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.iff ff ,N . mg, .,-1 4 N. x 0 ui f m 1 Q uf ia fi? N.. A fy my .,-his ,W W .m,.,W ., My '- ,sw - y.mgg..f- ,,., jf-Q: f, . , .I , J AQ , ! , M .?..., 5Hg,gkg72g .. , xi D I ' H Y'-wfw .,-. , ,5,W .:.:.-1'-. Wm:-iv , Q.: 1-nf-H . 4: fl -. I., , ,. H,,t, , I I , V ' 'M , W Z v . ZH 4 , - ,iz '75 5. . ir? if. 1, f:.! Q 5 f' . uk . ,,t 2? S Q .w H 'fa 2: cl 4 , K, YS. .X L Q ., . x1 V 1, I wx m wg: o- . Q ' 41 2. f' .Q E E: YQ 1 :gf ' -513 ' A ff il? ' u . ' Q3 1' we gl ,V R ,A .3 bf" ax '. A: A ,Q ' f 'if if F f -V f- , A ,af W, cl I c Mx, ,. 1 Through there are sses . . . lear- our college years circles of friends . . . cla ning . . . activities . . . all of which unite, ' ar. Each h complete circle of the ye formingt e year moves us out closer towards the rim of the wheel that will be completed with graduation ..... ' ' istration. C ter of the wheel is admin Forming the en Stemming from the center, so like the spokes of the great wheel is each college, comprised of its students and professors ..... The spokes reach out to brace ' mference of their portions of the arc on the circu the wheel until all are united into a sturdy rim. Thus the rim . . . the university . . . its grad- uates . . will carry us on our journey not only through our college years,but later into our professions to-f life. 5 ? 2 I SIIXTY NINE KENIDALLABRUM Volume 53 Published By THE UNIVERSITY OF TULSA DEBBIE RAUH, Editor IVIISSY AYERS, CINDY VVEI-IR I Assistant Editors I ROY PIKE, Business IVI11u:1qer 17' W el xe 'YL vs. af' ffqu , gif 915 Jg sf ,.f. Q V, , xx v, 1 if A ,v ' -rf, V -A -4 mi 1' -.'-Q7 x A y . K if x F . Q 1 3 'Rx 1 f km 5 sf - ,.,.,,,.,, new-A L 3 .L ,Z 1 W ,V . ,, uk 1- M, ,V W A i . I f V sh +V mf m.:,..a.,,, . N ? ,M K .A , K In Q ,,.. I""'.V I , Y A, A , , H W f J X J Ampbkjg fines, .. , kr f' ' J 'ad' av rl ' -' A. N i 5 Q, K - Wm , A V ,K MM . is 1 '-milf , 1 ,. 5-M 'jf V, M- + .g ig-5 , L13 , , ggegxgfgiiil, .ff wb M Jrragif W V-W' 'Kffii I , -f 'YF' 'if 13? . ' , ffl- , vi 7' f f rw, f Lk " H 5. ff 1, Q Q ' ,Zia H, W, ,K.. H I ' if f' 'Q 1- Q. '44, :Q 'Q Q - " fs' T3 V im? Q is il gr Q 4, I Y . V N A 5 yay, Ji. . 9 .Q -ix A , fl " iq fad, 23 M 'Q -15 V, ,K hy- ,M-Q, , . 7 Mg, x I sm if I fu , ,L 1 A ,L ,. ki . ,A 5 nf L 15 I , n L, . ff ' z f" ' - k ,,,-.!." A The circle' of the day . . . HUWE fairest of eil! fire righrs above, The sun zzfhfvsv beams adorn thc Splzews, And with zmwcaried Szvifmcss move, To form the circles of our gears . , . ISAAC WA'I"1's ,L .1 . J, , - ' . 'V ' "ff wwf. i - - ... .W gp-Q' , .. 'V 5225253 S2 ' 2 ,Q gl, rr 'VU Nz.. fx I V: S-fiiwf 1 M11 joy, my love, my grief Did all zziiithin this circle move . . . EDMUND WALLraR MLM 4 3 9 1 I0 THE YEAR E ffl' ? ONLY ,hi ii tm 2 We rushed them 'round and 'round through sororities, fraternities: through new buildings and old as We oriented them to their new Circle of interest . . . their College , 3: 's 2 I4 Qui' two big week-ends were a hurricane of activities . . fellas cut their fingers on chicken wire for a political-minded homecoming theme. A bonfire burned for alums, but Parents Day was bright and busy as we played the "knowing ones" . . . - ww 7 K .S 'QW 3 LJ ' We enrolled . . . and withdrew . . . and constantly cashed checks boys grew sidehurns, beards and watched clean shaven ones win basketball games at which fans came and left in droves . , . thus our feet took us here, there, everywhere . . . until it seemed we were running in circles, i d n I8 We were entertained, so to speak, by Peaches and l-lerb, who werent exactly peaches and cream, but then again they weren't exactly the Pair Extrordinaire, either, We danced, naturally, and saw Simon and Garfunkel We were frightened-by a Kendall Hall bomb scare, and we kept on cheering. Une of the biggest things ol 1968-69 was the circle of mud from construction projects that surrounded the school . . . wheelbarrows, ditches, wiring . . . Our other building project was Ben's, it died, then rose like a phoenix from its ashes thanks to a student-sponsored loan . . . li! 22 TU was growing, obviously, and noontime made it even more evident the snack-bar needed tables on tables, Qliphant Hall throughway was unbreathable, unsqueezable. The only quiet came with the snow . . . -f 53 Sf' '-QQ? Q .la-' ww Q, 'vw Q Varsity-Nite was noisy, brassy, dissonant and great . . it was about T.V .... Kappa was No. l with 'Al-lit Parade," Lawrence Welk-Daniel Boone joined with Pikes for second . . . even the animal kingdom got in the act as Phi lVlu's took third, while their Norma Curley was l'lAMC Miss TU won the individual act even the production board got in the picture . . . ,MmmwJ.v,i,,.,,W was af,-,Q. ... mm mm .- M faauggi was m me smug V .-.. , . Q- fy gsm QKQ -- f 'Q 4 1 -- ht 4 ' '. ' ilgiu R Q f Q E 273 ff F Y' 4-f yi, , W img fs.. ,xn Vslskkh M. 5133 3 Q ,A iL a,!i, Vi Iv if au.. D RW THE FQTPFFTQ 26 'Y Q ,',,, ,.ff,,,'2 2 :QW- HEZJ, N . fi iffgfh ri - g , L .ffi A',' Q E WSW Gi? S.D.S. did its best to take us over, but We prefered to munch pancakes in Contests . . . and help Lambda Chi's collect Canned foods for the poor The year spins to an end Seniors line the civic center for a last walk together, a surprised laugh that the last credit hour has come . , . with the ringing of a bell for that last final . . . while a father and son know what a beginning from an end can mean , . . Spinning, spinning . . . to a new job or a new home or a new circle. .,.L....., ,ow Senior Class Officers: Dvnnis Bradford, vice-president: Linda Chamberlain, secretary: Harold Langdon, president: Sunny Paul. trczxsurer. f if f A J QW! f I, 7 11, , E X S , I , f 7 l l1 4Mn'W4f f V Z f I f M ,,.vf919M, f Www aww f www ff ,X fl ,f ,I Y "'i X in f MQW-' W! :'1wsn'xwN bl I ff ,I r :Mit f I 1 f !'fzwaoeQ,':,4"f,-f lp xx! f L J 1 A j6vQ.s 1 . I , 1 ' '1Nf','--FU-xx Q If Al Hlf I N 2- "-jgu,--' '.7Vffh'1v'9'.44? Qpibq' W " 4 . J K f 4, f'7fA'49'13W5MKp.W X Wiz 4v'f3H?iW'y ' ''.iW.FMXEZQWQHWHWJZAINN ' figiihf' MfM -ZW, x.,Q'Q'Ng!4v-Mg?M, il 1 'V''fmif-nzsnWe w1,t'.W.'N 1 1 'W ,P--!a,,'-W. mwy ! Nahsliuf-2?-vw N"i.544'l0Q!7'Qi41"'55'9G5'1'PFQ'f'5'aMAA, ww W" ff SWM' 'f W'W4QQi1?2efEf5?ff'v L VW' I ff 7' IAQIQQ' f-wtwa:eGf' 42 1 M .Wayv-QMg!i.-QQf,EJ5'Wm WI flu . , f1 "'Ws! fx' 4 rd ,ff+W+Qawmaw QPwL'1'm-f-'Qwwzm f4:d!W69 WI""'1''ff'lf4W1W-M1-f " +-fwzfnvumm , 1, xlxdi 1-Qllywlv' u, fl X If , ff, 1 , .AX Xxx u,l ' , ,,1 ',l!,l .'I.,.',,fQ- fd ggweqr Q. 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QU dflifgg' X 1 f 1 , fwfifi' 'fm 2'1vlipMH1322112'f3i5fW0 Mmifiwfa!-,:!:a.' f'5zifa9,srf4wlff 1' f 1,4 ,fl "ff ,lf X :14.,wa.1ai,vaMg!MC "-f'1w"fe'f4gf"n2aw!!',l4'1li9'42ie.6-M'Ad' f "4 ' M'?f'34"f f A I'f'?2w'22f'fF?'Ci2.:zFi4:',f. e4 W?:T:.i'?:'1'f1?f?.vW" f 1' 1 , 4 Q33 ' f N ved! iff" 5f:,2'!4g:r,rq-.-nw?me,1:f-'Qwny' 4f'f" '- 1s2i,.'.nf-- ',-vf214..:4gaji'1 I X ' 0275 fmX5'if1fj?:f"pc", 1 -, .: a'f2F:fZi??gQf 'f f 1 ,i,fft?4'Q1- ,nn ji .,"Wg','f'5f'3W"'V l,.-ie!" ':"" " " -'5,Ig3:":fif:"j',5 " .1 , yy, -' Aff, ':,fzs:gEiefa?1.llfdflj 'f f " J if "W-' W , 1 tggq,5.',.i?1ggf25?!!Z7.12,1131QI V ' 4 1 Ii? f1!ff'f!'!'N f'fU'5w"Qi1',"iI1'-'Ibiffy, 10 f' 95? 55i?Q"?9fSg5Vl'i!'f:'- f '? !'i,3"" ql 'Q ' if' 4mWfIf'2-4 "9.!'Q."f5:l 2, . if I ' fiai:fn1iz. mr ,Vu ga X ,W , ,uQJ yZ5g4fff52Z'f"fq1 is i11.g!1?.1!f1 M1 IQ? 5,3 A 1 f x, , 1'1" iiQf2?ZZM ff! ' f Wfi'!l w W ' ' ' I 'I W" A 2:52 YHA f ' lf:-M X x ""'f ' , .'n4W'5f.m44:ffA f- f I ' +124 '!f :: '1 g FM .,Q2:::r.m?1 , -TEM! f f iw -Maxima! ff. P+ Q ' '-7 Vw:-I mmf I M' -'v ' ', , ' X f" 1 Y-I HMI. -TA W ZW, ,, up Q'M"i4-:,n,afW4e W, ., ,,,, , , ff! Hff-1'-Hi vw fN X ffm' mf! f.,-wrHev:w.1f:2- l' 7 fff f gm -J.: 6:':f i12 H?""f4l!dWz!X' W 7 'W 121sw f++f W f J gill di., ,l'1A?fKf'A1,, pf' ' M-W M1 I I fl :E 1 ZW lull' 1 wx 1:13 I ' A, 40: ,W 131 gg 322, hi' '! if f 4. f M f f - ,ff A 1 ,rw , ' 'V f V ' 5:1751 1553 'f gff MQW + ,fin 1' f f' f X' I fly I 40,15 143 EVM! Hwflgfi-If-jH,,.f,,.gf'.' WW W' ,gf ' f -,ya an 11 f MMM 2517iv'-i5fF' 9?iW1Z'4Iq ' X ,f f fx 1 4.1.71 , f ,. F A124 221 -mz,,!4Zmf4b-M3 fQ"',fZ1:f2'.y MQ' - 4 f V? f H4 r .f "' '95 Qi, Q f 7 kwin X f ff f , f f ff e " 'W' f' f ' , ,f f f ,v ' n ffl! ff V," fi X K W X ' ff ly V , fn. un if ' f 7 f Mgr q!iiyMggg X ' ' I ' 'ff Q THE UNIVERSITY 1 XXX 1 1 X f ffm ,X 1 , , 1 , 4 -7 Q f w 5 W if f wk u Mi' ,' , . 49? IAQ' 8 , l ' , ' f f N ' X ff "ffqM.f"".f li0nH'Q.l f11 ' f f f 'XG 1t!2 3A?QfQ45-wwf? f 1 ' f ff 'uf af-2 f MW?Q' am4pf3',f2z?f?wE-f.M941' 4 ' f ' x Nl L" et ' 4 A' ,1 4515A.'6' ,f A KM MQA ' v HW! rf' X -,WM48W'9f '5t 1 ' ' sl Nw, 1,1100 wylfn-MQIyg'Wyf ffl 1 iffhvfftf NA ta I . Qvfffawn NWI' VI ,Qf,'45f5!9 fix 5' 1 ,f X if ,5 pb 1Q45v96' oh! ,,,f,, 'QMS ,g N 'MW 1' 'Ye,74f21am.., : tf 'mr' , fm s W1-ffvf fi 1, I X -f f j Q4 Q! , 1.5 , If I ms 1 x4,,9,f,4,,,,4 ff 4, , f j A 'i J 3 I If 'I 1,5 l36,z:.,lL,1 'rv I , 1 , wr L1 W + f 'y A f,fWwgfew:iM 1 , I Ayr I I 4214 ??ii.:g' f, fl ' Www CW X, sv ' ' 5 f X , f R ig wa 1". .. .ii 'K X, ,P ., , fygimbg "L ' A, This TXX'f,'lIl.l!X khildrcu try to burr thuir Dad in A .2 . ' . Qwrf gum' lwfurv dinner' whiic lX"Ir's. -I xx"yumn ants -Q: K' 1' .xv ChK'L'l'iIlg1 ecution. if ,lrqa my Mb 'QWF' ,Q I ft ' ff VW ,, A A -A x, Xifmwkf A5 4 WYE? R -I Mzxxic. the Twyumn dog. attempts to steal the scene from President Twyman. wife, Ionnnc. and 1 I 4 chilgren Mark and ,ynn. We Tulsa UI1iX'CI'Sify'lS youngest presidcnt is its biggrist reprcsvlltzltivc, He must spend timv umsulting and curlmctirwg. ax well as zldministrating. BOARD OF TRUSTEES City's Leading Circle Sponsors University Z' G. D. ALMEN, IR. WILLIAM H. BELL Vice-President Attorney Sinclair Oil and Gas Co. VVILLIAM C. BICKEL Vice-President Gulf Oil Co. KERBY E. CRENSHAW DAN P. HOLMES President Dan P. Holmes fi Assoc. Cities Service Oil Co. BENEDKIT I. LLIBBELL F. G. MCCLINTOCK Lubell Oil Co. Board Chairman First National Bank cq Trust Co. CHARLES C. INGRAM President Oklahoma Natural Gas Co. R. OTIS MCCLINTOCK Board Chairman Emeritus First National Bank 6 Trust Co. BYRON V. BOONE D. D. BOVAIRD Publisher Board Chairman Bouaird Supply Co. A. T. IACOBSON W. W. KEELER President Board Chairman Amerada Petroleum Corp. Phillips Petroleum Co. i R. W. MCDOWELL IVIARVIN MILLARD Direetor Board Chairman Sunray DX Gil Co. National Bank of Tulsa ERNEST B. MILLER, IR. President Skelly Oil Co. PAUL E. TALIAFERRO Board Chairman G CEO Sunray DX Oil Co. IOHN H. WILLIANTS President Willizams Brothers Co. CHARLES W. OLIPHANT Consultant CIiARLES E. THORNTON President Reading and Bates, Inc. DR. WILLIANI I. WISEMAN Senior Pastor First Presbyterian Church ROBERT L. PARKER President Parker Drilling Co. D. I. TUEPKER Chairman 6? CEO Public Service Co. of Oklahoma F. RANDOLPH YOST President Pan American Petroleum Corp. BOARD GF TRUSTEES IOHN ROGERS Attorney DR. CLARENCE I. PONTILIS President Emeritus University of Tulsa W. K. WARREN GERALD H. WESTBY Director Board Chairman Gulf Oil Corporation Seismograph Service Co. Not Pictured: R, K. LANE Consultant GUY MABEE FLOYD L. MARTIN Consultant RIIEERT C. SHARP Administrators Running a university takes money, organi- zation, concern. Sit in McClure Hall for awhile or take a peek at Iess' calendar and see if all three aren't to be found in one Way or another. Whatever is built, bought, torn down has to do with the administrators. They are there to help, be it a schedule, a rush party, a financial worry. They are the guiding hand of progress, of diversities within diversities. They are the Workers, the thinkers, the doers of the present, trying to see with intelligence the shape of a future. They are the innovators, the pebbles thrown in the pondQcreating our circles. 3 'W .2 Tw at 'Q K Vs H. RODMAN JONES Dean of Freshmen at - wr-'lx 'g"""'f"N+m,,.. W. V. HOLLUWAY Vice-President ,Q -Axbifdlik f. ,hh NVARREN L. HIPSTER, IR Director of Student Servxccs gf: 5, 1 JESS CHOTEAU Director of Public Functions GLENN Domes, IR Athletic Director GUY W. Locsuox Director of University Libraries C. ROBERT KELLY Chaplain IAMES ROBERT VANDER Lima Dean of Men S FLORENCE B. STEVENSON Dean of Wonlen HARRY' N. CARTER Dean of Students University Relations University Relations, otherwise known as the PR department, has a circle of interest both inside and outside the TU campus. ln- wardly, it is the rolling press, deseminating bulletins and brochures of all sizes and va- rieties. Newest addition to this list is the faculty newsletter. Beaming outward, the departments newest innovation is their speakers bureau, handled by Rex Blakey, University Relations director. The bureau puts out a listing of available faculty mem- bers who are willing to be topic speakers at meetings. All local news stories and TV- radio plugs are taken care of by Peggy Matheson, public information director, while Glenn Godsey, art director, does all the necessary drawing. Beaming inward 'round the outward to the world, University Relations is an image and its frequency is TU-1969. REX BLAKEY Prccv MMHF on Director of University Relations Diretror of Piblic lnformition College of Business Administration DEAN ROBERT M. CROWE During the academic year 1968-'69, the Business Administration Hall was completely renovated. Though the renovation process was painful to both students and faculty, We are confident that we now have the type of physical facility which will permit us to carry out all these functions with maximum effectiveness. A computer room and carpeted, color-coordinated, auditorium-style classrooms were part of the changes. Air-conditioning, new lighting and tiling also turned the old to new. DEAN CROWE ld Business Hall Completely Re-done Veda McGinty: Anne L, Morrow: Xymena Kulsrud-office administration. 42 FRONT ROW: Qsittingj Paul Graber, accounting: George Underwood, accounting: Russell Myers. finance: Robert Lin- nell, accounting. BACK ROW: Ben Ahrens, accounting: Ray- mon lngram. accounting: Kenneth Goosen, accounting: Clif- ford Hutton, accounting: Kenneth Holcomb, finance: Ro- bert Iames, accounting. .7 Carpeting Cut up, tacking, tiling, typing, old desks in the hall, new signs on the walls . . . We have swivel chairs and computers . . . Our new dean is named Crowe . . . There are always, always job interviews . . . Ar Christmas we have a party, and in the spring we have Business Week-elections, Professor Snarf, a faculty-student baseball game . . . but we're all right, everybody knows their business . . . FRONT ROW: Iohn M. Bonham, economics: Fred B, An- derson, economics and finance: E. Lyle Owen, economics. BACK ROW: Dean Robert M. Crowe: Walter A. Smith, marketing: Phillip L. Howell. economics, 2 5 1 ? is .F DR. HUTTON-Uses library system of piling, not filing . . . works with Boy Scouts, received award for outstanding contribution . . . optimistic attitude . . . serves as profes- sional committee member. DR. CAMPBELL-Sharp dresser with brief case, coffee and Cigarette . . . got to have an appointment . . . is firm believer in playboy atmosphere , . . girls get As but nobody tries more than one make-up test. FRONT ROW: Wznlter A. Smith. marketing: Ned G. lones, management: A. L. Springfield, management: Lyle R. True- blood, management. BACK ROW: Dale Futhey, marketing: M. M. Hargrove, management: Philip K. Bloiigh, business law. Lloyd R. Saltzman. marketing: YVilliam H. Day, marketing. Maximum Efficiency Seen With Renovation 'ova DAN AHRENS, Idea Acco.w'I'1 AXA- TOM ARMINIO, C1551 NJ., ACCCUVlI'f1 APO' JIM BEHNKE, WesIerrI Spriffws III. Bns7'es3, IIKA: JIM BEREOLOS, Tulsa AC- cowifi, Versiw Ecc'baII Ssfwfe Ireiis. IX' GLORIA BIRCH, Iqlsff OU. Adfnff. Se' Mi- Whos Who, -Xl-3, Bus. School Sec. TU Bus. Wofmfer' DANIEL C. BOHNSACK. B-ar"s:If1II, Okla. IvIev'Ic-erhiw, BUDDY BRADFORD, VVICFPQ Kmzs., Eeomomics IIKA' DENNIS BRADFORD, Widwim Kfws- IIKA, Pres. Club AMS, DPIIPJ 'vlan Senior CIas,s VP, AIO!" EDWARD BROWN, Chambersburg, Pa. Accowifimq, FQo+baII, LeI+er- fnfmfs CIUE' SANDRA K. BUSSEY, IwIsn, Acconmfimgs DEAN S. CALDWELL, 'InIs-I Bus, Moi -EN: JOHN D CALVERT, IUS5 Manaiqe-We". JOHN H. CARPENTER, Imsa, NIf1vke+"m AFROTC' PAUL COOPER, Idse ELS. Mgr.: BOB COX, Freemoei Neb., Busifcss IQXA JAMES F. CRAIG, Kama: CIW, MO., Pefr. Mffrkeiieiz Frei. CIgs1 VP KI pres: JAYNE CROSS, In se, PM-farce IDU, BusIress VVNUQP' DANIEL L. DAVIES, Inks, Accowiivg Deans HR, AFQII. BRUCE DAVIS, Kansas Cify, Mo., Bus, Finance, ODK VP Demi! HR, Varsiw BasIe?bsa'I: TED L. DORTON, TuIsa, Bus. Mfarkcwwrg' TOM DOUGLASS, EreeIwoId N.J., Pmawce, IIKA7 BILL B. DUTCHYSHYN, Kfnmsack Sisk., Canada Mme wwe", ilu' DUKE DWYER, Rzbdwosfer, Pi. Mirkef- If,", KI' DIANA EATON, ILIS1, AQQQm'I'r'v'g, SUQII. KENNETH EATON, 'I'JsfI E,s. Mfirkedvi AMA Deeve I-IR' FRANK EBY, I'uIsn, IX' ROSS ELDER, TUIse Bus. M mfwemeff' GcIITeieP1, RICK ELLISON, Imfsa, lx' DAN FLOURNOY, ILS5, Markeivzo, AMA KA- ALLEN FOX, Tifse Accoueirg. KENNETH A. FURTNEY, 'IuIsaa, Pivmrwce, AMA, Yourwq Re- pubIIcar:s, Dear 5 HR: STEVE GANZKOW, Sprinqield. III. Busfwess :XI DOUGLAS GODING, NaocrvIIIe, III., Ei- mawce, ATU' BILL GOTTFRIED, WIrI'er Park Horida, Pefr. Mkvy. .XXA4 REX L. GRUET-ZMACHER, TuIsfa. Bus. MIIQJ ROGER ALLEN HANES, Iuka, Acccwfwffiqn KA. ROBERT LAMOUR HARRIS, TuIsa, Markeririo IIKA- JOHN HOVE, Rayiown, Missouri Maraqernenr, IFC, Pres. Sfudenr Senare Crirnu KA Pres.: DEAN W. JEROME, Wes+IieId, Mass, PeIroIcurn Mkgf., AMA, AT-Q, DANNY J. MAEFF, Kamsacin, Sask., Canada, Finance, -Sill: MICH- AEL JONES, TuIsa, Bus. Mkqi., AK'I': JACK KIRKPAT- RICK, Sand Sorirqs, Okia.. Markefirq. BEVERLY ANN KITTERMAN, TuIs.i OIiice Admin: RON KNEPPER, Tuisa, Business ATU' BILL LAMB, Tuisi, Eco- nomics: HAROLD M. LANGDON, TuIsa, Bus. Msi:kf2Ii": IIKAI Pres., IEC, Bus, Sciiooi Trefas, Sopn, Jr., Si. Ciliss Pres., AAS, AIZROTC' JOE LENNART, Tuisa, Econoniics KAI: J. LARRY LINK, Weicorne N.C., Pefr. Marxe'i1 Younq Repubiicans, IRC, AMA -XXII, TERRY LITTLE, Broken Arrow Marizeiiq, AMA Deans I'1R' BILL LOWERY, AIdricIn, Mo., MarIfeIinq, AMA, Deans I-IR' CONRAD LYSIAK, Park Ridge, III., Bus, MarI4eIinq, IN, AK'I', AMA, Senaie: LYNNETTE MCLEOD, Jenks, Business AVVS, TU Bus. Women: JERRY W. MARTIN, Neosiio, Mo.. iA:counfina' JOHN MASON, Tulsa Business. IDON MIGL, Gaiena Paris, Tex. Perr. Markeiing, Varsity IFooibaII, AMA: DOUGLAS OWEN MILLER, De KaIb, III. ,Bus Manaqerneni, Varsiiy Track, -EN' LARRY G. MILLER, 1TuIsa, Accouniinq: SUSAN MILLER, Tulsa, Busiress' JERE IA. MORTON, Arnariiio, Tex. Accouniinqj WILLIAM ROY IMOSS, Tuisa, Business. MICHAEL MURRAY, TuIsa, Markefingg RICHARD NEASE, Pomeroy, Ohio. Business, fx, Mod, CIW.: JIM OPLOTNIK, Girard, Kans., MarIceIinq, AMA' SANDRA PENNINGTON, TuIsa, Business: ROGER PRICE, TuIsa, Economics, IIKAA CHRIS RAMSEY, Kirkwood, Mom Business. CLINTON D. REEVES, Tulsa, Accounrinq: GEORGE RICH- ARDSON, TuIsa, Economics, Deans HR, Young Repubii- cans: RONALD LEE RIDGEWAY, Pawnee, Economics: PHIL RIT1, TuIsa Business Marke+in'3: ANDREA SANDERS, Tuisa, Markeiino, AMA TU Bus. Women: WILLIAM K. SCHREIBER, Tuisa, Accounfing: JAMES K. SECREST. Grissom Air Force Base, Ind., Markeiinq. WILLIAM SLACK, Redciiif AIber'a, Canada, Peir, Mark- eiinq, A-:III JEFFREY L. SMITH, Tuisa, Markeiinrg AMA, Deanis HR: SUSAN SMITH, Horniny, Accounfinqp GARY SPENCER, Tuisa, Finance: DOUGLAS L. SPURLOCK. Tulsa, Bus, Marxefinq, AK'l'- RAYMOND STANKUNAS, AsIiIand, Pa., Merleiinq, AMA, Dean s I-IR, IFC, ATZZ Pres., IIE, IIAK: MIKE STAPP, Tuisa A.f:cour'i'wf3, IN -IKIIF DANIEL J. STONE. Des Piaires, III, Per Markefiniz ATS2, DUKE THORSEN, Nlorwbroox II. 'vhragemenf AAS, AXA- WAYNE TROWBRIDGE, T,, Business: BILL VO- GLE, Tuisa, IIKA, Accouniirg S'ud. Senaieg LARRY ALLEN WALKER, TuIsa, Bus. Markeiinq, ODK IIE, KKNP, AXK'I': JOHN WALTON, Tulsa, Markeiina: JOHN WARNER, XX Pres., Pres. Ciuio, Exec. Club ODK Whois Wiio. RALPH WATLEY, Independence, Mo., Economics, Varsiry Beskeibail, EX, ODK: BUD WEEKS, Cofieyviiie, Kans., Markeiinq, AXA4 BRUCE C, WILEY, TuIsa, Markeiinfg, AMA, AXA, -A-KW, Younq RepubIicansy BETTY E, WIL- LIAMS, TuIsa Markefino, AMA Lariern Scroii, Exec. Ciub Business Sciooi Sec., Wiios Wiio' EDNA WING, Tuisa, Oiiice Admin., TU Business 'vVon"en, Deans HR, IA-5: T. J. WOODWARD, Harislworne Accounrinqy JERRY ZUM- WALT, Tulsa, Markefinq. r X., S F' ,QQ--w Y A ,. ,Q-wi 34 W 'PQ -1 'Q 45 Alpha Kappa Psi Seeks Professionalism Iim Behnke. center, gets very emphatic about an item of business at a Sunday afternoon Alpha Kappa Psi meeting. Tell em, Behnke! Alpha Kappa Psi, professional business fraternity, seeks to create a close relation- ship among future businessmen and with the business community through profession- al meetings at which prominent speakers discuss current business problems. This year the group listened to a representative from the Army Corps of Engineers speak on the Arkansas River Navigation project: Dr. William R. Campbell, who gave members some pointers on how to take an interview: and an alumni, lim Pruitt, speaking on fac- ets of the insurance business. Also included in this year's activities was a tour of the Tulsa offices of American Airlines to learn about the business operations of the com- pany. Officers of the fraternity are Doug Spurlock, president: Dave Webster, vice- president: Charlie Krueger secretary, and Bob Gray, treasurer. FRONT ROW: Bill Wilder, Mark Brownlee, Larry Wzilk- er, Bruce Wiley, Kent McKissick, Dave Webster, Charlie Krueger, Dennis Bradford, Saul Medina, David Sears, Ken Wilson. ROW TWO: lim Bereolos, Terry Duffey, Mike Iones, lim Welsh, Keith Clarke, Conrad Lysiak, lim lar vis, Gary Spencer, Doug Spurlock, David Smith, Mark Eagen, Bob Gray. Tom Crook. E i FRONT ROW: Roger I, Stankay, Ioel Scott Robeson. Yard. Bill Slack, Paul Vandruff, Robert Willizimson, Dan- Iack L. Edmiston, Danny Iiuaeff. Steve Sperber. Don R. iel L, Davies, Phillip Carnahan, Gary R. Clark, Iohn Pat Groth, Iohn Small. Robert S. Linnell. ROW TWO: Rick Rogers, Dennis l-licks, Bill Dutchyshyn. Dennis lVlaley. Delta Sigs Encourage Scholars, Research Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities and to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of stu- dents for their mutual advancement by re- search and practice. Highlighting the year was the presentation of the scholarship key to the graduating male with the highest grade average. The group traveled to other chapters to learn more about other chapters of the fraternity. The TU chapter sent members to visit the organization on univer- sity campuses in New York, Mexico City, and Dallas. The election of Delta Sigma Pi Rose, Debbie Bendler, was announced at one of their dances. Instrumental in the plans for this year were lack Edrniston, president: Phil Carnahan and Roger Stan- kay, vice-presidents, Don Groth, secretary, and Dan Davies, treasurer. Former dean. Dr. M, M. Hargrove, spoke at the Delta Sigf ma Pi initiation banquet as business students listened. All ears. FRONT ROW: Larry Catron, Bob Becher, Ken Furtney, Charlie Krueger. Betty Williaiiis. ROW TWO: Rich Iordon. Rick Ellison, lohn Evinger, Tom Crook, Doug Spurlock. Frank Steele. Bob Persson, loe Schuessler. ROW THREE' Dean Ieronie, Iimmy Robertson, jim Opbtmik. Liill Lowery. AMA Means Marketin AMA members work with President Charlie Krueger, se- cond from right, planning the list of speakers for the spring. Andrea Sanders, Dave Webster, Conrad Lysiak, Bruce Wi- ley. ROW FOUR: Iini Wzilliice, Iini Weaver. Terry Lit- tle, Roy Cody. ROW FIVE: Rob Searcy. Ieff Brock. Dr. Smith, Dr, Lloyd Saltzman, Bob Cox. Keith Bartling, Ken Ragan, g for 35 Fellows The American Marketing Associations student chapter at the University of Tulsa provides an exchange of ideas and infor- mation concerning the field of marketing by discussions, lectures and group projects. The 35 members heard such men as Roy Anderson who told about the Nielson tele- vision ratings, Chuck Scott, president of the Tulsa AMA, and lim Wheaton from a lo- cal advertising agency. Literature from the national organization and attendance at Tul- sa AMA meetings stimulate student inter- est in marketing concepts and opportunities. Charlie Krueger presided over monthly meetings, assisted by Bud Wilson, vice- president, and Betty Williams, secretary- treasurer. Dr. Walter Smith, professor of marketing, sponsors AMA. Business Women Learn at Luncheons Women enrolled in business courses have an opportunity to belong to TU's Business Women's Club. Monthly luncheon meet- ings, featuring speakers from the business community, seek to arouse interest and dis- cussion in the field. Activities on the club's calendar this year were helping with Busi- ness School elections, selection of an out- standing senior woman, decoration of the Business Administration Hall at Christmas, and an apple polishing party with favorite professors. The group also took an active part in Business Week by providing one of the guest speakers and making final plans for the honors and awards banquet, the cli- max of the annual week. President Kay Un- derwood is assisted by Betty Williams and Vicki Hood, vice-presidents: Paula Storm, secretary, and Marianna Naifeh, treasurer. TU Business Women do more than type, Here they show Christmas creativity by decorating a candlelabrum. FRONT ROW: layne Cross. Carol Griggs, Iill Dickerson. Norma Foreman, Elaine Bowman, Marianne Naifeh, Peggy Phyllis Culp, Cindy Zumwalt, Adrianne Schmidt, Karen Heart, Martha Kenette. Vicki Hood, Donna Dummond, Ann Hendrix, Charinan Stevenson, Indy Schleen, Alfreda Pen- Roden, Mrs. McGinty. ny, Pat North. ROW TWO: Susie Young. Pam Martin. Elections and Business Week Headed by EC Executive Club president, Charlie Krueger. lin his London Fogl discusses big business with his right hand men and seeretury. The official governing body of the Busi- ness School, the Executive Club plays a vi- tal role as liaison between the students, or- ganizations and administration. The major projects of the Executive Club are sponsor- ing Business Week and conducting Busi- ness School elections. Business Week in- cludes speeches by top businessmen, an awards banquet and selection of a Business School Queen. Since each organization is re- sponsible for one speaker, Executive Club chose Don Greene, the outstanding small businessman for the United States. Execu- tive Club members include Business School class oflicers, faculty advisors, senators and business organization representatives. Dave Webster, Charlie Krueger, Marianne Nai- feh and Harold Langon were officers. FRONT ROVV: Dennis Braclforcl. Charlie Krueger, Angie don, Bud VVilson. lurk Eduiiston, Vicki Hood. ROVV Byrne. Cindy Zuiiiwult. Susie Young. Elaine Bowman, Mziri- THREE: Dr, Howell. Bob Bowley. Randy lVlundt. Fred .inne Nuifeh. Dave VVebstei'. ROVV TVVO: Conrad Lysiak. Fleishner. Bud Schmitz. Iiiu VVeux'er. Ur. loues, Bill Xblilder. Harold Lzuigdon. Betty VVillizuus. Harry Gor- FRONT ROVV: Iill Dickerson, Margie Morrell. Carol Reed. liams. ROW TWO: loyce Strong, Mary Watts, Georgia Leslie Fogel. Kathryn Matson. Marcia Clark, Carol Wil- Harrison, lean Freeman, Iackie Brannon, Xymena Kulsrud. SAS Recognizes Junior, Senior Women An honorary organization for outstand- ing women in the field of business adminis- tration, Sigma Alpha Sigma, has been on the TU campus since 1941. Chosen on a scholastic basis, members are required to have a 2.5 overall grade average, and 3.0 in 12 or more hours of office administration. New members are initiated at the annual spring banquet which concludes the group's activities for the year. As a national service organization, Sigma Alpha Sigma, main- tains a goal which is to promote high stand- ards in the professional field of business open to women. Sigma Alpha Sigma members show how they qualified for the junior-senior womens honorary by cflicently feeding A computer with cards. FRONT ROW: Iustus O'Reilly. Larry Wzilker, Ross Fla- Raymond Price, lohn Barnes, Ray Stankunas, Grayden Ger- hcrty, Charles Hcarnc, Dr. Lyle Trueblood. ROW TWO: row, Larry Lewis, Ernest Darnell. SIE Publishes Frat's National Magazine Men of Sigma Iota Epsilon discuss a facet of business. The basc purpose of their monthly meetings is to keep up with and understand the business world. W 52 To stimulate interest in the field of man- agement, to facilitate contacts between stu- dents and businessmen, and to recognize those persons who contribute to the field of management are a number of the reasons Sigma Iota Epsilon is around. Currently, Omicron chapter at the University of Tulsa, has the responsibility of publishing "The Managers Key", the organizations national professional journal. They are in charge of collecting chapter news and important, sig- nificant management articles. The 18 mem- bers also organize a spring banquet Linder the leadership of Ross Flaherty, presidentg Larry Walker, vice-president: Graydon Ier- ow, secretary-treasurer, and Dr. Lyle True- blood, sponsor. SIE manages well. , M mmmmQnL, s g mgmmmma M 1 53 5 2 Q if -rf, af Aww fgjijfn ex ,fd A Q .Q S' lx A x Q, 'Q Gigi: fx E Y Q 5. Q . .., 1 v 54 College of Education DEAN ELMER F. FERNEALI A year ago we said "Education is where the action is!" All we can add this year is "Wowl" A complete renovation included three mod- ern multiple-exhibit back-projection classrooms and a counseling suite. Speech Therapy and Audiology was re-located in Columbia Plaza and new staff members were added in four areas. Along with new programs in Tulsa University Learning Systems Associates or TULSA, for short, we are developing programs in Community Sci- ence, Health and Physical Education. DEAN FERNEAU Renovation, Re-location Typify Education Lorton has a new look-inside . . . Today's future teachers will be overworked and un- derpaid, unless they leave . . . You have five choices: Al elementary ed. Bl secondary ed. CJ special ed. DJ a and b El b and c Fl none of these . . . Mabee Clinic has gone to Columbia Plaza . . . Practicum or practice teaching? . . . We learn how to teach, can we teach others how to learn? . . . Uhh, make a report on that. DR OLIVER ls a lohnny C11SOD with his jokes extremely informal man in the gr ny suit should wear is glasses but wont tends to get grumpy if you dont do right. DR. BREEN-Tends to sound like loey Bishop . . . got in trouble for letting kids smoke cigarettes around the lab ani- mals . . , very informal classes, even allows three to a final .... Special Education-Dr. Hal B. Merrell. Not pictured is Dr Ed Breen. wr FRONT ROW: Robert E. Parrish: Earl Sargeantg Ed Breen: Terrence Luce: Lois Delgigh. BACK ROW: lack Andersong David Williams: Mildred McKee: Gaylen R. Wallace: Eileen S. Whitlock: Dean Elmer Ferneaug Silas Stamperg Carl Oliver. 52333. A secretary in the deans office of the School of Education prepares another inner-office memo . . . what could the subject be this time? 57 Practice Teaching-Ed Majors Crystal Ball i' ' , , is 4. .ang 7, nm., T 0-041' ,V W gk ,rr, I -5-s 5' 1 'K ,f fn ' ' 1. CATHY ABSHIRE, Tulsa, Ele'h. Educ. 'PM THE Pres! MARY LYNN ADAMS, Tulsa, Deavs HR' KAREN AL- BRECHT, Klrlmood Mo., Elem, Educ., K-'V'l, II-A-E KEN- DALLABRUM V-Nfiuhl Bd., Gellnqker Skrls. Par-her. lreasx SARAH ALVOID, Dallas len, Elem. Educ. Klil' Pres. Se"- ffe Jr, Class Sec. Arrrel Fllwh' Borlar Bd. Pres., Whos Whzr' NORA ARCHER, Tuls-a Arl. Educ. X51 Sec., Dee" i HR, ASI.. SEA F-isllior Bd: FLORENCE TAKASU BARN- ARD, lulses, Elem. Educ. TERRY BARNES, llzls-1 Efaslx Merch. -A-ll. Fish. Sd. Sec, Home Ec. VP YR, SEA' BARBARA JANE BASDEN, Tulsa Elem. Educx MARY BIRMINGHAM, luis-1, He-alrh X1 Ph-fs. Ed., AA-A Pres., Pirhr-l. Pres., All Ours'avdl"'g Spcr'srrle"- shlo Awd. If-V'l Pachel. SDlrll Awd.: KATHY BUTTS, Tufsi Spec. Ed.. -A-A-A CEC: MARCIA CARTER, Tulsa Home Ec. Educ,, KKI' Morlir Edu Awgel Ellqhr, Whos Who Deers HR, SALLY CASTLEBERRY, Tulsa, Sec. Educ., Ldugg. Arfs SEA Pres. HR, LE1ITl'3!'V' Pres., Scroll Pres. 'I'I'K. LINDA CHAMBERLIN, Sl. Louis, Mo., Elem, Educ, NNI' Kappa Pickers, Univ, Scholar, Who's Who Pres. Club, Sv. Cl-ass Trees.: SHARON CLARK, Seed Springs Elerrv. Educ, LJMH J-Board, Music Chrmx GIL CLOUD, Tulsa. H.P.E.' THOMAS J. CODY, Tulsa, Spec. Educ., CEC, Dea"'s P-IR' KAREN CRAWFORD, Tulsa, Hlsl, Educ., SEA, Deerfs HR' SHIRVAL DAVIS, Tulsa, Elem. Educ., X52 Deahts HR. NICHOLE DEAS, Tulsa, Educ.: EARLE PRESTON DUR- LEY Ill, Van Nuys, Celll., H.P,E. Vars'+y Foofbell, Lerrer- marfs Club, GINNY DUNN, Tulsa, Educ., KKV. KENDAL- LABRUM Queen, Miss Tulsa, YR, Modern Choir: ROBERTA PEARL DUNN, Tulsa, Elem. Educ., Scroll, PENNY ECCLES- TON, Barllesvllle, Elem. Educ.. LJMH Soc. Chrrrmi JOHN- NIE EGBERT, Tulsa, H,P.E., KENDALLABRUM, SEA, AWS lmlramurals. HILDA ELIZABETH FARR, Odessa, Tex., Elem. Educ. Speech: JOE FITZGERALD, Bid Sandy, Tex. H.P.E., Poor- ball, Lelrermarls Club: JUDY FRANK, Tulsa, Home Ec. Educ., Jr. Parwhel., Morrfar Bd., Arwdel Ellqhl KKV, Fashlor Bd.: PEGGY FREEBORN, Tulsa, Phys. Educ., AAA, JERRY FOWLKES, lrwoln, Educ. SHARON KAY GODDARD, Tulsa Hisl. Educ., AI' AWS, FTA, SEA, YR, JEANNE GOODMAN, Kirkwood, Mo., Engl. Educ, KAI" V-Niuhl Bd., Se-male, KENDALIABRUM, IIA-E, Dearfs HR' PHYLLIS GRAVES, Ceroosn, Educx LINDA GROSS, Amb- ler, Pa., Phys. Educ. All, Morfar Bd., Fearured lwfrler III?-7 ROSE MARIE HAIL, Tulsa, H5s+. Educ. Larlevr Scroll, SEA: KATY HALL, Sl. Louis Mc. Elem Educ. KAW, Serlfale, Armnel Ellqlwl, Defarls HR, Pres. Club' BETTY HAY- NIE, lulsa. Elem. Educ. AIA. JANET HIGMAN, Kansas Cily, Mo. Elem. Educ., KAW, Crescenls, Council on Rel. Lilet CINDY HODGSON, Web- srer Groves, Mo., Elem. Educ., lflfl' VP, Panlwel. Jr. Class Treas,, Homecomino Queen Allendanl' BARBARA HOJEL, Mexico Ciry, Mex., Arl Educ., XII, ASL lSO, SEA Treas., LJMH Edilor: BETH HOLDER, Tulsa, Spec. Educ., -ll' VP CEC Pres., Miss TU Einalisl, Easli. Bd, Gallagher Girly LINDA GAYLE HOOVER, Tulsa Erencli Educ.. YR, lRC, BSU Sec., Bus. Womens Club: CAROLYN JOHNSON, Tulsa, Spec. Educ., CEC. RAEDONNA M. JONES, Tulsli, Home Ec. Educ.: LILA M. JUNK, Tulsa. Home Ec, Educ., TEA: MARYANN KENNETT, Tulsa, Spec, Educ., If-X, CEC, SEA TU Bus. Womer: Easlri. Bd.: KAREN LOUISE KRAI, Sl. Louis, Mo., l-I.P.E,, XXI, Inframural Council, SEA, YR, BETTY LUNDGREN, Kansas Cily, Mo., Educ.: DANA L. LYONS, Wasliinqlon, Conn,, Elem. Educ.-Enql., 'I'3l, L.lMl'l Counselor, Council on Rel. Life, AWS Sec. GARY MCCOY, Tulsa, lnsl. Music Educ., ODK, Pres. HR, Marclwinq Band, Concerr Band, Klfxlfq MARTHA MCFAR- LAND, Tulsa, Sec, Educx CAROLY MASSAD, Sand Springs. Elem. Educ., 'I'3l, AWS, SEA, Easlm Bd.: JOYCE MASSAD. Sand Springs, Ar' Educ., ASL, AWS, Easlw. Bd.: DON MATHIESON, Tulsa, Educ., -VIH: MARIO MENDOZA, Tulsa, Educ.-Lile Science Arnold Air Soc. FRANCES MERTZ, Tu'sa, Spec. Educ., CEC, MARY MAY- ERS, Sl. Louis, Mo., Soec. Educ,, KA Sec., CEC Treas. YD WX, K-XII' JOHN D. MILVO, San Anronio, Tex. l-lisf. Educ.: COLLEEN O'CONNOR, Keivanee, lll., Hisl, Educ.. TNT: RICHARD OLEWINE, Tulsa Educ.-Lile Science. AEROTC, Arnold Air Soc.: DORIS ORR, Tulsa, Engl Educ.. Deanls HR, Pres. HR. MANUEL PEREZ III, Torrance, Calil,, Educ., Varsiru Tennis' PHYLLIS POSTON. Tulsa, H.P,E.' JEANETTE PRESSON. Tulsa, Enql. Educ., KAW, KENDALLABRUM Beauly Oueen, Easliion Bd., YR- KENNETH M. OUINN. Tulsa, Enol. Educ.: LYNDA RHOADS, Tulsa, Engl. Educ., -XI' Recording Sec., YR, SEA, AWS: MARTHA ROHRBAUGH, Tulsa, Spec. Educ., AAA, SEA, CEC, AVJS. PAM ROSS, Tulsa, Elem. Educ. NU, Anqel Eliolwl. Senafe, V-Nile Bd.: LINDA ROWE, Kirlcwood, Mo., Elem. Educ., LJMH Counselor, SEA, AWS, LJMI-I VP: JEAN SCHA- BERG, Ballwin. Mo., Spec. Educ., Moriar Boarcl, Anoel Eliolnl AWS Pres., SEA Pres., CEC. Scroll: LIICINDA LOUISE SCHNE'DER. Tulsa. Easlwion Mdse., If-X, T-AT' CHERYL GARRETT SECREST, Peru, Ind., Educ.: HAROLD SILER, Sloclflon, Calil., Educ., SX. BARBIE SLAGLE, Tulsa, Sec. Educ.