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I 4.. - 4AA X, KN TI'I E KENDAUABRUN I A Vx l g V w if XX Q f N fr., .a......-...f n AQ 1951 Copqrighf llclifor LaRue nnleq Bus. Mgr. Ro1jSmifh THE I95l IKENDAIIABRUM VOLUM E XVIII THE AN N UAL PUBLICATIDN Of THE UNIVERSITY Of TU LSA TULSA, OKLAHOMA DEDICATIUN T0 THE STUDENTS OI YESTERDAY AND TODAY - " SEEKERS AETER KNOWLEDGE, BUILDERS 0f TRADITIDN, PERPETUATDRS DT TI'IE HURRICANE SPIRIT, VICTURIDUS IN BATTLE, AND UN- CDNQUERED IN DETLAT --EOR WUDPI TIIE UNIVERSITY DT TULSA IS DUILT AND MAIN' TAINED, WE DEDIIIATE THE I95I KENDALLAISRUN 9 Wa f . fm xx W. G' I W Q , f : V5 J 1 . 1 1 ,I II. ,Q , , . Q 1 f' 'E 154,-:"f',fj s I I ? - -.2 1 -1 A .' V 'QL' - ' 'ii m s . W.. ' ' K , -V 3 5 .1 3 ki f pw ,icbufjif 'g:,? . 5e'17"' :5'a .1 . i' .Y 1. ' -. . 1 '- .Q mi' , 1 --f rifi-fifaal - - ,1 3, . f' HL:- ix ' I ' -' 3 if mf.5.2:f?ji,, ' 7 , . ., , - . Y. , - ,J , ' ,fr lj'-' . if 1' ' ' f ' T ' . " - f 5. "4" ..-,.u L gf ,K .. V W. K 4. . , . . 'L ...x , , , R 7 A k ' 1 .54 up Q. - f , , 4-,, ' .A 'H' 1 31 ':,1Es. 2 J if ' 1- Y 1-"' T - -b ':f 11- ' . g 4. - 1 - ' '. -- 1 - ' , :r ': - , .- -,ff - . , - 3 , ' n . ,a 125551 -, E. L' 2 f 3 X 4 V i f, x ' I'- f :, w . V ,V - N . ' I -' fi V , v , ' ..'1 '- f " . 1' , ' V x, --4 r 1 f- -- K , F ,J r sl V.. .L xii! ,I 3 . 1116. A " .4 Ffug: .. H' . x - M -' ' .1543 rg, 'Mig ,115- nit.-'Y ' 32' , ly- V J 'Q - .,+"" .529 ,, -:gun , nb -U .f. ..,-. 1 -,- ,- QA lt, ,- - is ,Z ,-7 5 --5 gffiiff, L ,. c .. H 'T ' 'QTL , 5.3 2 1 i -w . , afrf! 55: QT 'f - izfgg N' - N: -L: ' 'x' 3 '-:-, . -I K ' - . ' Wi I iii: X ' - pq by I- 1- : U , J' I f " '- , v.- .-- . . I ' -.,..,.,,-+' , 3,3 -'3- -.- , Sf g .f'-4-:.QQgg3,1:3 L 25- - ,Q-In' ' '. ' ' --:L .l ":1..L,,, ri-T," . 2:5 . ,1 . - .1 ag .. J , ,I .K ...,, og ' , -, 1' Q SIP-.50 . It 1 - - - P--15-1 A' i is "9 : 1 -- Q . -: . .f .r . 3 . f.- - zz- 3 , ,, H ,:.. z 11: fu H ff - 2 ' f 315-Q. , F: '1 ' -:ga 52 . -255,5 V 57, K... 54. vs, , - , .Q 5. -' I ' 3,1 ' ',.3 'J'1!:,',1fk . gig" -17, , '-1-" N- " . nn ' -- QV" -, f ' 1- 1' 44 -- 1' . F Y X'1- -:r',J:- ' ' E .1. .. ,- 4- 'T ,, J -gy. -- , : ..:, X 1-4. r M' ::-. ,1 - 47 A V A Q,-,I --. I" 'Y LJ 0:1 EOREWORD TO BUILD A MONUMENT, NOT TOR THE PRESENT, BUT EOR THE FUTURE ONE THAT Wlll RECAll TRIEND- LY ASSOCIATIONS, HAPPY HOURS, PLEASANT MEMORIES AND RECORD THE PROUD ACUIEVEMENTS Of THE STUDENTS Of OlID TU." IS THE PURPOSE Of TUE ISJSI liENDAllABRUM CONTENTS THE UNIVERSITY FEATU RES DIQGANIZATIONS ATH LETICS I"1 LJ M O D ENGRAVED By SOUTHWESTERN ENGRAVING PRINTED BY NIIIJ-WEST PRINTING CO PHOTOS BY PAUL STITHEM STUDIO COVERS MADIZ BY DAVID I. MALLCJY ri-'j-F F"-3 fi 1:5 C 'l-.. I E15 C5 , X Campus Snow Scene MSC 'f' -A l"""""""'l rf'-F3 733 if X54 E5 'VP 9 I V Er if f kj iw 2 K 'Q Q U 5.14, ,bij WL X153 Skelly Field 'Q-4 Mfcvtg, T3 'fin ff Ei C 'PQ T -...lp C...-ti... ..T.'.J:il mi. uiL..J,,,,c,.bE'l Harwe!! Cfylllllllfflllll M XZ tx I 4- X' ffl "Q: -: aw "fin A H Sy , V L -as i .M :L 26. A F rv JF' fs -31 si , 2 V W ag I Kefzdnfl Hal! M. 5, all ,.,,c,.b if-'f 6' rf' 5 fxgltg 'ff' 2:4- :M -Q IZ' --ai-Z. if Xi mi, EJM,C,,,X R oberffon H zz!! T l ff I .ff X? -P? 'nw -4 M ., T3 'ffl fi ii :TQ T xxx Q 'f IE- 0.3 ,Q 'L y 2 'g 'X .yJ.'.Z'., LL-Z. 517, .ii-1 ,NL .iM:nM,c,.,X4 K H111 ja Loflgfr f' S 'px T -f 1 9 .1 .J 0 U .J 'fjrg' Wi xx EX " X - M f S15 Ffgniffxs fisif,-1. My . W f 6' T' V- -X QS. X , zN .x Tx x .5 Q x X.: kt.- X-- 3 x Q X., gf , ,Nm m 1' a NZ. S "A, xx NX XM N., v...,w .ij lifm- ' f, - , " "'.L f N v-' f 1 5,1 .. 55 Y., 5 A , .. A T4 A Si it 1 -S I V QE V: W if g ' - 'vV. K I f -Q gg Q "'i L' A fo' 751- ' -35... ..f:::w..+f .arf W5-S-M A """-'U'--N Ii. A' Q -N r L 'EE'-.:! M.. F:L'lM,c,.,,S' Y:w'rUff Haff lj .Ii Mc'I4'a1'fz'n Library il: 'Nr' - 'VU x J , . 2 Q Jf CHANCELLOR jour: D. FINLAYSOXI TO KENIJALLABRUM READERS: GR l'1IC'l'IN G - 'lt is the aim of The University of Tulsa that student life here shall be more than just some more experience for some more college students. McFarlin Library, Tyrrell Hall, the Engineering Building, and Skelly Stadium are all a bit unique among structures of their kind. The quality of the faculty is also quite exceptional. All this, we believe, tends to make the life of the student on the campus of this school different. Quality in students also furthers this difference. The success of our graduates in gaining fellowships in the best graduate schools tells the same story. Student Life is one thing: Tulsa Student Life is something more. Yours for making it still more, JOHN D. FINLAYSON 2? 'rr WJ LW Page I7 - 7 y 'Q 'ciff'l'sta' 'F J RIYRTLIQ GI.I'I.XSON t'oi.r: DEAN OI" MEN .Xnother year has been added to the history of The University of Tulsa.and another year of student life and activity has been completed. There are many evidences that the year just closing has been a most successful year in inner development for the institution as a whole and a most satisfactory year from the point of view of student life. The new buildings, through a year of use, have been made a real part of the institution, spiritually as- similated into the life on the campus. They have now been dedicated not merely by words and cere- mony, but, more significantly, by study and re search, by student and faculty life in them and about them. The campus is rapidly becoming the beauty spot of Tulsa and the most beautiful campus in the state. The faculty and student body have grown in numbers and in the spirit of cooperative endeavor. The people of Tulsa and of the state are taking increasing pride in the appearance and in the educational achievements of the institution. The student body, through its annual record of student life, the Kendallabrurn, may, therefore, with propriety publish the achievements of the year as marking more than usual progress within the University. L.xcRi3xci: S. Mclacon. DEAN OF WOMEN Each year the Kendallabrum- put forth by the Junior t'lass of The University of Tulsa---paints a more beautiful picture, faithfully portraying the growth and development of this institution which by its marvelous achievement of the past few years reflects the spirit of progress and success so typical of the Great Southwest. This year has seen the completion of three beau- tiful buildings, dedicated to the promotion of edu- cational ideals. and the opening of a stadium which meets all needs of the athletic department. More complete and up to date equipment has been in- stalled and new faculty members have been added to care for the increased enrollment. More books are being constantly added to the new library which in its stately beauty is itself an inspiration and a challenge to serious study. The faculty and student body, by their earnest, enthusiastic promotion of University activities, are justifying the interest and loyalty of the com- munity which by its cooperation and generous support is making possible this phenomenal de- velopment. and the Kendallabrum of this year is most fortunate in its opportunity to offer the most beautiful and encouraging picture that has yet been painted of The University of Tulsa' the recognized Cultural Center of the Magic limpire. lliYli'1'1.Ii G1.ia.xsoN t'o1.ic. l.,xr7RicNcF S. NTCLEOD xi - - - - - .J PageI8 Q - 1' !X.' : A JJ-I qw ,I .J- DEAN OF PETROLEUM ENGINEERING The School of Petroleum Engineering was estab- lished by the Board of Trustees of The University of Tulsa primarily to be of service to the immediate community, the State, and the Southwest, to pro- vide an opportunity for technical training for the youth of.. this area and to assist in training men for the technical fields of the industries in this territory. a location for the the petroleum in- This school will also provide centralization of research for dustry. The School has adopted the cooperative system of technical training in order to provide a well balanced training program, in which the funda- taught mentals underlying the profession will be in school and the practical application of these fundamentals will be demonstrated in the industry. The faculty of this school is being built up of men with sound technical training and education, who have had actual contacts with industry and will be augmented from time to time as the enroll- ment of our school demands. Realizing the possibilities of a petroleum en- gineering school here in the center of the oil indus- try, one of our leaders in the industry, Waite Phillips, gave the Engineering Building to the University, saying: "This buildingfdedicated to youthfis erected to put an additional tool into the hands of those who work, so that, through constructive effort, they may be useful, and through service may be happy." R. L. LANCENHICIM ALBERT LUKKEN R. L. LANGENHRIM DEAN OF FINE ARTS The School of Fine Arts, comprising the depart- ments of art, music, and speech, is deservedly a vital force on the campus of The University of Tulsa. Despite the severity of the present economic depression, the arts have maintained their popu- larity to a surprising degree, testifying to the fact that art after all is a real necessity in life and not an extraneous something to amuse and entertain. Man has always sought to beautify his surround- ings and to glorify his existence through the medium of art. In fact, manls appreciation of the arts practically determines his status in the evolution of civilization. The adage that "art alone survivesv contains a great deal of truth. That art serves both a spiritual and a physical need is increasingly evident, as there is scarcely a phase of modern life that is not in some manner concerned with the various arts. Science itself, formerly regarded as an enemy of the arts, has contributed immeasurably to architecture, music, and drama. Certainly an education is not complete that neglects so vital a part of man's makeup. ALBERT LUKKEN I I' Page I9 v - x 1 - - ,lx Q -1e' fN-'x- ip 4. 4 ixf ,f5 .rw -QQQ1 g++- AMOS L. HEROLD PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH B. A., M. A., Washington and'Lee Uni- versity, Ph. D., Columbia University. Sponsor of Chi Nu Epsilon. ' MARY ALLEN .ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH B. A., M. A., Cornell University. FRANKLIN J. EIKENBERRY INSTRUCTOR IN ENGLISH B. A., North Dakota State Teachers' Col- lege, M. A., University of Iowa. HARLAN W. HAMILTON ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF ENGLISH B. A., Oberlin Collegeg M. A., Columbia University. -QQH H0- -wlvil E+" OSCAR W. HOOP REGISTRAR AND ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF HISTORY B. A., University of Wichita, M. A., Uni- versity of Oregon. LOLA E. COVINGTON ASSISTANT REGISTRAR AND INSTRUCTOR IN ENGLISH B. A., University of Tulsa. Sponsor of Y. W. C. A. FRANKLIN G. DILL EMMA A. HARWELL PROFESSOR OF BIBLICAL LITERATURE B, A., University of Chicago, Diploma, McCormick Seminary, Ph. D., University of Leipsic, Germany. LLOYD V. MOORE PHIL C. BAIRD PROFESSOR OF RELIGIOUS ED- UCATION B. A., Occidental College, B. D. and S. T. M., San Francisco Theological Seminary, M. A. and Ph. D., University of Chicago. CHARLES H. KIMBROUGH PROFESSOR OF HISTORY AND SOCIOLOGY B. A., M. A., Ph. D., Cumberland Uni- versity. Sponsor of International Relations Club. CAROLINE MEYER INSTRUCTOR IN HISTORY B. A., University of Oklahoma, M. A. University of Chicago. .Aw K+:- fl . il X ,,..' -IV I: L1 Page 20 Q ' 'T-" f X --X X 4 lm ,S--ZX -xi 4 X X lb - tb- -053 Y fr K+' W. E. MORRIS, JR. ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF -IOURNALISM AND DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS B. A., Birmingham-Southern College, M. A., Duke University. Sponsor of Phi Delta Fraternity. LA VERE SCHOENFELT ANDERSON ACTING INSTRUCTOR IN ENGLISH B. A., University of Tulsa. CARL D. ENGLAND ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF PUBLIC SPEAKING B. A., Baldwin-Wallace College, M. A., University of Michigan. Sponsor of Phi Kappa Delta. JOHN E. FELLOWS ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF EDUCATION B. A., M. A., Ph. D., University of Iowa. Sponsor of Pi Delta Mu Fraternity, ELLEN L. GOEBEL ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR or LATIN AND GERMAN B. A., B. S., University of Missouri, Pd. B., Warrensburg Missouri State Teachers' College, M. A., University of Chicago. Sponsor of Alpha Kappa Sorority. MRS. THURSTON P. FARMER ACTING INSTRUCTOR IN SPANISH M. A., Colorado University, B. S., George Peabody College. 4434 H+. Ip' J. -wa sw- ' NED RUDOLPH SMITH CTING ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF PSYCHOLOGY B. A., M. A., M. S., Dr. P. H., M. D., University of Michigan. LOYD W. ROWLAND INSTRUCTOR IN PSYCHOLOGY B. A., Baylor University, M, A., Univer- sity of Texas. A KURT A. SEPMEITQR PROP SASOR OF ECONOMICS EW D U iversity fHeidelberg ., n . l. ' ERVEN J. MONTGOMERY INSTRUCTOR IN ACCOUNTING B. S., University of South Dakota, M. B. A., University of Michigan. .wa z++- A.,JCharl s Frederic Gymnasium, Ph. N.. ,I -- .Pf Page i 1 I Q I ' - x f. ftx 'JI-I Cx Q 3 I5 bw -+61 EM- MARION SENN WADDELL PROFESSOR OF PHYSICS B. A., Nebraska Wesleyan University, M. S., University of Oklahoma. , RALPH W. VEATCH ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF MATHEMATICS B. A., University of Tulsa, M. A., North- western University. FRANKLIN T. GARDNER ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF CHEMISTRY B. S., University of Illinois, Ph. D., Cor- nell University. MERL D. CREECH ' INSTRUCTOR IN MATHEMATICS AND MECHAN- ICAL DRAWING B. S., M. S., University of Oklahoma. -+451 KH- -Wii BN- J. B. MILLER PROFESSOR OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION DIRECTOR OF ATHLETICS B. P. E., Springfield College. FLORENCE C. BLACKMORE INSTRUc'rOR IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION FOR WOMEN B. S., University Of Wisconsin. Sponsor of Women's Pep Club, Alpha Gamma So- rority, and of Women's Athletic Associa- tion. AND BERTRAM D. BARCLAY PROFESSOR OF BOTANY B. S., Wooster College, M. S., University of West Virginia, Ph. D., University of Chi- Cago. Sponsor of Biology Club. HARVEY DURRELL CHASE PROFESSOR or ZOOLOGY B. A., Ohio Wesleyan University, M. A., Ohio State University. Sponsor of Biology Club, Zoology Club, Delta Alpha Delta Fra- ternity. ' ' ' LOWELL ROBERT LAUDON ASSISTANT' PROFESSOR OF GEOLOGY B. A., M. A., Ph. D., University of Iowa. A. N. MURRAY PROFESSOR OF GEOLOGY B. A., M. S., University of Colorado, Ph. D., University of Illinois. - - '++Z'4 B40- XJ J Page 22 fa - f , A -I 1 I X - t T n -'IJ I 'X 1 Q V 3 I' b Z -+43 B++' K EDWARD ANDERSON 'Y' ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF PETROLEUM PRO -, -- DUCTION ' B. S., M. S., University of Wisconsin. DELLA B. CROWDER V A INSTRUCTOR IN EXPRESSION AND DIRECTOR OF CHILDRENyS THEATER Graduate of Columbia College of Expresf ' A 5 .: . V sion, B. L., Northwestern University. ' 3 :" ' Graduate Study, University of Michigan and 1 A, Theodore Irvine Studio of the Theatre. ' ' . ' ADAH ROBINSON . - PROFESSOR OF ART Academy of Fine Arts, Art Institute of ' Chicago, Broadmoor Art Academy, West ' " "I if 'fi End School of Art. Sponsor of Kendall- abrum, Alpha Rho Tau, and Chi Omega Sorority. ' MAE ALLYN CHRISTIE ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF ART Diploma, Technical Normal School of Chicago, Graduate Study, Berkshire Summer School of Art, N. Y. School of Fine and Applied Art, Broadmoor Art Academy, Chi- cago Art Institute. Sponsor of Kendallabrurn. FLORENCE MOEHLENBROCK LUKKEN ASSISTANT PROFESSOR OF VOICE Graduate and Post Graduate, Pillsbury Academy, Carleton College, University of Minnesota, Northwestern University. BETHUEL GROSS PROFESSOR OF ORGAN AND THEORY B. A., B. M., Washburn College, B. M., M. M., Northwestern University. -viii' Eh- ' I A ii S' ' .aa rz++- BOYD R. RINGO PROFESSOR -OF PIANO B. M., Cincinnati Conservatory, Graduate Study, American Conservatory. HELEN COLBURN RINGO PROFESSOR OF PIANO AND HEAD OF CHILDRENyS PIANO DEPARTMENT B. M., Kansas State Agricultural College, Graduate Study, American Conservatory. Sponsor of Delta Chi Omega Sorority. ODESSA EINK SIMPSON INSTRUCTOR IN PIANO B. A., B. M., University of Tulsa. MRS. CLEO STEINSON ASSISTANT IN PIANO DEPARTMENT Pupil of Boyd R. Ringo. -++2i - RM- 'I qt N3 U Xr' "' L! Page 23 " ' " ' 7'T - ix . Q - I ' ! X - K 1 Q JI.: 4 Q ' 5 ti -QFQH R44- LELA B. PYLE SECRETARY TO THE CHANCELLOR B. A., University of Kansas. GWENDOLYN BAKER SECRETARY T0 THE EIIRSAR B. A., University of Tulsa. M3 ETHEL WILLIAMSON OFFICE ASSISTANT DOROTHY KELLY OFFICE ASSISTANT -4.43 774-344- GIEORGIA CALDWELL ASSISTANT IN PIANO DEPARTMIALNT li. M., University of Tulsa. BICULAH LIGGETT ASSISTANT IN IfI,xNo DEPARTMENT Il. M., University of Tulsa. EDNA M. BROWN ACTING LIBRARIAN IS. S. L. S., M. A., University of Illinois B. S., Purdue University. MINNIE PEEBLER DIIZTITICIAN IN CHARGE OF CAFETIERIA li. S., University of Oklahomag M. A., University of Colorado. Sponsor of Alpha Delta Theta Sorority. MAME K. GINTER ASSISTANT T0 BURSAR GERTRUDE PUTNAM STRAHL Housl-:MoTHI:R OF KEMP I.onCE Sponsor of Theta Alpha Phi, and Chi Nu Epsilon. -+61 +2++' Ni J 24 Page W vw 5 4-'N Q llf, 41? X 5 43 51 I5 - ,V Q - X" ""' ' J, X TXN f xx CLASSES ......5-- Ay, 6 A355 X E I . 3 . ' I X 1 . . A ' Eb' .Q .fc ,-xg l , SENIORS .++g FRANK BENNETT D. S. DEGREE E+ 4. Si ma Theta Tau Pe Club, Kendalla- g y P brum Staff. ROMAYNE BLACK B. A. DEGREE HUGO BROWN B. A. DEGREE Band, Glee Club, Orchestra, ADOLF BURSEEN D. s. DEGREE Delta Alpha Delta, Sec. '31, G -4421 O lf . R+ 4. .QQH R+? CHESTER BENEFIEL B. A. DEGREE Pres. Senior Class, Vice-Pres. Student Council lgr, Vice-Pres. Phi Delta, Y. M. C. A., T. Club, Men's Pan-Hellenic, Work Shop Players, lnternational Relations Club, Foot- ball, Basketball. ED DUBIE B. A. DEGREE Vice-Pres. Senior Class, Theta Alpha Phi, Pres. T. Club, Pres. Phi Delta, Football, Basketball, Baseball. HELEN COOPER E. A. DEGREE See. Senior Class, Chi Omega. LEEMON NIX B. A. DEGREE Treas. Senior Class, Student Council ,3I Bus. Mgr. Student Handbook. CLARIBEL ABERCROMBIE B. A. DEGREE Kendallabrum Staff, Chi Nu Epsilon, Col- legian Staff, Alpha Rho Tau, League of YVomen Voters, Staff and Circle, Talahi Queen 729. FAYE BEARD B. M. DEGREE Pres. Delta Chi Omega, Pres. Vl'omenls Pan-Hellenic, Sigma Alpha Iota, Clee Club, A Capella Choir, University Queen '31. -wil RM- Page 26 Q 1 C JK Q f X , 5 t E -43 B44- LORRAINE BUSH B. S. DEGREE LOIS CALLAHAN B. A. L-EGREE Alpha Delta Theta, Pep Club, Chi Nu Epsilon, Student Council, Theta Alpha Phi. ARTHUR CAMERON B. s. DEGREE Pres. Sigma Theta Tau, Pres. Biology Club, Menls Pan-Hellenic, Pre-Medic Club. LEWIS CLINE B. s. DEGREE Sigma Theta Tau, Treas. lzog Vice-Pres. '30, Menls Pan-Hellenic, Sec. '30, Menls Pep Club. ' HAROLD COOPER B. s. DEGREE Phi Delta, Pres. Student Council, Glee Club, junior Chamber of Commerce, Editor Student Hand Book '3o. M ABEL CURNUTT B. A. DEGREE Pi Delta Mu. 'MPH K++- lim, 1 X.: LW -MH - E94- MILDRED DAVIS B. A. DEGREE Pi Delta Mu, Y. W. C. ' ODELL ELLISON B. A. DEGREE " , Alpha Delta The ' , Vlntewa ' ela tiois Club. 4' ' f ci JJ J E j,Biole lub, P df ub. MJUWQXL UE FINL E YV' V' ' B. . D . 4. . i D l?a Rh Tau, s a , I mg, Ed. Kend '2 -74d ' 1 MVVJAJ diff 'f ,,,, fm T I I J . - F 3 'R-- J ' - T' 'fi . 1 F , MW 'Q Page 27 1 . Q - 1', fhx' I Q J Q ,tb - x I ' ' Y' '-X, .Mg Q z gy. HELEN HARRISON B. S. DEGREE Alpha Gamma, Kemp Lodge Council, Kendallabrum Staff. ANNA HOAGLAND 1 A 1 B, A. DEGREE Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Pi Delta Mu. LESLIE JOHNSTON . B. s. DEGREE Sigma Theta Tau, International Relations Club. HENRY KEPLINGER B. S. DEGREE Delta Alpha Delta, Pres. Engineers' Club '50, Phi Mu Alpha. --QQQ :QQ- HAROLD FOX B. A. DEGREE Sigma Theta Tau, Pres. Pi Delta Mu, Y. M. L. A. RALPH FULSOM B. A. DEGREE Pres. Theta Alpha Phi, Phi Mu Alpha, Y. M. C. A., Collegian Staff. LYNETTE GOODEN B. A. DEGREE Chi Omega. WILLIAM E, GORDON B. s. DEGREE Sigma Theta Tau, Engineers' Club. GLADYS HALL B. M. DEGREE Alpha Gamma, Glee Club. SARA HARRIS B. s. DEGREE Alpha Kappa, Pi Kappa Delta, Pep Club Glee Club, Pan-Hellenic, Kemp Lodge coun: cil -+421 4 34+ 443 R+" Nr- riff Page - i 1 - - A Q fx,t 4,4 fcixqw, ,1- .,+g g++- BEULAH LIGGETT B. M. DEGREE Alpha Gamma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Orches- tra, assistant in Children's Piano Depart- ment. MAURICE LORIAUX B. s. DEGREE Delta Alpha Delta, Glee Club, Orchestra, A Capella Choir, Bus. Mgr. Tulsa Collegian '30, Phi Kappa Delta, Men's Inter-Frater- nity Council. GRAYDON MARKLAND B. A. DEGREE E Pres. Delta Alpha Delta '29, '30, Pres. Student Council '30, Cheer Leader '20, Swimming, Men's Inter-Fraternity Council, SAM MARKS B. A. DEGREE Theta Alpha Phi, Orchestra. CHARLES MCGLONE E. A. DEGREE Pres. Phi Delta ,3I, Pres. International Relations Club '30, T. Club, Men's Inter- Fraternity Council. ARLENE MORGAN B. A. DEGREE Chi Omega, Student Council, Womcn's Athletic Association, May Queen '30, League of Women Voters '30, Biology Club. -QQH " KQM' , , 55.55. , if . . fs ' , 1 ff af' 2 . . . .AE .fm QQ' LUCRETIA MORRIS B. A. DEGREE Glee Club. CONSTANCE PROBERT B. 5. DEGREE Pres. Alpha Gamma '30, Pres. Chi Nu Epsilon '30, A Capella Choir, Ed. Tulsa Col- legian ,2Q, Ed. Tulsa Miscellany, Ed. Student Guide '30, Pi Kappa Delta, Women's Pan- Hellenic Council, Student Council, Glee Club, International Relations Club. JOHN SAMPLES B. A. DEGREE Zoo Club, Biology Club, Pre-Medic Club, International Relations Club. THELMA SANFORD B. A. DEGREE Pres. Alpha Delta Theta ' 31, Theta Alpha Phi, Women's Pan-Hellenic Council, Inter- national Relations Club, Y. W. C. A. Cab- inet. -wa nw- :51 'Tr u E. :iff Page 29 ,W .M i 4.4 . Z Mft v 1 J - ix GW ff , 1 ' + lm JJ-I C fi ' -QQH g++- GEORGE YEAGER B. A. DEGREE Glee Club, A Capella Choir, International Relations Club. 1 4 I FRANCES REED ' B. A. DEGREE Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Pi Delta Mu. REID SWINDLER B. A. DEGREE Phi Delta, Pres, Phi Mu Alpha 331, Glee Club. DOROTHY CARD ' B. A. DEGREE Chi Nu Epsilon. -Mil K++- -++2.i- K+' DOLORES SILSBY n. A. DEGREE Chi Omega, Pep Club, Women's Pan- Hellenic Council, Chi Nu Epsilon, Theta Alpha Phi, Ed. Collegian I31, Ed. Miscel- lany '30, Talahi Queen '28, Football Queen '29. SUSIE SUNDERLAND D. s. DEGREE Pi Delta Mu. ELAINE WANNIQR E. A. DEGREE Engineers' Queen ,3O, Engineers' Club, In- ternational Relations Club. MAUIJIQ WATSON D. A. DEGREE Alpha Delta Theta. BEATRICE WILLIAMS V Ii. A. DEC-REIC See. Pi Delta Mu, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet Y RICHARD WHITIC li. DEGREE Delta Alpha Delta, Ifootball, Engineers' Club. , -QQ:-4,3 g++' 1113- 'J mg, A .A U Page 30 1 , - fa f fx-- . 