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 - Class of 1954

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-.-, -..,W-f-A-.,..,,.. , , ,. ,W V -. fa'- T3. ........ m L -gr. -uv v "-:inf , N , ku 'M 'M Fl ,.,.. ' ti K :-,-""" ,N y -Qi' ,-- f',,,.... -I 'X EX , . ' --1.-'E I "' -sf'-5 Y 1 , . ?i'-Y N , , , ff - ,MQ 1 - ' L. -31, nary, .. F ' 1. -- , A. 4'5F55f,,'5- f-- f-T ' f -- 4 -. ,Q 5,2 . - 1-lqli-:1-'f -... E- L 1.2, in D M L? .I in - i 'Q 9. 1. in I l I """ I up 'Q gl, , "fr "" " if?" 1 G 4 0 K 0 w V 1 4' 2 Q A 'I ,W A , 6 fl, I n l 1 A Q I I I All xi". 1" .. f "' f::5 ,ff 'L Rf? Q B ,,Z..f-- nf R - . Q T... QQ FJI ap i ,nf ' if. is ' 535 a A Q ' Ag J' 'E " J. 4? Ezgri: Q X, 4 2'-. -. 35, i '. iff- - A- E341 3, . P Agfnu fff-iff? ""-'-M' QQ 21.555 .f x 5 0' 55552: 3 652 f - . " -ff hc Q A ' .1 - g e f X gn? 0 3 Q0 1' ff' ' 1 - f Q 9? 5 6. 2 wg,-1 QQ 36 E G' s. QQ Q ' 'WA fn of 0 ff- Q2 I f GEORGE SLOAN 'Irs 4- F4 Q ,K Q N - , 7-5:-3 f G EI -lvvwrvlgws-QQ--1--1-gunna' -as-gnmww-llF'l!5"5Hev-f. 3 ..,w-'-- Y' 'V un---eva f. ,.- 'fvlM!Wr!:l'W"v"'lfmn Edifor . . . Assisiani' Edifor . Assisfani' Edifor Business Manager Assisfani Manager Assisiani Manager Senior Edifor . Junior Edi'I'or . Sophomore Edifor Freshman Edifor Faculiy Edifor . Copy Ediior . Sporfs Edifor . Greek Ediior .. . Organizafion Edilor . . Arl' Edifor . . Faculfy Advisor Business Advisor . . Oscar Kolb Barbara Smifh . Don Rowe . Frank Koers Carol Hockenson . Bill Coafes . Pai' Pinches . Shirley Knosi' . Shirley Swan Deonne Marlin . Mary O'Shea Anne Moughon Mel Chrisierson . Sabra Smifh . Sue Wilborn Mariha McGinnis Mr. Ed Johnson Mr. C. I. Duncan Phofography . Jim Harkness, Bill Rogers. Doris RaceH'e, Bob McCormack, Leslie Ashion, Jack Sasser. Oscar Kolb Cover by Kingscrafi' Engraving by Souihwesfern Advisor ..... Mrs. Paul E. Yard Prinfing by Economy Adverfising Company Ai IN THE bv" Official Yearbook of the University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma Oscar Kolb, Editor Frank Koers, Business Manager QW N" 'S'-m -Q3 -fl- 0 9 5 L QS 2 fig E , Vi ..:.':, ,f K K, fig ,353 in 9.5 . Q: 2 5 iwsi 'Sk N A ,, v,.W, . 395951 L we 1 or vuua YEAR AT THE UNIVEEITY or TULS lN FOUR CHAPTERS P555 S1 . h Rf ,,,. ,- If V N. I p K , X my W1 M mg S4544 1 O I Q II 3 i 1 fm, ,i .Quin Regisfralion . . . beginning a year of s+udy, a+l1le- fics, parfies and dances, and flue excilemenf of college life. Firsf nigl1+ in flue dorm-and already +ha+ firsr lef- ler from lwome asking abou? 'l'l1e clay's acfivifies. T . on "UV r A new AFROTC program was adopfed i and only +he besi' caclefs were selecfed +o prepare for fufure leadership. Ra sf, is rQQf K fl ir, M: .1 yn, . fn-1,4 ,.,, 5 an A- W.. 9' 5 , ,. 5? f ,ak U , K ,N W at I X KL, . . , 55,34 , .W L fy, V l V x'k,:.4g,,i :V .V ,Z h , ,U 1 A W . . K uv F ,1 ' ' 'r Z.. gs Ig 52 my -fm' 7 W 5 "YI l f ff , I mam. , L' , mlm A 5 Q mfg - R. if X w .12a2S2ASQ2S22425siQSrz9wiwl5iQ1iiHS5M"i5i3?Qi1W V 15. , m Ne. - vw an-, K 2 if Q MQ, W? - mm ., ,i X . ,L Sf 1 Af' ,fs ,, 5, 2 I Rf w , 4,927 . ml x -H .WHA W ,H 2 MW w "" 4' x n ,rf sq ,Q 5251 1 5, 5 i 3 4 Y j f 1' 'Q' 5 8 5 ,X f' 'W sl im 'AS ,Aim 41ggw'5y,f ' vs 4 gli, weqfM1"' qv s 'r M M X F-si fra, gqifqf' A3125-s E5 L ,,g fe My Mm ,w-Hr 1.5 5, X ,L svn, Q gf' an ,gh x 4 'ig fu lm I WR" 1- 4 X Tak? X5bx:5Bgl,53v"Qxn,igf,il'Er 14iE!4'3'xTfl54l'ggPK1:-.' '53i rl? lygg'g5H'.f' 5-Q21 mga! 4 6 vii vssff?'i? Sf'v1,3r5ff FM 'Q"'SM?iW H? 1. mf imfig im sfmrffr ,Q higfnf' Xi K Q 4 5149 f iw f,-as ' fx f 4,4 f ,- kai iwjf Ng amp, wp, E, sua Aria, x 'N ' 'i-H "' 'A' ii rf 5' '53 'sf-ff itil' 35- ram 1 fewer was Q 621 ff M rises., JH i wilfwflybff gil? "x3.m"ali ,y?lll'gi:Ei'QE swwfvk ii fwm Q, LF A 51 P ft A H PP K ,fri in ,L M Q: Q wen, 13"-E wrfyfwif :Li ,s1,,v,,v.13-P55 MM is:-we Sf' wglw me 'N M '- iw 9- if A r,-' Lewr--ff:-rs rg -r-, .a:,gaa'?w,g,f, W. ,111 "-:Jaw z.' 1 J' ,dfi'15' H ,S '- all -'Y' S '....'-eg-15m"- .:?h,.P:i3'.-K1'.1-1Q,,3lf:4.j,..,-5 wif' ,. ' s"X',. 'T 'a"5'fk5'r'3irv: fre:1:5af.iJ-'11fr5TX3E'-f'+ -I , im . , 1.-mwah, .ay M rss, .. .,,. .,-.5f351z..,,,,,., vw, 1 w,,,.,. Mm,-.,,se:"' '?fi'v.,fa.-ut' -K. ',' .- H' A' wx.: 5232, 'A Qlia.-,535 IQML-'. 15'-s:5::'m-af 1 fiifij an-1-f 'l-i1.:w'P-v. H5 2595. ez.. v ,L 1' L"fiii?1'ixA'3.' ??'1EJE5I'f:5"f" .F , " 'iff2.'pf'i'a1.5f5i?-'P".' fw-1iiff'f:,ff,,-3 1"?ff.-12.-ii, 5 wjw f'i'-3,1L,::'5'w-TA.2- f 4 '1'4"if .JF-ili'i1k'1f 354. 'Z'-siififlw ' .W if "I: ,..' wi., : " ,"s1'v, :,., ff , fa, IC V 1,554+ f,- 1'3" ,v ,," '-f 2, 'f1"':,,,4r Q. 4:7 W-:Lf 'i 'aft-milf w'in:vL.EJsWEM' 'Hs 1. we-,lr-,fqaffizclw-2615wifufflLaw-i'ar:::,1Ps::1mif-.sznew 5' 44 3 ' we -vimg ,310 2 mf' 'Q-uevqm.. vm 1 " f--aw: f e-.F QJQLLILAPMA 9 wif ,. ,Q 1-Jxyf' Qu-,f,2.i ,lg-.1-3,JQnm3:Ty.1 Q52-sQ',1','f5Y5 G SM gr msg- ' Y. is lg,gg,5i.E5,.1s51,- is N I-if 2, , , 1,3-i2.f2iin,i 45,259 55 ,vegfgfzi-a-'ffm W if ififl' KQE.f?". 3:55:52 - ff.: . ,, 1. -1-H ,1 4 5, ,.-Q: ,gy 1 i'.,'r?-sl-5:1215 ,ar my wi -i a , - pw.-4 Azgggyg ,1, is mmm: 3,-im hi . L .AP z 1-'I fa '.., pi r r v is , -. gg ,aifq-s::.f-E,-,irf I +' - .br .4 - 1 F -s I-:h.ra,.:,. i Nr -. ,zu .. fs -f,,-M15--Q,:1g . ... f-.4-W-'flaw Q ,Af Qi. -i?f94,'.j M .-,ul 'iiw'-l,eF1,,i5.e'.lEf.f.' :I 'g I5Q,A1.'a. ,: .a m 4,2 ,G 1 'f4',f1.-iamfrrzgfxf 3,..-.mi v1,gf21.'i:,.,x,, fi? 2' 2'L'f'?'7-ee ,1 " ,Ur .J--'H-,-'wiii'"YG"51-.ffifi-I iff ' 1 v ' If ' 5 f fi if Tw' Li 'J is l f'-sf :in W 1:1-N., ' x..w.'.-ww.. ,: 1 -f r :I 'aa-I-12'"E"3?EFI'?11-'25,-',5-54:f?,:,f:,fQQ2 '7 'JJ1f,,:,.i:I2?",3a-1.'' .?,:'x'l'.-S ' Indecision clouded +he al'hlel'ic 'fronl' in I954 as l'he Board of Direcfors aH'emp'l'ed 'lo drop +he spring sporrs schedule. Civic profesf, however, soon led +hem +o re- verse fheir decision, much fo 'l'he relief of baseball, 'rraclc, golf, and fennis parlici- panls. A new foofball coaching slaff led 1'he Golden Hurricane fhrough a rugged season highlighfed by fhe homecoming upsei' of Hous'ron, and baslcefball con- finued 'ro grow in populariry as crowds filled +he pavilion for more games 1'han ever. ff :iid ' L H1 , '-if 21 . if 5 I , X 1 5, , ,, , Y ,i. .,.i..l -,,1.. -' ', F -,-1111 . lil...- ' f f 121114: fl Se mm -:7:,V. 7 f. Y ,,, ,,- ' - ..,. . .,. 4Li.L .ii 1 - l? """1-'-.. --1l,.N, .-J--vgL. i"h:1 -- PY, .il Q ,- " g V ? ,A f , Q 4 x FW ? X :Sal Tulsa 'roolc a commanding lead in +l1e firs+ half of fhe A 8: M game. Slgelly Sfqdiqfnlllechoed clieefs as 'llme Gold, Red, and Blue upse+ 'flue migl1+y l'lous+on Cougars 6 - 1 1 e fm- .. 'hx xx-' 2 1 1 X xy AA K NW I jf'-. 'Nv- W V, W A 'R . " , X : Wins- '-Uk-snn: f 4 as x 4-.-1 . My . EPSILON TAU L CES W e H g ,, it gg Organizaiions began fo form . . . andPi Epsilon Tau pledges displayed 'their new s+a+us on ihe campus. l,,.w-- .Sf-K--ff 'A ...S W- , wwf l I hmizivfioms Alpha Phi Omega sponsored, and ihe whole school elecled Wayne Jackson ass ugly man on campus While Congressional commillees invesli- galed everylhing from Communisls lo professors, PiDE looked info campus sub- version in lheir annual Big Wheel Meal. Varsily Nighl' won lop honors in l954. The Home Ec. club played if safe and "hung lhe greens" al' Chrislmas lime, while IFC members worked hard ringing red bells for 'rhe Salvafion Army. The Collegian couldn'+ decide whefher 'rhe siudenl council was suffering from presi- denlial diclalorship or "lax manage- men+," and lhe Golden Hurricane March- ing Band ran info perfecl precise high- siep under 'rhe direcfion of lhe new band- masler, Dwighl' Dailey. Bandmasler Dwighl Dailey broughl' a new sparkle 'ro fhe Golden Hur- ricane band. O94 ZV1 Adminishafion and Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Fea+ures Personalifies Publicafions Drama, Music, Ar+ Foofball Baskefball Spring Sporfs Milifary Honoraries In+eres+ Groups Greeks Faculfy 'A v . 0 9 n 1 1 ---.-.- Km as sig ...M . -i, --Qi L? +ff .-Q - V Z, ,gi ig... Q, . ,y I climc4x 4- ,otafc-:ly ceremcjnic-za if W, f"':"f'QsiA 5 An-' P 9 f' x M 'EH Q 1 s .f if K , V f A gn fa 5.3- A NI ldoiq By t 1 Nu' mctucctecl four memorable yearo. 1: '::1f'?-HW " . : .- L,-, - . -. . " 3 H" ' " ' , MTH QQ' WZ? " " ' " A' K W' ' gy N, X ,f,i.M: f ,mf Kw.,,fMs,.5:fL,+r,9af4Lsw?f., . ky. f V ' i:f11vgg'g-lizigdgm QWQW A fQ Ef,,w22f?f212im. A ' A H ' f'fwggg14wgsgj ,x Q, ifaimaij, - ggiingvgigw fl - Y .-, 5 f f. , f ,S f4f?52Elif1f ' Aff., iff4iZ2f2532xg L-'24, mfiflggwix wg mug. 12 K .. 2, M K i ,,,-,Q S V w,5.,. K X , QM , f.3,pfaL,,,A ,,,, 1 K A f Q w i Tiiwiiz wk, T 3 wfwfw- 1, , f L xfwme ffefgxwelf is 15 H ,gm 5121112 , 'f2'fE29 . , ww , , .L,mmff,,'f.1, ,Y ,. . ,..,5mA,.l . ,Y 542 .kyr . mi fp 1 X wyimsx- ,E s ff -Kei "'-vvmizk 1 .'fy2.if4mw'fai1g. , ., .f"QgwfmQ2iafsf': fvgarsf' A, ,iz-f, Q13-1,fv1- 7 'W ffEl,igggw":, ' L S A1 ww as ,, ,. rf,-kifzmf , ,- ., Li, W. . aww 1 fy M Y 4 mf, mmf. ,ff f Raw 1 fe f ' inf, L' f ,. ,Q .sz1?1ii'v1.-. .,,,5w,em A S 1 x X SQ , 1 1 ,i12E'-'2v:.if34gh.,l X 1 f f F X L 1. . W '94 Aq, ,-'4" Yi 759 bg ,,q,wfmggg3M,'jZLfQj' , Q ,. Z i L. ,,, .wgfwslif - ,-1,1-f5msLTjS72igf:4- ,V fav' mv ' f ifwvqgi g xg w av 5' 1-. f N Y Q, -2- . -g:,wL,,f-wi V k , gsm, . ps - 1 ' 1 ' Q' . ' ' - -f .Jw lf? 7 'WW L : Qi, - fvik5L,.:' ' , Y' -'VV -PM V f - mf fyk ,Q : L1 'VM-H'5'v1f 5'iTkL'k mm Mff,-ww .4..H..... Ogglflfie uma Magee Jael!! A my W S155 it x. uf. s wwww, mqf. W M. ,am ,ss.g,- ,- ,L ' as wx' ,f , pr f M., dd' SA Y, A. A' ' ' VV: ' my - A vskfgwzv -:QQ M A fm ,L -fu m,,,.w i W W-Lf-fm- ,I .ew ,. , ,M , 'N ff , f .- I, , pm ,Q mmf mfg .f,. A V? We jargn Oggrarg Us , V V: 7 g... Q 'XA - M, 1:25.55-Lixib-K ff -.,L'3'1if"i.?T :WW 537' 7 Hs issffzk K, 555552512 mzfgi ig- viiigiiig' '55 ' 1 llmsgafffgzw A was - Q f 5I2imZii ' iss- 4 ' mfgsw 39323 f1f??fS5?'ilf Qlagiglff f, -55 k K , i . . Q 1 ' . ' 'gk sk, 1',.:fm,,S4g4 I vii. ' f ng ' : iissv-QLTFE gi if V f .Ziliig-zm M y 5 sap , mfszugrzlg K. - -f vi, W k ,yxjzfig ' 'g-5s!fG' g'fw5s:i ,. , - akm meifiiv - " rglfhsxifgg-,f. f ..w.,4:Kaf3wT5' 2- -, wx- - f.-Hf'fYi:wailmi'5wi f-R.,f .N y - 1 ASM z,,.,.1,1qw A V:-:ga - iiSAQf1,,,Q,' 7 ' ' ., L' 317 , L -gsm p 'V ' Vl ff Y .f A Q' f S liiiwi- X k' 5fI.ElEV' 'K--1 , - K my E .- Q: gash K , Y A. ,,,.,.,,.a A JQWJQ ff Aa!! 'X ,,.-n Ms.. a- QF.- an '19 . '4 ! 'aw--M mm... "'-w-m.....,,,K :JP ' emoriaf Aa!! Jolm Wagga Aa .. ,,. 3 ,V U . ,fy 0 .Ak nw Alb' ..m,M,r ,au , 5 I km ,A , W Q. N T- 'wrfk A f --2- 'Q--' K "fa-sg, . ' ..-f 'f ,M -A N 1'--.M 'NM'-' K "',gtN':N' ,H " f ff' Lf"'.Ef 'GW L,,qvN1 ,, 'W ,... 3+ ," '- ' , 'zvfzz-gg 'J 'QW in ' NW ws --Q., W mst i 1 ...,,,, 4- fh 'my " "ISF :win-?!S'7L-Lgrfi V-F, -' . m- L mv -um ni- 1 - .,ma,Q:5 - M up N nn, ' wgyik- ,M . . 'Af' - 'T E' 'Y'-, fwwkwv --,amp en ai a, ML 'fl lfgriww. ,,5Ld, N lr' g A. . ,K V,,1:,,-.. VW A .A ' A W 112 M XM "Y vp-ywf' M - W' ' 7,--ff' H. ' ,W-lla-WY 11"Wf'F, Silva 59" ww, N , V Q.,Lt,,. .. , ff 5 me 1' 'L m A W wr 'U ' ,A '.,...n-um, X -W X ' - fg3:qffm.91nw Xdiifjgfiglfg, -'sfsisswlflfx 1, ,yfipffk 5 gwfsggu .. x 1. MM, A X A 3 K A X1 K X ' , ine' kin 2 if , ,. 1 'V3'i'i- 5 . .W ,, - ...W,...,,,.,,,,,,.,h ,M E L N s . .,.. ,,i.,3Wt,2,,i,..,W,,,w,W, J M?5,gk.,Wm S. fm Q L A W ,. .i.. Axlq , ,::,. ...,., , .. ,A . :B ' S W Wi A+ 532555 Nb W1 W amfigfg' ff H ,Q xi- 'ww K .,,g . ,,,,g.:,,, fx ,V J, N v wgis' Lxigwgy wig? 30365, M ps 4 159 fkgw f Q , e H 3 M W Wm MW ff 4' ,,15,L,,-5g,K - i?sg,gg5w,f,5M,,Q,4. XM bw W Q 2 J :,Lf,1Hgf.1s, A1 fxzflj- f WN ' - -- 'A ,K 3552425 f ff va . , - u vw ww ww X Q A f if i 'ff Qiff -' Wm af' ' . I f il, , ,,,. ,, ' ',Vfw?f1!i5YXW ii":WfV'fLlif"h,, ' 'Z ,, L 41 4' E .i .2 E 7 K K " i 2 Q ,MS . Yi if 1 m is f k . . E -f 21gMs?5fii?2if . i g51Q?iai33ifigia+::f5i?g:.' My , xi adam ww: W 23 Q iLkQfQsQi A Wy , , Y.-, M x ,,M..,,,,,,, 2 -Q31 xv I PSX' E' A .mmm miie !OfLif5lod gzgineering Zzfaifczling 314 Jen t bjgctiuifiw Zztifalmg W W- A - 1 A , ' QW? , i, ,Icy V , i xy iw? A ' ' ,. XF. xv , Law - , .N .Q 6, W vw , 'A A . FAQ JW ' 1. 1' ' s gr . ,k. L 'il' w FQ! . M 1 rf wg ,A 'X fa. 'lf rt v 1 1 " as f y f 764 eg .e"' f 2 f'- IHL ft., , 1 .Q W fi? ia ef " ' Q h. 5 7 'W' ..:" . .V fxnbmsfw -mr '3,.,6-fi .X ' 1 a Kg M E353 iid' E is as V x Q KL ln Q 3: A v as 1 I 1 S 4 ' 1 ', W 1 Mau' Relax liozszl not only lbl'0l1gl'll1 It'C0g1'llifiUll In tlw l'l1ix'v1'siIx of Tulsa: with his music-. but iouml Timm- to XYill lllilllj' 1121 timml vlwss L'hil!lllbi0llSl1iPS. ? i, f Ax wi- A wb , 2, 4. v hkQlX 4, Z f . , , gif 3 2, f ' Q ff? ,. wa '. Q if r " -.rf 'g .ff Z' flfw- 'fg,Qw14i 'Q X ,ff ff , , I ,pf 4' fff qlfkf fl, a A MESSAGE FROM 1 1lNlll1121l1 f1111111:1ll Il1I1.Y1!1'S w1111 11111111 N 1111111111 l1:1i1'1'111s', 1111111 11111 111'11s11111111 111 11111 111111111:1g' lIl1X1'l' i11 11111 full. 11 11211'll1f' s1-11n1s p0ss111111 111111 the 1111111 lcls 121111111 11g11111 when 1 IIIZIQ' l111V11 11111 privi- 1g11 01' C'll2L11lTlg' w111'1 y1111 1ll1'01lg'l'l 11111 NIJAIJLABHI' M . 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UNI ER ITY 0F TULSA BOARD 0F TRU TEES JOHN Roulcxs I'lnl1'rnlun of lllf' Iinurvl Allorney g 5 ., Q 3 E if ?' U. T. P0N'1'1Us R. K. LANE F. Ii. STANLEY W. K. VVAIQKICN P1'f33jfYf1,ll Prrsirlcnt ,I'VwsifY0nt f'7lllf1'HlllII 1',,i1-gmify gf Tulgu Public Srf1'1'f1'r' Company jlifl-l1'w.vlvrn, f'0llSf?'lll'1lIl'N Inv. 1l'urrrfff. I,IfI'01l'llilI l'0l'lI1l1'1l A. N. Blulmsrlnx' lb. IJ. Huvxllm 'INN l', Ifomllcs .MY V. W,x1.1uc1c Prfsirlrnl 1'1'f,w'flfu! lillllw P. llnfmrs rim! ,-1.v.w1-ifzlfs l'f'f.w1'r7w11l ,Yrrlwnlll Iizlnl' uf TIIINII Ilffrrzfrfl Supply ffllllllltlll-Il .xvllfl-Hlltll Taffk Vfrllllmfly 28 QI mix NV. BRICK lvffsizlmzl f'tII'f!'I' Oil fNU'lIl1HlIlllj P. H. BOHARQ' Vim' IJI'FSl'I1FNf Gulf Oil Cnnzpuny H. O, Klt'f'I.l'Iil'l fvllilf-Vlllllll fuwllr .Yufinnul Iluul: lg, W, xymlq W. A. Iinmx JOHN Tl, DVNKTN J P,-mid, H5 Pnfsialrnf Vim' 1rfuxiflwllI-Sffc1'r'fu1'y Imfjlfzflfl Ifl'11HIl'l'S Unnpfmy Anrlmr 1:lffl'01I'lllIl fvllilljllllljl Brown. lfllwllkfilw Complmy ,yum R. OTIS Nll'fYI,IN'l'0CK F- 11- MARTIN l5W'VUN A- MYERS Prfsirlwnl Prrxiflzfnl lnl'1'sHnc'nTs Jfn-.ww ,wwz Bk. and Inst Co. Sflflffflf' I-'ffffffnff C'0w1pw1y .lmxx IC. Nl.XIil1Il'1 XV.XI'l'l'I l'Illl.l.IPS W. H. NKELIN ln VI Nl mf fflx In H sim: Mx I'rf .viflwnf I Nhwlly UN fwillllllillillj 29 UNIVER ITY 0F TULSA ADMI ISTRATI E TAFF C. l. IJUNMN yvI'I'flN'I!I'l'l' GEORGE! SMALL 41U1Z0I'ir's 11iI'1'l'fIlI BEN IIENNEKE Adm. Vivo I'rcsiclMLt JOHN A. IIAYIQS IQHN JAUKSUN BIlSI'2'lf'NS Allflmlyv-1' Plflzlir' Ifelufzfmm I,l'I'l'ff0l Nlgxm' VLAY NV11.1.1A11s IC1'1:1-:Nm AIAIWIWUX P1 rsmznwl D1,l'f7f'fflI' l,fllI'lIl'1-III! I M N XVEM ,141 Y .I less C 1 Im "1'1cA11 CvUlllI.WllIl' of .UML l'11hl1'w l'vIlH!'fl'llllS lhlwwlur GEORGE BIETZEI. lz'0g1'sf1'f1r UNIVERSITY 0F TUL A ADNII ISTRATI E TAFF 1311114 DAVIS lIlllIiSSIAlIHN l'u1f11,w'l1n' THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ART 1Yith th1- 1-11111i11g' of hlblillg '1'1' st11111-nts 111'11f1f1'1'u11 t11 S1'lI41y 1111tsi111' th11 111,1l'fl1'y for t1111s1- 111111 1l'l'lll 1-X21111s. Dmx E. 11. t'111sw1c1.1. '1'h11 1111111111-x 111'1111114n1s 111' t111121y's 1iVi11g, 111'11111u111s W1l1t'1l 0211111111 111- s111v1111 hy t111-111111111gy 21111111-, IIl2l1iC thu 11i1111r211 Arts Cl1l'l'14'll1l1TTl 1111111-1 1111p11rt2111t 1112111 UV111' 11111'111'11. H92ll11llQ' t111- 11i1111r211 Arts t'111111g11, 11111 l'11iv111'sity's 1iU'gL'l'S1, is 111-2111 111. 11. l'risw1111, 2111 2l1lt1101'11f' 111 s11cfti1111211 12111g'1121g'11 V21ri21ti1111s. A 1,1111-1'211 Arts 1111111'21ti1111 is Zl hig111y 1Jl'2lC'11t'2l1 t1'21i11i11g which t'11r11is111111 thv i1111is- p1211s211111- t11111s for 1,lI'O1:l'SS10ll211 st1111y. '1'111- kinottiost 111'1111111111s 11210- i11g S1l1l1t'lltS1011il1y211151101 t111'1111i1'211 p1'111111-111s. Tho g'1'Q21t0st 11r1111l11111s 21111 11111111111 211111 s0c'i211 11r1111111111s, 211111 the 1511111 111' 111111c'21ti011 111111111111 111 so1v1- th11111 i11v111vQs 21 k1111w11111g:11 11t' tho g'1'11wt11 111' 11111112111 i11stit11ti1111s, i11o21s, 21c'ti1111 211111 1'Q21c'ti1111. 111111-r211 Arts 1I'2l1Il1Ilg' is t1'111'111111111111s1y 1111- p11rt2111t 111 tho 1l'il1111I1gL' of 1'itiz1111s for this 111-111111'1'21c-y. Alert 211111 i11- f0r1111-11 1'itiz1-11s 2111' the g'11211 111' t11is s1'11o111 EIS thoy 21111 Cf111si11111'1-11 thc only g'11211'2111t1-11 ot' the co11ti111121111'1J of t1111 1111111111'1'21t1c' way of 1if1-. 111114 01111 Arts st1111i1fs are 011111-v1'111111 m01'11 with 111111s t112111 111142111s, i11s111'- ing il g'l'0XVt1l 111 their c011tri1111ti1111. COLLEGE 0F BU I ESS ADMINISTRATIO Business Queens Phyllis McKinley and Irene Denton were crowned as rules of the annual business day on campus in 12433. l l Never has any generation had to compete against so many well- trained people. The exceptional opportunities of the future will go to those who are best prepared to handle them. The University of Tulsa ls Uollege of Business Admin- istration sought to teach future ex- ecutives the basic fundamentals of business. The college was under the direction of Dean M. M. Hargrove, the youngest dean that the Business Vollege has had. liorton llall be- came the Business l'olleg'e's new home in June, 194-8. liorton llall was donated to the Tlniver- sity by Maude Lorton Myers and the late l'lug'ene lqorton, Tulsa Daily World Pub- lishers. The complex organization of modern business made training' by the ap- prentice method only impractical. The technical training' offered in the business administration curriculum was designed largely to replace the apprentice system. The curriculum of the college had the two- fold purpose of providing' a technical train- ing' in business and an educational back- ground to assist graduates to become busi- ness leaders and useful citizens. The l'olleg'e of Business Administration pro- vided degrees in accounting, business-law, economics, management, marketing, secre- tarial administration and business teach- ing: The business program was so compre- hensive that men and women with a great variety of interests found pleasure and profit in it. This year TT' prepared its graduates for the exacting' requirements of success. DEAN M. M. llA1zo1covE COLLEGE 0E PETROLEUM CIE CE AND ENGINEERI G Jerry Bayless studied :ind experimented to take his place in the tiehl of science and engineering upon graduation from the University of Tulsa. Ilmx H. L. LANo14:Niii1:1M Known wherever men know oil, the Llniyersity ot Tulsa 's Vollege of Petroleum Sciences and ltlngi- neering this year celebrated its twenty-fifth anni- versary. From a small frame building, where nine students met for the tirst classes, the college has grown until this year it had :in enrollment ot' -L50 and was housed in the ltlaite Phillips Engineering building and the modern Petroleum Science hall. The college was head- ed by Dean R. lj. Langenheim, who took over the school in 1930 when enrollment was 83. The college of- fered degrees in petroleum engi- neering' with majors in petroleum production or petroleum refining, aeronautical engineering, Chemical engineering, Chemistry, geology, physics, or geophysies. The courses in eaeh curriculum were chosen and planned to give students a well-bal- anced knowledge of the selected Field of work. Laboratory and class work was supplemented by outside readings and inspection trips to re- fineries, manufacturing plants and oil fields. COLLEGE 0F Fl E ART Mrs. George Bowen and Barton Frank relaxed between practice sessions in Tyrrell Hall. Encompassing the musically talent- ed University of Tulsa students, the College of Fine Arts endeav- ored in 1953-54 to successfully train its members to fill a vital cultural role in their community. Sparked by an outstanding faculty, Tl' mu- sicians distinguished themselves through excellent performances, both individually and in the univer- sity's band, orcliestra and choirs. Faculty artists were presented to an appreciative public in a se1'ies of vocal and instrumental recitals. Throughout the year well-knoyvn musi- cians from other schools appeared in TU auditoriums through an exchange arrange- ment. The City of Tulsa was able similarly to benefit students through civic and theat- rical musical events, one of the many ad- vantages of urban location. The studios, practice rooms, auditorium and other fine facilities of the college were housed in Tyr- rell Hall. The university hand and orches- tra moved mid-year to new quarters in the renovated frame building' next to Kemp Hall. Tulsa Philharmonic orchestra re- hearsals were held here as Well, for the group counted many TU students and teachers among its members. It was a year of study and service for fine arts students. lVith0ut their participation the civic music program would have been severely handi- capped, but the training received thereby readied them for mature and useful citi- zenship after graduation. DEAN ALBERT LUKKEN GRAD ATE DIVI I0 G1':11111:1111 S1ll41l'1l1 111111 E1'11'ks1111 uns 111-I 11111 111 1'11f1'1: '1- 3 ,.,.,,.,,. if 1' if 5132151 .. . 1' 1 11" mx 1 1, S11 1 -1,1 1 111111 113' 1':11'111 11111'k1111s1111. IDIQAN L. S, A11'111.l'IUl1 Sy1111111111- 111' 1l1g'1191' 1Q211'1l11l1L', 11111 G111111111111 llivi- s11111 s1111g'111 111 1111111111111 111'111'11ss11111111 1111111'11s1 111111 11111111'g'11 11111 k1111w11111g11 111 21 gix'1111 Sll1J.16'C1-I112l11l'1' 111 11111 1Y1'l1Y111'S11'j' of '1'111s11. S11lf'l1 19233, w111111 11111 QL'1'El11112l1'1' S1-1111111 was 111's1 111'g'11111x1111, 11 1111s 1112111111 1111 1II1IJ0l'1'2ll1'1 112111 111 11111 1111v111111111111111 111111 11111111111 S11111 111' V1'111SZl EIS 11 11'11111111111111y 111111 11s 21 1'11l111'l' 111. 1111111111111111. A II1i1S11'l'1S 1111g'1'1111 1s 111'1'111'1111 111 II1OI'L1 1111111 1111111111 1-o111's11s 111 S11l11X, 111111 115' 111111111111111g work 111 11111 11OYV1'110NVI1 I1iv1si1111 111111 11111 s11111111111' s11ss11111s, s1111111111s 111111 s1111111'11 21 11111s- 1111"s 111'Q'l'1'1' W111111111 1111111'1'111'111g1' W1111 1111111' 1'11g111111' 11m11111y11111111. H111111111g 11111 11111111111111 111x'is11111 was 13111111 11. S. N11-1.111111. 13111111 311111111111 11111 0Il1j' 111'1111g'111 11111111 111 11115 1VIl14 v111's11.y 111' '111l1S21 1111'Ollg1l 111s s1111111'- V1s11111 111' 11111 g'1'11111111111s, 13111 115' 111s- 1111g'111sl1i11g' 111111811111 11S 1111 1111111111'11y 111 11111 1111111 111' 11sy111111111gy. l'1s1111- 1-11111y 111. V111111111111 11111111'11111t11111 1111110 1111111 111' 11111111111i1111 was 11111 k1111w11111gc 0111111111111 1111'1111g11 01'1g'111il1 1'11s11111'1-11. In 11111 1111g11111 s1'110111 SCVQT211 11X11111'1- ments w111'11 11111119 on 111111vi1111111 11110j11111s 111111 11111115' 1'J2l11l11Ilg'S 11111111- 11111111 11111 S1111111111 A1111V11111s 11111111- 111122 11s 21 1'11s1111 111' 21 g1'11111111111's S111115' 111 a1'1. Mr. Illlll Mrs. C. D. Wilson iuailc- uso of thi- llowutowu Division library facilitios. lu a liauclsorue, up-to-clate structure located iu the heart of the city, tho clowtowu clivisiou of the Uiiivor- sity of Tulsa once again oiferecl au opportunity for evoiiiiig' sturly to those who wishocl to c-ontinuc thoir wlucatiou while pursuing' a varoor hy clay. Tho Ourriculiim was hroacl auml varii-fl, incluiliugi suvh fields as history, Italian, shortliauml, Calculus auil liuglisli. lnstructors wow ava- ilomically ou a levol with the Campus faculty aucl many vampus profus- sors taught ilowntowu. DIVISIO Both lll1tlQl'g'l'2llllli1'fC auil gradiiaitv 1-11-ilit was ol'f'orofl to those who wore couiplm-tiiig' I'0l1llll'OII19IltS for a mlcgiwn l'uilvr thc guimlance of lloau Harry XV. Gowaus for tho last teu yvars, the iuiivorsity cfoulil poiut with pride to aclvauoos made uumloi' his lvailorsliip. 'lllioir moclvru building, vou- Sll'llC'l0ll in 1949, also houscil the School of liaw. The slogan ot' thc school, 'tmalco your 0VUlllIlg'S count," broafll-ut-il horizons for many. tlampus Stllf,lQ11lS took on part-time jobs while making' up hours at night auil husiuoss men loarneil mow ahout tho liolil iii which they were alroamly estahlislioil. 'llhrougli the work of the school, Illilllj' who otliorwiso Ooulil uot olitaiu a 1lQg'1'oo wore lwiiotitocl. For tho clowutowu stuilouts who wislii-ml to Ooutinuo thoir oiluvatiou after giafluatioii a spocial grailuate ilivisiou was vstahlislietl ot'l'oi'iug' a. iXl2lSlC1',S ilogioo in most suhjec-ts aiiil a llor-tor of lfliluvatiou mlogi'w in the vilucatioual liolcl. DEAN IIARRY W. Gowixxs 13, iw... N-M..-,- CHOOL 0F LA Banks Mr-Dowoll mul Bob Taylor uiailo usa- of thc vom- ploto law library provifh-il hy tho Law Si-hool and Dowu- town College. 38 1 x X I i DEAN Joilx Rom-:us Tho Iv11ive1'sity of Tulsa Scfhool of Law has tho amlvautage of being located in a city which offors many examples of tho law in action. City, County, state court of common pleas, and a federal clistriot court t'u1'uishod stuclouts with a hackgrouncl of ao- tiou and routine oporatiou. Courses ofi11st1'uctio1'1 C'0VUl'Cl,l hoth conuuou and statuto law. 4XLL1-IX KING ,1flmiiz1'.sfrf11'1'1'f 114 on Tho School of Law hocanio a part of the university lu 19533 through tho union of the univorsity's pro- logal courses and the D1'0g'I'2l.l'I1 of tho Tulsa Law School. lVh0n the II10llQ1'11 building in downtown Tulsa, was given to TU, tho Svhool of Law joiuoml the Downtown Division in uso of its facilitios. A large- law library was housoml in tho huililiug. Hoc-ognitiou from tho Auu-rim-au Bar Assoviation camo iu 15750 to hoost tho Tl' Law school iu rank aucl im- portauoo. The school was also ac- c'1'c-clitwl by the Stato Board of llaw l'lXZlH1lll9I'S and tho Oklahoma Su- upi'0n1o Court. This year tho school varrioil out its purposo hy fitting students for law practivo to tho full- ost oxtout. MXSGT. CLYDE ABEL .... .... R OTC EMILE ADER .......... .... I1 IsIcry E. P. ALWORTH ..... ..,., E nglish HARRIET BARCLAY ....A bofany STEFAN BARDAS .................... music HAROLD BARROWS ............... speech C. L. BATEMAN .......... Downfown College ROSS BEALL ..... ............ e ducafion LULU BECKINGTON ..... CAPT. O. S. BEENEY FLORENCE BLACKMORE ALBERT BLAIR ........ MORRIS BLAIR ,.,.. C. I. BLANCHARD DOROTHY BOWEN ... GEORGE BOWEN ... HARRY BROADD Downfown College .............ROTC ..,. .WPE .zoology economics . . . .business . . . .music ....musIc .....arI' PAULA BROADD ..,., ...speech PAUL BROWN .......... ,. ,religion BEAUMONT BRUESTLE .... ...speech urls for all of Tuls FACULTY . IHHN III!!-iltlf Mm- ll. SARAH BURKHART .. PAUL BUTHOD .... .. LORRAINE BYMAN ... I. E. CADENHEAD .... H. N. CARTER YI-CHUNG CHANG .. H. D. CHASE .....,... RICHARD CHRONISTER J. W. COCHRAN T. W. COOVER .,,.. PAUL CORRUBIA .....,.. DWIGHT DAILEY . . JEAN DAILEY JERRY D'ARCY WILLIAM DAY .....,. MARJORIE DeFIGH M. O. DENEKAS F. J. EIKENBERRY . ED EVERETT ....., ROGER FENN ... .ma+I1 ,..reIIning ,... .music ... .hisfory ... . . . .mafh .Uengineering ..,.,zooIogy . .. ..... FHUSIC .............,arf ... Umarkefing Downiown College . .... music , . . .a+I1Ie+ics ....marIce+ing .meducafion ...chemisfry ..,..EngIIsI1 ...journalism ,,...musIc 40 DALE FERRELL .. BARTON FRANK F. T. GARDNER .... J. D. GEMMILL .... SGT. CURTIS GOBER .,.. PAUL GRABER .,.... DONALD HAYDEN .. JACK HAYES .... EDWARD HEUER JESSIE HOBBS ...... ROBERT HOBSON ..,.. ALEXANDER HOGUE .... W. V. HOLLOWAY ,,.... ROBERT HOLMER ....... COL. WILLIAM HORNSEY E. A. HOWARD .,....,..... PHILIP HOWELL .,...... CATHERINE HUNTER .... RAYMOND INGRAM .... ED JOHNSON ..., . accounfing . . . . .speech ..marIteIing , . . . ROTC ,accoun+ing ....,EngIisI'1 business Iaw .,..geoIogy ,.. ,.Ilos+ess ,psychology ....,.,arI' pol. science . .,MPE . .. .ROTC ..,.ma+h . .economics homemaking ,accounfing .journalism FA LTY Ilmm Ilrn'fn'o'1'1' grwlwl Dr. L. B. 011111511 r, Diwfflnr of Xzzlionnl l'rbr1n Irugur, lnffnrw hw spulsc to TI' stu- rlrfnts. EDGAR JONES .,.... aeronauiics H. R. JONES ........ .... s peech SGT. WILLIAM JONES ..... ROTC RALPH KAUFMANN .. .,.. chemisiry RALPH KELTING ...... ,.., ID oiany JAMES KIRKPATRICK Heducafion J. C. KLOTZ ...,...... Uengineering S. J. KNEZEVICH .... ...educaiion S. S. KOVACS .....,.. sociology CHARLES LANDRUM .... ROTC R. H. LEHEW ......,. ...a+hIe+ics CLARICE LEPTON C. A. LEVENGOOD .. CAROL MASON ..... RAYMOND MATHIESON .... .. MAJOR ANDREW MAYSE CAROLINE McCORD .... .. FLETCHER McCORD , WILLIAM McKEE .... PHYLLIS McKINLEY .... .. .....zooIogy .geography . . . .physics . . . .ROTC . . . .English psychology . . . . .music . . .business 42 D. F. MODLSTAD ..,. GETTY K. MURPHY A. N. MURRAY .... RUSSELL MEYERS ..,. .English ....geology NEVIN NEAL ..........,.. Downfown College EDWIN NOBLE ...................... music MAJOR CLIFFORD OLESEN .... .... R OTC E. L. OWEN ................. economics B. E. PLACE ......,...... ........ a rf W. S. PRICE .............. .... I anguages WILLIAM REIPSCHLAGER .... ...religion BOYD RING-O ............, VIOLET ROBB .... ..... WILLIAM ROTH .... BELA ROZSA ........, DON SCARBROUGH EDWARD SCOTT W. A. SETTLE RILEY SMITH ,,... GRADY SNUGGS .. . . . .music mimeographing .........maH1 ....a'II'lIe+ics ....mechanics .....I1is+ory ....geology ..reIigion FAC LTY Hrs. l:IPIl,'l'Il' lrlunhf fufzlrw TU Siu' flvnlx llwozzglzoul 1710 year. FAC LTY Dr. Murray rafplaizzffd geology to for- eign sfuflwzl, Gusiaw Cormzel. A. L. SPRINGFIELD .... C. L. STROUT ....,..... WALTER STUERMANN EDWARD TALBOOM C. D. THOMAS ...... , SHIRLEY THOMAS G. W. UNDERWOOD RALPH VEATCH ..,... CHARLOTTE WAGGONER MARION WAGGONER .. A. W. WALKER .,..... J. L. WALPER LOUIS WEINBERG .... DAN WESLEY ...... HELEN WAYNE ...,... BERNARD WITUCKI MARGARET WRIGHT .. MAJOR PAUL YEAGER MARGARET YOUNKIN LESTER ZIMMERMAN .... ..Ianguages . ..... philosophy .....aII1Ie+ics ..........pI1ysics homemaking .accounfing ..Ianguages . . . .... socioIogy . producfion . . . . .geology . .personnel .....musIc ., .a+I1Ie+ics . . , . .business .....ROTC ....racIio . . . .English 44 JAMES E. BUSH, parf fime insirucfor in law: JOYE CLARK, Iaw librarian: JOHN W. HAGER, associafe professor of Iaw. V MILTON W. HARDY, par? fime insfrucfor in law: ROY M. HUFF' pari- Hme insfrucfor in Iawg EDWIN S. HURST, par+ Hme insfruc- 'for in law. GERALD B. KLEIN, parf fime insfrucfor in Iawg PHILLIP N. LANDA, professor of Iawg TRAVIS MILSTEN, parf fime ins+ruc+or in law. REMINGTON ROGERS, professor of law: W. PRESTON WOODRUFF, associafe pro- fessor of Iawg PEGGY ANN WILSON, law secre+ary. LAW FACULTY II1 rcir lima' rl! KOTV. lll.W'II mul ,llfzrlflnm 1'0nff'rr4 17 bwfnrr' N Row One: Jane Rowley, S. J. Schcdler, Bradley Jesson, Rita Shepherd. Row Two: Ora. Frasier, Mary Ellen, Everett, Toni 0 'Bannon, Jess Chouteau, Dean Dan Wfesley. .gifowfenf Cnunci President . . . BRAD J1+:ssoN Vice-president SPENCER SCIIICDLER Coed Vice-president RITA SHIQPHERD Secretary . JANE ROXVLEY Treasurer. . ToM O7BANN0N Student Relations Director BIARY ELLEN EVIQRETT Chief Justice . . ORA FRAsIER ommomicaIfion5 Sgqfedg Marilyn hlcKnig'l1t, Betty l'erkins, Donna Hlinn. Sfqnding: Xancy liziper, Anne Turner, I':lt Wil- son. Serving as a. link between students and faculty, the Stu- dent Council sponsored Talahi Day, Sadie Hawkins Day, a birthday party for Dr. Pontius, and other all-school functions in additition to underwriting the activities of various groups. The constitution, adopted for the year, replaced the old community council of four years ago. It provided for the election of seven ofiicers from the stu- dent body in the spring. lflach otiicer had the task of co- ordinating the activities of two Student Council standing committees. The council met every Tuesday at 11 a.m. to consider activities and school problems. Meetings were open to interested students. Two faculty members, Jess Chouteau, treasurer, and Dean Dan iVesley served on the council. uzrdify Hgh Ear figyamal of !914gAcaIfi0n5 tudent Council Committee Varsi'I'y Nire Board Hou' 0116: Rick NVysocky, Sabra Smith, Eddi- Rue Mcl'la1ml1z111, Bill Bennett, Martha Boyd. How Two: Mary Jo Lzlugrhlill, Ura Frasier, Tom fVBH1lIl0ll, Jim F1'eil1111'g1o1'. June Iimwdict. Board of Pu blica+ions Row One: l:2l1'b211'2l, Smith, Kyle Goddard, l'. 1. Duncan, Ed JOIIIISON, Carol Hockensou, Frallk Koors, Hill Coates. Run' Two: liar- Kfadd .fgclfiuilfieri barn Yeakvy. Bradlvy Plm-0, Oscar Kolb Trzivis Sullivzm. Class Ac1'ivi+ies Lffz' to riglzf: Art Hawkinson, Mary A-Xllll Coop cr, Cz11'o1 Hockenson, Mary O'Shez1, Dick Rush, Kerry Freeman. Campus Welfare Lvff to righf: Theresa XVaste, Barbara Smith Rita Shepherd, Sue Cooper, Sue Cook. GfI'l'L,9lfL5 ,M MP8 if-R40 sggzfacfenf Qfafionfi gzcfiolfw tudent Council Committee S1-udenf Relafions ,xllll NVrigg'lnT. SllZ?lllll1' Spiulq. l'l1.vllix llouk lfffu' 01111 Vllyllis 3IlfKllll0j'. Mary ,lillvu Ever- 1-11sfu1. Winnio Sprzltf, l'e1t1'iq-in 'l'l1m11ps011. pn, Miss MM-Y Clay yyjujamsn lfuu- Tzro: l,lvo1'g'u Pfl1'Tl'l', Ric-llarcl 'IR-mley, Er lffm-7'1m: llvzm Dam NVvsley,l3i11g- llz1c'l:wm'tI1. "Wt Xvimlmll- Tiill mlflffisv KVM' WOIISK' Punmk pools. Jllss gflmuteauu U. 13. Qymsi.. Tim Fzlrlvy, l'z1t1'ivlq Poolv, Rim-llznrcl Klzilm Zllbil, llzxwvy Diem. 1,011 Myvrs, Eleclions lmfl in riglvl: Oliver iEIlgl'll', fl1'2i l+'1'e1sie1'. Holly Social llerliills, E11 Slllllll. l,f'j'l in riglll: Kick NVys0c'liy, NiTzl LYOSTPI' Auclra xVlSll0ll1. Pat ljllll'll9S. AIHVQY lklyllliill Sludenf Pr0r'nO+l0I'IS Sara Ann Smith, Axllll VV1'ig'llT. Hlivm lfou' Uma- SIISZIHHG 3I0llfjl'lllH01'Y, Sally Downs, IC11g'lQ. .ggnjenf Qdomofiond ocia 5 F M A Smlior officors, lcff I0 righ! we-re Mary June NVz1lke1' f1'1'2lSL11'CI'Q Phyllis McKinley Secretaryg Larry Hzlrtfeldcr, presidvnt 5 Oscar Moline vice-pre-sidcnt. 