-Speeclw, TI-A-H Pres., V- Nlle Bd. KENDALLAPJRUM, Pros. Club? BONNIE SMITH, Poreau I-lisl, Educ., SEA Scc,, Scroll, ILM-I7 SUSIE SPEARS. Tulsa, Soeeclw Pallioloov Orclleslia' KAREN STANDRIDC-E Tulsa, Home Ec. Educ., KENDAILABRUM, ASL, KKIT, Easln. Bd. Sec., Scroll: JEANIE STEHLE, Tulsa. Sec, Educ.- Enql., KA, SEA, CEC' MICHAEL M. STEPHENS, Tulsa Spec. Educ. Music, YR. CEC, Modern Clwoir, Pres., Pres. Club. WMA: BETTS STEVINSON, El. Smirlv, Arlc., Spec. Educ., CEC, SEC, KENDALLABRUM, All PETER H. STICKNEY, Sl. Louis, Mo., Malls. Educ., lnrra- mural Council, Sec., -NX-X, KAREN STORM, Tulsa, Speecli Tlwerapy, Anqel Fliqlwl, CEC, -Ali, SEA, ililillg BETTY SUN- RALL, Tulsa, Engl. Educ.: SHERRY TEMPLETON, Raurown, Mo., Elem. Educ., X32 Pres, Morlar Bd, Whos Wlao, Sen- afe, Univ, Sclniolar, 'I'I'K, KAII I-IAIIQ DIANE THOMP. SON, Er. Smillw, Ark. Deal Educ, X123 MARILYN THOMP- SON, Tulsa, Elem. Educ,, Ar-wel Plialvr, XII, Scroll. Deans HR, Crescenls Presx MARY JANICE TURNER, Tulsa, Music Educ,, Ali VP, Scroll, XXI, Universilu Clworus AWS, EVELYN WALLACE, Tulm, Educ. XSZA BRIE VANDE WEGHE, Tulsa, Elem. Educ: BETTY ROSE WELLS, Tulsa Life Science, Academf of Scicnccr JUDY WHITEHEAD, Kirkwood Mm, Elem. Educ., SEA, AWS, ll-X-3 ALAN R. WICKHAM, Tulsa, Educ.' NANCY WOOD, Glendale, Mo. Eiem. Educ., SEA YR: CAROL YOCOM, S'. Louis, Mo. Home Ec. Educ,, Home EC. CluE Efsk Bd, Pres., -Xl' l-lomecofrwiflw Queen Allendfnv. 'tts CEC Members Attend Karen Cadenheacl, Rita Wiley, and Ioan Aitkenhead leave on the CEC convention in Denver. Dont break a leg, gals. Denver Convention Christmas was a busy time for members of the Council for Exceptional Children, A party complete with stockings filled with goodies was given for a group of retarded children, A big highlight of the year was attending the national CEC convention which was held in Denver. ln the spring a party given in conjunction with Teen Aid for Retarded Children was another project. Speakers and discussions provided a chance for members to become acquainted with and gain knowledge of what is happening in the field of special education. Oflicers include Betts Stevenson, president, Micki Trout- man, vice-president: Nancy Doville, secre- taryg Vivian Burkitt, treasurer and Ierri Brock, membership. FRONT ROW: Frances Mertz, Mary Meyers, Beth Qui- senberry, Rebecca Baish, Vivian Burkitt, Beth Holder, Carol Troutman, Ieri Brock. ROW TWO: Molly Badgett, Pat Marlow, Rita Wiley, Dee Ann Brown, Donna De Martini, Mary Sue Wilson, April Templeton, Betts Stevenson, ROW THREE: Sally Spraker, Laura Ashlock, Virginia Smith, Nancy Doville, Barbara Thompson, Betsy Capps, Ed Breen, Mary Howard, Sally Rogers, lean Schaberg, Karen Storm, Thomas Cody. FRONT ROW: Karen Crawford, Della Kroeze, Debbie Jackson, Mindy Dauberman, Carole Troutman, Linda Hy- land, Bonnie Smith, Barbie Hojel, lean Schaberg, Phyllis Berke, Penny Eccleston, Cleta Emenhiser, Nany Wood. ROW TWO: Debbie Grundy, Ianet Urwiler. Ianet Lang- enheim, Ian lordon, Kathy Hage, Marlene Choate, Bar- bara Thompson, Carole Coblentz, Margie Koch, Kay Bry- ant, Iudy Whitehead, Marsha Murray. ROW THREE: Sher- ry Templeton, Mary Goddard, Deirde Bird, Carol Taylor, Susie Otis, Rose Hail, Linda Rorne, Doris Lewis, Vivian Burkitt, Sue Guenther, Dona Massey, lane Freeman, Gin- ger Meville, Linda Chamberlain, Elaine Peterson, ROW FOUR: Dr. Hall. Roger l-larp, Ioe York, lay Hill. SEA of TU and ORU Hold Joint Meeting The first Tuesday of the month at 7 p.m. in the Tulsa University Student Union, 80 girls meet to familiarize themselves with new developments in teaching. The girls are members of SEA-Student Education Asso- ciation. This fall they attended their state convention in Talequah. Thirteen delegates discussed facets of education as a women's occupation and how special activities could strengthen their chapter with girls from all over the state. A joint meeting with ORU was another learning session, April brought a reception for TU faculty. Year-'round speakers were another reason for meeting, talking. Officers included lean Schaberg, Phyllis Berke, Bonnie Smith and Barbie Ho- jel. SEA-learning to help others learn. Sponsor was Dr. Richard Hall, First semester SEA prexy, lean Schaberg and two mem- bers view a scrapbook of pointers for education majors. , 62 9.1 FRONT ROW: Ruth Buthod. Suzanne Cumberledge, Karon Storm. Margo, Bakius. ROW TWO: Ann Parker. Iuanitn Coiner, lune Eakes, Roberta Embrey. Becky Swift, Ianice Moran, TSH's Job-to nderst-and Deaf Children Building blocks, two members help train gi child. Doing so. they .irc building blocks in other ways. Games, parties and a greater understand- ing of children with hearing and speech de- fects were the activities of Tau Sigma Eta. Monthly meetings with guest speakers who told of learning disabilities and mental re- tardation were part of the honorary's pur- pose. A Christmas party for deaf children and their families, all afliliated with the Tul- sa Hearing Center was the service project for the year. The girls organized games for the children and held the party at the Tulsa Center of the Physically limited. Officers were Suzanne Cumberledge, president, Ruth Buthod, vice-presidentg Carolyn Mor- gan, secretary: Margo Baikus, treasurer, and Karen Storm, social chairman. Mrs. Iune Eakes sponsored the girls. ,, l' - N. ,W ,, 6 3 64 College of Engineering E99 Physical Science DEAN E. T. GLIERRERO A class in Engineering Qrientation for freshmen was introduced this year. A Cooperative Graduate Center in Engineering was created to bring together the efforts of OSU, OU, and TU in pro- viding a joint engineering graduate program in the Tulsa area. A new NIS. degree in Engineering Management was established. Also initiated was the Engineering Hall of Fame, which serves to recogize outstanding engineers and scientists. A new "first" was achieved with the graduation of the first candi- date from the College's Ph.D. program. lt is also worthy to note that ten highly qualified new faculty members were added during the academic year. DEAN GUERRERO TU, O , OSU Create Co-op rad Center You are now passing the new north cam- pus, otherwise known as 'Bus Stop" . . Main campus calls us the chemistry lab . . . The smell ol the chemicals, the roar of the bunsen burner . . . Basement room number one, is it a closet or the drafting room? . . . VVe have a computer, too . . . Protractors, Compasses and paper , . . Those kids on south campus are really wierd . . . FRONT ROW: Dr. Francis S. Nlanning, chemical: Do- nald P. Helander. petroleum: Robert l. Bradley, petroleum: Richard E. Thompson. chemical. BACK ROW: Wallace C. Philoon. Ir., chemical: Cordon W, Thomas, petroleum: lames Brill. petroleum: Kermit E, Brown, petroleum: A. Paul Buthod, chemical: Hugh R. lVleKee, chemical: li. Livesay, petroleum. DR, BRILL-Keeps class moving , . . finds having all boys makes it easier to crack jokes . . , is always counseling guys a young man himself with a phil from the other TU' Texas... r f FRONT ROW: Phillip S, VVilliams, physics: Gloria Mea dors, physical science: Gleen S. Visher, earth science: Ey steinn Tryggvason, earth science: Marvin K. Kemp, chem istry: Katherine lones, physical science: Alise Vasers chemistry, BACK ROW: Leonard Devonshire, chemistry: R A. Tornasi, chemistry: Parke Dickey, earth science: Ed ward McKay, chemistry: VVilliam Moran, physics. Charles D. Harris, mathg Charles Farmer, math: Thomas Cairns, math: William A. Sorge, math: Ralph W. Veach, math: Warren B. Garrison, mathg lames lustiee, mathg Ed Howard, math: Ross M. McDonald. aerospace: Dean Hollo- way: Robert Kinkade. math: Bruce V. Ketcham, aerospace: Iamal Agar, areospaeeg lohn Rainey, math. DR. TOMASI-VVill give five points for a camel formula . . . father of seven. active with their basketball team . . logical terrific Bridge player. hut just let him try a game of Spoons . . . FRONT ROW: Kenneth C. Weston, mechanical engineering: C.A. Brandenhurgh. lr., mechanical engineeringg VVilliam V. Brewer. mechanical engineering. BACK ROW: Patrick Miller. electrical engineering: R.D. Stratton, electrical engineering: lames F, Beattie. mechanical engineering. Tom0rroW's Scientists at N. Campus Now V I , . -. Pi in E sbl O . , 'lf' s- 'K . S JSI W 'rl 1 ,I- 68 -, ..MA ,, 3: , fu 4 TONY ALLOWAY, Tulsa, Mech. Erqr., Enqr. Club, ASME lVl'i, TTT JERRY L. BALLARD, Li'lle Rock Ark., Aero. Soaco Enor. AIAA: ROSS LYNN BELL, Tulsa, Marh Engr., :Nt STEPHEN P. BLACK, Tulsa, Chem. Engr., AXA: RON BRAEUTIGAM, Tulsa Enqr., Senale Pres., AXA, Whois Who, AIME' THOMAS RICHARD BUTZBACH, Clillor NJ., Mech. Eror., ASME, Enigr, Club' NANCY BYTH, Tulsa, Chernislry ACS, YR AWS, Malls Club, Deans I-IR. CINDY CHRONISTER, Tulsa, Emir. Malh Univ, Scholar Pros, HR Scroll, fI'5I, KMIC, fI'I'K, Encrgr. Club, NEIL CLARK, Casper, Wyo., Aero. Enqr., Arnold Air Socielyj DOUG CRONK, Tulsa, Enqr., IX: JAMES DILTS, Tulsa, Pniir. Phys., ATQi PHILIP G. FINCANNON, Tulsa, Engr. Phys., :II-E, Enqr. Club, Soc. ol Physics Sludenls, Pres. Pres. Club: DICK FRAZIER, I-Iorniny Enqr. :Xi DANNY C. FREDERICK, Springfield, MO., Aero, Pnqr. CHARLES M. GREEN, Tulsa, Enqr., AXA: HUGH KEEN, Tulsa, Mech, Erqr., ASME, Enor. Club, IIT-E, 'l'Tq MITCH- ELL DEAN KLAUS, Tulsa, Enmr, Phys., Soc. ol Physics S'uC.lerrs: DENNIS KRAHN, Aloka, Pelr. Enqr., Soc. 05 Perr. Enqrs TT, IIICT: ARLEY G. LEE, Tulsa, Aero. Engr. ASME, Pres. HR, Enqr. Club, KAIIC, TTI PAUL LOPEZ, Auslln Tex., Enqr. LARRY S. LYON, Tulsa, Mech. Enqr., ASME, Erlqr. Club, -EX' TREVOR LYONS, Tulsa, Geology, EX: SIDNEY MELTON, Tulsa, Mech. Engr., ASME, Enqr. Club, BILL MUELLER. Kirkwood, Mo., Encir., -fx: DONALD E. MYERS, Tulsa, Geology, Engr. Club, AIME, ROBERT E. MYERS, Bulfaloi N.Y., Pei, Enqr. Geology, AIME, Pres., Engr. Club, llI'1'l' TT, BUD PINGREE, Des Moines, Iowa, Mech. Enqr,, Enqr. Club. ASME. MICHAEL P. PRESCOTT, Milwaukee, Wis., Geology, Geo- physics, Malh Club, Enqr. Club, IIKA- JUDY K. REY- NOLDS, Tulsa, Chem. Enqr., AIChE, Engr. Club, Engr. Queen, 'I'I'K, Univ, Scholar, AAA, ALFRED RIERA. Vene- zuela Mecln. Enor. ISO. Engr. Clubg DON C. RILEY, Oak Park Ill., Enqr.. AXA, GEORGE E. ROE, Tulsa, Chem. Engr., Enqr. Club, AIChE, KME, Pres. HR 'I'IIE, TT Pres.: CLARENCE PAUL ROMANIUK, Edrnonfon, Alberla, Pelr. Enqr., AIME, KME, SPE, Deans HR, lIl5'l', TTI AL- BERT DEVIN ROOS, Tulsa. Mech. Enqr., Arnold Air SO- ciely, ROTC, Engr, Club. GARY RUNYAN, Tulsa, Mech. Enqr., Enqr, Club Pres., ASME' LOUIS L. SAXON, JR., Camden, Ark., Mech. Engr., ASME, Enqr. Club Pres., AXA, ROBERT LEE SCOTT, Tulsa, Chem. Enqr.. AlChE, ACS, IVIKA7 ROBERT B. SKINNER, Trinidad Wesl Indies, Pelr. Enqr., AIME, A'I'52 Pres., SARAH JANE TOMES, Tulsa, Enor. Malh, Enqr. Club, YR: THOMAS WYLIE, Tulsa, Enor. S THE URWERSIT Awww UURTH I 05 FRONT ROW: Kami Manafi, ludy Reynolds, Lee Ratcliff, Carlos A. Conineras, Don Vanscoy, George Roe, lohn len- kins, Tom Hoge, Hussein Sallak, leff Roseberry, Mike Wool- bert, George Cummings. W. L. Philoon, Roger Parsons, Ken- neth Mason, Dan Lawson, Abdullah Al-Roumi, Ken Vahid, lim Franklin, Nancy Byth. Reorganization Strengthens Ch. Engineers Hair frosting is fun, but does Iudy Reynolds have to con- sult TU chemical engineers for directions? How about their approval? ln an effort to strengthen its TU chapter American Institute of Chemical Engineers members undertook the task of reorganiza- tion. Led by Mike Woolbert, the group in- itiated programs of primary interest to chemical engineers. Technical speakers. films, and a tour through Sun Ray DX and other chemical plants comprised the years activities. As a professional society, AICE is open to those in the field of chemical en- gineering. Membership is select and con- sists of students in good standing who have completed their freshman year at the uni- versity. AIME Roughneckers Have Sweetheart American lnstitute of Mining, Metalurgi- cal and Petroleum Engineers is an organi- zation which provides communication be- tween its members and established engi- neers. Officers Bob Meyers, presidentg Den- nis Krahn, vice-president: Gary Anderson, secretary, and E. G. Langley, treasurer, supervised and co-ordinated the c.lub's ac- tivities. ln addition to the regular monthly meetings, activities included the annual Roughneck Party, held at the beginning of the fall semester. This gives instructors and members a chance to get acquainted. For the first time, the organization elected an AIME Sweetheart, Miss Gail Farrell. Gon- tributing to the interest and variety to the club's curriculum were field trips to oil fields in Oklahoma and Texas. AlME's first Sweetheart, Gail Farrell, who was also a past Miss TU, shows off the red roses presented her by Engi- neers. FRONT ROW: Grafton, G. Anderson. R. Meyers. D. Krahn, L. G. Langley, Brill. ROW TWO: L. Heinzell, G. Iabri, A. Baykan, S. Surbey, S. Award, G. Shanks, L. Sweet, E. Zana, W. Iohnson, M. Stone. I. Fernandel, N. Berrovin. T. Brown, R. Casey, D. Lewis, R. Neal, D. Sar- karl, D. Helander. ROW THREE: B. Livesay, W. Tay- lor. M. Kelly, M. Mallak. G. Cotner, I. Bagci. D. Mac- Farland, D. Taff, L. Rogers, S. Holt, M. Hulsey, I. Rohr. M Wylie, L, McVay. I. Cavitt. M. Scaggins. S. Lynn, C. Lawson, C. Green, R. Kumer. ROW FOUR: C. Contreras. C. Romaniuk, R. Veatch, T. Leibsch, D. Hensley, B. lonas- sen, D. Pritchard, R. Frazier, G. Camel. Rieker, H. Ozcan, N. Robertson. ASME Answers After ASME members survey the intricacies of a machine made up of pumps, valves and gauges, Graduation, What? Under new faculty guidance this year, Tulsa University's chapter of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers strived to get its membership out ol the classroom and into the buiness world of mechanical engi- neering. Holding a joint meeting with the city's ASME chapter demonstrated to be helpful in giving the college chapters mem- bers more insight as what to expect from the industry after graduation. The main pur- pose of Dr. B. Livesay, new advisor, and president Gary Runyan was to give the members of the group these added under- standings. Other men serving as officers were Hugh Keen, vice-president, and Larry Lyons, secretary-treasurer. FRONT ROW: Dr. B. Livesay, lose A, Zadezensky. Bud Gene Lee, Hugh Keen, Tony Alloway, Larry Lyon. Pingree, Gary Runyan. ROW TWO: Louis Saxon, Arley FRONT ROW: Larry Lyon, Ianies E. Stzunper. ludy Rey- McKee. ROW THREE: Donald Myers. Mike Woolhert. nolds, Louis Saxon, Iohn Ienkins, Tony Alloway. ROW Gary Runyan, Mike Brown, Arly G. Lee. Lloyd Sweeny, TWO: Michael Penrod, Bud Pingree, lose Zadezensky, Ro- Iohn McAskill, Hugh Keen. hert Myers, Gary Anderson, Iames Startz, Dr. Hugh R. "Irish" Engineers Paint Campus Green Painting the town red is some people's idea of fun, but the Engineers Club would rather paint the campus green. They do just that in a week long celebration beginning on St. Patricks Day and concluding with the coronation of the engineering queen at their annual dance. Tours of the engineer- ing school and Groady Day are among the events of the week. The officers for the year were: Lewis Saxon, president: Iohn Ienkins, vice-president, Don Myers, treasurer, and ludy Reynolds, secretary. The club, open to all engineers, sponsors films and speakers throughout the year. It is their goal to fa- miliarize the main campus with the north campus. Surrounded hy hooks, a Tulsa University engineer studies studies, studies, studies. studies, studies, studies. studies studies. FRONT ROW: lames W. Crafton, Thomas B. Dellinger, P. Brill, Bill Livesay. Bob Myers, Dipak Sarker, Rajeshwar Ralph Veatch, H. A. Nedom, Clarence P. Romaniuk, Wayne Kumar. K. Taylor, Dennis Krahn. ROW TWO: lim Owens, lames Pi Epsilon Tau Men Honored at Banquet Pi Epsilon Tau members are shown on oil well-oil tanker hook-up at a north campus laboratory. Recognizing and honoring undergrad- uate and graduate students' outstanding academic work in the field of petroleum en- gineering is the intention of Pi Epsilon Tau. A minimum of a three point grade average is one of the requirements needed to be- come a member of this honorary. At the end of each year a banquet is held in the spring. lt is at this time that members are honored and various awards are presented. Oflicers in the organization serving this year were Clarence Romanuik, presidentg lohn Dean, vice-presidentg Wayne Taylor, secretaryg and Dennis Krahn, treasurer. 3: M 1: M -li 'N- .-d"""" Auv"""w E 1 3 '1 S w w K 76 College of Fine and Professional Arts DEAN ROBERT L. BRIGGS The College of Fine and Professional Arts seems almost in the midst of a cultural explosion. It runs the gamut from programs in Art, Music and Theatre to those in Medical Technology, Nursing and a new one in Medical Record Administration. The appointment of the beginnings of a faculty, including a Director of the School of Nursing, is one of the highlights. The addition of numerous items of physical equipment has made possible more effective teaching in several areas this year. DEAN BRIGGS ursing School Added to FP Arts College What are the wooden things in back of Phillips Hall? Sculptured gates! . . . Teach- er auctions . . . We have two of everything in FP-dual operas and dual dramas . . . Dr, Bruestle is Caesar, of course . . . The journalism department has finally moved!--S to the old Mabe Clinic, under KH stage . . Soon there will be nurses on campus . , . Fine and Professional Arts . . . Sculptured gates???????? Thomas Matthews, Iohn Toms, Ronald Predl, Aldo Mancinel- li, Daniel Wright, Martha Maben, Dorothy Gideon, William McKee, Iames Middleton, Arthur Hestwood, Bela Rozsa, William Hackathorn. Dwight Dailey-music. DR. MCKEE-Plays French horn with enthusiam . . . will auction off a haircut, then let his hair grow at concert time . . . great film-dubbcr, barber shop singer , . . likes facts nobody cares about. s s Beaumont Bruestle. Iohn Hurdle, Frederick Graves, Harold Barrows, Dean Rodman Iones, Larry Graham lon ladderl, Mary Iune jones, Leonard Bradshaw. Dick Schmidt-speech. ART-Glenn Godsey, Brad Place, Frederick Bunce. Hortense Bateholts, Tom Manhart, Woody' Cochran, Chuck Tomlins, Raymond Wiihl. li IM ilk. WOODY COCHRAN-Learned to fly plane before he drove a cur, learned to paint clouds then, too . . . Wrnrld Weir II is his story . . . tc-aches water Color and drawing on the side. Capt. Clifford Birchficld, Maj, LA. Nlontaguc. ncrospzlcvz Maj. Charles Nieman, ROTC: N.A. Poshek. nursing: Bill Hays, journalism: Ed johnson, journalism: Dale Spear, jourrmlism: Tom Wood. journalism: Sgt, Harvey Langlev, ROTC: VVheat. ROTC: Sgt. lohn Smith, Ir.. ROTC. Phillips, Kendall, Tyrrell All House FPA ilu sri sis Wir? A si ,,,, V .. 'I . V I T 36:15 5 - A : ii 'ii F-izfiili ".,- ' S . , Q eeel . ,."f I -,,:. 0 -Y-1, 5 5 , ' , .,,, , i l,ll , Z A -biv fl A , :,, sag.:i, sw, I ' .- - 1. HY' ' ts gg ' , ' I T lllll lll . s A .xg A, E U h i ' l,-.l ' ' 1 i ' rl Ss is '- " ' I , 1 I l ll 5 V,2 l-e , .SW . - ri --If ' I , . 1 E' .4 . l a g 's f 80 PAM BOND, Tulsa, Journalism, lil, Collegian, YR, Hill? CONNIE SUE BOSWELL, Muskogee. Arlq JANIE BUKER, Tulsa, Piano Pedaooqy, KNIT Panlwel., Cheerleader, TU, Modern Clwoirq DANA CALDWELL, Tulsa, Journalism- MERRY ELLEN COLLINS, Tulsa, Journalism, X521 CARO- LYN ANN CRAWFORD, Olflalnoma Cily, Journalism, Edif lor ol LJMH7 ANN DANIEL, Tulsa, Ari, Educ., KAW, Illlf ASL, Scroll. GINNY DUKE, Biq Cabin, Enqlislw, Journalism, AWS, 'I'ilI, IIAJIQ KENILLE ELMORE, Tulsa, Music Educ., Modern Clioir, YR, Scroll, Lanlern, Dean's HR, CLETA EMEN- HEISER, Barllesville, Arl Educ., Pres, LJMH, AWS, SEA ASL' GAIL FARRELL, Duranl, Music, KU, Morlar Bd., Miss TU., -EAI, 'I'I'K, Pres. HRg EMILY RISINGER HOWARD, Brownlield, Texas, Applied Piano, Modern Clrioir, XXI Mor- lar Bda Miss T.U., 'PHIB P-LAI: JOHN HUDSON, Tulsa' JANE ANN JAKUBOWSKI, Tulsa, Ari Educ. ASL, AWS. JULIE ANN KINNARD, Nowala, Radio-TV, 5-V: HARRIET KOONS, Sl. Louis, Mo., Commercial Arl, KAI-I, Senale ASL, AWS, KENDALLABRUM, Wl1o's Vlflwo, Deans HR' DANIEL LAMBERT, Skialook: BOB LOSURE, Tulsa, Radio- TV, lllffl, fl-lx: DOUGLAS B. McALLISTER, Dumonl, N.J. Radio-TV, AEP, JANE MCCORMICK, Tulsa, Journalism' DENNIS MINEAR, Tulsa, Journalism, Univ. Dem. li-XX. PATRICIA MOATS, Tulsa, Commercial Ari, ASL, Pres, AWS, Dean's HR: CAROL LYNN MONLUX, Tulsa, Nurs- inq, PAUL MURRAY, Tulsa, IX: PAULINE PEAVY, Royal Oals, Mcl., Commercial Arl, ASL: MARY KAY PLACE, Tul- sa, Radio-TV. Speech, Morlar Bd., KAIJ, AEP, Senale, Wlio's Wino: KATHLEEN POLLARD, Oklahoma Ci+y, Com- mercial Arl, 'I'3I, Lanlern, Scroll, ASI., REBECCA PRATH- ER, Tulsa, Music. DEBORAH RAUH, Tulsa. Journalism, KENDALLABRUM Edilor, COLLEGIAN, V-Niqlwl Bd., XQ, Senale, UAE, Pres. Club: DAVID REEDY, Owasso, Journalism: MARGARET J. SHEA, Tulsa, Journalism: DOUY SWOFEORD, Sprinqlield Ill., Commercial Arl, Cheerleader, KAP? Pres., Wl1o's Wlio, Slucl. Senale, Univ. Sclwolar, ASL, DAVE TAYRIEN, BarllesA ville, Journalism, COLLEOIAN Edilor, Deanls HR, Pres, Club, li-AX: SCOTT THOMASON, Tulsa, Journalism. RONALD WALSMITH, Tulsa, Journalism: LYNN MARIE WILLIAMS, Tulsa, Ari Educ., ASL, SEA, AWS? PHIL WIL- LIAMS, Garden Cily, Kansas, Radio-TV, KWGS7 ROBERT J. WILLIAMSON, Tulsa? BOB WISE, Tulsa, Radio-TV, AEI' -E-XX? DOUG WOKOUN, Decalur, lll,, Journalism, -EX. iw!! l 8. 'Its-.., Qf:.s.,.,, rib, 67911 SITTING: Kitty Roberts. FRQNT ROW: lohn lolly, Bea- ROW TWO: Lloyd Draheim. Gene Dennison. David Wat- mont Brucstle, Sally Locke, Iudy Schneider, Ierry Hunter. son. Bob Wist-. AEP Co-ordinates Record-Breaking Sale 82 AEP members tried to get rid of KVVCVS golden oldies in fx Student Union record sale. Keeping things hopping around KWGS- FM is the big job for members of Alpha Epsilon Rho, who supply both management and personnel. Leading the honorary group this year are lohn Iolly, presidentg lerry Hunter, vice-president, ludy Schneider, secretaryg and Sally Lovke, treasurer. Boasting twenty-three members the club is working more on the local level this year, after hosting the national convention in Tul- sa last year. Membership is based on a 3. grade average in the person's major, an in- terest shown in broadcasting and produc- tion, enrollment in a broadcasting course at TU, and achievement of a specified number of hours with KVVGS or in a professional job apart from TU. Masquerade, Raffle Art Students' Activities Boasting a lively membership of sixty graduates and under-graduate art majors, the Art Students League saw a fruitful year of activities. Laying the ground work at monthly meetings President Pat Moats and Dr. Brad Place, head of the Art Depart- ment, and the other members decorated the Student Activities Building for Homecoming weekend, sold raffle tickets to appropriate funds for the Alexander Hogue scholarship of one semesters tuition awarded to an art major, and sponsored the Beaux Arts Ball, a masquerade party for the entire student body in March. Events for the future in- clude hopes of the initiation of an art stu- dent's honor fraternity with national chap- ters. An art student works expertly on design and lettering in one of her afternoon art classes in Phillips Hall. FRONT ROW: Kathy Pollard, Stephen Freeze, Guy Ann Hall. Iune Tomblinson, Carin Southworth, Linda Lohner, Harriett Koons, Pat Moats. ROW TWO: Tim Donahue. Iohn Covey, Iinny Weidle. Karen Larson, Kaylan Jester, Toni Darnell, Nancy Neuneubel, Barbara Armstrong, Vicki Lesovsky, Iean Roundtree, Ruby Brillhart. ROW THREE: Cleta Emenheiser, Perry Catts, Cindy Catts, Cindy Hall, Mary lane Porter. Cheryl LaRoche. Damon Parrett, Charles Forshee. Steve Quinn, Liz Moore, Ioe York, Linda Gorden, Donna Howard, Phil Blue, Wziyne Hall. ROW FOUR: Pam Catron, Robertson Brown, Suzi Shae, Marcia Evans, Caro- lyn Bottom, Zeen Commings, Alex Marino, Barry Sullivan, Polly Peavy, Tom Maynard, Neal Tipton, Dennis Woods, Wzilter Lamb, Ierry Pope, Glenn Godsey, Sheryl Reich, Dee Ann Potter, Nancy Perritt, Chuch Tomlins, Macy Bell, Nan- cy Reins, Brad Place, Carl Coker, lim Bray. FRONT ROW: Karen Paul, Barbie Slagle, Cindy Yost, cock. Gail Malone, Karen Albrecht, Sue Spivey, Ann Dan- Carolyn Czencush, Debbie Rauh, Carin Southworth, April iels, Ieanne Goodman. Koch. ROW TWO: Nlissy Ayres, Cindy Wchr, Laura Pit- Donuts and Directories, PiDE Projects Debbie Raub and Barbie Slagle, Pi Delta Epsilon president, put up the fratemitys showcase, an annual project. One of the greatest honors of a young Woman, aspiring to be a part of the journal- ism World, who has shown outstanding cap- abilities on either the Collegian or Kendall- abrum, or both, is to be invited to pledge Pi Delta Epsilon. The seventeen members of the oldest and largest honor journalism fraternity, under the leadership of Barbie Slagle, stressed service to the university by sponsoring the University of Tulsa Direct- ory as well as participating in such organi- zations as Mortar Board, Student Senate, Angel Flight, and Varsity-Nite Board. At the beginning of each semester the fratern- ity provided coffee and donuts for journal- ism students in the department and at Christmas time sponsored an all-department party with refreshments and entertainment. SAI Music Honorar Auctions Faculty Tulsas Sigma Alpha Iota chapter has been making preparations to host the other six Oklahoma chapters in the 1969 State Day celebration this fall. SAI, with Phi Nfu Alpha, jointly held a tea for incoming freshmen music majors in the fall and sponsored a Christmas party for the music school. ln addition to ushering for all music programs and performing civic activities such as contributing to the Interna- tional Music Fund, SAI presented an Amer- ican Mtisicale in the spring. As a monev making project, the pledges auctioned off services of the music faculty. SAI members and alumni also sponsored a book review at the Delmon Theater. President Diane Lowry was assisted by Carol Crenshaw, vice-president: Norma Curley, treasurer: and Ruth Ann Carlock, Ewa, ,,,,-ami-rw. fm secretary. N. tiff F 4? Y i is S if Sigma Alpha Iota pledges muddlc over thc various facets of music in the Tyrell I-Iall loungc. practicing to win those golden pipes. FRONT ROVV: Norcnc Plumlcc. Gail Farrcll, janic Baker, Barbara Maincring, Emily Howard. jamcc VVitt. Ruth Ann Katy Cox, Alanna Tartcr. Carolcc Crcnshaw. Dianne Lovvry. Carlock. Alice Pcgucs. jo Ellcn Bilycu. ROVV TWO: Deanna York, ludy Allbright, Carol Barnett, 85 SDX Guys Do Cover-Up Work at Kendall "You learn something new every clay, clon't you B.? Thats all right, keep painting Kendall Hall-and close your mouth," Conventions, advertising, monthly busi- ness meetings, and freedom of the press are a few of the many facets of the Tulsa chap- ter of Sigma Delta Chi. One of the most im- portant projects of Sigma Delta Chi is the annual Press Day held in the spring for high school journalists. The students are encour- aged to see the TU campus and learn of the career opportunities with the press, New to the journalism department was a newspaper, "The Yellow journal" sponsored by the group. Other activities included a luncheon where jack Morris spoke on the role of tele- vision in a changing society. Later in the year members joined in a question and answer session concerning the problems of the jour- nalism department. Officers are jerry Hunt- er, presidentg Richard Pulliam, vice-presi- dent: and Dan Agent, secretary-treasurer. FRONT ROW: Ron Walsmith, j. B. Avants, john jolly, Roszel, Richard Pulliam, Rich jordan, Lee Travino, jerry Bob Wise, Dan Agent, Ed johnson, jim Sellen, Boaz Rauch- Hunter, Ken Opal, Rod Pritchett, Tony Simmons, Bob Trox- werger, jules Smith. ROW TWO: Dave Moncrief, Randy ell, Scott Thomanson, Dave Taryien. SITTING: Dave Wzutson. FRONT ROW: Linda Cox. M. Iones. lohn Baker. Larry Graham, Iohn Hurdle. lohn Beaumont Bruestle. Harold Barrows. ROW TWO: Fred Brammer. Theta Alpha Phi Hosts Area Convention Highlighting the year for Theta Alpha Phi, a national dramatic fraternity, was the hosting of the organizations regional con- vention held on campus in May. lt drew representatives from six states and planning, initiative was supplied by regional officers. Yearly activities included a Christmas party, a spring banquet and initiation of pledges, who are chosen twice during the year. The group put on five plays including 'Pante- gleizen, a farce, and "Loves Labor Lost" in musical form. Officers David Watson, presi- dentg lim Ryan, vice-presidentg Iohn Baker, secretary, and Linda Cox, secretary, were aided by their advisor, Dr. Beaumont Brues- tle. l , Theta Alpha Phi members try to do n hit of spring ing for Beaumont Brucstle. who keeps on reading his clean- script C if if, sv 4 ...-N. 88 'K 4, 1 V I x Q X Is' ,. 'm 2735 .F MW wwmw ,WN I 2-wgm.k.,., 5 ,V V :,.: E E. if 'W ,,,, an 89 90 W College of Liberal Arts DEAN DONALD E. HAYDEN The addition of a three-story wing to Oliphant Hall is now under- way. It will provide laboratory and research space for life sciences and behavioral sciences and will be completed by September 1969. Programs are underway in the areas of interdisciplinary studies and overseas study, also. The Liberal Arts Faculty is now virtually 1000 doctoral level, and Liberal Arts students again this year scored well above the national average on the College Level Exam- inations. DEAN HAYDEN ide Spectrum Of Studies In Liberal Arts You name it, we study it . . . Amphithea- ters and oflices . . . Communications classes, that's English . . . All sorts of new appoint- ments . . . And other new additions . . . An- other trip to Mexico for the science depart- ment . . . We have 43 per cent more mud . . . We have biology labs, language labs and lots of dials and vials . . . Which way to Elephant Hall? . . . Do we need more hours to graduate, or does it just seem so? FRONT ROW: C. A. Levengood, life science, Paul Buck, life science: C. Robert Kelly. religion: Albert Blair, life science, David Hall, philosphyg Harold E. Hill, religion. TOP ROW: R. Cvrady Snuggs: religion, Iohn C. Gammie, reli- gion: Dennis Huff, life science, Ruth Anderson, religion, Paul L. Brown, philosophy: Barbara Shirley. life science: Harriet Barclay, life science: Hague L. Lindsay. life science. DR, BARCLAY-Took Amazon River trip, discovered five plants Know named after herb . . . has house full of Vicuna wall hangings . . . was reluctant to get Ph.D,, thought shed he stuffy, old lady. FRONT ROW: l. E. Cadenhead, history, Marvin Lomax, history: Elizabeth Tuttle, social science: Dr. W. V. Hollo- way, political science: Davis D, Joyce, history: Tae Yul Nam, political science, Dr. David Epstein. history. BACK ROW: William Settle, history: Dr. Edwin B. Strong, poli- tical science: Dr. Michziel Whalon, history. Q"WmefmmmwQ1 Y , hp.-... FRONT ROW: Dr. Ward Weakly, sociology: Nancy Feldman, sociology: lrene Horton, psychology. BACK ROW: Leonard Zusne. psychology: Barry Kinsey, sociology: Ieff Lord, sociology: Garrick Bailey, sociology: Cullen Mancuso. psychology, HPE-Homer Coker, Karen King. Iohn P. Dratz, Florence Blackmore, Don Zimmerman. FRONT ROW: Dr. William Winchester, English: Dr. Win' ston Weathers, English: Dr. Clevy Strout, language: Dr Charles Weber, language: Dr. Edwynne Krumme, language Dr. Paul Alworth, English. BACK ROW: Dean Donald Hay- den: Iames Matthews, English: lames Miller, English: L. F Zimmerman, English: Thomas Staley. English: Manly Iohnson English: Ierry Stewart, language: Phillip Griffith. English. liphant ing Gives Lab, Research Space DAVID E. BEARD, Tulsa, lylallw, Bend Orclieslroq ERNIE BEDFORD, Tulsa Liberal Arls, K-E, ll-AK: CLAUDIA BEN- NE'I'I', Tulsa English, ill: LIN BRISTER, Tulsa, Pre-Medfi Zoology, OAK, Pres., 'I'I5-2, BSU Edilor, Pres. Club, Pres. HR, Wliois Wlwop LARRY BUNN, Casper, Wyo., Malln, AXA VP, Enqr. Senalor, Malln Club, Error. Club, Eeseball- CONNIE CHAPMAN, Tulsa, Sociology, KKIY AKA, Deans HR, Jr. Panlnel. VP, Scroll. MARY CLOCK, Tulsa, Psyclioloqy: CAROL ANN COLE- MAN, Creslwoocl, Mo., Sociology, AK-3, AWS, Lorrie Jane Independents Trees: HARRY LEE COOK, Tulsa, Liberal Arls: RANDY CROOK, Tulsa, Liberal Arls, IX: DEE DEE DAVIS, Tulsa, Enolislii SALLY JO DAYTON, Calgary, Al- berla, Canada, French, 'I'5l Trees., YR KENDALLABRUM, Scroll, AWS, Pres. HR. . , JANET EDWARDS, Tulsa, Med. Teclw., AWS, 'I'M, KEN- . Lf s M, 15,5 ofxufxaiaulif KEITH M. EDWARDS, Tulsa, Hisiofy, Aff ,, AT' -Lu - S , . ,L ' Sludenl Leooue, YR IRC: ANNIE RUTH FINK, Borllesville, gp rv 4 s , ,,. ga- 'l-,- 6 ' 499' 4, Socioloqyi EARL FUNK, Tulsa, Enqlislw, Deonls HR: JEAN- w e --" be at NE GAMBRELL, Tulsa, Sociolooy, -Ui, Ponlnel., Miss TU M L PM l9o9, 'Miss Conzienialilyll, '68, Deans HR, Arn. Royal A ,E 5 fr owen, ru rl.-Wfs, NANCI GERWINER, si. Louis, MO., A ' P I rrrlssir. Hisrorvflnol. Sci., -All Scbolarslwio, lRC, CCUN 'IHVLL , iff' JAMES GRAYBEAL, Tulsa Pol. Sci.: FREIDA L. GREEN, ,. 2 ,sf ,fs , A 1 ,se is 1 'S an 'se :sf XL UE 1 1 ,, . -'Q Y In 9, Jenks, Sociology, YD, V-Nile CCUN. SCAC, Soc. Club lyzif IRC, KENNETH GRIGAS, Tulsa, Hislory!lPol. Sci., YR Trees., Youlli lor Nixon Trees.: JAMES HANCOCK, Tulsa I Socioloqy, IIKA: TIMOTHY HANSON, Tulsa, Liberal Arls' DONALD R. HICKMAN, Tulsa, Hislory. RICHARD H. HILL, Silver Sprinfj, Mcl., Mecl, Tecln. Fool- ball, Trdclc, -VI' Pres., WINDEL D. HURST, Tulsa, lvlallv' DENNIS JOHNS, Tulsa, Liberal Arlsy PAUL TERRY KELL- ER, Olivelle, Mo., Hi'.loryfPol. Sci., IVPSI Sec., YR, AF- ROTC: SHARON KTNG, Tulsa, Hislory, -Mi, Lillle Siqmos Faslri. Bd., SEA, AWS, YR, Scrvile, PENELOPE LAIRD, Wor- lancl, Wyo., Liberal Arls. M gn 471 'kk ITS ,Q t bk ELEANOR LEE, SY Louis, Mo., Sociology Soc. Club, JO- ANNE LYNCH, Tulsa, Enfzlisln, KA4-P, KENDALLABRUM we-Teiifm .. .. ffm , .. .3 , V S' .,, ' , :'i' A I ' "-' A Deans HR, YR Jr. Pfifrbel. KATHLEEN LYNCH, Enid, Pol. r i , ,, i . A sei., yew- sd. wvles Wm, fi-VK, 'l'A'r', ccun, arac- v, ,K , f .F I .V LINDA MACCONNELL, S+. Louis, Mo., Sociology, KAI-P, V- 5, , 8, ' z ,,-' rg E, fi- in AKA AVVS Lfirfern. Scroll: EDWARD JOHN MAIN, Tul- X .... , Q, W W A : sa, Hislrory, IRC, Cfirlerbury House, CCUN, Univ, Scliolsrs 'I r l ,ii --, -tis, i ii "gif Club, Council lor Rel. Lile' FRANCES ANN MAYER, '51 is A ':': ' 'ff- '-.. - A i'-- i' Vinile, Psycliolofzy. is 94 L. A. Eneircles Languages, Science, History PAULA D. MILLS, Joplin, Mo., MaIIw, KA, DAVID MONI- CAL, Topeka, Kan., PIwII.fAnIIwrop., Dearfs HR. IRC Pres.. SCAC, SeraIe Acad. AII. A37 CINDY MORRIS, TuIsa, HIsIoryfPoI. Sci., K-X, AVVS, YR, ATS! Swee+IwearI, SUNNY PAUL, Bremfwood, Mo., SocIoIoqy, HAH, AWS, Morrar Bd., ll-XE, AK-3, AmqeI FIIqI1I, WI1o's Who, Oufdemiinq Jr. Woman' RALPH PETERS, TUISQ. ZooIoqy. IIKAA JOHN REINER, SI. Louis Mo., I-IIs'rory KX. BRUCE ROBERSON, Arkansas CIW, Kan., Hisforyfpol. SCI., IN Pres., Greek Week CII., V. Pres., Senate V. Pres., KENDALLABRUM IFC, Modern Choir: RUSTY ROBERTS, C5Iver+or1 Park, Mo., HIsIoryfPoI. SCI., -EN, YR, AFROTC, Arr'oId Air Soc., Serwere: CHARLES ROSE, Tulsa, POI, Sci.: JOHN RUPP, IuIsf:, LIberaI Ar+s: BARBARA SANTEE, TUI- sa, SOCIOIOW 4,.' ' JO ELLA SIMMONS, FI, Swim Ark. Med. Tech. BONNIE L. SMITH, Tulsa, Psychology? MICHAEL SMITH, I.1Im SoCIoIOf'1y' GEORGE B. SMOCK, EIrrIIWurs' III. POI. SCI. AXA, IRC, COLLEGIAN- JOHN SPURGIN, Iuka, POI. SCI., K2 'I'I'K, OAK IRC Pres., CCUN. YR WI'1o's Who: DAVID STONE, TuIsf1, SocIoIoqy, Band Orchesrmq SUZANNE SUENDER, Kansas CIW, Kan. Sc1QioIofqy, -ll' SOC. CIW., Soc. CIUIW, Jr. PfmkueI. Sporw. ROBIE J. WALLACE, TUISP1, I-iisfory, POI. SCI., YD IRC CCUN' MARY ELLEN WELLS, IUISEQ, MAII1 Newman CIUIQ Univ. Sckwekfrt NAN WHEELER, Iuka, Er'c1II5I'1' TERRY WILLIAMS, VIIIe Park. III. Med. -I'eCI1., X12 AVI' Pres., Arw::eI IZIIQIII: JANE WONG, Jardiwes Lookou' How: Kors SOCIOIOQII ISO. v -' 67 I 1 V mf fl 4, in f'X . W. Phi Alpha Theta Largest US Honorar Phi Alpha Theta, the largest credited honor society in the United States, honors students on the basis of scholastic excellence and academic superiority in history. Porty- five members met every other month, as- sisted by faculty adviser Professor Marvin Lomax. Activities included an October panel dis- cussion on the elections, and a regional con- ference at Qklahoma State University in December. At the spring banquet came the announcement of the Bessie Sullens award winner, given to the Phi Alpha Theta with . the highest academic average. Qfficers this year were Phil Iohnson, president: Ed Cannaday, vice-president: f Dorothy Watson, secretary, Roger Harp. treasurer, and Bonnie Faye Smith, histor- lan' Right here is thc date Kendall Hull fell. says Dr. Lomax to two Phi Alpha Theta members. lrllcrinites circa H400 A.D.l FRONT ROW: Ed Czinnziday. Dr. l, E, Czidcnhead, Phil- Dorothy VVt1tson, Mary' Lynn Brown, Dr. VV, A. Settle, lip lohnson, M. M. Lomax. Dr. D. D. Ioytc. ROVV TVVOr Kathy Brewer. Roger Harp. Bonnie Smith. 