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A ... . S X 'N 'A' AAA ,A -'A 'NN -A, Q ... jg. QLD. :A if 4 - -3524? -1 W-T ii .wil :J - yq .J -.LVN-X 3' 4 V EAAT1 AQ 'TAT .. EX 1 1? ja SQLUA V 3 ., ... X. 'J ' -lLVN.A D 4 ' SN AT-I A QA 'jg-Af' .. :IA -u.A:A.A1 -SQA I A A 1' Q V -H -3 -1-MEA: -5.C1.z.V. 1 :I 1, 4 Xl, 14 -N fix-lA.l"L.A -' -cy V E -, H -A+ 11 :4 A -I -LA-J 5 xv! -W ELQAS J E -A T A 3 Q? Q W QA. -" ..AQ',z, 5 -A A 3 X- J A A if-Q V A - EA 1449-3-1'F'H 14 mf! I-X A A 1514 V - .Eu "1 "lA.f'A.A " 5..x.I1z..V I X-4 A A 34 :Q .. .E 1A.fgA.A..:.:1A.1,tA.AD4 T31 ! N -JJAfA1A--1--AAIAADWRJQAVA x 'If W. wwe., 5 -4 is I Y j s 5 , . - "' tix if ' xx' . ,MM 253 , ' 7 u , .:- i ' i' ' 4 ,af : "' kgffinb 5 Q ' ' N ia . gy . wk + -X i , ,, A WA JE? " -F . vw: Q A W1 ' ' , ,.,, 3 2' f . Q 'wht-Q. ,sm '--41-. I-'ug wk 1"'fi?+ar :WWW ww, Q S '91 1. UMMGNMPMS 1964165 ELEGTWWN YEAR ' s Of om' 11l1lI4Q' fu' 17111 111' .Y11l'1'f'f11t' g1'1111- lll11l'A' of our .V1'11flfl1A' 111111 of nur IllI1fZ'1'fA'1f1t',X' will 111' 1'.xjh1'1'l1'11 to fffllvl' 1111 1f11'r1'1l.s'111g1-1' 1lllfVJ!'fII7lf fflfl' 111 ,'1l111'r11'1111 jm11f11'111 11jf11i1'.f. rlvlll' Pjforf 111111 1',xjf11'11111f111'1' by 11111111 A'Ul'1t'fj' 1111s Il1l1I1l' f111'11' l'I1l11Yl11UII fm.v.v111f1' 1111fz'1' llllf 111111 11111111- 1111111 1111'1'1'1-1' lo gim' 11111111 1111 VIYIIIYAIII11' 1111111111- I11111' in 1111 1if1' .VfI'llfffj1t'. rlvlll'-1' l1l'f' 1'.vfv1'1't1'11 to lIl11'1'l' 11'l1l1l'l',Y1l1f7 111111 g'l111111111'1f for 1111. -luux I". Iilixxlim' Each niorning HAhe" Ram- sey, one of TU's depenrlahlc campus policemen, respect- fully raises and szllutes the American Hug in the UU." The feeling of patriotism :uid responsibility for our country and school are conveyed in diligent duties such as this. This "bircl's eye" View of the TU campus shows its Compzlfitness. Students never have over two or three lwlorks to walk tu their next classes. Even when it is ruining, students can make it to the easily accessible classrooms. wr :- gyms? 4i5W,,.m,?mSm,1.v.1,,,2,,ktwf,,,,, J .5W..,,.,,QW,m,ws3W,,w,a::nVfw:gQmk'g, it me mi. Wy, if tm fn 'N A .V f 1?rgz!igg,2,.tgi3t1Q:gsf5t'I.im1:teggg1wt5,t,f,55 Z11ta12Q21te3gQgg351ifswrtrdigfassszmgpssgfeiawtlg ,gg were1atn.Q1,wtsfg1Q212zww:.:.:tfw,Wm N tg5gwttmg:m,,ff'ttffwfsmftfgfgfffm was vm ,f1tQi.ig.imWtw--V. .f,M5, ii, mfmM,,m,, Nsi,,,u,wl ,.,iR,siPz:g,3mE, f W, 'Im?F'?5t7tzE'i?Y?-1f:if?S?iY1gtttsfutciflfgigyg'2-H Wt.31253-.f55,1,3fft:11'f?:Er1t1Eiigter1::S1f:'1,:SJSSQIAP 525,51 M Qt 3 we-:E - -,:-" - -'-- -f-11 f ---f.:-, 1- f,-. My .ff.:". 1,'11i,.-wg-v,,,wwf . . ,.,., . . A ,:,. .NM 'W fit F' ls,-:f :tg :Jf.1iQQiYi,:':rz tfm:fiwf'f.i'teit tit o . ' K X, k. . .W Stars and Stripes Unite i'Campus Community" ,. ..,, . ,wi , . X rf J, W f 544 W f .. 2 K 4 '1?iY44?Wf'St ,:." ..:5 ' -i f it ' , ,. ,,..v R, f:-- .,', Q New .-i A Wwuift " - f-,f :3,.f,,:.,g--it-,im farm .,,.-f, t if f 5: - f f t'5ffi'iSEQf?ETii f --f'A- ww, ,1'1g1:1f11ts21,' -- H ,,,i nqwt gg? ffQi?iafiQs7tw2KE vmfzwtswetr igmgwmzrtsm -'ff iitsiftsxsz ,, 3, 5 ,. if if ,M pz. W,-4-5,33 WW ,tt, .Q-n ,-7r4l'Zf'3-"""'.p5-f'f""' was wp Campaign booths attracted the TU students and stirred numerous Controverslee Q 'iit itQi it torii B UD i t Twice each school year the university students can vote for the candidates of their choosing. ln the fall class elec- tions are held, and in the spring the Student Senate elections are held. Each time posters Hood the campus. llere students voted in the class election. Oklahoma played a large part in this year's general election. Nationally known politicians visited the larger cities of Oklahoma. Tulsa ll students took a great interest in politics and at- tended rallies for such dignitaries as Humphrey, Harris, and Monroney. Sharp Chapel has heeome an important part of Tl7's students' life on campus. Students attend every 'l'hursday morn- ing at eleven. Oliphant Hall and Amphitheater is just like home for the freshmen, as many of the required courses are held there. These are just two of the new buildings at Tulsa l'. Sigma Chis on campus felt ll special kindred to "Brother Barry" and his associates. Here several Sigs are shown with Nixon on his visit to Tulsa to campaign for Barry Goldwater. The Sigma Chi's showed everyone that hole Sig spirit" when it came to Barry. Campaign Visits Highlited Fai Election ,Y Q Fi NW Lf ii i ik Iii i The University of Tulsa HU," scene of such familiar student activities as ROTC drill, athletic intramurals, hand marching practice, and pep rallies, was taken over by a solitary student Roy Bettenhausen, for Z1 new purpose: an afternoon of com- fortable study. v Fred Harris and Richard Nixon brought a national political flavor to Tlfs own elections when they visited the city 8 2 Students See Education and Politics Mixed The University Party participated for the second time in spring elections. I ff-gt Yi :T M gi 1, 1 5? rg iw w gl g-' -2 is i 9' ie iv 2,1 if U 5 if 9 . l in L 'Hi S , we 5132 if g g Q ig, Y , l john Malice mcmurizil gjI'IlllZlSlllITl was ra welcome cmitributioii to the campus l1lllCl5L'1lpC. The new building provicles space for men and wmmerfs P. F. classes as well as ufliccs for the athletic stuff. E lllq EC. Rflh RW' K"'f'lb LINDA gl-3 GREEN Q K Q r J W I I-EA F il5lli,'lF5 l Mako your num? well lilll!XYll is the idea. Hopefully, mic of the linnlists in the junior class vice-presidential rzicc plustcrs 1lllflfllL'1' campaign poster on the wall, Election Enthusiasm Felt in Campus Elections Last Oetoher Senatnr Hubert Hum- phrey passed through Tulsa in his campaign to he vice-president. Ardent democratic supporters from the university turned out enmasse t0 Cheer on their candidate. Above, such well-wishers surround his car. Class elections sparked the imag- ination of not only the participants but their campaign managers. Rusty Johnson created this unusual paper- mache' nemesis to punctuate his candidate's desire to serve. VOTE ssssi pp,e p N Vpss ee-' s t i- t'S'e'c'aie 1 MH McFarlin library serves many purposes on the TU campus. To different students it is a study hall, an annex of the union, or a good place to catch up on much needed sleep, However, as a whole, the students appreciate the vast collection of hooks and periodicals available. 4'Shake my hand, Ladybird!" An anxious admirer extends a hand of friendship to Ladybird Johnson during her visit. The First Lady later expressed thanks for Tulsa's support. The lobby of the Student Activities Building fulfills infinite purposes for the scholars of the lfniversity. Typical sights are political campaign stands, military revruiting booths, hakesales, ticket sales, election-day voting, and organizations seeking ITlt'Il'll1ttI'5. Election rallies were not the only rea- son for an enthusiastic gathering of students. TIf's prowess on the football held encouraged them to cheer their team on in the Bluebonnet Bowl. TU Coeds Hostesses For Ladybird Visit v Q xii Avid defenders of their candidates, these dehaters drew a large Crowd as they clashed in a political debate. Steve Holmberg, Ron Logan, and Jeannie Kothe found that the statue of Alwe Lincoln in Kendall Ilzlll provided u comfortable Seat and n seeluded niche for last minute studying. -luniurs Dixie C'm'l1rz1n :tml Dinm Blznistlcll pomlcwcl tlwir lmzlllnts :ls tllt-5' S l7I'C'P1ll'Cll tm uint tht-ir vfwtvs. XAXKL' VN N0 rms? T0 8 6 1,0 F A LEFT W' QLQUCDE FOR TANQ BHRRV ,twgafa ex as t 'r onmaam 0 T S9 gglxl 'J W - 1 2 ' t -eat 2 Students Rally lor National Figures A mixture of fans with tht-ir vnrivtl signs vivtl for Il pl:1t't- in :tn imprumptu pulitirzxl pzlrzulc fur lIulnpl1rcy's visit tu 'l'uls:t. l5 'Qing Fw WGN Z'i" as joe Pelton and Bob Shilstead gave '1 ony BZlI'l'1Ck some help wlt KW ' " v 'iq , i I Ella! ml an chcered his candidat Tyrell Hall is the home of the Fine Arts Department of Music on the TU campus. There :1 student can participate in group lecture classes, study under :L professor in voice, or develop his skill on a particular instrument. ,,e .-,. November Election Brought Excitement to Campus Other people felt the excitement, and clapping, shouting, and foot-stomping reverherated in the stadium. 17 W ..........,., Jw-um LLXCHLXEEMUGSQ QUE 111111111111111s111111111111111f11s TEQXCEGHEFSS Young people 0111110 to uollc-gc for a co111bi11z1t1o11 of 1'6:1so11s, but fo1'1'111ost 111 tl1c'i1' 111l111ls is tlw p111'11osv of 1'6cc'lY111g1 2111 1'1l111'z1t1o11, 'lllwy 001116 to Qillll 21 111111- l'!2lCligLI'0llllll of liIl0NYll'llg1l', to 1112151013 at least p:11'rlz1l- ly, 21 spccillf slllvjvvf, :1111l to llllll 21 llll'C'CflOll for rl11-11' lives' work. 'llc-:1cl11'1's lilav ID11 Lovejoy, sl1ow11 with El group of f1'vsl11111-11, lwlp lll1lX'Cl'Slfy st111lv11ts with the 111z111y prolwla-111s 1'1'1':1t1'1l by collcxgc work. ssyia .XRS 35:5 5 ,,1'f'NtA' AW gif? 'Q ,QNEK ,, v f ,, NW Si fs J 'ASQ V , ' ' W -515' ,,s Q ., A if i f, A W K' A ' T wid in X, WW , e NM We ,,, w, ., 1, 2 ,, l 5 l I Mifilgyflfivx is :nf ,i'Qw ' Q' A ji".-Qfzib A - Qi' WY i fs' 44 ' A s in , r, " X 'isieafx ' 3 , Q E ,, ,,, NX' f' 5 w Qi 'aw f , 3 5 I r ,AMW , ,N ' i s , , 5 , 4 4 v 'Wk s ,Nw x N i' W4 v , 43-. ,, A .le f, N K M , 4 . ' M? , All X f4 51? I? Qs KS' as ' W Wm? ' 5? , tags , ASQ Ex, , 3 Q 2, l z,fl,,b A W W W , ' ' , it 1 ' A 1 ff, I as , Q, .W Q -,ff X ,, ,, A 1: W r , M Ali Si Q -4x41 N gm . K W i , I A it W, af 5 1 e W Ha 2 A N :vw ,,,, ' S4 f, , A -:A A x fsns ' ' ' Q Q JQV, SQAM AVN 4, 3 Xxv, ' , 5 1' , K QQ fs, as, is M -W ia ' ,, , A - we ,as , W X9 5 vi A4 r ag Q, Q ., SV it 21, , gf , K , My , ,Q M TSW ,Q Q M , ' 2 Aa Q 4 N av ,Q gm, Q - as , A 2 K T N, X ss' N ,N ., , 43 ii ., 1 4 f 3 H. 204 'N A W JF , , ' emma -9 f f. sys 4 A Q 2' e 'WA f Aft, Q Q ' ' , s A A-.asv Vv W, e ' W Q w , , , ,Q W' as-sf? ,Q I 'Q fi asm , s ' if if te Q ii A W if , W ., " ASS , W X , im? ' rg. Q 1A -My MV , W ,, ' in 329 5 iw A 1 ,J W. ,,, x .M . i r 'T.sfQ vw A. WWW , t M aw , ,Z ,, , , ai, Q4 sa N W, lg , li Q W ' SSW ,, J ' -wif? 2 " - X 1 5,4 r -A44..s4 an 0 ,r mls M , Q NW W ii ' 2 saw Qi Q , Q are .Qs Q :vm , W C M Q as V Q ' f , " QP - "i ,V ,I Q is f .sf ff, W , I Q' X ia QM , H W X4 R W 1 Q is .,,x , A .t ' ,s W f F 1 4 , 'ik ,, WHY f , 'MQ Qi N ,, ,, a 4 . , , . gs T ' 'WA gy S , it wld Q 255' ' Y ' Q, A Y A M4 57: ,si . ' 'Q aww ,, Z X 9 ""' iw ' A f , A' 1 if ' t4 ee ,, , 4 ,4 ff :ie na ,t , " f A4 4, -Y , f tg .32 W ,qv I x ss yy, , N, 3 4 4 x A 5 S , 3 fa i ' ' M f y W ms N S, K 4 WA tt ,. 1, , , ,V 4 f W Q I, Q: , t X -A4 4 , 5 7 ' W, W ' QV - 4A V . 4 QW M, ,GR swf fs, ' Www, ' , ' ,ss ft ' ui, fa: ' Q as was , , Q if, - earn 'aww N U , ed .QP . ,. Aiwa 5 f W , ,, '4 , Q x A ,fs 2 X f es' 5' f X A 4 4 , , J A I age wwe ,Q 4, , 12 as , ,W ' A M We W 3Wb ?S,44 5 , N A. Q, x 4 NVQ A, RW 4, Kaz, , Y' X N Q Q A s v ' ,, ,ff fy r A ., , I 4 f f- Q? , G fs' aku, ac, ,N ffl, o as ,Z N r -4 Aa 1 A e4 sg, r A 'A+ A - S X, A , r A a W, aww, as Q .asv A A A Q, xA s f ww Z a ff' as , c , " wa 'A NA . ., l , t, ,, ,, 4 , ,4 , 44 4 1 ,4 ,ev r A me Aff S? ' l Q 4 Nay 7 ,G Y s, at , 'saw by 5 i A ff 1 4 Af A-N, , A A ,W A ' M A A ,, t ' 4 , f 4 cademic Work is the concern of every At the University of Tulsa a college and department, and a variety of subjects are offered to stu- dents. All are designed to challenge and stimulate, and all make great rewards in learning available to those who are willing to work. Dr. Lindsay's class in comparative anatomy, for instance, gives science stu- dents essential education in the forms of life. 20 QP f' f, Jr? ,j'fW7,I4f K ,W-Q nw-we W Auf' President Henneke Dr. Ben Graf Henneke, President It is likely that no academic term in The Univer- sity of Tulsa's 71-year history has contained so much extra-curricular excitement as 1964-65. Certainly no entertainer of Bob Hopels stature had ever before visited our campus, and while our varsity football team has six times participated in bowl games, never had the Golden Hurricane played before a national television audience--estimated at 50 million-or made so many friends for The University. The Bluebonnet Bowl was the perfect game for us. VVe met and defeated a first-class opponent be- fore what amounted to almost a home audience. So many of our alumni and former Tulsans live in Houston that when they joined with the students and friends of The University who made the trip, the crowd was predominantly TU. But between Nlr. Hopels visit and the Bluebonnet liowl an event took place which caused even more extra-curricular excitement on campus. That was, of course, the national election, when a record num- ber of Americans went to the polls to exercise pos- sibly the most important of their inalienable rights. Included in this mass of voters were students from The University of Tulsa. Even those students who had not reached voting age participated in the cam- paigning. This refiectecl President Johnsons observa- tion that today's young people "form the most energetic, enthusiastic, and forward-looking group of all our people. They embody the ideals and devo- tion, the strength and courage which we will need in years ahead . . . to meet stern tests of this country's contest between freedom and totalitarianism." BEN G. HENNEIQIZ Y 1S1tlI1g the north campus and attending the ISO Festival of A rts show, Dr. Henneke acts as TU's director and representative. gftgaiss HQWQH: i, 655, M 'EM fs, Q aw .. is :Ki 5725, . , E L,Q1x: 95 M mnmwwy .1 1 .51 E. R. ALBERT, JR. BYRON V. BOONE D. D. BOVAIRD JOHN VV. BRICE President Publisher Board Chairman Consultant Albert Ei Harlow, Inc. Tulsa Daily PVorl1l Bofvaird Supply Co. BEN G. HENNEKE DAN P. HOLMES R. K. LANE P. Q. LAURINGER President President Consultant Pfgsjdgnf University of Tulsa Dan P. llolnzes ED' Associates 01,15 RICCLINTOCK FLOYD L. MARTIN RIARVIN BIILLARD DUN H. MILLER Board C1,,1ir,,m,, Consultant Board Chairman President Fin! National Bank National Bank of Tulsa Skelly Oil Co. 24 CHARLES VV. FLINT, JR. Board Chairman Flint Steel Corp. F. G. TVICCLINTOCK President First National Bank XVILLIAAI H. BIORRIS President Sinclair Oil ES' Gas Co. CHARLES NV. OLIPH.ANT Geologist CLARENCE I. PONTIES President Emeritus University of Tulsa JAY P. VVALKER Board Chairman National Tank Co. Board of Trustees "Quality Growth" is the Objective Of the University. The Board of '1il'l1StCCS, g0VC1'11iI1g body of Tulsa University, has COI1CCI1fl'ZlfCd its worthwhile efforts into achieving this Objective, Distinguished 111611 of the COIl'lI11llIlify cO11t1'ibuti11g their time :md effort to the Illillly facets of the University comprise the Board of Trustees. This group Of e111i11e11t Civic leaders join with al1111111i, ad111inistrz1tio11, and faculty in making TU 21 major UI1iVCI'Sify in the mid-cO11ti11e11t area. ROBERT L. PARKER President Parker Drilling 1 JOHN ROGERS ROBERT C. SHARP HAROLD C. STUART PAUL E. CFALIAFERRO jttorney lnfvestments Attorney Bggfd Chgirmgn Sunray DX Oil Co. XV. K. VVARRIZN JOHN H. VVILLIAMS DR. XV1LL1AM J. F, RANDOLF YOST Direetor President VVISEAIAN 1J,Usj,1m,g PVarren Petroleum Corp. Wfilliams Brothers Co. Pastor PmZ-1j,,,l,,jm,, fslfff P7'L7.Y11j7fCfifl7Z Cyhllflfh fjgffgfgunl Cgffp. 25 Oiiicers oi Administration As an Organic part of the University of Tulsa, the Qiiicers of Administration serve to coordinate and efiiciently carry out the various activities in- volved in directing a private university. Public relations and functions, finances, admissions, and counseling are all representative of the many jobs accomplished by the University's Officers of Ad- ministration. The operational and functional policies rather than educational are in the realm of the University Administrator's duties. As a systematized unit this body of officials moves in correspondence with various functions on campus. Responsibilities embodied in the job as head of a major -department of the University are certainly demanding the entire year, only this dedicated, in- dustrious staff of Officer's of Administration can make TU a balanced, coordinated system. EUGENIA MADDOX CHARLES NIALONE GEORGE METZEL Ifead Librarian Director of Admissions Registrar JOHN OSBORNE HAROLD STAIRES FLORENCE STEVENSON Assimmz Secretary-Treasurer ffsfisfrmf Trwfurrr Drdfl Of W Omen College oi Petroleum Sciences and Engineering DEAN ScoTT WALKER As the hub is to the Wheel, so is the College of Petroleum Sciences and Engineering to the petro- leum and aerospace industries. Supervised by Dean Scott VVallcer, this college provides personnel to solve the technological problems of the future. Then, as though pulled by a centrifugal force, these grad- uates depart to become vital labor in industry as spokes that go from hub to rim. In an effort to offer a wide range of technical studies, the College has developed many departments and expanded facilities. Recently, electrical engineer- ing and aerospace curriculums were initiated. The Tulsa Graduate Center was formed this year in co- operation with Oklahoma University and offered a graduate course in plasticity and elasticity. There was a signihcant influx of excellent IICVV talent to the faculty of the College. As an important extension of the University's facilities, the North Campus contains vast resources for study and experimentation. The Horne Tech- nical Library provides a wealth of scientific litera- ture and operates a technical abstraction service. Don Warlick, a graduate petrole- um engineering student, finds helping students Find a program for the IBM 1620 challenging. 9 R ilry Cox l'llI'L'flIHj' axdjuxta tlu' lt'ITllN'I'1lIlll4U un thx' vurlmplirallvul iIIFIl'lllIll'lll5 :lr thu k'Ilf1iIlt'k'l'iIlg.f fzlvilitius on thu Nurth Cairn 29 Students in the liberal arts school, like Jeanne Thomas, are giv en a wide background in various media of expression. 30 Liberal Arts Dehumanization, mechanization, and specializa- tion, the watchwords of our expanding society, are also evolving as the antitheses to creative and self- integrated men. Bulwarked against the threat of specialized education, the Liberal Arts curricula has successfully joined the demands of intellectual pers- pectives with the requirements of modern techno- logical knowledge into a confluent stream which will meet the challenges of our dynamic World. Serving as a living monument to President Ken- nedy's admonition Uto make the world safe for delnocracyf' a liberal arts education kaleidoscopes the wisdom of countless ages into Working capabili- ties in philosophy, religion, math, science, arts and languages. Utilizing a variance of techniques, ranging from a mechanized language lab to Socratic discussion methods, minds are disciplined to associate data and question the contradictory. But this must not be interpreted as a Maglliot Line of defense, liberal arts professors, headed by Dean Hayden, are constantly seeking new and in- cisive Ways to prepare for tomorroW's education. DEAN DONALD HAYDEN Stimulating lectures, such as those of Dr. Zimmerman's, are an essen- tial foundation for the students aspiring high education today. College oi Business Administration DEAN M. M. HARGROVE According to Dean lVl. M. Hargrove, the College of Business Administration has the two-fold purpose of providing a technical training in business and an educational background to assist graduates. These goals are achieved through six areas of con- centration available to students in the business school: accounting, business law, economics, man- agement, marketing, and oihce administration. Besides these four-year courses of study, the college offers professional certification in several fields, as Well as graduate Work for the degree of Master of Business Administration. Business classes at the university are held in Lor- ton Hall, which is designed to accommodate up to a thousand students and provide special rooms for the teaching of many of the courses offered. It houses a great deal of modern equipment, which gives the students an opportunity to become familiar with the up-to-date tools used in the business world. Graduates of this business college find that the road to executive positions is shortened by the fine training they receive at the University of Tulsa. Figuring correct balances, typing business reports, and operating the IBM machines are necessities for various careers in business. 32 Melanie fwUi'lll'IlIl and Barbara Naifeh find modern IBM machines a vital aiul in compiling and recording business data 33 f if ,ff fa A Q -ff ,f a, sw .fa . ,f , , -. 5 - ,, ,w ,G V :ess .wi . ,., ,A 41:1 avr' 'f . Q, is ,E .. , ,L ,E 5 2 5 5: K Q 97 if ,fi 25 'f gy A ,Q ss' T13 5 K 15 sl 2' E ni li .se 11 . ,if :rf ,,.. is .si .32 R vi s The sound of music comes from Tyrrell Hull each day as students in the school of music practice to improve their skills 34 1 5 School ol Music Offering under-graduate degrees in applied mu- sic, musical composition, music education, and graduate degrees of master of music and master of music education, the School of Mrisic of the Univer- sity of Tulsa has made important cultural contribu- tions to the city of Tulsag for many of its faculty and its students are members of the Tulsa Philhar- monic Orchestra. Housing the studios, practice rooms, auditorium and other fine facilities, Tyrell Hall serves as a center for productive, musically talented students. Filling a vital cultural role in their community and encouraged by an outstanding faculty, TU musicians distinguished themselves through excellent performances both individually and in the University's band, orchestra, and choirs. As a member of the National Association of Schools of llflusic, the TU School of lVIusic offers a balanced education of creative skills and academic require- ments. During the spring, talent from the School is taken on tour over the eastern part of the United States. Heading this productive as Well as gifted portion of the University is Dean Robert Briggs. DEAN ROBERT BRIGGS Tyrell Hall is the scene of all types of musical rehearsals and practice sessions such as Mary Todd practicing voice lessons. DEAN BRUCE PETERSON School ol law Probably one of the most fascinating courses of study available to students obtaining a degree at the University of Tulsa is that of law. Part of TU since 1943, the School of Law offers a program de- signed to give a thorough, practical, and scientific education in the principles of law in the United States. Nlany people seeking a degree in the field come to Tulsa to study for it because of the advantages offered by the city and the school. One important factor is Tulsafs status as the county seat, making it also the seat of several county, state, and federal courts, Another advantage is the School of Lawls fine library, which contains a collection of over 30,000 volumes. Excellent classroom instruction, coupled with ex- tensive individual counselling, is given law students, and related extra-curricular activities add to their education. Thr-ee law organizations-Phi Delta Phi, Delta Theta Phi, and Phi Alpha Delta-as well as moot court contests provide aspiring lawyers with outside experience. Bruce Peterson serves as dean of the School of Law and as associate professor of law. Discussing the final aspects of a case, these law students prepare by the use of practical experience for a career of jurisprudence. itffing vzucw ix Slll Cllll1'illiUIllll requirerncnt comurning zu great dull of out uf claw time in the library for the law stun 37 lent I ? Azvkzn if W A unique evening religion Class, instructed by Dr. Grady Snuggs, is held at the First Presbyterian Church located downtown 38 Evening Division "Learn while you earn," reads the bulletin pub- lished by the Evening Division classes at the Uni- versity of Tulsa. This serves as a summary of the divisionls purpose and value to night school students. Courses are arranged in this part of the university to meet the needs of those who wish to obtain a college degree or to work for a higher degree, but who must work during the day and can attend class only after regular hours. The Evening Division serves not only these stu- dents, however, but offers a range of courses which regular day students often take advantage of as well. From classes in advanced fluid mechanics to ones in adolescent psychology, all levels of instruction are offered in order to help students meet university requirements for graduation. Graduate instruction leading to the degrees of Master of Arts, Master of Science, and Master of Business Administration is also available. The Doctor of Education degree and Professional Diploma can be obtained through study in night classes, too. Dr. Rodman Jones has been dean of the Evening Division for several years, and regular faculty mem- bers provide most of the class instruction. DEAN RODMAN JONES 39 Students enrolled in the evening school range from undergraduates or recent graduates to the senior citizens of the local community. DEAN VV. B. HOLLOWAY Graduate School By action of the Board of Trustees in 1933 grad- uate work in certain areas of study leading to the master's degree was authorized at Tulsa University. Starting with the first master's degree awarded in IQ35 the graduate program has steadily grown by encompassing various new fields of study. Several additions have been made to the curriculum this year enabling students to obtain Doctorate degrees in Philosophy, English, and Engineering as well as lX'Iaster's degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Electrical Engineering. The main objective of the advanced courses of study is to provide qualified college graduates oppor- tunity and facilities for individual study and research. Under the capable leadership of Dr. VV. V. Holloway the Graduate School is meeting the chal- lenges set by an individualistic society. Dr. Hollo- way, a professor of Political Science at Tulsa lfniversity, has published three texts and various articles in the field of government. NVith an all time high in enrollment this year of 845 students in both day and evening classes it is evident that the desire for advanced study and re- search is more acute today than ever before. Oral examinations, like this one being given to a graduate student, are administered to all candidates for the education doctorate at TU. C SL'lliIldICl', :ln cngillcvrillgphgsicint, knows, the gI'llllllLlIC slucln-l1t's tank is In pl-nbc further into his chown 41 Education Commands Knowledge, Sklll, and a Respect In the language lab, students must listen with comprehension and speak with coherency in studying the various languages 42 toward Learning The University's seal, l'YVis- doni, lfziith. :ind Service," is an ideal. President I-lennekee ew- plziins, Uwe are idealists because we believe education can change 1ll2lll'S heingg . . . appmacliing eliarzieters of saints. 'XVisdoni is an ideal. A person is . . . wise only after his actions have indi- ezited he has used his knowledge in zieeordzlnee with our ideals of petsonzxl hehzivior. Service is an idezil . . . hut only certain types of work :ite called "sei'x'iee" :ie- eording . , . to society. Faith is :ui ideal. 'lfzlith is the assurance of things lumped for, the conviction of thing not seen., U Fulfilling her education requireilweuts :it TU, lilimheth Blarsee does student leaching :it Nathan Hale High St-html. e-1Wzt,,,,g :WW . ,, , Faces told the story of academics at work dur- ing the year, as the camera caught TI students with typical expressions of concen- tration and erlort. Learning the lahoratory procedures and experiments in Chemistry lab provides a practical, as well as theoretical, study in thc sciences. eh.-J Our Future Depends Ulf the graduating seniors do not ac- cept as their ideals the ideals of this Lfniyersity, as blazoned on its seal, this university, and the society of which it is a part will have had its progress halted, its motion arrested, its continuity de- stroyedfl -fJI'l'.ViIll'IIf lfrn 110,50 Typewriter at hand, a journalism student learns the value of an alert mind and keen perception, e f Sggegesfstshixxifm ,,,,,, . ,,...,,.-.W i XVhethf1r preparing daily L giants vifihly Prnvenl their interest in their c'vnii'fu. on Development of Academic Qualities of Mind and Spirit Rfinglling it may lic Sl bit firesorne, lmwcvci' smnc science students find Hcld trips :ln intriguing way to learn about Nxltnrc. 45 :usignrnents or srnciyiiig hir HIIZIIS, llIliYt'I'5iIj' sin- ADLER, E. B. AHRENS, BEN ATHA, D. E. BARCLAY, HARRIET BARROWS, HAROLD, W Political Science Accounting Physical Education Botany Speech Inspired Teachers Introduce Dynamic New Ideas to Iheir Students .- f-:. ,. , 1555? cca I 'w if E s, j i , - ts A WZ-f ' ,. I tt., .I fIIIIIZIlIIIr BARTON, C. K. BLACKMORE, FLORENCE Mechanical Physical Education Engineering BRocrHER'roN, VIOLA BROADD, PAULA . Speech Home Econonncs BUTHOD, PAUL I CADENPEEAD, I. E. Chemical Engineering History BLAIR, A. P. Zoology BROWN, PAUL Religion CAIRNS, T. W. Math 46 BLOUGH, P. K. Business Lafw BRUESILE, BEAUMONT Speech CARTER, I'IARRY Math BRADLEY, R. L. Peteoleum Engzneering BUCK, PAUL Botany CHAPIN, CHARLES E Earth Scrences Today the University faculty member is vitally involved in his field of endeavor and enthusiastically participates in the development of it. X. ha COCHRAN, J. WOODY CUNNINGHAM, Louis DMLEY, DXVIGHT DAY, VVILLIAM DEFIGII, M-fXR.T0RIE Art Voice Music Marleenng Izducafmn DICKEY, PARKE DRATZ, J, pl DUMIT, EDXVARD EVANS, J. F. EVANS, IACK Earth Scif-nfgy Pjlyfjmj Edufafign Sppgfll Maflzernalzfs Educatzon ix FIQLDMAN, NANCY Fnnxmu, E. F. CSARDNI-QR, F. T. Gmuusox, XVARREN GASAWAY, GEORGANN Sociology Izliufalzozz Chemistry Mallfcmaizcs Plano 47 Q A wide variety of faculty talents and interests provides the opportunity for having sti GIiMMII.I,, J. D. Managemfnl f5IDIEON, IJOROTIIY Piano and Thaory GRABER, P. J. .'16f01l7lfi7Zg CIUERRERO, HACATIIORN, BILL HACKYN'gRTH,lHAROLD p,,,01e,,,,, Plano and Theory PNN Engzneerzng UNDER! DOVALD E IIAYSI BILL IIENDERSQX., R. YV. A j,-130,556 ' .lourrzalzsm Rfflgwll A o 48 mlliilfillg colleagues among distinguished professors. GRAHM, LAWRE xcli L. Speech fiAGER, J. VV. Lafw Hwsnhu, NVARRHN Etiucalzon Gmvas, ROY YV. Infornzafzon Ssrfvzres HARTM AN, R. D. Physics Psythtnlogy HOGUE, AI.EXANDRE HOHOWAY VV V HOWARD, EDWARD HOWELL, P. L. IEIURDLE, JOHN Hr! '. - ' ' MHfhUIlIHffCJ Ef07l0IllIC.Y Speech Polztzral 5 cmnre Stimulating Colleagues and Classes Provide Challenging Work K HURS'l', IVAN K. Eleflriml Engineering JONES, KATHERINE Plzysiral Sficnccs KIRKI'A'1'RICK, GRAHAM Lafw Lx "3'i5' INGRAM, RAYMON JOHNSON, ED JOHNSON ,MANLY Aqfmwlfjng Journalism Bflgflfh f . I, JONES, ROY JONES, V. E. JONES, W- ,H- Finance Afronautzcal Mafhffndilff Engzneerzng KLOTZ, I-,C KOVACS, S. B. LANDA P N gleronautiml Sociology Law ' ' Engineering 49 JONES, FRANCIS Vzolzn KING, ALLAN Lnfw LEVENGOOD, C. A Life Science: ,.em12II.mIse.cvr - 'MH'rorafr-lvfwfreer r A ...I-, K . .. fr P' 4 4 rim' 'W' r ee f I ,f s f , s. I s J ,Mrk X A W, 4 ,, We I J -R, I f +4 1 I .W Lf- 44 Jr E .. .,.,,,: ,,,.,, i .9,,.,,, . ....,. ,I S 1 A 7. -54 4' W LINDSAY, HAGUE L. LIRNELL, R. S. LONG, FRANCIS LOWE, MARVIN MANCUSO, C. J. Zoology .Jrfounting ROTC History Psyrhology Professors Take Opportunities for Research MARKERT, MARI,OW MAR1'INEZ, S, J, MASON, CIEIARLES IVIATHIESOX, R. L. MCCORD, FLETCHER Education Information Scrqfiws Edufalron Physzrs Psyflrology A - , ., , ... MCKEE, MILDREIJ MCKEE, W. E. MCKINI,Ei', J. VV. MEEIIAM, ARTHUR MYERS, RUSSEI. 110mg Efgngmif-5 Muszc Mechanzral Chemzcal Engrneefzng Finanfe and lixnginfffing Business Lafw OGAN, B. G. OGLESBY, CAROLINE OLIVER, CARL OWEN, LYLE PARRISH, R. E. ROTC English Education Economics Education 50 L...I..,.,...., ..,,. . L, ZS? L . I. .. , . 1 5 X I -A 25 Ig 6 A- - :go f' tv -, t . t Rf ' ' H 'v..X-XX N Ja' Absent-minded professors are of the past, fur the professor's life is filled with active awareness of new methods with growth and Change Puxmox, VVAl,I.Acr: PLACE, BRAD PRICE, XXYILLIAA4 RFm,,iBRI,CH,I. D F ROARK, IVAN CLFIIIICIII llllglllffflllg rl!! QW,,,1,-,-,1 1,a,,g1mg4-5 Awwhaniml 1411-fllllllfllf 1Z!lgIll!'l'I'llZg Hglmnmg Rrmmxs, J. I,. ROTC SCHWEIGER, EUGENE P. Cello and Theory ROZSA, Br-:1.,x Rl"l'I,l'IDCE, VV. A. SCHOEPPHA, ROGER Piano and T11 vary ,Wafl1f'f11alf1'5 S'u"?,5IMAkN? . LLOYD p,f,-,,1,,,,,, ar f LII , g lZ!lgl7ll'l'l'1llg , -, m . ff N 1 Scow, Dfxxuar. F. SH'1'rI,E, VV. A. Sl1IRI,EY,'BARI3AR.X SIM:-sox, Fkrznmucx Vain' Ilislory PIIIYJIIIIUKJ' Edllflllillll 51 SMALL, GEORGE SNUGGS, GRADY SOXVERSJ SIDXEY SPRINGFIELD, ANDREW Edufbllwfl Religion Rfllgwll Illanaggnzgnf STROUT, CLEVY S panish Faculty Members Vitally Involved with New Developments in Their Field STUERMANN, VVALTER SWANK, JOE TESELLE, JOHN THOMAHC- D- 'TIl0MAS, RALPH Religion and Hfad Basketball Lafw Ph-75155 Lflfw Philosophy Coach 'fHome, home on the Range . . . "-Dr. jones' unusual attire is a marvelous example of faculty hidden talent. 52 THO MPSON, R. E le e Chemifal Engineering .S X X l K . if 2, it f Wi TOMASI, R. A Chemistry TRUEBLOOD, LYLE UNDERVSVOOD, GEORGE WA1Ts, JEANNE WAxTs, MAX Management Accounting Piano and Organ Flute and Pzano University Growth Creates Outstanding Faculty WAss0N, CHESTER M arkeling VVILLIAMS, MARY VVILLIAMS, PHILLIP WXNCHESTER, VVISEMAN, LOWELL CLAY Physics VVILLIIAM ROTC English English Wooo, THOMAS Journal zsm ZABOROVVSKI, JOHN German As sponsor, Manley johnson began a booming boomerang business when he joined with several students in initiating TUs boomerang team. R1 -v ZIMMERMAN, L. F. English ZUSNE, LEONARD Psyehoiogy my ff Q 5 2 .Qi 041 fAg,,.,,,,?,,,,wa .wi .wif Q I ,, Q.,,1g,,g,Q1!tf1:j I j 3' 'ML ,W . M ,Q , 1 Q N5,,,k ,' fl, 'X f N11 'sf M. , fp , ,- . , V. inf.-wwf., ' . " , f , V' , , , 'v!lwMfi:wfMwfmyuwNW!4'f'M Y , F V I 4, . ' ., , 'r f Jgfvsfi' ' ' ' 3 "W ,,T A 4 'S , 75 fm ,iwrnwvmffawfffqgfwafwfy VN'-'W' .- . ' -5 , 1. , 1 F Q .. ,A ' 5 4 2 ' ' 'Af 'ff an Qy.U,Qmff,mfgfmf,,wn-fJi1"'f'v' 'Q H I, 'fig .,,.f IM 5, f.. my Q. + H ww , f , , f ,L Y WW Nw mf-,ffwww.w lmwma-gms-wwfv-My 1 f j - 5 f, f , , , Q 1. gf 5 A B f w- s 0 . , ,, ,fm U , 1 ,if - 5 5 K, 1.5 ,155 gg ,. W. , .M , f , ig., ' 4' .M.,,,H,Q g ,. A I . . . 3 , Wwvw51,fmMwfJ,fnmwniv'1qffmW', 4 , , ,,,, I 'E 'Q-ffjg H53 H5 K. 5. , i, , ," ,qw 41' ' k ,Ai fy. A, 155113 5 ' - 14,1..,.' f,.. . X M, , 1' 'TW . ,, ,, E3 'F' ' Www--0 ! ' ' ' ' ' , , f0WM?,fmM,,pww ' N JP in-w filhavwiwe , ff , www rg 2 ,Q f f ' X f f My 5 4 .1 i i i f 4 I 1 i l l , -1-www V .miumsfx ' -f.-:aiu 1f lP5lEQDlP9lLE C . v X l'l1':1tc'1'iiitiCs mln not hrilal tha' cxcllisivc' rights sera-nmlv. In Uutohm' the 'liri llvltzts :mil liappl joinml lowes to jUllI'Ili'3' mlowii ftzitcmity tow to cn tvrtziin tht- men with singing ziml to ptcsvnt them with grimiing tlilfl-Q40-l21lll'l'l'llS. Chi Ulm-ga, cv though they haul no snow, gzivc' thvil' zimiuzil Blu l'zirty, rho ISU hvltl 21 Swc'c'tliv:1l't llznicm- in thc lvnion. ziml thc- Sigfnm Chi's went hillbilly style' it tht-ir Lirrlc Alum' llzirty. wmmnwfan: F? 5 is M Q ' QI 5 S Q, M in , if in Www! fa Q 4- Q Parties and dances did not occupy students' attention all of the time. At Homecoming 1964 the dorms joined in the competition and put up displays in their yards. Though a hectic period, everyone found time to go to classes and study in the library. Collegiates, the "people We know," welded TU campus life into a community of learning filled with excitement and intellectual opportunities. 56 asia 'Q?5szf:y 513- glmg, w i? ggi 3, MA P, 15 f, ix: K 'kia 4 2 :P K 1 as v ffm fiiisns W .Egg . . Q mmm .iw .fy . fq gv 5- O N mx- ., R 1 N. is K si 5 'S if Q F ff Qs 'f sir gi QRS 'V A B, -155 may 1 F' if k',' f iflfi . + 55 743535555 5 mx f -if ie EH V2 S X2 -ff s :sf:ia'ifsal 155' X ' ' 5? : .-rasgj 2. , W fi XV ff m x p fa-...,,,,,,,.m. Z ,, Peter Norberg, graduate zoology student, does his research in the "animal house," the lab, and the library. Graduate Students 15"- E? 58 TOP ROW: Ahmet E. Ahcael, Turlcey: Tawat Beniawan-Chiengmai, Thailand: Wayne Cottelt, Davenport, Iowa: Tong- dee Duangnetre, Chienqrnai, Thailancl: Morteza Ebolnassir, Istahan, lran. SECOND ROW: David Michael Edris, Tulsa: J. A. Galoostian, Iran: Edward E. Gibble, Tulsa: Robert F. Hamlin, Greens- boro, N.C.: Ibrahim S. Hawisa, Tripoli, Libya. THIRD ROW: Harold C. Heinze, Flush- ing, N.Y.: Ronald W. Horton, Shreve- port, La.: Ben Kline, Jr., Olcla. City: Margherite La Porte, Tulsa: Helen Craig McGee, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Ebrahim Manouchehri, Tehran, Iran: Mary Laura Martin, Tex- arkana, Texas: John P. Moore, Henry- etla: Robert J. Newton, Tulsa: E. J. Rhodes, Muskogee. BOTTOM ROW: Dhanvir Singh, India! Michael Dale Speer, Sand Springs: Dean A. Tate, Tulsa: Evelyn Wallace, Musso- gee: Don R. Warliclc, Tulsa: A. M. Zagaar, Tripoli, Libya. Lawyers TOP ROW: H. l. Aslon, Tulsa' Joseph G. Beeler, Tulsa: Lee Befhea, Barllas- ville' Roberm' L. Blackwood, Tulsa: Wanela Coolcnell, Riverside, Calii' Rob- erl' H. Crifchfield, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: William Dean Cri+es, Tulsa' James W. Fransein, Tulsa: Phil Frazier, Tulsa' John Gladd, Tulsa, David C. Harris, Tulsa, Michael Harvey, Chi- cago, lll. THIRD ROW: James R. Hays, Tulsa, Clifford E. Hopper, Tulsa: David Jones, Tulsa: Jack Maner, Tulsa, Allan Marcus, Brooklyn, N.Y. BOTTOM ROW: Cylde Prifchard, Paw- huslca: Richard Replogle, Kansas Cily, Mo.: Ralph J. Salerno, Bloomfield, NJ.: Charles Tegeler, Tulsa: Don E. Williams, Tulsa. 195 K ,an- 'GI' Three students at the Tlf Law School, located in the heart of downtown Tulsa, discuss the Law School journal. 50 Q53- '-if "lt is not enough that schools TOP ROW: Jerry Kennelh Adams, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, Malh, Malh Club, SEA: Karen Allen, Delphos, Ohio, Pre-Social Service, Sociology Club, Young Republicans: Conall E. Addison, Tulsa, Accounling: Daniel Lon Anderson, Tulsa, Manage-menl', AK'1': Virginia Andrew, Tulsa, Hisrory, SEA, KAH, TAG: Guido F. Anlezana, La Paz, Bolivia, Economics, KE: Charles Anfhony Arnold, High River, Alberla, Canada, Managemenf, KZ: Nicholas Arvelo, Caracas, Venezuela, Mechanical Engineering. SECOND ROW: James T. Aul+, lll, Tulsa, Sociology, Sociology Club: Marilyn Axlon, Tulsa, Commercial Arr, Ari Sluclenfs League, XYZ: Rufh M. Bachelor, Tulsa, Home Economics: Charles Bahos, Tulsa, l-lisiory and Polilical Science, Circle K, Young Republicans, lnler- nalional Relalions Club: Thomas Edward Balke, DeKalb, Illinois, Ac- counlingg John D. Ballard, Tulsa, Accounfing: Tom L. Barber, Chi- cago, Illinois, Accounling, AK'I': Sara Barr, Tulsa, Secrelarial Ad- minislralion, TU Business Women. THl'RD ROW: June Bealmear, Tulsa, Speech KWGS Women's Di- reclor, UAE, HAM: Joan Birbilis, Tulsa, Home Economics, SNEA. Home Economics Club: Larry M. Berke, DeKalb, Illinois, Accounling, Baskeiball: Lee Beihea, Barilesville, Oklahoma, Hislory and Polilical Science, Young Democrals, TAG: Douglas W. Blenkarn, Tulsa, Poli- lical Science: Diane Lynn Borochoff, Tulsa, English Eclucaiion: Pamela be great centers ol learning . . ScoH' Boswell, Tulsa, Business Managemenl, Siudenl' Senale, Morlar Board, Execulive Club, Presidenls Club, TU Business Women, KKT, HFM, EIE: Lynda Bowen, Tulsa, Speech Paihology, OSHA, KEN- DALLABRUM, KKF, TEH, FOURTH ROW: Ella Jo Bowerman, Tulsa, Elemenlary Eclucalion, SEA, Young Democrals, UTM, KA: Willie Bowlin, Tulsa, Liberal Aris, KA, EAX, HAM: Calvin H. Brannon, Tulsa, Hisiory Educalion, Young Democrais: Barbara Breeding, Tulsa, Relail Merchandising, Fashion Board: Andrew C. Brice, Tulsa, Economics, Young Repub- licans, ASH: Nonda Jean Bridges, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Eng- lish Educaiion, SEA: Janice Ann Brodsky, Springfield, Illinois, French, SEA, ISO: Cheryl Brogdon, Seminole, Oklahoma, Journalism and English Eclucalion, "Collegian," KENDALLABRUM, Sludenl Senale, Young Democrals, UAE, HAH. BOTTOM ROW: David R. Brooke, DeKalb, Illinois, Accounling: Sheri Raye Bruce, Tulsa, Arl Eclucalion, Ari Sluclenls League: Ken- nelh Bunch, Collinsville, Oklahoma, Poli'l'ical Science, Young Demo- cral's: lnlernalional Relalions Club: 'Roberl L. Burch, Tulsa, Sociology, Sociology Club: Mary Margarel' Bulhod, Tulsa, English Educalion, Young Republicans, Sludenl' Senale Commiilee, 'Mfg Elizabelh Ann Bufler, Tulsa, Accounling, TU Business Women: Darryl E. Calver'l'. Tulsa, Markeiing: Ann Marie Cardona, Tulsa, Oiiice Adminislraiion. SENIOR CLASS TOP ROW: Jack E. Carey, Indianapolis, Indiana, Pre-Law, Young Republicans, Inlernalional Relalions Club, Pre-Law Club, EX: Burlis W. Carpenler, Tulsa, Aero Engineering: Kok Ming Chu-I-long Kong, Managemenl: Carol Clark, Tulsa, Malh: Melanie Jo Cochran, Tulsa, Business Adminislralion, Young Dernocrals, Angel Flighl, TU Business Women, X9: Rufh Cohoon, Tulsa, Physical Educalion, Slu- denl Senale, KENDALLABIRUM, Young Democrals, KA: Bill Combs, Tulsa, Journalism, Young Democrals, Pre-Law Club, Sluclenl' Senale, IFC, lnlernalional Relalions Club, AXA: John Conwell, Tulsa, Ac- counling, KME, AKXP, KKSII, IIYMA, SECOND ROW: Nancy Louise Cook, Disianl, Pennsylvania, English Educalion, SNEA: 'Ray R. Corley, Tulsa, Economics, KA: Bill 'Corn- man, Springfield, Illinois, Mech. Engineering, ASME, Engineer's Club, Baseball, EX: Diane Cox, Tulsa, Malh, SEA, XYZ, 'P1'K, KAI-I, KME, QTM: Wiley Cox, Tulsa, Chemical Engineering, Sludenl Senale, Modern Choir, OAK, KPHEI KIXIE3 Daniel Thomas Creel, Tulsa, Corn- rnercial ArI', Ari' Slrudenfs League: Suzanne Cunningham, Tulsa Spanish, KKII: Dio Lo Dailey, Tulsa, Pre-Denlislry, Presidenlfs Club, IFC, HKA. Tl-IIRD ROW: Bill DaugI1erI'y, Tulsa, I-lislory and Polilical Science: Andrew C. Davis, Tulsa, Polilical Science, ROTC: LaVonne Davis, Tulsa, Music, EAI: Flora Dean Day, Tulsa, English: Judy Dean, Tulsa, English Educafion, Morlar Board, SEA, UTM, X5-1: CI1arIo'H'e De- Garmo, Kirkwood, Missouri, Pre-Social Service, Sludenl Promolions Cornmillee, Chapel Choir, KENDALLABRUM, Sociology Club, KK?