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' N n - 1 x n i f Qs Wy DQ , W :- ': , T v ' :sg Q iii? sim fir , PM "iff iw if ZW ..,. Q 'J EL f M 5"'.-T' H25 We , miiaieyf ww- , Q M wgQE g,A,gi5gEE 3 4. ' ' gf meviyl iiiig ? A dw an X 'FEE G IL' in TABLE OF CONTENTS OPENING SECTION .......... CHAPTER ONE-ACADEMICS . . CHAPTER TWOECLASSES . . . CHAPTER THREE -ARTS .,.. CHAPTER FOUR- COMMUNICATIONS . . . CHAPTER FIVE - GREEKS ..... CHAPTER SIX - RESIDENCES. ..... . . CHAPTER SEVEN -STUDENT LIFE . . , CHAPTER EIGHT f BEAUTIES 8. PERSONALITIES , . CHAPTER NINE -SPORTS. .... . . CHAPTER TEN-ORGANIZATIONS . . INDEX ...... .,........,,..,., 'I 'If a ...I .,I8 ..52 ....88 T02 II2 I46 I58 I76 198 224 284 I gf. a U 'S 1 QW 'L T I Y sf! T N .0-s. . 'Q . I , '- fo ' n " ..b'? 'Y' ' n 1- 'I I II 4 I .I ... -.. I Hg 1 M1"l1e1fglden-iversify . . . a kendallabrum of flames moving as lighi and shadows pin pairs, and from The heai the Pursued and The Pursuer disengage ihsemupniyggsiiyjapnd iis peoples. mv! ff , H 'L S ' w b Sami tw Q 5 s' ' 5 s WP W The college career . . . W a miniature lifetime of anticipation measured in joy and of disappointment tempered by surprise: one people working toward a common goal ,,, '-v 'Q I I4 Q.: 41" f. ,n.g, 1 J! 'n ' rf? g iq' w AA .,,. K 'x Once upon an Autumn' s day tired voices Rushed . . . and the year began. It was but yesterday we met in a dream, a kaleidoscopic dream of colors and passions, a noisy dream that awakened us to Tomorrow Pleasure is a freedom song born in the hearts of those alone, and borne upon the wind of night to those quiet companions softly together L-1. r--V .V Wi Y Y ,ffliu i mini- 'fu' Y 1 fd ij: " :ff 1' ,Q ,--. The Wayfarers are the Way stopped to seek . . . and found in othersg in friendship there is laughter and the greater joys of giving of oneself. new-fx 4.7 1? X -M - . . N . I' E . , - ,, L, , College is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror, but we are eternity and we are the mirror, and we learn the thousand faces and forget a thousand more . . . '55 2,4 .1 , 1. - 'i.'mu. - ' X J'- Q uma. H. , , . ,JK .I sf- ,135 Great things are in the minds of men, and the deliverance of these secrets is the reward for a lifetime, and the product of our years. I ,..-1 ' , KST :U I ..V L15-. 'mcg Chi' 1 6 -, f 'Q ig' X Qyeff "Q Q fig!-13537-, jg, aa 5-7"fL1 . 'Uni YV' ,a ,. AQ, Y. PGPTQSZ ?+.w'e.Qw jf:.'l?:'.: Eng' i3 'fl ' I E?1+f"lf F M V F' r 'ljffl 'I "ff" s9fifE:5ifl2f-'5'f J ff 9 ,565 gy jg' F' 1,-fig, if 'QE' 6443 5551 fi ' A 59- 1 I QL I ' 4 j Sl li r nw ! - 'J ' f'f,-sgin Q ,A , QW' - n:,f, .! Q,,E A U 1,3 f 1 ffgj - Sm' Q QQPEQW wlifiaijgfy Iwi? if3?f1' N 'swf vw ' gferg I ,, 1 Q, MBC: 572 rw X vffiii-igfit Le. " ,...e:Wlu .--nk' 'ff 5. 0 I V1 ' ' Yr? fi 6:5241 ' sig? 1' rgff:?A ff!! 11 9, .AQ I 'axis N I 1 .17 J H X ?:: '5: M L G, I IN an 1 M2 r M rw 611 Fil' . -ef. V-jk-LQ -CTS, 122631 Q3 iF' .iv 1 I . . .V ay 5 . J 'Q ' +1 4 f SEYQ fr' if WP 'M' J n I ii 'lx i ni U -ni", ,' dl f .vs Ls A - What was given us here we shall keep, but life goes not backward nor tarries with yesterdayg so let us today embrace the past with remembrance, and the future with longing, for we are Tomorrow . . . and the day has ended. 1 ' , vw m ' w 11, , w . . N ,. - 1 Y V , ' 1 ' w 1 1 1 111 111 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , 1 11'1 "' ' 1 1 11.11 1 11 111 f ,111 11-,111,' I... 11 11 1H'1u1N 1m 111, U 11, 1 '11 1 1 1 '11 W 11 W 11W 1111111 . ,1111 , 1111 1 11 11121, 1 1 1 1 1 1111.1 11 1 ,,,, 11 111111 M1115 11 B31 V ' "1 1113 l H Vi. .P Eksn , A b ini K3 "W, -11311 "' '21 4 ' E . ' '11 fi' 'fuvif 51 1111 gg 1,'1f.!1111f:W g3'1111"'1111i '61, 1115 "-1, 1 ,1111111 1111 '-112111111 1-fm '-11111, 1 . fE 1,1f f1 1 1-1111 111- 11221 5111"-f 1111?-11151 11 ..... ' 1-11-1.-11- 1' 1 12 11 11'-1-f .1- 1,111 ,5:.M1g1h m1:,,,A,-.'y1.Qi?t'.X 111 J, ,vi ,-51.5. S I- ,I-gg-E, . f1H,'L3m1 A sw 1 1 ,1111,I111.1 11 -J 111. '1fhM,355:11siu3,1w11.1! wt 51-.j3:,Y1,-,111w1-Lfgl ,sl---1---'., 'mg 4 1111 i 1 1 a 1 ' 'WM ' , 'A 1 '11 1' 1 , - . sf- -- ':F.1ilf11 1 1' 11? 1 - , ' Q 1,1111 ,- 1 1 1 1 N '51 '11 1- .I jg: 'N - 1 1 1 , Q1 7321 1 SPH 1 112' 5, ' - 4.311 ' ' .. 1'N1 o 5 -11 ff ' 1 fn f .211 1 H wp, .1 ' f- ' ' ' fviiff 'al' ff5""T1'? 2' "fQ1:s'11 , , , 1 ' sfo' fa 1 - -.15 1-1. 9 1-.41-75 .A Q. 1 il.-,xigti-V , f:1f5f'5V' 1 .1 1 , I 4 I. I. Milf 1 if 1 .11 fi". Luiwi-S-12 1 I 1 1 1 1 ACADEMICS H H i H H I H H H H H H H HHHH L .g,. H H H HHHHH H WQQHWHL H4 K. H H ".H ff", -'Ji H HH' , H5 , QHHHHHH HHHHHH HH H HHHHQ5-fH5HH 4" 'HHHKKK H ng HH .H 6 HHH HH HHH HH HH HH HH pHH HH' Q " HHHHH HHHHHHQ HHHH HHHHHHHHH HHH HHN HH H 'f: 1' HH HH Y HH H H ll HH ' H f:".'H1QEssHH 375' ' 'H -HH,fHf-S'HHHE'HfH"H ' H 'a..iH' " LH F3-'HH H "xi'1"ifiHHH c, H HQ 11... 3 ' -. H H . . H H ' H H, H ,- F H it ,H Hfl, " H ' A7g:"iii. HH H . .1 L. ,.:HH H H ' - 5523252555 H HHH HHH F V . 1..?:- a31:H.."?::1'.H -L A . ,T-,HG '15 '1"H HH HH, W -..vH..lH... HHH HHH3g..- - .H :HH HH ,HHH-HHHH-H:EH,4Q,f., , - HH 5 HH.: - h H HH H . HH .. HQHHH A ., . .. .-.2-5 gHHH,fH-H.-H, .HH-glf1S,-,M HHHH E.: HH .HHHHHHHH HH HH HHH - HHH H H -HH -' - 2-:HX . HHHH HHH HP' HH 'HH' HHHHHH'HHHHH"H"HHHHHHHHMH'HlllgHH1HIgH",HH" HHHHHHHffH5H?? "'H f1UHHH.w' H. HQ lH'HH"QHHHHH l'HHH:95HH H HH .M H HH H H' H . S... J Hn H HHH H ' H . 'HH " " V "' "HHH HHWQEQT HH-H-'P1H:pfF.' ,H . "Y 1 H ' W HH 75 H. HHH 5-I FIHHH:-flni HH m . H. .i 4-,.v,,,'H, H Y Y - 112 - HHH :T V :fu ' HH HHH '- " " ' W, H ,HHH I H H HHH .17-Hi, HHH HHHH.fgeH.. .. H H HHHHH H , 1 QL. HHH ' H H H mv H: H ' H.. HHH -'HFf'- 'H' ' ' H ' ' - 1 HH HH H H H, H, HH SQHESEHLHH '- 1. HH H "H HHHHHHHHHH H' HH H H HHH: HHHHHHH H11"-HHfHHHH1H1,HHHHHHH :'H.f4gH ' " ' ,HHH ' H " H 1 HH Y T ' HHH YE' H HH .-5 H HH ---QHHH H . HHHIHHE EQ. g H H HHHH ,H "5 .MH HH' H H H. HH HHHHHHHHH HHHHHHHHHH! HHHHHHQ H HSHIHQH' Hn HHH H ? HHH H HHHHHHHHHH . 'HHHH HH HH HH HH1gHH...HHHHH HHHH HH HHHHHHHHHH F155 'HHS' -HH HHHHHggmgHHHH HH H xg Y HHHH HH HHH Y WHS., HHH HHH.. HH HHH H IV, W I ,W E53 H X HHHN .vw HHHMHHH QFWHRHSH HH' HHH HH V- ff' ZYHHEFM' i HH H HM? ' 'k..Q. HHH HHH 'I' "' HAH' 2' WHLQHXH .45 'HH HH - 1... . H H HHHH ini HHssw4'sHH9f' . Xe: HH HH HH HH HH I' " " E5gg9"'HHH5 H 'H' '!'HH HHH HH! ' WHHH ' " HH H HH H HH H si H ' H HH H H HHHHHHHHHH H HHH'fH'1H1f'Qi'f2HHH.5'H3!HlHH ' H H "' HH 'HH""x ' H HH H HH H'H " HH H H HHHHHHHHN H H H H ' H H HH HH .rv-Q V ' . -.-. . H H -, 4, . .. ..:-:Mai HH1HH H - - -H - , 'H H, E5 .xx H 3:1 A. '-...gum V V f H A i" '1 H5 - ' H , VH mf HHHH H- HHHH, 'asm .gc ww ,H -H HH. , ,,5 I,-HH , .lf HH 1 H H H H H H H H HHH1 Freshmen ushered into a new beginning as Dr. and Mrs. Henneke host the annual Freshman Reception at their home. Pres. Ben Henneke-TU's Nerve Center Seldom does an institution of higher learning have the opportunity of playing in two 'bowl' games the same year. Yet this past winter the University of Tulsa sent a quartet of students to the College Bowl in New York City and its varsity foot- ball squad to the Bluebonnet Bowl in Hous- ton., Texas. While neither team won, the important aspect for use to remember is that the Uni- versity has climbed sufficiently high in edu- cational circles to merit this consideration, and the students were given the opportu- nity to compete against other fine students and athletes from Newcomb College and the University of Tennessee. ln order to compete, our students drilled and practiced, giving of themselves so that our Univer- sity would be well represented. By com- peting, the students helped not only our University, but themselves - and are bet- Informal discussions of new ideas advancing TU ter individuals for Board of Trustees E. R. ALBERT, IR. BYRON V. BOONE JOHN W. BRICE President Publisher Consultant Albert 8 Harlow, Inc. Tulsa Daily World CHARLES W. FLINT BEN G. HENNEKE I. EDGAR HESTON R. K. LANE Board Chairman President President Consultant Flint Steel Corp, University of Tulsa Cities Service Oil Co. FLOYD L. MARTIN F. G. MCCLINTOCK R. OTIS MCCLINTOCK R. W. MCDOXVELL Consultant President Board Chairman Emeritus Director First National Bank First National Bank Sunray DX Oil Co. 22 H. A. EDDINS President Oklahoma Natural P. C. LAUINGER President Petroleum Publishing DON H. MILLER President Skelly Oil Company WILLIAM H. MORIXIS CHARLES W. OLIPPIAN1' ROBERT L. PARKER DR. CLARENCE I. PONTIUS IOHN ROGERS President Consultant President President Emeritus Attorney at Yellowstone Corp. Parker Drilling Co. University of Tulsa ROBERT C. SHARP HAROLD C. STUART PAUL E. TALIAFERRO CHARLES E. THORNTON D. I. TUEPKER Investments Attorney Board Chairman President President Sunray DX Oil Co. Reading fri Bates, Inc. Public Service Co. W. K. WARREN GERALD H, WESTBY JOHN H. WILLIAMS DR. WILLIAM I. WISEMAN F. RANDOLPH YosT Director President President Pastor President Gulf Oil Corporation Seismograph Service Corp, Williams Brothers Co. First Presbyterian Church Pan American Petroleum Corp. 23 0ificer of Admini tration CHUCK F. BALES HARRY N, CARTER Director of Public Relations Dean of Students GLENN Donns IOHN HAYES Athletic Director Secretary-Treasurer WARREN L. I-IIPSHER, IR. Assistant to the President 24 Inss CHOUTEAU Director of Public Functions WILLIAM HAYES Director of Alumni Relations 1114 M lm Sw. 55+ 'N' W L WT' . f Mm bww w M ik mt ,,. gum-. 35 J' mf'-"g , HMC- .,' 1 . ' Q H Hu". W 1?.,.w NW Q5 WWC DEAN M. M. HARGROVE, dean since Ianury, 1944. He re- ceived his B.A., Univ of Om- ahag M.A., State Univ. of Iowag L.L.D., Phillips Univ. College ei Business Administration To some people, the College of Business Administration is a new buildingg to others it is a building and a staffg to still others, it is a building, a staff and numerous stu- dents, past and present. However, the fun- damental understanding of the college is that it is an opportunity for excellent edu- cation in business and economics, for un- dergraduate and graduate alike. In 1965, the college welcomed the move to a new and larger headquarters. Room was definitely an essential for now, with the division of the Liberal Arts College into TU's College of Business builds a solid foundation in two separate colleges, the Business College is the largest division at TU. The College of Business Administra- tion is committed to the belief that the Business student receives the greatest bene- Ht through instruction which provides a broad education in business along with substantial directed study in the liberal arts. Conversely, numerous students from other colleges find that courses in business and economics present valuable additions and insights to their university training. ess, while it assists in training for future employment. Llrilir' "'f'r'-'rsfvi ' ' A ana' "nl WH- -' .-. an-.f ..-. -.. .. 4 .1 - A a,a...1..a...r , -1- .L,51.4.1mux:p:xnn: :nnrrr -1 in in - - College oi Education As a result of the growing system of pri- mary and secondary education, Tulsa Uni- versity has created the College of Educa- tion. This college will help fulfill one of the nationis most critical needs, that of the training of competent teachers to fill the available positions. Although the school is new it offers a diversified program for the upper division and graduate student. Both a liberal education and scholarship of a high caliber are basic parts of the entire educational program. The curriculum of the College of Educa- tion is designed to fuse educational breadth, specialization and professionalism. The ba- sic assumption is that a teacher should have a broad and liberal backgroundg that he should also be master of a concentrated subject areag and that this preparation should be paralleled by a professional edu- cation which provides a knowledge of the nature of the learner and the learning ex- perience, an understanding of the functions and organization of the school and labor- atory experiences in which the classroom theories may be applied. Education looks toward the emergence and development of human minds as it continues to train necessary teachers. R!:f,' DEAN E. F. FERNEAU, former resident of Tama, Iowa. I-Ie received his B.S., Iowa Stateg M.A., Northwesterng Ph.D., Univ. of Chicago. DEAN R. L. Bmccs, before coming to TU in 1957, asso. prof. of music education at Florida State - B.M.E., M.M. E., Ph.D. at Univ. of Kansas. .M wb 4: fe' 354 w w .L wi- H wwwmww M W lx 4 ' .N , , -, r - 1 yIv1'S" fi'5ft5? ' J. gpg , v:3,5J5-ggggrgni , qu... W i ' W'-'ILE '1Mkf?f- 1: ' F' Pu , 'MfLS?:MQrgf"i fT 5 ? -' W-'. IQ fi V V mem , , ,,V 1YL .V,. ,N "f14 ' 4' , ,A V E . -f. -F 1 '-rr " 12 is 9 " -1 G-'M ? ' fag. f 155' H. WV -'52':2"'1 vsq " f' . ' a.11 iQ.:.f21::a:,:v vsfyh- 1, 1'-,,.gA:,'1T. , 'if' ' - 1' 'ff illlf 'iL,.,Lff ' 1 ' ' 1.013115 .- 1' , 'iggsg , ' Y M. w 1 ,wh u ,,,,,f 1 ,A M, ,uw H , fgnq zg , U , V I I 'ii .1 W 1 - A 1' 'S' T-., 9 A f :i -'QA-:' ' , ,. H , V , , 'fa'-JIS-.:,w,-'V 5.3-4.9, ,513 -. 2:-J-2. -1-'ygg .nj ' .jg .j ' 1 w -,J-i. w - . ,. , v ' J, jr H , r- N'-.,, ' .v is I T V I" m i ',g2s:e,! W' Liberal Arts College "The liberalized human being, in the ancient sense of being free and with major emphasis placed on achieving maturity of the rational processes, is the basic goal of TU's College of Liberal Arts." These are the Words of Dean Donald E. Hayden with regard to the type of student the Liberal Arts School Wants to graduate. Four years spent as a liberal arts scholar will not automatically produce a virtually nliberalizedv person, however, with effort and interest, this aim can be reached. Dean Hayden and his colleagues highly advocate a program of education in breadth and in depth, seeking a general education for students Without being superficial. Oliphant Hall is the home of liberal arts classes, including the departments of Eng- lish, psychology, modern languages, relig- ion, philosophy, special education, and life sciences. The completion of the new third Hoor will encompass the sociology and po- litical science areas of learning. Majors are also offered in chemistry, math and physics, economics, and geology. This is the year that Oliphant Hall 'cgrew upw-structurally and academically. Anatomic systems serve as a basis for understanding physiological principles as students plan a career in life sciences. DEAN D. E. I-IAYDEN, fonner English head, Westbrook Ir. College for Women. Receiv- ed his B.A., M.A., Univ. of Mo.g Ph.D., Syracuse Univ. DEAN E. T. GUERRERO, dean since Iune, 1965. He received his B.S. in Petro. and Mech. Engineering, M.S., Ph.D. in iietroleum at Texas A8zM Col- ege. ellege ei Petroleum eienee and Engineering The big story for the Engineers is the big move north. With the addition, move, and occupancy of the Iersey Campus, a fresh new momentum has been gained by the college and in turn the entire Univer- sity. The addition of the new campus facil- itated modernization of all labs and made available large amounts of research base to all departments, many of which did not have research base on the Kendall Campus. As an indirect result of the new area, the Engineering School will now be offering a degree in Dr. of Science of Engineering. Aerospace engineering is one of the Helds of engineering at TU This new degree is coincident with a surge of new research, typified by a great faculty interest. The new facility has more than 100,000 square feet of floor space and more than l30 private research labs, giving the Univer- sity an excess of class space. The college also carries on many programs with private industries, such as Douglas. With the new thrust of graduate work the college has maintained its exceptional undergrad program. Dean E. T. Guerrero looks to a bright future for TU Engineers. continuing to keep pace with the challenge of discovery. 1, 17.-N 5 ,-, : , . L-I ' 5 ' A , Q 1 4 M Y r r N I V I l , I' , , if , ,, 3 L , wffh P- Q zz, , - 2, H f .ffm 1 ws 1 .fue w, ,,' , , iii .1 W ' 2:3 f "- aw ,g-gf: ...,e!, . ' rx" ww-, , N? -D f .M MN , ww , Q' 52 , H- .. ,J ,,, ", ,, f uw K HW 'mr x:::s-nw: freakin-o K ,, ,' www, f1.'l ,, .I-, fa ,,i ,Q ,, , ,-,,. , 5 Q, "U ,, ,,, , H v, "-,,-H.. W, ,mmf ' ,, , T"W,, ' F X, ,,, f,- ",, 'T NWN ,, 4 , ,, -1 . sa S , ' 1, " ,W ' ' ,, , V - - with -1 v Y H ' , , ,H Q . , Quia, "1 5,31 , , ,, , ', ' ' ' ' , 4- .. .. 14 J, ', my ,, G ,q..1g4Si'uJ,3wszv- -,,,pi,ea" , . U' 'ufa..,- 'Y 5, -Y C J' s ,,,, z ',,,, , .. , X .5 X ,. A ,, ,I 1 , ,hi ,g-25 ,,,LM,,,56,F.,. 'w ggw ,5,,5Rg5N ,,Y,.,f- ,, ,, ,,E,,,,, W. ,,:-. ,, Q, my H, ,,, , ' ,,',,E,",,.. ,, ,pQ,g,, ,f'1,,j,isc,f?fi', H, H y,,,ps Tv, ,m W, , 11 H ,,, ,g ,, Q, ,Mg ',q,:E?'i2w?,54,1g"' ' ,msnw,':,l,K,e,5!i,vs,f,,eza-Qgltf.-",mesa, k'1'EJ,,f5wa,:r555i,,r,4i25,e','1,qf2 ,wfifvf .fp ', we "I ' ' rf , .. w f' ,JM "' J., J, FW, 'Haig liffwifvf,",fffff"R2'g3E,,f', ",', ,,'-555-,,.ffffg','-zsfaz"',,,'f, :,,,"E'u ,Milf ,-',m,,1'wi Q ,, ' ,f,,,"- sf F- ' EQ " , N ',-:W .,,, .v, ,' 1 , ' ,!,'N..,,4sf L- ,'v11M5,W'1 --wx., N1 un, my ff if ,-, if g 'ma X ww' w,1mq,-:a!,, ,,,,,-,aw -w,v'w wma , , -f , 1 :J ,, . w- 1, sssf, sy W1 -55' 1 W,gw,.,ss, , Wil fr QQ , v, ,rm X , wa, Q,nWil.?m,' ,f:,,yu,i,g,''La,gg,g,,gfs.Qm,H, ganhk93g,,U,,,,i:Q!f!,,,,Nf,r W,,gw,., Q? U, , 3 ., we ,, fs ,,, gl," ,u,,"'u ',M?'s,, ,f Sm, gr. 1,,i1,,,' .1 ,,,'w21",,,,",' '14 , , '-,,,, Y ,.,,C-,.,,.,,,,Ww,,w,,:ezw", 4, A ,kbp ,mJ,?Tf:5,.- Tl., .!Yfiffi,:-M,if?1:LHis,-f'??5f:Pix'ff,,1'1,,w1fQ,m,...Y4 Qwf,2,1,,mL1:g2wu, .LL w ,, - Y. we DEAN RODMAN Iomzs, also as- sociated with TU speech dept. Received his B.A., Univ, of Tulsag M.A., Univ. of Iowa. DEAN W. V. HOLLOWAY, vice- president of TU since 1959 He received his B.A., South- western Univ.g M.A., Univ of Wisconsing Ph.D., Univ of Washington. Graduate chool Advanced thought is the basic commod- ity oiiered by the TU Graduate School. Basic facts and ideas are translated into meaningful concepts and method training. Those in search of higher degrees find themselves among theorists and pragma- tists alike. Coffee hours, seminars and in- formal discussions are all a part of the stu- dent's further look into his own mind. One never seems to know fully what wonders are hidden there. It is the task of the Grd- uate School to bring what knowledge there is to the attention of the student and per- haps spur another human being to a further discovery, new theory, or logical extension of a theory already extant. The TU Graduate School seeks by en- larging and extending the work of the vari- ous departments to promote professional interest and training, to cultivate the spirit of scholarly study and research, and to give an enlarged knowledge of a given subject and its problems and methods of research. It also seeks to make some contribution to human knowledge by original research and investigation. Learning is the touchstone of progress: graduates help its reflection remain in the grasp of those seeking knowledge. ,- Y ' ' :mezzfezffdiil - 1 - zaerwfwr H N Y ,,,t,i.t,i.W,, it it m u"W'w' wmhggnx 1 , 5 i f. . Ei ir' u ' 'H 1 ui Gr' ,Hege l chool oi Law The School of Law has been an integral part of the University of Tulsa since 1943. Under the direction of Dean Bruce Peter- son, the school is now located in the down- town area which is near the courts and Bar Association. The 250 students have access to the new library that contains in excess of 30,000 volumes of law books covering the statutes of all fifty states. The case study method is employed. To some extent, the briefing of a case is similar to some of the jobs the student would be doing as a lawyer. The attorney with a client will have to decide what type of case he has and how he can best meet his ob- jectives. The student has all of these at his finger-tip, plus the decision of the court in the case. The law school provides the stu- dent with the general principles to apply to his own suits in later years. This year, instead of exchanging gifts, the twenty-six students of the medical-legal seminar brought toys for distributing to needy children in Tulsa. These young men seek to learn about the people that they will soon be serving. Coffee hours, seminars, informal discussions are all a part of the law students further look into his chosen career DEAN BRUCE PETERSON, former instructor at NYU. Received his B.S., L.L.B., Univ. of Ok- Iahomag L.L.M., New York University. Dr. Paul L. Brown . . . religion and philosophy educated in Toronto . . . Western Theological Seminary , . . those eloquent lectures . . . loves to walk, especially in class . . . a stimu- lating and dynamic professor . . . chal- lenging ideas. Dr. William E. McKee . . . director of the School of Music . . . French horn . . . philharmonic . . , humorous and carefree . . . a misleading lecturer on occasions . . . The '4Hallelujah Chor- us?" He can Handel it. 1 Professor Edward Howard . . . mathe- matics . . . Mr. Homecoming . , . thor- ough and "rough" . . . excellent lec- turer . . . golf's his game . . . plays poker with a slide rule . . . his favor- ite reply to a puzzling question: "Wei-1-l-1" .gr Professor Bradley E. Place . . . head of the Department of Art . . . Art Students' League . . . capable . . . known for his friendly advice to students . . . a practical joker . . . a real Texas-size smile. li .1 , H I Wi it i iii Facult Portrait Iames A. Garfield once said that a log with a student on one end and Mark Hop- kins, his old teacher, on the' other end was his ideal college. His point was that per- sonal contact and direct interest in the in- dividual student by wise instructors is the main thing in any institution of learning. There are many professors at the Uni- versity of Tulsa who have gained national recognition for excellence in their field. many who have published extensively, and many who have contributed to develop- ments in research techniques, or to the un- derstanding of our society. But there are some Who, in addition, give stimulating, invigorating lectures, share findings of recent researchg stop to hear a student's ideas, taking time to un- derstand and to comment. These are the men and women who love to teach, and who do it well. They are the professors who care about the quality of the education they are delivering. On these pages our staff has photo- graphed seven such professors. There are many more, for every student, from his own experience, can quickly add to the list. Dr. Beaumont Bruestle . . . English, speech, drama, writ- ing, criticism Canything he doesn't do?j . . . educated in Pennsylvania . . . Broadway . . . Theta Alpha Phi . . . known for his long roll calls in humanities class . . . a "character" in the non-theatrical sense. x ann nmx, 1 ax..,,, K ,, Origin and Principles of Dr. Grady Snuggs . . . Origin: b. Myra, Tex. H9081 . . . Trinity U .... Chicago . . . Edinburg . . . Salamanca . , . Utah . . . head of the Depts. of Rel. and Phil. since 1937. Principles: organize material . . he constructive . . . work hard! Dr. Harriet Barclay . . . botany . . . well-liked and respect- ed . . . interested in good scholarship . . . Mortar Board sponsor . . . honorary member of Theta Alpha Phi . . . research in South Africa . . . known for her many interest- ing iilms and slides. "What is the Answer." - n Eternal Challenge AHRENS, BEN H. Accounting BLACKMORE, FLORENCE Physical Eclucrution BRUESTLE, BEAUMONT Speech CARTER, HARRY N. Mathematics ATHA, DANIEL R. Physical Education BLAIR, ALBERT P. Life Science BUCK, PAUL Botany COC!-IRAN, IOSEPI-I W. Art AZAR, IAMAL I. Aerospace BLOUGI-I, PHILIP K. Business Law BUTHOD, A. PAUL Chemical Engineering COKER, HOMER L. Physical Education BARCLAY, HARRIET G. Life Science BRADLEY, ROBERT I. Production CADENHEAD, I. E. History CUNNINGHAM, PERRY L. Music BARTON, CHARLES K. Mechanical Engineering BROWN, PAUL L. Religion CAIRNSJ TI-IOMAS W. Mathematics DAILEY, DWIGHT Music 3 1' , n K", v, ,V M4 A H': ing' z H ,' U. M ' N N I , . I AIM I: V ' 9 me Q9 mf ff .. 9 n E11 ev 'W '51 ff W, N!! .1 Mr ,-1 Eur. 2 .,1L H 1 fl ' , 'SI' rf f E Y V! lg, , ,,,. ,, ' I ' H m m ! H "I "N 3 M nr I Q . ' 1 . ul 1 ' I -ind 1-1: f . .Q 5 ,, 1 Y f ' wwlw :::,.:.,:-5 ' W, " N We' 'I fi' :L ','YbE-9 lr A .xl i 'J' 2 1 J V 1 1 - IM 1 ' uw "H ! , Q-g-. -Q-.1 The professor aiding the pupil in dealing with rapid changes he Ends: within himself and in the external world. GARRISON WARREN B. GAsAwAY, GEORGANN Mathematics Music Gimvxzs, R. W. GUERRERO, E. T. Information Service Engineering HARGROVB, H. M. I-TAWLEY, IONATHAN P. Business Political Science GEMMILI., IOHN D. Management HACKATHORN, WILLIAM Music HAYDEN, DONALD E. English GRABER, PAUL I. Accounting HACKWORTH, HOWARD Education HAYES, KENDRICK, C. Athletic Dept. Yeas! GRAHAM, LARRY Speech HAGER, JOHN W. Law Hns, Bm. journal ism The Pro HELANDER, DONALD P. Petroleum Engineering HOGUE, ALEXANDER Art HOWELL, PHILLIP L. Economics JONES, H. RODMAN Speech iessor: an0bse1' er oi Education HENDERSON, ROBERT W. Religion HoLcoMB, VELMA C. Library I-IURDLE, lol-IN Speech . -.5 V X 1 -. A Iolves, KATHERINE M. Physical Science Hssrwoon, ARTHUR Music HOLLOWAY, W. V. Political Science I'IU'I'I'ON, CLIFFORD Accounting I IONES, V. EDGAR Aeronautical Engineering HTPSHER, WARREN L., IR. I-IoBsoN, ROBERT L. Education Psychology HOWARD, E. A. Mathematics I-IORTON, IREN P. Psychology JOHNSON, E. H. IOHNSON, MANLEY fournalism English KELLY, C. ROBERT KHTCHAM, BRUCE V Religion Aeronautical Who eek to dissect both Idea and Realit g KETRICK, PAUL KING, KAREN KIRKPATRICK, GRAHAM' English Physical Education Law id I I " I J 'I' 9. Y 2 W KULSRUD, XYRTENA LEVENGOOD, C. A. LINDSAY, HAGUB L. Office Administration Life Science Life Science ' f ,offi- if I ii. gg.. af. ff' ii. S S --H , ii In V ,Cli n Zlfj .f.:-- 1:5 .win LOVENTOY, GEORDON W. LOWE, MARVIN E. MCCOY, IEHOME D. Sociology History Physics McKEE, WILLIAM E. MANCUSO, CULLEN I. MARKERT, MARLOW Music Psychology Education KLOTZ, I. C. KovAcs, S. B. Acronuulical Engineering Sociology IJNNELL, ROBERT S. Accounting MCGINTY, VEDA LONG, FRANCIS ROTC 1. E ,-.Jw , 'ix ' ' Y V M bug sul J I , 1 - 1 McKEE, MILDRED Office Administration. Home Economics NIARTINEZ, SAMUEL I. Information Service MATI-IIESON, RAYMOMJ L Physics ,J .Lugz , x 1' ,,.-434-312511 - 'a , -1-.'4-- .4-M: . ,E A mf. ,Q Q L. n Ad enturer, creating Re olution in hi ork ROARQK, IVAN W. Mechanical Engineering SCHEER, LORRAINE H. Econom ics SIMPSON, FREDERICK W. Education SPRINGFIELD, ANDREW T.. Management ROBINSON, W. L., CAPT. ROTC SCHOEPPEL, ROGER I. Petroleum Engineering SMALL, GEORGE D. Education STROUT, C. L. Modern Languages RozsA, BELA RUTLEDGE, WILLIAM SALTZMAN, LLOYD R Music Mathematics Marketing i"'i:" " ' . '. 'Ip-1 . gi V I. 1 I W .I gc- Scorr, DANIEL E. SETTLE, WILLIAM A. SHIRLEY, BARBARA Music History Life Science SMITH, WALIER A. SNUGGS, R. GRADY SPRANKLE, BETTY Marketing Religion Home Economics K, . I I I SWANK, TOE R. TESELLE, IOHN T HoMAs, C. D. Physical Education Law Physics ll llppertunit for Wide and Deep Influence. THOMPSON, RICHARD E. Chemical Engineering WAITS, IEANNE G. Music WILLIAMS, P. S. Physics ZIMMERMAN, L. F. English I I N .l ,Q,o.A,-ffm E .V , , Q In A 3: ..v,'T'. , . ,bf Qi. ,V Eff .,: Iwi . TOMASI, RICHARD A. Chemistry WArrs, MAX Music WINCHESTER, OTIS W. English ZUSNE, LEONARD Psychology UNDERWOOD, GEORGE W. Accounting WHrrLocK, EILEEN Home Economics We . guy., LI' ' 2 ,ai-f -N ewt"-I., , -3 E-.9 -fe' :Ti '-Q-ig: " we -P, If, -e - I Woon, THOMAS W. ROTC Iournalism ve character about camp up A,7'- f ,ix ' ' 111 Q' . " V .. N 1, 1' an ,, .H N QW Q 1 . I ql,3.:pjf Y A"" ww zu .H wwwwm FQ w in . M ..V,A.v,A..,, N N - M... H uw H. U. ..w M 4 Q w w ga ww' 19 3... vw m uw N mm.. fm " ...W M' CLA SSES H' ..-...4.-4 - Y, i zwx- Q H - uw, .u mu wp ..., .. .uw 5 sz-4 j-ff' ,,, I- ,P an " Ew I . HN :H H .4 .Ju u. .gre V "Y . 4... g, ,., ,N V Q 4 A ...L .5 '- - wr..-' - V 'fa-E ---fl' .,, , ' ,f-3s"""f . -135-',-,f -,, , .... . A. -fir... eq.. , ' : 1.--QP" 7" V HL.. Q.. :.-,N w'..n4.Y':b ' ,.- -1 T., n,.hq, ' .PK 'F ,dg11,:.'-'ryvx f nv f""'1..4n:.-r.+-.'- s gg. 5. WU GRAD ATE TUDE T Ka nsas Cily, Mo. SECOND ROW: David H. Bernslein, Tulsa: Palci- nee Buranadilolc, Bangkok. Thailand: Mary Bufhod, Tulsa: Be+'ry Dondlinger, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Geiger, Tulsa: Armerinda Guillen, Caracas. Venezuela: Jamal Hashemi. Akalc. lran: Shirley Heller, Tulsa. dia. BOTTOM ROW: Alan N. Simon. Sand Springs Olcla.: Milfon Smiih, Flora, Illinois: Kennelh L Siimson, Torringlon, Wyoming: Linda Willcinson Tulsa. ' TOP ROW: Cleo Alexander, Tulsa: Charles Ba- hos, Tulsa: June H. Bealmer, Tulsa: Allan H. Bell, FOURTH ROW: Theresa Hollingsworfh, Tulsa: Earl Tim Merrick, Canlon, Ohio: Soad Mishrilci, Cairo, Egypl: Mir Rasheeducldin, Hyderabad, ln- TOP ROW: James Bailey, Broken Arrow: William P. Cameron, Tulsa: Joe Cannon, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: H. H. Cooper, Tulsa: Lewis Gams+er, Tulsa: Richard Hancock, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: James R. Hays, Tulsa: Don Her- rold, Tulsa: J. C. Jayce, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: S+ewar+ Peace, Tulsa: John Prac+or, Tulsa: William Se'H'le, Tulsa: Terry Wesi. Tulsa. LAWYER E IOR CLASS TOP ROW: Abbas Abdullah, Nassyriah, Iraq, Chemical Engineering: Sara W. Abel, Tulsa, Ari Educalion, Arr Sludenfs League, SEA: Evereii' Fosler Adams, Owasso, Okla.. Commercial Arl. Arnold Air Sociely. AFROTC: Mary Margaref Adams, Tulsa: Jeff M. Addison, Paris, France. French. German, ISO, German Club. Tulsa Civic Ballet Alliance Francaise. Newman Club. SECOND ROW: Abid Ali H. Al-Janabi, Bagh- dad. Iraq, Pelroleum Engineering: Don E. Allan, Tulsa, Chemical Engineering, Engineer's Club. AlChE: Bruce G. Allen, Tulsa, Commercial Ari. Adverlising, EN: Billy Anderson, Ferris, Texas. Business Adminislrarion, Varsily Foolball, Leiler- man's Club: Garry Anderson, Tulsa. Pelroleum Markeling, Orcheslra. AMA, Pelroleum Markel- ing Club, AK'I'. THIRD ROW: Mary Glenn Anderson, Tulsa, Phys- ical Educaiion, AF, SEA: Frank Anlezana, La Paz. Bolivia, Chemical Engineering, KE, AlChE: Av- rum I. Ashery, Tulsa, Commercial Ari, Arr Slu- clenls League. Jewish Sludenls Associalion: J. L. Alherlon, Tulsa, Engineering Physics, Orcheslra: Carolyn Ax'l'on, Tulsa, Malh Educarion, KENDAL- LABRUM, Sludenl Senale, Mall-I Club, KME, K-AH, Morlar Board. 'l'TK, X9. FOURTH ROW: Barbee K. Bagwell, Tulsa, Eng- lish. AF: Susan Bales, Lillle Rock, Arkansas, Com- mercial Arl. Ari' Sfudenis League, KKIH Kennelh B. Barkley, Tulsa, English, Geology: Sydney Keni' Barnes, Tulsa. Markeling, AKXP, AMA. TU Con- cerl Band: Linda Shaddow BarneH', Tulsa, Hislory Educairion, Young Republicans, SEA, AF. FIFTH ROW: John R. Bay, Tulsa, Business Man- agemeni: Linda Bay, Oklahoma Cily. Olcla., Eng- lish: Michelle Beale, Tulsa, Journalism, Morlar Board, Angel Flighl commander, Who's Who. IT-AE. COLLEGIAN assislanl edilor, ISO, HAM: Richard L. Bealnlie, Tulsa, Psychology: James Larry Beaubien, Tulsa, Business Management KE. SIXTH ROW: Pa'H'i Bell, Tulsa, Business, TU Busi- ness Wornen, Presiden+'s Club, Panhellenic, Cheer leader, SEA, BAE, AT: David Bendl, Frazee. Minnesola. Economics, IIKA: Phyllis Bereolcs, Tul- sa. Ofhce Adm., Business Educalion, Laniern, SEA. TU Business Women, AWS, EAI: Lynn Bevill, Tul- sa. lnduslrial Psychology: Roger A. Birss, Calgary. Alberla, Canada, Managemenl. SEVENTH ROW: Wanda Louise Bishop, Tulsa. Business Educalion, Lanlerng Donald J. Blackburn, Tulsa, Sociology, Sociology Club: William H. Balch, Tulsa, Accounling: J. Bruce Bolinger, Tulsa, Eng.: Mary A. Breeding, Tulsa. Spanish, X5-2. BOTTOM ROW: Larry Brock, Tulsa, Managemenl: Tamerlane Brown, Sapulpa, Okla.. Piano, Mor'rar Board, EAI, KFFK, CPM: John J. Burke, Tulsa. Pel- roleum Marlceling, Pelroleum Markeling Club. AKXP, 1'lKAg Mary Anne Burne'H'e, Tulsa. Elemen- :ary Edu 'DAQ IIFM, KAH: Jim Burlon, Tulsa. Markeling. EX. What is it? It's class oHiicers Penning- ton, Thomas, Merrick, and Heard. Oh you mean the art! Ware ell te eu, the euth I have spent... TOP ROW: Herman Callands, Elizabelh, New Jersey, Physical Educalion: Dick Carroll, Sarasora, Fla.. Hislory, Polilical Science, Young Republi- cans, Law Club, 'l'A9, EX: Bill C. Chapman, Tul- sa, Accounfing, Baseball, HKA: BeH'y Charles- worrh, Tulsa, Home Ec Ecl., SEA, Home Econom- ics Club: NanneHe Chris+, Phoenix, Ariz., Clinical Psych.. KWGS-FM, AEP. SECOND ROW: E. J. Coday, Tulsa, Manage- menjr, AEII: Sharon Collins, Tulsa, Music, Lanlern. Scroll, EAT: Roberr G. Cook, Tulsa, Psych.. 'PKI Kenl M. Cooper, Paris, France, Aeronauiical Eng.. AIAA, Sword and Key: John Dennis Copeland, Tulsa, Accounling. THIRD ROW: Greg Corarilo, Slraiford, Conn., Speech, KWGS, Tulsa Press Club, Tulsa Thealre. AEP: R. Ray Corley, Tulsa, Economics, KA: James D. Corner, Manniord, Okla., English, Religion. German Club. UTM: Michael E. Coulier, Tulsa, Managemeni. Young Republicans, AFROTC, EX: Jerry Cowan, Sapulpa, Olcla., Managemenl. FOURTH ROW: Russell L. Cox, Tulsa, Accounf- ing, Execulive Club, AKW: K. Wiley Cox, Tulsa. Chem. Eng., Sludenl' Senale, Sludeni' Relalions Com., Sword and Key, AlChE, KME, OAK. 'i'FK, 'l'I'lE: Pafriclc J. Cremin, Tulsa. Journalism, Sludenl' Senale, KENDALLABRUM, COLLEGIAN Eclilor. HAM, BAK: PaH'ie Curby, Tulsa, Malh Eclucaiion, Morlar Boarcl, Vice Pres. Dorm, KME, KATT, Tl1'Nl', XYZ: David Currenr, Tulsa, Markefing, American Markeiing Assoc. FIFTH ROW: Dio L. Daily, Tulsa, Pre-Deniislry. Zoology, Presiden+'s Club. IFC, HKA: Roberi' Bruce Dains, Tulsa, Music Eel., K.K'I', SEA, Mod- ern Choir, TU Bancl, Orcheslra, AXA: Slephanie Darnell, Tulsa, Sociology. Sociology Club: Roberi' J. Daugherly, Mounlain View, Calif.. Sociology, Foolball Tri-Caplain, Track: Roberl J. Davidson, Cincinnali. Ohio. Accounling. IUCA. BOTTOM ROW: Daniel Brefl Davis, Nuller Forr. W. Virginia, Sociology: Lavonne Davis, Tulsa, Mu- sic, Modern Choir, Opera Workshop, EAT, 'I'1'K: Liz Davis, Tulsa. English, Young Republicans, AAA: Karl Dean Day, Tulsa, Markering, AMA: Jon Lynn- don Day, Neosho, Mo., Accouniing. Potted plants by Wolavcr You have sung with me in m aloneness, TOP ROW: Terence E. Dial, Calgary, Alberia. Canada, Business Adm., Mgl., AKNI'g Terry P. Dickey, Hunisville, Alabama, Poliiical Science. Pres. John Mabee Hall, Presiden+'s Club, Modern Choir, Young Democraisg Eric Dixon, Tulsa, Poliii- cal Science, IRC, Circle K, Arnold Air Sociely, ISO, KENDALLABRUM: Linda Douglass, Tulsa, Home Ec.. Home Economics Club, IRAQ, Gary Drain, Tulsa, Speech Theaire, 9A'l'. SECOND ROW: Bonnie J. Duncan, Tulsa, Voice, Opera Workshop, German Club, EAT: Lawerence E. Dunham, Tulsa, Mechan. Eng., ASME: Diana Duifcn, Tulsa. Commercial Ari, Ari' Siudenis Lea- gue: John Jacob Dyer, Tulsa, Meehan. Eng.. ASME, KAg William J. Eby, Jr., Wilmeife, III.. lnclusirial Psych., AXA. THIRD ROW: Linda Elder, Tulsa, Elemenlary Ed.: Michael C. Ellis, Tulsa, Am. Chem. Socieiy, KME, Engineers Club, "PHE, 'i'PK, OAK: Roberf L. Ellis, Tulsa, Engineering Physics. Engineers Club. Maih Club, Am. lnsl. of Physics. SWE: Virginia Lee Es+es, Tulsa. Office Adm., TU Business Women, EYE, Mason C. Finlc, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: James Kenneih Flourney, Tulsa. Zoology: Franlr Fox, Tulsa. Engineering Physics, Sludeni' Senale, OAK, EHE,Engineers Club, Sword and Key,Young Democrais, Presicleni's Club, 'PHX GTK, Lesfer Frair, Tulsa, Engineering Malh, Engi- neers Club, Maih Club: Donald J. Franlc, Tulsa, AM. Chem. Sociefy, TIKAg Harold D. Gage, Tahi- equah, Okla., Managemeni Club, Marlceiing Club. FIFTH ROW: Warren W. Ganclall, Jr., Tulsa. Marlceiingp Dorofhy Gardner, Tulsa, English Ed.. SEA. AFROTC Honorary Cadei Colonel, Engi- neers Queen, KENDALLABRUM Beauly Queen. KA9, Richard Gardner, Tulsa, Accounring, Track. IFC, Sludenl Promorions Comm., AK'1'. HKA1 Nancy Jo Garlen, Ponca Ciiy. Olcla., Pre-Social Service. Sociology Club, ISO, Laniern, Modern Choir: Said H. Ghachem, Sousse, Tunisia, Chem. Eng., AIChE, KME, ISO. Engineers Club, Maih Club. BOTTOM ROW: John Gl1os+bear, Tulsa, Poliiical Science, EN: George Giacobbe, Maplewood. Mo., Psych., TU Orchesrraq Dennis M. Gilsrrap, Tulsa, Maih Ed.. KK11'. TU Band Pres.: Viclci Hog- gaH Gilsirap, Tulsa, Office Adm., TU Business Women, BFE. BAE. LPFK. Who's Who, Band, Orchestra, Dean's Honor Award: Anifa S. Glad- son, Tulsa, Nursing. TOP ROW: Margare+ Gowans, Tulsa, Business, TU Business Women. Modern Choir, Sludenl Sen- ale, Foofball Queen. Execulive Club Secrelary. Presidenfs Club, Business School Oueen, X525 Phil- lip Graves, Tulsa, Accounlingg Kafheryn Gray, Tulsa, Journalism, COLLEGIAN, X9: G. K. Greenig, Palo Al'ro, Calif., Speech Ed., Varsily Track, Varsily Cross Counlry, TU Thealerg Gary Groom, Tulsa, Sociology, Pre-Med. SECOND ROW: Isabelle Guerrero, Tulsa: Jeff Haas, Neosho, Mo., Accounling-Mgr., Execulive Club, Varsily Baseball Lellerman, KE: Earl N. Hamm, Tulsa, Pre-Law, English, Pre-Law Club, KE: Doris Jo Hampfon, Tulsa, Business Ed., TU Busi- ness Women, SEA, AWS: Roger L. Haney, Tulsa. Commercial Arr, Arl' Siudenis League. THIRD ROW: Elizabelh Ann l'largeH', Tulsa. Commercial Arr, Arr Ed., Arl' Sludenls League, Newman Club, AAA: Jack Harmon, Coicieyville, Kansas, Accounlinq: Bill Harrell, Tulsa, Chem. Eng., Engineers Club: Ralph A. Haum, Whife Plains, N.Y., Markeling: Carol Hausen, Elizabelhe lown, Pa., Pre-Social Service, Sociology Club, Ene gineers' Queen. FOURTH ROW:CharIes Hawlcins, Tulsa, Com- mercial Arl', EX: Donald Eugene Hayden, Jr., Tulsa, Journalism, COLLEGIAN, BAK: Norma Ann Sinqlefon Hays, Springfield, Mo., Journalism, UAE, AAA: Susan Heard, Tulsa, Commercial Ari. Morlar Board, Presiclen'I's Club. Sludenl' Senale. Ari Sludenls League, KENDALLABRUM, Who's Who, GTK, Panhellenic President KE Swear- hearr, AF: Larry A. Hearn. Neosho, Mo., Man- agemenr, Track Lellerman, KE. FIFTH ROW: Viclii Henrichs, Tulsa, Foreign Lan- guages, Sociology, Young Republicans, German Club, Panhellenic. AWS, Sociology Club, 'I'M: Freddie J. Hensley, Tulsa, Pelro. Eng., Engineers Club, SPE, AIME: Judy Hiclcs, Tulsa, English. Youno Democrals, Engineers Club, SEA: Lawrence E. Hill, Tulsa. Sociology, Sociology Club: Peggy Hill, Tulsa. English Ed., SEA. SIXTH ROW: Richard Hill, Tulsa, Economics. Young Republicans, Pre-Law Club, ASH, EX: Paul A. Hogan, Aurora, Ill., Indus. Psych., ATU: Peggy Holland, Jenlcs, Okla., Accounling, TU Business Women, Sleve I-Iolmberg, Tulsa, Managemenl. Economics, Sluclenl' Senale, IFC President AMA. AKXP, Who's Who, THTA: Jean Ann Holmes, Newlon, Iowa, Marlceling, Fashion Board, AMA. Execulive Club Treasurer, AAA. SEVENTH ROW: Ar'I'hur L. Howe, Tulsa, Malh., Malh Club: Nancy Jean Hubbard, Ballwin, Mo.. Journalism, Young Democrals, AWS, KENDAL- LABRUM, Council on Religious Life. PAM, PAE, WM: Buddy Hulsman, Tulsa, Zoology, Pre-Med Club: Bill Hun+, Tulsa, Psychology, WX: Lynn Hufchinson, Tulsa, English, Elemenlary Ed. BOTTOM ROW: Wayne Harris Jaclcson, Borger. Texas, Engineering Malh, Circle K, Malh Club. Engineers Club: Clover Rae Jenkins, Tulsa: Donna Dee Jenlcins, Tulsa, Music Ed., Band, Orches- +ra, BSU. 