0 l .rig I-Zi-xrixl' ,kb lb- JUNIORS -QQH g++- Rov SMITH Pres. Junior Class, Phi Delta, Bus. Mgr. Kendallabrum lzg, '30, '31, Bus. Mgr. Col- legian '30, Cheerleader, Student Council. , SETH EBY - Vice-Pres. Junior Class, Phi Delta, Y. M. C. A., Student Council. HELEN ABERCROMBIE Treas, junior Class, Pres, Chi Omega '31, Alpha Rho Tau, Chi Nu Epsilon, Womenls Athletic Council, Women's Pan-Hellenic. ERWINA OWEN S Sec. Junior Class, Alpha Kappa, Pep Club, International Relations Club, Collegian Staff, Kendallabrum Staff, Women' Ath- N 'Dil-' letic Association, Chi Nu Epsilon, Theta 5, Alpha Phi. FRANK ABDO Sigma Theta Tau. DON BAILEY Phi Delta, Football, Basketball, Baseball, Track. -'+R B++- , . new my NORMA BREWER Alpha Kappa, Sigma Alpha Iota, Glee Club. LUELLA BROWN Chi Omega, Alpha Rho Tau, Kendall- abrum Queen. DOROTHY BELLE BRYANT Alpha Gamma. GERALDINE CAMMACK f- ,, Alpha Kappa, Glae Club, A Capella folabir. .443 g++- 1 - Vg: l a -. b Page 3I VJXO www " ' I ,lpvedzfxwi -- L fi-I -rf.: 4' .-ix' I I 'Qian -+64 K++' CARL GILBERT AP Phi Delta. MELBA GLASS Chi Omega. TOM GRI SHAM .4454 E94- GORDON CARR Sigma Theta Tau. CLAUD CRAIG Club, Y. M. Sigma Theta Tau, Engineers' C. A. ROBERT EGLY Delta Alpha Delta. NEOLA ELLIOTT Pres. Alpha Kappa '31, Women's Pan-Hel- lenic Council, Student Council, Talahi Queen '30, Pep Club, Pi Delta Mu, Chi Nu Epsilon. ARLENE FINNEY Pep Club, Biology Club, Women's Ath- letic Association. IAN FRASER Sigma Theta Tau, Pres. Y. M. C. A. '29, Glee Club. 55? Rh- . 9 Y . ol xiii W Phi Delta, Football, Basketball, Golf, Col-f legian Staff. T 9,0 M f GLADYS HANKS 9' Delta Chi Omega, Student Council, fl' Women's Athletic Association, Women's G ff Pan-Hellenic Council, Pep Club, Football Queen '31. f --+2 aw- Page 32 - .I rx ' 4 'C Q I N K s K 5 + -fl-f T l 'Y f Y Y tb' -+45 AA G++ HHJLXJEAN HART Delta Chi Omega, Theta Alpha Phi. LUZ IRIZARRY Alpha Gamma, Alpha Rho Tau. ALVIN JOHNSON Delta Alpha Delta. HHLEN'KlTCHELL Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. CHARLES KUKAL Sigma Theta Tau, Biology Club, Pre- Medic Club. DOROTHICIC T..-XNGVVORTIIY -++:1 H ei- e- s:++- -+4E 59+ ROSEHHARY MARSHALL Chi Omega, Glee Club, Pres. A Capella Choir. ELBA MAYO Chi Omega, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. VIRGINIA MAYO MARY MCCRAY Alpha Rho Tau, Kendallabrum Staff. ,454 1439, 1 1 I' F-' Xl '1 ll- nu 1 -Lly Page 33 ,-11. Q 1 ' f I A l pf 4 , 1 Q t x E 3 i J i T' ' " l l ' -wah sw- ! I 1 ii! , RENA MAE MERCER Alpha Gamma, Theta Alpha Phi. .1 W. E. MORRIS "'nsv"t -+42-I R+'- VIRGINIA PARROTT Delta Chi Omega, Pep Club, Womeu's Athletic Association. FLORENE PICKETT Treas. Alpha Gamma, Sec. Collegian Board, Sigma Alpha Iota, Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Pres. Kemp Lodge Council. MARGARET SHERO D Alpha Gamma, Sigma Alpha Iota, Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Kemp Lodge Council. BARRY SMITH Phi Delta, Engineers' Club. l'1ngineer's Club, Pep Club. ALVIN MOSLEY MILDRED NEEDHAM .Xlpha Delta Theta, Kenclallabrum Staff fgr. LOUISE NORTON Chi Omega, Chi Nu Epsilon. JAMES O'NEI L Theta Alpha Phi, International Relations Club, Chi Nu Epsilon. -'+R K+" -9455 --- 1140- 21 "sr wb tiff Page 34 1 , , Q - ,f fx, , A J.. Viixx lib .rf -+451 if- 2- - -- if ---f A2500- THOMAS SONNE Sigma Theta Tau, Pre-Medic Club. VIRGINIA SPARKS MARGARET SVV ARTS Alpha Gamma, Alpha Rho Tau, Biology Club. MITCHICLL TUCK ICR Pres. Delta Alpha Delta '31, Engineering Club, Men's Interalfraternity Council. REUBIQN THYMAN Phi Delta, Football. ANNA RUTH WATSON Chi Omega, Chi Nu Epsilon, Collegian Staff . -+64 Riff' -++2i 394' 'x v S- f FRED BROOKS , Q0 ,ff Pres. International Relations Club, Chi ,O ifNu Epsilon. IX 1 S Q BILL WILSON A Phi Delta, Football and Basketball Man- ager. CHARLENE VERNON Alpha Delta Theta. ISHMAEL PILKINGTON Phi Delta, Football, Basketball. wifi- EN- 1 rs: X.: riff Page 35 ' l l all l 1 il -1 l I i 4 1 i J o 1 ,. , V 4 ' . X. . W ' z N A f MP ll 5 , x J ,Q -ctr ,I 4. Y . ,vu If x JOY. K V + JN ' 'x ' Q ,f5',,'f 35.4 :'XiXf'f'bi nh- C I SOPHOMORES .Q+:1: H+. CHARLES BLANFORD Phi Delta, International Relations Club Y. M. C. A., Bus. Mgr. Collegian. JUSTUS BROWN Band, Orchestra, Glee Club. MARY KATE BROWN Alpha Kappa, Pep Club. ZOLA BROWN Al ha Gamma Womenls Pan-Hellenic P 7 Council, A Capella Choir. p MABEL LOUISE 'CALDWELL Alpha Kappa, Pep Club, Student Council Women's Athletic Council. MARY GENEVIEVE CANFIELD Alpha Gamma, Pep Club. -+61 29+- r 7 .454 , 34, ROBERT DUNCAN Pres. Sophomore Class, Sigma Theta Tau, Pi Kappa Delta, International Relations Club, Chi Nu Epsilon, Student Council. CHARLES BALLARD V ice-Pres. Sophomore Club, Phi Delta, In- ternational Relations Club. MARGRETTA BARTLETT Sec. Sophomore Class, Alpha Gamma, Pep Club, VVomen's Athletic Association. LAURICE YELTON Treas. Sophomore Class, Delta Alpha Delta, Glee Club, Swimming, Engineers' Club. HIRAM ALEXANDER Phi Delta, Football, Basketball. KERMIT ALEXANDER Phi Delta. DORIS ALLEN Pi Kappa Delta, Chi Nu Epsilon, Collegian Staff, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. -IEANETTE BEVVLEY I Tri Lambda, Alpha Rho Tau, Women's Pan-Hellenic Council. SAM BEWLEY Biology Club, Pre-Medic Club. -++2i --EM- -JT: Page 36 b W - 1' fXx + JA -'JJ cw ci ,tb Ib- -++:u-F,--e eee. eeee is 4+- LOUISE CLARKSON Alpha Gamma. HERBERT COULTER Delta Alpha Delta. CLAIRE 'DAGUE MILDRED EDGAR Chi Omega, Women's Athletic Association LAWRENCE EMBRY Phi Delta. CLARA FARIS ' Lambda Lambda Lambda. EUNICE FINKE V. VV. C. A. Cabinet. ONITA FISH HELEN FISHER Womenls Athletic Association. -++:a ea--fW M- s:++ Q -4-+3 H HAZEL FLEMING Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet, International Rela- tions Club, Biology Club, Glee Club. LOUISE FORD Chi Omega, Alpha Rho Tau. THOMAS C. FRICK Engineers, Club LINDA GEORGE EDNA GRIGGS Delta Chi Omega, Collegian Staff, Ken- dallabrum Staff, Theta Alpha Phi, Pep Club, Chi Nu Epsilon. WINT ON HAMILTON Engineers' Club. -+61 ri++- K++- 'fim I we Q. Page 37 g. E l l- J- - x 1 , Q I it fx- af. Q5 J., Ctixf ,fb w -+-+51 -EH- EVA HUNTER Alpha Delta Theta, Sigma Alpha Iota, Orchestra. MARTIN E. JONES Delta Alpha Delta. DOLLY RUTH JULIAN Delta Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota, Glee Club, A Capella Choir, Women's Athletic Association. ' BOB KAHL Phi Delta, Football, Track. DOROTHY KASEY Iota, Y. W. C. A. -+161 H - f Kw- JEAN HANCOCK Alpha Gamma, lliomenls Athletic Council, Glee Club, Pep Club. GEORGE HARRISON Delta Alpha Delta, International Relations Club, Swimming. RUTH HARPER Lambda Lambda Lambda, Theta Alpha Phi. MAURICE HARWELL Sigma Theta Tau. WESLIEY HIQNKIC Delta Alpha Delta, Theta Alpha Phi, Phi Mu Alpha, Glee Club, Y. M. C. A., Collegian Staii, Pep Club, Kendallabrum Staff. LORRAINIQ HOFF Glee Club, International Relations Club. I DORN HOLLAND Sigma Theta Tau, Iingincers' Club. RUTH HUNNOLD Alpha Gamma, Theta Alpha Phi. A HARRY HUNT I 4 -+62 R++- Lambda Lambda Lambda, Sigm ANNETTE KI A , ' G Chi Omega, Internatio Rel orfs Orchestra, Chi Nu Epsil n. JI I -+1921 , A .rx ls if' 4 sl xi i ,K-F' . Page 38 X - A f 7, A A 'jf , kb L - N , 1 , . -+61 EM' ALLEN KING Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Mu Alpha. KENNETH KNEPPER NIARILYON KUHN Chi Omega, Collegian Staff. ANNA LEACH Delta Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota, Or- chestra, A Capella Choir. LEWIS LEWIS Delta Alpha Delta, Phi Mu Alpha, Orches- tra, Band. FRANCES LINEHAN Alpha Gamma, Theta Alpha Phi. PRESTON LITTRELL Phi Delta, Football, Basketball, Baseball. JOHN LOMBARD Sigma Theta Tau, Y. M. C. A. ERNESTINE LONG Alpha Kappa, Pep Club, Biology Club, Workshop Players, VVomen's Athletic Asso- ciation. , -,fist V ., so 4. 443. , " all I Bly.. if as 6 M, ,4 JN F, KQLX- cj, j , i f -fa -aw- 'O SALISBURY MACCURDY Chi Nu Epsilon. MALCOM MCARTHUR Phi Delta. THELMA MILES Alpha Delta Theta. HARVEY Mll.l.S Engineers' Club. FRED PERRY Delta Alpha Delta, Pre-Medic Clu JOHN POTTS Football, Collegian Staff. +3 + ,J mlb ig, l ,, 2-fl' 1 NZ 1 .f ,nf 51 f j .f lx J Peg 6 "sr M Q' 371' fxp-'x P jf? .-5 144-JiR1'Lf5R -HH KM- KENNETH SMITH Delta Alpha Delta, Swimming, Pres. Freshman Class '3o. PAUL SOUTHWELL MARJORIE STEFFENS Alpha Gamma. EARL STEVENSON Sigma Theta Tau MARTHA STUMPH Chi Omega, Student Council, Theta Alpha Phi, Chi Nu Epsilon, Talahi Queen '3r. CLARENCE C. TROSTER -++:z- new -++5l EN- PAULINE POUNDSTONE Delta Chi Omega, International Relations Club, Pep Club. LUCTLLE RAY Delta Chi Omega. HOMER REYNOLDS Football, T. Club. JOHN ROGERS Phi Delta. CLARENCE ROSS NADINE SAMPLE Delta Chi Omega, Pres. Alpha Rho Tau. KENNETH SEEVER Theta Alpha Phi, Band, Orchestra, Glee Club. GRACE ELLEN SHAW Chi Omega, Women's Athletic Association, Chi Nu Epsilon. ELlZABETH SLATER Alpha Rho Tau, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. -Hr!! -l'l++- X, - - L Page 40 17 ' I fr? - fxe-- . A r.. Siiixf 'KL ci -wa ee - ee +:++: EARL TRUESDELL Sigma Theta Tau, Pi Kappa Delta, In- ternational Relations Club. B. C. WALLACE, JR. Sigma Theta Tau, Orchestra. VERNEY WALLAR Engineers' Club. EMMA CATHERINE WALKER BILL WARNER Delta Alpha Delta. THOMAS WEBB ' Sigma Theta Tau, Engineers' Club, Colle- gian Staff. BILL WHITESIDE Delta Alpha Delta, Basketball. MARY E. WHEELER Delta Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota, Glee Club, A Capella Choir. FRED WICK Glee Club, T, Club, Basketball. -++:1 as aw- -++2l RN' CARI. WIEDEMANN Sigma Theta Tau, Pi Kappa Delta, Inter- national Relations Club. LESTER WILKONSON Delta Alpha Delta. ELEANOR WILSON Chi Omega, Glee Club. EVANGELINE VVRIGHT Lambda Lambda Lambda, Women's Pan- Hellenic Council, International Relations Club. RUTH WYNDHAM Alpha Delta Theta, Theta Alpha Phi, Y. W. C. A. WILMA YOUNG Alpha Delta Theta, Women's Pan-Hellenic Council. 4 .Q+:,-I my Q, Q - 1 M Page 4l ,.i1-1. 3 x I . rx I A 'C fi'A'w3a- 3 'WH 23+- EsTi:L1.12 ADAMSON . Pep Club, Womenls Athletic Association. RONALD CAPPS HIELENE SWAYZE Pres. Alpha Gamma, International Rela- tions Club. JAMES SMALL Delta Alpha Delta, International Relations Club. GEORGE WILLIS Delta Alpha Delta, Basketball. GAYLORD DOROUGH Delta Alpha Delta, Basketball, Student Council. 'wil WEM- .xi xi X3 , . aw- N SAM BRODSKY Sigma Theta Tau, Pi Kappa Delta, Chi N Nu Epsilon. 'X NELLIE MARIE CRABILL X Alpha Kappa, Pep Club. DOROTHY DEAN Alpha Kappa. WILSON DEARDORFF Delta Alpha Delta. CLAIRE DILLARD Chi Omega, Theta Alpha Phi. A. L. ROGERS Phi Delta, Chi Nu Epsilon. FRANCIS ROZZA ROBERTA PHILLIPS Alpha Gamma, Collegian, Pep Club, Glee Club, A Capella Choir, International Rela tions Club. JEAN GOURLEY Delta Chi Omega, Chi Nu Epsilon. -was e eav- sN""C.t: A as .. a viz- r i s "" .L Q-W". li"""w. ,gn Page 42 Q 71 1 f 4 t 5 K 5 t 9 .' 1-X V X j 1 tb. F R E SH M E N .,+g gg., V I CHARLES EBY f ,Eg Pres. Freshman Class, Phi Delta, Student Q ' Council. if MARCUS MILAM pg Vice-Pres. Freshman Class, Phi Delta, Stu- P dent Council. IRENE VVITT Sec. Freshman Class, Delta Chi Omega. , PERRY VV. VVARD Treas. Freshman Class, Delta Alpha Delta, Theta Alpha Phi, Alpha Rho Tau. B ETTY ADAMS Alpha Gamma. MAX GUILD Engineers' Club. LAWRENCE ALLEN Phi Delta. WILLIAM ANDRUS HUBERT AUTREY Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, Football, A Ca- pella Choir. -wa We A r:++- IFN. A r I1 -M52 K+?- ELWYN AYRES Phi Delta. LORRAINE BARNES Lambda Lambda Lambda, Theta Alpha Phi. CHARLES BAUGHN Engineers, Club. DON BENEFIEL Phi Delta, Football, Theta Alpha Phi. FRANK BLAIR Y. M. C. A. MABEL BLOUNT Delta Chi Omega, Women's Athletic Asso- Q,,,,0x -UV"' -I 111 '1-5 1 ll ' 1 1 bv' .ln I fllfrilf ,1 'uf in ciation. -4:1 7 2-4--i-?A-WEN 1 rg: N' M Page 43 1 1. ,,,1 'flu ff14 ' iff: 7 458 J 45 , I ' f X -. ' 1 95 -rl-I qw X Q X ! sl kb 1 , , S5 . YQ pf O 3 i' J Q., , ,Qi it 1 if 1 if ig 1, E. . ,' 1 'x . -1 - 1. lliilll ' .Mg JOHN'CALVERT Y.MLC.A CLAUDE CAMP FRIEDA CAMPBELL Delta. Chi Omega. J.R.CAUDLE Y,MLC.A CHESTER CHAMBERS HOWARD CLUTE N3 RM- l5++- -++H 34+- BURTON BOCK LEO ISOHAN Sigma Theta Tau. ALFRED BOUDREXU Sigma Theta Tau. SAM BOWEN Delta Alpha Delta. ALVIN BRADSHAW SAM BRIGHT MARION BROOKS EV AMAE BROXVN BILL BUSBY Phi Delta. -+-PH K++ XJ- "' "'- lf Paqe 44 A - V w 1 , 'N - I 1 KX-, x + 65 -rl-I Cx lb Ib- - 1-X -'+R 19+- MARY LOU COCHRANE International Relations Club, Women's Athletic Association. RUTH CONLEY Chi Omega. JOE COOLEY Alpha Rho Tau. BOB COOPER HERBERT COULSON Engineers' Club. ELIZABETH COURTNEY Alpha Gamma, Orchestra, Alpha Rho Tau. LUCILLE COWEN Theta Alpha Phi. BILLIE CREMIN Alpha Gamma, Glee Club. JOYCE CRUMM '++Zi R+" .1 if A A ,. ' im if f ,. K A. .. Q, if if . Lf? -. it - lv, ' i r.r' T '5 5' 44 . :5 if 4 .. 2:2 I . . if S QS 1 5' 6 2' 'Oi I A GET' I iiii ...1i1i " mi i i -. 3 o 6 E 420263. -- Seam V o"'0l t L -wg ,N ' E+.- ' ALPH DANIELS Delta Alpha Delta, Theta Alpha Phi. CATHARINE DAVIS Chi Omega. WOODROW 'DAVIS Engineers' Club. THEDA DEEN Alpha Kappa. J f 7 .ML T9 ,IN JAMES L. DELONG ' l JEVVELL DENT Alpha Delta Theta, Women's Athletic Association. . by -.61 344. X . ii .V 43 , L.. .. rg -1 b XJ Page 45, f fx..- ,fat A A 'C f4'l"wtb' ' x -M51 EM- OLAN FORD BOB FORESMAN Sigma Theta Tau, Collegian Staff. MARGARET FRIEDMAN Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, International Rela- tions Club. GERTRUDE FROEBE ANDREW FULLER WILLIAM GARNER -+491 EN- if f XJ .QQQ 113+- MAXINE DENTON Alpha Gamma. DOROTHY DEWBERRY Delta Chi Omega, International Relations Club. EDVVARD DISLER Delta Alpha Delta, Engineers' Club. LAURA MAE DUVALL Glee Club. ROBERT DYE THOMAS FAHSHOLT Z Sigma Theta Tau. VIRGINIA FEIGLY Alpha Gamma, Theta Alpha Phi. DOROTHY FISHBACK Alpha Delta Theta, Engineers' Club. ALLEN FLAHERTY Phi Delta. -+62 134' N .1 '75 Page 46 , . 'C fh-,'x- Q Fffiixf 'E' .+g141k --- V- -A A aaasaw LENA MADGE GARRETT Delta Chi Omega. RAPHAEL GLASS Chi Omega, Women's Athletic Association, Alpha Rho Tau. MARJORIE HOOVER Alpha Kappa. ED DAVIS Swimming, Track. FRANCES GRAHAM Alpha Kappa. KATHRYN GRAY LYNN GRIFFTTH Phi Delta, Football. HERMAN GRIFFIN EYERlST'I' DAY . Phi Delta, Football, Basketball. -+64 E+" . 1595 :'. aw. 4- ,E 'H,, -+61 H+' GLADYS GUNSTEN MARY ICLIZABIQTH GUNN - ' FRANK GR li ENE Football. HOM ER HARRIS ALICE HALL Chi Omega. ,LORRAINE HALL Alpha Gamma. QM!! ffm iw! 4 1 "f'2""' MAJ gf .,+,,A'.5,l. - 4.74 V ' '- .. K+ ig QJZVLM, ,MLLJ :Mil l :P rf: Nh M Page 47 W -1'.!Xe-'t. 43 J: C 'ixf 'l,b bp ,1 X , -443 P94- MARY I-IINCKLEY Delta Chi Omega, Pep Club, Glee Club. Jo ANN HOLLAND ALICE HINDMARSH Delta Chi Omega, Womenls Athletic As- sociation, MARY EVELYN HOUCK Alpha Delta Theta. f EN ID HOUSER GLENDON HOW 46: QQ. I '+-P21 t2++- MILDRED HALL Alpha Kappa. REITHA HARBER Alpha Kappa. EARL HARPER Engineering Club. ALICE FAY HARRIS Delta Chi, Women's Athletic Association. LOIS HARTSHORN Alpha Gamma, Student Council, Collegian Staff. ALICE HAZLETON WALDINE HENRIE Sigma Theta Tau, Phi Kappa Delta, Theta Alpha Phi. HAROLD HENSHAVV Phi Delta. JOHN HILL -Q51 - -ff' l':+9' N, ---. 1, Page 48 - YNY Q 1 K fy- K - aa A 4. 'Z ix, 3 5 of -I' .1 X . 1' ' , ,- -++2I B+' NEVA GRACE HOWES Alpha Gamma, International Relations Club. NORMAN HUGHES GRACE JAY AGNES JACOBSEN MILTON JOHNSTON Sigma Theta Tau, Pre-Medic Club. HUSTON JONES CHARLES KLINE Phi Delta. QUINCY KENNEDY Sigma Theta Tau. MARY KIMBROUGH Chi Omega, International Relations Club, VVomen's Athletic Association. -++2l Eff' A .QQ 34+- EDWIN KING Sigma Theta Tau. GRACE MURIEL KING ANN LAFFERTY QUE LARGENT PUTMAN LASITER Sigma Theta Tau, Engineers' Club, Y. M C. A. BILL LADD .443 544' QL :- NJC A LV Page 49 fx - , X- I 2, rCif4!k',vtL J -+64 H04- 1 w lp -++:-1 I ' ua++- GEORGE MCDONAL Sigma Theta Tau. , " IW.. JOHN MCFARLIN Glee Club, Track, Debate, Golf. RUSSELL MAXWELL Band, Orchestra. AARON MESIROW Theta Alpha Phi. HENRY MITCHELL ' PLUMMER MOORE ' :fm mg. .Ng JOHN C. LEEK JOHN LEONARD ALLEN LOCKHART Phi Delta, Engineers' Club. WALTER LOGAN Phi Delta. ROBERT LONGFELLOW Delta Alpha Delta, Glee Club. TREAN MADDOX Alpha Delta Theta, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. MOTOCHIKA MARUYAMA MARY MAXINE MCBRIDE DAVID MCCRAY b Q so Lf Page aw- Q -,-K-7'-' I X ' K - O - f- F Jfr' 'J he T K QB 3 ' 3 ' HH K++- CARL MOORE JAMES D. MOORE 4 EVELYN MONTGOMERY KATHRYNMMURRAY Alpha Kappa, Theta Alpha Phi, Pep Club. BEATRICE MYERS A Delta Chi Omega. GEORGE OGILVIE Engineers' Club. FRITZ OSSENBECK ROBERT OWEN BRENDA OWNBY Alpha Gamma, Theta Alpha Phi. - I-Q f ,ff I I 1 5 -.P .451 ' 59+- fi VESTA MAE PARKS Chi ega. ILENE PERDUE ELIZABETH POUND Alpha Gamma. VVILFRED POVVELL Delta Alpha Delta, Engineers' Club. SYDNEYPRYOR Biology Club. JOE RUSSELL .++g 3+ L qt Y Y , NIJ' tif! Page EI ., I - x 1 , , Q f 1 fxx x 4 Q -fa 4 Q b nb- are -I .. I I ., 5, ,J Q I.. 5. 31,1 5 EEA? dk ali .- ggi!! + K a.ews 5 X -QQ: Q94- MABEL SCHOONOVER Alpha Delta Theta. THOMAS SCOTT Delta Alpha Delta, Student Council. GEORGE SEARS Sigma Theta Tau. IDA MARIE SHAFFER Lambda Lambda Lambda, Theta Alpha Phi. MAX SHANK MARGARET SIEGISMUND Lambda Lambda Lambda. C +61 K+' C. K. RALSTON Sigma Theta Tau. ROGER RANDOLPH Collegian Staff . KATHERINE RANKIN Delta Chi Omega. WILMA DELL REES Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. IMOGENE REYNOLDS Delta Chi Omega, Womenls Athletic As- sociation, Collegian Stall, Student Council. BILL RUDD Delta Alpha Delta. R. L. RUDDY ANGUS RUPE HELEN SCHOONOVER Alpha Delta Theta. '++21 KM- .yqq 194- S 5 W -L, -T i Page 52 Q ,-if 'C fb- 'x - 45 .Jil I Q 'B Lb.. Hin' ELEANOR SKINNER Delta Chi Omega, International Relations Club, Women's Athletic Association. MILTON SINGLETON Sigma Theta Tau. HARRY SIMONS Phi Delta, Collegian Staff, Engineers' Club. KATHRYN SLATER Chi Omega. JOE SMITH Sigma Theta Tau. WILLIAM JAY SLIFER Engineers' Club. ELEANOR SPILLER POTTER STANTON SANFORD STONE Phi Delta. -+48 39+- 'ia 5 5. -+43 Eff JOHN STOKER STANLEY VAN SICKLE ALICE VAN VALKENBERG Orchestra. GENE VORE Delta Alpha Delta, Glee Club, Band, A Capella Choir. ET HEL WAGNER Delta Chi Omega. MARTHA KING WAGNER Chi Omega. -+45 K+'- Yb LV Page 53 .fe 5 I ik 'T--a A f f y .. K JJ 1 I Y,ix..iXi E Y L-Q W p. M:- f .QQH OPAL WYNDHAM Alpha Delta Theta. WAYNE YAGER Theta Alpha Phi. GRADY L, YORK Sigma Theta Tau, Y. M. C. A. TANDY YOUNG Phi Delta. MARY KATE ZIMMERMAN Chi Omega. . ALFRED GRAHAM Engineers' Club. B+ 4. wfg E44- -++2-I 294' 'f IVIELVIN C. WALTS Sigma Theta Tau. ROWENE YVALDREP Alpha Delta Theta, Theta Alpha Phi. VIRGINIA WATERS Delta Chi Omega, Theta Alpha Phi. DALE VVATT Sigma Theta Tau. THELMA WATT Alpha Delta Theta. PRESTON VVEATHERBY DANIEL VVEDDLE MARY ELLA WELSH MILDRED WHALEY Theta Alpha Phi. +3 EM Page 54 A 1--Z! ci N k3- fm 3 X -QQ-fi R00 DELBERT GOLD OTTO KRAMER PHYLLIS JOHNSON PAULINE KOONTZ A. J. BOWLIN MABELLE HARRINGTON Tri Lambda. BILL BUTLER ARNOLD HEINRICH PAUL BAILEY +451 Q. , - ++H EH JOHN LYONS CONWAY WALLACE MARY BLANDFORD HARRY WILLIAMS Sigma Theta Tau. DANIEL BENNETT Sigma Theta Tau. MILDRED BEELER R44 1 Vi: q I IJ Page 55 '3 fr 1 -pf ff 5 X- V. 'wd if . ,1 Mfg' . R, .5 I . V'-4' vy., SE!- .. 1? 4 X-N GSM 'Nr v 'E?'?f- r no yu x ,X-r-I -, fl? l .Her -5 if X ' 1 .' ' , A F X NL.: . .- 3 Yliir A " V inn.. b ,,5,, ' T'f"- - .. --r1g:f"S,--1.1-ffT!'r' H fl- r,r:.w1fai I ' .v It 5 -. K. 5 aim, b-,lf +,'f'., -311:45 '.g.::i:.3,j ,-' Pix-v"+1,--.'wZywVQuAf4111mHw2 .'.'W9f' ' 'G W.-,3' 'lvifif . i1'f-7131---1 - -. - ' '35 ' .T-'Ir 43H:ggfv,34', , , .,g,f ,in .?fiX'9g5',E.1?.Z'':-5f"fgf5 5 3 "- '- ' ".5f3:5f9r',fQ"lF cw . 1- " L A ' , . U JDK, qvfk 23? l , w,1Lf3hf-Qzf Q .X srHqN, - ZA: f A ' P ' 7117, 1137912 ."' , ,.-'EQ-'gg-. -A'-' ' . 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U 72 1'-verszfjl King CHESTER ISENICFLEL F' '-'71 l " 2 'g g 7 tbl I .XIL1 1-4.5, E32 Foozbaff Queen GLADYS HANKS '-J fi-13 I rr ' ' 2' 1' ' 'g L Y AZ L51 r-'ff . .XII-1 ms, t1in,,,C,,,5J Qjffczhy Queen ARLENE MORGAN W N N N 'N 'N M X 1 N X X N X X N X X X X 5 X X X X N V X P N X W N X N A A R i Y Y fri' Y , W - I 1 i . 12 -1 3 ,Q , M5 I . lb 1 L N --X i w 1 1 W L i 1 w I W N V ,,, .,-.Ah ,, , 1 5 v w w n . w l Q , V. ? Q, 3 i I E I. I I F r , L, Y 2-Y' - -- T , S N d 5-v 1 5 r N 1 5, L l' I r 1 LL ' N I 4 w L if K N L ' ' - L I, P k v 1 f v N , ' iw' 1 K f i 1 I Y gm f L '- f 4 1-' Y-A ,,.+,,, ,,......d..g,, .,,, , g,7,,,,,,, . f X .1 ' 1, - ,ff If ' I , 1 I X n 1 I i l , - i n F L. r E , . L V V, L N i ii i V, z A E f. .Q ila,,. ,, ,aw F E """"" A' ' ' ' V V J ff 213' U fuk- X04 ky, A4479 M4 2 X 3 ki , M 'Y v -5.5: " IL. . '3 N 4 f-25,5-Q.. ,. . 4 "1 5' .- uf yuh, J-.-1 L ,L L4 Siu N 0 , 4' f in-4 ' 1 war ................ ....-..............g ,. J' 7'-sry 30 .., w 5 1: N ' f 1 , 1 X memfcf. -gq.:-: V -j .MH Q 3 .A:'Z"QIg , V. .gj , A X L: ,,.,-T11 I ' I 'l ff, - ' A 'V -1 ' .:, ' i', 1-.j" j" 1,1 x ', '. -11 -' ii Vx.. ' Q, . . X 1" 1" ' . :xr .'fi'.i'L'f:1g.,.z-.3.- T, ' i , ' 31 'L :U 1 ' '- H J ' bf- ' .' . 5 . ,. - ,, , i,,5-..-,Xw'f.,qf5-T z., .' . : . . . 3 1: -.4.sq::g-s,i'-rx,-in 3 ' 5 24431: " f ' 1. 2 . - --'ix-,-1:2 ff- TJ' .ifqi 1 ,Q g1?f"5p!mg:-.15 :Y'ff'.'If .YH .r ,. .. . , fl.'."2-,Jf',-5, ,. T Fai, , 1 21ixL.,,'.4f.-'.'-f :Rf if 'V '- I J .,..i'1':5?'2. .h . 59? :EQEJ-,,,.,,K5.-,gh -, , -.- , ,. 1-4. 1.3 , ..,.g,..,. .., .. - L'-'wk-1 ,- .-' -510. 1 Jie 4.22:-.,--. 