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Yi .,,, V , . X. KM 5 1 , 'V , V 'my' W ' V V' YV. 5' , K V lf ' V, . xg. ' lm' ,V I 4! " -U V ' '3 !V,.. y -if N Q ' if , 'N X I . Q. , 1 A M, ' L., V ' Y - , V, mst, fr H 'gm V , ' ...Vf . an : V., -.,. U ,. V ., ,VV V ' V. V.,w 1' ' 'Lf"1" ., - V1,V'fi,3:' 5 .V ' ,. '-gk ' V: N, ,, GV. 'gg V "WY, ,fy . ,. v' 1' ' Q . H H . ' "fa .A . .4 ,I Q H I 5-ww' 1, V, 'H-ls' L' 1.:f:",J"? ' -' - ,.V:, gy, V-.V 'V' ,- I, Hy, A-Vx 1, . ,V mf,-',,,V?f'f V ,- 'W' 1, L V . nw' ' 'Ni I-'L ' .., Af, V , ,, ,sm 4 V, - X. I, Ib ,. V9 uf. . . V . I lx l Q V ' w w'- , V In , V ' af. V , Q .,, V I x U, V 4 ,, 1, , J, .V y. VV, . , VV. I n It lu AV ,X , V 4.4 , V A-. ,VV 'H " 'E - V f -' vV. ,, ,. www ' " -mV V, uf n, ,Q u"V' 0 I ' PY 4 Yi .,,, V , . X. KM 5 1 , 'V , V 'my' W ' V V' YV. 5' , K V lf ' V, . xg. ' lm' ,V I 4! " -U V ' '3 !V,.. y -if N Q ' if , 'N X I . Q. , 1 A M, ' L., V ' Y - , V, mst, fr H 'gm V , ' ...Vf . an : V., -.,. U ,. V ., ,VV V ' V. V.,w 1' ' 'Lf"1" ., - V1,V'fi,3:' 5 .V ' ,. '-gk ' V: N, ,, GV. 'gg V "WY, ,fy . ,. v' 1' ' Q . H H . ' "fa .A . .4 ,I Q H I 5-ww' 1, V, 'H-ls' L' 1.:f:",J"? ' -' - ,.V:, gy, V-.V 'V' ,- I, Hy, A-Vx 1, . ,V mf,-',,,V?f'f V ,- 'W' 1, L V . nw' ' 'Ni I-'L ' .., Af, V , ,, ,sm 4 V, - X. I, Ib ,. V9 uf. . . V . I lx l Q V ' w w'- , V In , V ' af. V , Q .,, V I x U, V 4 ,, 1, , J, .V y. VV, . , VV. I n It lu AV ,X , V 4.4 , V A-. ,VV 'H " 'E - V f -' vV. ,, ,. www ' " -mV V, uf n, ,Q u"V' 0 I ' PY 4 T 53 Ss l ri' T FW . I1 4 1-5 1 i Q ' :A -V iz S L :Q H 3 .1 5 'f , 4 5 , f 'L U l UNIVERSITY OF TULSA Tulsa, Oklahoma MARY BIRBILIS, Editor SKIP STURM, Business Manager 1960 Builds evv , , - ,wi - 1,- . ...Q -, if . . 1. 4 J. , 5' pf A is X. t .-l I ' WU : it -Ames., .J -, .1 , .'-wf2'f.:.3i-iswwi' s W fe? V- . 'r .fl-L.: f - , . - t f ..a.:m. - The 1960 campus of the University of Tulsa greeted students and faculty with a new look. Old buildings vanished and gave way to new landmarks, as a new era of expansion began-an era with a new look and ll brighter future for our university. To the march of progress shown by the new campus about us, the 1960 KENDALLABRUM is dedicated. i r l P". l , 1 tl: 5 1 l 1,', alll' if 'ii ll , fi ':. Yi f' ,Y 1 'i I' u' , J ' x i ' ' 1 L.,J 'N 1 N N f 4 r '. I 'X ' X , 1 ' ' . 2 1' V , , , 5 , 1 N ' ' . , 1 . ,i ' i . i i 1 "' , e I , , -,, U r. iw. , XX .Ax :X hnx+t'.'..,, ,Q--A McClure Hall. the new admin- istration building, was ready for Occupancy in the summer Of 1959. -W' Y '-r .H Af v .:L..4::2:egb'f. G , ,,. 1 ..1 5.4, I ,-- ' 3' .f ' f' ng 4 ' M W. dl r 'V' a'urf'1 fi' 'I' w 1652 Sharp Memorial Chapel was formally dedicated Nbvember 27, 1959. -- - , -- lvfirff 5 ' 5 4 '-1 N '-5:--'91,-eve -, , .5 - 5 l .-,'.f':Q'4 -:reef 1' ' 1, ' --'-ryan' 1 ,V T , .. 1-Q - 1 I I V, . N il V 7 1 V ff? ' 1 F gl ll l 11 1 t 1 Eg ' :HV i 5 l? - f 1 H ' 'Ha' ' , ,,, ,I 1 ' ' L' l, 'A f Z: 1 , . lf ' 'E , g ' X - 1 s l 3, , 1 l 4 1 l A I 1' ix K g E 1 : . If I ff 4 A I I I I 1 l V 2 l, W' . ll I l' L, ,, , li 1 ,Ni 4 I inf...-.. , - . ' H7 Sl R- : 1 Z V if . xl "5" -as Q.. 3 -5 " A final glimpse of an olcl landmark '- -:rv --w -a, 'z 'ff ., , W , Rollei lmn H.1ll ,-:im 2 oc: -A-15 1--if-'A x ' An era ended this sunnner with the razing of Robertson Hall, a campus landmark for 52 years. The site occupied by the building and the campus book store made room for S C e I Olipliant Hall. Ll new liberal arts classroom ,.,- fi-5'5" PL il' i xi building. Construction crews also began work on iXlexander Infirmary. Both buildings were to be ready for occupancy at tlie beginning of classes in September 1960. Construction on Olipliant Hall and Alexander lllllfllllllj began in the fall. Eui' +I-me spit-i+ I Registration. rush and football provided traditional spirit for the changing campus scene. The monotony classes was pleasantly interrupted by quick trips to the union for coffee, bridge. or perhaps chess. The spirit of Halloween. combined with the traditional spirit of homecoming. welcomed alums in an unusual manner. Vacation, finals. a new semester-all in quick succession. Finally the arrival of spring found happy seniors counting the days until they would don their caps and gowns-an end to an eventful four years Mclfarlin Library at Cliristinas We Sign here. please Skull session Halftinie spirit of 'T' 1 Eval ' Kc-nclull Hull in the spring Checkmatef Finals again Pump and circuilistzxiice I . .Q .. 19,41 .jg kb W w. Y if .ix V 'j ' g A 1-..,.5-5g,- ,, . ll L Q4 ,sw 1, yn lx as . I , I 'f ' ' I "' I B1 v A w. - fa N t New ii: K! .. W .f "fi I I L KIEQPQ, ' 9 : X , .- , I I Qmxmg vgg Sag. xg Wt was , Ufz .-l c. I x b , i s M xx xt x W' " f'fE3 'fft-SXFYA' Q' IW U1 A 4, .- ., ...f...z,..,.,..a. ,tim 5 , , , W .ugly fif, 1855131al-v'.?111,i,,gxggTXY 1 fy-ini., S-, 1. 7 ,H 4'pNlTQ-L".,f,.-.'ls A ,. -Q ' 'X x . Ai- ,kts 3 Q 'sis 5' 4 . Xfs'5i,9y3s. 1 9 Iv sf-dw? - h K ', N55..qx:i,' .,'xs,.LxcA1i 5 5 W A 0, ai M- .. A-'Q-::"f-I I- ' H ew 4 I 6' mxfv-'I' 'W' fi IK 'Ax 1 r-K' QW' in uf ay i 1' gt?-g'?kAv5.. , , ' a A 'R K 'H Nix X Y V S xx I A iw, , ..., ., Q"g.1,Q x X s- X - ' 1- ., 'YEPSW W-f NWS it WI' t w :T W ..,. .5 . .-,.,:1:v.,,..Z,:..1 uw ,mi.,Wag-55.1.,g.5r-,531-. N ,Ax xy x lg X N KN Swim yyke xf --f- Q W9 YM WX "' was Y'-wg 'F--:w -se, - gust , '-fX 5 rg rr -wg-V-if-1 N xx X VA SMX: 9 W " Y f f if-ef'1Q:rCfQ' II X wx Q + X mls it s QJWI 9 r mf New it IXITS FEATURES Campus Life Campus Views ALMA MATER Administration Faculty Classes A C T I V I T I E S Personalities Communications Varsity ORGANIZATIONS Honorary and Inteiest Military Sororities Fraternities Book FEATLJIQES i:llEFl'lC1lllf.'l'S in their bright new uni- forms practiced before appearing at the varsity games. Q- he .fn- nv 'M ,... SS" 9 I , , ntv,':',IrW '- 1,.1,:.-:Q .,g ggixfiizzgl- Xb 'Aff' T' Avev-r-wffff' K 35.14 - W , ,:,f.-.,. 4 ' w,.qgf .33 , A ., 15.1, fb, 3, A I '.,??W-,QZSQQ ,- fx 1 , A- 'fsf-"'Ig,aF "ive , ,. egg iyyfxiy. vi -V -,1:3:3Qbi',,:f??Qi?13f5g?"wf-x' 'I' V'-' i,.,'f'f..4lw wg. , Q51 Alfmizu "rested his eyes" during a break in his work schedule at the Student Activities building. The Kingston Trio chose the 1960 KIiND.kLLAlSRUM Beauty Queens in the full. People And Places- University of Tulsa 1960 I I-' ' fv- ww-" , Spring pre-c-rlrollmenl ended long 1'C1JQi9U'Z1IiUll lines als 'eludenw paid tuition and fees in business niiicc lmefore the bCjlQlIlIllllj1Q ol classes. I4 hr' IJ for Freshman orientation sessions filled the Student Activities building ballroom in the fall. Year Started Fast With Pre-Enrollment "Vote for mef, said Campaigning candidates for class ollices outside the Student Activities building. ,fi 't ,Q If .Q, "'-my . , , .. 2' f' ?' v I :. :f X i I x-X rl? me R Mary Frances Ham and Donnie Green were in charge of tlie polls as students voted for class officers. WH I 1 JW Garile stuclietl his clay before bC'QQiIl1lillf.I, Quiet. artist at work! Calistheuics occasionally help his IllHSl5l'DiEt'C. Students Found Time For Daily Activities Mortai' Board 111e111l1e1's -llfllll Sharrni jones. Circ-tclieii Hotz. Gail YYCICI1. Val zxllll Xx2ll50Il and Mary li11'h1l1:-s El1lCI'KHllllJd fI'CSl1IllllIl umcds ut the lllllllllli coke hour ill thc full. -"' 'Rimini M35 "And they said it could ltudeut-s attended the daily services in Sharp ,Iemonal chapel. lin. ., l...,. 474: - sYx????f J' A 11- 1- ...-1 . V..... A ,- -.NR:I,'h-71 N-. " u't be done." C X,-I ,,.. V. 1-, . f-,-: 19' , .sw K :.j51,:., K 1-. if Russell Myers and Gary Flemin f g ouncl that two could work f t than one in au afte ' ' ' moon pamtmg lab. Tom Blrnuugham edlted the u 'eekly Collegian Q -:S , Q , 1:19-2: The Kappa Kappa trllllllllllh despite a light ruin. put up their decorzitlml curly. Chi Orucygxls tried to "Hex lltlllhilillln with their prize- Ulllllllljl witch Hazel. Spirits Hrc-rl up at the pep rally before the Honmeuorning game fww- 'ff is ' x 4'1of,'Ct'-3xi3,., 2315. :flaw , iii? ir-1"o5fw"flfg. 4- -'L' l el A ugly ,. 6' 4 ' ,A 1 Pi Kappa Alpha won Hrst place in the fraternity house decorations with "This is gonna be a pushovcrf' Halloween Homecoming Welcomed Alums Kappa Alpha Thctus worked until morning on their second-place winning horneconiing decoration. "Coop the Cougarsf' V l .fp " nf 're Rx 1 p ,"yyIl,,h' , Kay Calvin and ,Inn Cornett took advantage of the mistletoe in the Student Activities building . , . . , 1 ' i . uh , A ,nv "" ' V F.:-P . , ... M it Kpvgpuw- 6 ,wwswr "' .,- Y .ff 0 ......x-.v,:.V- v-. , ,,. LA:-v , .'1I ', ,Midi an K 1' .-. 4 'ka V g, ral. X' .JW The snow dichft arrive until after Christrnas. hut the snow-bound carnpus had a holiday look. Christmas . . . All Roads lead Home Fraternities and sororities held numerous partres durrng the hohday season. M'-1 i4""':!'.-vt s " 'f Sur' 'JS' f' L' 'Z .. 1- 1 1 2-Q5 ' f Q anis: v. 'A ws ,h M . P . -five. A ' ' 'N . 'A5'v 1 f r Q-- ' .mm 'L 4' . ' Art students took time between classes to make a "snow woman." 1-84 +1 ,K 2I This looks like Z1 good place to sit . . . It's no fun to study alone . . . lNeed some helpa Finals . . . Doom For Some, Honors For Others ...:..T.. ."fs - ' ws G Ave emi, .x 'wo k K , ., Q' T' 4535- 'Ns N Vs w- ' -no - -r H ,, '+-NL...-, ' if NS? - ' .- 2-::Qxs,ui:-mi:-is fa' WW wt. . . .:.+?: RE..-:aj,:. NV MQ, X N X.-ws ,.. -wks. Q - ' S53 Q . ,.,,.,: - The study rooms in McFarlin Library were Fllle 22 cl with students preparing for fi nals. The LlI'liOIl,S a better place to study, anyway." ma H X N 4.:f.,' ' osmwm ratowmv H 1 ououA1isu4owfsmH e.,Ne0v9u,..fw ' ,. L ,g -: ..,...........:,n-:w:-:3:5v- fu :.'7lZ73.ZIL1.'Zf5......... W, U , , ............,,.... -1f..........4,......-.,..., ..,x, t . -, .......-,..,..,,. .nwzmcm ' "J'lI7S'C,2'V " 'f'1'l"Zf, 'k" O O I l t C 6 0 1 0 on-Campus residents preferred to Study in the Barbara Davis and Mary Metzger were eager to see then grades earlx dorms. ,,nnam,X,,q Ag ,-., any-,f.,.f , V - - g-,s , Q-Q ' fx.:- i Vixaifedff' ,,,s,:.,.t:.:.Q.,,1,. . Finals fatigue tggxk-lfi. ..- -N RQ.x'91W5 M Qtr .-e!lSfX'g5 QM Ns -s, QQ, E:-N gy: ,327 3? fb. 'X A 5-.71 13157. 'RHF' - fiairfff Kathleen Quirk bought her second semester books early to ElV0lll the lllSl1 in the campus bookstore. Richard DeHaan relaxed as second semester classes got under way. Thomas Albrecht received an influenza shot at the infirmary before the outbreak of the Asian llu. X g ...,,. W4 lan 99,0 alhffznppq M53 'P "Ur M- PE l' iq 1 W . 'Mui in .555 .dz Librarian Mrs. Katie Copass checked out books for term papers. Long lines, Asian Flu Plagued 2nd Semester Lunch break was the busiest time in the cafeteria. as lines got longer during the second serue:-zter. Pi Kappa Alpha presented ll nuke-off on L1 popular lelevlsnm cnlllxxxezuznl. Kappa Alpha mm the Chestcrhelcl trophy for the best uct Ill the show har llS rcnclillon of Vjllllillltitlll T. f:Ul'lJUIlC.w e v Ronnie Young and Judy Hyatt danced to 'Seventeen The Varsity Nite board and chorus opened the shmx' which ran for four nights on Kendall stage. Varsity Nite - "Sounds Of The Fabulous 50's" Delta Delta Delta was jnclgecl the best XYO111CIl.5 aut for their presentation of "The Countrfs ln The Very Best of Hands." f,f:.Qf.1+f::f,aa' -' fs- -Mr- v -- -- , -1, .sf 'P :rv asa:-' 131 :i ' 5. li -. :. 2 , x ly 448101 , .ggi M. .. ff. can N weg -ew X84 Q37 'vsag' Q X x 4 f - , ' .... :ff , -3 ll linfglish :mil Nancy Clllllpbtfu CIZIIICCQI in the snuck but during, ll slow. spring ufternuoxl. f " . mama... Cornrnencernent exercises ended four eventful years for graduating seniors. The End Approaches . . . Happiness and Sorrow Senior :Klan Briggs erarnrned for his spring exams through "subliminal learning." E 1 -N, V -XJ 14. ..-nlhx 1 ff Q, 4 Between classes. students headed for the union for coffee and a game of bridge. Student Activities Building iN1cFarlir1 Library WB! vm- ll . 1 is UAIXAFJLJS VIEVVS -v--,,......, 112 lrltmr ummm-w 335333 -ui-ui 111 lr A- 1 EE Il Ili. ll!" Il lm Hllli f A+.. ,T W, 11 3""""'l"'Ql5xn. ....... 3' un.. --. .f- A e,f' xxx . AM. x-,K l l -uf.. ---- F. unm- RI... 1 'pun ITT' EE :aff RISE Will! iw 1 f rs, 2 1 i 5 'f--A El as """" :un-n Petroleum Science Building J 32 Phillips Engineeringg Building N Mm-F N. ,, ,- ., A ""' ' "- --'--Li'-"' ., 3 --2 W ' . -. V f N i' ' wir, 3:11 fm A -WE' kswg --. Building N4 nth C .xmpus 33 '- ,,..-f" Q na. H v Kemp Hall Lottie jane Mallee Hull John Mallee Hull be 1 -.'-4 1' -'--' ""' - QR' 119- "'-1" ---- 3 -Q. 'PQ A 4 . , : .. ' 1 . ' - . ' :jgs-3f:Q5j3s5'g'-'g.-:Q-3.32 ,Qs - :M ' ' H we 3 , Q -. - Ar, 5.gj'-,.w.f'- -Q Q 2 f- Q 1-z--.qs , . - 1 Q- 5 5-j5Qr.Q,. , - - - 2:-14,.-x:.,'e'.-,NEW 51s,-xxx'--F. QQ- . X M Q.-, - . -. -X -3 .5 :. QQQQQi.Qr,, Q QW . K ,, Q, Q Q. . .....,.,.,. ., , . ,, 3,5 Q iiirxi A X ' E395 , ex , . ' wg -- '1 .Q-,-, gp.-gs'-Hg N fx j wx' . 4 X 'T Xi:r3,'f'-,-'1 fp'1,r- x ,ga , -15 - R. Q. .. ,,, 1 1 , ,- , A - -' w, - . w f N xxx'-. x 4- f f K . e -1-1 1 fx. . ' - x -X w - .- Q ,Q Qt-. -. - M. ,Q: f . QQ 5, Q ,X .TFNQ Q 2 , .Q I - ' .f X 4 Q xl 1 - .l Q 123 f- , f iigsff T A 1:2 ........... ' - l 'l . -' ' --fl.. ,. Q-il , . . 1- 2' ' -. V? t ' J ' , "'Y"'f'? i .i- 1:,lE?fiSQfff'T"W'i'?f f5"l"f ai Y -4 T. - -1- -M, Q -I, , w.??F. :. -:fx . al Q - 3 ,.v. -5 .-nf -2 -N454 . . . ffl 155 2 'r " .. - . -"1 A -,C ,,,,:f3g .gfj':'1f-9 5- , .,,x. -- - . ,. 'J 'P SL "ll all.:-'-".r-23 H 1 l - - - Af, Ip 7 ' Y-ifffff-a.5'-avsii k-'rzib -1.-Q45 vi-- fz-". A' V - . 'As-5'-1' 1-1 ,,,. ., - . u i. ' , 4, ra.-N L.-gl :fx 5, ,,.'- -A 3.4 . 'g.g4,,3.4x. -3' , ..1, Q A fu., x. m y J, l 'Ill ,uf - 5 Q. .,-' 43225 .,3tg ."'p-3. 9- i4.'gQ?.1i.'1 ' T Q..-3.1 7f'.':'-'f-:f4.,: zf 1 P9 4 l ' 2 X :lv IZ' ' "li:-Gfd.-A-'31l!':I5l"4 ." -" ' 'i ,s."'L'.. A . '- . ' 1, . ' 5, Q' I U ' 3 If x 1 . Q-'QE-54 QE , x .xx 2.2 ' l '1.Q4L.p:f--xl" 2-"RQ--'K' ,g..Q ,Q 45, 1 QQ .. , , Q , Q. 6 Q QQQ .v Q . Q Q Q 4 . xQ, M.- Q Q, .xr,,3w,x' l,Q I- Q ,A , . 31,3 Q A. . r QQ Q Q-T -,hgh R L . ..Qg-fn-Q. QQ K , N gI::-mi, Q ,QgQ,,, QQQQQQ 13. . .,-,. , "0 ' 5151 - f' fix" 1 -5 , - sr- ,Nl 'X ' " ' : ' IY""k --g..1' 'eff if .ll 3"lq3:i'1'zv 45'-VL "Zi -- . 1F?f-.-f-a lfa' -fm -- -- wf : f - .- - , , F. -1 Q Q 3 57, , Q3..- rg Q , - -X - W ' - -yu. L .. Q if I. --.y .u. 1 , ' I-A gym 4 W- . -- ,Nw X . Memorial Hall 1 . l -5 , 'Y . ' sq , M139 M ,- 1 E 455 ' if ? ,fd ,ff uf' mph Q I-n f., ' IJ Qi x 4 Campus Bus Stop KXYGS Towel' Book J ZTWF44' 15.7f'iE1'-if 1 ' ' ' singx U: ..- - c J ' f -, if , .A ' ' 'I 1 Q, 4 I 5 . Y K1 'P' , 'f gg l ,Q ff . zff'4 -. if W:-I 1. ll 4-N Q.. - 2xw ' :ah NYJ! '1,.-1r"' Fr., 9 . 2' 5 lg E5 f T' il ' 19, -- -- if ' J - Ji 1, g Ff-W-A--72 - F5-2 . . - ' , I-, qi' 51 Jail L,-JN V ,' 1 ,V 6-4-1. ,,..if-i N.-3 5' I ,fk'.f', F L' wx.: ' . , ig-" 'N' I ,I ' 'L 1' HL-.. --Abi I li f ,-1 ---- ---"" -,-kid,-f 7 5' "- 'EL 3 3-.31 , -'V J tw- a --H-1 ff- l X --'1' ' ' I e ' Q- ' 4' g 'W I 5 - ff'--F - 'Qj ' w-5511244 I f If -1 , W' . 7 i ' 1 ' N' f ' 1 23. '5. ' :A I ,rn 1 2 'Alf- Q ' U ' ' I 5 5 xl ' X: I fr, N, ! 5 , , 5 I, dl-',4 I ,' X . I rv iffl? 1 ! fx ,-7,1 :yn .?, , 5 'g if 11 .-, lzf.-'K .fi f, 5.1 i'1ir.1?LL:,., ll: V, A- L -.xl ,, 2- , V, .. , I . - ' ' X 1- " 1 ' F,-,C V 'A f ,A il-',f'l .,,, -..-. ,. .,l L,,,LQ..,Q.g.',-1 I Effw 1174 -77-FTF?ET?7i9l'fz5f?5fF:A - A mi. wfzgiff' 1.,,11,,,: im., .ig-ig.. ' n vm kxtgg gzizgz, 'IfZQ1...Q'l.-,HZ , My .f g-H---- T, . - V. 1 .Ml 1 4. , u I ,il rl -- 3- IVIA Seniors begun Ll busy wwk of .ff .- K'UIlllllt'lll'C'lllC'lll zlctixilics. - lv, y Q S 5 . f. X ., M . ffm ' xav ' s--ag: 4 , '1 f-vw' , N YY? ..:g K -X-:gg Egg - f-. f ' 1'- fi rm-2--eff S , , .xx-i f-:nil Tw ' .. ,I ., sr."-1 1.: 4- fi ' -,xx , fi., s. :w'1y"-'-fxiis -. X X K f :s:s21::ig-1e':k.:? Eggs, , 42,5-I-il Qaxg, S .Q N N xx 5: . X ay- ff XR Kgs, f 5.-'-:I fy .,-sg, ,W 5, -X , ' Q ,X 5- 5-? , ,Egg I-.W A. ,st ff' :N .wi Q ,: x ::- 51:s'v.:.jff ,'f-1: ' ' x -Q1 ' . -Q vs: -gg 1-NP mr 12- -:wiv ,L . - : 'N , 1 'A 'M :Y "K K 'W3.C3'S-? '- KW .9-.5 uw- : Q : 5' 6 2 , 4 ,z K .-1. . Y, .N , ff, s . , 5 M f , 45 K gf V 3 1 4 M ,kg ,Q . ' .V Dean Robert L. Briggs emphasized some of the fundamentals of music. The ChancelIor's Message Once again it is a pleasure to greet you through the KENDALI.ABP.uM. Many changes have taken place on the campus- new administration, new members of the faculty, new members of the student body. and new build- ings. Those of you who have been on the campus for the past two years have seen the vast improve- ment made by the additions of McClure Hall. the administration building. and the Sharp Memorial Chapel which are now in use. Soon. the new Oli- phant Hall and Alexander Inhrmary will be ready for occupancy. Growth comes through change. through upgrad- ing facilities. faculties and curricula. These fine facilities. together with an excellent administration and faculty, provide a setting in which you can bet- ter pursue truth and knowledge and in which The University of Tulsa can better serve you. Your loyal support will assure the continued for- ward progress of your Alma Mater. Best wishes for your happiness and success. Cordially. CHANCELLOR CLARENCE I. PONTIUS DR. CLARENCE I. PONTIUS Chancellor, University of Tulsa The Presidents Message A 5 l5l it s fs 1-al DR. BEN GRAF HENNEKE President, l'niversity of Tulsa President Henneke looked to the future as czunpus construction rapidly pro gms-.t1tl. Every educated man will agree to the truth in the maxim which says that a college is only as good as its faculty. But I have always believed that the words 'students' and 'trusteesl fre- quently can be substituted for the word 'faculty' and the maxim will remain true as before. The trustees are the sinews, the strength of the University. the students its heart. No one can live for any appreciable length of time without a heart, sinews and brain. It takes all three components to make a whole person- one capable of loving, thinking and producing ideas which will benefit his fellow man. No institution such as your University can long exist without students, trustees and faculty. This year's KENDALLABRUM is dedicated to two of the Univer- sity's life trustees. Robert C. Sharp and the late H. O. McClure, who gave the University Sharp Memorial chapel and McClure hall, buildings which have been dedicated within the past 14 months. It is fitting and proper that the KENDALLABRUM should be thus dedicated. McClure hall permits us to house most of the administrative functions of the University under one roof. The chapel reestablishes the ideal that worship is the central act of education. McClure hall. with its modern architecture and use of steel and glass, symbolizes the University that is and that promises to be. Sharp Memorial chapel, with its Tudor arches, art-glass windows and bronze doors, speaks in a clear voice of the search for truth and the belief that through art and love we can establish again the ideal of beauty as devotion. Both these men. Mr. McClure, the banker-philanthropist, and Mr. Sharp, oil man-philanthropist, have shown their affection for and their faith in The University of Tulsa, its students, teachers and fellow trustees. and in the city of Tulsa. ' Sincerely yours. PRESIDENT BEN G. HENNEKE The Inauguration of President Ben CrufHful1ckc. April 16. 1959 University of Tulsa Board of Trustees le... I 5 XVILLIAM L. KISTLER. JR. NIARVIN MILLARD Willirrrrr L. Kistlor. Inc. Excc. Vice-Prosidfrrt .Yrrtiorral Bank of Tulsa BEN G. HENNEKE CECIL C. FORBES Pncsirlvrzt Urrizrorsity of Tulsa Clmirmorz Noble Drilling Corp. 44 R. K. LANE Clroirnzarr of tlrc Board Clzoirnrarz Public Serzrivc Co. JOHN W. BRICE Prosiclerrt Carter Oil Co. W. W. VVOLFE Pnfsirlerrt Wolfe Drilling Company JOHN ROGERS Attorney BRYANT M. KIRKLAND Pastor First Presbyterian Church A. I. LEVORSEN Geologist if ROBERT C. SHARP FLOYD L. MARTIN Imfvslm vu ls C0 IISII H11 ni If ffm' 'ff' . 51: ""':.A,vEtq1 A -'ii 5115211121 ., . ,,..., . . 'X K ":R if 11.1-. -1 .,. . A 1 E. FRED JOHNSON R. W. VVIRE Prcsidcnf Fourth .Vational l'rr'si1I1'nt Lnglnml Bank. Bl'I7f,If'l'S CO. 4 JOHN E. MABEE H. A. EDDINS Irzzvasfrrzfrzfs Prvsizlvnt Oklfllllllllfl .Vain ral C115 R. W. IWCDOWELL C. I. PONTHYS I'r'1'sir1m1l D-X Sllilfllj' Oil CU. CIIIIIIFFHUI' Unizfrrsity nf T11 Isa JAY P. WALKER CLERALD H. WESTBY Pl'l'SflIf'Ilf .Ynfiomzl Tank Co. Pl'l'.VifI1'l1f Svismograph Svrrifz' Corp. 'VY' DAN P. PIOLMES D. D. BOVAIRD Pl'l'Sif1I'lIf IJIIII P. Holmrs PI'l'.SilIl'Ilf Bozwirfl Supply C0 Q17 Assnv. 45 MARY CLAY VVILLIAMS Cu11r1.w'Im' fu HVUIIIVII DAN WESLEY Cvznlsvlm' In M021 JESS CH01"rEAL' Dil'CL'fL7l', Sllulvnf Activities Building GEORGE NIETZEL Rvgisfrzn' CHARLES MALONE Aclnzissions Cmnlsvlor University of Tulsa Administrative Staff KIOHIX IIM Lb Tl'l'll.Yll l'l'l' HAROLD Smmus ASM. fru1.wnu and Busirzcxx Mgr. EVGEMA NIADDOX Hvrul Lilvrnrizllz CHARLES BALES Public Rclalimzs Dirfdor GLENN DOBBS Athletic Dirccfor College oi Petroleum Sciences and Engineering ACTING IJEAN H. N. CARTER The College of Petroleum Sciences and Engineering pro- vides educational opportunity at the undergraduate level in petroleum, chemical frefming optionj, aeronautical, and mechanical engineering, engineering physics, geophysics, ge- ology, physics, and chemistry. Through the Graduate School the Master's Degree is offered in petroleum engineer- ing, chemical engineering, chemistry, geology, geophysics, and physics. The most recent addition to the Engineering College is the Born Technical Library which is located on the North Campus and is in the process of being equipped. This Technical Library is a branch of the University of Tulsa main library and was made possible and named for its first donor, Dr. Sidney Born. Engineering is a dynamic and ever-changing profession and requires that the curricu- lum be continually changed. The faculty of the College of Petroleum Sciences and Engineering is constantly studying and revising the curriculum and exploring new approaches to the subject matter field. These curriculum changes are supported by the acquisition of new equipment for experi- mental purposes. Chemistry students worlced on an experiment in the afternoon laboratory. En Shirley Most looked on as Dr. C. A. Levengood chetlxed a bactei1olog.,x bpetnnen College of Liberal Arts colleges at the University of Tulsa. D1 W Dom XLD E ILn'nliN The College ol' Liberal Arts continues to ruse its stand ards and its reputation each year. Its letcultt members ire well trained and experienced: mam of them are recognized as outstanding in their field. Most ol them contribute ln addition to their academic livesj '1 great deal to their eoni llllllllly. An outstanding improvement being ldded this te nr is Oliphant hall. which will be a modern useful beautiful classroom-laboratrary-office building It will also contnn Oliphant .-Xuditoriuins with the latest at nlable equipment Fundznnental to all education are the b :sic arts and ecienus The llenry Kendall College of Libertl Xrts eonst tntlx seeks to serve better its own students and the students ol the other DEAN Roisenr L. BRIGGS School of Music The School of Music is one of the oldest divisions of the University of Tulsa. The present faculty numbers 26 and is composed of outstanding artists and professors, many of whom are associated with the Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra and Tulsa Opera. Dr. Robert L. Briggs, who has been dean since 1957, is a member of numerous educational and pro- fessional groups, and is a member of the Boards of the Tulsa Philharmonic, Tulsa Opera, Civic Music, the Tulsa Federation of Music Clubs, Oklahoma Music Teachers As- sociation, and others. Various curricula are offered in all branches of applied music, composition, church music, and music education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Degrees offered include the Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, Master of Music, and Master of Music Education. In addition to many practice and con- cert pianos, the students in the School of Music have access to two new pipe organs of excellent quality. One is in the Tyrrell Auditorium and another in the Sharp Memorial Chapel. There is a fine university band, a symphony orches- tra, and two excellent choirs. Dean Briggs listened during a practice session of Patricia Weihe and Louis Cunningham. Business administration students learned to use the calculator machines I I I I College of Business Administration DEAN M. M. H.KRGRON'E The curricula of the College of Business fXdministra tion have the two-fold purpose of providing a technical training in business and an educational background which will assist graduates to become business leaders and useful citizens. To accomplish these goals. the College provides majors in accounting. business-law. economics. management marketing. and secretarial administration. Recently. a neu option in petroleum marketing has been added. tying the University even closer to the Petroleum lndustry. The en rollment of the College continues to increase. Over 150 full-time students are now enrolled. These students are housed in the beautiful and spacious Lorton hall which pro vides specialized facilities for the study of business. Tulsa the "Oil Capital of the XYorld." is a practical laboratory for the study of the latest policies and procedures in business The College is a member of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. the highest accreditation is sociation in the field. DEAN W. V. IIULLUWVAY Graduate student Paul Vaughter presented his histt Graduate School The Graduate School was organized in 1933 and has grown steadily since that time. The school now offers Mas- ter's Degrees in twenty-six academic and professional fields, and in addition offers the Professional Diploma and Doctor of Education in the teaching areas. Approximately 1.200 students were at various stages working for advanced de- grees. over 500 being enrolled for the current term. Many are part-time students who attend evening classes. summer school. or both. The graduate course offerings also are ex- panding to meet new demands and better fulhll the aim to provide qualified college graduates opportunity and facili- ties for advanced study and research for either professional or cultural purposes. The dean of the Graduate School is Dr. VV. V. Holloway. Professor of Political Science and the author or co-author of three texts in the field of government. He has also written articles in several professional journals. Q QQ :ry thesis to Mrs. Doris WVattenbarger, graduate secretary v ANDREW L. SPRINGFIELD Night school students took a breuk betwecn classes. Evening Division Tailored for the working person desiring to further his education. the Evening Division offered a broad and varied program leading to regularly conferred degrees of the Uni- versity. Continuing its enlargement program under Andrew L. Springfield. director since 1957. the Division offered new courses in the field of transportation and police science. The Division's offices and many classes were housed in the downtown building of the University. but more and more of the classes were moving to the campus proper in accordance with the master plan decision to ultimately move coni- pletely to the campus. Utilizing the professors from the Uni- versity and learned men from the business world of Tulsa, an excellent faculty was provided for those seeking further study in undergraduate and graduate courses. "Ladies Onlyl' classes were also offered during the day, for house- wives who wished to continue study in such fields as art appreciation, or managing the budget and other problems of the housewife. DEAN ALLEN KING School of Law The School of Law was created as one of the schools of the University in 1943 with the approval of the Oklahoma Supreme Court. VVhen approval of the School of Law was granted by the Court the proprietors of the Tulsa Law school gave to the University all of its assets and ceased operating as an independent school. With the employment of the first full-time faculty member in 1948 the process of gaining approval by the American Bar Association began. The faculty of the School of Law now consists of seven full- time and seven part-time members. The program of the school consists of a full-time Day Division and a part-time Evening Division, with both divisions fully approved by the American Bar Association. Law students met outside the School of Law before classes. Dr. R. Grady Suugfgfs polxltcwl lo .1 Sl"1llflL4lIl atmu lu xr: KJFIUII s .mc IIIKIDILS of CIIIISUIIIIU 1 .mas F wwe 'M Ng, ' A-il' X L E fry. 5, ., X, , iff., 'X ,HI 'nf-ff 0- Y' r .. , J- W, H' "X if?-u ,, 'ilf' 'T 'iQGb:: Nnlwq, .J-"X, .f-.QI r, wx llglfnf, .3vf1,-VH. wg, - H.. y,-V, 1 .g..,. , "w?!Vw...- F .. ' ' 4lUfxg,- .1 . 1 I-'ch-5 3 ' lurk., Jo' mf gqmyhq ,, shun - Suxnverxqm .V Qbron . - st, - jf -. 0 f, .zmw 'Y fy Q -Mx M X by n J HV 'am M, QM' 1 X ' 'W fn 4 M A 11 K :X ua V 9 n 1 , ff:-q f. N X an f A - 'I Wx 4 Q H 5' 'Q' 41 'Q ' i A Q G. , if A ,, .. F2211 C' 'Q U Faculty 52255. I..-.. pe-I EMILE ADER ANNE ARRINGTON VVILLIAM BAKER Political Science English Geography Akdel-H I-Iaydfgn, I-Ignnekg and Langenhginl CHIARLES BALES H.ARRIET BARCLAY CHARLES BASSETT relax over u frlendly game of cards. Publig Rglglipng Bgfmly Ggolggy i , ,J-Efsfzfzl?-a-'5g:f:gIii:-'13 11. ff ' 'aL.j4 i vigigfifgggjjgggz,-'-Ib -I . 'K H I DON BERSINGER F. BLACIQMORE ALBERT BLAIR PHILIP BLOUGH ROBERT BRADLEY Speech WPE Zoolugy Business Law Production HARRY BROADD PAULA BROADD PAUL BROWN BEAUMONT BRUESTLE BYRON BUCKERIDGE Art Speech Religion Speech Education PAUL BUTHOD I. E. CADENHEAD THOMAS CMRN5 Refining HiSf0l'y 1uIlf1l1'II1l1HC.i A 1 ' ' g N '-J-'car f gf ' ,... ' PM 55:53. ' ' ffl. fm Wifi 553. V Y .1 sr gm .f 'vaki J. STANLEY CIIESNUT JOSEPH COCHRAN HOBIER CORER Religion Ari MFE , A E Tm 1 , . oxvf , .,,A, .. , .,, 2 . M , . L J - ix . a DWVIGHT DAILEY ROBERT Cox P. L. CUNNINOHAM Law Vvifz' Band ROBERT DOBBS GERTXLD DONOVAN JOHN P. DRATZ Allrletics Law MFE H. N. CARTER Malllrrrullzfx RONALD CASTLEBERRY ROTC ROBERT COMSTOCR T. W. COOVER Radio A'Illl'kl'l'i'lIg W. H. DAY Ml1l',iFfi7Ig EDXV.-XRD DUBIIT Radio 1 - A .: . , . -yi 431 ."' -' ., . ,ist J Z"i2:.r 1- 1 0, "-1::.-.ih.+:- , md. A - . M .:.f3f:53:i5':-:.: , .I .V af- I-Af:'qi:5':.,1!E:Q:g:,.g.:.3' iii ' ' fffixr, I gre. ,W V1 f w 1 .,:: :.:::f MAR-JORIE DEFIGH Mabre Clinic ROSALIE DUNHAM Maflzemalivs E. j. EIKENBERRY ROGER FENN ELMER F. FERNEAU T. GARDNER W. B. GARRISON English Music Educnlion Cllemislry Mallzemaifzca x ::gg5:'g..1.: :Ziffi'Q5Qgr:ff'f5,5g.-",,s 5 ' , V 1f15S:N!b'5l7fS1-:5152152357 ' 'rl-2'f'.I' , , Q Q . , - M , f an -X 5. Y - f' 1 X V '-Q -ami: 5 '- .. , Q al .,,, ,. . X QX JOHN D. CQEMMILL DOROTHY GIIJEON PAUL GRAISER E, T, GUERRER0 HOWARD HACIXNVORTH Bll.YiIlc".VX Afllllllgflllflll Music Accounling Production Sbeech Y X, M'-fy qww, ' -3Smv?f::r:r.::1 .. q., - N.., , .,.. . .-.f.. + R5 A- :N-Z..2R:K-.-. ' - . is ..k. JOHN H.ACER RYILLIAM H.-ws DON P. HELANDER ROBERT HENDERSON jEss1E HOBBS Lau' .l01lI'l1IIIi5III Producfion Religion Sludent Achzizlzes . E 'ix ALEXANDRE HOGUE K. HOLLINGSWORTH M. E. HOPRINS Pmyclzology Cfzcnzixlry Art Rmding Clinic Geology ROBERT HOBSKJN JAMES R. HOITIFENIRXN ik E. A. HONVARD PHILIP HOW'ELL ROY HUIfE Eu HUGHES CATHERINE HUN1'l2R Mnlliemafics El'0l1U7lllf.i Law Alhlelics IAI0l7ll'77ll1klI1g l I JOHN HURIILE JOY HURSH CLIFFORD HUTTON RAYMON INGRAM NIARY JAMES Spcrcll Pimm Affnzuiling Arrnznzling LllH'lll'J' ED JOHNSON MANLY JOHNSON FIMNCIS JONES H. RODMAN JONES V. EDGAR JONES Journalism English Violin Speech Aeronautics 4 WI ll! JAN! 53' msn nm Q K R. J. KAUFLIANN RALPH KELTING A. ALLEN KING Chemislry Botany Law Miss Florence C. Blackmore. "Miss Homecom- ing Of 1959-60." received a gift at the Alumni banquet from Jack N. Hayes, Alumni president. CR.-xH,xM KIRKPATRICK ll. CHARLES KLOTZ SANUOR Komcs RICHARD LAATSCH PHILLIP LANDA Lau' Arrmmuliml Svriulogy Mallzemafifs Law EllgilIl'l'1'il1g JH.- ,1 Rooms LEHEW CLAUUE A. LIZVENGOOD H.-xcun L1Nnsn' ROBERT LINNELL ANTHONY Lis Af11I1'!ir.s Zmvlogy ZO0I0gy Arwzuzling Secretarial Adrninislralion CAROLINE MCCORD FLETCHER MCCORD KAY MCFARLAND RICHARD MCGEE BEA MCINERNEY English I'syf'lmIngy Library Law Education N... N nw ' -X 4 .b X xx.: wx 51:-L up 5 3 X .- 5-L W. E. McKEE EUCENIA Mmmox CHARLES IWALONE C. J. MANCUSCO MARLOW MARKERT Muxif Lilzrnry AlIH1i.iSi0HX Psyflrolngy Educalion I L 3 RAY MATHIESON ARTHUR MEEI-IAN NI.-XRSHALL MILLIGAN QQETTY K. MURPHY A. N. MURRAX' Physics Clzfmiral Ellgillfflillg BIl.SiI1l'.i.Y Armlysix Aflliil' Gmlogy JAMES MURRAY R. B. MYERS BARIMRA OIERHULS LYLE OYYEN ROBERT E, PARRISH Library Fiwznnce Englislz El'0ll!7NliL'X EIIIICIIHUII BRUCE PETERSON BRAD PLACE W. S. PRICE BOYD R. RINGO .IOIIN ROGERS Law Ar! Modern Lrznguagvx Muxic Law v Pv- BELA ROzsA W. A. RUTLEDGE LLOYD R. S.-ILTZMAN A. H. SCI-ILENRER XVILLIAM SETTLE Muxic Mallzmfzrzficx Markvfing Mallztmafics Hixlory FREDERICK SIMPSON GEORGE SMALL Ezlucafion Ezlufnliorz C. D. THOMAS RALPH THOMAS Physics Low RALPH VEATCII JEANNE XVAITS Malllenzalirs Music f A' ' 1 ' 1-RA A . IEE:-x C " Tv N ,Qi .' A 'Al 1 'X' p Y wk., .v ' :1:5:g. PEGGY XVILSON TOM XVOOD Law Sccrdary .lou rfnal ism K R. GRADY SNUGGS WALTER STEURMANN CLEVY L. STROUT Religion Plzilosoplzy Modern Languages Ne., JESS THOMPSON LYLE TRUEBLOOD G. W. UNIJERWOOD MPE .Mfl'Ilage1nC'lll Affounliozg MAX M. WAITS CHARLES WEBER DENTON R. WIELAND Musir Moflern Languages Profluctiou I l DAN VVESLEY J. S. WVOODRUFF LESTER F. ZIMMERMAN Sociology Law English IlClC'l'Ll11S5Illt'll uulclx in hopeful lllllikipllliflll :ls happy senior Holm Pmxcll jumps for juy. fr . .,....... .Y I fue YgI1r,'E:f3,:.f.'5. . 'U ,E,. ,gif . 9 s ws x ROW I: Hisham H. Al-lssa, Kuwail, Arabia, Produclion Es- gineering: Marion Allon, Claremore, Olcla., Commercial Ari, Arl Sludenls League: Howard Andrews, Jr., McPherson, Kans., Pelroleum Engineering, .Y-X: Larry E. Baile, Tulsa, Ol4la,, Malhemalics, ISA: David T. Bailey, Tulsa, Olela., Phys- ics, 'Ml-E, Sword and Key, Engineers Club, American lnsli- lulion ol Physics: Paul Bailey, Tulsa, Olcla., Accounling, K-E, ASH, Agnes Baker, Tulsa, Olcla.: Gary L. Barnharf, Prolec- lion, Kans., Produclion Engineering, HET, AIME, Engineers Club. ROW 2: David C. Bausch, Ennis, Monl., Engineering Physics. Sword and Key, Alberl E. Becher, Farmingdale, N.Y., Geol- ogy, 'Pill BFE, Geology Club: Marfha Bellah, Tulsa, Olcla., Senior Class officers Jim Schmidl, Nancy Slelifens, Earl Mor- ris and Pam Smifh fried on caps and gowns before com- mencemenl. Secrelarial Adminislralion, fl'M, Kendallabrurn, Collegian, Businesswomens Club, BAE: Roger Berg, Tulsa, Olrla., Geol- ogy, Geology Club, Engineers Club: Mary Birbilis, Tulsa, Olcla., Journalism, l-lislory, Morlar Board, Scroll, Lanlern, Kendallabrurn, Collegian, SNEA, KAII, Sludenl Senafe, CPFK, Presidenfs Club, UAE, Mairix Award, Whois Who, HFM. 