'f'FK, KAH, TB-27 George D. Jenkins, Tulsa: Sieve Jmaeff, Kamsack, Saslc.. Canada, Eco- nomics, AK'-V: Hunlrer L. Johnson, Tulsa, Sociolo- gy, Dramalics, Sludenl' Senale Comm., Sociology Club, EN. II IIIR CLASS TOP ROW: Ron Johnsfon, Tulsa, I-lislory, Polili- cal Science, OAK, 'PA-9, Presidenls Club, Vice- Presidenl' IFC, Presidenf of Sludenl Senale, HFM, Sword and Key, EX: Markifa Jones, English, Ed- ucalion, AU, Presidenls Club, AWS, COLLEG- IAN, KENDALLABRUM, SEA, Young Republicans, UAE, Fashion Board, Varsily Nile Board: Richard Jones, Colifeyville. Kansas, Malhemalics, AXA: Terry W. Jones, Kokomo, Indiana, Hislory Edu- calion. WA9, AFROTC, Arnold Air Sociefy, Coun- cil of Religious Life, U-KA: Dorlha Maxine Jordan, Sperry, Oklahoma. English Educalion. SECOND ROW: Carol Harper K96'l'Cl'1, Tulsa, English: Karen Keplinger, Tulsa, Home Econom- ics. Angel Flighl, KKT: Carol Anne King, Tulsa. Business Adminisfraliong Richard Klarr, Chicago. Illinois, Marlceling, IIKAg Ken Knarr, Tulsa. Po- Iilical Science, Young Democrals. THIRD ROW: Kenneih Knighi, Tulsa, Accounf- ing, Baseball: Sherry Lynn Kushmaul, Tulsa, Eng- Iish, TEH. SNEA. Chapel Choir: Ahmel' Zelci Kul- Iu, Islanbul, Turlcey, Chemical Engineering: Jack Lafferfy, Tulsa, Chemislry, KMU, Sruclenl Senale, ACS: Gusfavo Larrea, La Paz, Bolivia, Peiroleum Marlceling, Pefroleum Marlceling Club, Marlceling Club, ISO. FOURTH ROW: Glen Law, Indianala, Iowa, Jour- nalism, SAX, Presidenl of John Mabee Hall, COLLEGIAN, Men's Inframural Council: Barbara Lawson, Tulsa, English. Elemenrary Eclucalion. SEA, BSU, Scroll, ISO: BeH'y Louise Lawson, Tul- sa, Music Educalion, Modern Choir, EAI, MENC, BSU: Carol Ann Lee, Tulsa, Zoology, Morlar Board, Presidenls Club. Panhellenic, KA6: Viclci Marie Lee, Forl Smilh, Ark., Economics. FIFTH ROW: Barbara Lessley, Claremore, Olcla., Elemenlary Educalioni Bob Lewis, Tulsa, Journal- ism, HAM, BAK, Young Republicans, -ATU: Linda Lewis, Tulsa, Life Science Educalion, Young Re- publicans, NEA, AF: Waller G. Lewis. Corsicana, Texas, Pelroleurn Marlcefing Club, Presidenfs Club. AK'I', Iniramural Council, IFC, American Marker- ing Associalion, AT-fl: Paul Longs-Irefh, Lillle Rock, Ark.. Religion, Band, Modern Choir, Council on Religious Life, 'l'll'Ul, Wesley Foundaiion. SIXTH ROW: Gary Loolcabaugh, Tulsa, Manage- menl: Bill Looper, Tulsa, Hislory, AFROTC: Gor- don Louclcs, Tulsa. Music Educalion, KA: Mary Charles Lyle-Siauble, Anaco, Venezuela, Sociolo- gy. Sociology Club, Young Republicans: Karen McCandless, Moline, Illinois, Olilice Adminislra- lion, EAS, TU Business Women, AWS, Execulive Club, TM. SEVENTH ROW: Jean McClure, Tulsa, Elemen- 'rary Educalion, SNEA: Margarel' McDonald, Sper- ry, Olcla., Elemenlary Educalion, Hisiory: Thomas P. McGuire, Bu'FFaIo, New York, Healrh-Physical Educalion, Foorball, Le'IIerman's Club: Karen Mc- Keever, Enid, Okla., Elemenlary Educalion, SEA, Young Republicans, K-AQ: Dan McKenzie, Tulsa, Hislory. Polilical Science, AFROTC, THQ. BOTTOM ROW: Brian L. McNamire, Neosho, Missouri, Management AK'I': Michael McNieI, Lawlon, Okla., Accounling: Roger H. McSoud, Lebanon, Business Economics, Newman Club, Ten- nis: Nancy MacDoIe, Glenview, III., Heallh 8: Physical Educalion, EX Sweelhearl, Freshman 31 Sophomore Cheerleader: Mary Magnuson, Aus- 'rin, Minn., Language Arls. "Dobbs' Inferno" or how to Cook a Louisville Cardinal for a Hurricane Homecoming. Ii in the t ilight of memory we hould meet, TOP ROW: Francis A. Maiercik, Binghamlon. N.Y., Markeling, lnrramural Council, AXA: Sie- phen Mandrell, Tulsa, Markeiing, AMA, Freshman rrack, AKW: Conrad W. Mangold, Tulsa, Marker- ing, AKXP, American Markering Associaiion, Ex- eculive Club, Peiroleum Markeiing Club: Bob Marshak, Tulsa, Maihemaiics, AEH, AFROTC, Ar- nold Air Socieiy, Engineer's Club, Golf Team. Young Democrais, lnlramurals Council: William Warren Mariin, Texarkana, Texas, His+ory Educa- lion, Afbfl, ISA. SECOND ROW: Roberl' Meng, Tulsa, Manage- menr, 5-EH, KE: Charlolle Merrick, Tulsa, Eng- lish Elemeniary Educaiion, KENDALLABRUM. Lanrern, KKF: William H. Milclren, Edina, Minne- soia, Poliiical Science, Sfudenl Senaie, IFC, Presi- denis Club, Track Leilerman, UKA: Bob W. Miller, Tulsa, Markeiing, Baseball: Charles W. Mohr, Jr., Tulsa, I-Iisiory, Polilical Science, Young Republi- cans. THIRD ROW: Earl Wayne Mooney, Tulsa, Busi- ness Managemeni. AKXP: Hilda Dale Moore, Skia- iook, Okla., Marhemafics: Judy Morgan, Tulsa, Maih, Orchesira, KWGS, FM radio, Laniern. Scroll, Marh Club: Frank W. Murphy, Jr., Tulsa, Engineering Malhemaiics: Kafhleen Murphy, Tul- sa, Sociology, Sociology Club, Young Republicans, Engineers Club. FOURTH ROW: Helen Murray, Tulsa, Com- mercial ArI', Ari Siudenis League: Dave Nash, Tulsa, Economics, AXA: Charles Needham, Grove, Okla., French Educaiion, Afi,-Q, Council on Re- ligious Life, Young Republicans, German Club, SEA, Presidenis Club: Jack Nicholson, Tulsa. Speech, 9A'l': Darlene Ninemire, Tulsa, Elemen- Iary Educaiion 81 English, SEA. FIFTH ROW: Terry K. O'Callaghan, Calgary, AI- berra, Canada, Markeling, Execuiive Club, Pei- roleum Markeiing Club, Presideni ol Senior Class of Business Aclminislraiion School, KE: Thomas O'Leary, Tulsa, Pre-MecI.,Young Republicans, K-Y: Carol Olincy, Lake Foresi, III., Young Republicans, AWS, Presidenrs Club, Presicleni of Lorrie Jane Mabee I-Iall, lniramural Council, PEMM Club, KENDALLABRUM: Roberf E. Osborn, Tulsa, Eng- Iish: Donna Oswald, Tulsa, English, SEA. BOTTOM ROW: Carol M. Parker, Tulsa, Panhel- lenic, TU "Y", Young Democrais, lnframural Coun- cil, COLLEGIAN, AF: Mary Ann Parks, Tulsa, English Educaiion, SEA, KAN: Julie Pafman, Tul- sa, Commercial Arr, Modern Choir, Angel Flighi. HAM, UAE, Arr SIuden'r's League, Varsify Niie Direclor, Who's Who, K-KF: Bill Penninglon, Dun- can, Okla., OAK, Fooiball Team, BSU, I.eHerman's Club, Siudenr Sen-are, Who's Who, TIKA: Nor- man Pereira, Bombay, India. Sigma Nu 'grips' the campus with their tireless spirit. ii ,,, hu new Uh -fs- sas! You hall ing ith meadeeper ong. TOP ROW: Cherie Jo Perraulf, Tulsa, Zoology. KKP, Morlar Board. Angel Flighl. Presiden+'s Club, Scroll. Lanlern: Ron Peiers, Tulsa. Marker- ing, AMA: Lee Peiros, Tulsa, Finance: Michael A. Phillips, Tulsa, Managemenl: Pam Bedford Phillips, Tulsa, Maih, Malh Club, KME.'l'T'K, UAH, Lan- lern, Scroll, Sluclenl Educalion Associaiion. SECOND ROW: Suzanne Pilcoclc, Tulsa, Hislory- Educa+ion, Newman Club, TPM: Lou Piliman, Tul- sa, Elemen, Ed., KA9, Young Republicans, SEA: Richard l. Pongralz, Tulsa, AMA, AKXP, Marlcel- ing: Biddie Ann Powell, Oklahoma Ciiy, English, UTM, WX: William C. Prall' Jr., Tulsa, English, lFC Treasurer, EN. THIRD ROW: Dawson Priesiman Jr., Darien, Conn., Accouniing, KE: Milne Quinn, Tulsa, Mar' keiing, KA: Mary Nell RaclcleFi, Tulsa, English: John Ramsay, Tulsa, Hislory 81 Poliiical Science. EN: Nancy Conyer Rascoe, Marion, Kenluclcy. Nursing. FOURTH ROW: Rebecca Harrison Raiher, Fori Smilh, Arkansas, Journalism, HAM, UAE: John Redman, Tulsa, Speech Ed., AFROTC, UKA: Lin- da Reed, Tulsa, Vocal Music Ed., EAL Pres.. Menc. SEA., BSU Social Chrmn, Modern Choir: Joseph T. Reese, l-lousion, Texas, Managemenl. KE: F. M. Richardson, Tulsa, Accounling, AK'l' Secreiary. FIFTH ROW: Charles Leonard Richardville, Wick- liiile, Keniucky, Peiro. Mkig., Pelro. Mldq. Club. AKA: Luis Gmo Rivero, La Paz, Bolivia, Geology: Jerry L. Roger, Tulsa, Secondary Maih, KME, Maih Club. ACS, Wesley Foundaiion: David M. Rollo, Cleveland, Ohio, Music, Modern Choir. Chapel Choir. Opera Workshop, 'l'MA: Janel' Lea Rosenbaum, Tulsa, Home Economics Ed., SEA, Home Ec. Club. BOTTOM ROW: Lonnie Russell, Elizabeihiown. Pa., Pre-Med., MEA. AFROTC: Mehdi Sadr, Shi- raz, lran, Peiro. Eng., AIME, ISO: Suzanne Eliza- belh Sample, Brownsville. Texas, Elem. Ed. and Music. KVM, AWS. BSU, SEA: Phil San Angelo, Tulsa, Business, AKXl'g James W. Scheer, Tulsa, fi-HE, mm, - -fi '-Swv? TOP ROW: Frank J. Schiencller Jr., Tulsa, Psy- chology, KE: Cyndy Polen Schillinger, Tulsa. Chrisfian Ed., AAA: Sco'H' Schuhmann, La Verne. Calif., Healih 81 Physical Ed.. Varsiiy Foolball, Leiiermans Club: Richard Schussler, Broken Ar- row, Oklahoma, Hislory 8: Polifical Science. -ITKA. IFC, Circle K, Senale Welfare Comm.: Vicloria Saovel, Sirong Poinl, New York. Speech-Radicw T.V., AEP, Women's Direcior of KWGS. SECOND ROW: Julie Scroggs, Cedar Rapids. Iowa. Elem. Ed., KKF: Mifchell Seals, Tulsa. Man- agemenl: Reba P. Sealon, Tulsa, English, WTM. K-NP: Vicci Sharp, Tulsa, Music, Band, Orchesira. TBS, Pres., SAI: Tom R. Shepard, Tulsa, Markel' ing, KE Presidenl. AKXP, Sludenr Senaie, Execu- iive Club Presidenl. Presiclenfs Club, Who's Who. THIRD ROW: Daniel B. Smi+l1,Tulsa, Economics, BFE, UTM: Howard Norris Smilh, Oklahoma Ciiy, Oklahoma, Accounring. KZ, AK'I': James Wesley Smilh, Tulsa. Accounling: Linda Louise Smiih, Joplin, Mo., Bus. Ed., KA9. Young Repub- licans. TU Business Women: Sally Smifh, Tulsa. Zoology, Siudenl Senale Vice-Pres., Co-Ediior of KENDALLABRUM, Angel Flighi. Morlar Board. Vice-Pres., UAE, AT, KKF, Treasurer. FOURTH ROW: Trudy Smiih, Tulsa, Elem. Ed. 8: English: Slephen Somers, Tulsa, Chem. Eng., Engi- neering Club, AICE, 'l'l'l3, AXA: Andrew John Spanogle, Jr., Fronienac, Mo.. Economics, E Scribe, Young Republicans: Carol Spivey, S+. Louis, Mo., English Ecl., KING, Presidenfs Club. Who's Who, Srudeni Senaie. Moriar Board, Soph. Class Treas., French Class Treas., Varsily Niie Board. lnlramural Council: Phil Spurlock, Tulsa, Management KE, Dean's Honor Roll. FIFTH ROW: Jean F. Siephenson, Tulsa, Bus. Ed.. SEA, TU Business Women: Sieve Sfevenson, Tulsa, Zoology, KE Scribe. Dean's Honor Rall: Clifford Siewari, Henryelcia, Oklahoma, Accouniing, Ten- nis Team: Nancy Smiih Sfockwell, Tulsa, AT: Judy Sfokes, Muskogee. Oklahoma. Foreign Language, AAA, Angel Flight Fashion Board, Presidenl's Club. SIXTH ROW: Phillip W. Sionecipher, Tulsa, Ac- couniing. AK'T', BSU, AFROTC: Charles Terry Siowe, Jr., Tulsa, Markeiing, EX, Young Repub- licans: Mickey Suess, Tulsa, Management TLKA: Susan Suliburk, Tulsa, Polilical Science, KKF. Young Republicans, Newman Club: Thomas J. Sullivenf, Tulsa, Markeiing. SEVENTH ROW: Tak Ki Sung, Hong Kong. Chem. Eng., AICE: Susan Swanson, Effingham, Ill.. Social Work, Sociology Club, SEA, AT: Carol Sword, Dallas, Texas. Spanish 8: French, Young Republicans: Bill F. Tarpley, Tulsa, Managemenr: Daniel Evans Teagarden, Neosho, Mo., KME. THE, Malh Club, Engineering Club, Sword and Key, Malhemalics. BOTTOM ROW: Skip Teel, Tulsa. Managemeni, EX. IFC: Carolyn Templeion, Tulsa, Music Ed.. SEA, MENC, TU Orcheslra. EAT, KA: Jeanne Thomas, Tulsa, Commercial Arl, X-fl, Presiclenl's Club, Srudenl' Senaie. Arr Siudenis League, Lan- iern, Scroll, KENDALLABRUM, Fashion Advisory Board, Jr. Class Treas., Sr. Class Treas.: Jim Thornberry, Barrlesville, Oklahoma, Journalism, SAX, HAM, COLLEGIAN, KENDALLABRUMZ Pamela Kay Thornbrugh, Tulsa, Hisrory Ed., SEA. ll IOR CL SS R L SS TOP ROW: Vernon H. Tippelf, Memphis, Mo., Pefroleurn Mkfg., Pefroleum Mlcfg. Club, AMA, IYIT: Manuel Tovar, Caracas, Venezuela, Chem. Eng.: Brian M. Turner, Claremore, Oklahoma, So- ciology. AXA, Universiiy Democrafs, Sociology Club, Inirarnural Council: John C. Turnquisl, Tul- sa, Hislory 8: Polifical Science, UTM, Young Re- publicans Vice-Presidenf, Sfudenf Senale Comm.: Howard Twilley, Galena Park. Texas, Foofball Tri- Caplain, Dean's Honor Roll, Who's Who, Foof- ball End All American. SECOND ROW: Richard Tyson, Kansas Cily. Healfh and Physical Educaiion, Foofball Leffer- man: Doroihy Uh, Tulsa, English: Janice Vallem, Davenporf, Iowa, Home Economics, Home Ec. Club, Fashion Board: Maureen Van Dylce, Tulsa, English, Young Republicans: William R. Van Gie- son, Columbus, Ohio, Economics and Manage- menf. Young Democrafs. NPO, Sociology Club, KENDALLABRUM, Pelroleum Mlcfg. Club. THIRD ROW: Roberl F. Wally, Chicago, III.. Chemisfry, Engineers Club, ACS, HKA: Roberf M. Wandres, Tulsa, English, EX: Eva Sands Warlc, Tulsa, English, Spanish Ele. Ed., XD: Merle Roberf Warnlcen, Tulsa, Markeling, AK'l': Charlann Wal'- Icins, Tulsa, Hisfory, BSU. FOURTH ROW: Janice J. Wailcins, Tulsa, Office Admin., KAH, TU Business Women, EAS, Lan- fern, Scroll: Max D. Waflcins, Tulsa, Pre-Law, KA, IIAA: Sluarf K. Wafson, Sf. Louis, Mo., Marlcef- ing, KE, Circle K: Bill Weifelcamp, Madison, Wisc., Managemenf, AK'T': David A. Welsh, Tul- sa, Mafh. FIFTH ROW: Carol Ann Wes+alI, Pine Bluff, Ar- kansas, Accounling, KA, TU Business Women, Sfu- denf Senafe Comm.: Tim Whalen, Tulsa, English. AFROTC, Arnold Air Sociefy: Margie While, Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Fashion Merchandising, Home Ec. Club: Donald Whifesell, Tulsa, Police Science, AFROTC, Arnold Air Sociely. Young Democrals: Anne Williams, Tulsa, English Ed., SEA, NEA, Newman Club, AWS, Sociology Club. SIXTH ROW: Larry S. Williams, Neosho, Mo.. Pre-Denfislry, Foofball, TEKA: Marcia Williams, Sand Springs, Elemen. Ed.: Diaira Williamson, Blackwell, Olcla., Sociology, Social Work: Ron Williamson, Tulsa, Pefroleum Mkfg., Pefroleum Mkfg. Club: James R. Wilson, Tulsa, Manage- menf,HKA. SEVENTH ROW: John A. Wilson, Tulsa, Life Sci- ence Ed.: Elme Jeanne Wolcolf, Tulsa, English. Ari Sfudenfs League: Linda Wolf, Lake Foresf, III., Sociology, Sociology Club: Suzanne Woodburn, Tulsa, Commercial Arf, KU: Charles Chi-Chao Wu, Honlc Kong, Engineering Physics, Sludenl Senafe, Sword and Key. Pres., 'I'1TK, BUS, KME, PresidenI's Club, ISO, Engineers Club, ACS, Malh Club. BOTTOM ROW: Jennifer Wren, New Orleans. La.. Chrisfian Ed., fl'M, Wesley Foundafion, AWS, Inframural Council, Dormifory J-Board: Sanford Wylie, Tulsa, 'PH-S, Sword and Key, Wesley Foun- dafion, '1'FK: Lyne'H'e G. Yerefslcy, Tulsa, Office Admin., X9. Treas., Morfar Board, TU Business Women, Execufive Club, Presidenfs Club, Who's Who: Lynn Forsylh Zabrislcie, Madison, Conn., English Ed., KA9, SEA: Judson Zellmer, Tulsa, Management EN. junior Class oFHcers Homan Hel lin, and Schiff Hnd Sunday's a busy day too! If ou mu t mea ure time into seasons TOP ROW: JENNIE LE ABBOUD, Tul- sa: DAN AGENT, Sand Springs, Okla.: MOHAMED A. ALEM, Tripoli: SUSAN AMMON. S+. Louis, Mo: GWEN ARNN, Tulsa: RICHARD ATCHISON, Sullivan, Ill.: ODELL ATNNOOD, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: DAVID AVERILL, Tul- sa: P. ALVIN BACA, Sania Fe, N.M.: LINDA BACON, Tulsa: MARCIE BAILEY, Tulsa: JIMMY BAKER, Tulsa: KENNIE JO BAKER, Tulsa: DALE BANDY, Jones- boro, Ark. THIRD ROW: CHARLES B. BARNES, Tulsa: JACK BARTELS, Kansas Cily, Kan.: KEN BASS, Kirkwood, Mo.: VICKI BASSI, Gunnison, Miss.: LINDA BEGIN, Tulsa: WILLIAM RAY BENDER, Albu- querque, N.M.: JIM BIRD, Ponca Ci'I'y, Olcla. FOURTH ROW: AILEEN BLACKFORD, Oclielala, OlCIa.: DIANE E. BLAISDELI., Tulsa: PATTI BLUE, Tulsa: RICHARD BLUNK, Springfield, III.: KAY BODLEY, Tulsa: FLOYD R. BOEN, Collinsville. Okla.: PHIL BOILLOT, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: CHLOTEAL BONNER, Tulsa: DOUGLAS BRADY, Tulsa: MAR- VIN I.. BRAZEAI., Tulsa? TOM BRIGGS. Tulsa: PAULA BRINKLEY, Tulsa: MAR- THA BROCK, Tulsa: STEVE BROPHY, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: SALLY BRYANT, Tul- sa: JIM BRYDEN, Tulsa: RICHARD CANTRELL, Tulsa: LINDA A. CASH, Hagersfown, Md.: CAROLYN CATRON, Tulsa: MICK CHAMPION, Tulsa: RICK CHARLTON, Springfield, Ill. JUNIOR CLASS TOP ROW: JAMIL CHEBIL, Sousse, Tumlia: DOLORES CHRISTESSEN, Tul- sa: SUSIE CLANNIN, Founlain Valley. Calif.: CANDY CLARK, Tulsa: MARTHA CLARKE, Tulsa: JULIE CLEVELAND, S+. Louis, Mo.: MARY COBB, Mexia, Texas. SECOND ROW: BARBARA COOMBS, Carlhage, Mo.: PATTY COULTER, Mi- ami, Florida: ROBERT COX, Cresiwoocl. Mo.: JAMES K. CRAWFORD, Tulsa: JOHN CRAY, Tulsa: ROBERT D. CUPP, Tulsa: SANDI CURTIS, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: JON CURTIUS, Tulsa: LARRY CUSACK, Joplin, Mo.: JOHN W. DALTON, Tulsa: KEN DAVIDSON. Tulsa: DEE DEE DAVIS, Caloosa. Okla.: JOHN DAVIS, Tulsa: KEN DENNISON, Joplin. Mo. FOURTH ROW: JON DETHERAGE, Tul- sa: WAYNE A. DORCHAK, Tulsa: KEL- LY DOWD, Barllesville, Olcla.: SHARON DURKIN, Tulsa: DYANN DYER, Tulsa: DON EATON, Tulsa: DINO ECONO- MOS, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: CLYDE P. EDWARDS, Tul- sa: CLYTA EDWARDS, Tulsai DON O. ELLIOTT, JR., Tulsa: JOHN EWERT, Tulsa: MICHEL N. FEEMSTER, Lalce For- esl, lll.I MUSTOPHA FEKIH, TunlS. Tunisia. SIXTH ROW: JUDY FLETCHER, Tulsa: GAILA FLICKINGER, Tulsa: GEORG FLIPPO, Tulsa: NOBLE FORBES, Tulsa? SANDRA FOREHAND, Tulsa! ROBERT M. FORNELL, Tulsa: JIM FORSTER, JR., Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: JAMY ELIZABETH FOX, Forl Worih. Texas: DOHNA FRED- RICKSON, Onawa, Iowa: JAMES G. FRERE, Baxler Springs, Kan.: KAYE FUL- CHER, Tulsa: RONNIE GARRELL, Tulsa: LINDA GERBER, Tulsa: JIM GIFFORD. Tulsa. EIGHTI-I ROW: MELINDA GILMORE. Tulsa: JOHN P. GLASS, Tulsa: MARGO GLENN, Kirkwood, Mo.: NELLY GO- MEZ, Caracas, Venezuela: ROGER GOD- ING, Downers Grove, Ill.: MIKE GRAVES, Tulsa: MARY S. GRIFFIN, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: JIM R. GRINER, Cush- ing, Olcla.: ROBERT A. GSELL, Glen Rock. N. J.: JUDY GUNNER, Cincins nali, Ohio: RICK HAMBY, Tulsa: LARRY HAMMICK, Tulsa: JANE HANNAH, Tulsa: CAROL MANSON, Tulsa. xl' A., 1--b ag. ,JP x , - f lim' ' 5.51-F X 1 '- ci M., J, ., f . , 1 -' -.-'cf A .:,b,f,f , rumxt-, ., . .5 ,,,, ., , , cf, X 1 . 311575 :T 1 4 1' TYR! , ' " 1 " K . 11,4 ' ., .y rrM. ' La.,-M ,4 .1 L-, .-'!?,! Qux .f ' rf-l F'x- J'x" 1--54,6 E. NP, LZ, , mf? 4'- V .,:vf2j:i: EA , ., . ' h . .L I r,1wg'??":fS 'V if: 'M ' 7 ' ' , , '17 4? 'MQ -. . . K' "' 3'5E2g?!?fs'F-'fi 'fa 4 . ,311 ., Y?73.I'f' "W ' 4 Q1 ' , V w,h, ,. A 4 nhgffvfqd aff:4,1i ' ' ' ' 5' - "HA" .' 1 N556 "f-'HZ ," , .,A , X ,k,A Q.Ax5Tnf -f?z,'y1,:3 ,495 W - 1 WTYJU1 . ,ig .- , 1 I 1-. an -1 v ff I f ' 'A ' '.S?5fw'S:f. K I 1 f " f 5 , Q ,, 5 f- ,NW , ,iygffffj-L ff 'W1lTfi,, - ' - ,- my., W4 .- " . .v " ' N 7' 4' Kffsiigx 4, .......,. K . I D x 1 You meet the nicest people on Hondas -especially if they are as spirited as Varsity cheerleaders Patti and Sharon. nd oda embrace the pat ith remembrance. TOP ROW: NANCY KIRKMAN, Coffey- ville, Kan.: CAROL KNIGHT, Kirkwood, Mo.: KAREN KRIBBS, Tulsa: JOANNE KRIEGER, Tulsa: PETER KWONG, Hong Kong: BOB LAIR, Tulsa: GENE LAKU- SIAK, Sarnia, Onfarlo. SECOND ROW: PARK LANG, Tulsa: RON LANGLEY, Tulsa: DAVE LANS- DOWN, Enid, Okla.: CHARLES LEE, Sl. Louis. Mo.: GORDON LEE, Tulsa: BILL LEIGHTY, Tulsa: JUDY LINDLEY, Sl. Louis, Mo. THIRD ROW: WILLIAM LYONS, Tulsa! BRUCE G. MCCALLISTER, Tulsa: PAT- RICK MCGOVERN, Tulsa? SHERRIE BELLE McKEE, Tulsa: JIM MCKOWN. Tulsa: NANCY McMANUS, Barllesvllle. Olcla.: JIM MCNABB, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: DENNIS MALTBIE, Amslerdam, New York: LINDA MARLAR, Caloosa, Olcla.: RANDY MARSHALL, Alberla, Canada: RINNE MARTIN, Jop- lln, Mo.: WADE MARTIN, Seminole, Okla.: REED T. MELTON, Tulsa: STEVEN D. MILLER, Arllnglon Heighfs, lll. FIFTH ROW: ART MIRES, Ponca Ciiy. Okla.: JIMMIE MITCHELL, Tulsa: TO- NETTE MOELLER, Tulsa: DANIEL K. MORGAN, Tulsa: LINDA MORRIS, Tul- sa: CAROLYN MULLENAX, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: WARD MURPHY, Tul- sa: JIMMY MURRY, Tulsa: RONALD MYERS, Tulsa: JIM NAYLOR, Tulsa: SUE ELLEN NELSON, Tulsa! JAMSHID NOGHREY, Telweran, lnclla: JAMES NOREN, Chicago, lll. TOP ROW: CAROLE NORRIS, Tulsa: MOHAMID-HAJ SULEIMAN OMRANI, Tripoli, Liibya: JUDI O'NEAL, Ausiin. Texas: JOEL OWENS, Tulsa: CAROL PARSONS, S+. Louis, Mo.: JERRY M. PASSMORE, Tulsa.: DAN PAVLAK, Easl Chicago, Incl. SECOND ROW:NICKI PEARSON, Tul- sa: SUSANNE PERKINS, Enid OIcla.7 DONNA PHELPS, Tulsa: RANDY M. PHILLIPS, Tulsa: GEORGE PIERSON, S+. Louis, Mo.: CONNIE PLUMMER, Tulsa: RICHARD POTASKY, Daylon, Ohio. THIRD ROW: ROBERT PRIES, S+. Louis. Mo.: PAM PRIMM, Tulsa: JACQUELINE PRUITT, Tulsa: JACK REA, Tulsa: LAR- RY REED, Tulsa: MARGARET REED. Burley, ldalwo: JERRY RIFE, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: TOM RILEY, Houslon. Texas: CHRISTINE RODGERS, Chicago. III.: STEPHEN RODGERS, Barllesville. Okla.: ELIZABETH ROGERS, Tulsa: JOHN ROGINSKI, Tulsa: JANI ROWE, Tulsa.: THERON RUSSELL, Skokie, Ill. FIFTH ROW: STEVE R. SAILOK, Sl'. Louis: ABDUL-WABAB SALAYMEH, Al- Klwalil-Jordan: STEVE SALTZMAN, Tulsa: DOYLE SANDERS, Tulsa: JACK SAN- GUNE'I'I', Tulsa: JON SCHIMPF, Tulsa! GARY SCHMIDT, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: NANCY SCHULZ, Kirlc- wood, Mo.: JANET SCHWAMB, Tulsa: JUANITA SELLERS, Tulsa: SUSAN ELIZ- ABETH SHAW, Coral Gables. Fla: MARY SHELDON, Palos Park, Ill.: FRAN- CIS X. SHIELDS, Palaiine, Ill.: MIKE SHROUT, Tulsa. SEVVENTH ROW: GORDON WILLIAM SIM, Regina. Saskalchewan, Canada: KATHY SKINNER, Tulsa: NANCY SLEEPER, Tulsa: DICK SLOAN, Tulsa: CHERYL SMART, SI. Louis, Mo.: DAVE SMEAL, Calgary, Canada: CAROL ANN SMITH, Tulsa: EIGHTH ROW: JANET SMITH, Tulsa! LESLIE SMITH, Tulsa? LINDA RUTH SMITH, Poleau, Olcla.: PATTI SMITH, Pine Bluff, Ark.: GEORGE SOLOMON. Mosul, Iraq: TAHLULA SPIVY, Tulsa: LAWRENCE STANSBURY, Dallas, Texas. BOTTOM ROW: THOMAS E. STEH- MAN, Berea, Ohio: SHARON STEPHAN, Williamsiown. W. Va.: PATTI STERNE, Tulsa: JOHN STEVENSON, Wiclwila. Kansas: ROBERT M. STEWART, Barlles- ville, Olqla.: DRENDA STOUT, Tulsa: CATHY A. STRICKLAND, Tulsa. JUNIIIR CLASS "Triple your pleasure, triple your fun .h . ." Gloria, Carol and Cindy sing 111 one of the Tri-Delt's fall skits. We A '71- And embrace the mystic future with longing. TOP ROW: RICHARD STUDENNY, Slo- ny Poin'l', N.Y.: GARY SUMMERFIELD, Glen Ellyn, III.: CLAIRE SWAN, Tulsa: LARRY SWIFT. Neosho, MO.7 JANET TAYLOR, Park Ridge, III.: KENT THOM- AS, Tulsa: DAVID F. TIMMONS, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: GODFRIED TOUS- SAINT, Tremelo, Belgium: VETA JO TREAT, Tulsa: GARY TRYON, Tulsa! STEVE TURNBO, Tulsa: JIM UTZ, Tulsat LOU VESPASIAN, Lexlngion, III.: CARL H. VIANA, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: RON VICK, Whiiefislw Bay, Wis.: PETE VICKERS, Tulsa: JOHN VOLLE, Springfield, III.: KENT WASH- BURN. Ponca Cify. Olda.: SURINDER WAZIR, India: JACKIE WEBBER, Tulsa: DAVID WEISKOPF, Springfield, III. FOURTH ROW: JEFFREY W. WELCH. Tulsa: MARION WELDON, Tulsa: CAR- OL R. WELLS, I-Ienrye++a, Okla.: MAR- GARET ANN WELTON, Arkansas Ciiy. Kan.: JOE WESTON, Neoslwo, Mo.: MARGARET WHEAT, Tulsa: JOHN WICKERSHAM, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: MARY KAY WILCOX. Tulsa: KARLA WILEY, Sapulpa. Okla.: WALLY WILLARD, Bakersfield, CaIif.5 JUDITH KAY WILSON, Clwanule, Kan.: STEVE WINKLE, Ashion, III.: JERRY WI'l'I', Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: RICHARD WOLF. Kirkwood, Mo.: BARBARA WYLIE, Car- 'Ier, OkIa.: JUDY YATES, Tulsa: MARK YORK, Tulsa: RICHARD B. YOUNG. Tulsa: WILLIAM A. YOUNG. Ponca Cily, Okla. TOP ROW: ARCHIE ACREE, Broken Arrow, Okla.: CATHEE ADDERTON, Sl. Louis, Mo.: TED AQUILAR, Tulsa: CLARE AHRENS, Tulsa: JANICE ALEX- ANDER, Muskogee, Okla.: FRED ALLEN, Tulsa: WILLIS ALLEN, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: STEVE ALLEY, Tulsa.: GARY ALLISON, Tulsa: TONY ALLO- WAY, Tulsa: LARRY ALSUP, Tulsa: NANCY ANDERSON, Housfon, Texas: TOM ARMINO, Cliflon, New Jersey: SUE ATWATER, Springfield. III. THIRD ROW: LARRY BABB, Tulsa: ANN BABER, Dallas, Texas: JAMES BAILY, Broken Arrow, Okla.: CATHY BAMBURG, Enicl, Olcla.: JIM BARNES, Tulsa: TERRY BARNES, Tulsa: TONY BARRICK, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: LARRY BARTLEY, Tul- sa: WAYNE BASS, Tulsa: GARY BAX- TER, Tulsa: SUE BAYER, S+. Louis, Mo.: STEPHEN BEARD, Harrison, Ark: AN- NA FAYE BEA'I'l'lE, Tulsa: DAVID BEEN, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: BARBARA BELFORD, Tul- sa: GARY BENTON, Housfon, Tex.: BRUCE BERKINSHAW, Sf. Louis, Mo.: GLORIA BIRCH, Tulsa: JERIES BISH- ARA, Tulsa: JUDITH BLAIR, Arkansas Cily, Kan.: SALLY BLISS, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: SANDRA BLOCKER, Tul- sa: ALICE ANN BOGGS, Dallas. Tex.: CATHERINE BORLAND, Tulsa: LARRY BOYER, Tulsa: DENNIS BRADFORD, Wi- clwila, Kan.: PAT BRASIER, Claremore, Okla.: JANE BRAY, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: BARBARA BREUN- INGER, Bricklown, N. J.: GARY BRIDGES, Tulsa: BETTY BROWN, Tulsa: EDWARD BROWN, Chambersburg. Penn.: JANIECE BROWN, Tulsa: KATHY BROWN, Davenporl, Iowa: CHERYL BURNETT, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: MARCIA BURRUS, Tul- sa: RONALD BUSH, Alberlville, Ala.: ROBERT BUTHOD, Tulsa: STEVE CALD- WELL, Tulsa: SHIRLEY CAMPBELL, Owasso. Okla.: LYNDA CARINDER, Tul- sa: JULIAN CARR, Lake Charles, La. BOTTOM ROW: ROBERT CARRUTH, Tulsa: JAMES CARUTHERS, Tulsa: SAN- DRA CATREN, Tulsa: BURKE CHAND- LER, Tulsa: CONNIE CHAPMAN, Tulsa: CRAIG CHERRY, Girard, Ill.: LOR- RAINE CHRISTMEN, Tulsa. OPHO ORE CLASS IIPHIIIVIIIIIE CLASS TOP ROW: BEVERLY CLARK, Tulsa: CHRIS COLE, Tulsa: GARY COLLETT, Dallas, Tex.: GARY COLLINS, Tulsa: JUDY COOK, Tulsa: KAREN COOK. Tulsa: LYNDA COOPER, Chicago, Ill. SECOND ROW: RAY COUSINS, Tulsa: STEVE CRAWFORD, Sf. Joseph, Mo.: BEVERLY CRISWELL, Leawood, Kan.: BILL CROISANT, Muskogee, Okla.: CAMERON CUNNINGHAM, Tulsa: KA- TIE DAINS, Tulsa: JAYNE DAUB, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: DELORIS DAWSON, Tul- sa: PATRICIA DEAN, Tulsa: GUY DECK- ER, Longbranch, New Jersey: JEANNE DEMING, Tulsa: JOE DENNIS, Tulsa: SUZANNE DENTON, Muskogee, Olcla.: ANNE DEVINE, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: JEAN DICKERSON, Brenlwood, Mo.: KAREN DODD, Broken, Arrow, Olcla.: KEITH DRAYTON, Jones- ville, Mich.: JEFF DUCUMMON, Tulsa: RANDALL DUGAN, Wesllield, New Jer- sey: VIRGINIA DUKE, Big Cabin, OIcla.I DEANNA DUNAGAN, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: ROBERT DUNCAN, Dun- can, Olcla.: JOHN DUNN, Tulsa: AR- THUR DUPUY, Philadelphia, Penn.: DUKE DWYER, Rochesler, Penn.: MAR- SHA EDMONDS, Springfield, III.: MAR- SHA ELKINS, Tulsa: BARBIE ENSMING- ER, Chicago. Ill. SIXTH ROW: ANITA ETTER, Tulsa: SANDY EVANS, Barringion, ll.: SHER- RY FAUST, New Canaan. Conn.: WAYNE FERGUSON, Tulsa: NANCY FIL- KEL, Tulsa: EDWARD FISHER, Tulsa: KATHY FLANAGAN, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: DAN FLOURNOY. Tulsa: DAN FOYIL, Tulsa: ROBERT FREDRICKSON, Lincoln, Neb.: MARGA- RET FRENCH, Tulsa: JOE GANEM. Sand Springs, Olcla.: PILAR GARCIA, Tulsa: RICK GARRISON, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: MIKE GEORGE, Tulsa: JOHN GIBBONS, Ceniraia, Mo.: GLEN GILDERSLEEVE, Tulsa: JOE GILL, Bixby, OkIa.: LARRY GILL, Tulsa: PAMELA GLEASON, Wheafon, Ill.: ROGER GLECKLER, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: GLORIA GOODSON. Tulsa: JACK GOTT, Tulsa: PATTY GRA- DY, Tulsa: MELISSA GRANT, Ponca Cily, Olsla.: ROBERT GRAY: FREIDA GREEN, Jenks, Okla.: ROGER GRIGOR. Tulsa. 1 -1 1 1 2 ff? Q1?""1QQf"W 1"' M.. 1 nas: 1.11111111 111 111' ,g U "' ll 1111 ' Y - ' 15.1. -,Z , -- - 11-1 13 555115 1113 1111zg,,z' 111111111 J 5 .3311 111 11 111117 'E I Jvfi' ,,,,, . 1 111 1 'fig -1 1 1 , 11TF21:i1111,.,-1.I-.. 70,1111 ........, f,?11f,,, 1,,..--Y,... 11 1 1 Y 1 ., ,,.. . 111 11 11 11 11111 11 1 1 . .1:?,.A ,Q 1 11 1 11 1 1 ,1 . 1 11 we 1 1 11 11 :iii 1 111 ..,, 111111111 1 A 11" 111 - X" 3"'k-"1f:1f"'1 111' 1 -1' s5f1f""' '1 1 352111 1 "' , "'5.f7f.f " 1 !1'11'1'1 " 11 W 11M 1"11 1 -1111 1111 1 f' 93.1, 1 11 1 111 1 1 1 11 1111 f 'yi' 1 111111111.1jj1 1 111111 1111 1 1 1 1 1111111 f.111.u, 1111111.i?11111' 111 1 1 1 1 1 11111111 11 1111 1111111 1 11 11 1 1 1111 1"111 1111 "111" 1111 111" ' 1 1 " 111 1 1' 11 11, 11 111'11"11111 ' 1 1' 1 1 1 1 11 H Y '111 ' ' N 11'1'1 111 11 ' 1 1 " "" 1 11511111111 1:11121 1 '1 11 H11 1111 11111 1 11 1 1 1 111111 11111 1 11" 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 1 11 11 1 . NH!! -, ' 1 '11'111 1 1 -Q:'?a.-J, 11 1111 'Jar--545' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '111 1,11'1 1 1 ' ""1':f'2'.: ,, 1 11 1 1, 'z' K1-5 , '- 1 - f:-" '5 -.WT M ' - ' 11f:,f-,V ' .1. 1 c 1 1 1 1.a7- 11 1 1 1 1 ' :' .111-, . 11 -1.w-Q r-,Y 'Wai-life, f 1..p'H-5 1 1.1 . ,-- '-wi 1 11 Ef- . 11 , ' Big' rg 1, . .-, 1 1, '11 '-1 SH-" , 11 . h 11 , X 11,m 1 11 'W111111111 1 11 1 111111, E 1 W1 '11 IIPHO ORE CLASS TOP ROW: JERRY HURD, Tulsa: JAN INHOFE, Tulsa: RICHARD JACEWITZ, Tulsa: JANET JACKSON, Tulsa: SAN- DRA JACKSON, Tulsa: CHUCK JERNI- GAN, Tulsa: WESLEY JOHNSON, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: DEAN JONES, Tulsa: SUSAN JONES, Tulsa: ALEXIA KALLAY, Tulsa: CINDY KALOUSEK, Kansas Cily, Kan.: FRANK KASTL, Tulsa: SHARON KAUL, S+. Louis. Mo.: RICHARD KEAT- ING, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: LLOYD KELLEY, Galena Park, Texas: NANCY KETCHUM, Tulsa: LEONARD KEYSER, Holland: HAWAS KHALIFA, Dammam, Saudi Arabia: ED- WAD KING, Tulsa: GARY D. KIRK. Barllesville, Olcla.: KIM KIRTON, Hous- lon, Texas. FOURTH ROW: BEVERLY KLEINMANN, Barllesville. Olcla.: DAVID KNABB, Whealon, III.: KEN KNEPPER, Tulsa: BARBI KNIGHT, Tulsa: PAUL KNOX, Tulsa: RONALD KOVACH, Sr. Louis. Mo.: KAREN KRAUS, Harrison, Ark. FIFTH ROW: RONALD KUHN, Bur- gel'rs'rown. Pa.: NORMA KYLE, Tulsa: MARY MIKE LANDRUM, Ardmore. Olcla.: SHARON LANGDON, Tulsa: BONNIE LARIMORE, Kirkwood, Mo.: MARGARET LARSON, Tulsa: ROB LASS- WELL, SI. Louis. Mo. SIXTH ROW: JULIE LAUDON, Kansas Cily, Mo.: DAVID LAUGHLIN, Tulsa: PATTY LAWLER, Tulsa: LUANNA LAY- MAN, Tulsa: ARLEY LEE, Tulsa: MARTI LEE, Tulsa: DIANE LEFFLER, Tulsa: SEVENTH ROW: JOE LENNART, Tulsa: DAVID LERCH, Tulsa: JANICE LEWIS, Tulsa: JOHN LINDER, Joplin, Mo.: PAT LINTON, Tulsa: JUDI LOFTON, Tulsa: KIM LONG, Tulsa. EIGHTI-I ROW: JIM MCCRAY, Dallas. Texas: JANEY McCLARY. Tulsa.: GARY MCDERMOTT, Longview, Texas: KAY McKELLIPS, Okmulgee, Olcla.: KIM Mc- WHORTER, Tulsa: IAN MACDONALD. Orrawa, Onfario, Canada: ROBERT MADDY, Sperry, Okla. BOTTOM ROW: KATHY MAGBY, Tulsa! BENTON MAPLES, Ponca Cily, Okla.C SANDY MARCHINO, Downers Grove: Ill.: LUZETTA MARTINEZ, Tulsa: JOYCE MASSAD, Sand Springs, Olcla.: DIANE MASURE, Colorado Springs, Colorado: GREG MAZUR, Easl Chicago. Ind. TOP ROW: JUNE MELTON, Tulsa: MARY ANN MESKER, Tulsa: DON MIGL, Galena Park, Texas: JAMES MIL- BURN, Tulsa: FORREST MILLER, Enid. Okla.: MARY MILLER, Tulsa: MIKE MIL- LER, Arkansas Cily, Kan. SECOND ROW: RON MILLER, Tulsa: PAULA MILLS, Joplin, Mo.: I-IARRIET MOHAN, Tulsa: DAVID MOORE, Tulsa: FRANCINE K. MOORE, Tulsa: GINNY MORELAND, Haddonfield. New Jersey: GLEN L. MORELAND, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: EL-AGELI MUKTAR. Tripoli, Libya: JULIE MUNSON, Tulsa: MALINDA MYERS, Tulsa: ROBERT MY- ERS, Buffalo, New York: TAHER A. NAAS, Tripoli, Libya: KURT NEHM- ZOW: RUTH NICOLAYSEN, Ponca Cily. Okla. FOURTH ROW: WILLIAM H. NOE, JR., England AFB, La.: JULIE NOVAK, Tulsa: JEANNE OFFERLE, Wallkeslwa. Wis.: KEN OPAL, Cicero, III.: FRANK O'STAFY, Farrell, Pa.: BRUCE MICHAEL PARKS, Tulsa: SALLY PARSLEY, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: LARRY J. PATRICK, For? Smilli. Ark.: CHARLES KALAOLANI PAYNE, Hilo. Hawaii: JO-ELLEN PAYNE, Sf. Louis, Mo.: RAYMOND PEARSON, Coral Gables, Fla.: BUD PEDERSON, Palaline. lll.: JOE PERKS, Tulsa: LEWIS PERRAULT, JR. Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: RICHARD PERRY, Bro- ken Arrow, Okla.: KAREN PHILBECK, Tulsa: BUD PINGREE, Des Moines. Iowa: THOMAS PLASTER, Tulsa: PETER POWESKA, Delhi, Onlario, Canacla: JAN PRATHER, Tulsa: PEGGY PRATT, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: MIKE PRESCOTT, Mil- waukee, Wis.: ANNE PROCTER, Musko- gee. Okla.: RONALD PRUITT, Tulsa: JAMES M. PURDY, JR., Tulsa: SCOTT QUACKENBUSH, Arlinqlon Heiqlwls, lll.: GARY RAASCH. Minneapolis, Minn.: NANCY RAINS, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: TIPTON RANDOLPH, Tulsa: TONY RASMUSSEN, Chicago. Ill: JUDY REAMES, Tulsa: PAT REDFERN. Tulsa: JAMES REED, Rockford, Ill.: JU- LIE REED, Tulsa: MICHAEL REEVES, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: JOHN REID, Tulsa: PAM REMSBERG, Arkansas Cily, Kan.: RON RENEKER, Memphis, Tenn.: BEV- ERLY REYNOLDS, Tulsa: MARGIE RHYNE, Tulsa: LINDA RICHARDS, Tul- sa: JEAN RIRIE, Tulsa. 0PH0lVIORE CLASS IIPHOMORE CLASS I TOP ROW: KATHRYN RITTER, Tulsa: MARY ELLEN ROARK, Tulsa: JANIE ROBERTS, Marlins Ferry, Ohio: LYNN ROBERTS, Houslon, Texas: JUDY ROB- ERTSON, Tulsa: SANDY ROBINSON. Tulsa: CHARLES RODMAN, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: PATTY ROESSLER, Tul- sa: ROBERT ROEVER, Belleville, Ill.: CAROLE ROGERS, Barllesville. Olcla.: DONNA ROGERS, Tulsa: CHUCK ROHLEDER, Cambridge, Mass.: RONN RONCK, Tulsa: ALBERT ROOS, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: ANNE RUMMERFIELD, Tulsa: GARY RUNYAN, Tulsa: SUZAN RUTTER, Swansea, Mass.: CAROLE RY- BURN, Tulsa: KAREN SACKETT, Tulsa: LOUIS L. SAXON, Tulsa: LYNNE SCHA- BERG, Sl. Louis, Mo. FOURTH ROW: CAROL SCHMIDT, Jefferson Cily, Mo.: PETE SCHMIDT, Indianapolis, Ind.: MICHAEL F. SCHMIDT, Tulsa: SALLIE SCHOFIELD, Joplin, Mo.: DON SCOTT, Tulsa: JANET SETTLES. Lovinqlon, New Mexico: MARY SHANNON, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: SUSAN V. SHILE, Sou+h- Iield, Mich.: SEDDIK A. SIALA, Tripoli. Libya: SANDY SIGMON, Tulsa: CHARLES SIMMONS, Tulsa: TONY SIMMONS, Auslin, Texas: JANET SKEL- TON, Houslon. Texas: JOHN SKILLERN, JR., Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: ROBERT SKINNER, Trini- dad, Wes? Indies: JANE SKINNER, Spencer, Indiana: CHARLES SMITH, Tul- sa: DOUG SMITH, Tulsa: LYNNA SNI- DER, Tulsa: LINDA SONNENFIELD, Bar- Hesville, Okla.: MARY ANN SONTAG, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: JEAN SPRINGER, ST. Louis, Mo.: DOUGLAS SPURLOCK, Tulsa: KATHIE STAIGER, Tulsa: KEN STARR, Miami Beach, Fla.: LYNN STEM- PLE, Tulsa: GARY STEPHENS, Tulsa: BILL STERNE, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: JAMES STEVENSON, Tulsa: PATTY STEWART, Tulsa: SUSAN STOUT, Tulsa: RICHARD STROUT. Tul- sa: KATHLEEN SULLIVAN, Tulsa: SHAR- ON SWAIM, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: LINDA SWENSON. Tulsa: TOM TENER, Tulsa: LINDA THOMPSON, Tulsa: ROD THORNBURG, Tulsa: KENNETH THREADGILL, Sand Springs, Olcla.: SANDY TOLBERT, Tulsa. ,lm lxlgl han Contestants for televisiorfs College Bowl were drilled and screened evtenslvely at North Campus In our ripeness, you are gi en to the ' TOP ROW: JINX TOWNSEND, Lea- wood. Kan.: GARY TRENNEPOHL, Tul- sa: CATHY TURNER, Claremore. OIcla..I KAY UNDERWOOD, Tulsa? RICHARD J. VAN LAERE, Kewanee, III.: SUZA VAN TUYL, Tulsa: JACQUES W. VAN- VEEN, Nellwerlands. SECOND ROW: LYDA G. VEGA, Pan- ama Clfy, Panama: V. E. VICKERY, Tul- sa: EDIE VINYARD, S+. Louis, Mo.: CANDY VOSS, Tulsa: MIKE WAIT, Tul- sa: PHYLLIS WALKER, Tulsa: SUSAN WALKER, Enid, Okla. THIRD ROW: ANNELL VVATTENBAR- GER, Tulsa: CAROL WEBER, Tulsa: JUNE WEBSTER, Tulsa: JAMES R. WEN- DELKEN, Miami, Ol4la.: BETSY WENG- ER, Tulsa: MIKE WETZEL, Tulsa: JOAN WILKERSON, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: DAVID L. WILLIAMS. Barllesville, Okla.: KAREN WILLIAMS, Owasso, Olcla,: PAM WILLIAMS, Tulsa: SHIRLEY WILLIAMS, Tulsa: PHILLIP WILLIAMSON, Leawood, Kansas: CAR- OLYN WILLS, FI. Worllw, Texas: EDNA WING, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: DENNIS A. WINTER, Tulsa: MICKEY E. WOODS, Jane. Mo.: CAROLYN WRIGHT, Tulsa: TAFFY WRIGHT, Tulsa: TINA WRIGLEY, Sl. Louis. Mo.: SANDRA YEAGER, Tulsa: WILLIAM W. YOUNG, Tulsa. One can never tell exactly what Freshman Class ofiicers Rogers, Sim- sack, Paul and Langdon are up to! In the depth of our hope and de ire, TOP ROW: JIM ADAIR, Tulsa: NEAL ADAMS, Tulsa: DAN AHRENS, Tulsa: KAREN ALBRECHT, Kirkwood, Mo.: CHARLES ALBRIGHT, Dewey, Okla.: DWIGHT ALLEN, Tulsa: RUTH ALLEN. Tulsa. SECOND ROW: JANIE ALLITZER, Harcllner, Karas.: SARAH ALVOID, Dal- las, Texas: BOBBY ANDERSON, Tulsa: CHUCK ANNEN, Arlinglon Heiglwls, III.: DAVID ARANEO, Summil, N.J.: NORA ARCHER, Tulsa: SHARON ARCHIBALD, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: DIANE ASKINS, Tulsa! TONIE BACHMAN, Tulsa: GREG BAILE, Tulsa: MARGO BAKIUS, Tulsa: CAROL BALL, Tiplon, Olcla.: JANICE BANES, Tulsa: SUE BANDY, Los Angeles. Cal. FOURTH ROW: CAROL BARR, Tulsa: ALVARE BARRLOG, Tulsa: LEWIS D. BAYLOR, Chicago. III.: GARY BED- FORD, Tulsa: JIM BEHNKE, Weslern Springs. III.: ROSS BELL, Tulsa: ROY BELL, S+. Louis, Mo. FIFTH ROW: BRUCE BENNETT, Du- monl, N.J.: VICTOR BENNISON, Tulsa: SUSAN BENTON, Joplin, Mo.: BRUCE BERG, Highland Park. Ill.: MARILYN BERRY, Calgary. Alberla, Canada: JEAN BEVILL, Tulsa: RICHARD BISHOP, Slcialoolc. Olcla. SIXTH ROW: ANDI BLACK, Tulsa: STEPHEN BLACK, Tulsa: DICK BLAND, Enid, Olcla.: BETTY BLUST, Belleville, Ill.: SALLY BOATRIGHT, Tulsa: PAM BOND, Tulsa: CAROLINE BOTTOM, Al- lon. Ill. TOP ROW: JUDY BOYD, Claremore. Okla.: HARRY BRADFORD, Wiclwila. Kan.: RON BREAUTIGAN, Tulsa: JACKIE BRANNON, Tulsa: RAYMOND BREWER, Housfon, Texas: LIN BRISTER, Tulsa: TONI BROGDON, Seminole, Okla. SECOND ROW: PATTI BROOKS, Tul- sa: ROBERT THOMAS BROOKS, Tulsa: JOHNNIE BROUGH, Tulsa? CAROLYN BROWN, Tulsa: JANIE BROWN, Kan- sas Cily, Mo.: MICHAEL G. BROWN, Tul- sa: RANDY BURTON, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: JANIE BUKER, Tulsa: LARRY BUNN, Casper, Wyo.: MIKE BURKETT, Amarillo, Tex.: MARY BURNS, Tulsa: SCOTT BURNWELL, Hol Springs, Arla: RUTH BUTHOD, Tulsa: KATHY BUTTS, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: NANCY BYTH, Tulsa: DANA CALDWELL, Tulsa: STEVE CAL- VENT, Tulsa: JAMES CAMBRON, Tulsa: JIM CAMBELL, Tulsa: DAVID CARRELL, Tulsa: CHANEY CARTER, Tulsa: FIFTH ROW: JACK H. CARTER, JR., Tulsa.: LINDA CHAMBERLIN, SI. Louis. Mo.: DONNA CHAMBERS, Mena, Arla: GALE CHARNS, Tulsa: SUE CHEAT- HAM, De Carfer, III.: CATHY CHRIS- LER, SI. Louis, Mo.: STEVEN CHRIS- TIAN, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: MARGARET CHRISTIE, Tulsa: CYNTHIA CHRONISTER, Tulsa: JANIS R. CHUMLEY, For'r Smilh, Ark.: JERI CLARK, Tulsa: PAT CLARKE, Tul- sa: DOUG CLAYBOURNE, Tulsa: JER- RIE COLE, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: CONNIE COKER. Slroud, Olcla.: CAROL COLEMAN, S+. Louis, Mo.: SUE ANN COLLIER, Tulsa: ALICE CONDRY, Tulsa: LYNNADA CONWELL, Tulsa: PAON COOM BS, Car- Ihage, Mo.: LINDA COOMBS, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: PAUL COOPER, Tulsa: MIKE COOPER, Tulsa! KEN CORN- STUBLE, Tulsa: CHRIS CORTI, Kansas Ci+y, Mo.: PATTY COULSON, Tulsa: OMER COWEN, Tulsa: BOB COX, Fre- monl, Nebraska. BOTTOM ROW: ROSMARY COWEN, Barllesvllle, Olcla.: JIM CRAIG, Kan- sas Clly, Mo.: LADONNA CRAIL, Tul- sa: JANICE CRAWFORD, Tulsa! PA- TRICIA ANN CRENSHAW, Olcmulqee. Okla.: PATRICIA CRILLY, Kansas CiI'y. Mo.: KENNETH CROISANT, Muskogee. Olcla. FIRE HMA CLASS FRE HMA CLASS TOP ROW: RANDY COOK, Tulsa: PAT CROW, Tulsa: SUZANNE CUMBER- LEDGE, Tulsa: KAY CUNNINGHAM, Kilgore, Texas: MIKE CURRY, Tulsa: ROBERT CURRY, Tulsa: BARB DAHLIN, Brenlwood, Mo. SECOND ROW: BARBARA DALE, Memphis, Tenn.: NANCY DANIELS, Tulsa: BRUCE DAVIS, Kansas Cily. Mo.: RAY GLYN DAVIS, Ennis, Texas: BAR- BARA DEAN, Tulsa: LAURA DECKER. Okmulgee, Okla.: SYLVIA DEMORA, Mi- ami, Florida. THIRD ROW: JANET DENT, Tulsa: DONNA DE WISE, Tulsa: CONNIE DILL, Tulsa: LINDA DOBBS, Sallisaw, Okla.: BARBARA DODD, Broken Arrow, Olcla.: GAY DOPPS, Wichila, Kansas: BOB DOWNING, Ardmore, Olcla. FOURTH ROW: MATI' DUBOIS, Brook- ville, Pa.: ROBERT DUNBAR, Miami. Florida: RICKY DUNHAM, Tulsa: TER- RY DUNHAM, Daylon, Ohio: GINNY DUNN, Tulsa: DONNA EASTER, Tulsa: WILLIAM ELBRECHT, Granile Cily, III. FIFTH ROW: BILL ELLER, Tulsa: RICH- ARD A. ELLISON, Tulsa: KENILLE EL- MORE, Tulsa: CLETA EMENHISER. Barlelsville, Olcla.: CHARLES ENDICOTT, Tulsa: CURTIS EVANS, Tulsa: KERRY EVERI'I'I', Alexandria, Louisiana. SIXTH ROW: REBECCA EZELL, Bro- ken Arrow, Olcla.: RIAD FARAH, Tulsa: GAIL FARRELL, Tulsa: TOM FIUGIB- BON, Tulsa: NITA FISHER, Tulsa: JUDY FRANK, Tulsa: SEVENTH ROW: DICK FRAZIER, Hom- iny. Olcla: LE'ITICA GALLAGHER, Tul- sa: JEANNE GAMBRELL, Tulsa: TOM GANEN, Sand Springs, Olcla. DIANE GENTRY, Tulsa: MARJORIE R, GER- MAN, Pawlnuslca, Olila.: NANCY GER- WINER, S+. Louis, Mo. EIGHTH ROW: TOM GILBERT, Tulsa: LINDA GILLESPIE, Tulsa: JOYCE GIT- TRICH, Tulsa: SHARON GODDARD. Tulsa, DOUGLAS, Downers Grove, Ill.: JEANNE GOODMAN, Kirkwood, Mo.: WALLACE GORDON, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: SUE GOREY, Owasso, Olcla.: DOUG GOSNEY, Miami, Olcla.: LUCILLE ALBERTA GRAY, Tulsa: SHAR- ON GREEN, Dallas, Texas: LINDA GROSS, Ambler, Pa.: MARSHA GROVE, Tulsa: SUSAN GUBAS, Sapulpa, Okla. Kendallabrum Photographer Tim Byrd seems intent on investigating the talent of twirler, Linda Gross. lies your ilent kno ledge of the be ond: TOP ROW: JAMES HADDOCK, Tulsa! ROSE MARIE HAIL, Tulsa: KATHY HALL, Sl. Louis, Mo.: ROBERT J. HAL- LER, Omaha, Nelor.: DON HAMILTON, Tulsa: JAMES HANCOCK, Tulsa: ROG- ER HANES, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: TEDDY HANNER, Tul- sa: GENE HANSELL, Conshohocken, Pa.: ROBERT HANSON, Baldwin, Mo.: CAN- DY HARMON, Henryeifa, Olcla.:'ROB- ERT HARRIS, Tulsa: ROBERT B. HAR- RIS, Tulsa: TOMMY HARRIS, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: GEORGIA HARRISON. Tulsa: JOHN T. HASKINS, Miami, Olala.: MIKE HAYES, Claremore, Olcla.: RISE I-IECKMAN, Tulsa: JOHN HEGWEIN. Sl. Louis, Mo.: REG HEIDEL, Milwaukee. Wisc.: WARREN HENDERSON, Ard- more, Olala. I FOURTH ROW: NORMAN HENLEY, Tulsa: GARY HENSLEY, Slcialoolc, Olcla.: SUE HICKS, Tulsa: BARBARA HIGGINS, Tulsa: JANET HIGMAN, Kansas Ciiy. Mo.: JUDY HILBURN, Tulsa: LUCINA HILL, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: RICHARD M. HILL, III, Silver Spring, Maryland: SHIRVAL HILL, Tulsa: NANCY HODGE, Springfield, Mo.: JAY DONALDSON HODGES, Bris- row, Olcla.: CINDY HODGSON, Webster Groves, Mo.: CURT HOFFMANN, Tulsa: PATRICIA HOGAN, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: TOM HOGE, Barlles- ville, Olcla.: BARBARA HOJEL, Mexico City, Mex.: BETH HOLDERN, Tulsa: CHERYL HOLEMAN, Tulsa: STEVE HOLTHOUSE, Tulsa: LINDA G. HOOV- ER, Tulsa: BETTYE LOU HORTON, Bridgeport, Ala. 