University of Utah - Utonian Yearbook (Salt Lake City, UT)

 - Class of 1948

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University of Utah - Utonian Yearbook (Salt Lake City, UT) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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-1,m5M.,,..VV, X1 ,. Vi, L , , m-Mf--,2V,-ffn-'-f-- vw-ww 'V ' ' ' ' .-g,,- - g , ,. 5 ' T11',"'w3" A - 'i'5?"' ww, .sjgsfw " Viguwg 4 ., 2 :6 V -S, , V , VM, mn 2 V Q QV 3: ,,.q,.,i.-V, V, . ,V , V ,swf q gy , 3 8 - , A .L k ,W ., f,,,1,i, ,HW ,, aww, 1 ., , , 4. 15,1 firm qi ' ' 4. - ' ' 2 F?-Q : r. ,, "fi , '.:,: .' 37. ,gllyf "'f"i1 54 - 152 9 , r ' . ,Z fy ' H ' .iff Vaffi-Qgifziw if 'A ,K L L gy-s.wi,4Qi,, 4, ,, WV mi..- -V ,.V ,V V M , ,... Q V 1 ff' Wi ,a 2 I I Q? 5 X f , V L . ' " ' Y' "-'f11',g5'- 1" W- -f' V 4.12. V - 'JV-5.f'P1'M . 9 rw- Vfu ' f'- af VV 'Mb A7--f ' ' Ve. wma, ' TQ' ' MM? - - f -Vg. - - 'V 7 ,,,,,f,,,f Wg ,. VVVMW V AMW , . , ff" , f mg L-fl . 4,4 V 1 5 y the University of Utah CLASS OF 1948 Reese eff? 5 , W ,Qww::i.fe'ww:fN:f1 M, -V .V-4 1 v Lmgzlwfyanx ' F Ir? 1 w'f'E'51EJ'E?T?4" . ,,,, ww W", -WU 1,!M1J!'1sf N, .,, , ,H 11391 lux Um W H N a9f W'!i1H' ,,1w1H1"'1 N' 'W WW'W'W WFv!gJ1 if ,f ' f 5,f6rf ' X'f aVa+lW'5fPM w4fM5l1ikf np ! 4J. f a desert valley a modern empire L, E351 ',k, V- gm -, " MHA, ,... Q A' ' f+2fi'f+?r:Y 'S f.-p.,...,-v- 1 1 kr an The living, lasting tribute to the privations and sacrifices of our pioneer forbears-the campus looks down upon the busy murmuring of the city. XZ! m Eight Students meet amidst the hurried activity of the U nf ion or in the tranquil at' mosphere of the outdoors. Vxfellftravelecl is the walk between the lif brary and the medf ical school. Utah Coeds are as colorful as the flowers which grace the campus. The John R. Park Memorial houses the administrative oflices. The trophy cases proudly display the emblems of past athletic achievement. The 'Lpumpf' Wellfknown for ref freshment and social gathering. I School traditions are carefully pomt me ed out to the bewildered fresh I1 fi Af W X, a 4 I an J. 'iiufxa F ,f -V .Nw ' 4' -- Ui ,' rr I r -L 0 lg ' F -Tuff: Efg f gvw ess :vxx I - l 'ff ' x 4 Wi, mi ' 'ii wwf A lilile t I fi ii 'Q lfkhiq,,f'i My Luring students away from school and study - the glistening slopes of romantic Alta. Mmm lik, , In-ts T I 3 ,ZQK 1 gr. 125 53? ,sb 591 Utes pause on the steps of impressive Kingsbury Hall, where assemblies, rallies, and dramatic productions are staged. From the steps of the Park Building picturesque Salt Lake City can be seen. Campus classrooms are vacated as beau' ties of spring beckon. ., Q ,ggf . -rxkxxgxb :N A ' " - 1 4 R sf 'TL sl Aj. 6 s If Thoughts of a quick snack enter the minds of chem lab fugitives. R Fifteen I ts' , Sixleen --wniNF""' Frosh leave orientation to seek relaxation on the cool stretches of lawn. The Union Building - hub of student activity. 4 if A if is-fi? 'i'i' , N A , u,u, When classes adjourn, students eagerly rush to enjoy the playf time hours of the sunny afternoon. Eighteen Winter or spring, We never lose enthuf siasm for the great outdoors-chatf ting at the Park or picnicking at noon. 'fl in-f The doors of Kingsbury Hall call to one and all to seek knowledge and Culture. All types of weather greet the hardy few who Walk to the Annex. The Held house once again resounds to the enthusiasm of Ute throngs. The U of U Men's Hall offers shelf ter for some students. it fu X W 1' -fk S X 'X i? 'R The crowded cafeteria, the anf nex, the housing project--signify the return of men tn the campus. g- ..-..-:anvil 49 lun Tweuly-two A winter wonderland, the frosty campus cre ates a beautiful diversion from rigorous study 1,-.1 The hospitable Park Building is 21 friend' ly climax to Hello Walk and a gathf ering place for all. Students stop to chat on the steps and lawn of the Liberal Arts Building, awaiting their next class. Twen ry-r W ts' L 0 .. 'gr H1 - "M , 16 K- l l f.l'xV'N e i? 7 T - Tig , . n 1y.,,q ,W M 4, Wg:- ' lg ' 5 53 1 3' r 'fr s' Twenty-four L , L W The fallen snow lends a new touch of beauty to the campus byways. Redskins socialize in the halls of the Park and pack the Fieldhouse on Saturday nights to supf port their champion' ship basketball team dur' ing the snowy months. Tuwn ty i 3? ? I 1'-mm.. 121 Wxwgm magma---gg ,WW .H V- ,r ,K 'mmm ' X: W E E Eli? to in tdd d ii 5 E HW. ae,-:A W----was Www Q :,-5:5-5 5:-..-.i,...,. ., V Q ,S,-w1fmf,,gx:gwkgf ,x i gf QE QSWQQ 3 , , X X' YW ESQ-writ L Q, i ,i::,:-::-:"- ...... ff N 5 1 F a ssi: Q liz K if 5 wi md k if-LM 9 it g he-m f 4, E55 is sf . Z -:E eil l 2 xi mi li .52 S P 2 i Q 'gglilii r is 5 l is E 1 E! j iii? E522 gf At the end of his Hrst year, President A. Ray Qlpin has already shown his love and interest for our school, and we look to the future with confidence that he will continue his great work. Tzcwizty-izillz' Thi rl y The Honorable Herbert B. Maw, Governor of the State of Utah, was once a member of our organization, and We continue to look to him for advice and assistance. Mr. Roy D. Thatcher has served as Chairman ofthe Board of Regents for many years, and we are grateful to him for the outstanding performance of his many duties for our henefit. . meg T I Q ' au. ' ' 5 5 - , 5 Serving on the Board of Regents are: Dr. john E. Carver, Mr. George M. Cannon, Mr. Thornton D. Morris, Mr. James W. NVade, Pres. A. Ray Olpin, Chairman R. D. Thatcher, Mrs. A. 1. Gorham, Dr. E. E. Monson, Mr. L. D. Garrett, Mr. A. Hamer Reiser, and Dr. L. E. Viko. Thirty-1 Thirljv-two George A. Pierson Dean of Students Carl Christensen Dean of the School of Mineral Industries www f b Qatar: vim x' ,S Wffff wats, 1 1? : is it ss Ag, Q 'Q QQLCI fo' .FY ' f. 2: sp ,,..f,x-,-X M: - eW'Nfx'?t WIS -lv Q- EC ':T2iY"? 5-1 w'i?ifY:.ff ' -. sqm ,M -W figs,-3:21-pij 'xgiiyff 4 . " - t' 'IEW .-W-?:2, 'WA 'gy K 6, 39' fi 1 Dilworth Walker Dean of the School of Busincss Richard H. Young Dean of the School of Medicine QQ- Y' we Sydney W. Angleman Dean of the Lower Division Myrtle Austin Dcz1not'Vs'omcn J. T. Wahlquist Dann of the S:hoolofEdL1cz1tion john L. Ballif Dczm of M611 1 I. Owen Horsfall Q 1 I' ,r,i"' X gizlolnof llfsion W: ,, E r D :milf K S , S Fir I . r fl lll in ,, A, Aqii 5 William H. Leary Dean of the School of Law Jacob Geerlings Arthur L. Beeley Dean of the Faculty Dczm of the School of Sc1ci:1lWork Thirly-four A. LeRoy Taylor Dcun of thc Scho01ofEnginccriug E. E. Ericksen Henry Eyring Dann of thc School Dunn of the wfArtsz1nd Scicnccs Graduate School Thirty-fl Thirty-six Douglas O. Wfoodruff Executive Secretary of the Alumni Association and Manager of the Union Building Anna Marie Driscoll Director of Carlson Hall L. H. Kirkpatrick Librarian Seibert W. Mote Purchasing Agent and Manager of the University Bookstore W my W Leon D. Garrett Theron S. Parmelee Sccrctziry and Comptroller Manager of Studcnt Activities Parry D. Sorensen Joseph A. Norton Dircctor of Public Relations Rcgistrzir Gail Plummer Manager of Kingsbury Hull Herald L. Carlston Director of thc Placement Bureau Thirty-eight S L I Vivacious, energetic Jean Ward filled the office of second vicefpresident and supervised the year's elections, Ardent promoter of school spirit, capable President jack Birk steered the "U" through its biggest year. Q 5 Dernure and gracious Historian Gwen Cramer recorded the year's events for the coming generations. 3 3 E l i Sxvcct and cvcr so likable Doro- On thc shoulders of pcrt Trcnsf thy Berntson hllctl thc post of urcr Bobbie Bennion rcstcd the sccrctnry with utmost Qllicicncy, wcight of the studcnt finances. Vctcram campus lmdcr and activity girl. Donna Radovich was the spark behind thc ASUU amd Exchamgc assemblies during hor term in tht- milieu of first viccfprcsidcnt. f l'1f??1t t V,,,5.QE'f:2,3 ,af W -1 wslftif gym, fig,,3.fy iflgsily ,t f5z7ff'Ef?7:s'AQ zlfbiif f' 'lvl f 4 saw , . ,i,,1.,6fuT , m ' '?wfm:4mZf5'ZL1-Y 1: :Z iwyv gr ,MH , wwwkgfigjfijwxl , riff Q ,Wm Q,,Wggtg,g, ' gs, fisw , V r mwl,:s1?w'4iQ.LT?5f lvl 5: ef W. f,,,,,gQ r uf ,x"'jU f1.wqQz2'9i7,33ffW ,W .7 M fwM,f1E? A 1-Zn ,A if ennis Farley Ardath Lym Margaret Ann Wfoodruff eanne Anderson Ann Farley Marilyn Reiser Marie Barker Barbalyn Bennion Elizabeth Goldthorpe A.W.S. carried on another successful year under the able leadership of Evalyn Darf ger, president, Pat Snow, vicefpresident, and Margaret Ann Woodruif, secretary. Their year's activities for women students includf ed the freshman sponsor program, the Spin' ster's Spree and the French clothing drive. WS s 1.1 ,Q-r., VA t v ' Royce Flandro Rec, d 81M With the great increase of male students, Presif dent Quentin Kolb, Vicefpresident Royce Flandro and Secretary Reed Bills began to put the A.M.S. in action again. They inaugurated a freshman sponf sor program and a smoker for the men this year. New on the campus this year, the Student Participation CommitteegRuth Hay, Bill Woodruff, Chairman Marie Barker, Don Brown, Willa Rae Seely, Ken Campbell, Gayle Olson, and Glen Tueller-arouses interest in school activities and boosts student morale by sponsoring rallies, programs, and Utah's irst "Do As You Please Week." of the before the public students was Pub' licity John- son Forlyvtwo Always working up enf thusiasm for our teams. Cheerleaders Ken Camp- bell, Don Brown, and Jerry Anderson even had the rafters of Madison Square Garden rolling with "We Are the Sons of Utah." Bringing the "Vout" jive of the Slim Gaillard Trio as well as the Dean's Team Dance and the Jr. Junior Prom to the eampus, Vir- ginia Isakson and her ASUU Danee CommitteefBarbara Wil- son, Vernon Romney, Willa Rae Seely, Cliff Curtis, Chairman Isak- son, Kenny Jenson, LaRue Harris, and Ted Kjarffhave very eapahly handled the expanded dance prof gram. i 3 V .. , 1? X we is si JVM . fi , ' Q mf. Q as ei -Q I e ,X , M f Forty-th Af' The Athletic Council was in charge of all the University's athletic ac' tivities. Members of the council are Mr. Keith Brown, Mr. Theron S. Parmelee, Prof. N. P. Neilson, Mr. Thornton D. Morris, Chairman, Dr. A. Ray Olpin, Bob Lencc, Coach Ike Armstrong. Back row: Mr. Leon D. Garrett, Dr. Walter P. Cottam, Dr. Leland Creer, Mr. A. H. Pem- broke, Bill Van Sandt, and Dr. Rex Skidmore. the Alumni D. Cotting- Jennings, Douglas O. Wfooclruff, and Mr. George M. Cannon, Chairman. Directing the functions of our Alumni Developf ment Fund were Mr. Douglas O. Vvoodruff, Execuf tive Secretary, Mr. George M. Cannon, Alumni Association Presidentg Dr. A. Ray Olpin, Mr. Ellis W. Barker, Chairman, Mr. Roy D. Thatcher, Mr. Leon D. Garrett, and Mr. Dan Eastman, Field Director. Not pictured is Mr. Ernest Bamherger. 4 Keeping il watchful eye on all University publications was the duty of the Publications Council, consisting of Evalyn Darger, Mr. Parry D. Sorenson, Dr. G. Ho- mer Durham, Geraldine Stew- art, Prof. Gail Plummer, Chair' man, Mr. Theron S. Parmelee, and Travis Johnson. Debite ietiyities were d rected by Dr. Jacob Geer- lings Dr Charles P Schleicher, Nlickey Duncan D b ite Co uh George Adamson, and Douglas Snow. Alloting students funds was the duty of the Apportionment Board. Members are jack Birk, Marie Barker, Margaret Ann Vifoodruff, Mr. Theron S. Parmelee. Back row: Dean John L. Ballif, Mr. Leon D. Garrett, Prof. George A. Pierson, Chairman, and Dr. A. Ray Olpin. The V the bureau are: Arthur L. Beeley, row: William M. McPheeg E. Conover, and Kenneth M. Nielson. C. Glenn "ian N if x l 5 v:V4'k.,Q I M., ,. L . f , -' W f f,-i:7f7C,-'f' .4 ?'4vJf ,,,nlf Q54 ,, , f53if7f5gf9i 'XE ' - f" :f14,N ? . Nia, ifgiff f ' 'V f rv ,Q ' 'M fiwwfg 'fi x- - w fmi Q 1 if ' ggi ff fi eg. t 2 ' 2 ff if X: ,' M 5 g 5: inf ig s' M, A W f S ' bfi '1 f .1 , 2 - ff rlfl x w f , , 4 A 2 , N 5 ' Y ' V ffl ew E iss. we ,, - Q AX f Qffvf hw S5 13 , ' 4 ls f" f 'bf W- lf?" CF K X . f' My J HLJQW , f , 'KH' Q , Lf J W I W -ir' KQV if Q " is , fxxfw'-f fe l 5 J fiffff' v HQ "y7f,11 A .yy 1355? ' Us wr M I Zz ,f W I , z f i f fx ,wh 'Q "' ' f, 4 , , y 4 W , ' fl 4 w - 1 - uw Mjyybg . X' ., X ,,,7f4Jj,- . M N w 1 - 'x"'w'1wffQ K M ' '- l. ...T - -.ll -T. . - i l f? F SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sally Clark, Treasurer: Travis Johnson, VicefPresiClent Quentin Kolb, President: Julie Cuthbert, Secretary SE N rx ,L 'lil LeRoy Knighton Dorothy Berntson Marjorie Woodhead Frank Dix Haig Aralrelian Jane Laraway Marilyn Poulton Stanley N. Taylor Richard A. Parker Ethel Nelson 1 Y Janie Morton Fifty Justin Jolley Carma Rae Davis Barbara J. Ballinger Helen D. Anderson Spencer Jenson Ruth Ulrich Dorene Christensen Sally Clark Patricia Warshaw Erveen Rawling Beverly Jeanne Hayes l P 'SP' Joseph Hansen Mary Jean Hunter Marian Conrad Evalyn Darger Jeanne McDonald Rosalind Pack Caroline Hobson John Maragakis Llonas Allred uintin B. Magionos ff? Adella Polve Marilyn Alder Marilyn A. Wood Jessie Jane Gibbons Richard K. Bertoch 19 Joe Glasserr Leon A. Anderson Thano G. Castles Barbara Fisher Cathern Grimm y- lifflx S E I rx ,wx I.- y-Iwo Marion Abplanalp Moyle Dorius Bryant Bullen Shirley Jean Call Renee Fox Quentin Kolb Laura Knowles Virginia lVlcGrew Ruth Hamilton Hal Christensen John D. Bermensolo Cyntha Cowan ,fl 2- ,4 5- 7 bu Mary Dawn Dosch Eugene W. Hendron Pauline Daley Harold Child Blair Evans Barbara Bone David Dee Iennylee Bayer Glen R. Barlow John Crawford Helen Edwards Mary Clark Marvin Curtis june Day Donald Davis Virginia lsakson Helen Clark J. B. Christensen H. VVarner Hoopes Verna Roundy Albert Carlson Marshall K. Brinton Camilla Wood GI svi' ia Cardon LeRoy Drechsel Joa l1I1 c Ellis Lauramay Nebelcer Alvin Bennion Wfa i'l' en D. Curtis Che i'i' il Christensen Fifty-thru' SE NIC I5 5-.junr Merrilyn Evans Clara Capson Ieanette Popham Anna Kurata Barbara Casto Raona Evans Robert B. Bullen June Perschon Jessie Mae Allen Norma Jensen Child Elaine Cannon J. Ray Bryan L. ,fv- M. Carol Smith J. Eugene Russon A. Darrell Firmage Mary Maguire Frances McLeod Lee S. Hammel Ila M. Russon Martha Froehlich Tom Panos Lloyd Keddington Barbara Perrine Boyd M. Farr John MacDuff Enid Nelson Janice McCune Keith Marcrofr Yoshiye Shirata Elsie Namba Ben F. Armstrong Meri'ill A. Linford Mary Stone David Roberts Tikey Magionos Dorothy Pittenger Janice McKay Wallace Scott jeane Berthelson joleen Glassett Cal Fisher Darwin L. Parkin Iifly- RS Elizabeth Nloore Janice Knight June Lefgren Robert D. Hayes Carol Sutherland Lorraine Vincent l '11 i 1 Q fd' '15 -5 Kent Peterson Agnes Mattson George R. Riser Lalfawn Graff Helen B. Sieb Faun Twelves George Handy Virginia Jensen Samuel Houston Dan Gardiner Robert Standing Betsy Mae jones Kathryn Thornley Dolores Malouf Shirley Hansen Barbara Sorenson Marianne Gray August Glissmeyer Evanna Jarvis Byron S. Gibbs Emery G. Nelson Jeanne Tollstrup Harold Sutherland Donna jean Speight Emma Rees Richard D. Harline Ralph Green Blanche Johansen Marilyn Hansen Elva Harward l'1'fly-5L't'4'11 SE NIO I? I"ifty-viglrl Thomas K. Voyer LaRue Maw Joyce Beesley Arthur Robert Perschon Dorothy Watts Herbert Ungricht Warren Anderson Marilyn Mason julia Woolley Margaret Lyngle Harry McTague Carolyn Dunn Murray F. Allen LaRue Olsen Keith Engar GI nax' ia Clausen Shirley McNamara N, Carol Evans Marne Mercer 'ondclla Hansen Rohcrt Darger l.oa liangerter ...- Richard G. Harris Marjorie Hansen Alma C. Cook Uolorcs Bulow Andrew James Iimas .1 'nn- pw Barbara Jacobs Albert Johnson Virginia Moyle Albert S. Veltri Carolyn Shurtlelf gr- Donna Radovich Marion Davis A. I.. Parsons jean Lindquist Wfilliam S. Brown Ruth Rutter Harold W. Goddard B1-rh Smith Willi:111l S. llunter lVlillca Tomas ,, V A ' 53135 14, - gufffqq 3 an , za-fiwe-.IME ' 1 Bbw lf, f , , .W - . . 1, ,T-3 lv-Mx ' .qe,fx,f.h4Ke : 12905 E 524, Nw. -,aw f ii , vw: f - ,110 f Q ' 5--Pi f .P '- 2 fr af.: 125:43 , if: ' mmm f-?Mrw,,.m:,v-f, - ,e , 5,.,g'f:1-',f.,a,ae42 ,, .. , fiffif We 41. . 2 ,saw I .0-:1gf.:f' f 1 Q A if uf, ' aw, ,,afim,- Ny. as-MA my .. . fffi '39 'A V , . . ,., , .,,,, 4. . . , , ' ffffiiiimafe A SE Lucy Redd William H. Day Caroline Allred rs -:USN g. Xi Le'a Rae Potts Doris Dxbble 35 Willlanm L. Leach Franklin T. Hickenlooper Paul D. Bahr Gordon L. Carlson Bonnie Service Bonita Anderson Ned Adamson Sixly ,4 ,,-H' fl'V f?f' N157 3 Gordon Watson Beverly Felt jack E. Hansen W. Loutensock. Mary Lu Eclman Marion Lois Smith Oneita Pack Miriam Jones Artis Briggs Glen Winter Smith Y' SE NIO RS fs -IQ5 ,L 1.2 Kenneth Ray Jensen Ruth Fisher Calvin Warren Sally Ralph ty-I Marie Barker Wilbur Jarvis William N. Groesbeck Pauline Black Roberta Carlquist Leon Hall LaMar Smith Mary Janis Smith ,nl John Rebholz Peggy Ann Staub Budd H. Ensign Afton Bradford Donald Giacoletto Joyce Stewart Ralph C. Holton Richard Coleman Laurence Lister F txrxm i Kikuchi Richard Paul Romney Lorin Folland Geraldine Hamblin Joy Mays Bryan W. Laker Douglas Pack Kay Reynolds Perry Olsen Vervin Gilson Kenneth Pierson ,Vixlx li SE NIC fi -KU? Jean Ann Fleming Travis Johnson Helen Jean Sinclair Bert R. Gardner 1 Lucille Barkdull John Van Den Berghe Jeannette Rainey Ruth Rowan Rhoda Worley Teddy Anderson Patricia Brandley Helen Terry Sixty-fain' Jean Ward Jack A. Clegg Nlarama Holmes Howard C. Nielson J Lll1 e Thomas Max Hughes Geraldine johnson Homer Wilkinson LaVerne Brasher Lee Featherstone Alice Thompson Dave Hudson Marillyn Barker Charles LaMar Janson Mary Adams Dan Hutton Willian1 Rountree J. L. Gleason Garn Hatch Beth Calder 7 Barbara O. Hooks John Malecker Evelyn Lindberg David E. Adams Vernon Jorgensen Rod Dixon Polly Wfrathall Lowell Smith Shirley Sutton Keith Taylor Sit-fy-6 SE NIO rx ,L Jerry McCarthy Halbert Garbe .Nm Marilyn Horne Evelyn Wilson Lloyd Ferrell Verna Snow Lois Jordan Lynn R. Silver Sixty-six Madelyn B. Wells Lennox Adamson Joyce Woolley Joseph E. Allen Robert Sylvester Helen Whiting Susan Felt John Pappas Richard H. Smith Dorothy Halling Curzon Hailes Elva Doty Kathryn Fairbanks Isabelle Carlisle Boyd Newman Rhoda Wforley George Somps Raymond Willenmsen Robert Murdock Sarah Carlson Bruce Benedict Georgean Ott Peggy Chatterton Nlnrybell Fenton Mark Clark King Hinckley J L1r1 e Smith Renee Keetch U- Bernice ,lensen Upton Ramsey Virginia Dorton Joseph B. Fetzer Jeanne Evans Dorothy Parkinson Clyde Leslie Brown Marshall Bell Ruth Jensen Lee Geerlings Sli 1 ,Zh JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Pat Zwick, VicefPresidentg Peggy Strong, Secretary: Carman Kipp, Presidcntg and Helen Richards, Treasurer. Sc1u'11ty Raida Nebeker William Johnston Mary Lois Sharp Annette Nibley Clinton Holmes Clifford Curtis Helen Walton Don Bennett Florence Wood Trudy Williams Joe Shiraishi Ronda Walker Winston Rose Sharon Saylor Kent I. Newman Elaine Baker Keith N. McCune Geraldine Christensen Bill Van Dyke Beulah Latimer Mary Ella Evans Royce Flandro Carman Kipp Marjorie Beck William K. Ickes LaRue Truman George Brown Barbara Miller Art Monsey Norma Michener Russell Bjorklund Ken Gnadt Irene 0'Brien Tom Kopf Marivene Woods Bonnie Mortensen H. Neal Ivie P R b rt H. Bowman Geraldine Rasmussen Vard Orrock Beverly Willmore Robert L. Armstrong Cherry owers o e .intl 4-xv" .J ML. g Svvmlly-ofw Seventy-Iwo Wayne H. Jepson Maxine Jorgensen Ferris Hillyard Joyce Pugsley Kazumi Tamura Walter B. Kerr Mary Louise Grooms Bernell Calderwood Elaine Hatfield Melba Ottosen Golden Humphries Donna Pingree Arthur Dix Marcia Moyer Dean Hill Michael Hillas Wilma Wood Gerry Anderson Betty Walker David Taylor Elizabeth Goldthorpe Mark Bradshaw Barbara Noorda John Hamlyn Julia Teerlink .ammmwa . W, . . Barbara Smith Althea Langford Shirley Woodcox Roland Anderson Charles Goldthorpe Mary Armstrong Dawn Ryser Kathleen Jowers Beth Morrison Merrill Rees Luana Monson Ronnie Masters Gordon Gottstein Jane Davis Mary Jane McAllister Navarre Millet Mary Reynolds Ray Pixton Beck U I S ..5"---Z I Sevmzty-lhrl' Seventy-fo1n' Constantine Slcedros Gloria Sorenson ' Beverly Brown Donald B. Thurston Marjorie James Richard C. Neff Ida Young Mark Bauer Helen Richards Glen A. Carey Marilyn M. Reese Daryl Sanborn Shirley Brewster Wesley Thomassen Betty Elaine Gunderson Jennis Farley Joyce Smith Joseph Toomey Colleen Van Noy Burtis Evans Dean Buehler Patricia Ann Welcker Blaine E. Twitchell Ruth Woods David R. Cheney Arthur M. Spencer John Thorson Shirlee Brown Joan Pettis Verl Scott Susan McCarrel Dorothy Bishop Maurine Green Ray L. Christensen Betty Fox John Kephart Patricia Cotterell Gloria Petersen Richard Ellsworth Helen Whipple Earl Beecher Rowena Reeder Lowell Young I S .11-s 4,11 6,2 WN Scrwlty-fi Suvcfzlgv-six Ralph Riser Colleen Allred Robert Greene Deon Allen William T. Cannon Elaine Anderson Conrad Ryan Patsy Anderson William L. Cope Dorothy Buxton Willis Smith Leora Card Robert Saville Marsy Hall Dow Young George S. Mochizuki Lloyd H. Duffin Jean Hodgins David Reiser Keith V. Anderson Harold Adams Mary I-Iansen Maurice Crawford Bryan A. Bunker Harold Heath ohn E. Hooker Donna Smith Boyd Farr Carol Shaughnessy John Butler Evelyn Glezos Marian Smith Hartley Newby Noretta Blaes James H. Polve Rosalie Chipman Natalie Berntsen Beverly Black Mary Anselmi Sylvia Parker Donna Milne Dawn Stevens Modenna Brossard I S ,inns ,JJ ,,,.gf ' , 47-5- Ye 'f'1xly-svzwl 4 i 3 Sezienly-eight Helen Bowcutt Huck Gregory Joyce Barlow Cal Erickson Barbalyn Bennion Dick Winder Marjorie Christensen Joseph C. Clark Thelma Reeve Edward Christensen Marilyn Jenkins Byram Browning Beverly Stephens Bob Capson LoDonna Leininger Victor D. Green Pat Zwick Hal Thorpe Laluana Page Kenneth Sundwall Gloria Johnson Calvin Thomson Betty Carter John Burger Bette Thomason Doyle Olson Carol Newman David Welch Peggy Rowan Don Newson Margaret Stucki Helen Tams Ronald L. Capener Ardath Lym Joe Frenette Jackie Wfooclruff John A. Reeves Lynn Fullmer Chloris Bowman Glen VV. Pett Katherine F. Frazier Lyman D. Bingham Lorraine Aghfgn 1 Severity-nillf Eighty Pat Clark Dale D. Gibson Jerry Jacobs Dick Grow Janice Jacobsen D. R. McAllister Marjorie Askew Charles Knudson Luella Harvey Fred Goldthorpe LaNore Christensen Ray Neal Welling Dorothy Gardner Dale Gibson Diamond Christopulos Faye Drushal Evan E. Evans Barbara Ballard Frank Hicks Joy Hodgins Winiheld Angleman Ellen Hierboeck Wallace McKnight Betty Jean Houston Arnold W. Coon Dan Olsen Mary Osguthorpe Vernon Romney Pauline Hanks Harry Leff Peggy Dixon Gwen Cramer Richard Reynolds Dallas Burton Yvonne Manson Joyce Marquardson Don Noorda Boyd Pexton Eclwilyn McMain joseph F. Bowman Kay Christopulos Eugene Robertson Betty Paine I S 1 .ii -- -J gi" I Eighty ji ghly-lr: Alice Deane Carlson Ioan Nelson Ivan L. Nichols Elizabeth Barton Milton Worlow Donald Christiansen Margaret Stevens Reed Whitaker Leon Watson Betty joseph Sherie Solomon Reid Smith Margaret Ann Woodruff Robert Martin Janice Wood Richard Wright Shirley Nielsen Ross Watson Barbara L. Lubfield John Lloyd Carrol lex Ben Walker Marvin Pack Ila Holt Pal Peterson Charles D. Hibbard Marilyn Vane Lorraine Robinson Dwayne Seely Jean York Robert M. Jones Alice Sheldon Roy Rosquist Joyce Thorum Glen Scofield Raymond C. Edvalson Erldean Christensen Robert Sparks Carol Duvall Victor Morris Dorothy Richardson Violet Ruga Conrad Jensen 4 f-Rl "" 1 EiEllty-Ihr Www-ma aid W 5 3221: S 3, 7 Aw 4 E' Wx, -f Q XY?" W jx 4 Sw M5 0 Q3 3 way ,-M' lhwh W v awk YW! t LAN R 9' 1' f s.-cfififf Mac Y N :Magis ie, , WQMRXZQ QQ 2,412 'v A 8,33 SU Q? vsgiitzx + 4952621 Jw A M s M- Q x.. ogg JJ f y f Q5 :?,.:r5m ' . 2 W gg, w 221 ew ,A 1 ,,, Q ? Q a ww 2 KING? Q .fV, 4 ,,,Q. , M -f.- ,a ? A "T -'Sai' 51 A my "ws J , ti . , lmdlbwiz -sraws 'gig , . -af ff 2 fiirfiffxsyz-ff C 1: fJ?-rc'-flisfigff' 0 2 'sir :L A: ri."-.Qi JE- 'Q 1 ' ::,17c'w.' '- fe + X523 ' X 3 -'iff ' W ff f Q 22 f ' X Q , 2-'QNX , ef J g . - 851552 V L ,zftgy iiflifiliiflge' 1 fr-a,1sC,,' 1 X32 ' if A Q Eighty-four 069' I Ken Cummins Nell Christensen Darlene Earl George L. Iverson Jeanne Larson Charles Monson Margaret Strong Jay Brimley Elaine Richardson John Larson Lucille Gianque Eugene D. Wright Marion Darger Don Handy Beverly Middlemas Miriam Glaeser Leola Clark Stuart Manookin Joyce Romney John Christiansen Pauline Woodcox Anna Laker Louis Cardon Darlene Johnson Garth Chatterley A . ,N ., 4 Fred P. Mason Beatrice Vaughn Pat Orvin Barney Atsushi Sawai Merle Tietjen Bunker LaMoyne Hickman Virginia Moulton Dick Ogaard Helen Halbersleben Doug Burnett Roy H. Cowley Geniel Pratt Robert E. Sax Evelyn Killpack Robert C. Bennett Richard Orgill Elinor Jack Christensen Spencer Heiner ...I-T"--H I JJ 1? l:'1'gl1ly-fizw Eighty-six Jacqueline Bruno Richard E. Whitiiey Phyllis In-an Anderson Donald Moss I,oi-mine Orgill Bill Mizuno Hattie Lou Merrell Grant Southwiclc Venice Davies John B. Larsen Marion Nelson George Stewart Elaine Rawlings Bob Felt Jean Richardson Arnold Ferrin Norval E. Salford Margaret McPhie Steve White Howard G. Cliff Floyd Johnson Frank Leaver Betty Kendall Samuel Taylor Barbara Pederson Robert D. Lambournc Mary Ruth Leaver Neal Capel Marion Darger Bc-nson Hathaway Aynne Brockbanlc Janet Woodrud Jack Cook Max Evans Ruth Bertagnole Bryant Cannon Celestine Herrscher E. A. Hone Patricia Inrgens Victor Spencer LaVora Murray Wilford Woodruff Don Bradshaw ...LT---sf? 4 lr htx x rn I:'igl1ly-righl Toula Kunnes Blain Hebdon Bena Le Bowering Alfred Larson Beverly Lambourne Mel Naylor Della Mae Ivins Leland Tuft Joan Lingenfelter flyrum Hatch Fae Thomas Jay M. Jensen Alice Sheets Robert Bolman Ruth Reiser Gilbert Barton Katherine Wheeler James Maughan Shirle Jacobsen Lowell Young Pat McCallum William M. McKewan Martha Stewart Don Williams Lois Pixton Vervin Gilson Marion Bowman Chieko Soda Selby Clark Barbara Arbuclcle Charles T. Bruce Nlichael Condas Joan Harries Fae Thomas Ruth Muir Willard Call Adele Sevy Margaret West Melvin Done Betty Broies Francis Peterson David C. Evans Mary Elen Bennett Eighty-niu Ninety Barham Sansom Mack Johnson June Buchner Donald Snnsom Jann-s Nance Jeanne Snow Faye Stuart John A. Edward Myrelle Eccles Pat Snow Mary Louise Lyon Margaret Gale Smith Colleen Pavela John Crawford Wayne S. Clark Marilyn Price Eleanor Brenneke Finley Hamilton Beth Christensen John Alley Mickey Meiklejohn Leon Frazier Joyce Sutton jay Fern-in Joan Farr Mary Doran William Ferrell George Cromer Chaulare Cole Graham Houghton Gloria Larch Whitney Felt Devirl Stewart Gayle Hunt Kazuko Terasawa I S -g-s-I -J 1-1f I Ninety-one ms X. Tw eq .faigE'4"' x 'Wei X2 ix r " N in 9' egg ww wwww QWHW . ,fe , 2 . S ' '-Q :,. xv if-mgss 5,3391 :ffm ,Eg mwwm 4"1hT':' VY. N 'xv , .ff ' W' Wgggiggi ..,,. 1 ff. ,M .ws:fxwzN5,,,,.,y ,fi :V 533225224 3152, 4 i 331 .Q yfxygf' " ,. ""'4'.i,' ,, V' -' 'vfiw' fx wg-mg-3 -7, ,'X:f1:,w- .,f.yff,.fff ,. 