'l'Al'l: Thomas F. Birmingham, Wichila, Kans., Journalism, Collegian, Presidenls Club, UAE, Board ol Publicarions, Press Club, Young Republicans, KWGS, Kendallabrum: Daniel M. Bisefl, Tulsa, Olqla., Economics, EX, Execulive Club: Don Black, Tulsa, Olcla., Chemical Engineering, KE, Srudenl Senale Commillee, Engineers Club, AlChE, Presi- denls Club, American Chemical Sociely. ROW 3: Yvonne Wagsfer Blaclc, Websler Groves, Mo., Religious Educarion, XQ, TU "Y," SNEA, BSU, Sludenl Senale, Lanlern, Scroll, Whcfs Who, UTM, KAH: John Bod- lrin, Tulsa, Olcla., lnduslrial Psychology, EX, WX, Cheerlead- er: Roberf J, Bogdan, Tulsa, Okla., Malhemalics, Arnold Air Sociely: Alayne Bolian, Tulsa, Olcla., Sociology, Junior Pan- hellenic, Collegian, Sludenl Senale, Panhellenic, AKA, AF, Lanlern, Scroll: Marilyn Sue Boll, Tulsa, Olcla., Journalism- Adverrising, Ki, HAH, Young Republicans, Kendallabrumq Sherry Bradshaw, Shelbina, Mo., English: Glen Lee Brady, Nowala, Olcla., Managemenf: Roberi Brady, Sapulpa, Olcla., Business. ROW 4: Marlella Brauchl, Tulsa, Olcla., English, KAGP, Lan- lern: Gladys Ruslin Bremer, Tulsa, Olcla., English, Educalionq William John Bryan, lll, Tulsa, Olcla., Malhemarics, KA, Ten- nis Team, Young Democrals: Mary F. Bryanf, Tulsa, Olcla., Physical Educalion, XQ, SNEA: Warren Davis Buclcmasfer, Cosla Mesa, Calil., Management SAM: Rhea Pafricia Burlre, Tulsa, Olcla., English, KKIT, Newman Club: Roberf G. Cald- well, Jr., Tulsa, Olcla., Social Work, KA: Homer L. Carfer, Tulsa, Olcla., Business Adminislralion, SAM, AMA. SENIURS ROW I: Norman Chaffee, Tulsa, Okla., Chem- ical Engineering, Engineers Club, AIChE: R. D. Chamberlin, Tulsa, Okla., Engineering: Clifford E. Clark, Tulsa, Okla., Religion, BSU: Jerry K. Clark, Claremore, Okla., Engineering-Geology, AFROTC Ritle Team, Sabre Air Command, Ar- nold Air Society, Geology Club, Engineers Club: Charles Clow, Tulsa, Okla., Accounting ASH. ROW 2: Gene T. Cole, Tulsa, Okla., Produc- tion Engineering, AIME, Engineers Club: Kath- leen Cook, Tulsa, Okla., I-Iome Economics, Mor- tar Board, I-tome Ec Club, KA9, Kin, SNEA, IIAE, Wesley Foundation, Scroll, Lantern: Wil- son Cook, Wichita, Kans., Geophysics, -YN, En- gineers Club, Society ot Exploration Geophysi- cists: Thomas G. Cooperider, Kansas City, Mo., Geophysics, Geophysics Club: Betty Ann Cox, Fort Smith, Ark., Biology, KHP, Lantern, Scroll, Kendallabrum, Botany Club. ROW 3: John Lee Cox, Tulsa, Okla., Engineer- ing Physics, Physics Club, Band, Orchestra, KKNIII ISA, Chess Club: Robert W. Cox, Tulsa, Okla., Geophysics, ISA, Geophysics Club, Arnold Air Society: Shirley Lois Marie Cox, Tulsa, Okla., Business Education: Nancy Jane Craig, Tulsa, Okla., Mathematics, WM, Band, Young Demo- crats, Lantern, Panhellenic, Junior Panhellenic, Varsity-Nite Board: Quintin J. Cristy, Jr., Wor- cester, Mass., Management, EN, ASH, Engi- neers Club, Institute ot Aeronautical Sciences. Presidents Club. ROW 4: Bob Cunningham, Assumption, Ill., Physical Education, ATU: George M. Curtin, Tulsa, Okla., Marketing, AMA: George Daniel, Meleansboro, III., Petroleum Engineering, Engi- neers Club: David Tilden Darrah, Kansas City, Mo., Commercial Art, Art Students League, Radio Choir, ISA, T.U. Theatre, Arnold Air So- ciety, Sabre Air Command: Ed Davis, Tulsa. Okla., Business, KA. ROW 5: Michael A. Davis, Atlanta, Ga., Man- agement, EN, A-EH, Executive Club, IPC, SAM: Nancy Davis, Tulsa, Okla., English, fbll, Young Republicans, Newman Club, KWGS, Student Senate, International Relations Club: Barbara Jo Deeds, Tulsa, Okla., English-Elementary Edu- cation, XQ, SNEA, International Relations Club: John V. Dees, Tulsa, Okla., Chemistry, Wesley Foundation: George Deeter, Tulsa, Okla., Busi- ness. ROW 6: Richard DeHaan, Tulsa, Okla., Liberal Arts: Jamie E. Delgado, Colombia, South America, Production Engineering, Engineers Club: Thomas N. Denton, Tulsa, Okla., Geology. Geology Club: Hal DeShong, Jr., Tulsa, Okla., Pre-Med, AXA, IFC, International Relations Club, SAM: Richard S. Downer, Tulsa, Okla., Business. ROW 7: Robert L. Drake, Tulsa, Okla., Corn- mercial Art, Arnold Air Society: David Duck, Tulsa, Okla., Business: Marilyn Joyce Dunham, Tulsa, Okla., Journalism, XQ, Panhellenic, Col- legian, UAE, HAM, Presidents Club, SNEA: Ira A. Eaker, Claremore, Okla., Interior Design, Art Students League: Marilyn Eberhard, Fos- toria, Ohio, Music Education, International Re- lations Club, Orchestra, MENC. ROW 8: Norman M. Eggebrecht, St. Francis- ville, III., Production, ITET, fi1I'K, Sword and Key: Guillermo Elduayen, Maracaibo, Vene- zuela, Accounting: Gerald Ellis, Tulsa, Okla., Marketing, AMA: Larry Embry, Muskogee, Okla., Religion, AXA, BSU: Nancy Jo Enkey, Tulsa, Okla., Fine Arts. 4- Sw an -fv- Q X 'K 2-vssetszrz-,cl--'--: ' ggSass:r.:g,4 - X ,.,,,, ww s, X , x Q gs N ROW I: Sue Esser, Tulsa, Olrla,, Music Educafionalournal- isrn, Morlar Board, Scroll, Lanfern, SAI, TH-E, HAM, Band. Orcheslrag Jane Ewall, Augusfa, Kans., Zoology, AF, Emile Farhood, Tulsa, Olrla., Marketing, Execulive Club, Sam Far- hood, Tulsa, Olcla., Physical Educalionp Margarel Evelyn Fi- garl, Tulsa, Olrla., Sociology: Salvalore Giovanni Firrilo, Caracas, Venezuela, Physics: James L. Fleming, Fowler, Ind., Managernenf, SAM, AKTP, Execulive Club, A-:HI Marly Fo- garfy, Tulsa, Olrla,, Medical Technology, -Sli, Young Republi- cans, Panhellenic, AT, Newman Club, Lanlern. Arnold Air Sociely members Roberl' Cox and Ron Kipp showed pledge Marvin Roberfs how lo relax al brace. ROW 2: Thomas H. Foofe, Ipswich, Mass., Journalism, Col- legian, EX: LaVeine Ford, Tulsa, Olcla., Clinical Psychology, Canlerbury Club: Frank Foufch, Tulsa, Olrla., Religious Edu- calion-Musicg Dallas James Frandsen, Jr., Tulsa, Olcla., Engi- neering Physics, AXA: Charles Friclx, Laiayefle, La,, Pelro- leurn Engineering, KA, AIME, Engineers Club, IIICT, Marie Friel, Tulsa, Olcla,, Home Economics, AF, AMA, Home Ec Club: Jerry A. Fuller, Tulsa, Olcla., Pre-Law: John L. Fussel- man, Slcialook, Olcla., English-Pre-Minislerial, NEA-OEA. ROW 3: Donald H. Gallemore, Tulsa, Olrla., Business, SX, A-YU: Joe Gallup, Tulsa, Olcla., Geophysical Engineering, Ifl'l'f, A'l'f3, Engineers Club, Geophysical Sociefy, Geology Club, Newman Club, IFC, lnframural Council: Lew Gamsler, Whealon, lll., Radio 81 Television, ZIX, KWGS3 Georgann Gasaway, Tulsa, Olcla., Music Educalion, -EAI, -Xl-3, Lanfern, Scroll, Morfar Board, fl'1'K, Modern Choir: Sue Ginn, Chand- ler, Olrla., Elemenlary Educafion, KAl-D, SNEA, KATT, IIFMI John A. Gladd, Tulsa, Olcla., Management Bob Goodall, Spanish, N. Dalr., Physical Educalion, Baslcelball Team, Jerry L. Goodman, Mangum, Olcla., Pre-Law, SX. ROW 4: Glenn W. Goodrich, Tulsa, Okla., Mafhemalics, Mafhemaiical Associalion of Ameericag James M. Goodwin, Denver, Colo., lnduslrial Marlceiing, HKA, SAM, William Furman Gordon, Scollsblulzl, Neb., Aeronaulical Engineering, AXA, lnsfilule of Aeronautical Sciences, Execufive Club: Dan Grace, Des Plaines, lll., lndusirial Psychology, XX, Track Team: Barbara Graham, Forl Smith, Arlc., Sociology: Clemenf Graham, Tulsa, Olrla., Religion, Modern Choir: Troy G. Gray, Sherman, Texas, lnduslrial Psychology, ATU, Arnold Air Socielyg Forresl H. Green, Tulsa, Olnla., Geology, Geol- ogy Club, Engineers Club. SENIURS ROW l: Bob Greer, Boonville, Mo., Markei- ing-Managemenr: Richard Groleau, Milwaukee, Wis., Educalion, Young Republicans, Inferna- lional Relalions Club, lnlra-Varsily Chrisiian Fellowship: Roger Grove, Sapulpa, Okla., Mu- sic, Orcheslra, Sword and Key: Myra Gulley, Tulsa, Okla,, Polilical Science-l-lislory, Young Democrals, lnfernaiional Relaiions Club: John Hackler, Jr., Muskogee, Okla., Commercial Arr, Circle "K," Arl Siudenfs League. ROW 2: Jimmie Lea Haggard, Tulsa, Okla., l-lisfory: Gary E. Hahn, Tulsa, Okla., Business, AXA, KKYP, Band, Orchesira, Arnold Air So- ciefy, Eexeculive Club, Young Republicans, Wesley Foundafion: Marvin J. Hancock, Cam- bridge, Kans., l-lislory: Kenneih Handley, Tulsa, Okla., Chemical Engineering, AXA, AlChE: Veronica Hands, Tulsa, Okla., Pre-Med, Lan- fern, Scroll. RO'W 3: Bill Hardy, Tulsa, Okla., Commercial Ari, KE, Ari Siudenls League, Sludenl Senafe Commiiiee: Max Barry Harmon, Tulsa, Okla., Markeling, AMA, EX: Larry Haffield, Neosho, Mo., Managemenr, SAM: H. Edward Haug, Tulsa, Okla., Markering, KE, AIU, Execufive Club, AMA: Alda M. Henry, Dallasrown, Penn. Malh Educalion, SNEA. ROW 4. Michael J. Hensy, Tulsa, Okla., Mar- keling, AMA, Execulive Club: Reginald V. Hicks, Henryella, Okla., Geology, EVE, Geol- ogy Club: Fran Hieronymus, Tulsa, Okla., Eng- lish, KKF, Young Democrals, Newman Club: Mary Ann Holcomb, Sayre, Okla., l-lome Eco- nomics, Home Ec Club, AF-5: Barry Garvin Hon, Baron Rouge, La., Economics, Circle Sfudenl Senale, Young Republicans, Execuiive Club, Modern Choir, Varsiry-Nile Board. ROW 5: Claudia Herron, Muskogee, Okla,, Speech, T.U. Theafre, 9Afl', Modern Choir, KWGS, Varsify-Nile Board, Young Republicans: Grefchen Holz, Tulsa, Okla., Music, Lanlern, Scroll, Morlar Board, AF, EAI, BSU: David L. Hubbard, Tulsa, Okla., Accoun+ing-Manage- menl, AXA, Arnold Air Socielyp Lucy Hyne- man, Lexinglon, III., Physical Educaiion, Band, AF, Physical Educaiion Majors Club: William B. Jackson, Oklahoma Cily, Okla., Pre-Med. ROW 6: Caroline Janssen, Tulsa, Okla., Eng- lish, KKF, Lanrern, Scroll, Morlar Board, Who's Who, Kendallabrum, Varsiiy-Nire Board, K-lu: Earl H. Johnson, Tulsa, Okla., Markeling, K-fi. AMA: Gary M. Johnson, Pryor, Okla., Clinical Psychology, WX: John M. Johnson, Cleveland, Okla., Produclion Engineering, AIME, Engineers Club, Sword and Key. HET, EN, fl'l1E: C. Wayne Jones, Tulsa, Okla., Accounting, SX, AKXP, ROW 7: Jean Sharon Jones, Tulsa, Okla., Ari' Educalion, XR, K-SH, HFM, CPFK, Ari Sludenls League, Morlar Board, Kendallabrum, Presidenls Club, SNEA, Nimrod, Laniern, Scroll, Who's Who: Jerry W. Jones, Frederick, Okla,, English, Golf Team: Pefer J. Jones, Tulsa, Okla., Zool- ogy, Band, Young Republicans: Roberf D. Jones, Tulsa, Okla., Aeronauiical Engineering, ATQ, Arnold Air Sociely, Engineers Club, ln- sfilufe of Aeronaulical Sciences: Abraham Kap- lan, Brooklyn, N.Y., Chemical Engineering, AlChE, American Chemical Sociely, Presidenrs Club, Engineers Club. ROW 8: Roberl' Keasler, Sikeslon, Mo., Busi- ness Adminisrralion, Execurive Club, AMA: David Keilhly, Tulsa, Okla., Accounling, Execu- 'rive Club, Engineers Club, AMA: Charles F. King, Tulsa, Okla., Producrion Engineering, KA, AlME7 Earl Kirsch, Pirrsburgh, Penn., Psychol- ogy, Foorball Team: Roberf L. Kife, Cresceni, Okla., Produclion Engineering, ATQ, Engineers Club, Foorball Team. ROW I: Guion H. Kleinpefer, Denver, Colo., Chemical En- gineering, KA, sblll, AIChE, Engineers Club, Despina Klen- los, Tulsa, Olcla., Malhemaiicsg Ted Kramer, Tulsa, Okla., Eine Arlsg Susan Krashine, Tulsa, Okla., Speech Educalion, EAT, Richard T, Krifikos, Tulsa, Okla., Markeiing, AMA, Executive Club, Chuck Krueger, Tulsa, Okla., Business, Sam Lackey, Tulsa, Okla., Philosophy, Canlerbury Club. KA: Bill E. Laney, Tulsa, Okla., Physics, Engineers Club, Physics Club, American Inslilulion ol Physics. ROW 2: Roberi- Kei+h Larson, Highland Park, Ill., Manage- meni-Markeling, SAM, ISA, Evelyn S. Lawson, Sapulpa, Olcla., Business Educalion, Alberfo Jose Ahow Leal, Maracaibo, Janice Brown and Kay Calvin enioyed a cup of coffee af 'the Dorm annex before going fo classes. ,Z Venezuela, Produclion Engineering, Engineers Club, W. Kemper Lease, Evansville, lnd., Producfion Engineering, AIME, Engineers Club, HET, HHS, Sword and Key, Richard M. Lee, Tulsa, Okla., Management KI, Arnold Air Sociely, Execulive Club, Dellis Ray Leemhuis, Clinlon, Olcla., Marker- ing, Sally Lofion, Tulsa, Olcla, Home Economics Educalion, Home Ec Club, -SF, SNEA, Canferbury Club, Mike Logan, Colleyville, Kans., Spanish, AT9, Disciple Sfudenr Fellowship. ROW 3: Douglas W. Lolley, Tulsa, Olcla., Markeling, AKXP, SAM, Execulive Club, R. J. McCar+ney, Tulsa, Olcla., Man- agemenr, A-SIT, SAM, Young Republicans, Execuiive Club: Thomas E. McGhee, Lebanon, Incl., Markeling, ATU, Engi- neers Club, Presidenls Club, Geology Club, Track Team, Inframural Council, C. Bruce McGranahan, Pillsburgh, Penn., Produclion Engineering, Engineers Club, Geology Club, Geo- physics Club, AIME, Presidenls Club, Sludenl Senale Com- milree, Milfon McKenzie, Chanule, Kans., Produciion Engi- neering, Srudenl Senale, HKA, Engineers Club, Geology Club, Young Republicans, lnlramural Council, Murray Mc- Millan, Tulsa, Olcla., Radio-Television Produciion, Collegian, KWGS, L. O. McNabb, Jr., Mounds, Okla., Managemenl- Economics, UPN, Sword and Key, Execuiive Club, SAM, lnlramural Board, L. O. McNoble, Tulsa, Okla. ROW 4: Cornelia Maebius, l-louslon, Tex., Business, A-ll: Dale Maycen, Hinsdale, Ill., Chemical Engineering, EN, En- gineers Club, IFC, James L. Means, Sand Springs, Okla., Business Adminislraiion, KA, AMA, Mary Mefzger, Sand Springs, Okla., KAW, Lanlern, Scroll, Judy Raifhel Miller, S+, Louis, Mo., KA9, Modern Choir, Businesswomen's Club, Home EC Club, Junior Panhellenic, T.U. "Y," Womenls lnira- murals, -SAE, Mike Miller, Tulsa, Okla., Speech, AEP, K'W6Sg Paula Garber Milsfen, S+. Louis, Mo., Journalism: Clive Moon, Duchesne, Ufah, Chemisrry. SENIURS RO'W I: Charles Moore, Tulsa, Olxla., Music, GIMA, Band, Orcheslra: Richard Morgan, Tulsa. Olcla., Pefroleum Engineering, Engineers Club, AIME: Marfha Jane Moriarly, Parsons, Kans., English, CDM, Newman Club: Earl E. Morris, Kaw Cify, Olcla., Producfion Engineering, KA, AIME, Engineers Club: Shara Morris, Hum- boldf, Kans., Secrelarial Adminisfralion, KDM, Businesswomen's Club, Execufive Club, SAM, BAE. ROW 2: Fred Munzlinger, Tulsa, Olcla., Geo- physics, EFE, Arnold Air Sociefy, Sociefy of Explorafion Geophysicisls, Engineers Club: Rus- sell Myers, Tulsa, Olvla., Commercial Ari, Ari Sludenfs League: Jerald P. Naifeh, Sapulpa, Olcla., Management AMA, SAM, Execulive Club: Paulo S. Nery, Brazil, Chemical Engineer- ing, AlChE, Engineers Club: Neal Nixon, Tulsa, Okla., lnduslrial Psychology, KE. ROW 3: lva Marie Noel, Tulsa, Olcla., English: Mary Norman, l-louslon, Tex., Home Economics, KA9, Home Ec Club: Dale Nunley, Tulsa. Olcla., Geophysics, Geophysics Club, Engineers Club, BFE, Sword and Key, 'l'1'K, Presidenis Club: William T. Ouzfs, Tulsa, Olcla., Engineer- ing Physics, Physics Club: Jack Pallell, Tulsa, Okie., Commercial Ari. ROW 4: Barbara Palm, Deerfield, Ill., Elemen- lary Educalion, KA9g Janie Parker, Tulsa, Olcla., Elemenfary Educaiion, AF, SNEA, Presidenls Club, Panhellenic: Fred Parlrs, Sapulpa, Okla., Marlceling, AMA, Execuiive Club: Elva Faye Parris, Sand Springs, Okla., English Educafion, SNEA, BSU: Na+habhai Aderbhai Pafel, India, Marlceling. ROW 5: Kay Payne, Tulsa, Olcla., Secrelarial Adminislralion, Execulive Club, Businesswomen's Club, X97 W. G. Pendergrass, Tulsa, Olcla., Commercial Ari: Rafael Penso, Maracaibo, Venezuela, English, HKA, Engineers Club, Geo- physics Club: Loyd B. Perry, Canville, Mo., Peiroleum Engineering, Engineers Club, AIME: Rober+ Lee Phillips, Tulsa, Olrla., Markeling, KA, IFC, Varsily-Nile Board, AMA, Sfudenf Senale Commiifee, T.U, Thealre, Execufive Club. ROW 6: Waller J. Philp, Jr., Tulsa, Olcla., Ac- counfing, KA, AK'P: Ben Pilcher, Tulsa, Olcla., Managernenf: Anfonio A. Planos, l-lavana, Cuba, Geology, Geology Club, Engineers Club, lnlernalional Relalions Club, Soccer Team: Al- lene Plouzelr, Tulsa, Olcla., Business Eclucalion, SNEA, Businesswomen's Club, Execulive Club, K-3-H, QFK, UTM, SAE: John A. PlunlceH, Council Bluicis, la., Produclion Engineering, AlME. ROW 7: Jaclr Ponfious, Tulsa, Olcla., Manage- menr, KE, Baslcelbell Team: Clarence E. Przy- byl, Ripon, Wis., Geophysical Engineering: H. C. Quzfs, Tulsa, Olcla., Produclion Engineer- ing, AIME, Engineers Club: Ray Raynor, Clare- more, Olcla., Producfion Engineering, AIME: Richard Wilson Reynolds, Chase, Kans., Pro- ducfion Engineering, Engineers Club, ATSZ, AIME. ROW 8: Marlha Jo Richards, Columbus, Kans., Music Educafion, Modern Choir, Sfudeni' Sen- ale Commillee, ISA: Carol Richardson, Tulsa, Olde., Elemenlary Educafion, OEA: Michael G. Richardson, Tulsa, Olcla., Marlcefing, KA, Slu- denl Senale, Execulive Club: Mike Richmond, Tulsa, Olcla., Managemeni-Marlceling, EX. SAM: Norma Lee Risner, Pryor, Olcla., l-lislory, TM, Young Democrafs, lnlernalional Relafions Club. ROW I: David E. Robbins, Tulsa, Olrla., Music Eclucalion, Modern Choir, BSU, MENC, Elizabefh Robey, Wilfon, Conn,, English, X523 Richard D. Robey, Tulsa, Olcla., English, Kennefh L. Roger, Tulsa, Okla., Aeronaulical Engineering, fbflfl, fif'FK. Sword and Key, lnsfilule of Aeronaufical Sciences, Harvey Rofman, Tulsa, Olrla., lndusrrial Psychology, XPX, Wayne Banes Rumley, Tulsa, Olcla., Chemical Engineering, AlChE, Engineers Club: Niclr Rylander, Tulsa, Olcla., Engineeringi Sylvia Samaras, Tulsa, Olcla., Ar? Educalion, KAH, Lanlern, Scroll, Ari Sludenls League, OEA. ROW 2: Norma J. Schell, Slriafoolc, Olcla., Sociology, KA91 Jim M. Schmidr, Jehferson Ciiy, Mo., Accounring, AXA. Young Republicans, Kenclallabrum, IFC, Presiclenis Club, Execurive Club, Norma Scoff, Tulsa, Olcla., Home Economics Educalion, Home Ec Club, Virginia Lea ScoH', Tulsa, Olcla., Elemenrary Educalion, SNEA, Womens lnframural Council, KKF, Ruenell Sever, Tulsa, Olcla., Sociology, XQ, Allan Wil- liam Shaclrleford, Lelhbridge, Alberla, Canada, Produclion Engineering, AIME, Engineers Club, C. S. Shah, Bombay, India, Chemical Engineering, AlChE, Charles G. Shannon, Tulsa, Okla., Journalism. ROW 3: Janie Shearer, Tulsa, Olcla., Spanish Educalion, KA9, Spanish Club, SNEA, Canlerbury Club, Carolyn Shir- ley, Tulsa, Olrla., Pre-Med, AAA, AT, Newman Club, Roberl Shower, Sand Springs, Olrla., Accounfing, AXA, AIU, fblil, Sword and Key, Execulive Club, 'i'FK, Whols Who, Bob Small, Tulsa, Olcla., Journalism, IX, Almeda Geraldine Smifh, Tulsa, Olcla., Sociology, AKA, HAH, SNEA, George D. Smifh, Sperry, Okla., Accounring, Harry K. Smifh, Youngsrown, Ohio, Managemenfg Jerry Lee Smifh, Senecha, Mo., Manage- menl. ROW 4: Mary Pamela Smifh, Tulsa, Olcla., Home Economics Educafion, KKF, Home Ec Club, SNEA, Borany Club, OEA- NEA: Nanci Smiffle, Tulsa, Olcla., Elemenfary Educarion, AF, IIFM, SNEA, Srudenr Senare, Mary E, Snider, Sapulpa, Olcla., Music Educarion, Thomas E. S+an'ron, Tulsa, Olcla., Pro- cluciion Engineering, KA, AIME, Engineers Club, Bill Slarlr, Tulsa, Olcla., Chemical Engineering, EX, IEC, Nancy Sref- fens, Tulsa, Olcla., Speech, Lanlern, Scroll, Morfar Board, KWGS, Sludeni Senafe, AAA, AEP, Panhellenic, Presidenfs Club, Doro+hy W. Sfleury, Broken Arrow, Olrla., Elemenrary Educafion, Roberi Lee Sfewarf, Jr., Sapulpa, Olcla., Hislory. Band, fbA9, SNEA. ROW 5: Warren H. Sfillman, Tulsa, Olcla., Business Manage- menr, AXA, Execufive Club, Charles Sfouf, Siloam Springs, Arlr., Marlceiing-Management SAM, Jean Sfudebalcer, Tulsa, Olcla., Home Economics, AP, Home Ec Club, NEA, Kafhleen Surherland, Sr. Louis, Mo., Music, MENC, Orchesfra, Dorofhy Swariz, Tulsa, Olcla., Liberal Arls, H1-'31, 'PA97 Richard Swiff, Tulsa, Olcla., lndusfrial Psychology, STE, K. R. Teis, Tulsa, Olcla., Nursing Educafion, KLM, Nanci LaRoque Thom- as, Tulsa, Olcla., Business, Businessworne-n's Club, Execulive Club, KKF. SENIURS ROW I: Allen Thompson, Corning, Ark., Pelro- leum Engineering, HKA, Engineers Club, AIME: Becky Thompson, Tulsa, Okla., Music Educafion, AF, EAT, Morfar Board, Modern Choir, MENC, Presidenls Club, 'Who's Who: George David Thompson, Wewoka, Okla., Geology, Geology Club: J. Parrick Thompson, l-lenryella, Okla,. Pre-Law: Troy Tibbs, Tulsa, Okla., Arl, Arl Slu- denls League. ROW 2: Donald H. Tiller, Tulsa, Okla., Reli- gious Educalion: Kennefh F. Tilleringfon, Tulsa, Okla., Chemical Engineering, AlChE: George Tomek, Oak Park, Ill., Journalism, Press Club, KWGS, Baseball Tearn: Carolyn Torr, Tulsa, Okla., Liberal Arfs, Businesswornen's Club. KA9, Home Ec Club: Dan E. Travis, Tulsa, Okla., Music Educalion. ROW 3: Waller Tribbey, Tulsa, Okla., Ac- counling: Wilma Vanscoy, Decalur, Ark., Ele- menlary Educalion-English, SNEA, FTA: Terry F. Veifh, Independence, Kans., Management HKA, Engineers Club, Execulive Club: John Ludwig Vogel, Yukon, Okla., Produclion Engi- neering, AIME, BSU: Donald R. Wackerly, Tulsa, Okla., Managernenl, AK'l'. ROW 4: Jim Wallis, Lillle Rock, Ark., Produc- lion Engineering, EN, Engineers Club, AIME, Circle "KH: John Walsh, Kansas Cily, Mo., Procluclion Engineering, Sludenl Senale, KE, IFC, Presidenls Club, Execulive Club, Engineers Club, AIME: James Ward, Cowela, Okla.. Business: Earlee Warden, Erick, Okla., Corn- rnercial Arf, Arl Sludenfs League: Gary Warn- ken, Tulsa, Okla., Accouniing, AKW. ROW 5: Val Ann Walson, Tulsa, Okla,, Music Educalion, -EAT, Modern Choir, MENC, Scroll, Morlar Board: Ann Lucille Webb, Tulsa, Okla., Ar? Eclucalion, SNEA, lnlernalional Relalions Club, BSU: Vernon F. Webb, Proleclion, Kans.. Chemical Engineering, AlChE, Engineers Club: S. Wayne Weber, Tulsa, Okla., Business, 3-EH, AMA, Execulive Club, Young Republicans: Palricia Weihe, Louisville, Ky., Music Educa- liOn, EAI, MENC. ROW 6: Gail Welch, Tulsa, Okla., Speech Educalion, KAU, WAP, Laniern, Scroll, Morlar Board, T.U. Thealre, Sludenl Senale, K-ln: Marsha Ann Wilks, Miami, Okla., Music Educa- lion, TBS, Band: Pauline F. Williams, Tulsa, Okla., lnduslrial Psychology, SNEA, lniernafion- al Relalions Club, Kendallabrurn: Marlha Wil- liamson, Tulsa, Okla., Liberal Arls: Bill Wise, Tulsa, Okla., Engineering Physics, AXA, Modern Choir, Presiclenls Club. ROW 7: Linda Wolfe, Tulsa, Okla., Secrelarial Adminislralion-Educalion, KAII, KKIT, EAS, Scroll, Lanlern, Businesswornen's Club: Harry R. Woods, Rawlins, Wyo., Music, EX, 'I'MA. Band, Orcheslra: Jerry Wrighf, Tulsa, Okla., Markeling, A-EH, AMA, Execulive Club: Jack E. Wyalf, Tulsa, Okla., l-lislory: Neil M. York, Collinsville, Okla., Accounling, Execulive Club. ROW 8: Lucy Ann Young, EI Dorado, Ark., English, KKI', Lanlern, Scroll, Kendallabrurn: Bryanf Youngblood, Allanla, Tex., Journalisrn, EX, Young Democrals, Varsiiy-Nile Board, Press Club, lnfrarnural Board, Engineers Club: David Yowell, Tulsa, Okla., Radio-Television Produciion, AEP, AMA: Rui Zabaran, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Procluclion Engineering, Engi- neers Club, AlME. Law Seniors ROW I: Bryani R. Askew, F. LeRoy Ball, H. Corky Bishop Kennefh E. Bradley, William M. Cloud, Sevier M. Fallis Philip C. Finnegan, William A. Freeman. ROW 2: Jamie C. Gibson, Theodore P. Gibson, Sianley K. Gr-anis, John K. Harlin, Bruce H. Harl+on, Sheldon G. Harris. Don G. Havliek, Bill L. HeskeH. ROW 3: Jack D. HeskeH, Eugene A. Hoefling, O. Woody Hopper, Roberi' E. Karnes, Elmer Kunkel, Paul V. McGivern, Jr., William M. Norfhcuif, David L. Noss. ROW 4: Nicholas F. Novak, Don G. Pearson, David A. Peavy, Fred Phillips, Bill R. Privi'H, Joe Rolnerls, Gail R. Runnels, Roberi' F. Sanfee, Roger R. ScoH'. ROW 5: Roberi' E. Siiler, James L. Sonfag, L. Alan Sfrange- land, John H. Tharp, Skip O. Warren, Harold L. Whii-e, Ed- win J. Whifney, Richard L. Whii-ron, Elberi C. Wilson. Law Juniors ROW I: Henry Arnall, Edward W. Blyih, Delberf Broclr, Daniel S. Buford, Jay C. Byers, Richard A. Coulfer, William J. Dale, Alberr D. GiH'rich, James G. Grennan. Law Sophomores ROW I: Jacl: B. Carpenfer, Darrell Coolc, John Chron- isier, Sidney l. Chupaclc. ROW 2: Brooks G. Franklin, Jr., Don Hale, Alfred Holland, Sam Manipella. ROW 3: Roberi' Marlin, William H. Meissinger, Jr., Bill M. Moore, Fred Mullen. ROW 4: J. Marlene Peiiypool, James Rifchie, Harold Wages, Bencile H. Williams, Jr. ROW 5: Jack Winn, Richard Wise, Earl W. Wolfe, Rowe C. Wynn, Jr. ROW 2: Tom H. Gudgel, John C. Loclre, Erwin Phillips Eugene Remlaisz, Don Rieber, Douglas B, Rucldle, C. B Savage, Charles V. Williams. Law Freshmen ROW I: Joseph Adams, Lowell L. Andrews, Marvin S. Chupaclr, William C. Clark, John Conwell, Joseph E. Donni- gan, Kenne+h Eas+, James L. Edgar. ROW 2: Herberf E. Elias, Never M. Fail, Jr., Howard F. Fine, Don Gasaway, Roy Hinlrle, Richard C. Honn, Alfred Jones, John P. Kerr. ROW 3: Donald Lane, James F. Lawson, Paiil McBride, Fred Manasco, Roberf Lee Mason, Howard Mefford, Terry Melrzer, George Muclcen+haler. ROW 4: H. Keifh Myers, Jr., Tom Newhouse, Paul Passley Don E. Payne, William A. Sanders, George L. Sar+ain, Bill R Scarfh, David W. Simms. ROW 5: Roberr E. Sloan, Richard P. Trippef, Joe Turley David R. Van Horn, Tony Waller, Eliiah Warren, Ralph E Zimmerman. ROW I: Brian Aby, Nouri Al-Ali, Janei- Armslrong, Jane Bailey, Jerry Burdick, James Campbell, Philip Jean Carler, Rober+ Coms+oclc, Carol Crowder. ROW 2: Tom Dellinger, Lee Denlon, Joy Durschnifl, Charles Easf, Carol Griffee, Don Harbeslon, John Hedley, Elizabefh Helmer, Kennefh R. Henderson. ROW 3: Charles M. Jenlrins, Russ Jones, Kishon Karlilr, Ronald Modell, Boyd Moreland, Tom Mouclca, James Allen Rives, Richard C. Smiih, Margarel' Anne Thompson. GRADUATES ROW 4: Kalsunari Toyoda, Ozen Turldan, Bruce Tyree, Paul Vaughfer, Ralph Veafch, Lola Wells, Sharon Williams, Char- lolle Wilson. The facully processional preceded 'the inaugurafion of Presi- denf Henneke. ' gs., ROW l: Abdul-Rahman Ahmed, Ja- mil Abu-Adas, Charles Aldrich, David Allen, Harold Wayne Arrowood, Chad Bardone. ROW 2: Janef Barrows, Dan Barileif. Margaref Beck, Sharon Beighfol, Joyce Bell, Lillian Bell. ROW 3: Robyn Bennelf, Brad Ber- fren, Sudhir Bhargava, Bryan Biggs, Carnie Block, Judy Bly. ROW 4: Alice Ann Bradshaw, Sandra Bridges, Lou Briscoe, Don Brix, Jim Boggs, Dee Brooks. ROW 5: Wendell E. Brooks, Bill Bruckner, Bersy Brumbaugh, David Bry- anl', David W. Bryanl, Rodger Bubeck. ROW 6: l.oreHa Burnell, Belh Calla- han, Kay Calvin, Nancy Campbell, Roberla Carr, John Carler. ROW 7: Sarah Carler, Judy Carey, Bill Causey, Carolyn Chamberlin, Frank Chendwefh, Gary Chew. ROW 8: Bob Chrisfy, Jerry Clark, Bruce Clary, Marcelo Clary, Jim Cline, Jeanne Cobb. ROW 9: Jani Cochran, Sandi Coker, Belsy Cole, Nancy Cole, Leon Collins, Roy Conner. ROW IO: Travis Cook, Avery Coryell, John Cowen, James Cummings, Judy Cunningham, Marge Curd. BIG NA'-' V A ,w lu ve ROW I: Carol Curfis, Jim Daniel, Linda Darrell, Don David- son, Barbara Sue Davis, Billy Dawning, Sandy DeHannas, Phil Deming, Leo DeSpain. ROW 2: Manvel Diaz, Dorolhy Dlabach, Sandra Doolin, Sian Doyle, Susan Dyer, Cafherine Edminslon, Murray Engle, Pa- fricia Erharf, Jacl: Esles. IUNIURS Junior Class officers Nancy Cole, Ron Kipp, Bud Hamillon and Mary Ann Kile adveriised 'the Big Name Band dance. ROW 3: Ronald Farrell, Mehid Farzaneb, Virginia Flannery, Carol Forrest Don Frye, June Gaddy, Jerry Gamsler, Dion Gan++, Joe Garreft ROW 4: Dianne Geisler, Nancy Genf, J. Alan Gibson, Charles Gilliland, Dick Gisf, Ray Glenn, Richard Goldwyn, Gail Goodison, Palriclc Gould. ROW 5: Harry Graham, Jerry Green, Carolyn Gregory, Bill Haier, Barbara Hahn, John Haigh, Ronald Halcomb, Sara Jane Haley, Anna Laura Hall. ROW I: George Hall, Judy Hallman, Mary Frances Ham, Bud Hamilfon, Roberl' Hammack, Shirlene Hardin. ROW 2: Dee Harris, James Doyle Harris, Nancy Harris, James Haffield, Eldon Hawkins, Ross Hawkins. ROW 3: Dennis Helland, Sally Hem- pel, Jerry Henry, Bill Herod, Wesley Hicks, Charles Hillaurn. ROW 4: David Hoey, Richard Hoiel, Gerald Hoskins, Boyd Howard, Mariha Hurf, Doris Hya4H'. ROW 5: Jane? HyaH', Sara lrving, Bill Jackson, Jim Jarrell, R. Blaine Jones, Roberi Carroll Jones. ROW 6: Alan L. Johnson, Hoylard Johnson, Mel Johnson, Paul Johnson, Paul Jorden, Dean Kasfer. ROW 7: John Keel, Harley Keele, Karen Keeler, Evelyn Kenney, Moham- mad Khakbaz, Jack Kiesier. ROW 8: Rod Kimble, Richard King, Ron Kipp, Mary Ann Kiie, Mark Kiz- ziar, Carole Klaus. ROW 9: Lincla Knighi, Allen Kulka, Jack Lamb, Burl Lane, Ted E. Lane, Margarel Lawerisan. ROW IO: Charles Laws, David R. Lee, Derrell Li++le, Charlene Lifilefon, Phil Logan, Peggy Ann Lorey. r 2. ,112 ,. . if' -0 . ,. 'Q I N Is LA .- If 1451: X 'f M, s its L. . yy-Y! ROW I: Dale Lowder, Edward Lundy, George Lundy, Ale- iandro Luppi, Cindy Lyon, Mary Ellen McAnally, Eleanor McCar'rhy, Bob McCormack, Lynne McCormick. I ROW 2: Evelyn McPhearson, Roy McWhirfer, Linwood Ma- ginness, Noel Mann, Ardeshir Mansour, Shirley Manuel, Diane Marshall, Charles Marlin, Larry Marlin. ' Q 1 n LA! S1 IUNIURS Linda Thompson, Mary Ann Kile and Beclxy Thompson checked fhe Scroll lisl al' 'rhe Junior honors lea. ROW 3: Roy Mashburn, Bob Mafhieson, Dale Mafloclc, Dale Maxwell, John Merri'H', Don Michael, Glenn Miller, Joe Mills, Neil Mooney. ROW 4: Glee Moore, Rober+ Moore, Clyde Morris, Clarila Murray, Nancy Myers, Clay Nichols, Joan Nichols, Carolyn Nicholson, Rolf Nilsson. ROW 5: Pafriclr O'Dell, Dale Odgen, Charles Oliver, Char- lene Palmer, Alan Pease, Jaclx Penninglon, Lynne Phillip, John Phillips, George Pogson. 'AT ROW I: Daniel Powers, Vini+a Prive'H', H. Ouinfero, Ka+hleen Ouirlc, Wayne Rachel, Fred Rahal. ROW 2: Glen Raney, Tommy Raymer, Joe Reese, Moriy Reynolds, Tomi Rey- nolds, Marfha Richardson. ROW 3: Bob Rogers, Carol Rorschach, Norman Rourke, Sue Ruhr, Bob Rus- sell, Peggy Russell. ROW 4: Nancy Ryan, Dan Sanford, Roxy Saniorium, Roger Scaggs, Tom Schneider, Wqady Schroeder. ROW 5: Lou Schwab, Kay ScoH', Wil- liam ScoH', Keilh Selinger, Cynfhia Sel- lers, M. Shaltrai. ROW 6: Bill Shellenbarger, Marisue Sheridan, Sally Simpson, Hesfer Single- iary, Jerry Singlefon, Jo Carol Skinner. ROW Smifh, Smifh, 7: T. A. Slocombe, Bill A. Don Smifh, Gifford Smifh, Hoy? Norma Smifh. ROW 8: Phillip Snyder, Viclci Soder- berg, Winifred Spencer, Lance Sfe- phens, Jerry Siockard, James J. S+ogs- clill, Jr ROW 9: Henry Sowders, Jim Shoup, Skip Siurm, Dave SurreH, Larry Sufh- erland, Nancy Swanson. ROW I: Roberf Taggarf, Jerry Tener, Larry Tharp, Linda Thompson, Belle Tibbifs, Belfy Tiernan, Margaref Treal, Nancy Tulk. ROW 2: Lynn Tyler, Lowell Underwood, Phil Vaughfer, Jelil Waldon, Nancy Wallcer, Shirley Wall, Beclry Wallace, Paul Wallace. IUNIURS Hoyf Smilh, KENDALLABRUM phofographer, checlred his equipmenf before going oul on an assignmenl. ROW 3: John C. Warnlren, Lela Washburn, Billy J. Wa+son, James Walson, Floyd R. Werlzberger, Ronald Whileloclr, Don Whifsiff, Phil Whilfen. ROW 4: Lindell Wilcox, John Willeff, Bill Williams, Bolo Williams, Jaclrie Williams, Sue Wilson, William Wilson, Mil+on K. Winium. ROW 5: Ferd Wise, Dick Wolfe, Raleigh Wolfe, Ron Woods, Janef Wrighf, Judy Wrighl, Sieve Wrighf, Judiih Wrisfon. ROW I: Paula Alexander, Sarah C. Allan, Wayne Allen, Jerry Allsup, Ray Andraslro, Nancy Anglin. ROW 2: Sandy Arvidson, H. l. Asion, James Alherlon, Ted Aufry, lrai Ba- bayi, Allen Bailey. ROW 3: John Bailey, Sherman Bailey, Barbara Barreff, John Bay, Sue Bear, Lowell BeaHy. ROW 4: Jeanne Beaubien, Bob Bell, Anna Mae Berg, Sharon Berg, Charles Berry, Charles Ber+alo+. ROW 5: Howard Binney, Homer Blass, Fred Bloch, William E. Blonde+, Bill Bohneleld, Sherian Bowyer. ROW 6: Jim Brainard, Madonna Brauchl, Phyllis Brenlrman, Charles Bri'l'- +on, Ann Brophy, Bill Brown. ROW 7: Sandra Joan Brown, Tom Brown, Wayne Brown, Joe R. Browne, Jr., Janice Buck, Roberf Buclc. ROW B: Bill Burfon, Myrna Cable, Jay Caldwell, Jim Caldwell, Margarel' Caldwell, Gerald Cannon. ROW 9: Ronald Carr, Midge Carufh- ers, Dwighf Casfeel, John L. Chrisfie, Janef Clannin, David Clark. ROW IO: Vivian Clark, Jeff Cohenour, Donald Cole, Doy Cole, Harold Cole. Barbara Ellen Cook. ROW I: Gay Cook, George Cooke, Rodney W. Cooke, Bob Cooper, Nancy Copman, Sondra Cosfello, Carole Coulfer, Hallie Jo Crabfree, Barbara Craig. ROW 2: Mariorie Craig, Delores Croll, Donnie Crownover, Jennifer Curiis, Leslie Cypref, Jerry Lee Dees, Ronald De- Long, Willean Denfon, James Devasler. 5 Q-.. SUPHUIVIURIZS Sophomore class officers Nancy Wilson, Bill Lucas, Doy Cole and Paula Alexander checked ihe Shoui. ROW 3: Harry DeYarmeH', Edifh Diem, Jerry Dillon, Ronald Dobbs, Maurice Donley, Donnie Doss, John Dougherfy, Daryl Doughfy, Paul Earl. ROW 4: Charles A. Eaves, Jr., Donald Eddy, Marsha Ecl- mislon, Ronald Eidson, Herman Elsfon, John English, Lynda Ericson, Jean Erlichman, Nancy Erwin. ROW 5: R. G. Falkensien, Burch K. Farnsworfh, Jay Farrar, S+ephen Ferguson, Sharon Findley, Sheila Findley, Belly Filz- simmons, Jim Folsom, Jim Fore. ,H-. ROW I: Jerry Fowler, Fred Freeman, Janece French, Gene Gallagher, Bill Gandy, Kafherine Garrorf. ROW 2: Marcia Garsi, Gary Gaulf, Bill Gerard, Esfher Gipson, Bob Gis- burne, John Gisf. ROW 3: Bradley Glover, Roger B. Godwin, Kay Goodwin, Niclc Graham, Donnie R. Green, Donald Gregory, ROW 4: Loren Gulifey, Cafhy Hale, Joe Hampfon, Lynn Handy, Kermif E. Hanson, Doug Harcourt ROW 5: Linda Hargrove, June Harp, Larry Harrell, Paul Harrison, Tommy Harrison, Richard Hasfings. ROW 6: Don Hayden, Sussie Haymes, Jimmy Hays, Charles Hearne, Jerry Hendon, Jaclc Henry. ROW 7: Arnold Hensley, Charles Hil- ion, Donald Hoepner, Dick Holmes, Sieve Hope, Susan Hoplrins. ROW 8: Peggy Horn, Anne Hug, Pal' Hufchens, Judy HyaH, Gene lba, Dene lliFF. ROW 9: David Inlrsfer, Alice Jaclcson, David James, Jerry L. Jenlcins, Mary Lou Johns, Ted Johnson, Jr. ROW IO: Earl Johnsfon, Jr., Judy Johnsion, Ken Jones, James H. Kerby, Don Kimmel, Winsfon King. ROW I: Jol1n Kinnison, Marian Kirk. Porfer C. Knowles, David Kobes, John Konfogianes, Eleanore Krausse, Don Kro- zier, Pal' Lane. Jim Lang. ROW 2: Roberf Lang, Jack Langsfon, Marcia Largen, Dan Lawhorn, Sam Laycock, James Lewis, Ina Lee Loomis, Paf Lyle, Dorofhy Lee Lyncl1. SUPHUIVIURES Johanne Winclle and Cafhy Hale wafclwed as Nancy Wilson received her Lanfern ribbon from Nancy Sieltfens, Morfar Board represenfaiive. ROW 3: Mike McCabe, Judy McCord, Peggy Pai' McCor- mick, William R. McCoy, Everefi' D. McCullough, Levi Mc- Glofhlin, F. J. McGouran, Bob McGregor, Norman McKinney. ROW 4: Nikki Magee, Ronnie Main, Darrell Mansfield, Rob- eri Marchbank, Larry Mark, Anilwony Marks, Diane Marfin, Janef Marlin, Larry Marlin. ROW 5: Margaref Marlin, Tom Mariinson, Gaira Marvin, Donald L. Ma+l1ews, Linda L. Mead, Sandra Medlock, Ken- ne+l1 L. Meyer, Reid Miller, Masoud Mirbaghem. we 'T' Pa fi., A W L Y A 3 X, A 4 '28 ROW I: Eleanor Mifchell, Kamal Za- deh-Modir, Amabel Monfgomery, Ann Moody, Tommy Moon, Farrell Moore. ROW 2: Jerry Moore, John Moore PaHy Ann Moore, Dennis W. Moran Dwighl' Morris, Ray Morris. ROW 3: Gene Morion, Gran Moulder, Greg Moulder, Norman Myer, John Naeher, Hafizullah Nawabi. ROW 4: Don Ness, Bob Newell, John Newman, Bob Nichols, John NidiFFer, Barbara Noblin. ROW 5: Cheryl Ogle, Carolyn Olson, Cafhy Orrell, Darwin Orrell, Fred Oversfree+, Ann Owens. ROW 6: Ronald Owens, Terry Palmer, Jim Pafe, Jim PaH'erson, Ainslie Per- raul+, Jr., Barron Perrine ROW 7: Sandy Peiers, David Phillips, Jerry Pogue, Dan Pollard, Doreen Pope, Bill PoHier. ROW 8: Dick Poucel, Richard Price, James Prindible, Ill, Judi Punfon, Wen- dell Rahal, Joe Ramsey. ROW 9: Mariorie Randow, Cliff Rich- ards, Virginia Ridenhour, Shirley Rine- har+, Dan Rives, Dan Roberfson. ROW I: Paxfon Robey, Roger Roclca, Virginia Rogers, Su- zanne Rolle, Dave Roseborough, Donna Rudy, Darrell San- ders, Jim Sanders, Norma Sandusky. ROW 2: Marilyn Scheer, Bill Schooler, Harrielf Sherrill, Mary Ann Shower, Jimmie Sides, James Simmons, Hasim Siahbana, Suzanne Smarr, Bill Smi+h. SUPHUIVIURES Donnie Doss, Eleanor Mirchell, Jimmy Hays and Donna Rudy siudied in +he library before imporlanf exams. ROW 3: David C. Smilh, Paisy Smifh, Sandra Smyih, Rob- erl' Soufh, Billy Spalding, Sandra Sfaley, Eugene Sfalnalcer, Dianne S+ewar+, Norman Dean Sfivers. ROW 4: Bob Sfone, Fred Slrawn, Monfy Sfriclcer, Linda Swafforcl, Kay Taliaferro, Trenna Kaye Tale, Jim Talum, David Taylor, Faifh Marie Temple. ROW 5: Sue Thieman, Bill Thomason, Gary Thompson, Jerry Thompson, Jim Tighe, Terry Towry, Gary Troul, Tony Vaughan, Carol Wall. A. A ssh. ROW I: Lesier Walfers, Ann Ward, Thomas A. Ward, Jim Waflrins, Linda Welch, Elvie Wells, Judy Wells, W. Lynn Wells, Gary Wheafley. ROW 2: Maryann Whealley, Ed Wheeler, Leon Whifeheacl, Delora Whifeside, Carol Ann Whifman, Ray Whifsilf, Fran Whiffenburg, Brenda Wilcoxson, Don Wilkerson. ROW 3: David Willrins, Ralph Wille, Ann Williams, George C. Williams, Jaclc Willis, Belly Wilson, Beverly Wilson, Charles Wilson, Duane Wilson. Janef Ries was presenied roses affer being crowned Band Queen af halfiime ceremonies. SUPHUIVIURES ROW 4: Milne Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Sharon Wilson Wayne Wilson, Judy Windell, Johanne Windle Jacquelyn Wood ruff, Judy Wrighf, David R. Wrighfs. ROW 5: Bob Wyaif, Ed Yeager, Karl Young Ronnie Young Karl Yusf, Milre Zacharias, Dennis Zeuneri Kafhleen Zimmer mah. ,I ROW I: Arfhur Abbe, Befh Abdo, Roberf Agnew, Tom Albrechf, George C. Alford, Bill Allee, Roy Allen, Jackie Dee Alloway, Suzanne Alsop. ROW 2: Jerry Anderson, Karen Anderson, Lee Anderson, Sandra Anderson, Joe Andoe, Clara Andrews, Louis Andrews, Jim Archer, Linda ArneH. FRESHIVIEN Freshman officers Suzy Chapman, Mike Borden, Sally Freeman and Jim Frasier go? a "Collegian" io keep up wiih campus aclivifies. ROW 3: Glenda Arnspiger, Bill Asbury, Bob Aicheson, Priscilla Afherson, Paul Alkins, Diane Bailey, Barbara Ann Baker, Bill Baker, John Ballard. ROW 4: Randy Kay Barnes, Don Barnum, Areia Barileif, Mike Bar+leH, Ted Barfleff, Sandra Bafes, David Beard, Wil- liam L. Bearclen, Alvin Berg. ROW 5: Keifh Berg, Barbara Berry, Barbara Billman, George Bishop, Nancy Bliss, Dee Ann Bohl, Mike Borden, Connie Boswell, Judy Bourscheidf. ROW I: Karen Bowers, Janice Boyd, Margaref Boydsfon, Pai Boyls, John Brandon, Merrily Brandon. ROW 2: Karen Brauer, Don Brei, George Brighf, John Brighfwell, Sid Brockman, Linda Brooks. ROW 3: Janice Brown, Paul Brown, Charles Buckman, Sonia Burkharf, Carol Burns, Elizabeih Bufler. ROW 4: Clair Buffary, Charles Camp- bell, Janice Carlin, Lynn Carlisle, Mary Jo Carriker, Carol Carfer. ROW 5: Sandra Carler, Sharon Cash, Gordon Cecil, Suzy Chapman, Linda Chris+, Cafhie Chronisfer. ROW 6: Bill Clarke, Larry Cockrell, Dan Coco, Thomas Coerver, Wayne Colifelf, Lovelle Coldren. ROW 7: Jerry Coleman, Mary Ann Conn, George Conner, James Connor Bill Cook, Richard Cooper. ROW 8: Dennis J. Copeland, Mary Copman, Shane Cornell, Audrey Couri- ney, Jerry Cowan, Larry Cox. ROW 9: Susan Cox, Donna Craig, James Craig, Dean Cri'res, William P. Crosby, Carol Croskery. ROW IO: Don Cummings, BeHe Cun- ningham, David Cupp, Richard Curby, Chuck Carder, David Curry. ROW II: Charles Davenpori, Chris Davenporf, Jerry Davidson, Wallace Davis, Barry Day, Frank Deafherage. ,,., - T f , ROW I: Pafricia DeFebaugh, Liz Demier, George W, Den- ney, Lyman Dennis, Sam Densmore, Bob Denfon, Befh Devine, Ahfal Dinnyes, Wall' Dissly. ROW 2: Rudy DiHrich, Sherry Donmeyer, Linda Dorsey, Ted Roberf Dorsey, Rufh Doly, Hayden R. Downie, Marilyn Dugger, C. L. Duncan, Bob Dupree. FRESHIVIEN Working on The Final orienfafion iesfs, freshmen sfruggled fo make an impressive grade. ROW 3: Brenda Duran, Joyce Eclcer, Dave Edris, Penny Ehrle, Alan Elcraf, Jim Ellingfon, Nancy Ellioff, Pefe Ellis, Jim Embry. ROW 4: BeHy Emenhiser, Ronnie Emmons, Pal Evans, Dianne Fancher, James Fay, Charles M. Feafhersfon, John Field, Carol Fishwiclc, Sally Flora. ROW 5: Charles Floyd, Wana Kay Forbes, Nancy Forresf, Jo Ann Francis, Jim Frasier, Bill Freeman, Freda Freeman, Hal Freeman, Sally Freeman. ROW 6: Bill French, Pai' Froehlich, BeHy Frye, Jim Furlong, Ken Gangever, John Gelino, Sandy Geschmay, Sieve Geyer, Gayle Gibson. 'Sk ROW I: Tom Gillard, Joan Godwin, Mansour Golabchi, Richard Gooch, Charles Good, LyneHe Gooden. ROW 2: Sandra Gore, David Grace, Delmar Graham, Jim Graham, K. T. Gregg, Dwain Gregory. ROW 3: Daniel D. Gridley, Duke Griffey, Gale GroFF, Sandra Lee Groh, Deana Grofke, Phil Gulley. ROW 4: Carol Guy, Don Guy, Jerry W. Gwariney, Nicky Haddock, Wen- dell Hague, Nelda Haley. ROW 5: Margie Handley, Sharon Handley, Judi'I'h Hanes, Gary Hansen Phil Hanzel, Don Harnden. ROW 6: Ray Harrell, Judiih Harris, Frank Harrison, Karen Har+e, Pai' Haf- field, Paul Hafhcoaf. ROW 7: Jim Haynes, Lewis Hays, Raymond Hearon, Chuck Heafh, Danny Heck, David Heckel. ROW 8: Bill Heldmar, Bill Henderson, Wauniia Hendricks, Hal Hendrix, Pai Henry, Philip Henzel. ROW 9: Jim Heslef, Joe Brian Hess, Lewis Hickenbolfom, Bill Hicks, Roger Hill, Sandra Hill. ROW IO: Tom Hills, Janice Hobbs, Suzanne Hodgson, George Holland, Phyllis Holley, Susan Hoof. ROW II: Evelyn Horne, Marcia Houslon, Sybil Hovis, Janice Howil, Mike Hoyer, Barbara Hudson. 45' ROW I: Lawrence Hull, Linda Hunf, Don Husled, Jerry Lee Jackson, Beffie Carol Jenkins, Bill Jenney, Pafsy Jenni, Larry Jennings, David Johnson. ROW 2: Janice Johnson, Jaren Johnson, Sleve Johnson, Don Johnslon, Jimmy Johnsfon, Gary Jolley, Becky Jones, Donald Jones, Gerald W. Jones. FRESHIVIEN Delmer Graham and Gary Thornfon helped Carol Fishwiek and Wendy Ericson leave for fhe holidays. ROW 3: John K. Jones, Richard Jones, Richard Jones, Sonny Jones, Shirley Jones, Pa+ Kallenberger, Salehpoor Kazem, Sayyed Mohammed Kazem, Bill Keasler. ROW 4: James Keifh, Bob Kenl, Ted King, Milchell Klaus, Peggy Kleinpefer, Mar+yne Klinefelfer, Sally Knack, Larry Kohl, Linda Krebbs. ROW 5: Joel Lamberf, Ron Lancasfer, Carolyn Lane, John Michael Lane, John C. Lafshaw, Norman Lavender, Bobby Lawson, Linda Lee, Janice Lesfer. ROW 6: Julie Levengood, Jim Lewis, Louann Lewrighl, Den- nis Lex+on, Dennis LiHle, Francis Lombard, Larry Lombard, James R. Long, Laura Lee Loum. "ii B' 4, , , "" .s 'W' - , , x 3 f' .. , 'f:1y'r,l1 K I , Bw s, 4 J' l '- V , J . in MX ,, B 2' -' ' X 'H si My my V - M H xi V . v :1,.,::g.: x I s,....,2. A ...J ff . - "-- ' A ' HTEZ1 S G "" ' 17' "" ' " Weitz: . -.V - ., ' M zrs:-cm.: - ,. 1. ' V' " '5-I-'7:'1fi .- iFE"f'i: f-42:2-2. . 84' -:rr-:,:,.. :,1- ir- :-F. ,r . , .. ev, -fa . - - 4 .- -,g-fr ,. , :QS 'tar 1: ,Q '81E3'95'th' N:2f'f,.'f EE, '. ' ' " "i5EEfgE52f3 ' X -::1 2 ' 1 -1 P' N j ,,,Vf ROW I: Mike Lowery, Harold Lude- wick, Vernon Lusk, Tom Lyle, Bob Lynch, Barbara McAlis+er. ROW 2: Sharon McAloon, Margarei' McAnelly, Gary McCool, Dana Mc- Donald, Louis McFadin, Jackie Mc- Ginnis. ROW 3: Bob McGoffin, Camellia Mc- Kenzie, Jim McKinney, Arlhur McNaH', Palricia Madden, Len Madrin. ROW 4: Jane Mahoney, Tony Maier- cik, Makan P. Malchali, Connie Mallen, Burl' Mallory, Ronda Malroy. ROW 5: Carolyn Mareburger, Michael Marsh, Laura Marshall, Elhel Marlin. Joan Marlin, Linda Mafhers. ROW 6: Linda Maxwell, Aulry Mears, Joe Meeks, Charles Mehm, Marlene J. Melinder, Darryl Merle. ROW 7: Jane Meicalf, Judy Mefcalf, Judilh Meyers, Jane? Miller, Gene Mil- leson, Tom Mills. ROW 8: Jerry Minlon, Ben Miichell, Max Mifchell, Gary Monfeifh, Sharon Monfgomery, Mary Morris. ROW 9: James B. Morrison, Sharon Morrison, Donald Mowery, Richard Mullen, C. H. Murphy, Darlene Mur- phy. ROW IO: Dudley Murphy, Gordon Murray, Mike Murray, John Neas, Ju- difh Neil, Don Newberry. ROW II: Sandy Newell, Sandra Nich- ols, Richard Norwood, Jim Noyce, Sharon O'Banion, Donna O'Hara. ROW I: Richard Osberg, Bolo Os- borne, Maureen O'Shea, Dale C. Pace, Susan Packard, Mar+ha Page. ROW 2: Sam Page, Shirley Park, Douglas Parks, Sue Parris, Alan Pason, Willard Paulson. ROW 3: Arfhur Pearce, Charles Per- ino, Don Peschka, Marilyn Peferson, Ronald Pelocz, Elberl' Peflie. ROW 4: Don Philliber, Charles L. Phillips, Larry Pinney, Janice Pifchford, George Plewes, Thomas Poage. ROW 5: Jerry Poe, Donna Polile, Leonard Pongrafz, Jean Rene Price, Charles Puckelf, Andres Puky. ROW 6: J. S. Purser, Dennis Raddanl, Jo Ragan, Mark Randell, Phil Ray, Janel' Ries. ROW 7: Donna Reynolds, John Rey- nolds, Phyllis Rice, Mike Richards, John Ridpal-h, Charles Riggs. ROW '8: Jimmie R. Roberfson, Gary Roland, Teresa Rappe, Gannar Rosen, Sandy Rosenbum, Sassan Rosiegar. ROW 9: Sally Rowan, Roxana Rozsa, Leon Russell, Barbara Russell, Barbara Savage, Carole Scalfergood. ROW IO: Ken SchneH'e, Karl Schnie- der, Tom H. ScoH', Nelson Sever, Rich- ard Duane Secresl, H. M. Seiler. ROW ll: Kay Shannon, Jerry Sharp, Dick Shaver, Janice Shider, John Shields, Frances Shirk. ROW I: Charlie Shoaf, Pefer Sill, Li'l'i- iia Skinner, Niva Skinner, Phil Slicker, Judiih Slocum, Leo Smifh. ROW 2: Mary Ann Smiih, Rodney D. Smilh, Susan Smifh, Dave Smooi, Dave Sons, Karen Spraclline, Darrell Spreen. ROW 3: Susan Slahl, Kaiherine Sfaley, Lillard Sfearns, Kennefh Sfeele, Beverly Slewarl, Leslie Slewarf, Richard D. Slew- arf. ROW 4: Sieve Slewarf, Dan M. Sfokes, Jim Suiior, Don Sullivan, Anne Summers, Kay Summers, Richard Swan. ROW 5: Gene Swanson, Donnie Tail, Leigh Taylor, Elwyn Teclloall, Jr., Mary Tessman, Wayne Tharp, Jim Ellen Thomas. ROW 6: Louise Thompson, Gary J. Thornlon, Donna Tipion, Pal Traynor, Evelyn Trumbley, Rocky Tucker, Tom Turner. ROW 7: Bill Turpen, Virginia Tullle, Abdulaziz Tuwaiiri, Evelyn Wallace, Don Warlick, Max Wafkins, Joyce Weaiher- inglon. ROW 8: Ted Wealherly, Douglas Wei- mer, Bill Welsh, Bill Weslmoreland, Mary Frances While, Walfer While, Waller Whife. ROW 9: Sonny Wiginion, Dave Wil- liams, Densel Williams, Nick Williams, Jo Anne Wilson, Nancy Wifhers, Mi- chael Wood. ROW IO: Terry Woodson, Ruih Wy- more, Jerry Young, Ronald Young, Mike Zeller, Bill Zimmerman, Sally Zumwall. Book AC2'FIVITIES jerry Keeliug set up the first Hurricane YOLICIKIOXYII against Houston, but the Cougars ruined the Halloween Home- coming in a 22-13 battle. 5 i l i e I l a l i 1 si -- -11:-1-.3-,:,,.5,:.f 1' ' lj- V, ' -5 I-if .92 -t ,.,twwsLeNawff ' visas E V. viva-fm ww 'Raw swf . ,Nt 1-i-c-www' '-'xstqxw v l 1 i s I 4 l 1 5 l a I i 1 I Billy Framel recuperated from his foot- ball injuries-with the aid of two pretty HUTSCS. Sm-111i-linulisls in tllu KlfNU.U,l..XPrRl'M Beauty Queen l'UlllL'9I were mlgukir XYiIIi41111s. Cu1'nlx'11 Sllillcx. Luq' Hxnenxzm ctflCIll'llll. llllllifl' Pilcl1l'm'd, Ig.ll'Il1lI'2l Palm. .Indy lily. xlucli Plllllflll. llawle lluulplun. .xllll Mznkexuic. flurnlvll Ulsun and lllllt I-CYCllglN7ll. 