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Q9 wwwwzwmv , A JMLJM4 EQ .,M-z:A ,. 50144, -140110444-c,afufa.ffdc,1fu,fZ, LZQZWQ fifffj J L ,,.4,5, 'Zf2f MX' Zz M2325 Qdzixfxzwil M., do QM Zigi pfffffli, may pf4QgzQ,w4Qf , '44 - , Jaeggwl-L0,iJJ-aww-ve, 2-owa,.Ln...4,l.l3,aL3M,-Jfjd-703'-af? .Qam-f,4Mf-2, .94efwf-13JQM-0-+"""'y-1'-MJ 4a:tL.,J3.,.1,wf-do-lL0+4f-v-2 fc.,:.,,..4,f?,f..w9'MAgMLfs4,ufMv75, 7"'0"'t"' x . ?2vJ!?wL..4e.M.., ggi? WWW WJ 2 + Qg f Rag X Kathryn Rainbolt-Editor lack Mills-Manager Copyright l942 Published By The Board ot Publications University ot Tulsa 8 CRQAXXSW ww 451 Oiikoiok Yeofoook oi me Uowereiw oi Tokso Pm, oo:oooX pdohookxoo oeoxoxxoq ooXXeqe Nike io Hoe mio, Urmeo Stokes. 'Vols is Toe Skov! oi o om 'X exe Ks mote soooe Koi me oem. Seoote Qoese Wok 1 x Qoe ew oi oXe oi ooXXeQe . . . meomoq ookroxxeo Xoeoe ooo pokevfoohkiee oi ooo. oookeoieo xo o doeekj Xkokeo ook, Yumoxeoe K1 oooq 1oeo1oN,e Xeove its ooote ev ew 'qeoni Xoekker eopipoe ' ship ooo. eewkoe. X Oi CXKYL60 Q' Qvficmtiom l VER the top floor oi Tyrrell Hall presides e of Tulsa's primary claims to ia . The Boston Avenue Methodist C urch of Tulsa is a ogned tribute to her x 'al -0 ' '- powers. Because she is lending to us these years of her lite in the creation of a finer thing ...a sense oi proportion, a right scale of values, a Vision of Work Well done . scores of young Americans, We dedicate this 1942 KENDALLABRUM with apprecia- tion and devotion to Dr. Adah Robinson. ,M A. H SM ff, M X. SYS j .ZW ,N H ag ' fm FQ P, ,N Q k Q f H' 135 . ,T Yi f 'K 6' 59 xv' ,J :rv-w 1 1 ff fxyf .. ,, ,,f,i,,x,,5 J , f Q 4 Q i., M 'vm-w, 1 X My A - K ,, X I x K Q- V ' x x ,A :K fu .Qi I I. I 1 F K Q. .qw 4 .ff -. fr' . 'QSC MS , ,...y ,, rw,,,, .. V' y if . J? ..-M Q -augur 2 .."' - H-L we-and f-.f vu -N Q'WOY' XYYEHENT trorrt other YQOYYDOOXLS, tttts XCEND NL- ?1UtXfX.'tt records ttfre story ot how the Yttstrrq Sort hour edrtter every dosj everr trr Otdd- t ttrouqtr the boys toeqorx . .how toottodtt T U PCB dot us up drt tftorrtd . . .bow ttte Wertr ort to tedtie GDC3. ootces were rdttorted. tted GH dtt-ttrrxe pedtf. trr GHWXUSXGSYH drrd . . Wort. . . .tts ttrst toowt qdrrte . . .how ere qtverw. . . .how pottttcs . . except tor ' 'edt redo ptottfed . . .drtd rrtore drrd better dorroes W ttuotudted drtd ttrtdtty deoredsed . XIXGDQOVQYS trr trrvesttqdttorrs ot txrrderdoq potrtr dsptrdrrts . . .how the Erxqtrreers' olueerr wds tctd- rxdpped tor orre Wttote Week . . . drtd how the Ytrre Prrts buttdtrrq sourtded the sdrrte . . . drtd the Errqt- rreers' touttdtrrq srrxetted the some . . . dd trtttrrtturrt .Q wk Q1Il-+5 5 Book . wmq 'Yo Learn - X L cxmmq 'Yo X.-we ECG, N. O 4.'1c,iE, ,Q- fe i f N., ff,-Mm, , ,... "K-P mmm- f .1 J' 1 'GG Q' fin X 1531-vW"7f. ,K we 31-+1:'5.' .ffivgz 'iff-4' I. A 5, 1 5 ,L Wa . if c..l 1,14 W, 42 f 'i4ff'5,"' ar- 1 ,U , f J .Egg A- , ,et xy- ' V 1 Q k Qiawnf J-RI-1 ' ' 1 wr fit f:,,3,4.f V- uw gf H' 1 9 bf' - rw ,Lf W , nfs? qi , V' 9 .ax A if X2 3,- i f .sy f 5-..x, N- ,. ax at V, bfi ' a A g ig 1 X Ya gi? .i we he in . ,., :EF QL if. 53 f 433 5 'xx 4 1 ,.,,.. ag, 8 N 'T f yt ' - mf ai 4 ww. .QM Q 'I L 2 1 if sk mf nd Prrneriod HE duidind ioroe bebind yon irorn birib nniii be redobes YOGUIS esidie. Noi ibdi iedrnind is over iben, bni ibdi ibe iorrndi edncdiion be bds been priviieded io nnderdo nsndiiy' ends wiib ooiiede ddijs. Find priviiede ii is. 'Yoddy' ibis is rediized rnore iniiy' by coiiede sindenis ibdn ev er beiore. Since our iorrn oi dovernrneni bds been cbdiiended, our eniire odiiern oi ercisience, inoindind in pdr- iionidr our edncdiiondi sysiern, is ibrediened wiib exierrnindiion. 'Ybie is one o ine redsons iindi we IiiQXfiJi in oroiesi io ibdi obdiiende. We beiieve indi ibie odriionidr pdri oi our rnode oi exisienoe, ibie iivind n, THGXCGS iiie iniiniieiy rnore sdiis- idoiory dnd desird . We, ine sindenis, dre eoid on ibis oerio iniensive iivind io XQCIYU beodnse W e icnow ibdi we wiii UXUYYXGYQXY iedrn io iive. in ibdi wdy, io XSGY bie d oi MCFARLIN LIBRARY THE PHESIIJE T U11 E. l. Puntius FAR CRY from the stutty col- lege president of legend, Dr. C. l. Pontius combines scholarship with invaluable business ability, and, consequently, produces equally good results in academic conven- tions and in ways-and-means com- mittee meetings. He would like to see the comple- tion ot the Student Union building, the construction of a combination field house and auditorium, another science building, administration building, a couple ot small dormi- tories for girls, a row of fraternity houses and a limited enrollment of l2OO to l5U0 students. Active in many varied fields ot endeavor, he is one of the most dom- inant ot civic leaders. His latest accomplishment: turning poet in the true Chamber of Commerce spirit, to eulogize Tulsa in rhyme. 176.91 I BUSI E55 AIIMINISTH TUBE C. l. Duncan Most students find handling their own personal finances a full-time iob, but C. l. Duncan, as University treasurer, holds the purse-strings for the whole school and still has time for a sense of humor. lt could be because he locks his office against inter- ruptions until his work is finished and then is ready for a good time minus qualms of conscience down the trips he loves to take. Beryl l-lancmcla lf she stops one minute to ask a husky football player about the chances in next week's game and in the next moment chats with the president of Phi Gamma Kappa, here's two-to-one that it is Mrs. Beryl G. Hancock. ln addition to being business mana- ger of the University, she manages to accumulate one of the longest list of friends of anyone on the campus. You can see how seriously she takes her official duties by Watching her go from room to room turning off lights, since she, too, has a finger on the official budget. War-time car rationing won't worry him over time either since he has been a hiking fan for years but it may slow J. E. lfelluws Dr. Iohn "Triple Threat" Fellows usually manages to play 60 minutes in every academic game in his positions as university registrar, professor of education, and general advisor to future Mr. Chipses and Miss Bishops. Although his fame as a Simon Legree sort of taskmaster has spread far, he this semester broke all the principles he teaches so earnestly by bribing his office force with candy to learn who uttered the cat-call when Bailkey came in for a conference. PEHSIJNNEI. ST W. E. Marris, Jr. A southern accent announcing, "Glenn Dobbs downed by the mass" in a voice behind T. U.'s "Going to College" movie . . . A rival for the strictest cinematic managing editor in his require- ments for journalism classes ...that's W. E. Morris, lr., suh, gentleman, scholar and head of the Personnel Department at T. U. A go-between for the students and employers-to-be, his work and patience are exemplified by the awed comment of the senior who came out of his office saying, "Gosh, and he thanked me for coming in to see him." Mary Clay Williams "Till-of-all-trades," Miss Mary Clay Williams successfully munches doughnuts and joins in on "Dig for the Clam" on T. U. "Y" picnics, book reviews for Senior Staff, and keeps four sororities on speaking terms while making rush rules in Pan- Hellenic. Long noted for serving wonderful cheese and chocolate tid- bits at teas and for maintaining the student "date" book, she has this year added a new accomplishment to her list: pedal- ling her ultra-up-to-date bicycle to school. H. U. Eliasa Few men other than H. D. Chase, counselor to men, have the mental agility to illustrate the dissecting of a frog and to advise worried house managers how many football players can safely sleep in one room without danger to life and limb. Known pri- marily as "the dean," he accepts all such diversified miscel- laneous tasks as a part of the day's work and proceeds with undisturbed equanimity. A member of the faculty for a quarter of a century, his throne is a swivel chair in his office in Robertson Hall. DEAN A.L.L HBE Whatever his renown among the experts tor tech- nical perfection, tone quality, and general musician- ship, genial Dean Albert Lukken is probably most set apart to non-musicians on the campus because of his ability to entice 50 students into giving up their lunch hours three times a week to sing in the A Cappella choir. His glory shines torth just as brightly whether he's leading "jingle Bells" at the T. U. "Y" Christmas party or urging temperamental artists to try that "C" just once more. D AN L.5. ELEUD A grown-up version of the youth who insists know- ingly that there can't be a Santa Claus, Dr. L. S. McLeod delights in debunking lurid movies where the villian subdues the heroine with one glance from beneath his john L. Lewis eyebrows. As just penance, he is forced by public demand every year to demon- strate honest-to-goodness hypnotism. He denies, however, that he mesmerizes students into enrolling in those required courses without more ado: that's simply the Dale Carnegie brand ot mak- ing friends that has so tirmly established his popu- larity as dean ot the college ot arts and sciences. TTI.. -- ------T---i D AN H.L.LA EE HEI lust a King Pat at heart, the dean of the Engineers, R. l.. Langenheim, is as devoted to green shirts and slide rules as the most ardent engineering student. So heart-and-soul engrossed is he with the engineers that he even got an extra-short haircut during the week of the Queen-Patricia-lcidnapping ruckus. Between sessions of trigonometry and professional advice to engineers as to where to find a good oil lease to practice on in the future, he stalks about uprooting and transplanting trees and shrubbery, all for the beauty of the campus. Note his expression when he sees thumb tacks in the woodwork! DEAN . . P XSD t Whether it is because of his shining personality or his influential connections the fact remains that Dean A. M. Paxson receives more gifts than any other professor on the campus. First it was a bushel of apples from an ambitious class. Then came a can of super-pretzels from Colleague Nittinger. Most ingenious was the box of B. C. Powders from a hope- ful student who heard Pax explain that he gives a test every time he has a headache. In addition to his gift-attracting ability, he prides himself especially on his hard courses, pop quizzes, and elaborate cowboy boots. l"'I' ST DE T CUUNEII. l President . . . . REX WALKER Vice-President . . . . . DON MCLEOD Secretary . . . . . DELTA LOCKEWITZ Treasurer . . , VIRGINIA KAUFMANN Sergeant-at-arms . . ,... GENE BOABK Strives to further the welfare of all students, to promote cooperation between the faculty, students and administra- tion, to regulate all University functions.. .its members are elected from the student body as a whole for a one- year term by the Hare plan of proportional representation . . . .considers problems of student interest on the campus and makes suggestions concerning them to the proper authorities. Rex Walker tabovel broke into stu- dent politics with a bang as presi- dent of the Student Council. Meets every Wednesday night in the Browsing Boom of the Library . . . members were hosts and hostesses at a summer open-house and a showing of the school movie for prospective students . . .council sponsored very successful 10 cent vic- tory dances after the night football games . . . the carefully nourished public address system worked this year . . . part of the time . . . attempt to revive Varsity Nite failed . . . a bigger and better Talahi Day was considered by the council. Transition or change of the council itself was the topic for discussion in most of the first semester sessions . . .profound arguments over a revision of the by-laws gave way to a con- sideration of a community council . . . said council to be composed of representatives from both the faculty and the student body . . . and . . . it was hoped . . . to act with a greater degree of impartiality and cooperation. Colonel Hoop sponsored the council...until his eventful call from Washington...and saw red when the president of the student governing body had to assist in wrapping goal posts . . .thought that it was beneath the council's dignity to sponsor dances. . . and definitely felt that the dances were a detriment to the budget . . . he did not hestitate to differ with Bob Scott on certain noteworthy occasions. Delta Lockewitz tbelowl longed for shorthand to help in keeping her minutes straight. Dr. Bailkey was persuaded to become "Browsing Boom Chaperonu after the Colonel's departure...rescued the council from its maze of by-laws and resolutions and advo- cated a new plan of government.. .during meetings he surreptitiously sneaked his pipe out even though in the sacred sanctuary of the library. Meetings begin when President Rex calls for order... Delta Ann reads the volumes of business transacted at the previous meeting . . . recommendations, suggestions, mo- tions, by-laws, and amendments descend in a deluge... resulting action is a meek suggestion to the powers that be...Virginia Kaufmann keeps tab of the money and tries to find ways to spend it wisely. . .everything from an all-school picnic to pencil sharpeners considered... t ST DE T EUUNIIII. ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW' f-left to right: Howard Alexander, Doris Bell, loe Blair, Duncan Brown, Lois Brown, Duane Burger, Drusilla Carter, Phyllis Cass. SECOND ROW 'f-- -left to right: Frances Hayes, Otis Hunter, Virginia Kaufmann, Delta Lockewitz, Don Mc- Leod, Raymond Ousterhout, Richard Richards, Gene Roark. , BOTTOM ROW --left to right: Lucille Rowell, Bob Scott, Dick Shea, Everyl Snelson, Ed Stewart, Rebecca Thomas, Allen West. Members not present: Anna Margaret Kraus, Charles Spilman, Rex Walker Don McLeod presiding as social chairman . . . and planning bigger and better parties. Allen West wanting to start from the beginning and make the whole school over. . . a worthy resolve . . . freshman. . .Frances Hayes keeping things moving along by arguing with anyone about anything . . . just to show all the angles... Duncan Brown enjoying the com- forts of home . . . the soft couches and his pipe . . . Richard Richards attending meetings in his tux . . . played dances after meetings . . . Gene Roark . . . brain trust . . . keeping everyone quiet by not giving anyone else a chance to talk . . . Ed Stewart spending hours on suggested improvements for the constitution . . . then they talk of a new form of government. Everyl Sneison desperately trying to enforce Roberts Rules of Order . . . Ray Ousterhout com- ing to with a brain storm . . .after the question has been completely solved.. .if ever. . .by the council.. .Bob Scott's suggestions being put aside by the Colonel.. .Rebecca Thomas arriving late. . .and finding a seat by Ray Ousterhout . . . Otis Hunter calmly sitting in an arm chair, listening to everything. Howard Alexander making everyone sit up and take notice with his flowery speech . . . Dick Shea always dressed "fit to kill" . . . Doris Bell explaining how they used to do it. . . Lucille Rowell, unbiased.. .Phyllis Cass making lengthy reports.. .Duane Burger always present and ready for work . . . loe Blair keeping the Collegian in the council's good graces . . . Speedy Spilman making football practice the explanation for his tardiness. . .Lois Brown keeping pretty quiet . . . Anna Margaret Kraus coming often enough to know almost all of the members. ST DE T PHIIMUTIU EIJUNIIIL In the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW-left to right: Robert D. Mullin, lohn Cox, lohn Allred, Charles Briley, Prescott Haralson. SECOND ROW-'left to right: lohn Chronic, Don McLeod, Rex Walker, lim Engle. BOTTOM ROW3 left to right: Elizabeth Harth, Mary Ann Sanders, Betty Mason, Helen Alldredge, Members not present: lack Mills, Mary Ellen Kesselring. Organization presidents band together to promote favorable school publicity. . .led by Presi- dent Harth . . . manage parades and stunts . . . have weekly suppers. ST DE T ACTIVITIES Eu MITTEE In the picture above are shown the following members: Left to right: Delta Lockewitz, H. D. Chase, W. E. Morris, lr., Rex Walker, and Mary Clay Williams. Member not present: Colonel O. W. Hoop. The president, secretary and sponsor of the Student Council, the director of personnel and the dean of men and the dean of Women form the committee which acts on restrictions for pledg- ing, initiation and social functions of fraternity life. It considers all student problems. Iohnny Rylcmder and Yolctndo Whenthoff Typical Freshmen FRE3i-IMAN CLA FI ESi-IMEN ACRE, IULIA KATHRYN , . .Arts and Sciences. AMSTUTZ, RAY . . . Engineering. ANDERSON, MARIORIE , . .Business Administration. ANDREWS, D, I .... Business Administration. ATTAWAY, HAROLD REX . . . Business Administration BANISTER, RICHARD C .... Engineering. BEAR, BETTY LOU. . . Arts and Sciences. BLAIR, CATHERINE . . . Arts and Sciences. BLAIR, IOE. . . Business Administration, BOWLIN, ROBERT. . . Engineering. BRILEY, TELVA IEAN . . . Fine Arts. BROWN, DOROTHY LOUISE . . . Arts and Sciences. BRYCE, IOHN C .... Arts and Sciences. BUCK, IMOGENE . . . Arts and Sciences. BURNLEY, RALPH RAY.. .Arts and Sciences. BURNS, ROBERT ROY. . . Engineering. BUSBY, GLORIA. . . Arts and Sciences. BUTCHER, BETTY LEE. . .Arts and Sciences. CAMPBELL, COLIN CLYDE . . . Business Administration CARMAN, MARGARET BETTY.. . Arts and Sciences. CLEMENT, IAMES . . . Engineering. CLOUD, ETHEL IEANNE.. .Arts and Sciences. COLLIER, GEORGE A .... Business Administration. COULTER, BILL . . . Engineering. CRANE, DOLORES . . . Arts and Sciences. CRAWFORD, PETER ROY . . . Business Administration, CROUCH, MARTHA . . . Arts and Sciences. CUBBISON, MARGIE LEE. . . Business Administration. DANIELSON, BETTY IANE. . .Arts and Sciences. D'ARCY, IERRY . . . Business Administration. DAVID, IAMES M .... Engineering. DAVIDSON, MARY IO.. .Arts and Sciences. DAVIS, DOROTHY PEARL . . .Arts and Sciences. DAWSON, IOAN . . .Arts and Sciences. DICK, IOSEPHINE . . . Business Administration. DUNHAM, ROBERT IOE . , . Engineering. DUNN, GEORGIA LOU.. .Arts and Sciences. EDWARDS, ZYLPHIA MARILYN . . . Arts and Sciences. ELLIOT, PATSY . . . Fine Arts. ELSON, IAMES H .... Engineering. ENLOVVS, IEANNETTE. . . Business Administration. FLYNN, GEORGE ROBERT. . . Business Administration. EORTIN, IOHN L ,... Arts and Sciences. FRANCIS, IAY . . . Arts and Sciences. FRIEDLEY, RUBY IANE . . . Fine Arts. GALLAGHER, GWENDOLYN . . . Arts and Sciences. GIBBS, SUZANNE. . .Business Administration. GLEAVES, MARY LEE , . . Arts and Sciences, GOBLE, IOHN DAVID . . . Engineering. GOINS, MARIEAN . , .Arts and Sciences. GOODNIGHT, CLYDE DAVIS . . . Business Administration. GREEN, IAMES ALLEN . . . Engineering. HAMBRICK, WELDON LEROY. . .Arts and Sciences. HAMMETT, ELIZABETH IANE . . . Business Administration HAMPTON, B. BARD . . . Fine Arts. HANE, CARL E .... Business Administration. HANSEN, NADINE . . . Business Administration. HARRY, IEANNETTE. . .Business Administration, HARRY, IEAN. . .Fine Arts. HASKELL, DORIS SUE. . . Arts and Sciences. HAYES, DOROTHY IEANE . . . Business Administration HEDRICK, CORINNE FE . . .Fine Arts. HELLER, HAROLD L .,.. Engineering. IIILBORN, IEAN MARIAN ...Arts and Sciences. HOLT, ELIZABETH ANN , . . Business Administration. HOLIWAY, ROBERT I .... Engineering. HOPKINS, ELLEN . . . Business Administration. HOWELL, HENRY FRANCIS.. .Arts and Sciences. HUME, LAURA MARY... Fine Arts. IIUMPHRY, BETTY ANN . . . Business Administration, IGEL, PERY . , . Engineering. IGLEHART, CHARLES F ..,. Engineering. INSCH, PAUL H .... Arts and Sciences. IACKSON, PATSY. .. Business Administration. IACKSON, VIRGINIA... Arts and Sciences. IACOBS, DON EDWARD . . .Business Administration. IEWELL, DAVID FRANKLIN , . . Engineering. IOHNSON, VIRGINIA ELLA.. .Arts and Sciences. IORNS, KENNETH LLOYD . . . Arts and Sciences. KARNES, KATHERINE. . . Business Administration. KAUFMAN, EDWARD LEE . . . Engineering. KELLEY, ARIETTA MAXINE . . .Business Administration. KPRR, IOHNECE DEAL. . .Arts and Sciences. KERR, MARTHA ANNE. . .Arts and Sciences. KERR, NANCY ANN . , .Arts and Sciences. KRISCHAN, CATHERINE , . . Business Administration. LAIRMORE, IACK RICHARD... Arts and Sciences. LANGLEY, CLIFFORD W .... Engineering. LANGLEY, HAROLD M .... Engineering. LAVER, EARL ANDREW . . . Engneerinq. 1 C19 1 FI ESE-IMEN LAWYER, HOWARD EENTON . . . Engineering. LOCKWOOD, GERALD . . . Business Administration. LOGAN, GENE ADAMS.. . Arts and Sciences. LONG, RACHEL LOUISE. . . Arts and Sciences. LUMPKIN, RICHARD B .... Engineering. MCARTHUR, LAHOMA . . . Arts and Sciences. MCCORMICK, IAMES B .... Engineering. McCOY, IANE . . . Business Administration. MCCULLOUGH, DOROTHY LEE . . . Business Adms. MCMAHON, WILLIAM R .... Business Administration. MCOWEN, SHERWOOD ARTHUR . . . Engineering. MacEACHERN, IACK . . . Engineering. MacGREGOR, GENE . . . Business Administration. MANN, DON M .... Business Administration. MARKWELL, EARL DAVID . . . Engineering. MEYER, REITA RUTH . . . Arts and Sciences. MOORE, CHARLES BURTON. . . Engineering. MORGAN, IOAN NOLA . . . Business Administration. MORRIS, WILLIAM T ,.,. Business Administration. MORTON, HAROLD L .,.. Business Administration. MULLINS, IESS FRANK . . . Engineering. MURPHY, IOHN RAYMOND . . . Arts and Sciences. NOLAN, MARGIE KATHRYN . . . Business Administration OUSTERHOUT, MARIORIE . . .Business Administration. PARK, ROBERT R .... Arts and Sciences. PAYNE, IEAN ANN. . . Arts and Sciences. PENTERMAN, MARY . . . Engineering. PERKINS, DOROTHY BATES. . .Business Administration PETTY, ANNE. . . Arts and Sciences. PITCOCK, H. WAYNE.. .Arts and Sciences. PONTIUS, BETTY IANE . . . Business Administration. PUTTER, RITZIE LEE.. .Arts and Sciences. OUINLAN, EILEEN MARIE . . . Arts and Sciences. RASH, IOAN DOLORES . . . Business Administration. REDMOND, ROBERT F .... Arts and Sciences. REMY, LULU IACOUELINE . . . Arts and Sciences. RHODES, ALVAH . . . Engineering. RICHARDS, LLOYD WILLIAMS .. .Arts and Sciences. RICHARDS, RICHARD LEE . . . Business Administration ROARK, EDWARD LEE . . . Engineering. ROBINONVITZ, IENNY . . . Arts and Sciences. ROGERS, IOHN . . .Business Administration. RUMMAGE, I. REID.. . Fine Arts. RYLANDER, TOHNNY , . .Engineering SCHWARTZ, FRED B .... Engineering. SEIBERT, LLOYD M .... Business Administration. SHEBESTA, IAMES EDWARD. .. Arts and Sciences. SHOEFSTALL, IOHN O .... Business Administration. SHOTKOWSKI, IOHN A .... Arts and Sciences. SIMONS, RALPH G.. . . Engineering. SIMS, W. DABNEY . . . Arts and Sciences. SLOAN, KENDALL EUGENE . . . Engineering. SMITH, WILLIAM ALEXANDER . . . Engineering. SNYDER, ELEANOR FRANCIS . . . Arts and Sciences. STEHR, ALICE IEAN . . . Business Administration. SUMNER, RUTH EMMA. . . Arts and Sciences. TAPPANf DAVID WILLIAM . . . Engineering. THOMAS, AUBREY LEE. . . Arts and Sciences. THOMAS, DAN C .... Business Administration. TURNER, WILLIAM I .... Engineering. VINALL, IEAN . . . Arts and Sciences. WARDEN, FULLER . . . Arts and Sciences. WATTS, BARBEE ANN . . . Business Administration WEST, ALLEN . , . Engineering. WHENTHOFE, YOLANDA . . . Business Administration. WHITAKER, KAY . . . Arts and Sciences WHITELEY, WANDA ROSE. . .Arts and Sciences. WILSON, HARRIET. . . Business Administration. WILSON, SAMMIE . . . Arts and Sciences. WINCHESTER, BILL IOE . . . Business Administration. VVINEREY, WELDON B .... Arts and Sciences. WINTERS, HELEN MARGARET. . .Arts and Sciences. WOODARD, BILLIE FRANCES . . . Arts and Sciences. WORSHAM, MARTHA IEAN . . . Fine Arts. YELTON, EMORY . . .Business Administration. BARBER, BETTE . . . Arts and Sciences. CABLE, MIKE . . . Business Administration. CARTER, SUE ANN. . . Arts and Sciences. TALLMAN, MARGIE . . . Arts and Sciences. TURNBAUGH, TUNE . . .Arts and Sciences Bill lobe swings it . . . Members of the irosh basketball squad: TOP ROW left to right: Nelson Greene, Kip Lancaster, lerry D'Arcyg Fuller Warden, Clyde Goodnight. BOTTOM ROW' left to right: George Flynn, Dabney Sims, Wheeler Gayton, Captain, Clyde Leforce, Elmer Simmons. 