'x SE IOR .w-'fl' Bonnie Elzgebretson mul Phyllis M0KinIr'y reluarml in the dorm. Row One: Caryl Sue Albin, Ahmed, Beirur, Lebanon, PE, Allen, Tulsa, LA, Rifle Team, Winfield, Kansas, PE: Joseph Tulsa, BA: Annella Anderson, Row Two: Evalyn Anderson, Miami, Olclahoma, FA, FTA Albin Ali-Ahmed Allen Allison Alquisl Ames A. Anderson E. And erson Ballard Balsfers Bangerl' Barclay Bales Bays N. Bell W. Bell Belr BenneH Berning Beshears Biggs Bracho Brady Bra ndes Bridwell C. Brown H. Brown R. Brown Byslrom Campbell Carpenler Cason Chrislerson T Clayberg Conboy Tulsa, LA, KA9, FTA: Ghaleb Ali- Engineers' Club, ISA, AIME: Dean R. Arnold Air Sociely: Don E. Allison, Alquisf, Tulsa, LA, AXA: Fred Ames, Tulsa, FA, XSZ, FTA, TU "Y," SPC. Tulsa, BA, Xfl: Louis W. Ballard, , WMA, Radio Choir, fI1I'K: Roger Marlin Balslers, Collleyyille, Kansas, BA: Sara Bangerl, Tulsa, LA, X9, Morlar Board, UAE, Kendallabrum Edilor, Who's Who, Lan- lern, WX, Sludenl Council, 'I1l'K: Arlhur Barclay, Tulsa, LA: Palricia Bales, Tulsa, LA, "PM: Ken Bays, Tulsa, BA, AXA, Scab- bard and Blade. Row Three: Nancy Musgrove Bell, Tulsa, LA, AAA, Newman Club, Bolany Club, Arl Sluclenls' League: Wallon Bell, Tulsa, LA, 211115, Geology Club, Chrislian Science Organiza- lion: Jim Bell, Tulsa, LA, KKW: Thomas Bennell, Tulsa, BA, A2113 John A. Berning, Springfield, Illinois, PE, Engineers' Club, New- man Club: Richard Beshears, Codell, Kansas, PE, ZX, Engineers' Club, NET, AlCl-lE, AIME, Who's Who, lnlramural Council: Ronald Biggs, Tulsa, BA. Row Four: Alberlo Bracho, Caracas, Venezuela, BA: Don E. Brady, Tulsa, BA, li'l'E: Beverly Brandes, Tulsa, FA: James B. Bridwell, Tulsa, LA, AXA, Scabbard and Blade: Carl T. Brown, Sand Springs, Oklahoma, BA, ASH: H. Wilder Brown, Tulsa, LA: Richard Brown, Gloversville, N. Y., PE, Engineers' Club, Geology Club. Row Five: Gordon R. Byslrom, Casper, Wyoming, PE: Huberi R. Campbell, Tulsa, BA, Scabbard and Blade, BSU: Joe Carpenier, Salem, lllinois, LA, KA, Afl'-Q: Fred L. Cason, Tulsa, BA: Melbourne Chrislerson, Tulsa, LA, KA, Kendallabrum, KWGS, HAR, Rul-Nex, lnlramural Council: George M. Clayberg, Denver, Colorado, PE: Roberl Conboy, Tulsa, PE, AIME, HET, Engineers' Club. Row One: Roberl' H. Conkling, Olean, N. Y., PE, Varsily Track, Engineers' Club, E'I'E: Charles M. Conner, Tulsa, LA: Ted W. Connolly, Oakland, California, BA, Varsily Foolball, Track, Base- ball, EX, Newman Club: Allen Cook, Wichila, Kansas, LA, EX, Varsily Foolball, Scabbard and Blade: Roberl' Corn, Tulsa, LA, 24913: G. W. Co++rell, Tulsa, PE, I-'I'l'Z, AIME, Engineers' Club: Gordon L. Cox, Redondo Beach, California, PE, Geology Club, ZPE. Row Two: Anne Crabb, Tulsa, LA: Ken Craig, Tulsa, LA, KE: Roberl Crowley, Tulsa, LA, Eflflig Moslafa Dadgoo, Tehran, iran, PE: Roberl W. Day, Tulsa, BA, DDE: Bill Depaepe, Soulh Bend, Indiana, BA, Newman Club, Foolball Coach: William DeH- mer, Palenville, N. Y., LA. Row Three: Ron Dickson, Porl Credir, Onlario, PE, ATU: Jack Dirksen, Vineland, Onlario, PE: Carl Doehring, Monlrose, Alabama, PE, KB, Scabbard and Blade, Engi- neers' Club: Pauline Doshier, Tulsa, BA, TUBWC, -SAX: Gordon A. Douville, Fremonl, Michigan, PE, AIME, Engineers' Club: Vir- ginia Drake, Tulsa, LA, WM, TU "Y," FTA, Spanish Club: Roberl' Duffield, Pawhuska, Oklahoma, BA, AEII, IN. Row Four: Ahmad Ebrahimi, Kerman, lran, PE, ISA: Elizabefh Eddy, Tulsa, LA, FTA, Lanlern, Boiany Club, Spanish Club, SPC, TU "Y," Kendallabrum, Who's Who: Blanche Einsel, Tulsa, FA, AF, Wesley Foundafion, EAI, TU "Y," Lanlern: Ronald Esfel, Tulsa, LA, -EX, UAE: Mary Ellen Everelrl, Sand Springs, Oklahoma, LA, AAA, Who's Who, Mor- 1954 E IOR Conkling Conner Connoly Cook Corn Co'Hrell Cox Crabb Craig Crowley Dadgoo Day DePaepe DeHmer Dickson Dirksen Doehring Doshier Douville Drake Duffield Ebrahimi Eddy Einsel Eslel Everell' Ewing Fain Farber Fenno Fiegener Fine Fisher Fosse Franssen lar Boarcl, UTM, 'i'1'K, AKA, Panhellenic, Sludenl Reallions Direc- lor: Lana Ewing, Tulsa, LA, AAA: Charles Fain, Tulsa, LA. Row Five: Ed Lee Farber, Kansas Cily, Missouri, PE, K-Y, Engineers' Club: Tom Fenno, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, PE, Ki, Engineers' Club: Joe Fiegener, Enid, Oklahoma, PE, Engineers' Club: William S. Fine, Tulsa, BA: Max Lee Fisher, Tulsa, LA, AXA: Richard Fosse, Evanslon, Illinois, LA: Waller Franssen, Tulsa, PE. Murray and Barclay studied hard in biology. 'ai ai Alliso Frawley Funslon Galbraifh Gales Ga uden Gesin Glasgow Glenn Goff Goodenough Graeber D. Green J. Green J. Green Greene Gregg Hackworlh Hager Hale C. Hall L. Hall P. Hall Hardwic Harris Harlfeld Harlman Hayes Haynes Helms Henderson Hine Hinkley Hinlon Holladay Holmes vi- and .TIOIlfg071It'l':Il danced 111 lhe Hjfllfllllf bull." Row One: Frank Frawley, Tulsa, PE, KA, Engineers' Club, AIME, Scabbard and Blade, Newman Club, Cammie Rulh Funslon, Inde- pendence, Kansas, LA, KA9, Radio Guild, Engineers' Club, l'lA"l', Thealre Workshop, IRC, Joe W. Galbrailh, Grand I-laven, Michi, gan, FA, Vels Village Council, Ronald F. Gales, Tulsa, LA, XX, 'I'HE, Zoology Club, Band, 'l'1'K, William Gauden, Belle Vernon Pennsylvania, LA, Sword and Key, UVM, 'l'A9, James Gesin, Okmulgee, Oklahoma, PE, BFE, Geology Club, William Glasgow, Ramona, Oklahoma, LA. Row Two: Devon Glenn, Bushlon, Kan- sas, LA, Val Goff, Tulsa, FA, Jerry C. Goodenough, Corpus 194151011 Chrisli, Texas, BA, Sword and Key, 'f'l1K, Clyde Graeber, Tulsa, LA, -EX, Don Green, Tulsa, PE, EX, HRT, AIME, Engineers' Club, Varsily Baseball, Jo Sealey Green, Moundville, Missouri, FA, John Richard Green, Forl Mill, S. C., LA. Row Three: Ronald L. Greene, Tulsa, LA, Radio Guild, Arl' Sludenls' League, Mary Ann Gregg, Elk Cily, Oklahoma, LA, XSZ, FTA, ZIAT, Morlar Board, Panhellenic, Who's Who, 'I'1'K, Howard Hackworlh, Barllesville, Oklahoma, LA, IRC, TU "Y," 'l'l'll, Speech Workshop, Glenn Hager, Tulsa, BA, IN, Claude E. Hale, Tulsa, BA, Charles Hall, Springfield, Missouri, FA, KA, WMA, Band, Orcheslra, Lee V. Hall, Kimberly, Nevada, PE, ATU, Engineers' Club, AIME, Arnold Air Sociely. Row Four: Phillips C. Hall, McPherson, Kansas, PE, KA, Scabbard and Blade, Arnold Air Sociely, 1ll'1'I', Engineers' Club, James W. Hardwick, Tulsa, LA, Max Harris, Lillle Rock, Arkansas, LA, AXA, Larry Harlfelder, Tulsa, LA, AXA, KKXV, Anna Lee Harlman, Arkansas Cily, Kansas, LA, KA9, Arl Slu- denls' League, Speed Slephen Hayes, Tulsa, BA, -llill, Nancy M. Haynes, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, LA, All, Lanlern, Women's Inlra- mural Council, Sludenl Council, Varsily Nile. Row Five: H. D. Helms, Colgale, Oklahoma, PE, Felicia Lee Henderson, Tulsa, LA, KKV, Morlar Board, WhoIs Who, 'l'l'K, 'l'A9, MPM, UAE, Kendallabrum, Sludenl Council, Panhellenicg Frank Hlne, Tulsa, PE, BFE, Engineers' Club, Velva Arlene Hinkley, Tulsa, LA, Nor- man Hinlon, Tulsa, LA, KKXP, KWGS, Roberl Holladay, Tulsa, LA, Burl B. Holmes, Tulsa, BA, ATQ, AZIII. k er 5' J ' Row One: Mabry Housley, Tulsa, BA, Inlramural Council: James Allen Huffl, Springfield, Missouri, BA, AXA: Mary Rulh Hughes, Gary, Indiana, LA, KA, AT, Zoology Club: Bill W. Hull, Monell, Missouri, LA, BN, Geology Club: Jerry James, Parsons, Kansas. LA, AXA, TU "YH: Ellis Jenkins,, Kansas Cily, Kansas, BA, Varsily Baslcelball: Kennelh W. Jensen, Tulsa, PE. Row Two: Bradley Jesson, Colgleyville, Kansas, LA, Sludenl Council, AXA, IRC, QJAG-J, UTM, HKS, 'I'1'K, Junior Class Presidenl: Dick Johnson, Los An- geles, California, LA: Jerry G. Johnson, Tulsa, BA, Zifblflg Judilh Jones, Tulsa, LA, A-3-3: Gerald Kamins, Des Plaines, Illinois, LA, Varsily Foolball, Newman Club, -3943: Gerald Kasfing, Tulsa, FA, KKXP, KAN, Sword and Key, 'l'l'K: Roberl' Keeler, Tulsa, PE, ETB. Row Three: Fred W. Kelly, Claylon, Missouri, PE, ATS2, Engineers' Club, Geology Club: Michael J. Kelly, I-lerelord, Texas, BA, ATU: Roberf Kelso, Tulsa, LA, BN, Arnold Air Sociely, Scabbard and Blade, Newman Club: Dick Kercher, Evansville. Indiana, LA, Varsiiy Eoolball: Jawdal Khuri, Alclcar, PE: Ernesl Kinsey, Pryor, Oklahoma, PE, BN: Gordon Kirby, Sand Springs, Olclahorna, FA. Row Four: J. E. Kirlcpalriclu, Tulsa, PE, IAS: George Kile, Tulsa, PE, :'l'E, Engineers' Club: Richard Klabzuba, Tulsa, BA, EX, ABU, IRC, Newman Club, SPC, Who's Who, NOMA: Jan Klapper, Tulsa, LA, KWGS: Jaclc G. Klalf, Waco, Texas, PE: William Kleclrner, Brislow, Oklahoma, PE, Engineers 19 4 SE IOR Housley Huffl Hughes Hull James Jenlrins Jensen Jesson D. Johnson J. Johnson Jones Kamins Kasiing Keeler F. Kelly M. Kelly Kelso Kercher Khuri Kinsey Kirby Kirkpalricl: Kife Klabzuba Klapper KlaH Kleclrner Klenfos Knapp Knox Lane Layman Lees Lennon Liming Club, AIME, IIET, Tommy Klenlos, Tulsa, BA, A-YH. Row Five: Waller C. Knapp, Tulsa, LA, Varsily Baseball, Scabbard and Blade, BAE, Oll Campus Greelcs: William Knox, Tulsa, LA, KE, Joe Dan Lane, Tulsa, LA, Varsiiy Fooiball, Baseball, Eflfblg Neil F. Layman, Tulsa, BA, AIU, Scabbard and Blade, BSU, Baseball: Bob C. Lees, Tulsa, EA: Marlin Lennon, Albany, N. Y., BA, i-ill: Hugh Liming, Indianapolis, Indiana, PE, AIME, Engineers' Club. Lovin- una? Slirplzfrfl Imrnrri mu' 1i'uy.s to wok. I I -S' "" O ci. 'K "Just fire SL'C07IITS,,7 said Jwsxon. Row One: Wayne Neil Linn, Tulsa, LA, HKA, A'I'Q: Gerlene Locke, Tulsa, LA: John Locke, Freeporl, Maine, BA: Edgeberl' Rosco Luna, Tulsa, BA, lnlrarnural Council, 221915, -5-ITU, Arnold Air Sociely: Roberlo Luna, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, PE: Richard Lush, Tulsa, PE, AIME, Engineers' Club: Lawrence E. Lulhy, Tulsa, BA, ETPE, A-fill, Arnold Air Sociely. Row Two: Jane McCoy, Tulsa, LA, A-5-5, TU "Y," FTA: Ronald E. McCullough, Tulsa, LA, AXA, Varsily Baseball: Pafricia McCune, Tulsa, LA, AF, Who's Who, Lanlern, Morlar Board, K-5-H, Band, TPK, Spanish Club, Bolany Club, FTA: Carol McDonald, Tulsa, LA, AAA, Wjndlgagg, Linn G. Locke J. Locke E. Luna R. Luna Lush Lufhy McCoy McCullough McCune McDonald McGee McGill McGinnis J. McKinley P. McKinley McKiHerick McNuH Marple Marlin Meeks Mellor Mesec M. Miller R. Miller Miner Milchell Moline Monigomery Moraes Mossberger Mulhall Murray Muselmann Naifeh as Lgsmm. ., ,sw ,a,.-Q 19 4 SE Illll IIAE, Varsily Nile, Collegian: Leo B. McGee, Newlon, Kansas, PE: Barbara McGill, Tulsa, LA, lr, FTA: Marfha McGinnis, Tulsa, LA, KKF, Arl' Sludenls' League, Bolany Club, Sludenl Council, Kendallabrunn, Collegian, li-SE, Malrix Award, Panhellenic, Var- sily Nile. Row Three: Joe A. McKinley, Lake Charles, Louisiana, BA: Phyllis McKinley, Dumaquele Cily, Philippines, BA, AV, Who's Who, UVM, Sludenl Council, SPC, TUBWC, ISA, Radio Choir, Windbags: Tom L. McKiH'erick, Tulsa, BA, Scabbard and Blade, EWR, Rui-Nex, NOMA: Melba McNuH, Tulsa, LA, FTA: Roberl' Marple, Tulsa, PE, HRT, -SX, Engineers' Club: Gibson Marlin, Tulsa, LA, BAE, OFT Campus Greeks, Scabbard and Blade: Warren L. Meeks, Tulsa, BA. Row Four: John Mellor, McAlesler, Oklahoma, PE, AIME, IIl'1'l', Engineers' Club, New- man Club: Roberf Mesec, Waukegan, Illinois, BA, ATQ, Varsily Baskelball, Newman Club: Mary Sue Miller, Tulsa, LA, lil, FTA, TU "Y," 'PAQ HFM, KSU, QFK: Roberl Miller, Tulsa, PE: Tom Miner, Checolah, Oklahoma, LA: Frances Milchell, Pryor, Okla- homa, LA, KAH, Panhellenic, Arl' Sludenls' League: Oscar Moline, Tulsa, LA. Row Five: Suzanne Monlgomery, Tulsa, LA, Ki: Ermi- rio P. Moraes, Sao Paulo, Brazil, PE, Engineers' Club: Sharon Moss- berger, Tulsa, LA, fI'M, Maiorelle, TUE, Sludenl Council: Mary Mulhall, Tulsa, LA, KKTH Ann Murray, Tulsa, LA, KAI-1, Morlar Board, FTA, Bolany Club, IIKA, Who's Who, 'l'1'K: Clifford Muselmann, Tulsa, BA: Monroe Naifeh, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, BA, ABIT, AQPQ, Who's Who, NOMA. Row One: Max D. Nalley, Boulder Cily, Nevada, LA, Scabbard and Blade, Radio Guild: Paul Nardin, Tellurine, Colorado, BA: Thomas G. Nash, Tulsa, LA, AXA, 'l'l'K: Cameron Nelson, Wol- verlon, Minnesola, BA, AXA: Mark A. Newcomb, Tulsa, PE: Ralph L. Ninemire, Kansas Cily, Kansas, LA, Bolany Club: F. J. Nouri, Iran, PE, Engineersl Club, ISA. Row Two: William Thompson O'Bannon, Wewoka, Oklahoma, LA, 'lfHE, 'l'A0, UTM, Sword and Key, fPT,'K, TU "Y," FTA, KATT, Who's Who: Palric H. O'Kelly, Okemah, Oklahoma, BA: Mary O'Shea, Fl. Smilh, Arkansas, KNIT, TUBWC, Sludenl Council, Newman Club, Ken- dallabrum, Who's Who, Varsity Nile, LJMI-l Ollicer: Jack Edwin Owens, Tulsa, PE, IAS: Vaughan Packer, Tulsa, FA, 'l'5l: Drury Parks, Muskogee, Oklahoma, BA. IX, Varsily Golf: Jay Palchell, Tulsa, PE, HKA. Row Three: Charles Perry, Tulsa, LA: Pafly Ann Perry, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, LA, -A-A-X, FTA, Radio Choir: Evelyn Phillips, Franklin, Texas, LA, 'PAQ Lanlern, FTA: John W. Phillips, Tulsa, BA: J. Baldwin Pon+efracl, Unionlown, Pennsylvania, PE, lx, Engineers' Club, AIME: Palrick Poole, Columbus, Kansas, LA, IX, IFC, SPC, TU Radio Choir, Rui-Nex, Hill, Sludenl Chrislian Council, Opera Workshop: George Porler, Tulsa, BA, -3-fill, AVNI, UKA, NOMA, Newman Club. Row Four: Glen A. Poller, Tulsa, BA, l'l'l'1: Don Pray, Tulsa, PE, -EX, AIME, HIST, Engineers' Club, Scabbard and Blade: Waller Price, Tulsa, BA, AXA, Collegian, IFC, UAE, -A-till. Whols Who: B. W. Proff, 19 4 SE Illll Nalley Nardin Nash Nelson Newcofnb Ninemire Nouri O'Bannon O' Kelly O'Shea Owens Packer Parks Palchefl C. Perry P. Perry E. Phillips J. Phillips Ponlefracl Poole Porler Pofler Pray Price Profl Pundl Racefle Ramchandani Ramsey Randall Ra ney Ralke Reber Reef Reese Tulsa, PE, KA: Gloria Pundl, Tulsa, LA, AAA, Newman Club. Home Ec Club, Windbags: Doris Racelle, Tulsa, LA, KA9, Arl Sludenls' League: Kishoo Ramchandani, India, PE, AIME, ISA, Engineers' Club. Row Five: Craig Ramsey, Reinbeck, Iowa, PE, KI, IFE, Engineers' Club, Geology Club: Charles Randall, Tulsa. PE: Clark Raney, Sligler, Oklahoma. PE, ATU, Band, Engi- neers' Club: Edwin S. Rafke, Leduc, Alberla, PE, Engineers' Club: Saundra Reber, Muskogee, Oklahoma, FA, X533 Harold Reef, Thayer, Missouri, LA, Ari Sludenls' League: Billy Reese, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, LA, FTA. Nfllilfllf .f'I4'li1'i'liff,w liiiilfliiig ui nigilil. Tlmlxerziffce Wallrmis last play at TU. Row One: Joe Richardson, Tulsa, EA: Donald W. Rieber, Evans- ville, Indiana, LA, Varsily Eoofball, 131115, John Rigsby, Tulsa, PE, 'i2I'K: Dorofhy Rineharf, Tulsa, EA, EAI, KA, Kill, TB?-1, Band, Orcheslra, Lanlern: Gary Robb, Tulsa, PE, AXA, Varsiry Baseball, Sword and Key, 1l'l'K, NET, Who's Vfhog Don Roberis, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, BA, -EN: Edward H. Roberfs, Springfield, Mis- souri, Engineers' Club. Row Two: Billy Rodgers, Muskogee, Okla- homa, LA: Gordon Romine, Enid, Oklahoma, PE, Engineers' Club, AIME: Herber+ C. Rooks, Rangly, Colorado, PE, KA, Engineers' Club: Jane Rowley, AAA, Panhellenic, Morlar Board, Sludenl Richardson Rieber Rigsby Rineharf Robb D. Roberfs E. Roberfs Rodgers Romine Rooks Rowley Rush Ryan Salas Salazar Sanders Sardana Savenius Schidlowski Schmif Schroeder K. ScoH' W. Scoff Seals Shepherd Sloan J. Smilh J. Smilh R. Smifh S. Smifh W. Smifh Soufhard Soufhwick Sfaliford Slamper 194 EIOR Council, Who's Who, 'l'lTK: Dan H. Rush, Colleyville, Kansas, PE, AXA, Engineers' Club: Rosalyn Befh Ryan, Tulsa, LA, AAA, Home Ec Club, FTA: Guillermo Salas, Maracaibo, Venezuela, PE, ISA. Row Three: Raymond Salazar, Rio Visia, California, LA, Varsiiy Eoolball, Newman Club: John Sanders, Tulsa, EA, flflll, Sword and Key, 'l,l'K: M. Lal Sardana, Delhi, India, PE, IRC, Engineers' Club: Alpha Savenius, Tulsa, EA, fI'M, Morfar Board, Band, Or- cheslra, -EAT, TBP-i, FTA, KAH, 'l'l'K, Who's Who: Cryslal Lou Schidlowski, Tulsa, LA, Ari Siudenls' League: Horace G. Schmif, Pawnee Cify, Nebraska, PE, 'PII-Y, IIET, AIME, Engineers' Club: Leon E. Schroeder, Tulsa, LA. Row Four: Kennefh Scolf, Tulsa, LA, SX, fl'I'K, IPAQ, fI'IlE, UTM, Sword and Key, IEC, IRC: William ScoH', Tulsa, PE: Ronald Seals, Tulsa, LA, KI., Scabbard and Blade, Freshman Class Presideni: Rifa Shepherd, Tulsa, LA, KKF, Morlar Board, Home Ec Club, Lanlern, FTA, 'P1'K, Sfudenr Council, Who's Who: Rila Sloan, Tulsa, BA, AAA, Lanlern, BAE, TUBWC, Newman Club, Windbags: James Cremin Smifh, Tulsa, LA, Collegian, Zflflflg John Smifh, Tulsa, LA. Row Five: Ramon Griffen Smifh, Tyleriown, Mississippi, PE, EX, AIME, Scabbard and Blade: Sfanley Smifh, Tulsa, BA: William Roberl Smifh, Sand Springs, Oklahoma, BA, AXA, Alill, KK'1': Ken Soufhard, Tulsa, BA, AXA, ABU: Marvin H. Soufhwick, Missoula, Monlana, LA, Spanish Club, UAE, ISA: Raymond Slaliford, Thayer, Kansas, BA: William Sfamper, Oklahoma Ciiy, Oklahoma, LA. Row One: Jane Sleil, Tulsa, LA, Arl Sludenls' League: Bobby Lee Slrain, Sapulpa, Oklahoma, BA, A115125 William Slubblelield, Cass- ville, Missouri, PE: Derrill Suggs, Colleyville, Kansas, BA: Palrick C. Sullivan, Los Angeles, Calilornia, PE, Geology Club: Bill Sum- mers, Tulsa, LA, BX: James Swindler, Muskogee, Oklahoma, LA, Geology Club. Row Two: Eugene Tale, Tulsa, LA, IN, Arl Slue denls' League: Melba Thigpen, Tulsa, BA, KA, :A-E, TUBWC, Windbags, TVK: Gilberl Arvid Thomas, Tulsa, LA: Roger Thomas, Tulsa, BA, IX: Alan Thompson, Tulsa, BA: Belva Thompson, Greenville, Mississippi, LA, TU "Y," FTA, 'llM, Wesley Foundalion, THE: Charles F. Thompson, Tulsa, BA. Row Three: Palricia Thompson, Tulsa, LA, 'l'5l, Kill, FTA, Spanish Club, Lanlern, TU "Y," Bolany Club, 'l'l'K: Wanda Tinney, Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, LA, Band, TU "Y," Arl Sludenls' League, Lanlern: Thomas Nor- man Tipping, Joplin, Missouri, LA, Arl Sludenls' League: Palli Toler, Shreveporl, Louisiana, LA, KAH, Newman Club, Arl Slu- denls' League: Richard R. Tonge, Modeslo, Calilornia, LA, lll'5l 'l'A9, 'l'llK: Vic Tullle, Canosa Park, California, LA, Arl Sludenls' League, fl'llK: Norris Dale Vanderlord, Tulsa, LA, IIKA, FTA. Row Four: Clarence Vaughn, Tulsa, BA, Chrisline E. Virgiel, Tulsa, LA, FTA, Thealre Workshop, Kill, 'l'l'K: John Edgar Walker, Columbus, Kansas, LA: Lloyd Walker, Tulsa, LA, KI, Cheerleader, Varsily Nile: Mary June Walker, Tulsa, LA, Sludenl Council, Pan- hellenic, Collegian, Kendallabrum, AKA, HAH, XII, Who's Who: 1954 E IOR S+eiI Slrain Slubblelield Suggs Sullivan Summers Swindler Tale Thigpen G. Thomas R. Thomas A. Thompson B. Thompson C. Thompson P. Thompson Tinney Tipping Toler Tonge Tullle Vanderlord Vaughn Virgiel J. Walker L. Walker M. Walker S. Walker Wallon Warcl F. Warren S. Warren While Whillow Wieland Wier S. Chad Walker, Tulsa, PE: John H. Wallon, Winlield, Kansas, LA, Geology Club, AT-Q, Row Five: Jack R. Ward, Tulsa, BA, IIKA, A-ill: Failh Warren, Tulsa, LA, Xllg Skip Owen Warren, Tulsa, LA, Scabbard and Blade: William While, Tulsa, BA, AXA, ABU: Belly Whillow, Ponca Cily, Oklahoma, FA, KA, EAI: Palricia Wieland, Decalur, Illinois, LA, lll5'l', Foolball Oueen Al- lendanl: Mary Rose Wier, Tulsa, LA, KPN, Wesley Foundalion, TU "Y," FTA. HG,Ijll!'N and lfffelm' 1-lniwzwil all Um .lf00llS7llll6'l',S Ball. Tice did research at the aimgazinr: r11r'L'. Parks admiral the EX Homecoming cup. 19 4 SE IOR Row One: Sue Wilborn, Tulsa, LA, KA9, UAE, Panhellenic, Ken- dallabrurn, Collegian, Who's Who, LJMH Presidenig Barbara Wil- lourn, Tulsa, LA, WM, Spanish Club, FTA, Lanlerng Jerry A. Wil- cox, Tulsa, LA, Earl Williams, Lipscomb, Alabarna, LA, Varsily Eoolball: Miclcey Dan Wilson, Tulsa, LA, Varsiiy Tennis, Rui-Nex, EX, Cheerleader, Leilerman's Club, Oscar E. Wilson, Tulsa, LA: Ofis William Winchesier, Collinsville, Oklahoma, LA. Row Two: Wilborn Wilburn Wilcox Williams M. Wilson O. Wilson Winchesler Winslow D. Wolfe R. Wolfe Woocl Woodhall Woody Zachary 58 Neil C. Winslow, Tulsa, LA, TU "Y," l-landboolc Edilor, lRC, Wes- ley Eoundalion, Collegian: David Wolfe, Tulsa, BA: Roberf Wolfe Tulsa, PE, IAS, Derl L. Wood, Tulsa, BA: Rolaerf J. Woodhall Peoria, Illinois, PE, Sword and Key, QPFK, AIME, Engineers' Club UNT, Who's Who: Donna Woody, Tulsa, LA, Roy Curlis Zachary Coweia, Oklahoma, BA. Row One: Harbachan Bawa, lndia: Rogelio B. Buhay, Philippines: Bernard Clark, Burr Oak, Kansas: J. L. Collins, San Jose, Califor- nia: Edward Dumif, Tulsa: Ben England, Jr., Tulsa. Row Two: Don Erickson, Tulsa: Jack Francis, Tulsa: Jean Carolyn GarreH, Walnuf Grove, Missouri: John Haiiar, Syria: Lee Offo Hall, Tulsa: Wil- liam Hill, Nash, Oklahoma. Row Three: Usui Hisashi, Japan: Huber? Hogue, Carrolllon, Alabama: Sia Honari, lran: Sian Kin- namon, Tulsa: Frank Kifchen, Tulsa: Akira Kobayashi, Japan. Row Four: Deno Laclas, Tulsa: Francis McKillip, Tulsa: M. T. Mahoofi, Iran: Charles Malone, El Reno, Nevada: George Marlin, Oswego, New York: Elizabelh Neely, Tulsa: Nicholas Paleologos, New York, New York. Row Five: Belen Perez, New York, New York: Amir M. Sarem, Iran: M. A. Sanossian, India: Daniel Schuman, Harl- forol, Conneclicul: George John Shalhub, Lebanon: W. B. Sheil, Chicago, Illinois: Herschel E. Zirger, l-lollon, Kansas. GRADU TES EIIgl'Il1'I'I' Hf2r.w'hel Ziryw' 1',1'pIainc'r7 his project to busincss .stuflf'1zl', Vlmries Malone. Bawa Buhay Clark Collins Dumil England Erickson Francis G-arreH' Haiiar Hall Hill Hisashi Hogue Honari Kinnamon Kifchen Kobayashi Ladas McKillip Mahooli Malone Marlin Neely Paleologos Perez Sarem Sa nossian Schuman Shalhub Sheil Zirger 5, Y Ne V. 59 THE LAWYER Row One: yvllllfllll H. Bell, Edgar M. Dayton, Rich- ard Gibbons, Vurul L. Gilley, Jznnes P. Goeppinger, Richard Gossett, Jzunos Griffin. Row Two: Mal Harper, Vvllllillll H. Haworth, Gary W, Hudiburgh, James R. Kirkpatrick, Ed Lzilley, Wil- liam Legg, Williaiii E. Long. omiom Row One: Ecl Barnes, James Buss, Arthur Boose, C Bl'H111lJ2l1lQll, Jack Dubner, Emory Gard, Don Gilcler, Grigg, 1l1'2lll0lS Hawkins. Row Two: Ed Jacoby, Frank .T:1nson, Robert Linn, Bm Jumes For-k, Dorothy Reynolds, Russell Reynolds, Johi son, K. Bill VValker. 'url l'. Brown, Vllilliam eniom Raw Three: Banks McDowell, Jr., Rooney Melnerney, Shelby W. Marr, William D. Miller, Fred S. Nelson, Dean L. Nichols, Arthur Peet. Row Four: Duane Philis, Clinton Riggs, Steve Sham- bziugh, Finis Smith, Roenzi. Stunder, Robert C. Thomp- son, Hobert D. Thompson, James Unruh Joilerson Greor, Bert uh Lucas, John Morley, 1 Slater, Gerzllfl Swan- warwmna it Mm.mwn-ifm ',,--V. ,r L. ,Aw-f . W, Sw qw. Q ww 'F -HQ ' M YLLy'L L' ,,.wj L H , V V ,Q ,fvif4'4-ak A" 'WK .1 if i Q 3-,LI,1, .X ,V .SX K g Q 'K ii N .1 1- , 'qw -Q, AFL 1' .. SJW ,,, , 5 , f Lv: 21 Q X iw- , 4' Q W - sr -h, if , ff .1 I C125 , M Q . -- , Y Q, -- - ue' . I V , wefgzs- vLk. - ib f ga A 1 tif ' i Z' 4' . " - .l L ,za .rv I vi- ii X-i, I V V V s- ,, K' N 's M M i f dl: ,ii SWF A- 1 X ,. , Wm I X 1' ' f . 1 6- , -A , I gzfikfw- , K , -f' Sk ? Q N7I"8JAI'l'LdI'L dbUg9l"5 Row One: Clifton Adams, Robert Anderson, Victor Becker, James Boyd, E. VV. B1-indle, Jerry Brown, Major Brunner, John Carle, Teil Connolly. Rgw Two: Don Dees, Alene DeVol'e, Tim Dowd, Dudley Duncan, Vic-tor Ellis, George Farrznr, Frank Folger, John Gorman, Fred llardin. Row Thrge: Imogene Harris, John Harris, Sheldon Harris, James Head, Marvin Ilieks, John Hudson, Roy Javine, Jr., Bradley Jesson, Paul Johnson. Row Few-g Philip Kramer, Joe LeDonne, Harvey Linn, Jaek MeGahey, Billie Jane McGee, John MeGivern, Fran- cis McKillip, John McQueen, Tom Marsh. Row Five: VVilliam Muir, Lloyd Myles, Tom Nash, Earl Ohnstead, William R. Peterson, Kenneth Scott, John Seelye, Larry Sessinghaus, Sanford Smith. Row Six: Wilbanks Smith, ll. B. Southern, Ray Staf- ford, Dick Sutlierlnnd, John Tzlnner, Mary Lou Tartaglia, Bruce Townsend, George Underwood, Bob Vinzant. Row Seven: Laile VVarren, Skip VVarren, John NVats0n, Mickey NVilson, YVilli:un ll. NVilson, K'h:xrles Wloodson, Hazel Yzubrougli, NVi1lis Yarbrough. .Tuuior officers, lofi lo rfyflli: Shirley ,IIz11'tf4-lmler, vice-1n'os- iflflntz Nita I"osT01'. TI'1'HSll1'K'1'2 Holm Pattcwsoln, lJ1'QSitl0Hfg amd Sully 1I2l1'I'iS0ll, sec:1'vfzu'y. 1 2 jf' f , , f fi fr f ' ,Y a 4- I X XVV SX 5 X N ig., Gegmc vSl1ov6lA QW - ' UNIOR O wg' JOHN ADAIR, JR. .............,.. Nowala ALBERT ADAMS .... .... P anama Canal Zone C. B. ADVANI ...... ................IncIia DAVID ALBRITTON ..... .... P anama Canal Zone CHARLIE ARCHAMBO ALLAN BARCLAY . . .. PAULINE BARNES .... JEROME BAYLESS ... JANE BENEDICT ... HAROLD BERG . ......... Tulsa . . . . .Mancl1esI'er, Iowa ....Tulsa ...... .....TuIsa ..................Tulsa New York Cily, N. Y. JERRY BETHELL .....l...................... Tulsa CHARLES FRANKLIN BISETT LYMAN BLACK ....... MARIAN BLACK ......... DAVID BLANKENSHIP ..... KENNETH BLOOMBERG WINIFRED JANE aoucHER DONALD BOYD ........... JOHN BRADFORD ....,.. EVELYN BRANCHCOMB .. GARY BRASEL ........... ANN BRINLEE ......... BOB BRINLEE .......... JOSEPH N. BRIGGS JERRY BROWNFIELD GLEN BURKE .......... RICHARD CALDWELL .... MARILYN CALLAN ..... JAMES CARSTARPHEN JOELLEN CASLER ...... MARY JOAN CASTILLO .. JOHN CECIL ............ H. L. CLARKS ...,... R. M. CLINTON ......... .......... Tulsa .....Terre Haufe, Incl. .......Tulsa . .... Tulsa . . .... Tulsa ....Tulsa . . .... Tulsa . ...Tulsa . ..... Jenks ., . .Tulsa ...,Tulsa . . . .Tulsa ....Tulsa ....Fix Worllm, Tex. ...........Perry .............Tulsa ....Fl. Smlllw, Ark. .............Tulsa .....Broken Arrow . .... Tulsa .............Tulsa ...............,Tulsa . . . . .Lake Charles, Va. THELMA COOK ........................... Tulsa CAROL JEAN COPELAND ..... Arkansas Cify, Kans. 64 Spring brought Smillz, Lashlfy, and Hughes outside to study QUSTAVO CORONEL .......... Venezuela IELL COX .,..,,....,.. .... V an Buren, Ark. ICHARD CRENSHAW ... ........ Barllesville IELEN CRITES ........ ..... ...., T u Isa IEIL CULP ....... .......,....., T ulsa QERALD CULVER . . , ..... Newcaslle, Wyo. AY DAVIS ....... ..,.....,., T ulsa ,OBERT DECKER .... Omaha, Nebr. OHN DEMAKAY ... ....,... Joplin, Mo. ILL DECKERSON ..... ..,, E asf S+. Louis, III. ZARMEN DIMUZIO .... Youngsfown, Ohio ALLY DOWNS . .. 4........... Tulsa iHARLES DREGER .... ......... T ulsa ERSY DRIVER ........ ..........., l nclia HEODORE R. DUNN ....... Sand Springs EAN DUMIT ....... ..... K ansas Cily, Mo. AMES ECHOLS ,... ..... A rkadelphia, Ark. iARL EDDINGTON .,. .....,...... Tulsa ILL ELLIOTT ...... .... W aukegan, III. ELAND ELLIOTT ...,... .... O swego, Kans. HIRLEE ELS ....,........ ...,....... T ulsa ONNIE ENGEBRETSON .... ,... M enasha, Wis. ILIVER ENGLE .......... ........... T ulsa LMUS EVANS ......... .. ..... Tulsa YDA MAE EYLER .... ............ T ulsa OIS MARIE FEES ..... Oklahoma Cily IANCY FIDLER ....... .,., M oberly, Mc. ERNON FLOURNOY ... .... Tahlequah ARBARA FORESTER . .. ....... Tulsa IITA FOSTER ........ ...., T ulsa IARY FOX ..... Tulsa IRA FRASIER .... ......... T ulsa IAZEN FUQUA ., .... Muskogee OE GAHM ...... ........... T ulsa ANDRA GADDY ... .............. Tulsa IARILYN GASSEI .. ..... Oklahoma Cily TH GAY ........... ....... F reedom AN ANN GENTIS .... .............. J enks ETTYE GIST ........... ..... F +. Smilh, Ark. IM GLENN ............. ............ T ulsa EGGY JEAN GRAHAM .... ...., S and Springs .LLEN GRENNING ..,.,. .... M ilford, Pa. GEORGE GREGORY ... ...,. Tulsa ILLIE GRESHAM ..... ..... T ulsa . B. GRIMES .......,. ..... T ulsa OHN GRUENBERG .... .... C helsea IARVIN HAGAN . .. ..... Tulsa ILYDE HANNA ... ..... Tulsa OANNE HARRELL .....................,.. Tulsa IANCY HALLER ..,....... Pacific Palisades, Calif. 4ARY CATHERINE HARRIS .......,........ Tulsa ALLY HARRISON ........... .......... T ulsa IARDIE HARTUNG ...., Sand Springs ZHARLES HESS ..,, .,......... A da 65 ,AS SHARON HICKS SID HICKS ............. ROBERT HILL ..,..,..... ELIZABETH HINDERLITER VIRGINIA HOCKER ..... CAROL HOCKENSON .... DAVID HOOD ....... WILLIAM HOPKINS .,., ELIZABETH HORNSEY GEORGE HUDMAN ..., RICHARD HUDSON B. A. HUGGINS ..,.. GERALD IOTT ..... HERMAL JACOBS ...... LEWIS JARRET ........,. WADHWA JAGDISHLALL DAVID JOHNSON ...... PAUL KEATING .... GUY KIKER ........,.... NANCY KLINGENSMITH SHIRLEY KNOST ........ I OSCAR KOLB .......... NICK KOTSIS ...... JOHN KOLSTAD RICHARD KRITIKOS MELTON LAIRMORE LYNETTE LAMB ....... JAMES E. LAMKIN JOHN LASHLEY BOB LATCH ..... J. A. LAUDERDALE HAROLD LAUGHLIN THOMAS LAVERTY RUSSELL LINKER ....... ULDENE LONGSTRETH .. DON McCAREY ........ 66 0 0 .............TuIsa ....CI1anuI'e, Kans. ... .... Tulsa ....Tulsa ....Tulsa ....Tulsa ...........TuIsa ....BoonvIIIe, Mo. ...........TuIsa ....Oklahoma Ciiy ...........Tulsa .........TuIsa .....Topeka, Kans. .. . . .CIarIcsvIIIe, Arlc. .............TuIsa ...........Inclia .....JopIin, Mo. ..........Tulsa ... . .Wewolxa .sapulpa .........TuIsa ...........TuIsa .Oswego, Ka ns. ...........Tulsa ....Tulsa ....Tulsa ....Tulsa ....Tulsa ....Tulsa ....Tulsa ........Tulsa ,.........TuIsa ....OIean, N. Y. .............Tulsa LiHIe Rock, Arlr. .............TuIsa I ' we I Ray Ifogrrs and Brtly Perkins met ' 'Mr. Bones' ' in zoology. I E IANE MCCULLOUGH CATHRYN McELROY ..... MARY ESTER McEVOY .... 'ATSIE McGILL ...... IIM McGIRL ..... -LOYD MAHER .. VJIOGENES MADRID . IERRY MALICKI ...,.. ARTHUR MARTIN .,.. MELBA JUNE MARTIN ROBERT MATTHEWS . IOYCE LEE MAULDIN NAYNE MAXWELL XVIJIT MAZUMDER .. .FL Lewis, Wash. ...,Sand Springs .........TuIsa .....OIcmuIgee .....SI:ia+ooIc ......TuIsa .. ......... VenezueIa ....Sou'Ih Bend, Ind. .. ...,......... TuIsa ....Sand Springs .....,...TuIsa ....AIIon, Mo. ......TuIsa .........India 'ATRICIA LEE MEANS .... BarI'IesvIIIe NILLIAM MEISSINGER ........ Tulsa NALTER JOE MELLOR ..... McAIes+er IOB MILLER .......,. ........ T uIsa IOHN C. MILLER .... .... T ulsa MARGARET MILLER ........... Tulsa NAYNE D. MILLER .... ,............ T uIsa IOHNNIE MILLIGAN KOBERT MISH ....... EDDIE MORRIS :RANK MORROW .... XNNE MOUGHON .. KAY MOWERY ..... ALBERT MULLER .... A. J. NASH .... IETSY NASH DAN NARDIN .... IOHN NELSON .... ORDON NIELSEN ., AVID LEE NOSS .... LVIN OWENS ..... R. C. PAGEMAN MARILYN PANTLE SOB PATTERSON ...,. MARILYN PARSONS ... .... GORDON PAUL ..,,. IETTY PERKINS .... IIM PETERS IIM PFEIFER ......... EDWARD PICKETT -EE PIGEON ....... IOHN PINEGAR -IARRY POARCH .... IIAMES D. POLSON .... CLYDE PRESLEY ...... IOBERT PRICE ..,...... ZHARLENE PUTSCHE .,.. IOHN RALL .,...... NIANCY RAPER .... NIANCY REEVES . .. 67 .... ....Soufh CoFfeyviIIe ....MusIcegon, Mich. .............TuIsa ....DaIIas, Tex. ...........TuIsa . .. . . . .Muskogee .HicIcsviIIe, N. Y. ...........TuIsa ...,Tulsa ........TuIsa .....OIcmuIgee ....Racine, Wis. ...........TuIsa ...EI Reno, Nev. ....,CompIon, CaIi'f. . . .. . . .Muskogee Kansas Cifyl Mo. SiIoam Springs, Ark. .MusI:egon, Mich. .......Bar+IesviIIe . .PIHsburg, Ka ns. ....CoIfeyviIIe, Kans. ..,...Casper, Wyo. San Anfonio, Tex. ...GrenoIa, Kans. .........,..TuIsa ....BarfIesviIIe .....Ovid, CoIo. .,......Beggs ........,TuIsa .. ..BarIIesviIIe .......,TuIsa ...,Tulsa DORIS LOU REYNOLDS JOSE RENDON ....,,. SARA RITTER ..,, ., ROBERT ROBINSON .. RAY ROGERS .....,. SHIRLEY ROSS .... ED RUNYAN ........ SAM RUTIGLIANO BILL SANDERS ..,... MARY SAMARAS ...., SPENCER SCHEDLER ..,.. WILLIAM SCHULTHESIS J. E. SCHWINDT ' .... . MARY ANN SHERLEY .. RONALD SHIREY ..... DEAN SILER ,,,.. JERRY SISLER ,... GEORGE SLOAN BARBARA BLAKE SMITH BETTY J. SMITH ,....,,... CHARLES SMITH .,.... I S MARY VIRGINIA SMITH. ..... MOLLY SMITH .... ,,.. HAROLD SPARKS ANDY SPURGEON .... ANNIE STEBBINS ..,. DON STEPHENS .,... GERALD STEVENS ,.,,. ol ....F'I. Smifh, Ark. .....VenezueIa .......TuIsa .,.....TuIsa ...........TuIsa ....PiHsburgI1, Pa. ......,.,.SapuIpa ,. ..BrooI:Iyn, N. Y. .....,..,.,..TuIsa ......TuIsa ....TuIsa ....TuIsa .....PiHsburg, Kans. ......,.,..TuIsa . . . .Tulsa . .. .Tulsa . . . .Tulsa ....TuIsa . .Hominy .,..,,. Tulsa ............SapuIpa Siloam Springs, Ark. .,...........WeIcI1 ,....AIIon, III. ,. ..., Tulsa .............TuIsa ..,.Bassier Cify, La. ....New OrIeans, La. KAY STROMIE .... ....... CLIFFORD A. STROZIER ROBERT SUMNER SUE TALLMAN D. V. TESAR ,.,.,..... PAT THAYER .,......,. RICHARD THORNTON TEEDIE TOLER , ...,., . 68 .........,.,.TuIsa . . . .Tulsa ...Kansas Cifyv Mo. ..,...,.TuIsa . ,,Nan'IicoIxe, Pa. ..,.WIcI1iIa, Kans. ..........,.,TuIsa , . .Shreveport La. .IIz1f1'l.11fz G11s.w'i sung 1l4'!'0IIljNlilIffI by Sam Snzifh Ernie Sfvwarz' and Dale Lawyer sfurIiedf?j in the Union. I wg' WILLIAM TRAVNICK .. HORACE TOWNSEND . DONNA TROLINGER LYLE TURNER ......... JEAN VAN ARSDALE ROGER VAN DENHENDE N. R. VASWANI ..... CARL H. VAUGHT T. E. WAIBEL ...... JULIE WARD .......... DONALD WARNKEN JOHN WAKEFIELD WILLIAM WANTUCK .. RICHARD WATTS ...... THOMAS WEBSTER .... BILLY WELLING ....... MARK WIEDENMANN .. AMIEL WILLIAMS .... GENE WILLIAMS ..., JERRE WILLIAMS .... BETTY WILLIFORD DRUCILLA WILSON HARRY WILSON .... BILL WISE .... ,...... AUDRA WISDOM .... B. J. WHITE ..... DONALD WHITE .. LOUIS WHITE ....,.. JANE WOLVERTON .... RICHARD WOODS .,.. GENE WORKMAN ... ANN WRIGHT MARTIN WYATT RICK WYSOCKY ...,. JOH N YATES ........... LOU ELLEN YEOMAN . JERRY ZIMMER ....... JERRY ZINK ....... KARL M. ZOGG .. . .Berwyn, lll. ......Tulsa ....Tulsa ....NowaI'a ....Tulsa ....Tulsa . ...... India ....Munnford ......Tulsa ....Tulsa ....Tulsa .. . .Tulsa . . . .Tulsa ... .Tulsa ....Tulsa .. . .Tulsa ...,Tulsa ....Tulsa ........Tulsa ..........Tulsa .,..AflanI'a, Ga. ....Wagoner .............Tulsa .............,.Alma ...Hol::bs, New Mex. ...........,Sl'1icller .,...Pl'1illipsburg, Pa. ,............Tulsa ............Tulsa ...........-Tulsa .....FI'. SmiIl1,Arlt. ..........Tulsa ...............Tulsa .....Milwaulcee, Wis. ,............Tulsa ...,Chelsea .Tulsa ...,Tulsa ....Tulsa 69 K V- :wsiz :V ., . ,, Xt ? . , .J ,A N i 1 'f 5 aqhanm H A. " in WH 4 ' ba Leif mmf? 1 Jar J mx fx ,WMA 'Z-i "31w1'A??saQNi " A 'L Qwmwgsgkzf. . . 4, if -Q. as .4 if? - f ZS 'Clif' . K Ur,,,f 5 L. Qe Sf ..f.. Sophomore oiicers, left 10 riglzf: Caryl L09 Ross, trvas- urcrg Joan Cech, vice-p1'osi- dentg Theresa NVasf0. Secre- faryg and Art I12LWki11S01l, president. . F' 'r f , Wx Hfifwft-y f 1 my Af" xl ' ly ul ,- . 9 X Q 'lo ' fn. . ' 1 '1 "J ' 131 ... 161 ff 5 - , .sg , , 1 - 'x,Lxf.,. -, W ai- 0PHOMORE RAYMOND BATCHELOR BERNARD BATES ...... HERBERT BELL ....... VIRGINIA BENSON ..., JEANNE BEST ...... HARRY BIEBER .. BETTY BILL .....,. ELIZABETH BIRD BETTY BISHOP ....... SHIRLEY BLEDSOE DONNA BLINN .....,.. BILLY W. BOHANNAN . PHILLIP BOLIAN ... BILLY BORTHICK ,. PAT BOWKER ....... BILL BOWLES .......... WILLIAM BRAGDON .. CAROL ANN BRATTON CARRIE BREEDLOVE JOE BRISCOE ,.,...... RAY BROWN .......... SHIRLEY JEAN BROWN CAROL JANE BRUNER HAROLD BUMGARDNER .....TuIsa .....TuIsa .....TuIsa ..,,.TuIsa .....TuIsa .....TuIsa ,......GuI'I'1rie .Oak Park, III. .....,...TuIsa .......,.TuIsa Fredonia, Kans. .....,,..TuIsa . .TuIsa ........TuIsa ........,TuIsa .Broken Arrow .........TuIsa .KirIcwoocI, Mo. .....MuIdrow .....TuIsa ...,,TuIsa .....TuIsa .....TuIsa .....TuIsa 72 OPHOMORE CLASS .lvrry Cunningham gavvc Mary Tcrhune his 'vote for Nw TVSSF baby gzlcxsilzg rorztesf. ROBERT AHLKE .,... PAT ALBERT ..,.....,. DAVID LYNN ALLEN .... CAROL JEAN ANSELL ... ,... ANN ARMSTRONG ..... ,... JEANNE ASTON .... CHICA ATHY ,..... JQANNA ATKINS ..... TARA N. BANERJEA .... TARUN BANGERJEE .... JAMES BARLOW .... DWAYNE BARRETT ..., .........TuIsa ....Bar+IesvIIIe .........TuIsa .........TuIsa Anderson, Mo. .........TuIsa ..,DaIIas, Tex. .........TuIsa ......India ......,India ....CoIIinsviIIe ......Tulsa KEITH CROUSE ...... DAVID CROWELL .... Palm Springs, Calif. . . . . . . . Springfield, Mo. BONNIE CULVER ..........,. Newcas+Ie, Wyo. JERRY CUNNINGHAM JERRY DAVENPORT ...... ............TuIsa .......,TuIsa ARTHUR DAVIS .... ..... C Iaremore JOHN DAVIS ...... ..... T ulsa HARVEY DIEM, JR. .. ..... Tulsa PAT DOBEY ....... ...... T ulsa VIRGIL DOMINIC .... .... M cAIes+er CHARLES DORAN .... ..... C Iaremore DAN DOUGHERTY .. ........ Tulsa MURIEL DOUGLASS ......... ,..... ..... T u Isa JOE W. DUCA ...... KEN DURHAM ....... NANCY ANN EARL .... LOUIE EDWARDS .... . .,.. Cofifeyville, Kans. MARGARET EM MERT .... GORDON EVERAGE MOHSEN FARAHI ..... EUGENE FREEMAN .... ROBERT GAST ....... SARAH GENUNG .... JACOUITA GILBREATH ... ..WicI1i+a Falls, Tex. .....RicI1mcncI, Ky. ..............TuIsa ............TuIsa .....TuIsa .......Iran .,..,.......TuIsa . ........., Sfeger, III. ......,.SpringIield, Mo. .................TuIsa GARY BUMGARNER BOBBIE LOU BULLARD WESLEY BURRIS ....... JOHN BUSH BILLY BUSSEY .. JOYCE BUTLER LoWAYNE CADION PEGGY CAMPBELL .... ELLIOTT CARLILE ...... AMIA LETA CARPENTER DAVID CARPENTER .... JOAN CECH ....... WILLIAM CHMELA KAY CLARK ........ PATRICIA COBB ...... PATSY ANN COBB ,... FRANCES COCKRELL .. ROBERT COLLIER CAROLYN COMBS .... FUAD CONSTANTINE .. MARY ANN COOPER .... NANCY JANE COPE JERRY COWEN ....... STANLEY COX ..... ....JopIin, Mo. ........DuranI' .......TuIsa .........TuIsa .....CI'iou+eau ......TuIsa ....TuIsa ....TuIsa ....TuIsa .........TuIsa ..........TuIsa .....WhiIing, Ind. ..,CI1icago, III. ..,......Tulsa ..,.....SapuIpa . .FL Smith, Ark. Sweefwafer, Tex. . . . . . .Muskogee ....SaIem, III. . . . .Lebanon .....SapuIpa . . . , . .Tulsa . . . .Tulsa . . . .Tulsa 73 BOB GRIFFIN .... DICK GRIFFIN ....... . ........ Tulsa ..,...,....Tulsa GAY GRIFFIN ..,........ .... W lcI1I'I'a, Kans. ROBERT HACKENDORF ..,.....,..TuIsa JOHN HARBAUGH .,... ..., C hlcago, Ill. KITTY JO HARGROVE ....... Tulsa JIM HARKNESS ...,...........,........ Tulsa CARLYE HARSHBARGER ...,.....Tulsa CHARLES HARTY ......... Ff. Lauderdale, Fla.. MELDRUM HARVEY ..... Toronlo, Onlario, Can. FRANCES HAWKINS ..,........ J. A. HAWKINSON .. DENNIS HELLAND .... CHARLES HILL MARY HILL ........... DAVE HINDMAN ..,.l.... PHYLLIS HOCKENSON .... DON HOCKER ........, JAMES HOCKER ...... JANIE HOLLADAY ROBERT HOLLAND DAN P. HOLMES CHARLES HOLT .. HARRY HOLT ...,.....Tulsa ...Aurora, Ill. .. . .Tulsa .....Tulsa .......Tulsa . ...Muskogee .......Tulsa ,....Tulsa .........,...TuIsa Columbia, La. ......,.Tulsa . . . .Tulsa . . . .Tulsa . ...Tulsa 'zu 74 0PHOMORE CLASS Donna Blinn simply couldnyt see that news- print. DON GILCHRIST .. .... Fayelleville, Arlr. DORIS GIMLIN ..................,.,.... Tulsa JACK GODWIN ..... .... S apulpa HARRY RAMON GOLDSMITH DAVID GONZALEZ .... JESUS GONZALEZ ANN GRAVES ..... KENNETH GRAY .. CARDEN GREEN TERRY GREEN ......... LARRY GREER ,...,....,. EDDIE MAY GREGORY ......Tulsa ....Venezuela . . . .Mexico ........Tulsa ..Marion, Ill. Lubbock, Tex. ........Tulsa . . . . .Tulsa . . . .Tulsa CHARLES KILCREASE . TOM KIRKPATRICK KENNETH KMET .... PHOEBE JO KROPP Li++Ie Rock, Ark. .........,.,TuIsa .....CI1icago, III. .....F'I. Smifh, Ark. LOIL LADD ..,........., ............ T ulsa NATHAN LAUDERDALE DICK LAUDON ....... ., . . . . .Tulsa ..Madison, Wis. MARY JO LAUGHLIN ............ Tulsa JERROLD LAWLESS SCOTTY LETCHER .,.. JAMES LEVENGOOD .... EDDIE LEWIS ......... SUZANNE LINDSAY ..... LAWRENCE LOFTON ..... MARY ANNE LONG ......... ROSE ELLEN LOWERISON EDDI-RUE McCLANAHAN TOM McCOMB ......... JACK McCORKLE PHYLLIS McGILL .... JANE McKINNEY ..... MARILYN McKNI6HT JANE MABON ........ JANET MACON .. ...Sand Springs ........MiamI .....TuIsa .....SI'iIweII ..TuIsa ...,.TuIsa .....TuIsa .Tulsa ....Ardmore .....TuIsa .....TuIsa ,,.,.TuIsa ....TuIsa .,...TuIsa ....Miami ....TuIsa ALDEN HOUGH JIM HUDSON ..... ANN HUGHEY ,.... MALLARD HUNTLEY .. JOY LOU HURSH ....... .. EVERETT HUTCHINSON RICHARD IRONS .... MURLENE JACKSON ROBERT D. JACKSON .... ALICE JANSSEN ....... JEAN JARMAN .... FRANK JEFFRIES .. JoANN JENNINGS BERRY JOHNSON .... CHARLES JOHNSON ., JOLLENE JOHNSON CAROL JONES ..,... JIMMIE JONES .... JUDY JONES ROBERT JONES RUSS JONES ..... JIMMY JORDEN .... JIM KEASLER ...,.... WILLIAM KEELER . . . . . .Tulsa ..........TurIey .......WeIeeIka MarysviIIe, Calif. ...........TuIsa . . . .Tulsa ....TuIsa . . . .Tulsa ..........TuIsa Tulsa ..FI'. SmI+I'1, Ark. ...........TuIsa .....CoIumbus, Kans. .....,.CIeveIand ...Tulsa ....TuIsa ....TuIsa ....TuIsa ....TuIsa ..........TuIsa ...........TuIsa MFI. Smifh, Ark. CoFfeyviIIe, Kans. ...........TuIsa 75 MARGARET MILLER .... SUE MILLER .....,... NANCY SUE MILLS ..... RICHARD MITCHEM DARRELL BRYCE MISKELL LAURA MOORE ........ ALICE SUE MORRIS LOUIS E. MORRIS ...... DON GENE MORSE .... JOAN MURPHY ....... GEORGE MURRAY .... JOE MUSKRAT ...... DONALD MYERS .. HENRY NEELY ..... .... MARY NICKELL ........,... MARILYN ANNE NIEKAMP .... LUIS NINO ............... CHARLES NORMAN BILL NORTHCUTT ....... SHIRLEE ANN OERTLE ROD OJERS ........... RAE ANN OLIVER HARRY ORBAUGH .. GUNTIS ORE ..,Chicago, III. ..........TuIsa .. ...... Tulsa ..........TuIsa Carbondale, III. .........,TuIsa .....TuIsa ........TuIsa . . . .Henrieffa .....TuIsa .....TuIsa .....TuIsa ..........TuIsa ..LafI1am, Kans. ..........TuIsa ........TuIsa ....VenezueIa ......TuIsa .Tulsa .....TuIsa .....TuIsa .....TuIsa . LYVIQGZS lu' NI . fy fr ff.: M., . . . .TuIsa . . . . .Tulsa I4 iiifHQl?I3I?I?!E3?i55I?RI 76 IIPIIIIIVIOIIE CLASS Soplz. Harper Iisiened as uppm'oIass1nmz. Gibson., Mft, and Ezwms explained. SYLVIA ANN MAGIN JAMES MANDELL ., BUNNY MANLEY PAUL MARION ..... DEONNE MARTIN .. ROBERT MATZINGER ABDUL MAWLAWI . BARBARA MEAD .... SHANNON MELTON SUE MENDENHALL . TERRELL METHENY . KEITH MILLER ...... ...........VinIIa ..,CassviIIe, Mo. ..,........TuIsa .. . ....TuIsa ......,.,...TuIsa Pasadena, Calif. .. .......... Lebanon ............TuIsa Hof Springs, ArIr. ...,........TuIsa ..FI'. Smi+h, Ark. ...,SpringfIeId, Mo. BETTY LOU RAIMER DOROTHY RAMSEY JEAN RAMSEY ...... J. R. RANDALL .......... RUTH ANN RAWLINS .... JOSEPH W. REINKEMEYER ROBERT REMEY ..... MAX RITTMANN .... WALTER ROBERTS MIDGE ROLLINS ....... PATRICK ROSEMAN .... CARYL LEE ROSS W. A. ROSS CAROL ROW DON ROWE ........ ELDON RUDD .......... BETTY REA RUSSELL .... JIM SANDBERG ...... SANFORD SANES ....... ELIZABETH SCHEER ...... CAROLE LEE SCHUBERT . BARBARA SCHULTZ ..... ROMA JO SEAY ..., MONICA SHARUM .......CIin+on ..Sand Springs .........TuIsa ..,.TuIsa . . . .TuIsa . . . .Tulsa . ..,., .,...TuIsa . .EI Paso, Tex. .....P8WI1USkd ...Dune-Iee, III. .........TuIsa ....TuIsa . . ....... Tulsa .........Bixby ..Sand Springs Greenville, Tex. ............,TuIsa ....TuIsa ....CI'1ic-ago, III. .......TuIsa ....TuIsa ......TuIsa .........TuIsa . . ...Muskogee ELIZABETH O'SHEA MARY LOU OTTEN DON E. OWEN NANCY OWEN .. PAT PATTERSON .. JOAN PAYNE .... JAMES PEASE .... WILLIAM PEREZ ......, ..,. HAROLD PETERSEN , .FL Smi+I1, Ark. ..........TuIsa .. , . .Tulsa ..TuIsa ....,.TuIsa ....SapuIpa .....TuIsa ..........Mexico Wolverfon, Minn. ROBERT M. PETERSON ,....... .... T ulsa MARY PHELPS ,.... ..,. RONALD PIERCE ..... BRADLEY PIGEON .... ..., PATRICIA PINCHES GEORGE PINOS .. JIM POE ....,.... FRANKLIN PORTER WILLIAM PORTER . DALE PRIDE ...,.. NANCY PRITCHETT TERRELL PROCTOR CONNIE PROPST . JIM V. PRUITT .... GIOVANNI PUPPO ., . . .Tulsa .....TuIsa San Anfonio, Tex. ............TuIsa ............TuIsa . . .SeIigman, Mo. .. . . . .Muskogee .......TuIsa ,,TuIsa . . . . .Tulsa ..TuIsa . .Tulsa .......TuIsa .. . .Venezuela 77 SABRA SMITH SCOTT SMITH ..... SYLVIA C. SMITH .,.. ...,...McAIesler .,,.Pi'HsHeld, Ill. . . . , .Muskogee HERBERT A. SNIDER .... ........... S apulpa ANNE SPENCER .,.., WINNIE SPRATT ....,NewarIc, Ohio ..........TuIsa BOB STAAB ....... ..., T ulsa DONALD STERNE ., .... Tulsa JERRY STEWART ..... .... T ulsa WARREN STILLMAN ... ............ Tulsa CAROLYN ANN STITT ................... Tulsa THOMAS SULLIVAN Harlford, Conn. TRAVIS SULLIVAN ... .,.. Tulsa SHIRLEY SWAN ... ..., Tulsa BUDDY SWEATT . , . .,.. Tulsa JOHN TALLANT ..... ..., T ulsa BARBARA TAULMAN . .. ..,. Tulsa TOM TAYLOR .....,. .... T ulsa JANET TEAGARDEN .... .... N eosho, Mo. NANCY TEALE .,...... RICHARD F. TENNEY ..... .,......TuIsa ..........TuIsa MARY HELEN TERHUNE ................ Tulsa JAMES THAYER ....,.... .... W iclulfa, Kans. AFRANDA THOMASON .........Sapulpa 78 IIPHO IIRE CLASS lVillia'ms and Grijfi Dmzve. TED SHAVER ..... FRANK SHIMKYS . n prepared for 1710 Orchid . ............ Tulsa .4 .,... Collinsville, Ill. W. R. SHINGLER .... ....,.. F arminglon LOUIS SHIPSHEE . ROBERT SIEVERS .. KATHYE SKALNIK AN DY SLA UCITATA ... .... Salem, Ore. . ......... Tulsa . . ..... Tulsa . . , ..... Tulsa DON SM EDLEY ...... .... .... P o 'Ieau BEVERLY SMITH .. ROBERT SMITH . ................ Tulsa . ..... Clwerryvale, Kans. 0PHOMORE CLASS Bawa and Zca helper? decorate for United Na- tions day. PATRICIA WILSON ....,. GEORGIA LEE WINTON ANN LOUISE WOOD .. AL WOOLSEY .,...... ALLYN WORKUN RAY WRONA ....... JOHN YANDELL .... JERRY YEAGER ,....., BARBARA YEAKEY .... .-.Tulsa ....Tulsa ..........Mlaml ....,..4...TuIsa Alberla, Canada .. . . . . . .JolieI', III. ..Ff. Smiflw, Ark. .........Tulsa . . . .Tulsa EDDIE THOMPSON ..,. JOE TIMMONS ...,., DON TUCKER ...,... JANETTE TUCKER ANNE TURNER .,.. KEITH UNRUH .. WILLIAM VALENTE .... GENE VANCE ..... JERRY VAN ZANT .... VIRGILIO VIVAS ...,. JOAN WADLOW .,.. NANCY WALLACE LoRENE WASHBURN .. THERESA WASTE ....... HAROLD WAYCHOFF MARY BETH WEDDLE BETTY LOU WELKER SANDRA WELLS ,... DON WHEELER ...... BARBARA WHITE .... GERALD WHITNEY .... TED WIDIGER ....... SYLVIA WILLIAMS .. LYNN WILSON .... .....Tulsa .. ..... Tulsa .....,......Tulsa . . . .Broken Arrow ...............,Tulsa .Scofl Cify, Kans. .......Tulsa ..................Tulsa Arkansas Clfy, Ka ns. .-.Venezuela .,.....Tulsa .....Tulsa . ,Tulsa .Tulsa .,TuIsa .....Tulsa .......Tulsa ....Okemal1 .....Augus+a, Kans. ............TuIsa . ....... Tulsa .......,..Tulsa ....Abilene, Tex. ....HenryeHa 4 79 I M- wi., X1 1 111114111111 Ilwk Ix111'1-In-1' 1114114 1111111 11111 1111111 51111155115 Haus: Rb Q II11-11'st111li1-Q 111 111:11 with 1111-ir 1wI1J1ll1,Q2lI11 1-:1111 llI'1'41 ill FI111-11I:1. ll l,'1LQllI1'1'l'4 11I:111111-1I T111 H11-11' :1111111:1l 11114111 'IIIlIF4'. l1t1-rv II11- g:11114- :1I 11111 1:111'g1'4-11111lQ 1:111I11111 0 Freshmen chose Kerry Free- man to lead their class as president. Others, left to right, are Tom Gudgel, vice- presidentg Cathryn Schell- stede, seeretaryg Freeman, and Barbara Simmons, treas- urer. 'X .-," . ' ' f. ,f '. f I . , . . , ' QQ f K xl ' .-E1-Pl - A.-'. '.,,4 Q xx , llei gsaag Sv fi .J ,- r is FRE HME -CLASS 0F 1957 FRE HMA ASS Schedler and Kapvr knew how To lZl'l"'IIfi that jeep. RALPH ABBOTT, Arlingfon, Va.: DAVID AD- MIRE, Tulsa: FRED ALLEN, Tulsa: JAMES C. ALLEN, Tulsa: DON ANDERSON, Tulsa: JACK ANTHONY, Tulsa: MAXINE AR- NOLD, Tulsa. NANCY BAIRD, Long Beach, Calif.: JACK BAKER, Gorham, N. H.: MARY LOUISE BAKER, Tulsa: KENNETH BALES, Sand Springs: BURTE BANKS, JR., Tulsa: JOHN BARBANTI, France: MARK BARDSLEY, Tulsa. WYMON BARNES, Tulsa: BEVERLY BARTH- ELMASS, Tulsa: ROBERT BATCHELOR, Tulsa: LIZABETH BATES, Tulsa: JOHN BETH- ELL, Tulsa: RICHARD BISCHOFF, Fairfield, Conn.: LYNETTE BISETT, Tulsa. MAX BLACK, Brownlleld, Tex.: PAT BLAKEY, Tulsa: SAM BLYTHE, Pawhuslra: JACK BOOTH, Tulsa: JUNIOR BORN, Walnuf, Kans.: MARTHA BOYD, Tulsa: GRACIE BRANDENBURG, Columbus, Kans. ANNE BRANHEM, Tulsa: ROXANNA BRENKMAN, Tulsa: ROBERT BRIDGES, Tulsa: THERESA BRINTON, Tulsa: ELIZA- BETH BROWN, Tulsa: GERALD BROWN, Waukegan, III.: GERRYANNE BROWN, Tulsa. CLIFFORD BRUCE, Lockporr, N. Y.: LEO BRUCK, Canandaigua, N. Y.: NORMA BUT- LER, Bixby: JOAN BUTHRAM, Tulsa: BILL CADION, Tulsa: EDWARD CAIN, Tulsa: JAMES CALLAHAN, Tulsa. CAROL CAPSHAW, Olcmulgee: ARMANDO CAREDGA, Panama: CHARLENE GARR, Tulsa: KENNETH CARR, Broken Arrow: PEGGY CAMPBELL, Tulsa: HAROLD CAR- TER, Muskogee: LAHOMA CASS, Tulsa. BECKY CASTLES, Tulsa: ANDRIS CEPUR- IEKS, Lafvia: GILBERT CHANCEY, Tulsa: HERBERT CHANEY, Tulsa: JEAN CHIL- DRES, Tulsa: DICK CLARKE, Breckenridge, Tex.: ROBERT CLARY, Auburn, N. Y. 82 Row One- JERRY CLAUSSEN, Turley: JO ANN CLEVELAND, Tulsa: WAYNE CLOUD, Tulsa: GRANVILLE CLOYDE, Tulsa: JON COATES, Tulsa: JANET CODREY, Tulsa: RONALD COMBS, Tulsa: JOHN CONDON, Tulsa: SUE COOK, Wewolra. Row Two- BEVERLY SUE COOPER, Tulsa: IRVES COPPENGER, Tulsa: JAMES CORNETT, Pawluuska: CAROL COURTNEY, Tulsa: NANCY COWDEN, Springfield, Mo.: SUE ANNE OREAMER, Tulsa: DALE CROWDER, Tulsa: HORACIO CURIEL, Colombia, S. Amer.: JESUS E. DABION, Venezuela. Row Three- JODY DAMERON, Tulsa: JAMES DARNWELL, Tulsa: MARILYN DAVIDSON,Tulsa: ELEANOR DAVY, Tulsa: DUFFY DEARDORFF, Tulsa: CHARLES DEWART, Westville: MERLE DICKENS, Elk Cify, Kans.: ROB DIEHNEL, Cleveland: WANDA DOLL, Tulsa. Row Four- J. D. DOUGLASS, Tulsa: DUANE DOWNER, Sf. Joseph, Mo.: BOB DRAUGHON, Tulsa: BRUCE-DUCKWORTH, Tulsa: LOUIS DUFFER, Tulsa: BOB DUNCAN, Tulsa: HELEN DUNN, Tulsa: JIMMY DUNN, Tulsa: THEA JEAN DUNN, Tulsa. Fow Five- MARGARET EARL, Columbus, Kans.: JAN EASTHAM, Tulsa: BILL EASTMAN, Tulsa: RICHARD EATON, Tulsa: MARILYN ELLINGTON, Tulsa: MARTHA ELMORE, Tulsa: GARVIN EMAN- UEL, Tulsa: JACK ESTES, Tulsa: SHALA EVANS, Tulsa. Row Six- DRURY FENTON, Tulsa: WILLIAM FERGUSON, Tulsa: MAX FERRIS, Carlsbad, New Mex.: JAMES FETTE, Tulsa: FREIDA FINDLEY, Cleveland: WILLIAM FINLEY, Tulsa: DICK FLEMING, Tulsa: DAVID FOLEY, Tulsa: DAVID FRAWLEY, Tulsa. FRESHIVIA CLASS Thomas and llozvard gossipwl in Hn' Zz'- brary. KERRY FREEMAN, Tulsa: JAMES FREIBUR- GER, Barflesville: MARTHA FRICK, Corpus Cl'1ris+i, Tex.: JERRY GABBERT, Tulsa: ALAN GARNER, Tulsa: TOMMYE GARRETT, Sl- loam Springs, Ark.: BOBBY GILBERT, Tulsa. GEORGE GILLEN, Tulsa: GINGER GIL- MORE, Tulsa: DARRYL GOADE, Columbus, Kans.: MARY LOU GOSS, Tulsa: HARRY GRAHAM, Tulsa: LAWRENCE GRAHAM, Columbus, Kans.: JOAN GRAVES, Fairfax. ROBERT GREENWOOD, Tulsa: EARL GRIF- FITH, Tulsa: DOROTHY GRISSOM, Tulsa: TOM GUDGEL, Tulsa: MEVADENE GWART- NEY, Pryor: GEORGIA HALL, Fl. Smifll, Ark.: GLENDA DELL HAMPTON: Tulsa. ORIN HARRIS, Broken Arrow: RICHARD HARRIS, Englewood, N. J.: JIM HATCHER, Tulsa: BARBARA HAUS, Tulsa: JANE HAW- DON, Sfreafor, III.: RONALD HAWK, Tulsa: SHIRLEY HAWLEY, San Jon, New Mex. BILL HAYES, New York, N. Y.: JODY HEN- DERSON, Okmulgee: HELEN HENSON, Sem- inole: EDWARD HERRON, Tulsa: LARRY HILL, Frederick: KATHERINE HLEPOS: Tulsa: BEN HODGES, Tulsa. JAMES HOFFMAN: Tulsa: CHARLENE HO- GAN, Tulsa: VERA HOGG, Tulsa: BARBARA HOHIMER, Tulsa: PETE HOLBERT, Tulsa: ANN HOLDREN, Tulsa: DON HOOSE, Tulsa. THOMAS HOOTEN, Tulsa: MARY LYNNE HOPKINS, Tulsa: WOODY HOPPER, Tulsa: BEVERLY HOWARD, Tulsa: H. DALE HUGHES, Tulsa: MARY HULBERT, MaHoon, Ill.: DON HULL, Tulsa. JANET HYATT, Tulsa: DONALD INGLE, Tulsa: ELOISE INMAN, Tulsa: DAVID JACK- SON, Tulsa: JACK JACKSON: Tulsa: W. P. JACKSON, Tulsa: HOWARD JARRETT, Tulsa. 84 Row One- BILLY JOE JOHNSON, Tulsa, CARL JONES, Henclerson, Ky., LAYMAN JONES, Tulsa, RONIE DEAN JONES, Tulsa, BETTY KAHL, Tulsa, ERNESTINE KEELY, Tulsa, FERN KELLY, Tulsa, BARBARA ANN KENNON, Tulsa, FRED KESTER, Tulsa. Row Two- WAYNE KING, Tulsa, LARRY KIRSCHNER, Tulsa, ROY KOER- NER, Tulsa, CHARLES KRUIZINGA, Tulsa, SUE LAMBDIN, Ca- ney, Kans., JANNA LANE, Tulsa, BILL LANEY, Tulsa, HARRY LATHAM, Tulsa, MARY LAYMAN, Tulsa. Row Four- ROBERT LEMON, Brolcen Arrow, MARY LESTER, Muskogee, BARBARA LIBBERT, Tulsa, CLYDE LIGON, Hawaii, MEDA BELLE LIMBAUGH, Tulsa, BETTY LINKER, Tulsa, VERA LITTLEFIELD, Tulsa, JACQUIE LITTRELL, Comanche, JOHN LOGSDON, Cof- feyville, Kans. Row Three- LONNIE LOLLAR, Bridger, Monf., SHIRLIE ANN LONG, Tulsa, RONALD LOOMIS, Tulsa, BURT LOONEY, Tulsa, JOHN LUN- KLRY, Tulsa, HELEN MCBRIDE, Tulsa, SUSANNE MCCLASKEY, Tulsa, DAN MCCLURE, Tulsa, JERRY MCCONNELL, Wagner. Row Five- BOB MCDONALD, Tulsa, DAYLE MCGAHA, Blackwell, MAR- GARET MCGUIRE, Baxler Springs, Kans., SUE MCMANEMIN, Tulsa, JOHN MQNEFF, Tulsa, DORIS MAJOR, Tulsa, VERNON MALAHY, Tulsa, CAROL ANN MARTIN, Nowafa, MARGARET MECUM, Tulsa. Row Six- JAMES K. MEEK, Tulsa, NANCY MILAM, Tulsa, JOE MILLER, Tulsa, ROBERT MOOSE, Tulsa, THOMAS MORGAN, Barflesville, RILEY MOSER, Collinsville, REED MOWRY, Springfield, III., PAT MURPHY, Tulsa, FREDERICK MURRAY, Tulsa. FRE HMA CLASS David Ness and HlI4'll7'71CfllH Earl 'fwhoopefl it zzpl' at a KA purly. MARIAN MURRAY, Tulsa, EUGENE NEAL, Tulsa, BETTY LOU NEEL, Tulsa, PEGGY NEELY, Laurel, Miss., ANNE NEWMARK, Tulsa, GLEN NICHOLS, Tulsa, STEVE NICH- OLS, Tulsa. RONALD NUNNELEY, Tulsa, LORETTA OL- SON, Tulsa, DAN ORR, AsI1 FIaI, Arla., WALLIS PARKER, Tulsa, BILL PARRIS, Sand Springs, BENNIE PELL, Tulsa, LEROY PER- KINS, Sand Springs. ROBERTA PERKINS, Barflesvllle, RAY M. PE- TERS, Tulsa, CARL PETRI, Pekin, III., CHARLES PHILLIPS, Tulsa, SANDRA PHIL- LIPS, E+. smnh, Ark., JERRY PRESLEY, Tulsa, BILL PRESTON, Norris Ciiy. CAROLYN RAPER, Tulsa, JOE RAYMON, Sedan, Kans., PHIL RICHARDS, McAIes+er, KAY RICHARDSON, Tulsa, LLOYD RICH- ARDSON, Tulsa, J. H. RIGGS, Tulsa, JOHN RITTER, Tulsa. JOE ROBERTS, Tulsa, LELAND ROBERTS, Slroud, MARTHA ROBERTS, Tulsa, PRES- TON ROBERTSON, Tulsa, DO-N RODERICK, Tulsa, GLENN ROGERS, Tulsa, JAMES ROGERS, Tulsa. JOHN ROLLER, Tulsa, MANUEL ROMERO, Venezuela, CAROL ROOF, Tulsa, ANN ROSS, Tulsa, MARIAN ROSSITER, Tulsa, JOHN RUDY, Sand Springs, J. P. SAN- FORD, Tulsa. CONNIE SCHEDLER, Tulsa, ROBERTA SCHEER, Tulsa: CATHRYN SCHELLSTEDE, Tulsa, TED SCHMIDT, Tulsa, W. J. SCHRAMM, Tulsa, ROGER SCOTT, Tulsa, WALTER SCOTT, Jay. DAVE SCRANTON, Tulsa, MARGARET SEA- SHORE, Tulsa, MEREDITH SEILER, Tulsa, JUDITH SEITZ, Tulsa, DON SHERLEY, Tulsa, PHIL SHOEMAKE, Tulsa, JUANITA SILVA, BarfIesvIIIe. 86 Row One- BARBARA SIMMONS, Tulsa, CLAIRE SLOAN, Tulsa, ALTA PA- TRICIA SMITH, Tulsa, BILLY SMITH, Tulsa, JOSEPH SMITH, Nevada, Mo., PERCY SMITH, Frederick, SANDRA SMITH, Tulsa, WALTER S. SMITH, JR., Tulsa, JOHN SNYDER, Tulsa. Row Two- JOANNE SPARKS, Tulsa, JOHN SPEAK, Tulsa, DON SPINK, Tulsa, DON STAIRES, Tulsa, DONNA STANBERRY, Tulsa, BRUCE STATES, Perry, ELWOOD STROZIER, Tulsa? BARBARA STUART, Spokane, Wash., MARILYN SUGGS, Tulsa. Row Three- JACOB SULZBACK, Tulsa, BETTY TARPLEY, Tulsa, BOB TAYLOR, Tulsa, JO CAROL TEEL, Tulsa, NANCY TENNESON, Tulsa, DICK TENNEY, Tulsa, ALFREDO TERRERO, Venezuela, REGIN- ALD THACHERAY, Chile, MARY ANN THOMAS, Olcmulgee. Row Four- BILL THURMAN, Tulsa, EMILY TIETZ, Tulsa, THOMAS TINGLE, ReFF, BARBARA TOLER, Tulsa, RICHARD TUTTLE, Tulsa, LYNN TYLER, Tulsa, KEN UPTON, Tulsa, F. A. VIERRA, Tulsa, DAVID VOLZ, Tulsa. Row Five- JON VROOMAN, Tulsa, SHARLINE WAGNER, Tulsa, JERRY WAGNON, Aurora, Mo., JEFF WALDEN, Fl. Smilh, Arlx., DON- ALD WALKER, Sand Springs, ROGER WALKER, Cleveland, KEN- NETH WALLACE, Tulsa, TONY WALLER, Tulsa, JANIE WALM- SLEY, Tulsa. Row Six- JOHN WARD, Brawley, Calif., BOB WATTENBARGER, Tulsa! WILMA WEBB, Granelh, Ark., TOM WEBSTER, Tulsa, CONNIE WEDEL, Tulsa, DELLA WEHMEIR, Tulsa, GARY WEINGARTNEY, Tulsa, JOHN WENZEL, New Orleans, La., BUDDY WERTZ- BERGER, Tulsa. FRE HMA CLASS KKIIYS pzmulrzl lhvir 'foil mr" ihrougla Tulsa. POLLY WESLEY, Tulsa: ED WESTERN, Sprlngflelcl, Mo.: TOM WESTMORELAND, Sallisaw: JEANNE WHEELER, Tulsa: ALICE ANN WHITE, Tulsa: ALLEN WHITE, Tulsa: BEN WHITNEY, Tulsa. SUZANNE WIEDENMANN: ERNEST WIE- MANN, Tulsa: GRACIE WIEZOREK, Tulsa: JACK WILKINSON, Tulsa: BARBARA WIL- LIAMS, Greenwood, Ark.: JEFFREY WIL- LIAMS, Broken Arrow: DONALD WILLS, Wlchlla Falls, Tex. RICHARD WINSWORTH, Tulsa: PEGGY WISEMAN, Tulsa: JUNE WOLVERTON, Tulsa: DALE BOWEN WOOD, Tulsa: PAUL WORKUN, Canada: SAM WORRALL, Tulsa: ELIZABETH WRIGHT, Tulsa. HAROLD WRIGHT, Sfroud: PATRICIA ANN WYNN, Tulsa: SHARON YEAGER, Tulsa: BILL YORK, McLansboro, III.: NORMA YOUNT, Tulsa: DITTA ZAVREL, Tulsa. Qizffza I'71Hlf',m ll'1l.v f.wm'!ffl by Uflfrlnn Ikllflllll. 88 1,- --.,. ,1--Q ,QQ--Q... -v---.4--+ . . ..-......... -.......-...J V.-....:..l--..,i, llEEE5iE?iF- eg . "" -1+--in ,, "sang,-',r, p we-vf,.. .As-rg , Illill IIIIII Illlll l"-Il 'FZ ' f 1, Ill - f Ill In L. F' ll Ill -211351 f--gf - , I 7-1- ! f +fI , - 1 kv,-S, ' 1 "f - .+ f'f4' : -1-?-:Q ,.-.1 - , luv- ,-,, Q7 .. -5 5 -um. .,...i 51223, .gif 1 3,6 " H , Y gb 4 , W 9, . U A ,. K , ,N SS ' Q M 1 Xi , ,M 1-'MT f if jk -1 yr f , 2 - Lf 5 A 12 i ai ' YQ- rw ,ks if -mmwmfwfaimmf warms , iw 5 S km "F""9"'5 RO f Q V Skulnik fl-41 XYi11s1uw palm-urzl cm Hmm- M1111 xxxntry xnnglih. Krouso :md H:'u'1'0ll T'4'ig,fllf'1-I over oil 11Cl'1'iC 1:,1 - gn' ' - I -1.3 f1lHVlJIQS QM, ,. Q . 4-"w 4 N4 fki' R 1 gf "XXX Ninn x 11 xm nl llpflilllIIX1'Vlllll'lIf1llYH' un mum 41 Hu Ilwllxll-vu m l ulx ul IIIUIIQIIT 1114- lwlfmll' 14-xx1'1l'Y 1 flu -'nnnpux xvnm '4 tmxwlnflmvn 1-Mm I Hmm ll flu Ylxlln nf 11:11 :mg -1-1-tlml ,PV fy. 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Q.. ,SA ....s s 1, . 1 K - ' . V 54 ""-1 f' Q, 4 1 , Z - 'af ' ' 5, Band King Rely Anthony chose our yearbook beauties for 1954. Kendzxllabrum queens were pliotographed by .Tim Harkiiess. Fraternity Sweethearts and other queens were Pil0tOQ.'1'ilDill'd by Leslie Ashton. ..':3' X 'r X w gk 5 f I lil ill! .M it X ' X 4 'im as ' ffm 'I 'W yi" E .U 'I S aim!! .5 sw V "X if LQ 2 , 'V X HL A' X iiflf S 5 Ti 'iff atm. We fi? 6 7 1 'lv ,f .V u Q1 Qin V W., PER 0 ALITIE Ima A0 af UU SARA BANGERT JANE BENEDICT RICHARD BESHEARS EVELYN BRANCHCON Chi Omega Chi Omega Sigma Chi Phi Mu Kendallabrum Edifor Fuiure Teachers of America Engineers' club Lanfern Laniern Radio Choir In+ramuraI Board Business Women's club Moriar Board Sigma Alpha Iofa Pi Epsilon Tau Wesley Foundaiion Pi Delia Epsilon Psi Chi BETTY EDDY DONALD EMERY DONALD ERICKSON MARY ELLEN EVERETT JACK FRANCIS Lanfern Phi Ela Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Delia Della Delia Pi Kappa Alpha Kappa Delia Pi Phi Gamma Kappa Phi Efa Sigma Lanfern, Moriar Board Phi Eia Sigma Sfudenf Council Pi Epsilon Tau Phi Gamma Kappa Phi Gamma Kappa Phi Gamma Kappa Spanish club Sword and Key Pi Gamma Mu Pi Delia Epsilon Pi Gamma Mu Engineers' club Sword and Key Pi Gamma Mu Phi Alpha Thela Srudenf Council Sword and Key MARY ANN GREGG FELICIA HENDERSON Chi Omega Kappa Kappa Gamma Moriar Board Morfar Board Kappa Delia Pi Phi Gamma Kappa Sigma Alpha Ioia Phi Alpha Thefa Radio Choir Pi Gamma Mu Fufure Teachers of America Pi Delfa Epsilon Kendallabrum I02 BRADLEY JESSON Lambda Chi Alpha Siudenl Council Phi Alpha Theia Pi Gamma Mu Pi Kappa Delia Phi Gamma Kappa I 2 RICHARD KLABZUBA PAT McCUNE Sigma Chi Delia Gamma Delia Sigma Pi Lanfern Siudenl Council Moriar Board In+erna'rionaI ReIa+ions Club Kappa Delia Pi Phi Gamma Kappa Fu+ure Teachers of Amer Bofany club RITA SHEPHERD SUZANNE SPINK MARY JUNE WALKER SUE WILBORN ROBERT WOODHALL Kappa Kappa Gamma Chi Omega Chi Omega Kappa Alpha The'l'a Phi Gamma Kappa Phi Gamma Kappa Morlar Board Sfudenl' Council Kendallalarum Sword and Key Lanlern S+udenf Council Collegian Collegian Engineers club Morlar Board Kenclallabrum Pi Delia Epsilon Pi Epsilon Tau Sludenl' Council Pi Delia Epsilon American lnsliluie of Fufure Teachers of America Alpha Kappa Della Mining Engineers Home Economics club v1ARY O'SHEA WALTER PRICE Cappa Kappa Gamma Lambda Chi Alpha Siudenf Council Collegian 3usiness Women's club Pi Delia Epsilon Cendallabrum Deli-a Si ma Pi 9 lnierfralernily council GARY ROBB Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Gamma Kappa Pi Epsilon Tau Sword and Key JANE ROWLEY Della Delia Delia Morlar Board Sfudenl' Council Phi Gamma Kappa Panhellenic council ALPHA SAVENIUS Phi Mu Morlar Board Phi Gamma Kappa Sigma Alpha loia Tau Be+a Sigma Kappa Delia Pi DHYLLIS McKINLEY Delia Gamma 'i Gamma Mu Sludenl' Council 3usiness Women Radio Choir 's club M.-If ii ANN MURRAY MONROE NAIFEH ELIZABETH NEELY TOM O'BANNON Kappa Alpha Thela Alpha Phi Omega ' Chi Omega Phi Eia Sigma Moriar Board Delia Sigma Pi Lanfern Phi Alpha Theia Fulure Teachers of America Morfar Board Pi Gamma Mu Pi Kappa Delia Sfudenl' Council Phi Kappa Kappa Phi Gamma Kappa Pi Della Epsilon Kappa Della Pi Bolany club Collegian Sword and Kgy Newman club I03 5 v W- , 1,4 c w?ef2,1?LQ5i3a2gEwf ,, " .ffm .fs41wmsa2sgSGm52a1sfasav+mim?21KB.a Q fm., ., . 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Y ,f H E+ N 1 Eff' if 5975 .fn kgs, 5, .N , 5 X I,- ,ii i , 5 ff 5 5' xv 1 Q if ,Z -, QQ , 6 3. , si?-wfy, Q M f MN W -V , hy Wag' -ei X ,w ,K fp' if , ioo o ene Cbgaolfllvurn Sponsored by Coca Cola Bottling Company Cnfliob Cpat qgowlzer sponsored by vanaevm . :Whoo E-Betty 'Biohop 'A Sponsored by Brown-Dunkin 1 ioo ganet olmoon Sponsored by Public Service Company Cynioo Q-nancy fllingenomiflfm Sponsored. by Kendfullabrurfu V V Cwlioo guna flogzveffon Sponsored by Frdug's f-v-'w-f-v'v-v'1""' E ,:,v-1: T A.E. in ancg eeuen, FOOTBALL QUEEN my .gyanalra !9!Lifd795, BAND QUEEN my Ofncfmiffa Cffgoli ENGINEERS' QUEEN A ., , ,,4Wf f - .vw , M5 Cary! ,Size Jain, BASKETBALL QUEEN mm, C.apJgn Quan, ALPHA PHI OMEGA SWEETHEART md paf gnu! er, RCTC HONORARY CADET COLONEL X ma? 3? AJ? fu.. iOO cclara mitlfl Dorothy Caldwvll kept 2111 ac- curatc record of llewspaxper Covclwlge of the U11ivn-rsity of Tulsa. ll ' 7 'SQEFW L, Q ff 1 I ,f.9 F ' - 1 ,f '57, iii if 1 bfi, ffryli X 5' " V In Wits? J' IL J .6 I ff' if ' 717 ' 5, Q' ' as X x S 1 X 'xx I X A i 1 X: J g g PwiS? -A LO ' " N - J VI VI V1 V! V! VI VI 'ml VI V "l r - Fin V'-'Q Pb 9-A WH' PUBLICATIO 1954 KE DALLABRUM A 11ew hook wit11 new i111111s 0111110 to t11e Uiiiversity of Tulsa 1ea111p11s this year i11 the form ot' the 1515-1 K12111i111I11I11'um. A 111u1tiple-picture 1.1111111131 se1ftio11, 21 special pe11111111g process 1'o1' the 0IJ0l1lllg' 1'1111pte1', 21 new 1-o1'e1' 11esig'11 1'1e1'e1' 1111to1'e utilize11 at Tulsa, 211111 the a1f111itio11 of il t111'1-e 11o1o1' eo11111i11atio11 as well as 11111115' O1'l1Ul' IICXV 1u0i1tl11'K'S were 1111111111 to the book. The '51 e11itio11 of the 11ie11111111a111'11111 was truly 2111 eXpe1'i111ent in y11111'11ook ll1'01V1llC1l01l. This t'eXpe1'i111e11t,' 11owe1'1-1', was not just the i11e11 ot' 111111 o1' two p1-1'so11s. 1t was 111111111 possible only hy the interest 211111 willing'- 11655 to make the 15151 K1f11fI111!1111r11111 tl1e 11est 111111 most 11111-1'esti11g ever p1'i11t1111 1111 the TU 1111111p11s. To the S1l1116H1H wl1o so patieiitly XV2111011 111 111111 to 1111V1- t11ei1' pie- t111'es made, to the 1.2111111153 a1111 espe1'i1111y to the staff IY10II1bOl'S who wo1'ke11 in 1'oo111 2205 1l1l'O11g.L'110111 the year goes tl11- 1'1'e11it for il job well 11111111. ANNIE A101lf111UN as copy e11ito1' 11131171 111111-ti11g's 14111111 week for the XV1'1101'S 111111 1'0IJOI'1l'1'S. fllespite 11111115' inte1'1'11ptio11s she 111111 ev1s1'y piece of copy 111111 every 1fut1i111- to the p1'i11te1's by the 11e11111i11e. JAN141 B1'lN1U11,I1'T took over the 110211l1y se1'tio11 111'1'1111g"i11g' wit11 8111110111 p11otog1'11p11e1' JIM IITAHKNIGSS to pose Editor, 05131111 IQOLB 111111 p11otog1'11p11 the Six 11Q21111Y queens. 1411'1f1'y1111e was 1fX1-ite11 XV110l1 that special 10l0g'1'?1ID Came from RAY ANTHONY wl1o ag'1'e1:11 to be our beauty judge. The class e11ito1's, DEONN111 MART1N, SQIIIRLEY KN1 DST 111111 SHIRLEY SWAN 11111 a mai'- velous job, 111'1'1111gi11g 111111 typing' each of t111-11' 1-lass sections. Senior e11ito1' PAT Seqfed: 1111o1-111- .lo Kropp, Pat l'i111'l1es, A111151 Blllllgllibll, t':11'o1 1lo1-k1111so11, fjSl'2l1' Kolb, 13:11'b:11'11 Smith, Sue V1'i1b01'11, Mary O'S11e:1, 8:1111 l3:111g111't. Standing: 1iliz1111et11 c,JiS1l021, A1111 X1-w111:11'k, Carol COl11'1l1l"Y, 11111111111 Rossiter, Elizabeth 4 Rwll'11, A111112 .1:111ss1-11, .1a111p11t:1 Gil111'e:1111, Sue 451111 L1'1':11111-1', 'Beverly B:11't1e11111ss, Vera Hogg, Marilyn Bltlilligllt, Bee Stuart, l,iz:1b1'tl1 Bates, I3:11'1J:11'11 To1111', Doris Blajor. .. . - A i e ,Z ,. Q X. sf it an F tl ri i 'avg '53 K' ' " ' M f we w e is-fn . . 4, , .. ,X Q Ti N . safS'wi,.,M.,s 9 at ' f ' Business Manager, FRANK Konus PINCHES did even rnore, helping' with the many odd jobs that always had to be done. Slvlfl XVI LBURN handled the organizations sinootlily and MARY O'SHlilA spent many Weekends turning out the most com- plete faculty panels ever printed. MEL CHRISTERSON gave the sports copy a new freshness of style and inserted an additional page for eaeh of the spring sports. SABRA SMITH eanie in late in the year, making' the layout for the Greek seetion and using' a new 'tsunnnary type" eopy for the t'raiternities and sororities. Artists fllfll lRtll'l SLOAN, MARTHA MLGINXIS, and MARY JU lQAlTtl'HlllN added the amusing' and artistic' i0llC'l10S to the book. The 'tlittle nian " on eaeh opener was espeeially elever. Ytie all owe our thanks to MR. ED JOHNSON, head ot' tlie journalism department. He was always willing to stop whatever he was doing' and help us with any problem. Assistant edit- ors BARBARA SMITH and DUN ROXYE helped eoordinate the work of the entire staff. GEN Pl YARD of Southwestern lfln- ggraving' eornpany was wonderful. lVithout her the book eould never have been printed. ALICE .l ANSSEN did Inueli ot the editor- ial work, typing and sorting and elieeking' and re-eheeking' alrnost everything. Once again to Alili ot' the stalt rnernbers who elirnbed the stairs to room 2305-thanks for a job well done. YOU Inade the 1535-L Keiiiflflllabriiiii possible. tlscuxn Koiin Editor, 1954 'Kendallabriun Editorial assistants, Don Rowe and Barbara Smith. Business assistants, below, Carol Hock- enson and Bill Coates. ti ri: , . e LSA COLLEGIA '111'1s W1-1-1111 114-ws1111111-1', 11111 Tfflxa C111- lf-Ir111111, 1'11I1111'11'11, 11111-1'111'1-11-11 111141 1'1Jllll1l11Il1' 1-41 1111 1111 11111'1'1?S1111Q' 11s1 111' 111-11x'11411-S 111141 1-V1-111s. 11I11l1'X'1'1'j'111'S1 1SS1l1'1'111' lrvfillfxfflhflll 1111114111111-1-41 El 11'11l 141 1111- '1'111s11f.X111111111111 g111111- 111 '1'11s1'1111111s11. .X1111111'11114111s 11411111-11 111 141 1111- 11111111Q,'12l1l 111.111'1' 215 11'111 II121llZlg'1'I', '1'1N1 11',X111.1'1Y, 1'UII11111'11111 1111111 111'1'11111g1-- 1111-111s f111' il 11118. 1111-1' 11111'1y N111111-111s 111141 1'1l1'1'1'11'21111'1'S 11'111'1-11-41 111111 1114- 11112111 411' 111x11-111 1'11111 1.1J1'11l1'1111l'1'11'21111'111 11ll,'1l'111g' Qilllll' 111. 1111- 11-111: A 111-xx' 111111 1'1-v111111z1-41 l'1111f11'11'11 1111g'1- 111'4111g'111 E1 111'1'1'11'1l1 1'111' 1111- 1-111-4-1'11-11411-1's 141 1111- ,X12111Zl11121 g111111-. 11.1111- 1,YN X1'11K,XB111 11111'1111111-1-11 1111- 11111111-11 Hl11'1'11'2l1l1' 1Il2l1'1'1l11lg' 11111111 141 s111114-111s 111141 211511 1'1-1111111-41 11121111 lJ1111'1' 1"1111- .X1'1s 111'11v1- 111-s. 1"1'1-S111111111 131111. 1'.X HHIS 1114111 1-111111 1iYI1l'l U11I111A1111. VE1111I11' 111111141 111' 1111- Ivfllllafflvfflf s11411'1s 111111 111l'1IP11 1111111 11111-1'1-s1111g' 111141 1-411111111-11- Sl1111'1S 11111512 11W:X11'1'N1'1Y ll111'11Yl11'l'11 1111' Xl'211"H 11111- '1'1"s s411'11-11' g'411-rs 1'11114'1:11-11 111 1111- 11121111111 s1111141111g' 111'2l'1l11'1' 111141111 131-11-11 1,1,'1'QZ, El '1'1' 1'1111111lQ' 111. s411'11-15' 1-1111111' 111"1'11 .XXX 1-41-1-41 11'1141s1- 111'1- 1'11Y111X'l'11 111'11111141 1111,- 11,1 WLINS 111111 111-1' 11111111111111s s1111'1', 111'1- 1'11111-41 N2l11111lS. Y1-11111111111 1-1111111', 11819111 HNXIC N1.X11'1'1N, MARY 111'1,131-111'1', K111.13 1-11v1-1'1-11 1111 1111'411'1111111x'1- 111141 111111-ly 111141 1+'1f.1N 11.1 1Y1f1NS. N11'1Y,X111'1N1'1 11114111-ss 111' 1'1414111- 11111111111-, .XSSI11'12l1l'11 Row One: N111- 1'4141k. N1:11'11.v11 X11-11:111111. N14-1':1111-110 1911':'11'1114-y. N111- 311111-1'. -111 .XIIIIII A1ki11s. '1'111-1'1-sn W:1s11'. 5111111-.1 Hw:1:1, N1I11'AV 1,IIj'II11'Il. K:1111'1' Nk:1I111k. .l11:11111:1 N11v:1,111111 K1'Vl'l'S, 1111-k 1l1'1I'1111. '1'1-1'1'4-1I N11'11ll'11j'. Row Twp: 111111 1141111-, 1i2l.Y 1111-11- :11'1lQ1111. 11:11'4v .X1111 11111111-1'. 1':11'111 1'11111'1114-.13 ,X11111- N11XN'1II2l1'k, N1:11'11.x'11 Sllgjgjs, 1l1-1111111- N1:11'1111, 1"1':111114-s 11:111'k111s, 1111111110 1 , 1 1 1 1 1, , ,, . . , . , 1 1 S1-114-1114-1, 1111-111 11411-111-11s4,111. 11111111 12. 11111111-1', 1x4-11 X1-:11. X4-11 1. 111115111113 XX:1111-1' 1,1'11'1', 1111111111- 1111Il1lS. 1x.1'11- 11114141:11'41, .1111-k K111.-1'. 1'f1I SIIl111l, Row Th,-ge, N114- A1111 1'1'1-:11114-13 1X1ill'y 11ll11,lL'1'1, X:1114-1' XY111I111-1-, 11111 1,1Ill', '1'1':11'1s N111I1v:111. 1111111 1"w:l1'1L'.Vl. 11111 1'111'1'1Q. 113111 '1'111'1111:111,g'11, .1111111 W11114111. Qi E ,l 1 QQ, ,. .Q-1' Msg, 11111 ' "" NVAI.'1'11:11 1'1111'11:. 1311S11111ss 1112l1l2lg'C'1' 1Dl'l'SS 11111'1'11s111111111-1111, 11'1111 1'111111'111111 1'1'11111 111'1111'11 1'11211's 111 B111s111111' 111 1'11- 11111'1 111 11111 ASS111112111111 lf111111g1z1111 Press 1'11n1'111f1111111 111 1l'1111121g'11. Busi- 1111ss 111211121g'111', 1VA1,'1'1G11 1'H1lT1'I :11111 s11111'1s 111111111', 1311111 1'A11111S, 1'1-1111'11s111111111 '1'1' 211 11111 11111? 11111111- 11115. S11111111' YV1 1111111111 T1C1'1 11111'- 111'1111 111111111.'11s of 111111821 i'12lSSl'0O11'1 111211111111's 1111- 11111 V1111111111111 111111 1111111- 111111111111 1111 1'11111's 111 s111111 11111's1111z111- 1111S as B1'1'DEll'l1 1111 V11121 211111 B1111- 111111 1'111'1'. 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A 1'211'11111 111111 11111111'1:1111111g' z1111'111'11s111g' 111'11g'1'z1111 11'21s 111'11- S111111111 111' 11111 0111111111111 1111s11111ss s1z111' 111121111111 111' WA1.'1'1'I11 1'111l'1'l. ASS1S1Zlll1S BA 11111 11A Y1+LXK1CY :11111 '1'111XV1S S1'111Q1Y,XN s111111111111 1111111111 1111111. 3111111 s1111111111s 1'1111111'11111 11111' 11111 Ivffllftflifllf 111 1'21- 1'11'l1 1'2l1l21l'11'1l'S 1112111 111'111' 11111'111'11 211111 11111 1'11111's 111' .11111 1'111111g'11 111' 111'111'1' XVEl11i 111' 11111 11111 was 11111 1111211 111' 11111 f'11l11111i1111 111 121521- .1-1. K1111 1111111121111 C,1U11f'!f1IlII 11'11i1'111' T1111: ,XSS1S1'il111S, 112l1'11E11'2l Y112111111' 211111 '1'1'211'1s S111111'a11 111211111 11111 21111'111'11s111g1 l21y11111s. 1211110111: .1112111 C11c11 211111 -1211111 'K111111' 11111111111 G111111z11'11 111111, 11111 f"111l111ji1111. ' -gi ... 111111 CERF W111 HSWS RELHS! 5 nm , ,df W i X 1 ,,.Q-... W, W gf ,, .W .qv 1 3 R, YV' RQ, , , .. n, ,- Y 'sm 1' A -L,, Ww"'f - , L 3 f : fi x 1 Ig!! W Xftcr first soinester exams were finally over, TU students took time out for a first class snowball fight 011 the Campus. Betsy Nash danced from her performances at the St. Louis Civic Opera into the hearts of TU students, performing at many of the social functions. Ya .N xx +x, "' I4 'VX' ax XX Y Q A vs'f rg f s lj v , N X '- 'Ki A vw 5 ,AW w. 11, I' X sh sw DRAMA - IC - ART e....,.,e Q YQX ?',6, '- ' 5 -me ,Q 'l'l1111'11to11 xY11l1l11'iS "Mi-11-11:111t of YUIl1i0I'S-I 11isvr11'01'e11 vi11:1i11 u11f1c1' table. '4'l711Q 31i1l1NVOIT121l1 of 11'11ail1c1t" 1'211SL'l1tllQ 0111121111 011 21 season 111' U111S121I1t111lg pro- f111C'110HS 111, 1110 Tl' 111921111-. H1100 again thc S1lUOC'1l 111111a1'1111c111t gayv 1121011 S111l10l11 o1111o1't1111ity to malw a 11a1111- for himself H011 1119 b0i11'l1S,7 01' 111 try his 11111111 at light- ing, 1111ilc1i11g sets, 01' l1a11111i11g c-os'111111Qs 8.1111 IJ1'0I'J01'110S. As i11111e past, a sorius of V2ll'1Ol1 211111 111111811211 plays was p1'0s011tec1. 