'The Crucible' presentation proved a re- warding event for TU's theatre crowd. As seed beneath snow eu dream ei pring TOP ROW: EARLE E. HORTON, Tulsa: KAREN HOWARD, Palos Parlc. Ill.: JU- LIE ANN HOWELL, Wilmelale, Ill.: BOB HUFF, Tulsa: PAUL HULL, Tulsa: CHARLES HUTCHINS, Tulsa: RANDY HULTBERG, Hinsdale, III. SECOND ROW: LINDA HYLAND, Tul- sa: STEVE INHOFF, Tulsa: SHERRY IS- OM, Tulsa: LARRY JACK, Plainfield. III.: JANE JAKUBOWSKI, Tulsa: JANET JAKUBOWSKI, Tulsa: DEAN JEROME. Wyckoff, N. J. THIRD ROW: DENNIS JOHNS, Tulsa: DENNY JOHNSON,Tulsa:JUDYJOHN- SON, Tulsa: KENNETH W. JOHNSON. Tulsa: SHIRLEY JOHNSON, Tulsa:JOHN R. JOLLY, Tulsa? JOYCE JUNGLING, Sand Springs, Olcla. FOURTH ROW: PAUL T. KELLER, Oli- velle. Mo.: FLOYD KENDALL, Tulsa: MARYANN KENNETT, Tulsa: RICHARD M. KERBEL, Tulsa: FRANK KING, Tul- sa: RON KING, Tulsa: JERRY KIRK, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: MIKE KOCH, Tulsai JANET KOMENEK, Cincinnali. Ohio? HARRIET KEENS, SI. Louis, Mo.: JOHN KRAFT, Tulsa: KAREN KRAI, Sl. Louis, Mo.: .,ALAN KRAMER, Allon, III.: JEANNE KRIEGER, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: WALT KRUSE, Tulsa: WAYNE LAIR, Tulsa: DANNY LAM- BERT, Skialoolc, Olda.: MARY LANDRY, Tulsa: HAROLD LANGDON, Tulsa: PAM LEDBETTER. Midwesl Cify. OkIa.I PHYLLIS LENI1, Broken Arrow, Olcla. TOP ROW: JAN LEVY, Barflesvflle. Olcla.: LARRY WINK, Welcome. N. C.: PAMELA BELLE LAY, Tulsa: JUDY KLOG- SDON, Talala, Olcla.: JOANNE LYNCH, Tulsa: KATHLEEN LYNCH. Enid, OIcIa.: LARRY LYONS, Tulsa. SECOND ROW:CONRAD LYSIAK, Tul- sa: PAT McCLINTOCK, Neosha, Mo.: JANET McCLURE, Tulsa: ROBERT Mc- CONE, Edgewood, Mcl.: DON McCOR- KELL, Tulsa: BOB McCORMICK, Tulsa: MARY MCDONALD, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: RICK MCGHEE, Tulsa: JOHN McGUIRE, Tulsa: JOHN T. Mc- INTOSH, FI: Smillm, Arla.: ROBERT Mc- KOWN, Tulsa: LYN MCLEOD, Jenks. Olcla.: CONNIE MAYBREY, Tulsa: LIN- DA MAC CONNELL, SI. Louis, Mo. FOURTH ROW: ELIZABETH MANN. Tulsa: REUBEN MARCUM, Tulsa: MARY MARRS, Tulsa: JERRY W. MARTIN, Ne- osho. Mo.: JON MARTIN, Corpus Clwrls- II. Texas: KAMORA MARTIN, Henrv- e'l'Ia. Olcla.: DONALD MATHEISON. Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: NORMA MAYNARD. Tulsa: JIM MAYOR, Tulsa: SHERRYL MELLOT, Tulsa: SID MELTON, Tulsa: CAROL MERRIL, Tulsa: CAROL MERRI- MAN, Tulsa: FRANCES MENTZ, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: MIKE MESSER, Tulsa: BECKY MILLER, Decalur, III.: DOUG- LAS MILLER, De Kalb. III.: IRIS M. MILLER, Tulsa: J. D. MILLER, Tulsa: SUSAN MILLER, Tulsa: DENNIS MIN- EAR, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: LINDA MIZE, Tulsa: PATRICIA MOATS, Tulsa: SYLVIA MO- REY, Tulsa: CARMEN MORGAN, Tulsa: KAREN MORGAN, Tulsa: CINDY MOR- RIS, Tulsa: BRUCE MORRISON, Tulsa. EIGHTH ROW: JERE MORTON, Ama- rillo. Texas: PAT MOUBRY, Tulsa: BILL MUELLER, Kirkwood, Mo.: SHIRLEY MURRAY, Tulsa: JANE MUSGROVE, Tulsa: DONALD MYERS, Tulsa: WYLIE JOSEPH NEAL, Sand Springs, Olcla. BOTTOM ROW: CANDY NEERMAN. Tulsa: SARAH NICHOLS, Tulsa: JEN- EVA NIMAN, Tulsa: ELAINE NOBEL, Eugene, Oregon: JEANNE NERBIN, Tul- sa: CATHLEEN O'CONNER. Kewanee, III.: COLLEEN O'CONNER, Kewanee, III. FRESHMA CLASS Q FRE HMA CLASS TOP ROW: KAREN OERTLE, Los An- geles, Cal.: PATRICIA ORDE, Tulsa: JOHN OZMEN, Tulsa: PAM PASON, Tulsa: KAREN PAUL, Brenlwoocl, Mo.: ORELANDO JOSE PEREZ, Caracas, Ven- ezuala: CHARLES PERKINS, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: LARRY PERKINS, Sand Springs, Okla.: RALPH PETERS, Tulsa: BARBARA PETERSON, Tulsa! GARY PERTERSON, Casper, Wyoming: KATH- ERINE PHINNEY, Tulsa: NANCY PICK- ELL, Barllesville, Okla.: DICK PINGA- TORE, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: MARY KAY PLACE, Tul- sa: KATHY POLLARD, Okla. Cily, OkIa.I JEANNETTE PRESSON, Tulsa: DEANNE PRITCHARD, Tulsa! RICHARD PRY, Tulsa: RONALD PRY, Tulsa: DORIS PULLIAN, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: ROBERT FURDY, Tul- sa: TONY RACKLEY, Sapulpa, OlcIa.: ANITA RADER, Tulsa: DEBBIE RAUI'I. Tulsa: SUZANNE REAMES, Tulsa: LAW- RENCE REED, Marshfield, Mass.: RON- NIE REED, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: CATHY REICH, Sand Springs, Okla.: JOHN REID, Tulsa: JOHN REINER, S+. Louis, Mo.: RICH- ARD RETHERFORD, Tulsa: JUDY REY- NOLDS, Tulsa: JOSEPH H. RHEES, Ca- loosa, Okla.: LYNDA RHOADS, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: JO ANN RICE, Olcmul- gee, Okla.: JOHN RICHARDS, Camp Hill, Penn.: RONNY RIDGEWAY, Tulsa: ALFREDA RIERA, Venezuala: MICHAEL RIGGS, Tulsa: EMILY RISINGER, Brown- Eeld, Texas: PHILLIP RITZ, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: CAROLE ROACH, Tulsa: BRUCE ROBBERSON, Fr. Smi1'I1. Ark.: DONALD ROBERSON, Tulsa: RUS- TY ROBERTS, SI. Louis, Mo.: ROSE AU- TOUIO, Rodriquez, Caracas, Venezuela! JO ELAINE ROGERS, Enid, Okla.: MAR- THA RHOERLAUGH, Tulsa. EIGI-ITH ROW: DONALD ROBERT ROSS, Kansas Cily, Mo.: PAM ROSS, Tulsa: LINDA ROWE, Kirkwood, Mo.: GENE ROY, Tulsa: SUSAN RUTH, Mus- kogee, Okla.: LYNDA RYBURN, Tulsa: CYNTHIA ICASEYI RYLANDER, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: LELA SAAB, Tulsa! SHELTON SADDORUS, Amarillo, Texas: KATHY SAMPSON, Fr. Smiih, Ark.: AN- DEA SANDERS, Tulsa? JEAN SCHA- BERG, S'I'. Louis, Mo.: JUDY SCHNEI- DER, Bryon, Ohio: JUNE SCHNEIDER, Fairfield, Iowa. 52 ,-95. Q I ili- . ,. J". 'lizizllll . :rl . E! Aaiiuigg ,nu-ig'F'1 . :iii Laughter, fun: they need no explanation, no excuse, no diagnosis, but are part of a widening educational experience ' 0 0 9 99 Tru t the dream, rt 1 eternity gate. TOP ROW: BILL SCHRIMPF, Alton, Ill.: JANE SCHWARTZ, Glencoe, III.: ROB- ERT SCOTT, Tulsa: SUSAN SEARS, Tulsa: JIM SECREST, Bunker Hill Air Force Base: GEORGIA SCHAFFER, Houston, Texas: ASMI SHARIF, Tripoli, Libya. SECOND ROW: TERSA SHERRY, Tulsa? GEORGE SHIPP, Tulsa: DIANA SHOUL- DERS, Tulsa: JOHN SIEGFRIED, Chi- cago, Ill.: SUSAN SIMONS, New Or- leans, La.: KENT SKROUG, Arlington Heights, III.: MAX SLIFER, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: GARY SLOAN, Tulsa? JANE SLOAN, Tulsa: SHERA SLODEK, Tulsa: ANN B. SLOSS, Webster Groves. Mo.: ALAN SMITH, Tulsa: DIANA SMITH, Tulsa: DONNA SMITH, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: NANCY L. SMITH, Vi- nita, Olcla.: SUSAN SMITH, Hominy. Okla.: GEORGE SMOCK, Elmhurst, Ill.: JANET SNUGGS, Tulsa: M. J. SOL- CHENBERGER, Dallas, Texas: BOB SPETCH, Tulsa: SUZANNA SPEER, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: SARAH JANE STALLORD. Cleveland. Okla.: KAREN STANDRIDGE, Tulsa: RAYMOND STANKUNAS, Ash- land. Pa.: MIKE STAPP, Tulsa: TER- RANCE STATZER, Hamilton, OIWIOI CHRISTOPHER STEPHEN, Chicago, IIl.I BE'I'I'E STEVINSON, Fl. Smith. Ark. BOTTOM ROW: CAROLE STEWART, Tulsa: HAROLD W. STEWART, Tulsa: PETER STICKNEY, S+. Louis, Mo.: SHER- YL STILWELL, Tulsa: SUZANNE SUEN- DER, Kansas City. Mo.: RALPH SUPER- NAVAGE, Pennsgrove, N.J.: JAMES M. SWAN, Worlancl, Wyoming. -Kahlil Gibran FRE HMI-I CLASS TOP ROW: DEWEY SWOFFORD, Spring- Iield, Ill.: ELMER SYMSACK, SI: Louis, Mo.: FLORENCE TABBUT, Tulsa: GREG- ORY TARSZKA, Chicago, Ill.: CHUCK TAYLOR, Englewood, N. J.: BERNYCE TELTON, Tulsa: STUART TEMPLEMAN, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: SHERRY TEMPLETON, Rayfown, Mo.: JACKIE THADEN, Tulsa: LINDA THOMAS, Tulsa: WESLEY THOMPSON, I'lenrye'rI'a, Olcla.: HANK THORSEN, Norllwbroolc, Ill.: JACK TIDD, Tulsa: JOYCE TIPPIA, Olcla. Oily. THIRD ROW: CHRIS TISON, Geneva. Ill.: MARY JANICE TURNER, Tulsa: LUCIA UHL, Tulsa: SUSIE UNDER- WOOD, Tulsa: W. B. VAN DALSEM, FI. Smifh, Ark.: JUDY VANDIVER, Tulsa: WILLIAM M. VOGLE, Tulsa, FOURTH ROW: JUDY WALKER, Tulsa: LARRY WALKER, Tulsa: ROBIE WALK- ER, Tulsa: JOHN WALTON, Tulsa: LU- CTLLE WARD, Reading, Mass.: JOHN WARNER, S'l'. Louis, Mo.: RALPH WAT- LEY, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: ERIC WALKER, Tulsa: JEANNE WEBBER, Tulsa: JOHN WEST- GATE, Tulsa: JUDY WETZEL, Andrews, Texas: CHUCK WHISENHUNT, Tulsa: JUDY WHITEHEAD, Kirkwood, Mo.: DONNA WHITNEY, Tulsa. SIXTH ROW: MARY BETH WHITNEY, Tulsa: BRENDA WHITTINGHAM, Be- midii, Minn.: CAROLYN WICKHAM, Tulsa: SHARLINE WILCOX, Tulsa: BRUCE WILEY, Tulsa: DAREL WILL- IAMS, Tulsa: LYNN WILLIAMS, Tulsa. SEVENTH ROW: TERRY WILLIAMS, Tulsa: ANN WILLARD, Overland Park, Kan.: BUD WILSON, Tulsa: LINDA WIL- SON, Anadarlco, Olcla.: PATI WILSON, Housion, Texas: ANITA WITT, Middle- Iown, Ohio. EIGHTH ROW: JANE WONG, Hong Kong: NANCY WOOD. Kirkwood, Mo.: PATRICIA WOOD, Tulsa: BILL WOOD- SON, Tulsa: LYNDA WOODY, Tulsa: DOUGLAS K. WOKOUM, Decalur, Ill. BOTTOM ROW: JEANNE WRIGHT, Tulsa: CAROL YOCUM, Ferguson, Mo.: MARCIA YOUNG, Tulsa: KAREN ZA- MANSKY, Okla.: PAULINE ZIMPEL, Ammandale, Va.: JANET LOUISE ZOP- FI, Kirkwood, Mo. aruba , ' 9 I 1 Z-N I if gg., , 'Q N . i Y-in J' x. , , If - Y 1-'4'q:1""iw: v X , V 1.7, , . . . LI' A g ,fn . -I ,v11"u ff 1 :- ah ,V vy V. ' 1. ' 1 f' ,. HM' , v ,A , .,., ,xg -' , 1 5f,mv,,y, . , 'SF ,AIA .G ' ' ' ,-34 ,' '1'. -' ' 575- 1. , . ff-Gif.: . A " ' n, 555-Lsf U- , W5 ,. Ji 1-8 'E Thy . 5113: , 1. 0 1. A p - . f Y-',q,5',f' , I N , ' V W" aug, 'igii-Ziff .Qi 'lg f- rw- '5 4 . wi f , V fj3,L!':'l- - 44 . N ,' ?'.,3 ' - ... ,,'. J, . . A , .I M x . , . . .fp E ',-if C. my - af' V Li"-'-flu ' j 1.1-.j ,- ' ff-.W " .. ' . -. 'N 1 f 1. . F 5 "Q", 5 r ,, i' :-. . 56.-hs.. v' 'fd ' 1 ULN 4! '. ". ,', ,' - P. ' ,: , , .4-X gif- V W W N.,-,Qfv , frc 44 1 ... - ,,. 'Whig' n I . 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Scene from SKIN OF OUR TEETH Scene from KING LEAR Scene from TI-IE CRUCIBLE T Drama Productions Quite likely the top news of the TU theatre season 1965-66 was the production of a brand new play by a TU student. The play was THE EUR INSIDE TICKLES, performed in-the-round in the Student Activities building on the evenings of March 8-12. The new playwrite was Tom Ionesg the director, Harold W. Barrows. The season opened in Kendall Hall Theater on October 19 with a production of,s fan- tastic comedy, THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH, with a cast headed by Betti Hunt, Donna Nance, Lynna Burt, Pilar Garcia, lack Nicholson and Iohn Mc- Cann. One of the most heartening aspects of the season lay in the fact that THE SKIN OF OUR TEETH drew audiences of a size usually reserved for Shakespeare and musical comedies. The remainder of the season consisted of De- cember production of Arthur Milleris THE CRU- CIBLE, directed by Harold Barrows and with a cast headed by Tom Iones, Iames Peters and Iack Nicholson. The February production of Shake- speare was KING LEAR, co-directed by Beaumont Bruestle and Harold Barrows. The final produc- tion of the season was THAT FAIR AFEAIR, a new Bruestle-Swier musical comedy commandeered by Bruestle, Barrows and Hurdle. J 11 111 1 1 MJQMQW 1 111111 111111111 was 111 1 1 1 ' 1 11W ivfv a 1 'B' A 1 M Q 1 1 1 1121 E. 1, 11. 1'4- I111' lf.. X 1 H11 'L1 1 ,W 1 m 1 QWWK 11111 Mm5M1!, 111'1?i1q111 " 11 "" 11' 11 11 mlwgkvxwww "111 - .1.1 11 1, -1111 1151111111 111111 W 11 111111311513,,11111111111111111111 123211111111 11 V 111-1 'w -'2 1 11m11 W 1 J Y r--1m 2111111111111 , jj 11111111111m ' 1 1 11111 .11 11 1. 111 1 11. 11' 11 S 55551. . 1 Y 1: 4+ 1125, . ' 11 '111' ?"""ff111 ' fs A V , ' N is 1 ' '11 - 1. 111 11 1 11 .-iQ'3 ., 149331 z Ww1 w1'L11 , gg1 . 1 nf 1 mm, 1 11111111111k?i111N 1113? 11,H111Hx 15: f E3 A , 1 Q: 1 11 '-Vie? ' 1 1 "1'111. 111 T111 11 1111111.H 11' Q ' 11 1':'m, iii in 111 -41111'111m1H':111111111 . w1wpm1wmMww1w1 Q . ' 111 . WW 11 'Y LRF, 1 Q-A. V1 , " ' .Q rv ' , , -1 , H 5 'fW1H 11 11 11 1111111111 11 3 , ww' 1 11 11 n1. f- 11 E m u ' 111 111 1 111111 1 V W w 1 1 X!! Hum 11111 11 1111! 1 1 1 11 1 ww nmgwm '1ui ?? H 11 1 w w 111 T11 11 1111111 1 111 1,1W11"1!11 11 111111111 Q 1 1, 1 11 An artistis conception of a familiar campus landmark. Lithography-an ancient craft un- changed by moidern mechanics. iii Faculty string quartet: Robert McNally, William Scobie, Philip Lowry, Don Moline. ll A thetic Art, Compo ed to be Heard Forty voioes to sound as a unified harmony requires practice tempered with the desire to produce something beautiful o EL.:gE.Qi+Lu in Wig? fe: . X P, XX6 X A ' QS- -. .X Vx. -A X XXQXXXN X , . P. X. . ff X. XX"5 X . X.X' Xa, J 5 X .M -. 9 .. . lf vii. .1 X. :J - I , 1-T4-if pw- k,.v,f,.,- 'X " 4z1T'f XX " .51 , 25,-gf I X XX X, ff! X . X X H?- X, 1 Q 1 XX!! X, - X DX x ' ,X R l I Q , XX, iq? .4 U I X -Q ' X X ' ,4 X- ' ' ' Q Q N X f Q . X X, .X.f.X,,v.,v X V' 5 'J 'E Q1 .. ' X 1. lf . 'U . ' 53.12 1 hi ' :yi - V 6 r 'X g 'i A 4 , I A A-' XX X X 1 ' X -,vii X 'a 'I ' . XX" 1' H ' ' L X E' XX'H' f X" ' Hgu ,mf I K w E if A, 4 ' X 'XXs2X . -X' I ' L - ---ff ' I , ,.,..X.-,.b Y X N .A-""' Liu: '- ,- LL . '.-. - .XX-.-uf., , 4-5,-" V . 17:1- A L' -J. nf' ' , f.. , ,, ' .gy lg. A' ' . .. -1 ,J 1 -X .X ,,,X,AX. 7, Xf' ' ' ' X., r' XXXXX W1 ,erik 1 S X, m . ,- XX X X XX XX- X X X mf X .:Xs'X,XvX,. X : H522 ' 'WNY-MQQXQXXWQ. 'Pj XXX59iWgiQ?gA-'ifkf I X X X . . XXX Zigi 94. X :YZ J gig XX X X X wf-eu 1 -Q ' ' X,-LX- '. X X X X X"XX XXXXXXX X ' XXXXXXWXIMXXX X 'X"XXX" W X 1, 'X' 'XI mx X . XX XXX 1 X X X K XXX X Q ' XXXXXX XXXXUX XM 5 'XX :WT :XX1"XRXL'IXXNXX- X.':X:X'mSXX'1X H M Xv XXXXXNNXX X 'X , A XXX X ' ' XX XX X XXX X XXX X 1 N 1 L ' Y X, X 'XXX l X1XX'XX ' X XX V X WXXXXXXXQQQXXXXXXXXXXXXii,1XXQX'XXQXXXXXXXX ' XXXXXX ' "NXXXXX-X XX XXXXXX FRONT ROW: Carol King, Cheryl Holeman, Luann Gil- liam, Karen Williams, Edwina Palmer, Rebecca Prather, Patti Sterne, Iune Schneider, Sharrie Hassler, Catherine England, Patricia Wood. ROW TWO: Betty Lawson, Kenille Elmore, Mary Janice Turner, Lucinda Schneider, UNIVERSITY CHORUS University Chorus S This year the University Chorus sought to provide an opportunity for all students to perform in a choral group. The chorus is open to all university students who are interested in receiving a choral ensemble credit in this courseg the chorus meets as a class three times a Week at eleven oiclock and the participants receive one hour aca- demic credit. One of the most gracious services provided by the University Chorus to campus life is the annual Christmas and Easter program performed in one of the Sharon Collins, Betty Hooker, Suzanne Denton, Cathy Reich, Kitty Roberts, Ann Peters, Sherrie Belle McKee. BACK ROW: Daniel Scott, Anthony Morton, Steve Im- lglolih Pete Hudson, Floyd Kendall, Mark Allbright, Iohn op er. ings Post-Easter Music Chapel services. A l7th century Magniiicat as Well as a contemporary Magnificat was presented at the Christmas program this year. As an Easter program, a triumphal theme was carried out the Week following Easter Sunday. Participating in recitals at Tyrell Hall was an additional service of the University Chorus. Combining their talents with the Mod- ern Choir, the Chorus provides the music at Baccalaureate as Well as Commencement exercises. CHAPEL CIl0lR Heavenly Music Rings irom Choir Loft Through the medium of denominational Worship services, the program ofthe univer- sity chapel has striven to enrich as much of the student's campus life as possible. One of the tools used in this program was the Chapel Choir. For the fourth year the Chapel Choir enhanced the meaning of the chapel serv- ices. They Were held every Thursday at 11:00 a.m. in Sharp Chapel. The choir was a joint effort of the director, accompanists, and members who all were University stu- dents. They gave a special musical pro- FRONT ROW: C. Robert Kelly, Carol Ann Westfall, Kathy Sampson, Paula Mills. gram at the Christmas and Easter services. Selection of members was on a volunteer basis. All interested students came to the rehearsals held each Wednesday. Chaplain Kelly sponsored the group and Fred Fox was director of these dedicated students. The choir Worked tirelessly to carry the spirit of the religious services, in music, to the congregation. Another purpose of the Chapel Choir was to give all students an opportunity to participate in a musical or- ganization while performing a valuable service to the University. BACK ROW: David Rollo, Iudy Boyd, Sarah Alvoid, Carolyn Fox, Fred S. Fox, FRONT ROW: Shirley Murry, Sharon Swaim, Virginia Dunn, Linda Reed, Karen Kribbs, Arthur Hestwood, Shar- on Kaul, Barbara Dale, Margaret Gowans, Pat Wait, Iane Ann Buker. ROW TWO: Ioyce Iungling, Sherie Belle McKee, Lynda Carinder, Marti Hornan, Iulie Patman, Diane Hodges, Betty Easter, Carol Keene, Linda Marlar, Melissa Grant. ROW THREE: Ronald Wheeler, Charles MODERN anon: Cll0il' Fill East with Selected from auditions which are open to all University of Tulsa students, the members of the Modern Choir worked for high polish in their programs this year. King David was presented by the choir in the fall in combination with the orchestra. A series of concerts were given in the spring prior to the choir's tour of eastern cities. David Rollo served as president, Diane Hodges, secretary, and Tom Briggs, man- ager. Arthur Hestwood is director of the group. Simmons, Robert Hanson, Ronald Bilyeu, David Rollo, Emily Risinger, Duane Fenn, Randy Morlan, Brian Mc- Nichol, Gary Horn, Ierry Rife. BACK ROW: James Crawford, Steven Miller, Dale Powell, Michael Roark, Michael Stephens, Thomas Briggs, Robert Yowell, Bruce Dains. the ound of Its usic Modern Choir director . . . ARTHUR HESTWOOD SYMPHONY 0RCHESTRA llrchestra Performs Selling David" with Choir To offer experience and to give our mu- sicians a chance to study the works of the great composers are two of the major pur- poses of the TU Symphony Orchestra. 1965 orchestra members number 60. Not limited to TU students, the University Or- chestra is composed of many talented and competent Tulsa musicians. Selected on a highly competitive basis, the students chos- en are among the most talented from the University of Tulsa Music School. FIRST VIOLIN: Ruben Cohen, Ruth Downing, George Giacobbe, Patricia Sterne, Carolyn Templeton, Ronald Wheeler, SECOND VIOLIN: Suzanne Ctunberledge, Ia- nice Iarnes, Iudy Morgan, Iulie Munson, William Scobieg VIOLA: Iohn Aumann, Carolee Crenshaw, Don Elliot, William Lester: CELLO: Iames Eaton, Elizabeth Hayes, Gary Quiggle, Otto F. C. Wiesnerg STRING BASS: Will- iam Ebrecht, Ralph Iones, Iohn Rigneyg FLUTE: Ian Colley, Richard Ebyg PICCOLO: Io Ellen Beeson: OBOE: Walter Kessler, Daniel Lambert, Richard Pryg ENGLISH HORN: Walter Kessler: CLARINET: Iames Hickerson, Vicci Sharp: BASS CLARINET: Steve Snider, Each year several orchestra concerts are presented for TU students. This year the opera, King David, was performed. This was a combined orchestra and Modern Choir production with Dr. Bruestle as nar- rator. TU orchestra rehearsals were held every Week to perfect the groupis Work. Dr. William McKee, professor of music, is conductor of the orchestra. Dr. McKee also participates in the Tulsa Philharmonic. BASSOON: Ronald Grattop, Margaret Theobald, Iohn Westgate, CONTRA-BASSOON: Ronald Grattopg HORN: Mark Allbright, Richard Franklin, Floyd Kendall, Ronald Pry, Donald Thompson, TRUMPET: David Bartlett, Mark Calliee, Michael Hoyer, Peter Hudson, Harley Lundy: TROMBONE: Bruce Dains, Raymond Wiesen, Richard Winfrey, TUBA: Gregory Posvistakg HARP: Beverly Ionesg CELESTA: Donna Jenkins: ORGAN: Io Ann Rice, TYMPANI: Michael Bodineg PERCUSSION: Iilonald Burgess, Kathryn Dains, Dr. William McKee, Con- uctor. I it , ...i FRONT ROW: Mark Albright, Tony Allovvay, David Bartlett, Io Ellen Beeson, Gary Benton, Bruce Bleakley, Mike Bodine, Tom Briggs, Martha Brock, Belva Brumelle, Don Burgess, Marcus Calfee, Chaney Carter, Mary Cobb, Ian Coffey, Linda Collins, Bob Cox, Mike Curry, Bruce Dains, Katie Dains, Fred Doyle, Bill Ebrecht, Richard Eby, Iames Farley, Richard Gilstrap, Vicki Gilstrap, Margo Glenn, Bob Grace, Ron Grattopp, Susan Giubas, David Hall, Frank Hernandez, Jim I-Iickerson, Earle Horton, Den- nis Hoyer, Mike Hoyer, Pete Hudson, Terry Iankowski, TU BAND Band Crowns M Displaying musical talents and promot- ing school spirit are two functions of the University of Tulsa Hurricane Band. The selection of this yearis 70 bandsmen was based on audition by Dwight Dailey, director of the group. Each year the band performs in various parades, concerts, athletic events, civic ac- tivities, and commencement. The TU band members also hold an annual band queen contest. This year Miss Mary Kay Place of Kappa Alpha Theta sorority was chosen ill' Ianice Iames, Donna Ienkins, Margel Iett, Beverly Jones, Ioyce Iungling, Floyd Kendal, Walter Kessler, Iohn Kinker, Nancy Kirkman, Don Kramer, Danny Lambert, Harley Lundy, Ralph Peters, Dale Powell, Richard Pry, Ronnie Pry, Gary Quiggle, Io Ann Rice, Linda Richards, Bob Scott, Vicci Sharp, Charles Simmons, Ioe Sizemore, Gary Sloan, Steve Snider, Peggy Theobald, Don Thompson, Pete Vickers, Larry Walker, Iirn Wendelken, Iohn Westgate, Ron Wheeler, Ray Wiesen, Mary Kay Place, Band Queeng Dwight Dailey, Director. Ka Place Queen from the other contestants for the honor. Linda Gross, a freshman student was se- lected as the 1965-66 feature majorette. Linda holds titles such as World's Champ- ion. Also selected was the bandis new mas- cot. Band officers this year were Dennis Gil- strap, presidentg Ronnie Wheeler, vice- presidentg Vicci Sharp, secretary, Linda Richards, treasurer, and Katie Dains, who served as historian. Lorne Muuroe, main cellist in the New York Philharmon- ic Orchestra, conducted a master class in cello at TU. Variet oi Guests Entertain Campu On stage are the Mitchell Trio in their November appear- ance at the Rogers Auditorium sponsored by the Senate. 'U' 1 -, "Out of the Wild West" came the Astronauts for the Senate's Bozar Ball in April at the Cimarron Ballroom. William P. Thompson, Moderator of the Presbyterian Church, conducted a special service in Sharp Chapel. X 4 531 1 COMMUNICA TIONS Carolyn Mullenax, Sally Smith Co-Editors 1966 KEN- DALLABRUM. Colleges Man Moods Depicted In Colorlabrum color, Color, COLOR! This yearis KEN- DALLABRUM has taken a step in a differ- ent direction and has added some definitely modern innovations. From the beginning of the opening section, with its comments on the many moods of college life Written in the style of Kahlil Gibran, to the bright touch of color, and the new section of Fac- ulty Portraits the staff has composed a "new looku in the KENDALLABRUM. Another addition is the Editors, page at the end of the book concerning "the year that was . . .H Carolyn Mullenax, Sally Smith Co-Editors 1966 KENDALLABRUM Ken Davidson, Assistant Edi- iOI', Iulie Patman, Business Man- ager Jim Bird, Marsha Elkins, Hal Helton, and John Kemper offered their invaluable assistance in compiling the yearbook. CO-Editors . Business Manager Asst. Editor . . Photographers . Feature Section Arts Section . Sports Section . Senior Class . Junior Class . Sophomore Class KENDALLABRUM STAFF CAROLYN MULLENAX SALLY SMITH . . . .JULIE PATMAN . . KEN DAVTIJSON . . .JIM BIRD . TERRY DICKEY MIKE GRAVES JERRY RIFE . LINDA SONNENFELD . . HAL HELTON JOHN KEMPER . SUSAN HEARD . MARTI HOMAN . . JANET SKELTON FRONT ROW: Leslie Smith, Jeanne Weber, Jeanne Thomas, Barbie Slagle, Marti Homan, Janet Skelton, Su- san Heard, Markita Jones, Susan Clannin, Margaret French. SECOND ROW: Janie Buker, Karen Stand- ridge, Pat Moubry, Kaye Fulcher, Sandy Yeager, Janice il 3 Freshman Class . Faculty Section . Personality Section Greek Features . Organizations . . MARSHA GROVE BARBIE SLAGLE . NANCY HUBBARD JUDY KAY WILSON . CAROLYN AXTON MARGARET FRENCH BONNIE LARRIMORE LYNN MOORE PAM PRIM JERRY RIFE . . . . . MARSHA ELKINS MARKITA JONES, JANICE CHUMLEY, KATIE DAINS, REED MELTON, LESLIE SMITH, ANN SLOSS, SU- SAN, CLANNIN, KAREN STANDRIDGE, CLARE AH- RENS, JANIE BUKER, JANET MCCLURE, SUZI SI- MONS, JULIE REED, KATHY HARRISON. Chumley, Sue Hovelman, Clare Ahrens, Pat Dean, Gloria Goodson, Suzi Simons. BACK ROW: Katie Dains, Caro- lyn Axton, Hal Helton, Eric Dixon, Jerry Rife, Mike Graves, John Kemper, Reed Melton, Terry Dickey, Lynne More, Patty Curby. f-- - Ace, Cellegian Records Operating under a motto of "Universal truths that transcend mere accuracy," the Tulsa COLLEGIAN is published Weekly except during holidays, exam periods and Peter Zengeris birthday by enthusiastic stu- dents at TU. Subscription rates are 31.50 per year, but if you come out to the cam- pus, you Will get one free of charge. If you like the smell of ink, the hustle bustle of two-fisted collegiate journalism, and are crazy enough to climb three flights of stairs, you will find the offices located in Room 308 of the SAB. Come on up and see the cast of thousands including Mathew Brady, Billy Batson, Iimmy Olsen, Clark Kent and others. Weekl Campus News IOE ZIZZI, Business Manager MICHELLE BEALE and MARSHA ELKINS, Assistant Editors PAT CREMIN, 1965-66 Colleg- Hunters Horn Printing Shop was the scene of many a long night as Pat and Michelle "put the paper to bed." COLLEGIAN STAFF Editor .... . . PAT CREMIN Assistant Editors . . MICHELLE BEALE MARSIIA ELKINS Business Manager ..... JOE ZIZZI Assistant Business Manager BOE GESSELL Society Editor ..... CAROL SPIVEY Sports Editor . . . BILL HINKLE Photographers . . MONTE ENGLAND lI1vI BIRD Cartoonist . . GAILARD SARTAIN Wright, Marsha Elkins, Ioanne Krieger, Michele Beale, Pam Ross, Iudy Schneider, Bill Finkle, Richard Huclnut. Hmm I ll 551 H ,,,,- I uf ,! 5 gl ff' 3 - -'dugg ,.,.f""" ,.,, ,ffmfw ,,r'r..,zq,,.H -ggi? 'gg E' V Qgjgufgg l .,,: 'Ni i 5 m 4 Y , 4.2 .. fi 'E' F' M, E x Q 91 ,,. , af" H41 wi j-+int if 'J Vg: ,,, NPQTT, "', M H"g,1g,ff31 Jgrnwiggy.. , wuwg .., 'S ly ,. F, M 1 ,Z I 4 A 1 " M, 'H 1 wi? .mu 'x An alert director - an exer ready ad-lib An Evening oi Classical Music b K G Record Librarian- Ric Iohnson Unending hours of constant recordings . . . Presenting its usual fine entertainment and informative features, KWGS, the Uni- versityis PM radio station, continued on the air this year under the faculty direction of Ed Dumit. Besides its weekly shows, which centered around themes and scripts invented by stu- dent announcers, the stations also broad- cast most TU sports events. It featured such programs during the year as Music of the Masters, an evening show of classical music, and Sunday at the Cpera, from the Metropolitan Opera. Gailard Sartain- Acting Cameraman GAL XIE '66-A niquo Television Classroom "Galaxy '65, is a weekly television show planned, produced and directed by Univer- sity of Tulsa students on KTUL-TV. Mem- bers of the television production class op- erate all of the equipment necessary to video tape the show. Each student directs at least one show during the semester and the members of the class rotate in crew po- sitions or on camera. Some of the crew positions that must be Filled are audio man, technical director, two carneramen, mike boom operator, cable puller, floor manager, and projectionist. Most of the programs are related to academic or extra-curricular activities at the university. Occasionally a civic activity not directly connected with the campus is used for a show. The series Oilers a variety of programs including dis- cussions, dramas, and music. A five minute portion of Galaxy each week is devoted to TU Telenews which emphasizes news events from the campus. This part of the show is prepared by the radio and television newswriting class. Experience in all phases of the production of a television show is gained from participation in this laboratory. Greg Corarito- and Image Galaxie '66 on the air ...awk STAFF POSITIONS Cpositions are rotatedj Director Technical Director Floor Manager Audio Engineer Lighting Engineer Projectionist Stop Watch Cameraman Threading the projector Cflble Puller Splicing the film E55 va-Q A - ww- V Y . X 53-'fv, A V sf - wif f fbffa- M . 4? -.1-1' L. GREEK S l ,ll . il l Q 4U HI 0 M E G A Epsilon Gamma Chapter 196' Football Queen Hails from Chi Omega Chi O rush party goes "Camelot" to chivalrously delight rushees. The Great White Owl was game- ly employed this year while trying to watch over fifty spirited Chi O- megas. Hootie girls participated in every phase of campus and com- munity life. The sorority of the year had members in Scroll, Lantern, Mortar Board, and Who's Who. Having thus obtained the Pledge Scholarship Trophy from the pre- vious year, the Chi O members hon- ored their pledge class with the an- nual White Carnation Dance. Sen- ior Margaret Govvans brough honor to her sorority in November when she was elected Football Queen. The year continued with much activity and fun. The traditional Ski Party was held on December tenth. Social Service included a civic pro- ject for the men in Viet Nam. Epsilon Gamma Chapter was led by president, Carolyn Axtong vice- president, Patty Curbyg secretary, Ieanne Thomas, treasurer, Mary Breedingg and was wholeheartedly supported by housemother, Mrs. Kate Rhodes. Mrs. Rhodes, Houserno- ther, Nora Archer, Gwen Arnn, Carolyn Axton, Tinka Boreland, Mary Breeding janiece Brown, Alice Condry, Ianice Chum- ley, Pattie Curby, Gail Farrell, Gaila Flickinger. Margaret French, Mar- garet Gowans, Melissa Grant, Kathryn Gray, Georgia Harrison, Shir- vall Hill. Diane Hodges, Sue Ann Iackson, Nancy Ketch- um, Kim Kirton, Barbie Knight, Karen Krai. Sharon Langdon, Pam Lay, Mary Marrs, Pam Martin, Ginny More- land, Shirley Murray. lane Musgrove, Nancy Pickell, Ian Prather, Ann Procter, Debbie Rauh, Iulie Reed. Emily Risinger, Kathy Ritter, Pam Ross, Iudy Schneider, Margaret Stanfield, Patty Stewart. Sherry Templeton, Ieanne Thomas, Alice Vincent, Sandy Wark, Terry Williams, Su- zanne Woodburn, Tina Wrigley. Cathee Adderton, Clare Ahrens, Susan Ammon, Sharon Archibald, Mar- cie Bailey, Cathy Bam- burg. Terry Barnes, Marilyn Berry, Gloria Birch, Mary Birmingham, Pam Bond, Barbara Coombs. Katie Dains, Deloris Dawson, Suzanne Den- ton, Iean Dickerson, Dy- ann Dyer, Linda Gross. Vic Haas, Betty I-Iargett, lean Ann Holmes, Bev- erly Kleinman, Margaret Larson, Luanna Layman. Susan Layman, Iudy Logsdon, Carolyn Mull- enax, Iulie Munson, Martha Rohrbaugh, Cyn- dy Schillinger. Carol Schmidt, Susan Sears, Iariet Settles, Suzi Simons, Kathy Skinner, Leslie Smith. Iudy Stokes, Susan Walk- er, Marion Weldon, Iu- dy Whitehead, Pam Wil- liams, Sandra Yeager. ii ie , v are . . Q V' .1 DELTA DELTA DELTA Theta Upsilon Chapter Tri Deltas Emphasize Service Projects Delta Delta Delta members were involved in almost every phase of campus life. Besides maintaining high scholastic standards and being represented in Mortar Board, Scroll and Lantern, four Tri Deltas march- ed in Angel Flight. Diane Blaisdell Iudy Stokes, and Leslie Smith were elected to Wl1o's Who. Diane Blais- dell was a student senator while Carolyn Mullenax served as senate treasurer and co-editor of the year- book. Not lacking for beauty queens, Sandi Curtis was Miss Oklahoma and Cathy Bamburg was AFROTC Honorary Cadet Major. For Service projects, the girls en- tertained children from Turley Home at a Halloween Party, col- lected food for needy families at Thanksgiving, and donated their time to the Iaycee Christmas shop- ping tour. Iudy Stokes served as president, Carolyn Mullenax as vice-president, Leslie Smith as secretary, and Bev Kleinmann as treasurer. 'S in KU - 15 1 Sul L T F.. If they ever decide which song to sing, the results are great. D ELT A G A M M A Gamma Beta Chapter Anehor Girls Reign Throughout Fraternities I z 'ff -01 A his DG Hurricane tea-party ranks second in Disneyland Homecoming. Delta Gamma's anchor girls he- gan a most successful year in the newly remodeled lodge. Taking a second place with their homecoming theme, "Hurricane Teapartyf' set them well on their way to many re- warding honors throughout the year. Four girls reigned as fraternity Sweethearts: Iulie Cleveland, Marti Homan, Shirley Williams, and Su- san Heard. The DG's are also proud of their scholastic achievement, hav- ing representatives in Lantern, Scroll, and Mortar Board. Delta Gamma's social service pro- jects included a drive for the men- tally retarded, and Thanksgiving baskets for needy families. During Christmas they gave a party for the children of the Tulsa Orphanage. DCKS oflicers are Patti Bell, presi- dentg Lou Ann I-lellinghausen, first vice-presidentg Sharon Stephan, sec- ond vice-presidentg Iimmie Mitchell, secretary, Iulie Cleveland, treasurer. Mrs. Slack was the proud house- mother. Mrs. Velma Slack, Bar- bie Bagwell, Patti Bell, lean Bevill, Sally Bliss, Toni Brogdon, Susie Clannin, Iulie Cleveland, Ierrie Coe, Ianice Crawford, Bar- bara Dodd, Kathy Flan- agan. Leticia Gallagher, Ieanne Gambrell, Nanci Ger- winer, Sharon Goddard, Sharon Green, Susan Heard. Lou Ann Hellinghausen, Beth Holder, Marti Ho- rnan, Sandra Howard, Marilyn Iohnson, Karen Kribbs. Marti Lee, Linda Lewis, Kim McWhorter, lim- mie Mitchell, Ieanne Norbin, Carole Norris. Iulie Novak, Io Payne, Pat Redfern, Lynda Rhoads, Janie Roberts, Iudy Robertson. Sue Shile, Sharon Ste- phan, Suzanne Suender, Sharon Swaim, Susan Swanson, Ianet Taylor. Linda Thomas, Kay Un- derwood, Suza Van Tuyl, Ginny Westholt, Shir- ley Williams, Carol Yo- com. Karen Albrecht, Nancy Anderson, Ann Baber, Kathy Brown, Carolyn Catron, Ieri Clark. Barbara Dale, Anne De- vine, Barbie Ensminger, Dorothy Gardner, Mar- go Glenn, Iudy Goodell. Ieanne Goodman, Katy Hall, Claudia Hansen, Kathy Harrison, Nancy Heflin, Ianet Higman. Nancy Hodge, Sue Ho- velman, Ian Inhofe, Cindy Kalousek, Iulie Laudon, Carol Lee. Ian Levy, Iudy Lindley, Io Anne Lynch, Nancy MacDole, Karen Mc- Keever, Malinda Myers. Karen Paul, Donna Phelps, Lou Pittman, Mary Kay Place, Pam Remsburg, Ann Rum- merfielcl, Nancy Schultz. Susan Sirnanton, Patti Smith, Carol Spivey, Sandy Tolbert, Iackie Webber, Ann Willyard, Lynn Zabriskie. Thetas Capture Thetas found themselves swept into a most exciting and fun-filled year. The pledge class started the ball rolling with their enthusiastic support of Band Queen candidate Mary Kay Place, now reigning queen. Other honoraries included yearbook beauties, Homecoming queen attendants, members in Lan- tern, Mortar Board, and Who's Who. Carol Spivey was an outstanding president and initiated quite a "So- cial Swirlf, Everyone acknowledg- ed the booming success of the Pansy Pounce, held in honor of the pledges, the Kappa-Theta Formal, the Christmas Dance, and the Luau, held in honor of the new Theta Man. Homecoming efforts proved successful for they captured first place with the magnificent Dumbo the Elephant. Mrs. George Terrien graciously held down the roof dur- ing all this turmoil. Other officers are Iudy Lindley, vice-president, Carolyn Catron, sec- retary, Nancy I-Ieilin, treasurer. KAPPA ALPHA THETA Gamma Tau Chapter First Place with Dumbo Sanidy Claws never had it so good, with these vivacious helpers! K A P P A D E L T A Beta Epsilon Chapter KD Pledges Poster the Campus with pirit C K I t -az :'Alice in Hurricane-land" competes in homecoming festivities. In order to ensure another suc- cessful year, the Kappa Delta girls planned and executed a ton of activ- ities both enjoyable and rewarding. Pledges enthusiastically made and painted signs and posters, and hung them all over the campus to show that the Kappa Delta's were behind the Hurricanes one-hundred per- cent. As for social service, projects in- cluded participation in a drive for mentally retarded children and help for needy families. Dances were high on the list of activities and included the Fall Em- erald and Pearl Dance in honor of the pledges, the Christmas Snow Ball and the KD Man Dance. Kappa Delta is also proud of its members in Lantern, Scroll, Fashion Board, Council on Religious Life, and many others. The officers of Kappa Delta soror- ity are Linda Begin, presidentg Ken- nie Io Baker, vice-presidentg Kay lVIcKellips, secretary, and Lucy Mar- tinez, treasurer. Mrs. Gay, Iodee Allen, Kennie Io Baker, Alice Boggs, Iudy Boyd. Dana Caldwell, Sandra Catren, Iudy Fisher, Me- linda Gilmore, Patty Grady. Laura Harriman, Carol Keene, Karen Kraus, Lu- zetta Martinez, Iune Mel- ton. Paula Mills, Tonette Moeller, Cindy Morris, Linda Morris, Deanna Pitchorcl. Mary Kay Richard, Pat- ty Roessler, Kathy Samp- son, Shera Sledek, Cher- yl Smart. Diana Smith, Donna Smith, Linda Swenson, Carolyn Templeton, Iune Webster. Carol Ann Westall, Iudy Wetzel, Sharline Wil- son, Lynda Woody, Pau- line Zimpel. 5,011 AX - , -gr 5XYx . ' " , A 5 NX 4 3 "- -of 3' 1. B , . 7 -mx :gig a ,, ble-..a.1a,,, Sarah Alvoid, Sue At- water, Susan Bales, Andi Black, Kay Bodley, Paula Brinkley. Iani Buker, Connie Chapman, Martha Clarke, Pat Clarke, Pat- ti Coulter, Ginny Dunn. Betty Easter, Marsha EI- kins, Iudy Frank, Kaye Fulcher, Diane Gentry, Sue Glass. Cindy Hodgson, Iulie Howell, Gerry Hyatt, Sharon Kaul, Karen Kep- linger, Bonnie Larimore. Nancy Daniels, Becky Miller, Pat Moubry, Iu- lie Patman, Cherie Io Perrault, Iudy Reames, Suzanne Reames. Donna Rogers, lane Schwartz, Iulie Scroggs, Georgia Shaffer, Susie Shaw, Ianet Skelton, Nancy Sleeper, Sally Smith, Karen Standridge, Susan Suli- burk, Jinx Townsend, Ieannie Weber, Ioan Wilkerson, Marcia Young. "L r.- Q 1 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Delta Pi Chapter Kappos Unlock a. tore ol Campus Honors Kitty Kappa of Kappa Kappa Gamma Watched her girls zoom through another outstanding year. Twenty spirited pledges dominated the fall activity by presenting their band queen candidate, Ginny Dunn, to the tune of "Band Casey." Primary on the social service agen- da was a joint Christmas Party for the children of the Childrenis Home with the Lambda Chi's, caroling at Mercy Hospital, and a food drive for needy families. Scholastic achievement was a Kappa objective and various mem- bers were found in Scroll, Lantern, and Mortar Board. Campus activi- ties included beauty queens, Angel Flight members, and yearbook co- editor. Social events of the year included Fleur-de-lis and the Kappa-Theta Dances. Not to be forgotten is the Great Pumpkin Serenade at Hallo- Ween. Officers were Cherie Io Perrault, pres., Susan Suliburk, vice-pres.g Su- san Bales, sec., and Sally Smith, treas. 'Not just grades but diversity, is what we add to our university? ,mga ,.,, ,, , , N .5 ' 1 'i P H I M U Epsilon Gamma Chapter Girls Promote S. S. Hope erviee Project Phi Mu girls stress culture, scholarship, and Charlie Brow Members of Phi Mu honored their new pledges and began the year with the annual formal Pink Castle Ball held at the Camelot Inn. The girls then promoted inter-sorority relations by sponsoring the Coed Prom which allowed everyone to let off a little steam! Christmas activi- ties were highlighted with the Rein- deer Riot for Phi Mus and their dates followed by a slumber party at the lodge. An underprivileged childrenis fund along with the Proj- ect Hope, their national philan- thropy, boosted the girls' social serv- ice way over the top. Spring brought the Mardi Gras costume party in May honoring the favorite Phi Mu man, El Caballero del Sur. Outstanding Phi Mu members represented their sorority both in Mortar Board and Whois Who this year. Officers for Epsilon Gamma Chapter are Mary Buthod, presi- dentg Nancy Hubbard, vice-presi- dentg Iane Bray, secretaryg Karen McCandless, treasurerg and Mrs. Eu- nice Borden is housemother. Mrs. Emmie R. Borden, Cathy Abshire, Ruth Al- len, lane Bray, Tamer- lane Brown, Mary Bu- thod. Ruth Buthod, Linea Cash, Cynthia Chronis- ter, Mary Cobb, Rose- mary Cowan, Virginia Duke. Donna Fredrickson, Gilo- ria Goodson, Trisha Grimes, Vicki Hendricks, IoAnn Hoffman, Theresa Hollingsworth. Nancy Hubbard, Susan Iones, Nancy Kirkman, Patricia Lawler, Karen McCandless, Ianet Mc- Clure. lean McClure, Elaine Noble, Iudi O'Neal, Car- ol Parsons, Kathleen Pollard, Nancy Rains. Marjorie Rhyne, Ie-an Ri- rie, Susan Sample, Ianet Schwamb, Cheryl Smith, Lynn Sternple, Florence Tabbut, Edith Vineyard, Margaret Wel- ton, Beth Wenger, Con- nie Williams, Iudith Kay Wilson, Iennifer Wren. FRONT ROW: Barbara Dodd, Toni Brogdon, Indy Frank, Williams, Linda Cash, Ianet McClure, Betty Easter, Kathy Sherry Templeton, Ioanne Lynch. BACK ROW: Pam Hall. JUNlI0ll PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Sorority Pledges Bake Pledge classes from TU's seven national sororities organize and unite in the lunior Panhellenic Council. This group supports Panhellenic activities and also sponsors sev- eral separate projects. Getting to know one another is a basic aim of junior Panhellenic at TU. This year's peppy pledges joined together to cheer the Golden Hurricane football players on to victory before the Wichita game in the fall. lunior Greeks held a picnic at which Up tornlior Sales food, song, and games were enjoyed by all. In order to raise money, junior Panhel- lenic held a school-Wide dance and several bake sales. Their objective for fund raisings was the scholarship awarded at the Spring Panhellenic Banquet to the most deserving freshman girl who pledged one of TU,s sororities. judy Frank served as junior Panhellenic president. She Was assisted by Barbara Dodd, vice-presidentg joanne Lynch, secre- taryg and Sherry Templeton, treasurer. ' Hebei ' FRONT ROW: Lynn Sternple, Io Anne Hoffman, Carol Lee, Patti Bell, Iulie Reed. ROW TWO: Nancy Harris, Ianet Taylor, Carolyn Axton, Mary Buthod, Iune Melton, PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Linda Begin. BACK ROW: Betty Easter, Diane Blais- dell, Iudy Stokes, Cherie Io Perrault, Carol Spivey, Mrs. Florence Stevenson. Panhellenic Co- ponsors Spring Greek Fest TU'S Panhellenic Council had another busy year. Many activities were held for the purpose of unifying and strengthening the seven national sororities on campus. Beginning the year, Panhellenic regulat- ed a completely organized rush. In con- junction with the IFC, Panhellenic dele- gates presented both the Fall Ribbon Dance and the Spring Panhellenic-IFC Dance. Greek spirit soared at both of these social events. A very successful Miss TU Pageant was held under the guidance of Panhellenic during February. Springtime found the council extra busy. Greek Week was packed with a carnival, olympics, and a dance. Panhellenic Spring Workshops were most helpful and infor- mative for all the sororities. This busy Greek year was concluded with the annual, exciting Panhellenic Awards Banquet. Carol Lee presided over the Panhellenic Council, with Iulie Reed as first vice-presi- dentg Diane Blaisdell, second vice-president, lune Melton, treasurer, and IoAnne Hoff- man, secretary. Dean Florence Stevenson sponsored this important group. 