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Jeffeirs Lily Fink Jean Cornwall Robert Whitmore Paul Allsman Frances Abbott Betty Burton Dennis Ausherman Vernon Young Robert Ranckin Allen Swan Kathryn Stover Alvin Rickers LaVon Ward Glen Smith Thelma Ellen Yvonne Polve Ray Jones Gloria Ashton Arthur Scott Donna Mulcock Juanita Tucker Pat Nims Evans Kenneth B. Robinson Shirlee Ann Bishop Jane Bradley James Morton John R. Crane Ritchie R h X N Ninrly-s SOPHCJMCDRES Faye Mansell Mary Lois Stephens Darrell Grant Madsen Ethna Robinson Byron Weeks Muriel Jones Merrill C. Newren Ellen Rasmussen Thomas Rigby Robert Sanderson Barbara Knowles Russell Richards Pat Nelson Anne Wynn Richard Holmgren Mar Jeanne Stevens Herbert Wiese Shigeru Terakawa Ninety-eight Lois Coulson Richard C. Hansen Reid Johnson Maxine Sleight David Reid Ellen Davis Clifford Lawrence Marilyn Pohlman Homer Page Betty Lou Shafer Audrey Norberg Curtis Slade Eugene Andreasen Kent Worthen Beverly Andrus Eugene Hanson Don B. Clark Jean Anderson Lois Thorup Anthon V. Allred Arda Wetzel LeRoy Allen Robert Middlemiss Vivian Anderson Clinton S. Barber Marion Angerbauer Spencer Beclcstead SOPHCJMCJRES Om' hundrrd Janet Guest Kent R. Ward Beverly Behling Richard L. Holbrook Marion Harris D. Lennox Warner Jeanne Parratt Alan Howard Mary Markosian Leonard Huff John Clegg Marjorie Baird William Blomquist Loraine Newman Margaret Derbyshire Merylyn Simmons Margaret Slcene Larry Killpack Gloria Blackham Robert E. Knotts Robert Henrickson Ardis Smart William Lang James H. Moulton Gloria Spiking Dick Boyce Mary Thorpe Paul Sweet Joyce Brewster Keith Smith Ruth Hay Jean Hart Mary Bird Mary Alice Flygare Mary Lou Young Edythe Wimmer Patricia Maack Juanita Benson Ruby Bradley Anna Lou Giles Joyce Hoskins Harry Bluhm Mary Lois Steele Thon Gin Marjorie Blake Ma? ton Ulm hundrvd on SCJPHCMGRES Om' himdrvd Iwo Marilyn Reiser Gene Fisher Robyn Tibbs ' Theodore Mahas Virginia Harnal Norman Winn Trilva Goddard Donald A. Bush James Sylvester Beverly Grow Ronald A. Holt Lou Ann Gilette Mary Smedley Lynn Jones Irene Evans Gill Hall Charles V. Andersen Sachi Fujii Joan McKendrick Quentin Winder Beverly Sorenson Lo N estman Bennion Redd Ruth M. Fowles Annette Bennion Robert C. Evans Carol Clyde Richard Koplin Thomas M. Fortia Donna Albertson Ray S. Housten Marilyn Bennett Marva Paxman Edward Smith Marlene Peacock Floyd Stevens Edith Evans Melba Ellison David Burton Thomas Felt Tatsuski Miyata Betty Jensen Beverly G. Bruennig Lewis Russell Tarbox Lorin Richards Mona Rae Maw Ellsworth B. Havnes Dorothy Paul One hundred Ihre' SCJPHCMORES FSB' Agar S18 Ulm X ,rg R W ue hundred four R Wayne Glaus Joe Williams Irene Stone Theron Shields Richard Jenkins Marilyn Brockhank Nathan Beal Jack B. Welch Virginia Salisbury Robert A. Linde Clark Welling Clem Fullmer Adolph LeRoy Swensen John W. Harris Shirley Budd Ernie Carlson George Wilford Koller Rollo Fullmer Frank R. Estancona Susumu Enkoji Milton Smith Guy Thurman Richard E. Hurley Mike Drazich Robert P. Carlisle Larry Omni Gillette Hazel Lee Craig Neal Mortensen Kenneth Reid Shirley Parkin Nick G. Cozakas Bruce Jenkins Lester W. Coon Brian Pendleton Patty Miller Dolly Drazich Lynnwood Christensen Tyra Belnap Dale Berntson Carol Bunbury Mary LaRue Harris Shirlee Jackman Leslie Christensen Ann Midgley Homer Adams Bennett Gabtbx One hundred fi SCPHCJMCRES One hluzdrfd six Melvin Teerlink Hal Holland Judy Carlson James Farr Boyd Donaldson Raye Carleson Blaine Eccles Beverly Colbert Theron Rudolph Dosch Lou Jean Clayton Walter E. Fellows Delores Straaberg LeRae Findlay Mary Cairo Harold L. Fox Marilyn Woodbury Jeanne Forrest William G. Fowler Ruth Belnap Ronald Folkerson Lionel M. Farr Marjean Erickson David Fry Mildred Garn E Elaine Christiansen Joanne Crawford Carol Jean Christensen Gordon Gale Marilyn C. God Chal Goss Betty Glad Jack Giacomo Jo Griffin Milan Gutke Martha Green Brian Graff john Green Earl Gibson Charmain George Kay Greer Shirl Graff Helen Brown Maxine Christensen Jackie Guillemoteau Elaine Gowers SOPHCJMCDRES One hfuxdred eight Paul Hougaard Beverly Hutchings Shirlee Hurst Owen Hansen Marilyn Hendricks Gareth Homer Reed Harding Shirley I-Iampton Louise Vincent Norman Hill Darlene Hall Richard Henstrom Ruth Humphries Irene DeHaan Colleen Hale Larry Heath Clifton Horspool Joan Hempel Marian Heilbut Colleen Hinckley Norman Hughes Leonora Hollingshead ' Wilma Hogan Mickey Duncan Janice Johnson Lawrence Johnson Clarke Jones William Ince Mitzi Johnson Grant Callister Shirley Johnson Al Davis, Jr. Paul Harding Jewel Johnson Stanley Henderson Wayne Howarth Cai-ma Darley Elva Davis Louine Hickman Al Jones Alan C. Jacobsen Louise Dalley Bruce Decker LouDeen Davis Lila May Dickson Jackau :fa Om' hu mlnfrl uinw l N H soPHoMoREs Une hundred len Keith McLaren Sharee Moreton Colleen Larsen Keith Lignell Josephine Larsen Clifford Miller Russell Miller Edna Markey Arnold Morrison Joanne Moreley Carlyle M. Munk Louise Lunt Shirrel Martin Ronald Maxfielcl Arlene McComb Bill Means Howard Low Patricia Layton Thomas McKean Gayle Martin Carol Laxman Don Mantyla Phyllis Martin Williani McDonell Lloyd Felsted Harry McCabe Jeanne Malstrom Frank Noni Gordon Neff Wanda Nielsen Frank Nielson Jeanne Naffziger Elaine Preece John Nelson Nedra Nickerson Jack Newton Fred Osterloh Violet Walker David McNeill Robert Nichols Harold A. Lewis Margaret Lake Kenneth Lucas Ann Marie Outzen Bernice Olofson Jack Lowder X fm 'WD hnmlf SCDPHCJMCJRES l Une hundred I1z'1'Ir'c Orson Wright Margee Smith Marvin Lange 5 Gloria Rasmussen Jeanne Scofield Delmer Rowley Pat Synon Leslie Whitton Stan Schoenfeld Elaine Taylor Jack Woolsey June Oakland Barbara Wilson Jim Valentine Geraldine Rydman Robert Wilson Bert Van Uitert Willa Rae Seely Wesley Wootton Afton Rice Marion Winder Orville Petersen Arlene Steed Travis Reneau DeWayne Schmidt Shirley Williams Max Peck Thelma Peterson Leonore Young Theodore Tuft JoAnne Townley Richard Robertson Alton Ross LuAnne Van Uitert Douglas Woodbury Mary Tensmeyer Joanne Weeks Jack Young Shirley Shreeve Barry Walker Din Whitney Jean Wayman Merrill L. Wilson Abbie Lou Wight Dorothy Paul Calvin Wardrop Wimmer N SOPHOMCDRES Une hundred fourteen Geniel Beck Grant Vincent Richard Bateman Morris Vvilson Kenneth Naylor Eleanor Young Edward S. Tiller R. G. Wilcox Earl Spafford Richard V. Rochek Jo Anne Taylor Gerald Christiansen LaVar Rockwood Barbara Folsom Delbert Sacos Ray B. Ralph Leon C. Oldroyd Cal Workman Carole Jones Orlo Stevens John Bushman Joy Smith John L. Zobel Robert Henderson Ellen Young Duncan Williamson Stan Hanks Hal V. Marsell Dan Wolstenholme Bradford Allen Reed Glauser Betty Jean Randall Gene Powell Hiroshi Kuida Walter Lewis VaNile Lewis Louis Strasburg Joyce Pearson Ben Whiting Harry Thomas Davis Bill Ward Glen Irwin Richard Seeley Clyde F. Stout Keith Winegar l i Une hundrfd yiltwru SCJPHCJMCRES Edwin Wimmer Edwin M. G. Seely Jo Ballard Melvin Tietjen Ray Robinson Clifford Sadler Ed Stockslager Donna Stoner Paul R. Schulze Donald E. Robinson Betty Templeton Warren Spencer Frank Woodward Beverley Killpack Robert Chris Johnson Jack R. Lee Bryon Beeman Paul Hammond Om' hundrfd sixteen Luciel Wright Ramon Dean Lee Haueter Merrill Sadler Beatrice Whitaker Maxine Searle Pete H. Stavros Thelma Collins Dale H. Milne Barbara Woody Jeanne Kemp Ira Phelps Barbara Dawson Steven T. Baird Albert C. Eisenman Margaret Parker James W. Webb Shauna Stewart Julia Caine Robert Thew Betty Mae Peterson Creed Haymond Robert Radcliffe Genevieve Wilson Paul C. Keller Margaret Maeser Betty Lou Clement Ralph Robinson Bevalyn Iverson Milton F. Williams Y 'Q' Uuv lmudrefd SCPHCDMORES Harold E. Aldous Georgia Anderson Dan Flanagan Nan Miller Um' hu mlrrrl' eighteen Pat Kennedy M. Berns Heaps Dick Fox Lloyd Conney Paul LaLonde Sally Salmon Gene Monson Beverlee Kirk Carla Kirgan Dennis Higgins James C. Ritchie James Baird Dewey Brodbeck Charles F. Lange Rosaline Johnson Donna Sople Best Keith C. Wallace Richard Webb LouRaine Buffmire Donna McDonald Milton Hollatem Joy Bement Ernest D. Mariani Beverly Kilgore John Davis Carl Dorius Ila Dee Deming Dean Lindsay Haruyl Kosaiku Frank Jacobsen Mildred Rees Jack Ferrin John Stephens Floyd Hill Thelma Bagnell Vivian White Gloria Smith Allen Burgess Keith Ports Duane McGhie Gaylord W I SOPHCMCRES Clyde Fornelius Lorene Ames Phil Meyerhoifer Richard Horsfall Jerry Lee Curtis Carol Greaves Wesley P. Kunkel Ed Bliss 1 1 Une hundred twenty Ann Farley Pat Midgely Maurice P. Marchant Kent Hansen William G. Henry ' Kathryn Larsen Reid Stayner Eldon Furse Colleen Carter Florence Chivington Donald E. Mann Tom Felts Noreen Cutler Clyde C. Child Gordon W. Jenson Boyd Crooks George Young Ann Samuelson Harries Lloyd Bonnie Burt David A. Sullivan Derrill Richards Iris Montague Ed Vetter Mary Ethel Eccles Calvin C. Hall Mary Lyle Mendenhall Ernest A. Poulsen Stan McAffee Gayle B. Haight Frank Pyke Toshil-to Ushijima Maryellen Jordon William A. Graham Beverly Koepsel Milton Love Bel: Olsen Robert Steffensen lu 41 Our hundred Iivwlly SCJPHCDMCDRES 0111? hlUll1I'l'1l twvlxty-l2:'0 Beecher Adams Alfred Merle Sessions Lee Thoreson Leon Dean Richard Thorpe Joy Schoenfeld James Poulton Elaine Parkin Christine Rogers Robert B. Hutton Dean R. McMurdie William C. Forcht John W. Wallace Sue Price Allen Lee Monza Higgs Arvilla Hickenlooper Richard H. O'Donald Gloria Hendricks Waldo G. Gunn Raymond Whittaker Jack Lewis Elmar E. Strand Joyce Darton Paddic Jarvis Melvin Dalebout William Snow Fay Castleton Clark Adams Marilyn White Barbara Fraughton Joanne Wallace Jean Gallacher Margery Groshell Ed Stockslager Jane Belnap Bettie Williams Earl Clements Clara Mae Williamson Lyle K. Campbell W. R. Ellelt Lenore Neeley York Richardson Lois Hammond Beverly Busk John C. Downey Margaret Callister Marilyn Covey 453' f' hzuldr ni lf: SCJPHGMCRES One hundrezl lzvvnly-fuzfr Loila Oldham Louie Chalfos Billie Anderson Scott Woodland Greg Skedros Janice Twitchell Homer Frederic Kazulco Sakahara Nancy Gunn Bill Fry Lucile Cook Frederick Hilbig Lorraine Stout Connie Pope Thorold Dale Harris Mary Wadsworth Dona Liddle Zeke Dumke June Wilkins William Plott Edward White Betty Williams Charles Hammer Pat Young Sharon Boyle Carol Moesser George Williams Patricia Thomas Bonnie Dalley Jack Bradley Lucille Zaelit Gordon Udall Charles Conrad Sharlene Sherman Howard Bradshaw Bonnie Snyder LeRoy Sleater Louis Bestelmeyer Melvin Hambleton Patty Linn Farnsworth Dale Peck Jeen Hyer Bob Murphy Ruth Stranquist Dottie Lou Johnson LeRoy C. Stack Robert Rowan Ramona Pexton One h1HldfPI1'lTi'P!llj'-fl SCJPHOMCRES One hundred twenty-sir Jerry Hayes Sharol Duffin Bud Gleave Jeniel Peterson Earl Tiller Richard Spratley Eva Marie Weaw'er Van Smith Frank Matheson Flora Snow Richard Stucki Pat Rogers Vernon I.aVard Snow D. Lennox Warner Joyce Omer Harry Lakin Harlan Hammond Dorothy Mcllrath Edward R. Fernley Elda Mae Kimber Thomas Young, Jr. Garth Tolley Mary Ann Green Wallace Thorup Thella Elcock Gene Evans Allen Samuelson Dale T. Tingey Dan H. Smedley Janet Mae Smith Lester Blackner Clyde Gillette Mary Baker Clark Speirs Renee Crosby Spencer Hatch Albert Pennock Ruth Blackburn David Dibble James R. Brown Carl D. Miner Wayne Mulcoclc Margaret Viko William Downey Victor Hotz Lynn W. Miller Reed Garfield Norman Comell Onr hundrrri Irwnty SOPHCMCDRES One hundred twmty-eight Elaine Corbett Herbert Halliday Barbara McMullin John H. Cook Curtis Slade Amy R. Allen Chester Christensen Dorothy Bluhm Marjorie Castleton Tom Cuthbert Ben Tyson Bob Deming Robert Middlemiss Patty Nilson Bob West Max G. Horton Ruth Ann Kershnor Ralph L. Orton Iesse I. Griffiths Annie Ballantyne James Barber Reo L. Williamson Karleen Burt Douglas Bischoff Janet Christopherson Ray Eclcer John G. Delis John M. Scrowcroft Donna Lou Archibald Eldon Holbrook Gordon Flint Mildred Double Richard C. Baird Shirley Waller Robert V. Boucher Darlene Thomas Eddie Anderson Lila Rae Buckmiller Merlyn Edward Norman Rasmussen Joye Strange Dale Brimley Jim Woodward Nelson G. Thomas Ruth Blackburn Vard S. Jones Dick White Ann Ballantyne One hundred twenty-nine SCDPHOMCRES One hundred thirty Charles Conrad Colleen Carter F iff Richard Stucki Mary Ann Green Monza Higgs Bob West Ann Farley Harold E. Aldous Ed Bliss Joyce Omer Noreen Cutler James Barber Donna Best Eldon Holbrook has fe A X5..f.,q fi ---.-......, ylflfv Q16 41" A One hundred thirly-two ,K T X, V . F F RESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Alice Cannon, VicefPresident: Ted Alexander, Treasurer: Richard Muir, President: amd Russell Ballard, Secretary. dtht FRESHME - One hundred X R X Clifton Davis Jane Conely Howard Ellis Frank Miller Gene Crowton Thomas Felt Alvin S. Anderson Don Baldwin Iean Cannon Donna Drage I. Rodman Seely Robert Taylor Shirley Abbott Vernon Chapman James G. Cayias Daniel Borich Ronald Wasescha Grace Thomas Norma Crompton George Dodds Walter Blohm Nelson T. Akagi Dern Campbell Holly Hollister 'Q is r 3 f 5' F M, ..:2 , . , 1 at ,, Paul Clegg Margaret Bailey Hugh Bronson Carol Cardon Keith Bailey Lorin Chapman Loretta Child Richard Haslam Robert Christiansen Robert E. Allen Beverly Borg Vernon Eugene Peterson Shirley Christensen Marvin Phillips Joy Bollschweiler Tom Chamberlan Margaret Evans Elizabeth Earl Dorothy Bellow Glade Begler Ioan Campbell Homer Adams Elaine Bowman Jesse L. Cheney Margaret Bott Claude B. Duerden LaVee Aldredge Beverly Bletzaclcer Cleveland Cook Marna Callister Gale Schoenfeld Shirley Coombs Clifton Call Ieraldine Chytraus Suzan Core Shirley Chumley Pat Ensign Colleen Caldwell Frances Dupaix Josephine Chamberlain FRESHMEN One hundred .i X X i James Floor Jeanne Ellett Donald Flora Gladys Gold George Gray Bonita DelVIarr Nathan Fullmer Geri Anderson Philip Lathrop Mary Lynn Fairbanks Keith C. Gregory Ianell Clayton Emmett P. Greenwell Virginia Cutler Richard Lowell Dalley Donna Colleen Egan LaMar Gailey Shirley Bosch Desmond Barker Virginia Gabardi Robert Gillis Gene Burt William Claude Campbell Audrey Gillette K Jesse Godfrey Ida Hilton Virgil Parker Norma McPhail Ellen Miller Marian Lindquist Tom N icolaides Jack Lawrence Sally Jones Joan Moyes Dorothy Nelson Marilyn Smith Muriel Corclery Joyce Hansen Richard L. Johnson Warren Naffziger Analu Newman John D. Ryan Clara Little Geraldine Harmer Maurice Lyon Wilma Murdock George Littke Maurine C. McKellar Paul W. Horsley Jack B. Lublin Leonore Lippold LaRene Petersen Melvin Knapton Hal Moore Midene McKay Dorothy Keller Joel Dunn Wallace W. Jones Joyce Love James Newton Margaret Lack Arthur Johnson Richard Malm Fraser Muirhead One hundred lhirly-seven FRESHMEN Paul I. Newsome Shirlee Jacobsen Richard McKay Gloria Joyce Madsen Dean Hoff Lorraine Johnson LeRoy Jensen Mercedes Parker Robert Short Carolyn Heath L. A. Jaramillo Nancy Hughes Arthur James Hicks Marjorie Lochrie William Newsome Helen Carol Campbell Sidney Safran Shirley Metcalf Blaine Hoyle Joan Husberg Keith O'Brien Cecile Parther Dean North Lois Nuttall DeVaun Rasmussen Raymond Parry Shirley Russon Prescott Dunn Teresa Salmon Gilbert Smith Virginia Paul Bryce Edgar Dorothy Bishop Wm. Revell Phillips Carol Geerlings Jerry K. Lawrence Betty Jean McEntire Robinson H. Fisher Don Hatch Charles Greenland Barbara Slcoglund Marilyn Ludwig Kenneth Davis Carol Naylor Byron Engh Loren DeMar Holdaway Bonnie McKenzie Joan Duffin Bob Pettinger William R. Pratt Dawn Hansen Shirley Holmes Sydnee Sanderson Clarence Hill Wayne Heugly Jean Rosenvall Wallace V. jenkins Richmond Wilcox Jay Decker Helen Hayes Gayle Olsen Suzanne Moyle Janet Rawson Ralph Rudy One hundrfd thirty nme FRESHMEN C One hundred X X X Peggy Williamson Carl Wahlquist Janet Walker Rosella Winters Shawna Ellison Blaine Rasmussen Ruth Walton Robert Warnick Sammie Lue Seeley Richard West Louise Notti Kenneth Waldram Fred Schouten Shirley Ramshaw Robert Simonsen Donald Whipperman Betty Lou Melcher Ruth Scarlet Betty Metcalf Charles Walker Geraldine White Rodney Mellor Phyllis Watkins Paul Winther Clarence Thomson Ruth Woolley Charles Allcott Joe M. Hanni Beth Wood Wayne Swenson Connie Spalding Earl Torgersen Reid White Eone Otsuki Ileen Paice Sam Whitmore Colleen Clyde Thomas Gregory Ruth Arbon George Wolfe Ruth Hansen Marcus Garrett Patricia Park Dale Thacker Evelyn Stobbe Don L. Steele Carol Brady Karsten Substad Joseph Meyer Glen Putnam Betty Jean Deardorif Millen Molfat Beryl Edwards Willis Carl Iohnson Beverly Jane Reese Ronald Pederson Patricia Young Leon Ward Shirley Anderson Thomas Staples Pauline Siddoway Delbert Raoch Earlene Palfreyman Darcie White FRESH C One hundred X X s X X MEN Diana Gottheimer Calvin B. Smith Cleo Williams Paul Naisbitt Darlene Seamons Richard Stephens Marge Woodruff Martin Saathoff Virgie Steed Carlo M. Perkins Delbert Atwood Raymond Trinnaman Donald T. Solomon George Spencer Calvin Whitehead Kay Worthington Clinton Gillespie Lynn Howarth Dawna Tucker Roy W. Shank Shirley Clayton Paul Green Wilma Sprunt Janet Stine T ,ffxu E' s C Yi TQ' John Brown Ruth Thorne Grant Stringham Joyce Kezerian George Daniels Beatrice Duke Gill Warner Marie McAllister Delbert Kresser Lois Kelsey DeWayne Perkins Melba Howell Joe Siciliano Marrilyn Cullimore Paul Orton Patricia Pearson Lucian Crandall Marilyn Marlor Lee B. Mathews Carolyn Chesley Grant Coon Elsie Shortt Neil R. Sorensen Janice Day Earl Weaver Esther McKinney Kermit A. Cowley Shirley Woodward David M. Horne Connie Horsley Clayne Shepherd Colleen Conner Earl Woodall Juanita Astin Alvin R. Anderson Jean Anderson Stan Bramwell Jean Nielson Robert Igo Barbara Parmley One FRESHME One hundred X X X Max Anderson LaRue Whitehead James Sarvis Carol Allred Carlos N. Eggelston Joanne Hathaway Eastman Hatch Elenore Burton Dick Bowman Jeannette Hathaway Joseph Bailey Gloria Neeley Conrad Driggs Joyce Whitney Thomas M. Irvine Carol Cutler John K. Steed Helen Rogers Gerald R. Hales Mary Helen Frampton Wallace Reid Joan Labbe Harold J. Richards Wilma Edwards David Stephens Glen Davis Donald Hacking Patricia Mote Karl H. Manwaring Simon Paez Connie Gleave Helen Faucett Russell Blood Don Kuhre Dale Trumbo Fred Flanders Arlan Johnson Lucy Lloyd Virginia Ellett Glen Peterson Raymond Davidson Eugene R. Nelson Gustil Thompson LaVerne Lambourne Zelda Hoggan Beverly Lund Jack Roland Neese John Alder Mary King Frank Hammond Betty McDonald William Johnson Betty Jean Shurtliff Martha Isom Clark A. Hall Patricia Larson Blaine Thomson Paul Pugh Erma Darley Lowell Sorenson Pat Bennion Jenny Runswick John D. Smith Reed Baxter FRESH One hundred lt- X X ME George Anagostakis Esther Bailey Clifford Anderson Yvonne Boehme Nyal Andrus Dick Anderson Jeannine Astler Rowland Anderl Richard Backman Chris Argentos Donna Adams Emma Lou Adams Elbert Baird Richard Bailey Neal Adams Jeanne Baird Ray Marti Donald Aldous Frances Baldee Theodore Alexander Douglas Allen Natalie Appleman Bob Andrus Berwyn Andrus Robert Anderson Lowell Bickmore Marion Burrows Phil Anderson Raymond Beer Boyd Anderson Douglas E. Bolton Charles A. Barneck Margene Barrus Jim Warenski Annamae Billeter Lila Brimley Keith Burnham Betty Bills John D. Wright Karl Ir. Hawkins Afton Vanderlinden Ruth Bowen William Blake John W. Anderson Dean Holt Virginia Clayton Bob Rostron Lowell Anderson Jay Burt Beth Bishop Hubert Bush Barbara Blackhurst Carol Orme janyce Patterson Steven Burdette Ada Whitely Robert Brew Ralph W. Beyer Donald A. Brown Robert Blackhurst Jimmie Anderson Eve Bjorndal William Brew Frank Bradshaw One hundred forty-seven FRESHMEN One hundred .X 2 X X Thomas Jenkyns Helen Hanson Orin D. Hunter Carma Cook Kent Herman Don Burningham Roy W. McFerson Barbara Firmage Burton R. Stringfellow Chick Bradford Ann Ray Dalman Nelson Robert E. Reese Beth Wood Alan D. Bennet Joyce Patterson Richard Wray Beverly Blanchard Vern Bowcutt Gloria Smith Thelma Wood Shirley Coombs Elden Brown Charon L. Clark fl' C'Nm Bob Christensen Ralph Berrett Beverly Campbell Reed Cutler Tom Clark Richard Baker Rey L. Call Wanda Burkinshaw Van Bunjer Alice Cannon Kenneth Rex Curtis Marilyn Hewlett Jack Bytheway Gloria Coleman William Buchanan Lois Hanson Leland Brown JoAnne Harward Charles Faux Charles Crapo Almyra Evans Gerald Christensen John E. Hansen Melza Beth Clyde Clifford Clive Shirley Chamberlain Joan Crosby Renon Christensen Joe Chiba Charles H. Cary, Ir Jean Campanaro Ruth Farnsworth William Christensen Beverly Ferris Edmund Evans Jeannette Allein Conway Benson Lyle Earl Fort Ioan Ensign Nedon Christensen FRESHME H One X 5 X X Glen Culver Helen Emerson Calvin Dyer Dorothy Dannevik Don DeLamare Jay Daly Samuel Espinosa Merlynn Droubay Christ Demiris Bill Dunn Richard Ence Barbara Daynes Helen Edling Stan Dellong LaMar DeKorver Maxine Edmonds Robert Densley Jeannine Davis Philip Day Ruth Edmonds George Aposhian Carl Evenson Bill Denning James R. Herd Stanley Jones Joe T. Johnson Daryl Jenson Delmar Johnson Frank Koller Joan Hardy Stanley Green Verla Jorgensen Chloe Kammerman Kurt Gremlich Norma Kurl Mary Kasteler Leone Garrett Richard Knittle Ralph Droescher Lawrence A. Johnson Christina Kutulas Marjorie Gardner Leona Haehle Claudia Free Jack Jensen Richard G. Grant Edith Goddard Don Guggisberg Paul Goris Noma Graehl Elaine Jarvis Wayne Jones A. M. Jorgensen Welch Gregerson Joyce C. Hansen Jane Hammel Jay Jorgensen Keith Johnson Richard Hatton Paul Kelly Lorna Henderson Marilyn Hawkins John K. Francis Karma Houston M RESHME Conrad Hansen Elaine Low Ronald Lever Keith Hogan Gloria Manwaring June Ishimatsu Don Lefavor Mack Lawrence Marcine Lauchnor Tom Mackey Beverly Larson Frank McCabe Jay W. Lloyd Tom Laraway Marion Marvin Lyman Hill Nancy Lillie Don Lennherg Dawn Marshall Russell Larsen Lucy Grant Fox William Frailey Marva Humphries Horton McBride N 4 "' Q al! l Q-44 gi fk .24 ik... Pat Porter Frances Parmley Muir Dean Shelledy Klyde Peterson Dexter Roberts Charles Pearce Bob Lucas Joyce Morris Theron Pack Ririe O. Reese Gayle Richards Larry Pearson Allen Murdock Janet Richards Louise Reves Frank Robles Ron Reading Douglas Reynolds Sharon Rich Stanley R. Sharp Elanne Sax Beverly Olson Marilyn Munsey Lois Pearson Jackie Nuttall Lorene Richs Lynn Raybould Elaine Montgomery Ralph L. Pedersen Sherill Moses Richard Service Robert Monson Ellison K. Pickens Gordon Olson Stanley Morgan Richard Salisbury Clifford M. Shelby Wyatt Kay Parke Reed Ockey Janet Ord One hundred fifty-three FRESHME Kent Monsen Ione McKean Calvin Miller Dorothy Olson George Nelson Barbara Naughton Dolores Nielson Barbara Nelson Rosemary Lucas Thelma Oldham Maralyn Mills Charles McDonald Boyd Nelson William G. Lyon Quentin Midgley Ted Miller Pat McGinnis Neil McNeilly Richard Parmelee Colleen McDonald Robert Farr Smith Carla Smith Alfred Namba Barbara N. Nelson William McCarty Carol MCC-iavin Paul Yashko Lois Iean Vincent Joanne Stewart Lois Simmons Richard Vail Mark Snarr Spencer E. Smith Nad Rosenhurg Roy Silver Marilyn Walker Robert Rose Elaine Smedley Jeanne Taylor Richard Van Orden Thomas Smith Carolyn Teel Henry Van Hoff Lilia Shepherd Kay Turner Phyllis Poulson Bonnie Slater Clarence Skoubye Dean Smith Beverlea Taylar Dorothy Skoubye Barbara Taylor Harold G. Smith Robert Vest, Jr. Joan Vadnais Maxine Stowe Nobuyuki Sumida Beverly Smith Russel Williams Della Gay Tuttle Barbara Walker Ted Thatcher Clyde Williams Harold Waldhouse One hundred fifty-five FRESHMEN Marilyn Wallace Robert C. Bennett Laura Summerhays Henry B. Watson Marilyn Wood jim Wootton Roberta Waggener Fred Weidner Dolores Woodall Keith C. Winkler Pat Williams Barbara Wallace Ralph Swenson Olive Woodbury Barbara Weggeland Kathryn Watkins Shirley Wright Dale Zumbrunnen Otto Waters Beverly Wallberg George W. Wilson Beth Sundberg Merrill D. Whittier Richard Wyss XF' L i. 2 8 is Patricia Cornick Jack Hilton Shirley Olsen Glen Rowland Ella Rae Henry Donald R. Westenskow Jean Slater Robert Green Kathleen Erskine Ramon Mangelsun Lucy Rae Seely Bryan R. Seare Barbara Barrett Hal Christensen Margaret Whitney' Ronald F. Damron Janet Horsely Gordon Harrison Marilyn Callister Michael Bennett Marilyn Gadd Joe Burbidge Ruby Shippen Brice Milne Carol Roberts Paul E. Sevy LaVon Lindley Don Wheeler Jane Layton Melvin Page Merland Despain Thomas Ashton Gil Iker Sonja Hansen Dean Holbrook Leonard Gerrard Robert Cundick Andrew Birrell Ernest Coleman Dale R. Bryson FRESHMEN Jed Stantill Jean lVlcGavock Ivan Bailey Jeannine Huffman David Horsley Beth Ann Sorenson Donna Rasmussen L. Dan Peterson Kent Davis Van Hales Joy Green George Allen Joan Bitner Lyman Bond Phyllis Jordan David Salisbury Lola Brady Avon Joan Phillipps Raeo Passey Teresa Polychronis Robert Randall Geraldine Gardner Norman B. Jamieson Claudia Young Joy Olsen Tom King Corene Cowan M. Lloyd Rumph Norma Weed Nathan Wade Geraldeane Smith Carl Nyman, Jr. MaVe Park Paul Phillips Verda Lou Wetzel Pete S. Shuput Betty Buckwell Harry Todd Phyllis N. Petersen Chuck Saxton Doreen Moody Jack Osborne Lucille Nate Roger Fisher Frances Spencer Karl Openshaw Elna Clark LaRocque Campbell Sydnee Sanderson Alfred Nauman Beverly Hanks Robert Hansen Myrle Austin Heber Robertson Dauna Goodfellow Art K. Olsen Lavon Matson Douglas Hileman Harold Smithson Earl P. Dulfin Shirlee Robison Nick Rodriguez Alton Sorensen Fred Kendall FRESHMEN One hundred ix X X George Phillips Jeanne Grundvig Art Jackson Don Buehner Kenneth Miller Rex Morgan Beverlee Woodhead Joy Beck Helen Redd Gordon Nicholes John Wharton Robert Tingey Howard L. Smith Arge Leonudakis Al N oorda Lynne Watkins Glen Crookston Marilyn Pratt Ross Clay Mildred Dickeman Howard Millerberg Delbert H. Fowler Ray Phillips Ray W. Close mg.. Kayrl Parkin Russ Ballard James E. Crockford Arthur Park Marion Trinnaman Ralph Mecham Wilma Loizos Robert Rose Alan Allred Theo Chlepas Brooks Elkington Robert H. Nowell Georgina Phelps Frank L. Barney Blair Egli Doug McAffee Dora Jean McCune Clarence Flowers Gwen Robinson George H. Johnson Jo Barlow Arvile Kent Child James Murh Dale Curry Norma Duce Elizabeth Schleich Reed Sorenson Herbert Allen Leon Neal Rex Morgan Russell K. Nelson Joseph Novak Keith Mastrim Dee G. Roberts Mirl Trinnaman John Zackrison Edward Heightsman Leon Jackson Carma Lee Smithson Jack Gooding One hundred sixty-one FRESHME One hundred X X X X Richard L. Sisan Rolayne Rasmussen John Henriksen Jean Norman Dennis Aifeldt Gay O'Hara Harold Hansen Norman Wade Ronald Mullen Francilda Wood Gordon Milne Denece Greathouse Clinton Robertson Emma Iacobson Donald Davis Dauna Smith Marvin H. McNeil Richard H. Vincent Dale Ogden Iris Terry G. M. Katis Imogene Brown B. L. Thomas Helen Ieffcott 'Bw an Gloria Adams Dean Cluif J. Bevan Chamberlain Lucille Gold James Crawford Len Morris Dawn Marie Tuft Roy Clifton Davis Gayle Hansen Louis Blackner Dawna Tucker Vernie Swenson Weldon Richman Joan Cross Richard A. Harries Paul Pusey Joyce Hampton Lila Hansen Bert H. Elg George Ringwood Marillyn Finlayson Maurice Jones Bruce Howland Sally Howe Theron Folsom Jesse Poulsen Richard Platt Elaine Brown Jack Ewing Kenneth McCleary Douglas B. Tollstrup Paul Stewart Wallace Hayes Rasin Necmettin Cengiz Gwen Peterson Thayne Smith Frank Hopkin Joy Houston Vern Farr Floyd Graham FRESHME Ivan Walton 5 Kenneth Naylor Betty Exeter William D. Reese Robert R. Hansen Ernest Combes Del Mar Schick Roylance E. Martin Joyce Dunn Arlene Foote Ross Stewart Richard Wyss Wally Muir Steve Smilanich Gene Smith Jerry Tuttle Reed P. Harris Joe Preece Monterey Stout Joanne Hathaway Vernon Grow Deone Russell Paul R. King LaVon Gotberg Keith Crane Sally Howe James C. Littlefield Joan Roberts Dean Peck Pat Perkins Allan Barker Jayne Roberts Roger Gardemann Elaine Hayward George E. Parry Beverly Van Cott Aaron Jolley Patricia Bunker Michael Malvey Jean Stevenson Dick Harris Georgette Lockhart Elwood Blank Mary Jane Holt Vern Bullough Pat Harmer Boyd Olson Pat Gaddis Joseph Meyer Mary Joanne Breeze Welby Jr. Bigelow Barbara Wyss Boyd Keller Jayne Roberts Goldie Mednick Tom Olson Marjorie Glade Burns K. Black Jane Layton Jim Christensen Geraldine Fitzgerald Arthur Goodfellow Joan Backman Doug Duncan One hundred sixty-five FRESHME One hundred Qui S X X Ted Stevensen Patricia Ensign Lyman Hugh Jeanne Hollist Ronald Miller Betty McFarland John Bergstedt Hugh Olander Wallace Earl Phyllis Peterson Clyde Early, Jr. Adele Mays Richard Howe Gwen Anderson Kenneth Kujiki Alice Horne Charles Garrett Beverly Booth Francis Rogers Howard Husknecht Ray S. Bieber Melvin Aldous Jack Eardley Pat Pingree Gerald Snarr Gale Schoenfiel Anne Palmer Ed Dumke Bruce Goates VaLeen Sorensen Stan Smith William O. Lundquist Glynn Petersen Dale Anderson David Castleton Lowry Smith Glade Gerber Don Dickson Esther Parmelee Jane Hatch Stewart Rowberry Paul Davidson Elma Oldham Morris R. Graves Jack Wilson Beverly Mellor Richard Anderson Jay Hill Clarence W. Snarr Paul E. Benton Lenore Perlstein John Loutensock Peter Kasius Clark D. Johnson Clyde L. Hunter Don Gundry Don Killpack Conway Morris Steve Nebeker Justin Chamberlain Guy White Robert V. Petersen Mack Hinckley Scott Matheson One hundrrd sixty-seven FRESHMEN One hundred f X X Franklin Boulton Lawana Bosen Robert Walker Roma Wood Donald Brown Gwendolyn Thompson Frank Fornelius Donna Boyle Gordon Chytraus Betty Sansom Lowell Christensen Ionia Barker Justin F. Hurst Joanne Breeze Thomas Boone Lois Carol Gunderson Helen Gordon Glen Taylor Jean Anderson Harold R. Griffin Patricia Clawson Hal Clyde Marjorie Allen William James Stubbs Reid Davidson Sonja Hansen Hubert Dale Hamblin Jeweldine McDowell Joe Heath John Jackson DeMont Judd Myrna Bagnell Holladay Fryer Gene Hicks Don Clark Elaine Jones Clifford Meyers Emilie Anderson Howard D. Link Carolyn Hebdon Robert Hayes Monna Lae Martines James Glavas Betty Bryant Marvin Hess Ruth Lecklider Norman Bishop Margaret Krebs Boyd Jensen Dauna Smith Andre Lamarche Carol Jean Stewart Richard Muir Oliver R. Hunter Louise Allred Edna Zaelit Stiles Thomas Joyce Kelly Paul Keddington Oliver Richards Grandville Oleson Evelyn Moncur Calvin Carlson Joyce Johnson One hundred sixty-nine I One hundred seventy Donna Torgerson Bob Eastman Alice DePietro Thelma Oldham Tom Olsen Mae Clark LaMar Coon Robert M. Webster Jeanne Rowe George Romney Joyce Johnson Frank Brooksley Donna Mae Jensen Edward Fillerup Carrolee Campana John C. Thomas Stanford Russon Pauline Smith Bill Richards Helen Van Os Ronald Childs Harold Hansen Margie Lyon Richard Hardy John Kleve Pattie Reid Eugene Strong Catherine McLeod John Heiss Boyd Olson Doris Wilcox Margo Merrell i One hundred sevvfzty-ozxr ? 