1'111'istino Yirgiol 011011011 thu year as HTl1c 31El41XVUII12lll17 i11 a f'0II1CC1Y-1111111121 of Broacl- way 1'2lII1C. 1Vit11 hor oqually 41Q1'8.Hg'Cli1 Q0- horts, Mary 1X11I1 Cooper 111111 130111121 Tro- li11g'c1', she i11t1'0d11c011 to T17 a11dionceS 21 new and typically 1fll'0HC11 approacll to the usually pO11t101'O11S 11101110 of the sins of Griftiii :11111 31:l'C111J1' 2'l1'gllUl1 111 11'i11lf'1'.w'f. lVil1'1'9l1 :111f1 Grifiiu starred. l25 l l :bc ,jugglcwl in tho HBl:iclwo1i1:i11.'i Griiiiu portrziyod thc rohe of gunmzui in 'fYVinters0t." mzinkiinl. Frank Morrow, mzikiiig his debut on the 11nivm'Si'f5' stzigo, poi'Ti'z1yml 'rho ling'- pickor, 1'omz11iTic' hero of 'rho play, while Bill illCC2ll30 clisfiiigrrislivcl himself lay jug'- gliug' two mlaggers and il sic-klo. In llecorii- her Maxwvll Amlorsoi1's "lVi1itr-1-wt" was prvsviilvml to Tulsa fll0Hll'0-g'U9l'S. This work prvviously hail won tho Vritivs Awaril as tho most slim-vssfril politic' trap:- vfly on :ii C'0llt0IHIJOl'i1l'Y thonlo. lI'll'9SllII12lIl Aim Ross co-starrvcl with Bob Griffin in hor first z1ppoz1i'z11ic'0 on tho TU slzigv. llllyiie Mzixwvll gziiriwol a l"L'fJlll2lil0l1 for c-orisistoiitly limi porfornianccs tlirougliout the yoar. lu 'Vliornton NVili1lv1"s l'hlCl'Cl1ElIlt of Yonkers" MlfSg't. Clydo Abel, as the Morcflizuit, grave om- of his most 'profes- sional IJ01'li4Jl'H'12lI1C'0S, whilo Eflcli-liiio Mc- Vlziiiziliaii 1l0llQl'lllQil21ll4ill0llCl'S wilh her por- lmyal of M1-S, lievi, 21 Jill ol' all lrzulcs who S1101-ializml in 11-z1i'i'z1i1gi11g' tho Worlmlls affairs. Dr. Bozuuiiout Bruvstlo and Prof. Rod Jones, 1lll'CC'llllg', combinerl to give fllQ2llQ1'L'-g'0f'l'S auoilior mm-morziblc your at TV Christinc Yirgiel, Tonrmic Ruth H:ir'1l:10i', :ind Dr. Jones 0lIfC1'iIIllllKl the :uuliuucc Hin the rouml.l' 1111 HE THA A1jil1i1Ilg S1Y1'1'1H1l1N1C w11s1110 1111s111111- 111' 1110 1Yl11Vl'l'S11f' 111' '11ll1S2l Sf'I11I1111111y 1'11'C1lOS1l'2l. 111 1111111111111 111 1110 C1'l1E111V1' 1111121811111 1110 111'- g'11111z11111111 111'1'11111011 11s 1111-1111101s, 0X1-0110111 11111111110 was 01101011 111 1111-110s1111 w111'1c 11111 11111s110011v0 1Jl'01ll'SS101I2l1 11111s11-11111s 1111171 11111510 1'4V111t'2110l'S. T110 Syl11l1110l1j' 11101 1111' 1'01102l1'SZl1S 0YO1'j' '1'l1USl12lj' 1-V1-11111g' 1111I'11lgL' 1110 y0111', 111 1111101 111211 11s lJ1'l'1'111'1l12l11Cl'S 0011111 110 C'11l1S1S1l'll11j' 1111IJl'0Y1111 111111111511 1'i'g'l11211' I1l'2'li'11l'9. 117111121111 111. N10K00, 1111'L'llC'11 1111111 111S11'11f't1P1' 211111 111'111'0ss111 111 11111510 111s1111y, 211111 Max NI. 1W11i1s, 11111110 211111 111110 111s11111-1111, W010 011A01111111101111s 111 1110 0llS1'II1111l'. 14111011 01111111101111' 1111111 f'1l2l1'g'9 111 0110-1121111 111 1110 10110111s111 I1L'l'10l1. F1111- S1S16'1l1NY1111 1181111110101.1l1ilj'11lg'111L'1,1051 111 Band Roster: .x111'll, ,Xl'll1?41l'1l1lg', H011, 1'1UIlIl1'11. I31y1110, 13111ki11, H111v10s, iIi1:1g'1l1'111, 11ll112Il'l1, 1i11s11, 1'2I11l111M'11f CU.l'1'7 C11111111, 1T1:111s011, C111111, 1V'41111llS, 1'1111111s, 1'111w1101, lJ1'1"Qf'l'y II111101, 1'1:e1'1, -1'1l1l!1llll1'1, 11211111.32 11fll'I'l'11, 1111-11, G111111111, 111'111111y, G10011. 111111:11111, 11:1111111g. 11111, 11111111117 111111131113 .'1111111s1111, 1i1Ill1lfl11, K11111110k, Kirby, I.!1YV1CSS, L0ss, L01111111111, L11g's111111, 11:11'1111, B11-U1':11'y, M11E11'11y, M110110111, M1111011, 11111110, 11111115111, l111ss1101'ggQ01', NQC1, N11'111'11s, 11'l1t'1il'1', Pilyllvj 1'1:1k111s, P111111100, P111f1, 111111, 1211111111-11s1111, 11111l'111Il11, R1111011s, II1,1w0, 111111j', S11Vl?1'11I1S, SIIl111l, '1'01111y, 'l'111111111so11, '1'111111111111, 'F1lI'1ll'I', XY1SCllI', 1V111k01', xVGStIIl0l'012l11f1. 1XII1l'l'1C'i11l II1l1S1C, 1111111 11111 111111 HCXV, 1110 111- 0110s1111 111011111011 111 1011s1 11110 C'OHlIl0S111011 111' 2111 1111101101111 0111111111s01 111 011011 1'0IlCf11'1. 111 1111111111111 111 1111'1111'1'U 011110011s g'11'011, 11110 111 NOY1'I1l111'1' 111111 1w11 111 A11111, 1110 11101105- 1111 I112ll1l' 11111 E1I1I1112l1'Zll1Cl'S 1111 11'1CY1S101l 11v01' KUTY 111 3121l'l'1l 111111 A11111. 1111111 g'1111111 was 1'01I111OSl11'V1 111 s111110111s, f21C'll11f' IIl0I111'10l'S 111111 1111101 '1j111S2lllH 1111011151011 111 11111810 1111' 111011 110161111211 011'11Jf'II101l'1. T11- ?2'1'11lP1' 11105' S1'1'V1111 111 1Jl'OY11110 0111111 11111s10 1111 1110 011j11y1110111 111' 1110 501111111 111111 1110 COI11II1lll111f'. Thus, 1111! 01'C'1l0S11'2l 1-1111111111011 w1111i 211111 111ilf' 115' g'l'1111lg' 1111111 11000sS111'y I'1l'il1'11l'2l1 1l'2l11l111g', 111111 115' 011j113'111g Sym- 11111111y 11111s10. This y1-111 B0v011y B11111110s S1-1'v011 as SUCl'Q12l1'j'. CIll'll'lPll, ll:iv:iS. ll4'l', 'l'lmm:1sml. mw' laI'Jlll4l0N, llltllllllpf, lVi1-sc-:relyliillrlsny. Boss: Glvnn Orchestra Personnel-First violin: l3l'1lllIlll1S,'0l', Li-vkly, Iioliw, Brnttmi, Pmpst, Slrxutvr, llursli. Second violin: li2llllI'llS, Davis, Nivkzznip, Wulkt-r, l'l4lw:nrmls, lius sell, NY:ml, Wi-lls, 'l'lmn1:1s. Viola: lYli:nyl10, I'l1'0IlUlllOll I.:1,wlvss, xlSltfllllll2ll'g'0I', Pair. Cello: .lvri-111i:is, Clif-g Oboe: ltullinstvin, Stflplwns, NilV0lllIlS Flute: Keiim-dy, lllill'llIl, llolrvrti. Clarinet: Si-otl, llYllSUIl, liiiii-liurt, Krlsting, Bassoon: SWk'Zll'll1Q0ll, 'lllll' French horn: Blitvlwll, Grcn-11, llzill, Ilziuks, Biillnrfl, Godwin. Trumpet: Kirby, Crouslmw l5I'1'NIl6l'. Trombone: lXl'l11st1'm1g', Lyrni, l'1'0ft, lirlll Tuba: ll:u'p01'. Percussion: Kcf1111e4ly,li1-lt, A1l:1i1'. GOLDE H RRICA EBA D Under a now director, Mr. Dwigilit Dailey, the TU Golden Hur- riczuic lmud cliauged its pzicu to il vzulcfiice ot' 180 stops as it stifutteil down Main Strevt and tliv lootlmzlll licld. lu lizilt'-timc lJ0l'fOl'lI1?lllK'0S tllis yt-zu' tliu llilllll ilailicwfl that i'l121l'llfSl0ll, tliv szlmbzi, and tliu wziltzetlio rosult of six lizml liours ol' p1'z1c'tic'ei oacli woek. Aftc-if footlmzill sozmlni, this pmc-tic-0 timo was flu- Votvd to ifUI1l'Ol't work in lJl'0lJZll'2IllOll for tlio two t'0r111al cfm- vc-Vts givon c-zivli yvzii' lmy tlic lmziml. .Xll iii all, lmziiid TI10H1lJ0l'S lcd ai lmsy lifv :lt Tl' this yciz1.i'. Tlic-5' plziyewl at alll footlmll gullies, the pvp rzillivs, and sec-tions of tlio lmiicl plziyvcl at lmas- lcvtlmall guiiios. Szuiflra Phillips, a Kzippzi Kappa: Ganinia pledge, was elected band queon for 1953-5-l. Twirlers for the yoaii' wore tlarolyii llombs, Szuidrzi Gadcly, Sliziron Moss- ll0l'Q'Q1', Kay liim-lizu'dso11, 'lloniuiyu Gziifrvtt, and Ami Arni- stronggz J CITY lmwlvss was lYlI'llIl1 Nzijor. B:n111l1i1:'iste1', lllVIGllT DAILEX' MU IC - C01-1 T T0 COAST ON N Row Ong: AI'11Illl' ,1111s111111111. X1II1'11'VIl 1':1111w1'11, 1Q':11'111 1f11111-1:11111, -11141-X' W11111-, X:1111'y l'1211'1, 3:1121 .xllll 9111i111, 31:11'.1' Fox, 1121111111121 .xl'1llS1l'11I1Q', 1'11g'gy 1'11i1p, N:1111'y K1i111f1-11s111i111, 11:11'111y11 1'11111111-x, x1Jll'11-Vll .X11111'1's1111. Row Two: ,1g111j1'l1I11I111g' I 11:1111. 110121111 XY1111ll1'y, 1'1!ll'1l2ll'Il 51'1lll11Z, 1'2111y 1,1'l'1'y, .l11:111 A1111 111-1111s, 1':11 N11-1'111-1's1111, .1:1111- 111111111111-1, f1'11y11is N11:Ki1111Jy, 1'1l'1IIl 'l'1111111:1i1111, 1':1111i111- IQJIVIIPS, 1'111111i1' 1'1'1111s1. 1i1111.v Wi11if111'11. .1111111 111ll'1'IIl11S. Row Three: 1'111'21.1'111- '1'111111J111'1i11, Kviuiy 1 v 1 - 1 . 1'1lX, X11-:4 1'1lI'11lH, 1241 N11-1 11111111g'11. A111 1 - -1 11 Illl' 1111111k111g', .I111111 1'1-1-il, X1:11'k XY11'11h'lll1IIIll, 1':11 1,111l11'. Hill l"1s111-1', 1'1I'lI11' Xliiison, 1u1111111 11111111. 1,11111s 1'1fl111l1'11,11I1lI 1',1-11111s. 11:1111 131'1111'. poncho C7100 ' l,1'l 111'11s11111111 . . . 1Al 111111.11 Yi1'11-111'1wi111'111' -IAN12 311f111'l,1,11I'1411 SP1-1'111211'y41 1'1121s111'1-1' . , , 1112'1"11' NN11.1.11'111111 -X1'1'11l11l1ilI11N1 . 11111111111 11111,1.1Ns 111111 111. 1111- 1111si1-S1 111'g'2111iz211i1111s 1111 11111 Tl' 1'211111111s was Al'111llI' 1111s111.'111111's 112111i11 1'1111i1'. T1111s1- 1'o1'1y 1111111111111's Y1101' fivv 1i111Qs 21 11111111 211111 11111'1'111'111011 1i1'1+1l111+1111y f111' 11111211 1'1l111S 211111 1'i1'i1' 111'g'2111iz211i1111s. '1'1111 131111111 1J1'112l11l'2lS1 1111+11- 1y 111'1-1' 1w11 '1'111s21 1'2111i11 s1211i1111s, This XUZII' 1'111' 1111- 1i1's1 1i1111- 11l1' 112111i11 1'1111i1' 1'1111111i111111 wi111 11. A1'11l1l1' iHl'11XY11'S 1'11i111211'1111111i1' 111'1'1111s11'21 111 g'iv1- 21 1'111'is111121s 1-11111'111'1 111 111111111211 211111 S11ilS1Jl1il1 11111511-. '1'1111 11121111 1'111l1'111'1 111. 11112 111211 was 11111 21111111211 s111'i11g' 1'1J111'111'1, 1'1-211111'i11g' se111i'1'121s- si1'211 211111 1'121ssi1'211 11111si1-. '111l1' s111'1'11111 1'11'1'1'11l'IIl2l111'0 was 2111 1Y211'i11g' 11111si1'. T1111 1'1111i1' s111-111-ss1'11111' i11'1'11I1lI111S1l1'11 113 111111 21111111211 1-21s11f1'11 A101112 11ig'1111g4'111S 111' 11111 11111 were EL 111121s1 111 1?1121s1' 1111121111-21s1' 111'111' NB1' 211111 21 1'isi1 wi111 1110 XV2ll'11lgL'S 211 5112111111111 1111 D1112111'a1,'11. EXPA DED FACILITIES AND PLA S In keeping' with the expanded facilities of the TU art department, the Art Students' League widened the scope of its program in 195-I. The Intrd working group put their talents to work in serviee to the campus wI1en they pIanned and niade Hash eards for the football cheering sec-tion. In the I'z1II si In'eakt'z1st at Mohawk park was held for z1I1 new students in the art department. Later mem- bers of ASL were seen proudly sporting new gold keys and pzdates engruived witI1 their Ietters. In FeIiruzu'y the "crazy ereww sponsored the :III seI1oeI Beanx Arts Ball, where prizes for the best eostnnies were awarded. A Ytiea square exhibit in Greenwieh Village style, and monthly Sunday night progrzini slippers rounded out the yezn"s activities. .Af .SI14c!enf5, eafgbffe President . MA1c'1'iiA BICIIINNIS Vice-presideiit . RAY ROGERS Seeretziry . . RICK XVYSOCKY 'Frezisnrer . . T031 'I'n'i'ING Sponsor . BRADLEY PLACE Row Ong: Delninr L:1yn1:in, I,2l'VIIlJl1L Jones. Imle Iinh-n, Mzxrtlin Blefliliiiis, Sue Britton, Braulley Itlziee, .klexzindre Iiogne, Iifury Len Goss, Rubertzt Sheer, G:ii'y IgllIIlg'!ll'IltxI', Beverly Nniitli, .itunes fi2lI'SiIk1'IlIll'lI, Bunny NIQIIIIUX, Run Green. Row Two: XVIIIIIIII VIIUIIIIP-V, I'IIiz:rIwtIi Iiruwii, Iiiek Wysui-ky, I'II'2lII4'l1S KIiteIieIl, KI:ii't-V I'IIllIllk'l'I, Ulnrizl King, ICIe:nn0r Iizivy, Ilittzi Zzivw-I, C'i'yst:xI Sa-Iiidlowski, Toni rfipping, II:iruId Reef, Hub Gust. Row Three: Bill IIiIl, I.iz:lbetIi Bzites, Annu Iiee IIai'tniun, Anne Brziiilimn, Jenn Yann Arsdnle, liieliziril 'I'Iun'nt0n. 0KLAH0lVlA' 0 T TANDING FM TATIO The 268-foot transmitter tower was the University of Tulsa landmark for the cam- pus radio station KVVG S. This radio sta- tion, which was started on campus in 1947, had a staff composed entirely of students. They did the writing, producing and an- nouncing' for the programs which were on the air daily from live to ten p.m. KXVGS related such works as music, drama, sports, news, and disc-jockey programs. The sta.- tion had three broadcast studios, a record- ing' control room, an auditorium studio, and a master control room. KVVGS-FM be- longs to the National Educational Broad- casters. Tulsa University students also produced shows from the schools through- out the Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri area as part of the Going' to College pro- gram. lflvery Thursday in the large studio B the Radio Chorus show was broadcast. Radio production work for the concerts was done by students in radio production classes. KXYGS programmed primarily music, because an FM station broadcasts music with a liner tone than the regular AM stations achieve. This year the sta- tion concentrated on classical music. Dave Davis, News Editor, kept the campus aware of the latest international, national and local big stories. Mel Christerson as Sports Director broadcast the Golden Hur- rieane's season with great success to the TL' followers. Joe Duca added spice to the already varied program of KVVGS with special events features. Betty Perkins, XVomen's Director, kept TU coeds abreast of the latest fashions and features. Max Nalley, Continuity Director, Vern Rogers, t A ,Y V. . fo T l i i 1 , ! f l x T210 frm M.. Siwri: LEM. Terrell Metheny ripped the newsprint from UP for his nightly ncwscast. Sports editor Mel Christcrson and his staff aired each TI' basketball game played at the Fairgrounds Pavilion. KWGS stuff' l111'Il11lCl'S7 sO:111111 11111 111 right, 1111? VYQPII 111'1,2'E'l'S, MAX 1111w:11'1,1 I1:111se11 :11111 IDILV1' 1111v1s. J:11111 ,1111111I1S1'1ll, 11111111 111l' s1:11'1"s 11211'111'41' XV111'1i131', 1111111111 lll1lS11' 1111' 11111s1 111 11111 s111111's. 1'111111' V1'11lQ'1lI1'1'1', .1111111 111111111s1111, 111111 13111 13111'11111'11, '111'2l1111' h1211l21Q'1'1'S, s11w 111111 1'il1'11 s11111 111'1l1il,1111' 111'1111111'11111l wus 111111111 111 11x- 211'11.V 111 11111 Ill'11g'l'2lI11 s1111111111111. 511111112111 11l1l1'11I1211111 111111 N111111111, h111S11' 1111'1'1'11l1'S, 1'111111111'11'11 21 1111111 11111s11'111 1J1'11g'1'2l1l1 1111111 1111' 1'12lSSl1'211 11111s11'11's 111 1111' 111111s1 Jazz 1'1'1'11l'11111Q'S. X:11111y, RU115' 1'111'ki11s, :11111 N111'111:111 11i111011. S1:11111i11g :11'0 1111lQl' 1I111H11l1'1'S 111' 11111 K1Y11S s111f1' 1y111'11 1:111g'111' Bllllily, P1111111111y M111111gg'111', 211111 1111- 111111 S1111z, S1'1'l'1'12ll'j'. '111111 S11111'1s 1J1'1J?il'1- 11111111 was 1lIl1lS1l2l11f' Zl1'11Y1' 1111s 112151 j'1'i11'. , . . . . . r1111' s111111111, 111 1111111111111 111 111'111111011s1111g 111111111 111111111111 11'1111111s, 1'El1'1'11'11 11l1'111' 111111 111 111w11 1'1111111s1s. KWGS 111lg'i1ll 1111111y 111111' 111'11g'1'111n s111'111s 111 1515-1. 11111s1111111111g' 111111111g' 11111s11 was 11l1' A11 1'1111'1'1f R11T1,I shows VV1111,'1l 11x111111111111 W11111 11111 ROTC is, 11s 111'1g'1l1 211111 its g'0211S. The Dl'1'1g'1'211l1 f1'2l,1111,'C11 1111ks 11y II11111,?ll'j' 211111 1-iyic 1Qil110l'S 211111 music' E111' 11111 111'111'11111111111 was hy 1.1111 1v111V1'1'S11f' 1111 111111821 RUT1' 13211111 11111101111111111'1'1'1111Il111111W1g'1l1 1111111131 H1111 11211111211 11111l1'11l"1S,1 1l1'2l11l1'1'11 1'111'11111s 11y 1111? 1'111-1111y 111. 11111 11111' 2ll'1S 11111111g'11. "1'11111111'- 111111' '1'11111s" 1111111 KWHS 11s11111111's 11111111 1111111111'1121f'S111'111l21l11'111'21l111W21S111'1111111'1'11 hy 1111' 131'111s11 131'1111111111s1111g' '11111'i111'l'. S1111ws 111111111111111 1111' 11111 1XY21'1111ll111 1'111111'2l- 111111111 1g1'1121111'2lS1S 11111111111111 ".Xs111 1111- lJ111'1H,,111l11N1111'f'111l1111' 11111111 W1111 1l21Y12111'- 111111111 1.L'1'1'2l1. 1,1l11111' 1111111'11s1 1'1'2l1l11'1'S 1.1'11111 11111 11111w111'1is w111'11 "1 '111111111 1'111111i 111111111," A VHS 111'1111111'111111g "h11'111 '1111' 1,1'1'SS,1 IJ1'1111111'1'11 hy N1312 211111 H,X1Il1'1'11'2l1S '1'11xy11 N11'1'1111Q111.11l1' .X11'," 1111 .X131'111'1111111-11s1. UNCIL I MANAGER .AD?DiNTED BY COUNCSL HAS HD VGTE. V -APPCHNT5 HEADS OF CWE' BEPARTHENT GENERP' Q REPQDIHS COMMUNITY? NEEDS. PLANS :MAKES DETAILED PLANS TO CITY MBE! NEEDS. D H011 XX 1 Sl ol e To Tha- pc-oplv of Tulsa Hlrolxgrll T110 IIIGRHP1 of tvlvvisiou :md class 1110111 lectures, 1'l'll1il1fli1lg1' thm-m of their 1'vspo11sibi1itivs as voters. . -l ,Y g L Y, .41 , a 71-.-.. ir I -i-SM.: .- +..1.l i-.1 lb KH- 4 4-QL - ga... F kelly Stadium reoowflclecl with i T ,f .- if 'D K . 1 2L,,.- I .'K" 1, My ' ' gy' .L ., -we Y ,: K ,pvj , W , ,.,-uv K 361 sl' f ef 5 kb J , ,ff ww ' v t r 'Y' ,' 4 Q 8' 9 4 .ec-:ro or the golden urriccufle MQ 3 , 1 11' 1 . TUL A GOLDE H R1-RICA E 1311111111 Wi1111-ki 111111: 11v111' 11s 11111111 1.1101112111 1111111111 111 11111 1711iv111'sity 111 111111511 111 1953. 011111111 '1Yi11111ki, 11111'i11g' his 1i1's1 y11111' as 11111111 111111111111 1111111-11, 11'111'1i1111 wi111 111111111111 111111111111111 W1111 11111111111 1101111111111 il 111'1111111111111 I1-T s1111s1111 1'1111111'11. This was 21 1'111111i111i11g 111111' 1111' 11111 H111'1'i11111111 1111111111i11g s11111 2l1!1Q1' 111si11g' '1'WQllfj' 1'111111'1111s 111' 11111 Giltfll' B11w1 5111112111 i11 11152. Also 21 111111' 1111111111111 111'11s11, 111111 111' 11111 111111-111111111111 SyS11'I1l. 'l'111111111111g'11 111' 11111 s1111s1i1111i1111 1'11111, 1111111 11111 11111-11111- 1111111, 111'1111g'111 11111111 11111 11111 H1'11l'1i-1'II1-511019 11111" 111111111 111 111111111111. 'l'1111 111'1111'11i11g s1111'1' was 111111111 wi111 11111 1111111111111 111' 1111111'91'1i11g' 11111 1112lf'L'1'S 10 11111 "01111-11'11y" 1y11e 111 111211. This 1'11111 111111111511 111'1111g111 111111' s111i1'11 111111 1111s1111 1111 11111 1g'1'i11i1'1111 11s 11111111 i1111ivi1111111 1'111111Z1111 1111 112111 111 1111 1'111's1111111 111 111'11111' 111 111111111 11111 S1il1't1llg' 11111111. '111111 111'ig'111 S1101 in 11111 19551 g'1'i11i1'1111 1111-1111'11 was 1111111ig'1111- S111 111' 11ig'111y 1'1111111 111111s11111. 111 so 111111151 11111 11111'1'i1'111111 got 1111111' 1'11V1111g'11 1111 11111 f10llg'ill'S, W1111 i11 15152 11111111111 '1'111s11's 1'111'- 111'11 Wi11111111 111111' 1111111111 111' l'1'g.L'l11il1'1X b'C'1l1'l1' 1111111 s1111s1111 111111. 111111119 1Vi11111ki, 111 111s 1i1's1 y11111' 11s TIVS 11111111 111111111113 111111111 111 11111 1'111111111s 111111 21 1g1111'i1111s 1'1111111'11 111' 11111- 101111 111111i11v1111111111s, 1111111 EIS 21 1111lf'l11' 211111 il 1111111111. 1Vi111 11111111i111111s g'111111'11, 1Yi1111111i w11111 111111 1111' 111111 111' w111'11 wi111 11111 8111110 11111111'111i11111i1111 211111 s11i1'i1 1111 111111 s111111'11 111 11111 1111s1. .X1'1111' 21 1111111i11C1'11 11111 11111 11181111- 1111i111i11g' s1111s1111, XVi1111111i 111111 his 141211.11 w111'e g11111'i11g 111'11s1111111s 111111 11111111-S 1111' il 11111115-1111 'i m ,www 1954 souson. NVorking with Wituoki on the Hunicfzine stall was fl group of young' mon who molded TU football maitewiziil into ai l'1211'Cl-lllltlllg'g'1'l1ll1'0ll macliine. Thcre were throe ex-TU foothzillers, Jerry D'A1'oy, Don SC21l'l'l1'0llg'll and Rogers lioliowg all zunzissod highly 1"ogu1'mlocl persoinxl records :is players. The fourth memln-1' ol' tho cfoacliing' staff was forlnoi' Xvyfjflllllg All- Auierivzui, Eddio T?lll30OITl. 'll'Ai'0y st-rvod as lino cozufli, SCZ1l'lH'0llg'll suporvisod tho training' of the vnds, 'llzillmoom acted :ls hacklielfl Cozwli, while l'.el1ow's capacity was that of hozid svout. Tho hopos of Tulsa l'Qllll'l1ll'lg.L' to tho national g'l'ltlll'0l1 limo- light will Vido with lYituc'ki and his stzlolf for tho next two yoars. Row Ong: liOIICll B1-rnio Wituvki, llr. Ht-oi'g'0 Small, , . , . . . Put lxvrin, lin-k Roald, llogn-1' lwouo, .lorrv Xlulivki, llu-k Nolan, liuy S:1l:l2:l1', Xvllylli' Svlliizu-kol1lnol'g, Dick Shol- ton, Coaluli .lorry lJ'Ai'vy. Row Two: l'o:u'h 1'A'llQYYl, lJ:1lo li0lll'llUl', Bill Waves, flllI'll'l4'S Phillips, lid :llllg'llt'S, Bill Trzivnivk, Bobby Waugh, Allon Cook, Gomld Kum- ius, Bob llollndzly, C'o:l,l'l1 Don SL'2ll'lPl'17llglI. Raw Three: Cofwli Tlllllfllllll, Wilt llll1'k'Il, 'Fed Connolly, .lack Stun- ton, lien Noah, Hill 0lJl'0t'lllil, C'l1:11'l0s Kelly, Dnlu Br:1slio1', Bob Privv, lion liivlnoig ll:1rold Bi1ingn1'4l11o1', Dr. Loo Jl'I1il'y. Row Four: Boll Bohn, Bobby llovkor, Ed Gillinui, Hurry Koonvo, Bill l'l1nl4-lil, Boll Wisonhunt, 'll0ll1 Miner, Plzirl NVilli:x1ns, Art lluvis, Lcroy Nelson, Donnell Wolls, Doc Ji-nkins. Illll'l'll'2lll1' footlnzill vorwliosz lop, lCd4lit- Tnlbooiii 'uid JL lVA1'4'y: l'I'IllIJI', l':l'1'Illl' Wituckig bolfonl, Rogtxs It lux and ,Don Suarbi-ough. , I37 DICK KERCHER Leff Halfbaclz TOM MINER End BILL WALKER FuIII:aacIx BOB HOLLADAY Rlghl' Halfbacli ED HUGHES Lefl' Halfbaclt DON REIBER Guard DONNELL WELLS Fullback 2,115 2, 43. 'I an 7, wg of . 395 A '11 1 LM f .2-21? T L A B TTLED FIR T ITH CINN. 'l'l1o S1-21so11 's UIMFTICI' 1112110111-11 T11ls21's Golll- on Hlll'1'lC2Ul0 21g'21inst tho 21lw21ys l'llg'Q'lIlI LIll1C'lIl1l21Il IgK'2l1'l'2lIS Elf Slwlloy ST211ll11n1. l4,00ll IIZINS saw 1111- two vlulms l121T'flo it oui on M1111 terlns tho lirsl lllroo porlolls, o211'l1 C'UllllIl'l'lllg' onvo 211111 Hlillilllg gooml tllo ox- I1'2l point ZIIICIHPTS. 'I'11ls21's rigllt I121ll'l121c-lc, Holm I7l'C'Iil'l', sc-oroml for tllo LIlll'l'li'3TlU on 21 four j'2Il'lI Illllllgll' in tho soc-onml qll2ll'Il'l'. Ci111fi111121'1i's first score also c'21n1o in H111 soconml periocl. 'Pho B02ll'C'2lIS sc-orocl tho g'21111o-wi1111i11g I0llK'IllIUXYH in II11- I.Ulll'II1lN'l" ioml on El soVo1'1 j'2ll'lI SIIIZIHI1 IIIEII Sol l1210lc 'l'11ls21's l1o1ws of 21 IJUl'IhUCI 153512 50218011 start. Decker Ran 55 In H111 soc-o111l outing' tllo llolllon 'll111'1'ic-211111 IZIIIQIICII with 11111 Wlclliln IvlllVl'l'SlIf' xYIlU2lIHIlfM'Iil'1'S on Tho K2111s2111's I1UYTlOIlll'f. Tulsa posiod E1 10-0 'first period load, then saw tho Slll'IH'lSlllg' Ilvl1o21tSl1o0ko1fs scorn' onco in tho SDCHIIQVI ZIIHI lwicc in the tl1ir1l 4lll2ll'IUl' To win ISI-lil. Bol1l15' 1,l'C'IfUl' n1211l0 Illl' lliglllls longost run, il 55 YILITI punt, ro- lnrn for TI111 IIlll'l'lC2l1lCIS only LOIIUIIIIOXYII. lflnrl 'llom Minor 2lK'C0llI1Il'lI for TITS other Illllll' points by lci1'l1i11g' tllo L'XIl'2l poinl after Illl6'Iil'l'7S To111'I11low11 run 2lll1I 21lso lay l1ooT- ing' il l-I-y21r1l liolcl goal in tho lirsl sl2111z21 that g'21vo Tulsa its lil-ll lQ211l. Our :I'l2lIIlPl'7 wl1i1'l1 21rt in Ill'flVK'Il . . . I F: T wifi, Tu sa I0 Wicl'n+a Upsef Scored fl7ulsa's i'0,iiiVm-iizitcwl llll1'l'lK'2l1lk'S licablwl wvsT flu- followiiig wwli aml pullwl mio ol' tlic- l'0lllllI'f',S lmigggmist upsi-ts lay llOW1llllg' Vollm-gr ol' l'ac'iliv 22-lil. Tllu 'Figvrs wcfri- gvnurally l'0g'2ll'll0ll as tlic wi-sl 1-uast's In-sl imlcpomlviit team. lltrlllvll l'lurrlc'a11v srorvs 11-siilh-ml from two pass c'o111pl0'fiu11s, Ono, a 211 yarrl avrialfroniq11z1i'ti-i'lmc'lc Pat Ryan to l'lcl1liv llugliosg 'flicl otllvr, a 22 yarml 'lwavu from Bolilmy Boliii to vml-zoiiwl Bull Devlwr. THIN Kline-r, 'l'l"s CHll'fl'llllltlUll lp 'flw Missouri Yallvy all-c'c1i1l'oi'n-iirv lcam, l,m0fm,l a 253 yaril livlrl goal for lllI'l'U poiiils, aml Q'llill'1l D011 Rvilwr 1111111414-ml out 'flim- svoriiig' wllml lic- ggralmlwml 21 looso Fill' pass anal rrossml tlw mloulmlo slripn- staiirling' up. Fumbles Coslly 'lllll' llurricane grimlilm-rs sluppuml lllltl tllv major vrnllm-gre class flick iivxl wwlc aml sul'- ll-im-il a ll-lil llUl.U2ll at tlw liamls of Ala' liama's luig, llUXYOl'l.lll fl1'lHlSU1l 'l'i+lc-. Tulsa, ll0NYUYlll', was not so mul-li oiitrlasswl as tliv mu--siilwl sc-pro imlicalm-il. l"uiir nl' ,lia- iua's six THlll'l14lUXYllS l'l'Slllll'll from lillfll- lilvs, a pass ii1'tc-H-eiplioil, illlil a lulfwlcwl punt. 'l'lw Golilmi lliirriraiiv surprisml aml uiitplaywl ,Xlaliama lla- first mpiarlvr In-l'm'v ilu- lll'llI1N0lI 'l'i1lv got rolling. fJll2ll'lt'l'll2lC'li Hnliluy Holm llippm-il lu Holi llullailay in lla' llriirlli pvriml in gin- Tulsa its lirsl sl-41111 lllal plrl iwwlil'villtullll-1ii'ii1g' lllll'l'll'2llll' grill macliiiiv. .X lalc-ral from llivlq Km-rvlr 1-r lp Hill Xlallwr im a ll'll yaril riiiiiiiiig' lll2l.f'Q'21X'l' 'l'ulsa ilsfllilwl'l4rll1'll4lowl1. -IJ' l !!r"'Pw CHARLES KELLEY Taclde TED CONNOLLY Tackle GERALD KAMINS End BEN NOAH End CHUCK KELLY Right Halfbacli DICK NOLAN Guard ALLEN COOK End TUL A 0UTPLAYED HARDI IMMO Returning to Skelly Stadium after a dis- appointing but not discouraging' loss to Al- abama, the Golden Hurricane outplayed and outscored the Hardin Simmons Cow- boys. Tulsa eked out a 14-13 win and in do- ing so uncovered a new quarterback, Bobby Deeker, who led his teammates with the eoolness and poise of a Veteran. Tulsa's first seore came ou six running plays after line backer, sophomore Art Davis erashed tlirough to block a fourth down attempted punt. Kereher made the final plunge from two yards out. Late in the fourth, with the Hurrieane trailing' 13-T, Bob Decker skillfully engineered TU 03 yards on 10 plays and threw to Bill 1Valker for the touchdown. Tom Miner kieked through the uprights with the pressure on, and 12,000 fans went home happy. A 81 M Rallied After a two weeks lay-off the Golden Hur- rieane traveled to Stillwater for their tra- ditional elash with the Oklahoma A and M. Tulsa played the cowboys oft their feet the first two periods and the half-time ended Lunsford lunged for the Aggies. with the Hurricane on top hy a 11-T count. But, the revived A ancl M Cowboys came roaring hack to score three touchrlowns and win 218 to 14. Fullhack Bill lVa1kcr countered twice from the two yarfl line for 71'u1sa's two touchdowns after Bob Decker leil the Hurricane on 68 and 55 yarml clown- fieltl clrives. Miner Kicked One week later Tu1sa's spunky Golden llurricane surpriseil the nation and ile- lightenl Tulsans when they upset the higlily-favoreil llouston 'l'niVei'sity Vou- gars 23-21. The Hurricane spirit was at high ebh as the 'PTY grimlmlers went all out hefore a ll0H1UC'0II1lHg' crowtl of 121100. Bob Decker, who came up through tl1e ranks fluring the season to grab the numher one quarterback spot, was probably the biggest reason why Tulsa camo out on top. Besides calling a, magnificent game, Decker was Tlfls leamling rusher with 58 yarmls on iiye carries. Decker also conipleteil a 72 yard pass and gained 21 yards on a pass inter- ception. Soon after play hegan, Holi Holla- flay recoyereml a llouston flllllllltl anil live plays later seoreml on an eight yaril pitch- out play. Torn Miner nnule gooml the eon- version. Houston tiecl the count after a sustaineml T5 yarml mlriye flownlielil soon after 'l'l' seorefl. No less than two111inutes later, Ileeker triefl a keeper play anil 1li4ln't stop running until he crosseil the goal line in a lmeautiful 57 yarcl gallop. Nliner's seeonrl extra point attempt was wimle. The Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa . I3 Alabama . . . . I4 Hardin Simmons . . I4 Oklahoma A 8: M . 23 Houston . . . Kerehci' carrieil for 10. Cowpoke Boh Green corralecl. PAT RYAN Quarlerback BOBBY WAUGH Right Hallback BOB BOHN Quarterback BILL CHMELA Guard JAMES GUZZO Guard JERRY MALICKI V,,55,s Center 5:', B B DE E X A' 'l i C,?uarler?J5ckR H0lVlEC0lVlI big' All-Missouri Vzllloy' unml Illiltltl up for liis lizul lioot i11 tliv sovoncl poriofl, liowovor, uftor lloclu-1' iiitvimiptocl 21 t'oug,'zii' pass ciloop in Houston t01'1'ito1'y. Minor sta-vroml a pluconiont tlirougli the upriglits on tlio fourth flown zunl Tulsa lwl 145-T. .lust lmof t'o1'o llltt'l,'IIllSSl0ll tho t'0lIg'211'S mlrovu from tlioii' own 22 on El slow lmut stvzuly zittzlvk zincl pusliotl across tlwii' sovonil TD. lllarly in tlie- tliirml period, llouston tzilliwl again with tlioir roloutloss grounml zlttzlvli :intl took tlu- lozul by 21 21,-115 1nzu'g'in. But tlio inspirwl l'llll'l'lC'2lIlO wus not to lic outclono. tQllZlI'tUl'll2lK'li lloclcei' tlnm-w to 'lloni Minn-1' G Bll0UGHT IAJOR P ET for at T2 f'2l1'Cl pass completion to tlie Hous- ton 4. Hollzuilziy clove over from tliero and Miiu-i"s mlm-zitoml too nizide the score reall 23-21. The t'oug'u1's lizul two more big' op- portunitios to svore but tho lil0tG1'I11lH0tl lll1l'l'll'31lt' liolml but-lc tln- Cougar attack and l'21Clil'1l up its tliiiwl win of tho season. Raiders Triumphecl Tho following' wooli-onml tlio Tlvvrs tacotl Gator Bowl-lmounfl Texas Tech at Shelly Stadium and vzinn- out on the short vncl ot' zu lop-simlofl Count. 'llllo llaitlors rolletl ovt-1' the Goltlon llurric-zuie 49-T :incl mlisplnyoml Wnlkoi' pivkwl up T tlirougli tltillgill' linu. .1 l'VOI'j' trick in tl111 bag' as lllllllllllllg' Tulsa Olllj' alflt-rl Tllll 0Hl'llSlll1lg' s111'g'1f of R011 Tiz1i1l111' pow111'. llllllS2llS only tally 1'a11'11e 1111 a Pat Ryan to Die-lc lq0l'i'llQT' avrial l.l'0Hl the liftutm y21l't'l li1111 ftrll0XVlllg a titi y2Il'll 1low11iiol1l 1l1'iy11. First Shut-out F111' tl11- first time i11 l.0llI' years Tllll tough lllotmit Titans tlclfcatt-1'l tl11- tlol1l011 ll111'1'i- 0111111 853-tl with tl111 1'11n11i11g' powm' ot' DQ- t1'oit at its bc-st. Tulsa saw at lcast a halt? 1l11z1111 pottmtial l0llt'l1tl0XVllS 111-yclop Hlltl lliltlll' away as t'11ml1l1fs, p1-11alti11s, Zllltl pass i11t111'c'Qptio11stl1wa1't1-1lall TT' e-l'l'111'ts 111 tl11- w1'o11g 1li1'1-c't1o11. Tlu- Titans, i11 l111l1li11g' tllo flflltlflll Tllll'l'lC211lL' sc'111'11l1-ss, llilllflltll Tulsa its lirst Slllll-0111, by any telam, si11c-0 T9-lil. Seniors' Last Play 'lflus 1llg.1'Slilll 1'1'o1x' tac'lil1-ml tl11- Al'li2lllS2lS ali:1Zr11'l1z1c'l:s i11 tlw sm-as1111Ts l11'1al1f at Faya vttyillv a111l lost QT-T. Tulsa! l111111 SCOTT' 1'a11111 lata- i11 tl11- l'tllll'Tll 1111a1't111' 011 a11 81 Y2ll'tl f'll2ll'g'l' 1lm1'11li1-l1l 111 St'Vl'll plays. Qll2l,l'l0l'l32ll'li B011 lgtlllll Sllwllilltl ac-ross lm' tl11f svore Zllltl 'l'11111 ,NlVll1l'l' liicliwl tl10 vxtra point. l,a111a1'M11Tla11, tho Hz1zo1'l1ac'li'st:1l- 1-11t1'1l q11a1't01'l1a1'lc who saw 1-xt1111siy0 211'- llcm lll tlw l'2llllll0llS lNo1'tl1AS1111tl1 classiv, c'011110c't111l 4111 l5 ol' 215 tossvs, gnml for 218 f'Ell'tlS. Tlw ,lx'l'li2lllS2lS Qilllltt 111a1'li01l tl111 last 2llJ1lUZll'2llll't' lltll' lti llllllHi1 s1111io1's 111 a llldlIl'l'lt'illlt' 1111it'111'111. 'l'l111 ll2ll'tl l'1111g'l1t soa- s1111 l111isl11-rl with a 1'lisz11111oi11ti11g IZ-T l't't'-' 111'1l. L14 Tulsa . . 7 Texas Tech Tulsa . . 0 Defrost Tulsa . . 7 Arkansas lloll:11lay S1-o1'111l first 'lD ll tl11 l11fr111 .X lta11l111-11.1s,l11I1p11l lH1111ls t111111 It IX INT' N , ,uf ,ii-iam amsggf, 7- aw , ,f W ff . , fm, , Row One: Boll l':1tt1-rsoil, Ilivk IlUIII'IFI', lion IilI1'IlZ1HY, .Iolm Yutos, liolm BI1-soc, ,lllllll Stoll. Row Twp: Itivk X111111eloy, Ellis .Io11ki11s, J. V. IJ1111v:111, l"1':1l1k liilllIl10'V0l', liill lilliott. Row Three: f'o:11-li 1'l:11'e-111'1- ll1:1, E1'11io Stewart, .lolm Jolw. J4'1'I'.X' lI:1vk1-V, .lm-k llonsloy, Assistant Il0JIl'lI .loo Swank. CAGER FI I IIED THIRD I ALLEY IVitl1 only live l"l'IllI'IllIlf.L' I1-t1o1'111o11 to vasv 'l'l1o 'l'I' HI'0III1lllI2lll0l'Sll Illilywl tl11-ii' tl111 C'lIOI'l', Voac-I1 IllflI'l'lli'P Ilia 211111 l1is '53 to11g'l111st SC'll0lllll0 to 1lz1t0 Zllltl 0:11110 out 111 '5-I lmzxslu-tlrall squzul Yo11t111'1-cl into il 1l1'il1- Illl' Hlilavlcl' with 21 15-I-I 1'l'COI'll illlil IIII- lmlu soason that was pvgw-1.1 as El "l0s01"' islloll tl1i1'1l in tllo Missmiri Valloy SIiUIl,l- for tho Golrlon 1'IIII'I'll'2lIll-'. But by using' ings. Bosiclvs l10i11g' Sl1Ol'I in 1-Xpe1'i11nc'c, sl11'c1' light illlll mloto1'111i11z1tio11 tl11- lI111'1'i- thu 1021111 laclwml l1oigl1t, but oltsvt thoso 111119 c-z1go1's z1111ass1-il 21 V1-ry c'1'o1litz1l1le Voc- l1z1111lic-ups by clovoi' lmll llillltlllllg' zxml pori- orfl in fzmo of tllo trcmeiimloiis opposition. scopv sliootingt Tlwy provmfml it wl11f11 they lillis Jenkins, Dick Coiirter, Iiolr .l,IIIlt'1'SUIl, liick XIIllIll'lL'.Y, nml llolz BI.-sev 1'o11fo1'1'e1l with f'o:11'l1 ll1:1. K ' ,f. I3i. El.T'l.E?ETi5'Z3-3'l'Li3"?s'3"5'PR9?7ff':X'i27fE""f52R?l'f5 , " ..,, " N11111 211111 1I1lll1k1ll fouglit for 111c 132111 with H111-11111 Si1111111111s. COACH CLARENCE IBA 111111111 11V111' A1'k1111s11s, 1111111, Nlississippi, S1. 1,1111is, 111111s11111, Ci111'inn111i, 31ill1'l'2lf' S111111, 1311111111 111111 Bl'k1lI11?Y--2111 111g 111111111 11111111s. T11115' s1111w1111 1111 1'11sp111'111111y W111111 11111y 111s1 115' 1w11-11111111 111111'g'i11s 111 111111111- S11111 111111 S111111111111 X11111111111S1 11,1111 11111 11111 111s11 11111111 111 11111 f111111 111 11111'1'11w 1111111111s 111 11111 11111111s 111' 11111 211II11g'111j' K1111s11s 111111 UIQ111111111111 A K M11111i111111s. A 111115111 S1101 111 11111 s1111s1111 was 1119 111111111i11g s11111'11ss 111' 7111015 N11111111111y, 11111111 111111111i11, 111111 his 1'1l11ll1IlQ' 11111111 151111 1V,fl1t1'1'S1111. 1311111 111111111'1111 1111' 11x- is1i11g' 1111-1i11111 s11111'i11g' 1'1111111'11s 111 'I71'. JERRY HACKER DON BUENZOW N111111111115' s11111'1111 5114 1111i111s, w11i111 P1111111'-I S1111 1111 182 1111i111s. The 111111111 151111111 Zl11'1'2lK'- 111111 YY1L1l 11111 1Je11'11i1 '1'i11111s was 11111 11ig'11- 1ig'111111'. 111 111111 111111 N111111111115' 111'1111g111 11111111 1110 111P11SQ 11s 1111 II121gH11'11'6l1L1j' 1111111911 11111 n111s wi111 11111 s11111 111'1111' s11111 111 111111111 11111 11Xis1i11g 1111-1111111 1'1111111'1I 111111 1111111 1.111 1111 1111 s11111'11 21 1111111 111 211 111111115 111111111 1'1'11s111111 .11111 1n1111i,S 1111-1111111 S11111111 g'1111111 s11111'i11g 1'1111111'11 113' 1'111'1311. S1111111 11111s 11111111511 1'1111111'- S1111 111ig'111 111'11v11 111 1111 E1 111111111 111 N11111111- 1111's 1'1'C'11l'11 i11 11111 1111111i11g' s1111s1111. J. C. DUNCAN BILL ELLIOTT 1' I 1 1 'L 1? iii ' -1 iw " Wei? BASKETBALL Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa BASKETBALL RESULTS Hardin Simmons . Arkansas Universify Minneso+a Universiry Sou+hern Melhodisl' New Mexico A 8: M Texas Weslern . Kansas Universi+y . U+ah Universi+y . Minneso+a Universify Sanla Clara . . Cincinnafi Universily Mississippi Universiry Arkansas Universily Wichifa Universily Oklahoma AKM . Murray Slale . . Wichi+a Universi+y S+. Louis Universify Bradley Universify Hous+on Universify Kansas Universify . De+roi+ Universify . Sf. Louis Universify Defroil Universify Housfon Universily Oklahoma A8rM . Bradley Universily Creighlon Universi+y Oklahoma Cify . R. J. ROBBINS JOHN YATES GWR if-:gr f' J, f iii LLL Row One : VVally Knapp, Dale Brasher, Norris Dorsey, Ray NVroua, Bill Sanders. Rgw Twp: Neil Lay- man, Bob Latch, Gary Robb, Bill Poole, Don Green. Row Three: Howard Moss, Danny Lane, John Lauderdale, Ronnie McCullough, Jim Yeager, Coach Lohew. y-Qkl. r' ll i has LS Xl I.. 54 4 z X - aww fi 3 s Q 4 if Q1 M M ,wk ' y if - -.J tif-, V, M M5 BA EBALL The University of Tulsa's Missouri Val- ley championship hopes were foiled by the Hip of a coin. The 1953 Golden Hurricane nine tied Oklahoma A Sz M and Houston University for the TVestern division cham- pionship, but a play-off to determine a Winner was impossible. The only alterna- r M36 .