold the door. Sir Tony, The students all are here." And plainly and more plainly Vvithin that lengthy line Now might ye see the faces Of Virginia's noblest shine. VII Quiclc, hide the booze, Sir Tony. With all the speed ye may. I, with two more to help me, Will hold the Foe at playp In yon old door a thousand May well be held by three. Now who will stand on either hand And hold the Horde with me? VIII Then out spake "Bird of Chemistry Full four feet ten was he: "Lo, I will stand at thy right hand And hold the door with theegn And out spake strong old Kepner, Of pompous build was he, "I will abide on thy left side And hold the door with thee." IX Meanwhile the student army, Right fearsome to behold, Came marching down the Arcade With fronts that shone Iilce gold. The Three stood calm and silent And Ioolcecl upon the foes, Whereat a shout of laughter From all the students rose CORKS AND CURLS VOL. XXIII X Against this horde before them, Trembled the silent Three, One glance, then courage left them And forthwith did they flee, Whereat the student numbers Came flocking in amain, And such a sight in Colonnade XVill ne'er be seen again. XI They broke up 'Reddy's" poker game, They seized the keg of beer, Then started in to "clean the house" With mingled shout and cheer: When Tony saw this outrage I-Ie backed against the wall, And with a gesture of his hand, A word, he stilled them all. XII "Oh, by the mem'ries gamered here, For Orange and for Blue, Be men tonight my students, Be men my colleagues trueg Forget the yawning chasm, Forget pink lemonade, See, see, oh, see, the booze Hows free, A toast to the place you've made. XIII I-Iere's to Virginia's founder, And to her glorious name, I-Iere's to her sometime students Who played the football game, I-lere's to her baseball heroes And to her track team true, To every one who ever won For 'The Orange and the Blue.' XIV Here's to the old Rotunda And to her classic shades, I-Iere's to her social functions And to her Easter maids, I-Iere's to her former glories And to her fame today, I-lere's to honor in after years, To honor U. Va." XV He ceased, then silence reigned supreme Until he reached the door, s "Bring on the booze, Fitz l..atinus,' Sir Tony did decreeg And then to all his comrades, "Oh, may ye merry be." XVI This revelry continued For hours near a score, Ah, then it were a grewsome sight To witness on the floor The forms of all professors, Of students near a score, Each muttered as he passed away This one word, ' Nevermoref' XVII And in the years to follow When the Zoos have ceased to be, And "Sevens" wear their seven pins Where every one can seeg When I-lot-Foot joins with Raven, And football is no more: When Chancellor gives drinks away To make the students sore. XVIII When 'round the ancient Corner, As in the days of old, The students flock in numbers, Then are these stories told: How "Sixie" -beat Car'lina, With a swat to "leftg" and then, How "Stantie" won the Navy game, With two-score yards and ten. XIX How Rector wrecked the records, That won from good old Yale, I-low Walker pitched a two-hit game, That twist the Tiger's tail, I-low Georgetown had been vanquished, By twenty points or more, So many times the "Bridge of Scores," Could scarcely hold the score. XX When all these things have happened, Then will the tale be toldg I-low students and professors In good old days of old, Forgot the yawning chasm, Remembered they were men: A big soiree at Colonnade, In dear old I9l0. And then such cheer as shook the house S- D- GODCH I-lad ne'er been heard before: F 0115 'Luc-r" M.'ue. Co y 'ghh o'. r Cn Iiy Cimrl-gg S::rilmer'!S5:1s. 19 J lUlO CORKS AND CURLS JU A l,.,x,yQ-.x-. ' ' Q sy .Q-,Qgoxx "Qld QSO W tl 1 KL! Q " ACADEMIC A IQ V i' 'J C L ASS ' X xi, 5 . I -4 4 ,arf l AQ'-I ' i ,ix Ry, XX X C G9 yd OFFICERS STARLETON IDAUNEY GOOCH ..,........... President l'lAl.'R1Cli HIIQSCH .......,, .............. . .. llistorian MEMBERS NAME YEARS IN COLLEGE HOME ADDRESS ERNEST ERVIN .AGEE ... ... ...,.... l ... ...Big Stone Gap, Virginia H K A ARCHHJALD MUlil'f1X' AIKEN, JR. ... ... 4 ... ...Danville, Virginia Associate Editor Tafvirs. .ADRIAN SENVALL IAILES ....... l ....... Sidney, Ohio K E RICH.AIiD HAROLD AICERS ....,.......... l .. .... Snowville, Virginia :ROBERT BROOKE ALBEIiTSON ................. 3 Assistant Editor-in-Chiei of Topics AURELIO LEORENTE EALCAIN ................. 1 ROBERT MCCLANAHAN ALLEN .............. 2 E X3 A Hg Associate Editor CORKS AND CLARENCE OGDEN LAMONETTE ................ 2 IREMBERT CODDINGTON ANDERSON ............ 1 fb A G5 ADH, Turvyland Chorus. THOMAS BRUCE I'IURT ANDERSON ........... l THOMAS JEFFERSON JANDREXVS ..... 1 2 N BURLEIGH FULTON ANNIS 2 EN CURLS. . . . PO1'lCS111OL1lZl'1, Virginia . . . .... Havana, Cuba ...ROanoke, Virginia .James River, Virginia .Los Angeles, California Charlottesville, Virginia ......Roanoke, Virginia Chattanooga, Tennessee 30 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI Ii.'iClIdCIlIl.C Clcissj NAME YEAR IN FRANK .-Xs'r .. . Jonx .Al.'l.I. ....................... .. Z1 'I' 133 Member of the Band. W1l.r.i.xxi IEARRIE .XL'I.I. ..........,.. .. Roi:ERT Livixcsrox Nici-1oi,.xs 15.x11.Er .. .. .'XI.I.liN GlZIQ.XI.ll I5.x1Rp ....... . K A jonx LJUISIISIZ B.xRxu'i-11.1. .. 'If A 9 GEOIQGIL I-1.ox'1m Hixlzrox, JR. . RGUER1' Ti-Ioxus B.xRTox .. A fl' XX'11,l-1rxM M. Buns Jonx STEWART I:3.xTTi.E x T 0 RGRERT Emitxn 13E,xRn .. XYIl.l,I.-XM liI2.XRU.Xl.L E N jonze OWEN If-E.xTx' .......,.. CHESTER C.xRRoi,i, BECRWITL-1 . E X FRRNUS I:OL'I,.KE Brtnzxis ..... A XI'g Associate Editor HARol,n DUULEY BELL ...... A xlr DUN TTARRIGAN BERGER .. E X BIETI-TUNE C.fXLDWEl.I. BERNARD A K E FREIJIERIC XVILLIAM BLAL'Kl3L'RN JAMES PALMER B1.rxRENEy E X3 A Hg P. K, AVILLIAM Bowcocii BLAREY .. XVILLIIE MEADE Borrs EUGENE PRICE BROWN THOMAS MUl.DIiUP LGGAN E X5 Tennis Team Enwm RUTHvEN BUTLER qw E xv, 9 N Eg P, K. BRL? NV11,r,iixM S'r1xNslnEEn CALCOTT GEORGE AIKEN CALDWELL ..... 2 A E, A II ,. 1 2 1 1 1 l 1 2 1 2 1 Z 1 7 College' Topirxg 1 1 1 4 7 Z 1 1 3 3 1 3 OLLEGE O Associate Editor HOME ADDRESS .,Ncwport News, Virginia .....Lexington, Missouri Pendleton, South Carolina ..Cliarlottesvi1Ie, Virginia .. . . . Shreveport, Louisiana . . . Petersburg, Virginia .....St1Ffolk, Virginia . . .XYinchcster, Virginia ........Roanoke, Virginia ...Cl1arlottesville, Virginia ..Xew Hope, Virginia ...Orlando, Florida .....Ruekersvil1e, Virginia .Prineeton, West Virginia ..... . . Richmond, Virginia CORKS AND CUR1.s. . . . .Kansas City, Missouri . , . .Flint, Michigan . . 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Suffolk, Virginia .. .SlIackelfords, Virginia .. . . . . .Adriance, Virginia .. . .Harrisonburg Virginia . . .ClIarlottesville, Virginia . . . . . .Lyncl'Iburg, Virginia . . .ClIarlottesville, Virginia GARNETT BERTRAND DIUGUID .. .. Z .. Associate Editor Topics. BERNARD CARL DoTsoN ....... .. 2 .. NIALCOLM TOWNSEND DOUGLAS .. 3 .. LI- 1' A FRI'rz LEOI-'OLD DREssLER ....... .. 2 .. JOHN FLAVEL SLAUGHTIER DUliE . . . . . 2 .. Z Xl' JOHN VVESLEY DURR, IR. . .. 1 .. Z A E JOSEPH BRUMMELL EARNEST, IR. .. ., 2 .. ONVEN I-QANDOLPI-I EASLEY ...... .. 3 .. GERARD LESTER EASTIIIAN .. .. 2 .. CIF E K EUGENE TAYLOR EDWARDS .. 3 .. ROBEIRT CRAIG EFFINGER .. ..1.. . . .Rossx'ille, Maryland ...New York, New York . . .CliaI'lottesville, . . .Montgomery ....Norfolk, . . .Lyncl'Iburg, Virginia Alabzlmzl Virginia Virginia ...Roslyn, New York ...Gainesville, Texas , . .Satunton, Virginia 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 33 I. 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JAMES S'roCRM.xx FLEMTNG, JR. .......... .. l ERASMUS LEE FLETCHER ...... .... . . l THOMAS MzXl!SH.XI.I, FORSYTH ........... 2 'D K Xlfg 9 N Turvylancl Cast. JAMES XNILLIAM FOSTER .............. . l E A E XVILLIAM PRESCOTT FOSTER .. . 2 2 A E, .T Tl JAMES BERIAH FRAZIER, IR. ,. 2 2 A E 5 A H BALLARD DUNRRR FRENCH .. .. 2 CHARLES ELTINGE FRENCH .. .. 2 XVILLIAM IZPHRAIM FRENCH . 6 REID STANGER FULTON ..,.................. 3 Debating Teanig Intermediate President CARROLL GRAYSON GALT .................... l K Ag A H: Chorus of Turvylancl. ' 2 XNALTER ALLEN GALT ...... , ............. , , . K Ag A Hg Eli Bananag Hot Foot. M1XLCOLh'I XVOODSON GANNRWTW ......... .. 2 NVILLIAM EDWARD GARNETT .... . ...4 . ...K liarlr-Sion, NVcSt Virginia . ,..'l'ri-nt-in, Yew jersey . ...South Boston, Virginia . ...Norfolk Virginia . ..San .'Xntonio, Texas . ...Cape Charles. Virginia . . . .MnSkogee, Oklahoma . . Richmond, Virginia as-.xxn C TYRLS. ......Natchez, Mississippi . ...HarriSonburg, Virginia . ..... Richmond, Virginia . .... The Plains, Virginia . . . .Franl:lin, Louisiana . .... Chattanooga, Tennessee . . . .ClintwOOc1, Virginia .. ...St. Paul, Minnesota ... . .. .... Clintwood, Virginia ......................Carsonville, Virginia VVashingtOn Literary Society. . . . . . . . . .XVashington, District Of Columbia .. ...'WaShingtOn, District of Columbia . ...... Lynchburg, Virginia . . . . .Chai-lottesville, Virginia 1 34 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXTH fflccidczazic Clussl NAME YEAR IN CQLLEGI5 1101115 ADDRES5 JAMES FENDAI. GARTII . ...... ..,.. . ..Ivy Depot, Virginia H K A JAMES NIAIJISON GARRIQTT, IR. . . . . . . .Montgomei-y, Alabama PALQMON HILSB'l:XN GAsR1N .. ., ... .,.... Orlando, Florida E CII E .-XLBIN LERQY GEMENY ..... .. .. ..Alexanclria, Virginia GUSTAVE RAPHAEL GERsoN .... . . .......... 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Missoula, A K Eg Turvyland Chorus. CHESLEY ALLEN I-IADEN . .,..... . RUSSELL LANDRAM I'l'ADEN ...,. Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Kentucky Montana . . .Crozet, Virginia ..........Crozet, Virginia T1-IEOPHILUS ST12M1s15L I'I.Xl.STIE:Xll . . . . . . .Cliarlottesville, Virginia IAA-1135 NORMAN I'IAMILTUN ..... .. .. .......,.... Hazelhurst, Mississippi LUNsroRn LOVING I'IAMNER . .. .. Washington, District of Columbia COALTER CABELL PIANCOCK .. .......,...... Riclimoncl, Virginia A X P THOMAS KISNNEIQLX' I'IARNSBERCER .. .. ...Harrisonburg, Virginia JOHN VVORA-1121.12Y HIXIQRIS, IR. .... .. .. ...Memphis, Tennessee Z 111 E PIEYTON RANDOLPH I'IARR11i . .. ...Harrisonburg, Virginia JOHN LIETCHER TIARRISON . . . , . . . ..... University, Virginia 111 E K MATTHEW PIARRISON .. .. .. .... Nifincliester, Virginia A QI: CHARLES CALHOUN Hizpcms .. .. .. . . .Marietta, Georgia 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 35 l.'lL'tltll'IllIil.' Cilfuxl NAME YEAR IN I'll LLICGI-. 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Pasadena, California . . . .MariOn, Alabama ...Mount Airy, Virginia . . . .ROanOke, Virginia NVilIiamstOwn, VVeSt Virginia . . . . ...Little Rock, Arkansas .. .RichmOnd, Virginia . .ROanOke, Virginia ..NOrfOlk, Virginia .. .St. Louis, Missouri . . . .Birmingham, Alabama ...McKinney, Virginia 36 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHT lr-lr41dc1111'c Clclxsl NAME YEAR IN COLLEGE HOME ADDRESS Mo1:EnE.xnAloxizs ...... ......, l ..... C liarlotte, North Carolina A K 9 N E ll"lLl,lAM Ariuxsnx joxizs, -TR. . .. 1 . ,..XYarsaw, Virginia K E lY1I.L1.xM LISLE Kun: .. 3 l-liclqory XX'ithe, Tennessee UMIili.lL'I'lI K.xn',xs1iiN.-x .. l . ........ Minakuehi, Japan ROBERT RYL4xx1i lqE.XRFlll.lT . Member of the Banfl. 1,-xMEs lxlziuz ..... ,... .... . .. j.xMEs JUSIILHX KING ....... .. l'gENj.XMlN T1-mM.xs KINSEY .. .. CH.xRl.Es Einv.-neu li11ex4n'oon ....,..... .. LEoN,x1zn IVIARIQLYIQY Snl-:Rwnon lixnzi-ir... .. D.xuxEx' STEw.x1e'r T..XNf,'.XSTl2R ......., . .. A T A l"R.xNc1s lifxcox L.xT.xnY .. .. 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Rielnnoncl, Yirginia ...lliriningliaim . . ..-Xlexanclria, . .Cbarlottesville, . .,... Denver, ...Norfollg . . . . . .University, Alabama Louisiana Yirginia Colorado Virginia Virginia Tennis Teznng Associate Editor Comis Houston. Texas . . . Camden, South . . . . .:Xlexanclria, Carolina Yirginia .. .Guntersville, .-Xlabania ..Charlottesx'ille, Virginia ..Cliarlottesville, Virginia . . .Wvaynesborcy Virginia ..........Iava, Virginia ............Jax'a, Virginia ..Cliarlottesville, Virginia . .Cliarlottes-ville, Virginia ........Orlanclo, Florida . . .W'arrenton, Virginia . . .Houston, Texas 11110 CORKS AND CURLS 37 l.Irmlv11fir C' NAME YICXR IN vlil,l.lil2li HUMH XllllRl'.5N .XI.liX.XXI5liR Ai.Xl'IlHXXI.ll .....,....,....,.... Z ,.................,. ...... X llnion, l':ilifurni:n 33 X: A ll: Eli llanzinag ll-vl-If-R-tg fiQ'l'l1lllllliillii2 l'. li.: .Xssistant Manngcr lioullmll 'lic-ain, HENRY SQl'.xRici:Rnzs M.wli.x Y, JR, ...... . 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Harrisonburg, ...I-Iarrisonburg, ...Long Island, N ........DanviIle, fashington, District of ............Forcst Depot, ....... .Urbana, . . . . .Lynchburg, .......Townsend, . . .C11arlottesville, ......,University, .. .Charlottesvillc, Virginia Virginia ew York Virginia D Columbia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia Virginia 38 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI l.'ll'tIdf'Il1IiL' Clussl NAME YEAR IN VOLLISGE HOME ADDRESS XVILLIS l'i'0L'STON Pmnsox ....... ...... 3 ...... . ..Trcnton, New Jersey X fI'g 9 N E: Baseball Team. M.xUR1c'r: XV.-XLXYORTI-l l23ox'N'roN Prius . .. l .. .... Charlottesville, Virginia XN'll.l.1,xM Lina Przxxixorox .,. ..... . . l .. .. . Pennington Gap, Virginia IOSEI'laI Lxxrsox Pliriclcs, IR. . ., I .. ...... Montevallo, Alabama l-liizmlm XYll.I.l.XM PI-Ill'l'S .. .. ...Clintwoocl, Virginia XV.Xl.'l'lEll lllaxixn Pl-llPl'S NX'll.l,I.XM MilXINl.l2X' l'JlIll'l'S . RAl.I'll Evisizlcrr PI1clen'la ..,....,, . 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Clmrus. .. .Clintwoocl, ...Clintwoocl, Virginia Virginia ...Honey Grove, Texas . ...-Xlameda, California ..........,.Shangliai, China . . . ljowling Green, Kentucky ...Iacksonx'ille, Florida .. .XVarrenton, Virginia ...-Xshevillc, North Carolina ............Ell:a, Virginia ..............Brancly, Virginia lrleinlcrsonville, North Carolina Virginia Virginia ....,......Richmoncl, .....Alexanclria, ...Cliarlottesyillq Virginia . . . . . Staunton, Virginia Uliansas City, Missouri . . . .Denili-on, Virginia Virginia Virginia ...Riclnnoncl, . . . llichmoncl, . . . Portsmouth, Virginia ........Bellaire, Ohio ..........Bellaire, Ohio . . . .Stony Point, Virginia . . . . . . . . . . .Avon, Kentucky . . .Lewisburg, Vifest Virginia ...Columbia, South Carolina . . . . .University, Virginia 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 341 l. Irinlr'1111'i' L'lu.r.rl NAME YIIXR IN l'Ul.I.lil1Ii IIUMIE AIIIIRESS RORER1' IQIEIZSIE SMITH .. ....... I ...... ...i'l1ickaslia, Uklalinma I N XX'.xl.'rER llvxrxi SMITH ... l .. . . . I Iuinlvrsniirillu, North Carnlina JAMES Sl-1-:NVER Srxaufn .. l .. .............. llnaniikc, Yirginia :xg .in I:l.XI'IIIi lin NIIiTT STl'All' .... I .. ,..l'OcaliOntas, t'ORx'nON llI'mfR'r SUTTON, JR. .. ......... 3 , ...................... Riclnnnnrl, li H llg A Ilg Eli llananag llm-l-O Xrcruliznig Nlanagur Turrylancl. Virginia Yirginia XYARH L'l.1x'rOx Snxxxk ........ ........... J ....... . ..... . .... l 'lax-risnnlnirg, Virginia ROY Enn'.xRn SnAARTZnERc: .. l .. ...Xsln-ville, North Carolina JOHN PROASER T.xnli, ,lR. .......... . ........ l .. ..... llaltinwrc, Maryland I3 9 II: 9 N If: Tnrrylanil kfliurus. ElI3lI'NI'l PENIILETON T.xl.l.xEERRO, lll .... . l .. ...Tampa, Fluriila K .I CH.-XRLIZS QUINTARO 'l'.xx'I.OR l .. .... Staunton, Virginia A xl: HENRY PORTliRli'llil.l1 T.xYLOR, lll I .. ..,IQICI'llTl0lllI, Virginia XVALTER I'IIERRUN T.w1.OR, IX' 3 .. ...XorfOlk, Virginia X 'Il LITTLETON XVALLER 'I-AZEIYIELI-, JR. . 6 .. ...NOrfolk, Virginia IV1I.1.1.xM SALE TIZRRELL ........ I . . ..... Pedro, Virginia .'xl..FREfl H.-XI2XX'EI,L THOMAS .. I .. . ...RcmlJert, Alabama HENIQX' THOMPSON ......... 2 .. ......... Herndon, Virginia IQOIIERT RICHARD THOMSON . l .. ...Jcl'l'ersOntown, Kentucky A T A THOMAS I:'IARDY TODO .. I .. ...New York, New York A T O, A H IfVI1.I,1AM FRAZER TORLMQINS I .. .... Richmond, Virginia if K XI' ITIARRY AUIBREY TOULMIN, IR. .. 3 .. .... XfVZI1'1'Cl1tOI1, Virginia ID K XI' JXRTI-IUR FAIRFAX TRIPI.ETT .. 3 .. ...Pine Bluhc, Arkansas GEORGE YVTLLIAM TRUITT, IR. ....... 3 .. ...... Suffolk, Virginia HAROLD LANGTON ST. GEORGE TUCICER I .. . ........ Sidney, Ohio HEREEliT NASH TUCICER ..........., 1 .. .... Lynchburg, Virginia K 25 A H RUDOLPH TURIQ 1 .. ...Raleiglr North Carolina A T A IULIAN BREXVER TUTVVTLER 3 .. .......... T1-Oy, Alabama FREDERICK VVILLIAM TWYMAN .. 1 ., .. Cliarlottesville, Virginia LENVIS TYREE ..,............. 2 .. .... University, Virginia 40 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI NAME Tiimmorciz Gnnrum' Xvl3TTliRI.liIN Clinrus Turvylancl. Tliomas W:xr.r4Eu .. Llzw EARL W.xl,1..xcla .. A K Eg .X H Giznucsiz PLATT XY.-xLl.ER, ju, Tnwylanfl Castg .Xssnc juiizs lfi.1x'r XX'.x1.i.1a1e A II Moicrnn l.Umx'iG W.xl.LIa1:sT1a1x Debating Team. IQUBIERT l.1znN Wix1.l,121es'rlc1x .. EIUIVNII Enom' XY,xs1l1sUnX . Gnixrmr Wxsiinuiaxii ...... 111 E K .i..I,lTIIl-TR l'l1e.xn1foRn lV.vrrzns .. l,1ll.XRl.ES XY.X'l'lilXS ....... . -lunx Wiianfia W.x'1'snx .. Raven, Xx:I'i.XRTUN lixxuri. Xlnzmis A T Ag A Hg German C lfoUN'r.xix .'Xl.l.liN XY1cl.l.s ..... JOHN P.x1c1-ini X'YERl.IilN . I X Yx'1r,1-ixim I'I.xm1nN NYni'r1z .. KI' Il K Fimwels Fnimgsgguiz X'Vll1'l" . A T A CL.'XlISOliNli 7lVll.l.ClJX . . . A T Q JXURRIZY 1.1215 Wlrriixms .. A X FREDERICK Form XV1I.I,.lAlX'IS ,. A. QI: Davin COLE XVn.snx . FRANK IMINIUM NVl1.soN ..... JOHN RIK'fli,'XliIJ XVINGFIIZLIJ, IR. DAN Hirisn NVITT .....,..... C1-rARLi2s Mmcs XVuon .. JOSEPH MILl.lElQ Whoo . . . is 9 I1 5 A 11 ,fl cad v 111 IUC Clnxsl YEAR IN iate Eclitur Twp lub: A ssoeiate c:o1,LEGia l fa J l 3 in -1 O P 7 l l l 6 3 7 3 l 1 5 l l l 1 l 1 1 2 l HOME ADDRESS ....,. . ..Pliilaclel1iliia, Pennsylvania . . ..... Abingdon, Virginia . .Montelair, New Jersey . ,Montgo1nery, Alabama ..,Mount Sidney, Virginia . . .Rielnn0ncl, Virginia . . . . . . .Riclnnond, Virginia . . lfreilerielcsburg, Virginia Illinois ........Chicago, . . .Baltim01'e, Maryland ...Rielnnoncl, Virginia . . .L'l1atl1ain, Virginia ..,..,..Houston, Texas 1 L'U141.s. Editor Cmuqs .xxl . ........... ...... L 'liarl0ttesx'ille, Virginia . , . . . Xen' Orleans, Louisiana .. ...BOl'1ll21H1, Texas . . Petersburg, Virginia .. .Norfolk Virginia ...Cape Charles, Virginia , . . . Boston, Massachusetts . . .Cl1attanooga, Tennessee . .CUll1l5C1'lZ1l1Qi, Maryland . . .C11arlottesvi1le, Virginia . . .Charlottesville Virginia .. ................ . . .Ivy, Virginia .. .. Birclwoocl Post-ofiiee, Virginia 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 41 I .-luldvlllic Ci'zrs.rj NAME YEAR IN t'fi I.l.lilIIi HUME ADDRESS Rmnzlu' XYARNER Rimini .. ...... 4 ilirilwriml 'Post-rifticc. Virginia A K Ii XN'Il,L1AM XVHlTl'llil.Il Wumv .. ., 2 ...Muricli:in, Mississippi 1b B K Drixximr. Pafimcixs Wumisux, Jia. 4 Nurth Gurdon, 'Virginia A 'll I.m'ls NICLFRIE NYo0l.w1x1i ..... 1 his Aiigglqs, Cgilifm-nigl 5 Ng Turvyland Chorus. Cl'1.'XRI.E5 El.l.1flTT Woivri-x,xmi, III .. 2 ..,' Richmoml, Virginia A XP: Turvylzmcl Clmrus, -TUSEVI-I LEE XVRIGHT ........... I ...iiCCZiCtUXX'I1, Virginia SAMLIEI. G.xRr1ELn Wmci-rr 1 ........ Star, Virginia XX'n.i.1.xxr '1'H,xnnEUs Yuuxu .. 1 .... Guthrie, Kentucky E N CARI. LUIIWIG ZIEISIIURG .. 1 .... Xliingdon, Virginia 'B - MQTHIER Q E., :cr Qjfffdk 5 . Q2-5' ----4 '--- if. 25 Q- 34. ,125 1 A 25: I. 3 1 . .iv , .kg-fa Y.. V-L mmf. "YQ 51 ' ' inf: f .. Q' 'isa ' ' .PV Mini' J' 'I V ' A1 A ft il ' ' .. -Q-li .-v APPLICANTS FOR B. A. AND B. S. DEGREES I U10 CORKS AND CURLS Academic Class History Being a Tale of llw Telrrors ol lhv Tiny Tacadvins. A l-it ul lim' lziulvln-1114 li'ix'm' lllsl gill --ll llin' Imm, .Xml in-xx' :it lczisl ai luv wi llium gut riglil luiulc .iii again, lfill' tllL'I'L' lwsiflx' ilu' I'1lill'IvZ11l lflivli Stfiliil -wlfl lllvlliirminig Lhmggv XX'l'msc stznrvs iiitu tlic Tiny 'lirics :i rliilly fu-ling llI'lllQS1 llut tlicsc :irc rvsilly lizirnilcss-:is tlic 'l':ic:uli-ms lizul livrirfl- Tlic 'lizics risk tlicm 'llllllk' ruicsliiuis, lim they scziru-ly any ci xxmrll. T110 'l':ics simon liml tlic "K.HI'IlL'l'u :mil ii--xx' :isis si-mc -mc Lil surxm-, Tw slum' them wliurc :i lmlging is-wlizil l1ui'1'illlc ciiriu-rim-Y Swim- lincl tlicir r-miiis iicrir culln-gc' gruumls, :it sw :mil so much pci' llut from tlic climicr tlicy swim got lzimllmlyspcpsizil llul sonic- of llicm in wzmcli-ring lcv sw wlmt ilu-y can sec .Xrc frifflilcncrl half to mlining :il llw Cmiiiiimislimsily1 5- ' ,, 1 335l5f3f'l5fe P J'-mis.-if iiii f ,af fzfiswlf fi lrfflliffi llifisgcgli-E 253915 fifffjl' 1,3 pw mf" iieglllziii 'lgiiigfe j3331?ff' , yy' : X E Wig, q , , 5 i' " MVS' llllfliil if ly 'f ' , 'wk -f - A X " V, , f ll i s is lj 3 l 'Q f" 'V fs ,i Q Y . 535 ll will 1 Z ' "5 W ,fal ' 'Xgf' A i if ,fl M .. , i i 1 X l ' ,ff VV ,,., Mijn The Gorillawyer For here are clovctarangoutfmgs :md gorillziwyerus too, All hungry for BZll'Cli111'lGl'S:l1 that are coming into view. ,Editors Note: This was Before the dinner bell rang. CORKS AND CURLS YOLXXIH Next 1l11y t11ey form i11 1i11e 111111 1v11it for 111111 21 1l11y 111' so L'ntil 21 big P11gentle11111n 1,1e111111tes 1vhe1'e they 5111111 gn, The Tues :ire l1111lly l.I'lglltL'l1Cl1 when they enter to confer 111 .XltlC'I'111211l1Ct'l'I1lll1l!t'l'S with tl1e .Xll1Cl'7'l1Zll1ZlgC1'. X11vv 51111111 1111111 'lines gn 1111 t11 111111 the Ustrie11en1ist1'y, 11111 tl1ey 2ll'C Iltlt re11l fl'1g111L'ilCll for Fl quiet Birfl is lie, fie11l111gyn111z1sts 1111 rush i11 xvhere angels fear t11 t1'e1111, XYhere thru l:tHlll1l1llfCtl eaves 111111 1111t v11le111111es they are 1e1l. lfor 51111111 11 1vil11 n111tl111n1lerl1111t 0111105 rulling f1'11111 the sky .xlltl strikes 1l111yn INZIIU' mzttheletes strung IIS it goes ruslnng l1y, Stnne '1iZlC2lflt'I11S 111't listen t11 21 strange .Xst1'11111'1111ytl1, lint linrl 21 very 9111111-1'11t1s eunrse that Cilllif I1e trillc-11 vvith. XYhy. Li1'l2ll'lCj' rl1ZlC11f1Cl11 was 1'111e who really thought 511 tf11'1, lltit 11115 S11 XY2I1li1l1S1StL'l1t th11t it l1ll2llly 1111lle11 111111 thru. T111-ir inighty ex11n1l1iti11ns keep 1111 gr1111'i11g with the l1Ilj'S, lint ztfter these 11re 11ver they ure surely CXZll'l1ZlZCtl. 'l'he next ye11r e1'1n1es 111111 g1'1es1 tl1e very worst thing tl111t they see ls surely the new l1'lL'l11lCC frmn tl1e nevv n1en11ge1'ie. 'I'hey often see C111CliCl1glIlCL'I'S El-SCl'211L'1l1llg in the S011 ,Xntl roosting on Zl ll2ll'llL'l' pole, which lOOliS so very 01111. 319,11-U-ffl I 1 311591 KM? 1 11135 ' 13 421 1 1 er--V . ,. Q ll,-iii, , 1- ai A QQ., I ,I X' 111111 .' ..11 1 1' '11' "' 11"lf111'1il ill" f if 1 ll11l.l11115'w 111111 HH V . 111 ,1 11-iii'-iii" if J if f111 711' 11111111 12 11' i31Q5111"1 1 M44 'W - l'1 'f1"'i 111111 11l'1'1f'11Hi1llillN7 111-ff. u f W1 1-1+ NNN . 111 A iifiie yf X I 111ililN'llS 'gV,.,f,g3f1,1'1t11111,. Q11 ' 1 1 The Medicalico At times they see some pretty things th11t 110 not scare them So- There! Coming from t11e 11051311211 the n1e11ie111ieo! 101 O CORKS AND CURLS Vx'hy flu thus' .: 2 'I s l xmluln I II an-f grim lump gxwing :nl lllx'Ill N N lhvy must lm T, Y, lizwx with l' Y Iflucti Nun' 'lf X. lfrzfs 'Im gum' the lucy :mf , . . . 'Ill XYUC. uvvrp lhc I-'lxnningu-wl1 mkw thf ll'IlL'lx Y vlhur l rusillcnlml Uu'11'lu1'lv'u'lc' . 1 . lln 31-.mrs rnll on :xml on :mal un in wlrixin-1 fur 1lw-1' ll-llL l N - 'ml uvnnlmu , , uv-.. ., .. snwulus pr' lL'Cl li. Sm :xml X ll'- 3 'Y .f V ' ' , 'W 71' f 'A . 'ff ig 1 J-Q 'Pa , .- -. D 'Q ,glivfff -'L' - W "km f f, 5-h 1, 4' ' j fsi t s Q 1' lil ul Q , - J 3 V'-, f ex . l- ,-1 u lil- 1 fl I. , . l N - ll af l " U ' 'L 1' -f , '11 f 7.9 ld! 1 " .A , 1 , '1 f. NMW - lj 9 L -- 1: '. l,, 6 'ij l , g .l '.- 1:-'ry "Il, h A I ul.. ' 4 55, v 4, iff. 5 V. 1 L- 1, - 7 3. mn Hum k 5 " , . 2,'Al,?,1'f Wil '01, . f,,,7 qv Znffflflfl, ,-1'AQ,'.,VWf f S I ' 1":'9 f".C1i-Wiff? " M31 . A, 1 . fl- guy , ff, K-MEM" "' 344170 ',,,1p:Wmf2:Lif5fg.w-ll ,Wasil The Lambda Pirates The Tiles go nearly crazy when such hard cxzunxs they soc 1sn't this Z1 Illillll2lC2lLlC1'l1iCZllZll'l1ilyl But even though clegreedy Tues, we finally must send As many as are tr i 9 y ng to A. Bczmtilic end! CCEHLREISTIAN XS f,-N -Ax ,- L. bv-"Z-. , s., 11.5 '-H 'S N-rg CORKS AND CURLS VOL. XXIII 'lin the 3LZIbOI'atOI.'Q Not in the hills, earth anchored, heaven high, Not in the stars, nor in the deep-domed slcyg Not in the fields, aglare in noonday light, Nor in the plains, perspectiveless and white In cold moon-glow, not in the rolling tide, Nor in wild winds that in no place abide- Nay, not in these is read the mystery, The subtle All of this immensity. These are too vast, and to the searching soul Are cosmic-chaosg and what things control, What things compel, are hid behind the veil That springs of awe at sight of C-od's travail. I-lid in the maze of complicating laws Forever lies the all-explaining Cause, On heaven's page, unanswered, still are found The questions asked by planets on their round. But with the aid of light-dellecting glass, In order placed within a tube of brass, The searching soul can gaze into a world In miniature, and look on atoms hurled In relative infinities of space, As planets are in heaven's empty place, The mighty laws that suns and systems bind In one small drop of moisture are confined. Here are the stars, mechanics simplifiedg Here Nature,s first experiments are tried, And Life itself, stripped down to primal core, Leads on to Life's as yet inviolate door- Unto the edge of vague "Unl-inowni' one gleam Of light can bring, and in the focused beam The truth of laws, that cosmic-haze concealed, In simple guise and beauty stands revealed. J. C. B. 1910 CORKS AND CUR L S ' ,X f , 1 ,jelq Q-E - Q 5 ,.,. -' x. Ax' ' T, A . ' .-fr ' f'-"Six ,fi L . L uf-1121 -11. -2 - E E ff , f,1,g7- 344 -E ' H1-2.fff ' L fIl'1 E' I E 17" if?i?iEff, N Q " w' 18 -'Siavf 'Per . P-'J 94-. SF' J A." . E' r M - . 1 fa 'if' QWQE5- TL' . - q::- 1 . un, X X XXX fl 1 ' ,dm - 'iw' lv X- 40 X 221 - . 1' f X x.4,1x,A- V ,E 'XYEQ 42 Q mf, A , .X.xeW I. f s , A - "" . ff If Mem: fffff-H 1 ,, . . ' 'W' .. Y , .x- finffm-1 fMr"?fEf4-.-. mmf- 'Wffi-M9'ffff?w '49 :uf V N','5x'p1QQ:MZ:-'iallerru':?UiiSf1ZjL"Q'5L.u.vrQ14fm4:11ju-1E 'U,-giy"..A:fJP11'f:'LEA' f Tfmryrwq.1'fd1Mjff'E5.,'f'r4 ' 72'e!?2Q, f r . S. W 'f'+f'f"PH-JM vf 1, 7 I .,."-.fw-Hf2'fE:L':, fri, r, :rff-kMMfW1EKv,4v9MyM"' wWf"'diC0' 5d1w!i'1'Q w "'f" J ' W,:.w7Lf'Mf7?l1iT7fr ' ,.,f 1rPV1f'W"Yff lf s1i4'1'W19U?5 ,fwff !+Ey4"Y"Y"'fffz 'm m ...- fffli-Y5..'.-'T-wn1.'. 1,21"'ffi4Li"'-NM .W ',"S'11? Mules-.z24i,zr,2ms Li:2f2kffL,4m.Mf1s'!,!f Z11,WiF??5AwW , J ,z.yz4v,11"l'-'fffaiFw1"1!?aeswJ112:9Wr L " M 53 br ' . Ev, r55,1pwr,,,g.,,y,7g,,4' 445kVvW',f,1:wry1,f,unL4Vw:Blew-1.,Kamik-Y, m.qfHM?' !,!X.,4,'...-Q15 'QF .r13,nl,!H,,,1h,,,'?,z1,15-I , , bg., ff' Nr? E r:.m.m,Jmw1"'bYvmvLimb,-:sx1v,,, ,MW 1 fr ,ifywfiilr.5fEiQ1r1p.",,ivH E., ,If-'ey 5 ' ,, M., XX -ff - 1-:pw - H " H,- vw N , ,EJ-' ag- A 11, L 2 X .V r,,f"f, h ' ," . i jj G' 'Vff' ' 'jp' pi' 1 519' has-:MfgvQiLf'frW?Ew:f!'t?JzWf:m Wwvrgy W,,Qw?,-1 N uffwlrqlf . '1'JL:Sib".l171:U 1'WJv.w ' xf V , in iwrf,f'.4 yfw WUTv41..fmdf .J fm-17,5-f.,3.x 4,1 ,gy I f.L:,WgJ:'1f,L--151 ,Ly-fl-I 1111, ,Ay ,fp 11.12.111 -41, V XT47.,.g,,f5, if 11" A44 "',tlTK.Z"b-:Li 'CL vii v'f'vv:X:gf5'wL-fy.7U'KL'l1fUvJLUfkJ VUQJQ' Qklfgwffoil-lblElLQlJ'I' ' L1T'rLEToN VVALLE1: TAZEWEI PERCY RUDOLPH :XSHBY .... XVILLIAM HAROLD Lwscfmrn THoMAs BIZLSI-IAM Mrsmucrc NAME EUGENE XNOODFORD ALRICH ....... .ALEXANDER GRAHAINI :ANDERSON .. HEXNSFORD fXNDERSON, IR. H EN my BOYD A-XN1mExvs .... CARL LEIQOY .'Xm-1ENTu0Lf'r .. PERCY RU DOLPH Aslilsx J., Ile. . OFFICERS MEMBERS LLEGE . . Scc1'e1:zu'y .... President Vice-President amd Treasurer . . .. Historian HOME ADDRESS Spottsylvania, Virg1n1.1 Charlotte Court-House, Vifglllla NVest Point, Virguua .. Roseland Post-ofthe, Vifglllla Staunton, Virgmx 1 ' ......,.........,... 5 .................. ,... . .Hamptom Vifgllllil E q, 4 . fx , - .' ' - ' E, X me PI'CS1LlC1lt E1lg11l661'1I1g Classg 'Irack Teamg Basket-Ball Team. 50 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII lE1IgI'IIecI'I'1Ig Classl NAME JOHN CAAIIIEELI, BENNETT ... ....... :XNGUS RUCRER BLAREY .... :XNDREW TUTT Borrs, IR. ................., . ZWg9NE3 Eli Banana: Hot-Foot: XYYTHE DAVIS BOWIE X 'Pg A TI: T. I. L. lx. A.: P. lx. r V Y BDWEN ................ Eli Banana: 0. F. C.: IDSEIIII HDIIIQINSDN AKE5AH5 IAAIES XCASS BRDIIRE K E ROBINSON SWEARINGEN BROWN ............. 'I' A 9: 9 N E: P. K.: German Club: SET H B LTRNLEY .............. ..... .....,.. M.Xl2IE .-XNIIRE BLIRTHE .. A T Q: Eli Banana. FRANK PAUL CAI-IILL .... LUCIAN CARR, III ..... ... AT :HARRY LUIITQN CATIIER ..... . . . . . . . . . BYRON RUSSELL CECIL ..................... . YEAR IN COLLEGE 4 ..... l .. 4 ........ O. F. C. 3 ........ 4 .............. Hot-Foot: P. K :a .............. 4 ........... .-Xrcaclians. 2 .......... 4 . . l.. 5.. 3.. .... 3 .............. HOME ADDRESS ..Brandy Station, Virginia ..Charlottesville, Virginia .....XVoodville, Virginia .. . .Richmond, Virginia V .Bramwell, VVest Virginia German Club. . .... . ..Norfolk, Virginia ....Louisville, Kentucky ..Charlottesville, Virginia . . . . . .UIIiversity, Virginia . . . . .IacksonA'ille, Florida . . . .NVinchcster, Virginia . . . . . .Clearbrook, Virginia D . . . .Kansas City, Missouri B 9 Hg A Hg T. l. L. K. Ag P. K.: German Club: Assistant Manager Track Team: Football Team: Basket-Ball Team. PIENRY XYOODMAN CLARK ......... ........ . A X P CHARLES If1I.LGORE CO1-IN .. EDWARD HtJX'LE CoRII'ToN .. GEORGE GORDON Cook ..... . . CLIFTON VINCENT CROSS .... .. DANIEL CUSHING ...... Z XI' SIDNEY LEE DAVIS ..... HARVEY CLEVELAND DLJNALDSON .. .. CHARLES SIRIONTDN DOUGLAS . . ALBERT FREDERICK El7EL ..... .. PERCIVAL ELLIOTT .......... . . FAYETTE CLAY EWING, JR. .. . ATA5AH JOSEPH FREDERICK FABER A X P CARLETDN CANNON Fooics ROBERT HIRARI FRAVEL ..... l .......,.. XV1lSilillgl1011, District of l ................,...... Z 3.. 1.. ............. .. l.. ............. .. Columbia ....MeridiaII, Mississippi Baltimore, Maryland Columbia l .... Congress Heights, District of Naugatuck, Connecticut . . .Lowell, Massachusetts Benoit, Mississippi Baltimore, Maryland l .. ...W'ashington, District of Columbia 4 .. ............. Richmond, Virginia l .. .... Highlands, North Carolina 5 .. ....... Kirkwood, Missouri 4 .. .... Norfolk, Virginia 1 .. ...Georgetown, Delaware 1.. . . . .VVoodstock, VirgiIIia 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 51 NAME JUHN MURIN G.xl.l..x1.l-:ic .. 12 B fllg 141111-11. JAMES M.xmSox G.1RR1-:TT 3.115 .-XLDIX 1.1"1RllY Gum 1-:NY . . . .. ED11:-xRD 1'1L'u1'1sN1N 6.9111111115 . T11ox1.1S 1i11iI.IFllRD Cil..1S1'or1i .. A KI' EARNEST L.X51.X1i 1..iUSTIX STA NLEY XY.-1LL.1c15 GUIILIJIEX l1ARSI'I.'XLl. GR.x1'.xTT .... ...... E KID E RoD1':RT LEE GRAY, JR. ...... . HUGH O'DoNo1'.xx GRIFFITII E fl' E PAUL Lucius H.-xxxox .. H.xRRx' MURPT-lx' I-1.xRRroN .. 112 K E FREDERICK NASH 1'I.-XRRISON4 41- A 95 T1 Hg T. I. L. Class 1910. Joi-IN 1'1OUSTON I-LxRR1soN .. Ilf11.111'll1'r1'1'l1.r1 C'lu.v.vI Y1'.X14 IN lUl.l.Ii41li 11115111 X1'lYHl'QXS .. ... -1 .... . . . 1"-i'lS111o11lI1, X'irg.ginia ... 1 ... .... Kifnilg-11111-ry, .Xlziliznna .1 ....Xl1-xzniflrizi, Virginia 1 ... ...Rnn1ff1rc1. Virginia . 2 ...L'lnpur1'i1lc. Virginia ... 4 ... ...... R1:icon, Georgia 1 ...... Norfolk, Virginia 3 .... 1'f1rt Royal, Virginia ... 1 ... .... XY11'IL'11CStL'l', Virginia ... 6 ... ...I11an1pton, Virginia ... -1 ... .... Montgomery, Alabaina . 4 ... ...C11ilI'1Ut11CSX'111C,Xvifgillill 4 ..... . ............ . ...... Danville, Virginia K. .-1.5 P. R., FRANK EVERETT HZARTMANN .. JOHN H EAT!-I ............. JOHN CLARENCE HTPD .....,... E B SP5 111 B K5 Raven. ROBEIQT HUGH HoUSToN ...... SEEK BEAUDRIC LAFITTE HowELL XCIPQ A II: 2 B fI13E1i LEVT XNOODBRY HULLEY- ....... A X P ZXRTHUR IRVING ............ BERNARD LIPSCOMB JARMAN .. RICHARD POTTS JOHNSON .. E B fPg Raven, PIERBERT ERSKINE JONES .. B 9 115 9 N D FRANCIS RAYMOND KEYS A X P ROBERT BARTLETT :KYLE .. Banana g Hot- Managcr Track Teamg Vice-President 5 . . . ...... Broaclway, Virginia 4 .. . . . .Char1otteS1'i11e, Virginia 1 .. . . , ...... Riclnnond, Virginia 4 .. . ...Newberry South Carolina 4 .... Batesville, Mississippi 4 . ....... . .. .... . ....... Alexandria, Virginia Footg O. F. C.5 German Club. 4 ................ XVCSt Hoboken, New Jersey 1 2 5... 1... 3 1 ....Morrilton, Arkansas ...C11arlottesvi1le, Virginia . . . . . .Frec1eriCk, Mary1and ....Oak Hi11, West Virginia .. .Norfo11c, Virginia . . . .Gadsden, Alabama 'IP I' A 52 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII fE1Igz'1zee1'1'11g Classl N.-XMB YEAR IN COLLEGE HOME ADDRESS SUAIRIERS LDAVIDSON LAAION ................ 1 ..... .... M artinsburg, VXfest Virginia B 9 H: 9 N Eg Cast Tnrvylancl. JARED STOUT LAP!-IAM ................. .. . 6 ... . . .Northville, Michigan 1I1EK5E B 11: FRANK NELSON LEWIS .. .. . 2 .. . .... Cismont, Virginia XVILLLXBI HAROLD LII-SCOAID .. CARL B. LIVINGSTON ....... . ll K A PARIC MCL17liE .. fb E K TIMOTI-Ii' BLOOAIIPIELD EDGAR LJCLURE Turvylancl Chorus. XVILLIAM RAYEN AICLURE ........ . A T Q, Turvyland Chorus. XYILLIAAI JACKSON MANN, JR. ..... . A T A3 A II, E B 1115 Raven. JOHN IVIARSHAL ... ....,.. ...... H K A THOMAS BELSI-IAM MliIiIilCIQ ........ 4 l Z 2 l 4 9 A T Ag A TI, Historian Engineering Class. XMILLIAM NEWTON NEFF ........... CIP B K JOHN ERI PATTERSON ........,..... B QHQ 9 NES T.I. L.K.:X. EZDWARD ALLEN POXN'ERS .. ...... .. A T A 5 A II HARRY :RATRIE .......... ERIC LTONTAGUE RAWLS .. STANLEY REEVES ..,........, E B CD, fl' B K, Raven. THOMAS CLIFFORD SCI-IWEICIQERT .. VVALTER WOOD SCOTT .......... LEROY HIXRCOURT SENTON .. . 2 111 E IRVING JONES SHEPHERD H K A GLYN RI-HNEHEART SHUEY .. JAMES HEFLEBONN'ER SMITH ......... IXRCHTBALD ALEXANDER SoMIvIERvILLE VVARNER THROCIQMORTON TABB ..... CHARLES NVILLIS TANDY, JR. .. .. . . .Manassas, Virginia .. .Carlsbacl, New Mexico ....SL Louis, Missouri ...SL Louis, Missouri ...St. Louis, Missouri . . . .Upperville, Virginia . . . .Carlsbad, New Mexico . . . .Glendower, Virginia .. . Chilhowie, Virginia 2 , . . . . .Kansas City, Missouri . . . 4 . . . .... Charlottesville, Virginia . . . 4 , . . ........... Brandy, Virginia ... 3 ... ....-Xsheville, North Carolina .. . 4 .... Johnson City, Tennessee . . . 6 . . . ....... Portsmouth, Virginia ... l ... ...Highland Falls, New York ... 1. .. . ....... Baltimore, Maryland . . . 2 . . . . . . Petersburg, Virginia 4 ...Piecl1nont, W'est Virginia 8 . . . . .VVeverton, Maryland . . .LonaConing, Maryland . . . . .Gloucester, Virginia . , . .Charlottesville, Virginia 1010 CORKS AND CURLS D3 Ilf11-f11'i1i'i'1'1'11-41 l'fil.x'.vI Nxxui xivxk iw iul.l,1--zii lllvklli ximul-:M XX'.xi,1'l-:iq lli-Lumix 'i'xxAi,im, IY .. , 3 ..Xii1-ilillq, Yirginigl X rl: Lfxl.x'r1i:'r XY,Xl.IiI-I 'l'.xz1ixx'1-1i,l. . .. 4 .., ...Xiirinlig Yirginia A NV: Raxm-nz P. K. LITTLIQTUX XX-.Xl.l.IilQ 'I'.xzicxx'i-:i.i., VIH, .,.,...... li ..,..... ............ N iii'I'wlk, Yirginia l XV: Rau-n: lfli llanzina: liicixxix I.iisTi-:ix I nm: xs , ...... illlikl xf lnxxu-.5 ..,..... A ll: lfli Hanana. Rumi-:1:'r Mme 'I'i:ixii:i,ii, ju. i..XXX'RlZNx'Ii lfuxrxlxi-1 'I'i'vi4icn .. .x 'r sz: ix Il lixxviiiaix I-u'.xs 'l'x'i:xi-in .. X rl: junx l.r:xx'is L'xiii-:izxxwiuii .. 'I' A 91 Hut Foot. CIUXIKEXCE XYn.i.i.xxi Xxfxcziaxici: .. jx xnzs FLINT XX'.xi.i.i:i: ........ 11K .xg A ll liiaiuufziix' Nxfxieii, ju. ,...., . XYn.i.i.xxi R.xxnm.i'n Xxfxicii .. JOHN R.xximi.l'n xY.xTsnx ......... Gannon MlJIiliIS 1-Lxxixiuxii XX'iii,i.s Rox' EMIERSON XYHI'1'AlUlili Iii-rnian 1 lnlv s 7 ..l. I .. 3 .. 3. .. 2 .. .3 ..l. .Z .Qif .. 3 GUY AUSTIN XX-'lumix ,. 1 . Jonx XXHNN ..........,., ., 4 Tuixxiziz Him. XYl1.Tsni1uz ........,.......... Z K A3 A U: Track Team: Relay Teani. C1-ifximzs Mums XYOOID ........... ......... 2 XYn.i-1.xM XYcimiriL'1.1, Xxuon ...........,..... 4 ..... . . . E A Hg A II3 112 li Kg Raveng Coiuqs AND CURLS. IQOBERT H.XIiliIS Woons, JR, B 9 H I' lx' i'r C9ifil'Hl ifiigiiiwriiig Class., Xcxx' ,icrsvy .......l nix vrsitx, Yirginia ..Nit. Su-rling, Kcntucky ,,.l.ym'lxlilirg, X irgnna . .... linxtiin, BI:n'ylanrl ...iiil'lI1ilIgi11ll'H, ..... Manassas, ..Mnnnt Sidney ...Pacnnian Springs . ........ Lyclls, ...fliicagfi ....L'hicagn, .......Stannton ...Cliarluttcsx'ilIe, .....Ucrryx'ilIe v Xlalmania Virginia Virginia Yirginia Yirginia Illinois Illinois Yirginia Yirginia Virginia ...I3a1timo1'c, Maryland ...,. . . . . .1x'y, Yirgnna .....,.Cliarlottesx'ille, Virginia Manager Urii-z'er.vily Jfugaziizcqg Associate Editor .. 4 ...Cliarlottesx'ille, Virginia ,C :- ,Z X Z 'QQ 7 'Lf' ff WWZM M in ,r if-w-+1 I H APPLICANTS FOR ENGINEERING DEGREES 1910 CORKS AND CURLS sw Engineering Class History ' 'l'he time draws near when new men grow X old. lllt' Hillel' melt liegitt lu lfruli lu1'tt'Ztt'tl lil J their goal: when the old men drop ltr the new , V inert of the world. j MRA lt is now the object ul one in the ranks to set before you the life of the department an that talks and writes little but works might- M X ix ily. lfirst nt' the greater workers and then ol X-fbi , the lesser. i r ll ""'.