4 V -- wvL.3gHR.i63' bring? '.3zas:f,ge:gf,f1'2iw-4 .- 7 'fr 455'1'iL- . '5'r'5':2Y'?i'f."f'.'-'f-'fffff . A C- 12, , "Tj ".:g:'. - -. "... 1 .igivlfs-Q' A . 331'-I-1'55:'f.l'-.'5 Q, , Q-: lg? .lf , 5, gg.-i? , YQ., 3 - fi X 3 255155: - Q. -1 5' b I -, .tl I A nigh I . J, f- L . -, A " TQ, 44 LFE' 4, 14 :in ' ' .mil ' - :cgi V' T 1,1 :fif- - 75' -: iq .--.- 'sfflv ' " U . .:,, L lid i X. . 1 ,qu ..:' 39 Q V 215+ ' i ' :,.,' Q 123. , 9? " f -' '.f22.fQf.f " '11 '1 . -Y i g: ., -..-.1 -. - --. 4. :W ' . ':-W. 1" gi 1 -1 -- . .- if 5,155 L L sk 25 is fn, u get 1 '1 Q, - If fxtrr-Ski Q J.. 14ttfxf'Df5t A. if-1 A-vg, , Student Council HAROLD COOPER ..... CHESTER BENEFIEL .... NEOLA ELLIOTT ..... LEEMON NIX ..... LOIS CALLAHAN ARLENE MORGAN ROY SMITH SETH EBY GLADYS HANKS BOB DUNCAN OFFICERS MEMBERS GAYLORD DORUUGH MELBA CALDWELL MARTHA STUMPH MARCUS MILAM Lo1s HARTSHORN TOM SCOTT IMOGENE REYNOLDS X . . . .President Vice-President , . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer TOP ROW: Cooper, Elliott, Srnith, Stumph, Benenel, Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Eby, Callahan, Milam, Hanks, Duncan. THIRD ROW: Caldwell, Dorough, Nix, Hartshorn, Scott, Morgan. JF Page 73 4 43 IJ P .V 1 . 1 fl 'J 4 4. I . '72 wi 'i 'HT W Q.. 54 H .,.' It , 15321 fi! U A 1.-Q . fi Sl 'I A1 T 4. l I ' 1 4 l I I! , A I V-ff---W - f--Y-S v -W E , I Q - 4 I 'T K N Q R ,X-"K 5 3 0 , -fl ' N X f 1 ' O gh.. Kendallabrom LA RUE FINLEY ,... .....,.,..., . Editor ROY SMITH 4.,.... . ..,.. Business .Manager , .,., STAFF CLARIBEL ABERCROMBIE ....... ...,... A ssistant Editor MARY MCCRAY ....... ......,...... A rt Editor JEAN BEWLEY .....,.. . ..,, Assistant Art Editor HELEN HARRISON .... . , , ...... Stenographer MILDRED NEEDHAM .... . . .Organization Editor BILL BUSBY ......,.. .,.,, O rganization Editor WESLEY HENKE .... ........,.... S port Editor EDNA GRIGGS .... . ..,,.,...,.. Humor Editor DOLORES SILSBY. . , ..... Assistant Humor Editor FRANK BENNETT. . . ...,....,..... ...,,,,........ C artoonist BUSINESS STAFF CHARLES BLANEORD ..,. .,....,,............ A ssistant Business Manager ERWINA OWENS. .,... .... 1 ............ .....,,.,.. B 1 csiness Secretary r r Tw,-i i r, SPONSORS ,Q ADAH ROBINSON MATC ALLYN CHRISTIE .t y.. Fr Z. I, EES in if If TOP ROW: Finley, Abercrombie, McCray, Christie, Robinson. SECOND ROW: Busby, Needham, Griggs, Blanford. THIRD ROW: Smith, Bewley, Owens, Silsby, Henke. Page 74 i . if' . Y , Q - if sk f fx JI-I ix xcixfryi fi, Sn- DOLORES SILSBY. . . . HARRY SIMONS ..,. VVESLEY HENKE .,.. ROBERT FORESMAN. . . ROGER RANDOLPH. . , . ANNA RUTH WATSON, . RALPH FULSOM ........ CLARIBEL .ABERCROMBIE .,., ERWINA OWENS .,.,... MARILYON KUHN .,..., TOM WEBB .....,..... ROBERTA PHILLIPS. . . LOIS HARTSHORN . . TOM GRISI-IAM ..,. OSCAR LEPKO ..,.., EDNA GRIGGS ,........ LAWRENCE STEWART. . . HILDA DOWNING ..... MIRIAM SPINDLER .,.. JOHN POTTS ....... ROY SMITH ......,,.. BLAKE VVORKMAN .... OIIS WINCHESTER ,,,, NORRIS CAGLE ...... CHARLES KE1-:LING .,.. IMOGENE REYNOLDS .,.. CHARLES BLANFORD ..,. MERRIL BROWN ..... ERWINA OWENS. . . . Collegian BUSINESS STAFF .............Editor , . .Managing Editor . . . . . , . . .Sport Editor . . . . . . ,. .. .Sport Editor . . . .Assistant Sport Editor .. . , , . .Campus Editor . . . . . .Drarna Editor . . . .Fine Arts Editor .........Copydesk .....,,..Copydesk . , .Engineer Editor . . . . . . , .Reporter , , .... Reporter . . . .Reporter , . , .Reporter . . . .Reporter . . , .Reporter . . . ,Reporter . . , .Reporter . . . .Reporter . . . .Reporter . . . .Reporter . . . ,Reporter . . . .Reporter . . . .Reporter . . . .Reporter . . ..........,, Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . . . , , . . , .Circulation Manager TOP ROW: Silsby, Smith, Phillips, Henke, Abercrombie, Simons. SECOND ROW: Grisham, Griggs, Randolph, Watson, Hartshorne, Blanford, Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Allen, Fulsom, Kuhn, Webb, Owens, Foresman. -fp Page 75 b 3 Q 1'-fX-'-4 QNX Ja-I ,qyfixf 'lf-I WOmen,s Pan-Hellenic OFFICERS FAYE BEARD .... NEOLA ELLIOTT ..... THELMA SANFORD. . . CONSTANCE PROBERT .... MYRTLE G. COLE. . . MEMBERS GLADYS HANKS SARA HARRIS HELEN ABERCROMBIE WILMA YOUNG EVANGELINE WRIGHT DOLORES SILSBY JEAN BEWLEY HELENE SWAYZE . . . .President Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . . .Sponsor TOP Row: Beard, Abercrombie, Elliott, Wright, Hanks, Cole. SECOND Row: Harris, Probert, Swayze, Silsby, Sanford, Young, Bewley. JF Page 76 ' L,.. . D 7 8 V 'V -f"!NO' : 65 J:-I qxfixf ut? tb- lnter-Fraternity Council OFFICERS GRAYDON MARKLAND .... ,.,., P resident LEWIS CLINE ........ .,... S ecretary MEMBERS ARTHUR CAMERON MITCHELL TUCKER CHE1' BENERIEL CHARLES MCGLONE , I - s C1 ., 2'i'cJ"'VlffM.E? Q .. x J TOP ROW: Markland, McG1one, Cameron. SECOND Row: Tucker, BenefIe1, Cline. Page 77 . A A . Wa. , .N , , 5 ,, r , , ., . . l ,, , I M. . .mil f -1. . gy., .Eivg.5. ,5:,rg3, lgiigi lgB':"M'9 Y , M. 359 L 51 ' af l Q ,, , fy- I R1 l 3559 S .xl l if' l A- , QP" .Q-, l ffl . 374 l dl: 71.1 J' . 'J 1.8 . A V, 57553 H54 uw. iq? f B-f . 4. iq: Pi F4 fel S L' K A 'U U . ., , nf 4- f .v,, 4 . . mv . .1 1 an , 1, .gn . V . ef 7 1 ESTIL -pr- fi. : yr J' N. 1 : . X Lp ? R Y' 5 QlA'1,g,I-f gl'-1 ' gg .gh 3.4,-4' 3 '. :QL firm f'i ' . ' . A A '43 -452,63 5 - 3 fa. -' ' - . '- ' H , - A , V R - .w . A 'K -A - f ' ' fy . .I , . .'.... , . V, - 'Mg L. 4 w,, a 'W'VV.. ww . ' 'f 96' Q K 1 ,an 3 -0 .r.. wiifeixffbi A. CLARA WIGGINS .... VIVIAN WHITESIDE. . . DORIS ALLEN ...,., GLADYS GREVE .... LoLA E. COVINGTON, . . Y. W. C. A. Cabinet OFFICERS Czd Semesterj President fist Semesterj President . . , .,........ ,Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . . .Sponsor 5 COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN ELIZABETH SLATER. . , . . .World Fellowship ' FRANCES REED. . , WILMA REES .... HAZEL FLEMING .,., CLARA XNIGGINS .,.. GLADYS GREVE. . . HELEN KITCHEL .... ANNA HOAGLAND. . . ' ......,Soc1al . . , ,Interest Groups .......,,Hanse . . . .Library . . .Program . . . . .Finance . , .Membership TOP ROW: Wiggins, Slater, Rees, Covington. SECOND ROW: F leming, Allen, Kitchel, Hoagland, Reed. F-' IJ Page 78 ii i" 3-.. s 4-- A he W, . , v 1 : ,:.,f--,,.,,, -. ..,-,.:.,.v.x,-. X - A 4 I , , .1 ,.., 1 1 Q- A - A- , x .. .4 W5 nu., -L, 1.p".4 .A ,V ,., Q 1 1 W A A v , Y, fr -'M -4 V, ,ww- -" F -- ' - ,mtv , 'f f f f ' ' J, 1 ' l f M 1 2' A , .st M. ff l "'i' ' Q -,f ix.-L: 0 .H q'AiX!,1'lb E. V. M. C. A. Cabinet OFFICERS GORDON ALLEN .... ........, ....... P r esident JOHN CALVERT ..., . . . .Vice-President IAN FRASER ..., ....... S ecrelary I. R. CAUDLE ,..,. ..,., T reasurer FRANK BLAIR ..,.... GEORGE MCCAULLEY .... CHARLES BLANFORD .,.. MAX M. MORRISON. . DR. LLOYD V. MOORE .... COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN . . .Program Chairman . . . . .Serial Chairman Membership Chairman . . . .Advisory Secreiary . . . . .Faculty Advisor TOP ROW: Allen, Caudle, Moore. SECOND ROW: Frasier, Blair, Blanford, Calvert. 1. -. . I" Page 79 P,--,-+7-V T--A,-,..3-v-.-.-T-,-.T-W 3- S A .. . ' -I : -Ax-::il7f'iv"l! '3 W-I 1' 'L' , 5 I If le 7" I, 'S A" .V 513, -I I lf E. Sw. .. 11 wr-WY--Aw-A--S -A A----?wi-.... 1 1' L 1 . Af Q - I" fxvxk 3 Q -.JJ ,ix xixf iz fb Ih- lnternational Relations Club FRED BROOKS .,.... ROBERT DUNCAN ,... HELEN!-I SWAYZIG .... C. H. KIMBROUGH ..,. EVANGELINE WRIGHT PAULINE POUNDSTONE CARL WIEDEMANN ELEANOR SKINNER CHARLES BLANFORD GI-:NI-:ROSE FORQUER CLARA WIGGINS MAT1'IE MARTIN CHESTER BENEFIEL JAMES SMALL ROBERTA JONES MAXINE WRIGHT OFFICERS MEMBERS ANNETTE KIMBROUGH DOROTHY DENVBIERRY EARL TRUESDELL CONSTANCE PROBERT NEVA GRACE HOWES ERWINA OWENS HAZEL FLEMING LORRAINE SMITH MARY LOU COCHRANE HONORARY MEMBERS CAROLINE MEYER . .,...... President . . . . Vice-President S ecreiary .......Spansof MARY KIMBROUGH ROBERT DUNCAN JAMES O,NEIL LESLIE JOHNSTON MARGARET FRIEDMAN LORRAINE HOEE ELAINE WANNER MABELLE HARRINGTON GEORGE HARRISON BILL STEVENS HREWSTER STONER MRS. C. H. KIMBROUGH MRS. LESLIE E. BROOKS VIRGINIA PATTISON TOP Row: Brooks, Dewberry, Truesdell, Probert, Beneflel, M. Kimbrough, Small, Meyer, Dr. Kim- brough. SECOND ROW: Poundstone, Hoff, Friedman, Wiedernann, Fleming, Skinner, Wright, Blanford, Cochrane. THIRD Row: Howes, 0'Neil, Swayze, A. Kimbrough, Harrison, Owens, Johnston, Wanner, Duncan. -ff: Page 80 If I. '1 Q A 12 fx-'x.l Q iq?-xixfriliy Alpina Rbo -lau CART FRATERNITYJ .,,..,,,..Presidcnl Vice-Presilenl . . . . .Secretary-Treasurer ...........Hislorian OFFICERS NADINE SAMPLE .......... .,.......,,. MRS. RICI-IARD M.-XRTIN .... , ...,. . , HELEN ABERCROMBIE, . , MARY MCCRAY ,.,.,, ADAH ROBINSON ..., HONORARY MEMBERS MRS. BERNARD MRS. JEAN TERNER MRS. SWARTS MRS. RAYMOND STOTLER MRS. GUSSIE HUNT MRS. TRACY BROXVN MRS. OLIPHANT JEAN BEXVLEY LA RUE FINLEY PLEDGES RAPI-IAEL GLASS ELIZABETH SLATER JOE COOLEY P. W. WARD ELIZABETII COURTNEY VICTORIA COLLEY CARRIE D. FIRE LOUISE FORD LUELLA BROWN CLARIBEL ABERCROMBIE LUz IRIZARRY . , . .Sponsor TOP Row: Sample, Cooley, H. Abercrombie, Ford, Robinson. SECOND Row: Bewley, Glass, Irizarry, C. Abercrombie, Finley, MCCray. THIRD Row: Slater, Courtney, Ward, Swarts, Brown. 'L Vg: , Lf Page 8l 4 7 '51 i, , , Q '1'IfXL' -3 Q -f.: 4' ihf ,fly lb- Theta Alpha Phi NATIONAL DRAMATIC FRATERNITY RALPH FULSOM. , , DOLORES SILSBY ....... THELMA SANFORD ....,.,. MARGARET WYNDHAM. . , EDNA GRIGGS JAMES OlN12Il.L SAM MARKS, , . . . .. P. W. WARD ......,. KATHRYN MURRAY .,.. TOMMY BEELER DON BENEEIEL RALPH DANIELS RUTH HARPER RUTH HONNOLD AARON MESIROW IDA MARIE SHAEEER ROWENE WALDREP RUTH WYNDHAM OFFICERS MEMBERS EARL LINDSEY KENNETH SEEVER PHIL KRAMER WORKSHOP PLAYERS KPLEDGESJ MEMBERS CHET BENEFIEL LOIS CALLAHAN CLAIRE DILLARD HILDA JEAN HART BILLIE HINZ ERWINA OWENS MARTHA STUMPH VIRGINIA LEE WATERS WAYNE YAGER ............,President , , . . .,....., Vice-President . . . .Secretary and Treasurer , , .... ,,,., . ..,, S ponsor RENA MAE MERCER WESLEY HENKE ...............Presiderzt , , . . ,,.. .... V ice-President . , . .Secretary and Treasurer LORRAINE BARNES LUCILl.E COWAN VIRGINIA FEIGLY WALDINE HENRIE ERNESTINE LONG BRENDA LOUISE OWNBY CLARENCE TINGLEY MILDRED WHALEY TOP ROW: Fulsom, Silsby, Callahan, C. Benehel, Stumph, Honnold, Ward, Murray, D. Beneliel, Griggs, Long, Miss Wyndham. SECOND ROW: Harper, Seevers, R. Wyndham, Ownby, O'Neil, Shaffer, Sanford, Daniels, Waters, Hart, Yager. THIRD ROW: Mesirow, Dillard, Mercer, Henke, Cowen, Marks, Barnes, Owens, Waldrep, Henrie, Whaley, Feigly. 'I-. T' Page 82 I Q 4,i!X,, Jig JK 1 TOM WEBB ..... , , FLOYD STEVENSON. . Engineers, Club OFFICERS ANINTON HAMILTON , .,.. . ROY HARRY SMITH. ...... . Dl4I.AN R. L. LANGENHI-ZIM, . . . ...,... , , . . . . FRESHMEN IIARRY D. AGGERS ALBERT ALLEN CHARLES LAWRENCE ALLEN ELWYN AYRES CHARLES BAUGHN IJANIEL SAMUEL BENNETT ALFRED BOUDREAU SAM BOWEN A. J. BOXVLIN VAUGHN BRYAN BII.L BUSBY CLAUDE CAMP HAROLD CARPENTER J. R. CAUDLE JIM CHESCHEIR FREDRICK HALL DICK CHURCH BOB CLARK FRANK COOLEY BOB COOPER HERBERT COULSON WOODROW DAVIS JOHN GORDON ALLEN CHARLES BUCHNER CLAUDE CRAIG ROBERT NIX CRAWFORD GAYLORD DOROUGH ROBERT DUNCAN KENNETH FARNSWORTH JOSEPH FIELD LAURENCE FRERKING THOMAS FRICK B AR RY SMITH BURTON DEMOREST H.-XRRY SIMONS MILTON SINGLETON KENNETH HOEVEL JAY SLIFER JOE SMITH EDWIN RUSSELL POTTER STANTON EARL STEVENSON ED DISLER ANILLIAM DOUGHERTY HOWARD FIELDS DOROTHY FISHBACK BILL THOMAS FORD BOB FORESMAN LAURENCE FRERHING ALFRED EUGENE GRAHAM HERMAN GRIFFIN MAX GUILD EARL FRANKLIN HIARPER THOMAS ALVIN HASTY ARNOLD HEINRICH HAROLD HENSHAIY DORN HOLLAND VIVIAN WOIIDRUFIT CHARLES HOW PAUL HUGHES HUSTON JONES QUINCY KENNEDY OTTO KRAMER BILL LADD JOHN GAINES STOKER SANFORD STONE LAWRENCE TANDY STANLEY VANSICKLE CONWAY WALLACE M ELYIN WVALTS JOHN LEEK ALLEN LOCKHART JOI-IN MARVIN MARCUS DIILAM THOMAS MONROE CARL MOORE CLYDE SEARS SOPHOMORES WINTON HAMILTON PAUL JAMES BICNALLEN HAROLD HARRIS FORD HASKINS HARVEY A. MILLS WVILLIAM MORRIS JAMES WILLIAM KEOUGHAN ARTHUR OXFORD BILL LANG JAMES VERNON PAYNE JAMES PUTMAN LASITER BUFORD PENN AUGUST LEE CENTURIUS KERNS RALSTON AIALCOLM EUGENE BTCARTHUR FRED A. SHILLINGER GEORGE REEVES MCCAULLEY KENNETH SMITH CHARLES ATCIVIULLIN ROY HARRY SMITH PRE JUNIORS HAROLD SPILLER WVILLIAM STAPLES WVILLI IM XVILSUN + J' 3 I , . . . . .President . . . Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . . . Treasurer . . .Sponsnr GEORGE OGILVIE GERALD OSBURNE JIM TRIPPLEHORN MACON SMITH RALPH PERRY LINOEL EUGENE POOLE WILLIAM PORTER VVILFRED POWELL JAMES ALLEN PRICE , LLOYD KENNETH PURSELL WVALTER LEE PURSELL JOSEPH JOHN REED GRAHAM RUDD RUSSELL RUDDY ANCUS RUPE WNILHURT THOMAS SCAGGS BERTR.-AND WNARD XVILLIAM XVARNER DALE WATT PRESTON XVEATHERBY EUGENE THOMAS WELCH GEORGE YVILLIS FLOYD STEVENSON LEWIS THOMAS MITCHELL TUCKER B. C. WALLACE VERNEY WYALLIXR THOMAS WNEBB LESTER HVILKONSON ARDRY WVOOD LAVRICE YELTON JAMES WV!-IEDY . . I A A I . rr. I A - 3' J J X Q K. ii" 'Qi 1? sr 2 1, c' 2 . . K 1 ' Kai! 59' ' 41 .a uf A355557 Af' ' YE X 'f All H V n- A r . I H ' I. I nf, -, .. I ' LM . , gl WL ,ff 4 A .h . , . sr 5, A, , in gpg 1 I N .LQ -- - if Q. If I Arr. - . . iii? A 9' S. I ' TOPXROHV: Keplinger, Stoker, Duncan, Lasiter, Fishback, Warner, J. Smith, E. Stevenson, HOW, Weathcrby, Guild, Powell a ace. DQFCOND ROW: RllKlll,i.HllmllLlTH, McArthur, Smith, Ayres, Rupe, Bowen, Allen, Foresman, Camp, Tucker, Watt, B. Smith, IIIIRD ROW: Mnore, Simons, iOOpcr, llenSlTaw, Grilin, Caurllc, Milam, Lockliart, Holland, Bordeuu, Busby, Webb, Ruddy LOWER ROW: Davis, Bauuhn, Yelton, Craig, Kramer, Morris, Harwell, Harp-er, Coulson, Walts, Stone, Singleton, Disler. I W - X.: " LJ Page 83 A -1'i!N-Nad 1' .A e14+Jfxf'3'5 A. LOINSTARCE PROBERT .... DOROTHY CARD ....... ANNA RUTH VVATSON .... CLARIBEL ABERCROMBIE SHADRACH SHAW SAM BRODSKY JEAN GOURLEY LOUISE NORTON EDNA GRIGGS CLARA WIGGINS CHARLES ROLAND JEANNE KEISTER SALISBURY MACCURDY FRANK EIKENBERRY Cbi Nu Epsilon ENGLISH FRATERNITY OFFICERS MEMBERS HELEN ABERCROMBIE DOLORES SILSBY PLEDGES NEOLA ELLIOTT DORIS ALLEN ANDREW LOUIS ROGERS, JR. GRACE ELLEN SHAW SPURGEON WYATKINS ANNETTE KIMBROUGH CHARLES BROWN JAMES SMALL FACULTY MEMBERS AMOS HEROLD .....,......,Presidenl . . . . . . . . . . Vice-Presidenl . . . .Secretary and Treasurer FRED BROOKS REID SWINDLER JAMES O,NE1L VIVIAN WHITESIDE ERWINA OWENS MARTHA STUMPH GORDON ALLEN LOLA WHITE BOE DUNCAN HARLAN HAMILTON W. E. TYIORRIS MISS MARY ALLEN TOP ROW: Probert, Brooks, Elliott, Brodsky, C. Abercrombie, Rogers, Norton, Herold. SECOND ROW: Kimbrough, Griggs, OlNeil, H. Abercrombie, M:IcCurdy, Stumph, Duncan, Shaw. THIRD ROW: Swindler, Gourley, Watson, D. Allen, Silsby, Small, Owens, Card. Page 84 Q A f I fl fa iqfgifla.,-I,I A ,lin I1 ' N X I ' 1 ' 4 -ib- pi Delta Mu EDUCATIONAL FRATERNITY OFFICERS HAROLD Fox ......... .... P resident BEATRICE WILLIAMS .... ..... S ecrelary EDNA HALL .......... ..., T reasurer J. E. FELLOWS .... .....,,......,,.. .... S p ansor MEMBERS .Q 1 Ji sf' LOLA E. COVINGTON MAEEL CURNUTT NELL WOOD ISAH LIVELY MRS. MAUDE SHEETS MRS. M. B. STEPHENS LOIS CREWS MARY BODENHEIMER MRS. J. A. STIPP MAE KYLER MRS. L. M. MILLER KATHERINE FRAZIER NEOLA ELLIOTT DR. L. S. MCLEOD MRS. B. KOHPAY GUSSIE V. HUNT MRS. Z. BURKHART HELEN RICHARDSON VELMA CRAIG ANNA WILTSE LUCY MINOR DUNCAN MARY MCCLENAGHAN MRS. j. B. HARRISON IDA M. FRYE EXA C. HOOKER MRS. SUSIE SUNDERLAND ANNA HOAGLAND HONORARY MEMBERS M. L. LANDIS NIILDRED DAVIS MRS. A. L. MCCARTY KENNETH SEAMANS MRS. DAN HOLMES MAUDE L. MCCOMB LOIS JACOBS ERMA MAGEE CLAIRE KISKADDON VIOLET KING MRS. M. E. CONNETT FRANCES REED MRS. J. W. JOHNSTON BESS BANKHEAD TOP Row: Fox, Elliott, Covington, McLeod, Fellows. SECOND ROW: Hoagland, Davis, Curnutt, Williams, Sunderland, Reed. Page 85 Q I, 1'1- fix -v- V Y A 'H- '- :fi fi , 1 5 'EV -ff.-r -- WOm2U,S GI66 UI"l"IK'I'IRS Nl XRKLXRICT SIICKLSML NIJ ,.., , , cll.RXI.I7IXIfc,XXIXlX1'lx., ,H . .l'1'1'.x1A1I1'f1l IYft'l"l,I'K'.N'f!1lf'lIf N XIHXI-' S.u1P1,rL ,,,,, ,,,, . Sw:-f'ff1z'y lI.xz1-11. I'4I.I2MINU . , ,.,, l.i!m1r'i11f1 l,1:f'R1c'l'I,x Klmzlzls .... ,,lnfnn1fmz1i.vf Klll.IJRl'D L. ILXNIJIS , . . . .11irw'lm' 1 MIGNIHICRS ISI-1'1'Tx' ilvxx .XI.Il'I, lllxmx wsu Im1.1,x' Rl"l'll .ll'l.I xx YIRHIXI x I.x'1'l.n-3 IC'1'H11s. XYXKSNLR I':I.Ix.XNUR Sl'lI.l.I.R HIi.X'I'Rll'lI Nlwzks l,.xL'R x M xlc lJl'vx1.1. Mmm: ual: 1' SIIQLDISHR X11 G1,.xm'sII.xl,l, I.oRR.x1Nl-1 llmflf MARY II1x4'Kl,l1Y U111zxl,1vlxr1 .X1.l,lcN II,xz1c1, l'xl,I'1NIIN4l Rl xlzx' IC. XXVIII-IIQLICIQ'1s1si'1,x1u4srm XIXRGXRITI'Sill-111011 1i1.Rx1,1n1x1. f'XXlXIXK'lx IDrmRw1'11x' Ilnixx m-:RRY X'1Ru1x1.x l"1u:l,x' I.L c'R1i'1'1 x Nlwlclels I,.XNl,l,l.l-Q Imwxrxx' Ncmmix Rvru HIHLWA-Qu .Xxxx I.1-11,111 l4URR.XINlf Smrru 'l'u1pn.x llmcx I,IN1J.XUl.HIQiLI-. m IMVIQ Ixflwz Gunn, Lyllc. Myvrs, llull, Allvn, c1l2ll'kSOT1, IJvwlmcl'l'y, Loom-y, Smith, Hinxlmzxrsh. VK':lg1w1', IJLIYLIH. lluff, Flcming. Lalmlis. I"lks'l' Row: Slwlncl, lfciglly. HVK'XYL'I', Donn, julian. Spillur. Scigisnmunml, Norvcll. lliucklcy. XYIlL'A'lL'I'. f1ilI1lIHllCk. Murris. Leech. UL'o1'gu, l I ig -Kiwi H :W Z ,Mn A -W , l Axirf- 'N K D xgfi- M Page 86 GxNx...--V--.4--11.44-. ' X x JN fir- 1 X C -ir xt 1 ' f T11 lI1'1s1111'1' .Xl"I'Rl1X',. x'uxxxLxx'Vx'x1.1,xc'11 . U'1"rr1 K1z.xx11.1e.. Nlllfrrrx jf111xsrwx .. 'Frm SK'1l'I"l', . . . . IS1-1'1'111'1-11, hlmss.. l1111N IJ,x1,1 IQ Rlllll Sxx1x1v1.1.14 l.x11111'1. Yl.l,l'11X R.x1.1-11 xx. X1.x'1'111 R111111111' f'1IIJI'lQR X'11uz11, l'xI.IxN1lX4. K'.x1e1, 311111111-1 II.NI.x'1111,s11x Vuxxx xx xXvXl,l,XK'I. l511,1, l'1c111ax'x1xN li W. XYx1e11 lC.x1e1, S'l'lil'lil.YS Men S C1122 Club UI-'I"lC'I-'R'4 , l'1'1'.x'i1l1'11l C'm'1'1'.x'pn111li11g .S'1'f1'f'tf11',x' S'f'f'1'e'!.11'Yx' Q"1'.',1:.'111'1'1' B11 , ,.,, . . , l.i!11'11ri1111 l7fI'l'1f17I' NllzKII,IzIx5 1 lI1,1:1z131c1' U11 1,'1'13k I, xxxR1.x151, .XI,I,IQX K'1wxxx'xx'XYx1.1.x1'1. GLXI, Y111111 lfllxxlxl K1v1 l.,xxx'1e1.x'c'1, Iix11111x R1ss1.1,1, BlxXxx'1.1.1, G1-111141111 S11,x11Q Il111:111,1a'1' .x1"1'111-jx' XYl.SI,l-ZX' lI1Y1x1. SxN1'1m1:1u S'1'1w11 fJ'1'1'r1 R1exx11.1e II11111 lhwxxx lfR1g1J W1c'14 Il x1w1,11 Mxx S11,xx1x l.l.XXIS l.1fxx1s AXI.l-'RICI1 1411111141 Xl 'I'11x1 Sx'4Vl"I' 131,1.11111e'1' 5111.11 K11wx11'1'11 KNL111-1-311 GR x11x' Ytrlilx .Xl'1ll'S'I' li1x1z 11111-1S'l'llR C11.xx11c1,1cs 1 Nlx111xwl41u11114s 'l'1111Rfw1x: I51111111. IJ1lQlll'. Sxx'i11fllc1', Ycl1o11, X-x'llYl'h. f'l7OI1CI'. I'-ICI1'liNM. NIl7UI'L'. l'o11ls1111. Xxaxllalw. I'111xm111 IS H111 xx11 'r. lim S1g1'11x11 Ruxx: SIL'I!Ilx'I1S. i'l1:1111lvc1's. Ill-I.r111g. x'f111l11'1'. Wzlllzxvx-. Ii. King. Nlz1xxx'L-U. .XlllI'L'j'. 5111111-. Ii1'11xx'11, 11111 Rwxx: II1'11fl1:1xx'. l.1'xx'iN. Fruit, KIll'Il17L'I'. .X. King. P. Xxalrfl. limolas. Xllun. X,UI'x'. Ciruw. 1:31 - -'mm :ig W 'f.1L-L.-,..- F 1 ux L 2 Page 87 .vf111'.x-,x A1l111111gf'1' Q fu: Ja-I +qx fjxxn - xixf uf x I 14 1 'B gb. Biology Club ARTHUR CAMERON. . . ARLENE FINNEY .,.. ERNESTINE LONG. , . OFFICERS MEMBERS DEEDE lxl.-XRKLAND ARLENE MORGAN BILL EWELL SAM BEWLEY MRS. SUNDERLAND JACK MATT SPONSORS MR. CHASE MRS. BARCLAY CHARLES KUKAL SYDNEY PRYOR HAZEL FLEMING FRED PERRY CASEY CHILDS .........,President , . 4 . . . .Vice-President S ecretary- Treasurer DR. BARCLAY TOP ROW: Cameron, Pryor, Kukal, Fleming, Bewley, Barclay, Chase. SECOND Row: Sunderland, Long, Ewell, Morgan, Perry, Finney, Markland. gig Page 88 b Q - If flxl-xx-i A JI-I Cx 'l 5 A ARTHUR CAMERON. . . JACK MATT ..... QASEY CHILDS. . . H D CHASE ..... SAM BEWLEY BILL EWELL VIVIAN VVHITESIDE JAMES SMALL SADIE KORNEIELD , Pre-Medic Club OFFICERS MEMBERS CHARLES KUKAL JACK MATT THOMAS SONNE CASEY CHILDS AARON MESIROYN' . . . . Vice Preszdent GRAYDON MARKLAND FRED PERRY MILTON JOHNSTON JIM RUSSELL ARTHUR CAMERON ' TOP ROW: Cameron, Bewley, Perry, Small, Chase. SECOND ROW: Mesirow, Ewell, Markland, Kukal, Sonne, Johnston. Page 89 Q 1 ' f X , ' K , Q ...IS Cx Sli T I-31 'B li, ' A Capella Choir Ul"I"ICICRS 'I'm1SCO'rT. . . , , , ,lffxfdl H1 'I'n1-lux IJLIQN . Sl't'I'1'lllI'-V-1 I'l'1ISIZH'I' GIAIJYS HALI., . , .Swifzf Surcfarx 1L.xR1, S'i'l',Yl'.Ns4lN f1l11lRK?I1Sl.XR5 L'1..x1R l7.xnx1l. A1.1,11x lilmp H5141-plc'1' .xl"l'1elcx''1zl-zxwz Xu.:-x FRED Wlvlx III-,RIlI'lR'I' x'11nl.sux M xx Snxxnx XY1csI,ncx' llxxxkl, lJ1c1.n111c'1' lLm,1m B1-1,x'l'Rn'l1 Nlxmlcs .XI,Il'I1IIINllN1xRSll Ii1.l3.xwneSl-1l,1,13nz M ICM ISIQRS Nlllynvx lwllxsnvx l'1n,s'l'u1e'x'11,x51n1,1cf .xxx x l.11x1'n lJm,u.x' R1"l'n -ll. 1.1 xx ll1,T'1'x' llrxx Il.xz1-31,I-l,1.xnm: l.1,R,x1.1JIx1,x XNIXIAI rx Ynknx Hlznxgxxm Nlxlzx' lil.lxxI1I1'1'11XY1n.l-,l, N xnxxu S.XX1l'I,I, lil-11: xl,1a1Nl. .Xl,l.l1N Nlxlex' lI1xc'lxl,x' Lxmzx M xlc lJL'X.x1.l, 'l'111c11.xIJncr.x M XXINI-1 Nlulhzlml l,fll'lSl'1 l'l,x1u4sox l1UXS'l',XYx'li l'1zrmn1,l:'1 YIRHINI x l,Y'l'I.I1 lJmzwz'11x IJ1-1xx'm11uex li'1'llu.l,Xx'xnxNs1R Luft X41Rx'll,l. l x c ll I 1 l' xx ," Nix' R1JlXl'LR'I'.X I,lIlI.l.lI'S xxlc I'cne'r1-11: Lx,xnx's II x1,l, YIRHINI x l"llktQl,Y Nl XR41XRl,'l' Sli-QLZIHXIK N l.1x1n.x xniwnusl, I. XNlCI.l,l1lAHlXI,X TOP ROW: Stevenson, Scars. Uuguc. King, .Xxllrc-y, Xllcn. XYivk, Coulson, Shanks, Ilcn x 1 johnston, Brooks, cill1lINlJL'l'S. Slccioxn Row: Gross, Leach, julian, XYllL'L'lCI', G. Allen, lhuxzlll. Nlrliride, Carson, Pmluxr , lx L Gunn, Fleming, ClLI11I1lllx'k. lirxzxver, Szrmplv, Hinckly. 'INIIIRD Row: Dorn. Phillips. Portcr, Ilzdl, Vicglly. Myers. Iicwlmx-rry, Sicgsnnxncl, Ilinclmzxrslx VK xg u Ucorgc, Spillcr, Norvcll, Looncy, Ray, 1 rr Nw-I W LP! Page 90 X Q - is ,ks k L A JB Cx xfixlixljb lsr. s phi Mu Alpha NATIONAL MUSIC F RATERNITY OFFICERS REID SWINDLER ,... ..,,........ ..,...... P r esident LEWIS LEWIS .... ...,, V ice-President ALLEN KING ,... ....,... S ecreiary RALPH FULSOM .... Treasurer MEMBERS JUSTUS BROWN GORDON ALLEN HENRY KEPLINGER DALE WATT GEORGE MACCAULLEY REID SWINDLER RALPH F ULSOM ALLEN KING LEWIS LEWIS FACULTY MEMBERS ALBERT LUKKEN GEORGE C. BAUM TOP ROW: Swindler, Watt, Keplinger, Lukken SECOND Row: Allen, Fulsom, Lewis, King, Brown. 