- Michael DeICasino, Trenlon, New Jersey, Engineering Malh, Malh Club, Engineer's Club, KME: Sam L. Densmore, Tulsa, Accounling. FOURTH ROW: Jane Dewel, Tulsa, English Eclucalion, XSZ: James Sco+'I' Dill, Tulsa, Business Adminislralion, EN: Jimmy R. Dolph, Tulsa, Pelroleum Engineering, AIME, Engineer's Club, fPET: Beverly Dolph, Tulsa, Music Educalion, SEA: Jerry Paul Dow, Gallup, New Mexico, Aeronaulical Engineering, Engineer's Club, Council on Religious Life: Sidney G. Dunagan, Tulsa, Pre-Law, IFC, Who's Who, Sludenl Senale, Track, OAK, CRUZ, HKA: Jack Durkin, Kenlon, Ohio, Business Managernenl: John J. Dyer, Tulsa, Mechanical Engi- neering, KA. BOTTOM ROW: Beniamin B. Edwards, Tulsa, English: David L. Elder, Tulsa, Journalism: Jean Engle, Duncan, Oklahoma, English Educalion, Young Republicans, WM: Ireen Evans, Tulsa, I-Iome Eco- nomics, Home Economics Club, SNEA, X97 Judy Jo Evans, Tulsa, Music Eclucalion, Band, Universily Chorus, TM, TBE: Wendell EvereH, Tulsa, Management AT9, AK'1': Joan Faulk, Tulsa, Medi- cal Technology: Don Feagin. Tulsa, Flislory, Young Republicans, IRC, Pre-Law, Sludeni Senale, EX. "We need intellectual achievem TOP ROW: C. M. Featherston, Tulsa, Engineering Physics, Engineeris Club: Tessie Finck, Tulsa, Music, -EAT: James E. Fisher, lll, Tulsa, Management: Judy Fitzgerald, Tulsa, English Education, KKF: Rita Kaye Fletcher, Tulsa, Pre-Medicine, KA: Donna Ford, Tulsa, English Education, Young Republicans, SEA, Student Senate Social Com- mittee, Presidents Club, 'l'M: Frank Fox, Tulsa, Engineering Physics, Student Senate, Engineer's Club, Young Democrats, Sword and Key, Presidents Club, OAK, fI'll1i, 211121: Lester C. Friar, Jr., Tulsa, Engineering Math, ROTC, Young Democrats. SECOND ROW: Bernie Frakes, Tulsa, Business Management, ROTC: Mary Frampton, Tulsa, Pre-Social Service, ISO, Sociology Club, Young Democrats, AKA, UPN: James Fransein, Litchtield, Minne- sota, Police Science and Law: Laura Lee Freeland, Tulsa, Psychology, KENDALLABRUM, Young Democrats, UAE, KA9: Clara Freeman, Chicago, Illinois, English, Nimrod, TU Theater: 'Carol Ann Fry, Bartles- ville, Oklahoma, Speech, TU Theater, KWGS-FM, Mortar Board, 9A'l': Mary Jane Gallup, Tulsa, English, President's Club, KKP: Carolyn Garrigus, Tulsa, French-Spanish, SEA. THIRD ROW: Areta Gates, Locust Grove, Oklahoma, History, AF: Tim Geary, Tulsa, Art: Michael Denis Gibbons, Montreal, Canada, Journalism, Lettermen's Club, E-AX: John Mecuin Gillespie, North Little Rock, Arkansas, History and Political Science, Pre-Law Club: German Gomez, Bogota, Colombia, Management, ISO: Gary E. ents tor more than abstractions..." Gray, Tulsa, Business Management, American Marketing Ass'n., UNA: Larry D. Gregory, Tulsa, Engineering Physics, AIP, Engineer's Club, Whos Who, ZH-Y: Jim Grisham, Tulsa, Commercial Art, Art Student's League. FOURTH ROW: 'Charles Gross, New Castle, Delaware, Political Science, KA, Baseball: Leland Julia Grubb, Tulsa, Sociology, Young Republicans, Sociology Club, XYZ: Virgil Leon Halcomb, Tulsa, Mechanical Engineering, Engineer's Club, ASME: Dale Hallum, Tulsa, History: Robert Joseph Hanis, Kansas City, Kansas, Management: Donald Dewitt Harnden, Tulsa, History and Pre-Ministry: Sandye Hathcoat, Tulsa, Speech Pathology, Mortar Board, AF, TEH: Gerry Hathcock, Tulsa, History Education, KENDALLABRUM, Young Democrats, Panhellenic Council, KA. BOTTOM ROW: 'Charles Q. Hawkins, Tulsa, Commercial Art, ZX: Elizabeth Ann Hayden, Tulsa, English, SEA, Chapel Choir, Student Senate Human Relations Committee, Judiciary Board, 1-IPM, SPTK, X9: Jolene Jo Hayes, Tulsa, Art Education, Art Student's League, SEA: Shirley H. Hellen, Tulsa, English: Dolores Henderson, Tulsa, English Education, SEA: Richard M. Hendricks, Claremore, Okla- homa, Marketing: Richard Calvin Hensley, Tulsa, Aeronautical Engi- neering, AIAA: Paul Carl Herman, Jr., Maplewood, Missouri. Marketing, Modern Choir, A'l'9. A SENIOR CLASS TOP ROW: Judilh Herriman, Coifeyville, Kansas, English Educalion, SEA, ISO: Mary Franlz Hieronymus, Tulsa, English, KKF: Man Keung Ho, Hong Kong, Sociology, ISO: Barbara Louise Hobson, Tulsa, Life Sciences Educalion: SEA, KA: Jon Hockenson, Tulsa, Pre-Law, Young Republicans, Pre-Law Club, EX: J. P. Holleman, Phoenix, Arizona, Track: Theresa Hollingsworlh, Tulsa, Music, Sludenl Senafe, PresidenI"s Club, Young Republicans, Morlar Board, Who's Who, EAI, TEE, TFK, TM: KiHy Holloway, Tulsa, Induslrial Psych- ology, SI'udenI' Senafe Campus Welfare Commillee, Presidenfs Club, Morlar Board, X9, SPX, UAE, UPN. SECOND ROW: Julie Holmes, Tulsa, Business Adminislralion, Cheerleader, KKF, EAE: Thomas Richard Howard, Claremore, Oklahoma, Pre-Medicine, MEA: Arrhur LeRoy Howe, Tulsa, Malh: Jesse L. Huckelbury, Tulsa, Mechanical Engineering, AIME, ASME, ACS, Engineer's Club: John M. Huey, Jr., Tulsa, Psychology: Phil Hull, Tulsa, Markeling, KE, AE1-I: Keilh Hunf, Tulsa, Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Engineer's Club, EX: Eloise Janssen, Tulsa, American Sluclies, Who's Who, KENIDALLABRUM Edilor, Presi- denI's Club, Morl'ar Board, fIfA9, UPN, IIAE, KKF. THIRD IROW: Donald R. Jenen, Tulsa, I-Iislory and Polilical Science, Young Dernocrals: Donna Lee Jenkins, Tulsa, Music Educalion, Band Orcheslra: EAI, TBE: Sfephen D. Jernigan, Joplin, Missouri, Aero- nauiical Engineering, Arnold Air Sociely, Engineer's Club, AIAA, THE: Pamela Ann Jeslice, Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Office Admin- islralion, TU Business Women, EAE: Richard E. Johnson, Tulsa, His- Iory and Polilical Science, KWGS News Direc'I'or, Young Demo- crals, Band: Rober'I' L. Johnson, Tulsa, Mechanical Engineering, ASME, KA: Rusly Johnson, Tulsa, Commercial Arl, Arl Sludenfs League, Sludenl' Senafe, OAK, KE: Linda Jones, Tulsa, Ari, Ari Sludenl's League, AAA. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Lloyd Jones, Tulsa, English: Sharon Jones, Enid, Oklahoma, Med. Tech, KKF, Lanlern, Cheerleader, AT: Ter- rence Wm. Kaden, Ki'I'chener, Onlario, Indusl. Psych.: John N. Kealing, Oklahoma Cily, Oklahoma, Managemenl, AK'I', John Mabee I-lall: Susie Kelch, Tulsa, English Educalion, SEA, AAA: Bar- bara Lee Killian, Broken Arrow, Journalism, HAE, HAM: Michael D. King, Tulsa, Pre-Meclicine, MEA. 'PH-E, Sword and Key, KPFK, QJFM, Young Republicans, American Chemical Sociely: Thomas J. King, Tulsa, Malh, IIKA, Arnold Air Sociely, AEROTC. BOTTOM ROW: Ray D. Kinnard, II, Nowala, Oklahoma, Pre-Med., KE, Band, IEC, MEA: Eric Klanderud, Gualemala Cily, C.A., Pelro- leum Engineering, AIME, Engineering Club, ISO, Newman Club, ISA: Roberl' D. Knighf, Tulsa, Managemenl, KA, AK'I': Alexander Koroluk, Andrew, Alberla, Peiroleum Engineering, Engineer's Club. AIME, Presidenl: 'Charlene A. Larson, LaGrange, Illinois, Accoun'I'- ing, TU Businesswomen: Barbara Lawson, Tulsa, English, Scroll, SEA, BSU, ISO: David Lawson, Tulsa, Chemical Engineering, KA, THE, Sword and Key, 'I'1'K, KME, AIChE: Yvonne LeFaivre, Ferguson, Missouri, Psychology, WM, Newman Club. "We need education ior citizenship. . .a broader range ot talents." TOP ROW: Randal H. Letler, Omaha, Nebraska, Math, EX, KME, Math Club: William D. Lester, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, Pre-Law: Bob Lewis, Tulsa, Journalism, ATU, BAK: Walter K. Lewis, Corsi- cana, Texas, Management, ATU, Intramural Council, IEC: Diane Liese, Chicago, Illinois, Accountant: Martha Kaye Liner, Tulsa, Elem- entary Education: Clyde T. Lotton, Tulsa, Business Management: Paul F. Longstreth, Little Rock, Arkansas, Religion, fIfMA, Modern Choir, Band. SECOND ROW: Gordon Loucks, Tulsa, Music Education, KA, 'I'MA, Band, Orchestra: Donna Lucinslri, Tulsa, Accounting, WM, KENDALL- ABRUM: Cora E. MacDonald, Belle Vernon, Pennsylvania, English, UVM: Barbara J. MacLean, Findlay, Ohio, Lite Science Education, Mortar Board, KA9, KAH, fI'FK, KE Sweetheart, President's Club: Pat Mahoney, Tulsa, Accounting, BFE, 'P1'K: Tony Maierick, Bing- hamton, N.Y., Management, AXA: David F. Manley, Tulsa, Industrial Psychology: Richard R. Martin, Tulsa, Mechanical Engineering, Engineer's Club, ASME, Sword ancl Key, 'PH-fi. THIRD ROW: Doloris J. Mathis, Tulsa, Business Administration, Young Republicans, K-A, TU Businesswomen, BSU, "Collegian": Claudia Lee Matney, Tulsa, Elementary Education, 1"l'B, Young Republicans, SEA: Jean McClure, Tulsa, Math, GYM, SEA. Young Republicans: Charles G. McConnell, Tulsa, Chemical Engineering, AXA, AlChE, KME: 'Carol McCord, Tulsa, History, Young Demo- crats, HA9: D. L. McEntire, Jr., Bruno, Arkansas, Management: James C. McGill, Tulsa, Chemical Engineering, AlChE, 'P1'K, Sword and Key, KME, ACS, ASTM: Larry E. Mcspadden, Chelsea, Okla- homa, Accounting. FOURTH ROW: Paul Richard Means, Sand Springs, Oklahoma, Sociology, KA, IEC, Sociology Club, Law Club, Young Democrats: Eugene E. Mitchell, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, Mechanical Engineering, ASME, Engineer's Club, ASTM: Susan Mitchell, Midwest City, Okla- homa, Speech Pathology, KKF, Mortar Board, TEH: Linda Moore, Condonia, Kansas, AF, Young Republicans, TU Businesswomen: Ricardo A. Morales, Colon, Republic ot Panama, Chemical Engineer- ing, AlChE, ACS, Engineer's Club, THE, KME, Sword and Key, ISO: Janet Elaine Morgan, Laurie, Mississippi, Music: Richard Henry Mullen, Vero Beach, Florida, Foreign Language, Newman Club, Letterrnan's Club: Dianne Mullins, Tulsa, Elementary Educa- tion, BSU, SEA, 'PAL Young Republicans. BOTTOM ROW: Dudley Murphy, Tulsa, Commercial Art, KE, ASL: Edith H. Myers, Tulsa, Elementary Education: Barbara Jean Naifeh, Tulsa, Business Administration, TU Businesswomen: Jim Nesbitt, Garden City, Kansas, Management, Tennis Team, Young Democrats: Metzie Nichols, Tulsa, Retail Merchandising, Home Economics Club, AAA, Young Republicans: Robert W. Nichols, Tulsa, Physics, ASA, AIP, IEEE: Sandra Jean Nichols, Tulsa, Music Education, Modern Choir, KU, Lottie Jane Mabee Hall: Judith Karen Minde, Tulsa, Home Economics, PDB. SENIO TOP ROW: Darrell Noe, Fl. Worlh, Texas, Geography, lSA, lSO, SS, Young Republicans, Sword and Key, THE, '1'l'K, Leia Nunn, Tulsa, Elemenlary Educalion, 'I'A9, KAH, Young Democrals, Mark A. Oliver, Tulsa, Pre-Law, Vivian Orms, Riley G. Osborn, Tulsa, Malhe- malics, TUE, Refa OHe, Tulsa, Nursing, James V. Pale, Jr., Mill- creek, Oklahoma, Managernenl, Joe Pel+on, Tulsa, Physics, SS-Presi- denl, Presidenls Club, Presidenl, EHS, KME, 'PH-E, Sword and Key, OAK, KE, SECOND ROW: Sandra Pefhick, Tulsa, psychology, AK0, William Thomas Philbeck, Tulsa, Chemical Engineering, Veril L. Phillips, Tulsa, Malhemalics, Malh Club, KME, 'l'l'K, Sword and Key, 'Nil EHS, UCCE, Universily Parly, Ronnie Dale Pifman, Muskogee, Oklahoma, Psychology, KE, Charles H. Puckefl, Tulsa, Mechanical Engineering, Engineer's Club, Pedro Pablo Puky, San Crislobal, Venezuela, ISO, Presidenfs Club, Afirflq William D. Randolph, Tulsa, Engineering, Malhemalics, Malh Club, Landon J. Richard, Sli Louis, Missouri. Management EX, A-fn, American Managemenl Associaiion. Tl-llRD ROW: Rick Richardson, Tulsa, Accounling, Richard Risl, Tulsa, Spanish, OAK, David E. Robb, Tulsa, Accounling, Newman Club, Margarel Roberls, Marlin's Ferry, Ohio, l-lislory Educalion, AF, Young Republicans, Marlha J. Roberfs, Tulsa, Malhemalics, Malh Club, KME, Newman Club, LouEH'a A. Robinson, Tulsa, Ele- meniary Educalion, SEA, Roberi' W. Rosebush, Jr., Tulsa, l-lislory, R 66 CLASS TA9, ROTC, James A. Ross, Coiieyville, Kansas, Chemical Engineer- ing, AlChE, Engineer's Club. FOURTH ROW: Mary Saab, Tulsa, English, Newman Club, Young Democrals, Suzy Sample, Brownsville, Texas, Elemenlary Educalion, TH, SEA, TBE, Band, Young Republicans, lnlramurals Council, BSU, Bill Saulmore, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, EN, AIChE, Engineers Club, Track Team, Susan Schaller, Tulsa, Office Adminisiraiion, KA9, Panhellenic, IIAE, Young Republicans, Failh Louise Scherpich, Norlh Bellrnore, N.Y., Chrislian Educalion, UCCF, Norman David Scholefield, Chicago, Illinois, Mechanical Engineering, Janie H. ScoH', Tulsa, TU Businesswomen, SEA, Tillie ScoH', Tulsa, English, xo, IITM, SEA, BOTTOM ROW: Roy J. Shell, Tulsa, Polilical Science, Roberl' S. Sherman, S+. Louis, Missouri, Polilical Science, Arnold Air Society, Modern Choir, ISO, lRC, ROTC Slali, Bill S. Shillinger, Tulsa, Man- agemenl, KE, James Ray Shofsfall, Sl. Louis, Missouri, Manage- meni, KE, OAK, SS, ETH, Presidenl's Club, Who's Who, Execulive Club, Carolyn M. Shorl, Allon, illinois, Management Young Repub- licans, American Managemeni Associalion, Commerce Club, Alan N. Simon, Tulsa, Pelroleum Engineering, HRT, Jane Ruih Smi'I'h, Chi- cago, lllinois, Sociology, Sociology Club, Young Republicans, Lollie Jane Mabee Hall, Roger Allan Smilh, Tulsa, Malheniaiics. "We need scholarship fitted tor the years that fallow graduation." TOP ROW: Jerry Snider, Tulsa, Pre-Medicine, AXA, KKSV, Pre-Med Club: Susan Lee Snider, Tulsa, Accounting, TU Businesswomen: James C. Spencer, Kirkwood, Missouri, Business Management, KE, Vice President Business School: Lewis Elmer Stivers, Collinsville, Oktahoma, Chemistry, American Chemical Society, Engineer's Club: Joe Swaim, Tulsa, Mathematics: Valette L. Thomas, Tulsa, Religious Education: Patricia Ann Thomson, Washington, D.C., Psychology, AA-A, Lottie Jane Mabee Hall: Peggy Molloy Tipton, Tulsa, English. SECOND ROW: Fred L. Trowe, Tulsa, Engineering Physics, ENE: Ricardo A. Valbuena, Caracas, Venezuela, Chemical Engineering: Lester Van Dyke, Tulsa, Journalism, -SAX: John F. Vaughan, St. Louis, Missouri, Mathematics, -EX, ATP, EHS, KATE, Intramural Council, Young Republicans: Don Wagner, Tulsa, Physics, SS, Drum Maior, Orchestra, German Club, Varsity Nite Board: James R. Walker, Tulsa, Accounting, AKW: Jim Walker, Tulsa, Psychology, KA: Diane Walters, Houston, Texas, Secondary Education, KKF. THlRD ROW: Marsha Ann Watson, Tulsa, Psychology, AAA, WX, fl'1'3l: Ann Weast, Claremore, Oklahoma, Home Economics, Home Economics Club, SNEA: H. John Welge, Tulsa, Mathematics, KATE. Math Club: 'Carol Ann Westall, Pine Blutt, Arkansas, Accounting, KA, TU Businesswomen: Richard Lee Wettaw, Eldorado, lllinois, John F. Kenncdy Petroleum Engineering, HKA, 'l'll.Y, Sword and Key, AIME: Richard E. Wightman, Tulsa, Management: Charles Williamson, Tulsa, Man- agement, AK'I': Sharon Anne Wilson, Tulsa, Mathematics, AAA, Math Club. FOURTH ROW: Donald L. Wolfe, Tulsa, Audiology, IN, Young Republicans, IFC: Jim Woltinbarger, Neosho, Missouri, Accounting, HKA: Judy Wolverton, Tulsa, Art Education, KU, SEA, Young Republicans, ASL: John R. Woodard, Ill, Tulsa, Pre-Law, EX, SS. lFC, Presidents Club: James E. Wooten, Tulsa, History, 'I'A9, History Society: Bob Wright, Tulsa, Chemical Engineering, AlChE, Sword and Key, KMEg Harold B. Wright, Tulsa, Chemical Engineering, AlChE, AFROTC. BOTTOM ROW: George Humphrey Yetter, Tulsa, English, Christian Science, College Organization: Marcia Kay Yockey, Huntsville, Ala- bama, Art, -AAA, ASL, Young Democrats, Tulsa Designers Cratt Guild: Allan G. York, Tulsa, Management, A-EH, Young Republicans: Hung-Nin Yuk, Hong Kong, Aerospace Engineering, AIAA: Frank Zarrinnal, Tehran, lran, Petroleum Engineering, AIME: Barbara Jean Zeumer, Neenah, Wisconsin, Christian Education, UCCF: Ann Ziemer, Tulsa, Mathematics, Panhellenic, Presidents Club, Angel Flight Commander, KATT, KATE, SS, Mortar Board Scroll, KA0. Q ,Q MA ,di Q Ref sw S? Q .xg v 3 ff .g:,:.EE2:: fi S K Q ' I' S 52255 Sf wx ,. .gs M, C537 Msgzwlfaglymm. 3 .sz 1, ,gee R , J 2 i . , .,." E z 1 f A 4 S S Ex - A , Q L Q gg., ,.. ' S f , ' K fha. ,- 3 1 91' 'L S' ' ,714 Q X iw 221 '12 V L- H P, A gi: , Q i ,,-.,f2ff 1,. A in 1.2 yn, -' mmf ., LV53, K Q A W I , . ,gg ,1 I V . X-9 ,f v xq ' bf' TOP ROW: Abbas Abdullah, Nasseriyah, Iraq: Sara Abel, Tulsa: Ben Abney, Tulsa: Jeff M. Addison, Tulsa: Mary Aldridge, Tulsa: Abid Ali H. Al, Janabi-Baghdad, Iraq. SECOND ROW: Don Allen, Tulsa: Jodee Allen, Tulsa: Milce K. Allen, Los Angeles, Calif.: Jaclc Armbrisler, Tulsa: Douglas Anderson, Sperry, Okla.: Jaclc Anderson, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Anderson, Tulsa: Franlc Anfezana, La Paz, Bolivia: H. P. Appleby, Colley- ville, Kan.: John Afherlon, Tulsa: Carolyn Axion, Tulsa: Jimmy Balcer, Tulsa. "With a good conscience our only sure reward let us go lorth " TOP ROW: Kennefh Barlcley, Tulsa: Linda Barn- e'H', Tulsa: Lynne S. Barrelf, Lexinqlon, Ky.: Michelle Beale, Tulsa: PaHi Bell, Tulsa: David Bendl, Frazee, Minn. SECOND ROW: Roy R. Bclfenhausen, Tinley Park, III.: Dennis Bilyeu, Tulsa: Terri Blanchard, Peelcslcill, N.Y.: Sharon Len Bode, Tulsa: Phil Boillol, Tulsa: William H. Bolch, Tulsa. Tl-IIRD ROW: Bobs Ballon, Fl. Worlh, Tex.: Ron Bowerman, Ashlan, La.: Marvin Brazeal, Tulsa: Mary Breeding, Tulsa: George R. Brislow, Tulsa: Tamarlane Brown, Sapulpa, Olcla. FOURTH ROW: Tom Briggs, Tulsa: Calvin Bryanf, Tulsa: Milce Burlce, Tulsa: Jan Burnell, Tulsa: Denny Byrne, Tulsa: Arlhur Carpenler, Tulsa. FIFTI-I ROW: Bill C. Chapman, Tulsa: Belly Charlesworfh, Tulsa: Nancy Childers, Tulsa: Nanefle Chrisl, Phoenix, Ariz.: Fredericlc W. CIUFF, Arkansas Cily, Kan.: E. J. Coday, Tulsa, BOTTOM ROW: Roy Cody, Tulsa: Ron Cogdill, Borqer, Tex.: Ray J. Coleman, Tulsa: Sharon Collins, Tulsa: Peggy Combs, Tulsa: Bob Coclc, Tulsa. JUNIOR CLASS 70 TOP ROW: Jim Cook, Tulsa: Greg Corariio, Tulsa: Jody Cowgill, Pillsford, N.Y.: Pai 'Crem- in, Tulsa: Manning L. Crump, Tulsa: Paili Curby, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: David E. Current Tulsa: Don- ald R. Curiis, S+. Louis, Mo.: Roloerl' Bruce Dains, Tulsa: Siephanie Darnell, Tulsa: Roberi' Davidson, Cincinnaii, Ohio: Barbara BaH'en Davis, Blackwell, Olcla. BOTTOM ROW: Wayne A. Davis, Tulsa: Flora Dean Day, Tulsa: Terry P. Dickey, I-lunlsville, Ala.: Eric Dixon, Tulsa: Gary Drain, Tulsa: Janie DuHon, Tulsa. TOP ROW: Sherry L. Earp, Tulsa: William J. Elay, Jr., Wilmelle, Ill.: Bob Ellis, Tulsa: Michael C. Ellis, Tulsa: Vernon Elmore, Tulsa: Virginia Lee Esies, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Barbara Ford, S+. Charles. Mo.: Mary Alice Ford, Tulsa: Donald J. Franlc, Tulsa: Ernesi' Freeman, Tulsa: Harold D. Gage, Claremore, Okla.: Dale Gallimore, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Richard Gannon, Tulsa: Gary Garbacz, Tulsa: Dcrihy Gardner, Tulsa: Richard Gardner, Tulsa: Nancy Jo Gar+en, Tulsa: Paul H. Gerber, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Dennis Gilslrap, Tulsa: Anifa Gladson. Tulsa: Mary V. 'Glenn, Tulsa: Merrell Glover, Tulsa: Eric A. Gonzalez, Panama Cily. Panama: Margare+ Gowans, Tulsa. FlFTl-l ROW: Jim Graham, Tulsa: Kaiheryn Gray, Tulsa: Billy Green, Tulsa: Joan Griffiih, Tulsa: Larrea A. Gusfavo, Tulsa: Frank Gwin, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Earl Hamm, Jr., Tulsa: Larry Hammiclc, Cohleyville, Kan.: Roger Haney, Tulsa: Eileen Harbers, Ashion, Iowa: Jerry Hamish, Tulsa: Bill Harrell, Tulsa. Students always find ways to keep from studying. llorntliy builds a toothpick giant. Sleeping is easy for Carolyn while Richard earns money. TOP ROW: Jane Harrison, Tulsa: Reloecca Har- rison, Ft. Smith, Ark: Jelif Haas, Neosho, Mo: Glenn Hatcher, Tulsa' Carol Hausen, Elizabeth- lowr Pan Susan Heard, Tulsa. 12" SECOND ROW: Larry Hearne, Ncosho, Mo.: Viclci Henrichs, Tulsa: Freddie J. Hensley, Tulsa: John Herald, Tulsa: Jim Hiclcerson, Tulsa' Peggy Hill, Tulsa. THlRD ROW: Richard Hill, Tulsa' Don Hoflich, Tulsa: Paul Hogan, Aurora lll,: Viclci Hoggaft Tulsa: Peggy Holland, Jenlcs, Olslax Steve Holm- .ew berg, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Leslie E. Holms, Tulsa: Jean Ann Holmes, Newlon, lowa: Slephanie Howlell, Tulsa: George Hubbard, Tulsa: Nancy Hubbard, Baldulr Mm- Gail lngrarn, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Jan Jaclcson, Tulsa: Wayne Jaclc- son. Boraer, Tex.: Steve Jmaelzl, Karnsack, Sask., Canada: Hunter L. Johnson, lll, Tulsa: Judy Johnson, Tulsa: Ron Johnston, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Gary M. Jones, Tulsa' Richard Jones, Colleyville, Kam: Terry Jones, Kokomo, Intl' Karen Keplinger, Tulsa: Mohammed S. Khan, Pakistan: Richard Klarr, Chicago, lll. 71 Judy was il speedy wheelbarrow nt the Coed Prom. During intramurals Bonnie stretched for the high shots, Thelma scooped for the low ones. JUNIOR CLASS 72 TOP ROW: Ken Knarr, Tulsa, Ronald Kraler, Tulsa, Jack Lafferly, Tulsa, William A. Lang, Ardmore, Okla., Ron Langley, Tulsa, Glen Law, lndianola, la. SECOND ROW: Belly Louise Lawson, Tulsa, Dialra Laylon, Blackwell, Okla., 'Carol Lee, Tulsa, Mary Ann Lee, Tulsa, Barbara Lessley, Claremore, Okla., Linda Lewis, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Mary Charles Lyle Sfauble, Anaco, Venezuela, Nancy MacDoIe. Blenview, Ill., Karen Mccandless, Moline, III., Bonnie McDougall, Kirkwood, Mo., JoAnn McFadden, Broken Arrow, Okla., Ron McGee, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Karen McKeever, Enid, Okla., Jimmy McLean, Tulsa, Conrad Mangold, Tulsa, Allen Marcus, Baldwin, N.Y., Bolo Marshak, Tulsa, William W. Mar+in, Texarkana, Tex. FIFTH ROW: Roberi' Meng, Tulsa, Cl1arIo+'le Merrick, Tulsa, Clin? Merrick, Tulsa, William Mildren, Edina, Minn., Bolo Miller, Tulsa, Jim Miller, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Karolyn Miller, Tulsa, Karen Milchell, Monell, Mo., Joe Moeller, Holden- ville, Okla., Bruce Monfgomery, Tulsa, Sheldon Moomow, Tulsa, Hilda Dale Moore, Skialook, Okla. TOP ROW: Daniel K. Morgan, Tulsa: Judy Morgan, Tulsa: Tim Morsani, Talala, Olcla.: S. Mossadeghi, Tulsa: 'Carolyn Mullenax, Tulsa: Kaihleen Murphy, Tulsa: Helen Murray, Tulsa. ROW TWO: Dave Nash, Tulsa: 'Charles Need- ham, Grove, Olcla.: Darlene Ninemire, Tulsa: Terry O"Callaghan, Calgary, Alberla, Canada: Terry O'Connell, Bosion, Mass.: Carol Olincy, Lake Foresr, Ill.: Joel Olson, Collinsville, Okla. BOTTOM ROW: Paul Parlcer, Tulsa: Tom Parlc- inson, Tulsa: Mary Ann Parlcs, Tulsa: Julie Pai'- man, Tulsa: Darlene Pearman, Neosho, Mo.: Kaylin Penner, Tulsa: Bill Penningfon, Duncan Olcla. "let us tap the ocean depths and encourage the arts and commerce" TOP ROW: Cherie Jo Perraulf, Tulsa: Mary Peifigrove, Barllesville, Olcla.: Milce Phillips, Tulsa: Carolyn Piley, Tulsa: Suzanne Pi+coclc, Tulsa: Cynfhia Polen, Tulsa. ROW TWO: Richard I. Pongraiz, Tulsa: Wini- fred Pool, Tulsa: Tina PoH'er, Tulsa: Ann Powell, Oklahoma Cily, Olcla.: William Pra'H, Tulsa: Dawson Priesfman, Darien, Conn. ROW THREE: John Ramsay, Tulsa: John Red- man, Tulsa: Linda Reed, Tulsa: Charles Leonard Richardville, Wiclclifle, Ky.: Luis G. Rivero, LaPaz, Bolivia: Hugh Roberson, Tulsa. ROW FOUR: Jerry Roger, Tulsa: Mehdi Sadr, Shiraz, Iran: Roberf Schindler, Madison, Kan.: Richard Schussler, Broken Arrow, Olcla.: Vicforia Scovel, Sfoney Point N.Y,: Julie Scroggs, Cedar Rapids, la. ROW FIVE: Mifchell Seals, Tulsa: Reba Seafon, Tulsa: Vicforia Sharp, Tulsa: Tom Shepard. Tulsa: Don Shoclcey, Miami, Olcla.: Sue Shroul, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: GeGe Simmonds, S+. Louis, Mo.: Mrs. Glen M. Smilh, Jr., Tulsa: Linda Louise Smifh, Joplin, Mo.: Sally Smifh, Tulsa: Trudy Smi+h, Tulsa: Jane? W. Smoof, E+. Smith, Arlc. JUNIOR CLASS 74 TOP ROW: Sieve Snider, Tulsa: Sieve Somers, Tulsa: Andrew John Spanogle, SI: Louis, Mo.: Carol Spivey, Sl. Louis, 'Mo.: Jim Sposalo, Tulsa: Phil Spurloclc, Tulsa: Harold W. Slehm, Tulsa. ROW TWO: Denise S+epl-lens, Tulsa: Diana Siephens, Tulsa: Barry J. Sfiernlaerg, Palaline, Ill.: Nancy Sloclcwell, Tulsa: Ron Sfoclrwell, Tulsa: Judy Sfolces, Muskogee, Olcla.: Philip W. Sfonecipher, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Monfe S+rouI', Tulsa: Miclcey Suess, Tulsa: Alodurrazeg Suleiman, Tripoli, Libya: Susan Sulihurlc, Tulsa: Michael Swan, Tulsa: Susan Swanson, Effingham, III.: Carol Sword, Dallas, Tex. TOP ROW: Iradi Taheri, Teeheran, Iran: Bill F. Tarpley, Tulsa: Dan Teagarden, Neosho, Mo.: John Marfin Teague, Parsons, Kan.: Carolyn Templefon, Tulsa: Jeanne Thomas, Tulsa: Jim Thornlaerry, Barllesville, Olcla. SECOND ROW: Russell Tilley, Olcmulgee. Okla.: Sharon K. Tompos, Tulsa: Brian Turner, Claremore, OlcIa.: Judy Wakefield, Ponca Cily, Olcla.: David Wallis Hudson, Tulsa: R. F. Wally, Chicago, Ill.: Toni Walner, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Roberf M. Wandres, Tulsa: Sandy Warlc, Tulsa: Charlann Waflcins, Tulsa: Burnnie Wehmeir, Tulsa: David Weicherf, Tulsa: Phillip Weiganf, Tulsa: David Welsh, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Ken Wes+, Tulsa: Paula Whalen, Tulsa: Tim Whalen, Tulsa: Donald E. Whifesell, Tulsa: Ben Whiiney, Tulsa: Thelma Wieghard, Tulsa: Raymond Wiesen, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Peggy A. Wilgus, Houslon, Tex.: Anne Williams, Tulsa: Larry Williams, Neosho, Mo.: Ron Williamson, Tulsa: James R. Wilson. Tulsa: John Wilson, Tulsa: Elme WoIco'H, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Wolf, Lake Foresl, III.: Jennifer Wren, New Orleans, La.: 'Charles Wu, Tulsa: Sandy Wylie, Owasso, Okla.: John E. Wymore, Kansas Cilry, Mo.: Lynn F. Zabrislcie, Madison, Conn.: Jud Zellmer, Tulsa. Relaxing on the steps of Kendall Hall are Sopliomore Class Olhcers Dixie Cochran, scvrctaryg Karen Krihhs, fI'CIlSllI't'I'Q Steve Saltzman, vice-presitlcntg and john Volle, presiclent. A scene such as this is a rare uccasirm with the many activities of each ofhcer. mf' r 75 r 'W ,tt?' s in V 'QV ' is ' if I wat-WW -if if. -t l A HQXQQQ, f, -tu. wi- -Q' ' ' r 651 st' 'l, .gs PTR 'X Snpliomores Tom Briggs, Sue Ann jackson, and Tum Jackson demonstrated sumu of that TTT spirit that was aroused during this year. SOPHOMORE CLASS 76 TOP ROW: Dan Agenf, Sand Springs, Okla.: Diane Ainsworfh, Tulsa: Mohamed A. Alem, Tripoli, Libya: Susan Ammon, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Anifa Anderson, Tulsa: Ken Armslrong, Tulsa' Gwen Arnn, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Richard C. Afchison, Sullivan lll.: Odell Afwood, Tulsa: Dave Averill, Tulsa: Larry Babb, Tulsa: Jim Balmer, Tulsa: Dale Bandy, Tulsa: Ken Bass, Kirkwood, Mo. THIRD ROW: Virginia Bafounis, Tulsa: Ron Baxfer, Tulsa: Linda Begin, Tulsa: Barbara Bender, Tulsa: Bob Benson, Tulsa: Phyllis Bere- olos, Tulsa: Tom Berry, Tulsa, FOURTH ROW: Jim Bird, Ponca Cily, Olcla.: Diane Blaisdell, Tulsa: Bruce A. Blealrley, Tulsa: Jeanne Bloclce, Tulsa: Richard Blunlr, Spring- field, Ill.: Aniia Bradshaw, Tulsa: Doug Brady, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Tom Briggs, Tulsa: Paula Brinkley, Tulsa: Mariha Broclr, Tulsa: Franey Broolce, Tulsa: Sfeve Brophy, Tulsa: Dave Brown, Tulsa: Marilyn Brown, Fi. Smilh, Ark. BOTTOM ROW: Les Brownslein, Tulsa: Sally Bryan+, Tulsa: Jim Bryden, Tulsa: Roberf Bump- us, Srockbridge, Mich.: Bob Burneff, Tulsa: Jimmy L. Burris, Tulsa: Jo Campbell, Tulsa. TOP ROW: Susan Cansler, Tulsa: Charles A. Carlin, Jenks, Olcla.: Joy Carnagey, Tulsa: Mary Case, Tulsa: Linda A, Cash, Hagersrown, Mary- land: Carolyn Ca+ron, Tulsa: Dave Chauncey, lndianapolis, lnd. SECOND ROW: Mar+ha Clarlce, Tulsa: Julie C. Cleveland, Sf. Louis, Mo.: David lCloyde, Viniia, Olcla.: Dixie Cochran, Tulsa: Ralph Cole, Tulsa: Paul Combs, Anco, Kenluclcy: Roberi W. Cox, Sl. Louis. BOTTOM ROW: Jo Jean Craig, Versilles, Ind.: Jim Crawford, Tulsa: Gerald M. 'Crim, Tulsa: Ollie Crinlrelmeyer, Aiiion, Mo.: Mary Cullinan, Tulsa: Roberl' Curingion, Tulsa: Jon Curfius, Tu sa. "today, the implications of national policy make pol'tlcians ol us TOP ROW: Marvin Dabney, Tulsa: Ken David- son, Tulsa: Glenal Davis, Caloosa, Olcla.: John Davis, Tulsa: Ken Davis, Tulsa: Daniel Dawson, Tulsa: Jon Defherage, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Travis C. Dodd Jr., New Or- leans, La.: Linda Doherfy, Tulsa: Wayne Dor- chalr, Tulsa: Diana DuHon, Tulsa: Dyann Dyer, Tulsa: Jerry Easier, Tulsa: Dino Economos, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Roberl' Edscorn, Richmond His.. Mo.: Clyde P. Edwards, Tulsa: 'Curl' Edwards, Tulsa: Keiih Edwards, Tulsa: Mary Louise Ellio'l"l'. Tulsa: 'Charles Emerson, Muskogee, Okla.: David Escoiido, Caracas, Venezuela, FOURTH ROW: John Ewer+, Tulsa: Milne Feem- sier, Lalce Foresf, Ill.: Musiopha Felrih, Tunisia: Duane A. Fenn, Tulsa: Edward Fisher, Tulsa: John Fisher, Supulpa, Olcla,: Judy Fisher, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Gaila Fliclxinger, Tulsa: George Flipp, Tulsa: Bob Fornell, Tulsa: Floyd Franklin, Tulsa: lRic Fredricks, Calgary, Canada: Donna Fredriclcson, Onawa, lowa: Margarei Freeman, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Gary Freerlcsen, Grinnel, Iowa: Kaye Fulcher, Tulsa: Melanie Garrison, Tulsa: Linda Gerber, Tulsa: Melinda Gilmore, Tulsa: Cecile Gilsfrap, Tulsa: Margo Glenn, Kirkwood, Mo. TOP ROW: Roger Goding Jr., Downers Grave, III.: David Lee Goerman, La Grange, III.: Nelly Gomez, Caracas, Venezuela: Mary Jo Gould, Tulsa: Mike Graves, Tulsa: Linda Green, Tulsa: Jim Griner, Cushing, Okla. SECOND ROW: Jim Gustine, Tulsa: Robert G. Hagemann, Barrington, Ill.: Frannie Hager, Richardson, Texas: Jane Hannah, Tulsa: Carol Hanson, Tulsa: Gary Harkreader, Tulsa: Karen Harlin, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Edward W. Harmon, Tulsa: Olivia Harris, Titusville, Fla.: John Hartman, Tulsa: Donna Hartness, Pawhuska, Okla.: Don E. Hayden Jr., Tulsa: Judi Haynes, Tulsa: Nancy Heflin, St. Louis, Mo. " every citizen regardless oi his interest in politics, holds ollicef' TOP ROW: Lou Ann Hellinghausen, Dallas, Texas: Hal Helton, Texico, New Mexico: James H. Henson, Bartlesville: Lynne Hill, Tulsa: Jo- Anne Hotfman, Tulsa: Sondra Hogue, Tulsa: Dinah Holland, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Shirley Hooks, Ashdown, Ark: Marti Homan, Tulsa: Phil Howard, Tulsa: Marty Howk, Tulsa: Harmon Howser, Tulsa: 'Craig W. Hursh, St. Louis, Mo.: Gerry Hyatt, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: 'Candy lddings, Tulsa: Robert Idsardi, Tulsa: Irwin Isaacson, Clifton, New Jersey: Paul Jackson, Tulsa: Sue Ann Jackson, Tulsa: Ohebil Jamilg Joyce A. Janes, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Terry Jankowski, Skiatook, Okla.: Ken Johnson, Tulsa: Larry Johnson, Owasso, Okla.: Thomas G. Johnston, Moores- town, New Jersey: Kay Jones, Fairbanks, Alaska: Paul Jones, Tulsa: 'Carol Keene, Tulsa. FIFTI-I ROIW: Linda Kelly, Okmulgee, Okla.: John Kemper, Ponca City, Okla.: Joanne Ken- nedy, Tulsa: John Kinker, Kirkwood, Mo.: Chuck Kinnaman, Wheaton, Ill.: Robert Knopf, Osh- koss, Wis,: Carol Kreyling, Kirkwood, Mo. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Kribbs, Tulsa: Stan Kuchel, Tulsa: Karol Kurtz, Tulsa: Robert Lair, Tulsa: Mary M. Lakios, Tulsa: Veronica A. Lakios, Tulsa: Gene G. Lakusiak, Sarnia, On- tario. TOP ROW: Park Lang, Ardmore, Okla.: Dave Lansdown, Enid, Okla.: Jackie Lanlz, Charles B. Lee, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Gordon Lee, Tulsa: Barbara Leighfy, Tulsa: Bill Leighfy, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Glover A. Leilch Jr., Lincoln, Nebraska: Judy Lindley, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Jenifer Lucas, Independence, Kan.: Terry Lu++rell, Sand Springs, Okla.: Ardilh Mccorkle, Tulsa: Gayle McKee, Tulsa: Jane McKinney, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Jim McKown, Tulsa: Jim Mc- Nabb, Tulsa: Bob D. Medlock, Tulsa: Dennis Malfbie, Arnslerdam, New York: Troy C. Mans- Eeld Jr., Benlon, Ark.: Rulhie Mansker, Tulsa: Donna Markelic, Sapulpa, Okla. TOP ROW: Linda Marlar, Tulsa: -Richard Marple, Tulsa: Wade Marlin, Seminole, Olcla.: Sondra Marfinson, Tulsa: Joel Marucheck, Tulsa: Clemenf Massulam Il, Caracas, Venezuela: Jan Maflhews, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Eugene Megyesy, Tulsa: Reed T. Melfon, Tulsa: Jorge A. Meslre, Miami, Fla.: Mary Rulh Miller, Carlhage, Mo.: Ari Mires Jr., Ponca Cily, Okla.: Jimmy Mil'cl'lell, Tulsa: Linda Morris, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: John Morrison, Tulsa: Gary Morse, Tulsa: Lovell Murchison, Tulsa: Ward Murphy, Tulsa: 'Ron Myers, Tulsa: Hussein M. Naghdi, Geneva, Swilzerland: Jimmie A. Nay- lor, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Sue Ellen Nelson, Tulsa: Claudia Newman, Tulsa: Douglas Noble, Tulsa: Carole Norris, Tulsa: Joan M. Offerle, Genesee, Ill.: Mohamid Hai Suleiman Omrani, Tripoli, Libya: Willem Ondang, Indonesia. FlFTl-l ROW: Fraser O'Neil, Tulsa: Joel Owens, Tulsa: Carolyn Parks, Tulsa: Connie Parrish, Tulsa: Carol Parsons, S+. Louis, Mo.: Jerry M. Passmore, Tulsa: Roberl' Payfon, Grosse lle, Mich. BOTTOM ROW: Nicki Pearson, Tulsa: Susie Perkins, Enid, Okla,: Lee Pelros, Tulsa: Sieve Picou, Balon Rouge, La.: Russell L. Pierce, Indianapolis, lnd.: George Pierson, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Dale Powell, Tulsa. SOPHOMORE CLASS ai' 79 SOPHOMORECLASS 80 TOP ROW: Pam Primm, Tulsa: Jackie P'rui'H', Tulsa: David A. Queen, Tulsa: Diane Rainwaler, Tulsa: Larry Reed, Tulsa: Margarel' Reed, Bur- ley, Idaho. SECOND ROW: Mary K. Rickard, Tulsa: Verda Riehar+, Collinsville, Okla.: Jerry 'Ri'fe, Tulsa: Janei' Rivera, Tulsa: Arihur E. Robinson, Tulsa: Richard L. Roe, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Sfephen Rodgers, Barllesville, Okla.: Dennis Rogers, Tulsa: Marilyn Rogers, Tulsa: John L. Roginski, Kewanee, III.: Gary W. Roller, Sapulpa, Okla.: Linda Ross, FI. Smilh, Ark. TOP ROW: Theron W. Russell Jr., Skokie, III.: Karen SackeH', Tulsa: Sieve R. Sailor, S+. Louis, Mo.: Abdul-Wabab Salaymeh, AI-Khalil, Jor- dan: Sfeven Lloyd SaI+zman, Tulsa: Doyle Sanders, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Gailard Sariain, Tulsa: Nafhan Schiff, Tulsa: William D. Schmelzer, Omaha, Neb.: Gary Schmidf, Tulsa: Lynn Schroeder, Winlhrop, Mass.: Nancy Schulz, Kirkwood, Mo. THIRD ROW: Janei' Schwamb, Tulsa: Mary Searle, Tulsa: Juanifa Sellers, Tulsa: Mary Anne Shearer, Tulsa: Mary Sheldon, Palos Park, III.: Frank Shields, Palaline, III. FOURTH ROW: Roberl' Shockey, Miami, Okla.: Mike Shrouf, Tulsa: Susan Siman'I'on, Phoenix, Ariz.: Carol Sims, Silver Springs, Maryland: Kafhy Skinner, Tulsa: Nancy Sleeper, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Dick Sloan, Tulsa: Cheryl Smarf, S+. Louis, Mo.: Dean S. Smi+h, Tulsa: Doris Smifh, Tulsa: Greg Smifh Jr., Tulsa: Janel Smi+h,, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Leslie E. Smifh, Tulsa: Linda Kay Smi+h, Okla. Cily: Sue Dee Smi+h, Tulsa: Susan K. Smifh, Tulsa: Rick Snider, Tulsa: George Solomon, Mosul, Iraq. TOP ROW: Michael Springer, Bartlesville, Okla.: Kathryn Spurgin, Duncan, Okla.: Joe Staires, Tulsa: Gary Stantield, Tulsa: Margaret Stanlield, Tulsa: Bill Stanley, Tulsa: Susan Starr, Owasso, Okla. SECOND ROW: Tom Stehman, Berea, Ohio' Sharon Stephan, Williamstown, W. Virq.: Patti Sterne, Tulsa: John Stevenson, Wichita, Kansas: Robert M. Stewart, Bartlesville, Okla.: Drenda Stout, Tulsa: Richard Studenny, Stony Point, New York. BOTTOM ROW: Gary L. Summerfield, Glen Ellyn, lll., Larry Swift, Neosho, Mo.: Karen Tanner, Pawnee, Okla.: Mike Tarman, Tulsa: Janet Taylor, Park Ridge, lll.: John Taylor, Tulsa. " . . . government we get depends upon how we lullil' responsibilities TOP ROW: Larry Taylor, Tulsa: William D. Taylor, Tulsa: Kent Thomas, Tulsa: Hector Tineo, Tulsa: Mary L. Todd, Bartlesville, Okla.: Steve Towler, Ashland, Kentucky. SECOND ROW: Patty Travillion, Tulsa: Veta Jo Treat, Tulsa: Lynne Tucker, Tulsa: Jim Utz, Tulsa: Henricus Van Veen, Tulsa: Lou Vespasian, Lexington, Ill. THIRD ROW: Carl H. Viana, Tulsa: Joseph Vickers, Tulsa: John Valle, Springfield, Ill.: Kit Walker, St. Joseph Mo.: Stan Warfield, Tulsa: Kent Washburn, Ponca City, Okla. FOURTH ROW: Jackie Webber, Tulsa: David E. Weiskopf, Springfield, lll.: Margaret Welton, Ark City: Joe Weston. Neosho, Mo.: Mary Kay Wilcox, Tulsa: Karla Wiley, Sapulpa, Okla. FIFTH ROW: Phil Williamson, Leawood, Kan- sas: Judith Kay Wilson, Chanute, Kansas: Lynn Winder, Los Angeles, Calit.: Steve Winkle, Ashton, lll.: Frank Wise, Tulsa: Jerry L. Witt, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Richard Wolf, Kirkwood, Mo.Z Barbara Wylie, Owasso, Okla.: Judy Yates, St. Louis, Ma.: Mark York, Tulsa: Richard B. Young, Tulsa: William A. Young, Ponca City, Okla. The Tulsa Baptist Center, newest building around the University of Tulsa this year, is a perfect setting for the officers of TITS newest class: Tony Barrick, freshman president, Ken Rutherford, serv- ing as vice-presidentg Barhi Knight, secretary of the Class of '68, and Sandy Tolbert, treasurer. TOP ROW: 'Calhee Adderlon, St. Louis, Mo.: Ted Arnald Aguilar, Tulsa: 'Clare Ahrens, Tulsa: Fred Allen. Tulsa, Jeanie Allen, Tulsa, Willis Allen, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Tony Alloway, Tulsa: Erin D. Anderson, Tulsa, Nancy Anderson, Houston, Texas: Tom Arming, Clifton, New Jersey: Judith Lynn Atkinson, Pittstown, New Jersey, Sue Afwaler, Springfield, lllinois. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Johnson Bacon, Tulsa: James T. Bailey, Jr., Broken Arrow, Oklahoma: Cathy Bamburg, Enid, Oklahoma: Terry Barnes, Tulsa: Tony Barrick, Tulsa, Larry Barfley, Tulsa. "Let the word go forth TOP ROW: Ka+hy Baston, Tulsa: Gary Baxfer, Tulsa: Sue Bayer, St. Louis, Missouri: Mike Beard, Tulsa: Anna Faye Bealfie, Tulsa, John Bell, Chicago, Illinois. SECOND ROW: Vicki BenneH', Tulsa: Gary Benton, Houston, Texas: David Bruce Berkin- shaw, St. Louis, Missouri: Ronnie Berner, Ft. Smith, Arkansas: Gloria Birch, Tulsa: Jeries Bishara, Beloit, Wis. Tl-llRD ROW: Judiih Blair, Arkansas City, Kan- sas: Sally Bliss, Tulsa: Sandra Blocker, Tulsa: Bob Bloomfield, Tulsa: John Bode, Tulsa: Tim Bodine, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Catherine Borland, Tulsa: Larry A. Boyer, Tulsa: Dennis Bradford, Wichita, Kansas: Pai' Brasier, Claremore, Okla.: Jane Bray, Tulsa: Barbara Breuninger, Bricktown, New Jersey. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Broach, Spavinaw, Okla.: Judilh Broome, Tulsa: Belly Brown, Tulsa: Janice Brown, Tulsa: Kafhy Brown, Davenport, lowa: Belva Brumelle, Skiatook, Okla. BOTTOM ROW: Gary Brumley, Tulsa: Randy Bruton, Tulsa: Nancy Burgess, Lake Zurich, Illinois: Cheryl Burne'H, Tulsa: Ronald Bush, Albertville, Alabama: Robert' E. Bufhod, Tulsa. from this time . . . the torch has been passed . 