- lt is with great pleasure that we welcome r to the department Dr. liastle, who. with a 174 few symbols and other little knick-knacks Z on the end of his name. comes to us from the Lrovernnient tciihll the chair-ol chemistry. lhe rest ol the liaculty remains the same, ' both with respect to ntnnber and, if we may I Il! add with propriety, in excellence. Under R Kltt ym their tutelage the school pushes continually in forward, echpsing the record of previous ROD!! years in every eventg the events becoming "M" "" "M more and more numerous, but there seems to be no lack of candidates. Nevertheless, some look forward with a feeling of awe to the future of the unsuspecting contestant. Once in a while we awake to the fact that a joke, or something akin to the same, is being "pulled off" as the professor of "B Mathf' advises the class if they wish to hear the Serenade they must keep up with the band, Most any one can appreciate this if they have ever had the good fortune to attend-well, it can not be exactly designated, so we will let you use your own imagination concerning the "concept and infinitesimal of precept upon preceptf' It is with regret that we lose such men as Laird and Michie. Wfe hope that Laird will not change from a computer on earthly design to a tigurer in the celestial circle before he finishes with the branch of engineering which he 56 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH has taken up, llichie has done the inevitable-left us a bachelor and turned henedict-and now the multiplication tahle still stares him in the face. It is an ill wind that blows no one good, and this particular wind has done double duty in respect to the School of lbrawing'--tiallelee has come to us out of the whirl and "lYindy" lliest gone to a hetter held. .lust a word ol' welcome to the new men: May they exist long enough to enjoy the intricacies ol' the l7ean's .Xpplied Xlath. and see how obviously everything is done in lichols' mental arithmetic. lt is a warm welcome that is given you when you Clltel' this school and a warmer time you will continue to have the longer you stayg hut sticlc and you will live and cease to existg according as you refrain from expressing to the Dean your desire to take the course here in preparation lor a higher one somewhere else. It is with, you might say, a great deal of satisfaction that the Dean listens to these unneces- sary remarks, merely inclining his head. and when you are through imparting' your wisdom, inquires it' you don't think it wiser for you to attend that par- ticular school and then "try" U. Ya? .-Xs we mount higher to the goal ol our ambitions our ranks decrease and new faces appear in other professions. lt is with regret that we see them lade into the shadow ol other departments. but those who remain realize that the cause lor this step is not their inability to do the work, hut their ambitions lead them in another direction. May they prosper. To the old men going out: May the hest attend you, there as here, and here always. H1s'roR1.xN. Q. 1 P N '11 ffigibl' Z 2' ' W- ,X mfr? T , ,,,ii.n.Z,-,, y ,H 24- ,.-.-....h?,?: .A,:.q,1.-iz,Q...5,..-.T:Qf: ' - -TW -ww, g - . -. .,.,.,k,,, 4 , ,.--iT'iii?i: 411 --il-LTQQQLL. , . ' ,2 ' ,qi " :af 4' X I ' Im-: A fi, 4::L.:.g- --- -.,... -L, :rf s .L-5 ' -- 'Lira-. i"f" F':"7if!lF'-- - - 05?- fFi522i2QT Si ii. -1'- Y ,K .. 7 P , 7.74, i,-- .-Y I If 1 1' 4 A I LN ' In gal 4 -b ..,, gi- - .,,.- -- . Iw- ---,AH W- ,Q ,l,,-,.1a- ,.n-mqqm ,,,.,m5---L--gl Q N ffm Q, Wai :fill 1122- WI? WEEE v! galil' Y fx - I' F Q Us " " 1 i'i?i-?ffigfiUfAL7 ' '.-W ' 1 'mIfg!"N , mvfgh' I IQ. A ,nf ,' if I I llimf- 'EV' x i l K l ffiifx !g1glU'V+? ,1 HH- -j hi . if' l sff vIHf12HEY"' E251 f 'ww 1 af' YQ sf Sim! 1' fm I 4 ,F g. ,ip 51 l .I 1 . 3: 2g1,,1::f ji HH .mm 15 16 + if ELU Nu MVI . W 1 1-r I : - 2' X 4. A f . ... -,- 422 I 'ilu ill ' 1 rw Ll I mf 'T' ' ' EEJIIIIIII -41' lzlml itll!!! 1 -w -, - '24- W hd .2 1 3 .Hligj EH 3, Q -'1 ---'---A 4 uf? I , ' I E""N'2fZsu.f-H F21 mumlllnul - llzgqf, +a -:llI1"U'Illl1E' k, L A VH '- f : ' 5zg557? l u ! I g2'f:g1g- .s-5? 13 fra-'f'ff'F"Q - -W-aiu - -. Jr nf JI' -"X -ke 4 'Q va 'X C, .lagigfggf NEW LAW BUILDING 1910 CORKS AND CURLS SU E. 1 , 1 ' ' 1 ff S. f f . .X , " " ' 1. . X. ' 4 -1 . ,J -' '11, Y G --' ..x.1,..-- 'X . 4. N 11 ., wif'-i . V!" E? -- "N--1 T- " 4 f .-594 .11-Z--' i 1' . lj! i i"i"fa 1f f? " ""1" " :w f - ' r " . 'L , 39451 7'1" 'i If ,p f 1 'ist f ,f,-f"K if L, E. -3 'Qi' 94391 E. ' g "' - giif., lv, ,. Xa' 15 Q ,A ,f 'Cfff ,gr I-' ..,g?f3X ' ' , A' if -'. ,'l7'ii'r I ' 5 " :Vg ' 1. , 7 limi.. Ep i A N I A . . i' , E " 'E+' -A I. ' . A .' " ' fi . ' . . 1' r ff 1, , ! A ' fm wi ex -'F A '-1' 'WJ E4 2 ' I ZW if L" ,f'1'fiv-A is hi if 1 W7 f i I. ...yr J. ,144 ,.,,q qi iii ia if ,ii f -il M , ,A i , r 1-.. . X' tfir, fi ' ,, j -' : 0: .', ' i Q A-ilu irirwf 1i?f1fl:'.l3.ii:' i..iP'M ii . in' -, . "1 J I ff , ' -'-'-'-35-5 P92-54. .R,ff,f: , H 5Q: ' i '- f 'f ' X, ,ir Y E ff 7 "'f' :R15M afa r -.,1w..wJiii f i f MLM-i'.i M31- qg' id, ' ' -Ei N if 'ELF -121 , .ff w '55 . , 4' ":'1Fg5i4"f"fliQg ' f fi- . "f i, 1' .fr-31 " "' ' ' " iff".-.H if-,,..-: Y, i:.ff5.g3'?lfg -J i ll my 1 n. 3 I rin'--if' 'll JESSE JOHN Department of Law OFFICERS MATTHEW FIOBSON MURP1-rv .............. President FORREST Q. STANTON ....... ........... X fice-President CHARLES EDXVARD MORAN .. Secretary and Treasurer VVILLIAM KAVANAUGH DUTY .. . ............ .............. H istoriau MEMBERS BLAKE ADAMS 1 .. ...Four Oaks, North Carolina fb E K REESE ADAMS .. .,. 2 .. . .... Birmingham, Alabama 60 CORKS AND CURLS VOL. XXIII II7vfa1'f111v11z' of Lniuj NAME YEAR IN CULLEGIZ IQIHIIICIVI' Ilkooliii :XI.I3liR'l'SllN ......,.,........ 3 .. Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Tofvirs. Giaoieczii EDVIHXRI3 .XI.I.IEX ........... ....... . 2 .. .'xI.FRIiD Axlniizsox ................ . 2 .. L.-XL'RIiNC'Ii gXI.l3X.XNlJIiR Axniziesox .. 2 .. II K .Ig I-I N E xX'lI.I.l.X5I .XL'I.I., JR. ....,........... ., 4 .. If fl' E1 Member of the lianml. NY1au.nox ML'1z1i.xx' I'Iix11.l2x' ....,..... ,. -I .. I .X IE I'.xL'1. Ii.XI.I..XliII ,.............. . 1 .. Iloincirr Criififoizn I'I.xm'i,.xx', -In, , 3 .. 9 K Ng Raven. Yituxox L'KvM1.i2x' Iixlzman .. . Z .. .. Ciwrzizs G.xn1an'1ai,i. Ihim ..,................ 2 ............... ll K Ag 6 X Eg Associate Editor Coniqs Axim L'L'1:1.s josizifn XY.x'rsoN Iliaxeii ...........,........ 2 .............. . HOME ADDRESS , . , Portsmouth, Virginia . . . Mannboro. Virginia . . . .RinggoId, Virginia . . .Lynchhurg, Virginia ...Lexington, Missouri ...GainesviIIe, Texas . .IIaItimore, Maryland . . . . Portsmouth, Virginia ... . . . . .MencIota, Virginia Georgetown. South Carolina . . . . . .I-Iartforcl, Connecticut -X XP: T. I, I-. lx. .X.3 Hot Foot: Thirteen: German Club: Chorus of Turryland. I-Ilfczn Lawsox Iiicnromm, Jie. ....... . . . .,... 4 .. ...... .. . . .. H K Ng Raven. .. ..... ..I3aiIey. Tennessee Imisas W. I'I1i1,T ..... . I .. ..... University, Virginia XVINFRIEDU Iliziarimx ..... . I .. ...I-Iuniacao, Porto Rico M,xReL's I'Jfxl.x' I,Io.xmi.xx . , I .. ......... Butte, Montana .X X I' Gn.mzu'r P.-xNro,xsT Ilooiim' .....,........... I .. ,..GIen Ridge, New jersey A K Eg 'I' A fI,, Turvylancl Chorus. Roincm' I-I.x1:or.n Iioxn ................... . 3 .. ...IacIcson, Tennessee E A IC Joi-IN X'VII.I.l.XM Bovn ...................... 3 ....................... Richmond, Virginia X fly A Hg fb A fb, T. I. L. Ii. A., O. If. C.: I-Iot-Foot, P. K. Bonmzv Booicina ...........,................ 4 ....................... Louisville, Kentucky KI' A 93 A 113 German Club: P. Ii.: .-Xrcadian. Hnnmix' IVICNIQER Bowen ................... 3 ................... Freeman, West Virginia .Z--, .S K Eg A II: KI, A flfg Eli Banana, Queen of Hot-Foot: Thirteen, ' , German Club, P. K.: Football Team. NVoon I3oUi.1J1N, Ju. ..........,............. 2 .. Ilicnaizu Kl3NYoN I3innc,sizs .................. 2 .. E Ng Associate Editor Comes ANI? LtI,IRI,S. . . .I'Iouston, Virginia . . . .SIater, Missouri JO!-IN C.xu.i,.xN Bizooics ......... ...... 3 .. .... XVashington, Georgia E A EQ 9 N E ' Louis ,IosnU.x Bkooiis, In, .. . 3 .. .... St. Louis, Missouri Iionormii Ionocus Ilnossximn .. . I .. . . .IIphrata, Pennsylvania PM 1910 CORKS AND CURLS ol NAME ,losi-:rn Iixixil-:T lluowxia .. X 'I' XY,xI.TER l.Dl'x'.xl. llicowx .. -If I' A . XYll.I,l.XM Lil'l.l-liX liliY.XY'l' K A ,lm-ix Pmzsrox l,il'kill.XNX.XN . A 'l' A Ro1:ERT Wi-:si.Ex''RKl'Q ..... -If A 93 Track Team. l'l.XYliX Sroxvia llL'1.r..xRu 11' 22 K ll7i'f'ilrl11n'nr of Luful Yli XR IN l'lll,lil"Il2li EWAN DoN,xi.n Cx x1ERoN .......... , ........ X fig fi, A fb, 9 N .lig lryf' Toffiixv. J HHAIPZ .Xllllklisx l ..,.. .... l ivy xYL'Sl, lflorifla l .. ..,. Xrrington, Yirginia .Z .. ... Raynor, Yirginia 3 .. ...A'larion, Virginia 2 .. ... Staunton, Virginia l .. ,..llurlington, Vermont 5 ..............,......... Richmoncl, Virginia llot Foot, lrcsiilvnl .Xl'L'2l4ll2lll5Q liusiness Manager Cul- STu.xR'r l3L.xNi,w CANIPRELL ... 2 .. ...YX'ytliex'ille, Virginia K E IQICH.-XRD NY.xTRINs C.xRR1NG'roN ....,....... 3 . .,.......... . .......... Richmond, Virginia B 9 I'I5 9 X E3 Eli Banana: German Lfluhg l". lip Manager Football Teamg Secretary Class 19105 Principal Preston Heights Prep. School. JOHN XVESLEY CARTER, IR. .................. 2 ......................... Danville, Yirginia CP A 93 O. WV. L., Editor-in-Chief College Tnfwirs. .-XLGERNUN CULEMAN CHALRIERS ............ Z ........... .. .Alexandria Virginia A Xlfg Chapel Choir. DIXX'ID TWIGGS CHALMERS .. . . . . 3 .. . . .:Xlexanclria, Virginia A XP, Arcadians. JULIAN SIDNEY CHAMBERS Q ..... Z .. .... Columbus, Georgia 111 A 9, 9 K N ARTHUR MOWBRAY RANDOLPH CHARRINGTON.. 2 ................ . . .NVarrenton, Georgia AAK Eg 9 Ni Eg Eli Banana, Hot-Foot: German Club. ALPHEUS JAMES CHEYVNING, IR, .. ........ 1 ..,............ ...Richniond, Virginia K E CHARLES FRANCIS COCKE ................... 7 ......................... Roanoke, Virginia Z X3 A H5 CII A CD5 Eli Banana, Thirteen Clubg "ZH, German Club, P. K. GRovER BELL COINER ....................... 1 ........ ............ lr Vaynesboro, Virginia PIAMILTON CABELL-CLAIBORNE .............. 3 .............,.......... Richmond, Virginia A K E5 A H3 if A fI'g T I. L. K. A., Hot-Foot, Thirteen Club. DONALD VVHEELER COMES ....... .......... 2 ........ ....................... T r oy, Ohio VVILLIAM SPENCER CONNERAT .... 1 .. .... Savannah, Georgia X ,433 Chorus Turvyland. MAX HENRY CoNRixIi ......... 1 .. ..... Omaha, Nebraska FRANK SPRADLIN COOPER .. 2 .. ...Paintsville, Kentucky 62 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI lDCPCll'f71IClIf of Lclivl NAME YEAR IN COLLEGE HOME ADDRESS AAKILLIAM AVOOD CDUMP .................... 5 ..... .... R ichmond, Virginia K -'53 A U3 'I' A KP, German Club. HA1zRv TIlIlA'lPSUN CULvEia ............. .. 3 4. ....... Marquette, Michigan 'Il I' A JAMES XVH.xREv CURIUIZ .................... 2 ................. Davidson, North Carolina If A Eg A E P: Fall President XYashington Literary Society. FRANKLIN POXYER Ctfivris ..,............... 1 .................. Newport News, Virginia K E XVALTER SPoTTswooD TDABNEY .. 3 .. .... Thorp Springs, Texas RANDOLPH Gnixvsox DiXSHIELL .. .. 4 .. .... Richmond, Virginia Treasurer Mcigasilze. CHA1u.Es AVOODARD D.xvls . .. l .. Debating Team. TQICHARD DENMAN, IR. ..................... 1 ................. .. A X Pg Debating Team: Associate Editor Coicics AND CURLS. AVALTER LEsLiE DEv.xxv, JR. . . ............ 2 ............... . . .. II' K E FREDERICIQ MENIQEIKT DIVEN ... .. l .. .... Mciiimif Cusi-11NG DoNNELL .. .. l .. fix A fig o N E NVILLIAM KAVANAUGH Dori' ................ 2 .............. K Ag Editor-in-Chief illayasiiieg Historian Law Class. . . . .Sedley, Virginia ..Charleston, Mississippi iayi . . . Dendron, Virginia iesboro, Pennsylvania .....Houlton, Maine Richmond, Kentucky GEDRGE LLOYD DOUGHTY, IR. ........... 2 .............. ...Accomac, Virginia 2 111 E AVILLIAM NVALTER DOUGI.AS . ............... 4 . ..................... Baltimore, Maryland K Eg 9 K Ng Second Term President Jefferson Literary Society, GRovEiz iASHTON DOVIZLL .................... 2 ................... Charlottesville, Virginia K Ag German Clubg Assistant Editor-in-Chief Coizits AND CURLSQ Associate Editor Topics. GUY ANSON BOND DOVELL .. . 2 .. ...Gharlottesville, Virginia K A HLZNRX' ROZIER DULANY, JR. ................ 3 ....................... Upperville, Virginia A K E: 9 N Eg Raven, German Clubg P. K., Assistant Manager of Basket- Ball Teamg Associate Editor of Coincs AND CURLS. GEDRGE BOARDMAN EAGER, IR. ............... 4 ................ ...Louisville, Kentucky fI1K vig e N E, 111 A 11-5 9 K N, Q, W, L4 Raven, GEORGE GILMER EASLEY .................... 4 ................ ...Houston, Virginia A T A5 A H CHARLES TYSON EDGAR .. .. 6 .. .... Birdwood, Virginia A T A5 fp A 111 JOHN SPEED ELLIOTT ....................... 3 .. .... Boonville, Missouri 'P E Kg Eli Banana, Football Team. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 63 ll7i'fuli'llr1i'11l nf Lllfx'-I NA MIB YHNR IN l'lll.l,liI'I-' lIllMl'1 .UIIDRHSS X. Ewixfi, -IR. .....,....................... l ... ...l-lryn Mawr, l,L'llllSj'lX'lllllFl A W: Deliziting Ta-:ting Cast uf 'I'ni'x'yl:niil. CHAVNCEY DXK'lfil'I'l' T'iERGl'SHN ...... ...... l ..,.. Lcrsrillc. Yirginia LESLIE l't'i.Tnx l"ERmfsnx ..... ... l ... .... Xppoiiiattux, Virginia XY1Li.i.x xi XYARREN lfliltklll.. ... . .. ... 2 ..... ... ..... llanville, Virginia TEARLE NORRIS l'il.tlYll ....................... 7 .......,.............. Mcriclian, Mississippi K :ll A Il: 'I' -l 'l': T. l, l... K. .XJ llr-t l-knit: 'l.llll"lL'l'll Clnlig "ZH: Ger- man Club: P. li.: X4lCC-Pl"t'SlKlC'llt General .Xtlilt-lie Assncizltiiiii. FERN.xxno l:0RN.XRlS ........ ............,. Z .............. ......... I f 'mice-, Porto Rico XYILLI.-xxx El-HRAIRT I-'Ri-ixcn .. 6 .......... Clintwoorl, Virginia GEORGE XY,xsiI1NGTox FRY 3 .... Oklnlinma City, Oklahoma AXQAEP 1'1liNRY GRANGER GAITIIICR .................. 4 ....................... Baltimore, Marylziml B 9 Il: Eli Banana: Hot-lfootg O. lf. C.: Thirteen Club: German Club. HKJIITXCIE GEYER, IR, ......................... 3 ...................... Brooklyn, New York fb E K5 Eli Bananag I-Int-Foot: Football Team: Cast of Turrylancl. GEORGE GILMER .......... JULIUS FRANKLIN GLASS QA95AH5wAw MlCH.AEL SIDNEY GLEANSUX XVILLIAM SNEAD GRAHAM A T A A T Ag KP A fI13P.K,g CURLS. XVALTER M1LLE1i GRANT ..... PAGE KEEN GRAVELY .......... . TAQQGNEQQAQ MORTON GRAHAM GOODE ..... CIP 1' A DONALD PHINNEY GooDw1N ......... 111 A 95411 A CD5 Track Teamg HENRY POOLEY GOODVVIN .......... HIP A 9 GEORGE REHMANN GREIS .......... STANFORD GWIN .................. AKE5AH5TTlaKAg BEVERLY FENTON HALL ....... X .............. 3 .... - ................. CHARLES SHARP GRANT .................... German Club 5 Virginia ...... ...........Cl1arlottesville, .. . . . .L'niontown, Alabama 4 ...4 4 ...Cliarlottesville, ' ' ' Virginia ... ...... Norfolk, Virginia 1 3 . . .......................Un1versity, Virginia Assistant Business Manager CoR1cs AND Z .............. Norfolk, Virginia .. . 1 .. . .... Rocky Mount, North Carolina ... 3 .., . . . . .Skipwitl1, Virginia ....... 3 ..... ....Hollywood, California Relay Team. ....... 3 ... ....Hollywood, California .. 2 ..... .... Hammonton, New Jersey 3 ..................San Francisco, California Thirteen Clubg German Clubg P. K. .Louisville, Kentucky E A Eg Arcadiang Turvyland Cast. CHANNING MOORE HALL .................... 2 . . . ..... Williamsburg, Virginia AX 64 CORKS AND CURLS VOL. XXIII fDeparfI11c11t of Larvl NAME YEAR IN COLLEGE JOHN XVAIIIIII2 I'I.XMILTON .. ...... l ..,... K A IMII-:s Rox' I-I.xIIIIoNII ..... .. l .. IXNIIREII' Hoon I'I.XMl'TON, III. .......... .. 2 K .lg :XFCZIKIIZIIISI German Club, Gliokclz FII.-xxcls I-l.xxN.xY, III. ..,...... .. 2 A X WII,I.I.IxII MIIIQGAN Hxxxux .. .. 2 M,xI.cnI,II KIQIIR H.xIIIcIs .................... Z 'I' A 93 'I' A 'Pg Raven: Football Team. XY I l,Ll ,I II Oviiirrox IIAIIIIIS ..... A Xlfg Eli Billlilllil. ..l.. l,7.xI'III .XI.liX.XXlll2R l-IAIIIIISIIN .. fl, K E' ID A fl, XYILLIAM l'lIiN.I.mIIx Ifl.xIIIIIsox ............ 3 ............,.... .. Z XP1 German Club: I-XrcadizIIIs1 .Xutlior of TllFX'j'lllIlii, C21 Assistant Editor-iII-Chief of CIIIIIQS .xxn Cl'Rl.S. LEo EIIAIIQT l'l.IxIITY . .. 3 .. .... .. EA E 'I'IIoII,xs El.LIS H,xIzIfIzx' .. .. :I .. X 'ID EDWIN M.xx I-lI2I.I,I2I: .. . 2 .. FIIANIQ DIzI'ox' l-lI5NIIx' ...... .. l Amos NVALLICIQ HIQIIIIIIIINN .. .. Z IOI-IN GUTHRIE 19IIzx'wooD ................... 3 .. 'P A 'Pg Captain Turvylancl Chorus. XVILLIAII XVI-IITING HI'rIi, JR, ............ .. 2 K E AIIAIII IEATON I-IITCI-IINs .. 4 ., E N PAUL LIE VAN I'IITCHINS .. .. 2 2 X5 9 N I3 I-IUGI-I LATANIQ I'IOl.I.AND .. .. 3 .. A X5 9 K Ng Rgwgn, REUIIIIN MlLI.EI2 HoLLIINII .................. 2 A X5 Orator State Oratorical Contest. TQOIBIERT EAIII. I-IIILT ........,..............,. 2 .. 27 A Eg A X5 9 N Eg Manager Band. HOME ADDRESS .. ,Martinsx'ille, Virginia .....OZlklEll'ld, Maryland . .IYinclIester, Kentucky ..Kansas City, Missouri New Orleans, Louisiana . . . .Danx'illc, Virginia . . ,Louisville, Kentucky . . .Disputanta, Virginia . . . .LouisI'ille, Kentucky st of Turvylandg ..GrecnI'ille, Mississippi .. .IZ-altimore, Maryland . . .RiCillI101ld, Virginia . . . . .Pensz1cola, Florida .Red Lion, Pennsylvzlnia . .. .OgdcII, Utah .New York, New York . . .Frostburg, Maryland . . .F1'ostburg, Maryland .. . .XVindsor, ViI'giIIia ..XVlIitesvillc, Kentucky ...ClIiczIgo, Illinois 1910 CORKS AND CURLS Illi'f'nl'l111i'nl nf I.u':v.I NAME HAR IN 1 Cll.KRl.ES Coma llmx'r:l.1. .. ..,,.. . 3 lJ.xx'l1w Asnlfuun lflrmn-is .....,....,.,...... 3 A Ii li: U N lig lflli lillllilllill Ili-L-lin lfclitfn' of Tnf'n'.v. lfunmasr LEE lflrmnas .... 5 JAMES F. IRVING .... . l JEAN Russ IRVINE ....., 3 II1 ZZ Kg .-Xrcaclian. junx CARY Jaxnsux ..... ..,.............. 4 9 K Ng Ravcng .Xsswcizxtc .llugfus SAMUEL Smrn Jlil-'FICRII-IS ............. .,.. 1 E A E FIZLIX ALLEN Jlaxiclxs ..................... 1 A K 15: 'I'-A 1115 Turvylanrl Chorus: Ch Lows ART!-IIIR Joi-Ixsox .........,........, Z A X3 President of l:l'CSl1ll'l21ll Law Class. IQENNETH SWANR joxnzs ..........,......... 4 XVILLIAM ROHEIQT JONES .. . 5 . .X X EDXVARD XVHITE IQEARNS .......,. 1 E 'I' Eg Basket-Ball Team. VINCENT JOSEPH KEATING .....,. ... 1 fp 2 K A WALTER BERNARD Ii1ilEZEl.L ., 2 AXP3 XVALTIER HOWARD IQELLY ....... ......... . 1 'P K Eg Associate Editor Topirs. JOSEPH NORRIS ICENNA ............,. 2 Cb K X115 CD A fb JAMES BERRY KING .. 3 K 2:5 A X 1'IENRY CLAY IQINSEY, JR. . .. 7 fb K E .ALLEN I. IQREBS, IR. .. 1 H K A FRANCIS BACON LATADY .. 3 K A ROBERT BALDWIN LEARY .. 2 ' f1:K2,f1:AfIf H!.l,l.n.l. nl. 1-iinian l lllu' Il in .... 05 IH!!-Hi ,XUIIRICSS ... l M-wning, I-'liwifla ...... . . . Dallas, Texas '. li.: Ass-wizltc 'licxas lluw:irflsx'illc, 'Virginia ..lillL'j'CllIlC, XYyw1n1i11g . ..li1v:nmlcc, Yirginia ..Cl:n'cmlam, ,Xrkansas .Xluntclain New jersey ...llrwanukc. Virginia .. . Norfolk, Virginia ...Brydic, Virginia ..Taunton, Mississippi Cnmhcrlancl, Marylancl Charles Town, lVest Virginia Pittsburg, Pennsylvania .Charles Town, XVest Virginia . , . .Hulbert, Oklahoma .. .Petershurg,' Virginia . . .Birn1ingham, Alabama . . .Bl1'111l1'lgl1Z11Tl, Alabama . . .Birmingl1am, Alabama 66 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH lDcpc11'1'111c11t of Lawj NAME YEAR IN COLLEGE HOME ADDRESS GEORGE A-VASHINGTON LEWIS . fp K XII 5 O N E NIASON :AVERY LEWIS .. :Ii A O, fr A fb JAMES HENRY LOUGI-IRAN DIXVID JENKINS LLEWELLYN .. . ....... 4 2 0 . ...1 .. .Berryville, Virginia . . . .Denx'er, Colorado ..,......NOrfolk, Virginia . . . . Pittsburg, Pennsylvania THOMAS BARTON LYONS, JR. .. 6 ...CharlotteSville, Virginia AVILLIAM THOMAS IWCCAFFREY 2 ..... Savannah, Georgia K 3, A K JAMES BRUCE MCCLEI.L.XNlJ, JR. .. . 2 ..... Clarendon, Texas A :Im JAMES ROGERS MCCONNIZLL .... .. .......,.. 3 ..................... New York, New York B 9 U, 9 N E, O. XY. L., T. l. L. K. .-X., King of Hot-Foot, German Club, Editor-in-Chief of CURK5 AND CURLS, Assistant Cheer Leader, Pres- ident Of Aero Club CLAIBORNE ROSS NICCORKLE .. . 2 .... ...Riehlands, Virginia 9 K N JOHN LEE MCELIQOX' ....... l .. ............ Mobile, Alabama FRANCIS BELDING MCGARRY . A X, Associate Editor COR KS A ND CURLS. SoutlI Jacksonville, Florida FRANK LAWRENCE MClqINNl2X' ............,. 1 .. ....... Houston, Virginia GARLAND AlOURN1NG MCNUTT .... .. . 1 .... Charlottesville, Virginia A X XVILLIAIII BARNES NICNUTT 2 .... Princeton, XVest Virginia A X ISAAC RIIEA MCQUEEN . 2 .... Vaughtsville, Tennessee 9 K N EDMUND READ M.2XBRX' .. . .. 1 ...Oak Grove, Kentucky HUNTER M1XRSPIALL, JR. .. 2 .... Lynchburg, Virginia JAMES GREEN MARTIN ..... .. 3 .... Norfolk, Virginia ALVAH HOWARD MARTIN, JR. 1 .... Norfolk, Virginia ID A 9 'WILLIAM GABRIEL MAUPIN .. . . .. 4 ...PO1'tS1I1Ol.1tl'1, Virginia CID B K STUART DENMAN NLAXNVELL ................ 2 ...................... .. ...Tyler, Texas K A, T. I. L. K. A., German Club, Areadian, Chapel Choir. JAMES LIARRY MAY, JR. ..................... 3 ..... .................. S taunton, Virginia Captain Basket-Ball Team. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS O7 NAME XVILLLXM lrlililll-Zlilif Mn' ll7i'f'ur111Ii'11l of I,i1':t':I YEAR IX l'lYLI.IilLlZ HIIMH .KIVIURHSP 'P K W: 'I' A 'l': Chorus ,i1llI'Yj'lilllfi. XYILLIMI LEECE Mu' ...... B 0 II .-XL.xNsON .,XL's'rIN KIILLIER .. K A l-IARRI' COMPTON BIlI.l.l2R IOIIN PIERCE NIILLIER, JR. X 'D FARRELL DAIINEY RIIXUR, JR. .. 3 7 1 . . . .l.carl, South Dakota ,.. .T:Izewell, Virginia ...Ci:Ii1Iesx'illu, Florida ...llirininglizinn .-Xlabamzi ...,Prospcct Hill, Virginia . .... ......A .............. I Q Beaumont, Texas T Y' X H' 'I' A 'P' RIIVOIILT. l. L. K. .XJ Gk'l'Il12lll Club: P. K. -' A ! ' ! I OTEY BURXHANI TNIITCIAIIZLL . A 111 ROY CALDWELL Morsrox K .Ig :Ii A :I- CHARLES EDWIIRD NIURAN .. . E A E311 T13 CI, A 4125 Topics. TW.-XTTHEW HOBSON MURPHY 3 ...........................1Xtlanta, Georgia l .... Memphis, Tennessee 7 ...University, Virginia T. 1. L. K. .-X., Hot-Foot: Associate Eflitor of College 3 ......................Greensboro, Alabama A K Eg 9 N Eg Eli Banana, Hot-Footg German Club, Areadiailg P. K., President Senior Law Class: Football Tezung Raeonteurg "Stir up them lions." JOHN ANDERSON MX'EllS .................. .. 2 ........................ Savannah, Georgia A T Q5 9 N Eg .Chorus of Turvylanclg Associate Editor of CORKS AND CURLS. XVALTER H. NAsH .. Norfolk, Virginia A K E MITCHELL TABB NEFF ...................... 4 .................... Harrisonburg, Virginia 11 K A5 A 115 111 A 11,5 111 B K5 9 K N, Raveng T. I. L. K. A.g Thirteen Club. HUGH MORTIMER NELSON, JR. ....... ....... 2 .. ...................... Millwood, Virginia A K E3 O N E LOGAN MCKEE NELSON .... 5 Charlottesville, Virginia Z XI' XNTILLIAM ELMER NICHOLS .. 2 ...GeorgetOwn, Kentucky A X LESTER LEROY OLIVER .. Buckeystown, Maryland Culpeper, Virginia SIEDLER NELSON PACE ...................... 2 .......... ...... Z IP, H Mg Associat VINCENT LUKE PARKER .................... e Editor CORKS AND CURLS. 1 . .... . . . . . . Portsmouth, Virginia 68 CORKS AND CURLS VOL. XXIII NAME THoRIAs CURTIS PARRARIIIRE . LESTER SI-iIEi.Ds PARSIINS GEORGE I'1ERAI.XN P.-wi. NVIi.I,IARI SNYDER Picvrox .. A X .-XLPI-Ioxso CURR.-KN PI-iII-i'o'rTs .. I'IIBBARD xY1l.l.I.XM PIIIDPS .. Rox' H:XlillX' PICIQFIIRD . .... .. v Ion FRAN IQLI N PI N XER ........ lDc'f'lU'fllIL'llf of Lawl YEAR IN .- Ng Turvylancl Chorusg Captain Baseball Team. COLLEGFI HOME ADDRESS 2 ...... ...Cape Charles, Virginia l .. ...ll-ig Stone Gap, Virginia l .. .... Manchester, Virginia 3 .. ...Charlottesville, Virginia 2 .. ...Norfolk, Virginia 4 .. ................ Clintwood, Virginia 4 ..... .... X Yashington, District of Columbia 3 ......................... Suffolk, Virginia K Ag P. K.: Secretary and Treasurer C AND CURLS. Lucius Ivxius PULK, IR. .. E X ,IERIIAIE M IXIIIILIAN PULITZER . Moss ABR.-XM PIJJNIQETI' cl: A :IJ B.fXIiCI,AY PRETLOXV . . . . . . 'I' 1' Ag Hot-Foot. TIIUMAS IVIYRON PYLE ......... A X5 juclge Moot Court. IIIZRISERT RVINDSOR REED ...... A X P CYIIII, IQELLY RICHARDS .. K E :RICHARD IXRNOLD Riciis, JR. . 411 I' A SIMON PETER RIDDLE ..... .... CHARLES RIGLER ................ Battery Coach of Baseball Joi-IN STRODE RIXEY .....,....... B 9 I1 FRANCIS IosEI'I-I RDAN .. E N EDWARD PAUL ROBERTS .. LEROY DUBREE ROBEIQTS ........, 4, K Eg Turvyland Chorus. RICHARD BROWN SAUNDERS ...... Team. K A5 Turvyland Chorusg Chapel Choir. iermaii Club1 Associate Editor CORKS 2 .. ,..Sherman, Texas 1 .. ...-Xlmeda, California l . . . . .Roanolce, Virginia 5 . . . . .Franlclin, Virginia 3 ., ...Unix'ersity, Virginia l .. ,. .Beaumont, Texas 1 .. ...Trenton, New Jersey 1 .. .... Richmond, Virginia 2 .. . . .Pound, Virginia 1 .. ...Massillon, Ohio 3 .. ...Charlottesville, Virginia 1 .. ...Dante, Virginia 1 . . . . .Bl'1C.lg'6iIOVV11, Virginia 1 .. ...Newark, New Jersey 1 .. .... Richmond, Virginia 1910 CORKS AND CURLS Nl ll7i'fwir'l11n'11l of l.n-:nl NAME VIQXR IN llVl,l.lzliI'. IIUMIC XIIIPHICSN TIIUNIAS Si.AToR Sl'I' .............,..,... 5 .....,................. lflint llill, Virginia A X3 .X I P5 H K X3 Raxcn: Nu-Iiriliiig St-crt-lai'y V. Nl. Lf .Vg I'rt-sizlcnt Civic L'lnlx. CARL filsizxic SLIIMIIIT .. .. l . ...XVlIt-cling, XVT-st Virginia H K XI' xVlI.I.l.XM .'Xi.oYsII's SUIIIIITT .. l , ..... Yazoo City, Mississippi L'I1.xRLi2s KIEIZN SILVMAN, JR. . 2 ...l't'rtli .Xniliny, New jersey Gicomzn'.xx' Snaxxnx .. ,. 3 ........ Saltrillc, Virginia K I DIZNJAKIIX ,XRNIISTIQXIP SIlIZI'llIiICll .. .. l .. ................. l'almyra, Virginia l-IARRV' .Xl.I.Isox Snixxiuiq ..... .. l . ...XVasliington, llistrict ui L'olnnilii:I A X Gxsrox .Xxliiirzsox SIlL'Xl.X'l'l-L, JR. .. .. l .. ...llnntington, West Virginia LAURIQNCL Sim-sox ...i.... ... .. 3 ... ..,........ Xvon, Kentucky A Ill ITTENRV L.-xliiun SAIITII .. .. 4 ...l:Illll'llllCI' Springs, Virginia Liao J. SMITII ........,. ,. 2 ... ...... Los .-Xngeles, California 3 X3 .-Xreaflian. XVILLIAM XVURTII SMITH, IR. .. .. 2 ..., - Xlexznnlria, Virginia K E -lixxiizs PH.-VGAN SNAPP .......... .. 4 ..... Jacltsonville, Florida XVILLIAM FREDIERICIQ SoL'nI2R, IR. .. . . 2 . . . .. .ClIarlottesville, Virginia PIARRY LEE SPR:X'1'T ............ .. 1 .. ..... Riclilancls, Virginia A X5 Basket-Ball Team. FORREST Q. STANTON ...................... 2 .................... Los Angeles, California E Ng Eli Banana: Hot- Footg German Club: ball Team, Track Team. Rox' MONTIEFIORE STERNE .......... .. 1 .. CECIL VVADE STEVENS ...................... 2 K Ag German Club, Tnrvyland Cast. VVILLIAM MARTIN STORM ..... BEVERLY NVILLIAM STRAS, IR. . B 9 II51I1A 111, 9 K N, T. I. L. K. A., Hot- ager Baseball Team, Stage Manager Tn Iosr-:PH BUTCI-IER STRATON ..... ............ 2 A X EDWARD MARSHALL SURRER ............. .. 5 GEORGE GROVER CLEVELAND SUTHERLAND .... 3 ROBERT TAYLOR, IR. ..... . ............. . 2 Vice-President Lan' Class, Foot- . . .Anniston, Alabama . . .Ricl1moncl, Virginia . . . .Freclerick, Maryland ...............,......Tazewell, Virginia Footg Areadiiang Assistant Man- rvyland. . . .XVilliamson, W'est Virginia ...New Castle, Virginia . . . .Stratton, Virginia . . . .Catonsville, Georgia 70 CORKS AND CURLS VOL. XXIII lDcpcI1'I'111e11i of Lcirwl NAME YEAR IN COLLEGE HOME ADDRESS lik.-INK LEWIS TI-Imussox .. ....... 5 ....... ,... C liarlottesville, Virginia Oscwxiz ROIIERT TIIIIIIVES .....,.............. 2 .. ..,.. ......... L oclore, Virginia K Ag fl' A 'Pg Hot-Foot: P. K.g Football Team. JIIHN XYI-IITE TInMl'II.E .............. ..... 2 ....... . ..Mt. Sterling, Kentucky LUTIIEII XYEIGIIT TI-IROCKBIURTON .. .. l .. ...Richmond, Virginia E KI, E ' RIc'I'IIxRn TLINsr.xI,I. ..... . ..,............... 5 .................. .... N orfolk, Virginia A XP: Raven, Hot-Footg P, K.g .Xrcacliaiisg Chapel Clioir. BUEURII CEI-:vEI.,xNIi TYNES .................. 3 .. ............. ....Tazewell, Virginia fl' K E5 112 A 1113 9 K Ng Raven. CII.-xIzI.Es SEYMOUR VI.xL ... ., ..... 2 .. . . .Ricl1mond, Virginia A X P IILIGII EYELYN XVINCENT .. I .. .... New Orleans, Louisiana 111 K E GEIJIIGE XY.xI.I:ER .. 2 .. .... I-Ieatlisville, Virginia E 'Il E EIIMETTE XVARIQEN XY.xI.I. .. 4 .. ...Farmville, Virginia E fl? E IIIHN CHESTER WUIRNEIQ ................... 2 ................... XYetl1erlielcl, Connecticut B 9 Hg Eli Banana, Hot-Footg Cast of Turvylandg Clioir. Q GEORGE EEEINGER XVARRIEN ............... '. .. 2 .............. ..... I -Iarrisonburg, Virginia 'I' K 3: 0 N Eg Eli Banana, Hot-Foot. LUTHER BEAIIEOIQD XVATERS ................. l .. .... Baltimore, Maryland FREDERICK XVooI.EoRD CoNwAx' VVEBB .. 2 .. .... Vienna, Maryland A T A JOSEPH IQLEIBER XVELLS .. .. 5 .. .... Brownsville, Texas E A E BERNIIARIIT NICE XVENDE .. I .. ...Tonawanda, New York fl! E K EARLE NEIL XVESTER . ................ .. l .. .... Charlottesville, Virginia 2 A Eg Chorus of Turvylancl. JAMES GUTHRIE NVHEELER .......... ...2 .. ...Paducah Kentucky IOIIN XVARNVICK DANIEL VVIIITE .. ,. 2 .. ...Staunton, Virginia LIP K E J'nsEI'H STUART VVHITE .. 2 .. ...XVarrenton, Virginia II K A GEORGE BARKSDALE VVICKHAM .. .. 2 .. ..,Richmoncl, Virginia K A 71 1010 CORKS AND CURLS NA M12 Il?c'f'lH'fllIi'lIl nf'I YHXR IN 1'll1.l.lilll-I HHMH ,XIIIIRHSN .IUPIX lliixjuilx XY1l.liIXSUN. Alu, .. ...... J ...1-ngan, Wvst Yirginia Tnnxms 1'1.xxi1.1N XYlL.1,L'llX, ju. .. 4 .... Xnrfnlk, Virginia 11 K A Pnn.n' ............,............. 3 .... Winclicstcr, Virginia B H 113 11, .X flfg 63 K Ng .Xrc:uli:1ns. jnslzvn Tx-nmxs XYILSUN, -In. .........,.. H ...llclnlc-rsrni, Kentucky A X Rmnzrn' Anciiraix Wirsox , ........ .. 3 . ........., Xorfnlk, Virginia Rlcrlunn T.xx'l.nR XYILSUX .,................. 2 .................,..... Pctcrslnirg, Virginia 111K Eg 11' A 'IH Ravulig T. I. 1-, K. .X.: "Zn: llnsiin-ss Nlanngcr Cnklis AND CURLS. ,XLn.xN 1XfIom.rzx' Hfoon .......... 3 .... Ifrcclcrick, 1VIarylanc1 9 K N1 Debating Tc-znn. LYTTLETON XY.x1mEl.L XYoon .. , . . 3 .. . . . . .C11:n'1nttesx'il1c, Virginia 112 K E XY1l.Lr.x5r JAMES NYncn'm .. Z .... Lebanon, Indiana IQIRKWOOD LESTER KYoonx' . . 2 . . . . . .Crewe, Virginia A X P ALFRED SC.-xmas XYYLL112 ............... 4 ....... ...... ......... D a nville, Virginia IQEMPER XVINSBOROUGH YANCEY ............. 3 .................... Harrisonburg, Virginia 111 K Eg A H3 111 .X 'Pg T. 1, L. K. A.: Hot-Foot: P. Kg Captain of Football Team. GEORGE FRANCIS ZIM MER .. ... 3 ... ...Birdseye, Indiana A T Ag qs A 11: 0 - - ' , - ,. ,- S fig! , 3' YI '- H ff fr Q.. 5' A- lvl ig f j T ' I .wr-lzzmfzfa-cxzis.-:Q-1-:cz I - I 1 i . , . SENXOR LAW CLASS 1010 CORKS AND CURLS 73 History of the Law Class lll.. olhcers ol an army have always lilled the pages til histories. '.l'he privates have been nnmberetl with the slain. XXX- love ancient and established Cltslultls, and on that account we shall follow in the wav ol the conventional historian. XX'hile we speak ul. the professors, known to current parlance as the linek Trout. those who have the iZlCllll.y ul reading between the lines, which is a '-'ift direct fri-in Ciocl 'Ind not from hererlitv nor 5 ' , envirtinment-an exception, therefore. to the general rule-will be able to discover to a great extent the history of X'irginia's greatest law class. ln AWIA af- ft' ff W Q f fn X l.JkJJvln:f:o W, other words. it will be Upcrspieuous to the perspicaeiousf' as a distinguished pupil tri the well-known .lolin Randolph Tucker once aptly said, just what the road has been like over which this class has journeyed. This narrative will be unfolded as the fol- lowing series of four lectures is unraveled. First, there came the newest ol' the quartet, young Mr. Dobie. to extend greetings. That was on the terrible first day. lele rushed into the room like the advance guard and chapel-on oi a cyclone. and began and ended with these few words of welcome: "Young gentlemen, I have been deputed by the Faculty, and not without the most excruciating and unavailing protestations on my part, to bid you welcome to the most famous School of the University of the greatest Country in the United States." QVirginians invariably speak of their State as "this country." Mr. Dobie is a Virginian, although he has spent some time in St. Louis. He is without historical interest otherwise, but he gives promise of bringing back at some period forthcomingj immediate and summary the good old days of Claudiusj l'You may have found worse things," he continued, Hyou may have found betterg but, taking it all in all, you will he driven to the iorsworn conclusion that the University of Virginia has most ol the requisites of perfection. I have found it so, during my short sojourn. I took choice of the degrees given here and claimed three of them for myself in as many years, if not more, and incidentally edited several college publications, managed three athletic teams and figured in every social event 74 CORKS AND CURLS NVOLXXIII pulled off in my time, besides many, many other things whereby I acquired notoriety right straight on down the line. I will not say that your path will be one carpeted with rose petals and rose petals only. For me to say that law is hard would be an act of the grossest supererogationg for me to say that it is easy would be to present to you a correlated, annotated and interrelated conglomeration of euphuistic euphuism. The day differs from the night. In just so 'far the pursuit of law differs from trips to Norfolk on business or eating lavender ice-cream in the New XVillard. She is a jealous mistress, so jealous indeed, that many of you doubtless will be compelled from sheer necessity to throw her off. Ilut, if I may, I should like to suggest to you that faithful- ness is an open sesame. And I do not throw out this suggestion merely for facial exercise. As it was with Moses, it must be with you, right straight on down the line. llefore ending my remarks, I desire to say that I fully recog- nized the sinister significance of your applause upon my entijf, and I hope that you have expressed your esteem so unequivocally by that demonstration that you will never do so in that manner again. Teaching law is by no means a crip. I would rather repeat the experience of teaching a debutante the libretto of Pciglzncezl once, twice, four, five. ten, or even fifty times, than to stand before this exotic mass of flesh. blood and vitality as lecturer for nine months. I repeat, then, these words which I hope you will retain-crip, debutante and faithfulness." As he was in the beginning, so has he been in the end. ' S . fd ,Q Next came the war horse .of them all, Mr. Minor. QL 5 K, often last but ne-ver least. He impressed the class firstly ' " fm, and lastly as being a lineal descendant of Lord Chester- ' ... S if held, George XVashington, Thomas jefferson, General "- bf - Lee and the Sphinx, and clearly manifested the best if W" X, traits of each. Calmly and unperturbedly QWL ,,,,,,,,,,, mn he began in measured strain: "Young ,NJ-s -I gentlemen, if you please, answer to your f ' ,..... names." The roll finished, he looked " gf- -fixing over the class without the S1igl1t6S'E C11- " thusiasm and continued, "I must say Z' ' "" that I hardly 'expect to encounter any 7 l X geniuses in tlus class, and yet, to the f Y ,,A01ff,u,,4f4 ffff f-N14 ,S-X ,.A10XS7'olv - 7a - 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 75 011111rz11'1' Illl111'1l1lblZllI111I1g, 1 11:11'1- 1-11111111 1111-111 111-1-1-11111.11 111 11-111-51--l111111i11g 11111111-s 111 p1-111111-. 111-11i11s1-s 1'111'1' ill ages. as 1-1111 may 111111111 1 1lIlX'L' S01-11 1111-111 215 5'l11111g- 11s 1111- years 111 :1g1-, 11111 such 1I15l1ll1k'L'N 111'1- X'L'l'j' 1'111'1-, 1Il11L'L'l1 1111111151 1111111-11111 111, 111111 yet 1111- X'irgi11i11 1-11111'l5 11IlYL' l'Zll1l1'I' i1I11gi1f1111y 111-111 1t111111'11. 1111111-1-1-1' 111111 111z11' 110. X'l111 11111 ll 11111 1-x1r1-1111-11' 111H10111l. ' 111 111111 lllf' Clll1l'Sk'4 11111'11. 11s 1111- 511yi11g goes, 1 5111111 11s0 in lllj' i1111s11'111i1111s 131115. 1110 111-st l'L'1Jl'CSQ11- 1111110 X'i1'g'i11i21 1-lll1l111L'S, 111111 y1111 11-ill 11is1'111'1-1' 11U1fl1.L' y11111' SL'1l1K1I' 11-111' 011115 that XX'Ulll1lIl 11111-s 11111 1111111 1111- 8111110 151151111111 Ill 11111' 111111 s110 111100 110111. llIll'll1 any 111l10r respect lor 111:11 11111111-1'. lfll' 111 11101 5110 15 111111' 1111 1111- 1111101' 1111-11, 'l'l1 lb 0 17011 l'Zll1Q'1'IL'X1 11111- 11 11' 1110 191-1111's 11L'1lll1. 111' Clllllt 11l'lll11l7115'. 21.1111 this a r0s111110-1111110111-101,si111pl0,11ir1-1-1 111111 1lCl'1lllL'1ll s11-W1-s1i1111s 11111110 11 ' him: 35 ,D 'lGL'l1l1L'll1CI1 111 1110 11111i111- 1,ZlNX' Class, 1 am sure t11at V1111 1001 sur ,Y i1111-llig01 2 ' ""'m11111111W" you I1 1111 1, . ai lim 'V 111 . 11 1 1125-. Z3 Q ' hifi' ' Main. ' ' .-Q1 f A 1 L. 111111m --31-M1111 0 that 1 am 1l011gl1t1-11 at this spl0111li1l sh1'111'ing of 11 and, ,1 may say, 11Z11l1,1SOlTlC faces. I shall not make -mal address this 111111-11ing. 1100aus0 1 know tl1at Mr. 15111110 said 0111-111gl1 5'CS1Cl'1121y, as he always does. "I was for many years Z1 practitioner at t110 Lynchburg Bar, where I won considerable 1'G11OXYl1 as a clrafter of legal doeunients. If I have drawn one, I have 111'21XY11 a millio11, and if I do say it my- self, 1 an1 a pretty good hand at the business. I shall never forget my Hrst bill i11 equity. The judges on the bench, the lawyers at . ' the bar, the clerical Off'-1CC1'S and laymen 1 1 1' "" " ""' """ " '5 1 j , K generally congratulated ITIE. A great 'Q WW Z, 1 H1111 1 jg I deal depends upon first impressions, so 'W 'U " 1 do your best in the beginning and not be ,p 1 IM M ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 mm, llllflllllllfllulllln w Z D ,1 afterwards. Some time soon I want to KX aaqiy fg V - X, Z1 mtroduceiyou to the law library, but ' , ns- uf'-M5g?7bN-ygazf-4, ',,s.f,5,1l.