7 ' 'W '-il 1:-f-5 FRONT ROW: H. N. Carter, Steve I-Iolmberg, Ron Iohn- ston, Gary Summerfield, Iohn Davis, Bob Welsh, Kent Thomas, Ray Cousins. BACK ROW: Tony Barrick, Ken INTERFRATERNITY COUNClL ' lv S- , 5 J 1 , 5 Iohnson, Walt Lewis, Richard Schussler, Richard Van Laere, Ken Bass, Dennis Hoyer, Ken Dennison, Bill Mil- dren, Bob Bloomfield, Maurice I. Sharp. Council Receives Leud for High ehelarship TU's Interfraternity Council is the gov- erning body of the seven national men's so- cial fraternities on the campus. Through its various programs the group seeks to emphasize that the advantages of fraternity affiliation are many and that fra- ternities are a necessary and vital partner of higher education. The activities of the IFC touch fraternity life throughout the year but are concentrat- ed in the combined effort of both the soror- ities and fraternities at TU during Greek Week, began last spring. For 1965 the TU IFC Was presented with the National lnterfraternity Councilis Sum- ma Cum Laude Award for recognition of superior scholarship of the fraternity system at the University of Tulsa. It also received a Citation of Merit for its help with the Tulsa MS Drive in collecting S1200 for the National MS Foundation. The Council's officers are Steve Holm- berg, presidentg Ron Iohnston, vice-presi- dentg Gary Summerfield, secretary, and Iohn Davis, treasurer. Sponsors are Dean H. N. Carter and Dean M. I. Sharp. First Greek Week Takes Campus b term TUDS first annual Greek Week was held on the campus in the spring of 1965. The Olympic Games, sidewalk surfing, piggy- back rides, three-legged races and gunny- sack hops made for an afternoon of laughs and sore chins. Fun for all!! The Greek Carnival was by far the most successful all-campus activity that has been held at TU in years. Pies and water bal- loons were flying in every direction much to the enjoyment of the over 400 students who attended the two-hour festival. Next day brought a powder-puff football game, a fraternity tug-of-war, and a big picnic at Turner Park. ' The Panhellenic-IFC award dance cli- maxed the week's activities. New oflicers, trophies, awards, and Sweethearts were pre- sented, it signified the close of the first Greek Week and foretold bigger and better things to come. Olympic Games, sidewalk surfing, . . . pies flying in every direction h t th ' f . . . muc 0 e enjoyment o 400 students who attended. Mrs. I. I. Haralson, Fred Allen, Bruce Bennett, Burke Chandler, Ronald Bush. Larry Gill, Iim Bird, Mike Graves, Iim Grin- er, Robert Gray. Dennis Hayer, Paul Ho- gan, George Hubbard, Ierry Ierome, Thomas Iohnston. Iohn Kemper, Bob Lewis, Walter Lewis, Wade Martin, Don Mathieson. Iim McKown, Iohn Ro- ginski, Tipton Randolph, Boyle Sanders. James Stevenson, Iim Swan, Gary Tyron, Iirn Wendelkim. AINVS Retreat The men of Alpha Tau Omega planned and executed various activ- ities both rewarding and enjoyable. The year was filled with many memorable social events such as the Great Pumpkin Party held in the Fall, the annual Pledge Christmas Formal, and the spring Black and White Formal honoring the new in- itiates. Also, during the last few months of school the ATO,s held their annual Spring Retreat Ski Party. Members of ATO were quite busy with their Community Service proj- the year worth important than attainment was of brotherhood of Alpha Tau ects, which made while. But more campus and social the strong bond binding the men Omega together. Epsilon Lambda ficiently served by Walter G. Lewis, presidentg Iohn Stevenson, vice- presidentg Iames Stevenson, treasur- erg Dennis Hoyer, recording secre- taryg and Mike Graves, correspond- ing secretary. Mrs. I. Haralson proudly serves in the capacity of Alpha Tau Omega housemother. chapter was ef- ALPHA TAU 0MEGA Epsilon Lambda Chapter with pring Ski Part l With Tri-Deltas, Halloween for Turley children proved rewarding KAPPA ALPHA Mu Chapter Coniederates Secede During Old South Fest "Slip the Cards a Mickeylln Mu chapter of Kappa Alpha Or- der grew out of Tulsa University lo- cal, Delta Alpha Delta, May 8, l937. Today the Southern Gentlemen can proudly boast of retiring the in- tramural football trophy for the third year in succession, a twenty thousand dollar restoration of the fraternity house, and membership in almost every organization on cam- pus ranging from the intramural council to Omicron Delta Kappa. Kappa Alpha's fall social season opened with the Plantation Ball held in honor of the pledges. Following this was the Share Croppers Stomp, Toga Party, Rue Pigalle, and pledge son-pledge father party. The annual Old South Ball, held on December eleventh in honor of the pledges, highlighted the first se- mester. The KA's grew beards and donned Confederate uniforms. In the middle of the U they read their secession speech from the Univer- sity and departed on horseback. The annual fall formal is held to com- memorate the customs and tradi- tions of the Old South. Larry Alsup, David Av- erill, Ion Coombs, Ray Cousins. Iohn Davis, Ion Dether- age, Iohn I. Dyer, Wayne Ferguson. Dan Flournoy, Iack Gott, Don Hamilton, Roger Allen Hanes. Tom Harris, Lloyd Kel- ly, Park Lang, Gordon Loucks. Robert McCone, Bob McKoWn, Don Mi gl, Iames Milburn. Kurt Nehmzow, Mike Quinn, Gene Roy, Mike Shrout, Max Watkins. Mrs. S. A. Brown, Frank Antezana, Tony Barrick, Iack Bartles, Larry Bart- ley, I. L. Beaubein. Scott Burwell, Chaney E. Carter, Mike Cooper, Iim Craig, Patrick Cril- ly, Ken Davidson. Ioe Dennis, Iohn Dwyer, Tom Fitzgibbon, Tom Gilbert, Ielf Haas, Earl Hamm. Robert B. Harris. Larry Heame, Steve I-Iolthouse, Dean Iones, Wayne Lair, Rob Lasswell. Charles Lee, Dennis Maltbie, Robert Meng, T e r r y O'Callaghan, Thomas O'Leary, George Peirson. Dawson Priestman, Ron- nie Reed, Ioe Reese, Iohn Reiner, Ioseph Rhees, Tom Riley. Frank Schiendler, Tom Shepard, Gary Sloan, Howard Smith, Drew Spanogle, Bob Specht. Phil Spurlock, Steve Ste- Venson, Stuart Temple- man, Louis Vespasian, Stuart K. Watson, Ioe Weston, Bud Wilson. Leaders Pace Kappa Sigmas lavishly decorated their house for two big events of the year the Barn party and the Luau, both favorites of the Kappa Sigs and their dates. A Suppressed Desire party and the Sweetheart formal were held in Ianuary and February respectively. More serious endeavor found its place in chapter life, also as loyal Kappa Sigs studied hard to live up to the National Scholarship Award. The fraternity maintained a grade point above the all rnen's average for four consecutive years. Kappa Sigma held innumerable prominent campus positions: Busi- ness School president, Who's Who members, vice-president of senior and junior classes, asst. editor of yearbook, staff members of Varsity Night, and varsity athletes. The outstanding social service project of Kappa Sig was their Canned Food Drive for the Salvation Army. Officers were Ioe Reese, president, Ken Davidson, vice-presidentg Drew Spanogle, secretaryg Ioe Weston, treasurer. Mrs. Laura Brown serves as housemother. K A P PA SIG M A Epsilon Mu Chapter ehelarship And Parties ,W ll W M , ,. . ff. ,, 1 i ,, U 1 'li vi X sl H dv, Hi -m sc 3 H a lf ..- - A .f . I I W W . are , W ,ii W H. W, . i, i "You'l1 find your stay at TU filled with meaningful experience." E1 dsmgnw ,,,, ,Ni ' . .ii N - We .. . .,--,-T: :ez -- - A--:-:::-- si ft ' "" fi? 3'efQTE5l, "'N YQ, 'J '- 1' ' ' J" 'gzgg 'P 1 -if ' 'Qu- if , -T P1 I 155, .ZS-Ls Q -. J-'jf' -fm- 11 A' -11111 -17 v sy 1 1 1 1 . . 1 --.J.-..,r,r,., --'13 fj--7, r 'hiv I zu ol-UV! '- ,311 N1 " .v Q' 'T ' 49 'ff 1 V Q .-,, 9 ,IL , , 1. L ,.i4,.,v.j,,. 6, , 1 F , Lu 1 l f G "J 1' grail 1'L I 1' 'ala 'fhlfmli l' W J I2 'iff' ..a..1:w111 --aim-111i--.figs-a 1 f. . .Q . 1111. . 4. ,, - ' F , 1, -1, -111,52 J ,V ,rw 1 2 ag, ,--0.8.41 ' 1 4 .W -+ -'.,. 15,115-' li'-,E. 231132 W T" 13 A , ,Li"3"- "tiff .1 . - j- ii fi' - 1 'sag 'ff '2 -54+ Q ff' -- -- - . S H 1 ,fa 1 Q1 11 J 21 1 ' , 1 - . 11 1 . .V 1, 1, 11 if 1,1 ,err 111 1, 1, H H, , ' 111 111 11 we 11 1 1,1 , 111 921 1 11.- f j L- j U..-r . L . 2,x,.,q,--1'T1fLlLfTiA- L. - . - . ,. Eggs -.grllvjr j 5-52 L A- LAMBDA CHI ALPHA Epsilon Upsilon Chapter EXPA I0 :LXA Word ofthe Year "To the lake" was the cry as the Playboy weekend progressed. l38 A full social calendar, campus and community service projects, and the addition of a new Wing to their fra- ternity house helped keep the men of Lambda Chi Alpha busy this year. The social calendar included a hayride, the annual Sewer Party, an active-pledge football game, and the Crescent Girl Formal. The Crescent Girl for 1965-66 is julie Cleveland of Delta Gamma. The annual Play- boy Weekend Was again the main function of the spring social calen- dar. Lambda Chi also took an active part in several community projects. Parades, fund drives for charities, parties for orphan children, and at Christmas, a gift collection for the servicemen in Viet Nam. These were typical of the yearis many pro- jects. Officers included president, Steve Saltzmang vice-president, jerry Rifeg secretary, james lVlcCrayg and treas- urer, lames Reed. Mrs. Pacola Qllflomj Porter serves as housemoth- er. Pacola Porter, Dan Ah- rens Chuck Armen, Richard Atchison, Dale Bandy, Bruce Berg. Bruce Berkinshaw, Steve Black, Randy Bruton, Robert Buthod, Craig S. Cherry, Robert Cox. Robert Bruce Dains, Bill Eby, Steve Gustison, Tim Hall, Robert Han- son, Hal Helton. Larry Holland, Wayne Hudnall, Richard Iones, David Knabb, Iini Mc- Cray, Iony Majerik. Benton R. Maples, Dav- id Nash, Larry I. Pat- rick, Charles K. Payne. Bud Pederson, Richard Perry. Ronald Pruitt, Iames Reed, Larry Reed, Mi- chael P. Reeves, Charles L. Richardville, Ierry Rife, Theron Russell. Steve Saltzman, Louis L. Saxon, Bill Schrirnpf, Kent Skoug, George B. Smock, Steve Somers, Lawrence Stansbury. Tom Stehman, Peter Stickney, I. R. Studenny, Gary Siunmerheld, Tom Tener, Hank Thorsen, Brian Turner. Richard I. Van Laere, Kent Washburn, David E. Weiskopf, Bruce Wi- ley, Steve Winkle, Den- nis Winter, William Young. Steve Alley, Alvin Baca, Iames Behnke, Roy Bell, David Bendt, Dennis Bradford, Harry Brad- ford. Mike Burke, Iulian Carr, William Chapman, Ken Cornstuble, Ken Croi- sant, William Croisant, Cameron Cunningham. Michael Curry, Dio Daily, Robert Davidson, Ken Dennison, Art Du- puy, Clyde Edwards, George Flippo, Iames Frank, Richard Gardner, Roger Roding, Larry Hammick, Iames Hancock, Robert Harris, Iohn Hartman. Kipp Hoffman, Steve Holmberg, Robert Huff Ken Iohnson, Paul Iones, Terry Iones, Ierry Kirk. Richard Klarr, Walter Kruse, Harold Langdon, David Lansdown, Glen Law, Iohn Linder, Kim Long. Rinne Martin, Pat Mc- Clintock, Bill Mildren, Mike Miller, Art Mires, Ioel Owens, Bill Pen- nington. Rip Peters, Iolm Red- man, Ron Ronck, Robert Scott, Richard Schussler, Richard Sloan, Ken Starr, Mickey Suess. Elmer Symsack, Gary Trennepohl, W i l l i a m Vogle, Robert Wally, Ieff Welch, Chuck Whis- enhunt, Larry Williams, Ronnie Wilson. PI KAPPA ALPHA Gamma Upsilon Chapter Pi Kappa Alpha Sweeps Class Elections The Pi Kappa Alpha fire engine was the initial source of inspiration for the largest pledge class on cam- pus. Their traumatic ride up and down fraternity row established the accelerated pace they continued to follow throughout the year. Under the expert supervision of Dave Lansdown, Pike pledges and members alike united to work on homecoming theme, "Captain Hookf, The Baby Bawl and Sher- wood Forest parties were new ad- ditions to the Pike social limelight. Patty Smith emerged from the great forest as pledge class princess. The Christmas party at which Santa nartfullyn presented Pike dates with gifts, the Shipwreck party and Dream Girl formal concluded the so- cial season. lVIen of PiKA swept class elec- tions last fall with president of sen- ior, junior, and freshman classes. Officers were president, Bill Mil- dreng vice-president, Ken Iohnsong Secretary, Mike Burke, treasurer, Robert Davidson. Mom Chapman 59fV95 35 housemother fOr the Pikes- Happiness-a fire engine and the only frat house on sorority row. S I G M A C HI Delta Omega Chapter More Snow from Sigs With 'i igloou Part Heavy was the Mountain Dew at the annual Li'1 Abner functio Sigma Chi's started out the school year with a rompin' stompin' good time at the Lil'l Abner Party. In an effort to promote better fraternity re- lations, the Sigs and Lambda Chiis held a joint dance which proved quite successful. The social events in- cluded the "Sigloo', Ski Party held during the Christmas season and the Sweetheart Dance held in the spring. The Sigs also swept the campus with flrst place in homecom- ing decorations. In scholarship, sports, and active campus citizenship, the members of Sigma Chi have proved themselves worthy of merit. They are very proud of the members holding sen- ate and class offices. Officers of Sigma Chi for the past year were lerry Reeves, presidentg Bob Welsh, vice-presidentg Landon Richards, secretary, Rich Wolf, treasurer. "Mom" Pruitt serves as housemother for this active chapter. Willis Allen, Ken Bass, Larry Bayer, Ross Bell, Ray Bender, Rich Blunk, Tom Briggs. Iim Burton, lim Camp- bell, Dick Carrol, Rick Charlton, Gale Charns, Gary Collins, Mike Coul- ter. Bob Cox, Randy Crook, Larry Cusack, Rick Elli- son, Noble Forbes, Dick Frazier, Bob Fredrick- son. Iohn M. Gibbon, Roger Grigor, Charles Hawkins, Richard Hill, Will Hoyt, Ron Iohnsion, John Kinker. Gary Kirk, Ron Kovach, Iohn Lamberton, Bob McCormick, Steven Mill- er, Bill Mueller, Lewis Perrault. ' Richard Potasky, Ron Reneker, Pete Schmidt, Terry Stowe, Chuck Tay- lor, Skip Teel. Iohn Vollc, Iohn Wal- ton, Robert Wandres, Iohn Warner, Doug Wokoun, Richard Wolfe. Mrs. Don Harrell, Bruce Allen, Gary Allison, Dick Bland, Doug Brady. Steve Caldwell, jim Crawford, Bob Down- ing, Iohn Ewert, Iohn Ghostbear. Hunter Johnson, Frank King, Ron King, John Kraft, Gordon Lee. Larry Lyon, Conrad Ly- siak, Rick McGhee, Ion Martin, Mike Messer. Douglas Miller, lim Nay- lor, Bruce M. Parks, Bill Pratt. Iohn Ramsey, Lawrence Reed, Bruce Roberson, Rusty Roberts. Mike Stapp, Kent Thorn- as, Ierry Witt, Iud Zell- mer. um 5"W'i-L? ii. -il 2 ul in ,. Y 1 :- ' 'lm in 'l igma u Plays I-Iallucinations? Never! If you thought you saw some thirty young men rolling an earth-moving tire around campus, with fiery slogans painted on the side of it, then you are perfectly sane. The "Big Wheel" Was the Sigma Nu Pledge Spirit project and seems to have spirited the Tulsa Hurricanes to a very suc- cessful season. Members of Sigma Nu also filled their year with many social events. Outstanding among the events were the Western Party, the Sweetheart Dance, and the White Rose Formal. Service was also a big part of the Sigma Nuis year. They helped with the Crippled Children,s Drive and the Multiple Sclerosis Drive. The 1965-66 officers of Sigma Nu are Iohn Ghostbear, commanderg Iohn Ewert, lt. commanderg Hunter Iohnson, reporter - recorderg Bill Anthes, treasurerg and Bob Radford, pledge trainer. Mrs. Donald Herrell is the Sigma Nu housemother. SIGMA NU Zeta Lambda Chapter 66 U 99 Big Wheel on Campus r fi 1f"f' -W, ... EQQEWWXI i f:2L-, ' E Q You say pledges have something over actives, but this is absurd! RESIDENCES I.0TTllE JANE MABEE HALL Girls Swing from Dorm to Class to Part LI girls are a cute bunch, in fact, boys climb walls to see o LIMH girls opened a bright year with a new staff of housemothers. Mrs. Viola Burlingame, a former housemother at OSU, is the resident manager. Mrs. Helen Dugan, hav- ing served as a housemother at TCU, is resident counselor of Lottie lane. Miss Avvanda Scheer, who has previously worked in a boys' dorm at OU, has the night duty. President Carol Olincy and her officers thought eight oiclock in the morning was too early to run into visiting men, so they banned male visitors until after 10:30 a.m. The girls had to carry their own books to early morning classes. Quiet, sedate Friday afternoon at- mosphere Was shaken by a Weekly hootenany in the living room. Stu- dents and guest folk singers brought both sad and gay tunes to anxious audiences. At Christmas, the girls picked up the boys and Went carol- ing all over campus. The reception was a bit damp when they reached old Kemp Hall. Cathee Adderton, Clare Ahrens, Karen Albrecht, Ian Alexander, Sarah Al- void, Susan Ammon, Nancy Anderson, Sue At- water. Barbie Bagwell, Anne Baber, Susan Bales, Ca- they Bamburg, Sue Banes, Sue Bayer, Patti Bell, Marilyn Berry. Gloria Birch, Iudith Blair, Sally Bliss, Betty Blust, Alice Boggs, Chlo- teal Bonner, Carolyn Bottom, Iudy Boyd. Pat Brasier, Iane Bray, Toni Brogdon, Iaynie Brown, Kathy Brown, Barbara Breuninger, Pa- rinee Buranadilok, Linda Chamberlin. Connie Chapman, Sue Cheatham, Cathy Chris- ler, Ianis Chumley, Su- san Clannin, Iulie Cleve- land, Mary Cobb, Carol Coleman. Barbara Coombs, Pat Coulter, Rosemary Cow- an, Beverly Criswell, Pattie Curby, Barb Dah- lin, Katie Dains, Sylvia Demora. Suzanne Denton, lean Dickerson, Gay Dopps, Virginia Duke, Roberta Dunbar, Dyann Dyer, Marsha Edmonds, Cleta Ernenhiser. Barbie Ensrninger, San- dy Evans, Kerry Everitt, Gail Farrell, Sharon Faust, Donna Fredrick- son, Iamy Fox, Linda Gerber. Jeri Gerwiner, Pamela Gleason, Nellie Gomez, Ieanne Goodman, Melis- sa Grant, Linda Gross, Freida Green, Sharon Green. Trisha Grimes, Armen- dina Grillen, Iudy Gun- ner, Catherine Haas, Ka- ty Hall, Claudia Hansen, Nancy Harris, Donna Hartness. Karen Harvard, Iulie Howell, Carol Hausen, Nancy Heflin, Peg Hei- del, Lou Ann Helling- hausen, Ianet Higman, Nancy Hodge. Cindy Hodgson, Barba- ra Hojel, Iean Ann Holmes, Sue Hovehnan, Sandy Howard, Nancy Hubbard, Kathryn Hul- cher, Mary Ann Hulsey. Margo Glenn, Ioyce Iungling, Cindy Kalou- sek, Sharon Kaul, Linda Kelley, Karen Keplinger, Nancy Ketchum, Nancy Kirkman. Kim Kirton, Bev Klei- mann, Ianet Kominek, Harriet Koons, Karen Krai, Karen Kraus, Mary Mike Landrum, Bonnie Larimore. julie Laudon, Luanna Layman, Vicki Lee, Bar- bara Lessley, Ian Levy, Iudy Lindley, Iudy Logs- don, Charlie Lyle-Stau- ble. Kathleen Lynch, Karen McCandless, Karen Mc- Keever, Kay McKellips, Nancy McManus, Linda MacConnell, N a n c y MacDole, Sandy Mar- Chino. Linda Marlar, Diane Masure, Charlotte Mer- rick, Becky Miller, Susan Miller, Paula Mills, Lin- da Mize, Ginny More- land. Kathleen Murphy, Ruth Nicolaysen, Elaine No- ble, Karen Oertle, Ieanne Offerle, Colleen O'Con- nor, Kathleen O'Conner, Carol Olincy, Carol Parsons, Karen Paul, Io Ellen Payne, Susie Perkins, Nancy Pickell, Mary Kay Place, Kathy Pollard, Biddie Ann Powell. Anne Procter, Margaret Reed, Pam Rernsberg, Beverly Reynolds, Mar- gie Rhyne, IoAnn Rice, Linda Richards, Emily Risinger. Christine Rodgers, Io Elaine Rogers, Pam Ross, Linda Rowe, Susan Ruth, Suzy Sample, Ka- thy Sampson, lean Scha- berg, Lynne Schaberg, Carol Schmidt, Iane Schneider, Iudy Schneider, Sallie Schofield, lane Schwartz, Nancy Schultz, Victoria Scovel. Iulie Scroggs, Ianet Set- tles, Mary Sheldon, Georgia Shaffer, Susie Shaw, Susan Shile, Ianet Skelton, Iane Skinner. Ann Sloss, Cheryl Smart, Linda Louise Smith, Pat- ti Smith, Mary lane Solchenberger, L i n d a Sonnenfeld, Carol Spi- vey, lean Springer. Christy Stephan, Shar- on Stephan, Betts Stev- inson, Iudy Stokes, Dren- da Stout, Suzanne Suen- der, Kathleen Sullivan, Douy Swafford. Susan Swanson, Ianet Taylor, Sherry Temple- ton, Iackie Thaden, Lin- da Thompson, Ioyce Tippin, Chris Tison, Iinx Townsend. Veta Treat, Cathy Tur- ner, Lucia Uhl, Ian Val- lem, Lyda Vega, Edie Vineyard, Susan Walk- er, Lucille Ward. Margaret Welton, Carol Ann Westfall, Iudy Wet- zel, Iudy Whitehead, B r e n d a Whittington, Linda Wilkinson, Caro- lyn Wills, Ann Willyard. Iudy Kay Wilson, Pat Wilson, Elrne Wolcott, Linda Wolf, Iane Wong, Nancy Wood, Jennifer Wren. Tina Wrigley, Barbara Wylie, Iudy Yates, Car- ol Yocom, Pauline Zim- pel, Lynn Zabriskie, Ia- net Zopfi. .l0HN MABEE HALL J H Holds Annual Toilet Bowl Attraction 3' or L "txt l l Hmmm, here's a real "Go-Go," Bertha Snodgrass, Xe 9-8040. H "Good evening, Iohn Mabee Hall, who in the Hall do you Want?" Water-balloon fightsg mob scenes at mail time, noise during quiet hoursg displays of Playboy architec- ture, working out football pass-run options in the hall without being caught by the assistant head resi- dent or Mrs. Gwinn, the house mother. All make up the many ac- tivities of IMI-I. The finest of all sport events is held just before semester finals, the Annual Toilet Bowl. This makes the second year IMI-I has presented this outstanding football event. The talents of Iohn Mabee Hall can boast to be as diversified and complete as any group on campus. They are comprised of folk singers to classical guitarists, and star ping pong players to creative poets and artists. This yearis officers were asst. head resident, Stephen Rodgersg presi- dent, Terry Dickeyg vice-president, lulian Carrg secretary-treasurer, Buddy Miller. Grace Gwinn, Mark All- bright, Dave Araneo, Tom Armino, Gary Ben- ton, Scott Burwell, Iulian Carr. Craig S. Cherry, Chris Corti, Ken Crois- ant, Terry Dickey, Mait DuBois, Randall Dugan, Arthur Duprey. William Ebrecht, Mi- chael Feernster, Iames Frere, Douglas A. God- ing, Doug Gosney, Rob- ert Gray, Tim Hall. Gene Hansell, Iohn Has- kins, Robert Hanson, Wayne Hausen, Iohn Hegwein, Hal Helton, Peter Ho. Tom Hoge, Randy Holt- berg, Wayne Hudnall, Larry lack, Dean Ierome, Paul Keller, Peter Kwong. Mohammed Khan, Ron- ald Kuhn, Danny Lam- bert, Iames Link, Ierry Martin, William W. Martin, Forrest Miller. Robert Pries, Gary L. Raasch, Tipton Ran- olph, Mir Rasheeduddin, Iohn Richards, Alfredo L. Riera, Stephen Rod- gers. Donald Robert Ross, Louis L. Saxon, Iohn Siegfried, Bill Schrimpf, Gordon Sim, Robert Ski nn er, Raymond Stankunas, Tom Steh- 1'l'12ll'1. Gregory Taraszha, Dan Teagarden, Hank Thor- sen, Bill Van Gieson, Su- rinder Wazir, Iim Wen- delken, Bud Wilson. Mickey Woods. Bill Anderson, Lew Bay- lor, Roy Brewer, Edward Brown, Hennan Cal- lands, Gary Collett, Rob- ert I. Daugherty. Bruce Davis, Ray G. Da- vis, Robert Duncan, Ter- ry Dunham, Ioe Gill, Gr. K, Greenig, Frank Grimm. Robert I. Haller, Bill Hallett, Charles Hardt, W a r r e n Henderson, Richard M. Hill, III, Ioe Humlieet. Craig LaGrone, Gene Lakusiak, Gary McDer- mett, Tom McGuire, Iohn McIntosh, Rinne Martin, Greg Mazur. Don Migil, Ken Opal, Frank O,Stafy, Pete Paw- eska, Bill Pennington, Richard Potasky, Tony Rasmussen. Iohn Reid, Tom Riley, Shelton Sadderis, Ion Schimpf, Scott Schu- mann, Ralph Supernav- age. Howard Twilley, Ron Vick, Iohn Warner, Ralph Watley, Wally Willard, Larry Williams. MEMORIAL HALL 'hat A Year for the Boys of emorial Hall "What is that?" exclaimed the awe-struck freshman at the huge monolith at the east end of the Oli- phant parking lot. "That,,' replied a Samson-like individual, wearing a red letter jacket with the TU letters upon it, "is the renown home of the athletes who have brought much recognition to the University of Tulsa campus throughout the year. Activity around Memorial Hall can he found at most any time day or night for whether it is 2:00 AM or 2:00 PM something has got to he jumping around the joint. Much to the residents' delight at various times in the year they were served dinner through the kindliness fand eagernesslj ofthe sororities. No one knew what was on the menu, let alone what he was eating, but every- one had a great time! Also, during the year from serenades and invita- tions to desserts, to halloween pumpkins the boys of Memorial Hall were wooed and cooed over by all the different societies on campus. Housemother is Mrs. Morris for Memorial Hall. Paq Glub, glub, glub, glub! Ahhh, more milk, more milk, more milk KEMP HALL 01d and Mark The men of Kemp cheerfully chipped in for the drive for school spirit. Homecoming took the guys away from their books long enough to decorate for the dorm competi- tion. Later they boosted Parents' Day by having an open house. Still outdoing them- selves, the men took their dates on an old- hak TOP ROW: Alvin Baca, lim Bailey, Dale Bandy, Stephen Beard, Guy Decker, Terry Dial, Bob Fredrickson. SEC- OND ROW: Gary Hawthorne, Larry Holland, Pete Hud- son, Earl Tim Meinck, Bud Pingree, Bob Roever, Iohn CII b Pepsi Generation fashioned hayride to Mohawk Park and fin- ished up with a dance. Dernocratically governed, the residents selected Frank Shields to be president, Guy Decker, vice-presidentg Larry Holland, sec- retary, Dale Bandy, treasurerg and Gary Hawthorne, social chairman. Roginski. BOTTOM ROW: Frank Shields, Iim Thorn- berry, David Williams, Steve Winkle, Charles Wu. San- ford Wylee. l Residents: Betty Easter, Marsha Elkins, Anna Lee Erwin, Sue Ann Iaclcson, Lynn Moore, Melinda Myers, Iulie Pat- man, Iudy Reames, Sally Smith, Linda Sonnenfeld. Honor Apartments Established on T Campus Consisting of four spacious studio apart- ments, the Honor Dorm provided such lux- uries as private phones, complete kitchens, private bathrooms and air-conditioning to the three honorable girls who inhabited each apartment. The conduct and behavior of the girls were governed by individual trust and responsibility. Never to be forgotten is the Homecoming decorations never put up, the unpaid phone bills, the wall-flower rallies, and the bugs! The ability to live with others and their problems is an important quality for residents of the honor dorm. .-fm. -'ap .. 1-7n...' -i'f"f-3 J"1+ ki 3 "Fiji: x' A n . an I58 STUDENT LIFE 9 . Hillbilly dress was ordered for Homecoming, and Julie Patman and Ken Davis ably complied. Brush in hand, Betty Hargett strives to turn the snack bar into storybook land for Homecoming. Music by Sonny Gray and his quartet from the Rubiot fumished the entertainment on Friday. The Sigma Chils managed to capture first place in house decorations for the fraternities. Theta girls constructed Dobbs Aerial Circus" and won first place in sorority decorations. Disneyland Homecoming for T Using its usual approach to situations, the Senate thought about possible themes for homecoming and came up with a win- ner-Hurricane Disney. The art students loved it, because they could draw cartoons on the snack bar Walls. All the Greeks had fun constructing large scale ducks and mice, Some groups were even "arty,' enough to paint backdrops. Everyone dressed like hillbillies to ridicule the Cardinals. The Cards were ahsent, so We laughed at each other. Tir Q 1 H .lv 1?-1 I 1 114,21 ' f 'Pnl w'?wE , ,f 1 , -71.5112 1 1w,me 1 -'vWHf , fmfflmk V ,.-fmt H 1- il 1 lf 1 , - '1 425' ,Q 1 'LNWHH 1 1 1, gnwQQ 1. ' ' -:.1.:1-oeiei-'Ml QMWN. 1 ' 11 1 -f' Pwmly NM I -, 111m HF 1--I i 1 W 3 1, W W 1 vv v' I' dpa1 111251.-gf 5 -'3 1 -- 1-- .11.- ' 1 -ST: 117K 21. 111, - wg, V 1 , . ' 132 11 11 if ' ' T'fU3'. 'J 1 11 I "fur: 1 ..f . x 1 .DT A -gA,',vqp fw -. - ' .aff js 1' DTV 111' 115 '14, If -4, . ' 1' Y ' H, X 9.6.ffS' , ,Q MW? 1-4321 15' 41? 1 ,wif-'fl 4 Ig , 11,5u..L Q51 1H,,131F 1 If 1-1 112' ,1 lrf, , -'E '-1 -f'11 - Ci' 11 b V . y , Y . i, 71, ,,, S, ,W 1 5 ' 7 , ,1 ly ' Jfu H L ff-1 7 '. 11 11 wwu , 1 ' X 1 1 1 5, '- 1' L, ii . lr' 5 1, 1 1 .gg - -..: vi E, , RW E' . ' 1 1 ' . 1 U1 1 1' 1, '-12. 1 .111 , gm' .f T 1- -14-H mmm 17 . MS" ..:q,, f-" 1 F-iffay'f 1- '4i'k'-" X l .ali 1 m 217. A: 1 ,s1fg1i11 , 'MJ' 11,-13:1 151 .1 ,1 1"1S2f' ff-131 1" '11 ww .. +- A 1 . J, 7' Y Ti, 1 E335 W" Waf- Eiiw, W 352552, wa, if oo :Alf A11 he wants her to do is turn and look at the funny calneraman. Tri De1ta's Purple Pansy Club was popular for pseudo-beatniks. Western hospitality was extended by the Kappa Kappa Gammas at their second formal rush party Tri Deltas presented "3-D Flicks" featuring Diane Blaisdell and Sandy Yeager. While displaying various emotions, the dormitory counselors watched the rushees leave for their first party. mile and Hand hakes Smiles of confidence, friendly greetings, and firm handshakes mean the start of Rush Week at TU. The fourteen national fraternities and soror- ities held parties ranging from casual coke sessions to the serious preferential parties. Decisions were made and 232 rushees pledged the Greek Way. I . l I . l . I H X N , , ,v J. ', W 'll , .':l......n..n..4lL"' L. A dancing Go-Go girl provided entertain- Rushees eagerly left the dorm to attend the sororities, open houses. ment for rushees at the Lambda Chi house. Pepsi smile flashing Iohn Woodard made the trio's welcome Ncome alive? 0 o 0 Big ame Group V1 1ttheTul a Campu A popular senate-sponsored aflair was the second semester Big Name dance featuring the Astronauts from Colorado. Y-'ll 'lf' -4 Entertainer smiles to have his picture taken. Man in background wonders what is happening. The Mitchell Trio sang to a fully spirited audience songs of political satire and a blend of ballads and folk music. The concert ended with encores and a standing ovation. The Bozar Costume Ball de- buted with the high orbiting guitar talents of the Astronauts. The danc- ing Was fast and fiery with lucid re- sponses to the tempos of the young animal sounds. Iohn wasn't even excited about meeting the trio at the airport. Roving reporter Dino Economos recorded an interview for KWGS. L. -11, H Y , 'U 'EL 'T , 2" A f A 'Q a W A . I .,V,:f.. l 2. NNE ':."f . fr.- -, , ll ,-qggizm ' , . . . . Y . 4 'V sw w, ,E ww. Hu uw Y ,.. sf--Q T mv. Y . A Es, H .g.:. 5 1 v.. M H lf' Q uf . V 1 - K55 ' 511 Un lb . gg.-1 . IZFY. xl ik K .AS 2 9' S F -? ' r' M 3 H 1 '? 1. 1 ,Q fu 4 , . i..,,,eu5-:Mg ' g X V Y I I ' ' I I v , ,uf 'HI 1 1 li ' 1 5 I 3- m U Aw Jummh H . W 1,1 w fy' 1, 5.219 '- . wading 'fs Lx ,Yu :I W ...,. sir' ' 'J mi "' JH-KH vt w ' fam 5 wwf" ' this light scene between Batman and the Student Senate. Good Grioi! Girl Director Several scorched school spirit seekers, radically rebelling from past procedures, pi- oneered a production first in presenting Varsity Nite ,66, Timely the Wealc News- Magazine. Despite outside ridicule, laugh- ter, and disbelief, the show was put to- gether With paper clips, rubber bands, and sweat by a staff of drearners guided by Hashes of inspiration and cold logic. The task was hard, the obstacles many, but the show went on, the disbelievers believed. Z . "OK, OK, so it's not RADIUMF' Hot lights, intense concentration increase the pressure in the game. 1 ': 1 1 One thing you can say about the cheerleaders is that they put up a united front. Sometimes their enthusiasm is amazing. ',. -nu - ,V - vane, 1, -xv P -.-1"-H ,V lm ...-- a. -.-V.-C., .-.., ' -... .-a, as s l U I - Y Sandy Tolbert holds the winning entry in a bank-sponsored doll-dressing contest. Sandy and lim wore their red and gold bug- striped sweaters to generate enthusiasm. leaders stop to consider what will happen if they trip. T Cheerleaders Stir High Winds Witl1 the help of their short blue skirts, the girl cheerleaders managed to create some spirit at our football and basketball games. All the boys had to rely on were loud Voices and acrobatics. Needless to say, the crowds yelled more for the girls, but that's the way things just seem to happen. 2,'g,.:1,rv: .- ru , Always willing to perform, this cheerleader poses for a campus artist. Before running on the field in front of the team, the cheer- This huge sign stretched across the Union to welcome visiting parents. Parent' Weekend A Popular Fir t for T Identilied by a ribbon banner, six membersl of the Association of Won1en Students served as official weekend hostefsses. HSI' A l I, .X , " QI 15,831-I.jr4,A, L- Taking advantage of the very good weather, one student showed her parents around the campus. Parent's Weekend was inaugurat- ed for the first time on the TU cam- pus this year. Several special events were planned. A faculty-parent breakfast gave parents the oppor- tunity to talk informally with the deans and professors. Highlight of the Weekend Was the Tulsa-Cincin- nati football game. The parents sat in a reserved section, and the half- time entertainment was presented in their honor. Linda Chamberlain served colliee at the faculty-parent breakfast. Mortar Board girls sold gold mums to promote spirit and make money. -Swim CURTIS 5 BEA U TIES AND PERSUNALITIES SANDI CURTIS 1955 Miss Oklahoma Delta Delta Delta KAYE FULCHER 1966 Miss University of Tulsa Kappa Kappa Gamma -"W ' 1 -5 if-t f.--z ,I 'L""' 1 rFf"i'2- ., hz' my v.Wgff4V- "' 'W' 1" i?'T3., T 543'-??fSTQf1ff 7 .J .gy gh: gy., fggglnm . 1 w ww '-:fr nr U '?'x'MF'f" TW "" H 52 7 N ,, N' H yu 1 I" Mlwfiig i, V " "1 r A .1 w" in w N w.1mZF h 2 VM 65 gags V f , N , , H , H, , W M 1 , , H fs H K X , W' m " H w ww "N UH Q www A ' JRR-W E25 vi ' -if X QNY - , 3' f ' L VL. -,V Kappa Kappa Gamma Qzazv .- H I I ,Q 5255 Sponsored by Pepsi Cola :QQ-EVA-5 3, qfwwgwjfigg Mui, 1 :W '1'ik:fit,iifJ 'K ' - Q , "La ,, A I ,aiu I ' ,"'Vi5Eg-51Q.g5 1' W f, rw w ' .Y ,v.- 41 ., W uw 'li'-Yu.-1.1 EW W H M v C,',.qv5-j'.'.J N ' , .i ,J -UI. ll: ' ,:23H1..Q4,l'1 ,S -rl if Y? M, 1V"4,su'Q' .. fsvriw . . . .. . ffl" -'?i' LfQE4?244up:--.-,L , -A-2.1 fyQ1zL::1f:'N -. 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' ww " w, 1"7w ".' 4' w ..-FXS' ' w-Yr-wi'-fi 2 ww.':w' ' ' ,ww -ff- - wwwwwwwwww wwwww www, w w' ifisf'2s2Z'Ww' ' - ww www U ww wgwawwww w 'wwwww w w ,w, ' ' " ' w www www www ww w w MIss SANDI CURTIS Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma Mlss JULIE CLEVELAND Sweetheart of Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternitg Miss MARION WELDON Kappa Alpha Rose . A- sa Miss JUDY BLAIR Sweetheart of Alpha Tau Omega weethearts Miss MARTI HOMAN Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Isiamdm.-' 'V "- : ' l"lll ' " Miss BETTY HARGETT Dreamgirl of Pi Kappa Alpha Mlss PAM PRIMM IFC Sweetheart --.4 H 1:--1 . Q4- ' up 1 X :N 1 H 15- " N i 5, 1 'K' I-ii v--,,- Haggis G31 ,. mfg., 'IQ' '-1 'x N Wm :J if , MT l: U w L rw , ww 11 .ms fm sa W, Wu Eygrlum 5 H 1, ff f ,Q , .V LE ,411 H 'ff-ze-:u 25- T Jw," I k, rx 1 1, JOE Momus Caballero del Sur CPhi Muj TOM RILEY Anchor Man CDelta Gammaj orority Favorites RICHARD HILL Delta Man CDelta Delta Deltaj Who' Who In American College and niver itie CHARLIE WU Sword and Key, Presidentg Student Senatorg Phi Gamma Kappag Sigma Pi Epsilong Kappa Mu Epsilon. CLINT MERRICK Kappa Sigma, Merit Scholarshipg Senior Class Vice-Presi- dentg Iunior Class Presidentg Omicron Delta Kappa, Vice Presidentg Phi Epsilon Sigmag Sword and Key. LESLIE SMITH Delta Delta Delta, Secretaryg Scrollg Lanterng Kappa Mu Epsilong Engineers Club, Secretary-Treasurerg German Club, Treasurerg American Chemical Society . LYNETTE YERETSKY Mortar Board, Presidentg Chi Omega, Treasurerg TU Business Women, Presidentg Executive Club. l92 SALLY SMITH Student Senate Vice Presidentg KENDALLA- BRUM, Co-Editorg Angel Flightg Kappa Kap- pa Gramma, Treasurerg Mortar Board, Vice- Presidentg Phi Gamma Kappa. STEVE HOLMBERG Pi Kappa Alphag IFC Presidentg Omicron Delta Kappag Student Senateg Alpha Kappa Psi. - l LYNNA BURT University Playersg Theta Alpha Phig Mor- tar Boardg Phi Gamma Kappag Chi Omega. Q.. Luv-L. HOWARD TWILLEY Tri-Captain. Varsity Footballg Consensus All-Americang Letterman's Club. Presidentg Omicron Delta Kappag Phi Eta Sigma. Who' Who Student Senatorg Assistant Editor, K1zNDALLABRUM,- Presi- dent Business Schoolg President, Kappa Sigmag Alpha Kap- pa Psi. DIANE BLAISDELL Student Senatorg Angel Flightg Panhellenicg Lanterng Scrollg Delta Delta Delta. CAROL SPIVEY Kappa Alpha Theta ,Presidentg Mor- tar Boardg Student Senate Treasurerg Collegiang Pi Delta Epsilon. KAREN KRIBBS Miss TUg Iunior Class Secretary Modern Choirg Angel Flightg Lantern Serollg Delta Gamma. I93 Who' Who Outstanding Marketing Senior Awartlg Alpha Tau Omega, Presidentg Petroleum Marketing Club, President, Executive Clubg Alpha Kappa Psig American Marketing Association. SUZY SAMPLE Phi Mu, Pledge Trainer, Songleaderg AWS, Intramurals, Secretary and Presidentg Tau Beta Sigma, Treasurerg Young Republicansg ISOg Dorm Council, Iudicial Board. IUDY STOKES Delta Delta Delta, President, Fash- ion Club, Vice-President, Angel Flight, Corresponding Secretaryg Varsity Nite Board, Senior Dorm Counselor. I94 IULIE PATMAN Kappa Kappa Gammag Modern Choirg Angel Flightg KENDALLABRUM, Business Manager, Pi Delta Epsilon, Treasurer, Varsity Nite Directorg Art Students League. MICHELLE BEALE COLLEGIAN, Assistant Editor, Editorg An- gel Flight Commander, Pi Delta Epsilon, Presidientg Phi Gamma Kappa, Mortar Boar . MARY SI-IELDON AWS, Presidentg Dorm Counselorg ISO Treasurerg ISA, Vice-Presiclentg ISA Sweet- heart. IAMES THORN BERRY Sigma Delta Chig Sword and Keyg KENDAL- LABRUM,' COLLEGIANg Pi Alpha Mu. ho' ho SUSAN HEARD Delta Gammag Panhellenic, Presidentg Phi Gamma Kappag Senior Class Secretaryg Mortar Boardg Kappa Sigma Sweet- heartg K13NDALLABRUM,' Art Student League, Vice-President. PAT CREMIN Collegian, Editorg Sigma Delta Chi, Presidentg Pi Alpha Mug Student Senatorg AWS Man of the Yearg Varsity Nite Writer. P - . .iv F35 5 :EAS 3 Eg? A' ' r I. P1172 '1 -. :Q -mv .1 ig ftiygii ::f: " i X .5 V ah, ,-:g,,,h1,iiE, , M- wg-x .. - 445 Q? ,Q ,L .glgi ,ggggvg-. , l' ,:,'3S':: ' ,ij-New .if ty: .E r .. -:. I fi .?fl1.ii.L Se p , if I 2' iff - ai i'g55m35 .gga,a 5:: Q 2' L' I -' via' ' iL'f13"i P" 5: ii J M " ,fZ',! 1 5.. ,lg-fi,.luA ..i""7, 4.-J!':v'ifr I if Y ' ll H , " Q Q A am...-, VICKI GILSTRAP TU Business Women, Phi Gamma Kappag Sigma Alpha Sigmag Bandg Orchestra. IOANNE HOFFMAN Phi Mug Sigma Alpha Sigmag TU Business Womeng Lanterng Scroll. I95 Who' Who Student Senate, President, Interfraternity Council, Phi A1- pha Theta, President, Pi Gamma Mu, Sword and Key, Omicron Delta Kappa, Phi Gamma Kappa, Sigma Chi, Recording Secretary. CAROLYN AXTON Chi Omega, President, Mortar Board, Phi Gamma Kappa, Kappa Mu Epsilon, KENDALLABRUM. 3:13 "fl ' AJ' rf SUE ANN IACKSON Chi Omega, Student Senate, Secre- tary, Lantern, Scroll. I 96 CHERIE IO PERRAULT Kappa Kappa Gamma, President, Mortar Board, Secretary, Phi Gam- ma Kappa, Angel Flight, Comptrol- lerg Scroll, Lantern, KENDALLABRUM. CHARLES NEEDHAM Student Education Association, Alpha Phi Omega, Young Republicans, Phi Gamma Kappa, German Club. r. .. .,.,,,Y, Y Y - , F eww BILL PENNINGTON Student Senator, Senior Class President, Omicron Delta Kappa, President, Varsity Football, BSU, President. r x 1 1 1 i X -. ta, Egg 'W' ...Nic -' - wk ,E 'Q .zum lil: -.4 I ll 1 3 LLOYD COX Alpha Kappa Psi, Presidentg Executive Club. , it W, ji T MARGARET STAN FIELD Cheerleaderg Business School Senatorg Chi Omega, Rush Chairman. o "-S' at i. Uh ' 'Qin L . i 4 ll J iv gli i ai' Who's Who NANCY HEFLIN Kappa Alpha Theta, Treasurerg I-Board, Dormg Angel Flightg Homecoming Queen Attendantg Iunior Class Treas- urer. RON WHEELER Band, Vice-Presidentg Orchestrag Modern Choirg Vice-Presi- dent Sophomore Class. TOM SHEPARD WILEY COX Student Senatorg President Business Student Senatorg Omicron Delta Kap- Schoolg Kappa Sigma Presidentg Al- pag Phi Gamma Kappag Sword and pha Kappa Psi. Keyg Phi Eta Sigma. I97 , fwlfffliiw WWW WV if 'i w 4 ' Bri' Y I98 ' N SPORTS W, R as .51' mVQ' mmgQQmQ+wMmQ l TOP ROW: Bill Anderson, Gary Collett, Bob Daugherty, Frank Grimm, Charles Hardt. SECOND ROW: Robert Ioswick, Robert Iunko, Gene Lakusiak, Gary McDermott, Tom McGuire. THIRD ROW: Don Migil, Michael Minnig, Frank O'StaH:y, Pierre Poweska, Bill Pennington. FOURTH ROW: Iohn Reid, Scott Schumann, Teriy Stoepel, lack Suggs, Howard Twilley. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Tyson, Wallace Willard, Larry Williams, Darrell Wolfe. ,- ... --- ..:. - - -fr----ivv.