1... -.1 .. -r Page 9l r---V1 - v-- 7 'R ' !Xr-' - Q JS jrff ,tt L Band UIWILTICRS M. I.. I,.xxD1s. . , . . .,,... llfrrrlm Imwls LEWIS ..., , .lm-fslrzzzl Dirvrlm vvII,I.I.UI Ixczus. . ,,..., . . .Drum Jlrrjm ICDWIN KING .... ,... . -1.r.rf.rh111l Drum .lfajnr K". IJ.Sl.'rs13k Ifmw Ilrwnlxww E. R. Rum-:'r'rl-1 1111714 liNl"l'SON T. H. llRH.XlJ I,.xx'l-ilzmc f1lT'I'l'll.X Ihmo Iinmrx Ross Rrxu M.xk'1'1x Blwares .XI,I3liR'I' 'I'u-'rox fiIl.XRI,l-QS Rmhxxn Tum IiR1xIu.1-Lx' D,xV1D Blm'l'R.xv Nll'INll3liRS IlxlmrnC'.xRP1cx'1'1.1 N1ncx'1cl.1.1-1 l'R1c13 .ll'5'l'l'S Iilzmrx llllliAlK'f1l'l,lflI71Ill Kl'1NNI'1'l'II SIGICVICR lllIll.lYl1I.IS l'.xr1, llrmraxnnrulclz I.. I.. C-11,1,1cNw.x'1'11R 3 li. lx. lll'Rl9I'lR .xl,lIl1R'l' II.xl,1. In xrzxlrzsl' C l,L' XYHUIIIQUXY DAVIS l,l, Russ!-:1,l, lXl.XXWICI,l. .XRIHYR l'1lXS'l'llY mlm RUSSICIII. xY.XI,L.Xl'li II.xl,l. RVTH H1-1RRlm'1c lircvn-:RLY Iflz XZIICR IXl1r.nRr1n Ifr1wl,l:u lJ1cTRIcxlJl.1:s ICIJWIN Klxu l,1cw1s l.liWIS llfmnrax .XIII-IX RL'ssr11.1, Commun 1111.151-tar 'I'1'1z1.1-Lx' JVXIOR Ii1'Rrs1f:1z .l, TI' Jamey f Nf,.N Lszwxugh K :Q m Tm' Row: Setscr, Robinson, Rolctlc. Knutson. Iirozul. fllllfllilll. SIQVOND ROW: II. lirown, R, King, Moore, C'zu'pe-ntcr, I'rirc, j. Brown, Mcflullouglr. Scvwr, Maxwell. THIRD Row: linglis, lloclenhcimcr, Ifinston, Russell, Hull, llc-rric'k, Ifmzier, Fowler, Ulrls, li. King, Lzrnclis. l"oL'RTH RGW: Myers, Gillenwatcr, Lcwis, Tipton, Burger, Kllcn, Roland. Hall, Goorlscll. l"11fTH Row: lirinklcy, Clulow, Turley, Mcfrzry, Davis, Burger. ra 'Tr QQ D Page 92 fl Q 1' fx-W x - Q J, KX Q '7 Le.. LICXYIS Llcxx is . Qrchestrd UI"Iflt'lCRS Iivx H1 NT1-QR. . Vim- X lox x I Wmx ,... C.1cnRGfi CT. I4 xml , EVA IlI'X'l'lfZIl FXUSTIN .XMIIRIXIC fhliblilll-1 Mdfxl' Mies. C'1's11lxu lJ.x1.14 VN.x'1"r XYHA1 x K1-zi s M Iikl HICRS Oxmx Iflsu IJ-twls l.1cwls l,I,1,x AXl,lc'lc Xxx X.x1,lu41xmA1xc. MRS. Ylcx x 'lilI"I'1lX Grnlelmx .XI,l,lCX C'1Lxle1.143s Rrmmxln Uwm M1'l'1e.xx' Hum lilmwx K1-:xx1c'r11 Slcncvltlz BI4ll'l,.XlI l,1uczx:'1"1' RL'sslv:1.l. Mxxwl-:1,1, ,Xxxx l,r1x4'u Pwxidwzl Prmfdwzf .S'a'rrff1r y . Dirrctnr First Yiolin: IIlll1lL'l', .XHlL'I'iIlC, RIci'aL1lIn:y, Mzlrka. Cuslxingg, Watt. Scuonrl Yiullnz Recs, Leach. Us-llo:l"isl1. Olmcz Lvwif. lizlswonz Yzm Yulkvnlu-rg. l1'll1lL'2'l'ipton. Clzxrilmctzklln-11, Rowland. French IIorn:McL,'r:1y, 'l'I'0l1lIlllIlt'I liruwn. Trumpvl: Sl'k'VL'I'. .Xvcolnymnistz Liggcll, lliwrturz Baum. 'T rf: WJ M Page 93 ll' V Q 1 1 Qrrfxn- ' x' l Q 142--x4xf','7r Q. Glnxms Illxtsrqs. . . ICRXYINA Owl-:Ns 4.,, ISHN:-:STINE Loxu. . Y1Rc:1x1A 1',xRRu'r'1' . IMOGIQNIL R1f:x'xo1.ns DORo'r1ix' lllcxrlslckkx' ' INA uflllil-f'I'l1Z IQOSICMARY Ihwlw Lx NlII,I.l'1 lmoxl-xx' B14:.x'1'R1c'1c Mxwcles Lois C .xl,1,.x1l,xx .XRL1-1x1-1 lflxvzx' Women's pep OIVFICICRS XIICMBIQRS K.x'r11lu'N lX1l'RR,XY NI1I,I,II-I lXI.xRH-: CRJXIEIIAI. RIQNA M Al-3 BIERCICR Nillllllil-ID HAL1, Ylluzlxlx IIAIQROTT lJm.l,x' RVTH jL'L1.xx l':RXIiS'l'IXI-1 LUNG IRI-QXIZ W1'1'T1-1 NAIJINIC S,XXlPI.Ii Club ,,. n lt'I' I'IsTlc1.L14: Anmxsrmx I'2RwIN.x Uwlsxs R1-:'r11A HfXRIil'1li P KULINF PoL'N1ms'ruN1c MARY G. C'.xNrl1f:1.lm I51u.11c Cmcmx .XLIFF Fw lluexcls G1,.xDx's H.xxKs l'rv5idw1f -Prf.s'iz1'rr1! .S'1'f1'Uia1',v T1'rl1r1r1'w' Tm' Row: Reynolds, Iiewberry, VVl1cete, Ilamdy, Looney, Myers, Czxllahan, Finney, Ilzmks, Neely. SICVONIJ ROW: Murray, Frulmill, Mercer, Hull, Parrott, julian, Long, Witte, Sample. THIRD Row: Aflamson, Owens. Harlmer, Poumlstonc, Cantielcl, Cremin. Harris, Hinckley. - FF: XJ "' J Page 94 xc ,H K., 2 ,.u.'.' , .r wv I if . .Y 2, 'MN r 4 ' v ' 'rw .1 ,J -l L .C E, ,FAQ Q 1'! fX-,'kf 65 J.. qstixf ,fb I:-. GLADYS HANKS .... ERWINA OWENS. . , ARLENE MORGAN. . . VIRGINIA PARROTT. . . FLORENCE BLACKMORE. . , NIELBA CALDWELL ERNESTINE LONG ALICE HINDMARSH ALICE FAYE HARRIS IMOGENE REYNOLDS MABEL BLOUNT MARY KIMBROUGH Womenys Athletic Association OFFICERS MEMBERS ELEANOR SKINNER DOLLY RUTH JULIAN RAPI-IAEL GLASS MILDRED EDGAR GRACE ELLEN SHAXV NIARY LOUISE COCKRANE ROSEMARY HANDY JEAN HANCOCK . . . . . .President . . . Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer . . .Sponsor JEWELL DENT MARGRETTA BARTLETT HELEN FISHER SADIE KORNEELD ESTELLE ADAMSON ARLENE FINNEY INA WHEETE HPZI.EN ABERCROMBIE TOP ROW: Hanks, Morgan, Owens, Shaw, Reynolds, Skinner, Edgar, Blackmore. SECOND ROW: Hancock, Blount, Glass, Hindmarsh, Cochrane, Parrott, Long, Caldwell, Abercrombie. THIRD ROW: Bartlett, Finney, Dent, julian, Fisher, Harris, Kimbrough, Adamson. . 1... . - "I: .. . .. lv Page 95 - , . 1 A- ,, ' nf' 'W' t Y --j mill' W, ' E 5 . f'Mf,fj'Er"w, L. , Y . .,'. l 1 1 , i l 9,1 It fi I I Al ' 4 1- 4 'K I .. , ,-,, ,T Z, gli QE, 1 . if ,nn ' i iz,-Q 'W .l -.Pi I 'fi is E ,Qf ' lift L fi ,gl qi Q A ,-F. - 1, .fer M 4:5 .. t 4 fi, lgfi . ' 3 l J 1. if -.1 .l ' 2,2 , ,a ,' 3 ,i 4-E a -A91-I 4 ' I fi, -gi-ii l If f 1 A I A :iff -A Af A T T-ffl? A . . A 'fifiwf 'Wfm E Vx'-f if '31'Qs'MFT'a f5'+4-513' , ,QI ,V , , ,Q . , -lf-, 4? I i r LI V1 ,-. VI H, , , ' ,fl I I F 5, E 5"- 3 TKT! IE mg- J 'M G25 . 3, 31 Wx Q1 Lt.- . L. 8. -P., lc' Q' 1 11 'ON' 54, .- fe -' ly -sz A ., B x f 1 K Q -1'fifX+,'x? jm -f'.n + S X! 1' Ib. CARL WIRDEMANN. SAM BRODSKY. . . DORIS ALLEN .... EARL TRUESDIQLL. . CARL D. ENGLAND. BOB DUNC.-KN LOLA BELL CARL XVIEDEMANN 4 pi Kappa Delta NATIONAL FORENSIC FRATERNITY OFFICERS MEMBERS SARA H.ARRIS MAURIC12 LORIAUX SAM BRODSKY EARL 'TRUESDELL IRENE WITTE . . . .President Vice-President . . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer , . .Sponsor CONSTANCE PROBRRT DORIS ALLEN TOP ROW Wledemann, Brodsky, Tru sdell Duncan, Fngland SECOND Row Hams, Allen Lorlaux, Probert, Wltte Page 96 It EY bf. 51 ' J.. my . S 'S , 1-55' ff? gg. Z ' ' C , - . . .jg . H . . . rx 2? ' L. 75:3 ' Aff?-. .gd Lf , , W u :':',.-, Y-q.".f 'L If: ' f-1 I4 '--W 'r f .2 - ,"1f.l--L-mhfaz ..--,f .., ..f- . 2 -..W - ' f .. -1 'mf 15, , ,Ha :A L 4-..: 'f "WW A f"Piff5'Qff! 51ffi?Vi 3ef'fff51595-:ii-.i!DE'f'T'Z' aww:-.ffftiigfvffz-wff-firm?":fz:f':?i1iff'f-. 1."Q-1gf'Li.'-'26, 'X' E G R If -- --Y, 'X .t-EA-.,,g I ,gg wg". 1. ,Q ul: 1, 1- 5 ,'-Q,..f I ' . f '. ., 5? f 3 V -A, , .J 3 " - 'M Q , s qv- 1 ZR., viiimug,-2--1. . 'f ' L 5 '5' " Yf wsffl -M . .,1'-:A , : 11 :31--l , H A 4 "",1..vFg,'2.'-fe-'J' ,--2 x I-'hgfwgaf'-34-.Q ' 13 ff-:rj -14.,-.-f,.-. ,-,f -4 ,, . . I- 11 .2 '.:',,,Lg . - ,, ' , , 1 -A . - - ' A -- , .4 1 ' ' 11 'uf K ., - Y ""5f 'f'f l' "19'lf-,f'3,gig?j' '- W ' -R . .553 :QM ' H ' 3 i , . . Y L ., 1- Q , 1 -I + gi- " gr' ...QA . ag 'Q Ax -1 1 A.-. 4 I I ., - , , , , . I " f ' . ' f - , ' T 4,f,5g.v:Q,'fw- jx' ,' 5- .',v1"'g1-w.:'fx'7'?!W -uf. f f ,',f1's-'-'?.,.c47'.:LpS-ga.,f-.-.I 2, '-iihffe . sp 2..1. ,Q'u,,A.. ,,::Qe,. '1 55' ,A -Y I , -',.'-,' f ,- ,S, f , - ' . ' 1 rm'-jg, ' f- , -' jr- 7-.,.5,: , . f . - , 4 A v v Q Q J 4 1 . 3' 1 me , Q . 4 1 f X A m 3 G 1 X f Q v If X X I 1 ' ' LOLA COVINGTON. . , DAISY DEEN. . . . , DOROTHY KELLY ,.,, . JOSEPHINE L. WILSON, . . r Hurricanette .Club OFFICERS MEMBERS I 'VIVIAN AHRENS HAZI-IL M. Hoss PAULINE ADAMS V IOLET KING CHRISTINE FRANKLIN HELEN RICHARDSON HELEN GRAHAM LENA QUAID EDNA HALL MAUDE HAYDEN VANDEVER EVELYN EAKES LORENA MARTIN SPILLERS ESTHER HANDLEY MRS. GABE PARKER I MARY HAYDEN . . , . . . . .President Vice-President . . . . .Secrelary . . .Treasurer Covington, Deen, Kelly, Wilson. I JT: Page 97 fri 2 '-I 1' .fl .ie 'W S .4 , Hi. 72' IE: fl 1 , f. .j 3 - :tk w 'TS' A V .. . dh., fi A . ,H -I N 'fa . .ws- , , I Ji . Q.. . .N . E- 'g lf: "'fLg.ef I Il' . , ,,. ' -f- TW w fl f ig" 1533? :Ei .Pg xi' 3 ,Z . Ji .r-f , 3' I 'ef .Z Aft 3 . x . , 1 f 2' u" ,4 -I . lf- 'X , I .1 S' ., . .5- vs ' 4' -. , "-, 155 ' Tfii , I in f 1.6. 'L ,. nga, I W if . r 1: ng 1 f' . i g In-JY uf if fn' ' mf. 4 y.- fv v.-' 'aft :Sang .wr J' ,, Je I: 4'x.,Ri2f f ,, -H1 :..ei...f.:-. ' Y' - ' mice- 17. I- :af - ' if V A' 42- f- 'sa-w-eh . --- ' ' - - 4 1 v- A f r ' . .4 - - .-.. - u -1. . U.,-. I. . .-- ' fa. ply. . .. -. ,I ,IA-. A-.. . ,A 5. W , i , .. , C F ,fi Q f H fv ' is :li L b' ,, V " N 4' ' w L-I 5 W HZ '-1-ei: ,. I 1 . I Mx 5 R G , ' 48 v .H, if x4xf'1f5I I:-. Phi Gamma Kappa OFFICERS C. H. KIMBROUGH. . . ...,..,........ ...... P resident H. D. CHASE ...... ..........,. . . .Vice-President L. S. MCLEOD ..,...,...... ........... S evrelary LOLA EDWARDS COVINGTON. . . ...................... .... S ergeant-at-Arms FACULTY MEMBERS - C. H. KIMBROITGII H. D, CHASE L. S. MCLEOD RACHEL BREATHWVIT MARY ALLEN HARRIET BARCLAY LOLA EDWARDS COVINGTON ERVEN MONTGOMERY SYLVIA HALL ROBERTSON MABEL HALL WATERS THELMA HARRISON BROWNFIELD MARY HAYDEN HERNDON LESLIE PRIM BUMGARNER LAURENE TROUTMAN MOORE JENNIE ARMOUR HELMICK AGNES LAMB KECK LOUISE BURCII DAVIS MRS. T. D. QUAID TELMA LEE ZINN CONRAD ROBERTSON KATHERINE HILL EUNICE MC.LXRTHUR CLAIRE LOUISE KISKADDON ELLEN ELIZA CRUTCHEIELD MRS. BETTY DELERAISSE MRS. HESTER WILBANKS LOUISE WILBANKS ROWE MARY PAUL ELLSWORTH ALUMNI MEMBERS MARGUERITE MCCULLOUGH PURDY RUBY MAE JONES GR.ACE STEDVVELL OTTO SEYMOUR AILEEN MOODY SANDERS TOFILOVSKY MARY JANE MURRAY ROBERT GAUNT ROBERT WEITZ DIATTIE LAMB MILDRED CBUILER IRENE MCLAUGHLIN RALPH VEATCH J. D. MARVIN. JR. DON LANGVVORTHY NELL TRUSTY MABEL NEAL ROSANNA YOUNG DOROTHY HARRIS MARY KATHRYN ARMSTRONG HONORARY MEMBERS BERYL MAUPIN MRS. NIONA B. WATERS MRS. V ARA M. CONNERS ALMA HARGRAVES EMMA KENWARD W. E. HOWARD XNALTER WEITZ DR. HUGH C. GRAHAM HELEN VVYEITZ FLORENCE D. BAKER RUTH BURKHART SARA BURKHART G. BERT EDWVARDS KATHERINE GILES LAURA M. HEINEMAN LORENA MARTIN SPILLERS BLANCHE STIPP IDA M. FRYE MILDRED MOSELEY DR. JOHN D. FINLAYSON MRS. J. C. CHATFIELD Kimbrough, McLeod, Chase, Covington. E1 I I 1 . f" Page 98 Q - 1', fh-fx I Q JJ-I CYXQXI lf? bp pi Gamma Mu HONORARY SOCIAL SCIENCE FRATERNITY 4'Ye Shall know the truth and the truth Shall make you free." OFFICERS DR L S Mcl EOD ...,..,. . . , . , ...,,.. ....,........ P reszdent DR HNRRIFTT G BARCLAY ,... .....,..,, V ice-Preszdenl MRS AGNES HAMILTON .... ..,. S ecrelary and Treasurer MEMBERS MRS. KATHRYN ARMSTRONG DR. BERTRAM BARCLAY LUCILLE BERLIN RUTH BURKHART MRS. ZULA BURKHART MAE K. BROWN PROFESSOR H. D. CHASE MRS. MYRTIIE GLEASON COLE MRS. LOUISE DAVIS MRS. BETTY DELERAISSE DR. FRANKLIN G. DILL C. I. DUNCAN BERT EDWARDS MRS. ELIZABETH ELLIOTT DR. JOHN D. FINLAYSON DR. HUGH GRAHAM MRS. HELEN GRAHAM CARRIE BROWN GREEN MRS. ELSIE GUBSER RUBY MAE JONES DR. AMOS L. HEROLD MRS. FAY HODGE DR. O. I. JACOBSON RUBY MAE JACOBSON DR. C. H. KIMBROUGH VIVA KNAPPENBERC-ER MRS. MABEI. CLARK LOOSDON EUNICE MCARTHUR PROFESSOR JAMES MAURER MRS. HASELTINE MAURER CAROLINE MEYER' MARY JANE MURRAY MR. A. M. PAXSON MRS. LOUISE W. ROWE ROBERT WEITZ VVALTER WEITZ MRS. NELLIE VVILLIAMSON MRS. JOSEPHINE WILSON MRS. EDITH WOLEE McLeod, Barclay, Hamilton. Page 99 .9 - I Y ,L-I , I Q - 1 I X - x 4' Q s 5 X X' 1 ' Sigma Alpha Iota NAT I I JNAL M USIC IfR.X'1'IiR N I TY SIGMA KIAIXIINIIPX C'II.'XP'I'I'2R Ifuundvcl Ilcccrnlvcr 1, IQO4 UI"I"ICI'lRS r 45 M.xlu:.xR11:'r KNms1.m'l4. . Gicolacarx C.XI,IJXYILI,I,. , . IQYI-1I,YX I,. IIUUD. I . 01.10 C. STI-zlxsox. Omzssx F. SIMPSON. . . NITXIYX Mu' .XSPIAQ N r1.Ix'1'.x M ,x Y .Xsmzv fiI.XI4'I.IN Iimxxx Glccmkrau f'.XI,IJWI1I.I, 014,11-3 HINi'KI,I4ZX' IJrx1,l.v RITTII jU1.I.xN lXI.xRG.xR14:'1' KNoB1,uc'K CII.XRI.OT'l'I'1 I, XL'GIl'l'UN I"1,mz1f:N1c I'lc'I41-QTT IX1.XIif2IXRIi'I' SIIICRUIJ Iilcssllc XY:-zslslcx' I'1'1'r1l-:1.u.x1c SMITH .XCTIYIC MICM IIIQRQ GULIJIQN I4L.x1u.m' RUTH I51'lu4H.xu'1' C11-:Rxl,1J1N!c Cxxm wx ICH-31,x'N Ilrwm Ibmaorm' Kxslcx' IisTH1c1e W. I,.xNn1s I'1I.L,x Iixkxme BI XRGI' I-1RI'I'I-L Sul L' IIICRT KJIJICSSX If. SIMPSUN MARY In. XX H1411-3I.1c1e Iuux I,Infxx'1-ix .,.,.....Ifcs1dw1l . . . .... I'if'r'-1'rexfd1'11I , ..., Ke'm1'd in g S0c'r4'l41r,v , . . .Currfxpuzzdilzg St'L'ftIfLII"V ..........Trca,x11r1'r , .... . ..Cl1aplI1i11 Nrnwu Rl"I'II ISRILWILR S ua xl-x ISl'1u411.xR'1' I':'I'lIl-II. G. II.xRRIs Iivx HL'N'I'I'1li fI..fXIRIC IQISILXDDON ANNA I.1c.w11 YI'1S'I'.X ITxL'l,ulfR lXI.xm:.xRI-:'l' SIICGISMIWJIJ , ,. S'1'1c1NeafJx I':IlN.X SMITII Sigma .Xlphu Iota I"oumIcr's Day Iizmquet. 1 Y' Page IOO . L f' ., Q x K W : K Q 7 K M J- ymf Qiiiil j K Q 'gl 4 V ,J :if X X ez' ,g 1 1 -5efwvE-rr L . SCDCIAI. P O T I SX SK , x IA 4 1 bil Fx-1 ,, , :A M.. . L. , ginkz 1. '1 A V F" "E"""'F""'1' fvfv' ' L .VZ ,J .1 , rv ,-i,- -AS ' 5.1 f.,fSf H ,KAXQ3 ,,.. 'Q W 3 I' fx'-'xi jx -4. lffdixffwlfbe I:-. Chi Qmega 90 00 Founded at University of Arkansas, April 5, 189 5 Z0 EPSILON GAMMA CHAPTER Q 0 L' Established IQZQ vi 00 0 E 1 0 9 ' OFFICERS HELEN ABERCROMBIE, . . . LUELLA BROWN ....... LYNETTE GOODEN ..,. MARTHA STUMPH ...... ADAH M. ROBINSON .... HELEN ABERCROMBIE LUELLA BROWN 'KATHERINE CHASE IGIELEN COOPER RUTH CONLEY FCATHARINE DAVIS VIRGINIA DEJARNETTE CLAIRE DILLARD MILDRED EDGAR LOUISE FORD FMELBA GLASS a ,A H! .JA "Pledges MEMBERS RAPHAEL GLASS LYNETTE GOODEN ALICE HALL BETTY HLNDERLITER ANNETTE KIMBROUGH MARY KIMBROUGH MARILYON KUHN ELBA MAYO ROSEMARY MARSHALL ARLENE MORGAN ELEANOR NEWBLOCK . .,... President . . . Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . , . ,Treasurer . . . .Sponsor LOUISE NORTON 'VESTA MAE PARKS GRACE ELLEN SHAW 'KATHERINE SLATER DOLORES SILSBY MARTHA STUMPH ANNA RUTH WATSON MARTHA KING XNAGNER ELEANOR WILSON MARY KATE ZIMMERMAN , ,E I G 2 A. fi, if A vljko! kg Mfr ,A Lb.-EV, jX A5 My Y If NX ,. fgifl :iii To TOP ROW: Abercrombie, Slater, Ford, Hall, Stumph, M. Kimbrough, Dillard, Edgar, Brown, Robinson. SECOND ROW: Morgan, Wagner, Marshall, R. Glass, Conley, Kuhn, Silsby, Shaw, Davis. THIRD ROW: Parks, Watson, M. Glass, Cooper, Mayo, Gooden, A. Kimbrough, Zimmerman, Wilson, Norton. Page IO2 Efxweifixzzrjimf-xx'fE.,,f44,i'1S Sz' aa 'W at fa o'1-'-fXa-,'xll 0 J' 5-I4-xqXf'i1'bf ib- THELMA SANFORD, . LO1s CALLAHAN .... ODELL ELLISON ..., MILDRED NEEDHAM .... RUTH WYNDHAM. . . EVA HUNTER . .,.... WILMA YOUNG .,... MINNIE PEEBLER. . RACHEL BREATHWIT .... -, 6. ' 70 .iz9oAo,o,o,oAQ:2?. Alpha Delta Theta Ao K Founded at Transylvania College in the fall of IQIQ 'Q 0 Established IQ3O bolmyeoo OFFICERS LO1s CALLAHAN 4:-IEXVEl.L DENT ODELL IELLISON 'DOROTHY FISHBACK PFONITA FISH MARY HOUCK EVA HUNTER ACTIVE AFFILIATES 'TRICAN MADDOX 'MARY MAXINE MCBRIDE 'THELMA MILES NIILDRICD NEEDH.AM THIAILMA SANFORD gHP1I.142N SCHOONOVICR MABPZL SCHOONOVER CMARY M. MCBRIDl'l WILMA YOUNG 'Pledges ....,.....President . . . . . . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . . .Recording Secretary . . . .Corresponding Secretary ...............Treasurer .,....,,......Chaplain . , . .flflarshal . . . . .Sponsor .....Sj2o1zsor "MA1ncL SCHOONUVICR 'I'H1c1.MA WATT , lN1AljD ALLEN XNATSON OPAL VVYNDH.-XM RUTH XNYNDHAM CCHARLINIC VERNON TOP ROW: Sanford, Callahan, McBride, Watson, Needham, Watt, Peebler. SECOND ROW: Young, Vernon, O. Wyndham, Maddox, Hunter, Miles. THIRD Row: Dent, R. Wyndham, M. Schoonover, Houck, Ellison, H. Schoonover, Fishback. -.,L'H.L.1, . .. - - Page IO3 sa . . 4. W, an-Q -ff WNW 'ffl-litwirks I ' 1 "FW ' G ... I A A Q I V X X T K f if I x ' Q X X ' f x 1 Jin 1 ofoxoxexvlo' HELENE SWAYZE. . , FRANCES LINEHAN ,... HELEN HARRISON ....... MARGRETTA BARTLETT .... FLORENE PICKETT ....... FLORENCE BLACRMORE .... BETTY ADAMS MARGRE2TT.A BARTLETT ZOLA BROWN DOROTHY BELLE BRYANT CHARLOTTE CALVERT Alpha Gamma Founded December 7, 1923 OFFICERS ACTIVE AFFILIATES TVIRGINIA Fl-JIGLY GLADYS HALL LORRAINE HALL JEAN HANCOCK LOIS HIKRTSHORN Ik M.-XRY GENEVIEVE CANEIELDTRUTII HONNOLD LOUISE CLARKSON 'ELIZABETH COURTNEY BILLIE CREMIN MAXINE DENTON r 'Pledges NEVA GRACE HOWES Luz IRIZARRY BEULAH LIGGETT FRANCES LINEHAN .....,....Preszdenl . . , . . . , . Vice-President . . . . , .Recording Sesrelary . . .Corresponding Secretary ..............Treasu1'er RENA MAE MERCER BRENDA LOUISE OWNBY ROBERTA PHILLIPS FLORENE PICKETT ELIZABETH POUND JANE PORTER CGNSTANCE PROBERT 'MARGARET SHEROD MARJORIE STEFFENS MARGARET SWARTS HELENE SWAYZRW I J ,, , w Jr E .I QM, Sponsor X , TOP ROW Swayze, Irxzarry Hartshorn Clarkson Sherod, Hancock, Dento Probert Fall Black IIIOFC SECOND Row Llggett Mercer, Ownby Canfield Pound, Hall Swarts, C ren Bartlett, Honnold, HoweS THIRD ROW Plckett Ph1lllpS Steffens, Xdams, Felgly Bryant Courtney,L1neha Harrlson Brown ..... .. sli Page ESQ, ' I Styx I n Z I I I 1 I ' I A I ' , 5 Z . I I 1 I I 1 l I X : . y . . , A . ,I 7 . J . , A gil I 'Tr Q -r3i IO4 .- -'J' ' ,313-"gg-,Z I, .. giif' 1 :" f ,xg-5 I -,1 V.,-Lx I CJK view.. , E 3-Igfgfiw ,typ 3 ., 4 5 -f Iflei-gfgg 1. i::,,'.'T-':5,I- .. 'Q xfx:i1':,'! .. - I' IQ 'H It 74' 'A To www L.. ALL, .1 1 ,1,LI"'1- C1 iv' I .av-.114 'waliai I :'ri9aiI'zf'b11-1 L'1:S-.I::2fi44-T59 Q -1' KX-' r Q je 4 4 ' S X X 'I t R bn -X Delta Chi Qmega 90 0 0, Founded December I 2 9 O mos X0 0, 090 0 GJ O 00 OFFICERS FAYE BEARD ...... . ,,.,,,,, President GLADYS HANKS ...,... .... V ice-President PAULINE POUNDSTONIL. . . ...,.,. Secretary VIRGINIA PARROTT. ,... ..... T reasurer HAZEL JAMES .......,,. .,.. S argeant HELEN COLBURN RINGO. ...., Sponsor FAYE BEARD MABEL BLOUNT TFREIDA CAIvIPIzEI.L TNIARIE DOROUKLH DOROTHY DPIYVBIQRRY HILDA DOWNING GENPITOSE FORQUER LENA MIXDGE GARRETT EDNA GRIGGS JEAN GOURLEY BETTY GUNN GLADYS HANRS ROSEMARY HANDY ACTIVE AFFILIATES ALICE FAY HARRIS HILDA JEAN HART "ALICE HINDMARSH MARY HINCKLICY HAZEI. JAMES DOLLY RUTH JULIAN ANNA LEACII 'VIRGINIA LYTLIC LUCRETIA MORRIS BEATRICE MYERS PAULINE POUNDSTONE VIRGINIA PARROTT KATHERINE RANKIX TLUCILLE RAY IMOGI-:NE REYNOLDS TELIZABIQTH RESER KATHLEEN RESER NADINE SAMPLE ELICANOR SKINNER TETHEI. WNAGNICR VIRGINIA LI-:I-3 WATERS MARY ELIZABETH WHEELER INA WI-IEETE CLARA 'INS 'Pledges TOP Row: Beard, Griggs, Rankin, Hanks, Harris, Sample, Hinckley, Ray, Ringo. SECOND ROW: Waters, Poundstone, Blount, Hindmarsh, Dewberry, Gunn, Waggener, Campbell, Hart, Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Myers, Julian, Gourley, Leach, Witte, Garrett, Wheeler, Parrott, Skinner. Page IOS L HHN A ar .W A O, ,J co, 0 0 0 oo eo Q 0 9 0 0 0 Q 0 0 0 0 0. 0 oo 00 00 00 e NEOLA ELLIOTT ...... MARY KATE BROWN .... GERALDINE CAMMACK .,.. ERWINA OWENS ..,... ERNESTINE LONG. . . ELLEN GOEBEL. . . NORMA BREWER MARY KATIE BROWN TDOROTHY BUSH MELBA CALDWELL GERALDINE CAMMACK NELLIE TVIARIE CRABILL 'DOROTHY DEAN 'Pledges z H+, xiXf Alpha Kappa Founded October 25, 1924 OFFICERS ACTIVE AFFILIATES THI-:DA DI-:EN NEOLA ELLIOTT TFRANCES GRAHAM MII.DRED HALL 'REIT1-IA HARBER SARA HARRIS ' Q I ffm 1 ' 5 gb.. .'4' President , . , . . . . . ,Vice-President ...,.,..........Sccrelary . . . .Corresponding Seerelary TMARJIJRIE HOOVER "-IEANNE KEISTER ERNESTINE LONG 'KATHRYN MURRAY ERVVINA OWENS T HORA NELSON MIRIAM SPINDLER Treasurer ..........,.....'.Sp0mm ,q,.r,,.,,,.... H U ,W Y .v TOP ROW: Elliott, Brown, Harris, Crabill, Long, Goebel. U SECOND HOW: Cammack, Murray, Owens, Dean, Graham. A yfllff'-f 'A 'V " ' THIRD ROW: Brewer, Hall, Caldwell, Deen, Hoover, Harber. Dl. pr, 'Q ' T J, 1 df l Q If D xik A V . A Q,.-,f ' U' lm, M'-'-' 1 I i Q U l 1 l JF A 1 h - GJ' -f v I- ' if 'V A I I I P noe I I Lf . -A Qhffffv fflwffffff age .f,,E,A7, Lael I f W -ae 'T My ,J I, f A .f .gffgif ,fy .O ool, ' We I Eg. I1 ,ff '- . I 2 I-PM I I ,H : - Q - 4 I 5: Q I X Q s ,X K 5 T jm .1 Ii A -N X f ' I1 ' gh. TH Ldmbdd oooeeeo Q 0 Founded IQSO g 8 2, Q ' . 0 99 .30 00 OFFICERS 000 ,IEANETTE BEWLEY .... .,...,. P resident MARGARET SIEGISMUND .... .,., V ice-President MABELLE HARRINGTON ,..,,., Secretary IDA MARIE SHAFFER. . . . .Treasurer MRS. B. D. BARCLAY. . ...Sponsor LORRAINE BARNES JEAN BEWLEY ARLYLE BOWEN NELL DAVIDSON TCLARA FARIS RUTH HARPER 'Pledges ACTIVE AFFILIATES MABlQLI.IC HARRINGTON DOROTHY KASEY IDA MARIE SHAFFER MARGARET SIEGISMUND TNIARY WHITE EVANGELINE WRIGHT 'D TOP ROW: Bewley, Harper, Wright, Barclay. SECOND Row: Faris, Siegismund, Kasey, Shaffer, Barnes. 'l i , Page IO7 I 1 , , - , . ' ,, " ' 'W WF :I ' V l l l 'P A - f u I A gfif-QQL-ytbg jf ju. Phi Delta we 551 AQ. Vi: Founded September 24, IQI4 1755 412 N LQ! A OFFICERS CHARLES MCGLONPL .... CHESTER BENEEIEL. . . . BARRY SMITH ....... ANDREW ROGERS .,,.. LA RUE FINLEY .... ,N .- AXQW A 9 A QQ W. E. MORRIS, JR.. . . . . . . . . ,President Vine-Prcvidcnl .........Secrefary ...,......T1'eas1.wr1' . . . ,Eminent Warden ,....,.,..Spmzsnr 2 AMT- 'mx 4' wi ACTIVE .AFFILIATES 6,9 HIR!XM ALEXANDER DALE DUBIFI K7 MALCOLM lNIC:hRTH'UR KERMIT ALEXANDER ED DUBIE Q CHARLES BICGLONIL LAWRENCE ALLEN XEVERETT DAY -' EIMI-IR MARTIN ELWIN AYRES SETH EBY fMARCUS MIL.AM DON BAILEY LAWRENCE EMBRYK X ISHMAEI, PILKINGTUN CHARLES BALLARD FALLEN FLAHERTY 'ANDREVV ROGERS CHESTER BENEFIEL LA RUE FINLIQY X EKKPLNNETH SlCl5VliR ,"DON BENEFIEL CARL GII,BERT S :OROE SHAFFER CHARLES BLANEORD TOM GRISHAM 96 RY SIMONS J. C. BLEWETT RY SMITH , l BILL BOEHM I MERRIL BROWN I A BILL BUSBY ' DFVVALTER CASEY HAROLD COOPER Q, Y. "Pledges eg ROBERT KAHI. XCHARLES KEELING 'CLARENCE KLINE PRESTON LITTREL FVVALTER LOGAN FJOHN LYONS WHAROLD HENSHAXYX' B C X SMITH 1' SWINDLER ILL WILSON LARL WORRMAN f I 4 'TANDY YoUNi ' .. l I 1 I 5 I FIRST ROW: McGlone, C. Benefrel, Finley, Cooper, R. Smith, Pilkington, Dubie, Ballard, Morris. SECOND ROW: Swindler, Bailey, Eby, Kahl, McArthur, Littrell, Flaherty, Logan, A. Rogers, Blanford, Wilson. THIRD ROW: Grisham, Thyman, Day, Simons, Kline, Young, Milam,Lyons,Brown,BuSby, K.AleXander. FOURTH ROW: Embry, J. Rogers, Gilbert, Allen, B. Smith, P. Benehel, H. Alexander, Henshaw, Ayres. 