'ti' 1 swf' FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS Ctop picturel take a stroll and talk the Whole thing over. They are, left to right, Lloyd Seibert, vice-president, Fred Schwartz, presidentp Harriet Wilson, secretary, and Elmer Simmons, treasurer. SENlOR CLASS OFFICERS Cbottom picture? squint, smile, and make faces at the camera rnan. They are, left to riqht, Gene Roark, presidentg Kathryn Rain- bolt, treasurer, Kenny Gibson, vice-president, and Frances Hayes, secretary. Bill Hansel cmd Betty Wiedenmann Typical Sophomores SOPHOMORE CLASS SJPi-IOMJRES ALLEY, DAVID ROY . . . Fine Arts. AUSTIN, LE ROY. . . Business Administration. BASTON, RALPH . . . Arts and Sciences. I BISSELL, CHARLES . . . Engineering. ' BLANK, BRUCE. . . Engineering. BODENHAMER, DOROTHY SUE . . . Business Adrns. BOMFORD, WRIGHT. . . Business Administration. BOULDEN, MARYLOU . . . Arts and Sciences. BOWIE, DUNCAN M ..,. Engineering. BOWLES, ORA LEE. . . Arts and Sciences. BREDENDICK, MARY ELIZABETH . . . Business Adms. BROOKE, ROBERTA . . . Arts and Sciences. BROWN, IERRY PAUL . . . Engineering. BRYAN, BETTY LOU . . . Business Administration. BURTON, BARBARA . . .Business Administration. BUSCH, NATALIE . . . Business Administration. BUTHOD, MARY ROSE . . .Arts and Sciences. CAMPBELL, GERRY . . . Business Administration. CAPLAS, VELMA . . . Arts and Sciences. CARTER, ROBERT NEAL . . .Business Administration. CASEBEER, DANIEL . . . Arts and Sciences CHANDLER, NETTIE . . .Arts and Sciences. CHILDS, CHARLES . . .Business Administration. CLINE, DOROTHY IANE. . .Arts and Sciences. COLE, FRANCIS RUSSELL. . . Engineering. COLLINS, PHILSON D .... Engineering. CONWAY, KATHLEEN . . . Business Administration. COOK, BARBARA ANN . . .Arts and Sciences. COOPER, MARY LOUISE. . .Business Administration. CURTIS, LOUISE . . . Business Administration. DANIEL, GERALD . . . Business Administration. DITZLER, LOUISE . . . Arts and Sciences. DOBBS, ROBERT LEE . . . Arts and Sciences. DORNEY, MARIAN . . .Arts and Sciences. DRAKE, ED E .... Engineering. DRESSER, ROBERT. . .Business Administration. DUNN, DAISYBELLE . . . Arts and Sciences. DUSTON, DEAN.. . Engineering. DWEN, MARGARET CPEGGYD . . . Business Administration ESSMAN, NATALIE . . . Arts and Sciences. FINLAYSON, MARY LAKE . . .Business Administration. FISK, MARGIE LEE . . . Business Administration. FLOURNOY, DORIS . . . Business Administration. FRAZIER, BETTY LOU . . .Business Administration. FRISCH, DOROTHY ANN. . . Arts and Sciences, GATES, MARYEMA . . . Arts and Sciences. HADDEN, IAMES ROBERT . . . Engineering. HANSEL, WILLIAM EDWARD . . . Business Administration HARTH, VIRGINIA . . . Arts and Sciences. HARWELL, MARGARET. . .Arts and Sciences. HARWOOD, ANN . . . Business Administration. HIBBARD, HELEN . . .Business Administration. I-IIGASHIOKA, GEORGE SHIGERU . . . Engineering. I-IILDEBRAND, MARGARET. . . Arts and Sciences. I-IILDITCH, GLORIA ANN . . . Arts and Sciences. HOLMGREN, LEE. . . Arts and Sciences. HOPSON, THOMAS. . . Engineering. HOUSER, PEGGY ANN . . . Arts and Sciences HYDEN, BILLY RAY . . . Engineering. IONES, DONALD RAY. . . Arts and Sciences. IONES, ELIZABETH ANN . . . Business Administration. KAUEMAN, MANYA G .... Arts and Sciences. KERR, DAVID IAY . . . Arts and Sciences. KERR, SARA IANE . . . Arts and Sciences. KESSLER, ALVIN . . . Engineering. KING, MADELYN . . .Arts and Sciences. KIRKPATRICK, IANE. . . Business Administration. KLENTOS, ANGELINA . . .Business Administration. LAWRENCE, HOBERT . . , Engineering. LEACHMAN, LUCILE . . . Arts and Sciences. MCBRIDE, MARGIE LOU. . . Arts and Sciences. MCCAY, ROBERT CLINTON . . . Engineering. McCLINTOCK, BETTY ANN... Arts and Sciences. McCULLOUGH, WILLIAM FRANK . . . Arts and Sciences. McGINLEY, CHARLES E .... Arts and Sciences. MACKEY, GEORGE-ANN . . , Arts and Sciences. MASON, ROBERT .... Engineering. MATHEY, DAN BOWMAN . . . Engineering. MEMOLE, YOLANDA . . . Arts and Sciences. MILLER, ANN ADELLE. . . Business Administration. MONGER, 'WENDELL EUGENE . . . Business Adms. MOOTE, MADELINE . . . Arts and Sciences. MULLALLY, MADGE MARIE . . . Arts and Sciences. MURPI-IY, MARGART RUTH ...Arts and Sciences NEELY, PATRICIA IEAN , . . Engineering. NELSON, KATHRYN . . . Arts and Sciences. NEWBY, MYRA MABLE...Arts and Sciences. NICHOLS, IRIS FRANCES . . .Business Administration. NICHOLSON, MARTHA SUE . . . Arts and Sciences. OWEN, IAMES WILLIAM . . . Engineering. 1 942 3J?i-IOMJRES PARKS. ED. H .... Business Administration. PEARSON, CAROL . . . Fine Arts. PERRYMAN, ROBERT . . . Arts and Sciences PRICE, THEONE IDETTE . . . Eine Arts. RAINBOLT, LOIS IRENE . . .Arts and Sciences. RANSOM, VIRGINIA.. .Arts and Sciences. REESON, MARILYN . . . Business Administration. RESER, DOROTHY ANNE. . .Business Administration REYNOLDS, RALPH . . . Engineering. RICHARDS, ASHTON . . . Business Administration. RITTENHOUSE, WILLIAM BRYAN . . . Engineering. SHEA, RICHARD. . . Arts and Sciences. SHIPP, ELIZABETH ANN... Arts and Sciences. SHORE, RUTH IMOGENE , . .Arts and Sciences. SHRUM, CLYDE S .... Engineering. SKINNER, MARYLEE . . .Business Administration. SLEAMAKER, ANNA LOUISE... Arts and Sciences. SMOCK, ROBERT. . . Arts and Sciences. SPRINGER, DOROTHY . . . Arts and Sciences. STEINSON, HELEN RUTH . . . Business Administration STIPP, M. RUSSELL . . . Engineering, SWIFT, MARTHA IEANNE ...Arts and Sciences. I SWINDELL, CALVIN. . .Engineering THOMAS, REBECCA . . . Arts and Sciences. THOMAS, ROBERT D .... Arts and Sciences. THOMPSON, VIRGINIA SUE . . . Arts and Sciences. WALTZER, ROSS. . . Arts ond Sciences. WARDEN, HUBERT . . . Business Administration. WENGER, CAROL . . . Arts and Sciences. WELCH, L. WILLIAM . . . Engineering. VVELLS, ROBERT .. . Arts and Sciences. WESTMORELAND, FRANK . . . Arts and Sciences. WHITWELL, MARCIA . . . Arts and Sciences. WIEDENMANN, BETTY. . .Arts and Sciences. WIET, VIRGINIA EAYE...Arts and Sciences. N WILDMAN, BARBARA. . .Business Administration. WILKINS, ANDRE . . . Engineering. WILLIAMS, ART D .... Arts and Sciences WOLEE, PEGGIE . . . Arts and Sciences WRIGHT, BETTY. . . Arts and Sciences. WRIGHT, WILLIAM TAYLOR.. .Arts and Sciences WYNN, IOHN E .... Eine Arts I ZOLLAR, CLAIRE. . . Business Administration. X JUNIV R CLASS Ray Ousterhout and Emilou Dixon Typical Iuniors JUNIFRS AKIN, HUGH . . . Business Administration. BLAUNER, CLAIRE . . . Business Administration. BLEAKLEY, W. BRUCE. . . Engineering. BOND, RIDGELY McCLURE . . . Fine Arts. BRIDGES, BARBARA . . . Fine Arts. BRILEY, CHARLES . . . Fine Arts. BROCKMAN, H. CHARLES . . . Engineering. BROWN, DUNCAN . . . Business Administration. BROWN, GERALDINE . . . Business Administration. BRUNER, LEONARD B .... Engineering. BULAND, IOE ANDREW.. . Engineering. BURGER, DUANE . . . Business Administration. CARTER, DRUSILLA . . . Business Administration. CHURCHILL, WINTON . . , Engineering. CLARKSON, KATHLEEN . . . Arts and Sciences. COBURN, RICHARD . . . Engineering. COLLINS, DOROTHY .. . Arts and Sciences. CRAIGO, PATSY . . . Arts and Sciences. DAUGHERTY, MARY KAY. . .Arts and Sciences. DAVIS, HELEN IANETT . . .Arts and Sciences. DEAN, ROBERT . . . Business Administration. DICKSON, NANCY LEE.. . Arts and Sciences. DIXON, EMILOU . . . Business Administration. FAST, CLARENCE ROBERT. . . Engineering. FEEMSTER, BETSY . . .Business Administration. EERRIER, PHYLLIS . . .Business Administration. FISHER, WARNER . . . Engineering. FRAME, ELAINE. . . Arts and Sciences. FROST, HAROLD . . . Engineering. GEORGE, IODIE BOB. . .Arts and Sciences GIBBS, IIMMIE T .... Arts and Sciences. GILMORE, ARLITA . . . Business Administration. GOW, THOMAS . . . Engineering. HAIL, MAURICE . . . Arts and Sciences. HALL, ROBERT GUY . . . Engineering. HAMILTON, DOROTHY MAY. . .Business Administration HAMMETT, ELLIS TED . . , Engineering. HAMMETT, IOHN PAUL . . . Engineering. HEDRICK, IOE L .... Business Administration. HELLER, HARRY . . . Engineering. HERRIMAN, IOHN MONROE... Arts and Sciences HIGGINS, LENORAH . . .Arts and Sciences. HINCKLEY, DE L ..., Arts and Sciences, HINDERLITER, IEAN . . . Arts and Sciences. HOUSTON, MERTON B .... Business Administration. IONES, V. EDGAR . . . Engineering. KAISER, WILLIAM E .... Business Administration. KAUFMANN, VIRGINIA RAE . . . Arts and Sciences KESSELRING, MARY ELLEN.. .Arts and Sciences. KING, MARY IEAN . . . Arts and Sciences. KINTER, EILEEN NORRIS.. . Arts and Sciences. LAIN, GEORGE RAY.. .Arts and Sciences. LANGENHEIM, RALPH L ..,. Engineering. LIVELY, NANCY. . . Arts and Sciences. LOCKEWITZ, DELTA ANN.. .Arts and Sciences. MCALLISTER, DAVID L .... Arts and Sciences. MCFETRIDGE, LOIS . . . Arts and Sciences. MCMAHON, BETTIE IEAN.. .Arts and Sciences. MARKS, ELEANOR . . . Arts and Sciences. MASE, IOHN R .... Engineering, MASON, FRED EDWARD . . . Arts and Sciences. MAVRIS, IOHN G .... Business Administration. MEEKS, CLAYTON W .... Arts and Sciences. MILLER, LOUIS . . . Business Administration. MILLER, MAZIE ANN. . . Arts and Sciences. MITCHELL, IOSEPH H .... Engineering, MOORE, L. D .... Arts and Sciences. MULLER, ALBERT ANTHONY . . . Engineering. NEHER, H. TYLER. . . Engineering. O'BRIEN, ALICE. . . Arts and Sciences. OUSTERHOUT, RAYMOND. . . Engineering. PERSONS, AL ERNEST . . . Arts and Sciences. PINSON, WILEY . . . Engineering. PRICE, CLEORA . . . Fine Arts. PURDIN, CAL . . . Arts and Sciences. REISHER, IEAN . . .Arts and Sciences. RICKMAN, ROBERT . . . Engineering. RITTERBUSCH, WALTER . . . Engineering. ROEMER, LAVERNE. . .Arts and Sciences. RYLANDER, NORMA . . .Arts dnd Sciences. SANGER, RANDALL . . . Engineering. SCHOONOVER, EVERETT . . . Business Administrcrtion. SIMMS, FRANK . . . Arts and Sciences. SMITH, RAY PERKINS . . , Engineering. SNELSON, EVERYL . . .Arts and Sciences. SPINK, MEARLE M .... Engineering. STANLEY, BOB . . . Business Administration. STEWART, ROBERT NICHOLS . . . Engineering. SWANSON, RAYMOND . . . Engineering. UNDERWOOD, LILYAN . . . Arts and Sciences. 1 C! 9 1 JUNIVRS ' VAN BEEK, GUS. . . Arts and Sciences. VICKERS, IAY . . , Arts and Sciences. VICKERS, IIMMY . . , Arts and Sciences. VINCENT, MAXINE . . .Arts and Sciences. WHITE, CHARLES. . , Arts and Sciences, WILSON, ROBERT . . . Engineering. WRIGHT, IAMES. . . Engineering. INURTH, WILLIAM. .. Engineering. ELLIOT, LORENE . . . Arts and Sciences. PREISLER, HELEN . , .Arts and Sciences, BOWLING, BETTY . . . Fine Arts, Sophomore. CREBBS, BEN . . . Engineering, Sophomore. KRASATKIN, ALEX . . . Arts and Sciences, Sophomore. LEWTAS, RALPH . . . Engineering, Sophomore. PRINGLE, IEAN . . . Eine Arts, Sophomore. TALLMAN, BETTE . . . Arts and Sciences, Sophomore. Iack Iudd passes out equipment to varsity football players, tleft to rightl Hugh Goener, Kenny Gibson, Wayne Lee Rose, Sax Iudd, Glen Henicle, Malcolm Strow, Iohn Wickham, and C. H. Greene, Bette Barber shows us what all a bond queen can do .... "Hots" Morgan, Coach Ernka, Glenn Dobbs, and Coach Milligan Watch the game from the sidelines. Sax Iudd rests after a long end run .,.. Iim Worthe ington, "Toad" Holt and Roy Stuart take a little time out . . . Glenn Dobbs and Iirnmy Vickers leave the field with Parks, Baylor's star player. Iohn Wickham and Ieanne Blaylock Typical Seniors "NF f'l'f'f' SENIVRF - ALLDREDGE, HELEN ...Business Administration, Phi Mu, . President, '41, Who's Who, '42, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa 3 Delta Pi, Sigma Alpha Sigma, Secretary, '42, Lantern, ' N. l. C. C., Pan-Hellenic Council, Treasurer, '42, Student Council, Secretary, '41, S. P. C., Senior Staff. ALLISON, THOMAS EUGENE . . . Arts and Sciences. ALLRED, JOHN . . . Business Administration, Independent Men's Association, President, '4I, N. I. C, C., Alpha Phi Omega, President, '42, T. U. "Y," Treasurer, '42, Kendall- abrum, Windbags, Secretary, '4l, ANDREWS, BlLL...Business Administration, N. I. C. C., Sergeant-At-Arms, '42. AUSTIN, J, W, lBlLLI...Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Engineers' Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer, '42. BASTON, LLOYD C ,,.. Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Engineers' Club. BELL, DORIS. ..Arts and Sciences, Phi Mu, Pi Delta Epsilon, President, '4l, Alpha Rho Tau, Pi Kappa Delta, Debate Club, Oklahoma Student Writers' Association, Lantern, Senior Staff, T. U. "Y", Kendallabrum, Assistant Editor, '4l, Student Council, Handbook Editor, '40, Collegian. BOMFORD, BETTY SUE . , .Arts and Sciences, Phi Mu, A Cap- pella Choir, T. U, "Y", Kendallabrum, BOTKIN, JOHN NORMAN . . . Kappa Alpha, Pi Gamma Mu, Debate Club, Phi Mu Alpha, Engineers' Club, A Cappella Choir, Collegian, Pi Kappa Delta, President, '42, Oklahoma Student Writers' Association, Vice-President, '42, Experi- mental Theatre, . BRANT, JULIA . . . Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega, Pi Kappa Delta, Pi Delta Epsilon, Kendallabrum, Assstant Business Manager, '4l, Debate Club, T. U. "Y", Oklahoma Student Writers' Association, A Cappella Choir, Collegian, Wind- baggettes. BROWN, JACK GlBSON..,Arts and Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Letterman, BROWN, LOIS BLANCHE.. .Business Administration, Delta Delta Delta, Treasurer, '42, N. I. C. C., S. P. C., Student Council, Kendallabrum, T. U. "Y", Windbaggettes. BROWN, MRS. SAM...Fine Arts, A Cappella Choir. BRYAN, JO ANNE.. .Arts and Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Co-Rush Captain, '40, Historian, and Corresponding Secretary. CALLAHAN, JEANNE LUCILLE . , ,Arts and Sciences, Kappa Delta. CAMPBELL, ELSTON . . . Engineering, Letterman. CARTER, MARJORIE , . . Arts and Sciences. CASS, PHYLLlS...Arts and Sciences, Kappa Delta, Vice- President, '42, Workshop, Student Council. CHANDLER, VlRGINIA,..Arts and Sciences, A Cappella Choir. CHRISTIE, RICHARD . . . Arts and Sciences. CHRONIC, JOHN . , . Engineering, Engineers' Club, President, '42, Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, '42, Sword and Key, Secretary-Treasurer, '42, Windbags, President, '42, Phi Gamma Kappa, S, P. C., Who's Who, '42, Geology Club. CLINE, LOIS VIVIAN , . ,Arts and Sciences, William E. How- ard Scholarship, Phi Gamma Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Kappa Delta Pi, T, U. "Y", Lantern. COX, JOHN R....Business Administration, Delta Sigma Xi, President, '42, Inter-Fraternity Council, S. P. C., Windbags, President, '42, T. U. "Y." CROW, HOWARD F ..., Arts and Sciences, Kappa Alpha, Letterman. CRUME, VIRGINIA RLJTH . , . Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega, H., '40, Corresponding Secretary, '4l, Secretary, '42, Phi Gamma Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Senior Staff, Student Council, Treasurer, '4l, T. U. "Y", Lantern, President, '40, DARNOLD, CLELA . . . Business Administration, Phi Mu, A Cappella Choir, N. I. C. C. DOWLER, MARGARET JEANNETTE...Arts and Sciences, Phi Gamma Kappa. DUNHAM, C. LEE... Business Administration, Kappa Kappa Psi, Secretary, '42, Band, Orchestra, N. I. C. C. ENDRES, MIRIAM ALMA . ..Arts and Sciences, Delta Delta 1DeIta, Women'5 Athletic Council, Kendallabrum, Alpha Rho au. FICKEL, RAYMOND ARNOLD . . . Engineering. FLEMMING, JOAN , . .Arts and Sciences, Phi Mu, Vice-Presi- dent, '42, Alpha Rho Tau. FORSMAN, ROBERT ALMER . . . Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, President, '42, Inter-Fraternity Council, '42, Engineers' Club, A. I. M. E., S. P. C., Student Council, Who's Who, Windbags. FOSTER, JOHN...Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Engineers' Club, Sword and Key, A I. M. E., A Cappella Choir, Wind- bags, Swimming Team. FRALEY, WILLIAM J ..,, Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, En- gineers' Club, Geology Club, A. I. M. E., Windbags. FRAME, ELEANOR . . . Business Administration, Chi Omega, Secretary, '4l, Kendallabrum, Senior Editor, '4I. GIBSON, KENNETH L .,,. Arts and Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Senior Class Vice-President, Letterman. GREENE, C. H. . . ,Arts and Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Letter- man. GREER, JAMES El-BERT . , .Arts and Sciences. GUISINGER, ESTHER ANNE . . .Arts and Sciences. HARRY, PRlSClLLA...Arts and Sciences, Kappa Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Gamma Kappa, Pi Delta Epsilon, Senior Staff, Kimbrough scholarship, Pi Gamma Mu, Pan-Hellenic Council, T U. "Y", Collegian, Who's Who, '42, Lantern, Handbook, Co-Editor, '4l. HARTH, ELIZABETH . . .Arts and Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, President, '42, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Gamma Kappa, Pi Gamma Mu, Senior Staff, Pan-Hellenic Council, Vice-Presi- dent, '42, Student Council, '4l, S. P. C., President, '42, Lantern, Who's Who, '42, Windbaggettes. HAYES, FRANCES ELAINE. . .Arts and Sciences, Kappa Delta, Senior Staff, President, '42, Student Council, Workshop, Who's Who, '42. HEALD, JEROME . . . Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha. HENSLEY, FRANK COOPER . . . Business Administration, Pi Kappa Alpha, Inter-Fraternity Council, Treasurer, '42. HOLT, WAYNE CLIFTON .. .Arts and Sciences, Kappa Alpha, Letterman. HOSS, ROBERT L .,., Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Vice- President, '4l, A. I. M. E., President, '42, Engineers' Club, Inter-Fraternity Council, Treasurer of Sophomore Class, . U. "Y." HUDRY, LADISLAV CTEBOH . , . Engineering, Engineers' Club, A. I. M. E, HUNTER, OTIS F .... Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Engineers' Club, Student Council, A I. M. E., Who's Who, '42, IRONS, JEFFERY DEAN...Engineering, Pi Kappa Alpha, Letterman. JOBE, BILL . . .Arts and Sciences, Workshop. LAWRENCE, MARY...Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega, Pi Gamma Mu, T. U. "Y", Lantern, Collegian, LEAHY, BETTY FRANCES. ,.Arts and Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, Workshop. LOHMANN, BETTY. . .Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega, Kend- allabrum. MCBEE, BILL...Engineering, Engineers' Club, A.l.M.E., Geology Club. MCLEOD, DON . .,Arts and Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Vice- President, '40, Sword and Key, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Rho Tau, Alpha Phi Omega, Student Council, Vice-President, '42, S. P. C., Who's Who, '42, Inter-Fraternity Council, '4l, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Gamma Kappa. MASON, BETTY JEANNE . . .Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega, President, '42, Pan-Hellenic Council, President, '42, Kappa Delta Pi, S. P. C., '42, Women's Athletic Council, President, '4l, T. LJ. "Y", Freshman Class, Vice-President, '39, Talahi Queen, '39. 'CA' - 'FNIFRS MAUTHE, ELOlSE...Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega, Kappa Delta Pi, Kendallabrum, T. LJ. "Y." MAYFIELD, THORWALD . , . Engineering, Independent Men's Association, Engineers' Club, A. I. M. E. MILLS, JACK H .... Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, President, '42, and Treasurer, '41, Who's Who, '41, '42, Kendallabrum, Business Manager, '41, '42, Collegian, Assistant Business Manager, '40, N. I. C. C., Inter-Fraternity Council, Board of Publications, '41, '42, Student Council, T, U. "Y", S. P, C,, A Cappella Choir, President, '40, Freshman Class Treasurer, '39, Men's Glee Club, '39, MOORE, DEWITT . . . Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sword and Key, Who's Who, '42, Engineers' Club, Phi Gamma Kappa, A Cappella Choir, Men's Glee Club, '39, MORGAN, DICK . . .Arts and Sciences, Letterman. MORRISON, MAXINE LEONA...Fine Arts, T. U. "Y", A Cappella Choir. MYERS, PHILLIS CMRS.J..,Arts and Sciences, Workshop, NICHOLS, NORA . . .Arts and Sciences. PAGE, R. M .... Business Administration, Lambda Chi Alpha, Who's Who, '42, N, l. C. C., President, '42, Debate Club. PATTON, BOB...Arts and Sciences, Independent Men's Association, Pi Kappa Delta, T. U. "Y", Debate Club, A Cappella Choir, Workshop. RAINBOLT, KATHRYN MAE . . . Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega, Vice-President, '42, Pledge Mistress, '41, and Treas- urer, '40, Who's Who, '41, '42, Senior Staff, Kendallabrum, Editor, '41, '42, Collegian, Assistant Editor, '40, Pi Gamma Mu, Pan-Hellenic Council, T. U, "Y," President, '40, Board of Publications, '41, '42, Treasurer of Senior Class, Lantern, Secretary, '40. RATCLIFFE, LAGRANGE, .IR .... Business Administration, Kappa Kappa Psi. RENO, CATHERINE MAY . . . Arts and Sciences, Kappa Delta, Senior Staff, Alpha Rho Tau, President, '42, Lantern, Work- shop. ROARK, GENE E .... Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Treas- urer, 42, ancl Secretary, '41, President ot Senior Class, '42, Who's Who, '42, Sword and Key, President, '42, Engineers' Club, Student Council, Sergeant-At-Arms, '42, A. I. M. E. ROSE, WAYNE LEE . . ,Arts and Sciences, Letterman. ROSS, JOAN ARDEN . . .Business Administration, Chi Omega, Phi Gamma Kappa, Treasurer, '42, Pi Gamma Mu, Sigma Alpha Sigma, N. I. C. C., Lantern, T. U, "Y." ROWELL, LUCILE , . . Arts and Sciences, Independent Women's Association, Vice-President, '42, Kappa Delta Pi, President, '42, Pi Gamma Mu, Phi Gamma Kappa, Secretary, '42, T. U. "Y", Student Council, Lantern. RUPERT, GEORGE. . . Business Administration. SANDERS, MARY ANN . . .Business Administration, Kappa Delta, President, '42, Pan-Hellenic Council, Secretary, '42, Pi Delta Epsilon, S. P, C., Sigma Alpha Sigma, N. I, C. C., Collegian, Women's Athletic Board. SCOTT, ROBERT M. , . . Arts and Sciences, Kappa Alpha, Stu- dent Council, Pi Gamma Mu, Who's Who, '42, S. P. C., President, '41, Inter-Fraternity Council, Workshop, Windbags. SEARS, VERNON R .... Engineering, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sec- retary, '40. SHARP, FRED ORLANDO, JR ..., Engineering, Delta Sigma Xi, Who's Who, '41, '42, Student Council, S. P. C., A. I. M. E. SHERWOOD, MARY RUTH..,Arts and Sciences, Kappa Delta. STEWART, EDWARD C .... Engineering, Student Council. STREATOR, GERTRUDE..,Fine Arts, Kappa Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota, Kappa Delta Pi, A Cappella Choir. STROW, MALCOLM. . .Arts and Sciences, Letterman, Tennis Team. STPUART, MARILYN ELIZABETH. . .Arts and Sciences, Work- s op. STUART, ROY. . ,Arts and Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Letter- man, Freshman Class, President, '39, TAYLOR, JEAN SHIRLEY . . .Arts and Sciences, Phi Mu, Sec- retary, '42, Senior Staff, Secretary, '42, Pi Delta Epsilon, T. LJ. "Y", Secretary, '42, Dill Scholarship, Phi Gamma Kappa, Lantern. THOMPSON, JAY EDWARD . , . Engineering, Kappa Alpha, Inter-Fraternity Council, Engineers' Club, S. P. C., A. I. M. E,, Windbags. THOMPSON, PATRICIA ANN .. .Business Administration, Chi Omega, Treasurer, '42, Pi Gamma Mu, Who's Who, N. I, C. C., Treasurer, '42: Lantern, ' TOPPER, ALVIN D .... Business Administration, N. I. C. C., Band, Orchestra, Pi Gamma Mu. UNGERMAN, MILFORD S ..,. Arts and Sciences, UPTON, EDWIN THOMAS. . . Engineering, Engineers' Club. VARGAS, ALBERTO . , . Engineering, A. l. M. E, WADE, JANE.. .Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega, Collegian, T. U. "Y", Handbook, Co-Editor, '41, Kendallabrum, '41, '42 WADE, MARGARETT . . . Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega, Col- legian, T. U. "Y", Handbook, Co-Editor, '41, Kendallabrum, '41, '42. WASSALL, HARRY. . .Engineering WHITLOW, BETTY. ..Arts and Sciences, Delta Delta Delta, A Cappella Choir. WICKHAM, JOHN J ,,.. Arts and Sciences, Pi Kappa Alpha, Spanish Club, President, '42, Letterman. WILSON, CARRIE , ..Arts and Sciences, T. LJ. "Y", Spanish Club, Windbaggettes. WORSHAM, EVELYN...Fine Arts, Sigma Alpha Iota, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra. WRIGHT, LEO MlLFRED..,Engineering, Band, Orchestra, Engineers' Club, Geology Club, A, I. M. E, DAVID HERNDON...Engineerlng, Pi Kappa Alpha, Sword and Key, Engineers' Club, A, I, M, E., Wlnclbags, HAMILTON, EMILY ANN . . ,Arts and Sciences, Chi Omega, Alpha Rho Tau, A Cappella Choir, Collegian, HOLM, MARY JEAN . . . Business Administration, Delta Delta Delta, N. l. C. C. KRAUS, SYLVIA ANN .. .Arts and Sciences, Workshop, Alpha Rho Tau, Theta Alpha Phi. MILLER, MARGARET...Arts and Sciences, Phi Mu, Secre- tary, '41, Treasurer, '42, T. LJ, "Y", Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Gamma Mu, Lantern. Freshmen football players' choice, Josephine Dlck.,.Wayne Rose reaches tor a pass while Kenny Gibson is on hand to assist. Coach Brothers helps Elston KTearsJ Campbell put on his rose colored sun glasses after a victory at the Sun Bowl . . .The Golden Hurricanes down the Drake Bulldogs In spite ot the snowy weather, Eclitor's Note: The full 1942 enrollment is not represented here since all students did not have their pictures taken. 