97 Medical Field Surveyed by MED Members Pre-Med Club member and guest get a first hand look at hypnotism, and being hypnotized by Dr. Lynwood Heaver. .in expert in that field. Plastic surgery, psychiatry, orthopedics and pathology are all exciting, but selective professions which members of Mu Epsilon Delta look forward to. Speakers from vari- ous areas of medicine are invited to show films, demonstrate, or discuss aspects of their Held at club activities. This year Dr. Linwood Heaver, a psychiatrist, demon- strated his area of specialization, hypnotism. Another outstanding guest was Dr. Pat Fite, Ir., who showed slides of his work in plastic surgery. First formed at Tulsa in Ianuary 1962, the club strives to inform members of what their intended professions involve, and the academic background necessary for success. Officers were Iohn Hamilton, president, Bill Collie, vice-presi- dent, and Charles Cook, secretary-treasun er. FRONT ROW: Dennis lohns, Tom Sanchez. Dr. Paul Buck. lohn Hamilton, Robbie Ahrens, Laura Belden, Cathy Doering, lim Allen, Bill Collie, Ron Hcim, FRONT ROW: Randy Bruton, Harry Graham, Ron Sigmon, Diamantina Garza, R. L. Hobson, Euel Pitman, Richard Perry, Chuck- wudi Sorommadi. Mental Illness Studied "In-Depth" By Psi Chi's Members of the national psychology hon- orary, Psi Chi, with requirements of a 3.0 overall average, and at least 12 hours in the field of psychology meet weekly to listen to guest speakers and discuss issues rele- vant to psychology. This year the group had programs on mental illness, homosex- uality, and a third on hypnosis. They also journeyed to Eastern State at Vinita for an in-depth study at the state hospital. Lim- ited to a membership of twenty-five, the fra- ternity initiated six new students in the se- mester initiation. The officers for 1968-69 were Richard Perry, president: Randy Bur- ton, vice-presidentg Diomond Garza, secre- tary, and Robby Burkett, treasurer. Dr. Rob- ert L. Hobson served as advisor for the organization. Richard Perry, president of Psi Chi, uses a little psycholo gy himself. Or is it the girls who are using it? mm DEAN W. V. HOLLOWAY Locked-up, but apparently by choice, at graduate student spends some valuable hours in the confines of a library study room. Grad Council Revamped The Graduate Council has been reorgan- ized this year and consists of the academic deans and two elected members from each college except Law. To teach graduate courses a person must be a member or as- sociate member of the graduate faculty and members must have an earned doctorate or be recommended by the Dean to have made a real academic contribution to their disci- pline. During the year Dr. Thomas F. Sta- ley was appointed Associate Dean. This year the Graduate School will publish its own bulletin. DEAN HOLLOWAY Credit Standards Raised Beginning with summer school 1969. part-time students, including those taking night classes must meet the same standards as lull-time students. They will be required to take the entrance examination or be over 21 with a 2.5 or better from high school, Because there is no real separation between the day and night schools, classes are set up by the day-time faculty and deans who teach them. ln some majors it is possible for a person to attend only night classes and eventually graduate. The business school has more night students than all the others put together. Each year the night school claims 15-20 graduates. DEAN IONES DEAN H, mwiff Ms, Q One section of graduate school work not often thought about are the art Courses that lead to an MTFA. in that field. First Engineering Ph.D. Graduated at T FRED ALLEN III, Tulsa, l-llsfory, ATO: JIMMIE W. BAKEF Tulsa, Eclucaliom' RUTH BUTHOD, Tulsa, Educallon, 'PM ED CANNADAY, Tulsa. l-lisloryfpolllical Sclence' CHERI ANNA DAWSON, Tulsa, Enollsh. DIAMANTINA GARZA, Brownsvllle, Texas, Psychology MICHAEL GRAVES, Tulsa, Hisloryfpollllcal Science' SAII AHMOD KHAN, Lahorz, Paklslan, Chemlcal Enqlneering SHARON BADE SHANAFELT, Tulsa, Ari. r f1l f V . . 2 fs , ,Ml H15 fly VH ml .J bir - -' y gg 5 42? '93 TSW! f Wig 17, . S ML K E 3' , i Q V 2 5 2:25 LE if hy, S55 E Q K : :as " W ,WV .:-M,X fq..'.-E W K ' 'Z 3 , L ,xl 'L ki! ii. 9 E I x tum N X H Q ,1 V 'H I ,NM X W1 i 4 mf I 1 f V M ll f W rw ,A-5, , MXN ,I N V X ff , ML I 616 X ' 1 , , 4f,y1q1g.fM, 41wW . ,ygjfs 1Q3'fgg.- 4 my ' 5 M5250 g f -ff 77 ' " 'LV 6' M- fW f f w w f f f M4 q ffvyifif ' If ,5 J !fmQ'f"W3? XNW ff .WW f Q, f Q' ffwzivaevf W J -W MW? Mgfa? WNW' f IWQQWMWQBf n.4 KN M 'N 0 fwf fffwpf ,MW y 14' 1 WMM Z7T'WWff1 1 X ,fjwfw-10 -f V1'f74?'4fQi!v , U Z L.. flpf, "if Wjfffif'f:e:2aWft2f4fQS-QW ' ly' ' f ff' 1 my 6 Wm 4J5ff72W,ezf3MXQ , ,dvr w , ff? 'M-xf! f f ff xl ' ' I 1, I '46vvykfW,.WSQkzwv w9qyf wWmfw Mai 2ffe9a46m sz . 1- W ww .I ffffmwvffrawwwwqvf !un"fWH .W X , f I fn frss ,fyfrwmv 4 M mm 1 J IQREANI ATIIQNS X144 I+ W! 4I?,?1,s9Mlffhg ,' 11,3 I " A . fgjpfl -",fr"f'f7 Ji JL, X , ,Vl ,wgzkfffl NS -. .u ff' Z " I X 5 f"'.,:W ,, V ,f W U, asia, wzefwfi W ,W ,.a ,f.f ,fwfff 'Hell ,fywf A WD" - iiffff f WMI4' 1 f jx u ffl Z44?'3gg ZZ ' ,J f ' ' Wg 'pw ' ,QQZJQXI 'L 5 'MMM i fnfpffdf , lf '4 ji 534- f I I., 4 , rffrffa K . ,gflyl jijgp fqgfff' 'Ind 1 'C 55,1 I 25961, 95,5 U' , fi?57'5H'?'k?, I ,ffffla I 1 'lf "1 ffpll I X !f.f,1,nA, hff f W 4,1 ,+".:'1:Jy,g,L2f1 4411 A flf:zf5g'l4f:f,p1 f!y ff - fvfyf-01' W M. 1134 ""4'ffff7 W 4?4jg5:,wgM ,WWW , ,AQIL ,, I ff, -1 l 5111161 knit! vff I "f!61f,1l'p,42??5?W' fd A ,gf f mmf e1r,fEga,5,7f5ff'flf g M,,h5i,g,1,.wl91, rf ,wafyvajggyh lf! Y f rflmffv L ' lik!! r 1 rf ' ,: 1, ' QWWW pa, ', i K ! 1l',f V 1' arf Y M X 5 KABLAB! KABLAM! Linda Cox puts together a set for a TU theater production. Two theater students present 21 scene from "No Triumph for David", an anti-war play -it Cast members present a scene from Edward Albees "Everything in the Garden" which was presented as Theatre-in-the-Round. Suspense, Humor Describe T Theatre Exciting, suspenseful, humorous . . . these have been the adjectives used to describe the University of Tulsa Theater Season. This season a great variety of plays have been presented from Pantagleize, a revolu- tionary play by Michel de Gheldrode, to Memorij of Two Mondays, a play which portrays Arthur Miller's boyhood experi- ence in a warehouse one summer. A double feature of No Triumph For David, an anti- war play in verse written by Beaumont Bruestle and Everything in the Garden, a play denouncing the money-hungry middle- class person, were presented on a double- billing. Closing the season was the presen- tation of Loves Labour Lost, a comedy by Shakespeare with songs and dances by Bruestle and Swier. Finger painting is fun, but not unless you mean to do that sort of art work, as this theater student gets some set paint ready. gl S FRONT ROW: Sandy Armstrong, Elizabeth Stewart. Kathy White. Terry Stafford, Nlartha Govvans, Kathy Wcdell, Ka- thy Sampson. Suzie Monger, Betsy Board. ROVV TVVO Linda Roark. Kenille Elmore, Linda Mitchell, Cathy Elmore. Alice Pegucs, Nlarilyn Young. Glenda Curby, loyce Rains. Sue Laudette. ROVV THREE: Pete Robison. Richard Pun- nett, Duncan MacDonald, lorry Rife, Dick Ncase, Ken Slade. Rich Slazac. Charles Green. ROW FOUR: Lloyd Samuels, Fred Fowler. lim Franks, Larry Catron. Carl Bush. Elvin VVells. lcff Roseberry, Nlarti Foster, Bill Caldwell, Mike Stephens. PIANISTS: Ron Boatright. Linda Cox. Singing Tour Takes Modern Choir To NYC La-a-a-a-al lVlany hours of practice are devoted by Nlodern Choir members before presentation of each concert. A whirlwind tour to New York City with concerts in Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New York City itself was a welcomed trip for the TU Modern Choir under the direction of Mr. Arthur Hestwood. Of spe- cial interest to the choir members was an opportunity to sing in a New York night- club. The choir contained a folk group ol four boys, and a girl's trio singing blues. Other activities ol the choir included ap- pearances for area high schools, Tulsa civic and social groups. and trips to surrounding states. Officers were Ieff Roseberry, presi- dentg lerry Rise, vice-president, and Kenille Elmore, secretary-treasurer. A Miudcrn Choir trio in lwluc lung dresses sings "Bluc World" .it thc groups spring conwrt. Ielf Rosclwrry. junior. plays his lmss guitar as part of ii lVl0dQi'n Choir olio. Dining one of their concvrr tours, dircctor Arthur Hi-srxwwd lends thi' choir. siloucltcd lu' glaring tlwrxtifr lights, University Chorus Joins In T Gpera 5' University Chorus singers concentrate on their music books during a group rehearsal on Tyrrell Halls third floor. SCENE: People humming scales. The Conductor lifts the baton and . . Singing! - the University Choir. Open to non-music majors, the Univer- sity Choir members sing for their own en- joyment. Under the leadership of Dr. Mid- dleton, the choir presented a Christmas pro- gram for orphans in the Student Activities Building, and also at Sharp Chapel and As- bury Methodist Church. ln addition the group sang in the TU opera, "Trial by Iuryn. Practicing every Monday, Wednes- day and Friday, the choir often produces individual quartets that perform for recitals, and various other functions. FRONT ROW: Dawn Huntwork, Sally McGuire, Christy Tornanson, Magic Torez, Sherry Hessler, Alanna Tarter. Thelma Wylzind. ROW TWO: Barbara Mannery, Noreen Plumlee, Patricia Shell, Sandra Parks, lean Wzilliice, Karen E Bradley. Sherre Barbee. ROW THREE: lulio Ohya. Dr. Middleton, Pat Teague, Bob Coombes, Greg McC1offin. Nan- cy Elliot, Karen Williains. FRONT ROVV: lohn Kidwcll, Bob Skinner, Don Groth. Livingston, Frank Pyle. H. N. Carter. ROW THREE: Den- Karl VVelhurt, Paul T. Keller. Doug Selinger. Mike Caru- nis Gordon, David Lal-ie. Tom Arminio, Harry S. Gor- thers. Barry Slodek. RGVV TVVO: loseph A. York, lim don, Reed T. Melton, Edward L. Moore. Gary D. Haw- Ely. lohn Griggs. Lloyd Heinze. Donald Gilmore. Gerald kins. lohn VViyost. Gil Gillenwziter. Ugly Man Makes Money for APO Service UGLY MAN! Thats a service project? Right, Alpha Phi Cmega, national service fraternity, sponsors the contest lor scholar- ship and charity money. For pennies for morel groups put up their man to be the ugliest guy on campus. A trophy is the Ugly Mans reward, the coins, APG's, to be given away. Afliliated with the Boy Scouts, Alpha Phi Omega works with the Scouts, serves at Panhellenic and other banquets, helps in senate elections, sells tickets of all kinds and even stadium cushions! Officers Prank Pyle, Don Groth, Dennis Gordon, lohn ,S .. ,. , Griggs and Ed Moore head the group. Gov. Dewey Bartlett is an honorary member. APOA--the best service you can get. , LESLIE FOGEL Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart WS Assists In Orienting Freshman Girls Chaplain Kellys wife showed AWS girls how to make de- corations for a TU Christmas, even a do-it-yourself tree. 4 1 1 4 The Association of Women Students is a social group which provides programs and activities that are of interest to college wom- en. lncoming freshmen are introduced to the group through their Big and Little Sis pro- gram. Llpperclass women write letters of in- troduction to the freshmen, providing them with a personal friend and a better knowl- edge of university expectations. AWS also annually sponsors a fall fashion show and Womens Day, where the girls take over the university's administrative positions. This year AWS sponsored a Silver Survey, An opinion poll was taken of women stu- dents on preferred silver patterns. AWS was paid one dollar for each girl who par- ticipated. X, ll 2 1 i it S ll ff t FRONT ROW: Susie Knipshield, Pam Parsons, Lynn As- bury, Aylo Brewer, Pat Putnam, Amy Brown, lo Dayton. Kay Bryant. Beth Quisenburry, Sunny Paul, Cathy Lini- han, Vivian Burkitt, Carolyn Hall, Elaine Bowman, lane Clark, Virginia Smith, Sara Smith, Donna Catron, Lesley Griffith. lean Schaberg, Carina Iolliff, Sheila Barr, Vicki Houeskcland, Andrea Munger, Sandy Swearingen. Laura Ashlock, Kathryn Matson, B. Jones, Gina Marzolla, Laura Belden. Sandra May. Cathy Bowyer. FRONT ROW: David Morse, lohn Spnrgin, Kathy Brow- timore, Marilyn lVlcCorkle, lack l-lerrold, Don Mccorkle. er, Iohn Klinda, Vinny Wohl, Gerri Von Frellick. loy Bor- tomes, Dianne Roberts. ROW TWO: Dr. Strong. Carl Lat- Ken Grigas, Ray Sturm, Ed Cannaday, Ed Main. CCUN Delegates Mold Own Model World A model world? Perhaps it is possible if members of the Collegiate Council on the United Nations have anything to say about it. On February 13-15, 1969, TU students met with OU people, forming delegations to each country. They set up an agenda, made resolutions and tried to get them through. TU delegates Stanley Riggs, Rob- bie Wallace, Randy Mamus and Freda Greene, spend a day in committees, two days on the General Assembly floor. Next year's plans include merging with the lnter- national Relations Club. Sponsor for this year was Dr. Edwin Strong, political science professor. CCUN is for young men and women, an experience in difference, CCUN -model world organization. Perhaps it is possible. Dr. Edwin Strong supports an argument he is having with CCUN president. Diane Roberts and lane Alexander, Z V? V wi 3 'it R SF axle FRONT ROW: Indy Deeds. lVlarilyn Young, Kathy San- L. Bruster, Wayne Pew, Roy Fike, Ierry Wells, Richard ders. Sally McGuire, Ruth Ann Tate. ROW TWO: Dr. Z. Watts. Iohn Wills, Larry Rogers, Charles l-less. "Iridiscope" Brings Action Activities To BSU Roy Fike fights ai German Shepherd police dog as they de- monstrate how suspects are stopped. Boy-howl 'ilridiscopen could mean anything-a sing-in or a police dog demonstration. It is a newly coined word meaning potpourri of just about everything-a happening every Tuesday at the BSU. Other activities in- clude Noon Day, which is a twenty minute church service held informally in the lounge, and a Thursday discussion group led by either a pastor or a student. The BSU State Convention was attended by 16 T.U. mem- bers with the purpose of electing state offi- cers. ln addition oflicers attended a Spring conference at Falls Creek, which consisted of workshops. Officers for the year were Wayne Pue, presidentg Larry Wells, vice- president, and Kathy Sanders, secretary. Moms home cooking, hreakfast or lunch can be found at the Bap- tist Student Union as three of its customers might concede . . .M 'SL 5. ,, ...,, ,M N lVlembers of the Baptist Student Union gut together in tht-u' lounge for cards, chats. und u qlilicklt' at il touplc of the group s clowns. A BSU ping pong player perfects her style cluring a game at the Baptist husemcnt. FRONT ROW: Chaplain Robert Kelly. Sue Spivey. Doris Lewis. Edward Main, Betts Stevinson. Linda Snider, Bill Carl, Linda Watts. CRL Plans New Sunday Chapel Services Committee Chairmen for Council on Religious life think up new projects and events to interest collegians. Under the direction of Chaplain Robert Kelly, the Council on Religious Life was re- organized and its purposes changed. The council, composed of representatives of all organizations and denominations on campus, has limited its function to that of planning the Chapel Services. The group is divided into committees, each of which plan one months services. lts functions as a service organization were taken over by the Iunior Council. Greater concentration on the Chap- el Services is obtained by this limiting of the responsibilities of the council. The ofli- cers this year include Murray Richey, presi- dentg Ed Main, vice-president, and Linda Snider, secretary. Fashion-Minded Initiate Best-Dressed A Boutique and a Best-dressed Co-ed contest, Fashion Boards functions for Tulsa University. At Christmas the Board gathers together, pastes and paints nick-nacks for college customers. Creators of keychains, flowered wastebaskets and paperweights re- ceive a commission. The rest supports Best- dressed Co-ed held in April, From ten final- ists the TU glamour girl is chosen by a panel of judges. Then in the fall-a fashion show for AWS Big and Little Sisters, showing freshmen the newest looks, the classic looks, Officers Melanie McVay, Emily Everitt and Gina Marzolla masterminded things. Fash- ion Board-keeping up, with style. A Fashion Board customer looks over a selection of key- chains, paperweights and paintings at the Christmas Botique. N Q . WAR FRONT ROW: lVlary Sue VVilson, Sharon King, Kathy Sally Rogers, Carol Smith, Elaine Peterson, Carol Cohlentz. Hague, Cynthia Zumwalt, Nlelanie lVlcVay, lackie Bruner. Gina Wlarzolla. Betty Stillwell. Cindy Lee. Nita Ormond, Nancy Ferguson. Piper Gilliland. Missy Ayers. ROW TWO' Leslie Griffith, Kathy Toile, Nancy Coleman, Cindy Wehr iff ,ip Jw ' " in ay- II9 Club Gains Knowledge of Germanic Culture Dr. Zabrowski helps a German Club member brush up on her favorite language before a meeting. O Tannenbaum, O Tannenbaum. The re- frains of this popular carol echoed through the halls as members of the German Club enjoyed their annual Christmas party, which proved to be the biggest event of the year. The organization, sponsored by Dr. Za- broski, strives to further their knowledge of the Germanic language and culture by in- viting German people from the community to come in and exchange ideas with the club. The oflicers for the year were: Paula Covert, president, Linda Hoover, vice-presi- dentg Nancy Hardin, secretary, and Dennis Wilson, treasurer. FRONT ROW: Paula Covert, David Mason. Linda Hoover. Edith lvanov, David Zcliff lll tGuitaristj, Bettie Wciod, Dr. Za- borowskin Trudi Ammann, Tommi Lockhart, Nancy Hatfield. ROW TWO: Ivan Ivanov, Dennis Wilson. H I , 2 , Students interested in international affairs listen attentively at an IRC sponsored lecture. Guest Speakers Bring International Insight International Relations Club members in attending monthly meetings were able to hear distinguished speakers from many dif- ferent foreign countries providing a greater insight to international affairs. Appearances of guest speakers were open to all interested students. Included on the list of speakers were Mr. William Blair, Director of Infor- mation of Media Services from the State Department: Mr. NI-Tinkuli, originally from Black Africa and now a professor at a uni- versity in the states: and President of the United Nations Association, Mr. George Krumme, who spoke on the UN. During spring, in joint sponsorship with the UN Association, the IRC brought speakers rep- resenting both Israel and Arabia to speak on the current international affairs of their re- spective states. Future plans include a pro- posed merging of IRC with CCUN. Both groups are sponsored by Dr. Edwin Strong. Dr. Strong, Kathy Brewer amd Iohn Spurgin get the low- down on the Americans and the Chinese for a discussion at IRC meeting, Senate speaker. Mark Lane. author of i'Rush to ludgementn. draws a diagram to explain his views on the Kennedy ass.:- sination, Are you going to Scarhourough Fair? Sing Simon and Garfunkel, top American folk- singing pair. one of three groups Senate sponsored. Conrad Lysiak and Del-Xnn Reynolds CQUIH ballots from their respective schools in the Student Senate elections last fall. was sf- . .V Jgjiw , .1 ' 11-xr' fslfrf' ry- .W- Senate Center of Student Association Involvement in the present, improvement on the past, and preparation for the future characterize TU's Student Senate. Compe- tent and eflicient has been the influence of leaders Ron Braeutigam, presidentg Bruce Roberson, vice-president: Connie Murray, secretary: and lim Bereolos, treasurer. This year the enlarged senate has been working under a new constitution and 380,000 bud- get. They are presently involved in revising a Iudicial Code which would enable students to appeal any verdict of a Iudicial Council. Dividing the senate into two major councils: Academic and social has proven to be very effective in providing more and better enter- tainment for TU students and in encourag- ing and gaining wider participation in TU activities. Q Senate chairman, Iohn Hove, and President Ron Braeutigam run meetings with knowledge, efficiency and Roberts Rules of Order. mf- js . . K V . M .1 1' H ' Hllilll' 3 . ,xref FRONT ROW: lane Alexander, Linda Accurso. Vickie Hood. Connie Murray, Pain McCory, Harriet Koons, Janie Buker. Carolyn Hall, Sarah Alvoid, Pam Ross. Barbie Slagle, Suby VVeston. ROW TWO: Dean Carter, less Choteau. Dean Vander Lind, Mike Noldan, Ken Slade, Lyle Easley, -2 J' ,f fa? 5 , E ' 1 f'f:ii:W 'L'P3"'1K'w4:n rm' il C ' " . f W nk A nz J ,. V WM ,,,,.,24 K ., N U, . ., . J I ware: N wus: img, ,F ,Wx ,fn ,Q - gzfw, . . f ,Mfa-k,,M. -ii, ...wh 7-0 ,, 2' JM, -W V 1- J ..J 4 ' A W." "fmf"'..5, A a'f.a,-A Bill Wilder, Tony Oates, Larry Bunn, Bruce Roberson, Dennis Krahn, Tom Wzillaice, Larry Sweet, Dave VVatson, Iohn Hove. Ron Braeutigain. Frank Eby. Frank Ingo, Steve Sut- tle. Conrad Lysiak, Larry Yadon, I23 arching Band Plays Concerts in Spring 7 T91 es' I., an A -fk' , r.-, ,af H . Dwight Dailey is all by himself in the stands of Skelley Stadium as he waits for his Band to come join him. Up and down the field, here and there about the the University of Tulsa Marching Band practices for another foot- ball halftime show. Made up of approxi- mately 50 students, the band is comprised of a majority of non-music majors directed by Dwight Dailey and Ron Predl. Practic- ing six hours a week, the musicians, most of whom are freshmen, prepare for not only halftime spectaculars, but concerts, given during second semester. This past fall the group traveled to New Orleans with the team to cheer and play at the Tulane con- test. They traveled again second semester to Rogers, Arkansas, to give a Chamber of Commerce concert and March 6 gave a cam- pus concert of classical and light music at Kendall Hall. Marching Band in their New Orleans outfits execute a perfect halftime show with such geometrical designs as this one, 'VU Half and lmlf. thc Baud in ga stats of rclicved clmos, find their places and loosen thcir' collars after a game show. FRONT ROW: Nancy Hardin, lose Zadezensky, Tac Yul Mir Mzihinoodiiddin, Kjzilifa Hawas, Russell Dowling. Abdul' Nam, Euita Li Suarez. Amar-Allzig, Fathi Esshulcry. ROW lzih Hitman. Ramon Nlarceiiiti. TWO: Andrew Messtilani, Alt-jandm Ramirez, Hector Elini. ISO Holds Entertaining International Night lnternfitioiml Student Organization members play in gainr of siiookcr in the Friendship Honst- icross from tht' Union. An international dinner and talent show, tutoring Americans-part of the activities of the International Students Organization. Open to all interested Hurricanes, ISO has dances and an international night in April. Talented members perform for each other with dances, songs and other forms of enter- tainment native to their lands. During the year, the lSO'ers offer their services to Americans struggling with the world stu- dents particular language. To increase and improve world student relationships, to pro- mote international understanding through a University base, to encourage lasting friend- ships. ISO-to gain a better insight into the American way of life. I27 Drilling, Doing Angel Flight Actively Aids Were squeaky, white tennis shoes the reason for giggling Angels when they marched at the basketball game? PF Fly- ers or Keds? To serve community, the Air Force, and Arnold Air Society, as well as the univer- sity is the goal of every Angel Flight mem- ber. This active honorary can be seen ush- ering at the events on campus as well as around Tulsa. They are devoted to service as seen in their projects, such as a Christ- mas party and caroling for a boys' home, donating sandwiches to a mentally retarded group, and speaking at junior and senior high schools about the opportunities in- volved in higher education. Angels can also be seen on campus selling programs and drilling at various athletic events. One of the highlights of the year was the drill per- formance given at the televised basketball game in February. The officers for 1968-69 were lean Schaberg, Commanderg Sunny Paul, Executive ofhcerg and Carolyn Hall, Administrative officer. FRONT ROW: Brenda Storm, lean Schalberg, Sunny Paul, da Lohner, Margo Kenady. ROW THREE: Martha Kennett. Carolyn Hall, ROW TWO: Linda Looney, Pam lVlcCory, Vickie Hood, Polly Whitman, Nancy Coleman, Sara Smith, Linda Vcnncr, lean Walker. Sue Spivey. Carolyn Collie, Lin- Karen Coffman, Sarah Alvoid, Vivian Burkitt, Sz1r11 Smith, honu1'111'y Cadet Colullcl, rw ucivcs rcd roses from Rich Pz1lmcr .11 thc lVlilit.1ry Bull. O11 .1 cold. hittcr XIUICFRIIIS Day. rlw Angcl girls stoli lIhlI'k'll througll clow11toWr1 Tlll51l in the NiJX'L'llll3txI' p11rs1dc. E 1 Flupjacks amd lmcon How fast amd furious as Angel Flights put on their 4lf1I'lL1?ll Dllllfillil' Supper lor thv school lust sp ring, FRONT ROVVL Norman Kitchens, Duke Thorson, Bill Hunt. Diltz, Michael Lcikam. Neil Clark, Rich Palmer. Roy Fikc loc Selph, Capt. Clifford Birchfield, ROW TVVO: Doug ROVV FOUR: Duane Briimmitt. Iohn Nlzison, Steve Biisley Lewis. Steven Nlyles. Miko Penrocl, Gerald Livingston. Iames Paul Clark, Steve Roiirk. Ron Grnttopp. Earl Hansen. Coe, Ronald Crow. ROW THREE: Vivian Biirkitt. lames Arnold Air Promotes Community Service Starry-eyed and starey-eyed, Sara Smith and Mike Browne take .1 whirl on the dance floor .it the ROTC lVlilitary Ball in February. The University of Tulsa is privileged to have the highest and most respected honor- ary society of the Air Force on campus. The lack Donalson squadron at TU is ful- filling a role of both brotherhood and serv- ice to the community. The squadron helped campaign for UNICEF in October, also made Christmas a little cheerier for orphans at a local childrens home. The Arnold Air Society has also helped ROTC recruitment at local high schools by giving talks about the Air Force and films about Air Force life. ln addition, TU has the Area headquarters for 13 schools in three states. Col. lames Coe and his staff have made it mandatory for the squadrons in the area to fulfill AAS roles and functions with the highest degree of ac- curacy and speed thus organizing the area to a degree never before achieved in Area G-1. Arnold Air .ind ROTC mvn dis- miss ways to improve marching formations following onc of thc 'l'hiirsduy rcvicws. Offiucrs stand ul fltrcntion 'Jchilc the iorps paism in rvvicw din ing thc wvclily drilling in the E 5 Y' . ffl If Rich pdlIIl0I'.S shoes .ircnt Arnold Air shiny the rcst of thc stall docsnvt svcin to notiuv. They have bigger things to discussl l3I Cadets Train in FROTC for Careers Elmer Symsack, Area Commander of ROTC talks with the rest of the cadet staff at one of their weekly planning meet- ings, FRONT ROW: Mickey Woods, Doug Lewis, Ron Grat- topp. Rich Palmer, Ierry Ballard. Lyle Eesley, Henry Thor- sen. Ronald Crow, Norman Kitchens. ROW TWO: Harry Bradford, lim Coe. Wayne Eastman, Neil Clark, Kenneth Cadet Col. Elmer Symsack and his staff of senior oHEicers have done an excellent job of organizing, training, and guiding the cadets of the corps. The commander, Elmer Symsack, has included in this training, and guiding military traditions, customs, and of the Air Force. Numerous briefings have been given to acquaint the cadet with mili- tary policy. These briefings have included topics of Viet Nam and the Pueblo incident. Many visiting speakers have come to the University including the first Congressional Medal of Honor of the Viet Nam conflict. The cadets, in their Thursday drill period train for summer camp and ultimately for active duty. The cadets have been instilled with the real meaning of what an American truly can mean. 'M""""""9 Croisant, Iohn Mason. Bill Hunt, Ken Slade. ROW THREE: Roy Fike. lohn Carpenter, Michael Leikam, Elmer Smysack. Harold Langdon. Michael Penrod. Gerald Livingston. Honoraries FRONT ROW: Vic Evans, Linda Dobbs, Linda Highland, Melinda Caldwell, Paula Catts. Beth Quisenberry, Linda Cot- tier. Brenda Barton, Dean Carter, ROW TWO: Roger Harp, VVaync Trowbridge. Bob Lyon, Ed Main, Mike Fisher, Tom VVzillzice. Steve Linn. Virginia Smith. David Potts, Lloyd Heinze, G-old Key Symbolizes University Scholars Where else but in ai library elevator would you find four scholars, University Scholars that is ...,.. Recognized with a gold key presented at Freshman Orientation are the University Scholars. This group was formed in the fall of 1967 by TU students attending the university on full scholarships offered on the basis of ranking among the top ten percent of their graduating class and scoring on the top five percent on College Boards. One of the main activities initiated by the group this year is a tutoring service which is active not only for TU students but also for high schools throughout Tulsa. Leading this membership are Roger Harp, Presidentg Bob Lyon, Vice President: Vir- ginia Smith, Secretary: Paula Catts, Treas- urer: and Beth Quisenberry, Publicity Chairman. White Stole Denotes Phi Gamma Kappas The promotion of high scholastic achieve- ment and the recognition of those attaining it is the purpose of Phi Gamma Kappa. Founded in 1920 by the faculty, it honors scholastic achievement and a large number of the university's most distinguished pro- fessors and students with a permanent mem- bership of faculty and members initiated as Phi Beta Kappa or Sigma Xi. Undergrad- uate membership is based on the mainten- ance of a high grade average. Currently serving as oflicers are Barbara Shirley, Presidentg Paul Buck, Vice Presi- dent: Richard Thompson, Secretary: and Iohn Osborne, Treasurer. Members are initiated twice a year and are denoted by a white stole worn over their gowns at graduation. They represent the best in academic work. gy... Dr. Barbara Shirley types up the list of new initiates for Phi Gamma Kappa, senior scholastic honorary. H fan ag, 'md' FRONT ROW: Karen Standridge, Douy Swofford. Ieanne Goodman, Luanna Layman, Marsha I-Iuff, Susan Ruth, Har- riet Barclay. ROW TWO: Barbara Shirley, Bonnie Smith, Sunny Paul, Marcia Young, Ianie Baker, Sally Io Dayton. ROW TI-IREE: Lila M. Iunk, Indy Frank, Cindy Chroni- ster. Sally Castleberry, Linda Chamberlin, Richard Thomp- son. ROW FOUR: Edward Main. Kenille Elmore, Mary Ianice Turner, Kathleen Lorraine Pollard, Sarah Alvoid, C. A. Levengoocl. ROW FIVE: Ianice Kuharski, Dennis Iohns, Larry A. Walker, Daniel Ahrens, Betty E. Williams, Hague Lindsay Ir. ROW SIX: Clarence Romaniuk, Lin Brister, Ro- bert Strattan. ROW SEVEN: Dennis Huff, Mary Clay Wil- liams, Albert P. Blair, Ron Braeutigam, Wallzice Philoon. ROW EIGHT: Iames Graybeal, I. Gammie. Lester Zimmer- man. Iohn Osborn. Thirteen Tapped for ortar Board Dignified Mortar Board and Angel Flight members get serv- ed and serve as hostesses at one of thc Parents Day "rest stops they sponsored. Last April thirteen outstanding junior women were chosen as new members of Mortar Board. They were selected on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service to the university. Projects sponsored by the members throughout the year included a fac- ulty reception at the home of Dr. Pascal Twyman, Scroll honor tea for junior wom- en, Lantern banquet given for sophomore women with high scholastic achievements, Parents' Weekend in October, and decorat- ing the campus at Christmas. A new project started by Mortar Board was a graduate student information center, providing infor- mation on graduate study programs, grants, and fellowships. Oflicers were Sarah Al- void, presidentg Linda Gross, vice-president: Kate Lynch, secretaryg jean Schaberg and judy Frank, treasurers. Senior advisor to Mortar Board was Mrs. Rodman jones. FRONT ROW: Mrs, M. jones, May-y Kay Place, Duoy Swafford, Linda Gross, Sherry Templeton, Indy Frank, Ka- tie Lynch. ROW TWO: Mrs. McGentry, Marsha Young, Gail Farrell, lean Schaberg, Sarah Alvoid, Sunny Paul, FRONT ROW: Dennis Krahn, Edward Main, George Roe. ROW TWO: Raymond Stankunas. H. N. Carter. Lin Brister, Larry Walker, Ralph Glenn Watley. ODK's Initiate Idea of Honor System Omicron Delta Kappa is a men's honorary organization established at TU in 1961. The members are chosen on the basis of achieve- ments, activities and leadership. A minimum grade average of 2.8 is required for mem- bership. The sixteen members worked this year on an honors program in cooperation with Dr. Paschal Twyman. Dean H. W. Carter served as faculty secretary and Dr. Clifford Hutton was faculty advisor. The officers were Lynn Brister, presidentg Bruce Davis, vice-president: Larry Walker, treas- urer, and Ray Stankunas, secretary. Omi- cron Delta Kappa is not only an honor, but a responsibility as well. A new Omicron Delta Kappa member takes a look at the official key following tapping by the mens senior honor- ary. Misra, Hina FRONT ROW: jackie O'Bar, Della Crouse, Claudia Will- sey, Martha Hufford, Pam McCrory, Carol Pingree, Ruth Ann Carllock, Diane Robinson, Carolyn Collie, lane Ale- xander, Sara Smith. ROW TWO: Linda Watts, Billie Sue Edcock, Billie Adock, Corla Praytor, Connie Murray, Les- lie Fogel, Margo Kennady, Barbara Berkey, jane Enright, Donna Catron. ROW THREE: Doris Lewis. Kathy Ste- phans, Connie Robins, Debbie Bendler, Karen Coffman, Vi- vian Berkett, Virginia Smith, Beth Quisenberry, Diane Young, ortar Board Closer B Scroll Membership Trying to figure out an overhead projector are three Scroll girls. Are the junior honorary members planning on tutor- ing? Scroll, scholastic honor society for junior women, received forty-six new members at the annual tea in October. To be eligible for Scroll a girl must have junior standing and a 3.0 grade average. The purpose of Scroll is to recognize high scholastic achievement and to encourage continued scholastic ex- cellence. Sponsored by Mortar Board, Scroll was advised this year by Mortar Board member Marcia Young. Officers of Scroll were these members with the highest grades, Beth Quisenberry, presidentg Kathy Brewer, vice-presidentg Martha Hufford, secretary, and Kathy Roe, treasurer. Lantern Honors First Year Scholars Forty-two new members of Lantern, scholastic honor society for sophomore women, were recognized at the annual ban- quet in November. Membership requires a girl to have a 3.0 grade average and sopho- more standing. Symbolizing the Lamp of Wisdom, the purpose of Lantern is to honor high scholastic achievement and to empha- size the joy of learning. This year the mem- bers voted to be an honorary organization, rather than a service organization. Lantern is sponsored by Mortar Board, and Sherry Templeton, a member of Mortar Board, served as the 1968-69 advisor to the group. The officers, chosen according to grades, were Betsy Beard, presidentg Donna Du- mand, vice-president, Linda Venner, secre- tary, Ieri Brock, treasurer. FRONT ROW: Debbie Baum, Margie Specht, Marleen Choate, Linda Lohner, Iozie TenZythoH, Betsy Beard. ROW TWO: Linda Dobbs, lane Clark, Kay Senter, Florence Snelling, Vicki Hood, Phyllis Berke. ROW THREE: Don- na Dumond, Gail Malone, Ioan Aitkenhead, Rita Wiley, Michelle Lindemen, April Koch, Monta Cox, ROW FOUR: Paula Catts, Ierri Brock, Kathy Sykes, Dee Ann Brown, Pol- Lantern members have dinner following an initiation cere- mony by their sponsoring Mortar Board members. ly Whitman, Carol Pleiman. ROW FIVE: Georgina Darrol. Ginger Neville, Betsy Neal, Linda Cluck, Linda Looney, Ka- ren Hendricks. ROW SIX: Linda Cottier, Nita Ormond Linda Venner, Lynn Withee, Lois Ann Grumme, Alice But- hod. ROW SEVEN: Susie Monger, Barbara Thompson, Mis- sy Ayers, Merle Horst, Cheryl Horst, lva Morris. -WL tm' Y' 4 l 4 41 I39 l Phi Eta Sigma "Hints on HOW to Study" I Freshmen honorary students work at the polls ns El service project. Phi Eta Sigma members are males with 3.5 or bot- tcr grades. A national organization on TU campus since 1948, Phi Eta Sigma recognizes men with outstanding scholastic records. Pledges are selected on the basis of grades made their first semester of their freshman year. A 3.5 grade average is the necessary re- quirement for membership. Entering fresh- men are acquainted with the group through its publication, "Hints on How to Study." which is distributed at orientation. The or- ganization is headed by Iohn Hamilton. presidentg Larry Wells, vice-presidentg Rich Kauffman, secretary, and Thurman Iones. treasurer. Dr. Clifford Hutton is the faculty advisor. The organizations role in TU life is reflected through the members' outstand- ing scholastic achievements. l40 FRONT ROW: Lin Brister, lohn Hamilton, Gary Anderson, Roger Harp. ROW TWO: Clifford E. Hutton. Larry Wiflls, Rod Ioncs. FRONT ROW: Cindy Chronister, Nick Adams. David ln- ence P. Romaniuk, Gary Miessler, VVayne Pue. Lee Rat- hofe. Harold Watsoii. Gary Anderson, George Roe, Clar- cliff. Math Tutoring, Book Sales-KME Services Math tutoring services and book sales comprise the major annual activities of Kap- pa Mu Epsilon, T.U.'s honorary Math fra- ternity. Mathematical ability is a definite re- quirement for Kappa Mu Epsilon's twenty- two student and four faculty members. Stu- dents completing nine hours of math with a 3.23 average and a 3.0 overall average are eligible for membership. Initiation ceremo- nies took place this year with an "April tea" held in Sharp Memorial Chapel. Oflficers serving this year were Cindy Ghronister, president: Richard Adams, vice-presidentg Nancy Boutin, secretary: and Gary Meis- sler, treasurer. Professor Robert Kinkade is the group's advisor, Wouldn't it just be simpler to stay with fractions? Kappa Mu Epsilon members try to work out their problems together. FRONT ROW: Dean Florence Stevenson, Sue Weidemann, Sharon King, Carolyn Collie, Pam McCrory, Ianie Buker. lane Enright. ROW TNVO: Pam Ross, Nora Archer, Deb- bie Rauh, Debbie Bendler, Connie Murray, Barbara Ber- key, ROW THREE: Ken Ragan, Linda Accurso, Sarah Al- void, Suby Weston. ROW FOUR: Lyle Easley, lane Alexan- der, Louis Saxon, Ken Slade, Tim Kassick, Roger Harp. ROW FIVE: Dennis Krahn, Dave Monical, Rich KauH5man, Bob Lynn. ROW SIX: Fred Fink, Iohn Hove, Bill Wilder. Edward Main. ROW SEVEN: Dave Webster, Dean Car- ter, less Chouteau, Frank Ingo, Mike Turpin, Ieff Roseberry, Dean Vander Lind. Presidents Ponder Problems at Conclaves ,, 4 fl 5, """i'k W? 