40'- 83 he 'AT TOP ROW: Tom Bulzbach, Tulsa: Bob Byrd, Carlhage, Mo.: Sleve Caldwell, Tulsa: Connie Campbell, Tulsa: Shirley Campbell, Owasso, Okla.: Julian l.. Carr, Lake Charles, La.: Van- delia Carlrwrighl, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: James Michael Carulhers, Tulsa: Sandra Calren, Tulsa: Burke Chandler, Tulsa: Connie Chapman, Tulsa: Scoll' Cherry, Tulsa: Jerre Jo Chieppo, Tulsa: George Chil- dress, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Bill Churchill, Tulsa: Kalhy Clancy, Chicago, lllinois: John Clawson, Tulsa: Chris Cale, Tulsa: John Coleman, Lawlon, Okla.: Linda Collins, Skialook, Okla.: Mike Connelly, Tulsa. TOP ROW: Judy Cook, Tulsa: Karen Cook, Tulsa: Lynda Cooper, Forl Sheridan, Illinois: Ray Cousins, Tulsa: Dave Cramer, Indepen- dence, Kansas: Mary Ann Cravens, Tulsa: Ger- aldine Crim, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Bill Croisanl, Muskogee, Okla.: Suzanne Marie Crouch, Tulsa: Bruce Cunning- ham, Tulsa: Cameron Cunningham, Tulsa: Ed Curfman, Tulsa: Ray Currid, Barringlon, Illinois: Jim Dabney, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Kalie Dains, Tulsa: Jean Ann Dauberl, Greal' Bend, Kansas: Candy Daubney, Tulsa: Cherie Anna Dawson, Tulsa: Deloris Daw- son, Tulsa: Eddie David, Sand Springs, Okla.: Dianne Deak, Lelhbridge, Alberla, Canada. FOURTH ROW: Palricia Dean, Tulsa: Jeanne Deming, Tulsa: Suzanne Denlcn, Muskogee: Anne Devine, Tulsa: Jean Dickerson, Brenlwood, Mo.: Karen Dodd, Broken Arrow, Okla.: Pam Dove, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Fred Doyle Jr., Tulsa: Margo Droze, Tulsa: Jeff Ducummon, Tulsa: Randall Dugan, Wesliield, New Jersey: Deanna Duna- gan, Tulsa: John Dunn, Tulsa: Arlhur Dupuy, Soulh Hamplon, Pa. BOTTOM ROW: John Durkee, Tulsa: Sandra Dykes, Tulsa: Belfy Easier, Tulsa: Marsha Ed- monds, Springfield, lllinois: Jim Elder, Tulsa: Herb Elfvengren, Elizabeih, New Jersey: Marsha Elkins, Tulsa. Vivacious new freshmen girls have found cliflierent guises to fulfill their Collegiate image, much to TOAP ROW: Linda EllioH', Tulsa: Ka'll'1y Elser, Barllesville, Olcla.: Barbie Ensminger, Deerfield, lllinois: Anila Louise Elfer, Barllesville, Olcla.: Anna Mary Evans, Barllesville, Olcla.: Sandy Evans, Barringlon, Illinois: Sharon Fausi, New Canaan, Conn. SECOND ROW: 'Wayne Ferguson, Tulsa: Nancy Filrel, Tulsa: Mary Lou Fisher, Sand Springs, Olcla.: Dudley Ford, Tulsa: Kennelh M. Foyil Jr., Tulsa: Slephen Freeze, Tulsa: Margarel' Ann French, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Tony Fuller, Hoi Springs, Arkan- sas: Joe Ganem, Sand Springs, Olcla.: Pilar Garcia, Tulsa: Boyd George. Tulsa: Lloyd George, Tulsa: Milne George, Tulsa: Bob Gessel, Winnellca, Illinois. FOURTH ROW: Cherrie Ghoslbear, Tulsa: Jim Gimler, Tulsa: Sue Glass, Tulsa: Roger Gleclcler, Tulsa: Judy Goodell, Tulsa: Gloria Goodson, PaHy Grady, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Alan D. Granger, Sullivan, Mo.: Melissa Gran'l', Ponca Cily, Olcla.: Roberl E. Gray, Nulley, New Jersey: Freida L. Green, Jenks, Olcla.: Jani Green, Tulsa: Linda Green, Kansas Cily, Mo.: Elva Jeannie Grieve, Vienna Va. BOTTOM ROW: Roger Grigor, Tulsa: Beclry Grossman, Tulsa: Sleven R. Guslison, Quincy, lllinois: Vic Haas, Neosho, Missouri: John Hagar, Springfield, lllinois: David Hall, Tulsa: Tim Hall, Abiquiu, New Mexico. FRESHMAN CLASS s K 1 the delight of the men a on campus 85 . I ' V pi, . wa. .i ,e9f2'.1.f I em. 1 'L i 'Z' , X, , 2 Freshmen also find the opportunity to relax during serious study mome nts, at least, there are good intentions in the proper atmosphere. TOP ROW: Bill Hallett, St. Catharines, On- tario: Rick Hamby, Tulsa: Claudia Hansen, Arlington Heights, Illinois: Barbara Harris, Tulsa: Nancy Harris, Evanston, Illinois: Tom llglarris, Tulsa: Wayne Hausen, Elizabethtown, a. SECOND ROW: Gary Hawkins, Tulsa: Jane Henry, Evanston, III.: Kenny Henry, Tulsa: Linda Hensley, Tulsa: Laura Jane Herriman, Tulsa: Charlene Hert, Tulsa: Wayne Hibbard, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Shardell Hickok, Tulsa: Carol Highland, Tulsa: Keith Hinshaw, Jane, Mo.: Margaret Hirst, Tulsa: Hin-Ming H'o, Saigon, South Vietnam: Jim Hoch, Oskaloosa, Iowa: Diane Hodges, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Judi Holland, Tulsa: AI Horn, Tulsa: Gary Horn, Tulsa: Susan Hovelman, Tulsa: Sandy Howard, Portsmouth, New Hampshire: Dennis Crawford Hoyer, Tulsa: Wayne Hudnall, Texico, New Mexico. FIFTI-I ROW: Fred Hudson, Tulsa: Peter K. Hudson, St. Louis Mo.: Kathryn Hulcher, Mus- kogee, Okla.: Kathie Hull, Tulsa: Carol Hulva, Salem, Illinois: Bill D. Hunt, Tulsa: Jerry Hurd, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Sherry Iles, Tulsa: Jan Inhote, Tulsa: .lim Iwanuszko, Chicago, Illinois: Janet Jackson, Tulsa: Sandra Jackson, Tulsa: Janice E. Janes, Fort Scott, Kansas: Jonathan Jetty. Tulsa. Y 86 TOP ROW: Suzanne Jenkins, Tulsa: Clark Jerni- gan, Tulsa: Dean Jones, Tulsa: Marilyn Jones, Tulsa: Susan Jones, Tulsa: 'Cindy Kalousek, Leawood, Kansas: Tom Kamafaris, Springfield, lllinois. SECOND ROW: Sharon Anne Kaul, S+, Louis. Mo.: Richard Kealing, Tulsa: Kalhy Kennedy, Tulsa: Kalhy Kenny, Tulsa: Leonard Keyser, The Hague, Holland: Ariloon Keyser, The Hague, Holland: Bill King, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Carol King, Drumrighl, Okla.: Janice King, Tulsa: Joan Kirkpafrick, Tulsa, Kim Kirlon, Tulsa: Beverly Kleinmann, Barllesville, Okla.: David Knabb, Whealon, Illinois: Barbie llfnighl, Tulsa. "The energy. . .which we bring to this endeavor will light our country TOP ROW: Karen- Kraus, Harrison, Arkansas: Joanne Krieger, Tulsa: Ronald Kuhn, Burgells- lown, Pa.: Harrie? Kuykendall, Tulsa: Gerry Kwapisz, Windsor, Onlario: Paul LaFFer'ly, Tulsa: Sharon Langdon, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Larimore, Sl. Louis. Mo.: Gary Larrabee, Dallas, Texas: Margarel Larson, Tulsa: Rob Lasswell, Sl. Louis, Missouri: Julie D. Laudon, Kansas Cily, Mo.: David A. Laughlin, Tulsa: Pally Lawler, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Luanna Layman, Tulsa: Arley O. Lee, Tulsa: Marli Lee, Tulsa: Nancy Lees, Tulsa: Diane LeFFler, Tulsa: Janice Lewis, Tulsa: Ricky Lindmark, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Lonnie D. Link, Tulsa, Pa+ Linfon, Tulsa: Sheri Li'H'le, Tulsa: Kim Long, Tulsa: Juslin Louvier, Tulsa: Kalhy Lowrance, Tulsa: Harley M. Lundy, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Charles Lynch, Wildwood, Mari- lyn McBride, Enid, Okla., Deb Mc'Call, Newlon, lowa: Janey McClary, Tulsa: March McCoy, Fayelleville, Ark.: Jim McCray, Dallas, Texas: Jim McGinnis, Muskogee, Okla. BOTTOM ROW: Kay McKellips, Okrnulgee, Okla.: Karen McLaughlin, Hobarl, Okla.: Kim McWhor'ler, Tulsa: lan MacDonald, Ollawa, Canada: R. Benfon Maples, Ponca Cily, Okla.: Brenl' Marlin, Broken Arrow, Okla.: 'Carolyn Marlin, Sand Springs, Okla. TOP ROW: Pam Marlin, Tulsa: Lucy Marlinez, Tulsa: Diane Masure, Tulsa: Pal' Mehaffey, Sand Springs, Okla.: June Mellon, Tulsa: Ken Mere- dilh, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Mary Ann Mesker, Tulsa: Susan Lynn Miles, Tulsa: Paula Mills, Joplin, Mo.: Forresl Miller, Enid, Okla.: Larry Mo'FfeH', Tulsa: Harrie? Mohan, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: David Moore, Tulsa: Larry Moore, Tulsa: 'Ginny L. Moreland, I-Iaddonfield, New Jersey: Bobby Morris, Tulsa: William Mor- rison, Coral Gables, Florida: Sfuarl Anihony Morfon, Tulsa. "ln our hands will rest the lmal success lor lailure lol our course." -John F. Kennedy TOP ROW: Julie Munson, Tulsa: Ali El-Ageli, Muslar: Melinda Myers, Tulsa: Kurf Nehmzow, Tulsa: Kay Nicodemus, Tulsa: Ru+h Nicolaysen, Ponca Cily, Okla.: Jack Norlon, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Julie Novak, Tulsa: Jeanne Offerle, Geneseo, Illinois: 'Chip Olin, Tulsa: Linda Olivo, Skialook, Okla.: Ed Orr, Decaiur, Illinois: John D. Ozmenl, Tulsa: John E. Painfer, Tulsa. Tl-IIRD ROW: Pennye Parker, Glendale, Cali- fornia: Bill Parrioll, Enid, Okla.: Larry J. Pal- rick, Fl. Smilh, Arkansas: Jo-Ellen Payne, Sl. Louis, Mo.: Bud Pederson, Palaiine, Illinois: Tony Pendergraph, Tulsa: Richard Perry, Broken Arrow, Okla. FOURTH ROW: Andy Pe'l"l'igrew, Glencoe, Illinois: Scoll' Pfuehler, Tulsa: James G. Pilking- lon, Tulsa: Alela Polk, Newark, California: PaHy Poerfner, Tulsa: Pierre Poweska, Delhi, Onlario, Canada: Jan Prafher, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Donna Prigmore, Tulsa: Anne Proclor, Muskogee, Okla.: Peggy Ann Pra'H', Tulsa: Ronald Prui+'l, Tulsa: 'Gary L. Raasch, Minneapolis, Minnesola: Nancy Rains, Tulsa: Susan Ramsey, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Jerry Ranson, Tulsa: Judy Reames, Tulsa: Pal Redfern, Tulsa: James Sfewarl Reed, Rockford, Illinois: Julie Reed, Tulsa: Don Reese, Tulsa: Dean Reeves, Tulsa. TOP ROW: Pam Remsberg, Arkansas Ciiy Kansas: Ron Reneker, Memphis, Tennessee Linda Richards, Tulsa: Jo Richardson, Okla Ciiy, Okla.: Jean Ririe, Tulsa: Kafhy Ri'Her, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Demaris Roach, Barllesville, Okla.: Bill Roberfson, Oak Lawn, Illinois: Janie Roberls, Marlin's Ferry, Ohio: Judy Roberison, Tulsa: Roberi' Robinson, Tulsa: Sandy Robison, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Carol Robnelf, Memphis, Tenn.: Phil Roepke, Sl. Louis, Mo.: PaHy Roes- sler, Tulsa: Donna Rogers, Tulsa: Chuck Roh- Ieder, Tulsa: Ronnie Ronck, Tulsa: Roberf Roper. Tulsa. TOP ROW: George Rose, Tulsa: Mary Russell. Tulsa: Ken Rufherford, Inola, Okla.: Carole Ryburn, Tulsa: Penny Saierlee, Tulsa: Louis L. Saxfon Jr., Camden, Arkansas, Gary Scandell, Hunlinqlon, New York. SECOND ROW: Lynne Schaberg, SI: Louis, Mo. Carol Schmidt Jefferson Ciiy, Mo.: Peier S. Schmidf, Indianapolis, Indiana: Sue Schwem- in, Tulsa: Phil Schuldf, Aurora, Illinois: Elaine Schul+e, Tulsa: Eddie Scoff, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: Jack Scolf, Tulsa: Mohammed Sedehi, Iran: Jane? Seffles, Lovinglon, New Mexico: Mike Sexfon, Tulsa: Susan Shile, Soulh- field, Michigan: Seddik A. Siala, Tripoli, Libya: Sandy Sigmon, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Charles Simmons, Tulsa: Janei' Skelfon, Tulsa: Jane Skinner, Spencer, Indiana: Roberi Skinner, Trinidad, Wesr Indies: Alan Smifh, Tulsa: Aubrey Smifh, Tulsa: Charles Smilh, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Jim Smifh, Tulsa: Peggy Smilh, Tulsa: Val Smifh, Oilawa, Canada: Virginia S. Snodgrass, Tulsa: Mary Ann Sonfag, Tulsa: Susan Spraker, Muskogee, Okla.: Jean Springer, Sl. Louis, Mo. BOTTOM ROW: Paula Springer, Houslon, Texas: Kaihy Spry, Tulsa: Judy Sfeele, Tulsa: Gary Siephens, Tulsa: Michael M. Slephens, Carfhage, Mo.: Sue Sfewari, Bowman, Norlh Dakoia: James Sievenson, Tulsa. FRESHMAN CLASS 89 FRESHMAN CLASS 90 TOP ROW: Ray Shorfs, Tulsa: Pai' Siraiman, Tulsa: John Sfreef, Tulsa: Sharon Swaim, Tulsa: Jim Sword, Tulsa: Ari Tappar, Dallas, Texas: Tom Tener, Tulsa. SECOND ROW: Anne Tharpe, Tulsa: Linda Thompson, Tulsa: Mary Anne Thompson, Tulsa: Jinx Townsend, Kansas Cily, 'Mo.: Gary Tren- nepohl, Tulsa: Carolyn Van Blarcom, Tulsa: Richard J. Van Laere, Kewanee, Illinois. BOTTOM ROW: Suze Van Tuyl, Tulsa: Jacques Van Veen, Neiherlancls: Jane Vaughn, Tulsa: Lyda G. Vega, Panama Ciiy, Panama: Gene Vickery, Tulsa: John H. Vinceni' Jr., Soulh Hadley, Mass.: Edith Vineyard, S+. Louis, Mo. TOP ROW: Candy Voss, Tulsa: Pele Waddell, OH'awa, Canada: Cheryl Wadley, Claremore, Okla.: Phillip C. Wagner, Wheafon, Illinois Mike Waii, Tulsa: Pai' Waif, Tulsa: Bill Walker, Tu sa. SECOND ROW: Phyllis Walker, Tulsa: Mike Ward, Tulsa: Annell Waffenbarger, Tulsa: Surinder Wayne, India: Carol Weber, Tulsa: Joy S. Weber, Tulsa: June Websfer, Tulsa. THIRD ROW: James Roberf Wendelken, Miami, Okla.: Befsy Wenger, Tulsa: Shawney Wesf, Sapulpa, Okla.: Mike Weizel, Tulsa: Richard O. Weizel, Jr., Tulsa: Chris While, Tulsa: Chebon Whife Cloud, Tulsa. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Wiegman, Salem, Illinois: Richard Wilkinson, Tulsa: William W. Wile, Habba, New Mexico: David L. Williams, Barrlesville, Okla.: Don Williamson, Tulsa: Karen Williams, Owasso, Okla.: Sherry Kay Williams, Tulsa. FIFTH ROW: Shirley Williams, Tulsa: James Winkler, Whearon, Illinois: Diann Woodburn, Fr. Morgan, Colorado: Mickey Woods, Jane, Mo.: Benny Worfh, Tulsa: Carolyn Wrighf, Tulsa: Jeanne Wrighf, Tulsa. BOTTOM ROW: Taffy Wrighf, Tulsa: Tina Wrigley, S+. Louis, Mo.: Sandra Yeager, Tulsa: Damaris Sue Young, Tulsa: William W. Young, Tulsa: Frank Zigrin Jr., Rome, New York: Joe Zizzi, Tulsa. 1-eww' E ...- ..,,.,.., . M 9 , if, .I 6. Y, ..1 f J, f Lf f N., .L Y www -My . Q, G as FS . P 'Q E mf W 5 .- N 'pk '53 fy " Z A 5 A A . " .f ' -' My M 5 fi gs' ia, f' Ne w .' , iiiiiifl 5 IYQSQZ? A 1 QQ YV 7 ,. E, Q f f f Y 5 ,s X' Q ..,. , 65' ,ar x saw SK MWF W B Q -f-f WMM-4, ,,.. , , As the girls in Lottie jane will tell you, happiness is having a hootenanny in the room down the hall-with no blue slips. LOTTIE JANE MABEE HALL It Takes Two-To Supervise 297 Residents at UMH Built in 1950, Lottie .lane lllabee Hall was a home for 297 girls this year. The lively house- mothers lXIrs. lYIary lioore and llrs. lXIary Seaton did effective work in the filled-to-capacity dorm by maintaining a pleasant atmosphere. Dean Stevenson, the d0rm's sponsor, and the housemothers worked with the officers in keeping dormitory life meaningful, Niary .lane Gallop, as president, was assisted by vice presidents Patty Curby and Judy Stokes. Other olhcers were Gwen Arnn, SPCg Judy Lindley, treasurerg lllargo Glenn, art chairmang Donna Spence, secretaryp Rebecca Harrison, social chairmang and Susan Ammon, ref porter. Jody Jackson, Joan Offerle, Jenny VVren, Nannette Christ and Pat Thomson were counselors. Alill Kremer served as graduate assistant. TOP ROVV: Cathee Adderton, Clare Ahrens, Mary Aldridge, Karen Allen, Sue Ammon, Nancy Anderson, Gwen Arnn, Judith Atkinson. SECOND ROWV: Sue Atwater, Cathy Bamburg, Lynne Barrett, Barbara Bat- ten, Sue Bayer, Patti Bell, Lee Bethea, joan Birbilis. THIRD RUVV: Judith Blair, Terri Blanchard, Barbara Bolton, Pat Bra- sier, Jane Bray, Barbara Breeding, Mary Breeding, Barbara Breuninger. FOCRTH ROVV: Paula Brinkley, Cheryl Brogdon, Kathy Brown, Mari- lyn Brown, Nancy Burgess, jan Burn- ett, jo Campbell, Nannette Christ. FIFTH ROVV: Kathy Clancy, Julie Cleveland, Melanie Cochran, Linda Collins, Lynda Cooper, Jody Cowgill, jo Jean Craig, Mary Ann Cravens. SIXTH ROXV: Pattie Curby, Katie Dains, Dianne Deak, Judy Dean, Charlotte DeGarmo, Suzanne Denton, -lane Dewel, jean Dickenson. SEVENTH RONV: Dyann Dyer, Mar- sha Edmonds, Kathy Elser, jean Engle, Barbara Ensminger, Anita Etter, Anna Evans, Judy jo Evans. EIGHTH ROVV: Sandy Evans, Sharon Faust, Donna Fredrickson, Laura Lee Freeland, Carol Fry, Mary Jane Gall- up, Dorothy Gardner, Nancy Jo Garten. NINTH ROVV: Areta Gates, Sue Glass, Margo Glenn, Mary Jo Gould, Melissa Grant, Kathryn Gray, Frieda Green, Linda Green. TENTII RUVV: Linda Green, Jeannie Grieve, Lili Grubb, Frannie Hager, Carol Hansen, Claudia llansen, Eileen Harbers, Nancy Harrie. BO'l'TOlVI ROXV: Olivia Harris, Rebecca llarrison, Donna Hartness, Vickie Hass, Elizabeth Hayden, Nancy lleflin, Lou Ann Hellinghausen, Jane Henry. LOTTIE JANE MABEE HALL A chance to talk on the phone for a while, away from the other girls, is a nice change from the noisy bustle of life in the dorm. TOP ROVV: Judy Herriman, Carol Highland, Barbara Hobson, Judi Hol- land, Kitty Holloway, jean Holmes, Shirley Hooks. SECOND ROVV: Sandy Howard, Nancy Hubbard, Carol Hulva, Candy Iddings, Sue Ann jackson, Jane James, Sharon Jones. THIRD ROVV: Cindy Kalousek, Sharon Kaul, Linda Kelley, Kathy Kenny, Susie Ketch, Carol King, Bev- erly Kleinmann. FOURTH ROVV: Karen Kraus, Carol Kreyling, jackie Lantz, Bonnie Lari- more, Charlene Larson, Luanne Lay- mon. FIFTH ROW: Dieatra Layton, Yvonne LeFavire, Barbara Lessley, Diane Liese, Judy Lindley, Jennifer Lucas, Mary Charles Lyle-Stauble. SIXTH ROVV: Nancy MacDole, Bar- bara MacLean, Mary Laura Martin, Diane Masure, Marilyn McBride, Deb McCall, Karen McCandless. SEVENTH ROVV: March McCoy, Bonnie McDougall, Karen McKeever, Kay McKellips, Karen McLaughlin, Mary Ruth Miller, Paula Mills. BOTTOM ROVV: Karen Mitchell, Susan Mitchell, Linda Moore, Virginia Moreland, Janet Morgan, Kathleen Murphy, Metzie Nichols. TOP ROW: Sandra Nichols, Ruth Nicolaysen, Jean Offerle, Joan Olferle, Carol Olincy, Linda Olivo, Pennye Parker, Connie Parrish. SECOND ROW: Carol Parsons, Julie Patman, Jo Ellen Payne, Darlene Pear- man, Susie Perkins, Cynthia Polen, Aleta Polk, Ann Powell. THIRD ROVV: Anne Procter, Pat Redfern, Margaret Reed, Pam Rems- berg, Linda Richards, Jo Richardson, Verda Rieliart, Demari Roach. FOURTH ROVV: Janie Roberts, Mar- garet Roberts, Carol Robnett, Linda Ross, Suzie Sample, Penny Saterlee, Lynne Schaberg, Susan Schaller. FIFTH ROW: Carol Schmidt, Lynn Schroeder, Nancy Schulz, Tillie Scott, Victoria Scovel, Julie Scroggs, Janet Settles, Mary Anne Shearer. SIXTH ROW: Mary Sheldon, Susan Shile, Sue Simanton, GeGe Simmonds, Carol Sims, Jane Skinner, Cheryl Smart, Jane Smith. SEVENTH ROVV: Linda Smith, Sally Smith, Janet Smoot, Carol Spivey, Su- san Spraker, Jean Springer, Paula Springer, Kathryn Spurgin. EIGHTH ROW: Sharon Stephan, Sue Stewart, Judy Stokes, Susan Swanson, Carol Sword, Karen Tanner, Janet Taylor, Jeanne Thomas. NINTH ROW: Linda Thompson, Pat Thomson, Mary Todd, Jinx Townsend, Veta Jo Treat, Lyda Vega, Edith Vine- yard, Kit VValker. TENTH ROVV: Diane VValters, Bar- bara VVeigman, Margaret Welton, Carol Ann VVestal, Peggy VVilgus, Judith Kay Wilson, Elme VVolott, Linda VVolf. BOTTOM ROW: Judy Wolverton, Diann Woodburn, Jenny Wren, Tina Wrigley, Barbara Wylie, Judy Yates, Marcia Yockey, Lynn Zakriskie. l 1 4 lTwas the week before Christmas vacation, and residents of Lottie jane and John Mahee dorms celebrated with a joint party. IUHN MABEE HALL John Mabee Men Get Modern Organized in lfjjl with self-government in mind, John llabee Hall has come a long way in the last few years with modern redeeorations in the dorm and improvements in the government, making the hall a home away from home for the 123 boys from across the face of America and from several coun- Innovations in Dorm Life tries around the world. Housemother llirs. Grace Gwinn, Dean Harry Carter, and dorm officers Glen Law, president, Larry Swift, vice-presidentg Darrell Noe, secretary- treasurerg and Bud Payton, social chairman are available for counseling. TOP ROVV: Mrs. Grace Gwinn, Tom Arminio, john Bell, Gary Benton, Roy Bettenhousen, Jim Bird, Ron Bower- man. SECOND ROW: Lester Brouenstein, Ronald Bush, Tom Butzhach, Riek Cluff, Robert Cox, Bill Croisant, Terry Paul Dickey. THIRD RONV: Arthur Dupuy, Robert Edscorn, Herbert Elfvengren, Michel Feemster, Tony Fuller, Bob Gessel, Alan Granger. FOURTH ROVV: Bob Gray, Steve Gustison, Tim Hall, VVayne Hansen, Hal Helton, Paul Herman, Keith llin- shaw. FIFTH ROVV: Hin-Ming Hn, Jim Hoch, WVayne Hudnall, Stephen jerni- gan, Mike Keating, John Kemper, Antoon Keyser. SlXTH ROVV: Mohammed S. Kahn, Alex Koroluk, Gary Larrabee, Glen Law, Randal H. Lefler, Vllade Martili, VVilliam Martin. SEVENTH ROVV: Clement Massulam, Jim McGinnis, Forrest Miller, Tim Morsani, Jim Nesbitt, Darrell Noe, Terry O'Connell, Bill Parriott. EIGHTH ROW: Robert Payton, Andy Pettigren, George Pierson, Chip L. Richardville, Gary Roasch, Stephen Rodgers, Phil Roepke, Jim Ross. NINTH ROVV: Mehdi Sadr, Abdul- Vllahab Salaymeh, Louis Saxton, Gary Scandell, Robert Schindlers, Norman Scholefield, Robert Skinner, Tom Stehman. TENTH ROVV: Barry Stjernberg, john Studenny, Larry Swift, Arthur Tappan, Dan Teagarden, jim Thorn- berry, Richard Van Laere, Lon Ves- pasian. BOTTOM ROVV: Surinder VVazir, James Wendelken, David VVilliams, Phil VVilliamson, Steve Winkle, Mickey Woods, Charles Wu, Hung-Nin Yuk. TOP ROW: Jim Bailey, Dale Bandy, Bruce D. Berhinshaw, Ronnie Berner, Ray Currid, Terry Dial. SECOND ROW: Randall Dugan, Don Hayden, Pete Hudson, Leonard Keyser, Charles Kinnaman, Dave Knabh. THIRD ROW: Robert H. Knopf, Ronald Kuhn, Charles Lynch, Jorge Mestre, Larry Pet rick, Bud Pederson. BOTTOM ROW: Phil Schuldt, Moham- med Sedehi, Frank X. Shields, Phillio C. Wagner, Jim A. VVinkler, Sandy W. Wylie. KEMP HALL Men Residents lake Over Girls' Domain at Kemp Hall Out with the old and in with the new! Due to the male population explosion this year, the old fe- male stomping grounds were overtaken. Kemp Hall was occupied by 36 men with M1'S. Dodson as the housemother. Despite the pink and black tiled hath- rooms, the men seem to thoroughly enjoy their new headquarters. The activities included the fall hayride, Home- coming, a Christmas party and a spring open house. Heading the first slate of officers of "Kemp Hall for lVIer1', were Skip Brokaw, President, George lklestre, Vice-Presidentg Phil Schuldt, Secretary- Treasurerg Frank Shelds, Social Chairmang Chuck Lynch and Kevin Block, Student Senate Represen- tatives. GREEKS I ff ,. gag-M 'iv 4 , 7 ' ' W W ' 'HN 'E tH3'-ff" Q., WWW ' xy if K A .. . 1,4 fm -I .f,, ,gl K it 4:13. Rmsuv- 'N-g..f .an my rs ...: Q :Q ,fr ,,,. K ,, K ' K' k In . ' I IQ , W H f PQ ' L,,- - ., ,..,5.d.wu.,g,M,.Q Y A, ,V , ,, One of the lovely parts of Christmas is caroling and these Chi Omegas have added their touch of light to the old tradition. Chi Omega Girls Active Participants in School Elections lfillecl with a traditional enthusiastic 'ihootiew spirit, the Chi Omega girls began a year of lllLlCl'l activity and reward. XVith a chapter esteeined with ineinhers trotn such czunpus groups as Klortar Board and Student Senate, and also from the campus list of XVho's VVho, the Chi Uinegas were an industrious group of women who contributed inuch to their canipus and their sorority. Holding the trophy for highest pledge scholarship from the previous spring awards banquet, the Chi Oinegas started their year with the annual Vvhite 3100 liast 5th Place Carnation Pledge llance. The year continued with inuch excitement tor the entire chapter, and in Alilnuary the traditional Ski Party was attended hy all with much resulting success. One ot the inost entertaining acts of Varsity Nite was "CainelotH perforrnecl by Chi Omega and Pi Kappa Alpha. Hllicicntly serving Epsilon Gamma Chapter as President was Angela ljppler. -ludy Dean was Vice- llresidentg Klelanie Cochran served as Secretary and Lynn Yeretslcy as Treasurer. C H I 0 M EG A Epsilon Gamma Chapter TOP ROVV: Diane Ainsworth Jeanne Allen, Gwen Arnn Carolyn Axton, Marilyn Axton SECOND ROVV: Tinka Bor- land, Mary Breeding, Janieve Brown, Jan Burnett, Melanie Cochran. THIRD ROXV: Diane Cox, Pat- tie Curby, Judy Dean, Jane Dewel, Ireen Evans. FOITRTH ROXV: Gaila Flick- enger, Margaret Freeman, Mar- garet French, Margaret Gowanf, Melissa Grant. FIFTH ROVV: Katheryn Gray, Linda Green, Lili Grubb, Liz Hayden, Diane Hodges. SIXTH ROVV: Kitty Holloway, Kim Kirton, Barbi Knight, Sharon Langdon, Pam Martin. SEVENTH ROVV: Ginny More- land, Jan Prather, Anne Procter, Julie Reed, Kathy Ritter. BOTTOM ROVV: Tillie Scott, Margaret Stanfielrl, Jeanne Thomas, Evelyn VVallaCe, Sandy VVark, Judy VVolverton. r TOP ROVV: Cathee Adderton, Clare Ahrens, Susan Ammon, Cathy Bamburg, Terry Barnes. SECOND ROW: Gloria Birch, Diane Blaisdell, Deloris Daw- son, Suzanne Denton, Dyann Dyer. THIRD ROW: Vic Haas, Carol Highland, Judi Holland, Jeanne Holmes, Linda Jones. FOURTH ROW: Susie Ketch, Harriet Kuykendall, Margaret Larson, Luanne Layman, Mari- lyn McBride. FIFTH ROW: Bonnie McDoug- all, Jane McKinney, Carolyn Mullenax, Claudia Newman, Metzie Nichols. SIXTH ROW: Cynthia Polen, Carol Schmidt, Kathy Skinner, Leslie Smith, Judy Stokes, Pat Thomas. BOTTOM ROW: Patty Travil- lion, Lynn Tucker, Marsha Watson, Sharon Wilson, Sandra Yeager, Marcia Yockey. Sandi Curtis, Diane Blaisdell, and Marci Bailey cheerfully use their spare time to finish the new addition to their lodge. Remodeled Lodge Highlights Activities oi iri-Deltas While waiting for their lodge to be remodeled, the Tri Deltas established their home in the Student Activities Building during the first semester, They proceeded to open the year with the Silver Crescent dance in honor of the pledges. A retreat took the entire chapter to Greenleaf State Park for a fun- filled Weekend. Throughout the year, the girls held various money-making projects to finance their scholarship. These included a rummage sale and a caramel apple sale. The Pansy Ring, a bridal fashion show, was presented in February. Honors included a Kendallabarum Beauty and three mem- bers of Angel Flight. lhlrs. Dorothy Hankla com- pleted her second year as housemother for the Tri Deltas. Serving as president was Bonnie lWcDougallg Marcia Yockey, vice-presidentg Linda Jones, secre- taryg and Pat Thompson, treasurer. 3112 East 5th Place DELTA DELTA DELTA Theta Upsilon Chapter Adding those calories but having fun doing it, the Delta Gamm as begin the holiday season with their annual Christmas dinner. DG's Western Town Wins Sorority Homecoming Award ' Hannah of Delta Gamma watched her DGls zoom through another outstanding year. A Pinafore Party, the illonster llladness Dance, and the annual Anchor Klan Dance were all undoubtably success- ful. The DG western town won the sorority Home- coming decoration prize for 1964. Generous DUE filled baskets at 'lhanksgiving for needy families and at Christmas the girls bought glasses for under- privileged children. Peppy Patti Bell was a Hne president and a smil- 315o East 5th Place ing cheerleader. Several of her sisters won acclaim too. Karen Kribbs was elected lVIiss TU and Susan Heard presided over the Panhellenic Council. Some Delta Gaminas were active in Angel Flight, VVho's NVho, and many other honoraries. Housemother Rlrs. Slack was quite proud of her anchor girls. Other oflicers were Ist Vice Pres. Peggy Combs, 2nd Vice Pres. VVendy Cookingham, Recording Sec. Sharon Stephan, Corresponding Sec. Areta Gates, Treasurer lNIary Glenn. D E LTA G A M M A Gamma Beta Chapter TOP ROVV: Linda Barnett, Patti Bell, Sally Bliss, Connie Campbell, joy Carnagey, julie Cleveland. SECOND ROVV: Peggy Combs, Jody Cowgill, Barbara Batten Davis, Linda Elliott, Areta Gates, Mary Glenn. THIRD ROVV: Frannie Hagar, Sandye Hathcoat, Susan Heard, Lou Ann Hellinghausen, Martie Homan, Sandy Howard. FOURTH ROXV: Gail Ingram, Janice King, Karen Krihbs, Marti Lee, Linda Lewis, Kim MCVVhorter. FIFTH ROXV: jimmie Mitchell, Linda Moore, Carole Norris, ,Io Ellen Payne, Tina Potter, Pat Redfern. SIXTH ROW7: Janet Rivera, Janie Roberts, Margaret Rob- erts, Judy Robertson, Marilyn Rodgers, Penny Saterlee. SEVENTH ROXXYI Lynn Schro- ader, Peggy Smith, Sharon Stephan, Nancy Stockwell, Sha- ron Swaim. BOTTONI ROXV: Susan Swan! son, janet Taylor, Snza Van- Tnyl, Barbara XVeigman, Shir- ley VVilliams. TOP ROW: Karen Anderson, Nancy Anderson, Barbara Bend- er, Cathy Brown, Carolyn Cat- ron, Mary Cullinan. SECOND ROVV: Anne Devine, Barbie Ensminger, Laura Lee Freeland, Dorothy Gardner, Margo Glenn, Judy Goodell. THIRD ROVV: Claudia Han- sen, Nancy Harris, Nancy Heflin, Dinah Holland, Ian Inhofe, Cindy Kalousek. FOURTH ROVV: Julie Laudon, Carol Lee, judy Lindley, Nancy MacDole, Barbara MacLean, Karen McKeever. FIFTH ROVV: Melinda Myers, Diane Packel, Susie Perkins, Mary Pettigrove, Donna Prig- more, Pam Primm. SIXTH ROVV: Linda Ross, Su- san Schaller, Nancy Schulz, Mary Anne Shearer, Sue Siman- IOI1. SEVENTH ROVV: Linda Smith, Carol Spivey, Sue Stewart, Anne Tharpe, Judy Vllakefield. BOTTOM ROW: Jackie VVeb- ber, Carol VVeber, Peggy VVil- gus, Lynn Zabriskie, Ann Zie- mer. Preparing for the Christmas season, the Thetas and their helpers are shown here busily deeorating the tree for their lodge. Outstandingly Active Year Characterizes Theta Achievements Again, 'lihetas had a most complete year. XVirh honors such as liaving Yearbook Beauties, liand Queen, and many other acknowledgeable titles, Thetas carried out a year of challenging and reward- nig activities. In coordination with Sigma Chi talent, the girls of Kappa Alpha 'llheta ma-de their Varsity Nite presentation a booming success. As tradition will have it, the girls also remained outstandingly If 'Y KAPPA ALPHA THETll Gamma Tau Chapter active in intramurals which also gained them much honor and recognition on campus, lhlrs. George 'llerrien remained as a most gracious hostess. Officers of Kappa Alpha Theta for this school year were Ann Ziemer, presidentg Susan Schaller, vice-presidentg Carol Lee, secretaryg Nancy Hetlin. treasurer. 3210 East 5th Place 'fVVash those dishes, girls" was the order but these Kappa Delta pledges don't mind, their joint effort will shorten the task. Girls pl Kappa Delta lake Pride in Year's Accomplishments Kappa Deltals main emphasis this year Was on philanthropic projects and high scholastic achieve- ment. Happy faces and warm hearts were the result of parties and presents given to the childrens homes throughout Tulsa. A Scholastic Improvement Award is given by the KDs annually at the Pan- hellenic banquet. They still found time for fun with the annual KD 3134 East 5th Place lyian Dance. Their activities included participation in Angel Flight, llffortar Board, VVh0's Who, Lan- tern, and Scroll. Nlrs. Helen Spradling, house director looked on as ofhcers of Kappa Delta made plans for future events. They were Ruth Cohoon, Presidentg Gerry Hathcock, Vice Presidentg Ella Jo Bowerman, Sec- retaiyg and Barbara Hobson, Treasurer. K ll P P ll D E LTll Beta Epsilon Chapter TOP ROVV: Mrs. VV. R. Spradling, judee Allen, Linda Begin, Ellz. jo Iinwermau, Ruth Cnhoon. SECOND ROVV: Sharon Faust, Judy Fisher, Rita Fletcher, Me- linda Gilmore, Patty Grady. THIRD ROVV: Jeannie Grieve, Gerry llathcock, Laura ,lane Herriman, Barbara Hobson, Jan Jackson. FOYRTII ROXV: Carol King, Luzetta Martinez, Dolores Ma- this, Kay Mcliellips, Karen Mc- Laughlin. FIFTH ROVV: June Meltrmn, Paula Mills, Karen Mitchell, Linda Morris, Vivian Orms. SIXTH ROXV: Nlary Rickard, Carol Rohnett, Patty Roessler, Cheryl Smart, Paula Springer. BOTTONI ROXV: Carolyn Templeton, june VV:-lsster, Carol Ann XVestal, Carolyn Vllright, Ieanne YVright. l l TOP ROW: Mrs. Paul "Kaky" Stoner, Mary Aldridge, Pam Boswell, Lynda Bowen, Paula Brinkley, Connie Chapman. SECOND ROW: Martha Clarke, Dixie Cochran, Jo Jean Craig, Mary Ann Cravens, Su- zanne Cunningham, Charlotte DeGarmo. THIRD ROW: Janie Dutton, Betty Easter, Judy Fitzgerald, Kaye Fulcher, Mary Jane Gall- up, Sue Glass. FOURTH ROVV: Merrell Glo- ver, Mary jo Gould, Linda Green, Frantzie Hieronymous, Julie Holmes, Gerry Hyatt. FIFTH ROW: Eloise Janssen, Sharon jones, Sharon Kaul, Ka- ren Keplinger, Carol Kreyling, Bonnie Larimore. SIXTH ROW: Charlotte Mer- rick, Susan Mitchell, Linda Olivo, julie Patman, Cherie Perrault, Judy Reames. SEVENTH ROW: Donna Rog- ers, Julie Scroggs, Ge Ge Sim- monds, Janet Skelton, Nancy Sleeper, Sally Smith. EIGHTH ROW: Diana Steph- ens, Susan Suliburk, Jinx Town- send, Diane Walters, Thelma Wieghard. Vpholding their standard of high scholarship, these Kappa Kap pa Gammas are diligently studying for their upcoming exams. Active Kappas Achieve Best Sorority oi Year Award Klemhers of Kappa Kappa Gamma began a full and active new year with the annual Fleur-de-lis danee honoring the new pledges, and liey Alan Dance honoring their outstanding man of the year. Kappas are proud to have among them Bliss TU, 1964 Homecoming Queen, beauty queens, members of VVoh's VVho, lilortar lioard, Lantern, Scroll, Angel Flight, and various other campus organiza- tions. Social service projects included a Christmas KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Delta Pi Chapter party for the Childrenls Home and aid for needy children and families. 'lihese projects were followed by numerous cultural programs. Olhcers of Kappa included Susie hlitchell, Presi- dentg Cherie Perrault, Vice Presidentg Diane Aval- ters, Secretaryg and lhfary Aldridge, Treasurer. hlrs. Paul Stoner, "Kalcy," proudly observed the efforts of all. 3146 East 5th Place .41 sits QW' V guy - ,t e ff., y ay W' ' .- msg L5 '-i. 1'- 5-,J-L - 'L Susan jones, Donna Ford, Joanne Kennedy and Pennye Parker are making decorations for their 25th anniversary. Phi Mu Coed Prom an Active Aifarr for Greek Women Traditional pink and White carnations adorned each new Phi lllu pledge as she and her active sis- ters began another full year of activities and fun. To begin the social whirl, the pledges were honored at the formal Pink Castle Ball. The Phi Blu Coed Prom was an active affair of the TU Greek sisters enjoying relays and plenty of exercise. At Christmas the Phi lllus gave a party for underprivileged children to extend the seasons' spirit. In the spring a 'lCaballero del Surl' was chosen at the annual Fiesta. 3126 East 5th Place President Donna Ford presided over a house full of beauties and honored TU Hurricanes. Jo Ann Kennedy was elected both Bliss Flame and a IQENDALLABRKTBI Beauty Queen. Phi Blu was well represented in Lantern, Scroll, and llrlortar Board. lllrs. Eunice Borden served as Housemother. Other officers: Vice Pres., Donna Lucinskig Re- cording Sec., Karen lNIcCandlessg Corresponding Sec., Joanne Hoffmang Treas., Yvonne LeFaVire. PHI M U Epsilon Gamma Chapter .W,,a,, . M H I . TOP ROVV: Mrs. Eunice lien'- clen, jane Bray, Tamarlanc Brown, Nlary Buthml, Kathy Clancy. SECOND RUVV: klcan linglc, Judy Ju Evans, Donna lfurcl, Donna Frcrlrivkprm, Gloria Goodsnn. THIRD ROXV: Vicks llcnrl- ricks, Jo Anne Ilnffman, Theresa Hollingswnrth, Nancy Iiuhlwarcl, Judy klllhllitbll. FOIIRTH ROXV: Susan Jones, Joanne Kennedy, Patty Lawlor, Yvonne I.e lfaivre, lNIary Ann Lee. FIFTH RUVVZ Donna I.uL'inski, Karen McCanclless, Jean Mc- Clure, Dianne Mullim, Pcnnyc Parker. SIXTH ROVV: Carol Parsons, Suzanne Pitvuck, Nancy Rains, 'Ioan Ririe, Suzie Sample. SFVFNTII RUVV: Kit XValktAr, Margaret XVQ-lton, Betsy XVcng- Er, Judith Kay VVils0n. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL TOP ROVV: Jan Taylor, Donna Ford, Angela Eppler, Bonnie McDougall, Ann Ziemer, Ruth Cohoon, Carol Lee, Patti Bell, Susie Mitchell. BOTTOM ROVV: Ge Ge Sim- monds, Vicki Henrichs, Susan Heard, Carolyn Mullenax, Gerry Hathcock. jUN1oR PANHELLENIC Judy Kay VVilson, Carol VVebber, Nancy Anderson, Pat Redfern. BOTTOM ROVV: Linda Begin, Patty Grady, TOP ROVV: Sue Glass, June Melton, Connie Chapman, Sllesan Ammofly JSUUY Vvfefl, Kathy Skimlef- TNTERI-'RATERNITY COL' NCIL TOP ROVV: Ken Johnson, jim Walker, John Davis, Jim Miller, Steve Holmberg, Dale Speer, Paul Davis, Dio Daily, Glenn Hatcher, Bill Combs, H. N. Carter. BOT- TOM ROVV: VVayne Coffelt, Jef? Smyth, Ron Johnston, Tom Farrell, Bill Pratt, Kent Thomas, Skip Teel, Dick Means, Sid Dunagan. PANHELLENIC CUUNCIL l'anhellenic was a representative organization es:- tablished to govern the sororities on campus and supervises all rush activities by making the rush rules and executing them. The Nliss TU pageant, the Fall Ribbon Dance in conjunction with the IFC, and the Panhellenic Banquet in lklarch were all planned by the Council. Officers were Susan Heard, presidentg Judy VVakefield, vice-presidentg Carolyn iklullenax, secretaryg and Vicki Henrichs treasurer. Florence Stevenson was sponsor. JUNIOR PANHELLENIC CUUNCIL Selling tickets for the Shopperys Showcase was one of the chief functions for 'l'Uls Junior Pan- hellenic this year. In addition, the new Greek women also held industrious bake sales in order to raise funds for their scholarship which is usually awarded at the close of the entire school year. Senior Coordinator for this active group of young women was Linda Begin. Patty Grady, KD, served as president of -lunior Panhellenic. Other ofiicers were Connie Chapman, KKG, vice-presidentg Pat Redfearn, DU, secre- taryg Nancy Anderson, KAT, treasurer. INTERFRATERNITY CUUNCIL The main responsibilities of lnterfraternity Council were to plan Rush XVeek, to publish the Rush Brochure, and to serve as the governing body of the fraternity system. Dean Harry Carter served IFC as the faculty sponsor, and helped to complete the program. Sid Uunagan served IFC as president. Dick lkleans served as vice-president. Secretary of the orffaniza- . , ' 2-' tion was jeff Smythg Bill Pratt was treasurer. as ' ' Aww , . Bragg' wif ' 'Q it iff?"-f -vxv -4 pa Panhellenic officers Susan Heard, Carolyn Mullenax, Vicki Henriehs, and Carol Lee discuss the semester's rush. june Melton, Patty Grady, and Pam Redfern stop be- tween classes to discuss plans for jr. Panhellenic. jeff Smyth studies his notes from a previous IFC meeting as Sid Dunagan and Bill Pratt review a new project. Trying out for the squad, boys? No, these Alpha Tau Omegas are keeping physically fit for their Campus activities. Industrious Program Shown by Alpha Tau Omega Men Klembers of Alpha Tau Omega Hlled their year with many social events marked by the Great Pump- kin Party held in the fall, the Pledge Formal held in mid-winter, the Black and VVhite Formal in Rlarch, and a lake party held in the spring. ATO's were busy this year with their Public Service project which consisted of renovating and cleaning different homes and clubs. They are proud 3211 East 71h Street to have among them two "outstanding men on eampusfl lklrs. J. xl. Haralson, house mother, can easily see the fine results of hard work done by the mem- bers and ollicers. Olhcers were Dale Speer, Presi- dentg VValter Lewis, Vice Presidentg john Steven- son, Secretaryg and Alike Allen, Treasurer. ALPHA TAU OMEGA Epsilon Lambda Chapter ,, ...M -- wM ., TOP ROVV: Mrs. Haralson, Fred Allen, Ken Allen, Doug Anclerson, John Bell. SECOND ROXV: Ronnie Bush, VVendell Everett, Boyd George, Lluyrl George, Mike Graves. THIRD ROVV: Paul Hogan, Dennis Hoyer, George llubbzird, Tom Johnston, John Kemper. FOURTH ROYV: Robert Lewis, YValter Lewis, jim McKown Jerrv Ranson, Dovle Sanders. liO'I"I'OM ROVV: Don Shockey, Bob Shnckey, Dale Speer, john Stevenson, Stan VVarfield. TOP ROVV: Mrs. Blanche Shockley, Dave Averill, Ron Baxter, Ronnie Berner, Willie Bowlin, Gary Brumley. SECOND ROVV: Bob Byrd, Arihur Carpenter, john Cole-- man, Mike Cormley, Ray Cou- sins, Dave Cramer. THIRD ROVV: John Davis, Ken Davis, jon Detherage, John Dyer, Dudley Ford, Ernest Free- man. FOURTH ROVV: Charles Gross, James Hays, jerry Hurd, Robert Johnson, Richard Keat- ing, Robert Knight. FIFTH ROW: Park Lang, Da- vid Lawson, Gordon Loucks, Justin Louvier, Dick Means. SIXTH ROW: Jim Miller, Ed Orr, Hugh Roberson, William Roberton, Ken Rutherford. BOTTOM ROW: Phil Schuldt, Mike Shrout, Jim Smith, Jim VValker, Don Williams. ,,.-,- .1 'xsi -aw. . ,L , 1 ,M f " w- , .E r My 14-1 to .4 Men of Kappa Alpha Order, shown seeecling from the Union, are beginning the festivities for their annual Old South Ball. Memorable Year Climaxed by KA Southern Gents Klen of Kappa Alpha Fraternity niarle the school year of 11364-65 a memorable one with the many activities they were involved in. lntraniurals, llonie- coming, anrl their various social highliglits kept these Southern Clents in active participation on campus. 'liheir Kappa Alpha Rose was namerl at their annual Ulrl South llallg there was also included on their schedule the lligalle zuul Dixie Ball climaxing the successful year. Klrs. lf, N. lhlonil YVoodard serverl as the most rlelighttul hostess at the KA House. Serving as oflieers of lllu Chapter at the Univer- sity for the 1964.-65 school year: -lim llliller, presi- clentg Gordon Loueks, vice-president: Dick llleans. secretaryg john Holsworth, treasurer. 3145 Fast 7th Street KAPPA ALPHA Mu Chapter Searching through the records, Guido Antezana, Bob Hagemann, and Clint Merrick wonder who "borrowed" their new album. Kappa Sigma Heads Major Offices on TU Campus Recovering from the frenzies of Rush VVeel-i, Kappa Sigma started an active year by Winning the fraternity competition in the Bob Hope ticket sales contest, the class Presidencies of the Freshman, Jun- ior, and Senior classes, and the Senate Presidency for the third consecutive year. Continuing its participation in a variety of events Kappa Sigma finished well in Iron Alan competi- tion, While hosting a number of parties, highlighted 3131 East 7th Street by the annual Sweetheart Dance. Placing a renewed emphasis on scholarship, Kappa Sigma also instituted a study program for its pledges. lilore important than campus and social attain- ment, Kappa Sigma also meant meaningful brother- hood. This year's orlicers were Tom Shepard, Presi- dentg Earl Hamm, Vice President, Steve Stevenson, Secretary, and jeff Haas, Treasurer. K A P P A S I G M A Epsilon Mu Chapter TOP ROVV: Mrs. S. A. Brown, Ted Aguilar, Tony Alloway, Frank Antezana, Guido Ante- zana, Chuck Arnold, VV. C. Ax- tell, Mike Babcock. SECOND ROW: Neal Banks, Tony Barrick, Jack Bartels, Larry Barley, Larry Beaubein, Tom Berry, Jan Birtcil, Dave Boyd. THIRD ROVV: Dave Brown, Denny Byrne, Ian Chesherm, Tom Coffman, Casey Cooper, Ken Davidson, Paul Davis, -Ir., Jon Fisher. FOIIRTH ROVV: Steve Free- man, Tony Fuller, R. H. Gan- non, joe Grimm, Richard Gus- tine, Robert Hagemann, Earl Hamm, Jr., Bob Hanis. FIFTH ROVV: Michael Hanson, Jeff Haas, Dave Hang, Larry Hearne, Don Hoflich, Phil Hull, Eddie Jackson, Tom jackson. SIXTH ROVV: Rusty Johnson, Dean jones, Ray Kinnard, Stan Kuchel, Paul Lafferty, james Lang, Gary Larrabee, Roh Lass- well. SEVENTH ROVV: Charles Lee, Ricky Lindmark, Steve Mabrey, Dennis Maltbie, Ron McGee, Jim McGinnis, Robert Meng, Clint Merrick. EIGHTH ROW: Dudley Mur- phy, Doug Noble, Terry O'Cal- laghan, Fraser O'Neil, joe Pel- ton, George Pierson, Ronnie Pitman, Dawson Priestman. NINTH ROYV: Tom Riley, Robert Robertson, Phil Ropeke, Gailard Sartain, Bill Schillinger, Robert Schultz, Richard Secrist, Tom Shepard. TENTH ROVV: Jim Shofstall, Clyde Sights, Greg Smith, How- ard Smith, A. -I. Spanogle, James Spencer, Phil Spnrlock, Bill Stanley. BOTTOM ROVV: Steve Steven- son, Leigh Taylor, K. Stuart VVatson, joe Wveston, Richard VVilki11son, Michael VVillard, Frank VVise, John VVymore. M TOP ROW: Mrs. Pacola Porter, Ken Armstrong, Dick Atchinson, Bruce Berkinshaw, Randy Bru- ton, Robert Buthod, Wayne Cof- felt. SECOND ROYV: Ray Coleman, Bill Combs, Robert Cox, Robert Bruce Dains, Bill Eby, Robert Edscorn, Ric Fredricks. THIRD ROVV: Bob Gessel, Eric Gonzalez, Tim Hall, Larry Hammick, Richard Jones, Ben Kline, Jr., Dave Knabb. FOURTH ROW: Tony A. Ma- jircik, Ben Maples, Joel R. Marucheck, Chuck McConnell, jim McCray, David Nash, Bill Parriott. FIFTH ROW: Larry Patrick, Bud Pederson, Richard Perry, Andy Pettigrove, James Reed, Larry Reed, Chip Richardville. SIXTH ROVV: Jerry Rife, George Rose, Theron Russell, Steven Saltzman, Louis Saxon, Jerry Snider, Rick Snider. SEVENTH ROW: Steve Som- ers, Tom Stehman, john Stu- denny, Gary Summerfield, Tom Tener, Brian Turner, Richard Van Laere. EIGI-ITH ROVV: Kent VVash- burn, Dave Weispkof, Ray VVeisen, Dave Williams, Steve VVinkle, Jim VVinkler, Bill Young. VVhile taking a break from their studies, jim McCray and Randy Bruton head for the pool room to show off their skills. Homecoming Award Presented to Men oi Lambda Chi Brotherhood and activities kept the men of Lambda Chi Alpha busy as well as their kissing post. A Sewer Party began the year for all the great new pledges and actives. The Steamship of Lambda Chi was declared the best Homecoming decoration on Fraternity Row. The tremendous Sweetheart Formal was another success as were the Playboy Party and the Barnyard Dance. The scholarship conscious Lambda Chis held an Apple-Polisher ban- A ' . Y Vf'2'lLwiiiQi:V7f 'i f W, 2' Ji? rf , ,Y fiifivf ' 4srs 'g:i Sf1fa"f' 5' t f - r . - LAMBDA CHI UMEGA wr quet this year to honor the high grade points of many. President AVayne Coffelt ruled a house of out- standing members. Steve Saltzman was elected Sophomore class president and several Lambda Chis worked for Student Senate, different sports, and other campus activities. llffrs. Porter watched over her house of boys proudly. Other otlicers were: Vice President, Bill Combsg Secretary, Tom VVarlickg Treasurer, Ray Coleman. 