-F-fg,f-f -tr , -.1 5:-,J as ..: wer- . -t..:f-i-5-aa-273,-ft ,-n:.r2f.+.i1i r - NH-rms.. ,E-sr Y . -'fwwfg ,pifizrg -fn' V --f'-f - 5-1,1 g ,.. 5 ja. .,,,,.-,E -D-. .sea-E.. ,ma-:.,,....r , . .E , ' T, 5 :Q ' - gift' 4'o'ite1--dpi,-gf...f'v..w aagfcu .td V .3,,. .U 7.1. ,JEZEL-g " ' f"" 1 " " ' 'A ' "' .lf ti.knikz5'ff:f:a:i:'f W iizw' ' ri ' "'-'f m ' f " -:gn -Vllfiiff' V :pil - - ,-., . -fn " ' 3 V -Y - F ff flf f'-2'l:.lQ.ULls '7'iLt if. , ' L. 11, . V T T T V V ' . Q41-.. . . ' i it ,,, . 4. . E M ..,,,.. , Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa SEASON'S RECORD . 14 Houston . 0 . 12 Arkansas .... 20 . 14 Oklahoma State . 17 . 32 Memphis State . . 28 . 27 North Texas St. . 20 . 49 Cincinnati . . . 6 . 55 Southern Illinois . 12 . 51 Louisville . . 18 . 13 Wichita . . . 3 . 48 Colorado State . . 20 "'. , . , - .- .v v '. , . . - . . . 1 ,v ' '4f'r-+-'-"As-'e - if ,-X -:A -----in if , . , - O-v-an 1 .T' - --'+-- - jrqngr- 'Tv , ,- 37, A H ,,'. r . -fe- Y V f f - . jx'-'T v--f .vga , .' r 5'-,,.1y, -, 7+"-""'i"", .-.,. i 1. L W 11 , I it . , , , ,. , , - - Y -,, - .. ,,,.,,, ,. .- tr. as A .- .-V ..- 6 - . - . . . -.. -: -P: .- , , . rf A-- ..- if -1 V ' g- ..,-:,. r ,qt-, , ' Q .-,t.:'w.3 ... ,-....q.,- ..-. . - . ,Ji 'wi , J 1 f, a SI' 'W .' v-- af- Y -- . .. ,- Y Q JY .Y n. li. F., .. . ' . rf-','.-'-f QQ, 1. ' - - 'l ROW l: Dean, Hardt, Williams, Pennington, Suggs, Brown, Daugherty, Wolf, Twilley, Parsons, Roberts. ROW 2: Shaugnessy, Underwood, Minnig, Migl, Claxton, Ross, Tyson, Poweska, Brooks, Laliusiak, Liljedahl, McGuire, Ruane, Osmond, Moomaw, Hall, Schumann, Anderson, Coaches Lead Tulsa This yearas TU coaching staff, by NCAA records, assembled one of the most awe- some oflenses to ever Walk on a gridiron. They coached the Hurricane into the top twenty teams in the nation for the second straight year, to its second straight bowl game, and to TU's fourteenth Missouri Valley Conference Championship. For the second straight year Coach Dobbs had an All-American, and also for the second time, runner-up to the coveted Heisman trophy. There is one Word that describes the coach- staflf at Tulsa, and that word could only be usuccessfulln Maddox, Willard Pavlak, Buonconti. ROW 3: Bechina Iowick, Brobst, Dean, Grimm, Harrington, Kelly, Reidi Czubenko, McDermott, McDonald, Martin, Stoeple, Dobbs. ROW 4: Brown, Townes, Reed, Frost, Sweeny, Goodsell, Bandy, O'StaH:y. to ational Fame TU pens Season Before ationall Coach Dobbs plans strategy with wingback Neal Sweeney hopeful of producing a TD. An Anderson pass hits home as Sweeney pulls it in to put TU ahead at Houston. f +t A 1 if si all ., X ', , fl J.. ,I 5.1 Y ,,i-A - ,..,, ,lj A A-ffl el 1 , VV K Q ' Y M, , -3, 24 .. TULSA I4 - HOUSTON 0 - Opening the Football season before a nationally televised crowd, Tulsa,s Blue Bonnet Bowl Cham- pion's left a favored and crestfallen Cougar team that majored in fumbling and never got closer than the TU 26 yard line. Ander- son completed 25 of 47 passes for two touchdowns, one to Twilley and the other to Sweeney, for 230 yds. in the air and 321 yds. total offense. A rugged and fast TU defense added to Houstonis upset. TULSA I2 - ARKANSAS 20 - A favored and re- turning national champion, Arkansas, un- able to crook Tulsa's tenacious defense early in the game, rallied in the second half to edge TU. With a rough but profitable start, the Hurricane soon led 6-3, then it was Ar- kansas l0-6. Twilley catching an Ander- son pass escaped a Porker safety and ran for the second goal putting TU ahead at the half. TULSA I4 - OSU I7 - Revenge was the word of the day at OSU, and re- venge is what the Pokes got. Tulsa out- tallied OSU in all statistics but the score by completing 17 of 29 passes for 212 yards. Anderson readies to lead a Tulsa play against revenge from the OSU Cowboys. Scott Schumann attempts to cause a Razorback fumble. Coach Kawal makes a point to Tulsa defense midway in game as gridders nod approval. Hurricane till Pass Wizard oi U TULSA 32 - MEMPHIS STATE 28 - Set- ting four records, before a crowd of 25,000 at the first game of the season in new Skelly Stadium, TU threw a tremendous boost in- to its offensive, passing for four touch- downs. Anderson completed 39 passes for a NCAA record, out of a school record of 65 passes thrown, and Twilley broke two school records by catching 16 passes for 267 yds. TULSA 27 - NORTH TEXAS 20 -- Ironically, it was the outdated form in gridiron travel of rushing which gave TU the win. Bob Daugherty, who by his 56 yd. run, scored first for the Hurricaneg and these seven points ended as the winning margin. TULSA 49 - CINCINNATI 6 - Bombing the Bearcats with a fantastic aer- ial display by completing 32 of 55 passes led to a crushing 534 yards total offense by the Hurricanes against their arch-rival. Hurricane Charles I-Iardt prepares a tackle against a Cincinnati ball carrier. V? EF, fun TULSA 55 - SIU I2 - Tulsa's Anderson- Twilley duo, breaking four NCAA records, sparked TU toward a crushing offensive display before an overflow crowd at SIU. Anderson broke Rhomeis single year com- pletion record by hitting 42 passes, I8 go- ing to Twilley for another NCAA record. As a final blow, TU's big defense held SIU to only 9 yds. rushing and 99 yds. passing. TULSA SI - LOUISVILLE I8 - Before their homecoming crowd of 35,783, the Hurricane downed the Cardinals by corn- pleting 29 of 54 passes for 362 yds. TU defense was so flawless that the Cards could only manage their first first down with less than five minutes in the first half. Billy Anderson surpassed Rhorne's NCAA completion record of 224, by ten. TULSA I3 - WICHITA 3 - In the WSU contest Tulsa met unexpected opposition as the Hurricane was held to 204 yards while hit- A Bearcat goes cruising for a bruising with TU pass-rnaste An e so t e 'IU e o e e e T ll v el d s a ta Tulsa's offensive line provides great protection for Hurricane backs. Tulsa Ends Season ting 25 of 50 passes. Wichita never threat- ened as the TU defense had one of its best days holding the Shockers to only 96 yards rushing. TULSA 48 - COLO. STATE 20- Starting slowly, Tu1sa's pass-master Billy Anderson hit successive scoring bombs of 60, 63, and 51 yards in the fourth quarter to put the game out of reach. Two of the TD tosses were to wingback Neal Sweeney, while the last went to All-American end Howard Twilley. Anderson set two NCAA records as he passed for 502 yards, a single game mark, while amassing a record 3,343 yards total offense. Twilley caught two TD passes to bring his season total to the NCAA record breaking mark of 16. A team mark of 611 yards total offense in a single game was also set. Daugherty pulls in an Anderson toss, while Twilley po by Smashing Colorado FC ders a block. n- Anderson-Twille KeepT Pass Capital P11 Howaan TWILLEY BILLY ANDERSON I. u ' r . .1 , ,. ,ni Q! 1 if 'Af ' ' vt' -'f t l ' sq , ' f X ' . 1 'L 5 , it E mi l if -'fnilgew-L-:jf , 1 1.2111-' 1-K l hiwllllllf 4153:-'E A 7.5 , ,A -., gif, -x .-lv' '. ,N . 'rdf ' li 'inn V5 7 2. i:':' . f' Y' t .. -..aff . a ' . 1' 1 Y I . - 1 ' " H- . ,. V . ,M 1 iii' sa H . H l . ' NCAA RECORDS SET BY ANDERSON For Single Game Old Record Pass attempts ......... . 65 63 Pass attempts without interception . . . 47 43 Pass completions ........ . 42 39 Passing yardage ........ . 502 500 For Season Pass attempts ......... . 509 377 Pass Completions . . . . . . . . 296 224 Passing Yardage . . . . . 3464 2870 Total offense ........... 3343 3128 Total offensive plays ........ 585 470 NCAA RECORDS SET BY TWILLEY For Single Game Old Record Pass receptions ......... . 19 16 Touchdown passes ....... . 5 4 For Season Pass receptions ........... 134 95 Passing yardage . . . . . . l779 ll78 Touchdown passes . . 16 15 Match one of the all-time great collegiate passers with one of the all-time great re- ceivers and chances are the teamis season will be a smashing success! All-American end Howard Twilley and quarterback Bill Anderson Went hand and arm in l965 to bring to Tulsa 23 NCAA records. Twilley landed a first team berth on all major All-American teams including the coveted polls of the Asso. Press, UPI, and Look and Time magazines. He Was named UPPS Lineman of the Yearg and for the second year in a row the Golden Hurricane has had the first runner-up for the Heis- man Trophy. Twilley garnered second place in trophy voting on the strength of his season's performance which included eight NCAA marks Ca phenomenal single season record of l34 pass receptions for 1779 yardsl and the national scoring title, first for a lineman. Billy Anderson, who many thought would have a hard time filling the shoes of l964,s star passer Ierry Rhome, did find the shoes uncomfortable, but because he had outgrown them! He broke l0 NCAA marks - many established a year previous by Rhome, another TU pass-master. J , 207 l , -. - -' I, - 4 " :-fe",-'w-Q' . wr' 4. M.. Hg'- . - -- " .- ,- f' ' -- . . F-:?'t:f-Qffef--'Anya-' '- -2- ii--:S-" ' eff , Bluobonnot "Splashdown" Favors Houston Tulsa's Kelly smothers a Tennessee back. Dobbs contemplates an appropriate 'uulnbrella pass" TULSA 6 - TENN. 27 - In the worst weather imaginable, a pouring rain and a driving wind, the Hurricane passing ma- chine bogged down in a Rice paddy. Fum- bling the first time that it had the football, Tulsa just could not get the momentum that it needed to sink the Tennessee Vol- unteers. Tulsa's game progressed just as the weather did, all bad. The Volunteers acting as if they were born in the rain, and had taken their first steps in mud, just couldn't be stopped. Tennessee, primarily a running team, went to the air to score the First TD, and took advantage of every break that they got. TU, on the other hand, could not hang on to the slippery pigskin. Nevertheless, Billy Anderson man- aged to hit 23 passes for 250 yards, a fact that points out that it might have been a different game had the weather been dry. Of these passes, 8 went to All-America Howard Twilley for 78 yards. The announ- cer summed up the day when he said, Hous- ton has given us two splashdowns today, the Gemini 7 and the Bluebonnet Bowl." A,...-+ . .. 27+ F in Coach Kawal mirrors 'nhe expression of many a Tulsan at A soaked, muddy, and Weary Willie Townes gazes at the field Houston. Q l J Hurricane players ready for battle at the 1965 Bluebonnet. Tulsas WV1l'1f1l1'lU' xarsity basketball team proudly returned from Honolulu, Hawaii with the Rainbow Classic Trophy Publicity director Kent Pearson with the Rainbow Trophy BASKETBALL SEASON'S RECORD Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Colorado ..... Kansas State . , . South Dakota . . . St. Maryls of Texas . . Loyola of New Orleans West Texas State . . Loyola of Chicago . . Utah State .... St. Maryas of California Texas Western . . . Louisville ..... Cincinnati . . . . . North Texas State . . Houston .... Wichita State . . Drake ..... Houston ..... North Texas State . . St. Louis .... Bradley ..... Louisville . Cincinnati . St. Louis . Bradley . . Drake . . . Wichita State . . Hurricane Captures i'Rainb0w" and Troph ,,-,N All """"z..,. O'I-Iallorhan interviews Coach Swank after early successes. The University of Tulsa Golden Hurri- cane basketball team gained national pres- tige by Winning the "Rainbow Classicn in Hawaii. In doing so, the Hurricane had to defeat arch-Valley foe St. Louis. The young Tulsans surprised everyone when they walked off the court after their last victory, with the trophy. All in all, one could say that the Hurricane had a Wonderful time not only on the Hawaii beaches but also on the basketball courts as Well. When the TU basketballers arrived at Tulsa Interna- tional Airport, they were met by a large and enthusiastic crowd of supporters. FRONT ROW: Rinne Martin, Dick Potasky, Doug Rob- inson, Tom Bender, Charles Paulk, Julian Hammond. BACK ROW: Gene Demaree, Eldridge Webb, Sherman Dillard, Mike Eppler, Hermen Callands, Mike Marrs, Willie Williams, Ioe Swank, Coach. T Has Best Basketball tart In Years Hurricane's Sherman Dillard attempts to add two points in TU's battle with Wichita. Martin and Robinson make sure that TU gets the ball as Hurricane victory nears. Tulsa's young Hurricane faced a supreme test in its season-opener against Colorado. The sophomore guards held the key to Tul- sa's success they had to provide court sav- vy. The Hurricane, ice-cold in their losing performance against Colorado, proved to be red-hot in their winning presentation at Kansas State. The Hurricane returned to show the hometown folks their ability by defeating South Dakota. Tulsa went on to defeat St. Maryis of Texas, Loyola of New Orleans, and West Texas State to conclude a winning homestand. Again on the road, Tulsa faced defeat at the hands of Loyola of Chicago, but bounced back to win over Utah State and defeated St. Maryis of Cali- fornia before leaving the homeland to at- tend the Rainbow Classic held in Hawaii during the Christmas holidays. After win- ning the Rainbow Classic, Tulsa's second tourney championship, the Hurricane vis- ited Texas Western where they suffered de- l 1, , 1 'N . 12 4 --,- L +' . ' 3' Y L 'FF Waits! w -ff 2.-we :ii :H A' E ' A -' ':"' "5,1'L'w!1H'1'N15,"1W3'?f'Qf' 'mlwlu X X 51.5 , 4 ' ,, . 1 W' , X A , ' '. BSN' ff 0, , fn. "w Q use xr The whole Drake team can't stop Hammond as the TU star grabs a rebound. Tulsa Takes Earl Lead ln Valle Pla TU's Sherm Dillard has aspirations of a goal as Iulian Hammond and Tom Bender look on. 1 xi feat before returning home. At home, Tulsa handed losses to Louisville, Cincinnati, and North Texas State before ending the home stand by suffering defeat from Houston. On the road once more, Tulsa came up short to Wichita State, was defeated by Drake, and lost to Houston, but topped North Tex- as State before returning home. The Hur- ricane stayed home only long enough to fall to St. Louis and hand a loss to Bradley. The Hurricane, on its last road venture, was dealt defeat at Louisville, Cincinnati, St. Louis, and to revengeful Bradley. The Hur- ricaneis season ended at home Where they defeated Drake University, but failed to outlast Wichita State in a close one, which had to go into the second overtime. LEFT TO RIGHT: Iohn Mclntosh, Fred Stevens, Larry Cheatham, Bobby Smith, Bruce Davis, Rob Washington, Hayes. Terry Dunham, Mike Burkett, Ralph Watley, Coach Ken TU Freshman Teams Have Winning Seaso FRESHMAN FOOTBALL RECORD Tulsa . . 31 Northeastern Okla. . . 22 211133 Tulsa . . 19 Oklahoma Mil. Acad.. . 30 Tglig Tulsa . . 28 Eastern Okla. A8rM . . 21 Tulsa Tulsa . . 44 Oklahoma ...... 36 H22 Tulsa . . 24 Arkansas . . . 35 Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Freshman footballers show that they have a lot of offensive punch FRESHMAN BASKETBALL RECORD Oklahoma .... Coffeyville Ir. Col. . Arkansas .... Arkansas . . . Chanute . . . Oklahoma . . . Fort Riley .... Bacone Ir. College . Iohn Brown . . . Oklahoma Mil. Acad Iohn Brown . . . Wichita ..... Coffeyville Ir. Col. Wichita ..... h back picks up a nice g !,l Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Hurricane Tennis Team Nets Rough Season . 3 . 1 . 0 . 3 . 1 . 2 . 6 . 7 . 4 . 2 . 1 . 3 . 4 Arkansas Univ. . Oklahoma City . Southeastern St. Wichita . . . Oklahoma Univ. Oklahoma City . Arkansas . . . Parsons College . Oklahoma Baptist . Oklahoma Univ. Southeastern St. . Wichita . . . Oklahoma Baptist Hurricane Geli Team Has Swinging Season W2 6 9M 8 12 9 115 125 145 s 15 I2 7 Oklahoma Univ. Arkansas . . . Kansas State . . Wichita . . . OBU ..... Northeastern State Wichita .... Bradley .... Okla. City Univ. . Northeastern St. . OBU ..... Okla. City Univ. . Oklahoma Univ. . 3 6 7 4 6 5 0 0 3 5 5 4 3 SW 9 M 4 0 6 SW M W 7 0 3 8 LEFT TO RIGHT: Clifford Stuart, Ben Abney, Mike Beard, john Wyrnore. LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Bebout, Rick Charlton, Mike Wilkie, John Street. 2I7 Tulsa's Bob Daugherty shows his winning style as other tracksters keep a close eye on the action. Hurricane Workouts Prove Good For Meets Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa SEASON ,S RECORD 60 35 21 sm zen Wichita State . . Northeastern State Arkansas . . . Southwest Missouri Lamar Tech . . Texas Tech . . North Texas State Texas Christian . Okla. Christian Col. . Langston . . . Okla. City Univ. . .100 73 23 43 57 44 so 26 vom! 65 rm Dick Ruane and Bob Daugherty pause between sprints. Ba eball eason, A Hurricane Again t TU ' A Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa First baseman Terry Shonkwiler makes a putout for TU. TUISH SEASON'S RECORD Southeastern State . Northeastern ASLM . Oklahoma City Univ. Northeastern A8rM . Northeastern A8rM . Parsons CKansasj . Parsons CKansasj , Cameron .... Cameron .... Cameron . . Arkansas ..... Arkansas ..... Oklahoma City Univ. Drake ...... Drake ...... Drake . . St. Louis . . St. Louis . . . St. Louis .,.. Southern Illinois . Southern Illinois . Wichita State . . Wichita State . . Wichita State . . Shortstop Brent Roberts combined baseball with spring football and was one of TU's top all-around performers FRONT ROW: Carol Olincy, Karen Krai, Iulie Laudon, Ianet Higman, Diana Smith, Mrs. Karen King. BACK ROW: Suzi Simons, Dee Dee Dawson, Sandy Evans, Vir- WOMEN'S INTRAMURAL COUNClL - , . -V P " "P ' oo' ll- . at H, , 'Q' -- f, - . of '55-5 hw 5 V 1- ginia Duke, Melanie Brown, Margie Rhyne, Iudy Reames, Melinda Gilmore, Janie Roberts. Girls Promote Comrodoship through ports Sponsoring tournaments in archery, bad- minton, basketball, bowling, swimming, softball, tennis, and volleyball, the Women's Intramural Council stimulates interest in sports. It is hoped that the participating women develop a spirit of comradeship, friendliness, and cooperation and fair-play from their experiences. Representatives to the council are select- ed from each sorority, the independents, and from any other group wishing to par- ticipate. In the spring the council contrib- utes to the annual Panhellenic Awards Banquet when it presents the Sportswoman of the Year award, given to the best all- around woman athlete who participated in intramuralsg this award was originated by Delta Gamma. Two trophies are also giv- en to the participating group having ac- cumulated the most points throughout the year's tournaments and to the group hav- ing the best member participation for the season. Coordinating the Womenis Intramural Council activities for the year were sponsors Florence Blackmore and Karen King. Carol Olincy served as president and Margie Rhyne as secretary. iii .iff ' :ff , 1 ,fi MT: 1 J r. x -. 0 X A V xi ,f x H ,M A .w 4 J, hw.. ,M ..-,- nl H' u N .qu lw'i?.V4. nu 222 -101 -QQ FRONT ROW: Iohn Kemper, Mark York, Glen Law, Steve Majercik, Iames Wendelken, Richard Van Laere, Dave Miller, John Coleman. BACK ROW: Dan Atha, Tony MEN'S INTRAIVIURAL COUNClL Lansdown, Richard Sudduth, Iohn F. Vaughan, Charles Wu, Larry Alsup. porting Men Compete for Group Trophies Competition for trophies among fraterni- ties and organizations is always great. The Me-n's Intramural Council provides TU men with the opportunity to compete for those group honors with others who are not in a varsity sport at the University. According to the councilas sponsor, Dan Atha, the program attempts to realize the values of a well-rounded personality and mind in addition to a trained body. Officers for 1965-66 were Iohn Vaughn, Glen Law, Ted Murray, Tony Majercik. Would you believe . . . the Watusi? All right , . . Socket? w , . V I 1 L2 I L5 'Mlm ,fiwff :ay f y X ' 4 'N :W w ww M X Mx 'V , W Mm-mmm Wu wx M M H -M H ww w W w X T- "' X ww 'mx ,, uw 9? ri 1 Q J' r x E UI 5 P E n i 224 UR GA NIZA TIONS STAFF: Don Whitesell, commander, jim Tucker, execu- tive, Bill Loopen, personnelg Tim Whalen, operationsg Ron Krates, administration, Phil Stonecipher, inspectorg Gary Schmidt, finance, Ierry Hornish, supply, Iim Van Leeu- wen ,information SQUADRON COMMANDERS: Iohn AFli0TC R0 Enrollment S 2' ' W f fn- Thursday drills discipline cadets to military procedures. Redman, Skip Schmelzer, Leroy Howe. FLIGHT COM- MANDERS: Bruce Bleadley, Russell Pierce, Bob Marshak, Buddy Crump, Ted Murray, Duane Fenn, Everett Adams, Bob Welsh, Steve Winkle. wells as Crisis Grows Diversity describes the men in blue at TU. Flight instruction in light, civilian air- craft for qualified senior cadets is given by Cannon Aviation Company. During the Military Ball at the Elks Club, Miss Kay Fulcher was elected Honorary Cadet Colo- nel and Miss Cathy Bamburg was chosen Honorary Cadet Major. The cadets became "uniformed Santasn When they gave 21 Christmas party for the Tulsa Boys Home. The boys were shown films of the A.F. Thunderbirds and T.U. football films. Gary Brown, Larry Chance, William Connelly, Mark Albert Roos, Mark Stemple, Elmer Symsack, Iohn Vincent, Crawford, Lawrence Crow, Douglas Coding, Ronnie Gor- William Vogle, David Williams, Stephen Winkle. rell, Iohn Hudson, Paul Keller, Iohn Mason, Stephen Page, AFROTC DRILL TEAM Extra Initiative Brings Pride to Corps ROTC Drill Team provides training for officers. Cadet QHQCGI-S Tucker and Winkle re- cruited capable men for the precision-like marching of the Drill Team. Intense prac- tice proved worthwhile when the team re- ceived an invitation to march in the Mardi Gras. The future oiiicers made visits to air bases all around the country. Representing the detachment in many local parades, the team brought praise from audiences and re- viewing ofiicers. These able young men also aided Lt. Colonel Harold B. Howard with Veterans Day services in the Chapel. S5 FRONT ROVV: Scotty Comstock, Nannette Christ, Carol Lynn Fry, Vicki Scovel, Edward S. Dumit. BACK ROW: ALPHA EPSlLON R110 T Broadcasters Aim In order to honor outstanding student broadcasters and to promote high standards of professional broadcasting, the Alpha Sig- ma chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho was es- tablished at the University of Tulsa in l958. Membership in this national honor- ary radio and television fraternity is based on scholastic standing and participation in KWGS-PM activities. Encouraging high standards Alpha Epsi- lon Rho often invites professionals from the broadcasting industry to speak at its meet-- ings. Among its activities are its annual record auction and its co-sponsorship with Theta Alpha Phi of the Speech Depart- io Dino Economos, Lloyd Draheim, Greg Corarito, Beaumont Bruestle, Bill Cochrane, Richard E. Iohnson. r Professional Polish ment's Christmas party and Spring Ban- quet. Winners of the 1965 awards given by Al- pha Epsilon Rho to KWGS staff members were Marilyne Brown, Outstanding Wo- mang Guy Scott Comstock, Robert Lee Comstock Award and Best Engineer, and Dino Economos, Best Announcer on the station. Officers are Guy Scott Comstock, presi- dent, William Cochrane, vice-president, Nanette Christ, secretary, and Greg Cora- rito, treasurer. Edward S. Dumit is the faculty sponsor. ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Sociologists Honor enior wi h cholarship Founded at the University of Tulsa sev- enteen years ago, Alpha Kappa Delta con- tinues to play a role as an active honorary on campus. ln 1949 Dr. Sandor Kovacs, who serves as sponsor of the group, char- tered the first TU chapter of the club, whose interest is the field of sociology. The Oklahoma Alpha chapter here at TU works with the national organization of Alpha Kappa Delta to sustain an inter- est in sociology, promote research into var- ious social problems, and carry out activi- ties Which develop human welfare. Since AKD is an honorary it has grade FRONT ROW: Lanie Wade, Charlotte DeG-armo, Iana Sue Springer, Geraldine Wallace, Sydney Dunnagan, Mary Frampton, Raye Snyder. BACK ROW: Elizabeth Ikemire, Barbara Mitchem, lim Russell, Leota Quiett, Alameda requirements for membership. These in- clude that the member have junior stand- ing with at least a 3.0 overall grade average and twelve semester hours of sociology with a 3.0 average in those hours. Each year during their initiation the club presents its Mr. and lVlrs. Albert Kulp Schol- arship to a senior active Who has a high scholastic record. This year's oihcers Were Jana Springer, presidentg Marsha Watson, vice-presidentg and Geraldine Wallace, who served as sec- reary-treasurer of the group. Smith, Elizabeth Huffman, Bess Iones, Fred W. Woodson, Elsie E. Rains, Charles C. Marrs, Karl Young, Dr. Sandor . Kovacs. ALPHA KAPPA PSI '6Lorton Lore" Publ Alpha Kappa Psi, founded in 1904, serves as an honorary fraternity for male business majors and is the oldest and largest profes- sional business fraternity in the country. Membership in the organization is by invi- tation. A student must be enrolled in the Business School full-time or be a liberal arts student majoring in economics to qualify. Also required is a 2.0 over-all grade average. A year full of activities for the group in- cluded pledging of prospective members, furthering individual research by touring various businesses in the Tulsa area, and FRONT ROW: Philip Stonecipher, Bill Weitekarnp, Bill Aby, Art Cavanaugh, Tom Barber, Russell Cox, Conrad Mangold, Ray Currid, Walter Lewis, Terry Slial. ROW TWO: Robert Ray Burnett, Paul Peterson, Kent Barnes, Steve Imaeff, Iohn D. Fisher, Torn Shepard, Richard Gard- ner, Leonard Klahr, Craig Hursh, Howard N. Smith, Brian ished b, Business Frat attending professional meetings. Also keeping Alpha Kappa Psi members busy were the groupis two publications, Lorton Lore and The Diary. At regular meetings the young businessmen heard speakers from various oil companies and manufacturing firms, and at Christmas the AKP men sponsored a charity drive. Faculty sponsor for the group was pro- fessor George Underwood. Ofiicers were Russell Cox, Tom Barber, Rick Richardson, and Phil San Anglo. L. McNarnire, Ken Davidson. BACK ROW: Clyde Ed- wards, Art Mires, Rick Richardson, Derald Cornwell, Kent Anderson, Richard Young, Robert Gray, Steve Homberg, Gary Lookabaugh, Chuck Overall, Ron Bush, Iohn Linder, Manning L. Crump. ice' F2 -. f- :swam ALPHA 0MEGA " tray Greeks" Unite in oeial 0rganization Comprised of "stray Greeksv who have transferred to TU from other university and college campuses, Alpha Omega is a social organization which is designed to function as a "fraternity of fraternities." Formed with the idea of fostering a cooper- ative and fraternal spirit among Greek transfer students, this new club had 26 joaiiiers on its official charter membership ro . Greek groups represented are Alpha Gamma Delta, Alpha Phi, Sigma Epsilon Pi, Phi Delta Theta, Beta Theta Pi, Theta Chi, Gamma Phi Beta, SAE, and others. FRONT ROW: Patti Gravett, Margie Eckenberg, Linda Wilkinson, Markita Iones, Kathy McCraw, Pam Gleason. A similar Greek organization was in ef- fect at TU in the 1950's under the name of "Off-Campus Greeksf, With the help of iess Choteau and his secretary, "Alpha O" was inaugurated into TU,s Greek sys- tem. Officers of Alpha Omega are Markita Iones, president, Tom Daze, vice-president, Kathy McCravv, secretary, Linda Wilkin- son, treasurer, Charlie Grimes, social chair- man, Pam Gleason, Panhell representative, and Dick Black, IFC representative. Spon- soring the group for its initial year at the University are David Hon and Sandi Graves. BACK ROW: Roy Wilson, Charlie Grimes, Dick Black, Doug Wilson, Bob Marshak, Alvin Baca. E. i ALPHA PHI OMEGA lpha, Phi tlmega ponsors Spirit Petitions "Leadership, friendship and service" is the motto that governs the activities of Alpha Phi Omega. These principles have led the national service fraternity to become the largest Greek letter organization. Beta Pi chapter, at this university, had had an outstanding record of service pro- jects on campus and also in the community. It has been established as the source of manpower for the student elections, gener- al testing programs, and spirit letters to athletic teams. The fraternity has aided the Boy Scout movement, and it has helped FRONT ROW: Pedro Puky, Ierry Passmore, Charlie Rohl- eder, Charles Needham, Larry Cummings, Bill Van Gie- son, Ioe Passmore, Iamil Chehil. ROW TWO: Mir Ra- sheeduddin, Ward Murphy, Roger Summer, Scott Quack- enbush, William Hunt, Mohammed Khan, Robert Thomas community Welfare organizations and nat- ional vvelfare groups such as the Peace Corps and Vista project. Ollicers for this year were Charles Need- ham, presidentg Reed Melton, first vice- presidentg Ierry Passmore, second vice- presidentg Charles Rohleder, secretary, and Pedro Puky, treasurer. Also assisting the group were these active advisers: Dr, C. Robert Kelly, University chaplaing Dr. Gor- don Lovejoyg Iess Choteaug Ivan Roarkg T. C. Elder, W. S. Farlerg Russell L. Stude- baker and Ioe Passmore. Maddy, I. Michael Carruthers, Surinder Wazir, Iohn P. Glass. BACK ROW: Julian L. Carr, Ken Iohnson, Far- had Nomani, Gary Hawkins, Brian McNicol, Robert M. Stewart, Ron Pruitt, James Wendelken, Robert Pries. FRONT ROW: Mike Shrout, Alice Vasers, Karen Harlin, Leslie Smith. ROW TWO: Richard A. Tomasi, Michael Ellis, Antoon Keyser, Robert F, Wally, Phil Fincannon. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SCCIETY Field Trips, Speakers Open to all students in chemistry or chemical engineering, the student affiliation of the American Chemical Society on the TU campus strives to acquaint undergrad- uates vvith the responsibilities and oppor- tunities that a scientific career can offer to them. First founded in l876, the national ACS is among the largest and oldest scientific societies in America today. The TU chap- ter vvas established in 1948. Working in cooperation with their fac- ulty sponsor, the student chapter of ACS presented an interesting program designed BACK ROW: Chuck Rohleder, Ierry Roger, Reed Melton, Kelly Dowd, Robert Stewart. Spot ACS Calender to encourage the advancement of chemistry and chemical engineering in all branches of study. The meetings ranged from formal get-togethers with speakers to field trips to various laboratories in the northeastern Oklahoma area. Among the organizationis social activities were a Christmas party and Spring picnic. Michael Ellis served as president of ACS for the l965-66 school year, Kelly Dowd as vice-president, and Donald Frank as secre- tary-treasurer. Mrs. Alice Vasers Was the faculty sponsor for the group. l r f lull l ww'- 'I' ' "' 5' It . , Q 1 f I S ,Ni . ,. v I 4 I 3 I FRONT ROW: V. E. Iones, Iamal Azar, Gary Benton, E. T. Sampson, I. C. Klotz. BACK ROW: Arthur G. Horn, y fi fi Ioe C. Camp Ir., Larry Dellegar, Kent M. Cooper, Randy H. Phillips, Floyd D. Epperson. AMERICAN INSTITUTE 0F AEIWNAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS Aerospacemen Land ilutstanding peakers Working closely with their national or- ganization, the TU chapter of the Ameri- can Institute of Aeronautics and Astro- nautics is the group specializing in the in- terests of students in aerospace engineer- ing. It strives to promote the latest infor- mation in that Held through professional publications, speakers, films, national and local meetings,- and field trips. In the area of field trips this year the AIAA went to several companies in the Broken Arrow area, including Funk Avia- tion, and also made its annual trip to the Institute's regional conference in Dallas, Texas, Where members competed for awards by reading papers on various aspects of aerospace engineering. According to Professor I. C. Klotz, who is the AIAA faculty sponsor, the mem- bers receive a great deal of professional con- tacts through their college years in this or- ganization and, upon graduation, may transfer to AIAA associate membership. This year's officers were student chair- man, Kent Cooper, vice-chairman, Doug Epperson ffirst semesterj, Ioe Camp Qsec- ond semesterj 5 Tom Sampson, secretary. AMERICAN INSTITUTE 0F CHEMICAL ENGINEERS TU Chemists Find Formulas for Careers Closer afliliation between students and faculty within the local chapter is the goal of the American Institute of Chemical En- gineers, a professional organization at the University of Tulsa. Not only does the or- ganization serve this purpose, but it also provides a chance for chemical engineering majors to gain valuable leadership and pro- fessional skills by the contact it provides with chemical engineers already launched on their careers. A I Ch E is a national organization whose faculty sponsor at TU is Wallace FRONT ROW: Daniel K. Morgan, Max Branson, Iames Ross, E. Don Allan, Reed T. Melton, Norman C. Pereira, Siad H. Ghachem, Bob Wright. BACK ROW: Peter Philoon, Ir. With the help of Dr. Philoon, the Tulsa A I Ch E chapter this year, as in years past, heard guest lecturers from the business world speak on their main inter- est. They augmented this speaker program with field trips when possible, with all their activities directed to informing the mem- bers of the opportunities and aspects of chemical engineering. In l965-66 the officers of the organiza- tion were Steve Sommers, presidentg Pat Sung, vice-presidentg Iim Ross, secretaryg and Frank Antezana, treasurer. Kwong, Iamshid Noghrey, Steve Somers, Tak Ki Sung, Abplasa Abdullah, Robert Stewart, Frank Antezana, Chuck Ro le er. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOClATl0N ational President oi A A Visits Campus The organization potential oi AMA, its officers. FRONT ROW: Dr. Saltzman, lean Ann Holmes, Gustavo Larrea. ROW TWO: Mir Rasheeduddin, Pete Manolakis, Garry Anderson, M. R. Warnken. BACK ROW. Ray Promoting the advancement of science in marketing, T U's chapter provides a link between the aspiring students and experi- enced men ofthe National Association. Dr. Schuyler F. Otteson, president of the AMA, visited in October and spoke to a combined group of marketing students in Lorton Hall Auditorium. AMA supplments class studies with inter- views, discussions, and guest speakers. Guiding the group were Conrad Mangold, president, Dave Current, vice-president, Kent Barnes, secretary, lean Ann Holmes, treasurer. Dr. Dale D. Futhey was faculty sponsor. Currid, Conrad Mangold, Kent Barnes, Ken Davidson, Da- vid Current. Q9 FRONT ROW: David Escojido, Paul Miller, Alan Simon Chasem Pajoumand. BACK ROW: David Admire, Fred- With a primary objective of promoting the field of mechanical engineering on the campus, the AIIVIE has more than accomp- lished its objectives. Throughout the year tours, meetings, lectures, and discussions contributed to a most successful year for I 5 i L die Joe Hensley, Io Bob Hille, Dr. Roger I. Schoeppei, Demir Ersoy. these industrious engineers. Oiiicers for this year have been I ack Ing- ram serving as president, Io Bob Hill as vice-president, David Lansdown acted as secretary, and David Admire as treasurer for the organization. AMERICAN SCCIETY 0F MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Engineers Learn Nleehenies ei their Eield ". . . the advancement and dissemination of knowledge of the theory and practice of mechanical engineering with the presenta- tion of a proper prospective of engineering Work and the opportunity to become ac- quainted with personnel and activities of the Societyu are the goals of the ASME, FRONT ROW: Ray Fenner, Phillip Weigant, Karen Har- lin, Riad A. Farah, C, K. Barton. BACK ROW: David . - rg Whose members must be mechanical engi- neers who have escaped the draft. They were led by Edward "Shear" lack- son, presidentg Doug "Stress" Wilson, vice- pres.g Kay "Crash" Frair, sec-treas. The club's brave sponsor was C. K. "Wrench,' Barton. Timmons, Ierry Hauth, Rinne Martin, Doug Wilson, Iohn Sizemore r .. ,L 'Se H '. an - . er - L in 'E ' i- 'dei '- li. ,UM ': ix ...,, gr A 11 5, F se , ,N , l' Hll ' .f--Ll..f:5:i'1' girl , . , W., ., M , 2 , , K.. ,ill sz FRONT ROW: Cathy Bamburg, Barbi Knight, Carolyn Mullenax, Nelly Gomez, Nancy Heflin, Gerry Hyatt. ROW TWO: Capt. Robinson, Bonnie Larirnore, Sally Smith, ANGEL FLIGHT ngels Present Flag Angel Flight's purpose is to further the ideals of the Air Force, AFROTC, and Arn- old Air Society, its sponsor. The Angels function as a drill team, but also Work as a service organization. This year at each football game they presented the Flags of the countries represented at TU. They also marched in various parades. This year's officers were Michelle Beale, Commander, Margaret Stanfield, Executive Officer, and Cherie Io Perrault, Comptroll- er. Captain W. L. Robinson was the Flightis sponsor. Lynne Schaberg, Karen Kribbs, Kaye Fulcher, Don White- sell. BACK ROW: Michelle Beale, Cherie Io Perrault Ianet Skelton, Diane Blaisdell, Judy Stokes, Iulie Patman how for Football Fans Angel Flight girls present a skit at the Ball. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY Pledges oi Air Force Arnold Air Society was formed at TU on March 7, 1953. Its purpose is to create a close and efficient relationship among AFROTC cadets, Pledging is one of the highlights of the year for the lack Donaldson Squadron. During a tvvo-week period the pledges, or Hheinesf' carry the blue and gold sword and undergo early-morning drills. Capt. F. I. Long served as adviser, with lim Tucker, Commander, Don Whitesell, Executive Officer, Ron Krater, Operations Olhcerg and Gary Schmidt, Comptroller. FRONT ROW: Capt. Long. Tim Whalen, Steve Winkle, Iim Tucker, Foster Adams, Ron Krater, Gary Schmidt, Don Whitesell. ROW TWO: Danny Cupp, Sam Nimmo, Bob Marshak, Gary Freerkson, Iohn Cray, Mike Connelly, Ted Honorar Toe the Line Arnold Air promotes military professionalism Murry, Bill Noel. BACK ROW: Bob Rush, Bruce Bleak- ley, Richand Young, Iimmy Criner, Ieff Addison, Bill Chur- chill, Ron Huntley. lt , .fftf I1 ,M 1' l of .aafsszi t ef-.L -' ARTSTUDENTSLEAGUE rtists Raffle Trea ure fi- , , J, . 