'Ku ff: V 'Y' fi? in-H... President Twyman tactfully answers all questions, contro- versial or otherwise, for school leaders at Presidents Club. "Mister President!" Fifty people answer, "Yes." This is the situation one might find at Presidents Club meeting each month. Stu- dent Association members, organization leaders and administration convene to dis- cuss a wide range of problems. SDS on campus, good or bad? TU's growth and de- velopment-now, tomorrow, land, where? Enrollment, how much? Parking, how come? Union conditions, why? President Paschel Twyman brings explanations, diagrams, blueprints. Students bring questions for an open discussion period. What we have here is an ability to communicate. Club president this year was-well, take your choice. There is a great selection! Communications FRONT ROW: Gerald Miller, Nancy Hendrix, ROW TWO: B. Avants, Gail Malone, Al Carlson. ROW THREE: Bob Iaryno, Dave Tayrien, David Harrison. Students' Opinions Voiced in Collegian i l Tulsa Collegiarfs aim this year was dual: to provide an instrument in which students could voice their opinions on problems of the campus, and to inform, analyze, and report on activities that took place. More local editorials and the elimination of biased national news helped to encourage stu- dents to increased participation on the editorial page. More innovations included "Faculty Speaks", a column giving profes- sors and various members of the faculty a chance to speak out on problems and issues. Personality features and reviews were used in greater numbers. Controversial editor Dave Tayrien stressed objectivity within the paper and strived toward creating a closer relationship among colleges. Assisting him were news editor B. Avants, national edi- tor Gail Malone, and business manager, Bob a disbelieving assistant editor, I. B. Avants, on a Tuesday lar no afternoon. Y ' "What do you mean the linotype machine is broken?" asks I44 I N Dux? Trxyrien, Cofleyizm vditor. lcuns over his dvsk contemplating the layout for thc ncxt issue of the papa-r, "BolwH the business mmmgcr trys to figure a way to keep the ffullcgifzn out of the hole, ADVERTISE IN THE COLLEA CHAN. ICourtesy: K-stuffy ' N Riff... II' of A'm'? L 4'Things go lucttcr with cola." says Gail Malone. Or' does it iust mukc hystcriu il little more benrululc. F l Q f Pop, pop, tootsie pop. Roy Pike, husiness manager, and Dehhie Rauh tlown around during an unhusy moment for the K-stall. Ult never ceases to amaze me how all the pictures are in the miscellaneous file, utters Missy Ayers after her search for a picture. Cindy Wehr, asst. editor, organizes a group picture. She smiles. '.'Of course, sir. any time before next September will he fine. Yeh. Atop the crows nest, Dave Moncrief Kendallahrtnn photo- Clean all dust from the negative. insert in enlarger tall right grapher. waits the approath of Black Bearcls ship. Or per' side npr. red safety light on, focus . . . hut wheres the haps it is just one of those things you do to get the right paper?" lim Mixon. spends another trying day in the dark. Dlk'llI'L'. European Format An European air was brought to the 1969 KENDALLABRUM through the use of a new format and duotones were sprinkled throughout the opening section for addition- al flair to the book. The European style of consolidation into schools of the university helped envision the idea of the different cir- cles of the student. Featured in each college section were the dean, faculty, graduating seniors, and related organizations. Another innovation was the expansion of the beauty and personality section. Copy and addition- al pictures were added to each beauty queen lay-out and a greater number of students were recognized by Kendallabrum-Salutes. Trying to provide an accurate history of the year and to represent the activities on cam- pus the staff was made up of students in- volved in all facets of university life. Modernizes K-Book Debbie Ruub, editor, peruses the rare books to find new. or maybe old ideas lor her European book. FRONT ROVV: Ueirdre Bird. Karen lloyle. lVl.1ry lime nn DelVlQ1rtini. Cindy VVehr, Debbie Rnuh, ROW 'l'HRliE Smith, Connie Murray. Susie Young, ROVV TVVO: Debbie Nlelindii Cooper, Sunny Paul, Missy Ayres. Mary Symoii Grundy, Betts Stevenson, Susan Cornett, Renee Ggiiwey, Pain Nlfiry Hoxx'.ird. Lind.: Loliner. Bnskgidxvziltei' Lznnb. Kathy lVleKenzie. Ginn Don- KWGS Features Classical, Current Discs I48 Hlts your KWGS Dj bringing you the coolest classics. the most spectacular pop tunes in T-town. l couldnt do it with- out help. ln its twenty-second year, in the base- ment of Kendall Hall, KWGS-PM oper- ated under temporary station manager Guy Comstock this year. The staff of twenty- five, consisting of volunteers from journal- ism, speech, and various additional depart- ments, was headed by john jolly, program director. Chief engineer was Lloyd Dro- hein, and operation director was Bill Means. Programming included classical and cur- rent popular music Sunday through Friday. Progressive rock Was featured on Friday nights, and Saturday was devoted to rock and roll directed by Lee Parker. Metropoli- tan Opera distinguished the Christmas sea- son. An important circle in university life and Speech majors rotated assignments of pro- grams in the school of journalism and speech, KWGS serves as important training for stu- dents interested in radio broadcasting. FRONT ROW: Guy Scott Comstock, judy Schneider, Pat- ty Coulson, Sue Wiedemann, Piper Gilliland, Diana Hartz, Ann jolly, Debbie Bendler. Dave Mankins. ROW TWO: Richard Pulliam, Bob Lauer, George Bunyan, David Hunt, Karl Suggs. john Baker, Mac Weill, Lee Parker, Larry White, Larry jones, Bill Mahoney. Bill Means. ROW THREE: john jolly, Beaumont Bruestle, Bob Turner, Gene Dennison, Steve Melfa, Bill Fontanella. Members of the Galaxy crew work at KTUL, Channel 8. video-taping the Tulsa Childrens Theatres production "Rumpelstiltskin.' Student Creativity Sparks Weekly Show Spontaeous ideas and innovations high- lighted the twelfth year of Galaxy. KTUL each year provides its studio as a labora- tory for those interested in this field of jour- nalism and speech. Students in the tele- vision newswriting and production classes organized, put together, and televised this thirteen to fifteen week series. Iournalism- Speech majors rotated assiggnments of pro- ducer, director, writers, and cameramen, giving each individual a chance to look at the various aspects of television broadcast- ing. Supervised jointly by Bill Hays and Tom Ledbetter, the class tried to achieve the most dramatic visual impact possible with the news. Iournalism and Speech departments at the University coordinate together in this endeavor to broaden and expand the exten- sive aspects of television broadcasting to its students. Stript in hand. Bob Lossure watches the KTUL monitor be fore beginning his portion of the Galaxy program. i I J fl ff X i I f l ' m'a , I X, iilwfflg A if I , N MM J f fp 'W M wg 1 X M 'gf ' Jdf I' l XJ X l fl.-2 W, A541 W m 'X X W U X Wg -Q X p , sf ' 'Q w, X u 2 X ywgfw f f W.e11fi1" ly + W1""zW' 7 ,. , my 'X .1 Wx, "wiv, ,www-g :..fs M Ayy fm, 5. x , wf ,QW 4 WW Wx, xr Qgigw 1 ,V MW if ww Nw ffwwf ww ff w 'OWM4 W 7 W f f"'f'W"VW N "M -QP M MW :ff ' 'KW' if Mm NN 1, ffeyw M 04 y If, WWI W ,f ENR N p H 1 'lfx 'fzfdljflw ffl I xx! f X X xl X W 1 mi" f?f21'P:ff'f l M' f X 'U If X N IW IW , ff'WJQQ1'-'537,i3!?1Z5Zf!feWf,N ,WMM fy S fr1w,Q5f'z'5fe',2fZeQif:4f2 5 4 Vfwl -W ff . f f 9 If Q!?1ipW f f ff ff f 9!,fe2.aaMnf"fy, M ww ff ff X ',Mff14-va-.ff J W M f, ff f , f M'4i'ie'ffvf' fffaaw, A' mi-u ff if iw my fmy, -14214, v farm. ff J HQMV. f J y' ya VM," fmvv, ' 'mwacwf W A - f ,X Milli: , if Z Q M , MZ' i Q 2-viz, 1, 5, ,fy4f,a ,g 1 W , ff A 'Nv,1w .N v , I' 'W 1 K 41 ' A XqQQw 'vm I 'if A '. Q, wwf I O M 1 , 1 Nj! K W7 iz" "M ZAYWM ,ga A gf 1, vm x ks f 's "9 Z N ' N9m.3e1,?M3X WX 7 X '- v I' X, ff fl f,W M2' .w . X 4 ' , ff, V a ZWZWM ,X f X J ja ' bfllafi J I W Q f fy ! W 'I N W , ' SPIQRTS M M M - Mn ' .Qn ':4.L- Q mn f ,4..m,, . R . --'yx -qg,f,r,!f mmm - -- 'A ' 5 X I if x tl, I' f Ny.13xn1'Q54 , H" WZQWM fr ,X w r- +, f ff i I ff, 1-7131151141 1717! L J C - f Rf! X W f R "!f,w,A'. Ifitqni I 9 4!f'1lzfi!9W I ,JW f fn ,UM f- .f.f,,,M'ff 7 -23223652117 1, 1 g,'4gmQ4,,,1a4s,z4'Wig ' fffrw?5i'g6z?,aiffrMy X f 'o IM V , V wlypf 1' ,lf I MW f .r 'f 15' dv A f :Miv- 1 Z Pros Draft Four TU Hurricane Gridders North Texas State punt receiver doesn't get far as Brant Conley and Harry Wood strike quickly with a tackle. At games end all that's left are muddy shoes and the football T-waiting. lt was his last year as coach, but no one knew until season's end, then the announce- ment came .... lt started in 1961 when TU named him head coachg four winning sea- sons, two bowl games, two All Americans, a new dorm, a bigger stadium. His last year the Hurricanes got 2515 passing yards to their opponents' 1615. Tulsa won its first game as they stopped Southern Illinois 20-3. ln a nationally televised game against Mem- phis State, the final minutes left Dobbs with a 17-20 score and a decision. Touchdown or field goal tie? He chose the former, but TU was stopped. Tulsa traveled to Cincinnati to beat the Bearcats 34-27. At Tulane TU was stopped 15-25, Air Force defeated TU 8-28. Houston shocked Tulsa with its worst loss, 6-100. Tulsa ended the season with a conference victory over Wichita 23-7. De- spite all, Dobbs left his coaching job with 45 wins and 37 losses. This year he left as coach, but stayed on as athletic director. Bob Murphy recovers a valuable fumble in the North Texas State game as opponent gets there just a little too late' Striplirig stepped high over a Wichita State tackle as he moves the Hurricane football down the field. Wiii or lose. tired men with sore muscles fc-cl defeated. 5 FRONT ROW: Dick Miller, Mike Burkett, Paul Sterner, Vic Prather, Frank Ingo, Larry Ioe, David Moss, Ron With- erspoon, Ierry McArthur, Ron Allford, lack Osmer. ROW TWO: Luke Blair, lim Mitchell, lohn Dobbs, Al Ienkins, Fred Hollman, lon Long, Frank Grimm, Bill Rempe. Tom Arnold, Harry Wood. Tom Sawyer, Larry Vanek, Shelton Saddoris. loc Pistoia, Ken Shoemaker. ROW THREE: Iohn Dorsey, Bob Murphy, Iohn Beaton, Dick Blanchard. Ierry Moeller, Kelly Bryson, Lendsey Anthony, Gary Christen- son, Dennis Kemp, Steve Bloom. Tom McNamara, Bill Ief- fers, Bernie Botheroyd. Dobbs' Resignation Shocks Football Fans Kneeling: Glen Dobbs. Left to Right: Francis Wheeler. Garry Porterfield, Ben Davis. Gene Shell, Chuck Boyle. was 1-un. A . tv, ..1g. 5.53-.Ji - FQ:-He-.: I-'i - :JJ .,'-" 'P-?'f?"R'f""3'i,1?' ef., : N mif f f' 3 " - 't 2 ' -9,5433 33 aw w, 'M' 2- -W- .gf,fr. u if .5 M . ee gffiawfi- gg i 1 -- wffilfitgei 1 7 H 3, . M H is is 3 it eil? f' if N- ' '- -: .xx x '71 9' ',f. f",.,,s ,ifxr '- Sa , eb at at -A ,MAE M ,gi X-Mya 51,3415 fispi ., ,z,Q+,P,r. 5 wTPQ,r5.ap,g1Aj 6 , wt Ak.,-1 n QV. , , Q 4 .fkfffg Laing 1 ' ab My V, f- us' tp A tel.,-ii! .ge fl 1 fx! '- V ft,-was 3, .i 4 1 . 4 .55 .gg 1 ' ,f , U, 'V " in-ily 'L is S .lst A F5 ,E 4- ' t - ,. , rg ,, V ir. A kk I Y.. t. i 5 I , Hx. - ,X gr Z ,Vis J., K 'VM 6, Q - , til--V Y Coach Glen Dobbs surveys Skelley Stadium as he ends his eighth year as coach of the Golden Hurricanes. Amid the confusion and entanglement of mud and opponents, player Gary Berchtold Cradles the ball while running a punt return. Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa W Tulsa Tulsa Rip . . . goes a North Texas State Iersey as Hur- ricane gridder, Doug Wyatt makes the tackle. SEASONS RECGRD 13 Arkansas . 56 20 Southern Illinois . 3 7 Louisville .... I6 17 North Texas State . 20 34 Cincinnati . . . 27 6 Memphis State . . 32 15 Tulane . . 25 8 Air Force . . 28 6 Houston . . 100 23 Wichita . 7 I5 Smith Selected For All-American Honors Ralph Watley' watches the TU basketball tvaini in rapt :ite tention. or is hc just chewing his gum7 Hey, Ralph? VVi-ll-respected by his players. basketball Coutli Ken Hayes turned the TU tviini into it ten- streak winner. Another Tulsa victory was seen in the game against St. Louis. Iuinping high. Rob Wzishington eludes the Billikens as he got-s for another two points. Tulsa experienced a tremendous season ending with an invitation to play in the Na- tional lnvitational Tournament in New York City. Under the direction of coach Ken Hays the cagers finished third in the Nlissouri Valley Conference with a record of l9 and 7 overall. Six school records fell this season and TU climbed to the number 7 spot on the Associated Press polls, mark- ing the first time Tulsa had ever ranked among the nation's IO elite. Bobby Smith set two school records as he scored 273 field goals this year and wound up with 577 career fielders. Four team records that were topped were scoring, 2,174 points, scoring average, 83.6, Held goals, 870 and rebounds. Coach Hays, experiencing his first season as head coach, was delighted by the ability of Rob Washington, Larry Cheatam, Al Cueto, Bobby Smith, and the accuracy of Ron Carson. Fitz H Bobby Smith goes up for another one of his 'sure to make' baskets as the Hurricanes defeat Louisville at a home game. Bingo! Bruce Davis wipes his sweaty forehead follow- ing a hard-clriving session at one of the Hurri- cane court triumphs. Trying for a recovery of the ball Al Cueto plays it close to the floor in the tangle with Bradley, Season Ends With 19 Wins for Hurricane Tulsa . .101 Tulsa . . 95 SEASONS RECORD Calif. Polytechnic College Athletes ln Action . . . Tulsa . . 66 Kansas State . . . . Tulsa . . 93 California State . . Tulsa . . 102 Long Beach State . . . Tulsa . . 77 Lamar Tech . . . . Tulsa . . 89 San lose State . . Tulsa . . 81 Bradley ..... . Tulsa . . 81 Univ. of Texas . . . . Tulsa , . 88 Univ. of So. California . Tulsa . . 57 Cincinnati .... . Tulsa . . 85 Louisville .... . Tulsa . . 86 Drake . . . . Tulsa . . 89 St. Louis ..... . Tulsa . , 70 Memphis State . . , . Tulsa . . 85 Southern lllinois Univ . Tulsa . . 104 North Texas State . . . Tulsa . . 941 Wichita State . . . Tulsa . . 80 St. Louis . . . . Tulsa . . 94 Bradley . . Tulsa . . 81 Louisville . . Tulsa . . 63 Cincinnati . . Tulsa . . 78 Drake .... . Tulsa . . 62 Memphis State . . . In a fight against Bradley, Ron Carson, careful not to foul. Tulsa ' ' 84 NO-rth Texas State ' ' ' keeps a close guard on his opponent. Tulsa . . 81 VV1Cl'litZ:l . . . . Kneeling: lohn Rendik, Ken Hayes, lerry Evans. Standing: Davis, Bobby Smith, Stan lackson. Larry Cheatham. Ralph Bill Kuslaika. Team: Roger Gray, Ron Carson, Eli Curtis, VVatley. lohn Herndon. loe Hrechko, Rob Washington, Al Cueto, Charles Hall, Bruce Couch Ken Hayes goes over has- ketlmll schedules for the next year. Before one season is over. he is pre- paring for the next one, "lVlL1lge noisel" yells kl1L'CI'lCklClQI' ludy Hill to the FU huns. Boaxoooooooooooool N, :gy , . N . . 1 x lk 'lllie Uolclen Hnrriennes unite in ,in .itteinpt to reeoxer the lmll from North lvevis Stare Uoing in for .1 Lay-up, smrter Ron Car- son trys to sink llie round lull in Tul- sns trinmpli .igninst North rlexfis. ROVV l: Roh Pine, lohn Gerkin, Mike Lolstrom. ROVV 2: Bill Kuslaika - coach, Lee Doyle, Don Brandsgaarcl, Granville Bunton l,.u'ry Mori is. Gail Cagers Build For Winning Future Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa SEASONS RECQRD 7l OMA Ir. College 94 Northeastern State 67 Tulsa Coca-Cola 74 Eastern AGM . 66 St. Gregories . 98 UMA Ir. College 78 Okla. St. Tech. . 60 Qkla. Univ, . . 63 Iohn Brown Univ. 71 Wichita State . . , l02 Okla. Univ. 65 St. Gregories 66 Eastern ABM . 74 Okla, St. Tech. . Sl Wichita State . A hasketballer does his best to keep the ball from the Witch ita opponent. F rosh Gridders Gain aluable Experience SEASONS RECORD Tulsa , . 20 Northeastern AGIVI . , I4 Tulsa . . 24 VViChita Sl .... . 22 Tulsa . 7 Oklahoma Univ. . 77 Qlvlnlb FRONT ROW Ross C00 er lungs Stueinke Dive No 1 .. p , 1 1 y. 1 - waskey, Brian Thompson, Iohn McCutchen, Glen Slaughter, Lewis McGee. lohn Hinson, Tim Marrs, Richard Dixon, Rob Pyne. George Brown, Bill Robey. ROW TWO: Iohn Kilhar, Freshmen gridders vie for the ball in n game that ended their 2-I season. ln a mud laden battle against OU, TU freshmen gain necessary experi- ence in preparing for the varsity team. Ken Petruck, Bruce Iones. Richard Russell, Phil McGraw lean Barrett, Tom Brady. lim Butler, Bill Pierce, lim King, Iohn Galbrieth. ,fling ll 'Ag" Q Y lil 3 ROW 1: lack Suess, Larry Byrd, lim Blackburn, Harry Gene Shell-coach. Bob Murphy, Tim Rector, Mike Marrs, Wood, Don Bradford, Tom Ienkins, Ray Ree, lay Wein- Steve Rogers, Roger Adams. heimer. ROW 2: Norm Grey, David Primeau, lim Murphy, Division Title Nabbed By TU Baseballers Tulsa Northeastern St. . E Tulsa Oral Roberts . . Tulsa Emporia Kansas St. Tulsa Southwestern Okla. Tulsa Yankton, S,D. . . Tulsa Morningside . Tulsa Drake . . . i Tulsa Oklahoma City . QQ Tulsa Central Missouri . Tulsa William Iewel . . Tulsa Southwest Missouri Tulsa Oral Roberts . . Tulsa St. Louis . Tulsa Wichita St. . . Tulsa Bradley .... Tulsa Northeastern St. . 5 Tulsa Oral Roberts . . Tulsa Emporia Kansas St. Tulsa Southwestern Okla. 'Q Tulsa Drake .... Tulsa Oklahoma City . Tulsa Central Missouri , Tulsa Southwest Missouri Tulsa Oral Roberts . , Tulsa St. Louis .... f ?uiSa Erailey ' ' The efforts put forth in spring practices like this one re- u Sa ra 6 . ' ' sulted in the Missouri Valley division title for Tulsa Uni- Tulsa St. Louis . versity, Tulsa Tennis Team In season--out-of season, TU tennis team members realize the need to keep in shape. Slams Way to Victory Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa SEASONS RECORD 7 Oklahoma Baptist . . 7 Texas Wesleyan . 8 Univ. of Texas .... 5 Southeastern Okla. St. . 2 Oral Roberts .... 9 Okla. Christian College . 9 Quachita Baptist . . . 8 Memphis St .... 8 Univ. of Mississippi . . 9 Christian Brothers College 0 Mississippi St. . . . . 6 North Texas St. . 9 Arkansas .... 6 Univ. of Kansas . 7 Wichita St. .... . 4 Southeastern Okla. St. . 7 Wichita St. .... . O Oral Roberts . Pete Lehbar, Robin Evans, Mike Beard. Bob Horton, lim Webber, Chuck Boyle. fri' Wai 40 W Bill Wright, Mike Rittierodt, Danny Anderson, Ross Elder. lim Secrest Golfers Grab Pars and Winning Record Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa SEASONS RECORD SM 17 13 55 16 12 10 . 16 6M 13 mg 1326 9 IO 5 Arkansas . . . Northeastern St. Arkansas . . . Oklahoma St. . Oklahoma Baptist Bemidji St. . . Oral Roberts . Northeastern St. Wichita St. . Bradely . . . Oklahoma Baptist Oklahoma City . Oral Roberts . Oklahoma Univ. Oklahoma Univ. 101 3 10 O 4 6 0 1 ..1fJ The putting green is an exacting facet of golf It takes pr1C tice, skill, wind direction and prayers TU Trackster Orbits Discus In MVC Meet Two Tulsa Trackmen made good show- ings at the tournament held at the Univer- sity of Cincinnati. With his record break- ing discus throw of 152-7 feet Robbie Nich- ols placed second at the meet in this division. Ron Cambiano placed fifth in the long-jump competition. With ten total points earned at the Cincinnati meet, the only event of the season for the Hurricane, TU ended the season ranking eighth in the Missouri Val- ley Track and Field Championship. Robbie Nichols shows his record-breaking form as a discus- thrower. Ron Cambiano starts his run for the broad jump event. A pole vaulter leaps over the high bar against the rays of a sunset. It's a hard-driving, super-coordinated, rather frightening sport. 15:1 2- c ,smmisr-ir1 's . ,saw : it ,ii ni 3 Lettermen Raise Funds For Fun and Charity Letterinen representing each sport watch as Doug VVyatt presents Mr. I. A. LaFortune with ai bouquet of roses at the LziFortune Hall dedication. ROW l: Dick Miller. Shelton Saddoris. Iohn Dobbs. jerry lVlcA1'tor. Ronnie Alford, Mike Burkett, Al Cueto. Jerry Moel- ler. Toni Arnold, Bill Rempe, Frank Ingo, David Moss, Andy Ciesielski, ROW 2: Bob Murphy. Rick Arrington, Doug TU's Letterman's Club sponsors many fund raising activities to promote social functions and provide aid for Tulsa's under- privileged. Hurricane flags, paddles, glasses and horns were a few of the souvenirs sold by the lettermen at the games to support their worthwhile projects. All lettermen of any varsity sport are eligible to join. Upon graduation members may participate in a similar alumni organization. This year's of- ficers were Chuck Reynolds, president, Robbie Nichols, vice-presidentg and Vic Prather, secretary. Mziculziy, Brick Durley, Bernie Botheroyd, Al Ienkins, Steve Bloom, lim Fiddler, Ioe Pistoia, Vic Prather, Luke Blair, Allen Drover. Robin Evans. QW wif A Jw '--ie, xg 55 vl New '2 , ' . -A 4,4 - -I " :J wg! ' nf: W . 4' A A if Q X 52 Q f Y -W,-we I If If fa Q 5 use KL. FRONT ROW: Montu Cox. Kathy Gciser. Iudy Hill. fem Davies. Angie Byrne. ROW TWO: Eddie Novak. Iohn Conley Denny Wood, The Spirited Circle 'lf .,g f J k ag .. N- ,,. any ROW l: Diane Gilfillen. Louise Simmons. Monta Cox, Angie Byrne, ROW 2: Florence Blackmore. Karen King, Livvic Brown. Ianice Murphy. lean Sheldon Councll Initlates 12 A vvomcn's intraxnutzil participant jumps to slam the Hhirdie" in za lmdminton contest. lean Sheldon, incinlwr ot the Vvomenys lntramural Council nwlects the necessary lvalance in a parallel lun' routine Sportlng Contests By coordinating womens intramural ac- tivities, sponsor Florence Blackmore, and delegates from each of the competing groups were ahle to stimulate an interest in girls' athletics. This council contributes to the de- velopment of sportsmanship, cooperation, and friendliness among the participating uni- versity women, and provides an opportunity for interested students to compete in twelve events during the year. Women's Intramural Council presents awards for group partici- pation and for high point total. cfs,-4, : 1 1: .-:wa f sw . ,, 'lLsfe,.Lf,J57 Sports Excellence Wins Iron Man Troph On the first Friday of every month, Presi- . dent Bob Bewley, of Pi Kappa Alpha, called R a r P sf the Men's Intramural Council meeting to order. Social and honorary fraternities, clubs, and major group on campus contrib- uted teams to participate in this competitive program to earn points toward the Iron Man Trophy presented each spring. All men on campus are invited and encouraged to form teams and play in the scheduled tourna- ments from football to volleyball and swim- ming to baseball. -gui.. . Paddling away, an intramurals swimmer does his best to reach the end of the pool before the rest of the amateur aquamen. Ki gp y The final store in the KA vs PiKA paa, ' fff' ,f ' football playoff was tied 6-6, but ' 4, KA's held their ranking of first place - fx f winners. FRONT ROW: lose Zadezensky, Vic Berman, Larry Sweet, Don R. Zimmerman. ROW TVVO: Tony Grandinett, Robert Bevvley. Larry Rogers, Pete Moyer. .N ,.-.,,, f V K a 1 1 Pr X C f t ' X 5 ff , M A ,, gg , A M f ,W , 'X' 9' n A f' ff Hwwumwwvwmmyg 1 I , f ,Ms-. in f, in , , ff ' ff ff 4' 'bi JWIWZ fl N Q ,, W MM' Xgx Wffnw W f f mnlrhl, . , .u,M vf7 wx M Qsqafmmfi, f f ' , Y V! Xu X ,fy 'NNXw'gfb4f',l ,",4 ' H I pf'!A" fri WW! "KJ ' ff f D 1 K ' viflmlx' ' fff f ,W f M f f I ! , If Aw it fv if fa lx , ,mm Am X I ,yajq ,, --X 'ht fy fvw V 'F ' 'iff ' M : f 1 ' A ' x b ' f ffQKv" 2 -, lm f " 1 f A w,' 'W QW fffwffwf'fe' 115 M ' A ' W 1 'ww mi W1 if ,4lf 3 f f"' '5' 1 f 'IW WZJV A 1 ,f',QWA ,,5,,,' EW I , I It V2 ff , f 'oy 3 4' 1 U 1, ffrffq WW W ' f ' ' Y M ' If X no W GLASSES 1 X X ,X X S S ft jj! 7 , wi f J f S N X ry 1 ,f i 7 S V 4 S SS A SW' rw A S "MZ , U1 WS. ,SW M1114 al f x l Wd!" 1 ,z,'55:gQ13ggf5LyZf14f f Sf 4, S W M A WW ff VM f 5 Mane' 7 ,,rl , 'M .pr,Qg,BQ3Q5900W iw' f S , fy!65fJ6:gE722j55W f YM-v'fH'W1g"SS' N ff ' W,jQfff?iQ241fS' ,f1,gf , I X f S WAQASI 1' f ,SSS - - Awm-'2IJz2?ff.,3 lf f SfSSfS W 1 S A A AZEW W25if4fiSf'ff f M JW Qzr, f Qv f , 501' 1 jfw xfu Sn 1 S ' X, They don't care if it rains or freezes. long as they've got Iunior Class business-Cindy Yost, Bill Carl and Nlargo Kenacly, officers. Ken Regan. junior president. eonsiders the problems of 21 class A tired twirler, junior lean Sheldon. shows how not rv per- project. Hl'le's the only president theyfve got." lAuthor Un- form as she works out in an early morning practice the week knownl before ex game. Jrs: 'Stop the School-I LINDA ACCURSO, Kansas CIW, Mo.f RICHARD ADAMS, MexIcO, Mo.: JANE ALEANDER, MaryviIIe, Ienrv.: NICK ALLEN, Musko- gee. OIcIa.' GARY ANDERSON, Iulsa: WAYNE ANDREWS, Greer- VIIIQ, ScuIIw CaroIIr'a' MOLLY BADGEI-I, DaIIas. Iexas. JAMES BAKER, IuIsa' JOHN BAKER, IuIsa: VICTOR BAN- HAM, IuIsa' WALTER BARNES, IuIsa' KEITH BARTLING, Omaha. Nebraska: LARRY BAXTER, IuIsa: MACY BELL, Owasso, OIcIa. VICKI BELL, IuIsa' DEBORAH BENDLER, Worfsxvwd Wx,fom?Cg' PHIL BENSON, IuIsa' BARBARA BERKEY, IuIsa' NOURI BER- RUIN, BerQI1azI, Libya' BOB BETIINGER, Neosbc, MO.: CAROLYN BONIFAZI, Becqs, OIcIa. NANCY BOUTIN, Sarafoqa, CAIII.: REX BRAEUIIGAM, IuIsa: KATHY BREWER, IuIsat JERI BROCK, IuIsa: GAIL BROWN, IuIsa' DON BRUCE, Iulsa' JANE ANN BURKE, IuIsa. VIVIAN BURKITT, Denver, COIO.: RAE BUILEK, Bixby, OIcIa.2 TOM BUTLER, Broken Arrow, OkIa.: JEAN BUTTERY, IuIsa: ANGELA BYRNE, IuIsat CARL CANNIZZARO, Haversfraw N.Y.: BILL CARL. BarIIeSvIIIe, OkIa. MICHAEL CARPENTER, Chremcre, OI4Ia.: BOB CASEY, IuIsa7 DONNA CATRON, IuIsa: LARRY CAIRON, Iuka' PAMELA CAIRON, Iuka: TERESA CHAMPION, IuIsa' BARB CHANDLER, Brewwood, Mc. BILL CHANDLER, Brokaw Arrow OIQIL' PAIII CHAPMAN, IuIsa' STEVE CHRISTIAN, IuIsa: GAYE CLARK, IuIsa: GARY CLARK, CiI'gar,, AII3erra, Cawadat KAREN COFFMAN, Websrer Groves M05 JOHN COLEMAN, Sw AMONG Iexas. BILL COLLIE, Neosho, Mo.: CAROLYN COLLIE, NeosI1o, MoJ STEVE CONATSER, Bar'IesvIIIe, OIcIa,' JUDY COOK, DaIIas Iexas: TERRY CORBELI., Paim Sprir-qs CaIf?.' LOIS COVINGTON, IuIsa' DALE COWAN, IuIsa. MICHELE COY, AVIIUQTOH I-IQILIEN, III.: MIKE CROOK, Des Moines, Iowa: GLENDA CURBY, Housior, Iexas: NORMA CURLY, IuIsf1' SUSAN DAVENPORT, IuIw' JAN DAVIES, IuIsa: DEBBY DAY, IuIsa, Iunior, Roy Fikc and his parents talk to Dean Harry Carter at Parents Day. Only one more year to go. hc assures them. ant to Get Off' , . 'I -1, 9. ,W my I Mr., , I Q 4 Nl , ,,,,, 3, 2 . ' . Q H , +5 . I 4 f , Ai. . .. I - Ilzv A .I , F 'nf Q- Z ..., " Q I -, I ,Y ,, . I ,EV A K nl X' ' iz.-if ' - 4. 1: -' " 'L ' ' ,. x, ' is . I M " ,fx I 'ri-mf, ' W' , 1 , H -'-' . B ' X 1-is E ' f W' w Is. Y .x,j, ' ,Y .R 'f W ,N - A . - ff If ' . I ' .uf . g I I Q f ik "g ' " A h 12 . I . ' A . ' H ' " , 7 ., . W , ,t ""f , R - I ' '.x . - AAI' Qi ' . . - N- L -. ,. fw:"A """I I 1, I73 s, ' :'grli'2 1 , ' I , .gj:,'fi.Ls,g , , ,, , L"1 as ff ' I "" . . . as I -- I : l K' ' " - ' ' """' -' ' ' AVIA , s , ,. ' 4, J... ' . Q, T .: A :Q .1 . T523 'T " ' 'T' ' ' I T 9 him N , I A . V 5 f' . T'f"'n"'l':"'4 , ' is 'fa :if , 1 T I " lss i.,- I I' 'Q . ff..-.5 :g f 1 . 1 -.5 1 I' f 91 W r, , I '- : T ' Q LLM N I , Q H .. Lm,, 5, K' . U In E. '." l "" .lf - I , T' 4-",:,,, 1 ,,,-. I A T . s ...,s .gm . T I T ,gl r .ff T TT I ll .f f::..f,f . 45, -.,-pg 7. I K, f H . . . - . . 6 N . if I.. 'F 1 if I . --:::. 'F if T l 1 if ll s 'H s, I 5, hf' Q 4 MR , L i U I M if is .3 ffl: T sf, v : H Q I .,. I . . I -if 'I ' T J , : if 'F 1 I J W 5 , -.,, i 1, sg L B : . 1-4' L . 'T : 9 ' sl. ,fsgf .- 'P , Q-fs 5 fLTgA'l:' ,af Q 431 QTTST? 1 .Sf ik if I .K 'A om K L 1 1 Vlyil .P , , .L::,f, .,,,..A,, S' T , ' I74 UNIORS THOMAS DAY, Locusl Grove, Okla.: DALE DERBY, Tulsa: FRANK DIET-Z, Fair Haven, N.Y.: JOHN DOBBS, Tulsa: ROD DOLSON, Sl. Louis, Mo.: CHERYL DORSCH, Tulsa: EVELYN DUNCAN, Tulsa. JANE DUNCAN, Tulsa' PAM ELSTON, Tulsa: JANE ENRIGHT, Tulsa: JIM EPLING, Claremore, Okla.: ROBIN EVANS, Tororllo. Omlarla, Canada: VICTOR EVANS, Colo, Springs, Colo.: LEOLA FARMER, Tulsa. KAYE FARRIS, Tulsa: ROY FILKE, Sl, Louis, Me.: JON FISHER, Decalur, Ill.: WILLIAM FONTANELLA, Meriden, Conn: NORMA FOREHAND, Tulsa: DAVID FOSTER, Lorulama, Fla,: RICHARD FRANKLIN, Tulsa. SUNNY FREEMAN, Tulsa: LESLIE FOGEL, Slrawnee Mission, Mo.: RICK GARREN, Tulsa: JULIE GATES, Sl. Louls. Mo.: JAN GEN- TRY, Claremore, Okla.: MARY GODDARD, Tusa: OSWALD GONKA. Tulsa. BETH GOOCH, Tulsa: DENNIS GORDON, Fl, Lee, New Jersey: HARRY GORDON, Fl. Lee, New Jersey: DOUGLAS GOSNEY, Miami, Okla.: MARTHA GOWANS, Tulsa: HARVEY GRIMES, Sapulpa, Okla.: DON GROTH, Tulsa. DEBBIE GRUNDY, Cryslal Lake, Ill.: MARIA GUERRA, EI Sal- vador, C.A.: SUE GUENTHER, Bealrlce, Nebraska: SCOTT HA- BEGER, Seneca, Mo.: CAROLYN HALL, Creslwood. Mo.: CHRIS HANLEY, Tulsa: EARL HANSON, Tulsa. ROGER HARP, Tulsa: DAN HENSLEY, Tulsa: SUSAN HINTON, Tulsa: NANCY HOLLAND, Tulsa: HARRY HONG, Tulsa: MARTHA HUFFORD, Tulsa: CAROL HULL, Tulsa. MARY HUNT, Tulsa: PEGGY HUSTON, Prairie Village, Kansas: LINDA HYLAND, Tulsa: DAVID INHOFE, Tulsa: STEPHEN IRBY. Tulsa: CORDELLA JANAK, Tulsa: BILL JEFFERS, Tulsa. JOHN JENKINS, Tulsa: DIXIE JOHNS, Tulsa: CAROLYN JOHN- SON, Tulsa: KEN JOHNSON, Tulsa: RICH KAUFMAN, Tulsa? JANET KAY, Tulsa: MARGO KENADY, Tulsa. BARB KENDRICK, Tulsa: DEBBIE KINKEADE, Broken Arrow, Okla: DANNY KINNEY, Sperry, Okla.: JOHN KLENDA, Tulsa? JANET KNIGHT, Websler Groves, Mo.: DELLA KROEZE, Tulsa' CHARLES KRUEGER, Arllnqlou Heiqlmls, Ill. SUZE KRUSE, uulsa: ROBERT LAMONS, Tulsa: CHERYL LA- ROCHE, Carl Juncliorw, Mo.: CAROLYN LARSON, Houslou, Texas: KATHY LAVALLE, Tulsa: PATSY LAWRENCE, Fore-sr Cily, N.C.' PATRICIA LEMONS, Claremore, Okla. DORIS LEWIS, Tulsa: MIKE LEWIS, Tulsa: LINDA LICHTY, Tulsa? JOHN LINGENFELTER, lrlola Okla.: CATHY LINIHAN, Tulsa' JERRY LIVINGSTON, Corpus Clmrisll, Texas: ANNE LONG, Llffle Rock, Ark, BETH LONGLEY, Slworl Hllls, NJ: MARY LOSSE, Sf. Louls, MO.: PATRICIA LYONS, Tulsa? CURTIS LYNN, Roclwesler, N.Y.: BOB LYNN, Tulsa: ROBERT LYNN, Barrlrwfglorv. Illx MIR MAHMOO- DUDDIN, Tulsa. gel". and of course, Santa. Tuniors land sophomoresI got together to take children from Turley on a night of caroling, hot chocolate, "The Littlest An- Juniors Join Together to Carol for Kids BILL MAHONEY, TuIsfe' RANDALL MANUS, Twsnf SAUL MAR- TINEZ, Tulsa- KATHRYN MATSON, TUISII: MAX MEARS, Tuisa' JOSEPH MEDINA, Chicano IIIIrcI5' LINDA MEYEN, Tufse. BOB MITCHELL, TuIsag JAMES MITCHELL, TuIsa: KAREN MORE- LAND, Tulsa: CAROLYN MORGAN, Okmulqee. OIcIa.7 CONNIE MURRAY, Tulsai MICHAEL MCCOOL, TuIsf17 PAM MCCRORY. Sapulpa. CAROLYN MCCUTCHAN, TuIsa: JERRY MCDANIEL, TUISG' MAR- IANNE MCKENNA, Tulsa' NANCY MCNAIR, TuIsa' MELANIE MCVAY, Kansas CFM, Mo., MARIANNE NAIFEH, TuIsa' JERRY NEEL, M5nmI OIIQ. TONY OATES, Ponca Cify, OIxIa.g ROGER PAIGE, Berger, Texas: KAREN PAINTER, Tulsa: GERRY PALMER, TUISA: ALICE PEGUES, Tulsa' MIKE PHILLIPS, Tulsa- DAVID PIERCE, TuIsa. CAROL PINGREE, Des MoInes, Iowa: LAURA PITCOCK, TuIsa' RALPH POWELL, Edfqewocd, Maryland: DORLA PRAYTOR, TuIsa' DAVE PRICHARD, TuI5aj BETH OUEISENBERRY, TuI5fa: KEN RA- GAN, TuIsf1. LEE RATCLIFF, TUISU: RIC RAU, TuIse17 BOAZ RAUCHWERGER, TuIsa: GRETA RAUCHWERGER, TuIsa: HAROLD REED, TuIsa' CHERYL REICH, Muskoqee Oklag JOHN RITTENORE, Tuisa. JOHN ROBERSON, Neosho, Mo: DIANE ROBERTS, Ovedavd Falk, K-Im' LARRY ROSE, TuIse' JEFF ROSEBERRY, TIJISPI' FRAN RUDY, TuIsa' MANUEL SALAZAR, TuIsa: NANCY SAS, Bfw!emIIe OH-, M. W. SCOGGINS, I3f1rIIH.viIIe, OIQI1-I., JEAN SHELDON, Orhavd Park IIIIHQIS' KAREN SHUFFLER, TuI5f1j KEN SLADE, CI-Imp HIII PH.: MARSHA SLAGLE, TI,1Isfat PHILLIP SLOAN, LIveerr:o0I NIYJ BARRY SLODEK, TIJISH. HERB SMITH, I-Iamffv,ood, IIIIHOISZ MARY JANE SMITH, TL,Isn: RICK SMITH, DcmIIeId III: SARA SMITH, TIII-aff VIRGINIA SMITH, TIIISI' LINDA SNIDER, Neosho Max SUSIE SNYDER, Tjsa. M5251 3 fa 'l , II W, YI P H5 J I . I E, I .L , ' ,:- - Hifi? ',.i 'v 553 , I III' 1-1 4 32 2? L , f A , gg! X ' I . T I J- " , . K 4 iii, ,ij sgz if V. Y . , , -Q, A 3 ' Egg. , 1,f,,,i Q, " f ,. . . N.. ,,. , . ,, , ,, , - -L3 . V I J, f I N ' . ., I ' ' .uf R ' K if- ' Q. A . 