1 hKE'9fZfsifgQQ?2 gff, ,f , i . Q3 ... 1 az , -ffm K 1 Nd vs ,mm xi l if 1 5 ' 4 X ,X nf 'YN ,, R YA A ,HN X- ,j V Q J 'X lx if -5- .:'g,4: K .12 36, , ,H S. 5 Q 5 A q 4 if Y 4, 4 Q '5 W 'ifi . 2 if fri. x. ,f R N, -P .X Y , S yt 'X 1 , .KJ ' 2 H , N MA ax is X X Diversion For Leisure Hours Um' l11H11l:'1'1l.w:'f'11 Pat Zwick, chairman, welf coined frosh to the campus by 21 series of events planned with committee members Dave Reiser, Willa Rae Seely, Ken Gnadt, Helen Bitner, Cseatedb Dick Muir, lVIa,1-ian Nelson, johnny Morgan, and Julia Caine. JL One hundred seventy-six 4,1 Freshmen were kept busy with a matinee dance in their honor and the tradition' al frosh vs. soph sack rush. Vivacious Carol Clyde and Adele Mays were attendf ants to lovely Freshman Queen Calleen Robinson With the theme "Let's See U Beat C.U.," the Homecoming committee under the capable leadership of Dick Smith brought about a successful week of activities. The committee: standing-Chairman Smith, Ted Elders, Cliff Curtis, Bill Fowler, Afton Bradford. Seated-Lucile Nate, Julie Cuthbert, Elaine Seal, and Mary E. Bennett. 0 h zdredseventy-eight H0 E CU ING The Homecoming celebration took on new significance as both alums and returned servicemen were welcomed back to the cam' pus. In very hotly contested contests, the Pi Kaps and Kappas won sweepstake honors in their respective divisions. Reigning over the activities of the week were lovely Marjorie Jarvis and her attendants, Elizabeth Goldthorpe and Gloria Rasmussen. dred Zdwff W' 0 oLnfffM W F 1 M-W ff The Kappas preferred to do their beat ing in their front lawn salad bowl "The one that got away" in the Home coming grid classic with Colorado U e Kappas4Virginia Isak- W' W , Janice Johnson, Jean For- K if t and Jewel johnson- X g and drummed up a first , is 4 QC Ill XVOIUEDS qU2lftCtS. Q5 , The Winning Pi Kap house decorations featured the leering countenance of a twofstory Indian. Um' hurzrirwi eighty-on ..,,,,,,,,,,., W .wvffwef 'jE, I:.-" ': I.2. 1 sW'2w9 L9 xv, ., ,A gg' .J ez W QW -.F-M. 215 1,1 Qi., Vg ,xi 0' ix., MW wafggwia. H W A 'gg"1,,31jy,g jj: 'vu ' 4. . . '2g.'1'sW:.fi1f'Li H 1 - 2-ff,fff.z?e 1:2-v::::,.:::'-:w:.::4a'sf:s:?a:sf:ffSv ' e 4 ww f- mf, :, ,Al ,,,5wi4..,A5 ' 1,5 ww, 1. ga ' wwf if W M' 3,3 ': 3 ff A A Wffff Q, , A M N' 0 vga Q 1 ' The Queens were interviewed at the game by the local character. The Betas found a winning combination with the singing of Jack Adamson, Norv Saf- ford, Dick Stein and Joe Fetzer. , H Q 1 YQ N4 . gf. M Q A REE: 'Www vw wh, 5. awww, 1 Q Q 'W , I . , 1' ' '13, wg, if ,, ,N f Gif ? , " . ,. A B gs, fi: I .- my ww' '45 0.2 z ,..,, f ff' One h X SSvi1X-"vi , gigs R 1 vw: M' D : 'E if Qi , ' , si... .mail az "Q i wrwsvwg A S '. ., .vga ya .ff way 'wir '35 'K' A " s ' raw: w .1 W5 Xe fi- w ' 5 ' xi .itz-wa, 4 ....,f:g- 05 as-:S--1' i w H355 . i f a, ' " Ear 'A J- .ef i 1. f. i ,, -. - 4- Q .r gn :,.,,-.,.,,g s. ima.- .., M- wvsfiz: .Q -,F Su -f . issz TK sig QQ w 2 Q x . . .M . ,s iw it . , 4,,,.: . ,1.., , . .n . .. .. ,:.., . , ...,..... w N5 if 13 " 2 ' :QM ' if .V ....... : .- .,... 1 Na 1 I V'-:: :fs ' fi: ' -::- -W. - - xm Q vi ' 2 4911:- -y.g x 5 Each Wednesday afterf noon, the books were abandoned for a couple of hours in favor of the strictly informal matinee mixer dances. With the aid of the Spurs, Mr. Gail Plum' mer, acting as master of ceremonies, succeeded in making new friends and acquaintances for those many students who at' tended. u.i.. , Lovely and efficient Chairman janet Wfoodruff directed the activities of the Matinee Dance Committee: Qback row, Marion Darger, Dick Winder, Dorothy Parkinson, Shirley Waller, Bryson "Doc" Sessions, Jeanne An- derson, Scott Woodlandg fkneelf ing? Pat Synon and Miss Wfoodruff. Christmas merrymakers exchange Season's Greet' ings during intermission. Vern hangs a star from his insef cure perch While Dave and Ruth lend a helping hand. Thelma and and Rosalie are on the job, too. Shirley Parsons presents Kris Kringle Lyman Clark with his royal attire. yawn CS? Committee members Cal Nelson, Vernon Romney, Shirley Parsons, Chairman, Thelma Reeve, Dave Reiser, Rosalie Chipman fhaek rowj, Pat Young and john Downey ffront rowj pause to admire the results. nd '?Ei'F? eigh The Sigma Nus demonstrated their Wizardry with a pool Cue While the Pi Phis resort' ed to Wizardry of another sort in the "opium den" at their traditional Chinese party. Careful aim with the rubbergun was all that was required to slide a pledge into the tub of soapy water as the Sigma Chis feted all sorority pledges at the "Sig Derby." New pledges began the very busy day at the "Beta Breakf fast" held in their honor. Chi Omegas climaxed a busy period of rushing with their impressive and tradif tional s'Rose Banquet" on the Hnal night. For many, the social highlight of the year is Winter quarter rush, when each fraternity and sorority attempts in its own special way to impress the eligible students and influence their choices. Our' humlrwd vighlg Sigma Chis seref nade their lovely Kappa sweetheart, Shirlee Jacobsen, before the derby. Excited rushees receive their bids, then hasten to the houses where the hectic pledge day begins, "A row of trophies has won many a good man," the Pi Kaps say. ledges enjoy themselves c the Beta Breakfast. , , 1 One hundrrd ninety-one ax , 94? Ski arnival .wwf Jw .wi 'wg' if em, ar 5 i 5' ZF. 'iw ., fa, ' If Ig fmgmiil, 325' g5y:gi'.iX Vi 'gi 5 H '72 4 W! Uv 4 1 I Lightning skiers send showers of glistening snow into the air as they vie for racing awards. 9125 I.,- T-zkiiizik , gfbimslff i . . ' A PQ" "ll1'Pf:iff2?ii inf . f Planning carnival festivities were committee members Mickey Duncan, Miriam Glaeser, Barbara Casto, Bill Huckins ftop rowll, Jerry Nims, Barbara Sorenson, Ralph Gottheimer Ccenterj, and David Dee, chairman, LaRue Harris, Jean Gal- lacher and Dick Powell. up l vw Reigning over the carnival was Ski Queen Barbara Casto. -Zig., wx One hrmdreal fzimty-three Portraying Utah lovelies of then and now--striking Beverly Young, Miss 1947, and charming Carol Cardon, Miss 1850, receive orchids from Chairman Helen Richards at the morning assembly. Harold Sutherland, June Jenkins, ,lack Beeny and Kenneth Guyman talked themselves into the championship in the essay and oratory contests. One hund d n'm'ty-fnur The brains behind the day's festivities are: back row: Ken Campbell, Norve Safford, Mickey Duncang middle row: Florence Wood, Gayle Olsen, Josephine Larseng front row: Chairman Helen Richards and Lois Pixton. O h d dninety-fi y K M ! ft xx., ., 4 K . li' mms M Q .,,! H . W M if f 4 W . R 64 x A' 25 ii 4 9""'m . A bb Q: Q 'N' ml F x.1 , y r if Q 5 . . 4 K . 39 Q 3? V fig! Dancers sweep past manikins in a replica Saks display. Some pause to chat while others just dance. .gfjk WA, In spite of the terrihc work involved in planning the dance of the year, committee members Keith Eddington, Pat Zwick, Martsie Stevens, Dick Anderson, Carol Cardon, Dorothy Parkinson, Art Monsey, Carol Clark, Shirley Waller and Chairman Bill McKay look bright and gay. Bill relaxes in the sunshine after long hours of prop making indoors. I x f 4 1 S l l E ' Smiles of prom goers became more sparkling as the evening progressed. Muf sie a la Manhattan kept many a Utah man and his hest girl dancing on clouds. are "-ali 'po L....wff: X Nga? Q ' " . Prom couples dined in cafe society so' phistication and a "NVe Won't go home until morning" attitude prevailed as Utahns danced on into the wee hours. "M . .X X , if QQ red The story of a chronic alcoholic engineering student and his dreams fabovej won the Oyf ster Stew skit contest for the civil engineers. fllightj The alcoholic furnished each of the dignitaries with a sample of his favorite brand. Qscilloscopes and radar sets helped make the electrical display more impressive. F M, , f,,1-www 3 Attendant Kathryn Thornley, Queen Mary Lois Sharp and At' tendant Virginia McGraw Qnot pieturedj had an adventurous time in the traditional struggle between the engineers and the medics. 11:11 hundred n'14' 5 N S S S N Q Sequences of the gala WRA Carnival flash past our eyes. Airships, games, cavemen, devils, and brass bands were featured in novel booth deco' rations centered around the theme, "Une Hundred Years from Today." Queen from Heaven in 2047, Adele Mays smiles at earthly carnival goers. Pleased committee members look back on a good job well done. They are: back row Janet I-Iorsley, Bill Johnston, Del Atwood, Art Monseyg front row: Vernon Romney Anne Marie Outzen, Chairman Jackie Young, Marge Groshell, and Devirl Stewart Blonde and very lovely Queen Beverly Felt and her tvvo comely brunette attendants, Ruth Woods and Donna Rad- ovich, were chosen to reign over the NU" Day festivities. Very efficient Chairman Bob Darger fleftj and his Committee, Rod Dixon, Golden Humphries, Joy Bement, Chairman Darger, Marion Darger, Dick Parmelee, Lucille Nate, Rosalie Chipman, Bernard Tanner, Scott Woodland, and Rhees Ririe, arf ranged a "U" Days celebration which broke all existing attendance and participation records. Ruth, Bev, and Donna pause for a coke at the Swingfest. The largest crowd in his' tory made the journey to whitewash the "U,l' which the engineers had repaired. The WOIHQDWS races, comf plete with a band and cheerf ing sections, Went to WRA running for Phi Kappa Iota. Two gentlemen from the Elack Hills somehow got in on the Supper Club asf sernhly. A record crowd gathered at the Old Mill to ref ceive the songfest results. , xv' ,QMS M 0 4 I .wa U Despite the interference of an ardent canine fan, the Alpha Chis took the songfest championship in the women's division, while the Betas took sec' ond place in the men's dif vision with their version of the Wfhiffenpoof Song. Members of the World Student Service Fund Committee: Richard Stucki, Margaret Stuck Chairman Sally Clark, jo Griflin, and Tom Voyer raised money to aid foreign student Ardath Lym, Red Cross chairman, discusses plans with ffront rowj Pat Zwick, Travis johnson, Alice Thompsong fmiddle rowj joan Nelson, Nancy Perryg fback rowj Enid Nelson and Scott Woodland, "' ' ' " ' wuz' cf ,lg jerry Rydman, Mary jean Jacobson, Howard Anderson, Chairman Bonnie Boyd, Bradford Allen, Bob Zang, :md Carol Moesser conducted the Red Cross Fund Drive. University Coeds entertained the patients at the Veterans Hospital with bridge, ping pong, pool, and good conversation. Two hundred len ,fur- Students Wait in line at the polls during the most eventful election in years. K .Aw Voters get the Hnal check before making their decision. Reeordfbreaking crowds helped to bring the nlndependent' landslide. Hard working V igilantes Mark Cannon, Dick Robertson, Ed Bliss, Commissioner of Control Royce Flandro, Dave Reiser, Devirl Stewart, and Paul Schultz take El wellfdeserved moment of relaxation. 9 Golden Humphries, Dan Hutton, Bob Fawcett, Paul Hammond. and Carmen Kipp also aided in handling elections. Two hundr Physical Fitness and Glory 1 lzrmflrvd Ihirfwn Two hundred foureten Head Coach Ike I. Armstrong - culminated 22 years of topfnotch coaching with a highly successful season. Back row, left to right: Karl Sehleeknian. Leo Prinster. Sain Whitiiiore, Max MCBeth, Ralph Olson, Tex Van Sandt. Bud Gleave. Tally Stevens. Don Smith. Banard Halen. Tom Kramer. Bill Jones. Don Peterson, Pete Couch. Third row: Ike Armstrong. George Baker. Tom Mackey. Carl Nyman. Darrel Halen. Boyd Crooks, Stan Vv'ard. Lee Erickson, Clark Aclanis. Jerry Stan- ton. Allen Davis. Toni Ypsilantis, Bert Vv'ilson, Pete Carlston. Second row: Tex Rollins, equipment manager, Cannon Parkinson, Ray Peterson, Clyde Niehols, George Nielson, Ted Heitzinan, Gordon Nell, Mel Dalehout, Orvville Salmon. Bryant Cannon, Vaughn Ransom. Keith Sudbury, Gene Evans. Frank Nelson. Einar Nielson. trainer. First row: Dave Clark, Leon jackson. -lack Gooding. Ron Reading. Gil lkcr. jack Zaekrison. Sherm Martin. Bill Angelos. Boh Keller, Hal Tate. Mitt Smith. Gordy Harrison, rj' ABLE COACHING STAFF Pete Carlston, End Coach: Pete Couch, Baekfield Coach: W and Karl Sehleekman, Line Coach. Ray "GoldcnfToe" Peterson Pointfafter touchdown artist U T A H ! Nelson tries end' run against Pioneers. JM .1 Utah's All-Conference Selections Bill "Tex" Van Sandt, End Cannon Parkinson, Halfbzlck Darrel Hafen, Halflvacli just a bunch 'a tourists! Aloha! Frank Nclsmm, Hulflvuck Mitt Smith, Quzlrtcrlmck Huck Adult, Quartcrlmck Tally Stcveus, End Clark Adams, Tackle Banurd Hafen, End Tivo l:u1m'r d I George Nielson, End Morris Ficklin, Halfback Date Sept. 28 Oct. 5 Oct. 1 2 Oct. 19 Oct. 26 Nov. 1 Opponent New Mexico fNightD Arizona QNightj Brigham Young fNightj Denver Wyoming Colorado fliomecomingj No Colorado A. Es? M. San Francisco Utah State Thanksgivmg D ono u u A lfStars V- - :fa-f-" Wai-.-'ami-1 'S 1-' f fafwfi--'zfxf ,,- M :wax-':. 1.1, . . an Wan , . V 1, . 1 in 4, -:..gk:ff:,fa3.s ,c"sE, ,,- .M 5 ,' Lift.. if J.. ' '11 l -A-vw flxtg '9P?F"f.Ea: glam. i l ,.. ,aw A "z, 15375-Y' 1' 0 hundhjv e'1g,htf4'11 H" 'N' ' Si' sc Leo Prinster, End Keith Sudbury, Halfback Location Salt Lake Salt Lake Provo Denver Salt Lake Salt Lake Fort Collins San Francisco Salt Lake Honolulu Honolulu Earl Mclvlinn, Tackle Bob Fisher, Guard Score Utah Opponents 56 14 14 7 34 6 14 21 27 7 7 0 13 O 21 13 14 22 40 6 16 19 256 115 Clyde Nichols Fullback Acc Allen Halfback The 1946 version of the Redskin football team cap' tured the fan's fancy from the opening game. A dazzling, widefopen, breakfaway style of ball featured every game. A rash of early season injuries caused many a loyal fan to lose a little sleep, but the Utes came through in spite of their obvious handicap, to impress the fans and experts alike. An early season attack of touchdown fever placed the Redskins high among the nation's leaders in the offensive department. With scatfback Morris Ficklin out with injuries, Parkinson, Hafen, Smith and Adelt took over the ballfcarrying duties. Ray Peterson added to his laurels by becoming "automatic" when called upon to kick the point after touchdown. The highlight of the very successful season was the upset 21fl3 win over the U. of San Francisco and its flashy back, Forrest Hall. Before the largest crowd ever to witness a football game in the "U" stadium, the determined Loganites downed the Utes, 2244. Cowboys give Utes quite a scare before bowing, 27f7 Mitt Smith, Quarterback Ace Allen, Halfback Mfr Ray Peterson, Fullback Cannon Parkinson, Halfback Gordon Neff, Guard Mel Dalebout, Center Reed Nostrum, Guard Ted Barrett, Guard Orville Salmon, Tackle Allen Davis, Quarterback Don Smith, Tackle Bob Summerhays, Fullback Bryant Cannon, Center . ggi 51 Toni Kramer, Fullback Bill Angelos, Guard Ross Morris, Fullbuck Herb Anderson, Halfback Dave Clark, Center Bill jones, End Ralph Olson, End Bud Gleave, Tackle Roger Lynch, End Max Mclieth, End Jack Zuckrison, Quarterback Vaughn Ransom, Guard The Utes started before the war by making the where they met two teams. On Christmas a newlyffound passing attack clicked as the Redskins downed the Honolulu The Pineapple Bowl game found the Utes to a great Hawaii U. team, 1846. The of Morris Fick lin in these games WZLS7' 5 gh , fem ff: s, s Q: trlp. fgfi 1 zvo hundrwi fu'enty.1hfp,- COACH OF THE YEAR VADAL PETERSON Led Utah Cagers to Invitational Title Sherman "Pete" Couch Capable Assistant Coach 4 I ff-W.: ,N 1' ., fy., . A .. E 1 -,,,f3.'m.n,...- i ' 1 ft. tn R Q tr x- af any i 'NZ fi wigs X if i - R "f ffl S? ?1i f 4, V-iv 1 Hy, M 5 with M f' 'Qli5:a r4?i 'f'm"3 ' r,5+y'f 'TSM 1 W R . , nj '31, W1-tx Mrs yi . ' K- .-Q A ' ' TWC i t 4' a is QQ . 5 V 5 1 'C "" ftf9 . ' ' -2 1595 -1 f. , 2 1... i f t sw , - -.Mm f -, Q am, av ani'-Af. LM. -. .tiki-f gf- eww 5 , - , f ff tim-e ..q.. ,g, f f' . ff if K, MV. df, 313 Wie W' L 53" nfpfa' UTAH'S 1947 NATIONAL INVITATIONAL CHAMPIONS Left to right, back row: Coach Vadal Peterson, Max McBeth, George Furgis, Rich Horsfall, Glynn Peterson, Tally Stevens, Frank Bateman, Assistant Coach Pete Couch and Trainer Einar Nielson. Center row: W at Misaka, Vern Gardner, Arnie Perrin. Leon Vv"atson, Lyman Clark, Fred Weidner, Carlos Asay, Dick Smuin and Ray Ecker. Front row: Dolan Condie, Marvin Hess, Dick Baker, Darrel Hafcn, Jim Wtwcidviizird, Bill Peterson, Ben Zundel and Bob Stevens. sq- wxsifvfqww X ' 5 it ' X r is Lyman Clark Fred Weidner w X . r ig sg X vi QQ SQ Lee Watson Arnie Ferrin Ferrin ties one up. Two hundred twenty-six EW Vern Gardner XVz1t Misukzl Dick Smuin Gmza is covered-Utah 49, Kentucky 45 . MWA f 'K , if 'X 5' . A 'A-' I ,t .. wg ,wig . X. 51 1 - my v,., iv A y 3 g. ?? , ww, it , K . -1-T J? ' . Two huzzrlrwl tm-ullv-viglzt WM Q Bob Stevens Dolan Condie Bill Peterson McBeth hits with a tip' ,,-s in. Carlos Asay WMV W .NMSWQQ 2 "I Am a Utah Mzxn, Sir." Glynn Peterson .lim xXf,OOd'-N21I'Ll Ray Ecker Ei f 1 7' ,. is The "Big" Five. 432 ...if The scoreboard tells the big story. WG? 1946 47 BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Team-Location Idaho Southern at Salt Lake San Francisco at Salt Lake Wash. State at Salt Lake Montana State at Salt Lake Canisius at Buffalo, N. Y. St. Johns at New York City LaSalle at Philadelphia Duquesne U. at Farrell, Pa. Wayne U. at Detroit Colo. A S6 M at Salt Lake Utah State at Salt Lake Wyoming U. at Salt Lake Colorado U. at Boulder Denver U. at Denver B.Y.U. at Provo Utah State at Logan Denver U. at Salt Lake Colorado U. at Salt Lake Colo. A 86 M at Ft. Collins Wyoming U. at Laramie B.Y.U. at Salt Lake Duquesne at New York City W. Va. at New York City Kentucky at New York City Gardner, atop "Big Dan," leads victory parade. - Vv'elcome Home! - Salt Lake City says, "Well Done!" 17 for thc team! Honored men. Kingsbury Hall welcome. ww Two hlllllffffl thirly-thrz'c' Top-L'Smat" Smith gives the folks "the word. Middle, left-"Shucks, I didnit do nothinif' Middle, right-"Heros the Way it was, Doctor BottomAUte Victory Song. X K NN.-Z Mfhose New Yorkers sure went Tm' us in 21 big way." "Big" Vern-Big 7 scoring i The boys hit leader. L'Mcvst valuable play' the movies! Arnie gets Al1fAmericz1n. er" of N. Y. tournament. i mf S- ,-H Eu, gs at 3 Wh sw 3, y yt," , Iggy:-,Mg , Q The Ute swimming team, undefeated in competition. Front row, left to right: Art Cohenour, Gale Hanson, Bill I-Iarbrecht, Art Hicks, Mark Cannon: middle row: Orin Adams, Bill Layton, Bill Sproat, Don Reddish, Dahl Paulson fCapt.j g back YOXVI Shirl Howard, Evan Ashworth, Frank Cope, John Christenson, Bill Tate. Minor Sports Two hundred thirty-sis The intramural program, un' der the direction of Pete Couch, was run on a differ' ent hasis this year, the total champions heing named inf stead of individual cups. The program was marked hy the higgest turnout in intramural history. The resultant games were met with favor from fans and participants alike. Utah's ski team, National lntercolf legiate champs, paced hy four memf hers of the U. S. Olympic team for l948, placed high in every meet enf tered. The highlight of the season came with the naming of Jack Red' dish, Dick lvlovitz, Dev ,lennings and Ann Vxfinn to the Olympic team. M Ann Winn, Utahls top femme skier. Skiing Buck row, left to right: Dick Kirby, Steve Nebeker, CC521Ch Sverre En gen, Jack Reddish, Dev Jennings: front row, Dick Movitz, Bill Beesley The 1947 tennis season was highly successful as the Utes won the state championship for the eighth consecutive year. The wellfbalanced team went through the season undefeated. T I nnlrwl !l1ir'ly-Fight Tennis Lee Hammel, one of state's best .if Y ww 9-0 ' -'P 2,7 ' ' - :'- A '21, Sw , - ff- 5 , W A ,N 138' Champs Again!-Spence Simons, Keith Ellertson, Bill Koch, Vernie Swenson, Bob Willianis, Bob Koch, Con Deardon, Lee I-Iammel, Mac Pyke. ,ga CII Theron S - P al' lhelee VSV' Cid? 05 WMO . QQYXO bbc M9 05 1150 SV' 6 01' Q et Two humlrwl 1llfI'f1"llflI4' Captain Bill Korns Coach Parry Sorensen Bill Korns not only captained the first Redskin Golf Team, but proved to be the state's outstanding collegiate golfer. He easily won the state tournament, beating his nearest rival by six strokes. , , , ,mn Golf Team: Jack Reese, Bill Korns, Jack White, Joe Jones, Din Morris, and VV alt Harris T h mlrrzl forty Y Din Morris putts in B.Y.U. match while Bill Korns lines up his own putt. jack White putts under the watchful eyes of his partner, jack Reese. Golf Utah colleges began intercollegiate compef tition in golf during 194647, and the Utes proceeded to walk off with the championf ship. In the regular season Redskin golfers downed Utah Aggies 6f3 at Logan and 9fO on the home course at Bonneville. They took a 'ifl decision over B.Y.U. at Bonne' ville, and dropped a 6f5 match to the Couf gars at Provo, necessitating a playfoff for the title. In this game at the Ogden Country Club, the Utes romped to a 6f3 Win as Bill Korns and Walt Harris shot suhfpar golf. joe jones Walt Harris Front row, left to right: Alfred jones, Robert Green, W. C. Jacobsen, Stan Russon, Paul Kelly, Bob Lundell, Vic Hotz, Dick Bowman, Gorden Chytraus. Second row, left to right: Cliff Cooper, Norman Fitzgerald, Glen Palmer, Lyle Jackson, Ted Elder, Frank Jolley, Wes Thomassen, John Wharton, Gil Tobler, Don Brown. Third row, left to right: Eric Schloer, Virgil Parker, Bruce Gardner, Blaine Crowther, Ralph Olsen, Charles Brown, Garth Paxman, jim Woodward, Ralph Anderson, Utah's tracksters were the class of the State in running events, but were weak in the weights, so they finished second in the State meet after breaking even in dual competition, losing to Utah Aggies but defeating B.Y.U., who later won the State meet. In the Conference meet the Utes finished fourth behind Colorado, B.Y.U. and Utah State. VV es Thomas' sen in the sprints and Garth Paxman in the quarter mile were standouts among the Ute runners. Cther dependable perf formers were Cliff Cooper in the pole vault and Jim Woodward and Marvin Hess in the high jump. Garth Paxman jim Woodward Wes Thomassen Gil Tobler Cliff Cooper Vic Hotz Paul Kelly Gorden Chytraus Bruce Gardner Dick Bowman Ralph Anderson Glen Palmer Charles Brown Maurice Marchant Bob Sandberg After a slow start in dual competition when they lost to both Utah State and B.Y.U., the Ute wrestlers came within a smashed finger of winning the State meet, Cnly a smashed finger suffered the morning of the State meet prevented Bob Sandberg from wrestf ling after he had been undefeated in dual meets. Maurice Marchant, who had also won both his dual matches, was out of the State meet with injuries, and the Utes lost by a point. Coach Karl Schleckman will have practically his entire squad back next year. 'ws Left to right: Larry Stevens, Parley Robinson, Ray Sandberg Harry McCool Capable WRA Officers Polly Wrathall, Donna Smith, Donna Mae Stewart, Virginia Dorton, Modenna Brossard, Cyntha Cowan, Merlin Droubay, Ruth Ann Kirschner, and Mary Jean Jacobsen kept the Women busy with the many opportunities afforded in the fields of both competetive and nonfcompetitive womeifs athletics. Vx7inners of the women's speed swimming meet Lois Gilner, Pat Nelson, Mary Elen Bennett, and Modenna Brossard, pause for a moment hetween events. Y Badminton winners Miriam Glaeser and Helen Tams ex' amine proper service methods. The S arton teams had the honor . P of taking hoth first and second place in the haskethall tournament. F ' M, Qs c c S -W mv 5522 is I " QSSNQQIY 7 kv A . N38 ' N? " its il ' ..