'S' 'r::H""' """'W-iv '-ff??b:1 -- I 3-Yiisw,-, f ,af V5 gf ,An 4' 1f"""7 if .Q ,M f ww ,Cm f , o ' .1 f 'V ' Agfa! ,.fSf,A'i'1i'+', fm A, I.w"J,.Q5,g'g. , ' 4 " Q . ' 5X w ,4"'Q,g,w ' 3. I Q1 , . A K .. ,Q vw 2 pl' QMS ,Q af 'S 'A 'di ,. tiff, .' fm . "' f ,nk , ,ai ' -' 4 1 uw' .5 fx . , 4 "N 5 fb-if - P S if A' ,s - s 1 x .mwtm . , . Q-Q-'wif-1 0 , ' I . I f F1 -"3-gif' uv' Q5 :g -5' cw--if Q-QQ? 1"5'y U, 2.",fQ'. li-vfflyl. f . I 1.5 wig Q f ' ..f.3F-FA' ,gbiz ,-jf,f:T',f,'Q1f,ff'1' " X 3+ .--f,: 5Msfjs1vT.Q 1 glegw --X 1. New , -xfwfkgsv-.. -9' A , " 'Fr -.kfiv---I TEL- ' A sf T. X- ff .NV T1,,:J'N,l,,-mf AV- , , x , : :' . .0 :CASE ' .3 N' . 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' 1 V Vi ' fl V V X ' 5 xx I ' f -' , V X , it gf . V X4 G V V E Ryu if gi' Q 4- I' wr ' " I Q V I A- 'X f, Miss JANET Russ Band Qucen MISS NANCY RYAN ROTC H0lIL7l'Ill'j' Clzdcf Colonel Miss VIRGINIA Scz0'r1' Ffmllmll QIIITII 3 N Q UUEENS MISS JANICE PITCHFORD Baskciball Queen " WW! :i 2' - Miss ANN LAMKIN Ellgi7Z6C'l'S QIICFPI ,, 109 .. 'a , Egg . 25,3 L '65 'E 1 . ' L . .1'-:N wg, f - " v-rw. .pw A X' " " M' 4 "1 - ztejfgag ' f r .' lE5-"fifi25"3:- 9 - NG'5-:43r3.:'4':"C"'- 'Ji fl ' ' if '-ii:-0255159 4 3y"2z'5?m'3: . Nmap:--:-' -' - -, :. . - A -ff 1-, A. -a we. ' 4' -we -'xv-ru: " r .1 ' ' Sf:f.f5:.?mQ.s-- . . , , , .fu 9 fzggqzrziz-E63 vkgv'-4'rw v' : . ' I fi':. 22-554 lmfifffh' V' 4 k A Ii -,':Qyi.:1'-gmj' fs ' ',.f1-A cegwsgfzft ' 1' 'V ' Fraternity Sweethearts Miss JANI COCHRAN Szvcetlteart of Sigma Chi 5 E t l t L M11-ss ELEANOR MITCHELL Miss BARBARA Mums Szvc1'H1.crrr't of Kappa Aljllm S?Ul'l'fl1UI1l't of Sigma .wfll Nikki Miss SHIRLEY RINEHART Miss DONNA TIPTON Szvecflwart nf Kappa Sigma Szveetlleart of Alpha Tau Omega Miss CAROLE COULTER Miss ANN BROPHY Szvevflzearf of Pi Kappa Alpha Szuecflzearf of Lambzla Clzi Alpha ,l- Hn,-1. W ,V pf-ff' gfzmzsg cf- HM ,, ' 4 r t , .- BILL D. JACKSON Collrgirzn Press Cluh Circle K Matrix Award Press Club Scholarship '-msn! CAROLINE JANSSEN Mortar Board Kappa Delta Pi Varsity Nite Board Scroll Kappa Kappa Gamma, President BILL STARR IllfCl'lll'2llCl'Illly clUllIlL'll. Prcsicleut Moclcrn Choir IXICIIIE Soplioiuore Class. Vice-Prcsicleilt Siygiua Chi l I2 if CAROL GRIFFEE Young Republicans Niuirocl Phi llaiuiiia Kappa Mortar Board Phi Mu. President BECKI' THOMPSON Mortar Board. President Sigma Alpha Iota Modern Choir MENC Delta Ganuua iz-..4":..,:-.1.-N: c' 1,-MIX ML'RRAX' MCRTILLAN KWCS-FM Collfgiriii Matrix Award PAUL H. VAL'GH'rER JR. Nimrod International Relations Club. President Lambda Chi Alpha , , i ' , W ' A A Q iz' Q2 ge! A A A A ,Y 1 v 9 tm ' f v- pa ' Y t 'f 5 V l MQ n Hman J. SHARON joNEs KAY PAYNE Mortar Board Executive Club Phi Gamma Kappa Student Senate Art Students' League Sophomore Class, Treasurer Kappa Delta Pi TU Business YYonien. President Chi Oinepga. President Chi Omega II3 MARY BiRBiL1s Mortar Board KENDALLABRUM, Editor Pi Delta Epsilon Phi Alpha Theta Kappa Delta Pi Lottie Kline Nlabee Hall Plesldent EIILIUCCFS Club CAROL RORSCHACH Modern Choir IQENDALLABRUM Student Senate Scroll Chi Omega 'SNWX K I ' ll'IlLT NICKENZIE Student Senate. President Pi Epsilon Tau Engineers' Club Men's Intramural Council Pi Kappa Alpha GRETCHEN IIUTZ Mortar lim paul Modern Choir Sigma Alpha Iota Junior Class Secretary Delta Cannna is UW- ' jun' WRIGHT Stuilent Senate Ymingg Republicans Pi Delta Epsilon Scroll Chi Omega x 1 x JANET WRIGHT Sluclent Senate Young Republicans Pi Delta Epsilon Scroll Chi Omega ,Q CAROL CROXVDER Student Senate Christian Science Ur5:ganizati0n Young Republicans Kappa Alpha Theta GEORGANN GASAWAY Sigma Alpha Iota. President Mortar Board Scroll Phi Catnnia Kappa Delta Delta Delta 7 time l tl t,,, 1 ,- l XT QQQQI S .,,.,.......--.--4 z-. 1 fc 'ma' J 324.14 f. 'igf V ,. THIS WEEK GAIL VVELCH TU Theater Mortar Board Theta Alpha Pl1i Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Alpha Theta Q FRAN HIERONYMUS LINDA WOLFE Newman Cluh Lantern , Young Dernoerats Scroll Kappa Kappa Cantina Kappa Delta Pi Sigma Alpha Sigma Kappa Kappa Gamma II6 N1 DAVID T BAILEX Phi Eta Sigma Sword and Kei Engineers Club American Institute of Physics T? NAMLY S'1'Eififi1Ns Mortar Board P2lllllCllC'1llL' Council KNYCS-FM Alpha Epsilon llluo Della lk-Im Delta. President JOHN M. JOHNSON Pi Epsilon Tun EIljJQlllC't'l'S. Cluli AIME Signia Nu . 5 .- BOB T Ac:cAin' lVlARGl1i KEPI.i1lt llnsiness School. President Llilllliilll rlwllll, President lfxcnutiw Clnlm. l'rcsident Orchestra Young Repulmlicuns Lallltern. President .-Xlpliu Kappa Psi Scroll. President SXM lllLlk'pCllKlClll Students' .xHSUL'l1lllllll 4:- II7 uw. ........w, Q-P1 ,J um LORE'l'l'A IIAR1' Pi Delta Epsilon Pi flunnnu Mn ,avanr 4, ' N Cnllrgiznl Matrix .Xwurcl Clii 011103211 F 5 F gt , 1 "'f LILLIAN BELL Collfgian Pi Alpha Mu Matrix Award Young Democrats Kappa Kappa Gamma 0. F. fSKIPJ STURM KENDALLABRUM Young Democrats Sigma Nu ALLENE PLOUZEK SNEA, President Scroll, President Phi Gamma Kappa Kappa Delta Pi Independent Students' Association Conwnwunicofions Beaumont Brueslle appeared as THE MXN NYHU CAME TO DINNER in the Summer Theatre DI'OCll1Cfi0ll. an 2? , iifw. Qu BIARY BIRBILIS. Editor SKIP STURM. Business Manager -any .re r..- ii Mary Birbilis and Carol Rorschach studied cover designs before making a selection. 1960 Kendallabrum There was always a deadline to meet as the staff busily collected pictures and copy for the 1960 KENDALLABRUM. Work on the KENDALLABRUM began in the sum- mer when Editor Mary Birbilis decided on the theme and layout with Gene McRae, Southwestern Engraving representative. Jean Sharon Jones then submitted art ideas for the cover to coincide with the theme of campus construction and progress. After staff members made appointments for indi- vidual pictures, Brown-Dunkin photographers set up a studio on campus to photograph the largest number of students for the class section. Hoyt Smith photographed all the organizations Hlld fea- tures. and KENDALLABRUM Beauty Queens were photographed by the Bob McCormack studio. Assistant Ann Brophy was in charge of organiza- tion of copy with the help of copy staff members Judy Cunningham, Judy Bly, George Bright, Sue Esser, Lucy Ann Young and Diane Stewart. Assist- ant Martha Ann Hurt was in charge of photography and the student index. Assisting her were class edi- tors Mary Crabb, Sandy Rosenhum and Pat Froeh- lich. The editorial staff checked photographs and lay- out with Ed H. johnson. faculty advisor. Business Manager Skip Sturm and his assistant Carol Ror- 1-9' 'QT7 Sandy Montgomery, Judy Bly, john English 'Mary Crabb Sandy Rosenbum Diane Stew art schach handled advertising and finances with the reading copy from the printer Ifinally the 1960 help of C. I. Duncan, business advisor. IXEINDALLABRLNI was completed and the staff happily The stall spent most of second semester proof- distributed yearboolxs in May Editor . . . Assistant Editor . Assistant Editor . Business Manager . Assistant Manager Faculty Editor . Junior Class Editor KEN DALLABRUM ST AF F . MARY BIRBILIS . ANN BROPHY MARTHA ANN HURT . . SKIP STURM CAROL RoRscHAcH SANDY MONTGONIERY . . . MARX' CRABB 'UN 3 Tom Iilimincsrmisi, Editor DoN GAs.uV,u'. Business Manager t , P K..-nf sh X -., 4 , a 'sa F? - .V ,refre- , , Toni Foote and Anne Hug copy-read their columns while Toni Coerver checked photo assignments. Collegian After an all-American rating last year, the Colle- gian again went after the national honor with an aggressive editorial policy and a new high in cam- pus news coverage. With Tom Birmingham as editor and Sandy Montgomery and Lillian Bell as assistants, the Col- legian expanded its editorial page this year by run- ning photo editorials for the first time. Completing the rest of the staff was Joe Mills as a hard-writing sports editor, assisted by Phil Henzel. Anne Hug edited the society section. Help also came from Dick Grant as feature editor and Mike Zacharias who wrote a fashion column that received national recognition. Photographers were Tom Coerver and Mike Zacharias and handling the complete financial end of the paper were business manager Don Gasaway and his assistant, Murray McMillan. Head feature writer Nikki Magee helped put to- gether a special section in the Collegian when Sharp Chapel was dedicated. The Collegian was not without humor this year as columnists Tom Foote and Don Bright turned out yards of rib-tickling copy. Cartoonists Gary Flemming and Joel Burkhart supplied the editorial page with weekly panels that caught the amusement of the whole campus. ar' B . limits: Stk Enid- ,Iudy YYright. Cindy Lyon, Ted Barrington, Dick Grant, jan YVright. Bryant Youngblood. Sherrill Vincent. Noel Mann and Torn Birmingham. Editor . . Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Feature Editor Sports Editor --sq Y -F5 ll! -F ui" COLLEGIM STAFF TOM BIRMINGHAM . LILLIAN BELL SANDY MONTGOINIERY . . DICK GRANT JOE MILLS Society Editor . . ANNE HUG Fashion Editor .... MIKE ZACHARIAS Photographers . TOM COERYER, MIKE ZACHARIAS Business Manager .... DON GASAYVAY Assistant Business Manager . NILTRRAY MCMILLAN Sandy lhIO1llg0lHCl'j', Joe Mills. Toni Birni- ingham and Lillian Bell planned the C01- lcgian layout. ,l ff J WKWR , my wig Q v fx sasuwt re W Q' Roismzr COMSTOCK, Acting Station Manager MURRAY NICNIILLAN. Chief Announcer S . NANCY STEFFENS, Program Director High fidelity music and news for "people who can thinkw gave KWGS a radiating year of service to Northeastern Oklahoma. Music director Bill Giorda kept standard music shows like "Music of the Mastersw flowing, assisted by Bill Ward. New music shows including Sonny Gray's "Jazz Workshop," Bill Koch's "jazz Kitch- en," Larry Lehr's "Pop's Showcasef, and Nancy SteHens' "Broadway Beatf, Norman Myer, news director, supervised news coverage. Bill Giorda produced the "Sunday Showf, which also acted as a monitor-type training ground for new announcers Joel Brehm, Richard Cole, Lew Gamster, Phil Gulley, Norman Myer and Pete Richardson. Murray McMillan, chief announcer, trained new talent and reminded older ones like Don Kimmel, Dale Lawson and George Tomek to be Conscious of reading rate versus the clock. Tom Vaughan, Claudia Horton and Dr. Rod Jones, associate pro- fessor of speech, traveled to different high schools to tape the "Going to College" scholarship quiz show. FRONT ROYY: Claude H. Hill. P. T. Richardson. Mike Miller. Nancy Stehrens. Dorothy Lee Lynch. Sandy Arvicl- son. SECOND ROYY: Richard Parker. Richard Cole. Bill Koch. Fred Uartrell. Don Kimmel. Larry Lehr. Beau' Fred Gartrell. sports director, and Lew Canister kept a description of the three major college sports on the air. Technical engineers Jim Campbell. Richard Parker and Dennis Raddant watched over remote-location broadcasts. Nancy Stellens, program director. made sure each department knew what others were doing and Sharon YVilliams. publicity. made great advance- ments in station public relations. Linda Darrell designed the monthly program bulletin. Acting sta- tion manager Robert Comstock and chief engineer Claude Hill gave friendly counsel. Dale Lawson, traflic director. scheduled pro- grams. Betty YVoodson wrote continuity assisted by Dorothy Lynch. jim Campbell was music librarian. Frances VVhittenburg was women's director, assisted by producers Sandy Arvidson. Midge Caruthers and Sandy Peters. And. of course. the station continued to use their slogan "Keep Wlith the Good Sound in Fine Musicfl which spells KVVGS-F M. mont Bruestle. THlRD ROYY: Robert Comstock. Toni Vaughan. Dale Lawson. james Lee Campbell, Norman Myer. Murray MtMillan. i"'i'F"' Stall members checked the record library before scheduling l . To - .fl "- J"'f: . programs. Tommie Ruth Gardner throws up ,- her hands in dispair in THE PLAYGOERS, a sumr11er stock 1 presentation. Also featured are ,ffl John Chick. Tonya Lobaugh, Sandra Arvidson and Tom Led- mp 32 be tte r. TU Theatre The Department of Speech of the University of Tulsa presented, as its 1959-60 theatre season, a group of plays notable for its variety. and a series of casts notable for its introduction of newcomers. The season opened on October 13, 1959, with a production of Elmer Rice's fantasy of the machine age, THE ADDING MACHINE. Although veteran actors Claudia Horton, John Chick and Fred Bruce Graves carried leading roles, such new names as Tonya Lobaugh. Sally Flora, Richard Demorset. Don Barnum and Charles Van Sant appeared on University of Tulsa theatre programs for the first time. The November play was the revival of Anna Cora Mowattls charming old American comedy. FASH- ION: and again such new names as Patricia Froeh- lich. Margaret Beck. Beth Devine, Rav Sanford and Neil Davis, appeared with the more seasoned names of Gail IVelch, Frances Wlhittenburg. Sandra Arvid- son and Mike Beistle. Tonya Lobaugh and Fred Graves argue over finances in this scene from THE ADDING IVIACHINE. ,ww ,. The acting group turned to YVillia1n Shakespeare in February with a production of THE YVlNTER'S TALE that featured Tonya Lobaugh, Gail Wlelch, Patricia Froehlich, Frances Wlhittenburg, Margaret Beck, john Chick, Toni Cunliffe, Mike Beistle, Don Hoepner, joel Brehrn, Ronald Young, VVillia1n Boyd, Richard Demorest, Jack Henry and Ray San- ford. The play for March was the modern English drama, THE CHALK GARDEN, and the produc- "Oh. IllOll1CI'. l1e's a count." says Pat Froehlich to Mar- garet Beck in a dialogue from FASHION. tion for May was Richard Brinsley Sheridazfs farce, THE RIVALS, with new lyrics and inusic by Beau- rnont Bruestle and Charles Swier. The directors for the University of Tulsa theatre season were. as usual, Beaumont Bruestle and Har- old VV. Barrows. choreograghy for FASHION, THE W'lNTER'S TALE and THE RIVALS was in the hands of John Hurdle. and sets and costumes were the design of Harold Barrows. 'AVC donit want none of your foreign ways here," says John Chick to Mike Beistle inuch to Gail YVelch's dismay in this scene from FASHION. F35 M3 Wifi' HSI EIB! OFFICERS Concertmaster . WILLIAM SCOBIE Librarian LAWRENCE SUTHERLAND Conductor DR. VVILLIAM E. MIZKEL Orchestra The University of Tulsa Symphony Orchestra provided music stu- dents and those interested in playing in the orchestra the opportunity of playing some of the world's great music. The group was conduct- ed by Dr. VVilliam E. McKee. who returned after a two-year leave of absence during which he received his doctorate. The orchestra mem- bership included many players in the Tulsa Philharmonic Orchestra, interested townspeople who enjoyed the opportunity to perform with the group and TU students from every walk of campus life. Concerts were presented during the year in which guest soloists ap- peared with the orchestra. One such soloist was Francis Jones, princi- pal violinist of the Tulsa Philharmonic. The group met weekly for two-and-a-half hour rehearsals. Membership in the group reached seventy this year. FIRST VIOLIN: IVilliam Scobie. concertmaster: Peggy Horn, Laura Stanton. John Shuller. Arthur Karson, Kathy Hale. SECOND VIOLIN: Edward Geschmay, Susan Alsop, Bette Cunningham, Freda Freeman. Phyllis Brenk- man, Linda Eulert, Ronnie Kalman. VIOLA: Shirley Manuel, Shirley lVall, IVilliam Burkitt, Freddie Storm, T. K. Peterson, WYilliam Lester, Jim Noyce, Diane Grotl-ge. CELLO: Kay Sutherland, Charles Barton, Otto F. C. W'eisner, Denny Byrne, Martha McCrory, Richard McIn- tyre. STRING BASS: Lew Norton, Harry Berg, Ivilliam Crosby. FLUTE: Miles Zentner. Sue Esser, Jeanne Cobb, Sarah Allan. Evelyn VVallace, Carol Croskery. OBOE: Judy Bourscheidt, Robert Moore, Phyllis Beeson. CLARI- NET: George Dennie, Barbara Combs, Earl Johnston. B.-XSSOON: Burl Lane, Harry IVoods. HORN: Don Kramer, Joy Durschnitt, Dwain Gregory, James Sellars. TRUMPET: Bill Shellenbarger, IVayne Coon, David Ed- ris. TROMBONE: Larry Sutherland, Charles Moore, Ted Kramer. TYMPANI: Gary Hahn. PERCUSSION: Mar- ilyn Eberhard, David Wlright. OFFICERS eff.. 'st 4 Q" X ia' fa . . T' 2 t S. Allen, P. Atherton, D. Beard, S. Beightol, Bourschidt, R. Brady, S. Brown, YV. Clarke, J. Cobb, L. Coker, R. Coleg L. Collins, B. Combs, VV. Coon, Cox, W. Crosby, C. Croskery, B. Cunningham, G. Dennie, D. Edris, M. Esser, C. Feary, C. Fishwick, F. Freeman, L. Craupman. L. Gregory, G. Hahn, R. Harrell, J. Hendon, J. Hope, M. Horn, M. Hoyer, Hyatt, L. Hynenian. E. Johnston, P. Jones, R. Jones. Kepler, D. Kramer, B. Lane, E. Lan- ning, D. Lee. J. Lewis, V. Lusk, T. Lyle, VV. McCoy, L. Mark, A. Marks, C. Milleson, C. Meyers. C. Moore, J. R. Moore, B. Moulton, R. Csberg. S. Rolle, J. Sellars. R. Senter. B. Shellenbarger. R. Stewart. D. Sullivan, L. Suth- erland, F. lfVallace. S. VVall. W'ethc-rington. N. W'hithers, R. Wfhitsitt. M. lYilks, M. lrYllllBIllSOI1. H. lVilson. H. Woods. T. lYoodson, D. lVright, M. Zenter. E. Trumbly. Golden Hurricane Band The Colden Hurricane Band was a highlight of campus life during the year. Seen weekly at football games, the band provided interest- . ing halftime entertainment. The first big affair sponsored by the band was the annual band queen election held in September. Janet Ries was selected as this yearls queen. The band also took trips to Stillwater and Wichita for football games. Homecoming marked the 25th anniversary of the band and was celebrated by many members of the past bands participating with the current band at halftime. During the spring the band presented its regular spring concert. New mascot for the band this year was six-year-old Marsha Becton. Ronnie Young and Donnie Green were out in front of the band for the second year, along with eight strutting majorettes. Dwight Dailey was director of the band, with Jerry Burdick assisting. President .... BURL LANE Secretary BARBARA Comms HAHN Treasurer . . HARm'.VV1LsoN OFFICERS President .... BILL VVISE Secretary . . Bisckr THOMPSON Social Chairman . RONNIE YOUNG Vice-president . DON VVHITSIT1' Modern Choir The nationally-acclaimed University of Tulsa Modern Choir lived up to their high reputation by again providing the campus with out- standing choral music. Under the direction of Arthur Hestwood, the group sang for civic and public school meetings. as well as pre- senting their own campus programs. The highlight of the year was the whirl-wind tour of the East and Mid-west during the semester break. "Say It VVith Music" was the theme of the tour programs and of the Tulsa formal concert in February. The choir changed its usual musical line-up by adding a section of sacred works to the program in addition to their regular fare of concert stage and Broadway stage type programs. Accompanists for the group were Gretchen Hotz and Evelyn Wlallace. Lighting was handled by Gary Horn and Bill Giorda. Membership was limited to thirty-four carefully picked voices and four alternates. FRONT ROXY: Charlotte Wilson. Sharon Berg. Sandra Anderson. Nancy Cole. Suzanne Bolle. Peggy Horn. Sandy Nichols. Carol Fishwick. SECOND RONY: Bill Vliest- uiorelaud. Karen Anderson. Mary jo Carriker. Janet Bur- rows, Becky Thompson. Jaren johnson. Linda Hunt. Bar- bara McAlister. Barry Hou. THIRD ROVV: Bill Crosby. Jay Caldwell. Ray Harrell. john Cox. Jerry Dillon, Bill YVise. David Lee. Gary Horn. FOURTH ROVV: Charles Hopkins. Bob Moore. Clement Graham. Jim Davis, Ronnie Young. Don Hayden. jr.. joel Adams. Don YVhitsitt. David Cupp. joe Hess. r-W 55111116-. 'N-gg., 3 S FRONT ROVV: Bob McQueen, Carnie Block, Co-Captains Chuck Janssen and Bennie Davis, john Davies. John Gir- dano and Bob Brurnble. SECOND ROYV: Pat Thompson. Don Cavett, Paul Stipkovich, john O'Neill, Frank Hage- 1,15 clorn, Dan Eubanks, Jack Kreider, Bob West and R. C Smith. THIRD ROW: Charlie Batton, Mack Reeves Alton, Knox, Jack Murphy, Kenny Grant, Eugene Roeder David White, John Toole, John Patterson and David Hicks Tulsa Finishes With 5 - 5 Record SEASON RECORD Tulsa . . 0 Arkansas . . . 28 Tulsa . . 28 New Mexico State 27 Tulsa . . 7 Texas Tech . . 8 Tulsa . . 0 OSU ..... 26 Tulsa . . 16 Hardin-Simmons S Tulsa . . 21 Detroit . 6 Tulsa . . 13 Houston . . 22 Tulsa . . 14 Cincinnati . . . 7 Tulsa . . 17 North Texas State 5 Tulsa . . 21 VVichita .... 26 9 1 01, 0 B is y, wi fu. FOURTH ROYV: joe Novsek. Jerry Keeling, Joe Kirk- Morris W atts Gary Schoolcraft Buddx lxellw Jerry Moon wood, Leon Pagac, Robert MeCurry. joel YV:-ilenta, Bill Joe Cheap lxellx Burden Donnie Crounoxer B1llFiamel Zaleski, Bob Cunningham and Bill Gary. FIFTH ROVV: Bill 'lhompson Bob Nlchols and Joe Reese Head football coach Bobby Dobbs guided his team to an even 5-5 season record, but his coaching prowess and the qualities of sportsmanship dis- played by his grid team earned him the title of the Missouri Valley Conference Coach-of-tlie-Year, an honor voted to him by the league coaches. ' or Leading Hurricane Pass receiver. Buddy Kelly. left end. is caught in mid-air as he pulls down an aerial from quarterback jerry Keel- ing. Golden Hurricane Splits Road, Home Openers TULSA 0, ARKANSAS 28-Plagued with me- back jim Monroe, who figured in all of the Porker chanical difficulties in the opening game of the sea- scoring. son, Tulsa lost three fumbles that were converted into successive Razorback touchdowns. With live TULSA 28, NEW MEXICO STATE 27-In a of the six halfbacks sidelined with various leg in- home-opener thriller, Hurricane quarterback Jerry juries. TU did not pose a challenging score until Keeling tossed a 55-yard touchdown aerial to back the fourth quarter when halfback joe Cheap fum- joe Cheap and then shot a two-point conversion bled within the enemy 18-yard line. The Hogs, pass to end Buddy Kelly for a 28-21 lead late in with superior speed and home field edge, were led the fourth quarter. In the nip'n tuck battle, NMS by All-American halfback Jim Mooty and quarter- Co-CAI-'rA1N CHUCK JANSSEN Jos Novssra FRANK HAGEDORN Left Guard Tackle Center X , X-.., R T499 'Su '-ffl f ' xiii'-S Ni 'WR XX IAQ ...If C0-CAPTAIN BENNIE Davis Quarterback JERRY KEELING Quarterback joe Cheap, hard-charging Tulsa half- back, grinds out yardage returning a kickoff as Chuck Janssen ton groundl throws a key block to pave the way. Two Foreign Battles Lost ace quarterback Charlie johnson bounced back with another Aggie touchdown pass to narrow the margin 28-27. In the conversion at- tempt, Tulsa's Bob Bruxnble and Frank Hagedorn crashed through the Aggie wall to break up the tying placement and give TU its first victory of the season. The Hurricane garnered a total offense of 393 yards with Joe Cheap averaging tive yards plus on 18 carries. Aggie speed-demon halfback Pervis Atkins. later rated as the out- standing back on the TU all-opponent team, also sparkled with a better than six yards average gain in 14 lugs. TULSA 7, TEXAS TECH 8-The Red Raiders from Lubbock con- verted for two points after their lone touchdown in the third quarter to squeak by the Colden Hurricane in the Texas wind and rain. Statistically, Tulsa outplayed Tech by registering 12 first downs to the Raiders' 4 and 221 yards total offense to 92. Fumbles set up both scoresg TU capitalized before halftime when tackle Joe Novsek pounced on a loose ball at the Tech 44. Keeling fired a pass to Cheap for 17 yards and Bob Brumble rambled into the end zone for the score. The Red Raiders scored on a short pass play from halfback Ron Rice to Dan Curley and then quarterback Ken Talk- ington scrambled to paydirt for the winning two-pointer. The loss snapped a cluster of three successive TU decisions over Tech, each f ,fp , it 'Y K xxiih-L 4 xx xt Left end john Toole is shown jarring the foot- ball loose from Hardin- Siinnmns end Sillllllly Oats as Bill Zaleski 1711 and Gene Roeder t65j race up to cover on the fnnible play. Season Record Evened With Home Victories won by the margin of a field goal, during the past sprintf for the after11oon's scoring. Tony Banfield three seasons. and Vernon Sewell were also State standouts. The Cowboys controlled the ball throughout the game TULSA O, OSU 26-Following a humiliating de- and Tulsa was able to pick up only 151 yards on feat last year in Skelly stadium, the Cowboys of total offense. Oklahoma State University turned in their best over- all performance of their season to gain sweet re- TULSA I6, HARDIN-SIMMONS 8-TU field venge over Dobbls charges. OSU quarterback Dick general Jerry Keeling led the Hurricane to victory Soergal fired two touchdown passes and sophomore in top form by passing for one touchdown, keeping fullback jim Dillard ran two TD7s fone a 91-yard for another, plus making two "game-savingl' defen- Bon BRUMBLIQ CARNIE BLOCK Dick MIIDDLIZTON EUGENE Romana Fnllhack Guard Center Guard ,Y Z fn wt I A. 1 .- M X I wr-,-.,' I - -' li N. as N , M ,.., ,. 1. , U , . En. ff it " ' , ug . A v 4,35-L-5y,zg 5 ,A .1 V - X 1 'rr . Q- ' .9 . N ' 'S . ll .. if' nw: I L xv X 5 1.- "S 'E . l ' 4--N B m y bfi' r ' -591, f U sl X, Q12-gg Mg, y . . tp A . .- ,'f5ff3:gf25Sii'7E f l: 51.11. 4 v , n X Q X X X N Q 5 .X r as sr v 6 NN- tz so sas? Q Y ,l Nsvy x Xspjx-M , xx ' N X, es,vxs...U.-Y . . xiwx MX x,MN:.e ,.s..Lx. i 5 A :,. .- - .. , xx X 'Qs t x.:s::.-.X x :- .. W -X igikrwrws ,Q t ycqsi i - 1 ,W x HK .P N' lx we xv Q-:,,q.g - 1 -pf I 4 , .N - ,..X V- N .ES -V555-. k' up .- ki . I .. .,..,. 'g avi- i -. , 3 iii .T ' Q 'kff .. N umm, ug? .gs 9 N .V mm 5 014 , 3 KI . .I ' - J 'z X Q55 ' 1 ss '- gras ' ',-'ff-1-1..' .. .AM . 49f'3Wf:F. -sick: MTL , f,. , - X Q- -vi' 'Q-'f1f.,, y -Y.. Uf3Q???i1 s?'2'f2s-S-Wt -1 . '- .,9a.,?,,g,i ,. . .ULU s .. Q . . 'P'?.-"--sv- -.f -' 1 -.-ww,-,,."4"',.Qss,Jmsf T - . - , .-:"SA.'.se-Ls w2Siii5'f1fL?1s?-'.s"-'-3- 1 MN JOE CHEAP Halfback Bos MCQUEEN End Scrappy workhorse fullback, Bob Bxurn- ble, rounds the corner and gobbles up yardage in the North Texas State game. Houston Ruins Homecoming sive efforts. He was cited as Missouri Valley Conference Back-of- the-Week for his outstanding play. Reserve QB Bob West booted a 27-yard field goal for an early Tulsa lead. Tiny Bill Framel, 159- pound sophomore halfback, proved to be a capable fill-in for the injured joe Cheap and gained 57 yards in 14 carries. TULSA Zl, DETROIT 6-The Hurricane continued its perfect home record with a solid win over the Titans in a rigorous defen- sive contest. QB Jerry Keeling played a key role in all three of the TU touchdowns as the school recorded its l0.000th point in football history. Tulsa sophomore left halfback Bill Framel broke his leg during the rugged action and was sidelined for the rest of the sea- son. Only a blocked punt that was recovered in the Tulsa end zone by Detroit kept the game from being a shutout for the spirited Hur- ricane. TULSA l3, HOUSTON 22-A determined Houston squad without a starting quarterback moved into Halloween homecoming at TU seeking revenge for last year's homecoming loss at Houston to the Hurricane. After a wide-open scoreless first half, the Cougars rushed in sophomore quarterback Don Sessions who passed for two quick touchdowns, scampered 31 yards for another, and figured in both of Houston's two-point conversions in setting the Hurricane down. Q 2 3 E 1 ii f :L l All-Missouri Valley quarterback Jerry Keel- ing pitches out to soph- omore fullback David VVhite and blocks as White gets ready to cut around end for an eight-yard gain. Tulsa Upsets Mighty Stastically outplayed, Houston relied on "home run" plays to spoil the Tulsa festivities. TULSA I4, CINCINNATI 7-Spearheacled by the brilliant running of lanky quarterback Keeling, the Hurricane mowed down the Cincy forces by rolling up 373 yards on offense and using a stalwart de- fense to bottle up the Bearcats on the ground, issuing only 38 yards. Keeling set a record-smash- ing rushing performance by gaining 124 yards in North Texas Eagles 16 carries. A combination of one of the nation's leading passers, "General jack" Lee, and scorers, Ernie Kovac, netted the only TD for the MVC opponents. Tulsa's win edged its conference and season mark back to the .500 mark. TULSA I7, NORTH TEXAS STATE 6-The high- flying Eagles of North Texas State flew into Tulsa as the top rushing team in the nation with an aver- age of 379 yards total offense per game, but were KELLY BURDEN Halfback JOHN GIRDANO Right Guard Davin WHITE Fullback Bos CUNNINGHAM End 'X A t "-'-' 4 V -eg-fk . ,, p F' ' S' -"' 3 X ff- . A I W t as- xi , , , -' A N K Q K X 'Q , - . ,z .Ei ..: .N . nv1'v""'-T? ggi as . Y Y A 'W Y s Y X 3 x., , T.e.s.i,.sk kt qt -s " -e I iitt I ' x Rf .4 Q- at Q- '- Q . ,. is - 11: X. ,t X: -. r' . - Vis 1 , 1 W.-W,.....t..a .s -New ,N , H- ' .Nw - . t St . . ' Y W3 M X X 3 srl f' a sssx w t ak 5s.M,a,.,, X., , , V ., r ., , . ,Qt tx , .N Vssskis wx -y . as X, v xt X . 1 2 we 'Se ' ' :'IC" .1 A 'Z ..,,, ,,-, X Qsferafl N-1 tt tr: N S H, ,: . X Raxigri, -.3 TFQRX-was as is to xx 5: . ""' i fEi:sY5P3'?iU','i2:'ii' '- U s tasis' ,Q 13 Sim:-ifv. " 1:-i F ' S X ' ,t X x S S X -X I '- -es . 3. -wiaf T mg !YPfJf'f.'4+1 .X ' N -My sX 'k wg,t,S' it . -. 'NX greg W 1 ' I ., S'-sig n g, s y KN? extssmtyki w, 1 N. x., g .b X' - g tg. bgx.. . , K -- It .. ,. .. s x I , . ' iw ' I 'I , . - -- 4-,am I - i : ' ss2.1svfQ1er . ss 1 . 'M ' ' lha',, JOHN DAVIES End jack KREIDER Halfback Highly-touted jack Krieder eludes one tackler and races forward. Despite an early leg injury, Krieder aided a late- inspired Tulsa squad to an even 5-5 season. TU Finished 3rd in MVC stopped cold by a stolid Golden Hurricane defense that permitted a scant 60 yards rushing. Keeling again figured in both TU touch- downs, scoring the second and setting up the first with a 33-yard keeper play that moved the ball to the NTS one. David White rum- bled over for the tally. jack Krieder booted the longest field goal ever recorded in TU history late in the second quarter, a 45-yard blast through the uprights. The Hurricanels victory toppled the Eagles from the ranks of the unbeaten. TULSA 2l, WICHITA 26-In a bid for a share of the MVC crown, Wichita grabbed an early 26-6 halftime lead and held off a late-inspired Golden Hurricane for a hard-fought win in the freezing Kansas cold on Thanksgiving Day. In the second half of the holiday battle, David White, the game's leading ground gainer with 83 yards in 16 carries, scored TU's second touchdown. Keeling passed to end Buddy Kelly for the two-point conversion making the score 26-14. Tulsa7s rally gained momentum when Keeling con- nected with Joe Cheap for another TD. A place-kick by West upped the score to 26-21. In the final seconds of the game, the inspired Hurricane eleven began a drive to the goal line, but Wichita cut it short by recovering a fumble and intercepting a pass. The clock ran out and Wichita had stopped TU's title share and dropped the Tulsans to third place in the Valley standings. I . 5 -li, .Q 1 ' rl gf 1 ,f"'M'f.j S f' 2. 'L 3'-y 'V .e ' ff X5 i Q . - if ---f e 1 llcne Ibn. Floyd Huffines. David Hickman. Bill Lucas. jerry Malov. David Voss. Bob Goodall. Ilene Estes. Adam Hot'n Cold Hurricane Following a late season spurt and three succes- sive victories. the University of Tulsa cagers en- dured four straight defeats in the home stretch and Comzn C. I. 114.1 'ik 1- i 1' PQESLNYY-MNH Popielarcheck. Rav Gross. Richard Reel. Ray Andrasko. Finishes Sixth in Valley dropped to sixth place in the final Missouri Valley Conference standings. In closing out the 1959-60 basketball campaign. the Hurricane recorded its fourth losing season in a row with 5-9 conference mark and a 9-17 overall record. The disappointing Hurricane showing this win- ter came despite a record season production of 605 Field goals in 26 games. The TU marksmanship was offset by a porous defense that permitted the opposition 694 field goals: the most points in a sea- son. 1.849: and highest scoring average. 71.1 points per game. Opening the season with five straight defeats. the Hurricane notched its first victory against Texas Christian, 79-72, at the Fairgrounds. TU moved into the annual All-College holiday tournament in Oklahoma City with a 1-6 mark. After dropping the First tourney game to Bowling Green. Tulsa went on for two wins and a consolation spot. In facing the tough barrage of Valley competition. TU Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa S.W. Missouri State . Baylor . Arkansas . T.C.U. . . . . Oklahoma State T.C.U. Texas .... . Bowling Green Clemson . . . . Niagara . Houston . Bradley . Cincinnati . BASKETBALL RECORD Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa VVichita Missouri Arkansas North Tex Drake St. Louis North Te:-. Houston Drake St. Louis Bradley Cincinnati VV ichita In a scrambled mass of arms and legs, TU7s Jim Wleaver fl5j, Ray Gross 1341 and Bob Goodall 120i wrangle for a loose ball with TCU player. Tommy Meacham 1353. Z , :R .. TU Records Fall Aplenty was mowed down twice by the MVC big guns-Bradley. St. Louis, and Cin- cinnati. ln the late season spurt. the Hurrieagers pulled out three straight one-point margin wins over North Texas State, Houston and Drake. Cincinnati practically rewrote the Tulsa single game record book in clob- bering the llurricane 110-64 in the next to last game of the season. The 110 points were the most ever scored by an opposing team as were the Bearcats' 49 field goals and 56 rebounds. All-American Oscar Robertsoifs 43 points in the game was an individual record and his 18 helders tied another mark. In addition to the 605 field goals for the year. Tulsa set a single game free throw mark with 31 charity shots against Arkansas. Senior Center Bob Goodall ended his college play bv setting a career re- bounding mark of 776 and a career field goal percentage figure of .493 011 302 baskets in 612 shots. Hut he also set a record for disqualifications in a single season when he fouled out of 10 Contests. Tulsais Gene Estes llll and Ray Gross 13-ll go up for a rebound with Bradley's Chet Walker as Brave . teammate Bobby joe Mason moves into position. TCU's Tommy Meacham 4351 and TL"s ,lim Weaver light for ll tip as Bobby Bernard 14-ll. Bob Goodall 1 1201 and Rav Gross 1341 await the rebound. l .-.- m:"'l' Bill Lucas 1351 drives in for a layup as XYicl1- ita's Gene Yviley 1511 attempts to block the shot. Bob Goodall 1323 races up right to coxer the rebound, 7 . . .H Dave Y oss. a junior gunner who wi return next year. took the team scoring championship with 396 points, the sixth highest season total ever made by a TU player. Voss also copped the state college scor- ing Championship and held a 15.2 average for the season. Gene Estes. another returning letterman. missed the last two games of the season because of an in- jury. but still rlosed out Goodall for the rebound- ing crown 216 to 213. Basketball honors and awards were presented following the regular season activity. Dave Voss landed a spot on several all-MVC teams and Good- David Voss 1211 goes up for a rebound in the last home game ol' the season with St, Louis. all was rated as honorable mention on most selec- tions. The TU basketball awards were distributed to Voss. Goodall and senior Ray Gross. Goodall was awarded the Le Mile trophy as the most valu- able player on the squad by a vote of his team- mates. Voss won the Guaranty Laundry Olliense award after leading the team in scoring and Gross was voted the Guaranty Laundry DeI'ensix'e award. In the selection of an all-opponent team. TU picked Oscar Robertson of Cincinnati. Chet Wlalk- er of Bradley. forwards: center Bob Nordman of St. Louis: and guards Gary Phillips ol' Houston and Gus Guydon of Drake. FRONT ROYY: Ken Dobbs. Earl Morris. Steve Strother. Dan Yetter, Durvvood Kinsey. Danny Porter, jack Heald Bobby Foster. Ray Boaz and Pat Jackson: SECOND and Coach Cordon Morgan. ROVV: Charles Angeletti. Tom Mae-Kenna. Rex Graves. Baseball Records Broken Under New Coach SEASONS RECORD Tulsa 6 Northeastern A8111 . . 0 Tulsa 7 Kansas St. Teachers . 2 Tulsa 5 Kansas St. Teachers . 8 Tulsa 8 Phillips University . . 18 Tulsa 25 Benedictine Heights . 7 Tulsa 7 Northeastern State . . 1 Tulsa 13 Northeastern State . . 5 Tulsa fi Oklahoma Baptist lf . 5 Tulsa 2 .-Xrkansas ..... 5 Tulsa 3 Arkansas .,.. 1 Tulsa 5 Arkansas . 1 Tulsa fi Arkansas . . 5 Tulsa 13 Houston . . 20 Tulsa 7 llouslou . . . 5 Tulsa tl llouston . . . . 9 Tulsa 13 Benedictine Hts. . 3 Tulsa I3 11'ichita . . . . -4 Tulsa 6 11'ichita ..... 4 Tulsa 15 11'ichita ..... ll Tulsa 5 Oklahoma Baptist . . 9 Tulsa 16 Northeastern ASM . . 3 Final statistics on the University of Tulsals 1959 baseball team reveal a string of broken records compiled by the first charges of Coach Gordon Morgan during their 14-7 season. Bob Foster led the team with a blistering .373 batting aver- age and set new school records for hits 1281, doubles 1101, runs-batted-in 1261. and total bases 1521. Ray Boaz ran his way to a new record for stolen bases in a single season 1121 and runs scored 1221. Righthand ace hurler Earl Morris equalled the TU record for most victo- ries with a 6-2 mark and authored records for innings pitched 176M1, complete games 161, and strikeouts 1811. Catcher Steve Strother climaxecl a brilliant defensive ca- reer for Tulsa behind the plate with a .986 fielding percent- age. booting only 2 of 146 chances. Losing only five letter- men-Foster, Boaz. Morris, Strother. and utility infielder, Rex Graves-to graduation, Tulsa has a bright outlook for the future under Coach Morgan. Hurricane Harriers Foresee Bright Future By developing a full freshman track program this year. Tulsa looks to an increased number of track meets and a full track team in the future. Highlights of the current spring sports semester will be the OSU, OBU, and North Texas relays and the Missouri Valley conference meet at Wichita. VVith only two varsity track lettermen in the past season. TU finished fifth in the MVC meet at North Texas State when Gene Estes scored third in the shot put and javeline throw and Sonny Henderson placed fourth in the high and low hurdles. In the Freshman Telegraphic Meet, outstanding FRCNT ROWV: Charles Lonechief. Bob Newell. Dan Grace. Joel Douglas. Charles Batton. Coach Ted Ballard. Gene Estes. joe Gibbons. jim Manolakis. George YVallace. Ronnie Emmons. SECOND ROWV: Gordon Murray. joel freshman Bill Brown set a new school mark in the 100-yard dash with a time of 9.7 seconds and won the 220-yard sprint with a 21.6. Bob Newell won the 120-high hurdles in 14.9. The freshmen scored fourth in Valley standings with 3415 points. Char- lie Lonechief, a redshirt, also set a school record for the 220-yard dash with a time of 21.4 seconds. Cross-country competitors at TU scored a fifth- place finish in the Valley. Top runners were Char- lie Lonechief, Joe Gibbons, James Caldwell. joel Davis and Don Hoepner. Track and cross-country coach was Ted Ballard, TU trainer. Davis. james Caldwell. Bill Brown. Don jolinston. jerry Anderson. Bob Lynch. Tom Mills. Don Hoepner. Dave Smoot. .gf .IVE ' fl- V- ,,-- ff .--,- . -' Q . . v, ..,. ,. I ,, ,f ...,,,... . ,.,, - :Q we , '- . - , V X .Y . . '- . . M-.. ,..- , ,.,.,.,. ,. ,, if '-" 'I' 'I' 'T - - Q li.. 1 I' 'Tn r :Y 2 J ,, 5 Y , Q r er 4 -r 'rbi 'nu 3'-: 3 gjtj' l Wig., S-. .,...-Q- - sf A ' x 's - T32 -' :- "1:'??"v-' ,:fsfssg"-at 39:53:- X. 5 .5 x A 3 KNEELINC: II. I. Aston. jim Lewis. STANDING: Gary Tongier. Dave Bryant, Neal Nixon, Terry Mcflrann. Tennis Squad Begins leam - Building Program 9 TENNIS RECORD Tulsa ll Nebraska . 7 Tulsa 1 Northeastern 5 Tulsa . l Kansas St. T.C. . 6 Tulsa . 2 Kansas St. T.C. . 5 Tulsa I Northeasle la11 5 Tulsa . 0 Okla. Bapt. If 5 Tulsa . 0 Okla. State U. 7 Tulsa - Arkansas . 4 Tulsa . . U Okla. State If 7 Tulsa . 4 Arkansas . 