1 9 ! ' Q What big eyes you have, Grandmother! . . . the better to flirt with you, my dear . . . Moore, Ousterhout, Mason and Neely get together for refreshments . . . time out at the Mixer . . . lo Dick kneels in mid-air . . . leads unseen audience in a cheer . . . the interminable wait for the parade to begin . . . Cook and Frost don't mind . . . first semester students Campbell and Ferrier swing it . . . Hall looks on enviously . . . Gates just looks . . . Nittinger shakes the dust of the Union off his feet . . . Bailkey . . . like Lot's Wife . . . takes one backward glance . . . and will probably soon turn to a pillar of salt . . . the orchestra beats it out for the benefit of the howling mob . . . note decora- tions behind said mob . . . bridge games migrate out where Union-hanger-outers can get their sunshine without interrupting a game of bridge...the Chi O lodge . . . decorated in honor of homecoming and the football game with the Baylor Bears. Frances Hayes and Gene Rocxrk Presidents of S St i ORGANIZATIONS iundSw d d Pi-ll GAIVXIVU i A PPA ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP BOW left to right: Hazle Steadman, lohn Chronic, Dr. B. D. Barclay, Dr. Leo A. l-laak, Dr. L. S. McLeod, Don McLeod. SECOND ROM' left to right: Priscilla l-larry, Catherine Reno, Lucille Rowell, Lois Cline, Elizabeth l-larth, DeWitt Moore. BOTTOM BOW loft to right: Dr. Harriett Barclay, Virginia Crume, Mary Corkill, lean Taylor, H. D. Chase. Members not present: Betty Boarts, Margaret Dowlei. President ...,. . . . DB. B. D, BABCLAY Secretary . . . . LUClLLE BOWELL Vice-President .... DB. C. A. LEVENGOOD Trcasurer . . . IOAN BOSS ONOBABY scholastic society whose aim is to stimulate high scholarship on the campus . . . hopes to go Phi Beta Kappa before long . . . faculty members belonging to outstanding national scholastic fraternities eligible for membership . . . requirements for membership are . . . two years resident work at the University . . . and a grade average of 3.25 or more . . . members are selected from the highest ranking students until the quota is filled . . . only a given percentage of each class eligible for membership . . . associate mem- berships bestowed upon local citizens who either belong to Phi Beta Kappa or Sigma Xi or who have been outstanding in scholarship or citizenship in the community . . . high standards of professional as well as work in the field of general education encouraged , . . Dr. B. D. Barclay . . . president . . . finds finals . . . and flu epidemic . . . and the unreasonableness of the registrar's office . . . makes it practically impossible to get the members elected first semester . . . trouble comes in getting yearbook picture made . . . weather too cold . . . too hot . . . too windy . . . Treasurer loan Boss gets married mid-year . . . DeWitt Moore takes over the books . . . the big-brains have a good time together . . . and get in a little play to keep from being dull "lack and lills" . . . members are all so busy . . . that they can hardly find time to be initiated. P G A M M A M U In the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW-left to right: Orris Carter, Bob Scott, Dr. L. S. McLeod, Ruth Arnold, Ada Arnold, Lucille Rowell. SECOND ROW- left to right: Dean H. D. Chase, Kathryn Rainbolt, Dr. Nels M. Bailkey, Elizabeth Harth, Alvin Topper, Caroline Meyer. BOTTOM ROW left to right: Patricia Thompson, Kathleen Chase, Virginia Crume, Helen Alldredge, Ioan Ross. Members not present: Harold Born, Priscilla Harry, Mary Lawrence, Lois Cline, Lee Walker Warf, Alva Lee Wakefield, Leta Sowder, Margaret Dowler, Richard Christie, Nancy Dickson, Dorothy Col- lins, Don McLeod, Ernilou Dixon, Arlita Gilmore, Gus Van Beelc, Muriel Haines, lohn Eotkin, Duncan Brown, Mrs. Sam Brown. President . . . . . RUTH ARNOLD Corresponding Secretary , CAROLINE MEYER Vice President . . . LEE WARE Recording Secretary . . KATHLEEN CHASE Treasurer . . . . ANNA MORROW ATIONAL social science honor society . . . combines scholarship and social science in a study of social affairs . . . to be eligible . . . students must have at least a "B" average . . . plus a major . . . or 40 hours . . . in the social science field . . . one Tuesday in each month . . . is regularly devoted to meetings with special speakers or programs of inter- est . . . such as the showing . . . of Dr. Harriett Barclays movies of Colorado . . . joint meet- ings occasionally held with Kappa Delta Pi and T. U. "Y" . . . two initiations held annually . . . outstanding local citizens occasionally made honorary members . . . Mrs. Walter Ferguson so honored at the spring banquet in 'ill . . . medal annually given to the senior most out- standing in the social science field . . . Mrs. Morrow attends meetings to make treasurer's re- port . . . tries frantically to gather enough funds to pay Kendallabrum bill . . . Dean Chase officially appointed representative to convention in Dallas . . . faculty members Bailkey, McLeod, Sowder, Meyer, and Snuggs prove regular supporters . . . Ruth Arnold . . . president . . . has a bad time trying to notify all of the members of the meetings. SENIV R STA FF In the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW left to right: lean Taylor, Elizabeth Harth, Doris Bell, Priscilla Harry. BOTTOM ROW left to right: Frances Hayes, Helen Alldredge, Kathryn Rainbolt, Virginia Crume. Member not present: Catherine Reno. President . . . FRANCES HAYES Secretary ........ IEAN TAYLOR Sponsor .... MISS MARY CLAY WILLIAMS MAXIMUM of ten girls . . . in the senior class. . . are chosen annually for membership in Senior Staff ...said members being chosen on the basis of scholarship, character and service in campus activities. . .With the member with top ranking grades.. .presiding as president . . . Frances Hayes this year . . . received undisputed possession of that office . , . since she was one of those unheard of people. . .with an all "A" record. . .for four years of college work . . . organization Went Midas mad . . . with the end in view of raising money for possible installation into Mortar Board .... national woman's leadership group. . .joint meeting with Sword and Key provides a rabid discussion about the ills of the world and wonderful refresh- ments . . .regular noon meetings cause trouble in getting a quorum . . . owing to the call of the Union . . . Catherine Reno solved that . . . by bringing refreshments . . . a popular move . . . annual "tapping" of members. . .excited the curiosity of the school. . .and the envy of the other girls . . . sponsored book review . . . given by Miss Williams . . . members turn into demon ticket-sellers . . . and event was huge success . . . annual Leadership Conference . . . this year held in the country to avoid members coming late and leaving early . . . turned into a day-long picnic. I I SWORD AND I E' t ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW-left to right: Tex Ritterbusch, lohn Foster, Warren Fisher, Ralph Lange-nheim, Duncan Brown, SECOND ROW left to right: lohn Chronic, DeWitt Moore, Herndon David, Robert Rickman, Don McLeod. BOTTOM ROW--'left to right: Gus Van Beek, Bill Welch, Dr. A. N. Murray, Tom Gow, Gene Roark, Members not present: Otis Hunter, Carl Rogers, Pat Suppes, T. B. Bruner, Harold Born, I. C. Warf. President .... . . GENE ROYARK Secretary-Treasurer . . IOHN CHRONIC ULSA chapter formed in l938 . . . membership requirements of senior standing and 3.25 grade average or junior standing and 3.50 grade average . . . also, stresses campus leadership in selection of membership . . . wide variety of topics of conversation at monthly dinner meetings . . . the war . . . the faculty . . . and more academic discussions of the femi- nine element . . . primary purpose is the discussion of problems regarding student activities . . . faculty policy . . . to make recommendations to proper authorities regarding these affairs . . . participates in annual Awards Assembly and supervises banquet for high school students who take scholarship examinations . ..this year's membership represents the largest in the history of the organization . . . faculty sponsor, Dr. A. N. Murray, acts as advisor on policy of organization . . . high spot of the year is the joint meeting with Senior Staff in the home of Miss Williams . . . Gene Roark is elected president . . . does the dirty work . . . a never-ending argument about the relative difficulty of the colleges . . . the engineers . . . who are in a great majority . . . outshout Duncan Brown, Don McLeod, Gus Van Beek who are in business or arts and sciences . . . minority group claims a win because they are a minority. -A NTI-EIN ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW'-V-left to right: Rebecca Thomas, Sara lane Kerr, lean Rutledge, Mary Lake Finlayson, Dorothy Springer, Peggy Houser, Nellie Chandler. SECOND ROW-left to right: Margie Lee Fisk, Maryema Gates, Louise Ditzler, Ora Lee Bowles, Ruth Shore, Madelyn King. BOTTOM ROW---left to right: lean Pringle, Carol Pearson, Louise Curtis, Patricia Neely, Mariella Wyatt, Lee Holmgren. Members not present: Mary Rose Bulhod, Muriel Kirk, Madeline Moote, Margaret Murphy, Theone Price, Poggie Wolfe. President . . . SARA IANE KERR l itfice-President . . . LEE HOLMGREN Secretary . . . . MARYEMA GATES HIS is the organization . . . that makes freshman girls work like mad . . . for only by the vir- tue of adequate grade points. . . is membership attained. . .at least an over-all grade average of "B" . . . is required . . . ex-prexy Virginia Crume once said . . . that the name . . . Lantern . . . reminded her only of Florence Nightengale . . . but, no . . . it merely means that these girls . . . are the shining lights of their class . . . officers now selected on basis of top rank- ing grades . . .which made Sara lane Kerr the presiding officer. . .at the luncheon given for the new members . . .by members of the Senior Staff . . . their big-sister group . . . meetings held to vote funds for a page in the yearbook . . .to collect said funds . . . and to have picture taken . . . plans are made to adopt an insignia for the organization . . . retiring members assist Senior Staff girls. . . in entertaining the high school students . . . who are out to take the com- petitive scholarship exams . . . luncheon degenerates into a series of boy scout expeditions . . . with each Lantern member taking a little group on a tour of the school.. .this year they helped Senior Staff raise funds . . .by selling tickets to a book review. . .given by Miss Wil- liams . . . officially, members of this group . . . do all of the ushering and assisting . . . at Univer- sity sponsored events. . . they, in turn, are assisted by Miss Williams . . . capable sponsor. IAPPA D1-EL'l'A P ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW left to right: Elizabeth Harth, Kay Clarkson, Don McLeod, Lucille Rowell, Dr. Ross H. Beall, Miriam Endres. SECOND ROW'--left to right: Emilou Dixon, Dorothy Kennedy, Nancy Lively, Margaret Miller, Betty Mason. BOTTOM ROW- left to right: Kathleen Chase, Eloise Mauthe, Dorothy Collins, Lois Cline, Priscilla Harry. President . . . . . LUCILLE ROWELL Secretary . . .... LOTS CLINE ONORARY education fraternity . . . guided by Dr. Fellows since its infancy . . . com- posed primarily of the future schoolmarms . . .Don McLeod has the distinction of being the only male member . . . but gets to go to meeting since Mason is there too . . . membership is breathless . . . since they must all go hiking about the country daily to do their practice teach! ing . . . meetings degenerate into controversy over comparative teaching methods . . . Lucille Rowell . . . competent president . . . and Lois Cline phone the entire membership for four successive Sundays . . . to get the yearbook picture made . . . when the sun finally shone, the photographer ran a ladder through the camera . . . Lucille was sent to the national con- vention in San Francisco . . . and had a Wonderful time . . . even though it was extremely educational . . . headache of the year was conducting high school seniors around the campus in little bunches . . . members had a hard time explaining what made the wheels-goeround over in the Engin building . . . since few of them had been clear through it . . . imagine their embarrassment at being ejected from some of the class rooms . . . joint meeting with Pi Gamma Mu provides a mass meeting for campus brain trusts . . . and a good time for all concerned . . . Emilou Dixon pleads for funds. . . and declares that last years yearbook picture is paid for . . . Mills says no . . . regular meetings present speakers in the field. w R-i-IES' Rf First violin: lohn Wynn, Colin Campbell, Evelyn Worsharn, Maude Orebaugh, Richard Richards, Sarah Burkhart, Rita Simmermacher, Eva Hunter, Beulah McConnell, Mrs. Willard Gose, Beverly Conn, Catherine Birchiield, Genevieve Sherwoodp Second violin: Betty Rombaugh, Louise Stable-in Walker, Mrs. Kilmer, Helen Hibbard, Mr. R. L. Dalton, Anna Mae Stebbins, Clarence Gates, Alta Lou Howard, Wayne Harri- son, Billy Wright, Betty Grace Leon, Shirley Kerry Viola: Frederick Warner', C. F. Gate, Ruth Thompson, lack Sherwood, Dorothy Langley, William R. Brown: Cello: Geraldine Brown Buland, lane Snyder, Eliz- abeth Hayes, Theone Price, Louise Curtis, Harold Attaway, Charles Brown, Otto Wiesnerp String bass: Kenneth Hayes, Clarence L. Mills, Earl Markwell, Reita Ruth Meyer, George Collier, Flute: Barbara Bridges, Verna C. Tipton, Alex Lesueur, Virginia Ransom, Marjorie Cutting: Oboe: Carol Pearson, Wanda Ellis, Ruby lane Friedleyg English horn: Carol Pearson: Clarinet: loe Linde, Robert Dunham, Charles Briley, Dan Thomas: Bassoon: B. H. Swanson, leanette Harry: Trumpet: Alfred Persons, Rose Weathers, Wendell Manger, Cleora Price: French horn: Max Devlin, Elburn Ragsdale, Alice Fenn, William F. Morris, learld Hodges, Dorothy Bowen: Trombone: David Tappan, lack Griffin, l. Reid Rurnmagep Tuba: Bard Hampton: Percussion: lohn Chronic, Robert Redmond, Martha lean Worsham, Charles R. Westgate, Harp: Helen Williamson. President . . . . CHARLES BRILEY Vice-President .... RAYMOND SWANSON Secretary .... . . BARBARA BRIDGES OT one ot the 68 orchestra members could ever forget . . . the fun of guessing how many French horn players were going to turn up. . . the regular Tuesday night rehearsals . . . the yellow lights that blinded everyone. ..lane Snyder's ever-present witticisms ...the last minute entrance of the cymbal players coming from the back room to add their small but important part . . . the bugs that zoomed about . . . especially in the spring. . . the twentieth annual benefit concert presented for the United Daughters of the Confederacy. . .under the direction of Chuck Briley . . . the repertoire of the 25 piece orchestra that offered everything from operatic selections to "Someone's Rocking My Dream Boat" . . .the all-University prov gram . . . the radio broadcasts . . . or the All-American Music Program which presented original compositions of both students and faculty members. BAND Members of the band include: Flutes: Barbara Bridges, Virginia Ransom: Oboes: Carol Pearson, Ruby lane Eriedleyy Clarinets: loe Linde, Ross Waltzer, Robert Dunham, Charles Briley, Wayne Cline, Richard Richards, Andre Wilkins, Dan Thomas, Bruce Colton, Ed Kaufman: Bass Clarinet: lohn Mavrisp Bassoons: R. H. Swanson, Alvin Topper: Saxaphones: Everyl Snelson, Billy Ray Hyden, Harold Attaway, Aubrey Thomas, S. W. Mead- ows, Leo Wright: Cornets: Alfred Persons, Wendell Monger, Duane Burger, Cleora Price, Alvin Kess- ler, lack Mitchell: Trumpets: Clifford Langley, Lee Dunham: Horns: Wm. F. Morris, learld Hodges, Elburn Ragsdale, Alice Penn: Trombones: David Tappan, lack Griffin, l. Reid Rummage, lack Billington, LaGrange Ratcliff, Don lones, Charles lglehartp Baritones: Tom Bates, Richard Lumpkin, Bill McCul- lough: Basses: Ralph Baston, Bard Hampton, limmy Ereese, Lewis Patterson, String Bass and Cymbals: E. D. Markwell, Ir: Percussion: lohn Chronic, Robert Redmond, George Collier, Duncan Bowie, Martha Worsham, Twirler: Ritzie Lee Putter: Harp: Helen Williamson: Director: Roger Penn. President . . . DUANE BURGER Vice-President . . . . AL PERSONS Secretary-Treasurer . . . LEE DUNHAM UDREXY DUANE BURGER continually showed up at the Wrong place with the right woman . . . the annual blanket passing at the football games hit a new high. . . S250 . . . conse- quently, the band went to the game at A. CS M .... a great game but a little damp . . . Lee Dun- ham had quite a time with all the puddles and ponds . . . especially Theta Pond . . . seven o'clock practices still went on . . .lack Griffin and Dan Thomas late to class every morning . . .Director Penn inaugurated new system of fines.. .boys got there on time. . . the first few days of central war time found musicians arriving in Various stages of undress and in the process of eating breakfast and shaving. . .heavy queen campaign ends up with the crown- ing of Bette Barber.. .attendants Mary lo Davidson and Barbee Ann Watts share her float . . .sour notes were given out occasionally. . .football game held between the brass and the woodwinds . . . the brass was really blaring . . . woodwinds were beaten 48-6 . . . band peo- ple seen around...David Tappan and Virginia Ransom, Tubby Swanson and Ann Slea- maker, lohn Chronic and Carol Pearson, Chuck Briley and "Any Good Number." Pi-II MU AL?i-If ln the picluze above are shown the following members: TOP ROVX7 left tc right: C. B. Baker, Harry Ryan, lohn Wyxin, Albert Lukken, lohn Botkin, Harry Wheeler, Kenneth Hayes, Frederick Vxfarner, George O. Bowen. BOTTOM ROW lott to right: Roger Penn, Gordon Young, Blaise Montandon, Dan Casobeer, Charles Cos- tello, Duke Loucks, Geba Hanon. Members not present: Bob Stewart, Al Persons, Raymond Swanson. President . . . . . BOB STEWART Secretary . ...,. lOHN WYNN Vice-Prosidont , . . . AL PERSONS Treasurer . . RAYMOND SWANSON ATlONAL music traternity on the University oi Tulsa campus since i927 . . . members in- clude those men students on the campus . . .and also men in the business world. .. who are musicians or patrons oi music.. .purpose ot the organization is to establish musical inspiration on the campus and within the hearts ot men . . .how about that . . . Bob Stewart. . . President. . .has been a hustling leader tor the year. . .social activities tor year included dinners . . . every two weeks . . .held in downtown restaurants or individual homes . . . going to concerts in groups . . . entertaining with musical programs at meetings . . . outstanding speak- ers at. Phi Mu Alpha meetings . . . Mr. Roy Harris . . . a contemporary composer . . . who was initiated this year as a national honorary member . . . Albert Tipton . . . a member ot the Philaf delphia Symphony . . . annual project, the All American Music Program . . .given by each chapter . . . to help further the study and love ot music composed in the last year and previous years . . . Mr. Penn . . . faculty advisor . . . comes taithiully to meetings . . . Dean Albert Lukken . . . is governor ot the whole province . . .and lends moral support to this chapter . . . lohn Bot- kin . . . serves as warden . . . and says he ieels like an aireraid oiticial . . . membership is large .. .attendance at meetings good. SIGMA ALPi-If IVTA In the picture above are shown the following members: FIRST ROVV- left to right: Gertrude Streator, Helen Williamson, Dorothy Iean Impey, Iane Snyder. SECOND ROW' left to right: Cleora Price, Mary Margaret Poole, Iean Harry, Theone Price, Mrs. Marvin Reecher. THIRD ROW---left to right: Barbara Bridges, Iean Higgenbotham, Betty Boarts, Mrs, Roger Penn, Elizabeth Hayes. Members not present: Geraldine Brown, Iean Pringle, Rebecca Thomas, Evelyn Worsham. President . , , ' . . . IANE SNYDER Treasurer . .... MRS. ROGER PENN Vice-President . . . HELEN WILLIAMSON Sponsor . VERA SEARS BELTRAND ATIONAL women's professional music fraternity . . . local group having the largest mem- bership in its recent history. . . capably led by lane Snyder . . . musician par excellence . . . who really knows what it is all about . . . hold monthly business meetings . . . pledges un- dergo extensive training. . .and really appreciate getting in. . .have pledge mothers and everything . . . initiation ceremony said to be quite the thing . . . seriously . . . monthly musicale gives the talented a chance to perform . . .have a large alumnae membership . . . most of whom are quite active.. .and attend meetings and all functions . . .assists in sponsoring the annual school musicale . . . and prexy lane has trouble getting ushers at the last minute... showing that the girls take care of a lot of the dirty work . . . local chapter marks the twelfth year of their installation on the T. U. campus .. . Mrs. Penn . . .located in the presidents of- fice . . .has a chance to keep an eye on the girls. . . "Ducktrude" Streator has trouble getting to meetings . . . too much Ierry . . . alumna Tosca Berger Kramer gives recitals. . . membership exhausted in a desperate effort to attend recitals in which fellow members star . . . wedding bells take their toll . . . Gerre Brown surprises the girls . . . and becomes Gerre Buland. . .and we do mean surprised . . . Price sisters form a small monopoly . . . Pringle and Thomas pledge second semester. . . the Fine Arts Harry twin proves a superior pledge . . . to this superior organization. ' A CAPPELLA Ci-IVIR Members of the A Cappella Choir include: Iune Appleby, Bette Barber, Barbara Bridges, Charles Briley, Telva Briley, Betty Boarts, Sue Bomford, l, N. Botlcin, Mrs. Bowen, Mrs. Bowlin, Mrs. Brown, Betty Butcher, Dan Casebeer, Clela Darnold, Marilyn Edwards, Patsy Elliot, Bard Hampton, leanne Harry, Doris Sue Haskell, Corinne Hedrick, Laura Hume, Kenneth lorns, Richard Lumpkin, Gene MacGregor, Cleora Price, Theone Price, lean Pringle, Mary Poole, Elburn Bagsdale, lean Reisher, lean Rutledge, Helen Steinson, lane Snyder, Alice lean Stehr, Martha Sue Nicholson, Ruth Sumner, George Weaver, Wanda Whitoly, Martha lean Worsharn, lohn Wynn. President ........... IOHN WYNN Manager-Secretary .... MBS. G. O. BOWEN Librarian ..... MAXINE MCBRlSON AMPUS songsters . . . form this organization . . . members must have stamina plus . . . since all meetings are held during lunch hour . . .and none but the brave . . . and the music lov- ers . . . can make the grade . . . as a reward . . .for appearing before the public . . . at perform- ance after performance. . .the money made for such appearances . . .was invested in tickets . . . to take the entire choir . . . to see the Ballet Busse . . . at Christmas time. . .the choir carolled on the mezzanine at Sears' . . . other appearances made before civic clubs. . .both in Tulsa and out of the city . . . Christmas assembly at school . . . makes a great hit . . . and features some semi-classical numbers . . . as well as carols . . . things to make the Dean's hair turn white include . . . lean Pringle . . . as well as most of the rest of the choir . . . reading the Collegian on Friday. . . Carol Pearson . . . holding a little sneak preview of lunch . . . by munching candy all during the hour . . . lohn Wynn's double stops . . . Duncan Bowie . . . coming in 30 minutes late to the 45 minute sessions . . . although no one person has an option on that . . . trouble with the pitch pipe . . . hitting that high note . . . just once more . . .Kenneth lorns' keeping things lively . . . Mrs. Sam Brown keeping her husband waiting while the choir performed . . . freshmen pre- dominating . . . and so setting the pace . . . only one Harry Twin . . . but which one? . . . lean Reisher missing choir to meet her air corps man . . . good excuse. N. I. ,. C. In the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW-left to right: Ann Harwood, Duncan Brown, Wright Bomford, R. M. Page, Iack Mills, Claire Blauner. SECOND ROW-left to right: Margie Lee Fisk, Emilou Dixon, Mary Ann Sanders, Arlita Gilmore, Helen Alldredqe. BOTTOM ROW--left to right: Doris Flournoy, Dorothy Hamilton, Clela Darnold, Louise Curtis, Drusilla Carter, Natalie Busch. Members not present: Iohn Allred, Billy Andrews, Lois Brown, Duane Berger, Neal Carter, William Hansel, Mary Iean Holm, Ioan Ross, Iohn Tatroe, Pat Thompson, Alvin Topper. President ........ R. M. PAGE, IH. Secretary ......... EMILOU DIXON Vice-President . . . DUNCAN BROWN Treasurer .... . . . PATRICIA THOMPSON Sponsor ........ DR. A. M. PAXSON QDBEXY PAGE calls the meetings . . . the post cards reminding members of the meeting reach them the day after said meeting.. consequently, attendance is often small . . . membership limited to business students of sophomore standing . . . monthly dinner meetings inspire a never-ending argument about where the dinners are to be held . . . Page and "apples" Paxson constantly kidding each other . . . Page asks to be quoted about "Pax" and the Gay Nineties . . . Hargrove and Nittinger inspire the formation of a faculty baseball team . . . other business profs prove consistent supporters of the club . . . Treasurer Pat Thompson begged for funds . . . and then dispersed them with a firm hand . . . annual recep- tion held for incoming business students in the fall . . . chili, hot dogs, and cokes incited indigestion for a large crowd . . . a portable phonograph furnished jive for those desiring it . . . Brown, Burger, and Page looked upset when Mr. Hargrove walked in . . . since they had cut his night school class to attend . . . what did Mr. Sibole say about his pipe line when speaking to the club that made such a lasting impression? . . . group is proud of their affilia- tion last year with the National Intercollegiate Chamber of Commerce . . . function is the same as old Commerce Club . . . members are brought into closer contact with the business men of Tulsa through the association with the Iunior and Senior Chambers of Commerce. DEE-SA' E CLUF ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW- left to right: Don lones, Iohn Botkin, Ralph Langenheim. SECOND ROW left to right: Doris Bell, Bill Hagar, Henry Kates. BOTTOM ROW left to right: lulia Brant, Gus Van Beek. Members not present: Howard Alexander, Ashton Richards, Bob Patton, R. M. Page, Peggy Wolf, Eileen Guinlan. President . . . .... TOHN BOTKIN Secretary .... . . . DORIS BELL Vice-President .... RALPH LANGENHEIM Business Manager . . . GUS VAN BEBK Sponsor ....... DR. RUSSELL GROW ONORABLE IUDGES, worthy opponents and friends . . . the question to be debated is "Resolved that the government of the United States regulate all labor unions by law" . . .Botlcin elected president of debate club. . .five teams go to the Ada tournament . . . more fun, less work. . .Bell and Brant, the lone girls' team, win two debates. . .two more than anyone else . . . Hagar drafted . . . Patton married . . . sympathies extended . . .Dr. Bailkey's expert "chaperoning" . . . "Wolf" Page insisting that the entire teams have lunch with a party of girls at a ranch house . . . lunch was swell . . . Page being framed as to his address in Tulsa . . . a certain members date being "snatched" from her hotel room by other members . . . plan falls through . . . Langenheim's sarcasm . . . Durant tournament finds everyone settling down to business . . . new question given . . . team of lones and Van Beek advance to eighth place out of 42 teams entered . . . edged out of semi-finals by narrow defeat . . . Bell and Shipp distin- guished themselves by working up good case. . . lones and Shipp, Van Beek and Bell cele- brate till late that night.. .Van Beelc constantly in hot water trying to explain lone-s' case in his rebuttal. . . Dr. Grow giving wonderful pointers upon the economic, political and social aspects of the case. . .entire team rushing back from first tournament for Pan-Hell . . . "poli- tics" constantly exploded . . . the car climbing an embankment while "Wabbit" Van Beek con- centrated on something else. . . Van Beek takes over presidency of the honorary forensic fraternity. ALP?-If Pi-ll OMEGA ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW-left to right: Bruce Colton, lohn Allred, Bill Austin. BOTTOM ROW-left to right: lack Moncrief, Iohn Chronic, Dan Mathey. Members not present: Duncan Bowie, David Kerr, Robert Redmond, lack Mitchell, Ray Amstutz, Bill Turner. President . . . . IOHN ALLRED Secretary . . IOHN CHRONlC Vice-President . . . . . IOHN CHRONIC Treasurer . BILL AUSTIN NLY NATIONALLY recognized Greek Letter Service Fraternity . . .founded 1925 . . . Tulsa chapter founded in i939 . . .one of l2O chapters. . . promotes friendship, community and school service, and leadership.. .requirements for membership are an interest in its ideals and a past record with the Boy Scouts of America . . . with which it is affiliated. . . Dr. E. N. Criswell serves as Senior Faculty Advisor...holds Weekly meetings and regular monthly dinner meetings with guest speakers.. .sponsors other programs. . .assists the school and community in many Ways . . .provides guide service on the campus . . .helps in freshman orientation. . .promotes sale of defense stamps and other activities to help the defense pro- gram. . .holds reception for all past scouts on the campus in the fall...sponsors outings and camping trips . . . sent three delegates. . . Redmond, Chronic and Allred. . .to the Na- tional Convention in Dallas last fall . . .entertained national officers of the fraternity on their trips through Tulsa . . . meetings usually end up as bull sessions in the World Building . . . col- lect Waste paper on the campus for national defense. . .Treasurer Bill Austin juggles the funds. . . Secretary lohn Chronic shuffles the records.. .PreXy lohn Allred keeps the boys in line . . . signs the checks . . . out-shouts the others at meetings. A i li N Ei ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW-left to right: Otis Hunter, Paul Buthod, lay Thompson, Bob Hoss, Forest Rees, Tex Ritterbusch, Bob Fisher, Herndon David. SECOND ROW-left to right: Bill McBee, Lanorah Higgins, lohn Chronic, Leo Wright, Robert Rickman, Raymond Swanson, Bob Forsman. BOTTOM ROW' f--left to right: Lad Hudry, Gene Edward Roark, Bill Welch, Bill Fraley, Speedy Fast, Paul Geissler, Alberto Vargas. Members not present: Thorwald Mayfield, Robert Fast, lohn Foster, Bruce Bleakly, Van Candler, Mervil Tubbs, Andre DeTray, Albert Muller, Patricia Neely, Harold Frost. President . . , . . BOB HOSS Vice-President . . . . . OTIS HUNTER Secretary-Treasurer . . . ROBERT RICKMAN PONSORS MONTHLY meetings at which time men from the oil producing and refining in- dustries speak on pertinent topics . . . the boys deem it their duty to continue as before the war to bolster t?D morale by holding little impromptu parties from time to time... annual banquet in honor of the graduating seniors climaxes the years' activities. . .undergrad engi- neering students and engineering faculty are hosts . . . time of reckoning for all seniors . . .they say all . . .and the faculty says nothing. . . showing remarkable reserve, the seniors pass on to the undergrads their bits of philosophy and facts accumulated over a several year period . . . engineers biding their time throughout the year and evening up all scores at banquet . . . for such things as hour exams in finals week. . .and having test papers lowered instead of raised when question is raised. . . said faculty being mighty good sports. . .common scenes around the meetings...Robert Rickman wondering really how many members there are . . .the guest speakers Walking into the meeting to inquire Where the A. l. M. E. meeting is to be found . . . Speedy Fast sponsoring the next informal party . . . no one paying their dues . . . Prexy Bob Hass doing a fine job despite outside interests. ENGINEERS' CLUB ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP BOW--left to right: Tom Gow, Warner Fisher, Bill Welch, Calvin McKee, Bandall Sanger, Bob Bick- man, Harold Heller. FIFTH ROWe -left to right: Paul Geissler, Howard Alexander, Duncan Bowie, Ellis Hammett, Charles Shull, lohn Hammett, P. D. Collins, Ralph Langenheim. FOURTH BOW--left to right: Forest Bees, Raymond Swanson, Leo Wright, Bob Mason, Bob Hall, Hern- don David. THIRD BOW-left to right: Bill McBee, Tex Ritterbusch, DeWitt Moore, Bill Austin, lay Thompson, Harry Heller, Russell Stipp, Wallace Frick. SECOND BOW--left to right: lohn Chronic, lack Moncrief, Bay Amstutz, Dan Mathey, Calvin Swindell, Bill Skinner, Bruce Colton, Andre Wilkins. BOTTOM BOW-left to right: William Wurth, Bill Coulter, Bill Turner, Patricia Neely, Lanorah Higgins, Bob McCay, Bill Fraley, Ladislav Hudry. President .... . . lOl-IN CHRONIC Secretary . . . . BILL WUBTH Vice-President ......... FOREST BEES Treasurer ............. TOM GOW l-WEEKLY meetings are held. . . theoretically . . . featuring speakers who are outstanding in their fields . . . and movies . . . club promotes activities of interest to engineers . . . such as the annual Masquerade Ball . . .where the costume prize was won by Willie Foster in pale green kimona and turban . . .sponsors Engineers' Week.. .the most exciting time of the year ...Queen Pat was pursued throughout the week after being captured by Arts and Sciences students. . .although Arts and Sciences students won, the queen and attendants were ade- quately crowned by lohn Chronic. . .then there was the picnic last fall which turned out fine . . . particularly that last part . . . in the other side of the shelter . . . Bob Hall and Pup Born ran the slide-rule carriers crazy trying to put out an impressive Collegian during Engineers' Week . . .Tom Gow is treasurer and says he Wishes they would let him in on a few things. . .the annual open house shows the general public what the engineers spend all of their time on . . . Iohn Chronic shocked the mob by getting correspondence addressed "President of Tulsa Uni- versity" . . . the soft drinks problem on picnics caused a little trouble . . . promotes student inter- est and participation in the field of engineering. . .keeps the officers very busy. . .Pat Neely and Lanorah Higgins tone things down . . . since they are the only girl members ...most versatile member is P. D, Collins who plays boogie-Woogie in strict honky-tonk style . . . Sham- rock quartet performs on all state occasions. GEF -V GY CLUB In the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW--left to right: Paul Geissler, Leo Wright, Calvin McKee, Forest Rees, Dr. Harold E. Enlows, Dr. Homer I. Smith, Ralph Langenheim. SECOND ROW left to right: Bill McBee, Iohn Chronic, Raymond Swanson, Bob Mason, Russell Stipp, Calvin Swindell. BOTTOM ROW left to right: Bill Worth, Philson Collins, Lanorah Higgins, Patricia Neely, Bruce Colton, Bill Fraley. Members not present: lack Brant, Harry Wassall, DeWitt Mills, Al Poison. .President .... . . LEO WRIGHT Secretary . . . . IOHN CHRONIC Vice President . . . BILL MCBEE Treasurer . IOHN CHRONIC LUB finally organized in October . . . new constitution and all . . . sponsors geological discussions and meetings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Whenever convenient . . . mostly all the time . . . purpose is to get the geologists acquainted with each other and promote interest in geology and geological problems . . . the first part of this purpose has been perfectly consummated in Lanorah Higgins and Russell Stipp . . .but not to both their satisfactions . . . Miss Higgins . . . one of the two girl members . . . serving the best punch and cookies . . . programs are presented by outstanding upperclassmen and prominent Tulsa geologists . . . meetings always end up in bull sessions and arguments . . . and long ones, too . . . the founder, Dr. Murray, gives added pep to the club . . . Leo, President, getting pretty member- ship tickets printed and then TRYING to sell them . . . finally succeeding when the year- book picture had to be paid for . . . "pay up or get blacked out" was our motto . . . Dr. Murray helping club out first few times with his 'coffee and doughnuts'. Club annually makes three or four day field trip . . . field trip plans sort of squelched this year by the tire shortage . . . except a short but wild trip to Arkansas . . . club usually holds several social functions each year . . . on top of most any hill . . . out in the country.. .several 'Clark Gables' present in the club this year . . . they think. 'ri Us llx ll ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW left to right: Lucille Rowell, P.. Grady Snuggs, Iohn Allred, L. B. Bruner, Wright Bomford, Doris Bell. THIRD BOWH-left to right: leannette Harry, Billie Woodard, Sue Boniford, Arlita Gilmore, Ora Lee Bowles. SECOND ROW--left to right: Priscilla Harry, Virginia Kaufmann, Buth Shore, Alice O'Brien, Nancy Lively, Ieanne Harry. BOTTOM BOW--left to right: Lois Cline, Dorothy Collins, Gus Van Beek, Dorothy Erbe, Maxine Morrison. Members not present: Ray Amstutz, Le Roy Austin, Bette Barber, Duncan Bowie, Clela Darnold, lane Iohnson, Mary Ellen Kesselring, Eloise Mauthe, Yolanda Memole, lack Moncrief, Dorothy Perkins, Anne Slcamaker, lean Taylor, Barbara Wildman, Peggie Wolfe, Bill Wright, Mary Hughes, Telva Briley, Margaret Miller, Merton Houston. President ......... GUS VAN BEEK Secretary . . . IEAN TAYLOR Vice-President . . . . . NANCY LIVELY Treasurcr . . . . IOHN ALLRED US VAN BEEK . . . the prexy . . . has trouble expressing himself . . . proudly claims that his organization does things that are not done by other organizations . . . Speaks of the T.U. "Y" house parties . . . request a small donation to cover cost of the operating room . . . drinks Pepsi-Cola . . . and is the favorite of all the gang . . . Dorothy Collins . . . says she has to go to meeting because she works for Dr. Snuggs. . . and has a list of l5 people she intends to bite when she goes mad . . . no connection . . .lean Taylor has trouble with the devotionals . . . Duncan Bowie . . . comes . . . Virginia Kaufmann avidly defends her first aid course . . . group develops a terrific flare for squareedancing . . . no evening's dancing is complete without dedi- cating "Old Bald Eagle" to Professor Snuggs . . . Miss Williams is teased because the floor has to be re-braced after an accident during the dancing . . . ping-pong comes into its own . . . T.U. "Y" is the Christian youth organization of the campus . . . helps sponsor the annual freshman mixer . . . furnishes Santa Claus and red stockings forthe annual "poor kids" party . . . sponsor the only "no men allowed" dance of the year . . .wherein the coeds make dates and come in costume . . . regular Thursday night meetings bring interesting and educational speakers . . . debate on "federation" . . . teams prove and disprove various points. ALPi-IA Ii-If 'FAU ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW 'left to right: La Verne Roemer, Dorothy Springer Maples, Madeline Moote, Eleanor Marks, Doris Bell. SECOND ROW left to right: Maryema Gates, Don McLeod, Miriam Endres, Mary lean King. BOTTOM ROW left to right: Louise Ditzler, Sara lane Kerr, Catherine Reno, Maxine Vincent. Members not present: Lois Carter, Sylvia Kraus, Emily Ann Hamilton. President . . . . . CATHERINE RENO Secretary . . . . MAXINE VINCENT Vice-President . . , . ELEANOR MARKS Treasurer ..... . . SARA IANE KERR Sponsor ...... DR. ADAH ROBINSON OTH SUNDAY and school afternoons from three until five often find members "en smockesn receiving visitors to their many exhibits held in the gallery of Tyrrell Hall . . . unusual badges were designed by Dr. Robinson, capable sponsor . . . Mrs. H. C. Tyrrell and Mrs. F. L. Townsend were made patronesses . . . sponsored one-man water color show of alumna Ioyce Schiveley . . .was first to show the annual Prairie Print exhibit . . . held a Christ- mas sale of student work . . . ancl a senior show in the Spring . . . Alpha Rho Tau maintains a student loan fund. . .presents annual award to the student of greatest promise.. .annually adds a print or painting to the University's permanent art collection . . . purpose is to foster the development of, interest in, and appreciation of, art. ..this year Sara lane served tea after meeting.. .the idea met with approval and was promptly adopted. . .Doris and Maxine chose appropriate ware.. .plus a copper teakettle. . . Don started the mural for the stage of Tyrrell Hall . . . Mary lean's stage designs won national honors . . . Catherine Reno, president, did outstanding work and won recognition for her superior officiating. . .Sylvia costumed kings and cowboys . ..Emily Ann returned from California...Eleanor lectured on the late Grant Wood . . . and Dorothy suggested . . . before she left to get married . . . that empty tin paint tubes be collected for defense. T Pl DELTA EPS!!! N ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP BOW V-left to right: Doris Bell, Mirian Endres, Emily Ann Hamilton, Priscilla Harry, De Hinckley. BOTTOM ROW---left to right: David Kerr, Alice O'Brien, Mary Ann Sanders, lean Taylor, lay Vickers. Members not present: lulia Brant, Elaine Frame, Ann Harwood, Don lones, Lucille Leachman, Virginia Ransom, Ailene Smith, Lilyan Underwood, lane Wade, Margarett Wade. President . . . . . , DORIS BELL Secretary , . . . . ALICE O'BRlEN ONTHLY dinner meetings in the Union. . . "little idiot" jokes all the vogue . . . Endres has the largest repertoire . . . anyone proposing a new project instantly put in charge . . . again sponsor annual High School Iournalism contest . . . O'Brien hounds the membership for dues . . . Vickers . . . surrounded by the feminine sex . . . relieved to have Don lones and David Kerr join the ranks for a little moral support . . . lulia Brant sent to national convention at Granville, Ohio . . . and talks for hours and hours about what a won- derful time she had . . . Spring Founders' Day Banquet held in honor of the new initiates . . . said initiation almost postponed when it was discovered that the ritual and minutes book were lost . . . Harwood and Frame obliging "hot news" Vickers by giving forth all the latest gossip at meetings . . . Lil Underwood driving the general public mad by getting in on the end of every conversation . . . and demanding to know the rest of it . . . "DingfDong" Bell carrying on with her usual efficiency . . . W. S. Foster . . . faculty sponsor . . . proposing plan for sponsoring of Oklahoma style book by Oklahoma chapter . . . annual contest awards presented at publications banquet . . . general grabbing for Epsilogs at dinner at Pride's . . . officers deluged with mail from national . . . the Wade twins providing double trouble as always . . . publications lab proves a popular place. W DIAIVATICS WV RKSi-If? ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP BOW left to right: lirnmy Elson, Betty Leahy, lirnmy Gibbs, Dorothy Springer, Nancy Kerr. SECOND BOW left to right: Natalie Busch, Roberta Brooke, Marcia Whitwell, Miriam Endres, Maxine Vincent. BOTTOM BOW left to right: Mary lean King, Sylvia Kraus, Ridgley Bond, Vernon Crouch, Kathleen Clarkson, Maryerna Gates. Members not present: Richard Whiteside, Betty Wright, Marilyn Stuart, Boy Small, Al Persons, Mary Corkill, Peggy Wolf, Ora Lee Bowles, Eleanor Marks, Betty Penterrnan, Betty Butcher, lohn Botkin, Ed Drake, Bob Wells, Frank Simms. Director ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, BEN HENNEKE HE WORKSHOP? . . . that little white building behind Kendall Hall. . . a lot of people in it? . . . you can say that again . . .no, Gwendolyn, you don't have to know how to act to be in the workshop ...anyone possessing a sufficiently dirty pair of jeans will be put to work in- stantly painting scenery or manufacturing boulders out of cardboard...what have they done? . . . well, "Roadside" found the love-making of Chuck White and Marilyn Stuart keep' ing the minor theater-goers drooling in the balcony. . . "Trojan Women" offered an imported star and an excellent performance to an appreciative audience , . . Pat lones caused a lot of excitement during dress rehearsal by swallowing a pin. . . "Little Stu's" legs peeping out of Roman armor almost tore the audience apart .. . lune Applebys beautiful voice was a stand- out even in the chorus. . . Dan Casebeer and Frances Hayes starred in character parts in "Dover Road" . . . "The Old Maid" featured Marilyn Stuart and Sylvia Kraus . . . Sylvia gets universal recognition as the most talented and most faithful member of the clan . . . Ben was still guardian angel and chief jailor of the 'llhespian crew. . . Marcia Whitwells working of the spot lights resembled that of the camera man in Hellzapoppin. . .Vernon Crouch, stretched out on the floor, played dead. . .Betty Wright impersonated everyone... Natalie Busch, Kay Clarkson, Tid Gates spoke only in the "hey, kid" brogue . . .and the precious coke machine was on a rigid nickel diet. Students, Alumni and Faculty Members Now In Military Service Alspaugh, Ioe Andrews, David Baher, Robert Behning, Paul Bland, Richard Bowlin, Bob Bowlin, Paul Brenneman, Albert Bridges, Dick Broach, Robert Buchner, Robert Burris, Charles Cargile, Nolan Carter, Orris Childs, Charles Chouteau, Iess Christ, Charles Christie, Richard Chunn, Ellsworth Clark, Roscoe Clement, Haskell Cochrane, David Cockrell, Iames Crow, Howard Dean, Robert DeLuce, Louise Donalson, lack Dutty, Iohn Dundee, Morris Dunn, Iames Edwards, Estell Elkins, Iames Froese, Bernhard Gardner, Franklin Gilmore, lames Ulccording to Available Recordsl Goodman, Bert Gorham, Chester Greenwell, lve Rodrick Hager, William Hair, Charles Haralson, Prescott Harmon, Hamlett Harris, Herman Hartley, Walter Heath, Harry Heller, Harry Ir. Henicle, Glenn Hensley, Frank Henson, Robert Hodges, Millard Holt, Wayne Hoop, O. W. Howard, William Hughes, Eugene Iackson, Iean Iohnson, Bill Kaiser, William Koberling, William Lain, George Ray Lamberton, Bill Lilystrand, Ted Livesay, Ioe Loofbourrow, Iames Lovejoy, Robert Luckett, Bruce Lyons, Hugh Marshall, Iohn McDonald, Iack Mechling, Ross Meyer, Darrell Morgan, Richard Morris, Harry Munsey, Charles Neely, Iames Nelson, Ted Oiler, David Palmer, Ioe Parker, William Pierce, Herbert Palson, Irving Quinn, Frank Racek, Edward Ratclitte, La Grange Rector, Charles Rhodes, Marion Rittenhouse, William Roach, Iack Shaffer, George Shea, Donald Shibley, CBillyl M. C Shich, Robert Shipman, Carl Siegismund, Robert Shrum, Clyde Simington, Frank Smith, Reh Lee Smith, Walter Stanfield, Rowland Taylor, Gerald Turner, Othel Walker, Arthur Wallace, lohn Webb, Maurice White, Charles Williams, Eugene Cowboy boots, ear rnutfs, straw hats and blue jeans illustrate what the well dressed young coed Wears to barn dances these days. Mary Lake Finlayson gurgles at the birdie . . . touch football drags out the student body en masse...even at lunch tirne. Ditzler and Busch hang on to the rail ...Bill Welch, a IUNIOR in the en- gineering school, peers over Ioe Blair's shoulder. Vinall keeps the books while lobe Watches attentively. . . Cubbison is next . . .Sara lane gets to the top. Ag in 4 .. Q E QR' Q Q. sg 8 ,Hg Q i -1 J. - Lv ' figs? X -.2 f. , , b JMD? V, TQMEKQ V W 5 vc 'iff r, , V af , . .1 ,, , -, ,. ,A A 1 ell Q a f 1 - Q , 'S 1 ' y 1 ' ' 'P bi M M ' A , W, i A W l N U x , 4 1 E Q 5' , X ,P -A vy ,e 4- .. --Q - K: Q Q Q I N 2 ' X S X 1 H X t .-5 ,.-- fr' y ., 5 9 K I ,L y V,,k .Q X ' x Q' , ' n sq ' f I f nf 4 X L??.5L.?l' L1rA'iSglf 4,iK! B.: ,z.,4A'. .. L.- T554 424' 3 K . , 'tid I ww 0 f i M .A N1 W6 aj. kg IN Q,,,,...-- lin 9 ONGYGQG iorce behind v e Noi iifidi HE moiivoiiino sindeni's enroiimeni in coiieq . sdid siudeni soivs so in so mdnv vvoids f ior ine most pon, ne doesn'i even icnovr ii. Coiieqe, iiice pdieni medicine, is qood ior viinoi diis von. Wise iedders oi voniin xeooqnize iindi born donces, nov rides ond iOOidOGii qoimes die ds insiniciive ds iindinq ine unknown ondniiiv in d oeomeiric pnzzie. iivinq. ii provides such proves ' 5 YXUXUQY moi inn Compus iiie i d vvide vdiieiv oi doiiviiies iniecinons. ?oiiiics dnd pdiiies eveninoiiv ond dssnme d proporiiondie pidce ' oi ine sindeni. Look unidnoie in ine vveii-rounded iiie ' ' d mdior in ine O.ii-i'iDQOY- " Piimosi ond qiri is iiin peopie. ine Ev erv mon ' ' oionq vi ' ii oiieis i' qeinno oiiinniiv , i iive idni iieid o ine mviinicdi idnd oi opp ine pidces io oo, io ieoxn o dv's Doin' iii io iinovv , Eveivbo peopie ine pdqe. GCYOSS I fn., s .n 5. if 1--. 'WWFS is V 5 Q gas, , A awk. xi Xa 1 Q - A - 1 4' Q22 5 f 5' is iff? g W xr was , JH: '2 SQ Pi' PB rar FUI:-.Q W'rapping the goal posts. . .a weekly chore during football season.. .Watch those ladders, girls . . . Eleanor Frame holds up a mountain . . . engineers gath- er on the library steps and talk the whole thing over. Carrnan thinks it's out the Window . . . Blackman looks on.. .get your feet on the ground, girls . . , Betty Whitlow and Lois Brown all up in the air about some- thing. Finishing touches go on the Kappa Kappa Psi float.. . While Baston looks ahead, plotting his course. Scott, Stdnley, Stntzns and Elson look them over. . .Wl'19XV'Wll9W. . . Vlndll runs ct rneon tnter- terence . . . but look out tor tltose size 44 overdlls . . . bond queen Bette Bdrber ond ctttendonts Vtfmtts ond Dovtdson cruise ctbout town. . . Appleby ts astonished, Noldn dnd Hctll ontused, Wrtfgltt cmd Yotlq non-cotnntitdl dbottt lo Dick . . .drum tnojor Ross Wdltzer ond ltotnftooters Tltontos, Longley ond Tltotnos wott tor the notso to beqtn . . .n1txtn' ot the nttxer. . . bctclc tn tlte tfrofsuqctr sttortdqe doys when tttey tltrew poper oround like tltot. FPQ' Ph er FUI:-.Q The Frames, Rylander, King and Springer pose prettily . . . Mr. Benninger gives Margaret Hildebrande some helpful advice while Louise Curtis and Helen Alldredge struggle on. Mrs. Morrow and the "pause that re- freshes" . . . Dr. McLeod, Dr. Pontius and Betty lane hold up some that didn't get away. "Bingo' '... games in the Union at the mixer . . .how about that Tallman pro- file? . . .Mary Kay and her tooth-paste smile. i Mary Bredendick . . . surely not leaving the Union! ...lohn 'Wynn and lean Pringle finish off coffee and pie a la mode at the Chi Qmega lodge. as in l Powder-puii queen Frazier accompanied by aiiendanis Karnes and Crane . . . iodie Bob show- inq Whai a biq boy he is. . .cheer leaders Cloud, Carier, Dick, Nuckoiis and Moncriei take time oui io Waicii ine aariie . . . Lowrey and Woriiey library-bound . . . ! ! I . . .proud parenis at the poor kids' Ciirisirrias party . . . aood buddies . , . "Hors" Morqan and "Sudan" Rose . . . "Vxfediii" Moore masquerading . . .and qivina a preview oi years to conie . . . "Dean" Siudo- baker . . . note inai gun and stand back, boys . . . Beiie and the band boys at liie game. 13? X A lk I FEI-'IURE3 LOOK OUT! the Kappa Delta's are taking aim . . . ask Dean "Headache" Paxson. Time out tor lunch . . . Beall, Harrison and Sowder storm the Union at noon. lean and Iohn enter the Lambda Chi Barn Dance . . . note Wynn's zute suit . . . and bicuspids. Annual Kids Party brings out a new couple . . . Mason and Underwood . . . but Where are the kids? . . . Young Mcf Leod's boy seems to be quite interested! Oh! that math class, that gives the freshmen in the business school tits . . . Patillo, Richards, Yelton, and Thomas star at the board . . . you, on the end of the second row . . . stop peakinf Q' ' lust to prove thot tlie engineers ocodsionolly do something besides study . . , Bloir ond Stein- son go in o liuddle oft the onnuol donce . . . the Slfidrnroclc Four give tortli . . . Bowie, Collins, Stipp ond Swanson gdrgle tor the crowd . . . Gow ond Gusterltout orgue ot tlie Engineers' Open House . . . Poster inducts Roorlc into the oncient order ot King Pdt . . . wtiile Foster ond Hoss woit their turn . . . lones dnd Neely witli dldduotors Londes dnd Morsnoll . . . Toppiin ond West nieosure just tlie riglit omount. PP IPP' fi 'neo Hamilton is welcomed home hy Hinck- ley while A. Thomas and l. Mills look on. Steinson holds the floor . . . Mason, Bear, Cooper, Finlayson, and Bomford assent. Powder Puff Queen Betty Lou Frazier finds it too early in the morning to open her eyes. Office staff Betty Kendall and Ruth Arnold find time to compare letters and latest gossip in the Registrars off fice . . . Little "Stu" and Eleanor Frame talk it over in the Union. The Union again . . . this time Langen- heim, Baillcey and Nittinger have a piece of pie and cup of coffee with Mrs. Hancock. tw The editors of the yearbooks at the universities on the tour corners of the United States selected six campus beauties on a cumulative point basis. They are: Arthur Carlson, University ot Maineg Edward Lana, University ot Eloridaq Ed Smith, University ot Vtfashinqtong and Dona Sieqler, University oi California. Their general sentiments can be summed up in Edward Lana's statement: "l didn't realize that there was so much beauty in the state of Oklahoma." E, u I - n n n I n ! I I z 1 ' . .4.f.1q:'?