32ox East 7th Street ,A A r, Epsilon Upsilon Chapter 'IIS H!! emwef "The better to see you, my dear," say the Pikes to Sorority Row as they enthusiastically wash the windows of their house. National Fraternity Newell Award Presented to Pikes Pi Kappa Alpha completed another year filled with fun and activities as well as high scholarship achievement. They began the year sporting trophies earned last Rlay. Among them were: Varsity Night Chesterfield Award, ll"C Scholarship Award, and National Fraternity's Newell Award for most im- proved chapter. Service was also a big part of the Pilce's year, their main project being the Christmas 3115 East 5th Place party for underprivileged children. The "Heaven and Hellu Dance with the Chi Omegas, the Ship- wreck Party, and the annual Dream Girl Formal were memorable events. Airs. Sadie Brown served as housemother. Oiiicers for the year were: Dio Daily, presidentg Bill Niildren, vice-presidentg Dale Gallimore, secre- taryg Bob Davidson, treasurer. PI KAPPA ALPHA Gamma Upsilon Chapter TOP ROVV: H. P. Appleby, Da- vid Bendt, Dennis Bradford, Tim Bodine, Mike Burke, Bill Chapman, David Chauncey. SECOND ROVV: Scott Cherry, John Clawson, Bill Croisant, Dio Daily, Robert Davidson, Sid Dunagan, Duane Fenn. THIRD ROVVC George Flippo, Don Frank, Steve Freeze, Dale Gallimore, Richard Gardner, David Goerman, Roger Coding. FOURTH ROW: Gary Gray, John Hartman, Steve Ilolmberg, Jim Iwamiszko, Ken Johnson, David jones, Terry Jones. FIFTH ROVVZ Paul Jones, Thomas King, Richard Klarr, Dave Lansdown, Kim Long, Kenneth Meredith, XVilliam Mildren. SIXTH ROVV: Art Mires jr., Bobby Morris, Joel Owens, Tom Parkinson, Bill Pennington, Scott Pfuehler, john Redman. SEVENTH ROVV: Ronnie Ronck, Skip Schetlf, Richard Schussler, Dick Sloan, Mickey Suess, john Vincent, Robert VVally. BOTTOM ROXV: Rick VVettaw, Larry NVilliams, Ron VVilliam- son, james YVilson, jim VVolfin- barger, Benny Worth. TOP ROW: Mrs. C. F. Lake, Willis Allen, Ken Bass, Mike Beard, Bob Bloomfield. SECOND ROVV: Rich Blunk, Larry Boyer, Tom Briggs, jack Cary, Chris Cole. THIRD ROW: Bill Cornman, Ollie Crinklemeyer, Ray Currid, Jim Dahney, Don Feagin. FOURTH ROVV: Mike George, Jim Gilmer, Roger Grigor, john Hagar, Charles Hawkins. FIFTH ROW: Richard Hill, John Hockenson, Phil Howard, Keith Hunt, Ron Johnston. SIXTH ROW: Tom Kamataris, John Kinker, Randy Lefier, Richard Marple, Brent Martin, joe Moeller. SEVENTH ROW: Bill Morri- son, Ron Reneker, Lanny Rich- ard, Pete Schmidt, Eddie Scott, Mike Sexton. BOTTOM ROVV: John Vaughn, John Volle, Mike Wait, Bob Wandres, Richard Wolf, john VVo0dard. These new initiates proud of their achievements present the active chapter with this paddle, zu symbol of their pledgeship. Sigma Chi Boasts the Largest Pledge Class on Campus Boasting the largest pledge class on campus, the Sigma Chis began their year with the Li'l Abner Party. After Homecoming activities and the most unusual and productive pledge sneak in the history of the chapter, the Sigs enjoyed a Zulu Party be- fore focusing their energies on the annual Christmas Party for underprivileged children. The second semester saw the Pledge Sweetheart Formal and the most awaited Sig event of the year, the Spring Sweetheart Formal. lilrs. C. F. Lake was the house- mother. The ofiicers of the Delta Omega Chapter for the 1964.-65 year were John YVoodard, presidentg ,led Smyth, vice-presidentg Ron Johnston, secretaryg john Vaughan, treasurer. 3223 East 7th Street S I G M A C H I Delta 0mega Chapter Gambling in the house, Oh no! Never. This rule-abiding group of Sigma Nus relax while enjoying a game of "I Doubt It." Zeta lambda Chapter Serves To ensure another successful year, the Sigma Nu's planned and executed a round of activities both en- joyable and rewarding. They ranked high in scholar- ship and did well in intrainural activities. As for service, their main project was serving the school in all capacities. Dances were high on the list of activ- ities ancl included: the Fall Initiation Dance, the 564 South Gary Place School in Many Activities hVestern Party, the Spring Initiation Dance, and the annual Sweetheart Dance. Their housemother, Mrs. Donald Harrel, served as hostess through these activities. Otlicers included: Don VVolfe, Commanderg Benjamin VVhit1ney, Lt. Coinmanderg Scott Dill, Secretaryg Jack lUcDonough, 'l'reasurer. SIGMA NU Zeta Lambda Chapter TOP ROVV: Mrs. Dun llnrrul, Jack Amfrister, Steve Caldwell, James Crawford, Scotty Dill. SECOND ROVVZ john P. liwert, jim S. Gnstine, Gary Hark- reader, Mim Hifkersnn, Hunter johnson. THIRD ROXV: Vklillinm A. Lang, III, Gordon Lee, jim Naylor, John Olin, john li. Painter. FOURTH ROVV: Bill Pratt, john J. Ramsey, Bill Sanlmnn, Gary VV. Stantielcl, Mike M. Stephens. FIFTH ROVV: Ron Stockwell, john Street, Monte Stront, Mike Swan, Kent Thomas. BO'1"I'OlNl ROVV: Ben hxlllllllliff, Jerry Xvitt, Don VVnlfe, ,lnclson Zellmer, Frank Zigrinn. W , , ,,.., 2 Nw, , up , .Rm V5 K K 2 wx ii " r ,:.,.: G ' Q Y ,Q X as, f 5 K .:.',Q5I3fE2 .: 7 I, sf- Y , A W.......-W.W .4 A .V ' f I il wfm.M, ,W-WM' I 3 K ' nf E N? in JL , JP -L. ,Q iw-""'4 R p -v rgia ,mmf ,z ,fn -al v 1 W ilk 'Kd' as .. , .. .,,,,,.. ,. 9? 3397 fi' 25,1 1 T: 55 : U51 . ,zu 1 I7 in wffliffi fi 5 ,wi 5 :E- f:':EE5' -dis 'xv .vw , , WE X2 15715 ' 9-153 .. 11 NE LHWIEW ILHWHNGQ GAMPHUS STYLE u ,, li Q1 :P if l - rf' Our constantly ehzniging twentieth century is readily coinparecl to the mlynznnic life of the average student at the Lvnivetsity of lulszi. Seeking to relax after hours of studying, lie may attend a 'l'.G.l.l". patty, go to :1 bonfire before si big game, watch any of the exciting athletic contests, take that "special some- onell to :1 Greek dance, or just sip coffee in the Union. .lust look and sec Lively Living. 4 pening the dum' to this YCZIIJS LllllflIl'ZlI pzzracle was the ZXIIISYCIIIZIIII NU' U Xvfllll nc iI1NI n ' 'mg xllzirtet. 'Z fi 1 .'r'u lC'I1fZll rccltzlls, operas, m11Cw'fS. :mc I JlillL'fiUllS frmn the mlranm di'D2lI'fI1ll'l1f l1ig1l1lightf'cl 21 562151111 of excel leurs from the pt'I'f4Jl'11lillg arts. Pfflxilllify to the Phill1zu'1uonfc c,l'L'll ru of 'lxlllilh ,1'lIlSELfJDf'I'2l, uml Tulsa Little ,Iilll'HTI'l' vnablwi srucfentf enjuy I,iwI5 Living in JIUIIIUIVZIIk'1JlUI1!lIHffX. 132 L 133 A XV. I lfrrrslirnziii f4l4Ytl51lll ulnvcrw, vrowm-rl with l1L'ZlIllk'S :lml wziviiirf mmlrllw. l'Ili1JN cd TVR first homie gziim' illfillllxl Soullin-rn llliiioix. r fi . 1 5 Students Enjoyed Having a Good Time Wherever They Were! that SIIINIIICI' has passcwl hits czicli stuclc-nt :is he finals himself zittemliiigf strziiigc, new classes, strirgggliiig rlirougli the 1112185 llySf4'l'l2l 111 thc stmlviir 11111o11, z111nl tziking an active part in thc- 1lix'c'1'sc :mil 1'c'w:1rcli11g Appwtizitioii for the mzuiy L''S fzlvwl from day to clay during College life can best hc gzliiicnl through first hand experierice. LlllllC'l'Sf1lllll2llWly, the hig Cllilllidllgti met each sriccessivc your is surviviiigg the first liecrie weeks of school. 'llhc' startling fact activities on czmipus. ,ll'l'I'j' Daly ae-cmecl to have his own .XtK11pp:1'slfleurnlQI.isclz11icv,Nlartha Major Mock :mul Alvxiiirir 'lll10lT11lS en- 1 Il1l!llCI'll rlfrnve V613lllll-C47IlIOI'lCLl nay. zxml lioh haul fun doing the "rno11k6-51" jojed Chi Uinegzfs :l111111z1l XVhite l':11'11:1tion Uurivc. K luriu Birvh 11-.llly lfmked the part :ls the Tri-Delms szm ir Vt'I'biUIl of "Mully BYUNIIH :lt tlu' hand queen skits. Vivian Orms enlivened the KD's Hades party by her swinging interpretation of "Red Hot Mama." This was the first day of skits and food for rushees. Rushers worked and rushees stuffed themselves. As the rushees walked up Kappa's walk they got into the spirit of the Old VVest as the mem- bers sang 'AI am so happy that l am a Kappa." The costumes, skits, and good food helped to pllt the frightened rushees a little more at ease. Soon the week was a memory. Lamhrla Chi Alphas snowed the young rushees at one of the parties-plenty of good food and drink made for merry times! The good stories and stimulating conversations, the bridge games that ended at 4. a.m. were not forgotten. Tri Delta's new pledges didn't even look tired after a week of rush, and the Pikes were grin- ning and bearing it pretty well too. During open house the fraternities congratulated new pledges. ri 1, 6 'M K f - , b g l A all ,, , k r . F 1 K K an .. f-it Q.. ,K ,V k4. 17- th .,-I. E e if y y.... A i W vt 6' Q, : ,, Company forward! Left, right and ignore the laoys. Everyday regiments ot girls overwhelmed the poor, isolated frat lmoys. All roads led to sorority row and the girls marched to open houses. Frenzied Rush Week Climaxed, Pledging 250 New Greeks Rewarding, unique, serious and happy are just a few words to describe the Hur- ricane seven days before the start of a new school year-Rush Vkleek. Rush was rewarding in the sense that new friendships were formed that will often last through one's college career and enrich his campus life. It was unique to all those who parti- cipated because this week comes along only once a year and brings new experiences each time. Serious decisions which may determine a lifetime ideal were made in this week. Happy faces and multicolored pledge ribbons climaxed the end of a frenzied weelc and the new Greeks began the year with enthusiasm and anticipation. ummm Heave ho to swab the decks! Kappa Alpha Thetas prepared to entertain their rush guests with a slapstick skit from South Pacific. aqsx l . Again the climactic end to an exciting week for everyone! KA members ran out to greet their new pledges. :Xt last the tension of the week as to "who will come hack" was broken. , 4 P - 1- -it vsfvw, bf 'M f we me . V' Q XM' of ,Dm 4 , K , 1 rf: 'A F 1 ' . J' Q , s r Combination Group Acts Foster Variety Entertainment Folk Singers are sweeping the country, and the Tomikejimikre Quartet received Varsity Nite! Best Irtdividunl Act trophy 138 n X Q - . x 2 A ' : V fy 'is' ' 7 fn N if Z4 H , ........, g , ,Q ,s r if 1' 9, 8 ,- .ww 11 - Qidgl 'sm wm- ,mivszisa J, , T55 K W i . -ez ,.. M 0 C li W Q' 'W . X ,J EE WHL ., M V Sli?" QW .s is J ugh, ' :-.:'f--:Hy A m g. wir - 31 A if ' 'fi-A.. -2555, 251335 eff '--X.: -iw ' -: ESQ-m K "fin Q . :il ' 1.. "Ep w 4 .P Q Freslnnen Jim Smith and Sandy Tolbert sharecl tense moments with the team. Varsity cheerleaders Paul Davis and Margaret Stanfield performefl at honfires. Groovy Chi Omega pledges sang and swang in support of Barbie Knight, their nominee for band queen. An unusually exciting year sparked the TU student body to a new liveliness. The initial push was exerted by the powerful Hurricane footballers. Pricle for the team heealne contagious in all facets of Campus life. Cheerleaclers, athletes, political leafl- ers, heauty queens, HMOC's and l3VVOC's, and the average students felt swells of ?lCCOIl1Dll5ll111CI1f. .lelf Jordon and Garry Porterfield Crowned Mary Ann Cravens foothall queen at the Homecoming game with OSU in the fall. E i 2 l 5 1 E N. l Patti Bell juinul 1,Zll'l'j" .luck linrtlcs, l'l10l'l'L'gl for "ole TU." TU Rocked, Rolled, and Rode High to Spark School Spirit Students :incl luczil news men awzmnucl nrmind plnnc steps as Bob Hope arriverl for the Senate Big Name Attraction. 141 Yoigllt in 1lI'0llSlIljI spirit ZlQ,'2llIlSl lll'Cl! rivzll USF. Julie Ilolmcs, zlssiwtctl lw Carol Fry, heroine in Sn'rrl SI'I'i'lC!?, talks with Lynnzi Burt, who plzii cal her rnuthcr, in thc :lrumzi bv Xvlllilllfl Gila-tts. 'llhc l.nivcrsity of 'llnlszi 'lilivzitvr opcnml its :i new lii'i1c-stlc-Swia'1' nnisiczil cnnicili fzintzisy, 1064,-65 season with tht- llazclton-l3c'nriinn fzintzisv IQXOXV-l'Il-AI,l,, upciicwl for six nights. in the Chine-se inznnivr, 'lllllf Ylfl,l,OXV AIACK- lllziv directors were liczuiiiiriiit lirnc-stle anal lfll, playing October 27th through gist. This was llzirnltl lizirrnws, also dvsignc-r of sets :intl COSUIIHCS. followed hy thc- Civil XXVIII' 1l1l'l0tll'Illll2l, SlfCRlf'l' linlwxirking xvcrc l.:iwr0m'c Clrahznn :intl john SERVICE, on Uccciiihm' 8-12. 'llhc zinnnzil Hnrfllc-. Slizikespcziir, ROKIFO AND xIl,ll,llf'l'. was prv- Active stmlcnt actors wcrc Bctti Hunt, Donnzi srntvd in l:f'bl'll2ll'y. Klzirch brouglit two contvnipo- Nzincc, Carol lfrv, Pilar Clzircizi, Olivia Hoguc, rzirv plays, '1'HIC l'RlVATlf EAR :intl Tlllf Gary llovlc, Clary Drain, 'lloni jones, Tini 3101'- PUBLIC EYE by Peter Shaffcig :intl on Klziy 4th szini, Bob Otllff, and Richard Harrison. Ur, Beaumont Bruestlc and Donna In Runzfo and Juliwl, tht- licruine, lN1crc'ntin, plzivcd hy'1'mn Jones, clics Nnnve were two lend uctrirs in the plziyutl hv Pilar Cizirvizi, zirgnes with :is lienvolio, Skip Greening, Zlllll p1'otluL'tirn1 nf King llvlzry l'l1l. her mutha-r, nlunc hy lit-tti llunt. Romeo, Tim Nlurazini, mourn for him. num-ww at W A China-sc fzlntzny, Tin' Ycllofw .Illt'l'1'!, in the old Chinese stage tr111litirn1s was the sctti11g for actors Olivia Ilngue, ,Iuhn Iyllllll, :md l,y1111:1 Burt, Entertainer Bob Hope interviewed Sherry Faust, Kcndallabrzun Beauty contestant, just after, us Bob put it, she skated in. THE ln the mcn's division Lambda Chi Alpha frnf turnity won first in Homecoming clecorzitions. 'l'l' students hopefully awaited Bob llopc's zxrrivall in order to get his zlutograpli. xy , f Delta Gammzfs 'lDobbs' City", won the prize for decorations in the womens division. 5:2 , , ,itvqiky Bob Hope Greeted Crowd ol Fans at Hopecommg Celebration Victory over OSU in the big Homecom- ing game plus the excitement of the Week's special activities made Homecoming 1964 one to remember. The spirit of the frontier was combined with the Bob Hope tradition in the weekls theme, "Road to the Ameri- can l"rontier.', Greek organizations, the dorms, and Engineers Club participated in a decoration contest. The Weather co- operated, and scenes out of American folk- lore were colorful and unique for welcom- ing home TU grads. Highlighting the week was the appearance at the Civic Center of Bob Hope. Hope thrilled students, who were admitted to the show free, with his wit and his candid comments to the Kendzzllzzbrunz beauty queen candidates. This fast moving week was climaxed Sat- urday night with the Homecoming dance at the Civic Center. Truly a victory dance! Anxious to brighten the campus, the Senate NVelfz1re Committee painted waste cans an eye-Catching Hshocking pink." X46 SPORTS m ' Q ,v ,, ,QL 1 .nur TOP ROVV: Bob Buoniconti, Brent Roberts, Larry VVil- liams, Jack Suggs, Bob Storey, Tom lvlartin, Charles Hardt, Bob Daugherty, Tom Riley, Jim Roth, Randy Phillips, Dennis Corr, Darrell Vilrmlif. SECOND ROYVI Howard Twilley, Bill Pennington, john Poyas, Dan Pavlak, Terry Stoepel, Glenn Dobbs, Wlillie Townes, Carl Nlartin, Mike Shaughnessy, Mike Minnig. THIRD ROVV: Dwight Claxton, Richard Tyson, Billy Anderson, Mark Maddox, Charlie Brown, Bob Scrhellstede, Scott Schumann, Joe Brooks, john Osmond, Tom McGuire, Sheldon Nloornaw. BOTTONI ROYV: Bill Van Burkleo, Bill Goods, Ken Rader, jerry Rhome, Garry Porterfield, Jeff jordan, Bob Breitenstein, Mike Gibbons, Ernie Riera, Eddie Dukes, Eddie Fletcher. Hurricane Gridsters Bring National Acclaim to Tulsa SEASON'S RECORD Tulsa i 148 Tulsa ...... 22 Arkansas ........ . . .31 Tulsa ...... 63 Southern Illinois .. 7 Tulsa 3 r Houston ......... Tulsa 58 Louisville . . . . . Tulsa 23 Cincinnati ..... Tulsa ...... 61 Oklahoma State . . Tulsa IQ liffeinphis State Tulsa ...... 47 North Texas State Tulsa 39 Toledo .......... 21 VVichita . . TOP ROVV: Bill Anderson, Dennis Corr, Robert Daugh- erty, Glenn Dobbs III. ISOTTOM ROVVZ Edwin Dukes Eddie Fletcher, Mike Gibbons, Charles Hardt. TOP ROVV: Mark Nladdux, Carl Mailtin, Thomas Mc- Schuhmann, '1'errySt0epel. BOTTOM ROVV: jack Suggs, Guire, blichael Nlinnig, -lohn Osmond, Don Pavlak, Bill llmrard Twilley, Richard Tyson, Bill YZlIlHll1'lill'0, Pennington. SICCOND ROXV: Garry Porterfield, john VV:1lIaee NVill:n'd, Larry' NVilliams, Darrell NVolh'. Poyas, Tom Riley, Brent Roberts, james Roth, Scott Howard Twilley, assisted by Gary Porterfield, in the No. Texas State game helped trounce the Texans 150 iwiIIey's Receiving, iU's Defense iop Greatest Victory This is the soundest Hurricane team since the Buddy Brothers era of the early '5O's. It has Jerry Rhome and Howard Twilley, the sticky-Hngered Galena Park- er. lt also has Bob Daugherty, a transfer from Navy, who combines with Bill Goods, Jeff Jordan, and Bill VanBurkleo to give Tulsa a dangerous running game. Then there is the massive Hurricane front, an awesome collection of solid men that average 235.8 pounds and include people like tackle VVillie Townes, who stands 6-5 and weighs 270, Tom lXIcGuire, a 6-2, 250-p0LlIldC1', end Garry Porterfield. 6-2 and 225, and guard Eddie Dukes, 5-Il and 233. Townes, Rhome, Vanllurkleo, Twilley, lNIcGuire, Daugherty, Breitenstein, et al made an easy life for pro scouts who flocked to see Tulsa play the entire season. Coach Glenn Dobbs is certainly to be commended for what Lou Rymkus calls "the closest thing to a pro offense" by a college team. Tulsa traveled to Arkansas for the season opener. The Porkers were shocked by the strength which Tulsa showed. Although the score did not show it, Tulsa outplayed Arkansas in every respect. Roll- ing over SIU 63-O in a home game, Tulsa then went on a rampage in a three-game out-of-town series, 'beatng Houston and Louisville, and meeting a heartbreaking defeat in Cincinnati. For their first home game in a month, the team, in a fantastic aerial circus, rolled over Oklahoma State 61-I41.. Proving they could play under any conditions, Tulsa triumphed over lylem- phis I9-7 on a muddy Tulsa field. Tulsa Hnished its season in three more games, with three wins over North Texas State, Toledo, and VVichita State. Encouraged by pace-setters Rhome, Twilley, and Jordan, the Hurricane team broke six NCAA records and tied one. Other highlights of the season were -lordanls S4-yard TD punt return and his 67-yard punt against SIU, Rhome's 67- yard pass to Eddie Fletcher against Houstong Daugherty'S 55-yard rush and 3o-yard kickoff return against SIU. lvlost delightful of all was tackle Tom KIC- Guire's pass interception and 58-yard TD run against North Texas State. Glenn drops down. Dohhs III, one of Tulsa's promising young quarterbacks, hack to toss a pass with the hopes of connecting for a touch Rhome Humbies Opponents With His Amazing Passing Game jerry Rhome led the Tulsa Golden Hurricane Rhome had an uncanny knack for play-calling, to Z1 SUdClC11 revival for fOOtb?1ll CI1fllLlSi3SfS. running, and 3 vvinning attitude, f01' 1110115 than NCAA fCC0Vd'b1'Cak1dg Howard TWIHCY 011 the records for himself, he Wanted a winning team. receiving end of Rhome's passes, the quarterback broke nineteen records and gained numerous honors for himself. Among them were AP 'Back of the VVeek' twice, Sports' Illustrated 'Back of the Week' twice, UPI 'Back of the Week' three times, and KIVC 'Back of the Week' five times. He Was Foot- His most remarkable statistic was completing two point-conversion passes. Such a risk is rarely taken by most teams, but Rhome made it look like child's play. Jerry Rhome had an incentive to stay on top with his many national records. That he ball Writers' All-American first team, Coaches, did, and he 3150 helped TU fecelve an mvlfdtlon All-American third team, AP-IVIVC first team, f0 the BIUCIJOUHCY Bowl against 016 Miss. UPI All-Valley, Coaches' MVC first team, Tulsa The memory of jerry Rhome will live on in TU World Big Four, first team, AP All-American history, not only as a record-breaking all-American, second, UPI All-American first team, and second- but as an unselfish player who Wanted the team to place for the esteemed Heisman Trophy. win, We Salute you, Jerry. Tulsa's jerry Rhome falls into a crowd of spectators to add a touchdown for the Hurricane against the hogs of Arkansas. sW aPm 'Qui' VIQIIISIIVS .'XH'ixmt'I'iCIlIl, jerry Rhome, ftcpw into ll fzunilixu' etaluvv in the Nlvmphix gxxmc, TI' dfmxlcd Memphis I9 153 Standing hy to lend assistanvc, julian Hammond watchecl as Bob Fedorko rcachctl high attempting to hlock :l goal hy Kc-it l'c'ti'rson of Loyola at Los Angeles. TU Strong Against National Ranked Foes BASKETISALI, SEASONS RECORD 1964-1965 Season Drake ..... liratlley ..... San Francisco .. Cincinnati . . . Drake ...,. Xavier .......... Vllichita ......... North Tc-Xas State VVichita ......,.. St, Louis ........ liratllcy ...... Florida State .. Diaryland .. Arkansas . SRILY .. . Loyola ...,...... North Texas State l,ox'ola of Los Angeles Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa ulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa ulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa ,I- T lflanlicd hy two Louisville players, Carlos C1i1p'1tlo evaderl John Ruther's arm to sink another goal for Tl FRONT ROVV: Bob Fedorko, Steve Picou, Paul Combs, Gene Demaree, Dick Towler. SECOND ROVV: Carlos Gripado, Vern Furlow, Lyle Kelley, Tom Bender, Carl Once again the University of Tulsa Golden Hurricane basketball team has proven its ability on the courts. Hurricane basketball coach -loc Swank led the team in a tight season with many exciting games. As the scores show, Tulsa had to work its hardest to come out ahead in the highly unpredictable hlissouri Valley Conference. The Hurricanes returned lettermen Rick Parks. liob Fedorko, Tom lladdox, and Carlos Gripado, all of whom saw a great deal of action this season. Filling the place of Tulsa's liill Kusleika and Larry llerke were three transfers, Herman Callans, Sher- man Dillard, and -lulian Hammond. This trio proved to be a great asset to Tulsa on both scoring and defense. Hammond has been called tht- Hurricane jump- ing jack for his success in shot blocking, scoring, and rebounding. Dillard and Callans have both been outstanding in their scoring, blocking, and re- rebounding for the Golden Hurricane. Several of the most thrilling victories of the sea- son were the sixty-nine to sixty-six victory over Cincinnati, the seventy-five to sixty-four feat over glech, Rinne Martin. THIRD ROXV: Herman Callands, Dick Potasky, Tom Maddox, Julian Hammond, Dick Tolliver, Rick Park, Sherman Dillard. Coxcn joe SWANK 155 Baslcetball . . . VVichita, the sixty-three to fifty-seven game won by the Hurricanes against North Texas State, and the sixty-seven to forty- eight Win for Tulsa against Drake. The Drake game was the sharpest de- fensive performance of the season. Julian Hammond led the Hurricanes with sixteen rebounds, and Bob Fedorko outscored others With nineteen points. Hammond led both St. Louis and Tulsa in that game with sixteen rebounds. Sher- man Dillard was in the spotlight with action against Bradley, Tommy lladdox and Carlos Gripado carried Tulsa to the victory over North Texas State, and Her- man Callans was the mainstay in the Louisville game. Toward the end of the season Tulsa held the lVIissouri Valley title of the low- est defensive scoring mark per game at 63.4. points. Next year's season should be even better with the Hurricanes losing only Tommy lkladdox and Carlos Gripado. TU star roundballer Rick Park lunges toward another goal as Louisville player Eddie Creamer begins a late flying pursuit. K R . it 1 ' Freshmen Score Perfect FRESHMAN FOOTBALL RECORD r Tulsa ...... Tulsa ...... Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa ...... 7 Eastern A8zM .......... IQ IQ Oklahoma University .... 37 I4 Arkansas ............... 28 I4 Northeastern ASZM ...... 37 19 Conners ........... .... 2 6 S North Texas State ...... 40 158 Season-No Wins This yearls University of Tulsa freshman foot- ball team showed promise as future members of the varsity team. Utilizing practice and determina- tion to supplement skill and experience, they made a commendable effort. The problem of organizing within a few weeks a group of inexperienced boys into a smoothly operating team is not one of the easiest ones faced by a coach. However, Coach Busler Johnson, as- sisted by Dick Beatty and Jimmy Walker, found the right combination of training and practice to get the team to work together. Because the fresh- man team had no returning lettermen, his job was twice as hard. This year's team played Arkansas, Oklahoma, North Texas State, Northeastern ARM, Conners Junior College, and Eastern A8llVI. Although they did not win any of these games, their playing was far better than the scores would indicate. The varsity should benefit from these fine players. 2 lr. Sail' Eldridge YVebb, Mike Eppler, Sid Burchan, Douglas Robinson, Charles Paulk, Gary Billen, Mike Marrs on the practice field. NMS 12 tix Gales Have Perfect Season-Almost The University of Tulsa Golden Gales wound up their 1965 season with the best record ever compiled by a Tulsa freshman team. VVith only eight players on the roster, the Gales won thirteen games, losing only to XVichita in the last game of the season, Because of their great playing, the 1965 squad had what is probably the best crowd support of any TU freshman team. Tulsans watched the Gales down the UU frosh, the Arkansas freshman, and the Vvichita and Coffeyville teams, among others. Coached by Lee Sager, with Bill Hays serving as assistant coach part time, the boys set several individual records. One of the best was Douglas Robinsons all-time freshman record for the greatest number of rebounds for one game and also for the season. Althought no one player set scoring records, the entire team did a fantastic job of racking up points. Several boys consistently averaged between fifteen and twenty points a game. VVitl1 such an outstanding freshman team, TU has excellent prospects for next yearys varsity squad. All of the llissouri Valley frosh teams have had very good seasons, however, so that next year should be a highly competitive one for the league. FR ES H MAN BASKETBALL RECORD ulsa ulsa ulsa ulsa ulsa ulsa ulsa ulsa ...... ulsa ulsa ulsa Tulsa ulsa ulsa io5 99 73 loo go 82 117 70 mr 91 98 71 76 QI Oklahoma ......... Coffeyville jr. College Arkansas .......... Arkansas .......... Chanute College Oklahoma ......... lit. Riley Army .... Bacone Jr. College . -lolin Brown ....... Oklahoma lXIil, Acad. john Brown ....... XViehita ........... Coffeyville Jr. College lVichita ........... tl-5a aff' ' all VVendell Clark, Jim Nesbitt, Ronnie Pitman, John VVymore. Tennis Team Impresses Opponents with Its Speed SEASONTS RECORD Tulsa ,..,.. 6 Eastern ASTM . . Tulsa ...... 6 Oklahoma City .. Tulsa ...... 9 John Brown ....... Tulsai . . . .7 Kansas St. College . . . . . . Tulsa. . . .5 VVheaton College . . . Tulsa ...... 3 Southeastern St. ..... . . . Tulsa ...... 7 Drury College ..... Tulsa. . . . .7 Southwest Nlissouri St. . . . . . . Tulsa. . . . . I North Texas St. .... , . . . . . Tulsa ...... 2 VVichita ........... Tulsa. . . . .7 Oklahoma Baptist . . . Tulsa ...... 0 Southern Illinois .. University of Tulsa's tennis team fought its way to a twelve win-seven loss season record this spring. They were able to gain this winning record despite having to face many strong opponents during the season. Playing well both on their home courts and away, the Hurricane team impressed opponents with their speed and aggression. They represented their school in a fine manner traditional to Universi- ty of Tulsa teams and should be lauded highly. VVith returning lettermen VVendel Clarke, Curtis Parkes, John VVymore, Ronnie Pitman, and Ben Abney leading the way, the team had very high hopes for another Missottri Valley Conference championship. Hut, unfortunately, they met with other determined teams sharing the same high hopes and strength. VVhen the final scores were tallied, Coach Schindler's teams did not do as Well as had been hoped. However, the season was hard fought, and the team deserves commendation. '5""? 'Y F 4 FRONT ROVV: Coach johnson, Ron Vick, Skip Greenig, Bob Daugherty, Phil Flemming, Dave Kirkman. BACK Hurricane lhinclads Under the coaching of Ted Ballard, the Golden Hurricane thinclads participated in the 1964 track season against extremely rough competition, yet in several areas showed much promise. The Hurricane schedule included a triangular meet between OU, Arkansas, and TU in which the teams placed first, second, and third in respec- tive order. In a quadrangular meet TU finished fourth, while OU, Drake, and TVichita took the Hrst three places. Several records were broken by Tulsa. Bob Daugherty boasts of two, which include a broad jump of 22 feet nine inches, and a triple jump of 49 feet three inches. Huir Blames ran the two mile in 9:44.I. Daugherty also looked impressive at the Colorado Invitational, where he placed second in the triple jump covering 48 feet two inches before he set the school record at 49 feet three inches. The outlook for the future is bright. XVith the returning thinclads and possibly some good pros- pects among the incoming freshmen, the TU Hur- ricane hopes to make good showings. fx ROXV2 Phil l7uVall, Boyd George, Gordon Lee, Richard Ruzme, Dewey Gallahar, Jeff Smyth. Make Good Meets Tulsa Tulsa T . ulsa ...... Tulsa l6l SEASONS RECORD 437 ......26 31 ......2l Langston . . Fort Sill .. Oklahoma . Arkansas . . . Kansas State . Arkansas . . . Oklahoma . Drake . . . XVichita . . 75 562 93 57 85 65 90 47 25 swim-il , 'zyv me lf are Carter Ham, Mike Norman, Mike VVilkie. 'l'ulsa 'l'ulsa llulsa ...... Tulsa 'llulsa T i 'llulsa T X ulsa ...... Goll leam Places 3rd in Missouri Valley SlCASON'S RICCORIJ .. W2 14:2 16 ..o 1473 lllsfl... ...L 132 NVichita ........ Northeastern St. Kansas St. .... . Arkansas ....... Oklahoma Baptist North Texas St. Oklahoma ...... Kansas St. College SM IW 0 6 K I 3 V3 IW Doing a good job for the school and for them- selves this spring was the University of Tulsa's Golden Hurricane golf team, A lot of the Credit must go to Coach lfranlc Schindler, who put in many hours of hard work preparing the team for a rough season. Of course, when the time to com- pete arrived, the boys themselves had to come through, and they did admirably, Hnishing with a nine win-seven loss record. The fine action on the greens was led by return- ing lettermen Carter Hamm and lilike Norman. Although the season record was not as good as it might have been, it was an indication of things to come. 'llhe hard work and long hours on the putting green paid off when the team placed third in the Klissouri Valley Conference competition. VVe are very proud of the way the golf team represented the school this year and look forward to a bright future in lXlVC competition. FRONT ROWV: john Davis, Eddie Fletcher, Bill Chap- Glenn Dobbs Ill, Terry Stoepel, Terry Shonkwiler Bob man, Bob Miller, Brent Roberts, Bill Cornman. BACK ROW: Wayne Berry, Charles Hardt, Bill Pennington, Hanis. Baseball Hurricanes Experience Rough '64 Season Having another trying season, the Golden Hur- SEASON'S RECORD ricane, under the coaching of Al Wawal, terminated the 1964 baseball season with a record showing ten wins, twelve losses, and one tie, bettering last year's record of ten and ten. Some of the Hurricane's more challenging op- ponents included Arkansas, Oklahoma Baptist, Sonthern Illinois, Bradley, in the MVC tourna- 111C1lt, and lylissouri, which ranked first in the nation at one time. TU swept over such teams as Wichita, Wheaton, and Eastern Oklahoma ARM by the scores of 14, 13, and 9 points respectively. Outstanding players on the team included top hurdlers Bob I-Iannis, with a 4-2 win-loss record, and Charlie Gross, who tied with Hannis for leading batting honors, with a .389 average. Terry Shonkwiler, second baseman, and Bill Cornman, catcher, were two other boys who made considerable contributions to the team and showed promise for the coming Hurricane year. r 1 I ulsa ...... Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa. . . . . . Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Eastern Oklahoma ARM Nebraska ............ lllissouri ............ VVheaton . . . Arkansas . . . VVichita ....... Kansas State ......... OBU ............... Northeastern Oklahoma Southern Illinois ...... VVichita ............ lllissouri ....... Southern Illinois Arkansas ...... A Thrice Told Tale! Rice Stadium scoreboard proclaimed a victorious day for the star-studded 1964 Hurricane football team. Bluebonntet Bowl Brings National Fame to Hurricane Tulsa's Hurricane stormed into Houston's Blue- bonnet Bowl. a two-touchdown underdog, and came away with a I4-7 victory over Ole lliss. The crowd of 52,000 watched through a score- less first quarter. Then the iilississippi fans cheered as they saw the rebels seore the first touch- dow11 early in the second quarter. In that same quarter, Tulsa drove 72 yards in eight plays, and Rhonie plunged one yard for a touchdown. Howard Twilley converted for the tying point. 'lihe Hurricane then drove from its nine to the Ole Bliss lg when the half ended. A pass to Daugherty hrought a 74.-yard drive. Rhoine then passed to Fletcher, who made the touchdown, and Twilley again converted for the I4-7 winning score, with 6:05 left in the third. Quarterback Rhome rolls out as Long-armed Howard Twilley out- Happiness is beating a pre-season Daugherty wields off a defender. reaches an alert Ol' Miss safety. favorite in the Bluebonnet Bowl! - ni: Fork, 2621 -Q, i wiv if Q s X www' ji The pride of TU, All-American jerry Rhnme ret deliver one of his 1'ccurd-breaking passes. s up to TOP ROVV: Melinda Gilmore, Jeanne VVright, Susan Swanson, Helen Sue McCormick. SECOND ROVV: Melany Davis, Mary Ann Gravens, Florence C. Black- WOMEN'S INTRAMURI-lL GDUNCIL Enthusiasm Soars High Sporting an increased interest in women,s intra- murals by each participating group, the activity and enthusiasm of women's competitive sports events soared high this year at the University. Aiming at building a better program of intramural sports, the Women's Intramural Council was made up of two representatives from each Sorority and two independents. The Council had the responsi- bility of scheduling tournaments and was also responsible for oliicials at all games. The tourna- ments included a variety of sports such as: volley- ball, bowling, basketball, and softball with participants from all of the sororities and the in- sist f - .:.' 5 il 5 get , 1. V, . . Q , lf , 9 ii- 7 ii h more, Julie Landon, Kit VValker. BOTTOM ROVV: jan Prather, Carol Olincy, Suzy Sample, Thelma VViegard, Nancy MacDole. in Women's Intramurals dependent association. In the spring, the outstand- ing event of the season occurred at the annual Panhellenic Awards Banquet when the "Sports- woman of the Yearl' award was presented to the best all-round woman athlete who participated in intramuralsg this award was given by Delta Gam- 1na. Two trophies are also given to the participat- ing group having accumulated the most points throughout the tournaments and to the group hav- ing the best participation. Nliss Florence Blackmore coordinated the activities of the group. Susie Sample served as president with Carol Olincy assisting as secretary. MEN'S INTRIIMURIIL COUNCIL Ironman Trophy Climaxes Intramural Season on Campus 'Ihroughout the year competition soars high among various men's groups participating in men's intr'amuraIs. Linder the guidance of the hIen's Intranniral CounciI, intramurals, both team and individual sports, ranging from football to tahle- tennis are organized. 'Iihe council establishes ruIes and settles disagreements among groups. Through the counciI's actions. the group hopes to promote greater spirit in sports and to en- courage all male students to participate in athletics. Presentation of the Ulronman Trophy" is the climax of the intramural season. The trophy is presented on the basis of points accumulated throughout the year awarded on team standing and individual participation. For the 1963-64 season Sigma Chi earned the "Ironman". Officers of the year for the council were John Holdsworth, president: .Iohn Vaughan, vice- presidentg George Iflyrm, secretaryg IVaIter Lewis treasurer: faculty sponsor, was Daniel Atha. HDI' ROXV: John If. Iiaughan, Roger Coding, Daniel ISOTTUM RUNV: Frank Antezana, ,lohn IIorIIsworth, .-Xtha, john Volle, Arthur CF. Horn, Tony Mejercik. joel Owens, XVaIter I.:-mis, Frank Zigrino. X .ug VS l1C1Es the lull? Te1m memhexs fmm lb xml OSU Hx Vllh then fmt but th ouu lnll lppcu to hue Lludecl them Beauties and Personalities b'r fix? vhvx fp le Q, kg , 1 Kendallobrum Beouiy Queen 2 W o v 31 n . K f . Alda- Beauty Queen iw: smigaaizsiii A ggff agp. wg-f . , My 35 , Z k , ,say-W' ,A:gsugyz.gs1g,wgf,1j,g,wgzfifffgggw ,EW ,Aly , K .E ixzgszsgwrfgxssissgsgggggivm g 71-lfgwizwwwy-Bei 2-:fi , W f QLQEJ.-5 fiiiiiilii 3795 ill!! xii ,mfg ff-ig: gf ff 1 -lj sk gf' - I . ww .Q-ggi--ia-sQ:,:sM2zzf5e+:fW-,M :Q1g1f1g9?z'iLa3.figfgw,,:,si.:f3zlfzwfzr-2s?2e?g5?fs?k - Lymph:--:ff fhj q iggggggl fggf- '- Z' f-'- " faiigzirgfgfw ,iw viii' -Pi'+15-iiffvfefwwf' 1,5-,,.,,M K . ,Q ,aw X, 1. 1fzleu.77a,u6, 'E Kendallubrum Beauty Queen A1544- Queen ll, 8206 DOR0'1'1iY CJARDN ER Engineers Queen MARY Axx Cluvrgxs AIUL115 LAUDON Football Queen Band Queen 176 X. git . -- A EVP g 2. ff as sgsfam W ey 4, A fm .1 wfgigilgis A 1 B 3 g Q -L-3'3" 5: ' 'S M e g g - ig i . Sorority Favorites JIM SPENCER Delta M1111 JIMMY XVALKHR l,t'lILl CIHITXITILI Anclmr NI1111 CuUcK OVERALL Kappa Delta Man TOP ROXV: ,less Chouteau, H. N. Carter, Frank Fox, Don Feagin, ,lohn VVo0dward, Vviley Cox, Bob Baker, Darrell Noe. SECOND ROVV: Don VVagner, Carol Lee, -lim Shofstall, Joe Pelton, Rusty johnson, Steve Holmberg, STUDENT SENATE Sue Ann jackson. BOTTOM ROVV: GeGe Simmonds, Ruth Cohoon, Holly Holbert, Pam Scott Boswell, Theresa Hollingsworth, Judy VValieHeld, Carol Spivey, Kitty Holloway. Campus Beautification Furthiered by Senate's Formal Garden Expanding its existing programs while initiating new ones, the Student Senate strove to realize the exacting goals of efficient and modern student gov- ernment. In continuous succession the Senate presented the Amsterdam Ensemble, the Bob Hope show, the Homecoming Dance, a refurbished Varsity Nite performance, and a series of TGIF parties, hootenannies, forums, and current films. Highlighting the forums was a mock trial and a panel discussion on political press coverage. ln a different role as evaluator of student pro- grams, the Senate also recommended testing re- forms, an honor system, and extended library hours as a means of improving academic integrity. Improving the campus' physical beauty as well, the Senate also constructed a Formal Garden near the Student Activities Building. lixternaiizing its activities, the Senate sent rep- resentatives to the Student Council on National Affairs, the lylodel United Nation, and the Mis- souri Valley Compact. Officers were Joe Pelton, President, John Woiod- ward, Vice-President, Judy Wakefield and Ruth Cohoon, Secretaries, and Carol Spivey, Treasurer. TOP RONV: Pam Scott Boswell, Ruth Co- hoon, VViley Cox, Don Feagin. SECOND ROVV: Frank Fox, Steve Holmberg, Rusty johnson, Carol Lee. THIRD ROVVZ Bonnie McDougall, Darrell Noe, Joe Pelmn, jim Shof- stall. BOTTOM ROVV: GeGe Simmonds, Carol Spivey, Don VVagner, Judy Vllakeflelcl, John XKv0OllZll'll. uf' rm TOP RONV: Don Feagin, john Xvoodard, Frank Fox, Joseph Gorecki, Ann Ziemer, Lewis Stivers, joe Peltou, Ben Henneke, Angela Eppler, Paul C. Herman, Glen Law, Dio Daily, Steve Holmherg. SECOND ROVV: Jim Shofstall, Darrell Noe, Bob Baker, Rod jones, GeGe Sim- monds, N. N. Carter, XVarren Hipsher, Donna Ford, Michelle Beale, Bonnie McDougall, D. Robert Kelly, Florence Stevenson, THIRD ROYV: K. VViley Cox, Carol PRESIDENT'S CLUB Spivey, Kitty Holloway, Sue Ann Jackson, Dick Means, Vllalt Lewis, joseph Gochenaur, Glenn Brokaw, Ron Cogdill, Theresa Hollingsworth, Jess Chouteau, Jim Miller. BOTTOM ROVV: Sanflye Hathcoat, Jan jackson, Floise Janssen, Mary -lane Gallup, Susan Mitchell, Pam Scott Boswell, Susan Heard, Patti Bell, Holly Hulbert, Carol Lee, Judy Vifakefield, Rusty johnson, Ruth Cohoon. Club Promotes Cormmunicatiton Among Organizations Presidentls Club originated at University of Tulsa to halt the development of an uncommunica- tive atmosphere which often arises from the formalized structures of modern education. Thus through Presidentls Club, Dr. Henneke, as Presi- dent ot the University allows students easy and informal access to what the University is doing. lfnlightening questions and answers and informa- tive programs presented conjunctively by the Student Senate, the organization presidents, and Dr. Hennelce identify a working relationship that could not exist without the personalized touches of this organization. Three heads are hetter than one for making organizational plans, if all of them are heads of university groups. 