'L.. - F., Page l08 Q - Ii' fx- x + 9 " -fa cl ixf ,1'5 ill- BTITCHELL TUCKER ..., LAURICE YELTON. . . LEWIS LEXVIS ,,..,.. FLOYD STEVENSON .... H. D. CHASE ..,,... TLIARRY AGGERS EDGAR ALRIN WNILMLIR BADEN TSAM BOWEN VAUGHN BRYAN ADOLF BURSI-ZEN ik-TIM CAROTHERS HERBI'IRT COULTER WBOB CLARK TRALPH DANIELS TWNILSON IJEARDORFF TED TJISLER LEAYLORD DOROLIKIII BOB EGLY TWNILLIAM FORD 'Pledges Delta Alplua Delta Founded February 23, 1927 OFFICERS ACTIVE AFFILIATES GEORGE HARRISON WESLEY HENKE TKENNFTTH LIOXVEL ALVIN JOHNSON TMARTIN JONES PHIL KRAMER HENRY KEPLINGER MAURICE LORIAUX LEWIS LEXVIS GRAYDON lX'IARKI.AND TRIISSEL1, lVlAPQVVELl. JOHN MCKISSICK VERNON PAYNE FRED PERRY TVVILFRED POYVELL tl-'RANCIS ROzzA K QQACS eo A ge on I0 0 '2'9 0' 'Q oi A 10 010 0 President . . . .Vive-President TBILI. RUDD TOM SCOTT XJAMES SMALL KENNETH SMITH FLOYD STEVENSON MITCHELL TUCKER TGENE VORE TBILL XVARNER P. W. WARD ELMER WNEEDY TBILL WNHITESIDE TLESTER WILKONSON 'DEAN VVILLIAMS TGEORGE WNILLIS LAURICE YELTON I S ecrelary Treasurer My ,Sponsor TOP ROW: Markland, Tucker, Vore, johnson, Henke, Egly, Smith, Keplinger, Chase. ' SECOND ROW: Warner, Small, Coulter, Harrison, Daniels, Scott, Perry, Bowen, Whiteside, Ward. THIRD ROW: Burseen, Willis, Dorough, Deardorff,' Powell, Disler, Yelton, Lewis, Rudd. 1 I"' Page IO9 ' "" ' Y' "' ' -ff'-'-'-:--'-f-'7-f-:rg--ff -W --f--f -V -V R - :' 'lAJ.19Q-a- .V .ly X A - 1' fXA'x t jm JJ qw K F vb lb- - , I' ' X L1 Sigma Theta Tau 0 E Q Founded October 28, I927 " 'T W1 .,.,,T,.S A Qiiipl 13 I ii? lisa 1 0:-1 3- ARTHUR CAMERON, . . B. C. XNALLACE, . . . DORN HOLLAND. . . . NIX CRAWFORD .......,......... MILTON JOHNSTON ..........,.,., JOHN LOMBARD, HARRY WILLIAMS. CONWAY WALLACE ...., . . ,.,... . . FRANKLIN EIKENBERRY .,........ FRANK ABDO ROBERT BAUM TDANIFZI, BENNETT FRANK BENNETT 'LEO BOHAN 'ALFRED BOUDREAU LEE BURGIC ARTHUR CAMERON J. Gordon Carr FAUBREY CLAY LEWIS CLINE CLAUDE CRAIG NIX CRAVVFORD 'MAX DAVIS BOB DUNCAN 'TOM FAHSHOLTZ 'BOB FORESMAN IAN F RASIER OFFICERS ACTIVE AFFILIATES VVILLIAM GORDON IVIAURICE L. HARWELL FORD H XSKINS iWAI.DINIC HENRY 'DORN HOLLAND LESLIE JOHNSTON 'MILTON JOHNSTON 'TOM JONES ALLEN KING EDWIN KING 'Q. W. KENNEDY CHARLES KUKAL 'PUTMAN LASITER 'HENRY LEVY 'JOHN LOMBARD 'GEORGE MCDONALD BYRON OWNBY C. K. RALSTON . , . . . . .President . . . .Vice-President . . ..... Secretary , . , , . . . .Treasurer .,........Chapla1n. . . , ,Sargeanl-at-Arms . . .Pnblicily Manager ...................,..Spon5or 'CHARLES ROLAND ED RUSSELL 'GEORGE SEARS 'JOE SMITH 'THOMAS SONNE 'MILTON SINGLETON 'EARL STICVENSON 'LEWIS THOMAS 'C. C. TROSTER EARL TRUESDELL B. C. VVALLACE CONWAY WALLACE MELVIN WALTS 'DALE WATT TOM WEBB CARL XVIEDEMANN HARRY WILLIAMSON FGRADY YORK 'Pledges TOP ROW: Cameron, Johnston, Wiedemann, Abdo, Truesdell, Gordon, Bennett, Johnston, King, Iiikenberry. A SECOND ROW: Harwell, Lombard, Foresman, Lasiter, Cline, Walts, Webb, Bohan, Smith, Kennedy, Duncan. THIRD ROW: Craig, Wallace, Holland, D. Bennett, Singleton, Troster, Sonne, Kukal, Watt, Carr, Henrie. FOURTH ROW: Stevenson, Sears, Williamson, Ralston, Fahsholtz, Boudreau, B. C. Wallace, McDon- ald, York, King. Page IIO . FF lima -fv A' . , .,,, . J.. ,t'N:....A.- " ni' L, HAS ...M ,I .I i,.LEg,.,-.:L.,L.L,.L,,, , ,I ,HLAC Q, ,QAALQVQ 'Q Nhgu, ' .15 Y Q - 1 f N - ' x ' 9 ' 4 ' LQ X f 1 lb. iqn-X ' 1' ' FRATERNITIES ON THE CAMPUS Chi Omega, founded in Fayetteville, Arkansas, in 1895, established the first national fraternity on this campus. The Epsilon Gamma chapter was installed April 18, 1929. This group has been outstanding scholastically. Last year they won the scholarship cup given by the Delta Chi Omega Sorority for the group having the highest scholastic standing, and this year they have stood hrst. They themselves foster scholarship by giving a fund whereby deserving girls can continue their education at this institution, and each year from three to five girls are helped in this way. The Chi Omegas are leaders in school activities. Alpha Delta Theta established a chapter on this campus july IO, 1930. Although still a very young organization, they have entered into many campus activities. They have earnestly backed the drive to build a Woman's Pan-Hellenic Building for the campus, and they were first to contribute a sum for that purpose. They have gained prominence in dramatics and other activities. The Alpha Gamma fraternity, established September 2o, 1918, has been granted a charter by Delta Delta Delta National Fraternity, to be installed in the spring. The Alpha Gammas have taken a leading part in the Glee Club, S. A. I. and other campus organizations. They won the cup at Varsity Night this year for the best stunt given by a sorority. They have yearly contributed to the reference reading in the library and regularly contribute to the Margaret Radcliff Memorial. They have also established a scholarship fund and are cooperat- ing in many ways to further the work of this institution. I Delta Chi Omega, local sorority, organized December 7, 1923, has held an enviable place among the sororities. They have been prominent in many campus affairs, and have been leaders in women's athletics for several years. Interest in scholarship on the campus has been fostered by them through the gift of a cup each year to the sorority having the highest rating in scholar- ship. The Alpha Kappa local sorority was organized October 25, 1924. Their members are represented in practically every school activity and they have been outstanding in the Pep Club, Glee Club, and in Debate. Although a 'comparatively small group, they won the cup offered .this year for the group bringing in the most subscriptions to the Collegian. Lambda Lambda Lambda, the youngest sorority on the campus. was organized in IQ3O. Their members are taking part in school affairs and have done exceptionally well in Art. They are earnestly striving to aid in the drive for the new Women's Building, and give promise of becoming a real organization. The first fraternity on the Tulsa University campus was founded September 24, 1914, and was called Phi Delta. Since that time, the Phi Delts have held outstanding positions in ath- letics and other school activities. For the past seven years, every football captain but one has been from this fraternity, and the important position of Student Council President has been in the hands of a Phi Delt, with but few exceptions, since the time of its organization. Today, this is the second largest fraternity on the campus. Delta Alpha Delta, a local fraternity, is the third largest men's Greek organization on the campus. Their men are consistently placed in positions of great importance among class and school organization oHices. For two consecutive years they have won the cup for the best fraternity demonstration at the annual Varsity Night performance. For the past three years one of their members has been a candidate for the Rhodes scholarship, a distinction in itself. The largest fraternity on the campus and the one which ranks first scholastically, is the Sigma Theta Tau, a local group organized September 27, 1927. Although a young organiza- tion, their members have taken a very active part in many campus affairs. This year they have been outstanding in the Engineering Club, Debate, and in musical organizations. Page III 4-i8',,f 4.1, A 41: . 'fr V' A 1. S fin-'sr mae . Gem! Effiiqvp ":'-4: . ' ff-5 115 s, f: Qi!-T Ji 'SLE J-. ':':i Liiarpzz.. .::. r.:':" ..: :vw :- G 35- - fa- i' waxy:-i : 11 Azi-ai-If5.',i:f-'j:1I'j.f -nm - . . . . ..,,,f ., 1.-gg.-A-, .5 :md xv- "' r,- .J 'X A 9, Q-at '7 Y vu -4 ,L HI ul. 'J N' 'gs""W",xi3 YY H'-wvfymffiwqz ACH Ir 1 at .im f -1 kd, vs. M.: 1 ,gm :.1.,,,.,. ., 5.5.1,-,, . Aw: :fn-...z -,.:.,. J . -.g.,..5-.: 5353,-..f .:1n,4.:..,.. "ag 'S .Liz-:'.-1:1 1-.: 1.1 .--:v- ,re :.:.11:1 aw. 3:-' 4-'-I-:x N-.-5 '3fLL'1. .'.nj: .- I 4.5. -.1-:.h...,-.Q x V" f ' ' if :T'ffif5f:271i: R . W. Q.. . 5 . g 14-hvgf :qsigg --.ext 1 -w e 4 ' 4,5 - 4. 1 'u-:'-H. - - - -. ' A' -' ' .. 1. 39-1-.1'1,: .-.-f:s:. ' w -.. , 4,5 ,S - - -, b ,, -.' ' 'uv-'. ':. 1,-'-'al-lr, Iv', . 11' .--,--A. - I .A-FHL, .4 . .,'.t::7 . V ' , - , -. x 1:1-fi-',-.4:.'.:,f1..' ,1f:.:1-ggi' - I :s - ' -- - ,-,15,z,e,51,:s-- I 5? Q W f 'ii +A- - . 251: ix.--g-3.1-5: , gng., ,-, .--..-...W EA. :,,.:., .'.. ag.-55' , ... '?L'x5,'.3 ,Ig fs, -5:2159 .fl- -za :ff Fa-,1 -1,1 -,: ai? -"l.':E-' lil., 11 ' -TNS" ff-Q 5155. ' '-7-gi-.-21:1 7.1112 -5-5134: 15:-5. 54' "Wai 35:5 'Eff' v 21,14 'sir ' 1 Q -' .if-:JY N 3'-15, M V. if '5.'f:Q'.gwfif-331-Zg3F 1 ' 25153 " 5ff?-25:5S."5f:.2E9'5??f5'ii1iE1.2'JW'' .5555 EH. 'iz-Q'75fi-f?-fLE3ff:5fi'.'fif-1-E.3f"5'5 4 iii? ,ly ,- ..., ., ....-., ,.- ,...5 R. is , , S X f . 1 ' :fix A 1 . . . Q . Q , , Page I I 2 L L Z lfl 4i'f4'3'wtv' If X ,- TY. 1. B. IWILLER, Head Coachg ELMER C. HENDERSON, Football Coachg OLIVER Honors, Basketball Coach, XY,-XLTER GRAPES, Assistant Football Coach Shelly Field To the University of Tulsa goes the credit for having the most beautiful stadium of any in the country. There are other larger and more expensive stadiums, but from the point of view of design and utility. it is without a peer. ' The idea of a great stadium has long been in the minds of men who are most interested in the welfare of the school, not only from an athletic viewpoint, but from a desire to have the school modern in every respect, and ready to take its place among the leading institutions of the country. So great was the optimistic outlook of the project that the dedication game was negotiated in October and the agreement signed in December of the months preceding the April in which the actual campaign for the nnancing of the stadium took place. Needless to say, the game took place with the Tulsans so elated that the final score was 26-6 in their favor against Arkansas University. The stadium can boast of being the tirst in which the original design included plans for the great lights used in night games. lt also has a perfectly drained field and track, which comply with the regulations and requirements of national athletic councils. The space beneath the stadium is completely utilized by offices, equipment rooms, locker rooms, showers, concession stands, and so on. The rooms are steam heated and ventilated. Above the stadium, on the west side, is a press box and broadcasting room. Une of the finest features of the stadium is the electric scoreboard at the north end of the held and the public address system which make any words of the announcer immediately heard at the most remote corners ol' the held. This system makes the game interesting to the people who do not understand it because each play is explained as the game progresses. :ii F: K' .sf Page II3 I .-X i X ,L - Fx ,X-Q-i -W X I- Q I I 5 E l J'- I , - L-Z Y Football -++:i sssss s s sssi:++- t'IIICS'l'I'IR l5ICNI'II"IlCI, Captain Faptain "Chet" Iienelii-l's rein:n'kahle perform- anee as rt mainstay on the lilaek and Gold eleven has earyetl for him ll niehe that will remain em- bedded in athletic' records of the school as in the mincls of thousands of fans who have cheered him in ,Qanies of the past Your years. His worth is shown hy his having received hon- orzthle mention for the .Xll-.Xmeriean team although foreed out of most of the lotto-51 games because ot' an injured knee. The stellar showing in the earlier part, of the season, and the spectacular yeoman serviee during the preceding three seasons, more than justified this signal honor which was given him. From his tirst game in eollege, when he rams hled oil four touchdowns. "Chet" has never ceased to perform the ITliI'lll'LllOllh. As rt drawing card. lieneliel has been the greatest attraetion Tulsa foothall fans have ever known. llis ready, amialule smile has captivated the heart and spirit of all the erowtls who saw him play. .Xnd all this time he "has never shown hy word or action that he eonsiderefl himself hetter than any substitute on the bench." His inherent ability made him a great player whether he was eomniandeering some strategie maneuver or shaking taeklers oil' to earry the hall across the line. .Xs a eaptain, he was unapproarli- almleg as a player he was a constant threat, for the referee's whistle was all that stopped him, Toe Row: Homer Reynolds. l'Iy'eI'ett Day, Hiram Xlexanrler, Rulxe 'I'hyman, Vtilliam Xo o Lynn tlrillith. tiene Morris, Russell Miller, C. Blewett, lius Sanford. Sl',t'0NIJ Iiowg NYalter t,ri its Ishmael Pilkington. Riehard Beattie. Preston Littrell. Leo Howard, lid t'arroll, Vtalter Casey om Lyons. llarry Aggers, Coach Henderson, Oliver Hodge. Tnikn Row: liill Wilson, Roh Kah on lieneliel. La Rue Finley, lilake Workman. john Potts, Ronald Capps. Ray Odom, l'ltll'RTH Roxy 1 i Greene. Billy Boehm. lion Hailey. lid lluhie. Charles Keelinsz. Yelmon Lentz. at ss rc wg- M Page II4 Q 1 f H' f X - x - rin'-Six! f'7" is. fww fl I f ' Cl J 46 . . Football W' .461-1 .. . Y H... , .. V -----,--- gfe- ISHMAICI, PILKTNGTON Captain-Elect The "Iron Man" of the 14931 Hurricane football team will never be forgotten in the minds of those who saw the Thanksgiving Day game against the Oklahoma City Goldbugs. The Goldbugs were leading the nation in vie- tories with no defeats until they met Tulsa. . . and t'lsh" Pilkington. It was t'Pilk" who plugged the Capital City's line and ripped it open again and again when defeat was reaching toward Tulsa. He crashed back at a bone-crushing team and led the fighting Hurricane to victory. ,Xml it was "Pilk" who carried the brunt of the season on his able shoulders to win the name of the greatest plunging fullback ever to wear the Tulsa eolors. Pilkington is one of the quietest men on the team. In every clay life he is soft-spoken and eon- genial to the point that one would hardly imagine the potency of his powerful line plunges in football. He is a player of few words, substituting action instead. It is a popular story around the grid-iron, that Pilkington, while in high school, once punted the ball for iifty yards despite a broken bone in his foot and saved his team from defeat. As a result of the kick, his foot was in a east for seventeen weeks. This is the kind of man who will lead the Hurri- cane in its 14331-32 struggle. His excellent leader- ship and superb playing ability will doubtless win Tulsa many games. ToP Row: Preston Littrell, Homer Reynolds, Don Hailey. SECOND Row: Walter Casey, Blake NVorkman, Leo Howard, Rube Thyman, Tom Grisham, Bob Kahl, Bus Sanford. 'TTHIRD Row: Oliver Hodge, Bill VVils0n, Hiram Alexander, Frenk Greene, Lynn Grihith, VVilliam Yolok, j. li. Miller. Fol:R'f1I Row: Barney Hays, Charles Keeling, Velmon Lentz, Ishmael Pilkington, Chester lieneliel, Billy Boehm, Ed Duhie, Coach Henderson. f Page lI5 1 If ll' A -o 'i i i i i i l i l i I y U i '44 , X T fri , L 4, K, it Q? . ft A fax yay, J' ihfi1'b Afl- RUB E THYMAN, Tackle This is 'lRube" Thyman's tirst year with the Black and Cold, but he showed his ability to hold a line position like a veteran. He is alert, agile and has the weight to hack it. BUS SANFORD, Guard Bus is one of the largest men on the team which makes his position at guard a positive hulwark against other teams and a splenclirl battering ram on the Tulsa offensive. TOM GRISHAM, Tackle Tom Grisham is one of the staunchest of the veterans. His thircl year on the team was marked by the same steady drive and rloggedness that he showed in his first year. He is ever on the spot. JOHN POTTS, End A West Virginia's contribution to the Hurricane was Johnny Potts, burly end of no mean ability. Johnny makes a special- ty of breaking up opposing teams' plays at highly critical moments. Ask O. C. U. 'L rf: N155 , N- AAU Page llb . A L.. A..,,A-A,Ae.,,-:.-.......... ,Q Q I r X X X K + A 4 S i K X X 1 1 HOMER REYNOLDS, Guard A powerful little guard Homer Reynolds, second-year man. For blocking punts and tackling runners in a broken field he is unbeatable. Homer made the All-Star team. BILLY BOEHM, Halfback .Xfter a ycar's absence Billy Boehm returns to the Hurricane. Ile is the pcrsonification of speed and has the ability to shift through opposing teams for long gains. ED DUBHE. Quarterback When Bcncliel was knocked out of the game it was Ed Duhie, diminutive quarterback, who got the call to lead the team, which he did in good style, by strategic maneuvering and good playing. RICH.-XRD BIiA'l'TII'2, Halfback L'Hapl' Beattie finished his fourth successful year with the Black and Gold. This season Witnesses the passing of one of 'l'. U.'s greatest blocking halfbacks. xg A -1. .. .. Y' Page II7 r IN 'Q -f 1 ' ' Q - JS Cx Q is lb- NNKQQJXA. buaexb. Q U-fxag L lr me f. tow I vo. .,1..,.X'b .Q-5r""N L ICU HUWA R I 7, Iind l h mclieapped by a wrenched knee at the lirst H Leo llowart . 1 1 of the season, showed that he had the nerve to 'tplay over injuries and earned the name of being the hardest worker on the squad. WALTER CASICY, Tackle HBull" Casey was shifted from halfback to tackle where for most of the season he was handicapped by injuries and a ' ' ' Y' ' f the season Casey was new position but in the last game o able to show his real merit against, the Aggies. ISIAKIQ XYURKBLXN. Halfbaek ' f the lfreshman Winds" of the Blake Workman IS one o ., H ill s halfback and promises to develop into one season. e I ay. of the strongest backheld men on the squad. l'Rl'ISTON l.l'l"l'Rl'll.l., lfnd HThe Maud Flash" is Preston Littrell, snappy end from Maud, Oklahoma. Preston is one of the fastest men and surest pass receivers on the team. 1 . C1- kqlrw Wlilage ll8 V LJ w a it' .,, H if . 1 Q IX-jk 0 .f,. '-fraqxf '7 -:L WILLIAM YOLOK, Guard If the most outstanding lineman of the season were selected, Bill Yolole would he one of the most serious contenders for that positron. He stops plays on both sides of the line. DON BAILEY, Halfback Don Bailey is a local product having made his early show- ing at Tulsa High school. He is very fast and shifty and al- though small is developing into a line plunger. YELMON LENTZ, Halfback "Pude" Lentz is one of the most valuable additions to the squad from the freshman players. He has a coolness that is rarely seen in freshmen players. LYNN GRIFFIN, Center "1'iny" Griflith, center, is most outstanding a defensive player and can usually be depended upon to snag his man. "Tiny" made the All-state team. 1 I' M -, 1, Page II9 LA 7 1 , , Q ,cfx-,t, 0 C ix, I 5 bw -L-X BOB KAHL, End Bob Kahl, the dynamo from Texas, who is playing his second year with the Hurricane. promises to be one of the cleverest ends and pass snaggers on the squad. czicmc MoRR1s, Center One of the most powerful men on the team is Gene Morris, towering center who came to Tulsa for his lirst year. He is invulnerable on defense. HI R AM ALEXANDER, Guard This is Hiram Alexander's second year on the squad as a linesman where be has built the reputation of being one of the most reliable players on the team. FRANK GREENE, Halfbaek lfrank Greene is one of the most talented backlield men in Tulsa Ulpversity. He can pass, punt and carry the ball for long gains with equal ease. fl l 'Z' CH.fXRl.ES KEELING, Halfback xl"' 4'Chucl-1" is always the spectators' ehoiee because, in spite 4: of his size, he is a Constant threat every time he gets the ball. 1.. -sv I' Page l2O YH, , .IW J... ,Y . A H. ., x09 N jf fx fi: A f X ' Ea " M g V M 7,,.-4 . Qi ji BASKETBALL ll' t. 4. Y 4-I www :f-Qepwf F Basketball -++:1-were r:++- lill IJUBTE Captain The blond-headed Hlrishmanf' lid llubie, cap- tained the Tulsa Quintet for the past three years in the University. Ed has demonstrated his ability to lead the team by the cool and ellieient manner he has of coping with every situation that came up and by handling the ball with such dexterity as to inspire his men constantly. Fd is small in stature, which has been a handicap but mighty in spirit, whieh has made him one of the fastest and most outstanding players in the conference. Last year. lid was stationed at guard position. This was a big job for a little man but he handled it admirably, and while so doing. was able to account for enough tield goals to make him high-point man for the team. This splendid per- formance won for him honorable mention on the College Humor All-American basketball team. During the IQSI season, Dubie had an excellent opportunity to demonstrate his goal-shooting ability as he was shifted to the forward position where he was a constant threat to opposing teams. lid is the only man the team will lose next year and his loss will be keenly felt as a eaptain and a player. Q Toi' Row: Bill Wilson. Don Bailey. La Rue Finley. Tom Grisham. Everett Day. Fred Perry S1 C OYD Row: james Moore. Bill Vl'hiteside. Fred XYiek. Bill Pringle, George XYillis. THIRD ROW: C oarh Hodge, Preston Littrell. Ishmael Pilkington, Ed Dubie, Gaylord Dorough, Hiram Alexander. Page l22 45 Q , sf o f x , . 'dll l Q X 1 Q I I 3 if 0 4111 Vlawaf' fe' is f WMM. w..,,,.. i , ,,,.,W,,,,....- W.. ia M , . 2 ,......,.. .--, T... REQ' K' BdsketbdH -+1521-- W - RM- HIRAM Al.liXANIJl4IR Captain-eleet Hiram Alexander played his second year with the Hurricane tive this year during which his consistent and steady playing stood him well with his fellow players. Lacking the spectacular and flashing style of some players. Hiram could always be depended upon, in a pinch, to do the right thing at the right time. His smoothness had a stabilizing etfeet on the entire team, ln addition to lettering in basketball during the last two years. he won a letter in football with the conference winning Ifjsl eleven. llis all-round athletic ability has never effected his modesty and he has ever played for the good of the team rather than for individual glory. lt is this characteristic spirit of cooperation which makes him such a valuable player on the team and gains for him a widespread popularity among basketball fans who have witnessed his play with the Hurricane five during the past two years. If Hiram continues to improve in the next two seasons as he has in his freshman and sophomore years, he should find little difficulty in becoming one of the outstanding guards in the state. l ,mf s Toi' Row: Preston Littrell, Bill Whiteside. james Moore. George Willis. SICVUXIJ Row: liverett Day, Hiram Alexander, Ed Dubie. Ishmael Pilkington, Gaylord Dorough. Coach llodge. sh-.M Wi! we .. . 