-'- ' . ' - . , K- - ,f ww' 'e "i,,,1g . i ,W L t?AQ':Y1bg.r,.,,5,q1y:33123: M ixes?" ' ' 5 ' W . V-kL'.!0'.' . 4 '. N1QffS'1fF"A' A 3.00 'Aj' . g4:.g.g.. Qgtw.-.. ,,. . Q ..-yg:v.f:Q.: -I-von.-isp' ,H U .,Q,Z,.,.,g.'.. , g0.l'P:,.u A M , 4.-a:::,".'tj . :,,. I ' Q sffnuv. W.-is'Y'-'agiiiig,g:f'9afq:5.no9 y "mc if , ' , f sountill,-,,,'k1:-'-Y"-..w.-f.-.. new Q . Q ,JVM .. ' s 1 - - A W. -. fain- "SUSE-I-.-. -' ui 4- N "Maw-' .-A-E-'ff-' --wrote. 4-q:55,:.'.vkg. H .QQ-ggglslzl ,, 'Q iw - . lb W'-"'?as'f31'f'Qf"A - 9 ' , X ' 1 i? 3? . V ,' 1 5 , : E E mv. we W Q 3 J N za 1 E y ff ,A a 4 gf f . X , Q A . Q gk. , X? X 4 'S ,552 ' fi 1wA X Q, 1 ' ' xii"-. . : ..o. in . .R gqf., D l 'G :gn o 'Q .13-fly. 'I l .,g.,:., Ir, . 1' " . . . 'Is'- 0 I 5 o E Q, 3, . YE' 5 1 .W 551 X in 2' ' k M4 3352 Fpasefwwfg. f' -3-If j' -'51 A -Xiu A 3, , 'I a rg ie Wofan PHI MU C LOTHLH EY bEARb MILLER-WOODS STUDIO wf-f-:fri 'QXCQ l,.1 "" .QV 3 IQ f k.,4.',.A W P .::::::.' .L A,-,-,f,-,-,-.'.-., ,ring O0 in ' A 2,o'a'vg'0:" 5' no a of ' 1' ' O 'J MILLER-WOODS STUDIO 0 ' 0 -. 4 ' 4is'o't as C , - ic' . V ' shy, 8 03 ...O .ibily . X 14, . N yo: fg no in X 461.1 x"".,.Q A 13 N ll 9. foxooolz. ' nsdoocuf ' u'a,o,o,op,s':, S 9 ""u.v.0.w.N -svsobv' 4 O 0,39 ' vi .Y V 1,0 'Wei lll'l,6t 6tl"g6Ll"Ui .j6"6LLl5 KAP PA DELTA CLONH-IES EY BROWN-DUNKINb MILLER-WOODS STUDIO MILLER-WOODS STUDIO f'-wL'.""-- t v . W. Q.O-wif... ,. v wg Wu. 1 sv. Lisfqay V, ,.-...:0.o'5 s 9l3"f' - ',Oni!?""f':':-.44 N. .A5,p66n 'alzttw me-9-f s:r:1:55sv1.. e 'gd , Q' 0:8 Q s . ' 45590. 's W x ,Aa j.'Q '..fLfLQ.f l'.O .o.5?I'T,-izf ' .A Kvbffab' 'fl 'sf I iff. ,.., L,g3.u ..w:o:f Q no , on b , fa! 50130 5 f ,Q ago, . W. A. 1 0, . L .?e.iL 'Sony 4 1. ,'A' " .auf ii?'iic'Qsf' 0 1il,'l!g!bf"-Fi5n 0 f ,af Q . . . . . 3, QT Y . o 1 4 1 ..v i 0 Q 4 i s'n'v'u'o':' 3 v o o 0 o Q O3 1 sv.o.o.s s 0 0 ff. , Q ,Q o 0 o'g?'.' ' 9-5 Q 1 0 s op Q 1 . I 1,1 1 s ' l 70 F1591 ' -'52 . U U ' .1.Q'q'9.l'0.o'Ott' , ' o 1 o,o,s,0.',0,', 'l"1.0.v.w'5 1 'Q Q ,His ' V ICO- Iuss0,055 A .fl 'X 1,5 .v' irginia 961665011 KAPPA DELTA C LOTHEE, BY VANDFVLR5 .o'?o'0: bd f 6'n'i'a'o.ol s 4 N 'Q x ki 3 ,4 rudifdl Carfer FOOTBALL QUEEN CHI OMEGA CHOSEN BY THE VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Eff? OFDM grazier DELTA DELTA DELTA POWDER PUFF QUEEN CHOSEN BY MEMBERS OF THE PEP SQUAD ofieio Line izbicg PHI MU FRESHMAN FOOTBALL QUEEN CHGSEN BY THE FRESHMAN TEAM Q? Ufllllfll' DELTA DELTA DELTA SUN BOWL PRTNCESS SELECTLD BY MEMBERS OF S. P. C foafricia Weefg CHI OMEGA ENGINEERS' QUEEN CHOSEN BY POPULAR VOTE OF ALL ENGINEERS job: 6Ar0nic KING PAT HIGHEST RANKING SENIOR ENGINEER IIUX Mimi 111 x" Wmgffl ' 1 ,Ns I CAMPUS Elected To Membership ln Whos Who ln HELEN ALLDREDOE, gracious president of Phi Mu sorority, should have double credit for her commendable college record since heart was in Georgia all of the time. IOHN CHRONIC was King Pat this year by virtue of his top- ranking grades in the engineering college. Although he belonged to half the organizations in school, he was an officer in all of them. BOB FORSMAN returned to T. U. in time to lead Pi K. A. for a semester. Prominent in campus activities and in his field of Engineering since his freshman cheer-leading days, he is now narrowing his interests to Mary Louise. PRISCILLA HARRY, Kappa Delta, has spent the best part of her college career "scooping" other campus reporters. lt didn't interfere with lessons enough, however, to keep her from getting the Kimbrough scholarship. ELIZABETH HARTH has been leader in Delta Delta Delta since her freshman year. Active in all phases of school activities, she deserted the campus at mid-term to become a career woman. FRANCES HAYES, Kappa Delta, transferred from Phillips last year without losing her record of all "A's" through college. As president of Senior Staff and an active member of the Workshop, she got right into the swing of things. OTlS HUNTER, Kappa Alpha, has long been an influential member of the college of Petroleum Engineering. Appropri- ately enough, his marriage to Charlotte Neely tool: place right after Engineers' Week. DELTA ANN LOCKEWITZ, newly elected Chi Omega president, is personification of the well-rounded girl. Active in most important of campus organizations, she also plays on the basketball team and wears the Pi K. A. pin of Swede Lamprich. DON MCLEOD, Pi K. A., shows superior ability in the field of art and is painting the University's first mural. Vice-President of the Student Council, he is interested and active in student government. TACK MILLS, president of Lambda Chi Alpha, has had his finger in every campus pie. He has exhibited super-salesmanship by being business manager of the KEN- DALLABRUM for two successive years. B ugly JS American Universities And Colleges DEWTTT MOORE, Lambda Chi Alpha, consistently maintains his exceedingly high grades in the Engineering callege. He occasionally gets far enough on the other side of the campus to be seen in Shakespeare class or to lend his excellent baritone voice to the A Cappella choir. R. M. PAGE, Lambda Chi Alpha, found his sense oi humor a decided help while acting as president of Commerce Club. A rabid jitter-bug, Page is as much a part ef this campus as the buildings. BOB SCOTT, Kappa Alpha, brought bigger and better politics to the campus. Last year he was president of S. P. C. and had a big time building bon tires. Known iamiliarly as the "Senator train South Carolina", Bob guieted things down tremendously when he leit at mid-term. GENE ROARK, Lambda Chi Alpha, is a sure-enough B. M. O. C. President of both the Senior Class and Sword and Key, he always manages to know what is going on. Although he belongs to everything from the Student Council down, his real distinction is qt high grade average in the difficult Engineering college. KATHRYN RATNBOLT, Chi Omega, eked out membership by editing the KENDALLARRUM for two years. She 4'-lzriwxs the all-time reccrd for being the most investigated member of the student body. PRED SHARP, Delta Sigma Xi, after a couple of years at intensive campusology, settled down and gave his attention to the Engineering college and the library staft. PATRlClA THOMPSON, Chi Omega, is known around school as a sure "A" in any class. She took her accounting so seriously that she was elected treasurer of almost every organization she belonged to this year. GUS VAN BEEK, independent, is the bustling president of the T. U. "Y" and is manager of the debate team. A ministerial student and the constant companion of one Mary, he gets more work done than most folks try tt: do. REX WALKER, Independent, is president ot the Student Council. He spent his year constantly waiting for his call from the Marines. A member ot the group tamiliarly called the "Campfire Boys", he still remained the fresh- incin giil's dream. as r ai Here are the piciures that were seiecied by the judges: Top row Cleft to rigiriilfiearr Reisher, Virginia Harih, Margie Nolan. Boiiom row Cieii to righilf-Beiiy Mason, Anna Margaret Kraus, Virginia Iackson PUBLICATIONS 'ci' 'Q Editor . Manager . . Assistant Editor . Assistant Manager . I ENDALLA Bt UM . KATHRYN RATNBOLT . . . IACK MILLS . DRUSILLA CARTER . AUBREY THOMAS GENERAL STAFF: lohnny Rogers, De Hinckley, Norma Rylander, lean Tay lor, Wright Bomford, Elaine Frame, Harriett Wilson, Mary Bredendick, Lois Rainbolt, Katherine Karnes, Helen Hibbard, Margie Lee Fisk, Ann Harwood lean Pringle, Marion Dorney, Katie Blair, Mariorie Ousterhout, Patricia Neely t Helen Ruth Steinson, Sara lane Kerr, Margie Tallman, Margarett Wade, lane Wade, Betty Carman, lulia Brant, Emilou Dixon, Don lones. Kathryn Rainbolt. Editor. pleads with the student body to get pictures taken. to return proofs. to hand in snap shots. E YEARBOOK . . . long the bone of contention in the student body . . . put out once a year . . . and once is enough . . . from every point of View . . . between its covers . . . can be found a part . . . of all that is T. U . . the high moguls . . . are elected by the Board of Publications . . . though some do say . . . that "qualified" appli cants have been ignored . . . by this noble group . . . all matters of policy . . . and drastic changes from former pro cedure . . . are taken through the board . . . after that . . . it is the students' problem . . . you can say that again . . long and weary is the process . . . resultant doctor bills are to be taken as a matter of course . . . also a decline in the grade average . . . the book is drawn up in lune . . . and then changed regularly until the date of publication . . pictures are the problem . . . pu-lease, little boy, go to Brown-Dunkins and have your picture made . . . that sort of thing . . , you would think they would go when it doesn't cost them a cent . . . but they don't . . . one lovely Sunday afternoon was spent . . . in lining up football players in jerseys . . . and speculating which might letter . . . in order not to waste precious film . . . in the first week of September we did that . . . feature pictures presented a problem all their own . , . the interesting ones . . . were in dubious taste . . . editor declaring at all times to the enthusiastic staff members . . . who didn't have their necks under the hatchet in guite so obvious a fashion . . . that T. U. used to be a Presbyterian school . . . and that we must conduct ourselves accordingly . ing up the ad section . . . not to go a little bit Bohemian . . , but knowing better than to allow the pictures . . . that Mills and Thomas liked . . . to go in . . . queen pictures . . . l ! l . . . now there you said something, lady . . . a leetle bit of trouble we had there for a while . . . and we are still so sorry , . . that the investigators didn't have the courage . . . to come and look at the proof . . . which would have been gladly given . . . instead of the used knife-in-the-back technique . . . which hasn't gone out yet . . . resultant uprisal gets some assistance . . . much appreciated . . . we mean that . . . it's no joke . . . this putting out a yearbook . . . days of classes cut . . . nights of midnight oil . . . no Sunday afternoons . . . except those spent in saying . . . "Now if you'll Just move to the left, Priscilla" . . . "Will you take oft your hat now, Professor Snuggs?' '... and so forth . . . then, too . . . imagine our embarrassment when . . . a week before the book went to press . . . and we started to Write the tennis copy , . . we found that there was no real tennis team . . . really . , . it just makes life more interesting . . , it's the only sure way to achieve notoriety in this school . . . next best thing to T. N. E .... the coveted project of the year . . . was to publish a T.N.E. page . . . but the campfire we always call them around tho house . . . weren't active enough to make it worth while . . . but finding it a temptation . . . when fix Icrck Mills, Manager. goes to the Dale Carnegie school to pick up pointers on apple-polishing the business men. Ofhcia Mar oole ln the picture above are shown the following mernbers: TOP BOW-left to right: Emilou Dixon, Mary Bredendick, Dorothy Springer Maples, Aubrey Thomas, lack Mills, Ann Harwood, Marjorie Ousterhout, Miriam Endres. SECOND BOW left to right: Alice O'Brien, lean Pringle, Rebecca Thomas, Catherine Blair, Sara lane Kerr, Lois Rainbolt, Margarett Wade. BOTTOM ROW left to right: lane Hammet, Drusilla Carter, Kathryn Bainbolt, Norma Rylander, Patricia Neely, Mariella Wyatt, lane Wade. but it's fun to think about . . . things we appreciated include . . . Ann Harwood's near-blindness from proof-reading almost tho entire book . . . as well as putting in hours writing, pasting, and filing . . . Sally Kerr's honest-to-goodness help . . . which included finding an extra table for the office and such nasty jobs . . . lohnny Rogers . . .who took almost every picture in the book . . . developed them . . . and took much responsibility in other ways . . . Little Sister Lois . . . who did all the fetching and carrying . . . and was in on every single major work session . . . Karnes, Pringle, the W'ade Twins, Carman, Rylander, and many others who put a shoulder to the wheel . . . De Hinckley . . . for many, many reasons . . . partially because he is outraged . . . to this day . . . be-cause he was not notified when the staff picture was taken . . . on the whole . . . the good was sweeter than the bad was bitter . . . the office was easily the most interesting place in school . . . getting into the spirit of the thing . . . Christmas decorations were put up in October . . . and had to be hastily yanked down . . . when Miss Vtfilliazns warned that the Board of Trustees was com- ing visitin '... a cross between a fraternity house and a reform school . . . there was always a cup of water over the door . . . and the little epidemic of signs inspired by Bill McMahon . . . the constant feminine shriek . . . "Don't kiss rne, Aubrey' '... the cap and gown episode . . . the epidemic of cover salesmen . . . including one "city slicker" . . . the bit of Dorothy Dix advice glued on the wall . . . the sign on the door . . , which usually read . . . Crume's Snooker Parlour . . . Katie's precious glass-top desk . . . which took a terrific beating . . . J-Xubrey's gymnastics . . . and the time he missed . . . the janitor's unfailing tolerance . . . which is saying quite a lot . . . the One O'Clock lump . . . the typewriter fights . . . which weren't worth it . . . since none were good . . . the Zoology book , . . the one window . . . which stuck in winter and was used exclusively as a door in spring . . . jiu-jitsu . . . 'nuf said . . . the file system . . . the case of the disappearing table . . . the complete wardrobe to be found in the file cabinet . . . the pop bottle quartet . . . the mystery of the lock on the editor's desk . . . for a while it was a mystery, that is . . . the little book to be signed by student assistants . . , the paper on the floor . , . Rogers . . . who was smart . . . always throwing his hat in before he came in . . . it's all happened here . . . kids, it was worth the trouble. Ti-IIE Cf LLEGIAN Editor . . IAY VICKERS Manager . . DAN THOMAS Manager . .... IOE BLAIR Manager .... . . KEITH CALDWELL Assistant Editor . . . . . ALICE O'BRIEN Assistant Manager . . . DOROTHY SMITTLE STAFF--lack Murphy, Catherine Blair, Eliz- abeth Ann Iones, Marcia Whitwell, Miriam Endres, Marjorie Anderson, Iohn Botkin, Mary Ann Sanders, Don Iones, Ailene Smith, Priscilla Harry, De Hinckley, Barbee Ann Watts, Harry Lamprich, Peggy Shea, Helen Ruth Steinson. Iay Vickers, Editor. wore a pencil behind his ear all year long. Keith Caldwell alias "qreybeard" peddled the ads for the first semester. HAPPY carefree collidge days . . . read all about it, ladies and gentlernun . . . the Collegian . . . official news- paper ofthe University of Tulsa . . . is the place to find out what's really going on . . . a weekly brawl takes place . . . on Friday noons, to be specific . . . when the paper comes out . . , no wonder they grab for it . . . more interesting reading than the date list for a dance . . . of which there are many . . . is not to be found . . . and then this year an epidemic of little poems . . . of a personal nature . . . broke out . . . not to ignore . . . the vital Betty Petty column . . . sometimes torrid . . . sometimes sluggish . . . but unpredictable . . . it is considered safer . . . to read the news yourself . . . before the gang begins to howl . . . boxes finally secured for the distribution of the Collegian . . . after months of maneuvering and manipulating on the part of the Board of Publications . . . Dr. Snuggs says he sure would like to have one to go sledding in . . . student body as a whole can't recover from the idea that they are occasional chairs . . . scattered at random about the campus . . . but an improvement they undoubtedly are . . . eliminating much unsightly paper from being kicked around the campus . . . patriotic, too . . . Mr. Donald Nelson would approve . . . ye editor . . . Vickers . . . is the Louisiana kid . . . especially as to speech . . . he achieved the inevitable "Scoop" tacked on his name . . . even over and above the paper . . . lay takes pride in dating at least five girls at one time . . . without letting anyone know about the others . . . some maneuvering .... assistant editor Alice . . . christened "Bluegown" by Harry Heath two Years CICJO . . . has not heard her own i "!"""4 yrs name since . . . a veritable news-hawk . . . A 5, she assimilates the spelling of names and L the question to be debated . . . without even knowing she's doing it . . . Cvreybeard I "ye gods, what a voice" Caldwell . . . shook the dust of the office off his feet for good . . . after the first semester . . . Ioe Blair, Dan Thomas and Winnie Allen take over the job . . . well, officially it's Ioe and Dan . . . the new business managers work i out as rigid a one-two as is used by jiu-iitsu artists . . . effective, too . . . many ads are sold . . . trouble with national advertising keeps the boys from getting smug . . . why don't you laps go on home and plant tulips . , . they said, when the national emer- Dan Thomas. Co-manager. kept up the reports since his girl could type. Ioe Blair. Co-manager. got started being a B. M. O. C. right off than a drum they lock the place . . . Dan me hm. gency arose . . . the open-door policy ceases in the business office . . . tighter CLMQIOMJ elfUffl0Cl,l0Ql" In the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW left to right: Mary Ann Sanders, Miriam Endres, Don lanes, Marcia Whitwell, Ailene Smith. BOTTOM ROW-left to right: Keith Caldwell, lay Vickers, Alice O'Brien, Priscilla Harry, Elizabeth Ann lones. Members not present: Catherine Blair, lohn Botkin, loe Blair, Dan Thomas, Margie Cubbison, Mar' jorie Anderson, De Hinckley, Barbee Ann Watts, Harry Lamprich, lack Murphy, Peggy Shea. spends niany futile hours trying to devise a scheme to make the Kendallabrum pay the phone bill . . . since they use it more anyhoo , . , no soap . . . one more novel feature about these boys . . . they study . . . yea, verily, they make good grades . . . now are you impressed? . . . The Pied Typer . . . column by De Hinckley . . . being everything the name implies . . . you don't get it? . . . ask one of your buddies who has had journalism, Beatrice . . . since the editorial office . . . was also Mr. Morris' journalism room . . . his class had to get used to lots of traffic . . . most reporters would manage to stumble half way across the room . . . before they realized that a class was in session . . . but it did liven things up . . . common sight . . . a reporter asleep on one of the long tables , . . promotion to get a radio for the office was unsuccessful . . . but would have been useless anyway . . . since the journalism crew would surely have out-shouted it . , . more promotions . . . Sadie Hawkins Vtfeek . . . also fell through . . . clue to the lateness of the hour at which it was proposed . , . but still a good idea . . . the student talent show . . . sponsored by the Collegian . . . and to appear over the air . . . Where not a soul . . . not one . . . turned up . . . Claire Blair devotes every Wednesday night during the entire year to covering Student Council meetings . . . Lizzie lones whips the society together . . . Helen Ruth Steinson keeps trying for a story with "her name under it' '... Marcia gets one . . . Mr. Mullin faithfully checks the errors every Week . . . holds staff meetings . . . worries . . . the pros and cons of editorials . . . who writes Petty . . . advisory committee set up to give the low down on what students wanted in the paper . . . trouble with the post office officials . . . the inserts didn't have the mast head on them . . . tsk, tsk . . . T. U. rates the rotagravure . . . Murphy and Harry look for hot-news to scoop . . . Thursday night . . . press night . . . all night . . . mid-night snacks . . . furnished by Bluegown . . . the Engineers' edition . . . green ink from here to there and back again . . . Bob Hall and Pup Born get some idea of what these people are up against . . . typewriter trouble . . . Swede gets the intra-mural games . . . Marcia Covers the plays . . . the April Fool edition . . . constant questions . . . where is lay? ...may l use this phone? ...where did you put that story? . . . who ruined my type- writer? . . . is Mr. Mullin in here? . . . is my name in Petty? Bf AID VF PUBLICATIV NS UBLICATION heads, faculty representatives and a delegate from thc Student Council , . , form the Board of Publications , . . which transacts all the business of the school newspaper and the yearbook . . . establishes policies . . . signs contracts . . . gives good advice . . , syrnpathizes . . , the most important function . . . and once each year . . . receives applica- tions . . . interviews . . . and chooses the new editors, business managers and assistants . . . for both publications . . . this year . . . problems included . . . a decreased enrollment . . . change in organization personnel . . . the increased cost of materials . . . and the trouble the "pavement-beatersn had in getting ads . . . Rex Walker . . . always either rushing to the student broadcast . . . preparing to join the Marines . . . or in the hospital indulging in a case of pneumonia . . . lay Vickers . . . takes over as secretary of the board . . . laments the fact that he has had no shorthand . . . thinks the long, much-amended motions . . . of board members . . . are entirely un- necessary . . . pleads for a staff . . . and with help of Mr. Mullin . . . Chairman Robert Mullin calls establishes regular staff meetings . . . freshmen Dan Thomas and loe Blair the meetings. keeps order cmd . . . break precedent by being elected co-managers . . . before the other receives the complains of the freshmen found out the names ef campus buildings . . . Mr. Duncan . . . vigilante committees' guards the reserve fund rigidly . . . and keeps after the ad men for state- ments , . . Mr. Nittinger . . . elected to membership this year . . . tells how they did it when he was in school . . . grasps publication problems like a veteran . . . Mr. Morris . . . possesses a photographic memory . . . remembers board action for years back . . . always thinks of the repercussions of considered action . . . lack Mills . . . bemoans the car shortage . . . since it means no ads from the car agencies . . , cannot remember how many typewriters the KEN- DALLABRUM owns . . .long conferences . . . facts and figures . . . fail to straighten out the typewriter mystery . . . happy occasion . . . is the receiving of the certificate showing the yearbook's All-American rating for the previous year. . . Mr. Mullin . . . has trouble getting the busy members to meeting . . . then