'Zi-'Af V. ' ,-'i!'1?1II': A i A '1':2i35'l ' ilsiiel fr' '11-st ., . ,., H M.. li :Q K- -ff- we -Y-M , : rv ,Lv To the artist, inspiring sources are inhnite. FRONT ROW: Pat Moats, Carolyn Mullenax, Candy Neerman, Barbie Hojel, Iudy Frank, Ieanne Thomas, Hel- en Murry, Nora Archer, Letecia Gallagher, Harriet Koons, O. Hogue. ROW TWO: Cleta Emenhiser, Diana Dut- ton, Susan Bales, Kay Bodley, Joyce Massad, Bronco Na- gurski, Ardith McCorkle, Iackie Webber, Patti Blue, lean ,A ard cholar hip Encouraging artistic activities among art students, the Art Students League annually sponsors a raffle to provide funds for an art scholarship. Among its other activities are its sketch trip to the Osage Hills and the Bozar Costume Ball. Serving the Art Students League as offi- cers vvere Ioe Sizemore, president, Susan Heard, vice-president, Sandi Curtis and Iul- ie Patman, secretary, Carolyn Mulenax, treasurer, and Betty Hargett, social chair- man. Dr. Layman lones is the faculty spon- sor for the group. McGhee. ROW THREE: Courtland Wolaver, Millard R. Dunbeaux Esq., Chuck Whisenhunt, Gary Roulston, Gor- don Lee, Bruce Allen, Ray Wahl, lim Sweeney. BACK ROW: Layman Iones, Bradley E. Place, Chuck Annen, Reuben Marcum, Everett F. Adams, Avrum Ashery, Wayne Bass, Park Lang. ,J l ,K - J ff' ' R ,'.,.',j.,.iI1p15"2f'J- 'ilin' , r e -1- .. It-' " tilfevifrerm - .I 'r , I ' 'Elf-5 ., : . . ,- -...V , , . , FRONT ROW: Cleta Emenhisar, Penny Eccleston, Betty Iames, Sunny Paul, Iean Schaberg, Rosemary Cowan, Nan- cy Richards, Vicki Henrichs, Judy Whitehead, Markita Iones, Drenda Stout, Iudy Logsdon. ROW TWO: Io Elaine Rogers, Linda Chamberlain, Mary Sheldon, Ruth Nicolaysen, Suzy Sample, Ian Levy, Ann Willyard, Toni ASSOCIATION 0F WOMEN STUDENTS Brogdon, Iulie Cleveland, Sue Ammon, Linda Kelly, Tina Wrigley, Pat Brasier, Cindy Chronister. BACK ROW: Dean Florence Stevenson, Dr. Barbara Shirley, Kathleen Sullivan, Mary Keeler, Ianie Iohnson, Barbara Harris, Doris Hampton, Anne I-Iulsey, Sallie Schofield, Martha Rohrbaugh, Sarah Alvoid, Betts Stevenson, Ianet Zoph. Coeds Find "Little Sisters" Among Freshmen AWS selected Pat Cremin as their "Man of the Yearf' To further the spirit of friendship and cooperation on campus among TU,s Women is the purpose of the Association of Women Students. Formed last spring under Dean Florence Stevenson's guidance, AWS, which is open to all University coeds, boasts a membership roster of 103 this year. A fashion show and mixer feting AWS "Little Sistersi' successfully started the year. Other highlights included a Christmas party, charity drive, and guest speakers. Along with Dean Stevenson, Dr. Barbara Shirley, Mrs. Helen Deegan sponsored AWS. 241 i FRONT ROW: Iudith Blair, Kennie Baker, Iulie Cleve- BACK ROW: Iohn Stevenson, Mike Caruthers, Dave land, Margaret Welton, Julie Laudon, Nancy Hubbard. Haug, Tom Holt, Bill Young, C, Robert Kelly. CUUNCIL 0N RELIGl0US LIFE Council Welcomes Presbyterian Attempting to draw each organization Memlms retreated i0 and individual at TU into the religious ac- tivities on campus occupied the Council on Religious Life all year. Its Work began in the fall with the ar- rival of the Presbyterian Moderator for a visit to the University and continued with Holy Week activities and Weekly chapel l services planned by the group. The 1965-66 Council was led by presi- dent, Iohn Stevensong vice-president, Bill Young, and secretary, Kennie Io Baker. Chaplain C. Robert Kelley was sponsor. e il e 1' a, t e r Chaplain Kelly's to make plans. DELTA SIGMA PI Yeung Businessmen Find Field Intriguing Sponsoring an organization based on the principles of creating an intimate relation- ship between academics and the modern activities of the business world, Delta Sig- ma Pi strives to maintain an active and growing business fraternity. With tours of American Airlines main base and the Cord automobile plant, the group has experien- ced a wide range of activity throughout the school year. Bi-monthly meetings bring the members of Delta Sigma Pi in contact with such aspects as speakers from the lo- FRONT ROW: Mike Beard, Lewis Perrault Ir., Iohn W. Davis Ir. ROW TWO: Eddie Scott, Willis Allen, Mike cal stock exchange, lectures and films on transportation, and a general outlook on the modern growth and development of business. An eight-week pledgeship is re- quired of all new members to show the spir- it of brotherhood, and membership is open by invitation only. President is Bob Stevenson, vice-presi- dent is Tom Bruskotterg secretary, Steve Kelley, and treasurer, E. I. Coday. Alumni supervisor is Melton Smith. Sexton, Iohn Gibbons. BACK ROW: Tom Bruskotter, Bob Stevenson, E. I. Coday. ENGINEERS CLUB Greatly Engineers Celebrate t. Pat Week Upon surviving the rage of the adminis- tration during the spring, the Engineers Club deployed its 85 militant members at random through the Engineering school, so that it should amplify its membership above the one centa-member mark by the operations end of the l965-66 cycle. Many tactics lectures, reconnaissance trips, and well-programmed picnics were held by Engineers, but their greatest labor was put into the 1965 Engineeris Week. Saint Pat's Day was labeled "Groady Day," and all the loyal engineers turned up even groadier than usual for it. The next night FRONT ROW: Antoon Keyser, Reed Melton, Chistopher Stephen, Iucly Reynolds, Leslie Smith, Kathleen Murphy, Carol Hausen, Toni Bond, Ioanne Krieger, Mike Brown. ROW TWO: john P. Glass, Charles Wu, Michael Ellis, Leonard Keyser, David Admire, Steve Somers, Mike Shrout, Iohn Roginski, Steve Brophy, I. Michael Caruthers. ROW the annual banquet Was held, at which Lloyd Elkin was named Favorite Professor and Chuck McConnell, Outstanding En- gineer. The stress of the Week Was relieved by the Engineer's Ball. Lewis Stivers was acclaimed King Pat and Carol I-Iausen be- gan her reign as Engineeris Queen. The club started the 1965-66 school year off right by Winning the independent award for Homecoming decorations. E. C. oiiicers are president, Arthur Horng vice-president, Charlie Wu, chairman of social events, Reed Melton, treasurer, Leslie Smith, and sponsor, G. Smith. THREE: Wayne A. Dorchak, Ray Fenner, Gary Run- yan, Ken Foyil, Al Horn, William Young, Randy Phillips, Ron Myers, Rinne Martin, Arthur G. Horn. BACK ROW: Chuck Rohleder, Iohn Sizemore, Wylie Neal, Iames Noren, Ken Johnson, Robert Stewart, Mike Prescott, Don Myers, Don Roberson, Pat McGovern. Le gs, 1 FRONT ROW: Gloria Birch, Drenda Stout, Ianiece Brown, Alice Condry, lean Ann Holmes, Karen McCand- less. ROW TWO: Clifford E. Hutton, Conrad Mangold, lim Craig, Rob Harris, Mike Sexton, Tom Sheppard, EXECUTIVE CLUB Walter G. Lewis. BACK ROW: Vernon Tippett, Noble Forbes, Iolm Davis, Tom Fitzgibbons, Torn Riley, Terry O'Callaghan, Russel Cox, Ken Davidson. Executives Heed Business Week Activities The promotion of activities, functions, friendship and fellowship of all groups in the College of Business Administration, is the single purpose of the Executive Club. The twenty-seven members of the Execu- tive Club are selected by each of the stu- dents in the College of Business Adminis- tration. Each year the club participates in a pro- ject both at Homecoming and Christmas. Business Week which is held in the spring is both planned and directed by Executive Club. At the conclusion of each Business Week, a queen is elected. Margaret Gow- ans was chosen this years' Business Queen. The Business Week program also included an all-school assembly complete with fac- ulty and student skits, and featured a soft- ball game with the faculty against the stu- dents. Executive Club held business meetings regularly which were presided over by the Business School officers. They were Ken Davidson, presidentg Robert W. Cox, vice- presidentg Margaret Govvans, secretary, and lean Ann Holmes, treasurer. Sponsors of Executive Club last year were Dr. Clifford Hutton and Mrs. Xymena Kulsrud. a WE t H .,,,.,g,,,,,, p oi s 'J FRONT ROW: Betty Blust, Ianet Skelton, Patty Travil- Miller. BACK ROW: Iean Ann Holmes, Nancy Heflin, lion, Margie White, Iudy Stokes. ROW TWO: Markita Sharon Archibald, Barbara Harris, Nancy Ketchum, Katie Iones, Kim, McWhorter, Iudi Lofton, Nancy Harris, Susan FASlll0N ADVlSORY BOAllll Dains, Mrs. McKee. Fashionable Coeds Inform Campus of Fads Cultivating a keen interest in fashion ideas and trends among TU students was the Fashion Board. The group's main pur- pose was to cause students to become more aware of appearance, clothing, grooming, and thus increase individual self confidence, While creating a better impression of TU students on campus. Stress was also plac- ed on choosing appropriate dress for every occasion. Members included a representative from each sorority and independent group, but invited any interested persons to attend meetings. The varied programs presented this year included speakers on fabric, on fashion merchandising, men's clothing, and modeling. Two fashion shows, sponsored by local stores, were presented by members to create more campus concern for fashion. The group initiated a Fashion Newsletter this year to keep the campus informed on the fashion scene. Also, a Collegian Col- umn concerning recent clothing fads was begun. Leading the girls in 1965-66 was Patty Travillion as president, Iudy Stokes as vice- president, Marge White as treasurer, Ianet Skelton as secretary, and Betty Blust as publicity chairman, Mrs. McKee, sponsor. GERMAN CLUB l Book Knowledge P "Die Neugierigenf' The University of Tulsa German Club, spent its third year of activity and enlightenment during 1965-66. The club was founded to provide supple- ment to classes in German language and culture. Members have majors in either education, engineering, music, or liberal arts. The young organization sponsors films on the subjects of art, culture, and industry. Having an active membership, the club's only prerequisite for joining is an interest in some phase of German. The group is not especially academically oriented, instead, it emphasizes practical application of what is learned in class. FRONT ROW: Clare Ahrens, Mary Mike Landrum, Leslie Smith, Carol Parsons, Margaret Christie, Vicki Henrichs. ut to Practical Uses Holding two meetings a month, the young German enthusiasts also stepped into the social spotlight. They held an unusual Christmas party in the Student Activities Building. Picnics dotted the calendar throughout the year. Good German beer was sampled often, would you believe that? The year was concluded with a banquet at one of Tulsa's fine German restaurants. Coordinating activities were Reed Mel- ton, president, Charles Needham, vice- president, Patty Hogan, secretary, Leslie Smith, treasurerg and Dr. john Zabrovvslci, sponsor. BACK ROW: Dr. Iohn Zabrowski, Reed Melton, Sandy Wylie, Tom Holt, lim Baker, Charles Needham. HOME ECONOMlCS CLUB Home Ee Majors Pete 1966 eniors at Tea A career with a double future. This is what home economics has become in to- day's world. The Home Economics Club of the University of Tulsa is providing to interested students a glimpse into this ca- reer and its opportunities. Many groups such as this one are affiliated with the American Home Economics Association and are found across the United States. In order to qualify for membership the student must have selected home economics as her major field. This includes fashion merchandising, home economics in educa- FRONT ROW: Ian Vallem, Nancy Heflin, Linda Doug- lass, Toni Ogden, Patty Travillion, lean Ann Holmes, Kim McWhorter, Terry Barnes, Vicki Bassi. BACK ROW: tion, or general home economics. Meeting once a month, the thirty mem- bers carried on business and learned more of the varied opportunities of home econo- mics from guest speakers. Special projects included helping a needy family at Christ- mas and giving a Senior Tea in the spring for girls in the graduating class. Officers ludy Yates, president, Terry Barnes, vice-presidentg Iulie Cleveland, sec- retary-treasurer, guided by the faculty sponsor, Mrs. Mildred McKee, sparked the club on through a successful year. Iudy Yates, Connie Plummer, Annell Wattenbarger, Mary Alice Ford, Iudy Reiners, Carole Iohnston, Iulie Cleveland, Alice Vincent, Carolyn Kelley, Mrs. McKee. FRONT ROW: El-Ageli Muktar Ali, Ieries Isa Bishara, Huseyin Ozcan, Pakinee Buranadilor, Ninozlca Gomez, Mi- chelle Beale, Edith Sidwell, Rajden Babayan, Dr. Sandor B. Kovacs. ROW TWO: A. M. Creul, Belgoan Mezni, Vedat Arslan, Charles Chi-Chad Wu, Mohamed A. el Alem, Alvora B. Barrios, Abdul Suleirnan, Tak Ki Sung, Mehdi Sadr. BACK ROW: Seddik A. Siala, Godfried T. Toussaint, Abdullah A. Abbas, Alfredo R. Riero, Iose Antonio Rodriguez, Oralndo Perez, Abid Al-Ianabi, Luis Gmo Rivero, George Solomon II, Norman Pereira. INTERNATl0NAL STUDENTS 0RGANlZATl0N "Miniature UN" Holds International Exhibit Composed of University of Tulsa stu- dents from over fifteen different nations, the ISO is an organization devoted to the pro- motion of better relations between the in- ternational and American students on the TU campus. With membership open to all students of the school, its main activities are designed to help bring together students from divergent backgrounds, cultures, and lands, and to help acquaint them with each other. Throughout the year members of the ISO are also available to help any foreign stu- dent With his particular problem. With these goals in mind, the ISO serves as a miniature UN. Each semester the members hold one ma- jor function, ranging from a talent show to an arts and crafts exhibition. The organi- zation also holds several dances throughout the year. Ollicers in the 1965-66 group represented four different countries. Mohamed El-Alem was president, representing Libya, Michelle Beale, vice-president, U.S.A.g Nancy Io Garten, sec., U.S.A.g Norman Pereira, treasurer, from India, and Nelly Gomez, social chairman, representing Venezuela. Faculty sponsor was Sandor Kovacs, orig- inally from Europe. FRONT ROW: Mrs. A. R. Tarpley, Mrs. Mary Ioe bel G. Miller, Constance Brooks, Clay B. Herring, lim- Keatley, Mrs. Mary Owen, Mrs, Clare Caldwell, Mrs. Es- ter Atkins, Mrs. Hortense Bateholts, Mrs. Virginia Andrew, Mrs. Leta Nunn, Mrs. Rosalind Yee. BACK ROW: Ma- KAPPA DELTA Pl my Reddick, Marlow Markert, I. M. Darland, A. R. Tar- pley, Marjorie Barnes, Marcina Savage. KDP inspires High tandards in Educators Education majors consider membership in Kappa Delta Pi, a national honorary so- ciety of education, a supreme goal. Eligi- bles for membership must rank in the up- per one-lifth of their class scholastically, have completed twelve semester hours in professional education, be approved by the Dean of Education, and must pass the vote of the active members. This society functions "to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards, and to recognize outstanding contributors to the field of education? The eighty-two present members profit from professional programs, including pertinent discussions, films, and speakers on the changing techniques, new ideas, and relat- ing topics in education today. This inspir- ing organization was established nationally in l9ll. The TU chapter, Gamma Kappa, has been honoring and producing excellent teachers and professors from Oklahoma since l93l. Present officers are president, Marcina Savage, president-elect, Dr. Iames Ellisg second vice-president, Mahana Hartfelderg secretary, Iack Boroughsg treasurer, Karen Spradlingg historian, Shirley Hastings, and Dr. Marlow Marlcert, faculty sponsor. ,, TAU BETA SIGMA AND KAPPA KAPPA PSI TU Musicians Band Together in Honoraries Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi, national honorary band sorority and fra- ternity at the University of Tulsa are among the school's music-minded groups. Alpha Beta chapter of Tau Beta Sigma has ten active members. These women must have a 2.0 grade average and are selected by the band director, Dwight Dailey, the sponsor, Mrs. Dailey, and TBS members. The University of Tulsa Tau Beta Sig- ma club is a service organization and has received several awards from the national organization. Its publication is The Podium. FRONT ROW: Vicci Sharp, Linda Collins, Linda Rich- ards, Mary Cobb, Carolyn Miller, Belva B1-umelle, Susan Gubas. ROW TWO: Wayne Ferguson, Gary Benton, Earle Horton, Larry Walker, Prank Hernandez, Gary Quiggle, Ron Grattopp. ROW THREE: Tony Alloway, Oflicers this year were Vicci Sharp, presi- dent, Belva Brumell, vice-president, Linda Richards, secretary, and treasurer, Linda Collins. Alpha Phi chapter of Kappa Kappa Psi serves to improve inter-band relationship, bolster TU Hurricane spirit, and help to facilitate the expenses of the band. This year its main project was to sponsor the fall band queen selection. Officers for 1965-66 were president, Den- nis Gilstrapg vice-president, Robert B. Dainsg secretary, Iames Farleyg treasurer, Iohn Kinkerg pledge trainer, Tom Briggs. Ralph Peters, Mike Bodine, Richard Young, Richard Eby, Floyd Kendall, H. Lundy, Iohn Westgate. BACK ROW: Garry Sloan, Iohn Kinker, Tom Briggs, Dennis Gilstrap, Bruce Dains, Jim Farley, Terry Iankowski. .,.. . , :F KAPPA MU EPSlLON Mat ematicians Figure Mathematicians find figures can be fun. BACK ROW: Kenneth Iohnson, lack Lafierty, Warren Garrison, Ralph Veatch, Dave Lansdown, Ierry Roger, in Campus Activities Oklahoma Beta chapter of the national mathematics honorary fraternity, Kappa Mu Epsilon, boasts a membership of thirty- one this year. Kappa Mu Epsilon works with the campus Math Club to promote an interest in mathematics through education and service. Officers for this school year included lack Lafferty as presidentg David Lansdown as vice-presidentg Leslie Smith as secretaryg Patricia Curby as treasurerg and Professor Ralph Veatch as corresponding secretary. Serving as sponsor for Kappa Mu Epsilon was Professor Warren B. Garrison. Charles Wu, Michael Ellis, FRONT ROW: Carolyn Ax- ton, Linda Begin, Pattie Curhy, Leslie Smith, Karen Harlin. FRONT ROW: Catherine Borland, Pam Williams, Sherry Faust, Ianet Settles, Carol Webber, Sandra Blocker, Lynne Schaberg, Malinda Myers, Iudy Robertson. ROW TWO: Donna Fredrickson, Patricia Dean, Katie Dains, Ianiece Brown, Annell Wattenbarger, Marsha Edmonds, Ioyce Mc- Donald, Iean Dickerson, Kathy Brown, Shirley Williams, Beverly Kleinman, Iulie Munson. ROW THREE: Gloria LANTERN Goodson, Vandelia Cartwright, Marsha Elkins, Nelly Go- mez, Ian Inhofe, Suzanne Denton, Cathy Bamburg, Claudia Hansen, Karen Dodd. BACK ROW: Linda Kelley, Anne Devine, Ian Alexander, Ianice Iames, Iudith Blair, Kay McKellips, Melissa Grant, Ionne Krieger, Pam Martin, Carol King, Iune Webster, Patty Roessler, Iulie Reed, Phyl- lis Walker, Susan Heard. ophomores Sponsor Annual 6' mart Part " Carrying the light of learning into their sophomore year at the University of Tulsa with outstanding scholarship records be- hind them for their freshman year were fif- ty-five TU Women installed into Lantern, the sophomore honorary, for 1965-66. This Mortar Board-sponsored group was begun to encourage second-year women at the University to continue in the academic achievement which they began as fresh- men. Its requirements call for a 3.0 overall average for at least thirty hours of work. Its activities, which started in October with the banquet-initiation of this year's members, included the annual Smarty Par- ty, at which Lantern honors freshman women who will be prospective members for the group at the end of the semester. Lantern officers are chosen on the basis of highest grade point averages for the pre- vious year. For 1965-66 they were Marsha Elkins, president, Iudy Robertson, vice- president, Lynn Schaberg, secretary, and Malinda Myers, social chairman. Susan Heard was the Mortar Board mem- ber in charge of the honorary. FRONT ROW: Carolyn Axton, Pam Phillips, Sharon Ward, Nancy Byth, Susan Sears, Leslie Smith, Iudy Rey- nolds. ROW TWO: Paula Mills, R. R. Kinkade, Ralph Veatch, W. B, Garrison, Tom Holt, Craig Bicking, David MATH CLUB Lester. BACK ROW: Ron Miller, Gary Hawkins, Ierry Roger, David Hall, I. Michael Caruthers, Charles Wu, Wayne H. Jackson, Mike Prescott, Arthur Howe, Dave Lansdown. ath Majors Calculate Annual pring Picnic One of the youngest groups at the Uni- versity of Tulsa is the Math Club, which was formed on campus in 1961. The Math Club, as its name indicates, serves mathematics majors in promoting an interest in and an understanding of that field through education service. According to Robert R. Kinkade, who is faculty sponsor of the organization, in years past it has provided a tutoring service for students having trouble with math courses at the University. This year's activities centered around regular meetings at which faculty members and guests spoke to the group. One of the main events was a sale of mathematics books found in the department. All of the math majors at TU appreciate this club and the opportunities it offers-especially at the end of the year when the group has its annual picnic for the faculty and stu- dents. Serving the organization for 1965-66 in the capacity of president was Ierry Rogers. Carolyn Axton was the group's vice-presi- dent, and Paula Mills Worked as the clubis secretary-treasurer. MORTAR BOARD enior Women Direct Best known and highest honorary for college women in the country, Mortar Board is a national organization which has been represented on the TU campus since 1950. Its purpose is to recognize senior women who have proved themselves out- standing in scholarship, leadership, and service. Always one of the busiest groups at the University, Mortar Board served in its us- ual capacities this year, sponsoring a fall tea for freshman women, Scroll honors tea for junior women, and the Lantern Ban- quet given in honor of sophomore women FRONT ROW: Susan Heard, Sally Smith, Carol Spivey, Lynette Yeretsky. BACK ROW: Patti Curby, Michelle Annual pring Tapping for their high scholarship. A new project of the group this year, and one that proved very successful for the members, was the sale of chrysanthemums for mothers and students at TU during the first Parents, Weekend held on campus. In April Mortar Board members tapped junior women to serve next fall. Officers for 1965-66 were president, Lyn- ette Yeretskyg vice-president, Sally Smith, secretary, Cherie jo Perraultg and treasur- er, Patti Curby. Mrs. Xyrnena Kulsrud served as sponsor. Beale, Cherie Perrault, Tammy Brown, Carolyn Axton, Mary Buthod. j , ,G , 1, H 1 its-rsa'll 61g ' ' 'Y 'FQ t if ' MH 1 1 " 1' ssrfisrmi 'vi jj 4 ii ,1ij1i ii ii 1 ini ii ii ii 1if":i",,z-,g"w,,r'ii'1" "K ,i 11-,-r,,1rs-1 5 .A n W-,Xia 1 v l 1 - VM- ii r in i uf 1 MU EPSII.0N DELTA embers ei Pre- ED Beginning another interesting and re- warding year in the University of Tulsa's pre-medical fraternity, Mu Epsilon Delta, were twenty-nine paid members and the many interested students regularly visiting the meetings. Meetings are every three weeks, and the programs are presented by speakers from different professions related to the medical field. The subjects discussed are ones of general interest to the members. The purpose of Mu Epsilon Delta is to more fully inform pre-medical, pre-veteri- narian, pre-chiropractic, and also pre-osteo- pathic students of the nature of their chosen FRONT ROW: Loren Buck, Stephen Rodgers, David Bo- az, Sallie Schofield, Suzanne Perkins, Rosa Lee Seslar, Iohn Hartman, lim Barnes. BACK ROW: Bruce McAllister, Doug eet Professionals profession and to relate to them the differ- ent opportunities available in these fields today. The fraternity is by nature honor- ary and is open for membership to any stu- dent enrolled in any of the pre-medical sci- ences vvho has the appropriate grade aver- age and has successfully completed thirty hours Work at this university. At this time officers are Loren Buck, pres- identg David Boaz, vice-president, and Ste- phen Rodgers, secretary-treasurer. Dr. C. A. Levengood and Dr. H. L. Lindsay are this yearis able sponsors. Smith, C. A. Levengood, Lonnie D. Russell, Worth Clink- scales, Gary Craig Stephens, Don Hoflich, Steve Miller, Hague L. Linlsay, Iames Henry. FRONT ROW: H. N. Carter, Michael C. Ellis, C. Rob- ert Kelly. 0MICRON DELTA KAPPA cholastic Fraternit Chosen by a special faculty-student pan- el, the members of Ornicron Delta Kappa, national menis honorary leadership fratern- ity, represent the highest standards of aca- demic achievement and leadership among both the faculty and the student body. The purpose of this exclusive organization, which includes thirteen students and seven faculty members, is to promote academic achievement and service at the University of Tulsa. It was first installed on the TU campus on April 29, 1961. In addition to its regular biannual meet- BACK ROW: Bill Pennington, Wiley Cox, Clint Mer- rick, Steve Holrnberg. Taps Top T Men ings, ODK holds a special breakfast meet- ing at least once a year. The fraternityis main activities include ushering at com- mencement and helping with orientation and the "Hanging of the Greens" at Christmas time with Mortar Board. Exemplary of the high standards of Omi- cron Delta Kappa are its officers, Bill Pen- nington, presidentg Clint Merrickg' 'vice- presidentg Mike Ellis, treasurerg and, Dean N. N. Carter, faculty secretary. Dr. C. Rob- ert Kelley serves as both faculty adviser and sponsor for the honorary. FRONT ROW: L, R. Saltzman, David E, Weiskoph, Garry Anderson, Walter G. Lewis, C. Messulam, Harriet Mohan, Richard Klarr, Ierry Rife, Bill Van Gieson, Mir Rasheeduddin, Gustavo Larrea. ROW TWO: Hal Hel- ton, Ken Dennison, Robert W. Cox, Hector Tineo, Iohn Burke, Lanny Richard, Charles Leonard Richardville, Richard Charles Atchison, Vernon Tippett. BACK ROW: Ron Williamson, Farhad Nomani, Frank Shields, Ron lgullsh, Larry Gill, Dean Ierome, Larry Iohnson, Jimmy 1 e. PETROLEUM MARKETING ASSOCIATl0N nique Interest Stimulated b Petro Group In one year's time since its founding in February 1965, this active organization, affiliated with the College of Business Adm., has grown to include 30 business majors interested in the field of petroleum market- ing. Sponsored for the university by Dr. Lloyd Saltzman, the group meets regularly at luncheons for the purpose of stimulat- ing interest in this field. President Ron Bush was in charge of a busy program se- ries for the year, outstanding speakers in- cluded Mr. Iames Kemm, author of LET'S TALK PETROLEUM, Mr. Bob Phillips, Pemco Oil Co., Mr. Ted Coover, former head of the TU Marketing Department. The University of Tulsa Petroleum Mar- keting Club is unique to the campus, being founded locally to discuss topics of regional interest. Oiiicers include Frank Shields, vice-presi- dent, Richard Atchison, treasurer, Harriet Mohan, secretary. PHI ALPHA THETA Histor Honorary Names 0utstanding onior Organized in 1921 at the University of Arkansas, Phi Alpha Theta has developed into the largest of all credited honor socie- ties. The Delta Kappa Chapter, formed at Tulsa University in 1952, has between thire ty to fifty due-paying members. Any stu- dent with forty-five hours, twelve of them in history, and holding the qualifying grade point may join Phi Alpha Theta. Four meetings are held a year. The sec- ond meeting constitutes an initiation and tea for the new members and the fourth meeting is the annual Spring Banquet. The Bessie Sullins Award is given each year to FRONT ROW Iaennie Kothe, Iohn Orth, Sid Dunagan, Eloise Ianssen. ROW TWO: Mary Ann Parker, Charles Kothe, Mary Ann Hille, lohn Hedley. ROW THREE: a graduating senior with the highest over- all grade average for seven semesters of work. The winner receives a scholarship key, a certificate, and a 3525.00 Savings Bond. Scholarship awards are given by the international society to graduate students for further studies in history. The officers heading Phi Alpha Theta are Ron Iohnston, presidentg Iohn Trickel, vice-president, Linda Barnett, secretary, Terry Iones, treasurerg and Mary Ann Bur- nette, historian. Dr. William Settle, lr. is the faculty adviser. Charles Bathos, Robert Rosebush, Carol McCord, Marvin Lowe. BACK ROW: William A. Settle, Iames Cinocca, I. E. Cadenhead. PHI ETA SIGMA Phi ta Sigma Pledges Formed for the purpose of encouraging scholarship among freshman men, Phi Eta Sigma was founded in 1948 at Tulsa Uni- versity. The TU chapter is affiliated with the national organization which began in 1923 at the University of Illinois. Only men who have acquired a 3.5 grade average during their freshman year are eligible for membership in this honorary. Distributing "I-Iovv to Studyv pamphlets at orientation is the main activity. New Phi Eta Sigma pledges can be recognized by mortar boards and the large Wooden keys which they FRONT ROW: I. Michael Caruthers, Iohn P. Glass, Sed- dik A. Siala, A. Haluk Bilgic. ROW TWO: lim Bailey, Reed Melton, Al Horn, Bill Young, Randy Bruton, Mike Wear Wooden Keys Wear around their necks. Each year the na- tional organization sponsors six scholar- ships to be given to a senior member who is planning to enter graduate school. The Forum of Phi Eta Sigma is published quar- terly and keeps the members up to date on activities besides printing scholarly articles written by members and faculty advisors. Officers were Tom Holt, presidentg Iim Bailey, vice-presidentg Iohn Class, secre- taryg Reed Melton, treasurerg and David Renneker, historin. Dr. Clifford Hutton served as the faculty advisor. Graves. BACK ROW: Clifford E. Hutton, Clint Merrick, Sandy Wylie, Tom Holt, Ken Foyil, Richard Marple. ,ft ,iq r FRONT ROW: Vicki Gilstrap, Susan Heard, Vicci Sharp, Norma Hays, Charles Needham, Candace Wood, Cherie Io Perrault, Sally Smith. ROW TWO: Albert P. Blair, Harriett G. Barclay, Robert D. Wright, Barbara Shirley, Abbas Abdullah, Michelle Beale, Robert Kirk, C. D. Thom- as. ROW THREE: Ted Whitehouse, Ron Iohnston, H. R. Iones, Paul Buck, Bill Rutledge, Lynn Hutchinson, PHI GAMMA KAPPA Highest Henerar Init Initiating twenty-seven new members in- to their group in lanuary, Phi Gamma Kap- pa worked through another year promoting high scholastic achievement and recogniz- ing TU students who attained it. Phi Gamma Kappa, the University's old- est and highest honorary, is the equivalent of the national honorary, Phi Beta Kappa, which TU is working toward getting on this campus. Phi Gamma Kappa membership, howev- er is not limited to students in the Liberal Arts School as is Phi Beta Kappais. To be eligible for this group, students Darlene Ninemire, Dan Teagarden. ROW FOUR: Glenn Sharp, Iames W. Scheer, Reba Seaton, Sandy Wark, Shir- ley Daney, Carolyn Axton. ROW FIVE: Ralph Veatch, Iohn Gammie, Wallace Philoon, Mary Frampton, Pattie Curby. BACK ROW: Iohn A. Osborne, Sandy Wylie, Georgann Gvasaway, Roger Schoeppel, Marcia Berner. ietes Twent - even must attain a minimum of 87 credit hours with a 3.5 grade point average or 100 hours with a 3.25 average, 60 hours of which must be completed as a regular enrolled stu- dent of this university. Functioning strictly as an honorary, the group does not have regular meetings, but gets together twice a year to honor new members with an installation and tea. Phi Gamma Kappa officers this year were W. A. Rutledge, president, Iohn Gammie, vice-president, Georgann Gasaway, secre- tary, Iohn Osborn, treasurer, and Roger Schoeppel, sergeant-at-arms. 26l FRONT ROW: Carolyn Mullenax, Marsha Elkins. ROW Michelle Beale. BACK ROW: Sally Smith, Tom Wood, TWO: Iim Bird, Carol Spivey, Rebecca Rather. ROW Iulie Patman, Paul Iackson, Michele Menkemeyer. THREE: Pat Cremin, Dino Economos, lim Thornberry, Pl ALPHA MU J- tudents Celebrate Cool Yule with P One of three rousing organizations in the TU journalism department, Pi Alpha Mu worked loyally this year with the other two, PiDE and Sigma Delta Chi, to spread I-Department fame far and wide. Its year began with a joint pledging cere- mony held with Pi Delta Epsilon in Dec- ember. Shortly afterward the gleesome threesome among I-organizations banded together to throw the biggest Christmas party for the department that it had ever seen-complete with a tree hung from the ceiling. All seriousness aside, Pi Alpha Mu does serve a constructive purpose. It was found- ed for public relations and advertising stu- ents and professionals to encourage those fields. Each year it presents a scholarship to a member of the journalism department, and it also is responsible for the reporting, editing, and letterpress processes handbooks used in journalism classes. Sponsored by Tom Wood, Pi Alpha Mu had the following officers for l965-66: Skip laclcson, president, jim Bird, vice-president, Bob Lair, secretary, and Dino "Money- bagsi, Economos, treasurer. Pl DELTA EPSILON Coeds' Publication Makes Best-Seller List Outstanding as TU's only journalism fraternity for Women, Pi Delta Epsilon had a profitable year with its annual campus best-seller Csecond only to the Kenclallab- rumj the SHOUT, TU's student directory. PiDE also had among its activities for the year participation in the journalism depart- ment Christmas party. Oliicers for i965-66 were president, Mi- chelle "The Bellev Beale, vice-president, Candy Wood, secretary, Rebecca Rather, trasurer, Iulie Patrnan. Serving as faculty sponsor was Mr. William Hays. FRONT ROW: Carol Spivey, Norma Hays, Carolyn Mul- lenax. BACK ROW: Sally Smith, Michelle Beale, Iulie Patrnan, Rebecca Rather, Peggy Wymore. .., as I-'L'f:f""f"' J E A party, yes Michelle . . . but everyone? Pl GAMMA MU Honorary Members ei Pi Gamma Mu Receive Civic Award A national scholastic honorary fraternity, Pi Gamma Mu was founded in 1924. Okla- homa Delta Chapter came to this campus in 1929. Its purpose is to foster and encour- age study and research in the social scien- ces and to commend high scholarship and attainment in the social sciences. Mem- bers are selected among juniors, seniors, graduate students, faculty, administrators, and alumni who have achieved a 3.00 grade average or better. Honorary members are those who receive a Civic Award for a major contribution to the community. A Scholar- ship Award is presented every year to a stu- FRONT ROW: Mrs. George Osborn, Kathy Devlin, Mar- tha Roberts, john Birbilis, Linda Burnett, Francis Shirk, Mrs. jean Shultz, Cora McDonald, Mrs. Reba Seaton, Dor- othy Swartz. ROW TWO: Camellia McKenzie, Mrs. Louis Desjardins, Mary Clay Williams, Barbara Loftus, Mrs, Iohn Mannond, Kathleen Zimmerman, Mrs. Paul L. dent member of the chapter who has at- tained an outstanding scholastic record and has contributed to the campus community through the social sciences. Dr. Sandor B. Kovacs of the Department of Sociology has been elected a regional oflicer in the nation- al organization. Dr. Lloyd Saltzman, the group's sponsor, and approximately 75 active members met twice a year to initiate new members into the organization. The oliicers were Frances Shirlc, presidentg Dale Speer, vice-president, Camellia McKenzie, secretary, and Hazel Desjardins, treasurer. Murphy, Mary lane Gallup, Biddie Ann Powell, Kay Park- hurst, Diane Cox, Ann Ziemer. BACK ROW: jim Shof- stall, Iohn Orth, Michael Dale Speer, Dr. Grady Snuggs, Mike King, john Bethel, Wendell Clark, john Ambrister, Dr, Sandor B. Kovacs, lean Hulcher. NA FRONT ROW: Kennie Baker, Diane Blaisdell, Carolyn Axton, Ieanne Thomas, Michelle Beale, Cherie Io Per- rault, Iulie Patman, Iudy Kay Wilson, Mary Buthod, Carol Olincy, Florence Stevenson, Iudy Stokes. ROW TWO: Lynette Yeretsky, Julie Reed, Margaret French, Margaret Gowans, Carolyn Mullenax, Patti Bell, Susan Heard, Sue Ann Jackson, Sally Smith, Carol Spivey. ROW THREE: Ioe Sizemore, Tony Barrick, Mohamed Alcm, Charles PIIESIDENTS CLUB Needham, Charles Wu, Terry Dickey, Bart Gould, Bill Young, Walt Lewis, Darrell Wolff, Tom Briggs. BACK ROW: H. N. Carter, H. R. Iones, Ron Iohnston, Maurice Sharp, Ierry Passmore, C. Robert Kelly, Steve Homberg, Steven L. Saltzman, Ken Davidson, Ioe Timo, Wiley Cox, Bill Pennington, Ben Henneke, Warren Hipsher, lack Laf- ferty, less Chouteau. Henneke Cells Menthl Presidential Meetings Invited for membership by TU President Ben I-Iennelce, members of Presidentis Club include a roster of TU students who are presidents of various organizations on the University campus. The club started when Hennelce became president of TU. The idea has since spread to other college and university campuses in the United States. The President's Club usually convenes once each month for a formal dinner, which is followed by a discussion of questions and answers. Announcements are also made, and an opportunity for exchange of stu- dent ideas provides an integral atmosphere of intellectuality and enlightenment. Since its formation at TU, the unique club has never elected an official slate of oiiicers as it is operated strictly via the com- bined eiiorts of its members. The total membership, which is determined by the number of various TU club presidents and Dr. Hennekeis own invitation to them, was oflicially recorded as 40 this year. This organization of campus leaders al- lows President I-Ienneke to get to know University of Tulsa students on a personal basis, which is reciprocal and effective. 4 i Sill ,l ,,.. . 0 it 0' 1' :iff " FRONT ROW: Shirley Daney, Ann Powell, Susan Raza, Iean Hulcher, George Giacobb, David Bernstein, Dale Sei- Iane Wallace. ROW TWO: Bob Cook, Iesse Turner, loe ler, Bill Hunt. Schadeberg, R. L. Hobson. BACK ROW: Bill Kopperud, PSI CHI Psi Chi ponsors Insp To psychologize, analyze, and theorize in meetings which prove both educational and inspirational is the primary purpose of the University of Tulsa psychological honorary, Psi Chi. In addition to these primary goals, the honorary also strives to uphold the ob- jective of stimulating scholarship and ad- vancing the sciences of psychology. Celebrating their 20th anniversary since founding on the TU campus in l946, Psi Chi requires for active membership in the organization that at least 12 hours of psy- chology credits be earned at Well as a 2.75 irational Purposes over-all grade average and a 3.0 in psy- chology. Psi Chi meets at least twice a year, hold- ing a dinner and picnic in conjunction with special meetings with speakers from various specialized fields of psychology. This na- tional affiliated group boasts membership of all the department of psychology faculty members. Oliicers for the 1965-66 school year in- clude David Bernstein, pres.g Dale Sieler, vice-pres., Bill Koppeurd, sec. g less Turner, treas.g Dr. Hobson, sponsor. QQ SCli0LL Junior Women Wear lunior Women at the University of Tulsa who have achieved excellence in scholar- ship are recognized each year by a special organization on campus, Scroll. Scroll's purpose is to honor coeds who have done Well and to encourage them to continue in their scholastic endeavors. Scroll is the junior counterpart of Lan- tern, which is the sophomore honorary. Both groups are sponsored by Mortar Board, the highest Women's honorary at TU. To be eligible for membership in Scroll a Woman must have at least a 3.0 grade av- FRONT ROW: Iudy Kay Wilson, Io Anne Hoffman, Car- olyn Miller, Margaret Freeman, Iacqueline Pruitt, Iudy Lindley, Veta Io Treat, Drenda Stout, Nancy Heflin. ROW TWO: Dyann Dyer, Sue Ann Iackson, Suzanne Perkins, Su- san Simanton, Carol Knight, Carol Parsons, Linda Begin, oroll Ribbon Prondl erage and have 60 hours credit. Each fall Mortar Board gives a tea in honor of Scroll's new members. This year senior Carolyn Axton represented Mortar Board as the member in charge of such Scroll activities. Under her direction 34 girls were given the blue ribbon symbol- izing their admission to the group. Scroll officers, chosen by grade averages, for l965-66 are Margaret Freeman, presi- dent, Iudy Lindley, vice-president, Barbara Wylie, secretaryg Kathy Skinner, treasurerg and Karen Harlin, social. Margie Henzel, Gayle McKee, Gwen Arnn. BACK ROW: Diane Blaisdell, Leslie Smith, Kathy Skinner, Karen Har- lin, Carol Keene, Ianet Smith, Ardith McCorkle, Margaret Wheat, Susan Ammon, Barbara Wylie. SIGMA ALPHA l0TA usic Fraternit Presents Annual how Tyrell Hall was the scene of many a SAI officer caucas. FRONT ROW: Linda Marlar, Gerry Hyatt, Linda Reed, Eileen Harbers, Sherrie Belle McKee, Betty Lawson. ROW TWO: Malinda Myers, Melissa Grant, Karen Kribbs, Marti Homan, Lynda Cooper, Tamerlane Brown, Kaye Fulcher, Seven gold Pipes of Pan encircled by a band of pearls is the badge worn by the members of Sigma Alpha Iota, a profession- al music fraternity for women. SAI yearly sponsors a get-acquainted re- ception for freshman and transfer students in the music school. They also present an American composer musicale, and on the national level they contribute to the Braille Transcription Project. This year's officers were Linda Reed, presidentg Gerry Hyatt, secretary, Linda Marlar, treasurer, Betty Lawson, chaplain. Carol Wells. BACK ROW: Carol King, Kay McKellips, Aileen Blackford, Sharon Collins, Bonnie Dunkin, Frankie McKinnon, Carolyn Miller. FRONT ROW: Drenda Stout, Patti Bell, Karen McCand- less, Io Anne Hoffman. ROW TWO: Virginia Lee Estes, Wanda Bishop, Doris Hampton, Margaret Gowans. BACK SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA ROW: Mary Margaret Adams, Anne Cardona, Phyllis Be- reolos, Vicki Gilstrap. Businesswomen elect thelilite cholars The elite TU businesswomen majoring in ofiice administration are members of Sigma Alpha Sigma. Proud women in this national honorary must have accumulated a required number of hours in office ad- ministration and earned a minimum 2.5 grade average. This outstanding organization seeks to promote the highest standards of profes- sionalism in careers open to women in busi- ness. Meeting only twice a year, the group does not have the characteristics of a ser- vice organization. At the bi-annual meet- ings, new members are recognized and fet- ed for their deserving achievements. In the fall, Sigma Alpha Sigma initiated eighteen new members into the honorary. The Spring Banquet was held in the Stu- dent Activities Building. M. H. Hargrove, Dean of the College of Business Adminis- tration addressed the dinner with words on the "Role of Secretaries in Modern Societyf' Karen McCandless, president, Ioann Hoffman, vice-presidentg Toni Walner, treasurerg and Phyllis Bereolis, secretary were honored as this year's officers. Mrs. Xymena Kulsrud served as an able sponsor. 56 -'H nf. I fa r 1 . .Fuji 'it if FRONT ROW: Ed johnson, Pat Cremin, Dino Economos. Paul jackson. BACK ROW: Don E. Hayden Ir., Don ROW TWO: Glen Law, Dick Sudduth, jim Thornberry, Shockey, Pete Parker, john Iudd, Tom Wood, SIGMA DELTA CHI Journalists Journo to California Convention Sigma Delta Chi, national professional journalistic society for men, with campus chapters, like the one at the University of Tulsa, become the first step into the World of professional journalism. The TU chapter of SDX each year handles sales of advertising for the KEN- DALLABRUM, garnering approximately 283,000 Members aid in sponsorship of the "TU Press Dayf' held each spring on cam- pus for nearly 750 high school journalists in the area. SDXers opened the year with a coffee and donuts "Get Acquaintedn table provid- ed in the journalism department the first three days of school. Other projects includ- ed on the agendag joint meeting with the city professional chapter, luncheons feat- uring professional speakers, and trips to the SDX national and regional conven- tions. The regional convention was held in Fort Worth in April, while the 1965 National Convention, held in December in Los An- geles vvas attended by tvvo members and TU chapter advisor Ed johnson. 