+. E- ,:,f.,e.a:s::- Q N : x X 5 X ff v im - .aa , . f Wig Qs., Awards for past prowess in women's athletics were appropriately made at the annual WRA Banquet held in the Discovery Room. Two hundred forty-six A choreography of the hardships of life was displayed artistically hy memhers of Orchesis. Having n hard time "Keeping up with the Qloness' was the theme of one lively presentation of the Clzince group, while primitive temple rites provided the theme for Orehesiss presentation ni lfirth, marriage, and death Ceremonies oi earlier times. Tr:-1: hiuzdrivl furry-s n l i Two 11 S Printed W ord- Um Xfd' ... ,A "'-:AX if 1 X ..,. V. ,AX ' x , ,,,.. K X X X..., .. ' ....-1 Nl . .U xxx XX i,,,..x X, uxux X y QRX gx as xxX ' " Ax uw hllfnifuf ffnly-llifzz Pioneering Editor Bill Jarvis took a great step in making the Chronicle a daily paper, and was successful in bringing it an "AllfAmerican" rating. Business Manager Pat Snow showed great ingenuity in keeping the enlarged Chronicle on a paying financial basis. Y, . '0 Kxioii QNX 'S AQW ' a eCi9nXC Wftdwj kggwkwdw C in be aw V21 we QXAKK' E QX6' new FXSQO ex QQ GQMZQMMQW 4, Gil Iker Business Manager Ardath Lym Monday Business Mgr Jeniel Peterson Tuesday Business Mgr. Wilbur Jarvis Editor Carol Moesser Society Editor Bill Johnston Sports Editor Florence Wood Wed. Business Mgr. Janice Jacobsen Credit Manager Nlilton Hollstein Associate Editor Jeannette Allein Classified Ad. Mgr. Susan McCarrel Assistant Editor Kent Hansen Friday Business lvigr. Josephine Larsen Copy Editor David Salisbury Asst. Bus. Mgr. Tues. Joe Williams Wednesday' Ad. Mgr. Beverly Lambourne Asst. Bus. Mgr. Thurs Julia Caine Asst. Bus. Mgr. W'ed. Tom Cuthbert Assistant Editor Virginia Salisbury Asst. Bus. Mgr. lvlon. Joan Nelson Asst. Credit Mgr. Ed Bliss Asst. Editor NOT PICTURED Shirley Waller J Society Desk Dick Robertson V Thurs. Business Mgr. QNick Smith Friday Business Mgr. so Z., WZ, W 'J Ns: ew Aa feng Two hunrirvdfifly-0:1 Y 4, , t:"1i"lf33- re? ri. A.:1,..Qf5", X Quiet and eflicient Marilyn Mer- rell Reese successfully mixed Utonian editing and married life. Energetic Business Manager Margaret Ann Wfoodruff set a Utonian sales record. Two hullffetl . eanne Snow Panel Editor oy Bement Office Mztnzigcr lflilford Curtis Ct1P5'EdlfiYl' 1 A x M-e " if ' r x X ix Two very capable associate editors, Bill Mizuno and Ronald "Buzz" Capener, were responsible for much of the book's success. Raye Carleson Shirley Graff Sophomore Editor Ad lvlatnaigcr Lorraine Robinson Stiles Assistant Janet Wl50dFllff Portrait Director Gloria Larch Barbara VUilson Asst..-'xd,M4int1gci Sales fvlanzxgcr Ardath Lym Asst. Business M Joan Nelson Credit Nlzinzigcr Bill Johnston Sports Editor Helen Richards Assistant Editor Elva Davis Business Assistant Thelma Peterson Publicity Manager Scott Woodlaiid Sophomore Assi Ruth Hay Circulation Bill Buchanan Photographer Sfllllt dred fi Popular funster Herold "Huck" Greg- ory climaxed a year as Unique Editor with the "Humbug Memorial Issue." Responsible for much f ' o the Uniques sucf Business Manager Peggy Dixon threw a cess were Assistant Business Manager Pat "Unique" slant on the old trick of catching Synon and Associate Editor Marion Darger. the boss's daughter when she caught the boss. Herold Gregory Editor Pat Synon Asst, Business Manager Marion Darger NOT PICTUREDe fHowa rd Anderson, Circulati on Mzinngcrz Johnn P y appas, Artist. Associate Editor Peggy Dixon Business Manager Marilyn Reiser Credit Manager Barbara Folsom Exchange Dean Peck Photographer Don Kuhre Photographer Bill Johnston Feature Writer' Cliff Curtis Feature Writei' Vernon Romney Feature W'riter David Reiser Artist Jay Jensen Feature Writer' Twu hluldrml fi! rlrwl Hjty-sir Pen Editor Jim Asper dropped the timefworn adage of 'long Haired" literature and providf ed readers with a more conf ventional literary magazine. Pert, peppy Dorothy Parkinson proved that a gal can he Business Manager of the Pen, have nuf merous other activities, and still have a wonderful time in school. Pat Ensign Publicity David Cheney Feature Editor Margee Smith Bill ohnston Chloe Kammerman Dave Relser Pubhcxty Publ1c1t Guardians of the Peace Tivo hundred fijly-nine Now that the war has ended the RO. T.C. is rapidly resuming its rightful place on the campus. The senior off ficers are functioning again, and there are regular parades and reviews. Two hundred sixty Colonel F. H. Black Major Floyd D. VVilliams Professor of M. S. 6? T. Asst. Professor of M. S. E5 T Department Head The ROTC. has a dress parade. junior Officers: ffront rowj Burton, Aycock, Zobel, Gillette, Ryan, All red, Stewart, Seifert, Hudson, Qback rowj McGee, Poulson, Tucker Horton, Latimer, Gulbranson, Smith, Memmot, Lainbourne, and Wyss Senior Officers: Miller, Seeley, Flandro, Green, Hutton, Andreason, Jenkins Cdow, Schultz, and Twitchell. Major Hilton Densley Asst. Professor of M. S. E? T. Advanced Classes-R.C.T.C. Lt. Colonel Wallace P. lVIace Major Joseph S. Conlin Asst. Professor of M. S. 599 T. for Air Corps Asst. Professor of M. S. Es-9 T. for Air Corps Some of the students examine a Pf-S 1, on exhibit at the "U" for Army Day. if Sophomore Cadets, Course No. 2, R.O.T.C. Freshman Cadets, Course No. 1, R.0.T.C. Lkawfhwg if A A 'WH Two hundred sixty-thrue Two hundred sixty-four I The music of Will Os' borne's Band and the at' mosphere of a southern mansion blended to make the Military Prom one of the most outstanding social events of the year. Sponsors Shirley Her- zog, Janice McKay, and Beverly Brown were introduced at intermisf sion and presented with engraved necklaces by members of the corps. The ofliccrs get a mo' ment's relaxation in the lounge. Dreamy couples danced by the hut of Br'er Rah' bit and a large hreplace, both of which helped to carry out the "Song of the South" theme. Two hundred sixty-Hz Captain jfoseph P. Thew Commander Horace Myers Professor of Naval Science and Tactics Executive Qfficer Battalion Qfiicers: fback IOWD Wehmeyer, Densley, Boweng ffront 1'OWJ Shea, Boisvert, Edwards, Knudsen, Gralton Two hundred sixty- Battalion Commander Richard S. Bowen The Navy was established on the campus in 1945 and is now permanently settled. The new Naval Science Building will be ready soon for the Naval Science and Tactics classes. Rifle Team: fback rowj Cowley, johnson, Bigler, Dana, ffront row, Pollei, McCarty, Rogers, Littlefield. Basketball Team: fback row, Elton, Woolf, Erickson, Chytraus ffront row, McCarty, Smith, Tietjen. Two hundred De vel opment Of A PP reciati an 47g N i: ., 'iii 551 uggxaa' 'W 4' agp fxty-e 1 1299 if Tivo hiuuin rl .x1'.x iy-ninr 3 Arsenic and Old Lace new Thdd ty we QS, 9 9,0596 150 Q91 Q96 we 665 Gm Xfaaxl O 2 QW ge koib Policemen found corpses strewn all over in "Arsenic and Qld Lace." eww' Teddy's hallucinations about being Theof dore Roosevelt and his frequent hurried trips to places all over the World, ac' companied by the battle cry "Charge," added comedy to the eerie atmosphere. The young reporter finds himself in a rather precarious position. Two hundred seven! yle A11 God's chillun gather in L'Hebbin,' at the beginning of Green Pastures. Green Pastures ,FJ V ,gf K 1 K was A i eee fi? eg -ki .. r' f i 5 'N ff, 4 -iff. . ff' A cabaret scene depicting the degradation of the people. Two hundred seventy t "De Lawdw speaks with only righteous man on After traveling for forty days amd forty nights, Nlbllli-S Ark has fmully struck lzmd. "Dc Lnwdu speaks with "Pete-' in his prix'11tcfuHice in hczwcu 0 lmurirfzl .vmventy-four he Patriots Patsy Jefferson and her renowned father gaze anxiously as they arrive in America. George Washington tries to prevent Jefferson from resigning from the Continental Congress, while Alexander Hamilton looks on. Jefferson points out the advantages of democracy over an autocratic government to Alexander Hamilton. Jefferson and his wife look aspirf ingly at their new home,lx4onticello. X--W-......,..f Madison, and Jefferson stop at the blacksmith shop preparation for their journey to the Continental Congress. Two hullzlrrzl Sviirllly-fi' The four mixedfup lovers in "Midsummer Nights Dream" are trying to straighten things out. Titania, the fairy queen, and her little fairf Puck and Qberon gaze down impish ies dance sprightly among the magic flowers ly at the sleeping Hgure of Titania T ,lllldl'4'llS'1'iH"l1fl ii f MX .xi as x t K 3 an x me ri -P ' f x if XG N . ig, Q , xl Z J: 5 Xia 'K . 9, ,- , - ff , A 'L t X f X , . QE Q X1 ,QL 2 X1 ' 251553 ' W 1 " X4 -' i A X ,, LN J J I gy e 1 X we 'ff 1 x N X s 'AE A 9 K, I J 3 ., xx 6 ax , 5, ff ,ff I I N lv X l A ' U B gg: W s OWN 'L x 4 W P15 I iw M s ,W A ,lg -ff Nwfw W W Q, ' ,A,! 'R N,,V M ga? xii V 7 5' I Mffmvzwwq, ,. ,MH .wmwmfwwwvwmwwvwwxv xffN J, Q it af .v dugg, fm M W ,gm ,Nez My? 1 iv? 'Ziff . ,E ,v.,,.w V if. lA?.:.Ml,MW W,,Wf..,A. MW A ' . 2 ' W if ,W mi Eg Q1 ,, y f W A .A MM.. Wm 1 I At, gg .:.f,. - ,.gjg:5ig,gig' Wffl .V 5 , 53 ,,,. ,W M i Z f f Q f ,H3 'Q , , , ajqimif Sf X The music department has had a very successful year under the able leadership of Profesf sor Thomas Giles. The or' chestra, hand, a cappella, and the men's and women's glee cluhs all presented a Sunday afternoon "At Home" and en' tertained for other university activities and for many of the downtown organizations. The A Cappella Choir vzmzzty-eiglzt The I 4 String Quartet Professor Richard Condie Professor Arthur Freber Professor Thomas Giles Director of the A Cappella Conductor, University Orchestra Head of thc Music Department Director of thc Mcn's Glce Club Prgfessor Willianj Pete,-Son The Women's piano team, under the direction of Professor Giles, Director of the Women's Glee Club has entertained on assemblies and at 21 University "At Home." Two hundred si :mum ll dz Proportion and balance was the goal for art students in reproducing full length portraits. Sculptors strove always for that "human quality" in their work. Life drawing studen spent many afternoo high atop the Par Building. Professor LeConte Stew art, head of the art def purtment, gives instrucf tions to an nspirant Oils, chzwcoul, :mtl pastels providecl an emotional outlet for building eontempo1'zu'y artists. Tien lu HI 3 Debate Coach Adam- son and Debate Man' l ager Duncan examine one of the many trof phies which the Utah team captured in fo' rensic tiils. Under the very capable guidance of Coach George Adamson, the debate team Won top honors in nearly every major meet in the nation. Front row: Paul Hammond, Shirley Chamberlain, Betty Glad, Fae Thomas, Florence XVood, Coach Adamson. Second row: Bruce Jenkins, Barbara Thomas, June Jenkins, Belva, Barlow, Shirley Vx7aller, Vxfally Ben' nett, Nick Smith, Mickey Duncan. Third row: Jack Ewing, Ken Bowthorpe, Charles Faux, Wesley XVooten, Adrian Giles, Mark Cannon. Two lzuudruri eiglzly-twu L Perpetual winners in every meeet they entered were Bruce Jenkins, Bob Zang, Nick Smith, and Ed Bliss. ? X tw Sei 3 as x i 3 Utah's number one debate team, Wfallace Bennett and Mick- ey Duncan, represented the school at the national meet. Irfl ml eight The Crown of Beauty 8 Y :mir BARBARA CASTO Snow Wh.ite BEVERLY FELT "U Days" Queen d d x MARY LOIS SHARP Engineering Queen SUE STGDDARD Still' of Kappa Sigma BEVERLY YOUNG Miss 1947" f Founderss Day Queen jg, SHIRLEE JACOBSEN Sweetheart of Sigma Chi .IEAN FLEMING Interfraternity Queen RUTH XVOUDS Sweetheart of Rho Sigma TWU MARJCRIE JARVIS Homecoming Queen CALLEEN ROBINSON Freshman Queen ' ' f L LTA if 'ijfx pl mu Ev 3+ J Jw' if wuz: M 6 -X A , 1 . lffglqfziggs - 'f 3:21535 -, ,,,lr.,tg5, 413, w ing Q "few mM'1'9 .' 1 , 5 I E CAROL CARDCDN 'LMiss 1850" Founders' Day Queen 7 I I I ADELE MAYS Queen from Heaven in 20 MARILYN LUDWIG Plain Jane of Phi Delta Theta CARROL ,IEX Dream Girl of Pi Kappa Alpha " f fx, 1.-9' 1 1 . I4 " K A f If M f-if - my -,f555g, 4 ..,. k Q 5 -fl .d iffvi -'F . M-,.M . 5 s W K M K W .- W Lakwskiiffggfi .lk k,., ., Mx.. Q N ,- xv F' 1 , ,aw-,.rzfnHz-fr, ,H K M was Q, R 1' F , , Na, P m wx V N L, X . 4 - 155' -:- P?" L' ISN if V fvifsf Y'?:Eg'f5ITifYf13Ls -.Q "i't2Q 7"4s-:X,-if' 'V 7 ugf'-gf' fmt-fffrk 1 - Tig . .11 -F iii :ffl "'k 5 E5 -W, Mag :QU 'L K ,peg ----- s -- af , X. , my xg wir: 7' 'ami-5 : 2? ffw9N.fLif.3z"4 kwiafff Qseggiz 1-Lip, .. X L.AAV g A J The Foundation of Friendship NNW 0. if T.:-1, lwuflr . 1 PAN E LENlC Two hundred 1zim'ly-fight Beth Calder Della Mae Ivins Olise Geulek Janice McCune Beverly Black Margaret Stevens Marilyn Tolton Margaret Ann Vvoodrt June Straw Marilyn Rebholz Pauline Wrathall Donna Raclovich Rhoda W'0rley Raona Evans Evalyn Darger Pat Zwick Nlarilyn Mason TTEISLFRAT MX, MQ. A iIl.e2W?.,f ,ifwiv -5- Norvel Safforcl Phil Meyerhoifer Tom Voyer Gordon Cole Eugene Wright Upton Ramsey Ken Gnadt Jerry Nims Tikey Nlagionos Sen Walker Frank Stitt Gene DeGooycr Jeff Giesar ,l Y TY Tim hIlIl!1l'r'lf uinrly Threv hundred Mary Louise Lyon Tanner Wilma Wood Joyce Patterson Shawnie Kent Margie Bench Lois Pixton Gwen Lewis Elaine Anderson Helen Sholund Shirley Anderson Barbara Sorensen Thelma Reeve Carol Clyde Kay Glade Jeannette Rainey June Speakman Margaret McPhie Donna jean Hansen Margaret Lake Billie Winter June Buehner Helen Tams Kathryn Fairbanks Beverly Earl Marilyn Reiser Lauramay Nebeker Shirley Jean Call Darlene Johnson Pat Zwick Irene Curry Shirley Graff Donna Smith Faye Stuart Carolyn Shurtleff Helen Richards LaFawn Graff Wanda Nielsen Mary Jean Jacobson Julia Caine Pat Nelson Ieniel Petersen Carol Greaves Mary Kasteler Eleanor Brennelce Georgia Dee Goodspeed Ruth Bowen Barbara Folsom Gloria Christensen Hazel Lee Craig Mary Thorpe Jean Nielson Daisy Richter Jean Hart Marilyn Wallace Joanne Wallace Colleen Carter Gloria Manwaring Jackie Young Patricia Welcker Marilyn Kasteler Lelia Shepard Willa Rae Seely Shirley Coombs Janyce Patterson Travis Johnson . Barbara Sorensen Jeannette Rainey . Darlene Johnson . Pat Zwick . . . President . VicefPres. . Secretary . . Treasurer Rush Chairman rw' lmmlrnl lim BETA T HETA PE. :E.w"' I ' W,-adv M, IEE.. ..,.. Richard E. Whitney Paul F. Naisbitt Norvel E. Safford Keith Nicholson Upton Ramsey Leonard Lewis Albert Southwick Sid H. Eliason Robert Smith Tom Felts Judd Dowell Lyman Ballif Harold B. Swaner Neal Mortensen Richard Stine Richard A. Sweet George Williaxns Grayden Schulder Maurice Jones York Richardson Sid McMain Leon Dean Ed Stockslager Ed Vetter Richard Price Paul Taylor Russell Owens Frank James Ted Curtis Forrest Fuller Leo R. Capson Richard A. Dowell Robert W. Sweet Robert G. Warnock Jim Malier Quentin Kolb Paul Herrick Frank Tribe Wfilliam G. Fowler David Dee John Horsley Parry E. Thomas .lack Birk Don Halvorsen Al Knudson John Major Scowcroft Frank Pyke Gordon H. Brown Thorold Iularris Paul Sweet Dean McMurdie Misc Pyke Robert Darger Jack Adamson John R. Harrington Rod Edens Nathan Beal Hugh Barker Dick Backman Willianl S. Brown Bill Ward Tex R. Olsen Richard Lyon Don Bradshaw Robert E. Bell S. E. Taylor Rex D. Morgan Dick Stine . Bill Brown Dick Sweet . Quentin Kolb . . Norv Salford . . , President J 6 . Vicefl rcs. . Secretary . . Trczisurcr Rush Chxiirmam fr wwfwfqegif, me A iffwvsmmm Thrm' hlllllfflvll lhrw' LPHA DELTA Pl IoAn ne Taylor Mollie Carkeek Beth Calder Ardath Lym Martha Green Bonnie Boyd Virginia Salisbury Marie McAllister Carol B. Cutler Colleen Larsen Lorraine Robinson Barbara Ballinger Loretta Child Della Mae Ivins Marsy Hall Deon Allen Marilyn Jenkins Phyllis Martin Bonita Anderson Marilyn A. Wood Colleen Pavela Marilyn Gadd Miriam Jones Geraldine Johnson Paula Adams Ieane Berthelson Frances McLeod Claudia Young Patricia Regan Jerry Curtis Renee Fox Shirley McNamara jean Anderson Audrey Gillette Marjorie Woodhead TIIITP hunzlrvfl four Gloria Larch Jeane Naffziger Carol Duvall Shirley Herzog Barbara Smith Mary Armstrong Florence Wood Marjean Erickson Pat Peterson Beverly Lambourne Celestine Herrscher Alice Henderson Sally Kimball Marcine Lauchnor Barbara Naughton Geraldine Rydman Gene Burt Karon Gwilliam Connie Spalding Donna Adams Beverly Willmore Roberta Waggoner Carol Moesser Elizabeth Calder . Frances McLeod Carol June Duvall . Winagene Church . . 'Z' if. President VicefPres. Secretary Treasurer Della Mae Ivins . . Rush Chairman KAPPA SIGQME Three hundrerl xix David R. Cheney Howard Cliff Chester Christenson Eugene D. Wright Eugene DeGooyer Matthew Noall Hal Marsell David S. Low Walter E. Fellows Delbert Atwood Wayne Morgan G. W. Forrester Alan W. Griffith Dick Robertson Ken F. Campbell Richard G. Grant Wesley Thomassen Thomas M. Fortie Gordon Low Darrell Madson Dewey Brodbeck Stan McAffee Eugene Higgins Marvin Bacon John F. Wikstroni J. Walter Gadd Earl Torgersen Howard Low H. Beecher Udy Cleve Cook Reid Stayner Charles L. Archer Bruce Bushman Royal Daw Garn Hatch Mark B. Clark Joseph McCarthy Keith Potts Don Mantyla John Stephens Robert Greene Robert R. Short Keith George Richard O'Donnell Glenn Tueller Fred Newton Ralph I.. Orton Bill Johnston Pat Reeves John Mooney Harold R. Heath Chad Murdock James Valentine Vaughn H. Dufhn Dallas W. Burton Donald S. Frederickson Richard D. Howell Gene DeGooyer . Dick Robertson . Dan Frederickson . Hal Heath . , Charles Archer . . Gordon Low . President . ViccfPrcs. . Treasurer . . Secretary Rush Chuirmzm . . . M.C. ALPH PHI Three lmndrezl eigh! fl? Jean Gallacher Beverly Stephens Iris Terry Downey Ruggeri Barbara Fraughton Marcia Moyer LaRue Olsen Joan Hardy Marguerite Asper Beverly Bithell Barbara Clawson Shirley Olsen Ramona Pexton Dorothy Parkinson Barbara Bone Ethna Robinson Sammie Lou Seeley Marjorie Askew Gloria Neeley Peggy Rowan Marlene Peacock Virgie Steed Margee Smith Barbara Sansom Barbara Dawson Virginia Hamal Olise Geumlek Eva Weaver Rosalie Chipman Trilva Goddard Leone Thoresen Beth Morrison Marilynn Rebholz Kathleen Keate Betty Peterson Carol Orme Mary Lou Young Carol Smith Elaine Christiansen Carolyn Heath Donna Rae Brandley Ann Marie Outzen Beverly Grow Madelyn Buckley Wells Marian Tueller Renee Keetch Ruth Rowan Barbara Lovelind Donna Steenblik Margaret Callister Marybell Fenton Helen Brown Ramona Morris Leonore Young Marilyn Smith Marna Lou Callister Beverly Busk Helen Carol Campbell Alice Thompson . . President Nlarilynn Rebholz . . . Vieefljres. Beverly Bithell . . Rush Chairman Rosalie Chipman . . . Treasurer Beverly Stephens . . Recording See. Carol Smith . . Corresponding See. PH DELTA T ET Three hundred ten J. R. Larsen Dennis Ausherman Carman Kipp William Blake Kent Worthen Robert E. Boyce Gordon Watson Eugene Hanson Max Horton Dan H. Smedley John Kephart Howard Ensign Ralph Riser Gayle D. Hunt Theodore Tuft Robert H. Barlow Ralph A. Edwards Din Whitney Donald C. Roe Arthur Beesley jim Asper Robert B. Hutton Wayne Heaton William H. Woolley Graham Houghton Leon G. Harvey Fred Shull Bob Jones Robert Morgan Hal N. Mays Dick Boyce Gerald Martin Golden Humphries Joe Carstensen Earl Gibson Russell Miller Gordon Simpson Mel Tietjen Paul Cutler David Fry Ross Whipple Grant Harvey Harry Bluhm Chesley K. Seely jay M. Whiteley Tom Ellison James R. Bosen Jerry Nims Art Beesley Carman Kipp . . Clayton DeBruin . . Gayle Hunt . . Jerry Nims . . . President . Viccfllrcs. . Secrctzlry . . Treasurer Rush Chairman Three' hundred clrven AL A XI DELT Thre: hundred twelve fry , Beverly Hutchings Raona Evans Jerry Jacobs Mae Evans Anne Jeanette Winn Donna Miner Jeanne Parratt Bernice Jensen Cyntha Cowan Helen Halberslebcn Betty McFarlane Dorothy Paul Miriam Glaeser Mary Wadsworth Shelba Harris Barbara Pedersen Margaret Maeser Louise Vincent Raona Evans Carol Jean Christensen Lenore Lippold Erldean Christensen Jean Cornwall Beverly Black Margaret Keate Elaine Cannon Lois Pearson Lou Raine Buffmire Geri Redd Ruth Reiser Jean McDonald Janet Christopherson Mary LaRue Harris Iris Montague Marilyn Callister Margaret Evans Elaine Lindsay Virginia Clayton Anna Lou Giles Dorothy Keller Joyce Smith Dorothy Jean York Lou Deen Davis Louise Motti Arlene Steed Marilyn Goddard Colleen McDonald Alice Carlson Janet Guest Evelyn Moncur Marjorie Glade Jean Young Barbara Noorda Lynnette Harbertson Raona Evans . Cyntha Cowan . . . . President . VicefPres. Jeanne Parratt . Corresponding Sec. Shelba Harris . . Joyce Smith . Recording Sec. . Treasurer Three hundrvd thirtfvn 1 lzruc' lmmlrvrl ., ., ,..,,. , .. . - . ., ., , . rl PEE K, A P P A L P il Jack Newton Patton N. Leaver Juan Whiting Robert L. Pyper Frank Matheson Darwin L. Whitaker Scott Woodland Homer Wilkinson Jack R. Lee Norman Hughes David Castleton Mex Hughes Byran Beeman Richard Smith Kenneth Sundwall Clark Welling Gordon Walton Don Noorda Ronnie Davidson Wallace Thorup Vaughn Barker Pete Winder Felix Dekleva John Crawford Ronald Capener John M. Larson Craig Ward Lloyd Keddington Dean Lindsay Allen Swan Scott Sloan Jack N. Bangerter Ray Robinson Lowell G. Anderson Dean Beuhler Dan A. Olsen Lawrence Palmer David Clark Reed Glauser Dwane Seely George A. Nielson Keith LaFleur Derrill Richards Byram Browning Lo Nestman Todd Eagar james Poulton Ronald Masters Huck Gregory Quinn Eskelsen Ron Poelman Mel Dalebout Louie Chaffos Robert C. Gibson David Reiser A. W. Horsley Merrill Bean Roy Bardsley Howard Anderson Doug Sonntag J. Richard Hill Eldon Holbrook Neal Capel Thomas Green Eugene Andreasen Jack Ferrin Bill Angelos Frederick Osterloh Grant Stringham John Riches Joseph Bywater Tom Ypsilantis Keith Williams Norman Hall Ronald Maxfield Gordon Neff Travis Reneau Arnold W. Johnson Francis Lund Don Noorda Ken Gnadt . Ken Sundwall Jay Garrett Gordon Waltcuim Ronald Masters JF' . President . xf7iCC'PI'CS. . Secretary . Treasurer Rush Chairmen iz--N ...,.,, NWN gill Oil 4' " wc 'ly' Thrcc hruzdrvzl sisrlvvn Mary Ella Evans Evalyn Darger Shirley Russon Kathryn Thornley Colleen Allred Lo Donna Leininger Marian Nelson Teddy Anderson Ma1'ian Lois Smith Mary Adams Margaret Stevens RoLayne Rasmussen Dorothy Berntson Millicent Daines Mary Lois Sharp Jackie Woodruff Alice Horne Marion Burrows Marilyn liewlett Gloria Smith Marilyn Price Georgia Anderson Laura Summerhays Joyce Stewart Jean Ward Marilyn M. Reese Patricia Pingree Susan Felt Marion Winder' Gay O,Hara Lynne Clayton Dorie Jacobsen Janet Woodruff Suzanne Moyle Barbara McKean Midene McKay jean Cannon Sharon Rich Phyllis Stapley Jane Hatch Marilyn Horne Beth Ann Sorensen Colleen Hinckley Mary Jean Hunter Peggy Chatterton Gloria Sorenson Josephine Larsen Lennox Adamson Marion Darger Margaret West Marjorie Jones Carol Ritchie Afton Rice Marilyn Covey Merylyn Simmons Beverly Felt Gloria Parry Jinny Lee Nelson Annette Nibley Barbara Weggeland Carolyn Horne Allred Patricia Pearson Sharee Moreton Robyn Tibbs Mary Elen Bennett Frances Ann Green Norma Kjar Evalyn Darger Peggy Chatterton Susan Felt . . Jean Ward . , Margaret Stevens Phyllis Stapley . . President . Viccfljrcs. . Secretary . , Trczisurcr Rush Chziirmzin Pledge Chairman fhref' lrunrlrrrl X1'1'k'llll"6'Il S GMA CH Thrve lzumlrvrl vighlrml Robert E. Hansen Clifford H. Curtis Dale F. Tingey Butch Eisman Robert C. Rickbeil Ernest Mariani Jim Christensen Milton H. Love Nlorris Kjar Russ Ballard Orrin E. Greene Thomas Chamberlain Gill Warnei' J. C. Downey David Taylor Earl D. Tanner Calvin Warren David W. AfHeclc Richard Emerson Bryant Bullen Otto Slater Richard H. Shepherd George Handy Robert G. Love Val Dean Al Jones John Wallace John Vernieu Brian Pendleton Paul Stringham Dale LeCheminant LaVar Stork john B. Richards Lester Blackner Bud Hansen Art Jackson Ellsworth Havnes Glendon Johnson Gil Iker Jerry Bennion Bradford Allen Bill Beesley Grant Williams Dick Muir Boyd Farr Thomas K. Voyer, Lyman Clark Beecher Adams Ben Hathaway Dick Crook Wendell Winegar Joe Preece Bob Williams Clyde Early Tom King Clark Adams Grant Southwick Spencer F. Hatch Clayton R. Williants Lynn Silver Richard Wiimder Tom Felt Orson Wright Don Handy Flint Dickson Robert Bullen Mearle Heitzntazi Gary Lund Eastman Hatch Steve Nebeker Russell K. Nelson William Fehr Rex Williams Blaine Clements Boyd Donaldson George Handy Val Dean . . Tom Voyer . . Edward Nlulliner Prcsidcnt Viccfllrcs. Secretary Trczlsurcr DELTA DELTA ELTA Three hundrfd twenty Janice Twitchell Pat Synon Barbara Daynes Joyce Hoskins Joan Clayton Barbara Casto Colleen Clyde Joyce Crawford Patti Whitney Joan Koziol Shawna Ellison Carol Geerlings Mildred Ogden Jacquelyn Buehler Joyce Schutte Jeanne Wiggell Sally Howe Gayle Sutton Doris Gillespie Barbara Arbuckle Carolyn Crawford Shawna Stewart Janet Butler Gloria Clausen Marianne Gray Dolly Drazich Barbara Anderson Rhoda Worley Joyce Johnson Joyce Woolley Marilyn Wood Marilyn Anderson Donna Lou Archibald Effie Lu Evans Jo Ann Townley Peggy Williamson Connie Gleave Mona Rae Maw Frances Spencer Enid Nelson Joan Farr Joyce Sutton Mary Koziol Afton Bradford Patricia Layton Pat Young Helen Dawn Anderson Marge Woodruff Mary Wade Elaine Rawlings Janice McKay Cleone Shipley June Smith , . Renee Young . . . Enid Nelson . . Bobbe Bennion . . . lVIarianne Gray .... Rhoda Worley President Viccfljrcs. 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Smith Hugh Wiley Cordell Smith . . Hal Thorpe Dick Smith . Bill Walker . President VicefPres. Treasurer Recorder Chaplain E L T A G A 4? 3 ev' ru' ,lIlll11I'Q'11 iiewv ztv-four Betty Lou Clements Carol Clark Elaine Taylor Verna Snow Margaret Lack Jane Belnap Shirlee Hurst Joan Lingenfelter Barbara Deming Eleanor Ware Gloria Petersen Loretta Tugman Gwen Cramer Raida Nebeker Joyce Romney Adella Polve Merlynn Droubay Pat Midgley Claudia Free Margaret McQuarrie Beverly Hanks Shirley Sutton Sally Clark Virginia Jensen Yvonne Polve Chloe Kammerman Lela Rae Potts Ellen Hierboeck Dorothy Mcllrath Marilyn Allred Margene Barrus Marian Davis Gwen Anderson Bonnie Ashton Shirle Jacobsen Carol Cardon Roberta Moore Betty McDonald Donna Colleen Egan Betty Mae Link Helen Sinclair Beb Olsen 4 Shirley Chamberlain Nancy Grua Donna Radovicll Barbara Perrine Peggy Strong Margery Groshell Dottie Iohnson Sally Jones Betty Walker Janet McKay Dorothy Bluhm Valoris Webb Billie Hogan Donna Pingree Pauline Wrathall Jo Griffin Joyce Kelly Ida Young Gloria Rasmussen Evelyn Wilson Marion Spratt Mercedes Parker Beverly Pingree Phyllis Watkins Gloria Cardon Sherie Solomon Helen Emerson Marilyn White Shirley Willianls Laura Knowles Donna Radovich , . President Shirley Sutton . . . Viccfprcs. Donna Pingree . . Recording SCC. Marian Davis . . Coiwcspoimdiiig Soc. Carol Clark . . . . Treasurer Polly Wrathall , . Rush Chairlnzlu 'Hug WW S GMA Maurice Lyon Vern Bullough Marvin Brown Lamar N. Latimer Ross Watsoii John Lawrence William Frailey Dick Birkinshaw Richard A. Barrass Edmond Jeffeirs Richard K. Nelson Dick Jenkins Quintin Magioimos Norman Grubaugh Tikey Magionos LeRoy Sleater Asael G. Taylor J. L. Hayes Harold A. Lewis Richard E. Ellison Robert Nlartin Walter Patrick Eugene Russell Pllil Meycrhoger Doyle Olson Nlarvin Tudclenham W3yl19 Glaus james L. Barker Dick Nelson . . 