'Ei .L . MU .. 'fb 'L I I - -- .J A I 0 1 I A J A A144 --: S' - Q l , 1 gf S J M S my I, 'S 35 A V wa Aw I , if A ,. Mi? Q A I ,,, I ,I.W:,,- I vw? -S I ' 55:41 A I A A . I kg-J, 7..- f 'hw' ,V " 0 bivstxgif . ' + ET. ' . -- -1-in Q KH fy Q, , ' if . ip 3 vw, ,,,. .-Sf., ,. - ,,., I - Y Al A .,,, I , ,: A ., ,, . - 5:2 Q I 5. - 9 A .,,. :II iig, Q , QI , , , , IW' 3 eq,- if ffl in I , -YAI A " A I .,, ' S I . mb " S .- N , if Q A 1 'if . ,S-I X 51,1 , I , I . . f - W iilfs ssf vi ff r 'i v . -, - lisllfi. :I .-', , - -.',, ' ,--. . ' ' nf in 1 V.'-'. g 1 Q, V. , I, ' J I , ag in I Q, if -, jgi'- :wx-1 - If ,, 2 , is SM fi, I W . ' 'I sys I . :Haig V vj- Y -1 :liivf sig V' VV I Vrkrkr T -lssggi g fsig , L I H 1 ,uf . W . f -w L- - . 1 "P-. ' f , f,,-k . , ., M A A . I s k,k. W, :I - 5 ' .. .. gsizasiql - gp --Et, fs? A-ss ' '2 A f--- 3 4 '- ' " ' f Ji s -' - I Y , - , rf? .. S I . Y'LL V 1 ' I 'QQ- as I ' ' llif' - T" 1. ..512.SiI 'T' ' 'I 1 ' I is-Es ? ,, ,. , , , ' 1 eff. ' T V T ' .iifiillifilu 7 ' f-4 . ' ' .4 1, . A . as 'fs Y- sf ' ' I I- AA I I I I lll, . 1 ' 'm,, ig -ful- -as . W ' f Sw, I 1 Il A ag. I E E . . A -I . -Iam I , me ., V - . 2 - W. - I I 1 ' B I76 JUNIORS Cheerleader Ian Davies takes an energy break during a game. Or is it a junior class symptom to be tired BRUCE SONNENFIELD, Barllesvllle. Okla: KATHY STANFORD, Barllesvllle, Olcla: TERRY STATZER, Hamilmn, Ohio: CATHY STEPHANS, Wlclfvlfa, Kam.: PAUL, STERNER, Kansas Clly Mt: PAULA STORM, Tulsa- SANDY SWEARINGEN, Tulsa, STUART TEMULEDAN, Tulsag WESLEY THOMPSON, Tulsa: JUNE TOMBLINSON, Tulsa: GEORGE TOOLE, Tulsa, LOUIS TORBETT, Tulsa- PAM TRIPLETT, Tulsa' NEEDRA TROYER, Tulsa. JONATHAN VAN ALLEN, Tulsa: GERRY VON FRELLICK, Tulsa PENNY VAN HOOSE, Tulsa: DONALD VANSCOR, Tulsa? SHERRY VOIGT, Council I-lill, Okla.: SISTER RITA VOLLMECKE, Fm A-- klmson Iowa: JIM WALLACE, Klrlcwoocl Mo, LINDA WATTS, lmdepervdeflce Karl.: RICHARD WATTS, Tufsiz JIM WEAVER. Sl. Louls Mo: JIM WEBBER, Vemura Calffi LARRY WELLS, Tulsa' JAMES WELSH, We-bsler Groves, MS. SUBY WESTON, Neoslwo, Mo. RON WHITE, Tulsa- SUE WIEDEMANN, Tulsa: BILL WILDER. Tulsa: DONALD WILE, Tulsa- GARY WILLIAMS, Tulsa: CLAUDIA WILLSEY, Tulsa' BILL WILSON, Tulsa. KEN WILSON, Tulsa, LARRY WOFFARD, Tulsa? VINNIE WOLL. Si Louls, Mo.: JON WORMLEY, Na-wlon, Iowa, BRIAN WRET- SCHKO, Toledo, Olrlloq JOHN WRIGHT, Tlcovderoga N.Y.7 GEO- RGIA WYKOFF, Erid Olcla. LARRY YADON, Tulsa: JOE YORK, Kam, Cm, Mo.: CYNTHIA YOST, Wlwealom lllp JOHN YOST, Modesro, Calllx DIAN YOUNG, Tulsa, JOSE ZADEZENSKY, Venezuela: BILL ZUMWALT, Tulsa' RICK ZWINGLBERG, Tulsa. Q. w , in if 'I . A s f N .1 C57 :XX "'-x Most .into accidents happen within 25 miles of homo. hut these sophomores are onlv hzivinq ii car b?1sh.Nof Thegfrc frustrated. unloved . . A glass lczidvr must bc Ll biiluilccd individual, and Prcsidcnl Fmnk Ingo is doing his best .is hc trys to get in thc' SAB vriimiicc, Wriitixigj for Frank to make it into thc Union, officers Tim Kassick, Linda Looney und DcAnn Brown tzikc il gander nt class rings. ff: dr, A' . ' . ' ' " ' 'N . ' is e: N I -Q a Kg rr sw 6.1, , - f , Q A f I W I -:re fq L 59.2 ',::.g.Q'if': K V kkrk ,, b.,,. ., . 7 A agar 4 A fs s. I ' . , , ' ,.,. . - . - Y fns - I fir- . sau. 4 ,- I 1 J. my gl, ..,, .,,., f Tfqgii, - , ., H .1 ., gk, f -...L . ig-51,311.1 . I f ' I Il.: If I IJ av 12, B A A Aff? Ia Ed , . was --sf- . .is II . , . 5 5 , A.. , , . , . ., , 1 Q V 6 2 7, ll Y fu , ..,. . as us, :TA I ,,, J. , I ' . 9 f- : -' A 1, , '- I I , .5 ' :.1,' A A , if N gy. 'Q ' ,, I I A r Z , . is f. M . s 4 lr s' , -' f 'fl s- f ' . 1 VL f 1 1, "" -- :I was ik , -fb : ' ..,.,: 5 ,A , . gr .f :,, T' 'ALZ , f ' ., . ' ff- V ,fl .Vv H " 5.if : , , .. "': . V.. zmh , WV . 5 , IT . ,BUTT sa .-,.. radii. " ' Q Tl -M Q, I A L I ag ' . ., .. ,,g,, , Hs.. zu' I " L A 1' 'V :Ili K ' 5 rsll . We , .,,. : , ,ugy , A 12 : ..V. : A i .. , A ' 7 : 1 l.T . 2 H' A F .. 'I I V m'F" I I .1 'Tas L rs.. Sf Qs:-f . ' , .r . , 1 , J Q . , my K: A,3, Q QQ I . 6 . . 3. I .sa .. "gs . . .A: .' I78 SOPHOMORES JOAN AITKENHEAD, S+, Louis, Mo.: CHUCK AINSWORTH. Kirkwood, Mo.: KIM ALEXANDER, Kirkwood, Mo.: PENNEY AL- FREDO, Tulsa: LEN ALLSUP, Tulsa: ANN ARCHIBALD, Tulsa: BARBY ARMSTRONG, Tulsa, BETTY ARMSTRONG, Tulsa: MELISSA ASHBY, Tulsa: J. B. AVANTS, JR., Tulsa: MISSY AYERS, Okla. Cily: DEBBIE BAHM. Enid, Okla.: JOHN BAKER, Tulsa: KATHY BARBER, Tulsa. PRATT BARNEL, Vienna, Va.' GENE BATES, Mounds, Okla.: BRENDA BARTON, Tulsa: DELORES BEAN, Tulsa' BETSY BEARD, Tulsa' REUBEN PAUL BELL, Tulsa. DENNIS BENNETT, Tulsa: PHYLLIS BERKE, De Kalb, Ill.: VIC BER- MAN, Creve Couer, Mos PAUL BERRYHILL, Tulsa: DEIDRE BIRD, Auaco, Venezuela: ABDALLH BITAM, Algiers, Algeria: ROBERT BACK, Tulsa. DICK BLANCHARD, Mallesorw, lll,: DALE BOEMLER, Imperial, MO.: NORMAN BOLIN, Tulsa: ELAINE BOWMAN, Tulsa: RICHARD BRADLEY, Tulsa' ANITA BRADSHAW, Tulsa: MARY BRIGHT, Tulsa. DEEANN BROWN, Tulsa: JAMES BROWN, JR., Tulsa' JULIE BROWN, Tulsa' DUANE BRUMMETT, Tulsa: KAY BRYANT, Tulsa: VIKKI BURCH, Tulsa: DEBBIE BURKE, Tulsa. MAX BURN, Tulsa: ALICE BUTHOD, Tulsa: BILL CALDWELL, Tulsa' JUDY CALHOUN, Tulsa: CINDY CAMP, I-louslorw, Tex.: TOM CAMPBELL, Tulsa: MICHAEL CARROLL, Tulsa. PAULA CATTS, Tulsa: MARK CAVINS, Tulsa: JOHNNY CAVITT. Tulsa: VICKI CHAFFEY, Tulsa: CATHY CLAYBERG, Tulsa: JOANNE CHIVSANO, Markham, Ill.: MARLENE CHOATE, Ml, Vernon, Mo. GARY CHRISTENSEN, Grove, Okla.: RICH CHRISTENSEN, Tulsa: DIANA CHUMBLEY, Miaml, Okla.: ANN CLARK, Dallas, Tex.: JANE CLARK, Muskogee, Okla.: DONNA CLAVER, Tulsa: TINA CLEMENTS, Tulsa. CAROLE COBLENTZ, Tulsa: TERRY COHEA, Tulsa: NANCY COLE- MAN, Rapid Clly, So. Dak.: JOHN CONDRY, Tulsa: JOHN CON- NELLY, Tulsa: BILL COOLEY, Neoslwo, Mo.: STEVE COONS, Oak' Iown, lll. KATHY CORDELL, Pryor, Okla.: SUSAN CORNETT, Tulsa: SANDY COURTER, Tulsa: DON COX, Tulsa: MONTA COX, Tulsa: BRENDA CRONE, Tulsa: DAVE CRONINGER, Tulsa. TOM CROOK, Tulsa: JOE CROWDER, Tulsa: PHYLLIS CULP, Tul- sa: CAROLINE CZENKUSCH, Barflesvllle, Okla.: TONI DARNELL. Tulsa: GEORGINA DARROL, Tulsa: DEEDEE DAVIDSON, Tulsa. KAREN DAWSON, Tulsa: DICK DeARMOND, Tulsa: DONNA De- MARTINI, San Ralael, Calil.: RANDY DENTON, Tulsa: JILL DICK- ERSON, Tulsa: KENNETH DOSE, Tulsa: LAWRENCE DULUDE, Lalayelle I-llll, Pa. Sophomore Council mcmhers sit tight when their President Frank Ingo slams the gavel. Maybe he is demonstrating how to hash a car? Car Bash is Smash as Sophomore Project A er teii I . . : ' "' ' : . DONNA DUMOND, Cane, Kan.: MARK EAGAN, Tulsa: LINDA ! f ' : .3,g,5w., ,i,I-2 EDWARDS, Tulsa: RICHARD ELLIS, Tulsa' JAMES ELY JR. I "' , , xs- , .Li Klnqsvllle, Tex.: STEVE ENDRES, Klrlcwood, IVIO.: BOB ERRICO. ' " yi E35 ,zll SLI ,E A ' . EW C Hialeah, Fla, I A I S . , i'ii i 5 ' AL . . Ieiiii LINDA ESTES, Tulsa- TERRY EWING, Tulsa: STEVE FAULKNER, Q I,- 1 -F' A f. su . too V Tulsa: NANCY FERGUSON, Smavepaa, La.: GARY FICKLIN, ,I sg , '.b- - n b ,X : fetoe i j X Denver Colo.: KATIE FIFER, Tulsa: KAREN FINCHAM, Bloom- I Q . 3: 3 FI' ' 'll A. FRED FINK, MICHAEL FISCHER, Tulsa: FRED FLEISCHNER, ' ' - Tulsa: JAN FORNEY, Tulsa: VIC FORSYTH, Tulsa' DERLYN FOUNTAIN, Tulsa: JAMES FRANCIS, Sf. Louis, Mo. Y KATHY GAISER, Tulsa: DON GARRISON, Tulsa: SUE GEAR- HART, Tulsa: JAMES GEIGER, Tulsa: SUSAN GELINO, Tulsa: KATHY GIBBENS, Tulsa: DIANE GILFILLAN, No. Danville, V+. ROBERT GILL, Webster Groves, MO.: PAT GILLETT, Tulsa: WIL- gn, LIAM GOBLE, Tulsa: CHRIS GRANT, Tulsa: ROGER GRAY, Tulsa: LESLIE GRIFFITH, Wichita: JOHN GRIGGS, Kirkwood, MO. VICKIE GUAGLIARDO, Tulsa- RANDY HALLORAN, Longman Colo: JILL HARRIS, Tulsa: PEGGY HART, Tulsa: PATTI HARTIG. Tulsa: SANDY E. HEATH, Oceanside, Calil: TOMMY L. HENDER- SON, Shaud Okla. 9 gf. --il I RUTH HENDERSON, Tulsa: KAREN HENDRICKS, Tulsa: NANCY I Q . ,,, I :lm V, S HENDRICKS, Tulsa: TERRY HERRON, Tulsa: CAROLYN HESS, ' ' , :.i ,... fi!! W I R. g f'-' ' T le A MIKE HIGHLAND T-I -THOMAS HILDY M I A O'l s'fT -P - : 'SSH W Um: ' :SGI ' Us 0269: M' . ,.., L 'II I . .iff L. ' ' I " JUDY HILL, Ewa, Ou... LINDA HILL, Sllofim Ss,-ms, Ark.: JAMES , , A E. HINDS, Tulsa: FRED HODGES, Owassa, OID.: TONY HODGES, Y: 'Q , j, A Muskogee, QIQIII.: WAL'I'I'ER HOLT, Shlaloolc, Olcla.: WILLARD M. , E Q u' HOLT, Tulsa. : l , A f ' JOE HONEYWELL, Tulsa: vICKI HOOD, Tue 1.iA If JOHNNY HORINE, ,, ,, ,V . Y W 5 IA., Tulsa: CHRIS HORN, aafflesville Oua. WILLIAM HORNE, Tala- 5 M I A ' GEORGE HOWARD, Tm: MARGARET HUITT, Tulsa, : ' ' ' As: . ' ' V ' 'X I79 -- wf -Y,: M K -' .. 9 ,.., A .. si, . s: . ag: - A 'j : ,us 'fr sa , -11 fs" '. , v ii g k - fir Tm -- -Cf: 5 " if ,S QW' , I V. wiv... i , , f, sm: .11 ,- wi? , is fn W Sw mg Ya We ,, aw B I fa? ffffit if if Tv 1 .aj ,is U is si if ii. Mg X V,-XI' :ss Q I ww L 1+ game. I80 SOPHOMORES CRAIG HURT, Walerlown, So. Dak.: VIRGINIA HUTCHINS, Bris- Iow, Okla.: LARRY INMAN, Neoslio, Mo.: FRANK INGO, Clwicaqo Ill.: BOB JACKSON, Tulsa: SHAROLETTE JACKSON, Tulsa: RAY- MOND JANAASKI, La Grange Park, Ill, RON JARVIS, Tulsa: BOB JARYNO, Denver, Colo.: KAYLIN JES- TER, Apple Valley, Calif.: RONALD C. JOHNSON, Tulsa: BRIAN JONASSON, Maniloba. Canada: LYNN JONES, Oakfown, Ill.: RICH JORDAN, Dallas, Texas. JACOB JORISHIE, JR., Tulsa: KATHRYN KALLAL, Oak Park, Ill.: TIM KASSICK, Clarernore, Okla.: DEBBIE KEELING, Oloqalw, Okla.7 MARTHA KENNETT, Tulsa: JANICE KING, Tulsa: SAM KIRK, Tulsa. JOE KIRKPATRICK, Broken Arrow, Okla.: MARY ANNE KNAPP, Chicago, Ill.: SUSIE KNIPSHILD, Kirkwood, MO.: APRIL KOCH, Alden, New York: MARGIE KOCH, Cnecoiali, Okla.: JEAN DRUPP, SI. Louis, Mo.: DAVE LAKE, Tulsa. BRINT LANG, Tulsa: WESLEY LANGLAND, Neoslwo, Mo.: L. G, LANGLEY, Tulsa: CONNIE LANSDOWN, Enid, Okla.: LINDA LEWIS, Tulsa: MICHELE LINDEMAN, Kirkwood, Mo.: DIANE LINDSEY, Sand Springs, Okla. STEPHEN LINN, Tulsa: DEBBY LOHMANN, Tulsa: LINDA LOH- NER, Welbsler Groves, Mo.: LINDA LOONEY, Tulsa: PATRICK WM. LOVELY, Tulsa: DAVE LUSSENHOP, Tulsa: BOB LYON, Tulsa. SHERRY MARTIN, Barilesville, Okla.: GINA MARZOLLA, Barlles- ville, Okla.: BETTY ELLEN MATHIS, Caloosa, Okla.: DENNY Mc- CURREN, Jeilierson Cilv, Mo.: LINDA KAY MCDONALD, Tulsa: CHARLES McGREW, Tulsa: PAM MCLANE, Tulsa. MONTY MCCLELLEN, Cleveland, Okla.: BARBARA MEINENT, Tulsa: KATHY MELVIN, Des Moines, Iowa: GERARD MILLER, Tulsa: SUSAN MILLER, Tulsa: MIKE MILLS, Tulsa: STAN MILLS, Bariles- ville, Okla. DEBBIE MITCHELL, Tulsa: SUSIE MONGER, Tulsa: JOHN MOORE. Kirkwood, Mo.: JOANNE MORAN, Tulsa: BARBARA MORGAN, Tulsa: IVA MORRIS, Tulsa: LOUELLEN MORSFIELD, Edmond, Okla. KIM MOUNTS, El. Springs, Okla.: PETER MOYER, Edgewood, MCIJ JANICE MURPHY, Enid, Okla.: STEVE MYLES, Tulsa: MARTHA MYERS, Ouincy, Ill: JAMES NASH, Tulsa: BETSY NEAL, Rapid Cifv, So. Dak. NANCY NEUNUBEL, SI. Louis, Mo.: GINGER NEVILLE, Tulsa: SAL- LY NIX, Vinila, Okla.: EDDIE NOVAK, Tulsa: ANITA ORMOND, Midland, Tex.: LUCIA PALMER, Tulsa: PAM PARSONS, Okla, Cilv. DAVE PATTERSON, SI. Louis, Mo.: RAYMOND PENICK, Elkharl, Kan.: CINDY PHILLIPS, Tulsa: PAULA PITS, Balon Rouge, La.: DONALD PLANK, Tulsa: LARRY POTTS, Tulsa: JUDY RAULSTON. Tulsa. JIM RAYMOND, Clarkson, Neb.: BOB RICE, Tulsa: LINDA RICH- ARDS, Tulsa: DEANN REYNOLDS, Tulsa: LINDA ROARK, Tulsa? STEVE ROARK, Neoslio, Mo.: JOHN ROBINSON, Tulsa. Sophs Back Orphans' 'Christmas Carol' RUSTY ROBINSON, Tulsa: SHEILA ROBINSON, Tulsa: KATHY RODGERS, Tulsa: LARRY ROGERS, Barllesville, Olcla.: SALLY ROGERS, Rawlings, Wycmlnq: STEPHEN ROGERS, Springfield, Mo.: JIM ROHR, Tulsa. SHIRLEY ROLLOW, Wynnewoolc, Olcla.: PATTY ROPER, Tulsa: RANDY ROSZEL, Tulsa: REG ROWE, Tulsa: LYNDA ROYER, Tulsa: KATHY SANDERS, Tulsa: JANET SARTAIN, Tulsa. ADRIENNE SCHMIDT, Tulsa: JAN SCHULER, Tulsa: TED SCISM, Tulsa: GILL SCOTT, Tulsa: KAY SENTER, Kirkwood, Mo.: CONNIE SHARP, Tulsa: KEN SHOEMAKER, Tulsa. STEPHEN SHOEMAKER, Tulsa: DEBBIE SIMS, Tulsa: JOHN SKAGGS, Tulsa: RAMONA SKEETER, Tulsa: NANCY SMALL, Tulsa: VIRGIL SMITH, Skialaak, Olrla.: WAYNE SMITH. Slclalook Okla, LOYD SMITH, Tulsa: PATRICIA SMITH, Tulsa: VERLENE SMITH, Tulsa: CARIN SOUTHWORTH, Barllesville. Olrla.: MARGIE SPECHT, Houslon, Texas: BRENDA SPENCER, Enid, Olcla.: BOB SPESSARD, Tulsa. SUSAN SPIVEY, Glendale, Mo.: DAVE STAFFORD, Tulsa: REGGIE STAFFORD, Lee's Summil, Mo.: JAMES STARZ, Tulsa: GARDNER STEVENSON, Tulsa: JEANNE STRAKOULAS, Tulsa: MIKE STONE, Brislow, Olrla. BRUCE STUART, Tulsa: RONNIE STURGEON, Tulsa: JODY SWEET- IN, Tulsa: WALLY TACK, Fon du Lac, Wis.: KAREN TAG, Tulsa: ALANNA TARTER, Tulsa: RUTHANN TATE, Broken Arrow, Olcla. APRIL TEMPLETON, Raylawri, Mo.: JOZIE TEN ZYTHOFF, Tulsa: PHIL THOLEN, Tulsa: JOANIE THOMAS, Aurora, Ill.: BARBARA THOMPSON, Fl. Smilli, Ark.: JUDY THOMPSON, Los Angeles. Calif.: NEAL TIPTON, Tulsa. HARRY J. TURNER, Tulsa: PHYLLIS VANDERPOOL, Tulsa: WIL- LIAM VASSER, Chandler, Olcla: LINDA VENNER, Rapid Cily, So. Dale.: JEAN WALKER, Wicliila Falls, Texas: KAREN WALKER, Lea- woolc, Kan.: TERRI WALKER, Tulsa. CINDY WEHR, Sl. Louis, Mo.: VIRGINIA WEIDLE, Sl. Louis, MoJ DAVID WEMHANER, Tulsa: RAYMOND WERTHNER, Tulsa? KATH- RYN WHITE, Tulsa: POLLY WHITMAN, Baylown, Texas: JERRY WILEY, Brolcen Arrow, Olrla. RITA WILEY, Bloomlnglon, lll.: NANCY WILLIAMS, Tulsa: CON- NIE WILLIAMSON, Sl. Louis, Mo.: MICHAEL WILLIE, Ml. Pros- pecl, III.: CAROL WILLIS, Tulsa: DENNY WOODS, Prairie Village, Kansas: NELDA WYNNE, Claremore, Olcla.: MARILYN YOUNG, Tulsa. E ,.Vb. 'H .V i sg ui, im I L. I8I ff ?i rig 4 15, I ,Y if Q' 'ii' 4 ' S fi . dl If 41 .if ' 4 X, Coming from tlic library, frcxhixiun class officers Izmet Rhodes, Mika' Turpin, Ronnie- Tufkvr .md Lindn Smith svt ai good vxzmiple for their pccrs, Thcy zilwziys walk that wziy to the Union. Band Quccii Amie B.1i11iigm'tcii hiigicd hor' waxy to tlw title: and was loudly uoiigmtilleitcd hy supportcrs. Frvshiiimi, lVIm'y Huwzird supportcd hm' presidential can - didiitc with cvvry u'v.iil.1hlv pwstm' 3 .md literally tosscd hor halt intu rin- ring. -'., ill llls Exccdrin lu-.xclnclmc l969 for Dcnn Rodman Ionvs as hc secs another group of lrvshmcn he needs to enroll. Pray lor him. 'Hurricane Happenings' Informs Campus FRANK ADAMS, Tulsa' KATHY ALEXANDER, Olcmulqee Olclax JOE ALVAREZ, Tulsa: JOANIE ANDERSON, Tulsa' JANNE ARIE, Tulsa' MARILYN ARNOLD, Tulsa, LYNN ASBURY, Tulsa. LAURA ASHLOCK, Housfon, Texas' NANCY ATWATER, Sprlrrq- llelcl Ill.: DWAYNE ATWELL, Aurora, Mo.: JOHN BAGWELL, Tulsa' DALE BAKER, Tulsa? DAVID BAKER, Tulsa' JIM BAKER, Perl l-lose Mlclw. DEIDRE L. BARKLEY, Sapulpa. Oklfsj SHEILA BARR, Tulsa' CHERYL BASCUE, Tulsa? PAMELA JEANNE BASKA, Kaus-as CFWT M95 KAY BASSET-T, Tulsa' ALBERT BATES, Tulsa' VICKIE BAUER, Dallas Texas. ANNE BAUMGARTEN, Houslor, Texas: LINNDA BEISSER, Buille Olclaf LAURA BELDEN, Lubbock, Texas: BETTY BELITZ, Tulsa: JANA BELL, Tulsa: CURTIS BILBY, Kallyvllla Okla.: DONNA BINGHAM, Tulsa, STEFF BIRCH, Tulsa: DONNA BLACKWELL, Tulsa: CAROL BOH- MER, Tulsa: MARIA ELAINE BORGOGNI, Tulsa? CRAIG BOTH- WELL, Sprinqlield, Mo.: CLINT BOWLING, Arcfadla Calll. CATHY BOWYER, Tulsa: SANDRA BOYD, Tulsa' TRICIA BOYD, Tulsa' KAREN BRADLEY, Lovinqlon, N.M,, DARLENE BRAWNER, Tulsa' AYLO BREWER, Neodeslwa, Kansas: SCARLETT BRINTON, Tulsa. AMY BROWN, Omaha, Nab.: LIVVIE BROWN, Tulsa' CHERYL BRUMMETT, Tulsa' JACQUELINE BRUNNER, Tulsa: PAM BRUS- KOTTER, Fladlav Ohh' LINDA BUDD, Tulsa' THOMAS E. BURR, Colklsvllla, Okla. RITA BURRIS, Tulsa' KARL D. BUSH, Das Plalves, llr: CLIFF BUTCHER, Tulsa' JESSE BUTCHER, Tulsa' SANDY BUZZALINI, Tu'ea: JANET BYRD, Tulsa: ARLIN CALDER, Ollawa Krnvsws. MELINDA CALDWELL, Tulsa' ART CAMPBELL, Tulsa' EVELYN CARL, Barllesvllle, Olclai JIM CARNETT, Burlirwfglon Ifavm' CODY CARTER, Tulsa? RANDAL CARY, Janlqs Ol4l1,' TIMOTHY J. CAUGHRON, lrvlrvn Texas e. may 3 T7 1 u 1. 'zu ,,. , D 'la 9' ' ll, 4. 'L if '- - -. p ,.l1 I. T I 'T i ' TTT H p ,,, , T ,XT S, ,.., A .T qv., A -T T, ll T ""' I ' T T J. Q8 :FE , A t 1 A lf ' ' i ' S ff ' tl i n T- ,K fill . T " 'T' 1 T . , I ' I ' ' V - ""' f T. . , l My 5 'T ,,,--. T - , . , T, T T s as T T I I T 1 ' H T H ,sull ' T - V S 5: A f 'fzfiwflfif I 7 T' , H, L ,F T, T pl "N", T T T , LTV 'illif T1 . T J RY "' fflfkyflii. ' 'll- ' ' T - 6 , ' 'W ' Al Q 1 :rm , ii' Wu TT- Tu ' A , 4 f 4 I , Q T T TI A T I , T. N. T .T f, T fi' ,.,. T ' ' ' ' ' Q Q ' lf? 4" L - " :T "" - I 'I . I T' an ' ' Q : - ' E.. A if T. T T I Fu T' TTl" if .TfT' "' - A ' 1 A ' ..T ' ""' , T , N ,V p , T T T. , V y 1' '-., T, ' Q , V T XVII T A TT ,T Z 4 I 5, I83 F RESHME NANCY CHEMLIK, I-lousfon, Texas: STEVE CHILDERS, Okla, CIW: RANDY CHRISMAN, Tulsa: MIKE CLEETON, Broken Arrow, Okla.: LINDA COLE, Tulsa: NAOMI COLE, Tulsa: BECKY CONNELLY, Tulsa. CAREN COOLEY, Tulsa: MELINDA COOPER, Hcusfon, Texas: SHARON COPPEDGE, Tulsa: TIM COUKLIN, Albuquerque, N.M.: PLAZE MICHAEL CROW, Tulsa: LAURIE CULLING, Kirkwood. Mo. DON DAHLIN, Brentwood, Mo.: MINDY DAUBERMAN, Tulsa' BRUCE DEXTER, Slwawnee Mission, Kan.: RICHARD DIXON, Hous- lon, Texaa: NANCY DOUGLAS, Arlinqlon l-leiqlifs, Ill.: KAREN DOYLE, Tulsa: MARTIN DURRANT,, Florissanl, Mo. DIANA DURST, Tulsa: TIMOTHY CARL EDWARDS, Tulsa: FRANK ELARDO, Tulsa: CHERE ELLARD, Bixby, Okla.: CATHEY L. EL- MORE, Tulsa: CATHEY EVANS, Tulsa: KAREN EVANE, Moores Town, N.J. SUSAN FASIG, Tulsa: DAVID FILES, Tulsa: STEVE FLOWERS, Glenpald, Mo.: MIKE FLYNT, Tulsa: CHARLES FOSHEE, Tulsa' MARTIN FOSTER, Slerlino, Kansas: DAKAN FRANK, Tulsa. JAMES FRANKLIN, Barllesville, Olcla.: JANE FREEMAN, Prairie Village, Kansas: TONYA FROST, Tulsa: DEBBIE FUGLER, Olcla. Ciiyj RENEE GARVEY, Springfield, Ill.: JILL NENE GASKING, Tulsa: JOHN GERKIN, Deerfield, Ill. PEGGY GILBERT, Wlieal Ridge, Colo.: DEBORAH GILMORE, Tulsa: DONALD GILMORE, Kansas Cily, Mo.: MARK GOODWIN, Tulsa: LINDA GORDON, Tulsa: GLORIA GRAY, Tulsa: ANN GROSKURTH, Columbus, Kansas. PAUL GUNDERSON, Tulsa: CAROLE HACKE, Tulsa: KATHY HAGE, Leawood. Kansas: JENNIFER HAGERDON, Ponca CTW, Olcla.: CHRISTINE HANCOCK, Tulsa: RONALD HAND, Tulsa: BETTIE J. HARDISON, Tulsa. CHERYL HARRIS, Tulsa: DAVID HARRISON, Wayne, Pa.: DIANA HARTZ, Tulsa: MARCIA HASHAGEN, Tulsa: MARY HASKEW, Tulsa: LINDA HATHAWAY, SI. Genevieve, Mo.: KEVIN HAYES, Tulsa. LLOYD HEINZE, Tulsa: MARK HELLINGHAUSEN, Dallas, Texas: DENNIS HENDERSON, Tulsa: KRISTY HENDERSON, Tulsa: PAUL HENDERSON, Tulsa: ROBIN HENDERSON, Tulsa: KARL HEND- RICKSON, Pilfslord, N.Y. CHARLES DAVID HESS, Tulsa: SHAROL HIGGINS, I-lorniny, Olclai JUDY HIGGS, Tulsa: JENI HINCHCLIFF, Miami, Fla.: BEKKI HOBBS, Barllesville, Olcla,: MARILYN HODGSON, Si Louis, Mo.: PHILLY HOLLINGSWORTH, Slnawnee, Olcla, DEBBIE HOLMES, Tulsa: LYNN HOLT, Tulsa: MAX HORTON. Bridgeport Ala.: VICKI HOVESKELAND, Tulsa: MARY HOWARD, Orlando, Fla.: SHERMAN HYATT, Tulsa: ED INDERRIEDEN, Tulsa. DEBBIE JACKSON, Tulsa: DIANNE JACKSON, Tulsa: PATSY JACKSON, Broken Arrow, Okla.: CHARLIE JOHNSON, Tulsa: JOHN JOHNSON, Tulsa: ELAINE JOHNSTON, Tulsa: CARMA JOLLIFF, Tulsa. The Freshman year is fast paced. Iris a Ing change when one makes the grade, the grades, or gives up and takes it easy. Pancake Contest Almost Takes Freshmen DAVE JONES, TuIsa: JAN JONES, TuIsa: JOYCE JONES, TuIsa' JAN JORDAN, Leawood, Kansas: JINX JORDAN, TuIsa: DOUG JORDEN, FI, Smith, Ark.: SANDRA JUDD, TuIsa. PEGGY KANTER, TuIsa: REGINA KEELAN, TuIsa7 MICHAEL KELLY, Roswei, N.M.: TINA KEMP, Tulsa: JOHN KENDRICK, TuIsa: RODNEY KEYS, TuIsa. MIKE KING, LiberIyviIIe, III.: JIM KIRK, TuIsa: JOHN KLAHR, TuIsa: KAREN KLEINMANN, BarIIesviIIe, OkIa,: TED KNIGHT, CIaren'1ore, OkIa.: SCOTT KNOWLES, DaIIas, Texas: VICKI LANE, TuIsa. JANET LANGENHEIM, Websrer, N.Y.: DOUGLAS LANIER, Broker Arrow, OkIa.: WALTER LAMB, TuIsa: RICHARD LAUDEN, Kansas City, Mo.: CATHY SUE LAUDETT, Broken Arrow, OkIa.: RICHARD LAUGHLIN, TuIsa7 MIKE LAVELLE, TuIsa. CURT LAWSON, TuIsa: DAVE LAYFIELD, Tulsa: CINDY LEE, TuIsa: SUPHANEE LEEMASAWATDIGUL, Bangkok, Thailand: JOHN LILE, TuIsa: CATHEY LINDSAY, TuIsa: MIKE LOFSTROM, Lake BIuI'I, III. CARL LONG, TuIsa: THOMSA LOREY, TuIsa: CAROL MAHONEY, TuIsa: GREG MANER, TuIsa7 DAVE MANKINS, Broken Arrow, OkIa.' DAVID MANOR, TuIsa' PAM MARTIN, TuIsa. PAT MASE, TuIsa: DONA MASSEY, TuIsa: SANDRA MAY, CireIe- viIe. Ohio: VICKI MEEKER, TuIsa: ROY MERSFELDER, VaIIey Stream, N.Y,: DICK MILLER, TuIsa' TERRI MILLER, Tulsa. LINDA MITCHELL, Bixby, OkIa.: JIM MIXON, TuIsa: GUY MONT- GOMERY, Kirkwood, Mo.: JOHN MOONEY, TuIsa3 SHARON MOONEY, TuIsa: FRED J. MORGAN, Tulsa: MIKE MORRIS, SI. Louis, Mo. SANDRA MORRIS, TuIsa: BETH MORRISON, BariIesviIIe OkIa.7 DAVID MORRIS, TuIsa: BETH MORRISON, BarrIcsviIIo OkIa.t DENNIS MULCAHY, Keansbury, N.J.' RANDY MUNDT, TuIsa: ANDREA MUNGER, OverIand Park Kansas. ,Q- 'ai rg ggi S 2, If 555 T if I W K , I e ii.. . as f , ,, y ,,., - M , 21 A . A, s Y , as Q ' . A A , I aa. ,. V 'V 5 X is A ,ng .- , 'I' f ee, , 1 .1 ' ,,': , : em W, 'A - .5 QI : , I ' A A, 4' 'Y I I .K ,--. .. me S . . nf V sfufze . ..IQ. ' 5: digg. M L. ' ls- as A . if 4 .. Q , I- My, , ,. , . . .r,, gr. ,,. , , . ,N e 'Er W g 'E xg, , s is 3 we 52: g ,. sk rl I " xg, ggdse .5 gf is In I ,,- g -4... ,S xx :il A H, M A "' .ifis .f ff S Q ri .Eg S Q W 4 .Q 'Nr ,Qs i A w Qs 'Q ' A' A. E' I. I ,Af V as .A Q fi gg I? 1 is Q? : I3 K ' xg ,. :vi, .xt S ,, , n ik'- f isis ff s 1 if df, ,, - sw af' S 9? 1 W 2 . ,N 353, ,fi , K , 3' i 'Z i 5, , . ,., .bi fx , . S551 . if .,., Q ...C f I 9 , iff 'iff' mil ' 'is 5 F Y 8 As A EE:-:-,,. 5. x J x ks Hg. . - , A -. 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R ..:. - VVV. V- V V as '-V., K - J gs . f i l Vr . :. . V. . I ., '22 ' - ' ir, -- 2 -V -: '- is "..f- ,,1r'-V:S.,,.'- - .. 4- Veg,-s Vi .. -V I 1 - . V .V " - - - :H V.-Va A-wV'Vf - : :- z u lsls : A M ..VVV in . . A In .5VVV:w w :,.sV V f LL V ' VVV. ,V 2- 411:25 sr- ' lags-f ' V sn: 2 'Q' :gn P" 55 1:--gg 59:3 -5 ,ly " . V ' ' - 1 : fi I86 F RESHME STEVE MUNSON, Miami, Okla.: MARSHA MURRAY, Kansas Oily, Mo.: SUSAN MCCANN, Liberly, Mo.: DAVID MCCORMICK, Tulsa: MICHAEL MCDERMOTT, Alexandria, Va.: MARDI MCGEHEE, A+- clwison, Kansas: CAROLE MCGINNIS, Tulsa, JUDY MCGONAGLE, Tulsa: MARIAN MCKEAGUE, Tulsa: KATHY MCKENZIE, Tulsa: RANDY MCLAUGHTEN, Brenlwood, N.Y.: BILL MCMAHON, Tulsa: MERLENE NAVE, Sapulpa, Okla.: TRICIA NEAL, Topeka, Kansas. WILLIAM ALAN NICHOLSON, Tulsa: JOHN NILSON, Albuquer- que, N.M.: PEGGY NOGGATT, Granada Hills, Calif.: MARY NOR- BIN, Tulsa: JACOUI O'NEIL, Toronlo, Onlario, Canada: SUSAN OTIS, Eufala, Okla.: JOHN OWEN, Tulsa. SUSAN PAMMILL, Tulsa: NANCY PARKER, Tulsa: SANDRA PAT- TERSON, Tulsa: MARIE PEAGUE, Tulsa: SUSIE PERKS, Tulsa: ELAINE PETERSON, S+, Louis, Mo.: ROBERT PETHICK, Tulsa. ROBERT PHILLIPS, Tulsa: VICKI PHILLIPS, Tulsa: TOM PHILPOTT. Springfield, Mo.: POMPEY PIRONE, Mounl Vernon, N.Y.: JOE PLUMMER, Tulsa: GEORGE POPE, Cary, Norlh Caroline: PAT PUT- NAM, Garnesville, Texas. RONALD RADFORD, Tulsa: RUTH ANN RAINS, Barllesville, Okla.: JIM RAMSEY, Tulsa: LINDA RAMSEY, Broken Arrow, Okla.: ED- WIN REAVIS, Miami, Okla.: TIM REEVE, Tulsa: JANET RHOADS, Tulsa. CHRIS ROBB, Tulsa: MIKE ROBERSON, Broken Arrow, Okla.: ROB- ERT RODDY, Tulsa: ANN RODAN, Tulsa: BOB RODGERS, Tulsa: BILL ROLOFF, Kirkwocl. Mo.: MIKE ROMANELLO, Tulsa. DALE RUTLEDG-E, Tulsa: JAMES E. RYBURN, Jr., Tulsa: KITTI SABIN, Tulsa: LLOYD SAMUELS, Tulsa: RICHARD SCHAAN, Tulsa- CATHY SCHEPERS, Tulsa: WARREN W. SCHMIDT, Tulsa. DAVID SCHRAN, Peru, Ind.: SUZANNE SCROGGINS, Tulsa: ROB SEARCY, Tulsa: MICHAEL J. SELF, C5-lassboro, N.J.: MIKE SEY- MOUR, Tulsa: JO ELLEN SHAHAN, Tulsa: JUDY SHALEEN, Tulsa. MIKE SHAW, Oklahoma Cily: DAVE SHAWVER, Shawnee Mission. Kansas: PATRICIA SHELL, Tulsa: JUDY SHERRILL, Owasso, Okla.: RITA SHERROW, Tulsa: JAMES T. SILVEY, SI. Louis, Mo.: SUE ANN SIMMONS, Broken Arrow, Okla. FRANK SIMS, Tulsa: ROY SINOR, Tulsa: MILO SLATER, Tulsa: RICK SLEZAK, Englewood, Colo.: TUCKER SLOSS, Websler Groves Mo.: BETTY SMITH, Tulsa: BILLY SMITH, Sallisaw, Okla. CAROL SMITH, Hunlinqlon, W.Va.: LINDA SMITH, Prairie Village. Kansas: RANDA SMITH, Skialook, Okla.: SANDRA SMITH, Tulsa: LARRY SNIDER, Tulsa: SALLY SPRAKER, Tulsa: TERRE STAFFORD, Wesllield, NVJ. VIRGINIA STAFFORD, Tehran, Iran: SANDI STEELE, Tulsa: JEFF STEINKE, Leawood, Kansas: MARY STEVENSON, Tulsa: BECKY STEWART, Tulsa: DONNA STEWART, Telwran, Iran: BRENDA STOCKTON, Tulsa. UHow to Take A Final" by Rodman Tones. might describe this scene when the Dean told freshmen how to heat the sys- tem. How?l?l?l7!?l Female Pepsters Cheer Frosh Teams GENE SUENDER, Shawnee Mission, Kansas: KARL SUGGS, Tulsa' JERRY SUMMERS, Tulsa' SUE SURBEY, Muskoqee, Okla.: PAM SWAN, Tulsa: MARY M. SYMON, Prairle Vlllage, Karsas: CAROL TANKERSLEY, Tulsa. CAROL TAYLOR, Cresfwood, Mo.: KATHY TAYLOR, Vinlla Okay TERRY TAYLOR, Tulsa: MARIE TEAGUE, Tulsa: KATHY TEUTEN- BERG, Websler Groves, Mo.: BOB TIPPEE, SQ Louls, Moy MYRNA THOMAS, Caloosa, Okla. MAGDALENA TORRES, Tulsa: KATHY TOWLE, Tulsa: HARRY VI NANG TRUONG, Tulsa: RODGER TUCKER, Springfield, Va.: RON- NIE TUCKER, Washinqfon, D.C.: MIKE TURPEN, Tulsa: TOM UP- TON, Woodclilfl Lake, N.J. JAN URWILER, Laurel, Neb.: BECKY VAN HUSS, Kailua, Hawaii: MARY VON DREHLE, Tulsa: JEAN WALLACE, Tulsa: LINDA WAL- LACE, Tulsa: NANCY WANN, Tulsa: DAVID WATTENBARGER, Tulsa. CHRISTY WEAVER, Sl, Louis, Mo.: DOUG WEAVER, Tulsa: LHEA WEBB, Tulsa: VAL WEBBER, Tulsa: KATHY WEDELL, Hominy, Oklax BRUCE WEIDNER, Warson Woods, Mo.: RICHARD WEIGEL, Tulsa. ELVIN WELLS, Tulsa: BILL WENDELKEN, Mlaml, Okla.: .IEANNIE WEST, Tulsa: DIANE WHEELER, Tulsa: JAY WHEELER, Napa-rvllle lll.: LARRY WHEELER, Tulsa: LINDA WHEELER, Lubbock, Texas: LARRY WHITE, Tulsa. CECIL WHITT, Tulsa' CARLOTTA WILBANKS, Tulsa' MICHAEL WILDER, Allanla, Ga.: ALBERT WILL, Barllesville, Oklax DENIS WILLIAMS, Barllcsville, Oklaf CATHIE WILSON, Cuslvlmg, Okla,' KATHY WILSON, Anchorage, Alaska' MARY SUE WILSON, Tulsa, GARY WINSTONE, Tulsa? WAI LING WONG, Homo Konq' LARRY YATES, Sl. Louis, Mo.: SUSIE YOUNG, Tulsa: ALEX ZAENY, Sf. Louls, Mo.: AMY ZEIS, Tulsa: CINDY ZUMWALT, Tulsa: MIKE ZUMWALT, Tulsa, . . H : K I I 5 5 i s aqafl s Pl TT' ,.,. - ,. 'Tse if ,,SE':. '-: - T ' : ' T I . 1 Q .,, A , 'T I as " , ATT I I T .ll sf L ., ,,j.,. ,,, , , we . ,, ,,, ,, Hy . f X ,. , . ,.,s,s. s :T eu ' f 1, , 5 T5 T L x S xx 'Sk ,, ,, Q Eggs' Q 1 x we 2 ,. s, is ,Q as 1 T .. T.,-Hg... VV , , , gvl ,,L : . a , .:' T , Q Zv- W, 'TAA : .-f ei " as T--v -we T I I A l. I ,A -..L S- f 1 ""' 'lV: : .1-A 1 l :li Q , , '-." ll N - e e Us W ' - VAAV 3 ' pw! , l g , ., In gy . I , 15. I .Q WT T I L: J: .5 ' T . ,V T wg' I I87 vel, 1Vaf"yffI'f W 68,293 fr ml! WV V + gk D, N A X aww' ,Z W f ffm' M m4. ,4LW 1 I I 4 .4 xv Ag if f I .W ii 14 ' W A 5 N h 4 VKW6 ff ff P O X. .V ,l 'lY',f5..ef! A ' fs, 'x I Qz!f,jMQ1?:,:v ,Q K! 144 I , 9 N M QW K, U N H AJ vu H I if Vx sl K I 4 W! 1 f i X BE-AUTIES 'ANIEJ PERSIEINALITIES :MW ,, W ' X f M 'W 'fl 777 gl if f 4 2 , ,, ! I ff g'lf!p.'1gi L ' b v ' J Md f V 1 f. may N-w'j"!7f0 4314?-'MM iyll'A5Jfg,7 I A ,xr f M ,afar , 1 , 411,-'gzig f 1Qg,yW f , wi A 1 1397 , 7 A ' f I ji if' fe Maw 1! f ?,f'r' igf!Wf f + s'Ws9f WV! f 4 V WX 0' ff 1 X My f f' 1 , I Ulf ','5 s U K 7 Kendallabrum Salutes IANE ENRIGI-lT...Panhellenic President gets a birds eye view of the new sorority housing . , . a feminine face on the north campus . . .spends her Hunbusyu moments on Varsity Nite Board. PAT MOATS . . . effective president of Art Students League . . , minds modern sculpture . , . left her mark in the lihrary with graphic . . . free-lance artist. I90 master- designs IOHN HOVE . . . friendly i'Southern Gentlemanl' . . . juggles his offices in Kappa Alpha, LFC., and Senate...when do you celebrate Robert E. Lees birthday? . . affectionately Iohn Hootie. MARY BIRMINGHAM . . . tennis champ . . . beat the fog 40-love . . . trades gavels of Panhcllenic for Delta Delta Delta . . . Theta Panhellenic Spirit Award . . . Lottie I-Board secretary and president, DENNIS KRAHN . . . planted on the Kendall Campus by the engineers.. .struck oil in "initial" activities . . . AIME, TT, NET, O-SK . . .always on the job. . .has nasal problems in "high" places . .. ,ti-f11f"kf , ' ,L 4, - - 11- S mfdie ....,,f""f Z! F. pei DAVE IVIONICAL . . . surveys a find from one of his Udigs" of T.U. liberalism as Chairman of finjfamous SCAC . . .adept and out-spoken chairman of Senate Academic Affairs. BILL CARL...pre-ministry student does a little 'practice preaching" before his captive audience.Hexplosive member of TNT . . , Modern Choir member and VP. of the Ir, Class. ,messes ...W .ii .eww U-wiwmvl Hill? ll HNFARTS Kendallabrum Salutes DEBBIE RAUH . , . locked in the Kendallabrum office, escapes to freedom . . . a battered blue Volkswagen . . . IFC and Greek We-t'k brochure . . . Varsity-Nite from secretary to assistant producer and publicity. RICHARD HILL . . .Rich to his intimates . . , three years in track and football . . , the mad scientist. . . twice president of Nl' . .. found in the wee hours singing at Pickles. is A . ea. .. it A I Q il EARBI SLACSLE , . . human computer for campus elections . . . President of ll-U5 , . . religion is her favorite class . . , How often did you say the Clovernorls Council on Voting age meets, B.ll'l3f7 r t , if 5 f it Kendallabrum Salutes INFORMATION STUDENT ERVICES CENTER CINDY YOST . . . Public Relations Director . . . provides student serv- ices for erudite TU students . . , slender Senator-at-Large. . . VP. of Ir. class and promising future English teacher, l92 DENNIS BRADFORD , . . fire chief of PiKA . , . V.P. of Senior Class and AKPsi member . . . business student attends class in church? Bus- iness School VP .... Delta Man. NORMA CURLEY , . .pulling the ropes to raise the curtain on the Miss TU Pageant . . .straining for a successful Greek Week and Home- coming . . . a Vivacious and talented Ethel Merman. . , . DAVE TAYRIEN ...devoted hut harassed Collegian edi- tor Hdoes his own thing' '... famous for his Monday dead- line , . . dissent within dissent in SCAC , . . IAN professional journalism fraternity. VIRGINIA SMITH . , . a familiar face around campus . .. founder and president of Independent VVomen's Association ,. . Secretary of University Scholars . . .Treasurer of A.VV.S, LINDA CHAMBERLAIN Klilf Senior Class Secretarv: Student Senate: Presidents Cluh' Lantern: Scroll: Presidents Honor Holl: Deans Honor Roll: AVVS: Council on Religious Life: Kill: University Scholar: SEA. IEAN SCHABERG Angel Flight. Commander: Mortar Board, Treasurer: SEA, President: Council for Exceptional Children, State Secretary: Dorm Treasurer: Scroll: AVVS. President. be S, V ,H as 1 il.. S? f 5 E il l 1 is '2 Q 2 f Q , Wa f i A efj lfafs 'f fl? ho's Who At Large ZEB LIN BRISTER Baptist Student Union, Newspaper Editor: Ullf, President: 'MIIQ Interdisciplinary Curriculum Couuuittee: Intramural Council, Sec- retary: Council on Religious Lite: Presidents Clulw: Presidents Honor Roll: Young Republicans: lVlcClure, Nlalmee Foundation Scholarships. KATHLEEN LYNCH Mortar Board, Secretary: Lottie lane Mabee Hall, Vice-President: TTR: film-bg Presidents Honor Roll: IRC: Student Senate: FOTFSS: CCUN: Scroll: Lantern. CONNIE MURRAY XSZ, Rush Chairman: CCUN, Secretary, Vice-President: Student Senate, Secretary: Angel Flight: Presidents Club: Lantern: Scroll: KENDALLABRUM: UAE: Student Association. Secretary. if I93 ho's Who t Large IANE ALEXANDER Lantern: Scroll: Student Senate: Young Republicans: CCUN: Varsity- Nite Board: X9, Pledge Trainer: AWS. MIKE CARUTHERS A'l'U, President: fl1HZ2, Treasurer: NME, President: OAKg Arnold Air Society: Presidents Club: Math Club: Engineers Club: Deans Honor Roll: Council on Religious Life: ROTC: Student Senate. C-AIL FARRELL Miss TU, l968: Mortar Board: Nfl: -EAI. President: 'l'1'K: Lantern: Scroll: Presidents Honor Roll: Deans Honor Roll: Petroleum Engineer- ing Queen. DAVID WATSON KWGS: Presidents Honor Roll: 4:lA'l', President: AEP: Student Senate: IFC: AFROTC: -YN. 3, iii: fkrzfflgq ,Q SARAH ALVOID Mortar Board, President: KKV: Angel Flight, Treasurer: Deans Honor Roll: Student Senate: Iunior Class Secretary: Fashion Board: AWS: Council of Religious Life: Scroll: Lantern. l GUN DOUETTA SWOFFORD KAG, President: Mortar Board: Art Students League, Secre- tary: APT: Student Senate: Cheerleader: Presidents Club: University Scholar: Dean's Honor Roll: Scroll: Lantern, RCN BRAEUTIGAM Student Senate, President: 0-NK: Engineers Club: 'l'llZ: KME: TT: llE'I'g AIME: Presidents Club. MARCIA YOUNG Angel Flight: Mortar Board: Deans Honor Roll: Council on Religious Life: Baptist Student Union: Model United Na- tions, Delegate: Scroll: KKV. All fl x lf V Y, , C 4 ,N 'Y 'F kv ,mth ' 2 F :tw ax. At Large BRUCE ROBERSON Student Senate, Vice-President: BN, President: Presidents Club: Modern Choir, Business Manager: Chairman for Freshman Orientation: IFC Executive Council: Greek Week Chairman. SUNNY PAUL Mortar Board, Parents Day Chairman: Student Senate, Treasurer: Senior Class Treasurer: Varsity Nite Board, Business Manager: Presidents Club: AKA: UAE, Secretary-Treasurer: Angel Flight, Executive Oflicer: KEN- DALLABRUM: AVVS, Vice-President: Presidents Honor Roll. SHERRY TEMPLETON XS2, President: Mortar Board: SEA: AWS: Student Senate: Varsity Nite Board: Lantern: Scroll: 'l'l'K: Klll: 'l'Al'l: KENDALLABRUM: University Scholar. W. V.. ho's Who In Business HAROLD LANGDON Senior Class President: IIKA, President: Executive Club: AFROTC: Presidents Club: IFC: Business School, Treasurer: Freshman, Sophomore. Iunior Class President. BRUCE DAVIS Deans Honor Roll: OAK, Vice-President: Varsity Basketball: Lettermans Club. BARBARA BERKEY Business College Queen: Lantern: Scroll: Panhellenic. 2nd Vice- President: TU Business Wornen: Deans Honor Roll: Sweetheart of IW : ir E.. 3. . i, in ,I K GLORIA BIRCH Executive Club: Student Senate: -EA-is TU Business Women: Varsity Nite: Certificate of Merit, Business School: National Secretaries Association Scholarship: A-3-A. l FRANK EBY OAK: ZX, Treasurer: Student Senator: Presidents Club: Executive Club: Young Republicans. . ,,:,, ,, .em r:,. CHARLES KRUEGER AMA. President: BX, Secretary: AK'l', Secretary: College ol Business, Vice President: Executive Club: Deans Honor Roll: Sales and Marketing Executives of Tulsa Incorporated Scholarship: Young Republicans. BETTY VVILLIAIVIS TU Business Wornen, Vice President: AMA. Secretary Treasurer: Executive Club: Lantern: Scroll: Business School, lunior, Senior Secretary. BILL VVILDER IIKA. Secretary: Student Senate: Executive Club: Presidents Club: AINL Who's Who In Business ,...v-1 QF .qi IOHN VVARNER ZX. President: Business School Executive Club: Presidents Club. IIM BEREOLOS Student Senate. Treasurer: Lettermans Club: Varsity Football: IX: AKW: Iunior Class Vice-President: Deans Honor Roll. Who's Who In Liberal Arts IOHN SPURGIN IRC: CCUN: Young Republicans: 'l'l'K: Presidents Honor Rollg Pre-Law Club. Secretary-Treasurer: K-Y. DON MCCORKELL flilfz 'l'Affl, President: Young Republicansg CCUNg Council on Religious Life: IRCZ ISO. ' " ' ERNIE BEDFORD KZ, President: IFC, Treasurer: TU Pre-Law Club, President: Varsity Niteg COLLEGlANg International Relations Club, Vice-President: Presidents Club: Academic Affairs Council: CCUN: Young Republicans: 'l'A"l. CAROLYN COLLIE ill, Presidentg Presidents Honor Roll: Lantern, Vice-Presb dent: Scroll: Angel Flight: Varsity Nite Board, Secretary: Presidents Club: AWS. CAROLYN HALL AWS, President: Angel Flight, Administrative Officer, Deans Honor Roll: Lantern: KKV: SEA: Young Republicans, Coun- cil on Religious Life: Lottie lane Mabee Hall, Iudiciary Board, KATY HALL Angel Flight: Scroll: Presidents Club: KA Sweetheart: KA9, Secretary: Young Republicans: Reb Belles: Student Senate. LINDA GROSS Marching Band, Twirler: Mortar Board, Vice-President: CEC, Secretary: 'VB-Y, Secretary: Lantern: Scroll: AAA: Top- Ten College Twirler. Education l 1 i PAM MCCRORY Student Senate: Angel Flight: Presidents Club: Freshman, Sophomore Class Secretary: Lantern: Scroll: Dean's Honor Roll: Greek Week Committee. M-vvl0"' ,M .wan-1'm"n'f' IUDY FRANK Angel Flight: Home Economics Club, Vice President: Fashion Board: Mortar Board: Presidents Honor Roll: Lantern: Scroll: KKF. SARA SMITH Presidents Honor Roll: Scroll: Lantern: Angel Flight, Pledge Officer: lil: Fashion Board: Home Economics Club, Secretary: AVVS: Varsity Nite Board. PAM ROSS KU, Vice President: Angel Flight: University Scholar: Lantern: Scroll: Student Senate: Varsity Nite Board: Deans Honor Roll. ,ff Who's Who In Engineering MICHAEL BROWNE Presidents Honor Roll: Deans Honor Roll: Varsity Nite Board, Director: Arnold Air Society: TUE: A4752: Air Force ROTC: AICE: Engineers Club: American Chemical Society. SCOTT BURVVELL Kappa Sigma: Student Senate. 