'MJ seq, 1 113153 R 11XR1J N1 1111 x HWW .1111 1 t-141, QW 111 as lc 1 1111 Ill S1 x 1 111411 'lf 1 'X W 1 'Cnfhtillkfg 1751 ' 2 11111 1. SA gag, X., 'mia vm C'11131u'1, 1i1em:1v0X Muna B.11z1Q1a1a Pi Dcltxl Ppsilun, 131151111-11tg Cnllfgirllzp 1'i Alpha Kzxppzl Pai, P1'esic1e11tg 1'1XL'L'1111VC C1111'1g Alpha N1l1, 1.011011 I,f11'r'. ,1'111iR1CS,X 11f11.1.1Nc:swo11'1111 XVII-FY FUN f1l1IS1I11ll11Ilg1 -11111ior XVf1mnng Sflltlvllt Sc11:1teg 0111101-1111 131-1111 Kzxppng St11c1c11r S1'11:1teg Cluss Ymulg R,-111111111-n11sg N14Jl'11ll' 1511111113 P111 Gum- Ufiicerg P111 12111 Sigma, P1'usi111-11tg Phi Gaim- 111:1 K1115131lQ P111 N111. 11121 Kzlppug AXICHIQ. 185 WHO'S WHO ii K1'1'1'Y Hr11,1.oxs.1Y K1ax11.x1.1.1111R1'Mg St1111c11r Senntcg Murtzxr 1ilHlI'L1Q Psi C'11ig V111 QJIIIUXII. 1111111011 'Frm S111:P111z1m 5111116111 Sennteg Ifxccrutive C1ll15Q Class cJH'1L'Cl'Q 1,1'f'51l1Cllf of liusincss S1-lmulg 1111131711 Sigma, P11-51111-111. WHO'S WHO 17.-xiii Swami 5 Qxgpff , W Q . A.'.J' Uinivrim IM-Ita Kappa: Sigml lhltl Chi lhi . . , Gamma Kappa: Sxwril aml livyg .Nlpha ilillkl Omega. K 4, 'w' f i i ar?" ' SA N m' iz I I A11 I co M' Nlurtar Board, PI'L'SiflIPlll , Pziiiliclluiiicg Tau Iita Sigmag Delta Gamma. ,, ,MW i, --,5gps,s- i xl.-XRY ASX CAI.lJXYEI,l, Simlrnt Scaatvg Angel I-'lightg KlIX'll.Xl.I,.XILRl'51 Beauty Queeng Lamlula C'hi Alpha SU1'ClllL'lll4tg C'hi Omega. ,Im SPENCER Prrsiclelit of BllSiIlt'55 Sclmnlg lixecutivc Cluhg Delta Many Kappa Sigma. ,nw XIARCIA BERRY KENDAI.1,AisRUM,' Phi Gamma Kappag Kappa Delta Pig Kappa Kappa Gamma. 186 Sm l,L,'Y,XGiXX 011111-1111: Dvlta Kappaq IVV, Pre-Nimlcritg Phi iiaimiia Kappag Phi lita Sigmag Pi Kappa .Xlpha. l'il.ILXI1lu'Ill llnmiw l'i Gamma Mug Phi Gamma Kappag Stuilent liclucatiuiv Afsm-iatioiig Chi Omega. ,Ima PIQIJUN SlllCll'l1f Sc-nate, Prcsidentg Math Clubg Phi Eta Sigmag Umicron Delta Kappag Kappa lN1u lipsilnng Sigma Pi Sigmag Kappa Sigma. 1XHYl7Al,l,AIlRL,'M, lztliturg Phi Alpha lht-ta, 7 ,V 1 x fd ff? EIAOISE jtxxssiax HMI- p,K,,,w ljlIlll'l'Ull Delta lxappag Narsity lfnuthall, Cap- llllllg I,uttn'rin:m s C luh, l'rt-ficlcntg Phi lata Signing Phi llarnlna Kappag Sigma Chi. l resiclentg Mrirtar lioarclg l i Liarmna Mug l hi Gamma Kappag Kappa Kappa fillllllllll. Clxknr. SPIHQY Stuclvnt Senate '1'r0asurc:'g COLLIZGIAN Gamma NIU? Ijxggutiyl- Clluh, 191-egidgmg St:1l'fgSnplio1nurc Class iliI'L'IlSllI'Cl'Q Intramural Council, Presiclcntg Kappa Alpha Theta. JIM SlIUl"5'l'Al.L Student Senateg Ornicmn Delta Kappag Pi Senior Class Presidentg Kappa Sigma. 1 x V , XXXiXiXy GEGI1: Smxmxns IWW-XRD TWIN-liY Collzgiznz, Co-licliturg Stuclcnt Scnatvg Panhel- Phi lita Sigzzmili l5llLYi'WUI'S fflllhl l1f'fl0l'lUfUlS lenicg Kappa Kappa Gamma. Clubg Varsity Football. 187 WHO'S WHO it -lun' XX limit-11-11.n Student Srnate St?t'I't2t1ll'j'Q Angel Flightg Pan- lu-llcnicg Kappa Alpha Theta. xlikll. l'1lI1il,1Ps Kappa Mu lipsilun, l'rwicle11tg Math Club, l'rt-sinlvntg l'CTl'l", Pre-siclcntg Phi Gamma Kappa: Sigina Pi Sigma. WHO'S WHO lIM Dol,Pu AIME, Presidentg Pi Fpsilon Tau, Presidentg Engineers Club. LAVONN is Davis Phi Gamma Kappag Sigma Alpha Iutag TU Bandg lwlodvrn Uhoir. PAM Bosvufri, Student Senateg Mortar Bnardg Senior Class Trcaaurerg Secretary of Business Schoolg Kap- pa Kappa Gamma. lVlARY PIQRRYMAN Phi Gamma Kappag TU Business Vllomeng Student Frlucation Asmciationg Beta Gamma Sigmag Sigma Alpha Sigma. We F: ' ., FRANK FOX Omicron Delta Kappa, Presidentg Student Senateg laiivcrsity Partyg Sigma Pi Sigma, Presidentg Phi Eta Sigmag Fngineers Club. 188 Wtw ANN ZIEMIQR Angel Flight, Cnrnrnzmderg Senior Class Secre- taryg Mortar Boardg Student Sc-nateg Kappa Alpha Theta, President. , 17- lJ.xkam,1, Note Omici-on Delta Kappag Phi Gamma Kappag Sword and Keyg Phi Eta Sigmag Independent Students Association. i Micniuruz Hmm COLLEGIAN, C'n-Iiditurg Pi Alpha MIIQ Angel Flightg International Students Organ- ization. lx. M- E J QXX 'Sv ns-7 A .Q 8 yw 'if 3' ni' 1 H, W 1 W, f 8. 5? AQ 19 'Q Q Q O CIDEEGZLXNHZATHQUNSQ WE UDL QUGDUNEE3 V!! ff BQNK r 'Zi L X X 'fi X X X X7 Under the direction of Dr. llanly Johnson, a new Campus organization was formed for the high and noble purpose of preserving the art of boomerang throwing. The University of Tulsa Championship Varsity Boomerang team captain is Barry Gilmore, Often seen practicing this fascinating sport are members Diane Hodges, Steve Holmherg, Ann Zeimer, Joe Pelton, Bonnie lNICDougall, Frank Fox, Carol Spivey and Rlelissa Grant. Julie Patman and Jan Jackson, members of Angel Flight, an Air Force ROTC drill team for Women, demonstrate a less than conventional ap- proach to call attention to the groupls bulletin board at the membership tea. Angel Flight is a new organization at TU this year and has a roster of twenty girls, chosen for their poise and Willingness to serve as repre- sentatives of the US Air Force. 192 it iiwxs if 45 M5515 2 152, 2 ESM-Gigif wuuuw f na. my-uw ,,-. 7 www- J, wwf. .,.. f 2-- 515-51,rijfggiivygalv -mm ,vf 25.-f Q, g5e'1g4:g:2i?fPf1fV- YF? qw :mms 'QW i-filing iw4"'W fm -5 Q .. M M12 XNwQv2vi5f'ffA'?ktf.:z ,L -I -w,w1L f,..7 4, :aff - f-wh fNQ,,LQ1.w -lf. 2 .L ? M ,gswf ,Aw 2.1546 I-V A V. -V fli222is'K-ff,5'Y f Af-.sri Q- ' ,gfwf,13g,ig,i.-,H,::Ar,v,gv . .- 1ifAi5:4i3iU7ffn7 17,5-lmiiilxi if Wewgggwgjfigfiiz-fgsissgs vw i i 1 scfEsz2i5pUff" A Ee s , X 'h'Mu..1a ,M E Vi H .A , lg as Q F IRQ? 'Y w W 4. .r .X za v ., A A se .1 - 1 Hu if A ls 'ss -I I rf w .1-1.4, TOP ROVV: Mrs. Quiette, Mrs. Harris, Mrs. Huffman, Mrs. NVallace, Rev. Healey, Mr. Marrs, Dr. Lovejoy, Mr. lVlcCreight, Mr. VVoodson, Nlr. Russell, Dr. Kovacs, Mrs. Ikemire, Miss Mitchum, Mrs. Hairston. BOTTOM ROVV: ALPHA KAPPA DELTA Miss Pethick, Miss Bohannon, Miss Hendon, Miss Payne, Miss Ritter, Miss Frampton, Miss Mannan, Miss Hender- son, Miss Foster. AKD Promotes Research into Various Social Problems Sociology is the major interest of members of Alpha Kappa Delta. They are vitally concerned with research in social problems and activities lead- ing to improvement of human welfare. One of the organizationls main activities each year is the awarding of a scholarship to a senior in Alpha Kappa Delta. The presentation is made at the groupls annual initiation program, and its recipient is chosen on the basis of his scholastic record, poten- tial leadership in his community, and the amount of service and time he has contributed to the club. The scholarship is named in honor of Air. and Afrs. Al- bert Kulp. Requirements for membership in this honorary are junior standing with a 3.0 overall grade average and at least twelve semester hours in sociology. An aver- age of 3.0 or better is required for these classes. The history of TUls sociology club dates back to 1949, when Ur. Sandor Kovacs, present sponsor of the organization, founded it. This year Alary Frampton served as president of Alpha Kappa Delta. Rita Payne Gentry was vice- president, and Jana Springer, secretary-treasurer. KAPPA DELTA PI Kappa Delta Pi Encourages High Professional Standards To encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding con- tributions to education is the goal of Kappa Delta Pi, national honorary society of education. The so- ciety consists of about eighty members composed of upper classmen who have completed a minimum number of hours in professional education and rank in the upper percentile of their class. To become a member is a goal of all education majors, Kappa Delta Pi was incorporated in 1911. The Gamma Kappa chapter was organized on the Uni- versity of Tulsa campus in 1931. Since then, it has TOP ROVV: Mabel G. Miller, Constance Brooks, Clay B. Herring, Jimmie Rerldick, Marlow Markert, I. M. Dar- lancl, A. R. Tarpley, Marjorie Barnes, Marcina Savage. BOT'I'OlW ROVV: Mrs. A. R. Tarpley, Mrs. Mary joe become well known for producing some of the best teachers and professors in the state of Oklahoma. After a full year of activities, which included stimulating talks on the various forms of education, the Gamma Kappa chapter of Kappa Delta Pi had their spring initiation. Serving under the faculty sponsor, Dr. Nlarlovv lylarkert, were Mr. A. R. Tarpley, Presidentg lyirs. Marcirie Savage, Presi- dent Electg Dr. Constance Brooks, Vice-President, lwrs. Karen Sue Spradling, Secretaryg lVIr. Clair Koons, Treasurer. Keatley, Mrs. Mary Owen, Mrs. Clare Caldwell, Mrs. Esther Atkins, Mrs. Hortense Bateholts, Mrs. Virginia Andrew, Mrs. Leta Nunn, Mrs. Rosalind Yee. KAPPA MU EPSILON National Math Honorary Introduced on University Campus New to the campus of the University of Tulsa this year is Oklahoma Beta chapter of Kappa llfu Epsilon, national mathematics honorary. The pur- pose of Kappa hfu Epsilon is to promote an interest in and understanding of mathematics, through edu- cation, service and fellowship. To be eligible for membership in Kappa lllu Epsilon one must be, or have been, a faculty member or a student enrolled full-time in an accredited four-year college, must have completed the prerequisite mathematics courses for Differential Equations, and must have compiled a 3.25 grade point average in all mathematics courses and must have an overall grade point of 3.00. TOP ROVV: Joe Pelton, John F. Vaughan, Charles G. McConnell, J. Larry Martin, VVarren B. Garrison, Randal H. Lefler, Jack Lafferty, Jerry Roger, Dan Teagarden, lnitiations are held twice yearly, in the late fall and again in the early spring. The Hrst initiation of Oklahoma Beta chapter, conducted by Dr. Carl V. Fronabarger, Southwest llfissouri State Teachers College faculty member and past national president of Kappa ilfu Epsilon, included forty-nine faculty members and students from Tulsa University. Serv- ing as ofhcers this year have been Veril Phillips, presidentg Joe Pelton, vice-presidentg Mfartha Rob- erts, secretaryg and Pam Bedford, treasurer. Corre- sponding secretary is Professor Ralph Veatch, head of the mathematics departmentg Professor VVarren Garrison serves as sponsor for Kappa lllu Epsilon. Charles VVU, Michael Ellis. BOTTOM ROWV: Michael Del Casino, Carolyn Axton, Ann Ziemer, Martha Roberts, Pam Bedford, Veril Phillips. TOP ROXV: Mary Virginia Lawson, Carol Hanson, JoAnn Baile, Rosemarie Garrett, Dr. Barbara Shirley, Sharon Nlcliadden Bonnie McDougall, Eddie Fisher, Sally Smith, jones, Kit VValker, Gaila Flickinger. Gwen Arnn, Ian Burnett. HOTTONI ROVV: Merrilee LAMBDA TAU Med lech Society Completes Successful Variety of Activities lfunctioning as a national honorary organization tor medical technologists, Beta Chapter of Lambda Tau is open to all students majoring in the field of medical technology, with the requisite grade average. The activities of the group on campus have been varied throughout the year. To begin the school year. a picnic was held at the home of Dr. Barclay with the lite science faculty members as invited guests. Christmas was celebrated by Lambda Tau members and pledges with a party, again with invited faculty mc-mbers. Initiation. both first and second semester, added much in furthering the ideals of the organization to the students. ln addition, Lambda Tau heard speak- ers on various topics of the hospital work of the medical technologist. lionthly meetings of the Tulsa County Association of Lambda Tau were open to TU membersg these meetings were held at various hospitals in Tulsa. This year's oflicers were Sally Smith, presidentg -loan lllclfadden, vice-presidentg Sharon jones, sec- retaryg and Bonnie lllclloughall, treasurer. Sponsor was Dr. liarbara Shirley. TOP ROW: Linda Green, Diane Blaisdell, Gwen Arnn, Marti Hofman, Linda Barnett, Judy Kay Wilson, Carol A. Sims, Jojean Craig, Leslie Smith, Sandra Forehand, Karen Harlin. ROW 3: Olivia Hogue, janet Smith, Sue Siman- ton, Judy Lindley, Ardith McCorkle, Mary L. Todd, Carol Parsons, Gayle McKee, Kit Walker. ROW 2: Jane LANTERN VVallace, Sue Ann Jackson, Karen Kribbs, Phyllis Bered- los, Margo Glenn, Barbara VVylie, Juanita Sellers, Joy Carnagey, Dyann Dyer, Margie Henzel. ROW I: JoAnne Hoffman, Drenda Stout, Janet Rivera, Gerry Hyatt, Carol Kreyling, Vicki Hoggart, Nicki Pearson, Jacqueline Pruitt, Margaret Stanlield, Nancy Heiiin. Lantern Functions as Service Group in Year's Activities It Was decided by the members of Lantern, a sophomore womenls honorary society, to function as a service organization in the 1964-65 school year. The forty-two members were selected on the basis of scholarship. A 3.0 grade average for thirty hours was required for membership. The three oliices are held by the three girls who have the highest grade- points. Un the social calendar, such projects as fund-rais- ing were held to provide some girl with a small scholarship next year. Another special event was the annual Lantern banquet. A HSmarty Partyl' was given honoring freshmen Women with a 3.0 grade average for the first semester. Lantern is a goal to Work for as a freshman Woman. Symbolizing the Lamp of VVisdom, Lantern was founded by Nlyrtle Gleason Cole, a former TU Dean of VVomen. The purpose of Lantern is to rec- ognize high scholarship. It is 'sponsored by Mortar' Board with Dr. Harriet Barclay as faculty sponsor assisted by lilrs. Caroline Oglesby. This year's of- ficers, those with the highest gradepoints, were Judy Lindley, Presidentg Judith Kay iVilson, Vice-Presi- dent, Jo Ann Hoffman, Secretary-Treasurer. MORTAR BUARD Mortar Board Selected on Scholarship, leadership, Service Last April seventeen outstanding junior wornen were tappecl as the current IUC'1llbCl'S of Klortar lioarcl. This is the largest number to he selected since llortar lioarcl was establishecl in rqicr at the University of 'l'ulsa. They were selectecl for scholar- ship, leadership ancl service to the University. ln- eluclecl among the projects sponsorecl hy hlortar lloarcl was a tea for freshnian women cluring orien- tation week, Scroll honors tea for junior women, ancl the Lantern hanquet given i11 honor or sophomore XVUIIRIII for high scholarship. This past sunnner the national Convention of TOP ROXY: l'arollne Oglesluy, Barlwara Nl1lCI,t'ZlIl, Pat fllllliltll, Ann Zeimer, .Xrlgela Llppler, -lucly Dean, Carol lary, Mrs. lxulsrucl, Dr. liarelay. I3O'I"l'UlNI RUXV: The- Nlorrar lioarcl was helcl in Lincoln. Nebraska. The theme was Opportunity for Acliievenient ancl Tulsa, as one of the hunclrecl twelve chapters, was repre- senrecl hy Dean lflorenee Stevenson ancl Sancly llarlrcoar. Serving as ofheers in Klortar Hoarcl this year are Sancly rllatheoat, presiclentg Carol Fry, vice presi- clentg Susan hlitehell, seeretaryg ancl Barbara hlac- l,ean, treasurer. This yearls sponsors are llrs. Har- riet Barclay, Klrs. Caroline Oglesby ancl Klrs. Xyrnena Kulsrucl. resa llrrllingsworrli, Kitty llollouay, Sanrly llatlieorlf, Susan Mitchell, Parn linswll, liloise HLIIISSUII. MU EPSILON DELTA Mu Epsilon Delta Provides Professional lectures in Medicine Blu Epsilon llelta is a pre-professional organiza- tion for students interested in the healing arts. Blem- bers must be in good scholastic standing and enrolled for credit in pre-medicine, pre-dentistry, pre-physical therapy, pre-osteopathy, pre-optometry, or pre-vet- erinary medicine. lleetings are held twice each month and feature speakers from the medical arts professions. A number of Tulsa physicians from various specialties have spoken. 'llhese have been doctors in the fields ot plastic surgery, radiology, neurology, obstetrics and gynecology, and pathology. They make use of slides. TOP ROVV: Tum VV. Holt, Don lloflich, D. Michael King, Jerry Snider. SECOND ROVV: Richard Howard, john records, and movies to give students a better idea of the field that they would particularly like to enter. Dr. Smith of the lfniversity of Oklahoma School of llledicine addressed the club this year and gave the twenty-live members a chance to learn more about the requirements and demands of that school. Blu lfpsilon Delta was first formed at the Uni- versity of 'llulsa in .lanuary ot 1962. This year it is under the direction of David King, presidentg Don Hollicli. treasurerg and Richard Howard, publicity. 'llhe faculty sponsor is Dr. C. A. Levengood. Nlcffurdell, Buddy llulsman. ISOTTOINI ROVV: Joe Nlen- duza, C. A. Levengood. YP? lg' TOP ROYV: Robert Kelly, VViley K. Cox, Sid J. Dunagan, ROVV: Darrell L. Noe, joe N. Pelton, Richard Rist, jim Frank Fox, Rusty johnson, Robert Newton. BOTTOM Shofstall, Dale M. Speer. 0MICRON DELTA KAPPA High Standards Determine Members in ODK Men's Honorary Omicron Delta Kappa, national menls honorary leadership fraternity, annually invites upper classmen to membership in recognition of their excellent per- formance at the University of Tulsa. To be eligible for ODK, the student must have maintained at least a 3.0 grade average. A faculty-student panel deter- mines whether a man has met the high standards of the national Omicron Delta Kappa leadership point system. On this campus, Omicron Delta Kappa is a special service organization and discussion group. VVith Nlortar Board, the fraternity participated in the traditional "Hanging of the Green" again this year. By helping at orientation and ushering at Com- mencement the students served the University. The men often used the ODK meetings to discuss impor- tant campus problems. During the year, the members of Omicron Delta Kappa continued to exhibit their leadership abilities. 'llhe oflicers were lfranlc Fox, President, .lim Shofstall, Vice-presidentg Sid Dunagan, 'llreasurerg and Dean H. N. Carter, Faculty Secretary. Dr. Thomas Cairns, Dr. I, E. Cadenhead, Dr. C. R. Kelly, and Dean Carter served as sponsors, TOP ROVV: VVm. A. Settle -lr., James Clinocca, l. E. Cadenhead jr, SECOND ROXV: Charles Bathos, Robert Rnsehush, Carol McCord, Marvin Lowe, THIRD ROYV: PHI ALPHA THETA Mary Ann Parker, Charles Kothe, Mary Ann llille, John Hedley. BO'Ivl'ONI ROVV: Jeannie Kothe, -lohn Urth, Sill Dunagan, Iiloise Janssen. President Presents History Paper at Williamsburg Convention High scholastic attainnient in history along with excellent work in other areas has qualified 225 stu- dents for initiation to the llelta Chapter of Phi Alpha 'llheta since it began on this campus in 1952. Phi Alpha Theta, which was established in IQ25. has become the largest honorary society in the llnited States. lfach year froin ji to .to active ineinbers lneet with Ur. Vvilliain Settle, clr., their sponsor, and hold scholarly programs. Initiation of students with a 3.0 grade average in history who have had 45 credits occurs during the spring banquet. The Bessie Sullins Award. a feature unique to Delta Chapter, is presented at the spring banquet to an outstanding student of both history and political science. 'lihis award was established in honor of a fornier Univer- sity of 'llulsa student. As the Delta delegate to the national convention in Colonial VVllll2llllSblIl'g. president lfloise ,lanssen presented an original scholarly paper on the social history of America. The other otlicers of flhl H: Leta Nunn, vice presiv dentg Charles liothe, secretaryg lllike KlcClintocl:. treasurer: Virginia Andrews, historian. PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Eta Sigma Honorary Dlstributes l'How to Study" Pamphlet Phi Eta Sigma is a national affiliated honorary scholastic fraternity for tnen. Eligible IllC'1l1bClAS are freshman 111en tnaintaining a 3.5 grade average the first semester or a 3.5 over-all the entire freshman year. Besides the initiation and banquet held in the Spring, Phi Eta Sigma also holds a reception for freshmen who have exhibited outstanding scholar- ship in high school. lfstablished at the Lvniversity of Tulsa on Klay 29, 1948, Phi lfta Sigma has pursued its purpose llto promote a higher standard of learning and to TOP ROVV: Dr. C'lifford F. Hutton, Sandy NVylie, Reed hfelton, Tom XV. llolt, Michael King, Frank Fox. SECOND ROVV: Richard lxf1flI'ZllCS, Hola Baker, Darrell encourage high scholastic attainment." The group distributes "How to Study" pamph- lets to the freshmen, publishes their own quarterly newspaper, and assists at the concession stands dur- ing Varsity Night. An award is also given by the national body to the outstanding man. Ur. Clifford Hutton served the organization as faculty sponsor. -loe Pelton was the senior advisor. 1064-65 olhcers were VViley Cox, presidentg Reed Klelton, vice-president: .Iohn Glass, secretaryg and Aloe Klaruchek, treasurer. Noe, Joel Nlarucheck, Veril Phillips, Yvendell Clark. BOFl"l'0M ROVV: Clint Merrick, Dan Teagartlen, hviley' Cox, Sill Dunagan, joe Pelton. PHI GAMMA KAPPA Phi Gamma Kappa Fraternity Honors High Academic Achievement Approximately fifty students and faculty members form Phi Gamma Kappa, which is the oldest honorary fraternity on campus. Except for the restriction by Phi Beta Kappa that one must be in the College of Liberal Arts, Phi Gamma Kappa is similar to the national society. Founded on the Tulsa campus, there is only one chapter of Phi Gamma Kappa. The purpose of the local organization is to honor those of outstanding academic achievement. To be eligible for membership, one must attain a minimum of 87 credit hours with a 3.5 grade point or TOO TOP ROVV: Clare Caldwell, LaVonne Davis, VV. A. Rutledge, D. Michael King, David Lawson, Vilallace Philoon, Michael C. McClintock, Darrell Noe, Paul Buck, Barbara Shirley, Mary Clay VVilliams. SECOND ROVV: John A. Osborne, Caroline Oglesby, Sandye Hathcoat, Diane Cox, Sid Dunagan, Richard Martin, John Vaughan, Vhliley Cox, Mary L. Perrymore, Leta Nunn, Virginia hours with a 3.25 average, 60 hours of which must be completed as a regularly enrolled student of the university. Phi Gamma Kappa has two annual meetings, one in January and the other in The program includes a speaker, a banquet and initiation. lhlrs. Xymena Kulsrud is both the president and the faculty sponsor. The other ofiicers of the group are VVilliam Rutledge, Vice President, lVIrs. Caro- line Oglesby, Secretary, and John Osborn, Treas- urer. Andrew, Xymcna Kulsrud, Albert P. Blair. BOTTOM ROVV: Donna Dee Jenkins, Cora E. MacDonald, Marsha Ann Vhlatson, Barbara J. MacLean, Ricardo A. Morales, Scott Hicks, Charles McConnell, Bob Vilright, Rusty Johnson, Kitty Holloway, Elizabeth Ann Hayden, Eloise Janssen, Tillie Lanning. . TOP ROVV: jean Ilulcher, Dr, S. B. Kovacs, john Arni- brister, XVendell Clark, John Bethel, Nlilve King, Dr. Grady Snuggs, Nliehael Dale Speer, john Orth, Jim Shot- siall. SECOND ROVV: Ann Zeimer, Diane Cox, Kay Pzirlvhurst, liiddie Ann Powell, Nlarv jane Gallup, Nlrs. Paul I.. Murphv, Kathleen Zimmerman, Mrs, john Man- PI GAMMA MU nond, Barbara I,oftus, Marv Clay Wlilliams, lNirs. Louis Desjardins, famellia McKenzie. BOTTONI ROYV: Dorothy Swartz, hlrs. Reba Seaton, Cora lVIacDonald, Nlrs, ,lean Shultz, Frances Shirk, Linda Burnett, joan Birbilis, Nlartha Roberts, Kathy Devlin, Nlrs. George Osborn. Honorary Members oi Pi Gamma Mu Receive Civic Award A national scholastic honorary fraternity, Pi Gamma Xiu was founded in IQZ4. Oklahoma Delta Chapter came to this campus in 11129. its purpose is to foster and encourage study and re- search in the social sciences and to commrnd high scholarship Zllllifdfll' attainment in the social sciences. lilembers are selected from among juniors, seniors, graduate students, faculty, administrators, and alumni who have achieved a 3.00 grade average or better. Honorary members are those who receive a Civic Avvard for a major contribution to the com- munitv. A Scholarship Award is presented every vear to a student member of the chapter who has attained an outstanding scholastic record and has contributed to the campus community through the social sciences. Dr. Sandor Kovacs of the Depart- ment ot Sociology has been elected a regional olhcei' in the national organization. Dr. Lloyd Saltzman, the groupls sponsor, and approximately 75 active members met twice a vear to initiate new members into the organization. ilihe otlicers are lfrances Shirk, presidentg Dale Speer, vice president: Camellia llclienzie. secretarv: and Hazel Desjardins, treasurer. i 4 TOP ROVV: Patty Curby, Rosemarie Garrett, Cherie -Io Perrault, Bonnie McDougall, Tammy Brown, Ann Zeimer, Jeanne Thomas, Wanda Bishop, Judy Morgan, Mary Buthod, Pam Bedford. BOTTOM ROW: Mary Breeding, SCRDLL jan Burnett, Sally Smith, Michelle Beale, Margaret Gow- ans, Carolyn Axton, Mary Aldridge, Sharon Collens, Lynna Burt. Scroll Recognizes 24 Junior Girls lor Academic Achievement Scroll, junior VVO11lCI1,S scholastic honorary, held a recognition tea this fall for twenty-four girls. These girls were privileged to wear the blue ribbon denoting membership in Scroll. To be eligible for Scroll a coed has to have a junior standing and a 3.0 overall grade average. Y Scroll was founded by the Tulsa University lvlortar Board chapter to recognize and honor coeds with high scholastic records for two years of univer- sity Work and to encourage continued scholastic excellence. Oliicers of Scroll are filled by the members who have the highest grade averages. This year's officers are president, Sally Smith, vice president, Michelle Bealeg and secretary-treasurer, Pam Phillips. Special sponsor from lyiortar Board is Ann Ziemer. SIGMA IOTlI EPSILON "Managers Key" Published by Sigma Iota Epsilon Honorary Sigma Iota Epsilon is an honorary fraternity for business nianagenient inajors, and there are now 21 ine1nbei's who have inet a set grade requirenient for inenibership. Initiation of inenibers is held every year and is the high point of activities for Sigma Iota Ifpsilon. Three additional meetings are held each year and they organized along business and professional lines. The goals of Sigma Iota Epsilon are to stimulate interest in nianageinent and to promote scholarship and the recognition of scholarship by the business field. Other important goals are to establish an TOP ROVV: Roger Moore, Lloyd Holtz, jeff Boucher, -Ir., Iidwarcl F. Glass, blames Ilammer, Dr. Lyle R. Trueblood, Iforrest Coyle. BOTFI'OlNI RUXV: Jim Shofstall, Dr. VVil- interest in research and the scientific approach to nianagenient, they also hope to create good relations between business leaders and students. One of the nevver groups on cainpus, Sigma Iota Epsilon was forined at TU in 1962, and they have already acquired their national alliliation. They also publish "The lllanagerls Key" for their inain project of the year. The otlicers of Sigma Iota Epsilon are president, Edward If, Cllassg vice president, .Iaines Shofstall and secretarv-treasurer Ester Atkins. 'Professor Lyle Trueblood is the groups faculty sponsor. liam R. Campbell, listher Atkins, Pam Boswell, Robert Keasler, Pat llavs. f SIGMA PI SIGMA Achievement Awards Given to lop High School Physic Students Sigma Pi Sigma, national physics honorary society, has been active during its second year at the lfniversity of Tulsa. At the chapter's monthly meetings, many interesting speakers have given the members a greater knowledge and appreciation of physics. Two field trips were made to familiarize the students with the industrial applications of the study of matter and motion. Achievement awards were made to the top physics student at each of the Tulsa high schools. The annual Sigma Pi Sigma Spring Banquet ended another successful year of science and fellowship. TOP ROVV: Bob Nichols, R. L. Nlathieson, P. F. Hawley, I.arry Gregory, Larry Dicken, Ken Schuette, Fred Trowe, D. T. Bailey, Charles Featherstone, Don. Lee. SECOND ROVV: Kenneth DeCov, P. S. VVilliams, Tom Grillot, As an honor society with high standards, Sigma Pi Sigma holds two receptions to receive new mem- bers each year. After completion of at least six hours of advanced physics, the candidates must be in the upper third of their class at the University and have a 3.0 average in physics. Receptions are held in October and lhlarch. Contributing to the success of the society, the chapter olhcers were Frank Fox, Presidentg Joe Felton, Vice-presidentg and Bob Ellis, Secretary- Treasurer. Professor Roger D. Hartman ably sponsored Sigma Pi Sigma. R. D. Hartman, F. H. Klingler, Randal Lefler, B. E. Laney. BOTTOM ROYV: C. D. Thomas, Charles Yvll, Charles Kruehek, Frank Fox, Joe Pelton, Bob Fllis, John Vaughan, Veril Phillips. TOP ROVV: L. F. Zimmennzm, David Lawson, jim Mc- Rich: 'l M: " . l5OT'l'OM R " I uc lrtln OW. joe lelton, Ricnrclo Gill, Bill Chichester, NViley Cox. SECOND ROYV: Frzrnk Morales, Holi xxyfigfllfy Sicl Dnnzignn. lfox, -I. Lzirry Martin, D. Miehziel King, Veril L. Phillips, l I I l Academrc Honorary Promotes the Cause ol Scholarship at TU One of the University of 'llrlszcls most esteeined honor societies is Sworcl :incl Key. It is restrietecl in membership to junior men with an overall grzicle nverzige of 5.5 :incl senior men with a 3.25 ziverzige. Other tzictors Consiclerecl in accepting members into this group are a minimum of twenty-four hours of ereclit at the university :incl clemonstration of lezul- ership :mtl service to the school. Activities of the group are limitecl since its pnr- pose is strictly as an honorary. New members are aclmittecl in january :incl again in April, Zlllil :it the encl of the year ec hzmqnet is held honoring the initiates. At the banquet Certificates of merit are presentecl to the new members and an initialed sctholarsliip key is given to the student chosen by the group as ontstzincling senior man. Fonnclecl in H138 hy Ur. A. N. Klnrrziy, Sword :incl Key serves :is zi symbol of aczulernic achievement at TLY. lts purpose is to promote seholzirship ancl to recognize ontstzmclingf men at the university. Lvncler the gniclzrnce this year of Dr, L, l". Zim- merman, the czihinet eonsistecl of Rieharcl hfartin, presiclcntg Darrell Noe, vice-presiclentg Ricardo Kloales, seeretziryg :incl Bill Chichester, fl'l'2lSlll't'I'. T115 ideals, Pi Sigma Alpha. . . These words evhoed -'wer the campus in the Spring as Mortar Board mcmbc-1's tapped new members 210 PROFESSIONAL ORGANIZATIONS Guy S. Comstock, Ron Langley, Ray Randall, Carol Lynn Fry, Rune Bealmear, Paula Broadcl, Edward Dumit, Greg Corarito. ALPHA EPSILON RHO Record Auction One of Main Projects of Alpha Epsilon Rho Encouraging and recognizing outstanding college radio or television students of high scholastic stand- ing is the purpose of Alpha Epsilon Rho. Locally, Alpha Sigma, TUls chapter of Alpha Epsilon Rho, encourages interest in broadcasting and encourages high standards of broadcsting through various types of station promation, social activities and informa- tive meetings. Regularly held meetings stimulate interest by providing speakers from the broadcasting industry. Second semester money raising projects to send delegates to Houston for the national convention included a record auction and selling of FAI tuners on campus. Alembership requirements are sophomore standing with an overall grade point average of 2.0 and a 3.0 in all speech courses, a required number of KWGS service points, and members approval. Officers for the first semester included Guy Comstock, presidentg June Bealmear, secretaryg and Ron Langley, treasurer. Sponsor is Ed Dumit. ALPHA KAPPA PSI Alpha Kappa Psi Fraternity lours Varipus Tulsa Businesses The oldest and largest professional business fraternity in the country was established at TU in 1954. Gamma Phi chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi is striving to further local research in fields of account- ing, commerce, and finance. They do this by touring various businesses in Tulsa and sponsoring various guest speakers from the world of business. Although emphasizing strongly the practical side TOP ROVV: Daniel Iam Anderson, Tom Barber, john VV. Cnnwell, Manning L. Crump, Sam Densmore, VVendell Everette. SECOND ROVV: R. H. Gannon, Frank Gwin, Clifford Happer, Stevan R. Holmberg, Nick Keating, of business, the fraternity also requires a high standard of academic excellence for membership in its ranks. To be eligible for membership a student must be enrolled in the business school full-time or a full- time student in liberal arts, majoring in economics. A standing of second semester freshman with a 2.0 overall grade average is also required. Robert Knight. BOTTOM ROVV: Jim Miller, Richard I. Pongrantz, Rick Richardson, Phil Stonecipher, James R. VValker, C. A. Vllilliamson. AMERICAN CHEMICAL SCCIETY ACS Promotes Professional Interest in Chemical Fields Chemistry develops the means for a better life, and the student chapter of the American Chemical Society charters these changes and developments, and passes them on to its members for discussion, understanding and application. The University of 'llulsa chapter of ACS has encouraged student excellence in the chemical fields through presentation of various awards each year. Two major awards given yearly are one to the outstanding freshman and one to the outstanding senior major in chemistry or chemical engineering. TOP RONV: C. M. Maddin, Conald Dalrymple, Max Brinkman, Kent M. Cooper, Lewis E. Stivers, Joe Schind- ler, Michael lillis. SECOND ROVV: Robert Stewart, Dr. Richard A. Tomasi, Roy Grahan, L. N. Devonshire, Larry Cummings, Bien Gildersleeve, John Glass. THIRD Designed to promote professional interest in chemistry, the American Chemical Society invites faculty members and specialists in the industry to give lectures of a semi-popular nature on chemistry and related Helds. Alaintaining and promoting greater academic scholarship was the task of this yearls officers: Lewis Stivers, presidentg Ray Dawson, vice-presi- dentg anti Don Frank, secretary-treasurer. The faculty sponsor this year was Airs. Alice Vasers, assistant professor of chemistry. ROVV: D. Mitfhztel King, Lloyd M. lilkin, Reed Meltrmn, Alise Vasers, Jerry Roger, Donald J. Frank, Steve Somers. BOTTOM ROVV: Ray Dawson, Gloria Meadors, Karen Ilarlin, Martha Clarke, Stephanie Ilowlitt, Katherine jones. TOP RUXV: Steve Jernigan, Kent IW. Cooper, blames hausen, Gary IC. Benton, Floyd D. Epperson, V. If. Jones, Norn. SECOND ROYV: Ilung-Nin Yuk, jerry Dow, Larry -l. C. Klutz. I5U'IVI'OINI ROVV: Burtis Carpenter, Bob Dellegar, Bruce Ketcham. TIIIRD ROXV: Roy R, Betten- Curington, jim Ramage, VVayne Davis, Richard Hensley INSTITUTE 0F I-IERUNAUTICS I-IND ASTRUNAUTICS Seniors Deli ver Talks on Aspects oi Aerospace Engineering Open to sophomores and upperclassmen with an interest in aerospace, the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics strives to promote the latest in aerospace engineering through profes- sional publications, speakers from AVCO, North American, and Douglas Aircraft Companies, hlms, and national and local meetings, Cnder the sponsor- ship of Professor C. lilotz, membership is about 25 to 50 members, Some of the highlights of this year include field trips to local aircraft factories, Tinker Field, and the Fort IVorth and lvicliita areas. In the spring, members attended the regional conference in Dallas, where seniors were eligible to compete for cash prizes by giving formal talks on various aspects of aerospace engineering. lfpon graduation, members are qualified to transfer to AIAA associate mem- bership. This year's oflicers of the institute were -lerry Dow, presidentg Kent Cooper, vice-presidentg and liurtis Carpenter, secretary-treasurer3 and ,l. C. lilotz served as the faculty sponsor. Q'-0? TOP ROVV: Harold VVright, jim McGill, Mohammed Khan, German Ibanez. SECOND RUNV: Bill Saulmon, David Lawson, James Ross, Prof. A. P. Buthod. THIRD RONV: Said H, Ghachem, Reed I. NIL-lton, Dr. NV. C. Philoon, Bob VVright, If. Don Allan. BOTTOINI RDVV: NVilev Cox, Hob Halter, Charles lNIcConnelI, Dr. R. lf. Thompson, Ricardo Morales, Robert M. Stewart, Satish Ilanda. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Professionals Heard by IU Chemical Engineers Challenged by a goal of stimulating interest in the field of chemical engineering, the American Institute of Chemical Engineers on the University of Tulsa campus lived up to its yearly objective hy successfully completing numerous scholarly activities. Films and frequent lectures constituted the meetings of the AICE. Discussing various phases of engineer- ing and linking the studies of the undergraduate student with practical application in the industry was the prime objective of their business meetings. Taking tours of major chemical industries of the local community was also a vital part of the institute's itinerary. Nleinbership in the American Institute of Chem- ical lfngineers requires that eligibility be a 2.0 minimum overall grade average with enrollment in either the chemical or the petroleum refining depart- ment. VVorlcing in co-operation with the group was sponsor, Dr, Paul Iiuthod. Charles IXIcConnell served as president for AICIQ, vice-president was David Lawson, secretary was VVilev Cox, and Robert VVright was treasurer. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION Seventh Year on Campus Completed by Marketing Organization Klarlceting is the lite-blood of the American society, and the study and I1IlPI'0VC'IHCIlY of this stream of economic life is the inain purpose of the American hlarlceting Association. 'lihrough discussion and group projects, aid to students interested in inarketing, promotion of friendships within the field, and guidance for those who would become more competent niarlceting per- sonnel, the ANIA endeavors to inake the field more compatible with husiness as a whole, thus boosting the econoiny of the whole country. Finishing its seventh year at the Lvniversity of TOP ROYV: -lim Nliller, Richard Nvightmzln, Vernon Tippett, Tliornas ll. C'launch, Dave furrent, Phil Hull, Dale Futhey, lfdwarrl Harmon, Steve Holmlierg, lNliCl'1ael Tulsa, the local chapter is alhliated with the na- tional American lNlarketing Association, and the members enjoy national ineinbership and receive national recognition for their local efforts. 'llhe national magazine of AAL-X, .lnnrzmf of illnrlvtizry, is included in the national dues and is distributed to each nieinber. This ye-ar's ofhcers were Steve Holniherg, presi- dentg -lean Holmes, vice-presidentg Clary Gray. secretaryg and Richard Pongratz, treasurer. Dr. Dale D. Futhey was faculty sponsor. Swan. BOTTUNI ROYV: Conrzirl Nlamgold, Ron YVilliam- won, -lean Holmes, Harriet Mohan, Kent Barns, Gary Gray, Riehzlrd Porngratz. AMERICAN SOCIETY 0F MECHANICAL ENGINEERS Mechanical Engineering Society Hears Speakers from lndustry XVith a goal of promoting interest in the field of mechanical engineering, the American Society of Klechanical Ifngineers has had a successful year at the University of Tulsa. 'lllfls chapter is alhliated with the national organization and participates nationally by sending delegates to regional meetings held at the lfniyersity of Arkansas, Oklahoma State University. and Oklahoma Llniyersity. Prerequisites for membership in the organization is interest and a major in mechanical engineering. TOP RONV: john xl. Dyer, Gary In Nlarsli, Richard Martin, Larry Dunham, Rohert Johnson, Steven Reiner, Charles K, Barton. I3O'l"1'OlNl RONV: Ilugene Mitchell, :XSKIH is very proud of its members both past and present, Karl Iiand, a former officer of the organization at TU, is now doing graduate work at 'llulane, and Dick Alartin has received the R. C. Halter scholarship for the second year. As a vacation from the long and exacting hours spent in engineering, the organizationys members participate in the yearly Ifngineers VVeek. Society officers for the 1964.-63 school year were lfuglene Alitchell, chairman, -less Huclcleberg, yice- chairmang and Leon Holconit, secretary-treasurer. C'hai'les II. Puckett, Leon llalcomh, Jesse L, I'II1i'IiC'll3lII'f', Nicolas .-X. Aryelo. lx Q TOP ROYV: John liarhara, Tim XVhalen, Foster Adarna, Jerry Harnish, Clary Freerksen. l50'I'TUlNl ROYVZ VValter liruce Bleakley, Iles lfrair, Capt. Long. SICCOND ROVV: lVIunZlinger, Ronald Krater, Charles Kruchek, Rohert Nl. Perman, James Nlitucker, Don YVhitesell, Richard Lilly, ARNULD AIR SOCIETY Sherman, joseph Cioreeki, Boh Marsliak, Stephen Jernigan. Prolessionalism, Service, Education Stressed by Arnold Air Arnold Air Society was formed at TU on llarch 7, 1953. lts purpose is to create a close and efhcient relationship among Air Force ROTC cadets. The requirements for membership are that the Cadet has a 2.0 overall grade average, a 5.11 ROTC grade average, and at least a sophomore standing. Proudly displaying wooden swords an-d courteous- ly escorting coeds across the "Uv at 7 a.m., eleven pledges of the Alack llonaldson Squadron began a week of early morning tests and drill sessions and a year of upholding the mission and tradition of the l'SA F. ln December, six members of the Squadron at- tended the Area Ci-I conclave at Perrin Air lforcrr Base, Sherman, Texas, ln April, TL's Squadron sent a delegate and an alternate to the Arnold Air Society National Conclare in XVashington, U.C. Some of the Squadr0n's projects included a drill team show at the Tulsa Boys Home, a visit to the campus of the USAF Art Gallery, and for the first time in the Squadronls history, sponsoring of the annual TU Blood Drive. Capt. lf. il. Long served as sponsor with lioh Sherman as commander, Charles Rruchek as execu- tive ollicer, joseph Gorecki, as operations ollcer, and Ronald Rrater as comptroller. TOP ROXV: Paul Miller, liumfn Gurses, IBIIZIIIYII' Shimgh, ISUTTOM ROVV: lixlsim Zinen, Frank Zarrinnal, Alex- Mehdi Sadr. SICGONID RONV: Omni' I'lSCillIl'Il1l, -Iorge A. zmtler Koroluk, Bzihrxlm Smii, Domir Frsoy. Nlestre, joe Ilzmsfortl, wlzlmes Dolph, David Iiseojido. AMERICAN INSTITUTE 0F MINING AND METALLURGIGAL ENGINEERING lecturers from Petroleum Industry Emphasized by organization Alining and tnetallurgiczil engineering devotes itself to the improvement of techniques for use in petroleum production. As il scientific group, the American Institute of Nlining and Aletalliirgical Engineers strives to keep its members informed of new petroleum developments and to provide 21 better insight into the petroleum industry. Simply becoming 21 member of the institute is itself an achievement. 