1'I'USiC1C11f Tike Magioxmos , . ViccfPrCs. Dick jenkins . . Secretary Phil Meyerhoffer . . 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President Maurene McArthur . Recording Sec. Alice Sheldon . Corresponding Sec. Jeanne Forrest .... Treasurer Ruth Hay . . Plcdgc Captain June Straw . Rush Chairman Q61 Thru' hzmdrrd lzwuly-izinr DELT PHI Thru' humlrml Ilzirty Stuart Manookin Wally Allen Bennion Redd Melvin Teerlink Don C. Linford Robert H. Sylvester Richard A. Parker John Rich Richard Platt Albert Pennock Russell T. McDonald Keith Taylor Ernest E. Zobrist Verl Scott Harold Goddard Clarence Teerlink Eugene K. Amundsen J. Lowell Young William D. Newsome Joseph F. Patrick Heber Moulton Gordon W. Jensen Douglas H. Pack David E. Adams James M. Baird Marvin Curtis Roland R. Wright Clair Phillips J. Glen Erickson Lincoln R. Eliason Willis Smith Cornelius W. Nielsen Dale Hunt Grant Mack Walter E. Peterson Ted C. Smith Art Spencer john Edward Harold Surherlund Richard F. Earl Hyrum W. Loutensock Joseph Anderson james Glenn C. Eldon Hunt George Edwin Parry Victor Morris Mack Bauer Lorin G. Folland Ralph Holton Clifton R. Davis Curzon Hailes Robert D. Matheson Larry B. Adamson Richard Paul Romney Karl Nash Dean A. Rowley Lionel M. Farr John Rich ...... President Claude Burtenshaw . . VicefPres. Owen Hansen .' . Acting VicefPres. Hyrum Loutensock . . . Secretary Douglas Pack . . . National Rep. Three hundred thirty-one il? H1 M Three hnnrlrerl Ihirty-Irs' LaNore Christenson Mickey Meiklejohn Betty Templeton Beverly Koepsel Marguerite Lauriante Joanne Crawford joan Labbe Toula Kannes Ioan Branstetter Louise Reves Gwen Gardner Joy Schoenfeld Mary Louise Southwick Willa Rae Lewis Marjeanne Stevens Beverly Sorensen Mary Smedley Helen Walton Pat Mote Marilyn Mason Luella Harvey Loila Oldham Jeanne Snow Patsy Anderson Laurene Edwards Marian Conrad Natalie Berntsen Mary Alice Flygare Violet Wfalker Lillian Berry Cherry Powers Betty Burton Marilyn Tolton Pat Maack Shirley Shreeve Patricia Rogers Elma Oldham Thelma Oldham Joyce Pugsley Lorene Ames Helen Edwards Jane Laraway Maurine McKeller Joan McKendriclc Marilyn Mason . . President LaNore Christensen . , Vicefpres. Marian Conrad . . . Secretary Francis Cowley . . . Treasurer Marilyn Tolton . Rush Chairman Thin'hlrmfrvrlthirlv-!hr1'4 S I Melviix Fish Carl Dorius Bernard Flanagan Charles D. Snow Raymond C. Edvalson V. H. Astill Terry Anderson Clyde Gillette Charles G. Elmer Harry Gillette Lewis Miller Herbert Millie Charles W. Cornell Robert Saville Charles R. Shepley Lawrence Karren Wilmer Wiser Thomas Boone Frank Wofhnden Wesley Thomassen Allen Samuelsen Glen C. Crookston Ora Scott Franklin Hensley Lawrence Lister Frank A. Fornelius Robert H. Dickerman James Buchanan Norman Cornell Walter Cook John D. Klebe P. M. Eldredge Paul Cornell Oliver R. Hunter Delbert Sacos Alonzo Ferrell Daniel C. Hutton . . . President Daryl Sanborn . . First VieefPres. Harold L. Child, jr. . Second VieefPres Robert D. Lambourne . . Treasurer P. M. Eldredge . . . Secretary fi- 'll M is 2 2 rv' N, fa lhrrr hnmlrwl !l1i1'tfv-xii' ,.4-v Mary Clark Pattie Nilson Jeanne Anderson Katherine Wheeler Carrol Jex Martha Stewart Jean Baker Lou Ann Gillette Pauline Judd Claire Engleman Marjorie Jarvis Shirley Van Studdiford Nancy Peery June Whitnieyer Paula Margetts Nan Miller Catherine Burton Anne Palmer Ruth Jean Snow Ruth Stranquist Marian Caffey Darlene Christiansen Gloria Johnson Betty Paine Lee Deffebach Jane Layton Joyce Henderson Dorothy Richardson Mary Lou Baxter Betsy Moore Frances Muir Pat Clawson Virginia Moyle Mary Hansen Carolyn Chesley Thelma Peterson Sxf Peggy Dixon Patricia Cotterell Bonnie Service Adele Mays Sharon Boyle Joyce Snow Lucille Nate Helen Clark Donna Menkenmaier Norma Clark GN!- Margaret Ann Woodruff Mitzi Johnson Jean Bickmore Sally Ralph Elaine Richards Geraldine McCarthy . , President Jean Bickmore .... VicefPres. Carrol Jex . . . . . Treasurer Pauly Ray . . . Recording Sec. Sally Ralph . . Corresponding Sec. Bonnie Service . . . Pledge Supvr. Margaret Ann Woodruff Rush Chrmn. Thrve hzmdrzvi thirty-seven .D. . Three hundred thirty-eight l Rosemary Lucas Joy Bollschweiler Lila Lindsay Ellen Young Lorraine Vincent Renon Christensen Nlarion Harris Karel Pinckney Lola Brady Marion Lang Eleanor Young Yvonne Boehme Mary Dawn Dosch Beulah Latimer Jean Dansie HI KAPPL IO' A Harold Hansen Bert G. Clift Howard G. Bo Jess Rainey Allen D. Clyde Ernest Carlson Ben Walker Bob G. Fawcett Jack Kirk Art Fowler WVES 'Q' dred th Recognition of Achievement Z Three hundred forty vw Inu: HI B TA QAPPA Howard C. Nielson Jean Bickmore Geraldine McCarthy LaRue Olsen Julie Cuthbert Gloria Clausen John Van Den Berghe NOT PICTURED: Betsy Jones Patricia Condon Brim Rodney Lee Aamodt Max L. Carruth Raola Clark Dean Criddle Melvin S. Frish Elva Harward Virginia Leary Calvin lVIcMillan Shelia Woolsey PHI KAPP PHI Afton Bradford Peggy Ann Staub Donna Radovich Sally Ralph Jean Bickmore Halbert Garbe Joy Mays john Nlaragakis Marie Louise Barker Gloria Clausen Ralph Green Julie Cuthbert John Van Den Berghe Geraldine McCarthy Mary Lu Edman Merrily11 Evans fly E H l V V Donna Radovich Evalyu Darger Julie Cuthbert Marillyii Barker Wilbur Jarvis Virginia Isakson Marie Louise Barker Jean Ward Polly Wrathall '- Qf, 554?' ..? ' , iii -v ' V-ww, ,, . . , ,, ,K M.,1fV,r,,X,,,l . 1 ef Q .1 in ':?famff1f":f':z-af 'ni 4" 12-41- 1 eu Gf'5'f'1 :pf Q4 , Ti':TrF-'w'f5Z'::f,-H-'ww ini-'M 'Zsy' :.f1'1.,P"1 'lmkggg12:.':44wmG'g1'1 5555: 3 y ,V AQgyLA,ggf. ,nw vw f, eff M:f?1,,,,a1:,f:g.w:mlm-:wh-.W .V ,W ,ivfhfzwff ,Vw if , fr Thrve hundred jnrly-four W Q 0 RT B A R D Sally Ralph . Janice McCu11e Julie Cuthbert . Alice Pat Capson Evalyn Darger Prcsiclcut Viccfljrcs, Secretary Reporter Trczlsurcr Jean Bickmore Beth Calder Janice MCCU119 Evalyn Darger Donna Radovich Alice Pat Capson jean Ward Sally Ralph Julie Cuthbert T-"fm: 'Tiff 'W ,, ,- ' f f 4544 Zami Q2-,2?"if1 A 4 ,Q-, M i f fc ,pw g me Af? 1,5 H Q N grief my W , w5,w?'1. 'W- ' ",5'f.f?:Zw2S5 ,WSW 619551 541555 4 f 4 . , K: i,fQ:f1Zgf4'f X xv5,Q1"'M-2 4 , . +A of Tlzrvv hlmrlrrrl forty-fi UWEJ AN IGS lb',55,ZF xi w'j,'5wfQI5 S if - , 1 ' 6 442-gm? wa y .. M2 , .. ,W W- f- wg gi Q 1 yawn ,fy as rf .g Q f 5129 X6 wwf ii Q42 J' aw M: Y it w,,a,:-W yi? Q 'i Q 1 5 9 .,f:,:z-av iffxwvrwrfif-vzwn-,,.f,z,i6 sf'- . V ,W X V X WW' wifi: Z f : , 2 ' . , 'fav k X P' afnfffz f,:"wf0gafefgsk-ff1':Q.fQ. , , ff , ' ,wwf nggggywir' , -i mi r f, . 3f"' 2 w ? 5f3'fij,iiw1-A tg-5.1325-f Three hundred ,forty-six Robert Darger David Dee Leonard Lewis Quentin Kolb David Reiser Richard Horne Smith Rod Dixon Arthur S. Anderson Royce Flandro Wilbur Jarvis Robert Darger . Prcsidcnt Rod Dixon . . . VicefPres. Richard H. Smith . Sccffrcas. SKULL A D BO ES Herold Gregory Ronald L. Capener Ronnie Masters Clifford Curtis Vernon Romney Wallace Bennett Milton Hollstein Glendon Johnson Wallace Bennett . . Herold "Huck" Gregory Glendon johnson . . President VicefPres. Sec.fTreas. 'Y Three hundred forty CWEAF Rosalie Chipman . . President Joan Nelson . . Vicefpres. Raida Nebeker . Secretary jennis Farley . . Treasurer Raida Nebeker Janet Wfoodruff Margaret Ann Wfoodruff Janice Jacobsen Three hundrnl forty-eight Gwen Cramer jennis Farley Jeniel Pratt Peggy Dixon Margaret Stevens Ardath Lym Marion Darger Rosalie Chipman Joan Nelson Elaine Rawlings Patricia Snow Bobbie Bennion Pat Zwick Elizabeth Goldthorpe Helen Richards Florence Wood Hal N. Mays Reed Bills Douglas Pack Eugene L. Talbot Halbert Garbe Henry Hoopes LaMar Smith Robert D. Hayes Jack Birk Richard Horne Smith Vervin Gilson John Maragakis Joe Glassett Miltoli Wadswforth Halbert F. Garbe . Marne L. Mercer Henry W.Hoopes . Rteordm Str Milton E. Wadsworth . . . . . . Corrtsponrlln Q INTERCOLLEGIATE KNIGH 2 Three hundred fifty Richard Stucki Warren Astin Earl Beecher Bill Woodruff Heber G. Hogan Stanley Henderson Winheld Angleman Gordon Gottstein Boyd Nelson Arthur Scott Gilbert Barton Howard C. Bradshaw Richard A. Parmelee Devirl Stewart Victor D. Green Richard D. Ellsworth Clark V. jones Don Richeda Gordon Moody Scott Woodland Dennis Ausherman Delbert Atwood Golden Humphries Don Brown Walter B. Kerr Doyle Olson Wayne Glaus George Littke Kent I. Newman Joe Williams Robert Blackhurst Vernon G. Price Oliver Richards Leon Frazier Gilbert Smith Bill Woodruff . . Honorable Duke Delbert Atwood . . Worthy Scribe Golden Humphries ...... . . . . Chancellor of Exchequer Scott Woodland . Wcmrthy Recorder Three hundred fifty-one S Marilyii Reiser Pat Synon Sue Stoddard Marilyli Woodbury Julia Caine Willa Rae Seely Ann Farley Margaret Viko lil -s ...L Joy Schoenfeld Elaine Taylor Lou Anne Charvoz Daisy Richter Lorraine Stout Geniel Beck Darlene James Carol Gardiner l Shirley Graff Jeen I-Iyer Shirley Parkin Renee Crosby Noreen Cutler Edna Markey Patty Farnsworth 5 - f Three hundred fifty-two Virginia Hamal Josephine Larsen Edith Wimmer Ruth Hay Anne Jeannette Winn Carol Moesser Mitzi Johnson Georgia Anderson Patricia Maack Virginia Salisbury Thelma Peterson Margery Groshell Barbara Wilson Shirley Waller Josephine Griffin Gloria Smith Margaret Maeser Margee Smith Mary Smedley Dottie Johnson Sharee Moreton Jean Gallacher Nancy Peery Willa Rae Seely . . . Ruth Hay . . . Josephine GriH'in . Margaret Viko . Anne Farley . President ViccfPres. Secretary Treasurer Historian M l J Q NR? ls? 5 l at 1.5 Thrrf' hundred fifty 5' 5 HI ETA SIG-MA dfi Paul Hammond Jay Monroe Jensen Glenn W. Pett Richard Howe Eastman Hatch David Salisbury Gilbert Smith Tom King Nathan Fullmer Richard Van Orden Harold E. Aldous Ernest Bulow James Sylvester Keith G. Wiilkler C. DuWay11e Schmidt Wallace V. Jenkins Glen Putnam john Heiss Andre Lamarche Wesley C. Woottoxm Wm. Revell Phillips Paul W. Horsley Jim Wootoii Lewis Russell Tarbox Lynn Jones Bruce Jenkins J. Rodman Seely George Alfieris M. Lloyd Rumph Jim Warenski Peter Kasius Ray B. Ralph Marvin H. McNiel Theodore Alexander Vern Farr James F. Sylvester George S. Alfieris Paul Y. Hammond . Harold E. Aldous . Glenn W. Pett . President VicefPres. Secretary Treasurer Historian i xi A hundred rift LPH AM DELT hundred fifty-six Georgia Anderson Audrey Norberg Mary Thorpe Marilyn Woodbury Monza Higgs Lorraine Stout Joy Bement Ruth Hay Patty Farnsworth Margaret Viko Kathryn Stover Janice Johnson Marilyn Pohlman Mary Lynne Clayton Jewel Johnson Darlene James Dorothy Paul Ethna Robinson Dorothy Bluhm Margaret Maeser Kazuko Sakahara Betty Glad Carol Clyde Gayle Martin Lillian Berry Carma Darley Carole Jones Lila May Dickson Jane Bradley Jean Hart TH A ALPH PHI Marie Barker Joyce Barlow Robert lVIartin Beverly Bithell Wfinfield Angleman Bena Le Bowering Joyce Thorum Clarke Jones Jennings Olsen Marillyn Barker Patricia Warshau' Virginia lVIcGrew Fae Thomas Waynme B. Tolman . President Ross B. Ramsey . . ViccfPres. Onzelle Caulfield . . . Secretary Thrfe hun drrd The Common Interests VT' sw! 1112 X' Tlxff 1u'hru1dr1'd HAH-1-11111f Marian Davis . Presiden Barbara McKean ViCefPres Margaret West Treasure. Gloria Johnson . Reporte Carolyn Horne Secretary Three hundred sixty Ioan Bitner Patricia Maack Marian Lois Smith Monza Higgs Patricia May Cotterell Margaret Ann Whitney Natalie Berntsen Marian Lindquist Marilyn White Darlene James Ruth Muir Ann Winn Jean Gallacher Shirley Parkin Geniel Beck Marion Burrows Rosalie Chipman Jean Cannon Mary Kasteler Georgia Anderson Joy Bement Marilyn Horne Kathryn Thornley Barbara McKean Gloria Smith Sharee Moreton Marilyn Hewlett Beverly Hayes Irene Evans Joy Hodgins Elaine Anderson 1 Pat Midgley Joyce Hoskins Elaine Cannon Sharon Sayler Marjorie Baird Marybell Fenton Barbara Folsom Margaret West Marion Davis Mary Elen Bennett Nlodenna Brossard . . President Irene O'Brien . . . Src. E59 Trcals. Ruth Blackburn, Bernice Jensen Dorothy Hopkins . Publicity Comm. Geraldine Christensen Mary Lyle Nlendenhall . Social Comm, Irene O'Brien Helen Tams Norma McPhail Jo Ballard Lois Gilner Ruth Thorne Virginia Dorton Mary Lyle Mendenhall Carol Duvall Ruth Ann Kershner Beulah Latimer Cyntha Cowan Verda Lou W'etzel Ruth Blackburn Anne Jeanette Winn Bernice Jensen Chloris Bowman 3 Geraldine Christensen Jeanne Kemp ' Phyllis W'atkins Beth Christensen Donna Adams Ela-Dee Deming Betty McTague Yi' APNI N Tllrrc hundred sixty-two Joyce Barlow Beb Olsen Barbara Wilson Jewel Johnson Thelma Peterson Janice Johnson Raye Carleson Marion Darger Ethna Robinson Bernice Jensen Marie Barker Julie Cuthbert Shauna Stewart Adele Sevy Afton Bradford Marilyn Barker Alice Pat Capson Elaine Rawlings Evalyn Darger Bobbie Bennion Marian Lois Smith Marilyn Price Marilyn Woodbury Ardath Lym Mary Elen Bennett Gloria Smith Marilyn Horne Kathryn Thornley Margaret Stucki Dawn Stevens Fae Thomas Darlene James Pat Midgley Joyce Thorum Josephine Larsen Polly Wrathall Mary Armstrong Florence Wood Jean Gallacher Joyce Hoskins Donna Radovich Patricia Snow Joy Bement Rhoda Worley Sally Clark Lo Donna Leininger Marilyn White Jean Ward Evelyn Wilson Frances Abbott Marjorie Christensen Bena Lee Bowering Patricia Warshaw Dorothy Bluhm Elaine Anderson Maryellen Jordan Eva Marie Weaver Ruth Woods Barbara Folsom Sharon Sayler Lila May Dickson Louine Hickman Afton Bradford . Marie Barker , . Mary Armstrong . Elaine Rawlings . Marilyn Price , ,an .M A Prcsiclcnt Vice' Pres. Secretary Trczusurci' Historia I1 Tlinw' hundred sixly-lhrrr Thru- lzumlrvrl sixty-four Gilbert Barton Lorene Ames Dorothy V. Bishop Ray Pixton Beck Colleen Hinckley Bruce Benedict Elizabeth Goldthorpe Harold E. Aldous Dona Rae Liddle Afton Bradford Jay Brimley Beverly Brown Carol Jean Christensen Janet Christopherson Roberta Carlquist John Clegg Cyntha Cowan John H. Cook Paul I-Iammond Virginia Hamal Lois Carol Gunderson Renee Crosby Charles Goldthorpe Irene Del-Iaan Marjorie Blake Geniel Beck Elva Doty Donna Best Lillian Berry Joseph Hansen Alice Deane Carlson Shirlee Brown Joyce Brewster Elaine Cannon Spencer Heiner Joan Bitner Pauline Black Carma Darley Lola Brady Dale Brimley Mary Dawn Dosch Caroline Hobson Robert Blackhurst Colleen Allred Annamae Billeter Betty Bills Earl Beacher Marjorie Baird Loretta Child Beth Bishop Beverly Borg Steven T. Baird Marilyn Callister Betty Jean Houston lla Holt Hal Clyde Donna Lou Archibald Mary Elen Bennett Lorraine Ashton Jean Cannon Harry Bluhm Shirlee Ann Bishop Chick Bradford Alice Cannon Lorin Chapman Marilyn Bennett Imogene Brown Beverly Black Elva Davis Joseph Clark Gloria Cardon Gloria Ashton Richard C. Baird Elaine Bowman Muriel Cordrey Jean Dansie James R. Bown Dorothy Bluhm Juanita Astin Beverly Campbell Carrolee Campana Clara Capson Marjorie Beck Marion Angerbauer Royce Elanclro . Dorothy Pittenger . Ellen Mulville . Joyce Woolley . Bernice Wallace . Douglas Scott . Margaret Stucki . LAMBD DELT S GMA :lf . - .... R :- r ',,:f if A, ' 7 :Q ' Y 413 Three humlrral sixly-six Margaret Strong Vernon Jorgensen Jennis Farley Walter B. Kerr Joanne Wallace Ruth Muir Beverley Killpack Ann Farley Janice Knight Patty Linn Farnswor Carole Jones Robert E. Knotts Paul R. Schulze Faye Stuart Arlene Foote Ramon Mangelson Rosalie Johnson Iris Montague Kathryn Fairbanks Carol McGavin Thelma Ellen Evans Mar Jeanne Stevens Ray Marti Marjorie James Jeanne Kemp Vernon L:1Varcl Snow Mary Alice Flygare Merrill L. Wilson th Mary Lyle Nlenderzha Evelyn Lindberg Doreen Moody Joanne Morley Evanna Jarvis Mary Lu Edman Kent Worthen Mary Tensmeyer Alan C. Jacobsen Donna Mulcoclc Renee Keetch Margaret Stucki Darlene James Betty Fox Marilyn Wood Keith Winegar Shirley Chamberlain Marilyn Woodbury Joyce Romney Wilma Wood Carolyn Shurtlelf Leonore Young Marilyn White Verna Snow Alan Swan Marilyn Poulton Sharol Duliin Raida N ebeker Colleen Carter LeRoy Allen Florence Wood Emery G. Nelson Dawn Tucker Beatrice Duke Verda Wimmer Ivan Nichols Janice Wood Richard P. Romney Raye Carleson Peggy Staub Dawn Ryser June Perschon Carol Jean Stewart Jeannine Davis Shirley Parkin Shirley Brewster Sharee Moreton Ellen Davis Marybell Fenton Jean York Virginia Cutler Jane Davis Shirley Abbott Clifford Clive Wanda Burkinshaw Irma Darley ii E14 Xia sh! Q' 59 fi. X W ,is J 1 3: -.. g 8 . V H572 qt All 'S ,elif 'E fa A A is af ' 'Sami 'PQ ndrnl six Three humlrerl sixty-eight LaVon Matson Pat Midgley Gayle Richards Juanita Tucker Arthur R. Perschon Joyce Pugsley Helen Walton William Johnson Loila Oldham Wilma Sprunt Ethna Robinson Beverly Middlemas Pat Synon Gwen Cramer Elias Torres Carol Cardon Evelyn Wilson Venice Davies Maxine Edmonds Carlyle Munk Shirley Christensen Harold Sutherland Luana Munson Pat Rogers Elna Clark Nell Christensen Richard Adam G. Beverly Bruening Leola Clark Erldean Christensen Irene O,Brien Geraldine Christensen Jo Barlow Lou Etta Sampson Louis Cardon Ieraldine Chytraus Harold Adams Shirley Coombs Renon Christensen Julia Teerlink Barbara Parmley Ellen Rasmussen Esther McKinney William Ferrell Midene McKay Duane McGhie Marilyn Hendricks Mary H. Frampton Marilyn Wallace Margaret Evans Kathleen Erskine Milan Gutke Bernice Jensen Jesse Griffiths Edward Fillerup Helen Terry Gladys Gold Dick Grow Betty Mae Peterson Bobbie Bennion Carol Evans Blaine E. Twitchell Elaine Gowers Helen Jeffcott Sherill Moses Geraldine Harmer Lucille Giaque Marilyn C. Goddard Jo Anne Harward Dalmas Nelson Louine Hickman Nancy Hughes Ruth Farnsworth Helen Hayes Ruth Humphries Clarence Flowers Ruth Edmonds Beverly Hutchings Mary Lynn Fairbanks Evan F. Evans Evelyn Moncur Shirley Graff Pauline Hanks Merrilyn Evans rn' lzzuidrerl .vixty-nine Three hundred sfvenly Lawrence A. Johnson Josephine Larsen Jane Hatch Larry Heath Barbara Wallace Iris Terry Willa Rae Seely William A. Graham Marjorie Glade Arlene McComb Marilyn Hawkins Charles Faux Anna Laker Kathleen Jowers Harlan Hammond LaVon Gotberg Lucy Lloyd Mary Reynolds Wilma Murdock J. Wallace McKnight Ada Whitely Colleen Larsen Paul King Carol Orme George Littke Louise Vincent Geraldine Gardner Margaret Maeser Mary King Ferris Hillyard Ruth Walton Gloria Hendricks Luella Harvey Kenneth Lucas Marjorie Gardner Edna Markey Carol Laxman Hattie Lou Merrell Carla Nelson Joy Houston Martha Isom Phyllis Martin Rosella Wfinters Evelyn Stobbe Joyce Smith Glen Smith Sydnee Sanderson Louise Lunt Ronda Walker Edwin Seely Karma Houston Mary Lou Young Dorothy Pittenger James Nance Kay Worthington Dauna Smith Roy Silver Joan Pettis Betty Lou Shafer Pat Harmer Earl Tiller Joy Bement Elsie Short Vernon Young Josephine Chamberlaine Douglas Woodbury Ellen Young Henry B. Watson Bernice Olofsen Barbara Fraughton Mark Cannon Jeniel Peterson Lois Pearson Ila May Russon LaRue Truman Victor Spencer Donna McDonald Betty McFarlane Shirley Hansen Beverly Jeanne Hayes Margaret D. Smith Jackie Nuttall Eleanor Young Martin Roylance aff' nu Three hll7ldfPllXPifPHfj'-011 LA BDA LTA SIGM Three hundred seventy-two Jean Rosenvall Stan Schoenfeld Lorraine Stout Ruth Ulrick John Smith Alton Ross Donna jean Speight Gloria Petersen Gwen Peterson Don Whipperman Christine Rogers Ethel Nelson Donald E. Robinson Helen Richards Janet Rawson Lorene Ricks Vernon G. Price Phyllis Peterson Dean North Jerry Rasmussen C. DuWayne Schmidt Kathryn Watkins Oliver Richards Ruth Belnap Wesley Wootton Gilbert Smith Deone Russell Melza Beth Clyde Karon Gwilliam Helen Rogers Colleen Van Noy GI EERING Halbert Garbe Gilbert Smith Verle H. Brown SOCIETY Reed Bills 5 Marshall Bell ' Art Monsey John Maragakis Richard D. Harline Harry Leif Marne Mercer . . . President Hal Garbe . . . Viccfljres. Mary Lou Harline . . Secretary john Maragakis . . Treasurer Three hundred seventy-th 'IO ECO MCS Three hundred sfvcnly-four UB Noretta Blaes Lorraine Stout Ruby Shipen Carolyn Shurtleff Shirlee Brown Nlary Ella Evans Joan Pettis Elaine Taylor Raida Nebeker Christine Rogers Gwen Cramer Margery Groshell Margaret Strong Jo Griiiin Ann Farley Joanne Crawford Mary Kasteler Marjorie Glade Janice Knight Carla Nelson Virginia Cutler Lavon Matson Teresa Polychronis Illeen Paice Dona Rae Liddle Mary Louise Grooms Barbara Dawson Marva Paxman Anna Kurata Beverly Colbert Lucille Giaque Marion Winder' Deone Russell Jeannette Allein Ethel Nelson Elva Davis Robyn Tibbs Marilyn Woodbury Barbara Sorensen Chaulare Cole Elsie Namba Carol Clarke Wilma Wood Joyce Love Dorothy Mcllrath Pat Rogers Afton Rice Joanne Wallace Joyce Pugsley Adele Sevy Mary Wadsworth Beverly Brown Lou Etta Sampson Dorothy Pittenger Nedra Nickerson Luciel Wright Margaret Stucki Mary Dawn Dosch Verna Snow Annette Nibley Betty Burton Erma Darley Betty jean Houston Iris Montague Luana Monson Susan Felt . . President Gwen Cramer . Viccfljres. Ruth Fischer . Sccrctzlry Janice Knight . . Trczlsurcr Three hundred seventy-five ll E T A T li , .. V ., , .f Three hundred seventy-six Robert Darger Halbert Garbe LaMar Smith Vervin Gilson Richard Anderson Elbert White Jack Birk Jay Gleason Sterling Barton Jack C. Alder Arthur Ray H. K. Thurber Bruce Benedict john Butler Howard Blumen Robert C. Mayer John Reeves Marshall Bell LaVar H. Barker Robert E. Bell W. Bryan Laker John Maragakis Reed Bills Vernal E. Edlund Bob Weyher John William Jenkins Charles Goldthorpe Bob Lambourne George E. Watkins Jens Jonsson J. Eugene Russon King Hinckley Dale Johnson Robert S. Patrick Bob Hagen Robert Merrill Bud Madsen Edward P. Deason Robert Hayes Harry D. Moulton Melvin Duke Blair Evans Lee Jorgensen Halbert Garbe . Jack Birk . Marshall Bell . Robert Mayer . . Robert Hayes . Cm-rcspcmding Sec. . . Regent . Viccfllcgcnt . Treasurer . . . . Scribc Sm Three' hundred scvrfnty-seaveax ORCHES Three hundred seventy-eight Beverly Bithell . . President Darlene Johnson . . Secretary Yoshiye Shirata . . . Treasurer Elizabeth Hayes . . Dance Director Colleen Carter Marilyn Barker Lorraine Orgill Betty McTague Mary Ethel Eccles Joyce Hansen Yoshiye Shirata Sharlene Sherman Leonore Young Josephine Larsen Patty Linn Farnsworth Darlene Johnson Alice Horne Carole Jones Marleen Peacock Shirley Russon Bernice Jensen Beverly Bithell Gloria Clausen . . Carma Rae Davis . . Janice McCune . Sally Clark . . . LaFawn Graff . , Elizabeth Goldthorpe Janice Jacobsen Janice lVlcCune LaFawn Graff President Viccfljrcs. Secretary Treasurer . Editor Carma Rae Davis Raona Evans Gloria Clausen Polly Wrathall Sally Clark Raida Nebeker C TEV in if i OMICRUN 4? ,Si NEWMAN CLU William Downey . . . Mary Stone . President . . lst VicefPres. Colleen Pavela . . . 