1965 chapter officers were Pat Cremin, presidentg john judd, vice-presidentg and lim Thornberry, treasurer. SIGMA UPSILON Pl ETA RHO igma Upsilon Pi E Pictured below are members of Sigma Upsilon Pi Eta Rho-the Super Society. We are indeed sorry that the entire group could not be present, but we are told the majority was conducting a gopher hunt in the U. But, this club is not all Work and no Play. In one mere week, it sponsored such functions as a souvenir march on the book- store, a spelling bee for the jocks, a cookout in the ballroom, midget races on the U, and a scavenger hunt in Lottie lane. Isaac Newton serves as sponsor. FRONT ROW: Greta Thurber, Evan Anderson, Esq. ROW TWO: Handy Man, Irving Steele. ROW THREE: ?, Gothic Slouch, Mary Sunshine. ROW FOUR: Lucas ta Rho pells SUPER SUPERS zoom through an ninterestingi' year. McCain, Thelma Zortch. ROW FIVE: lim Bean, Martha Washington. 27I SOCIOLOJGY CLUB Future ociologists Prevent chool Dropouts Serving to perpetuate an interest in so- ciology and to provide a forum for univer- sity students interested in that field, the TU Sociology Club meets regularly to dis- cuss and hear lectures on problems con- cerning individuals and groups and their relationships to each other in society. As its main activity this year the organi- zation took on a service project. Working with the Tulsa public school system, the future sociologists helped tutor the city's students who were not doing well, in hopes that such a program could alleviate the large number of school dropouts. FRONT ROW: Mary Frampton, Marilyn Kapner, lane Smith, Deloris Mathis. ROW TWO: Dr. Nancy Feldman, Stephanie Darnelle, Diane Cunod, Karen Allen, Mary Charles Lylestauble. ROW THREE: Lottie DeGarmo, Besides the tutoring service, the club had regular meetings to which it invited guest lecturers. Among the speakers it heard dur- ing the year were Dr. Gerald Leslie, head of the O.S.U. sociology department, Vin- cent Kelley, director of Tulsais Economic Opportunity Programg and the principal of Booker T. Washington High School, who talked on the recent race riots. The officers of the Sociology Club were Diane Cuenod, president, and Kathleen Murphy, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Nancy Feldman served again this year as advisor. Lili Grubb, Kathy Murphy, Iana Hendon. BACK ROW: Robert Hamlin, Iim Ault, Sid Noyers, Larry Hill, Mike Springer, Dave Kirkman, Dick Means. - ....,, 'fi' FRONT ROW: Ianet Zopfi, Iudy Whitehead, Martha Rohrbaugh, Susan Walker, lean Schaberg, Sherry Temple- ton, Io Elaine Rogers, Margo Bakius. ROW TWO: Ianet Smith, Pam Phillips, Iean Dickerson, Barbara Coombs, Iudith Blair, Kathryn Hulcher, Ruth Nicholaysen, Iudy STUDENT EDUCATl0N ASSOClATl0N Cook, Sue Ammon, Linda Kelley, Markita Jones, Jani Rowe. BACK ROW: Ierry Roger, Kathy Devlin, Genevieve Mc- Glynn, Suzy Sample, Pat Brasier, Mary Sheldon, Veta Io Trplat, Doris Hampton, Barbara Wylie, Dr, Robert E. Par- ris . tndents Concentrate en Becoming Teachers Affiliated with the National Education Association and also the Oklahoma Educa- tion Association, the TU chapter of this helpful pre-professional organization for our future teachers is well-known and ac- tive on campus. Membership is open to interested education majors. The group's main purpose is to "help its members to better plan and prepare for a professional career as an educator." All one-hundred seventeen members receive the NEA four- nal and Oklahoma Teacher magazines. Of special note is that this chapter of SEA received an honor award during the annual Oklahoma spring meeting. Pro- grams throughout this year have included an open forum on the problems of adoles- cents, joint meeting with local Future Teachers of America groups, panel discus- sion composed of elementary-school child- ren, awards banquet, and trip to Oklahoma City for the state convention. Sue Ammon led the group as presidentg Anne Williams, vice-president, Pat Brasier, secretary, lean Dickerson, treasurer, Patty Roessler, historian, Dr. Parrish, sponsor. FRONT ROW: Linda Sonnenfeld, Iudy Kay Wilson, Sue Passmore, Iohn Turnquist, Clint Merrick, Tom Riley, Ann Iackso-n, Iulie Reed, Margaret French, Margaret Stan- Iack Lafferty, Richard Marple, Steve Miller. BACK ROW: Field, Margaret Gowans. ROW TWO: Bill Young, Sally Maurice Sharp, Ron Iohnston, Reed T. Melton, Ken David- Smith, Carolyn Mullenax, Jeanne Thomas, Diane Blais- son, H. N. Carter, less Chouteau, dell, Susan Heard, Charles Wu. ROW THREE: Ierry STUDENT SENATE ena e- ponsored Concerts Draw Crowds Whether the topic was a TU Talkie or a paperback book sale, an interesting argu- ment Was always a possibility at Student Senate meetings throughout the year. These events sparked each Tuesday morn- ing for senator representatives from the col- leges of the University. Along with the hassles, though, the stu- dent governing body turned out a great many successes for 1965-66. It's fall Big Name Attraction, The Mitchell Trio, was one of the most popular in years and the spring Big Name Band, The Astronauts, was equally Well liked by TU students. The first Book Fair held here, headed by chair- man of the Academic Affairs Committee, Bart Gould, was another project well sup- ported by the University. The Senate was constantly busy with movies, sock hops, productions, and guest lecturers which it annually sponsors. Leading the group in its projects for the year were oflicers Ron Johnston, president, Sally Smith, vice-presidentg Sue Ann lack- son, secretary, and Carolyn Mullenax, treasurer. less Chouteau and Dean Harry Carter served as advisors. SWORD AND KEY cholars Recognize 0utstanding Men at T "To promote and advance the cause of scholarship and provide a suitable recog- nition for those in future years who may distinguish themselves in scholarly attain- ment and in traits of characteri' are the purposes of Sword and Key as stated by its founders. As one of the top men's honoraries at the University of Tulsa, Sword and Key has strict grade requirements for its members. It is restricted to junior men with an over- all average of 3.5 and senior men with a 3.25 grade point. Other factors considered in accepting members into this group are FRONT ROW: Cavit Aydemir, Reed T. Melton, Bob Wright, Charles Wu. BACK ROW: L. F. Zimmerman, that they have a minimum of twenty-four hours of credit at the University and have demonstrated leadership and service. For 1965-66 the organization had two sets of officers, one for each semester. Serv- ing first semester were Charles Wu, presi- dent, Reed Melton, vice-president, Ted Whitehouse, secretaryg and Daniel Tea- garden, who was treasurer. Second semester the group was headed by Larry Williams, president, Iames Alley, vice-president, Kenneth Iohnson, secretary, and William Young, treasurer. Dr. L. F. Zimmerman was Sword and Key sponsor. Dan Teagarden, Sandy Wylie, Kent M. Cooper, Bill Chi- chester, Clint Merrick. J Y ll ..-i 32. .i,"i?jfi . ' , tai TAU SIGMA ETA peech-Hearing lub Begins First Year Dr Hackworth points out the basics in rehabilitation. FRONT ROW: Ioan Griliith, Sharon Stephan, Martha McGinnis, Nancy Sleeper, Pat Deisenroth, Mary Miller, Dyann Dyer, Iane Albertson. BACK ROW: Sally Folger, W The Tulsa Speech and Hearing club seeks to acquaint its members with the re- habilative professions. In its first year on TU,s campus, the group has members ma- joring in speech therapy, audiology, and deaf education. Hoping to affiliate with the National Speech and Hearing Association, the club had reports from distinguished professionals such as Carl Roberts, Direc- tor of Enid State School for the Mentally Retarded. Organizers on the Executive Council were president Marcie Bailey, Diann Dyer, Mrs. lane Albertson, Mrs. Mary Martinke- Wiz, Mrs. Iuanita Coiner, and Dr. Howard I-Iackworth. Betty Dondlinger, Carolyn Geiger, Nancy Schulz, Carol Knight, Diane Blaisdell, Happy Hower, Mary Sheldon, Iani Rowe, Marcie Bailey, Mary Martinkewiz. FRONT ROW: Harriet Barclay, Iuana Lee Bell, Olivia Hogue, Carol Lynn Fry, Lynna Burt, Betti Hunt, Sue Christerson. BACK ROW: Edward S. Diunit, Iames H. Henson, Lawrence L. Graham, Bob Odle, Beaumont TIIETA ALPHA PHI Dramatists Foster The Theta Alpha Phi, a national dramatic fraternity formed on Tulsa University cam- pus in 1927, strives to increase interest, stimulate creativity, and foster artistic achievement in all the related arts and crafts of the theater. Membership is by invitation which is extended when ade- quate points have been earned by Working on any phase of theatrical productions. Of the twenty-three members, several deserve mention for their Work and contributions: Tom Iones, Lynna Burt, and Carol Lynn Fry. An honorary membership is held by one of the faculty members, Dr. Harriet Barclay. Bruestle, Iohn Hurdle, Gary Doyle, Tim Morsani, Harold Barrows, Ken Stimson, Caiy Drain, Tom Iones, Sam I. Martinez. etrieel Achievement Last spring, Tulsa Universityas chapter was host and sponsor for the regional The- ta Alpha Phi Conference. Dr. Ben G. Hen- neke, former Theta Alpha Phi sponsor, spoke at the general assembly of the Con- vention. A Christmas party and Spring Banquet are held annually. Contributions are also made to the national magazine, The Cue. This year's oHicers are Betti Hunt, presi- dent, Gary Doyle, vice-president, Tim Mor- sani, secretaryg and Lynna Burt, treasurer. Dr. Beaumont Bruestle sponsors the active chapter with Wisdom and humor. FRONT ROW: Margaret Gowans, Gloria Birch, Shirval Hill, Sandra Catren, Peggy Holland, Io Anne Hoillman, Iane Sloan, Cynthia Rylander, Donna Whitney, Doris Hampton. ROW TWO: Drenda Stout, Vicki Gilstrap, Donah Alnett, Lynette Yeretsky, Karen McCandless, Mary Landry, Susie Stout, Sarah Nichols, Iirnmie Mitchell, Patti Bell, Kay Underwood, Peg Heidel, Ianet Kominek, lean Stephenson, Lucina Hill. ROW THREE: Deborah Schutte, TU BUSINESS WOMEN'S CLUB Business Majors Giv To acquaint Women with the many dif- ferent fields of the business world is the primary goal of the TU Business Women's Club. To be eligible for membership in the club a woman must be enrolled in the Col- lege of Business Administration. During the year the organization selects an outstanding senior woman as the Busi- ness Woman of the Year. Special program- ed luncheons are planned with a guest speaker from some field of business. Among Mary Kay Rickard, Linda Swenson, Iulie Knovak, Dohna Fredrickson, Anne Cardona, Patti Oertle, Susan Miller, Barbara Gardiner, Shirley Campbell, Rise Heckrnan. BACK ROW: Veda McGinty, Virginia Estes, Soudabeh Samii, Phyllis Bereolos, Jennie Le Abboub, Gwen Kelly, Sandra Iackson, Ianet Jackson, Sandy Robison, Barbara Harris, Lorraine Christman, Veronica Lakios, Linda Smith, Kay Cunningham, Alice Condry, Sheryl Stilwell. e Apple Polishing Part the highlights of the year are the decorat- ing of a Christmas tree for Lorton Hall and an Apple Polishing Party for the professors of the business college. The club consists of iifty-five members. Faculty co-sponsors are Mrs. Xymena Kuls- rud and Mrs. Veda McGinty. Margaret Gowans is president, Mrs. lean Stephenson is first vice-president, Drenda Stout is sec- ond vice-president, Io Ann Hoffman is sec- retary and Vicki Gilstrap is treasurer. YUUNG REPUBLICANS Jenkin Llo d Jones Sp With no presidential election year in the oiling, the University of Tulsa GOP,s group-better known as Young Republi- cans-spent the school year profitably pro- moting ideas of the Republican party. Guest speakers highlighted the fall pro- gram agendas, including talks by such no- tables as Ienkin Lloyd lones, Oklahoma Senator Denzil Garrison, and GOP leader Richard Coulter. These partisan political speakers and other special guests helped to spark an interest in supporting statewide 1966 GOP campaigning preparations. A special Young GOP meeting was held FRONT ROW: Markita Iones, Candy Neerman, Marcie Bailey, Carol Sword, Margo Bakius, Vicki Henrichs, Linda Mize, Linda Lewis. ROW TWO: A. Keyser, Mike Knob- loch, Phil Boillot, Wylie Neal, Charles Needham, Rich- eaks to Young Gillis in November in conjunction with the TU University Democrats, c'Viet Namv was the controversial topic under discussion. Ever since the formation of the TU Young Republicans in 1957, it has been a tradition to send representatives to the fall and spring state GOP conventions. Such was the case again this year. This year's officers were Don lVlcCorkell, president, Linda Mize, vice-president, Carol Sword, secretary, Carol Parsons, treasurer, Vicki Henrichs, senior comrnitteewomang and Bob Bloomfield, jr. committeernan. ard Hill, Dick Carroll. BACK ROW: Tom Holt, Don lVlcCorkell Ir., Raymond Stunn, Iim Dotson, Verlon Bob Brunson. , .M fi" ll S , I Jw "' an kiln' it N --,H W , , ,ii in iw rm-.M ii ii 'ww ii mm , ll ,mg J U - H ll, 1 , ilzi if l--?g:1g,il ii lllill ll iii ui'Wl5ggagfqfgg3lQi:'llll,l2' Q ll ll H H 'l1'G'1u ll Hi ull! 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Osage Drive TULSA, OKLAHOMA BOLTS - NUTS - SCREWS - WASHERS - ALLOY STUDS A Complele Line of Fasieners Specializing in Sfainless S'l'eel and Brass tudent and llrganizzition Index A Abbas Abdullah 56, 231, 245, Abboud, Iennie 65, 274 Abel, Sara 56 Abney, Ben 217 Abshire, Cathy 127 Aby, Bill 250 Acree, Archie 71 Adair, lim 78 Adams, Everetl F. 56, 239, 240 Adams, Mary 56, 265 Adams, Neal 78 Adderlon, Cathce 71, 116, 149 Addison, Iell' 56, 239 Aclmire, David 237, 244 AFROTC 226 AFROTC DRILL TEAM 227 Agent, Dan E. 65 Afuilar, Ted 71 Alirens, Ben H. 44 Ahrens, Clare 71, 116, 149, 2-1 Ahrens, Dan T. 138 Albeit, E. R. Z2 Albertson, jane 276 Albrecht, Karen 78, 120, 149 Albright, Mark 100 Alcm, Mohamed 65, 245, 261 Alexander, Cleo 54 Alexander, Ianiee 71, 149, 253 Ali, El-Ageli Muktar 245 Al-Janahi, Abid 56, 245 Allan, E. Den 56, 231 Allbright, C. Mark 96, 99, Allen, Bruce G, 56, 144, Allen, Dwight T. 78 Allen, Fred III 71, 132 Allen, Ioclce 123 153 240 26 1 Allen, Rufh TS, 127 Allen, Willis 71, 143, 243 Alley, Steve 71, 140 Allison, Gary 71, 144 Allmvay, Tony 71, 100, 251 Alllizer, Ianie 73 Alnelt, Donna 274 ALPHA EPSILON RI-IO 226 ALPHA KAPPA DELTA 229 ALPI-1A KAPPA PSI 250 ALPHA OMEGA 233 ALPHA PHI OMEGA 28 ALPI-IA TAU OMEGA 133 Alsup, Larry 71, 135, 222 Alvoid, Sarah 78, 97, 124, 149, 241 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY 233 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTS 234 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CI-IEMICAL 7 ENGINEERS 231 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 237 AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION 236 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS 237 Ammon, Susan 116, 241, 263 Anderson Billy G. 56, 154, 2100, 201, 203, 205 Anderson: Bobby 78 Anderson, Garry 56, 236, 58 Kent 230 Anderson, Anderson, Mary Glenn 56 Nancy 71, 120, 149 Anderson, ANGEL FLIGI-IT BS Anncn, Chuck 78, 138, 240 Antezana, Frank 56, 136, 231 Araneo, David 78, 153 Archer, Nora 78, 115, 240 Archibald, Sharon 78, 116, 246 Arminio. Tom 71, 153 Arnn, Gwen 65, 115, 263 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY 239 Arslan, Vedat 245 ART STUDENTS LEAGUE 240 Ashery, Avrum 56, 240 Askins, Diane 78 ASSOCIATION OF 'WOMEN STUDENTS 241 Atchison, Richard 65, 138, 258 Atha, Daniel R. 44, 222 Atherton, I. L. 56 Atwater, Sue 71, 124, 149 Atwood, Odell C 65 Aumann, Iohn 99 Averill, David 65, 135 Axion, Carolyn 56, 115, 129, 196, 261 Ayclemir, Cavit 275 Azar, Jamal I 44, 230 B Babayan, Rajden 245 Babb, Larry 71 Babcr, Anne 71, 120, 149 Baca, P. Alvin 65, 140, 156, B3 Baehrnan, Tonie 78 Bacon, Linda 65 Bahos, Charles 54, 108 Baile, Greg 78 Bailey, Iames 55 Bailey, Iames 71, 156, 260 Bailey, Marcie 65, 116, 276, 279 Bagwell, Barbee 56, 119, 149 252, 254, 255 ! i i N 1 1 :ai wi' it ,vc UKLAHUIWA 'S PA CESE T T EH ,:l , M. rig. 4 ,luv NATIONAL BANK .WTULSA BT Setting the pace in progres- sive financing throughout the southwest is the National Bank of Tulsa! NBT's world wide reputation as a Full Service Bank has made it popular with students and faculty. Today our enthusiasm for progressive banking is still the basis of our continuing full service expansion. You will enjoy the pacesetting way we do business at NBT. E Ng, . A e ' , f U l - 4 . A HM . lg N 1 gxxrxy A W, N fy ,X i A it-Q -.-. I fi "': Jlziw 11 . ,l t" ll V ' ,il !!': 5 ii i? fgglii? ii 'i'lN 'W' fl?" 1 l-'f Klh. '! : 'lima' .,.., ' "::t" rlil l tatl fha l r it i f in t l I , it it 1. it ,N ggegsggggzxglgf 1.5552 1 "-- .Lvl'lg2,' 'fl' :gn 1 13 f 1 1:51 I N' ggi' fgwtfz-12 523232 gtfgtfiifef lf 'Sill fl nw f1,l.t?5lgE5?? liiifggfzitziggiiri ggfgg?i. 16fQ,afffrr w flligig lil t ziegfte ' "" 5 QW- 5' .522 ZEN fx-fi:?w if 3 ' ,5 :,:,: ' V 5 h , r33f'2QQa, 'L ' 533353552 433525535322252255255 ?fia1sggi Hl3,yfslf? ni' - Sit: 2 ,Q l fri. 2? E' 'ff 'ri' ' wif H it 5 ggi it .259 l l"' ' a l , A' li :i:" is 5 l- iz, f ",, 3 2 12 ::asegg'a1 ..:p' :g S31 EL SE? 2 :, ," F" f :Sagas - 9af,'fKQW ,ago Q , t r l E -"'r"' .QL r lil " ' Ei? EE w g 52233 fgigfgfifl :-: 251553'igwfvrglggl-QIW1 Egg it ,l ,-------f "-' ,Ms5'.::-pf g??: ,.r1?lE-yi i l . Q is it ti l r 2 gi E ggi """ "" l .. fi ,, , 5 - sig ,r.... gl eil E l V' ll ll it" ' ,iiqf g ff E' :': 5 3535 'T fQl37'fl5 35139572 2 r , .' 'fiktkf 22 i"' iff 93 5 ? 2 I Vogmgfr' -f ifll i f-' WL' ,. 1' 1' QE 2 5 - aava r. "'l ' - :-:-:-:-: L l M ,milf W V P5'i"f: V 3' i'-sf. X 155' -PHL '. Ti?'2-:Eff "'V7 'N-EEF Fffc ifl. I f V V 1 V 5' Ei . W " E .AJ -53 33? Mis: .rri ' it fm 'IL I Q i tl if -1 ' -Ar -, -' 1 :' zgz :it -."' 1 22, ' -f "-"-- ' JY r-1 :: ,f i a , - I'-a n RJ. -- ' .-... A l .. " :' "N ew i -lfr I :-:' f 2 'f:::':'1 --:. ,,.,... - 1 ' '-"" -'sizjfu -v-1 - :.: Y-.3 ..,., 'I M : H I ... , , fwziilifsfga ., im mn fix f 'i'i' ' "": :':: ' """" 4 ' fttt fi El .:,- A Jgwg, Q2 l 2 rlil llti E l itrf'IIlfaissitilslflillsin ttt ""' l ti it l, .'1 QM V rl ?iVVHLl4.W.IIu?M szri kkkk il li m. .M igwag,-M i,k,, "j'z:1mMa:4'AWNg gwar?W"' :vii " In 5 2 s V- 'if , .glib zi' 5 ll i5'55i5f.1f ':':": 793rii555'1Q" ' -15'?WWf1 3:m' ?W " N M - -N 'N llf .,.,.,. itil W 11' lu -A 3241? 'Mag i tz. MWA: ""V' sf - ff ,, 3 k- - L V -W f I f 1 : if ,.,.,., M' .,., I ' zzz gf - ' I ' gf M ,L ll growing 'iogeiher for i'he fuiure . . . TU's 1966 Gracluales ancl Seismograph Service Corporalion One of Tulsa's expanding inclusrries. Compleie seismic exploraiion and inierpreiaiion services arouncl ihe globe. Wireline services for 'lhe oil inclusiry ihrough 'lhe Birclwell Division. Unique geophysical ancl elecironic producis 'through 'lhe Seiscor Division - manufaciurer of 'rhe Seiscor Voiing Machi 116. INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 6200 EAST 4IST STREET TULSA, OKLAHOMA Baker, Iimmy 65, 247 Baker, Kennie Io 65, 123, 242, 261 Bakius, Margo 78, 273, 279 Bales, Chuck 17 24 Bales, Susan 56, 124, 149, 240 Ball, Carol 78 Bamburg, Cathy 71, 116, 149, 186, 2 BAND 100 Bandy, Dale 65, 138, 156 Bundy, Dalton. 201 Bancly, Zella 78 Bones, Sue 149 Barber, Tom 230 Barclay, Harriet G. 42, 44, 261, 273 Barkley, Kenneth B. 56 Barnes, Charles B. 65 Barnes, lim 71, 252 Barnes, Sydney Kent 56, 230, 236 Barnes, Terry 71, 116, 244 Barnett, Linda Shaddox 56 Barr, Carol 78 Barrick, Tony 71, 130, 136, 261 Barrios, Alvaro 78, 245 Barrows, Harold 273 Bartles, Iaek 65, 136 Bartlett, David 99, 100 Bartley, Larry 71, 136 Barton. Charles K 44, 237 Bass, Ken 65, 130, 143 Bass, Wayne 71, 240 Bnssi, Vicki 65. 244 Batterson, David 108 Baxter, Gary 71 Bay, john R. 56 Bay, Linda 56 Bayer, Larry 143 Bayer, Sue 71. 149 Baylor, Lewis D. I8, 154 Beale, Michelle 56, 107, 194, 238. 24 259, 261, 262 Bealmear, Iune 141. 54 Beard, Mike 217, 243 Board, Stephen 71, 156 Beattie, Anna Faye 71 Beattie, Richard L. 56 Beaubien, Iames Larry 56, 136 38, 253 5, 255, Bebout, Bill 217 Bechina, Mel 201 Bedford, Gary 78 Been, David 71 Beeson, lo Ellen 99, 100 Begin, Linda 65, 252 263 Behnke, lim 78, 140 Belford, Barbara 71 Bell, Allan H. 54 Bell, Iuana Lee 273 Bell, Patti, 56, 68, 119, 129, 149, 261, 265, Bell, Ross 78, 143 Bell, Roy 78, 140 Bender, Tom 215 Bender, William R. 65, 143 Bendt, David 56, 140 Bennett, Bruce 78, 132 Bennison, Victor 78 Benton, Gary 71, 100, 153, 23 Benton, Susan 78 Bereolos, Phyllis 56, 265, 274 Berg, Bruce R. 78, 138 Berkinshlaw, Bruce 71, 138 Berner, Marcia 261 Bernstein, David L. 54 Berry, Marilyn 78, 115, 149 Bethel, Bob 108 Bevil1,Iean 78, 119 Bevill, Lynn 56 Bicking, Craig 254 Bilgic, Haluk 260 Bilyeau, Ronald 98 0, 251 Birch, Gloria '70, 71, 116, 149, 245, 274 Bird, Iim 65, 81, 132, 262 Birmingham, Mary 116 Birss, Roger A. 56 Bishara, Ieries 71, 245 Bishop, Richard 78 Bishop, Wanda Louise 56, 265 Black, Andi 78, 124 Black, Dick 233 Black, Stephen 78, 138 Blackburn, Donald Ir. 56 Blaeklorcl, Aileen 65, 268 Blackmore, Florence 44 Blair, Albert P. 44, 261 Blair, Iuditlfi 71, 149, 188, 242, 253, 273 fi Blaisdell, Diane 129, 165, 193, 2 274, 276 Blake, Glen 108 Bland, Dick 78, 144 Blcakley, Bruce 100. 239 Bliss, Sally 71, 119, 149 Blocker, Sandra 71, 253 Bloomfield, Bob 130 Blough, Philip K. 44 Blue, Patti 65, 240 Blunk, Richard 65, 143 Blust, Betty 73, 149, 246 Boatright, Sally 78 Boaz, David 252 Bodine, Mike 99, 100, 251 Bodley, Kay 65, 124, 240 Boen, Floyd R. 65 Boggs, Alice Ann 71, 123, 149 Boillot, Phil 65, 279 Bolcli, William H. 56 Bolinger, 1. Bruce 56 Bond, Pam 78, 116 Bond, Toni 244 Bonner, Chloteal 65, 149 Boone, Byron V. 2 Borden, Mrs. Emmie R. 127 Borland, Catherine 71, 115, 253 Bottom, Caroline 78, 149 Boyd, lurly 70, 97, 123, 149 Boyer, Larry 71 Bradford, Dennis 71, 140 Bradford, Harry 79, 140 Bradley, Robert 44 Brady, Douglas 65, 144 Braeutigam, Ron 79 Brannon, Iackie 79 Branson. Max 231 Brasier, Pat 71, 149, 241, 273 Bray, lane 71, 127, 149 Brazeal, Marvin L. 65 Breeding, Mary A. 56, 115 Breuninger, Barbara 71, 149 Brewer, Raymond 79, 154 Brice, Iohn W. 22 Bridges, Gary 71 Briggs, R. L. 30 Briggs, Tom 65, 98, 100, 143, 25 38, 261, 263 1,261 For the Best in Lawn Equipment come to BOB DUNNING-JONES, Inc. "Your Oklahoma Lawn Supply House" .4 0n:!!!!!!I11'. I K I KI 1 rwlfiwlwlf il POWER TOOLS I406 So. Lewis Tulsa Phones WE-6-3660 and WE-9-3296 CAREER SPECIALISTS LEE WILLIAMS - MARGARET OLSEN POSITIONS FOR MEN AND WOMEN - - - 0 OFFICE 0 SALES 0 TECHNICAL 0 EXECUTIVE LU 4-4771 215 Thompson Bldg. Draperies Alterations . WZ A' it? f f ! Professional Dry Cleaners Custom Hand Fmrslung Pickup cf: Delivery Cold Storage I732 So. Bosfon - Phone LU 2-2197 Brinkley, Paula 65, 124 Brister, Zeb 79 Brobst, Richard 201 Brock, Larry 56 Brock, Martha 65, 100 Brogdon, Toni 79, 113, 128, 241 Brooks, Joe 201 Brooks, Patti 79 Brooks, Robert Thomas 79 Steve 65, 244 mug Iohnnie 79 Brown, Betty 71 Brown, Carolyn 79 Brown, Charlie 201 Brown, Edward 71, 154 Brown, Ianiece 71, 115, 245, 253 Brown, Iaynie 79, 149 Brown, jimmie 201 Brown, Kathy 71, 120, 149, 253 Brown, Melanie 220 Brown, Michael G. 79, 244 Brown, Paul L. 42, 44 Brown, Mrs. S. A. 136 Brown, Tamerlanc 56, 127, 255, 258 Brucstle, Beaumont 42, 44, 26, 275 Brumelle, Bclva 100, 251 Brunson, Verlon 279 Bruskottcr, Tom 243 Bruton, Randy 138, 260 Bryant, Sally 65 Bryden, Iim 65 Buck, Loren 252 Buck, Paul 44, 261 Bukcr, Janie 79, 98, 105, 124 Bunn, Larry T9 Buouiconti, Bob 201 Buranadilok, Pakinee 54, 149, 245 Burfess, Don 99, 100 Burke, Iohn J. 56, 258 Burke, Mike 140 Burkett, Mike 79 Brophy, B 11, Burnett, Cheryl 71 Burnett, Robert Ray 230 Burnctte, Mary Anne 55 Burns, Mary Io 79 B M ' 71 urrus, arena Burl, Lynna 193, 273 1 620772 go... 'kwi- 47 4 ,b +1 hink. ..I stil 1+ 4, ,zrwoff THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 'f53UBSfNiiDEZ2EO'i5,T?ZlT Make 2 Mooj? 5 owe ru your year 'round Gift headquarters For the Gift you,Zl give with pride, Let your jeweler be your guide. Home of Keepsake Diamonds Guaranteed Flawless Near the TU Campus at 1137 South Harvard Ranch Acres Harvard Hills 3324 East 31st 1515 N. Harvard 2130 So. Sheridan We Give S -:Q H Green Stamps Burton, lim 56, 143 Burwell, Scott 79, 136, 153 Bush, Ronald 71, 132, 230, 258 Buthod, A. Paul 44 Buthod, Mary 54, 127, 129, 255, 261 Buthod, Robert 12. 71, 138 Buthocl, Ruth 79, 127 Butts, Kathie 79 Bythe, Nancy 79, 254 C Cadenhnad, I. E. 44 Caflne, Marcus 99, 100 Caims, Thomas W. 44 Caldwell, Dana 79, 123 Caldwell, Steve 71, 144 Callzmds, Herman 57, 154 Calvent, Steve 79 Cambron, james 79 Cameron, Wm. P. 55 Camp, Ion C. Ir. 230 Campbell, lim 79, 143 Campbell, Shirley 71, 274 Cannon, Joe 55 Cantrell, Richard 65 Cz-xrclona, Anne 265, 274 Carindcr, Lynda 71, 98 Carr, Iulian 71, 140, 153, 228 Caroll, David 57 Carroll, Dick 57, 143, 279 Carruth, Robert 71 Carter, Chaney 79, 100, 136 Carter, H. N. 24, 257, 261, 274 Carter, lack H. Ir, 79 Cartwright, Vandelia 53 Caruthers, Iamcs Michael 71, 228, 242, 'lf-14, 254, 260 Cash, Linda 65, 127, 128 Catren, Sandra 71, 13, 2741 Catton, Carolyn 65, 120 Cavanagh, Art 230 Chamberlin, Linda 79, 149, 175, 241 Chambers, Donna 79 Champion, Mick 65 Chandler, Burke 71, 132 CHAPEL CHOIR 97 Sludenl' Ac'I'ivil'ies Bldg. ' Petroleum Science Bldg. McClure Hall Sharp Memorial Chapel Mabee Gymnasium Cenl-ral Power Plan'I's Adcli'I'ion 'lo - LoH'ie Jane Mabee Hall Skelly S'l'adium all a . ,.,..... ...V - A---------ev? ""5':7fi1T: bwlf by ,Q gf I TULSA RIG. REEL Xt MANUFACTURING CO. General Coniraciors TULSA, OKLAHOMA Chapman, Bill C. 57, 140, 194 Chapman, Connie 71, 124, 149 Charlesworth, Betty, 57 Charlton, Rick 65, 143, 217 Charns, Gale 79, 143 Cheatham, Sue 79, 149 Chebil, Iami166, 228 Cherry, Craig 71, 138, 153 CHI OMEGA 114 Chichester, Bill 275 Chouteau, Tess 24, 261, 274 Chrisler, Cathy 79, 149 Christ, Nannettc 57, 226 Christerson, Sue 273 Christcsson, Dolores 66 Christian, Steven 79 Christie, Margaret 79, 247 Christman, Lorraine 71, 274 Chronister, Cynthia 79, 127, 241 Chumley, Iunis R. 79, 105, 115, 149 Churchill. Bill 239 Clannin, Susie 66, 105, 119, 149 Clark, Beverly 72 Clark, Candy 66 Clark, Teri 79 Clarke, Martha 66, 124 Clarke, Pat 79, 124 Claxton, Dwight 201 Claybourne, W. Doug 79 Cleveland, Iulie 66, 119, 149, ISS, Clinkseales, Worth 252 Cobb, 1Vlary66, 100, 127, 149, 251 Cochrane, B111 108, 26 Cochrane, Ioseph Woody 44 Coclay, E. I. 57, 243 Coe, Ierrie 79, 119 Colley, jan 99, 100 Cohen, Rubin 99 Coker, Connie 79 Coker, Homer L. 44 Cole, Chris 72 Coleman, Carol 79, 149 COLLEGIAN 107 231, 242, COLLEGE OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION 27 COLLEGE OF FINE ARTS AND PROFES- SIONAL STUDIES 31 COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS 32 COLLEGE OF PETROLEUM SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING 35 Collett, Gary 72, 154 Collier, Sue Ann 79 Collins, Gary 72, 143, 200 Collins, Linda 100, 251 Collins, Sharon 57, 96, 26S Comstock, Guy 108 Comsto ck, Scotty 226 Contlry, Alice 79, 115, 245, 274 Connely, Mike 239 Conwell, Lynntlta 79 Cook, I url y 72, 273 Cook, Karen 72 Cook, Robert C. 57 Coombs, Barbara 66, 116, 149, 273 Coombs, Ion 79, 135 Coombs, Linda 79 Cooper, H. I-1. 55 Coo Qer Kent M. 57, 230, 275 1 i Cooper, Lyncla 72. 268 Cooper, Cooper Mike 79, 136 Paul 79 Copelahrl, Iohn Dennis 57 Copher, Iohn 96 Corarito, Greg 57, 108, 111, 226 Corley, Corner, R. Ray 57 Iames D. 57 Cornstuhle, Ken 79, 140 Corn we 11, Dcralcl 230 Corli, Chris 79, 153 Coulson, Patty 79 Coulter, Michael E. 57, 143 Coulter, Patty 66, 124, 149 COUNCIL ON RELIGIOUS LIFE 242 Cousins, Ray 72, 130, 135 Cowan, Jerry 57 Cowan, Rosemary 79, 127, 149, 241 Cowen, Omer 79 Cox, Bob 79, 100, 143 Cox, K. Wiley 57, 197, 257, 261 Cox, L. Russell 57, 197, 230, 245 Cox, Robert 66, 138, 258 Craig, lim 79, 136, 245 Crail, Ladonna 79 Crawford, james K. 66, 98, 144 Crawford, Janice 79, 119 Crawford, Steve 72 Cray, Iohn 66, 239 Cremin, I. Patrick 57, 106, 107, 195, 262, 26 Crenshaw, Carolee 99 Crenshaw, Patricia Ann 79 Creul, A. M. 245 Crilly, Patrick 79, 136 Criner, lim B9 Criswell, Beverly 72, 149 Croisant, B111 72, 140 Croisant, Kenneth 79, 140, 153 Crook, Randy SO, 143 Crow, Pat 80 Crump, Manning L. 230 Cumberledge, Suzanne 80, 99 Cummin s, Larry 228 Cunningllam, Cameron 72, 140 Cunningham, Kay 80, 274 Cunningham, Perry Louis 44 Cupp, Robert D. 66, 239 6 Curby, Pattie 57, 105, 115, 149, 252, 55, 261 Current, David 57, 236 Currid, Ray 230, 236 Curry, Mike 80, 100, 140 Curry, Robert S0 Curtis, Sandi 56, 178, 188 Curtius, Ion 66 Cusack, Larrv 66, 143 Cyubenko, Nicholas 201 D Dahlin, Barb S0, 140 Daily, Dio L. 57, 140 Dailey, Dwight 44, 100 mains, Katie 72, 99, 100, 105, ns, 149, 245, 253 '1 Dains, Robert Bruce 57, 98, 99, 100, 138, 25 Dale, Barbara 80, 98, 120 Dalton, Iohn W. 66 Daney, Shirley 261 Daniels, Nancy 80, 124 Darnell, Stephanie 57 SIMLERS VARSITY CENTER BOOKS-SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE--LUNCH 2840 E. 7'I'I1 WE 9-4923 LUMBER , , , AND ROOFING We e"10J' w0f""'g 'mth You VARNISHES MATERIALS on your Homecoming events. HARDWARE HO LUMBER 8: SUPPLY COMPANY I255 S. SHERIDAN TE 5-9531 TULSA, OKLAHOMA BEST WISI-IES To The CLASS OF 1966 PEOPLES STATE BANK TULSA, OKLAHOMA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. Daub, Iayne 72 Daugherty, Robert I. 57, 154, 200, 201, 206, 218 Davidson, Ken 66, 104, 136, 160, 193, 230, 236, 2.45, 261, 274 Davidson, Robert I. 57, 140 Davis, Ben 45 Davis, Bruce SO, 154 Davis, Daniel Bren 57 Davis, Dee Dee 66 Davis, John 66, 130, 135, 245 Davis, Iohn W. 243 Davis, La Vorme 57 Davis, Liz 57 Davis, Ray Glynn 80, 154 Dawson, Dee Dee 72, 116, 220 Day, Karl "Dcun' 57 Day, Ion Lynndon 57 Day, William 45 Dean, Barbara 80 Dean, Frank 201 Dean, Patricia 72, 105, 253 Decker, Guy 72, 156 Decker, Laura 80 DeFigt, Marjorie 45 Deisenroth, Pat 276 Dellegar, Larry 230 DELTA DELTA DELTA 116 DELTA GAMMA 118 DELTA SIGMA PI 243 Deming, Ieanne 72 Demora, Sylvia 80, 149 Dennis, Toe 72, 136 Dennison, Ken 66, 130, 140, 258 Dent, Ianene Mary 80 Denton, Suzanne 72, 96, 116, 149, 253 Detherage, Ton 66, 135 Devine, Anne 72, 120, 253 Devlin, Kathy 273 Dewise, Donna 80 Dial, Terence 58, 156, 230 - Dickerson, lean 72, 116, 149, Zufl, 273 Dickey, Terry P. 58, 105,153,261 Dill, Connie S0 Dillard, Sherman 212, 214, 215 Dixon, Eric 58, 105 Dobbs, Glenn 24, 201, 202 to the graduates of a great school We Wish every success for your fu- ture in a great World. . 6 yEN BANK OF TULSA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation T. G. Grant Monte L. Dunham Robert E. Grant Tom W. Cunningham Robert W. Traband Ed McFarland since 1919 8: C R E A L TO R S BROKERS - COUNSELORS - APPRAISERS PROPERTY MANAGERS Compliments ot HALMOR INDUSTRIES, INC. IIZO N. Boston LU 7-4173 J. CHARLES I-IALPINE B. M. MORONEY J. A. I-IALPINE Dobbs, Linda S0 Dodd, Barbara SO, 119, 123 Dodd, Karen 72, 273 Dondlinger, Betty 54, 276 Dopps, Gay SO, 149 Dorchak, Wayne A. 66, 244 Dotson, lim 279 Douglass, Linda 58, 144 Dowd, Kelly 66, 233 Downing, Bob 80, 144 Downing, Ruth 99 Doyle, Fred 100 Doyle, Gary 273 Draheim, Lloyd 226 Drain, Gary 58, 108, 273 Dratz, Iohn P. 45 Drayton, Keith B. 72 Dry, F. A. 45 Dubois, Matt SO, 153 Ducummon, Jeff 72 Dugan, Randall 72, 153 Duke, Virginia 72, 127, 149, 20 Dumit, Edward S. 45, 108, 273, 226 Dunagan, Deanna 72 Dunbar, Roberta 80, 149 Dunbeau, Millard R 240 Duncan, Bonnie I. fStockj 58, 268 Duncan, Robert 72, 154 Dunham, Lawrence E. 58 Dunham, Ricky S0 Dunham, Terry SO, 154 Dunn, Ginny SO, 98, 124, ISU Dunn, Iohn 72 Dupuy, Arthur 72, 140, 153 Durkin, Sharon G6 Dutton, Diana 58, 240 Dwyer, Duke 72, 136 Dyer, Dyann GG, 116, 149, 263, 275 Dyer, Iolm Jacob 53, 135 E Easter, Betty 98, 128, 129, 124 Easter, Donna 80 Eaton, Don 66 Eaton, lamcs 99 Ebrecht, William 80, 99, 100, 153 Eby, Richard 99, 100 Eby, William I. Ir., 58, 138, 251 Eckenberg, Margie 233 Ecclesron, Pcnny 241 III include III a 3 2 3 FMXMEUJESS P total electric m home in u your future m Laundry Rinse WaTer Pure Enough To Drink Donna Phelps was amazed To learn Trom ClinTon "Bo" Bohannon, general manager oT Barnes Manley Laundry and Cleaners, ThaT waTer from The Tinal rinse, is by TEST pure enough To drink. This is due To The scienTi'iic Torrnula used by Barnes Manley To give Their cusTomers The very Tinesi in clean sTerilized cloThing and linens. Donna also learned abouT Barnes Manley's error Tree meThod of handling cloThes avoiding any possible mixups. She also realized ThaT Barnes Manley has been receiving noThing buT complimenTs abouT Their new fashion Tinish in dry cleaning. ARNES ANLEY LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANERS I9I2 UTica Square 538 S. VicTor LU 3-8136 5231 S. Peoria We Give Green Stamps Economos, Dino 66, 167, 262, 226, 266 Eddins, I-1. A. 22 Edmonds, Marsha 72, 149, 253 Edwards, Clyde P. 66, 140, 230 Edwards, Clyta 66 Edwards, Keith 66 Elder, Linda 66 Elkins, Marsha 72, 105, 106, 107, 124, Eller, Bill S0 Elliott, Don O., Ir. 66, 99 Ellis, Michail C. 58, BS, 244, 252, 257 Ellis, Robert L. 58 Ellison, Richard A. 80, 143 Elmore, Kenille SO, 96 Emenhiser, Cleta SO, 149, 240, 241 Endicott, Charles S0 ENGINEERS CLUB 244 England, Catherine 96 Ensminger, Barbie 72, 120, 149 Epperson, Floyd D. 230 Ersoy, Demir 237 Escojiclo, David 237 Estes, Virginia Lee 58, 265, 274 Etter, Anita 72 Evans, Curtis S0 Evans, Iulian 45 Evans, Sandy 72, 149, Q0 EVENING DIVISION 36 Everitt, Kerry 80, 149 Ewert, Iohn 66, 144 EXECUTIVE CLUB 245 Ezell, Rebecca S0 F Faraha, Riad SO, 237 Farley, Iim 100, 251 Farrell, Gail 115, 149 FASHION ADVISORY BOARD 246 Faust, Sherry 72, 149, 253 Feemster, Michel M. 66, 153 Fekih, Musmpha 66 Feldman, Nancy 45 Fenn, Duane, 98 Fenner, Ray, 237, 244 Ferguso, Wayne 72, 135, 31 Femeau, E. F. 29, 45 Filkel, Nancy 72 Finoannon, Phil 233 Fink, Mason C. 58 Fisher, Edward 72 Fisher, Iohn D. 230 Fisher, Iudy 123 Fisher, Nita Kay 80 Fitzgibbon, Thomas 136, 245 Flanagan, Kathy 72, 119 Fletcher, Iudy 66 Flickinger, Gaila 66, 115 Flint, Charles W. 22 Flippo, George 66 Floumoy, Dan 72, 135 Floumoy, Iames Kenneth 58 Folger, Sally 276 FOOTBALL TEAM 201 Forbes, Noble 66, 143, 190, 245 Ford, Mary Alice 244 Forehand, Sandra 66 Fomell, Robert M. 66 Forster, Iim, Ir. 66 Fox, Carolyn 97 Fox, Frank 58 Fox, Fred S. 97 Fox, Iamy Elizabeth 66, 149 Foyil, Ken 72, 244, 260 Frair, Lester 58 Frampton, Mary 261 Frank, Donald I. 58 Frank, Iudy 80, 124, 128, 240 Franklin, Richard 99 Frazier, Dick 80, 143 Fredrickson, Donna 66, 127, 149, 253, Fredrickson, Robert 72. 143, 156 Freeman, Margaret 263 Freerickson, Gary 239 French, Margaret 72, 73, 115, 261, 274 Frere, Irames G. 66, 153 Frost, lack 201 Fry, Carol Lynn 226, 273 Fulcher, Kaye 66, 124, 251, 268, 238 G Gallagher, Leticia SO, 119, 240 Gambrell, Jeanne SU, 119 Gammie, John G. 45, 261 Gamster, Lewis 55 Gandall, Warren W. Ir. 58 Ganem, Ioe 72 Ganen, Tom S0 Garcia, Pilar 72 Gage, Harold 58 253, 262 174 Over one million barrels of oil are processed every clay in BORN heaters! gfowafz .glflofz Beautiful Flowers for all occasions 0 LU 3-0118 106 E. 15111 , ,.,. ,.,.,. V, 1, 2 Q ' ' , , n I. , 'N S 17 if r wigs ,5 Gardiner, Barbara 274 Gardner, Dorothy 58, 120 Gardner, Richard 58, 140, 230 Garrell, Ronnie 66 Garrison, Rick 72 Garrsion, Warren B. 46, 252 Garten, Nancy Io 58 Gasaway, Georgann 46, 261 Gait, lack 135 Gay, Mrs. K. D. 123 Geiger, Carolyn 54, 276 Gemmill, John D. 46 Gentry, Diane 80, 124 George, Mike 72 Gerber, Linda 66, 149 GERMAN CLUB 247 German, Marjorie R. S0 Gerwinncr, Nanci SO, 119, 149 Gevinn, Grace 153 Ghachem, Said H. 58, 231 Ghostbear, Iobn 68, 144 Giacobbe, George 58, 99 Gibbons, john 72, 143, 243 Gifford, jim 66 Gilbert, Tom 80, 136 Gilclerslccvc, Glen 72 Gill, Inc 72, 154 Gill, Larry 72, 132, 258 Gillespie, Linda 80 Gilliam, Luann 96 Gilmore, Melinda 66, 123. 220 Gilstrap, Dennis Nl. 53, 251 Gilsirap, Vicki Hoggalt 58, 100 Gitlrich, Joyce S0 Gladson, Anita S. 58 Glass, Iolm P, 66, 228, 244, 260 Glass, Sue, 124 Gleason, Pamela 72, 149, 233 Glecklcr, Roger 72 Glenn, Margo 66, 100, 120, 150 Goddard, Sharon 80, 119 Gocling, Douglas 153 Coding, Roger 66, 140 GOLF TEAM 217 Gomez, Nelly 66, 149, 239, 245, , 195, 261, 265, 274 253 IXKS ' x -I K BOB MCCORIVIACICS WV STUDIO SX WEDDINGS PORTRAITS COMMERCIALS MURALS NATURAL COLOR INDUSTRIAL PHONE LU-7-2628 I722 SOUTH BOSTON Congra+uIaI'ionsI JOHN S. DANNER, C.L.U., General Ageni' JOHN S. DANNER cfo JoI'In Hancock Life 905 En'I'erprise Bldg. GU- TULSA. OKLA- Um f.f,.,fI.'ifff,ff,IIff W FAs1 COLOR PROCESSING by KODAK ROCHESTER PHOTO SUPPLY CO. 323 s. BOSTON LU 3-7I44 FRANKLIN LIFE INSURANCE co. Able Io serve your Insurance needs TOM DAZE IRI - CAMPUS Represeniai iginiigo I' Drinkf. ewsglth aw CQKQ 1 . Bostonians Lady Bostonians Gold Cup Sox The Lalesl' Slyles For 'rhe College Siucleni RAY ALLEN SHOES ln Ranch Acres "ELECTRONIC ORDER PHONES" WE 6-0127 FOOD BOXED TO GO Chicken-Shrimp 0 Bar-B-Que Sandwiches 0 Malrs-Soil Drinks 0 Salads 0 French Fries 3319 E. ADMIRAL PL Goodell, Iudy 120 Goodman, leannc 80, 120, 149 Goodsell, Rodney 201 Goodson, Gloria 72, 105, 127, 253 Gordon, Wallace 80 Gorey, Sue 80 Gosney, Doug 80, 153 Gott, Iuck 72 Gould, Bart 261 Gowans, Margaret 59, 98, 115, 186, 187, 261 265, 274 Graber, Paul I. 46 GRADUATE SCHOOL 39 Grady, Patty 72, 123 Graham, Larry 46, 273 Grant, Melissa 72, 98, 115, 149, 253, 2 GrzittoPP, Ron 99, 251 Graves, Mike 66, 105, 132, 260 Graves, Phillip 59 Graves, R. W. 46 Gravctt, Patty 233 Gray, Kathryn 59, 115 Gray, Lucille Alberta 80 Gnay, Robert 72, 132, 153, 230 Green, Freida L. 72, 149 Green, Sharon, 80, 119, 149 Grcenig, G. K. 59, 154 Grillin, Mary S. 66 Grillith, Ioan 276 Grigror, Roger 72, 143 Grillen, Armemlinda 149 Grimes, Charles B3 Grimes, Trisha 73, 127, 149 Grimm, Frank 73, 154, 200, 201 Griner, Iim R. 66, 132 Groom, Gary 59 Gross, Linda 80, 81, 116, 149 Grove, Marsha S0 Gsell, Robert A. 66 Gubas, Susan 100, 251 Guerrero, Isabelle 59 Guerrero, E. T. 5, 46 Guillen, Armerinda 54 Gunner, Iudy 66, 149 Gunter, Marilynn 73 Guslison, Steve 73, 13S GS H Haas, Catherine V. 73, 116, Haas, Iefl 59, 136 Hackathorn, Vlfilliam 46 I-Iackworth, Howard 46 Haddock, james 81 Hail, Rose Marie 81 Hall, David 73, 100, 254 Hall, lim 201 Hall, Katy 81, 120, 128, 149 Hall, Tim, 73, 133, 153 1-Laller, Robert I. 31, 154 Hallett, Bill, 73, 154 Halt, Ellen 73 Hamby, Rick 66 Hamilton, Don, Sl, 135 Hamm, Carol 73 Hamm, Earl N. Ir. 59, 136 Hammick, Larry 66, 140 1-Iammond, Iulian 213, 214 .. , 215 Hampton, Doris Io 59, 241, 265, 273, 274 Hancock, Iames 81, 140 Hancock, Richard 55 1-Lanes, Roger, Sl, 135 Haney, Roger L. 59 Harris, Robert B. 81, 140, 235 Harris, Tom 73, 135 Harris, Tommy Sl Harrison, Georgia Sl, 115 Harrison, Kathleen 73, 120 Hartman, lohn 67, 140, 252 Hartness, Donna 67, 149 Harvard, Karen 150 Hashemi, Iamal 54 Haskins, Iohn T. Sl, 153 Hassler, Sharrie 96 Haug, Dave 242 Haum, Ralph A. 59 Hansen, Carol E. 59, 150, 186, 244 Hansen, Wayne 73, 153 Hauth, Ierry 237 Hawkins, Charles 59, 143 1-Lawkins, Gary 73, 228, 254 Hawley, Ionathan P. 46 Hawthorne, Gary 73, 156 Hayden, Donald E. 33, 46 Hayden, Donald Eugene Ir. 59, 266 Hayes, Elizabeth 99 Hayes, Iohn 24 Hayes, Kendrick C. 46 Hayes, Mike 81 Hannah, lane 66 Hanner, Teddy 81 1-Iansell, Gene 81, 153 Hansen, Claudia 73, 120, 149, 253 Hanson, Carol 66 Hanson, Robert 81, 98, 138, 153 Hanson, Tim 73 Haralson I. I. 132 Harbers, Eileen 268 Hardt, Charles 67, 154, 200, 201, 204 Hargett, Elizabeth Ann 59, 116, 160, 1S9 1'1i'11'?1"OVE, M. M. 26, 46 Har in, Karen 67, 233, 237, 252, 263 Harmon, Candy 81 Harmon, Iack 59 Harrell, Bill 59 Harrell, Mrs. Don 144 Harrington, Harold 201 Harris, Barham 241, 246, 274 Harris, Nancy 73, 129, 149, 246 Harris, Robert Sl, 135 Hays, Bill 24, 46 Hays, lames R. 55 1-Lays, Norma Ann Singleton 59, 259, 261 Heard, Susan 57, 59, 105, 119, 195, 253, 255, 261, 274 Hearne, Larry A. 59, 136 Heckman, Rise 81, 274 1-leflin Nancy, 65, 67, 120, 150, 197, 238, 244, 246, 263 Hegwein, john 81, 153 1-Ieidel, Peg 81, 150, 274 Helander, Donald P. 47 Heller, Shirley 54 Hellinghausen, Lou Ann 67, 119, 150 Helton, Hal, 67, 105, 138, 153, 258 Henderson, Robert W. 47 Henderson, Warren Sl, 154 Henley Norman Sl Henneke, Ben G. 21, 2, 261 Henrichs, Vicki 59, 127, 241, 247, 279 Henry, Iames 252 -JB? 6- Seever, Smith Er Thornton General Insurance and Surety Bonds JMWL Phone LU 7-5171 Tulsa 3, Oklahoma Henry, Kenny 73 Hensley, Freddie I. 59, 237 Hensley, Gary 81 Henson, Iames H. 273 Henzel, Margie 263 1-Ieniandez, Frank 100, 251 Herriman, Laura Iane 73, 123 Herrold, Don 55 Heston, I. Ed ar 22 1-Iestwnod, Artlltur 47, 98 I-Iickerson, Iim 99, 100 Hickok, Shardi 73 Hicks, Iudy 59 Hicks, Sue 81 Higgins, Barbara 81 Higman, Janet 81, 120, 150. 220 Hilburn, Indy 81 Hill, Lawrence E. 59 Hill, Lucina 274 Hill, Peggy 59, 81 Hill, Richard 59, 143. 