3 Shortlianded on experience and depth, the University of Tulsa racket squad battled through a one-sided season with the hope of rebuilding a stronger team in the future. VVith only two returning lettermen fGary Tongier and Dave Bryantj, the live-man team was put down successively until the final game of the season. Regular season starters included Terry McGrann, Neal Nixon, Will Goodnow, and Tongier and Bryant. Freshmen H. I. Aston and Jim Lewis did not see action, but figure prominently in the teamls fu- ture. Probably the high point of the season was the entry of Tulsa in the 41st annual Missouri Valley Conference Ten- nis tournament held on May 8-9 at Cincinnati. Gary Ton- gier picked up TU's lone point in the tourney with a singles win. Ile was later eliminated from competition by the Val- ley champion. lVhile TU did not fare so well statistically, the boys did show a marked improvement throughout the year and dis- played a sound showing in turning back Arkansas, 4-3. linksmen Etch Impressive Win Mark, I2-3 The University of Tulsa golfers arrived in top style by recording a 11eW season record of 12 wins and only 3 losses, topping the previous mark of 10 set by the 1958 team. The team also made school history when they finished third in the Colorado College Invitational Colf Tournament at the Broadmoor Country Club of Colorado Springs, plus its en- trance inthe NCAA golf tournament in Eugene, Oregon. Paced by Ralph Baker who fired a season average of 71.9, the team consisted of Fred Lawson 03.71, jerry jones f74.3j, Larry Casey f74.7j, Mark Kizziar 174.11 and john Hyden 177.11 TU placed second in the Missouri Valley Conference to the national champion Houston. Jerry jones paced the squad in matches won with 13 vic- tories and only 2 losses. Jones also was second in the MV Conference Colf Tournament, missing the title by only one stroke. The Tulsans were impressively strong all year in racking up their record season, losing only to North Texas State, Oklahoma State and Northeastern. TU will have a strong returning team, losing only Hyden through gradua- tion and Casey by transfer. SEASON'S RECORD Tulsa 19 Oklahoma State . S Tulsa fi Arkansas .... 1 Tulsa 1615 Nebraska .... 1015 Tulsa 19 Oklahoma . . . 2 Tulsa 1615 Central State College 115 Tulsa 14 Central State College 4 Tulsa 1415 Arkansas .... 615 Tulsa 1 North Texas State 6 Tulsa 11 Northeastern State 16 Tulsa 1515 Wichita .... 215 Tulsa 2015 Oklahoma Baptist 11. 15 Tulsa 21 Oklahoma Baptist Lv. 0 Tulsa 215 Oklahoma State . 1515 Tulsa . 2215 Nortlleastern State . -115 Tulsa 12 1Vichita .... 6 LEFT TO RIGHT: Phil Snyder, Jerry Jones, Mark Kizziar, Coach john Charvat. Jay Farrar, Ralph Baker and Fred Lawson l?'f?1E"fY iz. 1 -' 7 ' S5251 1' "-'XPv2.4'l A '11, fi-':Q"3"1-..'."-'L T '..' J' '-1 ,'+.1."If.-9 --' --J.-51-' "2" 2.-'N - . " w"h-. .el 7 -132 V LQSQEXE ' 52. Cm- fl: : 3'--X1'if5l2h.'?iYL?HQ'T5' !..'x'.Il.5C+1".i-IWWWSIQH' FRONT ROVV: Alex Luppi tcaptaini. Oscar Alonso. Adrian. Charles Yanes, Rui Zobaran. Antonio Pietri. NOT Cuilherme Catrainbv. Hormoz Ghaffari. Heliton Arawha. PICTURED: Roberto Athayde, Jaime Delgado, Ernesto jorge Diaz. Robert Plenge. SECOND ROYY: Silvio Coli- Febres. Iraj Shayani. modio. Diego Mesa. Ernesto Viso. Ernesto Brodella. jose First Soccer ieam Notches Winning Season SEASON iS RECORD fjlilillllilllll University at Nornian-T.L'. 3 O.l'. 0 Okla. Stale liniv. at Stillwater-Tlv, 2. O.S.l7. 2 Park College tparksville. No.1 at Hillsboro Kansas tlst grzunc of tournamenti- T.l'. 2. Park l Tabor College llrlillsboro. Kansasi al Hills- boro. Kansas tffinals of fUlIl'Il11IllC'llll'- T.L'.15. Tabor 2. Oklahoma liniversity at Tulsa-Tlv. 9. Oli. 3 Okla. State lfnii. at Tulsa-T.l'. l. O.S.U. 1 Wlicliita Soccer Club at Tulsa-lilichita 3, T.U. 2 Wichita Soccer Club at Tulsa-T.l'. 3. Wichita 3 In its first year of organized soccer play H958-59j, the University of Tulsa varsity soccer team had a respectable record of four wins. one loss, and three ties. Team captain. Alex Luppi, proved not only to be an out- standing leader, but a strong defensive and offensive player at the left halfbacli spot. Leading scorer for TU squad was Jorge Diaz. the center forward. Lending Diaz ample support from the inside posi- tion were Roberto Athayde, right, and Heliton "Spider'7 Arawha, left. The dark horse of the season turned out to be Rui Zo- baran. who filled in the team vacancy at goalie. Converted from his regular left fullback position. Zobaran played tre- mendous defensive ball and did much toward "saving" Tulsa's wins and tie games. Intramurals Designed to give every student at TU a chance to participate in sports, the Intramural program also helps to create strong and healthy citizens and fos- ter a competitive spirit among various campus or- ganizations. Men's intramurals consisted of football, golf, vol- leyball, swimming, basketball, tennis, softball, track, bowling and wrestling. Last year's winners in the six major sports were football, Alpha Tau Omega- Kappa Alpha, volleyball, Alpha Tau Omega, bas- ketball, Memorial Hall, softball, Kappa Sigma, and bowling, Kappa Alpha. Iron-Man trophy, based on number of points accumulated, went to ATO. Dan Bartlett, Lambda Chi Alpha, was named "outstand- ing fraternity man in intramuralsf' Individual trophies went to each womaifs organi- zation winning a sport. VVinners were: basketball, Kappa Alpha Theta, softball, Chi Omegag swim- ming, Chi Omegag archery, Delta Gamma, tennis singles, Delta Gamma, tennis doubles, Kappa Alpha Thetag volleyball, Kappa Delta, and bowling, Tri Delt. Directors for the program were Miss Florence Blackmore and Mr. Homer Coker. ..gA. -Q-i...,. Delta Canunas participated in wozneifs intramural volley ball. The Kappa Sigma touch football team posed after winning the men's intramural championship. V -'W' . 4 ', - ' - H C 'W' We 'X fri' 5. f -l Y ' L' '31 " pi 'ii wr 'lgiili ' , 1 W' 'V a ,Z -2, U , x . f 5' ,Q - 4,17 'Effie' S' is-iA+-fa'-'ifvf -1'g's"35f" 5. raw 3' inf' V31 ' fig.. 1 'U' 15' t ' uf ' f .322 W' "A -Q -+'- t 'w' ., fi' vs. - . Q-ea. f- ' X I B. we wt: I Q. , gugg., .5 if 'fl -t, 1- -I.. 5 5 :sgyaxi v 3 ,M -L vo, pc p , .Q " or n"' A: 'N 'E V " DV -I 1-. ii .t fi? 5:31 ., -- x--. ,x l we Q . X . 3 5, ,,-V '55 if , f-X ,Ex Q wk. K ,V ,, if ,V -,E ,w1 ,, ,,x beg-is. by K V ,- - by , ,jst-,an..,.b,k51,,,.,-t-,,,,,,L s. , at 1235 P Vt, f .Q ' ' 4,5 3-4' , l ' - .' V- fi-"' ' 'Y ,d gg, 'ix -E, .3 . . -x , A ' . 1 A. 1 r, ,K , .Q A-., - 'vim . Fey:-g.,jp ., 1 -, - -s E. 1. : Q. .,., I .-.-f . E , ' A i ' - ' J' Y f : ggi 'Q " it A' 3 t " C 635,82 if . -fb fee, W: '-"' - -t 2 A' jiifw Q we --, 3 3 XX K C' , . , ' - "' ' -' '- H V- g., ' r 1 We ' 1 -1 V -Q ' f e :g,,i-jyggj. I " xf , 5 2 - Qu? ' X ' "1::IW' ' , ' if 'S' -ZX, 2 ' A' fa - 3 ,si -,-1 . ,..,-, , -21:13-,... -. 1, ., , to : Ut, 3,333 i if 'X ' v- - " ' Q tit 1 .t WN 1 it' - if D itr gisj' v a-'fy D: RTE .t pk -. V N N, '- '- W2 L: X 1'- X-rt f , tt- , - ,f- . K -: Sf-9-. ft.: .., V - .r 1: .em -- .- X 'X V " " , ' - 1 Q3 j - v--, "" ' ,t Q' 't - - X .Q F- - . ,gg ,ij . ,-',., ,Mig , Qvxzrz , i ff- ax: Q K: '-I . v f tt ' ' -,si -1' is-Q-E? ' 'Q ,f ' ' f si'-ll Women's Intramural Council OFFICERS President. . . NORMA SCHELL Vice-President ELEANOR KRAUSSE To build a better program of intramural sports was the aim of this yearls Women's Intramural Council. Made up of two representatives from each participating organization, the council was responsible for scheduling tournaments and was also responsible for oflicials at all games. The tournaments included volleyball, softball. basketball, bowling, swimming, tennis and archery with participants from all of the sororities and the independent association. In the spring a sports participation trophy was awarded to the so- Secretary ' ' ' VIRGINIA SCOTT rority with the largest accumulation of points, based in the number of people participating in each event. Trophies were also presented to the organization that won each event. Miss Florence C. Blackmore was faculty sponsor for the organization. FRONT ROVV: Judy Metcalf. Esther Gipson. Sally Hem- Soclerberg, Florence C. Blackmore. THIRD ROVV: Lucy pel, Louann Lewright, Norma Schell. SECOND ROW: Hyneman, Virginia Scott, Diane Bailey, Donna Craig. Eleanore Krausse, Katherine Staley, Janet Clannin, Vicki . ua-X vi Q. -' - i Q 'F ' x FRONT ROYV: joe F. Mills. Robert Lorenz. Bill Keasler, Mr. Homer Coker. SECOND RONV: Troy Gray. Lynn Carlisle, L. O. McNabb. Bob Young, Phil Deming. THIRD ROYV: Homer Blass. Bob Newell, Prentice Gantt. Men's Intramural Council Meeting once a month the Men's Intramural Council set up rules for eli ibilitv and rules for the tournaments layed throu hout the 3 , P , Z year. The council also revised rules in an attempt to promote partici- pation and more friendly competition among the participating organ- izations. Tournaments set up by the council included football, vol- leyball, golf, wrestling, basketball, swimming, track, bowling, soft- ball, and tennis. Any organization on campus was eligible to compete. One repre- sentative to the council was elected by each participating organiza- tion. An "Ironman Trophyw was given to the organization totaling the most points throughout the year. The council's main aim was to -promote a greater spirit in sports and encourage more participation by male students. Homer Coker of the TU physical education de- partment was sponsor for the organization. OFFICERS President .... BOB YOUNG Vice-President . . . JOE MILLS Secretary . . . BOB N EWELL The Freshman basketball team displayed traditional haircuts in the fall Book l CDIQCSAIN IZATICIXIS The Colden Hurricane band provided entertainment at halftime activities. is E Yal Ann Watson practiced "tapping" Sue Easel' before Mortar Boards began the traditional ceremony of electing new members. FIRST ROIY: Georg- ann Casaway. Jean Sharon jones. Paula Broadd. Val Ann Watson. SECOND ROIY: Al- lene Plouzek. Goldie Capers Smith. Carol Grilfee. THIRD ROW: Robert L. Hobson. Ralph W. Kelting. Winston Weatliers. FOI'RTH ROYY: ,Xl- bert P. Blair. Kenneth Roger. C. A. Levengood FIFTH ROXY: john M Johnson. Dale Nunley. Harold E. Enlows. L. F Zlllllllffllliill. I K I 1' ,.,- - " fil Phi Gamma Kappa To recognize high scholarship was the llllllll purpose of Phi Cam- ma Kappa. TU's oldest scholastic honor society. A student needed 87 hours with a grade average of 3.5 or 100 hours with a 3.25 grade av- erage with at least 60 hours of this work completed at TU to be eli- gible to wear the societyls key. Initiation was held twice a year with Z1 tea in january and a dinner in May to honor new members. Dean VV. V. Holloway spoke at the dinner last spring on the op- portunities high scholastic accomplishment makes available to stu- dents. Other than the two initiations. the group also had occasional business meetings. Faculty members who had belonged to Phi Beta Kappa or Sigma Xi were also eligible for membership. Phi Gamma Kappa was not restricted to any one school but was open to any full- time students who could meet the requirements. OFFICERS President . . Dia. A. P. BLAIR Vice-President DR. RALPH VEATCH Secretary Mus. CoLnII: CAPILRS SMITH Treasurer DEAN INIAIH' CLAY WILLIAMS Sergeant-at-.Xrms DR. C. D. THOMAS Student Senate All-school dances with big name bands were one of the many ac- tivities sponsorecl by Student Senate. As the student governing body for TU. the group also handled all student elections. In September the organization sponsored a mixer during registration week and the President's VYelco1ne. Freshman orientation was also in the hands of the Student Senate with upper classmen leading the freshmen in a get acquainted with the school program. The group was in charge of Homecoming which had a "Harvest and Halloween" theme. Tentative plans were made for a Twirp VVeelc second semester and work on the Pontius Memorial continued. The Senate also regulated Varsity Nite with its treasurer acting as business manager of V-Nite. The Student Regulations committee re- vised the regulations governing sorority and fraternity functions. IRONT ROW SllCl'I'lllXlI'lLCl1l Yann Scott Tulk. Jess ROW: Jan Yvright. Dean Dan VVesley. John VValsh. Chouteau Milt Mtlxenne Nlnke Rnrlindson SECOND Chuck Krueger. .,..., -'ar HY' get 9 'Q e l fs' Student Senate Committees FIRST ROYV: Mary Birbilis, Board of Publications: Toni Birmingham, Board of Publications: Carol Crowder, Ori- entation: Sandy DeHanas, Coed Vice-President. SECOND ROYV: Don Gasaway, Board of Publications: Mary Frances Ham, Social Committee Chairman: Steve Hope, Campus WVelfare Committee Chairman: Rod Kimble, Varsity Nite Producer. THIRD ROXY: Ronald Kipp. Class Activities Chairman: Chuck Krueger. Student Relations Chairman: Mike Rich- ardson. Elections Committee Chairman: Skip Sturm. Board of Publications. FOURTH ROYY: Nancy Scott Tulk. Secretary: john Walsh. Student Promotions Committee Chairman: jan Wfright. VVho's Wlho Chairman: Judy YVright. Varsity Nite Liaison. FIRST ROYY: Paul Bailey. Cliurlcs Clow. Quiiltiu J. Cristy. jr. SECOND ROXY: Mike Davis. Gerald Ellis. E. Edward Haug. THIRD RONV: Ronald Kipp. R. J. lVIcCzu'tney, Robert Shower, Jerry Wright Delta Sigma Pi An information booth set up for freshmen during fall registration was just one of the many activities undertaken this year by members of Delta Sigma Pi. As the oldest business fraternity on campus, Delta Sig required its members to be male business majors with a 2.0 overall grade average. Their purpose, to foster the study of business, was fulfilled through week- ly meetings, which featured as speakers many well-known business men. Included among these was Raymond L. King, president of the Home Builders Association and Delta Sig alumnus. The main social highlight of the year was the Rose of Delta Sig formal where the chapter sweetheart was announced. Ann Brophy was named as the sweetheart for 1959. Homecoming found members greeting alumni with an open house before the football game. Other activities included an initiation banquet in December and another in the spring. During the Christmas holidays the Delta Sigs visited an old folks home where they distributed candy and presents to the residents. The fraternity also took an active part in Business Day, an event they originated in 1948 but which was later taken over by the entire business school. Delta Sigma Pi each year gives a key to the male student in the school of business with the highest scholastic record. XVAYNE VVEBISR OFFICERS President . S. WAYNE WEBER Senior Vice-President RoN KIPP junior Vice-President EDWVARD RAHN Secretary . CHARLES CLOW Treasurer . . MIKE DAVIS FRONT ROW: Ronald L. Kipp, Charles R. Clow. SECOND ROVV: Mike Davis, Edward Rahn. Wlayne Weber. FIRST ROVV: james Fleming, Loren Cnffey, Dee Harris. Douglas Lolley, SECOND ROWV: Glenn Miller, Roll' Nilsson, Morty Reynolds, Henry Sowders THIRD ROWV: Robert Taggart, Gary W'arnken, john VVarnl-zen, Karl Yust. Alpha Kappa Psi Founded in 1904. Alpha Kappa Psi. honorary fraternity for men busi- ness majors. completed its sixth year on the TU campus. Activities of the Camma Phi chapter centered around tours through Tulsa business estab- lishments, talks given by guest speakers and a variety of social events. Business tours included the American Airlines engineering center and the Continental Baking Company. Bi-monthly meetings held for the purpose of fostering research in the fields of commerce, accounting and finance were actively carried on. Speakers at these functions included representatives from the National Credit and Collection Service, the Oil and Gus Journal and the Tulsa Sales Executives Club. Occasional luncheons promoted increased fellow- ship among the members. Faculty members of the fraternity included five professors of the business school. To be eligible for membership full time enrollment in the business school is required plus second semester freshman standing. Social activ- ities opened with a picnic and later in the year a banquet after initiation ceremonies honoring new members. At Christmas the fraternity aided the TU Business Women in decorating Lorton Hall for the holidays. Profes- sor Ceorge Underwood was faculty sponsor. QT? DoN Wacxmmv OFFICERS President DONALD VVACKERLY Vice-President GEORGE lWL'LVEHlLL Secretary . . ROLF NI1.ssoN Treasurer. . Bos TAGGART FRONT ROYV: Dee Harris. Mas- ter of Ritual. SECOND ROXV: Rolf Nilsson. Secretary: Donald YVackerlv. Pres- itlent. THIRD ROYV: Bob Taggart. Treasurer: George Mulvehill, Vice- President: Mr. Ceorge Underwood. Faculty Advisor. db' FIRST ROYV: Surah Allan, Jane Bailey. Sharon Beightol. Betsy Brunrbaugh, Joy Durschnitt. SECOND ROXY: Sue Eraser. Peggy Horn. Gretchen Hotz. Ann Moody, Virginia Riclenhour. THIRD ROXV: Suzanne Rolle, Becky Thompson, Shirley YYall, Val Ann VVatson, Pat Wleihe, Charlotte YVils0n. 41" Sigma Alpha Iota Sigma Alpha Iota. national professional fraternity for women in the field of music. started the year with a tea in October to acquaint new students in the music school with the organization. In December the group joined with the Tulsa alumni chapter of SAI to present the annual Sigma Alpha Iota Christmas Vespers program. In the spring the group presented a concert of American music which featured the music girls had learned at national convention the year before. A monthly musicale was sponsored by the group in which each mem- ber appeared twice during the year in performance on her major instru- ment and once on her minor. In May the Senior Farewell service and installation of new officers officially closed the year's activities. Member- ship in SAI required a 3.0 grade average in music and a 2.5 in other subjects, plus second semester freshman standing. Members of the group were identified by the Pipes of Pan badge they wore. A great honor came to five seniors in SAI when they were named to Mortar Board, which was the Hrst time so many from either SAI or the music school were honored. Members received Pan. Pipes, SAI magazine. Mrs. Getty Krieg Murphy served as staff sponsor with alumnae Maxine Myers and Genevieve Pal- mer acting as advisors. GUN an? QT? WTS' ' 1 GEORGANN GASANVAY OFFICERS President GEORGANN GASAWAY Vice-President VAL ANN WATSON Secretary. . . PAT WEIHE Treasurer . . SUE ESSER FRONT ROXV: Val Ann Wiatson, Sue Esser. SECOND ROVV: Georgann Gas- away, Pat VVeihe. Virginia Riden- hour. Becky Thompson. Gretchen, Hotz. EWS FIRST RONY: Bob Bell. Llllnrles Berry. Dan Coco. Duy Cole, Donnie Crownoxer. SECOND RONV: jerry Cuxnster, Donnie Green. john Haclcler. jr.. Barry Hon, Steve Hope THIRD ROYY: Jim McKinney. joe Mills. Bill Schooler, Lynn XYells, Leon YVhitel1eacl. Circle K Ushering at school plays and running the polls for student senate elec- tions were a few of the ways Circle K club. collegiate branch of Kiwanis International. served school and community. Primarily a service organi- zation. the club served at the alumni dinner in the fall and acted as park- ing attendants at the Sharp Chapel dedication. Several members from the downtown Kiwanis spoke at the clubls once-a-week meetings. Thanksgiving found Circle K helping the community by giving food baskets to needy Tulsa families. At Christmas time the group had ll pro- gram for the Sunnyside School. Through a candy sale held first semester and the Circle K Minstrel Show second semester, the club obtained money to carry on their charitable projects. They also received money by serving at various banquets held at TU. Wlhile members are voted on and the group has a quota. membership was based largely on interest. The club strives to provide a practical means to form enduring friendships and to render service to school and community. Circle K. which is a civic club for college men. was founded at Carthage College in lllinois in 1947 as a local Kiwanis club project. John Hays. treasurer of the university. was faculty sponsor for the organi- lation. 'ei' ,-,Q Wd' LW Yu: CosNl'.l,L OFFICERS President . . VIC GOSN1-LLL Vice-President . Dov COLE Secretary . . LYNN WELLS Treasurer . STAN Davis Barry Hon. YValter Thomas and Steve Hope discussed plans for the Circle K minstrel show. FRONT ROW: Martha Moriarty. Jeanne Cobb. Sarah Allan. Paula Alexander. Sally Rowan. Janet Martin. Nancy Anglin. Carol Carter. SECOND ROVV: Ann Moody. Nvaiuneta Henoricles. Peggy Kleinpeter. Margaret Martin. Donna Tipton. Betty Ann Cox. Katherine Staley. Barbara Cook. Sarah Jane Haley. Betty F. Emenhiser. Connie Mal- len. THIRD ROYY: Martha Bellah. Norma Schell. Mary Frances Ham. Anna Laura Hall. Jane Metcalf. Judy Metcalf. Donnie Taft. Sandi Coker. Barbara McAlister. Marilyn Peterson. Sandra Medlock. Barbara Craig. Mau- reen O'Shea. Doris Hyatt. Laura Marshall, Shara Morris. FOURTH ROYV: Mary Norman. Charlene Littleton. Jan Buck. Joyce Becc. Judy Cary. Eleanore Krausse, Sue Par- ris. Mary Ann Conn. Sandy Newell. Martha Page. VVendy Ericson. Linda Knight. Mary Tessman. Janis Boyd. Mar- garet Boydston. Dormitories FRONT ROXV: Arax Santonrian. Na:-alia North, Sally Freeman. Marsha Edmiston. SECOND ROW: Maxine Vickers. Judy Wendell. Karen Brauer. Pat Traynor, Sharon McAloon. At the beginning of school Dr. Mary Clay VVilliams. Dean of VVomen. was somewhat in the position of the woman who "lived in the shoe and had so many children she didn't know what to dof' lVith Lottie Jane Mabee Hall unable to accommo- date all the girls that applied for residence. it be- came necessary to find room for them in two new dormitories. The new dorms were Vickerls Garret at 559 S. Cary Place and the Dorm Annex at 3144 E. 7th. Both new dorms were governed by TU dormitory regulations. Girls of Lottie Jane dorm were busy throughout the year with many activities. A big-sister little- sister program was set up for sophomores to help freshmen so the new girls could become more easily acquainted with the regulations for the dormitory and the regulations of the university. A Cet-Ac- quainted party in September gave everyone a chance to relax and meet everyone else. The girls surprised Mrs. Roy VVhitmore, head resident, with a party on her birthday. In December the girls had a party at the dorm for orphans. The children helped the 5 1 1 -i g.. QQQ as ? iutun 1' RUN: buzanne JXISOIJ, Randy Barnes. Lllllklll Bell. Bettie Carol Jenkins. Lucy Hyneman. SECOND ROYV: Peggy Ann Lorey. Jacquelyn Kay Woodruff. WYana Kay Forbes. Betty Lou Wlilson. Karen Harte. Lovann Lew- right. Martha Richards, Carol Fishwick. Sue Ginn. THIRD ROYV: Mrs. Ray WVhitmore. Head Presidentg Janice Hobbs. Becky Wlallace. Donna Rudy. Vicki Soder- girls decorate the tree and each child was given a gift. Later the girls joined with other dorms to carol at the homes of prominent TU families. VVhile the 123 girls were governed by a seven- member judiciary board, Mrs. Roy VVl1itmore. head resident. acted as adviser to the board. In April Lottie Jane had a wiener roast and the year was cli- maxed by a farewell breakfast for the seniors. Offi- cers of Lottie Jane Mabee Hall were Shara Morris. presidentg Carolyn Gregory. vice-presidentg Sarah Allan, secretary. and Norma Schell, treasurer. The twelve girls living at the Dorm Annex were surrounded by a homelike atmosphere. Miss Helen Lapham. head resident, helped the girls plan their activities. The residents showed their school spirit when they erected a Homecoming display saying "Shock the Cougarsff Each time a girl at the dorm had a birthday, a party was given for her. At Christmas time the dorm was decorated with holly. candles and mistletoe as the girls entered into the spirit of the season. OHicers of the Dorm Annex were Kay Calvin, presidentg Kay Bailey, vice-presi- dentg and Marcia Houston, secretary. Girls of Vickers Garret had many informal get- togethers throughout the year. In the fall they had a surprise birthday party and at Christmas ex- 4 9117- -, .fwfr W A s ,ve ' K Y '. -- I will T Q :'yt,'Mf.ty..4 "Z 'K-x,I'.x1j,v' . fxffi - "'v.s:g-get .. Law' ' ' S ' tr- 1 ,N Am X , xx 2. 1? 3 ' if A .Q .z .f ., - -4 , ' I 2: Q ' A .,,,.,r-:+2""4""'-if l .e ,. if -. ""' i 'ia HQ 'l,'t' ff ogg. ituni Uoty. 1Jo.o.l1y Lee Lynch, Donnajo Smith. Linda Hunt. FOURTH ROYY: Janie Shearer. Carolyn Gregory. Betty Frye. Marlene Melinder. Cathy Hale. Eye- lyn XVallace. Darlene Murphy. Lora Lee Patterson. Sandra Anderson. Cathie Chronister, Jaren Johnson. Margaret McAnelly. Paula Garber Milsten. changed gifts with one another. Owned by the L. Vickers. the dorm is under university regulations. The eight residents come from such scattered points as Iran. Montana. Ohio and Illinois. FRONT ROYV: Ronda Mulroy, Janice Brown. Vicki Trible. Mimi Fox. SECOND RONY: Evelyn Trumbly. Kay Calvin. Teresa Rappe. Helen J. Laphem. FOURTH ROW: Marcia Houston. Kathleen Quirk. Kay Bailey. FIFTH ROW: Dianna Fancher. Jane Bailey. OFFICERS President . . LINDA THOMI-sox Vice-President . MARY ANN KITE Secretary-Treasurer CAROL RoRscHAcH Scroll Scroll. junior women's scholastic honorary. held a recognition tea in October at the home of President and Mrs. Ben G. Henneke. The blue ribbon. denoting membership in the honorary. was pinned on eighteen girls. The program was conducted by last year's president, Allene Plouzelc. and Mrs. Henneke presented readings. The aim of Scroll was to give recognition for scholarship corn- pleted and to encourage the women to continue striving for high scholarship. Organized by Senior Staff of Mortar Board, the honor- ary has been at TU three years. To be eligible for Scroll a coed had to have a junior standing and a 3.0 overall grade average. The or- ganization ushered at commencement and had other service projects. Girls with the highest grade points were chosen president, vice-presi- dent. and secretary respectively, Gail VVelch was sponsor from Mor- tar Board. FRONT ROYV: Sandra DeHanas. Mary Metzger. Mary Ruhr. Carol Rorschach. Nancy Swanson. Nancy Cole. .Ian Frances Hain. Judith XVriston. SECOND ROVV: Dorothy Vllright. NOT PICTURED: Donna Baker. Jan Carnell. Dlabach. Evelyn C. McPherson. Linda Thompson. Mary Nancy S. Tulk. Ann Kite. Kay Calvin. THIRD ROVV: Judy VVright. Sue 50" 5 QOH jd 35 FIRST ROYV: Midge Caruthers. Margaret Caldwell, Bar- bara Barrett. Sandra Stanley. Sue Bear. Carol Ann Whit- man. Cathy Hale. Carol Young. SECOND ROW: Janet Clannin. Ann Moody. Esther Gipson. Pat Lane. Judy W'ells. Ann Owens. Sarah Allan. Sharon W'ilson. Nancy Ann Gent. THIRD ROIV: Dorothy Leach. Kathleen Beard. Irma Olson. Kay Goodwin. Mary Hicks. Ina Loomis. will 355 Virginia Ridenhour. Hattie jo Crabtree. Marcia Largen. Brenda W'ilcoxson. johanne W'indle. Lyndall Freeman. Paula Alexander. FOURTH ROWY Marjorie Randow Anna Mae Berg. .laneta Silvers. Nancy Erwin. Nancy Wil- son. Linda Hargrove. Kathleen Zimmerman. Diane Sten- art. Wvendy Schroeder. Wvillean Denton. To recognize scholarship completed and to serve as a stimulant for further accomplishment was the purpose of Lantern. sophomore women's scholastic honorary. Symbolizing the lamp of wisdom. Lan- tern was founded by Myrtle Gleason Cole. former TU dean of women. Mrs. Goldie Capers Smith was the speaker at the initiation banquet in November. at which time a yellow ribbon denoting mem- bership was given to forty-eight girls. one of the largest Lantern groups. As a strictly honorary organization. Lantern had no meetings ex- cept the fall initiation banquet. Its main project was to usher at commencement exercises. Requirements for membership in the hon- OFFICERS Ilonorary President SUE CAROL Corn President KATHLEEN ZIMMERMAN Secretary-Treasurer SANDY IVIONTGOMERY orary were a 3.0 grade average with 30 hours of study. 24 hours of which were completed at TU. Each year the two girls with the high- est grade point are selected for president and secretary-treasurer. The honorary was sponsored by Mortar Board. Kappa Kappa Psi-Tau Beta Sigma OFFICERS Tau Bala Sigma President . . . SANDY Comm Vice-President . . . SUE ESSER Secretary . . . lWARSHA VVILKS Treasurer BARBARA Comms HAHN ITIIIIINI Ka 111111 Psi President . . . . BURL LANE Secretary-Treasurer . .IOHN Cox Tau Beta Sigma and Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary band fraternities for men and women in college bands, spent another busy year work- ing for the band. The groups sponsored joint and separate projects during the year, including correspondence with band alumni who attended the Golden Hurricane band's silver anniversary celebration during homecoming. VVhile Kappa Kappa Psi sponsored the election of the band queen. Tau Beta Sigma held a reception to honor the newly elected queen. janet Ries. Membership in both organizations was open to bandsmen and women who had completed one semester in the band and who had a 2.0 overall grade average. A highlight of the year was the visit of A. Frank Martin, National Executive Secretary of both organizations. He spoke to the band on the place of the band honoraries in the total life of college bands. FRONT ROWV: Sarah Allan. Burl Lane. Jeanne Cobb. ROWV: Barbara Combs. Cary Hahn. john Lee Cox. Ron Sue Esser. Bill Sliellcnliarger. Saudi Coker. SECOND Yvoods. Robert Moore. Marsha Amr YVill:s. FRONT ROIY: Clara B. Andrews. Dorothy Lee Lyllfll. Joe hIeeIts. Barbara .Io Deeds. SECOND ROIV: Ale- jandro R. Luppi. Fred D. Bloch. Kathleen Zirninerinan. THIRD ROIY: joan Nichols. David R. IYrigl1ts. FOURTH ROIY: Paul H. Vaugliter. Richard Croleau. Bruce Mac- 44' Mullin. F I F TI-I RO W: Ted Bartlett. Inire T. jariny. SIXTH ROIY: Antonio A. Planos. .Ioe Brian Hess. Illilliani .-X. Settle. a International Relations Club Exotic Chinese foods and spicy Mexican dishes were all part of the fare at the buffet dinner given by the International Relations club. The lirst International Dinner given by the club gave its 40 members a chalice to examine first hand the customs of other countries. Also through their monthly meetings the IRC. with members representing eight countries, sought to "promote international understanding of current problems and events". In addition to several local speakers were Michael Newton of the British Information Agency and Dr. C. H. Lowe of the Nationalist Chinese Embassy in VVashington, D.C. In the spring a delegate from the TU club attended the regional IRC meeting. The annual wiener A roast in May completed the year's program. Membership was open to any student interested in international affairs. Faculty sponsors for the group were Dr. Emile Ader and Dr. William Settle. President . PAUL VAUGHTER. JR. Vice-President . . STAN DOYLE Secretary-Treasurer LOLA IVELLS Program Chairman INIARJORIE TEM rugs s ,r miwvlggvrszv ' :vt - - N. N., . 9 t . .,,.11. TU "Y" "Noonspiration". a period of meditation in Sharp Chapel each week. was one of many TU religious activities undertaken by the TU HY." The "Y's'7 main purpose was to sponsor and coordinate cam- pus religious events. Its activities, in addition to "Noonspiration," were the Thanksgiving. Christmas and Easter assemblies. In the spring the group participated in the VVorld University Service' Drive, OFFICERS ' , , , D S I . . . . . Presldem AVE LRRETY at which time it collected money to help foreign students in other Vice-President . NANCY SWANSON Countries, Secretary .'.. CINDY LYON .A dinner in December honored Dr. Sandor B. Kovacs, past ad- viser. During the Christmas holidays two delegates were sent to the Treasurer . . DOROTHY LYNCH . . . regional conference in Texas. VVh1le all TU students supported the "Y" through their tuition. active membership was open to anyone in- terested. To replace Religious Emphasis VVeek the "Y" arranged for various organizations to have religious speakers from time to time throughout the year. Dr. Stanley Chestnut was faculty adviser. FRONT ROYV: Eleanor McCarty. Dorothy Lee Lynch. Karl Yust. Dave Surrett. Olin Hill. Charles YV. McCollum, Nancv Swanson. Kathleen Zimmerman. Cindv Lyon. SEC- YMCA Advisor. ONDD RONV: Dr. J. Stanley Chesnut. Sponsor: -Ifoe Sheeler, me . X Q' 311:51 1 1551- I N X SH! . I74 affix Q N FRONT ROXY: Nancy Forrest. Becky Wallace. john Dees. Marcia Carst. Dorothy Lee Lynch. Maureen O'Shea. Carole june Horton. Kenneth Roger. SECOND ROW: Don Newberry. Carolyn Gregory. Evelyn Wallace. Glenda Arn- spiger. Kay Smith. Mary Morris. Nancy Cole. Barbara Ann Baker. Eleanor lNlcCarty. Mimi Fox. Mrs. lloothe. Don Harbeston. THIRD ROYY: Paul Tiylllllll. Fred C. Knight. Jr.. Don Craliuni. John L. Christie. Dan Pulliam. Garland Phillips. Max Lindsay. .-X. YY. Coleman. Homer Blass. David Cox. Ronald Nye. Wesley Foundation Open to all Methodist students on the University of Tulsa campus, the VVesley Foundation met several times a week. Snack Suppers on Sunday evening were usually followed by a discussion of various topics. The group held a breakfast at 7:00 every VVednesday morn- ing with a Vesper service that evening. Speakers at the evening serv- ice included Fred Knight, assistant pastor at the University Methodist Church. Social calendar of the organization began with a Barn Dance in October. The fact that it was held in a real barn on a real farm gave atmosphere to the party. VVesley Foundation also set up Homecom- ing decorations at their center and held open house for members after the homecoming game. The organization held open house every Friday night for students. Second semester the group had a hayride. Advisors for the group were Professor Harry Carter and Thomas Carter. OFFICERS President . . . RONNIE YOUNG Vice-President . MARCIA GARST Secretary . . DoRo'rHv LYNCH Treasurer . . AIOHN DEES Alpha Kappa Delta OFFICERS President . . lWARION WILSON Vice-President . MARY ALLDRIT1' Secretary-Treasurer ALAYNE Bouixx Awarding of two scholarships was the highlight of the initiation banquet held last spring by Alpha Kappa Delta, honorary sociology fraternity. Judy VVells and Carol Rorschach sociology majors, re- ceived the scholarships. The Kulp Scholarship Award, a plaque given to the sociology major with the highest grade average during the year. went to senior Sally VVienecke. Leonard Swoverland. execu- tive director of the Tulsa Community Chest. spoke at the dinner on "The Place of Lay Leadership in Community Service." To be eligible for membership a student had to be of junior stand- ing or above and have an overall 3.0 grade average with 12 hours of sociology. Main purpose of the honorary, installed at TU in 1947, was the "achievement of a rational social order by scientific investi- gation of social phenomena and the practical application of the knowledge thus derivedfl Faculty sponsor for the organization was Dr. Sandor B. Kovacs. FRONT RUNY: Elizabeth lkcmire. Barl1a1'a Hull. Anita Alclritt. Alnleda Smith. Kay Alspaugli. THIRD ROYY: Hairston. Sally lllieneclce. Florine Nihon. SECOND KOYV: Virginia Kulp. Dan Wesley. Bess Jones. Fred lYooclson. Dr. Sandor ll. Kovacs. Alayne Holian. Marion Wlilson. Mary .lay Olson. Robert Talbutt. Gloria Quinn. ff -3. 'r Q. "it is X flkt FRONT RUXY: Allene Plouzek. Barbara Deeds, Kay Scott. NYanda YYheato11. Kay Fogg. SFCDND ROXY: Aida M. Henry. Nancy lVills. Sandra Medloek. Mary :XVIII Kite. THIRD RUXY: Robert E. Purrisli. Yinila H. Privett. Sue Cole. Agnes Harker. FOURTH ROXY: .Ian ,'hI'IllSll'lJIlj!Q. Anna Mae Berg. Donna Baker. FIFTH RONY: Linda Hargrove. lblilllfl' Stew- art. Nancy SXYZIIISOIL Carol Ann xvlllllllilll. i ..,, ,. .,.. ,- Student National Educatl "There's more to teaching than chalk dust and blackboardsf' learned members of the Student National Education Association when a panel of TU graduates visited them. The panel. composed of former students now ill the teaching profession. gave SNEA members an idea of problems they might encounter in teaching. Meeting every three weeks, SNEA allowed students interested in education to de- velop their interest. Such topics as "Education versus Subject Mat- terv and "Professional Organizations" were discussed. Christmas found members playing Santa Claus at an orphanage where they distributed gifts and entertained the children. In the spring the TU campus overflowed with budding teachers as SNEA was host to high school students on Future Teachers of America Day. Members were kept informed of activities throughout the year by the SNEA Newsletter. Faculty advisor for the group, founded at TU in 1948, was Robert Parrish. on Association OFFICERS President . . ALLENE Prouzui Vice-President Kun i11uN1g GARRQT11 Secretary-Treasurer L1x11A IIARGROYE American Institute of Chemical Engineers Biggest project of the year for members of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers was the building of a S5000 analog computer. While the materials were paid for by the university, the AlChE as- sembled it to be housed at the North campus. It was to be used in 0 F F I C E R S President . GUION KLEINPETER working research problems and in training students in computer courses. The group also held meetings bi-monthly which consisted of a short business session followed by films and lectures on various Vice-President . . BOB SMITH phases of engineering. Dr. W. E. Stuerman spoke on the "Philoso- phy of Scientific Research? Secretary . . . JOHN W1LLETr I , . . Membership required a 2.0 grade average and enrollment in either Treasurer ' ' PAUL0 NERX the chemical engineering or the petroleum rehning department. Be- gun at TU in 1952, this branch of the national organization was devoted to linking the studies of the undergraduate student with practical application in the industry. Dr. Paul Buthod was faculty sponsor for the AlChE. FRONT ROYV: Eclgard Coronado. Paulo S. Nery. Cuion D. N. Clum. Cuilherme C. Catramby. Bill Stark. Vern H. Kleinpeter. A. J. Meehan. YVayne Banes Rumley. WVil- Webb. Paul Buthod. Kenneth Handley, Kenneth Tittering- liam Hafer. john VVillett. F. Mostouli. SECOND ROWV: ton. S. Mossadeghi, Don Currie. E, I78 FRONT ROWV: W. Kemper Lease. Gary Barnhart, john D. Culter. SECOND ROW: Terry L. Loucks. Alejandro R. Luppi. Denton R. XYie- land, Chad J. Bardone. THIRD ROYV: john M. Johnson. Charles Frick. E. T. Guerrero S Pi Epsilon Tau Sporting drillers boots and tin hats, pledges of Pi Epsilon Tau. honorary engineering fraternity, arrived promptly at 7:00 every morning to raise the fraternity flag above the Phillips Engineering building. These pledging activities, which lasted one week, were held twice a year. Initiation was held in the fall and spring with a ban- quet following the ceremonies in the spring. To be eligible for the fraternity seniors had to be in the upper one-third of their petroleum production class and juniors had to be in the upper one-fourth of their petroleum production class with a major in petroleum production. Aim of the honorary group was to foster a closer bond between its members and the petroleum industry and to stimulate scholarship and leadership ability among its mem- bers. Each year the group initiated a number of honorary members from industry. Faculty adviser for the chapter was Dr. Denton R. Wieland. . OFFICERS President. . . CHAD BARDONI-1 lst Vice-President TERRY LOUCKS 2nd Vice-President GARY BARNHART Secretary . . lWlLT RTCKENZIE Treasurer . NORMAN EGGEBRECHT Baptist Student Union OFFICERS President . . . LARRv EMBRY Vice-President . Drive SKRRETI' Secretary . . Esrnrsn GIPSON FRONT ROYV: .lack .-Xtkins. Roby n Bennett. Esther Cipson. julie Bennett. Linda Arnett. Wana Kay Forbes. Cary Trout. Linda Mead. Penny lfhrle. Don Mefirabh. SECOND ROXY: -lerry Matt Dillon. .Kun lYebb. Elva Parris. James A western party opened the year for members of the Baptist Student Union. The party was held at the BSU center which is lo- cated at 705 S. Evanston. with members and their dates dressed west- ern. Other activities of the group included a Halloween party in Oc- tober. The BSU center was turned into a haunted house for the oc- casion. That evening the group had a Weiner roast at Mohawk. Later in the year the BSU had a hayride and an International dinner. The International dinner. held the day after Thanksgiving. was to acquaint the foreign students with the Baptist religion. The BSU held services everyday at 12:30. The center was also equipped with study hall facilities. a library and TV. Many guest speakers were invited to the noonday services. The group also par- ticipated in Baptist league basketball. Wlith its niain purpose to pro- vide a link between church and school all Baptist students were eligi- ble to join. Maybee. Klint Enibry. Judith Neel. THIRD ROW: Bert Edniison. T. T. Crabtree. K. T. Gregg. Ulin Hill. Dick Stewart. David Taylor. Charles Martin. Gayle Gibson. Dude Eidson. Richard Ferrill. Larry Elllllfy. E. Coggin. Karl Yust. Dave Surrett. Gerald jones. Phillip xi' six, -. ,f'd' It ,fv- FRONT ROW: Lynne Phillips. SECOND RUYV: Sandy Arvidson. Barbara Cook 65?