'llhe student must he listed as a petroleum engineer and must complete il detailed zippliezltion which is sent to the institute's head- quarters in Texas for approval and acceptance. I'lf'2lfLlI'II1g lectures by men of the industry, field trips to various phases of the petroleum industry in Tulsa, the group emphasizes the international cliaracter of its members due to the university's world-wide fume as an oil studies institution. Promoting the mining and metallurgical part of the petroleum industry was almost 21 full-time task for lf. lilzmderud, presidentg F, Zarriimal, vice- presidentg IC. Romero, secretziryg .l. Dolph, treas- urer. Roger Schoeppel, professor of petroleum engineering, was the groups faculty sponsor. DELTA SIGMA Pl Scholarship Key Awarded Business Major Graduate Delta Sigma Pi was founded nationally in 1907 and the TU chapter was installed in 1948. Being the olrlest business fraternity on the Liniversitv of Tulsa campus was certainly a distinction for the organization. All regularly enrolled male students in the business school with a 2.0 overall grade average are eligible for membership consideration in Delta Sigma. Events of the year which occured at the bi- monthly meetings, often included hearing outstand- BOT'l'OM ROVV: john Davis, Richzlrrl llill, Tom Ulzlytrvli, Al Cuite, Mike Swann. TOP ROXV: Andrew XV. Brice, ing leaders in all phases of the business realm. The purpose of lectures and tours to prominent business establishments sponsored by the chapter was to provirle closer relationships with the business men of the Tulsa area and the TU business sturlents. Sponsor for the organization was Dr. Hutton. Delta Sigma Pi gives a key to the male sturlent in the school of business having the highest scholastic record, Steve Kelly, Lanny Richard, Steve Stevenson, Don Patter- son, Rusty Cobb. KAPPA KAPPA PSI Kappa Kappa Psi Fraternity Bolsters Hurricane Band Morale YVith another industrious year spent in Working for the TU band, Kappa Kappa Psi bolstered the TU Golden Hurrican Band's morale and managed to live up to their objective of serving the band and aiding in their expenditures throughout the year. 1965 marking their thirty-first year and serving primarily as a fraternity for male members of the TU band, Kappa Kappa Psi has based their mem- bership on the requirements of having completed one semester in the band and having compiled a mini- mum 2.0 overall grade average. VVorking in co- ordination with Tau Beta Sigma, honorary band TOP ROVV: Tom Briggs, John Conwell, Robert Cox, Robert Bruce Dains, Ed Gibble, Dennis Gilstrap. SECOND ROVV: Glenn Hatcher, Jim Hickerson, Pete Hudson, Terry fraternity for women, the two groups sponsored both joint and separate projects during the year. Sponsoring the band queen contest during the early part of the year was one of the main responsibilities of the honorary fraternity. Sponsor for the organiza- tion, N111 Dwight Dailey guided the members toward improving musicianship and furthering fel- lowship among the band members. Officers for the 1964-65 school year Were: Steve Snider, presidentg Ed Gibble, vice-presidentg Jerry jankowski, secretaryg Dennis Gilstrap, treasurer. jankowski, John Kinker, Paul F. Longstreth. BOTTOM ROW: Harley Lundy, Jerry Snider, Steve Snider, Tom Stehman, Phillip VVayner, Richard Young. TOP ROVV: Tom XVood, Ted Lane, Skip Jackson, Bob julie Putman. HOTTOINI ROVV: Rebecca Harrison, Cheryl O'I5ar, Bob Lewis, Hob Lair, jerry Daly, Mike Gordon. l'iI'l7f,IKlllll,flllffllflllVllIllt'IlIlX,lVI1ll'SllZl Elkins, June Bealmer, SECOND RUXV: Nliehelle Beale, jim Thornberry, Pat Cremin, Dave Iilder, Dino Eeonomos, XVilley Bowlin, PI ALPHA MU Varol Spivey. History of TU Recorded and Printed by Pi Alpha Mu Publication, Advertising, illanagement-these are the key words connected with 'Pi Alpha llflu, a journalism and advertising professional society. As part of a professional group, the members of PART have always been concerned with learning about their ehosen fields and putting their talents to praetiee. Pi Alpha Klu, therefore, has among its activities the publication of three handbooks used in journalism classes at Tlf: the reporting, editing, and letterpress processes handbooks. its members also write and print a history of the University of Tulsa. Field trips to advertising agencies and news- papers are another important part of the Well- rounded program planned for initiates into Pi Alpha Blu. This organization is nationally known, and al- though it is not very old, it has been represented at TL' sinee its beginning, Urheers of the TU chapter this year were Bob U'l3ar, president, Alike Gordon, Vice-presidentg Kliehelle Beale, secretary, and Alim Thornberry, treasurer. The group,s faculty sponsor, Tom YVood. served again this year as president of the Pi Alpha Blu national organization. TOP ROW: julie Patman, Sally Smith, Eloise Janssen, Harrison, Carolyn Mullenax, GeGe Simmonds. BOTTOM Michelle Beale. SECOND ROW: Carol Spivey, Rebecca ROVV: June Bealmear, Peggy VVilgus, Susan Schaller. PI DELTA EPSILUN SHOUT Publication Sponsored by Pi Delta Epsilon Fraternity 'fThe SHOUT is out!" was the cry that could be heard in the middle of December. The student handbook of the University of Tulsa, otherwise known as the student directory, is one of the major projects of Pi Delta Epsilon, professional journalism fraternity. . Through lectures, field trips, all school activities, and awards for outstanding journalists, PiDE en- courages and promotes excellence within the pro- fession. Believing also that this excellence should not go unnoticed and unrewarded, at the annual awards banquet held in May of each year, PiDE recognizes the "Outstanding Woiiian Journalist" at TU and the TU student who has "contributed the most to collegiate journalismn during the preceeding year. This year's officers were Peggy Wilgus, presidentg Susan Schaller, vice-president, julie Patman, secre- tary, and Carol Spivey, treasurer. The chapter's faculty sponsor is Bill Hays, who is also Director of Alumni Relations. PI EPSILDN TAU Honorary Members Named to Pi Epsilon Tau from Industry Pi Epsilon Tau, formed for the purpose of furthering interest in the field of petroleum engineering, is a high-standard honorary at the University of Tulsa. ln order to be accepted into it, pledges must have at least a 3.0 grade average and must be seniors in standing. A rank in the upper fourth of their class is also required. A national group, Pi Epsilon Tau is represented at TU by Beta chapter, established here in 1949. The national headquarters is on the University of Oklahoma campus. This year the organization invited several out- standing speakers in the various fields of petroleum engineering to talk on their professions and to answer members' questions concerning their work. They also held a banquet in honor of new members and honorary members. Honorary mernbers were Chosen from leaders in the petroleum irrdustry. The group's sponsor, Dr. Denton R. VVieland, has served in this Capacity for the past several years. The cabinet was headed by Jimmy Ray Dolphs president. Alan Neil Simon served as vice-president, and Joe T. Hansford was secretary-treasurer. TOP ROXV: R. I. Bradley, J. R. Dolph, J. T. Hansford,A. N. Simon. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA Sigma Alpha Iota iranscribes Music into Braille lor Blind Sigma Alpha Iota, a professional music fraternity for women, was established to encourage musical achievement among women. All of the members must have a 3.0 overall grade average, or a 3.0 average in music subjects, and a 2.5 average in general subjects for the preceding semester. The twenty SAI members can be identified by the Pipes of Pan badges which they wear. Each month SAI presents a musicale and each member must perform twice a year, once on her major instrument and once on her minor instrument. Each year SAI sponsors a get-acquainted reception TOP ROYV: Tamerlane Brown, Sharon Collins, LaVonne Davis, Janie Dutton, Tessie Fink. SECOND ROW: Eileen Harbers, Theresa Hollingsworth, Stephanie Howlett, Gerry for freshmen music students and transfer students in the music school. This year SAI presented a talent show with the music schoolls faculty, and a Chili Supper. On a national level they contributed to their latest project-transcribing music into Braille for the blind. This year's officers were president, Sharon Col- lins, vice president, Tamerlane Browng Chaplain Eileen Harbersg secretaries, Melda Baugh and Tessie Fink, and treasurer, Clover Rae Jenkins. SAI is sponsored and encouraged by the active Tulsa Alumnae Chapter of SAI. Hyatt, Donna Dee jenkins. BOTTOM ROW: Karen Kribbs, Betty Lawson, Vicci Sharp, Carolyn Templeton, Mary Todd. gf,,,sgcgs.e ' if it TOP ROXV: Mike Gordon, Pat Cremin, Dave Elder, Jim Bird, john Judd, Jim Thornberry, Ed johnson. BOTTONI SIGMA DELTA CHI l s t'f"f?fl li S ,S M ff-- W-s-.Ms.iw.f. 'A gi ,si is ss! ROWV: Bill Martin, Lester Van Dyke, Mike Norman, Don Shockey, VVilley Bowlin, Holm O'Bar. Journalism Society Sells Advertising lor School Publications Sigma Delta Chi is the professional society for journalists, both within and and out of the field. The University of Tulsa undergraduate chapter is a first step in becoming a member of a professional chapter after graduation. The major project of the SDC chapter at TU is the selling of the advertising for the SHOUT and KENDALLABRUTXI. Each year members of the chapter sell approximately 53,500 worth of ads for these publications. Each year the members of the chapter travel to the national convention of Sigma Delta Chi to spend a week in seminars, lectures, and thinking sessions, trying to discover what makes a good journalist, and how the conveyance of information might be made more meaningful and factual. Also high on the lists of "musts" for the men is a series of luncheon lectures, emphasizing the societyls belief that talent, energy, and truth are the basis for making good in the field. This yea1"s officers were hlike Norman, president, Bill hlartin, vice-presidentg Hob O'Bar, secretaryg and Don Shockey, treasurer. Ed H. Johnson, pro- fessor of journalism, was facility sponsor. TOP ROXV: Robert Hamlin, ,lim Ault, Sid Moyers, Larry Dnrnelle, Diane Cuenocl, Karen Allen, Mary Charles Lyle- IIill, Mike Springer, Dave Kirkman, Dick Means. SEC- Staublc. BOTTOM RUVV: Mary Frampton, lN1arilyn Kap- OND ROVV: Lottie De Garmo, Lili Grubb, Kathy Murphy, ner, Jane Smith, Deloris Mathis. jana Hendon. THIRD ROVV: Dr. Feldman, Stephanie SOCl0l0GY CLUB Sociological Problems Discussed and Applied by TU Group Primarily serving as a means of perpetuating the interest in sociology, the Sociology Club of the University of Tulsa is open to anyone maintaining a 2.0 grade average and having completed six hours of Work in sociology. Programs involving sociologi- cal problems such as race relations, problems of urban living, and high school drop-outs. In the main, this society seeks to discuss ideas which are stimu- lating and thought-provoking and which may be applied in the field of sociology. Their meetings are 2 characterized by 'lfreedom of expressionu as stated in the by-laws, leading to very lively discussions with a variety of interests. The group attempts to apply their sociology to everyday life in solving problems. Faculty advisor for the Sociology Club is Dr. Nancy Feldman. Officers for the 1964-65 school year: Lottie De- Garmo, presidentg blorris Lusk, vice-president: lilarilyn Kapner, secretary-treasurer. STUDENT EIJUGATIDN ASSUCIATIDN Teaching Career Month Observed by TU Education Group A college level pre-professional organization of students who plan careers as teachers is the Student Education Association which is affiliated with both the Oklahoma Education Association and the Na- tional Education Association. Each chapter is organized to help its members better prepare for a professional career as an educator. Activities throughout the year have included the distribution of information and posters concerning state election questions dealing with the public schools and with teachers and their opportunities, the observance of April as "Teaching Career NIonth," various serv- ice projects, and visits to public schools in Tulsa. TOP ROXV: Beverly Dover, VV:-ndy Cookingharn, Janice King, Jerry Adams, Jean Dickerson, Annell Wattenbarger, Nancy Cook, Donna Ford, Susie Ketch. SECOND ROW: ,Indy Robertson, jean Bridges, Susan Ammon, Claudia Matney, June Melton, Patty Roessler, jean VVebb, Anne Student Education Association meetings were held at II :OO A.M. on the first Tuesday of each month in the Student Activities Building. Speakers during the year included lvliss Edna Donley, State Consultant for the O.E.A. and a past "Teacher of the Yearu for both Oklahoma and the United States, hir. Robert C. Lees, President of the Tulsa Classroom Teachers Associationg Dr. Elmer Fer- neau and Dr. Robert Parrish. The S.E.A. has been ably led this year by Suzie Ketch, presidentj Bar- bara Hobson, vice-presidentg Nancy Cook, secre- tary, John Conway, treasurer, Anne YVilliams, historian, and Dr. Robert Parrish, faculty sponsor. VVilliams, Barbara Hobson. BOTTOM ROVV: Leslie Kinnison, Corn E. MacDonald, Judy Herriman, Ruth Nirolayson, Pat Brasier, Lonlftta Robinson, Judy Albin, Kathy Skinner. TAU BETA SIGMA lau Beta Sigma Honorary Active in Aid to Tulsa Philharmonic Tau Beta Sigma is a national honorary band sorority to promote band spirit and interest at the university and in the community. There are fourteen active members who have been selected by the director, sponsor and members, To become a mem- ber, each girl must have been a regularly enrolled member of the band for at least one semester, maintain a 2.0 grade average, and show an active interest in the band. The national organization was formed on lWarch 26, 1946, and the local chapter was formed Febru- ary 4, 1951, it is called the Alpha Beta Chapter. 'Vicki Silrarp, Katie Dains, Linda Richards, Carol Mauldin, lklargo Glenn, Pam Remsberg, Jan James, Linda Collins, Belva Brumelle, Donna jenkins. The club helps with the Band Queen selection, and it helps the Tulsa Philharmonic by serving coffee. The motto "Tau Beta Sigma for greater Bands" means that they are a service organization having received several awards from the national chapter. The national publication is The Paziizzzrz. Hon- ora1'y members are Sarah Burkhart, lXIr. Roger Fenn, lllr. and illrs. Dwight NI. Dailey, lNIrs. Dailey serves as sponsor. The ofilicers: president, Vicci Sharp, vice-president, lldargo Glenng secre- tary, Judy Evansg treasurer, lllartha Brock. TOP ROVV: Lawrence L. Graham, Harold VV. Barrows, Lynna Burt, Harriet G. Barclay, Carol Lynn Fry, Paula John Hr. Hurdle, Gary Doyle, Beaumont Bruestle, Rod Broadd. jones, Tom jones, Edward Dumit. BOTTOM ROVV: THETA ALPHA PHI Artistic Advancements Stimulated by Theatrical Fraternity Theta Alpha Phi, an honorary theatrical fra- ternity, was formed nationally and locally in 1927 and has been furthering theatre at the University of Tulsa and in Tulsa since then. The University of Tulsa chapter consists of eighteen members who are selected by points earned by working in the university theatre. The purpose of the organization is to increase and stimulate creativeness and foster artistic ad- vancements and achievements in all of the allied arts and crafts of the theatre. There is a Christmas Party and a Spring Banquet to help motivate this interest in the club. The organization is a contributor to the national inagazirie-Cnr. Professor Beaumont Bruestle served as sponsor for the chapter. Ollicers are: president, Tom Jonesg vice-president, Gary Doyleg secretary Carol Fryg treasurer, Lynna Burt. Dr. Harriet Barclay is an honorary member. This organization has done a great deal for the universitv in the past, and it will no doubt continue to do so in the future. ii- Q 'lull , Ml' ii TOP ROXV: Jane Bray, Jeannie Grieve, Jeanne YVright, Barbara Naifeh, Barbara Bolton, Veronica Lakios, Judy Steele, Connie Parrish, Jimmie Mitchell. SECOND ROVV: Mary L. Perryman, Janie Scott, Lynette Gooden, Shirley Campbell, Suzanne Jenkins, Sandy Sigmon, Phyllis Bereo- TU BUSINESS WOMEN CLUB los, Donna Fredrickson, Patti Bell. BOTTOM ROVV: Karen Tanner, Karen Mcilandless, JoAnn Hoffmann, Margaret Gowans, Pam Scott Boswell, Drenda Stout, Me- lanie Cochran, Jean Stephenson. Traditional i'Apple Polishing Luncheon" Attended by TU Club To promote an interest in a business career has become a primary purpose of the TU Business XVomen's club. Klonthly luncheon meetings are scheduled with a guest speaker prominent in the business world to encourage and to create varied interests in business careers for Women. All women enrolled in the School of Business are eligible for membership. Each year a committee of businessmen choose the outstanding senior girl in the School of Business to receive the honor of TU Biiriness VVoman of the Year. A tradition and special event of the year is the "Apple Polishing Luncheon" which each girl attends with her favorite business teacher. Another project is to help with the School of Business homecoming open house. Ar Christmas time the TU Business VVomen help with the Business School Assembly. lVIrs. Xymena Kulsrud and hlrs. Veda Mcfliiity are faculty co-sponsors. Lynnette Gooden is Presi- dent, lylary Perryman is first Vice-president, Jan liatthews is second Vice-president, Secretary is Phyllis Berelos, and Treasurer is Tifargaret Gowans. Services 3' 'af- .il liloise Janssen, Editor of the 1965 KEN1ur,I,.xi:RUM. -sm ef.- wi, -ig -,. . f yin- k.,,i. if Carolyn Nlullenax anal Sally Smith, Assistant Iiclitors. 234 KENDALLABRUM lftlitor .....,.... Business Klanagger Assistant lftlitor .. Assistant lftlitor . l,lNJf0QII'2ll7llK'l'S .. lfeatnre Seetion . Sports Section . STA If Clradnates anal l,,awyers .. Senior Class .. ...... ,. Junior Class .. Sophomore Class .. Freshman Class . . lfacnlty Personalities . Greek lfeatnres .. Assistant Business Klaiiager .... Organizations . Organizations Copy ... ll. lfloise -Ianssen Steve Kimball Carolyn Kfnllenax Sally Smith ,lim 'llhornberry lim lliral Ken llaviclson Klargarete French Margaret Larson lsinet Smith Dixie Cochran Roh Lasswell Sandy 'llolhert .-lan Burnett lfrantzie Hieronymns Julie Patman Klerrilec Baile Cherie .lo Perranlt .Carolyn Catron Peggy lVilgus Holly Holbert Sharon Kaul Kitty Holloway llarsha lftlinontls Cantly lcltlingls Carolyn Axton Llaniee Brown Ginny lVIorelantl Sue Stewart Nlary Ann Shearer Nancy Anderson Klary illownsend Carolyn Van Blareom Donna Ford Donna lfredrickson Donna Lncinski Carol Parsons Kathy Clancy Sue Ann Jackson Clare Ahrnes, Carol lloreharml 'llerri Y Barnes, Gloria Birch, Marvin Dabney, Mar- sha lflkins. Jean Har- ing, Nancy Hubbard, .lonathon plc-fly, lion- nie l,21il'lllO1'C, Carol l .ee, Kathy Ritter, l,eslie Smith, Anne 'l'harpe, Jeanne 'llhomas, llarilyn Ax- ton, Sue Glass, .lnlie Landon, 1965 Kendallabrum Focuses Deciding to produce a yearbook revolving around the theme of politics on the TU campus was the first step in making the 1965 KENDALL- AHRUKI. As the book developed, our election vear theme gradually and naturally evolved into what We found to be an even more exciting theme- that of the interlocking roles of politics and edu- cation. Thus, we were enabled to stress the academic life at TU as Well as to focus some at- tention on the past year of political excitement. For the artwork on the Kl'fNUALLARRLllNl cover and throughout the book, we express our gratitude to Rusty Johnson. Vive felt that the red, white, and blue 'fcampus politiciansl' contributed immeasurably to any success we might have achieved in expressing effectively our theme. Planning and coordinating pictures for the various feature sections plus being responsible for all the copv and picture cutlines on those pages was Assistant lfditor Carolyn lllullenax. Assistant lfditor Sally Smith took on the large task of man- aging the class sections, the organizations copy, and the index. ,lim 'l'h0rnberrv, photographer, was certainly the most irreplaceable staff worker. lfloise Janssen Editor 1965 KENl7Al,l,Al3RU HI TOP ROVVZ Nancy Hubbard, Kathy Clancy, jean Har- ing, Carolyn Catron, Sandy Tollwert, Donna Frederiekson, Carolyn Mullenax, Carol Lee, Peggy Wlilgus, Donna Ford, jan Burnett, Sue Glass, Marsha Elkins. BOTTOM Theme on Politics and Education z 'l i 3 i s 2 2 E STEVE KIMI3.Xi,i., Business Manager ROXY: Holly llolliert, julie Patman, Jim Bird, Ken Davidson, Sally Smith, Mary Ann Shearer, lvlerrilee Baile, Gloria Birch. Michelle Beale, Co-Editor of the COLLEGIAN. 'QF' Cialis Simmonds, CofFd1tor of tht- C'Ul,l.lzGlAN. COLLEGIAN Co-cditors .... Assistant Editor Business llaiiagei' Assistant Busiiiess Sports Editor . ., Society ....... Pliotograpliers .. S'l 'A F F RIZIINIQQCI' .lllichelle Beale GCGQ Simmonds .lllarsha Elkins .Lanny Richard . . .... Aloe llloeller . . . . .Glen Law . . .Carol Spivey .lim Thornberry Jim Bird Dick Suddutli, Assistant, l.zu1nic RlChlll'll5, Business Mzinzxger. Special Holiday Editions ol Collegian Add to Festivities ln its fifty-second year of publication, the Collegian, the University of Tulsa newspaper, is a project handled completely by students on campus. Under its faculty adviser Ed Johnson, this year, as in the past, the paper provided entertainment and news to TU students and also gave valuable experience to those interested in journalism. Each week the Collegian staff pounded away at typewriters, solicited advertising, and spent hours at Hunter's Horn print shop compiling their ma- terial, writing headlines, and getting pages ready for the presses. The result was an excellent college paper which offered its readers news of TU sports, social life, and other events. Also included were features and columns designed to entertain and Carol Spivey, Mike Gibbons, Glen Law, Marsha Elkins. inform. Dale Pelton wrote a thought-provoking article each week, and Glen Law, sports editor, had comments about the football, basketball and baseball seasons in his column, "It's the Lawf' Carol Spivey reported on campus Greeks and their activities in "Social Swirlf' The staff put out special editions of the paper at Homecoming, Christmas, and spring break, adding to the festivities on campus then. Besides its weekly work of publication, last fall the Collegian staff as well as the Kenzlallabrunz sent representatives to the American College Press Conference in Chicago. From the Collegian, coed co-editors lvlichelle Beale and GeGe Simmonds and business manager Lanny Richard went. if -.av--, E H ...ll me gil -.1 af A .--. 'S una' , 237 The new stereo hoard operation is shown by Lloyd Draheim. KWGS KXVGS STAFF Station lxI2lllZlgCl' .. Program Director . Chief lCngineer . .. News Directors . . . 'l'rz1Hic Director .. Operations Director Continuity Director Sports Director .. llusic Director .. Klusic Librzxrian .. Tape Librarian . . . xx701HClliS Director Promotions Director .. Bulletin Secretary . ... . .lid Dumit . . .Scott Comstock .Lloyd Draheim .Dino llconomos Richard Johnson . .Nanctte Chist . .Bill Cochrane Klzirilyn Brown .. . .jerry Daly . . .Lloyd Xvhite . . Ron VVhc-eler .Scott Comstock .june Dezllmear . . . .Greg Corarito . . .Judy lVilson Comstock discusses second semester program with his 238 Brown shows the other announcers how its done. KWGS Programming Designed and Directed by TU Students KYVGS, the University of 'llulsa's lfltl radio station, has been on the air for eighteen years, presenting entertainment, features, and news. As a member of the National lidudational Radio Network, the Association for Professional Broad- casting Education, and the Oklahoma Broadcasting Association, it serves not only as an important part ot 'l'ulsa's communications channel but also as a 1 1 l s learninr laborator' tor lb students interested in . 5 1 1 careers in the the broadcasting media. KVVGS-FRI uro irammin is clesiffned to ive 1 I1 L 1 o tj 1 1 listeners fine ualit ' music and informative features. . 3 1 1 1 lt also ofters news and news interpretation given by students on the staft. This year such programs as Klusic of the Blasters, Sunday at the Opera, TOP ROVV: Lloyd Draheim, Greg Corarito, Ric John- son, John Conwell, Bill Cochrane, Dave Boyd, Larry Thomlinson, Don Parrot, Ron Langley. SECOND ROVV: Judy Kay XVilson, Marilyne Brown, Judy Morgan, Jin McGinnis, Phillip XVagner, Dino Econonos, joe Morris, Peace 'llhrough Law, and Shakespeare 400 filled the station's evening hour's. hlost of the shows were planned by student an- nouncers, who presented interviews, played music, and gave comments on current happenings. Part- time announcers tried out for their jobs last fall and were put in charge of programs every week or every other week. Other members of the staff did daily work of editing and broadcasting. Specially featured on KVVGS this winter were University of Tulsa basketball games played here in the Fairgrounds Pavilion. lfdward Dumit was faculty adviser for this broadcasting enterprise, and Scotty Comstock was student manager of the station for 1964-65. VVilliam YV. Young. ISUTTOM ROVV: Pilar Garcia, Ron VVheeler, Guy S. Comstock, Carol Maudin, Nannette Christ, Vicki Seovel, Carol Lynn Fry, June Bealmear, Luzetta Martinnez, Edward Dumit. 239 i SYMPHUNY ORCHESTRA Orchestra Oilers Experience in Interesting Music Offering unique experiences in interesting music and a chance to become acquainted with music from great composers are major functions of the Symphony Orchestra of the University of Tulsa. Not limited solely to TU students, the orchestra comprises many fine and talented musicians from Tulsa and the surrounding area. Each year these musicians present several concerts on a variety of different and unusual works of the famous composers through the ages. VIOLIN: George Giacobbe, Concertmasterg Carolyn Templeton, Ronald VVheeler, Patricia Sterne, Edie Kramer Gaines, Rubin Cohen, Norma Cohen, Ruth Downing, Janice james, ,Iulie Munson, joe Caudle, Judy Morgan, Robert McNally, Wlilliam Scobie. VIOLA: Don Elliot, Patricia Snyder, VVilliam Lester, Charles Hill. CELLO: lVIary Todd, James Eaton, Sharon Roberts, Ronald Bilyeu, Otto F. C. Yviesner, Richard Gritlin, James Gaines. STRING BASS: Ralph jones, Tom Briggs. I"l.l'TE: ,Ian Coffey, Theresa Ilollingsworth, Richard Eby, Terrill jankowski. OBOE: john Cornwell, Donna Selected on a highly competitive basis, the symphony orchestra draws many talented musicians and students to the TU School of Illusic. After grueling rehearsals, often lasting for sev- eral hours, the reward the members of the orchestra receive is the well-earned applause of their audiences, both on the campus, and in the city of Tulsa. Conducted by Dr. VVilliam Ildcliee, professor of music, the orchestra continues to be one of TUls most active and well-known organizations. Jenkins. ENGLISH HORN: VValter Kessler. CLARINET: james Hickerson, Vicci Sharp, Robert Knopf, Margo Glenn. BASS CLARINET: Steve Snyder. BASSOON: Don Johnson, james VVendelken. HORN: Don Thompson, John Atherton, John Kinker, Bruce Martin, Steve Gould. TRUMPET: Gordon Loucks, David Bartlett, Michael Iloyer, Harley Lundy, Peter Hudson. TROMBONE: Bruce Dains, Raymond XViesen, David Blythe. TYMPANI: Lloyd XVhite. PERCUSSION: Michael Bodine, Demaris Young, Kathryn Dains. Wu... Tony Alloway, David Bartlett, Larry Barnett, -lim Bird, Bruce lileakley, Mike Bodine, Tom Briggs, lWartha Brock, Belva Brumelle, Don Burgess, Jan Coffey, Linda Collins, Peggy Combs, Bob Cox, Katie Dains, Robert Bruce Dains, Fred Doyle, Richard Ehy, David Edris, ,Indy joe Evans, james Farley, VVayne Ferguson, Bill Forsyth, Dennis Gilstrap, Margo Glenn, David Hall, Carol Hansen, Frank Hernandez, jim Hiekerson, Carol Highland, Vicki Hoggatt, Sondra Hougue, Dennis Hover, Mike Hover, Peter Hudson, Terry jankowski, Donna BAND jenkins, Richard E. Johnson, VValter Kessler, Carol King, john Kinker, Kim Long, Gordon Loucks, Harley Lundy, Carolyn Miller, Ted hfloses, Dale Powell, Linda Richards, Pat Sailing, Vicci Sharp, Charles Simmons, joe Sizemore, ,lim Smith, Jerry Snider, Steve Snider, Tom Stehman, Don Thompson, Pete Vickers, Don VVagner, Phillip VVagner, John YVelge, james XVendelken, Ronnie VVheeler, Robert Lloyd YVhite, Ray XViesen, Karen VVilliams, Richard Young. Tulsa Hurricane Band lhrilled by Blue Bonnet Bowl lrip It was a big thrill for the University of Tulsa hlarching l-lurricane Band to be able to attend the Blue Bonnet Howl in Houston, Texas. The Ath- letic Department paid for their bus trip as well as their meals and rooms at the Rice Hotel. A great time was had by alll Among their other activities this year included the annual Christmas party, the annual picnic and various concerts. The honor of Band Queen of the lfniversitv of Tulsa llarching Hurricane Band for the 1964-65 season was given to bliss -lulie liaudon of Kappa Alpha Th-eta Sorority. The members of the band are selected by audition. A large percentage of them are on scholarships, which is really wonderfull There are 64 musicians divided into eight ranks and eight files. Under the direction of Professor Dwight TNI. Dailey, the band gave many pleasurable perform- ances this year. Assisting in the direction was David lfdris and drum majors llruce Bleakley and Don VVagner. The president was Ed Gibble, vice- president was Steve Snider, secretary was Vicci Sharp and announcer was Bill Combs. SOPRANOS: Fran Cravens, I.aVonne Davis, Simma Rae Fuhrman, Nlarti Iloman. Karen Kribbs, Julianna Pat- man, Karen VViedenmann, ALTOS: Donna Dupy, jane Dutton, Geraldine Hyatt, Carol Keene, Sandra Nichols, Marilyn Schmidt, Frederica Storm. TENORS: Ernst MDDERN CHOIR Hotkin. Henry Coleman, Terry Dickey, Dwain Gregory, Paul Herman, Paul Longstreth. BASSES: Tom Briggs, Dale Brown, Jerry Rife, David Rollo, Nlichael Swaffer, Ronald VVheeler, Robert Yowell. Eastern Road Tour Taken in Spring by TU Modern Choir T 'fVVonderful lNIusic," might well be the theme of the lwodern Choir, and rightly so. But the music does not come Without sacrifices and a great amount of practicing. Each weekday night, from 3-5 p.m., this Wonder- ful music in various stages of rehearsal could be heard as it drifted across campus from Tyrrell Hall. The music of the lvlodern Choir, probably one of the best public relations media at TU, is climaxed each year when the members of the choir depart on their animal spring road tour of several eastern states, and a five-day stopover in New York City for a Radio Citv music broadcast and a few days of relaxation and fun. The choirls program for a concert consists of two parts. The first half of their concerts is made up of special arrangements and sacred choral music. The second half of the concert is made up of lighter works, popular tunes, and old favorites. Under the able direction of Arthur Hestwood, the lvlodern Choir has surrounded TU students and other listeners with the sounds of music from the masters, producing as they do a universal lan- guage and a Wonderful way to spend an evening, listening to "VVonderful lWusic." 'lr' G' CHAPEL CHDIR Ecumenical Program Followed by Members ol Chapel Choir Chapel at the L'niversity of Tulsa has played a unique role in the life of the campus this year. Surrounded as it is by a community of learning. the chapel has tried to bridge the void that often appears between students and their Worship-be- tween the community of learning and the com- munity of faith. Through the medium of denominational worship services, the program of the university chapel has striven to enrich as much of the studentls campus life as possible. One of the tools used in this pro- gram was the Chapel Choir. Participating each week in the services of each denomination and singing the liturgy of that par- TOP ROVV: Robert Stewart, Lynda Cooper, Paul Parker, Chaplain Kelly, Fred S. Fox, David M. Rollo, Karen XViedenmann. BOTTOM ROVV: Carolyn Piley, Sherry ticular church, the students in the Chapel Choir realized what it meant to be ecumenical. Rehearsing each week for a different part of the Worship services of a denomination aided the choisters in understanding the viewpoints of others, and why they worshipped as they did. Presenting the actual service with the priests or ministers of that church gave the members of the choir 'some of the same feelings that members of that denomination feel when worshipping in their own particular manner. Being a member of the choir this year was to be caught up in a feeling of true understanding in the greater communities of faith and learning. Earp, Dian Hodges, Ida Schicke, Paula Mills, Kay McKellips. , 5 ' f A 1 l r ri i -K Q it , ! limi 5 a y t f Ra: Q ,, ..' ' e , ' Q ag . 243 es L15 6'XfI1lIltL: found Mlchelle Beale, Glen Lam :mc , 1. on the Nuff 244 ,,,-f N...,,N gn It working on a new irwur of TUE paper. Q fm ,km W.. a v WN M .- W 'Q W, 1 we A , fs- FRONT ROW: Joe Gorecki, Bob Sherman, Floyd Epper- son, jim Shofstall, Mike Coulter. BACK ROW: Charles Kruchek, Chris Seidlitz, john Barbara, Bob Rosebush. AFRDTC CDRPS Military Balls Slated as Outstanding Events oi AFROTC Revitalization was the key to this year's Air Force ROTC activities on the TU campus. The Vitalization Act of 1964 brought official changes to the Reserve Oiiicer Training Corps, updating its curriculum and instructional methods and of- fering scholarships to selected students. Aside from these changes, the ROTC unit at TU continued to serve its main purpose of giving college students military training so that they might obtain their degrees and be ready for leadership in the armed forces upon graduation as well. Under the direction of lyiajor Wiseman, the program al- lowed participants to choose between four-year and two-year periods of training. Formal military balls highlighted the year for members of the campus unit. At the fall dance, held at the Trade VVinds Club, Dorothy Gardner was chosen Honorary Cadet Colonel, and Sandy Showalter, Honorary Cadet lliajor. Cadet Colonel this year was Aloe Gorecki. Other cadets in high-ranking positions: Charles Kruchelc executive officer, Robert Rosebush, operations ofli- cerg Robert Sherman, administrative oflicer. 3 AFROTC DRILL TEAM leam Exhibits Pradiced Precision In Performances Air Force ROTC Drill Team is composed, mainlv, of freshman and sophomore cadets. Cadet Captain Arthur Howe and Flight Sergeant Har- 111011 Howser plan and direct the m11ltiple activities of the twenty-four man unit. During the first semester the team embarked on a11 extended sched- ule to prepare for the forthcoming year's activities. Dedicated practice is necessary to develop the pro- ficiency necessary for a precision marching unit. Since the Team performs all maneuvers with rifles, a large portion of ti111e is spent on the lllanual ot Capt. Arthur Howe, Harmon Houser, Philip C. Blair, Richard M. Clinkenheard. Gary K. Freerkson, Berry H. Young, James L. Pool, john McQuade, Donald D. Reese, Louis L. Saxon, James T. Bailey, Dennis D. Bradford, Truman M. Briggs, Roland B. Broach, YVilliam M. Con- Arms, Some of the intricate movements exhibited by the team include the Queen-Ann-Saluteg sta- tionary and marching riile exchange, to the windsg squads circle, dispersion and counter marches. During the year the team has participated in the john lilahee Gymnasium dedication, the Vet- erans Day and Downtown Christmas parades and has performed at the Tulsa Boys Home. Second semester activities include a visitation to Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas, Nevada, and a Command performance at the Awards Day Ceremony. nelly, Joseph S. Cousins, Gary VV. Dill, john F. Dunn, Cordova Hicks, Stephen M. Kennedy, Dwight E. Kirk- patrick, David L. Knabb, Philip R. Mace, joseph P. Norman, Michael L. Vllait. s ' ' ALUMNI ASSUCIATIUN University Club Planned by Members ol TU Alumni Association ln addition to providing a trust fund for a full scholarship and grant-in-aid to two students each year, the Alumni Association has many activities which have bound former 'llllers together toward a goal of working for TL"s welfare. Sponsored by the lfniversitv of 'liulsa Alumni Association. the Cniversitv Club of 'liulsa leased the two top floors of a 32fHoor apartment building to be con- structed at 17th Street and Carson Avenue. The two lloors will house a Club open to University Alumni and former students. 'lihe building is ex- pected to be completed in Alanuarv, 1966. Facilities TOP ROXV: Hill llavs, Burte BflIlliS. l3U'll'l'UlNl RONV: Nlrs. Dan P. llolmes, Ir., Xvilliam Swanson, Ollie Gresham, john Osborne, Nlax Fisher. 2 f 3 l l E i t i L ' 2 1 r s f of the Club include many recreational and dining areas. Another activity of the Alumni Association was the relatively new publication of the Alumni lblaga- zine, edited by Rex Blakey, which was distributed in almost every state in the nation and in many foreign countries to alumni and other universities. Serving as a link between the Lvniversitv and its graduates and former students. the publication is co-sponsored by the Cniversitv and the Alumni Association of 'llulsa lfniversitv. . 