5:4 35533. NNJ -H H -f t,f Page I23 I I', fha-fx! ffx ,xiX!,l,bt BILL VVILSON, Manager Ulbark Horse" was manager for football and basketball. Bill not only takes care of equipment and injuries but hands a big 'ilincw that keeps the boys in good spirits. gl JAMES MOORE, Center Moore, after a spectacular start, was handicapped a wrenched shoulder which he gradually overcame to do some splendid work in the later games of the season. PRESTON LITTRELL, Forward Preston Littrell again displays his "flash" by being a sure-lirc goal shooter on the basketball court. He does his best work in the face of stiff competition. EYIQRICTT DAY, Guard livcrett Day is a player born to the court. He goes about the business of shooting goals with the ease and precision of a machine. His stamina is excellent. Page 124 'N -frfx t ,, -f 4isixfa3'5 ta. ISHMAEL PILKINGTON, Forward '4Ish" Pilkington of gridiron fame is also famous on the hardwood. His one-handed shots are sensational and quite impossible to guard. His attacks are dynamic. GAYLORD DOROUGH, Forward Gaylord Dorough is a smooth player and an accurate for- ward. His lack of experience does not stop him from being one of the best men on the squad to get through the defense. BILL WHITICSIDE, Center Bill Whiteside has shown more improvement than any man on the squad. His height makes him the perfect center. His offensive play is highly effective. GEORGE WILLIS, Guard George Willis is the most sensational guard to have w the Black and Gold for years. His extreme agility in guarding and his long field goals have been spectacular. 0l'I1 1 FF: Q - Page l25 1 :ff-I ,.,. 1 3-ff, W " v - . .A X555 , .i . " Zwv. ,, - S ' ,, 'I H 'N Tgi ff, ' ' '3 -' fi , ,y,.,x , , ,f.,,,,:A, .' X , . . 53' ' -. .1 '1-.rf."' -, :,' x , '.., ,' .xfgf , ,. :Aix 1 Sax s A -5:i,x.v:jf7fQ3 - -,E-t. ,, A ,, ., --H-Sn-:LQ ' A -Q. Q: , ,. -1 -33 . ..faf23?su,e,..,., '-:-51,-f 1' 'z " -' .'.5115?s5"5-T12--.ffiel .,.u v-f +- .pfufwNrMf .'.- . .ag .L A "L.iEf5fT,f.y.:5:i-525. - ' :Fw "'a::U2'-Fif'f5rm'?2 ,rY54Lfvr: fJfumxsQ4s: . - - . mn. V - - -Q-.-L..,,k,,.,.,, ,.5--,., ' ' 5"-g1!!3l," yi " ,- 'f-- iliixfi-r -31gQ.'jf:'. . f 3 Surg.-, , ' gfeq-.3!'1-ggi. ..:f.- A . - , 'w,. fmt., . . .-s'.5.4-L..g,-,- '-fg.-:,x.r:- x b .,. gf, L. .1 -4,V,1,,,f5.--...,.,,,....,5 V ,...s. - .'.4..f 'L'-..-Q." ,H 2 mv, -FL' . , ,i!x.:,.:T3 1 'wr 31. A m il" :nfs ' - gf." hx' , ji gf- '.-qi: v ",4'f:!':.' 1 if C Q.: '-...wa .2 4- .vw -1- l, I. 41117. 3- ma- A I' fy if .15 - Q, .ffl-' -1f.,,f. , Q .gr , :-,xg , 1 .::.',.,,-' ,, - 4? 5 -NA.-1-' -t ,f 52 ff . Q " 'e:,ZI- , 'J' ., iff:-'.1.f,' 14: - - isjggavq- - ' .X w Q , ,... ,-N.. ' '.r1,. 1" Q31-iy -5 , - I-13 -' 2:'f,7.-, 11-114, ' 'z - .1331 4: Q31, M., y--lg. 5.4. 5:2-z 7-,Z -gi. 'xfggi-1..-',,-195, ...,. E Q75 '- 51:42 ,Pi di' ,.l..A, .39 ,T Page I26 S W1--Q 493 Q' ITS' -7 mhvc P KQ 34025 0:4 o X 'Z Ak i QW X, 1 A I 4 y V4 N44 -.., , , ' N! ,Q H31 " N BQTTMN MINCDQ SPGRTS Pg l27 ' g V- Y I ! , Q f 1' KX ' 9 jm L .IL vqilixf ,Aka lb, Golf Q -uv. -in ' 'Mit . fill-Rv Angus Rupe, Gaylord llorough, joe Fields, Adolph Burseen, John McFarlin, Wesley Henkei, William Busby Last year saw the development of the first Tulsa University golf team. Although the difficulties of' starting such a team were great, the school responded to such an extent that the Capital City Gold- bugs were barely able to nose the Tulsa quartet out for first place in the Big-Four conference. This year the squad has increased enormously both in number of aspirants for positions on the team and in quality of playing. Phillips University was the first to go down in defeat to the tune of I2-O, Tulsa, the visiting players being unable to register. Games are yet to be played with the remaining three members of the conference, and it is felt that there is little question of Tulsa Universityls ability to garner this championship. The Black and Gold players have turned in score-cards consistently that speak well for the development of golf within the school during the past two years. Captain Adolph Burseen was reelecterl for his second successive year at the helm which he has held so admirably. His steady and consistent low scores have been marks for the other members of the squad to shoot at and his loyalty has been a constant aid to the development of a superior team. Last year Burseen was the Tulsa representative at Oklahoma City to the Big-Four conference golf meet, which he won handily. This gave him the title of champion golfer in the entire conference. It is expected that he will duplicate this performance again this year. It will be ditlicult to replace so valuable a player and leader as Captain Burseen, who completes his final year with the close of this season. It is notable that the construction of the junior golf course on the eastern end of the campus was due largely to the interest started with the development of the golf team last year. The early concep- tion was that the junior course would offer a chance for students to practice and develop more conven- iently, thus offering an influx of material in the raw for the squad. The growth of interest in the school for golf prompted this action. Page I28 Y A V + A 'X 'iffi ' ta' ff' f f N , . 4 -x. X f ' in - . fl? L .9 -l-I'dCf4 '-, I i tl X DN gi ,,.Q.i ToP ROW: J. B. Miller, J. R. Caudle, Ed Disler, Jim Tripplehorn, John Melfarlin, Hubert Autrey, lid Davis, Dale Dubie. SECOND Row: Thomas Monroe, Otis VVinchester, Bob VVoodruff, Allen Flaherty, Bob Longfellow, Don Beneliel. THIRD Row: Chester Chambers, Allen King, Bill Rudd, Don Hailey, Chester Benefiel, Byron Ownby Wvith the construction of the new stadium with its excellent facilities for track events, this sport was boost-'fl to a major sport this year. Another factor in this move was the natural death of baseball as a sport in the University due to lack of competition in the conference. As was to be expected, when Coach J. B. Miller took the reins for the season, the squad was woe- fully small and green. Vlfork progressed, however, and the wrinkles and rough spots began to iron out so that by the time of the first meet with Wichita, at VViehita, a fairly presentable team wore the Tulsa colors. It soon became apparent that Tulsa's strength lay in the Held events while the track events were held much in doubt. Wichita defeated Tulsa by the score of Q4 2K3 to 35 1 fz. It was Tulsa's Hrst taste of real competi- tion and served wonderfully to show up the weaker points which were worked upon by the team. and by the time of the O. C. U. conflict, a much more presentable team was on its toes. Rudd was the high point man of the day for Tulsa. The Oklahoma City meet was fairly close, being won by the Goldbugs with a score of 75 to 56. The events were held in Skelly stadium on a cold and windy day, which made good showings ditlicult for both teams. As was predicted, the Tulsa thinclads walked away with honors in field events but were swamped in the track races. Volok was high point man for Tulsa. The Phillips team came to Tulsa with a team of unknown strength. They suffered defeat by the score of Q5 to 35. This lime, in addition to scoring in the field events, Tulsa was able to gain many points in the running sessions. Day was the Tulsa high point man. 1 sr Q b Page I29 '79 1 I X , r N . T AIL I f i? .,1.. 4 X c i c We .M Q gowrwswfvfl X t .mfg .7-lf. ,fl U14 ,xl S TOP Row: La Rue Finley, Laurence Yelton, Jim England, Roger Randolph, George llarrison. 51-1CoND Row: Aubrey Clay, Wilburt Scaggs, Richard Beattie, Bill Busby, lid Davis. This is the second year in which Tulsa University has boasted a record winning swimming team. Previous to the season of 1929, the Hurricane mermen were somewhat lacking in quantity and quality. Last year saw the Black and Gold in several meets in which the laurels of the University were carried to victory, usually with a substantially top-heavy score. The competition was the Big-Four group and the Oklahoma 'H-Xggiesf' All victories and no defeats gave us the Big-Four championship and a won- derful record. Unfortunately, this year the other members of the conference did not furnish competition, leaving the A. 81 M. team the only opponents on the Tulsa schedule. Despite this, the Tulsa tankmen responded wholeheartedly and developed a team that defeated the farmers by the score of 47 to 37. By defeating the Aggie natators who had scored heavily in the Missouri Valley conference meet, Tulsa is generally conceded the championship of Oklahoma. It is an accepted fact that the Tulsa squad is equal to any in the Southwest. The meet itself developed into a near draw as the linal winning points were won only late in the conflict with the winning by the Tulsans of the 3oo yard medley race. The going up to this point had been about shoulder to shoulder. The most interesting and exciting race of the meet was the loo yard free style. Davis of Tulsa, holder of the record in the state, for that distance, was pitted against Ridge of Stillwater. The con- testants hit the water simultaneously and for four lengths battled on an even basis, neither being able to gain the lead. Coming in on the final lap, Davis managed to draw slightly ahead and touched the finish line a mere matter of inches ahead of the A. Sz M. man. Finley of Tulsa delivered yeoman service in the crucial 300 yard medley race that gave Tulsa the necessary poipts to win the meet. This event was closely contested as the results of the entire meet hinged on it. ' Richard 'fHap" Beattie is captain of this year's team. ln addition, Beattie acted as coach and was largely responsible for whipping the Tulsa Team into shape for the season. 1 I' " "' HJ Page l3O 5- g . Q l1'f fhsy + Q fs ixf ,fb ts. Tennis -r's"' lv T Harold llarris, liob Foresnian, Roger Randolph, George Willis, Lewis Cline Since the days when the doubles team of Ingraham and liumgarner won the state championship, the University ol' Tulsa tennis team has undergone diverse fortunes, from stellar showings to shall we say 'tindifferent records". One of the present members of the team, George Sehaffer, was runner-up in the singles state Cham- pionship. Schaffer has been out of school several years but returned this year to play with the team. The team was considerably strengthened this year by the addition of several new men who show great promise. Outstanding on the squad is Charles lluehner who has shown excellent form during early praetiee this season. Harris and Lefko are also showing good form. The tirst clash of the season was with Phillips University and was won by the Phillipians. The Enid players showed real form and ability, On May 1, the team Will journey with the traek teams to Phillips where a return competition will be held. On the day following, they will meet the Oklahoma City Goldbugs at Oklahoma City. At some later time in the season, the Goldbugs will visit Tulsa for a return meet to be held in Skelly stadium. This date is indefinite and will not be determined until after the meet May 2. The state meet for the liig-Four conference members will be held May 8, and is by far the most important competition of the year. In keeping with the increased quality of the team the building program, inaugurated this year by the University, two new eenient tennis courts are being built on the north side of the campus, where meets and competitions of the future will be held. These courts are the results of the efforts of Mr. j. B. Miller, direetor of athletics, who seeured the neeessary materials from Tulsa companies, by donae tion. The work will be eompleted by the University seript labor. -5 None of the university tennis squad is graduating this year and with added interest and the new Courts. the years to come should see stronger and stronger teams develop within the school. 1 l"' Page l3I .- . k...iW'q .-.-6, - . 1 - f VF: . ,- . ,, K L4 . -f'1- L 'Ji ,I--.. Y... sw ff' FK 1 Q.. - 142' 1.-J, e.,- . .v. L51 '1 4 3. , - Q, mb' 'xfffi fr rt i' 9'- ,fu , 4.. r,1:fff NA . ..'. - .. . .' rn., lJ ' . .q .gg-,..g.: , ,i"l. L'.-- 2' -' A - I. --. . 1 .4 x '. G-H ' 1.1-. J . :Q N: 'z "z, 7-,il ., ,-,fy ,- ' ' . 51- , -IT QL' Mfg, -Ig 92 ' x 5- 'lfl"' 2'1 E A Q. K 'Y' " . -743' "JL, 111' Y x 5 X 5 ' 'ink B A 1: 1 ff- ,- ' J N A '1'1g.1':' -T4 M D . H Q' L ': f,'f- ". ,fu Y N' kv 5 'IMJ' ' f:-15 , 5.1 V 1' r X : ' ' . " -- f,g R-'sf' I -, XX, ,Q 'V ng r X fl : Q : 1'g, .V ' a ,H X . w -4 . w f A gi- if ,AJ 5 -. xl W gi f ' ,.v.',' ' '- X y, ' X X -xv .1 Q 1 C ' L '. ff. x 1 . A' ' I a. , A " r 4 I 1 I ,. . 11 A U li w ' I . 1. , 5 5 . f w ,v f J, w. le I' r , 'Wu v . f Q 6, X :,.Q . , H 'C -x ' : Sf! Page l32 XJ, WW U 192 .X X341 Xly Q Q X I W K M Jw. S X.Q-W,w BENNETTH' WGMEIXVS ATHLETICS - V , W - + 'A , 1 f X X x P GN JJ-I ix Q y Ib li Basketball lfiifrii Rmvz Friecla Campbell. Madge Garrett. Gladys Hanks. .Kline Faye Harris. Imogene Reynolds .Xlicc Ilinclmarsli. l"Hi'le'1'ii ROW: Lorraine Hall. Betty .X1la'ns. liorothy Figliback, Opal Wynflliam. listele Mlamson, llela Yauglin. liraclic, Hazel lflemmingg. Tnikn Ruw: Louise Clarkson. Mary G. Canlielcl. Tlielma Sanford. Vernon, Ninbrougli. Grace li. Sliaw. Virginia Parrott. SECOND Row: Lois Hartsliorn, Unila Fish. linicl Houser. Mary Kate Brown, Neola Iilliott. Clara Faris. Margaret Seigis- muncl. Tm' Rmv: Tlielrna Miles. Mary Mcliricle, Wilma Young, Lorraine Barnes, Maybelle Har- rington. lennh Gladys Hanks. Virginia Hell. Grace li. Shaw, .Xnna R. Watson G r 'L Barge I34 I ....,,.-,-,,,. f Swimming ON THE BANK: lileanor Spiller, Ilene Perdue. Grace King, Irene Lane, Zue Largent, Alice Hind Marsh. IN Tllli W.x'rl3R: Rosemary Barnet, Lena Madge Garrett. Archery XXX 7 . I a Pauline Poundstone, Ina Wheete, Raphael Glass. Page I35v . A-4 Q - 1 ' fx-xx 3 GN -fd qw ,Afb Ih- Revievv of the Season During the year 1930-31, the University of Tulsa saw more laurels added by cham- pionships and honors from athletic competitions than any previous year. Coach 'fGloomy Gus" Henderson, famous pessimistic coach of the Hurricane, ran true to form by predicting frequent defeats in games that were later won. He was ably as- sisted by Walter "Brute" Grapes who acted in the capacity of Line Coach. Bill Wilson was student manager. The jinx that dedication games are always lost was broken when the Hurricane defeated the University of Arkansas by the score of 26-6. The Razorbacks played consistently, but were unable to cope with the bewildering strategy and enthusiasm shown by the Tulsa players. The consensus of opinion had been that Arkansas could win easily. The game with Hendrix-Henderson University was won by Tulsa as predicted. The score was 27-o, the visitors being unable to tally. Their line did good work and the backfield threatened our goal several times but lacked the necessary punch. The night game in Skelly stadium with Phillips University resulted in a rout by the Tulsa team. The first twelve minutes of play saw the Black and Gold surge across the Phillips line for three goals. The only other Tulsa goal came in the last few min- utes of play when a Tulsa man intercepted a pass and carried it across the line. Al- though there were occasional spurts of good playing, the Phillips team was unable to score a goal. The final count was 25 to o, Tulsa. The O. B. U. game at Shawnee went to Tulsa by the score of 14-6. The game was characterized by individual performances with several long runs. Although the score was not decisive, the game was never in doubt and most of the Tulsa strength was conserved. The George Washington University team from the nation's capital was one of the closely fought games of the season. The Hurricane was able to score two touchdowns during the first half of the game by playing straight football after an aerial attempt had failed. The Capital players returned at the half with an attack that very nearly tied the count until a pass was intercepted by a T ulsa player at a critical moment which turned the tide and gave the game to Tulsa by the score of 14-6. The Rolla School of Mines team was completely outplayed on a rain-soaked field when the Hurricane stalwarts accounted for three goals while the visitors were be- wildered to the point of not making a goal. The score was I8-O. No points after touchdowns were made because of the rain and mud. The O. C. U. game was conceded to be the most spectacular and important game of the year. In addition to the rivalry between the two cities, there was the Big Four conference championship to be decided by that game. Oklahoma City had de- feated all of her opponents by decisive scores and was primed for the Thanksgiving Day game. Indications 'were that Tulsa would go down to defeat. During the first half, the Goldbugs crashed the Tulsa line mercilessly and victory seemed almost cer- tain. But the second half was a different story. Tulsa came back with a pep and determination that swept the Goldbug powerhouse back again and again. The final score was 33-13, Tulsa. The tragic sequence to the Thanksgiving Day victory was the defeat handed Tulsa by the Haskell Indians and the Oklahoma "Aggies.', The Indians came to Tulsa with one of the strongest teams in the history of the institution. Their technique was clever and showed the experience gained from their successful season. From the kickoff, Tulsa was out-played and out-maneuvered. The only Tulsa goal came late in the game on a forward pass. The score was 34-6, Haskell. Page I36 N --1', !X.' C: A J-IJ Cx Tit? .Si Review of the Season fCont.D g The last game of the season with the Oklahoma A. 8: M. team Was, from all indi- cations, doomed to spell defeat for Tulsa, since the Tulsa team had suffered severe in- juries from previous games. Final score of the game saw Tulsa in the loser's position, but at no time was the game decidedly with the farmers. Tulsa's offensive seemed based on an aerial attack that was unsuccessful. Although we still held a technical claim, the state championship Went to the UAggies." Thus, the football season for the University of Tulsa came to a close. Seven vic- tories and the Big Four conference championship was the fruit of the season. The University of Tulsa basketball team has been very unfortunate in its compe- titions in past years. This year the hardwood quintet wearing the Black and Gold came through to a spectacular finish by tying Phillips University for the conference championship. The Phillips "66'l cagers, of the Phillips Oil Company, were the first Tulsa oppo- nents and carried out an expected victory that gave Tulsa her first taste of real compe- tition. This was a non-conference game. The Hurricane five next met Wichita University at Wichita and defeated them by the close score of 32-30. The game was fast and furious throughout. On her re- turn game, Wichita defeated Tulsa in an overtime game by the score of 28 to 26. The next game, another non-conference one, was with Drury College and was won comfortably by Tulsa by the score of 38 to 27. The first Phillips University game was played at Enid and was won in a walk by the Phillips team after the hrst half had ended in a near tie. The Tulsa players seemed never to get started. The score was 31-17, Phillips. Tulsa was practically eliminated from the running when the Bison players won their return game at Tulsa by the score of 33 to 26. However, shortly after, the Gold- bugs defeated the leading Phillips team which gave Tulsa her chance to tie by winning the last two conference games. The Goldbugs were then defeated by the score of 28 to 18 in a game that saw a vastly improved Tulsa machine. With the odds against them, the Tulsa players went into the return game with Phillips and at the half had the visitors badly outplayed. The second half went so furiously that the spectators stayed on their feet throughout. The Phillips rally soon had them within striking distance and presently a field goal for Phillips put the score at 2 3-22, Phillips. The game tightened up and everyone was yelling and cheering hoarse- ly. As the minutes dwindled into seconds, a Tulsa guard sent. a long shot from mid- court sizzling through the basket to give Tulsa University a tie for the conference championship. The basketball season was closed for Tulsa by the Drake University players. It was a non-conference game, Drake being a member of the Missouri Valley Conference. The Tulsans doubled the Drake score by the end of the half but relaxed in the finish to barely nose them out by the score of 19-15. The intra-mural basketball tournament was won by the Phi Delta team on a forfeit from the non-fraternity team A after the contest had resulted in a tie. Others in order were: Non-fraternity team B, Delta Alpha Delta, Non-fraternity team C, and Sigma Theta Tau. It is planned to start the intra-mural diamond-ball tournament to be conducted as in the basketball games. i Page l37 l 4 T 4 r I Jeff x L + L F r E , f,x 1 'X YY GJX I A Q, Q ,V JJ, , I FL . Ijyk A V V ' :ty 'Xi' ' if f N 'M' , ' Q 4 . wb W- N f'-: ff' i , H ' vEif !r"wS'XQQf. Q X X i . 15, 1 , lv 1 X ffxfl' kwin N ' V MJ - ' J' X af X My 1. W . , Q ' K . .:l.f':. ,A 5: 1 ff X K A N ---. 'Q ' 3' ' A-lu A ' ' L ' xl 'f k, if 1' ' 'egygzg f f . 5,-I., wig, ,wjii Q r V115-1 2 Tiff? J- 3 -9.3-4Q?!." ' E1 f JK' --X ':"""' ' N-S 'f, . ' 241.14 -7R?k?1? .E . ,af V' g,, P 477 ,J , L ydfwf' ' 7 - V I aff' . f ,J wif f . ,MJ , X , Aw' . , W' f ,W M ,J V, 4,066 ' 7 VU If' V , I MVL WM f ,IJ ul' , M- 0 W I Ji VC M , 'V MU! A! L ff! A k WW N , ' MJ JW 7 X Sv J' VV 'I J ff J 51' N 4 I J ' 'I A!! . ,ly ,' 7, J . N-VJ I J ' Page l38 x-XA I P z iff f' ' ,A A YA 1 -R Za 41 U ff' Cyb : x 4,4151 CL,M.,6Y'LJ-fwfl In xy W U v ,ff wif U.. "7 14,1 f Q -176 fhs'xf ,ja J.. Vxixf Sf? .rc I -N 'luv-..- T DEDICATION This section is here dedicated to one who is a comparative new-comer on the campus but who has even in the short time he has been among us, convinced us by virtue of his unfailing good humor, his absolute asininity, his engaging grin, and his naive assurance that the world is his oyster, of his supreme fitness for the distinction hereby accorded him. The Razz section is respectfully dedicated to OSCAR MYRON PATRICK LEFKO Page I39 1. 1 .