2nd VicefPres. Mary Anselmi . Pat Reagan . Lois Bestlemeyer .,.. Three hundred eighty X .,4k. Elaine Sax Barbara Walker Noretta Blaes Frank McCabe Teresa Salmon Harry McCabe Louise Notti Gordon Flint N edra Nickerson Allen Lee Colleen Pavela Nick Rodriguez Edna Zaelit Bob Murphy Barbara Naughton Mary Anselmi Mary Hansen William Downey Lucille Zaelit James Muth Bill Ward Mary Baker Charmain George Kent I. Newman Margaret Viko Lois Bestelmeyer John C. Downey Carol Shaughnessy Alice DePietro Robert V. Boucher Virginia Gabardi Jack Bradley Barbara Casto . . Recording Sec. . Corresponding Sec. Historian SCABB RD D BL DE Royce Flandro Robert Hutton Chesley K. Seely Ralph Green Ternu Odow Paul R. Schulze 1 Blaine Twitchell Eugene Andreason Three hundred P 1 ALPHA CAPPA PSI Threr hundred eighty-I T Bert R. Gardner Mark Clark . Ernest Bulow . Grant Jacobs . George Iverson Willianm H. Day Ernest Bulow George L. Iverson Bert R. Gardner Lynnwood Christensen Max R. Miller Mark B. Clark George Cromar Richard Spratley Verl Scott Joseph Hansen Paul D. Baker Charles T. Bruce Emery G. Nelson Grant Jacobs Glen Scofield . President . . ViccfPres. . Secretary . . , Treasurer . . Mzlsterof Rituals A.C.E jennis Farley Mary Anselmi Marion Darger Merrilyn Evans Nlary Louise Lyon Carol Evans Marilyn Poulton Mary Stone Helen Terry Donna Jean Speight Evalyn Darger Clara Capson Dawn Ryser Loa Bangerter Elaine Cannon Leola Clark Mary Stone . President Mary Anselmi . ViccfPres. Marilyn Poulton . . Secretary Carol Evans . . Treasurer re huudrrrl Highly - In L Ardath Lym President H D 'l I Carolyn Dunn . . , Sec.fTreas. Th e hundred sig Susan McCarrel . . Publicity Mgr. Dr. Clarice Short . Faculty Sponsor Carol Moesser Jean Gallacher Geraldine Rydman Beth Calder LeRae Findlay Carolyn Dunn Dawn Stevens Patsy Anderson Ruth M. Woods Ardath Lym Monza Higgs Toshiko Ushijima Shirley Waller Ronda Walker Mary Reynolds Karon Gwilliam Maryellen Jordan Beverly Lambourne Lou Raine Buffmire Marsy Hall Susan McCarrel ZE PHI Thelma Reeve. . . . President Nlarillyn Barker ..4. VicefPres. Fae Thomas . . Corresponding Sec. Bene Le Bowring . Recording Sec. Joyce Thorum . . . Treasurer Marie Barker Pat Young Florence Wood Thelma Reeve Jean Gallacher Bena Le Bows ring Hazel Lee Craig Patty Farnsworth Lois Gilner Carol Moesser Joyce T horum Virginia Dorton Joyce Barlow Ruth Blackburn Nlarillyn Barker Nlodenna Brossard Fae Thomas S 3 ,L :Is gi at Threw hrzmlrrd eight PPA GAMMA P I Kathryn Stover Dawn Stevens Betty Naden GA MA CH lh ee hundred Carma Darley Geniel Pratt 'ghty-six William Newsome Earl Beecher Don Wadsworth John M. Nelson Clifton K. Horspool Alma C. Cook Paul Allsman Adolph LeRoy Swenson Geniel Pratt . . President Miriam Jones . Viceflures. Dawn Stevens . . . Sec. 59' Trens, ' AI BRITH HILLEL Gordon Gottstein Irene Stone Paul Davidson Lenore Perlstein Sidney Safran Natalie Appleman Art Molwsey John L. Zobel .S. Vervin R. Gilson John Maragakis C Three hun .E. drea' L P H A THE T A K A P P MQ Th h drrd eigz Donald Redd John Alley Jeane Berthelson . . Hattie Lou Merrell . . . President VicefPres. Betty Gunderson . . Sec. 5s9Treas. Joyce Hansen Lois Carol Gunderson Jeane Berthelson Lois Nuttall Ruth Ulrich Avon Joan Phillipps Lou Etta Sampson Betty Elaine Gunderson Melha Ellison Joyce Thorum Donna McDonald Joan McKendrick Hattie Lou Merrell Garn Hatch . . . Magistrate G. Howard Cliff . . Exchequer Don Smith . . . . Clerk John R. Alley . . . Historian Walter Stewart Jay Ferrin Max G. Horton Mark B. Clark Jack Cromar William Atkin G. Howard Cliif John Crawford R Y ' S N Ni . '. A . . .L Sterling Barton .... Chairman J. D. Salisbury . . Asst. Chairman Franklin T. Hickenlooper .... . . . . . . . S6C.6'7DTfC2lSUfCT Halbert Garbe Eugene W. Hendron Michael Hillas King Hinckley Boyd Newman J. L. Gleason Hal Christensen Harry Leff Franklin T. Hickenlooper Ray Pixton Beck Sterling C. Barton Donald Moss Mickey Duncan . . PrCSiLlCI1f Nicholas G. Smith . . . ViccfPrcs, Bruce S. Jenkins . . . Sec. E9 Trcus. Paul Hammond Shirley Chamberlain Mickey Duncan Bruce Jenkins Evan F. Evans Devirl Stewart Wallace Bennett X. I. E. Ed Bliss A l, K A P lc' A L 1' ll David Dee Gayle Hunt Three lzundrczl 1' ALPHA EPSILO R110 Norma Schmutz Archie Heugley Gloria Clark . Alan Frank . Sue McCarrel . President Vice-Pres. Secretary Treasurer Reporter ree hundred ninety Bena Lee Bowring Patricia jurgens Bob Deming Carol Moesser Ronald L. Capener Susan McCarrel Keith Engar Mary Ethel Eccles Beth Calder Virginia McGrew Marshall Bell Bill lVIizuno Bruce Benedict Joseph E. Russon Blair Evans Reed Bills Verle H. Brown Richard H. Smith Robert Darger john Cutler Ernest Sabec Dale H. Johnson .S. .E. Dale Johnson . , . . Chairman Robert Hayes . . VicefChairmz1n John R. Butler . Sec, fr? Trezls. Thrvr huudrrd I5 if Advertising Thru' lzu1141'rLd uinvly-thrvr Abbott, Frances 96 363 Abbott, Shirley 134, 367 Abplanalp, Marion 52 Adam, Richard 96 368 Adams, Beecher 122 319 Adams, Clark 123 319 Adams, David E. 65 330 Adams Donna 146, 305 361 Adams, Emma Lou 146 Adams, Gloria 163 Adams, Harold 76 368 Adams, Homer 105 Adams, Mary 65 316 Adams, Neal 146 Adams, Paula 304 Adamson, lack 303 Adamson, Larry B. 331 Adamson, Lennox 66, 317 363 Adamson, Ned 60 Alleldt, Dennis A. 162 Aflleck, David W, 318 Akagi, Nelson T. 134 Albertson, Donna 103 Alder, lack 377 Alder, lohn 145 Alder, Marilyn 51 Aldous, Donald 146 Aldous, Harold E. 178, 354, 364 Aldous, Melvin 166 Aldredge, LaVee 135 Alexander, Theodore T. 146, 355 AlHeris, George 99, 355 Allcott, Charles 141 Tlzrer ,1ll7Idl'P!1 fliwly-join' Miner Mike Says: "A progressive furure for Urah de- pends upon sincere and 'Full cooper- a+ion of all. "We musl' encourage new induslries and preserve exisfing ones so as +o provide 'Full employmenl' 'For all, in- cluding +I1ose refurning from war service." THE METAL MINING INDUSTRY OF UTAH Internarional SmeI+ing 8: Refining Co. :: United Srares Smeliing, Refining and Mining Company :: Silver King Coalirion Mines Co. :: American SmeI+ing 81 Refining Co. :: Ufah Copper Co. Combined Merals Reduc+ion Co. :: Chief Con- solidafed Mining Co. :: Park U'I'aI1 ConsoIida+ecI Mines Co. :: Ohio Copper Company of Ulah Tinfic Sfandard Mining Company INDEX Allein, Ieannette Allen, Amy Roberta Allen, Bradford H. 115 Allen, Deon 76 Allen, Douglas Allen, George Allen, Herbert I. Allen, lessie M. Allen, Joseph Allen, LeRoy 99 Allen, Marjorie Allen, Murray F. Allen, Richard K. Allen, Robert E. Allen, Wallace Alley, Iohn 88 Allred, Alan Allred, Anthon B. Allred, Carol Allred, Caroline Allred, Carolynn Horne Allred, Colleen 76, 316 Allred, Llonas Allred, Louise Allred, Marilyn Allsinan, Paul 96 Ames, Lorene 120, 333 Amundsen, Eugene K. Anagnostakis, George Z. Anderl, Rowland Anderson, A. Leon Anderson, Alvin R. Anderson, Alvin S. Anderson, Arthur S. 61 Anderson, Barbara 149 166 318 304 146 158 161 54 67 367 168 61 322 135 330 388 161 99 144 60 317 365 51 169 324 386 364 330 146 146 51 143 134 346 320 Anderson Billie 124 Anderson, Rulon 96 Anderson Bob 96, 323 Anderson, Shirley 141 300 Anderson Bonita 60, 304 Anderson, Teddy 64 316 Anderson Boyd 147 Anderson, Terry 334 Anderson Brent 323 Anderson, Vernal E. 96 Anderson Chanley V. 102 Anderson, Vivian 99 Anderson, Clifford 146 Anderson, Warren 58 Anderson Dale 167 Andreasen, Eugene K. 99 315 Anderson Dick 146 Andrews, Ruth 328 Anderson Eddie 129 Andrus, Berwyn 146 Anderson Elaine Andrus, Beverly 99 76, 300, 360 363 Andrus, Bob 146 Anderson Emilie 169 Andrus,Nya1 146 Anderson Georgia Angelos, Bill 315 118, 316, 353 360 Angerbauer, Marion 99 365 Anderson Geri 156 Angleman, Winfield Anderson, Gerry 72 80, 351 357 A1'1dCfS011i GWCI1 166 324 Anselmi, Mary 77, 380 383 Anderson, Helen Dawn Appleynan, Natalie 146 Anderson Howard 315 Aposhian, George 150 Anderson .lean 143 Arakelian, Haig 50 Anderson Jean 99 304 Arbgn, Ruth 141 Anderson, Jeanne 40, 168 336 Arbugkle, Barbara 89 320 Anderson, Jimmie 147 Archer, Charles L. 306 Anderson, John W. 147 Archibald, Donna Lou Anderson, Joseph R. 331 129, 320 365 Anderson Keith V. 76 Argentos, Chris 146 Anderson, L. Roland 73 Armgrrgng, Ben F, 55 Anderson Lowell 147 314 Armgrrrmg, Mary 73, 305 363 Anderson Marilyn 320 Armstrong, Robert L, 71 Anderson Max 144 Ashton, Bonnie 324 Anderson, Patsy 76, 332, 384 Ashton, Gloria 97 365 Anderson, Phil 147 Ashton, Lorraine , 365 Anderson, Phyllis lean 86 Ashton, Thomas 157 Anderson, Richard 167 Askew, Marjorie 308 Anderson, Richard K. 376 Asper, ,lim 310 Anderson, Robert 147 Asper, Marguerite 308 we kiwi Q 1 ,X f-,N QT, 1' ' -N3 W 'VVS' w iQ,-Tv W V' it . NSS 5 A ' 5 V N A4 ,XL 5.1: - A Aid 1. , X , , ff: , Q fl 's 't7"v' ,,.. Y iv, Q , ,,, ,Quik . Jffr. - f- Mwww.. "W "' f . I Q 3 , k 'E .p-,,,..s v ' 4 "au . . wi ' V' ' ' ' 'EQ 455. v , 'HMQHNXV X , ' rw , ,af ' . '- ' br W? - - , ' . alfa? 4 'X ' W 'A' '-1 ' . - 2' A ' 5 . x 5 'Q-, . , wi' 'f 1 A ' " ' . W ! 'LFS K I may . km " 'R 'W' R 4 , - kwggfif? 'c",5f5ir"i:'I11'."h" ' lg, 5 3 '49 i ' "' 52.4. 0 V iW?J?"5l ,543 1731 x 5 H . . . ' . L J' 27451 we ,425 ag, ,. ,, , . Q,,,,f, 'Q' - V,-gg 3 ,X J nw ,mmm Q' ,I ' ,3 2 . 1 -.A W' 'QM gifs,-f ,, ef zg,Zmf ., ,, ff? ' ::1'::' fix' X 5 ' 5? K T3 'K T' , .554-ffm' ' 231:-ffiffl -f M 0 L' ' V HQ . J ,Vg.. - 3,2 K V X, , V 'EL ' 1' 5, A I ciiefiff-'?f K 2:5 mr? 1 ,gym ii . , cw, f gr ' " if W ,ygefezaw 5 7 1 j fr , , 2, K Y ,f 4 21' 1 V' Q W ,g .,..,, f 4, LV- :Y f , 3, 43 L I UM 45 , ff f . 4' ' Q-, , HM Y 5' P f f , ' , , 'A N 4 AA', . If 45- V fix, , A? 5 Vit? I W I A '11 f K ,za ' - JZQM at fLf,g3mA V . i g 'O A 4 1 ' K 3 L A L ' . ' H-, .. Aji,I,z.: ' .X f, f QM' fy , Q, 1 1 1 -I ' k ', 43 . ' f K JH? ' ,muff Jia? , , V gq.,? viii , ff, yr ,iff y v , 5 al, I, V 1 , .V XA 4 3w,: ' A,""'i, ig A fi,wXf i , h FMP- 4' H 1' .Q W ' ' SPORTSWEAK' " :iff 255 SQ. STATE 1' '-'an W ' N ,. :W gf ,. Y - , , ' ' -.Qs-w ' , wmzwhwf 7. if W V , .54 v ,v 1 . ' , 4, . , I 4. ,, in 3-w ,y,, W W . , wi 1 , , 9 f Lawggpmghl .ef if .Y f l 4 ,,'h,g!r9' an 1 Q .h , xx K 0 I X A I , . 1 A V , V , b f f f1,.fwm,4f ,N V W qw' J 55 V' ' f 4 'QM1 ,wg 'W " '- Q 7'-'WE 'weigh I' ' . .,'A'g,, A ' ' L13-jx,. K. "il: , .L f - ,, ,nf " " X ' W. , wwf fkfmiflif -4355 W, And the Desert Has Blossomecl Astill, Astin, Astin, V. H. Juanita Warren Astler, Jeannine Atkin, Backin Backin William an, Joan an, Richard Bacon, Marvin Bagnell, Thelma Bagnell, Myrna Bahr, Paul D. Bailey, Esther Baile Ivan Y, Bailey, Joseph Bailey, Keith 143, 146 Bailey, Margaret Bailey, Margene Bailey, Richard Baird, Elbert Baird, James 118 Baird, Jeanne Baird, Marjorie 100 360 Baird, Richard C. 129 Baird, Steven T. 117 Baker, Elaine Baker, Jean Baker, Mary 127 Baker, Richard Baldee, Frances Baldwin, Don Ballantyne, Annie Ballard, Barbara Ballard, Jo 116 Ballard, Russ 161 Ballif, Lyman J. 92 Ballinger, Barbara Jean 51 Bangerter, Jack N. Bangerter, Loa 59 Barber, Clinton S. Barber, James Bardsley, Roy Thrve hundred ninety-six 334 365 353 146 388 165 303 306 119 169 60 146 158 144 135 135 329 146 146 330 146 365 365 365 70 336 380 149 146 134 128 80 361 318 302 304 314 383 99 128 315 Atwood, Delbert 142, 306, Ausherman, Dennis Austin 97, 310, , Myrle Barkdull, Lucille Barker, Allan Barker, Desmond Barker, Hugh Barker, lonia Barker, James L. Barker, LaVar H. Barker, Marie Louise 40, 328, 343, 344, 357,362, Barker, Marillyn 65, 328, 344, 357, 362, Barker, Vaughn Barlow Barlow , Glen R. ,JO Barlow, Joyce 78, 357, 362 161, Barlow, Robert H. Barneck, Charles A. Barney, Frank L. Barney, Pat Orvin Barrass, Richard A, Barrett Barrus, , Barbara Margene 147, Barton, Bob Barton, Barton, Elizabeth Gilbert 88, 351, Barton, Sterling C. 63, 377 Batesman, Richard Bauer, Mark Baxter, Mary Lou Baxter, Reed Bayer, Jennylee Beal, Nathan Bean, Merrill Beck, Geniel 114, 352, Beck, Joy 350 350 159 64 165 136 303 168 327 376 62, 385 385 314 53 368 385 310 147 161 85 326 157 324 322 82 364 389 114 331 336 145 53 303 315 364 160 Beck, Marjorie Beck, Ray Pixton 73 Beckstead, Spencer Beecher, Earl 75, 351 Beeinan, Bryon Beer, Raymond Beesley, Arthur Beesley, Bill Beesley, Joyce Behling, Beverly Bell, lan Bell, Marshall 67 Bell, Robert E. Bello, Dorothy Belnap, Jane Belnap, Ruth Belnap, Tyra Lou Bement, Joy 119, 360, Bench, Margie Benedict, Bruce 67 Bennett, Alan D. Bennett, Don Bennett, Marilyn Bennett, Mary Elen 89, 317, 360 Bennett, Michael Bennett, Robert C. Bennett, Wallace 105 Bennion, Alvin Bennion, Annette Bennion, Bobbie 40, 78, 348 Bennion, Jerry Bennion, Pat Benson, Conway Benson, Juanita Benton, Paul E. Bergstedt, Jack Bermensolo, John D. Bertagnole, Ruth Bernsten, Eugene Berntsen, Natalie 77 Berntson, Dale 'v , 3 70 364, 365 116 rv 37: 303 123 106 363 364 103 362 347 362 32, 365 389 99 386 314 147 310 318 58 100 96 376 376 135 324 372 105 371 300 376 148 70 365 365 157 85 389 53 103 369 318 145 149 101 167 166 52 87 96 360 105 ln one hundred years the words of Isaiah, "And the 2 d e s e rt shall rejoice and ,s blossom as the rose" have - been fulfilled, for the bar- ren land of the Great Salt 5 Lake has been transform 5 ture, and is proud to ob nial. ed. During twenty-five of 3 those years, KSL has contri 5 bufed to this growing cul serve its silver anniversary along with Utah's Cenien S s Q Q 0 Q 'R lun Berntson, Dorothy 51 316 Berrett, Ralph 149 Berry, Lillian 105 332 364 Berthelson, Jeane 55, 304, 388 Bertoch, Richard K. 51 Best, Donna 118 364 Bestelineyer, Lois 125 380 Beyer, Ralph W. 147 Bickmore, Jean 61, 337, 342 343 345 Bickmore, Lowell 147 Bieber, Ray S. 166 Bigler, Glade 135 Biglow, Welby 165 Billeter, Annamae 147 365 Bills, Betty 147, 365 Bills, Reed 41, 56 373 376 Bin,f1ham, Lyman D. 79 Bird, Mary 101 Birk,Jack 56 303,376 Birkinshaw, Dick 326 Birrell, Andrew 157 Bischoff, Douglas 128 Bishop, Beth 147, 365 Bishop, Dorothy V. 75 Bishop, Dorothy 139, 364 Bishop, Norman 169 Bishop, Shirlee Ann 97, 365 Bithell, Beverly 63 308, 357 Bitner, Joan 158 360, 364 Bjorndal, Eve 147 Bjorklund, Russell 71 Black, Beverly 77, 298 312,365 Black, Burns K. 165 Black, Pauline 62, 364 Blackburn, Ruth 127 361, 385 Blackhain, Gloria 100, 328 Blackhurst, Barbara 147 Blackhurst, Robert 147 350, 365 Blackner, Lester 127, 318 Blackner, Lois 163 m6f70!W?lIf!6d4'iZfKlJ6h L? sour:-4 MAIN t 3 -1 Q 's' Q. Ui o C -4 1 NORMAN TANNER SARGENT STREEPER McKAY HESE men - young, frained, aggressive, malxe fhe O. C. Tanner Jewelry Company fhe fasfesf growing g jewelry business in Ufah. Meei fhese men. They have fhe answer fo your iewelry problems. For all your Jewelry needs, consulf your Tanner jeweler. U BARLOW . , , ' U .+ .xg 0' '1 ' bf . E! ,+ ' . T 'l' ' 0 "THE DIAMOND HOUSE" ' CTANNER .wifi UO. l I DICK BENNION y V S A L T L A K E C I T Y Murray - Brigham Cify l70 Soufh Main 8: 44 Wesf 2nd Souih Tr6m0h1'0I1 C 6 J? l 1 i i f ll , N 0 , 4 '9 iff? 1 ly Q ,Q J ,f ,I S-'A , 1 .0 4 f f A 1 1 r oN L if f I I ,1 1 My 0, lf Bee piST1 1 11 ' NNx1STa f 1174! A 'S U 0 2 ff xy D X 4' 7 D!! B X D If FAsHloNs 1 fl 41 W FR0N,ML7,UIg Youu 65:2 ser SHG, N a 0 1 : 60 EAS1 SOUTH TEMPLE X Also Hotel Utah Lobby -l- -1. , Blaes, Noretta 77, 374 380 Bown, James R. 127, 365 Brodheek, Dewey 118 306 Bullough, Vern 165 326 Blake, Jeannine 338 Bowring, Bena Le Broies, Betty 89 Bullen, Bryant 52, 318 Blake, Marjorie 101 365 88, 357, 363, 385, 390 Bronson, Hugh 135 Bu11en,Ro1verr B. 54 319 Blake, Williaiimi 147 310 Bowthorpe, Kenneth 115 Brooksley, Frank 170 Bulow, Dolores 59 Blanchard, Beverly 148 Boyce, Dick 101, 311 Brossard, Modenna 77 385 Bulow, Ernest 354 Blank, Elwood 165 Boyce. Robert E, 310 Brough, Dwane 322 Bunhury, Carol 105 Bletzacker, Beverly 135 Boyd, Bonnie 304, 384 Brown, Beverly 7-1 36-1 Bunjer, Van 1-19 Bliss, Ed 120 389 Boyle, Donna 168 Brown, Clyde Leslie 67 Bunker, Bryan A. 76 B1ohm,Vvfalter 134 Boyle, Sharon 125, 337 Brown, Donald A, 147 Bunker, Merle Tietjen 85 BlOI11LJUl81,W1llll11ll 100 Brahy, Carol 1-11 Brown, Donald 168 350 Bunker, Patricia 165 Blood, Russell 1-15 Bradford, Afton Brown, Elaine 163 Burhidge, Joe 157 Bluhm, Dorothy 63, 321, 343, 362, 364 Brown, Elden 148 Burdette, Steven 147 128, 325, 363 365 Bradford, Chick 148, 365 Brown, George 71 Burgess, Allen J. 119 Bluhm, Harry 101, 311 365 Bradley, Jack 125, 380 Brown, Gordon H. 303 Burger, John 78 Blumen, Howard 376 Bradley, Jane 97 Brown, Helen 107 309 Burgoyne, Margaret 328 Boehme, Yvonne 146 338 Bradley, Ruby 101 Brown, Imogene 162, 365 Burkinshaw, Wanda 149, 367 Bollschweiler, Joy 135 338 Bradshaw, Don 87, 303 Brown, John 143 Burmingham, Don 148 Bolman, Robert 88 Bradshaw, Frank 147 Brown, Leland 149 Burnett, Doug 85 Bolton, Douglas E. 147 Bradshaw, Howard 125, 351 Brown, Marvin 326 Burnham, Keith 147 Bone, Barbara 53 308 Bradshaw, Mark 72 Brown, Shirlee 75 364 Burrows, Marion 147, 316, 360 Boone, Thomas 168 Brady, Lola 158 338, 364 Brown, Verle H. 61 373 Burt, Bonnie 121 Booth, Beverly 166 Bramwell, Stan 143 Brown, Williaiii S. 59 Burt, Gene 136 305 Borg, Beverly 135 365 Brandley, Donna Rae 309 Browning, Byram 78 315 Burt, Jay 147 Borich, Daniel 134 Brandley, Pat 64 Bruce, Charles T. 89 382 Burton, Betty 96 333 Bosch, Shirley 136 Branstetter, Joan 63, 332 Bruennig, G. Beverly 103 368 Burton, Catherine 336 B05913, 12111105 RA 311 Brasher, LaVerne 65 Bruno, Jacqueline 86 BUFEOH, Dallas 81 307 Bosen, LaV-fana 168 Breeze, Joanne 103 Bryan, J, Ray 54 Burton, David M. 103 Bott, Margaret 135 BfgQZe,JVIa1'y-Joanng 165 B1-yang, Betty 169 Burton, Elenore 1-1-1 BO11C116f, RO1UCI'l V- 139 330 Brenneke, Eleanor 90, 301 Bryson, Dale R. 157 Burt, KHI'16CI1 118 Boulton, Franklin 17. 168 Brew, Robert 147 BuC11,g,man,J3me5 335 Bush, Donald A. 102 Bowcurt, Helen 78 Brew, Williaiii 147 Buchanan, Williriiiu 149 BUS1l, HLl176ft 147 Bowcutt, VCFI1 148 Brewster, Joyce 101, 364 ' Buckmiller, Lila Rae 129 BUS11l112lfl, BFLICC 306 Bowen, Ruth 147 301 Brewster, Shirley 74, 367 Budd, Shirley 104 Bushman, John 114 Bowes, Howard G, 339 Briggs, Artis 61 Buqkwell, Berry 159 Busk, Beverly 123, 309 Bowman, Chloris 79 361 Brimley, Dale 129, 364 Bueh1er,Jaequelyn 320 Butler, John 77, 376 Bowman, Dick 144 Brimley, Jay 84, 364 Buehler, Dean 74, 314 Butler, Janet 320 Bowman, Elaine 135 365 Brimley, Lila 147 Buehner, Don 160 BUXt0n, Dorothy 76 Bowman, Joseph F. 81 Brinton, Marshall K. 53 Buehner, June 90, 300 Byhee, Anna Var 329 Bowman, Marion 89 Brockhank, Aynne 87 Burlmire, l.ouRaine Bytheway, Jack 149 Bowman, Robert H. 71 Broekhank, Marilyn 104 118, 312, 384 Bywater, Joseph 315 Threw humlrefl :finely-eighl "'1-'ali' Caffey, Marian Caine, Julia 117, 300 Cairo, Mary Calder, Beth 65, 298, 304, 345, 384 Calderwood, Bernell Caldwell, Colleen Call, Clifton Call, Rey L. Call, Shirley Jean 52 Call, Willard Callister, Grant Callister, Margaret Callister, Marilyn 157, Callister, Marna 123 312 135 Campanaro, Jean Campana, Carrolee 170 Campbell, Beverly 149 Campbell, Dern Campbell, Helen Carol 138 Campbell, Joan Campbell, Ken F. Campbell, LaRocque Campbell, Lyle K. Campbell, William Claude Cannon, Alice 149 Cannon, Bryant Cannon, Elaine 54, 312, 360, 364 Cannon, Jean 134,316,360 Cannon Mark Cannon, William T. Capel, Neal 87 Capener, Ronald L. 79,314,347 Capson, Alice Pat 61, 345 Capson, Bob 78 Four hundred 336 352 106 390 72 135 135 149 300 89 109 309 365 309 149 365 365 134 309 135 306 159 123 136 365 87 383 365 371 76 315 390 362 302 Capson, Clara 54 365 Card, Leora Cardon, Carol 135 324 Cardon, Gloria 53 325 Cardon, Louis 84 Carey, Glen A. Carkeek, Mollie Carleson, Raye Carlisle, 106, 328 Isabelle 362 Carlisle, Robert P. Carlquist, Robert 62 Carlson, Albert Carlson, Alice Deane 82 31 3 Carlson, Calvin Carlson, Ernie 104 Carlson, Gordon L. Carlson, Judy Carlson, Sarah Carstensen, Joe Carter, Betty Carter, Colleen 120 Cary, Charles H. Castleton, David Castleton, Fay 30-1 167 Castleton, Marjorie Castles, Thano G. Casto, Barbara 54, 320 Cayias, James G. Cengiz, Rasin Necmettin Chaifos, Louie 124 Chamberlain, Bevan Chamberlain, Josephine 135 Chamberlain, Justin Chamberlain, M. Chamberlin, Shirley 149, 325 s 383 76 368 365 368 74 304 367 67 105 364 53 364 169 339 60 106 67 311 78 367 149 314 123 128 51 380 134 163 315 163 371 167 318 367 Chamberlan, Tom Chapman, Lorin 135 Chapman, Vernon Charvoz, Lou Anne Chatterley, Garth Chatterton, Peggy 67 Cheney, David 74 Cheney, Jesse L. Chesley, Carolyn 143 Chiba, Joe Child, Arvile Kent Child, Clyde C. Child, Harold Child, Loretta 135, 304 Child, Norma Jensen Childs, Ronald Chipman, Rosalie 77, 308, 348 Chivington, Florence Chlepas, Theo Christensen Beth 90 Christensen Bob Christensen Carol Jean 107, 312 Christensen, Cherril Christensen, Chester 128 Christensen, Dorene Christensen, Doris Christensen Edward Christensen Elinor Jack Christensen Christensen Erlclean 8 3, 312 Gerald Christensen Geraldine 70, 361 Christensen, Gloria Christensen Hal 52 Christensen, Hal Christensen, Harold Christensen J. B. Christensen, Jim 165 135 365 134 352 84 317 306 135 336 149 161 120 53 365 54 170 360 120 161 361 149 364 53 306 51 56 78 85 368 149 368 301 389 157 322 53 318 Christensen, La Nore 80, 332 Christensen, Leslie 105 Christensen, Lowell P. 168 Christensen, Marjorie 78 363 Christensen, Maxine 107 Christensen, Nedon 149 Christensen, Nell 84 368 Christensen, Ray L. 75 Christensen, Renon 149, 338, 368 Christensen, Lynnwood 105 Christensen, Shirley 135 368 Christensen, William 149 Christiansen, Darlene 336 Christiansen, Donald 82 Christiansen, Elaine 107 309 Christiansen, Gerald 114 Christiansen, Howard 322 Christiansen, John 84 Christiansen, Robert 135 Christopherson, Janet 129, 312 364 Christopulos, Cleo 99 Christopulos, Diamond 80 Christopulos, Kay 81 Chumley, Shirley 135 Chytraus, Gordon 168 Chytraus, Jeraldine 135 368 Clark Carol 92 324 Clark David 314 Clark, Don 169 Clark, Don B. 99 Clark Elna 159 368 Clark Helen 5 3 3 37 Clark Joseph C. 78, 365 Clark, Leola 84, 368, 383 Clark Lyman 319 Clark Mae 170 Clark, Mark B. 67, 307 388 Clark, Mary 53 336 Clark, Norma 337 ME wg, fsxw, Elver'yf,Fincinclal Service 1 I T IS our constant endeavor to render conscientious banking service. W cordially invite you to open an account with us. Walker Bank N I e 1, N es s. , J 23 st Trust Company .1i'es.'i M The OPTICAL SHOP Eighty-eight Years of Banking Experience k J 420 Boston Bldg. 3-5262 Clark, Pat 80 Conely, Jane 134 Crapo, Charles 149 Cullimore, Marrilyn 143 Clark, Sally 51, 324 363 379 Ccnney, Lloyd 118 Crawford, Calvin 96 Culver, Glen 150 Clark, Selby 85 Connor, Colleen 143 Crawford, Carolyn 320 Cummins, Ken 84 Clark, Sharon L. 148 Conrad, Charles 125 Crawford, James 163 Cundick, Robert 157 Clark, S. Wayne 90 Conrad, Marian 51 332 Crawford, Joanne 107 332 Curry, Dale 161 Clark, Tom 149 Cook, Alma C. 59 386 Crawford, John 90 388 Curry, Irene 300 Clausen, Gloria Cook, Carina 148 Crawford, John 53 314 Curtis Clifford 70 318 347 59, 320, 342, 343 379 Cook, Cleveland 135 306 Crawford, Joyce 320 Curtis Jerry Lee 120 304 Clawson, Barbara 63 308 Cook, Jack 87 Crawford, Maurice 76 Curtis, Kenneth Rex 149 Clawson, Patricia 168 336 Cook, John H. 128 364 Crockford, James E. 161 Curtis, Marvin 53 330 Clawson, Ralph 96 Cook, Lucile 124 Cromar, George 91 382 Curtis, Ted 302 Clay, Ross 160 Cook, Walter J, 335 Cromar, Jack 388 Curtis, Warren D. 53 Clayton, Janell 136 Coombs, Shirley 135 Crompton, Norma 134 Cuthbert, Julie 61, Clayton, Joan 320 Coombs, Shirley 1-18 301 368 Crook, Dick 319 328, 342, 343, 344, 345 362 Clayton, Lou Jean 106 Coon, Arnold W, 80 Crooks, Boyd 120 Cuthbert, Tom 128 322 Clayton, Mary Lynne 101 316 Coon, Grant 143 Crookston, Glen C. 160 335 Cutler, Carol 144 304 Clayton, Shirley 142 Coon, LaMar 170 Crosby, Joan 149 Cutler, Noreen 120 352 Clayton, Virginia 147 313 Coon, Lester W. 105 Crosby, Renee 127, 352 364 Cutler, Paul 311 Clegg, Jack A. 65 Corbett, Elaine 128 Cross, Joan 163 328 Cutler, Reed 149 Clegg, John 100 364 Cope, William L. 76 Crowton, Gene 134 Cutler, Virginia 136 367 Clegg, Paul 135 Core, Suzan 135 Clements, Betty Lou 117 324 Cordrey, Muriel 137 365 Clements, Blaine 319 Cornell, Charles W. 334 Clements, Earl 123 Cornell, Norman 127 335 Daines,Mi11ieent 316 Davidson, Paul 167 387 Cliff, G. Howard 86, 306 388 Cornell, Paul 335 Dalebout, Melvin 123 315 Davidson, Raymond 145 Clift, Bert G, 339 Cornick, Patricia 157 Daley, Pauline 53 Davidson, Reid 169 Clive, Clifford 149 367 Cornwall, Jean 134 Dalley, Bonnie 125 Davidson, Ronnie 314 Close, Ray W. 160 Cotterell, Patricia 75 337 360 Dalley, Louise 109 Davies, Venice 86 368 Clurf, Dean 163 Coulson, Lois 98 Dalley, Richard Lowell 136 Davis, Al, Jr, 109 322 Clyde, Allen D, 339 Covey, Marilyn 123 317 Daly, Jay 150 Davis, Carma Rae 51 379 Clyde, Carol ' 103 300 Cowam, Cyntha Damron, Ronald E. 157 Davis, Clifton 134 Clyde, Colleen 141 320 52, 312, 361 364 Daniels, George 143 Davis, Clifton Roy 163 331 Clyde, Hal 168 365 Cowan, Corene 159 329 Dannevik, Dorothy 150 Davis, Donald 162 Clyde, Melza Beth 40, 149 372 Cowley, Kermit A. 143 Dansie, Jean 109, 338, 365 Davis, Donald 53 Colbert, Beverly 106 Cowley, Roy H. 85 Darger, Evalyn 40, 51, Davis, Ellen 98 367 Co1e,C1iau1are 91 Cozakos, Nick G. 105 298, 316, 344, 345, 362, 383 Davis, Elva 109 365 Cole, Gordon 299 323 Craig, Hazel Lee Darger, Marion Davis, Glen 145 Coleman, Ernest H, 157 105 301 385 87, 317, 348, 362 383 Davis, Harry Thomas 115 Coleman, Gloria 149 Cramer, Gwen Darger, Robert Davis, Jane 73 367 Coleman, Richard 63 81, 324 348 368 59, 303, 346 376 Davis, Jeannine 150 367 Collins, Thelma 117 Crandall, Lucian 143 Darley, Carma 109 364 Davis, Kenneth 139 Combes, Ernest 164 Crane, John R. 97 Darley, Erma 145 367 Davis, Lou Deen 109 313 Condas, Michael 89 Crane, Keith 165 Darton, Joyce 122 Davis, Kent 158 Four hundrml two is I Pioneers of the Second Century l+'s a long way back fo lhe 'Fron+ier days when our lorebears lived in log cabins . . . bul' +he ideal of building well lives on. The new pioneering in plans and conslrucfion is iusl as challenging as 1'he old, fhough if offers a fype of home undreamed-of a cenlury ago. If you are a prospecfive builder of a home, le+ us have +he pleasure of a conference. Morrison-Merrill 86 Co. BUILDING MATERIALS ' SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH I' I DON'T FAIL +o provide 81611 your own and your 'FamiIy's FUTURE SECURITY +I1rougI'1 LIFE INSURANCE fa 1 Discuss your financial plans wifh a frained Beneficial Represenfafive. He will help you! 111EFlCilAl, WEEE E216 ci, Ll mlnsrlnancn i o Miuuzv SALT LAKE CITY UTAH GEORGE ALBERT SMITll,P1esidenl 1 1 Davis, Marian 59, 324, 360 Dickson, Lila May 109 363 Dunn, Carolyn 58, 384 Dunn, Pres 139 Daw, Royal 306 Dix, Arthur 72 Dunn, Bill 150 Dupaix, Francis 135 Dawson, Barbara 117 308 Dix, Frank 50 Dunn, Joel 137 Duvall, Carol 83, 305 361 Day, Janice 143 Dixon, Peggy 81, 337 348 Dunn, Joyce 164 Dyer, Calvin 150 Day, June 53 Dixon, Rod 65 346 Day, Philip 150 Donaldson, Boyd 144 Day, Willialii H. 60 Done, Melvin 89 Daynes, Barbara 150 320 Dodds, George 134 Eager, Todd 315 Elcock, Thella 127 Dean, Leon 122 302 Doran, Mary 91 Eardley, 'lack 166 Eldredge, P. M. 335 Dean, Ramon 116 DO1'1L1S,CHf1 119 334 Earl, Beverly 300 Elg, Bert H, 163 155111, V211 318 DOUUS, MQY15. 52 Earl, Darlene 254 Eliason, Lincoln R 330 Deason, Edward 377 Dorton, Virginia 67, 361 385 Earl Elizalaerli 135 Eliason, Sid H, 302 Deardorrf, Betty Jean 141 Dosch, Mary Dawn Earli Keith 322 Ellcingron, Brooks 161 Decker, Bruce 109 40, 53, 338 364 Ear1,RiChard F. 7,31 Ellen, Jeanne 136 Decker, Jay 139 Dosch, Theron Rudolph 106 Earl, Wallace 166 Ellett, Virginia 145 DCC,Dav1d 53, 302, 346, 389 Dow, Elva 67 364 Ear1,Wi11nm R, 322 E11ett,W. R. 123 Deifebach, Lee 336 Dowell, Judd 302 Early, Clyde, 'lr' l66, 3l9 Ellis, Jganng 53 DcGooycr, Eugene 299, 306 Dowell, Richard A. 302 Eastman, Bob 170 322 Ellis, Howard 134 DeHaan,1rene 108, 364 Double, Mildred 129 Eccles, Blaine 1 106 Ellison, Melba 103 388 Delong, bran 150 Downey, lnhn D. Eccles, Mary Ethel 121, 390 Ellison, Richard E. 326 Dekleva, Felix 314 V 1 123, 318, 380 EecleS,Myre11e 90 Ellisgn, S1-iawna 140 320 Dekorver, LaMar 150 Downey, Willlarii 127, 380 Eddington, Mark 323 Elliggnx Tgm 311 DCLHMHFC, Don 150 DFHSQ, DOUIWH 154 Edeng, Rnd 303 Ellsworth, Richard 75 351 Delis, John 129 Drazlch, Dolly 105, 320 Edgar, 11' Bryce 139 Elmer, Charles 334 DeMar, Bonita 136 D1'ZiZ1C11, Mike 104 Edlirig, Helen 150 Emerson, Helen 150 325 Deming, Barbara 324 Drechsel, LeRoy 53 Edlund, Vernal E- 376 Emerson, Richard 318 Deming, Bob 128, 390 Drlggs, Conrad 144 Edman, Mary Lu 613 3433 2,66 Ence, Richard 150 DC1111H'g,1lH Dee 119, 361 Droubray, Merlynn 150 324 EdmOnd5,MaX1ne 150, 368 Engar, Keith 59 390 DSUUFIS, Christ 150 Drushal, Fay 80 Ednqgndg, Ruth 150, 369 Engh, Bryon 139 D911111118, B111 I I 150 Duce, Norma 161 Edvalson, Raymond Conrad EI1g161HHI1, Claire 336 D'-7111115U11i 114111101510 328 Duerden, Claude Bronson 135 83, 334 E111fO1l, SUSUIUU 104 1361251951: R011E1'1 150 Duilin, Earl P. 159 Edward, John A. 90, 331 Ensign, Budd H. 63, 391 DePletro, Alice 170 380 Du11:m,1Orm 139 EdwarC1,1V1er1yn 129 EUS1gH, Howard 310 DefbYS111fei Mafdafff 100 Duihn, Lloyd H. 76 Edwards, Beryl 141 EnS1gn,J0nii 149 D?SP11111- M?11H1111 157 Duffln, Sharol 126, 328 367 Edwards, Helen 53, 333 E1iSign,Par 135 D1b1i1ffi DMI 117 Duffin,Vaug1m H. 307 Edwards, Laurene 70, 212 Ensign, Patricia inn 129 Dfbbki DW 60 Duke, Beatrice in 367 Edwards, Ralph A. iio Erickson, Boyd C. 147 349 Dibble, Richard 322 Duke, Me1V1n 377 Edwards, Wilma 144 Erickson, Cal 78 D1C140IHHH, Mi1411'6C1 160 Dumke, Zeke 124 Egan, Donna Colleen 136, 324 Erickson, J. Glen 330 Dickerman, Robert H. 335 Dnnikc, Ed 167 Eggleston, Carlos N. 144 Erickson, Marjean 106 305 Dickson, Don 167 Duncan, Dnng 165 Egli, Blair 161 Erskine, Kathleen 157 369 Dickson, Flint 319 Duncan, Mickey 108 389 Eisenman, Albert C. 117, 318 Eskelsen, Quinn 315 Fuur hundred luur f Ou 'Hear 130012 'Photog and has standards of quality that have won and and pleasure in the associations that 'have npened 1nto many lasting frlendships. , and tie ' Wwtz MOST COMPLETE CAMERA HEADQUARTERS 'x Represenfing These famous lines of Phofographle Equipmenlr BELL 8: HOWELL. . .AMPRO PAILLARD-BOLEX REVERE . . . ARGUS . . . EASTMAN and ANSCO Sound Equipmenf for Audiforiun F3 V of one graduating class after we take both pleasure and Q, A E cl u c a I I o n W I I'I'1 M A R K ET Va I u e I 'il'l Shorihancl. 'I-ypewriling, bookkeeping, ma- chine culculalion. efc. -- add lhese prac- iical subiecls fo your general ed ucaiion. .".' if They will help you qualify for successful ,..,., ...,..,. . .. . . 4. ..g,.-2 .,-,.,,..,....,..- l11QiQf.'QiIjgjQ.'Ei:QZ.3 "" careers in business or civil service. . .c.