5 'I l f i , 1 , TOP ROVV: Michael Carothers, Robert Edscorn, Harold Morrison, VVard H. Murphy, Charles C. Needham, Jerry lleinze, Paul C. Herman, Bill Hunt, Larry johnson, Robert Passmore, Pedro Puky. C. Kelly. BOTTOM ROVV: Reed T. Melton, John E. ALPHA PHI DMEGI-l Ambitious Year Completed by lU's Alpha Phi Omega Since its founding in 1925 at Lafayette College in Easton, Penn., specifically as a service fraternity, APO chapters have been chartered on over 380 campuses in the United States. This outstanding growth is attributed to the cardinal principles of the fraternity, which are leadership, friendship, and service. APO has taken an active role this year in both campus and community life. Some of its projects have been the sponsoring of a homecoming spirit letter, aiding in campus elections and testing pro- grams, helping with President Hennelce's reception, construction of a patio at the Tulsa Scouting Center, and ushering at Sharp Chapel. Officers this year have been Paul Herman, presi- dentg -lerry Passmore, first vice-president, Reed Nlelton, second vice-president, John lVIorrison, secretary, John Glass, treasurer, and Charles Need- ham, chaplain. Also assistant to the fraternity on the advisory board were jess Chouteau, Ur. C. R. Kelly, lllack Love, Dr. G. VV. Lovejoy, Aloe Passmore, lvan Roark, and Russell Studhaker. .4 TOP ROVV: Cherie Jo Perrault, Julie Patman, Ann Zie- mer, Carolyn Catron, Diane Blaisdell. SECOND ROVV: Dixie Cochran, Mary Ann Caldwell, Michelle Beale, Linda Green, Judy Stokes. THIRD ROW: Karen Keplinger, ANGEL FLIGHT Carolyn Mullenax, Judy VVakefield, jan jackson. BOT- TOM ROW: janet Taylor, Margaret Stanheld, Melanie Cochran. Angel Flight Successfully Completes First Year on Campus Drilling in the U at seven in the morning is nothing out of the ordinary for the twenty Coeds Who were chosen for membership in the Air Force aiiiliated Angel Flight. Many mornings, even before the sun was up, found the girls practicing flanking and column movements to be able to compete in drill competition and to march in various parades. Formed basically as a service group, the Angels Worked in the voting booths for school elections and ushered for the Miss TU contest and Varsity-Nite. They also ushered for productions at Tulsa Little Theatre. As a project to earn money, the group ushered at the Tulsa Oiler's home hockey games at the Civic Center. Much of the organizational Work, which included Writing a constitution and deciding upon a design for the uniform, was done last summer at a retreat. Under the direction of their sponsor, the .lack Donaldson Arnold Air Society, the Angels studied the military insignia, the proper Way to salute, and the history of the Air Force. The officers are Ann Zeimer, Commander, Jan Jackson, Executive oiiicerg lvlichelle Beale, Infor- mations, and Cherie Jo Perrault, Comptroller. ART STUDENTS LEAGUE Beaux Arts Costume Ball Featured in Art Students Year In 1952 the Art Studentls League was organized on the TU campus. It was developed to provide activities for the common benefit of the members and to stimulate an active interest and appreciation of the visual arts on campus. Any art student is eligible for membership in the organization. The main project of this group is to support Kendall Hall Art Gallery. This is done by the annual art raflle and the Beaux Arts CBoZarD Ball, a costume ball open to all students. Special activities TOP ROXV: DT. VVoody Cochran, Bradley E. Place, John Owen, Larry Babb, jim Grisham, Keith Edwards, XVayne Bass, Dennis Parrott, Larry Bartley. SECOND ROVVZ Layman jones, Avrum Ashery, Gailord Sartain, Taffy VVright, Marilyn Axton, Hellen Murray, Rusty Johnson, include the Pop-Arty, and a sketch trip in the Ozark Hills. Art films are scheduled to expand and enrich interest in the field of art. Art lectures and Student exhibits are planned by the league. Tom llanhart serves as the Art Studentls League faculty sponsor. A member of special interest is Alefferey Gibson, who is a noted animal artist. Rusty Johnson is the President, Joe Sizemore serves as Vice-president, Linda jones is Secretary, and lX'Iarcia Yocky is the treasurer. joe Sizemore. THIRD ROVV: Ardith McCorkle, Olivia Hogue, Shardi Hickok, March lWcCoy, Susan Heard, Judy VVoverton, Kay Hodley, Elme VVolcott. BOTTOM ROVV: Pat Murphy, Linda Elliott, Carolyn Mullenax, Susan Clan- nin, Sandi Curtiss, Marcia Yockey, Julie Patman. COUNCIL 0N RELIGIOUS LIFE TU Religious Council Emphasizes Brotherhood and Cooperation 'llowards a better overall cooperation between the various organized groups on campus, the Liniversity of Tulsals Council on Religious Life strives as its objective. The main governing body of this organiza- tion consists of representatives of each group on campus. -Iointly, this body combines their efforts to further "brotherhood'l and cooperation throughout the campus. Ifarly in the tall, the Council held a retreat at Camp Loughridge, the Ifirst Presbyterian Church camp. At this retreat, plans for the year were made, and basic tenets of the Council's con- stitution were laid down. A trip to Dallas for a regional discussion on urban living was attended by various members of the Council on Religious Life in hlanuary. Speakers on various pertinent topics were involved in the overall program of the Council. As a newly organized group, the Council on Re- ligious Life has contributed a great deal in its first active year on rl'Lf's campus. Sponsor for the group was Dr. Kelly. Oliicers included Dick Rleans, chairman: and Alana Sue Henden Springer, secretary. TOP RUXV: Charles Needham, John VVelge, Sanrly hvylie, TOM RUXV: Faith Scherpich, Kent Thomas, Dick Means, Nancy jo Garten. SECOND ROXV: Shirlev Hooks, Carol klzinai Sue Hendon, Kit XValker. Spivey, Jerry Dow, john Stevenson, Sally Smith. BOT- an-.L QV 'B ww 252 TOP ROVV: VVayne ll. jackson, Curtis Shacklett, Ron Cogdill, Larry Cummings, BOTTOM ROVV: John VVelg:e, Tom Holt, jonathan Jeffy. CIRCLE K Circle K Wins International Contest lor Club-ol-the-Month VVith the theme of service for the campus and community, Circle K Was established at TU. A branch of Kiwanis lnternational, Circle K this year had a membership of 20. liiembership is found- ed on scholastic excellence and leadership capacity. The club seeks to provide a practical means to form enduring friendships and to render service to school and community. Ushering at plays, helping organize a campus blood donor day, working on campus beautification and fix-up, and ringing bells for the Salvation Army during Christmas are among the many projects performed annually by Circle K. Circle K Club at TU was Winner of an inter- national contest for club of the month. This year's special event was going to the District Convention at Amarillo, Texas. Serving this year as Circle K officers: President, Ron Coghillg Vice-President, Wayiie Jacksong Treasurer, Curtis Saclclettg Secretary, Tom Holt. TOP ROVV: Jim Dolph, Carl H. Viana, Richard Martin, Jerry Dow, Lewis E. Stivers, Jesse L. Huckelbury, Joe Schindler, Jim Noren, John Sizemore, Al Loroluk. SEC- OND ROW: Lloyd M. Elkin, Freddie J. Hensley, Ron Myers, Larry Dellegar, David Admire, Eugene Mitchell, ENGINEERS CLUB Ray Dawaon, Ron Cogdill. THIRD ROW: Wayne H. Jackson, Frank Fox, Larry D. Gregory, Reed Melton, Gary Benton, Leon Holcomb, E. Don Allan, Gary Marsh. BOT- TOM ROW: john Deax, Steve Somers, Leslie Smith, Ka- ren Harlin, Michael Ellis, Bob Curington. Hectic Engineers Week Highlights Week of March 17 Green shamrocks mysteriously appearing all over the campus, cannons on the "U", and slide rule- Wielding students wearing strange green hats are all indications that St. Patrickis Day is approaching for the members of the Engineers Club. Each year the week of llarch I7 is set aside as "Engineers Week" in honor of the engineers and of their patron saint, St. Patrick. This year the activities of the week included the annual Honors and Awards Banquet Where the Outstanding Engineer, Karl Land, and the Outstanding Instructor, Ivan W. Roark, were named, and the Engineers Ball which was climaxed by the naming of student engineer Donald E. Bryant as "King Pati' and Miss Dorothy Gardner as the Engineers Queen, Throughout the year the club serves to promote interest in engineering and to provide social and professional association of its student members inter- ested in the various disciplines of engineering and science. Programs during the year include speakers from business and professional groups in the Tulsa area and industrial tours planned to increase the studentys understanding of his field. This year the Engineers Club has been ably led by Lewis Stivers, presidentg Gary lVIarsh, vice-president, Karen Har- lin, secretary-treasurer, Don Allan, social chairman, and by Dr. Lloyd Elkin, faculty sponsor. TOP ROVV: Linda L. Smith, Pete VanStrnten, John Davis, Rick Gannon, Ray Cousins, Lonnie Link, Jim Spencer. SECOND ROVV: Mary Jo Gould, Thelma YVieghard, Ken Davidson, Dr. Guffono E. Hutton, Kurt EXECUTIVE CLUB Nehmsow, jim Shofstall, ,lean Ann Holmes. BOTTOIVI ROW: Pam Scott Boswell, Tom Shepard, Steve llolmberg, Terry O'Cz1llaghan, Bob Meng, julie Holmes. Club Climaxes Successful Year with Business Week Executive Club sponsors numerous extracur- ricular activities to ronncl out the college activities, and serves as a bridge between the students and atl- ininistration. 'llhe members consists of the four officers of each class plus the ollicers of the Business College organizations, Some of the main projects of this club inclucletl participating in Homecoining decorations, :intl serv- ing at the open house before the football game, and Business lveelc. 'lihe crowning of Business Day Queen Pain Scott Boswell cliinaxetl the day last year. Ollicers were Toni Shepard, presitlentg Steve Holmberg, vice-presidentg Pam Boswell, secretaryg and Linda Ross, treasurer. Business School Queen, Pam Scott Boswell. FASHION ADVISORY BUARD TU Coeds Organize Uniqu-e Fashion Advisory Board on Campus Composed of two elected members from each sorority and independent group with one alternate, the Fashion Advisory Board promotes fashion ideas on the TU campus with the purpose of making the Coeds of the University of Tulsa more aware of Correct dress and fashion trends. Anyone with a problem-of a fashionable nature, that is-can come and discuss the problem with the fashion advisory group and receive help they may need. The Fashion Advisory Group is a learning group that sponsors speakers from retail stores or even TOP RUVV: Mary Cullinan, Mary Anne Shearer, Peggy Smith, judv Stokes, Barhara Breeding, Diane Blaisdell, Metzie Aiehoes. SECOND ROVV: Mrs. McKee, Jinx Townsend, Barbara VVeigman, Mary Kay Rickard, Margie NVhite, Jane McKinney. THIRD ROVV: Linda an individual doing independent fashion Work-all of these are informative talks. A few of the activities that the fashion group sponsors are the Glamour magazine contest for Best Dressed Coed on our campus and a fashion show given by Vandever's. Leading the Fashion Advisory Board and also founding the organization this year was Jane Alc- liinney. Diane Blaisdell served as vice, Aletzie Nicholls was secretary-treasurer and Barbara VVeigman was publicity chairman. Nlrs. Klcliee was the group sponsor. Green, Kim McVVhorter, Ella Jo Bowerman, Karen Kep- linger, Patty Travillion. BOTTOM ROVV: Terry Barnes, Margaret Stanfield, Christina VVrigIey, Pat Brasier, Linda Hensley. TOP ROW: Violet Frieze, Michael King, Richard Rist, borowski. BOTTOM ROW: june Bealmaer, Reta Otte, Jan Jack Lafferty, Edwynne Krumme. SECOND ROW: Carol Burnett, Sally Smith, Norma Hudson. Parsons, Jeff Bochard, Frantzie Hieronymus, john Za- G E R M ll N 0 LU B German Dinner Highlights the Year for German Study Group Highlighting the year with films on the German language and various aspects of the German culture, the University of Tulsa German Club experienced a most enlightening year. Though meetings required a bit of shifting in time and place, the German stu- dents managed to meet on Thursdays to plan their coming activities. Since the German students were both day and night students, the Club had a minor problem of coordinating the activities of both groups. One event which did bring the two classes together for some mutual appreciation of their German study 7 was a dinner held at one of the German restaurants in Tulsa. Guests at the dinner included several Germans who live here in Tulsa. Future plans are being made to continue the film culture program and to introduce other stimulating German topics to the group. Dr. john Zaborowski served as faculty advisor for the German Club. Officers were Richard Rist, presidentg Jack Lafferty, vice-presidentg Jeff Addison, secretary: Sally Smith, treasurer, TOP ROW: Irne Evans, Annell Wattenbarger, Judy Kim McWhorter, jo Jean Craig, Ruth Bachlor, Margie Yates, Carolyn Catron, Julie Cleveland, Peggy Smith. White. BOTTOM ROW: Joan Birbilis, Terry Barnes, SECOND ROW: Mary Alice Ford, Cherie Anna Dawson, Patty Travillion. Ann Weast, Marilyn Rogers, Mrs. McKee. THIRD ROW: HOME ECON-UMICS CLUB Candy Concession in Dorm Raises Money for Home Et Club TU's Home Economics Club is a branch of the American Home Economics Association. It's thirty members are Home Economics majors or students enrolled in at least one Home Economics course. The purpose of the Home Economics Club is to allow Home Economics majors to affiliate with the organization of their profession and to let students become acquainted with the Home Economics pro- fessiou. Some of the special events sponsored by the Home Economics Club were a Christmas party and a tea given for graduating seniors. This year the out- standing speakers included several international students. Girls in the dorm also saw many advantages of having president jo Jean Craig near. Throughout the year I0 held a "Candy Concessionl' in her room selling chocolate covered cherries for the clubys major money raising project. Assisting Jo Jean in planning meetings and activites Were Carolyn Catron, vice-president 3 Julie Cleveland, secretary, Patty Travillion, treasurer. INDEPENDENT STUDENT ASSOCII-lTl0N Challenging Year Promotes Membership oi Independent Society Having a very successful year, the Independent Student Association of the University of Tulsa gave an opportunity for non-affiliated students to partici- pate in sports, campus politics, and social activities by being a part of an organized group. llembership requirements were non-afiiliation with a Greek organization and an interest in becoming more united with the independents on campus. The organization carried out many varied and interesting activities throughout the entire school year. The Independent Association's main goal was increasing TOP RONV: Sue Bayer, Terri Blanchard, Gerald M. Crim, Eric Klanderud, Charles Lynch, Ruth E. Nicolaysen, Dar- rell L. Noe. BOTTOM ROVV: Lynne R. Schaherg, Victoria membership and interest in this organization. Their main activities for the 1964-65 school year have included having engaged speakers on challenging subjects, holding fun-filled hoontenannies, celebrat' ing Christmas with a lively party, sponsoring the annual Sweetheart Dance, and finally, climaxing the year with a large spring picnic. Ending the year with such success, they are looking forward to next year with great enthusiasm and more ideas to even further stimulate the growth of the organization. Scovel, janet Settles, Mary Sheldon, james Tftz, Barbara VVylie. fx -Qi INTERNIITIDNIIL STUDENTS 0RGIINIZIITION International Exhibition Sponsored by IU Foreign Students Under the leadership of enthusiastic president Danny Ho, International Students Organization had a very active and successful year. With a mem- bership open to all students of the university, ISO helps new students from other countries become acquainted with the University of Tulsa and helps American students become acquainted with inter- national students and their countries. To promote their main goals, the group sponsors two main activities-an exhibiion in the Student Activities Ballroom of objects from the various TOP ROVV: Abdussalam Zagaar, Husain Al-lasem, An- nell VVattenbarger, Chebil Tamil, Henricus Van Veen, David Nloncrief. SECOND ROVV: Dhanvir Singh, jona- than Jetfy, Norman Pereira, Saoud II. Al-Ahhool, Mark York, Robert Torry. THIRD ROVV: Mohammed S. Khan, Vijay K. layaswal, Janice A. Brodsky, -Tell: Addison- Bnchard, Jim Cook. FOVRTH ROXV: Seddik A. Siala, Said H. Ghachem, Gustavo Larrea, David Solomon, God- countries and an international talent show. Talent acts included a "Chinese Boxingw demonstration, a Philippine Bamboo Dance presented by a former AFS student, and a lVIiddle Eastern folk dance. Throughout the year, ISO also sponsors several dances for all students. Blost successful of these was the TGFAO-Thank Goodness Finals Are Over-Dance. Assisting Danny were officers Hossein I-Iaghdi, vice-presidentg Nancy ,Io Garten, secretaryg and Norma Pereira, treasurer. freid Toussaint. FIFTH ROW: Tongdee Duangnetre, Abbas Abdullah, Fric Klanderud, Jacques Van Veen, Omar Escuariza. SIXTH ROYV: Ahmet Akcael, Hohamid Omrani, Peter Ho, Barbara Lawson, Michelle Beale, Roger lVIcSoud, Songchai Nakaparksin, Mary Sheldon, Sandor B. Kovacs. BOTTOM ROXV: Diatra Layton, Ninozka Go- mez, Pat VVait, Klan Keung Ho, Mary Frampton, Nancy jo Garten, Sara des Jardins. TOP ROYV2 Yvarren li. Garrison, Joe Pelton, jerry Adams Charles YVu lohn l,. Atherton, ul. l.arrv Martin Dennis, Rogers, VVilliaim D. Randolph, Randal Lefleri Tim llall, Veril Phillips, Jerry Roger, Michael Del Casino. M A T H C LU B BO'l"l'OM ROVV: Sue Ann jackson, Martha Roberts, Leslie Smith, Sharon Langdon, Carolyn Axton, Pam Bed- ford, Judy Morgan. Educational Service Incorporated in Campus Math Club Functioning very similarly to a service organiza- tion, the blath Club has had a very successful and quite busy year. For the second year the club spon- sored free lilath tutoring through Differential lfqu ations twice a week for students having problems -of a mathematical nature, that is. At regularly planned meetings programs planned by students on mathematical topics were presented and discussed. Veril Phillips and Dr. Kinkaid both presented talks on intriguing and unusual subjects. An active membership of about thirty members regularly attended the meetings which were held every three weeks. Later in the year, the Math Club also held its annual picnic at Skyline Park at Jenks. As usual the party was a big success enjoyed by all who attended. This years ofiicers were Veril Phillips, President, Said Ghachem, Vice President, lllartha Clark, Secretaryg and Pam Bedford, Treasurer. Dr. Garri- son served as Faculty Advisor. TOP ROXV: XVilliam Van Clieson, Terry Paul Dickey, Ron Logan, Roy Shell, jonathan Jetty, Frank Fox, Richard ll. johnson. SECOND ROVV: blames li. YVooten, Anton ll. Keyser, hlaurice Overall, Barry Solomon, justin Loiwier, Milton T. Goodwin, Tommy D. XVilson, Frank Zigrino. THIRD RONV: Nancy jean Hubbard, Ken Knarr, Jon YOUNG DEMOCRATS Young Demos Enthusiastic in Joh lflection year 1964. meant a busy fall schedule for members of the University of 'liulsa Young Demo- crats. A visit to lfuiaula Dam to see President Lyndon B. xlohnson, a meeting with Fred R. Harris as the featured speaker, and participation in the rally held when Lady Bird .lohnson came to Tulsa were all part of the campaign activities for the political-minded students. Campus Young Demos have the purpose of in- forming members and interested citizens in this area of the principles of government and of the Demo- cratic Party. 'lihey also create interest in elections Curtius, Keith M, Edwards, Ron Baxter, Richard Keating, Lanz Alsup, Kenneth Bunch, Michelle Beale. BOTTOIVI ROXV: Varol lVlcC'ord, Diane Cuenod, Nlary Ruth Nliller, lfrcida I.. Green, Mary Frampton, Jere Chieppo, Ella Jo Bowerman, Karen Mclaughlin, june YVebster, Linda Gerber. nson and Lady Bird Rallies held at all levels of government. At its meetings, the organization gives its mem- bers a chance to debate and exchange ideas. lt brings in speakers prominent in the party and the C0111- munity, who give the TU Democrats a broad over-all view of their political group. Other activi- ties include attendance at state conventions of the club in the spring and fall and election of a hliss Young Deomcrat in the spring. Oiiicers for 1964-65 were Ric johnson, presidentg 'liommy NVilson, vice-presidentg Carol hIcCortl, secretary, and Larry Strain, treasurer. Advertising And Index ffeiwg A ,ir W, I . l,,,,,,,,,..W,- f H -M .hmifwsggf M S K 5 1 Q +R V 4 .M I 1- ., . 5 4 S Tx ,N -x Fm.. 5 A x bi WH N-...w 42 ORBACH'S VARSITY SHOP FEATU RES COLE-HAAN SHOES FOR GRADUATES AND UNDERORADUATES I827 E2I RI 3-I305 W. M. HEITGRAS CO. Ottice and Warehouse I3I6 N. Osage Drive TULSA. OKLAHOMA BOLTS - NUTS - SCREWS - WASHERS - ALLOY STUDS A Complete Line ot Fasteners Specializing in Stainless Steel and Brass growing together for the future . . . TU's 1965 Graduates and Seismograph Service Corporation One ot TuIsa's expanding industries. Complete seismic exploration and interpretation services around the globe. Wireline services tor the oil industry through the Birdwell Division. Unique geophysical and electronic products through the Seiscor Division - manutacturer ot the Seiscor Voting Machine. INTERNATIONAL HEADQUARTERS 6200 EAST 4IST STREET TULSA, OKLAHOMA DKLAHUIVIA 'S PA CESE T T El? BAIVK NATI ON.-X L BAN K '1'l'LSA Setting the pace in progres- sive financing throughout the southwest is the National Bank of Tulsa! NBT's world wide reputation as a Full Service Bank has made it popular with students and faculty. Today our enthusiasm for progressive banking is still the basis of our continuing full service expansion. You will enjoy the pacesetting way we do business at NBT. 23' For the Best in Lawn Equipment Come to SPECIALISTS LEE WILLIAMS - MARGARET OLSIEN "Your Oklahoma Lawn Supply House" - AND WOMEN -- POSITIONS FOR MEN . OFFICE . . SALES IZWIIZUIEII H . TECHNICAL POWER TOOLS o EXECUTIVE I406 So. Lewis TuIsa Phones we 6-3660 and we 9-3296 LU 4'477' 2'5 Thompson BICI9' U0 ffjg .-"' I I I In p 0 0 Il, , ,.. .Q f I " ' 4 I' 'P I - III 2 4 4 41 ,., I' IM III IEIIII I X' wk . f sr , 225- ,:.-.f 'gf' 4 uuI f WW THE FIRST NATIUNAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY 'If3UB:fNIiDfZQL DEP .3 as E M 34 f ' X In . 2215! 1211311131712 S IJOVVNTOWVN' Q IJTICA SQUARE ' . HARTLESVILIJE swf W' ru: 0 Www W W IIIPPI Y COMPAII Y if WW 2 AMW wfgwl WW W M71 I w W W C0mP'imen+SO" FAST colon Pnocsssmo HIILNIOR INDUSTRIES, INC. by KODAK I I20 N. Bos+on LU 7-4I73 5-3 J' CHARLES HMM Rocufsrfn Pnom suPPLv co B. M. MORONEY J. A. HALPINE 323 S. BOSTON LU 3-7I44 SIMLERS VARSITY CENTER BOOKS-SCHOOL SUPPLIES FOUNTAIN SERVICE-LUNCH . . . Congratulations to 1965 Grads KIMBALL CHEMICAL CO., INC. TULSA, ol4tAHoMf-x Chemicals to Service Qklahoma Industry CI 5-6668 P.O. BOX 7224 8,303 Home of The WorId's 2 A'ie.4: Xi XNQ7' I X e+eee Best Hamburger CCCCC C'CC At 5th and Main IN TULSA - TRANSPORTATION MEANS 321 South Cincinnati Phone LUther 2-2261 Write for free color pamphlet on MK8.0 sight-seeing tours City Buses lVlK8tO operates the newest GlVl air-conditioned coaches on scheduled city bus routes and on intra-city charter service. Inter-City Air-conditioned coaches are available tor charter service. Beverage coolers, card tables installed on request. Limousines Brand new air-conditioned Cad- illac limousines serve the new Municipal Airport, and are avail- able for small group charter. A Good Name In Transportation ey 122 . , 90 I ' ' ehedrpa 16351 03159, .R A 8 . 5061395 3f'QZfZi4If' '21 012-be GO, Q 6' ea ft I 110' 6Z,,J.f.9g L :p 431- 0 a 0,1 Way CY' t Qe!W0f 030 I Q Off ofa . 2,68 060' lj 'Voip 6 - ' We '26 5 yn' psy ye Qgboylg 0 I . 0 be .- I' Q' 00 J' wxwbrxwbf- 'ae . lie, 112 4, f 36089.90 06 QW , A ll plot R f e . 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The news, infor- mation, and entertainment found there will prove to be an important, even necessary cog in the learning and growing process of your life. ..., MM OIL CAPITAL NEWSPAPERS "fl E f'.1'w4'ft -as -11, .- A p "O Reb! iii-551221 CI I I MMM----Mc. ,, 1535, ,,,,,. I 1 . IL Q I V, 4:15, Jr- F .X Q A if 514W-jjlgwnpr I , Q X I: ,.3 J:::l : J .iq kl LT U, M 'I' . .gf 'A , ' 51301 153352 'I .far fi 'H-M I I ll U U Lx P 7 j D 3743425 . lu ..f.,.:1,j 19, ?' Fzlyw yr i if j Qllifl , .,.,' 1.1 f Eg I-IIIINQ' nmm-Lfrlvfls Pwr- 5 , 'ff 'nn "iw: 'l'N9"' .." 'gf -,"" Fi3"S ' V. :f11il2:4Q.LmAb NEWSPAPER PRINTING CORPORATION, AGENT ' .9 0240 lljd Sf 9 gtk Ve as S8160 ooh, G , ,W My ag . lliM!ll!i!:l,yE?in. V pil ,llfll mfg! 'I f :flu Li nil! ll E!! Yggllftih ii li'iii1" FEE 5 """ "' l - 4 1 as i i 2' mlfzf-fif2:.:i 51 1' ll ll ill EH: -I ln l"l':'- ,HI ii ll i. 33- Hmmm: , iiillll 'ii-iliiitaiimn gl ' 'iwxlinwilgtiwn 333 Vg 1 1! 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OKLA. 2 74 i things gg b tt swath QW YRADE-MARKQ I run:-mnnxkg, NEON 8: PLASTIC SIGNS ull Defzlgning ORDER PHONES WE 6-0127 and "ELECTRONIC Manufacturing FOOD Boxeo TO so O Wallie Werr Company 2I6 NORTH MAIN - LU 3-9l I9 "Our 26fh Year" TU STUDENTS J P AND HI 6-6533 b fy e Class of 65 QW? A A1vvC1YsVVe1come 'I F012 f W 535 .iig WORTH iw If I 4NI::: FUR .5651 Mkst. Skelbf Drive "Pa+ Cremin and Gayle McKee fold a sheer during a day a+ Barnes Manley." 538 S. Vic+or LU 3-8I36 .'. ' Elecffw S l1pp1Y MAIN PLANT COII1pClI1Y 2002 E. I IH1 S+ree+ 52nd ANNIVERSARY RANCH ACRES 3 I 00 S. James'I'own INDEPENDENT Phone WE 6-I 133 ELECWCAL TULSA JOBBERS 1913 . . . 1965 LICENSED 52 Years of Service Exclusive Shirt Laundry Cleaning of Distinction Since 1906 To the Electrical lndustry TULSA, OKLAHOMA 277 Glencliii QUALITY CHEKD uunv roous-lc: :mm E . qggmqs wan -- 1 . ,.., . -my , ,C- ...-..,.....- - Glenclxii O I n ki C H H U Q 'M M gh J 'mise Cheer' i - I X 1 mmfw fm, .5 len 1'ii GW HDMWINERILIIH 'i'fZZ7' MILK MIL' BEST w1sHEs Say if with Flfmfm To The Say it with Omff CLASS OF 1965 PEOPLES -W ' ' r'! ir STATE BANK BETSY'S FLowEns TULSA, OKLAHOMA Member I335 S. Harvard WE 9-443i ln Q 1 A .,:,::f5 ., Service for YOU . . . convenience for YOU . . . and always a warm, friendly feeling for YOU, our customers. We're a National bank, but .ffiififfff not too big to offer a "personalized" banking service. Business or individual account, 'Q large or small, the accent's on YOU at Utica Square National Bank. L. .. CA SQUARE 5 N4 WUNAL 9 .7'-fir... In etie ,l,,u,, Y 1 AT - C, , , A , , Y ' MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION K UTICYA SQUARE N, , X NATIONAL BANK Q Q' Twenty-first and Utica Avenue TULSA, OKLAHOMA WW.. Seever, Smith Er Thornton General Insurance and Surety Bonds Phone LU 7-5 I 7I ? sa 3, Oklahoma Mid-West is Besf for: 0 New Chevrole+ 0 OK Used Cars 0 Chevrolei Paris and Serv T lu'sQ lly Che F 42Y Over one m1111or1 barrels of O11 are processed every day in BORN heaters' V 1 ---'--'1 .,.,,,.1.1. TT gg ml m . .. ,.3:i'3:f: 'Q X ST L T' Le L L A 1 E TT T U m y T T D TT, ' TT Tx ET f ' S L ' RTT 1, L I f S Th g Jr remember . . . s Hy-cl CT Jrhriflr T1 pp k Y u Can ALWAYS Do BETTER A+ Froug's! 6 bg cl p Jrmenf slrores . . . DOWNTOWN, EASTGATE NORTI-ILAND SAND SPRINGS, BROOK PLAZA, and SOUTH LAND PM SQ U33 iilf EISSJS Congrafulafions C0- Jro The FINE OFFICE Class of '65 FURNITURE N2 ZH? HARVARD JANITOR SUPPLY PHONE WE 9-9759 P.O. Box 5I86 3 I48 EasI' I I+I-I Sf. I5'rI1 and Harvard TULSA Ib' OKLA' TWO BLOCKS SOUTH OF THE CAMPUS V R' Su Qvxjvxxu A Mix BOB MCCORMACKIS 9 J " STUDIO XX WEDDINGS PORTRAITS COMMERCIALS MURALS NATURAL COLOR INDUSTRIAL PHONE LU-7-2628 I722 SOUTH BOSTON 282 to the graduates of a 'great school we wish every' success for your fu- ture in a great World .... 6yEN BANK OF TULSA omiadmen iff 0f,4 V rien J Student Activities Bldg. Petroleum Science Bldg. McClure Hall Sharp Memorial Chapel Addition to - Lottie .lane Malaee Hall Mabee Gymnasium bun' by ,nwl wana-aww A ' ' .. awiu...' 41 df: s1.?f9M TULSA RIG, REEL 81 MANUFACTURING 00. TULSA, OKLAHOMA DAN P. HOLMES and Associates WORLD WIDE INSURANCE and BONDS SERVICE NATIONAL BANK OF TULSA BUILDING BOX 2356 TULSA I, OKLAHOMA Headquar+ers for Unusual Sfyles Tomorrow's Clo+hes Today E CLOTIIIERS We 'fea+ure Nafionally Adveriised Merchandise H58 Years in Tulsa" Bostonians Lady Bostonians Gold Cup Sox 2l7 So. Main Phone LU 2-2729 T G. Granf Monfe L. lqunh The La-fesf S-fyles R berf E. Gra f Tom W. Cunnmgh Roberi' W. Traiband Ed McFarI d For -I-he College S+uden+ W"l'6'5' DE RAY ALLEN SHOES REALTORS In Ranch Acres BROKERS - COUNSELORS - APPRAISERS PROPERTY MANAGERS D1'0lP6'7'12?J' Altemnbm A w 6' if ,f f I Professional Dry.C!eanus f ' Custom Hand Fmn f Pickup E7 D4flz'1oz2ry Cold Storage 1732 So. Barton Plaomf LU 2-2197 285 THE MARK OF I TEGRITY vm ,M A Q we if 'NWX WK W zzi ff ,I EEE- - :EEE , iw Iizi zizzz AA--E Ez. A A 35 1 ,I ,.:., N? ':':' ff? if I5,:,. QE , ,,,,, AN M ,VM --::EE .. X, Mg SU, .,,:EE:EE fv l ..:E -.., , V :QE E-,. . .,:: E:: I e--- ::. i-:-:, , 1-L, ' 4 ' --zg f"::2 A "-' i' ' . R EL ET! W 'KS so -'-': S "" ' " "'::2 e5..---- ea. ' 2 ,.21:"" " NYM? V ,zzfe :':"' .::5f,V fg. Q' MZ, QI fl K 0 mx Y? ":5' Q ..:: ez' , , M N' :"' W fi , """ 4 W I WORLD'S LEADING MANUFACTURER 0F OIL WELL DRILLING TOOLS HUGHES TOOL COIVIPANYfOiI Tool Division Houston, Texas o19e4,I-IghTIcpyHgh gtdtd RIHQI1 TIC py 286 """'e O SANDY'S 7 ,0!g 5 gave ry Hamburgers . .. . I54,t French Fries ...... IZQ your year 'round Gif! headquarters SCH Drmks ' ' ' ' ' loc Iv1'IIcShIc ,..20 For lhe Gill you'lI give wilh Ioride, F. Ih S adesi h 2 Q Lei your Jeweler be your guide. Is an WIC ""' 51 Home of Keepsake Diamonds I I'I'h 8: College WE 6-5 I 73 Guaranteed Flawless Near Ihe TU Campus al II37 Soufh Harvard Ranch Acres Harvard Hills 3324 Easl' 3Is'r I5I5 N. Harvard 2I3O So. Sheridan We Give S 8- H Green Sfamps I J Congmtuleztiom to the Clem of 65 From ' 1 - -FR-ED-DNhllE-L-lr -0zL 0 FRED DANIEL, sk. 0 gi!-it WALTER EMERY NAT'L BANK or TULSA BLDG. FRED DANIEL, JR. 0 WILLIAM DANIEL TULSA, OKLAHOMA 74I03 0 ESTABLISHED I920 0 AREA CODE 9l8, PHONE LU+her 2-8206 Distinctive Letterpress Printers and Offset Litb0g1fnplJe1's Commercial Publishers Specializing in 0 OFFICE FORMS 0 ENVELOPES 0 BROCHURES 0 CATALOGS 0 ADVERTISING PIECES 0 PUBLICATIONS james K. lfmcry 301 S. FR ATQKFORT Phone LU 7-8124 ,lnmcs Emery, Jr, A Tulsa, Oklallomfl I University of 5 3 Tulsa S 5 o E. I K in FAITH Greatest Tvvosome in Gklciltomcl Collegiate Press! That's your Weekly COLLEGIAN and the resume of the year's activities, your KENDALL- ABRUM yearbook. Those who make up the publication staffs of each of these spokesmen that round out the YOU in TU, Wish every student a Wonderful year. Bead and enjoy every issue of the COLLEGIAN and you will keep informed. This year it's greater than ever, keeping up to the minute with news about you and your friends, as well as bringing into focus controversial issues of the time which affect you. The KENDALLABRUM, also promises to be better than ever this year. A bright, breezy evaluation of the entire academic year, Written by your fellow classmates in a true collegiate style. Photographs, too, will greet your eyes with pleasant recounting of familiar events. The University of Tulsa, With another FIRST for its students. The 1964-65 Kendallabrum The l964-65 Collegian Eloise Ianssen, Editor Michelle Beal, Editor Sally Smith, Assistant Editor Marsha Elkins, Assistant Editor Carolyn Mullenax, Asst. Editor Glenn Law, Assistant Editor Steve Kimball, Business Manager Richard Landon, Asst. Business Manager 288 Hospi+ali+y and Good Food Around The Clock 9 A 0 I U 1 F Slnce I nd - f5f I9l3 TULSA F 5l2 SO. MAIN DANNER'S CAFETERIA l954 U+ica Square TULSA, OKLAHOMA "A perfect place fo dine, have a party, or hold a meeting"-Call Rl 2-8781 for reservations COMPLIMENTS of d Friend to the Decoredions for Parfies. Floafs, Houses and Office Crepe Paper-Palm Trees Corruga+ed Paper-Grass Maffs Floched Paper-Color Wheels CLASS OF '65 Af POQUGS 2635 E. llih WE 9-0897 This Book Was Printed and Bound by BENSON PRINTING COMPANY Nashville. Tennessee 0 ,!,?,Sg5!!,9 ahve ! .,?wS..c0m Pelisi generation! RQ A Abdullah, Abbas, 69, 260 Abel, Sara, 69 Abney, Ben, 69 Adama, Foster, 219 Adams, Jerry Kenneth, 61, 229, 261 Adderton, Cathee, 83, 93, 102 Addison, Conall E., 61 Addison, Jeff M., 69 Ader, E. B., 46 Admire, Davicl, 254 AFROTC CORP, 246 AFROTC DRILL TEAM, 247 Agent. Dan, 76 Aguilar, Ted Amald, 83, 121 Ahcael, Ahmet E., 58 Ahrens, Ben, 46 Ahrens, Clare, 83, 93, 102 Ainsworth. Diane, 76, 101 AIR FORCE ROTC, 244 Al-Abhool, Saoud H,, 260 Albert, Jr., E, R., 24- Alhin. Judy 229 Aldridge. Mary. 69, 93. 110, 206 Alem, Mohamed A.. 76 Al-Tanabi, Abid Ali H., 69 Al-Jasem, Husain, 260 Allan, Don, 69, 216, 254 Allen, Fred, 83, 117 Allen, Jeanie, 83, 101 Allen, Jordee, 69, 109 Allen, Karen. 61, 93, 228 Allen, K. Mike, 69 Allen, Ken, 117 Allen, Willis, 83, 126 Alloway, ALPHA Tony. 83. 121. 239 EPSILON RHO, 212 ALPHA KAPPA DELTA, 194 ALPHA KAPPA PSI, 213 ALPHA PHI OMEGA, 249 ALPHA TAU OMEGA, 116 STUDENT and ORGANIZATION INDEX B Babb, Larry, 76 Babcock, Mike, 121 Bachlor, Ruth M., 61, 258 Bacon, Linda Johnson, 83 Bahh, Larry, 251 Bahos, Charles, 61 Baile, Merrilee, 197, 235 Bailey, James T. Jr., 83, 95, 208 Bailey, Marcie, 103 Baker, Bob, 182, 184, 203, 216 Baker, Jim, 76 Baker, Jimmy, 69 Bales, C. F., 26 Balke, Thomas Edward, 61 Ballard, John D., 61 Bamburg, Cathy, 83. 9'3, 102 BAND, 239 Bandy, Dale, 76, 98 Banks, Burte, 248 Banks, Neal, 121 Barbara, John. 219, 244 Barber. Tom L., 61, 213 Barcholts. Mrs. Hortense. 195 Barclay, Harriett, 46, 199, 231 Barker, Mike, 185 Barkley, Kenneth, 69 Barnes, Marjorie, 195 Bames, Terry, 83, 102, 256, 258 Bamett, Larry, 289 Barnett, Linda, 69, 105, 198 Barr, Sara, 61 B arrett , Lynne S., 69, 93 Barrick Tcnl 2 Beeler, Joseph, 59 Begin, Linda, 76, 109, 114 Bell, John, 83, 97, 117 Bell, Pam, 69, 93, 105, 114, 141, 184, 232 Bender, Barbara, 76, 196, 178 Bender, Tom, 155 Bendt, David, 69, 125 Benjawan, Tawat, 58 Bennett, Vicki, 83 Benson, Bob, 76 Benton, Gary, 83, 97, 215, 254 Bereolos, Phyllis, 76, 198, 232 Berke, Larry M., 61 Bcrkinshaw, David Bruce, 83, 98, 122 Berner, Ronnie, 83, 98, 118 Berry, Marcia, 186 ' Berry, Tom, 76, 121 Berry, Wayne, 163 Bethea, Lee, 59, 61, 93 Bethel, John, 205 Bettenhausen, Roy R., 8, 69, 97, 215 Billen, Gary, 159 Bilyeu, Dennis, 69 Bilyeu, Ronald, 238 Birbilis, Joan, 61, 93, 205, 258 Birch, Gloria, 83, 102, 135, 235 Bird, Jim, 76, 97, 227, 235, 239 Birtcil, Jan, 121 Bishara, Jeries, 83 Bishop, Wanda, 206 Blackmore, Florence, 46, 166 Blackwood, Robert Lee, 59 Alsup, Lanz, 262 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, 248 Ambrister, Jack, 69, 129, 205 AMERCIAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 214 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICS AND ASTRONAUTICS, 215 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS, 216 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF MINING AND METALLURGICAL ENGINEERING, 220 AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION, 217 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS, 218 Ammon, Susan, 76, 93, 102, 114, 229 Anderson , Anita, 76 Anderson, Billy, 148, 149 Anderson, Daniel Lon, 61, 213 Anderson, Douglas, 69, 117 Anderson, Erin D., 83 Anderson, Jack, 69 Anderson Anderson Andrew, A NGE L Karen L. 69, 196 1Nar1cy,83,9'3, 106, 114 Virginia, 61, 195, 204 FLIGHT, 250 Antezana, Frank, 69, 121, 167 Antezana, Guido F., 61, 121 Appleby, Arminio, I-I, P., 69, 125 Tom, 83, 97 Armstrong, Ken. 76, 122 Arnn, Gwen, 76, 93, 101, 197, 198 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY, 219, 244 Arnold, Charles Anthony, 61, 121 ART STUDENTS LEAGUE, 251 Arvelo, Nicliolas, 61, 218 Ashery, Ayrum, 251 Ashton, H. I., 59 Atchison, Richard C., 76, 122 Atha, D. E., 46, 167 Atherton, John L., 69, 238, 261 Atkins, Mrs. Esther, 195, 207 Atkinson, Judith Lynn, 83, 93 Atwater, Sue, 83, 93 Atwood, Odell, 76 Ault, James T. III, 61, 228 Averill, Dave, 76, 118 Axtell, W. G., 121 Anon, Carolyn, 69, 101, 196, 206, 261 Axton, Marilyn, 61, 101, 251 , y, 16.8 . 83,121 Barrows, Harold W., 46, 231 Bartels, Jack, 121, 141 Bartlett, David, 238, 239 Bartley, Larry, 121, 251 Barton, C. K., 46, 218 BASEBALL TEAM, 163 BASKETBALL TEAM, 154 BASKETBALL TEAMAfFRESHMAN, 159 Bass, Ken, 76, 126 Baston, Kathy, 83 Bathos, Charles, 202 Batounis, Virginia, 76 Baxter, Gary, 83 Baxter, Ron, 76, 118, 262 Bayer, Sue, 83, 93, 259 Beale, Michelle, 69, 184, 188, 206, 223, 224, 236, 242, 250, 262 Bealmear, June, 61, 212, 223, 239, 257 Beard, Mike, 83, 126 Beattie, Anna Faye, 83 Beaubein, Larry, 121 Bedford, Pam, 196, 206. 261 Blair, A. P., 46, 204 Blair, Judith, 83, 93 Blair, Philip, 247 Blaisdell, Diane, 15, 76, 102, 103, 256 Blanchar, Terri, 69, 93, 259 Bleakley, Bruce A., 76, 219, 239 Blenkarn, Douglas W., 61 Bliss, Sally, 83, 105 Blocke, Jeanne, 76 Blocker, Sandra, 83 Bloomfield, Bob, 83, 126 Blough, P. K., 46 Blunk, Richaid, 76, 126 Blythe, David, 238 BOARD OF TRUSTEES, 24, 25 Bochard, Jeff, 257, 260 Bode, John, 83 Bode, Sharon Len, 69 Bodine, Micheil, 233, 239 Bodine, Tim, 83, 125 Bodley, Kay 251 Boillnt, Phil, 69 145, 198, 250, I . Balch, Vililliam H.. 69 Bolton, Bahs, 69, 93. 232 Boone, Byron V., 24 Borden, Nlrs. Eunice, 113 Borland, Catherine, 83, 101 Borochofi, Diane Lynn, 61 Boswell. Pamela Scott, 60. 61, 110, 182, 183 188. 199. 207, 232, 255 Bct':in, Ernie, 240 Boucher. Jeff, 207 Bovaird. D. D., 24 Bowen, Lynda, 61, 110 Bowerman, Blla jo, 61, 109, 256, 262 Bowerman, lion, 69, 97 Bowlin, Wfillie, 61. 118. 223 22' Boyd. Dave. 121. 239 Boyer. Larry A., 83. 126 Bradford. Dennis, 83. 125, 247 Bradley, R. I.. 46, 225 Bradshaw, Anita, 75 Brady, Doug. 76 Brannon, Calvin I'I., 61 Brasier. Pat. 83, 93. 229 Bray. Jane. 83, 93. 113, 232 Brazeal. lVlarv1n. 69 Breeding, Barhara, 61. 93, 256 Breeding, Mary, 69. 93, 101, 206 Breitenstein, Bob, 148 Brcuninger, Barbara, 83, 93 Brice. Andrew C.. 61 Brice. John XV., 24 Bridges. Nonda Dean, 61, 229 Biggs. Dean Robert. 35 Briggs, Tom. 76, 126. 222, 238, 239, 240 , --, Brown, Tamerlane. 69. 113, 206, 226 Brownstein. Les. 76, 97 Bruce, Sheri Raye, 61 Bruestlc, Beaumont, 46, 142, 231 Brumclle, Belya, 83, 230, 239 Brumley. Gary. 83, 118 Bmskotrcr. Tom. 69 Bruton. Randy, 83. 122, 123 Bryant. Calvin, 69 Bryant, Sally, 76 Bryden. jim, 76 Buck, Paul. 46. 204 Bumpus, Robert. 76 Bunch, Kenneth. 61, 262 Buoniconti, Bch, 148 Burch. Iiohert L.. 61 Burchan, Sid, 159 Burgess, Don, 239 Burgess, Nancy, 83. 93 Bu ke. Mike. 69, 125 Burnett. Boh, 76 Burnctt, Cheryl. 83 Burnett, jan. 69. 93, 101. 197. 206 Buznett Burris. Linda. 205 Llimniy L. , 76 Burt. Lynna. 142. 143. 206, 231 Bush. Ronald. 83. 97, 117 BUSINESS SCI-IOOL, 32 BUSINESS WOMEN'S CLUB. 232 Buthod lVlary Margaret, 61, 113, 206 Buthod. Paul. 46. 216 Burhod, Hohet E. 83, 122 Butler. lflizalweth Ann. 61 Butzhach. Torn. 84, 97 Briggs, Truman Brinkley, Paula, M., 247 76, 93, 110, 177 Brinkman, Max, 214 Bristow, George Il., 69 Broach, Bruce, 83 Broach. Roland B., 247 Broadd, Paula, 46. 212, 231 Brock, Martha, 76, 239 Bzodsky, Janice Anne, 61, 260 Brogdon, Cheryl, 61, 93, 185, 223 Brokaw. Glenn, 184 Brooke. David R., 61 Brooke. Francy, 76 Brooks. Constanfc. 195 Brooks. Joe. 148 Broome, Judith. 83 Brophy. Steve, 76 Br-othertcn, Vida, 46 Brown, Betty, 83 Brown. Charlie. 148 Brown. Dale. 76. 121, 240 Brown. Ianiece. 83, 101 Brown. Kathy, 83, 93, 106 Brown. Brown Brown, 1 Nlarrlyne, 76, 93, 238, 239 Paul, 46 Mrs. S. A., 121 Byrd, Bob, 84. 115 Byrne, Denny, 69, 121 C Cadcnhcad. I. If.. 46. 202 Cairns. T. XV.. 46 Caldwell. Mrs. Clare. 195. 204 Caldwell. Mary Ann. 186. 250 Caldwell, Steve. 84, 129 Callands, Herman. 155, 156 Calvert, Darryl E., 61 Campbell, Connie. 84, 105 Campbell, Io. 76. 93 Carnphell. Shirley. 84. 232 Campbell. Dr. NVill1am R., 207 Canslei. Susan. 77 Cardona, Anne Marie. 61 Carey, jack 62, 126 Carlin, Charles A.. 77 Carnagey. joy. 77, 105, 198 Carother. Nlichael. 249 Carpenter, Arthur F.. 69. 118 Carpenter. Burtis VV.. Jr.. 62, 215 Carr. ,lulian L.. 84 235, 257 Carter. Dean I-I. N., 26, 46, 114, 182, 184 Cartwright, Vandelia, 84 Caruthers, James Michael, 84 Case. lVlary, 77 Casa, Linda. A., 77 Catren. Sandra. 844 Catron, Carolyn, 77, 106, 235, 250, Caudle, Joe, 238 Chandler. Burke. 84 CHAPEL CHOIR, 243 Chapin, Charles E.. 46 Chapman. Bill C., 69, 125, 163 Chapman, Connie, 84. 110, 114 Chairlesworth. Betty, S9 Chauncey, Dave, 77, 125 Cherry. Stott. 84, 125 Cheshir, Ia-w, 121 Chichestev Bill, 209' CHI OMEGA, 100 Chieppo, Ierrc Io, 84. 262 Childers. Nancy, 69 ChilJ.ess, George, 84 Choateau, Jess, 26, 182, 184 Christ. Nannette, 69. 93. 239 Chu. Kok Ming, 62 Churchill, Bill. 84 Crnofca. Iames. 202 CIRCLE K. 253 Clancy, Kathy, 84, 93. 113, 235 Clanrrin. Susan, 251 Clark. Carol. 62 Clark. VVendel1, 160. 203. 205 Clarke. Martha. 77, 110. 134, 214 Clawson, John. 84, 125 Claxton. Dwight. 148 Cleveland, Julie C.. 77. 93, 105, 258 Clinkenheard, Richard Nl., 247 Cloydc. David, 77 Cl1.1f1, Frederik WI., 69. 97 Cohran. Dixie. 15. 75, 77, 110, 250 Cohran. Wloody, 47. 251 Cunningham. Lauis. 47 Cohran, 1VlelaniL- Jo, 33. 62, 93, 101, 258 232, 2 Cochrane, Bill. 239 Coday. lf. J., 69 Cody, Roy. 69 C081-lt, XX'ayne, 58, 114, 122 Coffey, Jan. Coffman. T 238. 239 om. 121 Cogdrll, Ron. 69, 184, 253, 254 Cohen, Norma. 238 Cohen, Ruhin. 238 Cohoon, Ruth. 62. 109, 114, 182, 183, 184 Cole, Chris. 84, 126 Cole, Ralph. 77 Coleman. Henry, 240 Coleman. john. 84, 118 Coleman. R ay 69, 122 COLLEGIAN. 237 Collins. Linda, 84, 93, 230, 239 Collins, Sharon, 69, 206, 226 Combs, Bill. 62. 122 Comhs, Paul, 77, 155 Comhs. Peggy, 69, 105, 239 Comstock. Guy S., 212, 239 Connelly, Mike. 84 Connelly, Wlilliam M., 247 conwui. Jah.. W., 62, 213, 222, 235, 239 Cook, Boh, Cook, jim, 09 70, 260 Cook. Judy. 84 Cook. Karen. 84 v Cook. Naric Cookingham , Louise, 62, 229 , YVendy, 229 Cool'ncll, Xvaneta, 59 Cooper, Casey. 121 Cooper. Kent, 214, 215 Cooper. Lynda, 84, 93. 243 Corarito, Greg, 70. 212. 239 Corley. R. Ray, 62 Cozmley, Mike, 118 Cornman. Bill, 62, 126. 163 Corr, Dennis. 148, 149 Coulter. Mike, 244 y COLINCII. ON R1i1.IGIOUS LIFIZ, 252 Cousins. joseph S., 247 Cousins. Ray, 84, 118, 255 Cowglll, ilody. 70. 93. 105 Cox. Bolo. 239 Cox. Diane .62,101, 204, 205 Cox, Rolvert. W., 77, 97, 122, 222 tjrrx, Wfiley, 29, so, sz, 182, 153, 184, 185, 201 201, 204, 209, 216 Coyle, Forrest, 207 Craig. ,lo Jean. 77.93. 110. 198. 258 Cran'e1 . Da ve. 84. 118 Cravens. Fran. 240 Cravens. Mary Ann, 84. 93. 110. 140. 166, 176 4 Crawford. .1 Crt-el, Dan Crt-min. Pa rm. 77, 1-9 iel Thomas, 62 r, 70. 224, 226 Ersoy,. Dornir, 220 Crirn, Gerald Nl., 77, 259 Crim. Geraldine. 84 Crinkelmeyer, Ollie, 77, 126 Critch6eld, Robert H., 59 Ciires, William, Dean, 59 Croisanr, Bill. 84, 97, 125 Crouch, Susanne Marie. 84 Crump, Manning L., 70. 213 Luenod, Diane. 228, 262 Cuffono, Dr,, 255 Cullinan, Mary, 77, 106. 256 Cummings, Lary, 214. 253 Cunningham. Bruce. 84 Cunningham. Cameron. 84 Cunningham. Suzanne, 62. 110 Curby, Pattie, 70, 93, 101, 206 Curfman, Ed, 84 Curingtori, Robert. 77, 215. Current, David 70 Currid, Ray. 84, 98. 126 Curtis, Donald R.. 70 Curtis, Sandi. 103, 251 Curtus, jon, 77, 262 D Dabney. Jim, 84, 126 Dabney, Marviri. 77 Dailey, Dwight, 47 Daily, Dio Ln, 62, 114, 125, 'i 54 184 Dailis, Katie, 84, 93, 230, 2313, 239 Dains, Robert Bruce, 70, 122, 222, Dalrymple, Conald, 214 Daly. David Gerard, 134, 223 Darland, M., 195 Darnell, Stephanie, 70, 228 238. 239 Eu-ert. Daubert, Jean Ann, 84 Daubney, Candy, 84 Daugherty, Bill, 62 Daugherty, Bob, 148, 149. 161, 164 David, Eddie, 84 Davidson. Ken. 77, 121, 235, 255 Davidson, Robert. 70. 125 Davis Andrew C.. 62 Davis Barbara Batten. 70, 93, 105 Davis, Glenal, 77 Davis, John, 77, 114, 118, 163, 255 Davis Ken, 77, 118 Davis, LaVonne, 62, 188, 204, 226, 240 Faust. Sharon. 85. 95, 109. 144 Davis Davis Davis lVIelany, 166 Paul, 114. 121, 140 .Wfavne A.. 70. 215 Dawson, Cherie Ann, 84, 258 Dawson, Daniel, 77 Dawson, Deloris, 84, 102 Dawson, Ray. 214, 254 Day, Flora Dean. 62, 70 Day, Wlilliam, 4-7 Dc-ak, Dianne, 84, 93 Dean. Judy, 62, 93, 101, 199 Dean, Patricia, 84 Deax, John, 254 Decov, Kenneth, 208 DeFig11, Marjorie, 47 De Garmo, Charlotte, 62, 93, 110, 223 Del Casi Dellegar no, Michael, 62, 196, 261 rry, 215, 254 . La DELTA DELTA DELTA, 103 DELTA GAMMA. 