191. 279 Hill, Richard M. 11181, 154 Hill, Shirval 81, 115, 274 Hillc, Joe Bah 237 Hinkle, Bill 107 Hipsher, Warren I... Ir. 24, 47, Ho, Hin-Ming 73, 153 Hobson, Robert L. 47 Hocltanndel, Donald L. 67 Hodge, Nancy 81, 120, 150 Hodges, Diane 73, 98, 115 Hodges, lay Donaldson S1 Hodges, Ruth Ann 67 Hodgson, Cindy SI, 124, 150 Hoffman, Io Anne 67, 127, 129, Hollman, Kip 73, 140 Hoffman, Curt 81 Hollich, Don 252 Hogan, Paul A. 59, Sl, 132 Hoge, Tom 81, 153 Hoguc, Alexandre 47 Hogue, Olivia 240, 273 Hogue, Sondra 67 Ho'e1, Barbara 81, 150, 240 Hnlbert, Holly 67 Holcomb, Velma C 47 . Holder, Beth Sl, 119 261 195, 263, 265. 274 Holeman, Cheryl Sl, 96 I-lolland, Larry 73, 138, 156 Holland, Peggy 59, 274 Hollingsworth, Theresa 54, 127 Holloway, W. V. 25, 38, 47 Holmloerg, Steve 59, 130, 140. 192. 230, 257, 261 Holmes. lean Ann 59, 116, 150, 236, 244, 245, 246 Holt, Thomas W. 67, 242, 247, 54, 260, 279 1-Inlthouse, Steve Sl. 136 Homan, Marti 65, 67, 98. 119, 189, 268 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB 244 HONOR DORM 151 Hooker, Betty 96 Hoover, Linda G. S1 Horn, Al 73, 244, 260 Horn, Arthur 67, 230. 244 Horn, Gary 73, 98 Horton, Bettyc Lon S1 Horton, Earle E. 82, 100, 251 Horton, Irene P. 47 lrlovelman, Sue 73, 105, 120, 150 Howard, E. A. 42, 47 Howard, Karen S2 Howard, Sandra S. 73. 119, 150 Howe, Arthur L. 59, 254 Howell, Iulie Ann S2, 124, 150 Howell, Philip L. 47 1-Iowcr, Happy 276 Hoyer, Dennis C. 73, 100, 139, 132 Hoyer, Mike 99, 100 1-lo t, Wilfred 73, 143 kluhlaard, George 67, 132 1-Iublaard, Nancy lean 59, 107, 127, 159, Huclnall, Wayne 73, 138, 153 Hudson, Norma 67 Hudson, Pete 73, 96, 99, 100. 156 Hull. Bob 82, 140 1-lulcher. Kathryn 73, 150, 273 l'-lull, Patil S2 Halsey, Mary Ann 67, 150, 241 Hulsman. Buddy 59 Hultherg, Randy 82, 153 Humlleet, Ioe 154 Hunt, Betti 273 Hunt, Bill 59 Hunt, William D. 73, 228 242 Huntley, Ronald 67, 239 Hurd, Ierry 74 Hurdle Iohn 47, 273 Hursh, Crai 230 Hutchins, Clgrarles 82 Hutchinson, Lynn 59. 261 Hutton, Cliflorcl 47, 245. 260 Hyatt, Gerry 67, 124, 238. 263 1-Ivland, Linda 82 1mho11', Inhole, Steve 82, 96 Ian 74, 120, 253 INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS 230 INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS ORGANIZATION 245 Irons, Richard E. 67 Isom, Sherry 82 J Iacewitz, Richard 74 jack, Larry S2, 153 lackson, Ianct 74, 274 jackson, Sandra 74, 274 130 jackson, Sue Ann 67, 115. 196, 261, 263, 274 Iackson, Paul W. 67, 262. 266 Iackson, Wayne Harris 59, 254 Iakubowslci, lane S2 lakubowslci, Ianet S2 Irames, Ianiee 99, 100 Iankowski, Terry 100. 251 Ienkins, Clover Rae 59 Ienkins, Donna Dee 59, 99, 100 lenins, George D. 59 lemigan, Chuck 74 Ierome, Dean 82, 132, 153, 258 Iett, M Imaell, JOHN Iolms, argel 100 Steve W. 59, 230 MABEE HALL, 152 Dennis 82 Iolmson, Denny S2 johnson, E. H. 47, 266 PATMAN'S SINCLAIR SERVICE 2006 E. 21s'l' TU sszazrzrewsrzzzr. 6 rx! f ee The Class of '66 Always Welcome 'ii' ,, 7' FOR I 7 1 P 1 z z A Lil WORTH I FIGHTIN' -3 H A "" FOR 5651 Mkst. Skelbf Dzive John Lilieclahl, TU Football Player and Buhl Employee ?,gi'llnE1QlmxE1Pi1-5 Johnson, Hunter L. 59, 144 Johnson, Judy S2 Johnson, Ken 67, 130, 140, 228, 252 Johnson, Kenneth W. 82, 244 Johnson, Larry 258 Johnson, Manly 47 Johnson, Marilyn 67, 119 Johnson, Ric 108 Johnson, Richard 226 Joh son Shirley 82 Johgson: Wesley 74 Johnston Carole 244 , Johnston, Johnston. Thomas C. 67, 132 Jolly, John R. sz, 108 Jones, Beverly 99, 100 Ron 60, 130. 143, 196, 261, 2 74 Jones, Dean 74, 139 Jones, 1-1. Rodman 37, 47, 261 Jones, Katherine M. -'47 Jones, Layman 240 Jones, Markita 60, 105, 107, 233, 241, 246, 273 Jones, Paul 67, 140 Jones, Ral ah 99 Jones, Richard 60, 138 Jones , Susan 74, 127 Jones, Terry W. 60, 140 Jones Jun es Jorda , Tom 273 , V. Ed ar 47, 230 11, Doroglma Maxine 60 Joyce, J. C. 55 Judd. Jungl John 266 ing, Joyce 82, 98, 100, 150 JUNIOR PANHELLENIC 128 Junks, Robert 200 Kalla K y, Alexia 74 Kalousck, Cindy 74, 120, 150 KAPPA ALPHA 135 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 120 KAPPA DELTA 12 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 125 KAPPA KAPPA PS1 251 ll 1:1 yil+-Lilvlgag' . JP l VX", l'll"iii1 1111 E!! ,ff I: 11 ll no gpg QHIHUEI11 1: U El: E'I:.,1,'1l Ill ll ll ,if lilin 1111lll' Q 1111ll'll ' W ,F N ' .'l. 5 Aj ul - . Eg 1 lt ll: llllli f- vw w":1 'I i 3 1:1555 is ' il ll1 :in 1g,i,!fV4:: --' 1 55luf"li'fl'11i: 1 ' "' 'uilliiili 'ff- We ., 1 als I i I T1 ml mlm EW 4125255gfiwjjgifzizial, ll 1 1 1 I ua1l13:1a1l11111ae 1' 1 l1 l 1' 1 ft V l i. L Eailiiiliiilzailili H9211 1. QL K Downtown Fourth 81 Main Now Three Grew forex Z0 Serve ou. . . owmmwe - Somtblpzmz' mm' Norzhlmm' gv . 'au 1 - 'qbfv 1 1 1 B 1 ., llllllg MMM J it ' ii 10 in 'il I 'ilmu ig, grid l " Southland, 4'Ist and Yule A new beautiful store in Southland to better serve Tulsa and northeastern Oklahoma. Shop Brown-Dunkin for bigger selec- tions of quality merchandise and nationally famous brands. There are credit terms to meet every need. --.- . Valuable S8zH Green Stamps are given with every purchase Congralulaiions io ihe Class of '66 PENNINGTON ICE CREAM I5+h and Harvard SANDY'S Hamburgers . . . I5c French Fries . . . . . I5c Sofi Drinks . . . I0 8: I5c Milk Shakes . . . . 20c Fish Sandwich . . . 25c HiLo . . . . . 29c ll'1'h 8: College WE 6-5173 KAPPA MU EPSILON 252 KAPPA SIGMA 136 Kastl, Frank 74 Kaul, Sharon 74, 98, 124, 150 Kawal, A1 204 Kawt, A. E. 57 Keating, Richard '14 Keene, Carol 98, 123, 263 Keetch, Carol Harper 60 Keller, Paul T. 82, 153 Kelley, Carolyn 244 Kelley, Linda 67, 150, 241, 253, 273 Kelley, Lloyd 74, 135, 154 Kelly, Gwen 274 Kelly, Hoyd 201 Kelly, Robert 25, 47, 97, 242, 257, 261 KEMP HALL 156 Kemper, John 67, 105, 132, E Kendall, Floyd 82, 96, 99, 100, 251 KENDALLABRUM 104, 105 Kennett, Maryann 82 Keplinger, Karen 60, 124, 150 Kerbel, Richard M. S2 Kessler, Walter 99, 100 Ketcham, Bruce P. 47 Ketchum Nancy 74, 115, 150, 246 Ketrick, Paul 48 Keyser, Antoon 67, 233, 244, 279 Keyser, Leonard 74, 244 Khalila, Hawas 74 Khan, Mohammed 67, 153, 228 King, Carol Anne 60, 96, 253, 268 King, Edward 74 King, Frank 82, 144 King, Karen 48, 220 King, Ron, 82, 144 Kinkade, R. R. 254 Kinkcr, Iohn 67, 100, 143, 251 Kinser, Betty Tillman 67 Kirk, Gary D. 74, 143 Kirk, Jerry 82, 140 Kirk, Robert 261 Kirkman, Nancy 68, 100, 127, 150 Kirkpatrick, Graham 48 Kirton, Kim 74, 115, 150 Klarr, Richard 140, 230, 58 Kleinmann, Beverly 74, 116, 150, 253 Klotz, I. C. 48, 230 Knablo, David 74, 138 Kniurr, Ken 60 Knepper, Ken 74 Knight, Barbi 74, 115, 238 Knight, Bob 190 Knight, Carol 68, 263, 276 Kni ht, Kenneth 60 Knollnloch, Mike 279 Knox, Paul 74 Koch, Mike 82 Kominek, Janet 82, 150, 274 Koons, Harriet 82, 150. 240 Kovach, Ronald 74, 143 Kovacs, S. B. 48, 245 Krallt, Iohn 82, 144 Krai, Karen 82, 115, 150, 220 Kramer, Alan S2 Kramer, Don 100 Krater, Ron 239 Kraus, Karen 74, 123, 150, 238 Kribbs, Karen 68, 98, 119, 193, 266 Krieger, Ieanne S2 Krieger, Ioannc 68, 107, 244, 253 Kruse, Wall 82, 140 Kuhn, Ronald 74, 153 Kulsrud, Xymena 48 Kushmaul, Sherry Lynn 60 Kutlu, Ahmet Zeki 60 KWGS 108 Kwong, Peter 68, 153, 231 Kyle, Norma 74 L LaGrone, Craig 154 Laflerty, Jack 60, 252, 261, 274 Lair, Bob 68 Lair, Wayne 82, 136 Lakios, Veronica 274 Lakusiak, Gene 68, 154, 200, 201 LAMBDA Cl-Il ALPHA 138 Lambert, Danny 153, 99, 82, 100 Lamberton, John 143 Landrum, Mary Mike 150, 74, 247 Landry, Mary 82, 274 Lane, R. K. 22 Lang, Park 68, 240, 135 Langdon, Harold 78, 82, 115, 74 Langdon, Sharon, 74, 115 Langley, Ron 68 Lansdown, Dave 68, 254, 222, 252 LANTERN, 253 University of 5 5 Tulsa S S o E K in FAITH Greatest Twosome in Oklahoma Collegiate Press! That's your Weekly COLLEGIAN and the resume of the year's activities, your KENDAL- LABRUM yearboog. Those who make up the publication staffs of each of these spokesrnen that round out the YOU in TU, Wish every student a Wonderful year. Read and enjoy every issue of the COLLEG-IAN and you will keep informed. This year it's greater than ever, keeping up to the minute with news about you and your friends, as Well as bringing into focus controversial issues of the time which affect you. The KENDALLABRUM also promises to be better than ever this year. A bright, breezy evaluation of the entire academic year, Written by your fellow classmates in a true collegiate style. Photographs, too, will greet your eyes with pleasant recounting of familiar events. The University of Tulsa, with another FIRST for its students. The 1965-66 Kendallabrurn The 1965-66 Collegian Sally Smith, Co-Editor Pat Cremin, Editor Carolyn Mullenax, Co-Editor Michelle Beale, Asst. Editor Ken Davidson, Asst. Editor Marsha Elkins, Asst. Editor Iulie Patrnan, Business Manager Ioe Zizzi, Business Manager D N P. HOLMES BOX 2356 and WORLD WIDE ssociates INSURANCE and BONDS SERVICE NATIONAL BANK OF TULSA BUILDING TULSA I, OKLAHOMA Larimme, Bonnie 150, 74. 124, 238 Larrea, Gustavo 236, 60, 258 Larson, Margaret 74, 116 Lasswell, Rob 74, 136 Landon, lulie 73, 150, 74, 124, 238 Laughlin, David 74 Lauringer, P. C. 22 Law, Glen 60, 222, 266 Lawler, Patty 74, 127 Lawson, Barbara 60 Lawson, Betty Louise 60. 96, 268 Lay, Pamela Belle 83, 115 Layman, Luanna 74, 116, 150 Layman, Susan 116 LAW SCHOOL 40 Ledbettcr, Pam S2 Lee, Arley 74 Lee, Carol Ann 60, 120, 129 Lee Lee Lee r , , Charles 68, 136 Gordon 68, 240, 144 Marti 74, 119 Vicki Marie 60 150 Lee. . Lellller, Diane 74 Laighry, mu, as Lennart, Joe 74 Lentz, Phylis 82 Lerch, David 74 Lessley, Barbara 60, 150 Levy, Ian 83, 150, 120, 241 Lewis, Bob 60, 132 Lewis, Ianise 74 Lewis, Linda 60, 119, 279 Lewis, Lester, David 254 Lester, N. M. 99 Levengood, C. A. 48, 252 Linder, Iohn 74, B0 Lindley, Julie 68, 150, 120, 2 Liljedahl, lohn 201 Lindsay, Hague 48, 252 Link, Larry ss, 153 Linnell, Robert S. 48 Linton, Pat 74 Lofton, Judy 74, 246 Logsrlon, Iudy 150, 88, 116, 241 Long, Francis 48, 239 Walter 60, 130, 132, 194, 245, 258, 261 63 Long, Kim 74 Lonstreth, Paul 60 Lookabaugh, Gary 60, 230 Looper, Bill 60 LOTTIE IANE MABEE HALL 148 Loucks, Gordon 60, 135 Lovejoy, Gordon 48 Lowe, Marvin 48 Lowry, Phillip 94 Lundy, Harley 99, 100, E1 B Lyle Staublc, Mary Charlie 50, 150 Lynch, Joanna 83, 120, 128 McKee, Ga le 263 McKee, Mililred 48, 244, 246 McKee, Sherrie Belle 68, 96, 98, 268 McKee, William E. 42, 48 McKel1ips, Kay 74, 150, 253, 268 McKeever, Karen 60, 120, 150 McKenzie, Dan 60 McKinnon, Frankie 268 McKown, jim 68, 132 McKown, Robert 83, 135 McLeod, Lynn 83 McManus, Nancy 68, 150 McNabb, lim 68 Lynch, Kathleen 83, 150 Lyon, La 83, 144 Lyons, Wrirlliam 68 Lysiak, Conrad 83, 144 M McAllister, Bruce G. 68, 252 McCandless, Karen 60, 127, iso, 245, 265, 274 McClary, Ianey 74 McClintock, F. G. 22 Irgcglintocllf, 11516812540 ' 1. ', . I' Mgglirrigclanet gg,l12Z, 128 ure, ean , 2 M6Cone, Robert 83, 135 McCorkle, Ardith 240, 263 McCorkell, Den 83, 279 llzlllicgormilck, BobS4348 c , erome . McC?zliv, Kathy 233 McCray, Iim 74, 138 McDermott, Gary 74, 154, 201, 200 McDonald, Margaret 60 McDonald, Mary 83 McDowell. R. W. 2 McGhee, Rick 144, 240 McGinnis, Martha 276 McGinty, Veda 48 McGlynn, Genevieve 273 McGovern, Patrick 68, 244 McGuire, Iohn 83 McGuire, Thomas P. 60, 154, Mclntosh, Iohn T. 83, 154 201 McNally, Robert 94 McNamirc, Brian L. 60, 230 McNicol, Brian 98, 228 McNie1, Michael 60 McSoud, Roger H. 60 McWhorter, Kim 74, 119, 244, Mac Connell, Linda 83, 150 Macrlole, Nancy 60, 120, 150 MacDonald, Ian 74, 201 Maddox, Eugenia 25 Maddox, Ken 201 Maddy, Robert 74, 228 Magby, Kathy 74 Magnuson, Mary 60 Maiercik, Tony 61, 138, 22 Malone, Charles E. 5 Maltbie, Dennis 68, 136 Mancuso, Cullen I. 48 Mandrell, Stephen ,61 Mangold, Conrad W. 61, 230, 286 Mann, Elizabeth 83 Manolakis, Pete 236 Maples, Benton 74, 138 Marchino, Sandy 74, 150 Marcum, Reuben 83, 240 Markert, Marlow 48 Marlar, Linda 68, 98, 150, 268 Marple, Richard 260, 274 Marrs, Mary 83, 115 Marshak, Bob 61, 233, 239 Marshall, Randy 68 Martin, Carl 201 Martin, Floyd L. 22 Martin, Ierry W. 83, 153 Martin DANNER'S CAFETERIA 1954 Ulica Square TULSA, OKLAHOMA "A perfect place to dine, have a party, or hold a meeting"-Call RI 2-8781 for reservations P. HARVARD IANITOR SUPPLY PHONE WE - 9-9759 O. Box 5186 3148 Easl lllh S+. TULSA, OKLA. 74104 TWO BLOCKS SOUTH OF THE CAMPUS Martin, lon 83, 144 Martin, Kamora 83 Martin Pa ll. 253 , 5, Martin, Rimie 68, 140, 154, 212, Martin, Wade 68, 132 Martin. William Warren 61, 153 ez, Luzetta 74, 108, 123 Robert L. 23 Martinez, Samuel I. 48, 273 Martinkewiz, Mary 276 Massad, Ioyce 74, 240 Masure, Diane 74, 150 MATH CLUB 254 Mathieson, Donald 83, 132 Mathicson, Raymond L. 48 Maynard, Norma 83 Mayor, Iim 83 Mazur, Greg 74. 154 Melinck, Earl Tim 156 Mellott, Sherryl 83 Melton, Iune 75, 123, 129 237, 244 Moore, Francine K. 75 Moore, Hilda Dale 61 Moore, Lynn 68, 105 Moreland, Ginny 75, 115, 150 Moreland, Glen L. 75 Moreland, Randy 98 Morey, Sylvia 83 Morgan, Carmen 83 Morgan, Daniel K. 68, 231 Morgan, Iudy 61, 99, 108 Morgan, Karen 83 Morris, Cindy 83, 123 Morris, Ioe 108, 191 Morris, Linda 68, 123 Morris, Vxfilliam H. 23 Morrison, Bruce 83 MORTAR BOARD 255 Melton, Reed T. 68, 105, 231, 233, 244, 247, 260, 274, 275 Melton, Sid 83 MEMORIAL HALL 154 Men f, Robert 61, 136 Menlzemeyer, Michele 262 MEN'S INTRAMURAL COUNCIL 222 Merrick, Charlotte 61, 150 Merrick, Clint 57, 192, 257, 260, 274, 275 Merrick, Earl Tim 54 Merrill, Carol 83 Merriman, Carol 83 Mertz, Frances 83 Mesker, Mary Ann 75 Messer, Mike 83, 144 Messulam, C. 258 Metzel, George V. 25 Mezni, Belgoan 245 Miigl, Don 75, 135, 154, 200, 201 Mi burn, Iames 75, 136 Mildren, William H. 51, 130, 140 Miller Miller, Becky 83, 124, 150 Miller, Bob W. 61 Miller, Carolyn 251, 263, 2668 Miller, Douglas 83, 144 Miller, Don H. 22 Miller, Forrest 75, 153 Miller, Iris M. 83 Miller, D. 83 Miller, ary 75, 276 Miller, Mike 75, 140 Miller, Paul 237 Miller Ron 75 254 Maneri seven 15. es. os, 143, Susan 83 150 246, 274 Mills, Paula 75, 97, 123, 150, 254 Minear, Dennis 83 Minnig, Michael 200, 201 Mires, Art 68, 140, 230 Mishriki, Soatl 54 Mitchell, Jimmie 68, 119, 274 Mize. Linda 83, 150, 279 Moms, Patricia 83, 240 MODERN CHOIR 98 Moeller, Tonette 68, 123 Mohan, Harriet 75, 258 Mohr, Charles W. Ir. 61 Moline, Don 94 Moomaw, Sheldon 201 Mooney, Earl Wayne 61 Moore, David 75 252, 274 Morsani, Tim 273 Morton, Anthony 96 Morton, Iere 83 Moubry, Pat 83, 105, 124 MU EPSILON DELTA 252 Mueller, Bill 83, 143 Muktar, El-Ageli 75 Mullenax, Carolyn 68, 104, 116, 261, 262, 274 Munson, Iulie 75, 99, 116, 253 Murphy, Frank W. Ir. 61 Murphy, Kathleen 61, 150, 244 Murphy, Ward 68, 28 Murray, Helen 51, 240 Murray, Shirley 83, 98, 115 Murray, Ted 239 Murry, Iimmy 68 Musgrove, Iane 83, 115 MUSIC SECTION 94, 95 Myers, Donald 83, 244 Myers, Malinda 75, 120, 268 Myers, Rohert 75 Myers, Ronald 68, 244 Myers, Russell B. 49 N Naas, Taher A. 75 Nagurski, Bronco 240 Nash, Dave 61, 138 Naylor, lim 68, 144 Neal. Wylie Ioseph 83, 244, 279 Needham, Charles 61, 196, 228, Neerman, Candy 83, 240, 279 Nehmzow, Kurt 75, 135 Nelson, Sue Ellen 68 Nichols, Sarah 83, 274 Nicholson, Jack L. 61 Nicolaysen, Ruth 75, 150, 241, Niman, Ieneva 83 Nimmo, Sam 239 Ninemire, Darlene 61, 261 Noble, Elaine 83, 127, 150 Noel, William I-1. Ir. 75, 239 Noghrey, Iamshid 68, 231 Nomani, Farhad 258 Norbin, Ieanne 83, 119 Noren, Iames 68, 244 Norris, Carole 69, 119 Novak, Iulie 75, 119, 274 O O'Callaghan, Terry K. 61, 136, 238, 240, 259 O'Conner, Cathleen 83, 150 OlConner, Colleen 83, 150 O'Leary, Thomas 61, 136 O'Neal, Iudl 69, 127 O'Stafy, Frank 75, 154, 201, 200 Otlle, Bob 273 Oertle, Karen 84, 150 Oertle, Patty 274 OFfer1e, Jeanne 75, 150 Ogan, B. G. 49 Ogden, Toni 244 Oglesby, Caroline 49 Olincy, Carol 61, 150, 220, 261 Oliphant, Charles W. 23 Oliver, Carl 49 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA 257 69 Omrani, Mohamizl-Haj Suleiman Opal, Ken 75, 154 ORCHESTRA 99 Orde, Patricia 84 Osluome, Iohn A. 25, 261 Osbome, Robert E. 61 Osmond, Iohn 201 Oswald, Donna bl Overall, Chuck 230 Owens, Ioel 69, 140 Ozean, Huseyin 245 Ozment, Iohn 84 P Paiomand, Ghasem 237 Pa mer, Edwina 96 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL 129 Parker, Carol M. 61 Parker Parker, Lonnie 108 Pa rke r, , Pete 266 Parks, Bruce Michael 75, 144 Parks Ma Ann 61 247, 261 , 279 2 Parrish, RIXPCTK E. 49 Parsley, Sally 75 Parsons, Carol 69, 127, 150, 247, 263 Parsons, Ken 201 Pason, Pam 84 Passmore, Ioe 228 Patman, Iulie 61, 104, 98, 124, 160, 261, 262 Patrick, Larry I. 75, 138 Rassmore, jerry M. 69, 228, 261, 274 194, 238, 259, Paul, Karen 84, 107, 78, 120, 150, 241 Pavlak, Dan 201, 69 Payne, Charles Kalaolani 75, 138 Payne, Io-Ellen 75, 119, 150 73 245 Pearce, Stewart 55 Pearson, Kent 210 Pearson, Nicki 69 Pearson, Raymond 75 Pederson, Bud 75, 138 Peirson, George 136 Pennington, Bill 57, 61, 140, 154, 196, 200, 201, 257, 261 Pereira, Norman 61, 231, 245 Perez, Orlando Iose 84, 245 Perkins, Charles 84 Perkins, Larry 84 Perkins, Susanne 69, 150, 252, 263 Perks, Ioc 75 Perrault, Cherie lo 62, 124, 129, 196, 238, 2 Perrault, Lewis Ir 75, 143, 243 55, 2 r In 0 Service for YOU . . . convenience for YOU . . . and always a warm, friendly feeling for YOU, our customers. We're a National bank, but not 'foo big to offer a "personalized" banking service. Business or individual account, large or small, the accent's on YOU at Utica Square National Bank. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION U ICA NATIONAL BANK :5iEPi?ff Q" E:52A::::,,:g:-3 553. HMI SQUARE XJ WWML5 NK 'Q NV 'QD 5 AT U RAE g NA BA Ii'5 igi , , Twenty-first and Utica Avenue TULSA, OKLAHOMA 304 Perry, Richard 75, 138 Peters, Ann 95 Peters, Ralph 84, 100, 251 Peters, Ron 62 Peterson, Barbara 84 Peterson, Bruce 41, 49 Peterson, Gary S4 Peterson, Pau 230 PETROLEUM MARKETING ASSOCIATION 258 Petros, Lee 62 Phelps, Donna 69. 120 PHI ALPHA Tl-IETA 259 PHI ETA SIGMA 260 PHI GAMMA KAPPA 261 Philheck, Karen 75 Phillips, Michael A. 62, 108 Phillips, Pam 62, 253, 273 Phillips, Randy H. 69, 230, 244 Philoon, Wallace C. Ir., 49, 261 PHI MU 126 Phinncy, Katherine S4 P1 ALPHA MU 262 Pickell, Nancy 84, 115, 150 PI DELTA EPSILON 263 Pierson, George 69 PI GAMMA MU 264 P1 KAPPA ALPHA 140 Pike, Iimmy 258 Pingatoree, Dick S4 Pingree, Bud 75, 156 Ptitcock, Suzanne 62 Pittman, Lou 62, 120 Place, Bradley E. 42, 49 Place, Mary Kay 84, 100, 103, 120, 150, 187 Plaster, Thomas 75 Plummer, Connie 69, 244 Pollard, Kathv 84, 127, 150 Pongratz, Richard Ira 62 Pontius, Clarence I. 23 Porter, Pacola 138 Posvistak, Gregory 99 Potasky, Richard 69, 143, 154 Powell, Biddie Ann 62, 150 Powell, Dale 98, 100 Poweslca, Peter 75, 154, 200, 201 Prather, Ian 75, 115 Prather, Rebecca 96 Pratt, Peggy 75 Pratt, William C. Ir. 62, 144 Prescott, Mike 75, 244, 254 PRESIDIENTPS CLUB 261 Presson, Icanette S4 Price, W. S. 49 Pries, Robert 69, 153, 228 Prviestman, Dawson lr. 62, 136 Primm, Pam 69, 189 Pritchard, Deanna 84, 123 Procter, Anne 75, 115, 150 Procter. Iohn 55 Pruitt, Iacqueline 69. 228, 263 Pruitt, Ronald 75, 138, 228 Pry, Richard 84, 99, 100 Pry, Ronald 100, 84, 99 Pryor, Ed 108 Pullian. Doris 84 Puky, Pedro 28 Purdy, Iames M. Ir. 75 Q Quackenbush, Scott 75, 228 - Quigglc, Gary 99, 100, 135, 251 Quinn, Mike 62, 135 R Raasch. Gary 75, 153 Raclcleli, Mary Nell G2 Rackley, Tony 84 Rader, Anita 84 Rains, Nancy 75, 127 Ramsay, Iohn 62, 144 - Randolph, Tipton 75, 132, 103 Rascoe, Nancy Conyer 62 Rasheeduddin, Mir 54, 153, 236 Rasmussen, Tony 75, 154 Purdy, Robert 84 Rather, Rebecca Harrison 62, 259, 262 Raull, Debbie 84, 107, 115 Rea, lack 69 Reames, Iudy 75, 124, 220 Rearnes, Suzanne 84, 124 Redlem, Pat 75, 119 Redman, Iohn 62, 140 Reed, Iemes 75, 138 Reed Iulie 75, 115, 129, 253, 261, 274 Reed Larry 69, 138 Reed, Lawrence 84, 144 Reed, Linda 62, 98, 268 Reed Margaret 69, 150 Reed Ronnie 84, 136, 84 Reed Ted 201 Reeves, Michael 75, 138 Reese, joseph T. 62, 136 Regcnbrecht, D. E. 49 Reich, Cathy 84, 16 Reid, john 75, S4, 154 Rein, Iolm 200, 201 Reiner, Iohn 84, 135 Reiners, Iudy 244 Remsberg, Pam 75, 120, 150 Reneker, Ron 73, 75, 143 Retherlord, Richard 84 Reynolds, Beverly 75, 150 Reynolds, Iudy 84, 244, 254 Rhees, Ioseph I-I. 84, 136 Rhodes, Mrs. Incl 115 Rhoads, Linda 84, 119 Rltyne, Margie 75, 127, 150, 220 Rice, Io Ann 8-1, 99, 100, 150 Richard, Lanny, 258 Richards, John 84, 153 Richards, Linda 75, 100, 150, 251 Richardson, P. M. 62, 230 Richtardsville, Charles L. 62, 138, 253 Rickard, Mary Kay 12.3. 274 Ridgeway, Ronny 84 Riera, Alfredo 84, 153, 245 n Rile, Ierry 69, 98, 105, 138, 258 Riggs, Michael S4 Rigney, Iohn 99 Riley, Tom 69, 136, 191, 154, 245 Riric, Jean 75, 127 Risinger, Emily 84, 98, 115, 150 'E"mmrHfT5r ': " "' A 'mvl T I 5 ,F ,TW W W ' A Fl' fff f A NK lu So eth ng to remember . . . smartly-clad, thriftwse shoppers know: "You Can ALWAYS Do BETTER At Frouq's' new 6 big department stores . . . DOWNTOWN, EASTGATE NORTI-ILAND, SAND SPRINGS, BROOK PLAZA cmd SOUTH LAND. Ed 353 U-U T T H1513 Shaughnessy, Michael 201 Distinctive Letterpress Printers and Offset Lithographers Commercial Publishers Saecilaizin, in I 0 OFRICE FORMS 0 ENVELOPES 0 BROCI-IURES 0 CATALOGS I ADVERTISING PIECES 0 PUBLICATIONS Iames K. Emery Phone LU 7-8124 Iames Emery, Ir. 301 S' FRANKFORT Tulsa, Oklahoma O N i U R I C H OTO q R A H E R L U 2 - 3 3 2 1 1 6 0 1 S. B O S T O N Ritter, Kathryn 76, 115 Ritz, Phillip 84 Rivero, Luis Gmo 62, 2415 Roach, Carole S4 Roark, Ivan W. 50 Roark, Michael 98 Roark, Mary Ellen 76 Roberson, Bruce 84, 144 Roberson, Donald 84, 244 Roberts, lanie 76, 119, 220 Roberts, Brent 201, 219 Roberts, Lyn 76 Roberts, Rusty 144, 84 Roberts, Kitty 96 Robertson, Judy 76, 119 Robinson, Doug 212 Robinson, Sandy 76 Robinson, W. L. 50, 238 Robison, Sandy 274 Rodgers, Christine 69, 151 Rodgers, Stephen 153, 252 Rodman, Charles 76 Rodriguez, lose Autuio 84, 245 Roessler, Patty 76, 123, 253 Roever, Robert 76, 156 Roger, Jerry L. 62, 233, 252, 25 Rogers, Carole 76 Rogers, Donna 76, 124 4, 273 Rogers, ,lo Elaine 78, 84, 151, 182, 241, 273 Rogers, john 23 Roginski, Iohn 69, 132, 156, 244 Rohledor, Chuck 76, 228, 231, 233, 244 Rohrbaugh, Martha 84, 116, 24 Rollo, David 62, 97, 98, 108 Ronck, Ronn 76, 140 Roos, Albert 76 Rosenbaum, janet Lea 62 1, 273 Ross, Donald Robert 84, 153, 201 Ross, Iames 231 Ross. Ram 84, 107, 115, 151 Roulston, Gary 240 Rowe, Iani 69, 273, 276 Rowe, Linda 84, 151 Roy, Gene 84, 135 Rozsa, Bela 50 Ruane, Richard 201, 218 Rummerlielcl, Anne 76, 120, 183 Runyan, Cary 76, 244 Rush, Bob 239 Russell, Lonnie 62, 252 Schofield, Sallie 76, 151, 241, 252 SCHOOL OF LAW 40 Schrimp, Bill, 85, 138, 153 Russell, Theron 69, 138 Ruth, Susan S4, 151 Rutter, Suzann 76 Rutledge, William 50, 261 Ryburn, Carole 76 Ryburn, Linda 34 Rylander, Cynthia tifaseyj 34, 27-1 S Schuhman, Scott 154, 200, 201, 203 Schulz, Nancy 69, 120, 151, 276 Schussler, Richard 63, 130, 140 Schutte, Deborah 274 Schwamb, lanet 69, 127 Schwartz, lane 85, 124, 151 Scobie, William 94, 99 Scott, Daniel 12. 50, 96 Scott, Don 76, 140 Scott, Eddie 243 Saab, Lela 84 Sackett, Karen 76 Saddoris, Shelton 34, 154 Sadr, Mehdi 62, 245 Sailolc, Steve 69 M Salaymab, Abdul-Wabab 69 Saltzman, Lloyd R. 50, 236 Saltzman, Steve 69, 138, 261 Samii, Soudatbeh 247 Sample, Suzanne 62, 127, 151, 194, 241, 273 Sampson, E. T. 2311 Sampson, Kathy 34, 97, 151, 123 San Angelo, Phil 62 Sanders, Andrea 84 Sanders, Doyle 69, 132 Sanguinett, lack 69 Sartain, Gailard 107 Saxon, Louis L. 76, 138, 153 Schaberg, Ioan 84, 151, 241, 273 Sehaberg, Lynne 76, 151, 238, 253 Scheer, James VV. 62, 261 Scheer, Lorraine H. 50 Schiendler, Frank I. lr. 63, 136 Scott, Robert 85, 100 Scovel, Victoria 63, 108, 151, 226 Scruggs, Ittlie 63, 124, 151 SCROLL 267 Seals, Mitchell 63 Sears, Susan 85, 116, Seaton, Reba P. 63, 261 Secrcst, jim 84 Sellers, Iuanita 69 Sessler, Rosa Lee 252 Settle, William 50, 55 Settle, William A. 50 Settles, Ianet 76, 116, 151, 253 Sexton, Mike 243, 245 Shaffer, Georgia, 85, 124, 151 Shannon, Mary 76 Sharif, Asmi S5 Sharp, Glenn 261 Sharp, Maurice 25, 261, 274 Sharp Robert C. 23 Sltarpi Vicki 63, 99, 100, 251, 261 Schi11', Skip 65 Schillinger, Cyndy Polcn 63, 70, 116 Schimpl, jon 69, 154 Schmidt, Carol 70, 76, 116, 151 Schmidt, Gary 69, 239 Schmidt, Michael F. 76 Schmidt, Pete 76, 143 Schneider, Iucly 84, 107, 115, 151 Schneider, Iune S4, 96, 151 Schneider, Lucinda 96 Sehoeppel, Roger I. 50, 261 Shaw, Susan Elizabeth 69, 124, 151 Sheldon, Mary 69, 151, 195, 241, 27 Shepard, Tom R. 63, 136, 197, 230, Sherry, Teresa. 85 Shields. Francis X. 69, 156, 258 Shile, Susan V. 76, 119, 151 Shipp, George 85 Q Shirley, Barbara 50, 241, 261 Shockey, Don 266 Shonkwiler, Terry 219 Shoulders, Diana S5 3, 276 245 IN TULSA - TRANSPORTATION MEANS 321 South Cincinnati Phone LUther 2-2261 Write for free color pamphlet on MK8t0 sight-seeing tours Shrout, Mike 69, 135, 233 Siala, Seddik A. 76, 245, 260 Siclwell, Edith 245 Siegfried, Iohn 85, 153 SIGMA A1'.PI-IA IOTA 268 SIGMA ALPHA SIGMA SIGMA CHI 143 SIGMA DELTA CHI 260 SIGMA NU 144 Sigmon, Sandy 76 Sim, Gordon W. 69, 153 Simanton, Susan 120, 263 Simmons, Charles 76, 98, 100 Simmons, Tony 76 Simon, Alun N. 54, 237 Simons, Susan M. 85, 105, 116, Simpson, Frederick W. 50 Sizemore, Ioe 100, 237, 244, 261 238, 246 Skelton, Ianet 76, 105, 124, 151 Skillern, Iohn gr. 76 Skinner, lane 7 , 151 Skinner, Kathy 69, 116, 263 Skinner, Robert 76, 153 Skoug, Kent 85, 138 Slack, Mrs. Velma 119 Slagle, Barbie 105 Sleeper, Nancy 69, 124, 272, 276 Slifer, Max 85 Sloan, Dick 69, 140 Sloan, Gary 85, 100, 136, 251 Sloan, lane 35, 151 Slodek, Shera 85, 123 Sloss, Ann B. 85, 151 Small, George D. 50 Smart, Cheryl 69, 123, 151 Smeal. Dave 108. 69 Smith, Alan 69, S5 220 Smith, Carol Ann 69, 127 Smith, Charles 76 Smith, Daniel B. 63 Smith, Diana 85, 123, 220 Smitzh, Donna 85, 123 City Buses lVlK8tO operates the newest GIVI air-conditioned coaches on scheduled city bus routes and on intra-city charter service. Inter-City Air-conditioned coaches are available for charter service. Beverage coolers, card tables installed on request. Limousines Brand new air-conditioned Cad- illac limousines serve the new Municipal Airport, and are avail- able for small group charter. A Good Name In Transportation Springfield, Andrew L. 50 Spurlock, Douglas 76 Spurlock, Phil 63. 136 Staiger, Kathie 76 Staires, I-Iaroltl 25 Smith, Doug, 76. 252 Stallard, Sarah jane 85 Smith, Howard N. 63, 136, 230 Standridge, Karen S5, 105, 124 Smith, Iames Wesley 63 Stranfield, Margaret 115, 197, 274 Smith, Ianct 69, 263, 273 Stankunas, Raymond 85, 153 Smith, Iim 173 Staushury, Lawrence 69, 138 Smith, Leslie 69, 105, 116, 192, 244, 247, B3 Stapp, Mike 85, 144 252, 254, 263 Starr, Ken 76, 140 Smith, Linda Ruth 69, 274 Statzer, Terrence 85 Smith, Linda Louise 63, 151 Stehman, Thomas E. 69, 138, 153 Smith, Milton 54 Stemple, Lynn 76, 127, 129 Smith, Nancy L. 85 Stephan, Christopher 85, 151, 244 Smith, Patti 69, 120, 151 Stephan, Sharon 119, 276, 68, 69, 151 Smith, Sally 63, 104, 124, 192, 233, 255, 259, Stephens, Gary 76, 252 261, 262, 274 Stephens, Mike 98 Smith, Susan S5 Stephenson, lean F. 63, 274 Smith, Trudy 63 Steme, Bill 76 Smith, Walter A. 50 Steme, Patti 96, 69, 99 Smock, George 85, 138 Snider, Lynna 76 Snider, Steve 99, 100 Snuggs, Ianet 85 Snuggs, R. Grady 42, 50 SOCIOLOGY CLUB 272 Solchenberger, M. I. 85, 151 Solomon, George 69, 245 Somers, Stephen 63, 138, 231, 244 Sonnenlield, Linda 76, 107, 151, 2 74 Srmtztg, Mary Ann 76 Spanogle, Andrew 63, 136 Specht, Bob SS, 136 Speer, Suzanne S5 Spivey, Carol 63, 69, 120, 129, 151, 259, 261, 262 Sprunkle, Betty 50 Springer, lean 76, 151 193, 255, Stevenson, Bob 243 Stevenson, Florence 25, 129, 241, 261 Stevenson, James 76, 132 Stevenson, Steve 63, 136 Stevinsou, Betts, 85, 151, 241 Stewart, Carole 85 Stewart, Clifford 63 Stewart, Harold W. S5 Stewart, Patty 76, 115 Stewart, Robert M. 69, 231, 228, 233, 244 Stickney, Peter 85, 138 Stilwell, Sheryl 85, 274 Stimson, Kenneth L. 54, 273 Stockwell, Nancy Smith 63 Stoepel, Terry 200, 201 Stokes, Iudy 63, 116, 129, 151, 194, 238, 246, 261 Stonecipher, Philip W. 63, 230 Stout, Drenda 69, 151, 241, 245, 263, 265, 274 Stout, Susan 76, 274 NEON Xt PLASTIC SIGNS Designing and Manufacturing Wallie Werr Company 216 NORTH MAIN - LU 3-9119 "Our 27th Year" Say it with Flowers Say it with Ours TIM BETSY'S FLOWERS 1335 S. Harvard WE 9-4431 Stowe, Charles Terry Ir. 63, 143 Street, Iohn 217 Strickland, Cathy A. 69 Strout, C. L. 50 Strout, Richard 76, 244 Stuart, Clillord 217 Stuart, Ha StuDeuny, rold C. 23 I. Richard 70, 138 STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION 273 STUDENT SENATE 274 Sturm, Raymond 279 Suclcluth, Dick 22, 266 Suender, Suzanne 85, 119. 151 Suess, Mic ky 63, 140 Suggs, lack 200, 201 Suleiman, Abdu 245 Suliburk, Susan 63, 124 Sullivan, Kathleen 76, 151, 241 Sullivent, Thomas I. 63 Summer, Roger 228 Summerfield, Gary 70, 130, 138 Sun pg, Tak Ki 63, 231, 245 Supernavage, Ralph 85, 154 Swaim, Sh aron 76, 98, 134, 119 Swan, Iames M. 85, 132 Swan, Cla ire 70 Swank. Ioe R. 50 Swanson, Susan 63, 119, 151 Sweeney, Iim 240 Sweeny, Ncal 201, 202 Swenson, Linda 76, 123, 274 Swift, Larry 70 Swoiinrd, Drmuetta 36, 151 SWORD AND KEY, 275 Sword, Carol 63, 279 Symsack, Elmer T Tabbut, Florence 86, 127 Talialerro, Tamszlca, Paul E. 23 Gregory 86, 153 TAU BETA SIGMA 251 TAU SIGMA ETA 276 Tarpley, Bill 63 Tavlor, Chuck 86, 143 Taylor, Ianet 70, 119, 129, 151 Teagarden, Daniel Evans 63, 153, 261, 275 Teel, Skip 143 Templeton, Carolyn 63, 99, 123 Templeton, Sherry 86, 115, 128, 151, 273 Templema n, Stuart 86, 136 Tener, Tom 76, 138 TENNIS TEAM 217 TeSelle, Iohn 50 Thaden, Iackii 86, 151 THEATER 90 Theobaltl, Margaret 99, 100 TI-IETA ALPHA PHI 273 Thomas, C. D. 50, 261 Thomas, Ieanne 57, 63, 107, 115, 240, 261, Thomas, Kent 70, 130, 144 Thomas, Linda S6, 119 Thomas, Ralph C. 51 Thompson, Don 99, 100 Thompson, Linda 76, 151 Thompson, Richard IE. 51 Thompson, Wesley 86 Thurnberry Tim 63, 156, 195, 262, 266 Thomhtlrg, Rod 76 Thornbrugh, Pamela Kay 63 Thorsen, I-lank 86, 138, 153 Thorton, Charles E. 23 Threadgill, Kenneth 76 Tidd, Tack S6 Timmons, Timo, Ioe David F. S6 73, 261 Tineo, Hector 258 Tippett, Vernon 54, 245, 258 Tippin, Joyce 86, 151 Tison, Chris 86, 151 Tolhert, Sandy 76, 120, 173 Tomasi, Richard A. 51, 233 Toussainl, Godfriecl 70, 245 Tnvar, Manuel 64 Townes, Willy 201 Travillion, Patty 244, 2116 Treat, Veta To 70, 151, 263, 273 Trennepohl, Gary 77, 140 Truebloml, Lyle R. 51 Tryon, Gary 70, 132 T. U. BUSINESS WOMEINVS CLUB 274 Tucker, Tim 239 Tuepker, D. I. 23 Turnbo, S leve 70 Tumer, Brian M. 64. 13S Turner, Cathy 77, 151 Tumer, Mary Ianice 86. 96 2 Rohie 86 Williams Turnquist, John C. 64,-157, 274 Twilley, Howard 64, 154, 193, 201, 200, 205, 206 Tyson, Richard 64, 200, 201 U Uhl, Lucia 86, 151 Underwood, Don 201 Underwood, George W. 51 Underwood Ka ' 77 119, 274 Underwood: Sage sis UNIVERSITY CHORUS 96 Utz, Dorothy 64 Utz, Iim 70 V Vallem, Ianice 64, 151, 244 Van Dalsem, W. B. 86 Vancliver, Judy 86 VanDyke, Maureen 64 Van Gicson, William R. 64, 153, 228, 258 Van Laere, Richard I. 77, 130. 138, 222 Van Tuyl, Suza 77, 119 Vanvcen, jacques W. 77 VARSITY NITE 168, 169 Vasers, Alise 233 Vaughan, john F. 222 Veatch, Ralph W. 51. 252, 254, 261 Vega, Lyda G. 77, 151 Vespasian. Lou 70. 136 Viana, Carl I-I. 70 Vick, Ron 70, 154 Vickers, Pete 70, 100 Vickery, V. E. 77 Vincent, Alice 115, 244 Vineyard, Edie 77, 127, 151 Vogle, William H. 86, 140 Vo11e,Iohn 70, 143 W Wagner, Phillip 108 Walil, Ray 240 Wait, Mike 77 Voss, Candy 77 Wait, Pat 98 Waits, leanne G. 51 Waits, Max 51 Walker, A. B. 51 Walker, Iudy 86 Walker, Larry 86, 100, 251 Walker, Phy lis 77, 253 Walker, Susan 77, 116, 151, 273 Wallace, Wally, Robert F. 64, 140, 233 Walton, Iohn 86, 143 Wanclrcs, Robert M. 64, 143 Ward, Lucille 86, 151 Ward, Sharon 254 Wark, Eva Sands 64, 115, 261 Vifarner, john 86, 143, 154 Warnken, Merle Robert 64, 236 Warren, W. K. 23 Washburn, Kent 70, 13S Watkins, Charlann 64 Watkins, Ianice I. 64 Watkins, Max D. 64, 135 Watley, Ralph 86, 154 Watson, Stuart K. 64, 136 Wattenbarger, Annell 77, 244, 253 Wazir, Surincler 70, 153, 228 Webber, Iaekie 70, 120, 240 Weber, Carol 77, 253 Weber, Eric 86 Weber, Ieanne 86, 107, 124 Webster, Iune,77, 123, 253 Weigrant, Phil 237 Weiskopf, David 70, 138, 258 Weisner, F. C. Otto 99 Weitekamp, Bill 64, 236 Welch, Iellrey W. 70, 140 Weldon, Marion 70, 116, 188 Wells, Carol R. 70, 268 Welsh, Bolo 130 Welsh, David A. 64 Welton, Margaret Ann 70, 127, 151, 242 Wendelken, Iames R. 77, 100, 132, 153, 22, 223 Wenger, Betsy 77, 127 NVest, Terry 55 Westall, Carol Ann 64, 97, 123, 151 Westgate, john 86, 99, 100, 251 Westholt, Ginny 119 Westley, Gerald H. 23 Weston, Ioe 70, 136 Wetzel, Iudy 86, 123, 151 Wetzel, Mike 77 Whalen, Tim 64, 239 Wheat, Margaret 70, 263 Wheeler, Robert 98 Wheeler, Ron 99, 100, 197 NVhisenhunt, Chuck 86, 140, 240 Whfte M ' 64 246 1 , argte , Whitehead, Iudy 86, 116, 151, 241, 273 Whitehouse, Ted 261 Whitesell, Donald 64, 238, B9 Whitlock, Eileen 51 Whitney, Donna 86, 274 Whitney, Mary Beth 86 Whittington, Brenda 86, 151 Wickersham, Iohn 70 Wickham, Carolyn 86 Wieson, Raymond 99, 100 Wilcox, Mary Kay 70 Wilcox, Sharline 86, 123 Wiley, Bruce 86, 138 Wiley, Karla 70 Wilkerson, Ioan 77, 124 Wilkie, Mike 217 Wilkinson, Linrla 54, 108, 151, 233 Willard, Wally 70, 154, 200, 201 Williams Anne 64 Williams, Connie 127 Williams, Darrell 86 Williams, David L. 77, 156 Williams, lim 190 Williams, Iohn H. 23 Williams, Karen 77, 96 Williams, Larry S. 64, 140, 154, 200, 201 Williams, Lynn S6 Williams, Marcia 64 Williams, Mary C. 51 Williams, Pam 77, 116, 128, 253 Williams P. S. 51 Williams Shirley 77, 144, 253 Terry 86 115 Willitamsim, Phi11ip177 Williamson, Ron 64, 258 Wills, Carolyn 77, 151 Glencliif QUALITY HE DAIRY FOODS-I E CREA ' I 7' 9""n" gm X 1 r . mil Cr A n - - . 1 iff, Q llugs-E ':Crnt:?E-ollledru .1 Q - nl Q mmfzsmm -fx Glenchii nnmnnunztu Illini ...T ...,...... I Mill! 11" fi "" ' "" ug m.,. - Willyard, Ann S6, 120, 151, 241 Wlson, Bud 86, 136, 153 XVi1son, Doug 23, 237 Wilson, Iarnes R. 64, 140 Wilson, Iohn A. 64 Wilson, Iudy Kay 70, 107, 127, 151, 261, 263, 274 Wilson, Linda S6 Wilson, Pati 86, 151 Wilson, Ray 233 W7inc11ester, Otis W. 51 Winfrey, Richard 99 Wing, Edna 77 lrVink1e, Steve 70, 138, 156. 239 Winter, Dennis A. 77, 138 NViseman, Lowell 51 Wiseman, W. I. 23 Witt, Anita 86 Witt, Jerry 70, 144 Wokoun, Douglas K. SG, 143 Wolaver, Courtland 240 Wolcott, Elmo Ieannc 64, 151 Wolf, Linda 64, 151 Wolf, Richard 70, 143, 190 Wolfe, Darrell 200, 201, 261 XVOMEN'S INTRAMURAL COUNCIL 220 NVong, june 86, 151 Candace 261 Wood, Wood, Nancy 86, 151 Patricia S6, 96 Wood, Wood, Thomas W. 51, 262, 266 lNooc1burn, Suzanee 64, 115 Woodson, Bill S6 Woods, Mickey E. 77, 153 Woody, Lynda 86, 123 Wren, Iennifer 64, 127, 151 VVrigl'1t, Bob 231, 261, 275 Wright, Carmen 189 Wright, Carolyn 77 'Wright, Ieanne 86 Wright, Tally 77, 107 Wrigley, Tina 77, 115, 151, 2 41 Wu, Charles Chi-Chao 64, 156, 192, 222, 2 245, 252, 254, 261, 275 YVy1ie, Barbara 64, 70 151, 263 27 . , f , 3 Wylie, Sanford 156, 247, 260, 261, 275 Wymore, john 217 Wymorc, Peggy Wilgus 259 Y Yates, Iudy 70, 151, 2411 44, Yeager, Sannlru 77, 105, 116, 165 Yeretsky, Lynette G. 64, 192, 255, Yocum, Carnl 86, 119, 151 York, Mark 70, 222 Yost, F. Randolph 23 Young, Marcia 86, 124, 239 YOUNG REPUBLICANS 270 Young, Richard B. 70, 230, 251 1161, 274 Young, William A. 70, 108, 138, 242 261, 274 Young, William W. 77, 244 Yowell, Robert 98 Z Zahorowski, john 51, 247 Zabriskie, Lynn Forsyth 64, 120, 151 Zamansky, Karen 86 Zellmer, Iudson 64, 144 Zimmerman, L. F. 51, 275 Zimpcl, Pauline 86, 123, 151 Zizzi, Ioe 106, 107 Zopfi, Ianet Louise 86, 151, 241, 2 Zusne, Leonard 51 73 260 J L if IIOWVNTOWVIV IJTI CA SQIJAIIE IZAIITLESWILLEI M T E MARK OF I TEGRITY I RI 2 E EI I E EI L il oi If LIE Q E I IE E E RE EL Rig Ei , , iii?m ' ?3?'g Em i in EEIEEEI Q EQRK EI i N E L woRLD's LEADING MANUFACTURER DF OIL WELL DRILLING TooLs HUGHES TOOL CONlPANYfOiI Tool Division Houston, Texas 619641-igh TIC pyi-igh gtdld kfHgh TIC py Congratulations to the Class of '66 From fu sl L MDA Ill. CG. I I EIY l ' OF TULSA BLDG. e ESTABLISHE WALTER EM FRED DANIEL JR NATI' BANK ULSA, OKLAHOMA 14:03 WILLIAM DANIEL T D I920 0 AREA CODE 9I8, PHONE LUI'I1er 2-8206 . . CongraI'uIa+ions +o I966 Grads KIMBALL CHEMICAL CO., INC. CI 5-6668 TULSA, OKLAHOMA Chemicals Io Service Oklahoma IndusI'ry P.O. BOX 7224 omlogmenlfd OXO! jrienc! GO! GO! GO! GO! ----,: .W - ""- -' ,. . ""' ' EP" it 2 L 4 .af Q qi 7 a G in ML ,B at 4 55,2 " we z ug ax 1 at ' -X 52 1-of 5 t + L x Q. X ' ' 'S' N - l 1, . N START IT Place food in oven, set time and temperature, and that's all there is to it until you are ready to serve your meal. GAS COOKING .Q ,, ...,,..... . ,, .. CAN PLENTY-EAT WELL MASON JARS, CAPS, LIDS . . Ti dw 'ummm ,inf .L 1'- ' - miss I, I' ' f lmi'ill" ll l 'P :si ,,,.'l ,X .. F' l For All Methods oi Canning 4-,V I KERR GLASS MANUFACTURING CORP. fig ., Q 2 Sand Springs, Okla. HQ my 'F A :Y zl., W XFN 'M l'- .V -f seei n ai' X FORGET IT When food is cooked, the programmed oven automatically turns itself down to a "keep warm" temperature. . SERVE IT When you are ready for dinner, the casserole, roast or vegetables will be waiting . . . hot, juicy and delicious. PROGRAMMED COOKING with a Premium Award GAS range is the next best thing to having a chef of your own. Guests coming for dinner? Just program a time and temperature. Your automatic GAS oven cooks whole meals perfectly and turns down automatically. Someone late? Don't worry, foods stay serving hot for hours without overcooking or drying out. Join the Smart Set. . .cook with GAS. lt's SUPERTASTYRRIFICQIQTRONOMICALLYDELlCl0USl 0 mlumn nuunlli Ms cumnuv Scott-Rice Co. FINE OFFICE FURNITURE . y S 5 Q. . lo S .I I G fdfwbgdbba G0 ,, I reoagej Ga 0 8 - D6 06 0ff5'l'f'f ea - ' , 05,9 67 91-C'G,f .4 ' el V I 4 ' ,If rs wo' G if X, ow' de . l age "' 011 5,-561' Q J' 6601 3' - 0,1 Way ' K4 Qef Ofaflgo . , W014- CJ ' Qpedgqe . 0 7 I 'ef bw f -in g J' .. OZQESPQ. .Cf I ' I - 9 ,ir W0 be X or I' Q' . . ,9 . r . Y OOJ' WXQ25-Q, 1,9 . 18 91: ape 'o"?Srv,5f" 0514: J ,I W A 51:21:12 514 ' .' - Ref 0211 fo 1"9q'0I 'I 4' 0-ve, 022 tm I ' ,.Q1 lyk 'R a y, , ' ' . 1 . lg. N S ,J 1 fd 61 0 Q' bag 5 . 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I - 1- ,. ll, --V: ,.,.. . . 1- -'Q-'..q,:v, 2 - V B .rr-pr if:-.,-1-::3.'ff'iv'5"!ffs1:5f:."'v L-.'.....-' V' :A-auf.-1-If :.f',':agf-,'9':1'f""' ....L-553'Z""sr"" .LEEi57Cif :1,z-1-'T'-. x-,, .L 'ulflhmn-,, ws x .........n rl' Q- - V' - i.:5"v 5. CAROLYN MULLENAX .... Co-Editor SALLY SMITH ...... Co-Editor KEN DAVIDSON .... Assistant Editor JULIE PATMAN . . Business Manager ED IOI-INSON . . . . L Faculty Advisor HAROLD STAIRES. . . Business Advisor IIM BIRD, MONTE ENGLAND, BOB MCCOR- MACK, BROWN DUNKIN . Photography S. K. SMITH ........ Cover SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING- GENE MORAE ..... Engraving ECONOMY ADVERTISING Co. . . Printing 6' ..... as the day ends" Our year has ended-the long hours of planning, directing, Writing, and worrying are over. The candelabrum burned into the Wee morning hours as the KENDALLA- BRUM staff Worked to create a special kind of book. From the unique innovation of the SUPER group, appearing in the organiza- tion section, to the many cutlines and lines of copy Written just for the readers pleasure we hope this yearbook shall remain as a pro- duct of those who gave it life. As co-edi- tors we shared a sense of responsibility and devotion to our dream of a 1966 KENDAL- LABRUM. The realization of our dream will come only with its contact with those for Whom We have created it. The inspiration, moral support. and long hours of Work by our staff are deeply ap- preciated. Ken Davidson, our asst. editor, deserves a special thank you for his deter- mined Work on the index and class sections. To the business staff-many thanks to lulie Patman and Pat Cremin. Mike Graves, Terry Dickey, Iohn Kemper, Hal Helton, Iim Bird, Marsha Elkins, Clare Elkins, Clare Ahrens, and Susie Simons lightened our Work load tremendously- thanks to all of you. To Gene McRae and Mr. R. C. Walker of Southwestern Engrav- ing we owe our sanity, our stick-to-it-ness, and above all our immeasurable gratitude for their contributions and suggestions in making the 1966 KENDALLABRUM possible. After the climax of many frustrated and frantic cries for pictures, copy and sleep comes a unique calm as the KENDALLABRUM office lies empty, save for the debri of many hours of turmoil. With the- final deadline met, all those who shared in the creation of the 1966 KENDALLABRUM heave a final sleepy sigh of relief . . . as the day ends. Carolyn Mullenax Sally Smith Co-Editors l966 KENDALLABRUM 3I9 v

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