- for this tune I will only say that we have the reports of all civilized nations as well as those of England. These reports run from north to south, east to west, from northeast to southwest and southeast to northwest, r espeetively. The English reports, I was about to forget to say, are whol1y bound in half pig, or rather half bound in whole 76 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII pig. Study all these volumes. I.earn to use them, learn to love them, famil- iarize yourselves with the odor of legal bibliography. if nothing more. ".'Xml now, gentlemen, once lor all hear and heed me. These are the things that l despise in the class-room even more than a son-of-a-gun, namely, tardiness, stale smoke and dogs. Ol course. l make exception for my own." On the next day came C. ,X. ti.. tersely known as "Charlie," lrle puffed and bowed, and smiled. and began his favourite theme-Consideration. "This one element pervades the XX'orld's wardrobe, the whole team and the big dog under the wagon. The earth's jurisprudence was built upon it: it is the quint- essence of ethics, morals and religions. Co11-,nd-t'1'-rl-f1'011f lly him, to me. for us, signed. sealed and delivered! In this connection. remember the steamboat on the Mississippi River that had to stop every time the whistle blew. Now I will do my houselceeping. the conversation cease, desist and forbear from being so handy with your ieet. On the west door over there. sometimes called the back door, you will tiud a codified summary of my rules and regulations. lglIOI'tllll't' nf the lute e.1't'11.vt'x 110 111011. H-X hint to the wise is sufticientf as Noah said when it began to sprinkle. Now, il you are sufficiently rested, and will give me your attention, and will open the windows, l will proceed. .Nucl some day, if you will be good and not drink beer or hollow on the Lawn, or collect any fines or penalties, I will tell you about the poor little chimney sweep and his goodly jewel, also my two 'pos- sum stories, which come properly in the senior year, and about the Saint who walked with his head under his arm, and the President ot' the United States who said, 'I do both solemnly swear and aHirm,' and about the Squib Case and the Six Carpenters' Case, and many other cases that will prove highly beneficial and, I trust, interesting. To proceed, do not use slang or encourage soirees. Young men's vocabularies today seem to be made up entirely of such words as 'bum,' 'rot' and Ktough., It was I who secured the English Reports in half pig for the Library. Read them and forget me not. Z 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 77 Now open your nulcs. lluok Y. .-Xrliclv 4. Scctifrn IO. l'arugr:1pli 3. Note El nl Note A of N010 2. Quickly nun' anal lullmx' mc as l explain." On the lmlacklnunrcl wwci' the plzitlrwni was written, Ulliglily inipurlzuit See cast lgrozlralf' anal Z1 large' lizincl puinlcil with influx finger in that clircctiun There we read. "Sec southeast lmzirr,l," and :inutlicr influx linger pointed suulli cast. NYG saw the southeast lmarrl and wore r4:fcr1'crl to thc nurtliwcsl lmuarml where was written. "Klcnuwrizc for future rcfcrcncc. lnclispcnsnlmlc, unzlvoicl able and necessary- Pineo. punlciac. La! ral ra! Ticar, shampcwoc. Busli-wlia-wah !" - y ' X I' 1. -1 gqgpu' - - I THE LAWN Looking down the Lawn from top of the Rotunda ii P :VN 'ff 1 - x. '-f-w s 4: if 4-3 5 UNIVERSITY HOSPITAL 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 81 my lll CLAXSS 53 wif f, GEORGE HERRMANN I..xNu .... EARNEST ALEX.XNDlili PL'RnL'Ni CHESTER ANDERSON XYITAIER . JOSEPH STUART I-I L' Ii E ....... NAME XVILLLXM HENlQX' B.xUGIm,xN ...... X dy fir P Eg T. I. L. li. A. 'JAMES LEXVIS LEITCH BIBB .... . -Iv K Eg fb P 2 JOHN MINQR BLACKFQRD ............ fb A 95 A Hg 'lv P Eg Ravcng MERCER,BL.ANCHARD ..,...... ...... K A LEWIS- HOOKER .....,.. I K N115 fb P E ALBERT VAN DEXVANTEIQ BRADEN .. A X P XVLLIAM EDWARII BRNY .. fb A 95 fb B. II XVILLIAM HARX'EX' CAIIANISS .... fb P Eg Baseball Team. CLAUDE CARLISLE CAvLoR ....... PEYTON MONCURE CHICHESTER K A HORACE VICTOR CORNETT . ......... . CLINTON FRANKLIN COSTENBADER I MIQIIQIIQJNL is MEMBERS YEARS IX KIOLLEGIE 6 GC1'll1Zl.l'lCll.lil1 P. 6 2 2 3 4 2 5 2 ... .......... Vrcsimluiit ........... Yicc-Prcsimlcnt .. Sccrutary and Treasurer .. Historian HOME XDIJRE55 ....Kicl1nioncl, Yirginia ....C'l1arlottcsvillc, Virginia .............:Xlcxanc.lria, Virginia li.: Arcadian. . . .......... Columbus, Georgia ....Charlottesville, Virginia . . . .Paeonian Springs, Virginia .,. .VVinona, Mississippi .. .... Maxey's, Georgia W'asliington, District of Columbia . . . . . . . . .Freclericksburg, Virginia . . . . . . . . .Spring Valley, Virginia . . . .Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania 82 CORKS AND CURLS VGLXXIII fllfUd1'L'zIl Clclssl NAME wma IN L'oLi.i5ora HQME ADDRESS C1-1Ain,l:s Bnowx CKXXYFORIJ ................. 7 . ........... Theological Seminary, Virginia A K E3 6 N lip Eli Banana, Thirteen Club: "Z"g P. K. JOSEPH OT'FliIil!ll1N Camisa ................,.. .3 . . . .. .......... Harrisonburg, Virginia XVILLIAM Tnoux CRUCIQICTT .. .. l .... Max Meadows, Virginia Cnnirrns Ckoss . .,....... .. 5 ... Cizen. D.xuNEx' ....... ......,.. ............. 6 ............... . 'P K XP, 'I' P Eg Eli Bananag Hot-Foot: Thirteen Club. Roniinr Ronmiv DALE ........ . .... . ...... . 5 ..,........... K E T. H. Dixxnzi- ....... . .. REUBEN FRANK Davis .. .. S K E Tnorus Nuxvxixx Davis, ln. . .. 6 I-lulnslaiar Rocziiizs Ernlclnnczic .. .. l K A GARLAND Eocuzsrox F.xu1.kNiziz .. . . 4 .. . ATA5 NEN3 P. K. MARK Rox' F.'xx'11.1.1z ....,................... 4 ............... . . . KI' 1' Ag fl, P Eg Eli Banana, Hot-Foot: President G. A. versity Band. JAMES I-luniiur Flixrluzss .. l .. I1 K A JOHN XV. Fnlzlau ............. .. l .. W'11.1.1.ixM D.xNuk1nu1a i'1AllliN ... .. 4 .. . Svorswoou Bimxron 1-IALL . Z . . . A XII M. B. I-I1Di5N ............ .. 4 EDWIN XVILSON I-lo1,i,An.w .... . ............. 7 ..,.... . KI, E Kg H My Football Team, Track Team. T1f1oM.xs EDMOND PIUG1-IES ............. .... 3 ....... -1, 1' A3 I1 M JOSEPH STUART HUME ..................... 3 .. ............. .. A K E3 A H3 111 P E, T. I. L. K. A., Hot-Foot, HZ", P. Baseball Team. SAMUEL SU1.L1vAN IRVIN ... .. 4 ... fb B IT HENRY XVIRT LxC1:soN, IR. .. .. 4 ... NPIN . . .Montpelier, Mississippi . .Charlottesville Virginia . . . .Texarkana Arkansas .. .University of Virginia . . . .XYaynesboro, Virginia . . . .Lynehburg, Virginia ...Norfolk, Virginia ..South Boston, Virginia ...Dolgeville, New York A.: Leader of Uni- .. . .Norfolk, Virginia . . . ,Waynesboro Virginia . .Charlottesville, Virginia Fredericksburg, Virginia .Newport News, Virginia ..Charlottesville, Virginia ... .Laurel Mills, Virginia . . . . Portsmouth, Virginia K., German Club, Mt. Airy, North Carolina . . .Keswiek, Virginia 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 83 l.llt'cl1't'nl C'lu.v.vl NAME XFAR IN 1'1lLl.l2lil'1 llllllli .XUIYIUCSS .'XLlfRlill li'nn'lf:Rs ,lnxi-is .................. ... 4 ... .. ...I'il'L'lil'l'lL'iiSillII'g1, Virginia 'I' K XP: fl' ll :Q 'lf li Kg Rave-11, .XRTIIUR S1-I,xnE jnxias ..,..... ....... . -l lllnt-lit-lil. WLM Yifgilliil fl, K Ilg ll ll OLIN fUXR.Xll ,loxris .. 1- . .... l lnrrisrniliurg, Virginia ll M JOHN PURTER 'lnxxzs ..... l ..., linen-nii lforcl, Virginia A T Ag fl' I' I JOHX Lonlux K.xl:l.E .. 4 . .... Staunton, Virginia Il K Ag ll M RICHARD Lriox KIZNUICICK .. ... l ... ...lint-lc llill. South Carolina OGDEN DlJlQEBIL'5 IQIXG .. .3 , .... Xllueinarle, North Carolina fl! K Ig N I N -lniifis l3,xR1:oL'R KITE. hill. . l .... Lilicrty Mills. Virginia 211- E3 KIDPZJ , BERNARD HIiXX'liTT KYLE .. ... 5 ... ...llullalo Station, Yir-finia D -1- K Eg Il it GEORGE HElikil,XNX LANG ..,........ ...... 4 .................... . .... Savannah, Georgia .X T S23 Kb P Eg T. I. L. K. .-X.g Hot-Foot: P. K.: President ol' Medical Classg i .-Xrearliang University band. HEXRX' AGUSTINE LATANE ............ 3 .... Oak Grove, Virginia K 213 'I' P E JAMES BURNETT LAUGHLLN .. 2 .... Huntsville, Alabama K A PIUNTER REECE MANN ... ...Charlottesville Virginia FRANK MCLIEQXN .......... ,. . ., .... Maxton, North Carolina .'XRCHllj.'XLD DOUCILAS McMURno .... Charlottesville, Virginia II M JAMES OSCRXR MUNDX', JR. .. .... Burnley, Virginia KD B H DAN ROYALL MURCHISON, JR. . E N- N E N ! 'XVILLIAM ALEXANDER MURPHX' JOHN HENIQY NEFF, IR. ...... . . . . .El Paso, Texas Morgantown, North Carolina ...........,........Harrisonburg, Virginia H K A5 A Hg HID P Eg KD B Kg Raveng T. I. L. K. Ag Thirteen Club: "Z"g Head Coach Football Teamg President of Class 1910. ARTHUR HARRY NIELL ............... .... 2 ............... , . . .Clover, South Carolina AXPQQDBH 84 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI f.lft'f1'I'f'lI1 Clussl NAME YEAR IN LHARLIZS M.XI,I,f7N OlCiKlNNllli, IR. .. .... .. l :HENRY MANx PAGE .. .. .. 3 ... EDAIUND CAPE PAYNE . .. 3 CI, B II: 411 B K, FRANK NIARIUX PATNE .. 3 'I' B II C1-IARLHS 'l'1iRREr.1, PoRTER . 2 'D E Kg III B II 'VANCE Lonowicx PRICE ...... .. 1 . COLLEGE HOME ADDRESS XVasliington, District of Columbia .. ...Cl1ZlI'lt'StONVl1, Wlest Virginia .... . Birmingham, . . Birmingham, ...Sylaeauga, .........Staunton, EARNEST .AIMXANDIER PURDLAI .............. 4 ....... ...Providence Forge, 'F B U: Vice-President Medical Classg Raven. Rulfus T1Nsr.EY REID ..........,.,......... 3 .................. Davidson, North E A E3 9 N E3 X E Ng P. K.: Manager Baseba Team: Head Coach Ba ball Team: Cheer Leader. FRIEDIERICK CASI-AR RINKIQR .......... . . 4 ... ...Upperville, E 11, Eg n 11 Rox' PRESTON SANDIDGE .. . 2 .... Lynchburg, SAMUEL SAUNDERS, JR. .. .. 5 N E N JAMES HIENIQX' ScRoocnx .. .. 4 Jonx BACHMAN SETZLER .. .. 4 'I' P Eg Raven. AVILLIAM HOXX'.XllD SLAUGIITIER . .. 1 .. FRANCIS PELZER SMART ..... .. 3 'I' P E RocRwE1.i. EMISRSON SM1T1-1 .. 6 II, B II K-YLE BEAR STEELE .. .. 3 N E N JOHN BOYD STONE ... .. 2 'I' P E RICHARD VIPON TAYLOR, IR. ................ 6 ....University of Alabama Alabama Alabama Virginia Virginia Carolina SC- Yirgin ia Virginia Virginia ... . . .Morrilton, Arkansas . . . Pomania, South Carolina . . . . .Tensaw, Alabama . . .Louisville, Kentucky . . .Campanis, Brazil, South America . . .Charlottesville, Virginia . . . .Tressel, West Virginia Mobile, Alabama fl' A 95 A U3 'I' P Eg Raveng President Y. M. C. A.g Advisory Board G. A. A. GORDON LIVINGSTON ToDD .....,.. .. 7 . ........... Mt. Solon, Virginia Ai.GERNoN STUBBLEFIELD VAIIJliN .. .. 4 ...Newport News, Virginia :HARRY HOWARD VARNER ....... . . l .. ...... AN'arrenton, Virginia ATA5 11,112 IOIO CORKS AND CURLS 85 I .U1'lfl'4'1lf C'fml.Y.vI NAME YHKIK IX l'll Llilillli llllXlIi .XIIIIRHSS jfxxiias .Xl.IiX.XNIllil4 XX-.XIlllliI.I, ,. li .. .... C'Ii:urlntLusxAilIv, X'irg.5i1ii:i II Mg 'I' li K .IUSIZPII RICXAIAXIIN XY,Xl'I.liS, ju. ..,.......... 5 .....,...,...,....,.. Iii-iirgvlfiwii, Ili-Iaiwriru .3 K H3 H N Iig fl' I' Eg Iili llzuiniizi: Tliirtcvii Vlulfg "ZH: .Xzlvisnry Ihv:il'm! Cl. .X, .X. l.iil2N.l.XMlN Emi. xX'.XSIll1l'RN ... ,. I .. ...ldiiilii-x'1'uriIlmi, Nfirih Lkimliiizi .-Xnxx Giiimiflzlix' XYll.liii .,.... .. 4 .. ........ Vicksburg, Mississippi Ronlim ,Xl:'rl1L'i: XYII.l.l.XMS .. .. 4 .. .... Tlic llnllus, Urcgfni Z Xl' L'.xm:lNr:Tux XYll.I.I.XAIS ...,................. 3 ..,.................,... Riclimmirl, Virginia -X XP: Rzivcn: T. I. L K. .X.3 Ci-riiizui Vlulmg V, Ii.: ,Xssislzuit Ihlsim-ss Maui- zigcr Linens ANU C View, Lows L.w.x1. XYi1,1,l.uis. ju. .. .. 3 .. .,.lhistrni, Msissziclnisctts A 'If Cll,Xkl.I-IS L.xi',x1. W11.1.1.x us .................. 4 ..................... llustmi, Mzisszichusctts A ill: N 11 N: Track Tczim, M.m.igcr of llziskct-llzill Tczim. Roniim' EMMIETT XVILSON ................... 4 ..................., Clinrlnttcsvillc, Virginia CHIQSTIQR ANIJERSON XYITMIQR ................ 3 ..... ...Qiizirryvillq Pciinsylvziuia , 21NgN3N:T.I.I-.K zsclmzill Team, PIUNTIER Snruiii. XV00nm-zum' .' .... .,,.,.. 3 ..... . ..Clmii'cs, Floricla fb P E PIENRY CH.'xm.I:s Y.xRixR:iuGI'I .. . 2 .. .. .Moiitgomery Alzihzinm 21 N5 N E N W, , IDE' Fil 'i ii U i f I i I I-ra 4 Swim ,wr ,I n . Hi ji ,b,V ,, if lirfl N ' , GRADUATING MEDICAL CLASS 1910 CORKS AND CURLS X7 -X c g 4 f Q W i Ne w O ' lj' U mln . L"'J f - 'll Ma...-W 'QQQ'4"X As the year rolls around it necessarily dcvolves upon some lucldess indi- vidual to rack his brain, in a more or less futile endeavor tdepending upon the historianl, for the purpose of presenting a suitable class history: that such a taslc has fallen unto one wholly incompetent, is exceedingly regrettable. Now the way of the medical course is long, the road rough, there being many mountains to cross, each of which must be explored in the crossing: and the paths are narrow and crooked, the foothold precarious, passing close to yawn- ing chasms, where a fall means danger to life and limb. These mountains are divided into four ranges, each- range being made up of a definite group of moun- tains and separated from its fellows by a distinct valleyg and for each moun- tain there is a guide, without whose services it would be indeed folly to attempt the exploration. 'Tis a geographical fact that the first two ranges are the most difficult to pass, the mountains being high and rugged and covered with dense forests, so that the View ahead is obscured: but when these are passed the way becomes more open, the scenery more beautiful, and for this change the weary traveler is grateful. 88 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH Now it goes without saying, gentle reader, that the mountains are the sep- arate "tickets," the ranges those taken each academic year, the valley the sum- mer time, the guides our several professors, and that we are the weary travelers. ln the tirst range there are four mountains, designated as Mt. Histology, Mt. Chemistry and Mt. .-Xuatomy-which latter gave us a "scent" of the middle ages, reminding us that there once had been a visitation of the Black Death- ancl at the base of Mt. :Xnatomy is its offspring, Ht. Embryology. Passing these we came to the tirst valley, where the way was pleasant and easy and we gathered new strength and endurance for the ascent of the second range. .-Xnd it came to pass that we crossed the second and third ranges even as the first, tinally reaching the fourth, on the peaks of which we are now working. lt is rather useless to dwell on the experiences of our travel, the hardships we bore, the dangers passed: and how some, loving to play and frolic, wandered astray, lost sight of the guide, and only after several days' search did we Hncl their mangled bodies at the foot of a precipiceg and how others of different nature have been greatly benefited by their travel, gaining the strength and wisdom they sought, being better litted thereby to climb fresh obstacles. Beyond the last range comes we know not what: but 'tis the future with all its possibilitiesg and to those who go out burning with high hope, carrying in their hancls the weapons which science has given to vanquish disease. God- speed! Nay your paths be smooth and strewn with roses, may the stat? of prosperity and happiness follow you: and may your success, quick, sure and enduring, be the lot of each. I'lISTORIAN. a A ,2 2 'ef X"' ,..f- L -W' -.r,. -M., ve l N5 ' 2311! K R? N-- X 'Z- i q WX,- -L Z5 wwf 90 CORKS AND CURLS VQLXXIH . V .x.T-. 'I X ' I M A l.i - 1 A :':" JV, . ' ' . V - A' -- -i-' '.i ....!: .... f. , OFFICERS llnirxcit linwlx ll.XYllI2N, Ik. . ...... President XYIZLIJHN "l'iinu.xs IX'li2Y1-'ies ...,...... Vice-President' .Xi.i:icu'i' Gisniecaz .Xnxxi li.xi.z .. .. Secretary and Treasurer l-laiueis d'.l.Xkli1l.'XNl l:lNllI..XY . ........, ,... P listorian MEMBERS NAME YEAR IN l'ULLlElIIi HOME ADDRESS Mixi.mi.xi l'l.XRTWIiI.L ARNfll.Il, R. .X., M. JX.. .. 3 .. . .... University, Virginia iXI.llliRT Giznlznia .Umm ll.xi,z, R. A., M. .X. .... 5 . ................... Charlottesville, Virginia Raveng .Xssnciate Editor .lluya.:i'm',' Secretary and Treasurer Graduate Class. Rmziaicr Cicrii. lli-:.xl.l2, JR., M. ......... .. 8 ................... lireclericksburg, Virginia Einxxxicn lirmxrls lln:c'iQnl2,xn, Ia., ll. .. Z .. ......... Profnt, Virginia lil5NlJ.Xl.I. P.xi.n-ilu: lli1cc'lqHi2.xli, ll. .. l .. ...ProHit, Virginia .'XliTlIllR X'v.XL'GII,XN liisi-lov, ll. S .... . .. 2 .. ....Riner, Virginia linixiawr XY.x1.l..xc'ia C.XNFlliI.ll, ll. Pd... .. 3 .. . ...... Bracket, Virginia MARTIN linvn L'm'Ni:a, .-X. B. ..,.... .. 2 .. ...lVaynesluoro, Virginia XX7ii.l.i.xM GRlMSl.liY lDli.XRlNG, ll. .,...... 6 ................. ...Sandy, Virginia A E P3 First Term President Jefferson Literary Society. ,licsslz Ewlam, Jia., R. .-X .... .................. 2 ....,.. . . ...... ...Stony Point, Virginia I-lanieis MiXlilil'I.XAl Flxiiraw, A. ll. ...... .. 2 .. ...XlJingdon, Virginia E .X Eg Historian Graduate Class. C1-T.'XRl.liS XVATSUN GIVIQNS, B. A. .... .. 5 .. ...Newport, Virginia CoN1zAn lrl.rxi:nlsoN Gnonwm, Tl. IX. ....... 2 .. .... . ..... .Rielim0nd, Virginia lfloimcrz Enwm I'l.'XYl3EN, IR., A. B., M. A. .... 4 . .... .......... X Villces-Barre, Pennsylvania President of Graduate Classg Member American :Xssociation for the Advance- ment of Science. 1010 CORKS AND CURLS '91 llfrnflrlnlf'C'li1.v.vI Nllllf YIIXR IN k'lY I,I.l,ILl'f HIIMH .XIHIRICNH Hiim-:R AIICILXIZI. I-l.xX's, .X. II... . ti .... ...lIrn:nIw:iy, Virginia Rzivcii. NI.XT'I'llIiXX' 'l'iinXii'snx NIrI'i.1'ina, jun.. 2 .... Spnlisiwinfl, Yirginizi .X I P ll. .X.. M. .X ,Iuliis Srnxizs BIcI.minins, II. .X.. .. ,... N ...l'li:irlnttcsi'iIlc, Yirginizi L'rn.IN NI.Xc'Kl2Nzll41 NIXi'i4.xi.1., li. .X. .......,.. fi ..,.........,......... II:iItiiiini'c, Mzirylznnl .X 'I' A3 .X IIg I". K.: Iiurinnn Clulig Rh-iiilwr .Xini-i'ii':ni kiln-iniczil Sncicty. .Xmnznr Rnx.xi.n IXIICRZ, IE. S ...... ........... I i ....,.....,......., L'I1zirIn1tcsviIIc-, Yirginizi Meinlmcr .'Xincric:in Snciulyg My-iiilicr ,Xzm-riczni .Xsswui:iIinii for the .XcIx':1ncc- nicnt of Science. XX'l2i.nnx 'l'nmi.Xs AIYI-1145, II, .X., M, .X. ...... 5 ....................... llrnznlwziy, Yirginin 'T' B K: Raven: .Xssncizitv lfclitrn' .ilIljlLl'fIllg',' X'iI'u-l'i'I-sislciit lirnclnzilc Class. XX'ri.i.i.XXi P'rn1.miX' PI7XX'I'II,I., II. .X ..... ....... 3 .......................,. I Iulinnnt, Virginia Enwxiin ST.-.l'i.1Qs SXIITII, M. E. ............. I .................., L'I1:11'Inttusx'iIlc, Virginia junior Nlcnilmcr ,Xinuriczin Sucicty of Mccluniieril Ifiigiiiu-rs, juries Hiznoiciis SMITH, ll. .X.. M. ,X. ........ 5 ....................... University, Virginia E A Eg Raven: Meinlwr .Xincriezin Mzitlivinzilivnl Sucic-ty: Klcnilmer .Xinerienn .-Xssocintion for the .Xclvzniceiiiciit of Sciunccg ML-inliur X. If. .'X. GROVIQR Tiwxixs Smiicizs, IJ, QX. .............. 2 ....... .......,..... ..,. I I Inxnni, Virginia XX'i1.I.r.XM :Xl.iax.Xxlnci: STi'.xi:T, II. .X. ......... I .... ..,. X Iiiiigilnn, Virginia I3 0 IIg Rhodes Scholar: Orntnriezil Tcrnn. NIIFFLIN XX"X'.xTT SXXZXRTZ, B. M. .X. ...... 7 ............ ......... , Tacksrm, Mississippi Tnmus Jiwrizizsox xYEldTI2NlI.XIiI'IR, M. .-X. .... 8 ...........,........ Clizirlottesville, Virginia 'I' K IP: A U: O. XV. L.: T. I. L. K. .X1 I-lot-Foot: P. K.: Member :Xme1'- iczin Historical fXss0ciatiun. RALPH ELMER XVILSON, B. A. ............... 4 ..,................... Northiielcl, Minnesota 'T' '13 K: Raven: Member Astroiioiniczil and .-Xstropliysiezil Society of America. CHARLES Nizwimw Wuxnizic, IE. A. .......... I .. ................... XX'ooc,Istoek, Virginia Igifigifiii i 'i' " 5? IWI Q' .MJ - Sgsflgif m g, A . Ina.. ny? ,.. 1 'L' '1- . ,H ,.... iff APPLICANTS FOR GRADUATE DEGREES 2 l91O CORKS AND CURLS '13 Hismm y , ' or 1 Mft 5' G Ji? Y ,,:-rarity' ' kf j " V- 'QJ5 X T , -i ev CRAUUAIE cuss The Graduate Class is not a myth. It really exists, notwithstanding its cava- lier treatment by every one, from the Sage of Carr's Hill to the verdant and rah- rah freshman. Yet it has no history, because of its lack of unity. Therefore, as every history should at least be founded on fact, the conscientious historian will' offer instead an acciount of that interesting and anomalous occasion on which the class actually met: THE 'GRADUATE SMQKER l'VfIC'1'CI'll is 7'C'ff7fC'd the 111'sI'01'j"0f S'I1lI017'j' C'T'C7lfSv, f'01l1f7'IlfCIZ1 from H10 lfzzzrlrj' lllUlll01'j' of the lzisforinzz and thc nzzzddlcd czccomzfs of the pa1'f1'c1'pc111fs on the 1'7107'7Z1'lILQ after. It happened within the godly precincts of Madison Hall. There gathered punctually the Old Guard of Learning ready to do justice to the viands prepared by the-committee. For, although only three years old, the Graduate Class is en- 94 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXH1 dowed with an appetite much beyond its years. At nine o'clock l-'resident Hayden took his seat at the head of the table and called the meeting to order. Every one ordered. For the next fifteen minutes nothing was to be heard but the mellow miunch of the sandwich and the low gurgle of fruit punch. l-layden then unreeled his lithe and agile figure, and addressed the class. The historian has forgotten what he talked about. but it was a great speech. Suffice it to say, however, that all were much impressed with the extreme fluidity of the speaker's remarks and the wonderful scope of his gestures. .Hayden was followed by Yice-l'resident Myers, who spoke at length and at length stopped speaking. The subject of his address. if it had one. can not now be recalled, but it can and should be said to 1lyers's credit that his discourse is not to be interrupted by the mere lack of something to talk about. Hardly had Myers again taken his seat when some guileless person, whose name is omitted here because it is forgotten and for fear of hurting the gentle- man's feelings-no quality of a historian being more necessary than that of having proper regard for the feelings of those who are above him-suggested that lflalz render a few selections on the piano. lllalz at once consented and proceeded to lacerate the piano and incidentally our feelings for half an hour. during which time the company enjoyed a pleasant and animated conversation. NN'hen llalz at last sees lit to retire from the shattered remains of the piano, the guilelcss person murmurs something about "that last sonata-quite a favorite of mine, you know." lilalz, who had been playing selections from the Damna- tion of Faust, feels hurt and says he doesnt believe the guileless person knows a sonata from a hornpipe. Ciiuileless person says he knows the last selection was ll'eethoven's Kloonlight Sonata, because he had heard it played once under very peculiar circumstances. llalz thinks circumstances that would make the Moonlight Sonata sound like the Damnation iof Faust must have been peculiar indeed, and wonders how guileless person evaded the police: he also thinks he ought to know what he played. Guileless person admits that Balz certainly ought to know, but whether he docs or not is another matter. Beale suggests that it really doesn't make inuclrdifference what Balz played, so long as he doesnt do so any more. . To shut off this acrimonious discussion President Hayden called for the toasts, which were responded to as follows: . R0lllI.lII.SCCIICO.Y of Sflldfllf life at l'7I'7'yI'lII'lI dfzzriizy the Cz'-z'iI lfVu1'-T. I. Wier- tenbaker. illy Lady Nfcotizze-I. B. Smith. Stars and Bars I have llIt'f-R. E. W7ilson. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 95 Classic' use of the lil1t'f'X'Ht' llv.1'ulm'!vr, lu-dlrfu, fa'-dum, ft'-lflllll--1. S. Me- Lemore. - iTlw clzcmiml mlrsfilmvrls of l1'11gv1'1'v-.X. ll. Rlerz. After the 1'espc,mses Ilayelen mleelurecl the meeting zuljunrnetl, whereupon the members lmrried out in tn-flex' tu elude the committee and get first chuiee of hats-and thus encletlx the tirst gI'2lflll2ltC smoker and the toil of the lmistorian. U lnllsmlutxx. 1 I 1 -1 , 5 tl 1' ff" ,ANL . GX +A N7 if fwmig . i f fi ' X CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH ULAL UME A Parody My face it is ashen and sober, My mouth it is crisped and sere, My tongue it is withering and sere- It is night in the lonesome October Of my most uninebriate year. I am down by the dim lake of "No-Beer," In the misty mid-region of Where. I am down by the dark tarn of "No-Beer," In the fool-haunted woodland ot Where. W. F. Stead l""f RM RWT l .XXIII UO-b CORKS AND CURLS VOL Q Conferred on Final Day, Wednesday. June 16, 1909 BACHELORS OF ARTS lilmmgw, 1.411315 'IllSlll'.X. ju. . ........,........,. . Q'1..x11:m:Nlz, Rum-LIQT XY.X'I'SllX lJ.xsl111i1.r., R.XXIlUI.I'lI C14,xx'sux .. IJIQARINLQ, XX'1l.1.l.xxl Cn:lmsl.l-ix' ., II.x1ux'oun, 1?li,'XNIil.IN .XN1'lc1-iws .. 1-I.xx's, Jmlxas 1X1.XL'lilN'I'HSll .... l1ex'1N, S.xmUl5l, Su1.1.rx'.xr: . -Ifmllxsclx, R1n'11.x1:n l'n'r'I's .. MCDUN.-xI.n, Imfm Yxrlas M.wl4.x1,l,, Kfr11.1N NI.Xl'IiIiNZII'1 .. IVI.'xU11lN, XYlI.I.I.XM Gxllxul-11. , NIICOU, PAUL ........,... . Ivlommw, D.xN1m. L'1.m'15 .. Nmfrf, Ml'l'f'l'IEI.l, Tum ..,. . . . PIQRIUNS, Rrmlzlzi' NV.xr.141a1c, IR. .. RUUEIQTSQN, ,lxmlcs Fmusll, jk, ... Sc11xv151c1us1z'1', T11cm,x:Q Cl.11f1fu1en ,. SHI1Il'l1lE1i'Il, HHN-1,xm.1N .'XRAllS'I'IE.X1I 'I'.'x1.m1f121mo, Cxlml. Dxvls ,...... . T.xx'l.0lc XV1r.1.1,xm BUCK .. TuNsT.x1,r,, Rlcluun ...... ... XVI'lI'l"l'I.lE, Rmualvr Lr,lcwrz:.u.x'N .. W'rl.soN, !l'1JSI'lI'H T1-lomxs, Ile. Wfcmn, XVILLIARI XVurmlv1u1.I. . XX"f'mlws, Rrmriwl' T-Imlculs. Ile. . Wc-luster Groves, Mu. PCtCI'SIJll1'g, Yau. Richmuucl, Yu. Sandy, Vu. Uuix'e1'sity, Ya. PCtGI'SIJl11'g, Va. Mt. Airy, N. C. l'.1'ccle1'ick, Md, Charles Town, XV. Vu. Uz1lti1nore, Md. Portsmouth. Yu. Theological Scminury Roanoke, Vu. I'TI1I'I'iSOl1b1II'Q', Ya. Newport News, Yu. Charlotte. N. C. Portsmouth, Vu. Pulmyrzl, Yu. Chzxrlotte, N. C. Mobile, .Al21IJ2lH121 Norfolk, Vu, Peterslulilg, Va. Henderson, Ky. Cl1z11'I0ttesx'ilIe, Ya. Chzlrlottesville, Val X. 'Q 1910 CORKS AND CURLS U7 BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CHEMISTRY Allilil, JXLIIICRT Rnx xml .. l5.x1,z, .'xl,l!IiliT Glanum-1 .Xiu Nl, l-Lw1s llxux rn' l'l.XliRlb, Tl RAI-.R A'IKllilElIli.Xll RIL'l3llX.XLll, .Imax Y.xTris . Mlcnu, P.xL'1. .. 1 li .X.. Uliivcrsily MASTER OF ARTS li, .X.. li. L., LlllYk'I'Sll2j' --I ...K'l1:nrlwttL'sx'illc. ...L'lmrlntlL'sx'illu, .ir X nginm, ...Ur:mgc, Virginia. . . .lJz1nx'1llc, ll. .X.. KIlllflllllJll"Nl2lClIll Lhllcgu. ll. .X.. L'nix'crsily ll . .X.. L'nix'L-rsity .. .L'l1z1rl0s 'l'im'n, XY of Yirginm. .. ....... 'l1llL'Ul1lglC2ll Sclninziry, nl Xn'g11nu. 2 2 I. l. l. 1. l. Moml.xw, llxxllil, CLm'ls . .................................. ,..lin:umkc, ll ll. .X., L'nix'ursity uf Yirginizl. NEFF, XYIl,I.l.XAI Nnxvrnx ...................,................. .,.L'liillinwic, Val IS. .X,, Eimsry Zlllfl l'lcnry Llullugr. SHEPHERD, BENJAMIN .XRMISTILXIW ............ ..............,.. .... l 5 'alniyra '21 li. .X., University ni Yirginiu. XVHITMORE, HARRY GREGORY .,,.............,................. ...P2ll'll2l5SllS, Va lgl. .-X., L'nix'ersity of Yirginin. DOCTOR OF PHILOSOPHY JOHNSON, JAMES GIBSON ..................,................................. Roclcclcll, Va M. A., Milligan College, M. A, University of Virginia, D1ssERT.xT10N: Soutlzeru Iiifliflll Prior I0 1860, an flllclupt ul ll 1v:ll'.Yl-lllllld Bibliogra- plzy. ALEXANDER, GARY XIVITHIERS PUUN IXLL, EARNEST LANGDON ........ A NDERSON, HOWARD LEA KE BAIN, CLAUDE IVIURDAUGH BARRETT, VVILLIAM STUART BELL, vVVILLIAM FRANKLIN, IR. . . BOLLING, ALBERT STUART ........., BOXVMAN, LALPHEUS MICHAEL, IR, .. BROWN, FORREST AUGUSTUS ....., BUFORD, VVARREN BRUCE CAMPBELL, CHARLES, JR. .. . CARTWRIGHT, MoNRoE E. ., BACHELO RS OF LAW ....Jaclcso11villc, Fla. ....AllC1lCl2llC, S. C. . . . .ClTz11'lottesville, Va. ....No1'follc, Va. . ..AlJlllgC.l'Ol1, Va. ' . . . .Elizalaetlitowiy Ky. .. . .University, Va. . . . .Salem, Va. . . . .Charles Town, VV. Va. . . . .Roz1noke, Va. ....St Louis, Mo. . . . .Bailey, Tenn. Greenlmackville, Va. 98 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI Coins, Y 1x'1.x N -Ion N sox ....... Ciuna, BIZNJAMIN l-Iomx, jk. D.-xx is, ROlll'.Ii'l' lll:.Xl.l-. .....,. . Dlikmi, Liimncus ........... DUv.n.I,, FRlElJliRli'Ii Gmixr-:R ..', Inu SMIVEI. ..... FoNvn.1.12, DE Rox' Rsxson .. PoL'ln,, Cn.nn.ns XYn.soN Iiunrox GAINES, Gini 1-:l:, G , XX711.1-1.xxi 1-lL's'rox .. Xl7lI,r.1.xx1 1-l.-nuns .. .-XLUIERT Glmvsox .. ienias, lliixm' Lewis ..... . l'I.XAlll.TIJN, filename SLn.1.n'.xx . Him., R.Xl.l'H XX .xmo ....... lrlomzs, 'lqIlllRl.XF. Gnzsox .. l-lulxnxlan, Innes Nimmo .... l-lunsox, NIUKNIQLIIT Tixcsma . lrlurzuin, .-XLVIN llmtxxr jiaiflfklass, RflllliR'l' IVIll.l,liR .. jlissiz, CH.xR1.1zs 'l'HoAl.xs .. JESTER, liovsrox, jk. . . . . jonxsrox, H1-:Nur .-N1..xN .. LEE, Rn'n.xkn liozlliie, Jn. . Loxc, Cmxvlfomm JONES . l,on'm', l-l.xkzn.n Lizwls .. lVIcCUr.I.oc1'n, DfllJllIill.lfili .... MARTIN, STEVEN DU XXAL .. M.'xsoN, C11r.xR1.lzs Ennxxian .. MIZIEIQS, Wn.1.l.xM Ennxaxkn .. Mn.L1ck, Plrixkx' CAMI'Illil.l. .. MoR.,xNciY, Lows Mornikia Pamrlan, GR.XIfI.XM CIUJCKICTT . PAYNE, No1m.xN Gm' ...... PENCE, I-lr5Ns15L EMANUIQ1, .. PlcNm1:1:, 1TllZRllliRT l-l.xw.xkn PHII.l.ll'S, JOHN RixYMoNn, JR. PICKETT, l-lakiu' El-I.lKlTT ..... PlxC1c.x1m, XMILLIAM Pi5x'ToN, In Po1.i.AkD, FREDIZRICK Gmzsi-Inn RELLER, XNILLIAM XV. ...... . RICE, FRAZER LEA .... . RILEY, .LXl.l4l'IRT Gum: ....., . lYQOlllNl2TTlE, Ll.oY1a Milaznixm . RUNYUN, CH.x1:1,i2s V1Nrav.Axnn . S.xm.uR, Wn.r.i.xM Huccms, Ju .-Xsheville, N. C. Selma, Ala. Petersburg, Va. Thomasville, Ga. Easton, Md. Nokesville, Va. Burlington, X. C. Leliigliton, Pa. Bardstown, Ky. Xlarrenton, Va. Pulaski, Va. Decatur. Ga. Jackson, Miss. Kansas City, Mo. Saltville, Ya. XYilcox XYllZl1'f, Va Richmond, Va. Richmond, Ya. Bowling Green, Va. Lynclilvnrg, Va. Norfolk, Va. Sumter, S. C. Birmingham, .-Xla. Richmond, Va. Marianna, Ark. Lynchburg, Va. Jett, Ky. Massies Mills, Va. Pendleton, S. C. Versailles, Ky. Cl1a1'lottesx'ille, Va. Madison, Ya. Mt. Crawford, Va. Norfolk, Va. Trenton, N. I. Tombstone, Ariz. Birmingham, .-Xla. Richmond, Va. Richmond, Incl. Summit, Miss. Memphis, Tenn. Blackwater, Va. .Clai'ksx'ille, Tenn. Sheffield, Ala. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS f SIIERxI.xN, llliRN.XRll I..xI'x' .. SI-IEwxI,xRE, QJSLIXR l..xNE .. SNIIIUXY, llR.xI'RI-LTT l-lIaxRx' ..... T.xI.I.I.xIfERRO, .-XNTIIONY ll.XI!l'l.,XX .. T.xI.I.I.xIfERRO, L'lI.xRI.Es L'II.xxII'li, JR. . T.xI'I.OR, EIsxI'.xRD LIiI..xND ........ .. 'l'IfImI, .'Xl.FRlill PIixII:RORI-2, JR. . TllURl', ROI..xxD FITZ-IQOIIERT .. Tl-lL'Rl.UXY, HARRY I-l,xDI.Ex' .. TIIfF.xxI', XX'.xI.TER JORIIm: .. TL'l!XBl'l.l,, IRIN' ........... . W'EI-CI'1, ClI.XRl.liS CI..xRI4, JR. .. XYlEl,l.FURlJ, JAMES Kln'lJIIx,xI.II .. . WIDENER, l'IlR.'XM l:1xIORY ..... . XYILSON, MIIJTON D. XYINGU, JU!-IX TREx'II.I.xx .. VVISE, -JENNINHS CR0l'I'liR .. DOCTORS OF MEDICINE B.-IRDIN, JAMES COOIQ ............. . BUTLER, Wm. WII.5ON S.xxIL'EI., JR. .. CAI,DwEI.I., .-XXDREW l'l:.XRl'liR . .. CORYEII, JO1-IN R.xI.IfI-I ...., DADNEY, xVll.l,l.XM CECII. ., DAVIS, ROIIERT .'XI.I..xN .,....... IDEN, BEx,I.mIIx FR.xNI4I.IN, JR. . JONES, LEE .................... JONES, ROIIERT FRANCIS JONES, 'TI-IOM EDWARD ....... .. LOONEY, JOI-IN JOSE:-H XYII,I,I.-WIS . . . NIARBURY, XVIIIIAM BERRY ..... MOCJIQE, JULIUS SHEIIPARD MURRAY, GEORGE M,xss.xI-ON . . RANDOLPH, A'RCHIImI,D CARY REICH, UL'TON SI-IARETT5 ............... 'SHAcI:EI.EoIgD, .ROBERT BIxvI,OR SMII-SON .. SLOAN, THOMAS DVXVIGHT .............. . CIVIL ENGINEERS HOMES, M:XRSHALL GOODE .......,...... JACKSON, GEORGE FREDERICK RfNDCLIFFE LAIRD, VVAETER JONES ................ MENTRUM, FREDERICK fXNDRENV .. SMITH, HENRY BOUTWELI. .... xl1lI'KlllL'fll', Mivh. Xcwpurt Na-ws, Yu. l'cnIlIrOlcc, VII. fJl'Illlgl', YII. f,I'1lllgC, Yu. lN'IIIrI'rcI-slmru, 'l-Cllll XX-2lSlllllglllll, IJ, lf Xurfnllc, Yu. lluI'l':IlO, X. Y. Mimlrlll-lIIIrg, X':I. l-llWI'CllCL'Xlllk'. Yu. lk-IIx'cr, LRIIO. Kllillillllllfl, Yu. .XlmiIIgIlOII, Yu. ll1ll'lQlJXK', l7l:I. lQIclIn1OIIrl. Yu. L'lIaI'lOttcsx'illc, Yu. ClI:IrlOttcsx'illc. Yu. ROQIIIOIQQ, X'Zl. ScIIzItOlIizI, Miss. Junction City, Kllll. ClIzI1'lOttesx'illc, Ya. Newport News, YII. NIZIHZISSHS, VII. CDl'CCl1SlJOI'O, Ala. PeterslJII1'g, Vu. ClIzIrlOttesx'ille, VII. Memphis, Tenn. Marlboro, Md. Arlcaclellbllia, Ark. Tuskegee, Ala. Millwood, Va. Freclerick City, Mcl. Cismont, Va. AIIdersoII, VV. Va. Boyclton, Va. XNfl.1Cl'l21llg, China XVZl.1'l'Cl1tOl'l, Va, SDORQIIIQ, Wfash. Broad Run, Va. 100 CORKS AND CURLS VOL XXIII MECHANICAL ENGINEER 001412. Lxxxras Vxss . .................................. Norfolk, Ya. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS male, M121:1:1TT Town, IR. .......,........................ Norfolk, Va. Exsux, Mxlclcmx .'X1.uNzu ...... Stautonslaurg, N .x1,1c1f:1c, .Xl.1:1il:'r STLZWT ...... Orange, Ya. T 1 i " 1 102 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI Eta Chapter Of Phi Kappa Sigma Founded at the University of Pennsylvania, 1850. Established, 1850 FRATRES IN URBE HUGH THOMAS NEI-SON,, M. D. JOHN NEWTON CLAYRROOK, B. S. FRATER IN FACULTATE EDNVIN ANDERSON :XLDERBI.XN, PIID., D. C. L., LL. D. ACADEMIC CI-IARLES HARPER CHANDLER, JR. CHARLES JOHNSTON CI-IURCHMAN JACKSON STEWART COOPER JOHN JAMES ELLINGTON ENGINEERING I'IARRY RIURPI-IY HARMON LAW VV ALTER HOWARD IYIELLY WALTER LESLIE DEVANEX', JR. D.-XVID :XLEXANDER HARRISON ROBERT BALDWIN LEARY LEROY DUBREE ROBERTS BUFORD CLEVELAND TYNES HUGH EVELYN VINCENT GEORGE EFFINGER NVARREN JOHN DANIEL VVHITE RICHARD TAYLOR XVILSON LITTLETON VV.-XDDELL WV OOD KEBIPER XMINSBOROUGH XIANCEY MEDICINE JAMES LEWIS LEICI-I BIRD ARTHUR SHADE JONES OGDEN DOREMUS KING, JR. BERNARD HEWETT IQYLE A04 Sv Z fu. ' T 1 Hb 1 - , 104 CORKS AND CURLS VOL.XXIII Eta Chapter Of Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded at Yale, 1844. Established, 1852 FRATRES IN URBE FRANK .-XI'nREx' AIASSEY, B. L. M.-xx'N.xDIER MASON FRATRES IN FACULTATE R.xI.EIuII COLSTON RIINOR, M. I-X., B. L. LI.EwELl..x'N GRIEIfI'1'IHI IEIOXTON, M. A. ACADEMIC I-QOIBIQRT XYARNER VVOOD LEWIS E. XV.-xLI-ACE DAVID N. XV. GRANT RALPH E. PIERCE -JOHN LLOYD ARTI-IUR HITCII AIOREIIEAD JONES JOIIN E. GREENOUGI-I BETHUMIE C. BERNARD LAW I'IEDLEY BICNAR BOWEN BIATTHEXV HOBSON MURPHY I-IAIIIL'rON CNRELL CI..xInORNE HUGH M. NELSON, JR. GILIIERT P. BOIIERT ARTHUR MOwnR.w RANDOLPH CH.-XRRINGTON PIENRY ROZIER DULANEY, JR. FELIX A. JENKINS STANFORD GXVIN DIXX'ID A. HUGHES XV.xL'I'ER H. NASH MEDICAL JOSEPH STEWARI' HUME L JOSEPH BENJAMIN XVAPLES CHARLES BROWN CRAXVFORD ENGINEERING JOSEPH HZOPKINSON BONVEN MQQMW G T5' ,imvomof :an- f IEE "'-rw. v.,'C', . 43,24 in , A V -x mv f ff 'g 1 uf- 43:.f.M l,, , V, , sf-X'rEa, ':- ' ' 1- , 'iw'fN f1,1' 1Ey1Z:fgf , ax 1 "xg ,,, .,,..,.Qg ' fL?i2?f"' 1 Q dn 'fu' T' N Y Wi"-:vs "i': . ,P 5'--ne, f " 1 ff: M1 ' -.a. . MLK. ix 106 CORKS AND CURLS VGLXXHI Virginia Alpha Chapter Of Phi Kappa Psi Founded, 1852. Established, 1853 FRATRES IN FACULTATE VVILLIANI M. TIIURNTONA, LL. D. JOHN ST.-XIGE DAVIS, M. A., M. D. CIIARLIES W. IXIIQNT, M. A., Ph. D. RICIifXRD HEIXTH DABNEY, M. A., Ph. D. T1-IOAIAS J. vXYER'I'ENB.-XKER, B. A., M. A. EDWARD STAPLES SMITH, M. E. FRATRES IN URBE ' COL. C. C. XVIiR'l'ENl!.'XKER HOWARD XVINSTON Snirfiii. R. XYOODS :XRCIIIE DOUGLAS RICRIURDO W ACADEMIC EDWIN RUTIIVEN BUTLER PIARRY EXUBREY TOULMIN THOMAS h'I.XRSHALL FORSYTII CI-IARLES GLENVILLE GIDDINGS THOMAS CLAY CARTER, JR. IIENRY ROBERTS AIILLER, JR. EWART JOHNSTON' NYILLIAII FRAZER TOMPKINS FREDERIC AINSWERT HEIBI LAW GEORGE BOARDHAN RACER, JR. JOSEPH NORRIS IQENNA VVILLIAM FREDERICK RIAY CARL OSCFXR SCHIIIDT MEDICINE LEWIS BOOKER CECIL DAXBNEY ALFRED POWER JONES GRADUATE THOMAS JEFFERSON XVERTENBAKER W' ip? ,ff 9 TDKIIWJ 53.5 4 , ,fri Q ' r 'Q' Q ..1..L7" ' 117 TTETL' ' 108 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Cmicron Chapter Of Beta Theta Pi Founded at Miami, 1839. Established, 1854 FRATER IN URBE CIIARLES COLVILLE TENNANT, M. D. FRATRES IN FACULTATE WILI-I,uI 1qARRISON FAULKNERI, M. A., Ph. D. THEODORE HOEOII, Ph. D. JOSEPH PIOEING ICASTLE, M. S., Ph. D. JOHN .-XUOL'S'I'US ENGLISII EYSTER, B. S., M. D. ACADEMIC H CURYDON i'IL'1ll2RT SIITTON S'IuxNLEx' AIATTHEXVS CLEVELAND T.IxzEwELL BIOR'I'ON CIIRRINOTON, JR. ROIIERT I'IENRY IXIOORE JOSEPH EIILLIER XYOIID JOHN PROSSER TABD ENGINEERING R4JIIEIQ'l' H .IRRIS WOODS, JR. JOHN ERI PATTERSON SUMMIIRS DAVIDSON LAIION BYRON RUSSELL CECIL IAIi2RI'4I2R'l' ERSRINE JONES GRADUATE XVILLI.-XM ,ALEXANDER S'IUAR'I' LAW H-IZNRY GRANGIZR GIIIII-IER JAMES ROGIERS BICCONNELL BEVERLY VVILLLIM STRAS RICHARD JNVATKINS CARRINGTON PHILIP XVILI.I.VxMS JOHN CIIESTER VVARNER VVILLIAM LUCE Mm' JOHN STRODE RIXEX' f , , . w X- . f i,,,,5Q!L . N m' 55 1. am X M Q' an I , mmm HW 1-:V 1.r..w' -- 'f 110 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Alpha Chapter of Chi Phi Founded at Princeton, 1824. Established, 1859 FRATRES IN URBE I-Iuuii XX'uR'1i111Nu'1'ux lIl1.l.1f.xm' Xvll,I.I.XRI XIYNN T1'1oRN'1'oN, JR. FRATRES IN FACULTATE XVll,I.1.XM llimmxis i':L'iIUl.S XX'll.I,.I.XM :XI-l.1SUN ICEPNER ACADEMIC 5 SAMLYI-31, 'l'.Ax'rlf: Muiecmx XVILLIS HoL's'roN PEARSON X'V.'XI,'l'liR HIQRRUN 'l'.xx'LuR CARL FIJZMING LAW JOHN XV1LL1.xA1 Iiovu 'IOSEPH' EMMET BROXVN VVILLLXM Svimcialc CUNIZRXI' Ew.xN DONALD Cixuizrwx 'IIIIUMAS ELLIS I-I.xRv1-:Y JOHN TURNEIQ IRVINC. JOHN 1,lliRL'Ii BIILLER, JR. ENGINEERING IVx"1'1'11i DAvis BOWIE BIQAUDRIC I,AF1'1"l'E i'IOXVELL MEDICAL X!VIL1.,1.XM IIENRY BAUGI-IMAN fl 4 .K 3 W , K A Jig? K- Q f ,. 