- 1 Neil Layman and John Lauderdale eyed the 300 mark. tive was to flip a coin. As a result of the toss, Houston Won and went on to win the MVC baseball championship by defeating Detroit. The Hurricane baseball agrega- tion chalked up a favorable 11-6 record, which included a. 4-2 MV mark. Coach Ro- ger Lehew had the majority of his '53 starting' crew back for the '54 season. BASEBALL RESULTS Tulsa . . 6 Missouri University 5 Tulsa 9 Missouri University I0 Tulsa 3 Nebraska University 7 Tulsa I0 Nebraska University I4 Tulsa I0 Kansas University . 9 Tulsa I8 Arkansas University 6 Tulsa 9 Arkansas University 2 Tulsa I0 Arkansas University 9 Tulsa 8 Wichita University 7 Tulsa 7 Wichita University 3 Tulsa 4 Arkansas University 2 Tulsa 4 Arkansas University 7 Tulsa II Arkansas University 3 Tulsa 8 Houston University 6 Tulsa I4 Houston University I8 Tulsa I0 Oklahoma A 8: M 4 Tulsa 4 Oklahoma A 8: M I0 I47 TRACK Dr. Don Hayden 's "thinclads'7 wound up the 1953 track season with a pair of dual meet victories, a second place in a triang- ular meet and fourth in the Missouri Val- ley Uonferenee. Thirteen lettermen were chosen by Coach Hayden. Five graduating seniors from the squad were: Floyd Harra- wood, Kaye Vaughn, Tom Hudspeth, ltld Schmidt and NVillie Roberts. Back helping' the squad this year were lettermon: Bob Holladay, sprinter, Dick Oourter, who tied for the valley high-jump crown, Ted Fon- nolly, shot-putter and discus man, Oscar Kolb, hurdlerg Lee Hall, javelin throwerg Bob Conkling, pole-yaulterg Don Sephens, distance runner, and Roddy Thomas, pole- vaulter. Other men who scored points but did not letter were: Bob Patterson, high jumperg Tom Nash, hurdlerg Nick Kotsis, sprinter, and llean Allen, distance run- ner. The results of the triangular meet at Arkansas were Arkansas, iirstg Tulsa, sec- ondg and St. Thomas of Minnesota third. Row One: Don Ste- phens, Dick Courter, Jerry Andress. Row Two : YVa.lly Dirion, Bob Holladay, Roger Thomas, Oscar Kolb, Coach Donald Hayden. Row Three: Ted Con- nolly, Floyd Harrawood, Gregg James. Other scores: Tulsa ,... 6619 Central Oklahoma State .... 6-UL Tulsa .... 67 Southwestern Kansas .... 64 Tulsa .... Fourth in Missouri Valley meet. llolladay practiced daily on the ever importzint start. Left to right: Couch Emile Acler, Jiro Shu- lllflyil, Jack XValn1sley, Bill Coates, :intl Mickey XVilson. TENNIS The University of Tulsa "raeketeers," un- cler the coaching of Dr. Emile Ader, vom- piled, a. creditable record for their efforts in the 1953 season. The tennis squad, led by Captain .Tack Tvamsley, won seven mat- ches while losing five and tieing one. Jack TVan1sley, Mickey TVilson, Bill Coates, Ol- lie Gresham and Jiro Shamaya finished the season, plaeiiig third in the Missouri Val- ley Conference Meet at VVichita. Coach Ader began his 1954 schedule with three re- turning lettermen in hopes of capturing the Missouri Valley Championship. TENNIS RESULTS Tulsa Kansas State Teachers . . . Tulsa Northeastern Oklahoma State Tulsa Northeastern Oklahoma State Tulsa Houston University .... Tulsa Tulsa Tulsa Texas Christian University . Oklahoma Baptist University . Arkansas University .... Tulsa Oklahoma A 8: M . . . Tulsa Oklahoma University . . Tulsa Oklahoma A 8: M . . . Tulsa Oklahoma University . . -owl , Tulsa Wichita University . . . V , , L Tulsa 6 Arkansas University . . . . V ' X""""""h'i Third in Missouri Valley Conference Bill Coates practiced daily during the tennis sf. ison Left to right: Coat-li Eddie Talboom, Drury Pzirks, Jim Pfoifer, Dick Ncffunu, Ralph Morgan. GOLF Tulsa's Golden Hurricane golf team, under the tutelage of Eddie Talboom, who came to Tulsa just in time to man the linksmen, went through a tough schedule and came out with a respectable 5-7-1 record. They started their links season with a bang by knocking off five opponents out of six, but could not maintain the pace and lost four straight. GOLF RECORD Tulsa 9V2 Hardin Simmons . SVZ Tulsa 8 Oklahoma A 8: M I0 Tulsa I5V2 Nebraska University ZV2 Tulsa 3V2 Hardin Simmons . ZVZ Tulsa 4V2 Texas Christian . . IV2 Tulsa I IV2 Kansas State . . . 6V2 Tulsa 2 Oklahoma A 8: M I6 Tulsa I Arkansas University 5 Tulsa 7 Oklahoma University I I, Tulsa 6 Wichita University I2 Tulsa 9 Arkansas University 9 Tulsa ZVZ Wichita University ISV2 Tulsa 8 Oklahoma University I0 In the conference meet the TU swingers took fourth after having been shaken up by a pre-meet auto accident. Ralph Morgan captained the team. The only returning letterman for '54 was Jim Pfeifer. Jim Pfeifei' practiced daily, making 21 tour of the city 's golf courses during the week. Major Hupperich cheered long and loud for the Univer- sity of Tulsa to Hbeat those Aggies. ' ' We Q IQ . lv QE f Q. Q K ,f X 1 3 SQ? ,K Q52 f 5 4 f JQ 0 S ap X , f V Q 7 Q X . ? f sf f f 1 X ly A XJ' X jf I: 272' 17' ' 2 ,Q iw i Gm MN 5 1-Y X L j f' MILITARY 111 FORCE ROTC '1'11e111ue-1'121111'2111ets of '1'1' 11111111111 s11211'11 21s ever, for t11e s1'11oo1, year 1953-51 w21s the he- gi11ning of 21 new er21 for t11e1n. There were 1'121sses 21n11 11ri11s, as 211w21ys, hut 21 new feel- ing was present. AirFo1'1'eR0TC11z111been over1121u1e11. High offices 1121111 seen the 11ee11 for El C11211lgC, 211111 t11is XVZIS quiek1y re- t1e1'te11 21t the e2111et 1eve1. From now on Air HDTV must turn out not just YVC11-C1111f'ZI1- e11 men with V2l1'1Q1'1 21e2111emi1' 1321l'1igI'O1111L1S - hut men w11o have the p11ysi1'211 fitness 211111 n1ent211 21ptitu11es for piloting or some ot11er tlying skill. To rneet t11is nee11, the 11ew g'ene1'211ize11 Air Science course was st211'te11 for 2111 eadets. 14121011 1'2111et entering' the 311V2111C'CL1 course was a 11ote11ti211 Hier. The 1q01'C2l11 1'ig'11ting' 112111 stopped hut t11e seriousness of Ini1it21.ry traiiiing 1'e1n21i11e11, for the nation 21n11 the w111'111 119011 these 1111111 for t11e IJ1'9S01'VE111011 of 111-moe1'21ti1: principles. f'2111et 0ll1'011II1Q1l1 was not quite 21s high this ye21r, hut t11e l111k111ty was exee1- 1e11t. 111 J2111112111' 211111 M'1y gfrou DS of H1611 Raw 1 1'111,. W11.1,1AM Q". 110RNSEY were 1'on11nissio11e11 EIS top citizens 211111 0111- eers, for only the more proinising' 111' the 1121si1' 1'2111ets got to t21ke 2111y21111'e11 11'2i1I1111g. 1Vhen they 11nis1'1e11 t11e f011l'-YQEII' C0111'SC, it's il eineh they 112111 s111net11i11g XY0l'111XY1l11l5 to 1lf1.01' the Air Force 211111 t11eir country. Proof of this e21me i11 reports from 2111 over the wo1'111. Row One: .1111111 1111g's11o11, f"1y1le Ligon, Joe Briseoe, Bill Coates, YV1-s1ey Burris, 11112111 A11e11. Row TWO: JIIIIIOS 111'N1i1111, 11111121111 Sterne, IJZIY111 J01lllSl1l1, Wi11i21111 Lipe, 1'111w:11'11 B1'1111111e, .lim Belt, .1:11-k Estes. F11-11 311l1'l'2ly. ROTC CADET WING STAFF-F,-ont Row, .Terry J. Juflll, Donn R. Allvn, Rohm-rt E. Kelso, Brarlley Ja-ssou, ,limit-S hYl'2lgt'l', Rljllilltl Svzils, .lm-k Noble. ROTC GROUP STAFF-Back Row, Group B: Hilrsmi Alllllllly Allvn Cook, Ge-r:nl1l Kumins. Group Ag Tum Nash, Frzuik Koi-rs, Wzultor Privv, Max Fislwr. From Thulu Air Force haw in iiortliorn Greeulaiiil to the l1ot sands ot' Saudi Arabia :mil Moroc-co, wlierover Tlv's fornier czulvts have g'01l0, they lizxve clomi their jobs well. It was Z1 long' stop from tho vollegc vziulpus to the trz1ining.g' huses, :mil on to the jot-iillecl skics arouml thv world, hut AFHU'l't', whivh was lmoguii in 1949, flill E1 goml job of p1'0pz1i'i11g its II1CH1lll'l'S for the trip. Row One: Huh livimm, Hill Brugfluii, ll:xrr.x' liutkiii, ll. W. Prnft, llmsmflwl l'l. BQ11111-tt, l,2lNVl'UlH't' l'l. liuthy, Garvin R. ElI1illlllt'l, .lzum-s U. Allvn, Illlblll llitlvmmi. Row Two: Tlmmgis Xlnore, gxllflll Green, .lurry E. xvilll Zillll, llivk Tvllllvy, llzllv lll'1YXY1l9I', .lnhu Rugm-, .lulm ll, lmgsilmi. .lnmes ll, llovkvr. Row Three: Eililiv TllOlllIlSllIl, Roy Km-l'I1e1', Jvrrulll lmwlvss, Louis lluffor, rlllilll Morgan, D011 All'f'l'ILl'y7 ll:1rul4l Nia-huls, Jcrrly Ziuk, Bull Hollxllul. Row Four: Jvrmnc Gfimle-, .lnhu lluppw, John Rush, Jim Kenslvr, Xvylllilll J. BZIFIICS, .lim D. Bvlt, Clmrlvs E, :Ul'l'g'0I', Leroy l'L'l'kil1s, Rivluzilwl AIlt4'lll'lIl, Bill Blair, J1lllll'S f':lrr0ll, Bill Hopkinx. l'MHmwm'Leiwwasm.4er1::V-nw imwlhnvmmm fseiwwi 'W -2 'f W , --'f1-w:1f'ewr:,v, M wav.: f -f f . x . ez , 'I W- t P HSI Iillul lluvis nml Nlnlrry Huuslv-v I'1'lIlXl'd in flu- gtllllbllf' .Xrfivifivs builmlirlg' just bvfnrv lflll'iSf1llilS. 1 Hllll1IlfVS fm' lIU!l0I'2ll'y 1-:nrlvf folonvl Wl'l'L', loft Tu rig XY:1x11l:x lmll, Nulls-5' 'll-:lien Amlm Wism N Tl .1 ln. . .1 . I 411 1' .1 ht, lon vm A 152553 wb? xik A s. I Li 1 'K 59 .sf 52: wr Tr fi... 53 Q Q .. '-1. 1 A S-1, f1 w l. 11,- 62 wx - ff-if-Lfgifi ,mf We , , 'Mme ff ff wav - W ' ,, A -ii' .fir ,ww -I Mwss'w:'S1f fs, 2 Es., W M , , 2 5 If . ' ,LVM S , A ' -- SJ 3315 V , I --milfs: m"""'l X,-.N ?J':S!4..'4' Apffi ,L MQ, NJ., ,m V wx, W , - J ,, W ,L -M I ,,,,.m yi A ,, lr' , i - W .M , ,-., . ... W ' -9. I 4. V r 'W K '-f u ,, .4 , . 9 ,,, I 5 ' A ,l Q I 47 , yy 4" 1 -f W .. "' W M A f I J l. A v l 'L W f h A' ' -V 4-5, ' LBS' QM, ig KQSMMV ,, - my V v W ml fl -g W ,A K i ,, ' . , , -Ml " -f Q, ' Q.. I- 'iff 0f1Q?'Q lf' .+ i 4 G ,Hg - ' - f ' 'Y' 13 N A' f ., - I ,asm 3' f-wi, I - K7 gf " 0' 'Q f -'L lf' V ' . V 1 , fl ff' ..,,,,i- ff l T4 " ' A I-fx-nz ' . x W 'Iva W !,g:,.LW5:,N vi' W.,-A Q M J,,. , Wai, l I Wh vi N' 'FV N: ,rms k wwf' ,g ka f A -Nh: V,. J , f i '.-1 ,- -, ,L 'nf -' f 1 , " f - .. K A - Q ' " N ww A -M Q 5 f' - p 5 tw, ag? .K It A ,N..,naI-.px"s.,q,'ll,3,.,"3 'B ' A Q, 7 . V 'J , - I , 'K' ' . M J . W1 , fu' ' .A .1 .5 fi N. 4 Y Af, ,WASA i??3:i,fQwM?,,,.. Nia? if Q, -0 ' ' ff' -' Li f A ,W 1 . 'V i x' ' , f - X A Q A 'T f ,. . . iff 5 VVh, J ,J Wann. f,ggfg,3g,1 2 :Q fb, -,bl .:r,i.,., fm l A ' 1 5 . ., uP:.f'fiW"l,f 'M' 'W' a-4'5" ' if ' ..f'fi1.l"f.N,.w f lift' ' mc:-u...',saa, v W , ,W-...ask . ' N M, ,nw . 'l':xrg4-t prnuticv was somvtimes :L daily affair ill' ,ROTC sununer vunlp. llr. Pontius inspl-cfm-fl 01111115 lYPl'S0ll1lUl. - ef' T, - 'JW Mfg wl A. f f M' 35? ' A 'N X X ,ww if Npwirll guidon mlrlll was hold 011 the campus Cm-ll '.lllllll'Sll2ly. I56 ARNOLD A111 0CIETY A1'1111111 A11' S111'111'1y was 111's1 s1z11'11111 2111 1111- 1'11iv111'si1y' 8 ' 1. I I ' - D 1 ' V ' v- ' - 1 '1 11 1 ' 111 1 1111111111111 s111111 111111 11111111 11111 11 111111 1111s 111-1111111 Mrcerrj 1111- 121l'g'1'H1 1111'g'11111z11111111 11111111 111 111' 111V1,1,' 1'z111111s 111 1111- 1'11i1e11 S1z1111s. 11 :11s11 is 11111 1:11'g'11s1 111111111'z11'y 111i1i1z11'y' 1'1,m,,,,,,,11i,,g- qyfqqcm. 111'g'i1111Zil11OI1 111 1111- w111'111, 111111s1i11g 111111' 1511 S1,1l1Z1l11'O11S .X1,1'1x 11w111xs 1111111611 1111 1111- 1'z11111111s11s 111 1'11111Jg'11s 111111 1111111-1's1111-s 11111110 I,3XWHm,e U1-mm. Y ' 1 " rw 1 11111111 h111111s 211111 112lNYZ1ll. 11111 .1211-11 111111111s1111 s1111z1111'011, HWHAM, 1+R1,3N,,,AW 11211111111 1111111 21 1z11111111s Tulsa 11 111'111 XX 111' 111 11011, was os- . . 11111-11'211l1l11S 11'1:1llf91' I11:11N A111.15N 1z1111is111-11 1111 11111 1v11ix'1-1'si1x' 111 711111821 1'111111111s 111 A1211'1'1l 111 -, ,, ,v 1' . .. . . 19.13. 11111 '11 s1111z1111'1111fs 11121111 11111111 1111s y11111' XV11111 111111 MNTH5 11ff'1m" Il121IlH11lQ' 21 1'1111s'11'111'11V11 1110111 111'11g1'11111 111 s111111111'1 11111 111'g'11111zz1111111 1111j111'1ix'11s. 1'11111g'es wQ1'11 1'1111s1111 1111 11111 1111- sis of 111z111111's11i11 111111 s1+11111z11's11111. K lax S111"1' 1 1111111 Row One: XV!l111'1' 1'1'11-1-, 11111111111 11, 1':11's1-, 1':1111:1i11 O, N. 13111-111-iv, 511111111 11:1g3:111, X1:1111'y 111l11S11'.X', Row Two: 111'1' Y. 11'11l 191111111-1 1"1111 1-3 1i1"I11lll" 1'11i111'111 71141111 X11-K11111111-11 X11111' S11111'g111111 R 11Ul'l'.V J111111s1111, 111141 llzlvis, 151111 1i1'1S1l. ow Three: 1,. 1'I. 1111111.11 N1:1x N2l1111j', ow One: 12111121111 0. N, 1311111111113 .1211-k A. XIl1l1k1, 11111111111 A. N1121Is. .11111 Y11:1g111', 1'1l'IIIlk K11111's, J:111111s 13. B1'i1111'1111. Raw wo: 131111 1'1. 1,1'1ly, 1'11111111s if. 11:111, 112Il'1 1J1111111'1111g', .12111111s W111i:1111S1, Klux D. N:11111y, Ii01l1ll'11l H. Buys. Row Three: 1 V- - ,. 2 , ,Y .., 1 vw 111111 121, N1111x111111'11'k. 51ilII XX:11'1'1111, 1111111111 lu. 1x111s11, N111l 14. 1.21.v111:111, 1f1'2111k lt. 1'1':111'111y. CABBARD A D BLADE B111111V111g' 111211 II111112ll'f' s111'x'111e is 2111 111111g1'21111111 1111 11111z1111s11111 211111 111211 11161 g1'11211111' 111111111'1111111111s a1'1'111'111111 111111111111 1111111 101' 11111 st1111y of n1i1i1211'y s11i11111111 p1211111s 11111111 1110111 11111121111 1'11sp1111s11111111Qs EIS 11111z1111s, 11111 N21111111211 S011i111y of S1121111121111 211111 151211111 was 110111111911 211 1119 1'111v111's11y 111 1Yis111111s111 111 190-1. T119 1011211 t'1l211J1l1l', A 110111IJ2111j', 111111 11111g'111111111, was 111'g'21111Z1111 A111'11 8, 1951, 115' A11' 1111111111 RUT1' 112111111s 111 11111 1'111v111's11y 111' V11l11S21. S1111111 11111 11111121111111 of S112111- 11211'11 211111 131211111 211 11111 11111v111's11y 111' Tulsa, 11111 111'gr21111Z21111111 1121s 1111111121V111'1111 111 111'11s111'V11 211111 111111111111 11111 11ss111111211 11u21111111s 111 g'111111 211111 1111111111111 11f111'111'sg 111 p1'1111211'11 11111111s111V11s ZIH Q1111112111111 1111111 111 1211111 21 11111111 211111111 112111 211111 10 1121V11 21 g'1'L'2l1l'1' 1111'1llL'11C'l? 111 1119 I1111112l1'j' 211'1'2111's 111' 11111 1111111111111111y, 211111 111 s111'112111 1111111- 11g11111 1111'111'11121111111 111111C111'11111g' 11111 11l1111Z1,1'j' 1'111111i1'1111111111s 111' 11111' 1111111111'y. 8112111- 1121111 211111 131211111 was 211w21ys 21V21112111111 111 1111111 11111 112111111 s1211'I' 211111 11111 2111' R11'1'C C111111112111111111' W1111 21112111's 1-11111'111'11111g' 11111 112111111 1'111'11s 211 11111 1v1l1YU1'S11j' 111' 11'111s21, 211111 11111111111 1112111 11111 21111111211 1111112111 132111. Row Ong: tl01':1l1l 1iIllllillS, Twl Vmllnmlly, li. V, Davis. .Xllvn Vmmk. Row Twg: lbavitl I.. Hl2lllkl'llSllilby .lov Uilllllly Slain Sl'll01H0l', CIIZIFIOS AT'l'll1lllllN!, Anrly SlPlll'gL'1lIl, .lvrry Xl. llavkt-1', Row Th,-ee: NIZll'X'ill llagan. .Twxy ti. JUIIIISUII, Willi tn: I-I. Jonkixls, llavitl JUIIIISKHIY Itavivl L. Xnss. pL6!g8.'5 0 .SZJALLZPJ and lJ8 The lrlwtgvs of thu 4n'g'anizati0n xvvw IQIIOXYII as "l1oi11i0s." The origin of the tornl is unknown, but vavh svnlostol' the antics ut' the hoinics 1300211110 appa1'v11t on thv campus tlnringr tht- tinal Kwok of the Ill9dg.1'i11g' porionl, known as "Ht-iniel Vvoek. " lluring' this weck tht' plwlggvs K'2ll'l'il'tl woodm-11 sabers, IIIDT nach clay for Qarly II101'lliIlQ' drill, anal L-ltgzxgeml in othm' avtivitic-s flesigvltfltl to test thvil' disci- plinv and ltnnlor. lflavlt yt-al' tllv plwlgos of this 0l'g'2llliZ2ltiUll aw st-loc-tml t'1'on1 tlnf O1lt'Sf2lIlllillg'jllllilll'211141 SUlliUl'C'I'l1l0'fN who hawktlisplaywloxen-111-111 qualities in thvir 21i'2lil0lI1it' work, and tltoir ability tu It-acl. Tlw sovial avtivitivs of Svab- lmarml and Blatlc- cfonsistm-ml ot' sm'v1'z1l traclitional g'2ltl10l'illQ'S. Vl'll1'Ul1g'll0lll tlw yt-ar QLTOIIIJ tlinnvrs wcrt- hvltl, and tho scwivty invitetl outstanding' Illilitillf' lvatlc-Vs as QIllt'Sf spoalcors. A ffm' vavlt 1101111211 initiation thnx 111t1111bo1's lnnnwwl tlw nvw initiatt-s with a f'Hl'Hl2ll stag's,111olw1'. In 1110SIll'illg',2ltrlilllllxl'tl2lYH'0WY2lS Q'iYl'll in honor' Of.T110Q'l'Zl4l1IZllillQ1'Il1l'l!llWl'S who lt-tt tlltl0l'Q.1'ZlIliZ2lfi0llT01700111110 0f'fiL'l'l'S in tlnl l'nitwl Stains ,Xir I"0l't'l'. hevrleaders .Xlldra VVisd0m and Sue' Millvl' cm1L1'1'a'f11laTwl l1m1o1'm'y Cl1l'UI'lU2ld01' for 19547 Major V. D. Olvsvn. Honofaries sganizafi Interest'Groups Greeks - Agia' X, W., . V: -,., K . A 1 , vp: - 3 1, ",.l'1,.:- ff. ' J ' 'Q M454 K' agua riff' 1 ar I 27 W 1 F 4 ,W 'ae A 45 ' a, f -' , , E M Q? . V' ff Q. q6! W f M Q fx? dr 4 . 1,,.s,, 'fm 2 Us " 'ex i H 1 ' W , ' 'fi r, 4 FT G3 AW W 'V 5 Y a' .7fY' Y ,- n 1 v .--. ...--,-7 5, N. eg - -1 I eroonccl and se it Law, XZ. ,--""'Z' ,.f-f"""'-1 ,.,f"",-'iff cccmpu achievement ,4 5 , A XR 2 ::,,' ll-:i""-N xg A , 51, -'2iL ' M fc-:re otimulcctc-:cl by common intereofo. Row One: Mary Xiukm-ll, IAURVIIC' Wnshlnxrn, Mary Fox, .Toy Lon ,Ilursh Guowin Winton Donnn Blinn. Row Two: Pat 7 H I Pizwlws, Carol Ann Brntton, Bobbin- Bnllnrfl, Nancy l-lnrl, Kay f'l:11'k, .Ioan lll'1'll7 l':uroh1 Shnhm-rt. Row Three: Alice J:l11ss011, .Innc l,I'll'9, f,'Jll'0l .lm-:rn Ansoll, f'Ill'yl Loc Ross, Shirley Ovrtlv, Mary Beth Werhllu. Raw Four: Shirley Swan, :Phyllis llUt'kL'1lS41ll, Rlllllil. Jo Sony, H110 Miller, Anna lwtn f':114p011t01'. Jun:-t Tl'1Ig'2ll'4llxII, Shirlvy Brown. Row Five: flllllllllf Propst, l3Jll'lJFll'Jl. Shultz, Kuo Ann Ollvvr, Blfllf' Tt'l'lllllll', l"1':1n llzawkins, Dlflllllt' llnrtin, H4-tsy Nash, l':lt Cohb. HENNEKE POKE T0 RECORD GROUP crlldfbteflfl Prosidvnt . CARYI1 IJEE Ross S6CI'Ct?11'y-t1'6'?lSLIFPI' EDDI 3IcU1,AN,x11,xN Yellow IAlllt9l'l1 1'l1K'0g1llllOll ribbons wuro pronmlly worn hy 43 S0l'ill0Hl0l'Q womon on 02111111118 last full. The 43, one of tho largest groups ovor initinterl into l12U1t01'1l, were honoroml at Z1 rlinnc-1' XOYQH1lM'l' 151 hy HllJIl1llQI'S of llortzxr Board, sponsor of l,antorn. Memhorsllip 1'0l1llll'PII1ClltS of lqanxtorn are ax I3 point 2lV01'2lQ'O, znnl S0lJl1OI1101'U stamling' eurlloml at the 'U11iVc11'sity of TlllS2l. The purpose 01' Lan- forn is to 1'QXV2l1'tl and 0llC'Olll'2lg9 high sc-l1olz11'sl1ip among' Womon at TU. Bon Ht-nnoko, illlII1lIllS'E1'illlVC vice presi- clent of tho lllllVQl'Slly, was t'0z1t111'otl ns grwst speakvr at the 1953 lQz111tv1'11 mlinnor. llig'l1ligl1t of thc IJ1'0gl'ZlIIl was the 21llHOll1lCCI11C11t ot' thc otlivo1's ot' lJ21lllC1'l1, who are tra- mlitionally those two 111OII1lJl'l'S witl1 tho 111g11m 5L'1'a4lo z11Ve1'z1ges. CHOLARSHIP A D LEADER HIP Tlns ten Mortar Boarcl memlmers hall a Xvonclerful time in 195-L trying' lo earrv out 'the three purposes ot' the na- tional organization--seliolarship, leaclership anal serviee. The most weighty question of the year seemed to be a meeting' ti1ne. These husv gals even tried 7 a.m. for a while, but settled on mlinner meetings when the rlawn hours proved too much. A coke-hour for freshmen Xvom- en, the Lantern dinner, junior honors tea, anml Mortar Boarml leailersliip eonferenee were their main activities during' the vear. ln Dec-emlier many of the girls traveled to Arkansas for a. Weekend regioiial meeting. Service projects were financed by the highly successful rummage sale in October. Advisors were fllr. Harriet Barelav, Mrs. XV. S. Price anfl Miss Sarah Burlcliart. morfar Ear Presiflent . . SARA BANGERT Vic-e-presimlent . ANN MURRAY Secretary . . . SUZIE SPINK Treasurer . . 17A'l' llliCCITNlC llistorian . . Rrm SHEPHERD Row One: Mary Ann Gregg, Suzie Spink, Sara, Bangert, Ann Murray, Rita Sliepllerll, Pat Meflune. Row Two: Miss Mary Clay YVilli:uns, Mrs. NV. S. Prire, Felicia. Ileiulerson, Jane Rowley, Mary Ellen Everett, Alpha Snvenius, Dr. Harriet Ba1'elay. Row Ong: Paula Broadd, Felix-ia Henderson, Alpha Savenius, Vaughan Packer, Pat McCune, Mary Ellen Everett, Eliza- beth Neely, Miss Sara Burkhart. Row Two: Deno Ladas, Don Erickson, Dr. R. L. Hobson, Dr. Ralph Kaufmann, Miss Mary Clay Williams, H. D. Chase, Dr. XVIII. E. Roth, Dr. Jzunes E. Kirkpatriek, Dr. llxlrriet Barclay, Dr. Albert P. Blair. Row Three: Kenneth Scott, li. James Unruh, Robert Heed, Gary N. Robb. Dr. C. A. Levengood, Dr. C. D. Thomas, Dr. A. X. Murray, Dean L. H. Melieod. Row Four: Dr. H. R. Jones, R. W. Yeateh, Toni O'Banuon, Jzuvk J. ,l'll'2llll'lS, E. Illeuer, Dr. Emile B. Ader, Dr. L. F. Ziinnierinan, li. J. VVoodh:ill, Dr. F. T. Gardner, Dr. Fletcher McCord. KEY MARKED Tor CHOLAR HIP P The key of Phi Gamma Kappa. symbolized the lighted W lamp of learning and this honorary fraternity was dedi- cated to the promotion of scholarship. Unlike Phi Beta amma Kappa, Phi Gamma Kappa was not limited to the Liberal Arts College. Anyone who met the standards required p1...Sid..,,t for the honorary was eligible. The method of selecting MHS MARY CLAY WIUAIAMS new members was, however, patterned after Phi Beta Kappa. A student had to have completed 87 hours with a. grade point average of 3.5 or 100 hours with a grade point average of 3.25. Faculty members who belonged to Phi Beta Kappa or Sigma Xi were eligible for member- ship. Not more than ten per cent of the graduating class could be initiated. New members were honored at two annual banquets given in the spring and fall for their soeial season. Viee-president Bliss SARA l'il7RKllAR'l' Hecrreta ry-treasurer Du. IIARRIET BARCLAY Sergeant-at-arms DR. HAROLD Exnows TUDY EXPERT ADVISE ST DE TS Recognition of high scholarship and leadership has al- ways been the aim of Phi lflta Sigma. This fraternity was the only national honorary on campus devoted exclusive- ly to scholarship. Membership requirements were an overall 3.5 average for the year or a 3.5 average for the first semester. The group's activities were primarily di- rected toward service to the university. Along these lines they put out a. free pamphlet entitled Hlvlints on How to Study" which was given to freshman orientation classes. Phi Eta Sigma was founded at TU in 1948. The main event in 1954 was a banquet for new members following their initiation. Dr. Donald Hayden served as faculty advisor and Tom O,Bannon as senior advisor. ph ga .ggma President . . MARv1N HAGAN Vice-president . EVAYNE BTILLER Left to right: .Tack J. Francis, Robert E. Sievers, Toni Nash, Jimmy Jordcn, Art Hawkinson, Don Erickson, John San- ders, Wayne Miller. 1 K k K-V' xr ,X ,ty Q -,: .L -5 ia, ,.:1f I 2 i 1 , , 4,L, 397, 1 ' ,sv fa 1 mij??g1.-1 Q8 w l ,,,,..,,., ,W , gk-K, . Q , ff f .JL :few is if -my Hn f Mx W ef as , fe' 'Wm WM ffm fs v v n ,gawk N 6 x, alfa President. . . . .lAcK XVAKD Vice-president . . Joi: linisoon Treasurer . . TJENNIS TESAR Secretary . TED DUNN Three outsanding business men were added to the roster of Delta Sigma Pi in the academic year 1953-54. These promi- nent business men brought even more pres- tige to the Beta Chi chapter at the Yniver- sity of Tulsa, and TV business students were proud to call them brothers. These honorary members now wearing the badge of Delta Sigma Pi include the president of the University of Tulsa, Dr. U. l. Pontiusg XV. K. lVa.rren, of lVarren Petroleum, and XV. G. Skelly, president of the Shelly Oil and Company. ln addition to these three as members, Major Clifford Olsen consented to be faculty advisor. During Naifeh pinned Delta Sig badge of honor on NVarrcn as Pontius and Skelly watched. Holmes and Culver checked the finances of Delta Sigma P1 the year ,Delta Sig's were active in both business and social activities on the cam- pus. A tour through the service center of Oklahoma Natural Gas company and Corn- mando Mills in Sand Springs was arranged to show members and interested guests large scale production in operation. Pro- fessional meetings and discussions were held each month and many parties, social gatherings, and banquets were planned. ln the spring the annual t'Rose of Delta Sigel' formal was held. The Senior Vice- President was Bill XVhite, and Bobby Strain served as the historian keeping a well filled scrapbook throughout the year. Olsen, Dunn, and VVard made plans for electing the annual "Rose of Delta. Sig." wsm l 1m1-mw -N.l l- u ,1....-gm,-14 Raw Ong: Sara, Bangert, Sally Harrison, Shirley Knost, Ba1'b:1ra Smith, AIIIIC Moughon, Betty Perkins, Mary Julie Walker. Row Two: M:11'vi11 Southwick, Mary A1111 Sherley, Felicia Henderson, Sue VVilborn, VValter Price. Row Three: Jack Breckman, Patrick Poole. EDITOR , P IZ QM, aa, President . . . SUE XVILBORN Vice-president . IQYLE GODDARD Secretary . . ANNE BTOUGIION Treasurer . J ACK BROCKMAN BLI HERS, A THOR Pi Delta Epsilon, honorary journalism fraternity, was among the most active groups on the campus. The pro- ject undertaken annually by PiDE is the Big NVheel Meal. Every year members of PiDE mimic well known person- alities on campus in skits that the members write them- selves. It is hard to tell who l1ad more fun at this delight- ful event, the wheels or the authors. In December twenty new pledges could be seen on campus with their news- paper hats. This year PiDE also published the campus directory, 'tOn The Line." XValter Price edited the pub- lication. For weeks before the directory was placed on sale, many signs appeared 011 the campus advertising OTL. Since no one knew what the letters stood for, there was a great deal of speculation about what OTL could be. CHOLAR HIP A D P YCHOLOGY To stimulate interest in psychology and to encourage high scholarship were the aims of Psi Vhi, national honorary psychology fraternity. To be elegible for membership in the TU chapter, a student must complete at least 15 hours in psychology, with a minimum grade average of 3.25. Psychology must be his area. of concentration. Regular meetings of the chapter were held the second Sunday of each month. They featured guest speakers who discussed aspects of psychology and related fields. Psi Chi was founded at a meeting of the American Psychological as- sociation at Yale lfniversity in 1929. The Ivniyersity of Tulsa cliapter was established January 11, 1946, under the sponsorship ot' Dean li. S. Mclieod. mmm -W M Img-A f. - Qi Ui i President . . A1,ANl3Anei..xY Vice-president . Blix Secretary-treasurer Mus. J IC NGLAND VNIA: Hoon Row Ong: Sara Bangert, 'Hess Piggott, Lulu Hell Vhillilvs. De Lyte Reyburn. Row Two: 'Major Paul M. Yeager, Dr. Ross ll. lienll, li. ff. liiiglzlllml, lh-x Rector. .Xllznn H. B2l1'L'l!ly. tiene Taylor, Dean l.. N. Ili-Lend, Ur. li. L. Hobson. Row Ong: Marilyn Gassei, Xancy Earl, Alpha Savenius, Blanche Einsel, Dorothy Rinehart, Carol Copeland, Jane Bene- dict. Row Two: ll-tty NVillifo1'd, Lou Hlli-n Ycmmm, Beverly Brandes, V:uig'han l,Jll'kUl', Pauline I-Barnes, Ann Wright. Row Three: Betty Whitlow, Donna. Watteiilmrger, Mary Ann Gregg, Betty Lou NVelker. Row Four: Naney Fidler, Clarice Lepton, Bobbie Bullard. WEARER 0F THE PIPE 0F PA linderstaindablv roud were the frirls rivileffed to Wear . V -D D ma 51, the ll ies of an of Sicma Al iha Iota for the iearl nn D 7 . denotes one of the oldest and hardest Working honorary ,Qaida music organizations on the campus. SAI members served as ushers for musical events at the university, gave recit- Presidpm A ALPHA SAVENIUS als and entertained visiting artists. They were hostesses vice I N ut at an annual reception for new students in November, and - 3 'CS L G f . I pm.,,.Y WHHFORD in December they attended State Day, an annual confer- J '. A i . 1 , S t V P ence with six other state chapters. This year seven mem- ecle My ' PAPGUAN AMER hers traveled to Chicaffo to the Golden Anniversar ' con- 5 Treasurer , liicvifiicuv,l1RANDEs vention. Faculty advisor was Miss Lorraine Byman. Menilmers were selected from line arts majors and girls participating in the Tl' music program who had a B average DR MA WITH A PROFESSIO AL IR Theta Alpha Phi, national honorary drama fraternity, f was coniposed of students active in the Tl' theater. The efa, IU 0, honorary has many of TIT 'S most distinguislied alums in its ranks. Members were chosen hy an elaborate point System which demands service to the university. ln the spring the best actor, actress, and host supporting' act- 11,-,iSi,pi,,f I XVAYNE MAxwE1.1, or and actress awards were given. The new statl' for Viwlu-eqidmlt KXVGS, campus radio station, was also announced. Other EDD,-RU, MCCLANAHAN activities of the lionorary organization were a fall open , H , . . . Secretary . DfJNNA IROLINGER house and a C l11'lStII1iiS party, hoth tor the entire speech 'l'1'eas11re1' . . Ton MCCOMB department. New members were taken in twice during the Year. T110 Cue received muarterlv bv members in If 7 4 n college is the national magazine of the fraternity. 5 ! a 3 Row One: Cullimie Ruth Funston, l":1ul:L Hroafld, Christine Yirgiel, liddi-Rue lllijclflllilllilll, LoRcne Waslihurn, Fred lilxives. Row Two: Yvilylll' Maxwell, ll. li. Jones, Harold B:1l'1'ows, Tom Metlomh, llnrohl llunsen, Dr. :Bl'2lUlll0lll' Bruestle. I73 -4-v ga. gg.-5, WM ,Af 1- Y 4 K., .vi M, 5 BZ 'Q K x A1 If ,ew kgs? if V. ""7"- E ,wwy Zim I2 President . Am' Hixwiiixsox Vice-president . . Giaoneu l'onTEn Secretary . lJ.xv1: f'icowi:I.i. Treasurer lfElTH BIILLER An earnest desire to render service to oth- ers is the most important requirement for membership in Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity. Other requirements are previous training in the Boy Scout move- ment and a satisfactory scholastic stand- ing. Since its founding in 1925 at liafav- ette College, Easton, Pennsylvania, APU has had rapid national growth until 11ow it has 269 chapters in 45 states with a membership of over 41,-100. lt has been ac- cepted on many campuses where other fra- ternities have been banned. Beta Pi, the "Surely not nie," exclaimed Naifeh. local chapter, had its beginning in 15737. ln the iield of service this chapter sponsors a book exchange each semester, the lfgly Man on Uampus contest, a blood drive, and provides leadership for a Scout program at the C'hildren's Medical Center. A t'ampus Night was initiated this year. A banquet in honor of their ldeal Girl was one of the highlights of the social calendar which in- cluded a picnic, havride, and banquet twice a vear for new initiates. Art Ilawkinson wielded the gravel for the 1953-54 session. Mt-Minn and Ilawkinson helped in the 4-heck rooni while Iiotton, Maznndcr, and Vanderford worked in the book exchange. l Seqfgdg Vaughan Packer, Alpha Savenius. Sfgnding: Auue Turner, Sharon Mossberger, Mclba Jeanne Martin, Joelene Johnson, Kathryn McElroy, Pat Meflune. IU IC WITH A FEMININE T0 CH diff, President . . ANNE TURNER Vice-president AXLPHA SAVENIUS Secretary . . lllririnn MARTIN Treasurer . VAUGIIAN PACKMR Activity was the password for this organization! These girls liarmouixefl in work as well as musie, and mliml both equally well. TVitl1 Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary band fraternity, they invitecl fifteen bands to eome to TU to discuss their problems and to give information at the auuual Band Day. Between halves at the TU-Houston game TBS served ret'reshments to the Houston Band and Allen Bitle team. ln ltlebruary the members attended a ilistriet convention at Louisiana State l'niVersity. Tau Beta Sigma at TU alliliateml with the national group in 15151. A two--point average in band anal overall grades are membership requirements. Semi-monthly meetings were helml hy Tau Beta Sigma this year and Miss Sarah Burkhart was the faculty advisor. IA TER MAKER 0F ELODY ll4lXfJ1'L'SSlIlQ' a lovo for music aucl workiiigi for its a.4lVa11c'e- mc-ut won- tho goals of Phi Mu Alpha, TU's f1'z1t01'11ity for mu11 I11llSlL'l2illS. A graile average of I3 point for the p1'o0o1li11g SQII1i'StOl' was 1'oq11i1'c1cl for olcction to mun1l1o1'- ship. The f1'2lfC1'1llty met evvry other Tliursmlay after- noou. 4Xi.lV2lllCOII10llt i11 tho Qourso of music i11 America, fosTo1'i11g' the mutual welfare Ellllil lJI'0fl1Ol,'ll00ll of music st1ulQ11ts, llQV9lUIJI110l1t of true f1'ZliC1'1lZ1l spirit among its II1OII1l3t'l'S and the 0l1C0lII'2lg'GH101flt of loyalty To tho alma mater were some of tho purposos of the i'l'2l,tOl'11lfY. l'hi Mu -Xlplia Sp0IlSU1'0Cl 2111 a1111ual C'Ol1l'0l'JI for the lvllltL'i'l IJZ1l1glliQ1'S of the Confc-rlo1'acy. Tho group also Sp0llSOl'l'll 21 IJ1'Og'l'ilI11 of C'l1ElHll701' music IJl'OSOI1tCtl 111 tho spring by n1v111l1c1's of the favulty. IQAII moz .AQAQL PI'klSlf-ll'I1t . . RONALD SHIREY XvlC0-1J1'CSlll0l1t . LoU1sl3ALLA1eD SGC1'E't2l1'y . GEORGE Giuzooizs' T1'021Sll1'01'. . R1C11ARD XVooos .,,,,W+.,11.i.., .W P, Q41 f"f?X fi"X Row Ong: George Gregory, Roualil Shiruy, Ricliaril 'NVoo1ls, John Nelson, NYillia111 MCKOQ. Row Two: Dick Cliroriister, Leoiiard Raiiirus, Jim G11-1111, Flilllkllll P0l't01', Geo1'g'e 0. Bowvu. Rgw Thy-egg Boyd R. Ringo, Arthui' Ilustwooil, Frziiivis Jones, Dean Albert Lukkeu, Bob Leos, Gorrlou Kirby. Row Ong: B12l1'Y1Il 1121g:111, 1111 l11111y:111. 1,1111 .x111Sll1I, 131111 1':11's1-. 111111 1'1':1y, R111 B1'i1XN'1l, 1111111111 L. Sparks, Bob BC11:1111y. Row Two: A. NY. 1Vil11il'l', .1211-k K1111l:11', 1iL'll 11. A11v111111, 151111 S111111111113 11. E. Z11'g111', 111111 G1'111"11, B011 M21111111, M21111k 311111- s0111', 11131111 J. L:11121s. A. li. Knight. Row Three: 111111 1'1lll1'1'y, I-11111 XY11111111211I, 1'1111l111s C. 111111, 11. 11. S1-1111111, 11, I.. C1111- J boy, .I11111 C. 13111115111-, C1l2ll'1l1H R. K11111111, 1111-k 111w1111111's, -101111 I.:1u11111'11211C. S 1 HA1V1ROCK FLAG 0VE1-1 PHILLIP ,Z 61:2:iiZJn an 1jl'0S1l1Ql11' . . . 