- THIRD RUYY: John Spikes. jr.. lleston Singletary. Terry L. Loucks. ,nl-syn-. bv-1 Christian Science Grganization Through weekly meetings. members of the Christian Science Or- ganization were able to form closer bonds with one another. Installed at TU in 1953. the group heard readings each week from the Bible and from Science and Health VVith Key To the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. In the spring the campus group held a lecture to which the public was invited. Purpose of the lecture was to help acquaint TU students with the Christian Science religion. The organization had the same relation to its campus coinnuniity as does a branch of the Mother Church to its community. Through its meetings. the organization afforded an opportunity for Christian Science students to study together the teachings of their religion, and apply these teachings to their college experience. The organization f th First Church of Christ Scientist, Bos- was under the auspices o e ton, Massachusetts. OFFICERS President . . LYNNE PHILLIPS Secretary . . SANDY ARVIDSON Treasurer . . BARBARA COCK Kemp Hall OFFICERS President . . EARL Mokms Vice-President . . jnxt DANIELS Secretary . . HOINIER BLASS Treasurer. . . ToMMvMooN FRONT RUXY: Gilford Smith. Tonnny Moon. ris. Mrs. Lewis Hubert Knight. ,lim Daniel. Hoi Donald Lee Harbeslon. SECOND ROYY: Milt Alan lflcart. .Xli-Motained Daniavancli. -larnes Y. lll. Lynn Carlisle. Darryl Merle. Loren Culfey. ,Iinnny R Earl Nlor A Porch Party in September honoring Dean Dan Wesley opened the year for residents of Kemp Hall, oldest dormitory on the TU campus. Built in 1912, the dorm was originally for girls, but eleven years ago it was turned into male living quarters and this year housed thirty-two students. Coverned by a six-man council, the dorm oHered its residents a variety of activities. Homecoming found Kemp participating in house decorations for the first time. VVhile active in intramural sports, the group also plan- ned a number of social events. In December the boys celebrated with an old-fashioned Christmas party. After singing carols and hearing a traditional reading by Mrs. Lewis Knight, head resident, the residents hung their socks at the huge mantel. The next morning they each found a present in their socks. In the spring Kemp had a Cupid's Caper party and later a Bluebird and Apple Blossom Dance. Robertson. Howard Purcell. THIRD ROXV: Clarence Przybyl. YVilfred R. Mt-Leod. Charles Riggs, Robert Oscar Plenge. FOURTH ROYV: Douglas VVeimer. Ray Mash- . burn. George Lundy. Edward Lundy, jafer Farman, Cary Barnhart. Diego Mesa. ner Blass. e XYllSOIl Pl'lIlCTllJlC FRONT ROWV: Rodney D. Smith. N. Charles Wilson. Mark Randell. Frederico Franco, Tardivo. Fidencio, Mo- hammad Khakbaz. Anthony C. Marks. John Hackler. Bill Spalding. Larry Hatfield. Joe Kruse. jim Embry. SEC- OND ROYV: Giuseppe Piranio. Wendell Hague, Filippo Scivto. Charles Hearne. Levi XY. McGlothlin. Bill Kock. Charles Davenport. John Riclpath. Ivon Pasevel. Tom Bingman. Jack Shields. Ken Gangwer. jaiai Hejazi. Joe Meeks. THIRD ROXYZ Yvayne Collelt. Ghaffari-Hormoz. Gonzalo Rey. YYillard Paulson. Frederick Frey. jr.. Bob Stone, Tayebi-Jamal. Ploeg Johan. Tom Slocombe. Don Baughman. Perry Sloan. R. Hayden Downie. l'Villiam D. Boon. Paxton Robey. Donald H. Gregory. Don Crozier, Sassan Rastegar, Mrs. Gwinn. FOURTH ROW: Masoud Mirbagheri, joe Hess. Carlos Sanchez. Edward Feinstein. Alberto Ahow. Ernesto Brodella, Richard Hastings, jim Noyce. Al Kaplin. Richard Mullen. .lim Kolb. Tony Ma- jercik, Leon McNabb, George Conner. Ardeshir Molavi. Alex R. Luppi. Ralph Wille. FIFTH ROXV: Allan Kulka, Sanford YV. lVells. James G. Fore. Andres Puky. Charles Wlaltrip. Charles Phillips. Alan Johnson. R. C. Miller. Lee Brady. John Mabee Hall The one hundred and twenty-two residents of John Mabee Hall had many activities available to them. Besides occasional speakers and social events, the residents also participated in intramural sports. Mrs. Grace Gwinn, in her second year as head resident, helped them plan their busy program. TU's Dr. F. T. Gardner, one of the several speakers to the group, talked in November on "Science in Our Livesll. Highlighting the so- cial season was a Christmas dance, a dance on Wasliixigtorils birthday and a spring formal in April. John Mabee was active in intramurals and entered football, volleyball and wrestling competition. The dorm was governed by a five man council made up of representatives from each wing. Members of the council were Charles Phillips. L. O. McNabb, Alex Luppi, Mo Khakbaz and Rod Smith. OFFICERS President . . . . AL KAPLAN Secretary-Treasurer CHARLES PHILLIPS Social Chairman . LEON MCNABB Institute oi Aeronautical Sciences OFFICERS President . . KENNETH ROGERS Vice-President . FPRMAN GORDON Secretary-Treasurer JOHN LANGER FIRST ROIY: .linnny Ivilliams. john Ilanger. Hob Cline. Dan Lawhorn. R. D. NYhitelock. C. Klotz. SECOND RUIV: Larry Walters. Robert Jones. Robert I'Inbhard. Don Carlson. V. E. Jones. THIRD ROYYZ Joe H. Car- Inceresting speakers and many films kept members of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences informed of latest happenings in the aircraft industry. Open to all engineering students with a technical interest in aeronautics. the IAS met once a month. Several films on aircraft, weapons and missiles were presented including one from Douglas on the pioneer satellite. In December the club was invited by the na- tional professional IAS to a talk on space craft by a member of the Air Force. The talk was at the Municipal Theater and open to the public. Purpose of the TU chapter was to acquaint students with the field and keep them abreast of the latest advances in aeronautics. Junior and senior IAS members entered papers in competition sponsored by the parent organization. These papers were read at the regional con- ference in Dallas. IAS ended the year with a picnic at Mohawk. rett. Eugene Stalnaker. Don E. Ness. Dwight Casteel. Ken- neth Roger. FOFRTI-I RONY: Don Ganne. Don Sullivan. Ronald Halconib. Charles Clilliancl. Dennis Copeland. VV. I7. Cordon. FRONT ROXV: Robert YV. Cox, Jerry K. Clark. G. Ronald L. Kipp. F. D. lNIuuzlingcr, Robert L. Drake, Lewis Donovan. G. E. Hahn. Troy G. Gray. Jim I.. Wlilliams. R. Rogers. Donavon G. Wlillcerson. SECOND ROW: David T. Darrah. David L, Hubbard. Arnold Air Society HUP two-three-four! HUP two-three-four! These commands along with wooden swords characterized the early morning drill ses- sions of the jack Donalson Squadron of Arnold Air Society during pledge week. Symbolized by the ribbon and fourragere. the society's purpose was to uphold the mission and tradition of the United States Air Force. Highlights of the social activity of the AAS included the spring and fall dances of the Corps of Cadets with an after-party for AAS members and their dates. During the second semester the entire squadron boarded a C-47 and flew to Nellis AFB, Las Vegas, Nevada. After a thorough inspection of the base and some liberty in Las Vegas, the cadets flew back to Tulsa for their Monday classes. To be eligible for membership. an AFROTC student must have demon- strated leadership ability. have a 3.0 average in all military subjects, and a 2.0 overall average. Lt. Eggar QUSAFQ was their sponsor. OFFICERS Commander . . ROBERT DRAKE Executive Officer . TROY GRAY Operations Officer . RON KJPP Art Students League A sketch trip to Osage Hills State Park in the fall got things off to a fast start for members of the Art Students League. This was followed by an exhibition of the work done on the trip. The club OFFICERS held other exhibitions throughout the year in an effort to promote student work. In December an exhibit was held in the Student Ac- President . . BRUCE CLARY Vice-President lWARGARET ToMsHANv Secretary . . . NANCY Wtrsotv Treasurer . . J. SHARON .IoNEs tivities building and Kendall hall with the student work for sale. Several speakers were heard and some films were shown at meet- ings. joe Campbell. creator of the Seven Dwarfs, spoke to the group on Cartooning. Film night in February gave members a Chance to see films of well-known artists doing a picture. The group also spent a busy weekend at a national art museum. The Bozar Ball. a Costume dance. highlighted the spring. The whole school was invited with a prize awarded for the IHOSI humorous costume. Mr. Alexander Hogue was faculty sponsor. FRONT KUXY: Sally Zuniwalt. Sally l5loi'a. .lo Hagan. Doris Hyatt. Maggie Toinshany. Janet Hyatt. Helen Snider. Ethel Martin. Sharon Jones. Sylvia Sainarzts. SECOND ROYY: lidith Curtiee. Beth Callahan. Alexandre Hoygue. Martha YYillianisou. Suzanne llocltggson. Troy Tihbs. .lack Spilltnan. liill Wiilliams. -Iohn ITOIIQQTICTIX. Ira Ealier. THIRD RUXY: Ken Steele. Linda llrooks. Patsy Jenni. Diane Bailey. -Iulie Levengood. Nancy Wlilson. Bruce Clary. Jackie Wiillianis. john Hneliler. Ann YVehb. Russell Myers. FOURTH RONY: Donna Craig. Hoyt Smith. johnny Artliur. Toni Wiisby. Carlle. Bill Hardy. Ray .'Xndrasko. David Hoey. Dale Matlock. Sue Ruhr. Glen Rainey. X 'Z FIRST ROIV: Marilyn Dunlmin Kathleen IVeber Cook. L'llian e . B ll SECOND ROIY: Cindy Lyon. Judy Yllriglit. THIRD ROIY: Marilyn Bolt. Barbara Noblin. Mary Birbilis. FUIIRTH ROXY: Mar- garet Caldwell. jan lYrigl1l. FIFTII ROIY: Joe F. Mills. Carol Cr-ilfee, Sandy Montgomery. SIXTH ROIY: -Iolin English. Bill Hays. SEVENTH ROIY: Steve Wlriglit. Mike Zat-lmrias. Torn Blfllllllglllilll. 1 N-C -fx Pi Delta Epsilon The "Big Wheel Mealw in May highlighted the year for members of Pi Delta Epsilon, honorary journalism fraternity. Consisting of a dinner and a skit to which administrators and campus "wheels" were invited, the "Big Wheel Meall' lampooned campus personalities and provided entertainment for the "wheels'f. The journalism fraternity also served the students by publishing Shout, the student directory which was edited by Marilyn Bolt. In November Marilyn Bolt represented the TU chapter at the na- tional convention of Pi D E in Pennsylvania. Each year the fratern- ity gives an award to an outstanding man and woman in the field of journalism at TU. Purpose of Pi D E was to "promote student par- ,ticipation in undergraduate publications and to seek to establish a code of ethics among the staff of college publicationsfl Bill Hays was faculty adviser. f Y' QW rg OFFICERS President. . MARILYN D-UNHAM Vice-President . MARILYN BOLT Secretary-Treasurer KATHLEEN WEBER OFFICERS Co-Presidents . NORMAN PORTER BRUCE MCGRANAHAN Vice-President . . JIM HARRIS Secretary . . DAVID BAILEY Treasurer . . JIM IVIACK FRONT ROIV: Masonrl-Mirbagheri. R. D. IVlIiteloCk. Paul C. Harrison. Ted D. Autry. Ozen Turktan. Jerry K. Clark, Jack R. Lapinski. Loyd B. Perry. SECOND ROIY: Larry Wlalters. Clyde R. Morris. Robert Hubbard. Bruce IhfICCil'ElIli:lI1HI1, John Carter. Bill A. Smith. David T. Bailey. Engineers Club March I7 was THE day for members of the Engineers Club at the University of Tulsa. VVearing green felt hats, the boys of the "En- ginew sclIool staged a walkout to celebrate the birthday of St. Patrick, patron saint of all engineers. Climaxing the activities a dance was held iII the evening at which time the Engineers Queen was crowned. Meeting once a month. the club sought to give members both so- cial and academic activities. The club sponsored films, speakers and field trips. III November the group visited the D-X refinery. Other highlights of the year were the fall dance at the Ramada Inn and sev- eral stag parties in the spring. The year opened with a picnic at Mo- hawk for members and their dates. Membership in the club, founded at TU in 1933, was open to students enrolled in engineering courses. Faculty advisers were Professors Jerome McCoy and Ivan Roark. Brooks, Roy McWVhirter. Joel Lambert, Jim Mack. Joe Cal- lup. Jerry McCoy, Bill Wlilson. Jim Land. FOURTH ROIV: John D. Culter. james D. Harris, Vern YVebb. Bob Lang. john Keel. Allan Shackleford. F. D. Munzlinger. Norman Porter. ,lack Lamb. THIRD ROIY: Don Michael. lYenclell Ib - I jf .' ' ,5 .f -- .3 . , H . .1 ' - ,- ee V ...,,,,s , sosoo .11 sn FRONT ROWV: Richard Reynolds, Alejandro Luppi. Chad R. Morris, Bruce McCranahan, Sanford NV. Wells, Charles J. Bardone. Cary Barnhart. Lowell P. YVatts, Alberto J. M. Jenkins. john Agnew. john M. johnson. THIRD Ahow. Gene T. Cole. Charles King. Paul Simard. SEC- ROIV: YV. Kemper Lease. john L. Vogel, jerry I. Moritz, OND ROIV: Thomas E. Stanton. Hill A. Smith. Jr.. Clyde John Wvalsh. ,lames Fore. Charles Frick. Rui Zobaran. AIME To keep members abreast of the latest happenings in the field of petroleum engineering was the aim of the American Institute of Min- ing Engineers. Meeting once a month, the group heard speakers and saw films on various phases of their field, including a film on "Hy- drolic Paclcersv from the Brown Oil Tools, Inc. Second semester ac- tivities included a field trip to a secondary operation. The Senior Dinner in january honored graduating seniors, recipi- ents of scholarships, grants and fellowships and their donors. The club was open to students majoring in petroleum engineering or re- fining. After graduation a student may become a junior member and eventually a full, active member of the parent organization. Throughout the year each member was sent a magazine, Thr' Journal of Petroleum Technology. The faculty sponsor for the club was Dr. Denton R. Wieland. OFFICERS President . . . JOHN JOHNSON Vice-President . XYAYNE Lmsia Secretary . . CHAD BARDONE Treasurer . . jonx VOGEL Sigma Gamma Epsilon 0 F F I C E R S President .... JOHN SPIKI-LS Vice-President . AL1sER'1'BucHER Secretary-Treasurer REGINALD Hicks Two field trips highlighted the year for Sigma Gamma Epsilon, honor society for students of the earth sciences. The first trip, taken before Christmas. was to the Ouachita Mountains, where they investi- gated the geologic outcroppings of the area. Meeting bi-monthly. the group sponsored round table discussions. speakers and films. In October Paul Lyons of Sinclair spoke on "Tectogenes". To qualify for membership a student needed a 3.0 average in at least 14 hours of earth sciences plus a 2.75 overall average at the time he was taking the l4 hours. Initiation was held in October and in the spring. At the spring banquet the W. A. Tarr Award was pre- sented to the outstanding member. The award was based on scho- lastic accomplishment and contribution to the fraternity. john Spikes received it last year. Dr. M. E. Hopkins was the faculty adviser. FRONT ROXY: Clyde G. Strachan. M. E, Hopkins. john ert Arntlt. Reginald Hicks. FOURTH ROWV: Louis Spikes. -Ir.. Robert Mathieson. Bob Miller. SECOND W'hite. H. E. Enlows, james M. Kilpatrick. F. D. Munz- ROXV: A. N. Murray. H. M. Zenor. A. E. Becher. NV. li. linger. Dale Nunley. Miller. THIRD ROXY: Robert Lloyd. C. F. Bassett. Rob- luf,wive?' 5':'IF'N FRONT ROW: A. Vasers. Becky Wlallace. Sandra Bridges. SECOND ROVY: Ralph AI. Kaufmann, Ross Hawkins. james R. Hoffman. THIRD ROYY: Bud Donovan. Charles Mar- tin. Lee Pedersen. FOURTH ROYV: L. N. Devonshire. L. Locatell, Peter Pedersen. FIFTH ROW: F. T. Gardner. Francis Harris. if I ' 1 American Chemi al Society Claiming as members at least SGW, of all chemistry majors at TU, the American Chemical Society has grown rapidly since it came on campus in 1954. A student afhliate of the professional group, mem- bers could go into the professional society upon graduation. The society was open to interested students majoring in chemistry or chemical engineering. Meetings. usually held bi-monthly, consisted of guest speakers from various phases of the chemical world or films relating to chemical topics. Dowell presented a film while Mr. B. D. Oakes. research worker from Dowel. spoke on "Acetylene Chemistry." Refreshments consisting of coffee and doughnuts were served after every meeting. The society sponsored a picnic in the spring. Main purpose of the TU chapter was to encourage advancement of chemistry in all its branches and to promote high standards of scholarship. Faculty ad- viser was Dr. Louis Locatell. OFFICERS President . . . Ross HAwK1Ns Secretary . . SANDRA BRIDGES Treasurer . . .Biatzm VVALLACE Student Society of Exploration Geophysicists OFFICERS President . . . DALE lYl'NLl-QY Vice-President . . DUB NIILLER One of the many goals of the Student Society of Exploration Geo- physicists was to promote interest in and knowledge of geophysics and related sciences. This was achieved during the year through numerous talks presented by prominent men from industry and through technical films shown at bi-weekly meetings. Members also gained much from field trips which included a visit to a seismic crew on location and a tour of the ollices of a geophysical company. Two members attended the national convention in Los Angeles of Secremrl S I FRU' MLBZLDGER the Society of Exploration Ceophysicists with which the student so- Tfeasurer ' ' BOB COOPER ciety was affiliated. Several social functions helped fulfill another ob- jective of the society which was to further cooperation and fellowship among the members. This included a stage party in October and an- other event held i11 cooperation with the geology club. FRONT ROSV: H. Zenor. Masoud-Mirbagheri. Robert YY. ROSV: Clarence Przvbyl. john Spikes, Jr.. Joe Gallup, Cox. Don Miller. SECOND ROSV: Dub Miller. Bruce Thomas C. Cooperider. FOURTH ROW: R. VV. Cook, McGranalian. Robert Mathieson. Rafael Penso. THIRD Dale Nunley. F. D. Munzlinger. FRONT ROYV: Larry L. Black, Albert E. Becher, Regi- Driver. Antonio A. Planos. G. D. Thompson. Roger Berg. nald V. Hicks, Bruce 'McGranahan, Jerry K. Clark, Eddie THIRD ROXV: YYilliam B. Baker. Milt McKenzie, Charles Anglin, Francis X. Miller. SECOND ROVV: M. E. Hop- F. Basset. H. E. Enlows. james M. Kilpatrick. ,lack Walper, kins. A. N. Murray. Tom Emery, Bob Turner, Bradley T. Robert Arndt. Murray Geology Club The Geology Club was organized in 1934 under the sponsorship of Dr. A. N. Murray to bring geology majors together for a free ex- change of ideas and to promote better understanding between the stu- dents. This year in order to show appreciation for Dr. Murray's en- couragement and support of the club, the Geology Club voted to change the name of the organization to the Murray Geology Club. Meetings, held twice a month, emphasized all phases of geology. The club also had speakers prominent in the field of geology and Hlms at some of its meetings. In the spring a field trip to a neighbor- ing state was sponsored by the group in order to give the members a first hand View of the geology of the region. A picnic was held in May which completed the year's activities. Under the sponsorship of Dr. H. E. Enlows, the club was open to any student interested in ge- ology. -. OFFICERS President .... ROGER BERG Vice-President . . BRAD DRIVER Secretary-Treasurer REGINALD Hicks OFFICERS President. . . CHAD BARDONE Vice-President . DUANE SHAUL Phi Eta Sigma Huge wooden keys on black and gold ribbons hung around the neck of Phi Eta Sigma pledges for one week. Supplied with horn rim glasses by members, the pledges also were required to obtain signatures of deans of all the schools. As a national honor society for freshmen. the organization was open to male students with a 3.5 grade average their First semester or a 3.5 grade average their entire freshman year. Dedicated to promoting better scholarship. the local chapter distri- Secfemfl' - - .lflllm SINGLETON buted "Hints on How To Study" booklets during orientation which Treasurer A i BOB MCCORMACK were printed by national Phi Eta Sigma. Initiation was held once during the year in March with a banquet following the ceremonies to honor new members. ln the spring a regional Phi Eta Sigma confer- ence was held at Oklahoma State University. Dean Donald E. Hay- den completed his first year as faculty adviser for the TU honorary. FRONT RUXY: jerry Singleton. Kenneth Roger. Don johnson. Robert Mathieson. Ross Hawkins. Ronald D. johnson. Norman Myer. Chad -I. Bardone, Kenneth R. Hall. Whitelock. Dan Bartlett. THIRD ROVV: Bill Hall. VVayne .Iohn Kontogianes. William C. Hafer. Jr. SECOND ROVV: Wilson. Duane Wlilson. Barton Perrine. Dean WV. Kaster. Dave Roseborongh. -lolin Newman. -lay Farrar. john M. ,lim Patterson. ,lim Jacob. FRONT ROW: Ken- neth Roger. A. N. Mur ray. Norman M. Egge- brecht. SECOND ROYV: Rob ert S. Smith. John M. johnson. John D. Cowan. THIRD ROVV: L. O. McNabb. Don VVhitsitt. David T. Bailey, David C. Bausch. ,gr- r..- Sword and Key Presenting a challenging goal for underclassinen. Sword and Key has become one of the most esteemed honor organizations 011 the TL' campus. Founded in 1938 by Dr. A. N. Murray. Sword and Key was restricted in membership to junior men with an overall grade average of 3.5 and senior men with a 3.25 average. A minimum of twenty- four hours work at TU was also required plus demonstration of lead- ership and service. Being strictly an honorary society. no regular meetings were ha-ld. but new members were admitted in Jamiary and again in April. Concluding the academic year. a banquet was held honoring the initiates. At this time certificates of merit were presented to them I showing their membership in the organization. An initialed scholar- ship key was given to the outstanding graduating male senior. Dr. Murray is the faculty adviser. Sp . I .. -3' - W, 4 " 4 x " Ns. , X . , X If I ., , OFFICERS President . . . JOHN JOHNSON Vice-President . DAVID BAILEY Secretary . . Dox VVHITSITT Treasurer . . LEON MCNABB OFFICERS President . . WILLIAM DEXTER Vice-President DARRELL GILLILAND SCCTCIHTY-TICHSLIICI PATSY DUNHAM Psi Chi Through monthly meetings, members of Psi Chi, honorary psy- chology fraternity, were given an opportunity to "talk shop" with many people in psychology and related Helds. At their meetings, which were designed to further enlighten and stimulate people in the field, speakers spoke on psychology and related topics. Mr. Thomas Howard gave a report on the Oklahoma State Psychological Associ- ation. Dr. Robert Frost of the Hillcrest Clinic spoke on "Modern Techniques in Marriage Counselingf, Members were required to have a 3.25 in eight hours of psychol- ogy plus a 3.0 overall grade average. Initiation was held in October and at the banquet in the spring. Members were kept informed of the activities of the organization through the Psi Chi Newsletter. Dr. Robert L. Hobson was faculty adviser for the group. which has been active at TU since 1946. FRONT ROYV: Don Bersinger. Robert E. Parrish. Robert ROVV: Mark Wiedenmann. Charles East, VVilliam Dexter, Hobson. Thomas C. Howard. Patsy R. Dunham. SEC- Harvey Rolman, Darrell Gilliland, William Amoss, VVendy OND ROVV: Sue Ginn. Herbert H. Bell, Kay Marshall, Schroeder. John Arnold. Dale Morgan, Margaret Thompson. THIRD FIRST ROIV: Fran Hieronymus, Lowell Beatty, Diane Martin. SECOND ROW: Elea- nor Mitchell. Cathy Hale, Judy YVright. THIRD ROVV: Judy Haynes. David James, Sandy Rosenbum. FOURTH ROYV: Mar- gie Handley. Marge Curd. Roxana Rozsa. FIFTH ROW: john English. Phillip S. Gul- ley. Gary M. Jay. John P. Tower. Clif? 'Wi ff league of Young Democrats Young Democrats opened the year with a membership drive and the election of ollicers. Afliliated with both state and national Young Democrat organizations, the club was open to all students attending TU who were interested in learning more about the Democratic party. Throughout the year various outstanding city, state, and na- tional Democratic leaders spoke to the club at their meetings. Local political issues were discussed at the club's meetings. The TU group also participated in city and state elections and rallies. In November YD7s helped with the jefferson-jackson Day Dinner held in Oklahoma City. Several conventions in the spring saw the TU chapter well represented. Last spring Judy Hyatt was named Miss TU Young Democrat. At Christmas the Young Democrats sent a food basket to a needy family. A beer bust in May ended the year. Dr. I. E. Cadenhead was faculty sponsor. OFFICERS President . . . DIANE lWARTIN Vice-President . LOXVELL BEATFY Secretary . FRAN HIERONYMUS Alumni Association OFFICERS President . . JACK N. HAvs Vice-President . . ED ROBERTS Secretary . Mns. DAN HOLINIES. JR. Treasurer . . . JIM NUCKOLLS Co TU! was the cry of the Alumni Association as it backed TU one hundred per cent. The organization provided a way for alums to take a leading role in the support of their university. One of the lirst functions of the association this year was the awarding of a scholarship to David Kobes. sophomore accounting major. The awarding of such a scholarship is the major activity of the newly organized TU Alumni Trust Fund. The high point of the fun-filled year was the 1959 Homecoming and Alumni Weekend-a time for many reunions and even more memories. Miss Florence C. Blackmore was named "Miss Homecom- ing" for the festive event. The association judged Chi Omega soror- ity and Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity as the winners of the homecoming house decorations. Throughout the year alums were kept informed of happenings around their alma mater by the publication of the TFZLIIIIIIIIIS. FRONT ROXV: Jim Nuckolls. Barbara Roberts. Jack N. THIRD ROVV: J. VVoody Cochran. Marvin L. Thomp- Havs. Mrs. Dan P. Holmes. Jr.. Edward V. Roberts. son. Floyd Harrawood. John A. Hayes. FOURTH ROJV: SECOND ROW: Joanne Severson. John H. Ness. Carrie Art Hindle. David Hall, Burt B. Holmes. Von Aspe. Jess Chouteau. Bill Hays. David Olinger. FRONT ROYY: M. M. Hargrove. Dean: Kay Payne. SECOND ROYY: Don YVackerly. Ronald Kipp, Robert Taggart. Executive Club Newest thing in the business school was the Executive Club. Founded in 1958, the club was the governing body of the business school. Highlight of the year for the group was Business Day in the spring. On this day teachers and students alike played hooky from class to participate in the skits and softball game. The dayxs activities ended with a dance and announcement of the Business School Queen. Other activities included sponsoring of the Christmas assembly and the awards assembly. An all-school dance was also held in the fall. Boasting a membership of over 200, the organizationls main purpose was to encourage active participation of all students in uni- , versity activities. The club also endeavored to promote friendship and fellowship between all groups in the School of Business. Mem- bership was open to all students interested in joining. OFFICERS President . . . BOB TAGGART Vice-President . DON VVACKERLY Secretary . . KAY PAYNE Treasurer . . RON KIPP Home Economics Club OFFICERS President KATHLEEN VVEBER Cook Program Vice-President PAM SMITH Project Vice-President SANDY DEHANAS Secretary. . EMMA jo BROWN Treasurer . . . JANICE BULK FRONT ROYVZ Kathleen Weber Cook. Christine Daven- port. Mary Ann Henderson. Carrol Curtis. Sally Lofton. SECOND ROWV: Mary Norman. Eleanor McCarty, Pam Smith. Sondra Costello. Eydie Diem. Nancy Cole, Pat Evans. Janice johnson. THIRD ROW: Linda Dorsey. l "One of the lastest-growing professional, departmental clubs on campus" well described the Home Economics club last year. Since joining the American Home Economics Association in March, 1950, the club grew to 45 active members. Membership was open to all girls enrolled in two subjects in home economics. Dinner meetings, held twice a month at the homemaking house, enabled the girls to ascertain the latest developments in the field of home economics. Many activities provided members and Miss Catherine Hunter, faculty sponsor, with a whirl of excitement. In October husbands and fathers were honored with a supper, prepared by the members. December brought a tea for mothers and former members and the annual "Hanging of the Greensw party to decorate the home ec house for the holiday season. The year ended with a Senior Day for high school girls interested in home economics and a picnic for members and their dates. Claudette Trudgeon. Evelyn Brady. Dorothy Dlabach, Judy VVriglit. Catherine Hunter. Martha McCray. Sandy DeHanas. Lou Briscoe. FOURTH ROVV: Agnes Barker, Vinita Privett. Ann Smith. janice Buck. Gatra Marvin. Carolyn Gregory. Emma Jo Brown, Judy Bly. G5:'?'giW3FH 3 PM .a 'Inf ' ,. . .- . .L P X. ft: pw ff' '!""'p FRONT RUYY: Gail Welch. Ceorgann flasaway. Nancy Mary Birbilis. Gretchen Hotz. Kathleen Wveber Cook. Stelfens. SECOND RUYY: jean Sharon jones. Val Ann Becky Thompson. FOl'RTH RUYY: Mrs, Ben Henneke. Yvatson. Caroline Janssen. Sue Esser. THIRD RUYY: Florence C. lilackinore. Mrs. Philip L. Howell. Mortar Board Once the problem of finding a meeting time was solved. the eleven members of Mortar Board settled down to a busy schedule. Members in their new black and white uniforms became a familiar sight on Campus as they served at the faculty luncheon and hostessed for their various projects. Activities of the senior stall chapter included the coke hour for new coeds to acquaint them with campus activities. the Scroll honors tea for junior women and the Lantern banquet honor- ing sophomore women for scholarship. Members traveled to Austin to attend the Mortar Board sectional conference and returned to discuss ideas from other chapters. A rummage sale was held in November to hnance the honorary's activ- ities. Members also talked to Tulsa high school senior girls during the second semester. Highlight of the year was the surprise tapping of new members. who were chosen for scholarship. leadership. and service to the university. Mortar Board sponsors were Mrs. Ben Hen- neke. Mrs. Philip Howell. and Miss Florence C. Blackmore. .OFFICERS President . . Baum' Tnoxrvsox Yiee-President K.vrirrI.i1r3x AYEBER Coon Secretary .... SUE ESSER Treasurer . . NANCY STEFFENS fr 1- t 20I OFFICERS President . MRS. JOHN HARLIN lst Vice-President Mus. Coma' BISHOP 2nd Vice-President Mas. C. B. SAVAGE Secretary . . Mas. DAVID PEAVY Treasurer . MRS. B0B VVAGNER TU law Wives Topics from hair styling to interior decorating to gardening were discussed by guest speakers at the TU Law Wives, monthly meetings. Founded at TU in September of 1954, the club's main purpose was to foster a more cordial relationship among the wives of TU law stu- dents. Highlighting the year was a Christmas dance. Cleverly side stepping too much work for any one person, the club made every member responsible for decorating one table at the dance and a prize was awarded for the best decoration. A Las Vegas party in February and a style show in the spring kept members busy. Two scholarships were presented by the club to senior law stu- dents. Money for the scholarships was raised in the fall through the sale of used books. The Senior Tea in May honored the wives of graduating seniors, and the wives were presented a Putting Hubby Through diploma. Faculty adviser for the TU Law Wives was Dean Allen King. FRONT ROWV: Mrs. Lowell L. Andrews. Mrs. Bill Brod- shaw. Mrs. Bill Sanders. Mrs. James L. Edgar. Mrs. David A. Peavy. Mrs. James F. Lawson. Mrs. Stanley K. Grant. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Earl VVolfe. Mrs. Henry O. Arnall. Mrs. Roy Hinkle. Mrs. Cull Bivens. Jr.. Mrs. Bill R. Scarth. Mrs. Corky Bishop. Mrs. Eugene Rembisz. Mrs. Robert Martin. Mrs. Bill Heskett. THIRD ROVV: Mrs. Elbert C. YVilson. Mrs. George J. Muckenthaler. Mrs. John P. Scott. Mrs. Terry Meltzer. Mrs. C. B. Savage, Mrs. Rich- ard C. Trippet. Mrs. David WV. Simms. Mrs. Sam Mani- pella. Mrs. john K. Harlin. Jr. X N555 1-we-4 X sag X wg J FRONT ROYY: Hugh V. Schaefer. C. B. Savage. john P. Manipella. Henry O. Arnall. T. Miles Hanna, Mitchell D. Scott. Pete Bradford. SECOND ROVV: Charles T. De- O'Donnell. joseph Q. Adarns. Shong. Thomas C. Newhouse. A. D. Gittrich, Samuel P. Student Bar Association Purpose of the Student Bar Association. composed of two repre- sentatives from each class in the law school, was to act as a govern- ing body for the law school. In the fall the group sponsored an ap- pellate moot court competition. The competition consisted of a hypothetical legal question with each entrant writing an appellate brief. Highlight of the year was Law Day on April 23. During the morning a panel. composed of noted Oklahoma lawyers. discussed legal subjects. A luncheon followed with the finals of the moot court competition in the afternoon. A banquet and dance were held that evening with two cups awarded to the outstanding junior and senior law students, with an award also given to the senior "most likely to succeed" in constitutional law. Other activities included smokers held on the last night of hnal exams and publication of the news- paper. orrtctss President . . . C. B. SAVAGE Vice-President . . JOHN Scori Secretary . . HUGH SCHAEFER Treasurer . . PETER BRADFORD OFFICERS President . . ROBERT SLATER First Vice-President A. R. TARPLEY Second Vice-President Mas. MAXINE BOLT Secretary-Treasurer MRS. MARY OYN'EN FRONT ROXY: Marjorie Barnes. Marguerite Oglesby. Mary Owen. Carolyn YVooden. Ettalily Skinner. Norma Dobson. Suzanne Hicks. Doris Brown, Mary Rogers. SECOND ROYV: Patricia Clarke. jean Sharon jones, Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Delta Pi, honorary education fraternity, played host to the Student National Education Association in February. Speaker to the two groups, john Bennett Shaw, spoke on "Human Values and Edu- cation." In the fall Bona Gordey spoke to Kappa Delta Pi on "Changes in Modern Education" and Bob Bennett talked about life in the Arctic. Social activities of the fraternity included a picnic in September and a Christmas party during the holidays. Membership was open to juniors, seniors and graduate students in the upper fifth of their classes. Juniors needed a minimum of six hours of professional edu- cation, seniors nine hoursg and graduate students twelve hours of graduate study in the field of education. Initiation was held in the fall and again in the spring. Dr. Marlow Markert was faculty spon- sor for the group installed at TU in 1931. Carter. Hazel Desjardins. Evelyn Nesbitt, Fern Kelly, Eula Lawson. THIRD ROYV: Clay B. Herring, Frank Sensin- taffar. Dr. Robert L. Briggs. Marlow Markert. Walker Dob- son, Robert Slater, A. R. Tarpley. Allene Plouzek, Pauline Freeny. Pauline Stringer. Bonnie FRONT ROXV: james Fleming. Eldon Haw- kins. Dale Ogden. Lyle Truehlootl. SECOND ROYV: Doug- las XY. Lolley. L. O. YYackerly. Larry M. McNabb. Donald R. Hallielcl. THlRD ROYV: Glen XYillis. Trevis Cook. Phil Yaugliter. Ronald Mook. FOLRTH ROYY: Da- mon Paxson. YY. L. Kelley. XYilliam Causey. Elbert Pettie. FIFTH ROXY: Charles Stout. James A. YYalton. Roger B. Godwin. Rob- ert Taggart. SI XTH ROYY: Loren CulTev. Dee Harris. David Keithlv. R. McCartney. Society for Advancement ol Management Society for Advancement of Management heard speakers on topics ranging from labor problems to future use of electronic computers in managerial decisions. Speakers included Mr. W. A. Marcott. an ex- ecutive from American Airlines. who spoke on the management prob- lems in the airlines industry. Meeting once zi month. SAM usually 0 F IZ I C E presented a program of films or speakers. Membership was available to all students interested in manage- PIACSMCIIY- - - JAMES FLEMING ment. Primary purpose of the organization was to help management ViCg,prC5idC.m i ELDON Him-KISS students et "a lied. ractical knowledge alonfr with academic , learning Sf the Elilssrooriif' Second semester the 0cl:,gH11lZ2lfi0I1 heard Secremrli-rl rcusurcr DALE OGDEN a talk by a Tulsa architect who discussed management problems in y his field. The group also took two Field trips through a local indus- try. Part of a national organization. the TU chapter of SAM re- ceived its charter in 1958. Dr. Trueblood was advisor for the group. OFFICERS President. . LARRY .'hI.1-QXANDER Vice-President Luzrrrs S'rt'ERMA1vN Phi Alpha Theta The awarding of the Betsy Sullen's scholarship was the highlight of the banquet given by Phi Alpha Theta, honorary history frater- nity. last spring. The scholarship went to James Schaber, as the sen- ior with the highest grade average in the fraternity. The award helped to carry out the purpose of the organization. which is to rec- ognize and encourage high scholarship in the field of history. Mem- bers were required to be of sophomore standing with an overall 3.0 average and a 3.5 in at least 12 hours of history. Initiation was held in December and a talk on "Education at the Seiremrl i ' i JM BXRH, Time of the Reformation" was given by TU professor Robert VV. Treasurd ' ' ' JOHN HEDLEY Henderson. Another initiation was held at the banquet in April. The Delta Kappa chapter. installed at TU in 1952. sent a delegate to the national convention in the spring. Dr. Vhlilliam Settle was faculty sponsor. FRONT ROXY: Elizabeth Tuttle. Mary Birbilis. Robert Swartz. Tom Ballard. THIRD ROYY: Bill Northcutt, Stewart. Loretta Harp. S. M. Fallis. Carol Criffee. SEC- I. E. Cadenhead. jr.. Tom WVood. Marvin E. Lowe. OND RUXV: VV. A. Settle. Lucille SIUCTIIIHIHI. Dorothy ,fn-.. t 5 4 3 FRONT RONV: Jimmie Lea Haggard, Mary Ann Kite, Margaret Ann Thompson, Bob McCormack, Majorie L. Barnes, Mary Owen, Kathleen Weber Cook. Evelyn Faye Miller, Sue Carol Cole. Sandor Kovacs, Harvey D. Chase, John Barton. Dorothy Swartz. SECOND ROYY: Marie Meadows. Maejorie Loris DeFigh, YV. V. Holloway. Ruth Maxine Bolt. jane Strout. Doris Jean McKnight. Elizabeth 4 fax . lkemire, Elsie Gubser, NY. E. Bernard, Edna C. Klein, Margaret Brown. Margaret Shaw Dowler. TIHRD ROVV: Allene Plouzek, Elizabeth Orman Tuttle. Fern Kelly. Sally Wlienecke. Carlor Tuttle. James Poe. Kathryn Hammond. Veneta Osborn. Cynthia Carol, Lucile Berlin. Hazel Des- jardins. William Settle. Carolyn Shurtletl. Pi Gamma Mu An outstanding student and an outstanding citizen were honored N, by Pi Gamma Mu. social science honorary. at its annual banquet last spring. The "outstanding studentw award based on scholastic ability. student leadership and service to the university, went to senior Carol Griffee. The citizen award was given in recognition of outstanding service to the community. The purpose of Pi Gamma Mu was to foster the ideals of scholar- ship and social service in the study of social problems. Requirements for membership were 20 hours of social science with junior or senior standing and a 3.0 average in the social sciences plus an overall 3.0 average. The social science honorary also held an initiation tea in the fall to honor its new members. Dr. Sandor B. Kovacs and Dr. William A. Settle were faculty sponsors for the group. OFFICERS President Mus. MAkJoRn3 BARNES V ice-President Mas. MARY OWEN Secretary . . .FRED Woonsox Treasurer . . Carrol. GRIFI-'EE Mb. OFFICERS President . . . .IUHN L. Cox Vice-President . DoNAl.nFowLL11 Secretary-Treasurer Lixnox Tuoxms Program Chairman Toxv DINNYES Chess Club Chess fever spread rapidly at TU when, only a month after the Chess Club was organized, it boasted over twenty-live members. Sponsoring of chess tournaments was the Illflill activity of the club. Besides competing against other members of the club and local high schools. the group entered a team in the Tulsa Chess League during the second semester. Consultation matches were also an important activity of the club. In this 2111 inexperienced player was matched with a stronger player in order to help the inexperienced player learn more. Purpose of the club was to give anyone interested the opportunity to learn to play or improve their game. Business meetings were held once a week with playing sessions every day. A high spot of the year came in December when the top player went against sponsor Dr. Bela Bozsa. Oklahoma Chess Champion. FRONT ROW: Donald james Fowler. ,lueobo Estrugo. Tharp. Clement Reinkemeyer, Bill Raimond, Barton Per- Autal Diunyes. john Lee Cox. SECOND ROXY: Wayne rine, Thomas Shaller. N. Sharpe. FRONT ROIV: Larry E. Baile, Joyce Bell, Anna Mae Berg, John L. Cox. SECOND ROVV: Rob- ert Cox, jerry Lee Dees, Nancy Forrest, Joe Garrett. THIRD ROW: Keith R. Larson, Marty Rich- ards, Roxy Santorium, Fred Strawn. FOURTH ROWV: Larry Tharp, Wayne Tharp, Becky Wallace, Don YVilkerson. Independent Student Giving non-affiliated students an opportunity to participate in sports, campus politics and social activities, the Independent Student Association had a busy year. Meeting twice a month, the group heard speakers on every subject from "Skin Divingw to "Ham Ra- diosu and "How to Play Golff' ISA began the year with a Non- Greek Mixer during the registration in the fall. Later in the year ISA'ers and their dates attended a Pizza Party. Second semester found the organization meeting with the Tahle- quah ISA chapter for the annual get-together. New officers were in- stalled in April. Planning the activities for ISA7s nineteenth year on the TU campus was a Hve-man executive board and five permanent committees-social, athletic, finance, membership and publicity. Re- quirements for membership were non-afliliation with a Creek organi- zation and an interest in becoming more united with the independ- ents of the campus. Association ' 0 F F I C E RS Co-Presidents . . LARRY BAILE CAROLYN N ICHOLSON Vice-President . LARRY THARP Secretary . .... BOB Cox Treasurer . . . WAYNE THARP is H-A-ww... TU Business Women's Club OFFICERS President .... KAY PAYNE Vice-President PHYLLIS BRENKMAN Secretary. . . SHARA Momus Treasurer . . LrNnELI,W1Lc:ox Outstanding leaders in the field of business ranging from private secretaries to women lawyers were guest speakers at monthly meetings of the TU Business VVomen's Club. Open to all women in the school of business the main purpose of the club was to promote interest in business and keep the members abreast of happenings in the field. Founded in 1948. the club each year selects an outstanding TU Busi- ness VVOIHZIII. Last year the award went to Nancy Spikes. Refreshments and appropriate music gave atmosphere to the club's annual project of draping Lorton Hall with greenery and trimming the Christmas tree in the main hall. A basket for a needy family was given and each member of the club brought canned goods and placed them under the tree. Other service activities included a tea for the business school faculty and presentation of a gift to the busi- ness school. The club also took an active part in Business Day. FRONT ROYV: Carol Burns. Nancy Elliott. Judy Wiright lileanor Mitchell. Esther Cipson. Penny lfhrle. Gayle Cib son. l"ram'es Shirk. SECOND ROYY: Janice Lester. Car olyn Czajal. Kay Taliaferro. Lindell lYilcox. Linda Thornp son. Judith YYriston. Phyllis lilflllilllllll. Tomi Reynolds. THIRD ROYY: Shirley jones, Nelda Haney. Ann Owens ,..a....