'r -, 'iff ml., -y ' NX v , , . gurbrr mmm. A v "WU A 11.2 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI Virginia Omicron Chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded at the University of Alabama, March 9, 1856. Established, 1858 FRATER IN URBE Rmsiaiei' l-l,xNcocic W'uoD, B. L. GRADUATE jniiia ljienuici-Qs Sxiirii l-lixielels Nl.xRiii-LAM FINDLAY ACADEMIC , , . Lf XXil1.l.1,xx1 l'lu4:su:'1"1' l'US'I'l-IR 'lun lfl.Xl'l'lXl:XN l'lYDE Liiamuzia A-Xiiilx'i-iI.I. -lmiifzs XX'11.1.1,xxi l'NUS'l'liR L'i..x1:i-:Nui-1 llussl-:Y l'lliWliS vlmix W1-151.1-:Y DLTRIZV, JR. SAM Rmrrii LfoNNial.i.Y Lfiriximias Own Hupuiis -lixxriss llI'lRl.XlI liimzii-tu, -llc. MEDICAL RUFUS TINSLEY REID Liao lihlhllfl lal,fxR'l'Y .IUHN XVlI.LIAM Blain' LAW JDHN L'.ix1.LAN liimnics CnARr.135 EDWARD NlORAN l'lIiVl'IRl.Y l?liN'l'lJN l'lQxl.i, R1,JlZli1i'l' l'lAROLD BOND lqfllllilll E,xRi,1c lflmxi' joslaifu KL1311s12R XR7121.I.S J.-xmlcs Wimlilix' Cuicielii EARLIS NEIL XMESTER XMELIJON Muieimx' Bix1L1zv SAMUEI. SMITH jizmfizniiss A ENGINEERING NV 11.L1,xM XVOODHALL W OOD JAMES NlADISON GARRETT, JR. gig? - .I K ., ' .v X' 43 N -. 03" ,, . - -"' " , g f- " 'm fkix " ' ' ' NX , A A 3 ' QQ 1 1:-.,1-'1':l.511 "' ' 2 ifi' 'I "X IELWF. "'-' . - WK N a, 7 Q -.-.-.- . ,4'-A QAV. A if h Q by, LCm.f- E N' - N, M ' W V L E1:.IL71"s' 535111 114 CORKS AND CURLS VGLXXIII Omicron Chapter of Phi Gamma Delta Founded at Washington and Jefferson College, 1848. Established, 1858 FRATRES IN FACULTATE :X1mIs'11-,,x1: Rl.x:.rnN Dmmz, ll. Rl. .X., I.l,. B. lfllxlcvl-i'. liRlXS'I'UN STUNIQ, H. .-X., R FRATER IN URBE I. D. EIJXYIX XIASSII-1 Wf-xx'l..xND, L. E. ACADEMIC XY1l..1-cwu11l:x' 'l'.x1.1:m' Cumui, 'lla Xvll.l.l.XAl I-l1c14suN IYIULQUMBE JOHN Blxlavlx D.xx'1s hIu11N ISENSUN JENKINS, jk. Rl.Xl.LfUl-5l rIIUXX'NSliNlJ lJllL'u1-.xs Ru1:ER'1' LAM: XV1 1.1, 1 .x M P,x'1"rc JN l'Il'l'li XV,x1,'1'ER DUVAI. liilmw N .XLFRICD Q lll.UL' l'l"l SHACKELFORD LAW I-IARRY THOMPSON CUMEIQ lX'lQxR1c Rm' 'l7lxvlI,1.E MEDICAL ENGINEERING FRANK NELSON LEWIS NIORTON QERAHAM GOODE IBNRCLM' PRETLOW Tmmms EDMUND HUGI-IES . . . , 2 . . 116 CORKS A ND CURLS VOLXXIII Upsilon Chapter of Delta Psi Founded at Columbia, 1847. Established, 1859 FRATRES IN URBE joux xV,X'1"l'S lilzxlexizx' 3l1c.xj,xr1 XVuuns EIJWARIJ DICKINSON TAYLOE ACADEMIC FRANK FUULKIQ BEIRNE CHARL125 l5I-l-IO'l"l' XVQXIi'l'HADI A1.l5x.lxN1n15R CRAIG CUl-liliR'I'SON l?R.VxNlq Vl'l.XI.Ml2R Cl4lRlS'l'IAN CI-1.QxRL.15s Qurmuxkn 'I'.xx'1.oR .-XRLHER L'IA1R1s'1'1AN :XNDREW DUNsL'oms C11R1s'rl.xx l-l.xRoLD DLl1JI-IiX' BELL LAW IQICH.-XRD T UNs'1uxLL .-XLGIQRNUN CuL1zM,xN CHALMERS DAVID FITWIGGS CuA1.M13R5 XY11.1.1.'xM OX'l'IIi'l'lJN I-l,xRRLs NATHANIEL EWING -loslwl-I XVATSON BEACH ENGINEERING LI'l"l'LE'l'ON XVI-XLLIER TAZIZWIZLLA, IR. C.xLv1zR'r XVALKE TAZIEVVELL MEDICINE CARRINGTON VVILLIAMS SPo'rswo0D BRAXION HALL f Jr , W il ,ELL 118 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Psi Chapter of Sigma Chi Founded at Miami, 1855. Established, 1860 FRATRES IN FACULTATE L'11.xizl.1Qs ,'Xl.FllIiIJ Ciiuvias, M. ,-X., LL. D. b'i'1s1'111cx lhlulzi' XX,x'1"i's, M. A., M. D. N, FRATRES IN URBE Giiomzii Pisiucixs, 13, L. SAMUEL S.xUNDi51zs ACADEMIC Roiaigm' McCI..fxN,x1Ai,xN .-XLLIQN LxlI.XRl.IiS Cum: DON 1'i.AxRRu:.xN lgsiilugiale A1.1-Lxixxhiau M.xu1noN.x1,D jmiizs P.-xml 1511 .i'il.AliliNliY IULIAN XVH1'i'1r11i1.D POTTER JAMES SP15Ncti5R SPEED T1-imiixs BIULDRUP LOGAN BRUNS LUCIAN HOWARD Cocicis, jk. JOHN P.xR1AI.ixm XVl4:1u,RlN LAW CHARLES FRANCIS COCJQE F:xR1zEL1, D.'xIsN1zY M1NOR, JR. PAUL LEVAN 1ii1'l'CI1ENS Lucius IUNIUS POLK, IR. LEO J. SMITH S., 57 I L x0 Nsxx fx wx.,-. 5 , QE - rg. -. A J r 4,xJ..,,....A., ,H 'kr ' 5 4- lrfgyo Ngisgi I C SIQNOV .H DPM. 120 CORKSLAND CURLS VOLXXHI Virginia Delta Chapter Of Alpha Tau Omega Founded in Richmond. Va., 1865. Established, 1868 FRATRES IN URBE ALi:ER'1' STUART ROLLING, B. A., N. A., B. L. RIEV. LLXRRY B. LEE, B. .-X., U. L. JAMES B. GREEN, B. L. STLvART HANQIQEL -TACQUELIN M. ROIIIERTSON .-XNUEEW IEIARPER C.Xl.DWELL, N. D. DR. RIEUIBIEN LINDSAY ROIEIZRTXHIJN ACADEMIC THOMAS HARDY TODD XVILEY ROUNl'REE COOKE CLAIEORNE VVILLCOX LEO VVATTS NORTON JOHN STUART BATTLE LAW JOHN ANDERSON NIYERS MEDICAL GEORGE LIERMANN LANG ENGINEERING LAWRENCE FONTAINE TUCKER WILLIAM R. MCLURE ANDRE BURTHE f ff? .. sa f ' J' - I . 'J , f - , . I I . 4 U U K"Af'2yqf L5 W ' A-'-"J -,QQ ' " .f f 'Q '-. P .Q ,ff 93 W .9 u 4 . J ' 'BJ 122 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Alpha Chapter Of Pi Kappa Alpha Founded at the University of Virginia, March 1, 1858 FRATRES IN URBE JOHN S. WHITE FRANK M. BIAGRUDER JOHN M. WHITE CHARLES H. H. THOMAS AVILSON L. SMITH GEORGE R. B. BIICI-IIE JOHN W. FISIIIIIIRNE ARCHIBALD D. DARNEY CLEMENT D. FISHBURNE FRANK MOORE ARTHUR C. JONES FRATRES IN FACULTATE RORERT IXIONTGOMERY BIRD, B. A., B. S., Ph. D. FRANCIS PERRY DUNNINGTON, B. S. JOIIN LLOYD NEWCOAID, B. A., C. E. ACADEMIC JOHN LESLIE CURRY JAMES FENNEL GARTH EARNEST BEVERLY AGEE LAW CAPIZRS GAMEXVELL BARR IXIITCHELL TARB NEFF ALLEN J. KREIIS, JR. JOSEPH STUART XVHITE LAURENCE .ALEXANDER ANDERSON MEDICAL JOHN I'IENRY NEFF HUIIERT FENTRESS JOHN LORDAN KAIILE ' ENGINEERING IRVINE JONES SHEPHERD CARL B. LIVINGSTON JAMES FLINT XVALLER JOHN MARSHALL . 4 in l ' i f ' gi -i " L ' 'W I1 f 'Z Ulllf' XA' F fm' Y W- '33, . X ' .q Y il Nil' - 'V 'Q Q -1 " AT' L' '-'lin 4' ' 'ig' I- L . V, , . ak w f U 'fig 0 ' F3T3N , will I .Y , I. uf 115' Q ,gr ,li U.-1 ' E,,,--.faux lszs Hr zamncaarfnsr-frrwr Emzrn-rr.. IA- 124 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Beta Chapter Of Zeta Psi FRATRES IN URBE W. R. DLTIQE RIURRAY BOOCOCK GEORGE E. WVALKER VV. EXLLAN' PERKINS JUDGE R. T. W. DUKE GORDON G. NELSON NEVILLE G. I-IENSI-IAW LOUIS T. I'IANCKEL, JR. XVILLIAM C. I-IANCKEL BRENT WVAN SXVEARINGEN ACADEMIC CI-IARLES CIIOUTEAU JOHNSON RUSSELL ALPHEUS RAMEY JOHN 'FLAVEL SLAUGHTER DUICE MEDICINE ROBERT ARTHUR WILLIAMS ENGINEERING ANDREW T UTT BOTTS, JR. DANIEL CUSIIING LAW WILLIAM BENJAMIN I-IARRISON LOGAN MCKEE NELSON SIEDLER NELSON PACE .537 ,L sp K, 4' X Q7 .. x S xf ,',3' F E Vx fm 5. A ak Q VT ,'.f'. N'-lla, P 1 1 1.-1" 11" I 595' C- .42 I x v XJ 1 , I, 3 Q 'H " r f k ff fl b e- fps? Z 11 126 CORKS AND CURLS VGLXXHI Zeta Chapter of Kappa Sigma Founded at University of Virginia, 1869 FRATRES IN FACULTATE X+Vii-1-1,xxi Mmm: Limi, Ii. L., LL. D. Iimiss Lf-xi:iu.ii-i. i'il.lPI'lN, M. D. l IIOKIAS I,l'IIJN.XRD XVA'1's11iN, M. S., Ph. D. ACADEMIC .-Xpui.xN SliW.XI.I, jXIl.IiS S'l'.XPl.Ii'l'ON D.'x1:N12Y GOUCIYI NN'i'l-1.i.xxl .'X'1'iilNsuN' JONICS, IR. i'ilERli!l-IR'l' NASH Tuciqim JOHN I--liixieiex' I'iIENDIiRSON LAW STUART BI..-wp CAMi'mai.1. NV1r.1.iM1 XViI1'1'iNG i'IV1'E, IR. ALP1-iizus gf.-XNIIZS C11iiwNlNG, hlie. XVi1.I.1.xmi Tircimxs Nc'C.xFFRi2Y NVIr,L1,xM XV.-Xl-'l'liR Dwiiczms f.iICOR4QIi G.xNN,xw,xY SHANNON XV11,i-iMi XVc'n.iiu CRUMP CYRII. K12r,Lx' RICI-IJXRDS FR.fxNK1-1N' Pc.1Wizi-L Cuirris XV1L1.i.-xn-I XVORTH SMITH ENGINEERING JAM iss VASS BROOKE 1 .1 ' JU ka eg, 254' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' n 1 ' wr, fn.uc1wr- P1-m.n-. 128 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Beta Chapter of Sigma Nu Founded V. M. I., 1866. Established, 1870 FRATRES IN FACULTATE HRUCL-I RY1:U1:N 1'.wN1-2, Ph. D. limvlx PRIiS'l'UN 1D.x1u:.xN., M. Ph. D. ACADEMIC B. FUIJITJN .KNNIS xfV1LI.l.-XM BE.xRD.xLL JAMES M. AICELROY T1'1oxr.xs I. SXNDREXYS . XVlI.l-I.XM T. Yrwxca IQOI3liR'l' R. SMITH CHIZ5'1'I2R C. BliCKXYl'IkIl, Lmfls M. VVOULNVINE Glaumzli W11.1-1.fxM TRlTl'1"l' LAW :XDAM EATON IAIITCHINS ROY IIARRY PICKFORD FRANK I. ROAN 'RICHARD K. BRIDGES . IQORIZST Q. S'I'AN'l'I'lN ENGINEERING rFIMU'I'HY BwoM1f115I.D Emmlz NICLURE MEDICAL D4X'NIliL R. MURC1-11asoN C1-IESTER A. W7 11-MER I'IENRY C. Y ARBROUGH ' 'V44 , Q3 1 M ' ' I V K' K L Q Q M f., AW f f , .1 J I 15.4, x f SNS, -if V !f W 15, X 'X 4' 1 U . 'vi a X Q 5 F A 'r ' 1 I " , -8 Q x A .1 X M' -W f , V , 'fmt .11 XL' JE n-4 sy Q, rr :mm . 130 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Virginia Beta Chapter Of Phi Delta Theta Founded at Miami, 1848. Established, 1873 FRATER IN FACULTATE HIxI,S'I'I-1.xD SIIIINAN PIISIJKSIES, B. B., M. .-X., M. D. FRATER IN URBE XYIII'I'IfIfIEI.I'I XX'.'Xl.'l'UN liIzOc'mI.xN, B. A. ACADEMIC REMIIERT COIIIIINIVIION JXNIJIERSUN JOHN DL7Bf?SE l3.xRNwEI.I. JOI-IN LII.E CIxxII1I:EI.I. -JOIIN I-Tuwzif, JR. LEWIS JAMES LENIEN AIINUR CARSON LILIE HI-ZNRI' SI-II.'.xRIiIIRII:S Mixcicxx' 1...-IWRI-:Nc'E JANNEY MIxR'I'IN LAW BODIJ-xv BOORER JOHN XVESLI-IY CARTI-:R, JR. JULIUS FR,xNIcI.IN GI..xSS PAIQE IQEEN GR.Ixx'EI.v hi.-XSON .ARVERY LEWIS JOHN MINOR BLACKFORD iQUl!I2R'I' XYESLEY BURKE JIII.I.xN SIDNEY CHAMBERS DONAI.D PIIINNEY GOODWIN hiALCOI.M INZERR II.-XRRIS AIN.-xIeI IJOWARD iX'iARTIN MEDICAL P W I I.I.I,x M EDWARD BRAY RICIYIARD VJIPON r.FAX'l-OR ENGINEERING ROBINSON SWEARINGEN BROWN FREDERICK NASH HARRISON JOHN LEWIS UNDERWOOD Af f gf L' ff M., W5 - f f'+ f 'wwf . , , ,J iw!-f. GQ 5 'E -1:5 -Fi-. - '-E' , 5 W N5 am f ' 1 ' M ,Lv N I f x F51 . 'VJ 3 JDS' x 2 P J ' gil x E .-, 45 I I ER 1 .3 , ,f 1 'Q U H' ff' E. 6 2 E 'i . -Li--2" , ,v .ts X ' ffmiff f Q ,NAV ,,'jjjpg'ofz.5fw ' S P 132 CORKS AND CURLS VOL XXIII Lambda Chapter of Kappa Alpha Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1865. Established, 1873 FRATRES IN URBE HENRY O'I3.xNNoN XV11.1.1.xx1 F1'1'z111'cs1A1 C,xR'1'15R VV11.1.1,xMI LONG C11A1:1.1as XV. A1-1.12x ANDREW CHISHOLNI FRATRES IN FACULTATE L'11.x1e1.1cs A1.111111Nso SM1111, A. IZ., A. M., Ph. D., LL. D. .IAMI-I5 M111c1a1s I-F1111-3, XI. A., Ph. D. .Al.lIIiR'l' L1-Qlflixkla, A. 13., Ph. D., L 'III'-IUAIAS XY.x1.141a1c I'.xr:1i, RI. A., Ph. D. T11oA11xs I?1'1'z' I'IL'c':1'1, M. A., Ph XV11-1-1.x11 Ial.x1e1:x' l'I11:m'1c, M. A. R1c'11.xR1u I-Ilaxm' W1A11'1'E1'112.'xD, NI D NY11.1.1.xx1 Df1L'c:1,.-xs NIACON, M. D. ACADEMIC XV.x1.'1'1QR A1.1..xN GAIJ1' Pulau' S'1'L'.x1:'1' Gm NT A1..1-.xN L.11211.x1.11 13.111111 C EAR1.1f Nmuals IIIXJYD FRANCIS 1ii.1xc'c1N I,1x'1'.xm' G1u1x'1c1z As11'1'c1N D0v121.1, :XNDREXV Horam I'-I1x111"1'0N Rm' C.-x1.11w121-1, Mox's'1'oN RICTI'I.'X1ilD Ihmxvx S.1xUN1'113Rs W7 11-11.111 KM-'.1xNA UGII Dom' OSCAR Ro1:1f:1u- T111:,xv11:s IXIERCER B1.ANc11.Vx1ap Emi UN11 I-'EN11L1z'1'oN TAI 1 XTERRO JOHN I3UR11R11x51i I XR1 cm C1s1'11. FR15D1zR1Q:K Ml. was .x1:1u11.1. Q11:,xYsoN G.x1.'1' LAW Lxlifll. XV.-XDE S'1'EV13Ns jmm FR.xN1c1.1N PINNER A-I.-XMIQS GU'1'11R11i XVI'11sE1,F:R XVr1.1.1.xM Ccmxxx-xxx' BRxzxN'1' Guy ANSEL1. BOND DUVELI. S'1eU.xR'1' DENMAN M1xxw151,L 6120121113 B.xR1qs1.1,x1.1i XVICKHAM A. A. IVIILLER MEDICAL IAM ES BURNET1' L.-x UGHLIN ENGINEERING TURNER I-IILL XVILTSHIRE ' 115 pi x L- I Q SE f x , 2 ,kkf"', 'aw- ,V- . U g i I , lk . ' :5 Us 11311: Q3 x X M W, f., -.,,4 ,Af K, 134 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI Beta lOta Chapter Of Delta Tau Delta Founded at Bethany College, 1859. Established, 1889 FRATRES IN URBE ROBlili'I' .ANDERSON XY,x'1'sON, 13, L. -IUIIN LICWIS QRENSHAXV. M. D. ACADEMIC D.x1sNEx' S'l'IiW.XR'lD L.XNL'.XS'ltliR XX'1er.xR'1'ON EXVELL XVEEM5 RL'uO1,1-11 TURK l'kR.XNl,'l5 I4'OR'rEscUE XV 1-H'1"1'LE XV1LL1'.xM Anus HORREL1. Rtlllliltl' Rlcx-MRO T1-LOMPSON .l'1R4XNIi l'NlJL'RQL'Rli.XN l:.XUI.liNER LAW CHlxRLEs SHARP GRANT l"RIiDlERICli XYIIOLFORD CUNXXKXY NVEBB GEORGE GILMER E.xs1-EY JOHN PRESTON BUC1-1,xx.,xN XVll.L.1.xM Sxmn GRAHAM ENGINEERING FAY1z'1"1-15 CLAY Ewmc, IR. limvmn ALLEN POWERS VVILLLXM JACKSON lXl.XNN, -IR. 'FHOMAS l'gl2LSl-IAM DIERRICK MEDICAL GARLAND EGG1.Es'rON FAULKNIER, IR. JOHN PORTER JONES l'L'XRRY l'lOXY.XRD XIARNER GRADUATE COLIN lWACKENZIE MACKALL x f ,Z , -:X Q " ff 5-'1f1,g9' ' K V Sv 1 - - f '!4ac 'ii '-ffl? ,QE Hlrfrfsef 'N LFNCLERXJ C - - , 1 lx! Am , 1 '- ' J' 1' r 3-SL 5 ' 'iffy W" 'Y N I X ,H ' . , , gi 2 NW' - X1,tk,' Y'.. Q' ' 'A L :N J r k I. 'MJ 'fl' 136 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Virginia Chapter Of Delta Chi Founded at Cornell, 1890. Established, l905. FRATRES IN URBE Jumzic R. T. W. 1Jl'Kli XYII-LI.-XM C. GLOT1-I HON. JOHN U. MOON Wi1.1.1.xR1 O. Fir-'E XYi1.LLxxi I'i-:WON HARMLJN DINNVIDDIE HARRY T'i.XIJl.I-IY 'iTlll'Rl,UXY, KI. .-X., LL. B. ACADEMIC JOHN W. CON15 R111-IIZI2'l' C, TXICINTYRE, JR. JXUIIREY LEE XVII.1.IAMs LAW T, JATYRUN PYLE T'iiUGT'I L. T-TOLLAND G1cORc:12 W. FRY XVILLMM T. McfC.xFFR12Y R. EARL T'TOL'l' XV. RC'1lKl2R'F JONES WILLI.xM E. NICHOLS XVILLIAM B. TXTCNUTT R. TX'iI'l,I.liR TTTOLLAND THOMAS S. S11:T'rL12 TLLXRRY L. SPRA'r'L' LOUIS A. .JOHNSON HARRY A. Sl-IINNICK GARr..xND M. TX4CNUTT C1-MNNING M. :HALL JOSEPH T. VVILSON GEORGE F. 1-LxNNixxj, JR. " JOSEPH B. STRATON FRANCIS B. NICGARRY , f if Q' ax.. 1 505' I r l In li-lg, Lvv l. , W X 'PP ,-1' 'fi ,LZ 'ly -lil' fi, 'WD' "Q bf L' 734. , F ggi ' fu-Iv 9 in 1 '1 1-"1 . 'I ' AH --., su, -mfr, Plnw 138 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Psi Chapter of Phi Sigma Kappa Founded at the Massachusetts Agricultural College, 1873 Established at the University of Virginia, 1906 FRATER IN FACULTATE Hxieviix' ERN1is'r JVUIQIJAN, M. A., Ph. D. FRATRES IN URBE ' HUN. TIIORLXS S'l'Al'I,liS 3l.x11'1'1N lalfiiziax' I-l.x1i1.1zx' T11L'RL0w, B. L. ACADEMIC 11.111 N L11:'1'cf11 1-:R l-lixieizisux 014211.11111 I.,IiS'liliR E.xs'rxr.xN G1zA'1'11.m'1' IV.xs111:1111N1i NY11.1..xR1i HJXRAICJN XVI-11112 LAW YINCIQNT josicrifi K1t.x'1'1Nc:, B. A. I-Iormciz GlEX'l2R, Jn. JOHN SPEED E1,1.1o'1' JEAN Ross IRVINI2 I'I.'XVIiN Siowiz BUL1..xRD 135513 B1.AK1f: Armixis BERN.-xR1i NICE XVENDE MEDICINE CHAR1.1is TEIQREL PoR'1'1311 EDWIN VVILSON I-IQLLADAY ENGINEERING , Ro1sER'1' I'IUGH I'IOUSTON IARED STOUT LAPHAM A PARK MCLURE . - az: , A T, H., , mmf , -x L, t ' I L'.' N 'I uf . a., game EUHHIM Fiiwv. in L J. mR'.'i :I 140 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Virginia Eta Chapter Sigma Phi Epsilon FRATRES IN URBE EDWARD DANIEL Nunxxx JOHN AULL IIIARION STEVENSDN FREDERICK C,xsP.xR RINKER DR. I-IARRY L. SMITH ACADEMIC 'Unix XYORMELEY HIXRRIS 7 IT: n'4'1iE1'r I A.I.EMON I'III.SA-IAN G.1XSKIN U.xRim: Pi-'XIAIIQIQ MEDICINE JAMES B.xRRoUR IQITE, IR. ENGINEERING I-IUGH O'DONOV.-XN GRIFFITH III,-XRSHALL GRAVATT GEORGE LLOYD DOUGHTY, IR. EM METTE VVARREN VVALL LUTHER XKVRIGHT T1-1Roc14M0R'i'oN PIZRCY RLYDOLPII AAISHBY LEROY H.xRcoUR'r SEXTON LAW VVILLIAM AULL, IR. GEORGE VVALKER A EDWARD XMI-IITE IEEARNS 1 H ..--f- --1.15 ,117 4' f, Q xx HJ 5 FAN Sv ' y ff 4 fry 40 W mrmml 3 e9'nmmrwWUlHfIm :mm-:N nw, , 142 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH Phi Zeta Chapter of Alpha Chi Rho Founded at Trinity College, 1895. Instituted at University of Virginia, 1907 I ACADEMIC PHILIP FDRD PRR'u.E.xi' FRANK NELSON FEREBEE Cfl,XL'I'IiR C.Xli.XI.l. H.xNmcR LAW IQIRKXVUOIJ LESTER XVUODY CIIARLES SEYMOUR X'I,XL RICHARD DENMAN, JR. i'iIiRl!1ZRT XVINDSOR REED XVAL'l'lER BERNARD IQIEIQZIZLI. KLXRCUS IDALY ,B0,xRM.xN MEDICAL .A.LBERT YYAN DEVEN'FE12 RRADEN ARHIUR HARRY NISILL ENGINEERING FRANCIS RAYMOND ICEYS BIDSERH PREDERIC FARER LEVI VVOODBRY HIULLEY HENRY XNOODMAN CLARK :man rv mam, 1-H CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Rho Chapter Delta Phi Founded, Union College, N. Y., 1827. Established, University of Virginia, 1907 FRATER IN URBE ,Imax DUN.-xwsox P.xR1c12R Ro1:1iR'1' Tiimlixs llixlrmx, hlli. Rifssliu. CARR 1l.X'l"l'I I 1-:xv H A RR 1 sox BENJ M1 1 N H UGER IAM 11:3 O'l'liX' BURNHAM lXlI'l'CI-IIELL . CHARLES L.-WAI- VVILLIAMS LUCIEN CARR, III ACADEMIC JAMES LYLE CAMBLO5 Cl-1.xNN1xu XY11.1.1,xMs DANIEL JOHN l'l.-XMPTON PIOGE .l?RliDlZRlL'K FORD W'1LL1.'xMS LAW R BRUQIQ lXlCCl.lil.L.-XND4, IR. L.xUR,xNCE SIMPSON MEDICAL Lows L,wixL NVILL1.-xus, JR. ENGINEERING THOMAS BEDFORD GLASCOCK TX 3 --. s VN'-,.. ki A -, 146 I I coRKs AND CURLSIIIII lvorfxxru . ,,X . f' X mn-. it ii t . iiillilli , i 6 v' r1 x ,-11 if ,,,:5:2:s, um Mm f1,,,E15?fffrni1r'H 1 'UQ C:',ggrm'f' -4 incur' Thug Mug Chapter of Iota Stole Pi Founded at Sing Sing, 1887. Dear Brothers:- The beginning of 1910 linds us in a flourishing condition. In spite of the fact that our quarters are rather cramped we have succeeded in pledging the pick of the newcomers, and take pleasure in introducing to the fraternity Brothers Spike McGaw, Spud Murphy, alias Skinny Kelly, Jimmie Killem and Peg Patrick. The new men are specially zealous and at present are practicing the fraternity lockstep. We were in hopes of having Harry Thaw amongst our members, as he had been pledged an Iota right after the Madison Roof Garden affair, but his guardian decided that he should go elsewhere. Brother Sentenceout graduated in the spring and is now doing well at second-story work. We expect him to return after he finishes his next jobg possibly earlier. Brother 9468, an ardent alumnus, returned unexpectedly for a third session. We are glad to announce that he expects to remain with us for many years now. Attendance at meetings has fallen off slightly of late, due to the fact that the Faculty has barred several members. Brother 999 has been confined to his room with cellular trouble, but is expected to be out as soon as a new consignment of rocks arrives. We suppose that you have read in "Current Topics" that Brother Stabem was appointed to the Chair of Electricity on Friday morning, but that he was removed shortly afterwards for grave reasons. It is said that the charges against him were shocking. Brothers Ile Beatit and S. Cape advised us before leaving to see what could be done towards founding an alumni chapter in Algeria. They expect to live there for many years, if they will be so fortunate. We hope the general fraternity will act on this suggestion, for many of our old alumni are sojourning in that country. Yours in the bond, Corresponding Secretary, No. 7843. +- GJ' 148 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII THE RIME OF THE DEFEATED MARINER I'm not, Sirs, the Ancient Mariner, I don't know nothing 'bout him or herg I've only spoke for to aver As I'm the defeated Mariner. I have a tale of woe to tell Of what to this poor soul befell. Well, fur a start, in BaHin's Bay, My shade was yellow, green, purple and gray. As the good ship hove round off Cape Hatteras, I hove me about and hung fast to my mattress. And I may say that ot? Cape Horn I cussed the day as I was born. When we was rounding the Cape of Good Hope, D'ye think this chap was jubilant ?-Nope! A-steaming out through the broad Atlantic I were bad and worse and worser and frantic. And then on them liar-named seas, the Pacific Why doesn't Moses know as my case was terrific ? And I may say on the Indian Ocean, Perlitely speaking, as I heaved a commotion. And, if you comprehend, on the Mediterranean, I felt a certain feeling as was like to have slain one. I clearly recollect, through the Straits of Gibralter, I prayed for one thing, and that thing was a halter. I figger as I looked like some frayed-out flannel As we riz and fell on the English Channel. And a-busting about on the billowy Baltic I think my case was really asphalticR" They towed me ashore from the Irish Sea, --i-v- -----4 -O Gee! I'm not, Sirs, the Ancient Mariner, I'm not a bit of kin to him, to her, And I've only spoke for to aver As I'm the Defeated Mariner. -W. F. S. 'o8. 'The derivation of this word is somewhat uncertain.-Ed. W KWH 150 CORKS AND CURLS VOL. XXIII Minor Chapter of the Legal Fraternity of Phi Delta Phi Founded at the University of Michigan, 1869. Established. 1890 FRATRES IN FACULTATE XX'lI.I..I.XM Rlixme Limi, U. L., LL. D. R.xL151U11 C. Mixture, M. A., B. L. Lfii.x1eL1cs A. t.iR.YY14:s, N. B. L., LL. D. :XRMlS'l'li.XlJ KI. Ibmsiiz, M. .-X., B. L. CH,xRL15s FR.xNc1s Uiciiii A'IITCl'1l-ILL 'llxiais N151-'if .IULIUS FR.xNiQL1 N Ginxss RICHARD rlT.XYLtJR XVILSON EARL15 NORRIS FLOYD XVILLI .YM XVOUU CR Ur-11' B1ivERLL:Y VV. STRAS, IR. CH.ixRL13s Enwrxim Mmmw EWAN DKJNJXLIP CYMIQRUN I-IEDLIQY IYICIYIEISR I-SUYVIZN DONALD P. Goonwm Garmin R. TIIRAVES CSFURCE BOARDMNN RAGE ACTIVE MEMBERS IR . , , R, U . KEAIPER VXIINSBOROUGH YANCEY Nli'1e1uY L'Usi-rim: DQNNELL -IUIIN GL"l'IlRIE I-1uYwuU11i hI1XI.L'OI,3I IQERR I-LYRRIS Fiamx ALLEN JENKINS P,xcs12 KEEN GRAVIELY CtII.liI2R'I' P.xNCo,xs'r BOGERT Divm AI.15x.xND1zR H.xRR1soN,, IR CHMQLIQS SILYR1' GRAN1' Moss rXIlRAM PLUNK13'r'r Ruiiiaivi' B.'XI.DXN'IN LEARY I'l.xM1L'roN Cixi:izLL CLAIBORNE -IUHN XNILLLYM BOYD Wf1Ll,IixM FREDERIC NIAY ROY CALDWELL NIOYSTON 'Q ,1-7, ' F' andere- .:-,mi X wf 152 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH Alpha Chapter Of Pi Mu Medical Fraternity Founded at the University of Virginia, 1892 FRATRES IN FACULTATE t DR. 1-IALs'rEAD S1'llI'Al.XN liililhijl-IS DR. RCJlEliIZ'1' FRENCH COMPTON DR. i'iL'ljII 'Fi-:mmm NELSON FRATER IN URBE DR. XYlI,LI.'XBI R. RANDOLPH MEMBERS THOMAS EDMOND I'IUGI-IES BERNARD HEwE'r'r KX'LE EDWIN XVILSON HOLLADAY JAMES ALEXANDER XNADDELL AIQCI-Ilii.-XLKJ IDOUGLAS BICNIURDO FREDERICK CASPAR RINRER QLIN CONRAD JONES :ARTHUR SHADE JONES JOHN LOBBAN If.-XBLE SIEDLER NELSON PACE in. X4 154 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH Pi Mu Chapter of the Nu Sigma Nu Founded at the University of Michigan, 1882. Established, 1904 FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. R. H. XYI.I1'l'1i1lE.X1fl DR. A. H. TUTTLE DR. STEP1-IEN H. X'v,X'l"l'5 DR. H. S. HEDGES DK. J, C. FLIPPIN DR. I. NY. AIALLET FRATRES IN URBE DR. XV. M, RANDOLPH DR. H. T. NELSON FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE H. W. JACKSON G. E. FAULKNER D. R. BQURCHISON R. T. REID C.A.NV1TMER R. R. DALE C. L. VVILLIAMS O. D. IQING S. SAUNDERS, IR. K. B. STEELE H. C. Yv.-XRBROUGI-I TXX 7 ill' 'KIM IX ,fv- Q 1- l n, 24 fa, sumryu nu uv. 156 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI Sigma Chapier of Phi Rho Sigma Medical Fraternity Founded at Northwestern University, 1871. Established at the University of Virginia, 1904 j. B. Kim., JR. H. B. Sroxii R. B. TAYLOR, jk. M. R. i'i.XX'1I-I.Ii :X. P. ,IUNIQS H. S. XfV0oD1.:i3RRY H. H. X'.xRNi5R G. H. I,.xXrs Wi. H. B,-XUGHMAN bi. H. Nrgirir, ju. bl. .X. 12. EYSTER XY. H. Lfxia.-xNi'sS -I. L. Him: F. P. S,xi.xR'r LEWIS BOOKER J. P. jumgs J. B. SIi'rzr,rzR H. H. LA'r.fxNE 1. S. PIUME I. B. XVAPL1is CECIL DABNEY , NX , .X 'P' f Q 'hx , ff ,JA ,TPL .' 4' .g. 1 Pho fir iii n- 'S sf' li .Jb i, 2 - V , ,J kv. J. A ' XA I '-In . ,, Q5 W . V X-11 ' .a Q. V f 'uf 5 - 'I n-. V ' ,Nr v '- 4. ,zu ' 1' f' o .. .4 qs", :J ,, -r ,A J, ' N ' . A - ef' X, VG? - " .J ., . K b AP' .AJQ jr 3, J -M-J, , 1. Q W 58- C CORKSC AND CUCRLSCCC VOLXX111 Alpha Eta Chapter of Phi Beta Pi Medical Fraternity Founded at Western Pennsylvania Medical College, 1891. Established at the University of Virginia, 1908 R. E. SMITH S. S. IRVIN E. A. PURDUM I. 0. BIUNDY F. M. PAYNIQ A. H. NULL E. C. PAYNE A. C. PORTER W. E. BRAY :min N :mu f R 160 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Lambda Pi Academic Fraternity Founded at the University of Virginia, 1896 B FRATRES IN FACULTATE R. H. TD.-XBNEY, M. A., PH. D. W. H. FAULKNER, M. A., PH. D. W. H. IECIIOLS, B. C. li. J. L. NEWCOMB, B. A., C. E. W. A. TQEPNER, M.iA., PH. D. M. T. NEFF, B. A. T. L. XVI-XTSON, M, S., PH. D. R. M. BIRD, B..-X., B. S., PH. D. J. M, PAGE, M. A., PH. D. AV, M. THORNTON, LL. D. ALBERT LEFEVRE, A. B.. PII. D., LL. D. R. H. XVILSON,iNT.1X.,Pl-1.13. T. J. XYERTENBAKER, M. A. GRADUATE MEMBERS FARREL D. MINOR, JR. GEORGE G. EASLEY JOHN H. NEFF, JR. EARLE N. FLOYD JOSEPH S. T'TUME CORYDON H. SUTTON STAPLETON D. GOOCI-I ROBERT MCC. ALLEN THOMAS B. TXTERRICK D. P. YVOODSON,-JR. BEAUDRIC L. HOWELL LAVVRENCE F. TUCKER WILLIAM J. MTANN, JR. FREDERICK N. TTARRISON REMBERT C. ANDERSON DOUGLAS W. NEFF H.AROLD H. NEFF WYLIE R. COOKE JOHN LLOYD CHARLES F. COCKE J. F. GLASS JOHN W. BOYD STANFORD GWIN BODLEI' HOOKER ACTIVE MEMMBERS TYTINOR C. LILE CARL FLENIING JOSEPH H. BOWEN EDGAR A. POWERS WILLIAM AM. WVOOD XVITHE W. BOWE BYRON R. CECIL XV. B. FOSTER VV. E. 'WEEMS J. F. VVALLER SPRING GOATS THOMAS H. TODD LEW E. VVALLACE JOHN L. CURRY J. SPENCER SPEED JOHN M. BLACKFORD Til-EMPER AV. XVANCEY HEDLEY M. BOWEN R. V. TAYLOR, JR. H. C. CLAIBORNE FAYETTE C. EWING, JR. LUCIAN H. COCKE, JR. COLIN M. NIACKALL LAWRENCE MARTIN J. B. FRAZIER,JR. GEORGE A. CALDWELL TURNER VVILTSHIRE J. PALMER BLAKENEY ALEXANDER MACDONALD HERBERT N. TUCKER JOSEPH M. WOOD CARROLL G. GALT THOMAS TOWLES J. LILE CAMPBELL 3 "' 'f"f ' Ii , 51.2 355 F" bln- - 1 . iwmunmmm I ' I' 1 . .4 I, f ff 1 fb f I IBS VWHIHIHHNP ' u + 9 9 x 3, " A1T 162 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH Pi Phi Chapter of Theta Nu Epsilon Established, 1895. Re-established, 1905 FRATER IN URBE EDWIN M. XYAYLAND GRADUATE MEMBERS JOSEPH B. XV.'XI'I.l2S GEORGE W. LEWIS IQIFHARD NV. C.-XRRINGTON CII.-IRLES IS. CR.-xwIf'ORII G, BOARIIAI.-IN E.-XGER, JR. h'.i.X'I"I'lIEW H. h'IUKPIIY H. IQOZIER DULAXY, AIR. .IAMIES R. AICCUNNI-21.1. iHUGI-IN1. NELSON -IOHN A. NIYIERS DAVID A. HLTGIJES ACTIVE MEMBERS WILLIS H. PE.-IRSON RKJISINSCJN S. BROWN A. T. BOTTS, JR. EDWIN R. BUTLER, QIR. THOITIIIS C. CARTER -IOPIN E. PATTERSON S.-XNIUEI. T. NIURGAN JOHN PROSSER TABB, IR. DAVID XV.-XLKER GRANT ARTHUR HITCH BAOOREHE.-XD JONES 'R,-xI.PII EVERETT PIERCE SUMMERS DAVIDSON LEMON LEWES JAMES LEMEN FREDERICK AINSVERT PIEIM PIENRY COMPTON MILLEIQ HERBERT ERSKINE .IONES RUSSELL .LXLPHEUS RALIEX' HENRY SQUAREBRIGS IVIACIQAY TRANSFERS ' R. T. REID GEORGE E. WVARREN LAURENCE A. ANDERSON P. K. GRAVELY . MURRAY CUSHING DONNELL F5154 1' is f -,NX I . M R -up 1' x i - f 4 A THE HOMES OF TWO PRESIDENTS. - Monticello, which was the home of Thomas Jefferson, our founder. It is situated on a hill overlooking the University. The house President Monroe occupied on the University grounds. His law office was in the small building situated at the left center of the picture. . 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 165 Old Dawson's Row Q.- 1 X If. 11111111011 211111 1 11' 121111111011 1111 111'01' 1110 0z11'111, 11111 1111'0 11111 111113 11111g 111 011. 1U1211iL' 11110 11'l1l1'k' 1111111 111 211 11111 1.121111 s1111's 1Ql1XY. 1'1'0 1JL'L'1'l 111 1110 1111211's1102111. 111 1Q00111r's 1'1'0 1'001011. 111 K1:1x1111's 211111 .1I1.C1i'S 211111 1110 .1Z1I'111l1 Ma- 111110. 211111 21 l111311Sf111f1 111' 1111l1'L'111Z11 y1111 1111111- 21111y 111111113 11111 11101' CZ111'1 1111111 21 021111110 111 11111 1J2lXX'S1l11.S 111111: Sll111C 110111110 11110 1'cs121111'21111s. C1'l1xY11Q11 C2110s, S1JZ1g'11C1L1Q1 1111 Afll'UfI.ll 111' 01'2111s 111z1y111111211s0: 15111 such 1'111g'211' 1'1211111s z11'0 I'CZ'l11y 111' lruf, XX'11C11 t110y S0110 0110050 211111 crackers 1111 11111 1Ja11's1111's Row. 1'1'0 1'lCZll'11 1111110 Il 1'11111111' 111 t01'1'11110 111'O11g11t 211111 5111111111111 CXIJCCY 111 S00 "joy- j1111:0" 21111111t, 11111 w11111101' 11 1 1111g'11t11't 111001 some "O111 C1'11w" 1111 t111'11111g my 'footsteps to O111 D21XX'S1'l11'S Row? 11's 110011 q111t0 21 XV1111C since 1 111111011 away 1111111 1116 classic 2110211105 of 1110 0111 U. V-a., but for 11113111110 111021s111'0 1110 11051 1101 1 10110111 is 21 1'oa1'111g , "11111 tllllfil' O11 0111 Dawson s ROW. CO1110 j1,1111 111 my toast, f1'101111s, t110 k0O"s 1'1111l1111g 6 111'y, and turn 1101101115 up 1111 your 5101115 hit t110 sky! 'H01'0's luck to 1116 keg parties, 1011g may t110y 1101111 May it 11c1z'r1' get dusty O11 0111 Da1wso11's Row! LUCRE. J. JQ1-1199-1, ,. 1 F215 ' ffi11111- i- 1 , '9"-- 905111 11' - ' "" R1 . 1 'Fl ' 1 "" '7 - , :xv V,,1A,!, x .. .-,, in . 3 . -,1A x 4 1, ' ', ' 1 ,,,. 1V, ' U . .. - , Q' ' ' K ' f?:e , , .,V B 0' '. 1 ' 3' ,, ff L -, 1 252,-Q ,. 1-' Jiri .lx 'Zi ne' CYL'1'11L'1l1'C1'111L'8111101111111 1111'111,211111112101c1111110 1121111115111 loo CORKS AND CURLS VUL. XXIII rf: R The New Mans Primer THE UNATTRACTIVE EASTER GIRL See the Girl and the Man driving together. The Girl is an Easter Girl and the Man is a Victim of friend- ship. His Friend told him that she was attractive. Is it not queer how Tastes vary? Will the Man take the Girl for a long Drive? No, the Man will have to go home and decorate for a German. THE BOARDING-HOUSE CHEESE Here is some Boarding-House Cheese. Will the Rats eat the Cheese? No, the Rats will not eat the Cheese, for if they try the Cheese will bite them. Do not let your Cheese run away. I'll bet my Cheese can lick your Cheese. THE COLLEGE EDITOR Here is a College Editor. What a nice thing it is to be one. He is very fond of his job for he has no time to study, and when his Father gets his report he will give him a nice new Fifty Cent Piece. The Fifty Cent Piece will be to start Life on. THE GIRL AT THE GERMAN See the Pretty Girl. The Girl is talking to three Ring Men. She is very happy for the other girls are looking at her. Would you like to speak with her alone? Then go up in the midst of the Group and say in loud Voice the First Word of the Na- tional Biscuit Company's Ginger Wafer. See, you are all alone with the Pretty Girl. How nice! Now the Girl will reward you with a pretty look. 1010 CORKS AND CURLS Inf THE BOARDING-HOUSE BUTTER See the nice pretty pile of yellow Butter. That Piece on the off side I became acquainted with my first Year in College. Let us carve our initials in the Butter so that when our Children come to college they may know where we eat. THE BOTTLE Oh, see the pretty Bottle! The Bottle belongs to a Student who has asked some of his Friends over to a Party. It is full of Whiskey: how shameful! Would you like to keep the Bad Men from drinking it? How full of ideas you are and how quickly you drank it. You have no Ideas now, but you are Full. Is it not nice to be Full? See the pretty Houses turn around. No, you are not up in a Balloon, nor are you at Sea. Oh, why did you not listen when I told you that you were not at Sea? Is it not too bad that there are no Fishes around? THE PRUSSIC ACID Here we are in the Laboratory. See the two pretty Bottles. Let us mix the two and make some Prussic Acid. There are a lot of boys in the Room. Do not be selfish, but let them all taste some. How nice! 'Now their friends will send them Tuberoses. THE SPONGER This man is a Sponger. He is very nice to have around. Almost as nice as a bad case of the Bubonic Plague. Does the Sponger drink? Yes, if you offer it to him. He will also smoke one of your Cigarettes if suffi- ciently urged. If some one should drop a full Keg off the top of the Rotunda, he would look well asleep in the place where it would hit. ANOTHER EASTER GIRL This Girl is attractive. Is that not queer? She is driving with a Man and trying to make him talk to her. The Man is wondering what he can say, They will spend the Afternoon like this and then they will go Home. The Girl will tell the other Girls what pretty things he said and the Man will Figure out that he could have bought a Quart with .the Money that he paid for the Rig. Is not an Easter drive a nice thing? THE PRETTY CHALK AND THE NICE GAME Here we have a nice pretty Piece of White Chalk. Let us play a Game with it. I have it-we will go out and mark up the Walks with Seven Signs. What a nice time we had running away from the little boys that peeked, and how beautiful the Walks looked after we finished. Is that not a nice Game? It is called "Damnfool." 168 CORKS AND CURLS VGLXXIH THE RIBBON MAN Oh, see the Man with his Coat thrown back. He must be a Ribbon Man. Sure enough, there is a nice pretty Blue Ribbon flying from his is wondering Vest. The Man whether every one can see it, and every one else is wondering who would not like to hit him. The Rib- bon means that the man will salaam if told to and let some one beat him. You are six years old and have out- grown these things, but you can have a Ribbon and hold your Coat back if you shine enough shoes. ff W L6 me P Qi Q 6':'3'1 THE JAG Tom likes his Booze and so does Will. Look, May, look, Nell, Tom and Will have a Jag. See them roll down the pretty stairs. They have just cleaned up a quart. Soon Will will see two Toms and Tom will see two Wills. Is this not a nice way to have a congenial crowd around you? 3 F DDDDTB X' .na f--gg: , , , A CI"'I-tis' v' i ff P . ww J?-ig' 9153. ff? 't,'n,'n, 'QQ ,.. ,w W4 r ' WMM ag 1- T gg-J f ' .iff ',u,',.g.. .. f "Er '-5 '-f 'fl ll "lil 577 j I -' . Q- ' "' 4 --1 W. x f in 2 9 ' , . .N'. r ' ' ' . C5-,S ' ff -- N - -' W. ' mf r.vl7:i0KS 1'llO CORKS AND CURLS lffl , . se s' A fs SRDM V ix l .if l ti Da-2 NSN' X S . , F X xg f i Pickled at the Polei KBY ONE OF THE 571 Ari Astounding Aeronautic Adventure, Authentically Scribbled by a Saturated Survivor of a Saturnaliari Session Satizrdny, 11:55 ci. 111. Cin board "Absinthe l7rappe,"T Lambeth liield. Decks bcered for action. Crew busy loading up. Tanks filled with High and Dry Gin, Ragged Mounting Dew and Scotch llighballs. Representative crowd gathered, including lilarry Compton. Cncle l'eter and Mr. Earle Norris Floyd. Also ninety-odd fraternities and organizations Csonie of them very oddj. Xliatts on scene of operations. l2,'o0 Noon. Parting salute of eight buns fired and six toots to wet our whistles. Eager and Pinncr, the biggest men in college, are dropped oil as ballast. Carefully avoiding the Beta Castle. course is laid full souse, six blue- points off the half shell. The glass shows Payer-weather ahead. WEditor's Note: This is no Cooked-up story, but an exclusive account of the jag- lilce journey of the audacious aeroplane, "Absinthe Frappef' costing the publishers the enormous sum of nine seidles QGerman currcncyj per word. The modest author re- quested that. his name be kept a secret. so we have published it in Madison 'l-lall Notes. The data having been passed upon by the Charlottesville lee Company, is now given for the hrst time to the public and Dr. Green through the medium of Comes AND CURLs. Copyright by Comes ANU CURLS, all rights reserved. TSecond Editor's Note: A description of the aeroplane has been omitted for the reason that it was too plane. 170 CORKS AND CURLS VOLMXXHI XXX 1 XL, rfjfzrn i W, we K R 3123, 27.72" Y I , XNXNX sc X N: .X by N: ff 5 N. f l Jil-rr .1 N 1 : Q: Ji ,L 5- F d, M053 E li 7, ' N ,120 3 ' g . . .- X 2 X, ' qxmvmgxmwxvws if i ,. ' gg x f lg . ff.rnmf 1-faunr ig Xvwuse. -. N . mxxmxwmpmxmxxmw XX X RM4411 13 f f - 'QA' f X P 'I XX ' J X V . A Ho,P,'fd1 C XX it I, 'X showing The eourlse ol, the 1 aitroplane scnts ,f 1112114115 mi I f , fl 5113: 1z',Q':JM ,f ABSINTHE FRAPPE. Krgfgjjx fix AP bfi' I 12.115 p.,11z. lfloe of Tony's language seen on Carr's l-lill, sounding some- thing like this as it descends into the Cuff Stream: "My heartfelt happiness compels me to express my glorious gratification at this delightful demonstra- tion ol aeronautic ability, so typical, symbolic and emhlematie of the spirit of perpetual progress which characterizes the magnificent mentality and itinerant imagination of our Southern student life." Rigler wig-wags, "Oh, let that slide!" and we steer for the Mad House. 1:27 11. 111. Dr. Morse sighted. with his molareyele broken down, and at- tacked by a school of Y. M. C. A. Sharks. armed with subscription lists. XYe tire a-broadside of Hunter Rye. Sharks completely ossified, becoming more bone-heads than ever. Dr. Morse examines one of their jaws, entirely snowed under hy a drifted Law Election. "That Settles it." he exelaims, "it's the jaw-bone of an assll' And turning on the laughing gas, he steers into the teeth of the gale. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 17 Y ,A -23111 fu III, 1'i1'1'l111g' 1111' 1Q1'11111f1f1 QU, 1 1Al1:11'111- 11I'21X'k'S 11111 111 1'1X'lK1k'Il1'L'. 14:1 -4 ,, 1 . . . ,' I 1' . -1 , Cf 1 1L'lg'1l Xlllllll' I1-1'1u1'111g 1111 R1-111 1'1'1111 'I xo . I Xb' 5, l'l41X'. 111-11' llYk'1'Cl1111L 111111 1111- "S11'1'1 X X., J .1 K 1 . 1 1' XS lllg' S1L'1ill1.'5F.H .X1'L' 2111'z11i1'111'11 111' 1111 ' 1 L- , ' - - 1 - , XX 311735333 Qu111l1-11 1'x111-1511-11 111 111l' 1q'111111f12l, 111 If X X ig1115:?'g-19 11.1111 111 111 Illlillllg 11111111 15 ll 111 N ,1',:,,- Ti rg" AML, 11111 11111 131111111 is 1'211'1'i1-11 2111111' 111 Z1 513-' 1-'Q Xi: Q' f 'xfi ' ' ' l K-:1,,: ,,,..-fa.-1 , -13' H 11'1111111'1'111l lllqlll 111 111'111111'1', 211111 1111 ---2 ' ' - " . . . . ' . ' ' 1110-1lllL' 15 1111'1111'11 111111. 111- 1'1:1111111:1x 1111, 1'c111211'l1i11g'. "XX'1-ll, 111:11 1lc111'1111s: 11111 1 l1:11'1-111-1'1-:1 t11lZ1I'1 111 Sl1ll1l'I'C1 11l'21.1111 XY11is1cc1'. 11'l1icl1 ll11l1iL'S yllll cli111l1 111-1s 111111 llllli 11111111 11's 1121111 111' ll cuss 1 5 11-1111 211 1110 St. l-11uis 1J21.1..U::: 5:13 ju 111. 1111.11 161111-qw' 7'1'1111'1. .lusl :111111'c 1'111:'s 17111111 :DCl'C11ClQ 11111110 11ickc11 1111 11117 1111: 111111 11'i11c 111111: 17111111 1'e111211'l1s, "Quite 21111'1'11111cl" 211111 111l111llg' Zl l1111111f11L'f1 111211111- Sc1'i111 1111111 1110 111.1111c, 1'1-21115: REVERIES OF A RATHSKELLER l. MXRVIYI- FIRST REVERIE-OVER A BONFIRE 1111111 you lend an Gill' 211111 21 story llCZ'11' 01 the olden golden age, XNl11C11 you filled your stein with tllc i11i1wi11g 1111110 . And your thirst with 21 11111111 E1S5Ll2'lQ,'CC1? Shall I tell to you how a cl21111o1'ous crew Used to 'E111'O11g' my A013611 Door," 1rVitl1 21 1161111101111 111' Sl snatch of song, Or a chorus of "lust one more 1" ZE11ito1"S Note. T11Cll'CHl1CT,S 21ttG11tio11 is especially called' to the 111211'velous witticisms 211111 facetious outbursts of Dobic. ,.,-1 N. . I 1. .- 1 x H gyf XE A KX gl X 1 Q ff 1 2-11 J' C . 1 .- X I 1 ly1 7' , R11 1. ' 'X X'g7'l,11 , X44 1. , 1 My 72 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI 1-111W 1 11lYCK1 111 ff-2120 at 1110 11l1l1111'C'S 1112116 F .Ns i1 1121111011 111 1110 11211's 11-11110 111-. . 5 . 11111011 .X1121t111111' Niff111 11-21s 2111 21111111211 S10-111 . 5 5 XX'i111 its C11211'1Jl1XQS 1111011 1111 111g11. 1 -iw - 1 + 11 X XJ 1 1 - 'Q .1 1 gg, --0 X 0. 11 00313-,g.:5.-12211.131:1 1 0 1- -- ..,. 5,1,?-75344:-, I ' 1.xww12.-sf 2 -1 1 . S -11-56511 -' ., , 1 . -'wh' - - :jug 1 -- R -1v,'g:.' r , . ' 4' 1 'E-Rffx qE:?'?'ef'1"X' 1.1. .--0. 1 S I X -: 111 1,115 N- 4 L-17 :51, .---.':..3f1.5i-5 J , 5,-ga - 'ii x X I-: :Ay-tqA:?:L. 2. " "' 1 0 2 11 1.111101 ,1 ff, 02 ' -"'J.vH 1' '. 2.g,. 