in keeping them until it is over . . . and is beseiged with the complaints of the wounded student body . . . because they can't work on publications . . . yeah, work! In the picture below are shown the following members: STANDING-left to right: Keith Caldwell, W. E. Morris, ir., C. T. Duncan, lack Mills. SEATED7left to right: R. A. Nittinger, Robert D. Mullin, Kathryn Rainbolt. Members not present: lay Vickers, Rex Walker. -an i ' I I' ' B rlLr.IlCo Margie Cubbison and Harris Paiillo ATHLETIC EUUNIIII. ln his first year as head football coach at the University of Tulsa, Henry Frnka proved himself worthy of all advance publicity. Arriving here from Temple University, Frnka distinguished himself by leading the Hurricane to another Missouri Valley championship and to a Sun Bowl victory on New Year's day. Henry Fmku fubovel. Head Football Coach In the picture below are pictured the following members of the University of Tulsa athletic depart- ment: left to right--Tex Ryon, Varsity basketball coach, Walter S. Milligan, assistant football coach: Henry Frnka, athletic director and head football coach, I. O. Brothers, backfield coach. VARSITY SQUAD In the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROWeleft to right: Gene Logan, lack Iudd, Brown Amburne, Iohn Wickham, Glenn Hennicle, Wayne Holt, Coach Henry Frnka, Coach Walter Milligan. THIRD ROW-left to right: Fred Mason, George Lane, Saxon ludd, Foe Gibson, Clyde Shrum, Elston Campbell, ,Timmy Vickers, Gene Hendricks, Hugh Goerner, Coach Tex Ryon. SECOND ROW-- left to right: Kenneth Gibson, Wayne Rose, Charles Spilman, N. A. Keithley, Bob Dobbs, Iohn l-lerriman, Wallace Iohnsori, Richard Morgan, lim Worthington, Coach l. O. Brothers. BOTTOM ROW left to right: Iodie Bob George, Roy Stuart, Charles McGinley, Maurice Hail, Charles Greene, L. D. Moore, Malcolm Strow, Dell Taylor, Glenn Dobbs, Cal Purdin, Dewey Erickson. APPY are the boys in the picture above, for the picture was taken in El Paso, Texas, where the Hurricane squad played its first bowl game . . . and won. A Missouri Valley Conference victory had made the season a successful one before the bid to the bowl game ever arrived. Everyone from big Glenn Henicle to little N. A. Keithley was "on the beam." Football spirit and interest in the team neared sentiment on the campus at the Univer- sity of Tulsa this year. More attention was paid to football and its players than had been for years previously. Success helped, of course. A triumphant team tramping off the field looks better to almost any qrandstand. Another factor was the universal popularity of the individual members of the team. As a whole, the boys were more interested and active in campus life than they had been in years previously. The marriage of star Glenn Dobbs to Iune Manchester was news on the sports as well as the society page. "Porky" Purdin was the president of the Pi K. As. The comedy team of I. ludd and Speedy Spilman was a welcome and frequent sight about the campus. lack's promotion of a hair-pullin' fight between the Chi Omegas and the Tri Delts lasted the whole year through. Malcolm Strow jitter-bugged in the Union Without missing a day. Kenny Gibson put out his pin, While brother loe became a father. Most sadly missed was little Iimmy Vickers, who left for the army shortly after the season. "l-lots" Morgan and Wayne Lee Bose had another big year sguiring the girls. "Tears" Campbell graduated from the difficult Engineering school in March. The important thing is that all of the boys were making a place for themselves out- side of the football World. Good boys and good players are a winning combination. '1 FOOTE-if LL i TULSA - - - EU BAYLUH - - lfl Baylor Tulsa First Downs Y l5 8 Net Yards Rushing l84 l36 Yards Lost W 39 24 96 125 Net Yards Forwards Forwards Attempted 20 Forwards Completed IO 7 lntercepted by 2 3 Yards Intercept- tions Return ,,,, l4 28 Punts, Number 9 ll R t d b Kickoffs, Number Returned by , Yards Kicks Returned A,A, ,,,,,,, P t e urne y , 5 3 Punts, Average ,,,, 30 39 it 3 l 53 50 un s , ,.,,,,,,,,,,, 39 34 Kickoffs , l4 l6 Fumbles ..,.,,,,,,,,,, , 2 O Ball Lost .,s,,,, ., 0 0 Penalties ,,,. 4 5 Yards Lost on Penalties , , 20 40 UNIVERSITY OF TULSA OPES for an undefeated season under Coach Henry Frnka's regime received a jolt when the Golden Hurricane journeyed to Fort Worth and suffered a 0-6 set-back at the hands of Texas Christian University. Probably the most important factor in the game was the Wind. Several long passes which seemed certain touch-downs were caught by the wind and dropped short. The deciding factor came when a high Tulsa punt was blown backward and recovered by T.C.U. on the Hurricane lO-yard line from which Kyle Gillespie, Frog quar- terback, punched across for the Winning score. Tulsa rested a Week, then striking viciously and swiftly, defeated Creighton University, 19-7, scoring twice before the Bluejays threatened. Outstanding thrills of the game were Tom Dineen's 96-yard return of a kick-off to the Tulsa one-yard line, and the tackle there by limmy Vickers, who caught the lay speedster after Dineen had a l5-yard start. Continuing to roll over hapless Missouri Valley opponents, the Hurricane slaughtered the St. Louis University Billikins, 33-7, with Frnka's reserves playing more than one-half of the Malcolm Strow Dewey Ericksen Wiley Pinson Wayne Rose Iodie Bob George Fullback Quarterback End End Tackle FOOT?-if LL TULSA - - - lE AGEIES- - - U I Aggies Tulsa First Downs 10 8 Net Yards Rushing 66 90 Yards Lost , 34 32 Net Yards Forwards 120 106 Forwards Attempted 28 1O Forwards Completed 12 7 intercepted by ,,,, O 4 Yards interceptions R t rn O e u ..,, 37 Punts, Number 9 10 Returned by ,,,,,,.. 6 1 Punts, Average . 34 40 Kickotfs, Number 1 4 Returned by ,,,,,, 4 1 Yards Kicks Returned ,, ,,,,,,, 217 25 Punts ,,,., .... 4 9 10 Kickoffs ,, ,,,, 168 15 Fumbles . ,,,,,, W 2 2 Ball Lost ,,,,, 0 2 Penalties ,,,,, ,,,, 6 4 Yards Lost on Penaities , ,,,,,, , 40 30 GCLDEN HURRICANE game. St. Louis' only score resulted from a blocked punt which was recovered in the end zone. L. D. Moore smashed the Bill line repeatedly, at one time going 4U yards through center to score. Followed by the band and a majority of the student body, the team invaded Stillwater to meet the traditional rivals, the Oklahoma A. ci M. College Cowboys. After one touchdown pass had been dropped, Glenn Dobbs fired two scoring passes, one to lim Vickers, the other to Elston Campbell. Later, an Aggie back was trapped in the mud for a safety, leaving Tulsa on the consoling end of the 16-O count. For the second successive week, Tulsa played away from home, engaging the Wichita University Shockers in a supposed "breather" game. Caught on a muddy field, the Hurricane eked out a l3-7 win on a last-minute pass from Glenn Dobbs to Elston Campbell. The Shock- ers played an inspired game before a homecoming crowd hoping a victory might give them a bid for membership in the Missouri Valley conference. Ken Gibson Iohn Wickham Bob Dobbs lim Worthington Charles Spxlmcm End Tackle Fullback Tackle Center ' FOO'l'E-if LL --1--'M TULSA - - - lil EHEIEHTUN 7 Creighton Tulsa First Downs ,,,, ,,,, 8 16 Net Yards Rushing 88 94 Yards Lost ,,,, I4 I9 Net Yards Forwards 54 243 Forwards Attempted 26 9 Forwards Completed 3 15 lntercepted by ,,,,,, 2 0 Yards Intercep- ' tions Return ,, I7 O Punts, Number , , IO 9 Returned by ,,,,,s 2 8 Punts, Average 38 37 Kickoffs, Number , , I 4 Returned by ,,,,,, 3 l Yards Kicks Returned ,,,,,, ,,,,, l 49 l l l Punts ,.,,,,,,........ 5 92 Kickoffs ,,,,,,,,s.,. l44 I9 Fumbles ,,,,,,,, .,s,s,,,. 2 O Ball Lost s,ssss,s,,ss l 0 Penalties ,,s.,s,ss,,s l 5 Yards Lost On Penalties ss,s,,,,,... 5 5l UNIVERSITY OF TULSA N UNKNOVVN quantity in the form of North Dakota State University was the next oppo- nent on Skelly Field. Lack of advance publicity had Tulsa fans uncertain, but this uncertainty was short-lived. The home team struck swiftly and repeatedly, using every man on the squad, to roll up Sl points. North Dakota counted their only touchdown on a 45-yard "prayer" pass. Staging one of the greatest rallies seen on Tulsa turf, little N. A. Keithley sparked two Tulsa drives in the final period to lead the way to a thrilling 20-l3 win over Baylor University in the Homecoming game. This was sweet revenge to Tulsa fans who had made the trip to Waco the year before, only to see the underdog Baylor tearn shellac the Hurricane. Tulsa's first score carne just before the halfg two touchdown passes had been dropped when, on the third down, Glenn Dobbs dropped back, faked a pass, then drove through center to go 51 yards for the counter. Glen Henicle Wayne Holt Dick Morgan Browne Amburn Elston Campbell Guard Guard Center Guard End FOOTI-if LL TULSA - - - 33 ET. LOUIS - 7 E St. Louis Tulsa First Downs ,,,,, 8 I3 Net Yards Rushing lOO 254 Yards Lost Y 26 Net Yards Forwards 41 Forwards Attempted 9 Forwards Completed 2 4 lntercepfed by ,,,,,, 0 l Yards Intercep- tions Return ....,, O Punts, Number .,.. I2 Returned by .. . 4 Punts, Average 35 Kickotfs, Number. . 3 Returned by .s,.,, 5 Yards Kicks Returned ,,,,,,,,v,,, 88 Punts ,.......,,,,,,,,,, 26 Kickoffs ,,,,,,,,,,.,,, 72 Fumbles ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, l Ball Lost Penalties ,,,,,, ,,,,,.... 3 Yards Lost on Penalties ,,,,,,,,,,,, 25 GOLDEN HURRICANE Drizzling rain, which turned to snow early in the game, limited spectators to a miserable few as the Hurricane blew over Drake University, 20-6. Drake scored their only counter on a basket-ball play: the Bulldogs tossed a l9-yard pass which was batted down into the arms of a diving Drake receiver behind the goal line. All Tulsa scores came on power plays from inside the Drake five-yard line. ' Thanksgiving day found the Frnka-men battling the old jinx, the Arkansas University Razorbacks. After playing on even terms through most of the first half, disaster struck Tulsa swiftly. The Razorbacks blocked Cal Purdin's punt on the 50-yard line and recovered on the Tulsa four-yard line. Tulsa made a determined stand, but on fourth down, Forte plunged over from the four to give the Hogs a lead which they never relinquished. The second Ar- kansas tally was made when Sallings squirmed away, after thrice being trapped, and raced 34 yards. Tulsa's lone touchdown came following this on a one-yard quarterback sneak by Toe Gibson, the only tally for the season by the Hurricane blocking ace. Fred Mason Glenn Dobbs Iimmy Vickers Saxon Iudd L. D Moore Tackle Hcxltback Halfbuck End Fullbuck FOOTBA Ll. TULSA - - - S AHHANSAS 13 Arkansas Tulsa First Downs ,,,,,,,,,,,, 9 8 Net Yards Rushing l02 74 Yards Lost ,,,,,,,, , 45 29 Net Yards Forwards 84 l05 Forwards Attempted I9 I3 Forwards Completed 5 6 lntercepted by ,,,, 2 O Yards Intercept- ions Return ,,,.,,, 4 0 Punts, Number , ,,,, I2 l2 Returned by ,,,,,, 5 2 Punts, Average W., 38 41 Kickofts, Number ,, 2 3 Returned by ,,,, O 2 Y d K' ks al' S IC Returned ,,,,,, ,, 48 48 Punts .... ,.,. 4 8 I2 Klckofts ,,..,,,,,,,, O 36 Fumbles W ,,,,,,,,,,, 0 O Ball Lost ,,,...,,,,,, 0 O Penalties ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 6 5 Yards Lost on Penalties W ,,,, , 40 35 UNIVERSITY OF TULSA CCEPTTNG a bid to play in the Sun Bowl New Year's day, the Hurricane squad travelled to El Paso, Texas, to meet a talented Texas Tech team which boasted the "fastest back- field in the southwest". Tulsa hadn't worked out after Thanksgiving, had suffered a severe Flu epidemic, and climaxed everything with an unavoidable but none-the-less miserable train ride. The game couldn't be described adequately in 2,000 words, but it's sufficient to say that every Tulsan played heads-up and crushing football. Hurricane victory came 90 seconds be- fore the final gun, when Saxon ludd caught a pass from Glenn Dobbs and exploded from four tacklers to score from l9 yards out. Try-for-point was missed, but no one noticed. The Hurricane had won its first bowl game, 6-0. Trips to laurez, Mexico, and Carlsbad Caverns almost faded into obscurity a month later when 600 Tulsa football fans gathered for the Victory Banquet in the Mayo Crystal ballroom to pay homage to Tulsa's "greatest team". The gigantic Sun Bowl and the Missouri Valley C H Greene Ioe Gibson Roy Stuart Calvin Purdin N. A Keithley Tackle Quarterback Guard Halfback Halfback FOOT BF LL TULSA - - - E TEX!-X5 TEIIH ll Texas Tech Tulsa First Downs ,,,,....,,,. 4 I5 Net Yards Rushing.. 62 96 Yards Lost ,,,,,,,,,, l3 39 Net Yards Forwards.. 42 239 Forwards Attempted.. 10 39 Forwards Completed.. 2 24 Intercepted by ,,...... l 2 Yards Intercep- tions Return ....,,A. IO Punts, Number ,,,,.... I2 Returned by .. 5 Punts, Average ,,,,,,, 43 Kickoffs, Number ,,,, 0 Returned by ,,,,,,,, l Yards Kicks Returned .... ,,,.,, 3 l 3 ...... l 37 3 0 Bl l5 Punts ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, 6 3 I5 Kickoffs ,,,, ..,,,, l 8 0 5 O Fumbles ,,,,,,,,,,,, W. Ball Lost ,,,,,,,, 2 0 Penalties ,,,,,,,,,,.. W. 8 6 Yards Lost on Penalties .... ,,,,,, 9 O 60 1 1 w .' . " . 4 . , ,, t 9 2 fe" GOLDEN HURRICANE conference trophies were presented to the University, and each letterman was presented with a wrist watch bearinq Sun Bowl and Valley crests. Gold footballs, diamond-studded, were given to loe Gibson, Bob Dobbs and Roy Stuart, elected by players and coaches as the outstanding and most unselfish performers, while loe Gibson, Wayne Holt and C. H. Greene were announced as elected honorary tri-captains. Climax of the affair was a showinq of color movies of the Sun Bowl battle, and GOO fans voiced the opinion of the nation. Tulsa had enjoyed a successful season. School spirit reached a new high under the influence of a team whose members were clean sportsmen and campus leaders as well as a winning combination. Pride in team and a unity of spirit extended from the lowliest freshman to civic leaders. Sun, rain, snow and sleet - all found many spectators to see a good qame well-played. fi ,,,, Hugh Goerner Maurice Hail Dell Taylor Guard Guard Fullback GV LDEN GA LES ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW--left to right: Coach Tex Ryon, Alex Krasatkin, Ollie Goodnight, Herman Eubanks, Ierry D'Arcy, Clyde Goodnight, lohn Shotkowski, Kirby Rider. SECOND ROW-V-left to right: Hollis Copeland, Wheeler Gayton, Nelson Greene, Kip Lancaster, Dabney Sims, lames Shebesta, George Flynn. BOTTOM ROYN- left to right: Glen Burgeis, loe Livesay, Wayne Pitcock, Weldon Winfrey, Elmer Sim- mons, Clyde LeForce. EATUHING one of the most sparkling groups of backfield men ever to enroll as freshmen at the University of Tulsa, Coach Tex Ryon's Golden Gales rolled to two decisive vice tories in three games, losing only to the Oklahoma A. and M. freshmen l3-7. High spot of the frosh season was the 34-6 trouncing administered to the yearlings from Arkansas University. Students held high hopes that this was indicative of a victory next year for the T. U. Varsity squad in the traditional Thanksgiving game. ln the season opener, Miami lunior College went down before Ryon's men 20-O. At this game Frosh Football Queen losephine Dick was crowned by Ierry D'Arcy, Captain, after a strenuous election which turned Wayne Pitcock and a few of the other boys into ardent politicians, Two members of the squad, Enid, Oklahoma's Elmer Simmons and the "Bristow Flash," Clyde Leforce, proved handy with brain as well as brawn. Both men turned in straight "A" performances in their classes as well as having starring roles on the gridiron. When Spring came, Elmer even found time to get a girl. Many of the boys went truly athletic and found a spot on the freshman basketball team too. Wheeler Gayton, lanky Gordon Hall-ite, was captain of that crew. Chief among the boys who went social was Kirby Rider, the "brown-eyed bomb." Standout linesmen were Nelson Greene, brother of varsity lineman C. H. Greene, giant center lerry D'Arcy, and Estill Edwards at an end. TENNIS ' In ihe picture above are shown the following members: LEFT TO RIGHT: Rex Walker, Malcolm Sirow, Bill KECIJ Gannaway, Duane Burger. INT! AWXUI AL Cf UNCILS In the picture above are shown the following rnernbers: LEFT TO RIGHT: Coach Mike Milligan, Dick Coburn, Bob Stanley, Mervil Tubbs, Ellis Harnrneit. TOP ROW-f-left io right: Ann Harwood, Lois lvlcljetriclge, Ieanneite Harry, Belly Mason. BOTTOM ROW-left io right Ioan Morgan, Dorothy Erbe, Iris Nichols, Virginia Kaufmann. FASKE' BA LL 1 ,L 'UU' I NABLE to start practice until the football team returned triumphantly from the Sun Bowl early in lanuary, the Golden Hurricane cage team was never able to make up the head start other schools had gained on them. Nine members of the l2-man basketball squad made the trip to El Paso, leaving only Don Phillips, Billy King and Co-captain Paul Marks to putter about an empty gymnasium. Although the Hurricane won only three games in playing a sixteen-game schedule, the record, on closer examination, appears much better than such a statement would show. Six of these games were with three of the nation's top teams!-University of Arkansas, Oklahoma A. and M. College and Creighton University-and Tulsa turned in creditable performances against the first two. Creighton's touted Bluejays found the Hurricane surprisingly tough when they invaded the local court, escaping with a 40-30 victory, and Hank lba's Aggies trimmed Ryon's five, 38-25, despite a late flurry of baskets by the Hurricane sharpshooters. Tulsa lost two games in De- cember before they held an official practice and then dropped a 21-37 decision to Springfield Kenny Gibson N. A. Keithley Glenn Dobbs Don Phillips Saxon Iudd Paul Marks BASKE' Bi- Ll. CMo.l Teachers atter one Workout. The team had managed to squeeze in one practice atter returning trom the Sun Bowl. The Ryon-men opened their drive tor a Missouri Valley pennant on the home court and the tans were rewarded with a 50-35 victory over Drake. The Win over Drake took place lanu- ary lO and then both fans and players thirsted for victory until February 2 when the St. Louis University Billikens tell before the Hurricane, 32-28. The other Hurricane triumph Was scored on the last road trip ot the season. With big Paul Marks ringing the cash register tor l7 points, the Tulsans downed Drake tor the second time, 43-34. Guard Calvin CPorky Loul Purdin tinally began hitting his one-handed shots at Qmaha in the tinal game with Creighton, but the league co-champions hit much more often and Tulsa dropped a 23-54 decision. Potentially, Tulsa had a championship team this year. Plenty ot height, experience and everything necessary tor a top-tlight club was available, but they just couldn't get going after the late start. I I I I I I I I I K I fl .--. If I Charles McGinley Charles Spilmcm Iohn Herriman Calvin Purdin Billy King Bob Dobbs INTRA MDR!-XLS All eyes on the game . . . the Lambda Chi and Chi Omega cheering section centers all attention on the players . . . first time Crumie is quiet at any game. Kappa Delta's keep their eyes on the ball as Young Hayes gives it a mighty swat. Kill the Referee!!! you just can't win as Danny Boy and Batch iight for the decision. Girls all go after the ball as a shot goes wild . . . as usual . . . no wonder there are so many broken nails and bruised-H,,,. . Mighty rough in ar1ybody's league . . . when the Lambda Chis and Pi Kaps wrestle in a basketball game . . . what a shot . . . after the picture was taken. IN'l'RA'MURA!..3 Kerr, Harth and Dorney are interested in the game . . . Penterman is non- chalant . . . but happy about the whole thing . . . the littlest Wade twin sits one out . . . While ice-skating out of doors. Rex helping wrap some of the goal posts . . . that upset the Colonel so . . . watch that cigarette . . . stunt your growth . . . Marjorie Ousterhout en bathing suit . . . sorry the picture's not bigger, boys. Note that stance . . . Rubby Harry grandstands just a jag in the famous inter-sorority football game . . . Dewey Erickson ready to knock a homer . . . l in one of the inevitable ball games in front ot the Union. l Betty Lou Frazier on ice . . . no, lunior, l don't mean a vegetable . . . a picture in the Union reminiscent ot pre-war days . . . sugar and napkins strung around the tables . . . along with books . . . Delta Deah and Swede Lee listen to the story Barney gives torth . . . Bruce Bleakely . . . the Kappa Delta king . . . decked out in all his glory . . . Virginia Ransom, insert in the corner . . . you know, the library, the band, Engineers' queen attendant, David Tappan . . . Lee Holmgren, Phyllis Cass and Gloria l-lilditch . . . on the battle field . . . the Coach is about to dig tor a bone . . . assorted lettermen behind him . . . all but have their tongues hanging out While Watching the game. JREEKS , sk mwwaf..w,. if QQ -'si 4 -KM.. ,. , 1 - x , -, , fy, W, -51, f,- ,.w?5 - I mal 11135 Q2 6111552 -' ,fx Bob Stanley and Iune Appleby ai-ll JMEJA M, I W -n,, Jr -us.: .""?7q,,i V u f 'K . , t H ,H A K iq. 4 I A l -Q ... in Q if H .. ' , 2"' a ff' A ' . . P I ' f' ' l f. , f .Antik , A- A '51 Hr - I Num ...Mgt .. fl- .' ' J., I . , ' gal- . . b ' ' . ,L.. fit? 'ff if ' ' L P W"' I A.. Q.: I ' 'V 'T it .fs ...N . -A 1-4 . -PM ,fm fmt., t .-7 I -- -Eg A Q , .Q Q Av A, Q W, .' - . :-'1 ' G' , wt I , . 1 A 2: 1 :AI P I iz H. ij :N ., . M -xt t il " F2215 -1. 'N ' K ' 5-ve I ,fm la ,ef-,SK A,.o-w K ...nh '. Q v ' - ,gen-. if fi -. V Z ' h ' ix - v-V4"'e P sf? 1 fix , ' -, . H v in A I for in A .,... 9 I ,, f It V, .1 . 1 W ,... . 3 I In the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW-left to right: Betty Bear, Catherine Blair, Claire Blauner, lulia Brant, Mary Bredendick, Gerre Campbell, Drusilla Carter, Mary Louise Cooper, Patsy Craigo, Virginia Crume, Mary Kay Daugherty. FOURTH ROV! left to right: Mary lo Davidson, Helen lanett Davis, Nancy Dickson, Emilou Dixon, Phyllis Ferrier, Mary Lake Finlayson, Margie Lee Fisk, Elaine Frame, Eleanor Frame, Emily Ann Hamilton, Margo Harwell. THIRD ROW- left to right: Ann Harwood, lean Hinderliter, Betty Ann Humphrey, Patsy lackson, Katherine Karnes, Madelyn King, Mary Lawrence, Delta Lockewitz, Betty Lohniann, Betty Mason, Eloise Mauthe. SECOND ROW left to right: Betty Ann McClintock, Patricia Neely, Alice O'Brien, Marjorie Ousterhout, Anne Petty, Betty lane Pontius, lean Pringle, Kathryn Rainbolt, Lois Rainbolt, lean Reisher, loan Boss. BOTTOM ROVV left to right: Norma Bylander, Dorothy Springer, Helen Ruth Steinson, Bette Tallman, Margie Tallman, Patricia Thompson, lune Turnbaugh, Lilyan Underwood, lane Vifade, Margaret Wade, Marcia Whitwell, Claire Zoller. Members not present: lune Appleby, Helen Foster, Muriel Kirk, Christine Minshall, Bliss Harris. President . . . . . . BETTY MASON Secretary . . . . VIRGINIA CRUME Vice-President .... . . KATHRYN RAINBOLT Treasurer . . . . PATRICIA THOMPSON Betty Mason and Mary lo Davidson . . . president and pledge president, respectively. . .lead the Grand March at the super pledge dance . ..Virginia Crume is elected "Sweetheart of Lambda Chi" . ..and then to membership in Phi Gamma Kappa . . .proving that beauty and brains do go together.. .Lil Underwood is caught by the members... and almost misses eventful pledge walk-out . ..Tuesday evening dessert dances given for all fraternities and men's groups . . . Harwood and "Teddy" Bear lead the basketball team to a triumphant year...Christmas tea given for faculty . . . with Dr. Bailkey receiving much attention. . . pledges entertain at supper at Margo's . . .and are allowed to hold member court..,Katie Karnes is named attendant to both the Windbag and Frosh Football queens...Dude Carter is elected Varsity Football queen with Norma Rylander as an attendant. ..record party given by the pledges ...Betty lane Pontius and the lights . . . Marcia Vtfhitwell baizzing about the workshop . . .members O'Brien, Rainbolt and Carter the only girls in publications...investigate that? ..,lune Turnbaugh and Bliss Harris join the ranks sec- ond semester . , . Pat Neely is crowned Engineers' Oueen after a hectic week of being kidnapped. . .wedding bells ring for H. I. Davis, Ioan Ross, Dorothy Springer and Emily Ann Hamilton . . . Mary Lawrence and Mary Kay Daugh- erty set the date . . . lean Reisher and Betty Mason are named yearbook beauties , . , springtime and picnics put the barbecue pit at the lodge back to work...Marj "Oosterboot" receives pledge cup for being best all-round pledge . . .all honorary organizations. ..except Sword and Key . . . have a good percentage of the Chi Omegas . . .prom- inent members of the crew holding up the front door after meeting are Mills, McLeod, Wynn, Roark, Rickman, Hinckley, Mason, Edinger, Fallon, Lamprich...Delta Ann heads the new slate of officers...for a bigger and better year . . . under the X and horseshoe. -I?-in I0 didn gamma CACLICJQ DELTA DELTA DELTA A kb - rx :gmt 'L E ,lj " V I its 1: f A , ' A fl ve' sz V I .five " V . ,,r r E 1 it t ' E if , ,:,, ,W ..,, ',.: E U ' 'T B V I . T K ' 1 1 , 'tie M, . 