-........., n . I . Elizabeth Butler. Jackie Mcflinnis. Peggy Ann Lorey. Judy Cunningham. Anna Laura Hall. Nancy Erwin. FOURTH ROYV: Shara Morris. Carolyn Gregory. Karen Harte. .Ian- ice Hobbs. Brenda Duran. Phyllis Rice, Catherine Edrnis- ton, Susan Hoot, Kay Payne. 2 ffreife. I FRONT ROW: Claude H Hill. Nancy Stetfens, Mike Miller. SECOND RONV: Beau- mont Bruestle. Robert Comstock. james Lee Campbell. E .,.-f ye-.J Alpha Epsilon Rho Initiation into Alpha Epsilon Rho, honorary radio and television fraternity, was based on an accumulation of points. Points could be obtained only through work on KVVGS, the TU radio station. In December the fraternity joined with Theta Alpha Phi to have a Christmas party and in May the group co-sponsored a speech han- quet. At the speech banquet Alpha Epsilon Rho named four out- standing students whose names were to be engraved on a plaque in the KWGS station. Membership was open to students interested in radio and TV with second semester sophomore standing. It was further required that they have a 2.0 overall grade average and a 3,0 overall in all speech courses. Initiation was held in january and in the late spring. Sev- eral guest speakers from local radio and TV stations spoke at the fraternity's meetings. A representative from the TU chapter was sent to the national convention in May. Robert Comstock was faculty advisor. ' OFFICERS President . . . MIKE MILLER Vice-President . Ton THOMPSON Secretary . . . GENE CHANEY Treasurer . . jnxr CAMPBELL Phi Beta Gamma OFFICERS Chief justice . W. FRED PHILLIPS Associate Justice . DAVID PEAVY Clerk .... JACK HLSKETT Bailiff . . BILL HESKI-:Tr Discussion of everyday law problems was the main purpose of Phi Beta Gamma, oldest legal fraternity on the University of Tulsa cam- pus. Founded nationally in 1922, the fraternity came to TU in 1939. Meeting twice a month the group occasionally had a practicing Tulsa attorney as guest speaker. Meetings also helped to promote high principles of the legal profession and to foster adequate training and study for those seeking to enter the law profession. To be eligible for membership, enrollment in the TU law school was required with a 2.0 overall grade average. To further encourage scholarship the fraternity presented Blackis Law Dictionary to the outstanding sophomore student. The Tulsa Chapter of Phi Beta Gamma boasts one of the largest legal alumni associations in the city. FIRST ROYY: Delbert Brock. YYilliam A. Freeman. Jack Fred Mullen, Nicholas Novak, David A. Peavy, WVilliam D. Heskett. Bill Heskett. Elmer Kunkel. SECOND ROWV: Fred Phillips, Alan Strangeland. TOP ROYV: Marvin S. Chupack, Herbert Elias, Brooks G. Frank- lin, Jr., Ted Gibson. SECOND ROYV: Stan- ley K. Grant. john K. Harlin. O. YVoody Hopper, Elmer Kunkel. THIRD ROYV: James Lawson. Paul McBride, Paul Passley, YVilliam A. Sanders. FOURTH ROYV: George L. Sartain, james L. Sontag. Richard L. Whitton, Elbert C. YVilson. Phi Alpha Delta Participating in the Moot Court competition was a highlight of the year for Phi Alpha Delta, professional law fraternity. Each year a hypothetical legal question is picked and teams, formed with other students in the TU Law School, write an appellate brief on the issue. Other activities of the fraternity included a rush party in the fall and a dinner-dance in the spring, which honored graduating seniors. At the dinner awards were presented to the outstanding senior, the out- standing member for the year and the outstanding alumnus. To be eligible for membership a male student must be enrolled in the School of Law and have a 2.0 overall grade average. Formal ini- tiation was held in the spring in a court room at the County Court ' House. The fraternity held monthly luncheon meetings which fea- tured as speakers men outstanding in the held of law. Roy M. Huff was faculty adviser. OFFICERS justice .... JOHN, HARLIN Vice-justice . . TED GIBSON Secretary . . PETER BRADFORD Treasurer . . DICK VVHITTON Delta lheta Phi OFFICERS Dean . . . EUGENE HOEFLING Vice-Dean. . HUGH SCHAEFER Clerk of Rolls SAMUEL MANIPELLA Exchequer . . THOMAS GUDGEL FIRST RONY: Henry Arnall, john Chronister, Fallis. Jr.. Philip Finegan, Tom H. Cudgel. jr.. Monthly seminars, designed to help incoming freshmen law stu- dents, were conducted by members of Delta Theta Phi. The profes- sional law fraternity also held luncheon meetings at the Tulsa Club each month. Guest speakers at the meetings included several men well known in the field of law. In September the Delta Thets raf- fled OH two tickets to the Oklahoma-Army football game. Other ac- tivities included a softball game against another fraternity and par- ticipation in the legal writing contest sponsored by the Student Bar Association. Open to law students with a 2.0 overall grade average, Delta Thet's main goal was to bring about a higher degree of justice and integrity for those in the law profession. The TU chapter, named after T. Austin Gavin, an early member of the fraternity, also par- ticipated in the appellate Moot Court with two of its members going to regional competition. Sevier M. jones, Sam Manipella, WVilliam Northcutt, Don Rieber, Sheldon John H. Tharp, Charles Williams. C. Harris, Eugene A. Hoefling. SECOND ROVV: Alfred TOP ROW: joseph Q. Adams, Daniel S. Buford, WVilliam C. Clark, Never M. Fail, Jr., james G. Crennan, Don Hale. SECOND ROW: Don Gene Havlick. Roy Hinkle, Alfred Holland, Robert E. Karnes, Donald Lane, Howard Mefford. THIRD ROIV: Terry Meltzer, H. Keith Myers, Jr., Don E. Payne, Bill R. Privitt, Eugene Rembisz, Joe Roberts. FOURTH ROIV: Gail R. Runnels, C. B. Savage, Bill R. Scarth, Roger Scott, Richard Trippet. FIFTH ROVV: joe Turley, David R. Van Horn, Tony WVa1ler, Earl W. Wolfe, Rowe IVynn, Jr. Phi Delta Phi The newest national law fraternity on the University of Tulsa campus was Phi Delta Phi. Formerly a local fraternity, Sigma Sig- ma, the organization went national last year. The Installation Ban- quet was in May at which time the entire chapter was initiated. Phi Delta Phi also presented trophies to the two winners of the Moot Court competition and a plaque with the winners' names was hung in the law school. Monthly meetings and luncheons every two weeks gave members a chance to "further the study of law outside the classroom? To be eligible for membership a law student needed a 2.5 grade average with at least second semester freshman standing. Other activities in- cluded a rush party in November and initiation in March. The TU chapter, called Rogers Inn, was named after Dean john Rogers, former dean of the TU School of Law. I OFFICERS Magister . . . Rocrn Scorr Exchequer . . JIM CRENNAN Clerk . . . Bos Anors Historian . . . TOM HANNA Social-Rush Chairman DoN HULL FRONT ROW: Kay Fopgg. Mar- . tha Richardson. Suzy Chapman. SECOND ROXY: Becky Yvallace. Dorothy Lee Lynch. THIRD ROYV: Sharon Handley. Barbara Noblin. Judy Wfright. FOURTH ROWV: Nancy Cole. Sandra Med- lock. FIFTH ROYV: Lititia Skinner, Donuajo Smith. Marcia Largen. SIXTH ROYV: Nancy Wilson, Eleanore Krausse. SEV- ENTH ROYV: Bill Bryant. Ted Bartlett, Roger Godwin. EIGHTH ROVV: Carrol Stricklin, Dick Stewart. Young Republican ollicers planned activities for the corn- inpg year. Seated are Nancy Cole. Ed YVheeler. Kathy Gar- rott. Sandra Groh. Standing are Martha Richardson and Carol Grilfee. Young A mock presidential nominating convention saw TU Young Republicans representing delegates from each state and nominating their favorite man. Modeled after the national convention in 1960 only on a smaller basis, the program was designed to give members a better idea of how nominations are made. Other activities included atraining pro- gram for new members. which became necessary when this year's membership tripled over last year7s. The program. taught by pre-law and political sci- ence majors, was designed to inform members about the Republican party. State YR convention in the fall found the TU club carrying home a number of honors, including the Senior Chairman's award for being the most outstanding chapter in the state. The twelve TU delegates attending also saw Ed VVheeler. president of the Tulsa chapter. elected junior chairman of ' ' ' 17' ..x....C,,-..--. y - w f .,. g:s.q.,.. VIUJNT ROXY: lllargaret Beck. Saiiclra Lee Croli. Peggy rxllll Lorey. SICCUND ROYV: Joan Cloclwiii, Patricia ,AIIII Hatfield. THIRD ROXY: .Ianet YYright. jackie Dee Alloway. Judy Cun- ningliain. FOLTRTH RONY: Glo- ria llrigpgs. .Iuqlith Lee McCord. FIFTH ROW: Carole Klaus. I .pei New YV NM' Republicans the State Collegiate Young Republicans. 'Ian and Judy lllright. Miss TU Young Republicans. were named state winners and will compete for national titles in June. Last summer i11 june the club se11t two delegates to the national YR COllVCIltl0Il ill Denver. Bob McCartney and Carol Griffee repre- sented the TU chapter. Pursuing a11 educational program at their meet- ings. the group discussed current political events a11d had as guest speakers men well-versed ill such subjects. The urban renewal program was the topic of one of the talks given last year. During the summer the club helped the Tulsa county Young Republicans take a political CCIISUS of new areas of the city. Social activities of the Young Republicans in- cluded the annual Christmas party in December. In the spring the club ended the year with a picnic. lcter jones. fill2ll'lC'S X. Berta- lot. SIXTH ROXY: Kallierine L. Carrolt. Joe F. Mills. SEY- IQNTH RUXY: Larry Brock. clllllbli Stephenson. Dale Maxwell. ICICLHTH RUXY: Stan Doyle lliolding clog Rlltlll. Ed Wvheeler. I 5, ,A President Henneke presented the Miss Young Republican trophy to jan and Judy Wright. Runners-up were Judy McCord and Marcia Largen. Theta Alpha Phi OFFICERS President. . SHARON VVILLIAMS Vice-president . TOM CUNLIFFE Since its founding on campus in 1929, Oklahoma Beta chapter of Theta Alpha Phi, national honorary theater fraternity, has en- couraged interest in theater among TU students. The primary activ- ity of the members was participating either on the stage or behind the scenes-in a full schedule of five plays during the winter season and two productions in the summer. Other activities, which have become traditional. were the speech department Christmas party and a spring banquet honoring new members after initiation. SCCFCUIT3' - - CLAUDIA HORTON Admission to the fraternity was gained through an elaborate point Treusurcr ' U CML VVELCH system based on the amount of time contributed and the quality of work done in the productions. Members also received the CUE, national magazine of the fraternity, four times a year. Faculty ad- viser of Theta Alpha Phi was Dr. Beaumont Bruestle, head of the speech department. FRONT ROYV: Sharon hYllll3IllS. Gail Welch. Claudia Barrows. John Hurdle, Tommie Ruth Gardner, Tom Cun- Horton. Beaumont Bruestle, SECOND ROW: Harold liHe.James Campbell. i 5 l ,ur- Q Q XFN' IX!Illl'l'ar 'io X9 . VO TU Air Force Reserve Ofhcer Training Corps COLONEL M. D. GENTRY Air Force ROTC In the 1959-60 year the members of the Speech department weren't the only ones to don grease paint and learn "lines" The cadets of the Univer- sity of Tulsa ROTC filmed a full-length documen- tary movie. Having set up a staff under the super- vision of Col. Thrash, the cadets did the script- writing, acting and filming themselves. The movie was to be used locally as a means of presenting a true picture of the Air Force ROTC program. The year also saw a series of promotions. Lt. Col. M. D. Gentry, formerly professor of Air Sci- ence, was placed in command of the unit at the transfer of Lt. Col. Ernest Baker. Also, Sgt. Grover C. James of the staff received one of the newly cre- ated promotions-that of chief master sergeant. In the fall lovely Nancy Ryan was chosen the Honorary Cadet Colonel and she served as hostess for the spring ROTC formal. x 5 Messiah! -ELMIA' ,n,,.Q' l 1 l .. A Y: i ga V , Q , ,, 1 t 'Q' FRONT ROXY: jerry K. Clark. Jalues C. Donovan. Nancy ROYV: John F. Boclkill. Robert Boggclurl. john D. CIONVLIII Ryan. Richard M. Lee and David L. Hubbarcl. SECOND David T. Durralm. Carroll R. Turner and Cary Hahn. The AFROTC Drill VIQCEIIII 'Q ,,.-Sl QHWS-N .Ii1un1y Cond. 6. was presented his captairfs bars by Cadet Maj. Troy Gray ln an lmuorary L'C'I'ClDUl1j' by the AFROTC Drill team. Chi Oxnegas modeled their prize-winning witc'h's head during Halloween Homecoming. X .fxKx..,.,v - rx 40 'X A. M Wx U Ewbxkvt .fx , 1 S', rf 4 YV 4 ,X V ,x h 8 A3 , xvtza- A 1 lf , -3, ,gfx -, ,.-f .Ill 1, " x Y: 'gh'-1 bb ' xg' . 'Nc' gm xx N Q .Aix , ' if .X -'Q'-,-.ev ci-'V0919 'iwtfxggfzi FRONT ROYY: Sharon Berg. Caroline Janssen. Sharon Wilson. Sandra Bridges. SECOND ROW: janece French. Carol Griffee, Sue Ginn, jean Sharon jones. Janie Parker. Panhellenic Councils OFFICERS Plzizllvllvrlir' President ..... MARILXN Dl'NHAhf lst Vice-President SHARON WILSON 2nd Vice-President . .IEANNE BEAUBIEN Secretary . SHARON BERG Treasurer . 'IANECE FRENCH Social Chairman . . MARX' NOIQBIAN ar' are THIRD ROXV: Mary Norman. Marilyn Dunham. Nancy Steffens. Alayne Bolian, Jeanne Beaubien. From summer rush to the Christmas dance to the spring awards banquet the Panhellenic Council is in a constant whirl of activity. Composed of the president and one representative from each sorority, the organizationls main purpose is to promote friendly inter-sorority relations. Dean Mary Clay VVilliams acted as sponsor for the group. Marcia Largen, Ed VVheeler. Pete Jones and Carol Klaus attended the Panhellenic Christmas formal. ,N s.'.,..: N QA .yXL,.r, xx, hw' 1- To A ' 'fi SWS- OFFICERS Junior Pnnlzellmzir President ...... NANCX' NTYERS Vice-President . . LINDA CHRIST Secretary . lVlARY ANN SMITH Treasurer BETTY FRYE A Panhellenic workshop in the fall gave sorority members a chance to discuss such topics as leader- ship. scholarship and social activities. Other events included the Christmas dance and a spring ban- quet. Highlight of the year for members of Junior Nancy Myers. junior Panhellenic president. presented the "Joe College" trophy to Ray Mashburn. Pi Kappa Alpha. Panhellenic was the joe College dance. Held in November, the dance was to raise money for a scholarship given each year by junior Panhellenic. The organization was composed of the president and a representative from each pledge class. Alayne Bolian was sponsor. 'Yr' FRONT ROVV: joan Martin, Mary Frances Wlhite. Mari- Christ. Margie Handley, Alayne Bolian. Panhellenic spon sue Sheridan, Nancy Myers, Janice Brown. Gayle Cunip- sor. THIRD ROYV: Sandy Rosenbum. Becky jones ton. SECOND ROVV: Betty Frye, Susie Smarr, Linda Teresa Rappe. Mary Ann Smith. Epsilon Gamma Chapfer ROW' 1: Mrs.. C. Bartlett. Sarah Allan. Sandra Ander- son. Diane llailev. Sue Hear. Yvonne Black, ,lucly Bly. Dee .Xnn Iiulil. Karen Brauer. RUXY 2: ,Xnn BI'0pllY. Mary Bryant. Lincla Christ, Janet Clannin. Jani Cochran. Mary Ann Conn. Barbara Ellan Cook. Hattie -In Crabtree. Barbara ,Io Deeds. RUXY QS: Marilyn Joyce lllllllllllll. Pat Evans, Pat Froelicll. Dianne llc-ister. Lynnelte Gooden. Linda Hargrove. Nancy Harris. Sara Irvin. Shirley jones. ROW' -1: Karen Keeter, Linda Knight, Cindy Lyon, Dana McDonald, Mary Morris, Ann Owens, Susan Packard, Kay Payne, Marilyn Peterson. ROW' 5: Doreen Pope. Beth Robey, Virginia Rogers, Su- zanne Rolle, Carol Rorschach, Ruenell Sever. Suzanne Smarr. Diane Stewart. Nancy Swanson, Donnie Taft. ROW' 6: Linda Thompson. Bette Tibbetts. Evelyn lVal- lace. Mary Ann YVl1eatley. Carol Ann lvllillllilll, Ann YYil- liams. Sue Wilson. Janet lVrigl1t. Judy lVrigl1t. Kathleen Zimmerman. Chi Omega With a full quota of pledges, Chi Omega captured first place in Home- coming decorations with a "Hex Houstonl' theme and won the Scholar- ship Cup for the second straight year. Individual Hooties were honored when seven Chi O's were named to Who's VVho. The Chi O's also had a Mortar Board. a KENDALLABRUM beauty queen, two fraternity sweethearts and presidents of both sophomore and junior women's honorary scholas- tic fraternities. Surprise decorations greeted the pledges at the VVhite Carnation formal. traditionally a dance honoring new pledges Of Chi Omega. A blazing fire in the Hreplace and toasted marshmallows set the perfect atmosphere for a Ski party at the lodge in December. Other social events included a Holiday party and a Spring Dinner-Dance. Hooties showed their athletic prowess when they challenged another sorority to a powderpuff football game. The game ended in a tie but the group made 5126.50 for the muscular dystrophy fund. Mrs. John Bartlett completed her fourteenth year as Hootie housemother. The Chi O's practiced for their Powder Pull Derby football game. l -IIQAN SHARON JONES OFFICERS President . J. SHARON JONES Vice-President LINDA THOMPSON Secretary . . Ii.-XY PAYNE Treasurer CAROL RORSCHACH Thela Epsilon Chapler ROW' 1: Mrs. Nan Brown. Lou llriscoe. Betsy Bruin- lllllljlll. Margaret Caldwell. Midge Carruthers. Nancy Cole. Linda Darrell. Rrencla Duran. ROYV 2: Susan Dyer. Catherine Erlniinston, Georgann Gasauay, Esther Cipson. Barbara Hahn. Nelcla Haley. Mary Frances Hain. Sharon Handley. ROW' 3: Pat Henry. Suzanne Hodgson. Susan Hoot. Beltie Carol Jenkins. Sally Knacli. Pat Lane. Cornelia Mac-bius. Catra Marvin. ROW' 4: Sandra Medlock. Jane Metcalf. Judy Metcalf, .Xnn Moody, Glee Moore. Barbara Nohlin. Cheryl Ogle. Carolyn Olson. ROW' 5: Sandy Peters. Lynne Phillips. ,lo Ragen, Teresa Rappe. janet Ries. Phyllis Rice. Nancy Ryan, Carolyn Shirley. Letitia Skinner. ROW' G: Mary Ann Smith. Susan Stahl, Jim Ellen Thomas, Judy Wlells. Fran Wlliittenbtirg, Lindell Wlilcox, Martha XVilliamson. Nancy XVilson. Sharon Wlilson. 5r1 Dtm '1 Delta Delta nelmiii A pledge sneak was the perfect excuse for a slumber party in Novem- ber as Tri-Delt pledges messed up the lodge and kidnapped six members. Their social season began in October with the Silver Crescent formal honoring new pledges. Held at the Harvard Club. jim Ellen Thomas was named Silver Crescent Girl. The Christmas dance in December pro- vided a gay note to the holidays. The day before the dance the girls had a Christmas breakfast and members and pledges exchanged gifts. In the spring pledges entertained members with a party. The Delta Man dance in the spring climaxed the year. Cary Hahn was chosen Delta Man last spring. Individual honors went to many Tri- Delts, including title of band queen and AFROTC honorary cadet colo- nel. Tri-Delt also boasted one KENDAI.LABRl'M beauty queen. two lVho's VVhos and two Mortar Boards. Last spring a Tri-Delt was chosen Wlhitc Rose Queen of Lambda Chi Alpha. Each year the sorority gives two scholarships to TU women, one of which is always a Tri-Delt. The group also gave money to the Philharmonic. Mrs. Nan Brown was Delta Delta Delta housemother. Susan Stahl. with hand outstretched. demonstrated what good businesswomen the Tri Deltas are. i. - i"Q1-H ig mv. 1 1.7 T r 1 l N.-SNK Y S'l'I2l7FliNS OFFICERS President . NANcv STEFFENs Vice-President LINDELL VVILCOX Secretary . CAROL Youve Treasurer . . PAT LANE Gamma Be+a Chap+er ROW' lc Mrs. O. R. Byron, Paula Alexander, Glenda Xrnspiger. Aretn Bartlett. Robyn Bennett. Barbara Billinan. Nancy Bliss. Alayne Bolian. ROW 2: ,Indy Carey. Catliie Clironister. Carole Coulter, Susan Cox. Margie Craig. Carrol Curtis. Liz DeMier, Beth Devine. ROW' 3: Penny Ehrle. Nancy Elliott. jane Ewalt. Martha Fogarty. Marie Friel. Marcia Carst. Snssie Hayrnes, Cretcllen Hotz. ROM' -1: Lucy Hynenian, Judy Carol Johnston, Becky Jones. Mary Ann Kite, Eleanore Kransse. Marcia Largen, janice Lester, Sally Lofton. ROYV 5: Peggy Lorey, Joan Martin. Lynne McCormick, jackie McGinnis, Janice Pitchford, Toxni Reynolds, Shirley Rinehart. Sally Rowan, YVendy Schroeder. ROYV 6: Nanci Srnittle, Linda Swolfard. Becky Thompson, Carol XVall, Joyce Yveatherington, Brenda YVilcoxson, Betty Wilson. Nancy YVithers. Jacquelyn Ylloodruff. it x. E F KL , 23.2. 1 Delta Gamma Little Hannah of Delta Gamma saw her sisters through a busy year. capturing many honors. The sorority was represented on campus by three cheerleaders and three majorettes. The sorority also had two Mor- tar Board members and two girls on lvhols Who. In tl1e fall DG mem- bers honored new pledges with a Candlelight dance at the Lodge. The Anchor Man dance in the spring was given by pledges to honor members. Carnie Block was chosen DG Anchor Man. At the Christmas party the sorority exchanged gifts and then serenaded the fraternity houses and dorms. Social activities for the year were climaxed with the Anchor Ball in Mayq dress for the event was after-live, but the girls wore sports clothes to their retreat in March. Seniors were honored i11 May with a farewell dinner and gifts. Several sleepy members were awakened at 5:00 one morning in December when pledges took their sneak. DCS began saving money this year to buy a seeing eye dog for a blind person. Their philan- thropy is sight and aid to the blind. Mrs. Nanneti Byron was house- mother. Jackie McGinnis. Areta Bartlett. Carol lVall. Sally Rowan and Joyce Vl'eatherington snap out the rhythm for their skit for the Coed Prom. 'CIP' JANIE PARKER OFFICERS President. . JANIE PARKER Vice-President DIARY ANN KITE Secretary Becky THOMPSON Treasurer BRENDA W1 LCOXSON Gamma Tau Chaple-r ROYV l: Mrs. Irene Stalker. Karen Anderson. Sandy Hates, Barbara llerry. Marlella Bl'i.lllL'llt. Janice Buck, Nancy Campbell. Betsy Cole. ROW 2: Kathleen Cook. Mary Copnian. Nancy Copman. Sondra Costello. Carol Croskery. Carol Crowder. Barbara Sue Davis. Sliaron Findley. ROW' 3: Sheila Findley. Sally Freeman. Betty Frye. Joan Godwin. Kay Goodwin. Sara Jane Haley, Margie Handley. Janice Hobbs. ROYV 4: Janice Johnson, Julie Levenpgood. Connie Mal- len. Diane Marshall. Janet Martin, Barbara McAlister Marlene Melinder. Mary Metzger. ROYV 5: Judy Miller, Mary Norman, Barbara Palm Donna Polite, Judi Punton, Sue Ruhr, Peggy Russell Norma J. Schell. ROYV 6: Janie Shearer, Sally Simpson, Janice Snider Sandra Stanley. Carolyn Torr, Gail NVelch. Judy Wvinclell Johanne VVindle. Kappa Alpha Theta A "secret kittyv dinner was one of many activities on the Kappa Alpha Theta calendar. Every pledge had as a "secret kittyw some member who helped her. At a dinner in January the pledges found out who their "secret kittyll had been. A semi-formal Pledge dance started the social ball rolling in October. Thetas joined with Kappas to sponsor the an- nual Kappa-Theta formal held at the Mayo hotel. Christmas carols and tree decorating set the pace for the father-daughter Christmas banquet at the lodge. Second semester brought the Black Cat formal and the Hawaiian Luau. The Luau was a costume party at the lodge. Individual members were honored also as the sorority was represented by two Who's VVhos, one cheerleader and two Mortar Boards. Active in intramurals, the Thetas took second place in volleyball. Each week the girls volunteered their services to the community. Several worked at a hospital, some at a library and others at a recreation center. With the Thetas for the sixth year was housemother Mrs. Irene Stalker. ,Ioan Godwin, Peggy Russell. Sally Freeman and Mary Norman decorated the Theta Chrlstmas tree. SUE CINN OFFICERS President . . . SUE GINN Vice-President KATHLEEN Cook Secretary . . JUDY MILLER Treasurer . CLARITA MLTRRAX' Befa Epsilon AChap+er ROW 1: Sharon Berg. Marilyn Bolt. Phyllis Brenknian, Janice Brown. Kay Calyiu. Sarah Carter, Chris Davenport. ROW' 23 Nancy Erwin. Virginia Flanery, Sally Flora, Karen Harte. Linda Hunt. Judy Hyatt. Mary Lou johns. ROW' 3: Louann Lewright. Laura Lee Loum. Margaret McAnelly, Ronda Mulroy. Maureen O'Shea, Charlene Pal- mer, Kathleen Quirk. ROW' 4: Martha Richardson. Kay Scott. Sandra Smyth Kay Taliaferro. Mary Francis NVhite. Charlotte VVilson. M an Qmfila - if Kappa Delta A "surprise clean-upll at 6:00 one morning was the treat awaiting pledges of Kappa Delta when they took their annual pledge sneak in September. Other fun activities of KD were the Christmas dance and the Kappa Delta Man dance, where KD's announced Keith Jensen as their favorite man. In the fall decorations of green and white transformed the lodge into a perfect setting for the Emerald and Pearl dance in honor of the new pledges. KD's were active in campus activities and took third place in Home- coming house decorations with their "Hurricane Brew Cougar Stewv theme. The sorority also competed in intrarnurals, taking first place in volleyball. Slumber parties throughout the year gave members a chance for informal get-togethers. A party was given by the sorority at Christmas for the Children's Medical Center. The girls also sent a card to each child at the Center on his birthday. The KD's had a record party to which each couple brought a record for admission. A dinner in May honored graduating seniors. Mrs. Mame Putnam was Kappa Delta house- mother. Chris Davenport. Kathleen Quirk. Virginia Flanery. Sharon Berg and Mary Frances Wiliite decorated for homecoming. X I 41 l':1"'4i5:1..-.VA X 1 wit ' . ' vi Ysljiliix I .vis as .- a N.- , .....- . ,I E.. xx 'Ae -A SANDRA BRIDGES OFFICERS President . SANDRA BRIDGES Vice-President . KAI' CALVIN Secretary . VIRGINIA FLANERY Treasurer CHARLENE PALMER Delta Pi Chapter ROW' 1: Mrs. Paul F. Stoner, Margaret Beck, Lillian Bell, Patricia Burke, lieth Callahan, Carol Carter, Suzy Chap- man, Betty Ann Cox. ROYV 2: Judy Cunningham. Marge Curd, Sandy De- Hanas. Edith Diem. Carol Forrest, Janece French, Nancy Gent, Barbara Graham. ROYV 3: Sandra Lee Croh. Cathy Hale, Elizabeth Helmer, Fran Hieronymus. Anne Hug, Martha Ann Hurt. Jaren Johnson. Pat Kallenberger. ROWV 4: Peggy Kleinpeter, Jane Mahoney, Sandy Newell, Cathy Orrell, Sandy Rosenbum, Roxana Rozsa, Donna Rudy, Virginia Scott. ROXV 5: Cynthia Sellers, Marisue Sheridan, Pam Smith, Katherine Staley. Kay Summers, Mary Tessman, Nanci Thomas. ROYV G: Donna Tipton, Nancy Scott Tulk, Nancy YValker, Linda YVeleh, Linda YVolfe, Lucy Ann Young, Sally Zum- walt. J Kappa Kappa Gamma Kitty Kappa. life-sized doll of the Kappa Kappa Cammas. saw her "big sisters" through a busy year. Early fall found members honoring new pledges with a Fleur-de-Lis dance. Good sorority relations were pro- moted by the Kappa-Theta dance when two sororities joined together to sponsor their annual Christmas affair. Pledges Inade the spotlight in the spring when they honored members with the Key Man dance. Larry Martin was chosen Key Man on the basis of how much he helped the sorority. A farewell party for seniors was held in May. Kappa was represented by the 1959 football queen and by four mem- bers in YVho's l'Vho. The sorority also helped the community iI1 several service projects. In the fall the group played football against another sorority with all the proceeds going to muscular dystrophy. Throughout the year the girls also had fund raising projects with the proceeds going to the Tulsa Philharmonic. A retreat in the fall and another in the spring gave Kappas a chance to relax. Attending most of the Kappa functions was Mrs. Paul fKaliyj Stoner. Janece French. Edith Diem. Roxanna Rozsa and Mary Tessman paused for a bite before serving dinner. ,"W' , uv C,I,yIm1.INI2 j,4NssI-:N OFFICERS President . CI,xIio1.INIs jANssI1x Vice-President BETH CAILAHAN Secretary . . PAM SMITH Treasurer . VIRGINIA Sczorr Epsilon Gamma Chapler ROW' 1: Mrs. Eunice R. Borden. Suzanne Alsop, Nancy Craig Baile. Barbara Barrett. Jeanne Beaubic-n. Martha Bellah. ROW' 2: Margaret Boydston. Trenna Tate Carney. Jeanne Cobb. Sandy Coker. Barbara Craig. Donna Craig. ROW' 3: Betty Fitzsinnnons. Kathy Carrott. Sandy Core, Carolyn Gregory. Pat Hatfield. Sally Henlpel. ROW' 4: Susan Hopkins. Sybil Hoyis. Evelyn Kenney, Sharon McAloon. Judy McCord. Amabel Montgomery, Martha Moriarty. ROW' 5: Shara Morris. Nancy Myers. Norma Risner, Norma Sandusky. Kay Shannon. Judy Slocum. Beverly Wlilson. Phi Mu Called TU,s Southern belles because of their Southern founding, the Phi Mu's were proud of their newly redecorated lodge. This year Phi Mu's had a special place in their redecorated lodge for the Social and Civic Service trophy given each year at the Panhellenic banquet. Also seen on the sorority's trophy shelf was Trenna Tate's Talahi Queen Cup. which she received when her sorority made the most money on Talahi Day. Though not shown in a trophy case. Phi Mus were equally proud of their two VVho's VVl1os. KENDALI.ABRl'M beauty queen Gayle Cumpton and Margaret Boydston. band queen attendant. Pink was the theme in September when the Pink Castle Ball honored new pledges. Members of all sororities got together for an evening of fun when Phi Mu sponsored the all-girl Co-Ed Prom. A Christmas party for underprivileged children. a Steak'n Beans scholarship dinner and a Fiesta party kept Phi Mus in a busy whirl. Top belle at the Phi Mu lodge was housemother. Mrs. Eunice Borden. jim Casey. Sandy Core. Trenna Kaye Tate and Dick Carney posed in front of the castle at the Phi Mu Pink Castle Ball. 2 3 5 Umor CRII-il-' OFFICERS President . CAROL GRIFFEE Vice-President NANCY CRAIG Secretary . CAROLYN Gluscokv Treasurer . NIARTHA BELLAH ln Hiemnriam WILLIAM EDWARD MORRIS. JR. August 19, I959 Professor of English who in his 31 years at the University of Tulsa created the Departnieuts of Journalism, Public Relations and Personnel and served as Director of Athletics. B6'l'llllSl' I muld not .imp for Dmflr, Hr kindly sfoppvcl for mfg Thr' l'llI'I'IIlgt' lldzl but jnsf 011l'sf'IW.v .Incl Ilzznmrfafily. -EMILY D1cK1NsoN a'l'err1l'l'leS Il old Clllllllllfi trnclitiou relurnecl to the CLIIIIDLIS XYIIEII the Kappa Xlplxrlr. rcceix'ccl n new czxnmm for their luun Epsilon Lambda Chapler ROW l: Mrs. L. J. Hamilton. Jim Brainard. ,lim Cline. Phil Deming. Paul Earl, Alan Elcrat. Troy Gray. RUN' 2: Jerry Gwartuey. Don Hoepner, Robert Jones Rex Kent. Ted King. Robert L. Kite. David Kobes. ROW' 3: Mike Logan. Phil Logan. Bob Mathieson. Dale Matlock. Torn McGhee. john Newman. jim Patterson, Glen Raney. ROW 4: Richard Reynolds, Dan Rives, Roger Scaggs. Jim Stroup. Gary Thornton. Ralph YVille, Ferd YVise, Mike Zacharias. 'R if . 1' Alpha Tau Omega Brains and brawn Hgured highly in several trophies taken by Alpha Tau Omega. The fraternity took two scholarship trophies in the fall, one for the highest scholarship among fraternities and one for the most im- proved scholarship. Last spring ATO won the Ironman Trophy. based on accumulation of points in intramural sports. The fraternity also be- gan raising money for their new house by raffling off a car. In the spring pledges gave their services to worthwhile projects for Help Week. A busy social calendar kept ATO,s hopping. While most of the parties were informal, the Pledge Sweetheart dance and the Black and VVhite dance stood out as formal dances. A Clad Rag party Jan. 22 celebrated the end of finals for ATOls and their dates. The Havana Folly included a swim at the YMCA and a cruise back to the house for dancing. Other activities included an open house in April and a Summertime party in May. The year ended with a party to tell everyone good-bye. Mrs. Lucy Hamilton was housemother. Kay Calvin. Chad Barclone, Nancy VVilson. Dale Matlock. Jeanne Cobb and jim Stroup danced at the ATO Pajama Party. X CHAD BARUQNE OFFICERS President . CHAD BARDONE Vice-President JOHN NEWMAN Secretary . . DAVE KOBES Treasurer . ROGER SCAGCS ROW' 1: Mrs. Vesta Balch. Sherman Bailey. Charles Bertalot. Charles Lee Britton. -lay C Caldwell. Bob Christy. Avery Coryell. RUNV 2: Don Crozier. Ed Davis. Maurice Mu Chap+er Lowell Beatty, aldwell. Robert lSonnyl Don- lcy. John English. jay Farrar. jerry Fowler. Charles Frick, Jerry Green. Phil Cnlley. RUYY 3: Cary Hansen. Richard Hastings. jinnny Hays. Bill Herod. David llzunes. Larry Jennings Charles King. Richard King. . Paul jorden, ROYV 4: Cuion Kleinpeter, Sznn Lackey, Kemper Lease .lim Lewis. Larry Marlin, Bob McCormack. jim Means joe Mills. Earl Morris. ROXV 5: Clay Nichols. Dale Nunley. Ainslie Perrault. jr. Robert Lee Phillips. Jerry Poe. Dan Pollard. YVayne Ra- chel, Joe Ramsey. Mike Richards. Mike Richardson. ROW' 6: jerry Sharp. jerry Singleton. Thomas E. Stanton Leslie Stewart. Jerry Thompson. Ralph Vealch. Jeff Wlal- den. Floyd NVertzherger. Raleigh XVolfe. Michael W'ood. - v Rx A am.-. .4 V V ,g33v3.,av. .. -L ' ' A I Kappa Alpha The Kappa Alpha cannon stood as a landmark of fraternity row. Modeled after the type used in the Civil VVar, the cannon replaced one taken from the KA's last year. A variety of social activities kept members of the Southern fraternity busy. The Mint julep Ball in September hon- ored new pledges. III February Roman ladies and gentlemen donned their best togas to dance at the Toga party while French accents were the rage at the Pigalle party. The KA's also had occasional informal get togethers on Friday and Saturday nights. The Southern gentlemen escorted lovely belles in crinolines and hoop skirts to their traditional Old South Ball. Held at Osage Hills Country Club, Eleanor Mitchell was chosen sweetheart at the dance. Also, at the dance Dave Harrison was named as the best pledge. A Christmas party and the Dixie Ball completed the KA social scene. Participating ill iI1tra- mural sports, the fraternity took first in golf and bowling. As a service for the community, KA's helped with the Jaycee Shopping Tour for underprivileged children at Christmas. Mrs. Vesta Balch was KA house- mother. Place your bets!" said Pinkie Perrault at the Kappa Alpha Casino Party. XVILLIAM joIIN BRYAN OFFICERS President WILLIAM JOHN BRYAN Vice-President LARRY MARTIN Secretary CI'IoN KLEINPETIQR Treasurer . JERRY SINGLI5'roN Epsilon Mu Chapler ROW' 1: Mrs. F. C. Freeland. jerry Anderson, Allen Bai- ley, Paul Bailey. Ted Bartlett. john Bay: Bob Bell, Charles Berry, Don Black. ROW' 2: Carnie Block. Larry Coekrell, Thomas Coeryer. George Cooke. Donnie Crownover. Lyman Dennis, Bob Dupree. Donald Eddy. Ronnie Emmons. ROW' 3: Stephen Ferguson. Fred Freeman, Bob Cisburne Patrick Gould, Harry Graham, Jim Graham, Donnie Green, Bill Hardy. Tommy Harrison. ROW 4: Paul Hatheoat, H. Edward Haug, Raymond Heaton. Chuck Heath, Bill Henderson, Dick Holmes, Gene Iba. David Inkster, jim Jarrell. ROW' 5: Bill Jenney. Earl johnson. Donald jones, R. Blaine jones, Richard Lee, Darrell Little, Bob McGregor, Arthur McNatt, Gary Monteith, Gran Moulder. ROYV 6: Greg Moulder, C. H. Murphy, Bob Nichols, Alan Pease, Don Philliber, Jack Pontius, joe Reese, Bill Smith, Steve Stewart, john Walsh. Kappa Sigma The Kappa Sigma house became an ancieI1t Viking castle iII December as the fraternity had its first Viking party. A wooden bridge led members and their dates over the imaginary moat that surrounded the house to the banquet aIId dance. Other first semester costume parties were the Harlem party and the Pajama party. A Christmas party helped get members iIIto the Christmas spirit. Second semester the fraternity sponsored the Sorority Olympic day. For the VVeekend party the boys moved out of the house aIId the girls moved in. Sweetheart of the fraternity was announced at the Sweetheart party. Participating in intramurals, Kappa Sigs took first place iII foot- ball. During Christmas holidays the house was redecorated upstairs. The fraternity also had a party for the Children's Medical Center at Christ- mas. Other ways iII which the Kappa Sigs helped their community were to give blood to the Tulsa Blood Bllllli and to help with the Muscular Dystrophy Campaign. Housemother for the Kappa Sigs was Mrs. F. S. Freeland. The Kappa Sigs and their dates seem interested in the QQUlllgS-011 at the next table at their Bowery Ball. ws. w'V'f'-x.. N ww K' -We fx. NEAL NIKON OFFICERS President . . NEAL NIKON Vice-President . EDDIE HAUG Secretary . KEITH jENssEN Treasurer . . BILL COOKE Epsilon Upsilon Chapiler ROW' 1: Mrs. Pacola Porter. John Bailey. Dan Bartlett. Fred Bloch. Sid Broelcinan. Wvayne Collelt, Larry Cox, Richard Curby. , ROW' 2: Hal DeShong. Stan Doyle. -lim Embry. Larry lfnihry, Murray Engle, Dallas Frandsen. Jr., Bill Candy. Alan Gibson. RUXV 23: Charles Gilliland. Furman Cordon, Xvilliam Haler. Gary Hahn. Kenneth Handley. Joe Brian Hess, Gerald YY. Hoskins. David Hubbard. ROW' 4: Richard Jones. Dean Kaster. Bill Keasler. Don Kimmel, Ron Kipp. David R. Lee, Norman Levander, Larry Lombard. ROW 5: Len Madrin, Dale Maxwell. john Moore, Rich- ard Norwood, Wlillard Paulson, Jack Pennington, Dan Robertson, Karl Schnieder. ROYV 6: Robert Shower. Rodney D. Smith, Kenneth Steele, Richard Stewart. YVarren Stillman. Phil R. Vaugh- ter. Bill YYise, Mike Zeller. Lambda Chi Alpha As one of the biggest homecoming displays ever on campus, Lambda Chi Alpha's 35-foot-high scarecrow told TU to "Scare lem OH the Fieldf' Weighing over a ton, a crane was necessary to raise it to standing posi- tion. Lambda Chi was active in Varsity Nite and Talahi Day. Last spring LCA won Talahi Day and Dale Maxwell was named Talahi Day King. The fraternity was well represented in campus activities with mem- bers holding junior and senior class oflices and key positions in other campus organizations. A Fall Dinner-Dance at Osage Hills Country Club highlighted the so- cial season at which time Ann Brophy was named fraternity sweetheart. A jungle Party in October brought members and dates out in their best leopard skins. A gay Holiday party, the Apple Polishers Ball and the White Rose formal kept members in the social groove. Pledges made the news with the pledge-member football game and the annual all-school Barn dance sponsored by the pledge class. "Mom" Pacola Porter was a fraternity favorite in her second year as Lambda Chi Alpha housemother. Dick Norwood. Ann Owen. Ann Brophy and Ron Kipp paused for a moment dur- ing the Lambda Chi Jungle Party. .Im SUHMIDT OFFICERS President. . jmSt:HM1n'r Vice-President . BILL HAFER Secretary . JACK PI-LNNINGTON Treasurer . FVRMAN GORDAN M-M ra Gamma Upsilon Chap+er ROW 1: Mrs. Harry Ingram. Dee Brooks, Bob Cooper, ROVV 3: Jerry Minton, Ralph Penso, Ron Petocz, Dick john Cowan, John fMil-:cj Gellino, jim Goodwin, Jerry Poucel, Gunnar Rosen, Bill Shellenbarger, Peter Sill. H l . em eu ROW' 4: Leigh Taylor, Allen Thompson, Bill Turpen, ROW' Q: janies Keith, Rod Kimble. Ted Kramer. Edward Terry Veith, Don lvarlock, Doug YVein1er, Ron Wloods. Lundy, George Lundy. Ray Mashburn, Milt McKenzie. 