200 gg it ig if S 5 ' ff? it ii .V-5 : , 1 JUDY REYNOLDS Engineering Queen: Engineers Club, Secretary: KME: Scrollz 'lfl'K: AAA, Treasurer: AICE: University Scholar. I F I- F CYNTHIA CHRONISTER 401: University Scholars: Lantern: Scroll: AWS: Math Club: Engineers Club: KME, President: Presidents Honor Roll: Dean's Honor Roll: German Club: TVK: Engineers Student Council, Secretary. GEORGE ROE fl'llZ1: KME: TT, President: Engineers Club: Deans Honor Roll: AICE: University Scholar. IANIE BUKER Klilf President: IM: TU Modern Choir: Cheerleader: Scroll: Presidents Cluh: Panhellenic: Young Republicans. GARY MQCOY Presidents Honor Roll: Presidents Club: U-KK: 'l'NlA, Sine lonia President: KK'l': University Nlarching Band, President: University Drchestra. PIPER GILLILIAND KWGS: Scroll: KAW, Treasurer: Varsity Nite: KEN- DALLABRUM: Gallagher Girls, President: TU Business Woiiiens Club: Lantern. Fine Arts IOHN JOLLY ANP, President: KVVCS, Program Director: Iohn Dorenius Scholarship: Corinthian Broadcasting Scholarship. P Ac., A it T gg -H fig g gf N ggi, ' .ejliig ,C . .Q A f .Q x :r J Fi "eq 1' F-uf ? TTT! M X11 is fjw is K, f 'hm A M, XQN WX ,X - I .. , ,di .ix -5 'ivy IO ANN RICE Presidents Honor Roll: German Cluh, President: National Merit Scholar' Lantern, Vice-President: Scroll, Treasurer: TU Orchestra: TU Band: Chapel Organist: TU Opera VVorkshop: EAI. HARRIET KOONS Deans Honor Roll: Lantern: Scroll: KAW: Student Senate: Art Students League, Secretary: AWS, Vice-President: Varsity Nite, Assistant Art Di- rector. yn s. if l 202 Q.. Q p. uc Cr' xc, . 7 X:-3 if ' x- w xx Q J 4. M 'Sul f Nl c.3"f'4 -9' " , , .- 1: ., . 1 -' ' , " r f ' ' X , ,. X M . I Beauties 69" Queens M wg, Ly-in During four outstanding years at T.U. Gail Farrell has distinguished herself with countless awards and honors. She was selected Miss T.U. 1968, Petroleum En- gineering Queen, and was preliminary swimsuit and talent winner in the Miss Ok- lahoma Pageant. She was secretary of both Lantern and Scroll and is presently editor and historian of Mortar Board. She holds membership in Phi Gamma Kappa and is past president of Sigma Alpha Iota, music honorary. She has been listed on the Presi- dent's Honor Roll four semesters. And when she wasn't on the Presidents list the Dean had her name. Chi Omega Sponsored by Pepsi Cola Photography by Bob McCormack E V ,TH 0 W .. , ,?,,,,.+ YK.. . V A az-Wggmgy iw - gf W ,.-f f xv if ' RW 5 ff I I Z L Y q 1 1, xx ,lg 2 . Exif gg, it t .f ' V. gf mfg' 1 . 4555 Wh ,- , mg A an X 2 4 fa W H M ::::-f12:2j12:551FH X 1 lm-M ,, zfv-wa-ww .MW v-MA4. ,W ,A M ,MW HX.M.w..W.ww,,mm,W,N.m- ,awww Lucia Palmer, "the girl with the beautiful blonde hair," transferred to the University of Tulsa this year from Kansas University. She is a sophomore majoring in special edu- cation. One of Lucia's favorite activities con- cerns her major. She says that she enjoys her visits twice a week to the Childrens Medical Center more than anything else about her major. On campus Lucia has also been active in Fashion Board and the Inter- national Relations Club, i aaa O 46720 Kappa Kappa Gamma Sponsored by Kendallabrum-Collegian Photography by Bob McCormack 'Y 31 -X ln her two years at the university Linda Venner has matched her beauty with out- standing scholarship. She was listed on the Presidents Honor Roll with a 4.0 both se- mesters of her freshman year. As a pledge ol Kappa Alpha Theta sorority, Linda was chosen as Outstanding Freshman Pledge by the T.Ll. Panhellenic Council. She maj- ors in speech therapy, but her interests don't end there. She has been active in Angel Flight, Freshman Council, and was a run- ner-up for the title of Best Dressed Coed. Vhmwf Kappa Alpha Theta Sponsored by Brown-Dunkin Photography by Bob McCormack ffWW'f'vR35' M T is!-ML , A Q www '.-'lf' ,, . '0 ' I-' . Q Q-Q. g5gm,qj-,- -. iw H -K f HE., A. H -,Z em ., . msgs ,wg , , f u U ':1wi+5x'M.aEiggl , .. , Qvrgsrfpw, V siaHT:sn??fQiEgf5 7 ,QL V:-In ff:i51523ggi, ,5 , 521559255 3 mega? , N l ,.,- Q , ,MAX 'rf , Lf -- Qu M . M.. ,Q 4 L, .. hi , '-255' '4 ' ik 594. is 5 ,,.. 4 YS., X 1, S i . gk vw , ,f-,1sae,Qf:z.-,K 'iaglfggiiyflfv fi .SL-vmogg, ji k k 5 ffif ' W 94' 1 - :L-':,-1.32 . , ,v I 5 ' .AQ .nfl 51 iliii ' E ., "'f:134' - af!- , j , M . ' W i . :Q . - Bspefgkxk . L Jwmw? M ,W .szfgikffw -- .. f Ht ,: -r f - f. 21,fsm ' - .JMWWM . 'mf 2i'1': 1- 'f If V5 ' 1 . ' - :. p?L V 1C'-735.5 'Q -sw . .. .:s: 5,:.,-?:,I- 3,-, ziegwi - QE 5? N, ,,,1 Z .. 5 1 2 -' . - 55255 M , fi 1 H, 'Q S X E! ., ,.,2,, ,.,. . ., Q5 ,.,.1. A ,.,, 5 V, f 1 -' K EA igff 2,3219 ww iii Aww ai ,M V kgsgzigfp 1 nm., 5 49325 Zrlfii , A .SL -My I H was HLLWIJLQA -I 5: zgfjvizw ' NMQRM . f -- :S 7 E-MQW: '-ff . ..., Wigan M .,,,, g Qwggi ' si w.vpkSf323jgfxg31uf15 N imim 1 Nw x,,5.Wf W, W., , me ggkgkgqz L Q-,M .,' Iwi - Masq. ff- ,V U , 1-:ww , Q. ff gg, , 5 5, z ..,. , aw: ff Ak Kim, Nita Ormand is a tall lovely sophomore who hails from Midland, Texas. She has been listed on the Dean's Honor Roll for her work in her major of elementary educa- tion. A member of Fashion Board for two years, she showed her flair for fashion by being selected one of the Ten Best Dressed Coeds on TU campus. She served as chap- ter historian this past year for her sorority, Chi Omega. She was honored this year by being chosen a finalist for the title of T.U. Centennial Football Queen. Nita's favorite activities include swimming and golf, a sport in which she has shown superior skill. Chi Qmega Sponsored by Betty Kay's Dress Shop Photography by Bob McCormack N X f A ,Q il, , ,A . gQ,fT21':s 1.1 f ' ' . , ,J ,AM K As32M,71Q5r-, M- A 4 I 4 ic 'Viz ,sg,iJ'E,f ng, 3 . QM , ,img-+,54fhQm'15.-ek' ""' f v -5:'Qi1.'?A34??E'-22 ggi A kwin 35. :Qi-M. ' M5-, if - ,5,??f1.g3Tij3gg5:rM4'- Qf igaf 2E 6 Tniigf . QQ. 1 ' 'ffefffsz ..':::.'1,e,-1.'g,:gf wig, 414:-P, 1L gg,-: 2 3- M XH Q fbi, My ,w j v-!i.4 ,giaifgfa 31' ,E 51, 5,1 :V LD'-:ffm ,-fg3,q'- ,mzf Q-'45, 'L' ,Q Q gf -Q F1ff??i" . X 1' we 19 K if' K 5' . . hi, w L5 if l i April Koch is a lively sophomore majoring in special education from Alden, New York. She has been honored scholastically by be- ing selected for membership in Pi Delta Ep! silon, a womens journalism honorary, and Lantern. She is a member of the Kappa Pickers and headed public relations for her sorority, Kappa Kappa Gamma. She was a member of both the Freshman and Sopho- more Council. A girl of varied interests she loves to sketch and paint. And two of her favorite topics of discussion are religion and politics. Kappa Kappa Gamma Sponsored by Al's Formal Wear Photography by Bob McCormack 1 Jw Wm? H if we K m,,k3,r ,... H3 PEW. wg, 1 4 ,.ia,, f Lgahvmmyw - in M wi - 1-5 , N, , , X 5. Q W :kb E 2? 4 rl., . ,Z I 1,191+ V. ,hsiw 1'-cv ,W vii 1 Q -' ,1.iEx2'g,fj as l??iT'fQ ' fx!-A' Sophomore coed Melissa Ashby is major- ing in sociology where she maintains a B average. She came to the University of Tulsa from Bartlesville and brought with her a lovely smile and lively interests. She is a member of Young Republicans, and be- fore the election she was active in Youth for Nixon. Melissa is also a member of Fashion Board and the Canterbury Club. Last year she was the recipient of the Home Builders Association Scholarship. Hwy Chi Omega Sponsored by Coca-Cola Photography by Bob lVlcCormack 5 tgp, wa. ff' .ffE?5f 'fgxngf dw' W I , ' -si' av' H-, 1? ,QE 115 K? Q in Jgffiggg w : am-vff.'f . :wff Q XpAsf.i., A f -fu' -Q-w:':" .' 'fafgfgkgggf fr --1 ff-m fs kggfsfig fig 5, QED? A 2' 44 F my Q, 4 1--2-v 5,3 4 mix if ' ' ,fy ww 'f 1 4' ,, ,JZ .. ' Ill? wh- :H-,zz-x +. ik A 2 A 'in xf, , gc , f 3 ' V . 'Q-1lQT"Y' 3" f A -1- 9- S134 - i,jS,g1: g,fQ'341s, fat -3 +I, . f :L H15 ,if QL ,Q V ff f fm '-5 B l w kggilk ' 2 132. e , in . Wm , AQQNQ5 ef ix 4 'L QIQQQQ21' W,:Q1-.Qi ,- , x ff",-2235, , -.,, , rw:-4?'5:,. wwf - 2 , -'t'f'1.Fw'2 U- ' 15,2 57 ,, " , :"L,1ifg L 353 , ,, , Poised, beautiful, and talented can all be used to describe Ieannie Gambrell. With a major in sociology her interests reach many fields. ln addition to her regular curriculum Ieannie teaches modern dance for the HPE department. She is an active member of the Council for Religious Life and has served on the lntermural Council. This year she was chosen to represent TU in the Ameri- can Royal Queen contest. leannie also served as social chairman and Panhellenic representative for her sorority, Delta Gam- ma. She used her talent for dancing when she worked as choreographer for the 1969 Varsity-Nite production. Miss IEANNIE GAMBRELL Miss University of Tulsa 1969 ff 1 '51 1 , ,rs ' n 0,1 'ry . gig.- h'w':'.1 lv: 3 - Q if, ' lipvgil Ek ag i' . , A:X.,,, o ,, Q- 'Ei'?"ff" 5 ., Ju , 1 a , ?G"Eri"".',V' X , : - K: ,fr 1?-:'Lf1 2 6.11 ' '!.',y,,., 3 .'v-'n ' 1' .Jwz Key' j fx a V4 .- Q' :.:f.'w ,--4, ,' 75 ' g .' f W' f T 1L'j?9 1" X an ',.". ,gil ,I , f, ,Z f .f ,.'.. ' 5 'A' I af- f , ,. , I ,, .,-fi yy K: as F Q, U .- f .5--.-,Eff Jn Q 'f-4 . 29141 rv 1 . , AH 7.1 S K I fuer, 1 1'w','Jff"2'?-' L ff un ,,.' . Q f. , x. ' ' ' '1-'Ag K-'ig 'K' Q 13,11 "1E'vf ' 4 ' W V av ,, H Wylie. 4 .M :X,, ,g,.,j4- .X UH.-.,. g .,..3 W :1-E 1 sfi":L-'ax f. dx, ff1,K',f1,gL.Q-'Z-3' 'Lf .a 62:21, QM' , S-.. .asiia ' ..-,ww , 1. W, f '-1. agp.- + 'QNX -"ym'k".-4 -, ff wif , 'J "j'f. 1k.-,, gg Nfqgq, ww, .. w '4':gf., gssgsf. ,. sag-x -:M s f ff , 'Wg .vp we-M-. X: P' ,x!4:'ds'd?:iSgn-,- 1 .9 'QQM1 ,259 ':- ..'.,g:.3Y .,, ,,, ' 3 :,- -f 1 f,,:'vs5 V. 1' fir' 'rung-rfgfgwli "IL '53 A vi.. ' g-A Jsabyn 4:,,.,i..f,.. -1, .mr .' L: As' " V "fb 'dig' "lk 3? 5 .41 Y ' f .- '2i",'wy :Kaz 1. wg If L1 'YI QP, Q nu: -' Q -,p ' -2w.,f1fi':.::f ,. -f,,l.,. 151. .11 .-sg, Vg-,Xt :.-2--' wf- ?-t 8- ' , s -'-1-r -ff" M. - r In .2 vzlfxg. aj M, 2 . . A 5, K . ,, ,-, , . , .. s 4' H. -. 1' ,N- . ..-lg'-M n 1' h . lf' 1 X ,. V, - -Qu ,. 41, ,. .5-'mv vi-f gk" Q. K Y' if '-wi My Q iq' ffxsv, Q ,. R.,, M., s 3 ,ww A 24, , Q . . , V , 5- ,rv ,WX A' 'A Af ., 'ff-5':!f'E .,,'IiT 'k" ff, f 22, 15. ' -Ty 5 ' QT L+ i!+2LSf97f'I- ' im' ' - 'wiv , ,,i1,gii' A45 Queens Miss KAREN COFFMAN Honorary Cadet Colonel Mlss SARA SMITH Honorary Cadet Major MISS BARBARA BERKEY Business School Queen f . n NN ' I F V X g N 1 1 W, X WMQ We vw 'E Q 4 Q, 1' Q, X X X HM W I X . ' 4 A wfpfgi' 5 -I .HW W H 5 ff" ' ff! X ww P Mi-I ' C 5" ," 'D ! X i j M1265 ' , X 7 M4?51n:11g!yff ,ff,' f ii., V, x Ml Q 1. f- , 0 7 W 'WW fy MKINH, fl f 'If , ' , N ' wa I wiv' N71 j X I ff l .M 6 f'uw':' vh4:fwm .f X 5ws, 1' ' WI 'MNA ff W" n ffff f ' N hpwxiwlwgff ' Q gl W1 f hM24yl X, ! AAAf' ff f X I , Xfvgefitig XX X, AW! X n X X0 X -Qffwf f 1 1 1 M L 54ff - Nz: fz2iiefWQ3"l 'X w O! fffwf Jw ah Z 'Z' 11:-w,.rlw-6:1 yX'W ! 1 f f l,jllflf4mrfW 1' f' 445 vim-aasezfwxm, J l -:Mu ffl! f f',rfC4nf2:4f4fnl','l:, Z' f x -'-1."4.'l2m'4-9, Q2,ffd1Q.Qf5uQfgZ9h9:f P Ffnffxtviizi , ' " 'X '5' 75'f'7ffff' '1 7 ? W gf' i,,frf"f+W 9 3!!1Q11:1141f,g'if"xNf Nggix f 1 ' N, 'ff ,A I X I K NNY. '41gff1,:f,,.ff 'ig fr? ' lv Jxffi' ' I HFUJJ V gg, I W V M jg ,4 ' IJ? 'LMI ., ,PN 1 vw. f' ' .iff 4'11"g- '13-'ff A If ' -'f5f,f?f'TZf5"'f' f f f I ' ' M' Uv!! X ,', 1' , ' ffwf 'Q f'4,"7f 'ffl' ff VW' , 1 1 x ' Y X X f X ' x X J EREEK5 f ' ' 1 f f ff I fa 4 ' 'tb' fp! fl ' ll J! nv In A f X' NAV " r j ' -'--fun' ff X!-1'4'?f.i 'R','. +-.4f ' A' f f ' 14 liwzml f 'is' -xii ' QQX W lui. 4' 2 yy? wwfnjgm - Qlwwwfwmilf' Wy- " -"'.'.' fl f ?f' 'FW JEQEQEEF9' ' ,141 - ' X 7 ef x f 'f 415' Z ' D vf f : f.Qf fi f - yy 24 M ,ff gases? 4. N + fi: f f' :Quai r S, , v ffvfv 'fefyzwgrlfb' f Jef-W ww wfff!! I 1 , 4.01 , hz,-,ewf 049' f'I -f ff ,Mir ll A Qfffmllf-44l"gIIf -'- Aggagnllv ' f jlVrV'l 1 55 ii: ww, qgfav- L 3 srfag X Q ,W b my ,, it S! S. E 'i f -iff x af imp. 'sm- be w , ,KQSSYF BRANT CfoN1.1ix' Kazppzz Dvftaz Mem I - --- Sorority Favorites DAVE ARNOLD Theta Man ROBERT IoL1.x' Korg Main Mrs. Foster Henley, Linda Accurso, Nora Archer, Iane Alexander, Kathy Alexand- er, Melissa Ashby, Betty Bailey. Debbie Bendler, Phyllis Berke, Deirdre Bird, Dee Ann Brown, Sandra Buzzal- ini, Evelyn Carl, Teresa Champion. Nancy Chinelik, Gaye Clark., Melinda Cooper, Susan Cor' nett, Glenda Curby, Mindy Dauberman, Susan Daven- port. Gail Farrell, Mary Goddard. Martha Gowans, Debbie Grundy. Kathleen H a g e . Patti Hartig. Nancy Hend- rix. Barbie Hojel, Vicki Hood. Debbie Iackson, Janie King, Karen Krai, Anne Long, Lin- da Looney. Nancy McNair, Connie Murray, Iacqui O'Neil, Nita Ormand, Debbie Rauh, Linda Richards, Kathy Rogers, Pam Ross, Kittie Sabin, Iudy Schneider, lean Sheldon, Randa Smith, Ginny Stale ford. April Templeton. Sherry Templeton, Iozie TenZythofl. B a 1' b a r a Thompson, Ianet Urwiler. Terry Will'iains, S u s i e Young. Cindi Zurnwalt, l2 Whig kt VMUS if Owl Gals Honored by We have members from Venezuela, Hol- y - vw gi l wi lly? EAKQ CHI OMEGA Five In Who's Who Whos Who . . . While three girls charmed land, Canada, Mexico, and Texas? . . . Gail their way to Kendallabrum Beauty Queenlll Farrell-Miss-You-Name-itl . . . lllustrious . . . Mortar Board claimed Sherry, Gail, and editor of the Kendallabrum . . . Enthusiasm Emily . . . After waiting so long to receive does make the difference! . . . Did the pledg- their watermelon seeds-the pledges were es really cut off the circulation in the mem- more than ready to give them up . . . Doris bers' limbs? . . . Pledges always knew the lVlom's neat notes . . . Semester grades members would be too chicken to sing for brought us five fl.0'sl . . . Friendship here the KA's . . . Five girls worked their way to we'll always hold true . . . Santa Claus is c ing to-the Chi Omega Ski Party? Yes. thc Christmils Spirit cu iiic ' for Chi Os Amd dates when he-SC-paid ai visit. L lt 2 fl' in ' ks' Z E . i 5, l.,.........J . .ivy .. 'R 5' Mrs. Ann Turner, Ann Arch- ibald. Kathy Barber, Terry Barnes, Anne Baumgarten, Gloria Birch, Mary Birming- ham, Pam Bond, Kathie Butts, Tina Clements, Karen Coll- man, Caroline Czenkusch, Karen Dawson. Diana Durst. Nancy Ferguson. Peggy Freeborn, Debbie Fugler. Linda Gross, Cheryl Horst, Meryl Horst, Dixie Iohns. Lynn Iones, Debbie Kinkaid. Karen Kleinmann, Carolyn Larson, Susan Laymen, Dor- is Lewis, Debby Lohmann. Mary Losse, Marianne Me- Kenna, Pat Mase, Carolyn Morgan, Louellen Morsfield, Ianice Murphy, Susie Perks. Judy Reynolds, Martha Roh- rbaugh, Sara Smith, Carin Southworth, Betts Steven, son, Carol Taylor. Penny Vanlrloose, I e a n Wailker. Terrie Walker, Lin- da Watts, Betty Werner. Ieannie West. Indy Whitehead, L y n n Wiseman, Carolyn Wortley. Nelda Wynne, Cindy Yost, Amy Zeis. Tri-Deltas Take Miss Pooh gets a pin . . . 16 pledges . . . KA Rose lor Lynn . . . 3 are Angels . . . Whos Wh,o, Iudy, Linda, Sara . . . Delta Diner . . . Cone of Silence . . . "Oopsl DDD!" . . . 2 saluted by Kendallabrum . . . Delta Laugh-ln . . . All the Deltas love Bob, he's our man . . Betts heads CEC . . . Silver Crescent . . Great strawberries . . . Best bugler Anne is Ao, ' ug 'l"7s 07' A DELTA DELTA DELTA Flame, Band Queen Band Queen . . . Panhellenic: Spirit for Mary . . . One Mortar Board . . . We lost our feaf ture twirler, but maybe we've got another one . . . Do it for Delta . . . Does your spray work? . . . Halloween with the Turley chil- dren . . . still rugged and right . . . and an- other year for Delta love and the crescent moon . . . Will you sign my pine? Tri-Delt pledges seem to be asking as pledge trainer Cindy Yost Watches. ls this a Three-D happening? Mrs. V. C. Slack, Barby Armstrong, Laura Ashlock Missy Ayers, Molly Badgettl Tricia Boyd. Kathy Brewer, Angie Byrne. Carolyn Collie, Donna De- Martini, Leticia Gallagher. leanne Gambrell. Renee Garvey, Nanci Ger- winer, Pat Gillett, Sharon Goddard, Iennifer Hagerdon, ludy Higgs. Beth Holder, Mary Howard. Sharon King, lulie Kinnard. Cindy Lee, Gina Meirzolla. Debbie Mitchell, Marianne Naifeh, Vicki Phillips, lanet Rhoads, Lynda Rhoads, Lin' da Roark. Sheila Robinson, Sally Rog- ers, Rita Sherrow, Mary lane Smith, Sally Spraker. Suzanne Suendcr, Mziry Sy- mon. Kathy Taylor, Indy McDermott, Mary Ianice Turner. Cindy Wehr, Suby Weston. Mary Sue Wilson, Georgia VX7ylcofl, Carol Yocom. F ,N.k , 5.9 'Rn ,L .s.,.,i..,rr .VAL Q 5 W , i, J2"fr't X :EN 5 ,. A ,,, 5 15 , , . H' ' A 437 fl'- L A gf L W' ,, 2 Q go , E DELTA GAMMA DG Wins Miss TU, Welcome aboard, Miss TU is a Delta Gam- ma sister . . . Rhoadsy-Toadsy is frosh treasurer, While Suby sits in Senate . . . Lambda Chi canned goods drive . . . Derby Day twice . . . Carnes makes a CUTE V- Nite stage manager, president, Angel Flighter, Who's Who . . . While Gayle glows as Sig chapter, province sweetheart ...Angie heads cheerers . . . dear Mom Sigma Chi Sweetheart Slack takes everything in stride-spaghetti, chili, remodeling . . . ASW asst. editors, Fashion Board, too, and Gina Works on same . . . Freshman, Sophomore Councils, Lantern, Scroll, veep, Phi Gamma Kappa. CEC pres., Little Sigmas, Crescents, Pik- ettes, Gallagher Girls . . . pancakes: "We like Ike' '... We're so proud to be in that Delta Gamma sisterhood . . , Blindmanls Buff was the way DG pledges discovered the identity of their big sisters, Suby Weston ducks to avoid Renee Garvey. Karen Albrecht, Iana Bell, Nancy Boutin, Karen Brad- ley, Barb Chandler, Linda Cole. Nancy Coleman, Mikey Coy, Iill Dickerson, Karen Fin- charn, Dakan Frank, Kathy Gaiser. lulie Gates, Piper Gilliland, leanne Goodman, Katy Hall, Linda Hathaway, lanet Hig- man. Susie Knipshild, Harriet Koons, Michelle Lindeman, Linda Lohner, Ioanne Lynch, Linda Macconnell. Pam McCrory, loanne Mor- an, Barb Morgan, Nancy Neuneubel, Pam Parsons, Sunny Paul. Paula Pitts, Mary Kay Place, Ieannette Presson, Mary Quacle, Patty Roper, Ianet Sartain. Susie Synder, Sue Spivey, Kathy Stanford, Pam Swanf Douy Swofford, Mary Von Drehle. Linda Venner, Christy Weafl ver, Val Webber. Connie VVilliamson. Kathy Wilsoii. 1 A ff A ba 1 - ' ,, ww, -- 5 'x e 5' , 5,6 Q K in f. 'W 'LA Zi- tn . - ,f 1,.figLt:,gi,i5:, A 5 ' ax: , - - , 1 K I . ,, 1 less 4? t C i KAPPA ALPHA THETA l Theta Builds Fourth Homecoming Winner Half and Half monstrosity wins Homecomu our number honored in Whos Who . . . ing . . . Kite flying in the UU" for initiations Venner makes Kendallabrum beauty finalist ...We snagged Kappa Sigma and Sigma . . . Kappa-Theta a success . . . Rumrnage Nu Sweetheart crowns . . . National maga- Sale was lots of fun! . . . Pledges delayed zine previews us! . . . Sharing holiday joy sneak to keep actives on their toes . . . Are with Hissom children . . . Pledges honor you really five, Karen? . . . We worked hard actives with Christmas Carnival . . . Fire for one more first in Varsity Nite . . . Thetas drills are all wet, uh, Sunny? . . . We spe- forever . . . cialize in librarians who can sing . . . Six of The Thetas advocate national unity in their winning Homecoming display, a delephant7 Glory was shortlived, though, due to rain and fog. 3 .W-,,,. e ,M W Mrs. Ruth Freeland, Debby Bahm, Elaine Bowman, Liv- vie Brown, Kay Bryant, Ian- et Byrd. Diana Chumbley. I a n e Clark, Carole Coblentz, San- dra Courter, Patricia Dickey, Nancy Doville. Karen Doyle, Iane Freeman, Iill Gaskins, Iill Harris, Deb- bie Holmes. Peggy Huston. Ian Iones, Martha Kennett. Maryann Kennett, I a n e t Knight, lVlargie Koch, Con- nie Lansdown. Iudy McGonagle, Melanie McVay, Dona Massey, Bar- bara lVleinert, Mary Meyers. Kari Nloreland, Cindy Morris, Andrea Mun- ger, Elaine Peterson, Iudy Reid, Kathy Sampson, Kathy Sanders. Iudy Shaleen, Karen Shuffler, B. Smith, Carol Smith, Linda Smith. Linda Snider, Margie Specht. Ieanie Stehle, Karen Tag. Ioanie Thomas. KD's Boast Lambda hlelanies phone never stopped ringing and Mel never stopped . . . Fashion Board lead- er . . . The Senior Sneak left us with dessert and an excuse not to have meeting . . . Linda Smith, frosh class secretary . . . May and Maryann headed to the Big City and . . . For the first time our Homecoming display actually moved-until it got all wet ...r Anv W -1 5' Kata awww if KAPPA DELTA Chi Alpha Sweetheart more candlelights? . . . Two Angel Flight- ers, a president and a sweetheart . . . Brant Conley won KD Man and Sherry, while Martha got Crescent Girl and Larry . . . Spades, insomnia, and late night intruders leaving footprints-Police! . . . Two in Mod- ern Choir . . . And the green and white, the diamond endures . . . Beiiutx' .ind lwrzuns. that is what sorontx' qzils are made of. and KD girls help keep up the Pzmhellenic average in A study hall . Mrs. Paul Stoner, loan Ait- kenheacl, Sarah Alvoicl, lane Arie, Lynn Asbury, Barbara Berkey, Donna Bingham. Gail Brown, Iulie Brown, Pam Bruskotter, lanie Buker, Melinda Caldwell, Linda Chamberlain. Connie Chapd man. Monta Cox, De De David- son, lan Davies, Nancy Douglas, Ginny Dunn, Susie Dunn, Leslie Fogel. Iudy Frank, Carolyn Hall, Ruthie Henderson, Chris Hanley, Iudy Hill, Cindy Hodgson, Marnie Hodgson. lan lordan, Margo Kenady, April Koch, lean Krupp, Ca- they Lindsay, Kathryn Mat- son, Susie Monger. Marsha Murray, Betsy Neal. Sally Nix, Lucia Palmer, Cindy Phillips, Laura Pit- cock, Fran Rudy. Kay Senter, Marsha Slagle, Tucker Sloss, Shari Smith, Karen Stanridge, S a n d y Swearingcn. Karen Walker, Polly Whit- man. Rita Wiley, Nancy VV'illiams, Marcia Young. Marilyn Young. F' a , 9 5 . Y , "W'a'fa 2 X F J 0 M Mrs. Della Dunham, Cathy Abshire, Brenda Barton, Lau- ra Beldon, Cathy Bowyer, Aylo Brewer. Iacque Brunner, Alice Bu- thod. Ruth Buthod, Cindy Chronister, Ann Clark, Iudy Cook. Norma Curley. lo Dayton. Ginny Duke, lane Enright, Sue Gearhart, Lesley Grit' lith. Cordy lanak, Iackie Johns- ton. Debbie Keeling, Mary Anne Knapp, Cheryl La- Roche. Ianet Langenheim. Patti Lemons, Cathy Lini- han. Beth Longley, Patsy Lowrance, Nlonty McLellan. Carolyn Massad. Liz Miller, Colly 0'Connor. Kathy Pollard, Ruth Ann Rains, Diane Roberts, Shir- ley Rollow. Nancy Small, Sandi Steele, Cathy Stephans, Terry Tay- lor, Kathy Towle. Ronnie Tucker, Gerri Lu Vonlsrelliek, Sue Weide- mann, Billy Whiteside, Car- ol Williaiiis, Xxl W W FQA1' " Qi-fi? Raj a.. 'IEEE TWO Phi Mu's Run Fire-Fire-One way to get a new house ...My Phi Mu Lady, won't you be mv baby . . . Six weddings in SIX months . . . Who's Who - Cindy Chronister, that's whol . . . She along with Kathy and Io have been initiated into Phi Gamma Kappa . . . Kendallabrum Salutes lane and Norma . . . Pink Castle - at the Camelot - Sounds of the Dynamic Soul . . . Mardi Gras - week- fhc Phi Mu gals enioy the holidays together decorating their PHI Mu Miss TU, Panhellenic end in Paradise . . . Freshmen boost Ronnie as V.P., Cathy and Laura-Freshman Coun- cil . . . Hayride-Christmas Party . . . Two twirlers . . . "Hope Week" . . . Pledges trick-or-treated with orphans . . . Helped 30 deserving children at Kid's Day for Tulsa Hockey Club . . . MSS. Award at Phi Mu National Convention , . . Phi Mu . . . ich sparklcd brightly as it looked out on sorority row at TU. tree wh A ROW lc Carolyn Collie, Ann Clark, lanie Buker, Sue Wiede- Stanford. ROW 3: Barbara Thompson, Carolyn Larson, lane mann, Dean Florence Stevenson, ROW 2: Margie Specht- Enright-president. Not pictured are Karen Albrecht-treasurer, vice-president, Barbara Berkey, Mary Birmingham, Kathy leannie Cwambrell, secretary. Panhellenie, IFC Encourage Going Greek Panhellenic and IFC, the supervisory and policy-making bodies of the seven sororities and fraternities at TU are advised by Dean Florence Stevenson and Dean Iames Van- der Lind, respectively. IFC and Panhellen- ic work together in promoting TU's greek ROW 1: Dennis Bradford, lohn Warner, Bruce Roberson, Mike Davis-president, Iohn Hove, Phil Tolen, Kaler Bole- secretary, Larry Wofford, Dean lames Vander Lind. ROW 2: life by organizing formal and open rush each year, ln conjunction they plan and conduct Greek Week each spring. Traditionally Panhellenic sponsors the Miss TU Pageant, and IFC backs the Ribbon Dance in honor of all greek pledges in the fall after rush. lim Raymond, Mike Willi, Pete Moyer-vice-president, lohn Reiner, Walter Barnes, Mike Carpenter. Not pictured, Dave Pattersonltreasurer. Football Funds Finance J r Panhel Project Ir. Panhellenic, composed of a represen- tative from each sorority pledge class, work- ed throughout the year raising money for a one-hundred dollar scholarship. The schol- arship is awarded to a member of one of the seven pledge classes at the annual Panhel- lenic spring banquet. Pledges began raising money in the fall when they sold tickets to a powder-puff football game in which the Tri Kappo's battled and conquered the Theta Mu G's. Later they raised money with a bake sale in the dorm. Leading Iunior Panhellenic this year was Susie Young, presidentg Penny Von Hoose, vice-presi- dent: Terry Taylor, secretary, and Linda Smith, treasurer. Advisor for the group was Barbara Thompson from Panhellenic. SEATED-Barbara Thompson, Susie Young, Iudy Shaleen. Taylor Nancy Neuneubel ulie Brown Karen Kleinmann ON STEPS-Laura Belden, Tucker Sloss, Tricia Boyd, Linda anet Rhoads Anne Baumgarter' Smith. STANDING-Nancy Chmelik, Iacque Brunner, Terry , 3 5 5 .ff , 4: KH . W . ., . Le 5 1' ,V 4' N 4 3 1541 3 v - ' ""sa.2 A Q Zi G 4 X' Y!! ra- S 25 , vi' - k?5'X3k3??iL1!' , 94- W 53 . x . Wg, , 3+ ,, 95,4 ,V ,V -w,,1:,-an-,2Q,.gv, -.3 f +V . - fIL'5f' - ' mm: 4 wi ' Liv Nzm f JM - se- 5 f seiffmw ,w ,ff.:x,-H.- "" MISS KATHY STANFORD SlUCCfl7L'i1l'l' of Kappa Sigma Fraternity Sweethearts Miss LYNN IONES Kappa Alpha Rosa MISS KAY FARRIS Szvccthcazrt of Sigma N11 -dv' fl .vw W.. mi. 5x4 if MQ sl ' fl. it--" A a 85 V V 'Gi' - , '45 -- wr n , i' Y' tii Q ' . i f -rg K "Wi ' 3 - ,QQIX ri if aw,-up ww, A qainc ol' cards and a warm fire ht-Ip pass away thc' hours on a cold day. But what over happened to curling up with a good hook? Mrs. loc Haralson. Fred Al- lcn lll. Pratt Barnes, Larry Baxtcr, Miki' Carpenter, lVlikC Clcvton. laincs Dilts, Lawrcnub Du- Lude. Vit' Forsyth. Doug Coding. Don Groth. Dean Ieronc. Ken Kncppcr, Mike Lavcllc, Jerry Livingston, Don Math- icson, loc Medina. Peter Moyer. Dennis Mulchay. Robert Pcthick, Ralph Powell, Bill Rolofl, David Schran, Rick Sic-zak, Raymond Stan- kunas. Terry Statzcr. Danicl Stonv, Alcx Zacny. 'li Q A til 3 .. ,wg P Z9 ALPHA TAU OMEGA ATO Mark Twenty-Fifth Year at Tulsa ATO's twenty-fifth year at TU . . . The ident of IFC is Pete Moyer . . . President Black and White . . , Third place won hy Ray Stankunas is an ODK and American Spiro who??? . . . Sweetheart is Iill Harris Marketing Association . . . Pete is in his of- . . . VVhat happened to the president's lice upstairs . , . Livingston is in Arnold Air door??? . . . 1968 scholarship trophy for Society and Alpha Phi Omega, while Du- highest overall and improvement . . . The lude runs LRC . . . For the good Order . . . Maltese Cross . . . Mike Carpenter goes all The fish in the Pond downstairs . . . Nothing out with TU Band, Alpha Phi Omega, less sublime than peace and abiding Broth- Who's Who Committee, etc .... Vice Pres- erhood . . . Brothers look on as Alpha Tau Omegas' rough and trusty mascot, Bandit, makes a futile attempt to e 'p . Q .C ,yyccyic M so or c VVayne Andrews, Dale Boemler. Tim Caughron lolin Coleman, Steve Coons Dave Croninger, Bruce Dex ter, Dan Flonrnoy. Steve Flowers. Roger Hanes. Dennis Henderson. Karl Hendrickson, Iolm Hove. Craig Hurt, Raymond la' hasski. loc Lennart, Gerald Miller. lohn Moore. lohn Owen. Roger Paige. Dave Patterson. Tim Reeve, Bob Rice, Roy Sinor. Herb Smith. Reggie Stafford, Mike Stone. VVally Tack. Phil Tholeh. Wes Thompson. Bob Tippee, Bill Wilsoii. Larry Yatts. loe York. Billx' Zuinwalt. ., 1 i . 'WJ y, t C wv,na ' 'y f V ,L iw , A """..1.. i f f L ff' A 1 fm: X ,5 12 'Riff X- H-'Q-F s...'... ' " i,,UN,i .1 Q M., I ' K 5 " 1 if V 2 . r.' '. e ,la 11,15 .lu If M xg, - K"-" '.,, 1 Ju.. ' ' Ki 99' 'V mg. , 'E 1' 4 Q-YS 0 ' 1: uf' '19 ET L55 K1-WPA ALPHA Kappa Alpha Grabs Football Intramurals The Confederate flag rose with glee, this year as Kappa Alpha won Football Intra- murals . . . Messenger delivers invitations on horseback to dates for Old South Ball . . . Mike Davis, IFC President visits Miami, Florida . . . Matching togas are made by dates for traditional Toga Party . . . A Christmas tree for each sorority . . . KA President, Iohn l-love appears on TV pro- moting Robert E. Lees Birthday . . . Intra- mural Golf Champions . . . Lynn Iones is Kappa Alpha Rose . . . Day and Night theres a pitch going on . . . Southern Gen- tlemen get to know rushees at Dixie Ball . , . Iohn l-love serves as Senate Chairman and Hootie Man . . . We are Brothers, We are Brothers . . . Painting the KA cannon, Chi Omegas get nabbed as they inischeviously attempt the traditional prank. fix! A ,,., if ,ffj AW fl Ji ' L,,"fNL,-."',k + J M. , M' 155, ifvz' ,ix K v U ,--,V 'fn-Q57 V 3: wg lik at I 4. Vw ma, . " W 4 xii' -1 1' ,V .iff uf, Lf, N , , X 1 W'!'f5,,gpf4 Len Allsup. David Baker. Ernie Bedford, Dennis Ben- nett, Boh Bettinger. Craig Bothwell, Cliff Butcher, Mark Cavins. Iohn Condry. Bill Cooley, lim Craig, Mike Crook, Rod Dolson, Duke Dwyer. Steve Endres, Ion Fisher, Fred Fleischner, Martin Fos- ter, Mark Goodwin, Harry Gordon. David Harrison. Mark Hellinghausen, Larry Inman, Ron Iarvis, Boh Iaryno, Rodney Keys, Iohn Klenda, Bill Mahoney. lVlaw Mears. Dick Miller. Iohn Mooney. Fred Morgan. Mike Morris, Randy Mundt. Denny McCurren, Mike Mc- Dermott, Bill McMahon, Tom Philpott, Iohn Reiner. Steve Roark. Ron Roberson, Gil Scott Frank Sims. Phil Sloan. Lloyd Smith, Iohn Spurgin. Stuart Teinplenian, Tom Upton, lim VVeaver, Iay Wheeler, Vinnie Woll, Iohn VVright. , ,Wm , H, . W ,:,,1:r. '1N?',f:a1Q V Y V 3' .-lggf .fri 'i 3, K mawfewrwe-Maw 3 if m 3 I 1 1, Eg 1 V ,. , K xg 1 V ., ii' .Q . V Q '4 az jill Q- . -25 f ,- In , EVN, eg g QF 2 , I 5. ,f x My L,,kfL, if ,3EZ:,,. K 1 Y . 4 . " 'Q , ,ss 'i F, X 'WN . Q I tb 5 , , I . 73552 ' E , :'s'- 'eff f. , I- Ik I 5 , as A a :ww ,, . wiv 5 -S f Nm 4.6 2, 15 W 1 ww If 1 .9 e if ff ' 4 'I K K . sand iw , .uf 4? A ' S f Q ,K fi 2 ' 53533 5 up 4'2" A' Ifwix . 22,25 'JL 1 A W 'I Y 335 "W N5 543484539 wwgwfa -- -win, M, Qjgw km z 12 Wig 1gx4s51i'3i.9Wu0iWK 6fSW A9 E vw ,L li 96 Q, Ql"f,- 'T if ian!" A MHS. Gdvvyk if . -gasp ,mls Mrs. Blanche Shocklvy. Dan Ahrcns, Vic Berman. Steve Black, Rex Brac-utigam. Run Brzicutigmn. lV.l1I'I'j' Bunn. Curl Cliinniz- Zum. Stcvc Christifin. lion, nvtli Dow. lohn Harkin. Doug Gosncy. Bill Gottfried. C li 11 1' l C 5 Green, Paul Gunderson. Da- vid lnhofe. Hugh Km-n. Curl lmwsoii. Lim-y Link, Bob Lynn. Rob- ert Lynn. larry Martin. Da vid Morse. Ken Mounts. Randy lVlcLaughten. lohn Nilson, Tony Oates. Harold Reed, Don Riley. Louis Sax' ow. Kcn Sladc, George Smock, ICH Steinke. Pete Stickney. Duke Thorsen, lonutlimm Vim Allen. Bud VVQQRS. Bruce Wile3', Ken VVilson, Larry Woflord. v-illfihqflso Qwky X, , XQQS' -my-N ,m , fat is -X ' 5 731- - 1 K. 2 ,pw i' --my . 4? . V- ' ff' V U ,jg fli: it l, Z Q jj wwe LAMDA CHI ALPHA Senate Head, Star Athletes-Lambda Chis Trip to Arkansas equals headaches . . . Pres- ident Wofford marries Crescent Girl, Mar- tha in March . . . Ron Breautigam is Student Senate President . . . Five brothers make All- Star Intramural Football Team . . . Pledge- Member Soccer and Football Game tradi- tion continues with expected results . . . Spring Playboy Party goes on for days . . . Housemothers kidnap attracts gangsters . . . Kaler and Bruce are tennis champs . . Pledges sneak to KU . . .Three of our pledges are on the Frosh Basketball team . . . We also have two Varsity Soccer Play- ers . . . Crescents initiate eleven . . . Pete honored as Hall Monitor of the Year . . . Hey, Kaler, whats with the binoculars??? . . . Tom and Tony book it while the daring and carefree half of the chapter gets wiped by card stud, Roever. - 1, ' . ic 'wi ni gp-wi MO! r KKLW i wk -any yi' 250 Mrs. V. Cliapinan. Frank Adams, Chuck Ainsworth. lim Baker, lim Bclinkv. Buddy Bradford. Dennis Bradford, lim Cornctt, Stove Conzitscr, Terry Corhell, Harold Crowder. Toni Douglass, Iaunes Frank- lin. Steve Faulknvr, Iarncs Hancock. Bob Harris, Will- ard Holt. loc Honeywell, Frank lngo. Bob Iackson, Tim Kassick. Harold Langdon, Bob Low sure. Dave Lucssenhop. Saul lVlarf tinez. lim Nash. Ralph Pet' ers. Nlike Prescott, Roger Price. Ken Ragan. L00 Ratclifl, Iiui Rohr. Randy Roszcl. Lloyd Samuels, Rolwrt Scott. Bill Voglc, Bruce VVcidn9r, Elvin Wells, Bill VVildcr. Mike VVillic, Iolin VVormlcy. , le ,xv 7 N" X3 Pi KAPPA ALPHtA Pike Equals Pres., V-Pres., Scholarship Listen to Losure broadcast each evening at arship . . . Big event Dream Girl Formal . . . six . . . Serenading upsets Mr. Vogle . , . D.l-l. gets married hence, Steve joins the Charter members of recently established Nlarines . . . Five brothers elected to top Pikettes headed by Uream Girl Linda Ac- class offices, including three class presidents Curso, earn money through Bake Sales for a . . . Winners of Wrestling intramurals . . . Pi Kappa Alpha Christmas gift . . . Incident- Pansy Bowl with Tri Delta was a gas as us- ly, Timmy Ioe still doesn't believe Honey- ual . . . All and all it has been a very good well had stitches in his foot . . . Wilder en- year . . , joys his kazoo as PiKA leads frats in schol- It you happen to see il group of men briskly serenading sorority row, its the Gzxrnnm Upsilon chapter of Pilff-X. Keith Bzirtling. lim Bcreolos. Don Bruce, Art Campbell, Larry Ciitrori. Bob Cox. Doug Crunk. R max Crunk. Tom Crook, Dui Daihliri. 