5' 1 , N . 4 ' in 2, - ,i, ,, if - -f f f M ' s ' - Aim ffaiv T f. 6 fe 1' -mx f W i -he , -- N' " t Y, z . f tw 2 4' 1 f -- -1: tp - " A: tg? : l Tv , so T r T' i 2 T i , - , A an A' ., X? 'Avanti .HRK ,mn '--,at 1 ,-v-fr-wyzx T " at . . Q L Ae., i . as " ,A -Q. Q K 3" " .r ' . - t , ' -- , + . "' 1 ,f , . . : if 'F - . -4 V -ia-I 1 V .ll Q7 ii E I 1 -i V -' . .W x M In the picture above are found the following members: TOP ROW--left to right: Marylou Boulden, Dorothy Brown, Lois Brown, Betty Lou Bryan, lo Anne Bryan, Natalie Busch, Betty Carmen, Kay Clarkson, leanne Cloud. FOURTH ROW'-left to right: Barbara Cook, Dolores Crane, Louise Ditzler, Marion Dorney, Georgia Lou Dunn, Patsy Elliott, Miriam Endres, Betsy Feemster, Doris Flournoy. THIRD ROW-left to right: Betty Lou Frazier, Maryema Gates, Mary Lee Gleaves, lane Hammett, Elizabeth Harth, Virginia Harth, Peggy Houser, Laura Hume, Elizabeth Ann lones. SECOND ROW-V-left to right: Virginia lohnson, lohnece Kerr, Nancy Kerr, Sara lane Kerr, Betty Leahy, George Ann Mackey, Lahoma McArthur, lane McCoy, Ann Adelle Miller. BOTTOM ROW-left to right: Mazie Miller, loan Morgan, Madge Mullally, lris Nichols, Mary Penterman, Rebecca Thomas, Virginia Thompson, Betty Whitlow, Harriet Wilson. Members not present: Ann Blackman, leanne Blaylock, Patricia Camblin, Mary Corkill, Lorene Elliot, lane Hawk, Mary lean Holm, Patricia lones, Frances Lindsay, Kathryn McKellar, Lucy McMichael, Betty Penterman, Helen Singler, Maryella Wyatt. President ........ ELIZABETH HARTH Secretary . . . GEORGE ANN MACKEY Vice-President .... KATHLEEN CLARKSON Treasurer . . . .,... LOIS BROWN School starts with a record pledge class . . . all pledged at once . . . Virginia Harth, sister of the president, is elected pledge president...Betty Lou Frazier is crowned Powder Puff Oueen at a night football game...Elizabeth Ann lones is attendant to the football queen . . . the pledge dance. . .Peggy Ann Hauser startles everyone with her black satin strapless gown . . . Monday night suppers . . . pledges walk out . . . bull sessions after officers' meeting give forth topics of conversation strictly secret . ..Flournoy drives chapter crazy getting news for her column...chapter drives Flournoy crazy getting names in column every week.. .Christmas record party . ..pledges carnpused before Smock's sorrow...athletes gather and hold fight-to-the finish battle in a football game with the Kappa Deltas...leanne Blaylock goes to Sun Bowl as princess...and later to Hollywood...the Third Delta Dame Dance...and the girls on the campus show the boys how it ought to be done.,.Ann Blackman and lohnny Mase remain insepa1atrle...Betty Carmen and Bill Boyd start going steady.,.Pat Camblin comes home from Arkansas...lane Hawk and leanne Cloud lead the kidnapping of the Engineers Oueen...Hawk almost gets her hair cut...Ginger Thompson and Ginny Harth take to bicycles when tires get scarce. ..Lois Brown and Miriam Endres inspire the girls to come out to innumerable basketball practices. . .Laura Hume makes all A's . ..George- Ann Mackey and Betsy Feemster forsake education for pots and pans. ..more education...and so it goes. I . jAefa Mafiiin Cdaiafe l if "P DE!.'l'f few,-wb . .M ,Q -1 V, ..-Q A .V I A 4 , r, V - . ' V , it H' . - ' W ' t ,V ' ,. M . -f- 5 - 6 1, ' ' 4 ' a F , . im. T - ' , Q M7 I ,jf " PM . 'qi 1 - ,, , 5 ' A f ,fi fi ' f"" 5, psp. :arch W f""'. r -A ers A ,A-,rx A It , if , V ' " ul if uni ":A 2 'F 5" "if A A '1: + . , H .,rtst , --- ,.., iggb- . t - it T M ' ' 5 l,.! Mr,-,x ,w-ow ,.,. I V H , A ?,f.,,,,,,E.. i 3 A A,,. 6 , V y, 1 . , 7 i i i ,r in ,. , w. , . - . 4gf .,, , X f if K mf? f A, A '14, . -, --WM My-f Q .. "q. ..,.. - -W Q, an ,..,-1-. 1 5 fi If A ' . ,Sr ' , K- , . it arr, T 2 V.. . -S , tv t "' y lg 'S K if git A 1 ' t r 5 ' . 'Q ,. F' A ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW3 --left to right: Marjorie Anderson, Betty Bowling, Velma Caplas, Phyllis Cass, Margie Cubbison, Dorothy Davis, Dorothy Hamilton, leanne Harry, leannette Harry, Priscilla Harry. THIRD ROW -left to right: Doris Sue Haskell, Dorothy Hayes, Frances Hayes, Gloria Hilditch, Lee Holmgren, Virginia lackson, Martha Ann Kerr, lane Kirkpatrick, Lucille Leachman, Eleanor Marks. SECOND ROW 'left to right: Dorothy McCullough, Lois McFetridge, Reita Ruth Meyer, Kathryn Nelson, loan Rash, Catherine Reno, LaVerne Roemer, Mary Ann Sanders, Cherry Sherwood. BOTTOM ROW 'left to right: Marylee Skinner, Gertrude Streator, Ruth Sumner, lean Vinall, Maxine Vincent, Barbee Ann Watts, Betty Wiedenmann, Billie Woodward, Betty Wright. Members not present: leanne Callahan, Dorothy Kennedy, Anna Margaret Kraus, Doris McKnight, Helen Preisler, lean Rutledge, Nellie Rose SleDlDY, Ailene Smith, Helen Williamson. President . . . MARY ANN SANDERS Secretary . . PRISCILLA HARRY Vice-President . . . PHYLLIS CASS Treasurer . LOIS MCFETRIDGE Fall season starts off with a super pledge Class . . . dance for said pledges at Philbrook introduces the new girls to the freshman-rushers . . . Coach McTavish spurs the Volleyball team to victory with promises of free cokes and slumber parties . . . success encourages the athletic tendency and a football game with the Tri Delts results . . . Rubby Harry and lean Vinall star...white roses and diamond pins make appearance . . . Phyl Cass leads the singin' . . . Frances Hayes . . . famous for red galoshes, hair clips and the best grades in school . . . heads Senior Staff . . . Mary Ann Sanders, Maxine Vincent and Dorothy Davis acguire pins . . . Marylee Skinner and Dorothy Kennedy get left hand "glitters" . . . Housemanager Helen Vtlilliarnson does such a good job that the girls offer to sign a testimonial for her . . . Catherine Reno . . . student extraordinary . . . heads Alpha Rho Tau . . . Madame Cherry freely predicts future loves and sorrows . . . Betty Wright proves the newest workshop find . . . alternating turns at K. P. duty makes chefs of the membership . . . Rutledge pleads for a button for every member for national defense . . . Priscilla and Frances are elected to Who's Who . . . Maxine delivers charm chats at meeting . . . Sanders keeps the girls giggling . . . Streator gives the pianos in Tyrrell a beating . . . le-anne and leannetle lead the pledges in maintaining Kappa Delta's fine scholarship. - Eta 571046611 CAalofe Pi-II AU fn the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW---left to right: Helen Alldredge, Bette Barber, Doris Elaine Bell, Sue Boinford, Barbara Bridges, Telva Briley, lmogene Buck, Geraldine Brown, Gloria Busby, Mary Rose Buthod. THlRD ROW left to right: Dorothy Collins, Louise Curtis, losephine Dick, Natalie Essman, Ioan Flemming, Gwen Gallagher, Arlita Gilmore, Corrine Hedrick, Helen Hibbard, Margaret Hildebrand. SECOND ROW left to right: Virginia Kaufmann, Maxine Kelley, Nancy Lively, Rachel Long, Margie McBride, Mar' garet Murphy, Margie Nolan, Carol Pearson, Dorothy Perkins, Virginia Ransom. BOTTOM ROW' left to right: Iacgueline Remy, Elizabeth Shipp, Ruth Shore, Anne Sleamaker, Everyl Snelson, Alice lean Stehr, lean Taylor, Yolanda Whenthoff, Wanda Whiteley, Barbara Wildman, Sammie Wilson. Members not present: La Velle Alexander, Patricia Busby, Clela Darnold, Dorothy Erbe, Peggy Guthrie, Muriel Haines, lane Johnson, Margaret Miller, Anna Louise McKelVey, Dorothy Smittle, Eleanor Snyder, Carrie Wilson. President ........ HELEN ALLDREDGE Second Vice President . . . . SUE BOMFORD Eirst Vice-President .... IOAN ELEMMING Secretary ........ . . IEAN TAYLOR Treasurer ...... . . ARLITA GTLMORE Scholarship cup goes to the Phi Mu rnantel and the girls are justly happy at the addition...Bette Barber is crowned band gueen...Sue Bornford takes a Beta pin out of the clear blue sky.,.pledges show originality by getting members up at 5:30 and taking them to a surprise "come-as-you-are" breakfast...a five cent charge is made for every alteration in appearance made . . . Doris Bell having a hard time explaining how she happened to be fully dressed at that hour...Margie Nolan tries hard to work up some school spirit.,.Virginia Ransom and David Tappan keep trying to make each other jealous...preXy Helen Alldredge and Harold Hedrick of Georgia Tech keep the mail trains busy sending Helens crested jewelry back and fortli...Iosephine Dick, cheer leader, is the choice of the freshman football squad for queen . . . "Rowdy" McBride aids president-elect Snelson in Pan' Hellenic. ..lean Taylor, Nancy Lively, Virginia Kaufmann and Dorothy Collins hold a daily swim in the basement of the lodge. . .Hilde Brande goes steady with De Erancey. . .too bad, boys . . .all honorary groups have a bumper crop of Phi Mus . . . Telva Briley has pigtails, slacks and cables from her man in the Pacific . . . Gerre Brown suddenly bacomes Mrs. Ioe Buland . . . Yolie Whentoff and Dick Shea, Gloria Busby and limmy Nuckolls, Louise Curtis and Bill McCullough, Elizabeth Shipp and Dabney Sims, and Carol Pearson and Iohn Chronic are familiar couples around the lodge. X .XWQM ' ' gpdigzn gamma Clalafe PAN'i-IELLENIC Cf UNCIL President . . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Chi Omega . . . Delta Delta Delta . Kappa Delta . . Phi Mu . . Betty Mason labovel led the Grand March at the Pan-Hellenic dance and otherwise acted as President of the Council. . , BETTY MASON . ELIZABETH HARTH . MARY ANN SANDERS . HELEN ALLDREDGE SORORITY DELEGATES . BETTY MASON and KATHRYN RAINBOLT . ELIZABETH HARTH and SARA IANE KERR . MARY ANN SANDERS and PRISCILLA HARRY . HELEN ALLDREDGE and EVERYI.. SNELSON RGANIZED over three years ago . . . The T. U. Pan-Hellenic was modeled after the National Pan-Hellenic con- gress . . . with each sorority on the campus sending two delegates . . counselor to women . . . group promotes and maintains cooperation among . sponsored by Mary Clay Williams . . . sororities . . . activities are many and varied , . . entertained members of O. U. Pan-Hellenic last spring . . . with a tour ot the lodges and a tea . . . presented annual award to the outstanding senior woman to Barbara Tenny last sprin g . . , give scholarship cup to the sorority with the highest grade average for the year . . . cup this year went to the Phi Mus. Beginning in the spring . . . meeting aiter meeting was spent on the rush rules . . . with the ultimate goal . . . of simpler and less expensive rush seasons . . . irregular meetings during the summer were also occupied with work on the rules and regulations of summer rush . . . Marked progress noted with last year's rules in effect . . . at the opening of school . . . the annual Freshman Mixer was combined with the Pan-Hel welcomed and rush rules are explained to them . . . President Betty Mason happy . . . but bewildered . . . newcomers with the intricacies of formal ru rush week . . . with a court of honor being held daily . . . pledging . . . and the girls thought they could relax. But no . . . work began instantly on the annual Pan-Hellenic Ball . . . by far the biggest . . . and most formal dance of the year . . . dance was complete with a silver and white color scheme, illuminated sorority pins, and the wonderful music of Ernie Fields , , . who . . . incidentally . . . played the "hottest" numbers of the evening for the sweetheart dance . . . girls looked sophisticated in new winter formals . . . boys looked stiff and handsome in tuxes . . . the two soldiers there in uniform feeling very conspicuous . . . and receiving many admiring glances from the coeds. Party held by the council in the fall tor all stray greeks on the campus . . . brought only one guest . . . Mrs. Enlows . . . council members didn't rnind . . . since the food was delicious and much more plentiful that Way . . . as a matter of fact . . . members seriously considered doing it every week . . . new members elected second semester put new zest into the old council . . . members were . . . lean Pringle, Margie McBride, Virginia Harth and Lois McFetridge . . . plus Everyl Snelson, Maxine Vincent, Helen Singler and Delta Lockewitz . . . new sorority presidents. Retiring council . . . went out with a flourish . . . by arranging the annual banquet in honor of new initiates to the sororities . . . pledge awards were made by individual sororities . . . Laura Hume received the Delta Delta lenic party . . . where new students are had a bad time . . . trying to impress the sh . . . the mad scramble of said iormal Mary Ann Sanders lbelowl made a practical application ot her business school training in keeping the Council records. PA N'i-IELLENIC Cf UNCIL In the picture above are shown the following members: LEFT TO RIGHT: Helen Alldredge, Priscilla Harry, Kathryn Rainbolt, Mary Ann Sanders, Sara lane Kerr, Betty Mason, Elizabeth Harth. Member not present: Everyl Snelson. Delta award . . . Helen Hibbard was recognized for scholarship and Bette Barber for the best all-round pledge by Phi Mu . . . the Harry twins followed in big sister Priscilla's steps . . . and were honored by Kappa Delta for their grades . . . while Barbee Ann Watts was named the most outstanding pledge . . . Chi Omega presented a bracelet to Margie Tallman for top scholarship . . . while the pledge cup went to Marjorie Ousterhout as the most outstanding pledge . . , Mrs. Eugene Kingman succeeded in holding the attention of the group . . . supreme achievement . . . speaking on "Anthropology and Fashion" . . . Sanders moved at the next meeting . . . that if the banquet is given in the same place again next year . . . woodpeckers be imported to make holes in the posts so that visibility would be improved . . . which gives you some idea of the Pan-Hellenic meetings. Typical meeting . , . Mary Ann Sanders . . . "Let me look that up in my minutes." . . . "Oh, it must be in the other book." . . . Helen Alldredge . . . "I don't know exactly how much money we have, but I'm sure there is enough." . .. Elizabeth Harth . . . "I want to bring up something." . . . Betty Mason . . . "We'll be sure to look into that and report on it next meeting. Any volunteers?" . . . Everyl Snelson . . . "Let's settle down and get this finished." . . . Miss Williams . . . "Have you looked at all the angles?" . . . Kathryn Bainbolt . . . "Move we adjourn." . . . Sally Kerr . . . "I second the motion." Officers rotate annually . . . so that each sorority holds a different office each year . . . completing the cycle every four years . . . since the sorority presidents are automatically council members . . , and very, very busy . . . the Council this year voted . . . to put the other representative for the sorority into the office , . , instead of the president . . . it's a wonder someone didn't think of that before. Creed of the local Council is identical with that of the National Pan-Hellenic congress . . . "We, the fraternity undergraduate members, stand for good scholarship, for the guarding of good health, for whole hearted maintenance of fine social standards, and the serving, to the best of our ability, of our college community . . . good college citizen- ship as a preparation for good citizenship in the large world of alumnae days is the ideal that shall guide our chapter activitiesf '... It is considered beneath the standards of fraternity women to speak disparagingly of any fraternity of college women, to create any feeling between fraternity or non-fraternity women, or to allow an account of minor social functions to appear in the public press . . . the local Chapter, in an attempt to live up to these ideals . . . promotes cooperation among Greeks and Greek groups and non-sorority members. :Nm-s-'aA'ra: Nrrir cf umm Q Q President .......... IOE MITCHELL ' Vice-President ...... DICK WHITESIDE Secretary .... RAYMOND OUSTERHOUT Treasurer . . . ..... F. C. HENSLEY Sponsor .......... H. D. CHASE The purpose of this group . . . as might be gathered from the name . . . is to unite the fraternities . . . for the common good . . . and to direct the activities of all the fraternities toward greater service to the University . . . organization takes on an added importance in war time . . . since all organizations . . . or almost all organizations agree . . . that cooperation is more essential now . . . than ever before. Dean H. D. Chase . . . who organized this group back in l937 . . . is admittedly the force that makes the wheels go 'round . . . all meetings are held in his office . . . he believes that combines are bad . . . and heavily endorses movements to disband rigid political affiliations . . . is absolutely fair and impartial in his judgments . . . and procures a more unbiased attitude on the part of other mem- bers of the council. Bi-monthly meetings . . . are regularly scheduled . . . and often digress into glorified bull-sessions . . . after business is transacted . . . more is accom- plished . . . it is generally agreed . . . in said bull-sessions . . . than in regular meetings . . . attendance is occasionally low . . . at meetings . . . since Custerhout occasionally proves a little absent-minded . . . when he starts notifying the members of meetings. Organization is an outgrowth . . . of an informal group of representatives from the campus fraternities . . . is now composed of three members of each fraternity . . . usually, the president and two special representatives .... offices rotate annually among the groups . . . according to pre-determined schedule. Council sponsors the annual lnter-fraternity Ball . . . this year held in the early spring . . . closely akin to the Pan-Hellenic dance . . . everything is strictly formal . . . girls scheme to get new formals . . . elaborate programs . . . smooth floor . . . good band . . . all help to make the fifth inter-frat dance . . . the best ever. Definite goal is the preservation of good relationship between greek and independent groups . . . coordination works very well . . . absence of greek vs. barb haggling largely due to the efforts of this council . . . and that spirit is carefully nourished by the administration . . . since it is almost non-existent on the average college campus. Promotion of inter-fraternity goodwill was the motive for the proposed "Greek Week" . . . idea receives hearty support mes ,he records. of most of the fraternities . . . Rickman says . . . surprised . . . that there are some good guys in the other fraternities . . . and devotes a little time to this new project of getting acquainted . . . idea falls through because of lack of co- operation . . . but plans are made to carry it over until next year. Lowering of grade standards for fraternity membership considered . . . Mills, Ousterhout and Rickman say no . . . prexy loe Mitchell forsakes the Engine building for ordnance service . . . "Pup" Born does the honors as president . . . Scott graduates at mid-term . . . the last of the camp-fire boys . . . foiled again . . . lay Thompson having that far- away look . . . and graduating in March . . . after leaving an engagement ring with Martha . . . members complaining that his mind wasn't on inter-frat business . . . true. Ioe Mitchell, president, trades his gavel for cx uniform. Raymond Ousterhout. Secretary, lN'IER'FRfTEINl'I'Y Cf UNCIL ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW-left to right: Raymond Ousterhout, F. C. Hensley, lohn Cox, Bill Hansel, loe Mitchell, lay Thompson. BOTTOM ROW--left to right: Don McLeod, lack Mills, Bob Scott, Robert Rickman, H. D. Chase. Members not present: Bob Forsman, Dick Whiteside. Financial affairs giving the members harried looks . . . last year's council feeling dis- gusted with themselves because they spent so much of their money that they couldn't buy keys for themselves . . . Mills presenting Kendallabrum bill . . . other members shuddering . . . a little sleuthing going on on the side to see how many members each group really had to go to the inter-fraternity dance . . . fraternity memberships showing startling de- creases in some cases. Ousterhout having a bad time expressing himself in meeting . . . due to minute taking cramps . . . lohn Cox and Bill Hansel succeeding in being rather noncommittal . . . riding the fence . . . Bill's heart being down town exclusively . . . and not in the meetings . . . McLeod and Hensley . . . buddies of long standing . . . hang together . . . until Hensley took to the air . . . then McLeod struggled along alone . . . Rickman . . . "fight that habit" . . . "you can say that again' '...' 'how about that?' '...' 'now you're cookin' with gas" . . "are you kiddin'?' '... the five sentence vocabulary. DELTA Sl GMA X ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP BOW--left to right: loe Blair, Bob Bowlin, lohn Cox, Bob Dean, Maurice Hale. SECOND ROW- -left to right: Bill Hansel, Iohn Herriman, Wayne Pitcock, Lloyd Seibert, Fred Sharp. BOTTOM ROW-left to right: Dabney Sims, Bay Smith, Bob Thomas, limmy Vickers, Bob Wells, Bob Wilson. Members not present: Keith Caldwell, Bruce Colton, Harden Cooper, lerry D'Arcy, Ed Dunn, Herman Eubank, George Flynn, Wheeler Gayton, Clyde Goodnight, Ellis lanes, N. A. Keithley, lames She- besta, Charles Spilrnan, Richard Whiteside, lim Worthington. President . . . ,... IOHN COX Secretary . . . . KEITH CALDWELL Vice-President . . . . CHARLES SPTLMAN Treasurer . , . . . BlLL HANSEL HE DELTA SIGS go to school. . . have athletes . . .wear ties during rush week. . .have the only fraternity powder room . . . pink, at that . . . live on South College . . . make their eight o'clocks . . . occasionally . . .have a study table . . . a new chapter room . . . brand new couches .. .and a beautiful garden. . .boast of Keith Caldwell and loe Blair in publications... advo- cate Epicureanism . . .know how to hold super Dansants . . .which find campus coeds wang- ling invitations in all varieties of ways . . .hayride . . . ll! . . . 'nuf said. . .rightly proud of foot- ball big-wigs Keithley and Vickers . . . Vickers goes to the army . . . Speedy Spilman gets one- legged-A's in Spanish and inaugurates all campus nicknames . . .Bill Hansel's best girl, Betsy Goff, is first lady of the house . . .Lloyd Seibert keeps the girls looking wistful. . .but is faithful to his girl at Stephens . . .Bob Wilson always going steady . . .with someone . . .Dun- ham, Clark, Buland, Worthington, and Poffenberger pass cigars in honor of wedding bells . . . Dick Whiteside remains one of the principal pillars in the workshop . . . lohn Cox proves a popular prexy . . . gives the brothers impromptu lectures on just any subject.. .Wayne Pit- cock is universal favorite . . . and a promising frosh football star . . . Dabney Sims dedicates his attention to Elizabeth Shipp. .gnifiaf ollocaf Clalofer if PPP A LPi-If ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP BOW left to right: lohn Botkin, Pete Crawford, Howard Crow, loe Hedrick, Wayne Holt, Otis Hunter. SECOND BOW left to right: lee Mitchell, Bob Park, Ed Parks, Ed Roark, Fred Schwartz, Bob Scott. BOTTOM BOW-left to right: Frank Simms, Mearle Spink, Bob Stanley, lay Thompson. Emory Yelton. Members not present: Paul Alvis, Bruce Blank, Harold Born, Bill Boyd, Van Candler, Marshall Dennis, Wallace Frick, Harold Girnlin, lim Griffin, Bill Hagar, Prescott Haralsan, Glen Henicle, lack ludd, Saxon Iudd, loe King, Bob Parks, Harris Pattillo, Harry Biggs, Del Taylor. President . . . HAROLD BORN Secretary . , . BOB STANLEY Vice-President . . . . OTIS HUNTER Treasurer . . . . IAY THOMPSON Fred Schwartz becomes Freshman class president. Uhighlight of the season is the Robert E. Lee dance held at Phil- brook. . .the Christmas party a great success. .. all the girls received dolls. . .Wednesday date luncheons prove quite popular . . . with Pup Born taking most of the ribbing . . . permanent guests. . .lo Anne Grimm and lris Nichols .. .pinmates of Prescott Haralson and Bob Stanley, respectively . . . Vice-Prexy Otis Hunter and Charlotte Neely be- come Mr. and Mrs .... Pete Crawford has one great desire . . . after he is initiated.. .to fire the housemother .. . claims she tries to poison him . . .members aren't worried . . .consider Mother Botefuhr one of their most prized possessions... know she is a great favorite with all of them. ..including Pete.. .Emory Yelton is out for football.. .wants to be a second "Toad" Holt. . .Coach wants him to be, too. . .pledges kidnap pledge-master Harold Gimlin when they hold their walk out.. .decided he would enjoy it. . .he did. . . Harold is elected number one man succeeding Pup Born. . . pledges hold ci record number of walk-outs ...three in all.. .two more than other pledge groups dared...annual animal parade again gave laughs for the whole school . . . Ed Roark had a mule that is becoming a tradition.. .made the sixth K. A. animal parade it had attended...Frank Simms spends his spare time playing Glenn Miller records ...Bob Park and Bob Parks continually being mixed . . . names, of course. . .Marshall Dennis becomes the scholar of the house . . .carried books quite often this year. . . garage is cleaned out . . . used for building queens' floats. . . vacant lot next door is used the year 'round . . . football practice field in fall . . . baseball diamond in spring . . . and parking lot all the time. I - 5 S llrfi. jj 529f9?i?f2iwz, we-Gz:zA1wz, -vm'-iv' -V K K Ckapfef .aa Ur B .' 