- wfffe for free buuem. 'A , ' " " ' '--, uilc f B U 5 I N E 5 5 C 0 I- I- E E' E , I 70 Nor+h Main sal+ Lake Ci'I'y, u+ah ..,.,. i"' "" '5 K " .. 5 -""" "QQ V " URNITU RE THAT REFLECTS 9 YOUR GOOD TASTE AND W1 it E S DISCRIMINATION S A L T L A K If Fine Furnifure Always Appteciated I988Soul'I1EIevenI'I1EasI' 6-I024 Espinosa, Samuel Evans, Jean 67 Flanagan, Dan 118 Fox, Harold L. 106 Estancona, Frank R. Evans, Margaret 135, 313, 369 Flanders, Fred 145 Fox, Lucy Grant 152 Evans, Almyra Evans, Mary Ejja 70, 516, 374 Flandro, Royce41, 70, 381 Foit, Renee ' 52 304 vans, air . . , , emmg, ean nn rai ey, i iam ., r. E Bl 53 Evans MAX 87 Fl J A 328 F l Wll M J 326 Evans, Burtis Evan: Merril n Flint, Gordon 380 Frailcy, William 152 Evans, Carol 59 369 i' YS4 X43 369 38, Floor, James 136 Frampton, Mary Helen Evans, David C. E R 34, Q98 312' g7' Flora, Don 136 144, 369 Evans, Edith Vans, Dana ' , 9 Flowers, Clarence 369 Francis, John K. 151 Evans, Edmund Evans, Robert C' 103 Flygare, Mary Alice Francis, Roger P. 166 Evans, Ellie Lu Evans, Thelma Ellen 97, 366 101, 332 366 Fraughton, Barbara Evans, Evan F. 80 EVCHSOI1, Carl 150 Folkerson, Ronald 106 123, 308 371 Evans, Gene EXHCY, Betty 164 Folland, Lorin 331 Frazier, Katherine F. 79 Evans, lrene 102 Ewing, Jack 163 Folsom, Barbara Frazier, Leon 90 350 114, 301, 360 363 Frederickson, Donald S. 307 Folsom, Theron 163 Free, Claudia 151 324 Foote, Arlene 366 Frenette, Joe 79 Fairbanks, Kathryn Felts, Tom 120 Forcht, William C. 122 Froehlick, Martha 55 67, 300, 360 Fenton, Marybell Fornelius, Clyde 120 Fry, Bill 124 Fairbanks, Mary Lynn 136 67, 309, 360, 367 Fornelius, Frank 335 Fry, David 106 311 Farley, Ann 40, 120, 352 Fernley, Edward R. 126 Forrest, Jeanne 329 Fryer, Holladay 169 Farley, Jennis Ferrell, Alonzo 335 Forrester, G. W. 306 Fujii, Dewey R. 119 40, 74, 348, 366 Ferrell, Lloyd 66 Fort, Lyle Earl 149 Fujii, Sachi 102 Farnsworth, Patty Linn llierrell, William R. 91, 369 Fortia, Thomas M. 306 Fujiki, Kennetlqv 166 125, 352, 366 errin, Arnold 86 Fowler, Art 339 Fuller, Forrest . 302 Farnsworth, Ruth 149 Ferrin, Jack 1 19, 315 Fowler, Delbert H. 160 Fullmer, Clem 104 Farr, Boyd J. 77 Ferrin, Jay 90, 388 Fowler, William G. 302 Fullmer, Lynn 79 Farr, Boyd M. Ferris, Beverly 149 Fowles, Ruth M. 102 Fullmer, Nathan 136 354 Farr, James Fetzer, Joseph B. 67 Fox, Betty 366 Fullmer, Rollo 104 Farr, Joan 90 Fillerup, Edward 170, 369 Fox, Dick 118 Furse, Eldon 120 Farr, Lionel M, 106 IEinElaIy,ILeRae 106, 384 Farr, Vern 163 in , iy 96 Faucett, Helen Finlayson, Marillyn 163 Faux, Charles 149 Firinage, A. Darrell 55 Gabardi, Virginia 380 Gardemann, James Roger Igawcilett, Robeit G. lE:iriiaI,3z,lBarbara gags, lfflaxrjlyn G dl D 165 323 eat erstone, ee is , e vin a , . a ter . ar mer, an Fellows, Walter E. 106 Fisher, Barbara 40, 51 Gaddis, Pat 165 Gardiner, Carol 352 Felsted, Lloyd Fisher, Cal 55 Gailey, LaMar 1 36 Gardner, Bert R, 64 382 Felt, Beverly 61 Fisher, Gene 102 Gale, Gordon 107 Gardner, Dorothy 80 Felt, Bob Fisher, Robinson H. 139 Gallacher, Jean 123 Gardner, Geraldine 158 370 Felt, Susan 66 Fisher, Roger 159 308, 353, 360, 363, 385 Gardner, Gwen 332 Felt, Thomas 103 Fisher, Ruth V 62 Garbe, Halbert Gardner, Jay I I 107 Felt, Thomas Fitzgerald, Geraldine 165 66, 343, 373, 389 Gardner, Marjorie 151 370 Felt, Whitney' 91 Flanagan, Bernard 334 Gardemann, Jo Ann 63 Garfield, Reed 127 Four hundred six ffuddarf Zora! 51. mfhev must be Telephones 1'l'dVElil'l,Wi1'h 0- 3-4584 - 3-4585 J, Q, . af- 1 30 Soufh Mem Sfreef V1 T....X I John W. Giles Self Lake Cify. U'ral'1 .,,,f Q' i '- COMPLIMENTS OF THE GASOLINE FILL'ER UP AT THE MAGIC CHEMICAL PEP 88-v-C0 SIGN A NQTJ , , as usouuz 3 QF" CQMPANY '35 535+ Znd SOUHW MAH OILTIEFTSZZL coMPAnv r 1 If Itys ' I ' G A V U 1 1 1 1 I 1 -I 1 1 1 3 U It S ' O GLADE CANDY COMPANY . . . SALT LAKE CITY F LAURA LARSEN ICE CREAM WESTERN DENTAL FISHER JEWELRY PEHRSON HARDWARE CO. ISugar HouseI KRESS'S UTAH TRANSPORTATION TEMPLE ,BOWLING ALLEY CHULELEY HAMBURGERS ISugarHouseI CASI-IIS KING MARKET CENTURY PRINTING CO., INC GRABETERIA J. P. RIDGES ENC-BRAVING CO SALT LAKE COSTUME CO. SUMMERHAYS MUSIC CO. CHRISTIANSEN FURNITURE CO. UNION TRUST COMPANY .fffjfklafffb TOWN AND COUNTRY CANDIES Graduates. ,, 2' 'lr You'll be pleased wi+h 'rhe lv , 1 'fat 9 A -A ., , . . . EI.: 1", jg,-1 -- gg , caferlng 'F6CllI'l'I6S located a+ :" . 5 fljfs 1 ' Vf..' hall 2' 1 THE ',-' 'N' t ....' 2' If ' . , .s-:Qi '1" '--: - ' ' :-: gee ,,,,1, 'H-. : -9:2 E . 2.- :--- 3 ,:..-f:. - Nz .af - 19 ,I:f'r' - fx ,S " Sig. . 'TF-25'bg'Q:: Ig: " 5:?: 1 : .i' -S.5'5- 'Q ' NJ-. 3 , 5 1 5 ...,,- ar f 1. ' :.. . I-I O T E L A2 " 3 '21'f , ..V:1 Q if fwfr' V:,-- ' ., . ,i f .. as gg , ., .t,... , .,+-4.11 1 , E W H o U s E 1' -1 1 2 f P :-- Q 1 - '.A. --lr ff gi fe Headquarre rs 'for Your ff :V ': 555 1 GRADUATION PARTIES E if - Q. 55 if 5 "'-A: fl' i ' 5 2 -'-. 2 -:'VV, B A 2 zz' er-r-'W :" :'2'52ff-5'g'31'2'2r -'-- ""- 3 , f 1': 3 ---' '1-1: 3 " .lif'5'?'uf cl 1 Siiimg' , ' if E 12, .::, 'QQ' 1 ""' -1 l a n 1' If .,.1, 1- -i 5 - , . 1 zl' 5 ' "" Y "'-- 5 ':'- il' 2 V-.5 1 ,VA- -1 W 1 , DANC' N Q, HOME OF Tl-IE BEAUTIFUL MIRROR ROOM Mrs. J. H. Wofers, Presidenf ' J. Holman Waters, Ross Suffon, Co-Monogers Garn, Mildred 106 Glauser, Reed 115 314 Graves, Morris R. Gremlich, Kurt Garrett, Charles 166 Glavas, Jim 169 Gray, George Grifhn, Harold R. Garrett, Leone 151 Gleason, J. L. 65, 376 389 graywlvlarianne grigng IRI 107, 325 G tt, M 141 Gl , B d 126 reat ouse, D ce ri t , a W. Gilnier, Glaiitus 167 Gligvlg, Cldnnie 145 321 Greaves, Carolene Griffiths, Jessie 128 Geerlings, Carol 139 320 Glen, James 331 Green, E. Thomas Grimm, Cathern George, Charmain 107 380 Glezos, Evelyn 77 Green, Frances Ann Groesbeck, William N. George, Keith 307 Glissmeyer, August 57 green, Hip Grooms, Mary Louise Gerrard, Leonard 157 Gnadt, Ken 71 299 reen, Jo n Groshe l, Margery G l k, Ol' 298 308 Goates, Bruce 167 Green, Joy 123, 325, 353 Gsllglgtto, lgilhald 63 Goddard, Edith 151 Green, Martha Grow, Beverly 102 Giacomo, Don 323 Goddard, Harold W. 59 330 Green, Maurine Grow, Dick 80 Giacomo, ,lack 107 322 Goddard Marilyn C. Green, Mary Ann Grow, Vernon Gianque, Lucille 84 369 107, 313 369 Green, Paul Grua, Nancy Gibbs, Byron S. 53 Goddard, Trilva 102 308 Green, Ralph Grubaugh, Norman Gibbons, Jessie Jane 51 Godfrey, less 137 green, lgobert Grundrig, Jeanne G'b , D le C. 80 Gold, Gladys 136 369 reen, tanley Guest, janet 100 Gibigg, Ejrl 107 311 Gold, Lucille 163 Green, Thomas Guggisberg, Don Gibson, L. Dale 80 Goldthorpe, Charles Green, Victor D. Guillemoteau, Jackie Gibson, Robert C. 315 73, 364, 376 greene, Orgn E. Gunderson, Betty Elaine G' sa ,J ff 299 Goldthorpe, Elizabeth reene, Ro ert 74 Gil?chEist?JoAnn 328 h 40, 72, 348, 364 379 greenlmalgh, Iklmles Gunderson, Lois Carol G'l s, Anna L u 101 313 Goldt orpe, Fred 80 reen and, C ar es 168, 364 Gillzespie, Clingon 142 Goodfellow, Arthur 165 greenwell, Emmett P. Gundry, Don Gillette, Audrey 136 304 Goodfellow, Dauna 159 reer, Kay Gunn, Nancy Gillette, Harry 334 Gooding, Jack 161 Gregerson, Welch Gunn, Waldo G. Gillette, Clyde 127 335 Goodspeed, Georgia Dee 301 Gregory, C. Keith Gutke, Milan 107 Gillette, Lou Ann 102 336 Gordon, Helen 168 Gregory, Huck 78 Gwilliam, Karon Gillette, Omni Larry 105 gorishlaaul 151 Gregory, Thomas 107, 305, 372 Gillis, Robert 136 oss, hal 107 Gillispie, Doris 320 Gotberg, LaVon 164, 370 Gillman, Sterling 322 Gottheimer, Diana 142 Gilner, Lois 61 361 385 Gottstein, Gordon 73, 351 387 Hacking, Donald Hall, Darlene Gilson, Vervin Gowers, Elaine 107 369 Haehle, Leona Hall, Clark A. 89, 349, 377 387 Graefhl, Noma 151 Hagelri, lgtnbl Hall, Gill G' , Thon 101 Gra , Brian 107 Haig t, ayeB. H H L Glgd, Betty 107 Graff, LaFawn 57, 300 379 Hailes, Curzon Hill, lvLaCi'xs1y 76 304 Glade, Kathryn 300 Graif, Shirl 107 Hair, Mary Jane Hall' Nels 3 ' Glade, Marjorie 165 313 370 Graff, Shirley Halbersleben, Helen ' Glaeser, Miriam 84 312 121, 300, 350 369 Hale, Colleen H3111 Norman 96, Glassett, Joe 51 Graham, Floyd 163 Hales, Gerald R. Halhdava Hefbeff Glassett, loleen 55 Graham, William A. 121 370 Hales, Van Halliflgi DOFOUW Glaus, Wayne 104, 326 350 Grant, Richard G. 151 306 Hall, Calvin C. Halvorsen, Don Four hundred ten NEED CASH? Buy Sears Coupon Books On Credif - - - Use Like Cash ln a Sears Sfore. I N S U R A N C E 4-STATE SERVICE In mOsT cOmmuniTies OT UTah, Idaho, Mon- Tana and Nevada yOu'll Tind a Triendly KO- LOB AGENT ready TO help you plan prOTec- TiOn ThaT pays Through The lnTermOunTain WesT's largesT General Insurance Agency. IZOLOB CORPORATION FRANK SALISBURY, Mgr. FOR THINGS PHOTOGRAPHIC DEPEND ON AN EXPERT When you "push The buTTOn" To geT your picTure, malce sure ThaT your equipmenT, your supplies. your developing and prinTing have The auThenTic sTamp OT experT assisT- ance! Good picTures are no accidenT . . . and since I909, we've been devOTing Our exclusive aTTenTiOn TO The phoTOgrapher. Every ITem We Sell Is TesTecI and Proven. AT Our sTOres you can always depend On The merchandise we sell. FILM EasTman Ansco cIuPonT CAMERAS Ansco Argus EasTman Graflex MOVIE CAMERAS EasTman Bell 8: Howell Keysfone PhoTo Finishing - Supplies - Frames THE CAMERA CENTRE UTah's FinesT fXmaTeur PhOTOgraphers' STOre lov EAST BROADWAY UTAH PHOTO MATERIALS CO. PhOTOgraphers' I-IeadguarTers Since I909 27 WEST SOUTH TEMPLE 330 Judge Bldg., Sal+ Lake CiTy 1 'X j,,",,q9,ii NM., OLG22 Iam Zvvv I If WATER' 'mJ'fLwf, O 'hr 0I,.fJ6.,Qu,--- FIT TO I A DRINK .O rg 7 ., X FOr all yOu sTudenTs who received a TOunTain pen Tor graduaTiOn Or a ChrisTmas presenT - Or even iT you bOughT iT yOurselT - ,Q we are going TO reserve an area OT Our pOOl Iwhere yOu swim TJ in waTer TiT TO drinlcl Tor The TesTing OT These said pens . . . you we can prove ThaT They will wriTe under waTer . . . We mighT be able TO geT sOme waTerprOOT paper . . . iT nOT yOu can AAA AAA WA' scribble TO yOur hearTs' cOnTenT On The bOTTOm OT The said pOOl. A 0 'Q f "Wri'Te in WOTer FiT fOr Ink" WATER FIT FOR Q l N K 0 A tin T Q Tmc5P'ft'f7 Fhddl . 'Q E li C 2 -.Au -1 X lfxzy W, K, D xl X xi XJ I f X' Q Y. N DELICIOUS . .. BOX LUNCHES Paclsecl in I5 minutes. iY0u'll Always Find the Best Food at Kvzfcyis . . . No mairer when you come . . . the meal you have ai' Covey's will merit your iull appreciation. Ap- preciaiive service . . . finest ioocl . . . ancl an ai- mosphere +ha1's homey. For breakfast, lunch or dinner lor between meal snacIcsJ come to Covey's. FOR YOUR PRIVATE PARTIES OR MEETINGS .. We olier the Ioeautliul DISCOVERY and COLONIAL ROOMS. Sealing ca- pacity for I00 people in either room. Just call 3-1708 lor reseryailons. Harry ls' Erfffre Shop 534 South Main Phone 3-1708 Three Price Groups TI1ey're Fresh and Delicious! Open 5:30 a.m. ro 2:00 a.m. Every Day REX McKEAN, Manager Hamal, Virginia Hansen, Robert R. 164, 318 Hatch, Spencer 127 319 Hendricks, Marilyn 108 369 102, 308, 353 364 Hansen, Ruth 141 Hatheld, Elaine 72 Hcndron, Eugene W. 53 389 Hambleton, Melvin 125 Hansen, Shirley 57, 371 Hathaway, Benson L. 87 319 Henriksen, John 162 Hamblin, Geraldine 63 Hansen, Sonja 169 Hathaway, Jeannette 144 Henrickson, Robert 100 Hamblin, Hubert Dale 169 Hansen, Vondella 59 Hathaway, Joanne 164 Henry, Ella Rae 157 Hamilton, Finley 90 Hanson, Eugene 99, 310 Hatton, Richard 151 Henry, William G. 120 322 Hamilton, Ruth 52 Hanson, Helen 148 Haueter, Lee 1 16 Hensley, Franklin 335 Hamlyn, John 72 322 Hanson, Lois 149 Hausknecht, Howard 166 Henstrom, Richard 108 Hammel, Jane 151 Hanson, Shirley 328 Havnes, Ellsworth B. 103 318 Herd, James R. 150 Hammel, Lee S. 55 Harbertson, Lynnette 313, Hawkins, Karl, Jr, 147 Herman, Kent 148 Hammer, Charles 124 Hardcastle, Hal 96 Hawkins, Marilyn 151 370 Herrick, Paul 302 Hammond, Frank 145 364 Harding, Paul 109 Hay, Ruth 101, 329 353 Herrscher, Celestine 87, 305 Hammond, Harlan 126 370 Harding, Reed 108 Hayes, Beverly Jeanne Herzog, Shirley 305 Hammond, Lois 123 Hardy, Joan 151, 308 51, 360 371 Hess, Marvin 169 Hammond, Marvin 322 Hardy, Richard 170 Hayes, Helen 139 369 HBUSICY, WHYUC 139 Hammond, Paul 116, 354 389 Harline, Richard D. 57, 373 Hayes, Jay L. 326 Hewlett, Marilyn 149, 316, 360 Hampton, Joyce 163 Harmer, Geraldine 137, 369 Hayes, Jerry 126 Hihhard, Charles P. 83 Hampton, Shirley 108 Harmer, Pat 165, 371 Hayes, Robert 169 HiCken, Norma 328 Handy, Don 319 Harries, Joan 89 Hayes, Robert D, 56 376 Hickenlooper, Arvilla 122 Handy, George 318 Harries, Richard A. 163 Hayes, Wallace 163 Hickenlooper, Franklin T. Hanks, Pauline 369 Harrington, John R. 303 Haymond, Creed 117 60, 389 Hanks, Stan 115 Harris, Dick 165 Hayward, Elaine 165 Hickman, LaMoyne 85 Hanks, Beverly 324 Harris, Georgene 329 Heaps, M. Berns 118 Hickman, Louine 109, 363, 369 Hanni, Joe M. 141 Harris, John W. 104 Heath, Carolyn 138 309 Hicks, Arthur James 138 Hansen, Budd 318 Harris, Marion 100, 338 Heath, Harold 76 307 Hieks, Frank 80 Hansen, Conrad 152 Harris, Mary LaRue 105, 312 Heath, Joseph M. 169 Hicks, Gene 169 Hansen, Dawn 139 Harris, Reed P. 164 Heath, Larry 146 370 Hierboeck Ellen 80, 324 Hansen, Donna Jean 300 Harris, Richard G. 59 Heaton, Wayne 310 Higgins, Dennis 118 Hansen, Gayle 163 Harris, Shelba 312 Hebdon, Blaine 88 Higgins, E. C. 306 Hansen, Harold 339 Harris, Thorold Dale 124, 303 Hebdon, Carolyn 169 Higgins, Richard A. 92 Hansen, Jack E, 61 Harrison, Gordon 157 Heightsman, Edward 161 Higgs, Monza 122, 360, 384 Hansen, John E, 149 Hart, Jean 139, 301 Heilbut, Marian 108 Hilbig, Frederick 124 Hansen, Joseph 51, 382 Harvey, Grant 311 Heiner, Spencer 85 364 Hileman, Douglas 159 Hansen, Joyce 388 Harvey, Leon G. 310 Heiss, John 170 354 Hill, Clarence 139 Hansen, Joyce C. 151 Harvey, Luella 80 332, 370 Heitzman, Mearle 319 Hill, Floyd 119 Hansen, Kent 120 Harward, Elva 57 Hempel, Joan 108 Hill, Dean 72 Hansen, Lila 163 Harward, Jo Anne 149, 369 Henderson Alice 305 Hill, J. Richard 96, 315 Hansen, Marilyn 57 Haslem, Richard 135 Henderson, Joyce 336 Hill, Jay 167 Hansen, Marjorie 59 Hatch, Don 139 Henderson Lorna 151 Hill, Lyman 152 Hansen, Mary 76 380 Hatch, Eastman 144, 319, 354 Henderson Ralph 97 Hill, Norman 108 Hansen, Owen 108 Hatch, Garn 65, 307 Henderson Robert 114 Hillas, Michael 72, 389 Hansen, Richard C. 98 Hatch, Hyrum 88 Henderson, Stanley 109 351 Hillyard, Ferris 72, 370 Hansen, Robert 159 Hatch, Jane 167 316, 370 Hendricks, Gloria 122 370 Hilton, Ida 137 Four hundrcd twelve THOMPSON at at lk INDIAN TRADING POST O GENUINE INDIAN AMERICAN LINEN ARTS SUPPLY COMPANY ' SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH 23 Wesi' Souflw Temple Sell' Lake Cily Graduales of our schools will be able To gel iobs in Ulalw if our schools and business insfilulions will supporl and buy Ulali producls. k "I+ Pays 'ro Keep Clean" COON CHICKEN INN T it T -k 35 Eas+ 6+l1 Soufh Dial 4-8448 You are always welcome al' H. P. JONES CONOCO SERVICE STATION 9+hsou+hana i3+h Em PHOTQGRAPHY BY j9efeu0,, Phone 5-390I 748 Sou+l1 I3+l1 Easf Sal+ Lake Ci+y, UIBI1 l'hJJh WE LC O M E . 4' 4lU9L ii5k. 1 1 . - E153-1" " E151 , ' - ' -E1 U1 , li' ,.j,,Hi1:i"5f,,E 9 Af 5 ' 5 l I 1 xii 'N' ' E --31 61 3.1515 51511 H . 1 pf - 511' 'E 51 111 1 11: . 2 il 'ffl 1 lr -' 'J 4 ' ' I 11.1 ,.' "1 5 I 2 " 5 51 if ft? ' 'fi " E7 M 1 1 1' li el 2 :'lg1i'fi2139'l 5 F 513113 1 11 n n.5ll5"' 11 I1 1 li 1 1 11' 1 011:11 .2 T11 5 E11 1 ,llElQ'111111:5!1 1. 11: . 1 1 1 1 -1.1i1.mu1nm.....::+ 1 -1, - - 1 .11 - , 1 Q, Jia l l l ll na " 1' .1 V lx f 14 -' 1 1 1.1 E ' 11221.31 1 . ZH 1, , 4,1 Q2 5 5 11 - 1 L 1 + 1 1 11 is ' '.' I .9 - ' lf 1 ' ?LJ.' AEE, ' -2-af fifpeai 11- 4-HF ' -' IW 21 ... fsaftft ' ' 4 .. .- . - f' - L,f ,,1Q'J'E'gv- lEfj:- X' -4' ,,.,-1.1. 1 ga -"ggi 'i 2 f Z-Nfl lf P -1- 114121:-.: 45 wi' "' 1- -,f - GE-1 - 1 1-. I D I E L U I A lillY 'l'l1llMlllI!i, Mzmnqinq llircclur Hilton, Jack 157 Horsfall, E. Rich 120 Hunter, Oliver R. 169 335 Hutchings, Beverly Hinckley, Colleen Horsley, A. W. 315 Hunter, Orin D. 148 1081 312, 108, 317 364 Horsley, Connie 143 Hunter, W'illia1n S. 59 Hutton D111 Hinckley, Mack 167 Horsley, David 158 Hurley, Richard E. 104 H ' R' 11 B Hinckley, King 67, 377 389 Horsley, Janet 157 329 Hurst, Justin F. 168 11110111 O Crt ' Hobson, Caroline 51 364 Horsley, John 302 Hurst, Shirlee 108 324 122, 310 Hodgins, Jean 76 Horsley, Paul W. 137 355 Husberg, Joan 138 Hyer, Jeen 125 Hodgins, Joy 80 360 Horspool, Clifton K. 108 386 Hoff, Dean 138 Horton, Max G. 128, 310 388 H H b G. 351 H k' 1-125323 Keitsr 152 Os ms, 10173211 3201 360 363 lckes, Wi1lia11x K. 70 lshimatsu, June Hogan, Wilma 108 325 Hom, Victor 127 1120, Robert 143 Iwm, Martha 145 Hoggan, Zelda 145 Hougaard, Paul 108 11891, G11 , 157 318 Iverson, Bevalyn Holbrook, Dean 157 Houghton, Graham 91 310 11102, W1111a1" 109 11,e1.5O11 George L- Holbrook, Eldon 129 315 Houston, Betty Jean 80 365 11111391 T119111115 M- 144 1V1e H,Nea1 Holbrook, Gloria 328 Houston, Joy 163 370 111171115 C1169 , , 7 115 1 1. 'N 11 M 88 798 Holbrook, Richard L, 100 Houston, Karma 151 371 15911450111 V118111111 531 L8 344 Wm' 6 3 as 1 " Holdaway, Loren Delvlar 139 Houston, Ray S, 103 Holland, H2111 106 Houston, Samuel 57 Hollingshea , Leonora 108 Howard, Alan 100 , , . , .1 , Hollist, Jeanne 166 Howarth, Lynn 142 13Zl1ll2j1n'1,?ilrley 160 Elimm 57' Holllstel-' Holly M4 Howarth, Wayne log Jackson, John 169 Jarvis, Marjorie Hollstein, Milton 119 347 Howe, Richard 166 354 Jackson' Leon 161 -1arV1S' Paddie Holmes' Cllllton 70 Howe, Sally lm' no Jacobs Barbara 59 329 Jarvis,Wi1bur 62 344 Holmes' Marama 65 Howell' Melba l43 Jacobs, Grant 92 382 Jeifcott Helen , 162 Holmes, Shirley 139 Howell, Richard D. 307 1aCObS'1err 80 312 1eHe1rS'EdmOnd R 96 Holmgren' Rlcllalll 98 Howland' Bfufe l63 Jacobsen, Allan C. 109 366 Jenkins, Bruce 1.05, 355, Holt' Dean 147 Hoyle' 13111116 H8 Jacobsen Dorie 316 Jenkins John William l1i1l01t' if , 82 gugscil' Davj 133 Jacobsen? Frank 119 Jenkins? Marilyn 78, HO t' ary Jane U ' Zonal . Jacobsen, Janice Jenkins, Richard, 104, olt, Roland A. 102 Huifman,Jeann1ne 158 7 - . , 80, 3-8 348 379 Jenkins, Wallace V. 139, Holton' Ralph G' 63 Ml Hughes, Max 65 3l4 Jacobsen Shirle 88 324 Jensen Bernice Homer, Frederic R. 124 Hughes, Nancy 138 369 Jacobsen, 51111196 142 329 , 67 312 361 362 Homer, Gareth 108 Hughes, Norman J. 108 314 111601350111 Emma ' 162 Iensen Betty 1 ' ' ggg1iLF'1l31:m E Hllmpllrles' Goldellw 311 110 Jacobson? Mary Jean 300 378 Jensen? Boyd Hooks, Barbara 65 Humphries, Marva , 152 'lamgg 2?ieI?E6 360 362 366 1222221 Eiina Mae Hoopes, H.War11er 53 Humphries, Ruth 108 369 1111165 'Frank ' ' 302 161156513 E11sW01,1h Ho kin Frank S. 163 Hunt Dale 330 L ' - - ' Y P ' , ' Q James, Marjorie 74 366 Jensen, Jay Monroe 88, Homef A1108 166 316 Hunt, C- Eldon 331 Jamieson, Norman B. 158 Jensen, Kenneth Ray 62, Home: DaV1d M' 143 Hunt, GaY19 91 310 Janson, Charles LaMar 65 Jensen LeRoy Horne, Marllyn Hunter, C1Yde L- 167 Jaramillo, L. A. 138 Jensen, Ruth 66, 316, 360 362 Hunter, Mary Jean 51 317 Jarvis, Elaine 151 Jensen, Virginia 57, Four hundred fourteen 369 65 381 352 152 370 117 84 71 304 366 96 336 123 346 369 326 389 376 304 326 354 369 103 169 170 151 97 354 390 138 67 324 CEDAR, RICHFIELD 81 WYOMING DIST. CO.'s - "Your Wholesale Grocer" MODERN , , RAY L. OLSEN, Manager . . MOUNTAIN STATES I D pendable Q ' k - C ean - e RUBBER ACESMPANY u'cFlexible - Economical INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY co. M0UI"Tf6g"2' FIIEI SUIT! COMPANY Ervin wen - ree CI omrnum leg I2 I- I 3 I MoI'or Ave. SaI'I' Lake Cify RUDOLPI-I ORLOB, Presidenf Il. W. Squires, Vice-Pres. 81 Treasur E. G. AguI+er, Asslsfanf Manage YOUR ONLY Chr sler - PI mouth DISTRIBUTOR WITH A COMPLETELY ULTRA MODERN AUTOMOTIVE SALES AND SERVICE PLANT PHONE 3-4565 BL IP1 UTUR CU PANY fUfah's Oldesf Mofor Car Dealerj 445 SQ. MAIN ST. UIaI'1 Alumni SALT LAKE CITY, UTAI-I S. I-I. "Buss" BLAIR, Jr. I' dh ifts Every few days we receive some of those 'famous "U" gifts. Our stock will soon be complete. Even now we probably have Just what you wan+. University Book l't0re 1k if it Devoted Exclusively to the Inter- ests of Ll Students and Alumni ,mi J ., ifbi The Original UTAH WOOLEN MILLS 28 Richards Street SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH Jenson, Conrad 83 Jolley, Aaron 165 Jones, Wayne Kirk, Beverly 118 Jenson, Daryl 151 Jolley, Justin 50 Jonsson, Jens Kirk, Jack 339 Jenson, Gordon 330 Jones, Al 318 Jordan, Lois Kjar, Morris 318 Jenson, Spencer 51 Jones, Betsy Mae 57 Jordan, Maryellen Kjar, Norma 317 Jepson, Wayne H. 72 Jones, Carole 366 121, 363 Klebe, John D. 335 Jex, Carrol 336 Jones, Clarke 109, 357 Jordan, Phyllis Kleve, John 170 Jimas, Andrew J. 59 Jones, Elaine 169 Jorgensen, A. M. Knapton, Melvin 137 Johansen, Blanche 390 Jones, John Davis 322 Jorgensen, Jay Knight, Janice 56 366 Johnson, Albert 59 Jones, Lynn 355 Jorgensen, Lee H, Knight, Shirl 322 Johnson, Arlan 145 Jones, Mariorie 317 Jorgensen, Maxine Knighton, LeRoy 50 382 Johnson, Arnold W, 315 Jones, Maurice D. 302 Jorgensen Verla Knittle, Richard 151 Johnson, Arthur 137 Jones, Miriam 304 Joe ensen' Vernon Knotts, Robert E. 100 366 Johnson, Clark D. 167 Jones, Muriel 98 g h B' Knowles, Barbara 98 Johnson, Dale H. 63, 391 JODCS, RHY 97 'losep J eng KHOWJCS, LHUT3- 52 325 Johnson, Darlene 300 Jones, Robert M. 310 -lowers, Kath een Knudson, Al 303 Johnson, Delmar 151 Jones, Sally 325 lvshaui Clyde Knudson, Charles 80 Johnson, Dottie 125, 353 Jones, Stanley 151 Iudd, Delvlont - Koepsel, Beverly 121, 332 Johnson, Finyd 86 Jones, vera s, 129 ludC1,Pau11H2 Kolb, Quentin 41, 52, 302, 346 Jolgnson, George H. 161 Jones, Wallace W. 137 Jurgens, Patricia Eoger, Igank W If d 131 Jo nson, Geraldine 304 0 CY, COYSC i Of 4 Jolgnson, glendon 347 Eopf? Tamb d 135 o nson, loria 336 OP IU, 10 9-Y Johnson, Janice 109, 362 Kamrnerman, Chloe 324 Kendall, Fred Kosaiku, Haruyl 119 Johnson, Jewel 109, 362 Kannes, Toula 332 Kennedy Pat Koziol, Joan 320 Johnson, Joan 96 Karren, Lawrence 334 Kent, Shavvnie Koziol, Mary 321 Johnson, Joe T. 151 Kasius, Peter 355 Kephart, John Krebs, Margaret 169 Johnson, Joyce 170 Kasteler, Marilyn 301 Kerr, Walter B. 72, 350 Kresser, Delbert 143 Johnson, Joyce 320 Kasteler, Mary 151 360 Kershner, Ruth Ann 128 Kroescher, Ralph 151 Johnson, Keith 151 Kastler, Bernerd 388 Kezerian, Joyce Kuhre, Don 145 Johnson, Lawrence 109 Katis, Gus 150 Kiesig, David Kuida, Hiroshi 115 Johnson, Lawrence A, 370 Keate, Kathleen 308 Kikuchi, Fumi Kunkel, Wesley P. 120 Johnson, Lorraine 138 Keate, Margaret 312 Kilgore, Beverly Kurata, Anna 54 Johnson. Mack 90 Keddington, Lloyd 314 Killpack, Beverly Kurle, Norma 151 Johnson, Mitzi 109, 353 Keddington, Paul 169 Killpack, Don Kutulas, Christina 151 Johnson, Reid 98 Keetch, Renee 67, 366 Killpack, Evelyn Johnson, Richard L. 137 K.eller, Boyd 165 Killpack, Larry L Johnson, Robert Chris 116 Keller, Dorothy 313 Kimball, Sally Johnson, Rosalie 366 Keller, Paul C. 117 Kimber, Elda Mae Labbes Joan 144, 532 Johnson, snniey 109 Kelly, Joyce 325 King, Mary Lack, Margaret 137, 524 Johnson, Travis 64 Kelly, Paul 151 King, Paul R. LHHEUT, Kelth 314 Johnson, William 368 Kelsey, Lois 143 King, Tom 159, Lake, Margaret 111, 300 Johnson, Willis Carl 141 Kemp, Jeanne 117, 366 Kipp, Carman Laker, Anna 84, 370 Johnston, William 306 Kendall, Betty 86 Kirgan, Carla Laker, W. Bryan 63, 376 Fuur hundred six teen Courlesy of W. H. BINTZ COMPANY COLLEGE SERVICE Mann Brollwers Pep 88 and U+ah Oil Produc+s Telephone 4-0706 I3+l1 Eas+ 8: 2nd Sou+l1 W Complimenls of for UTAH-lDAl'lO HGOOD FOOD.. SCHOOL SUPPLY SOUHX and S+G+e l55Sou+l1S+a+e Sal+ Lake Ci+y 27l Soullw Slale Slreel Sal? Lake Cily I, Ulaln Deor Groduofe: A greof mon once said: " 'Laziness' 'rravels so slowly +l'1a+ poverfy soon over+alces him." Sincere-sf good wishes for your success. MCFARLANE FUEL ai STOKER co. Arflmur McFarlane, Pres. Raymond R. McFarlane, Sec. FOR THAT "SPECIAL" CSTRL . .. A "SPEClAL"RlNG- Original Jewelry Made fo Order A+ Bob Zancjs and Newell Barlow's Yivfewel l6'1uf Cusfom Jeweler-Wafch Maker Manufacluring Jeweler For Solid Comforl . . . Use a Solid Fuel for ROYAL - SPRTNS CANYON - STANDARD ' ' ' CCAT-5 ORGANIZATIONS Phdd g!OlAfE'Z5, fO'Z gusty caasion For . .... PROMS SPORTS EVENTS G RA D U ATIO N SEE WALLY FOR ALL YOUR FLORAL NEEDS Special Rafes for Sfudenfs W f 4 www l?2 SOUTH MAIN SALT LAKE CITY I. UTAH THE MARK OF PROGRESS AND QUALITY In Manufaduring and Merchandising PAINTS and Colorizer GLASS ' WALLPAPERS CLEANERS and POLISHES 65 Wesi Firsi' Soufh Branches and Dealers Throughoui' U'I'aI1 and Idaho LaLonde, Paul 118 Leaver, Patton 314 Littke, George 137, 350 370 Lucas, Bob 153 Laki11, Harry 126 Leaver, Ruth Mary 87, 329 Little, Clara 137 Lucas, Kenneth 111 370 Lamarche, Andre 169, 354 LeChe1ninant, Dale C. 318 Littlefield, James C. 165 Lucas, Rosemary 154 338 Lambourne, Beverly Lecklider, Ruth 169 Lloyd, Harries 121 Ludwig, Marilyn 139 329 88, 305, 384 Lee, Allen 122, 380 Lloyd, Jay W. 152 Lund, Beverly 145 Lambourne, LaVerne 145 Lee, Jack R. 116, 314 Lloyd, John 82 Lund, David M. 339 Lambourne, Robert D. 87, 376 Lefavor, Don 152 Lloyd, Lucy 370 Lund, Frances 315 Lang, Marion 338 Leff, Harry 81 373 389 Lochrie, Marjorie 156 Lund, Gary 319 Lang, William 100 Lefgren, June 56 Lockhart, Georgette 328 Lundquist, William O. 167 Lange, F. Charles 118 Leininger, Lo Donna Loizos,Wil1na 161 Lunt, Louise 110 371 Lange, Marvin 112 78 316 363 Loutensock, John L. 167 Lym, Ardath Langford, Althea 73 Lennberg, Don 152 Loutensock, H. W., Jr. 331 40, 79. 304. 