1 frzmk lilvy. Riel' Eflzwn. link Frazier, Siena Unfit, kww, Rink Gzirrezt Bob Gill. Ruger Gray. Hfffxo' Grimes Sumtt Hzibeger. Rindy Hal- lurein. Mike Hiqhlzmcl, Riflu lurdzm. Rink Kaizfztmri. Mikee King. lohii Klahn. Chiirlef Krueq- or. Richard Lauden. Trevor Lyons, Mike Xlills, Guy lXloritgomery. Bill Mueller, Paul Murray, Dick Neuse, Dave Pritchard. Chris Ramsey, lim Ray- mond. Binh Searcy. Harold Siler. Rev Smith. Virgil Smith, Cleric Suender. Neal Tipton. Xiike Turpin, lim Xkkillauei lohii VViirner. Rdlph VVAIV lefi. Gary Xvillidriis. Duuq KYokoiim, Denny VVimCls, O i 93.0,-9,95 ,mllllla :Inlin- SIGMA CHI Sigs Don Derbys to Promote Greek Life Bradford starts used car lot while Turpin runs Freshman Class . . . Wately and Gray, Big B-Ballers . . . Warner helps Little Sig- mas to get initiated . . . Ber handles Senate money . . . Second annual New Years Eve Dance draws 500 . . . What about Iordan? . . . Sigs are active in Senate and both Frosh and Soph Councils . . . Krueger heads AMA as well as Alpha Kappa Psi . . . Sigma Chi promotes Greek life with Derby Day . . . Gayle is Province Sweetheart . . . Eby, Wately and VVarner make ODK . . . Kauf- man goes to court and gets elected president . . . Wallace Village Project helps support retarded children . . , Mohawkers are proud of Sigma Chi parties . . . Pledges retrieve tree from cemetery . . . Thats Sig . . . Silos car rounded up Sigs on fiX's annual Derby Day. Wlizit cvery coed wants is a derby and a Sig to go with it! y , Mrs. Helen Harrell. Nick Allen, Wzilter Barnes, Ross Bell, Dick Blanchard, Iesse Butcher. Steve Caldwell, Bill Chand- ler, Terry Cohea, lohn Con- nelly, Richard Dixon, Iohn Dobbs. Mark Eagan, Richard Ellis. Thomas Hildy, Bill lerlers. Charlie lohnsou. Iohn lohn- son. Doug lorden, Bob King. Thomas Lorey, Bob Lyon, Larry Lyon, Conrad Lysiak. Doug Miller, Bob Mitchell, Mike Mccool, Eddie Novak. Ioe Plummer, Bruce Rober- son. Rusty Roberts. Bob Rodger, Reg Rowe, Ken Shoemaker, Steve Shoemaker, Mike Stapp. Rodger Tucker, Richard Weigel, James Welsh, Cecil VVhitt. Brian Wretschko, Larry Yadorl. N V A 1 X p 03151595 SIGMA Nu All-Around Roberson Leads Sigma Nus Rickety Rack, Rickety Rue President Rob- erson is Senate Veepg headed Homecoming, Orientation, Greek Week for second year and is in Who's Who and anything else you care to mention . . . Pledges steal dinner and leave peanuts . . . Eddie, Iohn and Walter-Rah, Rah! . . . Two in ODK . . . Kaye Farris is sweetheart , . . Sigma Nu go- ing-away party helps bring Iames Nlobley d K pp t and the Bo-lives . . . Rusty Roberts in Ar- nold Air Society and Captain in ROTC . . . Sigma Nu leads all with six football players . . . Kappa Exchange puts three in hospital . . . We host Athletes in Action . . , Welsh and Egan are officers in Alpha Kappa Psi . . . Mike Noland was Social Council chair- man??? . . . Yea, Bruce and Sigma Nu. G' ' ' is ,.f"""' lf' I X f H, I XM fy f ' I 6 1 ,fff Q" I 'Z ! J X xi A ,W ' M y f . m f fn f Mn f, , f M 5 aw Awggn f -124 f9Nl,f,?Z'WW ' Nw ' fx f 427 fam 1 V 9 v Vi iffy 'ff 1 lf. E lI""i5?J f 1' X fl ww, . um'viVW -4 f Q bw -1---4Z!L1fe,f1'Z MQW! 1 -.jwf9wZMf! I I 1'i1.5'g:lIi4ln:lT.T-i'.1i'U 41,71 V k,-yy' ff 4 ,gf mb V-.fmlvulHsss1lNib1m1ul ,T 1 4 .iw W, A,m'mm 5vzL+1.-1..V5.x .1 If fp" "WW W1 .hr YF fm 775 W MW! Y A40 IJme6y'M IQ ,I1', ly, X 'gp 5,,f,qf.pvfW 2 zz? .2464 Mr New -qw: ywgmf f,ff I f Q ag"-M if tw Z22i'VJ15.f,f ri FT Ww?!'-z,fF,'.2'f25 "f "Wdf 'xg' , "1 fax 531,14 ,ff may Wu' QM 'earl Heh: wggapgi W I ' W , WV 2' 7? f f i '7""' -- -- M X"j!'6'71'3 '1', ', . :',-.1737 I 1 WM ZIWJJZ rf if I i, H f' L' "f , -Q ' 'f - ' 211. f f ,ew 1 ,fffvf Wfe'-Xff'1I'7' 'M wmrfwfix-+iW ,W ZW 1 f1. ,QA'-'M W vifz 1 f' WN' Xl .4,f,,fAf1,.N 3, MQ, 1K A x IE' Q g Win' l I Ia fy 15115 'N ' I I . ' 5fiM7Q'Lff '- , 13f5Z'G"hfrh?fTi'lim X f vw .Wf.ef,v,w:.-QM:N. f ffwdfteiaa-'!"'birxxxw-Wav K ,N x'ff:7'5'5'1kf Y-M54 fffA ' 1Wa4W'Qf' f " ,fwfr V4 0 ' f 'IWIWAQ lx ' 1' XX I , 1 f W y . X - "ilu, Qs ww, In A-fvglvxkxsh iw' A . U. , . 1 . 1 u I f xl yu! f iw ff I nv AKAQV jf' .X 'Cl ,pgs '- A-1 ' ,rf 'M Wm 'QW W. Lf 'MWWIM aj x .1 'M :VN 4 ' 'K , rr X RESIIEJENEES ff ,1 f ,X ff aff- ff 3 1 UM f f , f Alf' r 1' 1, fj I1 f 1 gl f,v f AX! ', J , ,Why C f 114' -5ff'Ffiiiif5iJ' ' f 15 ' 421 ff " - ' f. 17 yflkmw-1i'24 m Bw Z2 I ,Qf,'Wz1. iff-2ff!4 ,I fVf2.22W5.a2fSl' f,-:Wf"1v 'fK lf? L XYh5'fw2ff','-1 -:'d'fff I , w wml '1 1'ff , 1 X Awew1a,w'F WM f flgifldw4 5if.,15fgi1'i1L!W' , Ae N Q1-Wfw if - 1 111 144 i + f 15527 f f X .nyf "Wf":t:NW,vAff.gisf1 N If j'a54v! 'X gl1,:'4iff'ff fffifrff' .g.!EdiLjl Q 'f.l.,f'Ljjff, f1L'f746!4'f Q ffm f an ,l"l7f'f I A '-",-'fffi' fffggfflf X .' 1 , ... W , -ef MW --M-'M' ffzzz f f wzhpafgv M I J 1 1 ,fl ff I f X Athletes Get New Home 2nd Semester X 1 1? f , T, if 4 li ww s V Z, E, 'sri 5 P ff Qi 1 Shades of Leif Ericksons mend hall! Athletes enjoy themselves in their new surroundings, Bring on the 10:30 honrsl7 Nick Allen, lim Bereolos, Dick Blanchard. Ed Brown, AQ' Gary Christensen, Qiehzurd Dixon. ' I "l 5' l Tll . - lohn Dobbs, Earle Preston A ' ,F 5 A 'V - Durley III. loe Fitzqernlrl, Qi f I F: N .. . .. gi- if e - , A li' Wlllliilll Goble, Sandy lf: Q l ' ' M Heath, Tummy L. Hender- xx Q A HQ: - " -' '- . iv., f:es.":i ,,'.wg,i '- 5555, son, z -1 .' L: V- --4 , meal, ,f -f -, L fir f ww 11,55 - gf, - T" """'-'v Bill letters, Don lVligl, Dave Shawver. Ken Shoemaker. Stephen Shoemaker, Paul Sterner, lim Weluluer. QQVNSBURGH STEELERS H, . A letter from home and tx hug of French fries keep a Pan- Ain dorm fella happy. lts one way to wait until Lai- Fortiine Hall is built. Pan-Am Residents Switching, ot Fighting Endlessly waiting for the new home's com- pletion . . . Shaving cream fights . . . Christ- mas caroling . . . The children at Turley rode on broad shoulders . . . Defeats . . . Patience . . . Victory '... Desserts with sororities . . . Qver turned mattresses . . . Many laughs . . . Great spirit . . . Dinner lines . . , Lunch lines . . . All their lines . . . The telephone rings They hutlecl, thev puffed and they gave it the evil eye. but TU nth but nobody will answer . . . Basketball plav- ers, football players, tennis players . . . No windows . . . Changing seasons . . . A stir of excitement . . . Happy Birthday Parties with a big paddle . . . All of which mirrors the spirit and enthusiasm of the Tulsa Univer- sity athletes . . . letes couldnt get in LaFortunc dorin till second semester. l.......,..4.....w ......-.,....-........ .......,. Z 4 1 sw A1 ,-, . ---.-...... .--.1,- 6 i -3,5 V Qi ,V N la M' , v i f i. f y, J. xo 'fnsgnr-' A ai A ,, it ,, 'fr it M, A i g A I ' 4.1, fi 4, 7 ii ' , .em ag, f j, fs 3 ' af! -ggi, 12.22139 M SC es , 3 mgfyefswrgf, V I N? 3 G' "" . 'ww 7 fe ft ' if A., , ..,, -Q5 E J' ,L srimi gi , ff? . 1 4- . i Yfgiil , 9 ,i ' !'3S'g1if,gL FP ,Q Q , y g Mgtif I -QA: 1 1 1 " 5' gf? LLIL ig 5:25 , VX- . ' V .:,. V, v jig ' 'K r 3 -' ,lmiiz iff fm, 55 B A A 'sn' A gk .,: fg i my ,, ,J eiss S . .:,:.1 E? """'1r e-, f"': AV 4 ' up 2 'Y f ' l ' l: 4f.isi"" f: ' ,L di .. n 5 ,Q A , ,V T , , T ,S K ' Jr f- .,,, A - , :H ,f y if tr- 260 In , , 'Bi as 1-.wsu X V 'B Q , , if is , . , A 1' LLi:- 71 -1---r : H , I, - .. Q, i 1 . 'f ng, 'R "' I f 3 ? 1 -: ll Kathy Alexander, I a n n e Arie, Betty Armstrong, Nan- ey Atwater, Vickie Bauer, Anne Baumgarten, Betsy Beard, Linda Beisser, Laura Belden, Karen Brady' ley, Aylo Brewer, Amy Brown, Pam Bruskotter, Debbie Burke, Rita Burris. Melinda Caldwell, Nancy Chemlik, Ioanne Chivsano, Marlene Choate, Sharon Clark, Naomi Cole, Carol Coleman, Caren Cool- ey, Melinda Cooper. Kathy Cordell, Ann Craw- ford, Laurie Calling, Nancy Douglas, Penny Eccleston, Cleta Emenhiser, Karen EV- ans. Dakan Frank. lane Freeman, Sunny Free- man, Debbie Fugler, Dia- mantina Carza, Peggy Gil- bert, Diane Cilfillan, Ann Croskurth, Sue Guenther, Maria Teresa Guerra, Kathy Hage, Linda Hathaway, Karen Hendricks, Sharol Higgins, Linda Hill, Ieni Hiclielifl, Bekki Hobbs. Marilyn Hodgson. Philly Hollingsworth. V i r g i n i a Hutchins, Debbie Iackson. Lynn Iones, Kaylin Iester. Ian Iordan. Kathryn Kallal. Barb Kendrick, Karen Klein- mann, Ianet Langenheim, Supbanee Leemasawiutdigul, Kathleen Lyneh, Dana Ly- ons, Susan McCann, Mardi Mcflehee. Nlarian lVleKeague, Sandra lVlay, Frances Aim Mayer. Kathy Melvin, Susan Miller, Linda Mitchell, Beth Morrie son, Andrea Munger. Marsha Murray. Tricia Neal. Nancy Neunuebel. Iaequi O'Neil, Susan Otis. Susan Pammill, Marie Pea- gue, Elaine Peterson. LIlVl freshmen try for 2-l per cent fewer cavities and an bright smile to snow the boy s, but it appears theyye 2-I per cent fewer sinks. Freshmen Girls Take Over Lottie Jane Wall to wall bodies soaking in the sun on warm days . . . Study rooms at 2:00 A.M. . . . The Christmas dance-all girl band, natch . . . "The Three Faces of Eve" . . . Going to bed at 10:30 for a change . . . First floor won decorating contest at Christmas with Chan-f cory Lane . . . Karate exhibitions on the sec- ond floor . . . Homecoming with Iohn Mabee . . . Dainty-Maid is a dirty old lady . . . Mme La Farge sits and knits and knits . . . Cream cheese and chive sandwiches . . . Lottie lane. the Frosh Dorm . . . President, Cleta Ernen- hiser and her officers, Penny Eccleston, first vice-presidentg Linda Rowe, second vice- presidentg plus Kathy Patterson and lean Schaberg . . ,yvsw - 5. , ,Q - f , . .. , 'VW s ztg ltt I ,Ze 0 .K ,rf , I 5 at ,ex i K v W 11 ' ,- Wi-1 - . x 'M M " ft af' ff 4 an 5, 5, 4 hh 4 i Q 5 1 . . ZL Q g 'Q ff ,,i..,Asa A 'im NC. 3 A xg..- I fi wg , t - , ,f Carrol Ringree, Pat Putnam, Ruth Ann Rains. UeAnn Reynolds, Linda Rowe, Nan- cy Sas. lean Schaberg. Donnie Smith, Carol Smith, Linda Smith, Randal Smith, Tucker Sloss. Brenda Spenc- er, Terre Stafford. Ginny Stafford, Donna Stew- art, Sue Surbey, Rum Swan. Cnrol Taylor. lVlnrie Ten gnc. Kzithy Teutenberg, Ronnie Tucker, lun llrwiler. A T . f lVlQu'y Von Drehle. Gerry ky t fit. if V You Frelliek. Christy VVeny- A f A K ff had 2 . 0 er, Knthy Vklendell. Virginia w ,G ,' H2 Mt - gr '59 8' -Q Xveidle T inCl'1 Xtvlieller. , wwf .: f , -4 'bg ' ' ' ' if..-N-,lf -ff A t " I it K My , V L . by 2 F 'K ,M Connie VVilliennson, Kathy 'L L XxYllS0Il. Edna VVing, lane jf". 1, " 523755 XVtnig, XVni Ling XVong. ELL 'KI 0' W -4 L fm' Nnniy VVond. Susie Young. f 2 ' 'fr' '. f ,. , - ' , f 'Vg W K z W V. H .. , Ty , 1 I . N E tg x Wn l5,,, V' V,-if T, I e R . eb-ff ? Kim Alexander, Toni Ar- minio, Dwayne Atwell, Iohn Baker lll, Gene Bates, Ab- dallah Bitam, Clint Bowling Karl D. Bush, Arlin Clader, Steve Childers. Gary R. Clark, Neil Clark, Bill Collie, Iames Ely, lr. Victor Evans, Gary Ficklin, Roy F. Fike, Donald Gil'- more, Iohn Griggs, Ronald Hand Peter Hin-Ming-Ho. Chris Horn, Max Horton Brian Ionasson, Paul Terry Keller, Michael Kelly, Scott Knowles, Wesley Langland. Mike Lofstrom, Curtis Lynn, Roy Mersfelder, K e ni Mounts, Steve Munson, Ed- win Reavis, Steve Roark, Bill Rolotl, M. VV. Scoggins, Michael I. Self, Mike Shaw, Robert B. Skinner. Bruce Sonnenfeld, Bill Wen- delken, Michael Wilder, Alf bert Will, Iohn W. Yost, Alf ex Zaeny. 5 ua, X FV T s , .A 5,,: , ,g wx - ,. an Q Lining 5.3 - Q, H ,ml r tfkglha t Pls? 'Y 'j ,ff N S' Q H Z3 fir: t ' Y ' iii- The best way to unwind after a taxing day of football in the HU" is to play a friend- ly hand of cards in the live- ingroom. JMH Revolves Around The Unity of All Do-wah-lack . . . Their Indian motto, mas- cot, and name . . , The heat is on or off, not inbetween . . . "Whistle Stop the Tigers", the Homecoming display . . . Christmas orphans . . . Trumpet blowing at 3:00 A.M. . . . Water pipe that smokes . . , Harrah for the hot water heater . . . it never works . . . The fourth annual Toilet Bowl Classic in Skelly Stadium . . . Working . . . Duckcalls The men of Iohn Maluee enjoy contemplating over their studies in the lVlan-eating plant seem to enjoy listening to Dracula. '!" H , . . . The executive wing consists of . . . Flock of wild people . . . Studying . . . Basement food no ice . . . O.E.P.-ofhce of emergency planning . . . An underground organization on the third floor . . . President, Bill Scoq- gins, and Arthur Dupuy, Doug Braun, Lar- ry Rogers, and Michael Marcollivio have served to keep the old traditions alive and to establish new ones . . . the homey atmosphere of their rooms even Tiny Tim and 5 M KW.. Dale Boemler, Timothy Cziughron, Tim Conklin, Martin Durrant. Bob Errico, Fred Fink. Steve Flowers, VVilliam C. Fontamella. Karl Hendrick- son, Richard H. Hill, Tony Hodges, Denny Miffurren Raymond Penick. Stephen Rogers, lamcs T. Silvcy. Bob Tippec. VVilliam Vas- scr, loc York. TSX Rb ,gi 1 'xiii f th 1,341 WEB ,X -5 1.4. sp--I 'if .Y-if - f: we-K V' ni ' ',,' ,. 9- -., f TU lizislictlvalleis hard ut 'f ix'orlc7 Not quite, hut Me- 5 'I morizil Hall men like to play around, min or shine. Ther' l ex v L I Oven lizlvc zi mascot. Open House Honors President Twyman MA motorcycle inside the dorml' '... Fire drills . . . 'iCoco" . . . A toy poodle which has become a mascot . . . Four adopted children at Christmas . . . Card playing . . . Third place in Basketball Intramurals . , . Qpen House honoring Dr. Twyman . . . Frank and Freds lending service . . . Christmas party . . . Won Homecoming decorating contest for independents . , . Cflicers for the year were . . . President, Fred Fink . . .George Toole, Vice-Presidentg and serving as Sec- retary-Treasurer was William Fontanella , . . Throughout the year Memorial Hall has stimulated interest in the activities of the university . . . ll Nlemorial mon watch Rowan .ind Mzirtin instead of studying, would they be laughingstock hoys7 Look that up in your Funk and Wagneillls. V4 nw 1101! 1 ff wx 11 , X 1 f E M11f X N 'vox Nwqff' M N" 1 1 wan JH Q 1 14 4' X gap' 1 ffl' , f ,Wh ,W f ' ' "1'w7y.4 1 1 lfglf' 1 K- i?"v15'121Zf1:e12'1' 1 1 x 1 il'f " 1 . IA 1 21 J + N :ff fu 1 f wg!-9.9 X ' 'Fi' .7 ' f 1 41 - 'Q N ' X VQfQ'3Q"4Yf"1'w3"'f9.If'? ' "fl, f fQ1"-MQ-'s'fff4W-1ai5'111f1f- -1 " 4 ,whiff Xxwg-3Ql.6gg.,KC ww?-,.1'gf5g7g!L7 - xfffcff X " ' M' 'ff 2-?:1,'11 if fn??i"i!,"f'f5ff.?iW ' f ff . .. 1 1 I -1 f 1 77fji1i7'fzm3iiiMI!' ' 4 5Z,"fZj17i1zi?i-,33f:,g: ' gg - ' 9 M5357 fp. f 1 'QW ' 7:7!ff7'1! "',Lf.::'f ' Z' 'I , k. 'J E3 ,, iw.w1MM ,W :V M1-3 I W:?ffi1ffif"17M1f 1 va E I '-'f',:'.i'!: ,m'f:'.5f'...v v ', .lf 4.'f.l1' 1 , If 4.0 " ,,.nvJ,f6,:45rg,q,v.' ,.A. 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Mean! f 'f f pr qgghf f ' If f- , I IAIW W, f if X i f If f I7 , ' Z' K ,f ' Z Q X fx W 4 ,iq K fl Organizational Index A Administration, Oflicers of 36 AFROTC 132 Alpha Epsilon Rho 82 Alpha Kappa Psi 46 Alpha Phi Omega 113 Alpha Tau Qmega 242 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 70 American Institute of Chemical Engineers 71 American Marketing Association 86 American Society of Mechanical Engineers 72 Angel Flight 128 Arnold Air Society 130 Art Students League 83 Asiplgiation of Women Students B Band 124 Baptist Student Union 116 Baseball 162 Basketball 156 Beauties and Queens 203 Business Administration, College of 41 C Cheerleaders 167 Chi Omega 224 COLLEGIAN 144 Collegiate Council of United Na- tions 115 Coibncil for Exceptional Children 6 I Council on Religious Life 118 D Delta Delta Delta 226 Delta Gamma 228 Delta Sigma Pi 47 E Education, College of 55 Engineering Club 73 Engineering and Physical Sci- ences, College of 65 Evening Division 102 Executive Club 50 F Fashion Board 119 Fine and Professional Arts, Col- lege of 77 Football 152 Freshman Basketball 160 Freshman Football 161 G Galaxy 149 German Club 120 Golf 164 Graduates 104 Graduate School 101 I Interfraternity Council 238 lnternational Relations Club 121 International Students Organiza- tion 126 Intramural Council, Mens 169 Intramural Council, Womens 168 I Iohn Mabee Dorm 262 Iunior Panhellenic Council 238 K Kappa Alpha 244 Kappa Alpha Theta 230 Kappa Delta 232 Kappa Kappa Gamma 234 Kappa Mu Epsilon 141 Kappa Sigma 246 KENDALLABRUM 146 KENDALLABRUM Salutes 190 KWGS-FM 148 L Lambda Chi Alpha 248 Lantern 139 Law, College of 103 Lettermen Club 166 Liberal Arts, College of 91 Lottie lane Mabee Dorm 260 M Memorial Hall Dorm 264 Modern Choir 110 Mortar Board 136 Mu Epsilon Delta 98 O Omicron Delta Kappa 137 P Pan American Dorm 258 Panhellenic Council 238 Phi Alpha Theta 97 Phi Eta Sigma 140 Phi Gamma Kappa 135 Phi Mu 236 Pi Delta Epsilon 84 Pi Epsilon Tau 74 Pi Kappa Alpha 250 Presidents Club 142 Phi Chi 99 S Scroll 138 Sigma Alpha Iota 85 Sigma Alpha Sigma 51 Sigma Chi 252 Sigma Delta Chi 86 Sigma Iota Epsilon 52 Sigma Nu 254 Student Education Association 61 Student Senate 122 T Tau Sigma Eta 62 Tennis 163 Theatre 108 Theta Alpha Phi 87 Track 165 Trustees, Board of 34 TU Business Women 49 U University Choir 113 University Relations 40 University Scholars 134 W Who's Who 193 Student and F acult Index A Abshire, Cathy 58, 236 Accurso, Linda 123, 142, 173, 224, 240 Bell Brown Adock, Billie 135 Adams, Frank 250 Adams, Mary Lynn 58 Adams, Nick 141 Adams, Richard 173 Adams, Roger 162 Adams, Warren 222 Agar, Jamal J. 67 Agent, Dan 86 Ahrens, Ben 42 Ahrens, Dan 44, 135, 248 Ahrens, Robbie 96 Ainsworth, Chuck 178, 250 Airrington, Rich 166 Aitkenhcad, Jo-an 60, 139, 178, 234 Albrecht, Karen 58, 86, 230 Allbright, Judy 87 Aexander, Jane 115, 135, 142,123, 173, 194, 224 Alexander, Kathy 183, 224, 260 Alexander, Kim 178, 262 Alford, Ronnie 166 Alfredo, Penny 178 Allen, Fred lll 104, 242 Allen, Jim 96 Allen, Nick 173, 254, 258 Allford, Ron 154 Alloway, Tony 68, 72 Allsup, Len 178, 246 Almen, G. D., Jr. 34 Al-Roumi, Abdullah 70 Alvarez, Joe 183 Alvoid, Sarah 58, 123, 135, 136, 142, 148, 194, 234 Alworth, Paul 93 Amman, Trudi 120 Anderso, Jack 57 Danny 164 Anderson, Anderson, Fred B. 42 Anderson, Gary 71, 140, 141, 173 Anderson, Anderson Joanie 183 , Ruth 92 Andrews, Wayne W. 173, 244 Anthony, Lindsey 154 Archer, Nora 58, 142, 224 Barnett, Carol 87 Barr, Sheila 114, 183 Barrett, Jean 161 Barrows, Harold 78, 87 Barsh, Rebecca 178 Battling, Keith 48, 173, 252 Barton, Brenda 134, 178, 236 Bascue, Cheiyl 183 Basden, Barbara J. 58 Baska, Pamela Jeanne 147, 183 Bassett, Kay 183 Bateholts, Hortense 79 Bates, Albert 183 Bates, Gene 178, 262 Bauer, Vickie 183, 260 Baumgarten, Anne 182, 183, 218, 22 239, 260 Baxter, Larry 173, 242 Baykan, A. 71 Bean, Delores 178 Beard, Betsy 110, 139, 178, 260 Beard, David E. 94 Beard, Mike 163 Beaton, John 154 Beattie, James F. 67 Bedford, Ernie 94, 198, 246 Beecher, Bob 48 Behnke, Jim 44, 46, 250 Beisser, Linda 183, 260 Belden, Laura 96, 114, 183, 236, 239, 260 Belitz, Betty 183 Bell Jana 183, 230 Bell Macy 83, 173 Bell, Reuben Paul 178 Bell, Ross 68, 254 Bell Vicki 173 'William H. 34 6, Bowyer, Cathy 114, 183, 236 Boyd, Sandra 183 Boyd, Tricia 183, 228, 239 Boyle, Chuck 154, 163 Bradford, Buddy 44, 250 Bradford, Dennis 29, 44, 46, 50, 192, 238, 250 Bradford, Don 162 Bradford, Harry 132 Bradley, Karen 112, 183, 230, 260 Bradley, Richard 178 Bradley, Robert 66 Bradshaw, Anita 178 Bradshaw, Leonard 78 Brady, Tom 161 Braeutigam, Rex 173, 248 Braeutigam, Ron 123, 68, 135, 195, '248 Brammer, John 87 Brandenburgh, C. A., Jr. 67 Brandsgaard, Don 160 Brannon, Jackie 51 Brawner, Darlene 183 Bray, Jim 83 Bren, Ed 56, 57, 60 Brewer, Aylo 114, 183, 260 Brewer, Kathy 97, 115, 121, 173, 228 Brewer, William V. 67 Briggs, Robert L. 77 Bright, Mary 178 Brill, James 66, 71, 74 Brillhart, Ruby 83 Brinton, Scarlett 183 Brister, Lin 94, 135, 137, 140, 193 Byrne, Angela 50, 168, 167, 173, 228 Bytn, Nancy 68, 70 C Cadenhead, I. E. 92, 97 Cadenhead, Karen 60 Cairns, Thomsa 67 Calder, Arlin 183, 262 Caldwell, bill 110, 178 Caldwell, Dana 80 Caldw-ell. Dean S. 44 Caldwell, Melinda 134, 183, 234, 260 Caldwell Steve 254 caihounf Judy 178 Archibald, Ann 178, 226 Arie, Janne 183, '234, 260 Arminio, Tom 44, 113, 262 Armstrong, Barby 83, 178, 228 Armstrong, Betty 178, 260 Armstrong, Sandy 110 Arnold, Dave 223 Arnold, Marilyn 183 Arnold, Tom 154, 166 Asbury, Lynn 114, 183, 234 Ashby, Melissa 178, 214, 215, 224 Ashlock, Laura 60, 114, 183, 228 Atwater, Nancy 183, 234, 260 Atwell, Dwayne 183, 262 Avants, J.B., Jr. 86, 144, 178 Award, S. 71 Ayers, Missy 86, 119, 139, 146, 147, 178, 228 B Badgett, Molly 60, 173, 228 Bagci, I. 71 Bagwell, John 183 Bahm, Debbie 139, 178, 232 Bailey, Betty 224 Bailey, Garrick 93 Baish, Rebecca 60 Baker, Dale 183 Baker, David 183, 246 Baker, James 173 Baker, Jim 183, 250 Baker Jimmie W. 104 Baker, John 87, 148, 173 Baker, John 111 178, 262 Bakius, Margo 62 Ballard, Jerry L. 68, 132 Banham, Victor 173 Barbee, Sherry 112 Barber, Kathy 178, 226 Barclay, Harriet 92, 135 Barnard, Florence Takasa 58 Barnel, Pratt 178 Barnes, John 52 Barnes, Pratt 242 Barnes, Terry 58, 226 Barnes, Walter G., 173, 238, 254 Bendler, Deborah 135, 142, 148, 173, 224 Bennett, Claudia 94 Bennett, Dennis 178, 246 Benson, Phil 173 Berchtold, Gary 155 Bereolos, Jim 4-1, 46, 197,252,258 Berke, Phyllis 61, 139, 179, 224 Berkey, Barbara 135, 142, 173, 196, 219, 234, 238 Berman, Vic 169, 178, 248 Berruin, Nouri 71, 173 Berryhill, Paul 178 Bettinger, Bob 173, 246 Bewley, Bob 169 Bickel, William C. 34 Bilby, Curtis 183 lsilyeau, Jo Ellen 87 Bingham, Donna 183, 234 Birch, Gloria 44, 196, 226 Birchm, Stelf 183 Birchfield, Capt. Clifford 79, 130 Bird, Deirdre 61, 147, 178, 224 Birmingham, Mary 58, 190, 226, 238 Bitam, Abdullah 126, 178, 262 Black, Roberta 178 Black, Stephen P. 68, 248 Blackburn, Jim 162 Blackmore, Florence 93, 168 Blackw-ell, Donna 183 Blair, Albert 92, 135 Blair, Luke 154, 166 Blakely, Rex 40 Blanchard, Dick 154, 178, 25 Bloom, Steve 154, 166 Blough, Philip K. 43 Blue, Phil 83 Bocmler, Dale 178, 244, 264 Bohmer, Carol 183 Bohnsack, Daniel C. 44 Bole, Kaler 238 Bolin, Norman, Jr. 178 Bond, Pam 80, 226 Bonham, John 42 Bonifazi, Carolyn 173 Boone, Bryon V. 34 Borgogni, Maria Elaine 183 Borotomes, Joy 115 Boswell, Connie Sue 80 Botheroyd, Bernie 154, 166 Bothwell, Craig 183, 246 Bottom, Carolyn 83 Boutin, Nancy 173, 230 Boviard, D. D. 34 Bowlin, Chuck 183 Bowling, Clint 183, 262 Bowman, Elaine 49, 50, 4, 258 114, 178, 232 Brock, Jeff 48 Brock, Jeri 60, 139, 173 Brown, Amy 114, 183, 260 Brown, DeeAnn 60, 139, 177, 178, 224 Brown, Edward 44, 258 Brown, Gail 173, 234 Brown, George 161 Brown, James, Jr. 178 Brown, Julie 178, 234, 239 Brown, Kermit E. 36, 66 Brown, Livvie 168, 183, 232 Brown, Mary Lyn 97 Brown, Paul L. 92 Brown, Robertson 83 T. 71 Browne, Mike 130. 200 Brownlee, Mark 46 Bruce, Don 173, 252 Bruestle, Beaumont 78, 82, 87, 148 Brummett, Cheryl 183 Brummett, Duane 130, 178 Brunner, Jacqueline 119, 183, 236, 239 Bruskotter, Pam 183, 234, 260 Bruton, Randy 99 Bryant, Kay 61, 114, 178, 232 Bryson, Kelly 154 Buck, Paul 92, 96 Budd, Linda 183 Buker, Jani-e 80, 87, 135, 143,201,238 Bunce, Frederick 79 Bunn, Larry 94, 123, 248 Bunto-n, Granville 160 Bunyan, George 148 Burch, Vikki 178 Burke, Debbie 178, 236, 260 Burke, Jane Ann 173 Burkett, Mike 154, 166 Burkitt, Vivian 60, 61, 114, 128, 130, 135, 173 Burn, Max 178 Burr, Thomsa E. 183 Calvert, John D. 44 Cambiano, Ron 165 Camel, C, J. 71 Camp, Cindy 178 Campbell, Art 183, 252 Campbell, Tom 178 Campbell, William 43 Cannady, Ed 97, 104, 115 Cannizzaro, Carl 173, 248 Capps, Betsy 60 Carl, Bill 118, 173, 191 Carl, Evelyn 183, 224 Carlock, Ruth Ann 87, 135 Carlson, Al 144 Carnahan, Phillip 47 Carnett, Jim 183 Carpenter, John H. 44, 132 Carpenter, Michael 173, 238, 242 Carroll, Michael 178 Carson, Ron 158, 159 Cart-er, Cody 183 Carter, Harry 39, 113, 123, 134, 137, 142, 173 Carter, Marcia 58, 195, 234 Carutners, Mike 113, 194 Cary, Randal 183 Casey, Bob 71, 173 Castelberry, Sally 58, 135 Catron, Donna 114, 135, 173 Catron, Larry 110, 173, 252 Catron, Pamela June 83, 173 Catts, Cindy 83 Catts, Paula 134, 139, 178 Catts, Perry 83 Caughron, Timothy J. 183, 244, 264 Cavis, Mark 178, 246 Cavitts, Johnny 71, 178 Cha1Tey, Vicki 178 Chamberlin, Linda 29, 58, 61, 135 193, '234 Champion, Teresa 173, 224 Chandler, Barb 173, 230 Chandler, Bill 173, 254 Chapman, Connie 94, 234 Chapman, Patti 173 Chapman, Mrs. V. 250 Chayberg, Cathy 178 Cheatham, Larry 158 Chemlik, Nancy 184, 224, 239, 260 Child-ers, Steve 184, 262 Chivsano, Joanne 178, 260 Choate, Marlene 61, 139, 178, 260 Choteau, Jess 38, 123, 142 Burris, Rita 183, 260 Burwel 1, Scott 200 Bush, Karl D. 110, 183, 262 Busley, Steven 130 Bussey, Sandra K. 44 Butcher, C1111 183, 246 Butch-er, Jesse 183, 254 Buthod, Alice 139, 178, 236 Buthod, A. Paul 66 Buthod, Ruth 61, 104, 236 Butlek, Butler, Butler, Buttery, Rae 173 Jim 161 Tom 173 Jean 173 Butts, Kathie 226 Butzbach, Thomas 68 Buzzalini, Sandy 183, 224 Byrd, Janet 183, 232 Byrd, Larry 162 Chrisman, Randy 184 Christensen, Gary 154, 178, 258 Christensen, Rick 178 Christian, Steve 173, 248 Chronister, Cindy 68, 135, 141, 200, 236 Chumbley, Diana 178, 232 Ciesielski, Andy 166 Clark, Ann 178, 232, 238 Gary R. 47, 173, 262 Gaye 173, 224 Clark Clark, Clark, Jane 114, 139, 178, 232 Marcia 51 Clark, Clark, Neil 68, 130, 132,262 Patil 130 Clark, Clark, Sharon 58, 260 Clarke, Keith 46 Claver, Donna 178 Cleeton, Mike 184, 242 Clements, Tina 178, 226 Clock, Mary 94 Cloud, Gil 58 Cluck, Linda 139 Coblentz, Carole 61, 178, 232 Coburn, Gayle 240 Cochran, Woody 79 Cody, Roy 48 Douglas L. 174, 248 Cody, Thomas 58, 60 Coe, Jim 130, 132 Coffman, Karen 128, 135, 219, 173, 226 Cohea, Terry 178, 254 Coiner, Juanita 62 Coker, Carl 83 Coker, Homer 93 Cole, Linda 184, 234 Cole, Naomi 184, 260 Coleman, Carol 260 Coleman, John 173, 244 Coleman, Nancy 119, 12.8, 178, 230 Collie, Bill 96, 173, 262 Collie, Carolyn 128, 135, 142, 173, 198, 228, 238 Collins, Merry Ellen 80 Commings, Zeen 83 Comstock, Guy Scott 148 Conatser, Steve 173, 250 Condry, John 178, 246 Conley, Brant 152, 223 Conmeras, Carlos 70 Connelley, Becky 184 Connelley, John 167, 178, 254 Contreras, Charles 71 Cook, Harry Lee 94 Cook, Judy 173, 236 Cooley, Bill 178, 246 Cooley, Caren 184, 260 Coombes, Bob 112 Coons, Steve 178, 244 Cooper, Melinda 147, 184, 224, 260 Michele 173, '230 Cooper, Paul 44 Cooper, Ross 161 Coppedge, Sharon 184 Corbell, Terry 173, 250 Cordell, Kathy 178, 260 Cornett, Jim 250 Cornett, Susan 147, 178, 224 Cotner, C. 71 Cother, Linda 139 Cottier, Linda 134 Couklin, Tim 184, 264 Coulson, Patty 148 Courter, Sandy 178, '232 Covert, Paula 120 Covey, John 83 Covington, Lois 173 Cowan, Dale 173 Cox, Bob 44, 252 Cox, Don 178 Cox, Kathy 87 Cox, Linda 87, 108 Cox ,Mama 139, 168, 167, 17 Coy, s, 234 Gerkin, Crafton, James 71, 74 Craig, James F. 44, 246 Crawford, Ann 80, 260 Crawford, Karen 58, 61 Crenshaw, Carolee 87 Crenshaw, Kerby' 34 Croisant, Kenneth 132 Crone, Brenda 178 Cronk, Doug 68, 252 Croninger, Dave 178, 242 Crook, Mike 173, 246 Crook, 'Randy 94, 252 Crook, Tom 46, 48, 178 Cross, Jayne 44, 49 Crouse, Delta 135 Crow, Plaze Michael 184 Crow, Ronald 130, 132 Crowda, Joe 178 Crowe, Robert H. 41, 42 Crowder, Harold 184. 250 Cueto, Al 157, 158,166 Culling, Laurie 184, 260 Culp, Phyllis 49, 178 Cumberledge, Suzanne 62 Cummings, George 70 Curby, Glenda 110, 173, 224 Curly, Norma 173, 192,236 Curtis, Eli 158 Czenkusch, Caroline 86, 178, 226 D Dahlin, Don 184, 252 Dailey, Dwight 78, 124 Daniel, Ann E. 80, 86 Darnell, Ernest 52 Darnell, Toni 83, 178 Darrol, Georgina 139, 178 Dauberman, Mindy 61, 184, 224 Davenport, Susan 173, 224 Davidson, Bob 222 Davidson, DeeDee 178, 234 Davies, Daniel L. 44, 47 Davies, Jan 167, 173, 234 Davis, Ben 154 Davis, Bruce 44, 157, 158,196 Davis, Dee Dee 94 Davis, Mike 238 Davis, Shirval 58 Dawson, Cnerie Anna 104 Dawson, Karen 178, 226 Day, Debby 173, 232 Day, Thomas 174 Day, William H. 43 Dayton, Sally Jo 94, 114, 135, 236 De Armond, Dick 178 Deas, Nichole 58 Deeds, Judy 116 DeFigh, Lois 57 Dellinger, Thomas 74 DeMartini, Donna 61, 147, 178, 228 Dennison, Gene 82, 148 Denton, Randy 178 Derby, Dale 174 Devonshire, Leonard 66 Dexter, Bruce 184, 244 Dickerson, Jill 49, 51, 178, 230 Dickey, Parke 66 Dietz, Frank 174 Dilts, James 68, 130, 242 Dixon, Richard 161, 184, 254, 258 Dobbs, Glen, Jr. 38, 154, 155 Dobbs, John 154, 166, 174, 254, 258 Dobbs, Linda 134, 139 Doering, Cathy 96 Dolson, Rod 174, 246 Donahue, Tim 83 Dorsch, Cheryl 174 Dorsey, John 154 Dorton, Ted L. 44 Dose, Kenneth 178, 248 Douglas, Nancy 184. 234, 260 Douglass, Tom 44, 250 Doville, Nancy 60 Dowling, Russell 126 Doyle, Karen 147, 184, 232 Doyle, bee 160 Draheim, Lloyd 82 Dratz, John P. 93 Drover, Allen 166 Duffey Terry 46 Duke, Ginny 80, 236 DuLude, Lawrance 178, 242 Dumond, Donna 49, 139, 178 Duncan, Evelyn 174 Duncan, Jane 174 Dunn, Ginny 58, 234 Dunn, Roberta Pearl 58 Dunn, Susie 234 Durley, Earle Preston III 58, 166, 2 Durrant, Martin 184, 264 Durst, Diana 184, '226 Dutchyshan, Bill B. 44, 47 Dwyer, Duke 44, 246 E Eagan, Mark 46, 179, 254 Eakes, June 62 Easley, Lyle 123, 132, 142 Eastham, Wayne 132 Eaton, Diana 44 Eaton, Kenneth 44 Eby, Frank 44, 123, 196, 252 Eccleston, Penny 58, 61, 260 Edcock, Billie Sue, 135 Edminston, Jack L. 47, 50 Edwards, Janet 94, 236 Edwards, Keith M. 94 Edwards, Linda 179 Edwards, Timothy Carl 184 Egbert, Johnnie 58 Elardo, Frank 184 Elder, Ross 44, 164 Eliaj, Hector 126 Ellard, Chere 184 Elliott, Nancy 112 Ellis, 'Richard 179, 254 Ellison, Rich 44, 48, 252 Elmore, Cathy L. 110, 184 Elmore, Kenille 80, 110, 135 Elston, Pam 174 Ely, James, Jr. 113, 179, 262 Embrey, Roberta 62 Emenhiser, Cleta 61, 80, 83, 260 Endres, Steve 179, 246 58 Evans, Victor 134, 174, 262 Evinger, John 48 Ewing, Te rry 179 F Goble, William 179, 258 Goddard, Mary 61, 174, 224 Goddard, Sharon 58, 228 Goding, Douglas 44, 242 Godsen, Kenneth 42 Farmer, Ciiarles 67 Farmer, Leola 174 Farr, Hilda 58 Farrell, Gail 71, so, 87, 136, 194, 204, 205, '224 Farris, Kaye 174, 241 Fasig, Susan 184 Faulkner, Steve 179, 250 Feldman, Nancy 93 Ferguson, Nancy 110, 179, 226 Fernandel, J. 71 Ferneau, Elmer F. 55, 57 Ficklin, Gary 179, 262 Fiddler, Jim 166 Fifer, Katie 179 Pike, Roy F. 116, 130, 132, 146, 173 174, 262 Files, David 184 Fincannon, Philip G. 68 Fincham, Karen 179, 230 Fink, Annie Ruth 94 Fink, Fred 142, 179, 264 Fischer, Michael 134, 179 Fisher, Gleen S. 66 Fisher, Jon 174, 246 Fitzgerald, Joe 58, 258 Flaherty, Ross 52 Flanagan, Ron 103 Fleischner, Fred 50, 179, 246 Flournoy, Dan 44, 244 Flowers, Steve 184, 244, 264 Flynt, Mike 184 Fogel, Leslie 51, 113, 135, 174, 234 Fontanella, William C. Forehand, Norma 174 Forney, Jan 179 Forsyth, Vic 179, 242 Foshee, Charles 83, 184 Foster, David 174 Foster, Marti 110 Foster, Martin 184,246 Fountain, Derlyn 179 Fowler, Fred 110 Fowlkes, Jerry Wallace 58 Fox, Allen 44 Francis, James 179 Frank, Dakan 184, 230, 260 Frank, Judy 58, 135, 136, 199, 234 Franklin, James 70, 184, 250 Franklin, Richard 174 Franks, Jim 110 Frazier, Dick 68, 71, 252 Frederick, Danny C. 68 Freeborn, Peggy 58, 226 Freeman, Jane 61, 184, 232, 260 Freeman, Jean 51 Freeman, Sunny 174, 260 Freeze, Stephen 83 Frost, Tonya 184 Fugler, Debbie 184, 226, '260 Funk, Earl 94 Furtney, Kenneth A. 44, 48 Futhey, Dale 43 G Gaiser, Kathy 167, 179, 230 Galbrieth, John 161 Gallagher, Leticia 228 Gamberll, Jeanne 94, 216, 217, 228 Gammie, John C. 92, 135 Ganzkow, Steve 44, 252 Garren, Rick 174. '252 Garrison, Don 179 Garrison, Warren B. 67 Garvey, Renee 147, 184, 228 Garza, Diamantina 99, 104, 260 Gaskins, Jill Nene 184, 232 Godsey, Glenn 40, 79, 83 Gooch, Beth 174 Goodman, Jeanne 58, 86, 135, 230 Goodwin, Mark 184, 246 Gordon, Dennis 113, 174 Gordon, Harry S. 50, 113, 174, 246 Gordon, Linda A. 83, 184 Gosney, 148, 174, 264 Gater, Julie 174, 230 Gearhart, Sue 179, 236 Geiger, James 179 Gelino, Susan 179 Gentry, Jan 174 John 160, 184, 248 Enright, Jane 142, 135, 174, 190, 236, 238 Epling, Jim 174 Epstein. David 92 Errico, Bob 179, 264 Esshukry, Fathi 126 Estes, Linda 179 Evans, Cathey 184 Jerrv 158 Evans, Evans, Karen 184, 260 Evans, Marcia 83 Evans, Robin 163, 166, 174 Gerrow, Grayden 52 Gerwiner, Nanci 94, 228 Gibbens, Kathy 179 Gideon, Dorothy 78 Gilbert, Peggy 184, 260 Gilflllan, Diane 169, 179, '260 Gill, Robert 179, 252 Gillenwater, Gil 113 Gillett, Pat 179, 228 Gilliliand, Piper 119, 148, 201, 230 Gilmore, Deborah 184 Gilmore, Donald 113, 184, 262 Gottfried, Bill 44, 248 Gowans, Martha 174, 224 Graber, Paul J. 42 Graham, Larry 78, 87, 99 Grandinett, Tony 169 Grant, Chris 179 Grattopp, Ron 130, 132 Graves, Fred 78, 87 Graves, Michael 104 Graves, Phyllis J. 58 Gray, Bob 46 Gray, Gloria 184 Gray, Roger 158, 179, 252 Graybeal, James 94, 135 Green, Charles M. 68, 71, 110,248 Green, Freida L. 94 Grey, Norm 162 Griffith, Leslie 114, 119, 179 Griffith, Phillip 93 Grigas, Kenneth 94, 115 Griggs, Carol 49 Griggs, John 113, 179, 262 Grimes, Harvey 174, 252 Grimm, Frank 154 Grosdurth, Ann 184, 260 Gross, Linda 58, 136, 199, 226 Groth, Don 47, 113, 174, 242 Grueztmacher, Rex 44 Grumme, Lois Ann 139 Grunday, Debbie 61, 147, 174, 224 Guagliardo, Vickie 179 Guenther, Sue 61, 174, 260 Guerra, Maria Teresa 174, 260 Guerrerro, E. T. 65 Gunderson, Paul 184, 248 H Haberger, Scott 174, 252 Hackathorn, William 78 Hacke, Carole 184 Hague, Kathy 61, 119, 184, 224, 260 Hagerdon, Jennifer 184, 228 Hail, Rose Marie 58, 61 Hall, Dr. David 61 Hall, Carolyn 114, 12.3, 128, 174, 199 234 Hall, Charles 158 Hall, David 92 Hall, Guy 83 Hall, Katy 58, 199, 230 Hall, Wayne 83 Halloran, Randy 179, 252 Hamilton, John 96, 140 Hancock, Christine 184 Hancock, James 94, 250 Hand, Ronald 184, 262 Hanes, Roger A. 44, 244 Hanley, Chris 174, '234 Hanson, Earl 130, 174 Hanson, Timothy 94 Horalson, Mrs. Joe 242 Hardin, Nancy 126 Hardison, Bettie J. 184 Hargrove, Dr. M. M. 43, 47 Harp, 'Roger 61, 97, 134, 140, 142, 174 Harrell, Mrs. Helen 254 Harris, Charles D. 67 Harris, Cheryl 184 Harris, Jill 179, 232, 240 Harris, Robert 45, 250 Harrison, David 144, 184, 246 Harrison, Georgia 51 Hart, Diana 148 Hart, Peggy 179 Hartig, Patti 179, 224 Hartz, Diana 184 Hashagen, Marcia Elayne 184 Haskew, Mary 184 Hassler, Sherry 112 Hatfield, Nancy 120 Hathaway, Linda 184, 230, 260 Hawas, Fjalifa 126 Hawkins, Gary D. 113 Hayden, Dean Donald E. 91, 93 Hayes, John A. 36 Hayes, Ken 156, 158, 159 Hayes, J. Kevin 184 Haynie, Betty 58 Hays, Bill 79 Hearne, Charles 52 Heart, Peggy 49 Heath, Sandy "EV 179, 258 Heim, Ron 96 1-1einze,1.10yu 113, 134, 184 Heinzell, L. 71 Helandcr, Donald P. 66, 71 Hellinghausen, Mark 184, 246 Henderson, Dennis 184, 244 Henderson, Kristy 184 Henderson, Paul 184 Henderson, Robin 184 Henderson, Ruth 179, 234 Henderson, Tammy L. 179, 258 Hendricks, Karen 139, 179, 260 Hendrickson, Karl 184, 244, 264 Hendrix, Nancy 49, 144, 179, 224 Henkley, Mrs. Foster 224 Hensley, Dan 71, 174 158 115 179 Herchko, Joe Herrold, Jack Herron, Terry Hess, Carolyn 179 Hyatt, Sherman 184 Hyland, Linda 61, 174 I Inderrieden, Ed 184 Ingram, Cnarles 34 Ingram, Raymon 42 Ingo, Frank 123, 142, 154, 166 179, 180, 250 Inhofe, David 141, 174, 248 Inman, Larry 180, 246 Irby, Stephen 174 Ivanov, Editn 120 Ivanov, Ivan 120 I Jabri, G. 71 Jackson, Bob 180, 250 Jackson, Debbie 61, 224, 260 Jackson, Diane 184 Jackson Patsy 184 Jackson, Sharo-lette 180 Jackson, Stan 158 Kennett, Maryann 59, 232 Ketcnam, Bruoe V. 67 Keys, Rodney 185, 246 Khan, Said Ahmod 104 Kidwell, John 113 Kinkade, Robert 67 Kinkeade, Debbie 174, 226 King, Bob 185, 254 King, Janice 224 Jim 161 King, King, Karen 93, 168 King, Mike 185, 252 King, Sharon 94, 228, 119, 142 Kinnard, Julie 80, 228 Kinney, Danny 174 Kinsey, Barry 93 Kirk, Jim 185 Kirk, Sam 180 Kirkpatrick, Jack 45 Kitchens, Norman 130, 132 Kitterman, Beverly Ann 45 Klahr, John 161, 185,252 Klaus, Mitchell D. 68 Klelnmann, Karen 185, 226, 260, 239 Lingenfelter, John 174 Linihan, Cathy 114, 174, 236 Link, J. Larry 45, 248 Linn, Stephn 180, 134 Linnell, Robert S. 42, 47 Little, Terry 45, 48 Livesay, B. J. 66, 71, 72, 74 Livingston, Jerry 113, 130, 242 Locke, Sally 82 Lockhart, Tommi 120 132, 174 Lofstrom, Mike 160, 185, 262 Logsdon, Guy W. 38 bohmann, Debby 180, 226 Lohner, Linda 83, 137, 128, 147 Lomax, M, M. 92, 97 Long, Anne 174, 224 Long, Carl 185 Long, Jon 154 Longley, Beth 174, 236 Looney, Linda 128, 139, 177, Lopez, Paul 68 Lord, Jelf 93 iso, 230 224 Hess, Charles David 116, 184 Hestwood, Arthur 78, 111 Hickman, Donald R. 94 Hicks, 'Dennis 47 Highland, Linda 134 Highland, Mike 179, 252 Higgs, Judy 184, 228 Higgins, Sharol 184, 260 Higman, Janet 59, 230 Hildy, Thomas 179, 254 Hill, Harold E. 92 Hill, Jay 61 Hill, Judy 159, 167, 179, 234 Hill, Linda 179,260 Hinchcliff, Jeni 184, 260 Hinda, James E. 179 Hipsher, Warren L. Jr. 37 Hin-Ming-Ho, Peter 262 Hinson, John 161 Hinton, Susan 174 Hobbs, Bekki 184, 260 Hobson, R. L. 99 Hodges, Fred 179 Hodges, Tony 179, 264 Hodgson, Cindy 59, 234 Hodgson, Marilyn 184, 234, Hoffman, Fred 154 Hoge, Tom 70 Hojel, Barbara 59, 61, 224 Holcomb, Kenneth J. 42 Holder, Beth 59, 60, 228 Holland, Nancy 174 260 Hollingsworth, Philly 184, 260 Holloway, W. V. 37, 67, 92, 101 Holmes, Dan P. 34 Holmes, Debbie 184, 232 Holt, Lynn 184 Holt, Susan 71 Holt, Walter 179 Holt, Willard M. 179, 250 Honeywell, Joe 179, 250 Hong, Harry T. 174 Hood, Vicki 50, 123, 128, 224 Hoover, Linda Gayle 59 Horine, Johnny 179 Horn, Chris 179, 262 Horne, William 179 Horst, Cheryl 139, 226 Horst, Meryl 139, 226 I-Iorton, Irene 93 Horton, Max 184, 262 Hoveskeland, Vicki 114, 184 139, 179, Hove, John 45, 123, 142, 190,222,238 244 Howard, Ed 67 Howard, Emily Risinger 80, 87 Howard, George 179 Howard, Mary 60, 147, 182, 184, 228 Howell, Dr. Philip 42, 50 Hudson, John 80 Hulf, Dennis 92, 135 HUE, Marsha 135 Hulford, Martha 135, 174 Huitt, Margaret 179 Hull, Carol 174 Hulsey, Mark 71 Hunt, Bill 132 Hunt, David 148 Hunt, Mary 174 Hunter, Jerry 82, 86 Huntwork, Dawn 112 Hurdle, John 78, 87 Jacobson, A. T. 34 Jakubowski, Jane Ann 80 James, Robert 42 Janaaski, Raymond, 180. Janak, Cordella 174, 236 Jarvis, Ron 46, 180, 246 Jaryno, Bob 144, 145, 180, 246 Jel1'ers,'Bill 154, 174, 254, 258 Jenkins, Al 154, 166 Jenkins, John 70, 73, 174 Jenkins, Tom 162 Jerome, Dean Jester, Kaylin Jmanetf, Danny 45, 47 Johns, Dennis 94, 96, 135 Johns, Dixie L. 174, 226 244 W. 45, 48, 242 83, 180, 260 Klenda, John 115, 174, 246 Knapp, Mary Anne 180, 236 Knepper, Ken 45, 242 Knight, Janet 174, 232 Knipshild, Susie 180, 114, 23 Knowles, Scott 185, 262 0 Koch, April 86, 139, 212, 213, 234 Koch, Margie 61 Koharski, Janice 135 Koons, Harriet E. 80, 83, 230 Krahn, Dennis 68, 71, 74, 190 Krai, Karen 59, 224 Kroezfe, 'Della 61, 174 Krueger, Charles 46, 48, 50, 252 123, 201, 137, 142 174, 197, Lorey, Thomas 185, 254 Losse, Mary 174, 226 Losure, Bob 80, 250, 149 Lovely, Patrick Wm. 180 Lowery, Bill 45, 48 Lowry, Dianne 87 Lubbell, Benedict I. 34 Luce, Terrence 57 Luessenhop, Dave 180, 250 Lundgren, Betty 59 Lynch, Joanne 94, 230 Lynch, Kathleen 94, 136, 193, 260 Lynn, Bob 174, 222., 248 Lynn Curtis 174, 262 Lynn, Robert 248 Lynn, S. 71 Lyon, Bob 134, 142. 