1 - .,, V- , Q, V - -W '1'11011 1110 1911-S1 Y0211' K1011, 211-101' C1'2l111ll11l1Q' 111s 1102111, 191-11111 his yL'2l1'1j' 11111 11-21s 11-003 1.1100 Z1 0-0111211 111151 110 111-21111: 21 t1121s1 '1i111'l1SC1CZ1.1'l11l1 1-1'1Cl1l1, 1,8111 11. 111111 1110 1Z11'Q'L' S1111-01-Q " ' , 11111 1111- 11Z1j'S 211111 112118 NX1111l111t 111101-1111ss11111 111- 1-051. ,-XTII1 E1 1112111 111111 a 11111-S1 was 110x'01- Z1 0111-S011 11111 01-01 Z1 11010111110 g-110s1. CD11 11111 172111-s1111's Run- 11101-0 11-21:4 21111-211-S 2,1 111111' O1 1110 -1111CC 11-111011 111211:0s 1112111 Qily. A1111 1110 su-11 511-001 S1111 1'1' 111 ' 1' 5 1 1110 1111021 '11111-1111Q 11215 11C21.1'l1 1111 1110 1 1 11-12110 111 11211: -X 11111120-11111 11-11 111-0010 131111011 1110 O A1111 11 9 '- 1 . 17. IC 11111 11001 1-010111061 511111-01110, 111-1 1110 E11 111-11111 211111 1110 1211 1-11111 YV01-0 110111 ' - ' 111 1110 111g-11051 0st00111. 11111011 1 sing- 1110 praise 11-1 1111130 1121111151 l121:VS, 1t1J1'111gS Z1 11001- 111 my 05-05 1910 CORKS,AND CURLS l7 l-low l hope and yearn that they'll soon return 'lfhe Era of Rock and Rye! SECOND REVERIE-OVER A FRATERNITY FIRE The Reign was just beginning of liing Tonius the lfirst lYhen the College Bock lleer Drinlcers were disbanded and dispersed, And it certainly would have jarred you lYhen a little frat-pin barred you From the necessary quenching of an ever-present thirst. And no more was I frequented by-the wits or by the wags, But by Ragged Mountain farmers on their monthly Court Day jags. , AWN . i it e 44 JV F 9 E5 A ' E-.'-fagwff-:K at . at D . 'Qu' Irv L. 1- " '- if i i f W gbg in A mi: +V:--'S-'H X .j' -fe' - - , i I ii'?2:,ffl::I-! i 1 e 194, oirisft' N f E fl F ' 1 fi? , -4 , F "f, ,., - l 1? For the Dunnilied Detectives zmxva' around about the town, And you surely got in trouble if you turned a tumbler down: Soon no Ethiopian sable Or a janitor was able To aet as student's agent for a quart of old "Three Crown." One no longer saw a student with a record-breaking load Come zigzagging up from l'3uneh's, with a mortgage on the road. Soon the Kappa Alpha Tirothers eould no longer stand the strain, For they thought of Randall Parties where the beer-ltegs used to reign, And no water could assuage 'e1n, For it seemed but to enrage 'ein, 74 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH Xnd they tried to use wood-alcohol, hut found it was in vain. So they burned their I louse above 'em. mad with Tantalus desires- ',l'hough they had no "fire-water," they at least could water fires. THIRD REVERIE-OVER A THEATER FIRE The sorrows told ol heretofore Xlere mild compared with those in store lfor thirsty lads at U. Yfa.. NX'ho liked their toddy every day. Soon actual drought assailed the town, And even Ellis hegan to frown. lt was a lucky man indeed Xliho had a friend in time of need To haul him to the Redlands Cluh L"'l'?- And cueneh his thirst with lic uid lfrub. l s Old lluneh closed up, the Clermont, too, The town it dry and dryer grew. The onl f chance to vet your till 3 s . XVas shipping in from Gordonsville. lint soon the country round about NYas also parehed hy direlul drought: For Staunton, Orange, old standluys, XVere captured by the conquering' "Drys." I Jrouhesied Grave Junishment 6 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 175 For those on li'rohibition bent, And history proves that l was right- The Opera House caught fire one nightg The firenien could not fight the tire XNf'ith naught but water to inspire. The building eouldn't bear the blaze, It hadn't seen a drop for days: And so, when it at last got "lit," It couldn't stand the strain a bitg It passed away and prostrate fell. Ah, Prohibition 's surely hell! Co LO N IAL mfpkli ' 5 WI-5NINC7'DN.D-C K vb E-iii? ,F A o . ' U-:Li ff:- . 11' 1,111 we W 3 'Y - A in EK . . A.- V- V in X 'D . .MW F FOURTH REVERIE-GVER A TOWN Now ensued long nights of sadness, Times of dire and clark affliction, Scenes of supernatural sorrow. In the days when Saehein Taylor Ruled the Tribe of Senior Law Class, Mighty tribe with tank-like habits, Wfho, when caught by Facnlteewis, Took an oath of long abstaining: Not a drop of beer or Even Reddy couldn't Doctor Lainbeth And Lelevre Hopeless FIRE 176 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH Q.-eXL"l'1ioiz's Xorlz. The edges of the manuscript were charred and burnt away. ln view of the torrid temperature and demoniac dryness, it is marvel- ous that even this much was undestroyedj 6:33 fi. 111. Sinellometer is rising rapidly and now points to ll. D. degrees. 6.'2.f ji. 111. .X lirst year Med is sniffed ol? the poop deck. Captain swoons. llroadside of Mennens Talcum l'owder lired. and imminent destruction averted. 6.115 fi. 111. Slight drop of the aeroplane is noticed. Quart of Squirrel llrand lYhiskey thrown overboard and we rise agaiiifi: 7:11 ji. 111. Stop lor rations at the Commons. XYireless operator receives important aerogram: D. The Zoos have nearly got me on Dawson's Row. Murph." Case of champagne opened and full speed to the rescue. The cold is intense, nearing Z-row, and the atmosphere is getting more and more raritied. "Choke" ,Xnderson tells a few warm ones and a slight rise is noticed. Murph found frozen stiff, surrounded by a ring I I I of Zoos. "He has his usual sang-froidf' remarks Dobie. Il ll Zoos are driven oft D51 loud cries of "Seven, Seven. Ser- en!" Countless Cubes ol congealed chain- V 1 1 Y I , pagne are led to the near-goat, and he turns a 1 3 I : cherrv llip and climbs on boardj 51 -F, . gm Y MX V Q 8:11 fi. 111. Crew crazed with -,4 - , L xl - . , 6 ' f . 2" .' 6J',yf'- x hunger. No tood but a Lommons 'il A if, yu 'i1fl5:.fL11,,'25',Mu X, supper 'lor an hour. XX e raise our K If-.ff glasses six times and sight enor- an 1-ji i . I I ? mous herd of goats off the mizzen J Mk Sl fo, 1124. I K plane. Crew drop llless Hall bis- ,114 -all i ' 4g,Z.a,. cuits on them with deadly effect. Goats hauled up, but turn out to be no good tall Lambda Pi'sj. 8:20 p. 1111. l-lonking heard in the rear. Lookout shouts, "Flock of geese." "They are certainly birds," answers Dobie. They burst into song: :tEditor's Note: The uplifting induence which this whiskey exerted should be noted as a strong argument against prohibition. TEditor's Note: lly saying that Mr. Murphy rose to a higher plane the author does not intend to cast any disparagement on the character of this noble organization. We make this explanation lor lear of prosecution for lese majeste. A1910 CORKS AND CURLS 177 "Put on your new blue bonnet lVith the white letters on it, And you'll think you own old U. xr-Zl.. For you'll be in clover lVhen the goating's over And you wear your big P. K." "Well, they can't p2lSs this crowd!" remarks Gwinnie, shooting them down with blackballs. S530 fl. 111. Sensometer rises three degrees to Ph. D. "I have the Key to the situation," says Dobie, "it is caused by a Phi Beta Kappa in the near neighborhood." 9:50 ju. 711. Steering souse-souse-yeast Range. Beerometer rising steadily, and air heavily charged with boozone. Brilliant lights on the rye line, in all their pristein glory. Song is heard on the barboard side: ' wig I may 9 4 ..4 1! f '-.5 pn , cz Xl , If X -Us t n Y r 'li 7 . J. 1 i. a. iii 1' 1 - I I . 1. A I 1 p 1 x , l N. l i lx l N -r i M X :Tl -- -l bi! X -tl' bif- lfg l l 11 l ' ,, r, . l ,Z X Old King Schoen-ski used to yearn-ski for a keg or two, Old King V-ski .was quite frisky when he'd had a few. Mighty monarchs ruled the Hot Feet in those days gone by, Wfhy, King Mc-V-ski, with his crown, stood fifteen beer kegs high. The large soirees of old time days have gone for good, I fear, But Hot Foot monarchs still retain a few large kegs of beer. CHORUS: So gather round the keg. ye Hot Feet! H.-Fr double E.-T.! So gather round the keg, ye Hot Feet! For a little spree! Oh, our hearts are warm, and our thirst is great, And we are fond of a large cold crate. So gather round the keg, ye Hot Feet! N Take a little drink with me! Qld King C-ski loved his wheeski, whether Scotch or rye. Old King D-ski was obese-ski, liked a large supply. But the King we now are crowning wins the prize. I think. For when he plays upon his pipes he drives us all to drink. So sing your praises to our liege, the ruler of us all, And bow your knee-ski to Mc-C-ski, old King Scotch Highballf' 178 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH . T Q 3:50 41. 111. Clsast six hours A spent in the Realm of the ,- ' "Q.5b,, Riotous Rulers of Revelry, 5 ' , ,f X the Territory of the Tempest- -1:2 r , , , . , , . ,, , Y, -,.i.,, wg- .-,. 1 . 5 V nous lribe ot lorrid loesj , 1 4 " . -V,,,,y'9-"S AW Healel tl ' ts eagt f 1 z " i di"'?5" -, - Q, -:mf at Y c L nee pm c s 1 o XY, is gr!! XX ash Hall, loaded to the gun- 3 6 7 1 xxalcs. Licw hall seas oxci. s J jfjj 11. 111. Brilliant light sighted ot? the left lateral balance plane. lt is at hrst thought to be the midnight sun, but turns out to be the illumination caused by a midnight bun reflected in the Delta Sigma Rho key of a XN'ash Hall orator. 4:00 0. 111. As we emerge from the blinding rays of-the Israelite we hear loud shouts from the crow's-nest pilot. Raising our glasses for an eye-opener a wondrous mirage meets our gaze on the eastern horizon. .-X Southern train is seen pulling into the station on time and a vast concourse alights therefrom but are pushed aside by Uncle Peter and Dr. Green, who completely o-ut- distance Stanton in a four-forty yard race. Closely following this remarkable spectacle we see one ol equally mystilying appearance, for there, coming up the street is a large body of students striving to do homage, in proof of his extreme popularity, to one who fails to recognize us. As the crowd ap- proaches, we discover this person to be none less than Mr. George Boardman Eager and, 71l'I'l't1l7l-IC dicfzr, his well-known ribbon is not only 11Ot in evidence, but, when from force of habit he throws his coat back, we see he is without itft The newly installed aero shock absorbers save the day. 4:04 a. 711. Vle take observation to see if we are in our XVright minds, and steer near to the mirage. 4:05 cz. 111. The vast gathering reaches Sam Chancellor's. Pretlow invites all the ribbon men to take a drink, and pandemonium reigns when Sam offers them free. Gwinnie, seeing this, throws out a line of talk and climbs down. He is met by Charlie Graves and Dunnington, who offer him a quartg he swoons, and Raleigh Minor executes the Buzzard dance. Mirage getting less distinct. Qlimmie L-oughran produces a list of the Sevens, and john Carter is seen walking arm in arm with the members. lust as the phenomenon fades tkEditor's Note: VVere it not 'lor the unimpeaehable character of the author and his reputation for careful observation, we would be inclined to doubt this. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 179 away, we see, with our G. .-X. i-X. loresightedness, Pug Sutton rushing madly down the street pursued by a howling mob ol Arcadian creditors, and we realize that what we have witnessed has only been Turyyland, after all. .f.'IO cv. 111. Dunny's sighted to the north. Getting dryer every minute. Dense dust cloud ahead. Mate says its a syphon charged by Sam Chancellor, but it proves to be a XYater XYagon maimed by the Red Raven Society, the Morning After Club and the Never Again League. Twenty rounds of gin fizzes are shot from our revolving cellarette rides. but the wine chest is swept away, and the steering gear injured by the XYagon's attack. NVe are wobbling terribly. .f.'2O iz. 111. The 'L-Xbsintlie Frappen starts settling. Noise ot someone in death agonies heard at the Corner. 4 W' W Mmm No, it's only "Happy" Chandler's sweet voice singing a trip ballad of his college days: it 5' "Upon an evening joeular T I used my old binocular, 53' X it And spied an Easter maiden sweet a-strolling down the X M it Lawn. ,F ii Her manner it was dignified, .j T if But still I thought it signified ' x il The maiden wasn't happy, that she seemed a bit forlornf' .jl.'2j a. 111. Charlie Browns Bar-ber Shop dead ahead. The Pole at last! Wfe roll out as the biplane strikes. "TNhat a close shave," says Dobie, "our raiser had quite an edge on I" All the survivors rush into Charlie Brown's for a bay rum massage. except Dick Carrington, who wouit come down till he's finished nailing the Eli ribbon to the Pole. ' , LUCRE. ll l 5 E. X- K--fy .f V. S -Y a ,TQ-' X-'f g f I V, V fi -5: "'L L f, . T-IVF ' l' l' ix 'T lm' '- . , st 4 Y ff K - - ' f'f.1f-Ti' E5 '- -f i X 'T "S-' ' '-Ii".SZ:' 142,-24V11:.l M 13: . I 2 . 1?-32:2 ,M ,.fi,..3- il E .f I - .20 1 LL Xlflyereip is Depieted I7ou1 Popularity Estramges 3. 31 f M' iii' 'K if' H 3159, ,P 4- 'w 1 F X 'V' VY' Qi C g 'V-Q5 A 19 wmmo uT wird e. iq THE ROTUNDA W The NEWSTWENLJI1 j 42411 I Q- f Q N XQXQ x x , . - X ff XFX X ' e V' I-I 6- 1 . . 3 ebqq. ' ine x Q PQIIIMN 'LL V 1 nik F X5 X Ny gs?-: Q L BQTT A, '17 he 171-,ff-if-,fee f Q ER .ww Merely a Matter of Vievvfpoint 182 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI 5111111 1 li 1 1 lg 1 f QT I Q -e-g 5 211 if 111, . .1 2 . i f. 1 351 1, 11,11 A College Hour That Cught to Have Been N View of the fact that so many ofthe prominent men of the University have not had an opportunity to engage in a talk 'fest for the benefit of the suf- fering students, a college hour was arranged for the most important of these gentlemen. "-l'uclg'e" Settle was chosen as the man to run wide experience as a runner, licsides heing' a near president off the Law Class the event on account of his and a prominent figure in all places where a war of words was expected. The 'lludge' arrived at Cabell Hall promptly on the hour before the meet- ing and was greeted with wild cheers from all Y. M. C. .-X. sharks present. His usual smile deftly tucked into place. '.l'homas Slater began the works by calling mi'M1-. G. ll. Eager for a few remarks. Mr. Eager is far famed for his modesty, but heing of a self-sacrificing disposition he agreed to speak to the young men for a few minutes, outlining what he had accomplished since lx 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 183 becoming a member of the University. He arose majesticallyg there was an ominous hush, nothing could be heard bu't the Hutter of his ribbon as it waved from an artistic vantage point on his vest, and after first doffing his hat to Charlie Crawford, Johnnie Neff and others, told how he so narrowly escaped being a Phi Beta Kappa last year. A few more words of advice as to how the University should be conducted were added and then the big Gazoobo retired amid the applause attesting his extreme popularity. Before the next speech, Dick Carrington favored the audience by singing the following to the tune of "1'm a Heron: 1'm an Eli, Fm an Eli, 1'm the man that runs the University, I'm a wonder, 1'll agreeg 1 manage the football team. Oh, 1'm glad that I'm the great big squeeze, And 1'll have them all salaam around to me, 1'm simply overcome with satisfaction, 1'm an Eli. Thatls enough. Billy Harrison was the next speaker, giving the First Year Men an exten- sive line of advice on "How to Become Famous, XVear Good Clothes and Be Good Looking." Q Barclay Pretlow was called upon and gave a number of choice readings from his famous work in ten volumes, "Near Ribbon Men that I have Known." There were loud calls for Francis Cocke, and that guileless youth, assisted by Dr. Lambeth, told how football managers are made. He then distributed among the First Year Men a few pamphlets containing illustrations of his bedroom museum, with an idea of demonstrating what an inspiring young man might accomplish in the way of feminine conquests. Moral: Run with the right crowd, worship the right gods, and you will get there. john Carter next gave an instructive and illustrated talk on "A Trip to Wfashington and Results Flowing Therefromf, The slide pictures were operated by Messrs. Bailey and Elliot. Further information furnished by Chief Judge Umpire Rigler. lack Pinner was the final speaker. Representing the German Club, he gave a history of his career here. His marvelous progress from the position of transfer to the German Club up to the eminent heights of P. K. was out- lined in detail and ended by a short song entitled "XVhy Speak to New Men 1Vhen There are Ribbon Men About ?" After these few personal observations, an angry mob of First Year Men hooted the speaker down. 184 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH Near President Settle rapped sharply for order and announced that as Dr. Alderman was in Richmond trying to change the University into a eo- edueational kindergarten. the usual teinperanee speech hy our beloved Presi- dent would have to he omitted. John C. -lainison hurriedly arose and in a four-hour near speech attempted to plaee in nomination on the Lemonade ticket for Theta Kappa Xu the name of hliinmy Loughran. The young men wouldn't stand for this, however, and the meeting closed with the singing of that dear old hymn, UCTOINC All Ye Students, Go To Chapel. to Chapel, to Chapel." CvNiCo. im N H ttt i 'Ut lll"llf.ll"II'lllj ia Eagan iff W0- -A ,, :-'.-E.-kpfb,f-if-, - .TE ,. , .- ug ' X -., t a ll ga l: f " 1 J ' ,1 'rm mf. - cimigvs 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 185 Albert Through the Wine-Glass A POKER GAME-By L-W-s C-rr-1. CVVith Apologies to Alice, the Looking-Glass, and the Game of Chessj Child of hot and clouded brow And reeling eyes of wonder, Though time be fleet and I and thou Are most entirely under, Thy jovial smile will surely hail The tough gift of a fairy tale. One thing is certain, that the beer had nothing to do with it. Albert had allowed the beer to How on the outsideg but when he tried to climb into the wine-glass the trouble began. The wine-glass was so attractive, especially when it was full, and still more when he was full. Albert looked at its glassy surface, his face was reflected there in such a pretty tintg when he shook the glass it was all woozy with amusement in a moment. Albert wondered whether if he got into the glass he would be woozy too. It seemed like the case of the camel and the needle, but he felt all-powerful that night, and so. without more to-do, he lit into the glass. He spread out in the bowl, thinned down through the stem and flattened out through the base-he was woozy now. Things changed immediately. Everybody seemed to vanish and there was no one around but himself and a dealer- gi a dealer in cards. The dealer told him that he had come in on the draw, that he was the fourth .lack so far, and gave him a book to read up on the game. The book was full of ltlilll verse that began something like this: SCITILOP 'T was Eli on the banana skins, And Tilka gullupped in the wabe, X The Qwls and Ravens argued kins, Ywfffy ilf, And T. N. Efs got the gabe. Beware the Lambdakins, my son, A- if lVith jaws that gas they vengeful are- .X J, ff x 186 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHT And there was a great deal more that Albert did not readg he went out to see how things were lor himself. HYTELDUM AND BREVITEE Albert had not gone far when he came up against two men. One was round and short and the other tall and lean. Although they were walking arm in arm, they were so very unlike that one would not have taken them for twins for a moment. They were dressed unlike also, but nevertheless, they had their names embroidered on their coats so that people could tell them apart, lor no one ever saw them apart. "ll you are going to ask me what l'm thinking of l shan't tell you nohowf' said lilyteldum, the tall one. "Contrarywisef' said llrevitee. "we should: l'm thinking of Soap," "'Nohow, you're thinking ol' l'earline." "Contrarywisef' said the one marked lfrevitee, Mil it was so it might beg il it were so it would beg but as it isn't it ain't. Thats Logic." Albert did not want to contradict him, so he changed the subject by asking the derivations of their names. Ulelytelduinf' said the tall one, "is the long for Shorty. as his is the short for llrevityg he is very quick-tempered. you know." "ls he short then, too?" asked Albert. "Certainly, how could you drink a shake sitting down unless Straws is short PM A All this time llrevitee had been muttering to himself, and suddenly at this point he broke into the conversation. 'Tye got it." he screamed, drowning ltlyteldum's voice, "it's called 'The Hot Foot and the llearf and it goes like this." I-le began impressively: THE HOT FOOT AND THE BEAR "The light was shining on the Row. Shining with all its might, It did its very best to make The big room nice and bright. And this was odd because it was Our University light." "Lacking a loot," remarked lflyteldum. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 187 "Contrarywise, lacking a footing, you mean, 1 sli 5 Jed 1' '1 l' "The beer was wet as wet could be, The Champagne dry as dryg You could not see a sober face, No sober face was byg No silence reigned about the room. For each one had to cry. 'Vfhe Brown Bear and the lrlot lfoot Wlere feasting side by sideg They wept like anything to see How fast the wet towns dried. If they would only fall off once, 'How fine !' the Hot Foot cried K' :But do you thinkf the l-lot Foot sa 'Unto the kind Brown Bear, 'That it wouldn't do you any harm lf we should tear your hair? 'XVhat's that to me?' he gaily cried, K 8-I "That has no sense from start to inishf' sail All , does a beai-'S hair do for a dry town?l' ou still would call me baref 'l 1 iv up, up ied Brevitec. C c bert in disgust, "what "Helps them to bear the burclen,', said Hyteldum promptly. "Contrarywi5e," shouted Brevitee, 'fthey bare it first and then they furbare it." 1'Nohow,,' shrieked Hyteldum, "they could barely bear it anyway." Albert, however, fled as soon as he saw . . P1 that they were be0'innmof to cuarrel. ,Aff 'QD Hmm, b D . ,. y II !w.x'y COLLEGE TOPICS ,..y,, M : V I ' ' 1 tO :ll N9 He found College Topzcx sitting on the f ,V pjxj . l . - g " ..:.. ,T-J,42?g.Xg'L,f Kia General Athletic Association. Please don't ff A misunderstand me by thinking that the G. A. - - 1' ' lf' ' A. was being sat on n or yet that it was support- Jgyffgfw f ijg.'31 ing Topics. Contrarywise, as Brevitee might mg. 'XV hy do you look so funny? asked Al- , , Q? ry'C2fjfi1,X Y .ip gf y. .1 - ben- ,f 4 Y ,., '4 , 1 -2'-" " . A . - ,+,1e. 188 CORKS AND CURLS VOL. XXIII "Because I'm Spanish." said Topilzv, running out his tongue. "I-Ioxv is that?" said Albert, politely. "Because I'm a Grand D, that's easy." answered Topzer. "A Don F" asked Albert timidly. Certainly, certainly. Fay, have you signed up for me at the .JH right. Are your copies coming regular? .-'Ill right. Speaking "IYe weren't.', "Say what you mean or mean what you say. Speaking of p kind of a waul would a eat waul, ii a wall cat wauled at all?" "I don't know," said .-Xlbert, wishing he were far away. "I know another," continued 7i0f'I'l'S. "I found it in the g about the Poker Game." And Tujvirs began: THE FACULTY "In summer when the days were bright XYe sent out cards with all our might. "In autumn when the leaves were brown But seven-sixty came to town. In winter when the nights were long NYe added thirty to our throng. "In spring time when they came so slow IYQ let examinations go. :'And since our door was never shut IVe would have got eight hundred, but-" "I'm afraid I don't understand," said Albert. "Never mind, it's getting easier further on. "IVe put a notice nice and new VVhich told them what they had to do. 'fIVe told them once, we told them twice, They would not listen to aclviceg Caxvnah yet? of poetry-" oetry: XYhat Mag., and it's all 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 189 .4 And still they did not seem to see Until we asked them for a Three-" "Three what?" asked Albert. "Dollars-stop asking foolish questions, they put me out. .1 1Ye made some resolutions new Fit lor the deed we had to dog ra We said to them, we said it plain, To never take a drink againg "XYe said it very loud and clear, And still they didnit seem to hear, ic For they were very stiff and proud And said, 'You ueedn't shout so loud'g "And they were very proud and stiff And said, 'XVe'd stop our drinking, if-' " "ls that all ?l' asked Albert timidly. "That's all." Then Topics began in a sing-song voice: "The Faculty drew to a full house, I can not balance my accounts. The students hold tour of a kind, I can not balance my accounts. Mad, Hall is running a bluff on a pair, I can not bal-i' There was lots more, but Albert ran away. 'flt wasn't poetry anyway," he thought. THE PAIR OF TREYS As Albert started for Mad. Hall to see what the bluff was, he saw several creatures, almost human, in front of Mad. Hall. one of whom handed him a card. It was an invitation to supper, and Albert was glad, because he was CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII r i ll 'D lt ? Z hungry. From the inside came a confused noise of shouts, yells Zlllil sobsg but when Albert and his conductor appeared there was a dead silence and some one whispered, "Anotherf' "You look a little shy," said his guide, and then pointing to two large trays covered with Bills, Notes and Cheeks, he said, H:XllOXV me to introduce you to the supper: Albert, Moneyg Money, Albertg More Money, Albert." "But where is the supper?" asked Albert. Then everybody began jeering and yelling and sobbing again. Albert saw Topirs sitting up on its high horse with its hands full of mud. "ls that the Bluff?" asked Albert. lhe students hut called the bluff." shouted T0f'l.L',Y, beffinning to sling D the mud lhe 1J'1l1 of trays were laid down on the table with a elatterg a ehunlx ot mud hit Albertg everything went round and roundg everybody sciambled into the Pot and Albert passed away. CH.xRI.12s E. FRENCH, S'iuxNi.ex' M. CLEVEIAND. I G V E. 192 CORKS AND CURLS VOL XXIII fm'-If F 4, ., ,fn , Q45 f P' . , Ia - 53 ' I f T ' FI German Club OFFICERS EARL N. FLOYD ..,...,... .. ....,..... PreSIdent I-IEDLEI' IXICNEER BOWEN .. ......A..... Vice-PreSIdent JOHN F. PINNER ....,.. ...Secretary and Treasurer C. FRANCIS COCRE JOSEPH S H U AI If ' ' ' 'Committee MEMBERS JOSEPH H. BOWEN IQOBINSON S. BROWN BODLEY BOORER JOSEPH W. BEACI-I JOHN M. BL.-XCKFORD BYRON R. CECIL XVILLI.-XM W. CRUMP A. CRAIG CULBERTSON E. DON C-XNIERON ARTHUR M, R. CI-IARRINOTON FRANK P. CHRISTIAN CQROYER A. DOVELL CHARLES S. GRANT I.ITTLE'1'ON XY. TAZ BE.-XUDRIC L. HOXN'ELL D,-AVID A. HUCEIYIES JAMES R. NICCONNELL CARRINGTON VVILLIAMS LUCIAN H. COCKE, JR. H. ROZIEI2 DULANY JR. H. GRANGER G.AITHER STANFORD GWIN EXVELL, JR. WILLIAM B. HARRISON A. HOOD I'IAMP'1'ON ALEXANDER IWACDONALD INIATI-IEW H. MURPHY STUART D. IVIAXWELL FARRELL D. MINOR HUGH M. NELSON J CORYDON H. SUTTON CECIL W. STEVENS FORREST Q. STANTON VVHARTON E. WEEMS COLIN M. MACRALL FRED N. HARRISON 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 193 "BO1sO" DOEIE HGWINNIEH GWIN 'ATEDH BOWEN "CI-I,xRLIE" CRAWFORD "'1'wEsII.xx"' COCIQE "LIT" TAZEWELL "CI'IARLIIiH GRANT "LUCI.1.N" COCKE HALECIC' 1WACDONALD "DICK" TUNSTALL 'AELI CABELLH CEIRRINOTON "T.VxTE" HUME HDICKH BOWE 'KSTUDH CHRISTIAN BREWER" BOWEN HDUTCHH L.-ING "IEW" NIACKALL "CIxCRY" VVILLIAMS HBLAKEH BL.-XKENEY "HORsE'l TI-IRAYES HPONTH NIORGAN "BILLY" CRUMP "C,-XRLU FLEMING "MINN1E" HUGPIES HEDDIEH BUTLER "BOB" BROXVN HFREDH HARRISON "M,xTT1E" MUIQPIIY "C,xLvERT" TIIZEWELL HTEOPI' Y,-INCY HIQOZIERH DULIINY 'ASIMPH CULBERTSON 'AFLOSSIE 'WOSSIEH FLOYD UCECEH CECIL L'XVII1'T" WVITMER "JACK" PINNER USTAPEN GOOCH 194 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Easter Week IF you've ever been so lucky, l should have said, so plucky As to have been here Easter Week, Then l'm sure your memory treasures All that boundless store of pleasures Derived from its features so unique. And l'm sure your memory pictures All those types and all those mixtures, All those various and sundry forms of maid, You are sure to see them all then At the time of Easter Week when We are swamped by a feminine crusade. There are species without ending Of all types we see a-blending. Some are pug-nosed others aquiline- There are buxom and there are lean ones, There are kind and there are mean ones: Some graceful forms, and some without a line. At the start they come in slowly, Very meek and very lowly, But their number and their courage gains apace, And with alarming enterprise They start to colonize What without them is a quiet and tranquil place. Then on your shoes you put a polish And your studies you abolish, On flowers you proceed to dissipate. And you really get quite handy At nibbling bits of candy, Which afterwards you're sorry that you ate. Without sulhcient coating You shiver at the Hgoatingu That the Law Frat gives on Easter Eveg And the truth you make most plastic ln excuses quite fanastic- But you simply can not force the girl to leave. The're all forms of things beguiling, From tipping hats and smiling, To realizing that some company youlve shockedg From that feeling disconcerting To find your girl's been liirting, To discovering that your dress-suit has been nhockeclf' But it's fun to watch the fusserg That born-and-raised heart-Crusher, For Easter Week alone he was created. l-le is sure there's nothing sweeter, Nor prettier, nor neater, Than some foolish girl his chin has captivated. Vifhen the dances are beginning And the couples they are spinning, You find that you can not be on timeg And you fume and curse and holler As you try to Hx your collar. Oh, I tell you but this Easter Week's sublime. lt's always entertaining To find it has been raining. , When as escort you had figured walking to the gym. So with some one's Easter Queen You are packed, at sardine, ln a carriage that is just a bit too slim. Xvhen the dance you then arrive at, Out of temper sans a cravat, And the girl is mad because you made her late You swear that at this pastime lt will surely be your last time. And to kick yourself you do not hesitate. Xvhen your program is selected You find yourself elected, With nwallflowersu to dance the german throughg Ancl the couples you upset As you slide and pirouet, Which makes it all the pleasanter for you. Xvith your feet somewhat erratic And your form by no means static As you wobble to negotiate a curve, All your fellow dancers eye you As they sail serenely by you, And form an estimation of your nerve. Yvhen the dancers cease competing And to bed you are retreating, Mad, disgruntled, and forlorng At sleep you have small chances And that certainly enhances Your appearance when you get up in the morn. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 195 Another charming feature ls a drive with some fair creature, Who giggles till you're lost in admiration. And there's no use explaining That you hope 'twill start in raining: Or anything, you're in such desperation. A phonograph! not in it, She says forty words a minute, The sources that she has are more than ampleg But her thoughts are so inspiring That one never thinks of tiring, Of its elevating trend here is a sample:- ' You men here at college Must get a lot of knowledge, Oh, isn't Doctor Watts a perfect dear? This place is so entrancing, l'm dearly fond of dancing, l'm, oh, so glad that Jack asked me up here." For a never ending wonder You always malce a blunder, And promise to a game you'll take a girl. Then with questions you contend Till the game is at an end, And your brain is either blank or in a whirl "Why don't the thrower hand it? I can not understand itg The man could give it so much harder blows. Oh, that perfect dear third base-man ls handsomer I think than Any man l've ever seen in ball-game clothes! A4 -F 55 ii Well, as these verses you peruse l don't believe you'll choose Them as a favorable critiqueg And l'll admit it, and 1'lI add, That it really makes me sad That l'll never see another Easter Week. es.:-Jff Eggs' '-1,2539 'K fl? m ' 1' rib , FB aes it . P visit A, I Il I .gl-:H ly 'aifi ili if if . ,ii 1' 'sail ,- N - ' aff n ew -tt , Li '71, -xx x --H ,-9 1' Q? i- .xl . . 1j -. t .-- Aim QQ ki W Lu g- H, an n' '- yi A lt ll I ! 'QW , 1 'X 1 ' V ,J Lf, XE,-. -....., ,- -. - 'J 1, 5,- 196 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI 3 N ,LQ H X Z L n, X I rngiiu I It x . ' Q X X- 1-4 my Y 'Hal' .' Y --.1 HA, ,Mui I Q f W QIHXAMYJQ OFFICERS Ii. D. C.xx1ERrJx ...,., ....,,..,. . .. .,.... President RICIIARD 'l'UNs'1'.x1.1.. . . . . . . ..,, . ..,,. ...... X 'ice-President J. M. Bl,.XCIiFORD . .. .,.., ,,.... S ccrctzmry and Treasurer MEMBERS -Iuux BIINUR I3L.xr'R1fuRrm Ii. D. CAMERON RICIIARD TL'NS'I',XLL CECIL STEVENS M. H. lXIL'RPI'IY -IE.-xx IRYINIE PIIILLIP W11.L1.xx1s M. R. F.'xx'ILLE R. XY. C.xRRlxuTux C. H. SUTTON ' TX. G. A. B.xLz D. A. HLVGI-IES R. S. BROWN EIUXYIX N. NIOORE j. C. XYARNISR . W. B.H.xRR1SoN ALEX. B'I.XClDUN.XI.D ANDREW H.mRToN I, I.SM1T1E1 BEVERLY F. H.-xLL BODLEY HOOKER STUART MAXWELL P. N. CLARKE, IR. W. F. CARTER, JR. T E ,5f'ii. 7 w V T . fT'l N'1nff'15 'QF' .... . .4 T E- M . L .Q . k Q . . , 5 '-ll I ' FXYBJ 1-rx mf' Y 7 I -fx I 5 X qv 4 'E ummm . -wr 198 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII B55 ' Il , , , . ' .y,, ,rf .41 1, f:f ff, O I O .. XXxx III 7 ff ff! 46, W WIN W! 5? WNHJNIQB ! Mr T M fig f f A ' ,f yf X 4 6' 'iff 1 f? UW - W f , w if W 355 55 fr U! lui QM! I fr l+ ' wr ' . . rrrr a MANAGERIAL STAFF Manager C. H. SU'I'TUNi ..,,.,v ,,,. , , ,, ,,,,.,, ,, , ,, AH, -,,,4,-----Y EDVVIX N. MOORE ...V. ..-W -,-Assistant Manager IHEVERLY XV, STRAS, ,IR -- .... Stage Manager R. S. BROYVN l X.,-, S- T. C-Avlis I -. ..YY. ..-. - , ....A,.. 4 sblstanrs XV. F. CARTER, IR. T ,........ ..,.,....A,,, l Electrician .AIJIXANIBICR M.-XCDONALIJ ,W ,.,. A.. -..Director of Orchestra NACE l2UNY1l.,I.E ...... .Y.YY , .,-. .-- .,,......,...... Coach CAST lloola Bllllg'-'l-IIC liing's Primo Minif-tur ,..,,.,,..,.,,....... .. .,..,,,,, ....... .. --N. EXYING, JR. U. ,losiah 1,1l1Ilkf1Jl'Ol1'llllgfll0l' and Prmnmur of 1'lunk's Patent Purilicr , . .,,, BEVERLY F. H.-XLL Hilly Flinl--A Young .AlHL'l"iC2lll - ......,.,...,.,,..,.,,......,.,.....Y .. .,.. XY. Il. HARRISON Rev. Pull Pitt--A Missionary Plenipolcntiary ,,..A.,,....., --- -.. ,,.,,.,, I. C. XVARNER VVl1a1a 'I'anka-Once the Town Drunk .... .,- .......,Y.. S. D. LAMON 1locolacheetupuh-An Exilerl Magician .,., ..... L 'ECIL XV. STEVENS 1,Z1l'ZlChlllZl-SiSlCl' to Uoola Hung .,.,,., , --,wHORACE GEYER, IR. Senoma-Princess of Turvylanfl .......,.. .,..,..H T . M. FORSYTH Toola I.ung-Captain of the King's Guard M- ........ G. P. XVALLER Ilalloona-King of Tnrvyland .. .........,,,.. --- ,,.,.....,,. .W .... C. XV. STEVENS Messenger .......,. . ,..,,....,..,.,.., . --. ,,,,.,,........... . . ,... ---ARTHUR HITCH 'Suhliers, Yillagurs, XY:lsl11:x'1m:n, Etc. UHORUS FLOWER GIRLS SHOW GIRLS A PEASANT GIRLS C.G.GALT 41. XY. BEACH I. P. TART4 I.. D. ROBERTS H. S. MACKAY 1. MYERS NV. R. MCCLURIC li. N. XVESTER XV. F. MAY R. H. P1 CKFORD F. A. JENKINS J. EY. BROVVNE XV. S. CONNERAT C. E. XVORTHAM L. C. JOHNSON 'lf G. YETTICRLIEIN R. Tl. SAUNDIZRS T. TS. E. MCCLURE MEN A. Hl'I'C'H IL HOOKER I". A. HEIM L. J. LEMEN XV. D. CALGY G. P. ROGERT R. C. ANDERSON I. E. GREENOUGH E. J. ROE, JR. R, ra. PIERCE J. G. nmvwoon L. M. WOOLXYINE ENTRANCE OF BOOLA BUNG FOUR OF THE CAST if n ,151 Mk Ciwt-vl 'vw -1-t 202 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII O I g'-:f,g,:xkt ' , Lf 3 I fi. 7 Y , ,,':f ' 4 Z' 'fl Mfg xx y .. , 13-1447 ' I , ,-'Ztjf-j ,f - ni-iffff',1f2V.'LZ2f'. f ' 1 1:f'flJ:lMT!III-.fywfj lf, OFFICERS MZARK ROY I:.XX'lLLIi .. . . ...,.. President IEARLIQ NORRIS FLOYD ......., Vice-President DR. WILLIAM A. I..'XMBIi'I'I'l , , . , Secretary and Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE NI.-XRK ROY FAYILLD JOSEPH BEN-IAMIN XYAPLES DR. ALBERT LEFEYRE EARLE NORRIS FLOYD RICHARD VIPON TAYLOR GENERAL ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Dr. Lefevre Taylor Waples Floyd, Vice-Pres. Faville, President Dr. Lambeth 204 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI D R--0 :ish fx . M - TJW J 4 I 1 UFO .ggx 3 4 - III 0172 Q gl ,....- .L kb " FWH1 I T.. Q ,mx J. KF E ' I-I. 'ii N J 7 f 7 . - 5 ., ff L Iff f I R I J.. I . V. Men MANAGERS li. D. C.AxxIERON I.. W. TAZEWELL R. W. CARRINGTON H. N. FLOYD R. T. REID C. L. XWYILLIAMS F. N. LIARRISON FOOTBALL A. P. JONES B. R. CECIL HOIi.ACE GEYER C. B. CR.-NVFORD K. XV. xr.-XNCEY F. Q. STANTON J. H. NEFIT, JR. M. H. MURPHY S. D. GOOOII J. B. XYAPLES J. S. ELLIOTT M. K. HARRIS W. LIOLLADAY H. N. BOWEN O. R. THRAVES BASEBALL J. S. PIUME WY H. PEARSON M. S. FITCIIETT C. B. CRAWFORD 'W. H. C..xIs.xNIss R. H. PICKFORD C. A. VVITMER TRACK P. R. A'sII'BY D. P. GOODWIN T. N. DAVIS J. B. VVAPLES E. JW. HOLLADAY L. JWARTIN F. Q. STANTON T. H. WILTSI-IIRE C. L. NVILLIAMS Nwmxm 206 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI C. H. H O M. O. M B. Football li. W. XYAXCEY R. W. CARRIXGTON . . . ,... Captain . . . ....... Manager SXANDER AIACDOXALD . . . ..... Assistant Manager bl. H. NEFF, JR.. . . .... Head Coach i H. H. LANNIGAN ......... Trainer DR. W. A. LAAIBETH ........ .... B Iedieal Adviser Capt. Yancey . ASSISTANT COACHES B. CRAWFLIRD, C. R. 'WILLIAMS XYILLIANI GLo'rH .loHN PAUL OSCAR R,-XNDOLPI'l BURNLEY LANRFORD M. T. COOKE, JR. HARRY VVALL HAMMOND JOHNSON W. R. WARREN R. S. GRAHAM BRADLEY VVALKER W. O. SPATES TEAM M. Bowlax . .. . . . .Right End RACE GEX'EI2 ....... Right Tackle H. MURPHY ...... R. TPIRRVES . .. K. HARIQIS . .. R. CECIL ..... WkDied November . .Right Guard Center . . .Left Guard . . .Left Taekle IQOQ. sl. S. ELLIOTT. . . ....... Left End S. D. GOOCH ........ Quarter Back F. Q. ST.