- ' l fEEESCID Q + Q Q Q 2 w . IQ A 'IZ fx-,xb+ 'L ,- 4 X X Q X I 1 I 1 tb- The 1931 Rewewr fiiczn 'iQ CID QE MN, is g Q S - W-- - -Q 2 F 1 E ng Q 2 Q I Q c:: fl., Cz: ES -g " if 55? S S Q G W ll Q E3 fs E CD 3 Q 2 J- 2 Q F, H., K Q felI!L!E i7 C2 A!,,f1 1 lib-,,,fZ 2 l 2 i i i UUOUU U UGO UGG! i 3 1 HOU 0 x 3- QR UUD C7 0000000005 0000000 233 f0f 3 1 BREW 5iiii0 5 C3 as vi Iliff ' vi U0 64 Qhllwg - I Q 00031 lgji Q I 0000 1 ri U lm 'f'fffi11?1f 'Qf2 ff L ' ,Ml E 'x" :Mi iihifij its 5 is lq.LX 6 1 ft fs Q ,. .G+ U f R .-M lwmgzz X iggggggggsg I' R Eg J' K S-L DOD 'I 000 U 0 f 1' I 1 X ' 00000 00000 0' 0 N ' 000000000 Marshmallow Roast: Sept. 11- Year's festivities open with a burst of light,- firelight and flashlight ..... lordly sophs ..... resentful freshmen ..... Roy. . . Smith orates. The Patsy: Sept. 2 5- Or, 'fThe Woim Toinsf' Do Silsby gets stepped on for three acts .... Scotty and Henke, bosom friends, enliven rehearsals with a few choice spats. Phi Delt Welcome Dance: Sept. 26-- Nothing unusual happened .... lights low, and when they were turned back up, Carl Gilbert discovered in a corner, kissing some- OI1C.... Dedication of Stadium: Oct. 4- Students vurra chesty ,... Game score: Arkansas, 65 University of Tulsa, 26! Birthdate of Alpha Rho Tan: Oct. 1o- Another infant begins his career, Nadine Sample acting as his ma, and Miss Robinson as nurseg. . .a husky kid he's turning out to be! The Battle of the Mud: Rolla is trampled in the mud for another ,Hurricane victory .... what was it Chet said to Ish after the game? I have heerd rumors. Womenls Pan-Hellenic: Dec. 19-- The gals get their annual dose of filling out programs .... and once a year's plenty! "Why, I didn't have the third with youg it was the seventh!!" Finals begin: jan. 19- " Let's see .... three times x equals Words- worthls Theory of Social Evolution .... Why didn't I study?U . Page I40 + I ' f X - x , . 5 D- 5 I 0 iQ,fi The 1931 Review C:1g1gg5:fEg:g??g1C3 The I rnaginary I nvalid: Jan, 22-234 'I 5 - 1 ,Ying Y Carl England in a night-shirt .... Bethuel m eg lg Gross in knee panties .... Hamilton, Macy, Q i , Q S Veatch, Miller, etc. .... gone haywire. 3 R 2 I ti KL t 1:52, -1 5 - 1' HSE? Basketball game with O. C. U Feb. 14- 3 . Wifi An ancient enemy, and we beat em! C3 -f , C, ' LZ . 3 S 2 17 C2 cpl C3 The Show-Oj. Feb. rg. f ' 2 Q 3 ca In which Ralph Fulsom struts and bel- 3 lows through three acts .... Lucille Cowan 'M' w. ll miscastg too sensible for a dumb part. ,gf ' fi 3 13 V W ,M 1 f-f - Q C s-.Iv 3. Varsity Nite: March 5- 2 X E' P. W. Ward makes a show of himself, and S G the Alpha Gams and D. A. D.'s grab off a 5251- 1 few honors. 5 -I 3 . E3 fi 55 Engineers' Dance: , March 20- A-"5 gm ? Sich a dance, sich a crowning, and sich a 3 fbi E queen! The Engineers iling a mean co . 5' n C7 ez- , swoozer. Poor Helene. Q ' 3 ,CD 3 1 Q Q Farm Dance' S 5' v S ' ' . Q X QD Q 'wr The Girls' Pep Club goes rustic .... K'Oh, S S we are hayseeds .... " CD 3 5 VI S T alahi Day: April If Q " g , , , X-9 h 6:3 L1'l Marty Stumphls big day ...... You S 1 li 3 hadda good time, if the ice-skating did 3 E make you sore. A day-time dance, too, Q, i S Swanke eh? C3 T-3 Q W- 5 ' 3 -Q.-Q :W N S Y CD ' LJ Cornrnencernent: june rf- Q Q ? C5 And the look on the bozo's face is not 2 , - gig, caused by concern over the futureg he's cg "' wondering where Old T. U.'s gonna find Q another one like him to carry on. C3 X UW... G 1 Page I4I 1 I 4 ffl ' fi' fha-'xr Q .H 7 4 7 is. . C Y -I FEATURES of the Feature Section Ei Eyes ....... ...,....,. 1 Xlice Hall Eye-lashes .,.. ..... I Dorothy Fishliack Nose ...4... . ...,.., Eleanor Wilson Mouth .,., .,,.. N ellie Marie Crabill Chin. . ..... Louise Lippincott Hair .... ........ V esta Parks Dimples. , , ,..,. Gladys Hanks Form ..... .,.,.. R osie Handy Hands .,.. , A .Thelma Sanford Feet ,,.. , .... Dolores Silsby Legs ....,., .... N afline Sample Complexion. . . ...,. Mary Canhelcl Disposition. . .,.. Maclge Garrett Voice ..... ..., B rencla Ownliy Poise. ..,. , . . .Neola Elliott --- W-WE ,fcyf Z If PI 'Than Tmsve TGl5E53f ,r .Saas Popufaz' Z Q fuss lleneeuea BILL , I Z 'Derma I SMOKED ' ' "LS.Jmo0aQooav' " ' fd IGHRETTE5 7 , Z I NEVER Rm-en 'f X .. 9 Pl' X 5- Ebmfi-'eff X X 7 ' e - Clrf' A-Nh"'lh. I ,,, - Q--7-L ,A e , ,, 5f""""57"'LsJ.-n we XNKR. ii5:w'L..J5A. l!l,. JNJ- "l. .-. s Vp: XJ ' 'if Page l42 All the Dirt Comes Out in Intentions: STRICTLY A RED HOT DISHONORABLE THE SATURDAY NIGHT YELLOW SHEET Platform: SHAKY S P L A S H Demise of Early Pioneer Late one night last summer there passed to the angels one dearly beloved on this campus, one faithful, true, and dear to many of us who can remember back that far. Late one sultry evening. Kappa Gamma Chi died. Although it is not our purpose to seem unduly critical, we feel that the attitude shown by some of the closest friends of the dear departed was hardly becoming. Without exception, they deserted even the memory of the staunch old scholar, and took up with a perfect stranger to the campus,4Alpha Delta Theta. Ruth Wyndham was heard to remark cruelly that 'tIt was about time!" Lois Callahan even said that she had spent most of her summer trying to bring about the end of poor Kappie Gam. Vl'ilma Young, Odell Ellison and Thelma San- ford held up their heads pridefully at the change in status. Eva Hunter broke three strings of her violin in her exuber- ance. Was all this unseemly levity be- cause of any fault of Kappa Gamma Chi? No, dear readers tif anylg it was simply because this newcomer, the hussy, was a Unationalf! Ah, my children, 'tis a cruel and thoughtless world we do be living in! An Evening With the Lambs Everybody was all a-twitter for weeks and weeks. At last the long-anticipated evening came. The Tri Lambda's had a whing. They all gathered over at Evangeline VVright's house. It was a most delightful affair. Miss Dorothy Kasey thave you heard of Kasey at the Bat? That's not the one.D read a paper on "The Influence of the Goldhsh in Modern Poetry." Following that, there was a discussion of how that prof. had dared to give Jeanette Bewley a HB" in his course instead of an HA," didn'.t he know she was a Tri Lambda? It was voted that Margaret Seigismund, Ma- belle Harrington and lda Marie Shaffer be constituted a committee to investigate the matter. Punch and delicious wafers were served at 8:30, and the evening terminated at a quarter of nine, due to the fact that Ar- lyle Bowen, Nell Davidson and Ruth Harper had a history quiz the next day to study for, and, after all, social hilarity must not be permitted to interfere with one's more serious pursuits. Misses Lorraine Barnes and Clara Faris, pledges, remained behind to wash dishes and discuss the way Mabelle's dress hung in the back. Calvin College sez: The Delta Chi's and Chi O's must have gone into a huddle over this queenship business, two apiece, and one to tight over! Bill Wilson New Dog Catcher It was all a very simple matter. The Phi Delts, big political bosses of the University of Tulsa campus, wanted to elect one of their number to the position of Campus Cog-Catcher. just like that was it. Systematic, these fraternity men. lfirst, they drew straws and Bill Wilson lost, so he was to occupy the throne, as soon as the brotherhood swiped it for him. Ed and Dale Dubie, the Swedish marvels, painted numerous posters bearing the momentous words 'tVote for Wilson, the Peepul's Choice!" Allen Flaherty, Law- rence Allen and Snook' Brown got in Chet Benef1el's Ford and pasted these posters in the places where the greatest number of stewdents foregather, such as the Gayety, Lyric, Palace, and Ingra- ham's Pool Parlor. Barry Smith, Chuck McGlone, and Doc ltlartin made the rounds of the Varsity and Tepee, carry- ing a soapbox and orating upon the Wil- sonian virtues, real and imaginary. Ish Continued on Page 144, Col. 3j Campus Athletes Score lt was the last game of the girls' inter- fraternity basketball tournament. Scene: Dressing room of the Delta Chils. "Girls!'! screamed Rosie Handy. '!Are my trunks on straight? You know, I really should have taken another tuck at the waistline in front .... " "Did you see the dirty look that .-X. K. gave me?" interrupted .Xlice I"ay Harris "just as I stuck my knee ,.., " 'tReady? ...,,. Ready? Come on girls .... " tlt was Gladys Hanksj A'-lust a minute, Hanks, l don't have my lipstick on straight!" wailed Alice Hindmarsh, dabbing fran- tically with a powder puff. Daintily the team tripped out on the court, absentmindedly going into the routine of 'fWe are Campus Co-eds, co-o- o-eds." The whistle blew. t'I'ardon mef' murmured Madge Gar- rett politely, jahbing her thumb into Grace Ellen Shaw's eye, and the game was on. VVell, to be brief, Virginia Par- rott languidly shot llD field goals in rapid succession, and the Delta Chi's won another inter-sorority basketball tourna- ment. Page I4-3 Smallpox!!! "Mum's the word!" said Laurice Yel- ton to Lewis Lewis. UO. K., notta peep outa me!" countered Lewis cleverly. Bill Baden, Adolph Burseen, Herb Coul- ter, and john McKissick swore to se- crecy. But someone let out the awful secret, Mitch Tucker was a pest! So they put him in the pest house. And then, omigosh, the dear brothers of Delta Alpha Delta were on the receiving end of various hisses, threats, and ominous warnings, ,cause everyone had to go see Dr. Graham and be punctured: all just because Mitch got excited and broke out in a rash. Yessir, the D. A, Dfs surely gave us a break,-gave the whole durn campus something to talk about. "How's the vaccination?" became the standard greeting,-fa look of gentle martyrdom the popular expression. Always there will be outlaws, y'know. Thusly, a few intrepid souls dared to say "No, no vaccinationf' 'lTsk! Tsk!" said Ad Ministration, and slapped the bold, bad girls and boys on the wrist by kicking them out of school for twenty- four whole hours. No foolin'! Thou Shalt Not What .... no privileges! No dances! No parties! oooh, why? Ain't you heard the story? why it's the football of the campus for all the other sororities, and how they kick it and pass it and hurl it around. It was this way: tand this re- porter went to great pains to get the scoop for the t'Splash,', ever keeping our dominant position by cleaning out all the dirt iirstlj Chi Omegas, national social sorority of the University of Tulsa Campus were deprived of all privileges for one whole semester merely for breaking the elev- enth commandment of Pan-Hellenic Cjestingly called "Hel" by many co-edsj. Such a foolish commandment: "Thou shalt not rush ye fair high school sen- iors." And the Chi Omegas are such nice girls. Little Helen of the house of Abercrombie, and Lynette of the song- and-dance team of Goodin and jones, and Cooper, sister of the illustrious Harold and advocate of the pleasingly plump. And further, it was distressingly found that Luella spent many sleepless nights wondering what to do about Rube being invited to other sorority dances. And poor Vesta Parks, prevaricator of note, trying desperately to Hgure it all out. Young Dejarnette, just pledged, and not able to invite inviting D. A. Dfs or suscept- Continued on Page 144, Col. 3j DEAR MRS. GRUNDV: I44 SPLASH Advise to Love Worn -s 7 From the treasury of her experience and wisdom, our old friend Mrs. Grundy has generously agreed to cast a few pearls, and to answer the questions confronting our collegians. Bring your burning troubles of the heart to her. I am terribly ashamed to have to con- fess it, but!! blush. Is there anything that can be done about it? RALPH DANIEL. IJEAR RALPH: Please don't do anything about this cunning trick of blushing. Therein lies the secret of your Success, young man! When a co-ed's wondering eyes see the pink color creeping up around your ears, all her protective maternal instinct is aroused, and you'll have to carry a club to keep her off your neck. Besides, Ralph, somebody has to blush, just so the art won't fade entirely out of existence. It's a deplorable fact that the girls have forgotten howgfitls up to you! Affectionately, MRs. GRUNDY. DIEAR MRS. GRUNDY: I wanna man! ESTELLE ADAMSON. DEAR ISTELL: So does everything else in skirts! Howthesoever, here are a few essentials which I think might help you track down a male! In the first place, single out one victim to begin on: concentration means a lot. After you have Him within lasso- ing distance, pursue the following tactics. Never let him hold your hand! Hold both of his--it's safer. Never let him kiss you, unless you're alone or there's someone around. Don't wait until he asks you for a date. T'isnlt necessary. just a hint that your Dad keeps a very fine cellar. Collitch boys are very quick- witted, he'll get the idea right away. You drive a car, and that should be a great help. Nothing is so defenseless as a mere male in a determined girlls car. It looks so undignihed to walk back! ways, Estelle. There are ways and just remember that the Powers-that-be made every girl a man-but it's up to her to get him. Hopefully, MRS. GRUNDY. DEAR NIADAMEI I am a very handsome and popular young professor in the University of Tulsa. No doubt you have heard of me It may interest you to know that I am a musician of quite remarkable talent. But even persons of my intellectual at- tainments occasionally meet a puzzling situation. Mrs. Grundy, it was like this: I attended a sorority dance, in company with a very charming young lady. We didn't dance long, and as she doesn't talk much, we left forfrefresh- ments. Can you imagine my consternae tion, dear madame, upon returning in an hour or so, to find upon my chin-a dab of lipstick! I wonder if you can help me with an explanation? Anxiously, DoN -IVAN. DEAR DoN: All I have to say is, that the young lady's intentions may be good, but her aim is poor, oh, very poor! You might delicately suggest that she indulge in a little target practice. Helpfully, MRS. GRUNDY. DE.-XR MRS. GRUNIUYZ Please tell me quite honestly, candidly, frankly, what you think I should be when I get out of college? t'Doc" MARTIN. DEAR Doc: An old man. Sorrowfully, MRS. GRUNDY. DEAR MRS. GRUNDY: I want to know how to be popular. VVhenever I approach a good-looking co-ed, she gives me a hard look, moans softly or snorts loudly, and walks off. VVhat can I do? EVERETT DAY. IJEAR EVERETT: Grow a beard. If that doesn't work, try plastic surgery. YOUR OWN MRS. GRUNDY. DEAR IYIADAMZ How far is up? Koko-NUTS. IJEER Koko: Neither did I, too. Goohly, MRS. KIRUNDY. DEAR MRS. GRUNDY: I have been criticized somewhat, so I want to get this thing straight. When is it not the proper time for me to kiss Preston? Gmnvs HANRS. DEAR HANKS: Don't be sil! When he's not around, of course. Sincerely, MRS. GRUNDY. WHAT, NO PUBLICITY? Arthur Cameron paced the floor in violent anger and a dark blue business suit. Carl VViedemann wrung his hands, starched them and hung 'em on the line to dry. Frank Abdo sobbed softly in a corner. Robert Baum, Bob Duncan, Earl Truesdall, Ian Frazier and George Sears went out to drown their sorrows in sody pop. Leslie Johnston, B. C. Wal- lace, Dorn Holland and Bill Gordon formed an earnest group in the middle of the door. Ominous sounds of "S'nout- rage!" 'tI'll see the Chancellor!" "Something should be done!" "We'll see about this!" came from this group. Alfred Boudreau wandered in, gazed curiously about, and intimated gently, after the manner becoming to a pledge that he would admire to know what was agitating the assemblage. f'Don't you know," thundered Frank Bennett. "We re-elected Art for Pres! ident, and the Collegian,!i"8t'8z"'2it, didnlt print his picture! Sigmie Thetic Tau must be avenged!!', BILL WILSON NEW DOG CATCHER CCOVLli1'l1l6li from Page IQ Pilkington and Andy Rogers kidnapped the D. A. D. and Sigma Theta Tau can- didates and held them prisoner in the basement of the library. Election took place in Chapel. Seth Eby made a speech. just as the votes were distributed, Tandy Young rushed in yelling HD. A. D. house is on fire!" .XS a man, the IJ. A. lJ.'S rose and left, Always gentlemen, the Sigma Theta Tau's departed to assist. Every Phi Delt kept his seat, calmly voted, Marcus Milam, Blake Workman and Harold Cooper collected the vote and carefully stuffed the ballotm box. Solemnly Don Bailey raised the success- ful Bill's right hand and announced him Campus Dog Catcher. And that, dearly beloved, is how it all happened. THOU SHALT NOT CC0l'lfi7L1l'6d from Page IQ ible Phi Dclts out to whing-dingsg ..... oh, it was all such an unfortunate affair. And Dolores Silsby had just captured a new man and was so anxious to show him off, you know, all dressed up and no place to go. lt was a pathetic situation, my dear readers, and the whole affair savored of just the kind of good reading which the interested following of "Splash" fwe get the dirt tirstj relishes. 'ISO here's to a river of whiskey, Ever so crystal and clear, Not half so sweet asa woman's kiss, But a damned sight more sinccrefl -llfrzxhlmrn College Blllldfiiflf. FOR VVOMEN ONLY: tread backwardsb he would it read would mans naughty big -ooh? SPLASH Page I45 BED TIME STORY FOR THE KIDDIES Once there was a little boy named, odd- ly enough, Gertrude. This lad was very pretty, with his big blue eyes and brown hair and slim hgure. He was a very modest little boy, never sounding his own praises more than once or twice a day, and even then not using a megaphone, but only his own high, childish treble. Gertrude came from the little suburb of a big town, and he was quite a size- able frog there. But he came to a pond that was a lot larger, called T. U., and there he discovered to his consternation that instead of being a big frog, he was a very small tadpole. Our little boy was an ambitious lad, however, so he went out for Dramatics in a Big way, and by virtue of unwavering concentration, un- tiring effort, and the scarcity of boys in the Dramatics Department, made a splash. Success is sorta hard on people sometimes, you know. Our hero ac- quired a good role and, simultaneously, an impressive amount of dignity. VVhich, perhaps, is as it should be. It was a little hard on the-er-dignity, however, when one Mesirow removed a chair just as Gertrude was about to seat himself, causing a portion of our herofs anatomy to come into sudden and violent contact with the floor. Gertrude losta coupla things: his dignity, and his temper. But the innocent bystanders made the start- ling discovery that this sweet little fel- low's vocabulary was most adequate to the situation. Right then, Gertrude's' stock rose skyward. You don't believe all this? Tut, tut, my dears, who said it was a true story? And so, boys and girls, we come to the end of the tail, pardon me, tale, and find - the moral. If you are a boy going to college and would become a social success, don't bother to learn to dance, or play golf, or bridge, or wear a Tux, or talk upon the Einstein theory, go instead to Gertrude and learn to cuss fiuently, with feeling, and with all those delicate nuances that make an ART of an ordi- nary accomplishment. , Men will look at you with a new respect in their eyes, and women will cover their ears in horri- fied delight, and send you bids to spring formals. Well, darlings, that's all the story. Goodnight, and I hope you sleep ,.... . Why, you young hellions, did you go to sleep while grandma was telling the nice story? If I don't whale the tar out of you! """"Z,c?'Z,! A VERY SHORT STORY Once upon a time there was a Martian fresident of Mars, sillylj who descended to earth and quite by accident happened upon the University of Tulsa. It was in the month of january, IQ3I. "Upon my word," murmured Mr. Diaplodosohedid fthat was his namej, "a most peculiar place." And, my dears, no wonder. He saw Melba Glass, Vesta Parks and Mary Kimbrough dressed in goshawful red and yellow dresses, stumbling pa- tiently around on roller skates. He saw Lorraine Hall and Mary Can- field dressed in Indian blankets, with feather-decorated hair, and war paint galore. He saw Lois Hartshorne' all dolled up as Alice in Wonderland, and Billy Cremin as Lindy, running around with Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Little Bo-Peep. He saw Mildred Hall with a tin pail, a very short dress and a hair-ribbon. He saw Irene Witte, Nadine Sample, and Mary Hinckley garbed in rose color and silver, behaving with a dignity pain- ful to see. He heard wild sounds of H500-oo-oo pig! Pig! Pig!" from in front of the Fine Arts Building, also "Glug, glug, glug!" Csound intended to convey the idea of garglingj from the vicinity of the flag pole. He waited to see and hear no more. With wild haste he took his hat, his cane, his departure, and the Hrst rocket back to Mars. FOR SALE: Ford roadster, model IQO3, minus top, tires, engine and lights, otherwise in good shape. See Chet Benefiel. Jimmie sez Georgia Caldwell bought a dress the other day to wear around the house, and it just fits swull! FOOTBALLER DESTROYS EVIDENCE "Abracadabra, boom, boomf' mur- mured Professor Rowland gently, and Bob Kahl wafted gently away in the ,arms of Morphine ffeminine for Mor- pheusj. Bob is very easy to hypnotize, just to look at Professor Rowland seems to inspire him with a desire for immediate slumber, probably in his time he has lis- tened to too many psychology lectures. Mr. Kahl performed many peculiar an- tics for the edilication of the class, among which was failing to recognize Mr. john O. Rogers, who is an old Havaad chum of his. CMr. Rogers stated to the press that Mr. Kahl might have failed to rec- ognize him because of that five dollars that Mr. Kahl borrowed from him, Mr Rogers, in IQ27.J But that is neither here nor there, so 'fRavenaw a nose moutawnsf! as the French observe when flustered. Anyway, Mr. Rowland gave Bob a piece of paper while the subject was still in a state of wild-eyed hypnosis and told him to write down what he dreamed the night before, fold the paper, and put it in his pocket. Later when Mr. Rowland said f'H0cus Pocus, gim- meahersheyf' Cwhich translated from the ancient