348' 362 384 Laraway, Jane 50 333 Leonudakis, Area 160 Love, Joyce 137 Lyman Bond 158 Laraway, Tom 152 Lever, Ronald 152 Love, Milton H. 318 L man' Hu h 166 Larch, Gloria 91 305 Lewis, A. Harold 1 11 326 Love, Robert G. 318 Ly 1 ' P g Q8 Larsen, Colleen 110, 304 370 Lewis, Gwen 300 Loveland, Barbara 309 Lyng QM egfqy ' Larsen, Joseph Y. 111 Lewis, Jack 122 Low, David S. 306 yon' argle , 170 Larsen, Josephine Lewis, Leonard J. 302 346 Low, Elaine 152 LYON, Mary Louise 110, 317, 3551, 363 370 Lewis, Va Nile 115 Low, Gordon sos , 90, 300 585 Larsen, Kathryn 120 Lewis, Walter J. 115 Low, Howard 306 LYON: Maurice 137 326 Larsen, Russell 152 Lewis, Willa Rae 332 Lowder, Jack 111 LYOI1, R1C11Hrd W- 303 Larson, Alfred J. 88 Lichfield, Barbara 82 L11h11n,Jack B. 137 Lyon, William G. 154 Larson, Beverly 152 Liddle, Dona Rae 124, 364, 374 Larson, Jeanne 84 Light, Skip 323 Larson, John M. 84, 314 Lignell, Keith 110 Larson, John B. 86 Lillie, Nancy 152 Maack, Patricia Malstrom, Jeanne 111 Larson, R. 310 Lindberg, Evelyn 65 366 101, 333, 360 Malvey, Michael 165 Larson, Marilyn 328 Linde, Robert A. 104 MacDuif, John 55 Mangelson, Ramon 157 366 Larson, Patricia 145 Lindley, Betty 119 Mack, Grant M. 330 Mann, Donald E. 120 Lathrop, Philip 136 Lindley, L2-.Von 157 Mackey, Tom 152 Manning, Lenora 111 Latimer, Beulah 70, 338 361 Lindquist, Jean 59 328 Madsen, Bud 377 Manookin, Stuart 84 330 Latimer, Lamar N. 326 Lindquist, Marian Madsen, Darrell Grant 98, 306 Mansell, Faye 98 Lauchnor, Marcine 152, 305 137, 328 360 Madsen, Gloria Joyce 156 Manson, Yvonne 81 Lauriante, Marguerite 63, 332 Lindsay, Dean 119 314 Maeser, Margaret Mantyla, Don 110 307 Lawrence, Clifford J. 99 Lindsay, Elaine 313 117, 312, 370 Manwaring, Gloria 152 301 Lawrence, Jack 137 Lindsay, Lila 338 Maeser, Paul 96 Manwaring, Karl H. 145 Lawrence, Jerry K. 139 Lindsay, Marilyn 329 Magionos, Quinton B. 51 326 Maragakis, John Lawrence, John W. 326 Linford, A. Merrill 55 Magionos, Tikey 55, 299 326 51, 343, 349, 373, 376 387 Lawrence, Mack 152 Linford, Don C. 63 330 Maguire, Mary 55 Marchant, Maurice P. 120 Laxman, Carol 110, 370 Lingenfelter, Joan 88 324 Mahas, Theodore 102 Marcroft, Keith 55 Layton, Jane 157, 336 Link, Betty Mae 324 Maher, Jim 302 Mariani, Ernest D. 119 318 Layton, Patricia 110, 321 Link, Howard D. 169 Malecker, John 65 Markey, Edna 110, 352 370 Leach. William L. 60 Lippold, Leonore 137 312 Malm, Richard 137 Markosian, Mary 100 Leaver, Frank 86, 323 Lister, Laurence 63 335 Malouf, Dolores 57 Marlor, Marilyn 143 Four hundred Pighlffml I I I . , T ..E..I1Y. E'gIA,sg K-'vii "'-'M ,A I--I-IIII IIIEI-I4 I -. lf I usa g g DOLL HOUSE I5l8 Soulh Main Sall' Lake Ciiy, Ufah WHERE FRIENDS MEET TO EAT PHONE 5-463I FOR LOCAL OR LONG DISTANCE MOVING-PACKING-STORAGE Household goods carefully Packed, Cra+ed and Shipped in Dusl Proof Vans MOLLERUP BILT-WEL MOVING 81 STORAGE CO. I69 So. Wes+ Temple O Sall Lake Ci'I'y 4 FURNITURE COMPANY "Remember-For Savings Thai' Tell, Shop a+ BiI+-WeI" ,,,. 'E f fllifil illllu A I "' ,. , ' 'A" f "" M xg 359 SOUTH STATE PH. 3f4073 I.-IWW I , offs l+'s SKYLARK Time EoR AN EVENING OF DANCING FUN, COME TO THE SKYLAIIK No Cover Charge Monday fhru Friday - Safurday 754: per Person 864 SOUTH STATE PHONE 3 0824 Fun r hundred Visif Ufalfs Finesf Music Center SUGAR HOUSE MUSIC CO. Home of the RONALD STUART SPINET "The Miracle Piano" RCA HEADQUARTERS SUGAR HOUSE MUSIC CO. EHQOIZ- .QDSQZAQZK JEWELERS Saft .flags city GRANITE 2 I 30 So. Hyland Dr. Tel. 7-5069 ,HART BROS. MUSIC STORESH Everything fo Furnish the Home Utah Idaho I050 East 2 I s'I' Sou'I'h Phone 6-8783 Marqnardson, Joyce 81 lv1cCarthy, Jerry 66, 342 McLeod, Catherine 170 Midgley, PHI? Marsell, Hal V. 115 306 McCarthy, Joseph P. McLeod, Frances 55 304 120, 324, 360, 362, 368 Marshall, Dawn 152 McCarty, William McMain, Edwilyn 81 Midgley, Quentin 154 Marti, Ray 146 366 McCleary, Kenneth McMain, Sid 302 Miller, Barbara 71 Martin, Gayle 110 McDowell, Jeweldene 1VlClVlZ1St6I', Diane 329 Miller, Calvin 154 Martin, Gerald 311 Mccomb, Arlene 1VlC1VlUlliIl, Barbara 128 Miller, Clifford 110 Martin, Phyllis 110, 304, 370 McCune, Dora Jean 1V1C1V1llrdi6, Dean R. 122 Miller, Ellen 137 Martin, Robert 82 327 357 MCCLIHC, Janice Ix1NjI1cINIamara, Shirley 59 304 1I:f1!I11lCf, grant 134 Martin Roylance E. 164 55, 299, 328, C ei , Marvin H. 162 355 i er, ran 92 Martin Shiffel 110 Mccrme, Keith N. McNeill, David 111 Miller, Lewis 334 Martinson, Don 322 McDonald, Betty MCNeilly, Neil 154 M111213 LYHI1 W- 127 Martines, Monna Lee 169 329 McDonald, Charles MCPhail, Norma 137 361 Miller, Kenneth 160 Marvin, Miriam 152 McDonald Colleen McPhie, Margaret 86 300 1V11116f, MGX 332 Mason, Fred P. 85 McDonald, Donna McQuarrie, Dan 322 Miller, Nan 336 Mason, Marilyn 58, 298, 332 118, 371 MCQuarrie, Margaret 324 1V111161'1 Patty 105 Masters, Ronald 73, 315, 347 McDonald Jeanne 51 McTague, Betty 61 361 Miller, Ronald 166 Mastrim, Keith 161 McDonald, Russell T. McTague, Harry 58 1V11116f, Russell .l- 311 Metheson, Frank 126, 314 McDonell, William Means, Bill 110 M1119f1 Ted 154 Matheson, Robert D. 331 McEntire, Betty Jean Mecham, Ralph 161 Millerberg, Howard 160 Matheson, Scott 167 McFarlane, Betty 166, 312 Mednick, Goldie 165 Miller, Navarre 73 Mathews, Lee B 5 133 McFerson,Cl5xoy1W. geikglejohlgi, Miikey 90, 332 mills, 13?-1ffl1Y11 Matson, Lavon 1 9, 368, 3 4 McGavin, aro e c er, etty ou 140 1 119, UCC Mattson, Agnes 57 MeGavoclc, Jean Mellor, Beverly 167 Milne, H- Dale 117 Matuzeski, Robert R. 92 McGh1e, Duane Mellor, Rodney 140 Milne, Donna 77 Maughan, James 88 McGinnis, Pat Mendenhall, Mary Lyle Milne, G0fC10I1 162 Maw,LaR11e ss Mecfew, Virginia 52, 357 121, 361 366 Mi1r1e,Herberr 334 Maw? 1310131 Raffd MC11fath: DO1'0t11Y126 Menkenmaier, Donna 337 Elmer' gan 2' ax 1C , ona , 111613 01111 Mayer, Robert C. 376 McKay, Janet Missa, E322 L0 I 59 M1Yafa, Tafs'-151f1 103 Mays, Adele 166, 337 McKay, Janice 1 L86 370 388 Mizuno, Bill 86 Mays, Hal N. 61 310 McKay, Midene 137, Me EH Mar ' 170 Mochizuki, George S. 76 Mays, Joy 63, 343 McKay, Richard Merril1,R b gi 377 MOCSSCF, Carol Mcfxllee, Doug 161 McKean, Barbara 61, M rr li BO er 125, 305, 353, 334 390 MQAHQQ, Stan 121, 307 McKean, rom me 1 QFW 140 Mohr, Miiien 141 McAllister, D. R. 80 McKean, Thomas Metcalf' 5h1f12Y 138 1V1OnCL11', Evelyn 169, 369 McAllister, Marie 143 304 McKellar, Maurine C, M9Yef, 10591911 h 165 Monsen, Kent 154 McAlister, Mary Jane 73 MCKendriCk, Joan 1V1CY91110f1Cf, P1111 Monsey, Art 71 387 McArthur, Maurine 329 102, 120, 299 327 Monson, Charles 84 McBride, Horton 152 McKenzie, Bonnie Meyers, Clifford 169 Monson, Gene 118 McCabe, Frank 152, 380 MCKeWan, William M, Michener, Norma 71 Monson, Luana. 73 375 McCabe, Harry 111, 380 McKinney, Esther Middlemas, Beverly 84 368 Monson, Robert 153 McCallum, Pat 88 McKnight, J, Wallace Middlemiss, Robert 128 Montague, Iris 121 366 VlcCarrel, Susan 75, 384, 390 McLaren, Keith 1V1iC1g16Y, A1111 105 1V1011T3g0111C1'Y, Elaine 153 Four hundred twenty SALT LAKE oeDEN Pkovo LQQK TQ "QI-DS" A Good Place +o EaI' I 1 4 A I ' I LBESTBYT in Complimenis of THE GLEN BROS. FOR ALL THAT'S NEW Yes, and look Io our Olds- rnoloile Service Deparlrnenl under Ilme direclion of our new Service Manager, "Cliff Dundas" for Ilie besl "Olds" Service in ine Wesl. Nex'r Iime you are downfown, drive inI'o our Super Service Sia- Iion . . . WI1eII1er for gas, oil, fires, accessories, or merely fo have your I'ires checked . . . MUSIC CO. You'II Enjoy Prompf, Courleous Service 7. O 57, e KEN GARFF or ROYAL L. GARFF, Alumni w ig or s SaI+ Lalce Ogden CD 'IWH STATE AT 5" SOUTH,SALT LAKE ' ' ' ss. :I LEADERSHIP IN HIGHER EDUCATION 1850 UNIVERSITY OF UTAH 1947 F l fi FOR A DRINK OR A BITE DAY OR NITE 'A' SHAKE-R-MALT SHOPS 955 Sourh Main 230 So. I3I'h Easf Ca r Service For HOME FURNISHINGS Remember: "You Can'+ Beal' Ihe Du+ch" Holland 9ur14if1mf 611. 364 Sou+h Slale Slreel' SALT LAKE CITY I, UTAH Compllmenrs ol lfublazal- Venn t J E W E L E R S 211 Souih Mann Dual 3-5066 Moody, Doreen 159 366 Moulton, Harry D. Neff, Richard C. 74 Newton, James 137 Moody, Gordon 351 Moulton, Heber Nelson, Barbara 154 Nibley, Annette 70, 317 375 Mooney, John 307 Moulton, James H. Nelson, Boyd 351 Nicolaides, Tom 137 Moore, Elizabeth 56 336 Moulton, Virginia Nelson, Carla 370 Nicholes, Gordon 160 Moore, Hal 137 Moyer, Marcia 72 Nelson, Dalman 369 Nichols, Ivan L. 82, 367 Moore, Roberta 324 Moyes, Joan 137 Nelson, Dorothy 329 Nichols, Robert 111 Moreton, Sharee Moyle, Gilbert Nelson, Emery G. 367 Nicholson, Keith 302 110, 317, 353, 360 367 Moyle, Suzanne 139 Nelson, Enid 321 Nickerson, Nedra Ill 380 Morgan, Rex 161 303 Moyle, Virginia 59 Nelson, Ethel 372 Nielsen, Cornelius W, 330 Morgan, Robert 310 Muir, Frances Parmley Nelson, Eugene R. 145 Nielsen, Shirley 82 Morgan, Stanley 153 153 Nelson, George 154 Nielsen, Wanda 111 300 Morgan, Wayne C. 306 Muir, Richard 169 Nelson, Joan 82 348 Nielson, Dolores 154 Morley, Joanne 110 366 Muir, Ruth 89, 360 Nelson, John 386 Nielson, Frank 111 Morris, Conway 167 Muir, Wally Nelson, Jinny Lee 317 Nielson, George 314 Morris, Joyce 153 Muirhead, Fraser Nelson, Marian 316 Nielson, Howard D. 65 342 Morris, Len 163 Mulqogk, Donna 97 Nelson, Richard K. 326 Nielson, Jean 143 301 Morris, Ramona 309 Mlllcock Wa ne Nelson, Pat 300 Nilson, Patty 128 336 Morris, Victor 83 331 Mullen Ronald Nelson, Russell K. 319 Nims, Jerry Pat 97, 299 311 Morrison, Arnold 110 323 Munk, barlyle MA 110! Nelson, Theron 322 Noall, Matthew 306 Morrison, Beth n 73 308 Mtlnsey, Marilyn Nestmann, Lo 315 Nokes, Doug 323 oitensen, Bonnie 71 M d sk I AH Newby, Hartley 77 1Noorda, A1 160 Mortensen, Neal J. 105 302 Uf or ' ' Cn- Newman, Analee 328 Noorda, Barbara 72 313 Morton, James 97 Murdllcki Chad, -ll' 92 Newman, Boyd 389 Noorda, Don 81 314 Morton, Janie 50 Murdock, Robert Newman, Carol 79 Norberg, Audrey 99 Moseley, Susan Brewster 329 Murdock, Wllllla 137 Newman, Kent I, 70 380 Norman, Jean 162 Moses, Sherill 153 369 MUfPhY, B012 125 Newman, Loraine 100 North, Dean 138 372 Moss, Donald 86 389 Murray, LaVora Newren, Merrill C. 98 Notti, Frank A. 111 323 Mote, Patricia 145 332 Muth, James 161 Newsome, Paul I. 138 Notti, Louise 140, 313 380 Newsome, William Novak, Joseph 161 138 386 Nowell, Robert H. 161 Newson, Don 79 Nuttall, Jackie 153 371 Naden, Betty 101 Naylor, Carol Newton, Fred 307 Nuttall, Lois 138 388 Nalfziger, Jeanne 111 305 Naylor, Kenneth Newton, Jack 314 Nyman, Carl, Jr. 159 Naffziger, Warren 137 Naylor, Mel Naisbitt, Paul 142 302 Neal, Leon Namba, Alfred 154 Nebeker, Lauramay 53 Nainba, Elsie 55 Nebeker, Raida Cakland, June 112 Ggaard, Dick 85 Nance, James 90 371 70, 324, 348, 367, 374 O'Brien,1rene 368 Ogden, Mildred 320 Nash, Karl 121 331 Nebeker, Steve 167 O'Brien, Keith 138 Ogden, Dale 162 Nate, Lucille 159 337 Neeley, Gloria 144 Ockey, Reed 153 Ogilvie, Ferral 92 Naughton, Barbara Neeley, Lenore O'Donalcl, Richard H. O'Hara, Gay 162 316 154, 305 380 Neese, Jack Rowland 307 Olander, Hugh 166 Nauman, Alfred 159 Ned, Gordon 111 Odow, Terno 381 Oldham, Elma 170, 333 Fnur hzmdrrd tzwnty-izcin EASTNU-KN KODAK STURES, Inc. The Smartest Shoes on the ' Ca mpus are f?0m GENERAL PT-IOTOGRAPI-HC SUPPIWEES , We Q14 nc ' X J A SaH' Lake Ci'ry I, Ufah SHOE CO. l55 Soufh Main S+. QUALITY FOOTWEAR 124 s. MAIN Dis+ribu+or for General Tires Exclusive Hawkinson and Kraff Tread Service - Recapping - Equipped 1'o Handle any Passenger and Truck Tire WH EELER GENERAL TIRE co. PHGNE 4-8487 3I5 Easi' Broadway SALT LAKE CITY B -was The ALL-AMERICAN The ALL-AMERICAN BASKETBALL STARS BEAUTIES Vern Gardner Gloria Neely Arnold Ferrin RoLayne Rasmussen THE ALL-AMERICAN CAR I947 FORD CONVERTIBLE COUPE 4680 So. S+a+e Murray, Urah Phone Murray I4 Oldham, Loila 124, 332 368 Olson, Gordon Park, MaVe 159 Paul, Virginia Oldham, Thelma 154 333 Olson, Tom Park, Pat 141 Pavela, Colleen 90 Oldroyd, Leon 114 Omer, Joyce Parke, Wyatt Kay 153 Paxman, Marva J. Oleson, Grandville 169 Openshaw, Karl Parker, Margaret 117 Peacock, Marleen Olofson, Bernice 111 371 Ord, Janet Parker, Mercedese 138 325 Pearce, Charles Olsen, Art K. 159 Orgill, Lorraine Parker, Richard A 50 330 Pearson, Joyce Olsen, Beb 121, 324 362 Orgill, Richard Parker, Sylvia 77 Pearson, Larry Olsen, Billie 328 Orme, Carol 147, 309 Parker, Virgil 137 Pearson, Lois 153 Olsen, D. A. 81 314 Orrock, Vard Parkes, Arthur 161 Pearson, Patricia Olsen, Gayle 139 329 Orton, Paul Parkin Darwin L. 55 Peck, Dale Olsen, Jennings 92 357 Orton, Ralph L. Parkin Elaine 122 Peck, Dean Olsen, Joy 159 328 Osborne, Jack Parkin Kayrl 161 Peck, Max Olsen, LaRue 59, 308 342 Osguthorpe, Mary Parkin Shirley Pedersen, Barbara 86 Olsen, Perry 63 Osterloh, Fred 105, 352, 360 367 Pedersen, Ralph L. Olsen, Shirley 157 308 Osterloh, Frederick Parkinson, Dorothy 67 308 Pedersen, Ronald Olsen, Tex R. 303 Otsuki, Eone Parmelee, Esther 167 Peery, Nancy 353 Olsen, Tom 170 Ott, Georgean Parmelee, Richard 154 351 Peinmock, Albert 127 Olson, Beverly 153 Ottosen, Melba Parmley, Barbara 143 368 Pendleton, Brian 105 Olson, Boyd 165 Outzen, Ann Marie Parratt, Jeanne 100 312 Perkins, Carlo M. Olson, Dorothy 154 Outzen, John D. Parry, George Edwin 165 331 Perkins, DeWayne Olson, Doyle 79, 327 350 Owens, Russell Parry, Gloria 316 Perkins, Pat Parry, Raymond 139 Perlstein, Lenore 167 Parsons, A. L. 59 Perrine, Barbara 55 Parthu, Cecile 138 Perschon, Arthur Robert Pack, Douglas 63, 330 349 Page, Melvin Passey, Raeo 158 58 Pack, Marvin 82 Paice, Ileen Patrick, Joseph F. 330 Perschon, June 54 Pack, Oneita 61 Paine, Betty Patrick, Robert S. 377 Petersen, Betty Mae Pack, Rosalind 51 Palfreyman, Earlene Patrick, Walter 327 117, 308 Pack, Theron 153 Palmer, Anne Patterson, Janyce 147 301 Petersen, Gloria 75, 324 Paez, Simon 145 Palmer, Lawrence L. Patterson, Joyce 148 300 Petersen, Glynn Page, Horner 99 Panos, Tom Paul, Dorothy 103 Petersen, Klyde Page, LaJuana 78 Pappas, John Paul, Dorothy J. 113 312 Petersen, LaRene Four hundred twenty-four Petersen, Orville Petersen, Robert V. Peterson, Frances Peterson, Glen Peterson, Gwen 163 Peterson, Jeniel 126, 300 Peterson, Kent Peterson, L. Dan Peterson, Pat 82 Peterson, Phyllis 166 Peterson, Phyllis M. Peterson, Thelma 11 3, 337, 3 53 Peterson, Vernon Eugene Peterson, Walter E. Pett, Glenn W. 79 139 355 Pettinger, Bob Pettis, Joan Pexton, Boyd Pexton, Ramona Phelps, Georgina Phelps, Ira Phillipps, Avon Joan 75 125 158 Pugh, Paul 122 Phillips, Clair Phillips, George 160 Phillips, Marvin Phillips, Paul Phillips, Ray Phillips, Wm. Revell 139 Pickens, Ellison K. Pierson, Kenneth Safran, Sidney Pinckney, Karel Pingree, Beverly Pingree, Donna Pingree, Patricia Pittenger, Dorothy Pixton, Lois 88 72 166 55 Radcliffe, Robert Radovich, Donna 298, 325, 343, 344, 345 Rainey, Jeannette 64 Rainey, Jess Ralph, Ray B. Ralph, Sally 62, 337, 343 Ral hs De1bertL 114 s Randall, Salmon, Sally p , . Ramsey, Upton 67, 299 Ramshaw, Shirley Ranck, Robert Randall, Betty June Robert Ransom, Vaughn Raoch, Delbert E. Rasmussen, Blaine Rasmussen, DeVaun Rasmussen, Donna Rasmussen, Ellen Rasmussen, Geraldine Rasmussen, Gloria Rasmussen, Norman Rasmussen, RoLayne Rawlings, Elaine 86, 321, Rawlings, Erveen Rawson, Janet Ray, Ann Ray, Arthur Ray, Pauline Raybould, Lynn Reading, Ronald Rebholz, John G. Rebholz, Marilynn 140 98 71 112 162 348 139 63 298 Redd, Bennion 102 Redd, Donald Redd, Geri Redd, Helen Redd, Lucy Reeder, Earl Reeder, Rowena Rees, Emma Rees, Merrill Rees, Mildred Reese, Beverly Jane Reese, Marilyn Merrell 74, 316, Reese, Robert E. 112 167 89 145 372 371 57 158 305 372 159 362 135 330 354 139 371 81 308 161 117 388 330 322 135 159 160 355 153 63 338 325 325 316 371 300 117 59, 363 300 339 355 345 61 302 140 97 115 158 323 141 322 139 158 368 372 325 129 316 362 51 372 148 376 56 153 153 323 308 330 388 312 160 60 61 75 57 73 119 141 348 148 Platt, Richard Plott, William Poelman, Ronald Pohlman, Marilyn Polve, Adella Polve, James H. Polve, Yvonne Polychronis, Teresa Pope, Connie Popham, Jeanette Porter, Pat Potts, Keith Potts, Lela Rae Poulsen, Ernest A. Poulsen, Jesse Poulson, Phyllis Poulton, James Poulton, Marilyn 50 Powell, Gene Powers, Cherry Pratt, Geniel 85 Pratt, Marilyn Pratt, William R. Preece, Elaine Preece, Joe Price, Marilyn 90 Price, Richard Price, Sue Price, Vernon G. 92 Probasco, Gaylord W. Pugsley, Joyce 72 Pusey, Paul Putnam, Glen Pyke, Frank Pyke, Mac Pyper, Robert P. Reese, William D. Reeve, Thelma 78 Reeves, John A. Reeves, Pat Regan, Patricia Reid, David Reid, Kenneth Reid, Pattae Reid, Wallace Reiser, David 76 Reiser, Marilyn 40, 102 Reiser, Ruth a Reneau, Travis Reves, Louise Reynolds, Douglas Reynolds, Kay Reynolds, Mary 73 Reynolds, Richard Rhodes, Elizabeth Rice, Afton 112 Rich, John Rich, Sharon Richards, Bill Richards, Derrill Richards, Elaine Richards, Gayle Richards, Harold Richards, Helen 74, 300, Richards, Janet Richards, John Richards Lorin Richards: Cliver 169, Richards, Russell Richardson, Dorothy Richardson, Elaine Richardson, Jean Richardson, York Richeda, Don Riches, John Richman, Weldon Richter, Daisy Rickbeil, Robert C. Rickers, Alvin Ricks, Lorene Rigby, Kathryn Rigby, Thomas 330 124 315 99 324 77 324 374 124 384 153 307 324 121 163 155 315 383 115 333 386 160 111 319 362 302 122 372 119 145 368 163 354 303 303 314 164 385 376 307 304 98 105 170 144 346 352 312 315 332 153 329 384 81 56 375 330 316 170 315 337 368 144 372 153 318 103 372 98 336 84 86 303 351 315 163 352 318 97 372 61 98 Ringwood, Riser, Geor George ge Riser, Ralph Ritchie, Carol Ritchie, James C. Roberts, Carol Roberts, David Roberts, Dee G. Roberts, Dexter Roberts, Jayne Roberts, Joan Robertson, Clinton Robertson, Dick Robertson, Eugene Robertson, Heber Robertson, Richard Robinson, Donald E. Robinson, Ethna 98, 308, Robinson, Gwen Robinson, Kenneth B. Robinson, Lorraine Robinson, Ralph Robinson, Ray Robison, Shirlee Robles, Frank Rochek, Richard V. Rockwood, LaVar Rodriguez, Nick Roe, Donald C. Rogers, Christine Rogers, Helen Rogers, Pat Romney, George 126, 76, 97, 116 362 83 116 159 92 144 333 3 s Romney, Joyce 84, 324, Romney, Richard Paul 63, 331 Saathoff, Martin Sabec, Ernest J. Sacos, Delbert Sadler, Clifford Sadler, Merrill Safford, Norval E. 86, Sakahara, Kazuko Salisbury, David Salisbury, Richard Salisbury, Virginia 104, Salmon, Teresa Sampson, LouEtta 99, Samuelson, Allen Samuelson, Ann Sanborn, Daryl Sanderson, Robert Sanderson, Sydnee Sansom, Barbara Sansom, Betty Sansom, Donald Sarvis, James Saville, Robert J. Sawai, Atsushi Saxton, Chuck Sax, Elanne Sax, Robert E. Saylor, Sharon 70 Scarlet, Ruth Schick, DelMar Schleich, Elizabeth Schmidt, C. DuWayne l 1 3, Schoenfeld, Gale Schoenfeld, Joy 122, Schoenfeld, Stan Schouten, Fred Schulder, Graydon Schulze, Paul R. Schutte, Joyce Scofield, Glen Scoield, Jeanne Scott, Arthur Scott, Ora Scott, Verl 114 299 138 158 304 139 368 127 139 90 76 153 360 354 332 112 116 97 75 s 163 57 310 317 118 157 55 161 153 165 165 162 306 81 159 113 372 368 161 97 304 117 314 159 153 114 114 380 310 372 372 368 170 367 367 142 61 335 116 116 302 387 124 354 153 353 118 380 388 335 121 74 98 371 308 168 90 144 334 85 159 380 85 363 140 164 161 372 167 352 372 140 302 366 320 83 112 351 335 330 Romney, Vernon 81 Rose, Robert Rose, Winston V. Rosenberg, Nad Rosenvall, Jean 139 Rosquist, Roy Ross, Alton Rostron, Bob Roundy, Verna Rountree, William 113 Rowan, Peggy 79 Rowan, Robert Rowan, Ruth 64 Rowberry, Stewart Rowe, Jeanne Rowland, Glen Rowley, Dean A. Rowley, Delmer Roylance, Martin s a Rudy, Ralph Ruga, Violet Ruggeri, M. Downey Rumph, M. Lloyd 159 a Runswick, Jenny Russell, Deone 164 Russell, Eugene Russon, lla M. 55 Russon, Joseph Eugene 55 Russon, Shirley 139 Russon, Stanford s Rutter, Ruth Ryan, Conrad Ryan, John D. Rydman, Geraldine 112, 305 Ryser, Dawn 73, 367 Scott, Wallace Scowcroft, John Major Seamons, Darlene Seare, Bryan R. Searle, Maxine Seeley, Sammie Lue 129 140 1 Seely, Chesley K. 311 Seely, Dwayne 83 Seely, Edwin M. G. 116, Seely, Rodman 134, Seely, Lucy Rae Seely, Willa Rae 112, 352 Selley, Richard Service, Bonnie Service, Richard Sessions, Alfred Merle Sessions, Doc Sevy, Adele 89, 328, Sevy, Paul E. Shafer, Betty Lou Shank, Roy Sharp, Mary Lois Sharp, Stanley R. Shaughnessy, Carol Sheets, Alice Shelby, Clifford M. Sheldon, Alice Shelledy, Dean Shepherd, Clayne Shepherd, Lelia Shepherd, Richard H. Shepley, Charles Sherman, Sharlene Shiba, Masako Shields, Theron Shippen, Ruby Shipley, Cleone Shiraishi, Joe Shirata, Yoshiye Sholund, Helen Short, Robert Shortt, Elsie Shreeve, Shirley Shull, Fred Shuput, Pete S. Shurtleff,Carolyn 59, Shurtleif, Don 60 362 99 70 77 83 155 125 138 143 113 300 347 161 70 155 372 83 372 147 53 65 308 125 309 167 170 157 331 112 371 139 83 308 145 372 327 371 377 317 170 59 76 137 384 383 55 303 142 157 116 308 381 314 371 355 157 370 115 337 153 122 322 375 157 371 142 316 153 380 88 153 329 153 143 301 318 334 378 92 104 157 321 70 55 300 307 371 333 310 159 367 322 Four hundred twenty-fivr Shurtlitf, Betty lean 145 Smith Gilbert Siciliano, 106 143 139, 350, 354, 372 373 Siddoway, Pauline 141 Smith Glen 97 371 Sieb, Helen B. 53 Smith, Glen Winter 61 Silver, Lynn R. 319 Smith, Gloria 148 Silver, Roy 371 Smith Gloria Simmons, Merylyn 317 119, 316, 353, 360 362 Simons, Lois 155 Smith Harold G 155 Simonsen, Robert 140 Smith Howard L. 160 Simpson, Gordon 311 Smith Janet Mae 127 Sinclair, Dick 323 Smith John D. 145 372 Sinclair, Helen lean 324 Smith ,Toy 114 Sisan, Richard L. 162 Smith Joyce 74, 313 371 Skedros, Constantine 74 Smith June 67 Skedros, Greg 124 Smith Keith 101 Skene, Margaret 100 Smith, LaMar 62, 349 376 Skoglund, Barbara 139 Smith, Lowry 167 Skoubye, Clarence 155 Smith Lowell 65 Skoubye, Dorothy 155 Smith Margaret Gale 90 Slade, Curtis 123 Smith Margee Slater, Bonnie 155 112, 308, 353 371 Slater, Jean 157 Smith, Marian 77 Slater, Otto 313 Smith Marion Lois Sleater, LeRoy 326 61, 316, 360 363 Sleight, Maxine 98 Smith Marilyn 137 309 Sloan, Scott 314 Smith Mary Janis 62 Smart, Arclis 100 Smith Milton 104 Smedley, Dan H. 310 Smith Pauline 170 Smedley, Elaine 155 Smith Reid 82 Smedley, Mary 102, 332 353 Smith, Richard Home Smilanich, Steve 164 67, 314, 346 Smith, A. 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Steele, Mary Lois Steenblik, Donna ' Steffensen, Robert Stephens Beverly 78 Stephens, David Stephens, John Stephens, Mary Lois Stephens, Richard Stevens, Dawn 77. Stevens, Floyd Stevens, MarJeanne 98 119 362 , 332 Taft, Dave Taft, Mort Talbot, Eugene L. Tams, Helen 79, 300, Tamura, Kazumi Tanner, Earl D. Tarbox, Lewis Russell 103, Taylor, Asael G. Taylor, Barbara Taylor, Beverlea Taylor, David 72, 167 155 334 126 332 337 363 336 367 366 123 125 89 142 325 67 315 159 300 316 332 145 143 167 317 161 302 319 332 114 305 83 300 383 127 331 321 142 371 116 126 325 368 125 57 158 141 316 318 367 117 306 313 144 308 141 101 309 121 308 145 307 98 142 384 103 366 323 323 349 361 72 318 355 326 155 155 318 Stevens, Margaret 82,298,316 348 Stevens, Orlo 114 Stevensen, Ted 166 Stevenson, Jean 165 Stewart, Carol Jean 169, 367 Stewart, Devirl 91, 351 389 Stewart, George 86 Stewart, Joanne 155 Stewart, Joyce 63 316 Stewart, Martha 88 336 Stewart, Paul 163 Stewart, Ross 164 Stewart, Shauna 117, 320 362 Stewart, Walter 388 Stine, Janet 142 328 Stine, Richard L. 302 Stitt, Frank J. 299 323 Stobbe, Evelyn 141 371 Stockslager, Ed 123 Stoddard, Sue 352 Stone, Irene 104 387 Stone, Mary 55 383 Stoner, Donna 116 Storrs, Rosemary 96 Stout, Clyde E. 115 Stout, Lorraine 124, 352 372 Stout, Monterey 164 Stover, Kathryn 97 Stowe, Maxine 155 Straaberg, Delores 106 Strand, Elmer E. 122 Strange, Joye 129 Stranquist, Ruth 125 336 Strasburg, Louis 1 15 Straw, June 298 328 Stringfellow, Burton R. 148 Stringham, Grant 143 315 Stringham, Paul 318 Strong, Margaret 84, 325 366 Strong, Richard V. 115 Strong, Eugene Richard 170 Stuart, Faye 90, 300. 366 Stubbs, William James 168 Stubstad, Karsten 141 Stucki, Margaret 79,362,366 375 Stucki, Richard 126 352 Sullivan, David A. 121 Sumida, Nobuyuki 155 Summerhays, Laura 156 316 Summers, H. Dean 322 Summers, Mary 329 Sundberg, Beth 156 Sundwall, Kenneth 78 314 Sutherland, Carol 56 Sutherland, Harold 57. 331 368 Sutton, Gayle 320 Sutton, Joyce 90 321 Sutton, Shirley 65 324 Swan, Allen 97. 314 367 Swaner, Harold B. 302 Sweet, Paul 101, 303 Sweet, Richard A. 302 Sweet, Robert W. 302 Swensen, Adolph LeRoy 104 386 Swenson, Ralph 156 Swenson, Virgil 163 Swenson, Wayne 141 Sylvester, James 102 354 Sylvester, Robert 66 330 Synon, Pat 112,320,352 368 Taylor, Elaine 112, 324 352 Taylor, Glen 168 Taylor, Jeanne 155 Taylor, JoAnne 114 304 Taylor, John M. 63 Taylor, Keith 65 330 Taylor, Paul 119 302 Taylor, Robert 134 Taylor, S. E. 86 303 Taylor, Stanley N. 50 Teel, Carolyn 155 Teerlink, Clarence G. Teerlink, Julia Teerlink, Melvin Templeton, Betty Ttnsmeyer, Mary 72 104 116 113 330 368 330 332 366 Thurber, H. K. Thurman, Guy Tibbs, Robyn Tietjen, Melvin Thurston, Donald B. 102, Terakawa, Shigeru 98 Tiller, Earl Terasawa, Kajuko 91 Tiller, Edward S. Terry, Helen 64, 369, 383 Tillotson, Sara Terry, Iris 162, 308, 370 Tirlgey, Dale T. Thacker, Dale 141 Tingey, Robert Thacker, Ted 155 Todd, Harry Thew, Robert W. 117 Tolley, Garth Thomas, B. L. 162 Tollstrup, Douglas B. Thomas, Darlene 129 Tollstrup, Jeanne Thomas, Eae Tolton, Marilyn 89, 357, 360, 362, 385 T0mas,Mi1ka Thomas, Grace 134 TOOmey, Joseph Thomas Jenkyn 148 T01'g6rSen, Earl Thomas, John C. 170 Torgerson, Donna Thomas, June 65 TOFFCS1 Elias Thomas, Nelson G. 129 T0WHl6y, JoAnn Thomas Parry E. 302 Tribe, Frank E. Thomas, Patricia 125 Tfimlaman, Marion Thomas, Stiles 169 Trinnaman, Mirl Thomassen, Wesley Trinnaman, Raymond 74, 306, 334 Truman, La Rue Thompson, Alice 40, 65 TUCJYCF1 Dawna Thompson, Gustie 145 TfUmb0, D2-16 Thompson, Gwendolyn Thomson, Blaine Thomson, Calvin Thomson, Clarence Thoresen, Lee Thorne, Ruth Thornley, Kathryn 57, 316, Thorpe, Hal Thorpe, Mary Thorpe, Richard Thorson, John Thorum, Joyce 83, 357, 362, Thorup, Lois Thorup, Wallace Udall, Gordon Udy, H. Beecher Ulrich, Ruth 51 Vadnais, Joan Vail, Richard Valentine, James Valentine, Jim Van Cott Bexerl . , f y Van Den Berghe, John 122 143 360 101 122 75 385 126 ,372 163 Tucker, Juanita 145 Tuddenham, Marv 78 Tueller, Glenn W. 141 Tueller, Marion 308 361 Tuft, Leland Tuft, Dawn Marie 64, 342. Vanderlinden, Afton Van Dyke, Bill Vane, Marilyn Van Hoff, Henry Van Noy, Colleen 74, Van Orden, Richard 155, Van Van Van Qs, Helen Studdiford. Shirley Uitert, Bert Wade, Nathan Wade, Norman Wadsworth, Don Wadsworth, Mary Wadsworth, Milton Waggoner, Roberta Wahlquist, Carl Waldhouse, Harold 115 124 156 Waldram, Kenneth Walker, Barbara Walker, Barry Walker, Ben Walker, Betty Walker, Bill Walker, Charles Walker, Janet Walker, Marilyn 82, 155 299, 72, Tuft, Theodore 362 Tugman, Loretta 78 Turner, Kay 301 Tuttle, Della Gay 322 322 Tuttle, Jerry Twelves, Faun Twitchell, Blaine E. 74, 388 99 Twitchell, Janice 314 Tyson, Ben 125 Ungricht, Herbert 306 Ushijima, Toshiko 388 155 Van Uitert, LuAnne 155 Vaughn, Beatrice 307 Veltri, Albert S. 112 Vernieu, John 165 Vest, Robert Vetter, Ed 343 Viko, Margaret 127, 147 Vincent, Grant Z2 Vincent, Lois Jeanne ,Sa Vincent, Lorraine 354 Vincent, Louise 108, 170 Vincent, Richard N. 336 Voyer, Thomas K. l l 2 58. 299, W 159 Walker, Robert 162 Walker, Ronda 70, 386 312 349 305 Walker, Violet Wallace, Barbara Wallace, Joanne 12 3, Wallace, John W. 140 YVallace, Keith C. 155 Wallace, Marilyn 140 Wallberg, Beverly 380 Waller, Shirley 113 129, 329 339 Walton, Gordon 325 Walton, Helen 70 322 Walton, Ivan 140 Vv"alton, Ruth 140 Ward, Bill 115 155 Ward, Craig 317 116 126 127 298 141 101, 113 71 142 97 113, 92, 369 124 121 121. 352 56 312 319 371 111 156 301 122 156 353 332 140, 303 1 1 v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 376 104 74 375 311 371 114 61 318 160 159 126 163 57 333 59 74 306 170 368 320 302 161 161 142 371 367 145 368 327 307 309 88 163 310 324 155 155 164 57 381 320 128 58 384 113 85 59 318 155 302 380 114 155 338 162 380 168 384 332 370 366 318 118 369 156 384 314 368 164 370 380 314 Four hundred tzrienty-sezffn

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