1J1lN 1111115111 X11'1--111'1-s11111111 . -101111.13111-111111111 S9Cl'1'1?l1'j'-1 1-e:1s111-111' .11111N I1.xL'DB1111ALE YV1111 11111 1l111S11I1g 111' 1110 g'1'111111 211111 w111101121g 11V131' 11107111111- 11ps 1+111g'1111f1-1'111g' 1Jl111111Ilg' P1111 p11-11g0 week 1112gz111. T110 11'21111111111z11 12111 1111112111011 211111 1121111111111 c11111:1X1111 1111s week. 1i11111111'1111111111s 1'111' 1111-1111111511111 111 1110 112111011211 111111111'211'y 1!1'El101'1l11f' 101' 110111111-11111 1111g11112111's WQ111 311 1111111's 1111111- 1111111111 211 '1'1' 211111 El 111111111111111 g1'21111- 11111111 2IVL'1'i1Q'9 111' 12.15. J11111111' 211111 S11111111' S111111-111s w111'13 111v111111 111 111111 1'l1l'IH111'l'- s11111 1111 11111 1111815 111 s1'11111211's111p, 11-21111-1's11111, 1'11z11'211i'1111', 211111 s111-12111111152 T1111 O11Q11'K'1' 111' 1111s g'1'01111 was 111 1'0s1Q1' 21 1'111s111' 11111111 111111111111 its 1111111111111's 211111 11111 p1111'1111111111 111- 1111S11'Y. T110 1'1'211G1'11113' SI1l1g111 10 11121111121111 11111 s1211111z1r11s 211111 11115 111g11 11111211s 111 11111 C1lg'1I1C9l'111g 111'11f11ss11111 211111 111 1111121111111 11111 211'11v11111s 111' 11s m111111.1Q1's. MBITIO FOR UNDERCLASSM An exeellent goal for ambitious freshinnn and sophomore men was Sword and Key. Junior and senior men display- ing' high seholastie aehieveinent their lirst two years were elected to this honorary fraternity. Membership require- nients were a 3.5 overall aveiwlge for juniors and 21 3.25 average for seniors. Sword and Key tried to further eo- operation between students and faculty and to stimulate high stzuidaiwls of eliaraeter ziinong' its inernbers. Meni- bers were eleeted semi-annually and were honored at 21 banquet where they were presented keys and eertiiiezxtes of aehievernent. Sword and Key was founded by Z1 group ot' senior nien in 1938. Dr. A. N. Murray was sponsor of the group this year. .g,ll0I"6! ENG! President . ROISERT VVOODIIALL Secretary . JACK FRANCIS Treasurer . GARY Roms Row Ong: Alberto Brnelio, John Sanders, Dr. A. N. Murray, D. .l'. Ludris, Jerry C. Goodenough. Raymond K. Stafford, Xvilylltl Miller. Row Two: t'll2l1'll'S lnlllll. Ken Scott. Bill Dia-kerson, Robert U. Sommer. lion lfriekson, Bill Gllvllell, R. ll. Keeler. Row Three: Iliehurd Woods. .lrlek l+'r:11n-is, Gerald lqf!Stlllg, Ilonuld l"lllll'l"V, 'l'oni Nash, Robert XVoodh:1Il, Ctillf' Robb. Row One: Ihr. J. E. iil1'kIHlll'iL'k, Mrs. Mabel Miles, Dr. Ross Beall, Mrs. .lYi2lilll0Oll Slim-fer, Pete Iimlas, Mrs. livelyn Nesbitt. Row Two: l':nt M4-Ciiiie, Toniniie Ruth Gardner, Betty Edd-V, Christine Virgil-I, Pat Tlioiiipson, Mary ixllll Gregg, Mrs, Ellllllili '.lf:u'pl0j', Mrs. l':Luline Applebaiig'li, Row Three: Lin-li Rivlinioild, Frank S01lSl11ifFli1t?1', James Taylor, Toni flyBIll1ll011, Major llupridge, A. R. Tarpley. Row Four: Mrs. Lois Cutting, Mrs. ,llelen Llewellyn, .lane Rowley, Miss Florence Bl:u'k11iore, Mrs. ,Puiiliiie 1"reendy, Mary Sue Miller. TEACHI G lVlETHOD ERE TUDIED -jg E K Members of Kappa Delta Pi, honorary educational soci- ZPPCL 8 fd ety, Worked to promote high standards in preparation for work in the field of education. The honorary Was PF0SiflG11'B - - PETE LADAS incorporated on .Tune 8, 1911. The orgranizaition adopted ViC9-1,1-esidf-Ht its present name on October 3, 1932 and became the Mies. Evrixy Nizseiri' national lionorary society in education. Membership of SeCH,fa1.y-U.eaSu1.e1. Kappa Delta. Pi was composed largely of practicing MRS. MMM, MILES teachers and limited to junior and seniors at TU. In order to qualify juniors had to have sixty hours credit toward a degree, at least six hours in education courses, and a 3.0 average in education as Well as a 2.27 in all other courses. Seniors were required to have ninety hours toward a degree and the same grade average. Students were selected for membership each semester and otlieers were elected in May. IVIIIDEL CITIZEN AS H0 IIRED Outstanding students in social sciences were honored with membership in Pi Gamma Mu, national honorary social science fraternity, This organization was made up of those students who have 20 hours work in economics, his- tory, sociology and political science. Meetings were held monthly and new members were taken in twice yearly. The spring banquet was the group's major function. Each year I'i Gamma Mu gave two awards, an honorary life membership to a local civic leader and a scholarship medal to the outstanding senior in the social science field. Oklahoma Delta Chapter was installed at the University of Tulsa in 1929 and boasted of outstanding and inter- ested memhers throughout the nation. M amma 14 President . . JAMES TINRUH Vice-president. . PETE, LADAS Corresponding secretary MRs. ELIZABETH 'l'nURsToN Recording secretary DIARY SUE. llIII,l.ER Treasurer Miss SARAH BURKIIART Riow One: Dr. S. B. Kovacs, li. James Unruh, Dean L. S. McLeod, Elizabeth II. Thurston, lVI:1ry Sue Miller, Felicia, Ilenderson. Row Two: Dr. XVIII. A. Settle, .Ir,, Dr. XV. V. Ilolloway, Mary Ellen Everett, Miss Sarah Burkhart, Miss Mary Clay Willizuns, Dr. J. Pl. Kirkpatrick, Dean Ilan Wesley. Row Three: H. .I. Jesson, Toni Xash, Jack Francis, Dick Tenge, Don Erickson. Row One: Ed Barnes, James Bass, William Bell, George Breach, Dudley F. Duncan, Richard Gibbon, Don Gilder, Jeff Greer, James Griffin, Mal Harper. Row Twp: Frank Janson, James Kirkpatrick, Ed Lulley, Joe LeDonne, VVilliain Legg, Harvey Linn, xvilllillll Long, Robert Lucas, Toin Marsh, Shelby Marr. Row Three: James May, VVilliaiu Muir, Dean Nichols, James Peck, Russell Reynolds, Stanley Rush, Gerald Swanson, Kic Bill Walker, C. Darrel VVilson, lVillia1n L. Wilson. T LSA'S 0LDE plrzdta amma Chief Justice XVILLIAM II. BELL Associate Justice Clerk . Hailiif . C llaucellor Marshal . BIALCOLM TIARPER XVILLIANI J. LEGG SIIELBY NV. TXTARR . ROBERT LUCAS . IJEAN NICHOLS T LEG L FRATER ITY The oldest active legal fraternity at the School of Law is the Lambda chapter of Phi Beta Gamma, a national hon- orary legal fraternity which has been active since 1939. Its purposes were to promote the high principles of the legal profession and to foster adequate training and study by those seeking to enter the profession of law. The alumni chapter was very active in the city of Tulsa, having among its members many practicing attorneys. During the past year the Lambda. chapter has been a leader in many legal and social functions. At the begin- ning of the school year, Phi Beta. Gamma had a welcom- ing 'tsmokern for freshmen and new students at the School of Law, to introduce them to members of the fra- ternity, the faculty, and leading members of the Bar. A special attempt was made to help freshman students. DU T 0FF TI-I0 E HI TORY BO0K Delta Kappa vlmpter of Phi Alpha Theta was in 1953-54 as in every yczir ilomlivatoil to pi'o1no'tirig' an iutorost iii PAQ liisfory mul to providing :ui opportliuity for fvllowsliip among stiulvnts with high scliolarsliip and iiitcmust in thv sjlwfa ficlcl. The national lionorary hisfory frziterriity was Iu- stallocl ou tho TU Czimpus May 18, 1952. 'llhu liigliliglil 111-fuiiiullt I 1jAl'LINE ,JACKSHN of the y0ar's zlciivifivs was The sponsoring' of Umm l'llmer Nllis, mlm-nu of the collcgv of arts :uid sciences at tho lfniwrsity of Missouri, who spoku on "Amo1'i0a iu the Plyos of l+luropo." Phi Alpha Thvta iuitizltoml uciw members iii 14'GllI'llZlI'j' from those sluileuts who haul El sopliomoro stzuuling plus 21 B overzill zxwiwige and a B 2lV0l'Hg'9 iu lwvlvc hours of liistory. Vicv-prcsicleiit . Pirriz LAD.xs Recouliiig sec1'vTz1ry BIARY Stir: BIILLICR SPCI'9i2l1"Y-lI'G2lSllI'Pl' Toni O7BAXNUN Raw Ong: Huy Britton, Jimuiy Blurtiu, Pillllllltl ll. J2ll'kSll1l, llr. l. li. fiJUlQllllL'JIfl, Mary SIIG Miller, Folirizi H1-ilflorsml. Row Two: Bill Gnviloii, Divk 'femgi-, Toni 0'I2:niiun1, .lurk l"r::m-is, R. .Tzum-s lvIll'llll, Elizabeth II. Thurston. Row One: Mrs. Hess Jones, Mrs. Roselle Pickle, Mrs. Fred NVoo4lsou, Mary Ellen Everett, Mrs. Travis Milsten, Mrs. Sandor Kovacs, Mrs. Charles flcznrly. Row Two: llr, Marion A. Waggoiier, Charles Ccarly, Fred XVOOGSOII, Dean Dau Wfcslcy, Judge E. XY. Admins, Dr. Saiulor Kovacs, Travis Milsten. it Kiki c 1 FOR A RATIO Miha JQPPQ lbeffa President MRS. IROSIGLLE PIUKLE Vice-president AIARY EI.I,r:N Ev15R1:T'r Secrets:ry-treasurer .loANN SI.OA'I'lf1 SOCIAL 0RDER Stimulating' anml maintaining interest in thc lielml of soci- ology was the purpose of Alpha Kappa Delta, national honorary sociology fraternity. To he eligible for initia- tion a student must he of junior standing' or above and have cornpletccl at least 12 hours in sociology with a minimum B average in sociology courses and an overall B average. The fraternity was mlemlicateml to Hacliievemcnt ot a rational social orcler by the scientiiic investigation of social phenomena and the practical application of the knowledge thus clerivccl' '. Many alumni of the University of Tulsa chapter have become active in the field of social work. Dr. Sandor B. Kovacs was facility sponsor of Al- pha Kappa Delta. BA D ME ELECTED A WEETHEART lintliusiastically supporting' tho banil in all its projovls were tho ineinhors of Kappa Kappa Psi. Tho honorary QIQIQIIL 6Ll9!96l frateriiify for collogo banmlsmen attomptoml to foster high Sl2l1'lfl2l.1'ilS of ac-liiowmont among hands hy tho perform- di anco of good music and soloc-tion of worthwhilv projects. The University of Tulsa c-liaptoi' was busy cluring' the p1.1,spp,,,t U ' G4,Rm,X KIRBY football soason. Aniong tlioii' activities was the sponsor- WW-pwsidmt . I Bw MES ship of the hand queen, who se1'vcr,l also as Kappa Kappa Psi sweothearf. Tho mothei"s Club had the distinction of Sli"Wtf'l'y ' NORMAN H'N""'N ln-ing' oni- of tho two in the nation anal tlu-ii' work was 'l'1'PHSl1l'4'1' - - - JIM UHIAT greatly appiw-ciatorl by the Tulsa c-haptoi: Mrs. B. EY. Proft hozulocl the motlierls group. Row One: .Tohn Rall, Norman Hinton, James Carroll, Jini Bolt, Dwight Dail:-y, B. NV. Proft. Row Two: Loo Gilron, Riuliarfl King, Bob Leos, Don Mzxyos, Joss Collins. l85 'Katia' -U--.Y 4' x F if' X , P11 1111111111 11111 111 HNIN 1 N111uu1I T111 wlwlf-'rz1lxut111111f1l1vm-ni. 1' M5 fn, Joss llCll1llllS1'1'ilft'd The tech- uiquv of snow shovvlillg in from of The Sflllltlllf Activi- tivs lmuilalillg. W4 I TERE T GROUP X .a Q "".a--vii. , Row One: Dan Czxsebeer, Edward Morgan, Arthur R:xrel:ny, Walter Smith, C'l:1renee Vaughn. Row Two: Dr. Harriet Barclay, Jane Price, Barl1:1ra Willnurn, Winifred Bout-her. Blilflilll Black, Marty Einmert, Donald Perry Scott, Blsurilyn Suggs, Ralph Kelting. CHL0ll0PHYLL HOUN HAD FUN am, Ce President . ARTHVR BARCLAY Vice-president . AIARIAN BLACK Secretary-treasurcr JANE PRIC14: The Botany club, under the guidance of Dr. Harriet Barclay, engaged in an extensive program this year as its members furthered their knowledge in all lields of hotany. The club was open to all students interested in lrotany who enjoy out-of-door activities. At the monthly business meetings projects such as canoe trips, picnics and outings were planned. Each semester a guest speaker was presented at a public lecture. The first speaker this year was Dr. Ralph Kelting' of the TY hot- any department. One of the money making projects of the Botany club, which it hopes to hold annually, was the sale of Christmas corsages made of natural plant life. The group also sponsored a coke machine in the hiology building. RU Y CAREER GIRLS WORKED HARD Another busy year passed for the University of Tulsa Business EVOmen. Rleetings on the first Tuesday of the month consisted of pot-luck suppers anal talks from busi- ness leaclers of Tulsa. Members eolleetetl tops for or- phans so that they too might have a merry Christmas and hail a cooperative Christmas assembly with 'Delta Sigma Pi. An annual election resulted in the choice of Irene Denton as Business NVoman of the Year for 19533. The TV Business Vl'omen's club was founclecl on this eampus by Mrs. liueille Hummel. lt was open to all girls in the business sehool and any eo-eil enrolled in a business eourse was eligible for an associate membership. UUBWC President EVBLYN BnANe1iConB Vice-President BTARILYX CALLAN Secretary . . NANCY Riu-ER Treasurer . PAULINE TROSHIIQR Rgw One: llary Vliggins, Klurlene .l:u'kson, lletty Bishop, Varyl lee Ross, Blargaret Helluire Lo Vlayne Caflion, Carol 7 .learn Ansell, l'l3ll'g1Il'l'f llliller, Mary lieth XVe1l1lle. Row Twig: Anne Newinark, l':1t l'atterson, llerryainie Brown, l.:nur:1 Moore, Mary Niekell, Nancy Raper, linrbarn Tilllllllilll, Kitty .lo Ilnrgrove, Varol Capslnxw, thnrolyn Raper, Marian Rossiter. Row Three: Ann XVright, Mary Virginia Smith, Carolyn Combs, Marilyn Callnn, Bee Stuart, Evelyn H1'2ll1l'llC0l11lj, Shirley Swan, .lean Ramsey, Blelba .leainie Martin. Row One: Eliznlwtli Bird, Put I'im-lies, Mullin. 'I'liig1u-u, Winniv Sprritf, .Im-:in Yann Arsilulo, I':it Wilson. Row Two: Janet Tengrirflen, Frrincfos Hawkins, Ann Iluglivy, Alury Cntlruriiiv Ilzzrris, Anno Mouglion, Florm-Iwo C. BI2I,43kllllIl'C, Gay G riflin. FAIR PLAY THEIR IVIAI 0 GER amen if jnframura oomci President . . ANNE Moucniozw Vice-president BIARY CA'1'1lI:1uN12 IIARRIS SCCFCI31'j'-t1'0ilSl11'01' JANET TEAczARD1-:N Fornicrly known ns the ARIOIIICIIIS Atlilotic Council, the RVomon's lnt1'um1u'z1l Council worked in 1953-5-L unclor Z1 new constitution To promote the inlorest of all women Students in inti'an11u'al sports. The purposes of the coun- cil, consisting of two IHGIIIIIOTS of each sorority and two from tlio Inclepenmlont RVomQn's association, wero to do- volop u spirit of c-ooporation and fair play and to foster conirzulesliip and frieinlliiiess among the participants of thu lNll'E1II1ll1'ilI p1'og1'nm. RXvUl'kIIIg' in c-onjunction with tliv pliysicnl emlucnlion mlepartnioiit the council, in regulat- ing' all activitius ot' the int1'zunu1'nl program, haul as its functions SOIIHIIIIIIIQ' gnnuis, conlumiiig' rules for oligibil- ity and oflioizxlingx THLETIC R LE- AKI Sincc its founding in 1925, thc Monk Athlctic Council has workwl to proinotc thc principlcs of sportsnianship, loyalty, and tcain play in the intraniural fJl'Og'l'Z1II1. Thi- Uouncil consistcml of i'cpi'escntativcs from all groups which takc part in non-Varsity athletics. The group mct cvcry Nlonmlay night to discuss such problems as schedul- ing ganies, gaino protcsts, and promotion of activities. The IJ1'Ogl'1'2l1'I1 oHfc17ccl by thc Council incluclcfl basketball, vollcyball, touch football, swimming, bowling, softball, tunnis, aiul golf. At the cncl of tho year, thc Council awarmlcil the Iron Man trophy to thc tcam accumulating thc most points in all sports. J. B. Milli-i' anml R. M. llolnici' Wcrc thc sponsors who ably guidcnl the Council in 1954. G BOARD ma Jtmfic oomci President . . ED LUNA Vice-prcsident . . DON PRAY Sccretary . . DEAN AIiIiEN Row One: XV:1l'1'on Stillman, 1'hil!ips U. Hall, Gustavo Coroncl, llaiuly Vfziyclioff, Ken C1'aig,J. B. Miller. Row Two: H. Bl. il0lIIll'l', 1,St'Ill'Ll'l' Blolinc, l'. IU, lluzio, Bob l'onkliu,Q, Dau llolnu-S, Donn All0ll. Row Ong: Bob Curii, Dr. A. N. BIllI'l'2'ly, Xvflylle Miller, IJi1l'l'Cll Miskcll, Jul-k G. Klntt, Jus: Il. fl2'll'lN'I1t0l', Amiel XN'illizi111s, .lzxmvs Gvsiu, E1'11vst, Y. Kinsey, Craig C. R:1111S4-y. Row Two: Dr. Hnrolml l'1l1l0RVS, J. Lowry, Ken lJ11rli:m1, Vote Holbvrt, Jim Tliziycr, Fimit-is T. B1':ull0y, Josvpl1 Clark, D. Glenn, RV:xlto11 Hill, Gll'Illl Colo, Art Haiwkiiisou. Raw Th,-eg: Bill J. S0111-ll, David Q. Loopp, Divk BI'4lXX'll, I,tlfl'll'k Sullivnii, Doug Ituwvrs, Frank Hinv, Rubs-1't ll. il'1'ic0, Victor Rzitliff. Frwl XV. Kelly, John Walton. ROAD LOG ALE BROUGHT PROFIT 2 K Q A Tlw ill-ology vluli at tliv l'11iv01'sity ot' Tulsa. Sljllgllt- to 60 Og? 01, promote 11111lo1'stz111cli11g zimimg the II1QH1b01'S ot' tlw c-lub, bt-tweon cflub H1GIIllJUl'S and the facultv and to l1'0Vl1'll' a . 7 P1'es1dn-lit . . . JAMES GESIN place and means for the oxc-l1z1ng'o of ulous CHIll'U1'lll11g' yg,.Q,,,,.eSidf,nt l JM., q 1,,ARK1.1 goology amd rolutecl siibjovts. XYitl1 Hltllly 1J1'0I11lllQ11f 4 ' 1 l 'T w. 1 V 1 1 . ' . Secremlay-treamrm, pctioloum 1111 I1 11.1 lulba .mil Oltlfiliomfi, tlio club lomiml A Ri . v , 1 . 112ltll1'2ll SUll1'C'0 ol s'10z1lio1's to give tliom tl rs 011 tlu- latest 111.1-.xx 1011. ' ' Q 1- U g U - N . D X Y H JCVGTUIJIIIPTITS 111 the 011 lTl1,lllSt1'j' 111 this aroa. l4'wl1l trips 1 4 visor . R. 1 . 1 . 1 Lwmln' zuul p1'Ppz11'i11g rozicl logs, usually z1c'00111pz11iierl by p1'uf0s- sore, linlows :mtl Swaiison, wore 21 vital plmsc ot' the clulfs geology work. The salo ot' those road logs was lmncllwl by the club, and proc-veils liulpe-ml support the c-l11lm's activities. AH1f,l1lg' tlic social events were the an' niml picnic' and dam-Qs 111 the spring and fall. "LA LENGUA DE MEXICIV' AT T Proniotiing better understanding' and friendship between the Aniericas and helping' students to learn and enjoy Spanish were the aims ot' TI"s Spanish chili. Meeting twive monthly on alternate Thursday II1Ol'I1il1g'S, the group heard guest speakers and saw films O11 Latin America. Social activities included a. record dance, featuring' favor- ite south of the border records, and the annual Spanish Uhristnias party. The eluh had its hegiiiniiig in 1948 with the Uhih de las Americas and Los Tertulianos. Sponsored hy Professor Ulevy Strout, the Spanish chih YVOiCOlT1Pli students enrolled in Spanish courses or interested ill ieariiingg more about the language. Pat Thompson guided the chih i11 its activities. panning, President . . PATT110M1'soN Vice-president JANET EASTHAM Secretary-treasurer J ANE XVALMsLr:v Row One: Betty Emlsly, Patricia. Bates, Ba1'h:1ra Wilhuru, Suzaiine Moiitgouiery, Winifred Boucher, Pat Thonipsoii. Row Twp: xiifgilliil Lee Drake, Sue Bl'illf0ll, C. S. Strout, Mary S:1111:11'aS, l':1t BICCHIIQ. Row One: l':lt llartline, Mary -lo Lziuglilin, Elixalwtll 0'Sl1e:l, Cairrie llreeillove, Klarilyn l':zntle, ll. D. fvllIISl', .lorry Childs, Jerry Sislm-r, llii-liaril Tenney, Susanne Mclllaskey. Row Two: Harold liauglilin, James ll. Barlow, Dr. Albert P. Blair, Mary Ruth Hughes, Monic-a Sliaruin, Hue Lzunlmdin, Hob Mattlwws, Vern, Hogg, Jzn-quita llilbreatli. Row Three: D. F. Rliineliart, Ken Vraig, Divk Rody, Marilyn Mairrpiai, lllarillvn Parsons, Divk Hudson, Kenneth Bloomberg, Nm-il Culp, Ted Sl12lVU1'. Row Four: Robert Roggvis Vliarles Beasley, liddy Roberts, Boll Staab, Eddie Grimes. HT0 THE FIELD" AID LE E GO0D Z Students interested in wild life, nursing, surgery, geiieral 00 Ogg medicine or any other area of the field of Zoology found the "Zoo Ululml' an organization well worth joining. As P1'9Siflf'l1t - DON RIIINIIHARW' an outgrowth of the originall lfniversity Seienve club, the Vicem,-Qsident I ,JERRY Slim Zoology cflub, by name, was founded in 1925 for tlie pur- SQCllemrv-U,eaSu1,e1, pose of ln'inging' togetlier students of tlie uiiiversity' who RONALD GATES had parallel interests in any field of Zoology. This year students who liad completed eight liours ot' Zoology coni- posed tlie full Inenibersliip. liirnited Inombersliip was granted to tliose students interested in belonging' but who liad Completed fewer liours. Bi-Weekly meetings were held in wliieli outside speakers led discussion on a specific area of the extensive field. FLA H CARD .A D "Give me a Tj? the cheerleaders yelled. A roar, shaking the stands, came enthusiastieally back. The reason tor all that spirit was a new organization on the campus, the Pep elub. Originally it was composed of two groups, Vtvindbags and Rufnex, which merged this year into the new Pep club. Showing einthusiasm and pep rarely seen before on the TU campus, the students Hooked to the games and pep rallies to spur their team on. These rallies were sponsored by the Pep club and always boosted mo- rale and team spirit, Later in the year at the basketball games, those rooters always showed up to Cheer their team-win, lose, or draw. Among other innovations was the introduction of a new flash eard seetion to TU football games. 4 PIRIT 12, an President . . . IZILL CoATEs Vice-president BARBARA TAULMAN Secretaries : SALLY IJOYYNS and SIIALA Emivs Treasurer . . . SKIP BAILEY Raw One: Skip Bailey, Audra, YVisdonu. Row Two: Jliin Fette, l'egg'y Neely, Kitty Jo Hargrove, Shala Evans, Barbara, Taulnian, Doris Major, Carol llovkenson, Martha ltli-Ginnis, George Porter. Row Three: Bill Coates, Phyllis Hoekenson, Jane Hawdon, Betty Linker, Gloria. King, lN'Iarg:iret Miller, Marian Black, Susanne MeClaskey. Row Four: Handy YVay4fhoff, Sue Lainbdin, Nancy Baird, Barbara, Smith, Frain-es Hawkins, Vera llogg, Skippy Johnson. Raw Five: Jim Neal, Don Gilchrist, Patrick Poole, Russ Jones, Dwain Toinberlin. Row One: Julius Perry Edge, John YV. Cecil, ll. ll. llehns, Dr. C. D. Thonms. Row Twp: Walter li. Howell, Lloyd M. 3ll2lll01', Leo B. McGee, R. L. Mutliicson, Donald E. St'-wart. Row Three: Charles li. Rzxndnll, J':imcs R. Hoffinzin, Mark A. Newcomb, Richard J. Runge, Ehnus M. Evans. TU WELCOMED W ORGA IZATIO fpdydicrf President . . LEO BIGGER Secretary . . L1,oYD llIAIlERi Treasurer . . . ED 1i'ANDALL FZICIYQ' sponsor DR. RICHARD RUNGE The physics department establislied in the beautiful new Petroleum Science hall, boasted another new feature this year. Early in the semester a group of interested stu- dents and faculty drew up a. charter for the Physics Ulub first organization of its type ever formed for the depart- ment. The club tried to create interest in physics and related sciences through bi-weekly meetings where films were shown or discussions lcd by science leaders. A main project of the group was thc sponsoring of the physics displays at the annual l'll'lQ'l110U1'lllg Open House. Membership of the group grew to about 20 men whose nizijor was a science and who had shown a satisfactory scholarship record. Ur. Richard Runge, faculty sponsor, Ur. U. D. Thomas and Prof. Raymond Mathieson were charter members. 7 011111 UNDER TANDING SOUG1flT 11111101' 1110 11x11111'1 g'11i11z1111'11 111' 1,1'1l111'SS111' 211111 Mrs. 1'. V. S111111111, 11s s111111s111's, 11111 1111111'1121.111111z11 S11l111'1l1S 21ss11- ,QlfLf2I'l'1,ati0l'L61, 11121111111 111111111 111'11g'1'11ss 111 1111111i11g' 1'111'11i11'11 s1111111111s 111111 211 111111111 1111 11111 '1'1' 1-211111111s. '1'1111 1111111 1111111121x'111'1111 111 NSQMJQHLI 11011111 111l11j' 211111 11'i111111s11i11 211111111g' 11111 Hlilllj' s1111111111s. T1111 1111111 was 11111 111115' 111111111 111 1'111'11ig11 s1111111111s, 11111 211s11 11l.l,Sml,m. Q HANK HHORAYEB 11111111 111 2111 11niV111'si1y s1111111111s who 1v111'11 111'g1111 111 1111111111111 p211'1 111 11111 g'1'111111. 1+'1'11q11111111y S91'V11lg' 21s s1111211i111's 1.111' ,I'Ix111:111iV11 1f111111111111111 1111111111111's: 1111.111 A11J1.INA, 1IA1111A1'11AN 1'1Vi1- 1111111s, YMCA, 1-11111'1'1111s 111111 111'111'11ssi111'1211 s1111i11'1i11s Umm AHMAD HBMHWI of T111s21,111111111111111111's 111 11111 1111111'11211i1111211 1-11111 1111111 11111i1' pm2,A,A,S M,.KIN,,EY and 11121111 111 1-iV11' 1119. T11111' w111'11 111111'11 111 1111111211111 1'111' 111115' Um 3I1'g11A1',1R 1V111'11 1111111 111 give r11111S211lS 11111 1'i11ws 211111 1111111g'111s 111 11111 1'11s1 111' 11111 w111'111. . 1,, , 1 .- in K ,L 1 ,nw Raw One: 1q1S1l111l 1C:11111'11:11111:111i, .l11s11 11l'll11flll, Luis F. Z11:1, .1:lg11is11 11. W:11111w:1, 11:111111 X. 1111111':1y1111, N:'1j:111 K. 1N1:1:11'1'1, H111':11-111 H. 1'111'1111. Row Two: A. M. S:11'11111, 11Il11l'l'111 l,1111:1, V:1sw:111i Nzmik, l1:11'11:11-111111 lizawn, A111111' K1111:1isi, l'11:111111'1111 AL1Y'2ll11, A1111111 Maxwlalwi, Akira K1111:1y:1s11i. 51. 11:11 S:11'1l:l11:1. Ilisnslli lfsui, B1:111111111111 13:11:1y111111, K11:11i1 S111111:1k111. Row Three: S:11i1,1:1, M11s11:11111'1', 11111111111 A11-A111111111, '1':11':1 N. B:l11111'1'11:1, Kvrsy Il1'i1'111', 21111112111 1'111l':111i111i, 141111111 f'1111s1:1111i1111, Sin H1111z11'i, R11z:1 S11:1111S. Row Ong: Kenneth Warlick, William A. Keeler, Moustapha lXlouukura, M. A. Ashraf, J. C. Klotz, V. E. Jones. C. L. Keller. Row Two: VVilli:un Sulirzuuin, Don Boyd, Jack Owens, Dale Hannaford, Johnny Robertson, Robert YVolfe. Row Three: Gerald L. Stevens, Donald ll. Funk, Wymon J. Barnes, Don XV. Gilchrist, Edward H. Roberts, Allen 'White, Lloyd T. Richardson, George ll. Murray. AEROI F0 ADE THI GRO P G0 IAS Honorary chairman PROFESSOR J. C. KLOTZ Student chairman J ACK OWnNs Vice-president EDWARD H. ROBERRTS Secretary-treasurer XVILLIAM KEELER The purpose of the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences was to facilitate by all available means the interchange of technical information and ideas among aeronautical engineers. Their activities included student papers, movies, and field trips to aircraft plants. IAS was a pro- fessional organization composed of aeronautical scien- tists. The students kept in close contact with the parent organization, and the Institute in turn helped the student branch by supplying technical information, news, movies, and subjects for student talks, and sponsored an annual student paper competition. TAS was organized in 1945 by a group of aeronautical engineering students sponsored by Professor J. C. Klotz. PROFESSl0 AL 0PP0llTUNlTY This AI110l'lC'2lll Instituto of Mining' 211111 hlOtillllll'g'lCill Enginolws was orgziiiizml in 1871 hy tlirm- mining' Migli- neers. Svvoinl i11 ago of the four iif0llll4l0l' Cllg'lllt't'l'l1lgL' socit-tins," is has grown to zi IJl'llSt'llt IHCII1lJ0l'HllllJ ol' over 15,000 plus 4,000 stuflont 2lSSOK'l2llUS. Tho stumlent suction otfn-1'ml an OIJIJ0l'llllllty for affiliutioii witl1 il profvssional socioty. The Tl' suction was iiivitwl to 11z11'tic-ipzito in the nieetiiigs of tho lXl.ltl-COHtlllG1lt suction. ll1'z1rl11atos ot' TU were primzirily interostcrl in tho IJOt1'0l0llIY1 ll1'Hlll'll. AI- Bl'l+l's purposo was the promotion ot' the arts and scioiices coiiiiovtoml with the economic lJ1'UtilllCtl0ll of thc useful minerals and rnctals Zllltl the wolfaro of those eniployofl in those l11flllSfl'l0S. P1'0l.0SSO1' A. XV. XVz1lli0r was anlvisor. AJWZ P1-vsiilviit ll1:1csm'11E1. E. ZIRGEH Vivo- I i1'vsicl011t NV11 .1 .1 A A1 ll. K1.1:cfKN1g11 Sl'L'l'0T2ll'f' . l:l'IliRY M..lo11NSoN T1"02lSllI'01'. . GoRi1oN Roxuiwu Row One: Khalil Sliobaklii, .lack Mellor, Kishoo R2lllll'll2llltl2llll, llnbih Gliornyn-li, T:i1':1. lg:IllQl'jt'2l, Don Pray, .lm-k Born- ing, Hurolll L. Sparks, Jon Fic-1311111-1', Kon Atwood, A. W. xvillktlll Row Two: Bill Dickvrsoii, Don Allison, ll. lll. Zirgcr, W He1'be1't Hooks, Frank 1'r:1wlcy, Don Gl'0t'll, Bob Mzirplv, Bill Whitt-, Al Mnllor, Jzunvs Blvflirl, Bolnhy 3I2lZllllltll'l'. Row Three: C':11'l D. llooliring, R. flifiiklll Smith, Hugh l". lilllllllg, tiny B. Kiki-1', Gormlon li. Roniinv, Dun H. Rush, E. S. Y Scfhinit, llvno Lzulns, Joel C. Blmlsoe. Row Four: Glvnn Uole, Boll Wootllnill, tiio1'n11111 li. l uppo, Le-11 X. Hull, Toni Lau'- orty, Mol llarvcy, Don Emery, Bob Conlioy, Uhxirles Knopp, John l,:11nlu1'4l:1lo, Jinx Cottrell. Row One, Dick llarris Ronald Illodell, liccd Mowry, Mrs. Lewis Hubert Kniglit, Percy Smith, Vaswani Xanik, .lack 1 Godwin. Raw Twig: Reginald Tliam-kenny, Lonnie Lorrar, Hill York, Phil liiclmrtls, John VVar1l, li. U. England, Lee Carr. Row Three: Robert L. Smith, Carl Ii. Jones, Gustavo Coronel, Leland Elliott, llarolfl B. Wright, Art Hawkinson, M. T. Nlahooti. Raw Four: Cliarlcs lt. llastings, Louis R. Ponsetto, Bill XYood, Leonard Ranirus, Max V. Rittniann, Leland Roberts, Chuck llarty, Kersey Driver FELLOW HIP ll0UND THE WORLD Je... Mr Council members: CHARLES Ilixsrlnes, ART HAW- Kixsox and Lizwis PoNsn'r'ro The cosmopolitan side of TL? was well exemplified by the residents of Kemp Hall. Here 34 men from the Countries of India, Iran, Venezuela, Chile, Bolivia, and from 11 widely scattered states made their home, living together in a bond of friendship and brotherhood. Their relation- ship was such that it required no elected officers. House government was instead carried on by a representative council. The boys were proud of their dorm and liked to remember when, back in 1914, it was one of the newest and most beautiful college residence houses. They and their housemother, Mrs. Lewis Knight, held in reverence the traditions of their house and were proud of their connection with it throughout the year. TU' C0 MOPOLIT C0lVllVlU ITY A cosmopolitan community on the l'niVersity of Tulsa campus was the Lottie Jane Mahee dormitory. Over 100 girls sharecl tl1e facilities and activities ot' the moclern mlorm this year. Many were from llistant states, a few from foreign countries, anfl several from Tulsa. A Vari' ety of interests from musical to literary made life exeit ing in the halls of Lottie Jane. t'Mi1lnite gals tests," mlorm meetings, informal parties, and the annual mitl- winter dorm formal were among the activities of the busy girls of Lottie Jane. Mrs. YY. lYhitmore, new house mother of Lottie Jane Malice, met guests, prohlems, anal crises with charm ancl graciousness which enxlearefl her to the girls. Oaffie ana Magee .Nuff l,1'l'Sltl6llt. . . SUE NYILBORN Vice-president . DIARY OiSllEA Secretary EYELYN LERAXCIICOMB Treasurer . BETTY Wn.i.1FoHD Row One: Sue Williorn, Joan Payne, Tonnnye Garrett, Pats-ie XVielanil, Gracie Brainleillnlrg, Helen llenson, Carol Mar tin, Frieila Finelley. Row Two: Marilyn flassei, Hlizzilretli O'Shea, Phoelne .lo Kopp, Mary llullneit, Mary .Yin f'oop.r, .lean Jarlnan, Jotly Vasler, iwilllltlil, 'l'enney, Nancy Haynes, Jean lllllllli. Row Three: Sylvia VVllllIlIllS, Jeanette 'l'uc-ker, Margaret Ms-Guire, Martha. Frick, Vonnie Si-heiller, .Io Carol 'l'eel, Margaret Earl, Mevailine Gwartney, l'at Turk, Mary 0'Sllea, Mary Virginia. Sllllill. Vat Means. Row Four: Patsy Ann Volrlu, Ann NYright, Sue Cook, Jean Garrett, Patti 'l'oler, Patty Perry, Mary ltlllen lflverett, Nancy lqll1lg'l'llSlllli'll, Nancy Hairrl, Jane llonliler. Row Five: Marilyn l'antle, Janie Wahnsley, Jane Mahen, Mary Ann Gregg, Barhara Smith. Georgia Hall, Doris Lou R-eynolrls, Mary Ann Thoinas, Sanilra XVells, Betty XVhitlow, Ann Armstrong, l'at Alhert, l'at Vohli. Row Six: t'2ll'l'iP tivllllvra. Nell t'oX. l'atsie Mctiill, Frances Mitt-hell, Mary Lester, Betty Williforcl, Evelyn Braneliconih, Fran Tlioinason, Melha .leanne Martin, Carol Row, Shirley Hawley, Bonnie l'Ing'elwretson. Row Seven: Carol Capshaw, Sylvia Smith, Jorly llenilerson, 'Betty Perkins, Ro- herta Perkins, .lane M.cCullough, Auilra Wiswloin, Caunnie Funston, Sanrlra Phillips, Peggy Neely, Jean Ann Gentis, Ilonna Blinn, Janet Teagarflen, Molly Smith, Hue laillllblllll, Lois Fees. Row One, Gingoi' Gilmore, Claire Slonii, I3Jll'lHIl'2l Forostor, Betsy Hi11flo1'litu1', NIIIIOD' Rnper, Carol Hockcnson. Row Two: B:11'bz11':1. ll0lll1l1l'l', BIIll'g2ll'L't xIl'iillll'Q, B:11'l1:11':1 Si111111o11s, Ualrolyii. R:1pc11', Marilyii Elliugtoii, S:111d1':1, Phillips, Shir! litv Lung. Row Three: Doris Iiou R1-yiiolds, Sill! Miller, T111-rosa Waste, 121111121 Jo Sony, lZos:1ly11 l!y:111, Mzirgarot Sea- shore, Carol Roof, Wiinifrwl li0lI1'l11'l'. Raw Four: Mrs. Maxine Bolt, Miss Sliirloy 'l'l1o111:1s, .Io:11111u ll2ll'1'Oll, Rita Shop- lieril, Bliss C:1tl1v1'i11v 1lllllil'l', 3I:11'i:111 M111'1':1y, Phyllis llovkoiisoii, J:111i1- Hollmlny, Gvrlouc Faye Loc-kv. H0lVlElVlAKER "HU G THE GREE " . 07110 COVLOWLLCJ UAL Prosidoiit . . Rrm S1115i'11i:111n Yico-pix-sitlciit . S111 lllIl,l.l2R St'L'1'0i'2ll'y . . 'l'I1141111-:six NYAs'1'i: Tl'9?lSlll'01' . . CA11111. Joxics To bind its monibers togotlior was tho main purpose of tlio Home Ecoiioniics club in 1953-54. lt tried also to show tlio way for future liomos, liappier families, and better citizoiis. The members were homo ec-oiioniics ma- jors or miiiors. Associate members woro allowed from C'lll'l'Gllt or previous liomomakiiig' Glasses. Pledges Wore initizitocl soooncl semester. Tho Home Ecoiioniics club iillcml :ln zlctivo social Oaloiiilzii' with froqiioiit cliiinoi' meet- ings, Z1 li2llll0l'S, lolallowokin party, H10tll01'S7 Cliristmas party, Zlllll their Hllllllill Uliristmzis Hlianging of the gl'P0llS.H Miss Vaitlin-1'i11e Huntor ably aimlefl the girls in lrocorning' more efficient and effective liomornaikors with the liolp of the oliicors led by president, Rita Slieplierd. T0lVl0RROW' ED C TOR ATT Sequoyali chaptei' of the Future 'llcacliers of America 'was made up ot' students interested in the teaching' profession as a career who wished to gain as much knowledge as pos- sible ot' the profession while in college. Une of its im- portant projects in flll'tl10I'lTlg' this goal was participation in Tulsa's observance of American Education week. The chapter worked with the l7aii'ent-Teacliers association in presenting television and radio programs on education, tlierehy gaining' valuable experience. Last October FTA sent delegates to the Oklahoma ltlducation association convention at Oklahoma llniversity. Represeiltatives were also sent to the OEA convention this spring. Bi- monthly meetings combined business meetings with iilms and talks on education. EISA President . . LoU1sl3ALLARD Vice-president . DIARY SAMARIS Secreta1'y-t1'easui'e1' Num Fosmic Reporter . . JANE BEXEDICT Row One: liolrertzi Perkiiis. Betty l'i-rkins, Phoelmc .Io Kropp, Mary Hnuiairis, Nita l"ostei', 3l2ll'gtII'K'i Plrlrl, XYinnic Spratt. Raw Twp: Alive Anne White, tlll2ll'l1'lll' ii2ll'l, llatsie Ni-Gill, Pzltricia 'l'l1mupsoi1, ,Xuuellzn Amlcrson, Sara liitter, Shirley RUSS. Wilma xyvbby Hcvwly lIUw:,,,,1. Row Th,-ee: .lane 3Tl'T'L1llHlljl'lI, Betty Wllitlow, l3:1i'lJzL1':l Toler. l':1t BTUCIIIIU. Muriel Douglass, Suzanne NTU1lfg'Ullll'l'y, TiJll'llJll'2L Tvlllbllldl, .lane Blzilmii, Rl:n1'ilj,'n Kli-Knight, i,IliI'it'lJl Bates, Shirley Bl'tlXX'Il, .lean Dllllllf. Row Four: 3l!lI"V Sue Miller, Al llougli, Toni iyilgfllllltlll, Louis W. linllard, .loc Rii'lu:11'4lso11, lion Uzunplwll, Dr. .l'. E. Ki1'k1l:nt1'ii-k. .Xnn llugfhcy. Norma Youut. Betty lddwly. Row Five: .Toe XV. Tiilyllllill, .lean Carolyn tlurretty Blau'-v Ann Til't'LfQ,f, June Benedict, SIIIUTVIL Wells, Vluristilie Vi1'g'is-I, Rue ,Min Oliver, Mary 'llt'l'lllllI9, Jerry Bothell. Tln- l'I11g'i11v01's Vlulr lumlstwl il lIl1'llllM'l'SlllIr of lbYl'l' Hfly pUl'l'l'lll' uf flu' stlulvllls slmlying in lllll H lcllgllltwl sclmol. This yvill' thc group l'01ll,lIllll?1l tu bu the largest of :my 0l'g'2lI1lZilflUll ml flu- l'niwrsity uf Tulsa Gzunpus. HURE' BEGORRA- T. PAT' DAY Zagineem l'1'vsicl011T . Hnlalclwl'l'oNKI.1Nu Vive-pl-osiml011t IIAROIAD SPARKS SK'l'1'9l2ll'Y .... CAI. Blxss l.ll1'6ElSlll'01' . . EDWARD KATKE ST. Pilllllfflilbl Daly was 'l'lll+l wlay fm' Tho l'lllQ'l110l'l'S Vlub sinvo ST. l'z1t1'ic'k was Tlw first Ul1glllL'0l' and so is tlwil' ll2lll'U11 saint. The l'll2'llll'O1'S c'0lc-lwzllvcl by tillilllg' 21 holi- day wllic-h Hwy felt was u just l'9XYill'il for their ufffmts spvut in lllltflllg' on tlw zumuzll upon l10lISO. Tlxv St. Pz1'r1'ic'li's flzxncv was Vvigllwl OVOI' lmy tlw engino svlnmlls l1011o1' g'l'illll1illL' mul tllo l'lng'i11Q91's Vlub 11l1l'l1H. Tho group voutimlwl to lm lllo lzU'g'vs'f o1'g'z1nizz1fio11 1111 T119 02111111118 with nmro lllall fifty I7i'l'C0l1l of thc 0Tlg'll1PL'l'll'lg' stumlcnts as II1QlI1lJCl'S. Activitiels of flu- club l1lK'lllllllll 21 fall pivnic' 'fo ll1l1'U1lllL'l' now memlmers, am 1'l1lg'llll'C1'S llzulcfe, spcmsorsllip of 21 column in The il'ulln-gizill, "Basic Sc-1lin1c11t," seloc-tion of The o11tsTz1111li11g' l11Sll'llCTO1' in tho v11g'i11w1'i11g' scllool, zmfl inzlllgllrzlticmll of Tho lCng'i11Qm's ol' Uislinctioll zlwzuwls. RELIGIO AIDED BY FELLOW HIP T110 N11w111a111 1'11111 was 111'g'2111iz1111 1111 11111 T 11 1'21I111111s 111 11111 12111 111' 19-18. '1'1111 111'g'21111z211i1111 was 1'111'r11e11 111 givo 112l11lO- 8bUWL6ll'L bt! 111' S1111111111s 1111111111-11 111 11111v111'si111fs 211111 C'U11E'QL'0S 2111 1111- p01'11111i1y 114l1' St11l1j' 211111 1'Q1111ws111p as XV1111 as 11111'11111'21gi11g' 11Y'l'S1f1f'1lT 1 ' HIVK WYSWKY 1111v11111p11111111 of 11112 s1111111111 s11i1'11112111y, i1111+11c1'1112111y 211111 Yi1f1--111-11511111111 . ANN G1cA1'11:s s111'12111y. '11111-1'1? 