104 DELTA SIGMA PI, 221 Demaree, Gene, 155 Deming, Jeanne. 84 Densmore, Sam L., 62, 213 Denton. Suzanne. 84, 93. 102 Desiardins, Mrs. Louis. 205 Derherage, jon. 77, 118 Devine, Anne, 84, 106 Devlin, Kathy, 205 Devonshire, I., N., 214 Dt-we1.,1ane. 62. 93. 101 Dial, Terry. 98 Dicken, Larry, 208 Dickerson, Jean, 84, 93. 229 Dickey, Terry P., 70, 97, 240, Dickey, Parke, E7 D1ll. Gary XV.. 247 Dill, James Scott. 62. 129 Dillard, Shermitn, 155 Dixon, Erie, 70 Dobbs, Coach Glen, 23, 26 262 Dobbs,G1enI11, 148. 149. 151. 163 Dodd. Karen, 84 Dodd. Travis C, jr., 77 Doherty, Linda, 77 Dolph, Beverly. 62 Dolph,,1immy R., 62, 188, 220. 225, 254 Dorchak, Wayrie A., 77 Dove, Pam. 84 Dover. Beverly, 229 Dow, Jerry Paul, 62. 215, 252, 254 Downing. Ruth. 238 Doyle. Fred tl. ,1r..84, -3l, 239 Doyle, Gary. 142 Draheim, Lloyd. 238. 239 Drain, Gary, 70 Drarz, P., 47 Diose, Margo. 84 Duangnetre, Tongdee. 58, 260 Ducummon, jeff, 84 Dugan, Randall, 84, 98 Dukes, Eddie, 148, 149 l511mit, Edward. 47, 212, 231. 239 Dunagan. Deanna, 84 Dunagan. Sidney G.. 62, 114. 115, 125, 186 201, 202, 203, 204, 209 D11nn, John, 84-, 143, 247 Dupuy. Arthur, 84, 97 Dupy, Donna. 240 Durkee, John. 84 Diirkin, jack. 62 Dutton. Diana. 77 Dutton, Janie, 70. 110, 226. 240 Duvall, Phil, 161 Dyer, Dyann. 77, 93, 102, 198 Dyer. ,Iohn 62. 118, 218 Dykes, Sandra. 84 E Earp. Slierry L., 70, 243 Easter, Betty. 84. 110 Epplei , Mite, 159 Escauriza, Omar, 220. 260 Escojido, David. 77, 2-0 Estes. 4 Virginia Lee, 70 Etter. Anita Louise. 85, Q3 Evans. Anna lVIarv, 85. 93 Evans, Ireen. 62, 101. 258 Evans. jack. 47 Evans. ,I. F.. 47 Evar1s.1udy10.62. 93. 113 Evans. Sandv, 84. 93 EVENING DIVISION. 3 Everett. Wifiidell. 62. 117, john. 77. 129 EXECUTIVE CIUI3. 255 F Farley, ,lainr-s, 239 .230 9 213 FASHION ADBISORY BOARD, 256 Faulk. joan, 62 Farrell, Toni, 114 Easter. Jerry, 77 Eaton. .1 ames. 2 38 Ebnolnassir, Moiteza. 58 Izby. VU1ll1am I., 70. 122. 238. 239 Economos. Dino. 77. 223, 239 Edmons. lfdris. D lVl:11s11. 84. 93 avid lvlichael, 58. 239 Edscorn. Riwlfeit. 77. 97. 122. 249 Edwards. I31'n1a1n1n I3., 62 Edwards, Clyde R.. 77 Edwards, Cu I. 77 Edwards. Keith, 77. 251, 262 Elder. David I... 62. 223. 227 lilder. 11111. 84 Elfvengren, I"I1rb. 84. 97 Elkin. Lloyd lVl.. 214. 254 Elkins, Marsha. 84, 223, 235, 237 Elliot. Don. 238 Elliott. Linda. 85. 105. 251 Elliott. Maw Louise. 77 Ellis. Boh. 70 Ellis, lVl1L'11nel ff., 70. 196. 208. 214 '54 Elmore. Ver non. 70 Elser. Kathy. 85. 93 Emerson. Ch:-iles. 77 ENGINEERS CLU13. 254 Engle. jean. 62. 93. 113 Ensminger. Barhie, 85. 93, 106 Epperson. Floyd D.. 215. 244 Eppler. Angela. 114, 184, 199 Feagin. Don. 62. 126. 182,183,184 Featherston, C. IVI.. 63, 208 Fedorko,I'5o11, 154. 155 Feemster, Mike. 77, 97 Fekih. Miistopha. 77 Feldman. Nancy, 47. 228 Fenn, Duane. A., 77, 125 Ferguson, Wayne. 85, 239 Ferheau E, F., 47 Fikel. Nancy, 85 Finilf. Tessie. 63. 216 Fisher. Edward. 77. 197 Fisher. llanics E. III. 63 Fisher, john, 77. 121 Fisher, Judy, 77, 109 Fisher, lV1ar,' Lou. 85 Fisher. lN1ax. 248 Fitzpe ald. Yludv. 63. 110 1. Flgtixvnirig. Phil. 161 Fletchrr. lfddie. 148. 1-14, I 163 Fletcher. llita Kay. 63, 109 Flinckingel. Gaila. 77. 101, 1-.7 Flint. Lhailes Vx. 11.. 24 Flippn. C11-time. 77. 125 FOOTI3AI.L-FRIISI-I1VlAN. 158 Foid. llaibara, 70 Ford, 13011111 65. 113. 114. 184. 229. 235 Ford. Dudley. 85. 118 Ford. lhlaiy Alice. 70. 258 Forfhand. Sandia. 198 Fornell. 13615. 77 For.yrh. 13111. 239 Foster. Kay, 194 FGX. F1ank,63.182. 183. 184.188,101 1 -0l. 203. 209. 254. 262 Fox. Fred. 243 Foyil. Kenneth Nl.. 11.. 85 F.a1r. Lirsrer C, Ii., 63. 219 Frakes. l'3er11ie. 63 Frampton. Mary G .. 63. 200. 228. 262 Gustavo, Larrea A., 70 Gustine, Jim, 78, 121, 129 Gustinson. Steven R.. 85, 97 Gwin, Frank, 70, 213 Gwinn, Mrs. Grace, 97 H Haas, JeH, 71, 121 Haas, Vic, 85. 93, 102 Hacathorn, Bill, 48 Hackworth, Harold, 48 Hagar, John, 85, 126 Hagemann, Robert G., 78, 121 Frank, Donald J., 70, 125, 114 Franklin, Floyd, 77 Fransein, James, 59, 63 Frazier, Phil, 59 Fredricks, Ric, 77, 122 Fredricks on, Donna, 77, 93, 113, 232, 235 Freeland, Laura lee, 63, 93, 106 Freeman, Freexnan Freeman Freeman , F reerkese Clara, 63 Ernest, 70, 118 Margaret, 77, 101 Steve, 121 n, Gary, 77, 219, 247 Freeze, Stephen, 815, 125 French, Margaret Ann, 85, 101 Frieze, Violet, 257 Fry, Car F uhrman ol Lynn, 63, 93, 142, 199 212 , Simma Rae, 240 y Fulcher, Kaye, 77, 110 Fuller, Tony, 85, 97, 121 Furlow, Vern, 155 G Gage, Harold D., 70 Gaines, Edie Kramer, 238 Gaines, James, 238 Gallahar, Dewey, 161 Gallimote, Dale, 70, 125 Gallup, Mary Jane, 63, 93, 110, 184, 205 Galoostian, J. A., 58 93, 106, 198 231, 239 Ganem, Joe, 85 Gannon, Richard, 70, 121, 213, 255 Garbacz, Gary, 70 Garcia, Pilar, 85, 142, 239 Gardner, Dorothy, 70, 71, 93, 106, 176, 177 Gardner, F. T., 47 Gardner, Richard, 70, 125 Garrett, Rosemarie, 197, 206 Garrigus, Carolyn, 63 Garrison, Melanie, 77 Garrison, Warien, 47, 196, 261 Garten, Nancy Jo, 70, 93, 252, 260 Gasaway, Gcoigann, 47 Gass, Wayne, 251 Gates, Areta, 63, 93, 105 Geary, Tim, 63 Gemmill, D., 48 George, Boyd, 85, 117, 161 George, Lloyd, 85, 117 Geore, Mike, 85, 126 Gerber, Linda, 77, 262 Gerber, Paul H., 70 GERMAN CLUB, 257 Gessel, Bob, 8'5, 97, 122 Ghachem, Said H., 216, 260 Ghostbear, Gherrie, 85 Giacobbe, George, 238 Gibble, Edward E., 58, 222 Gibbons, Michael Dennis, 63, 148, 149, Gideon, Dorothy, 48 Gildersleeve, Blen, 214 Gillespie, John Mecuin, 63 Gilmer, Jim, 85, 126 Gilmore, Barry, 191 Gilmore, Melinda, 77, 109, 166 2 37 Gilstrap, Cecile, 77 Gladd, John, 59 Gladson, Anita, 70 Glass, Edward, 207 Glass, John, 214 Glass, Sue, 85, 93, 110, 114, 235 Gleckler, Roger, 85 Glenn, Margo, 77, Glenn, Mary B., 70, 105 Glover, Merrell, 70, 110 Gochenaur, Joseph, 184 Godden, Pat, 199 93, 106, 198, 230, 238, 239 Hager, Frannie, 78, 93, 105 Hager, W., 48 Halcomb, Virgil Leon, 63, 218, Hall, David, 85, 239 Hall, Tim, 85, 97, 122, 261 Hallett, Bill, 86 1-iaiium, Dale, ss Hamby, Rick, 86 Hamlin, Robert F., 58, 228 Hamm, Earl, 70, 121 Hammer, James, 207 Hammick, Larry, 70, 122 Hammond, Jullan, 154, 155 216 Handa, Satish, Haney, Roger, 7C Hanis, Robert Joseph, 63, 121, 163 Hannch, Jane, 78 1-lansen, Claudia, 86, 93, 106 Hansford, Joe, Hanson, Carol, 220, 225 78, 197, 239 Hanson, Michael, 121 Haralson, Mrs., 117 Harbers, Eileen, 70, 93, 226 Hardt, Charles, 148, 149, 163 Hargrove, Dean M. M., 32 Haring, Jean, 235 Harkreader, Gary, 78, 129 Harlin, Karen, 78, 198, 214, 254 Harmon, Edward W., 78 Harnden, Donald De Witt, 63 Hamish, Jerry, 70, 219 254 Goding, Roger Jr., 78, 125, 167 Goerman, David Lee, 78, 125 Gomez, German, 63 Harrel, Harrell, Harris, Mrs. Don, 129 Bill, 70 Barbara Ann, 86 Harris, David O., 59 Gomez, Nelly, 78, 260 Gonzalez, Eric A., 70, 122 Harris, Nancy, 86, 93, 106 Goodel, Judy, 85, 106 Gooden, Lynette, 232 Goods, Bill, 148 Goodson, Gloria, 85, 113 Goodwin, Milton T., 262 Gordon, Mike, 223, 227 Gorecki, Joe, 184, 219, 244 Gould, Mary Jo, 78, 93, 110, 255 Gould, Steve, 238 Gowans, Margaret, 70, 101, 178, 206, 232 Harris, Olivia, 78, 93 Harris, Tom, 86 Harrison, Jane, 71 Harrison, Rebecca, 71, 93, 223, 224 Hartman, John, 78, 125 Hartman, R. D., 48, 208 Hartness, Donna, 78, 93 Harvey, Michael, 59 Hatcher, Glenn, 68, 71, 114, 222 Hathcoat, Sandye, 63, 105, 184, Graber, P. J., 48 GRADUATE SCHOOL, 40 Grady, Patty, 815, 109, 114, 115 Graham, Jim, 70 Hathcock, Gerry, 63, 109, 114 Haug, Dave, 121 Hausen, Carol, 71, 93 Hausen, Wayne, 86, 97 186, 199, 204 Graham, Lawrence L., 48, 231 Graham, Roy, 214 Granger, Alan D., 85, 97 Grant, Melissa, 85, 93, 101 Graves, Mike, 78, 117 Graves, Ray, 48 1-Iawisa, Ibrahim S., 58 Gray, Bob, 97 Gray, Gary E. 63, 125 Gray, Kathryn, 70, 93, 101 Hawkins, Charlcs Q., 63, 126 Hawkins, Gary, 86 l'1awley, P. F., 208 Hayden, Dean Donald E., 31, 48 Hayden, Donald E. Jr., 78, 98 Hayden, Elizabeth Ann, 63, 93, 101, 186, 204 Hayes, John, 26 Haynes, Jolene Joy, 63 Haynes, Judi, 78 Gray, Robert E., 85 Green, Billy, 70 Green, Freida L., 85, 93, 262 G een, Jani, 815 G1een,Linda, 35.93, 110,256 Green, Linda, 76, 78, 93, 191, 198, 250 Green Grego ing, Skip, 132, 161 ry, Dwain, 240 Gregory, Larry D., 63, 208, 254 Hays, Bill, 26, 48, 248 Hays, James R. 59 Hays, Pat, 207 Heard, Susan, 71, Hearne, Larry, 71, Hedley, John, 202 Heflin, Nancy, 78, Heinze, Harold C., ,118 105, 114, 115, 179, 184, 251 121 58, 249 Gresham, Ollie, 248 Elva Jeannie, 85, 93, 109, 232 Richard, 238 Grieve, G irtin, Griflith, Joan, 70 Grigor, Roger, 85, 126 Grimm, Joe, 121 Grincr, Jim R., 78 Gripado, Carlos, 154, 155 G1i.ham, Jim, 63, 251 Gross, Charles, 63, 118 Grossman, Becky, 85 Grubb, Leland Julia, 63, 93, 101, 228 Guerrero, E. T., 48 Gurses, Bumin, 220 Heller, Shirley H., 63 Hellinghausen, Lou Ann, 78, 93, 105 Helton, Hal, 78, 97 Henderson, Delores, 63 Henderson, Linda, 194 Hendezson, R. W., 48 Hendon, Jana, 194, 228, 252 Hendricks, Richard M., 63 Henneke, Dr. Ben, 22, 23, 24, 184 Henrichs, Vicki, 71, 113, 114, 115 Hemy, Jane, 86, 93 Henry, Kenny, B6 Hensley, Freddie J., 71, 254 Heiisley, Linda, 86, 256 Hensley, Richard Calvin, 63, 215 Henson, James H., 78 Henzel, Margie, 198 Herald, John, 71 Herman, Paul Carl Jr., 63, 97, 184, 249 Hernandez, Prank, 239 Herriman, Judith, 64, 93, 229 Herriman, Laura Jane, 86, 109 Herring, Clay B., 195 Herr, Charlene, 86 Hibbard, Wayne, 86 Hickerson, Jim, 71, 129, 222, 238, 239 Hickok, Shardell 86, 251 Hicks, Cordova, 247 Hicks, Scott, 204 Hieronymus, Mary Frantz, 64, 110, 257 Highland, Carol, 86, 93, 102, 239 Hill, Charles, 238 Hill, Larry, 228 Hill, Lynne, 78 Hill, Hill, Ri Peggy, 71 Chard, 71, 126 Hille, Mary Ann, 202 Hinshaw, Keith, 86, 97 Jones Hipsher, Warren, 26, 184 Hirst, Margaret, 86 Ho, Hin-Ming, 86, 97 Ho, Man Keung, 64, 260 Hobson, Barbara Louise, 64, 93, 109, 229 Hobson, R. L., 48 Hoch, Jim, 86, 97 Hockenson, Jon, 64, 126 Hodges, Diane, 86, 101, 191 Hodlsworth, John, 167 Hoffman, JoAnne, 78, 113, 198, 232 Hoflirl-1,Don, 71, 121. 200 Hogan, Paul, 71, 117 Hoggatt, Vicki, 71, 198, 239 Hogue, Alexandre, 49 Hogue, Olivia, 143, 198, 251 Hogue, Sondra, 78, 239 Holberr, Holly, 182, 184, 235 Holland, Dinah, 78, 106 Holland, Judy, 86, 93, 102 Holland, Peggy, 71 Holleman, P., 64 Hollingsworth, Theresa, 64, 113, 182, 184, 19-9, 226, 238 1-10110way, Kitty, 64, 93, 101, 182, 184, 185, 199, 204 Holloway, Dean XV. V., 26. 40. 49 Holmberg, Steve, 14, 71, 114, 125, 182, 183, 184, 189, 191, 213. 255 Holmes, Holmes , Holmes Holmes, Dan P., Mrs. Dan P., 248 E. Leslie, 71 Jean Ann, 71, 93, 102, 225 Holmes, Julie, 64, 110, 141, 185,225 Holt, Tom W., 200, 202, 253 Holtz, Lloyd, 207 Homan, Marti, 78, 105, 198, 240 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB, 258 Hooks, Shirley, 78, 93, 252 Hopper, Clifford E., 59, 213 Horn, Al, 86 Horn, Arthur G., 167 Horn, Gary, 86 Horton, Ronald W., 58 Houser, Harmon, 247 Hovelman, Susan, 86 Howard, Edward M.. 49 Howard. Phil, 78, 126 Howard, Sandy, 86, 93, 105 Howard, Thomas Richard, 64, 71, 200 Howe, Arthur LeRoy, 64, 247 Howell, P. L., 49 Howlett, Stephanie, 71, 214, 226 Howk, Marty, 78 Howser, Harmon, 78 Hoyer, Dennis Crawford. 86, 117, 239 Hoyer, Mike, 238, 239 Hubbard, George, 71, 117 Hubbard, Nancy, 71, 93, 113, 235, 262 Hucklebury, Jesse L., 64, 218, 254 Hudnall , Wayne, 86, 97 Hudson, Fred, 86 Hudsoxi, Norma, 257 Hudson, Peter K., 86, 98, 222, 238, 239 Huey, John M. Jr., 64 Hulcher, Jean, 205 Hulcher Kathryn, 86 Hull, Kathie, 86 Hull, Phil, 64, 121 Hulsman, Buddy, 200 Hulva, Carol, 93. 96 Hunr, Berri, 142 1 Hunt, Bill D- 86, 249 Hunt, Keith, 64, 126 Hurd, Jerry, 86, 118 Hurdle, John H., 49, 231 Hursh, Craig W., 78 Hurst, Ivan K.. 49 Hurron, Clillorti 203, 255 Hyatt, Gerry. 78, 110, 198, 226 Ibanez, German, 216 Iddings, Candy, 78, 93 Idsardi, Robert, 78 Ikemine, Elizabeth, 194 Iles, Shery, 86 INDEPENDENT STUDENT 259 Ingram, Gail, 71, 105 Ingram, Rayman, 49 Inhofe, Jan, 86, 106 Johnson, Robert L., 64, 118, 218 Johnson, Rusty, 11, 64, 121, 182, 204, 251 Johnston, Ron, 71, 114, 126 Johnston, Thomas G., 78, 117 S ASSOCIATION, , David, 59, 125 ean Rod, 39, 49. 52, 184, 231 Jones Jones D Jones, Dean. 87. 121 Jones F rances, 49 Jones, Gary M., 71 Jones, Katherine, 49, 214 Jones, Kay, 78 Jones, Layman, 251 Jones, Linda, 64, 102 Jones. Marilyn, 87 Jones , Paul. 78, 125 Jones, Ralph, 238 INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ORGANIZA- TION, 260 INTRAFRATERNITY COUNCIL, 114 Isaarson, Irwin, 78 Jones, Richard, 71, 122 Jones, Sandra Lloyd, 64 Jones, Sharon, 64, 93, 110, 197 Jones, Susan, 87, 113 Terry, 71, 125 Jones, Jones, Tom, 142, 231 V E 49 215 Iwanuszko, Jim, 86, 125 Jorden, JQf1f,'14o,'148, 187 Judd, John, 227 Jackson, Eddie, 121 Jackson, Jan, 71, 109. 184 192, 250 Jackson, Janet, 86 Jackson, Paul, 78 Jackson, Sandra, 86 Jackson, Skip, 223 Jackson, Sue Ann, 76, 78, 93, 182, 184, 198, 261 Jackson, Tom, 76, 121 Jackson, Wayne, 71, 253, 254 James, Janice, 86, 93, 230. 238 Jamil, Chebil, 78, 260 Janes, Joyce, A., 78 Jankowski, Terry, 78, 222, 23111, 239 Janssen, Eloise, 1, 64, 110, 184, 187, 199, 202, 204, 224, 234 Jardins, Sara des, 260 JUNIOR PANHELLENIC, 115 K Kaden, Terrence VC'1n., 64 Kalousek, Cindy, 87, 93, 106 Kamararis, Tom, 87, 126 KAPPA ALPHA, 119 KAPPA ALPHA THETA, 107 KAPPA DELTA, 108 KAPPA DELTA PI. 195 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, 111 KAPPA KAPPA PSI. 222 KA PPA KAPPA Kapner, MU EPSILON, 196 SIGMA, 120 Marilyn, 228 Kaul, Sharon Anne, 87, 93, 110 Keasler, Robert, 207 Jayaswal, Vijay K., 260 Jech, Carl, 155 Jeffy, Jonathan, 86, 253, 260, Jenen, Donald R., 64 Jenkins, Donna Dee, 64, 204, Jenkins, Suzanne, 87, 232 Jernigan, Chuck, 87 Jernigan, Stephen D,, 64, 97, 2 Jestice, Pamela Ann, 64 Jmaeff, Steven, 71 JOHN MABEE HALL, 96 Johnson, Coach, 161 Johnson, Don, 238 Johnson, Ed, 49, 227 262 226, 230, 23 15, 219 Johnson, Hunter L., III, 71. 120 8,2 Johnson Judy, 71, 113 Johnson Ken, 78, 141, 125 Johnson, Larry, 78, 249 Johnson, Manly, 49, 53 Johnson Richard E., 64, 239. 262 Keating, John N., 64. 97, 213 Keating, Richard, 87, 118, 262 Keatley, 1V1ary Joe, 195 Keene, Carol, 78 Kelley, Linda, 78, 93 Kelley, Lyle, 155 Kelly. C. Robert, 26, 184, 243, 2 KEMP HALL, 98 Kemper, John 78. 97, 117 KENDALLABIQUM, 235 Kennedy, Joanne, 78, 113 Kennedy, Kathy, 87 Kennedy. Stephen M., 247 Kenney, Kathy, 87, 93 Keplinger, Karen. 71. 110, 250. 2 Kessler, Wfalter, 238, 239 Ketch, Susie, 64. 93, 102, 229 Ketcham, Bruce, 215 Keyset, Anroom. 87. 97, 262 49 56 184, 2 Keyser, Leonard, 87, 98 Khan. Mohammed S., 71, 97, 216, 260 Killian, Barbara Lee, 64 Kimball, Steve, 1. 189, 235 King, Allan, 49 King Bill, 87 King, Carol, 87, 93, 109, 239 King Janice. 87, 105, 229 King Michael D., 64, 200, 203, 204, 214, 257 King, Thomas 64, 125 Kinker, John, 78. 126, 222, 238, 239 Kinnaman, Chuck, 78, 98 Kinnard, Ray D., 111, 64, 121 Maddox Kinnison, l.eslie, 229 Kirkman, Dave, 161, Kirpatrick, Dwight E., 247 Kirkpatrick, Graham. 49 Kirkpatrick, Joan, 87 Kirton, Kim. 87, 101 Klanderud, Erid, 64, Klarr, Richard, 71, 125 Kleinmann, Beverly, 87, 93 Kline, Ben Jr., 58. 122 Klinger, G. H., 208 Klotz, C., 49. 215 228 259, 260 Knabb, David. 87, 98, 122. 247 Knarr, Ken, 72, 262 Knight, Bafbi, sz, 37, 101 140 Knight, Robert D., 64, 118, 213 Knopf, Robert, 78, 98, 238 Korolulc, Alexander, 64, 97 220 Kothe, Charles, 202 Kothc, Jeannie, 14, 202 Kovacs, S. B., 49. 194, 205, 260 Krater, Ronald, 72, 219 Kraus, Karen, 87 93 Kreyling, Carol, 78, 93, 110, 198 Kribbs, Karen, 75, 78, 105, 177, 198, Kreiger, Joanne, 87 Kruchek, Charles, 208, 219, 244 Krumme, Edwynne, 257 Kuchel, Stan, 78, 121 Kuhn, Ronald, 87, 98 Kulsrud. Mis. Xymena, 199 204 Kurtz, Karol, 78 Kuykendall. Harriet, 87, 102 Kwapisz. Gerry, 87 KWGS, 239 l. Laffeity, Jack, 72, 196, 257 Laiferty, Paul, 87, 121 Lair, Robert. 78, 223 Lake, Mrs. C. F., 126 Lakios, Mary M., 78 Lakios, Veronica A., 78, 232 Lakusioak, Gene G., 78 LAMDA CHI ALPHA, 123 LAMDA TAU, 197 Lance, Ted, 223 Lanrla, P. N., 49 La11e. R. K., 24 226, 240 205, 209, Laney, B. E., 208 Lang, James, 121 Lang, Park, 78, 118 Lang, Wlilliam A., 72, 129 Langdon, Sharon, 87, 101, 261 Langley, Ron, 72, 212, 239 Lanning, Tillie, 204 Lansdown. Dave, 125 LANTERN, 198 Lantz, Jackie, 94 La Porta, Margherite, 58 Larimore, Bonnie, 87, 94, 110 Larrabee, Gary, 87, 97, 121, 260 Larson, Charlene A., 64, 94 Larson, Margaret, 87, 102 Lasswell, Rob, 87, 121 Laudon, Julie D., 87, 106, 166, 176 Laughlin, David A., 87 Lauringer, P. C., 24 Law, Glen, 72, 97, 184, 237, 242 LAW SCHOOL, 36 Lawler, Patty, 817, 113 Lawson, Barbara, 64, 226 Lawson, Betty Louise, 72 Lawson, David, 64, 118, 204, 209, 216 Lawson, Mary Virginia, 197 Layman, Luanna, 87, 94, 102 Layton, Diatra, 72, 814, 260 Lee, Arley G., 87 Lee, Carol, 68, 72, 106, 114, 115, 182, 183 184, 235 Lee. Giarles B., 121 Lee, Don, 208 Lee, Gordon, 129, 161 Lee, Mary Ann, 72, 113 Lee, Marti, 87, 105 Lees, Nancy, 87 Le-Faivre, Yvonne, 64, 94, 113 Leffler, Diane. 87 Lel'1er, Randal H., 65, 97, 126, 196, 2 Lessley, Barbara, 72, 94 Lester, William D., 65, 238 Levengood, C, A., 49, 200' Le wis Lewis, Lewis, Lewis. LIBE Liese, Lilly, , Bob, 65, 117 Janice, 87, 223 Linda, 72, 105 Walter K.. 65, 117, 167, 18-4 RAL ARTS COLLEGE, 31 Diane, 65, 94 Richard, 219 Lindley, JuClV, 94, 106, 198 Lindmark, Ricky, 87, 121 Lindsay, Hague, 20, 50 Liner. Martha Kaye, 65 1.1nk, Lonnie, 87, 255 Linnell, R. S., 50 Linton. Pat, 87 Little, Sheri, 87 Lofton, Clyde T., 65 Loftus, Barbara, 205 Logan, Ron, 14, 262 Long, Captain, 219 08,261 Long, Frances, 50 Long, Kim, 87, 125, 239 Longstreth, Paul F., 65, 222 Loroluk, Al. 254 LOTTIE JANE MABEE HALL, 92 Louclts, Gordon, 65, 118, 238, 239 Louvier, Justin, 87, 118, 262 Lovejoy, Dr., 19, 194 Lowe, Marvin, 50, 202 Lowrance, Kathy, 87 Lucas, Jennifer, 94 Lucinski, Donna, 65, 113 Lundy, Harley, 87, 222, 2381, Lyle-Stauble, Mary Charles, 72, Lynch, Charles, 87, 98, 259 M Mabrey, Steve, 121 MacDole, Nancy, 72, 94, 106, MacDonald, Cora E., 65, 204, MacDonald, Ian, 87 Mace, Philip, 247 MacLean, Barbara, 65, 94, 106, Maddin, C. M., 214 Maddox, Eugenia, 27 , Mark, 148, 149 Maddox, Tom, 155 Mahoney, Pat, 65 Majercik, Tony, 65, 167, 122 Malone, Charles, 27 Maltbie, Dennis P., 79, 121 Mancuso, C. J., 50 Maner, Jack, 59 Mangold, Conrad, 72 Manley, David, 65 Mannan, Sandy, 194 Mannond, Mrs. John, 205 Manouchehri, Ebrahim, 58 Mansfield, Troy Jr., 79 Mansker, Ruthie, 79 Maples, R. Benton, 87, 122 Marcus, Allan, 59 Mgfcus, Allen, 72 Markert, Marlow, 50, 195 Marketic, Donna, 79 Marlar, Linda, 79 Marple, Richard, 79, 126 Marrs, Mike, 159 Mzrsee, Elizabeth, 43 Marsh, Gary, 218', 254 Marshak, Bob, 72, 219 Martin, Bill, 227 Martin, Brent, 87, 126 Martin, Bruce, 238 Martin, Carl, 148, 149 Martin, Carolyn, 87 Martin, Floyd L., 24 Martin, Larry, 196, 209, 261 Martin, Mary Laura, 58, 94 Martin, Pam, 88, 101 Martin, Richard R., 65, Martin, Rinne, 155 Martin, Tom, 148 Martin, Wade, 79, 97 Martin William W. 72 97 Martinez, Lucy, 88, 109, 239 Martinez, S. J., 50 Martinson, Sondra, 79 Marucheclc, Joel, 79, 122, 203 Mason, Charles, 50 239 94, 228 166, 178 205, 229 199, 204 185, 204, 209', 218, 254 Massulam, Clement 11, 79, 97 Masure, MATH Diane, 881, 94 CLUB, 261 Mathieson, R. L., 50, 208 Mathis, Doloris, 65, 109, 228 Matney, Claudia Lea, 65, 229 Matthews, Jan, 79 Maudin, Carol, 230, 239 McBride, Marilyn, 87, 94, 102 lV1cCall, Deb, 87, 94 MCCandless, Karen, 72, 94, 113, McClary, Janey, 87 McClintock, F. G., 24 McClintock, Michael C., 204 McClintock, Otis, 24 McClure, Jean, 65, 113 232 McConnell, Charles G., 65, 122, 196, 204 216 McCord, Carol, 65, 202, 262 McCord, Fletcher, 50 McCardell, John, 200 McCorkle, Ardith, 79, 193, 25 McCormick, Sue, 166 McCoy, March, 87, 94, 251 McCray, Jim, 87, 122, 123 1 McDougall, Bonnie, 72, 94, 102, 114, 183 184 191, 197, 206 McDowell, R, W., 24 McEntire, D, L. 65 McFadden, JoAnn, 72, 197 McGee, Helen Craig, 58 McGee, Ron, 72, 121 McGill, James C., 65, 209, 216 McGinnis, Jim, 817, 97. 121, 239 McGuire, Tom, 148, 149 McKee, Gayle, 79, I98 McKee, Mildred, 50, 256, 258 McKee, W. E., 50 McKeever, Karen, 72. 94, 106 McKellips, Kay, 87, 94, 109, 243 McKenzie, Camellia, McKinley, W., 50 McKenney, Jane, 79, 205 102, 256 McKown, Jim, 79, 117 Mclaauglin, Karen, 87, 94, 109, 262 McLean, Jimmy, 72 McNabb, Jim, 79 McNally, Robert, 238 McQuade, John, 247 Mcspadden, Larry E., McWhorter, Kim, 87 Meadors, Gloria, 214 Means, Paul Richard, Medlock, Bob D., 79 Meeham, Arthur, 50 Meek, Major, 134 Megyesy, Eugene, 79 Mehaffey, Pat, 818 65 105, 256, 258 65, 114, 118, 184,228 Melton, June, 88, 109, 114-, 115, 229 Melton, Reed, 79, 203, 214, 216, 249, 254 Mendoza, Joe, 200 Meng, Robert, 72, 121, 255 MEN'S INTRAMURALS, 167 Meredith, Ken, 88, 125 Merrick, Charlotte, 72, 110 Merrick, Clint, 68, 72, 121, 203 Mesker, Mary Ann, 88 Mestre, Jorge A., 79, 98, 220 Metzel, George, 27 Mildren, William, 72, 125 Miler, Mabel, 195 Miles, Susan Lynn, 88 Naghdi, Hussein, 79 Millard, Marvin, 24 Miller, Bob, 72, 163 Miller, Don H., 25 Miller, Forrest, 88, 97 Miller, Jim, 72, 114, 118, 184, 213 Miller, Karolyn, 72, 239 Miller, Mary Ruth, 79, 94, 262 Miller Paul 220 Mills,IPaula: 88, 94, Mitchell, Jimmy, 79, 1 Minning, Mike, 148, 109, 243 149 Mires, Art, Jr., 79, 125 Mitchell, E. Eugene, 65, 218, 254 05, 232 Park, Rick, 155, 157 Mitchell, Karen, 72, Mitchell, Susan, 65, 94, 1109 94, 110, 114, 184, 199 Nichols, Mitucker, James, 219 MODERN CHOIR, 242 Moeller, Joe, 72, 126 Moffett, Larry, 88 Mohan, Harriett, 88 Moncrief, David, 260 Montgomery, Bruce, 72 Moomow, Sheldon, 72, Moor, Roger, 207 148 Moore, David, 88 Moore, Hilda Dale, 72 Moore, John P., 58 Moore, Larry, 58 Moore, Linda, 65, 94, 105 Morale s, Ricardo, 65, 203, 204, 209, 216 Moreland, Ginny L., 88, 94, 101 Morgan, Daniel K,, 73 Morgan, Janet, 65, 94 Morgan, Judy, 73, 206 Morris, Bobby, 88, 125 Morris, Joe, 239 Morris, Linda, 79, 109 , 239, 238, 261 Morris, William H., 25 Morrison, John, 79, 249 Morrison, William, 88, 126 Morsani, Tim, 73, 97, Morse, Gary, 79 142 MORTAR BOARD, 199 Morton, Stuart Anthony, 88 Moses, Ted, 239 Mossadeghi, S., 73 Moyers, Sid, 228 MU EPSILON DELTA, 200 Mullen, Richard Henry, 65 1 Mullenax,Caro1yn, 71, 73, 102, 114, 1151 223, 224. 234, 235, 250, 251 Mullins, Dianne, 65, 113 Munson, Julie, 88, 238 Munzlinger, XX'alter, 219 Murchison, Lovell, 79 Murphy, Dudley, 65, 121 Murphy, Kathleen, 73, 94, 228 Murphy, Pat, 251 Murphy, Mrs. Paul L., 205 Murphy, Vlfard, 79, 249 Murray, Helen, 73, 251 MUSIC SCHOOL, 35 Mustar, Ali3Ageli, 88 Myers, Edith, 65 Myers, Melinda, 88, 106 Myers, Ron, 79, 254 Nlyers, Russell, 50 N Naigeh, Barbara Jean, 65, 33, 232 Nance, Donna, 142 Nash, Dave, 73, 122 Naylor, Jimmie, 79, 129 Needham, Charles, 73, 249, 252 Nehmzow, Kurt, 88, 255 Nelson, Sue Ellen, 79 Nesbitt, Jim, 65, 97, 160 Newman, Claudia, 79, 102 201 Newton, Robert, 58, Nichols, Metzie, 65, 94, 102, 256 Nichols, Robert, 65, 208 Sandra Jean, 65, 95 Nicodemus, Kay, 88 Nicolaysen, Ruth, 88, 95, 229, 259 Ninde, Judith Karen, 65 Nineznire, Darlene, 73 Noble, Douglas, 79, 121 Noe, Darrell, 66, 97, 182, 183, 184, 203, 204, 259 Norberg, Peter, 58 Nnren, James, 215, 254 Norman, Joseph, 247 Norman, Mike, 227 Norris, Carole, 79, 105 Norton, Jack, 88 Novak, Julie, 88 Nunn, Leta, 66, 195, 28 O'Bar, Bob, 223, 227 O'Ca1laghan, Terry, 73, 121, 255 O'Connell, Terry, 73, 97 Q3f1erle, Jeanne, 88, 95 Offerle, Joan, 79, 95 OFFICERS OF ADMINISTRATION, Ogan, B, G., 50 Oglesby, Caroline, 50, 199, 204 Olin, Chip, 88 Olin, John, 129 onnfy, Cami 73, 95, 166 Oliphant, Charles, Z5 11411, 201, Z6 Oliver, Carl, 50 Oliver, Mark A., 66 Olivo, Linda Ruth, 88, 95, 110 Olson, Joel, 73 OMICRON DELTA KAPPA, 201 Omrani, Mohainid, 79 Ondang, Willem, 79 O'Neil, Fraser, 79, 121 ORCIHIESTRA, 240 Orms, Viviall, 109, 136 0.1, Ed,?-18, 118 Orth, John, 202, 205 Osborn, Mrs. George, 205 Oslworn, Riley G., 66 Osborne, John, 27, 204, 248 Osmond, John, 148, 149 Otte, Rt-ra, 66, 257 Overall, Maurice, 262 Owen, John, 251 Owen, Lyle, 50 Owen, Mrs. Mary, 195 Owens, Joel, 79, 125, 167 Ozment, John, 88 Packel, Diane, 106 Painter, John E., 818, 129 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, 115 Parker, Mary Ann, 202 Parker, Paul, 73, 243 Parker, Pennye, 88, 95, 113 Parker, Robert, 25 Parkhurst, Kay, 205 Parkinson, Tom, 125 Parks, Carolyn, 79 Parks, Mary Ann, 73 Parriott, Bill, 88, 97, 122 '7 '7 Parrish, Connie, 79, 95, 23- Parrish, R. E.. 50 Parrot, Don, 239 Parrott. Dennis. 251 Pa1sons,Carol, 79, 95, 113. 198. 257 Passmore, Jerry M., 79, 249 Pate, James, Jr., 66 Patman, Julie, 73, 95, 110, 192. 223, 224, Z 240, 250, 251 Patrick, Larry J., 88, 98, 122 Pavlok, Dan, 148, 149 Payne, Jo-Ellen, 88. 9'5, 105 Payton, Robert, 79, 97 Pearman, Darlene, 73, 95 Pi-arson, Nicki, 79, 198 Pederson, Bud, 88, 98, 122 Pelton, Joe, 16, 66, 121, 182. 183, 184. 186, 191, 196, 201, 203. 208, 209, 261 Pendergraph, Tony, 88 Penner, Kaylin. 73 Pennington,B1ll, 73, 125, 148. 149, 163 Pereira, Norman, 260 Perkins. Susie. 79, 95, 106 Pi-rman, N1.. 219 Perrault, Cherie Jn, 73, 110, 206, 250 ,a PRESIDEN'I"S CLUB, 184 Schellstede, Bob, 148 Perry, Richard, 88, 122 Perryman, Mary, 188, 232 Perrymore, Mary L., 204 Peterson, Dean Bruce, 36 Pethick, Sandra, 66, 194 PETROLEUM SCIENCE AND COLLEGE, 28 Petros, Lee, 79 Pettigrew, Andy, 88, 97, 122 Pettigrove, Mary, 73, 106 Pfuehler, Scott, 88, 125 PHI ALPHA THETA, 202 PHI ETA SIGMA, 203 P1-1.1 GAMMA KAPPA, 204 Philbeck, William, Jr., 66 Phillips, Mike, 73 Phillips, Randy, 148 Phillips, Veril L., 66, 187, 196 261 Philoon, Wallace, 51, 204, 216 PHI MU, 112 PI ALPHA MU, 223 Picou, Steve, 79, 155 PI DELTA EPSILON, 224 PI EPSIION TAU, 225 Pierce, Russell L., 79 Pierson, George, 79, 97, 121 PI GAMMA MU, 205 PI KAPPA ALPHA, 124 Piley, Carolyn, 73, 243 Pilkington, James C., 88 Pitcock, Suzanne, 73, 113 ENGINEERING , 203, 208, 209 Pitman, Ronnie Dale, 66, 121, 160 Place, Brad, 51, 251 Poertner, Patty, 818 Polen, Cynthia, 73, 95, 102 Polk, Aleta, 88, 95 Pongratz, Richard I., 73, 213 Pontius, Clarence I., 25 Pool, James L., 247 Pool, Winifred, 73 Porter, Mrs. Pacola, 122 Porterfield, Gary, 140, 148, 149, 1 Potasky, Dick, 155 Potter, Tina, 73, 105 Powell, Ann, 73, 95, 205 Powell, Dale, 79, 239 Poweska, Pierre, 88 Poyias, John, 145, 148, 149 Prather, Jan, 88, 101, 166 Pratt, Peggy Ann, 88 50 Pratt, William, 73, 114, 115, 129 Price, William, 51 Priestman, Dawson, 73, 121 Prigmore, Donna, 88, 106 Primm, Pam, 88, 106, 107 Pritchard, Clyde, 59 Proctor, Anne, 88, 95, 101 Pruitt Jackie, 80, 198 Pruitt, Ronald, 88 Puckett, Charles, 66, 218 Puky, Pedro Pablo, 66, 249' Q R Queen, David A., 80 Roasch, Gary L., 88 Robinson, Lou Etta, 66, 229 Robinson, Robert, 89 Robison, Sandy, 819 Robnett, Carol, 89, 95, 109 Rader, Kenny, 148 Rains, Nancy, 88, 113 Rainwater, Diane, 80 Ramsay, John, 73, 129 Ramsay, Susan, 88 Randall, Ray, 212 Randolph, William D., 66, 261 Rans-on, Jerry, 88, 117 Reames, Judy, 88, 110 Reddick, Jimmie, 195 Rodgers, Stephen, 80, 97 Roe, Richard L., 80 Roepke, Phil. so, 97, 121 Roessler, Patty, 89, 109, 229 Roger. Jerry. 73, 196, 214, 261 Rogers, Dennis, 80, 261 Rogers, Donna, 89, 110 Rogers, John, 25 Rogers, Marilyn, 80, 105, 258 Roginski, John L., 80 Rohleder, Chuck, 89 Redfern, Pat, 88, 95, 105, 114, 115 Redman, John, 73, 125 Reed, James Stewart, 88, 122 Reed, Julie, 88, 101 Reed, Larry, 80, 122 Reed, Linda, 73 Reed, Margaret, 80, 95 Reese, Don, 88, 247 Reeves, Dean, 88 Regenbrecht, D. E., 51 Reiner, Steven, 218 Remsberg, Pam, 89, 95, 230 Reneker, Ron, 89, 126 Replogle, Richard, 59 Rhodes, E, J., 58 Rhome, Jerry, 148, 152, 153, 164, 165 Richard, Landon, 66, 126, 236 Richards, Linda, 89, 95, 230, 239 Richardson, Jo, 89, 95 Richardson, Rick, 66, 213 Richardville, Charles Leonard, 73, 97, 122 Rickard, Mary K., 80, 109, 256 Riehart, Verda, 810, 95 Riera, Ernie, 148 Rife, Jerry, 80, 240 Riley, Tom, 121, 148, 149 Ririe, Jean, 89, 113 Rist, Richard, 66, 201, 257 Ritter, Kathy, 89, 101 Rivera, Janet, 80, 105, 198 Rivero, Luis Gmo, 73 Roach, Demaris, 89, 95 Roark, Ivan, 51 Roasch, Gary, 97 Robb, David E., 66 Robbins, L., 51 Roberson, Hugh, 73, 118 Roberton, Bill, 118 Roller, Gary W., 80 Rollo, David M., 240, 243 Ronck, Ronnie, 89, 125 Roper, Robert, 89 Rose, George, 89, 122 Rosebush, Robert W. Jr., 66, 202, 244 Ross, James A., 66, 97, 216 Ross, Linda, 80, 95, 106 Roth, Jim, 148, 149 Rozsa, Bela, 51 Ruane, Richard, 161 Russell, Mary, 819 Russell, Theron W. Jr., 80, 122 Rutherford, Ken, 82, 89, 118 Rutledge, W, A., 51, 204 Ryburn, Carole, 89 S Saab, Mary, 66 Sackett, Karen M., 80 Sadr, Mehdi, 73, 97, 220 Sailing, Pat, 239 Sailor, Steve R., 80 Salaymeh, Abdul-Wabab, 80, 917 Salerno, Ralph, 59 Saltzman, Lloyd, 51 Saltzman, Steven Lloyd, 75, 80, 122 Sample, Suzy, 66, 95, 113, 166 Sanders, Doyle, 80, 117 Sartain, Gailard, 80, 121, 251 105 Saterlee, Penny, 89 95 Saulmore, Bill, 66, 129, 216 Savage, Martina, 195 Saxton, Louis L. Jr., 89, 97, 122 Scandell, Gary, 89, 97 Schaberg, Lynne, 89, 95, 259 Schaller, Susan, 66, 95, 106, 224 Roberts, Roberts, Brent, 148, 149, 163 Janie, 89, 95, 105 Roberts, Margaret, 66, 95, 105, 205 Roberts, Martha J., 66, 196, 261 Roberts Sharon, 238 Robertson, Bill, 89 Robertson, Judy, 89, 105, 229 Robertson, Robert, 121 Robinson, Authur E., 80 Robinson, Douglas, 159 Scherpich, Faith Louise, 66, 252 Schicke, Ida, 243 Sclliif, Nathan, 80, 125 Schillinger, Bill, 121 Schindler, Joe, 41, 214, 254 Schindler, Robert, 73, 97 Schmelzer, William D., 80 Schmidt, Carol, 89, 95, 102 Schmidt, Gary, 80 Schmidt, Marilyn, 240 Schmidt, Peter S., 89, 126 Schoeppel, Roger, 51 Scholeffield, Norman David, 66, 97 Schroeder, Lynn, 80, 95, 105 Schuette, Ken, 208 Schuhmann, Scott, 149 Schuldt, Phil, 98, 118 Schultz, Robert, 121 Schulz, Nancy, 80, 95, 106 Schumann, Scott, 148 Schussler, Richard, 73, 125 Schwamb, Janet, 80 Schweiger, Eugene P,, 51 Schwemin, Sue, 89 Schuldt, Phil, 89 Schulte, Elaine, 89 Scobie, William 238 Scott, Daniel E., 51 Scott, Eddie, 89, 126 Scott, Jack, 89 Scott, Janie H., 66, 232 Scott, Tillie, 66, 95, 101 Scovel , Victoria 73, 95, 239, 259 Scroggs, Julie, 73, 95, 110 SCROLL, 206 Seals, Mitchell, 73 Searle, Mary, 80 Seaton, Reba, 73, 205 Secrist, Richard, 121 Sedehi, Mohammad, 89, 98 Seidlitz, Chris, 244 Sellers, Juanita, 80, 198 Settle, W. A., 511 202 Settles, Janet, 89, 95, 259 Sexton, Mike, 89, 126 Shacklett, Curtis, 253 Sharp, Robert C,, 25 Shaughnesay, Mike, 148 Sharp, Vimfia, 73, 226, 230, 238 Shearer, Mary Anne, 80, 95, 106, 235, 256 Sheldon, Mary, 80, 95, 178, 259, 260 Shell, Roy J., 66, 262 Shepard, Tom, 73, 121, 185, 255 Sherman, Robert S., 66, 219, 244 Shields, Frank, 80, 98 Shile, Susan, 89, 95 Shillinger, Bill S., 66 Shilstead, Bob, 16 Shirk, Frances, 205 Shirley, Barbara, 51, 197, 204 Shoelcley, Mrs, Blanche, 118 Shockey, Don, 73, 227 Shockey, Robert, 80, 117 Shofstall, James, 60, 66, 121, 182, 183 187, 201, 205, 207, 244, 255 Shonkwiler, Terry, 163 Short, Carolyn M., 66 Shrout, Mike, 80, 118 Shrout, Sue, 73 Shultz, Mrs. Jean, 205 , 184, Siala, sedan. A., sa, 260 Sights, Clyde, 121 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA, 226 SIGMA CHI. 127 SIGMA DELTA C1-II, 227 SIGMA IOTA EPSILON, 207 SIGMA NU, 128 SIGMA PI SIGMA, 208 sigma, Sandy, 139, 232 Simanton, Susan, 80, 95, 106, 198 Simmonds, GeGe, 73, 95, 1'10', 114, 182 184, 187, 224, 2,36 Simmons, Charles, 89, 238 Simon, Alan N,, 66, 225 Simpson, Fredrick, 51 Sims, Carol, 80, 95, 198 Singh, Dhanvir, 58, 220, 260 Sizemore, Joe, 239, 251, 254 , 183, Skelton, Janet, 89, 110 Skinner, Jane, 89, 95 Skinner, Kathy, 80, 102, 114, 229 Skinner, Robert, 89, 97 Sleeper, Nancy, 80, 110 Sloan, Dick, 80, 125 Small, George, 52 Smart, Cheryl, 80, 95, 109 Smii, Bahram, 220 Smith, Alan, 89 Smith, Aubrey, 89 Smith, Charles, 89 Smith, Dean S., 810 Smith, Doris, 80 Srnfth, Mis Glen, 73 Smith, Greg Jr., 80, 121 Smith, I-Iowazd, 121 Smith, Jane Ruth, 66, 95, 228 Smith, Janet, 810, 198 Smith, Jim, 89, 118, 146, 239' Smith, Leslie E., 80, 102, 198, 254-, 261 Smith, Linda Kay, 80, 95 Smith, Linda Louise, 73, 106, 255 Smith, Peggy, 89, 105, 256, 258 Smith, Roger Allan, 66, Smith, Sally, 73, 95, 110, 197, 206, 224, 234, 235, 252, 257 Smith, Sue Dee, 80 Smith, Susan K.. 80 Smith, Trudy, 73 Smith, Val, 89 Smoot, Janet W., 73, 95 Smyth, Jeff, 114, 115, 161 Snider, Jerry, 67, 122, 200, 222, 239 Snider, Rick, 80 Snider, Steve, 74, 222, 238, 239 Snider, Susan Lee, 67 Snodgrass, Virginia A. Snuggs, Grady, 38, 52, Snyder, Patricia, 238 SOCIOLOGY CLUB, 228 Solomon, Barry, 262 Solomon, David, 260 Solomon, George, 80 Somers, Steve, 74, 122, 214, 254 Sontag, Mary Ann, 89 Sowers, Sidney, 52 Spanogle, Andrew John Jr., 74, 121 ' , 89 205 Speer, Michael Dale, 58, 114, 117, 186, 201, 205 Spencer, James C., 67, 121, 186, 255 Spivey, Carol, 74, 95, 106, 182, 183, 184, 187. xi 191, 223, 224, 237, 252 Sposato, Jim, 74 Spradling, Mrs. W. R., 109 Spraker, Susan, 89, 95 Springer, Jean A., 89, 95 Springer, Michael, 81, 228 Springer, Paula, 89, 95, 109 Springfield, Andrew, 52 Spry, Kathy, 89 Spurgin, Kathryn, 811, 95 Spurlock, Phil, 74, 121 Staires, Harold, 27 Staires, Joe, 81 Stanield, Gary, 81, 129 Stanfield, Margaret, 81, 101, 140, 198, 250, 256 Stanley, Bill, 81, 121 Starr, Susan, 81 Steele, Judy, 89, 232 Stehm, Harold, 74 Stehman, Tim, 81, 97, 122, 222, 239 Stephan, Sharon, 81, 95, 105 Stephens, Denise, 74 Stephens, Diana, 74, 110 Stephens, Gary, 89 Stephens, Michael M., 89, 126 Stephenson, Jean, 232 Sterne, Patti, 81, 238 Stevenson, Florence, 27, 184 Stevenson, James, 89 Stevenson, John, 81, 117, 252 Stevenson, Steve, 121 Stewart, Robert M., 81, 214, 216, 243 Stewart, Sue, 89, 95, 106 Stivers, Lewis, 67, 184, 214, 254 Stjemberg, Barry, 74, 97 Stockwell, Nancy, 74, 105 Stockwell, Ron, 74, 129 Stoepel, Terry, 148, 149, 163 Stokes, Judy, 74, 95, 102, 250, 256 Stonecipher, Philip W., 74, 213 Storey, Bob, 148 Storm Frederica, 240 Storrs, Ray, 90 Stout, Drenda, 80, 198, 232 Strout, Clevy, 52 Strout, Monte, 74, 129 Stratman, Pat, 90 Street, Joh, 90, -129 Stuart, 1-Iarold, 25 Studenny, J. Richard, 81, 122 STUDENT EDUCATION ASSOCIATION, 229 STUDENT SENATE, 183 Stuermann, Walter, 52 Sudduth, Dick, 236 Suess, Mickey, 74, 125 Suggs, Jack, 148, 149' Suleiman, Abdurrazeg, 74 Suliburk, Susan, 74, 110 Summerfield, Gary L., 81, 122 Swaifer, Michael, 240 Swaim, Joe, 67 Swaim, Sharon, 90, 105 Swan, Michael, 74, 129 Swank, Joe, 52 Swanson, Susan, 74, 95, 105, 166 Swanson, William, 248 Swartz, Dorothy, 205 Swift, Larry, 81, 97 SWORD AND KEY, 209 Sword, Carol, 74, 95 Sword, Jim, 90 T Ta.heri, Irads, 74 Taliaferro, Paul E., 25 Tanner, Tapper, Karen, 81, 95, 232 Art, 90 Tarman, Mike, 81 Tarpley, Tarpley , Tarpley A, R., 195 Mrs. A. R., 195 B111 F. 74 Tate, Dean A., ,58 TAU B Taylor, ETA SIGMA, 230 Janet, 81, 95, 114, 250 Taylor, John, 811 Taylor, Larry, 81 Taylor, Leigh, 121 Taylor, William D., 81 Teagarden, Dan, 74, 97, '19'6, 203 Teague, John Martin, 74 Teal, Skip, 114 Tegeler, Charles, 59 Templeton, Carolyn, 74, 109, 226, 238 Tenet, Tom, 90, 122 TENNIS TEAM, 160 TeSelle, John, 52 Tharpe, Anne, 90, 106 THETA ALPHA PHI, 231 Thomas, C, D., 52, 208 Thomas, Jeanne, 30, 68, 74, 95, 101, 134 Thomas, Kent, 81, 114, 129. 252 Thomas, Ralph, 52 Thomas, Valette L., 67 Thomlinson, Larry, 239 Thompson, Don, 238, 239 Thompson, Linda, 90, 95 Thompson, Mary Ann, 90 Thompson, Patricia Ann, 67, 95, 102, 179 Thompson, R. E., 52, 216 Thornberry, Jim, 74, 97, 223, 227 Tineo, Hector, 81 Tipton, Peggy Moll-oy, 67 Todd, Mary L., 35, 81, 95, 198, 226, 238 Tolbert, Sandy, 82, 140, 235 Tolliver, Dick, 155 Tomasi, R. A., 52, 214 Tompos, Sharon K., 74 Torry, Robert, 260 Toussaint, Godfreid, 260 Towler, Dirk, 155 Towler, Steve, 81 Townes, Willie, 148 Townsend, Jinx, 90, 95, 110, 256 TRACK TEAM, 161 206 1 1 , Travillion, Patty, 81. 102. 256, 258 Treat. Veta Jo. 81, 95 Trennepohl. Gary. 90 Trowe. Fred 1... 67, 208 Trueblood. Lyle. 53, 207 Tucker, Lynne 81. 102 Tuiner. Brian, 74, 122 Kit, 81, 95, 113, 166, 1 Walker, Walker, Phyllis. 90 Walker, Dean Scott, 28 Wallace, Jane, 198 Wallace, Evelyn, 58, 101 Wlallis, David Hudson, 74 Vlfally. R. F., 74, 125 TU THEATRE. 142 Twilley. Howard. 148, 148. 150, 164. 187 Tyson, Richard. 148, 149 Underwood. George. 53 Utz, Jim, 81, 259 V Valbuena. Ricardo, 67 Van Blarcom, Carolyn. 90 Van Burkleo, Bill. 148, 149 Van Dyke, Lester F.. 67, 227 Van Gieson, Xvilliam, 262 Van Laere, Richard 90, 97. 122 Van Stratcn. Pete, 255 Van Tuyl, Suza. 90, 105 Van Veen, 1-Ienricus. 81. 260 Van Veen, Jacques. 90, 260 VARSITY NITE. 139 Vasers, Alisa. 214 Vaughan, John F.. 67, 126, 167, 196. 204, 208 Vaughn, Jane, 910 Vega, Lyda. 90, 95 Vespasian, Lou, 81, 97 Viana, Carl H., 81, 254 Vick, Ron, 161 Vickers, Joseph, 81 Vickers, Pete, 239 Vickery, Gene, 90 Vincent, John H. Jr., 90, 125 Vineyard, Edith, 90, 95 Voight, Larry, 141 Volle, John, 75, 81, 126 Voss, Candy, 90 W lxfaddell, Pete. 90 Wadltxy', Cheryl, 90 Vvagner, Don, 67, 182, 183. 239 Wagner, Phillip, 90, 98, 222, 239 Wait, Mike, 90. 126, 247 Wait, Pat, 90, 260 Vlfaits, Jeanne. 53 Wmts. Max, 53 Vlfakefield, Judy. 72, 74, 106, 182, 183, 184, 187, 250 Xvalker, Bill, 90 Xwalner, Toni, 74 9Va1ters, Diane, 67. 95, 110 Wlandres. Robert, M., 74, 126 Wlard, Mike, 90 XVarf1eld, Stan, 81. 117 W'ark, Sandy, 74, 101 Wlarlick, Don R., 28, 58 Wlarren, W. K., 25 XVashburn, Kent, 81 Wlasson, Chester, 53 Wlatkins, Charlann, 74 Wfatson, K, Stuart, 121 Watson, Marsha Ann, 67, 102, 204 Wlattenbarger, Annell. 90, 229, 258, W'azir, Surinder, 90, 97 Xweast, Ann, 67, 258 Webb, Elridge, 159 Webb, Jean, 229 Webber, Jackie, 81, 106 Weber, Carol, 90, 106, 114 Vlfeber, Joy S., 90 W'ebster, June, 90, 109, 262 Wehnieir, Burnnie Jr., 74 Weichert, David, 74- W'eigant, Phillip, 74 VVeigman, Barbara, 90, 95, 105, 256 Weiskopf, David E., 81 Welge, H. John, 67, 239, 252, 253 Welsh, David, 74 Welton, Margaret, 81, 95, 113 97 2 Wendelken, James Robert, 910, 97, 238, Wenger, Betsy, 90, 113 West, Ken, 74 West, Shawney, 90 Westall, Carol Ann, 67, 95, 109 VVeston, Joe, 81, 121 Wettaw, Richard Lee, 67, 125 Wetzel, Mike, 90 Wetzel, Richard O. Jr., 910 Whalen, Paula, 74 Whalen, Tim, 74, 219 Vlfheeler, Ron, 238, 239, 240 White, Chris, 90 Vllhite Lloyd, 238, 239 White white' Margie, 256, 258 Cloud, Chelon, 90 Wlmfesell. Donald E., 74, 219 Vlfalkei' James R., 67, 213 lay P., 25 Jun, 67, 114, 118 Whitney, Ben, 74, 129 W'iedenmann. Karen, 240, 243 60 2 v Xwieghard, Thelma, 72, 74, 110, 166, 255 198, 252 Xlfalker W'a1ker, Alrr Y... ow' afford S sa 1 X. Wiesen, Raymond, 74, 238, 239 Wiesner, Otto, 238 Wightman, Richard E., 67 VUilcox, Mary Kay, 81 Win, William W., 90 Wiley, Karla, 81 Wfilgus, Peggy A., 74, 95, 106, 224, 235 Wilkinson. Richard, 90, 121 Willard, Willard, Michael, 121 Wallace, 149 Williams, Anne. 74, 229 Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams Williams W'ill1ams Williams , David L,, 90, 97 , Don E., 59,118 , John H., 25 , Karen, 90, 239 , Larry, 74, 125, 148, 149 , Mary Clay, 53, 204, 205 , Phillip, 53, 97, 208 , Sherry, 90 Williams, Shirley, 90, 105, 179 Williamson, Charles, 67, 213 Williamson, Don, 90 Williamson, Phil, 81 Williamson, Ron, 74, 125 Wilson, James R., 74, 125 Wilson, John, 74 Wilson, Judith Kay, 81, 95, 113, 114, 19 Wilson, Sharon Anne, 67, 102 Wilson, Tommy D,, 262 Winchester, William, 53 Winder, Lynn, 81 Winkle, Steve, 81, 97 Winkler, James, 90, 98 Wise, Frank, 81, 121 Wiseman, Lowell, 53 Wiseman, Dr, William J., 25 Witt, Jerry L., 81, 129 Wolcott, Elme, 74, 95, 251 Wolf, Linda, 95 Wolf, Richard, 81, 126 Wolfe, Donald L., 67, 129 Wolff, Darrell, 148, 149 Wolfinbarger, Jim, 67, 125 Wolverton, Judy, 67, 95, 101, 251 WOMEN'S INTRAMURAL COUNCIL, 166 Wood, Thomas,.53, 223 Woodard, John R., III, 67, 126, 182, 183. 184 Woodburn, Diann, 90, 95 Woods, Mickey, 90, 97 Wooten, James E., 67, 262 Worth, Benny, 90, 125 Wren, Jennifer, 74, 95, 114 Wright, Bob, 67, 204, 209, 216 Wright, Carolyn, 90, 109 Wright, Harold B., 67, 216 Wlright Jeanne 90 109, 166, 232 Wright, Taffy, 90, 251 Wrigley, Tina, 90, 95, 256 Wu, Charles, 74, 97, 196, 208, 261 XVylie, Barbara, 81, 95, 198, 259 Wylie, Sandy, 74, 98, 203, 252 Vflymore, John E., 74, 141, 160 Yaloostian, A., 58 Yates, Judy, si, 95, 258 Yeager, Sandra, 90, 102 Yitter, George Humphrey, 67 Yockey, Marcia Kay, 67, 95, 102, 251 York, Allen G., 67 York. Mark, 81, 260 Yost, F. Randolf, 25 Young, Berry, 247 YOUNG DEMOCRATS, 262 Young, Dainaris. 90, 238 Young, Richard B., 81, 222, 239 Young, William A., 81 Young, William W., 90, 239 Yowell, Robert, 240 Yuk, Hung-Nin, 67, 97,il5 Zaborowski, John, 53, 257 Zabriskie, Lynn F., 74, 95, 106 Zagaar, A. M., 58, 260 Zarrinnal, Frank, 67, 220 Zellmer, Jud, 74, 129 Zeumcr, Barbara Jean, 67 Ziemer, Ann, 60, 67, 106, 114, 184, 188, 191, 196, 199, 205, 206, 250 Zigrino, Frank Jr., 90, 129, 167, 262 Zimmerman, K2lIlll09l'1, 205 Zimmerman, L. F., 31, 53, 209 Zizzi, Joe, 90 Zusne, Leonard, 53 ELOISE JANSSEN .. STEVE KIBIB.-XLL ..... . . . CAROLYN BIDLLENAX S,x1.1.Y SMITH .. EO JOHNSON . . . H.AROLD STAIRES .. RL'sTY JOHNSON ..........Editor Business llanager . . . . .Assistant Editor . .Assistant Editor . . . . Faculty Advisor .Business Advisor .... ....Artwork ,Im THORNBERRX', BOB NICCORMACK, BROWN D U NKIN .............. Photography S. K. SMITH ............... . . .Cover SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING--- GENE RICRAE ............ .... E ngraving BENSON PRINTING Co. . ...Printing

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University of Tulsa - Kendallabrum (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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