1 M yt 1- ' g if 3' IAPPP KA PPP PS ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW ---- left to right: Ralph Baston, Charles Briley, Lee Dunham, Robert Dunham, Bard Hampton, De Hinckley. SECOND ROW' --left to right: Billy Hyden, Bill Kaiser, Ed Kaufman, Al Kessler, Bill McCullough, Earl Markwell. BOTTOM ROW--left to right: lohn Mavris, Al Persons, LaGrange Ratcliffe, Bob Redmond, I. Reid Rummage. Members not present: Ed Kaufman, loe Linde, Edburn Ragsdale, Richard Richards, David Tappan, lohn Tatroe, Aubrey Thomas. President .... . . . AL PERSONS Secretary . , . . LEE DUNHAM Vice-President . . . . . CHARLES BRILEY Treasurer . . . . BOB REDMOND President Al Persons got whistles from the crowd when he crowned Bette Barber...but Al was true all the while to his Okmulgee woman . . . speaking of Barber . . . she was elected Kappa Kappa Psi Sweetheart . . . Richard Richards pledged Kappa Kappa Psi.. .and Wright Bomford began to wonder how he could get in the band . ..the Mothers' Club gave luncheons . Nfeaturing a performance of the pledge band...'Tappan was the only pledge present... other pledges agreed in pledge court that it would have been better if they had come...stag party...Ralph Baston . . . five mugs . . . and the house detective came up to request quiet . . .basketball team clicked this year . . . as it always does...Billy Hyden starred...l. Reid Rurnmage proved a sports enthusiast...and played on two tea1'r1s...De Hinckley came primarily to the meetings where pledge courts were held...since his talents ran in that direction . ..Bob Dunham was given the award for being the best pledge . . . picnics . . . lipstick . . . Baston hunted all over the park to borrow a softball. ..finally bought one from a little boy...then broke the bat in two on the second ball thrown . . . Pop Weatherly spoke at the annual banquet . . .Chuck Briley . . . the most versatile man on the campus . . . plays a wide variety of instruments and sings in the choir. . .Bob Redmond shone ...mainly in the Zoo lab . . .Billy Kaiser left for the army. . .Bill McCullough left school officially.. .but as long as Louise Curtis was here . . . so was he. t if ,pr T?- . A 3 .xd6aAa IQ gkapfer LAMBDA -I-ll A -Pi-If Wx. I Av .lpn - Mit W R I K V V.,Z l V , i 1 3' ' -A B i 7 "3 ZR. ,!" P 'fi 'fr fi' T, he r t T , ,,, , .Q ,g,, 5 ff' ff, f "'.,.. f 'H 1 G L V , 19 Q IQVHI A --A . gk' .L E.: . -- N A 5 ' T f T Pk, lf , . ., , T k'., A In gb.: ,X my A I A In Q . i 'f1l.....?? , 5 Z9 , ,..., l T we . it . ' , , if P . A -V Y A ste ln the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW---left to right: Bill Austin, Lloyd Baston, Wright Bomford, Duncan Bowie, Mike Cable, Charles Childs, Dick Coburn, Harold Frost. FOURTH ROW left to right: Iohn Goble, Torn Gow, Iames Green, Robert Hoss, Merton Houston, Don Tones, Kenneth lorns, David Kerr. THIRD ROW-- left to right: Ralph Langenheim, Clifford Langley, Fenton Lawyer, Gerald Lockwood, Iohn Mase, lim McCormick, lack Mills, DeWitt Moore. SECOND ROVJ left to right: Tyler Neher, Ray Ousterhout, R. M. Page, Ashton Richards, Richard Richards, Robert Rickman, Tex Ritterbusch, Gene Roark, lohn Rogers. BOTTOM ROW -left to right: Vernon Sears, Bob Stewart, Aubrey Thomas, Dan Thomas, Bill Welch, Allen West, Bill Winchester, Bill Wright, Iohn Wynn. Members not present: Dick Batchelor, P. D. Collins, Vernon Crouch, Iohn Curfman, Vernon Poster, Dee Prancey, David Hundahl, Bob Hickman, Preston Lowrey, lim Nuckolls, Charles Shull. President ............ TACK MILLS Secretary . . . . RALPH LANGENHETM Vice-President . . . . . . ROBERT HOSS Treasurer . . . WRIGHT BOMPORD Big event of the year is the selection of Virginia Crume as the first Sweetheart of Lambda Chi ..the president's schol- arship trophy graces the mantle for the fourth consecutive year. . . the brothers haul in the intramural touch football trophy ...just to keep it company . . . cup likewise won at national convention for having the largest representation . . .the fall dinner-dance adds the usual mix-ups . . . Lowrey and . . .how did that turn out? . . . Luckett and the "Ger- man Refugee" . . .Tex and the unpredictable. . . Page and Morgan .. . at a later date Morgan and.. . West . . . Welch . . .Elmore . . .Tex . . . Tex and Iohnson . . . Rickman and Pontius . . . 'nuf said . . . "sugar-legs" West and all the women . . . D. Thomas and the woman.. . A. Thomas . . . lipstick on his handkerchief. . .and "l was helpless" ...Bom- ford and his "sunburn" . . . and Barber . . . and Richards . . .the fraternity and Mother Scroggs , . .Mary lean and Mr. Holm . . .Pringle and Wynn. , . and tho driveway . . . Batchelor and A. K .... and the safety pins . . . far-sighted girl .. . lorns and Margie Lee . . .Bowie and his "joy buggy" , . . Tommy Gow and Stillwater. . .Welch and the sopho- more class. . .Bill Wright and the "bubble dance" . . .Ray "Ousterbar" deep in the heart of Texas . ..lames Green freezing . . .the pledge button for Alex, lr .... pins and rings put out.. . others brought back. -as sd XTX if 'U .f ' -Am, f If?-5' ,A ff T' 1 'V' jg? 6,l05iAIfl' Marian ggalafe Pl Ki PPA A..Pi-li- :,5 Ezl .uvv ii, ...V b . l " ,.-- I V, t 'ti f . V i, t ' tr if rf , ,Q , I 'VA' I ' D tim , I 'iw nl 1 , A t W A I . ,. 1 t ,,', K,.. - nrnn Y If . Qvltl ,. , 1... . ' ,.f1 V, i f I ' X t , I R i , srr., rit .Q1.. ,,,. Q 1"' VQ i ":' In the picture above are shown the following members: TOP ROW--left to right: Ridgley Bond, Duncan Brown, lack Brown, Iohn Bryce, Duane Burger, Ralph Burnley, Hern- don David, Bob Forsman, Iohn Foster, Bill Fraley. THIRD ROW' 'left to right: Kenneth Gibson, C. H. Greene, Weldon Hanibrick, ferry Herald, F. C. Hensley, De Hinckley, Henry Howell, Paul Insch, Dean Irons, David McAllister. SECOND ROW left to right: Don McLeod, Iack MacEachrin, Gene MacGregor, Bob Mason, Harold Morton, lack Murphy, Bill Owen, Calvin Purdin, Sonny Rhodes, Lloyd Richards. BOTTOM ROW left to right: Iohn Rylander, Dick Shea, Ralph Simons, Roy Stuart, David Tappan, lay Vickers, Charles White, Iohn Wickham, 'Weldon Winfrey, Members not present: Ovid Birmingham, Louis Bueno, Bob Dobbs, Glenn Dobbs, Iohn Duffy, Estell Edwards, Dewey Erickson, Bill Gannaway, Hugh Goerner, Bill King, Harry Lamprich, Kip Lancaster, Clyde Leforce, Kirby Rider, Rex Ross, Elmer Simmons, Iack Stem. President . . . . BOB FORSMAN Secretary . . OVID BIRMINGHAM Vice-President ...... GLENN DOBBS Treasurer ........ DUANE BURGER Social program features Sunday night suppers and house parties...Louis Bueno comes up from South America and impresses the girls with his rhumba technique . . .the brothers and Mrs. Gardner are impressed with the fluency of his Spanish...biggest business transaction of the year is the painting of the "Swoy"...venerable vehicle owned by Roy Stuart and Swede Lamprich...permanent passenger is Delta Lockewitz, Swedes pin-mate... house is haunted by Frnka along about bedtime . . .since football stars Cal Purdin, Glenn and Bobby Dobbs, Roy Stuart, Iohnny Wickham and others meet Morpheus there , . . Kenny Gibson . . . another football hero . . . pins Lorene Elliot . . . Iay Vickers . . . Collegian editor . . . snoops hither and yon, smelling romance everywhere . . . De Hinckley stars in the intra-murals , ..Charley White, lohn Duffy, F. C. Hensley and Estell Edwards leave for military service .. .Cal Purdin succeeds Bob Forsrnan as prexy. . .Don McLeod starts the first mural in Tyrrell Hall and officiates as Vice-President of the Student Council...Little "Stu" plays Santa Claus at the Christmas party . ..costume dance is a huge success with each couple representing a song title...Elaine Whitaker and lack Murphy are stand-outs as "Angels With Dirty Faces" . ..Katie Karnes goes with Elmer Simmons as "Elmer's Tune" ...and another successful year closes for the boys in the big red brick house. -sg' i 'Ln 'X O , 4 Ji. X 0 .f Ti' ' .LJ 'Q-'ta ', Il Q., '!:.v.'fx amma Mobi on Caalafer 5 Dixon, Roarlc, Crurne and Ousterhout get ready to go home after the ball is over . . . Pat Neely goes to Class . . . a night football game gets the Crowd's attention . . . Macy, Walker, Borntorol, Custerhout air the tonsils . . . Marjorie Ousterliout, Kenny lorns and Virginia Hartli hold a cram session in the library. A DW ERTISING fit ???? We are beginning in this, the H342 Kendczllabrum, a sem- blance of a humor section, a thing unknown to Kendallabrum readers of the past few years. This section is inserted in an attempt to make a fresh start toward building an interesting ad section for the University of Tulsa annual. Every picture you find interspersed between the advertisements in this section has been approved by the faculty censor board, the Student Council, Mr. Umpleby, the Collegian, our advertisers, and even T. N. E.! l l We realize that it is a difficult task to please the faculty, the student body, and everyone else at the same time. However, we submit this rejuvenated section in the hope that it will meet with your approval. COMMERCIAL PORTRAITS AERIAL MILLER-WUUU5 STUDIU PHONE 3-6426 ALL WORK GUARANTEED 305 Pythian Bldg. Sth and Boulder L. C. IBUDI WOODS TULSA, OKLA. MIDWEST MARBLE AND TILE COMPANY - -4-- INCORPORATED +V- ri s wilh 'the I P team. I'm never wilhoul Chex. FABRICATORS AND CONTRACTORS Th Y' 150 g d 1 leon- ' q . hoes. I Tulsa, Oklahoma ' A111 nmpsns Congralulations A to GASOLINE The Class of 1942 IIEEP-until MARE 5. PATTUN ARROW FLORSHEIM DOBBS Since 1904 Oflfzhaffzfzk Fifzeszf Szforc for Allen mm' Bam THE Pfgmgg QEQTHIERS RESILIO HICKEY-FREEMAN PHOENIX I 0 'ful nlvnv KILOWATT 24-HOUR DUTY Day and night-Reddy Kilowatt is serv- ing you and our country with efficient, unfailing electric power . . . an all-vital, all-important factor in maintaining the nation's defense program. PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANY of Oklahoma -Th' Ad Designed and Written by Al P P U M P 3 AND PUMPING ACCESSORIES FOR OIL WELLS WALTER O'BANNON CO. 400 s. RocKFoRn TULSA R. H. SIEGFRIED COMPANY INSURANCE PROTECUON AND SURETY BONDS SU 3 5 NAT ONAL B N OF TLJLS LDG TULSA. OKLAHOMA "We're all in the same boat." HURRY HOME" AZ EMBLEMATIC 6 of KOH:-E MR! vRlX?UlE3fl? N T 9 Q R R o o R E s s 0 I The Fourth National Bank ' -'mf Congfatulates QYZA E The ON Yoon UNIVERSITY of TULSA M I in recognition of its growth and develop- ment, and pledges kindred progressive bgnking service to the University and City of Tulsa. FOR YOUR BEST LISTENING KEEP TUNED TO Authorized Se' Vice .,.,.,.,: I io,i .FFE!-it I EHALMEH5 ELEIITHIIJ in R"'C0 M' SEHVIIIE EUMPANY GRIFFIN-GOODNER 225 E. 10th Phone 4-7161 GROCERY CQ. BUILDING MATERIALS -,ffi'k-,J I' ., gf' I' I.uMsER AND f l L' PAINTS ROOFING VARNISHES MATERIALS " 'U 'I if IE HARDWARE pe HDPE LUNlal3lgllorall4sMglJPPLY oo. 2302 5, Im, If no Answer Call 6-2693 usa, T I Okl ALEXANDER 5 LEXA DEH INSURANCE RALPH S. HENDERSON, President FRANK S. SCHNEIDER ARTHUR A. IOHNSON DORSEY P. ALEXANDER MID-CONTINENT BUILDING TULSA "l don't give sun baths all the credit. .. " TULSA'S QUALITY STORE, SINCE I9O-4 FIFTH AND BOSTON "FAST" "CAREFUL" Photocopies Photo Finishing Q Sl 5 xg 1 .ea 4 U T 0' . fT"".-I N 5 .'V' 355 ff' 1 A U '23 , I P gr f A N P E if ' E L, 'mi' vel: g 'T , I S ,..,- . '1 gs When you think of cameras think of Roch- ester and make it your photographic head- quarters for all accessories and supplies. Let Rochester give you Careful photo finishing of your priceless snapshots. We are open for your convenience on Saturday afternoons until 6 P.lNI. and evenings until 9 PQI. during cool weather. ROCHESTER PHOTO SUPPLY Corner 4th and Boston Kennedy Bldg. mf' Personnel Director Morris continuing his search for prospective students, or . . . the man who came to dinner. FALCON SEABOAYQLD DRILLING CCD. Philtower Building Tulsa, Oklahoma COMPLIMENTS OF ANNA LU BER DEPT. STORES "Everything from founzlatirnz to chimney top" PHONE 4-1161 4TH 86 PEORIA OFFICE SUPPLIES COMPLIMENTS School Supplies4Mimeoqrciphs Mimeoqroph Supplies I-I I D E R I- I 'I' E R O DOWNS-RANDOLPH COMPANY I- 20 E. 7th . TULSA, OKLAHOMA AMERICA NEEDS YOU . . . In Aviation This war will be won in shops, hangars, and on drafting boards as well as on the battle field. Skilled men and women are needed in aviation by the tens of thousands for great aircraft factories, the airlines, and in Civil Service at bustling Army and Navy repair depots, lf you are suited for military service enlist at once. lf you have a skill that makes you more valuable for technical service, give it where it is needed. lf you want to serve America as a trained man or woman in this vital industry, let Spar- Airline Maintenance Engineering Aeronautical Engineering Weather Forecasting Commercial Flight Instructor Airline Communications Airline Service Mechanic Aircraft or Engine Mechanic Aircraft Sheet Metal Aircraft Assemby Mechanic Engine Installation Mechanic Instrument Technician O Airline Pilot coursles lasting from lO weeks to l5 Q WOmen'5 Instrument Technician mont s. tan train you in one of these career Write Dept. T. U. or Visit Hangar 3 Tulsa Municipal Airport Capt. Maxwell W. Balfour, Director SPARTAN SCHOOL OF AERONAUTIOS Hf11Tl61'l.Cll,5 UnifLfe1'sity of Afuiaiionu iff 'ki' l""".."l .l- OCL-beffy isn't a degree that is handed to graduates for fulfilling a speci- fied number of hours in particular subjects .... Liberty is the priceless heritage of every American. To men and Women . . . to each graduate . . . is given the responsibility to hold and to pass on a flaming torch so that Liberty shall always be an American heritage. ATIONAL ANK OF ULSA Tulsa Paper llumpany Paper Merchants I Regular and unusual lines of Fine Printing Papers for Printers, Publishers and Lithographers O A complete paper service for Oklahoma merchants. O An Ill-ilahnma Institulinn fy I Hu-:'r's QUIT, V I I Niomm . ..wE cAN"r BEAT aa S nznszws 1 VEGETABLE SOUP! P I Friends Meet and Enjoy- Delicious 0 Hlllllli 3 Home Town lc: CREAM Nourishing and Refreshing H. E. KETCHAM LUMBER COMPANY ,, Y. . . . 11 fill lxznzlx of Igllllllllly flfrzlerlzlfx HARDWARE PAINTS INSULATION F. If. J. Repair Loanx 424 E. 8TH ST. PHONE 3-9171 BON D BREAD ENRICHED WITH ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS At all fond stores CORSAGES CUT FLOWERS RING FLGUJER ITTRRT TELEGRAPH FLORISTS H.F!0'LC'61'5 In Season - Wiflzz'n Reason' 1203 S Harvard Phone 6 4831 En. COMPLIMENTS OF . EUMMANUEH lVllLL5 INC. DI!-II. 2-4345 SPRINGS SERVING THE OIL INDUSTRY with- OIL AND GAS SEPARATORS. EMULSTON TREATERS. EMULSION HEATERS. BOLTED TANKS. WELDED TANKS. WOOD TANKS. ARMCO-NATIONAL CASING. API-ASME AND ASME WELDED PRESSURE VESSELS. Branches ln All Principal Midcontinent and Central Oil Fields NATIONAL TANK COMPANY EUUDNEH, VAN IIEVENTEH, EVANS IIUMP!-iNY Restaurant and Institutinnal Fund Service Equipmen OUTH BOSTON PHONE For fade and fconomy in Home Canning Use Jars and Caps 459 Easy ill Easy lliillllll lll , 'L 'fl' yn. 'O i 10 MASOB ' mam i Seal UI -if Mmm Open QVRQZ ' l"l'0Msor Simms zviavvllll 'RF For FREE Canning Literature Write Dept. A-14, Kerr Glass Mfg. Corp. EMM3 fm RESTAURANTS TULSA OKLAHOMA CITY I F 'II S 'fopfmffng in Oklahoma Sinn? 1913" WE HAVE WATCHED T. U. GROW Radio Station KTUL Your Friendly Columbia Station l43O On Your Dial Tulsa, Okla. I 3115111101111 N1 IFII1 'va SALUTES THE UNIVERSITY OF TULSA CLASS OF 1942 QUE NATIONAL EMERGENCY hcts found both the University ctnd the student body rectdy! Sectrs sctlutes the courczqe of these otbie younq men crnd Women! Sears commends the Vision of on institution which offers our young people educcttiondi opportunities that rotnk with the best in Arnericci. ,l l 11119, Y' N A 'roomrk am suv ns NATURAL GAS + 'F ibm x Q5 E Ky 1" X C057 FOR ' A ffmrfmmaaff ' '- V if-Q? X X ' A l f ' W4ffMf4n Q y Aj fffF4'f6fff4w ' A I ff cs 5323- Gig J D y in, day out you'l1 find that Gris is always 1 i for cooking, water heating, house homing d f q i rt re ri era ion. OHLFIHCYTIH HFITURQL QMWIWM1 OUR PLAN N NATIUNAL DEFENSE . . . that c-very effort we make A-lm!! be 111651371611 L'0 fLn'ff1e1' fha ifzfcrcsfs of our 1111117171 at Qcwrf SAFETY SINCE 1895 FE C I I H I In ..... Since l903 O "FINE FURNITURE at Prices You'1l Glcrdly Pay" o 5th and Boulder Tulsa TULSA CAMERA RECORD CO. PHoTosTA'r comes BLUE PRINTS V During school days and after school days are over . . . it is our desire and pleasure to serve the young men and women of Tulsa. JOHN S. DAVENPORT E. HUNTER STAGG R. WALTER WELLS J. B. DAVENPORT McAFEE DAVENPORT ENGINEERING SUPPLIES CITY MAPS Dauenpo1'feQnu.C5. KODAKS sUPER'PHoTo COPIES Gnuresnrr Toisfriannrs-aNsunANcsQ MOVIE CAMERAS AGENTS Phone Z-5l55 Thompson Bldg. S. BOSIOII Tulsa, OIKIS. TULSA, OKLAHOMA Compliments DAIRY PRODUCTS of a 0 Friend BEATRICE CREAMERY SOUTHERN MILL 8. MANUFACTURING CO. Curtis Woodwork Johns-Manville Materials Special Millwork KSTURDYBILTU SECTIONAL HOUSES 525 S. TROOST AVENUE Doing their bit for home defense ,... Egarnes- anley LAUNDRY 6: DRY CLEANING Cleaning Pressing Repairing Dyeing Cold Fur Storage Branch Offices BARTLESVILLE-V-NOW!-KTA BROKEN ARROW PHONE 3-8136 Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. IJl'ffSl91ll'fllZ PHiIZfS fSm0ollz as Glass PAINT PROTECTS, COLOR CH EERS 301 E. ARCHER PHONE 8175 EHHISTINX-YS PLUWEHS, IND. Two fJUlI1'f'1Iil'lIf Lomfionv IIOZ S. BOSTON 2012 S. UTICA Welcome .V -,1-Q X 1 f ' . f,4.','l""w1 tim "1 ' ' fir V 111- -.1 .i. iifill i 'J ilniii, i.fW"'ii'iw. .,r1,,,"f is me , - 1 ul 1,:z., v, wi , -. 15,17 .. .s 1. 1 .1 - -- . . ,wi 1'-ii., " V .sw-f,,i. . ' -IL-'Qf,,l'l'5l.?,J'-4.15. . Q-f,eq',.f V 7, 1 1 1 111 l"1' " WI ll HTIXW ULUIN if 1, 'Ui 'V f lf, H 1 l 1 7.,, l, X 1, lflwda ,Wil ,f 1 L- .1 11-1.1-. sf: - if M .wr -' ---' 'iff' . ,J ,see ,.,.. f.r,,:i. if ' 1 ' A f u ', . 1 1 71' ,1i,i'1- - " , zjfriif ' Q" 2" f' L?i9Ef,li,, .' 'Wulf-.' " . if - .. 15.,1,: .. W - ' i' 1 1 i1Q:1:":'1-We: 0 u r A l 1 . - .-' 1 .Q-M11 : :fin f if--51-'sf,'5's1 i- l11UflilUM7' 4 Mf09'5A if "X l l 1 3x"A.,' M.illtL1i,g,:lagt . Mlm 7 T X 'PW 1 SSE "'iu.n' "'.,' '-'L ,q x w f 'xf A "' , X N 'f " - ,.,.esia,..,...,.. t is guy, X - X N N I K Q 'cc 11111, ' ' -f 'f fi ' 's'r:.l" I - -iv all - x A T it V, 4-X gll1' W7lmii,m4 MTW' at wif T li 1 T ' X , l ,,,1,y111l1 111111 7 x NAA i 1, 1 X X, T i f Elm' T 1.1 f l S t SW 1 5-1 . f' H A T Q ss s 1 glifif ff .,:.1,a,a1 f'y TSS ,T 78 T, N lm . X11 "ti i K1 ' ' " ai i 13? 1 , v A f . t il' f sie 1 iilliw- m y ,F gl Q , 7 x 1, , You are entering upon full time par- ticipation in the affairs of your coun- try at a time when there is need for every trained mind and for every special skill. Whether you go into the military or other public service of your country or into her offices, fields, factories or homes, America needs, as never be- fore, the fresh young strength and spirit of every one of you. The Tulsa newspapers join all America in welcoming you to your responsi- bilities as full time workers in the struggle to maintain the way of life that fosters such institutions as The University of Tulsa. These newspapers dedicate them- selves anew to their responsibility for publishing the news each day, com- pletely, accurately and quickly . . . in order that you may be fully informed during these critical times. TULSA DAILY WORLDWTHE TULSA TRIBUNE OQQQO LANOES, SIEEVIER ff THORNTON General Insurance and Sure! Bonds CPHIIIOWCT Y PHONE 4-5171 Tulsa.Oklahoma TULSA COFFEE CO. Purveyors to the Leading Hotels and Restaurants of the Southwest Tulsa, Okla. SKELLY OIL COMPANY O A STATION IN EVERY NEIGHBORHOOD ,fm X I yy . E322-IZ Q W 'ffl , ' ' X i.L iy Q bv VV '1.A... I V1,.aa ...e1 , 1 JI V UI SSUMAL l" I z Nuo s-.-'-'-'1" I . luinb 7 I TULSA REX BHIQIUG COIIIPHUY om ' 1 fad, it LUCEY I'I!0DllC'I'S CURPORIITIDII .,,,puW,,- ull. wEl.L suPPLlE s f I I TULSA. OKLAHON I , , H f W l1f're1'f' Tl 'fl Oil!! IIE vj , gg OIL WELL SUPPLIES DICK BARDON'S INSURANCE Cfoflling Hunter L. Martin l C E. Mclrurlcmd G. B. Gilliland I Sportzng Goods H c. siehf L. E. ouvief J I I E Marlow A. R. Morley me 'y PEARCE, PORTER and MARTIN HONE 4 8158 Iflstcxblished 1910I IO9 S MAIN P - NATL BANK OF TULSA BLDG 32101 C01zgmtulafz'0n5 and Best Wz'shes TO THE 1942 GRADUATING CLASS EQBIEQUMEHS H. 13. M HEEL! is much harder to hold than to gain - that's as true in business as it is in sports or scholastic achievements. Brown-Dunkin is proud ol Tulsa University's consistent leadership in both fields! We con- gratulate YOU as Leaders! """"E GUY W. SETTIE 'N T003 PANTRYI Mass son-msn! ffqcw warn' Iyfmk YW ,mme IEWELER better meals , rqbt now! jine Iixbiamonclfi REGISTERED IEWELER AMERICAN GEM SOCIETY 522 S. Main Phone 5-21l5 ,lenclf Has faith in Tulsa and Tulsa University ASK I-'OR GLENCLIFF l. ICE CREAM 2. MlLKg with Hood Seals on Each Botlle 3. SWEET CREAM BUTTER Ask Your Dealer or Phone GLENCLIFF DAIRY PRODUCTS CO. "WhGi'S C00kinq?" 519 Bas: sevemh Phone 5-1114 Ralph Langenhiem says: COMMERCIAL PRINTERS PUBLICATIONS "life f4lbp1'ecz'f11fe Yom' Order N0 fllflffef How Smfzlll' FOR PROMPT SERVICE CALL 2-2184 FICORII PRIIITIIIG CO. COMPLIMENTS OF PLUMBERS SUPPLY EU PA 3 Our Jdriluerfiaerd: The staff of the i942 Kendallabrum wishes to express appreciation to the businessmen who placed advertisements in this section. By advertising in the Kendallabrum, they have shown their w ness to cooperate in student activities. Hence, these merchants are the ones who deserve our patrona Acorn Printing Co. Alexander 8. Alexander Amo Flower Mart Barnes-Manley Laundry Bishop's Bond Bread Brown-Dunkin ChaImer's Electric Co. Christina's Flowers Coca-Cola Commander Mills Consumers K. C. Market Davenport Investment Co. Deep-Rock Oil Co, Guy Settle Hanna Lumber Co. Hawk's Hinderliter Tool Co. Hope Lumber Co. Ketcham Lumber Co. Kerr Glass Co. Kingscraft Cover Co. KOME KTUL KVOO Landes, Seever 8. Thornton Lucey Products Mark S. Patton Pearce, Porter 8- Martin Pittsburgh Paints Philtower Building Plumber's Supply Public Service Co. of Okla, Rex Baking Co. Rochester Photo Supply Scott-Rice Printing Co. Sears Siegfried Insurance Skelly Oil Co. Southern Mill B. Manufacturing C Southwestern Engravers Spartan School of Aeronautics have illing- get O. Dick Bardon's Mayo's Furniture Swifts Ice Cream Co. Downs-Randolph Meadow Gold Milk Tulsa Camera Record Co. Falcon-Seaboard Drilling Co. Midwest Marble 8. Tile Tulsa Coffee Co. First National Bank Miller-Woods Studio Tulsa Ice Co. Fourth National Bank National Bank of Tulsa Tulsa Paper Co. Glencliff Dairy Products Co. National Tank Co. Tulsa Tribune Goodner, VanDeventer, Evans Co. O'Bannon Co. Tulsa World Griffin Goodner Oklahoma Natural Gas Vandevers Palace Clothiers , jhe U3liiltoWer - julscl ' THE PHILTUWER accornnzodates a large number of 'well-knofwn business i a Tm if 1 I4 I Gian: ,in Home of KVOO -- OKLAHOMAIS MOST POWERFUL STATION DIA L WATTS I I 7 0 firms. 50'000 ffffffffffffflfl 0 UNIVERSITY OP TULS TULS4, OKLXIHOA44 "Lg"""4Q" April 5, 1942 mf , AM, ".W:?4:nn:qs.- . 1 V Southwestern Engraving Vorpany, 507 World Building, Tulsa, Oklahoma. K s H1 'Am V-u-'N , s I I Gentlemen: '5"W'h Now that our work is done and ws are wsirinfr A - fn ,Q to receive the 1942 lfsndeliabrlug, ws san: to tslrs this means ol' thanking you and your personnel For ' - 'N k.,' ' the excelientlafzd helpful servfsa you gave us in , producing our yearbook. 'mf K .- eww A,..,LkmV ' sy 1 mm W' 'S ' Even though we were not sure in the beginning, A ' we know now that, with Southwestern 's expert guidance, even tus most ir:e.rpe-'-ienssd editor and lean-'zrsr' van X publish a fins yearbook. And, if other yearbook staffs Haan! to have the assistance of a truly com- .- ' pefent organization, be heartily rs-cofrhrvnd you Zo ' them. Purrhsrmors, the style and quail ty ol' the funk lhis year is evidence of what you told as last fn!! ee"it is a continued advancement. " Very truly yours, . Ka lhryn Rafnhoit, Editor. I, f . 5 v cr oklahom Tulsa' . CO Cpitlzis CQC'ncjuNaLrLuu CC?rin,feJ dloiif Rice Qawzpany CfQVi1LlCl'S - x3LEil!lOgVGP!L67'S 2 61Lgl"Ll17Q'l' FLC1llTO1'L91ny Clllfj The 1942 Kendcxllclbrum is bound in CI ...... KINGSKRAFT CQVER manufactured by the KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPOET, TENNESSEE WQWD may gfwwfw fm ' QMWW W2 ,gf MQW ff Nli,53ff,MW, 6E5gi?j2,2f2 , M2973 2 jo? M ZilZZi"TLf"" 2 Mkawy' HMM 'Af' an W M ywgvvwjiwggf My 'Z , , ' fa. df ky, dm?? S5gfW i A WYAQ ff W 1 QMS gigigxigiagi H5S2fia is,5f W il TWA 'fs YFAR Hs wmwgy

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