180, 254 Johnson, Carolyn 59 Johnson, Carolyn, 174 Johnson, Charlie 184, 254 Johnson, Ed 79, 86 Johnson, John 184, 254 Johnson, Ken 174 Johnson, Manly 93 Johnson, Phillip 97 Johnson, Ronald C. 180 Johnson, W. 71 Johnston, Elaine 184 Johnston, Jackie 236 Jollilf, Carma 114, 184 Jolly, Ann 148 Jolly, John 82, 86, 148, 201 Jolly, Robert 223 Jonasson, Brian 71, 180, 262 Jones, Bruce 161 Jones, B. J. 78, 87,114,136 Jones, Dave 185 Jones, H. Rodman 36, 50, 78, 102, 140, 183, 187 Jones, Jan 185, 232 Jones, Joyce 185 Jones, Jones, Katherine 66 Larry 148 Jones, Lynn 180, 226, 241, 260 Jones, Michael 45, 46 Jones, Ned 43 jones, Ra-eDonna 59 Jordan, Jan 61, 185, 2.34, 260 Jordan, Jinx, 185 Jordan, Rich 48, 86, 180, 252 Jorden, Doug 185, 254 Jorishie, Jacob, Jr. 180 Joyce, Dr. D. D. 92, 97 Judd, Sandra 185 Junk, Lila 59, 135 Justice, James 67 K Kallal, Lathryn 180, 260 Kanter, Peggy 185 Kassick, Tim 177, 180. 250, 142 Kaufman, Rich 174, 252, 142 Kay, Janet 174 Keelan, Regina 185 Krumme, Edwynne, Dr. 93 Krupp, Jean 180, 234 Kruse, Suze 174 Kulsrud, Xymena 42, 51 Kumar, Rajeshwar 74, 71 Kuslaika, Bill 158, 160 L Lake, Dave 113, 180 Lamb, Bill 45 Lamb, Walter 147 Lamons, Robert 174 Lang, Brint 180 Lane, Vicki 185 Langdon, Harold M. 29, 45, 50, 132 196, 250 Langenheim, Janet 61, 185, 236, 260 Langland, Wesley 180, 262 Langley, Harvey Sgt. 79 Langley, L. G. 71, 180 Lanier, Douglas 185 Lansdown, Connie 180, 232 LaRoche, Cheryl 83, 174, 236 Larson, Carolyn 83, 174, 226, 238 Lattimore, Carl 115 Lauden, Richard 185, 252 Laudett, Cathy Sue 185 Laudette, Sue 110 Lauer, Bob 148 Laughlin, Richard 185 Laird, Penelope 94 Lavelle, Kathy 174 Lavelle, Mike 185, 242 Lawrance, Patsy 174, 236 Lawson, Curt 71, 185, 248 Lawson, Dan 70 Layfield, Dave Layman, Luanna 135 Laymen, Susan 226 Lee, Arley G. 68, 72, 73 Lee, Cindy 119, 185,228 Lee, Elanor 94 Leemasawatdigul, Suphanee 185, '260 Leibsch, T. 71 Leikam, Michael 130, 132 Lemons, Patricia 174, 236 Lyons, Dana 59, 260 Lyon, Larry 68, 72, 73, 254 Lyons, Patricia 174 Lyons, Trevor 68, 252 Lysiak, Conrad 45, 46, 48, 123, 254 MC MacConne1l, Linda 94, 230 MacDonald, Duncan 110 MacFarland, D. 71 McAllister, Douglas 80 McArthor, Jerry 154, 166 McAskill, John 73 McCann, Susan 186, 261 McClintock, F. G. 34 McClintock, R. Otis 34 McCool, Michael 175, 254 McCorkell, Don 115, 198 McCorkle, Marilyn 115 McCormick, David 186 McCormick, Jane 80 McCrory, Pam 123, 128, 175, 199, 230 McCoy, Gary 59, 201 50, 122 135, 142 McCurren, Denny 180, 246, 264 McCutchan, Carolyn 172 McCutchen, John 161 McDaniel, Jerry 175 McDermott, Michael 186, 246 McDonald, Linda Kay 180 McDonald, Ross 67 McDowell, R. W. 34 McFarland, Martha 59 McGee, Lewis 161 McGehee, Mardi 186, 260 McGinnis, Carol 186 McGinty, Veda 42, 136, 219 McGot1in, Greg 112 McGraw, Phil 161 McGrew, Charles 180 McGonagle, Judy 186, 232 McGuire, Sally 112 McKay, Edward 66 McKeague, Marian 186, 260 McKee, Hugh 66, 73 Keeler, W, W. 34 Keeling, Debbie 180. 236 Keen, Hugh 73, 68, 72, 248 Keller, Paul Terry 113, 262 Kelly, Michael 185, 262 Kelly, Robert C. 38, 92, 118 Kemp, Dennis 154 Kemp, Marvin 66 Kemp, Tina 185 Lenna rr, Joe 45, 244 Lesousky, Vicki 83 Levengood, C. A. 135, 92 Lewis, Doris 61, 118,135, 174,226 Lewis, Doug 71, 130, 132 Lewis, Larry 52 Lewis, Linda 180 Lewis, Mike 174 Lichtv Linda 174 Hurst, Windel D. 94 Hurt, Craig 180, 244 Huston, Peggy 174, 232 Hutchins, Virginia 180, 260 Hutton, Clifford 42, 43, 140 Kendrick, Barb 174, 260 Kendrick, John 185 Kenady, Margo 128, 174. 135, 234 Kennett, Martha 49, 128, 180, 232, 2140 Liie, John 185 Lindeman. Michele 139. 180, 230 Lindsay, Cathey 185, 234 Lindsay, Hague L. Jr. 92, 135 Lindsey, Dianne 180 McKee, Mildred 57 McKee, William 78 McKenna, Marianne, 175,226 McKenzie, Kathy 147, 186 McKissick, Kent 46 McLane, Pam 180 McLaughten, Randy 186, 248 McLellan, Monty 180, 236 McLeod, Lynnette, 45 McMahon, Bill 186, 246 McNair, Nancy 175, 224 McNamara, Tom 154 McVay, Melanie 71, 119, 175, 232 M Maben, Martha 78 Maculay, Doug 166 Mahmooduddin, Mir 126, 174 Mahoney, Bill 148, 175, 246 Mahoney, Carol 185 Main, Edward John 94, 115, 118, 135, 137, 142 Maley, Dennis 47 Mallak, M. 71 Malone, Charles 37 Malone, Gail 86, 139, 144, 145 Manaii, Kami 70 Mancinelli, Aldo 78 Mancuso, Cullen 93 Maher, Greg 185 Manering, Barbara 87 Mannery, Barbara 112 Manhart, Tom 79 Mankins, Dave 148, 185 Mannigg, Dr. Francis 66 Manor, David 185 Manus, Randall 175 Marino, Alex 83 Marlow, Pat 60 Marrs, Mike 162 Marrs, Tim 161 Martin, Jerry W. 45, 248 Martin, Pam 49, 180 Martin, Pam 185 Martin Sherry 180 Neal, Stephen 162, 181, 264 Martinez, saui 175, 250 Marzolla, Gina 114, 119, 147, 228 Mase, Patricia 185, 226 Mason, David 120 Mason, John 45, 130, 132 Mason, Kenneth 70 Massad, Carolyn 59, 236 Massad, Joyce 59 Massey, Dona 61, 185, 232 Matheson, Peggy 40 Mathieson, Don 59, 242 Mathis, Betty Ellen 180 Matson, Kathryn 51, 114, 175, 234 Matthews, James 93 Matthews, Thomas 78 May, Sandra 114, 185, 260 Mayer, Frances Ann 94, 260 Mayers, Mary 59 Maynard, Tom 83 M-eadors, Gloria 66 Means, Bill 148 Mears, Max 175, 246 Medina, Joseph 175, 242 Medina, Saul 46 Meeker, Vicki 185 Meinent, Barbara 180, 232 Melfa, Steve 148 Melton, Reed 113 Melton, Sidney 68 Melvin, Kathy 180, 260 Mendoza, Mario 59 M-ersfelder, 'Roy 185, '262 Mertz, Frances 59, 60 Messulam, Andrew 126 Metzel, George V. 37 Meyen, Linda 175 Meyers, Mary 60, 232 Middleton, James 78, 112 Miessler, Gary 141 Migl, Don 45, 258 Millard, Marvin 34 Miller, Dick 154, 166, 185, 246 Miller, Doug 45, 254 Miller, Ernest B. Jr. 35 Mill-er, Gerald 144, 180, 244 Miller, James 93 Miller Larry 45 Miller, Liz 236 Miller Patrick 67 Miller: Susan iso, 260 Miller Susan 45 Miner, Terri 185 Mills, Mike 180, 252 Mills, Paula 95 Mills, Stan 180 Milvo, John 59 Minear, Dennis 80 Mitchell, Bob 175, 254 Mitchell, Debbie 180, 228 Mitchell, James 154, 175 Mitchell, Linda 110, 185, 260 P Mixon, Mo-ats, Moeller, Jerry 154, Moncrief, Dave 86, Jim 146 Patricia 80, 83, 190 166 146 Monger, Susie 110, 130, 180, 234 Monical, David 95, 142, 191 Monlux, Carol Lynn 80 Montague, Major L. A. 79 1 180, Montgomery, Guy 185, 252 Mooney, John 185, 246 Mooney, Sharon 185 Moore, Edward Jr. 113 Moore, John 180, 244 Moore, Liz 83 Moran, Janice 62 Palmer, Gerry 175 Palmer, Lucia 206, 207, 234 Palmer, Rich 129, 130, 131, 132 Parker, Ann 62 Parker, Nancy 186 Parker, Robert L, 35, 148 Parks, Sandra 112 Moran, Joanne 180, 230 Moran, William 66 Moreland, Karen 175, 232 Morgan, Barbara 180, 230 Morgan, Carolyn 175, 226 Morgan, Fred 185, 246 Morrell, Margie 51 Morris, Cindy 95, 232 Morris, Iva 139, 180 Morris, Larry 160 Morris, Mike 185, 246 Morris, Sandra 185 Morrison, Beth 185, 260 Morrow, Annel 42 Morse, David 115, 185, 248 Morstield, Louellen 180, 226 Morton, Jere 45 Mosier, Rachel 185 Moss, David 166 Moss, William Roy 45 Mounts, Kem 180, 248, 262 Moyer, Peter 169, 180, 238, 242 Mueller, Bill 68, 252 Mulcahy, Dennis 185, 242 Mundt, Randy 50, 185, 246 Munger, Andrea 114, 185, 232, 260 Munson, Steve 186, 262 Murphy, Bob 152, 154, 162, 166 Murphy, Janice 168, 180, 226 Murphy, Jim 162 Murray, Connie 123, 135, 142, 147, 175, 193, 224 Murray, Marsha 61, 186, 234, 260 Murray, Michael 45 Murray, Paul 80, 252 Myers, Donald E. 68, 73 Myers, Martha 180 Myers, Robert 68, 71, 73, 74 Myers, Russell 42 Myles, Steve 130, 180 N Naifeh, Marianne 49, 50, 175, 228 Nam Tae Yul 92 Nash, James 180, 250 Nave, Merlene 186 Neal, Betsy 139, 180, 234 R. 71 Parrett, Damon 83 Parrish, Robert E. 57 Parsons, Pam 114, 180, 230 Parsons, Roger 70 Patterson, Dave 180, 244 Patterson, Sandra 186 Paul, Sunny 29, ss, 95, 114, 128, 135, 136, 195, 230 Peague, Marie 186, 260 Peavy, Pauline 80, 83 Peques, Alice E. 87, 110, 175 Penick, Raymond 180, 264 Pennington, Sandra 45 Penny, Alfreda 49 Penrod, Michael 73, 130, 132 Perez, Manny 59 Perks, Susie 186, 226 Perritt, Nancy 83 Perry, Richard 99 Persson, Bob 48 Peters, 'Ralph 95, 250 Peterson, Dean Bruce 103 Peterson, Elaine 61, 119, 186, 232, 260 Petnick, Robert R. 186, 242 Petruck, Ken 161 Pew, Wayne 116 Phillips, Cindy 180, 234 Phillips, Mike 175 Phillips, Robert 186 Phillips, Vicki 186, 228 Philloon, Wallace C. Jr. 66, 70, 135 Philpott, Tom 186, 246 Pierce, Bill 161 Pierce, David 175 Pine, Rob 160 Pingree, Carol 135, 261 Pirone, Pompey 186 Pistoia, Joe 154, 166 Pitcock, Laura 86, 175, 234 Pitman, Ev-el 99 Pitts, Paula 180, 230 Place, Brad 79, 83 Place, Mary Kay 80, 136, 230 Plank, Donald 180 Pleiman, Carol 139 Plumlee, Norene 87, 110 Plummer, Joe 186, 254 Pollard, Kathleen 80, 83, 135, 236 Neal, Tricia 186, 260 Nease, Richard 45, 110, 252 Nedom, H. A. 74 Neel, Jerry 175 Neunuebel, Nancy 83, 180, 230, 239 264 Neville, Ginger 61, 139, 180 Nichols, Robbie 165 Nicholson, William Alan 186 Nilson, John 186, 248 Nix, Sally 180, 218, 234 Noggatt, Peggy 186 Noland, Mike 123 Norbin, Mary 186 North, Pat 49 Novak, Eddie 167, 180, 254 Nowasky, Dave 161 O Oates, Tony 123, 175, 248 O'Bar, Jackie 135 O'Connor, Colleen 59, 236 Oh'ya, Julio 112 Olewine, Richard C. 59 Oliphant, Charles W. 35 Oliver, Carl 56, 57 O'Neil, Jacqui 186, 224, 260 Opal. Ken 86 Oplotnik, Jim 45, 48 O'Reilly, Justus 52 Ormond, Anita 119, 139, 180, 210, 211, 224 Orr, Doris 59 Osborn, John 135 Osmer, Jack 154 Otis, Susan 61, 186,260 Owen, John 148, 186,244 Owen, Lyle E. 42 Owens, Jim 74 Ozcar, H. 71 Paige, Roger 175, 244 Painter, Kar-en 175 Pope, George 186 Pope, .lerry 83 Porter, Mary Jane 83 Porterfield, Garry 154 Posh-ek, N. A. 79 Poston, Phyllis 59 Potter, Dee Ann 83 Ramsey, Jim 186 Ramsey, Linda 186 Ratclirf, Lee 70, 141, 175, 250 Rau, Ric 175 Rauchwerger, Boaz 86, 175 Rauchwerger, Greta 175 Rauh, Debbie 80, 84, 86, 142, 147, 191, 224 Raulston, Judy 180 Raymond, Jim 180, 238 Reavis, Edwin 186, 262 Rector, Tim 162 Reed, Carol 51 Reed, Harold 175, 248 Reedy, David 80 Reeve, Tim 186, 244 Reeves, Clinton D. 45 Reich, Cheryl 83, 175 Reid, Judy 232 Reiner, John 95, 238, 246 Reins, Nancy 83 Rempe, Bill 154, 166 Rendik, John 158 Reynolds, DeAnn 122, 150, 261 146 Reynolds, Judy K. 68, 70, 73, 200, 218 226 Rhoads, Janet 1812, 186, 228, 239 Rhoads, Lynda 59, 228 Rice, Bob 180, 244 Rice, Jo Ann 201 Richards, Linda 180, 224 Richardson, George 45 Ridgeway, Ronald Lee 45 Rieker, J. 71 Riera, Alfredo 68 Q Rife, Jerry 110 Riley, Don C. 68, 248 Rittenore, John 175 Rittierodt, Mike 164 Ritz, Phil 45 Roark, Linda 110, 180, 228 Roark, Steve 130, 180, 246, 262 Robb, C.1ris 186 Roberson, bmce 95, 195, 238, 254 Roberson, Mike 186 Roberson, Ron 175, 246 Roberts, Diane 115, 175, 236 Roberts, Kitty 82 Roberts, Rusty 95, 254 Robertson, Jimmy 48 Robertson, N. 71 Robeson, Joel Scott 47 Robey, Bill 161 Robins, Connie 135 Robinson, Diane 135 Robinson, Rusty 181 Robinson, Sheila 181, 228 Robison, Pete 110 Roddy, Robert 186 Roden, Ann 49, 186 Rodgers, Bob 186, 254 Rodgers, Kathy 181, 224 Roe, George 68, 70, 137, 141, 200 1 Potts, David 134 Potts-, Larry 180 Powell, Ralph 175, 242 Prather, Rebecca 80 Prather, Vic 154, 166 Praytor, Dorla 135, 175 Predl, Ronald 78 Prescott, Michael P. 68, 250 Presson, Jeanette 59, 230 Price, Raymond 52 Price, Roger 45, 250 Priciard, Dave 71, 175, 252 Prin'-eau, David 162 Pritchett, Rod 86 Pue, Wayne 141 Pulliam, Richard 86, 148 Pummill, Susan 186, 260 Punnett, Richard 110 Putnam, Pat 114, 186, 261 Pyle, Frank 113 Pyne, Rob 161 Q Quade, Mary 230 Quinn, Kenneth M. 59 Quinn, Steve 83 Quisenberry, Beth 60, 114, 134, 135, 175 R Radford, Ronald 186 Ragan, Ken 48, 142, 172, 175, 250 Rainey, John 67 Rains, Joyce 110 Rains, Ruth Ann 186, 236, 261 Ramirez, Alejandro 126 Ramsey, Chris 45, 252 Rogers Rogers, Rogers, Rogers, , Sally 119, 181, 228 John 35, 47 Larry 71, 116, 181, 169 Rohr, Jim 71,181, 250 Rohrbaugh, Martha Lou 59, 226 Rollow, Shirley 181, 236 Rolo1T, Bill 186, 242, 262 Romanello, Mike 186 Romaniuk, Clarence 68, 71, 74, 135, 141 Roos, Albert D, 68 Roper, Patty 181, 230 Rome, Linda 61 Rose, Charles 95 Rose, Larry 175 Roseberry, Jeff 70, 110, 111, 142, 175 Ross, Pam 59, 123, 142, 199, 224 Roszel, Randy 86, 181, 250 Roundtree, Jean 83 Rowe, Linda 261 Rowe, Reg 181, 254 Royer, Lynda 59, 181 Rozsa, Bela 78 Rudy, Fran 175, 234 Runyan, Gary 68, 72, 73 Rupp, John 95 Russell, Richard 161 Ruth, Susan 135 Rutledge, Dale 186 Ryburn, James E., Jr. 186 S Saddoris, Shelton 154, 166 Slaazar, Manuel 175 Sallak, Hussein 70 Slatzamn, Lloyd R. 43, 48 Sampson, Kathy 110, 232 lfVe lsh, J Samuels, Lloyd 110, 186, 250 Sanchez, Tom 96 Sanders, Andrea 45, 48 Sanders, Kathy 116, 181 Santee, Barbara 95 Sargeant, Earl 57 Sarkari, D. 71, 74 Sartain, Janet 181, 230 Sas, Nancy 175, 261 Sawyer, Tom 154 , 232 Saxon, Louis L. Jr. 68, 72, 73, 142, 248 Scaggins, M. 71 Schaan, Richard 186 Shcaberg, Jean 59, 60, 61, 114, 136, 193, 261 Schantz, Bud 50 Schepers, Cathy 186 Schmidt, Adrienne 181 Schmidt, Dick 78 Schmidt, Warren W. 186 Schneider, Judy 82, 148, 224 Schneider, Lucinda 59 Schran, David 186, 242 Schreiber, William K. 45 Schuessler, Joe 48 Schuler, Jan 181 Scism, Ted 181 Scoggins, M. W. 175, 262 Scroggins, Suzanne 186 Scott, Gil 181, 246 Scott, Robert 68 Searcy, Rob 48, 186, 252 Sears, David 46 Secrest, Cheryl Garrett 59 Secrest, James K. 45, 164 Self, Michael J, 186, 262 Selinger, Doug 113 Sellen, Jim 86 Senter, Kay 139, 181, 234 Settle, Dr, W. A. 92, 97 Seymour, Mike 186 Shae, Suzi 83 Shahan, Jo Ellen 186 Shaleen, Judy 49 186, 232,239 Siianafelt, Sharon Eadle 104 Shanks, G. 71 Sharp, Connie 181 Shaw, Mike 186, 262 Shawver, Dave 186, 258 Shea, Margaret J. 80 Sheldon, Jean 168, 172, 175,224 Shell, Gene 154, 162 Shell, Patricia 110, 186 Sherrill, Judy 186 Sherrow, Rita 186, 228 Shirley, Dr. Barbara 92, 135 Shocklye, Mrs. Blanche 248 Shoemaker, Ken 154, 181, 254, 258 Shoemaker, Stephen 181, 258 Shufller, Karen 175, 232 Sigmon, Ron 99 Siler, Harold 59, 252 Silvey, James T. 186, 264 Sims, Debbie 181 Sims, Frank 186, 246 Simmons, Jo Ella 95 Simmons, Louise 168 Simmons, Sue Ann 186 Simmons, Tony 86 Sinor, Roy 186,244 Skaggs, John 181 Skeeter, Ramona 181 Skinner, Robert B. 68, 113, 262 Slack, Mrs. V. C. 228 Slack, William 45, 47 Slack, William 45, 47 Slade, K-en 110, 123, 132, 142, 248 Slagle, Barbie 59, 84, 96. 123, 191 Slagle, Marsha 175, 234 Slater, Milo 186 Slaughter, Glen 161 Slezak, Rick 110. 186. 242 Sloan, Phillip 175, 246 Slodek, Barry 113, 175 Sloss, Tucker 186, 234, 239, 261 Smith, Michael 95 Smith, Patricia 181 Smith, Randa 186, 224, 261 Smith, Rick 175, 252 Smith, Sandra 186 Smith, Sara 114, 128, 129, 130, 135, 199, 219, 226 Smith, Sherry 234 Smith, Susan 45 Smith, Verl-ene 181 Smith, Virgil 181, 252 Smith, Virginia 60, 114, 134, 135, 175, 192 Smith, Walter A. 42, 43, 48 Smith Wayne 181 Smock, George B. 95, 248 Swoflord. Douy 80, 114, 135, 195, Sykes, Kathy 139 Symon, Mary M. 147, 187, 228 Symsack, Elmer 132 T Tack, Wally 181, 244 Tait, D. 71 Tag, Karen 181, 232 Taliaferro, Paul E. 35 Tankersley, Carol 187 Tarter, Alanna 112, 181, 87 Tate, Ruthann 116, 181 Taylor, Carol 61, 187, 226, 261 Taylor, Kathy 187, 228 Taylor, Terry 187, 236, 239 Wadman W , Sue 142 Wanl, Raymond 79 Walker, Jean 128, 181, 226 Walker, Karen 181, 234 Walker, Larry 45, 46, 52, 135, 137 Walker, Terri 181, 226 Wallace, Evelyn 59 Wallace, Gaylen 57 Wallace, Jean 110, 187 vvallace, Jim 48, 176,252 Wallace, Linda 187 Wallace, Robie 95 Wallace, Tom 123, 134 Walsmith, Ron 80, 86 Walton, John 45 Snelling, Florence 139 Snider, Larry 186 Snider, Linda 118, 175,232 Snuggs, 'R. Grady 92 Snyder, Susie 175, 230 Sonnenfeld, Bruce 176, 262 Sorommadi, Chukwudi I. 99 Sorte, William A. 67 Southworth, Carin 83, 86, 226 Spear, Dale 79 Spears, Susie 59 Specht, Margie 139, 181, 232, 238 Spencer, Brenda 181, 261 Spencer, Gary 45, 46 Sperber, Steve 47 Spessard, Bob 181 Spivey, Susan 86, 118, 128, 181, Spraker, Sally 60, 186, 228 Spurgin, John 95, 115, 121, 198, Spurlock, Douglas 45, 46, 48 Staflord, Dave 181 Stafford, Reggie 181, 244 Stafford, Terre 110, 186 Stafford, Virginia 186, 224, 261 Staires, Harold 36 Staley, Thomas 93 Stamper, Silas 57 Stamper, James E. 73 Standridge, Karen 59, 135, 234 Stanford, Kathy 176, 230, 238, 241 Stankey, Roger 47 Stankunlas, Raymond 45, 52, 137, 242 Stapp, Michael R. 45, 254 Starz, James 73, 181 Statzer, Terry 176, 242 Steele, Frank 48 Steele, Sandi 186, 236 Stehle, Jeani 59, 232 Steinke, Jeff 186, 248 Stephans, Cathy 135, 176, 236 Stephens, Michael 59, 110 Sterner, Paul 154, 176, 258 Taylor, W. 71, 74 Tayrien, Dave 80, 86, 144, 145, 192 Teague, Marie 187,261 Teague, Pat 112 Templeton, April 60, 181, 224 Templeton, Sherry 59, 61, 136, 195, 224 Templeman, Stuart 176, 246 Ten Zytholf, Jozi-e 139, 181, 224 Teutenberg, Kathy 187, 261 Tholen, Phil 181, 244 Thomanson, Scott 86 Thomas, Gordon 66 Thomas, Joanie 181, 232 Thomas, Myrna 187 Thomason, Scott 80 Thompson, Barbara 60, 61, 139, 181, 224, 238, 239 Thompson Brian 161 Thompson, Diane 59 Thompson, Judy 181, 228 Thompson, Marilyn 59 Thompson, Richard 66, 135 Thompson, Wesley, 176, 244 Thorsen, Duke 45, 130, 132, 248 Wann, Nancy 187 Warner, John 45, 197, 238, 252 Warren, W. K. 35 Washington, Rob 156, 158 Watley, Ralph 45, 137, 156, 158, 252 Watson, Dave 82, 123, 194, 228 Watson, Dorothy 97 Wattenbarger, David 187 Watts, Linda 118, 135, 176, 226 Watts, Mary 51 Watts, Richard 116, 176 Weakley, Dr. Ward 93 Weathers, Dr. Winston 93 Weaver, Christy 187, 230, 261 Weaver, Doug 187 Weaver, Jim 48, 50, 176, 240 Webb, Lhea 187 Webber, Jim 163, 176,258 Webber, Val 187, 230 Weber, Dr. Charles 93 VVebster, Dave 46, 4 ', 50, 142 Wedell, Kathy 110, 187 Weeks, Bud 45, 248 Weghle, Brie Vande 59 Thorton, Charles 35 Tippee, Bob 187, 244, 264 Tipton, Neal 83, 181, 252 Tolbert, Pat 218 Tolle, Kathy 119 Tomanso, Christy 112 Tomasi, R. A. 66, 67 Tomblinson, June 83, 176 Tomes, Sarah 68 Tomlins, Chuck 83, 79 Toms, John 78 Toole, George 176 Torbett, Louis 176 Wehr, Cindy 86, 119, 146, 147, 228 Weidemann, Sue 236 Weidle, Virginia 83, 181, 261 Weidner, Bruce 187, 250 Weigel, Weinhei Richard 187, 254 mer, Jay 162 Welhart, Karl 113 Wells, Betty R. 59 Wells, Elvin 110, 187, 250 Wells, J erry 116 Wells, Larry 140, 176 Wells, Mary Ellen 95 ames 46, 176, 254 Torres, Magdalena 112, 187 Towle, Kathy 187, 236 Travino, Lee 86 Stevenson, Betts 59, 60. 118, 226 Stevenson, Charman 49 Stevenson, Florence B. 39, 142, 238 Stevenson, Gardner 181 Stevenson, Mary 186 Stewart, Becky 186 Stewart, Donna 186, 261 Stewart, Elizabeth 110 Stewart, Jerry 93 Stickney, Pete 59, 248 Stillwell, Betty 119 Stockton, Brenda 186 Stone, Daniel J . 45, 242 Stone, David 95 Stone, Mike 71, 181, 244 Storm, Brenda 128 Storm, Karen 59, 60, 62 Storm Paula 176 Triplett, Pam 176 Troutman, Carol 60, 61 Trowbridge, Wayne 45, 134 Troxell, Bob 86 Troyer, Needra 176 Trueblood, Lyle 43, 52 Truong, Harry Vi Nang 187 Tryggvaosn, Eysteinn 66 Tuckerrn Rodger 187, 254 Tucker, Ronnie 182, 187, 236, 261 Tuepker, D. J. 35 Turner, Ann 226 Tumer, Harry 181 Turner, Mary Janice 59, 135, 228 Turpen, Mike 142, 182, 187,252 Tuttle, Elizabeth 92 Twyman, President 33, 142 Wemhaner, David 181 Wendell, Kathy 261 Wendelken, Bill 187, 262 Werner, Betty 226 Werthner, Raymond 181 West, Jeannie 187, 226 Westby, Gerald 35 Weston, Kenneth 67 Weston, Suby 123, 142. 176, 228 Whalon, Dr. Michael 92 Wheat, Dr. 79 Wheeler, Diane 187 Wheeler, Francis 154 Wheeler, Jay 187, 246 Wheeler, Larry 187 Wheeler, Linda 187, 261 Wheeler, Nan 95 White, Kathryn 110, 181 White, Larry 187 White, Ron 176 Whitehead, Judy 59, 61, 226 Small, John 47 Small, Nancy 181, 236 Smith Betty 186, 232 Smith Billy 186 Smith Bobby 157, 158 Smith Ponnie 59, 61, 95, 97, 135, 261 Smith Carol 119, 186, 232 Smith David 46 Smith, Herb 175, 244 Smith,JetTery 145 Smith Sgt. John 79 Smith Jules 86 Smith1Linda 182, iss, 2312, 239, 261 Smith, Lloyd 181,246 Smith, Mary Jane 147, 175,228 Stratton, R. D. 67 Stratton, Robert 135 Stripling, Mike 153 Strong, Dr, Edwin 92, 115, 121 Strong, Joyce 51 Strout, Dr. Clevy 93 Stuart, Bruce 181 Stuemkey, James 161 Sturgeon, Ronnie 181 Sturm, Ray 115 Suarez, 'Euita Li 126 Suender, Gene 187. 252 Suender, Suzanne 95, 228 Suess, Jack 162 Suggs, Karl 148, 187 Summers, Jerry 187 Sullivan, Barry 83 Sunrall, Betty 59 Surbey, Sue 71. 187. 261 Suttle, Steve 123 Swan, Pam 187, 230, 261 Swearingen,Sanr1v 114, 176, 234 Sweeney, Lloyd 73 Sweet, L. 71, 123, 169 Sweetin, Jody 181 V U Underwood, George 42 Upton, Tom 187, 246 Urwiler, Jan 61, 187, 224, 261 V Vahid, Ken 70 Van Allen, Jonathan 176, 248 Vander Lind, Jam-es 39, 123, 142, 238 Vanderpool, Phyllis 181 Vandruff, Paul 47 Vaner, Larry 154 Van Hoose, Penny 176, 226 Van I-luss, Becky 187 Vanscoy, Donald 70, 176 Vasers, Alice 66 Vasser, William 181, 264 Veach, Ralph 67, 71, 74 Venner, Linda 139, 181, 208, 209, 230 Voigt, Sherry 176 Vogle, Bill 45, 250 Vollmecke, Sister Rita 176 Von Drehle. Mary 187, 230, 261 Von Frellick, Gerry 115, 176, 236, 261 Whiteside, Bill 236 Whitlock, Eileen 57 Whitman, Pollv 128. 139, 181, 234 Whitt, Cecil 187. 254 Wickham, Alan R. 59 Wiedemann, Sue 176. 718 Wilbanks, Carlotta 187 Wilder, Bill 46, 50, 123, 142, 176, 197 250 Wilder, Michael 187, 262 Wile, Donald 176 Wiley, Bruce 45, 46, 48, 248 Wiley, Jerry 181 Wiley, 'Rita 60, 139, 181,234 VVi1l, Albert 187, 262 197 Williams, Betty 45, 48. 50, 135, Williams, Carol 51, 236 Williams, David 57 Williams, Denis 187 Williams, Gary 176, 252 Williams, John H. 35 Williams, Karen 112 Williams Williams Lvnn Marie 80 Mary Clay 135 Williams Nancy 181, 234 Williams, Phil 66, 80 Yul Nam, Tae 126 Williams, Terry 95, 224 Williamson, Connie 181, 230, 261 Williamson, Robert J. 47, 80 Willie, Michael 181, 238, 250 wiuis, cami 181 wins, John 116 Willsey, Claudia 135, 176 Wilson, Bill 176, 244 Wilson, Bud 50 Wilson, Cathie 187 Wilson, Dennis 120 Wilson, Kathy 187, 230, 261 Wilson, Ken 46, 176, 248 Wilson, Mary Sue 60, 119, 18 Winchester, Dr. William 93 Wing, Edna 45, 261 Winstone, Gary 187 Wise, Bob 80, 82, 86 Wiseman, Lynn 226 Withee, Lynn 139 7, 228 Witt, Janice 87 Wiyost, John 113 Wolford, Larry 176, 238, 278 Wokoum, Doug 80, 252 Woll, Vinnie 115, 176, 246 Wong, Wong, Jane 95, 261 Wai Ling 187, 261 Wood, Harry 152, 162 Wood, Nancy 59, 61, 261 Wood, Tom 79 Woods, Denny 83, 167, 181, 252 Woods, Mickey 132 Woodward, T. J. 45 Woolbert, Mike 70, 73 Wormley, Jon 176, 250 Wortley, Carolyn 22 Wretschko, Brian 176, 254 Wright, Bill 164 Wright, Daniel 78 Wright, John 176, 246 Wyatt, Doug 155, 166 Wyland, Thelma 112 Wylie, Thomas 68 Wynne, Nelda 181, 226 Wykoff, Georgia 176, 228 Y Yadon, Larry 123, 176, 254 Yard, Rick 47 Yates, Larry 187, 244 Yocom, Carol 59, 228 Yong, Susie 261 York, Joe 6l,83, 113, 176, 244, 264 Yost, Cynthia 86, 174, 192, 226, 227 Yost, F. Randolph 35 Yost, John 174, 262 Young, Dian 135, 176 Young, Marcia 135, 136, 234 Young, Marcia 135, 136, 234 Young, Marilyn 110, 116, Young, Susie 49, 50, 14 239 Z Zabrowskim, Dr. 120 181,234 7, 187, 224 Zadezensky, Jose 72, 126, 169, 171 176 Zaeny, Alex 187, 242, 262 Zana, E. 71 Zeis, Amy 187, 226, 261 Zimmerman, Don 93, 169 Zimmerman, L. F. 93, 135 Zumwalt, Billy 176, 244 Zumwalt, Cindy 49, 50, 11 Zumwalt, Jerry 45 Zumwalt, Mike 187 Zusne, Leonard 93 Zwinglberg, Rick 176 9, 187,224 DAN P. HOLMES and Associates W O R L D W I D E INSURANCE and BONDS SERVICE NATIONAL BANK OF TULSA BUILDING BOX 2356 TULSA I OKLAHOMA IIIPPI Y COMPAII Y WfW' 6,,! 'L W ,W W W7 . M W WW Thornton, Smith Ei Thornton General Insurance und Surety Bonds J Tulsa. Oklahoma mos LU-7-5l7l NOBLE E, SMITH JOE R. THORNTON DAN C. THOMAS GENE MEADOR growing together for the future . . . TU's I969 Graduates and One of Tulsa's expanding industries. Complete seismic exploration and inter- pretation services around the globe. Wireline services for the oil industry through the Birdwell Division. Unique geophysical and electronic products through the Seiscor Division -manufacturer of the Seiscor Voting Equipment. 'Wei' , , , 5 O ir-15 fiezemograplr Serwce Corporaizon A SUBSIDIARY OF RAYTHECDN COMPANY lv 6200 EAST 41st STREET TULSA, OKLAHOMA :adam 912' 4 's-s'1lt:o"'t i - 1- 5 Il Am l 1 , lt :Q 1 'f- N I - 1 J 'HE g 1:1 t :limi U. Flpngfiilgggl 11 ' V143 lm. Illln ' '--llslliigz ll i I-1 -' : lillll 5-' - um H I Un' iii :il gs ll. naaf: :ti tsl A N 5 Il IEE Q 'Un ' t n -'xl I 5 , E A , , Q l 'giilllnim ' D U ' 'lil ' I :gin 'oowmown ' U -'li' Y 'Q , 1liEf'if'3?Q? l ' :UI ll1f51"!'f9P"l , U. 31 Eglgim as A ,-'-'-"""'i. 'wllllllllllllllll ' ' iWQ"5v E? "ft Itwtt l Li mmm 1" it " fir-2 l . Y ggy 1 I-ln u af If ,ggiwn VY K XQAAK X- 'arf' SHEPHERD MALL OKLAHOMA CITY Now Fonr Groot Storey to Servo Yon . . . Downtown, Sontnlonot, ono' Nortnlono' in Tnlfo ono' Snqonoro' Moll, Onlonorntz City Four stores to better serve Tulsa and Oklahoma City. I 'X t' 4- X 1 Shop Brown-Dunkin for M Sfkfggipllbx bigger selection of quality ll lllilmmxi N merchandise and nationally l f-i 'II I' W' famous brands at low. low X I X- prices. ere are credit terms X f to meet every need. NDHTHLAND V ., ovxgminkin we v t lx - MMM l P A g 0 lu 0 T R' Q 0 ' 'vi' ' --- L. Nfl- F '- XX g a ,o ...a is sournumo Over three million barrels of oil are processed every day in BORN heaters! F' X, wr lj", F l ' lllllllll IIIIIIIITHH The Wor1d's Largest Distributor of Diamonds Zale Jeweler's is where You Come When You' re Through Playing Games Siores serving Hue Tulsa area are locaied ai: 402 Sou+l1 Main, Admiral Cenier, Mayo Meadows, Souih Roads Mall, Crysial Ciiy and Sapulpa. ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS SAY CHARGE IT, ZALE'S DOES THE REST 'Y' T row? w,a5Y53t'if lhq pcm!-1' . or Ima fmalmn... Slt3ll'lS Yvilth all 0pl'll lllilld ! Today is rarely like yesterday. And tomorrow may create new demands. Today's lessons are the foundation for tomorrow's solutions. This, our imaginative First National specialists know and understand. That's why they've been known to be wide open to any "capital idea" you may have in mind. Because one Hcapital idea" can lead to another . . . and another . . . and another . . . our resourceful specialists stand ready with financial assistance to help make the ideas work better--for you. -V014 df'5?rl't'lll0f?. . . Think f7l'Sl f SERVICE BAN K The First National Bank Xt Trust Company of Tulsa A FULL 3002 E. II+h S+ree+ lencliii UALITY CHEM DAIRY FOODS-ICE CREAM 15562 ' Q7 mmm .,WWm:,'.,W, ,X 21 Glmcliii Gluflig "Q wav- - " 'O 4 i'n 1 ' C Welrrrnlzrn -WK' fm,,gAc,,,.-' "'-w x .HE " 1 MILK MIL CONGRATULATIONS TO THE NEW GRADUATES FROM HARVARD DRUG" 1251 So. Harvard WE 6-2186 DANNER'S CAFETERIA 1954 U+ica Square TULSA, OKLAHOMA "A perfect place to dine, have a party, or hold a meeting"-Call Rl 2-8781 for reservations HOTOQRA HER LU 2 3321 1601 S BOSTON .1-...DON URIC Say it with Flowers Say it with Ours BETSY'S FLOWERS UKLAHUMA PHUTU SUPPLY 6542 E. FORTIETH STREET 622-5151 0 Amateur 0 Professional ' Commercial 0 Industrial Student discounts on many items. ' RUCHESTER l335 S. Harvard WE 9-443' Utica Store Downtown Store 1756 Utica Square 323 South Boston RI 3-7711 LU 3-7144 EVEN CINDERELLA'S FAIRY GODMOTHER USES BARNES MANLEY Whatever your problem seems to be, torget it and take your laundry to the ever ready, always etticient BARNES MANLEY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS. Bixlmss MANLEY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS I9I2 Utica Square 538 S. Victor LU 3-8136 5231 S. Peoria We Give Green Sfamps JOIN THE PACE SE TT E RS AT NBT 2 NATIONAL BANK TULSA member federal deposit Insurance corp T +5 6 I KFULLW H V ' SERVICE F ff N' Hy BANK XA We -H W E' 5 MW"'EmYinmmgme www XA? L SREYH H f ef W N ',,,,,,.f II mf . . 'Q 2 X XT . mn W Q ' IIQH Ur ' , N HIM W A A A L WUHWT ,eff T V !,fifi 'Ugg eeee 'Wy 5 .ZA MP MK? T 4 A H M ,: A N1,e'TeVf"'W A 5,1 'Z ' MT wewlelq qw 1 Q vltlr W 1: V qmuwrw NITUW A aaiiensasssm ssmfsmwzej fl-F -fm 'I in A H U Y: It I! XMI VM W fr IR mfg ii if f: A T Y : fm eeee 5 LL A A f A ' -5 fiaifmme- lean? fi.. -ie u T ,-T ,el T H -1 1 . .vw T T 'I V T- VT T! V -6 A A T14 X V151-fa T, ST? L ,fe .f" '?f: TTT' M f - -lxx NLXj?!!,Y,, ' HARVARD IANITOR SUPPLY . . . Knox Cameras SOUTHROADS MALL Francliisecl dealers for: V Agfa Bolex PHONE WE - 9-9759 Beseler Honeywell Penl'ax - Rollieflex P. O. Box 5I86 3I48 Easf I l+l1 S+. Leica TULSA, OKLA. 74:04 Minoha TWO BLOCKS SOUTH Nllon OF THE CAMPUS Pollafold Umig V Zeiss . D F M ulder-Olcllw C Call Na 2-5000 S'l'udenl' Acl'ivil'ies Bldg. Pe'l'roleum Science Bldg. I McClure Hall Sharp Memorial Chapel Mabee Gymnasium Cenlfral Power Plan'l's Addifion 'lo - Lo'H-ie Jane Mabee Hall Skelly Sfadium McFarIin Library Sororiiy Dormifories built by TULSA RIG, REEL 81 MANUFACTURING CO. General Con-l'racl'ors TULSA, OKLAHOMA N0. 1 BEST-SELLER . . Readers alone make a best seller. Readers alone make the Oil Capital Newspapers the most-sought, most-bought publication in Tulsa and The Magic Empire. The explana- tion is simple enough: we report all Tulsa.. . the local events that have meaning for each family. We bring world news on stage. We add the light of editorial interpretation . . . the in Tulsa and The Magic Empire! perspectives of nationally known column- ists. We add entertainment. And we experi- ment with new formats. new features and new ideas. The secret then. of being the No. 1 best-seller in Tulsa. is in meeting your interest day after clay. page after page. But that's hardly a secret . . . when it's a fact. OIL CAPITAL NEWSPAPERS KTERRIFIC . TQILSAQI f""-ffezafab- F-'i53EEi::::-'c 'ef' we ' . - -"'?3Efi5::,,,,N J --"":::555:iEE3:::--M MAGIC'K5,l !Pxt,,,, '1:4'45Ei::::--- ""::E3E:::--- E""'Rf ,- fl M, 5 -HN:g1:5::n,.,- - f -N-W:::::,: - . ., '-xwwear T ,E --.asrssegzaz-N t G --E:EE::::-X F Wsvqo. - w"':425i'iTjg5::,,1 T"':::i55g35-X :::"'N"fl TQITTEEEQ FRN- 8 -- ERQN i "'----ZII:::::3'----- If 4 - 'U' I -.i':'-- 3s::f:-H- ll H U v 'MQ' MTHHYP 7 .TTNIIIS Mom 5 1' ' I T TT":::2,-- I0 v !f.f5!1lf , 1 'Iwi - - 'NG AND D9 , - A -P Ifflgtfcap 'yt '- EVENW II ' ffQ5Hf'ftii 'i ' a'p11,nrffmh , SUNDA .,, - Pj. .rs - -- ,lg ph, , G X----N 3 .1 .' , f ii1y,','f'fy,'!! Quiz- N Y---13----,M : -Uliriustgfgf ji D .uittftwgg :HUM .-,fN---x-Ei H5531 iffy lflviiilffi' N -N'--4333:-I . 5' Egg-41.2, f. IU ,f,:1:1,'5::Tf7:mf,-- "IEE:-N i..-he-.. !gt1,it ""4'i "f .f','f' ' f fjfgL5L.5'u1l1W " 7 :A-.-.E'ffiliH1Q.'? t'!ffQQff:J:!,'s'f15Wf' Wg -arg:-ws. !l!ifl1 . i l'l'l'l' u'k1dff i H QQ-W gzsfsll 1. :,- 'i""'? -i.L2f3?55'i:i f13i?3ll"I fffisffx 51 or-'V-:.-. ' 4"5'1-34 ' WHY - -- CAN PLENTY-EAT WELL SPECIALISTS LEE WILLIAMS - MARGARET OLSEN POSITIONS FOR MEN I, AND WOMEN - - - A I It I o OFFICE I Q . S 'his 0 TECHNICAL l For AII Mefhods of Cannmg 0 EXECUTIVE KERR GLASS MANUFACTURING CORP. Sand Springs, Okla. LU 4-477I 2l5 Thompson Bldg. ' ' . Q -My Congratulations - ff! I5 ' F1 , " -- A - Nec? to the ' ,O I Class of '69 I 4 I 1827 East 21st Street Southroctds Mall lI.1F" :'f s E 1 R fl Fine Traditional Clothes for PENNINGTON ICE CREAM Men Q Young Men I5+I1 and Harvard ilgings gg etter Wlih mm Cqlie L, fs- 1 rnnnzrmnnxgw - . 289 290 D OVER 60 YEARS OF DEDICATED SERVICE T0 THE INDIVIDUAL. PE OPLES STATE TU LS O 0 MEMBER FED BANK ELE vXQunlll0E739 1. 9 G9 IW 5 Wx S xv Alvfamfn "CrnicP-N' 'll 1 .3 -ff' - E. 1, 'Qf 0 9 .1 R . f F' 6 Q s. ? fi K fa 4w 0 , 4 f ""'fQ,,,D5E',f'J i tif . I To. l ' ' lltill a Flameless electric heating and cooling Q An All-Electric kitchen and laundry o Light for Living inside, outside o Safe electric water heating Q Full Housepower Wiring All homes use some electricity. Carefree, convenient ones use only electricity. Make your goal a Gold Medallion Home where everything's electric . . . even the heat. lt's the smart thing to do. :K-7 5 PUBLIC SEHVIUE MUUMPA NY UF UHLAHUMA Q. ,X iii? WLS WN f nw ,,.wM . nl L.. f Z me f W xwwdi BMO fling Man On Campus h 15 1 eheeklng leeount with us IS majoring 1n self 111.111 lgement is getting '1 pr'1et1e tl eduwtion in personal In 1Il1LI'll mes I5 eh llking up important eredits in the eommercial world BMUCS, and Big XX omen On Campus too, are better fihle to swing 21 loan from us ffor a new cur perhqpsl. They're listed in our College "NY ho's XVho" of scholars who have earned an "A" for their business-like mwnner in handling finances. 'l'hey're eflsily recognized by their personalized cheeks. 'iotny is 21 gre'1t day to open your checking account ut Utica N2lIlUl'lll . '1'w1-:N'rx' 1-ms'r's'1'n1-11-:'r .111 wrntx 'H'l'f'VI'I-I NATIONAL BANK ,N11-mlm 11111.-ml IJ.-,NMA 111-,unmw rimpnufllffvll Distinctive Letterpress Printers and Offset Lzthographers Commercial Publishers Specilaizing in I OFFICE FORMS 0 ENVELOPES 0 BROCHURES O CATALOGS 0 ADVERTISING PIECES O PUBLICATIONS Iames K Emerv 1 Phone LU 7 8124 Iames Fmery I 301 S' PRANKFORT Tulsa Oklahoma DEBBIE RAUH MISSY AYERS CINDY WEHR ROY F. PIKE II ED IOHNSON HERALD STAIRS PAT MOATS . . . . Editor Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Business Manager Faculty Advisor . Business Advisor Division Page Art' DAVE IVIONCRIEF, IIIvI MIXON RON WALSMITH ..... Student Photographers BOB MCCORMACK, HOPKINS . . . . . Professional Photographers S, K. SMITH .... , ........ Cover SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING - SUSAN BAKER ..... . Engravings ECONOMY ADVERTISING . . Printing As iz qzzict snowfall 5001115 to rnakc the world stop, so the year ends . . . 'lfor the zulzvvl hare comvfzzllcircld' . . . s11AKEsmiARxi , f ,v,.Lv.-f.,-f.- -, . ,,., .. , , ., , M - . Q' 1 - r'w.t-f , -1-gm ful.:-4, L- f L V , , . . ,. 1 9 W' ' " f ' -'ff ww" - L ,, --.1w'.c1i'-f"'- BSMMQQ .Q'e,f+'-'fvwm J - P " 7 ' A -' "'r4 . ' 'Xu f- -xk:.,f'v-.- n' ,M 2' A x- ilflfzs-Lv-zf .z 1- 3 ' , 1. - f 3, V- -- , , ,V , mn ,-if faq. 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"2 ' ' "f - PM - 1- A- ,, .1. f : 7,, ..,. u 1- - . -Q, , . , ,A , , ' 1 ' " -' 'f -- 'v 27.--' 'H . -2- ' '- 431- "ffl", Inf" W' -?"1'.4"W-f.'--'H' '-1-kv-'E''Tf'!"'W"'-Nl?".3-' ""i+.a:' - -- Q '72 x .,1 ,3 .-2'-19f1,- 453 4 AQ ' 'iff-3? -,-- r -YM if . . - - . 1 ,W ,,, ,, .,,,. , --N 1-PK R'

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