Andalusian, means 'fSnap out of it, kid"J Bob found the paper in his pocket, read it, and turned a delicate shade of pea-green. In spite of the vul- gah curiosity shown by the class, Mr. Kahl tore the paper into tiny fragments, and presumably, swallowed them. At any rate, they disappeared, and with them all clues as to the mysterious dream. Boy! .Page Mr. Freud! ARE YOU A WALL FLOWER? f'Charm,l' a series of lectures to be de- livered by Miss Anna Ruth Watson, in six parts, Wanted: By the Tri Delts--A mantel to put the cup on that we won Varsity Nite. WANT-ADS Wanted: By Doc Martin and Ailen Flaherty, an alarm clock, to assist in reaching breakfast dances before break- fast. Lost: By Roy Smith. One perfectly good conscience. In excellent condition, never having been used. CI didden meanit, Roy.J Notice: Dr. Herold's eyeglasses, adver- tised in last week's edition as being lost, were found on his forehead. Lost: By Chuck Keeling. One pair of high-heeled shoes. It is very necessary that the finder of these shoes return them to their owner, as Mr. Keeling wears them when dating Melba Caldwell. Mr. Leemon Nix and Miss Lois Calla- han wish to determine the identity of the very rude person who made an unmanner- ly noise backstage during their rendition of f'Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage," Varsity Nite. Reward offered for any information leading to the capture of this individual. Wanted: Some hard, heavy object with which to strike desk when angry. Advertiser has always used books, but finds that the bindings become worn out very readily. See Dr. Kimbrough. Have you lost your PEP? Your en- thusiasm? Your zest for Life? See Dr. john O. Rogers, who will teach you the secret of his tremendous energy and vig- orous, magnetic personality! Personal: Ducky-Wucky-All is for- given, come home. M. K. Brown, YOUNG LADY, attractive and very loving, would like to meet nice young man. Object, matrimony. Call 7568. Page l46 SPLASH QUEEN LUELLA CROWNED' ALPHA GAMS WEAR E X -I- R A I I I AMID TUMULTOUS UPROAR As reported by the inimitable half-wit, Ko Ko Nuts Special to the Saturday Evening Splash: Folks, it was this way. There were two contestants, onc ran at the dance and the other ran around with the glee club. And the one who ran with the glee club ran about 8,000 votes short. Now, now, don't get impatientg I'll tell you their names, in keeping the interested readers of the Splash, the Saturday Evening regular, always informed. Lu- ella Brown, the smiling one and Edna, ad libbing daughter of the house of Griggs. No riots this year, no naughty checks that stopped the checking, for poor Roy to worry about, no wild outbursts or outbreaks. A rather quiet, orderly af- fair. Partly due to the fact that Edna, the ad libbing one, spent the evening with the glee club-nol no! no! Not the evening, she showed up at 11:30, and im- mediately her stock took a big rise, but it was a short rally because at the stroke of 11:45 the voting was all over and Lu- ella, Long live Queen Luella, was pro- claimed ruler of the domain of Kendall- abrum. Queen Luella wore for the coronation an ecru-colored chiffon gown without sleeves, if you please, a smile and a pair of golden pumps. Her admirers were quite attentive to the form fitting robe. Amidst loud handclapping bravos, huz- zas and hip hip hurraysl smiling Luella was led to the throne while her many fol- lowers cheered wildly. Amidst regal splendors, Queen Luella was crowned before her admiring assem- bly of Chi Omegas, et Cetera, Rube Thyman, et cetera. After the long walk up the golden aisle, accompanied by the director of finance, Roy Smith, bemoan- ing the financial condition of Kendall- abrum. Queen Luella reached the ornate throne, long in the possession of the Hapsburgs, Henry Kendall, and Pig Skin Davis. After the prime minister administered the benediction, the Queen was seated on her settee or thronee and the silver white wreath of the dynasty was placed upon her brow. Now brought forth the huge demonstrations, fire crackers, cracked cannons, cannonades, flags were flagged and hands were han- dled. Any thoughts of a revolution in keeping with the old T. U. traditions, in which some one was always accused of stuffing the ballot box, passing the bouncing checks or 'LI promise to pays," fixing, lobbying and what nots were quickly dispelled by Queen I,uella's speech of ascension: "My dear subjects, I shall rule in my most gracious manner, always on company behavior!" GOWNS VARSITY NITE APPRoACH1cD The Alpha Gammas thunk and thunk. 'tThe idea must be original," murmured Constance Probert. "And clever, added Florine Pickett. H And easy to carry out,l sighed Helen Harrison. 'fWheel I've got it!" shouted Frances Linehan. f'Girls, I'll bet you never sus- pected it, but this is a college!'s have something that will remind people we are going to school. The judges will probably be all profs---there you are! VVe'll make a hit and win! Hlrayln So Helene and Rena Mae and Mar- gretta and a buncha others went into a huddle and decided to go academic and don caps and gowns. Wich, as little Benny sez, they did. Everything worked out entirely according to schedule. In vain did the Delta Chi's yell, the Chi O's harmonize, the Alpha Delta Thetas war- whoopg-ytwas all for naught. The judges took one good look at the caps and gowns, saw the demure and childlike countenances of Maxine Denton, Billie Cremin, Lois Hartshorne and Lorraine Hall, and saidg-howinell do I know what they saidfanyway, that's beside the point, which is that they gave the little girls a great big cup. WATCH FOR MARY'S FLAME D'AMOUR or " The Lowe-Life Qf Mary Kimbrough." Do not miss this sincere, frank story, hiding nothing, revealing all, tearing open for your eyes the flaming heart of this unusual and alluring woman! Written by that famous author, Ima Sapp, who has given us A' Desire Under the Wheelbarrowf' "Ex-Taticf, and many other burning tales of Love and Passion! Beginning on page 645 of this issue. LOST: One heart, slightly damaged. Blond young woman answering to name of Louise suspected of this petty larceny. No questions asked if heart returned un- broken.-Chuck McGlone. SENSATION!! See LaNelle Looney, ,Iohnie McKissick, and Margaret CFlaming Mamiel Sherod at COZY THEATRE in THE ETERNAL TRIANGLE EBY'S CABIN RAIDED At twenty-one minutes past three o'clock Sunday morning, sixteen police officers raided Eby's cabin, located four- teen miles east, one mile north, one-half mile east, one and three-quarters yards left and sixteen inches right, on the Bar- tlesville road out of Tulsa. The raid was caused by the complaints of people living in Tulsa that they were unable to sleep because of the noise. When the fearless detectives battered down the door, they were greeted by a heavy, suffocating odor, which later proved to be the perfume that Melba fCutiej Caldwell, notorious blackmailer, was wearing. The luxurious living room appeared to be deserted, except for Lee- mon Nix, Theda Deen, Erwina Owens and Charles Eby, who were sitting on the floor in front of the fireplace, playing jacks. A careful examination of the jacks disclosed the fact that they were loaded. The daring officers next entered the bedroom. A foot protruded from under the edge of the bedg attached to it was joe Blewett, clutching desperately a bottle of-buttermilk! Mr. Blewett re- fused with quiet dignity to make any statement to the press, beyond the sim- statement to the press, beyond the one simple sentence: "Gentlemen, I ainlt done nothin'.l' He was released this morning under bail of hfteen cents, fur- nished, after a few words of what sounded like prayer, by Miss Helen Abercrombie. One officer, making a search of the grounds surrounding this sink of in- iquity, heard a peculiar sound from the back seat of a car. He described the noise as sounding like "Oo's itso bitso toot baby boy is oo, bootiful?l' Inside the car were two persons who gave the names of Pauline Poundstone and Tandy Young. They are being held for investi- gation. A woman recognized as Nadine Sample was found wandering around in the back yard. She explained that she was looking for something. She was immediately rc- leased. Harold Cooper and Mary Kate Brown were seized as they were quietly sneaking out the back door with the fried chicken and ripe olives. After a thorough but futile search for likker, the disgusted ofhcers produced some excellent gin which they had conhscated the night be- fore at the Hurricane Hut, and a very nice party was held. VVANTED: Six young men with plenty of timeg to do about half of the things that get wished on to me. ' PROFESSOR MORRIS 'T Q xi--K: G .ei CKQXI 5 nf. , f , 5 Y ' I 1 - rf: C - L Page I47 1 ,,n - 1- fd fig - f 4 i .A ' 'X if gg , Jw J.. ii ixf',f7e .s.. WVPKDTSVVHCD Harold Cooper--I am the President of the Student Council. I am also an exceedingly popular young man on this campus. I used to have a terrible time with the women, they chased me constantly, They were so good to me, and I was so tired of it all, in self-defense I had to specialize on one. Ho-Hum. Ed AlbinfYou don't know me? My word, where have you been? just anything that needs to be done, I can do. They call on me for every- thing from painting scenery to talking to the Sand Springs Rotary Club-and I deliver the goods! Some day my plays will be making George M. Cohan and George Kelly sit up and take notice. Keep your eyes on me, unless brilliance dazzles you. Eleanot Newblock-You know me, I come to school in that green Pierce-Arrow. Someone stole a fur coat from me this winter, it really doesn't matter, though. I have seven others. Virginia Fiegly-I am a cheerful little bundle of fun. I know youlve heard my chuckle, like it? I'm known as "Coke" by some people, but you'll never know whyg at least, not from me! P Leemon N ix'5 favorite: There was a young sta- tion-master who came from New York to Okla- homa. CVery unlikely, Mr. Nix .,.. editorial commentj. Someone told him that Oklahoma people were very jovial, and that it was neces- sary for one to arise early in the A. M. in order to get ahead of them. When he assumed his duties at the ticket office, the youngman swore, by gum, they wouldn't put anything over on him! The very first morning an unsuspecting young lady approached the window, leading a child by the hand. Sez she: 'LTwo to Talalaf' The young man stared. "Beg pardon?" HI said, two to T alala!" Light seeped thru to the Young Man. He was being kidded. He brightened! "Two to Talala? Urnpti-diddy! lady, Umpti-diddy!" E THE KISS!of no use to one, Yet absolute bliss for two. The small boy gets it for nothing, The young man has to steal it. The old man has to buy it. The loverls privilege. The baby's right. The hypocritels mask. The married man's duty. I To the unmarried woman-Hope, To the young girl-Faith, To the old maid-Charity. Gene Gubser-I have the gift of gab! My specialty is talking so fast, so long and so glibly that the prof forgets what it was he asked me in the lirst place, and gives me an "A," Gladyx Hanks-I am an athlete, and I am durn cute, too. I have dimples. Popular? My dear Yl'm the Football Queen! Does that tell you anything? It seems a shame, really, that therels only one of me, lcause I'm taken. See the foot- ball? Carl Gilbert-I look like a meditative, scholar- ly sort of fellow, but I have the devil in my eyes. I string a line soft as a spiderls web and powerful as a steel cable. Look out for me! P. W. Ward-Ilm an actor. You've seen me. I play the broken-down old father, the villain with a curly mustache, the innocent maiden, or the bloodhound baying in the distance. 's'all the same to me. I have a secret passion--tall girls. Marjorie Stefens-I am the reason why bas- ketball captains go domestic and break forth in diamond rings. I have the kind of face and figure that makes people run into telephone poles, looking back for a second glimpse of me. IFFLE Mother says this is an old joke, but I just heard it the other day for the first time, so here goes: There was an old colored mammy on board a train, trying to induce her pickaninny to take his dinner, but the conductor was taking up tickets, and the baby just couldnit be interested in liquid nourishment. "Come on, honey, take yo' dinnahf' she coaxed. Still honey's attention wandered. "Honey," she threatened, "If yo' don' take yo' dinnah right away, I'se gonna gib it to de conductah!" A WEEK POEM Li'l Bill Steen was a rich man's SUN 3 Yes! Bill's Dad had gobs of . MON. His cash ne'er came 'by ones and TUES. But when Irene Bill sought to VVED She softly lisped and said UNO THUR, First in Hades Would I FRI!'l An' Bill felt on him she had SAT. Page l48 -L ma... .....A.. 4 +-- -, rx - 7 W Y 5 3 1 , . Q ' I X X - K r Q J.. 4 Y 4 ' 5 ei. l 6 gms Q x i lls. 91 M, X f- N if I f:.,,1, Q. Bkpnh 'A -:fail HMM!! "' a,,,,l '- K ea.. 21:55-:aff wvggia- - " lllllllf 4 'v' 'Ni llllmft .f , N , U" 1 ,ix Q HCT ui Lew, use I-93? , li 43' K Beuuarr uggw' A , r ' 'l 'S' VARSITY NIGHT 3rd Annual Production Success - In spite of the terrible handicap suffered because of the fact that the show contained no male choruses costumed as women, and no raw jokes, the third Annual Production of Yarsity'Nite this year was a huge success! If college were only as it is Ed Albin's U Campus Nights," and as pictured by the 'tleading college magazines!" how happy we would all bel All songs, dances, wise-cracks and romance! No classes. no quizzes, no studyfVl'hee! Xlianta hear about it? You're going to. Dolores Silsby and a French gal who came to deah old Rawley to accumulate an education. Ralph Daniel was the rich, handsome, and indispensable leading man. One must have a leading man. Well, Wes Henke, Weenie Owens, Stell Adamson, Gladys Hanks, Ina Wheete, Rosemary Handy, Melba Caldwell, Maxine Denton, Lorraine Hall, Onita Fish, Bud Henshaw, Hob Longfellow, Ed Disler, Lawrence Allen, Sam, etc., all provided collegiate atmosphere, and warbled and pranced all over the place. P. VV. Vliard and Martha Stumph were supposed to provide comic relief. They were comic, all right, but Ilm not so sure about the relief, What I mean to say, they simply slay you! Mr. Ward also acted as Master of Ceremonies, wearing most of Mr. Clarke's Brothers' products, and acting un- usually asinine even 'for Mr. VVard. ' Iiverybody had an amazingly beautiful time. Rena Mae danced. Rena Mae does dance, you know. Ann How. just above you will notice an illustration in Mr. liennett's best style. As you have prob- ably found out by now, there is illustrated a damsel pursuing a rotund young man. The damsel is Rena Mae. The rotund young man is Lewis Lewis., The reason for the pursuit is a secret. Oh, you went to the Varsity Nite? Then it's no secret. You see, Lewis ditto had an orchestra which played for one of Rena Mae's dances., It played, I say, but very reluctantly. In fact, it began four times before it really made up its mind to play at all. Very discouaginl. Q. E. D., as the Romans playfully observe. Gawsh! I almost forgot. Leemon Nix and Lois Callahan nearly stopped the show with "Only a Bird in a Gilded Cage," in spite of the assistance rendered at the piano by Professor Betheul Gross. Yessir. Varsity Nite was a success. The Alpha Gam's Cthat was before they attained the dignity of Tri Deltj annexed a cup, and so did the D. A. D.'s. And after the show a red-headed gal named Sherod came out and sang a song called."Three Little Words!! fyou may have heard of itj, in a way that was sumpinl to hear and see, little Sherod being garbed in 'white organdie, so she looked like a powder pun' that had caught tire on top. Everything ended all hunky-dory Clt was a musical show, chumpj, with Dolores in Ralph's arms, ditto P. VV. and Martha, while the entire cast sang with doubtful harmony but refreshing enthusiasm, "Campus Nights" Cone of Mr. Albinls latest song hits.-Advj. l i l tl Page I49 ' l fx v ws y N 'iififl str' If - -A Campus Indicator Rings- Marjorie Steffens and Ed Dubie Eleanor Wilson and Bud Henshaw Pins- Irene Witte and Adolph Burseen Neola Elliott and Chester Benefiel Arline Morgan and Deede Markland Betty Hinderliter and Floyd Stevenson Nellie Marie Crabill and Maurice Loriaux Claire Dillard and Fred Perry Ernestine Long and Arthur Cameron L'rzdm'sttz1zdfrzg.v nr lfrmllnzfls Dolores Silsby and Ilarry Simons Lorraine Hall and P. VY. Ward Gladys Hanks and Preston Littrell Margaret Sherod and john McKissick Ina VVheete and john Potts Nadine Sample and Seth Eby Pauline Poundstone and Tandy Young Mary Kate llrown and Harold Cooper Kathryn Murray and Pat Benehcl Dorothy Dean and Mitchell Tucker Ruth XYyndham and lid Albin Helen Cooper and Prank Greene Mary Hinckley and Delbert Gold Margretta Bartlett and NYalter Casey Grace Ellen Shaw and Lewis Cline Ruth Conley and joe Klein Pending! Luella Brown and Hob Kahl Charles Blanford and Alice Fay Harris Annie Louise Aydelotte and Leemon Nix Erwina Owens and LaRue Finley Virginia Bell and Kenneth Hovel . Martha King Wagner and Tom Scott Phil Kramer and Virginia Sparks Rube Thyman and Mary Kate Zimmerman Virginia Dejarnette and Carl Gilbert Lois Hartshorne and Ed Disler Louise Lippincott and Chuck McGlone ' Anna Ruth Watson and Marvin Millard Eleanor Newblock and Doc Martin Frigid Lucille Cowan and Ralph Fulsom Mrs. Grundy and KoKo Nuts Editor's Note: This, as nearly as we have been able to determine, is the state of affairs as this book goes to pressg of course, we can not be responsible for any changes which may occur before publication date. .,f6N-C r-fW-- 111' 9-1 ' 1-4 Bonlmq f- mo' Hof - IBO' VVHRM .. 70' ceo! 0 -- O F-'rzczln T. 1 1 1 -Q :.-A sz-1. iii- -. ll Page I5O iii 'C KX-jx: xiXf 1'3 Acknowledgment The following public spirited business men and firms have made possible the publication of this annual, which is an asset in promoting the intellectual develop- ment of this community. Aby and Tucker, Attorneys American Plumbing 81 Hdw. Co. Adams and Reddin, Real Estate Banknote Printing Co., Inc. Backenstoce, Ottis J. Banner Laundry Beattie's Furniture Company Beatrice Creamery Company Brown, C. M., Contractor Brown-Dunkin Dry Goods Co. Bray's, Mrs., Shop Bragassa Motor Company Billington, Dr. J. Jeff Boswell, A. Y. ' Builders Concrete Company Camp, C. F., Oil Field Specialties Clarks, Good Clothes Clifton Welding Works Coffey, W. L., County Attorney Commander Mills, Incorporated Sand Springs, Oklahoma College Pharmacy Coe and Spahr Collins-Dietz-Morris Company Commercial Printing Company Crystal White Laundry Darwin Company, The Davenport-Bethell Company Dawson Produce Company Dayls Furniture Company, Inc. DeHavens, Mrs., Flower Shop Dickason-Goodman Lbr. Co. Diamond Brothers, Ladies' Ready-to-Wear Disney, Wheeler and Alcorn, Attorneys Dodge Electric Company A. W. Duston Emery, B. V. and Company, Inc. Exchange National Bank and Exchange Trust Company Federal Storage 81 Van Company Fields, Apparel Shop Finston, Jesse, Best Wishes First National Bank 81 Trust Co. Fourth National Bank 81 Trust Co. Frates Company, The Frigidaire General Motors Radio Froug Department Store Forster-Davis Motor Corp. Golderman-Cantrall, Inc. GoodnerAMitchell-Marshall Co. Gray, Mr., Prairie Oil Company Green and Farmer, Attorneys Guaranty and Oklahoma Ab- stract Co. Guardian Life Insurance Co. Hayden, Dr. Forrest E. Henry's Hot House Hinderliter Tool Company Holland's Grocery and Market Honnold, Arthur B., Attorney jackson Engineering Corp. Jordan Sears Mortgage Co. K. C. Auto Hotel Kerr Glass Manufacturing Corp Sand Springs, Okla. Kimmel, Walter L., Attorney Kress, S. H. and Company Landes, Seever 81 Thornton, Ins Landsittel, A. E. Leachmanls Exclusive Beauty Shop Long-Bell Lbr. Sales Corp. Looney's Sheet Metal Works Lucey Products Corporation Lunsford, Barnes and Company McCormick-Armstrong Ptg. Co. McCune, M. L,, Architect McGee Art Shop McMinn, jewelers Mahoffey, Miss Elizabeth Martin Fleming, lfndertakers Mayo Hotel Medical Arts Prescription Shop Merry Screen 81 Weather Strip Co. Mid-Continent Sales Service Co. Moulder-Oldham Company, Inc Mueller Baking Company Mid-Co Pipe gl Supply Co. Nash-Brinlee Company National Transit 81 Machine Co. Nichols Bros. Farm Supply Co. Oil and Gas journal Oklahoma Power 81 Water Co. Sand Springs, Oklahoma Oklahoma Tire 81 Supply Co. Oklahoma Printers Supply Oklahoma Natural Gas Corp. Orpheum, Majestic, Ritz and Rialto Theatres Osage News Company Overlees, M. H. Owens, O. O., Attorney Ownby, Dr. Warren D. Packard Oklahoma Motor Co. Patterson Steel Co. Pavy, Dr. C. A. Petroleum Engineer, the Publisher Phoenix Mutual Life Ins. Co. Price, Charles, County Sheriff Purity Ice Cream Company Public Service Company Quaker Drug Company Quality Milk Products, Milk and Ice Cream Renbergls, Quality Clothing Rex Baking Company, " Fair Maid Bread" Rivkin Studio Sand Springs Railway Company Sand Springs, Oklahoma Seekatz and C. Moore I Siegfred, R. G, Insurance Co. Silver and Rosenstein, Attorneys Skelly Oil Company Smith Separator Company Smith-Milligan Electric Co. Southern Fish, Oyster, Pro- duce 81 Poultry Co. South West Box Company Sand Springs, Oklahoma Southern and Flaherty, Drilling Contractors Spaldings, Clothes on Credit Tulsa Abstract and Title Co. Tulsa Carpet Cleaning Works Tulsa Cereal Company Tulsa Tribune Union Transportation Company United Floor Covering Co. United Service Company, The Vandevers Waldrep, J. A., "Tulsa Maid Candies" Walk Over Boot Shop Watt Plumbing, Heating 81 Supply Co. Vtlebb Drug Company Wetzell Art Galleries VVhitlock, A. S., Groceries Wilbur Wilson Indian Bicycle Co. Woods, Dr. Chas. J. Wolferman, Fred, Inc. Workman Oil Tank Roof, The Wormser Hat Store Yamato Shop Page ISI 5 S 'I' .' ., 5 A 5? As u-n ' is "' , 5 I Qi 1 X f THE END Page 152 Qfff ,ffViMfg'fA WMM wW55fQwy Qfigywyjww ,fx , 1 Qfwf V? My M 'A LW M1 W' WM ff W my N Cfjw Mg? I f. xx? WWW www . gwffgfm X yd ' A c'3YFf afhaffei-Qu Qffw 'f"QZ L I We Y 6730 ff AM JM

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