250 v ,M-.ww E ,, if Q L V-,t p,'y.,v - . '- My .f , i :lr-. i W I .i NNN? . Ps I Skies ., , 8 ' .fi T, 1' . . W F-flzsin , .iv Pi Kappa Alpha Members of Pi Kappa Alpha. the first national fraternity at the Uni- versity of Tulsa. spent the year in a completely redecorated house. In- stalled at TU in 1936. Pikes began their busy year by winning first place in Homecoming fraternity house decorations. The Pike decoration showed an alum pushing over an outhouse and telling the Hurricane that "This is gonna be a push over!" The fraternity was active in intramural sports and placed first iu volleyball. At the Joe College dance sponsored by Junior Panhellenic a Pike pledge was named "Joe College." During the Christmas holidays several members drove a 1929 Sea- graves model fire truck from New York to Tulsa. The fire truck was to be used in university activities. Social activities included a Christmas formal and the Dream Girl formal in April. at which time the PiKA sweetheart was announced. Cowboy boots and ten-gallon hats set the pace for the VVestern Party. Other informal parties included a Shipwreck Ball and Friday night record parties. Mrs. Harry Ingram completed her first year as housemother. jim Goodwin. Glenda Arnspiger. Carole Coulter and Bob Lorenz sang Christmas carols while Gunnar Rosen played. I be ff. -I.-MIK I..-mls OFFICERS President . . JACK LAMB Vice-President ALLEN THOMPSON Secretary. . WAvNE HOOD Treasurer . . RON BEATY 1 --A3 Vg , W-mfr A if ,., ' -all 'f5:5: -2' 1::5-35.1-s 4f:5:5.:::Ei?:- ,Q ESS..-1 5, X Q s X' F an xg a., Ngg ii 8 A X., Q to BH ix it , , .. 5 , ... " -.1 Xjgv, . - gi-:iz-15 33:55. ,rg -1x.:,.X1 ' 'v -it 23 fi? 1 . ,eww x ,. 1, 'all ' .Q., , 5 4.6: 5 , if Z, 2255 get 1241. gr-wg: cyxw , . - Q ' N 4 Eli is ,ge xx g X V .,,..:: Te--EK' - 'g Qi '1 ' X. ,DQ 252 i Delta Omega Chapter ROVV 1: Mrs. Allen YVhiteside, Tom Albrecht, Bill Allee, Lee Anderson. Howard Andrews, Jim Archer, H. I. Aston, Bob Atchison. Bill Baker, Don Barnum, Mike Bartlett. ROW' 2: Dan Bisett, john Boclkin. Bill Bohnefeld, Mike Borden, Don Brel, Bill Bruckner, Robert Buck, Bill Bur- ton, Cordan Cecil, Bill Clark, Bruce Clary. RONV 3: Dan Coco, Doy Cole, Roy Connor, Bill Cook, Donnie Doss, C. L. Duncan, Jean Erlichman, Ronald Far- rell, jim Frasier. Don Gallernore, Jerry Gamster. ROYV 4: Lew Canister. Dion Gantt. Bill Gerard, Jerry Goodman. Dwain Gregory, Daniel Gridley, Duke Griffey. WVendell Hague, Bud Hamilton, Lynn Handy, Lewis Hays. ROYV 5: Bill Heldmar, Jim Heslet, Roger Hill, David Hoey. Steve Hope. Mel Johnson, Paul Johnson, Ken Jones, NVayne Jones, Bob Lynch, Ronnie Main. ROW 6: Burt Mallory. Jim McKinney, Tom Mills, Bob Newell, John Nidiiler, Terry Palmer, Arthur Pearce, John Phillips, Dennis Raddant, Phil Ray, Mike Richmond. ROW 7: Bob Rogers, Bill Schooler, H. M. Seiler, James Simmons, Phil Slicker, Bob Small, Bill Stark, Don Sulli- van. Jim Tatum, David Taylor, Tom Vaughan. ' ROW 8: Bill WVelsh, Bill Westmoreland, Leon Whitehead, john VVillett, Bob Wlilliams, Nick Williams, Jack Willis, Harry VVoods, Ed Yeager, Karl Young, Ronnie Young. 3 I ,- .-rf----M.. 2:-1::'X Q, XX, .Tc . X V I x 1. 5. M x u ,, . V L Q H Q ii e .' kiss.. , Y . . t . Q 7.-5 ,-fif'f':Tiii ' , Q A ' M, it ' .2345-aw..g."a.-'S'-rl-4-i.'-i...'-'Qjrf S H I VVith their house less than four vears old. Si fma Chis have alreadv i experienced space problems. A class of forty-six pledges made the pre- , ' sentation of new dining room chairs by the alums an almost necessity. In by December pledges took their sneak and, kidnapping a member, they went f - to Columbia. Missouri. Showing they also had collective strength, Sigma gt-AN ' . . . . . . . ,k .sg ,- Tu' I ' Chis were active in intramural sports, placing rather high in several ' - events- , -0 ' if' ii Social events in orbit this season included the Pled 'e formal in No- "" vember, where the pledge sweetheart was announced, and the Llll Abner party. At the Lill Abner party hilariously-costumed members considered ' 5 i 5 :Q the worst-dressed as the best-dressed. A Christmas tree and carols set the mood for a party in December, The Sweetheart dance was held in the spring. Jani Cochran reigned as their lovely sweetheart. In order to help their connnunity Sigma Chis donated blood to the Tulsa Blood Bank during the year. A favorite with the Delta Omega chapter of Sigma Chi was Mrs. Virginia VVhiteside, housemother. Sigma Chis found their way "in" the house for the Li'l Abner Party. 'tau BRUNT YOUNGBLOOD OFFICERS President BRYANT YOUNGBLOOD Vice-President jmntv GOODMAN Secretary . Llaw GAMsTER Treasurer. . DION GANTI' Zefa Lambda Chap+er ROW' l: Mrs. Minnie K. Rnsser. Alnned Abdul-Rahman RONV 3: Dale Maycen. Roger Rocka, Tom Schneider, Paul Atkins. Shane Carnell. Wilson Cook, David Cupp. Skip Sturm, jim YValIis, Dick NV0lfe. Dennis Zeunert. ROW' 2: Mike Davis, Dan Grace, David Grace, Bill Hicks, john llolinson, Dennis Lefton. 1-Uri' -"sp . 34.5, guna new f v wew-ynqnq-rv,a-N Y. . - h . ' "3'C-'5H91b:?f 5jzS!4.k 9' 3 fr "aN,l"Wa'l ,.M,,,.,h., a...,.,,. MQ, .,. ., t ' "4 nw ' 1' ' gg - X . s ik w -. 65 Sigma Nu A gay yellow, white and black door welcomed members to the Sigma Nu house this year. Installed at TU in 1951, the fraternity's plans called for a groundbreaking of a new house in February. VVith twenty of the twenty-five members and pledges from out of town, the group had many informal get-togethers. Larger social eve11ts included a dinner-dance in April called the VVhite Rose formal and a dance with the alumni after the Homecoming football game. The fraternity sweetheart was named in December at the Sweetheart dance. Barbara Miers was announced as sweetheart. Pledges combined a going away party for one member with a party to honor all the members, into one big affair. In December, however, the pledges reversed their conduct and took the pledge sneak leaving the house in a mess. Last spring Sigma Nu was awarded the Scholarship Improvement Award given by the Interfraternity Council. The fraternity also participated in Homecoming and intramural sports. Mrs. Minnie Rosser completed her first year as Sigma Nu housemother. Some of the Sigma Nus enjoyed a game of bridge with Judi Punton at Ben's. ""iKr1'? fb- QUINTON J. Cmsrx' OFFICERS President QUNTON J. CRISTY Vice-President . BOB YOUNG Secretary . DALE ' IVIAYCEN Treasurer . ROGER ROCKA FRONT ROYV: Dan IVesley, Stan Doyle, Toni McGhee, John Cowan, Mike Davis, Dan Pollard. SECOND ROYV: Bill Shellenbarger, Jim Patterson, Bill Stark, john Walsh, John Moore, John WVillett. Interfraternity Council Beginning its twenty-fifth year on the TU cam- pus, the Interfraternity Council, in association with the Panhellenic Council, sponsored the Ribbon Dance honoring new pledges. IFC also assisted Panhellenic in planning the tea dances. Highlight- ing the year was the IFC spring awards banquet OFFICERS President . . . BILL STARK Vice-President . . joHN COVVAN Secretary . . STAN DOYLE Treasurer . TOM MCGHEE during which the outstanding senior man and IFC Sweetheart were announced. Other activities of IFC, as governing body for TU's seven fraternities, pertained to formal rush and pledge training. Chad Bardone and john Newman, Alpha 'Tau Omega rep- resentatives, received the fraternity scholarship cups in the fall. Adverfl In .'go. Q.. . 'Q' 'L .ysfix s :jg ,V ,lv 'F -N 5, Y 6. 1 Pb-YE? N. .6 V, Q. s, V 1 I 1 P I , , sv 3 wif -, QT4' ,- 4 gif A W sf' 1 F . 'Q ,ji qw We '12, ,il ' """ ,Qi Q ,M . y W Q ' ' ',A," , V4 in . . :'."- 0 V A,'.',, b V 4 3 . - Ay- V' 'ws ni., x .fm . , Q, Q Q . ,4 .K I vu Q10 .ef . fum 'A 'L ,,.. ,-, 5? 4. 'A W. .L ,,,,A 'fs ga A ' My ggi- I I EA, + wi!! Q . .ii ' 4: . la Q. U ,' f : ' ' ? Q Q, 1 ! I . . ,lf 9' Q U S4 wb 2 , ,L Wx 'Wh l 6 ow-sq 3. 5' ,W-V-'0+.Q ,,. 90 ' .. .- , a in 4 W, . Q-aa. DUO Q Hifi b ' X J- V v. --'L fr ..::-.-W..- -I , -,.v1aL'.T-T Q55-1 3 -llll fix 25" fl-, QS-if . u 3- -1 E 4 I:-1-.2 : -, i A Q.: 53323: 'ill X ur -, a - E' 7 . g ,. f - i ' f fl n:"'L'5-,I H CK! ' " , f .- wx N A 'MA 4' ul I 251-IEE" --. " ' f - ' :ifi33Eri:'21ig:s:a- - ' I' .f I -: - If A " I' lm HEI 'FET X . DD X The Lucey Diamond symbolizes an l El i EJ H E vii? organization that is versatile and " -M --M. :fiE:h ' aggressive, known especially for its I ,-5: 5 , . -..-- ability to perform ,unusual services -1-'ggi 'I.'.." .. R - tailored to specific-situations.. 1, ,-, ,, ,-- -..P Xquivmfb . Ss 'L i 'wnlllltrw' i . A TULSA, OKLAHOMA is lf A iffiflniiml AIYNIII ll X LU QEY E Yrnonucts convolumou ' nllll ETS wr:-- .. -IJCDIID STILL... l X V keg 'NN as Qi NA libs paimfapiciluw qw! Our artist would like to capture the happiness and ambition you have right now as your finish another year at TU. Best of luck to you, and heres an im- portant fact to remember as you ,birlffre your life after college days. The BANK you choose can be very helpful to you wherever you live or work. Besides providing for your money needs, the folks at your bank can assist you in getting established in a community. It's good to know you have someone to bank on when you need a good credit or personal recom- mendation. Many TU students will tell you "NBT's the bank for me." You are welcome to put National Bank of Tulsa in your financial picture, and use all of our con- venient services. 2 NI BT Tl0NAl. BANK or TULSA member federal de M-ir l insurance tiirporati-ui 259 NATIUNAI. CQMPANY DRAwsR171o TULSA,OKLAHOMA T1 - E T M 1 ND K T 'Q ' A f S h t b ly 1 d th if h k Y C ALWAYS D BETTER A F 3 b d t N CDRTHLAND DOWNTOWN EASTGATE d ELEMENTARY ECONOMICS FDPQYHEE EST WURD I UN ANKUNG Think... FIRST! T k Q."-.. E ,.-"' ','., hin Q Q .,. l 4 K THE fmsr NAIIUNAL BANK AND musr COMPANY ,-, -s is . f my 4, fi M if . ,L i n if 5? N qt. .,.. Q . ,5 2 't 1 ta Til young miss tulsa . . . is more than Oklahoma's most exciting iunior fashion shop . . . it's your delightful, light-hearted mood of choosing every fashion from one comprehensive collection! From Young Miss Tulsa shoes. . . casual and campus wear . . . suits and coats . . . to after-five enchantment . . . all youthful designs by Americas most fabulous fashion creators. ss, N ,ri ze , 1 N 1 1 I?'37l ," . W M, -X 4: it l VANDEVE IJCIUYIUTOIWNI A RIIJ UTICA SQUARE 263 WM J4 wife! 'XM' 'AVHV N.-W.. en.: I 7, Y ,, PIKIGNALLV Y VIITSPIIZM BIGIIIIHAL AM..- ' 1960 cr. 1 'H - A 2 'f -.vm fx fm..-un -w f . , I I- 'Q u wssgg- mann TW A --W . ,.,, I If-f ,..,,.I.,,., . , I , ...W f , ,I 'Mmm Finch Denies Murdetiisj Ng' N Kam' Wiie, Asserts Struggle gg-wg 1' For Her Own Gun FataI ,V 'QQ Y "nrqAgg jsvvluv-E::'L'-ff'-'v5""" . 453,-T55 , 3 Fvw-.ffllfnslfffl 545257 I f -M, 'ff 'JT "f" '. T" , . , ' E " 41 - I Ure ,glib 5:32 " . MP0 ans D 4 741113 11:33 M, T .g,', Wei- efen " .N Q,E'JiZY7f"m 1179 0 , Se M m. , .Ort Fr ICS as -Kfgfww., Om AF T! VNNISIILTQ. I . I fzxfigf .,-,jqfiiiiiii-'E'1' Q5 - I Bum Ae GN , 3 j IV ,,.. TQ . .SWS , , .-5.g,:,E1'- ,maxim Swvqvqisxmf- CWM, ...Lk 9 , . I I 'M fm .. 1 mf 'feeni H., , r fr, f mm., y,.,x -, s 1'.,-,5..s- I S Q w,,,.sw::m -450. mx . V' .- Qwsfmwmmx w4ei".ff-I W ,W N-'1"f'aSQg'1,W11 I' 1' ev ,C 7' WIS "'1'7.IfQ- ,, 2 IIIIfI,I?lM-S' Na+,-'if IILWQGE6 1213 'ff...,-M f 4,,Vf'- ggxxw ,f.g,f:srIg'?:.sfj Ex.,-Kf1f',-.,,1 LM" 11- f iff? 'Lugz E .lf 1 f V .I - w ' ,' wg Q 'W 1 +40 c ,.f"'wi' 'xii HKQIIIW P2355 ,. I I,. f"NgQIamSHS ' " 4 qE,,.4.w?M,msm1ESI . NWI?-Igscov W""'g 11f?'1f.rf-10 I 1 Mfr, -1 jg 141+ . - f E ,xi-e':'13.,ift1:.,:::gg:- ,,'E-Ex if'-'1 " AESSMS flli-:22Gf"ip27f"N',il 5 'W AX EIHIN ggi' 'V 1 12 M If A "w?,'L3'+'f'7,.lQ5:f'1'1 "" ' N' ' Ser' .'51,i.' "WM OIL CAPITAL NEWSIPAPERS P7 u wx. 71'-,lk 33 wifi I1 .Ilia E31 133332 I 1 I... ,J x - I4 aI L In Q WCRLD TULSA 'IRIBIIIIE MORNING 0 EVENING 0 SUNDAY REPRESENTED NATIONALLY BY 0 THE BRANHAM OFFICES IN THE PRINCIPAL CITIES IN U.S. A. -.QE 'af W?'fW E s fbhivt A 5555: 'iA"" Vsif 'lg If 5f5 W, .M m In II w I! Q iig 5:5 525724 iH? HI 'fo the E35 Ilrw: ul li: Iii HHH! Grads of aiuiii , - W,P For the Best in Lawn Equipment come to BOB DUNNING-JONES, Inc. "Your Oklahoma Lawn Supply House" .-MI:!!!!!!III' A I I ll I YlWlfZWlUlIZ3 PowER TOOLS I406 So. Lewis Tulsa Phones WE - 6-3660 and WE - 9-3296 CAN PLENTY-EAT WELL MASON JARS, CAPS, LIDS 3- sg? ,W Z 'nl III, xMAs ,gf .3055 For AII Mefhods of Canning KERR GLASS MANUFACTURING CORP Sand Springs, OIcIa. ' 1 V 1 W u--.1-wa.-V I ' I lcee EAM W Thar Gnad . - f 9 NEUPIJLITAN ,. and, 5237935 WWW RWE? ' W X s , . ,f '- ':f5i'S5E3gQiQQ, I ' ' HALF SALON GRADE A iw : HoMooEN1zED ' VITAMIN D ruvzumno ' H ron 25 ',i:I?s1 WL., oumomhs 'Qff-,hiv iv rnunum 4'- N. QLEuclI:fu'f2In.onA For over a quarter century, Oklahoma's finest dairy products ln 3 -"ff-5:1. -I :A - Q .,.. : f::25g::4r::::::- I f:s:s:s5s5r2:s:s:f:s2 ' V Service for YOU . . . convenience for T I YOU . . . and always a warm, . 0 -' friendly feeling for YOU, our customers. . ' S We're a National bank, but - not too big to offer a v-- N "personalized" banking service. uugn 1 li Business or individual account, ""' is' I I A T large or small, the accent s on YOU at Utica Square National Bank. 'Ill BANK , C MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION :" NA'noNAL BANK Twenty-first and Utica Avenue TULSA, OKLAHOMA GENERAL FINANCE COMPANY OF TIILSA. INC. x 'Q C s I Q7 6 BAE: 0 Personal Loans 0 Auto, furniture, and appliance financing 0 Consolidation Loans 0 Short term loans for emergencies 408 SO. BOSTON LU 7-6781 , I-iosPlrALirY AND eooo Fooo 0 f' ,Q AROUND THE cLocK .4 d ia 0!'J'l,?71P4A'U'0YC Serving Oklahoma C47 yearsj TULSA and OKLAHOMA CITY 268 McCLURE HALL SHARP CHAPEL 3 A, ,.QA,.., , ...., I 'fl V ., . eps-H -N, EH 5 if I I I I 1 II I 2 : I! ! -f4A'1i:lffE" A HHHH A, .... E 453' . A A - . '5l4ll"f:v- -uf' A' n ' 'Q' lr 4l,, ,ip - .Imax .,., .nm ,,.A,. Www ' -a:!!a:!!a4!!aa!!z , , .-L. 41 " 'H W TULSA RIG, REEL, A I 8. MANUFACTURING co. LLL L ' W P V .. General Con+rac+ors I A A I TULSA. ouu.AHoMA X vw ' f? Bos McCORMACKS' f' - A srumo UN WEDDINGS PORTRAITS COMMERCIALS MURALS NATURAL COLOR INDUSTRIAL PHONE - LU-7-262'8 l722 SOUTH BOSTON 269 Student A Abbe. Arthur. S9 Abdo. Beth. S9 Abdul-Rahman. Ahmed. 76. 254 Abu-Adas. jamil. 76 Abr. Brian. 75 Adams. joel. 130 Adams. Joseph Q.. 74. 203. 215 Ader. Emile B.. 56 Adrian. jose. 148 ADVANCEMENT FOR THE EXPLORA- TION OF GEOPHYSICISTS. 192 Agnew. John. 189 Agnew, Robert. 89 Allow. Alberto. 183. 189 AIME. 189 A1-Ali. Nouri. 75 Albrecht. Tom. 24. 89. 252 Aldrich. Charles. 76 Aldritt. Mary. 176 Alexander. Paula. 82. 83, 168. 171. 230 Alford. George C.. 89 Allan. David. 76 Allan. Sarah C.. 82. 128. 129. 164. 168. 171. 172. 226 Allee. Bill. 39. 252 Allen. Ray. 89 Allen. Yvayne. S2 Alloway. jackie Dee. 89. 217 A1-lssa. Hisl1LtmH., 64 Armstrong. Janet. 75. 177 Arnall. Henry O.. 73. 203. 214 Arnzlll. Mrs. Henry O.. 202 Arndt. Robert H.. 190. 193 Arnett. Linda. 89. ISO ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY. 185 Arnold. John. 196 Arnspiger. Glenda. S9. 175. 2510. 251 Arrington. Anne. 56 Arrowood. Harold 1Vayne. 76 Arthur. john. 186 ART STUDENTS' LEAGUE. 136 Arvic1son.Sandy. 82. 181. 125. 126 Asbury. Bill. 89 Askew. Bryan R.. 72 Aston. H. I.. 82. 252 Atcheson. Bob. 89, 252 Atlierson. Priscilla. 39. 129 Atherton. james. 82 Atkins. jack. 180 Atkins. Paul. 89. 254 Autry. Ted. 82. 188 Allsnp. Jerry, S2 Alonso. Oscar. 148 ALPHA EPSILON RHO. 211 ALPHA KAPPA DELTA. 176 ALPHA KAPPA PSI. 162, 163 ALPHA TAU OMEGA. 242. 243 Alsop. Suzanne. 89. 128. 169. 238 Alspauglh. Kay. 176 Alton. ilarian. 64 ALUMNI ASSOCIATION. 198 AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY. 191 AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS. 178 Amoss. 1Villiam. 196 Anderson. Jerry. 89. 145. 246 Anderson. Karen. 89. 130. 232 Anderson. Lee. S9. 252 Anderson. Sandra. 89. 130. 169. 226 Andoe. joe. 89 Andrasl-zo. Ray M.. 82. 140. 186 Andrews. Clara. 89. 173 Andrews. Howard. jr.. 64. 252 Andrews. Louis. 89 Andrews. Lowell. 74 Andrews. Mrs. Lowell L.. 202 Anglin. Eddie. 193 Anglin. Nanuy. 82. 168 and Organization Index Arawaha. Heliton. 148 Archer. jim. 89. 252 B Babayi. Iraj. 82 Baile. Larry E.. 64. 209 Bailey. Bailey, Allen. 82. 246 David T.. 64. 116. 188. 195 Bailey. Diane. 89. 150, 186. 226 Bailey. jane. 75. 164. 169 Bailey. John. 82. 248 Bailey. Kay. 169 Bailey. Paul. 64. 160. 246 Bailey, Sherman. 32. 214 Baker, Mrs. Agnes. 177. 290 Baker, Barbara Ann. 89. 175 Baker. Bill. 89. 252 Baker. Donna. 170. 177 Baker. Ralph. 147 Baker. VVilliam B.. 56. 193 Bales. Balch. Charles. 46. Mrs. Vesta. 244 56 Ball. F. Leroy. 72 Ballard. john. 89 Ballard. Ted. 145 Ballard, Tom. 206 BAND. 129 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION. 180 Barclay, Harriet G.. 56 Bagrilgne. Chad. 76. 114. 179. 189. 19 Barnes. Marjorie. 204. 207 Barnes. Randy Kay. 89. 169 Barnhart. Gary L.. 64. 179. 182. 189 Barnum. Don. 252 Barrett. Barbara. 82. 171. 238 Barrington. Ted. 123 Barrows. Harold. 218 Barrows. Janet. 76 Bartlett. Arcla. 89. 230. 231 Bartlett. Dan. 76. 194. 248 5-'E E BETSY'S FLOWER SHOP LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING DI- 3-8136 Corsages Our Specialty 538 South Victor 1912 Utica Square 1335 So' Harvard WE GIVE SXKH GREEN STAMPS .,..E'E..... Seever, Smith Ei Thornton General Insurance and Surety Bonds Phone - G1 - 7-5171 Tulsa 3, Oklahoma 270 '-UMBER We enjoy working with you PAINTS AND ROOFING VARNISHES MATERIALS on your Homecoming events. HARDWARE HOPE LUMBER 6. SUPPLY COMPANY l255 S. SHERIDAN TULSA, OKLAHOMA Headquar+ers for ' B uczuszn OLOTHORAFT CLOTHES 'H H STETSON HATS and JUSTIN BOOTS ullrlhlllgvph 4 AAA-'- ching-gn DOCTOR SHOES nfs MAIN PLANT RANCH ACRES QL NIE? zooz E. +++++ S+. 3320 E. 315+ S+. mmm Phone WE-6-I +33 We feafure' Nafionally Advertised Merchandise Ove' 50 Years 'n Tulsa Exclusive Shirt Laundry 2.7 So' Main Phone ' 2'9929 Cleaning of Distinction Since 1906 I COMPLIMENTS PENNINGTON S of FULLER-WHITE CHEVROLET 4+l1 AT ELGIN Your Friendly Chevrolet Dealer ai' East Admiral Place and Harvard "A Pleasure to Serve You" BOB BOOT - Op. Make moody 3 Jawa ry your year 'round Gift headquarters For the Gift you'll give with pride Let your Iewelez' be your guide. Home of Keepsake Diamonds Near the TU Campus at 1137 South Harvard Ranch Acres Harvard Hills 3324 East 31st 1515 N. Harvard We Give SCS H Green Stamps IF' 0 for confidential service in EMPLOYMENT COUNSELING TESTING CHAS. 1. LCVELESS PERSONNEL SERVICE 6I6 SGUTH MAIN SUITE 3lI 272 Ben Estes Co .2 ff. " "'Younq Executive Shop" "For Discriminating Men" Specializing in the latest Styles for College or Career UN fur MEZZANINE N QQIIESIPSQ ' v,'gtt9BOUld0r ALEXANDER Xi ALEXANDER, INC. AND ASSOCIATES PEARCE, PORTER 8r MARTIN INSURANCE 522 South Boston 205 Enterprise Building TULSA. OKLAHOMA TELEPHONE LU+her 4-l30I Scott-Rice Co. FINE OFFICE FURNITURE Bartlett, Mrs. J. C.. 226 Bartlett, Mike. 89, 252 Bartlett, Ted, 89. 173, 216, 246 Barton, John, 207 BASEBALL. 144 BASKETBALL. 140 Bassett, Charles, 56, 91, 193 Bassett, C. J.. 190 Bates, Sandra, 89, 232 Batton, Charles, 132. 133, 145 Baughman, Don, 183 Bausch, David C.. 64, 195 Bay. John. 82. 246 Bear, Sue, 82, 171, 226 Beard. David, 89, 129 Beard. Kathleen, 171 Bearden. 1Yi1liam L.. S9 Beatty. Lowell. 82, 197. 244 Beaubien. Jeanne. 82. 224, 238 Becher. A. E., 190, 193 Beck. Margaret. 76. 127, 217, 236 Becher. Albert E., 64 Beeson, Phvllis, 123 Beightol, Sharon. 76, 129, 164 Beistle, Mike. 127 Bell, Bob, 82, 166, 246 Bell, Herbert, 196 Bell. Joyce. 76. 168. 209 ll illi Be . ' 'an. 76.l18.123.169,1R7 Bellah. Martha. 64, 168, 238 Bennett. Julie. 180 Bennett. Robyn. 76, 180, 230 Berg. Alvin. S9 Berg, Anna Mae, 82. 171, 177, 209 Berg, Harry, 123 Berg, Keith, 89 Berg, Ro er 64 193 Berg. Shziroii, 82, iso, 224, 234, 235 Berlin, Lucile. 207 Bernard, YV. E.. 207 Berry, Barbara, 89, 232 Berry, Charles, 82, 166. 246 Bersinger. Don. 56, 196 Bertalot, Charles, 82, 217, 244 Berten. Brad, 76 Bhargava. Sudhir, 76 Bi gs, Br 'an. 76 BiBman, Barbara, 89, 230 , 236 Bingmam. Tom. 183 Binney, Howard. H2 Birbilis. Mary. 16, 64, 113, 120, 159, 187 201. 206 Bimiingham. Tom. 16, 64, 122. 123, 159 Bisett. Dan. 64. 252 Bishop, George, 89 Bishop. 1-1. Corky, 72 Bishop, Mrs, Corl-tv, 202 Bivens, Mrs. Cull. Jr., 202 Black. Don. 64, 246 Black. Larry L.. 193 Black. Yvonne1Vagster. 64, 226 Blackmore. Florence C.. 56. 59, 150. 201 Blair. Albert. 56. 157 Blass, Homer. 82. 151, 175, 182 Bliss. Nancy. 89. 230 Bloch. Fred. 82. 173. 248 Block. Carnie. 76. 132. 133, 136. 246 Blondct. 1Villiam E., R2 Blough. Phillip. 56 Bly. Judv. 76. 101, 121. 200, 226 Blyth. Edward AV., 73 BOARD OF TRUSTEES. 44, 45 Bodkin. John. 64, 221, 252 Bogdan, Robert J.. 64, 221 Bog s. Jim. 76 Bohgl. Dee Ann. 89. 226 Bohneleld. Bill. Jr.. 82. 252 Bolian. Alayne. 64. 176. 224. 225, 230 Bolt, Marilyn Sue, 64. 187. 234 Bolt. Ruth Maxine. 207 Boon. 1Vi1liam D.. 163 Bordeu, Mrs. Eunice R.. 238 Borden. lA1i1-ae, 89, 252 Boswell, Connie, 39 Bourscheiclt, Judy, 89, 123, 129 Bovaird, D. D., 45 Bowers, Karen, 90 Bowyer. Sherian. 82 Boyd. Janice. 90. 168 Boydston, Margaret, 90, 168, 238 Boyls. Pat. 90 Bradford. Pete. 203 Bradley. Kenneth. 72 Bradley, Robert. 56 Bradshaw. Alice Ann. 76 Bradshaw, Sherry, 64 Brady. Evelyn. 200 Brady, Glen Lee. 64. 183 Brady. Robert. 64, 129 Brainard. Jim. S2. 242 Brandon. John. 90 Brandon. hlerrily. 90 Braucht, Madonna. S2 Brancht. Murtellu. 64. 232 Brauer. Karen, 90. 168, 226 Brei. Don. 90. 252 Bremer. Gladys Rustin. 64 Brenlcman. Phyllis, 82, 128, 210, 234 Brice. John NV.. 44 Bridges. Sandra. 76. 191, 225. 235 Bright. George. 90 Brightwell, John. 90 Briggs. Gloria. 216 Briggs. Robert. 50. 204 Bristoe. Lou. 76. 200. 228 Britton. Charles. 82, 244 Brix. Don. 76 Broadd. Harry A.. 56 Broadd. Paula, 56, 157 Brock. Delbert. 73, 212 Brock, Larry, 217 Broclcman, Sid. 90, 248 Brodella. Ernesto. 148, 183 Brooks. Dee. 76. 250 Brooks. Linda. 90. 186 Brookes. Lvendell E.. 76. 186 Brophy. Ann. 32. 111. 121, 226, 249 Brown. Bill. 82, 145 Brown. Daris. 204 Brown Enna Joe. 200 Brown. Janice. 68, 90. 169. 225, 234 Brown, Mrs, Nan, 228 Brown, Paul. 90 Brown. Paul L.. 56 Brown, Sandra Joan, 82, 129 Brown, Tom. 82 Brown. 1Vayne, 82 Browne. Joe R.. Jr.. S2 Bruckner. Bill. 76. 252 Bruestle. Beaumont. 56. 125. 211 Brumbaugh. Betsy. 76. 164. 228 Brumble. Bob. 132. 133. 136 Bruestle. Beaumont. 119. 216 Brian. Wiilliam John, 111, 64. 245 Bryant. David, 76 Briant. David XY.. 76 Bryant. Bill. 216 Briant. Marx' F.. 64. 226 Bubevk. Rodger. 76 Buek. Janice. 82. 163. 200. 232 Buck. Robert. 32. 252 1'1uv.'keriKlgc. Brion. 56 Buckman. Charles. 90 A Butklnaslcr. ivarran Davis. 64 Buford. Daniel S.. 73. 215 Burden. Kelly. 132. 1113, 138 Burdick. ,lerrv. 75 Burke. Rhea Patricia. 6-1. 236 Burkitl. V1'illiam. 128 Burkhart. Sonja. 90 Burnett. Loretta. 76 Burns. Carol. 90. 210 Bur1on'S. Alancl. 130 Burlon.11l11. 32. 252 Bnthod. Paul. 57. 178 Bulter. Elizabeth. 90. 210 Butlnry. Clair. 90 Bxers. C.. 751 Bxnurn. Paul. 175 Byron. Mrs. O. R.. 2510 Byrone. Dennr. 128 C Cable. Nlxrna. S2 Caclenhead. 1. E.. 57. 206 Cairns. ililioma'-2. 57 Calclwell.-1.13. 32. 1110. 2-1-1 Calclnell. Jim. 32, 145 Caldwell. Klaigaret. 32. 171. 1347. Calcluell. Rolmcrt. 04. 21-1 Callahan. Beth. 76. 186. 2216 Calvin. Kan. lh. 68. 76. 169. 170 243 Campbell. Clmrles. 90 Campbell. .Iarnus 1... 75. 125. 211 Campbell. Nunn. 76. 232 Cannon. Cerald. N2 Carer. Alurly. 76. 168. 230 Carlin. Janice. 90 Car1islc.Linn.90. 151. 182 Carlson. Dan. 184 Carol. Cxnthia. 207 Carn:-l1..lan. 170 Carnell. Shane. 25-1 Carney. Dirk. 2351 Carpenter. -lark B.. 75 228 . 23,1 .21 8 Carr. Roberta jenne. 76 Carr. Ronald. S2 Carriker. Mary Jo. 90. 130 Carter Bonnie. 204 Carter. Carol. 90. 169. 236 Carter. Homer L.. 64 Carter. 1'1. N.. 48. 57 Carter. john. 76. 188 Carter Philip jean. 75 Carter Sandra. 90 Carter. Sarah. 76. 234 Carulhers. Midge. S2. 171. 228 Casey. jim. 239 Cash. Sharon. 90 Casteel. Dwipgllt. 32. 184 Caslleberry. Ronald. 57 Catramby. Guilhcrnie C.. 1-18. 179 Causey. Bill. 76 Cavett. Don. 132. 1311 Cecil. Gordon. 90. 252 Chaffee. Norman H.. 65 Chznnherlain. Carolyn. 76 Chamberlin. R. D.. 65 Chapman. Suzy. 39. 90. 216. 2516 Charvat. John. 1-17 Chase. Harvex' D.. 207 Cheap. qloe. 131. 1112. 133. 135. 1117 Chenclwelh. Frank. 76 Chesnut. tl. Stnnlei. 57. 174 CHESS CLl'B. 20S Chew. Cari. 76 Chitk. john. 126. 127 CH1 OMEGA. 226. 227 Chontean. lless. -16. 158. 193 Christ. Linda. 90. 225. 226 CHRISTIAN SCIENCE ORCANIZA TION. 181 Christie. john L.. S2 Christy. 11013. 76. 2-14 Chronisler. Carlile. 90. 169. 2130 C1ll'0II1S1C1'.-101111. 73. 214 Chupack. Marvin S.. 74. 2111 Chupack. Sidney 1.. 711 CIRCLE. K. 166. 167 Clannin. janet. 32. 150. 171. 226 Clark.C1i1'1orcl E.. 65 Clark. David. H2 Clark. -Ierrv. 76 Clark, Jerry K.. 65.1S5. 198. 193. 2 Clark. Patricia. 204 Clark. Vivian. S2 Clark. William C.. 7-1. 215 Clarke.11ill. 90. 129. 252 Clary. Bruce. 76. 186. 252 Clanre. Marcelo. 76 Cline. Bolw. 1S-1 Cline. jim. 76. 2-12 Cloud. 1Vi1liam M.. 72 Clow. Charles. 65. 160. 161 Clum. D. N.. 178 Cramer. Don. 123 Cohhj Jeanne. 76. 128. 129. 168. 172. 238 24' Cochran. Jani. 76. 101.104.110. 226 Cochran. vloseph. 57. 198 Cackrell. Larry. 90. 246 Coco. Dan. 90. 166. 252 Coerrer. Tliornas. 90. 122. 246 fi011.C1l. 1Vax ne. 90. Coggin. .larnes E.. 180 Colucnonr. llefl. 32 Coker. llomer. 57. Coker. Sandi. 76. 1 183, 2-18 151 29. 168. 172. 238 Cnldren. Lm-elle. 90 Cole. Betsy. 76, 232 Cole. Donald. S2 .olc. Dm. 82. S2. 166. 252 Cole. Cena T.. 65. Cole. Harold. S2 189 Colu.5Naner. 76. 77, 130. 170. 175. 200 210. 228 Cole. Richard. 125. 129 Cole . Suv. 177. 207 Colenlan. .f1.11.. 175 Coleman. Jerrv. 90 Colimodio. Silvio. 1-18 110L1.liC1.-KN. 122. 123 Follins. Leon. 76. 129 fmunslock. Rollerl. 57, 75. 124. 125. Conn. Marx Ann. 90. 168. 226 Conner. George. 90. 183 Connor. james. 90 Connor. ROY. 76. 252 Conwell. john. 74 Cook. Barbara Ellan. 82. 169, 181. 226 Look. Hill. 90. 252 Cook. Darrell. 73 Cook. Cay. S3 Cook. Kathleen. 65. 187. 200. 201. 207, 21 232 H rogrefid .gfre .QnJu:sfrg UUWDILY VA Gwllmllv 0 Paralleled willw Bovairc1's eighly-nine years of service 'ro 77 lhe oil incluslry, The Universify of Tulsa has renclerecl nearly a half-cenlury of indispensable service lo youlh. Congralulalions +o forward-looking young men ancl women who, lhrough cliligenl' sludy and lraining, are aspiring lo leadership in business, civic ancl cullural affairs. 274 211 , fi, J' . .X . F ' r- ' 'Yif??7!1-- i 3 V . ' ,a'Q" +15-iz C ik " il xp ,..,. wwe", ,. . 5 Q 19 WorId's most widely used rock bits! More Hughes bits -made in Houston-- are run in the oil and gas fields of the World than all other rock bits combined. The reason for this universal popularity is performance, so consistent and dependable that it is used as the yardstick by which the performance of all rock bits is measured. Hughes bits have been used to drill more HUGH ES TOOL COIVI PANY than two billion feet of hole in 100 differ- ent countries. This is equal to more than 40 times through the earth. Back of today's Hughes rock bits is a half century of continuing research and engineering know-how that is responsible for every major advance made in cone- type rock bits. ORIGINATOR AND WORLD'S LEADING DEVELOPER OF CONE-TYPE ROCK BITS " ..... by the Soft Glow of a GAS LIGHT." OHLHHOTTIFI TTFITURFIL QMGWWW ORPHEUM CIGAR STORE RESTAURANT FOR MEN 309 So. Bosfon Phone LU - 2-2882 Davis' Complete line of Wilson, Spaulding and Rawlings Sporting Goods 14 E. 3rd St. 51st 61 Peoria 1124 So. Lewis Tulsa, Okla. DANNER'S CAFETERIA I954 Uiica Square TULSA, OKLAHOMA "A perfect place to dine, have a party, or hold a meeting" - Call RI - 2-8781 for reservations illilrz. Be Eli-Iaumw Zflnwer Shun Beautiful Flowers for all occasions D1-3-0118 106 E. 15th ' N U F C T U R I N 6 Electrlc ' M A A S 1 OENGINEERING UPF Y EOUIPMENT FOR TI-IE OIL AND AIRCRAFT INDEPENDENT INDUSTRIES ELECTRICAL IOBBERS 1913 . . . 1960 Co'-EMAN INSTRUMENT C0.. INC. 47 Years of Service To the Electrical 7'P SO' TROOST Industry T U L S A LU 2-I I6I TULSA, OKLAHOMA L U 7 - 6 6 9 l Oklahoma Oxygen Company X U Big Three Welding and Equipmenl Company Q MANUFACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF: X OXYGEN ARGON Q PROPANE CARBIDE Q1 ACETYLENE LIQUID 8: GASEOUS NITROGEN WELDING EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES , Renfals and Service Schramm Air Compressors - Pneumalic Air Tools TULSA, OKLA. OKLAHOMA CITY H Tele. 39I83 Tele. CE 2-9579 2750 Sand Springs Rd Exchange 81 Kenluclry Devine. Mid-West is Best for: 0 New Chevroleis 0 OK Used Cars 0 Cbevrolel Paris and Service ID WEST X FF HII"' 'S - ..::::::. i .S 7th to 8th Clncmna c eiinom oluvs IN THE 'f BIG DOOR i BANKS INSURANCE AGENCY NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE BUILDING BURTE I. BANKS TULSA 3, OKLAHOMA TELEPHONE LU - 4-5289 BURTE 1. BANKS, IR. funk. Travis. 76. 205 Cummings. Don. 90 Dues. john V.. Jr.. 05. 175 141011. Wilson. 65. 254 Cninniings. qlames. 7G Dexter. George. 65 C, ff 1. 1 C 1 I I 1 I f I 1 I 1 1 1 I f 1 1 C I 1 1 1. L t 4 I I f I C f C 1 I 1 nuke. George. 83. 240 oolcc. linC111cv1Y.. SS. 192 llumpton. Gayle. 101. 102. 225 Cnnlilic. Tom. 218 orn1.X1'a111c. 128. 129 Cnnninglxcnn. Belle. 90. 129. 129 oupcr. Bob. 811. 250 lluliningrliailn. Bob. 05. 1112. 12121 wiper. Ricliurrl. 90 Cuiiningrliznn. jnclv, 70. 210. 217. 236 nopcriclcr. Tlmnias C.. 05. 192 ilunninglicini. P. L.. 50. 57 mover. T. W.. 57 Cnpp. David. 90. 130. 254 npglss. Nlrm. Cutllic. 25 Lurbi. Ritlinrcl. 90. 248 opelanrl. Dennis .1.. 90. IS4 upniun. Marv. 90. 2112 uprnain. Nznicv. S2. 2132 orncll. Sbune. 90 ornclt. -11111. 20 fnrmixidu. Eclgurtl. 178 uricll. Avery. 711. 244 mtcllo. Soritlra. 823. 200. 2112 n11llr1.f.11rulc.b.3. 111. 2.30. 251 onltrr. llirliulrl. 711 LE onrlnci. .111111ci. 90 rm.1n. Alarm. 90 1m1111.'1n111i. 10. 195. 221. 250. 2511 L 1, ux Helix .Xnn. 05. 103. 2110 nx Daivicl. 175 ox. llubn. 05. 129. 1110. 172. 208. 209 ov Lnrri. 90. 248 ox liobcri. 57 ox ux 11o11c'1t1V,. 05. 015, 185. 192. 209 1- . Sliirlcx Lois 111.1ric. fm ffnrd. Marge. 70. 190. 2110 urrlcr. Chuck. 90 nrrie. Don. 17S flurry. David. 90 Curticc. Eclitll. 1S0 Curtin. Crorgt. 05 ffnrtis. Carol. 77. 200. 230 Curtis. Ilennifcr. S23 Cvpret.YLc:-lie. S13 Czuju. Carolyn. 210 C. CI D Dailey Dwight. 57 Dule. William il.. 73 Damziv:1nr1i. Ali-Molumcrl. 182 Duniel. George. 65 Daniel. jim. 77. 182 F' Darruli. DuvidTilf1cn. 6.1. 135. 221 Delfebangli. Patricia. 91 DeFigb. Marjorie. 56. 207 Dt-Hucni. Ricburcl. 2-1. 65 Dc-Hanas. Sandi. 77. 159. 170. 200, Delgado. jamie E.. 65 Dcllinger. Tom. 75 DL-Long. Ronzilcl. S3 DELTA DELTA DELTA. 228. 229 DELTA GAMMA. 230. 231 DELTA SIGMA PI. 160. 161 DELTA THETA PHI. 214 Dsmirr. Deming Liz. 91. 2130 . Phil. 77. 151. 242 Dc-111163. fQe0rgc.111.. 91. 128. 129 Dennis. Lyman. 91. 2-10 Dcrismore. Sam. 91 Denton. 11011. 91 Denton. Lcc. 75 Denton. 'Tlionias N.. G5 Denton. 119511011 DcSbon Diillcun. 315. 171 51. Cliarlcn T.. 2015 g. Hnl. jr.. 65. 243 DCSjUI'f.11l1S. Hazel. 204. 207 DCSDHIII. Loo. 77 Devasler. James. S3 Beth. 91. 230 Darrell. Linda. 77. 228 Davenport. Cliarles. 90. 1S3 Davenport. f.f11ria. 90. 200. 23-1. 235 Davidson. Don. 77 Duviclson. jerry. 90 12D.Y1CS..101lIl. 1332. 11111. 1139 Davis. Bzirbara Sue. 23. 77. 2152 Davis. Bennie. 132 13? 135 . ... .. Devonshire. Leonarcl. 191 Dc-Yzlrrnclt. Harry. S3 Dexter. YYi11ian1, 196 Diaz. Jorge. 143 Diaz. Mznivt-1. 77 Diem Erlitli. S3. 200. 236. 237 Di1lon..Icrrv. 83. 130. 130 Dinnics. Ablal. 91. 208 ox Snsaln. 90. 230 iubb. Marx. 121 rzrbtrce. 1'1.1ttic.10. Nfl. 171. 226 lubtrce. T. T.. 180 riiig. 11.L11'1mu1a. 83. 108. 2118 rang. Donna. 90. 150. 1540. 2138 ruig. Jann-s. 90 raig. 111111'jo1'i':. Sli. 2110 rziig. Nanci June. 05. 233 risti. ilulin. 175 ristv. Qnintin t1r..fi5. 100. 255 rits:-z. Dunn. 90 r0ll. Dclorn-S. S11 fr0s11y.1Vi1li:11n P.. 90. 128. 129. 1110 l'rn:-kerv. Carol. 90. 128. 129. 232 f1rnwf1rr. Carol. 75. 11.5. 159. 2112 f11mvl1nvu1'. Drniriic. 81.5. 1112. 1311. 100. 2-10 f1rnzicr. Don. S5. 1811. 244 f'nl!ur.,10l1nD..179.1548 278 Davis. Ed. 65. 244 Dzivis. -lim. 1110 Davis. joel. 145 Davis. Mir-lu1elA.. 65, 100. 161. 2:14. 256 Davis. Nancv. 65 Davis. 1Vull:1ce. 90 Dawning. Billy. 77 Dziv. Barrv. 90 Day. 111. H.. 57 Dciitllrrnge. Frzinli. 90 Deeds. Barbara jo. G5. 173. Dees. jerry' Lee. 33. 209 1 77. 226 Disslv. Dialt. 91 Dittricli. Rudi. 91 Dlubucb. Dfhrutlli. 77. 170. 200 Dobbs. Glenn. 40 Dobbs. Robert. 57. 133 Dobbs. 1l0n:11cl. S3 Dobson. Normal. 204 Dobson. 1Ya1kcr. 204 Dnnavun. janncs Gilbert. 191 1 71 114. 185, Donmun. Gerald. 57 236 H I University ot E 5' Tulsa U, - G 7 o 5 K in FAITH Greatest Twosome in Oklahoma Collegiate Press! That's your Weekly COLLEGTAN and the resume of the year's activities, your KENDALL- ABRUM yearbook. Those who make up the publication staffs of each of these spokesmen that round out the YOU in TU, wish every student a Wonderful year. Read and enjoy every issue of the COLLEGTAN and you will keep informed. This year it's greater than ever, keeping up to the minute with news about you and your friends, as well as bringing into focus controversial issues of the time which affect you. The KENDALLABRUM, also promises to be better than ever this year. A bright, breezy evaluation of the entire academic year, written by your fellow classmates in a true collegiate style. Photographs, too, will greet your eyes with pleasant recounting of familiar events. The University of Tulsa, with another FIRST for its students. THE i960 KENDALLABRUM THE I959-60 COLLEGIAN MARY BIRBILIS, Editor TOM BIRMINGHAM, Editor MARTHA HURT, Assistant Editor LILLIAN BELL, Assistant Editor ANN BROPHY, Assistant Editor SANDY MONTGOMERY, Assistant Editor SKIP STURM, Business Manager DON GASAWAY, Business Manager CAROL ANN RORSCHACH, Asst. Bus. Mgr. MURRAY MCMILLIAN, Asst. Bus. Mgr. ' 279 6 K I BEST WISHES orzgralfn afrond To The it CLASS or 1960 PEOPLES STATE BANK TULSA, OKLAHOMA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL May you enjoy success at all times. And enjoysPeiJsi-Cola at 'any time . . . todays lighter Pepsi, the re- I I I I freshment that active sociable peo- 'An Condlhonlng Co' PIG Prefer- HEATING and Coouwe Be Sociable have a pepsi McCar'rys Flowers IZO3 S. Harvard The Ofegflf refreshment TULSA, OKLA. WE 9-5334 Q 2 Hours NONTS-I-Q.P 4 N Q ,- Tulsa - oljiahoma c:.+y ' ' F T TURNER TURNPIKE Take The Finest Ride of Your Life Ride the "Air Ridev Buses. Faster cf: Cheaper Than Any Other Transportation For Departing Times Call UNION BUS TERMINAL TULSA LU 2-2I I I Distinctive Letterpress and Offset Printers Commercial Publishers Specializing in U OFFICE FORMS 0 ENVELOPES 0 BROCHURES 0 CATALOGS 0 ADVERTISING PIECES 0 PUBLICATIONS Iames K. Emery Phone GI - 7-812-I James Emery, Ir. Tulsa, Oklahoma BOOKS - NEW 8: USED SCHOOL SUPPLIES SIMLER'S VARSITY CENTER 2840 E. SEVENTH STREET FOUNTAIN 28I DAN P. HOLMES cmd Liaaouhten, WORLD WIDE INSURANCE and BONDS S E R V I C E NATIONAL BANK OF TULSA BUILDING BOX 2356 TULSA I, OKLAHOMA DAN P. HOLMES, JR. BURT HOLMES Thlfl' ' Restaurant 57I7 EAST IHI1 STREET 0 TULSA, OKLAHOMA H I We Give Top Value Stamps SUPP'-Y 'AFi?2fiT,Q5fli?fOf ,T SEEN Wifi? , S, ggalgglgg TULSA Ib OKLA AND LAUNDRY Drive-in And Save IIZ7 Soufh Lewis WWW WIN' 'S A complete geophysical service with international experience S-S-C is always interested in people desiring to make geophysics a career. SEISMIC - GRAVITY AND MAGNETIC SURVEYS - LORAC - CONTINUOUS VELOCITY LOGGING 5e1'5mograpl1 Service Gorporafzbn 6200 East 41st Street 0 TULSA, OKLAHOMA ' Rlverside 3-1381 SSC of Canada ' SSC of Colombia ' SSC of Bolivia ' SSC f Lwbya SSC of Mex-co SSC of Vene a ' SSC lntevnolwonal o LD IDE suasuou Rss S Q S d E d W R -W S S C pg F d S Over one million barrels ot oil are processed every day in BORN heaters! Q1 Donley. Maurice 1Sonni 1. 83. 24-1 Donmeyer, Sherry. 91 Donnigan. Joseph E., 74 Doolin. Sandra. 77 DORMITORY ANNEX. 169 Dorsey. Linda. 91. 200 Dorsey, Ted Robert. 91 Dougherty. John. 83. 186 Doss, Donnie. 83. 87, 252 Doty. Ruth, 91, 169 Doufhty. Daryl, S3 Dow0ler. Margaret Shaw, 207 Downer, Richard S.. 65 Downie, Hayden R.. 91. 183 Doyle, Stan, 77, 2-18. 256 Drake, Robert L.. 66. 185 Dratz. John P.. 57 Driver. Bradley T., 193 Duck. David. 66 Dugger. Marilyn. 91 Dumit. Edward, 57 Duncan. G. L.. 91. 252 Dunham, Marilyn Joyce. 66, 187, 22-1, 226 Dunham. Patsy, 196 Dunham. Rosalie. 57 Dupree. Bob. 91, 2-16 Duran. Brenda. 91. 210, 228 Durschnitt. Joy. 75. 128, 164 Dyer. Susan, 77, 228 E Eaker. Ira A.. 66. 186 Earl. Paul. 83. 2-12 East. Charles, 75. 196 East. Kenneth. 74 Eaves. Charles A.. 11. 83 Eberhard. Marilyn. 66, 128 Ecker. Joyce. 91 Edtlins. H. A., 45 Eddy. Donald. 83. 2-16 Edgar. James L., 74 Edgar. Mrs. James L.. 202 Edmison. Bert. 180 Edrniston. Catherine. 77. 210, 228 Edmiston. Marsha. 83. 168 Edris. Dave. 91, 128. 129 Eggebetlit. Norman M., 65. 195 E111-le. Penny. 91. 180. 210, 230 Eidson. Ronald. 83. 180 Eikenherry. E. J.. 58 Elcrat. Alan. 91. 182, 242 Elduayen. Guillermo. 65 Elias. lrlerbert, 7-1. 213 Ellington. Jim, 91 Elliott. Nancy, 91. 210. 230 Ellis. Gerald, 66, 160 Ellis. Pete. 91 Elston. Herman, 83 Embry, lim. 91. 180. 183. 248 Embry. Larry. 65, 180. 248 Emenhiser. Betty. 91, 168 Emery. Tom. 193 Emmons. Ronnie, 91. 1-15. 246 ENGINEERS CLUB. 188 Engle. Murray. 77. 248 English. John. 83. 121. 187. 197, 2-1-1 Enlows, Harold. E.. 190, 193 Enkery. Nancy Jo. 66 Erhart. Patricia. 77 Ericson. Lynda 11Yendyl. 83, 93, 168 Erlichman. Jean, 83. 252 Erwin. Nancy. 83. 171. 210. 23-1 Esser. Sue. 66, 128. 129, 16-1, 165, 172. 201 Estes. Gene. 1-10. 1-15 Estes. Jack. 77 Estrugo. Jatobo. 208 Euhanks. Dan. 132. 133 Eulerl. Linda. 128 Evans. Pat. 91. 200. 226 Ewalt. Jane. 66. 230 EXECUTIVE CLUB. 199 F Falkensten. R. G.. 83 Fanclier. Dianne. 91. 169 Fail. Never M.. 74. 215 Fallis. Sevier. M.. Jr., 72. 206, 21-1 Farliootl. Emile. 66 Farhootl. Sam, 66 Farman. Jafer. 182 Farnsworth. Burch K.. 83 Farrar. Jay. 83. 147. 19-1. 2-14 Farrell. Ronald. 77. 252 Farzaneb. Mehicl. 77 Fay. James. 91 Feary. Charles. 129 Featherston. Charles M.. 91 Feinstein. Edward, 183 Fenn. Roger. 58 Ferguson. Stephen. 83. 2-16 Ferneau. Elmer F., 58 284 Ferrill. Richard. 180 Fidencio. Tardivo, 183 Field, John. 91 Figart. Margaret Evelyn. 66 Findley. Sharon. 83. 232 Findley. Sheila. 83, 232 Fine. Howard. 7-1 Finegan. Philip. 72. 21-1 Firrito. Salvatore Giovanni. 66 Fishwick. Carol. 91, 93, 129, 130, 169 Fitzsimmons. Betty, 83, 238 Flanery, Virginia. 77, 23-1. 235 Flemin . James L.. 66. 162, 205 Flora. Sally. 91, 186, 234 Floyd. Charles. 91 Fogarty. Marty. 66. 230 Fogg. Kay. 177. 216 Folsom. Jim, 83 FOOTBALL. 132, 133 Foote. Thomas H.. 66, 122 Forbes. Cecil C.. 4-1 Forbes. 1Vana Kay, 91. 169 Ford. Laviene, 66 Gipson, Esther, 84, 150, 171, 180, 210, 228 Girdano, John, 132. 133, 138 Gisburne, Bob, 84, 246 Gist, Dick, 77 Gist. John. 84 Gittrich. Albert D., 73, 203 Gladd, John A., 66 Glenn, Ray, 77 Glover, Bradley. 84 Goad, Jimmy, 222 Godwin, Joan, 92, 217. 232, 233 Godwin, Roger B.. 8-1, 205, 216 Golabchi, Mansour, 92 Goldwyn. Richard. 77 GOLF, 1-1-1 Gooch, Richard, 92 Good. Charles, 92 Goodall. Bob, 66, 140 Gooden. Lynette, 92, 226 Goodison. Gail, 77 Goodman. Jerry L., 66, 252 Fore. Jim. 83, 183,189 Forrest. Carol. 77, 236 Forrest. Nancy. 91. 175, 209 Foutch, Frank. 66 Fowler. Donald James. 208 Fowler. Jerry. S-1. 2-14 Fox. Mimi. 169. 175 Framel. Bill. 132. 133 Francis. Jo Ann, 91 Franco. Frederico. 183 Frandsen. Dallas James. Jr.. 66. 2-18 Franklin , Brooks G.. Jr.. 73. 213 Frasier. Jim. 89. 91. 252 Freeland. Mrs. F. C., 246 Freeman. Bill. 91 Freeman. Fred. 8-1. 2-16 Freeman. Freeda. 91, 128, 129 Freeman. Hal. 91 Freeman. Lyntlall. 171 Goodrich, Glenn W., 66 Goodwin. James M.. 66, 250, 251 Goodwin. Kay, 84. 171, 232 1Villiam Furman, 66, 18-1, 248 Gordon, Gore. Sandra. 92. 238, 239 Gosnell. Vic. 167 Gould, Patrick, 77. 246 Graber. Paul J., 58 Grace Dan. 66, 145. 254 Grace. D Graham avid, 92, 25-1 Barbara. 66 236 Graham: Clement, 661. 130 Graham, Delmer. 92, 93 Graham. Don, 175 Graham. Harry. 77. 246 Graham. Graham. jim. 92, 246 Nick, 34 Grant, Dick. 123 Grant. Kenny, 132. 133 Grant. Stanley lx.. 72. 213 Freeman. Sally. 89. 91. 168. 232. 233 Freeman. 1Villiam A.. 72. 212 Freeny. Pauline. 204 French. Bill. 91 French. Janece. 8-1. 22-1. 236. 237 Frey. Frederick. 183 Flick. Charles. 66. 179. 189. 24-1 Friel. Marie. 66. 230 Froelilich. Pat. 91. 127. 226 Frye. Betty. 91. 169. 225. 232 Frye. Don. 77 Fuller. Jerry A.. 66 Furlong. Jim. 91 Fusselman. John L.. 66 G Gaddy. June. 77 Gallagher. Gene. 84 Gallemore. Donald H.. 66. 252 Gallup. Joe. 66. 188. 192 Gamster. Jerry. 77. 166, 252 Gamster. Lew. 66. 252 Gantly. Bill. 8-1. 2-18 Gangwer. Ken. 91. 183 Ganne. Don. 18-1 Gantt. Dion. 77. 252 Garclne Gartlne Garlle. r. F, T.. 58. 