21111 1111110 1112111 5011 C112lI'J1l'1'S in 1'01111g11s 211111 11niv1-1'si1i11s 2111 11V111' 11111 W111'11'1. T111: g1'111111, 111111111' 1110 g1111121111-0 of 1111111 1-1121111z1i11, 141211111-1' ,1'111111' 13l'1C'1il1U1', 1'.1'.1'.S., 1-11g21g'1111 111 Vz11'i011s 11121iVi1ies. '111111 1111111111111's 111111 11111111 21 1111111111 13111' El 1'11n111111ni1111 1Ul'02I1i1.ilS1, 211111 1111-i1' social 0211111111211 1110111111111 2111 21111111211 11111111 house for S111- 1111111s 1111w 111 11114 1'211111111s, 211111 il s111'i11g f111'111a1. 1119g'111i11' 111111f1i11gs wwe z11s11 111-111 1111011 Z1 YI10l1111. '1'1-1121x111-111' . . -1A1'1iI31311N1NG H111'i211 C1lil11'll12lll '1'1111:H11:sA xYAS'l'E Row One: 1l:111 111111g'11111'ty. 1'11iz:1111-111 fJ'S1N':I, I1111'is B1:1j111', N:1111'y 1Z:1111'1', A11111':'1. Wis1111111, Billy 1'1'1'11X. Row Two: Vir- ginia BMIS1111. S1111 131'i1111111, f'1:11'i1-11 L111111111, '1'11111'11s:1 1Y2lN11', Mary 1.:1y1112111, .l:11'k N1l11141I'. Row Three: 1111-k NVys111-ky, 1Ji1'k 31111'1111.v, P1111 H111i:111, 11111111311 N1111'l'ilj', W:1y1111 l111i11k1111111y111'. Row One: Pemlro 3lt1l'f1llQZ, Luis M. Tang, Josv Luis Bust:1111:111t11, Josv Rmuloii, Bt-lP11 Pervz, Ll. R. Cabm-1111, AllJC1-to J Y Brru-110, Yirgilio E. Yivas. Row Two: Alfrvdu Marquez, .lusts L1-1'0i1'11, Jost? A1l2l1'lt'l0, Osvru' Rojas, Alfrcflo TC'I'1'l'l'O, Ifio- vz'11111i O. Rllflliglllxl, Manuel J. lZ0111ero. Row Three: G. C. xV2llklC'l'1'il11l2l, Eudio Gil, llicz11'do Ullllllilll, Auibal Ilillllflllt, At-rlro li. Till0l'0, Luis Eloy Ninn, GllSf2lV0 1,'O1'u110l, C. Y. Sitlwi-ll. Cznfro an mericano 1,1'9SlClP11lT. . PEDRO MARQULIZ Vice-p1'eside11t . OMAR1lXIOI1IXA Acting- see1'eta1'y GUs.'1'Avo1 CORONLII1 GC1101'Ell SOC1'Ct211'y OSCAR. Roms T1'G2lS1l1'i'1' . A1.1sE11T0 BRACIIO The uowest civic o1'ga11izatif111 011 tho C3II1IJl1S tl1is Ycar was tlQ1lt1'O P1111 AXH1Q1'lCE1H0, 1'ec'og'11izce1l 111 the fall. lllJOH to all TlllS2l11S, it statvcl its piirposcs as 'tto i111111'ov0 i11tc11--An1Q1'ica1'1 rolatious and p1'opagatQ tl11- lmasiv prin- ciples ot' tho Good Neiglilmm' pulicfy, wl1ic'l1 atv basod 011 the p1'i11c-iplos stated ill the P2l1'lZ1H12l C'r111g'1'e1ss 111 1826" Moeting 01100 a. Illtllltll the group had as its activitius 2111 oxpositicm on Latin An101'i0an COU11l1'lGS and a c1111fe1'0nC0 on P2111-An101'ica11ism. The g'L'U1ll'J was 111z111g'111'atecl with a gala Pa11-Amo1'ic-1111 dam-Q in the Union, l'Q21tl11'l1lg Honey' Hiiclgemis combo. Latt-1' in the socfial year they colvlmimtvd at an l11tQ1'D21t1l0l'lill C'l11'1stn1z1s party. P1'1+sicle1ntWas char- ter member Pedro Marquez. l0DER EXPLORER 0F 0IL 1'romoting interest in geophvsics and knowledge of that . science were the objectives of the University of Tulsa QOP gfflfd Geophysical Society. Organizecl in 1947, this group was the first on any campus to be afiiliatetl with the Society of Exploration Geophvsicists. At every meeting' the most momlern developments and methods of oil exploration lappgideut , DELBERT THQMAS were presentetl by practicing ggeopliysicists in important, Vice-president constructive lectures. The group stuclieml such phases of FRANCIS T' BRADLEY their tielml as surface oil, magnetics and gravity. The TU society was also welcome to meetings of the Tulsa Geopliysical Society helml each month on the campus. The group helped to develop fellowship, cooperation and pro- fessional interest among' students in all iielcls of geophysi- Secretary-treasurer Kicrrn CHOUSE cal science. N s E i 2' 3 , gl f 9' Row Ong: Julius P. Edge, Fmiicis T. Bradley, R. M. Clinton, John liigsby, Ibsen C. Lima. Row Twp: Decio Bisol, Keith E. Crouse, Mark A. Newcomb, Jay G. Patehett, Delbert E. Thom:xs. 207 1 Row Ong: Ruxiv Ilia-sm-kc1', Durutlny lie-yuullls, litlu-l Ntvplu-nsmx, l,lUl'OTlly Young, Mauuls- .RUlll1SilVllll', Lou l-Ittu llellnnly 1 W D11-k, liowmlan Stxuuller, J1-:111 BIGSSGUIII' Culllwm-ll. Row Two: Jvxwll Russvll Munn, l'1liz:1lwtl1 ll. 'lllllll'S1Hlly Enniml C. H2ll'lll'S, Nmunzn F. lllwaltml, lufluu lung lX2l1'l'01l, Blihlreei Brooks Fit:-11, Kzxtlwlinv R. Kilo, xl:Il'gll9l'lfL' ll. fklllius, Luis Mittoug Fouutalin, Lzmmin Ollllmm, BlJI1'g'Il1'L'T Lzunm lhcvim-, Re-11:1 U. llznhtou. I TER ATIO AL TAT S TTAI ED !9!Li lbegfa cibegfa l'1'-ewiclcmt AIAFIJE HoIvNsAvl1,I.1': Vice-p1'vsirl911t 1'15,u:l, Mvlilcowx H4101-otary . L1I,1.1AN ll1iliNDON 'll1'l'2iSll1'0l" . t'mclNNl4:t'111I.1us Ilroving that law has its more zlttmctivo zlspvvts woro the I119IY1llC1'S of Phi Delta Delta, wo111011's legal f1'z1tc1'nity. tbgnizzmtt ot' the mpzxlmilities of XVOIIIQII and aware ot' the importzmt part thvy may play in the legal mul pulitimll life ot' our nation, its II1OII1ll01'S were Sllltlylllg' for zulmis- Ninn to the Bar so that thvy might tullill tht-sc potvntiali- tios. The lr1'i1l01'1lllY,1.0ll1'lllOil iu1911,11uwhoasts ol' inter- national status. Phi Delta Dvltzl, in 11Ill'0lll1f'l1lQ' XVOIIIPII law students into tho l.1'2llQ1'11lly, llflllllllg' them zuljust to thvlr law Work :mel enjoy l'01ll2ll'lS with thoso SlII1llEl1'ly inspiroll hy the desire for 21 lugzll p1'ot'0ssio11, was prolul of tho type of women attractvcl hy thc law, mul 0OIltl1l11Qfl to trzxnslato that pride into Gonvroto O1ll'0l11'Z1g'QI110Il1f and nhl. Alpha UIT1lC'1'01l cllaptor hall six active H10I11ll0l'S 011 the TU Campus. REU I0 RECALL RE The l'niV1-Vsity ot' Tulsa Assoc-iation ot' Alumni antl l"rn'i11v1' SilUlUlliS, maintaining' an oflict- in thc Student Avtivitivs lmuililing, striveml i'0IlSii11ltlf' to builml a vlosoi' iwlatiuiisliip llCi-XVl'0ll 'llli annl its alumni this year. 'lllw joh of lffltqllllg' TIOVIIICI' stuclonts intvrvstofl in 'llll activi- tios was uinlvrtakon ill1'0Ug'll such projovts as the schol- arship t'un4l anfl liolnoconling. By wurliing i0g'Qil1t'1' for a he-ttt-1' scliool, liuilcling in alumni a svnsu of 1'l'Sll0llSl- bility towaiwl that scliool, and keeping' c-losv ties with thost- who have loft. Tulsa as well as thosv who have 1'0- mainenl liero, the Alumni association builds for 'FU :1 soliml fuunclation upon whivh it may tako its place- arnong' thu grvat sc-liools of the nation. P0 IBILITY ,xgfumni Mociafion l'1'esirle11t. . . C.4X.liO'I'UE Yicv- irvsitlviit l R1CnAicn L. Ihvls Secretary . Mus. A. E. LVKKEN 'l'1'0asurvr- . LUHON 0. SMITH lixvcutiw secretary Mus. NY. S, Picivia Left fp Right: Pl0l'1'0Sl Slmvniakvr, Oukah L. Jones, Kcnnvtli I.. Gibson, John PI. Sm-livllsteflv, Josvph W. BIUOPIIIIIIL, Donna liriggs, flllIH'lt'S Kotlu-, Mrs. W. S, Prim-c-, Eflwzuwl I.. Allison, Lnron 0. Smith, Humlal li. Enlows, Jim Arrington, Jvss Uhoutm-an. Row One: .Terry Bayless, liishoo Rillllvllllllllillll, Bill Robinson, lion Irving, Dr, A, Paul Buthod. Row Twp: Lee Pid- goon, lYayne Reinkcinvyer, Jack Gcrnlmrdt, llzirlizivliaii N. liawa, f'luirI1-s lloyd, Robert Kcelcr. Row Three: Arthur Neellzui, Ri:-hard Brown, Bill Ilickcrson, llarold Sparks, Jack Dirksen, Phil Wlu-clr-r. ,rf iq, K, ,,ll iq? "?lve.,5 ,P im.-12' 1--J-I sv-Q-,A QD s., 414 2 GI EER PR CTICED CHEM! TRY ,Ajfekfi President . . . DoN I1zv1NG Vice-president BILL DICKERSKJN Secretary . . J ERRY BAYLESS Although the l'nivcrsity of Tulsa student chapter of the American lnstitute of Chemical lllnginecrs was compara- tively new, its plans and activities for 1953-54 were numerous. Un November 20, and 21, AIUHIC sent a seven- man delegation to the regional meeting' of AlCHl'l stu- dent chapters, hcld at Norman. At this gathering the TU students arranged for having the regional meeting in Tulsa next year. Plans for this year called for major participation in the l+lng'ineers, open house, a more ex- tensive program for student participation, and coopera- tion Nvith the downtown section for speakers and mutual heneiits. AIUHE 's purpose was to link the studies of the l1I1tl01'g'1'214l1l2ltO student with the practical application of the industry. ST DE TS SPD DEED DIME DA CE One of Tlv's most valuable organizations, the TTT "YH, H " again contributed time and service to the student body. bt The group, open to all Christian students, planned and carried through a variety of activities. The major pro- ject of the year was the annual SVorld Student Service Fund drive. Members of the "Y" sponsored a dime dance and a baby guessing' contest to support the drive. Another important annual project was Religious Empha- sis Week. At some of the Weekly meetings films dealing' with religious topics were shown. There were also many social activities. Officers were president, Tom 0'Bannong vice-president, Mary Sue Miller, secretary, Pat Thomp- son, and treasurer, Jane McCullough. President. . ToM O'BANNoN Vice-president DIARY SUE DIILLER Secretary . . PAT THOMPSON Treasurer . JANE MCCULLOUGH Rgw Ong: Pat Thompson, Jane Mc-Cullough, Mary Sue Miller, Tom 0'Bannon. Row Two: Donna. Blinn, Pat McCune, Betty Eddy, Virginia Drake, Pat Poole, Jane Benedict, Dr. Paul Brown. Raw Ong: Anuclla Auflerson, Nancy Wallace, Vaughn Packer, Donna 'l'i'olinger. Row Two: XYayiic Miller, Bill Hell, Travis Sullivan, Bob Corn. RELIGIOU PARTICIPATIO BACKED Kkcidfia n cience rganizalfion President . Y ice-president VAITGIIN PAUKER XVAYNIG Miimirziz f'orresponrling' Secretary Recording' See Treasurer . -Ioixx Mrueiii' retary Blu. Bum, . . Gr1'lN1'llqISl'IK This year the Uhristiau Science CJl'g'HlllZ2ltlOll made its rlcbut on the Tl' campus, Although the group had been active in the city for several years, and had tiled a peti- tion for recognition in 1952, it was in the fall of 1953 that the Stucleut Relations committee gave full campus recog- nition to the organization. The group met on Tlnirstlay evenings. These meetings were similar to the llletlnesrlay evening testimonial meetings held by the churches. The purposes of the Uliristian Science organization were to promote better stutlent relations on the campus, better religious relations and participation, and to bring' Chris- tian Science stuileuts closer together. Un February 25, 1954, they sponsored a tree lecture on Cliristian Science by Mr. lValter S. Symonds, C.S.B., of San Antonio, Texas. Sigma Gamma lflpsilon is the honorary t'raternity ot' earth sciences. The group was chartered at the Univer- sity of Tulsa last May and is one of the 47 national chap- ters. The honorary strived for better aequaintance among members of the field and to advance the purposes of brotherhood and fraternal relations in the field of geology and earth sciences this year. Members ot' the chapters contributed articles and regular news letters to the national magazine, The Coiizpzzss. Activities ot' the group included an annual spring' banquet, iield trips with the Geology club, and regular monthly meetings featur- ing a lectu1'er. CE igma amma loaizm President. . . FRANK llINE Vice-president . GoKooN Cox Secretary-t reasurer Eicxnsr IQINSEY Row One: NVayne Miller, Ralph Brant, Holi hVllllllllI', ii'll'Illlk lline, Jim Swindler, Janles Gesill, Craig iiJllllS0.V. Row Two: Dr. ll. H. Enlows, Ii. H. Hines, Art Burfornl, Glenn Cole, Art llaxvkinsfm, Yitcor It:1tIit'f', lflrnest Kinsey. 'Row Three: R. S. S1 nith, David Loepp, Jack lV:ulper, l'l1lw:1rd lleuer, Francis Wilson, Gordon Vox Row One: Ralph Adkisson, Arthur Boose, James II. Boyd, Carl P. Brown, Jerry Brown, Lewis Bruniley, Major O. Brun- ner, John Carle, Frank Cougler. Row Two: Allen Cook, Glen Cox, Robert Cox, Edgar M. Dayton, Tim Dowd, Victor L. Ellis, John Feagins, James Goeppinger, Richard Gossett. Row Three: John Harris, VVilli:un Haworth, John Hudson, William Hnlsizer, Ed Jacoby, Brad Jesson, Gerald Kamins, VVindell Knox, Ed Lach. Rpw Four: Pete Marinnos, Kevin Mooney, Williaiii R-. Peterson, Dean Rinehart, Finis W. Smith, Claude Talley, Bob Taylor, Robert C. Thompson, Robert D. Thompson. Row Five: Phillip Tibey, Bruce Townsend, James Unruh, Laile Vvarren, Janies W'erner, Charles EVoodson, Fred NVoodson, Herbert VVright, YVillis Yarbrough. TUDE T MET ATTOR EY L-Zbeka jdefa pdl llc-an . . . En JACOBY Vice Dean . . JAM1ss TTNRUH Exchequer . . Flxls SMITH Tribune ..... Bon Cox Master of the Ritual PETE MARIANOS The purpose of the Delta Theta Phi legal fraternity was 'tto unite congenial fraternity students of law, to sur- round them with an environment such that the traditions of the law and the profession may descend upon them, to promote justice, to inspire respect for the noblest quali- ties of manhood, and to advance the interests of every college of law with which the fraternity shall be associ- atedfl The University of Tulsa Law School senate, es- tablished to acquaint the law student and the practicing' attorney, was named after an outstanding member, T. Austin Gavin. lin the interest of promoting' scholarship, Delta Theta Phi has awarded annually a, scholarship cup to the outstanding' senior law student, An award was also given to the freshman with the highest average. A spring banquet and dance headed the social program. '675th"H0 ORED UM ER HARDY The 75th chapter of Phi Alpha Delta, the Summers Hardy Chapter at the University of Tulsa, was char- L P Ll tered in ceremonies held January 30, 1954. Social activi- ties of the legal society included an installation banquet ,Bead and many luncheon meetings. Members of the Tulsa Bar vtfere asked to address the group on different phases of Justice the law. The purpose of this fraternity was to form a STEPHEN W. SIIAMBAUGII strong bond of friendship and to attain a feeling of high- Vice Justice er and broader culture. The University of Tulsa chapter FRANCIS G. HAWKINS was named in honor of Summers Hardy, a pioneer Okla- Clerk .... J onN MORLEY homan and former Chief Justice of the Oklahoma Su- Treasurer preme Court. EDWARD E. Tonmns, JR. Row One: Charles lilackard, VVillia1n Brumbuugh, Emory F. Gard, Bert Grigg, Francis Hawkins, Jack D. Jones. Row Two: Philip Knuner, Rooney 1lCIIll'1'Il0.Y, John Morley, Lloyd Myles, Fred Nelson, Arthur Peet. Row Three: Duane Philis, Steve Sllillllbllllgll, John Slater, XVilIi:ln1 Thurnian, l':1lWIll'll. Tonilins, Jr., Skip YVarrcn. Caftfefgbtfg Row One: Connie Schedler, Martha, Mc- Ginnis, Betsy Hinderliter. Row Two: Bee Stuart, Pat Pinehes, Carol Ilockenson. Row Three: Vera Hogg, XVoody Thomas, Janie VValinsley. Row Four: Carol Jen- sen, Phyllis Hockenson, Barbara Smith Qsoc:retary-treasurerD. Row Five: Bob Conkling, Monroe Naifeh, Fred Graves. Row Six: Allan Barclay, Rev. Bloodgood, Jack Kiper. Row Seven: Dan Cascbeer, Brad Pidgeon. Row Eight: Don Rhine- h:ii't Cpresidentj, Patrick Poole. E E TC MP 0RGA IZ TIO The University of Tulsafs Canterbury club was a member of an associa- tion of t'anterhury clubs, a national organization of college students afhliated with the lilpiscopal church. This group was approved and admitted as an official TU organization this year. Meetings were held every Sunday morning after Holy Communion at Trinity Episcopal church. The meetings consisted of a breakfast and discussion led by the Reverend Francis Bloodgood, sponsor of the group. The organization held communion services on the campus during the Advent and Lenten seasons. Chief project of the year was to help the Universityis foreign students become familiar with TU. Several receptions rounded out the yoar's program. ' , 11111 1'11'1-vlis 1l1Hy11l1 211111 112111 111-11 111111 sz111g', 1lll1' T111-y 11541 1111111011 11l1'1l.' l1l'Q'2i111Z2l- I 1118 Q'I'UXX' 111 11'1111111'w11111 111111 11-s111111sil1iliTy. 1JHVl'1fll1llll'll1 11111 11111l11Ntf11111111 1 ' ' QI W1-1'13 T1l1x1l 1111111111 iw-S. ZA? ' TEE" -W-...f,, Y - f GREEK Rpw Ong: Betty lk-rkius, Cairul Vupclsllinl, .lmm lllullmv, Mary .loam C':lstill0, Fclirin lIUll4i4'1'S1lll, Nancy lluyucs, Shirley Russ. Row Two: Mary Ellen liverett, Ami Murray, Hlizirmi Nlrvssbr-1'g'v1', 'lfoemliv 'Folk-r, Mary Ami firugg, Jam- Rowley, Hhirlvy Bleflsoo, Miss Mary Clay Williams. LL-GREEK PIRIT WA THE GOAL 'lllvoulml you liku fo buy il f0l'g'Qt-1119-Il0l?,, 'llliosv words wvre livzirml ovvr 'llulszi lVllQll ijilllllillillllll' suhl flmvws for 1110 lliszihlucl Vetvrznis. This was only mio of thi- ser- vices 1Jl'l'f0l'H1Qll by thu miiiwl sororities. The group liolpocl tho A K RI lj2lHlll'llUllli' with thoir zuinual worksliop. 'FUR workv shop was hchl Noyomher lfi in ilio union with pzuicls coiiipuswl 0l'II10I1llhL'1'S frum the sovvn sororitios. Highlights of this yc-ar werv Thi- auuiuzil Rihhon llmirmi in licmm' of all Glmkok ploflgwfs, 'rhv l'l1risTmz1s furmzil, i Docomhor 12g :md the Spring: formal in - April. At thv zumuul l,2ll1ll0lll'lll0 assembly l is tho most l1'02l?1lll'Q1,l prizu of alll, the sc'l1ular- Y ship cup, wont this your To thv Uhi Uiric-gms. 'llho olltstamliiig' senior girl was also rvc'0g'- uizoml. The rzvyc-11 llirllllbllill soruritios' pur- poso was "to Illilllllillll on ai high plain' fra- ternity life :mil i1itv1'i'i'at01'1iity l'Pl2lllOll- sliipg tw muiiituiu high social mul SK'll0l2ll'- Prcsiclmit, JAN11: RONVLEY whip stzillmlzirils l'lll'0llQllOlll Thi- wllolv col- lcgro. " Row One: Carol Courtney, Sandra Smith, Jackie Littrell, Madalyne Miller, Roberta Perkins, Barbara Haus, Mary Ann Cooper. Row Two: Carol Copeland, Carolyn Raper, Ann Newmark, Nancy llaller, Sue Lambdin, Janet l'l2lSl'lH1Ill, Jac- quita fiill1l't'1li'll, l'llizalreth cllgllxxil, Shala Evans. panlnefgnic President . . . , . JANE RowLEY First vice-president . . Sn1n1.EY l-lmiosoic Second vice-president . BIARY JoAN f,lASTIlil.0 Secretary . . . . JoAN XVADLOXV Treasurer .... . SHIRLEY Ross Jr. Panhellenic Advisor . Cmcol. Co1'r:LANn P. all 8 PLLC J I9 I, KL ' President . . . Cmcol. CoifnTNuY Vice-president . MARY ANN Vooeirin Secretary . . . MAnAl.YN14: Blllliili Treasurer . . S.xN1nc.x SMITH Social illlillldllilll . RfJllI'lli'l'rX l'14:icK1Ns Promoting friendship and cooperation among thc seven sorority pledge classes was the purpose of the Junior Panliellenic council. Organized under the auspices of Panhellenic council, Junior Panhellenic was composed of two pledges from each soror- ity on the University of Tulsa campus- thc president of each pledge class and an elected delegate. Only the delegate had vot- ing power. At meetings held on the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month, the council planned its three annual projects M- a waist dance with proceeds used for civ- ic projects, a scholarship awarded to an outstanding high school senior and the scholarship cup awarded in tl1e spring to the pledge class with the highest grade av- erage. An allepledge picnic was given in the fall at the Kappa Kappa Gamma lodge. Senior sponsor for the council was Carol t'opeland oi' Delta Ganima. Faculty advisor was Nlrs. Anne Nlorrow of the college of huiness administration. fwfqww A Q, ' ' . ,6 M, r 4 an A U f' 1' 1 '45 ' .. ,M 4 N 'F if if if f 'T if ' 'S 5 V' H L M , mf 0 A . , A V ,, ! g a? J +L , r I I 7. 3 .ff 3 Q! Q5 hd' '41 W . V ,514 if ml 5 .5 I 43.5 , w Jw ' ' J fr ia . M, -if 'G X Q gn, f 1 Q , ff f 2 YY" J fx 'af' av f my ef, gfoaidn, gamma Clapfef FUYHZIZCKI 1895 Un cunzpux . . . . 1925! l9'I0u'1fr . . NVhite earnation Colors . . Cardinal and straw Big vzfwtz' . lVhitC Carnation Formal IIOZLSFIIIIIHICI' . Mrs. John C. Bartlett 'll 'sf Q Easy? Iwi I5 'L IISIBJW 'ii X ' ff "N Grogg, presidentg VValk0r, il'QflSUI'01'Q Spink, Vife picsident, Chi Onioqas heffan this vear bv Jinninv' Hthe buff' " L O .f 1 5 O7 their pledge pin, on 21 girls. This was tollowerl by the thrill of winning the Panhellenic seholarsliip c-up for the seeonml sueeessive year. Homecoming' was soon here with Naney Reeves b0i11g'0l'0NYl1GlVi football queen. The Chi O house mleeorations, 1lSi11Q'3IElCiJC'Eil7S witehos, won first in house tleeorations. Chi 0's also rojoieell as Loliene XV2lSilillU'l1, Betty Bishop and .lune lVolverton were seleeteml to he Kenmlallabruni heauty queens. At the beautiful White C'arnation formal and the later Ski party, Uwl lloots strength- enecl frienmlships. Siiigfoily and Varsity Xite prae- tiees, a Uhristnias party for orphans, initiation, spring formals and the traditional farewell to sen- iors rounclotl out the year in a whirl of activity for Phi Omega at the Uiiiversity of Tulsa. Baugert, secretary. Pi-esiilent, BIARY ANN GRIQGG gi. 'F 'or i wb? U' 55 V 2: Q96 52' X, ti Y XJV 'Mah will f 5:'rD, : t 4' - y ' . t ,f5V'Y "', Q. H9 W1 'I llllllllllllllllllllllll P1 ulullllllllllli Ziyi, , A f AS- 4 . . , , , .A ., , , Mx kyyyy 7 E A g y kz I, x I Z ' 'L if , VVI V Q fl :- fe 'AA' - .,A. K ,L,, 2 ,k ,'.k k in M? V N L R V V 3 ' 3 5' an . J by W . ,A , A . J .5 W , ,V K A -.,, , ,.,..- if Q - Z i L 1 E Eqy Z Abi lzb if """ ' I ',L, A -as ii 6 Q J , ,h L "'!'s.., HV, . i GE sf 1 e -HP F L ,far -Nh , frnra.. JY' .ff 'A' Q 'V' - Y as .f E U K .jlaefa ?!404iZ1n 1011111111111 1888 U11 f'IllHf1'llS . 15131 l"1u1l'r 1' . .... Pzinsy l'nZnr.w . . . Silver. gold 211111 111111- Iifg Errfni . . . Pansy l,l'0111 l1UllSt'llIU1lllf'I' . Mrs. ll. A. A1'n1stro11g Upen lmuses before fo0T11z1l1 games 211111 after lmskel- 111111 games helped Tri Delt memliers 211111 pledges get 2Il'Ql12ll1l1Q01l. At Cf'11ristmz1s Delta girls joineml l.1'Zlt01'1ll1y men in pziinting and fixing toys and clolls 111 tlie lodge 111111 ealleml it '4S2111t11's XXv01'liSllO1J.ll Their 1-ombineml efforts gave joy to 11n11e1'privilege11 01111- 1111111 lil11'1SiII121S I1111l'1ll11Q.1'. The Klareli 01' Dimes was given proeeerls from the Benefit Brimlge l1el11 in 1l1e loclge, 211111 four memliers zlppealrefil 011 :1 television sliow for tlie polio fnncl. Social times -the i1'over1y 1'z1rty, xliflllllilf' 11igl11 dinners, the i'l1ris1111z1s semi- 1'11rn1z1l 211111 the Pansy ll1'OII14E1ll1lCCl to 1111- goml times. Three 111-1111 Delta Delta selicmlarsliips z1i11e11 girls, regzirrlless ot' sorority affiliatioii. Queens, s11'eet11ez1rts 111111 officers 111'o11g11t lionoi' l'4,11J21.11SY,119211'l Zlllkl 111119 girls. , 1 ' 1 Hyun. Vl0ll'I1I'0Sl4lK'IltQ f':111:111, rem-orfling SEL'l'0l'2l1'j Fseie , president: lNli1le1', fI'02lS11l'l'l'Q Turk, l1l21l'Sll21lQ 11lC1J01lI1 L I'0S11U1llll11g s1'1'1'ef21l'y. 1'1'esi11e11t, 3lARY 1'I1.1.Ex 1C1'151:1f:'rT ,NX 15,11 4' M X 1 1 'ff' L df if annum- .Wy "' ,V 1 H N . 7 f i 'L Y 7 - ll 1 VQ X ' 1 if' E -f ,. ' N Y 1, f 'Te-... . Y V-. 1 ,ax 4 N1 11 1 ' ' " 15 111 dw '91511" ,9. A -1' 3. 1. .9 gr l ... hw .4 in DELTA GAMMA Row Ong: Ja-:xnnv BUST, xlilflilll Hlzlrk, Sliirlc-.V .lvnn Brown, Joann l'60lz, Kay Flurk, .h'I'Illll'l'S Cm'k1'vll, Czlrol .lean Colm lnnll, Jolly I,2lllll'Ul1. Row Two: Sully llmvns, Iilnm-lic Iiinsol, Nnnry Hnllvr, Kitty -lu II:1l'g1'm'0, Mary Ciitlnwilie I'IJll'l'lS C41-lyu ll2ll'SlllJJll'j.f01', Nancy Ilzxynos, Blnry Hnlln-rf, Row Three: Jo Ann Jennings, Lynvttc Lznnli, Bnrlmrn Liblwri Vern Littlciiclrl, B:11'lJ:1r:1, McGill, l,Ht1'iK'ifl M0f'inni, Phyllis Ann McKinley, Sue AVll'lll1ll10Illlll. Rlow Four: ,Al2ll'g2U'Of Mil lor, Mnrisui Murray, Mary Pin-lps, Ruth .Xnn Rawlins, Millgv Rollins, Carol Roof, Judith Snitz, Szunlrxi Sniitln. Row Five Marilyn Suggs, I2:i1'b:11':L 'l'::ulni:zn, Slnirlinv Wngin-r, Gr:n-iv Wiezorvk, Georgia Lee Winton, B:11'bz1rzL Yvnkey, Nurina Yonnt 6lI'I'LI'l'L6l F011 71 fl cd . On ccmzpus . Jla-j 0 V Ulf c nz' I"l0u'c1' . Colors . H0u.scm0z'l1cr Lita Clmpfef 1873 . . . 1946 Candlelight Dance . Cream colored rose Bronze, pink and blue . Mrs. Leona Booth McCune, treasurerg King, secretaryg Haynes, president, Black, vice-pi-esidentg Cech, corresponding seeietaiy Bronze, pink and blue pledge ribbons were pinned on 19 girls in the fall. Soon after, the pledges enjoyed the Candlelight dance given in their honor by the members. Then came the 'tSlop Hopf' which was just as much fun, when the girls Wore their oldest clothes. Delta Gamma gave their annual carnival with proceeds going to sight conservation and aid to the blind. The anchor girls also threw a Christ- mas party for foreign students, a costume party, and the Anchor Man party. Although Delta Gamma has been on the TU campus only seven years it is one of the oldest women's fraternities. Marian Black suc- ceeded Naney Haynes mid-year as president of Gam- ma Beta chapter. "Mom" Booth looked after her girls with loving care throughout the year. President, NANCY HAYNES '!'Z'E1'd". 'I . . -.. ffm.-., 'f-ff"'?1. K 1 fly AEI' 1 j v, 14.13 . 1 ,E 11 Q x - , f asm. 225 ..,: mm , 1",.vj ,. -A: Palm S650 w w M M sf ww 42, fy, ""' V, -- ,P A3447 . f f'I5F? ". :E,:: 1, 5, ff A fQA sw ...,:,. , xx msmus as Q me img G,WLWL6l fllllllllllfl . Un rflinpzls . .llajor rwnf . l"Iou'e'r . llolors . Houxr nmllrcr an Clapfef 1870 . . 1951 . Ilziweiiiziu Luau lileivli and gold pzuisy . Black and gold Mrs. Pauliuo Johnson Rh Lowe-risoii, t1'0zis11i'o1'. The blzivk and gold kite of Kappa Alpha Thota sailed proudly over the new lodgo this your. Tl10'fz1's third year on campus was 21 whirl of momorulvlo oyouts. Pivnics, tea rilzuicfos, record parties, monthly dinners amd ai rc-t1'cat lwgzui tho fun. The zumual Black Cat formal, the Uliristmas party with KKG, and thc- Hziyyuiizxii liuau wore Tho liigliliglits of the SOC'l2ll sou- r,on. Aim Murray was Cliosoii for Mortar Board, and ' +'l ll Suv lVilhoi'n guidod li llulta llpsi on 21111 Qottie .lzuio Malice hull tlirougli ai Siiccossful your. Both girls woro vliosou for lVho's Wvho. lizuitern bids werv reccivod by Nam-y Earl, Roso Loworisoii, lXlzu'y Beth Weddlo, Sylvia YVilliams auid lCddi-Hue Mcl'lzuiz1l1a1i, 5 who was selocflocl vice-p1'csid011t ol' the group. PM Bowkci' and Janet Johnston were Kemlzillahrum hoaufy qui-ons. Pat also was crownod Hoiiorziry Ua- doi Voloiiol. 1 l'r'oSid0ii1, ANN 3lllRHAY K 145 ,ff f 'X ,aLJo . fl .hx-V,V I if wilX'n Mm . ,Q ' N x ' ,4 J Xl ffl 1 JW! Q 1 W xy x ff M f Q l Yu u'r:iy, prcsidm-iitg Hnrtiiizin, secrofziryg Smith, vim-0 1lllSlllCH , KAPPA DELT Row Ong: Nlurnv L. Bukvr, H1'X'L'l'I-Y H:1rtlw!111:nss, Curriu Ii1'4-wlluxv, T.oXV:ly11e Cildilblly Lzllmllm Fuss, Mary Joan Vusiillu, f'llJIl'll'llL' H:u1'1'. Row Two: .Im-qllifzl, fiiH1I'l'Zlfll, Hairy Ruth IIIIQIIVS, .Imly JU1l4'S, Mary .lu Lilllglllill, L,1110ll0 IAlll1LfSfl'l'TlI Pzltsin- BlvHill, slliillllllf 3IUIlfQ'4llll4'l'y. Row Three: Mary Xivkm-II, IM-Try I'Ql'kiI1S. Rohm-1'f:n IH-rkirls. Kay Iqil'llIIl'4lSUIl, lim otlllv l:iIlL'llIIl'1, l'Ilix:1h1-tll Sm-lu-wr, Holm-rfzn SL'llUl'l', Row Fgur: H4-V4-rly Smith, Sylvia V. Smith, Mvllm Tlliglwll, l':1t1'ivi1 XXYHSUII, Il41nl1:1, I". Wurwdy, Hvtty Jnnv Whiflmv. Em Cgodiin Clalofer ,Fo zmflwrl . l H97 On camjms . . 153336 Flozzvfr . . . lVliite rose Colors . Green and wliite Big vavizf . . YVliite Rose Danoe lf0'ILSf.'lll0llIlf'I' Mrs. Madeline Lawrence lireerllovv, sf-crotaryg Tliigpon, Vive-pn-siflm nt XftG1ll, 1us1 Beta Epsilon chapter of Kappa Delta began its 1Ttl1 year at the lfniyersity of Tulsa by lionoring their new pledges with the annual Emerald and Pearl clance. KD celebrated its 56th birtliflay on October 23 witb a Founflers' Day Banquet. These events were followi-il by the Roman party where togas and flowing' robes were seen amidst a backg'ronnfl of lioinan volninns. The annual Cliristinas tea for all sorority pledges anml tba- lVliite Rose dance for new KD initiates, two long'- awaiteil t'unc-tions, earne and went, leaving: liappy nielnories. The Skunk Hollow Gavotte, with nienibers from every sorority and fraternity attending, Cap- tured the Sadie Hawkins mood. Prizes were given for those most appropriately alressed. National presi- flent, Mrs. Julia Uber was honored during' the year, and tea dances, parties, picnics and slippers nianagerl to keep KD girls busy all year long. a Ngo W X .X X. el1:nirniaii5 Perkins, prosiiltnt Min President, liliTTY Pizicnixs fir if V N N Q 2-7 A iv O ga ,- M r ,.,. , W r Afffww , 1 ,X fy , , 555 J, V , I 1LL. , LxiA,,. . I . KAPPA KAPPA GAMM Row One: Ifllizubvili Bird, Cziml A-Xllll B1'2Itill11, zxllll Brinlve, .Ioan Buftmm, Num-y Juno Cupv, 1iflI'tLIIl1'k'i lizurl, M:11'iIyn Suu Ellington, Mzirtlm Frivk. Rpw Two: Hurzxli UUIIUIIQ7 B1-tiyo Gisi, Emlrliv May G1'0g'0I'y7 .lmuiiio Ilrnrrell, Sally Hzirri- sun, B:11'l1:11':1 linux, F0livi:1, II0llliP1'SUll7 Si12ll'011, Hii-kS. Row Three: Eliz:1b0fl1 IIi1lliUI'iitQ1', Carol IIOl'kl'llSOIl, Phyllis llui-keilsun, Alim-11 J:1l1Ss011, Jv:111 .l:11'111:111, fI'I1uvbc Ju Krupp, Mary IAIlylllIlll7 SUZJIIIIIC I4il11iS21y. Row Four: Mary A111112 Lmig, BIIIVHIZI ixllfiiillllig. June Mvliiiiiivy, 3i2lI'g2'll'L'i 3IvG11i1'v, Mary Miillmli, Eliznbofll Oisilbil, 1l::1'y c5.Sl1C2ly Sgmdm Phillips, Raw Five: Pratriuizi, I'i11c'l11-s, Carulyii Rnper, Nancy RZllN'l', Cmmio Sl'ilC4-i1Cl', Roma, Jo Sm-ny, ,Rita Sl10p11o1'1l, Kuiliyu Hkzilnik, S:1ln':1 Smith. Row Six: Amie Spmicci-, C:11'uly11 Allll Stiff, Sliirlvy Swan, Nancy T1-1110, .lo Carol 'l'wfl, Joni! XY:ullow, Num-y NV:1il:11-my JIllliQ NY:1I111s1e1y, l'fliz:lbu'fl1 Wrigllf, izdegfa Clzalofer Smith, social chairninng O'Shea, pledge trainei, Shepheid, vice-presidelltg Henderson, presidentg Swan, treasurel, Rlpei, Idozzizdczl . 1870 On campus . . . 1946 1f'lo1rr'r . . . ltlleur-de-lis I,'olor.s . . Sky-blue and sea-hluc Big went . Fleur-de-Iis Formal llousemother . Mrs. E. F. Anunons i New friendships began when a full quota of pledges walked into the lodge -and liyes - ot' the Kappas. Heading the social calendar was the Fleur-de-lis for- rnal. Friendships deepened with an over-night outing at Camp NValuhili and at suppers held every other week in the lodge. Soon everyone was building the Kappa jack-in-the-box for llionieeoming. December nn-ant sock-hops, Inarslnnallow roastings each Friday and the annual Kappa-Theta dance, this year held at Southern Hills. After finals came the pledges' Key Blau party, open houses for the athletic teams, and Varsity Nite. Each girl worked on the philanthropy, stayed on tune at singfony, and rejoiced at the picnic celebrating' sel1ool's end. The all-day senior party af- ter graduation closed a year of shared experience in college and Kappa. 1? vr., - 1 , , , , me is ti'?f?i1ziigff1 "" 3 'iti' 'i ',i-y it President, FLLICIA lliiixlmnnsox hm ES Q s N, 2 PHI MU Row Ong: gxllll .Xl'IllSfI'1lIlg', X:1111-y Ilrnird, P:1t1'ici:1 Rufus, Bvtfy Bill, Shirlvy Bludsou, xvillifllxll Bmxl-11013 I'Ivcly11 Bl'IlIll'IlA Wllllb. Row Two: 1'ug'gy 0111111111-ll. Yin-gi11i:x Drake, Shirh-Q Els, .Ivan gxllll G1-ntis, Ginger Gil111o1'e, Doris Gimliu, Juno 1 lf:1wf1o11. Row Three: l"l'2Illt'l'S lI1lWkillS, BOTT3' Knhlu, S110 l1:1111b1li11, JIll'1lIli0 Lifflwfll, Iiilt111'f'l1 BIL'1':ll'Uyy Iglllllly llzllllvy, IM111110 Mzxrtiu, Row Four: Nll:ll'Ull NI4lSSIJO1'g'E31', Xvflllgllilll PIll'kl'l', Hvtfy Rm, Russell, Alpha S:'1V011i11s, 130111121 St:111bv1'1'y, .Xnniv L:1111'ie Sh-bbi11s, Ku-1' Strmxniv. Row Five: Jilllfxf 'I'v:1g:l1'1l1-11, Bolvn Tl1u111pso11, P:1t1'iGi:1 TIIOIIIIPSOII, .Tm-:111 Van .X1's1l:1lf-, Mary Rose XVi01', lg2ll'1l2ll'2l. XV1lb111'11. AEQJLLPL gamma 6AfaPt8P 1"UIHlIlI'Il . 1852 Un, cunzpus . .... 19239 l'llllll,'I'1' . Enehantress earnation llulwrs . . . Rose and white lift lflfmzt . Founders' Dax' Dance J . IIUIlSf'llIUHl,I'I' . Miss ti'atherine Price The southern helles of ltlpsilon Gamma chapter had a wonderful addition this year'-a new patio, whieh was the scene of many happy times. They also eon- strueted new housemother's quarters. The social sea- son started with a dance honoring new pledges. Christmas time had many festive oeeasions, including the Holly Hop, tree deeorating party, and the Fhrist- mas slumber party at the lodge. The pledges showed their talent at the slumber party with songs, skits and individual aets. The party for underpriyileged ehil- dren, held in Lorton Hall, was again a sueeess, especi- ally for the many children that eame. lntramural sports held the spotlight mueh of the time, and the helles proved their athletic ahility. Crowned at the Fiesta party was the Caballero del Sur tthat is, Southern Gentlemanj, giving' a titting' elimax to the year. 1IUSSlJl'l'gf'1', president, Bmiielieoixib, Seeretary, XV1lbOl'Il, treasurer' Hentis, viee- :resident I , President. Simizox Mossiiiinuiciz gf Q ylikdi f X. g g :nav Q, fig? L, TJ' H T ' v",' V 1 X i X. I ' I . , T i,.,,..-1 ' -iv r Q ' 1 Qi P e Q , 7 I X., mi H Awww 3 J w 3 M5 mw- JN-.Q vw? . Www? 42 B. . 5, ,,.. , su 1 I f ' fvfa' + my .rw MIP!! ,M ,,, WWQSF' liznlnfllmnflm-1'. Wumlv llv1'm:111, m-lxzztiwl wiilx 'l'l7 silnlm-luis lr:-haw IIIS A' lllllwl Ilvlwl lnsml L11-Lgznl Tu IPIQIQV. sg- E ? . ,X'l'H SXXl'UIl1UIll'T, l':w1'nl Vulu-l:lr11I. IHHSLHI Nxiilx IIUI' b'Yl'Ul'1. lI:1l'4rl1l lU'I4'l'a1'lI. Ix.X s m'1-'m:uIwl :A NYIIITf'l'Tl1lll' s mr! uf lrl11l4l P ing flu' lwsl tAWlIUU'UHIIIiIll'. nm H141 VZIIIIIVIIS. .ne 9 . rw-V. ...NN V 7 qi 'S--...n S'--T..,,.,N fx , ' ' .L . , W y N ' , 5 , 4 x 3 xx . If , 51 ' A V5.4 ff . ' is Z. f' ,N , 1 . , ' A' ' ' , lg X - 'A ' M, ""-,ggi . N f iw KZ- -:Nl - 'Yft:'wv " f- f, J f. 1 ' 11 K: .V -- 7 . k7!"9f" 1f"fx'W-H-IT' ..,. 5,--5 IJQ E-,SM if K Xfimzf -ififi'-7 ,wa 5 fZgxf4:f:5Y' -ifzuwL:55'1!5'l,f?f"Vvixffhlik 4 . . r ,..' 2 .7n'3M5"u332Ll'9M:v ,'k, ij, Q- .NV .i:i5:Q2Qfg?552ggijilzyi' Jill Q,-fZg:k,, :Lug JAQEIS9' 'S 'I 4271! SW if -9,457 ai" . link ff M N H ?" ' j x l. 'WH ' IL. ' h" ' A ' ' ' "" A 1- ,f 236 Vf ,yn Row One: R1111 111111-S, N1-il Culp, 15111111 D311 W1-sl1-y. Row Twp: Al 11O1lg117 1il'11 11111'l1:1111, M:'11'vi11 ll:1g:111, I'n11'ick1,1111l11, XYi11:11'11 '1'i1-11, 1'1I'IlIlk K1,1121's, 111111 1l11l1:11111, 1121111-1' l'ri1'11. I TERFRATER ky, WA1,T11:R 1'1111"11:, 111'11si11e11t Nlillly 1'1Js111111sil1iliti1-s fall 11111111 11111 11111-1' COUNCIL l'1'z11111'11ity 1'1111111'i1 1-111-11 y11111', 1'111' the fl'il- 1111'11iti11s 1111 11111 1'z1111p11s 1111111 111 1110 1'111' g'11i1lz1111'e 211111 l11111l111's11i11. 'llliis y11z11' 1111- 111111111-11 p1'11g1'11111 was 111211111 111 1'1111 111111-1- s1111111tl11j''1l11'1111g1'l1 11111 1111111111111 411. 21 now of- f11-1-, vi111J-p1'11si1l11111. 1111111111liz1t11ly 1'111111wi11g' fall 1'11s11, l'z111l111ll1111i1' 211111 ll+'1' 1111111111111-11 tl111i1' 1'es11111'1'1-s 111 Sp011s111' 11111 21111111211 11l1111g11 11111111111 lJz11111e. At 1l1ll'lS1TI121S 1111- l'1'z1T111'111ti11s w111'l11-11 with 1111-1 Sz11Vz11i1111 .X1'111y to 1'z1is1- l.lI1lllS. M11111l1111's st11111l 1111 1-11111 1l111V11111w11 1'111'11v1's, illllgllllg' 111111s 111 s11li1'if 11111'1z1Ti1111s. rF11Q s111'i11g'1 111'11j111't was 21 "fix-1111, pai111 1111, 111111111-1111" 1'z111111z1ig11 1111- 1111- 1'1'i11111Q1l 1'l1il1l1'1-11 111 1111- .l1111i111' LL12lg'lll? 1'1111x'z1l11s1-11111 II1111111. 111 Kl211'1'll, the 11111111141 was 1'1-sp1111si11l1- 1'111' 111111 111' 'l'1',s 111g'22'PSt s111'i11g f111'111z1ls, 11111 11511 1l:1111'11. 112111111 Nl:11'1i111'Q'S 111'1'l111st1'z1 p1'11vi1l1-11 :1 111111111 111 11z1111111z1l11e 11111si1' 1'111' 1116- ,u'z1lz1 111'1111t, 119111 111 tl11- l'i111z11'1'1111 Ql3z1111'1111111. 