-XNTON .... .Right Half-Back YARCHER CHRISTIAN.. . Left Half-Back E. VV. HOLLADAY .... Left Half-Back K. W. YYANCEY . . . ..... Full-Back FOOTBALL TEAM CARRINGTON CManagerJ CRAWFORD KAss. Coachj L IEEFF QHead Coachl LANNIGAN QTrainerJ MACDONALD CAss. Managerj BOWEN .GEYER CECIL LAMBETH THRAVES HOLLADAY GOOCH STANTON . ELLIOTT YANCEY CCaptainj MURPHY HARRIS I , x FOOTBALL SQUAD s. FORREST Q. STANTON 'Y f "i9"',. P ,,-U 'argl' jf. V' 1 L " -"" iff , av" :'- -f" i:"f4 Li ' 5 pf, -"mx,L?'5i5i?5J fake' - 'film--wg A I ff yfj' ,f -..fq?5-ci4a':1g:.Cg2' ,I - - , -:,:ag , k,'-,, -'f aff:-'ef,gi51g,,f,:5iw.,.gf'Lffrfflsz ,f.w+g,iz?'.." '24'j,:, . Q : 5, ,g , t V pr, , , , mfg-,,f, ,Q-3 4,-10,11 gf.: gf,-. - h , as 'fia"f,.+'fQ:ff5aif4Q.:5m flwlei :, I+, -:il Y.: gf .. 4.1! 'il' .Y W 3 ''v::.:w1s2'f2fA:'," ' ffzffwv -1 9' 'Q .jx-'fl 1'- ' ' :wif -J 'Yii-if , ..,, -'mg ,gy-,,.,',,A .A ,. ,, ,Q K f 1 1'I'Eii- 'ff' 'dllaifgfrf 'J Elia?" NAVY GAME VIRGINIA 5 NAVY 0 ,, 13' . N. V V wif-P1 ' ' 1' ii. V ,. ,if V .,E4,t..,fY 45 fi K YS!-J ,,.,f,e - A . ff ' 15,57 :if '- , K '-W lf, ,J - .-. A-, ' ,.f,.r -Y ' -ff ,. , 1 " ' F ' ,ffm ,-11 : ,. . - ,. F' f ' " -f- S1-ft? .1662':'s5-L--f'if"'-f1l'-!1'1"h-' f 41x 'my - ' W -'V :wav 1 if f - - 1 .v, .,,,:,,,,., ln.-.1 1. .. 1.-v-'I Y . 'f-.11L1-ff?'f-- ' I K N'-1' 71-'Q' w. f' -fi. :Q-..,:,, xv. w Q. - , V V 1.1-Ijlwff -aff ,pq f' - if. T' V 5 'E' r I . W ' ,452 ' C 1 r I - i-"iz-1 ,I 'f ' 1 . ' LS' 11 -- 251, r ' I, jj 4.13111 I'-I . Y' fn.: 'S mf 1' f. -af - I P- " I if - 'W' V,-:-V?:i ' U "gh "1 -'I F". ' 'Aki " 'I ' ii' -mf 'AL .J 'iff' " N .M-fl g -. , Y Q,-,E Z. A -B v, gg U,--if V, 1 I. if f ,wr-f ' " ,-., " J ' 'Yr 1' ? .sian Virginia Taking the Field. The Kick-Off Navy Taking the Field. Virginia Stand, at right Navy Stand. Arranging Preliminaties. 0. NAVY GAME VIRGINIA 5+NAVY 0 THE GEORGETOWN GAME I ,.. f 4.1 it ,.. 1751 5 .ff 444 Front and rear of parade from station to team headquarters. Coaches and others watching arrival of parade. THE GEORGETOWN GAME - I r 'I ' xl ' , . , Y X I I ,. , . . x . X . ! Y N v x sf','fQf 1 ' , W gf .1 di' '3g"9" fl X 3 .'I V. -1, I , . 7 I .SEHCA l . ' I, U"3N 'l' v . - f ff. T S. . . -"r"'f"Fv: a .-1 I ' 4 lf' 5 ' fi., ' -'Gil iff" YJ!!!.5"K2?1'EiJf5Zgaw?''- 55f..f,,iii3fi5':53 c. M55 ' W? E. X ' ' pl, .vhs . B it' - :W :?J9x:'fa:'l"L LAWN .hm -J .'- ,,g',, V AML h , "5 ' ' --:f 9"'faI, 'Q .euifnfj X.:.f'j'1LE'a':3j?pW9'f - R WIA!!! ' , fu- 9113-1 M H -zu , .ff fm S+ A+- A f . i , , W, - 4- 4, 'I-ff VQB gf!-fig . - f7,.,'1 my ""- if"'M':-ff.',,1,.fw. 145' ' f V' .4 1-'-1 - -f A . , " f-A 422 'flu W Aj , A ' ' ' ' . A . ,Q 13 1 115'-I Q, ' , " ' Y'-i.'57.3i5f:f'Jse1 J :Im-:": -a A -' "'f-':-:'+"- 'Q 'ax-..'.:-1 .',.,, ' ., Wg: A My':v.'-,:,,:1g'.,:?..,:.,g jlfff H 'f 13,4 V F25-M if - , 1. I 1'f-f-':a14zf,,w:,i2-..a.:- "H-Wiizff:rE'eP,Zf:5w "r u 'LD-v '52 ' ..'v,, . ' :'-11 -.- A "4" , ' "" ' f '- 'TUAQTV' Car"-?.1'-3T"'1:L?' ."7'i'.'1f "'f1"7'y fda-Q u, -in'P-.-5,93,-542,13-gli-avvxvgifg--1 ,- 'i,,, . .411 I-' Q "" ' L,f..',5s"f?'Qff!Ug.E'g,1'Qi'?-"7'?'ifg'gg.,,,1'..g ,Q " .:,?ji.,A- '- A 2?f"?-if ---'f u' 4 f-'11,--.wk ' - :-'.-'-' 15: -2-f2'f:?4:?5'4.'vi"f, ' .. ' ., . Lf- ,fa 1-.,-',f-91-sLQ?f!-iw' uf. -A . ' W-'f V - u.PM'-,,-.s::.i.'a.f' "oz.3:-'V-g+1-mga .. -.v .-gy., " '-'Z"L2,!.-- ' -.vgf -'af1.w:--gwkjvi . f ' - -,,"'-Vs' '- ,,,. -va-i'xf",,,, '-Nu' wg' :tip-4 qw" f-,xg f A .. --1-if -. ., vmvgw -fuk... ff m,-wwf4.n5-1- A: M15f4w,,L V' .V , 1.. u..w.,L. - -. -.s:,,4p,-4104:-' Fy1r1zv2Y!'f.1:..g?3zaf14z11.L.11.'-..fv. '9. -- 1 - Virginia' 21 Georgetown 0 2 TIUS WASHINGTON POST: SUNDAY. 5. 1909. POST'S ALL SOUTH ATLANTIC FIRST AND' SECOND FOOTBALL ELEVENS HAVE BEEN CHOSEN AFTER CAREFUL CONSIDERATION Q55 Q Gr-zvaxv., VA.-N1 ENG. ' I "" 'I Ffizsr TEA' FOUR VIRGINIA PLAYERS ON THE POST'S ALL SOUTH ATLANTIC FIRST TEAM. 1909 1, 2 X Xx 216 CORKS AND CURLS 1910 Baseball Team p t' -- - -- +A-2 K, I LX RUFUS T. REID . ...4 .... M anager and Coach IN B. W. STR.-XS. JR. .... , , . Assistant Manager gi' ' , H. H. LANx1G.AxN. ..., .,........ T rainer 5 -3,-, C1-IARLES RIGLRR.. . . . .Battery Coach ' R. H. PICKFORD . .. ..,,... Captain 1, . E rj SQUAD C ff WHITMER.. . ' ,- CULBERTSON STRATON . . . . . . Pitcheps DOLIGLfXS..,. - GRANT... .. joxEs..... Capt. Plckford PE A Rso N .... RoAN...,. WERLEN. 111 . , BF ARDALI .... Catchers EXRTD ' . Flrgt Base f- A owzrz . MCINTYRE ANDEIQSON EODD-H " PICRFORD .. 4 ' ff ' - - HECMHNL' Second Base DOUGLAS .. . ...Th1rd Base 1TcH . . . . , NI.-xx ...... CHRISTIAN BLAKFNFY ' ' HUM12 . .. - MCNUTT. ..,. Short Stop I ILP . . . .... Left Fleld BEARD...... FITCI-IFJTT. C nt Field NEFF... .. Right Field STANTON, G er GARRETT. 6 MX BASEBALL SQUAD RELAY TEAM LANNIGAN, Cfrainer? GOOCH HARRISON, CManagerJ STANTON WILTSHIRE DOUGLAS GOODWIN TRACK 218-b CORKS AND CURLS 'VGLXXHI Track Team OFFICERS IIIIIQI -. -, :IANNI .. , Capt. Martin T. H. XYIL'I'SI'IIRI'I ROBEIQT B UIQKE TTEORGE EAGEIQ -I. E. HUGIAIES GEORGE CALDWELL L. H. COOKE J. B. JENKINS D. W. GRANT T. M. FORSYTI-I SON... CAN .... SQUAD E. W. HOLLADAY P. R. ASI-IDI' F. Q. STANTON B. R. CECIL W. W. DOUGLAS T, N. DAVIS VI. T. SLOAN T. H. TODD F. F. WILLIAMS S. D. GOOCI-I RELAY TEAM . . . . Captain ............Manager . . Assistzmt Manager ...........COach RTCCLELLAND LUGIAN CARR DON GOODWIN L. I. RT.-XRTIN C. L. WILLIAMS I. B. F. F. BEIRNE M. A. PLUNKETT R. T. BARTON XV. VV. SMITH, JR. G. R. GREIS DON GOODWIN T. H. WMILTSHIRE VV. YV. DOUGLAS F. Q. STANTON ' S. D. GOOCII, Alternate SECOND RELAY TEAM A T. H. TODD C. L. XVILLIAMS GEORGE CALDWELL S, D. GOOGH G. R. GREIS, Alternate TRACK TEAM SOUTHERN IN TERCOLLEGIATE MEET Burke finishing First in the Hundred. Martin Enishing First in the High Hurdles. VIRGINIA-YALE DUAL MEET Virginia Finishing Second and Third in High Hurdles. Virginia First in 440, Stanton finishing. Virginia First and Second in 220 yard dash Rector and Stanton in lead 222 CORKS AND Capt. May I-I. S. SPR.-x'rT H. E. J-ONES B. R. CECIL Basket-Ball OFFICERS C. L. XYILLIAMS ..,... H. RUZIEIQ DULANY J. H. INIM' Forwards KI. H. M A Y Centers - H Guards P. R. EXSHBY W. N. NEFF ' CU RLS VOL. XXIII Manager . . .Assistant Manager ...Captain I L. CAMPBELL R. DULANX' E. VV. :KEARNS . BASKET-BALL TEAM WILLIAMS QManagerj DULANY CECIL JONES LANNIGAN fTrainer5 ASHBY SPRATT MAY CCaptainJ NEFF KEARNS CAMBPELL BECKWITH WILSON 224 CORKS AND CURLS YOLXXIII --:HW 'Q' I. fy! -' A a- A X W 'OQO 1 1 f T E N NH S 1' 'iq -xx' ,wi v-f S Q ,, OFFICERS T. M. L. BRUNS ..,.. .........,. ..... ......,. P r e sident W. XY. CRUMP ........ ........,....... X Hee-President W. N. NEFF ..... .... S ecretary and Treasurer M. C. LILE . .... ......... B lanager TEAM XY. S. A. POTT, Captain T. M. L. BRUNS FALL TOURNAMENT Singles Doubles E . R X Y, R. VViu11er, XV. S. A. POTT VVinners Wjplil. N212 J B. F. TANNIS Second, T. M. L. BRUNS , Runners-up F. A. JENKINS 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 223 'flute 'dlp James, an earnest missionary, spent three years at U. V-a., And he thought in Mad Hall sessions poker he had learned to play, So when he was seized and sentenced by a hungry Zulu band, He proposed that for his freedom they should play a little hand. Old King Love-the-white-meat kindly acquiesced to Jim,s request, And of victory expectant they sat down to make the test. But, alas, the King cut Jimmy just as Jimmy cut the pack, And removed a slice of sirloin from the small of James's back. Said the King, "I'11 raise you twenty, though you're palatable sizef' . And he fixed the missionary with cannihalistic eyes. Then he shouted, "Think I'll open!" Jimmy answered, A'I'l1 come inll' When he saw the pot in question, he cried out, "You've got me skinned!" Jimmy thought he'd go the limit, so he sweetened just a few. Lovejthe-white-meat called his head cook. Jimmy' cried, 'Tm in a stew." For the ruler had a full-house, 't was the largest in the town, -And his nineteen hundred consorts said, "We want this done up hrownll' Which but proves that when you're playing for your life it is no bluff, For the chances are in favor of your being made hot stuff. If you've had your poker training in a Mad Hall poker coup, Youill discover, like our Jimmy, that it lands you in the soup. LUCRE. 1 2 Cvvyrishfby l'10lSiHger. 1909 CARR'S HILL. The Residence of President Alderman 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 227 Ye Adventure of Ye Hotte-Foot Knyghte The Knyghte's Quest of the Jaygone Herein Set Downe for the Elucydatione of Posterytye, Wythe a Few Frylls Calculated to Garnyshe the Same. T befel in ye days of McCski that a most dyrefull droughte prevayld OICI alle ye reahne and ye tongues of ye Hotte-Feet clove to ye roofs of theyr nlouthes. Then was ye Kynge,langer'd, when that he saw hys court in niyserye, and he called untoe hyniselfe hys most valyante knyghtes and sayd: "Hither have I called ye on a -matter of drye iniporte, now hearken ye to rnye connnandes: Vtfhat is so rare as a beere at thys tyme? Now, if ever, come drye soirees! Scour ye around through every clyine, Break thys clroughtg now goe your ways." Now, our wyts were in no wyse whetted by ye dryness of hys rernarkes, soe in alle haste soughte I, Valorous Knyghte of ye Beatyfyc Bunne, ye Wfyley Hfyzarde, that he myghte counsel me in ye quest that ye Kynge had ordained. Then Wythe a sad expressyone ye Wvyzarde held alof an empty symbol, used in ye worship of Bacchus, and chanted these dolorous words: "A Wetter daye ye canst not see Tyl ye Iaygonds blood is snyff'd by theeg Soe hye ye hence to Wfashyngtone, Nobeyl Beatyfyc Bunnef' Soe feared I lest thys fayre place should become Dunnyfyed ere I arryved, that I bedeck,d myselfe in all haste in ye royal ensygnsi And I called for mye palfry and rnye trusty spearemynt wherewythe aforetyine I had kill'd soe many Breathes, and sallyed forth syngyng: 'KI have clownld ye myghtye I-Iunter, ' A Canadyan Club I do not feare, Pabst on alle I'll get an Overholt Ere they lay me on my Beeref' At length came I to a wyngld pavalyone, cleck'cl full faire wythe pictur- esque pillars. And ther was a panel above ye pyllars whereon was wryt: Y. M. C. A. Then dyd I wrack niye bounteous, boundlesse and byllowye brayne for to know ye ineanyng thereof, and of a sudden quoth I, " 'T is passyng 228 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI st1'2111ge 1 e111111'1.l it not at lytst, f111's1'1c1tl1. lt sure 1l1C211'1C'El1 'Ye Must Cherysh :Xlkcol11j1l.' " Now in surety is Z1 ,lz1yg1111e nygh. Zllltl l'll llflt, pe1'f1'11'ce. he c11111pell'1'l to cc'1ve1' yt l'll21lly leagues 'twyxt here 21111l Xl'21sl1yngt1111e: soe I smote upoue yc clU1i11' Wythe 111ye lusty steyn. hut 21ls11e these lusty n'o1'tls smote i11 turn upon 111ye e211': "Sir lQllj'g'lllC. 1lepa1't l1'1,1n1 us 1 IJTZLY. 'T is hut Z1 lQ21VCll.S clrv s11i1'ee lYe'1'e taking 111: it lllily seem funny, Old I'Z1ClYZ1I'llQC nose l'1'11i'ess111' ljllllllY!.' 'llillCl1 1ly1l l depart lull quickly 1111111 thys fclle plaee, 21n1,l e21111e at last to a p211'yly1111 1111 wheels. XYl1Cl'Cyll were asse111l1le1l lllilllj' l1311'1ls and laclyes, bound for ye s21n1e gual as 1, hut 111111e LIPUIIC y" szune x'z1l111'1111s quest. .-Xml, anon. El l'llllllJlyllg s1,,1u111l a1'1,1se, 21111l we lJ1'UCCCtlCtl slnwely 1111 11111' waye. 'l1llCll, after many wezlry 1l21ys, tljftl l 211'1'ix'e 21n1l tlf'SllllJt1l'llLCll. ready for to e11eo1111te1' the -lZlj'g'O1lC. YU scenes are passynge st1'2111ge. hut l. l.lllZlfl'Zlj'll. quoth t11 21 seullyon nearhye. "ll'l121.t, l11'1, 1'211'let! hast l1e211'1l tell 111 n1e and 111ye quest? S' l1l1,1o1l! K11O1x'est thou that I am he xx'l11.1111 they C2111 the X'21l111'11us linyghte of ye lleatyfye Dunne, anal I have e11111e for tlrl c21pt111'e ye ,l21yg1111e "Nye lyegef' 111111tl1 he. lltlllllllj' full. "1l11st neecl a squyre? l wylle act thys part, an 't please thee." "Yea, cl11 thou s1'1e, v211'let, 2ll1.l please me l'1,11' to C2111 tl1ee -Xpp1.1ly11211'yse," quoth I. "F1i1ll11w llCll paces l1el1yn1l." Then cly1l we p1'11eee1l untyl Elf last we e21111e u11t11e 21 pl21ee where I knew f1'11111 yu scent that yt' J'21yg1'111e lllygllll he louncl. :Xml therein saw I yc Hyghty l9I1111te1', who af1.11'ety111e lliltl east hys spell up1111e me full oft. Xxvftll clesyre 1111- to CTICOUIITCI' thys XVO1'Tlly 211lx'e1'sa1-y 11nce M H I p V ,.., ,V - 1'l1Ol'C. I v6llf?l'?tl 21n1l in 21 loucl yoyee called that he Colne f1,11tl1. .3xIlO11, hys squy1e, 21 SCUIVY 1f , q,r- -1 25 :4 2 . ' 1 . Q:-f - 'L-'H , 1 knave. clad in 21 Whyte apron, sat llylll l1et1.11'e -.fiE'l l me, and thus sayng he: oft as I xyyst ,1:, gif'111 4 iT""!1 Ii . l fillmlglll, I sencl El lyst 1 II i l 1 Qi wyne: 'l , N l. YQ yflllllg lc11ygl1tes ' .l ll 1 l I .l , , . . -1 'll ' l "' Ill' Ml Wim 11 WM ll lnll -21 ll llllll :ll lllllll ll. .,.. That 5 Tyne." Q L 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 229 Forsooth, no sooner had .l vanquished ye Hunter than l realvzed that ve Iaygone was hard bye and, tnrnyng. met it 'lace to lace. "If was an awful syght that would sure have affryghted one less staunch than I, Yalorons Iinyghte of ye Ilcatylyc linnne. For he had four lull crowns upone hys head and Three Feathers about hys back, a Illue Rybbon around hys neckg a Coclctayl bedeclced hys rear and hys body from encounters was alle in Schlytz. Then gave he vent to a myghty hyccough and rushed 1ne and needs must I have perished. else mye worthy sqnyre dyd dash water in mye Iace. lgiut I remember not ye detayles of yt' fyght, so hard dyd I gnlp and labor: and soe Iaynt was I. As perchance l c.,ff', . .qw , Z ' W. '7'f1 111. 5 ,I 7 f ,.. r Q -l A ef 1, A . f?'ef,l e ll'l 2 - waz f - ,,At - 'e ff F l ill 1 i 'Ill lr vs ' i!f. , Ul.Mn1 ,lil 1 ff! vgmglllh ZZWA XX f a2 , lxl ht ' fa ' ll llc ll X " lllll' llg1fL llllll yl.',Qm N- thought ye combat o'er, hys sqnyre dyd send a hygh hall full at me. And as l. dodged, ye Iayqone smote me wyth a Canadyane Club wyth such Iearlul force that it caused ye torches to Hare and ye Hoor to turn. Eltsoon 1ny head dyd strylqe a long bar of brass and I revyved enonfrh 6 for to fynysh ye -laygone. Then dyd I shake mye sqnyre, who lay upone ye table, and saycl: L "Churl, send these ,Iaygone's remayns to Vyl- l ' ' charlot that ye Kynge and hys spouse. Iioenski, ji ' may no longer suHer ye droughte to prevaylef' "hen I, wythe many relycs of ye combat, re- turned. Nor do I recall much of ye journey, soe weary was I, save that a menyal, clad in indygo, dyd place upone my hel m a badge of honore and that ever and anon I tasted of the samples that l had wythe me. Now when ye movyng pavylyon drew into Vylcharlot, a comely concourse of vyllage folk awayted me, and 'layne would have relveved me of mve bur- dens, so glad were they of 1nye sale and happy return. Ilut I proceeded on mye tryumphal march through ye streets. An admyryng multytnde gath- ered for to follow, but l. had not gone Iar ere ye cyty orcler'd me an escort, and 230 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI soe I was honored by a 'lollowyng of two strong gaurdyans, Clad in inclygo, and they led me rejoyeynge to a pavalyone all deelced wythe bars, whveh had been prepared for lnye home comyng. There dyd I reeeyve many vysytors Z1l'llOllgC whom was ye Kynges messen- 1. e, , ,W ger, one 5tZ11lS-lil, who dyd reward ye . W Landlord of vc nvalvone for ve care in u .1 c c 1 - rc ' 9 he had taken ol me and led me to yt ef court. And here mye Lyege lord, overcome wythe good spyryts, gave me a seat at yu Round Table, bye some called a Keg, and bade me relate n1ye adventures. but beyng spent bye my terryble encounters, I slyd gracefully onto ye floor. Now, as l slumbered offe. l heard lar away voyees syngyng, and it glad- dened nlye heart for to know that rnye Qx prowess had brought on thys melodyous psalm of rejoyeyng: lllr "YU ,laygone's blood is come at last, YC dyreful drought is o'er and past, lloth Scotch and rye are on the Range, And lcegs of llud are draynynge fast." Pl-xnstmr.. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS Z 31 lllbootlligbt Before you came, I watched the old moon rise Up from her Orient couch, to scale the skiesg And she was lonely, wan and weary there. Her gentle light on town and field and sea lllumed again the dayis reality, But with new light, unreal beyond compare. Perspectiveless, each long, grey shadow seemed Lost in uncertain distance, and where gleamed The moonlight, half-light hid what light would show' Familiar line and shade merged with the night, New saliencies and shadows mazed the sight, And all that was, was not, in old moon's glow. Then, Love, you came, and from the hill we gazed, In silence, at the nightg our souls amazed, And yet subdued, by half-remembered things, The moon again was mother to mad mirth, And to fair Romance, dying in her birth- To all the tongueless whispering love brings. From secret glade, where blooming roses twine, From thick-massed gloom of tree and shrub and vine Came wind-blown legends, faint, harmonious, That told of lovers, loves and love's despite- And we, who are but lovers, felt that night Was rife with airs from pipes of I'-Eolus. Old lovers left their level tombs to stray, Hand grasping hand, in ghostly-bright array, And slumb'ring Death heard not their slender wo For Death no power has when Love is king, And from the dust of graves the breezes bring A song of wooing, and a clash of swords. 'F Thus did the memory of wonders wrought In days forgotten quicken in our thought: knew again the secret of the years. sensed the treasures Fate can not destroy- breathing ecstacy of deathless joy, somber mystery and awe of tears. We We The The Mad with the beauty that we heard and saw Our souls remembered naught save beauty's law, Gui' hearts forgot all else except desire. And while the passion of our vision welled Up to our lips as kisses, we beheld The world transhgured in the moon's cold fire! JAMES Cooic BARDIN, 1909. rds 95 65 THE LAWN IN WINTER fd- .. be u B N, . .-.-- xr. ,L-fu--.M -ww 4-Q -v' .f,+-xy-- -Fr U., VA iv V - ,. 5 .. .,f HU., . W., ,. ,. HL.,,4,,. ,, , . . , M, kph- WAN... ,N A vi . iw , 4, M, , 5+ 4 . . ,N fp, 5, 1, . , ,wc 73 . M , ji K f if e if 'R A., N w 4 hui f .,f,,1 M ,51:2-A iffggw 'fiififziibizf 'sgfidbfaww-A fl 4. 7 fxv '-gy' 45 f " , ,QA-J,, 3 ,Q . 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SIM: .wasp ,Q Ye ff,:fi',',-:wa X ,gdmiz-QQ 31-v'-Qizialfsg-431Hifi' ixiap mgf- ?gi2:f-Kemp-gwi, f ,A ,Lrgqiswfriazggasminusffagmfi Q 'XEKDCE 1 ref 1 clk 41, M17 ,,, 1 v x 'ITERARY Mt?- Ix Ifllvl I0 IXSWINGT QA! OCIET 232-13 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII JAMES W. CURRIE GEORGE E. ALLEN C, 0. MQCORMIQK ' W. M. HANNON ..,. M AU RICE I-IIRSCI-I . Founded 1831 OFFICERS FALL TERM INTERMEDIATE TERM R. 5. FULTON .......,., . . ,,.... . Presidcnt VV. M. I-IANNON . ...,... , ..Vicc-President J. s. Rrxlsxx.. . . WILLIAM E. G A RN ETT IAKIIVS XY. CIIRRIE I.. LEROY ULIYIQR WII.l.I.XNI N. Nl:I.'I V. C. BARKER V. O. MQCORXITCIC XVI iM. STORM II. NN. RI'.I'.U l.AXX'R1CNC'E I.Il'I'ER I B. R. XN',XTll-1 . . . .Secretary . . .. Reporter SOCIETY Cl lil JRCSE E. ALLEN J. 11 w1Ncs1f11zr.1'n, JR. xsmulglnili IYIIRSCII lu. I'Il'.I.M .X. Nl. XYOOD A. I.. XVII,I'.I.XMS .IOIINQS RIXEY R. 5. I'UI,'lUN IC. F. IIIIRIHARD FINAL MAURICE HIRSCH . H. W. REED. LEWIS TYREE ..... . PAUL BALLARD . ROLL LEWIS TYREIE VI. A MCCORMICK C. R. MCCORKLE R. XV. CARRINGTON A. XV. I-IERRM ANN XV. S. DABNEY T. E. DIDLAKE H. V. CORNETT YVARD SIVANK . . . . . President .. .. . . . Vice-President Treasurer, for the year Secretary . . .... . . Reporter TERM .. ....... l. . .President .. , Vxee-President . ...... Secretarx' ..Reporter R. DENMAN, IR. U. Ii.XXV.XSI-IINNA E. S. NAPIER IV. II. PHIPPS C. NV. DAVIS T. R. LYONS, IR. G. R. GER?-ON II. 1'. TAYLOR IAMICS KERR I. I,. PETERS, JR. IZXUI. IIALLARD ' G, H. SHUMATE. JR. XY. P. FOSTER ICDVVIN KTCONNOR XIAXXVEIQI. I., LEVY T. S. SETTLE M. A. PLUNIQETT If. M. TJTVEN S, ll. XYRIGIIT I R. MQQUEEN XV, M. IIANNON -I. H. HENDERSON I. L'. IIONARER XV. A. McAI.I.IS'l'ER IINK COLEMAN J. KERR VV. B. AULL G. P. IVALLER l . BEDFORD XVATER9 KN"II.I.IAIXI A. SCHNITT HUGH L. BEDFORD. IR. IIICORIZE .X. f'.XI.DVVEI.I. MAT.K'OI.N Ii. HARRIS XYII.I.'I.X'M E. CARNETT RIf'II.XRl'J A. RIf'KS,,T1z 'TIIUMAS V. I'ARR.'X1Mf'l'RIi lIl'llII I..X'l'.XNE IIOI.I..XNI5 I I x 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 233 N 1 I I I-41 I . I IPR- N. , ,ii - 'O E - . I-. QS A7 I 1 -1-as I fqutmll 'O Founded, 1825 OFFICERS Final Officers S. M. CLI3VEI.AND .,.......,,. .President W. P. POWELL ,,....,.. .,..., S ecreiury S. P. RIDDLE ..,.......... Vice-President A. :ANDERSON .... Treasurer for Lhe Session First Term Second Term W. G. DEARING ............... President AY. AV. DOUGLAS ..,,.... . . . . .President W. W. IDOUGL.-XS. . ,. .... Vice-President M. L, AVALLERSTEIN ..... Vice-President O. R. EASLEY , , . . . . . ..... Secretary C. E. FRENCH ...,.... ...... S ecretary Final Committee W. G. DEARING W. W. DOUGLAS O. R. E.-XSLEY C. IE. FRENCH W, L. PENNINGTON MEMBERS W A. STUART L. G. GIANNINI' P. POXVELL B. COYNER W. M. GRANT G B. EAGIER H. ANDERSON S. JONES U. O. :AMONETTE 51. AV. LIARRIS, -IR. HAYDEN R. EASLEY R. M. STERNI-: IE. M. HEI.I,I3Ii EXVING, -I R. E. FRENCH, UIR. S. COXVARDIN, JR. W G. DEARINO P. IQICI-I.-XRDSON JAST R. M. HOLI.AND A M. :AIKEN, -IR. M. GREEN C, CIIEIVNING G. B. DIUGUID F. L. MCKINNIEX' T. T.-xBIs W. WOODS YV, WL DOUGLAS M NV. GANNAWAI' P. CARVICR -I. Ni.-XRTIN G. R. GREIS P. ELIOTT P. RIDDLE K. NICQXORMICK bl. O. BEATY D C. STRACIIAN B. FRAZIIER H. PARSONS C. F. FOORS R G. IDASIIIELL M. f'I.EVliLAND E CI -IAMESON D. H. RAIISEI' M L. XVALLERSTEIN L. TIIOMASSON F. D WIINOR, ,IR W. CY IEXVERS R L. AWALl.ERS'I'IiIN P. DAVET A. .ANDERSON E. E. WASIIBURN I-I C. EVERSOLE F. SIITIIERLAND L. PENNINGTON W. G, HOLLINGSWORTII 234 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII Debating and Oratorical Council University Virginia JEFFERSON SOCIETY IV. N. NEFF, President XY. G. DEARING,S6CI'6tE1I'j' WASHINGTON SOCIETY O. G. EASLEY, Vice-President W. S. DABNEY, Assistant Treasurer C. W. PAUL, Adjunct Professor of Public Speaking Delloy Fonvillc winner of the Southern Oratorical Contest. Paul Micou, University Representative, and winner in the Virginia State Intercollegiate Contest. 4, WINNERS OF THE VIRGINIA-CAROLINA DEBATE, 1909 T. M. HARRIS, Alternate NIAURICE HIIQSCI-I, Principal H. A. LION-NSON, Principal TEAM IN THE DEBATE WITH TULANE IN 1909 bl. VV. CURRIIQ, Principal WV. G. DEARING, Principal R. L. XYALLERSTEIN, Alternate 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 235 '-- Il I- I SPHRHT I TEE ' ENV A El, l72l fig. wtf ,L f W .Kamik ... . XI R I kwfiifliffg' , f' .ffl I ,, l ' , -1 3 55 I, ' ' ,U N!I3".1.:7 IP '55 Y ' "" Q S ' 4' ' ' '-L, gear: V 0 fri-by A .4 .!- I :fray 5' A ,Q ., '- . 1, I 1.1 ' H154 hifi, ev .fain '- JAM 'I-is If ns. - . may. V.. - If .v 5154 Firm., '-l W ' v -It A 4: ' ff ' .m'1wTa' :VP 1- J' '5'i'32l'9Elf. ,.af1't+QiQ?Fl2I-..I- Nm- QP' ' - ', RARE? 'iewgfe-f-,':Gf'W -' I ---I-I-A-.1-I If Its.. . '11 rjfaf- 1 '55fir:n!fL"" Wewtffitisl l.gflmlfaI.f' Hffif ,. wgfiizf' Q7 N' if If MWF' ' ' .AH TIM.- - ' ff. 'iI:'39si.J. .-.Riu 'Ai 2 '-Faejiiv ,ji-W '. Uhr Hnung iillrrfa Glhriztian Ubdirvrn R. V. TAYLOR, JR. . R. WARNEI2 VVOOD ............. T. S. SETTLE ...... HUGH M. MOILHANY VV. W. HROCKMAN.. '.',IfQ.','I5i1Q Iiff . Qlhuirmrn nf Qlummiltrva R. WARNER AVOOD. fXLFRED ANDERSON . 1. ALEXANDER WADDELL ... YVILLIAM N. NEFF ..... R. EMERSON SMITH .... HUGH M. lVlCl.LHANY, -IR., Ph. D., .. EAMES LEWIS L. BIBB ....,.,. T. S. SETTLE. ..,... . CONRAD H. GOODWIN . .. Aaanriatinn . ..,,.. President . . . . .Vice-President . . . . Recording Secretary . . . . . . . . .Treasurer . .General Secretary . . . . . .Bible Study , . . . .Mission Study . Religious Meetings . . . . . . . Membership Neighborhood lfVork ........,...Finance . . .Entertainment . . . . Publications . . . Foreign Wfork 236 CORKS AND CURLS 1 VOLXXHI Chapel Choir M. R. F,xx'II.I,I, ..... DIRECTOR MRS. M. R. F.xx'II.I.I5 .. .... GRC.-XNIST V42 ,wg C41 First Tenors B. SMINDIQRS A. JENKINS IRSI-I.xI.I. FURSYTII Second Tenors C. IZIEIILIQ, JR. M. PAGE B, SETZLIER M. CI.I2I'I2I..-IND M. CIIICI-IESTIER First Basses A. C. CII.-xI-MI2Rs K. S. -TONER S. D. LIIMOX R. E. Hom' Second Basses F. N. LEWIS J. M. IDAYIS S. D, 1X'IAXWEI.L M. R. FAVILLE ' RICH.-IRD TUNSTALL J. C. XVARNER 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 237 ll fir B B f l J E V W... ' 2 OFFICERS E-L M. R. FAVILLE ..,.......................,....,., Director . R. HOLT ..,,., ......,................ B 'Ianager S. R. CONNELLY ........,, Assistant Manager f A H51 ' l ' " - MEMBERS L. C. MORROW J JOHN AULL J ' Cornet Clarinet T. W. DAVIS H. Sr. G. TUCKERI W R. B. IQEARFOOAT Au J, W. CARTER, JR. T b L. R. BUSKEY O J. W. JOHNSON Om Une M. R. FAVILLE, Baritone VVILLIAM AULL, JR., Tuba ' E. R. FINCK, Piccolo W. E.Ew15RS, Snare Drum G. H. LANG, Bass Drum J. B. JENKINS, JR., Cymbals 238 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXHI R , I FW X, A C X I' I. x XT! X - X , 64,1 Miwzx S fgx' X -X O X A 1 X X ,L f . A ' X Founded. January 14, 1909 I IB 2 ff X I OFFICERS , " THOMAS S. SETTLE .,.,......,.........,. President ku.. XYILLIAM N. NEFF .... .,........ X Tice-President XYILLIAM G. AIAUPIN. ...... Secretary and Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE THOMAS S. SETTLE XYILLI.-XM G. AI,-XUPIN JOHN C. HIPP TVELTON T. RIYERS DR. EDWIN A. ALDERIIAN MEMBERS G. B. EAOER S. M. CLEVELAND W. N. NEFF J. A. TVADDELL W. E. NICIYICJLLS M. K. HARRIS QI. N. TQENNA A. M. I-AIKEN H. A. TOULAIIN M. T. DTCCLURE I. C. HIPP R. L. HADEN J. T. XYILSON, JR. H. TY. PHIPPS NIAURICE PIIRSCH H. V. CORNETT T. S. SETTLE T. E. DIDLAIQE R. M. PIOLLAND H. L. BEDFORD W. G. TWAUPIN XV. T. NIYERS ' J. S. RIXEY WT. S. DABNEY R. V. TAYLOR J. B. EARNEST M. B. COYNER E. N. FLOYD G. E. ALLEN J. S. CHAMBERS F. B. MCGARRI' W. T. NICCAFFREY R. T. WILSON D L.TXT.ROBINETTE MEMBERS IN FACULTY E. A. fXLDERMAN H. T. MARSHALL T. VV. PAGE VV. H. FAULKNER VV. H. HECK A. M. DOBIE C. A. GRAYES H. E. JORDAN C. TW. PAUL 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 23 U AERO CLUB. X A I 5 , U A . "xi . I 4 VX .N r . "" " A , , X ' L, . I Q X A -f i.-QQ :Si 5 QE 1 ' H . 1 - ,N - , - 3 ' l H-. x i 5.1--+--n O J AEP ith A A f V iii. ' Founded, September, 1909 OFFICERS JAMES R. BTCCONNELL. . . .......... ....... P resident M. H. IXTURPHY ......... .. Vice-President D. A. HUGHES ...... .......... S ecretary C. H. SUTTON. . . ........,............. .......... T reasurer JOHN H13.ix'rH . . . .......................... . . .Consulting Engineer LECTURE COMMITTEE J. E. PA'PT1zRsON D. A. HUGHES T. G. XTIZ'l"l'ERL131N MEMBERS I. R. BICCONNELL I. E. PATTERSON C. H. SU'i"i'ON D. A. HUGHES H. C. CLAIBORNE T. G. XYETTERLEIN M. H. BTURPHY J. IV. BEACH I. HEATH S. GWIN F. L. DRl25SI.EIl MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY DR. R. M. BIRD ' PROP. J. L. NEWCOMB DR. M. XV. T'TUMPIIRIEYS PROP. C. H. TIANCOCK DR. E. A. FXLDERMAN PROP. A. M. Donna PROP. L. G. I'TOXTON DR. VV. :L L,-XMBIE'1'I'I MEMBERS OUTSIDE OF UNIVERSITY J. H. LINDSAY XV. H. BARLOXV L115UTPN.xN'i' G.-xI,1:R.xI'rH, U. S. N. .-X. Y. CONXYAY J. A. CHEAPE 2-IO CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH 4 A W 4, I I fy X off, X g aff , kd f xx, ' ' 'Xxy i OFFICERS X XI. lVoorz ..... , ....,.....,., ,.,. ,... ,.,...... P r e sident G. L. Douolwx' .. . ........,... Vice-President E. S Sxnrn .,.. . . .... Secretary and Treasurer EI. S llllnllsxzlas.. . . ..... . ....,,,....,.....,....... Past President. MEMBERS IN FACULTY CIIARLISS II. II.-xxeovli ,X II ll.XI-IJIYIiLl. II. E. JORDAN WM. BIINOR LILE llucu T. Xunsox Tnos. ll'.x1.1q1a1a PAGE BRUCE R. P5xYNE I.. M. RoIs1x15'1"r1i Rlcl-IARO H. ll'1'uT13H15AD LEWIS I.. llO1.1,Ao,xx' MEMBERS AND LODGES fl. R. Bmlclav, I,z1lQelam'I Lodge, No. IQO, Roanoke, Vu. WOOD BOULDIN, EIR, Hnlifzmx Lodge, No. oo, Houston, Va. LI. S. C1-mxrersns, Mount Hernaon Lodge, No. 504, COILIITIIDLIS, Ga. vl. O. LIRIIDER, McDowell Lodge, No. 112, Welch, W. Va. W. S. DABNEY, Scottsville Lodge, No. 45, Seottsville, Va. G. L. DOUOHTY, Cheszlpezxlce Lodge, No. 158, Aecomac, Va. .. -l.lTRI3D. FABER, Ruth Lodge, NO. So, Norfolk, Va. A, IRVING, 7 !4-- -il-, NO. 105, Morrilton, Vu. S. S. 5lEIfI"IiRIES, Cache Lodge, No. 23 5, Clarendon, Ark. C R. LICCORKLIC, Cedar Bluff Lodge, No. 200, Riehlands, Vu. E. S. SMITII, Rolla Lodge, No. ZI3, Rolla, Mo. I-I. THOMPSON, Herndon Lodge, No. 264, Herndon, Va.. II. H. VAIQNER, Mount Carmel Lodge No. 133, VVarrenIOn, Va. A. M. WOOD, Cfllllllllllll Lodge No. 158, F1'ede1'ick, Md. W. xl. WOODS, Boone Lodge, NO. 43, Lebanon, Ind. Z 1" .42 ,- if ' " ' ff f riff W , ,f .A. - f f .- f . XY - -, f 6 , X I ,V-11.1 W W 1 A QW ' - , . A fff' ff f flffhf fyfwlyy f , 54,4 1 4. 15, "" . Qt X - X Z X f ' ff' . f X - X M ' :Q I W , P V, Z 5? - A ' WX 'S' f I i ' i f ' V , A 1 '.Q. N 1 A ' . -'- M N. li l wi Q X 'f f X 61111 lixk X' 'A A f rr " 1 f 'f 'w I 49 X M 2 we .M f - fy Z 1 flIw K , 1 ..!f1gQ21x1i4-in ,ygmvkfa 5? f f, , ,,A Xx f X 1 H H f 1' V7.6 y 153522215--I2 2 K- - -ff", H"-' .' ' ' ,f L V 1 . .41 :Jr - ff- A :cfm ,5f,,'1.4' 11 , '1! F e p: 1 I f fr, ' ,, -24,4 1. Y, .Q - a f 1 ,X -Q 4 f f... f-f?Q - 4 f x L Y E, V Y V I , v4 THE UNIVERSITY ZOO-HJOHNNIE, STIR UP THEM LIONS !" 242 CORVKS AND CURLS VOL.XXlll Gbe ilB?ll.l3D6 of IDOOIZ fllllletfe God gave to her the Beauty-prize, The magic every pulse to stir, Such ripe red lips and amorous eyes, That sons of men desired her: And suitors numberless there were That knelt before the proud coquette- They made love cheap. She might despise So poor a price, thought wise Annette. Young men with fever-Fired hearts, That in a love-delirium rage, She slaughtered with her siren arts: She made a fool of middle-age, She set derision on the sage. She took men's homage as a debt And bade the blind god shoot his darts To laugh at wounds, the sweet Annette. She'd heard the Wise Old Women say, "Who mates with money marries well! The world knows by the price men pay If it be right or wrong to sell." Wise past her years. it soon befell Her plan was made, her price was set- The greatest wealth that came her way Should woo and win the dear Annette. So, Youth, fair-faced, she let go by, Deaf to its frantic passion-call: CSuch lures for callow heart and eyej Her prudent fancy 'scaped its thrall. Who won her love must give her all I Bright things that only gold can get, And, that she put the price so high, Men were more fain of fond Annette. God dealt him but a meager dole Of blandishment and winning grace. "Work" was the watchword of his soul: "Work, work and work!" so when his face And heart were set to win the race, He made this word his amulet, And pressed undaunted to the goal On which his face and heart were set. He left the ports of Idle Ease, And as a prudent one, who steers Where tempting sirens sing and tease, He sailed with cotton in his ears. He scorned the counsels of his fears, And where the conHict fiercest met His battle banner, to the breeze, Flung this brave motto, "'Gain and get." When he had won the money-prize And spent his youth in Mammon-lust, The scales were loosened from his eyes: Behold. his treasure was but dust! She pierced him with a single thrust, Unwary, weak and helpless, yet A catch no woman might despise: So thought the practical Annette. When he had wooed and she was won. She seized the scepter. took command. And in a trice the deed was done, For little did he understand Of woman-craft. An iron hand Was laid upon him. He was set Within a corner. bound and banned Prometheus-like, by wise Annette. Then having got the gold of Age, Straightway she took the love of Youth, And ever in her gilded cage, They cooed their soft, consoling ruth: Bright-feathered fellows: swore, in truth, Her fetters gave them sore regret- And in a dumb, heart-broken rage, He heard them pity "poor Annette." The giddy haut ton thronged his hall, The Cavalier Servante came, They ate his substance, spoke him small, And at his banquet mocked his shame. They gnashed their teeth upon his name, And winked and tittered when they met, While from behind each arras-wall, There came the whisper, "Poor Annette!" THOMAS LOMAX HUNTER. 244 CORKS AND CURLS VGLXXIII --YJ,-X. Y rv' X H 65.-1 I- 'I if 5- ' 4.59, - U ' 4 -Ls' T ' .- 1'A4 - - i . SL M :QI eg, I w w ...x . Al I . , ' . . . . - . R ' Agni "ifz:fQiL,gae1'fth2 " . fl-ffafgffv wg' Y? .ff femyv H . lx LUGM qgk -ugly .-.. F: 1:31. fwzvgagg, ' , .- Q 9163 11 fig go' -:::::::g, ggi Emi! A HHS ' . yu Liv il - y:1:l:ql 'fi2 . 1'-'-'-' 2-3-1 . sxf:2:2fff' :r-:-r- VM' - .-:-:-' f y f-:E:1' Q1 ' J ' - MEMBERS H. G. GAITHER H. M. Bowlax J. W. BOYD B. L. HONXVELL C. F. COCKE A. T. BOTTS C, H. SUTTON E. N. FLOYD S. Gwm -I. XY. BOWEN ,Q v 'K rg"h"wi 5-M' I1 1 jg .5 X fi n'iq3.,f'E3,.:+i A-A 'gl-'ESP X .2115 S J, is 1 ,ni QM ,1?f:..t35Ef J QIL5' S. f ,ff ,Km "' K geihybe 1 21" .I MA 1 15.13 iff? .:,-iii. - ' , :fx xi X 1 f7"f ..n.,,.1 rxrib' l"f"'v I. , my I 'J fi' 'E ' 1: img D' ' 'ff -.eww 'fig' ,E ,.-, f-'11, :Lf - A, V15 .L 'fl '35 ffl'i?'?,cff'f' I' "1-iii 5 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 245 '59, ,..,v.-.-fi ilk-55.3-gi,j3'.5:iA,HA X R ' .'12,.A1,'-59 ,sq 3L'f",5S.'4.ij,'1..7?'1 "' N-rs .-1:. .'M.,::'1- '-fr --1uv--'.- ' Sf? I E' --..L :ff----' .-A, . MMU. A-.-file.-,. - S , '-.'."---31 ' ' L" 4.1i"' 315-1-rv iff- E -' . :ff A... . . .. , X 5 1-q H22 iff. ' 'ff ,, 5,5 -. :'."'-'21?"T' - . "-PH.-' ' if : ff?''.'Af:ff'.A:r..fl'faffiafweuf1" ,, my "ff: X ,.1i2:'A-y,-0.-pw' in - Y 'f3f,1?ev15? N ., gl., , t ,5-, ...AQ , A,-1. ' ...,.,v.L -.4 1-7, i .4 Jw.-....,., H I V--I , . , ., , . xi QJQIRMA-1 R -' C wwf - -'ffm' f-,f,-1.lMv'31Ufr f-' :M ,- V f 5 ff.'J,,G ff A-+ 1 H1561 is ' .yi.,5,,vf.:2fQg-'A'f?.-Hn131Gq,i1:14ff'-5, - 'K -. -1.2.1. . Q- ' ,-12.-1-j., , 5, , .1 ".'--E-4 ,,'1" fi' A '21'.f. " 5:5 9' 4 1-my 'f nv'fE,ff f' ' ,., Trffgfielgf fbi. ' I ,- 9592: X X ,O iEf.,IT41"' ,'e'f'L:ifJTgQ 14- A I .Era 'fr-il. R5's.'!ffji4iiE?'f ""'H"'F: Ls., ' " A ., . 'Qgyfe' r- ,'J,."'E,,. ' . .'i', . 1'vfw35fg:':?', XS? a- -r.ff:2.-12-nj - 4.1. .- f , .t- 4- .- - - H. -G.-ff.-1. ff' A+i..r.fw'-'J.-LT... ' 41 J' 1. A ' -tf"'J!' .7 'fe 'j4r-i,ff1x:-- pf'--Sgulif:-E 5:rY'nH-f X Tfffwr' 1' X' uv' 2 13 1 .4,"'ff 2' "1 ,K 11 " e 1-, F -. 'law' T 'X' 1 . I v X t ,,., t 2 EP Established, Mardi Gras, 1902. Reign of MCC -JAMES R. h1CCONNELL .... HEDLEX' MON. BOWEN.. JOSEPH W. BEACH ..,,.... ........ BEAUDRIC L. HOWELL. .. .. JOSEPH S. HUB'1E.. . .. G. HERNIAN LANG .... M. ROY FAVILLE ......., CORYDON H. SUTTON ...., . . R1ATT1-IEXV H. N1URPHY.. . . . . . ., -Ski, the one time 1909-10 . .... King . . . . ....... Queen .Heir Apparent Pretender LO the Throne ... . . . . . . .Court Physician . . . . . . . .Archbishop . . .Lord High Chancellor . . . . ........,..... AnarehISt ....................GeneralISS1n'IO EARLE N. FLOYD ................, . . . . . .Lord High Chamberlain CECIL DABNEY ..... . . ......,..... Troubadour JOSEPH H. BOWEN .... E. DON CAMERON ....,. ANDREXV T. BOTTS ,... RICI-IARD TUNSTALL .....,... 1'1AMILTON C. CLAIBORNE .,.. J. LEXVIS UNDERWOOD.. . BARCLAY PRETLOW. . . H. GRANGER GAITHER ............ CHARLES E. MORAN. . , , JOHN W. BOYD ....... FOREST Q. STANTON... DAVID A. HUGHES. .. VV. ALLAN GALT. . . HORACE GEYER ................ OSCAR R. THRAVES .......,.... ARTHUR M. R. CHARRINGTON. . . THOMAS JEFFERSON VVERTENBAKER ........,. KEMPER W. XXANCEY ........... JOHN CHESTER WARNER ... ALEXANDER NIACDONALD . .. GEORGE E. XVARREN ...... BEVERLY XV. STRAS, JR.. . ALBERT LEEEVRE .........., ..... :XRMISTEAD M. DOBIE ...., WILLIAM A. LAKIB ERT. . ELSIE XVORTH.. . . . . . .Merry Monk .... .JeSter . . .King'S Bearer . . .Queenis Bearer ...........Wizard ..Exile ...................ExecutiOner . .Standard Bearer .............Page . . .Court Favorite . . . . . . .Messenger .'.Cup Bearer .......Herald . . . . .Body Guard . . . Master of Horse . . . . xCrOwn Bearer . . . . . .Sage . .Executioner . . . . ....., Minstrel . . . Knight Of the Round Keg .,.. .Knight Of the Beatific Bun . .Court Philosopher . . . . . . .Poet Emeritus . . . Keeper Of the Kegs . . .Mistress of the Wardrobe 246 CORKS AND CURLS I VOLXXIII CECIL DABNEY MARK ROY FAVILLE MATTHEW HOBSON MURPHY CORYDON HUBERT SUTTON RICHARD WAT KINS CARRINGTON ARTHUR M. R. CHARRINGTON LUCIAN HOWARD COCKE, Jr. JOHN SPEED ELLIOTT WALTER ALLAN GALT HORACE GEYER ALEXANDER MACDONALD FORREST Q. STANTON DAVID ASHFORD HUGHES JOHN CHESTER WARNER GEO. EFFINGER WARREN Eli Banana FR ATR ES IN FACU LTATE THOMAS TOWLES WILLIAM HOLDING ECHOLS, B. S., C. E. RICHARD HEATH DABNEY, M. A., Ph. D. JAMES MORRIS PAGE, M. A., Ph. D. HUGH THOMAS NELSON, M. D. FRATRES IN URBE DR. REUBEN LINDSAY ROBERTSON H. WORTHINGTON HILLEARY DR. CHARLES COLVILLE TENNANT DR. HUGH T. NELSON ALBERT STUART BOLLING ACTIVE MEMBERS ANDRE BURT1-IE CHARLES BROWN CRAWFORD JosEPH BENJAMIN WAPLES CHARLES FRANCIS- COCKE LITTLETON WALLER TAZEWELL, Jr. JOSEPH HOPKINSON BOWEN JOHN NASH ROBERT YOUNG CONRAD HENRY GRANGER GAITHER WILLIAM OVERTON HARRIS JAMES ALCORN RECTOR BEAUDRIC LAFITTE HOWELL HEDLEY MCNEER BOWEN ANDREW TUTT BOTTS, Jr. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 247 STANFORD GWIN WYTHE DAVIS BOWE HAMILTON CABELL CLAIBORNE JOSEPH STUART HUME JAMES ROGERS MCCONNELL RICHARD TAYLOR WILSON STUART DENMAN MAXWELL MINOR CARSON LILE JOSEPH WATSON BEACH FARRELL DABNEY MINOR FREDERICK NASH HARRISON GEORGE HERMAN LANG RUFUS TINSLEY REID CARRINGTON WILLIAMS CHARLES EDWARD MORAN JOHN ERI PATTERSON BEVERLY WILLIAM STRAS, Jr. CHESTER ANDERSON WITMER T. I. L. K. A. Founded at the University of Virginia, 1889 FRATRESIN URBE MAYNADIER MASON LEWIS TROTTMAN HANCKEL, Jr. HALSTEAD SHIPMAN HEDGES, M. A., M. D. FRATR ES IN FACULTATE WILLIAM MINOR LILE, B. L., LL. D. RALEIGH COLSTON MINOR, M. A., B. L. WILLIAM HARRISON FAULKNER, M. A., Ph. D. ALBERT LEFEVRE, B. A., Ph. D., LL. D. STEPHEN HURT WATTS, M. A., M. D. ARMISTEAD MASQN DOBIE, M. A., B. L. HARVEY BRINTON STONE, A. B., M. D. WILLIAM HALL GOODWIN, B. A., M. D. ACTIVE MEMBERS JOHN HENRY NEFF, Jr. FRANK PALMER CHRISTIAN WILLIAM HENRY BAUGHMAN EARLE NORRIS FLOYD MITCHELL TABB NEFF KEMPER WINSBOROUGH YANCEY BYRON RUSSELL CECIL 248 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII .1-I-Tgi uw ', - Thirteen Club Founded, February 13, 1889 Motto SI!f7L7l'.YfZ.fZ.0 .wlzzm in aI1z'u10 2.lIFL'Z.Z' lzabflai MEMBERS Cl'I.'XRI.ES BROWN CRAWFORD CIIIYRLES FRANCIS COCKE JOHN PIENRY NEFF, IR. JOSEPH XV.-XTSON BE.-KCI-I 1'IEDLEY NICNEER BOWEN ,STANFORD GXVIN EARLE NORRIS FLOYD NIITCHIELL TIYEE NEFF CECIL DABNEY JOSEPII STU.-YRT HUIIE -IOSEPI-I BENIIYMIN WVIYFLES I-IIVMIIJION CIYBELL CLAIBORNE FIENRY GRIYNOER GAITIIER 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 2-UQ 1909-I O CHARLES BROWN CRAWFORD STEPHEN HURT XY,-XT'FS CI-IARLES FRANCIS COCKIC EARLE NORRIS FLOYD GEORGE BOARDMAN EAGER HLTGH THOMAS NELSON JOSEPH BENJAMIN VVAPLES JOSEPH STUART I'IUME HEDLEY MCNEER BOWEN JOHN HENRX' NEFF, JR. RICIJARD TAYLOR JIVILSONJ CHARLES COLYILLE TENNANT OC F . 1 , V V WEST LAWN The third house down is the oldest building in the University, and is generally conceded to be the first structure erected for university education in America 252 CORKS AND CURLS VUL. XXIII 'Ulncle 1bcnrQ'e llblea It grieves my heart to answer dem harsh words What you hab laid agin' my door. I'se proud: De one what sleeps on yonder lonely hill Did know no more of kerridge, sir, den I. Fer three-score years I've mingled with gemmen What understand de law. Not once hab I Been overdone in dignity. Take dat Straight man'n good, Sir Raleigh Minor, whose Smile am like de rosebud grinnin' in de Spring: It am such as him dat I hab tried To follow all dese happy years at U. Va. Why, Peter, you'se a fool to think dat I Can sacrumflce my social state fer such As you. I likes you, sho, but you must meet Me at my home and not disturb me in Dese halls where white folks might not understand. So saying, Uncle Henry took his arm And led him gently to the door, and then The dusky knight, with noble mien and proud, His foot-steps turned away to ring the bell, As was his wont since those dead days of long Ago, when young men wore the ruiiled shirt And powdered hair, and wabbled as they walked Up Vinegar Hill. EQICSCQESJ 254 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXH1 Q ' n ? 1111 'I va-A 1-111 . .1 A jug if I 'lil-I'H 5 fflf W, 1532: . ' R4 A- Lys- ' " ' EXW XX! " ' HONORARY MEMBERS HON. .'XR3ITSTl2.XIJ C,'IIl'RC'IlILI, GORDON CAP'1'.x1N MIC'.Xj.XI'I WOODS IION. ,IUIIX xx'.xIm'1C1Q TLXNIIEI. DR. XYOOIJROXX' WIIISON HON. JOIIN s1IARI' WILLIANIS REV. RANDOLPII AICIQINI DR. 'l'IIOM.XS NELSON I-AGE REV. ,XRTI-IL'R s. LLOYD DR. JOHN RASSETT MOORE DR. ALCEE FORTIER DUNCAN CURRY IN FACULTATE EDWIN ANDERSON ALDERAIAN, LL. D.. D. C. L. ALIIERT HENRY TUTTLE, AI. S, RICH.XRl'D HIE.-XTH IXXIZNIEY. NI. A., Ph. D. JOHN STAIGE DAVIS. AI. A., AI. D. WILLIAAI NIINOR LILE, R. L., LL. D, JAMES MORRIS PAGE, AI. A., Ph. D. R.XI,IiIGII COLSTON MINOR, AI. A., Is. L. CHARLES RILLIAAI RENT, NI. A., Ph. D. TIIOAIAS XXIXLKER PAGE, Ph. D., LL. D. XVILLI.-XM AIYNN THORNTON, LL. D, ARAIISTEAD MASON DORIE, AI. A., B. L. JOHN WALTER IAN,-XYIAXND., AI. Ph. D. JOHN LLOYD NEWCOAIII, A. D., C. E. WILLIAM AT.I.1bON KIEPNIER, NI. A, Rh. D. ALIIERT LEFEVRE, R. A., Ph D.. LL. D. II-XMES ALRERT HARRISON, L. H. D.. LI.. D. 1Ui'I'I.XRD H. WILSON. AI. A., Ph. D. RICH,-XRD HENRY XX'ITI'l'EHIE.XD, A. Ia., NI. D. XN'II'.LT.XM HALL GOODWIN. D. A., 31. D. GRADUATE ALIIERTf:EOxRGEVA1'1.xN1 ILXLZ, II. A WELDON TIIOAIAS METERS. xr. A. RALIJII I'.l-AlI:R RILHON. D. A. xv. J. NEFF lllililili NIIC1-IEAL HAYS, Ia. A. COLLEGE AIAIIRICE IIIRSCII JOHN w11.1:1aR WATSON LAW GEORGE Is EAGER N HUGH TLXTANE HOLLAND JOHN JANIISON AIALCOLM INILISR I-IA,RRIs RICYHARQD TUNST.-XLT., B. A. HVGI-I LIXXYSON BEDFORD. IR IHOAIAS SL.-VIOR SIEFTLE A111 CIILL T.-XBIS NEFF, D. A. FARRIZLI, DABNEY MINOR, JR. ROBILRT CLIFFORD H.'X,RC:Y..EY, JR. J JAAIES WIIAVEN' CIIRRIE. Ia. S., AI. A. IIUFORD CI.14.vIf.I.AND FX NLE, II. Ia. RICIIARD TAYLOR WILSON. D. AI. A. ENGINEERING STANLEY REEVES IIIN .AP QNCE HI P, A. R., 11. A. ?XQICIi?2gN JR. LLTSRI XIICJEWDIILYIR, XVOOD, 12. A ' A " " . - W L 'QTLIEI J '. L .E T.-VE NELL, IP, JADHN AIORAN GALLALEEA I1 TON xx X IFR L X ' X MEDICAL RICHARD VIPON TAYLOR. JR., B. A. DXPYTCST .XLEXAYDEP IJIIIIDUM JOI-IN EACHAIAN SQETZT-ER, A4 B. .f1'-FRED POXVELR JONEQXR. A. THOMAS EDWARD JONIES, 111. D. 'IOHN IIFNRY NFFF I2 A. JOHN MINOR RLACKFORD , CARRINGTON XVILLI,-AMS .' ' P1-I.-XRRY A1Osi2s,'I1f D. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 255 ,K ,J W. ' , 1 ,ve . ,.-, Hum, .-- The Sigma Beta Phi Society IN FACULTATE XMILLIAM BIYNN THORNTON, LL. D. IN URBE EDXVIN Mfxssuz XfVAvr-AND, C. E. . ACTIVE MEMBERS STANLM' REEXVES JOHN CLARENCE I-IIPP, JR. JARED STOUT LAPHAM JOHN RIORAN GXXLL.-XLIEIE VVILLIAM JACKSON BTANN, JR. RICPIARD POTTS JOHNSON BEAUDRIC HOWELL ' 256 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXH1 Beta Of Virginia. Phi Beta Kappa Founded at William and Mary College, December 5, 1776 Established at the University of Virginia, june 16, 1908 DR. .IOIIN W. M.-xI.I.11'r .,... . ,,,.,..... 1,l'LZSll1Gl1l. IJFIIN WII.I.I,xxI WllNOR l.II.Ia ........... Vice-President DR. 'l'Ill4:O1nORIa llOL'GlI ........ SQL-I'elzII'y DR. BRUCE R. PAYNI-1. .. .. .Treasurer DR. WII.I.I.xxI ll. F.-XL'l.liNlER ,..... l.ibrzIrizIn RESIDENT MEMBERS W11.I.I.-ui ll. GOODWIN AIOIIX W. WIAI,l,li'l' FRANK M. PAYNI2 ,IMIIQS A. IIARRISON l-liX1'IiI.l,YN G. HOXTON .I. L. XEWCOAIB WII.I.IIxxI G. WlAL'l'lN Wl1LTOX W. llUxII'IIRI5x'S -IOHN C. HIFI, FR.'xxcIS ll. SMITII -I.xxIIeS A. XYAl3DliI.l, XY,fX.IiEPNER lf.-Xl.l'll li. xYll.SOX WII.I.I.nI W. WOOD B. W. GREEN bl. 11.12-Ima WII.I.I.xAI M l.,II.l-3 li. A. .XI.IIIaRxIAN AI, S. GASTY lf W. TQENT lI.xRvIcx' B. SIONI1 WII.I.I.xxI X. NEFF T. W. PAGE W. T. WlYliRS -I. ll. Nlilflf. DIR. ll. E. .IORIJAN M. T. NEFF A. M. DOBIIZ .XI.FRIan P. -IONFS ,IOHN B. SIELTZER E. P. DAROAN TIIF:OImORIf llOL'GIl BRUCIQ R. PAYNF STANLEY RIQFVIIS XO.-Xll li. DAVIS WYILLIAM M. FONTAINE ALBIERT Llil7l'QVRli XWvII.I.lAM ll. ECIIOLS WII..1.I.-mI H. FAULKNRR lixiliutccl -Iune I4. IQOU. FROM THE STUDENT BODY COLLEGE W. G, WlALfl'IX -I. M. AlC1JONAl.ll MI'I'cIIIaI.I, T. NEFF WII.1-IAxI W. WOOD GRADUATE SCHOOL TURNER M. ll.'XRRlS W. T. BIYERS WM. X. Nlilflf C. P. OI.Ix'IIsR R. E. WILSON DEPARTMENT OF LAW 'IOIIN T. l,lGO'l"l' l'. Y, TQUNYON H. EMORY WIInIaNI5R -lOl'lN T. XYINGO DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE FRANK M. P.-WNF .lol-IN Il. NEFF .l. A. WADIIFLL FROM THE FACULTY WII,I.IMI Al1NOR LILI-1 VllIl.l,lAM ll. ECIIOLS CARL R. MIQLROY -l. S. GRASTY FROM THE ALUMNI j. S'rIfwAR'I' BRYAN ROBliR'l' LOUIS HARRRISON WII.I.IIxM bl. lAlUMPlIRliYS WILLIAM M. DM' WII.I-IMI W. FULLER ,l. IQANDOLF ICEAN -I. CARTER W,xLRIsR VVILLIAM H, XVI-IITIC WILLIAM W. SMITI-I B. VV. GREEN HENRY T. liEN'l' GALTANO ll.-KNZA l'TUNTER PENDLETON DUNCAN SMITII EPP.-X l'lUN'l'ON, JR. WVEICHING W X'I5N MORRIS P. TILLEY M X aumaamsni-iw Q E5 iff. ffm WEE-Jam rf Ev ff "fu x - 5: 'F K '- 5? LT EE JW z QQ-1-PH 258 CORKS AND CURLS VOL XXIII Virginia Chapter of Delta Sigma Rho Founded at the University of Chicago, May 9, 1905. Established 1908 GRADUATE W'u.1-1i-iM GR1MsLl5x' DIZAXIQINQI VX'131.D0x ITIIONIAQ BIXIIRS IVi.X'l'TI-IIQNV Tinmivsux AICCLURE COLLEGE l'I.XURICli ITIIRSCH LAW GEORGE XVASI-11NG'1'oN FRY JAMES XVHAREY CURRIE ATI-IOMAS SLATER SETTLE 7! J 'n .W Q fwmew H4 1 W5 77 M! N F W ,W . 'wx Jnv..-4, " P377 fif2f"'AL:fi3,.,e'. 1 im' A iff YE 11' Euwn Milam. 260 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH Epsilon Chapter of the Honorary Legal Fraternity of Theta Kappa Nu Founded at the University of Illinois, 1902 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Xvll.l.I.-XM Mmm: Lima, li. L., LL. D. C1i.x1:l.l-15 :Xl.l"Rlil7 tiizixvtas, M. A., ll. L., LL. D. Ll.0YDxlIl-lil1.Xll Roisrxlirria, lfi. A., LL. B. Roisizm' Ciiirifoim lVi,XRt'l..XY ................. . . . . ....... Portsmouth, Ya lltfcsrl l..xwsoN llisnifuim, -lk.. .. ..... Bailey, Tenn. JULIAN S. L'I'l.XAlllliRS ..,....... ..... C olumbus. Ga. NVI1-l-rtxM XY.Xl.'l'IER Dotfcslhxs ,.... .... l Baltimore, Mil. Giiolzuii l1lo,x1e1.m,xN 'EAcrQR, Ira.. . ..... Louisville, Ky. HUGH I,A'iuxN1i HoLr..xxn. .. ..... XVl1ltlSOl', Ya. Joram CARY Iixmisox ...... ..... R oanolqe. Ya. ISAAC Rl-IEi'X MCQUEEN. . . .... Sliouns. Tenn. Mi'rcin2r.i, Tixnia NEFF ...... . . .l'lZll'l'lSOlllJlll'g, Ya. Cr.AmoRN1z Ross TYIVCCORKLIZ ..... ..... R idhlzmcls, Ya. Blfvicnrx XV. Srkixs .........,. ..... T azcwell, Ya. PHILIP XVILLIAMS ..... ..... X Vincliester, Ya. THOMAS SLix'rER SlI'l"l'l.lL .... ..... F lint Hill, Va. BUFORD CLEVELAND TYNES. . .... Tazewell, Va. TALBAN Mokuiy Wloop ...... ...F1'eclerick, Md. YY 262 CORKS AND CURLS VOL YXHI .':':'7f ,r qli'f 9.3 f ,f.1I.Z5:ifiX . . f Rf, " 5112 ii I -f-" ' f f - . no- 10-5 0 O 51363311-' 'fgij-1,-3335? --'f.e!..-. 'JCE-3:f'f213'a5. 511:72 . .E X R . iz- n,:.,'.e:':4ge1jQ-, -mf.: tg - m.- -7 1:pi':5y -,:4'f2gc . , M---vi -2.1 I-E iff: i, A raw: 711.5 1. ',i-Z:.'e- s 1: J ' we QE u, I aw 1 W -IJ-,I '-5gJJaU . " F1 f i :.:4-.--,gn-if Z' ,. , 1 R- H. Jay. fu.S5...:f -. 1 .,. -J, wp ! Egfsf-in Q-if npfl g rim Lf42..J'.:1 ' EW jul .1 ffliffl' SEV- Q 'if WJ Zinn' SJ" YQIAL 'iff l -' my .f'-':4'.. 'Q - Q .' 353,51-Q, G1 E' J ' -11 '-. A T Sv.-' .151 '-.JL , ,H P .'f3ff'5A, ' ' cjgggt- ,L,ff4T1Jq152f5l.- ,K bvxfl 1. LR. - ' ,.. f- .R-'14, 1 E, - - ,:,g,,-Q' ig. O' Hu. ii Q Egg? -:Qi .i JZ -' iw- XM ir if efiefai' "iii-13: ' lf' :s,:- if 5-.5 V' li: -fd 'I' 31' "fi QT. .21 N "f",f"3' -5? If 'fda " , 95-E nnihv if Ill .g'3:. ' J . ,V -"" ' - M: :. " " " ' ' JA' -air Founded at the University of Virginia, 1887 Dc murtzzfis nil wisz' bonzmz FRATRES IN FACULTATE IXRMISTIEAD M. DOBIE, M. A., B.L. LEON RUTI.I2DGE XYHIPPLE, B, A., M. A. ' FRATRES IN URBE E. REINHOLD ROGERS JUDGE R. T. W. DUKE MEMBERS THOMAS JEFFERSON VVERTENB.-XKER GEORGE BOARDMAN IEAOER XVILLIAM li.u'.aN.wG11 DOTS' JAMES ROGERS MCCONNELL JOHN XVESLEY CARTER,JR. JOHN W. FISHBURNE +- 264 CORKS AND CURLS VOL. XXIII A A21 fp ,J E-lfifxsj f . ff an X . if 5 Ai lv- w ,ii U ul lf "'-' TEM 'X U ul I U U - 1 L-IRQ L Founded, 1838 XX ll.l.1.xx1 lx.xx'.xN.wc:11 llrrrx i':lXitOI'-ill-CIXXCIN EDITORS .'X1.m21e'r firlilllllilli .Xruxi ISXLZ. ..A.. . S'1'.xNl,Iax' Bi.X'l"1'IlliXX'S C1.1cx'1eI..xxlx. , jolly CARY 'IARIISUN ,. ,.... . ,,... . A, XX'1c1.mnx 'Fllcmms Mvizlcs... v v v ' XXILI.1.xM XXUUIJIIULI- XXmm, ,,...,,..,.. 4 . liusiucss lX'Izmz1gur IQANDOLPH GRAYSON D.'xsHiELL. , . . . , . . . . . . ' Treasurer KL-ntiickx' .V .X llrlllllil Ohio . .Yirginirr Virginia , . .Virginia , . .Virginia MAGAZINE BOARD IAMISON CLEVELAND MEYERS BALZ DOTY CEditor-in-Chiefj WOOD fBusiness Managerj DASHIELL I . 'x X - K 266 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH, T I . f Q N 'f ""m"'lz, I ' , fwiiawzimlllwuf, 9 l W mum I ! MC Exwllll IIS -1: 0 -- if . WIFI' f um.. fx Jw el '1' 9591" " X. I tus-Tiavk-gina, .gilt A X 76 X Q ' N' . .Q ' in N College TOPICS fx X q' l 9.2 Il - " , J IHKUPQ' T I M WFF '..- lull' WJ H EDITORIAL BOARD . X 1.1 I 'I '- Li I I , H 'Law' 1 R W -IUIIN W. CARTER, JR ........ Editor-In-Chief 5 .-'fu --"' 07 . . . . . 'W R. B. ALBERTSON. .AssIstant EdItOr-in-Cluef ASSOCIATE EDITORS C. E. MOR.-IN CRAIG CUI,IsER'I'sON I U G. P. XVALLER, JR. Edltor of "Top1cs".Prepared for the Sevens A. M. AIKEN, JR. D. A. IJUGHES G.fX.IDOX'1EI,L F. F. BEIRNE W. W. I'IITE W. H. INTELLY G. B. DIUGLTID BUSINESS DEPARTMENT . . .Business Manager E. DON CAMEROR L. I. MA Y ....,.. ....... ............. RTIN . . . . .... Assistant Business 'Manager 1 . 1 Nj . 5 - 5... COLLEGE TOPICS STAFF BEIRNE DOVELL MARTIN KELLY CULBERTSON AIKEN DIUGUID ELLINGTON WALLER CAMERON CBus. Mgxzj CARTER CEditor-in-Chief? ALBERTSON MORAN HUGHES 268 CORKS AND CURLS VOL. XXIII .x'- E '.'-" I I Y! - NM f fllic -' - A-. N ', f-.I ' , we x :il I ui IP I f- A fg- 1' A 9 N' I. A . . ws , r ' 1 . dung ' ' X 5:24-AGPA-L ' I lf: .gg xl Corks and Curls Q fg,Q,L,f- lf? BOARD JAMES R. BICCONNELL, lf I-2 ll . , ,I....... . ..EditOr-in-Chief RICHARD T. WILsON, W li' 2' , . .4,A4. Business Manager . Assistant Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor-in-Chief GROYER A. DOVELL, lift .... WILLIAM B. LIARRISON, Z 'l'.. ,. CARRINGTON WTILLIAMS, .1 'l' . . . Assistant Business Manager CIIARLEs S. GRANT, J 7'.I .....,,...........,... Assistant Business Manager ASSOCIATE EDITORS Organization List Editors Photographic Editors FRANCIS B. lX1lCGARRI', A X CARL FLEMING, X41 ,IOIIN F. PINNER, IC A FRANCIS F. BEIRNE, AI' Fraternity List Editors IVIINOR C. LILE, dv A H School and State Club Editors ,IOHN A. MI'ERs, A T S2 H. R. IIIILLER, IR., di K Il' ,IOI-IN QI. ELLINGTON, E A E Verse Editor STANLEY M. CLEVELAND, UG Il Faculty List Editor Ci-IANNING W. DiANIl5L, A 11' Student List Editors STAPLETON D. GOOCI-I, K E BARTON PALMER, 2111141 CAPERS G. BARR, Il K A VVHARTON E. VVEEMS, A T A S. NELSON PACE, ZIP Dramatic Editor IOI-IN M. DAVIS, fl? T A Athletic List Editor IQOBERT MOC, IALLEN, Z X I'IENRY R. DULANY, A K E M. T. IWCLURE, NIR., G E K RICHARD DENNIAN, A X P R101-IARD K. BRIDGES, E N WILLIAM W. WOOD, E A IC .:- YX7 , IZ ' . ' I' 23- X , "Ai I 'lui - +A I? -, ' , his A f xlifxf H CORKS AND CURLS BOARD Davis Allen Lile Beirne Bridges Denman Daniel Fleming Weems McClure Ellington McGarry Barr Gooch Williams Wilson McConnell Dovell Palmer Pinner r Olzxliagerj Climlitor-inwChiefJ 270 CORKS AND CURLS X'OL.XXIH XB 1 'JL ' Q K ' " ,Q . . ' ,, . l 1 I 'ff i 'X 1 4 H -fgfif-J Qllm y ., Q . . 5 1 f J. r xxxkQx A I jnllis R. McCoNN15l.1. . .. , ........., .. .Art Editor MEMBERS IYJlTG.'XI,D xV.'XI,KI'IR Glfcmcl-3 IS. Slllivmalen M. E. Bowuzs IQOBERT R. li1s,x1aFou'1' N. M. PRICE CI-IAS. -T. MUNSQN H.x1zo1,1m H. XYRIENN slum. H. XYXPIQINS R. IX'IC'f?II.I. MACIQ.-XI,I. R. C. Mm's'l'wx CARI. ZEISBERG XV. H. Iir21.I.x' Hola.-xclz GEYER H. IE. VINc1zN'1' M. L. GOLDSHORO 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 271 159, 'gas ,. Q2 1 .ll llllll l W 1 'V 'll 1 li ll lll ln lllllllh 1 1. l , X i .i t 1 , i ll -ill ,i- as , The Fairy Story of Jack, Ellie and Join-Em-All NCR upon a time, in a place where there was a large round building connected with three other pretty buildings by fine white imitation marble pillars, and when it was wet and tree and beautiful, a boy named lack lived for nine months in every year. Now jack hadn't made anything but a fraternity and, he was very, very happy at first about this, for at least twenty hadn't been so lucky. But he began to grow sad after a while, 'lor he saw that many ot the other boys around wore red ribbons and others wore blue ribbons on their vests. So jack wanted, oh, so badly, one of these ribbonsg he wanted one more than anything in the world and for a very good reason, too, as We shall see. Now, once every year, when spring is just starting, there is a week de- voted to gaieties, and many girls that are pretty, and still more that are not pretty, come to enjoy the dances and to see how popular they can be. The dances are not all, lor the organizations, under pretence of amusing the girls get in quite a lot ol advertising. 272 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH Amongst this number of girls that came there was one named Ellie, who was from the place -lack came from, and she was very, very pretty and had just enough sense to be like the other girls. llut of course this is not saying much. She used to like ,lack when he left home, but alter she came on his invita- tion lor this week of rejoicing, and after many of the men that wore ribbons on their vests had danced with her, and she had been in a figure where all the men walked around wearing red sashes to be admired by the girls, she would not notice poor -lack. jack then saw that he, too, must get a little ribbon and so he set out in quest of a red one, Now, he tried very hard but couldn't succeed. so he grew sadder and saddei' and could think of nothing else. lfinally one night, when he heard that the men that wore these ribbons were going to give them to some other men, 'lack blindfolded himself and went and stood by a little cottage down near a lake in the hopes that they would take him in by mistake. XYhile he stood there he heard an 0. XY. L. say. "DOH, QOH, QOH, a Zoo l" Now. the O. XY. l.. was only hooting, hut jack, who thought about such things, believed that the bird had taken him for a Ring man and was greatly pleased: so, taking ot? his hat he kissed the bird. for .loin-Ein-All had asked him to join P. K. Now, this O. XY. l.. was no common bird at all but a very big man around college, with many, many honors, named .loin-Em-.-Xll, who had just been enchanted by a cruel old Raven whom he had gotten mad. lint we can not blame the llird for getting mad and casting this spell, fs. We . 5, X x .W 7 ii' , W, , X, , , ,xt ,jr:L3i."ly:..i.w4 if h 1 n -:ofa ,v ' ' f 'spill ,.,., ,LJ Q 4 3 if ,,. is 1 C x 5- 4349? X to W X jr X311 J XYhen -lack kissed the O. XY. L. the spell was 7X broken and before him stood a line, tall man ,j 1..Cl.f.,f ..,., I 4 covered all over with the good things jack ' iff' A wanted so much. .Xcross his breast were beauti- 39"'i"-' "'i"i i"illii ' l' H ful little pins, his neektic was hidden by sacred jewelry, and on his fourth finger was a cute little silver ring. lack looked closer and he jumped with joy when he saw a little red ribbon hanging from one of the pins on his chest. join-Em-All thanked .lack 'lor breaking the spell and asked jack to make a wishg of course we know what he wished for. "Now, do exactly as I tell you," said -loin-Ein-.'Xll. "and in the spring, when there is not much good material around, you shall have your ribbon." 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 273 "Indeed I will do as you tell me," said lack, and he wrote down a list of the things he was to do. 7 - - 1 It is no wonder that lack was verv pleased vga - ' T mv emizirrafmci-.ofa's. Y now, so he started out to do the tlnngs that swims .rwmwrnem r 5 713 join-Em-All had told him to do. He went to a Place they call the "Corner," for the reason that the big men have complete control, and treated every one that wore a ribbon to a drink. A -lack was very, very proud that the men drank with him and even if they did laugh at him later i on and forget to speak when they passed him he was not discouraged, for he knew Join-Em-All would keep his promise. Then .Tack lickedall the men's shoes, paid their car fare and gave them lots to eat and drink, for being a verv obedient boy, he carried out .loin-Em-All's in- structions to the letter. lllhen spring came, Join-Em-All went into a meeting of the Red Ribbon men, sometimes called the Button Boys, and wouldnlt let any one be given a red ribbon until they promised to give .lack one. So, as .loin-Em-All had promised. lack got his ribbon and was very, very glad indeed. Then that night .lack went out and sang louder than all the rest, for he wanted his old friends to hear him. The next day every one knew about Jacks good fortune, in fact they couldn't help but know, for Jack walked down to the "Corner", holding his coat back so that every one could see his prize. Of course 'lack sent a message to Ellie, and to his father as well, for this honor had to be paid for, When his father got this message, a worried look come over his face, for he did not know into what manner of magic his son had been trapped. So he took the Southern, in order that he would have lots of time to think the thing over before seeing jack, and after many, many weeks of weary travel, he covered the hundred leagues and dismounted. jack was there to welcome him and showed him his red ribbon and they walked through the long line of pillars while lack related his marvelous adventure. His father was notalvery bright man and did not seem to grasp the wondrous import of it all, but being the author of some law notes, he had lots of treasure, so he gave .lack some. lack was now very ambitious, and so with this treasure he went to the Z7-l CORKS AND CURLS Ytibl XXIII Court of the .l lot .lieet and invited all of them to a great banquet. 'lfhu eamc of course, for they heard the quality of wine to be served was most excellent. .lack was very pleased, but he wouldn't have been had he known that they just wanted his wine to drink. Still. even 1 1 f9'f Jiffy 1 1. 'e 0 kings and queens have their failings, and foresee- ing what a great steward he would make, got their subjects to allow him to beeome naturalized. There was no holding -lack baelc now, and in a 'S' few months he was seen lifting his hat to .loin-lfm- f ff 5 E All. Of eourse people eouldn't believe this. but one night, after all the walks looked as if a kinder- l 1 garten had been at work drawing pictures, sure i. i,p'g!l enough, there was a niee little silver ring on .l2lL'li'S I yvltyi i linger. I 1 Now, .lack eouldn't write ol this to lillie. so he S went home wearing his ribbon, his little red foot and eff JL, ' his niee new ring. lle didn't wear any gloves that day, for he wanted every one to see what he wore on his tingerg ant thus eame to Ellie. Now, many people say that Ellie didn't marry vlaelc, for she had outgiou ll her love for ribbons, brass buttons, rings and sueh, so that when -laelc told her about the ribbon and foot. and waved the ring in 'front of her faee so that she would be sure to notice it, she laughed, and married a man that had never had any of these things. - Others say that Ellie was still young in her ideas and that she married .laelc and lived unhappily ever afterwards. if thinlc that she was too foolish to marry even jaelc, don't you, dear ehildren? SCIXNTY CLO'l'llliS. CE f 1 51-D i f A SW 274-b CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIH 17 RIIWWEQ , , 1 Qiigwi gs We : gg ,Q gk FQ .V ,Jxb i ly' L .fl Sify T-M" 1 33 1' -T---fy - , -hi , igsflgfssaf AX L ABA MAX CL UB id QYGCZJJ Up, A ,. ikfitvllgilk V in f ha fif ,fe Eifurwfffsfw QU' , t3Q !li f gf.-f c: .-L CLOCJU ig? 3 CEEJQQ 'cg lt VSQDQOQ Oqvafgbgvgg we 4- gglfw OFFICERS F. B. L.Ax'1'.iDY . . . . . . ...,.... .,...,. P resident R. B. LEARY . . . ., Vice-President A, H. THOMAS ..A. ..,. S ecretary j. IQREBS .... . . .Treasurer MEMBERS A. C. YYARBROUGH ....., Montgomery DI. W. DURR, -IR. ...... Montgomery J. L. PETERS, IR. ...... Montevallo -I. M. G'ARRETT, ,.,... Montgomery I. A. LUSK, IR. ...Guntersville G. P. AMALLER ...... Montgomery L. UNDERWOOD .... Birmingham VV. H. SLAUO1-TTER ,..... Tensaw C. O. HODGES ....., Birmingham C. T. PORTER ......., Sylacauga R. B. IQYLE .......... Gadsden R. M. STERNE ..,... Anniston R. B. TAYLOR ......., Mobile I. L. MCELROX' ...,.... Mobile I. HOWZE, IR ........ Marion F. B. LATADY .... Birmingham I. F. GLASS .... Uniontown bl. B. TUTVVILER ....... Troy P. L, PTANNON .... Montgomery bl. R. EXDAMS ...... Birmingham I. B. LAUGHLIN ...... Huntsville A. H. THOMAS ........ Rembert E. JOHNSTON ........ Birmingham E. C. P.-XYNE . . . . . .Birmingham A. J. ICREBS ..... .... B irmingham R. B. LEARY .... . . .Birmingham M. H. MURPHY. . . .... Greensboro F. M. PAYNE. . . . . .Birmingham 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 275 KENTUCKY CLUB yf B. F. HALL .,.,...... XY. WY HITE, JR. .. .. I. G. YVPIEEI,ER.. .. I. VV. POTTER ....... A. C. CULBERTSON. .. 'W. H. CLARK LAVVRENCE SIMPSON F. S. COOPER XV. O. H.ARRIS WV. E. NICI-IOLS F. P. SMART OFFICERS MEMBERS G. B. EAGER, -IR. VV. T. SYOUNG XV. K. DOTY XV. B. HARRISON I. T. VVILSON, EIR. R. S. BROXVN R. M. TRIMELE, -IR. XX if 5' 'Pager' ..........PresidQIIt . . .Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . . . . .Treasurer . . . .Cork Puller XY. G. GIZEEN BODLEY BOOKER A. H. HAMPTON, JR. R. M. HOLL.-XND J. XV. TRIMBLE C. M. PI.-XGER 276 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII X -Nfx ' ' . X X ,- X .QXQXNX-. . N F " . , W' fr . .I 'sy X XII ' in XM H.. U 'I I X.!5A'IIm'l- . fl' X 5-PM OFFICERS FRANCIS B, NICG'ARRY .. . , ... ,......... .... . .,,............. I ,resident Ll, IC. BROWNIE ......,......... ..,............ X Vice-President XYILLIAM T. McL'.xIfIfIzI2x' ,... .... S ecrelury :InIl Treasurer IIUNTER S, XVOOIBBERRY ....... .,,,......... ..... ' Il oastmuster hIoIIN W. CONE ...,.,,.,..,.,.,...,,.......,.,,....,,.. ....... I rlistorian BANQUET COMMITTEE E. P. 'l'.xLIAI-'Izruzo -I, Ii, BROWNI3 l'IUNTIsR 5. WOODBERRI' Motto HCOIIYCIIIITNII' in lixtcrnisu Beverage ScII1IperIIImg MEMBERS XVILLIAM BEARDALI. ....... ...,...., . .,.. I 'lrlnnrlo I. E. BROWNE ...... . . .,.. Key West FRANK P. FAI-II1-I... . . .... .lucksonville .IOIIN W. CONE .... ..,. I Yhite Springs E. F. IDAVET ...........,, .,,I S Olllll-IL1CkSOIlViIIG I'AI.IsMoN. I-I. G.-xsI:IN . . . .........,..... Orlando F. D. IIENRY ...,...,....,.. . .. .,.. Pensacola CII.-xIzLIas Uooli l'IowI2I.I, ......., ..,. I 'Iatclfs Bend XVILLIAM T. lXIc'l'ArIfIzIzx'. .,....,...,........ -Izmckscmvxlle -IAMISS IYIERLE MCEIJQOY. . . .,.,..... Orlunclo FRANCIS B. IXIICGARRY ...... , . .... South .Iuclcsonville ALANSON AUSTIN MII,I.EIa .,.. ............ G uinesville I P. F. PRISOLISAU ..,...., . ...l:1Cksonx'ille I ' I P. SCI-INAIIP .... . . , ,,... Aluclcsonville E. P, 'l'AI.IArIzRIIo .,........ ' .,......., Tampa IfILIN'rER S. Woom3I3IzIu' . .. . ,. ...... Chaires E, P. ROBERTS .... ...Palatka 1910 CORKS AND CURLS .277 ' -M ' E i 3-E'2'fi?74.5 Rf. ' fifghai :E IA. gf .: . IJ-Wfrirgamf l I .,..4, if A-,gn-,,.-.y,,1,. , . 5-...w... 'E-'J..., .,f Sdikh.. California Club MEMBERS FORREST Q. STANTON .,,. .,.,...... A . ,..... Presidente DONALD P. GOODWIN. . . . . .Vice-Presidente JEROME M. POLITZER, . . . . . .............. Secretario LEO I. SMITH ,..,... ....,.... . .... C Ommandante del Rancho . VAQUEROS LOUIS M. VVOOLVVINE HENRX' S. MCKAY, IR. JOHN HEATH ALEXANDER MCDONALD STANFORD GWIN HENRY P. GOODWIN E35 CORKS AND CURLS x'c a1,.XX111 Louisiana Club OFFICERS XV. PR1zsco'1"1' Fos'r1sR .,,. ....,,....,.. ..., ....., P 1 ' Csidcut HUGH 15. VINCENT .A... 4.,....,A.. . . .Yicc-President XY. Nlcmluux H.xNNuN .............. SCL'I'L'tZl1'j' and 'l'rQz1su1'cr MEMBERS xXLI,EN Gl31e.xl.n ISAIIQD T M. l,m:,xx-ISRUNS P15Rc1v.xL E1.Lm'1"1' Cfuuxclax' Dw1G1 1T FERGUSON CLARENCIS B. H liwxzs 1. I Ilcm1.xN 1,1515 -Ioux P, XYERLEIN 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 279 . W R X X K X ..-..' J,-! -, .I I ggx X1 ,' . XD-1 . , ., , -- . P " ' 'ff f f 1 1 I 79' 7 1111 ' . 1.D .. .-1 113.4 , - 1Df'lQfL1!QgW?1i1r'11 1' 2+ 42 , AWAIIL ,,,1Ujf, f-L1.flf!fB 1 'pf TM- . f Y.,:,,A-, L, Ds- 'El 4 E35 if XX .-1.1 fp 1, 45 tx? 1. I ff ? :auf ff ,fn 3 g ,,,c 'Q fi 1' 17 , .L if ' nf 1, I Jr ,Y 1 ,-!'1,1':fn W X jf w r, j . yd f U i n Yi, .1 JJ . l If " 1 fr B' 1 .- TQ' J, ff 4.11, , .,, A 1 .lk ..l1.4pf'- R. .Q N11 'q ff.. 1, 4, I .Q-1 ' "1 'M ff 17, I" VW "iw 'XM n'V 11 VER' 4 f f . V X 'ilrif .1, ' ' - 1 ' . 11 1' fb , ff' S" ""' . W. 1112: 11. WM, '1 ' 1"-' - .J f '4 ' ff! f -l3' .g. QL. .. 4 ..... ,1111'.F.L. ".'1,.'1fw.' cy, 1 73 Q 5 i15QQa ' ....-.Q . " 'Ll 4 ff X f7 L?,g'l!qL4 ,:iI . . 1' ' f A'-'I 1 f 3 J V ,w I . 3 ' f Q". 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Vice-President J. P. BLARENEI' ......,.,.....,.. ,.,, S ccrctary and Treasurer MEMBERS W. M. BAILEY ...... ..... .,....... . . . .Gainesville J. P. BLARENEY .,.. ..... C leburne CHARLES COBB .... . . . .... Marshall J. S. CooPER ........ .4........ I Abilene 'W. S. DAIINEY. ..... .... T liorp Springs E. T. EDWARDS., . . ..,.,. Gainesville J. J. ELLINGTON ... ,........ Atlanta E. R. FINCK .....,.... .... S an Antonio G. C. GERsoN. .....,.. ..... H ouston lWAURICE I'IIRSCl'I ...... Houston D. A. HUGIJES .. ...., Dallas S. D. TXTAXXVELL. .......... Tyler J. B. NICCLELLAND, JR.. F. D. NTINOR, JR.. ...... .. D. R. NTURCHISON, JR. .. R. E. PIERCE . ......... . L. J. POLK, JR. ...... . LAWRENCE LIPPER , .. H. W. REED ......... W. E. WEEMS. .. J. K. WELLS ...... W. H. WHITE .... F. L. HLTGHES ...... Gainesville J. W. MICICEE, JR.. .... Houston .Clarendon . .Beaumont Paso . . .Honey Grove . . . . . .Sherman . . . . .Houston . . .Beaumont . . . .Houston . . . . .Brownsville .......BonlIan1 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 281 "fu 1... ,- '-511.f. we ,T Ti Tmiffw I 'fl ' , 'I "'I I I ly! UI w,'f.'Jf ' ':.-4'-'IW' fffylffilwm-'HJKWSf.-Qivryiz OFFICERS H. L. SPRATT . . . ,............ ..,,.. P resident H. W. PHIPPS. .. ,A.,...... Vice-President C. L. ZEISBERG.. . . ............ .... S ecretary amd Treasurer MEMBERS .. K. H. AKERS I. S. SPEED W. L. MAY R. S. FULTON R. M. ALLEN S. B, CAMPBELL T. J. ANDREWS R. H. MOORE H. V. CORNETT VV. N. NEFF L. H. COOKE, IR. W. L. PENNINGTON J. C. -TAMTSON L. A. JOHNSON H. C. EVERSOLE G. C. SOUTHERLAND VV. T. CROCKETT C. R. BECCORKLE H. M. FINDLAY L. S. PARSONS B. D. FRENCH WL B. PHIPPS XV. E. FRENCH B. C. TYNES S. P. RIDDLE T. F. VVALKER XV. A. STUART C. E. STUMPE 282 CORKS AND CURLS VCIEXXIH UAA NEW JRR SET SSSQIQSEQQOQ ODD CLUB .IBLQQQOYD S' QQ yfm TW ll I If OFFICERS CI'1.XRI.I3IS Ill-ZEN SEMIIIN, IR.. . . , . . ...... President GILBERT P.xNCo,xSI' BIRAIIRI' .... . ......... Vice-President LEW EARL xY.XI.I.ACIi ...... ...Scc1'Qta1'y and Treasurer MEMBER IN FACULTY GILIIERI' PANCOASI' BOUERI' GEORGE REII MANN GREIS ,EV1 XVOODERY I'IULLIEY FELIX ALLEN JENKINS W ILLIS IJOUSTON PEARSON MEMBERS LI,-XI,S'l'1E.X1D S1111-ALAN HEDLQIISI, M. A., M. D. CYRIL IQELLY RICI-IIXRDS LIZROY DUBREE EROBIZRTS CHARLES IQEEN SEIIMAN, JR. FRANK LESTER THOMAS LEW EARL XVALLACE I 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 283 'nf s l - . ..u- r f . .9 Q y f q ff . y X - . 4 ix -C' -:Q EDQQC-egfke. 7 A5 Quai B36-af? .KX ,f -T,-:iV'::l5f?lif OFFICERS I'lORAC13 GEYER, IR., Brooklyn ................. EDXVIN R. BUTLER, Brooklyn ....... FRITZ L. DRESSl,ER, New York City .... B. N. YVENDEJ Tonawancla ...,............... MEMBERS DONALD C. S'i'Rixcr-TAN .............,.. T. H. TODD ........... XVILLIAM W. PIITE, JR. ..... . JAMES ROGERS lXfCCONNELL .... MARK ROY FAVILLE ........ H. F. NEVVCOMB ...... VV. VV. SCOTT ....... '. . HORACE GEYER, JR.. .. EDYVIN R. BUTLER .... B. N. YVYENDE ...... FRITZ L. DRESSLER .... . ,...... President ..........'X'ice-P1'esiclent .Secretary and Treasurer Qflficial Manhattan Mixer . . . . . . . . Brooklyn . .New York City . .New York City ..New York City . . . . . . Dolgeville . . . . .Long Island . . .Highland Falls . . . . . . . .Brooklyn . . . . . .Brooklyn . . . . . .Tonawancla . . .New York City 284 CORKS AND CURLS VOL. XXIII f ?5j2j'g,'T'k , . '1 - ,- .- .1 f -f-Y--- -" . 7 'f . 712.5 "TI -' , . . V. ,. , . 9 L1 ,NLG ' . ., ? . 4- M--1 'J 5.-1' if --I -,' .x!"f .. W 115 1 Y -gr 11,115 '?7i:!s" f+i? . iw' 'H . ' 'L 2 ,1 .gg 1j?2.f., . X EW- .f V ,ifLf:"wa,f,'fyf'R,. ,- E aiming " W 1 OFFICERS 3--V." J. lxll-LS 1. .... .......... . . 5. 5-. Im Ima .... .......... 1. li. .'Xn.xx1s. MEMBERS P. .EI.I,1l,l'l".I' C. 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LLOYD NENXVCONIB, A. B., C. E. STUDENT MEMBERS Graduate EVVELL G. T. SOMERS, W. S. TERRELL BIRCKHEAD E. F. BIRCKHEAD JESSE EWELL, IR. Law Medical C. M. HALL -T. S. XVI-IITE G. A. DOVELL I. B. ICITE, JR. I. H. FENTRESS H. R. ETHERIDGE G. A. B. DOVELL P. M. CHICHESTER Academic H. N. TUCKER I. F. GARTH 88 CORKS AND CURLS YOLXXHI lvl' Vffl, A f ,I ' 757' ' mf P O' GDT 2 ,-' 1 .-' .1 ff J K, , mm .AIM I 'MZ , ' ' . C IZ, Wrcxillnxl .. . ,. W. B.x1.DwIN, ju. ... C. XV. STIQVENS. .. W. M. B.x1L1ax', .. O.D,Ii1NG ..... .. .I,IN'I,xRT1N .. XYILLIANIS UI. S. XVHVIXIS A lVI,A1KEN,j11. OFFICERS PRIVATES R.C.McIN'rv1e1s,j1 L. L15 PP IE T. H. XYILTSIIIRE C O Q. ............C21ptain , . .Quarter-Mastel' . . , Lieutenant . . . ,Corporal O. D. . . , . O. D. WM. W. FERRELL S. S.-WNDERS, -IR. O. R. T1-IRAVES 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 289 J f 1 Z 1 .II .N , N l,,,l,,,'11" 4 ,, ... , ,, 1 .,1 ... , , nf M'fxv"f1 "aff .UIQKIA1 1, nl ll V Y rmuiygfrg, 2. J OFFICERS BERNARD PIEXVETT IQYLIE. .......,,,. ...... P reSidcnt BUFORD C. TYNES. ..... .. .Vice-President VERNON C. BARRIER. . . ..4.....,. ...., S ccretary MEMBERS GEORGE EDWARD JXLLEN JOHN PORTER JONES IXLEXANDER GRAHAM ANDERSON JOHN LOHEAN IQABLE VERNON C. BARKER BERNARD H. IQYLE :ARTHUR VAUGH.-XN BISHOP CLAIBORNE ROSS BECCORKLE JOHN XXVJXDDIIE CARTER, JR. JAMES OSCAR MUNDY, JR. GARLAND EGGLESTON FAULKNIER, JR. CARL FLEMING M.-XLCOLNI A. I'IOLLIDAY BUFORD CLEVELAND TYNES PIARRY I'IOW.-XRD V.-XRNER JOHN XNYILBUT WATSON 290 CORKS AND CURLS YGLXXIH f N f e X K N , ' . 5 Xi' in 5 5' , 'K 1 , 7 ,V I! , 1, ,M A .f f ,X , i, ,X S i, yi, 1 4 , f, i-,Qi,,fX,,'.f:fiffqip. M1 fix" H. .Q gi., If X, H 'L U .li '1 f,:" f il' Xl ,- ,',,j1.f"fk'- Q. in-iff. y l .i X X . W Q 7 U-"'I 'ii 1' i I, "i . 7?qfq-: -, iii! f Q ,vtvxg lf,.?,:? P""plWff03e. 1 1 N FFWTXLQ - -41: 'wqgxg .xiii -44, ,, -:Q - Q aff fv X 'LF-iff, 1?- Q X 7 X . fig-1.x Q OFFICERS XY1I,1.1.xM NEFF ...... ........,. ...... P r esident XY11.1-1.xm1 T. CRoc'1ui'1'T .. . .... Vice-President Iflmakv L. SPR.fX'I'T ,...., ...... S ecretary WII.1.l.xi1 A. S'1'U.xN'1' .. .......A... Treasurer MEMBERS ST.xN1,EY IQEEYES . .. XYILLAM N. 1-IARRY L. SPR.-XTT .. . NEFF. .. BALL,-xRD D. FRENCH. . . . PIARRIS M. FINDLAY. .. XVILLIAM A. STUART. . . . vXVII.LI.'XM B. MCNUTT. .. XYILLIAZVI T. CROCKETT .. . .Johnson City, Tenn. . . . . . . . Chilhowie, YH. . . Richlands, Va. . . .C1intwood, Va. . . . . Abingdon, Va. . . . Abingdon, Va. . . . . Princeton, YY. Va. ...B Tax Meadows, Y 11. 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 291 X cox-Hal D I fo I ' 'I J 9? I I ANDQLPH- Acou . Q . I - - N - , I I . . A 652' F ' P i le ' Q A FI . ' -1 1 W-K, X 1 4 'jzf 'QE Q2 V' 'V' i ' , Il 7 f-. . ' 1 ,, I hx ...I ,Y I Y . , I! , ,I YQ! . y j 'li X f W W. J 'V W J if ',,,,, I , " " 'I 'Z Z4 . I ff 'wmceinw OFFICERS M. K. IHARRIS. .,....... ,.4..A.,...... ............ P r esident F, P. CURTIS ......,.A,. .... V ice-President C. N. FXVUNDER ...... ...... S ecretary P. K. GRM-'ELI' ........,..,.. F.., T reasurer MEMBERS J. VV. CARTER, -IR, XV. L. DEVANEY, IR. C. S. DOUGLAS L. G, GIANNINI' J. W. HIIMILTON R. H. FRAVEL D. H, H.-XRRISON A. H. MART1N,JI2. L. J. MARTIN C. F. MEIXRS L. C. PARIIMON ' L. S. PARSONS A. C. PI-IILPOTTS E. P. ROBERTS WV. VV. SMITH, JR. GEORGE VVALKER R. E. WI-IITNIORE R. T. XVILSON I- A. S. VVYLLIE K. XV. XIANCEY 292 CORKS AND CURLS YOLXXII1 QW' 2 'WWI ,4-ff' gl ' xx w E " E sb E - ' E r. K. M Wie 2 ' ' gl YM as 2 ' y ' ,- E' V E fs. E 4 1,1 Q 52 'I val", .' 1 il. air.. J f f 'Q E PV - 1' . . 5, V"V Wm, p ' yu... v JI fifizllw- ,, jf W U "0"ffJuu111f1lllll1"""'J' N4 KX QA 'E - V . Q: ' ""' ' "" ' unmmip I U" E U X LAWREN CEVILLE ' E SQHUOLCLUB ' L Wm Colors RL-d :md Hlxufk OFFICERS W. I-I. PE,x1asoN.. ' .......... ..4., P resident R. IS. LEARY . .... Vice-President A. NIYERS , . . . Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS E LLEwE1.1.YN I-I. D. BELL R. B. LE.-XRY H. E. VINCENT H, E, JONES D, A, HLTGPIES STANFORD CTWIN I. A. M Y If RS W. H. PEARSON 1910 CORKS AND CURLS I 293 xg-f'S'E3:IIJmq. N g a? Ibn. III I - N If e N mmm ' 'I ' " ':25sf. f ' ' ff . 5 J ,, Q-fffw A A M ... - ff f ix ' " XT! f x, W 11, .Ev V H Q1 'If . E-S A W Q - ' DT L .lR.M WMO OFFICERS CORYDON H. SUTTON.. ...... ........... . . ......... President RICHARD VV. CARRINGTON .... ............. V ice-President :HENRY R. MILLER, IR. ...,. ....... S ecretary and Trezlsurer T. MIARSHALL FORSYTH .. . ............,.... Cork Puller and Wine Toaster MEMBERS . R. GRAYSON DASHIELL ROBERT G. RENNCJLDS, JR. GEORGE H. PAUL WILLIIIM W. CRUMP JOHN VV. BOYD CHANNING W. DANIEL CARRINGTON VVILLIAMS ANDREW D. CHRISTIAN RICHARD VV. CARRINCYTON XMYTI-IE D. BOVVE CORYDON H. SUTTON RICHARD XV. SAUNDERS HIANSIFORD ANDERSON SAMUEL T. MORGAN B. ARMISTEAD SHEPHERD DIXVID VV., GRANT SAMUEL P. COWARDIN, IR. ROBERT L. VVALLERSTEIN T. MARSHALL FORSYTH CECIL STEVENS HENIZX' R. TVTILLER, JR. XIVILLI.-XM FRAZER TOMPIQINS HENIlX' P. TAYLOR 15L.COLQUIT SIYIACKLEFORD PERCY S. GRANT TAZEWELL M. CARRINOTON 294 CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII N VN U DVVN Ns' U' If N Q .Q UMQNEETEIEHL 5 5 ' :Q ig ff f-2 E5 - W . ,:, - .4 15 ,,, fm A R .EFX w. .lag -' A , li f A V' LQ . " fini' ,414 'A - 4 " V ' f 'i. f" "il"" .-uf-f " 'X Lf '1 i z RS r,f, E ' 1 aa I A ,Ill fn.. NI 4-51. ,Milf Q01 nr by! Q cmlpgfg-.5 Colors Blue and White OFFICERS CAREY F. JACOB .,...... .. . ...... .....,.. P resident CHARLES S. YAIL. . ...,A . .... Vice-President IWORTON L. XY.-XLLIERSTEIN ..... Secretary COALTER C. HANCOCK ...... ..,, T reasurer ALBERT F. EDEL .,. ....,....,. ...Artist MEMBERS CARY F. JACOB STAPLETON D. GOOCR IXLBERT R. BIERZ A. -T. CHEXVNING, JR. CONRAD H. GOODWIN IQIRKWOOD L. XWOODY BARTON PALMER .ALBERT F. EDEL CHARLES S. WVAIL EDWIN M. HELLER MORTON L. XV,-XLLERSTEIN LUTHER W. THROCKMORTON COALTISR C. I-IANCOCK 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 295 VV " V -f ' V Y X O 0 N! X' . D 0 WJ . D dj 0 O 0 Q ZX yy A 'xi-'fx 11 PLXTXS N E . .QV S ' ' nn:-aLu1gv5 OFFICERS G. XY. TRU1'rr,.TR. .. A.., President I. E. BROWNE .,..... .A.,... V ice-President T. B. E. NTCLURE . . . .... Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS T. B. E. NTCLURE C. E. XVORTI-IAM, 3D H. R. DULANELIR. A. CHRISTIAN S. T. TNTORG.