191 r. Tommie Ruth. 126. 218 186 Garrett. Joe. 77. 18-1. 209 f ani 1 'ison. YY. B.. 58 Garrott. Katherine. 8-1. 217. 238 Garst. Marcia. 8-1. 175. 230 Gartrel 1. Fred. 125 Gary. Bill. 132. 133 Gasaway. Don. 7-1. 122. 159 Gasaway. Georgann. 66. 116. 157, 165 201, 228 Gault. Gary. 8-1 Gautt. Prentice, 151 Geister. Dianne. 77. 226 Gelino. John. 91. 250 Gemmill. John D.. 58 Gent. Nancy. 77. 171. 236 Gentry. M. D.. 220 GEOLOGY CLUB. 193 Gerard. Bill. 8-1, 252 ' Gesclimay. Edward. 128 Gesclimay. Sandy. 91 Geyer. Steve. 91 Gllaflari. Hormoz. 1-18 G i hhon s. Joe. 1-15 Gibson, Gayle. 91. 180, 210 Gibson, J. Alen. 77. 248 Gibson. Jamie C.. 72 Gibson. Ted. 72. 213 Gideon . Dorothy. 58 Cillard. Tom. 92 Gillilar Gillilat id. Charles, 77. 184. 248 id. Darrell. 196 Ginn, Sue. 66, 169, 196, 22-1, 233 Grant. Mrs. Stanley K.. 202 Graupman. Leonard, 129 Graves. Fred. 126 Gray, Troy, 66. 151. 185, 222, 242 Green. Donnie R.. 15, S-1, 166, 2-16 Green. Jerry. 77. 2-14 Greene. Forrest H., 66 Greer. Bob. 67 Gregg. K. T.. 92. 180 H Gregory. Carolyn. 77, 169, 115, 200, 210. 238 Gregory. Donald H., 84, 183 Gregory. Dwain, 92, 128, 252 Gregory. Lee, 129 Grennan. James G.. 73, 215 Gritlley. Daniel D.. 92, 252 Griliee. Carol, 75, 112, 157, 187, 206, 216, 22-1. 239 Grilley. Duke, 92, 252 GroF1'. Gale, 92 Groh. Sandra Lee. 92, 216, 217 ,236 Groleau. Richard. 67. 173 Grotke. Deana. 92, 128 Gross. Ray. 140 Grove. Roger, 67 Gubser. Elsie, 207 Gudgel. Tom H.. Jr.. 73, 214 Guerrero. E. T.. 58. 179 Gulley. Loren. 8-1, 162, 182, 205 Gulley. Myra. 67 Gulley. Phil S., 92. 197. 2-14 Guy. Carol. 92 Guy. Don. 92 Gwartnev. Jerry YV.. 92. 242 Gwinn. Mrs. Grace. 183 H Hackler. John. Jr.. 67. 166, 183, 186 Hackworth. Howard, 58 Haddock. Nicky. 92 Hafer. Bill. 79. 178. 19-1. 248 Hagedorn. Frank. 132, 133, 13-1 Hager. John. 58 Haggard. Jimmie Lea. 67. 207 Hague. Yvendell. 92. 183. 252 Hahn. Barbara. 79, 128, 129, 172. 228 Hahn. Gary E., 67, 128, l29,172,185, 221, 2-18 Haigh. John. 79 Hairston. Anita. 176 Halcomb. Ronald. 79. 18-1 Hale. Cathy. 84. S5. 128, 169, 171, 197. 236 Hale, Don. 72. 215 Haley. Nelda. 92. 210. 228 Haley, Sara Jane. 79. 168. 232 Hall. Anna Laura. 79. 162, 210 Hall. Bill. 19-1 Hall. David. 198 Hall, George, 78 Hall. Kenneth R.. 194 Hallman, Judy, 78 Jones, A Ham, Mary Frances, 15, 78, 159, 168, 170, 228 Hamilton. Bud, 77. 78, 252 Hamilton, Mrs. L. J., 242 Hammack, Robert, 78 Hammond, Kathryn, 207 Hampton, Joe, 84 Hanclcock. Marvin J., 67 Handley, Kenneth. 67, 178, 248 Handley, Margie, 92, 197, 225, 232 Handley. Sharon, 92, 216, 228 Hands, Veronica, 67 Handy, Lynn, 84, 252 Hanes, Judith, 92 Hanger, John, 184 Hanna, T. Miles, 203 Hansen, Gary, 92. 244 Hanson, Kermit E.. 84 Harbeston, Don, 75, 175, 182 Harcourt Doug, 84 Hardin. shifiene, 78 Hardy, Bill, 67, 186, 246 Hargrove, Linda, 84, 171, 177, 226 Harfrove, M. M., 51, 199 Har in, John K., 72, 213 Harlin. Mrs. John K., 202 Harlton, Bruce H.. 72 Harmon, Max Barry, 67 Harnden, Don, 92 Harp, Loretta, 117, 206 Harp, June. 84 Harrawood. Floyd, 198 Harrell, Larry, 84 Harrell, Ray, 92. 129, 130 Harris, Dee, 78, 162, 163, 205 Harris. Francis, 191 Harris. James Doyle, 78, 188 Harris, Judith, 92 Harris, Nancy, 78. 226 Harris, Sheldon G.. 72, 214 Harrison. Frank. 92 Harrison, Paul, S4. 188 Harrison, Tommy. 84, 246 Harte, Karen. 92. 169, 210, 234 Hastings. Richard. 84, 183, 244 Hatfield. lames R.. 78 Hatfield. Larry, 67. 183, 205 HatHeld, Pat, 92. 217, 238 Hathcoat, Paul, 92. 246 Haug. H. Edward. 67, 160, 246 Havlick. Don Gene. 72. 215 Hawkins, Eldon. 78. 205 Hawkins. Ross, 78. 191, 194 Hayden, Don. 84. 130 Hayden. Donald E., 49, 56 Hayes, Jack 1V., 59 Hayes, Jol1n A., 198 Haymes, Susie. 84, 230 Haynes, Jim, 92 Haynes. Judy, 197 Hays, Bill, 198 Hays, Jack N., 198 Hays, Jimmy, 84, 87, 244 Hays, John, 46 Hays, Lewis, 92. 252 Hays. 1Vil1iam E., 58, 187 Hearne. Charles, 84, 183 Hearon. Raymond, 92. 246 Heath, Chuck, 92, 246 Heck. Danny. 92 Heekel, David, 92 Hedley, John, 75 Hejazi. Jaiai, 183 Helander. Don P.. 58 Heldmar, Bill, 92. 252 Helland, Dennis, 78 Helmer, Elizabeth. 75. 236 Hempel. Sally. 78. 150, 238 Henderson, Bill, 92. 246 Henderson, Kenneth R., 75 Henderson. Robert, 58 Hendon, Jerry, 84, 129, 250 Hendricks. Waunita, 92, 168 Hendrix. Hal, 92 Henneke. Ben G.. 42, 43, 44, 56 Henneke. Mrs. Ben G., 201 Henry, Alda M., 67, 177 Henry, Jack, 84 Henry, Jerry, 78 Henry, Pat, 92, 228 Hensley, Arnold, 84 Hensy. Michael J., 67 Henzel, Philip, 92 Herod, Bill, 78, 244 Herring, Clay B., 204 Heskett, Bill, 72, 212 Heskett, Mrs. Bill. 202 Heskett, Jack D., 72, 212 Heslet. Jim, 92, 252 Hess, Joe Brian 92, 130, 173, 183, 248 Hickenbottom, Lewis, 92 Hickman, David, 140 Hicks, Bill. 92. 254 Hicks, David, 132, 133 Hicks, Mary, 171 Hicks, Reginald V., 67, 190, 193 Hicks, Suzanne, 204 Hicks, Wesley. 78 Hieronymus. Fran, 67, 116, 197, 236 Hilburn, Charles, 78 Hill, Claude. 125, 211 J Jackson. Alice. 84 Jackson, Bill. 78. 112 Jackson, Jerry Lee. 93 Hill, Olin, 174, 180 Hill, Roger. 92, 252 Hill, Sandra, 92 Hills, Tom, 92 Hilton, Charles, S4 Hindlc, Art. 198 Hinkle. Roy, 74, 215 Hinkle. Mrs. Roy, 202 Hobbs, Janice. 92, 169, 210, 232 Hobbs. Jessie, 58 Hobson, Robert L., 58. 157, 196 Hodsrson. Suzanne, 92. 186. 228 Hoelling. Eugene A.. 72. 214 Hoepner, Donald, 84, 145, 242 Hoev. David, 78. 252 Hoffman. James R., 58. 191 Hogue. Alexandre, 58, 196 Hojel. Richard C., Jr.. 78 Holcomb. Mary Ann, 67 Holland. Alfred, 72. 215 Jackson, William B., 67 Jacob, Jim. 194 Jamal, Ta,-gba. 153 games, David. 84, 197, 244 ames, Mary. 59 Janssen, Caroline, 67, 112, 201, 224, 257 Janssen. Chuck, 132, 133, 134 Jarniv, Imre T.. 173 , arrell, Jim. 78. 246 Joy Gary M.. 197 Jenhns, Bettie cami. 93, 169, 223 Jenkins, Charles M.. 75, 189 Jenkins, Jerry L.. S4 Jenney. Bill. 93. 246 Jenni, Patsy, 93, 186 Jennings, Larry. 93, 244 Johan, Ploeg. 183 JOHN MABEE HALL. 183 Johns, Marv Lou, 84, 234 Holland. George. 92 Holley. Phyllis. 92 Hollingsworth. K.. 58 Holloway. W. V., 52, 207 Holmes Holmes . Burt B., 198 . Dan P.. 45 Holmes. Mrs. Dan P.. Jr.. 198 Holmes. Dick. 84, 246 HOM E ECONOMICS CLUB, 200 Hon. Barry Garvin. 67. 130 1-Ionn. Richard C.. 74 Hones. Alfred. 214 Hoot, Susan. 92. 210. 229 Hope. John. 129 Hope. Steve. 84. 159. 166. 167, 252 Hopkins. Charles. 130 Hopkins. M. E., 58, 190. 193 Hopkins. Susan. 84. 238 Hopper. O. 1Voody. 72 Hormoz. Ghaflari. 183 Horn. Gary. 130 Horn. Margretta. 129 Horn. Peggy. 84. 128. 130, 164 Horne. Evelyn. 92 Horton. Carol lune. 175 Horton. Claudia. 67, 218 Hoskins. Gerald. 78. 248 Hotz. Gretchen. 16. 67, 115, 164, 201. 230 Hong. David. 186 Houston. Marcia. 92. 169 Hovis. Sybil. 92. 238 I-Ioward. Boyd. 78 Howard. E. A.. 59 Howard. Thomas C.. 196 Howell, Phillip. 59 Howell. Mrs. Philip L.. 201 Howil. Janice. 92 Hover. Mike. 92. 129 Hubbard. David L.. 67. 185, 22 Hubbard. Robert, 184, 188 Hudson. Barbara. 92 Huff. Barbara, 176 Huff. Roy. 59 1, 248 165, Jolmson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnson, Johnson. Alan L.. 78, 183 David. 93 Don, 194 Earl H., 67, 246 Ed. 59 E. Fred. 45 Gary M.. 67 Howard. 78 Janice, 200. 232 Jar.-fn 93. 130, 169, 236 Joi... M.. sv, 117, 157, 179, 189. 194. 195, 251 Johnson. Johnson, Johnson. Johnson. Johnson. Johnston Johnston Johnston Johnston Manly, 59 Mel 78, 252 Paul, 78. 252 Steve, 93 Ted. Jr., 84 . Don, 93, 145 , Earl, Jr., S4,128, 129 . Jimmy, 93 . Judy. 84, 230 Jolley, Gary. 93 Jones Jones. Jones. Jones. Jones, Jones, Jones, Jones. 201 lfred, 74 Beckv. 93, 225, 230 Bess. 176 C. 1Vayne. 67, 252 Donald. 93, 246 Francis E., 59 Gerald VV., 93. 180 H. Rodman, 59 Jean Sharon. 16, 67, 113, 157,186 204 224 227 Jones,iJerry1V.,i67, 147 Jones. John K., 93 Jones. Ken. 84, 252 Jones. Peter 67. 129. 217 Jones. R. Blaine. 78, 246 Jones, Richard, 93, 129, 248 l ones, Richard. 93 Jones. Robert Carroll. 78 Jones. Robert D.. 67, 184, 242 Jones, Ronny. 93 Jones, Russ, 75 Jones, Shirley. 93. 210. 226 Jones. V. Edgar. 59. 184 Hullines. Floyd. 140 Hug. Anne. 84. 122. 236 Huirhes. Ed. 59 Hull. Lawrence. 93 Hunt. Linda. 93. 130. 169. 234 Hunter, Catherine. 59. 184 Hurdle. John. 59. 218 Hursh. Joy. 59 Hurt. Martha. 78. 121. 236 Husted. Don, 93 Hutchens. Pat. S4 I-Iutton. Clifford. 59 Hyatt. Doris. 78. 168. 186 Hyatt. Janet. 78. 186 Hyatt. Judy. 84. 129. 234 Hyneman. Lucy. 67. 101, 129, 150, l Iba. Clarence V.. 140 Iba. Gene, 84. 140, 246 IFC. 256 Ikemier. Elizabeth. 176. 207 Ileff. Dene, 84 INDEPENDENT STUDENTS' ASSOCIATION, 209 Ingram, Mrs. Harry. 250 Ingram, Raymon, 59 Inkster. David. 84, 246 INSTITUTE OF AERONAUTICAL SCIENCES. 184 '169, 230 A INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB, 173 Irving, Sara, 78, 226 Jordan. Paul, 78. 244 JUNIOR PANI-IELLENIC, 225 K Kahan. Ronnie, 128 Kallenberger. Pat. 93. 236 Kaplan, Abraham, 67. 183 KAPP.-1 ALPHA, 244. 245 KAPPA ALPHA THETA, 232, 233 KAPPA DELTA. 234. 235 KAPPA DELTA PI. 204 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA, 236, 237 KAPPA KAPPA PSI. 172 KAPPA SIGMA. 246. 247 Karnes, Robert E., 72, 215 Karson, Arthur, 128 Kartik, Kishor. 75 Kaster, Dean, 78. 194. 248 Kaufman, R. J.. 59. 191 Kazem, Salehpoor, 93 Kazem, Sayyed Mohammed, 93 Keasler, Bill, 93. 151. 248 Keasler. Robert L., 67 Keith, James. 93. 250 Keithly, David, 67. 205 Keel, John, 78, 188 Keele, Harley, 78 Keeling. Jerry. 132, 133, 135, 138 Keeter, Karen, 78. 226 Kelly, Buddy, 132, 133, 134 Kelly, Fern. 204. 207 Kelting, Ralph, 59, 157 ' 285 KEMP HALL. 182 KENDALLABRUM. 120. 121 Kenney. Evelyn. 78. 238 Kent. Bob. 93. 242 Kepler. John. 129 Kepler. Margie Lee. 117 Kerby. James H.. S4 Kerr. John D.. 74 Khakboaz. Mohammad. 78. 183 Kiester. Jack. 78 Kilpatrick. James M.. 190. 193 Kimble. Rod. 78. 159. 250 Kimmel. Don, 84. 125. 248 King. A. Allen. 54. 59 King. Charles F.. 67. 189. 244 King. Richard. 78. 244 King. Ted. 93., 242 King. Winston. 84 KINGSTON TRIO. 13 Kinnison. John. 85 Kipp. Ron. 66. 77. 78, 159.160. 161. 185. 199. 248. 249 Kirk, Marian. 85 Kirkland. Bryant M.. 44 Kirkpatrick. Graham. 60 Kirkwood. Joe. 132. 133 Kirsch. Earl. 67 Kistler. William L. 44 Kite. Mary Ann. 77, 78. 79. 170. 177. 207. 230 Kite. Robert L.. 67, 242 Kizzlar. Mark. 78. 147 Klaus. Carole. 78. 217 Klaus. Michell. 93 Klein. Edna C.. 207 Kleinpeter. Guion H.. 68. 178. 244 Kleinpcter. Peggy. 93. 168. 236 Klentos. Despina. 68 Klineleltcr. Martyne. 93 Klotz. Charles. 60. 184 Knack. Sally. 93. 228 Knight. Fred. 175 Knight. Mrs. Lewis Hubert. 182 Knight. Linda. 78. 168, 226 Knowles. Porter C.. 85 Knox. Alton. 132. 133 Kobes. David. 85. 242 Kock. Bill. 125. 183 Kohle. Larry. 93 Kolb. Jim. 183 Konlogianes. John. 85. 194 Kovacs. Sandor. 60. 207 Kramer. Ted. 68. 128. 129. 250 Krashine. Susan. 68 Krausse. Eleanore. 85. 150. 168. 216. 230 Krebbs. Linda, 93 Kreider. Jack. 132. 133. 139 Kritikos. Richard T.. 68 Krueger. Chuck. 68. 158. 159 Kruse. Joe. 183 Kulka. Allan. 78. 183 Kulp. Virginia. 176 Kunkel. Elmer. 72. 212 KIVCS. 124. 125 L Laatsch. Richard. 60 Lackey. Sam. 68. 244 Lamb. Jack. 78. 188 251 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA. 248. 249 Lambert. Joel. 93. 188 Lamkin. Anne. 109 Lancaster. Ron. 93 Land. Jim. 188 Landa. Phillip. 60 Lane. Burl. 78. 128. 129. 172 Lane. Ca Lane. Donald. 74. 215 Lane. Jol Lane. rolyn. 93 in Michael. 93 K R. .. 44 Lane. Pal. 85. 171. 228 Lane. Ted E.. 78 Laney. 11111 E.. 68 Lang. ii n. 85 .1 Lang. Robert. 85. 188 Langenhcim. Ralph Louis. 56 Langston. Jack. 85 Lanninig. Edward. 129 LANTERN. 171 Laphen. Helen. 169 Lapinski. Jack. 188 Largen. Marcia. 85. 171. 216. 217. 230 Larson. Robert Keith. 68. 209 Latsli.iu'. John C.. 93 Lavender. Norman. 93 Lawhorn, Dan. 85. 184 Laws. Charles. 78 Lawson. Bobby. 93 Lau son. Dale. 125 Lawson. Eula. 204 Lawson. Evelyn S.. 68 Lawson. Fred. 147 Lawson 286 .James F. 74. 213 Lawson. Mrs. James F.. 202 Laycock. Sam. 85 Leach. Dorothy. 171 LEAGUE OF YOUNG DEMOCRATS. 197 Ahow-Leal. Alberto-Jose. 68 Lease. Kemper W.. 68. 179. 189. 244 Ledbetter. Tom. 126 Lee. David R.. 78. 129. 130. 248 Lee. Linda. 93 Lee, Richard M.. 68. 221. 246 Leeivander. Norman. 248 Leemhuis. Dellis Ray. 68 Lefton. Dennis. 254 Lehew. Rogers. 60 Lehr. Larry. 125 Lester. Janice. 93. 210. 230 Lester, VVilliam. 128 Levengood. Claude A.. 49. 60. 157 Levengood. Julie. 93. 101. 107. 186. 232 Levorsen. A. I.. 44 Lewis. James. 85. 129 Lewis. Jim. 93. 244 Lewriht. Louann. 93. 150. 169. 234 Lexton. Dennis. 93 Lindsay. Hague. 60 Lindsay. Max. 175 Linnell. Robert. 60 Lis. Anthony. 60 Little. Dennis. 93 Little. Darrell. 78. 246 Littleton. Charlene. 78, 168 Lloyd. Robert. 190 Lobaugh. Tanya. 126 Locate 1. Louis. Jr.. 191 Locke. John C.. 73 Lolton. Sally. 68. 200. 230 Logan. Mike. 68. 242 Lo an. Phil. 78. 242 Loxlgley. Douglas YN.. 68. 162. 205 Lombard, Francis. 93 Lombard. Larry. 93, 248 Lonechief. Charles. 145 Long. James R.. 93 Loomis. Ina Lee. 85. 171 Lorenz. Bob. 151. 251 Lorey. Peggy Ann. 78. 169. 210. 217. 230 LOTTIE JANE MABEE HALL. 168. 169 Loucks. Terry. L.. 179. 181 Loum. Laura Lee. 93. 234 Lowder. Dale. 79 Lowe. Marvin E.. 206 Lowerison. Margaret. 78 Lowery. Mike. 94 Lucas. Bill. 83. 140 Ludewick. Harold. 94 Lundy. Edward. 79. 182. 250 Lundy. George. 79. 182. 250 Luppi. Alejandro. 79. 148. 173. 179. 183. 189 Lusk. Vernon. 94. 129 Lyle. Pat. 85 Lyle. Tom. 94. 129 Lynch. Bob. 94. 145. 252 Lynch. Dorothy Lee. 85. 125. 169. 173. 174. 175. 216 Lyon. Cindy. 79. 123. 174. 187. 226 Mc Mt-Alister. Barbara. 94. 130. 168. 232 McA1oon. Sharon. 94. 168. 238 McAually. Mary Ellen. 79 1111-Anelly. Margaret. 94. 169. 234 McBride. Paul. 74. 213 McCabe. Mike. 85 11lcCartney. R. J.. 68. 160. 205 McCarty. Eleanor. 79. 174. 175. 200 McCool. Cary. 94 McCord. Caroline. 60 McCord. Fletcher. 60 Mt-Cord. Judy. 85. 217. 238 McCormack. Bob. 79. 207. 244 McCormick. Lynne. 79. 230 McCormick. Peggy Pat. 85 Mtfloy. Jerry. 188 McCoy. 1Villiam R.. 85. 129 Mt'Crabb. Don. 180 Mt'Crary. Martha. 128. 200 McCullough. Everett D.. 85 Mcllullom. Charles. 174 McCurry. Robert. 132. 133 McDonald. Dana. 94. 226 Mt-Dowell. R. IV.. 45 Mv.'Fadin. Louis McFarland. Kav. 60 McCee. Richard. 60 McGhee. Thomas E.. 68. 242. 256 McGinnis. Jackie. 94. 210. 2110. 231 McCivern. Patil V.. 72 McClothlin. Levi. 85. 183 1111-Gnliin. Bob. 94 Mcflouran. F. J.. 85 McCranahan. C. Bruce. 68. 188. 189. 192. 193 ltltflregor. Bob. 85. 246 Mclnerney. Bea. 60 Mclntyre. Richard. 128 McKee. W. E.. 60 McKenzie. Ann. 101 McKenzie. Camellia. 94 McKenzie, McKinney. gm. 94. 166. 252 A McKinney. orman. 85 McKnight. Doris Jean. 207 Milton. 68. 115. 158. 193 250 McLeod. Wilfred R.. 182 McMillan. Murray. 68. 113. 124. 125 McNabb. L. O.. Jr.. 68. 151. 183. 195. 205 McNatt. Arthur. 94. 246 McNob1e. L. O.. 68 McPhearson. Evelyn. 79 McQueen. Bob. 132. 133. 137 McWhirter. Roy. 79, 188 M Mabee. John E.. 45 Mack. Jim. 188 MacMullin. Bruce. 173 Madden. Patricia. 94 Maddox. Eugenia. 46. 60 Madrin. Len. 94. 248 Maebius. Cornelia. 68. 228 Magee. Nikki. 85 Ma inness. Linwood. 79 Mahoney. Jane. 94. 236 Main. Ronnie. 85. 252 Ma'ercik. Tony. 94. 183 Makhali. Madan P.. 94 Mallen. Connie. 94. 168. 232 Mallory. Burt. 94, 252 Malloy. Jerry. 140 Malone. Charles. 46. 60 Malroy. Ronda. 94. 234 Manasco. Fred. 74 Mancuso. C. J.. 60 Manipella. Sam. 73. 203. 214 Manipella. Mrs. Sam. 202 Mann. Noel. 79. 123 Manolakis. Jim. 145 Mansfield. Darrell. 85 Mansour. Ardeshir. 79 Manuel. Shirley. 79. 128 Marchbank. Robert. 85 Mareburger. Carolyn. 94 Mark. Larry. 85. 129 Markert. Marlow. 60. 204 Marks. Anthony. 85. 129. 183 Marsh. Michael. 94 Marshall. Diane. 79. 232 Marshall. Kay. 196 Marshall. Laura. 94. 168 Martin. Charles. 79. 157. 180 Martin Marlin Martin Martin. Diane. 85. 197 Ethel. 94. 186 Floyd. L.. 45 Janet. 85. 168. 232 Martin. Joan. 94. 225. 230 Martin. Larry, 79. 244 Martin Larry. 85 Martin. Margaret. 85. 168 Martin Robert. 73 Martin Mrs. Robert. 202 Martinson. Tom. 85 Marvin. Gatra. 85. 200. 228 Mashburn. Ray. 79. 182. 250 Mason. Robert Lee. 74 Mathers. Linda. 94 Matheu's. Donald L.. 85 Mathieson. Bob. 79. 190, 192. 194. 242 Mathieson. Ray. 61 Matlock. Dale. 79. 242. 243 Maxwell. Dale. 79. 217. 248 Maxwell. Linda. 94 Maybee. Phillip. 180 Maycen. Dale. 68. 254 Mead. Linda L.. 85. 180 Meadows. Marie. 207 Means. James L.. 68. 244 Mears. Autry. 9-4 Medlock. Sandra. 85. 168. 177. 216. 228 Meehan. Arthur. 61, 93. 178 Meeks. Joe. 94. 173. 183 Meissinger. 1Villiam H.. 73 Meflord. Howard. 74. 215 Mehm. Charles. 94 Melinder. Marlene J.. 94. 169. 232 Meltzer. Terry. 74. 215 Meltzer. Mrs. Terry. 202 MEN'S INTRAMURAL COUNCIL. 151 Merle. Darryl. 94. 182 Merritt. John. 79 Mesa. Diego. 148. 182 Metcalf. Jane. 94. 168. 228 Metcalf. Judy. 94. 150. 168. 228 Metlock. Dale. 186 Metzel. George. 46 Metzger. Mary. 23. 68. 170. 232 Meyer. Kenneth L.. 85 Meyers. Charles. 129 Meyers. Judith. 94 Michael. Don. 79. 188 Middleton, Dick, 136 Millard, Marvin, 44 Miller, Bob, 190 Miller, Don, 192 Miller, Dub, 192 Miller, Evelyn Faye, 207 Miller, Francis X., 193 Miller, Glenn, 79, 162 Miller, Janet, 94 Miller, udy Raithel, 68 Miller, Mike, 68, 125, 211 Miller, Reid, 85, 183 Miller, W. B., 190 Milleson, Gene 94, 129 isniiigan, Marshall, 61 Mil1s,Joe, 79, 123, 151, 166, 187, 217, 244 Mills, Tom, 94, 145, 252 Milsten, Paula, Garber, 68, 169 Minton, Jerrv 94, 250 Mirbaghem, Masoud, 85, 183, 188, 192 Mitchell, Ben, 94 Mitchell, Eleanor, S7, 197, 210 Mitchell. Max, 94 Modell, Ronald, 75 MODERN CHOIR, 150 Modir-Zadeh, Kamal, S6 Molavi. Ardeshir, 183 Monteith, Gary, 94. 246 Montgomery, Amabel, 86, 121, 123, 187, 238 Montgomery, Sharon, 94 Moody, A11n, 86, 164, 168, 171, 228 Moon, Clive, 68 Moon, Jlerry, 132. 133 Moon, ommy, 86, 182 Mooney, Neil, 79 Moor. Ronald, 205 lN1oore. Bill M., 73 Moore. Charles, 69, 128, 129 Moore, Edward, 128 Moore. Farrell, 86 Moore. Glee, 79, 228 Moore, Jerry, 86 Moore, John, 86, 248, 256 Moore, Moore, Moran, Patty Ann, 86 Robert, 79, 129, 130, 172 Dennis 1V., 86 Moreland, Boyd, 75 Morgan. Dale, 196 Morgan, Richard E., 69 Moriart Moritz y. Martha Jane, 69, 168, 238 Jerry I 189 MorrisiC1yde.'79, iss. 189 Morris, Dwight, 86 Morris. Earl E., 64. 69, 182, 244 Morris. Mary, 94, 175, 226 Morris, Ray, 86 Morris, Shara. 69. 114, 168, 210,238 Morrison, James B.. 94 Morrison, Sharon. 9-1 MORTAR BOARD, 201 Morton, Gene, 86 Mossadeghi, S., 178 Most, Shirley, 49 Mostouf. F., 178 Moucka, Tom, 75 Moulder, Gran, 86. 246 Moulder. Greg, 86. 246 Moulton. Billy. 129 lklowery. Donald, 94 Muckenthaler, George. 74 Muckenthaler, Mrs. George J., 202 Muller. Fred, 212 Mullen. Richard. 94. 183 Mulroy. Rhonda. 169 Mulvehill. George. 162, 163 hitigalinger. Fred. 69. 185, 188, 190, Myers. Murphy, C. H., 94. 246 Murphy. Darlene. 94, 169 Murphy, Dudley, 94 Murphy, Getty K.. 61 Murphy. Jack, 132. 133 I Murray . . N.. 61.190,193,195 Murray. Clarita, 79 Murray. Gordon. 94. 145 Murray. James, 61 Murray. Mike. 94 Myers. H. Keith. 74, 215 Myers. Nancy. 79. 225, 238 Norman 86.1'5 1 , , Z . 94 Myers. Russell. 17. 69, 186 Myers. R. B.. 61 N Naeher. John. 86 Naifeh. Jerald P.. 69 Nawabi. 1-Iafizullah, 86 Neas, John, 94 Neil. Judith. 94. 180 Nery. Paulo S., 69. 178 Nesbit. Evelyn, 204 Ness. Don, 86, 184 Ness. John H., 19S Newberry, Don, 94, 175 Newell, Bob, 86, 145, 151, 252 Newell, Sandy, 94, 168, 236 Newhouse, Paul, 74 Newhouse, Thomas C., 203 Newman, John, 86, 194, 242 Nichols, Bob, 86, 132 133, 246 Nichols, Clay, 79, 244 Nichols, Joan, 79, 173 Nichols, Sandra. 94, 130 Nicholson, Carolyn, 79 Nidifler, Ilohn, 86. 252 Nihoa, F orine, 176 Nilsson. Rolf. 79, 162, 163 Nixon, Neal, 69, 247 Noblin. Barbara, 86, 187, 216, 228 Noel. Iva Marie, 69 Norman, Mary, 69, 168, 200, 224, 232, 233 North, Nasha. 168 Northeutt, WVilliam, 206, 214 Norton. Lou. 128 Norwood. Richard. 94, 248, 249 Noss. David L., 72 Novak, Nichalas, 72. 212 Novsek. Joe, 132. 133. 134 Noyce. Jim. 94. 128, 183 Nuckolls. Jim. 198 Nunlev, Dale. 69. 157, 190. 192, 244 O O'Banion. Sharon. 94 O'Dell. Patrick. 79 O'Donnell. Mitchell D.. 203 Ogden. Dale, 79. 205 Ogle. Cheryl. 86, 228 Oglesley. Marguerite. 204 O'Hara. Donna. 94 Olinger. David. 198 Oliver. Charles. 79 Olson. Carolyn. 86, 101, 228 Olson. Irma. 171 Olson. Jay, 176 O'Neill, John, 132, 133 ORCHESTRA. 128 Orrell. Cathy. 86. 236 Orrell. Darwin. 86 Osberg. Richard. 95. 129 Osborn. Vinita. 207 Osborne. Bob, 95 O'Shea. Maureen, 95. 168, 175, 234 Ouzts. 1Villiam T., 69 Overhuls, Barbara, 61 Overstreet. Fred, 86 Owen. Lyle. 61 Owen. Mary. 204. 207 Owens. Ann. 86. 171, 210. 249 P Packard. Susan. 95, 226 Pagac. Leon. 132, 133 Page, Martha. 95. 168 Page. Sam. 95 Pallett. Jack, 69 Palm. Barbara. 69. 101. 106, 232 Palmer. Charlene. 79. 234 Palmer. Terry. 86. 252 PANHELLENIC COUNCIL, 224 Park. Shirley. 95 Parker. Janie, 69. 224 Parker. Richard. 125 Parks. Douglas. 95 Parks. Fred. 69 Parris. Elva Faye. 69. 180 Parris. Sue. 95. 168 Parrish. Robert E., 61. 177. 196 Paseyal. Ivon. 183 Pason. Alan. 95 Passlev. Paul. 74, 213 Pate. Jim. 86 Patel. Nathabhai-Aderbhai. 69 Patterson. Jim. 86. 194. 242. 256 Patterson. Iohn. 132. 133 Patterson. Lora Lee. 169 Paulson. 1Villard. 95. 183. 248 Paxson. Damon. 205 Payne. Don E.. 74. 215 Payne. Kay. 69. 113. 199. 210. 226 Pearce. Arthur. 95. 252 Pearson. Don G.. 72 Pease. Alan. 79, 246 Peavy, David A.. 72. 212 Peavy. Mrs. David A.. 202 Pedersen. Lee. 191 Pedersen. Peter. 191 Pendergrass, VV. G.. 69 Pennington, Jack, 79. 248 Pe11so. Rafael. 69, 192, 250 Perino. Cl1arles, 95 Perrault. Ainslie. Jr.. 86, 244. 245 Perrine, Barton. 86. 194, 208 Nye. Ronald. 175 Owens. Ronald. 86 Pace. Dale, C., 95 Perry. Loyd B., 69, 188 Peschka, Don, 95 Peters, Sandy, 86, 228 Peterson, Bruce, 61 Peterson, Marilyn, 95, 168, 226 Peterson, T. K., 128 Petocz, Ronald, 95, 250 Pettie, Elbert 95 Pettypool, J. Martene, 73 PHI ALPHA DELTA, 213 PHI ALPHA THETA, 206 PHI BETA GAMMA, 212 PHI DELTA PHI, 215 PHI ETA SIGMA, 194 PHI GAMMA KAPPA, 157 Philliber, Don, 95, 246 Phillips Phillips Phillips P1.i111p, Phillips , John, 79, 252 Phillips, Phillips, Phillips, , Charles L., 95, 183 , David, 86 Erwin, 73 Fred 72 Lynne, 79, 181, 228 Robert Lee, 69, 244 Vliilliarn Fred, 212 Philp, Walter J., Jr., 69 PHI MU, 238, 239 P1 DELTA EPSILON, 187 P1 EPSILON TAU, 179 Pietri, Antonil, 148 PI GAMMA MU, 207 PI KAPPA ALPHA, 250, 251 Pilcher, Ben, 69 Pinney, Larry, 95 Piranio, Giuseppe, 183 Pitchford, Janice, 95, 101, 109, 230 Place, Brad, 61 Planos, Antonio A., 69, 173, 193 Plenge. Robert Oscar, 148, 182 Plewes, George, 95 Plouzek, Allene, 69, 118, 157, 177, 204, 207 Plunkett John A., 69 Poage, Thomas, 95 Poe, James, 207 Poe. Jerry. 95, 244 Pogue, Jerry, 86 Pogson, George, 79 Polite, Donna, 95, 232 Pollard. Dan, 86, 244, 256 Pongratz, Leonard, 95 Pontius, G. I., 41, 45 Pontius, Jack, 69, 246 Pope, Doreen, 86, 226 Popielarcheck, Adam, 140 Porter, Norman, 188 Porter, Pacola, 248 Pottier. Bill, 86 Powell. Bob, 63 Powers, Daniel, 80 Poucel Dick, 86, 250 Price, Jean Rene, 95 Price. Richard, S6 Price. YV. S., 61 Prindible, James, III, 86, 182 Priyett, Mrs. Vinita, 80, 177, 200 Privitt, Bill R., 72, 215 Przybyl, Clarence E., 69, 182, 192 PS1 CHI. 196 Puckett, Charles, 95 Puky. Andres, 95, 183 Pulliam, Dan, 175 Pu11lon, Judi, 86, 101, 105, 232,255 Pnrser. J. S., 95 Purcell. Howard, 182 Quinn. Gloria, 176 Quintero. H., 80 Quirk. Kathleen. 24. 80, 169, 234, 235 Quzts. H. C.. 69 R Rachel. 1Vayne, 80, 244 Racldant. Dcnnis. 95, 252 Ragan. Jo. 95. 186, 228 Rahal. Fred, S0 Ralial. 1Vendell, 86 Ral111. Edward. 161 Raimond. Bill, 298 Ramsey. Joe. 86. 244 Randell. Mark. 95, 183 Randow. Marjorie, 86, 171 Raney. Glen. 80. 186. 242 Rappe. Teresa. 95. 169. 225, 228 Rastegar. Sassen. 183 Ray. Phil. 95, 252 Raymer. Tommy. 80 Raynor. Ray. 69 Reel. Richard, 140 Reese, Joe. 80. 132, 133. 246 ' 287 Reeves, Mack. 132. 133 Reinkemeyer. Clement. 20S Rembisz, Eugene. 73. 215 Rembisz. Mrs. Eugene. 202 Rev. Gonzalo. 183 Schwab. Lou, 80 Scivto. Filippo, 183 Reynolds. Reynolds, Reynolds, Reynolds, Reynolds, Rice, Phyl Richards. Richards, Richards, Richardso Richardso Donna. 95 John. 95 Morty, 80. 162 Tomi. 80. 210. 230 lis, 95, 210, 228 Clilt, 86 Martha Jo. 69, 169, 209 Mike. 95. 244 n, Carol. 69 n, Martha. 80, 216, 234 Richard 1Vilson, 69. 189, 242 Sherrill. Harriett. Richardson, Michael G., 69, 158, 159, 244 Richardson. P. T.. 125 Richmond, Mike, 69. 252 Ridenhour. Virginia, 86, 164, 165, 171 Ridpath, John, 95. iss Rieber, Don, 73, 214 Ries. Janet. 88, 95. 108, 228 Riggs, Charles, 95. 182 Rinehart, Shirley. 86, 230 Ringo, Boyd R.. 61 Risner, Norma Lee, 69, 238 Ritchie. James, 73 Rives, Dan. 86, 242 Rives, James Allen. 75 Robbins, David E.. 70 Roberts. Barbara. 198 Roberts, Edward V.. 198 Roberts, Joe. 72, 215 Roberts. Marvin, 66 Robertson. Dan, 86. 248 Robertson, Jimmie R.. 95, 182 Robev Elizabcth. 70. 226 Scobie. 1Villiam, 128 Scott. John P.. 203 Scott, Irs. John P., 202 Scott. Kay. 80. 177, 234 Scott, Norma. 70 Scott, Roger. 72. 215 Scott, Tom H., 95 Scott, Virginia Lea, 70, 108, 150, 236 Scott, William, 80 SCROLL, 170 Seber. Nelson, 95 Secrest. Richard Duane. 95 Seiler. H. M.. 95. 252 Selmger. Keith. 80 Sellers. Cynthia. 80, 236 Sellers. James. 128. 129 Sensintafler, Frank. 204 Senter. Robert, 129 Settle, 1Villiam. 61. 173. 206, 207 Se-ver, Ruenell, 70. 226 Severson. Joanne. 198 Shackleford. Allan 1Vi1liam, 70, 188 Shaffer. Thomas. 208 Shah. C. S., 70 Shakrai. M.. S0 Shanon, Charles. 70 Shannon, Kay. 95. 238 Sharp, Jerry. 95. 244 Sharp. Robert C.. 45 Shaver. Dick. 95 Shearer. Janie. 70. 169. 232 Sheeler. Joe. 174 Shellenbager. Bill. 80. 128. 129, 172, 250. 256 Sheridan. Marisue. 80. 225. 236 87 Snider, Janice, 232 Snider, Iary E., 70 Snuggs, R. Grady, 55. 62 Snyder, Phillip, 80, 147 SOCCER TEAM, 148 SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT, 205 Soderberg, Vicki, 80, 150, 169 Sons, Dave, 96 Sontag, James L., 72, 213 South, Robert, 87 Sowders, Henry, 80, 162 Spalding, Billy, 87, 183 Spencer, VVinifred, 80 Spikes, John, Jr., 181 Spillman. Jack, 186 190, 192 Spradline. Mrs. Karen, 96 Spreen. Darrell. 96 Springfield, Andrew L Stahl, Susan. 96. 228, Staires, Harold, 46 .. 53 229 Staley, Katherine. 96. 150, 168, 236 Staley, Sandra, 87 Stalker, Mrs. Irene, 232 Stalnaker. Eugene. 87. 184 Stanley, Sandra, 171, 232 Stanton, Laura. 128 Stanton, Thomas E., 70. 189. 244 Stark. Bill. 70, 112. 178, 252, 256 Stearns. Lillard, 96 Steele. Kenneth, 96. 186, 248 Stellens. Nancy. 64. 70. 85, 117, 124, 125. 201. 211. 224. 229 Stephens, Lance, 80 Stephenson, Chuck. 217 Steurmann, YValter. 62 Steurv. Mrs. Dorothy W.. 70 Robegfj Robey, Paxton, 87, 183 Richard O., 70 Rocka, Roger. 87, 254 Roeder. Eugene. 132. 133. 136 Roger. Kenneth L., 70, 157, 175, 184, 194, 195 Rogers, Bob. 80. 252 Rogers. John. 44, 61 Rogers, Lewis R.. 185 Rogers. Mary. 204 Rogers. Virginia. 87, 226 Roland. Gary. 95 Rolle. Suzanne. 87. 129. 130. 164. 226 Rorschach. Carol. 80. 120, 114, 170, 226 Roseborough. Dave, 87. 194 Rosen. Gunnar, 95, 250. 251 1k.OSEl1lJlR3l, Sanig SE, 121. 197, 225, 236 osser, innie rs., 254 Rostegar. Sassan, 95 Rotman, Haney, 70. 196 Rourke. Norman. S0 Rowan. Sally. 95, 168. 230. 231 Rozsa, Bela, 61 Rozsa. Boxana. 95. 236. 237 Ruddle. Douglas. 73 Rudy, Donna. 87. 169. 236 Ruhr. Sue. 6. 80. 170. 186, 232 Rumlev. 1Vaync Barnes. 70, 178 Runnels. Gai1,R., 72, 215 Russel, Leon. 95 Russell, Barbara. 95 Russell, Bob. 80 Russell. Peggy. 80. 232. 233 Rutledge. YV. A.. 61 Ryan. Nancy. 80. 108. 221, 228 Rylander. Nick. 70 S Saltzman. Lloid R., 61 Samaras, Sylvia. 70. 186 Sanchez, Carlos. 183 Sanders, Darrell. 87 Sanders, Jim. 87 Sanders, XVilliam A.. 74, 213 Sanders, Mrs. Bill. 202 Sandusky. Norma. 87, 238 Sanford. Dan. 80 Santee. Robert F.. 72 Shider. Janice. 95 Shields. John. 95. 183 Shirk. Frances. 95. 210 Shirley. Carolyn. 70. 228 Shoal. Charlie. 96 Shower. Mary Ann. 87 Shower. Robert. 70. 160. 248 Shuller. Jolm. 128 Shurtleff. Carolyn, 207 Sides. Jimmie. 87 SIGMA ALPHA IOTA. 164. 165 SIGMA CHI. 252. 2553 SIGMA GAMMA EPSILON. 190 SIGMA NU. 254. 255 Sill, Pete. 96. 250 Silvers. Janeta. 171 Simard. Paul. 189 Simmons. James. 87. 252 Simms. David. 74 Simms. Mrs. David. 202 Simpson. Frederick. 62 Simpson. Sally. 80. 232 Singletary. I-Iesten. 80. 181 Singleton. Jcrrv, 80. 194, 244 Sitler. Robert E.. 72 Sjahbana. Hasim, 87 Skinner. ,1oCarol. 80 Skinner, Letitia. 96. 204. 216, 228 Skinner. Niva. 96 Slater, Robert. 204 Slicker. Phil. 96. 252 Slocombe. T. A.. 80. 183 Slocum. Judith. 96. 238 Stewart, Beverly. 96 Stewart, Bob. 70, 129 Stewart. Dianne. 87. 121, 171, 177 226 Stewart. Dick. 180, 216 Stewart, Leslie. 96, 244 Stewart, Richard D.. 96, 248 Stewart Stewart Stillma . Robert. 206 Steve. 96. 248 n. Y1'arren H.. 70. 248 Santoriun. Roxy. 80. 168, 209 Sartain. George. 74. 213 Sava e Barbara. 95 C 1 1 g . Savage. . 1.. 3. 203. 215 Savage, Mrs. C. B.. 202 Scaggs. Roger. 242 Scarth. Bill R.. 74. 215 Scarth. Mrs. Bill R.. 202 Scattergood. Carole. 95 Schaeller. Hugh V.. 203 Scheer. Marilyn. 87 Schell. Norma J.. 70. 150, 168, 232 Schlenker. A. lrl.. 61 Schmidt. lim M.. 64. 70, 249 Schnette. Ken. 95 Schneider. Karl. 95. 248 Schneider. Tom. 80. 254 Schooler. Bill. 87. 166. 252 Schoolcraft. Gary. 132. 133 Schroeder, YVendy. 80. 171, 196, 230 288 Sloan. Sloan. Perry. 183 Robert E.. 74 Small, Bob. 70. 252 Small, George. 62 Smarr, Suzanne. 87. 225. 226 Smith Almeda Geraldine. 70 smithI Am.. zoo Smith. Bill. 87. 246 Smith, Bill A. Jr.. 80, 188, 189 Smith, David C.. 87 Smith. Don E.. 80 Smith. DonnaJo. 169, 216 Smith. George D.. 70 Smith. Giflord. 80. 182 Smith. Goldie Capers. 157 Smith. Harry. K.. 70 Smith. I'1oyt. 80. 81. 180 Smith. Jerry Lee. 70 Smith, Kay. 175 Smith, Leo. 96 Smith. Mary Ann. 96. 225. 228 Smith, Mary Pamela. 64, 70, 200, 236 Smith, Norma. 80 Smith. Patsy, 87 Smith. R. C., 132. 133 Smith. Richard. C.. 75 Smith. Robert S.. 195 Smith. , Smith. Susan. 96 Rodney D.. 96, iss, 248 Smittle. Nanci. 70. 230 Smoot. Dave. 96. 145 Smyth. Sandra. 87. 234 Snider. Helen, 186 Stipkovich. Paul. 132, 133 Stivers. Norman Dean, S7 Stockard. jerry, 80 Stogsclill. ames J.. Jr.. 80 Stokes, Dan M., 96 Stone. Bob. 87, 183 Stoner, Mrs. Paul F., 236 Storm, Freeda, 128 Stout. Charles. 70. 205 Strachan. Clyde. G.. 190 Strangeland. Alan, 72, 212 Strawn. Fred, 87, 209 Stricker, Monty, 87 Strickland. Carol, 216 Stringer, Pauline. 204 Stroup. Jim. 80. 242. 243 Strout, Clevy L.. 62 Strout. Jane. 207 Studebaker. Jean, 70 STUDENT BAR ASSOCIATION, 203 STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATIONAL ASSOCIATION. 177 STUDENT SENATE. 158. 159 Stuermann. Lucille. 206 Sturm, Skip. 80. 118. 120, 159, 254 Suitor, Jim. 96 Sullivan. Don. 96. 129. 184, 252 Summers, Anne. 96 Summers. Kay. 96. 236 Surrett, Dave. 80. 174, 180 Sutherland, Kay. 128 Sutherland, Kathleen. 70 Sutherland. Larry. 30. 128, 129 Swaliord, Linda. 87, 230 Swan, Richard, 96 Swanson, Gene, 96 Swanson. Nancy. 80. 170, 174, 177, 226 Swartz. Dorothy. 70. 206, 207 Swift. Richard, 70 SWORD AND KEY. 195 T Taft. Donnie, 96. 168. 226 Taggart. Robert, 81. 117, 162, 163, 199. 205 Talbutt, Robert, 176 Taliaferro, Kay, 87. 210, 234 Tarpley, A. R., 204 Tate. Trenna Kaye. 87, 238. 239 Tatum, lim, 87. 252 Taylor. David, 87. 180. 252 Taylor. Leigbt, 96. 250 Tedball, Elwyn, Jr.. 96 Teis, Cecila. 70 Temple. Faith Marie. S7 Tener, Jerry, S1 TENNIS, 146 Tcssman, Mary, 96. 168, 236. 237 Tharp, John H.. 72, 214 Tharp, arry, 81. 209 Tharp, Wayne, 96, 208, 209 THETA ALPHA PHI, 218 Thieman, Sue, 87 186, 216, 228. 243 Marvin L., 198 Thomas, C. D., 62 Thomas, gm Ellen. 96, 228 Thomas, anci LaRoque. 70. 236 Thomas, Ralph, 62 Thomas, 1Valter, 166, 167 Thomason. Bill. 87 Thompson. Allen, 71. 250 Thompson. Becky. 71, 79. 112. 130, 164. 165, 201, 230 Thompson, Bill, 132, 133 Thompson, Gary, 87 h Thompson, George David. 71, 193 Thompson, Jerry, 87, 244 Thompson, less, 62 Thompson. Linda, 79, sl, 114, 170. 210, 226 Thompson, Louise. 96 Thompson, Margaret Anne. 75, 196. 207 Thompson, 1Vilfon Thompson. Patrick. 71, 132. 133 Thornton. Gary Jack. 93, 96. 242 Thrash. James A.. 219 Tibbitts. Bette. 81, 226 Tibbs, Troy. 71. 186 Tiernan. Betty. S1 Ti he, Jim, S7 Tilgler. Donald H., 71 Tipton, Donna, 96. 168, 236 Y Titterington, Kenneth F., 71, 178 Tomek. George 71 Tomsang. Margaret, 186 Toole, John, 132, 133. 136 Torr, Carolyn. 71, 232 Tower, Jlohn P.. 197 Towry. erry. S7 Toyoda, Katsunari, 75 TRACK. 145 Travis, Dan E.. 71 Traynor. Pat. 96, 168 Treat, Margaret, 81 Tribbey, 1Valter. 71 Walenta. Joel, 132, 133 VVa1ker, Illay P., 45 Walker. ancy, 81. 236 Wall, Carol, 87, 230, 231 Wall, Shirley, 81. 128, 129. 164 Wallace. Becky, 81, 96. 169, 175. 191, 209, 216 VVallaCe, Evelyn, 128, 169. 175. 226 Wallace, Francis, 129 1Vallace, George. 145 VVallace. Paul, 81 VValler, Tony. 74. 215 1Vallis, Jim. 71. 254 1Valper, Jack, 193 1Va1sh, John. 71. 158. 159. 189. 246. 256 1fValters, Larry, 184, 188 Walters, Lester, 88 Walton, James A Waltrip. Charles Ward, Ann, S8 Ward. .l3mes, 71 Ward, Thomas A., 88 Warden. Earleen, 71 VVarlock, Don. 96. 250 1Varnken, Gary. 71, 162 11Varnken. John C.. 81, 162 1Varren llilijah. 74 1Yarren. Ski O.. 72 1Vashburn. Liela. 81 1Vatkins, Jim. 88 1Vatkins. Max, 96 1Vatson, Billy J.. 81 Watson, James. 81 YVatS0n, Val Ann, 16. 71, 157. 164. 165, 201 1Vattenharger, Doris. 52 1Vatts. Lowell P., 189 1Vatts. Morris. 132, 133 1Veatherington. Joyce, 96, 230, 231 Weatherly. Ted. 96 Yveathers. 1Vinston. 157 1Vebb. Ann Lucille. 71. 180. 186 1Vebb. Vernon. F.. 71, 178. 188 1Veber. Charles. 62 1Yeber. S. 1Yayne. 71. 160 1Veihe. Patricia. 50. 71. 164. 165 1Veimer. Douglas. 96. 182, 250 11'eisner. Otto F. C.. 128 ., 205 . 183 Williams, Densel, 96 YVilliams, George C., 88 1VilliamS, Jackie, 81, 101, 186 VVilliams, Jim L., 184, 185 VVilliams, Nick, 96, 252 YVilliams, Pauline F., 71 1Villiams, Sharon, 75, 218 VVi1liamson, Martha, 71, 129. 186. 228 Willis, Glen, 205 Willis. Jack, 88. 252 1Vills. Nancy, 177 11'ilson Betty. 88. 169. 230 Wilson Beverly, 88, 238 1Vilson Bill. 188 1Vilson, Charles, 88, 183 1Vilson, Charlotte, 75. 130. 164, 234 1Vilson, Duane, 88, 194 Wilson, Elbert C., 72, 213 1Vilson Mrs. Elbert C., 202 1Vilson Harry, 129 1Vilson JoAnne, 96 Wilson Marion, 176 1Vilson VVilson, Mike. 88, 182 Nancy. 83. 85, 88, 171. Wilson. Peggy, 62 1Vilson. Sharon. 88. 171, 224. 228 Wilson, Sue. Sl, 226 Wilson. 1Vayne. 88. 194 . William. S1 1Vindel1. Judy. 88. 168 1Vindle, Johanne, 85, 88, 171. 232 1Vinjum. Milton, 81 1Vinn. Jack. 73 1Vire. R. XV., 45 Wishy. Tom. 186 1Vise. Bill. 71, 130, 248 1fVise, Ferd. 81, 242 VVise. Richard, 73 1Vithers. Nancy. 96. 230 Wolfe. Dick. 81, 254 We lch Trippet, Richard, 74. 215 Trippet. Mrs. Richard, 202 Trout, Gary. 87. 180 Trudgeon. Claudette, 200 Trueblood, Lyle, 62, 205 Trumbxly, Evelyn, 96, 129, 169 T. U. BUSINESSYVOMENS' CLUB, 210 Tucker, Rocky, 96 TU. LAXV WIVES CLUB. 202 Gail. 16, 711 116, 127. 201. 1Velch. , , , 218, 232 . Linda. 88, 236 Tulk. Nancy Scott, 81. 158, 159. 170, 236 Turktan. Ozen. 75. 188 Turley, Joe. 74. 215 Turner, Bob. 193 Turner. Carroll R., 221 Turner Tom, 96 Young. Turpeni, Bill. 96, 250 T.U. THEATRE. 126. 127 Tuttle, Carlos, 207 Tuttle, Elizabeth, 206, 207 Tuttle. Virginia. 96 Tuwaijre. Abdul Azia, 96 T. U. "Y'i. 174 Tyler. Lynn. 81 Tyree, Bruce, 75 U Underwood. G. 1V.. 62. 162, 163 Underwood, Lowell. 81 V Van Horn, David R., 74, 215 Vanscov. 1Vilma. 71 Vasers,'Alise, 1941 Vaughn, Tom, 125, 252 Vaughn, Tony, 87 Vaughter, Paul, 52. 75. 113. 175 Vaughter. Phil, 81, 205, 248 Veatch, Ralph, 62 Veatch Ral h 75 244 P . - - veith. 1I'erryF., 71. 250 Vickers' Garrett. 168 Vickers, Mrs. Maxine, 168 Vincent, Sherrill. 123, 158 Viso, Ernesto. 148 Vogel. John Ludwig. 71, 189 Von Aspe, Carrie. 198 W Wackerl . Donald R., 71, 163, 199, 205 Wages, Harold, 73 BVHIIS, Jeanne, 62 1Vails, Max M.. 62 VValden, Jelf, 81, 244 Voss, David, 140 1Vells. Elvie, 88 1Vells. Judy. 88, 171, 228 1Vells. Lola, 75 1Vells. Sanford. 183, 189 VVells. W. Lynn. 88, 166 VVelsh. Bill. 96. 252 1Vertzberger. Floyd. R.. 81. 244 1Vesley. Dan. 46. 62, 168. 176. 256 WESLEY FOUNDATION. 175 1Vest. Bob. 132. 133 1Vestby. Gerald H.. 45 1Vestmoreland. Bill. 96, 130. 252 1Vetherington. Shirley, 129 1Vheatley. Cary, 88 Wheatley. Maryann. 88. 200. 226 1Vheaton, VVanda, 177 1Vheeler. Ed. 88. 216, 217 VVhite. David. 132. 133. 138 VVl1ite, Harold L.. 72 1Vhite, Lewis. 190 1Vhite, Mary Frances, 96. 225. 234, 235 Vl'hite. 1Valter. 96 1Vhitehead. Leon. 88. 166. 252 1Vhilelock. Ronald. 81. 184, 188. 194 1Vhiteside. Mrs. Allen, 252 1Vhitside. Delora, 88 1Vhithers, Nancy. 129 1Vhitman. Carol Ann. 88. 171. 177. 226 VVhitmore. Mrs. Ray. 1,69 1Vhitney. Edwin. J.. 72 1Vl'1itsitt, Don. 81, 130, 195 1Vhitsitt, Ray. 88, 129 VVhitten. Phil. 81 1Vhittenburg, Fran, 88. 228 1Vhitton, Richard. 72. 213 1Vieden1nann. Mark, 196 1Vieland. Denton R., 62. 181 1VieneCke. Sally, 176, 207 Wiginton. Sonny, 96 1Vilcox. Lindell. 81, 210. 228 VVilcoxson, Brenda. 88. 171. 230 Wilkerson. Don, 88, 185. 209 1Vilkins. David. 88 VVilks. Marsha Ann. 71. 129, 172 VVille. Ralph, 88, 183. 242 Willett. John, 81. 178. 252. 256 1Vil1iams, Ann, 88. 226 1Villiams, Bencile H., 73 1Villiams, Bill, 81, 186 VVilliams, Bob, 81, 252 VVilliams, Charles, 73, 214 Williams, Dave, 96 Williams, Mary Clay, 46 1Yoll'e. Earl VV.. 73. 215 11'olfe. Mrs. Earl, 202 1Yolfe. Linda, 71. 116. 236 1Yolfe. Raleigh, 81, 244 1Volfe. YV. YV.. 44 WOMENAS INTRAMURAL COUNCIL 150 1Vood. Michael. 96, 244 1Vood. Tom. 62 Wooden. Carolyn. 204 1Voodrul'1, Jacquelyn Kay, 88, 169, 230 Woodruff. J. S., 62 Yvoods. Harry R., 71, 128, 129, 252 1Voods. Ron. 81, 172, 250 VVoodson. Fred, 176 1Yoodson. Terry, 96, 129 1Vright. David. 128. 129 1Yright. Janet. 81. 115. 123, 158, 159, 170.187, 216. 217. 226 1Vright. Jerry. 71, 160 1Vrlght. Judy. 81, 115. 123, 159. 170. 187. 216, 217. 226 11'fighf.,1udy,ss, 197. 200. 210 1Vright. Steve. 81, 187 1Vrights. David D., 88, 173 1Vyatt, Bob, 88 1fVyatt. Jack E., 71 11Vymore, Ruth, 96 1Vriston. Judith, 81. 170. 210 1'Vynn, Rowe, Jr., 73, 215 Y Yanes, Charles, 148 Yeager. Ed. 88. 252 York. Neil M.. 71 Young. Bob. 151 Young, Carol, 171 Youngl Jerry. 96 Young. Karl. 88. 252 Lucy Ann, 71, 236 YOUNG REPUBLICANS CLUB, 216, 217 Young. Ronald, 96 Young. Ronnie, 88, 130, 252 Youngblood. Bryant, 71, 123, 253 You-ell. David. 71 Yust. Karl. 88. 162, 174. 180 Z Zacharias. Mike. SS. 187, 242 Zaleski. Bill. 132. 133 Zeller, Mike. 96. 24S Zenor. Hughes M.. 190. 192 Zentner. Miles. 128, 129 Zeunert, Dennis. 88, 254 Zimmerman, Bill, 96 Zimmerman, Kathleen, 88, 171, 173, 174. 226 Zimmerman, Lester F., 62, 157 Zimmerman, Ralph E., 74 Zobaran. Rui. 71, 148. 189 Zumwalt. Sally, 96, 186, 236 - 289 .SL lb This Yearbook C A Printed ond Bound E 1' bi' 0 'I' II e C I. I O P R E S S 7 if Yearbook Division wil ofihe QP Q' 1 ECONOMY ADVERTISING COMPANY U Iowo City, Iowo F 2 Y A Xi SOME OF THE TYPE FACES AVAILABLE TO OUR CUSTOMERS 290 ' 9' ' -. ,--lF"" .ga"'..4.Ji 4-.Q arffu ' " " ' - . '01 'M-1 ' , - " ' ' 3.-, 4. -' 'X . 1 lf" 3 'Y' .-- ' ,., .ruux'fb, - . -.-, Q.-M -A . - g-ggxpcoilln-1--1,5-1-i will-3 ,.,,- , . fl I .. ,Q "" ""Pq f-2-V-, ., .vp 'M 4 .. -- - 4 - . , . .. .9 1. . , 1, -img. Y-1,9-.,,:a-AQ hs bi r Q , A N fddirdgggzut,-,,xy.ve11,? .jc A ...uf-Qeuk. , A ,Q ,.. .,,,,,. ,..,,.,,,-i'i,?ggIq,wufj-.Aa Q: -, ,. - 4.- ,. .. -.P-5. -. ..J if-.fl . 4-vm ' . ' wghv-5991" ,v"!"fx- -0 --f-. f ,.,q,,.,,,+.-ny. V - , , 4. - . .-... . .-ov -ov?" 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I f H 5 v 1 . , QV U 1,4 .I 1 n I n 1 4 cv I 1 4' f XVI 4 ' m' l 3?m n Y,r w r", 1 w',E Q, 5 . 42 1' , .- X iI.Q , w v -' - 'rl -4 H J A il 1 - fu 1 lx qv g J :- J w ! n r A ' 5 Q :I J I Y qv, N , f .. '4 ',,l,h , 1 'M ., J, ,- ll N 'J Hn -, . ,V I A , ' , .lm A ,. -Aw. -sf' v-S u , '. 1 Vi,-T. A " f "Q" ' P 'fnnY W .' .M F ,G , W . , vm-x.v .,w,,LJ,' Nj' -xw V - 1 P IL, ,-gl, '1 ' 4. . 'x 1: P 1.1 1960 KENDALLABRUM STAFF Editor ..... Assistant Editor . Assistant Editor . Business Manager Assistant Manager . Faculty Editor . . Junior Class Editor . Sophomore Class Editor Freshman Class Editor Personalities Editor . Sports Editor . Greek Editor . Faculty Advisor . Business Advisor . Photography . . MARY BIRBILIS . . ANN BROPHY MARTHA ANN HURT . . SKIP STURM CAROL RORSCHACH SANDY MONTGOMERY . . . MARYCRABB SANDY ROSENBUM . PAT FROEHLIGH . CAROL GRIFFEE . JOHN ENGLISH . MARTHA BELLAH MR. ED JOHNSON MR. C. I. DUNCAN . HoYT SMITH MIKE ZAGHARIAS DICK GRANT WOODY GADDIS BROWN-DUNKIN Beauty Queen Photography . Bos MCCORMACK STUDIO Cover ........ S. K. SMITH Engraving by SOUTHWESTERN . . GENE MCRAE Printing . . . ECONOMY ADVERTISING COMPANY

Suggestions in the University of Tulsa - Kendallabrum (Tulsa, OK) collection:

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University of Tulsa - Kendallabrum (Tulsa, OK) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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