1- Rgw Ong: Ed Morris, business Illillltlgtllf Nia-l Culp, vice-presidentg XV:ilter Price, president: .lim Jordan, secretary. Row Two: Ilan Holmes, rush chairniang Bob llolland, publicity cliairniang Joe Briscoe, social chairman. lVithin the group itself, a program of in- creased etiiciency was followed. The meet- ing' time was changed and the membership was divided into three committees. .loc Briscoe headed social attairs, Bob Holland was chairman of the publicity committee, and llan Holmes headed the rush section. This year, with the revision of rush rules and with a policy of higher standards, the council became a vital cog' in campus wel- fare and much was accomplished through full cooperation of all members. One ofthe outstanding' innovations was a new rush brochure which replaced an earlier one that seemed out-of-date. Emphasis in this pam- phlet sent to all prospective rushees was on the general benefits of fraternity life rather than on specitic g'roups. It discussed ex- penses, time required and the values to be received in working' and living' with a group that shares alike interests. Featur- ing' pictures of campus scenes, the broch- ure constituted an inducement to men to make Tl' their school and to become a member of one of the university's eight fraternities. This idea was initiated in March when the IFC publicity committee met and welcomed hig'h school senior men at the competitive scholarship examination. During the same month, IFC was the driv- ing force behind Red Cross blood donations on the campus. A goal of 140 pints of blood was set for TF students. A year of service was culminated at the spring banquet when the outstanding fraternity man, outstand- ing int1'amu1'al athlete awards, and Iron Man trophy were given. The 1953-54 Inter- fraternity Council fultilled its creed as stated in the national constitution: 'tllve consider the fraternity responsible for a positive contribution to the primary func- tions of the colleges and universities, and therefore are under an obligation to en- courag'e development of its members, in- tellectual, physical and socialf' XValter Price was p1'esident of the lnterfraternity t'ouncil during' l953-54. il. rl aff 'TBM mf ,vw ff ' ,, 'gr I W .iw V' 'Q Cfjadiznn oliamgala lfloinzflwrl 18153 Un l'flllljllLS . . . . 1944 1"lou'f'2' . . XVl1iiv 'wa rosv l'0!m's . . Sky-lmluv and Qolxl Big r'1'e'11f . . lllavk anml VVl1iTv Ball Ifruzzwiizffflir r . Mrs. Dorotliy XYilcox National l'l'2ll01'11llY l'900g'llltl0Il was givoii Epsilon llanilnla cllapim-1' This fall. rllllGf' wow awarileml a svliol- i1l'SlllIJ plaque by national ATO l1Gzulq11a1"fo1's. A'l'U's also gainful lionoi' lmy liohling' school ollicos. Dan llolnies was an IFC ollicer anal Ron Dickson was l'l1ig'i1n-o1"s olliffer. Social life was a big' part ol' the year. lliglipoini of tho parties was wlwn Varol Popli- lanil was namml 'llau swootlioart' at tln- annual Black anal White Ball. Utlim' parties that Tails will reinein- lwi' werv the l4l0llllLlUl'lS llay l4l0l'I11Rl in Nlarcli, tllo Sliilmwrvcli Party, lllll Pajania Party, ilu- 50 YL-ars Party, anml Tlio well-known 'llwo-Yards llarty, for wliic-li girls were given only two yarils of material from wliicli to make a C'UStlllI1Q. " Noni" lYilvox was then- at all iiinvs 'fo makv eu-1'ytlii11g' run smoothly as it climl. L nip!!! Til nggg. r xg ,XY Holnu-s, vice-presiflm-ntg Roavli, social cliairinan Q11 X i prosinlentg K4-lly, t1'easu1'01'. Presimlent, GICNRKY Climicic I ' l Ol f' T 'f l l J- NV, -,A if vkxv S - 1 VH xX 13 . ff! " X Zi ,I l ,ff yl f lq ig ' Nl 1 'ii l' I i i Q 4fl,'l ' I A if l fl' gl. 'N X l xx JJ X lil 1 ,fi 0 X r J ' Q fix, Q Q 927, ' , ,. mga,-.Z-. ,qv H . sf BP 'xi I, X ,- - . 2 K 1 Sim W at 3. N-. ,Awww-umm m 543+ - ki' . ff Z' Sw, 5, ,, A.,-reef , .ka .. , if 4? an - ,A Mgprwkh ir AT? A A ' Q:-ef as 4432. I .. I' H3 3 A ,. ' W in -vi wg I i nw! V. -, 4, i -.-up-A I ir it , v 9 ,Q-sr ? bt l+'0unrZwfl 1865 i Un I'llHI1lllN . . 1937 I"1 o ui 1 ' rx xi? NVhitv nungruolia zuul vriiuxou rosv ' ' Vofnrx . . . l'l'l1llSO1l zuul olcl golf! AV 1 llfg fzwal . . Ohl South Ball fi, - ll0IlSf'llIllfIIl'I' . Mrs, Euuivv Borden ' Will l'lVl'l,' sium- its l'0llI1lllllg', VDQi'01'I1lbCl' ot' 18155, tho trzuli- tious ol' this i'l'Z1l9l'Illlf' liuve hovu g'l'UXYlllg'. Your uttt-1' your KA has zulclvml to its lll1IIllJ91'S, until uow the group roulizos somv ot' the Iiuost Zlllll liiglu-st hlculs that mu bv zittzlilu-fl. They look to that South for tlll'll' trzulitious zuul to Rohort E. Li-v for their imlczxls. This your Kappa .Xlphzl holil tho Amuuil Vou- vivium Ball in houoi' of liev's birth, when tlu- sweet- lwairt was Ill'0SL'lll'Ull. Other social functions such as tual mlzuu-os, opt-u housvs, luouthly C'll211'Jft'1' lll1lllOl'S aurl i'0Sllllll0 purtios wvro welll 2lffQ11ll04l. l"1'atm'11ity muni- hors worlcvel ou 02111113115 vonmiittoos mul Clubs as thcy stli'v11g'tl1QI1u1l lmoumls of lJl'0lllU1'll0O1l. Nlothm-1' Borrlou stooel hy to lourl at llUl1lll1U'll'Ul4,l ulw-ws, i11vv01'Vtl1i1w' 3 I 1. ' rx- , K ' " M-.1 "' F2 . Z 3,1257 iulus, Vll't'AIll'1'Sl4ll'llfQ Iluguu, prvsiilo ut' Shen, sovi nl :ll lu uiuug ll:-ttylvool, voi'l'wspouiliug' S t'l'l'QT1I FV. 3 gf A lm:u3'L,iT it KJ 33444325 .fA!ji if il . -Fi"f.,,4 Y l,l'6'Slll91lf, BIAKYIN llixoxx xssejg ,f X 1 ," 'Riu I lllfli ' l -"'1y,,,' WX X. ! i 1 i f li Y am ull I . uhh . H457 to K f t Q Awww l , , a, mmf if 4: ,W -, K ' ":: 3 , L ' V . 9, . ,L L':' H ff f , :' l L :"' , E ' ' M... m. Fnunrlul . 151551 On Clllllllllx . . . . 1948 Flozrvl' . . lllly-ot-1 In--X alley l'u7nrs . Svarlet. white anal Q'l'00l1 liiy CI,'l'7lf . Sweetl1eart Formal I10'llSl'l1lllfllI'I' . Mrs. N. H. l,,lltlliil'l'l Fenno, viee-presiflentg Clllllllllghillll, treasurerg Rody, grand nlastf-1' of 1'Cl'E'111Ul1ll'SQ Pease, SK'l'l'l'fill'yS Ramsey, PIQSILOII To the wearers of the Star and Creseent. 1953 meant the fifth year of Kappa Sigma on the lfniversity of Tulsa eampus. ltlpsilon Mu Chapter eelelmratecl its live years of t'1'ater11ity leaclersllip on the Tl' campus by making' l1I1IJ1'OVQII1OIltS on its chapter house, eontin- uiug its promiuenee in the lielmls of eampus ac-tivities and athletics, and l1ig'l1ligl1ting' the year with out- stantling' social events. Tea dances, the Pow!Wow, Xlleek-eml Party, aucl the Sweetlleart' Formal were tlle important features of the social ealemlar presimlc-ml over by Mother " l'ut,', Kappa Sigls l'll2l1'II1lllg'l1UllS0- u1otl1er and hostess. As the fraternity entered its sixth year the men of the scarlet, white and green looked forward to greater tllings, with l021ilQ1'Sl1l1b and service as their goals. . 'I W4 "zT NT Q O 4 f sf Q' Q ,S . 5 ,,. .15 4 Q Xa. wggnxzgwff T 493-Ql'Qui LJ SID Q Y President. CRAIG TQAINISEY :Qt Xx LA W' y. lr Q M, E if an 51111511 MQJZLVL 5111111 F1111 11111111 . 1511151 Un 1-11111p1r.Q . . . 151117 l'1,UH'l'I' . . . XV111111 1'11s11 f'r1l111'.v , 1,1l1'111l'. LZ'1'l'L'1l 111111 ZQ,'01f1 liigf 11-wnl . F1111 1111l1l91' 'D1111111 I11111s1111111111111' . Mrs. 11U1'2l 1317111-Y S1111'1i11g.g' t11l' y11111' 1111? with 1111-11' 1111'g'0st 1111111111 1'111ss si111-11 12148, 11111 1121111111121 Chix 2lQ,'2l1l1 p1'11v1111 111211 11111y s1111111 ZIYHOIIQL' 1111+ 11111. A f1111' 1'e111'i11g' 111111111111 111' 111: 1'11111i11s' s1'11111111's11ip 011115, 11111y 1'11111111'1111111 1111111 six- 1111-111l1 H1l1l1VQ1'Sil1'j' 111 11111 11111111111 151111 1111111111'-'1111111'11. The 1111111111111 V111 111e11g'11s s1'01'1111 11g11i11 111iS y'11111' 111111 1111111 1111111111111111 1111-s1'1111111 11111'11 1111111-1-. 11ig'111ig'111s 111' 11111 111111 1111'1111'111-11 1111- 112111111112 111 1Y1111's XVI111 111' 111111 1'11'11-115011, B1'1111 .111ss1111, 11111111-1' 1'1'i1f11, 111111 GZl1'j' H111111, 11111 111g 1111l'1STTIl1lS 11111f1y for 111111111'111'ix'1111g1'1111 1'11i1111'1-11 111111 1111- 1V11i11- Rom- 1'1Ol'II1211. T111- 21111111211 A1111-s1111's' B1111 111111 1111- 11111111w1-'1111 S1-11v1111g'111' 1111111 111111111111 1w11 0111111' 11111111111111111- p111'1i11s. 1,11vQ1y X12l1'Y 141111111 11Iv111'- 0111! l'Q1g'IlQl1 11s 1'Sw111111111111'1 of 1111111111111 1111" 2111171 1111111 1g1'2lC1j' 1'11111i11111111 111 1'1111,1'111 as 111111s1111101111-1' 111 1111 11ig'111y 1121111111121 111118, JOSS1111, l11'1fsi111'1111 Englv, V11-11-11r11si111-111: 3111111 1151111111 11iX1W 11 vox XWQ Q ZA- -1 9,1 Q QQ , . 19 -1 11-1 1 4-.Q-fi! -1 JAX, -1. " x- L 1 I' N ,A Ml' A 3.35 ,A was g,Q,i,.,A Ks.. K - J X ' U 'K amma pdl, on Founded 1864 Ou mmzpus . . . . 1936 Flower . Lily-of-the-Valley Colors . . Garnet. and old gold Big event . . Dream Girl Dance NVard, trcasurerg Laverty, prcsidentg Crouse uce picsident, PiKA started off the fall semester in a big way by winning the Oil Progress lllcek Parade, Elllll crowning Keith Crouse as "King Oil." In October social life got under way with the famed Shipwreck Ball, which was a nautical success. The winning of the Blood Drive trophy was followed by the winning of the XVSSF trophy. Pledge Vvayne Jackson was voted Campus Ugly Man in a close contest. The big social event of the first semester was the Dream Girl Dance at which Barbara Yeakey was crowned Dream Girl of PiKA. All the "Pikes" stopped shaving during the second semester, to make the annual Bluebeard Dance more authentic. Besides growing beards, the "Pikes" worked hard on campus activities. They ended the year with a picnic. Q, , .r"" 'V 1 'T 3'1- vvl I-.1-,1,i?, Vrmx if ml gt-' "' V , ffifxxgxv flglili letras-G FEES 5 WSW ? IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllll G. -... ,Q in r SR 6,1 3 Vanclcrford, secretary. President, ToM LAV1-:RTY M s "sf" V I 35 .Y AVL.. :f f ,-. ff Aw H , - :Lb ,sg W 1 , . X J' ' - V- ' :gsm i -ff 5 M ' ' ' V' f :LWM1 , ,: ,. ,, ,.f ff' A . , .Q--cg V 13 :ef , w - -fs M" , ..,, ,, I Q, 3' v 5' W A' ,Y K . .H ,Q as-tif. Y ' ' at K ,. fs ' sf 'a I gg? f W E in :, -. ' l . , :. Ky' ffl! ' , A fm In U as' ,. A f 9 N l f " ' ' A g 11 Q f ff ' Q Q, A, if Q . . , . -5 - , -1.' ? Izi J J 1 , V 1 A ' 'lg '..A, 4, ..h" Q SA Fil. 5 M, L ai , ' fl fi,gn,,,: 3 Eg 1 Q. 4 Zigfgvmakx ,W as 'TE w Q J VX ,V ' K r.k:: ir- I M ipw-f"wbL V A H., . , .5 M i f ,LL V M y ,i 2 1 .,:.,.7A,h V . . ,A,2 M, ,,." bzul V A' . 5 V.1, ' '- -- i ' an , ,. K ." I K k-:, ...,,, f ra, 1 i ,Q ji I E'S f ' Q Q Q 'Q fs "-5:-:' -V V J kg 3. L 1 I. aw ? - K 5' Ee Ad, 01116 gd I'lU7HNlf'll 1855 Un CIIIIIIJTIS . . . l95l l"lo1l'cr . . . XVhitc rose llolors . Blue and old gold Big ei-mf . . Sweetheart Dance Houscliirzflzwi' . Mrs Harry A. Needoni The Sigma t'his and their 30 pledges enjoyed 1953- 54 at 559 South Gary Place, but the neighbors didn 't. Between having' late jam sessions and early hreak- fasts the Sigs kept everyone awake, all the time. They decorated tar into the night on their tirst place Home- coming' display. Tlnusual hreaktast dances helped re- place the "tea dancesl' of other years, and were good for getting' acquainted with the girls on sorority row. The seven-piece hand did its share of adding' to the Whig noisef, Scholarship won second place honors, while Dick Beshears and Dick Klahzuba were in lvhols Wvho. The lvhangi Ball found everyone going native amid the wilds of Africa. Varsity Nite and Singfony Hput forth the brotherhood" as they ended the year. Green, viee-presidentg Gates, prcsidentg Sisler, SLKltt'U , Paul, treasurer. President RONNIE GAG ES '?mwmW'. f' V If fam I fiaaQ4,, 4. ---- , . W fl : .Y va., 3,-H . W ' ,. ,I 'fag Q fi 3 431 X L, Y M xi ew , 5 : fe, .. fi Ev . . j""f"7i'39'W7t A f u ,X z 2 K .E-'-F1927 ,. E 3 -1Z4 Z 41'Z if - flk irj z Z : E ,L I , 4: .VXV ,V I A" ' 7 W aff, 45 :fry ish. ,'ff"'liWGrrv +' YEWQQE' Wm , 5, .. VW fs W 1' ew, ' .4 ' 75151 r - for ,Sli-is qw 1 W Jwgzfvf- g , ' hr J 1525 a-'mfg' gag 7, iaggzgfvii J' " iw, , :X N1 fy Yfgffrfiilg gafkf . 4m:.,:.,.,.---H-If V 7' my M M f'f A T7 v 9 F! i g W' QQ ,-gf' Q w"""X 0 ,.-' ,gm Za, 01211111111 1011111111111 18611 011 1'11n1p11S . . 15151, l'vl0ll'I'I' . . , . 1V11i111 1111511 l'11111r.w . 111111fk, 110111, 31111 w11i111 lifg 11110111 . . NV11i1e Rose 171111111111 lI1111s1111111fl111' . Mrx. S11111uQ1 4x11'XH1l1181' 111 This f2111 Sig'11111 N11 111011111 111111 21 new 111111111 111 T111 S1111111 1'01111g11, f0l'II11'1'1Y G111'111111 111111. 1171111 1111g'Q1' 11111111511 vlass C'2l1'1'11'1,1 11111 11111 H1111111 11'11111i" 1111s111111 S1211'1l1f1 s11V111'111 y11111'S 11g'11 115' '11111S217S Sigma N11 's, 111111 also 1'111l1111111'1111111 wi111 21 111Z11'1f, g'1111l 111111 NY111111 1-111111' S11111111111. 111111s111110111111' ,X111X111111111' 111111111 111 1111 il "11111111" 111 11111 w11111'111's 111 11111 11111-111'11'1 s1111'. 111 11111 11111 was 11111 11111111 1111111111 111 11111 N111y11's 11l'YS1211 1311111'1111111. 1111111111111111' 1111111111111 11111 1'1111w1" g'2lI1'10 with 11111 Si1g11111 f1l11's. 1111111 1'1111111s 11111111111 1'111' 11111 11'1111111', 1111111 1111- ,11l11l'llL'11 111 51111111w1c 1'111' Z1 1111-11111. Sigma N11's g11v11 111111111 111 11111 H1111 111'11ss s11v1l11'111 1i11111s. '171111 1'111'is111111s llilffj' 1111g1111 i1 111111py 11oli1111y s1111s1111. 1711 N1i1l'1'1l 11111 11111111 H0511 F01'I1111l, s111'i11g 1111111111 111111 s11111'1s 1111111111 1110 111's1 y11111' 111 11111 new 11111110. Q 111, vi111-11r1f1si1111111: 1-11111gl1, 1l'1'2lSll1'l'l'Q 1Yys111'ky, S11C1'1-1111'yg 11:1g111'. lll'K'S1111'Il1, , Pr11si111111t, GLENN 11AGER w-lN.g1 I 1 kr' ' ' D- X ' 1111" H1535- w x 1125 1' J fa :i ii 'A K x.. ,. r 11 if vw 1 31, 1 1 251 W., - af? Q fwsffm"' r a5'!i"K""" W M fi .. if ,KX Q ' 5 k 'S f"" , .fm M., is . aww if W K Vx' sm 4' M 35. D. b. :,2 'TZ ""' '.,. , 1 I Z 1 x J Y i Wi -,gg V rg, gi 'sg , ,- N. 'f2"7'x A M Aff' S I um.. . X 3 in s 'E fl 2 Q s. 'ya ,ffl-"f K , . -- f as F ,, '::.? , " 4,.Lid':1:f , J: Y Q ."7"'g 4, nfl? film s SS xxx 'Lk- ll Q. VW ZZ. ,yffjffxw 111 ij! -'Tl 111 iii nun up gg- 1 OAZQAOWLQ ZWLWLLZ Fu it izdctl . 1901 Ou rcnnpus . . . . 1946 l"l0z4fers . . Rose and violet flolors . Rose refl and violet Ilig even! . Golden lleart Formal Ilnfusemoflzm' . Mrs. Ilelen Chestnut Stephens, seeretaryg Von Aspe, liistoriang Bi1lXltt'llLk, pusi lYhen fall and football c-ame to Tulsa, the Sig' hips shone. They built a t'Launmler-Cat" for Honieeoming' and celebrated football victories with 1mleclge-nieniber mixers after the games. Other formal and informal parties meant more good times, such as the Moon- sliiners' Ball, the sxveetlieart dance, aml the Golclen Heart Formal. But all was not soc-ial life. Cliristmas came, and the Sig lllps gave their annual party for nnclerprivilegetl eliilflren, feeding nearly 300 of the pleased boys anil girls. January' brouglit the Nlarvli oi' Dimes, so Sig Elms lielpetl it niarvli, anil also gave blood to the lied Cross mlrive. llvinners of six out ol' eight Singfony contests, Sig' lilps worked harml to live up to their past. Spring and 21 watermelon feeil at Grand Lake ended the seliool year on a soeial note. dent' Johnson, treasiirm-rg llnnn, assistant tu isu lent, 'Foil MCKl'1"i'ici1 A wr. If , mr, www. y, V VN!-v'f ' new " f - , 'A Tru, .. 2' -I ,, , , , ' -- "f-'WIWIHW7' 535753 I 'ff , I'l-4133... "' - ' , N W.. A I MII , , ,, my II K I .,.W.,, In r , 1 , ' .,,... , :ww Wmff' ' "T " Q . v-N! M ' 5 I ..."'7:9 ,Q ' ' .nm Q A' ' I ' ,t,,,,.,,I 'v ' 4 W. - 'M km. My 'gf er . K- ,z Q I- Q, f ,V ,W IM um, xl n - . ' ' 'A' I 5 M. 7 s 4. Q A 2 .,. ,, ,gy ,M ., H- AF My .iw 1- , ,gg ,La f- . .,z,,1,,..m:,Wg,?t , gm- .. .MM Q In I ,f ,K , , 'h M f' '-'I -I. . .I I '-MH' , ,M . I I ww.-.fwm - f MI . , ,"'4 ., 4 .aw fi' f -Www-, H521 Q Ia If M '-ffa'-952.45 if X . an W M ., M wJ M' ' Walt' . A ,JA I '1w.L. ,f .. ' A K . s -VY' 'af " '05 1' ,M"vf, +L Y, np-Kumi!! ' :Q ' ' nw . .4 4 .M-,,, IL lv... "'3"'fH I,II,g,gag.V W 5, -V,-mf: m,,,.f"', Lrg? .,,,,5-,mrrfiigpiap ,J Wh, I 4 ., i '-3f"?:: ., 3.5,.I.I- M. I-gjjf-'I' :jk -..w,g I .5 f , " ' 4 I , N :xr I , . ' f,f..,,"'.,, If , mmf..-M ,, KI a. V. - ' ,, ,V I M,,k,f , . Q- .,,, ,W , I fa-A ff A Q mf ,W ., at A , I .. was . ,, 5 ' . . W' g.m.,.,..,,,,.WJ,fMf I L . ,W'S'i'-f. . . , v I - M ' Q., In ,. . ' 'YFQESS ...I . , ' ' .. iff 1, If - """W5-1-' gm, . ef'--I3 M '. 'f -...PW ,. I ' 'i -f-1-Q.-...Q-v , ' -9' " .nd , "--I - . .,. , . K V I . . L I ,A t w X' 1 . , T 1'9" . ' ww, ' 4 yt v v - . 3 a I I . 'Q ' -I Q ' f - L . W v . . - Vo. 1 , -A , AE. Q mega, w ' .-, ,. . ...J ww' '-' ' I , V is-V W Q " 'K 'A . m x ,F ..,.,...,4A M 4 f- f- f u r -9 , , go. , -,I "fQglf'wuyEi?fQT-Z' imffi y R-ff Inna VT 'g , A 1- I +933 M.. W-My 1-,JK ' -aww F V-:,.,.., " X if Ikgnimw' , -.. 'Q -sq.. f I' . I Q., .mnwqsm it 44' -1 - . liifnkxr- , ,, .. X 5 .. :3,- ' .V- 1 2 A Q . ij.g:i:9r'pf 'H-If , 1 , UVA ll QF ngiw Y. ',, , I- M, f' 3 Wy , I , . "SY vfggy VY", -A Ifhv- A ,Agn -. , 5 I ,. A 'A x .I V .. ' 1 ' x UL 4 nw,-L it 1 51 - ' 'nf' ' A .Q ,ii , ,.,,M,,,,Ql .1U,,.,.... .11 5, .- A K' -r I 'I 3' YL , '77 .L , E' A+' if . 'Q-Lfgh 2 E 5 J . UK i, ' my 5 -aw . V 'bw J V 'wp k 1 ful, 'H : 'X I 4 ,J I 3, ' ' if v ... . WI - I 'W 'W ,wa f 'W V ' 1- I' ' .. 14 'f.x'xf'1' fffi QA I ' " 1 1' 'V rw 5 K a if f i 'iii' ? - - . Y 1 - '?7f'i1'.- . xx.-x "WN -a in ' 4.1 I 7 5 , ff- " V. f . ,M-an ' WI 1-+P W ' -f v A - ' -A , ,Vx V A ,Q-I New kfIk. . Y , Ur" K , ' A 1 I A by Wg i'4,..V,.rI ' 4 W ,s 4 , .7 K ,,, " 'Qi M, rf, ff!-s , . 4 h. .-zu. A ., -Q y wg, I -I.. ......rm am 'fa . '--an 'Q :Q ul- Trips To high sulmuls 1 7 i gf' ixtal Z ig? xx K 1 1 f X DI. H. Rodman Jonvs mlw1'- " ' 'rw 'fl ml the I,lIlVU1'NlTj' ul, lulszn ougll his IIIZIHY l'lltGl'f2li1l- mwllgfllmlt Uklzllnmnal. I, 'V,. I .Xe 'S YJQ? 'A . 4r1f:f:fb17lX-Yi J wnsssi-ig ' - ,,,. 1 ... , 1 5 " V ""' f- 5 :J '5't1 - -I-, V I - 'iff 3' x- 1 0 f' if 2 I ' , 1 J Bambi A -A lg -V A I-A AQ? 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BLUST, JR. l 4 3 O Vice President on your 8: General Manager Radio Dial H ,. d,, ' ' fr -Y Q 4 i - -' ' ' lf I '22-fr -wp-if 4 i J iii l. s s --- do - L Picfured above, lefi' 'ro righl, are Gordon Williamson, s'l'uden+ counselor for Nafional Furnilure Company, Hugh Finner+y, represen'la+ive for Soufhwesf Radio and Equipmenf company, disfribulors for Philco Appliances: Don Walker and Jane+ Johnson, sfudenls of +he Universily. They are looking over a new I954 Philco range wilh fhe exclusive wide oven, iifily griddle, broil under glass, aufomafic oven fimer clock and new super speed Philco surface uni+s. Philco range prices s+ar+ as low as 518995, a+ Na+ional Furni+ure Company. gxlihml W I Famous for Quality the World Over 4 4 "National Furniture wants I L il known, you furnish X the irl, e'U i f ni h h I1 ." - , F 41 lil 1416 E. ADMIRAL PHONE 2-2940 257 2 sf Wi 2 ii? 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Dependable, Low-Cost Electric Service to Help Build Oklahoma 9 "By 11 f .1 1 h bl expe b h lh h A d , A I -sw1FT's "GULLIVER'S TRAVELS 15:2 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '54 FROM A LEADING INSTITUTION OF THRIFT AND MANAGEMENT Farmers 2 Merchants S TA T E BA N K 1302 SO. HARVARD 0 MEMBER F.D.I.C. SUUTHWESTERN PURCELAIN STEEL IIURP General Offices and Mfg. PIan+, Sand Springs, OIcIaI1oma SKELLY OIL COMPANY QED Pnonucfns...nEflNEns...MAnKE1Ens U TULSA, OKLAHOMA 260 Ev' f NANCY REEVES AND JAY PETTYPOOL WAVING FROM A SPORTY NEW STUDEBAKER IOI2 SOUTH MAIN MCHORCX1 TU EBAKER PHONE 2-8I88 Complimerzis Of Supply Company I N111-1P142x1a1cx'1' Ii1,1cc1'141cAxI, jolslsmas 1913 . . . 1954 All Yvfzziv of SL'l'T'I-FL To lfzv Ell'l'fI'l.L'lll IlIIIlllA'1l'y TULSA - - - OKLAHOMA RITZ ORPHEUM MAJESTIC RIALTO Tulsa's Downfown Theafres H rogrem ,7!Le ayncfzfwlfrg , Parallelecl wi+h Bovaircl's eighty-three years of service +0 the oil industry, The University of Tulsa has renclerecl nearly a half-century of indispensable service +o youth. Congra+ula'rions to forward-looking young men and women who, through diligent s+udy and training, are aspiring +o leadership in business, civic and cultural affairs. Hospitality and Good Food Around the Clock 7 O RESTAURANTS, Inc. FORTY YEARS CONTINUOUS SERVICE IN OKLAHOMA ANSURYJEEING We enjoy working with you vflJr5lillgEaEs MATERIALS on your Homecoming events. HARDWARE HOPE LUMBER ez SUPPLY COMPANY 6 - 2 l 0 7 If No Answer Call 6-43Il 2802 East Elevenlh Tulsa, Oklahoma 1 LL-1 IIC- ILS PAL Off. M4 ,J j A8108 i1 1- 5. CDGDXQ' Oklahoma Oxygen Company Big Three Welding and Equipmeni Company MANUFACTURERS AND DISTRIBUTORS OF: OXYGEN ACETYLENE PROPANE CARBIDE WELDING EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES Ren+aIs and Service Schramm Air Compressors - Aeco Pneumafic Tools TULSA, OKLA. OKLAHOMA, CITY Tele. 39I83 TeIe. CE 2-9579 2750 Sand Springs, Rd. Exchange 8: Kenfucky D, Z 0 Q -U r- rn Z -'I -4 In 3? -I 5 rn r- r- MASON JARS, CAPS. LIDS ego ,gr I msn . x' I Sf , I IIIIIIIIW I I I II" , , W' ,Aj 3gJIlSw xv" For AII Mefhods of Canning KERR GLASS MANUFACTURING CORP. Sand Springs, OIcIa. Gefman Drug Sfore, Inc. PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS "djs near as your ZIFXFPIIOIH' FREE DELIVERY VVC give S S H Green Stamps STORE No. 1 STORE No.2 Ph. 3-6I7l Ph. 9-5233 526 S. Main 4606 E. ll+h S 264 2 + Y 'i ff , F 5 s 1 knows no frontiers, no boundaries, no limits. Young men of vision can play leading roles in the one truly World-Wide industry. Count the graduates of the TU College of Petroleum Sciences and Engineering in the field of oil. MID-CONTINENT PETROLEUM CORPORATION 265 DOWNS SCHOOL SUPPLY 81 EQUIPMENT COMPANY Ph 4-004I SCHOOL SUPPLIES DUPLICATING MAcHlNEs 216 E st sevenff. S+. scHooL FURNITURE DuPLlcAToR suPPLlEs T 'Sa 3' Ok'f'h"m" SOUTHERN MILL 6 MANUFACTURING CO. Custom 6. Curtis Woodwork Iohns-Mcxnville Products 525 south Troost Phone 5-5611 Compliments . 0 FUUIITII Nmom BANK M O M P M Founm 5. Bouuaen Member F. D. I. C. 266 C MAN'S Gongrcttulcttes The Class of '54 And Extends Best Wishes To All T.U. Students Open From 6 in the Morning Until 1:30 I-LM. On the Corner of 15th and Main 'l'ha+ guide a saw, piloi a crane, wield a pain'r brush, lay brick and sfone, rivei' and weld sfeel offen gel rough and calloused. Yef fheir grip remains s+rong and sure. H' is fheir vi+al job 'ro hold our mosf prescious pos- session-our clienfs' +rus'I'. Manha+'ran has proven +ime and +ime again for forfy-eighl' X' years ii' knows exac+ly how 'ro handle +his XV all-imporlani' in+angible wi+h every care. CONSTRUCTION C00 MUSKOGEE, OKLA. A 'Few of +he many buildings ManhaHan has erecled in Tulsa are: Firs+ Narional Bank, Douglas Bomber Plan+, Medical Ar+s Building, Will Rogers High School, Union Depo+ and 'rhe Sfanolind Building. Righl' now we're busy building The Coun+y Courf House, office buildings for Kewanee Oil Co. and Sunray Oil Co., Car S+orage buildings for Firsr Na+ional Bank and Naiional Bank of Tulsa, and Temple Israel Synagogue as well as ofher s+ruc+ures in Tulsa and all over fhe midwesl. Offices in - Tulsa - Oklahoma Oily H Fl. Smilsh - Houslon For Ihr Hut in COMPLIMENTS l,:m'n l':L1lllD1lN'lli' of flllf' lo BOB DUNNING-JONES Inc. FULLER-WHITE ' "Your fjkfflllfllllll 1.111511 Sufvfvfy llozmdi v.wfffzanmI?H4i1 vwmwwffza I406 So. Lewis Tulsa Your Friendly Chervolet Dealer phoneg 6-3660 and 9-3296 L. A ..,.. - m ' an , Y, .1 -Www W Midwes'Iern Consfrucfors. Inc. ENGINEERING 8. CONSTRUCTION PIPELINES COMPRESSOR STATIONS OIL PUMP STATIONS GAS DISTRIBUTION SYSTEMS I05 NORTH BOULDER TULSA, OKLAHOMA GOOD FOOD GOOD HEALTH mi I Oc ,E ILL if Dining Room Serv' MANUFACTURING ENGINEERING INSTRUMENTS 81 EQUIPMENT THE OIL INDUSTRY BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER COLEMAN Own And Operafed By Mr. an Mrs. Frank E. Dray co' Fred Rudd, Chef T U L S A Air ConcII+ionecI for Your Comforf 270 'LITTLE MAN' It's time to "face the future with confidence," and since every success story has a section on PERSONAL FINANCES, let us help you to get the right business start. The people at our bank are never too busy to start at the be innin and show how each N BT service can work for our success. g 8 Y Little or big man on the campus, you're an important customer when you come to NBT. T' w MEMBER FEDERAL DYYOSIT NSUKANCI CORPORATION NATIONAL ANK 0F J QZFM4074 ' what now? ULSA My , ,t.:.:.. . , Q I i Q Q, ,-at 9,8 'lil E. PEARCE, PORTER XI MARTIN INSURANCE 0 BONDS NATIONAL BANK OF TULSA BUILDING Phone 3-2IOI P. O. Box 59 I9 I O-Forfy-Four Years In Tulsa-l954 B U R N E T T I S -- Con1pli111f11f.v - FLOWER 6: GIFT SHOP FROM THE We Specialize in CORSAGES . . . WEDDINGS Telephone 6-5150 C G M 4322 E. 11th Tulsa, Okla. IIIA' I IO A 'Z ' ' I ' - 'I'i'V "'A' ff Q '1I..I,",. . ,.1- I "' A A RR RRSAI eA R R1Af1A --f4f-1f4- " .5 Q' 'A"'---- IOI II IQEQCER1-'gpg I ' ffl' Ku ggstffu I I7 . , MORE ZESITFUI. fngagguh ,mm A Vx 5 MORE SPARKLINGIPIQQUPL f"f0W f XQLQQ' AND Twrce AS Mucu assumes' ix 'RM L 'JQQZ' ww TAKE LES? wa-len PEPSIS ees-r 1 . NN spsrff W Jmszf In R 6367-6 C9160 Zcpisf "LISTEN T0 'COUNTER-SPY'-TUESDAY AND THURSDAY EVENINGS, YOUR ABC STATION 272 7 DAN P. HOLMES and adm INSURANCE and BONDS NATIONAL BANK OF TULSA BUILDING BOX 2356 TULSA I, OKLAHOMA EAST SIDE CAFE We specialize in CHICKEN AND STEAK DINNERS Phone 6-58l2 for reservalions 302I E. Admiral Place Tulsa, Okla. Compliments of a Friend Tulsofs Oldest Exclusive SHOP OF TRAVEL for Quality Travel Needs See Our GADGETERIA - GIFT DEPARTMENT ELEPHANT TRUNK CO. 516 So. Main St. Tulsa, Okla. 273 BEST WISHES To The CLASS OF l954 PEOPLE'S STATE BANK Student Activities Building Petroleum Sciences Hall TULSA QKLAHQMA Built By Tulsa Rig. Reel G Manufacturing Co. ADMIN General Contractors and l'lt'l1f'I'l1f Dzfjmxif l11.s'1n'r1114'1' Corp. Retail Lumber Line Yard Operators 0 DIAMONDS 0 WATCHES 0 SILVER ' CHINA 0 CRYSTAL 0 FINE IEWELRY 0 COSTUME IEWELRY 3 Convenient Locations . . . 509 SOUTH MAIN 0 I5 EAST FIFTH 0 I8l2 UTICA SQUARE 274 NATIONAL , NATIONAL NATIONAL GAS, OIL ' INDIRECT HEATERS API BOLTED TANKS AND WATER SEPARATORS W? .... . ,,,, N,Tmw,:g,Mw,?V,57tYWyyf,?WW,jZw ?!,,, Oi , , , J ' ' 4 A mg I S' NATIONAL NATIONAL NATIONAL EMULSION TREATERS HORIZONTAL SEPARATORS FREEWATER KNOCKOUTS TTI NATIONAL LOW TEMPERATURE NATIONAL EXTRACTION UNITS VERTICAL SEPARATORS X S I l v l . ,, GD Y NATIONAL TANK CO TULSA, OKLA. I Everyone enjoys those delicious ,mn E Hawk's Creations! x , A oooo HOME TOWN ICE CREAM W Kr. Seever, Smith 51 Thornton General Insurance and Surety Bonds y sa 3, Oklahoma Distinctive Letterpress and Offset Printers Commercial Publishers Specializing in 0 OFFICE FORIXIS 0 IQNVIQLOPIQS 0 IXIANIFOLD FORKIS 0 ISOOKLICTS 0 SNAP-OUT FORIVIS 0 PUBLICATIONS James K. Emery Phone 3-8450 James Emery, Jr. Tulsa, Oklahoma 276 FIR NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY o F T u L s A hink... I:IRS'I'...about BANKING as a areer! Surveys prove that banking has the largest percentage of persons making over 37,500.00 a year, than any other profession. Think . . . FIRST . . . about Banking for your career. It offers good pay, liberal benefits, hours and conditions, the advantages of additional education, and opportunity . . . unlimited! You are cordially invited to come in and discuss a banking career with any of our officers. They'll be glad to advise you . . . sl 7 SINCE 1895 2 N N N x g 8 Q 5 5 Q 33 Make Congratulations cQ Best Wishes for the 7 I ' . ' Woody A Jawa ry C0"""g Yeafs your DAN BURTON year 'round Gift headquarters WILL DO For the Gift you'Il give with pride, Let your feweier be your guide. We Give S G H Green Stamps --Two Convenient Locations to serve y - ..t..,'i.:1 125 Nw' the TU Campus af ti-i ii' ..1.l5i55iif": ,QLIZ I A"',A IQ? ',V- 'I 1137 South Harvard IIiiiiie2iiiEEi?iiif2a5if'2"g,ggg1.,1QzQ1iiE5lf53iT1'f".gEii22f?Z1i 1" f3?5E'Q3i2giiz2si35'',eiiaiy55315-EZQQ2 Q'i1"4 i1Qjjg-f11'z,.:'1iziif' " ,, ,, 5 ",' " YYV V n v M H . - -.,., J r i 7 i .,.. i Downtown Cin Alvin Hotel? ot 7th G Main Phone 6-2I9I 2407 East 5th 0 for confidential service in EMPLOYMENT COUNSELING TESTING CHAS. I. LOVELESS PERSONNEL SERVICE 6l6 South Main Suiie 306 Q M y y t ' 1 if ff- iff!-' ,.. L A- J Qi Emi. .Il ::,:H,,. ,... , f mt , 'Q ft 5 ,. z. . . . ' fp, . . f, ,, y TOM. GUMPMIY HOUSTON, TEXAS J WORLD STANDARD 5 OF THE XNDUSTRY 3 i QQ, W LEE. ' H r economics BEHIND YOUR CHOICE OF ROCK BITS In oil well drilling, the margin between profit and loss may frequently be the difference in the performance of the rock bits you use. That is why so many operators today select Hughes bits in setting up bit programs for their wells. They know from experience that in established areas they can project drilling costs from the performance of Hughes bits. Let the Hughes representative in the area in which you are operating help you set up the bit program on your next well. He is familiar with the bits that can get you on and off the job in the shortest possible time. BURTE I. BANKS COMPANY General Insurance 511 NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE BUILDING TULSA 3, OKLAHOMA TELEPHONES 2-8307 6. 4-7378 BURTE I. BANKS BURTE I. BANKS, IR. Hegdqwfefs fof - WHOLESALE and RETAIL - S T E T S O N H A T S SHCI A FLOOR COVERING FOR IUSTlN BOOTS EVERY PURPOSE na 1 Linoleum Iglaclylliiiclerrile Asplgggile Dal Til Monu:li1ner1ClA1im2IieciI1i1q T119 N CIDUUERS We Fe-czture Nationally Adveriised Merchandise 49 Years in Tulsa 217 SO. Main Phone 2-UISG Dial 6-2539 or 6-8661 2626 E. 15th St. 2-b4Te u 2 H OUI'S - r ialg fgg i'-A V N 0 N - P , Tulsa - OIcIjaI1oma CII'y Ein 75 -7-7.7 f 2 Yi. ' v -1 L-.-..?.-T.-l'vg:- VI6 ' X - TURNER TURNPIKE Take The Finest Ride of Your Life Ride the "Air Ride" Buses. Faster Q Cheaper Than Any Other Transportation For Departing Times Call UNION BUS TERMINAL TULSA 2-2I I I W HARRIS RENT-A-CAR CO. 4I4 So. Boulder Phone 4-I I2I QE! 15191 I 1 -1945 cilinirien Phone 6-I I33 2002 E. IIII1 SI. EXCLUSIVE SHIRT LAUNDRY Cleaning of Distinction Since 1906 RESIDENTIAL - COMMERCIAL FORREST SHOEMAKER Air Conditioning Co. I-IEATING and COOLING ORPHEUM CIGAR STORE SPORTING RESULTS Dafvis' Complete line of Wilson and MacGregor-Goldsmith LU NCI-I Sporting Goods 14 E. 3rd St. 410 So. Main 309 So. Bosion Phone 2-2882 TULSA' QKLAI 282 ML wmunv R mMf,RtAL S iiiliilii QEHLFELBRGHRQE l WW visuals S "OlL COUNTRY MATERIAL" means the same in nu any language-casing and tubing to carry out world drilling me 0 programs and increase oil reserves. . I Supply of this vital commodity has been difficult these past Q E several years. Production of API licensed foreign mills haslcon- 5 ' 1 0 tributed substantially in maintaining the pace which the Oil lndustry has achieved against tremendous odds. - W . E s Lucey Products Corporation was a key in the organizing and pipe of complete interchangeability . . . strict conformance with APl Y A X planning necessary to prepare the foreign mills for production of l , I standards of specifications and quality . . . universal acceptance. L-my Lum rnonucrs conronnnou llll soqpulmn- A :HL u.JEl.L SUPPLIES I y Tl..lLgSA.P0Kl.Al-ICMA . Phillips McCar+ys Flowers l203 S. Harvard Company TULSA OKLA 95334 Complimen+s of LAYMAN Gr. SONS coNTRAcToRs TULSA OKLAHOMA Scott-Rice Co. BARNES- MANLEY -A' LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING FINE OFFICE 538 Soulh Vic+or Tulsa Oklahoma FURNITURE HEAT MAKERS QHNZ FLOOR FURNACES A Size for Every Home Heating Requirement ' Small Timm' Crille ' Tool Proof ' Simple to Operate ' AQJI flpprovetl ' Sturdy Cfonslruction UNIT HEATERS For clean, safe, trouble-free heating of industrial and commercial establishments, gas-fired suspended heaters have proven themselves and assure customer satisfaction. A com- plete, packaged unit fully automatic, the heaters are su- spended from the ceiling to conserve valuable floor space and yet are designed so that they will be an attractive ad- dition to any shop or store. A.C.A. Approved for Natural, Mixed, Manufactured or LP Cas. FORCED AIR TYPE CENTRAL HEATERS Here is truly a universal, efficient, simple, and com- pact central heating unit, Fully automatic, it is a complete packaged unit ready for installation. Heaters may be installed in the basement, attic, service closet, or utility room of a home. The AF-110 may be in- stalled even under the house if certain provisions are made for the draft diverter. The john Zink Central Cas Heater is designed as a winter air conditioner with a summer switch to provide air circulation during warm weather. JOHN ZINK COMPANY 4401 Soufh Peoria Tulsa, Oklahoma 285 ALEXANDER 81 ALEXANDER INSURANCE Ralph S. Henderson Hugh B. Long F lc S Schneider Mid-Confinenl' Bldg. Tulsa IHE ALEMIIE SALES COMPANY -l Since I92I ll P. O. Box I99 Phone 5-9258 I232-4 Soufh Defroil Ave. TULSA, OKLAHOMA HALL O. WEBB, Presiden+ COMMANDER MILLS Inc. Sand Springs, Oklahoma Conlraclors and Engineers J. L. Healh Co. Plumbing, Healing, Venlilaling and Air Conclilioning 4l5 Soulh Kenosha TULSA, OKLAHOMA ACORN PRINTING COMPANY E. RAY FERRELL, PRESIDENT 723 WEST Sfh PHONE 2-2l84 CLIFFORD BAKERY FINE PASTRIES HOME-MADE BREAD ir We Specialize in BIRTHDAY AND WEDDING CAKES Phone 6-5757 1750 So. Harvard Mrs. De Havens Flower Shop Telephone 3fOI I8 IO4 IO6 E. l5+h Nighl Phone 5-8886 PAGE The Mover I3+h 3. Elgin TULSA, OKLAHOMA 286 GUR BEST WISI-IES Always Ta T U for the graduates of 1954 and of every year we W1Sh the suecess that IS de ervedly yours because of the trammq you have qamed ln a truly hue umversrty .E 7 T" , I - - S 1 ,. -W - DOMESTIC "First in Qzmlity for Twellfy-Sz'x IYKIIIIYU THOMPSON MOVIE SERVICE "Factory Authorized Service" BELL 8: HOWELL - VICTOR RCA - AMPRO gggggglgg SfmzkvMews A D 0 FILM LIBRARY 0 N J P Thompson IB37 So. B 'r Drive-in Save ISLX, II27 South Lewis 3-7575 Tulsa, HARVARD BRUSH COMPANY JANITOR SUPPLIES PHONE 9-3388 P.O. BOX 5186 3:48 EAST IITH ST. TULSA I6 OKLA RAY S EA RS -AUTO SERVICE- A CompIeI'e One S+op Au+o Repair Service! Mofors RebuiII' - Tune-Ups Body, Fender Work Auto Painting TWO BLOCKS SOUTH OF THE CAMPUS ,407 E. wh ph. 3,7l76 BEST WISHES TO THE umvsnsnv or TULSA I O ' ' ' ' in TULSA Remember YOu'II DO a+ . . HI D-l..UE51' CHEVROLET ervin u sa 7+h TO 8'rh ON CINCINNATI ears PHONE: 4-9I9I C J ., ---,--:Bias--I., ' 0-,::"l ff -f , E 5 Q Z , , -A :Pl Z, E2 pq EJ E21 Q .qnph i'.'7'4i44f' 7 " l ,ji .bA. Q' "' "", ' 'f7-.,,-jjj. ,,.,4...: ,.,.. ., - ,, 10' . Q5 ' QW I V 5 G- ' , . x V " n , f N .9 44" F'-31' ' '7 Wa . KJXN 10615 X an Er I ll X, ,Qi he E 0 W 5 ll? g' ' 'Wg I I? I - ' so gf' S9 F fkffi.. J' of gf bs" i 5 + X I ' if M X' .6 A5 . tif?-g..1v.i ' -I - A.,. . ai 56 QTL! Q A1 if-I 11-im' Q' ff L U ':!X1'..." - - eb ' """...".'L... sn 5? 0 'QQ B. Qs, os -ef! w

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