-KN R. B. SAUNDERS P. S. GRANT J. S. HUME W. R.McLURE V G. H. LANG NV. A. GALT TV. D. BOWE J. E. BROWNE C. S. G.kLT P. MCLURE, D. T. CHALMERS M.A. HOLLIDAX' F. P. CHRISTIAN G. WV. TRUI'1"1',IR. R. G. REYNOLDS W. H. BAUGHMAN 2516 CORKS AND CURLS II YQLXXIII NURFULK IMGH 5GHUULQ X., Ccrgekhg HONORARY MEMBERS 121511141115 M1'l3.x1x, IS. A.. M. A. BI. li. CANNON, B. A., M. A. A11111s'1'1e.111 M. ID1111115. IS. A., M. A., LI.. B. OFFICERS -I. M.11ex'1N D.xx'1s. .... . .........,... President F. R,x1'11OND KEYS. ...... .....,.... A 'ice-President 1115121111 IS. EARNIQST, .I1c.... . . . .Sccretury und Treasurer F. NELSON F1a111e111a1f ..,.. .,......,. . . . . Muster of Ccremouics ACADEMIC AV. S. C1x1.cc1T'1 L1.O1'11 C11U1eC11 H. FRENC1-1 DAY AY. T. COOKE, IR. LI. M.-11u'1N D1xx'1s -11151211111 B. 15.1xRN1ss'1', IR. F. NELSON FEREBEE JOHN B. -IEN1Q1Ns, NIR. LAW Ii1fNN1f'1'11 S. KIUNISS ENGINEERING J. FRED FAB131: F, RAYMOND IQEYS 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 71 CADE MY 2. -I 51.7 G lab Vx A 1 A- f L f 1 ff fx . ' 5fN.,J -,TL Z J T' 36 f . 'f - -- .14 ff 1 I '1 Q A 'Hmm f-1' -1415 M,-' 071, ,U ' ' A ' A -Z- """"' A .. .. f I -J - 'A - - 'kia 4: Z Q ' sg 2-2315 fx: VL ,A '-- :a f ::, 2f E42' f'i - - ' ,QA " . sl -X-4 Q- WR- ,fx-1 L,-. i -ii., OFFICERS JAMES H. LOUGHRAN .. WYLIE R. COOKE ....,,.. ..........PreS1dOnt .............ViCe-President LAWRENCE TUCKER .... ,.... ..,... S e cretary and Treasurer L. VV. TAZEWELL, IR.. ..,. Oliicial Cork Puller MEMBERS R. B. ALBERTSON HERBERT NASH I. V. BROOKE R. H. VVOODS W. R. COOKE I. S. HUME H. N. TUCKER I. F. PINNER L. TUCKER R. A. WILSON J. G. MARTIN ARTHUR HITCH A. H. MARTIN, IR. L. R. BUSKEY VV. B. MIXUPIN VV. H. TAYLOR, IV. CLAIBORNE WILLCOX RICHARD TUNSTALL -I. HUBEIQT FENTRESS A. C. PHILPOTTS L. VV. TAZEWELL, JR. C. VV. TAZEWELL HEIiBERT ETI-IERIDGL JAMES H. LOUGHR xx 208 CORKS AND CURLS VGLXXHI A D0 BRAND EXETER! n V1 'Q' -E f-5 F' :Anf- 6 If 5" 19, 27 2? '?'-r:v:- -1-212 ---flf ,hi-,?,,?.?. F.. - A41 -' fee? ff ln- .-,..-..... ..... "-" - "" UXVJ , Q f , . - - .,..,.,.. -.- 1 ,.:.M:- - , ' l X , W 1 xv Q A -W' fwjm' xk K' r 'f"'- 'yf .L-ff, ff ' 'yum . yr " . ' , ' .,, z' l '-E, n-J' .: 4' IN 5 I IA ,IL ff!xx,lf,Iw,4,!!,r,IKU mMILlLIHl'If!1ff' OFFICERS 1XIA'1'TI1rsw Holssox BIURPHY A. . A ....,... President AD.-xxx EATON HITCIIINS . , .... Vice-President THOMAS ELLIS H.-xRx'EY . . . . . . Secretary and Treasurer JEAN Ross I1ex'1Nc:,, .,,. Chairman COMMITTEE JOHN GREENOUGII RALPI'I E. PIERCE ,132 7,475 . f - ' N .: XYXA A xg. w j ',v.i'Q I 1910 CORKS AND CURLS 299 . . 51 Vw .,-I ,, f V , , I -1 ' 5 ' I , 1 ' - V I LIHIIIIN fl A . 1 'I1i:ggg::.c..:-L 5. .- - fy LQ?iT!feg.:gI-Iggixfzzr5:::f'11:'b:!lI':.:.I'T:Tf:II'Ij 1" Li - I I m C 1 wwf! RT - N- ' K, ' X C ff' XX X I 'If fr I S "' EE, X XX 'fx Y N X I K f X IH. r-1 l J I x X S lf. X I I Y xx W Wg? Q Q1 lr . ' V S ,449 Jefferson School Club OFFICERS WILLIAM VV. WOOD' ......... ,.., , , . President LANT R. SLAVEN .... . . . Vice-President J. LILE CAMPBELL .... ......, .... S e cretary A Colors Maroon and Gray Yell Rah! Rah E Rah ! Rah! Rah! Rah ! jefferson-jefferson! Ray! MEMBERS W. W. VVOOD E. N. NIOORE L. R. SLAVEN L. W. Wooo C. S. GRANT T. HALSTEIAD H. M. HARMON LOGAN NELSON I. L. CAMPBELL I. O. BEATY S. M. MCNUTT G. WILSON W. MCfXLLISTER I. L. HARRISON J. F. S. DUKE B. C. DoTSoN J. R. VVINGFIELD E. RIXEY R. BAILEY K. PAYNE S. O. MCCUE S. BURNLEY CORKS AND CURLS VOLXXIII wifgillia The phantom years have fallen lightly where Thine own Rotunda lifts its fretwork fair, And touched each columned stone, Virginia, With beauty rare. The pillared paths that gird thy hallowed ground Once bore the harnessed hosts, and felt the wound Of war, but now with peace, Virginia, Thy halls are crowned. The shadows on thy Lawn, like dreams, have wrought Their tracery around our souls, and brought To every yearning hope, Virginia, The balm it sought. Thy halls, thy paths, thy Lawn, thy very name Enkindles altar-fires whose pregnant flame Inspires our thoughts to deeds, Virginia, Our deeds to fame. Not syllahled on stone, not pulseless part Of marble cold, not carved in hronzed art Lives e'er our love for thee, Virginia, But in each heart. JOHN J. ELLINGTON. ' . :I 1 I 5 f X .lun , X .. ' . -.I , xi -, -V ' Q' Q , Wu! -aww f ,I R 4 h 1 '-.x . - "Ht,-' -"I WT , Q W U J 1 . f, - A . .wx I-',....zs E ' f ' j 1 ii. 'N'- r' 5"' L . w gf- " ' I 93 ,yu k. -- ' 'JM A U at A PH . . 5 A - f-ff' ' ,, .--- t -' ' .. ' ' '95, Q ,...N : V 7 - J 4 ' " 5:511 - -V , ,445 .rw af 'sd' ,f 4 Q -.,,x,-5 v N1 Q NA. 'Y , "4 fn.. -. '-T.-gm' :- ALM -. A444 .fJ'x.., ML w , ff Ling' ssfix- 5-'af' P 155 1 'Pt .25 7 'Y N -lar- il 'ww Nw ,, n up Q ,X F z W' K. f Ag A. 62 'lf' 7,43 .v ' 4 r 1 T' -'iV'5! 1 'ff f -- .ff W, fs 4 ,f A. A Jw- 1-.4954 QM! ,gvwqib -gg xfsf-.wx , 1 Q' 2 I ..-fm ,V in 51-egg ., Af, M,-, , , PM X- J Q :A-ff"Y gif! vi 31 ' :tink 4?,aav'5 ,., k 'hi - -4- 1 -'W -' qw-fd .Pg f 1 wif' 3 E32- Y .rw-5" "gifs, ft M -Nr 'f M ffw?-2-5f,"N SSW? 'K- uaid , fffzgf' ' U fi!-Q, 5 Q, QV? v V :we .3759 q egg? M x5'-uv? . X WV ww? Afiiliwg, D 'www' 'Q Af 2 P it . I . ' 1 -- N. Lf' . f'z-I , ,K .,... N--' .-., . ,.,.,-r M I. -V A 5 N, 5. V I A , .. -4 "Am 1 '. .1-,F I KY 1.7 ff ' LW, -.T 1' .V . A Q if R91 V. . -- , .1 ,- - ... fi -.. . gf! . . ,- ': w M V, dh K' 1 ,R , 2 - jk ' - -3 I 1 ,. 0'--1-,514 - ,,,. 'X J -, .- "' if - " 'K-ff V .Za Z, ,M -L Y. 1 . - .5 , I 1 - 1 vi 1 f.- , f uf.. - if . . , -' -nw r' 33 -' W, g ' A f 1 - . 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Z7 ' 4 M Q. .E J- I ' A- xx N -.-,Q " 2,55-L H F,-,W -. -I V- ...MH vi -' U -1--:-5' 'Q 2 - .354-K M ' . - -"' - ' t r W Ag -.N U A lg,-'ii xi- .. vw' 1' 3590.5-H 'j- Q Sv 1-, , ' , IQEVIM . S: .AA E , .sg v X- Q, ., -.2 g. " f' ' 'eg . ,.-31: " , -V ,Q Q, ' , ,mggfffzyl N A I 1.29, . ang " zf 'pe QP' iw! '--...git ,V .. 112:21 .5 .--Li.. A Z' 'Qivw-if ' ' J' . Q h I , . ----J . - P ,, ...N , . . -C f X ,FA - - ...M l - . --Mil 11. , .1 -"' ' - J ' ' . . . . " . --. 'f' - - -- -2 -' - -. ...J- . Tilg ' - . L ' fiflm.'Tt':TfT.'ifI.L..'W ...N 'S V 3-f'f , - ,: ,-1 emi... -'-gf --. ---H Q-Liz? - , ' '-4' ,- M"1fZ?'-? "57:iT7-9323" M' , 7'P7:f""F.p-.1-:g-7.'TT 5,15 ' ' - 5 7- --' .k .5 5 45-gif-if51f"' '54 " Q fiZQ.v-f-,,'ij'ef-f:-LLL,-E Q-2111. .35 - ' -..J - V 4 .3 .3:2..""g Q. f 241 3+ J--Q A 1 'f ff--121. if , . jf .-as.-.i Ax , . . . Q ' -4: 1 1:1 I ' 'x , JI 1. . . I. :i':1'f',- ". '. Q--H -mi., "5 X- ' . -93 1.3 . ,.'- 'zgfj if . ' ,n -K A ,31 5 IJ ""':'i- --219: :.g:f::..,11i:a1.:-::-::.:.:.:.3-15:43:13: :Jig T1 11 . 75:-5 ,ary 2. wc' 35.-jj' V' LEW L . -1. 4 F w . . . , .... ,,..., ,,. .-.. L-- ..r., . i , P ,ML 5 Lui .-, 55- . - 5' - - . -I ., -5- ff g , '- gsa UQ b ,L.,,,-.. -...M-:Zig 9- N -, v . ,SSW - - ve .. - .v-.-.M --fu .- - ,I -'-1, 1 - . 1 - L-Q W - .1 W ,- ff- -:bg -.1.. .mf F ff? 4' .1--.-'21 --,f -ws ' fun- --MV:---,E' T:"' ny rvr .- - ' . '. ' A ?f'- fg:-jig-Q -2? gf? y W . 515552 -. ' -Z5 . "f, . E. ' -FQ' - -.. - ., N Y "-Q?-' ., 5. ' - 'ff ,. , 1-. .31 T3 -f ffiqfi 9' , 'QF WX : -'--Sl L ' 55125 'I iz. -Ln" I .p ff I '-7',' ,- 1'Ff.Q -f if X39 Q35- -5 if N- '5,.:.f 1- L' -13542-5-Q-.E '. ' ,Q " V W QQ- - - -1. .' A P -- ,- 'ffff ' - - 1- ---A . -1 f. -w . --- zfpaf :.- . 'F -1, -1- -. if --2-Q..- . .. 4.-7'f!T'E1 .'-.ff-S -. 5 1 -. . - ff A ' ,. Fw. bw --v -1, -1 .-3 ,:. - , ,- -3- v 5. ---'J . IL, V Tgfjf-3 x 2-fygp. 'ff--x'f:-235123111-9' ,-gr. '.-: .,:1r'l-' ...gig 'ggi ' 3331- ff- . .. -r3-'.- T . 7 .'z' '-,.-'::'3-f9E""?i ' xr, ' .-,.w':. ' g-AEE' K1-3,-:'-.emi-.-?v Q 4-aff, .. :-. .13 -,w if - if z f .F .1 r' -'-' ff f P ., - , : .- - '- f' he . E? qQlNi??ff15,- - 1 i f -TTY'-'f' if -' 'f fl " , wi- ' - Y' .. W 'l l - 5:5 ' -. Ni Q " 'Ia-2. -f...5f 'Q ' 2 i- '17 - '- 1 Index Academic Class .,...,........... Albert Through the Wine-Glass ..... Ante Up ..... .,.............. Arcadians ..,. Artists ,......... Athletics. ...,... . Board of Visitors .... Class Fraternities ........ Clubs and Organizations .... Degrees Conferred .....,, . Devonian Soiree ..... Easter Girl fPoemj ,.,. Easter Week CPoemj .,.. Engineering Class ...,. Faculty ,...,.... . Fraternities . . . German Club ..... Graduate Class , . , Greeting ........... . , , . In Memoriam ....,.,..,... In the Laboratory QPoernj ..... Law Class ................... , . Lay of Modern Virginia QPoernj .... Medical Class. . . ..... ..... . . . , Moonlight CPoemj .........,... Old Dawson's Row .... P. K. ...,......... . Pickled at the Pole ...... Poor Annette CPoemQ .. . Publications ........., Societies ...,.. . .....,.........,..,....... State and School Clubs .......,........,.....,. The College Hour That Ought to Have Been ,... The Fairy Story of jack, Ellie and Join-'Em-All ..... The New Man's Primer .,.............,........... The Rirne of the Defeated Mariner ,.... Turvyland ....... ....,............ Ulalume .... ...,.. . . .... . . Uncle Henry's Plea .................... Williamson Whitehead Fuller ......... .... Ye Adventure of Ye Hotte-Foot Knyghte. . . . 29 . 185 225 . 196 . 270 . 201 . 8 .... I4Q ...,..a-232 . .... a-96 Facing 185 Facing 184 ...,,. 194 - 49 II . 101 . 192 . S9 7 . 46 . 48 ' S9 . 27 . S1 231 . 165 . 193 . 169 . 242 . 263 .. 243 ....a-274 182 . 271 . 166 . 148 . 197 . 96 .. 252 - 3 227 gjfflllllisw Ev-'AS 1 6 my N sb " M X x f W X M YN RXYSXN x X xx Uhr :W X vcr. x qt- A "f,'1iL:?i ,mg-.1 I QQ N-'N ,.g:f"- i,.1a.A.4, " U'-' xi? 'vw ' 2 g.,x'.x X ,,'x ' N'-if if 12.2-I IS 'F - ., A x-"Viv QQ? is Hxrlxik. K9 "r..rQ, ' N " ' Qi' ' Q A fax Y r Xi7'f-ffl-eval 39 ----fw "HOW I BECAME A ZOO" By O. AIN T. EAGER, fBound in Half Goatj Illustrated with 48 cuts showing approved methods of hold- ing coat back for ribbon to show. A S K D O B l E Walter Camp Refuted HEI Dean-led by HEATH DABNEY K N O W 5 T 9 Read this competent critic's book . on Theoretical Football. WANTED---P. K. Society wants good and energetic goat catcher. Address JACK PINNER, K. A. House. OI"l"ICE Ui'-STAIRS HOURIS 6 R b CLUB . . 1 Inflamznaizon WJ Bureau Delightful . A S0Nfhe7'71 EffP0S1l7'-9 ADDRESS ANY WELI.-KNOWN Bo M COMMON PLACE COMMON FARE IN WRITING, PLEASE DON T MENTION CORKS AND CURLS Did you ever stop to consider the advantage that T. I. L. K. A. offers over the others? qlpire you aware ofthe fact that a button is worn on lapel, thus do- ing away with the necessity of holding back coat for ribbon to show? qlrlqhat this button, when worn in connection with ribbon, permits great latitude of display, and will produce an effect on any one?-We do not vouch for the Icind of effect. SUBSCRIBE FOR 1 TOPICS 2 Next issue will contain story of the discovery of Madison Hall Notes BE A ZOO Write for our pamphlet explaining the Hat-Tip- ping Mystery and Walk Writing Address YANK WAPLES, 3711 Z Street BE DIFFERENT FROM TI-IE REST BE CONSIDERED A CHARACTER It's Easy Read the Magazine Dine at the Thomas Jefferson Eating Club 'rf' ADDRESS Charlie Crawford or any one wearing the same sort of ring BE 0N A HIGHER PL NE JOIN THE AREO CLUB Dont wait until the Fall You are liable to be dropped S20 Entities You to the WRIGHTS IN WRITING, PLEASE DON'T MENTION CORKS AND CURLS El' E E E1 ln' 'uu- JAMES E. IRVINE, PRESIDENT F. A. EDDINS, VlcE-PREsmEN'r A. N. ALLEGFIEE, SECRETARY O. T. ALLEGREE, TREASURER lamrnes Esgplggxjglnme Co. CLCDTlllERS TAILORS AND RIISNYS FURNISHERS o ' f. 1 if' ' in 1 A .. l F 'US X 'vigf i vf x W A I X X f rl 'ffl Charlottesville 2: Vizr iiimiia elm .El E JI? More than 50,000 FEET OF FLOOR SPACE More than 100 MACHINES SAME MANAGEMENT AND POLICY FOR PAST 25 YEARS V 9 ,eh K. , -, .- f X new f It -X - 'NH yn Qs., Z ,,4?29Q?? , ,!'n- ff - 'z g 4- 1,5 41 J. ., " .-iirw , . - - . , Ig gg 1, f..-frf1..,.2-,ga-e q5?5g" f' gr-:-isp-7.,,,.x15f Eff "'...L.. - -1 t -1 - -f. Q -af ff -- 15211-:TQSM-V f" frrfrat? - Emqsi:-ii'i"f:,-.015. 'f tag . i , , -,- I so t' A Vp? ff-, 'A 4:5 effluent.: l"3 1,4-fqsfll. f' "rf f . -sl'-mlmtrerfefs it M5i'wi59kAwaGerr2f -5119051134265"J2'Qr"3ilL'ElLEI-. ' 1 1- "' 1 xwe?-frua5f61ri"f - rr21S2!F21m1f2"'iseiwzfwke , N of "' 11 . ,ff .5 if :W ie 2 Q-airieegi-5WI4gn,m,,. .I -uv ff are -r ,1e'g15rsrQ,sg1'a,1 - ri -fi 'ze' - - - r Q, r ,f :wr-free-a re AME! dlwflwuiflk .-Jil' hr ,Q2zr.1E'T1f!?lv11I'g5lgr- .-l - f' ' -1 -' a --lrhlnlli -El'-II'I'1l1J.':i?' '-' ni,4,1e'yi,f,gJ4tF 4-fri-f 1. U 1. - 5' -"ltd a nigh ., L 4' er ' . rf- I -.-: s-.5 an-':r,f.g,fl,:f3 s-in ,wir , ,e.ed:r', - H ' J, , ' ' .' - 1 f' -1' ',., ?7 -Pi:, r"5 ,Lj rg'-fi-g f' ,,,. f .,,, - , ' , xi' iv, ' eff' ' ff M'?ise'ef' 'r The Stone Printing and Nlfg. Co. 116-132 North Jefferson Street ROANOKE, VIRGINIA The Largest Best Equipped Most Modern More employes and more output than all the other job printing plants Within a radius of one hundred miles. Light, heat and sanitary arrangements well-nigh perfect. Facilities for Workmanlike Service UNAPPROACHED in this Section fa ,fp J X , Q39 L T H H ru 61655 Qentlemenz fgurnlshtng Qnnils, BROADWAY COR.TWENTY-SECOND ST. NEW YORK. ln addition to our assortment of Imported Suitings-the most extensive of its kind in the country-we invite attention to our very complete selection of Ready-Made Suits and Qvercoats, cut on distinctive lines. Our stock also affords suitable equip- ment for Motoring, Riding, Driving, Polo and the Hunt. All requisites for the Traveler, including Steamer and Cabin Trunks, Bags and Rugs, Special Auto Trunks,Dress-Suit Cases,Valises, Por manteaux and Fitted Cases. qllinglish Hats with many novelties in negligee shapes. ' Shoes for Street, Dress or Sport- ing Wear. All details of lVlen's Furnishing Goods. Distinct- ive Livery Appointments for Indoor and Outdoor Service. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUE ON REQUEST A-:anis www: I LRND R IDB .- , CITY : w ZEDITOR' 1 IJ, if "Q VAMW f 'L f PL x X X X X. , V I2 2 I parnoflf' Mx 'i f - 9 1 Q, a 1 , XJ NM WE25 FROM Suns THING-CHASE 1 m,.::2,zi,fs:2,5:z WANLEZZRERR MINUTES emma PRESS Q TIME 2-X ffmjx X 1 ,, Jljfpi r 5, CC ff 0 s ' P 5 M qt W E Via X - , X J , ,., -9 X ,- X .f ' Q S E J. B.8zW. H. WOOD CLOTHIERS Charlottesville, Va. WE RENT FURNITURE TO THE UNIVERSITY STUDENTS Small Cash Outlay Necessary Call on us. We will trade to suit you and meet any price James Perley 8: Sons 100-108 W. Main sf. Charlottesville, Virginia ,URNITURE 00. f , l GRIUDENT Our rental plan enables us to furnish your room, as shown by cut, for the session for S 1 5.00 Gilmore Furniture Company Charlottesville, Va. Chesapeake 81 Ohio Railway Fast trains with best of service to Cincinnati, Louisville, Chicago, St. Louis and the West, also to Washington, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York and the East. For tickets ' and full information, inquire of G. W. OLIVIER, Ticket Agent, University of Va. V- .M ,-,s . 1 egg 1. me ff. ,se l l lllllllll"lll l3llll.DllllllNl SEllllllllllllRll Staunton, Vir inia -' I, -7 - . , .,, 1 ' -is- . 4 Eli, wif' ik Term begins September 8th, 1910. Loca- ted in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia. Unsurpassed climate, beautiful grounds and modern appointments. 298 students past session from 33 States. Terms moderate. Pupils enter any time. Send for catalogue. MISS E. C. WEIMER, Principal ,f gf Oz.. 4-nic'-of-fxQ ,agjljg in jf'-fj?f:1Q fwgjffg imjmeiroiw ,-ggifgg 1 V 'LDE'N'9i.Q W W .f . tg 5 - - .T : if in-E ' F"LL'f . ,IE A ,-gg. , 4. Q . 5 'uw . Elf 'W-.. .. in Tilt ? 'z Y fEllE .H!5i i iij'- T .W ' iiill wi f lH'HT l 5'Qf H.f Q H R ' ' c' H1.5faEif 1 : 'r H 2 R W ' a rg s , ig as - T 1511121 Glumhrrlanh W SOUTHWEST CORNER BROADNVAY, AT 54TH STREET NEW YORK ' gg , Near 50th Street Subway and 53d Street Elevated W Kept by a College Man. College Men Always Welcome. Q Special Terms for College Teams, Ideal location. 1 W Near Theaters, Shops and Central Park. Z: New, H Modern, Absolutely Fireproof. Strictly First Class Rates Reasonable. Transient Rates, 352. 50 with Bath and up. All Outside Rooms 1: Send for Booklet. : X ' 1 UNDER THE MANAGEMENT OF my HARRY P. STINISON, Formerly with Hotel lmperial W TEN NlINUTES'WALK TO TWENTYTHEATERS Rl T R W W HEEEEEEEREQEEEE EEE EEREEEEQ The Jefferson School Charlottesville, Virginia The most highly Specialized School preparing for the L'nix'crsity of Yirginia. Pupils prepared under L'nix'crsity Instructors for Loiiversity Courses. E. REINHOLD ROGERS, M. A., Ph. D., Headmaster Episcopal High School of Virginia L. M. BLACKFORD, M. A. QUniv. of Val, LL. D., PRINCIPAL Three miles west of Alexandria, Virginia, and eight miles from Wasliiiigtoii, D. C., with magnificent view of both places. Special reference invited to old boys now Students of the University. Catalogue on Application to Principal at Alexandria, Va. Session Opens 4th Wednesday in September NIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA CHARLOTTESVILLE, VIRGINIA. The Head of the Public School System of Virginia. EDWIN A. ALDERMAN, LL. D., President. The following departments of study are represented: I. THE COLLEGE. In the College, courses are offered in twenty-live culture subjects. By virtue of the elective system, the undergraduate can select any one of a large number of liberal four-year courses, leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. II. DEPARTMENT OF GRADUATE STUDIES. This department, in which the same fundamental subjects are taught as in the College, offers to Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Science the opportunity of specializing in such directions as they may choose, and of acquiring the methods of original research. The graduate courses are intended chiefly for those who desire to take the degree of Master of Arts, Master of Science, or Doctor of Philosophy. III. DEPARTMENT OF ENGINEERING. Four-year courses lead to degrees in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Mining, and Chem- ical Engineering. Large and well lighted drafting rooms. Full ou ttit of field instruments. Thoroughly equipped pattern shop, machine shop, smith shop and foundry. Extensive laboratories for practical work in Physics, Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry and Assaying, Economic Geology, Electrical Engineering and Applied Mechanics. Special elective courses will be arranged for students, who have completed adequate collegiate courses elsewhere, in Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry. IV. DEPARTMENT OF LAW. Beginning with 1909-10, the course of study will be distributed over three years. An excellent special course is provided for students who can not attend a full course, and who 'are not candidates for the degree. The Library facilities are excellent. Moot and Prac- tice Courts. V. DEPARTMENT OF MEDICINE. The entrance requirements are the completion of a four-year high school course, or its equivalent, and of good college courses in Inorganic Chemistry, General Biology, and either Physics, German or French. The prominent features of the course are extensive laboratory instruction in all the fundamental medical sciencesg and abundant clinical training in the practical branches in the dispensary and in the University Hospital, which contains accommodations for over one hundred patients, and is the property of the University. VI. THE UNIVERSITY SUMMER SCHOOL. Lasting six weeks, is practically a summer session for that period, maintained especially for those preparing to become High School techaers, and for students unable to attend the regular session. Tuition in the College and Graduate Departments is free to all Virginians. All other expenses, including those of board and lodging, have been reduced to a minimum. Send for catalogue and printed matter. The State of Virginia has provided a Loan Fund, available for needy and deserving Virginia students, of talent and character, who are pursuing courses in the Academic Departments. Full particulars on application to the President. HOWARD WINSTON, Registrar. o .ramwaur 1 WRITE THE BRIDE GRE H T STYLE , ? ' "i "" X 'f nf, f, ,. ,Lf ff f, 3 UP IN 'g I JQ . J vast, V G gg- 'f . fl 0 a ' ,M ,uv Wy 1, 'x,Xlx-fx lah, G4 ', U EE if f " ff, ,ff . ,: , ,J 424 ' af ' Ay A K gg 77' X " 7 ,f ESR. :Saw I f ' ' s-:aaa-,gfzg ff X 0 7 f Q 1 E ' 1 , 4 f ff :El X I , si' if 'J N X '35 X , V ,.: x 9 . .,,,,: f IIN 'Z-,Z X P -W X 4 TD0 Qrou TR? HIS Mn j Your! NHLIZBEVEJD? gjziwviallon Ksfiiyo' 1 Al 611 up METHING, 27943: Z , A Z' ,A . 'I Q , 0 ' Z ,I X 'W ' L 3,1 2 K , W LX 7 f ' U Y ' ., 1: K XXX rw' VZ ' :Q-fgiiix ' x MMX j QA f Q1 ik ' ff T. C. CONLON 8: COMPANY The Leading Tailors of the South TAILORS AND DRAPERS 207 w. MAIN STREET 'PHONE 255 CHARLQTTESVILLE, VA J' MWRVW WRV-QZR9f 9ZQZ8VRVAVAVWAV9?M xv it 0 0 0 0 .T Umverslty Bllllard Parlor Na gl J. S. LA ROWE, Prop. C QP EEESYKWTSFY M fy I1 fx N 3.52 U ff fx MV! 3 fx -5 A T T H E C O R N E R I lx iowfwfofwofowfwsvfswwswswsvfoowewowowoowoowwovofofofewf F ?Z XBWXV RVRVRVS? ?Z-89?-SYZAQFSMRV-9239?-AV-SYZSQ?-WAV-X? 'X fx J Na lf X, fx K Woodward 81 Lothrop 5 2 2 1x115N's 111cn1-G1e,xn1f: ? , N' J M 5 Shlrt'Maker 2 IQ 1-.-. if F Haberdasher Hats, Furnishings, B Ny 'QQ' T- k.:,B.g ,S '- 'S XJ 2 Ss pqo 1? t ikitg C 5' M If Goods and General Q gl FACTORY UN PREMISE5 'X Haberdashery 1: 1: Q: D X, 5 MAIL ORDERS GIVEN PROMPT Q 5 1210 F Sweet, N- W- N 9 ATTENTION :Q 'X fx WASHINGTON :: D. C. N K WASHINGTON :: D. C. 5?f6W6W6WOYf5YW6W6W67W3Y'f6Y'f6Wk g9f6Y?'6W6'Y'f6W'6Xf?f6Y'f'6W3Y'f3W7Y1"6X1'f6Y fix The First National Bank Capital, Sl,OO0,000.00 Surplus, f"p900,000.00 Deposits, fl56,500,000.00 Large, Strong, Liberal, Conservative OFFICERS JOHN B. PURCELL, President JOHN M. MILLER, MIR., V.-P. and Cashier CHAS. R. BURNETT, Assistant Cashier bl. C. JOPLIN, Assistant Cashier W. P, SHELTON, Assistant Cashier fXI..EX. F. RYLAND, Assistant Cashier Ergenhright ot Sadler Clothiers, I"Iatters and Gents' Furnishings 323 East Main Street 323 Union Station Cafe Select menu with all delicacies of the season. Meals served at all hoursfnight and day STEAKS, CHoPs AND Hor Ciuciss a Specialty Oysters and Sea Food in Season cHARLorrEsv1LLE, VA. HOTEL GLEASON Special Attention to Students and Their Friends Patronage of Visiting Teams Solicited Radcliffe 8: Tanner Florists RICHMOND W VIRGINIA FATI M A I 20 -for 15 c'ts.'D V, r Klllll gs X 1' ' fig 1' l f can 5 f Wli l ien if X l ff fe X3 Hi- X 'lm 4 , SN, ' . 1"7"w 3, f W, X Q l W, r ,, fm X , + f.fl'y i f will if f ffl X l . l u g: W W- X T fe w we, Q ymwiiai' W -gf !,4 , 4' 'f x i75QL-yl f 7 , Q r f fr , N 1 lf f ,ffl 5 f 1 , fygw 4,5336 Y ' "' 5 S 57 fwggikmm l l i ll Ml www ill 1 ' I 'EAM'S out for practice-go out and Watch. See Wnat they'l1 do When the real struggle comes. But be sure there's a pack of Fatimas in your pocket! A clean, cool, delicious smoke-best Turkish tobaccos perfectly blended-enjoyed by all who try them. An inexpensive package, but ten extra cigarettes. THE AMERICAN TOBACCO CO. gil Illl llll IBII lllll -Illl ll 501 llll UUII- -Illl llll llll llll llll K z Qtbf bas. 513, Ihott . 3 - b DANCE PROGRAMS AND INVITATIONS, IVIENUS, : LEATI-IER DANCE-CASES AND COVERS, FRA- TERNITV AND CLASS INSERTS FOR ANNUALS, 5 f FRATERNITY AND CLASS STATIONERY, CCIVI- 5 E ' 'I NIENCENIENT INVITATIONS, CLASS-DAY PRO- R GRAMS AND CLASS PINS, WEDDING INVITA- g III E TIONS AND CALLING CARDS 5 E TI-IE LARGEST COL- works: : LEGE ENGRAVING ' HOUSEIN THE E WORLD 17tlJ Qt, ann Lrhigh Qlur., pbilauelpbia E an nu un nn Im un nun un nun 'nu me llll un nm na 5 X f !Y 4' THAT '7'?EN3T'zH M3218 VJIsiTLED'l?TITIDLPI I YO UT-r"'gfxS' WFfDEQffE'FIfaHViH5 THIS PiPER GET scooPED f . ' KD 2 ff W 1 f rv 5 JNIXXIAW S A' My nh .I l V X. I ,DUO f IX Q 43, J' K 5 W I O 1 1 fy X . x I I , I JW? I Q I W' I. 6 T II .I- ' 3 QUW- . ., 4 3 ' I I C' Tw A T ff f, ,X I , FII 5 VKX KW A - N xv f Sli I4 S 4 f I. I - 5 ,I S I 6 K I , X4 i X I W :S Q f If A U' I " TS S , 0 , ' ' NLLQL D M Mpysrpv-in C. B. T EVE M6H,f Cloibzkzg Hats and Furnishings VF SUITS Mama TU ORDER goq. East Main St. Charlottesville, Va. C. J. RIXEY, Pres. T. P. PEYTON, Cashier Jegerson National Bank Amount: S0l1'c1'fecz' CHECKS CoLI.i2eTEn VVITIAIOUT COST L T HANCKEL P R.T, W. DUKE,JR-.V.-P R Tl MARTIN, C h r E I. CARRUTHERS,Telle Albemarle National Bank Charlottesville :: Virginia John M. White, Pr t J. M. Robertson Cashier Ch s. Edgar-,V P t. J o P. Harmon,Asst. Cash'r Organized 1875 National Charter 1881 The Peoples National Bank Cl'lARLOTTESYll.LE, VA, Capital, Sl00,000 Surplus and Profits, 380,000 Conway Printing Co. INCORPORATED TVB DO ALL KINDS OF Coflege Prz'nt1'ng E+? CH ARLOTT ESVILLE, VIRGINIA ture's product, finished by nian's geniusg in other words, presents every quality ot best butter, with- ' I ' I , I, out its cost or imperfections? xm M X ' 111 Do Y ou Know X36-W jf We Va l' mn.. ,W t,- N ,W v h D t ,Swat 'ITM myljp . ,m shi... 4 That the ingredients for making .-flggaj ws M M' J 'W' s ' Y - A 'Q f .i v,,4,2',f' our 1+ iRsT QUALITX BUTTILR- s ry- me . W- X, asses: - ' - W- - " 'iz' f ' - r all f- PNA --.-TTD" INE are used dailx' in everv house- 1l'-'K"i't'4"?-7 lil' Serlilii'-"fiw..Q4 ,Na-1-H hold? ' ' E ,,. .,,.vi. IW -xt X M .v,. tx - . - I .i..u+w--- - 1 .f Ni" N That HPlL1'l'f,j'H butterine is Na- - ft' Q7scfl,,ii,,,MNg"g,cyci,,2',,,.. .!. My Xi I I , :N V , "pn 1-':' EW'-f ' .U xx . 'tgfkil-v:.',. lr E44 X 0 v or . 51 uni,-f, X s k , That every pound of our product is churned under both government and state inspection, and that we guarantee it for any use to which butter is ap- plied P Write for descriptive booklets, and name of nearest dealer through Whom you can he supplied. The Capital City Dairy Co., Columbus, Ohio Preeminently the aristrocrats of the butterine industry. Golden 8z Company i Beef and Pork Packers Aff , .ea ifftf fr +225 if qs All Wholesalers of Butter, Eggs and Poultry Washington, D. C. QMEMMMMM lVlurphy's Hotel AND ANN EX Richmond :: Va. The Largest, Most Modern, and Best Located H in the City In Con ' ' ' e have M th ed Barusche and Nau s M ur Rates are Sl to S4 per day H Ht JOHN MURPHY Pres't WE , H bv vffvrsnn .G .ag - Q -ati?-CLJ l::7:, Q' H7- TL MUN Magnffenf Hotel Zh flue South A -11-1 EUROPEAN PLAN. 400 ROOIVIS. 300 BATI-IS. :: ROOIVIS SINGLE AND IN SUITE. VVITI-I OR WITHOUT PRIVATE 'BATI-IS. TURKISH AND ROIVIAN BAT!-IS. Svpqrinun izyamplv Quanta large Glnniirniinn 152111 llvllvr 8: George .7eSfvelf2fS REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS PROMPTLY DONE GLASSES MADE TO ORDER liRATERNlTY AND COLLEGE PINS AND FOBS ' - + H.-ws, Suoiis, FURN1sH1NGs, TRUNKS, BAGS -- ,xxrn CASES ---ii O. H ferry 63' o. Successors to the Merchant Tailors RICHMOND, VA. Catalogue, Samples, Etc., Upon Request College of Physicians and 1 hp Surgeons , , , OF BALTIMORE, MD. goth Annual Session will begin October lst, xolo XDA. New Building, Modern Equipment, Unsurpassed Laboratories, Large and Independent Lying-In Asylum for 3 Practical Obstetrics, and many Hos- " pitals for Clinical Work, present to e 0 the Medical Student every-advantage 41 60 For Catalogue and Other Information, Apply fo . CHARLES F. BEVAN, M. D., Dean UNIvERs1TY 'HEADQUARTERS Cor. Calvert and Saratoga Sts. B,:xLT1MoRE,Mn. L. BERRY DODSON, MGR. PROMPTNESS AND EXCELLENCE IS THE MOTTO OF THE Where you can get High-Class Photos, Cameras and Photo Supplies of all kinds Amateur Pictures Finished and Enlarged Pictures Framed to Order Satisfaction Guaranteed STOOIO ON OROONO FLOOR R. W. l'l0l.SlNGER, Photographer 719-721 west Mainistreef CHARLOTTIZSVILLE, VA Mann 81 Brown Elilnriata fi 5 W. BROAD STREET Greenhouses: New Reservoir RICHMOND, VA. Branch Office: JEFFERSON HOTEL Hotel Imperial Broadway, 31st, and 32d Streets NEW YORK CITY -sg? Headquarters for College Men SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS Model Steam Laundry 401-403 West Main Street. 'Phone 250 GET IT FROM HUGHES The Charlottesville Bargain House 412 East lVIain Street Clothing, Shoes, Gents' Furnish- ing Goods, Notions, Milliuery and Dry Goods The Same Goods for Less Money- and You Want to Give Us a Look Charlie Lau 8: Company Chinese Laundry FIRST-CLASS WORK SATISFACTION GUARANTEED GLOSS OR LINEN FINISH ALL WORK BY HAND 114 EAST MAIN STREET Jenkins Paint and 0il Company "Better Paint" NORFOLK - - VIRGINIA John L. Williams 81 Sons Iiankern D. Buchanan 8: Son Zletnelrrn NVe offer a particularly good-looking line of Gold and Silver jewelry, The pieces composing it are at- tractive witliout being"Sliowy," and are priced to invite the custom of people who rec- ognize inexpensive jewel- ry of superior merit TWO STORES COL wth and Main Sheets In Ia. Bnono sr. 124 GRANBY si. RICHMOND VIRGINIA Richmond, va. , Norfolk, va. J. M. Stein8zCompany R. L. Christian 8: Co.. Elgilnfg Ilianrg tnrnrvriva sinh G mine Htlerrhants 523 Thirteenth Street 1li Just Below "F" WASHINGTON, D. C. Fine Fabrics Excellent Work Moderate Prices Special Discount to U. of Va. Students Agents for Huyler's Candies Write for Illustrated Catalogue 816 - 818 East Main Street RICHMOND, VA. l3ird's-Eye View University of Virginia Q ATTRACTIVE COMPREHENSIVE REASONABLE PUBLISH ED IN THREE EDITIONS 1. A LIMITED EDITION im- pressed on Japanese vel- lum, size 14x26 inches, sign- ed bythe artists and bear- ing remarque, Price, S I O 2. A GENERAL EDITION some impressed on India paper and others on Nor- mandy vellum, size 14x25 inches, used chiefly by the College for distribution among the secondary schools, Price, S5 It is from the same plate as the limited, bears title, but without remarque or artist's signature. 5. A SMALL FRAMED PHO- TOORAVURE 6 X 4 inches, in sepia brown, Price, S I Just the thing for those who can not afford the large pic- tures, Copies may be obtained by Writing direct to the publish- ers. W. T. Littig-55 Co. I5 William Street NEW YORK P NK BROTHERS FIFTH AVENUE BOOT SHOP SHTzfmE6FLW FOOTWEAR .-:f F'f1:w, 2 ' t F.vief4. -12: ff- ,. " 922' -. ' 4 2241- Fifth Avenue NEW YQRK CITY, JNL YQ v-"QF"-ur"-nr-'I-u-"71F"-rdf:di-.1HQPI-1r-'I-1r-''-1r-''FF'I-wr-II-ai-'I-u-'I-1vJ':wF"1r-H-vr"-1r-"3iF":iF"1r"1r"-1r":'F":'iF"'1 I 'L I'L II The ArIington I'IoteI Located in the most fashion- able part of Washington QLafayette Squarej, directly opposite the Presidents Man- sion. within one block of Treasury, War, State, Navy and Department of Justice WASHINGTON, D. C. EASY ACCESS TO ALL I Q POINTS IN THE CITY 1 .jf PETER TAYLOR, jf., Mgr. American and European Plans It I I H-:eiHI-II-1I-II-'L-db.-'I-1.-H-I.-H-1.-fH,-1'-u-'L.,JL..4--.-"-if-"-1.-"-..i1:.f-'11,-'Hf-"-1,:':.ab,-1'-H-'f-1.-'I-I.-"-Ie'.':a:1H IHGPI-II-II-if-'I-I.-'GPHHHHHHQFHHHHHHGPHHHHHHH,-H-.,-"v'l-ir"-.f-"-.f-"-1.-"-,-1'-fJ'fIF"f.T-"f-F"T n. m If 'U 1 T O. S. STAPLES, Prop. l I -L I I I 1 'L JI I 'LI 'L I 1 kv E I R I C C S I-I Q i 1' 1 E 3 1 if if . . . I I Electric Car Ilnes CIIYCCL to the 1 . . 1 I Union Statlon. CIose to the I' -L . . . . . I -L pflnclpai Pubilc Bulldlngs, -" opposite the Treas,Depr, Theaters, and Shopping DlStflCt. 1 'L rt n Lt It I-1r-1Iv'H.-1GP''-I--'-H-'-Nfl-...-'L.I-'-II-1L-ef:I-H-I.-H-1.-H-..1'5.-H-if-'Lu-""-,.-'-U-"-I.:f:..1"J,-"-ui'.:1H FHHFHHHHHHHPHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHPHHHHHHHFHHHHHHHHHHHFHHHHHHHFHi R I U U 'L I J' 'L 'L J' IIIIIIIIIQEIIIIII HIIIQH NORFOLK, VIRGINIA IN SAFETY, SERVICE AND CUISINE HAS TAKEN ITS PLACE AMONG THE BEST HOTELS IN THE COUNTRY QEEEWEEEEEE HEADQUARTERS FOR UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA WI-IEN IN NORFOLK 1 I I 'L 'L I' J' 'L 'HdhHHHHHHd5HHHHHHdhHHHHHHdbdhHHHHHHdhHHHHHHHHdbHHHHHHHHdbH' MMM P ,F-'D Em g"S E5 Qa was 3, sh HHH E '-I E 5 O z K" U c K Ollicial Implements gg FE For Sports M 0? RADE Q gs f EE SP1111 52 40 IN -9? X spmgom lNtlL' B b11N SS 5 M K Sp ld 0111 1B 1115 11x NI 156 O gg S ll 0111 ll' tl 11x 1 11 O I Cglllillgl-D .1 N5 1.511115 5 me H1YGI'S1l.ZYO f1fg1111f1 W M W ANDERSCN BROTHERS M Carry All Spalding Goocls X M ll :II " -II' .J E.-ll - -ll II' All the Half-Tone Engravings and Art-Work Thereon in This Book Produced by THE CHAS. L. WILLARD C0. QYWW A -:sail N ' FQ' xg lf,-J! E e xl ' R' N ,' gf ls? K- I K Specialists on College Work An ls, Photogravures, Class-Day Programs, M 1 Leather Dance-Programs, Embossed Stationery, Etc. 156 FIFTH AVENUE NEW YORK CITY lill.TT-.:.4ll.-1- l...l-- - UNITED STATES DEPOSIT ARK The Norfolk National Bank NORFOLK :z VA. Capital, 501,000,000 Surplus, S5 500,000 ORGANIZED 1885 The Oldest National Bank in Eastern Virginia C.-XLDVVELL H ARDY, President E. T. LAMB, Vice-President A. 1s.SCHvvARZKOPF,Cnshier VV. A. GODWIN, Assistant Cashier University Drug Store Fine Line BRUSHES, COMBS, SCAPS and Other Toilet Requisites Agents for I-Iuyler's Candies TERMS CASH ' y S. C. CHANCELLOR Proprietor I-I. W. I-Iilleary or Co. BOONE 8: SMITH Real Estate and Insurance BfOliCI'S Real Estate, Loans, Bonds, Insurance Real Estate Register, Describing Country Write us for desirable city and suburban properties We can rent or sell you fraternity houses or private Homes, Free residences and can offer you desirable building sites W, A. IRVING, President C. T. NVAY, Vice-President J. H. HILL, Sec'y and Treas. Irving-Way-Hill Company, Inc. 528-530-532-534 EAST MAIN ST. Livery, Feed and Sale Stables Carriage Manufacturers YV. A Irving, Mgr. 'Phone rgo C. T. XVay, Mgr. 'Phone 460 Undertalcers and Embalmers J. H. Hill, Mgr. I Phone 460A The Ianters attnnal anis RICHMOND, VIRGINIA W Capital, 5300,000.00 Surplus and Profits, iISl,200,000.00 Deposits, 355,500,000.00 jflnhites Eour QEEULIIIIZ Unrrcellen JII5anking facilities QDEICPVB JAIVIESM BOYD P d t J J IVIONTAGUE V P d t RICHARD H SMITH C shier R. LATIMER GORDON A t t C I1 CONWAY H. GORDON A t tC h ARTHUR S. CHERRY, Manager Sav g D p t t Zbirectnw JAMES M BOYD J J MONTAGUE W. J. WESTWOOD T. WM. PEMBERTON MORTON B. ROSENBAUM RICHARD H. SMITH The Irurnswiiellai iliine Etlliarhn unit Entnling 915 7 Pfister Tables 8 Bowling Alleys 2 City Hall Ave. NORFOLK, VA. TzHE UNDERWOOD Predominates in the Contest at Madison Square Garden October 20, 1908, for the AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIP OF AMERICA The Seven Leaders VVere All Users of the U n d e r w o 0 d Pioneer Visible Typewriter Positions were as follows: Net WV'cl's Per Min. I.. H. Coombes, tGoId Medali , . Underwood 75 Fred Jarrett ........... " - Aclella M. Fowle. . . ' ' ' . . . " Ray E. Le Pard .. ....... rg, t1ql1tlIvVarIan .... ..,,.. f 72 Minnie A. Muegge. ..., 'K or T. W. Springmeyer ....... " oo This proves conclusively that the UNDERXVOOD can be operated more rapidly and accurately than any other typewriter by the average stenographer. Miss Rose L. Fritz won the World's Championship as usual. THE UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER CO., Inc. MR. E. I-I. CLOWES, Mgr. 1:12 E. Main St RICHMOND, VA. ESTABLISHED ISSO J. l-I. Faber or Son Iinrtrait litgntngrztphrra IOO Granby Street NORFOLK, VA. NEW ERA STUDIO FOR Eigh-0112155 lgltntngraphs Photographic Supplies and Amateur Finishing 403 E. MAIN ST. 'Phone 441 THE NOWLAN CO. Eeahing Flmuelrra 921 E. Main Street Richmond, Va. Are Headquarters for elegant gifts in Fine Diamonds, WatcIIes,Jewelry, Sterling Silver, Etc. and when quality is considered, their prices are the lowest All correspondence given careful attention Goods sent on approval. Express prepaid. ANDERSON BROS. at " The Corner " STUDENTS' BOOK STORE LAW, MEDICAL, ENGINEERING, ACADEMIC TExT-BooIcs FINE STATIONERY gg?999999999999QQBQQQQQQQSQQQSQQQQQ999999QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQX t A. H. FETTHNG 2 2 2 RESQQ Q MANUFACTURER.OF Q F ' J l Greek Letter ratermty ewe ry 2 W 2 2 1 3 N. LIBERTY STREET Q SW? ALTHMQRE, MD. 205 Sl? Qi ' FACTORY: 212 LITTLE SHARP STREET .. W 'I W QE Memorandum packages sent to any fraternity member, through the Secretary of the Chapter. E 32 Special designs and estimates furnished on class pins, rings, medals for athletic meets, etc. R 3GGGGGGGGQQGGQGGGSGGG QQGQQGGGGGGGQQZ ?W?99Q999999995999999959999999999999999 at ' eos sua .. 'qi SUI? KUNG LUMBER QQ.. ff lf CONTRACTORS and BUILDERS " i. Manufacturers and Dealers in Rough and Dressed Lumber and Building S: Material, Sash, Doors, Blinds, Etc. E Estimates Furnished Free .S Y it -- " No job Too Large-None Too Small" A R 3 at Q02 So. Ry. and Prest. Ave. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. J. B. and W. H. Wood Conway Printing Co. R. W. Holsinger Albemarle National Bank J. S. LaRowe Lan B. Ying Model Steam Laundry Gilmore Furniture Co. T. C. Conlon BL Co. O. H. Berry 8a Co. R. L. Christian Gr. Co. First National Bank Planters' National Bank Jenkins Paint and Oil Co. The Brunswick Brooks Brothers A. G. Spalding 65 Bro. Our Advertisers. CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA. C. B. Stevens Keller dz, George S. C. Chancellor james E. Irvine Jefferson National Bank Peoples' National Bank Anderson Brothers James Perley dr. Sons Union Station Cafe RICHMOND, VA. The Jefferson C. 8a O. Ry. Co. ' Murphy's Hotel Underwood Typewriter Co D. Buchanan 8a Son NORFOLK, I. H. Faber Monticello Hotel NEW YORK C Cumberland Hotel "Fatima" Cigarette VA. ITY Hotel Gleason Ergenbright 8a Sadler The Charlottesville Bargain House Irving-Way-Hill Company, Inc. H. W. Hilleary 8: Co. Boone Gr Smith New Era Studio ' King Lumber Co. Rateliffe 8a Tanner Nowlan du Company Mann do Brown John L. Williams Gr Sons The Lorraine Hotel The Norfolk National Bank W. T. Littig dz. Co. Hotel Imperial Frank Brothers The Chas. L. Willard Co. EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS College of Physicians and Surgeons University of Virginia Episcopal High School A Ielierson School for Boys ' Mary Baldwin Seminary WASHINGTON, D. C. Philip T. Hall The Arlington Hotel Woodward do Lothrop J. M. Stein Sa Co. Riggs House MISCELLANEOUS I t A. H. Fitting, Baltimore, Md. Stone Printing 8a Manufacturing- The Capital City Dairy Co., Colum Chas. H. Elliott Co., Philadelphia, Pa. Co., Roanoke, Va. bus, Ohio Golden 8a Co., Washington., D. C. x v

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